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/fit/ - Fitness

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74359776Why is it so comfy listening to Joe Rogan talk about primates, food, and fitness?[View]
74356795/fph/ - fat 'people' hate: previous >>74350832 OC edition[View]
74355256Can someone explain to me why, in the fitness industry, directives are given in a formulation as 'I …[View]
74359714Why aren't you taking chlorine dioxide?: Cures just about every disease with practically no neg…[View]
74355846Friendly reminder to air out your dick & balls regularly. Mine are out of their underwear for ha…[View]
74360041I've stopped eating 10 eggs in the morning. Sometimes I would eat 5, sometimes I would eat 7. S…[View]
74358352What's the best /fit/ martial art?[View]
74360524I just had a chicken sandwich, double hamburger, and fries for lunch. I'll be skipping dinner.[View]
74360608Fasting questions: Hey bros sorry i dont wanna browse all this degeneracy just had some questions. I…[View]
74360606post your go to workout songs: https://youtu.be/32n3gZbEMF0?si=xyG7ZxFyUbCRL-e2 https://youtu.be/Kkg…[View]
74355899Best Preworkouts: A lot of preworkouts have these fancy stimulants in them in addition to caffeine, …[View]
74360549I do this with my brother and a towel, but how can I add progressive overload?[View]
74356138Why do women hate thin women? Why can’t women stand to look at women being in shape/healthy?[View]
74358865is this nigga really natty?[View]
74357841>no matter how much I lift,it will never change the fact that 2014 was 10 years ago and it's…[View]
74359757Running pain: My knee often hurts after or during a run. What should I do? Should I just buy some ty…[View]
74359878What's better? Training hard 3 days a week Or training slightly less hard 6 days a week?[View]
74357883fit approved supplements: >NAC >Magnesium >Beef liver >Creatine >Fish oil >Aswaga…[View]
74358943>Don't try to mog us with your Starting Strength ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that…[View]
74358377Red pill me on the Behind The neck Press Is it really that dangerous? In the silver era people prett…[View]
74360118>tfw you remember today is leg day[View]
74353368/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Köt burger edition >Who is /fat/ for? For Rotund Raccoons who are worki…[View]
74352716Functional strenght thread[View]
74360049How do you know that you've gone from a novice lifter to an Intermediate lifter?[View]
74357249Shit food alternatives: Would making/buying low carb/fat high protein alternatives to cookies and ot…[View]
74359608How bad is soda for gains?[View]
74359723What's the best calorie tracker for iPhones?[View]
74359097It just werks.[View]
74358690why do they do so many pull up?[View]
74359303stop chasing fatigue: if you aren't getting stronger you aren't getting bigger[View]
74357146IT'S OVER: My only goal is to have defined abs. Basically I started cutting and exercising 2 we…[View]
74357743I'm living in a cold house in a cold environment and I'm schizophrenic and don't beli…[View]
74359709I'm about to do lateral raise drop sets and the government with its fearmongering cannot stop m…[View]
74356745My friend is making excuses that he's too fat at his current bodyweight (200ish) I told him tha…[View]
74359021Can one develop good cardio by just consistently playing a sport such as tennis or basketball? If no…[View]
74347549i mean bodyweight exercises and meat worked for 200,000 years, why do you need more?[View]
74359389Would this work for doing dips if you're a poorfag?[View]
74357592>women complain at gym about feeling uncomfortable using the pussy spreader 9000 >They move it…[View]
74357008Anyone got that dip enjoyer, 'I must dip' starter pack-style meme? So it some time ago here and it w…[View]
74356658Beef = cancer[View]
74357448>walk into gym >INTO THE FIRE >I WIELD THE FLAMES…[View]
74359466>me don't enjoy lifting. me enjoy combat >go to combat cave. train. >punching makes sa…[View]
74355490>Saves your cut >floods your system with aspartame Is it really worth it?…[View]
74359011Fad diets BTFO[View]
74359253>no gym for two weeks >suicidal thoughts are back I feel like I’m in physical pain just now i…[View]
74356477This stuff smells like skunky potent weed, is that normal?[View]
74356002I don't understand how some people can maintain a resting squat position naturally but I can…[View]
74358876what lifts to increase poise? besides the obvious being fat[View]
74359255I just realized I spent way too much time watching mindless content on the internet. Do you guys kno…[View]
74359314What mode is this?[View]
74358123Summer cut day 5! Already lost 5.6lbs. Only 4.4 more lbs to go. Wow this is so easy. I always though…[View]
74358395>the gym she-bull raped another DYEL again[View]
74358857>tfw the post workout nap hits is there a more divine feeling in the world? i don't think so…[View]
74359151>saves your cut[View]
74356013my local gym closed my only two options are LA fitness and planet fitness? which one is less gay.[View]
74357573Name a better protein, you simply can't[View]
74358285I love being so much it's unreal[View]
74358848This is the ideal male physique. You may not like it but this is what a man should look like in his …[View]
74356159If im looking to doggystyled a girl like this, which muscle groups must i train more?[View]
74358664Which sport does the most to give women an athletic yet feminine physique and why is it tennis?[View]
74355744What are some breakfast recipes that don't include bread and sugar?[View]
74357218Why is it harder for tall guys to get ripped?[View]
74355446>partial pull ups are ba-ACK[View]
74351999Does NAC interfer with muscle growth?[View]
74358663Does cold 'freeze' fat: Does cold 'freeze' fat cells and kill them? There are businesses that use a …[View]
74356149Do you think this is achievable natty?[View]
74357515>your average crossdresser, femboy and drag queen is usually quite /fit/ How???Is there a secret…[View]
74356694/fit/ horror stories: >'Come on anon! Stop warming up and start your working set.' >'Dude... t…[View]
74353839This dude really made it[View]
74355769started sleeping on the floor instead of in my bed because I think it's better for my back[View]
74355344/fit/ changed my life[View]
74358232Steaksisters...our response?[View]
74356488I'm deloading in the gym. Looking like a dyel fgtmaximum. I feel like walking up to everyone wi…[View]
74358434Trying to help pops get in shape. Any ideas/advice?[View]
74358182Weakling here, got a waggie job and coworkers are stronger than me, how long does it take to your bo…[View]
74358370>who do you lift for? >'I lift for myself' >the myself in question looks like Yeah I'd…[View]
74355383What mode is this and how is it achieved?[View]
74354149Am I using the ab wheel wrong or is it just not a tool I can make use of at 325 pounds? My shoulders…[View]
74358263Health and Fitness: Yep coffee is good for you afterall https://novoslabs.com/are-caffeine-and-coffe…[View]
74349293I've been told by many people that I'm handsome despite being 220 pounds and 5'8 and …[View]
74356320Non-Steroidal Performance Enhancing Drugs: I just learned about the supposed benefits of vasodilator…[View]
74357599>steam kale/lettuce/collard greens/cabbage/spinach in s@y sauce and butter >filling and taste…[View]
74357652I thought you guys said boogie was losing the weight.... what hpapened????[View]
74357931Interesting characters at your gym thread?: >two 125lb 19/20 year olds who scream and take their …[View]
74356771what's worse for gains? vaping or drinking a bottle of wine a day to cope with not vaping[View]
74356692>a month a half >lose 25lbs >Do 50 pushups a day >Healthy eating Still skinny fat but I …[View]
74354038/afg/ - Australian Fitness General: Previous: >>74341054[View]
74357819>Jawlet here Is the noblejaw physique achievable natty?[View]
74357192>wow look at this impressive bjj champion, he could fuck you up >yes he's 5'6 and we…[View]
74354079What exercises will help me become a strong aryan warrior?[View]
74357683Could you handle Clarence Kennedy's Squat program?[View]
