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41182145Gynocomastia: Hey /fit/, what do I do about gynocomastia?[View]
41184741>only ate fat and carbs today >need 180g protein each day >I'm going to bed in half an…[View]
41185855>TFW fell for the 'don't train ur core it'll make your waist wider' meme…[View]
41181961Who else is excited?: Just made this post because I'm excited about this. Apparently clinical t…[View]
41174883/fat/ general - Holy /fat/her Wojak Edition: Previous: >>41162919 Who is /fat/ for? Fat memb…[View]
41185549nitpick my routine: squat 5x5 +2.5 bench 5x5 +2.5 ohp 5x5 +2.5 diddly 2x5 (skip wed) +5 bor/tbar 5x5…[View]
41178762Big Sipp: I be sippin' in dis bish[View]
41185672Fit, help. I can curl more than I can squat. How do I squat? I can't sit into a squat, I…[View]
41185663Just gonna leave this hanging in the air..[View]
41185288How do I age gracefully as a male /fit/? How do I avoid the male danger zone if there is one? Turn 2…[View]
41184839>TFW 22 years old loser >TFW never graduated highschool >TFW no drivers license >TFW shi…[View]
41183072/sqt/: Didn't see a stupid question thread, so stupid question thread Why do so many lifters ha…[View]
41182108Snacks: Low/no carb snacks? Preferably DIY.[View]
41184748WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT >on the way home from night shift >stop into Woolworths for some ch…[View]
41184166Womanlets: When will they learn?[View]
41184665how do I use my abs during the overhead press? cause I feel it more in my lower back which I know is…[View]
41184083OP wasn't a fag today: In a thread earlier chipotle /fit/bro promised free food, and he deliver…[View]
41183099How to gain weight? (yes, i read the 'sticky'): So ive read the sticky but a healthy diet isnt a via…[View]
41185300tfw hairlet[View]
41177826How much do I have to front squat to fuck standing up without leaning at the wall?[View]
41185175/lhg/ love handles general: >tfw 11.2% bf and all my fat goes to lower back absolutely hideous fr…[View]
41183875ideal amount of calories to to gain weight?: Looking to gain as much weight as possible and any rate…[View]
41176707how tall should be to be considered none-manlet?[View]
41185083Is it ok to drink a beer while doing weights?[View]
41184296if taking a cold shower is beneficial is being cold the same thing?[View]
41183685ONNIT: What do you guys think? Is it bullshit? Do nootropics work? Is Joe Rogan the man?[View]
41183953>The Chads and musclegirls at the gym are bullying me again[View]
41185069When did you give up on having non gym friends? >back in home town for the weekend >stay at fr…[View]
41184304Is clean bulking or clean maintenance a meme? My maintenance is low 3000 cals a day. The amount of …[View]
41185072Whats the best diet to cut fat but keep muscle mass with? Anyone got any links to proper weekly diet…[View]
41183816Meta: /k/ has a thread about the things people like about /k/... So what do you like about /fit/?…[View]
41184386'Nature will castigate those who don't masticate.' It's Sunday night, /fit/, and boy do I …[View]
41176877My Gym Got Shot Up: Title. I live in a bad neighborhood and the only gym nearby is a planetfitness. …[View]
41180113https://youtu.be/XI--j1i2O4U We're all gonna make it brah[View]
41182631>cmon anon, take a slice! cheat on your diet a bit![View]
41182872It's pretty likely that I'll have a job as a correctional officer soon. The physical stand…[View]
41184768>eats shit food all the time >still makes more gains than me and maintains low body fat How do…[View]
41180233Possible to achieve a body like this natty?[View]
41182223/fit/ approved movies?[View]
41180207I'm meeting with a cute girl tomorrow for a uni project and want to show off my gains without l…[View]
41184062https://twitter.com/ruiner/status/856142616731275268 Girl hates man because he's too tall to ta…[View]
41181247Okey /fit/ I've made some maths and I reach to the conclusion that this 'sword' weigh is ~180Kg…[View]
41184561Motivation thread?[View]
41180621Soda bulk: How bad is it to use soda for bulking?[View]
41184406My apartment's gym doesn't have a squat rack. It has a smith machine, a bunch of dumbbells…[View]
41175622Should I start taking creatine molohydrate?: I've been working out at the gym for 4 months now …[View]
41183689>tfw no mitsuha gf[View]
41183485is it unhealthy to sleep at 4am and wake up at 1pm?[View]
41184265Easter: Was lifting consistently for months. Felt no gains after 2 weeks, went camping with buddies …[View]
41176342Girlfriend lifts, but vegan, wat do?: /fit/izens, as soon as I started going out with my girl I got …[View]
41182841Im gonna bench press for the first time ever tommorow what should I expect?[View]
41184203Tell me about interesting people you watched between sets last time you went to the gym, /fit/. >…[View]
41183147>yfw about to squat or leg press and need to take a shit Post'em boys.…[View]
41178009Is it acceptable to use several equipments in the gym at once? Like without rest inbetween.[View]
41184183You can't prove this guy wrong: https://youtu.be/3FGee4kQHEY[View]
41181931How's that instagram account going /fit/?[View]
41175853Was lifting really the answer to your problems?[View]
41181847Why can't we ever have nice food threads? Post recipes, pics of what you ate today. Pics of wha…[View]
41180068>my gf asks me about working out together >convince her to lift weights >she agrees, not aw…[View]
41184011How bad is having a cheat day?every one/two weeks I double my calories for a day.pizza,crepes,gyros,…[View]
41182843Houdini Mode: What was his routine?[View]
41179265What do you eat tread: 150lbs Auschwitz survivor here. Need to gain 30 lbs and eat 3000 kCal until I…[View]
41183228Hey guys, what'd you eat today? I weigh 157 lbs and am done for the day. Wasn't very hungr…[View]
41182943Lifting prayers: 'I lift not for myself, but for you o, Lord. May the temple you dwell in be grand. …[View]
41183275>He stares at people between sets.[View]
41183915ITT: Cardio: How can I quickly increase my cardio base? I don't want to say I've been ign…[View]
41181977Is this achievable natty?[View]
41183506Why do people lie about their lifts /fit/? I've always expected folks to inflate their PBs, but…[View]
41183284No Pain No Gain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOADn6OYzQU&index=1&list=WL Should this mov…[View]
41183753/ManletHateGeneral/: Honest question /fit/, do they EVER learn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E04C…[View]
41182763https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/russian-strength-skill-the-workouts I recently stumbled across th…[View]
41181636How do I get aesthetic upper body? It looks like shit but my legs are huge, What are best exercises …[View]
41183532Dieting general: Hey guys, so I've been eating at a 300-500 calorie deficithe, yet, I barely ge…[View]
41183541What is the effect on the alcohol (previous night) on heartrate during mild-moderate cardio? had abo…[View]
41179755Is powerlifting just an excuse: Not do diet and be fat?[View]
41180824Eric Bugenhagen and metal songs thread: weekly Eric Bugenhagen thread. just finished skype call with…[View]
41181903Fat burner: Someone who have experience with fat burner pills? Good/bad result? Worth it?[View]
41182820i would like to get into running what i a good running program /fit/ >also waking up early tips…[View]
41180718Cheating without needles: Hey /fit/, I want to cheat but there is absolutely no way that I can use n…[View]
41178628Cardio: Is cardio worth it?[View]
41177739Snap city: >finally making decent progress >fall off skateboard and fracture wrist, damage elb…[View]
41176320>Anon do you think lifting will make up for you having no personality and no hobby or job?…[View]
41183171Is Kai Muscle natty?[View]
41183170Anyone else feels dumber ever since they got strong? Ever since I hit 1/2/3/4 I am having trouble in…[View]
41179604Why is this man the source of endless fascination?: What is special about him?[View]
41180022Besides lifting and dieting, what is some other great ways to improve yourself?[View]
41182094Been lifting get matches now what should I write? Dubs decides.[View]
41178279>tfw your legs will never look good in shorts no matter how much your squat because of calf genes…[View]
41168230CBT: post-trim regret edition: 6'0 164 Finally got a trim and i regret it already :^( In other…[View]
41182022Movies that make you want to turn your life around and lift?[View]
41182598is this a... 'meme' workout? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuIVGb2eqww[View]
41180767No matter how big you get you'll still be ugly and short and no one will want you - this is the…[View]
41181333You'll never get a chance to be between shinzo yoshimura's thighs..... https://www.youtube…[View]
41182840Fat% and fitness help!: Hey peps! Just wanted to see what you guys think my fat% is, along with some…[View]
41182835And this fucker is supposedly natty? How the fuck is that possible?[View]
41182280I want to be a dominant shemale mommy for a submissive big muscular babe. Does anybody know this fee…[View]
41180518*Blocks your path*[View]
41175109Daily reminder we all going to make it[View]
41180863What does fit think of this routine? Can I achieve a body like this naturally through clean diet and…[View]
41176793Anyone use Maca Root?[View]
41181081Heyo /fit/, I do compound-heavy programs because I don't have much gym time available, and natu…[View]
41180411>/fit/ finally gets their own manga >Russia hacks it Gettin real tired of this shit.…[View]
41181902Is this good for weight loss and increase in protein?: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product…[View]
41182498this shit made me feel so hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGP188R5hPc[View]
41170304If you could only do 6 exercises for the rest of your life which would you pick? Mine >dead lift…[View]
41180619Experiences with MyProtein? What flavors are good? I think I'm going to get chocolate smooth, s…[View]
41179856depression/stress from exercise: It's happening again. How do I stop it before I start thinking…[View]
41180204stress is fucking up my body /fit/, I am constantly tight and tensed up like I am on guard against b…[View]
41182229/fit/ can we help this girl lose weight? here's her site http://anonymousgg.com/[View]
41174734/PLG/ Powerlifting General: /plg/- Powerlifting general For powerlifting and powerlifting related di…[View]
41179380Did lifting turn you into an alpha Chad? srs question, did you become more manish[View]
41181913>day 14 of nofap Where the fuck are my powers? All I can think about is sex.…[View]
41181160Sleep: We all know it's important for gains. How many hours should I get for the best results w…[View]
41181915/baltic/ lifting thread: Hello my fellow Baltic Brothers. Whither doth thee hoist weights? I[View]
41178061Right /fit/, let's open the debate. What is the best hypertrophy routine for intermediate lifte…[View]
41179953women bf: hey fit my sister is 5'7 62 kgs she wnts abs but she needs to lose bf % for them to b…[View]
41181569How do you people work your triceps? I am doing greyskull lp and have added skull crushers (3x10) bu…[View]
41181797does /fit/ drink coffee as a preworkout drink?[View]
41182025If you fuck up on a cut, and drink/eat too much on the weekend so you're at your calorie limit,…[View]
41176853How's my form?[View]
41178472>tfw 6.5x4.5 dick How to make girth gains bruhs? I don't even care about length I just want …[View]
41180133Is he the /fit/est pope ever ?[View]
41177896/motivation + progress general/: /motivation + progress general/ >be me, 23 year old young dumb f…[View]
41177635How do I improve my posture?: What exercise is the best to fix your posture?[View]
41181884>The previous weeks record was beaten twice today[View]
41180171Is this the best male physique possible? How do you get into Klokov mode natty?[View]
41178682Skelly feels thread: >eat too much ice cream >projectile vomiting ensues…[View]
41180992Any other calf exercises that don't require equipment?[View]
41181757Are there anybody here who have tried this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB3HhP2GYk0&feature=…[View]
41177210Gymnast Physique: What's the most efficient way of achieving this look? Is this doable with bod…[View]
41179089Is this possible natty?[View]
41180722I get headaches quite frequently. Maybe once a week or so. How do I fix this?[View]
41180837Update (Pic is from when I started dieting): If some of you remember me wanting to join the National…[View]
41181592>sunday bike ride can't wait to show off my gains on the bike path >a lot of plus sized f…[View]
41180608Anyone else use CRON-O-Meter? I just noticed it's calculating calories incorrectly. >196.1 *…[View]
41181358Hey /fit/ I started lifting 5 months ago and i know im still weak as shit but these are my stats : O…[View]
41181529lower back: Doing 5x5sl for month now at sq 105kg ohp 50kg dl 110kh BP 70kg row 47,5kg decided to ta…[View]
41181488Daily reminder that bulgarian squats=back squats<front squats<hack squats. Now that this is ou…[View]
41179805Friend is retarded: I have a friend who doesn't believe that if you eat less calories than you …[View]
41181440pimples: Anyone know how to get rid of pimples on face/back from taking supplements?[View]
41181428>he's wearing something with the UnderArmour brand on it[View]
41178297Should i do nofap/noporn? what are the benefits of each, if any?[View]
41161448Fat Hate General: Fat People Hate: Just plateau'd so I gotta make myself feel better by making …[View]
41181261What is /fit/'s opinion on this machine?[View]
41181168I've been working out for the last two months and I'm enjoying my noob gains, feeling bett…[View]
41179411Beginner Routine for 'experienced' lifter: Hey /fit/, I already trained for about one year. I did ha…[View]
