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/fit/ - Fitness

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46107771bad genetics thread: post the most unfortunate physiques you can find[View]
46110790>tfw wore boxers all my life >balls hang lower than my cock…[View]
46104135Fit would you bring a hog to the gym? Feel like it would be an easy blowjibber[View]
46103089Big, Strong, Conditioned. Pick two: How would you train to be all three? What gear would work best t…[View]
46107859Dating Anxiety: I have a date on Wednesday and was planning on taking propranlol beforehand to preve…[View]
46108914i miss him bros[View]
46109980How do I get disciplined enough to keep working out, this is a question I've needed to ask, It…[View]
46109608My workout took an hour and a half today. It felt too long, and I was eager to just get out of the g…[View]
46110248How many sets should I do each day? I usually go for 5 but idk if I should be doing more. It usuall…[View]
46104265I've been saying it all along, you have to have an extremely low IQ to be doing deadlifts in to…[View]
46110415(((Fitness drama))): What's the deal behind this Jew Strength youtuber dude? Why are we taking …[View]
46110453He he: He he he, it's cold[View]
46109829https://kinobody.com/workouts-and-exercises/christian-bale-workout-american-psycho/amp/ Will this wo…[View]
46107611Any easy eggs recipe for the pre workout protein breakfast? I'm tired of eating them boiled wit…[View]
46105800It's been weeks since I started waking up at 4pm. Anyone knows how to solve this behavior?[View]
46109973Rock Climbing: Why aren't you rock climbing yet? 1: It'll get you ottermode with killer le…[View]
46107991how much weight are you actually lifting when you do a pushup? is there a way to calculate it with y…[View]
46106835Will there ever be a THICC trend for guys? It's not fucking fair girls can eat and get fat and …[View]
46108237Which mode is this?[View]
46091633Overheadpress: today i saw a guy at the bench press staring at me when I was overheadpressing 85kgx2…[View]
46107632What are some thing you like about yourself, /fit/?[View]
46106400Can girls tell the difference between a naturally large frame and a muscle/fitness enhanced one? Is …[View]
46109696some people actually believe this: >when someone says 'lifting is a waste of time it's all a…[View]
46108456How do I avoid passing out while maxing on DLs? Why does this happen?[View]
46110083/mew/: >tfw two weeks in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yXRPYt7HcQ…[View]
46109969Need a good core workout. Any ideas?[View]
46088285what animal is the most /fit/? clearly the Tiger right?[View]
46109533arms thread[View]
46109353/fit/ I need you help. I can't play any sports without getting winded within 5 minutes of playi…[View]
46106020Lookin for a guy: Whatever happened to this guy? He just stopped making videos all of a sudden. Seem…[View]
46109384Hello /fit/ what is wrong with my arm[View]
46109745>cable rows[View]
46109374Good feels thread: >10 more pounds until I start my bulk[View]
46108934I did my goal now to do more.: My goal was to run 3 miles and I finally did it. Now I gotta do 6.…[View]
46102898>walk in gym locker room >2 or 3 fat old guys standing around naked, talking to each other …[View]
46105715I have difficulty putting on pounds. Is it acceptable to eat shitty food here and there in order to …[View]
46107031Advice: Dear /fit/, How do i get a muscular looking face like stretch armstrong? (pic related). …[View]
46100479/fast/ #203 - Your Body is Its Best Doctor Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for th…[View]
46108758Please help me out: Quick 1 minute survey. For school outcome. Thanks in advance https://docs.google…[View]
46106417What was /fit/ like before the incels,redditors and other types came here and decided to post about …[View]
46108615Do exercises help you to lose fat or is diet everything?[View]
46108693>be me >just get done taking huge shit in unisex >godthesmell.png >gym crush is waiting …[View]
46109346Thanks /fit/: Got my wife to start working out thanks to you faggots. I told her some bullshit I rea…[View]
46109377>add 10kg to deadlift[View]
46108821How’s your summer cut going /fit/ currently down 15lbs Here’s my before[View]
46100874Rare zyzz pictures thread: Rare zyzz pictures thread[View]
46107014Is there a /fit/ discord?[View]
46109241hey /fit/, obesefag here.: Been looking to lose weight, looking into diets right now *I know there…[View]
46104207I had a motorcycle crash beginning of December and had to have shoulder surgery to repair the bone, …[View]
46104275Brown rice or White rice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7JCqlqE_-A brown rice toxicity I like bot…[View]
46106647How do we stop women from emasculating men?: >[View]
46109055How do you avoid fat while bulking? I'm terrified of losing my abs[View]
46109130Its seen a goal book or calender app for self help before on fit.I really need the name of that app …[View]
46102816any deadlift conoisseur here? Why the fuck do I feel my deadlifts on the quads[View]
46108488Why do normies blame carbs for making them fat?[View]
46106887>at this moment nobody is thinking about you best exercise to forget this feeling?…[View]
46108057How does /fit/ feel about this would you rather survey answer from university students? Turns out be…[View]
46107264How fit do you have to be to land a girl like this[View]
46107094Can I get this with just bodyweight training? Or with some basic equipment? I cant go to the gym. I…[View]
46106121Curls for the girls? Squats for thots![View]
46106891Eliminating Lower Back Pain: Hey /fit/, I'm a weakling trying to get my shit together. I keep g…[View]
46105558FitnessGenes: Anyone here tried this? https://fitnessgenes.com/how-it-works/genes-we-analyze/ I…[View]
46108385Due to a medical problem, I can't eat a high protein diet since it would kill my kidneys. Is th…[View]
46107702Pool Exercise: I have a 15' by 35' pool, what are some good exercises to do in them this s…[View]
46106358When did you realise you literally have to be a deformed, retarded looking freak to pull good weight…[View]
46108463It's mother fuckin SHAKE TIME GOD DAMMIT[View]
46107289Have you had your darkweight today /fit/?[View]
46107515S I P S: Ah, it feels good to unwind after a hard day of the neet life. What are you bois sippin atm…[View]
46108089Trying to go outside and just walk every day. Installed Pokémon Go so I have some purpose out there.…[View]
46108367>2018 >Not keeping workout equipment in the backroom of your job so you can bang Stacy in Huma…[View]
46107484get the most of your protein intake: ok so an issue that I have been concerning me with nutrition si…[View]
46102325How do I get glutes like these to get the girls to notice me /fit/? Is it possible to achieve as a l…[View]
46107221How can I obtain Jotaro mode?[View]
46108234>browsing okcupid >almost everyone in my small city is fat >some of them seem like decent p…[View]
46102547Is the barbell hipthrust overrated?[View]
46108232>be 1,70m manlet >get fit >only taller women are attracted to me But my dick is 14cm. It…[View]
46103620Is this what Marfans looks like?: Does the dutch giant have this? He's said he doesn't, bu…[View]
46107916What is skinny-fat?: Some people told me I am, but I don't know what to do with it.[View]
46106658Rest Days: Are rest days really necessary? What if I'm amped and just want to work out? I'…[View]
46107492Did your high school have a pool?: What is the state of high school athletic facilities these days? …[View]
46108256OK What do you think about going to the gym at night vs early morning. Problem with 5-6 or 6-7 gym …[View]
46108247There is something weird with me....: I'm 23 years old male, So I got itchy anus, its like sudd…[View]
46103305Like it or not, this is what women want non-negotiable[View]
46107257I'm balding: I'm balding[View]
46096165/fat/ - fatass to fitass general: brainlet edition >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/ people who want t…[View]
46108001Good Feels Thread: >weigh myself >lower then expected >15 lbs dropped so far dieting sucks,…[View]
46108010How far can I get with barbell and dumbbell and bodyweight exercises at home. I have much free time.…[View]
46086782/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Powerlifting General: Gold Standard edition Welcome to Powerlifting Ge…[View]
46102906Im slowly transitioning from nw1 to nw2, should I hop on fin?[View]
46107905Zyzz + Feels: >on youtube listening to trance >comment under the video: 'RIP ZYZZ' >comment…[View]
46101169You get to be 1 You will also obtain their reflexes and other skills Who do you choose and why? Semi…[View]
46107072Why does this constantly get really tight? When I stretch it's fine for about 20 or 30 minutes …[View]
46104311I'm sad[View]
46107010You have the lower body and you have no upper body you got a problem you got a problem building wait…[View]
46106936>reading about the benefits of taking supplement xyz >'promotes energy' >2 lines below that…[View]
46106130Finally hit 3 plate squat guys We're all gonna make it[View]
46101369Each time you push the button you gain 10kg to all your lifts permanently but you lose 5 points off …[View]
46105967Not summer cut, going all on PSMF, but eating chicken and cottage cheese for the next 3 weeks is not…[View]
46106176I'm staying with a friend in Paris. He doesn't own any weights, and I'm not fluent en…[View]
46106645How do you know when you've made it?[View]
46105946>drank by argentine cowboys >best kept secret for cutting >stronger than caffeine >has m…[View]
46107564The only reason to ever do nofap is because the arm pumps tren is giving you are killer. Otherwise, …[View]
46107388>that guy who day trades in between sets[View]
46106872Niacin: I'm not sure where else to ask this- but I took niacin probably 5 hours ago, and the fl…[View]
46107446Does anyone know which pharmacies have a self check out so I can buy lube?[View]
46106964how do i eat one meal a day while still getting all of my calories, nutrients, etc? i just can'…[View]
46107455Hey /fit/ stop being gay[View]
46104703I'm cutting Help me get used to being hungry.[View]
46107086im getting some feeling in my knee after squats at night and on my rest day. it isn't a stabbin…[View]
46107191how do I eat enough to bulk. I am 70 kilos, 6'2' and am busting my ass off every day in the gym…[View]
46099292>that 30 year old that thinks “self improvement” will turn his life around…[View]
46107243does anybody else not like this guy very much?[View]
46104087The gym finally paid off guys: Please read l'll tell you my story pic related of her >Be me …[View]
46107184Songs you hit PRs listening to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AfV3IXmYrE >I AM THE BEAST THEY …[View]
46105906hey /fit/ i was wondering if getting /fit/ helped anyone lose their soul crushing depression? Im on …[View]
46107171So after a few months being lonely I got a girlfriend again and I think it had nothing to do with my…[View]
46104778The only thing holding me back is Redditchan. How do I quit this place for good?[View]
46103583Just ORM'ed 2pl8 on the bench. Fuck you, it means a lot to a former skelly like me.[View]
46105601>He's not taking silver to get this alpha grey tan >Thinks he's ever going to make i…[View]
46106914>2018 >Not using the 90% method Lmao u a fag or somethin?…[View]
46097602Can I put milk in a plastic bottle for like 6 hours in my backpack without any problems or refrigera…[View]
46106885>2018 >necessitating 'muscles' to jubilate Why is such a multitudinous volume of humankind sti…[View]
46101508*clears throat* >anon please you know the rules[View]
46106347First Workout: Today marks the start of working out, I'm 6' and weigh 137 lbs. I have no r…[View]
46106519Hi, I'm having surgery done on Friday and I'll be unable to lift for roughly 3 weeks. I…[View]
46103787Strongest type of physique?: Which type of body would be the strongest in a head on collision with a…[View]
46106851>be me >6'3-4' >205 lbs >18 I will be starting college in about 5 months and Will b…[View]
46106625Shoulders: When I was about 4 I broke my collarbone and so my shoulders are set a little bit differe…[View]
46106398Hey /fit/! I want to begin doing cardio - just some simple running, 20 minutes a day (to start with)…[View]
46104894>So this is the perfect representation of Alpha Male Chad...[View]
46102975Water is disgusting: I fucking hate water, it's honestly the most disgusting liquid in the worl…[View]
46106284how the fuck am I supposed to talk to a girl ? face to face or on snapchat, i never know what to tal…[View]
46106737Test boosting: So I forgot to charge up my Bluetooth earbuds, so decided to roll with the gym’s nibb…[View]
46106716W-What macros do boogers contain?[View]
46105010Music Thread: >mfw this song gives me hope I don't know what the fuck it is lads everytime …[View]
46101350What is 'making it'?[View]
46106610what is this body type?[View]
46106483>That fat fuck '''Bearmode''' ''''powerlifter'''' who thinks his bench is impressive even though …[View]
46105507are eggs good or bad?[View]
46106336The Forever Cut: Been cutting for months now after a long dirty bulk. Lost 20 pounds, seeing ab defi…[View]
46105017What does /fit/ do for skincare? Pic related - most based skincare product available.[View]
46106442should i give up on the powerlifting meme? should i give up sl and not bother with ss? i feel like i…[View]
46097565can u eat 2 much bananas /fit/[View]
46101591Which mode is this guy?[View]
46106036Tell me about the owner/manager of your gym. Are you cool with them?[View]
46103605>Want to start getting up at 6 AM to exercise >Am a night owl its not fair bros…[View]
46101642/CSG/ - Combat Sports General: Combat Sports General >Why start learning? Defend yourself It…[View]
46103301mouthbreathing: Hi /lookism/, basically I dont like my face shape because its almost as wide as it i…[View]
46095411>Hey anon! I'll go out on a date with you if you can beat me at armwrestling teehee. Deal? W…[View]
46105769I bulked way too fast, /fit/. I've been doing GSLP for about 4 months. Today, I weighed myself …[View]
46105198Does anyone else have constant chest pain?: A lot of people my age (I'm 20) are dying of heart …[View]
46105636Does protein make you gay?: So, I have been taking a whey isolate for a steady 3 months now. But. Re…[View]
46105886If you don't do suicide grip and aren't going for a max more than 20 lbs from a confirmed,…[View]
46105952Hey pals after working out every day for about 7 days (not really by choice) straight, I seem to hav…[View]
46106151So what does /fit/ do when something cuts your workout short before you get to the gym? Do you do al…[View]
46105739Are you unironically still squatting as a male?[View]
46106117Hey friends, I was running a six-day PPLmao routine this past year at my uni gym but now that it…[View]
46105127How do you improve your mood? I just want to be up all the time, unbeatably positive, why wouldn…[View]
46103719Eric Bugenhagen hates Alphadestiny. Confirmed by Jujimufu https://streamerclips.com/twitch/okathlete…[View]
46105501Exercise of heart disease: Hey /fit/, my father recently found out he has an undiagnosed heart disea…[View]
46105269/peanut-butter/ general: Is it true that peanut butter lowers your test?[View]
46103912how long will it take me to get visible abs? stats >84/185 or 182/6''1 in retard number…[View]
46105808Full Body Routine: Can anyone recommend a full body hypertrophy routine, the only ones I can find on…[View]
46105751>slightly high blood pressure th-this is normal within an hour of lifting.. right?…[View]
46091803Please... what can I do?: Everyone thinks I'm a child. I am 19 years old. What routine will hel…[View]
46104453As a female who has no access to the gym, what should I do to build a lot of muscle?[View]