74355623Having researched the s&c training of a range of professional fighters (wrestling, boxing, muay …[View]
74357022I lift for she/they[View]
74355981skim milk powder?: this shit is more than 3x cheaper than whey. would it be a good whey substitute f…[View]
74348705Ruins your bulk: Please help bros, antibiotics did nothing The fatigue is ruining me[View]
74356534>losing weight makes you die early Thanks fit[View]
74357422How do I increase my squat without gaining muscle in the legs? I got a small dick and I don't w…[View]
74357061If girls are not literally drooling, ripping off your clothes, begging for your seed no matter the c…[View]
74356666>filters anyone born after 1986[View]
74357316If you have this guy's twinky physique, what is your best course of action?[View]
74357222Isn't lifting as a manlet just a massive margin loss?[View]
74347797How come I'm the only sweating at the gym when they lift. I'll be dropping sweat and no on…[View]
74356112I have to do my initial fitness assessment for the Navy in one week I have to do a 1.5 mile run, pus…[View]
74356985When do you finish cutting for summer, /fit/bros? Do you switch to maintenance or go for a bulk afte…[View]
74356470>while lifting today thought about being Spiderman and getting as angry and powerful as he gets w…[View]
74356195What are the best: Neck exercises?[View]
74356768I follow modern-day fake natty fitness 'influencers' (99% of them) because it's important to kn…[View]
74350206just went vegan: rate my meal plan monday - breakfast (oats, blueberries, almond milk, bananas, appl…[View]
74339864It's the ultimate lift[View]
74350832/fph/ - fat 'people' hate: previous: >>74346475[View]
74356648>The gym? I was thinking of going, but I don't want to look muscular. I want to be toned, no…[View]
74355931why is it so difficult to develop a lean back: picrel is what most lean people look like from the ba…[View]
74353142Is skipping breakfast to promote fat loss through intermittent fasting scientifically sound, or does…[View]
74355544I only do full-squat zercher deadlifts for legs.[View]
74355054>Doing front squats at 55% of my 1rm >Still hard as fuck Any other pure test of resolve exerci…[View]
74354924>lose 50lbs >most of my clothes don't fit anymore…[View]
74355986accidentally got wendy's on the way home from work again[View]
74355813>Don’t eat sugar or empty carbs >become lean and muscular >Everyone always comments about h…[View]
74353888Should skinny twinks cut or bulk at 15% bodyfat? I’m 5’10 164 lbs. Around 15% bf. Started at like 13…[View]
74355499I listen to Imagine Dragons when I lift.[View]
74356400>Headphones busted >11pm >Too late to get new ones tonight Well.... I guess it is a rest…[View]
74354857How to get better at rooning other than rooning?: Does squatting and deadlift help me roon?[View]
74353385How much muscle can you actually build with high rep calisthenics? I mean, considering that muscles …[View]
74352334Kettlebells: Are they a meme?[View]
74356130Exercise I can do with arm and leg injuries: I have some nerve damage or something in both my biceps…[View]
74356070Complete begginer looking for clarification: I'm a total beginner to fitness. I've been sk…[View]
74356152Buzzing from my starting strength results: >waist 29-45 >hips 33-41 >Cup size AA-GGG >Ch…[View]
74355069how do i make gomad less unbearable[View]
74355343We're ALL going to make it. No exceptions. You do not have a choice in this matter. Get to work…[View]
74346845Why so many routine threads lately?: Workout A : chest & back Workout B : arms & legs Simple…[View]
74353968Fitness tips for Asian men?[View]
74354839How do I fix this? I can't do the overhead press properly?[View]
74356018>/fit/ness lies you believed >'Protein quality matters'…[View]
74354437How often should I masturbate for peak testosterone?[View]
74354368Running hype music thread: Post music that gets you going here is one of my favorites https://www.yo…[View]
74355462Why are mexicans so fridge mode? Describe it. Because fat asians don't look like this.[View]
74355595Title about going grocery shopping this weekend: Body text inquiring about what I can get other than…[View]
74354434/fit/ haiku thread: blissful cold shower, reward for lifting and sauna. see my small brown pink sash…[View]
74353862does this body require working out, or is it just not eating too much?[View]
74342838This is my OMAD >nature valley bar 400cal >half slice of peanut butter sandwich 250cal >1/2…[View]
74348216Anyone here vegan+ shellfish?: Clams, mussels and oysters >doesn't have a heartbeat >lack…[View]
74355794who lifts more, us or bb misc?[View]
74347674What's your BMI, /fit/?: 24 here https://www.calculator.net/bmi-calculator.html[View]
74353995Is intelligtual fitness more important than phisycal fitness?[View]
74355400Why are blondes so overrepresented in the fitness industry and what can we do to change that?[View]
74354871Day 1 Squat Pull Ups Z - Press Weighted Dips Lateral raises Day 2 Deadlift Chin Ups Straight Bar Cu…[View]
74355492Thoughts on this Asian fitness progress?[View]
74331698/run/ /roon/ - Running General: Treadmill Edition? >Advice for new runners - Build up speed and m…[View]
74352787Golden Age Thread: Thread for everything old school. Pics, programs, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc…[View]
74354157raw milk: ive never seen a fit or a good looking person be obsessed with raw milk. Its usually some …[View]
74355639Is ''competitive'' bodybuilding more popular outside of America: I'm not ta…[View]
74353218Someone pls post a good calisthenics routine I can follow if my only equipment is a pull-up bar and …[View]
74349185What's the best way to lose weight? I used to be 160lbs, but I gained alot and now I'm 195…[View]
74352319Lifting schedule: How often do you lift? 3-5 days a week for me + physical labor[View]
74353096is reacher mode possible natty?[View]
74355090Who says vegans can't make gains?[View]
74352909When did you realize a stimulus is a stimulus and that no lift is *necessary*? I stopped squatting a…[View]
74353082>mfw I've been lifting for 2 months and still don't have abs[View]
74355321why so many pull up?[View]
74351384How often do you speak to another person at your gym? I had someone work in a set with me like 3 mon…[View]
74355124What is the appropriate length of time for a bulk/cut?[View]
74354823So it was true?: I really just had to work out for a couple months and get a haircut and now the cut…[View]
74353941volumecels lifting 2 hours every day and coping 24 hours every day[View]
743535281/2/3/4 are lifts for a DYEL clown body (I do them for reps and have a DYEL clown body) Come on guys…[View]
74352370How do I get low fat percentage? I've been working out for 2 months and I'm 21 BMI at this…[View]
74349961I've got legit 17.5 inch biceps, but my arms are disproportionately long. Bench pressing is a f…[View]
74354892What is the most /fit/ pet? Running with dogs seems standard but what about other animals[View]
74354302Is this concept complete bullshit or underestimated?: I don't feel my muscles at all when I tra…[View]
74352566Does a better sloppa than eggy tuner even exist?: 500cal 54g of protein[View]
74351871how can I fix this?[View]
74350245just went carnivore: rate my meal meat, eggs[View]
74355081I gained 30 pounds: I physically and mentally feel like shit, I can't believe I allowed this to…[View]
74342142How can I ever do a pullup? It seems impossible[View]
74351514Life just feels better when you're a bit drunk[View]
74353242How does it feel to be a Non-Overweight American?: Are you treated better? Are Fatties jealous of yo…[View]
74354976Hey guys. I'm having a problem with my bunghole. After i take a shit, i will clean myself real …[View]
74352704Some dumb cunt told me my body looks like this: I've been unironically lifting for years, natty…[View]
74353499This is women want: A guy with a mustache, a mullet, earrings, tattoos, oversized clothes and who 'l…[View]
74352793How to be left alone at the gym?: I am not trying to be cool or mysterious I just want to lift. I am…[View]
74353806Would it have saved Mentzer if Dorian had let him ride his coat tails a little longer?[View]