41180537Gains: What you guys think of my back? Been training for about two years now any advice would be app…[View]
41175927SS: I fucking hate power cleans is it necessary to do them? why can't I just do deadlifts, ohp,…[View]
41180088Did I make a mistake buying cookies and cream? They were out of vanilla (by far my favorite) and the…[View]
4117164510/10 gym jam thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLgy74m04qc[View]
41180729>his wife doesn't weigh 265kg Lmao, do you even want to make it? You're missing on a sh…[View]
41180783I'm a 20 years old manlet with no friends so I'm trying my best at the gym at least to get…[View]
41180754VR: /fat/ bout to get /fit/ brah. Anyone know how much these will cost?[View]
41180485( see >>41168836 ) what did you guys notice when you started drinking a ton of water during th…[View]
41177552>almost summer >im still morbidly obese[View]
41178461is cereal /fit/ >6g protein >only 100 calories >good carb to protein ratio >low fat >…[View]
41180808Hey guys, I just wanted to post something from the heart today. My buddy Jose just had to go to the …[View]
41175067What do you think of her body? Is she fat? What would her body fat be btw?[View]
41180797Texas method with assistants: I was going go back onto the Texas method because I'm in work lon…[View]
41180211Name a better fitness youtuber.[View]
41180732Who comes up with this shit? https://youtu.be/A3OzD-ZhfSA[View]
41180696*blocks your path*[View]
41179008So... I've just recently 'mastered' the illustrious Muscle-Up and want to find some new challan…[View]
41180563lifting for 6 months AMA: I started lifting and stuck to lifting now for over 6 months. Unlike most …[View]
41179938Genetics 101 - Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_8ggEKQ-WE Pretty interesting video on ge…[View]
41179588DIPS - proper form?: What is the best form for dips? Is it true there are different types that eithe…[View]
41178414anyone ever tried using crazy bulk, the supposed legal steroid?[View]
41176690What we eating /fit/? I cant into cooking.[View]
41178964How do I get fast, /fit/? Is it genetics or if I train my legs hard enough, I'll become fast? I…[View]
41176235Weird mark along my spinal cord: For the past few years I've noticed a dark mark along the skin…[View]
41179407I cant resist eating delicious food, i literally dont stop eating in the whole day, chocolate and an…[View]
41180358Not gonna bother asking /fa/ggots What body composition should I have if im trying to do a little wo…[View]
41176313How long did it take you to hit 2/3/4/5?[View]
41175035You are taking a tranny on a walk on the Delray Beach boardwalk when this pisslord slaps her ass. Ho…[View]
41172402Ok /fit/ I'm making a list of all the things you need to do to be /hygienic/. If you don't…[View]
41178224>tfw this will never be you How do you cope? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R53-bN6UrB8…[View]
41179323you finally convinced your gf to go to the gym with you. as she's by the machines this chad com…[View]
41177392summer is coming - melanotan thread: hey guys, to get girls you need a nice tan, so how is your mel…[View]
41170168What is the best way to get rock hard knuckles? I'm starting to do knuckle push-ups and I was w…[View]
41180215How many packs of cigarettes each day you can max smoke without effecting your gains? I smoke 1 1/2 …[View]
41178917My gf's mom looks like utter shit at 50 years old. She's fat, small, and very wrinkly. You…[View]
41180303Back Injuries: I hurt my back with shitty form during a power clean, /fit/. Since then, every few mo…[View]
41177932Rate my sips 1-10.[View]
41179585So which one of you fat lil' manlet neck beards did this today? I seriously almost blew a fuse …[View]
41167743Holy shit why didn't anyone tell me about how awesome facepulls are, they are fucking amazing[View]
41178198ITT shit that makes you discard someone's opinion: >good/bad insertions >stabilizer muscl…[View]
41179383What does his routine look like?[View]
41179978greetings humans[View]
41180055Are we lifting weights, or are the weights lifting us?[View]
41177376sup /fit/ anyone else suffers from keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin? this shit sucks and makes you…[View]
41173445am i the only one who has no respect for steroid users at all?[View]
41178490How did I build up my forearms /fit/? I see dyels have big one but mine still look like sticks. what…[View]
41175723Should I even bother with a home gym if I only have 400 yurobucks?[View]
41179421How effective are push ups?: I've been doing 50 per day (2 sets of 25)for a couple of months no…[View]
41179036big hands: is big hands and fingers something that come with age or is it genetic?[View]
41178910How's my form, oppa?[View]
41176609Speed vs endurance: What's better for muscle mass, long controlled reps, or quick burst reps? …[View]
41179095How often do you have to do cardio to not lose your endurance? >3 weeks ago >able to run for 1…[View]
41179469FINGER WON'T STRETCH ANYMORE: I'm a skellyfag that doesn't work out often. My right r…[View]
41178193So I just realized my gym has parallel bars and are literally the worst things ever. At least appear…[View]
41179770What are you eating today /fit/? Here is my meal: 150g full grain pasta 500g turkey breast 300g spi…[View]
41179403Anyone else doing these?[View]
41178719Former fatfag here with a question to the other former fatfags. Did you notice when you started gett…[View]
41176611What shorts is Conor wearing and how does he get his back muscles so big?[View]
41177081>that guy who wastes money on legal worthless supplements instead of blasting real gear for the s…[View]
41177466Guys, is this body achievable naturally? What should I focus on?[View]
41177418No more squats deadlifts: Ok guys I'm thinking of becoming a pussy and not doing squats and dea…[View]
41174632What mode is this?[View]
41176808Just ate a whole strawberry pie what to do? I'm on a cut man[View]
41171178>Male model: Yo, it's Anon from the gym! Dude, you squat twice all my lifts combined, why ar…[View]
41176862Neck exercises: Hey /fit/, I want my neck to get thicker. I have never seen in my gym anything that …[View]
41175837Help me /fit/ I have had a sharp pain in the my right forearm whenever I try to curl for the past 3 …[View]
41179644Legal muscle boosters: Are there any 100% legal alternatives to steroids that aren't memes and …[View]
41179502D-does edging to porn break no fap?[View]
41179473How do you feel about saunas and fitness?[View]
41177947Shoulder injury stops me from working out chest: Soo, I injured my shoulder and it has been healing.…[View]
41170235MK-677: Thinking of adding MK-677 to my lgd & gw cycle. But switching from enhanced athlete to n…[View]
41178384>weighted dips[View]
41177125OWNING A GYM: Sup /fit/. Lately I was thinking about opening my own gym. Do any of you own gyms or w…[View]
41161152>you will never be a half-orc with orcish genetics Kill me now[View]
41169944/fraud/ steroids general: read le wiki :) no source talk.[View]
41179237Two weeks ago I fell off my penny board straight onto my shoulder, had my hands in my pockets and co…[View]
41178124explain to me why i shouldn't buy an - adjustable dumbbell set - doorway pullup bar - adjust…[View]
41177341why even lift /fit/? ive been lifting for 4 weeks now while being overweight and on a 500 cal defici…[View]
41172474/fit/ I desperately need your help. I can't get an erection with a girl for my life and im star…[View]
41178481My roommate is pretty much a fitness meme >150 lbs at 5'11 >thinks hes 'swole' and consta…[View]
41171657What are the tell tale signs of steriods use? Pic related i think is a perfect example of that infa…[View]
41175642Are gym parks worth anything or are they just for old people and women? Being inside a gym in the mi…[View]
41178129Why are so many people quick to recommend push / pull / legs to novices and intermediates instead of…[View]
41174721Position of feet and knees while squatting: The internet says I should keep my toes pointed forward …[View]
41178692>uh-uhm excuse me b-but your exercise is wro–, you really shouldn't be doing that behind you…[View]
41177871WHO /IF/ HERE? Intermittent fasting thread get in here you ripped fucking sickknts[View]
41174786Does getting fit really solve the pain of women belittling and disrespecting you?[View]
41176328/ss/ general Post your SS questions[View]
41178368shit: /fit/ i need your help I recently fucked up my schedule due to uni, and have been just fucking…[View]
41178078Who /doms/ today? Get the fuck in here... if you can make it over[View]
41158316Hows those steriods treating you dicklets?[View]
41175745ITT: Your bulking secrets[View]
41177804How to eat constantly?: Hello guys, I started attending a gym with a start of January this year, and…[View]
41178114Gyms in London: Can anyone recommend a good gym in London with a lot of benches, squat/power racks a…[View]
41177918Is this achieveable natty?[View]
41174836Is this the /fit/ anthem? Or do we have one already? Or perhaps it should be something else? https:/…[View]
41176225PUSHUP THREAD: FRENCH ELECTION PUSHUPS THREAD Rule : last xx = +0.2% extra for marine last xxx =+ 0…[View]
41175306What does /fit/ think of pic related?[View]
41177929Intensity Vs. Bulk: Which is better: Speed and intensity or steadiness and bulk? I have a feeling th…[View]
41177845Which excercises train your delts only without adding to your over developed traps? I do pic related…[View]
41177846>got rid of acne >acne scars I'm getting micro needling done. My skin evaluation is n…[View]
41165163who do you lift for? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imsGbtuUrWY tfw she wiped her memory of…[View]
41177589How do I get a /fit/ buddy to motivate me and help me achieve yaoi-tier aesthetics?[View]
41176079Why are machines bad again? I feel like I work my muscles more when I use the chest press machine. I…[View]
41177551blogpost incoming: 1st time poster, inb4 read the FAQ faggot - how do I get into the proper mindset …[View]
41157723HRT: >people who are mentally ill and reject their own biology - the body they were born with, ca…[View]
41155559Ideals: Ideals thread? Ideals thread[View]
41177154Facial Symmetry: Is it all that counts /fit/?[View]
41176488Anyone tried Alex Jones' supplements/products? A lot of them are bullshit but some seem legit,…[View]
41175937/tan/ general. Is UV safe? How long and how often do you tan? Homo activity or not? Had my first 7 m…[View]
41172129>What physical activities do you do besides lifting? >Why do you do them? Elaborate more if yo…[View]
41177542Dumbbell farmers walk for increasing double hand deadlift. >Currently doing bodyweight for 100 me…[View]
41177309Is 5 eggs a day too many? I've been eating three scrambled in the morning and two boiled at lun…[View]
41177324Tips and Criticism (No holds barred edition): Okay some background info first. >height- 6'1 …[View]
41177003I think we've made it a consensus here that what you eat is half of what it takes to be /fit/. …[View]
41177414Hey /fit/ what happened to /asp/ while I was gone? >Took ~1yr off from 4chan >Bookmark all my …[View]
4117721715 Minutes and a Kettlebell Are All you Need for a Great Workout http://flip.it/f07Tly Are programs …[View]
41173502Thoughts on Myprotein Impact Whey?: Aside from price, does it taste better than ON Gold? What is the…[View]
41176727How to train your explosiveness for jiu-jitsu? I've heard power cleans are great for that but w…[View]
41175689>tfw rest day Anyone else get anxious and restless? I want to lift, I want to work. I hate it so …[View]
41177163hi guys. my gym doesn't have a squat rack or a power rack and i'm starting to squat too mu…[View]
41176449Why do retards still pay to go to gym when you can get superior aesthetics and functional strength a…[View]
41177132I am going to gym once per 3 days, so it is like gymday - freeday1 - freeday2 and repeat. How import…[View]
41177100Redpill me about Back problems: >Started Lifting seriously in January >Had ok Physique because…[View]
41176748>6'2' >decent features >hot fiancee who is fit >own house >nice job But 22% bf. …[View]
41174041Want extra estrogen? Buy birth control pills from any pharmacy no quesrions. Want extra testosteron…[View]
41177078Favorite exercises/movements whatever you call them and why. I'll start: Pic related - you look…[View]
41175319crunches: Do they really fuck your posture/spine up? What are the best alternatives?[View]
41177007Who else curls the smith machine?[View]
41176999>tfw literally killed my triceps last workout I added weight to my skullcrushers and did 1set of …[View]
41174555Clear SKin: Does this work? also are there any carbohydrates that i eat with this e.g potatoes or ri…[View]
41175534Hey /fit/ I need a new set of dumbbells. Has anyone got any recommendations for which ones to buy? O…[View]
41175443how do you find out your 1 rep max without going into the gym and embarrassing yourself[View]
41176398>weight loss channel >last upload was 6 years ago…[View]
41176749>up and down power is GOOD 3.7[View]
41176369>raise indoor temp to a sweltering 72 degrees >fat ass and heroin addict can't stand the …[View]
41174869The Wall: Is the wall real? And if so what age does it start?[View]
41159143Current Body Thread: 5'4 ~145lbs >cbt >wide as tall edition…[View]
41176587How to kangz-a-roo mode? How can we puny humans even fucking compete? It's not fair, we lift th…[View]
41175755PLANKS!! Lets roll.: Plank for the triple number you post. Can break it up[View]
41172672What does /fit/ think of the What the Health documentary? Is it good for gains?[View]
41175601Most of us know how long you have to wait between sets but how long does it actually take you (yes (…[View]
41176374Should I start taking whey isolate: Ive been going to the jim for 4 months now and I've noticed…[View]
