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40841125WORKOUT MUSIC: /fit/, what music do you listen to while trying to into Tom Hardy mode? My playlist i…[View]
40845746Do you take Bcaas /fit/? are they good? considering going all in on this shit[View]
40843219/fat/ - Weight Loss General: Why does nobody make new threads until 400 posts edition Last thread ex…[View]
40848847Patrician fitness thread only. Weightlifting philistines have no business here. Here we discuss exe…[View]
40849295Would going to the gym only to get rid of my beer belly and grow my biceps and lats a tiny bit be wo…[View]
40846587How do manage the pain from using this grip while deadlifting? Does it eventually get easier?[View]
40849487If you're feeling a good cringe: This fucking dude! I feel like every gym has one, check out hi…[View]
40839581The best program for novices looking to reach 1/2/3/4 standards ASAP: AxBxAxx A: Box Squat 3/5 x 4-6…[View]
40848983Best teeth whitening methods? I have a show coming up in the future.[View]
40849384I noticed if I do very slow reps followed by even slower negative reps, that I get a bigger pump tha…[View]
40847787routine r8: After making my first gym friend, he gave me his routine: Monday - (Shoulders + Legs) Be…[View]
40847868>another day wasted shitposting on /int/ instead of going to the gym or doing anything productive…[View]
40848602close grip bench: what is the ratio for close grip to normal bench? in jauary i could bench 185 for …[View]
40849101I just went with my friends to eat and we ate at Five guys. I ate a Cheeseburger. A-a-am I gonna mak…[View]
40848712What is a Good Full Body Workout?: Hello /fit/, work is changing and I won't be able to make it…[View]
40849222>gym showers >he washes his butt without penetrating his asshole It's like you fags don…[View]
40845415Shoes: What's a good lifting/cardio shoe for slightly wide feet? Wide as in chucks hurt.[View]
40849218Ottermode: Is ottermode desirable? Is it merely a transitory stage on the way to thicc/serious weigh…[View]
40848411>Rate my genes[View]
40840161QTDDTOT - hot chicks bullshit lifts edition: Why do powerlifters arch their back so damn much and ha…[View]
40848817Is this what making it looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TUnfZdefxs[View]
40847395How do i achieve this mode?[View]
40847934>tfw near retarded with a microdick >tfw /fit/ I hate all of you. I should have been a transgi…[View]
40846774>tfw you realize you'll always be a skinny, limp wristed dicklet[View]
40848252remember to consume your daily gallon of bovine titty secretions lads[View]
40845330How do I into Dan Bilzerian mode?[View]
40848013Accurate Body Fat %: >visual comparisons aren't precise >calipers don't work >sca…[View]
40849062Is this a good workout?[View]
40842304Stop seeking approval and wear jeans to the gym[View]
40847489How can you explain this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_T7J64am8I[View]
40848711any of my swim bros out there[View]
40848167>get to gym >immediately have to shit AAAAHHHHH…[View]
40848974YLYL >FIT EDITION Starting us off with some god tier material[View]
40845926This is what girls want[View]
40848407What's /fit/'s take on stevia? I'm cutting and thinking I'm gonna use stevia as …[View]
40848753Where can I buy a good 30 lbs (13 kg) barbell?[View]
40848911Does anyone know what happened to turtlehammer[View]
40847564is it safe?: im trying to Cut. so my brother got cancer almost a year ago, and the hospital gave him…[View]
40847543Has lifting made anyone a worse person? >more insecure when around other swolebros >more hosti…[View]
40847865>Eat nothing but protein and fat with a few green vegetables >Always full even if I eat 500 ca…[View]
40847446Man, I've been going to the gym for a year and always listened to my trainer for my routines. H…[View]
40848254How the fuck do i get taller, /fit/?[View]
40844762does becoming /fit/ increase height?: Assuming you are a destitute skinnyfat NEET that has been sede…[View]
40846954Most effective way to gain strength?: Programs, exercises, volume etc. Share tips[View]
40847100is this legit? i guess this guy is just going for a toned and functional body, but it sounds like su…[View]
40846524Injury threas >torn lateral meniscus AMA[View]
40848661/OurGuy/ General: Who else is our guy? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iM-5L_e3Lbc https://m.youtube.c…[View]
40839460Body fat percentage: Here's me today post workout. I'm 5' 10', 181lbs, and 17.7% body…[View]
40848692name one consumable that tastes great, delivers and is cheaper than pic >pro tip: you cant…[View]
40847860Small calf genetics are BS: >For a school project I had to work in Home for the mentally handicap…[View]
40844804who /jaw workout/ here?: >2017 >can't finish a pound of carrots under 12 mins are you TRY…[View]
40848650Praise be to Brodin, the SwoleFather.: Hello brothers. How will you praise the SwoleFather this week…[View]
40841187Coffee Thread - Fact and Fiction: All sources are backed by science and are arguably the best source…[View]
40846431What are some good shoulder accessory exercises to do along with my ohp /fit/? Is it true that later…[View]
40848033Anyone here tried some kind of stretch mark treatment? Did it work?[View]
40847848Stop eating meat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUrP-g9TYdQ[View]
40848553Who here takes probiotics? I take pic related and just ran out. Looking to try a different brand[View]
40845955holy fuck lads just found the GOAT cutting food >0-15 calories PER PACKAGE >can replace most t…[View]
40846585Are cognitive supplements actually effective? If so, what kinds? I need to give myself an extra boos…[View]
40848347>not putting a raw egg in your coffee >2017 What's your excuse?…[View]
40847937I keep going to the bathroom every 1 minute to pee and only a few droplets come out. I feel relieved…[View]
40840679How do porn star roid and still have big dick?[View]
40848380Good cutting program: Well lads can anyone help me out here, I'm 77kg and 18 years old 5'1…[View]
40847367How do I achieve this mode?[View]
40847281>Skelly reporting in[View]
40847375anyone buy veggie protein powder? whats best bang/buck no im not a vegan or vegetarian, but i'd…[View]
40846786Has anyone here tried CWS novice program? I'm pretty close to intermediate but desu greyskull i…[View]
40846113what will happen if i only build muscle on my lower body? i am female.[View]
40847293All you faggots constantly crying about >tfw no gf better shut up >fit loyal lifting cooking s…[View]
40845226Does /fit/ work out when sick? I went Friday all stopped up only to fail my squat and OHP while my d…[View]
40845235How old were you when you grew out of lifting?[View]
40847563It's okay, just one cake[View]
40847438When skinnyfat, is it better to lose fat and then bulk or bulk and then lose fat?[View]
40847832>tfw arms don't grow how do I get big arms /fit/? Nothing seems to make my arms grow…[View]
40839826/plg/ powerlifting general: Welcome to /plg/ powerlifting general post videos, PRs, schmexy lifts et…[View]
40847810What are cheap bulking foods that will make my calorie surplus easy? I've been drinking a lot o…[View]
40847599Should I buy 45 lb plates or 55?[View]
40847830Help me /fit/. Ive been cutting for about 2 months now and I've gone down in weight pretty sign…[View]
40845726What is your meal plan?[View]
40839053>Clipping your finger nails while taking a shit The ultimate time-saver grooming hacks?…[View]
40847533Don't take the keto pill.: Carbs keep cortisol and adrenaline down, which are stress hormones i…[View]
40846792Increased Energy Levels: Okay so a random question to those who have lost weight and worked out for …[View]
40845758How big do you have to be to pull off a superman t-shirt?[View]
40828523Does lifting even matter if you're still a manlet?[View]
40843674Does your diet play a huge part in your body odor?[View]
40846994Been trying my best to correct my anterior pelvic tilt for a few weeks (caused by sitting at compute…[View]
40844075My old gym is trying to jew me out of $250 after they failed to actually close my account. Do I have…[View]
40847229My military press is better than my curls. Is this normal?[View]
40844731Crow pose: >bench 2 pl8 >squat 2 pl8 >DL 4 pl8 can't do crow pose. Friends were talkin…[View]
40839137I'm going to buy his novice program, tell me why I'm wrong. You can't.[View]
40846594Is Sabina still /ourgirl/?[View]
40844335Who here wide hips narrow shoulders?: Started SS a while ago (August 2016) and then started to get p…[View]
40846400Deadlift: Hi all, I'm new to the deadlift. Anyone got any tips on sets/reps I should be doing. …[View]
40842996>Calories in vs. Calories out Sure, I think everyone agrees with this. But why are people so auti…[View]
40846734is juicing a meme or could it help? i work construction and have had a hard few months were i could …[View]
40835671How masculine are you /fit/?: Take the test and find out. https://www.16personalities.com/free-perso…[View]
40845863Running goals: What's a good running goal for a noob runner? I'm doing a conditioning week…[View]
40847254Who do you lift for, /fit/? Pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf4rk8Lz5xY[View]
40843666/thicc/: Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, …[View]
40846281Apparently people here know Clarence Kennedy in person, if so please reveal yourselves.[View]
40846712this is what women want[View]
40843110Modafinil for productivity: Has anyone here ever tried Modafinil? What did it do to help with attent…[View]
40845515How do you get a physique like Derek Poundstone? I feel like this is what women truly want on a prim…[View]
40845333Getting rid of love handles: OK guys I know you can't really lose fat in a specific area, but I…[View]
40842497>one chance at life: >literally 14cm wrists (5,5 inches) I alway noticed how thin they were …[View]
40846148why are women so weak? I had a handshake with one 2 hours ago and I couldn't even feel her hand…[View]
40846174>what was that about your Aesthetics Anon?[View]
40843902Pain in my back since a bad deadlift: Hi, /fit/ I'm a newbie lifter, not really knowing what I…[View]
40843767I decided to try eating a vegetarian/vegan diet purely for the health benefits. Turns out damn near …[View]
40845548>be KHV with no friends and acne >take lifting super seriously >keep diet perfect >keep …[View]
40846452this is the female natty limit[View]
40846807>move out >no money >my diet consists of whatever spoiled food i can steal from my parents …[View]
40846808Getting sick while cutting: Is this normal? I started a 20% caloric deficit 2 weeks ago and I get a …[View]
40845989hey /fit/ from the first time since starting 5/3/1 i missed a workout, all because i stayed up late …[View]
408457802 pound gain overnight ?: 2 pound gain overnight ? ive been losing weight at a steady pace (exercise…[View]
40846578My wife and I have gained some weight, We are both chef's Me fine dining, and her a pastry chef…[View]
40846372Many Questions: Are drop-sets really good for getting more strength? If I do dropsets for bench cons…[View]
40845671Thanks fit: /fitfam/, I finally hit 5 mins on the steps machine! Thanks for all the tips and motiva…[View]
40846130Haven't lost weight for a week now and been eating 1000 or less kcal. Someone suggested that i …[View]
40846454>look for some t-shirts online >site is similar to ebay so lots of shit in one place >find …[View]
40845691>tfw 206 cm will I ever look normal without roids?[View]
40843224Do you think this alpha ever bothered to lift a weight? He survived on a steady diet of heroin, whor…[View]
40846426I think I might be lactose intolerant but it's not bad. Does this mean whey protein won't …[View]
40846262Are there any exercises where it's better to do more than 5 reps?[View]
40846344How into Doughnut Drake mode?[View]
40831723>normies consider Drake big and fit Why are normie standards so low?[View]
40843447How important do you think genetics are when it comes to size/strength?[View]
40844513How do you fags eat your oats?[View]
40846033>have to call to join gym >too autistic to call HELP…[View]
40845704https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isxvXITTLLY >implying you can find a better lifting song than thi…[View]
40832453/Fraud/: Fraud: Just be urself :) steroids sometimes, blogging most of the time ABSOLUTELY NO SOURCE…[View]
40844252Tired of being average, feels bad men[View]
40843539Anyone here unironically do GOMAD?: I'm curious as to how good or bad you looked/felt afterward…[View]
40845259What is the best method for breaking the sugar addiction. >inb4 quit being a bitch and just stop…[View]
40845806>tfw even a manlet by 1880 Victorian standards[View]
40845781Is this achievable natty? How to reach Neptune more????[View]
40843074>2017 >drinking water >not drinking tea Huh? Hate flavor and nutrients? I drink different t…[View]
40845618>tfw hungover is there any point lifting if I'm hungover /fit/ or is it a waste of time?…[View]
40824960What routine do I need to do to look like this? They don't even look like the same species as …[View]
40838865Did you have a dad who was supportive of your bodybuilding while growing up?[View]
40844315>leg press >even once facebook /faizan.ahmad.54/posts/1438730872866485…[View]
40844813How are you organizing your life /fit/?: TFW no qt to make you a to do list https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
40839392CBT - My aesthetics are better than yours edition: Me on the left >inb4 roid head I'm all na…[View]
40844565Training a body part once a week was huge in the 90s and it worked effectively (ie. Dorian Yates) Wh…[View]
40832919Why do women like being picked up so much?: seriously it's not that impressive[View]
40844667I'd like some of /fit/'s advice: Daily life is me giving me the impression that this is al…[View]
40845489>>rate form >>rate advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEH_rputWNM A Tale of a Whore,…[View]
40843008Can't stop eating sunflower seeds help: How bad is it /fit/? My stupid roomie won't stop b…[View]
40845187Does anyone here row? I wanted to start getting into it and I was wondering if anyone had a rough pr…[View]
40845105/swimming/ general: These are fun. I'm getting bored of strength training and my goal is to be …[View]
40838751Did I fall for the SS meme?[View]
40843924You need steroids to get aesthet-[View]
40841044Wait, there are people on this board who actually fell for the sips meme and unironically drink sips…[View]