74352378Will eating candy kill my gains?[View]
74351526Any point in starting if I can't train legs?: I'm a national level standup comedian in my …[View]
74349112How to fix uneven nipples? Current chest/ push workout looks like this: 3×8 bench press 3×10 overhea…[View]
74340804It's tragic that black women can gain muscle the most muscle and gain it the fastest out of all…[View]
74352929What's his routine?[View]
74350285just went on instagram for 5minutes and saw post after post about mogging, face>height, mewing, a…[View]
74354348What the fuck is this asshole's problem?[View]
74350806How strong are aboriginals on average?: I've heard they have bone density in the skull potentia…[View]
74354593Can one develop good cardio by just consistently playing a sport such as tennis or basketball? If no…[View]
74351056Ever since I started lifting again I had a dream lastnight that I ran 86 miles/ 139 km in a single d…[View]
74345911are squats enough to get thighs or do I need to do other workouts and if I need to do other ones can…[View]
74352990Microplastics: >rape your testicles into useless lumps >clog your bloodstream >choke your e…[View]
74349536What are some good songs to listen to while punching a punching bag?[View]
74354556Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
74353738Bench press =/= general strength?: For some reason bench press is the only exercise (I really mean t…[View]
74354458I'm 36, 5'11 and 158lbs, just started going to gym and eating healthier. Can I get a decen…[View]
74346594Is youthmaxing actually antithetical to being fit? Seems like you can only have one or the other[View]
74353988Caffeine makes me sleepy[View]
74352169good way to increase endurance?[View]
74352794let me guess you need more?[View]
74352620>be me >lift heavy >200g protein Are my muscles 200g heavier now?…[View]
74353577I hate this guy I swear Tells me I've put on some pounds and maybe we both should lose weight …[View]
74353718>he pays double the price for boneless chicken thighs: You do know you can take the bone out your…[View]
74352722Redpill me on the prostate exercise (Im from pol)[View]
74352705What's his routine?[View]
74332350How do you niggerinos manage to eat enough protein? I have to eat 180g and it's hard af.[View]
74350178Is there such a thing as too much cardio or is it pretty individualistic?[View]
74353397Steroids and Heart Health: How bad is this shit for your heart, and does it matter what gear you…[View]
74353736>that post gym zyn feeling I love these like you wouldn't believe and I'm not even addi…[View]
74353910Why aren't my biceps growing from doing squats?[View]
74348986Is cannibalmaxxing a good idea?: I live in Canada and I know a guy who knows a guy who's going …[View]
74352686what is wrong with my back/hips?: scoliosis, lateral pelvic tilt etc? just bad posture? why is it le…[View]
74353571now that the dust has settled, what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
74352767how do k make my voice deeper. people on the phone calll me maam and people irl say my voice doesnt …[View]
74353611Had a nice enduro bike ride today and came home to this. How was your day?[View]
74349429>go low carb one meal a day for 45 days >acne completely clears >face has never been clear …[View]
74350121I had no one to teach me proper technique and mostly lift by feel[View]
74350656Tell me, do you need more?[View]
74353646I bench every week but almost never do weighted dips But this calc says my dip numbers mog my bench …[View]
74353591the calorie problem. Anything that tastes good has very few calories. It's as if God himself ha…[View]
74352388shoulder press is cursed: 32kg rep it for 10 35kg get stuck getting it up explain[View]
74343031/plg/ - powerlifting general - Snooze Edition: >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The …[View]
74346935CICO and ket suck ass: >eat shit keto diet but count calories >can't lose weight >rest…[View]
74352671Biking fitness: It's my birthday next week, and I got myself a small gift. A 2023 model trek FX…[View]
74353434Lunch thread: Nothing like a local chicken combo meal for post-workout[View]
74349812How do you get the triceps of the guy in the back?[View]
74352249>burnout sets[View]
74350388Early 00's Brad Pitt: Is this peak male aesthetics? To this day people are still using him as i…[View]
74347300Based? Yeah I'm thinking it's based.[View]
74352073why has no one tried this in real life with a real animal? it would get millions of views on youtube…[View]
74350951Why isn't hamburgers healthy? I don't understand: It has >Meat (proteins) >Tomatoes …[View]
74352228If you could only perform 10 lifts for the rest of your life, what would they be? I'm thinking:…[View]
74352874Semen Protein: Realistically, how much protein is in my boyfriend's semen? I'm trying to a…[View]
74352667Would you consider this body type fat?[View]
74352161Im bloated all the time, have liquid shit almost every day and notice bloodstains on my toilet paper…[View]
74352927Most people are afraid of training their arms because of ''le gymbro'' memes fro…[View]
74351549cutting insomnia: i’m 23 yrs, 5’9”, 140lb (pls no bully) and cutting, doing ~1500 cal/day and I cant…[View]
74352162Benefits of rockmaxxing?[View]
74347961Anyone listen to country music at the gym[View]
74352885How many hours a week do you spend working out? And by working out I include any physical activity a…[View]
74352571stop chasing fatigue[View]
74352835/muFit/: what music do you like to listen to while at the gym? this one always pumps me up https://y…[View]
743511560 alternatives to squats: I squatted 210lbs for 5 before I went on a cut and did split squats and le…[View]
74350648Summer Cut Day 4! 4.8lbs lost. 5.2lbs left to go. I was planning on losing 1lbs in 70 days (1lb a we…[View]
74352739How do I attain this physique?[View]
74349574Posture: Is there any actual science that shows that bad posture can be fixed? Seems to me it's…[View]
74352307Tips for running better? Also, thoughts on running barefoot?[View]
74352723>weighted dips[View]
74350688What are some other books on lifting/nutrition worth reading?[View]
74348579What does /fit/ think of supershoes?: These were banned from roon competitions because they give eli…[View]
74351941why do dyels love pull ups so much?[View]
74349911XL shirts arms too small XXL shirts arm hole good but looks like a dress what do type of shirt am I…[View]
74352511I deliberately orient myself to other lifters in between sets so as to make them think I'm watc…[View]
74352459>join acne support group on FB >filled with women >every time >literally every single po…[View]
74341054AFG AUSTRALIAN FITNESS GENERAL: TGIF Welcome, one and all, to the #1 thread on /fit/. >routines …[View]
74350559Straight posture fix: Do these do anything? My posture is pretty fucked I noticed my head goes way t…[View]
74352029I fucking love milk Based protein source Delicious whole milk mmm Slightly warm mmmmmm[View]
74352407is k boges natty?[View]
74352415Are protests a decent form of cardio? You’re outside, walking around, burning calories, etc.[View]
74351277Big Booty Tips: I have been doing Starting Strength for almost 3 months now and that while time I ha…[View]
74352385I love the brosplit so much: My arm day took 24 minutes today Got to gym 4:30PM >4 sets dumbbell …[View]
74348325Could lifting have saved him[View]
74351257the cheapest protein: Cheapest way to get chicken around me is usually chicken quarters. I FUCKING H…[View]
74351693>wake up after a night of drinking >there's piss on the floor >my pants are dry…[View]
74352221Eating too much ground beef?: Is there such a thing as eating too much ground beef or red meat? My d…[View]
74352293How do I achieve Alaskan otter mode?[View]
74351632How many pull-ups and squats should I be able to do in under 1 minute? I want to get into military e…[View]
74350750Convict Conditioning: How do you feel about Convict Conditioning /fit/? Been doing it for about a mo…[View]
74351250>go to gym in new york >EY I’M LIFTIN’ OVA ‘ERE >planes crash into the gym >OOOH THAT’S…[View]
74352184Thoughts on the lacrosse build? How do lacrosse bros get so fit?[View]