41175391Be me > Use to weigh 62kgs > Now at 72kgs > Have girl over, she invited her self, I sugeste…[View]
41176223How do I into J.L.P mode. This guy is fucking ripped.[View]
41173540>be me >very tall, somewhat lanket though >always make fun of manlets, feel very good about…[View]
41172381For the faggots that use ON gold standard whey, what's the best flavor? Chocolate tastes disgus…[View]
41172727Has anybody tried Pea Protein ? I'm going to pick some up later next week. How's the taste…[View]
41176293any fitness models lurking here?: I'm very interested in becoming a fitness model. 19 years old…[View]
41173972Who else here found that weightlifting was basically a panacea for many of their issues? I used to …[View]
41171303/fit/ should I join a fraternity? also whats your favorite compound lift[View]
41176275>tfw you your BM schedule gets messed up and you don't have the urge until after your mornin…[View]
41175649How to cope with being weak? I mean I lift for 1 year and I still only squat 50Kg[View]
41175651How do I get these grey hair gains /fit/?[View]
41176084bullshit workouts: ITT least favourite exercises and why >Pullups/Chinups these faggot fucking ex…[View]
41170527/autistic motivations/: Anyone else here lift for autistic reasons? >23yo >really into batman…[View]
41176061Does anyone recognize the music that Chestbrah used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQsIW6Qjkp…[View]
41175600Your advice for anyone who's never lifted: >Take lots of before pics Take before pics of you…[View]
41176098Can I get some advice on my gym routine? I want to make gains but I don't really know what to d…[View]
41171818Hi, newfag here i am 6' and have 127 lbs,somehow got a motivation for training and here i am, any ti…[View]
41168795/prg/ program general I'm not into bro splits but my life is currently a piece of shit and the …[View]
41172818SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! What's /fit/ doing tomorrow at the gym? Back and arms tomorrow, going …[View]
41167452Why isn't soy milk more popular? 1 Liter has about 9g carbs, 24g fat and 41g of protein, making…[View]
41158408fph/fps: I'll start[View]
41175953nasty shake thread V1: what is the worst tasting protein shake you have made? mine is >unflavore…[View]
41175918Mike Chang: Hey /fit/ redpill me on this guy, I've seen a lot of his videos and even used to do…[View]
41175161I constantly see people saying 'natty cutting is a meme' can someone debunk this for me? Also /fit …[View]
41175793Hello, /fit/. /lit/ and /co/ here. Question - what do I do and what kind of diet changes do I have t…[View]
41169225What did she mean by this?[View]
41172283Which way do you put the plates on?[View]
41175312You are chilling in the gym when suddenly 'pump up the jam' comes on the radio really loud, by how m…[View]
41167613Huh, really makes you think.[View]
41174205Trigger finger: What do i do anons? I think it came from benching or something. I just started lifti…[View]
41164011How would this girl even survive just eating those? Isn't she missing some of her essential ami…[View]
41175211'sup /fit/ rate my form http://i.imgur.com/2Qt2uVQ.gifv[View]
41167077Question for fatties: Was it fun getting fat? How awesome was it to never give a fuck about consumi…[View]
41175461>went to the gym for three years >last few months I went I could not train biceps efficiently …[View]
41174319Are pic related a decent substitute for bench press? I'm home from uni now and there's no …[View]
41175547I push more than before, men now by ME drinks[View]
41175366Routine: Sup /fit/ I want to transfer to a new routine: Workout A: Back Squats 5×5 Chin-Ups or Pull-…[View]
41175346How many WWE fighters would it take to take down an adult male hippo (no weapons). Because of the we…[View]
41171078> 8pm > tallfags all out drinking MANLET UPRISING NOW…[View]
41174678/plg/ Powerlifting General: powerliftinggeneral.com[View]
41175081/fit/ I cannot fucking concentrate on anything. I cannot even write a little document for myself wit…[View]
41174138David laid will never sit on. Your face. Jdimsa[View]
41173998Should I used roids?: Hey my fellow iron lifting buddies. I am at the point where I consider taking …[View]
41174459>fail to hit 315x1 squat >next set hit 305x2 Why…[View]
41174249Where the fuck did the weight come from? I literally look no different after dropping 10lbs.[View]
41175220>restless sleep >keep waking up feeling stuffy warm >yet shivering >feel very down today…[View]
41174804I know nothing about weight belts. How do you know how much to spend and what to get? What seperate…[View]
41175106>Abstinent for lifting[View]
41173360Does anyone else here work a job that they absolutely hate? How do I quit without feeling guilty abo…[View]
41154124Friday Night /fit/ Feels: How is your Friday going? Got any plans for tonight besides working out? J…[View]
41174661Will weightlifting help my TDEE stay high while losing weight? Yes, BMR goes down when starving but …[View]
41173235>be me >wake up jk >be youngling >overthink every social interaction >think theres a…[View]
41174995Max cushioning running shoes: Quick /fit/ gimme some max cushioning running shoes.[View]
41172303What happens if I leave my horizontally facing wisdom teeth in? I heard it was a scam that you have …[View]
41171508Do all men 6' and up have some degree of Marfan's syndrome?[View]
41160513QTDDTOT: 5% edition: I'll start by asking if you think my current plan is a good idea: I'v…[View]
41174873Would low doses of testosterone (250 mg) twice a week affect your heart?[View]
41172911>fell for the sips meme >addicted to fucking monster now >fell for the peanut butter meme …[View]
41173165Can you live off of chicken breasts and oats while mixing in the occasional greens and whey protein?[View]
41174254Rate and share your meal creations! I just made this chicken salad with as many lean animals I could…[View]
41165946What's the most aesthetic weight for someone thats 6'2' - 6'3'? I was thinking 210 le…[View]
41174713Daily reminder that you can lift more with straps because your grip is weak af.[View]
41174550>*blocks your path*[View]
41174548What happened to Jeff Seid? Did he make it?[View]
41173976General autism thread Whats the most autistic thing that you guys have done in the gym /fit/?[View]
41171808Does this really cause hair loss?[View]
41155410Hey /fit/ , Can I still make it? I don't know what to do with hips, maybe it would get better i…[View]
41173946I just bought a some cheap af soy protien isolate, why do you guys hate soy?[View]
41171260poor people are fat because they cannot afford to eat healthy[View]
41174404I found out I'm 5'8'/172cm[View]
41167496What's the longest you've been able to eat the same thing everyday? I'm making a meal…[View]
41161560Cosmetic Surgery General: I just got a boobjob. AMA! As for how this is /fit/ related, you can never…[View]
41169784Swole puppers: So this probably goes on /an/ but I'll post here because it's technically f…[View]
41170213spoonfeed me a good ab routine anons[View]
41174453Why don't i get DOMS anymore? I used to get them when i started out 2 months ago, but nowadays …[View]
41170539junk food is so fucking good bros how do you mange? seriously yeah yeah willpower is nice & all,…[View]
41172881Why are fitness youtubers like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-n-9DgqyWY https://www.youtube…[View]
41172915Im going to walmart tomorrow to get a blender. What good shakes ideas? Like mlik banana coconut etc[View]
41170320How good are electric muscle stimulators when it comes to building muscle, specifically on an untrai…[View]
41174411Making fun disabled person not cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utGZxKdAJlo[View]
41171965>tfw doing keto brehs............[View]
41171949>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
41174270Subtle things that make you aesthetic?: For me, it would be a thick neck. Used to have a pencil scra…[View]
41174125>get to gym today >start lifting >something feels wrong in my tummy >i forgot to activat…[View]
41157295>1060 pounds >doesn't even have handles How can modern '''''strong'''''men even compete?…[View]
41174207I just got diagnoses with ulnar nerve subluxation from a guy on /fit/. Am I ever gonna make it?[View]
41173849>watch the movie Gladiator >be all pumped up >want to lift >it's fucking the one re…[View]
41173717Can striking up a conversation with a girl on the bus or at the gym ever work out?[View]
41174158Who has terrible gyno here? Seriously considering lipo if I knew the cost[View]
41174169How can I sustaine IF? >7am-7pm on weekends >fasting 10am-6pm >7pm-7am on nights >fasti…[View]
41173310>LOL fatties shouldn't complain about genetics they need to put down the fork! >IF YOU…[View]
41173030Degeneracy general thread: Fellow degenerates GET IN HERE. Itt we discuss our individual degeneracie…[View]
41173950Dear meatheads coming to the BJJ academy for the first time, why must you: >Spaz around like a re…[View]
41172475Yo how to get gf fit? She's turning into a fatty or is probably already there. Talked her into …[View]
41173654>year 2K17 >still lifting weights >not just using superior machines Why haven't you j…[View]
41169518How much an insecure prick do you have to be to include 'PHD' on your twitter name?: And to spend $1…[View]
41172532>this fatfuck is still alive Why does God let us down, so? Daily reminder, this is required viewi…[View]
41171378Augments: Alright /fit/, if you had the chance to augment your body with parts that far exceed the n…[View]
41173859what mode is this?[View]
41173284girls will always laugh at me: >one chance at life >4.5inx4 dick…[View]
41171491Anyone else fall for the foam roller meme?[View]
41173074The most based way to cook /fit. Fuck your poverty pan chicken and soggy pan chicken.[View]
41166522Tips for losing skinny fat? I noticed I'm gaining some weight on my stomach, but I'm thin …[View]
41172563post /fit/ redpills >you don't actually need to exercise in any way to lose weight…[View]
41172593How's my progress?: In this pic I was about 265 pounds, next pic is current and about 230 pound…[View]
41173835Tips for improvment: Hey bois. Long time lurker here. So here's what's going on. I've…[View]
41173752rate: Be honest rate 1-10 comment what if anything I need to improve on stats 5'3'' …[View]
41173775What should we do to her, /fit/?[View]
41172919That point when adding more muscle just makes you look less aesthetic: Have you reached it yet, lads…[View]
41172482Buykratom.us has stolen my money and refused to refund it: Buykratom.us has stolen my money and refu…[View]
41173640>search the word 'manlet' in google images >4th result is an image I made feels good man…[View]
41169135>tfw sore everywhere and comfy Is there a better feeling?[View]
41173011What does /fit/ think of PHUL?[View]
41169785Zyzz Appreciation Thread: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Zyzz The /Fit/? I thought not. It’s not …[View]
41173497>be 6'3 180lbs >gf is 5'5 115lbs >tfw she has bigger/thicker wrists than me How d…[View]
41171991Last summer, I was overweight and couldn't climb a flight of stairs without getting dizzy Now I…[View]
41166708What does /fit/ think of the highland games?[View]
41171632hi /fit/ when doing deathlifts is it okay not round my back the OTHER way as in pic related? i accid…[View]
41173301Gains: Hey /fit/, this is my first time posting on 4chan so bear with me here. I've been a wres…[View]
41170625How do I increase my testostorone?[View]
41171064Want a cheap /fit/ starter kit? Go to Costco! - 24 case of sips for $30 - 5 lb CP whey for $24 - (2)…[View]
41173148I just came back from doing my first session of HIIT, and I can taste blood in my mouth. Is this nor…[View]
41170030so i made this thread yesterday but the comments left it unclear to me >>41158648 tl;dr: > …[View]
41171886> will be 29 in november > feeling old > losing all hope > lost motivation to lift hold …[View]
41171617/fit/, what are good methods of preventing/getting rid of acne? Been drinking loads of water, taking…[View]
41171950>ex wife is preggers with kid by new man Im really confused by how sad this makes me. I never wan…[View]
41172199Stop comparing yourself to the average man. Deadlifting 4 plates is not good enough, you need to bre…[View]
41170986fuck my knees: …was hoping someone could help / point me in right direction… I'm 6'3', 31y…[View]
41166895Why /fit/ truly is the best board on 4chan: >used to be a regular poster on /fit/ >started vis…[View]
41170433Why doesn't /fit/ season their food?[View]
41172882Why do you lift?: Why do we still lift? Just to suffer? Every night I can feel my legs, my arms, eve…[View]
41172690Is this apt?: Hi /fit/ how can I fix this on my deadlifts, I feel like I cant get my hips back more,…[View]
41172055>finally made it >can now stop lifting feels good niggas…[View]
41172706I want the body of a God/hercules but I love endurance sports like triathlons 10x more than lifting …[View]
41168832Can /fit/ bench as much as Jason Genova?[View]
41172213Hey /fit/ I'm making it a goal to be able to lift my girlfriend repetitively. I'd like to …[View]
41170159/ss/ general Post your questions about the program[View]
41172395how are you spending saturday night? >shaved my legs >put on wig >dancing with my pupp…[View]
41169091>already have a gf What the fuck am i supposed to do at a club?[View]
41172522What should my 1RMs be for bench, squat, diddy, and ohp to start with 5/3/1? Already did SS for abou…[View]
41170095TDEE: I don't know what my TDEE is Some sites say as high as 2300 and some say 1800 I'm 19…[View]
41162919/fat/ general - smiling fat wojak edition: Previous edition >>41154527 Who is /fat/ for? Fat m…[View]
41171196machine exercises: Let's settle this once and for all. What is the best machine exercise? http…[View]