40845258What's your arm day routine?[View]
40840222i've noticed that after going to the gym for the last 2 years and becoming buff, i've bega…[View]
40844223Who here 18' arm club? We made it bros.[View]
40840659>blood everywhere What did my butthole mean by this?[View]
40840261>keto >lose fat, gain muscle >stop keto, same daily kcal >after a few months be a flabby…[View]
40842697>fat throughout my entire childhood >small dick even now that I've made it due to having …[View]
40845098What does /fit/ think of Push/Pull/Leg routines?[View]
40845146>dht is highly androgenic >dht causes hairloss >take a pill to significantly reduce DHT pro…[View]
40843488ITT: Meme terms >water weight >say you lost 10 lbs >hurr durr it's all water weight Ni…[View]
40843077>there are people on this board who unironically think Eddie Hall is not the strongest man of all…[View]
40843356Thoughts on aerial yoga? Is it a meme?[View]
40843343There is the new episode?[View]
40842324lmao https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/61j5as/ladies_please_wipe_the_bench_after_working_out/…[View]
40841198Making It Thread: How is it going all those making it, what are you doing, how has the journey been?…[View]
40832205Womanlet: > tfw womanlet (5'2) > No amount of workout will change that > No long as fu…[View]
40844752>2 weeks into cut >Gained 5kg[View]
40839556>My ex Vladimir had bigger muscles.[View]
40844422>manlets >doing crossfit Is there any worse abomination?…[View]
40844857It's one of these, faggots. www.symmetricstrength.com Type in your real lifts and get your resu…[View]
40844665If I were to mix creatine and sips, would I die?[View]
40844594I have a date on Friday and need to lose about 3 stone before then (tinder date, gained a shit load …[View]
40843230anyone using senna tea for digestion improvement? I use one bag every other day. What may went wrong…[View]
40844563Manlets that arent THICC are all dyel: This is how lanket strongman/wl/powerlifter vs manlet physiqu…[View]
40844251Chad lifting: /fit/ can lifting make you look like the guy on the left if you look like the guy on t…[View]
40844308what to do so my back grows a back like pic related?[View]
40843957/fit/ summarized: ITT: We summarize /fit/ and other boards. >A bunch of orthorexics school each o…[View]
40843439someone help nofap please: ffs. I just caught myself out about to jack off to furry porn i know its …[View]
40844479Ramen alert, this is not a drill!: > 2017 > Not having a ramen alert on facebook messenger to …[View]
40843471What is the best a 5'8 - 5'10 guy can look?[View]
40843346I'm /nonfit/: but I peruse this board to save pics of you /fit/ guys to fap off to. How does th…[View]
40841996Vyznbrah: have you accepted the 2nd son of Zeus? Has vyznbrah inspired you? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
40839770Progress Thread[View]
40842493>starting squires forget the jousting rod >forced to prance in place instead Strike them down …[View]
40844307U mirin?: > be me > 143lbs DYEL manlet > try deadlifting for the first time > proper for…[View]
40844326I was doing lat raises today and notice my left shoulder looks weird when I do it. With my right sho…[View]
40841500>tfw fell for the 'you don't need to train your abs, deadlifts are enough for them' meme I l…[View]
40842825Sleep: How to easily fall asleep? I always fuck up @ sunday when i get up at noon and ive to wake up…[View]
40844029>95kg (209lbs) 183 (6'0') >always between 20 - 25% bf Does anyone know why my bf percenta…[View]
40840605Just met Clarence Kennedy, AMA[View]
40843603Question: 'm a girl (woman), 54kg and 160cm and I want to look better not be 'meme strong' what…[View]
40836533I can't seem to stop folding over in my squat. Wtf is wrong with me?[View]
40838139>MUUHH 400 KG LEG PRESS Well deserved for being an idiot. If you're so strong, get to the sq…[View]
40841431Redpill me on fried food Is it THE DEVIL like my gf says?[View]
40843905hey /fit/ i came from /b/ , just wanted to ask. would your rather have a 4x4 dick and be shredded wi…[View]
40838138Cardio: Need to improve cardiovascular fitness in the next two weeks in order to complete the follow…[View]
40842983What is the quickest way to become Dan mode?[View]
40842971Redpill me about Stronglifts as a newbie program, is it as effective as people claim? I've read…[View]
40840716So are Pre-workouts so fucking expensive? I'm new to proper lifting, and one thing I've no…[View]
40841592Like or not, this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
40843797t-thank you /fit/ convincing me 7 months ago that I should start SS was the best thing to ever happe…[View]
40842998Are waterparks /fit/?: subject related.[View]
40842159I'm hungry[View]
40843567*walks towards you*[View]
40842944fat fag here. 18 and 95kg. 6ft tall. My diet currently consists off McDonalds 1ce a week, some othe…[View]
40843697/fit/ tricks and tips: I may be literally autistic, but I'm the HIGH FUNCTIONING athletic kind.…[View]
40843326I just stumbled upon this couple on youtube and immediately noticed the size of her biceps. Her shou…[View]
40842573Heroes thread: >Be me, dude with a crummy job as a pizza chef living in kind of shitty neighborho…[View]
40843019>tfw every fucking person i talk to attracted to guys wants a guy with facial hair and can't…[View]
40842506>walk into gym >see this What do?[View]
40827548>tfw a fat person enters the gym[View]
40843458Facial Complexion/General Aesthetic: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2214086/Why-red-faced…[View]
40842038Meat: How long can i go without eating protein before my body starts cannibalizing my muscle?[View]
40840332Does anyone on here get jealous of chad genetics?: I do.[View]
40843134>August of last year >5'8 250 pounds >29% muscle, 40% BF Today >36% Muscle, 29% BF,…[View]
40833402What does /fit/ listen to while lifting? Mostly metal here, some heavy rock for cooldown.[View]
40842525How do I get Jesus aesthetics?[View]
40842956>mfw going to start intensity mode on Eric program now Cant wait desu family Current diddly 170kg…[View]
40840105>breaking new PRs over the entire month of March >Warming up deadlifts >See cute girl that…[View]
40837836Is it possible to have a good looking body while being a manlet? Pic related. Zac Efron has a good b…[View]
40841902>watching porn beating it >notice dude banging the chick has great arms and chest >find out…[View]
40842824Snap City general: BLOODY HELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tKSzL_6qdw[View]
40841976How come no DNP progress picture was ever uploaded?[View]
40840766Is there anything wrong with eating ~90% of my daily calories right when I wake up? The remaining 10…[View]
40842034which exercises tone butt the best?[View]
40841245Autistic screeching: /fit/ Tell me you don't do this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lTh7PJf4wk8…[View]
40842730>fat guy >can get with most women due to confidence, personality and SOH When did you realize …[View]
40841341Is a low carb diet the best diet for losing fat?[View]
40839483Is eating ass good for gains?[View]
40842442>that first scoop of the day Only 1,260 calories per jar Is it the perfect cutting food? Anyone …[View]
40841428>be poorfag >run in the same shoes for 2.5 years, over 1500 miles on them (srs) >get exact …[View]
40842740Uni thread: Post em[View]
40840108How can I get a face like his? I want to look like a Greek God but I don't know how to[View]
40839583Too many supplements?: Currently taking: Protein shake AMP mens vitapak (thermo) AMP creatine Potas…[View]
40840475I hurt my neck doing squats because the bar was resting on the back of my neck where it turns into s…[View]
40842608stop believing the CICO hoax[View]
40825691/fit/ hobbies pt2: Hey /fit/ since it's Zyzz''s birthday today I figured I'd dra…[View]
40842303Genetics vs development: Who was right, /fit/?` good genes + good development = attractive people Wa…[View]
40840219I skipped going out tonight so I can focus hard on getting ripped is that fucked up?? I'm curre…[View]
40841753how do I know if I herniated my back?: I been lifting 35 pounds weights for 2 weeks now and yesterda…[View]
40841230Is this achievable natty /fit/?[View]
40839562As you get closer to Intermediate during the final part of SS Phase 3 (i.e. you can no longer add we…[View]
40838993Thoughts on Penn Jillette's weight loss? Not working out while dieting just seems silly. https:…[View]
40842434Why aren't you wearing squat heels?[View]
40842427What are you sipping: Red pill me on milk , this is real milk full fat etc. Is it good for building …[View]
40840557Weightlifting is sa...[View]
40840141Just lift, Anon, girls LOVE guys that lift!: We're not all gonna make it brodies :([View]
40842346if i sat in a wall split like pic related for an 30 minutes every day would i get any more flexible …[View]
40839790>Tfw the gym gypsies set up a camp next to the rowing machines and I need to beat them at dice wh…[View]
40837922Is there any doubt that these are the most delicious gains?[View]
40842094Dear /fit/ I've got the flu. It's been already 4 days I'm sick and I feel like shit. …[View]
40842047>gym gives out free candy[View]
40841082Is it odd that I work out to music I actually fucking hate, fueling my workout with hatred and not m…[View]
40842230>tfw I can bench the same weight I front squat[View]
40841987How do I commit to minimizing my porn usage: I want to be able to cum to a normal solo porn video of…[View]
40842182>Girlfriend said shed lick my asshole in the shower Should I do it lads…[View]
40841183I need motivation. Last year i lost 20 kg, this winter i ate too much and got 5kg (not trained prope…[View]
40842083How you holding up /fit/?[View]
40841863Where do I head to pick up my guaranteed gf after I hit 1/2/3/4?[View]
40840767>start having erectile dysfunction >wonder why >realize that you're taking ephedrine/…[View]
40839380Alright /fit/ I need your opinion. So theres a fat moron at my small town gym that trains young kids…[View]
40841908Delray Misfits General: Which episode you're on, how to get abs like Lenny, favourite misfit, /…[View]
40837823How can I into shin godzilla mode?[View]
40841911So I need to build up my out door exercise area. I'm not sure on square footage yet but I think…[View]
40841266Are Barbell hip thrusts a meme? Am I autistic for not wanting to do these in the gym because I think…[View]
40839722So last summer i started going to the gym for the first time. Ever since I stopped working out aroun…[View]
40838492/Running General/: I'm trying to reduce my mile time to 5 minutes, and I have access to a track…[View]
40840418Is the true that a girl just needs to have an average face and not be fat to be considered a 5? Wha…[View]
40837482MUSTER UP LADS: Daily reminder we're all going to make it. Good morning, go get those gains LAD…[View]
40840825popping sound when i move my neck: after doing Barbell Squat my neck makes a popping sound when i mo…[View]
40841558hey /fit/ im kinda new here and I got a question I heard that losing weight is about 70% what you ea…[View]
40840640Reminder that if you sleep with a pillow you're fucking up your posture.[View]
40838752Suggested routine for a newbie: Greetings fellow fitizens, For the longest time I want to get into l…[View]
40839824Redpill me on meal prepping: Should I start doing it ? I'm a college student and I'm sick …[View]
40841771When you finally get those gains.[View]
40841463>TFW wasting my life shitposting on 4chan How do I stop this?[View]
40841811/fit/pill me on saunas: What purpose do they serve other than taking your blood away from your organ…[View]
40841816ITT: characters at your gym: i work out at my condo's gym >big, jacked brown dude who stinks…[View]
408386071400 cal/day and I'm losing my mind. How do you fight the hunger pangs, /fit/?[View]
40841757BLOCKS YOUR PATH: how do i into max larp mode ?[View]
40841385>IF fasting for 2 years >skelly mode around ribs >beer gut still fighting to stay >hour …[View]
40841574does grapefruit diet work?[View]
40841356Why do bodybuilders look like fucking bronze?[View]
40841379>lose like 4 kg in 15 days >stuck in the same weight for the past 10 days What the fuck is goi…[View]
40841292Has anyone ever tested olympic records on steroids and drugs? like some max human potential thing?[View]
40840780Anon come closer[View]
40841636Brez I want to make women jealous of my joocy booty and thicc legs. What routine would you recommend…[View]
40841547A female customer kissed me in work today, is this what becoming fit really does?[View]
40841446Hey, /fit/, Can't perform negative one arm push ups, yet I am able to perform concentric ones f…[View]
40841429>recovering from anorexia >strength training during recovery >kino body guaranteed after th…[View]
40840422Just venting: >tfw 2 cheat days in a row feels so bad bros I know I need to get back on track tig…[View]
40836198What youtube channels focus and help you on becoming a better person overall, in every aspect of lif…[View]
40839968Does alcohol kill your gains or enhance them?[View]
40840900What the FUCK are you guys doing not out shopping for sips? It's the most /fit/ way to spend a …[View]
40840610this is unironically what women want[View]
40837631ur back will never be as big or as strong as his[View]
40840436What exercises can I do at a concert? Heres what I normally do >calf raises cuz manlet >consta…[View]
40839587At what age do you stop looking like a kid, and start looking like an actual male?: 22, and it still…[View]
40835066/fat/ Fatty General: Stretch marks edition Last thread exceeded 300 lbs >>40826537 Who is /fat…[View]
40840361Protein Shake: How many scoops?[View]
40839546how do i attain Sam Hyde mode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAAAbwEtZRo[View]
40840845Things lifting will never fix for you: 1. An ugly face 2. Being a short little runty ''man'' 3. Auti…[View]
40840860How much can he deadlift?[View]
40839997How do I know whether I'm really losing weight from fat and it's not just water weight? I…[View]
40839749Is there an exercise more boring than bicep curls? What are alternatives if I want big arms?[View]
40840822all the stars are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABjss44LHOY[View]
40838651What exercises can I do for upper back? At the gym right now and I need to stop looking like a dipsh…[View]
40840746My gym has no free weights and only 3 bench press racks which usually have a line when I go. Would i…[View]