74347101What's the point of getting /fit/ if you're 40 and bald?[View]
74346986QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread read the sticky edition[View]
74351691Is it possible to get swole eating only chicken and broccoli?[View]
74346564Morgan Spurlock, creator of the Super Size Me documentary where he ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 …[View]
74350826So losing weight makes you die faster now?[View]
74340540Is it fit to grow a beard? All the standard advice on 4chan, Reddit and other similar websites says …[View]
74346954/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Thieves in the night edition >Who is /fat/ for? For Rotund Raccoons who…[View]
74350634I was mocked at the gym for being dressed like this, why?[View]
74350594Several times a day I will get into a Slav squat and hold it for a few minutes. Do you think there’s…[View]
74350420Choose my poison: Is picrel a good protein? Here is the link. https://www.bulk.com/de/products/pure-…[View]
74350187what can I do to improve my situation?: TL;DR I'm 5'10''/178cm and 192 pounds/89…[View]
74347849>workout and diet consistently for a month >get on scale >havent lost a single pound…[View]
74349430Thoughts on this Asian fitness progress?[View]
74349773Rate this bicep[View]
74350324>solves lifting for 99% of people >filters fatties and DYELs…[View]
74351430>finished workout >feel fucking amazing >feel like my shirts going to rip from bulging musc…[View]
74351292>5 more minutes I can’t do it, bros…[View]
74344441I know you can't target fat loss from your belly I know it's a reduction of calories whic…[View]
74351533>Enter gym >I like the way you kiss me, I can tell you miss me I can tell it hits, hits, hits,…[View]
74350267>Single Set To Failure >2-4 reps at 10/3/10 cadence (≈45-90 sec Time Under Load) >less than…[View]
74350973i coomed 4 times today[View]
74348825What do you mean lateral raises don't grow your lats?[View]
74350625is it normal that i almost never want to work out? 95% of the time i force myself, i often see peopl…[View]
74344649>interrupts your set What do?[View]
74348012Moist critical: He's dyel af isn't he? He has been in the gym for a decade too apparently.…[View]
74350223The Sourtoe Cocktail is a popular drink in the Yukon territory of Canada that consists of a shot of …[View]
74350347I use 10kg weights for front and lat raises[View]
74351374How retarded would it be to stack hGH and GH secretagogues together? Would the temporary suppression…[View]
74350303>deload week what's the point just take a rest week off like a normal human being 1 week not…[View]
74350585Goal weight = 180lb I'm 230lb and don't know why[View]
74351236>the bmi chart is out of date >bmi isnt accurate cause it doesnt account for all of my MUSCLE …[View]
74348632How big if any is the loss of protein and vitamins for frying an egg over boiling it[View]
74343092I do bb and mma. ppl at Muay Thai tell me cutting is spiritual when I tell them I'm cutting. wh…[View]
74350790Breakfast thread: Today's workout is gonna be epic[View]
74351106Why don't (((they))) want us to drink raw milk? What secrets will we unlock?[View]
74320609/fraud/: Cospplay sloots edition Previous thread >>74299426 No source talk Read the r/steroids…[View]
74351103How do I enter Conan Arnold mode?[View]
74348407ITT God Tier Lifting Albums: I'll start[View]
74350435Why do lateral raises destroy my shoulders?[View]
74349470Gym music playlists!: What does everyone think of my gym music playlist?[View]
74350870Do you think about rice bucket?[View]
74346475/fph/ - fat 'people' hate: previous: >>74335840[View]
74350635The people complaining about CICO here are no different than HAES whales.[View]
74343685How often to you eat out? I am trying to cut back to 1x week.[View]
74350503Is this a good rate of progress?: Only started squatting within the last few months so haven’t inclu…[View]
74349225What went wrong here?[View]
74349370Obesity will never be solved Fatties will never gain collective willpower and decide to stop stuffin…[View]
74341968Imagine lifting weights only to get your ass kicked by a guy who's built like this.[View]
74350542cleanign dirty gym machines w alchohol: the machinea at my local gym are pretty gross looking and i …[View]
74349981Good workout or nah?: http://newbie-fitness.blogspot.com/2007/01/stripped-5x5.html?m=1[View]
74342690Maleness envy: I finally got a job of a blue collar variety and FUCK do i feel inferior to all those…[View]
74350424>hardest part about getting fit is the motivation behind exercising >work out religiously, whe…[View]
74348758>down 20lbs >Look even fatter This shit will fix itself when I'm at 12-15% body fat righ…[View]
74350185Is he natty?[View]
74350288>tfw your muscles just won't grow Really sucks to be low test genetic sewage…[View]
74347749he won: simple as[View]
74350339Have you set up your home gym in case bird flu shuts everything down again?[View]
74349267Is my sumo deadlift form okay?[View]
74348463Ultimate Saturday OMAD bulk protein nuke: I am boiling 1kg of frozen mussels, which I thawed. I put …[View]
74349875>1200 cal (80g protein 50g fat) >10k steps >Free weights every other day bc no gym, have …[View]
74349518I've become skinnier and now I've lost some hardness from my erection. Is this usually the…[View]
74349960>always tired >zero appetite >sleep too much Wtf is wrong with me…[View]
74350056Bench press does not benefit from general strength: For some reason bench press is the only exercise…[View]
74345461Is boxing fitness ?[View]
74347013>he isn't mouth maxing by doing his curb bites Ngmi[View]
74344134>'It's hard to stay in lean in your 30s': Thought this was a meme, but holy shit bros, it co…[View]
74349894If I cut more, will I see a more defined core?: I already incorporate some very elementary core exer…[View]
74330519How long until I gain 1 inch of neck? Doing neck curls 3 times a week[View]
74349834anyone know any good alternatives to chronometer, wanna start tracking stuff properly but am in pove…[View]
74344648Deadlift with hook grip they said, it'll be fun they said[View]
74346955how's that jawline gains going , boyos?[View]
74348541What are your ideal athletic/gym bottoms? Thoughts on compression shorts?[View]
74349458Make way for the king of lifts[View]
74348859FDA Curruption: How much corruption is there within the FDA? I've never really done any researc…[View]
74349274why does colorado have less fat ppl that its surrounding states?: are coloradocels killing lardasses…[View]
74349745Does working out lead to promiscuity for women?[View]
74347879Lean normal size people don't stand out: If you wanna grab all the attention you gotta get big …[View]
74349586Is keto legit?[View]
74348507>He just left, with DOMS[View]
74349616eating a hamborgir mad with freed seed oil and extra fatty meat and extra sauce :3[View]
74347786why do you people worry about hair that much? just literally shave it off it worked for Jeremy Meeks…[View]
74349569>Go on a diet to gain muscle mass -> gain weight >Go on a diet to lose that fat -> lose …[View]
74347737Should I bulk/cut? What kinds of lifts? Also rate my dinner[View]
74347719>cutting made me lose my appetite >nothing to look forward to in life anymore…[View]
74319796/fast/ - Fasting General: Ubel Edition >How do I start fasting? By not eating. If you get a migra…[View]
74349435>brocolli haired zoomzoom offered to spot me today maybe I was too harsh, they aren't that …[View]
74348067Redpill me on overcoming isometrics. Let's say it doesnt build muscle. That muscle's still…[View]
74345394could lifting have saved her?[View]
74343631>I lift to kill pedos and animal a abusers[View]
74349368What does the french bulking diet look like? Is it a lot of baguettes and soft cheeses?[View]
74349339am i ugly[View]
74348415I posted my hand on /ck/ and someone said I risk muscle atrophy, was it true or just trolling? The m…[View]
74348213Does drinking cum from a steroid user increase your gains?: I'm too much of a pussy to actually…[View]
74344672>The perfect food: 'Everything about eating Big Macs every day was perfect. .. I never had to coo…[View]
74348714american here: Why are there are a lot of buff gen x and buff millenial men[View]