41172539Protein Shake Diet?: Would a protein shake diet be a healthy diet?[View]
41172278What does she need to do to not be disabled?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4432336/Woma…[View]
41171258i want to have a diet that involves eating as few different kinds of foods as possible with an empha…[View]
41170133Speedos?: So sorry you must see this, but wtf am I doing wrong? >jeans are all size 32 >sligh…[View]
41168091Is anyone else's social life finished ever since they started to live a healthy lifestyle? All …[View]
41158732/plg/: Project mementum edition. Group 1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S1-pJZAdCkdDUk5-VZU7y_T…[View]
41168191>last night >wonder why my fingers and everything smell like shit every time I wake up >'Hu…[View]
41165662how do i get broad shoulders like that[View]
41171294Powerbuilding Program from omar (kizen Training): Anyone have it and wanna share it? Thanks, I'…[View]
41170365I-I don't know lads, is eating 500g chicken really a good idea? I'm cutting, need the prot…[View]
41167226BIG back: How does it feel to not have a thicc back like I do? Also, r8 my tattoo, just got it done…[View]
41168945Serious question. Im on a two year program to fix my life. hitting the gym at 5am, alone.. I dont wa…[View]
41169804alright /fit/ what do you think? should i try to lose some weight or just bulk up? not really sure[View]
41172099should I do bench and rows/pullups on the same day? or different days?[View]
41171199Is an uncircumcised penis more alpha than getting cut?[View]
41171512LIFTING FOR GIRLS IS A FUCKING MEME: Unless you are already a Chad, lifting is pointless. You will a…[View]
41171167/fit/ humor and filenames: ITT: Fitness humor and/or filename thread Only post the best Laughs…[View]
41171092>Hey manlet. Catch![View]
41170565ITT: Goal bodies[View]
41170108how do you even start? how do you not give up in the frist few days of having no fucking clue what y…[View]
41170640My fitness training has given me the confidence to look everyone in the eye when I walk down the str…[View]
41165414Is there a functional difference between eating 2000 calories a day vs eating say 3500 calories one …[View]
41171610Daily Reminder that if you call yourself /fit/ but haven't read pic related you're doing i…[View]
41171557are protein supplements a scam?: do they actually do anything for people wanting to bulk up and get …[View]
41163919Who /IF/ here? Intermittent fasting Thread Get in here you lean muffukas[View]
41170278douche lord: Opinions on this douche bag?[View]
41171477>Those cute girls on the bus I will never approach I wish I was a chad...…[View]
41160392>tfw finally hit 2 plate bench do you guys remember the first time you benched 225? I felt great…[View]
41167362Tasty sources of protein?: Amy good ideas for tasty sources of protein? I like to do a peanut butter…[View]
41169015PT at the gym is pressuring me into doing a full body 'functional' routine. Is he full of shit?[View]
41167751>tfw 3.5 months lifting and haven't progressed past 1pl8 in anything…[View]
41166319Chest hair: So, everyone knows having a bush beard while living in a urban setting is for overcompen…[View]
41171296Redpill me on bone hurt juice Heard of it being good for skeletal gains.[View]
41170265Impingement crew: Hey /fit/, im 20, started lifting in september. I have impingement problems. The m…[View]
41170919Had a big kebab after going to the pub tonight. Looks like my diet is over. Maybe next year. FUCK[View]
41169915I have lost 25kg over the last 6 months or so, what can I do about loose skin?[View]
41168302Why do I blackout when I drink? > Be me > Be 30 > If I have around 10 drinks in a single ni…[View]
41171169Powder or Pill?: Been lifting for about 3 months, have been doing a lot of reasearch and am really s…[View]
41171152>Not curling your own bodyweight Dyels.[View]
41170693I'm a man. I'm skinny with a huge fat belly. I look pregnant. If I run for an hour everyda…[View]
41168932Is there anything this man cannot do?[View]
41163324Phenibut: Anyone here take phenibut? Does it help with your anxiety?[View]
41169120Mike Ohearn: is he natty?[View]
41170438When some faggot says to me 'To be fit and sucessful you need to change up your work outs. You gotta…[View]
41164664Look who just arrived![View]
41169918No increase in strength.: Hey guys. Been lifting for two months. 70kg squat. 75kg deadlift. 50kg ben…[View]
41170661Who stopped smoking weed?: Who here had a problem with smoking weed and stopped? This is my only vic…[View]
41171024Need to get back: I've been an athlete my whole life but when I was a child I ate too many seed…[View]
41170361What do you lift for /fit? No grills/oneitis edition.[View]
41169642>feel more comfy doing sumo >sumo is cheating…[View]
41169136what is this technique called?[View]
41167905Do you ever correct people's form at the gym?[View]
41170203So /fit/, you have 16' biceps, but what about your eye gains? Post your masterrace green and blue ey…[View]
41168702>mention that you're about to go to the gym >'oh I didn't know you worked out, anon.…[View]
41170395Who here /sniffs/ ?[View]
41169300OK so just hear me out guys I'm onto something here - we all know these spot reduction belts a…[View]
41169649What's the best coffee brand to drink black?[View]
41169445Why is it so hard to find balance? I work out 6 days a week, yet I struggle to not get fat, because …[View]
41170448Big 5 +front squats 5x5/ 5x3 3 days a week. First month was toil but nearing end of week 7 feeling h…[View]
41169906> 207 lb, 5' 11', 27% BF > start SS > calorie cut around 2200 using My Fitness Pal (I…[View]
41169457Sports: > Be me > Mr Skellington > During highschool I've always been ashamed of doing…[View]
41166621>Red pill me on reverse grip bench press[View]
41168963>removes Fitbit after hard workout >smells wrist I want to die…[View]
41170157How do I achieve Buu Saga Gohan mode?[View]
41170218BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRmsDjMujjo https…[View]
41168266Were you ever so close to snapping your shit up that it's a miracle you didn't? >Be me …[View]
41168259Progress/Motivation/CBT: Post 'em[View]
41169957Asked work colleague if he thought I looked big in my work shirt He said 'haha sure man I guess so'[View]
41163775Hey Faggots, My name is VynzBrah, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, …[View]
41169678What has Jason Blaha actually done wrong?: All I see here are a bunch of nasty people taking the opp…[View]
41165563Guys some girl at work asked me yesterday if I've been lifting because it looks like I have, an…[View]
41169792How do ya'll respond to compliments when your personality gains haven't caught up with you…[View]
41169837Hey /fit/, I am done struggling with anorexia, and want to gain weight, muscles not fat. How do I do…[View]
41169863Warmup?: What warmups do you do /fit/? What is the best for each big compound? Are you a bellend th…[View]
41168676What is the best source of creatine? No sucralose, sugar, corn syrup, etc. Should it be used pre or …[View]
41169569/fpg/ - /Fit/ Parenting General:: All /fit/izens are welcome, certainly those who are either thinkin…[View]
41169621>on date with a qt >protein fart gently works its way between my asscheeks >after a moment …[View]
41167071For what pvrpose: Will lifting make me stop doing things for good looking women? Literally everythi…[View]
41120348Stupidest Shit You've Seen At The Gym: It happened today /fit/, I witnessed it with my own eyes…[View]
41169771>want to go to the gym >can't find my earbuds…[View]
41165832How far away is your gym from your house? What's the furthest you'd travel to go to a gym?…[View]
41169741Cramp under right rib/abdomen: Hey gang, I know I'm not supposed to ask for medical advice buuu…[View]
41168781What is happening to My thumb[View]
41169149Started liftan a 3 weeks ago, do you guys think these moobs will go away in 1 year natty? Anyone els…[View]
41169631I thought 4chan was full of fat losers What the fuck are all these Chads doing here [spoiler]show me…[View]
41169488tfw no gym qt gf[View]
41169400How does /fit/ deal with being sick? Should i wait until I'm better before doing a proper worko…[View]
41168150>Think I've finally made it. >Get random bitches hitting me up on IG talking about how I…[View]
41167722Best Protein Shake: Going on a weekend fast surviving off of the basics. What should I put into my p…[View]
41160840Why is /fit/ so anti-women, y'all? All these menz get advice and support, and womyn get hostili…[View]
41160061NoFap: >tfw I can't go more than two days without fapping >I've done it before but I…[View]
41168891>So you lift weights, but play no sport?[View]
41169127Protein amount at meals: Do I have to eat roughly the same amount of protein at every meal for it ef…[View]
41167732so why are you only supposed to eat 15-30g of chia seeds a day depending on who you ask? I know with…[View]
41167987As a complete beginner, how much were you able to lift one month after you started?[View]
41169351>tfw i forgot to untie manlets from my barbell and now they escaped with it How do i make routine…[View]
41169228What should I do today, /fit/? I have done nothing but eat and shower today, and I'm getting r…[View]
41168978post a better fitness channel I fucking dare you[View]
41167988Is it possible to go /Patrick Batemam Mode/ with only calisthenics.: I'm pretty good at bodywei…[View]
41168280>just eat more bro, it's easy to gain weight lol[View]
41157124Is there a secret to which brand I should buy?[View]
41168952What fitness related accomplishment are you most proud of, and what is your current fitness goal.: I…[View]
41166779Please can someone tell me how to look like her? Im an hourglass but not as dramatic as hers. https:…[View]
41155134how the FUCK do you make these things taste good?![View]
41167352Gently reminder that ectomorphs and lankets are master race alphas. When it comes to fighting they a…[View]
41168754Due to reasons that are not relevant I have no food scale and won't be able to get one for a wh…[View]
41168791Gif/Webm General: Does anyone have that gif/webm of the shirtless guy with extreme back arch doing b…[View]
41168164what mode is he and how do I achieve it?[View]
41167640What does /fit/ think about leddits 2suns531 LP? Image is my version of the program[View]
41167887how do i fix my apt[View]
41168601Asian Anon here. What do you got?[View]
41161496What age will you lift until? Pic related[View]
41165202Exersizes that trigger you >behind the neck press >twisting lateral raises >upright rows …[View]
41165077This is the ideal make body, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
41168503reminder that mike 'ching' chang is natty[View]
41167917Whats the best routine for mass after years of casually lifting?[View]
41167454So /fit/ what size shirt do you wear? Large, X-Large? What size shirt did you wear before you starte…[View]
41167216Thoughts on tucking in your t-shirt to emphasize your build? It's too hard to find t-shirts tha…[View]
41165721Can someone explain to me why women roid? It's literally the equivalent of men taking estrogen.…[View]
41147220/fraud/ steroids general: Are we still doing steroids general threads? Today I am really questioning…[View]
41167859Yohimbine: Yohimbine makes me feel terrible. I was trying it as part of this fat-loss stack: ASA 81…[View]
41148645are heavy deadlifts bad for your spine in a long run ?[View]
41167648There is literally NOTHING wrong with a typical 5 day a week bro-split so long as you're still …[View]
41166623Does anyone else hate training in public? Every time I go to my local park to practice my Hand balan…[View]
41166799confidence gains: So I did something today, which may not seem a big deal to some, but was a breakth…[View]
41167762gym jam general: walk into gym >raindrop, drop top[View]
411600628 months lifting. ive made okay progress, in my opinion, on my shoulders/arms/back/lats. how do i un…[View]
41168045Gym story: >Be at gym >train arms >try to find curlbar >see 2 girls using the curlbars t…[View]
411676364 cans of coors banquet or 175ml of captain morgan and 666ml (3 mini cans) of coke life? the beer wi…[View]
41166160curls for the girls[View]
41167593Hey bros, if I stacked with Maca, Zinc, Arginine and Lecethine do you think I could attain ultimate …[View]
41164135What type of body does she have?: Let me know what you think.[View]
41159514progress thread.[View]
41167744>go to gym at 12 am >start squatting >get sudden wild boner, 0% to 100% in 3 seconds >d…[View]
41164264Since when did vegetables become 100% needed on a daily basis for health? It just doesn't make …[View]
41167252Pepperoni Nipples: I have big pecs, but my giant pepperoni nipples make them look like garbage. Plea…[View]
41137716Mirin stories: Tell us some real stories about you being mired in the past for your gains.[View]
41163451What would you do if you got this fat?[View]
41166089What's the cheapest way to eat 3000 calories a day? Preferably food that isn't garbage. I…[View]
41165307Is this cheating?: I'm 170cm without shoes and I bought these normal size 9 Asics shoes(EU) in …[View]
41166651Wrist pain: >tfw wrist pain WHAT CAN I DO TO EASE THIS[View]
41165633I hurt my shoulder doing dips and now i cant really do bench or let alone push in a fuckin door. any…[View]
41166003Hi /fit/, I am trying to switch to a more vegan diet. To make my life easier I am considering upping…[View]
41165812Has anyone read this thing? Waste of time or nah?[View]
41166359/fit/, is there such a thing as too big? how big would you have to be to fit in that category? to be…[View]
41162768>glutes DOMS is there a better feeling?[View]
41166358Which mode is this?[View]
41167435>front squats and cream of wheat[View]
41149019be honest, /fit/. you are completely anonymous here, remember?[View]