40839081Who else here does bodyweight shrugs?[View]
40838592Does rap music increase your testosterone levels?: I always get fucking angry when listning to about…[View]
40840483>disgusted at how I look >finally care about eating healthy and exercising >look up ways to…[View]
40835109Dick pills for sexual /fit/ness: So, I noticed one of the side effects of yohimbine is an increase i…[View]
40840432Am I porker?: How much weight to lose?[View]
40840271Bravo, /fit/! You are slowly starting to concentrate your autism into a powerful beam of justice. G…[View]
40840459First of all, fuck you guys: >be skinnyfat beta >get huge crush on this girl in HS >we…[View]
40838834Evaluate my routine: Hello /fit/ I don't know much about working out so here is what I do. Usin…[View]
40833800will this routine make me thicc??? help > 3x8 OHP > 3x8 Bulgarian Split Squats / Lunges > 3…[View]
40840603Looking for Klinefelter's dude. Ideally no caption head cropped out is fine. Sorry for thumbnai…[View]
40840551When will they learn?[View]
40840453>every time you pop your neck you hope that this is the time that you split your spine and you di…[View]
40840544ITT: we confront our eating disorders >only ate <300 calories today >under my caloric goal …[View]
40840319Cutting and lifting: It's not clear to me guys: when cutting after a period of bulking, i.e. wh…[View]
40840471Beach?: Any one ready for the summer? /fit/ sex life gonna improve? Will you actually fall for a mem…[View]
40840480>wasting your time liftan >not just developing a split personality with superhuman strength wh…[View]
40840410Is it possible to give yourself a sugar hypersensitivity? I was always fine with it but did the keto…[View]
40840431Can somebody post the full pic of this guy with the big ass hips?[View]
40830818Hi. I'm wondering if any fit brothers have had their blood pressure measured as high? Mine is q…[View]
40839886So, guys, I have never hit the gym in my whole life, but now I really want to be /fit/. Pic related …[View]
40840380Does sex burn a decent amount of calories? I broke up with my girlfriend 2 months ago and since then…[View]
40840376I injured myself and lost a lot of gains. I'm thinking of taking oral roids just to give me an…[View]
40839370tfw: tfw you get excited to go to the gym just so you can be around other people instead of sitting …[View]
40839852I already ran a few cycles of SS and then brosplit my way through some gains. Looking for a program …[View]
40839532>he is under 6'5 Why even lift if you are going to look dyel as fuck when around taller men…[View]
40840117>Finally transition from lmao 3plate DL/squats and 1plate OHP to clean and jerk/snatch >practi…[View]
40832569Is your body ready for the summer?: Remember it's only 3 months away.[View]
40839402Hey all you beautiful people, I heard you were trying to get toned! Come cleanse your bodies of toxi…[View]
40840001Want To Go To Gym But Already Went: >started day by lifting weights at 4 am at gym >went to wo…[View]
40839313Give me your referral code for myprotein so I can get 25% off and you can get $10. First person to g…[View]
40838809How long does it take to lose body fat /fit/ ?: Ok so got my body fat results back today from water …[View]
40840188Bite Size :): this is on netflix and omg it was so good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZbZpkXwvbg…[View]
40839898Do test supplements work or are they just a marketing ploy? Been looking at some on BodyBuilding but…[View]
40838802Sometimes after a run i want to gorge myself on fruit. Why is this? Will this ruin my diet if i eat …[View]
40833602H A L P: Lads how do I achieve supreme fedor emelianenko mode? saying that i'm skinny/ottermode…[View]
40840072Who is Raisin Bran master race here?[View]
40838111If I drink 12+ beers a day can I still make gains or is there no point going to the gym?[View]
40835532Are there any qts at your gym?[View]
40837376Getting a deeper, brooding voice.: Is there a surefire, durable way to do this without fucking up yo…[View]
40830484OKAY ELLIOT, IT'S TIME TO STOP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHAd7DRpTAM[View]
40838893any good tips for getting a better bench?[View]
40837951/LTF/ general who /longtermfasting/ here?[View]
40837349Why are you degenerates not on a paleo diet yet?[View]
40839975Is LiverCare (Liv52) a meme?[View]
40839362>tfw broken penis[View]
40835284Need some urgent help dudes Was wondering if there's any supplements that provide moisture and…[View]
40838225Is it possible to exercise lower eyelid muscles to get a chaddish look?[View]
40818896/fit/ cringe thread: lets go[View]
40835785Anybody else on /fit/ take hella pain pills to get over the muscle soreness from working out? What…[View]
40838260>be me >hoisting the plow for them trap/lats gains and wheat for the winter >catch freckled…[View]
40829456He would have been 28 today: Forever mirin[View]
40837487Is supersetting actually good for anything or just a meme?[View]
40835506I guess this is kind of fitness because it has to do with taking care of yourself. I don't brus…[View]
40838646Why even bother?[View]
40839257>TFW you realize you're the dyel numale everyone's been laughing at in your gym I thoug…[View]
4083962070s big: >they think they work legs 225lbs 6'3 around 18% here…[View]
40836820FUCK YOU ALL: I'm sofucking tired of this shitty board and everyone posting here. This shit get…[View]
40839486>that guy/girl who is about to squat and purposefully walks OUTSIDE OF REACH of the safety if the…[View]
40836936How much does smoking weed affect cardio? I want to start smoking again in moderation after a 4 year…[View]
40826347CBT - I AM YOUR KING EDITION: >inb4 why are you looking down >inb4 you're a manlet I…[View]
40838346Eating protein (even only 5 gr in a meal) makes me nauseous and gives me severe abdominal pain. My l…[View]
40839518Redhill me on isometrics. Can just dicking around with a towel actually have results or is it a way …[View]
40837077Mass Gainer?: I lift 5 days a week, every week but have trouble maintaining a high calorie diet to m…[View]
40839395How to fix my lazy eye? I'm tired being in this state.[View]
40839218I Heard You Faggots Have Been Saying My Program Is A Meme: Care to explain yourselves? My program ha…[View]
40839419Went to the gym for 3 hours with a friend for the fun of it Nothing too constructed Did some bench…[View]
40839353>Ate Arby's for lunch I'm not gonna make it, am I?[View]
40839233What does /fit think of this guy?[View]
40835229How do you stack up fit? You're not a virgin right? http://www.slate.com/articles/life/moneybox…[View]
40834218/vegan/: Anyone vegan and /fit/ here? I'm interested in switching to a 100% vegan diet but not …[View]
40837326Are there any good /fit/ musicians? >>>/mu/71778152[View]
40834766Why are women so weak?: >be 5'5 me casually lifting dumbbells for two months >started at …[View]
40838464Alright /fit/, I'm 18 years old, 6'4' and only weigh 116 lbs. I'm the thinnest person…[View]
40836732Just binged on ~5k of sweets, about to go to toilet and shove my fingers up my throat ;^) Who /eati…[View]
40836454I've been looking into follistatin viruses, which could inject your DNA with a gene that shuts …[View]
40835730Hello /fit/ I'm currently a total dyel (6 months into serious lifting) and people keep telling …[View]
40838680I cant find my dick: Okay /fit. I'm a fat 4chaner (319lbs). I used to be a really in shape guy.…[View]
40839194Shoulder mobility exercise: Should you really be able to perform this stretch if your an average per…[View]
40838002BODY GROOMING GENERAL: What product do you guys use for body grooming? And what do you recommend?…[View]
40838048/proportions/ thread: how you you even out your muscle mass? too often i see dyels at the gym doing …[View]
40837272That feel too intelligent to admire steroid users with natty-achievable achievements[View]
40838011why are the delray misfits so entertaining?[View]
40838408SS: hey friends I've been on SS for about a month and a half and I've seen tremendous gain…[View]
40838933Hey /fit/, how long can you hold a wall sit? Also, > every captcha asks us to ID street signs, ho…[View]
40834206I did it /fit/... I got a qt gf. Do I have to leave now?[View]
40838266What can I do to white rice so it gives me gains?[View]
40832573>I don't want to get too bulky. >Those are too many carbs. >Fruits have too much sugar…[View]
40836014Can I get some decent advice for issues with diet/cost? Was homeless for the past few weeks, recentl…[View]
40839015Does /fit/ pole walk?: Seems like a decent form of cardio, less impact than running but more intense…[View]
40839025so strong. so cool.: So, hilarious.. It's hard to believe this guy is serious.. https://youtube…[View]
40838795help me /fit/, how do i get past a benching plateu?inb4 'bench more'[View]
40831962You do lat pulldowns for a bigger back, while your oneitis gargles on Chads ballsack.[View]
40838519Do we know what happened to him?[View]
40836776>tfw binge age gummy worms again[View]
40830827You are walking down an alley and step on a small stone. You look down and realize it's a 20 si…[View]
40831583What did my body mean by this???: T-Rex mode here I come Thanks Rippletits, I didn't even GOMAD…[View]
40838470Push/Pull frequency: So I want to start a Push/Pull/Legs split and since i've read on numerous …[View]
40838532Fitness discord server https://discord.gg/hWeS8[View]
40838162fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck: hello there /fit/ I'm a robot from /r9k/ and I think I…[View]
40831446How do I get posture gains?[View]
40837965anybody else here isn't actually fit? Im a chubby guy at best, I wish I could start doing excer…[View]
40835196NOFAP: have your lifts increased on nofap? i heard people report they got stronger faster[View]
40834701Manlet problems: How does a 5,8 manlet deal with guys over 6,3 who are harassing him at the gym? Had…[View]
40833367ITT: post your current stats and your fitness goals: Current- >203lbs bw >bench 250x5 >squa…[View]
40819924what is the most muscular a woman can get before she starts looking manly and not just impressive to…[View]
40838455so /fit/ I know this is a long shot need help in my quest to attend a movie without going alone wh…[View]
40837596Why is cardio so hard?[View]
40826176QTDDDOT: Is this true /fit/?[View]
40832286Why are chin-ups so much better than pull-ups?[View]
40838469Hey /fit/ I went to the gym for the first time in a while a couple days ago. pretty regular upper bo…[View]
40838158how many of you turds actually work hard in the gym? I swear everytime I go i am the only one drench…[View]
40830987Lenny is a beast https://youtu.be/gH0yH3_uspM I bet even bullets can t do shit[View]
40838395hi /fit/ Skinny-fat here,summer is coming fast,can i continue making decent gains and speed up my fa…[View]
40836050/fit/ BTFO: Wich one of you fuckers decided to join this radio show? https://youtu.be/BmyMSyUefXI…[View]
40836455Hey /fit/, What's the general consensus on kettlebells here? I'm doing a keto diet (20g ca…[View]
40832231Last Rep face thread, i will start[View]
40836563>that guy who carries 1pl8 with 2 hands[View]
40827834/Fit/ Game night, plus AMA if you're lonely.: Hey, you faggot! Yeah you! Having a terrible Frid…[View]
40831565How does FIT feel?[View]
40838032Anyone tried these? How was your experience?[View]
40838153Feel like I’ve been waiting so long for tonight; Cause I just can’t get you out of my mind. Can you …[View]
40837580One of my fitness goals is to dunk a basketball. I'm 6'0, I don't know what my vertiacl ju…[View]
40838082>What fitness trend do you think is a waste of time/money >I would say skip the crossfit jokes…[View]
40835647Grip general: Added 40kg to my deadlift in the last 2 weeks just by fixing my grip Where else is mix…[View]
40837053So I know /fit/ and a big part of YouTube hates on crossfit, and I can see why. But is it bad to pra…[View]
40835405You fell for the compound lifts meme: >can do 50 kg weighted chin up at 3 reps >biceps still d…[View]
40837976Back Injury: Hey /fit/ so I just started lifting seriously and decided to jump onto the AlphaDestiny…[View]
40837258>be scrawny 20 year old student >not /fit/ >lose wizardhood to my waifu I met at uni >ye…[View]
40837938Gym Fail Thread: >be traveling abroad >find some janky gym to go lift at >no olympic bars a…[View]
40835875how do I 'The Beast' mode?[View]
40836705*blocks your path to the treadmills*[View]
40834036Human Head Transplants Could Become A Reality By 2017: >tfw you will be able to transplant your h…[View]
40836789>that last rep[View]
40836583Is it normal to start liking men after starting to lift? I started lifting 6 months ago to get fit a…[View]
40835861If height doesn't matter to women, why did God tell the people not to judge based off height? S…[View]
40832836>cardio bunny followed me into the fart corner[View]
40837574do smartweed increase gains? I heard getting munchies is a good way to get a lot more proton in your…[View]
40836967Why aren't you training your neck, /fit/?[View]
40837067Don't Skip The Gym Today: I know you're thinking about it. Don't you fucking do it. I…[View]
40833135Where do I find a decent 1.5mm dermaroller? The ones I've found seem like 20 dollar staph deliv…[View]
40835028Is there any hobo-tier gym equipment you can make at home for cheap too nervous to actually go to a…[View]
40830195There it is. Circumference is 50 fucking centimeters. Does any of you actually think that you could …[View]
40833598/fit/, do i need to buy special equipment for wrist/hand strengthening or can I just go to the fucki…[View]
40836865/fit/ in Professional Life: all other things being equal, is it more likely for a fit guy to take th…[View]
40832071Taking Ritalin for studying: I'm taking Ritalin to help me study for exams. Anyone had experien…[View]
40836093Let's Get Fit: I am a 6'2' 21 year old 250 lbs male and I am trying to get into shape. I h…[View]
40836573>be scrawny highschooler >highschoolers still hit on you because you're not that buttugly…[View]
40837108HORY WOW /FIT/ DISCORD BOYZ https://discord.gg/3Kwuunm[View]
40837208So I've decided that I want to get healthy and lose weight so I'm going to the gym for the…[View]
40836844>bench 225 1rm >ohp 135 for 5 >squat 255 for 5 >deadlift 495 for 5 jesus fucking christ…[View]
40833709How do you become a contortionist?[View]
40832605Anyone else here had their tonsils out while working on their fitness? Had mine out yesterday, pain …[View]