46105726Is soy actually bad for you?[View]
46105731Is Thanos natty?[View]
46105151Guys I used to be fit but have since gotten fat as fuck: Went from about 180 and 11% body fat to 170…[View]
46105695I haven't been able to lift in over a week now because of chest pain. What do? It only occurs w…[View]
46103752*lowers your testosterone* Did you know that mint and mint-related products are one of the biggest t…[View]
46103994Calf pain: My calves hurt when I run. I can do 2km (1,24 miles) but after that It hurts too much to …[View]
46103216Lanky bois: Guys in 6’8” and just too fucking skinny. Last I check I weighed 160. Normally I’m cool…[View]
46102974i need help /fit/ i've had my first time having sex two weeks ago and had sex yesterday. i didn…[View]
46105532>Teenage girl in high school (17 years old at the most) working at a grocery store calls me dear …[View]
46105266How to remove anxiety and/or tension: I can be so much more and actually feel free but when I'm…[View]
46105463What u think of my new routine: I'll be doing mon, wed, fri: Week 1: A B A Week 2: B A B Workou…[View]
46092935Lads, is MK 677 a roid? This gentleman >>>/soc/26639143 is certain that it is but I'm …[View]
46103470This olympic lifter has a bodyfat percentage of 9.5%, but still does not have visible abs. By /fit/ …[View]
46104825ITT: /fit/ ADVICE: Post the best advice you've seen on /fit/ Pic related, not the best I'v…[View]
4610543118 y/old anon here, how would i go about getting enough calcium and magnesium in my diet for optimal…[View]
46105399Capsaicin: >there’s people on this board that are cutting and didn’t take the tabasco pill -taste…[View]
46105157>less than 100g of protein a day for a year at least >all plant protein >ifbb pro levels of…[View]
46104037Hi, /fit/, skeleton with a dumb question here. I've started working out a month ago in order to…[View]
46105315>binged on junk food for many days in a row and noticed my ass and ball sweat when sitting for a …[View]
46105109Ginger: Opinions on this good guy?[View]
46099545Routine Thread: >Day A Incline dumbbell bench 10, 12, 10, 5, 5 Flat barbell bench 10,10, 8, 6, 6,…[View]
46103297Red pill me on push press Is it any good for hypertrophy? I stuck at 135lbs x 5 behind the neck pres…[View]
46104879>just found out I was 171.5 meters at the doctors >thought I was 6ft1…[View]
46102323Has anybody ever cured this fucking tomorrow syndrome? I've the past couple years I've rea…[View]
46104296What to do in gym with a girl.: Tommorow I'm going gym with a girl I kinda like (Have no feelin…[View]
46103512Is sugar bad for me, compared to carbs like pasta and potato? I can't just keep eating pasta al…[View]
46104798What mode is this ?[View]
46104589Fitness... what? FITNESS CRINGE GO GO GO[View]
46100248>I can lift as hard as I can, put as much work into my diet and routine as possible and reach my …[View]
46102871How do I strengthen my lower back?[View]
46104873FUCK: Im tired of y’all thread like “what animal would you beat on a fight”. Let’s ask the real ques…[View]
46104869>Nice day out on the boardwalk. > can barely move legs cuz sqwaaats…[View]
46100328DAILY SIP[View]
46104832>tfw considering shaving myself bald and doing creatine after years of barely making it to 1234 a…[View]
46103671I'm putting a team together....[View]
46104160SARMS: Sup /fit/, so I´ve noticed that Enhanced Athlete EU has Cardarine and Ostarine back in stock …[View]
46104450How do I go back to the gym in the early mornings? I have trouble getting up and I just sleep until …[View]
46099148Are you strong enough to beat a 50 kg/110 lb cheetah in a fight? For the sake of argument it doesn…[View]
46103037Why can’t you have an impressive natty physique like this? Does he literally have superior genes to …[View]
46103136Is drinking tap water bad for gainz? t. washington state[View]
46104326Mental health problem: Well, not mental health, but I have a fucked up mood. I've always had so…[View]
46104138>tfw 6'6'' skinny 20 yr lanket of 84 kgs >started lifting around 2 months ago …[View]
46104721/fit/ Feels thread?: >have pectus excavatum >notice some trouble breathing as I get older, ass…[View]
46098705How /fit/ could you get while only doing kettlebell exercises?[View]
46103836I'll go straight to the point: should I start calisthenics or krav maga? I like the body shape …[View]
46103127/fit/ slogans: I'm trying to compile a list of /fit/ slogans to recite and cycle through in my …[View]
46102660What does /fit/ think of full body routines?[View]
46084312/fit/ Recipes: Post all your /fit/ recipes![View]
46103391Is it true?[View]
46103728What is the best way to start taking steroids?: I am 32. In reasonably good health. Willing to take …[View]
46097600Getting Lean: >on a caloric deficit >fasting 18 hours >HIIT >weight lifting 5 times a we…[View]
46099733Alternate day fast: How do you guys feel about fasting one day and eating the next day for weight lo…[View]
46104475critique my routine: I'll be doing Mon-A Tue-Rest Wed-B Thu-Rest Fri-A Weekend-Rest Mon-B etc e…[View]
46104342/fraud/ roiding for this edition #2: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and blogposting general. Befor…[View]
46102422>acne >probably low T (wide hips, small hands, small wrists) >no friends >virgin Should …[View]
46104316Love Handles: Newfag here, how do I lose these things?[View]
46104338When I run I can feel my entire anus moving and it feels fucking weird. Like my asshole is just bein…[View]
46101632how do you treat stretch marks: How do I make this shit disappear? I really hate them. Is there a th…[View]
46103913lacrosse ball VS foam roller: Whos the winner for its purpose: massing mooscles[View]
46103613>decently looxmaxed >can't get a girlfriend >shoots up a school Why?…[View]
46100697Is this acheivable natty?[View]
46100064How to get a bigger neck? I have a pencil neck that looks comically unfitting on my body and I need …[View]
46097616Ate a half of one these about an hour and a half ago and am now agitated as fuck. Having a bit of di…[View]
46097984Does anyone else just have naturally veiny forearms? Whenever I do something that uses my forearm mu…[View]
46102970When does testosterone stay elevated after beginning lifting?: So we all know that test are elevated…[View]
46096535Do I need to throw out my dildos and girl clothes to make it?[View]
46103795>he believes free sex actually exists >he believes he’ll get it by being fit…[View]
46104012Is calisthenics the answer for the best strength/bodyweight ratio while being lean and having functi…[View]
46099240REFUTE THIS OR I'M FUCKING QUITTING MY FASTING RIGHT FUCKING NOW https://www.theguardian.com/s…[View]
46103940Are these good macro ratios? Skinnyfat trying to cut from ≈18% bf to a level where I should be good …[View]
46103417>he still buys packaged raw chicken breasts Why the fuck are you not just buying pre-roasted whol…[View]
46102892>he eats raw meat[View]
46092941/fraud/ roiding for this edition: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and blogposting general. Before a…[View]
46102633Lower my Test: So I went to the doctor and said 'Doctor my test is low..I've got tits doctor! N…[View]
46102809I'm 28 Fit and successful I found a new high end grocery store Right next to a high school Not…[View]
46103281Is having red hair a punishment for life? I got a friend who is single for years already and he star…[View]
46102874Is drinking 5 glasses of whole milk every day bad for you?[View]
46103454>strength doesn't matter in a fight[View]
46100999What happened to him?[View]
46102535>That 30 year old who trains in jeans[View]
46103610>he's a shoulderlet[View]
46102362What should you do if someone flexes a 'cep in your face?[View]
46100480Okay say im doing 5x5 sets and on the last one im feeling great. Is it bad to bump the last set up a…[View]
46102989What are the works one should be acquainted with before reading the Republic? I've read: Euthyp…[View]
46103140>today is bicep day[View]
46098690Dairy: Is cutting out dairy worth it? Redpill me.[View]
46103403Onions = Higher Testosterone & Drive: Hey /fit/, last time I was here everyone was eating and dr…[View]
46103309>lifting didnt fix autism All for nothing?[View]
46080017/wheyfu/ wheyfus with attitude edition[View]
46103018How the FUCK can you tell if a girl has a bf or not? it's literally impossible to tell. I want …[View]
46103173Songs for Gainz: Been lurking for a few years and joined a gym finally deciding to get fit. Need son…[View]
46100816>click on hodgetwins video >skip to 90 seconds in >they haven't even read the title of…[View]
46097986How do I get my friend to stop his self-destructive behaviors? A good friend of mine is obviously no…[View]
46101137>Kicked out of the gym for smelling the gym equipment after the women leave Why can't I do a…[View]
46103001I've only just recently started doing standing calf raises on a Smith machine and all that so i…[View]
46102743>that guy who tells himself that he isn't lifting only for some roastie…[View]
46102234What kind of fly is the best?[View]
46102977It is a proven fact that listening to Waka Flocka raises your testosterone level by 200% >hates w…[View]
46102701wtf is this on my leg /fit/?[View]
46102818Are super sets even useful for natties?[View]
46102939>that 30 year old who tries to convince people it's all about the face and they should stop …[View]
46101917Squat Knee Pain: What am I doing wrong when squatting? As soon as I start doing them, after even jus…[View]
46100336Is Instagram a meme?[View]
46102465Coming to /fit/ for a honest opinion Is it over for me physically? Will working out help?[View]
46098282So Im just coming off a 24 hr water fast. Breaking it in a few minutes, how much of my weight loss s…[View]
46097398>Be a male >Love squats >My favorite lift >Rep 160kg >Get told by faggots a lot of th…[View]
46101673Does any of you have an ingrown toenail surgery. I due to have it in a couple of days. Pic related i…[View]
46102785>DEAR ABBY: I'm average, fitness-wise, and work in an office. My girlfriend, who is naturall…[View]
46102665Why should I bother lifting when it's your face that matters? I've got the natural pretty …[View]
46102124Diet: Keto >gall bladder disease/stones because too much fat intake Intermittent fasting >ne…[View]
46102755>got the hips of a 14 year old boy >natty broad shoulders Should I even bother lifting? I…[View]
46101636Forgive me /fit/bros, but I'm going to share my /fit/ related woes. I hope you don't mind.…[View]
46100050>2012+6 >not realizing that chad is the embodiment of the monomyth hero alive in all of our dr…[View]
46095415NoCaffeine: >day 12 Please tell me it gets better.[View]
46098605Just how fat am I?: I've lost about 80 pounds and feel great. The problem is I'm not sure …[View]
46100872Not touching the ground on deadlift: Yesterday for my final 2 sets of deadlift I decided to drop the…[View]
46097610How many people on /fit/ started with SS?[View]
46101124>be me >be doing pendlay rows >3pl8 >hot chick next to me >in middle of set >loudl…[View]
46097504Polyphasic sleep. Any one do this? Thinking about adding a few more hours to my day.[View]
46102249I Need help losing weight. 460 pounds man.: Hello /FIT/ my name is Richard, and i live in Conway Sou…[View]
46079337Mewing correctly?: How the fuck do I mew correctly? I watched the video by Dr. Mew but I have a bad …[View]
46101723Keto: Keto brahs pls explain. I want to lose 4 lbs of fat in the nect 5-6 weeks. Why would keto be a…[View]
46102296How do I achieve Jecht mode?[View]
46101579Anyone here who went from being skinny with no V taper to having a V taper? What what I've obse…[View]
46100460Hyoid bone position: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Why the fuck do I have such a fucked up hyoid posi…[View]
46102443What the fuck should i eat? Ive read too much conflicting shit and now my brain is fried. fuck this …[View]
46094109Can’t stand this cunt[View]
46101706Hey /fit/ How do you cope with anger? My relationship with my ex is dead and buried but through a se…[View]
46101281>that 'weird guy in his late 30s early 40s who doesn't know shit about training, is probably…[View]
46102488>tfw your dad is more muscular than you even though he hasn't lifted his whole life >tfw …[View]
46102076How to correct lateral pelvic tilt? Pic related is me and the X's represent the top of my hip b…[View]
46098826Do you guys eat breakfast? I've always felt like it's some meme started by companies that …[View]
46100561I'm going to go on a 1500 calorie deficit to lose 25lb and see if I can increase size/strength …[View]
46099858Listen here guys, I've got a new downstairs neighbor moving in. I've seen her three times …[View]
46100568I get more tail than you and I don't even exercise[View]
46099226>tfw used to be a shining beacon of health >tfw bench pressed 3 pl8s natty, diddly 4 (back was…[View]
46098293Jock Itch: Pretty sure I have jock itch or maybe ringworm. Right side of my balls have been itchy fo…[View]
46100046What do you think of the Templar diet? >“The exceptional longevity of Templar Knights was general…[View]
46101674Can't do gym cause of hernia and heart surgery when I was little. Will doing this calisthenics …[View]
46102135How do I unlock Shannon Sharpe mode?[View]
46100320Anyone doing Snuff /fit? My fav is pic related[View]
46099782How important is breath control in lifting? In bench press I always used to inhale while lowering th…[View]
46098684Strength Training for heart disease: Hey /fit/, my father recently found out he has an undiagnosed h…[View]
46101468Is outgrowing others the ultimate?[View]
46100208Hey there, /fit/, what if I will exercise while on calorie deficit? I'm 184cm (around 6ft) with…[View]
46101260>can't do over 32.5kg on OHP is it time to an hero?[View]
46101739Adie brah: Old fags only, who remembers Adie? Used to talk to him on Facebook back in the day, now h…[View]
46101689wwyd WOk /fit// this shit happen to me the other day. I was working out in the gym and some crazy gu…[View]
46101716So I've had pain in my shoulder region for 3 months now, and lifting and stretching only aggrav…[View]
46099151Clean Bulk: Strike me with godly clean bulk foods.[View]
46101482How can I tell if I have good insertions? I don't want to post body on an Angolan scuba diving…[View]
46101611>wake up hungover >fuck it, go to gym anyway >decide to do deadlifts because im a retard …[View]
46101426I can't stop losing strength when I cut Pls help[View]
46100545I can't wait to be 21 so I can get on the juice :,([View]
46097238There is no proof that he did roids. I believe, however, that this place is infested with manlets a…[View]
46101051I'm hungover/fit/ should I even bother lifting?[View]
46101063Does knowing too much have any negative health impact? I remember a lot, every single day of the pas…[View]
46099475Motivation thread[View]
46096574What are these?: Found these on my wifes back. They are about twice the size of a pencil eraser. Sho…[View]
46100577>buying flavored creatine[View]
46091642IT FUCKING WORKED: For two months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS I've been eating a raw onion every day. Who…[View]
46101195Hey /fit/, is this a good workout to do everymorning. Just looking to not be skinnyfat, https://www.…[View]
46098973Is it wrong to do cardio to dancing videos? I mean they’re quick and I feel like it does a good job …[View]
46101289What kind of nuts should I eat?[View]
46097810front squat: I love this movement because any discrepancy in my back squat form is brought to bear. …[View]
46098786Advice on staying fit while traveling?: What are /fit/'s best tips on staying fit while traveli…[View]
46100844how do i achieve this look?[View]
46098902I suddenly find myself really fascinated with what strength training and fitness was like hundreds o…[View]
46101284How do I unlock this hair mode?[View]
46091041Did you do your cardio today, anon?[View]