41164812Yo /fit/, what's your opinion on 5x5 stronglifts? also your opinion on clenbuterol[View]
41167206> hey anon, want some meat?[View]
41167298How do I make friends and be like Zee Zee? I want 2 show off my new /fit/ physique at concerts and s…[View]
41167264/AG/: Please tell me how to stop abdominal cramps when doing sit ups. Always seems to pull stiff in …[View]
41166911>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
41166570Eating fruit makes me feel terrible, anyone else experienced this?[View]
41166916How's this mode called?: The ripped skelly look. How to archieve? Just cut a lot?[View]
41166419Any older posters here wish they could decompress their spine in the same way as when you pull up on…[View]
41166802Pull-ups problem: I've recently noticed a pretty bothering pain in my brachialis muscle while d…[View]
41165058/early morning lift/: Empty gym, ready for squats and diddlys. Feels good to go to a liberal arts c…[View]
41166292>weigh 65 lbs more than this guy and same height Is there any excuse for being above 200 lbs if y…[View]
41166343>tfw no god tier poo genetics[View]
41166984How many of you guys that are switching to no-carb or vegan diets are really just too lazy to lose t…[View]
41164305addict to eating/binging: anyone else have this? i know i know 'heh just stop eating bro its easy' b…[View]
41166410Fresh vs frozen vs canned: Google is all over the place. Nutritionally, is there a major difference?…[View]
41153669Do you ever tell people in the gym, who smell fucking awful, that they smell fucking awful? You don…[View]
41166997If I have pain in one of my wrists, should I continue training but with straps, or should I just com…[View]
41165746Training with sprained ankle: I sprained my left ankle pretty badly. Doctor said I can't train …[View]
41166935/fit am I a degenerate? >tfw I go to a thai massage parlour once a month to get a handjob and suc…[View]
41163598Are there other ways to achieve a goat belly beside doing push-ups?[View]
41164670Self treatment physical: Ok fit, who here treats minor wounds themselves? Pic related I just removed…[View]
41166211>tfw shitty lagging arm genetics[View]
41162518How do I into DIO mode?[View]
41163581How is it even possible to have a fat butt while being an elite athlete?[View]
41166772>running on a treadmill >doing cardio inside the gym >not running outdoors like God intende…[View]
41159932Ask a Cashier/Cook at Chipotle anything: Hey /fit/ I've been working at Chipotle for around 9 m…[View]
41166558>those post-cardio boners[View]
41165150GROWTH HORMONE So supposedly eating carbs before bed as well as right after a workout inhibits growt…[View]
41165906Muhahahahahahahaha: Summer is approaching. Where's the six pack, anon? The built chest? Built s…[View]
41166728Is there any way to wear single layer functional without showing the world my girth?[View]
411661703 day a week program for construction worker: I have long days in work and I feel like I can't …[View]
41162754Deskbound bros Is >pic related useful at all? Anyone used one? Is there a better brand? I can…[View]
41166545>tfw biceps don't grow anyone else know this feel? My forearms and triceps grow at a steady…[View]
41166124How do I into Kali muscle mode??[View]
41166239Red pill me on decline bench. Getting sick of flat bench and want to replace it with this for a whil…[View]
41164550Are these good should i buy them?[View]
41166228https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYEgqnZOmqE: Prove me that a better song- for gym sessions- than thi…[View]
41166051What is this Chad meme that I keep seeing on /fit/?: Can someone explain?[View]
41166057cardio fags btfo[View]
41166061>tfw lifting wont change the fact that I'm an introvert[View]
41164399Here's the thing: I seem to be completely unable to squat with my heels on the floor. When I sq…[View]
41165100Lifting and Cardio: Hey /fit, new fag here. >be me >never keep steady workout > go to gym …[View]
41165473/fit/ food 1000 calories, 60g protons. Less carbs, more fats. Home made pizza. The crust is 2mm thic…[View]
41165833Tarzan: How do I get a Tarzan body? Is it even possible? Also, that fucking jawline holy shit[View]
41165961>amazon free next day delivery didn't deliver whey the next day >'we pride ourselves on d…[View]
41151601Is this what /fit/ wants[View]
41165677What's up my bros? Been doing SS for a while now and my lifts are Over head press 125 lbs 5X5 D…[View]
41165813How do I achieve circus strongman mode?[View]
41161812>he trains fitness and weightlifting >he doesn't compete in any sport or martial art you …[View]
41165872Hey /fit/. I never post here but I have a little bit of excess fat that I want to get rid of. I…[View]
41144353Best advice you have ever gotten?: Through your lifting career you have gotten both shit tier bro sc…[View]
41133816Routine Rate: this is my program for general bulking. Its a modified version of texas method with so…[View]
41165984Can we get a chin up vs bicep curl vs pull up thread going?[View]
41165392Flu boners: I don't usually pop rock hard boners out of the blue while lying down. But I'v…[View]
41158323Is it possible for a woman to have a body type which has giant breasts doesn't give them a muff…[View]
41160356Hours: How many hours does /fit/ spend at the gym? I've already hit three and came home exhaust…[View]
41166072Gaining weight: /fit/, what could I add to my current diet so that I'd gain weight steadily, wi…[View]
41162245Lost Workout Methods: What's good boys. Today I was sitting at work and was thinking about a pr…[View]
41164358You tell me we can start the rain You tell me that we all can change You tell me we can find somet…[View]
41165460Why do the old bodybuilders look so bad now?[View]
41165747Can I make it bros?: Trying to get to 1/2/3/4 by the end of the year (little over 8 months). Current…[View]
41158720Is amon amarth a gym staple now?: When someone is wearing earbuds and you can just make out which so…[View]
41153105>Cutting on 1k calories everyday >180g of protein everday >lifting twice a week fullbody …[View]
41165336>tfw cold approached a girl at a barcade last night >she was a 6-7/10, literally the hottest g…[View]
41165271Vitamins?: Hey friends I have heard a lot from both /fit/ and friends that Vitamin D3 and Zinc did w…[View]
41151068I'm in a bit of a situation /fit/ so long story short >be me, 6'3', bit more handsome t…[View]
41164929Anyone else here overeat on weekends? Me, when my terrible week finally ends and I dont have to go t…[View]
41165666Coffee withdrawals: anyone completely stopped drinking coffee? i said i would try it and in the firs…[View]
41164062bodybuilder-bodybuilder sex lives: hidetada yamagishi and iris kyle are married what are the odds th…[View]
41165793If I'm still growing, should I have days where I eat at maintenance in case cutting has slowed …[View]
41165331boi do i have something to tell you guys >be me >be 20 >be last month >go to gym to do a…[View]
41158296>tfw you shit once a week[View]
41163492Redpill me on multvitamins and fish oils /fit/ Is it a scam or are there actual benefits?[View]
41165430Is functional training a meme? Should I just stick to PPL with cardio?[View]
41163762>walk into gym >I'm weak and what's wrong with that?…[View]
41165545Why is TDEE so finnicky?: I've been thinking about this for a bit- if you're not subtracti…[View]
41163540Cutting fat: Hey /fit/ Used to weigh almost 300 pounds. I now stand at: >180 lbs >5'11' …[View]
41163326Anyone back on /fit/ because of summer training? Season is over for me. Get in here[View]
41165207/pintsized/ general: Manlet here. How many years to reach Old Man Logan's physique without supe…[View]
41163717/FPG/ - /Fit/ Parenting General:: All /fit/izens are welcome, certainly those who are either thinkin…[View]
41163902>25 bicep curls with [spoiler] 11kg, no bully [/spoiler] >60 crunches >20 extra wide push-u…[View]
41165386How much weight do you put on when going from Cutting to Maintenance?: >Eating at a 1k deficit …[View]
41153565bridge to Übermensch: Who else here lift's to overcome themselves?[View]
41165066How does /pol meet the daily fiber intake?: I started a low carb and low sugar diet recently and it…[View]
41164363Hair removal: I have some hair on my shoulders and above the asscrack I want to remove. Do hair remo…[View]
41164948Gary Player: What a mad cunt https://youtu.be/Vfyphm9EkgI >Still hits 2 under scratch at 80 >D…[View]
41141703CBT: >CBT CBT >CBT CBT[View]
41162400He's so cute bros[View]
41164003how do I ask for a spot?: I was thinking something like 'Hey man, can you give me a spot? I'm s…[View]
41164157Dyel here, currently I lack the ankle mobility to squat below parallel. Should I still squat and do …[View]
41161412Can we get a /fit/ humor thread? Didn't see any in the catalog, and I just had to sit through m…[View]
41162880How do I train legs at home?[View]
41156168Who else using /philosophy/ to cope[View]
41164195Milfs/manlets: Nearly lost v card with milf. Young 5'7 manlet here, good face 19 inch shoulders, you…[View]
41164524the boat is in the slip, so everyone is pulling long ass days to get her ship-shape skipping gym for…[View]
41164499Train obliques: yes or no?[View]
41164137/fit/ how do I prevent my autism from taking over on dates?[View]
41164450I used to be able to grow a beard when I was younger but now it seems to be much weaker than before.…[View]
41158102Do girls like flexible dudes? As someone who's quite flexible I feel like I get more mires when…[View]
41163031>tfw gained 8kg in 3months and you faggots will tell me its easy to lose weight…[View]
41157417let's have an martial arts threads my friends I'd just like to start off by saying that a…[View]
41161278So does the 5 dozen eggs a day diet really work, is it better than GOMAD?[View]
41163885>8 months of clean bulking and lifting out of scrub skele mode >couldn't bench 135 for a …[View]
41163605Tried to get this question out for a long time on podcasts, youtube videos etc, no real google answe…[View]
41163105>tfw dads wrists are literally 9+ inches >tfw mine measured at 7,5 T-they will grow r-right?…[View]
41158427>tfw scared to deadlift: I can not completely keep my back straight on a deadlift. It isn't …[View]
41162847hard time eating, not because i don't want to, but no appetite, and no energy (depression etc e…[View]
41163839Does your lifts/progress go down when you're cutting? How much? I'm at a 500kcal deficit r…[View]
41164110The Most Retarded Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAkqiDF4w…[View]
41161614Name a more beautiful and perfect running shoe than the Nike Air pegasus 33 Protip: [spoiler]you can…[View]
41157960How do steroids affect the heart, and if I had a temporary heart condition (POTS) would it harm me?[View]
41164005>Eaten 500 calories a day for 3 weeks now[View]
41163949How do I get a thick neck? Which exercizes help? Do deadlifts, upright rows and shrugs help?[View]
41163922How can I achieve this physique?[View]
41159308Favorite sport?[View]
41163859I've been thinking /fit/, why cut when WW3 is going to happen in a few months? I'm miserab…[View]
41162221Russians.: why the fuck are Russians so jacked?[View]
41162790How do I get a defined butt?: My butt pretty much look like pic related. It has a good muscle core, …[View]
41163465First off, thank you to whoever advised me to incorporate from-the-rack bench pressing to improve th…[View]
41163798Are flat butts always flabby?: Base discussion on pic related.[View]
41162392'hey /fit/, how do I get better ab muscles?' >'you can't do it in spots bro, you just do ful…[View]
41163724ive been up for two days and have taken at least 120 mg of ephedrine. how do i minimize the damage …[View]
41161534How do you measure body fat?[View]
41159195Just turned down a BJ to go to the gym: A-am I gay?[View]
41163480Wrist-injury: >be me, fairly active lad >get into car wreck >end up fucking up my hand pret…[View]
41163633Hi my names Red[View]
41162893Do I have potential: 216 pounds 6ft4 23 yo[View]
41162410Who here /Adonis belt/?[View]
41163090ITT: describe your yesterday, Rich Piana title style HIIT DAY - FUCK HEAT - STILL ALONE - HIGH PROFI…[View]
41156299post results : )[View]
41163506>jacked off to belly stuffing again[View]
41162479Classic /fit/: 2012-era /fit/fag lurking late night here Anyone know what's up with Tiny these …[View]
41163410>do girls like this type of body? >was that girl mirin? >tfw no gf >black girls >what…[View]
41160515Redpill me on fatgripz / bar grips /fit/. I won't buy actual fatgripz because they're over…[View]
41162882/DNP/ - Yellow Poison General: Rules: - ALWAYS start your first cycle at 250mg/d, then go up after 1…[View]
41122308/fit/ goals: one of these[View]
41163329>Ex-gf dumps me for a coworker >Thank god I've lift during the entire relationship >Fi…[View]
41163215hey /fit/ Need to lose weight and get fit for the army. Can I make it?[View]
41162462hello fit i am scared of going to gym it is small gym maybe like 25 SQM it's built in the the b…[View]
41162108How do i get laid with dating apps /fit/?? Any in particular you recommend?[View]
41162972Is mountain biking /fit/-approved? I don't see it discussed too much.[View]
41161127I'm 6'1 and just measured my wingspan as 7 foot 1. I've researched it and this is big…[View]
41162508>redpill me on dumbbell farmers walk[View]
41162751Bigger neck: How do I make my neck thicker[View]
41160164Skipping back day? Program question. If I'm running a PPL, and want to skip a back day because …[View]
41162388home gym general: anyone here have experience on diy squat/bench racks? tired of trying to snipe de…[View]
41161429after years of lifting i have concluded that there is no body part more satisfying to watch grow and…[View]
41157827It took me 10 years that I'm kinda like Shinji, running away from my problems, brehs. What the …[View]