40813282Improvement thread: Post your body, others tell you what you should work on the most and point out s…[View]
40833557*blocks your path and challanges you to an armwrestling competition* What do, /fit/[View]
40837007What's the consensus on these? Accurate or bs? https://www.inbodyusa.com/pages/inbody570[View]
40836356Best low calories alternatives for soda?[View]
40834242Can you guys tell me if i have gynecomastia(gyno) or am I just fat ???[View]
40836954Can I get a body like this on GOMAD?[View]
40832163Confession time: How many of you lift to compensate for being ugly/manlet?[View]
40835687/fit/... please... for the love of GOD... PLEASE... please don't tell me you actually do this..…[View]
40837026http://theync.com/break-your-legs-doing-exercise-very-painful.htm >2017 >locking out your legs…[View]
40836975Tfw you're 2 years older than Zyzz was when he died[View]
40836016PULLUP MAXIMIZATION: So i have to do 2 pullups for my recruiter in a couple hours, but the problem i…[View]
40836636Hey guys I have genital warts but that's not the fucking problem. The problem is the only docto…[View]
40836345Is myfitnesspal a good app for someone trying to lose weight: And by that I mean, are the calories a…[View]
40835811thanks creatine[View]
40835515Give me the run down on kegel exercises I did these awhile ago, but think I did too many regular keg…[View]
40836814stop being fat: Hey fat fucks. Stop being a bunch of fat pieces of shit. Get off your asses, get the…[View]
40833878Military Athlete: Has anyone here tried the Military Athlete programming done by Rob Shaul? What…[View]
40833203>be me >play bjj >im 6'1 220 >decently strong, nothing insane, 1/2/3/4 for reps …[View]
40834700Daily reminder that if you can't do 5 muscle ups you are not a man.[View]
40832230Can you guys post your meal plans for the day? What do you eat in ur meals and snacks through out th…[View]
40834722cheat meal best meal: just ate a 400g apple pie 1520 calories 22g protein what's your preferred…[View]
40833080is he /ourguy/?[View]
40835258any advice for different body types?: I have the traditional 'short and stocky' body type to put it …[View]
40836001i need a diet: Hi guys, I am looking for a diet to gain weight, currently weight 110 lbs and my heig…[View]
40835995>tfw no matter how fit you are you will always have an ugly face[View]
40814716Ideals Thread: Post em[View]
40825286/plg/ powerlifting general: how is life going edition[View]
40835244how do fellow manlets cope with this height bullshit? I JUST WANT GIRLS TO MIRE ME FOR MY HEIGHT. i…[View]
40835304Healthy diet AND enough for bulk/building muscle?: Hey guys, I was decently muscular back then but h…[View]
40836363Ideals thread continues Last thread: http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/40814716#bottom…[View]
40835053Is this true or just a meme?[View]
40834246Hey guys, what is your personal favorite supplement, or food or drink to consume before a workout? …[View]
40834588speed: My two mile jog is about 23 minutes, I just started but how do I stop being slow as fuck.…[View]
40836224hey /fit/ when will I get rid of my love handles?: i've come from 92.5 kg -> 77.5 kg (lost 3…[View]
40835871What are YOUR big four, /fit/?: >snatch grip behind the neck overhead >decline bench >front…[View]
40835983>shave ass >E=m×c×c >farts sound different…[View]
40835153/BACK/ General: Post your back double bi's m8y's along with your: >Deadlift max >Fa…[View]
40834666Skipping for cardio: How useful is skipping for cardio? I want to improve my cardio and lose a few p…[View]
40835632Started the keto diet 2 weeks ago, I've lost 10 pounds wile retaining my muscle mass. Feels go…[View]
40834404>look in the mirror naked >I look fucking amazing, shredded, big, thick, solid >quickly gra…[View]
40835344I'm currently sat on the leg press writing this lads. I fucking hate squats I fucking hate leg …[View]
40835020Muscle Therapy: Did I get meme'd? I bought this stuff hoping it would help me but it's nea…[View]
40834308/fit/ I'm on the greyskull thing pictured and clean bulking from skinnyfat, been taught proper …[View]
40833969This board has ruined me >on a date seeing Get Out >trailer for Baywatch comes on >Zac Efro…[View]
40835717Plus Sized Athletes: http://www.refinery29.com/amp/2016/07/115304/plus-size-female-athlete-louise-gr…[View]
40830185Steroids or nah?[View]
40831740Have any of you tried Vyvanse? How is it? Any side effects?[View]
40805926College/University Megathread: IM A dAWG WOOF share thoughts about ur school and its gym[View]
40835548any brehs going to #noelsstrongcamp ? we la brehs[View]
40825857Daily reminder that this is what /fit/ men want.[View]
40829093What exercises would help me better with faster head movement and kicks/punches?[View]
40832783Yo/fit/bine bread Anyone know a decent place to order yohimbine, just realized I've been doing …[View]
40831724Rows:: Which row is best row?[View]
40831572>talking to girl i like in college >we're laughing and having fun >she often touches m…[View]
40831305why bother lifting? you will never be alpha like him[View]
40833864Daily reminder[View]
40835119Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay a meme? Or does it actually work?[View]
40834293How are your face gains anon?: is this achievable natty he is berfect[View]
40834912>friendly reminder that's what women want[View]
40834994>tfw broken penis[View]
40830970Ive been sneaking small amounts of protein powder into my 4yo son milk that he drinks in morning. Am…[View]
40834604Yohimbine: Looking for people with experience in taking Yohimbine. It supposedly helps with fat loss…[View]
40832196Why lift if the only girls that like big guys are big and brappy themselves?[View]
40834754How do we unshit up this board?/ wrist wrap faggots: Can we ban people for posting >>>/r9k/…[View]
40834858Why is it that so many self proclaimed 'alpha males' are social outcasts?[View]
40834944What are the best chest accessory exercises that i can do along with bench press /fit/?[View]
40834877Need a good and Cheap Protein :3[View]
40833874*braps in your path*[View]
40834931Is Sabina still /ourgirl/?[View]
40833931> low carb[View]
40833949The roll of shame is underrated af[View]
40831226So my thread got deleted last night before I got to see any decent responses. Will I still make dece…[View]
40834229How can non-seids even compete?[View]
40829389Self Improvement General /sig/ >Friday Night, didn't go out >Think about how productive a…[View]
40834209Alma Mater or Current College: Post your college or Alma Mater.[View]
40834709Rich Piana is slowly losing his mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adPvw5dKpbk[View]
40834558Is this achievable natty?[View]
40832685Will eating tuna every day make me go crazy?[View]
40834096Is it possible for a Mesomorph to maintain a bf like this year-round?[View]
40834135Why so many pros are using suicide grip?[View]
40821388/fraud/: Fraud steroids sometimes, blogging most of the time ABSOLUTELY NO SOURCE TALK read ALL of h…[View]
40831122FIT GIRLS ON TINDER HERE: this is how beta normies are[View]
40832248Just broke it of with my girl. Hold me bros, I don't think I can lift this morning...[View]
40833406Fit Misconceptions about women.: It's obvious to me after years of browsing /fit that most peop…[View]
40831133*walks towards you*[View]
40834159Wow, nothing like a hot, sunny, and almost cloudless day to bring all the hot qts out and keep my no…[View]
40833889I want to do an Iron Man. WHERE and HOW do I learn to bike and swim competitively? I think I'm …[View]
40834453Currently working as a postman in the UK and have recently started suffering from what I believe to …[View]
40834452How do I stop being a beta bitch fit? I have a fat fetish, but only fuck skinny women since I'm…[View]
40830066Aware me on white rice macros, /fit/. I see that 1 cup of UNCOOKED rice is about 45g carbs, but wha…[View]
40834178memes aside, do you ever ask anyone to check your form at the gym? I usually work out alone, so I do…[View]
40834146Alright lads redpill me on gym discipline vs diet discipline. Obviously diet is extremely important …[View]
40831676So you're /fit/ and still single. Why not get a sportsbike to seal the deal? >https://www.yo…[View]
40830318Is Jeff cool enough to post here?[View]
40831152/fit/izen meet up thread: Anyone Melbourne 3104 area ?[View]
40833075How much sleep should you get each night on average for optimal gains? Id like to sleep as little as…[View]
40834189stop being fat fatty: get out of your chair and stop shoving garbage in your face. want to lose weig…[View]
40833301ratio hips to chest: I still don't really get the narrow hips. Do people mean narrow hips in re…[View]
40833632>buy strawberry whey >taste nausetting >buy chocolate flavour in advance >after a week g…[View]
40834113How to prevent/get rid of excess skin after weight loss ? Shit scares me shitless.[View]
40834083Is doing cardio one day and lifting the next and taking one day off a week the best way to engage Au…[View]
40829302How does /fit/ feel about the use of psychedelics to enhance your mental performance in day to day l…[View]
40830271How do I get Chad to fall in love with me?[View]
40833237I love when women (or non-whites) lift in the power rack doing deadlifts. I just go to them and say,…[View]
40833879Hey I'm going to start lifting soon for the first time, and am currently skinnyfat. Should I ju…[View]
40833942If you don't have chest hair can you even be considered a man? Why would anyone get jacked and …[View]
40832080>start SS >get anxious while lifting since I don't know if my form is good or not How do …[View]
40832978Has anyone took the time to grow out their eyebrows?: I noticed all the alpha chads have nicely form…[View]
40833915Imbalanced arms: Hey /fit/ I've been doing Krav Maga as a way to finally get myself in shape be…[View]
40833579Manlets of /fit/ I need your help. I am looking for some shoe lifts that will give me 1-2 inches of …[View]
40833338>'yes, goyim how do you like that protein shake? It goes down much easier than meat right?'…[View]
40833775Getting milfit: Hey /fit/, So I'm going to ranger school in the end of June and I'm proba…[View]
40832277/fit/ what is the best vegetable juice? I want to go out to the store soon and not sure which is bes…[View]
40830805Anyone has made his beard grow decently with minoxidil o shit like that ? Also /beard/ thread.[View]
40831930>finished French press >Actually American >No journalistic credentials…[View]
40833697is this achievable natty?[View]
40830413Holy damn what a chad[View]
40826537/fat/ Fatty General: Weekend tempetation edition How are you gonna stay on your diet this weekend /f…[View]
40832419>break my hand >surgery >cant lift >4 months smoking weed and playing vidya >never fe…[View]
40833551SARMS: What's everyone using as a legit SARMS source. Looking to get some mk677 but don't …[View]
40831201Every single protein powder bag has instructions to only take 50g of protein a day, yet every single…[View]
40833531From Hyper Thyroidism to Hypo Thyroidism: Hey guys, so a few years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthy…[View]
40832520Shoes: I'm looking for a shoe that I can lift in and do cardio in, maybe sprinkle some sports i…[View]
40830908That are good routines for brain gains? I'm tired of being brainlet[View]
40830596What does pure testosterone smell and taste like?[View]
40832000People who diddlies 4pl8, how do you use that strength of yours? Do you try to move cars or help you…[View]
40832612Redpill me on pheromones. I hear that your level is what increases your attractiveness and that by …[View]
40833330i just bought some creatine. the packaging didn't come with a scoop so i'm not sure how mu…[View]
40833121any advice for people who have really let themselves go to get back on the wheel? I already binge at…[View]
40832553http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml Did this website change. Wasn't there a weekl…[View]
40832756Cancer.: Do Xrays cause cancer? Please help me out here, /fit/izens, I know you guys are the only ex…[View]
40830122Red pill me on rasin toast: I love the taste of slightly toasted rasin toast with some avocado sprea…[View]
40832526if im doing the ((bulk)) and i barely hit maintenance and all thats left in the fridge is 2 sodas, s…[View]
40830770Front squat as main lift? Why/why not?[View]
40830882Total newbie looking for advice on strengthening his grip.: I have been lifting for a couple months …[View]
40832814ITT: Natural Physiques Only[View]
40833072What kind of exercises should I be doing to 'tone up' if I don't have access to weigh…[View]
40831519how do i get a body like the girls on ig without cosmetic surgery[View]
40832821No left hand: Hey /fit/, yesterday I got two fingetips sliced off and cant grab/ lay my left hand an…[View]
40830566Is it possible to make brain gains/increase intelligence?[View]
40831475>mfw manlets will never know the feeling of standing in a crowded room while being able to see ov…[View]
40831961After college all that's waiting for you is a lot of shopping and work. Fitness related: > /…[View]
40832294which one and why?[View]
40832342Cut down protein to lose fat?: DR suggests cutting down on protein and fat will help with fat loss a…[View]
40829260Reminder that this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
40830706ONCE YOU SEE RESULTS IT BECOMES AN ADDICTION: what is your excuse, pol?[View]
40832554Quick, Give me 4 Back exercises to >shock the muscles >right babe?…[View]
40830446Just watched Pumping Iron. Why was Arnold such a cunt?[View]
40832473Why are bodybuilders so stupid?[View]
40831359Reminder that if you aren't taking trace minerals that you're less healthy than the animal…[View]
40832489What are your favorite not so commonly eaten fruits and veggies? Mine are physalis, pic related. Ric…[View]
40820757Show me your last rep Face /fit/[View]
40832432Advice and motivation: Been lifting for five months and trying to bulk for the first time 6'3 1…[View]
40831927Alright /fit/, Imagine for a second that you're a 5'5' 130 lbs. pathetic manlet who has ne…[View]
40831970whenever i run, after i start getting exhausted more and more, i tend to feel hot and hungry, especi…[View]
40832281Do you guys keep a notebook with you to keep track of your lifts?[View]
40832001I only come on /fit/ for the muscle girl threads and the rare roid grills in CBTs[View]
40831847Is being 6'0' a curse? I don't have the muscle gaining advantages of a manlet, but I don…[View]