46097576Fatpill me lads: How do I get my body fat down to 10-15%? What sort of foods should I be eating/avoi…[View]
46100539>squatting in the OHP rack[View]
46101259http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5666947/Viagra-sees-prices-plummet-cheap-3-75-pill.html UK…[View]
46097067Ashwagandha General: >What is a good quality brand of ashwagandha to take? >How do I know it…[View]
46101172On a cut?: Have your protein shake WITH your meals. Same muscle gain, but more fat loss. http://www.…[View]
46098795How 2 have body like Greek god without any equipment?: help[View]
46097590I'm going to the beach with my family in a few months and I want to look good, so I want to los…[View]
46100881lifting and gaining weight: So want to gain weight and everybody I asked said that I need to lift. B…[View]
46100488What does /fit/ think of the hack squat? I'm a poorfag so I work out at home, but getting the b…[View]
46100245SARMs - MK-2866 sources: First time running a cycle, anybody got experience with them? Reviews every…[View]
46100933Well, /fit/? Do you think you are really doing all it takes to be a decent human being? Surely lifti…[View]
46095751Well /fit/ it's that time of year again >Nasty disgusting roasties/fatties talking about how…[View]
46099817* When (this) costs (that) * Give me 1 (one) good reason to pay gym membership and go amongst the pl…[View]
46081918Thoughts on this study? Can somebody more smart and familiar with studies explain to me if I should …[View]
46096914>drink protein shake >lose all motivation, feel sluggish and depressed with slight headache …[View]
46100732Any ideas?: I'm 5'9 and weighing 121 lbs (180cm and 55kg) Yesterday a girl (9-10) told me…[View]
46100770How come the vision in my primary eye that I see from got worse from yesterday? I thought vision los…[View]
46100642Shakes: I sometimes shake after 40min + cardio session. What do I do?[View]
46100578TFW you realize manlets haven't learned since 1984: https://youtu.be/D2CZLtoYLWw[View]
46099729do you guys recommend using myfitnesspal for lazy people? is it accurate?[View]
46098568Is starting off with 3lb weights pathetic? I am too weak/obese to do the 5lb ones, I just started to…[View]
46099377ITT: Post a picture of yourself as a teen and other anons guess how you look now >anon mode: obsc…[View]
46098592Does sleeping with light in your room hurt your gains?[View]
46099306>3rd week of nofap >getting desperate as fuck, had started looking through escort ads >say …[View]
46097093Make it...[View]
46100384How to stop being sad without being delusional: :(( help right now , I tried conversing but I can’t …[View]
46099072Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are small, retarded, ma…[View]
46097620Keto thread. Fat and Protein only edition >it's a fad and you'll gain it back on It…[View]
46100152>If I push down on my abs, they become visible What does this mean?[View]
46081416How much do I have to lift for one of these?[View]
46094857Week 3 of vacation[View]
46098209Rate my progress: Envy?[View]
46099932My question is, how many meals you have eaten today? Probably not enough.[View]
46097152What is in the water that makes some men so feminine and weak? Will lifting fix this?[View]
46094459Post yfw a gym thot starts working out next to you[View]
46099498My pp made bad weewee: Is there something wrong with my piss?[View]
46097695how the fuck do you properly stretch your back? ive tried all the ones in pic related but i never fe…[View]
46098189What are some unconventional exercises you do? >I rescued 2 German Shepherds so that I can play t…[View]
46093977hey /fit/ my maid is getting kind of fat what's the best approach to make her(male) lose weigh…[View]
46098889>come back home from the gym >feel juicy af >gf asks if I want to watch a movie with her …[View]
46087244How come porn with actual fitness chicks - not just skinny chicks with implants - is so hard to find…[View]
46085590What is a 10/10 woman in your opinion?[View]
46097698Just started no fap, does it help with gains[View]
46097013Home Gym: Any home gym bros here that can recommend a power rack? I don't want it to be too exp…[View]
46099481>diddly day >didn’t get diddled >???…[View]
46095472>guys video shows up in my youtube randomly >watch a bunch, decent to watch >just now reali…[View]
46091946Brutal moggings: Post em[View]
46096667Remember why you truly lift. https://youtu.be/scYsdpOM00M[View]
46097608/fit/... i fucked up bad and i think i have gonorrhea. going to get tested tomorrow to make sure but…[View]
46093873Sup /fit/ What's your opinion on the keto diet? I'm trying to eat better but is keto the w…[View]
46054002why does chad always have perfect eyebrows: is it a sign of high test[View]
46097268Holy shit I discovered a fat loss hack. Balance regular creatine/lifting days with low carb days. I …[View]
46099014Lat Imbalance: LADS my right lat is much much larger than the left, how do I fix this, I think my mi…[View]
46098758sleep and fitness: how does the amount of sleep you get effect your physical appearance? pic unrelat…[View]
46089352How important is sleep for gains??[View]
46097335Alright lads, I'm in relatively good shape (6', 185lbs, work out 1.5 hrs/day because Army)…[View]
46099018Who here lifts for the Galactic Federation? I lift specifically for the Pleadians. https://youtu.be…[View]
46098532>mum said i have a nice back[View]
46098987Joint degradation and lifting weights: Hey /fit/, A buddy who dropped out of a Nursing course adaman…[View]
46098656>bulking and cutting >Not just lean bulking…[View]
46097273>go on holiday for 3 weeks >put on 6kg in that time Guess who's having salads for the res…[View]
46098007Why are the caps so hard to pull off?[View]
46094841What does your loving gf think about you lifting so often?[View]
46098484At what point do I cut? Currently 200Lbs in this image[View]
46096499>day 70 + nofap total meme, makes no difference. I don't feel any different from day 1. no g…[View]
46097507I've gone down 5 belt loops since I started browsing here. Old friends tell me I look skinny as…[View]
46096679ITT: share our secret exercises I''l start- isometric tricep exercise for amazing pump (no…[View]
46097117do you have muscle imbalances? how do you combat them?[View]
46094430God-tier faces.: ITT: Post men that are at the end of the god-tier-facial-aesthetics-spectrum. And n…[View]
46098280What's the healthiest lower and middle back exercises? Got slightly convinced that the sit up a…[View]
46096437How much is his effectiveness based on being so low bodyfat? When he was fat no one gave a shit abou…[View]
46095070Nixon says watching porn is bad for your mental gains[View]
46098490Are hot showers bad for gainz?[View]
46097407ITT: guys you used to think were huge pic related holy kek i remember before i started lifting this …[View]
46098471ITT: GOAT drink mixes that give you some relief in your day[View]
46097394What was their workout and diet?[View]
460984683/20/18 Food poisoning. Slept from 5a-12p then again from 1p-3p No food. Just 1/2 a bottle of gatora…[View]
46097209>Nick Strength and Power exposes drug dealers sliding into people's DMs on Instagram >vid…[View]
46081771Is having a gf even worth it?[View]
46096171It great your having fun /fit/, but don’t forget the time limit![View]
46098362Wheat Germ General - Exterminate the Populace Edition: Anyone know if this fuckhead shit is good for…[View]
46097389How do I fix this lmao[View]
46098141Outta curiosity, does anyone have any experience an increase of testosterone by taking horny goat we…[View]
46098188>*destroys your kidneys*[View]
46092215Hobbies: What kind of hobbies to have apart from gym? >swimming >photography >guitar playi…[View]
46097917Is this a good workout?: I fell for the 'never skip legday meme' and I'm now built like a fridg…[View]
46096942Is it possible to avoid sugar and fat when getting protein? Whenever I look at meat for protein it h…[View]
46096438How do I know if I should participate in no-fap? When did YOU realize it was time to start?[View]
46097909Check mate fat shamers. We're here to stay. Have fun at the gym, losers.[View]
46095640>take off shirt at the pool >girls start giggling >'we thought you were in shape, anon?' …[View]
46096496/fit/ also used to be a health board, so I'd liek to ask. As a poorfag, should I go to Mexico f…[View]
46097230>Just did pull ups for the first time since I broke my collarbone >Got 2 reps Is it over for m…[View]
46096806Sleep apnea: Anyone use those masks? They told me a need surgery and might need to wear the sleep ma…[View]
46097277Post songs that get you going; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ISn-ki81EI[View]
46097706How do I stay fit when I'm unable to work out. Im going to get the Nuss procedure to fix my pec…[View]
46097791Hey /fit/, so I've plateued on weight loss for a good 8 months or so now. My body has recomped …[View]
46096626What's his routine /fit/?[View]
46097092How do I achieve this body?[View]
46090898Is it Unhealthy losing 20lbs in a month.: I was steadily approaching 300lbs and decided I needed to …[View]
46097078Home workouts: Is it possible to get giant arms and a overall /fit/ body with home workouts (i.e. no…[View]
46096871>the amount of time zyzz has been dead is nearly twice the amount of time it takes to enter and g…[View]
46097451How much do I need to lift in order to achieve pic related?[View]
46096893Plateau: So, I'm once again at my bench plateau, which is anywhere from 210-220. I literally ca…[View]
46095936Don't lie to me. How much can you squat? Include height and weight.[View]
46096548>tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day Anyone here managed to quit smoking and did it help gains?…[View]
46089232Is it OK to eat 6 eggs a day?[View]
46097414Hey /fit/ I'm 5'8 162lbs and I'm on SL 5x5 just started, this is my current body. I…[View]
46097215Whey Protein versus Chicken?: Chicken breast is much cheaper, but is Whey Protein a better protein? …[View]
46094491Why even lift if you're going to age and die within just a few decades? It all feels so hopeles…[View]
46096189Icecream of hope: >using ouija board in grandma’s basement >summon ghost of Rich Piana >oui…[View]
46094784How do your biceps compare to those of US Marines?[View]
46091975Guys, I think my life is at risk.. I was doing deadlifts when mid set i got this very strong very pa…[View]
46097195Multi gym / Home gym: >Does this machines work? My GF is developing fibromyalgia. It's in th…[View]
46080491You have no reason to lie to me. How much pushups can you do? Also include: >height >weight…[View]
46095881Nice muscles anon, but do you have any other skills or talents: >mfw >Saxophone intensifies…[View]
46095438Mummy mires thread!: >workout super hard >huge chest and arm pump >go home >mummy looks …[View]
46095124Soap burned my balls: Hygiene is related to health, so I'm going to ask this here, I bought a p…[View]
46095161Are you sleeping at least 8 hours daily, /fit/?[View]
46095144>He benches more weight than he squats[View]
46096264Shedding last bit of fat: I started lifting again January 8th after an awful knee injury that result…[View]
46095395Why do I get a lot more confindent when drinking? Also have you ever lift while drunk/hungover?[View]
46096912???: Just found out CT Fletcher just had a fucking heart transplant Why the fuck is everyone dying a…[View]
46096964Just got memed out of 20$ by 24 hour fitness >lifting at 24 hour meme Ishygddt Never again am i …[View]
46097003Under the Weather: >mfw sick a dog right now What is the best way to preserve my gains while sick…[View]
46085244Just LOL at chinks, gooks, nips. Just absolutely BTFO in the genetic lottery. LMFAO. How can they ev…[View]
46092561Are push ups just a meme?[View]
46096375How do I meet people /fit/? >Just turned 30 >work from home as a developer. >Meetup never h…[View]
46094092how do i get rid of acne: i've had it almost all my life since i was 9 and it wont go away , he…[View]
46092796Should I keep cutting or bulk 195 lbs 6'0' Bench: 180 lbs Squat: 250 lbs Deadlift: 265 lbs[View]
46088081>dad 5'10 mom 5'3 >be 5'6 >shorter than my sister who's two years you…[View]
46095990Any of you guys runnign a 2xWeek full body routine? If so, how are the results? how are you running …[View]
46096446this shit legit? Looking for some supps that actually work. Already have whey and creatine. Conside…[View]
46096546Why did this brown shit become popular the last few years over plain white jasmine and basmati rice?…[View]
46096403Anyone else a friendless handholdless kissless virgin loser who only clings on to life through is lo…[View]
46093187>been going to the gym for 2 months >Was going to go today >Gym is closed for the day for m…[View]
46095994how do i get this body[View]
46092717How does one go around getting their body fat percentage calculated by a professional??[View]
46096708Look bigger than I am: Was chilling with my friends today and we started talking about fitness. For …[View]
46095027Hi /fit/, I could really use your advice. I was wondering if you could help me build a workout routi…[View]
46094035A few women I work with are trying to start a one month weight loss challenge in June. I am looking …[View]
46091544what is the approved /fit/ pizza?[View]
4609522015% to <10%: Those of you that are consistently single digit body fat - what did you do to finall…[View]
46094630Who else ascended past making gains and now only lifts to maintain? There's nothing more satisf…[View]
46096381Are there any benefits to not chewing your nails?[View]
46096436>2017, 5'10'' 119lbs (a fucking manlet skeleton) >3 months in, not seeing much …[View]
46095204Is OMAD a meme or do it really works?[View]
46095597I just tried going to the gym Noticed someone outside walking Turned around and I'm driving ba…[View]
46092325How do I get protein if I don't like meat? I'm not a hippie I just don't care for it.…[View]
46093609/sexualtips/ sexual tips general Fellow fitizens share the knowledge on how to properly handle girls…[View]
46094063>spend hundreds of hours in the gym to look good >has weak brows have you taken the final redp…[View]
46091726>haha no way man she was definitely looking at u >just go talk to her bro haha…[View]
46096020How is this cunt the strongest man to ever live?: How can someone with such a shit physique be consi…[View]
46096205Oh no bros[View]
46095304>on no fap >pop a tab of levitra by accident (thought it was an aspirin) >on testosterone …[View]
46088828Czy ktoś w tym cudownym kraju w ogóle dźwiga ciężary?? Cały kraj jest pełny chudzinami i nikt nie po…[View]
46092640requesting more Monster pics also uhhh what's the downside to drinking too much of these things[View]
46094143Random Q & A - ANYTHING GOES: I'll start. please chime in with any random questions and hop…[View]
46095094HCG and MK677 Stack?: I've been reading about a 12 week course of HCG that may stimulate dick g…[View]
46096101Ok fit I started lifting the weights, then I started eating right, then I made a tinder, then I took…[View]
46095475Is this achievable natty ? What mode is it ?[View]
46089025Hey anons. I bought a couple of dumbbells to start exercising at home. Coupled with an horizontal ba…[View]
46094391Can I get a weight and body fat estimate on this guy? Height is 5'10'[View]
46094552Hey guys, I just bought a model d. now what do I do with my life?[View]
46095012https://youtu.be/XUhVCoTsBaM If this isn't your alarm to wake up then are you even trying to ge…[View]
46096119Hi /pol/, I'm new to 4chan. What does this meme mean? Thanks. MAGA[View]
46094885>skate board every day for several hours a day >feels good man >never get bored >have a…[View]
46092930>hey anon take your shirt off and join us in the pool >let’s see those abs that you are alway…[View]
46092243My dad died today. Jocko Willink is my new father figure. Who is yours?[View]