41162197Is my body fucking with me?: Okay, I read the sticky and its pretty helpful. So, I decided to make m…[View]
41162936So you have been lifting for a couple years now but you seek more, right? I'll give you an offe…[View]
41162846Who here has embraced fatness? >to lose weight you have to eat less >if you eat less, you…[View]
41162758Lifting the Autism Curse: >emerging from the cocoon mode of agressive cutting and lifting >con…[View]
41161662Does anyone take adderall frequently (prescribed or not)? How will it affect my gains?[View]
41162326>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
41162543Do I have ADHD? I took Adderall for the first time and I feel nothing. The only side effects have b…[View]
41162309Hey /fit/ I'm a skelly moving to a different city in a month, and until then I can't get a…[View]
41162471How do I train to get selected for the naval diving unit?: Requirements: 1. Run 2.4 Kilometres in un…[View]
41162524Is there a functional difference between eating 2000 calories a day vs eating say 3500 calories one …[View]
41161542I can't deadlift. I always fail and get scared of hurting my back when I'm setting it down…[View]
41159363>Powerlifters are fa- Uhm, try again sweetie[View]
41161798To get this explosive, how much would you need to deadlift/squat compared to your BW? its like they …[View]
41161284beginner oly lifter: any good beginner oly routines? seems like everyone just goes ss these days.…[View]
41162477I just need my nose job and then I will be good[View]
41158111Bread: Is bread good or bad? I dont wanna pre-cook my lunch and Gonna eat some bread with cheese and…[View]
41157931The only exercises you will ever need: >Squat >The Press ™ >Deadlifts >Bench Press …[View]
41159908The gym at my uni literally PROHIBITED doing deadlifts. That's right. They removed the bar and …[View]
41154647Natty or not?: He says he's natty but I'm honestly sceptical, seems like a legit genuine d…[View]
41158648how do i stop my hands from getting kill when i do romanian deadlifts? > i already do the mixed g…[View]
411587533x5 or 5x5?[View]
41157227Is the whole 'you need to do cardio to get a six pack' thing a meme? If you keep cutting and working…[View]
41162193> tfw you work at a frat party because you can't socialize.[View]
41162071im 6'5' 215 lbs 19 years old in good shape finishing freshmen year at community college. during…[View]
41161131Got any good recipes for oats, /fit/?[View]
41161438Guys i have made a Planet fitnes program. I don't go, just bored. Tell me if it good or not. …[View]
41162171I need to be able to lift 20kgs in each arm outstretched, what are some good routines?[View]
41156784Does /fit/ train alone?[View]
41158647Hey guys, I'm 18, fit, good looking and currently going to college Give me some tips on life so…[View]
41162139Meal replacement?: Hey /fit/, I've been thinking it over and would this be good as a meal repla…[View]
41153252>So, do you do any sports? Have any hobbies? What do you say?[View]
41161996Why are manlets so pathetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULEvRG-z14[View]
41159651What's a redpilled stimulant? I'm tired of spending my shekels on /sips/ + I got desensiti…[View]
41160889What are the pros and cons of a no-sugar-no-grain diet? I want to lose ~30 lbs... I'm about 205…[View]
41161384Whats the best way to train pic related? What can I do that is fast pace and doesn't consume lo…[View]
41161946What are fits thoughts on cycling and sports in general?[View]
41160324Any tips on these[View]
41159437>tfw no receding hairline, just thinning hair on top so I'm going bald all at once NEVER MEA…[View]
41157539Good low calorie Taco Bell foods?: Im looking to have a very filling meal at taco bell but keep it u…[View]
41158755/drunk/ thread: > 125 calories > actually tastes like something > unlike Michalob Light you…[View]
41160784I've been lifting for two months and my progress has completely halted. I was able to increase …[View]
41160444>did you ever played sports? >did you ever make a big mistake like slipping and falling? >d…[View]
41158043Chad motivation: Can we talk about Chad please? Whats a Chad's mindset? How does a chad act? Ar…[View]
41161340Who here has served in the military? What branch? Has it benefited you at all? I'm considering …[View]
41161600Been lifting for 5 years now but Ive recently hit tough times financially and I can no longer seem t…[View]
41159048/owg/?: Olympic weightlifting at home: ay or nay? been doing SS for a while and want to start doing…[View]
41130406Are there any virgins here /fit/: > 6'3' > 26yr old Persian male > Fit - aesthetic bui…[View]
41161667I'm a fatass who isn't interested in losing weight. I just want to get strong. Do I really…[View]
41157248I'm planning on joining the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) and I just wanted to know if you guys h…[View]
41159441>that first DIP of the day[View]
41159006How do i pass this fucking test bros if im mild colour blind, i can see only 40% of them. Can i tric…[View]
41154527/fat/ general - Crying Fat Wojak edition: Previous thread: >>41144103 Who is /fat/ for? Fat me…[View]
41161237ADVICE?: >inb4 advice machine broke So basically one of my brodie's girl nonstop stares at m…[View]
41157521Wasted potential: ITT we post people who have potential but refuse to use it[View]
41154172I hate having to go all the way to the gym 3 times a week just to get a workout, and its expensive a…[View]
41160729Fucking based[View]
41159062Who's the gains lich, /fit/?[View]
41158010Can I use a SIP as a substitute for the caffeine in an ECA stack?[View]
41160457looking for help there's no sticky for this. any suggestions, most appreciated. I basically liv…[View]
41158866Have you become more confrontational after lifting? I've noticed that as I grow stronger and be…[View]
41160805*stands in your mirror space mid-set*[View]
41152714Inspired by the other thread- if you could choose how fit (or not) your daughter came out, how would…[View]
41159751Who else...: ...puts the weight pin down like 3 lower than you were actually lifting, just to impres…[View]
41160293/ass/ GENERAL - Exercise your glutes to wetten up some sloots: Alright /fit/ so maybe I fell for the…[View]
41157316/PPL/ Push-Pull-Legs General: ITT: >Training goals >Training regimen >Training split insigh…[View]
41160199How do you naturally increase testorone?[View]
41159306*flexes a 'cep at you*[View]
41157493Is their powerbuilding program legit?[View]
41160662Fitness advice: I'm extremely bored. I have no info to give most of you but if you want merchan…[View]
41160686Only way to do cardio senpai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y82jDHRrswc[View]
41159339Adderall: Any bros know where I can buy adderall. Iam out of prescription and wont be able to see m…[View]
41160447How do I work to overcome the fear of squatting? I got injured about a month and a half ago on a squ…[View]
41153379Body fat estimate? Yes I know I have very little muscle. I'd like to reach 12% bodyfat before …[View]
41159843Who here BPC-157 for wolverine like healing gains? healed my tendinitis in 2 weeks[View]
41160435>TFW 5'6 manlet with gyno I Turned 18 recently and had some blood work done waiting for res…[View]
41158433Weight Loss - How did I do?: I lost my double chin, is this enough?[View]
41157916what happened to the tfw to intelligent meme?[View]
41156885What's your max facepull /fit/? I managed a 42.5 lb facepull for 3 today[View]
41155177/fit/'s dinner: So, what are ya'll beautiful mofos eating for dinner then?[View]
41158486Why is it wrong to train for a pump? I've experienced a lot of growth in muscles that also happ…[View]
41156880/cbt/: Current Body Thread[View]
41158274get fit lil bitch: why aren't u fit yet? pic related. Look at me im fit as fuck its time to get…[View]
41159096>too anxious sober and on weed to get hard >too out of it on alcohol and benzo to get hard wh…[View]
41153451Curse of the fit man: How come the gf of every fit friend of mine, turns into fat within 24 months o…[View]
41159857>tfw 4 inch girth i want to kms[View]
41160012I picked up lifting again two months ago after two years of being away and are making noticeable gai…[View]
41158262Were any of you faggots always considered the beta nice guy then something eventful happened and the…[View]
41159776Is this guy natty?[View]
41159652>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
41158838Does wrist thickness have any effect on strength or aesthetics?[View]
41159887whats the best hookup dating app?[View]
41158116>that guy that physically touches people to get their attention in the gym…[View]
41159847How does /fit/ eat enough (complex) carbs? Bread-fags need not apply.[View]
41158908you are at the gym doing bench press when this guy flys over and drops a shit on your forehead mid r…[View]
41159799Cardio...is it possible to lose fat or at least not put more fat on while doing a clean bulk/putting…[View]
41159413https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewvefajjoxwq83h/fgfg.mp4?dl=0 thoughts on my squat form[View]
41154848Protein Before or After Workout?[View]
41159445>so there are 7'+ people in the nba >do you think they will raise the hoop as players sta…[View]
41159663Thoughts on my program? Just put it together to get my lifts back to where they were and have been o…[View]
41159302Craving Bread While Cutting: So I went into the grocery store today to pick up some veggies/fruits. …[View]
41153658current bicep thread: let's see them guns guys, i'll start it off with my 18 incher >in…[View]
41158870Steroids: My gf is working out but not growing enough for me. I want to secretly give her steroids. …[View]
41159509Retro videogames music for training: let the gains begin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfPINDGaCzo…[View]
41158980Is there any reason to do standing OHP instead of sitting?[View]
41159430Fit ideals thread bois. Pls r8[View]
41158033How much more muscle on my chest do i need for ottermode?[View]
41159354>so what do you do for fun anon? uh, study, lift... uhh.. >that's it? >mfw…[View]
41158099/fit/ meme you fell for: >SS is bad It's the best beginner routine out there >Beginners s…[View]
41159301Is being stoned /aesthetic/?[View]
41155966Rich Piana thread: >Ctrl F >No Rich Piana thread Post what u got of the ultimate bodybuilder…[View]
41158181rate / advice: so i been lifting after a long time and this is my first month of 5x5 squat 5x5 105kg…[View]
41159132Fph thread >fph thread? Fph thread >thread? Fph >thread for fph? Fph…[View]
41159238>be me >take test >fall for no fap meme I'm so fucking horny all the time. I can'…[View]
41151023I started gym 3 weeks ago: This is from first day[View]
41158656>Have to take a day off from lifting[View]
41159147Im dieting not exercising. I was wondering will I lose a good amount of fat on my ass?[View]
41159076>tfw my sex drive just ain't there Help.[View]
41158531I just benched more thsn lbs200lbs for the first etime and I'm really proud. AMA[View]
41154176If your training partner is more skilled than you and is tapping you out, does that give him the rig…[View]
41156845Ok, real talk /fit. I ordered stevia 100% pure extract with no other kind of sweeteners or chemicals…[View]
41158843>start doing cardio regularly >stomach is constantly fucked up ever since I began This can…[View]
41158905Fletcherism General: 'Nature will castigate those who don't masticate.' It's Friday night,…[View]
41158284how do i make stomach gains? been getting heartburn and acid reflux lately. Only 24 yrs old sadly. w…[View]
41158834He Counts Every Single Macro[View]
41151627>broke up with 9/10 gf of three years >23 years old, fit and 5'9' >be 29, skinnyfat an…[View]
41156521Am I breaking the laws of thermodynamics? I have been on a diet for about a month now. Lost around 1…[View]
41158741HIIT for people who can't do/hate HIIT: I'm coming off a cut and I want to add some seriou…[View]
41154980Is there a better exercise than the pull up? Is there a better demonstrator of upper body strength?[View]
41157030Construction-burning out-sarms: First of I'm not a noob been training for years.past injuries W…[View]
41141415QTDDTOT: >Mary edn How damaging is a 24 hour fast on a cut? I'm talking one day a week. Max.…[View]
41158348Every time I eat, I get bloated. Like, really bloated. What's the deal? My stomach is huge and …[View]
41157484how my obeast hate started: >be me 16 yo beta >mom works as doctor at community clinic >all…[View]
41158604>lifted today >making fish tacos for dinner good lifting feels thread…[View]
41156993Is there a bigger menace in the locker room?[View]
41156939When do you take creatine and BCAAs? Before/during/after workout?[View]
41157391Question/Advice: Read the sticky and been lurking in this board for longer than I'm proud to ad…[View]
41142675Steroids general. Jacked LARPing fags only. Go read the wiki on leddit. Previous >>41129849[View]
41155871Hi guys My hands and feet are cold very often and i was wondering if some sports could cure it Do yo…[View]
41155859/bot/ - bottle general: Most athletes know the importance of staying hydrated while training. But wh…[View]
41155660wtf this is the steroid limit?[View]
41157084Well fit, I'm 1/4 made it I just OHP 1pl8 and it felt really good. Can probably bench 2pl8s but…[View]
41154177>Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.…[View]
41155250>Coworker comes into office and asks what I'm up to >Comes around to look at my screen, s…[View]
41158294Get the fuck in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qux9-HOm6eg[View]
41158235is this the natty limit?[View]
41158162Opinion on high frequency splits (A, B, C, A, B, C, x)?[View]
41155498Opinions on Jason Blaha?: I like him and his videos but I am unsure whether to think of his whacko c…[View]
41149924When did you realize women were far more shallow and insecure than you? Post the sorrows of making i…[View]