40830398Do I have tendinitis?: Okay been lifting for two years (I know pretty srs) and I've never had a…[View]
40829551I feel like Jared from Subway minus the pedophilia. Also general weight loss thread[View]
40830420>When you realise most people currently on /fit/ weren't here when Zyzz was alive…[View]
40832037How do YOU beat rich froning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hZrXjyeJII[View]
40826562what's with the chad obsession on /fit/? i can't tell if its some meme or whether people a…[View]
40827979Gym stories: >at the gym today >it's hot as fuck. What's going on? >weather is …[View]
40829918What are safe over-the-counter pain relievers I can use to relieve soreness from working out? I…[View]
40831229ITT: We compile the most /fit/ playlist. I'll start: Pantera - Walk Daft Punk - Around The Worl…[View]
40831722Butt routine: Last night I was talking to my girl and she says she loves man with good asses, and su…[View]
40831507What the fuck do you guys eat to bulk without spending a fortune or just eating garbage? After 1 yea…[View]
40829870Do you guys look like you lift in clothes?[View]
40831806Only lanklets allowed: 6'7/95kg/19/M I have been started going to the gym and following a stri…[View]
40831854I have fucking cubital tunnel syndrome when it will go fucking away my hand is almost always straigh…[View]
40831219What kind of progress can I realistically expect as a 29 yo who never lifted weights before but did …[View]
40822958It's Friday and there's no CBT what's goin on?[View]
40828549>tfw another friday night at home alone after the gym Who else no gf or friends?…[View]
40831544what would you boys do if you saw me at the gym? :)[View]
40831415All of my exercises use pronated grip. Rows, deadlift, bench, triceps extension, ohp, and I do rever…[View]
40830226Goodnight guys, make sure to get your 8 hours so you can make it[View]
40831158Rest days: What do you do on your rest days /fit/?[View]
40831153Pros of being dyel: Being dyel kinda sucks on the bight side 3500 cal bulk >6'2'…[View]
40828701What are essential fitness phone apps? Stuff for tracking food, lift progression, and anything else…[View]
408307115'8 - 130lbs - 23 Years Old - No Friends - No Job - No Life - Had my first day in gym today, an…[View]
40831161Stop eating.[View]
40830824Are you /high test/ enough to do it?[View]
40830953No access to a gym?: Hey, fit/ newfag here. I've been kinda skinny fat through my teenage years…[View]
40830986Thoughts on chest-supported triceps pulldowns? I just tried them and it much more effective than sta…[View]
40831041>spend life being attracted to girls >always wanted to be smaller and for my hair to be longer…[View]
40829502Feel: >just finished working out at the gym >exhausted but also feeling strong and invigorated…[View]
40817446Rude People at the Gym: >finish workout >head out to the front reception area >guy is walki…[View]
40830941Guys, I'm a 6 ft 155 lbs male and former hungry skeletor. To save time for uni and still get my…[View]
40826554>Benchpress isn't going up What could be wrong /fit/?[View]
40829686To anyone that's struggling: I went to the gym today after work as usual. I didn't want to…[View]
40830365>cut >tired all day >no exercise tolerance >cold unless room temperature is retardedly h…[View]
40826454YHCL thread, bitches: Oh shit, nucka. It's time for a yohimbine questions thread. Ask your shit…[View]
40830917Rate my form /fit/[View]
40828441Literally wtf am I supposed to do with this shit?[View]
40830932https://youtu.be/ISlC61nAaek So has /fit/ watched this yet? I thought veganism was a meme guys.[View]
40830332I haven't stepped foot in the gym in 4 years. Thats right. Why am I going back tomorrow? >FA…[View]
40827028>tfw finally shredded and a girl says you look like spock[View]
40830052So cyclone debbie is coming to North Queensland in coming days I'm planning to fucking get drun…[View]
40829663>fart posting >monster shilling Seriously, does this board have janitors?…[View]
40823040When you travel & go to poorer countries where the men dont get /fit/ and show off your physique…[View]
40825243Body Fat Estimate Thread: Can I get a body fat estimate? 6,4 155lb >Inb4 DYEL, hips, fridge etc…[View]
40823852>zyzz birthday >no zyzz appreciation/remembrance thread Wtf this isnt the /fit/ I know…[View]
40830117Weekly frequency/volume for maximal size gain?: What's up guys. I've been in the weight ro…[View]
40830481How long did it take you to realise that muscles won't solve all your problems?[View]
40830364I'm 18, Do I Have Potential?[View]
40830554NOGF: Please, how the fuck do i talk to my crush. i need a gf....... FUARK[View]
40830368>fitness and lifting are my only real hobbies >living a healthy and fresh lifestyle is a neces…[View]
40827124Has anyone met a chad that isn't a douchebag?: Newcomer to this board. I've noticed that p…[View]
40827989MY WRISTS FUCKING HURT: >been lifting for about 5 months now >outside part of both wrists (pin…[View]
40830062Moved to my grandparents place and it's food food food. If I don't eat she'll get sad…[View]
40830249I have a shitty job, and I don't want it. (just part time) Dubs decides if i go to work tomorro…[View]
40829227I'm fat and my dick is 2.5' What kind of diet/exercise would you guys recommend so my dick retu…[View]
40826605What body mode is this?[View]
40825045BICEP THREAD[View]
40828647i'm gonna start training jew jitsu soon. i'm not gay, but i'm also not used to human …[View]
40826927Will /nofap/ make me more attractive? I am only 6 days in and I get eye-fucked all the time, granted…[View]
40830335For the first time in my life I'm noticing real results from lifting. Do I raise the amount of …[View]
40830237Hold still, /fit/. This will only hurt a bit.[View]
40830086can i buy a wife yet i have a 300k a year job, 29, but introverted with no social skills[View]
40821758What does /fit think of Bane?[View]
40828642>attending uni >food there tastes like shit most of the time >only eat one or two meals a d…[View]
40828680>go to big public university >penis is 7.6 inches long >chase after the typical stacie >…[View]
40827562How do I achieve /organi-zized/ mode?[View]
40828736Anon come closer...[View]
40827803>drink alcohol: cant make gainz >dont drink alcohol: cant make any friends…[View]
40829900>You will never be average sized or even tall[View]
40823429You are /fit/ enough to take a female marine, right?[View]
40830111Noob Home Gym: I just got a new job on the edge of the city and am moving to a house soon. I need a …[View]
40828511What do you think about good morning squats?: Do you do them? Have they helped your lifts?[View]
40827329Diet: Is working out completely useless if you can't control your eating? Would you notice any …[View]
40816623What was the biggest /fit/ meme you fell for?[View]
40825852>tfw afraid to wear basketball shorts to the gym now fuck you guys. how has /fit/ affected you?…[View]
40813371DYEL?: Why aren't you training your neck when it makes such a big difference /fit/?[View]
40829489bodybuilding is for faggots[View]
40829889I'm sponsored by Blackstones bro AMA[View]
40827622>been keeping a caloric deficit all day >just scoffed down two avocados and ruined it I'm…[View]
40827195Are there any singular words to describe the trichotomy of the body, mind and soul?[View]
40827601Is this a good pic for Tinder? Without the stickers obv. Ps if you see through my disguise and revea…[View]
40828185Greg Plitt: Was the video of Greg Plitt getting hit by a train ever leaked? My friend thinks it does…[View]
40819158What do you lift for, /fit/? For me it's the USS Iowa.[View]
40827629So, /fit/, would you use the workout you get here?[View]
40829179Alright, this exercise is a piece of crap and I don't want Medhi in here shilling for it. You w…[View]
40829514How good would it be if powerlifting where changed from the one press and two hip movements to OHP …[View]
40813835>/fit/ cucks cant understand why its difficult to have a full time job plus go to the gym and a b…[View]
40826048Who /facegains/ here?[View]
40829443What is known about appetite psychologically/neurologically? Like I see lots of fatties and ex-fatti…[View]
40827958What mode is this?[View]
40829323Is going to bed hungry a meme or will it acually build leaner muscle?[View]
40823932How the fuck can one man slay so many fitness memes? >squats >deadlifts >training calves …[View]
40829254Why don't we ever talk about Periodization?[View]
40827434Total body workout: Why do splits or even PPL? Why not just work out the entire body for a few hours…[View]
40815472Mythological Lifting and Prophecies of Gains: What are the sacred artifacts of /fit/ >Barbell of …[View]
40827842rate my routine /fit/: i'm new to lifting and wondering if the routine I found is any good m/w/…[View]
40829344just look at him[View]
40815059Ten pull-ups is the standard for being fit: FACT: If you can't do ten pull-ups you are objectiv…[View]
40828872Who here /neverphysicallysatisfiedwiththeirself/? Its such a hard life. You don't know if you…[View]
40828875What's a good 3 day powerlifting routine? I have googled around and all I find is stupid stuff …[View]
40828784Why is /fit/ so insecure?[View]
40828916I wont have access to a gym for a few weeks. Right now all i have are TRX bands. Can i keep a piece …[View]
40823701Whats your dip to bench ratio ? Strongest dude at dips on /fit ?[View]
40821937expose your balls to the sun: 1939 study from Dr. Abraham Myerson, which showed that five days of UV…[View]
40825706Whats a good body type for a manlet? any examples? >tfw 5'7 >inb4 memes…[View]
40828812TDEE: I'm trying to calculate my TDEE and the online calculate requires me to put in the type o…[View]
40828904Hello /fit/! I was in an accident recently and sprained my hand really badly. Good news is there is …[View]
40828940Simple way to make gains without counting calories and meal prepping? At the min I eat 4 weetabix in…[View]
40826364>Tfw I dont lift because im deathly afraid of my asshole popping inside out…[View]
40828828https://www.instagram.com/p/BQmFW-egNjE/?taken-by=vincitwins&hl=en Chad BREAKDANCES in ABANDONED…[View]
40827272Calves or qauds first?: Noob with both equally weak, which do you work first? Quads or calves? Won…[View]
40828706serious question fat fuck here, if i didn't eat more than 500 calories a day, how long would it…[View]
40806000>Diet and exercise for 2 months after years of eating nothing but pizza and McDonalds >Buy bod…[View]
40827457>he fell for the SS meme Why would you take fitness advice from a fatty like these?…[View]
40825853This is peak performance.[View]
40803853ITT: Why we lift: For me it's shoegaze qts[View]
40828422How long can I ride the noob gains train on a small deficit? I'm afraid to eat a surplus becau…[View]
40828202Pump Routines Thread: What are /fit/'s pump up routines? Like when you need to look extra jacke…[View]
40820184>tfw balding Should I kms?[View]
40828375How did you /fit/fags improve your stamina? I lose consciousness after punching the air 4-5 times[View]
40828367How do you not feel like shit on a cut?: I'm down to 196 from 320 @ 6'1'. When I was reall…[View]
40828304Honestly what's a good rate of weight gain? For example if I'm bulking should I be gaining…[View]
40817714Why can't I eat a large pizza every day? This is a large pizza from Pizza Hut. It hits mostly e…[View]
40826163>tfw no matter how fit you are, you will always have an ugly face[View]
40828342>Spend forever not making significant gains but getting lean >Start eating a bit more >GAIN…[View]
40825992>gym twink was fixed and is fully functional again[View]
40825410Very weak facial features: Can this be fixed? I'm a chinlet/jawlet and my face is very round an…[View]
40824542>Been on keto meme diet for two weeks >Went from 6'2' 250 lb to 240 lbs >Am now disgus…[View]
40827694/manlet/ general: What's the best body for a cute baby-faced manlet? Should I follow based Zac…[View]
40828199hi /fit/: I'm sick of it. 26 years old 6', been fluctuating an extra 20-50 pounds my whole…[View]
40825729have you ever been mired in the gym ?[View]
40813857How long do you usually workout for?[View]
40827740OHP + Lordosis: /fit/ I have been back at lifting for about 6 months after several years out and am …[View]
40828123/DNP/: So /fit/, What are your experiences with DNP? Share tips and useful info in this thread.…[View]
40822073NOFAP: what are the actual benefits of nofap? no bullshit. will it help me lose my virginity or help…[View]
40828014what does a torn labrum feel like?[View]
40827730When cutting, is it important to keep track of the fat you eat? Or is it mostly carbohydrates that n…[View]
40827765oh anon your not an anklet are you?: cankle master race checking in.[View]
40824483Is it okay to eat this much salad? Just wondering.[View]
40822159Why does the Texas Method have me 105% 5RM every friday? Its literally calling for 15 lb jumps.[View]
40827733will I die?: Health related question since this used to be health and fitness, I just took some dayq…[View]
40827817how the hell do I take a good gym selfie?: anyone else horrible at taking pics?[View]
40825130Is vega just a meme like the rest of the powders? Will I lose my gains if I stop taking it every 90 …[View]
40827017>first sip of the day[View]
40826800>cut >start to bleed woah[View]
40820700Im a normal straight guy but I find myself more inspired by female gym bodies. When I look at a fit …[View]
40826286Give it to me straight /fit, could I do some modeling? In college and would love easy money. I'…[View]
40827697Post your dinner (or latest meal) >4oz chicken >onion >feta >spinach/kale/chard >red …[View]
40827670Cutting General - /cut/: >eat a meal >still hungry…[View]
40827559someone told me >eat steak >eat liver pate >you'll feel much better in a week any trut…[View]
40826414>finally decide to take care of myself and lose weight >buy a food scale and some tupperware t…[View]
40827483Hey fit i'm 1.85 cm i was 112kg but got it down to 88kg, am i still obese ? >pic related me…[View]
40827165Does anyone here actually feel good after a hard workout? I always feel like shit afterwards, sore, …[View]
40827244hit 1/2/3/4 pl8s for reps, noob gainz are exhausted and want to no longer do 3x a week full body. Wh…[View]
40827171So basically today i was feeling tired all day for some reason , i skipped gym today and i cant stop…[View]
40825934Thin People Hate: In this thread, we discuss the societal privilege of thin people and their pretent…[View]
40827458Cardio: Need to improve cardiovascular activities in the next two weeks in order to complete the fol…[View]