74347470How did people lose weight before the invention when the Keto Diet was invented in the 1920s?[View]
74347164I'm looking for a specific motivational video/audio.: I'm looking for a specific motivatio…[View]
74341347>replaces your meal why aren't you afflicted with zynsanity yet anon? it's the ultimate…[View]
74347295What is the manliest sport?[View]
74347867Is boxing a good /fit/ hobby? Just tried a free class with pic rel[View]
74348483What do you eat in a day? And how to get sponsored?[View]
74344518Left or right[View]
74348593If football requires so much training/workout, why are so many football players out of shape?[View]
74348650What body fat% should I be at in order to get 18-22 year old pussy as a 33 year old man?[View]
74345135Inarguable fitness facts: Post tidbits of health and fitness that can't possible be argued, tha…[View]
74348073So last weekend when powerlifting, I unfortunately had some shit come out. It was noticeable in smel…[View]
74348785>lateral raises[View]
74346727Just came back from the beach. I want a big booty milf to shake her ass on my face so badly bros. Th…[View]
74347140I can't forgive my grandmother for calling me ugly. After I went to the gym she started saying…[View]
74347858boring ass board ngl[View]
74346741Well /fit/ im litreraly unironicly keked out: I have been talking to a few girl'friends' that i have…[View]
74346764Chauvin vs Floyd: Who Moggs here? >5'9/175cm Chauvin >6'6/198cm Floyd…[View]
74348670are the effects of ibuprofen/NSAIDs on muscle hypertrophy enough to worry about? I get severe infla…[View]
74336974How would you like to die?[View]
74347796Gym diversity: Have you ever seen an Indian person clean the machine after using it, /fit/?[View]
74346411PRIMAL MOGS[View]
74348495>spotted a powershitter during a 3pl8 bench. Told him good set >he said my 20 pull up set was …[View]
74347176There's a certain group of people that are making it hard to go the gym. The common characteri…[View]
74345361St.Meeks here Friday night motivational thread keep grinding boyos never get up don't let them…[View]
74348250How do I achieve this mode?[View]
74348003How much of this diet still holds true? If you could add or remove 5 things at most, what would your…[View]
74346282IT'S OVER: >pic related I'm pretty sure all of these are toxic to the human body or con…[View]
74348305Which is better for cutting? Sneedabol or Chuckesterone?[View]
74346862>low sugar >high protein >low calorie >satiates hunger >easy to prepare why hasn…[View]
74348318My scales have arrived: I promised to make a post if that guy followed through with his charity and …[View]
74347960>why are tracking calories anon, cant you just be normal? should i murder suicide my boyfriend fo…[View]
74343280Will this go away if I lose weight?[View]
74347691>was 200 pounds last year >tried to lose weight but gave up due to lack of funds for proper fo…[View]
74347792Give me the formula to attain this body natty before 2027 I’m 181cm and fat.[View]
74348032Is 10 minutes of jogging as good as 20 minutes of walking?[View]
74347326I feel muscle fibers, or something that feels like that, popping in my arms when I do cable crunch. …[View]
74345493>in the 1980s you were considered fat if you could “pinch an inch” from your waistline Well, fit,…[View]
74340066Is the stuff about thru-hikes and testosterone true?: If you don't know - Basically, guy who wo…[View]
74338429>that loner faggot in his hoodie who pretends to look mad between sets[View]
74345190>6 million calories in 4 servings >doesn't even fill you What's its problem…[View]
74345790Post your last rep face.[View]
74347570>24 hours into fast >still not hungry Should I be worried? Or just keep going?…[View]
74346126>At his tallest he was 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) and by the time of his autopsy he was 6 feet 4 in…[View]
74347147What are some signs you've made it?[View]
74345257Rice bucket is quite literally most fun exercise. I think about bucket of rice all the time. I could…[View]
74347991Strength and compounds only training?: If I only did compound lifts (B/S/D) at strength intervals, w…[View]
74346550Is Vitamin D3 really poison?? https://x.com/ThorTorrens/status/1793773968069144885[View]
74346263Rate: Rate physique[View]
74326034Cbt /current body thread/: Mog Hard 2: Electric Boogaloo edition[View]
74346441Wide grip push ups. Make my chest pumped af[View]
74347861How much strength do big breast fat girls need for this? Which workout helps achieve such physique?[View]
74347822i need more leg workouts than squats, running and bike riding the only equipment i own is a bike, a …[View]
74347450How many drugs do I need to unironically get this body? Yes im gay and it inspires me to lift. I do …[View]
74344543Is playing sports a good way to get fit? Why do athletes tend to look better than the average gymcel…[View]
74336350>having a leg day Lmao.[View]
74346449How much do I need to weigh in order to LITERALLY be able to pick up a woman? I am a dancer and have…[View]
74336047My dick refuses to work: I run 4km 4 times a week, lift 5 or 6 days a week. I cook my own meals and …[View]
74345429even assisted pistol squats are difficult[View]
74339067Post /fit/ manga panels[View]
74346144Going for a 4pl8 ORM this week brehs wish me luck https://streamable.com/23qups[View]
74347331Are lesbians being into fitness/becoming bodybuilders a myth?[View]
74345371Is this the natty limit when you stop roiding?[View]
74342710Could lifting (correctly) have saved him?[View]
74347313Multivitamins: How important are multivitamins for health? Picrel are the ones I take currently…[View]
74336913What is the male equivalent of pole dancing classes? >be woman >enroll in Zumba, Yoga, Pole, …[View]
74344382TRT: I want to raise my TEST, tried with my normal doctor and he wasn't about it. I'm at t…[View]
74345298PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN! NOW!!![View]
74342188what's the most effective sleeping supplement you've tried?[View]
74347407What if I replaced rice with peas??? Do peas also taste good butter on them???[View]
74346630at what number do pure bodyweight pullups give diminishing returns regarding hypertrophy/strength ga…[View]
74344765tfw super brainlet even getting fit doesn't help even you're a retard[View]
74341439Best weight training for boxing?[View]
74345678How the fuck do retards even manage to get fat? I've just relapsed from my fasting and ate 3 mo…[View]
74331731Never EVER engage in discussions about fitness or dieting with a woman. If it comes up, change the t…[View]
74343097How do I, as a female woman, get a body like this natty? You don't look like this from traditio…[View]
74344595AC Joint sprain no longer hurts that much. How much time should I wait to get back to the gym and sh…[View]
74345853Daily reminder to never talk to women about fitness or weight loss. They're either self-motivat…[View]
74346879Has anyone ever seen strength gains while on a months-long serious cut?[View]
74346375>bro im 30 and people mistake me for 18! That doesn't mean they think you are good looking…[View]
74346565Is consuming 2g of protein per kg of body weight each day a meme? My Cousin lives day in and day out…[View]
74344273are you /fit/ enough to handle a night out with the black queens?[View]
74338168bugman life = suicide: >go to the gym and practice martial arts >feel good about life, motivat…[View]
74346765The Atomic Fist: How realistic is it for a 1.78m 66kg man to bulk up to 91-100kg and maintain that w…[View]
74345689>Natty lifting is a joke[View]
74343604>Lose over 100 pounds in a year >Still look fat at 176 pounds I don't have the genetics t…[View]
74346780trying to achieve 315: ive been lifting for a bit over a year and at the 9th month mark i hit my 2pl…[View]
74346740How do I train to get a jaw like this?[View]
74345835>hungry >feel like shit >eat food >feel like shit who designed this?…[View]
74340823Is there anything more entertaining to watch someone use than this at a commercial gym?[View]
74342993How long can I not lift before I start to lose my gains?[View]
74346417>works out every muscle in your body You're welcome[View]