46094618coxplosion: do any of you have experience with penis enlargment? I'm average, but I'm long…[View]
46070448QTDDTOT, where there are no stupid question, only stupid answers.[View]
46095479Why the shit does this hurt my lower back?[View]
46096016Why did you tell me to take a week off!: >Lost all my endurance and strength >Feels like I…[View]
46093974AWAKEN, MY MASTERS![View]
46095629>finally got courage to go over to weight rack >started doing reps >Big brolic dude steps …[View]
460951695'11 vs 6'0[View]
46087981Squats: Redpill me on Squats Why should I squat if I can just train my legs with a legpress without …[View]
46091203>yfw no world class tennis athlete to treat you like her bitch >yfw you will never feel her ch…[View]
46094556Broscience: Does anyone even watch this guy anymore?[View]
46094909>be alcoholic >lift 5 years, only make minor progress >drinking heavily 3 or 4 nights a wee…[View]
46091054How to deal with back acne[View]
46090457Looksmaxing tips: Even if you're average or even ugly it's possible to looksmax yourself i…[View]
46094697Glutes general/Brapp General: Are your glutes thicc enough to get a brraaapppp from your fellow /fit…[View]
46093901I'm going to join a martial arts class but haven't decided what martial art yet i just kno…[View]
46094808Can I regain muscle after a cycle of test: Summer of 2015 I took a cycle of tes for 12 weeks started…[View]
46095493Water: >read online that water helps you lose weight and has no calories >Drink a gallon of wa…[View]
46093836>skip leg day[View]
46094952Thoughts on corn?[View]
46095222Hypertrophy variables: Now I have been thinking about about this lately and have come to this conclu…[View]
46095386What mode is this?[View]
46094560> obese manlet friend claims hes tired of his recent dry spell > 5'6 260lbs > 'dry spe…[View]
46091802>Whats up, guys, jeff cavaliere, athlean-x dooot coooom Okay, i laughed, but serious thoughts abo…[View]
46091784I have reached 1/2/3/lmao2 yet I am still auschwitz skelle mode. What to do?[View]
46089573so lets get this straight -- if i do a brosplit i might LOOK like the guy on the left, but eventuall…[View]
46094564Are weight-lifting shoes worth it if i squat every other day? Are they markedly better than a pair o…[View]
46093264Hey /fit/ so a friend of mine recommended this supplement claiming it provides energy, stamina, stre…[View]
46078616Approximately what body fat percentage am I?: I’m on a diet and trying to be healthier, so I wanted …[View]
46095001How do i stop being an autistic skelly?[View]
4609431620 and obese. When I run, within a couple minutes my calves and feet start burning excruciatingly, a…[View]
46088532Post test boosting music. Can be anything from chants to songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiKFY…[View]
46093090He is a virgin, isn't he?[View]
46093133Routine Thread: Day A Incline dumbbell bench 10, 12, 10, 5, 5 Flat barbell bench 10,10, 8, 6, 6, las…[View]
46094945>be me >6'1 >2pl8x5 Rows and Bench >1pl8x5 OHP >Can't DL 1pl8 with proper f…[View]
46093508What is the best shoulder exercise and why is it the Rocky press?[View]
46094879>'all that time in the gym... for this?'[View]
46094906How do I into Steve mode?[View]
46094210This is why nobody takes people who 'cut' seriously. Morons been lifting for barely 4 months and thi…[View]
46091514Natty bodybuilding limit: Wow, so this is the power of natty bodybuilding. Is this the peak natty li…[View]
46082170And there goes my 2 week nofap streak[View]
46092539Do you guys really do these extensive meme warm ups? I just do. 1 set of the bar. 1 set of 1plaet. 3…[View]
46092429I got a $100 amazon card what the heck should I buy senpai?[View]
46088169Leg press: Is this the most faggot exercise in the gym? Some fat 'powerlifter' manlet had like 12 pl…[View]
46094005How do I achieve Spiderman mode?[View]
46090994Is blaha the ultimate /fit/lord?: Been doing retarded bro splits for 5month, literally almost zero g…[View]
46092508Why are people at university gyms so insanely tall? I'm 6'1.5' (so close) and legit feel …[View]
46092502How to become social?: Any tips or ideas of how to get out there and make friends? I have one friend…[View]
46094661Whats /f/ thought`s on aussie fitness youtuber Zac Perna?[View]
46094382>be 16 >end of a growth spurt, about 5’8 >start lifting >squat is my favorite lift >s…[View]
46084129How're you holding up /fit/?[View]
46094633How much do I need to lift to achieve /chad/ mode?[View]
46079585/fast/ #202 - Snakeman is Black Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussio…[View]
46092936Six beer of the day: Shhhh! No talkie[View]
46092659Ok guys i could really use some helpful criticism,tips and overall opinions on the matter. Im 18 an…[View]
46083423>mom 5”5 >dad 5”10 >5”7 at age 16 and start lifting >now 18 still 5”7 I think lifting st…[View]
46088793This 41 year old man has more muscle mass than 95% of /fit/[View]
46093541>arguing with anon over routine >'post body'…[View]
46094197Fat? Lacking Motivation?: Watch the first three minutes of this video then tell me why you can'…[View]
46094353tell me what fucking routine i have to do to build MUSCLE make muscles BIGGER i want to improve the…[View]
46088466>be me at the gym for 2 months doing SS >this one guy that benches 4 pl8 in a hoodie who I…[View]
46094321How do you cope with the fact that you're not making the most important gains in your life: the…[View]
46093057Is galloping good for gains?[View]
46093062so my girlfriend is a little 15 year old girl. I want her to pack on some muscle while she is young.…[View]
46091473hiking: why don't you hike, /fit/? >great cardio >killer leg (quads, calves) workout >…[View]
46094011Hey fit.: Hey fit. I posted here back in December, got told to read the sticky, was fat as fuck (6…[View]
46094176>that guy doing lateral raises in front of the mirror[View]
46092313Take notes lads[View]
46093723>tfw my body is already starting to look pretty ok already even though my weights are still at DY…[View]
46077671>that guy who wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
46089037/FIT/ - Fit Ideals Thread: Haven't had these in a while. Rate too.[View]
46092609What are good sides to add to meals? I'm getting so bored of veggies every single meal and my d…[View]
46093996What mode is this? How to achieve this physique from skelly?[View]
46091029Why are guys at bars such cunts?: You complain about feminists and girls with overinflated self-wort…[View]
46093712EXPLAIN THIS FIT HOW DO I FIX THIS ITS SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING >bench 205 for 6 >the second i e…[View]
46093947>walk into Gold's Gym >THIS, IS, THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST…[View]
46093319why people buy meme gym clothes: every time i see somebody wearing this meme shit clothes in gym mak…[View]
46092748how to get rid of moobs??? i quit soda and am trying to cut down on snacks now[View]
46092974Shoulder press machine?: I like doing one arm at a time on the shoulder press machines they have at …[View]
46093141>daddy 181 >mommy 170 I am 183 at 19yo. How much of a big boy will I get at 27 when I stop gro…[View]
46093224What is wrong with my back?: I'm 19 and i've had this for 1 year now and I have the same t…[View]
46093730>he's not cleaning his OHP weight[View]
46093668>went to the gas station set on buying a pint of ben and Jerry's >Bought a MET-RX bar an…[View]
46093084Could lifting have saved him?[View]
46093674> 'Hey guys I want to be lean and muscular' > /fit/: 'muscles are made out of calories, so if …[View]
46091582zyzz: >no zyzz appreciation thread let's fix this[View]
46093671Why are weightfags so insecure about how tough they are? They definitely try to act tougher than any…[View]
46092423How do I do this[View]
46093334Hey guys, I’m new to this whole muscle-building thing, so please be patient with me, but wtf is ‘lea…[View]
46091561A coworker of mine bought me a shake weight for my birthday. Should I just toss it?[View]
46076976/fat/ - It's really not that complicated edition: Didn't want another weeb OP sub-edition …[View]
46092880FUCKING PAIN IN MY RHOMBOIDS: I've been in pain for years after doing fucked up shoulder presse…[View]
46089563How do I fulfill 1g protein/pound?[View]
46093430do videos like this actually work[View]
46093207TRX/Suspension Trainer General: Why isn't this ever discussed? Every robot afraid to leave thei…[View]
46090681How is your cut going Chico’s ? You ready to fuck everything at the beach ?[View]
46093193Do you feel like you're cumming when you get that pump?[View]
46093260Recovering from injury: I hurt my wrist about a week ago and haven't been able to lift since. T…[View]
46090120I am at my wit's end. I started having terrible urinary frequency. I will literally go to the b…[View]
46092384Recovery Foods: what are some foods that help promote recovery? feelin some major DOMS today. I ate …[View]
46092286>tfw post workout cigarette[View]
46092395Is this ottermode?[View]
46093030What kind of women go to the gym?[View]
46093162Hey guys, I’ve just turned 18, and I’m a lanky skinny fuck. I’m 5’ 11” and I weigh just about 10 sto…[View]
46093192Progress thread/ specific area edition any body part you have made gains in lately. Found this old …[View]
46091206Saitama's Training: Has anyone here attempted this madman's training regimen? I've b…[View]
46093041Rate my /gripfitness/ haul.: Finger resistance bands to work my extensors. Fat Grips to increase ove…[View]
46090811/vh/: Vegan/Vegetarian Hate thread[View]
46093046New routine: Alright /fit, I have an idea for a new workout routine. Basically it's main purpos…[View]
46092982If I can't sleep for more than 5-6 hours is it gonna affect my gains?[View]
46092725Report - My Diet of 12 Eggs a Day: I have conducted an experiment. I have been eating 12 eggs a day …[View]
46091267Has anyone done the Stronglifts 5x5 beginner program in the sticky? I want to start doing it and i w…[View]
46091782Pork rind - Keto approved?: I snack on this shit a bit too often and I've tried justifying it b…[View]
46092018Who else listens to bagpipes when they want to get motivated? I can’t be the only one. https://yout…[View]
46092765Did you take your ADHD pills today, anon?[View]
46092794Thought /fit/ would be interested in this. It's Grade-A exercise for the brain, so to keep your…[View]
46091182Can I replace both squats and deads with just hex bar deadlifts?[View]
46086668Fit not so fit: Eat this shit you are not fit[View]
46090572What's wrong with lifting for the sake of attracting girls again?[View]
46073884how do you say DO YOU EVEN LIFT in your language?[View]
46092576Protein/calorie ratio is the #1 thing that determines body composition. Prove me wrong[View]
46090269Jeans/other pants: Yo, so years of squats make me unable to easily fit in jeans. Which is a problem …[View]
46092387Natty superiority thread: Hmm should I: >work my body to the point of puking, eat myself into a c…[View]
46093874What do I say next? Alpha responses only no beta shit[View]
46080587/fraud/: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and blogposting general. Before asking your stupid beginne…[View]
46082607>not eating insects never gonna make it[View]
46092536ITT things idiot patents that think they know what they're talking about >stop eating so muc…[View]
46082216Why isn't your summer body ready?: >b-but i'm bulking! its May 17th your retarded nigge…[View]
46091900How do I increase my willpower? How can keep myself motivated in doing something without wearing mys…[View]
46085934/ourguy/ is CUTE anyway how do you increase flexibility in hamstring and calves (not for squats)[View]
46087293What sneakers do /fit/izens wear when they workout? For me, pic related.[View]
46091395What is the ideal male body?[View]
46092347>floor material has literally no traction >benches placed directly under light fixture forcing…[View]
46091441With respect to your lifting abilities, have you ever considered the fact that the Earth might be fl…[View]
46087252*siiiiip* Shhhh, not yet[View]
46091191Post your weight graphs[View]
46091894Have any of you used that Athlean-X training program AX-1? Is it any good/worth the price? I'm …[View]
46092193> kyriakos got his foot amputated because beetus[View]
46086461100 BW squats = 1 km run: Time for some crazy Soviet sports science. >Of the various forms of aer…[View]
46090190Do you need to take in 3,000 calories if you are already meeting your protein and carbs requirements…[View]
46092195Mfw incels can’t get laid and throw big hissy fits online about it and go on killing rampages They …[View]
46089731>Who /intermittentfasting/ here?: I usually eat one meal every two days[View]
46091919Beta Ecdysterone: Anyone got experience with this supplement?[View]
46092010What are you cucklets currently eating? >free range eggs from neighbours chickens >fried spi…[View]
46092034Symmetrical Strength, fucked up edition: How can i have fucked up my bench so much in just 4.5 month…[View]
46091814Hey /fit/, So I'm doing well at the gym, making good gains and getting stronger. The only issue…[View]
46090077Give me your best oblique exercises.[View]
46091139My boyfriend works out almost every day. Sometimes every day and sometimes he only has one rest day.…[View]
46086170This is a petition for my school project.: Do you do your last rep by: a) anger b) sadness c) anger …[View]
46091988>that first set after spending the entire day in bed[View]
46084069what's the best way for trans girl to fem body with exercise: don't give me those bs pictu…[View]
46090040>start taking creatine >piss smells like acid…[View]
46088024Lets get another cbt in here boys post height/weight/age[View]
46087586>tfw you finally get over 180 lbs as a former auschwitz skellie we're all gonna make it bra…[View]
46090462How do I save myself before it's too late?[View]
46091377>That guy at the gym who over head presses in the squat rack[View]
46091800is there a diet cheat site? like where you can find specific shopping lists for each week/day, and f…[View]
46077670MOGGED how will the '''mountain'''' recover[View]
46091088(((Minoxidil))): You're not seriously using this stuff, are you?[View]
46090893>that 18 year old boomer who goes to the gym[View]
46084471Mirin storries: >Look like a shit ravaged hell hole >But im 6'5 and rich and have an aggr…[View]
46091699Need help? Need a home? Need a place of solitude? Enforce your thoughts the archive. Bathe in the c…[View]
46090780Ketogenic Diet: Holy mother of gods has anyone tried this? >Don't crave sugar shit anymore …[View]
46091593.8 p per lb or 1g per lb . For bulking and cutting ?[View]
46089971don't talk to me: >battery dies at the gym >keep headphones in anyways >pretend not to…[View]
46090490I can’t afford good amount of healthy food right now because of reasons, but I just bought first gym…[View]
46090547>He doesn't have abs on his pecs[View]
46090219SHOULDERS: Is this physique achievable natty? please tell me i have to know what i can do to achieve…[View]
46088928dear /fit/ bros, what is the best way to monetise a fitness instagram account with 100k follower?[View]
46090042>Hey anon, take off your shirt! We want to see your big muscles![View]
46089167>beginners need to do a linear progression before getting big[View]
46080691Making It: When I started lifting, all I wanted was to get a bunch of skinny ghetto thots pregnant. …[View]
46089335Is it bad to be doing cardio after my lifting? Does cardio hurt gains?[View]
46091202>tfw dirty bulk for a week[View]
46090236Routine: Anyone know any good routines i can do at home, preferably without having to buy equipment?…[View]
46089454>that 25 year old at the gym[View]
46080205ITT: Cut Goblins: These tasty little fuckers. They're only ~70 cals a pop but I can eat 10 of t…[View]
46091172Im looking for a light core routine for doing it after lifting. i used to do x3: 15 weightcrunches 1…[View]