40820987What shoes do you wear to the gym? For me its gotta be chuck taylors, always has been and always wil…[View]
40825771Ay lads, I've been lifting for a good 2 years but I've barely done any cardio. How do I ge…[View]
40827034:( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlaE2x3vffw[View]
40827029>'Zyzz...we cant let him have that much power' - Igor Bogdanoff Holy shit how big was he planning…[View]
40826908First time fasting: Hey I'm going to start my first fast where I can only drink water, but I…[View]
40826506Form critique thread: lanklet attempting squats. please critique my form. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
40825362Happy birthday you sick cunt fuark there will never be a cunt more aestethic than you forever mirin[View]
40826777/swim/: Where my swim bros at? Finally learned Butterfly, used to swim a lot when I was younger, but…[View]
40825248/fit/, how can I ascend from being seen as'cute' by girls to being 'sexy'?: Any help would be needed…[View]
40827160Kind of a dumb question but In which scenario would you gain more a) you eat less per day but get mo…[View]
40825205>LOL! Oopsie daisy, sorry i broke ur window hehe, I just wanted to lift. im such a tom boy lol. …[View]
40827057I wanna die.: I ate Tagalogs, because I indulged myself. I'm hitting the gym hard tomorrow.…[View]
40823435>H-Hey it's me your best friend, Carbs. W-Why have you been avoiding me lately? D-Did I do s…[View]
40827112Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday[View]
40825604what gains will I get from the contents?: What /fit/ related item did Stavros send me from Greece?…[View]
40826549>tfw 5'11 but live in area with mostly Dutch ancestry so everyone is 3 inches taller than me…[View]
40827154>tfw you just realized a big penis is a farming family My surname descends from the Western High…[View]
40825778https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceM1WgfWpMw SCOOBY, OUR SCOOBY IS GAY???????????????????????????????…[View]
40818238>I can't look away, anon.[View]
40826455>lifting for women >not lifting in the service of our Lord Why even live?…[View]
40827119Meth9k: Website: Younow Profile: wardawgthegod_19308 i would link the whole thing but you know, not …[View]
40824707Cooking Thread: >diet is the most important >abs are made in the kitchen not the gym anon :^) …[View]
40825089What program would you recommend to someone that works a physical job and is sore and tired at the e…[View]
40825712Lifting is a meme Ive lifted for four years and got nothing out of it. I got depressed and drank for…[View]
40825488>that guy who dances in between sets[View]
40826719Mass gain.: Just bought twelve pounds of NutraFX Pure Mass Platinum. I'm quite new to the use o…[View]
40825676/paleo/ thread: PALEO GENERAL Anyone else here paleo? If so, why'd you choose to go that route?…[View]
40826565What is the better beginner program SS or PPL[View]
40826396How can I fix pec imbalance? My right pec is much larger than my left[View]
40824577>Just be confident bro[View]
40826900>always begin use with 1/2 scoop or less and assess your tolerance >once tolerance is assessed…[View]
40826281I've passed a 4pl8 squat and 5pl8 deadlift. I still can't hit a 3pl8 bench. I've tr…[View]
40826035Gym fails: Here is some oc of a guy using a slingshot for 115 bench[View]
40823634just a friendly reminder that box squat is best squat and should be IPF approved[View]
40826350I want to lose some weight, but I've recently inured my back 6'2'', 220 - 240lbs…[View]
40825756>'Anon have you been working out?'[View]
40825764WHAT DO YOU DO: >see this >wat do[View]
40825394>tfw all I have is a barbell and some pl8s at home, no rack, no bench >started doing stretches…[View]
40816095>eat less than TDEE is this all it takes to lose weight? Do the tricks of? >eat 10 small meal…[View]
40826206Fat People Hate: No 'My 600 Pound Life' in this thread. The WEBMs and images are stale and…[View]
40823928daily reminder, that this is what women want[View]
40826265*blocks your use of the assisted pullup machine*[View]
40826566Hi /fit/ quick question I've got an event coming up in a couple months where I'd like to l…[View]
40826212Daily calorie deficit: Your daily calorie deficits for people who are dieting? Dropped from 600 to 9…[View]
40826323Is this normal?: This is my Brother I'm jealous about his curvature, i don't have this (Ti…[View]
40825112After I eat some sugary fruit I get extremely tired I know this isn't in my head[View]
40825981how much % of protein and calories will my body absorb from oats?: >It s hard for me to know if I…[View]
40820315If you only could do one exercise for the rest of your life without snapping your shit up, which one…[View]
40821738Is Green Tea the most based /fit/ beverage? What are you sippin?[View]
40824474PROTIP thread If you're building a home gym, pick up an walker off cl or steal one from your g…[View]
40825988>2017 >Not heating your hand over the gas stove are you guys even trying to get organi-zized…[View]
40823710Is close grip bench safer for your shoulders than wide grip bench?[View]
40809889/plg/ - powerlifting general: /plg/- Powerlifting general. >GOAToshot edition Post PR's, ro…[View]
40826005What's the best way to train the booty?[View]
40826119Weighted core exercises: >fell for the squats and deadlifts work abs enough meme >now my core …[View]
40825942>Mom is going to kick me out unless I get a job >I go on Craigs and find an assembly job, 12 h…[View]
40821712whos buying wl shoes for that extra inches?: 6'3 without wl shoes on 6'5 with wl shoes on …[View]
40806409/Bicep/ general? What's the gauge for bicep size? I know mine are 15' but I don't know ho…[View]
40824822Hey /fit/ how does my daily workout look?: >Music: Sabaton- The Last Stand 4:24 Crunches to Spart…[View]
40826031Does this qualify as a big butt?: In the US, I'm sure it doesn't because people there are …[View]
40825967Why haven't you taken the Samspill yet /fit/? >Cheap huge ass packages of frozen chicken bre…[View]
40825909help me: to cut things short, basically about a year ago i went on a huge weight loss diet, and afte…[View]
40825216>tfw 357 grams of protein for $12.26[View]
40825519/fit/! What is best in life?[View]
40824841This is what girls want[View]
40813537Enema: Just done my first enema. Holy shit so much shit came out and it stinks foul. Much worse than…[View]
40825606Gotta gain One kilo of solid mass One squat to the grass I only go gym when I can afford One rep mor…[View]
40824391I can't enjoy things i used to enjoy. Nothing seems interesting to me and i do nothing all day.…[View]
40820648Hernia, abdominal health etc...: This is a little balloon in between my abs you see in this picture,…[View]
40825274What are some good strategies to improve your bottom part of the deadlift, i.e. the actual lift off …[View]
40821184/fat/ - Weight Loss General: Can't find a My 600lb Life stream of the new episode edition Last …[View]
40825493Wtf. This https://tdeecalculator.net tdee calculator is giving me 3400 This https://www.iifym.com/t…[View]
40824122So you got the muscles... But could you still pull if you 'bulked' like this?[View]
40825241>he doesn't browse /fit/ while doing his cardio Four miles per hour, 3% incline here.…[View]
40824101/fit/ UTTERLY BTFO[View]
40822842Why did you start lifting /fit/? I started because I was losing my hair at only 21 years old and di…[View]
40819120Serious question, I'm 1cm under 6 foot in bare feet, which means I'm over 6'1 in some…[View]
40824412Alpha Strawberries: So, I have a strawberry plant and I though it would be a funny meme to feed the …[View]
40822882how to back: How do you guys build back thickness? I feel like I have enough width, but no middle ba…[View]
40822952Never Gonna Make It General: Calves Edition: I've tried everything short of steroids and my cal…[View]
40825480Anyone else have thinner hair on sides?: my hairline isnty receeding and hair on top snd back is fin…[View]
40825087Have I reached ottermode /fit/?[View]
40824178Are high pulls a meme?: I just came across an article by Christian Thibaudeau on [spoiler]T-nation[/…[View]
40825424>he isn't constantly, from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, in a squatting…[View]
40816300How exactly do I train my neck?[View]
40825395current veins thread (cvt): how's the cut for summer going lads[View]
40821198How to sleep longer? I exercise and dont eat before sleep but I still cant get more than 6 hours of …[View]
40824874Look at how round his features are. Is there a way to fix or prevent this? Maybe he just needs to li…[View]
40825162*walks towards you*[View]
40824997How the fuck do I make pea protein taste good? It was 50% off, and now I understand why.[View]
40822933How the fuvk do I stop eating steak for every meal >it's so fucking good…[View]
40821446Running shoulder pain: hey lads, I've recently taken up running from being lazy cunt (skinny) a…[View]
40825229I miss him already, brehs[View]
40825202Stregth: Show me your legs, /fit/. You are doing working your legs, right?[View]
40818103>walk into the gym >A FUCK NIGGA, THAT'S THAT SHIT I DON'T LIKE…[View]
40820089Tell me why I shouldn't do squat, bench and deadlift everyday? I have been training for two mon…[View]
40824586Behind the neck press:: Is there any reason for doing btn presses other than looking cool? Do they w…[View]
40825109>that guy who wears a three-piece suit to the gym Show off[View]
40824137How long to go from 0.5/1/1.5/2 to 1/2/3/4?[View]
40825033Hey /fit/ can we talk about preventing bone injury? Whenever I do squats, my knees get a dull pain f…[View]
40825011>do weighted dips >get sternum pain >10 days later it still hurts…[View]
40822971/fit/ I'm a noob and going to just bulk for 6-12 months from 70kg 5ft11 skinnyfat. What are som…[View]
40824646Working out at home without a gym: Hello /fit/ I have a young 13 year old brother who's unable …[View]
40824639What's the best gym bag?[View]
40813056Have you ever been mired by a girl at the gym? How did you react?[View]
40824939>mom sees me accessing /fit/ >she asks me if I'm gay T-thanks, guys. Anyway, how much can…[View]
40824158What's your favorite day: Leg day vs chest day vs back day.: What's your favorite day? htt…[View]
40824728Ankle sprain.: I work in a pretty dangerous field. And of all the times and injuries I get, I got an…[View]
40824373help me how do i look like fitness girls on ig i dont want to buy their scam programs and ss is bul…[View]
40818933oi, why tf can't I see my abs yet? why tf can't you see your abs yet?[View]
40822429>tfw creatine actually works >tfw get more reps in each set >tfw muscles appear more full…[View]
40824472How do you think Clarence will do?[View]
40819649Fighters physique/conditioning: Any advice for getting to a stage similiar to Scott Adkins in pic or…[View]
40823989Anyone here ever had a tapeworm? How did you find out? I seriously believe I have one that is steali…[View]
40823372What's the best exercise to increase my vertical jump, /fit/?[View]
40823409Toilet Paper: Ever since I started taking gainz seriously my wiping habits have changed dramatically…[View]
40821356How to get rid of this? Is this normal for an average fit body?[View]
40818814ITT: things that make you rage at the gym >watching guys making poses to the mirror between reps …[View]
40823148Farts: My farts are fucking horrible, and I can't stop them Help[View]
408205776 months progress TRT Diet Cardio 5x a week Weights 4x a week Before 247lbs 32% bodyfat Now 225 15…[View]
40824206Moving shit out of my house over the last week. What kind of routine can it be called? Lower? Upper?…[View]
40810913QTDDTOT: Last one reached limit So I've been doing SL for 5 months now and gained about 14kg. P…[View]
40815762Routine Rate Thread: Post your routines, rate other people's routines, give advice, talk shit, …[View]
40822040Does anyone actually care about womens advice? Or they just watch for the butts?[View]
40824123/gainz/: >forget to eat the entire day >come home >eat something >instantly shits How to…[View]
40824055Is this natty? How do you get this body?[View]
40822297Weight-loss surgery thread: What do you think about weight-loss surgery and do you think that it…[View]
40823942whats the best way to stop youtube fitness personalitys to not get money when they have ads on their…[View]
40823124If blacks have a denser skeleton and musculature, does that mean it's easier for them to make g…[View]
40820974>when the preworkout kicks in[View]
40820799Americans could not survive the training of a weightlifter in eastern bloc countries. You are too ni…[View]
40824021motive ate[View]
40823795I'm gonna live in the woods this Summer for a job, so I have no access to a gym. I was thinking…[View]
40824035Hello citizens of 4chan/Fit. do You guys think I Have potential. please Respond?[View]
40824006Hey /fit/, I've been doing a regular workout routine (with daily variations) for the past two y…[View]
40823794Are ointments like tiger balm, icey hot, bengay, and biofreeze a waste of time for pain?[View]
40822880supplements: are there any that skinny mtfs should be taking? in combination with strength training …[View]
408228465/3/1 deload week... What if I just don't lift at all that week?[View]
40823708>tfw shat bright red blood in my stool for the last 3 days Looks like I'm unironically going…[View]
40819421What went wrong?[View]
40815188Songs that get you pumped up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyGFM5CGnoo What does /fit/ lift to?…[View]
40823114I fucked up: Today was an interesting day at the gym . I learnt some stuff. 1.How to 1RM 90kg bench …[View]
40781485/bwg/: Bodyweight General New to bodyweight exercises, been doing it on rest days/days I can't …[View]
40821843ITT: Amount of time you spend at the gym a week: >45 minutes per session. >5-6 sessions per we…[View]
40819942Who /going out/ tonight? What are some alcoholic drinks that won't kill muh gains?[View]
40818466What are some effective treatments for insomnia?[View]
40823174http://darebee.com >DAREBEE is a non-profit and also an ad-free and product placement-free websit…[View]
40821656>thought I was 6f for years >just measured myself >5'11 3/4 Jesus fucking christ /fit/…[View]
40801963Girl: You weightlifters/bodybuilders are so gross omg.....i prefer naturally toned guys..: How do yo…[View]
40822002So i just lost my personal trainer today and i don't know what to do now. Show me your best rou…[View]