74335252Is it possible to fix this extreme gains goblin?: Nothing seems to work and surgery is not an option…[View]
74346314what's your combine 225lb bench press rep record? (no bouncing on your chest) im stuck at 12[View]
74337696>Step aside, kid. your response?[View]
74346446How long can I get away with doing pushups, leg raises and bodyweight squats until my body gets imba…[View]
74346359Strength doesn’t equal size I’ve been lifting for 20 years (I’m 35), my younger cousin joined the gy…[View]
74346022>Be me >Have postural issues for 4 years >See physical therapists, chiropractors and naprap…[View]
74344617>claims to be fit >doesn't get 10,000 steps per day How does it feel that my fat co-worke…[View]
74346285Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
74337095Do functional lifts really prepare you for real-world physical challenges, or is their practical val…[View]
74340037/fat/ - Fat Loss General: The sign you were looking for edition >Who is /fat/ for? For Fated Fatt…[View]
74342841How many body weight squats can you do in one set to failure? I want to be able to demonstrate to a …[View]
74342616is this legit? i look like the guy on the left and am thinking of giving HGH a go..[View]
74301184/hgg/ Home Gym General: You know the drill[View]
74346137Am I skinny fat/getting to be skinny fat? I took some pictures at normal angles with front facing li…[View]
74345687>black guy with a fat ass and thin body walks past me in the store >think 'damn this nigga zes…[View]
74345921>Hey doc I think I forgot my jacke- >... a gallon.... a day.…[View]
74345627Best natty physique of all time?[View]
74340238>6'9 >300lbs >hasn't lifted a single weight in his life >Can kill anyone if h…[View]
74344602So what's the deal with fat transfers? Are they really as easy as taking some fat from your ass…[View]
74345852How fit were hunter gatherers?[View]
74345976I wish weightlost was real: T. Same weight since 2 weeks[View]
74345872Is bodybuilding even real?: I've seen a bodybuilder ever.[View]
74337680What's the point of a split?: By the time you finish the first 2 exercises of that body part, i…[View]
74345688>What's for lunch today anon? Don't tell me you brought chicken and rice again…[View]
74345721Any advice on getting parents in their mid 50s to start dieting/exercising?[View]
74342795How are glute focused squats not just good mornings?: https://m.youtube.com/shorts/pZ7YzRKs1Nw This …[View]
74342386How do I make sure my kids don't up manlets? What should I be specifically feeding them? Lots o…[View]
74344150*fixes you*[View]
74344171>5ft 6 >turning 19 next month, no hope of getting taller Whats the point in lifting? I'll…[View]
74343402I'm not a faggot but this is a peak male specimen[View]
74343825İs this natty[View]
74344782how long does it take to lose 5%bf on a 500 cal deficit? i wanna be done with this cut because im ti…[View]
74341181You chuds have any YouTube recommendations/ things to watch during steady state cardio that aren’t c…[View]
74344360Is golf good for ye?[View]
74343660How much nori is equivalent to a lemon in terms of alkalizing power?: Okay, so weird question. You m…[View]
74343039Am I the only one that regrets not using steroids in my early teens? I could have gotten a big dick.…[View]
74345483Now that the dust hast settled, has he ever given any wrongful fitness advice?[View]
74343244>start my run >dyel enters the gym >still running 30min later >dyel leaves the gym Why e…[View]
74339967White Rice: how much of a concern is arsenic, glyphosate, and phytoestrogens with this stuff? is it …[View]
74343297My 600-lb life: That shit is better and funnier than any comedy show , plus it gives a huge motivati…[View]
74340261What did you lift today?: post those numbers and discuss[View]
74343695Is sun the God’s gift to men?: >raises Testosterone, making you stronger, bigger and hornier >…[View]
74342416Post /fit/ musicians[View]
74345006Hitting protein goals without dairy: I used to love having my whey protein, my cow's milk, my G…[View]
74345055how many of you pick up women in the gym? ive just got back in to hoistin (skinnyfat) but my natty f…[View]
74344966What routine would I need to achieve this physique?[View]
74335840/fph/ - fat 'people' hate: previous: >>74330913[View]
74345253Why so many routine threads lately?: Workout A : chest & back Workout B : arms & legs Simple…[View]
74344572This is all you need[View]
74345218If I see you wearing picrel in the gym, we going to have a problem[View]
74345140Made it to parenthood yet?[View]
74336164let's settle this: are home gyms a meme?[View]
74341360>decide to do 5 day fast >have only done 3 days at a time before >Day 1, poop about twice t…[View]
74344292Has anyone actually grown their wrists by 1+ inch from the gym? >T. 6.5 inch wristlet DYEL…[View]
74344428Buying home gym or using gym in my complex?: I just started lifting at 35 and while I thought my lif…[View]
74341255Redpill me on rucking for strength and conditioning and building a manly body[View]
74344526Becoming addicted to the fasting and lifting pain is blackpill ecstasy IGMI[View]
74320347QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread read the sticky edition[View]
74342019Redpill me on creatine[View]
74341460Am I mentally unwell?: I glanced at the TV and saw a documentary about Nazi leaders on trial and it …[View]
74337027Who mogs: ?[View]
74339952How to achieve a muscular fat mode like pic?[View]
74339764Hey /fit, what do I need to work on: Ive been told my chest is too small. 6'1 165 lbs[View]
74340829>solves natty lifting for 99% of /fit/izens >filters the 1% powershitters making them cope-pos…[View]
74341029Your core muscles need to be worked like exactly any other muscle in your body, pretending that they…[View]
74344554Just got back into it last month after being lazy and addicted for way too long[View]
74340682Xanax And Alcohol - Saving My Gains: Most of us know that alcohol kills your gains. You'll be m…[View]
74343603Whats the best strength workout / diet?: I'm looking to start nSuns, should I stay at maintenan…[View]
74344532Have I been mistaking thirst for hunger my whole life? I've always been hungry all day every da…[View]
74338648>I don't like guys that go to the gym, I like naturally fit guys, like you. This girl I…[View]
74344446>men don’t age like mi- What the fuck guys? I thought we aged like a fine wine whereas women are …[View]
74344351Want to practice a sport but too scared: I have always wanted to play tennis but I am already 28 yea…[View]
74342284How to make sure my child doesn't have a mental disorder: In my daily commute to work I see a f…[View]
74328044/Fit/ Conspiracy Theories: ITT: post your fitness conspiracies Mine is that gyms (for profit gyms, …[View]
74344286Slow and Steady wins the race! SSTF, 2-4 reps at 10/3/10 cadence (≈45-90 sec TUL), <1 min between…[View]
74340670>You have big useless muscles and you can't fight You will gas out in 10 seconds and get hum…[View]
74338213Does your gym allow dogs?: I have two pitbulls that hate it when I leave them at home[View]
74342937I want to contact this man.: How do I do it? I don't have much money, and he's a legitimat…[View]
74338934Healthmaxxing tips and progress: Share your tips and what you're doing in order to healthmaxx I…[View]
74341525What Went Wrong?[View]
74343074Free test: Results are in ! What does it mean? Is it good or total onions territory? What are /fit/ …[View]
74342215/fpe/ - fat people embrace: they see us rollin' they hatin'[View]
74344103I ate a 1300 calorie breakfast: now I can only consume 500 left[View]
74343945How do I prepare for a 5K in 30 days? I literally never run. My current plan is to just run a 5K eve…[View]
74343941Are you lifting the weights or are the weights lifting you[View]
74340467>'Nay chohs gran day and a diet coke!' >*tosses menu* Why do fatties love diet soda?…[View]
74343614All food is poison.: Never eat again.[View]
74343972why the hell does it feel like I'm sweating way more than I should be when working out? everybo…[View]
74343973Am I being a fatass or do my in-laws just not eat a lot? I’m staying at my sister-in-law and her fam…[View]