41158178How much sleep do you get a night, /fit/? I want to take up jogging every morning around 5:30, parti…[View]
41156244Does anyone have the MS Paint comic of the dude going to leg curl and getting anal raped? Also /fit/…[View]
41157070why dont gyms have an online booking system for squat racks? I get nervous and impatient when I ask …[View]
41150878Ultimate MEAL: - 7 of your 5 a day - 400 calories - will cost under £1 a serving - has enough natura…[View]
41155952That's a freudian slip.[View]
41152733Is atheism the most /fit/ religious affiliation? Is lifting for God any better than lifting for girl…[View]
41157707How do I into Jeswolechrist mode?[View]
41154888Any suggestions on how to lose the fat around your hips?[View]
4115746145 degree back extensions: i couldn't fucking find one of these things in the pic to do these. …[View]
41156418Workout with a broken wrist: Besides lifting I enjoy riding inline skates. Last week I fell and inju…[View]
41155906What do you eat/drink before going to the gym for energy and mindset?[View]
41157238Let's get a JBC ('just be confident') thread going. https://vimeo.com/52628589[View]
41142957Anyone else use phenibut here? It does absolute wonders for social anxiety when I'm in a situat…[View]
41157872Looksmaxxing General: /fit/, post your advice on how to successfully reach maximum facial and body a…[View]
41156590Fuck /fit/ im 18 years old and my parents are forcing me to eat shit i don't want. Say I order …[View]
41154551Has anyone fucked around with this guy's routines before? Are they worth the time or are there …[View]
41155508>just ate 1 whole jar of peanut butter Just pull the trigger[View]
41157021How does he do it? /fit/ said I would die by 30 without a diet or a gym membership, but this fuck is…[View]
41157710>Girls only want to fuck me because I'm /fit/ I thought this wasn't suppose to make me …[View]
41136967CBT: Barber was closed edition: 6'0 165 No set routine for 2.5 years and its worked xd Bench:25…[View]
41157714>tfw skipped leg day last week[View]
41156342Fuck this guy! (hate thread): We will discuss how this faggot deserve to suck my unwashed cuck after…[View]
411576904 day a week program: hi guys, im quite busy with work and need to switch from a strength based PPL …[View]
41154736Come One Come All!: We are going to have some fun in this thread as we pit some of the intents most …[View]
41155222>OHP today[View]
41152305Is it possible to eat this spic food every day and get /fit/?[View]
41157414How do i reach dung beetle mode?[View]
41146413/plg/ - powerlifting general: /plg/- Powerlifting general. >TeamUSA edition Post PR's, rout…[View]
41147878Can pregnant women truly be fit?[View]
41157349Thanks for always being there for me /fit/. You're all going to make it one day.[View]
41153767>that guy who counts his reps in binary[View]
41156947Ok guys after two months this STRONGLIFTS 5x5 thing is not for me. I'm kind of stronger now and…[View]
41155516Pectus Excavatum: Been going to the gym since January with hopes of bulking some. Mainly to help cov…[View]
411555103 months in to SS. Made strength gains but still look the same, oh well.[View]
41156493>supposed to do some deadlifts,presses and rows >end up only doing sumo deadlifts all day IT K…[View]
41156255Who here /RepsForJesus/ ? Gluttons and heathens need not apply[View]
41156636>that guy who does push-ups in the squat rack[View]
41155714>gym missionaries knocked on my curl rack[View]
41157159Give me one good reason to continue cutting below 265, the weight of the most top tier alpha males o…[View]
41155578What is this mode called?[View]
41155018Does anyone have some weird anatomy they've become proud of since they've gotten /fit/? I …[View]
41155837Is there any reason I couldn't eat 3k cals of either one of these for the rest of my life and m…[View]
41157002Does anyone here have the Youtube channel of the MGTOW manlet with a /fit/ as fuck body who would al…[View]
41156795>Y-Y-You're a fatty? Nice glamor muscles. Wanna say that to my face, you woman?…[View]
41153999You look good in tight clothes... right /fit/?[View]
41154951What are some good routines to get biger and stronger so I can streetfight fascists with more power?…[View]
41155013Has lifting helped your depression?[View]
41156799>tfw no stronk Asian bf[View]
41156221Join this new fit discord, it's pretty cool. We got girls to get nudes from and robot twinks to…[View]
41153710Bones: Here's Marco Pietrowski the bodybuilder who became quadriplegic as a result of a car acc…[View]
41153522Greasing The Groove: Basically, to do that all I need to do is to perform one excersise at 50% volum…[View]
41154754Is it true that even if I get /fit/ women will still find me just cute like a child, because I'…[View]
41154018skip bench day: How bad it would be if I ditched Bench Press altogether and did OHP more frequently?…[View]
41150766Is it normal/okay to become physically fit solely to get a girl who's gorgeous ? If it's n…[View]
41155482help me /fit/ i never come here. after a bad accident, i found myself, a year later 300+ lbs, losing…[View]
41156153hey /fit/ im new to lifting and im looking for some advice from people who have been here longer tha…[View]
41155759>tfw 40R jacket size and 35 waist pants after SS >Can't fucking buy suits anymore because…[View]
41156387>about to break back with diddly PR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi7xBe5-M8k…[View]
41154699Hormones problem: How can I achieve this face?Growing old? Steroids? Growth hormone? Testosterone? L…[View]
41156323why is caffeine soo good at getting rid of hunger?[View]
41153266MK 677: Does anyone have any experience taking nutrobal MK 677 Reported benefits Benefits: muscle gr…[View]
41153422Why not just eat at a 3500 calorie deficit and lose a pound of fat a day?[View]
41148875fph: Did not see thread, welcome to fat people hate[View]
41153876>'your gains are mine, wite b0i.'[View]
41152966Getting 'fat': I am told that I am getting fat. I have free soylent, fruits and vegtables, infinite …[View]
41154426What are the best muscles to train for if you get in a street confrontation /fit/? Would wrestling t…[View]
41154057*crushes your girl* *your dreams too*[View]
41156066Cheap Home Workouts: Hey /fit/ poorfag here wanting to know the best way to start exercising at home…[View]
41156025>weighting lunges[View]
41155726>tfw grill has bigger biceps than me why does this make me diamonds?[View]
41155606Designated shitting gym.[View]
41155641This is why i lift[View]
41145224Connor Murphy: How many years to reach Connor Murphy mode? What is his estaminated height and weight…[View]
41155900Does NoFap make it easier to exercise? I remember I tried it once, then after a few days of not fapp…[View]
41155252What are some hacks to recover from a cheat day?[View]
41155849hey i've been lifting for a month & i don't feel any better i just feel more tired wha…[View]
41155788is it normal when your pecs start feeling sexy after a year of workout?[View]
41154639>that guy who uses /fit/ or misc lingo in real life[View]
41154631Beginner Shit: Sup niggas, Skinny weakfag here finally getting into lifting. Ive read all the recomm…[View]
41155615Stretch marks?: I've gotten some new ones on my arms but I haven't really gotten big yet. …[View]
41155025I have juicy neck veins when I squat. Are there ways to make veins show off even when you aren'…[View]
41154366Is he natty fit >6'5' >went from weak shit to god >chopped in half >shot to death …[View]
41144288Exercising while high: Sup /fit? Anyone enjoy working out high? I've been lifting for about 2 a…[View]
41155074Fucked up: Hello fit I fucked up. About 6 months ago I fractured my femur and tore my hip adductor d…[View]
41155414I have trouble hearing[View]
41153197Could I combine Insanity with the resistance workouts from p90x or would it be too much/not worth it…[View]
41154184Talk to Girls at the Gym: How the fuck i start a conversation with a girl at the gym??? Post anythin…[View]
41149155How do you feel that movies and tv shows should portray lifting to be more accurate without being au…[View]
41153576can you run fast for 15min straight?: be honest[View]
41153877Alpha or Autism?: There is a lot of serious overlap between autistic behavior and alpha behavior. D…[View]
41155468Sick dance moves: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_zFrnMJCQFU[View]
41154802Are you ready to overload up, /fit/? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A85xrWkDUKA…[View]
41153836Compression Shorts: Does anybody else wear compression shorts for workouts? I got some free Nike pai…[View]
41143238Push ups thread: I need to roll. Have you even rolled? >easy mode XX >hard mode XXX…[View]
41155234i currently go to the gym in the morning and i focus more or less on strength but at noon i'm r…[View]
41152997Is reality lookist? And if so how much realistically will gymceling help you?[View]
41151809Who are the cutest fit men. No homo.[View]
41155208/extinct macros/ Imagine all the gains that could be made by eating a woolly mammoth or some giant l…[View]
41155169>eating big tub of ben and jerry's ice cream, feeling justified due to my OHP/Bench/Squat/De…[View]
41155190FUCKKKKKK: >did legs on tuesday >took a rest day on wednesday >continued with push on thu…[View]
41154696Creatine causes balding and is found in meat and fish: Start being vegan[View]
41154858just popped ec pills for the first time holy shit lads wew feeling euphoric as fuck how long can i…[View]
41154767Can we get a form critique thread going?? No bullying or hazing, yes I know I am not as big as some …[View]
41148717>800 calories in 2 packs >$2 Any other god tier poorfag bulking foods?…[View]
41139405What type of girl are you lifting for? Musclefus? STICCs? THICC? Chubby?[View]
41154850Is this an accurate depiction?[View]
41151142>Not doing dumbbell farmers walk to increase double overhand deadlift Never gonna make it…[View]
41154218Just an observer: Why are the scary looking big bulky guys are usually the most supportive and soft …[View]
41153347tfw your lift is so good the gym stops what they are doing to watch you for a moment[View]
41149427Squats and deadlifts are shit: Squats and deadlifts are shit Discuss[View]
41153223>but it's a sport, right? it's a pageant show for men...let's face it.…[View]
41150478Body goals: Hey /fit/ how to achieve fash mode?[View]
41152599Ruh roh /fit/. Looks like drinking even one (ONE) diet soda increases your risk of getting brain aid…[View]
41153645What time do you work out at? Is there an ideal time of day to work out during, in terms of gains?[View]
41154618Pack it up lads: Millions of women (and men) all around the world want to sleep with this all becaus…[View]
41146610>be American >put butter in coffee[View]
41151492Damn, Zac Efron looks like THAT?[View]
41154712Can I do shoulders on leg day? I naturally have quite powerful legs and could do with the extra ches…[View]
41153395How can I increase my cum load?: Has anyone had success in increasing their amount of cum and distan…[View]
41153820Hello /fit/ ive been gaining muscle and getting aesthetic. But i have shoulder pain while walking or…[View]
41154311Everytime i deadlift i feel like my back is being struck by lightning. What is it?[View]
41151690What are you eating, /fit/?[View]
41153532Trying to finger a girl after farmers walk >pic related[View]
41153890What effect will doing drugs have on gainz? I do cocaine every other weekend when I go out but I don…[View]
41151380Manlet Story-time: Once I pissed off a manlet at a party a few weeks back, thort you guys should kno…[View]
41154405ITT: You have to prove that 5'7 is not the perfect height for men >brb julius caeser height …[View]
41154128My bicycle is broken beyond repair. I used to take it off road, but it's so rare that I do that…[View]
41154367Whats the one food/drink that you refuse to cut out? The one you'll skip meals or even fast a w…[View]
41147389Hey /fit/ I have approx 4 months off this summer and want to learn a martial art I am 27 years old a…[View]
41154196My shoulders are giving me real trouble squatting Would replacing backsquats with front squats and …[View]
41153834>be unifag >hit the campus gym in the morning >workout >come home >horny as fuck >…[View]
41154185I'm trying to bulk and when I eat a really big mea, I feel like I want to throw up afterwards. …[View]
41152699Weed is the best way to make sick gains: I have been lifting for close to two years now and I have b…[View]
41147331What the fuck is this[View]
41154053>tfw wore this type of shirt today for the first time >countless mires Why didn't anyone …[View]
41153580>that first scoop of the day[View]
41149817Have you heard of mukbangs /fit/? It's thin Asian women filming themselves eating a shit ton of…[View]
41139169Reminder: Your gf will drop u in a second if this dude hits on her.[View]
41153051Are tattoos still relevant? I've been thinking about getting one but lately I'm seeing les…[View]
41152716Greetings!: I sure hope none of you at /fit/ have been breathing through your mouth. It would be a s…[View]
41153360>be fit girl >get stare raped every time by creeps in gym I'll be honest, if you have an …[View]
41153222Has anyone here ever had a SLAP tear? Did y'all go through the surgery or just avoid it entirel…[View]
41153143>Tfw you can't out lift being ugly[View]
41153870>heading to dumbbell area >see this >*blocks your path* What do?…[View]
41153399For the past few weeks I've been doing my usual whole body dumbbell routine late in the evening…[View]
41150658>tfw can't do one pull up, chin up or dip[View]
41153312Calisthenics/Free Weights Hybrid: Alright /fit/ so I enjoy callisthenics a lot and I'm getting …[View]
41151650Any of you mooks have that picture of a cute brunette on a boat putting sunscreen on?[View]