46090789UFC Fight Night: Who's going to win win /fit/? My favourite is wonderboy, but I have a bad feel…[View]
46089843Do your squats bros[View]
46090220>be poor uni student on a scholarship >don't get nearly enough protein from the dining ha…[View]
46090931Water PH: Is it bullshit?[View]
46090069Is there a point to approaching a 6+ girl when you're only a 5 at best? I just finished my run…[View]
46090309the perfect man[View]
46090750Post ego-threatening shit that's happened to you recently. me >go sea sailing with my dad, u…[View]
46090875>Why waste your time at the gym? >Why not just go for a walk? >It's better,anon!…[View]
46085869Finishing strength training soon need aesthetics focused routine: Hi /fit/ So my lifting career has…[View]
46090919>be born with club feet >have surgeries and I lead a normal life participating in various athl…[View]
46082396which one of you cunts got him fired[View]
46090885How do you think people perceive you, /fit/? What kind of vibes or first impressions do you give?[View]
46090881The more Alpha you become, the less you respect woman. This is basically a law of nature. When I…[View]
46090738What’s the point, /fit/?[View]
46088248Daily reminder to eat onions[View]
46090400I get a tingly feeling through my arm when doing lots of curls. Is it my blood flow or the caffeine?[View]
46089120>be me > slightly bigger than girls ex boyfriends > nice and sweet personality > caring …[View]
46087771What does /fit/ wear?: What do you guys wear when you’re not at work? What’s the most effay thing to…[View]
46086325>tfw no tall aryan mommy's legs to hug Does /fit/ like tall thin women more than thicc women…[View]
46090554Nik Hocevar programs: Do you ever tried his program and what's your opinion on them?[View]
46090328Reminder: Drink more water buddeh[View]
46090418>drinking loads of juice, eating a shitton of sugar, 60g of protein, few fats >retaining muscl…[View]
46089486posture: i don't care much about arm and leg strenghth(for now). i want to have an excellent po…[View]
46089796Kettlebell: >Mfw thinking of buying some kettlebells >have no idea if they're worth it Wh…[View]
46090181How much does lean mass translate to a higher 'base metabolic rate' I want to be big enough to mostl…[View]
46089618>some guy has bitch gyno tits from steroids >give him bad looks all gym session >do the exa…[View]
46090002PPLPPLX or ULXULXX?[View]
46088770Why don't you fight /fit/? I mean in a sport. Not street thuggery teenager bullshit.[View]
46087084How the fuck can I eat 175 grams of protein while cutting? I dropped from overweight and reading the…[View]
46086340Hey I have a question/new concept Every morning I have a tall glass of unsweetened cocoa powder mixe…[View]
46088408Ramadan: How can I do my best to maintain my gains during this time? I'd like to know how to tr…[View]
46090197Shin splints vs Bikes: I recently started getting fit and I have been doing a mile of cardio on a di…[View]
46088660Why is /fit/ so disrespectful of women? I've noticed you only see us as sex objects. It's …[View]
46088854On a first date rn. I ran out of things to say. Help.[View]
46090121>take a shit >gain weight Why does God hate me?…[View]
46090104Just picked this up. What can i expect?[View]
46081772Libido rekt from lifting: bros, I gave been doing nofap for 75 days now, meditating, and eating heal…[View]
46087975>This is the first study to show that, despite weight loss, intermittent fasting diets may actual…[View]
46090094Women can tell the difference between Gymcels and athletic genetics: The Gymcel makes approximately …[View]
46086429You showing off at EDC fit?: Come to a real rave. Like EDC![View]
46089395Injuries: Snap city thread. I think I have a mild shoulder injury that could eventually lead to imp…[View]
46089908Shannnwow: Fitness babe on deviant art https://orig00.deviantart.net/e063/f/2018/139/c/5/sorry_for_t…[View]
46089913Reminder that if you are attracted to pic related: You're a closeted homosexual.[View]
46089000Post a image that describes /fit[View]
46089196Thinking about giving up bread: What are the benefits?[View]
46089634wtf is this also max number of pullups you can do: I can do 21.[View]
46089883Learning how to cut: Hey guys. Been lifting casually for about 5 years now. I’m 21, 5’10”, 195 lbs. …[View]
46087966face: >go to gym with girl >show her jeff athlean x >'wow he has a nice body, o but his fac…[View]
46087701Why dont you oil pull instead of pulling your dick?[View]
46089808is warming up a meme? every time i lift i feel like i can only hit my max the first time i do it eve…[View]
46088826Gymnastic Strength Training: Toughts on Gymnastic Strength Training? (particularly Chris Sommers…[View]
46087071>Finally benched 135lbs for 5 I think I'm gonna make it.[View]
46088443Men are equally as stupid about things like women. Women as a group have more emotional intelligence…[View]
46089140when will low volume fags learn?: >wants to get big >trains to increase weight on low rep sets…[View]
46089790Stop consuming datas: Which board are you from? Which are the most recent subreddits or YouTube chan…[View]
46088313I started out as 6'1 135lb Skelly at 17 y/o and now I'm 5 1/2 months in, weighing 160lb at…[View]
46086501>That under 30year old who's losing his hair Please tell me there are no literal mutants who…[View]
46089210How do you cure sadness?: >inb4 this isn't fit realted Yes it it, sadness kills gains…[View]
46089229Hey, guys. I'm doing 3x5 but want to transition to 5/3/1. The 5/3/1 calculator asks for a 5RM. …[View]
46088857which way do you wear it?: Do you guys really wear it with you dick facing up? No one does this righ…[View]
46089155>you need to start with a strength LP[View]
46087888Is /fit/ kotmaxxing? Cats have been shown to exponentially increase the level of happiness in their …[View]
4608438419 years old and already looking like this: Just BAKA bros There needs to be a cure for this balding…[View]
46089504Aerobic martial arts: >attend light sports women class >finally feel comfortable with with thi…[View]
46089478Squat more if you want big arms.[View]
46087764How does one achieve this aesthetic?[View]
46084990Ditch dairy: Ditch dairy[View]
46089246Stop lifting for vag, you betas!: Guys, I'm seeing a lot of gushing over women on /fit/, and wh…[View]
46088650For years I've been doing a basic upper body split which consisted of: Monday: Chest Tue: Back …[View]
46085424So is keto diet a meme or what? Sounds like ultimate biohack. Carbs are exactly what makes us fat[View]
46089343>says onions is estrogenic >drinks beer and cow milk https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/a…[View]
46088549NoFap /General/: NoFap Day 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPKDSkdIHPw NoFap Day 90 https://www.yo…[View]
46080677Why isn't your diet just oatmeal and whey? What's wrong with you? Don't you want to b…[View]
46088401How to bulk up: I weigh 145 lbs and can bench press 225 lbs for 5-6 reps and i deadlift 500 lbs and …[View]
46088229>Start to watch what kind of males do females fap to (pop idols, romance novels) >pretty much …[View]
46086951Hey guys I need help is someone willing? I recently got a girlfriend and my life’s pretty much on tr…[View]
46087219FFS Another Pitbull Thread: After years of getting /fit/ you have made it and are now a gladiator. Y…[View]
46047388/csg/ Combat Sports General: this is so that 15 'what martial art should I learn???' threads don…[View]
46085779Coconut water: So how good is this stuff really?[View]
46086507Collarbones: Is it possible to change the position/angle of your collar bones, or is this what you…[View]
46085867is it better to half ass your workout or to just skip it?[View]
46088714Show me the result of what happens when an obese fuck starts gymming but doesn't change their f…[View]
46088867advice: hey /fit/, do you like my body? Should I train more?[View]
46086566>mfw I spot a sub 200kg twink[View]
46087314is getting a fit bf hard? i like guys who are fit but not low body fat. i would think that fit guys …[View]
46088335rate my body.[View]
46088804Can i be chad if I am 180 /5ft11 tall? I think no matter how much I lift a 6ft3 guy will always mog …[View]
46088534What happened to Eddie Hall?[View]
46086523Anyone else a friendless kissless handholdless virgin loser who only clings on to life through is lo…[View]
46087603>got laid more by more attractive girls when i was fat than when i got /fit/ i legitimately don…[View]
46086570how did people achieved natty bodies before drugs?[View]
46088393Workout Music: Share with your fellow /fit/izens the music that turns you into the apex predator hom…[View]
46085734How to achieve Jordi-mode?[View]
46088570Is bread good for gains? I baked some last night[View]
46084772I'm proud of every one of you for attempting to better yourself physically.[View]
46088026Rest period for natties/compound lifting: Do I really need to leave a day's rest in between lif…[View]
46085215What's the worst thing you've ever seen in a gym Also what's with the people who grab…[View]
46088622>no sweetie,no until the 2th fap of the day[View]
46088298>be me >poorfag, neet >jelly at super rich actors like Robert Downey and Kiefer Sutherland …[View]
46088572If I take 2 scoops will it add 20lbs to my bench in two weeks?[View]
46086232How do you feel about this physique? it's pretty aesthetic when he's in civvies. Basically…[View]
46082929How viable is hate as a motivator?: Only thing that gets me motivated if I'm being honest. But …[View]
46088511How do I make professional gains, /fit/? I just moved to a new city and can’t find full time employm…[View]
46086316Is butter a carb? Because I'm on all carb diet.[View]
46086786Is this achievable natty?[View]
46088156Dad bods are in guys! Better stop lifting boi! xD[View]
46087945How's the cut going /fit. I assume you've had no slip ups for if you want a qt girlfriend …[View]
46087225Who's fucking lying to me: Which is more true? >for noobs with high bf% (AKA 15-20%), you mu…[View]
46087555Why does daily foam rolling, stretching and wearing a lifting belts help with squatting and deadlift…[View]
46081674is a thicc butt aesthetic on men?[View]
46086442Why does the lower body grow so well for natties but the upper body doesn’t? I’ve been lifting for n…[View]
46087817sleep question: we are ment to sleep 8 hours does that count the 20 minutes it takes to fall asleep?…[View]
46087993>can only work out on the weekend >do core, abs on first day >shit stabilization next day, …[View]
46088052How can I unlock Obelix mode? Magic potion cycle?[View]
46086992What’s fit’s most effective cardio? My gf is trying to go full bunnymode but doesn’t have much time …[View]
46086805I'm natural cuz, it's only flu shots. https://youtu.be/A2HdJ0c4hP4[View]
46087919Hey /fit/ whats your opinion on Cardarine? The stuff almost sounds too good to be true. Its particul…[View]
46083786Rate my dinner[View]
46087265>former fatty >still have fat hips What is the point to continue when u cant lose from this ar…[View]
46086266fuck /nofap/: >be me >30 y/o married male >waifu isn't wheyfu but she's good >…[View]
46086844Is there any trick for lip shape gains? Mine are like this guy's here, thick and unshapely[View]
46087703/fit/ I love lifting but I feel like I need some other hobbies as at weekends all I do is go out and…[View]
46087777Can we talk about how bad this show has gotten. Only shill a bunch of pseudo shit... Used to be okay…[View]
46086255>Low vitamin D >Doctor recommends me to do cardio at 11-12 am to get sunlight >Sun burns to…[View]
46087382The water problem: Is the estrogen in the water turning frogs gay meme real?what can we do about it?…[View]
46085716Is swimming a viable form of exercise?[View]
46086978https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c_zRL0w0rlc What went wrong? Sam Ernil developer of highly advanced b…[View]
46079588TRT changed my life and I've been doing research on testestrone for a while any questions?[View]
46087627Just gained all the weight I've lost over the last year. I wish I could blame my new medication…[View]
46082566At ≈20% bodyfat should I cut or bulk? >things to consider -if I bulked I don't care what I l…[View]
46087608*sips loudly*[View]
46065332/fph/: fph/fps[View]
46087191Vegetables: I never liked them and I have been trying to make them more palatable by roasting them a…[View]
46071439Redpill me: ITT: redpill me >6' and weigh 140lbs >nappy hair (should i get a haircut and …[View]
46085301Yo /fit/ do you start with lower weight and add weight until you reach peak or start with max weight…[View]
46087339>fell for the the 'compounds are all you need for abs' meme What are some good ab isolations? Pre…[View]
46087398Is this lady right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op8nsxP6zNs Everyone seems to be hating on her …[View]
46086490>The year is 2012 >You're still in high school, or uni, doesn't matter which because…[View]
46069001Something's gotta change /fit, we can't keep living like this[View]
46081216Tea: Come /fit/ sit down, have some tea. I'm drinking jasmine, what will you be having?[View]
46083921If you wanted to fraud David Laid style (keep it lean and moderate enough to where a lot of people w…[View]
46086421I've tried to ask this on a few websites and been limited by age of account (i.e, reddit) and t…[View]
46084188when did you decide that lifting to improve your life was pointless, /fit/? I'll start >be i…[View]
46086102If sugar is so unhealthy why does it taste so good[View]
46083278What lifts can pull me out of this pit?[View]
46086303Sup bros, >In the gym for Saturday AM workout >One guy taking up a bench and a smith machine …[View]
46086924All women will be mine, and mine alone: That's all faggots.[View]
46086608Hey guys, how can I know if I’ve got gynecomastia? I recently lost some weight and it literally does…[View]
46087048>want to work out but cant find my basketball shorts THIS IS BULLSHIT FML…[View]
46086777ITT: What are you eating right now: Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup[View]
46086031Just when I thought it'd be a good day... 3/19/18 (Cheat day!) 3x8 55 Overhead Press 1320 3x8 5…[View]
46085946>asked a girl on a date >she said no >feel like shit > autistically say to myself 'I jus…[View]
46086537I've come to the conclusion that I should drop GSLP. I like the program, but I'd like to g…[View]
46086543>ex-fatty >afraid of getting fat again so don't eat too much >lifting 3-4 days a week …[View]
46078668ASMR Mental /fit/ness and healthy sleep: What do you guys do to help yourself fall asleep and just h…[View]
46086091progress thread: how am I doing? used to weighj 320 Lbs dont have pics at that weight though. fat pi…[View]
46082994With the right roids can I look like this? idk what my insertions are like i'm skelly right now…[View]
46075513/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Powerlifting General: please buy muh skynets (for jesus) edition Welco…[View]
46086398How much water do you drink per day? I only drink when I'm thirsty but I wanna set a daily goal[View]
46084960Vitamin A,B123..,C,D,E,K Which one's the best[View]
46083678Why is Fat Acceptance Such a Big Thing Now?: I cringe at it though why did I happen.[View]
46085772I got to thinking, what would happen if we found super dense calories? For example, if you had 2000…[View]
46082878>confrontation leaves me shaken, hands trembling and everything How do I train my Flight response…[View]
46084738Post what you think is an ideal back: This is my nomination for an ideal back. The muscles go all th…[View]
46080494How much do I need to lift to achieve /refugee/mode?[View]
46085863>I see you not drinking that water[View]
46086276PSMF: So what does /fit/ think about psmf diets? They seem to really do the job[View]
46086287>tfw finally poop after 2 days[View]
46086363yoga: hey guise oldfag here, haven't been on this site for a long time i need your help with a…[View]