74337626Workout advice for women?: Taking my sister to the gym who has never gone before. Is there anything …[View]
74342329Are the rumors about the meth use and bussy getting true?[View]
74343704Nutri facts: How true are the dietary information you see in products ? Say I'm at the supermar…[View]
74327698The Bar's Open Frens: The feels bar is currently open. Have you asked out your gym crush anon, …[View]
743251272000's Fat Shaming Culture COMING BACK!: You are fucking horrible /fit/[View]
74337347Left is clearly on steroids. But is a body like the right achievable natty?[View]
74340449>i wonder if she noticed me squatting 4pl for reps the other day >once I recover from my shoul…[View]
74343563I'm hungry[View]
74342131Will chad like me if i lift?[View]
74339325Bros I fucking love whole milk holy fuck[View]
74343451Cardio: I'm supposed to run today, but my legs are sore as fuck at the moment. What are some go…[View]
74343629Wide push ups: Based for making WIDEr chest[View]
74343585Is tennis a good sport in addition to gym?: I also heard you can meet tons of qts there.[View]
74342929How do I properly do lateral raises?[View]
74343204I lost enough weight to no longer be overweight. I still feel fat and have a bit of a belly. I gue…[View]
74342875i don’t feel my back on either of these[View]
74343024why do you niggers over complicate so much of this shit it's as easy as >hit all muscle gro…[View]
74330276/wph/ - weak people hate: Haven’t had one of these in a while. Post em.[View]
74342928It takes a certain kind of person to lurk and post here. You and I are the same, anon[View]
74341252What are the fittest food items that I can pick up at Costco: Going grocery shopping there this week…[View]
74342689Is the thought of cucking smaller guys in the gym a good motivator for a PR? When I see dyels in the…[View]
74332100/plg/ - powerlifting general: >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The official pastebin…[View]
74343197I can't remember the last time working out early in the morning gave me more energy throughout …[View]
74339737How can I achieve this Physique?[View]
74342173music to lift to: been listening to hard style and phonk for the past 4 years. I'm trying comm…[View]
74342456>muh aging >muh pristine pale skin >muh 1488 step skincare routine laughing at the absolute…[View]
74341745mewing totally works guys I measured it, my chin grew 1.5mm in 17 months[View]
74338375>retards on this board eat carbs >retards on this board still count calories…[View]
74342827>mfw local gym thot showed up wearing her skimpy outfit again >mfw she has a tattoo Disgusting…[View]
74336426Rate his progress. Is he gonna make it?[View]
74339493This is my bench press and overhead press progress so far in kilograms. Thoughts?[View]
74342241I'm so fucking done: 29 at 5 8. Parents didn't feed me shit growing up. Fuck this shit.…[View]
74341452>Put your mother in a strait-jacket, you punk ass white boy! Come here and tell me that and I…[View]
74342986some random African refugee on the bus who has never entered a gym has a better build than you[View]
74340637How do you Iift heavy on a caIorie deficit? I always feel weak and hungry at the gym.[View]
74336344Bulking on a budget: How does /fit/ get their protein/calories/micros in for cheap? My near daily d…[View]
74342797Why did he do it?[View]
74341738It's pretty remarkable just how well people treat you when you're fit compared to when you…[View]
74342458Summer Cut Day 3! Already down 4.4 lbs. 5.6lbs left to go![View]
74342595Imagine seeing this in the 70s...[View]
74341238This the ideal female body. You may not like it but this is what peak fertility looks like.[View]
74342785Hey it's me, the greatest lifting soundtrack of all time[View]
74340526Is autism an advantage or a disadvantage when it comes to lifting?[View]
74339076What’s the point of learning mma when it doesn’t translate to real life? https://youtu.be/lmAKB5G81L…[View]
74342240Are you team: 1. Hy-Pertrophy or 2. Hyper-Trophy Most american fitness youtubers say it the 1st way,…[View]
74340353Fixing low T: what do you do about being low T?[View]
74342496How can I achieve this built naturally?: Is it possible bros? I eat clean, trait hard and sleep well…[View]
74340598Does it really makes you feel like a demigod or is it placebo at best?[View]
74337283How is fellow fit gen Z coping with getting older and older? we aren't that young anymore bros,…[View]
74341959There is no such thing as overtraining, only under eating[View]
74340511I (100% straight male) switched my tinder to show me guys purely to boost my algorithm, but now my m…[View]
74342283>boss makes a dollar, i make a dime >that's why lift on company time…[View]
74339572This is the best exercise that you're not doing Anyone who cares about bench pressing that doe…[View]
74341876I bought niacin.: Redpill me on niacin[View]
74342116Has /fit/ been adrenochromepilled yet?[View]
74340597Is recomping a meme?: Not really skinnyfat but definitely detained after a year away from the gym an…[View]
74341411CTE prevention: Hello r9k sirs, I was wondering if i would get brain damage from fucking too hard, y…[View]
74330514We owe so much to her.[View]
74339485Mog or be mogged[View]
74342010ive been living near a group of Indians or pakis or some shit and now i fucking smell like them, my …[View]
74341680Left or right[View]
74341743Please help an autist out: How easy is it to make friends at the gym? I’m currently homegym-pilled a…[View]
74341881What do people mean when the say 'muscle mommy'? Do they mean 'I want to turn her into a mommy' or '…[View]
74338724give me one reason why you would eat carbs: you fucking cant the only purpose of carbs is to make yo…[View]
74340925Is football a decent workout?[View]
74337964This is why we lift: >the daily life of a skinny-fat[View]
74340767It's impossible. You'll never make it. Never make it, ever make it. Never make it. NEVER m…[View]
74340588/Victims of the Bulking meme thread/: Who else fell for it?.. You’re not alone.[View]
74338293Post your meal: I just bought a pack of these,im so excited to try them out[View]
74340543Well /fit/ which one is right?[View]
74341380Why is getting the big V-back so easy (literally just do pull-ups for a month or two) but getting th…[View]
74340354Do you think with the rise of Ozempic and fashion trends like low rise jeans, that being skinny is c…[View]
74340884tinea versicolour: >ruins your fucking life[View]
74333064why do people work out so much and roid when this is all you need?[View]
74336358Daily reminder: You have big useless muscles and you can't fight You will gas out in 10 seconds…[View]
74340686Where do you draw the line for what's too sweet to eat? This has 10g sugar per 100g.[View]
74341072I feel like I am getting scammed everytime I buy this shit I dont notice any difference at all. Is i…[View]
74341228>person performing a chokehold >the other is squeezing his balls who lets go first?…[View]
74341184motivation thread: post them[View]
74336968LeanPill Motivation Thread: Post leanpill motivation[View]
74338434>hurt my wrist while working out a month ago >took a break from lifting to let it heal >it …[View]
74337295Starting next week I will be water fasting on Tuesday and Thursday The other days I will exclusivel…[View]
74341149>he doesn't do calf raises ngmi[View]
74339252How do we make this a /fit/ approved meal?[View]
74340551>start rooning 6 months ago >get morning wood at 32 yo after years of not having it wagmi bros…[View]
74339150What are your favorite workout outfits? Thoughts on wearing skin-tight/lycra clothes?[View]
74340989How to get shoulders like pic rel? How much do you need to OHP?[View]
74340933>pick up dumbbell >dumbell: “Ey wise guy, who do you think you are picking me up like dat?” …[View]
74340704Brown Rice: I've started eating a cup (uncooked at first) of this every single day for a week. …[View]
74337745Metformin: Do you take it to help with your cut?[View]
74336840How do I go from 2 to 4 bands?[View]
74338850Im going to an hero. My first week back after a few months off for a rotator cuff injury and while d…[View]