41152377The phone call that saved the world[View]
41147433How do I get my girlfriend to work out? I'm trying to find a way to motivate her to go. She alw…[View]
41129821ITT: fictional goal bodies.[View]
41150936does this diverge or converge?[View]
41153198THIS FUCKING BOARD: ITT: We post autistic advice we took from this board. Got up real early to take …[View]
41151973Is coffee good for you?[View]
41151883Can you be /pol/ and /fit/ at the same time? Pic is Jared Kushner[View]
41152136whats even the point of cutting, besides muh pussy? dont you wanna get BIG?[View]
41151550At what stage do you consider yourself 'fit'? Is there only one stage which you become …[View]
41153260Do you allow yourself to snack on a cut?[View]
41151269Do any of you do this? I've seen people doing it, but it looks so silly.[View]
41151780>finally achieved 5/3/1 >Find out 5/3/1 is a program >tfw 5 plate bench 3 plare squat 1 pla…[View]
41153241/fit/ I used to frequent your wonderful board. I was doing pretty fucking well but I had a bad break…[View]
41152239Just set up a home gym. I have a power rack. What are some exercises I should look at, and what rou…[View]
41152664/fit/ cringe thread: >ctrl+f >no cringe thread C'mon Anons. Post your 1-rep cringe maxes.…[View]
41152036Yo, I want popeyes chicken, but I'm on a diet. WTF how do you get through this diet shit? DO YO…[View]
41149800What was his name again?[View]
41149888Kombucha thread: you guys gottra try this stuff. makes you feel great![View]
41149883Physical Therapy General #3: Through Knowledge You are Strong: It's time again. Post questions,…[View]
41152555I woke up for the first time ever with joint pain in my left hand. I think I slept wrong. I hope it …[View]
41152886>circuit training[View]
41150353>a calorie is a calorie[View]
41152795Gym music: What do you listen to before the workout, during the workout, and afterwards to get you i…[View]
41152514I lost like 2 kg from cardio, (im bulking btw), and now I got the 2 kg back, but my arms have gotten…[View]
41152821Brehs why are normies such slaves to sugar? like iced tea, you can make your own natural that is 10 …[View]
41150214help me: 3 day binge on easter candy ice cream and pizza...on my cut how do i salvage this?[View]
41153010Girls drinking water out of shaker bottles: Okay theres multiple girls who are drinking water our of…[View]
41151928>NEET for a few years >Friends are starting to mock me and make sly jokes >Ex contacts me f…[View]
41147934/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Hi my name is Panzer and I am better than all of you, edition…[View]
41151934What mode I am? Is that ok?[View]
41152612Qualifying for Boston: I didn't even know 4chan had a fitness board, but someone linked to one …[View]
41151617/fit/ food thread It's home made pizza. Ingredients :100g al purpose flour, 50g seeds(sesame, f…[View]
41146731>ITT: things that mess up your cut[View]
41146380anyone eles here wrestle for cardio?[View]
41143382That time again: Post it mates. How the fuck am I so bad? Someone who is yellowman post so I can fee…[View]
41152165Was i getting mired?: Ok short story, i think i got my first mire or maybe im just autistic. >be …[View]
41152799Penis extension: Alrighty lads, Who here have tried any form of penis extension? We're all work…[View]
41152798Would taking BCAA/EAA's be sort of pointless for taking after a workout if I'm drinking 5g…[View]
41151347Sleep 7h >irritable >beta >slouching >puffy face >dry skin >dandruff >brainfog …[View]
41151600How do you force yourself to wake up early in the morning? As in around 5am or so? Even if I have go…[View]
41151062FOR FOOD THREAD: /fit/ needs a /fit/ food thread Come share your favorite recipes and ask questions …[View]
41149619/fit/ versions of this[View]
41144786Daily reminder of the natty limit. BEHOLD >Eugen Sandow >late Victorian era bodybuilder >Co…[View]
41151448Hi /fit/ I'm on my journey to losing weight and I was wondering how much sodium I should be tak…[View]
41152642>tfw all you do is work, lift and vidya. There must be more to life than this.…[View]
41150669Rate 1-10: stats 5'3'' 136lbs Yeah i know im a small dude, but i wanna know if I got…[View]
41152437This body: How long time would it take to get a body like this? I guess he is around 200 lbs here (6…[View]
41150465[SRS] Whenever i start losing fat i can hear god speak to ne: Srs i lost fat under my chest and a li…[View]
41151207so when did you grew out of fit/?[View]
41152155Can we all agree that lifting for women is stupid: Pic related is what women actually wants.[View]
41150052What spices do I use so my sodium levels don't go through the fucking roof?[View]
41152295>as a man it's possible to look like this in your 50's Feelsgoodman…[View]
41152188>tfw always ate at maintenance and went from 16%bf to 10% just by lifting Did l do good fit ?…[View]
41151586>weighted dips I fell for the meme[View]
41152086HIIT on off-days or after a workout with a three day on/off routine? HIIT on off-days will hinder my…[View]
41152523Not source but source: Hey /fit/ looking for a source of le roids not looking for your guys source b…[View]
41150239Why do hot people browse here? I'm a thirsty girl and I lurk through CBT threads and there are …[View]
41147242Whey VS Casein: Time to settle the long time debate. Whey VS Casein for building muscle/strength, ai…[View]
41152485Body-Part Splits Are DEAD: Discuss: https://www.t-nation.com/training/body-part-splits-are-dead…[View]
41152380>Started keto a few days ago >Thinking of getting energy drink >Remember this meme of a bev…[View]
41150189Will stronger abs make shitting easier?: Serious question.[View]
41151948>Play football for 4 years, have to be 210bs. >Season ends, I lose 35 pounds since October. …[View]
41148586ROUTINE THREAD: Post your routines, ladies. Others rate >pic related, new PPL I just made…[View]
41149688Skim milk for cutting? Finally at a good point in strength and want to start cutting for late summer…[View]
41151859When did you realize that lifting is never going to cure your autism?[View]
41149467How old were you when you realized there is more to life than lifting weights ?[View]
41127963>'Wow dude you've been getting really ripped!' This literally happened to me 3 days ago and …[View]
41148905Anyone else doing these?[View]
41137984/bwg/ - BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRmsDjMuj…[View]
41144103/fat/: Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of /fit/ who want >Lose weight >Get a more /fit/ body by …[View]
41150649>Implying the deadlift start halfway up your legs[View]
41151924>Told to eat 4000kcals/day >Stomach fucking hurts >Wake up bloated >Constant shitting an…[View]
41139567weighted dips > bench the only people who disagree are fat ass powerlifters who can't do dip…[View]
41149578What mode is this?[View]
41147536MANLET HATE THREAD: >manlet claims to be 6'2' >uses this to brag to everyone how tall he …[View]
41150887Remider that if you don't have Veiny arms, then you're genetically a beta male[View]
41139396why are there so many threads about height and people wanting to be taller? i'm 6'8 and i …[View]
41133118Just remember fit.: No matter how low your body fat is, or how much you roid, you will always be fac…[View]
41144441>There are people who unironically doesn't lift for Toshino Kyoko Who do you lift for /fit/?…[View]
41151491in the gym: Are women in your gym, awkward? Like they do their first set of squats or whatever and y…[View]
41150812anyone else like swallowing oats whole? especially for breakfast. not for meme internet reasons but …[View]
41148445Are behind the neck shoulder press and lat raises good enough for shoulders or should I add db shoul…[View]
41144422Mode Thread Time: Post your >current Body Fitizens tell you your mode >mode me.…[View]
41149804What does /fit/ think of this stuff?[View]
41150142How do i go full zakk wylde mode?[View]
41144426Which doesn't taste too sweet?: I'm currently 2/4 in bad flavors.I've had natural, wh…[View]
41149320Do you guys think I could hit 10% bodyfat by July? I'm 6ft 161 lbs.[View]
41150764Is the gym being gay as fuck just a meme? Is it different over in the States?[View]
41148143do loads of people have bad posture? how can you make bad posture gone?[View]
41149942how do i get shoulders like him??? do you think they're natty?[View]
41149386What do you guys think about this guy's guide? He raises a few good points about general approa…[View]
41148442Sobeys cookies: >yearly cheat day >get out of gym at 11:30pm because of awkward college schedu…[View]
41150371>do some neck exercises for the first time >now my back kills me Is that normal or did I fuck …[View]
41150309Should i drop over head press or dumbell overhead press from my routine ? Whatever one i do first o…[View]
41148329My right arm is bigger than my left arm and I want to kill myself because of it[View]
41148593>18th birthday was yesterday >facial proportions are still shit it wasn't supposed to be …[View]
41150719Be honest /fit/, did the physical changes made by the gym help you get dates with girls? >Me >…[View]
41150790Is this legit?[View]
41143467FUCK THIS: FUCK you /fit/ and FUCK everything you stand for. starting TOMORROW I'm hopping on a…[View]
41144351/fit/ bois I need the most dankest /fit/ memes you can find Will need this massive dump soon, keep e…[View]
41149858>stroll into the gym >see this wat do???…[View]
41146725I'm getting into weighlifting, what do you guys think of Stronglifts 5x5?[View]
41147300sup bros >6ft 170lbs, 18 years old got any tips for vein gainz? Vascularity is something i'v…[View]
41150429How do you lower your weight with olympic deadlift? Feels awkward af.[View]
41148453Macros: Whats the best macro ratio for body composition/sex drive/energy should I time my macros, ex…[View]
41147906Fuck /fit/ I fucked up I really fucked up and there is a high chance I will be going to prison I don…[View]
41147479Robert Lustig: Can someone give me a rundown on this guy? Redpill me on what he advocates, which is …[View]
41149683Why does he wear the mask? Does he think he looks cool?[View]
41149610Will doing 5BX in the morning after waking up negatively effect lifting in the evening? Is there ano…[View]
41150413Brehs I have a confession to make that I have been carrying with me for a long time. So you know how…[View]
41148206>get bullied in high school because I was fat and ugly >Been lifting ever since >Living off…[View]
41148625fatty: ey mang i tried keto diet after years of bulking and im cutting pounds easily why isnt this …[View]
41120037/CBT/ - New panties edition: >Current Body Thread last thread got deleted by mods b/c of all the …[View]
41148956Who here on that /starvation/ diet? I haven't eaten in two days, but I still could go longer![View]
41150223'If it jiggles, it's fat'?: This is a quote from Arnold. Is it true?[View]
41150245How do you keep yourself from becoming narcissistic?[View]
41137866what does /fit/ think about Elliot?[View]
41148563Training Fasted meme: Anyone fall for the training fasted meme If I dont eat carbs before I workout …[View]
41139215Well you faggots, I did it and my body I wanted by following you faggots Well my fucking tinder prof…[View]
41143031Sup /fit/, what kind of jobs do you guys have? Also, any trade school bros around here? I have been …[View]
411475882D>3D: I've been lifting for a while now. I look good enough for normies. However, I'm …[View]
41147272Jim Profit: Jim Profit[View]
41149607Flexibility general: Daily reminder if you skip stretching you skip leg day What are your favorite …[View]
41142029>beep test >got 4.5, the lowest >oneitis got 13.2 >get the depresso and don't go t…[View]
41143541Why not JUST use kettlebells?: >can work out in your home >costs maybe $100 for a decent set o…[View]
41141405How the fuck is this the pinnacle of facial aesthetics???: Are women retarded or do they just like w…[View]
41149598>be yesterday at the gym >working out as usual >there's a guy, around 5'7, so it…[View]
41149633*blocks your path*[View]
41148730lat pulldowns and back extensions: how do these work and how do you do them properly? how do you eve…[View]
41148176Keto bread: After a week on keto I've gone from 175lbs to 167. Eating 2k calories a day or a li…[View]
41131837Degenerate here Chubby slutty friend of mine who sends me nudes and lets me cop a feel every now and…[View]
41147879Did you know Disney owns ESPN and ESPN is responsible for 35% of Disney's total revenue[View]
41148926Hair Friendly Diet: What kinds of foods can I eat that will benefit my hair. I'm not worried ab…[View]
41147245Farting All day.: I have been lifting for 3 years and when I started lifting I started farting a lit…[View]
41149434This is true[View]
41148947what food 2 eat 4 fattie cucks? Chicken+broccoli+brown rice 2 times a day + protein shake??? Sorry i…[View]
41149352>roiding for this[View]
41146942Milk is pus[View]
41146213Just cooking up my breakfast, /fit/. Want any?[View]
41149182Guys, is Paige Hathaway retarded? I only watched the video to see if she'd smash the Brofessor.…[View]
41148865I need at least 2 for breakfast lunch & dinner, all I got right now is for breakfast:half a cup …[View]
41148889My legs have been sore for 3 years. I always work with the highest intensity for all of my lifts, bu…[View]
41149106Dragon flag questions: Ok, so I can do 8x3 dragon flags with 5 lbs hanging from my ankles as shown i…[View]
41147070How many miles should I run every day to keep the gay away?[View]
41148746sugar 0 fat diet and 3% bodyfat durianrider....WOA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEmkTUVQX8Q…[View]
41148837Recommend me a belt I can buy from Amazon[View]
41148432First time poster, trying to get /fit/ Started a diet on the 5th of this month and I've lost 11…[View]

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