46085444Why don't bodybuilders ever do a proper lifting routine?[View]
46082532>walk into all blacks gym >KUMATEE KUMATEE KORR A KORR A KUMATEE KUMATEE KORR A KORR A TENG A …[View]
46083560Fit is dead: And you know it. You normie incel faggots will hang for what you've done to this …[View]
46086041Stretching: What's the deal with stretching? At the moment I do a few minutes of dynamic stret…[View]
46084408So what happens when you eat over 10% of calories from saturated fats?[View]
46082979Diet: Breakfast: 4 waffles with PB and Honey in the middle. Snack: Protein Bar/Granola Bar, and som…[View]
46083997Do you shower at the gym once you're done working out or wait until you get home?[View]
46086096Can't into face: Can you fix shit facial symmetry by breaking the bones in your face and lettin…[View]
46086050I have been going to the gym in an old jogging pants and tshirt and feel like I am ready to step up …[View]
46085811whats the best beginners routine to go from skellymode to gaypopmode i dont want to become big, i ju…[View]
46086018When the manlets are in your spot.[View]
46082865Is this bullshit[View]
46076653Forearm training: I want to train my forearm but I'm not sure how. I thought I could buy one of…[View]
46083838Hey /fit/ I'm a beginner and i asked my beefy cousin for advice, and he wrote me this routine. …[View]
46059029What’s your favorite form of cardio?[View]
46085193https://youtu.be/cXIpFD4eowg Girl reactions start at 1:50. Do girls look at you the way they look a…[View]
46085593Too much vitamin D: Can you die from too much vitamin D?[View]
46082289Guys, best way to freshen breath besides toothpaste? Don't you need a good diet or something?[View]
46083811Hi, I'm somewhat of an autistic chad and get tons of girls trying to fuck me, I just don't…[View]
46085458Prove you're not just a hater: And say one nice thing about MACHINES.[View]
46085360Cooked vs uncooked rice: I'm assuming the label is for uncooked. Do the macros change after it…[View]
46085398I fucked up /fit/ I used to be like 6'0 224 lbs of fatass and around 3 years ago I managed to …[View]
46084811Good form: hey /fit/, is it a good idea to good form even when you're not lifting/working out? …[View]
46085392Fell for the AlphaDestiny high boy fat meme. How can I shred besides counting calories or DMing Jeff…[View]
46083429Glutamine stinks?: Anyone else notice their big ol tub of glutamine smells like ammonia? Is it norma…[View]
46085308Swimming while also weight training: What's going on dudes. So I have a question. I've bee…[View]
46077994/fit/ humor[View]
46085162>22 year old virgin due to performance anxiety and porn addiction >failed to get erect in the …[View]
46085031Gym stories: let me into your life edition: Was with a black friend at the gym about to leave when a…[View]
46073646/CBT/ - Current Body Thread summer is right around the corner anon, post beach bod. 181cm / 72kg Fin…[View]
46085120Travelers constipation- what do I do?: I've had a change in my diet, a lot more bread and chees…[View]
46084923/fit/ absolutely blown the fuck out[View]
46084486Imagine being shorter than 250cm: Fucking manlets.[View]
46080749Fraud: just ordered whey leucin vit d3 creatine joint support ZMA cant wait to get back on my cycle!…[View]
46077953ITT: people you thought were big before you started lifting[View]
46084388>trying to eat healthy and controlled portions >people at work always food they don't eat…[View]
46084836started lifting, got ED: >full body ~4 days a week for a couple hours a couple months ago >eat…[View]
46081365JFK was /ourguy/: Why did things have to change /fit/? ;([View]
46084222I've been doing curls but I've already stalled. I'm doing 3x8 and I can't even d…[View]
46081825Best cardio for sex: Hey fit, I have PE and I’m sick of using delaying sprays to suppress the sympto…[View]
46084869I am a gay twink with no hair on my body. I want more manly features. I talked to a few doctors abou…[View]
46084796REPS FOR JESUS[View]
46083384strength and size: Been lifting for Strength for a few years now and was thinking of Switching to hy…[View]
46083443ITT: we say thank you to based chicken for their service. THANK YOU BASED CHICKEN FOR DYING FOR MY L…[View]
46081675>that guy who wears a wrinkled t-shirt to the gym[View]
46084579how do i get shoulders like these?[View]
46084501What's the optimal amount of physical contact per week a person should get?[View]
46083716why are women on tinder so mean[View]
46062753Mirin Stories: Mirin Stories thread >be me >very fit >11 pm >decide to take a cruise in …[View]
46082429>Protein Protein[View]
46084009Why do dyels always post pics like these?[View]
46084642Hey /fit, I'm a 1,82 spooky lad (65 kg) and i'm about to start gym next week. What supplem…[View]
46081933Any other tit tapers?: Been losing weight since winter ended, about 30 pounds so far. Still have bit…[View]
46076830>that guy that brings his own hammer to the gym for hammer curls[View]
46084337>be me >post(http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/46073074/be-me) about some shady/sketchy ass s…[View]
46084283Should I just focus on core for a month without other exercises?: Sup /Fit, I'm currently hitti…[View]
46081574I've been living at high altitude for the past several years (~5000 feet) and moved to sea leve…[View]
46076489What do you dress like /fit/? Pic related, Beckham styling all over the royal wedding[View]
46084274/fit/, it's been 22 years of this shit. My nipples are almost ALWAYS hard, to the point that we…[View]
46081715Im going to a party tonight and im pretty sure im gonna fuck Best/fastest way to get drunk without …[View]
46081832>2kg of chicken breast eaten today >620g protein >3k kcal Brehs... Am I going to make it?…[View]
46081194Who else here /fiending/ ? What’s your favorite pod flavor? Juul heads get in here[View]
46078815Dangerous unsteded chemicals general?: You guys have seen what inhibition of myostatin does in mice?…[View]
46083600>here's your bench bro![View]
46082009>enter the gym >TRIPLE SIX FIVE FORKED TONGUE…[View]
46082863I'm skinny overall, but I have droopy chin as if I'm fat. I have a pretty good bone struct…[View]
46083681i have to buy a barbell and i got like $250 to spend can anyone recommend me a brand or specific mod…[View]
46082972Can I get from left to right on a lean bulk by the end of 2018 if I'm 5'6?[View]
46080648said no girls ever: >hey girls i heard chris is only hot because he does a bunch of steroids >…[View]
46080994>lost a ton of weight >people don't believe me when I tell them I ate less calories, but …[View]
46080566Why doesn't /fit/ ever talk about Scooby anymore? Is it because he's a roiding fraud?[View]
46081470Why aren't you working on your flexibility and mobility /fit/? Advantages include: >Injury p…[View]
46078746>tfw 96 pound max bench I've grown so much![View]
46080516Lets get a natty progress thread going. Natty only. Let's see how far we've come.[View]
46082946How do I convince someone with anorexia to eat? My wife went on a diet a year ago but now she litera…[View]
46083613I've never watched the film 'Super Size Me' previously and decided to do so today. Ne…[View]
46082263Scenario time! >You’re at a bar sitting on barstool at the bar >In walks Tokyo drift king. …[View]
46082707>not even royalty can escape balding Ready to end it all bro's[View]
46079485/FAG/ Fit Accountant General: How're you doing? What was today's day at work like? What…[View]
46081149Haven't been on /fa/ in over five years. Validate my recent look I just purchased that I won…[View]
46079415100 air squats = 1 km running: Time for some crazy Soviet sports science. >Of the various forms o…[View]
46081277what type of body will get me a Taylor swift gf? will she mind that I'm only 6'? I know s…[View]
46081201Brotzu pls: I'm going out to the bars for the first time this semester but I've gotten pre…[View]
46083507Thoughts on this guy?[View]
460822624chan addiction: What should I replace it with? I get nearly all of my social interaction from 4chan…[View]
46082958Does anyone else here have anger problems?: I have a hard time controlling my anger. It's takin…[View]
46083368Shit: I recently started to eat healthy and to do exercises, but I have been faced with one problem:…[View]
46083124who here /egglet/?[View]
46081519Can HGH cure wristlet status?[View]
46081880Hey /fit/ welcome to the Curio shop, I hope you find what you’re lookin for[View]
46082509How do I stop eating rice[View]
46082889I now stopped lifting for women.[View]
46080944how do i make neck gains?[View]
46080832Mixing high and low reps please help: I'm a beginner have been doing 3x5 on all of my compounds…[View]
46082845So if CICO was real then in theory I could just eat McDonalds, Naco Doritos and Dominos Pizza all da…[View]
46082357>find hot instagram girl >she's the ex girlfriend of a celebrity No matter how swole or r…[View]
46083250Have you taken the neck pill yet?[View]
46074955what a conundrum: this guy lifts more than anyone on fit, yet he has a body that i do not want funny…[View]
46083033Worst DOMS you've ever experienced?: I'm experiencing the worst DOMS of my life right now …[View]
46074844This is what women want.[View]
46081757>tfw get /fit/ to fill the void of having no gf[View]
46081702Do you need anything else than isometric deadlifts for the legs?[View]
46079915My dinner /fit/: Hope you guys like it[View]
46082219/jbg/ Jason Blaha General: Coach lookin like a lean beast recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f…[View]
46077406weak men: Why are men feeble now? Using Japan as an example because they've always eaten onions…[View]
46082255Can you guys give me a cool workout that I can use to get BIGG without reading the sticky?[View]
46082128/fit/ I've been underweight or average my entire life Yet my face remains chubby, what can I d…[View]
46081345What happened to this kind of aesthetics in bodybuilding? https://youtu.be/KqBbK_kO5tw Also, goal b…[View]
46082818Hey /fit/, what is your experience with ZMA?[View]
46076576>want to bust a nut in gf >keep reading online how birth control makes women masculine and pre…[View]
46080633If my belly feels more tight but my measures don't change, is there a real change?[View]
46082970>it’s 10pm on a Saturday night and you’re on /fit/[View]
46081119>send girl shirtless pic >she responds 'lol'…[View]
46081990What do you think of my genetics?: These are the only two body pictures I have of myself from when I…[View]
46078770BLACKED coffee: How black is too black?[View]
46082756Should I TRT Brahs?!: 21 yo 135 lbs 5' 5 T levels at 400 Considering TRT to stop being a basedb…[View]
46081972A liquid diet of four pints of milk a day – and nothing else – for the whole of January has been sug…[View]
46081206will dressing like this get me laid[View]
46082715Are you ready for summer[View]
46080158Transformation pictures: Not sure what to call this so I settled on transformation pics. Post your t…[View]
46070451QTDDTOT: be nice edition[View]
46082137TRT: Is this natty ?[View]
46082572alcohol isn't killing my gains. HA.[View]
46079031Surprising amount of vegans on this board. How would vegans go about meeting protein macros? I'…[View]
46080356Egg thread!: Post how you cook your eggs, how many you eat, etc.[View]
46082427/cotbg/: Church of the Bloat general Come here my bloatbrothers, the time has come to discuss the pa…[View]
46081525Are 60lbs dumbells enough to get a nice chest?[View]
46082395My brother brought some bread. I just broke my 1-week ketosis state. Maybe keto is not for me, maybe…[View]
46078062Hey /fit/, I was going to start swimming for exercise over he summer. I’ve been jogging for years an…[View]
46082180I binged TWO (2) fucking days in a row I also didn't work out AND skipped cardio What the fuck …[View]
46081754guide for lifting shoes: hey fags, desu any good economic choice will do.[View]
46082282>tfw gf gave me strep throat I really like being shut down lifting to deal with this shit…[View]
46080714that's it /fit/, i'm ending my life today[View]
46079832>Were most people in the past /fit/ by today's standards?[View]
46082178>he doesnt eat raw eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGl8q6sQXRw[View]
46077057I want to ____ that peanut butter[View]
46081828Looking for low carb recipes to lean bulk with, bonus points if vegan[View]
46078651Is Simpson a Chad?: Observing simpson over the years he has a good stable job >loyal to marge and…[View]
46077989In this thread we message our most unhealthy friend and try to convince them to make better choices.[View]
46080222>Hey bro, how many sets do you have left ? I had only one left but i told him i'd be there f…[View]
46075971Well hello there anon: Chad told me that you've been neglecting your veggies recently[View]
46080022is it bad to lift with a hernia[View]
46081117How do I build up more stamina so I don't cum in 5 pumps?[View]
46081703On my neck, it seems I have less rotational freedom on my left side than my right. Nobody really see…[View]
46074630>Don't go to the gym more than 3 times a week it's over-training…[View]
46078183Whats a good workout plan for a Skinny-Fat physique? I have a lot of time so id be able to go 6 time…[View]
46081670>that 25 year old boomer who still lifts weights lmao dude you should probably start taking it ea…[View]
46081406I came across this graphic. Let's assume that vVO2max (velocity @VO2max) can be estimated using…[View]
46077284Oh no, a wizard has cast a curse on you! You have to choose 3 (three) of these attributes, and live …[View]
46080572If you're super tall is there anything better than juicing?: Are you really fucking stupid tall…[View]
46077450Do we have any hope of curing ageing within the next 50 years? I don't want to get old and die.…[View]
46080387MicroPill: https://cronometer.com/ Did you take the micro pill? Everyone loves to count calories, ma…[View]
46081317how do you get amped up before a workout?[View]
46081467>really interested in the science behind exercise/sports because I need to learn a lot of chemist…[View]
46080173Compound lift cut-offs for being a man: Hi /fit/ I strictly believe every adult male should be able …[View]
46073197>Cute bikini girl starts lifting next to me >Instantly able to do more reps Every time…[View]
46080666Is it possible to get an ass like this through squats or is it genetics? Would squats make an ass mo…[View]
46076566Skwaaat: Squat Thread >Style (high, low, etc.) >Weight last lifted >What shoes do you wear?…[View]
46078624Ouch: >be me >deadlifting >5x6 usual rep and weight range I do >halfway into 4th set …[View]
46077446Reminder that women can be sexy at any size. Pic related is over 600lbs (over 272kg) and you would s…[View]
46081076'Redpill': Everyone is talking about redpilling others with theit vast knowledge of internet experie…[View]
46080974Do you look like pic related? No? Than why the fuck are you in the gym 3 hours a session? 45 - 60 mi…[View]
46078553Skinny-skinny here (50kg 1,80) aka holocaust victim What is the fastest and resonable way to increas…[View]
46046026/running/: where are all my /running/ bros at? what are your /running/ goals /fit/? share them with …[View]
46071708How to prepare for firefighter 'pack test': Ok, /fit/, I have never been here because I am a /b/ro N…[View]
46080581Brain Fog and Testosterone: So I went into GNC today with my wife to get some more multivitamins and…[View]
46080957>fall into the 'lifting for girls' meme >'it doesn't matter if I'm autistic if I hav…[View]
46081189>manlet >cutting[View]
46080841Diet Breakfast: >8 oz Lobster >12 oz Filet Mignon >6 Egg Spinach Omelette Lunch >8 oz Bl…[View]
46081129Alright /fit/ I need some motivation/ I do base level stuff at the moment. I can run, I could squat …[View]
46078589>mfw I realised my hairline was maturing and I wasn’t balding at 20 Get in here bros!…[View]