40823459How do i train my braps? Legitimate question. Are there any gastrointestinal exercises i can do to g…[View]
40821940hello /fit/, gym noob here I check in last month because i have 155 deadlift I do 225 today thank yo…[View]
40821871/Transformation General/: Post your Transformations! Or maybe something that helps others to change …[View]
40823390So I know I have a lot of work to do, I am 5'9 165lbs. What are some simple exceed sizes I can …[View]
40811652Soccer is most athlethic sport: Hands down soccer players are most athlethic people in the world, yo…[View]
40820604Hi guys i've been doing running, biking and swimming for cardio and now i'm bored of it do…[View]
40823314Good feels: ITT we talk about good feels. Fitness first, then other good feels. >tfw lifts going…[View]
40819874So I have a Spinal disc herniation. Can I still squat and deadlift?[View]
40822982*KCHSSSssssss* How's work goin bois? Almost time for the gym[View]
40823166>ywn get enough gains to take back the Holy Land >ywn work out like this >does thou even ho…[View]
40822708Is this what peak performance looks like?[View]
40822892>deep skin fissure been forming on my left foot for a few months now >another one starting to …[View]
40823068I'm a slightly fat slob, just started 2 weeks ago to get off my ass and do some nice laps, trou…[View]
40819725/Zyzz/- What you lifting today?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxoHcAhai1I What are you lifting to…[View]
40822833I started lifting bc i felt i had more boobs that most of the girls in my classroom.[View]
40817790Advanced Novice Summary: This part of the program gets quite confusing in the books, so I will try t…[View]
40818308/fit/ music thread: Who here /metal/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrsyL4ldK0Q https://www.youtube…[View]
40822528who has been in a float tank / sensory deprivation tank ? what did you reckon is it an fucking meme …[View]
40822428https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9sVeIaMTB4 How do I achieve RAHMAN mode?[View]
40822430What deodorant do you use? I used to use right guard with cooling shit but it lasted for like 4 minu…[View]
40822163Which Elliot Hulse video would you say is the one where he most lost track of his original topic? I …[View]
40822296What's the quickest way to lose fat in in my thighs? t. male with extremely thick thighs that g…[View]
40816415Pls no raid: Found something for you, /fit/[View]
40821869>sunny day >told myself yesterday that today I'd stop eating junk food and drinking coffe…[View]
40822030Receptionist smiles at me and I no shit almost gave her money[View]
40821225>at some point in my life I will have to ask out a girl either in person or online and she will l…[View]
40822213I'm currently sick as a dog, first time i've been sick in like 2 years, how do I avoid los…[View]
40821863Redpill me on kegel exercises, /fit/. Do you do them yourself? How do you do them even?[View]
40820148I love deadlifts, but I hate squats I hate squats with a passion How did you learn to love squats, /…[View]
40822137Story thread: >training for years >power snaps, deadsnaps, reverse snaps, the works >my one…[View]
40821499Fat Haters and /fit/ BTFO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW8Ctc1Rv8U[View]
40813735>omg you bench 200? where do you hide all that muscle XD SHUT THE FUCK UP ROASTIE IT'S NOT M…[View]
40821995White/gold sweet corn...is it good carbs for after a workout or do I need a high GI one? I just love…[View]
40821909How do /fit/ feel about the use of SARMs?[View]
40819994Is there any reason why I shouldn't exclusively do squats?[View]
40821361How did Khalid get /fit/, anons?: >>>http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/783046/Khalid-Masood-…[View]
40806571glutes: how do you even achieve this?[View]
40821344Buffalo Wing Life! I'm going out tonight to chill with my father. Gonna watch the bball game an…[View]
40821316Stop squatting, and cycle instead.[View]
40816921FPH: Fat people hate thread.[View]
40821630YouTube: My friend told me to post this here https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=G1sWnYFseVY It's …[View]
40821497Why having you got on my boy Hemingways level? >tricked two women into marrying him >tricked t…[View]
40821269As someone 20kg over weight, would it be smarter to cut hard (and play vidya) or cut normally and li…[View]
40819605>Aspergers >Card carrying member of /fraud/ >Manlet >Hates vegans >Preaches keto meme…[View]
40808637/fraud/: steroids sometimes, blogging most of the time ABSOLUTELY NO SOURCE TALK read ALL of https:/…[View]
40821144Should I take Human Growth Hormone?: So I have Crohns Disease which gives you ulcers in your stomach…[View]
40814813Who /chadmindset/ here? Post Essential Chadcore here. Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Fiel…[View]
40821352can someone explain this SS + GOMAD meme?[View]
40820864need advise from fitfags + giving advise to fatfags: fitfag tl;dr: got tendinitis in shoulders, how …[View]
40820640Hi guys, i have my first chance of taking some steroids and I'm wondering if it's worth it…[View]
40818187How is cutting without tracking calories/macros actually done? Do you just avoid specific high calor…[View]
40821176How do I get rid of my belly fat /fit/? I've been working out for years by going to te gym 1-2 …[View]
40809865How to get this physique? Serious question.[View]
40816738How to train your GF: Mine's around this size and is like to get her down to a smaller slender/…[View]
40820942Redpill me on sleeping. I take 5mg melatonin every night to fall asleep. Now that I lost my job and …[View]
40820359Is keto the stupidest meme that people on /fit/ have ever fallen for? Do retards actually think that…[View]
40819736I'm 24 and have some fine lines on my forehead, what do?[View]
40820972ITT: We discuss the best ab exercise and why it is weighted chin-ups.[View]
40820347Small bone problem: Okay /fit/, is this possible to fix this? That's my wrist in the image. My …[View]
40820929What was the lift that helped you realise that you're only missing the idea of her that you bui…[View]
40820235lifting not making the pain go away? try actual pain[View]
40809353Pushup Thread Rounding up to the nearest 10[View]
40820131High insertion biceps: Do i have high insertions? If yes should I just dump my regular dumbbell curl…[View]
40820841Are cold showers good for us?[View]
40817567>actually go to the gym during afternoon/evening peak hour >of course, its fucking packed but …[View]
40819396What happened over here?: Can this be avoided and how?[View]
40820680Options: Sit at home like a faggot Think about her and the things she said Wonder who she is with rn…[View]
40818464Hey guys everytime I do Overhead Press my right shoulder clicks internally and hurts. What am I doin…[View]
40819879Noko: Hey /fit I'm a 25 yo male, I've been trying to stay in shape, but I've been run…[View]
40812206Adam's Apple: We all know adam's apple adds to a man's attractiveness by at least 0.5…[View]
40820281Rolling Rolling Rolling: What does /fit/ think of Rollerscates as opposed to say running or bicyclin…[View]
40820442Routine General: Post and rate each others routines About to start something similar to CAMB's …[View]
40818563Does this machine actually do anything?[View]
40819859Your daily reminder that while your crush was at the pizza chad was fucking you eating the gym[View]
40819516Should I go back to the gym if im still sore?: Its been a day and a half and its still very sore to …[View]
40814475/fat/ - Weight Loss General: Cut for the Führer edition Last thread at 300lbs >>40806430 Who i…[View]
40817316Went to the nutritionist today to check that my keto + IF is working out and I am not just killing m…[View]
40820159bought a new car lads[View]
40818355Would you trade lives with Jonah Hill if it also meant you had to inherit his inability to control h…[View]
40817461/fit/ hobbies: Hey /fit/, Since Zyzz''s birthdays tomorrow I wanted to draw something com…[View]
40820203Is introjection a character flaw?[View]
40818816When I started working out a few months ago, I was 183 cm. A few people commented saying I might hav…[View]
40818477Why aren't you watching the Delray Misfits? Literally /fit/ the TV show https://youtu.be/akyB…[View]
40818792Help me /fit/: I've been doing the couch to 5k program for a few weeks now. I was initially on …[View]
40812576/DNP/ help: What would REALLY happen if I did a low-dose DNP cycle, on a 1.5k calorie deficit, getti…[View]
40819981Is he /ourguy/ fit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhl5K0mTSKY[View]
40819953Fell for the volum meme >Sleep for 12 hours each night >Too tired to study for my exam…[View]
40819777How to /baywatch/ mode, /fit/?[View]
40819637Is it better to make a 3 day split and run it twice a week or just a regular 5 day a week one where …[View]
40818763I'm 5'11.5, I didn't make it..is there any way to get that extra half inch through st…[View]
40802273Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, etc. >…[View]
40816757I need a crash diet. I'm about to be on probation and I need to start shedding fat as fast as p…[View]
40819775Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Porn Addiction Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen L…[View]
40818690Will this stuff actually work in accelerating far loss /fit/? Just bought some today but am skeptica…[View]
40819136how to archieve this mode?[View]
40819586>be graduate student abroad >start lifting 8 months ago >literally see no visible change in…[View]
40813636Deadlift cues: So /fit/ which one(s) do you use?[View]
40814195>fracking fluid and birth control in the drinking water >can't drink milk, dairy cows are…[View]
40815776When you're counting calories in beef/pork. Do you measure it before you cook or after? This be…[View]
40816130Jason Blaha brother of Ramy Broude AKA ShadowMan/NattyLifter: Apparently they're both DYEL and …[View]
40817433Fitness Motivation: Tomorrow is leg day and I need inspired /fit/[View]
40819363Da faq is this shit: Seriously. Just looking to fuck a bitch through these dating apps. Pic related.…[View]
40817379I bought whey protein from the bulk at winco: Did I do good bruhs, I am going to make it?[View]
40818922Are there any concepts or personal abilities you know or have that makes you better at sports? I re…[View]
40809001How to get over depression and anxiety? To keep it fit related: How much do you bench?[View]
40818079Do you lose weight by playing video games? I'm not talking about VR archery or DDR or Wii stuff…[View]
40816697/Stretch/ General: Mobility discussion When should I integrate PNF stretches if I'm doing 3 day…[View]
40800485C b t 5'9 152lbs[View]
40806306You can only work out one last time..: but you get to choose who you lift with, dead or alive, who d…[View]
40818710protein farts: >be me >have trap gf >she starts lifting and eating protein >the muscle i…[View]
40819184squat: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=121UCytJuCs some friends who use 4chan suggeste…[View]
40815775Alright so I'm registered in the police academy for June and I passed my Physical Assessment bu…[View]
40817140Hey /fit/ I started lifting about six months ago, with the first 4 months doing sub-optimal workouts…[View]
40819010Are fat burner pills a meme?[View]
40815072How are you supposed to workout when your job is lifting shit all the time?[View]
40817091>month into no fap >hook up with qt blonde girl with stunning bod >thisisit.jpg >ED stri…[View]
40815152>tfw I just did one of the most difficult workouts of my life and I feel like I'm going to m…[View]
40818705> tfw just ate a half jar of skippy salted Carmel pb[View]
40816020is swimming a good way to gain muscle or am I just doing cardio and burning calories[View]
40816787Can /fit/ relate or is this bullshit fat acceptance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeBrnuQxEsQ[View]
40815498Cutting season is upon us, let's get a /kryptonite thread/ going. Fucking cereal, I can eat an …[View]
40815491Finally hit 3plate ohp 3x5!! It was the one lift I've been struggling with. Success story thr…[View]
40818770Let's settle this once and for all http://www.strawpoll.me/12595918 http://www.strawpoll.me/12…[View]
40817514Hydration: Drinking shitton of water throughout the day, how much is enough and good for the gainz? …[View]
40818708So I've been working out for years off and on. Finally got into it hardcore after I graduated c…[View]
40817837>thinks, he never going to make it never going to make it[View]
40818631High Hamstring Tendonitis: Anyone else had this? Share experience pls[View]
40808208post the body or face you think grills think are 10/10. i think they like this body >muscular but…[View]
40818513Weight lifting belts: Are they worth it? Should they only be used for super heavy lifts? I borrowed …[View]
40811610Athletics Thread: Can we have a thread that's dedicated to people who are lifting for sports? T…[View]
40806862Super Hero FIT: >You've been cast as a superhero (or villain) >You have access to the be…[View]
40818427I'm feeling a bit down, bulking and seeing little results Could we have a motivation thread?[View]
40817892So I just got this stuff. first time using a pre-workout and it was on sale. anyone have any experie…[View]
40815890>tfw when getting home from a great workout, take a nice hot shower and then take a huge bong rip…[View]
40817487What's your midnight snack, /fit/ ?[View]
40818391strength tips on a cut: I'm about to start my first real cut and I'm nervous to see my lif…[View]
40818239How can I continue to make gains and bang sloots if desire leads to suffering? Why should I keep pur…[View]
40816348s this an okay 3 day split? ive been lifting for ~8 months and want to move to a split. Workout #1 (…[View]
40816714Any runners here? I just started running to lose weight and the main problems i have so far is that …[View]
40817774How is your progress going, lads?[View]
40818236> Reads Sticky > 'Do SS' > Goes on board > 'SS is a meme' THEN WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOS…[View]
40816430At what point is your penis considered big? In my experience it all has to do with your environment.…[View]
40818087Swimming in chlorine pools = kill'd gainz?: >Chlorine is popular because it handles the thre…[View]
40816039Happy Thursday: Doing that cut thing. Where you at on making it, fitizen?![View]
40817608Advice?: I need you guys' help here. I currently weigh 117lbs and I'm 5ft 11in. I want to …[View]