74335433Reminder this is natty. WAGMI[View]
74340270How to help someone with a drug/alcohol addiction: Hello /fit/ maybe not the best board but for some…[View]
74340784>be best nutrition book for massive gains ever made >basedance believers and fagdieters can’t …[View]
74335315What would the average /fit/izen stats look like?[View]
74337961How do you get lats like this?[View]
74340716tfw super brainlet even getting fit doesn't help even you're a retard[View]
74334472Why don't we aerobicise anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD1xSc7oRRk https://www.youtub…[View]
74340535Is this achievable natty for a woman?[View]
74340388>crossfit is for failed has been athletes >bodybuilding is for failed has been athletes >…[View]
74340394i think weed increases my testosterone I can edge for more than 3 hours when im high and i can max …[View]
74337554You are maximizing leg activation and gains by going Ass To Grass right?[View]
74333673redpill me on wisdom teeth: The dental jew says I need to have mine removed despite me feeling no pa…[View]
74336981i would rather stay fat then having to live like this[View]
74337142Cocaine Health Benefits: Is cocaine good for heart health? This shit can get your heart rate up to 1…[View]
74338922I’m 5’11” what would I need to weigh to see visible abs without flexing[View]
74336468What are low carb snacks?[View]
74339682I sleep like this every night because my feet fall outwards when laying down What are some exercises…[View]
74339371Help me fix my body: Help me fix my body >sweat a lot Idk what to do about this. Sweating hard ea…[View]
74339096Brutal Moggs[View]
74339987>19, 6'1 >didnt work out a single day in my life >have this body do i have naturally h…[View]
74339807How to fix PE?: I fell for the psychiatry meme and took several different anti depressants (because …[View]
74339879Today is 5k day![View]
74340048Does this work?[View]
74340253Turning gains into gains: I have a bunch of disposable capital ($200k) and am wondering what I could…[View]
74339946ozempic wll save us: from this fate[View]
74339762How do I workout without being neurotic about it? Every time I've tried getting fit I tweak the…[View]
74337854How the fuck do I get rid of this shit? It's on my biceps, shoulders, thighs and kneecaps and n…[View]
74339491How long do I have to slonk eggs before it stops making me feel slightly sick for a minute or two?[View]
74336138Is there anything I should focus on in particular? 6'2 179 lbs Going to try improving my postur…[View]
74339816How did he do it?[View]
74339745My hand veins giga bulge for like 2 minutes after I take a hot shower. Should I be concerned or is t…[View]
74331496/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Non-schizo edition >Who is /fat/ for? For Sane Slurpers who are working…[View]
74335309whey: can anyone rec me some affordable whey protein brands that are still good quality?[View]
74338884He's the proof that natty lifting is a meme, he doesn't even talk about fitness anyone. 20…[View]
74339940Gym Nemesis: >Gym Nemesis got injured somehow. >Has a white sticker on his knee and is hobbli…[View]
74322204Tomboy Tuesday: Tuesdays are for tomboys![View]
74337742How much strength do big breast fat girls need for this? Which workout helps achieve such physique?[View]
74338345Were gyms better in the 80s?: In the Spartak gym, Moscow, 1989[View]
74338855how is the physique? im down 17lbs currently at 153 trying to cut to 135[View]
74339044Is this true? Am I damaging my skin for nothing[View]
74338520Supplements: What are you taking except whey?[View]
74337297Turns out /fit/ always been right about this fag. You just know his wife is a raging blue-hair femin…[View]
74337731Shin getting bruised from deadlifting: Is this supposed to happen? I have to keep the bar right up a…[View]
74339470are there any optimizations i can make to gomad for bulking[View]
74338993This board is dead[View]
74337254What do you take your creatine with? Personally i dump a fat scoop in my celsius[View]
74337908Why are my delts not growing even tho every other muscle is?[View]
74339362My glucose is 104. I'm pre diabetic High glucose robs protein synthesis. I'm not even fat.…[View]
74336331give me one good reason not to permacruise on 300mg a week[View]
74337843DYEL GENERAL[View]
74338836I need a core routine that's not boring[View]
74339134Why the fuck did I sweat profusely today? I ran for 10 minutes and my head just keps shedding water …[View]
74334699What is your honest opinion on Greg?[View]
74338527>hooked jew nose >not a jew how do I fix this without surgery? Is there a nasal equivalent of …[View]
74338904What mode am I?[View]
74337771How would you go about fixing this?[View]
74336987Just bought a 12lbs weight vest As a boxer, what should I do with it? I'm thinking working the …[View]
74338893It's over: Why even bother trying anymore Everything around us is collapsing. Education governm…[View]
74339061Bros who went from bloatlord to twink: What was it like when you realized you were just a fat twink …[View]
74338829my bet is placed.[View]
74335722Bock bock... nigger... bock bock[View]
74337726>losing weight >i look gayer and more feminine the more weight I lose what do I do…[View]
74338966How do I get a defined lower body like this? I have defined lines, but I want them to look like a su…[View]
74335362few months ago I injured my wrist. it feels perfectly fine until I try to push any weight then it hu…[View]
74338543Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
74334402The lower my bodyfat gets, the more I grow attracted to slightly overweight women against my will[View]
74321558Running is actually bad for you?[View]
74338838Why am I like this?[View]
74336898Started working out NEED HELP: I have always had social anxiety never liked crowded places. Had conf…[View]
74338269Only kwabs and fatties wipe down machines/equipment at the gym. Yeah ok buddy, I'm sure that fl…[View]
74338181Can I use dumbbells with uneven weights?: I only have a limited amount of weights and that's th…[View]
74337319/fit/ BLASTINGS BRUTAL EDITION: post 'em SKULL-BURSTING-RAGE blastings laddies and EAT 'em…[View]
74332163Is CICO really how weight loss works? So if I eat a bowl of ice cream and 24 hour fast, I'd los…[View]
74336096Your wife/gf doesn’t follow powershitter fitfluencers, right?[View]
74328675The best kept secret in /fit/ness is that refined sugar is extremely beneficial for exercise and eve…[View]
74338240Do you train neck?[View]
74336667What was his problem?[View]
74336851Being a gymmaxxed NEET is literally modern day aristocracy, the life of a philosopher in ancient gre…[View]
74338413Why do wide push ups make my chest pump so big[View]
74337261I love fucking only escorts as a 24yo gymcel. I won't elaborate further. It's not my fault…[View]
74331028Is this true?[View]
74325882Favorite Energy Drink/ Pre Workout: whats your fav energy drink or pre workout? ill start pic rel…[View]
74337438>up protein >lower carbs >walk more >sleep more >get shredded ez It's been this …[View]
74338211Cardio /mu/sic: Most people put on metal or rap for lifting, but what about cardio? I think 80s rock…[View]
7433655830 day water fast: Day 7: By the end of today. I'll finish my first week long water fast. Start…[View]
74337321It's summer and the weather is good outside: Only the most dedicated losers still post on the c…[View]
74338023Is it possible to grow your clavicles after puberty?[View]
74336089Good exercises for testicular cancer?[View]
74336125Why does his physique look like shit?[View]
74338090You ever do an exercise, feel the muscle contract but get no pain ? Or maybe get pain the next day[View]
74335520Can dancing be a decent workout?[View]
74335299Is counting macros and calories retarded and cringe?[View]
74337420How to prevent this?[View]
74337524you aren't skipping height exercises, are you anon?[View]
74330548>dont follow Starting Strength, not enough upper body >dont follow SL 5x5, not enough upper b…[View]
74337610Can normies tell the difference between natural muscles and artificial gym muscles like we can?[View]
74336705I lift[View]

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