46081074He's coming: .....5...4...3...2...1... natty or not HERE I COME[View]
46077289>'vegetarians cant be fi- oh' >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-cIP3J7rA…[View]
46069058Could lifting have saved him? He already had a thick ass neck.[View]
46079476Is 18 too late to start boxing?[View]
46080166Keto: What's your favorite keto-friendly dish/snack?[View]
46079270/FIT/ hairstyles whaddya guys think of my hair?[View]
46062499Who do you lift for /fit/? Pic related[View]
46074710Dat moring wood fap, time to eat some pizza.[View]
46078645Why would you ruin your tendons and joints training for '''strength''' if you aren't competing …[View]
46080725I'm looking at joining a new gym and looks like there may be the same 5-10 regulars. How do i a…[View]
46078647This is the ideal male body. you may not agree but this is what peak performance looks like He is Al…[View]
46080465POST METAL WORKOUT TUNES (no wogs, nogs or ZOG): MUSIC FIT FOR /FIT/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
46058217>day 1 of nofap[View]
46079436I started lifting for women, but now I don't want any.: Before getting /fit/: >optimist >…[View]
46080102Why wont my Legs grow? I want big quads, but squatting doesnt help, probably because i have shorter …[View]
46080009Donny Shankle is bigger than you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdhOdJ_NVao[View]
46078986Is gym, looksmaxing and brainhacking the perfect combination?[View]
46080346Long Arm Having Bitch: Wtf is this nonsense. I got quite long arms, and short bicep insertions so I…[View]
46080593Meal Thread: post delicious meals with good fat for a cut[View]
46080588/mental health/ thread: How are you holding up, /fit/?[View]
46079884i just found out im 5'4' FUCK guys what do i do now[View]
46078984Can we get a meal prep thread going? Favorite recipes? How many meals do you prep for?[View]
46075681Is this natty?[View]
46079983hey guys, today i realized i have lost all my friends and that there isn't really anyone with m…[View]
46080335its been 10 years /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qSeVKCtprs[View]
46075872Why do I look and feel better when I just eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables instead of autistica…[View]
46080187Any legit SARM’s? no shills pls[View]
46079518help me /fit/: hey boys, fat /b/tard here, im kind of sick of being a fat shit and would really appr…[View]
46079149>tfw so healthy you piss neon[View]
46079905forward head posture: I have been signed to a modelling agency and they have told me that i have for…[View]
46077519Is SS enough to reach the 1000lbs club? >> inb4 not enough to reach the 1 mile club.…[View]
46078302L SIT THREAD Like push up thread but with L's Bet you bitches cant even do 10 seconds Last 2 d…[View]
46077717Distracting Females: Chaps. I almost fell off my bike and killed myself today. A blonde beauty was c…[View]
46079777I don’t want to get old: What age is officially old /fit/? I’m 22 and I feel old and like I’m past m…[View]
46076257>be me, 30-year-old boomer >doing Stronglifts for the past 11 months >made virtually no gai…[View]
460795157 days a week for maximum aesthetics?: A - Pull day B - Push day with squats Repeat If the goal is p…[View]
46080049Lifestyle: I only have 14' biceps but i need to keep it that way. I need to be light at 160 lbs 5…[View]
46077940/fit/ Halloween: What does /fit/ dress up as for Halloween? After almost two years of lifting I fina…[View]
46079661head pain when working out: alright I posted this earlier but no solution! when I am exercising I ge…[View]
46079664When will you faggots learn?: >Be me, 21 year old male >Powerlift through high school and earl…[View]
46078007Is it possible to do a Bradford press with dumbbells?[View]
46071735>tfw gf isn't interested in lifting[View]
46077922Is it feasible for someone who doesn't exercise regularly to bike approximately 12 miles on a r…[View]
46078552So im sure this has been hammered out here a few times, but I don't come to fit very often I…[View]
46079384>just calories in, calories out bruh >just eat less, doesn't matter what >doesn't…[View]
46079465Testosterone: How many of you would drink a gallon of assorted guys jizz every week if it gave you a…[View]
46077571>Pops is 50 >divorced >business isn't going as well as it used to >can visibly te…[View]
46076135I'm 6'0 195 lbs I can run around 4.5 miles in around 30 minutes Is this good for someone o…[View]
46077797Can anyone compete with his monster flex?[View]
46076391tfw finna taking the first sip of the day[View]
46076389Girlfriend wants a better butt. She has really wide hips and thick thighs, but a flat 'H' butt, most…[View]
46079194Most minimalistic routine on a cut?: Least amount of training to lose fat and maintain muscle[View]
46074308What's the biggest fitness mistake you've ever made? Pic somewhat related[View]
46079088Ok /fit/, I'm thicc as fuck. I have a normal body but my butt is big. If I was a female, I…[View]
46078497I have knock knees I don't really care about how they look, because it's not THAT bad but …[View]
46079435Chestlets Repent[View]
46078481A question to ponder: Why are girls literally incapable of googling or looking up directions? Is it …[View]
46078557>cheese >meat >whole grains >veggies if u want There is literally nothing wrong with thi…[View]
46077840HELP! Psych meds ruined my life.: >Misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. >Given Invega Sustenna inje…[View]
460759695’9” 165 pounds. I’ve been lifting since January 25th. Should I be cutting or should I be bulking? H…[View]
46078652How can I test my t-levels? Do I need to get to a doc or is there a cheaper alternative? pic unrelat…[View]
46064008/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Powerlifting General: Volume Wizard Edition Welcome to Powerlifting Ge…[View]
46076778SNAKE DIET HISSSSS: How the fuck do you manage to have 7% bodyfat and still have a double chin?…[View]
46078455What is the best type of mogging that you can do? >height >frame >face Something else?…[View]
46078137>young men have record low levels of testosterone >young men have record high incidence of bal…[View]
46077246No man is an island if you want to be the strongest, best version of you, you gonna need help[View]
46066848How are nigbulls so strong? They are like 30 kg doglets. This seems against the laws of physics to m…[View]
46078416is wrestling a good manly sport to get into? I dont wanna do gym like all the time, thats kinda bori…[View]
46075206How do you feel about body hair /fit/? Should I shave my chest and treasure trail? Pic rel[View]
46078540pay respects thread F[View]
46064490Anon. I'm putting together a team.[View]
46075784Thhhhhhhpppp. Ahhhh[View]
46075855>found out my crush has had a relationship with a fat fuck coworker of mine I can't even des…[View]
46079037What´s up fit? Recovering fat fuck asking for some advice on diet here. A couple of months ago I ga…[View]
46078081Newb here. What's more important? The amount of reps I do or the heavyness of the weights?[View]
46077307ITT: Fit Dream Scenarios >get all of the aesthetic bros on fit together >go to a beautiful rem…[View]
46078572“You’re attractive anon but you need to work on your personality” what does this mean[View]
46069956/fraud/ - Steroid General janoy edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index be…[View]
46077050Sugar Addiction: Are there any foods that can lower craving for sugars? I eat way too much sugar and…[View]
46077007why do most low test males who get into lifting start with SS?[View]
46076619Are squat cages worth it?[View]
46077868Low bar back squats is the only lower body exercise you need: What do you think about this, does thi…[View]
46072925Will lifting (assuming one has an average or above average face) only get me thots/basic hoes? How d…[View]
46077729Did I have any faulty posture ?: Well, it's hard to recognize by yourself. Help.[View]
46074760Mogging Thread: Re-count your mogging stories ITT. >be me >sitting in cafe >average 6/10 gr…[View]
46055804Looks like Jordan Peterson is carnivorous diet proponent https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/life/2018…[View]
46075575>enter the gym >Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I I'm in love with your body Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I I…[View]
46066397/fast/ #201 - link the fucking video edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the disc…[View]
46078241ITT: /fit/ goals I'll start: the gorilla from this Rainforest Cafe dinner plate.[View]
46077095I think im gonna make it: Finally hit 1 pl8 OHP 5x5. Feels good.[View]
46075324Has anyone bought the greek god program from kinobody? Is it any good?[View]
46072540So at the top of one of my deadlifts today there was a loud pop. Now there's a part of my back …[View]
46072839Friend from school?: Ok my friend from school, who I’ve known for awhile now, is super insecure, he’…[View]
46077043Beans: Hey /fit/, how do you incorporate beans into your diet, and what kind of beans do you prefer?…[View]
46072935This whole thing is rigged. No one ever makes it. No one transforms or changes. You're all fuck…[View]
46076007Friendly reminder that if you don't have your shit together before you turn 30, you are NEVER E…[View]
46077887Reminder that if you cant do the splits you are not /fit/[View]
46077775Fitness forums: Any /fit/izens here cheating with another fitness forum? Im trying to find a more se…[View]
46075987Meme butter: Peanut butter. What is its point? I mean who has difficulty bulking up? And if you aren…[View]
46070993XXXtentacion: Is this the best body type for a manlet?[View]
46070777Are obese parents child abusers?: Kids are stuck eating whatever their parents feed them so isn…[View]
46075793Yo anon, im 20 mins late on first date because i wanted to watch a animu episode and my car was bloc…[View]
46074543Hey lads, what do you recommend for meal prepping? Rice+chicken+peas&carrots? Sauce? If yes, whi…[View]
46076563I need some good quick-n-easy pre/post workout meals. Like, down syndrome easy...[View]
46076055How do I achieve super soldier mode?[View]
46077125How do i fast? Ive been on a diet for 3 month and lost 25kg and now nothings changing for a week ive…[View]
46076960hey /fit/, what's the 10 year plan to getting absolutely fucking massive? I'm talking frea…[View]
46077365mogged: Who else has a membership with golds /fit/? I feel mogged every time I walk in the place. It…[View]
46076614how would i go about combining weightlifting and calisthenics? are there any effective routines out …[View]
46077211My wife slathered some rice she mad in black sauce, is it ok to eat this[View]
46068979Looksmaxing General: I want to try this. Let's have a thread about looks maxing. Here's th…[View]
46077063>tfw redpilled about the face being everything What’s the point of lifting if everyone at the gy…[View]
46067550Why are tou still a virgin /fit/?: Well? What’s your excuse? The sadness of living without sex http:…[View]
46077005How do I unlock this mode? Is this peak Chad?[View]
46051256Anyone else wasting their youth?[View]
46078498Jesus fucking christ: All my life I considered myself to be a 7/10 and turns out fucking Brad Pitt i…[View]
46078355Why do a lot of men have low test these days[View]
46076399Vacation in the mountains: The place has a gym with no bench or squat rack what do. Only free weight…[View]
46077215I was doing high rep light weight work outs for the longest time, recently I switched to low rep hea…[View]
46074556>5'10' >somehow, everyone, everywhere, even women, are taller than me HOW THE FUCK IS EVE…[View]
46076418Am I making it?: /fit/, Going to the gym and doing at home calisthenics helped me a lot more than I…[View]
46073818>Day 6 of no fap. Guys I can't do it anymore. I'm struggling to sleep, I keep waking u…[View]
46077316Is this natty?: Can you still be considered natty if you do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
46077245holy fucking shit just had to complete 15 captchas to post a comment wtf is wrong with this shit dud…[View]
46077046Hi: This is a squat cage see what you do is you insert your penis into the cage, lock it shut with t…[View]
46076714bodyweight exercises question: >What is the difference between high reps with few sets and low re…[View]
46076580Where did owg go?: Owg i power snatched 140kg so u can come back now https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi3…[View]
46076997Legs naturally larger, how to balance body out?: So I have naturally larger legs and Im doing GSLP r…[View]
46076729>tfw its rest day and its raining outside so there's absolutely nothing to do.…[View]
46076124How do you go from this...[View]
46075392you ever saw him doing neck curls? i don't think so NECKLETS BTFO'D[View]
46076450Alternative Ways of Getting Fit: I made a thread about this a while ago where I claimed working out …[View]
46076122How to get rid of bitch face[View]
46076515damn I wish i realized sooner how important core bracing is[View]
46075808>he lifts for women[View]
46075781how do we help these people: reminder there are actual people on fit right now who thinks pic relate…[View]
46076849Fap Dimishing Return: I used to fap 5 times + a day , while doing muay thai 3x a week, together with…[View]
46076686how do you lift when the paranoia of life sets in and you start to feel physically ill about how wor…[View]
46076867Fun series to watch and comment /fit/izens >Oly lifter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPgACv8c94…[View]
46076695Would running around with about 12 liters of water/milk be good training? Like about 2 miles of carr…[View]
46076733What Am I doing wrong???: No matter how much I run It seem like i’m making any progress. I can run a…[View]
460754063 month progress - from skinny fat 83kg to 88kg. 6'4 btw. Thoughts?[View]
46076285Sup /fit Aware me cold showers Why can't I just dip my balls in ice water every day for the ben…[View]
46074752NON SNIFFERS BTFO, science has confirmed sniffing braps is good for you. http://technology.inquirer.…[View]
46075065WILL IIFYM MAKE ME FAT???????[View]
46075806Why do the workout plans for ppl have like infinity different exercises for each push and pull? Cant…[View]
46074437Need help with flatulence.: I went to the gym for the first time today and a guy I met there wants t…[View]
46072988>caring about your health[View]
46076480>finish workout >time for sauna >while I'm undressing someone gets in the sauna >im…[View]
46076296>that fat guy walking around the gym in a cutoff made from an 'I'm surrounded by idiots' gra…[View]
46062291/fat/ - The Only Way is Down Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/ people who want to better them…[View]
46076376Lazy shit: >last year decided to try to work out >find autistically simple bodyweight routine …[View]
46070751female fitness instructor at my gym admitted to staring at my legs during my leg day and commented t…[View]
46072019SQUATS: are they really the baseline of lifting system or meme? why not planks or deadlifts?[View]
46074720Post your Bulking Meals. 100P/130C/35F ~1300kcal[View]
46076236Will IIFYM make me a fat fuck?[View]
46073718Are pyramid sets better than a normal routine?[View]
46073625Hey /fit/. I'm gonna try to get the bloatlord to give me a interview. Would you see it? What sh…[View]
46066377The real reason you don't do steroids is becasue you are scared[View]
46075041SARMs: Just about to begin a SARMs cycle for the first time. Anyone had any experience with these be…[View]
46076255I've been using minoxidil to get rid of the bald spots in my beard since mid February. It'…[View]
4607569718, m here with p wide hips and little muscle mass. Thinking about lifting but don’t want to bother …[View]
46071699Can someone explain how I'm supposed to use these things? Like how do I know what level to put …[View]