40812216Bouldering: Anybody do this? Looks like it could be fun.[View]
40818134Chocolate post workout? Post cardio vs. strength training?[View]
40818127Bodyweight/Running workouts to get back into swimming: Used to swim competitively but I'm shit …[View]
40818098: I eat ass edition: Finna get maxillofacial surgery soon™[View]
40817710Hey runners out there, what's the best sneaker in your opinion for taking some jogs on pavement…[View]
40817900Zyzz post-death.: I can't help but wonder, is he still muscular or did his body decompose?…[View]
40817778how the FUCK do you guys stay motivated?[View]
40817996Anon, your gym meal is ready![View]
40813108I'm starting accutane next week, pill me on this stuff Somebody told me to request 20mg instead…[View]
40815402name one (1) muscle[View]
40817823>tfw you literally look WORSE going into your 5th year lifting because you accidentally bulked fo…[View]
40816082Does anyone else here have a problem with accidentally crushing your fingers while wiping your ass b…[View]
40816986>Long thoracic nerve injury >Winged Scapula >Supraspinatus tendonitis >Shoulder pain …[View]
40817123why do i keep farting and what can i do to stop it? i'm not even eating that much protein and a…[View]
40816841Gym Bags: What do you like to keep in your gym bag? Also what bag do you have?[View]
40812512Im fat help me[View]
40817121>tfw share a birthday with the King of /fit/ Happy birthday to me and Zyzz, we're all gonna …[View]
40817581Is the staff of your gym made by dickheads? Mine works like this >they only help women >they o…[View]
40816684Question about cutting and protein... So I'm doing my first official cut and am a bit confused …[View]
40815972Friendly reminder that heavy lifting isn't sustainable in the long term. You WILL get injured a…[View]
40817485>tfw anterior pelvic tilt[View]
40817460Are there any good online repositories of 80s bodybuilding magazines? I'm mostly interested in …[View]
40817377HYPE UP: /fit/ I feel woke af. I feel resurrected. Give me your energy as I work to become ALPHA AF…[View]
40816089Why are girls allowed to wear make up and guys can't? They are essentially frauding and wearing…[View]
40815567Best fucking whey flavor: FUCK whoever recommended me double rich chocolate or super extreme chocola…[View]
40817273Anon took 4 months off lifting, went home and worked / got drunk / ate drugs / ate shit Resumed trai…[View]
40817095Started doing madcow intermediate squat: 235 bench: 175 Row: 130 Press: 130 DL: 280 Bench/Press/Row…[View]
40816065How do I make myself work hard when I feel cucked by working hard? If I work hard then I know someon…[View]
40815903Is my sister fat?: Just wondering what you think. Some friend of mine said that my sister would be b…[View]
40812130can I get a form check ?[View]
40816180>can't squat due to severe knee pain (osgood-schlatter's) Is there ANY way to not rever…[View]
4081652529 in a few months >No house >Live 2k miles away from home/family/older friends I once had …[View]
40816927Fit need halp: I'm a skinny boy, what can I do to make me look awesome? I mean, not like a very…[View]
40815118Hey guys I really want to incorporate bananas in my diet but the problem is they really make my thro…[View]
40815657What are some pro tips for those of us that hate meal prep, cooking, and even eating usually? I…[View]
40816876How do I stop going on 4chan? It's destroying my life.[View]
40816303Is this the natty limit?[View]
40816811>take the MMPI Apparently I have flat emotions.[View]
40815898How do I work out my chest and lose my man boobs?[View]
40809219Testosterone: Hi fit I got my testosterone levels checked out of curiosity rather than medical neces…[View]
40816543Are there any risks to counting your macros /fit/? Also what apps do you use?[View]
40814612NATTY LIMIT: THIS is the natty limit[View]
40815048Plateau General: Are you plateauing somewhere /fit/? Let it out and maybe we could try and help each…[View]
40814068NoPorn: Been on No fap and no porn for about 4 days now. What are the supposed benefits? I'm lo…[View]
40816425n-no homo[View]
40816097is it true that when people have sex they can't actually cum at the same time? i am just askin…[View]
40816591Health is missing from /fit/: Is being /fit/ really all about lifting heavy things? When did /health…[View]
40816492Doing my sets of dumbbell exercises seems to go by way to quick, 5 minutes per 1 set of each. Am I d…[View]
40816146anyone know dat dyel skelly who makes motivational vids, had a sick trap remix in them?[View]
40815049Hello fit, I recently found a gym only a block away from my new apartment that focuses on weightlift…[View]
40816169>'sup bro, sorry that I stole your waifu' What do you respond? And more importantly, how often do…[View]
40814687t. /r9k/ loser trying one last time to lose weight before suicide: wish me luck bois[View]
40816132losing weight: Alright /Fit/ So I want to lose weight this month and I need some advice on how to ac…[View]
40813981Anyone here Gaba / Niacin?: Where can I buy gaba in the UK? Anyone else here take it? Also should I …[View]
40815806>Tomorrow is day 3 of nofap+No rest days SS[View]
40814462i just reached 315 squat in a year is that shit progress? i always see people saying they reach that…[View]
40816351Okay, I really want to leave humanity behind. I'm very close to 1/2/3/4. Just have to work on m…[View]
40813398I have a chest deformation: Pic related is my relatively mild pectus excavatum on the right lower pa…[View]
40814706new deadlift PR 105 KG 1x5 can we finally agree that I am stronger than the average person? It took …[View]
40812636Not doing 1000 crunches a day: Never gonna make it anon[View]
40815416Starting Stength of Kettlebells / MMA: Is there a book or program which is essentially the 'Starting…[View]
40816165Fat Shaming Myself: I stopped wearing a shirt in my house to remind myself of my fat, so I remember …[View]
40814336>tfw just binge ate 2 mcdoubles, a medium fry, and a package of sour gummy worms Tried to throw i…[View]
40816144When to move on to a more advanced routine?: Right now my bench is 315x2, squat 405x5 and Deadlift 4…[View]
40807797How important is nutrition? Really, I mean? There are african niggers looking like this and prisoner…[View]
40813781Can i get noticeable gains with calisthenics or is it a meme?[View]
40816054Chin ups?: I keep seeing the meme that chin ups are better than pull ups, but how do I do them if my…[View]
40812711How to loss pouch belly as a skinny-fat person?: Iv been lifting for two mounths now and been seen g…[View]
40814400What is your opinion of this exercise program? http://docdro.id/1N6fIqk[View]
40814042How is my frame?: 5'8 132lbs 13 inch biceps 7 wrists Never touched a weight in my life, basical…[View]
40815810Is it reasonable to assume that anterior pelvic tilt may cause bloating and gas and put strain on th…[View]
40815441Say hello to the new god of /fit/ faggots. Jealous? You should be.[View]
40812088these have no business being as good as they are you get 4 huge pancakes out of it too[View]
40814302I injured my lower back awkwardly picking a 60 pound dumbell on Monday. Still hurts a tad bit when I…[View]
40815682>CHADS eat PIZZA and FUCKS STACEY while YOU spend HOURS in the GYM and STILL look SKINNYFAT despi…[View]
40810261so i been banging this dumb slut lately. annoying as fuck and dumb as can be. she's high test t…[View]
40814250Post celebrity goal body: Mine's Patrick Bateman and Thor.[View]
40813727Zyzz's Outgoingness and Charisma owed to steriods?: The video Chestbrah uploaded today for Zyzz…[View]
40815704Does facial exercise work? I know it can't change the shape of your jawline but I was reading o…[View]
40814848What is /fit/'s opinion on low carb diets?[View]
40815531>skipping leg day[View]
40815437Running and Muscle Mass: I've been working out for a while now, on and off nothing committed be…[View]
40815685Worst gyms you've ever been to: https://www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/2260/homosassa-fl-34446/…[View]
40815634>it's another YouTube video busting the 'myth' of calories in calories out…[View]
40815660>he doesn't drink a bowl of olive oil a day[View]
40813484/gymgestalt/: >that girl who comes to the gym only with her bf >that guy who comes to the gym …[View]
40815597RECORD YOUR LAST REP: So instead of posting your last rep face, record the sound you make on your la…[View]
40808590Beach pose: I need a good beach picture to use on my tinder but i need it to not be douchey but also…[View]
40815169Whey Protein Baldness: People are saying Whey protein increases your test which gives you DHT which …[View]
40811319meal prep thread: for those of us with jobs :P ideas???[View]
40815117Any weightlifters or god forbid crossfitters on this board? I've been practicing snatch and cle…[View]
40815404German Volume Training: I got kinda bored of my current workout and wanted to try something new Hear…[View]
40813157How do I stop getting a boner at the gym? I've tried jacking off before but it doesn't wor…[View]
40814542/Weenyfitness/ Any tips tricks to getting your dick into tip top tricked out shape? >hook up with…[View]
40812875>Qts will never ask for a picture with you How do you cope with this?[View]
40812748>tfw eating 3xmybodyweight (in kg) of grams of protein Am i gonna make it?…[View]
40814743You fucking retards complaining about small dick, lack of hair, manletism, nogains, etc. , when it…[View]
40815263ITT: clenbuterol >before and after >dosages >what did you stack with it? >side effects …[View]
40810081Realistically, with proper training and diet and genetics, how long would it take to reach JoJo mode…[View]
40814112motivation thread!: imo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-8F-a9hyH8 need motivation right now xD…[View]
40794437/fph/ /fps/ /fht/ - Fat (people) [hate/stories]: time for another[View]
40809094The man on the right frequents r/bodybuilding, and various lifting subreddits. >You now realise …[View]
40814965drop splits: I saw this in a gay porn and now I want to learn how to do it. I'm pretty built an…[View]
40806427How much better is this than SS?[View]
40814595>TFW another day wasted on 4chan instead of doing something productive[View]
40812399>fucked my knee over in a bike accident (got hit at high speed and fell knee first into the aspha…[View]
40792933I feel like my libido has all but vanished. I can sit around and jerk off if i'm bored, but in …[View]
40814806>tfw you get caught stealing a man's silver, but the man sets you free for the greater good …[View]
40814778I need help dear /fit/ From time to time this shit happens, i go to train i.e. legs and it's li…[View]
40812502How good are my stats /fit/?: I just started lifting 2 months ago. Bench 3x5 115 Squat 3x5 145 Diddl…[View]
40814696>'Zyzz...we cant let him have that much power' - Igor Bogdanoff Holy shit how big was he planning…[View]
40814622post fitness personalities you think are probably chill down to earth dudes irl[View]
40806001/owg/: please respond[View]
40814572WOW NO WAY A /FIT/ DISCORD LETS GO BOYZ https://discord.gg/3Kwuunm[View]
408050965'7 134lbs Am I gonna make it if I keep it up?[View]
40806430/fat/ Fatty General: Running out of fat wojaks edition Last thread morbidly obese at >>4080009…[View]
40812961Can anybody diagnose my complex injury? Three years ago when deadlift in I got a pain in the side of…[View]
40813439How on earth was this man able to build a decent following on YouTube as a fitness expert?[View]
40782433In the eyes of normies, what is 'fit'?[View]
40812810*blocks your path*[View]
40814343>he doesn't measure his 1RM's in Newtons enjoy being laughed at by the moon people, ano…[View]
40814413Was getting big part of your plan?[View]
40806715SS: Thoughts?[View]
40805010Is it feminine to cross your legs? I've always done that, especially when my legs are tired, it…[View]
40812225Dubs and ill post very rare zyzz footage when browsing /fit/[View]
40809742https://youtu.be/HCYyKLwtwM0 FUARK[View]
40808880Uni Gym thread Wales Number one best uni reporting in[View]
40814160pinky side wrist pain: hurts really bad when doing bar curls, anyone else.[View]
40811998Hey, /fit/, newcomer here. What's a good way to exercise your abdominals? Because sit-ups and p…[View]
40811486im lactating: not taking steroids. been working out chest and eating loads of food. while i was mast…[View]
40814089Watching keep you shredded club for some laughs and giggles >Jeff pls go…[View]
40814067Get in here. Scan the kik code[View]
40813948What should i do with those percentages? Someone explain this to me pls, i found this routine and i…[View]
40810060January >'I'm going to make a lifestyle change this year' crowd February >'Holy shit I…[View]
40812972>ankle weights[View]
40813688Help me /fit/! I started lifting in January, and everything is going alright (I guess), but everytim…[View]
40808602>21 >got a good job making hourly (1600) + lots of commission that lets me support myself >…[View]
40803672>And this is our son's room... He's quite the fitness enthusiast.…[View]
40812084I fucking hate this loose skin on my belly, makes me look like a disgusting fat fuck. I weighed 200+…[View]
40812014Worst/best most anger inducing episode of My 600lb life. Just watched james and want him and his hog…[View]
40812937So how's your stretching progress, /fit?[View]
40812685Will low weight, high reps until fail build muscle? I have injuries so I can't do high weight u…[View]
40813247Fitness life hacks.: >can't get swole because no gym >no money for good diet so I end up …[View]
40812428What are the best leg exercises with a barebell or dumbbells that isn't a squat? The area aroun…[View]
40812477How big is too big?[View]
40811517What is your favorite and least favorite lift? >Favorite Power Clean >least favorite Snatch No…[View]
40812884WTF I Hate Planet Fitness Now![View]
40811337Anyone else getting bulked up? How good is this meal post workout for someone that wants to get big?[View]
40813560Hi fit, I have a question. When it come to drinking a beer, maybe once a day or every two days, do i…[View]
40813541[*blocks your path*][View]
40811808Hey /fit/ I don't carouse here too often, checked the sticky already, and was able to corrobor…[View]
40812224What if instead of counting reps, you just go to the gym 3-4 times a week and work out until you are…[View]
40812924does green tea help me burn calories faster when i workout? should i drink it before or after the ro…[View]

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