46076060How come calorie free candy doesn't exist like diet soda or miracle noodles?[View]
46075890When did you realize the neckpill was a lie?[View]
46075266Redpill me on multivitamins and fish oil supplements. Does it just give you expensive urine? Is bioa…[View]
46072866Live fast Die young[View]
46076033This is attainable without weight training or supplements. Have we all bought into a giant lie propa…[View]
46072733Inversion table: Does anyone here have an inversion table that they use regularly? Walmart has them …[View]
46073321>a-anon help! I thought I could b-bench 2 pl8 but I'm stuck! I c-c-can't lift it back u…[View]
46075548The arbitrariness of reps: Is there a better way to determine that you're doing an optimal amou…[View]
46075906>meet a girl >I like her, she likes me back, she's cute, smart, hot, funny, 7/10 but I…[View]
46074523>Fitness Test for army is a two months >Need to be able to run two miles in five eight minutes…[View]
46075146FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk: >be me >say fuck it and skip gym for a day >'rest day' I say to myself …[View]
4607494323 and 5.4 - FACKING HALP: I recently joined the gym and realized that I was manlet extreme. Can I s…[View]
46075449im realizing that I don't eat many veges /fit/, I get all my calories and macros in without the…[View]
46071403How do I reach Cap mode?[View]
46074115Where my hehe posters at?[View]
46073074>be me >local supplement store starts stocking up with some cheap protein >called 'america …[View]
46074327Dog mode: >been lifting for months but still a skele >get on bus and sit next to qt >qt giv…[View]
46073560Gentle reminder that natty lifting is a waste of time[View]
46075359Who do you lift for /fit/? Pic related[View]
46075358Be honest fit. Is chest pressing 3x12 60kg good enough for normies to find me in shape? I can't…[View]
46072682*you know the rules anon*[View]
46072546Wow she looks completely different haha xD[View]
46067522Is 143lbs good for 6'0?[View]
46073119How do you pronounce DYEL? ive stick to Die-EL[View]
46074234>wake up >sip[View]
46075400Remember why you lift: https://youtu.be/JLZCwBGDfrU https://youtu.be/KW-mg9WjZNQ[View]
46070496Is there actually an actual benefit to doing curls? I always saw it as a DYEL exercise because nearl…[View]
46073825>completely dyel by /fit/ and my own standards when comparing myself to other gymgoers >all my…[View]
46059933How does one go about finding music to exercise to that doesn't sound like I'm on a fuckin…[View]
46074402Is there some real-life equivalent to this I can use to help with nofap or anything else remolty sim…[View]
46073168Drink more water BUDDEH: Never forget our buddeh edition[View]
46070211Olympic weightlifting is the most difficult and impressive strength sport that requires the greatest…[View]
46074264i'm 2 months into lifting, rate my routine A: 1x5 deadlift 5x5 bench 3x8 pull ups farmer's…[View]
46074898Are your abs ready for the summer?[View]
46073765Reminder that weight is an illusion[View]
46073773Anavar or Winstrol[View]
46073972Are barbell shrugs worth the energy expenditure? Their bang for the buck is pretty shit.[View]
46074757I worry about how I look all the time, got about 5000 selfies on my iphone + have to look in the mir…[View]
46074315/fat/ to /fit/: This is the one lifetime transformation challenge[View]
46075103Hey /fit/ I’m going away with the military in a month or so and am trying to go out to bars as much …[View]
46074920Is fap without cum bad?[View]
46071687/SHG/ - Sexual Health General: Yo I'm freaking out brehs. So I got caught up in the heat of the…[View]
46069136How's the ongoing milk debate right now? A lot conflicting information about whether it's …[View]
46074444asdasd: asdasda[View]
46074683NBA combine BS?: Been following the combine the past few days and I noticed that all these guys have…[View]
46066521/fitlit/: Are you making any mind gains?[View]
46071448confess, /fit/[View]
46071319Final nail in the keto coffin: http://people.com/food/jillian-michaels-fad-diets-keto-diet/amp/ Carb…[View]
46072928I fell for the SS meme and now gained a bunch of fat and hardly any actual muscle cause I'm a l…[View]
46073001Jawlets, when will they learn? https://youtu.be/KMIHBZ6u9ic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n70spmB…[View]
46067245Why does /fit/ worship this insecure loser again? Literally everything about this guy screams insecu…[View]
46074298Is it possible to train so hard it becomes a form of self harm? I think this may be a productive way…[View]
46071654How to get biceps like this?[View]
46065486/SIG/ Self Improvement General: /SIG/ Self Improvement General Talk about: - Overcoming Depression -…[View]
46074609Tips on how to stop binging at night?[View]
46058587How to work out and still look like a woman: Femanon here. I started working out seriously and have …[View]
46073323Counting cals: Used to count calories, now I feel to lazy to do so. Any of you fags not counting cal…[View]
46073398Being toned > being buff. Prove me wrong. Spoiler alert: You can't. >'B-but muh moosclays…[View]
46074159https://youtu.be/XTkMNrBusgQ Is this broscience? Trying to explaing to my friend, that the only reas…[View]
46073626Deadlifts: how the fuck can I tell if my deadlift form is right without having a partner spot me? I…[View]
46073118I'm putting together a team[View]
46072950Boys ive broken a bone (metacarpal ring finger) and been told no lifting for 1-6 weeks and no heavy …[View]
46074025And bulking. Thoughts?[View]
46074358So cutting here. >From 80kg at march 10 (lets say 79-78,5 coz I was on creatine the last day of …[View]
46073510What to do to get into bear mode?[View]
46069039This guy unironically motivated me today.[View]
46074350using your phone between sets. https://www.softbankselection.jp/special/10th/dumbbell/[View]
46070891What did she mean by this?[View]
46073566I can do as many reps as I want doing bodyweight squats but can hardly do more than 15/20 pushups wi…[View]
46072798>that girl who makes eye contact at the gym Do you think she fantasizes about getting raped by yo…[View]
46074074daily reminder that weightlifting is cardio[View]
46063708I'm a 5'10 female is there a way I can make my shoulders smaller. I'm really insecure…[View]
46072640The fucking gym won't turn down there shity loud music so I have to blast my ears with my own m…[View]
46073309How many pressing movements do you guys do on chest day >chest main press (bb bench) secondary …[View]
46074160When was the last time you did accessories? Reminder that women like pic related want big arms, not …[View]
46074064/fit/ humor thread: Hold me /fit/, am I retarded? Also /fit/ humor thread[View]
46072813Testosterone levels have been going down steadily in the last 100 years. Have people here had any ex…[View]
46073862how many years until i can get this naturally[View]
46073999Anyone tried keeping a squating position instead of sitting in front or the desk? My ankle mobility …[View]
46070338Is this our girl, /fit/?[View]
46070723How to bulk neck?[View]
46073173Rate my workout, and suggest how to improve it: I have a home gym. 20 normal pullups 20 weighed pull…[View]
46073042Thoughts on me?[View]
46073612Diet Break: Redpill me on diet breaks/cheat weeks pls /fit/ I've plateau'd for a pretty lo…[View]
46072751whats wrong with my body?[View]
46073791New secret way to lose weight: I have been on a new and cutting edge diet which allows me to 'eat' w…[View]
46073814Fact: A full body routine done correctly is far superior to a body part split for natural lifters. M…[View]
46072055sup /fit/ someone aware me on cold showers. i've heard they're good for test levels why wo…[View]
46070021Does anyone else do rows with this bar? Straight barbell rows killing my wrist at the moment, so I’…[View]
46073691Can we all agree that this is what the vehicle of a person who has reached his peak physique looks l…[View]
46071967cereal and milk: is eating cereal a meme? my whole life my parents have told me that cereal is healt…[View]
46073545This entire board just got mogged.[View]
46073482what are the biggest mistakes people make when looks maxxing?[View]
46072799Can i get ripped by doing ten push ups a day?[View]
46040969What does /fit/ do for a living? Is it compatible with your fitness goals?[View]
46072435Give me one good reason to still eat meat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30gEiweaAVQ[View]
46069764Online Dating: I'm 6'4, 195 Ib and fairly handsome face. Why am I bombing on tinder and PO…[View]
46072812how to get the most of a 20-minute run: how to get the most of a 20-minute run. if 10 is your maximu…[View]
46071332Fat Burner: So how much mf a meme is this stuff really? There's no way it does what it claims t…[View]
46072900Has anyone of you lifted actual heavy stuff? Like entire logs?[View]
46062911/fit/ is shit: This board is fucking poison to your mind. It's all about making you feel insecu…[View]
46073027What mode is this?[View]
46073435Fat person hate: Where’s the /fit/ we know and love?[View]
46071978Lifting without changing weight: What to do, when I'm happy with my weight, which is healthy fo…[View]
46069012Stop staying at the gym for longer than 30 minutes.[View]
46073247Confess, /fit/[View]
46071483Why even lift if you can't defend yourself from becoming someone's bitch in prison[View]
46072141What’s up /fit/ just copped one of these on letgo for $30. I have little to no combat training exper…[View]
46069982My body is exact the same as the one on the left, is it ever possible for me get half as big as cap …[View]
46072995Does this look like a man with a great body?: >no How can someone with such a low-test beta male …[View]
46062838SL, SS, GSLP are memes: Here's why: They don't train neck, they don't train abs excep…[View]
46072226Kicking Carb Addiction: Be 5'11' and 125 lbs most of my life. Last year get up to 180. In the l…[View]
46072927I someday found a program for traps but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Does someone have a g…[View]
46072634Can I do deadlifts if I don't want bigger legs? I want posterior chain gains but my legs are al…[View]
46059130CBT /slay/ edition[View]
46069437What's /fit/'s preference in eyewear frames? Going to be changing my prescription glasses,…[View]
46072829My 'equipment' kind off broke and i can't do squats with a barebell in my home gym anymore. Fix…[View]
46072677So, I want to get fit again, but every time I try walking for more then a hour at a time I get blist…[View]
46054967looking good jeff[View]
46070390>tfw no gym friends why even lift?[View]
46070961What is the best workout to build upper chest? Also r8 my jaw please[View]
46071066Fuck Just tried to go to the gym at night and there's like 5 people here. I'm going home[View]
46072479Who /foodinstinct/ here: >be me >hear everyone talking about calorie counting >curious to t…[View]
46070353I didn't go to the gym this entire week.. I'm sorry.[View]
46072249>start nofap >3 days in >literally can not get hard at anything unless I rub my dick Thanks…[View]
46072282Progress thread: I have no progress but I want some motivation so post your progress Anyone got any …[View]
46068157Fat thread: How do I remove belly fat? I walk 30-35 KM on a regular basis, at least 6-8x per month. …[View]
46069072Are you lean yet?[View]
46072294A really crappy day. Still losing weight though. 3/18/18 Large Cotton Candy Blizzard 1200 Half a med…[View]
46072420Got 5x5 at 225 lb bench today. Feeling good at 180lb bw. Maxxed out with a single at 270 right after…[View]
46045892>no push up thread >DROP AND GIVE ME THE LAST 2 DIGITS, ANON, YOU'RE LETTING THE WHOLE /f…[View]
46072297Should I do a 250 cal bulk? What are the pros/cons? Will I still see gains?[View]
46071852>pizza mondays >bagel tuesdays >whatever the fuck a 'lunk alarm' is >judgement…[View]
46071436What do you use for inspiration when cutting? When I'm hungry I just eat.[View]
46067131What is the tastiest way to consume protein?[View]
46070839i think i fucked up my back doing barbell squats or overworking my back god dammit lads it hurts[View]
46059845Who's the most /fit/ race in the modern era?[View]
46072262How do I get a body like based Boogie Woogie Man?[View]
46072106>just take the neckpill, they said >it'll make you more attractive, they said When did yo…[View]
46071526Any actors that are really buffed without roids? Pic not related[View]
46070391/High test diet/: Post high test /fit/ approved foods to include in a diet, and also foods to avoid …[View]
46070832Is fapping 1-2x a day the key to eternal gains I swear after a fap I feel great and unphased by anyt…[View]
46071934Hello guys, I have been meaning to post this a long time ago. Here it goes. I have been searching fo…[View]
46072053I have been lifting like a madcow. Taking my supplements/sleep My test results are off the chart, bu…[View]
46067662I look like shit. Should I start bulking?[View]
46069994How do I get this mode[View]
46066399How do I make my chest smaller? I am 162cm and 42kg (5'3, 92lbs) and I have a C cup. Would losi…[View]
46070868If I'm skinnyfat on a strength LP and I decided to bulk first (and cut once I gain some muscle …[View]
46071043Redpill me on fruit.[View]
46068928>Be me >running >walk past girl >she smiles What did she mean by this /fit/…[View]
46071826You mirin?[View]
46062780How do I get this mode?[View]
46071649Does the type of food matter? It's midnight and I'm quite a few carbs short on a bulk, can…[View]
46065886Do I have gyno, /fit? Do you think doing pushups will help?[View]
46070515Is it possible to make it if you have moles and or KP on ur skin[View]
46071586post good shit[View]
46071374>wow I love anime and I lift[View]
46071135Anyone got experience with a chiropractor, or more specifically a sports chiropractor? I got tension…[View]
46069307>has money & status >has a goblin wife Looksmaxxing is the only way…[View]
46071488I predict that Kali Muscle will die before 2019. >Pic unrelated, it's just a tard wrangler a…[View]
46071298Has getting /fit/ made you Alpha?: Has getting /fit/ made you into an alpha male? Especially with wo…[View]
46071011Let me put on my +5 hat of weaponsmithing[View]
46067432>16 year old co-worker squeezes my arms at work >56 year old boss grabs my ass in front of cu…[View]
46071422How important is it to exactly hit your macros? If I'm getting ten less carbs, ten less grams o…[View]
46068713>he’s inspired by fictional cartoons made by fat basement dwellers who have no life experience…[View]
46071335>not scretching your neck while yawning[View]
46071290Is this enough volume if I'm an absolute beginner? Only doing it for 3 months? I pretty much ig…[View]
46071176Why do some of you not believe that celebrities roid? Is it because you look up to them so much?[View]
46071134Anyone here get mogged at the gym on a daily basis?: im a thick manlet so when i go to the gym, i re…[View]
46069149> he has rest days[View]
46070916Mental fitness quick discusscussion: >Should be just right >But shit happens What do these wor…[View]
46071237>lifting can't fix your shitty personality[View]
46070278Luna bars: The supermarket has Luna bars on sale this week. I'm thinking of buying some. But I…[View]
46070481Is this achievable natty?[View]
46069694>That fist bump you give yourself in the mirror after a workout[View]
46069592High or low reps for martial arts?: I commonly hear on /fit/ that low reps, high weight is the way t…[View]
46070230>Enters to gym >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxEPV4kolz0&index=13&list=RDMMhly_ozSu…[View]
46070152Fuck you Gold's trainer- anyone have any Gym problems?: Anyone experienced anything similar? No…[View]
46068208Is having a shapely ass up to genetics or not? Getting rather discouraged.[View]
46064470>carrying around a 22lbs dumbbell in my apartment pretending its a M249…[View]

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