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41902973Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph: I've had it with the bullshit about hard-gainers and ectomorph…[View]
41898790what routine/roids do I use to look like this[View]
41903033Protein Farts: As soon as I get close to 150g of protein, the next day I have protein farts. I'…[View]
41902571Why do I get bloated after drinking water?[View]
41901067>taking advice from people who look like this[View]
41902342>How to detect fags? They look like this[View]
41902950oh you wouldn't back down from a fight?: halo grunts: >168cm / 5'6' >118kg / 260lbs …[View]
41902390I have to train all of my lifts in the 10+ %1RM rep range or I'll get progressively worse pain …[View]
41901761prove me wrong faggots: >god tier lifting to fry your CNS lifting to relieve depression and stop…[View]
41901828How do I seal the deal with this chaldo/achnod?[View]
41896011Snap City Thread: Come on faggots let's see your worst gifs/webms/whatever the fuck I wanna W I…[View]
41902348tfw i have to eat this shit while people in america eat burgers :([View]
41902734Why is CICO not a meme?: https://youtu.be/cRSeyCZwEUI https://youtu.be/KHaCKudtVi0[View]
41900960Yo /fit, how long should I rest after a minor shoulder injury? Fucked my shit up on Tuesday, so I to…[View]
41902436>tfw just want to be thicc >6'2 lanklet >tfw cant grow beard to save my life im at 1/2…[View]
41899829/FAG/ - Facial Aesthetics General: How does someone fix this?[View]
41901697i am new to working out, i do cardio a few times a week currently, and weight train every other day …[View]
41902114Does /fit/ still like Zyzz?[View]
41901946>he fell for the Maple Hill Creamery meme[View]
41902087Let's say that I wanted to train for general athleticism and that I wanted to incorporate a com…[View]
41902335Have any of you guys ever done any sort of colon cleanse? Not sure if all these companies are just o…[View]
41900129What do you think of this thingy? I found one of these in my attic and I wondered what is your verdi…[View]
41900201How do I get Jin Kazama mode?[View]
41902347Who is /row/ here? I just finished my first full week of rowing every day. Why do I feel like I got …[View]
41898668>he counts the bar and first 2 pl8s When will you make it? [x] Never [ ] Eventually…[View]
41901797PSA: Don't shit where you eat: >40 years old >have tech job >full gym and kitchen at o…[View]
41900659How do I get the body of an Ancient Greek?[View]
41898582Just got back from the gym, I'm so fucking done with gyms... Cancelling my membership tomorrow.…[View]
41901692Recommend a routine: tldr: Recommend some lifts that will help me do pic related. I have my promotio…[View]
41900820What is /fit/'s opinion on multivitamins?[View]
41901069Half Marathon 2morow Do i go for RUN?: Hey /fit/ I have a half marathon 2morow, should i go swiming/…[View]
41898969Brehs I want to start reading old greek philosophy, but don't know where to start. Can anyone r…[View]
41900862>bodybuilders aren't stro...[View]
41896848HEADPHONES: Best headphones for lifting? Must be under 60$[View]
41901182Why are my legs so thin? All the fat goes to my ass and thighs. I hate my parents. When I sit on the…[View]
41900761help my brother get a 7+/10 girlfriend: can anyone help my bro out? my bro's very similar to me…[View]
41900870>just got done doing 40 squats alright, I feel great! bloods rushing an- >takes one step after…[View]
41900828Climbing: I am perusing a job as a wind turbine technician. One of the requirements is to be able to…[View]
41901120Gynecomastia: Hi guys, I'm interested how many of you guys have genuine gyne. Also is it realis…[View]
41900311Just bought a kettlebell (12 kg) how should I use this bad boy?[View]
41896189What motivates you to lift?[View]
41902090Roids: Afternoon chaps, Anyone care to give me the pros and cons of using steroids? If I was to beg…[View]
41902041How many of you train your neck?[View]
41891968Why do you guys say that losing weight is 'physic' and equals the 'first law of thermodynamics'?[View]
41900342>he doesn't wake up when the sun rises never gonna make it[View]
41901949>Bulking hard, bulking bad >Take the train to visit family >Take a dump at the toilet >C…[View]
41899403vegan discord link https://discord.gg/CXVsXgz meat eaters will be banned instantly without warning[View]
41900182Why are you raising your own tower in the pursuit of vanity, /fit/? The highest tower belongs now an…[View]
41895479What should I have said /fit/? It's heavy squats tomorrow[View]
41898469Is this a top tier drink?[View]
41901612Mornin lads, just got gf interested in lifting to spend more time with me and not being a gains gobl…[View]
41898361Calorie Lies: Hey /fit/. Do you trust the calorie counts on food packaging? YOU'RE A FUCKING…[View]
41891388Brehs there is a secret spooky skeleton on my sips if you look real close what the fuck whoaa[View]
41901747Hey /fit/, I need a bit of advice. I seem to have arithmomania, and have been aware of it since half…[View]
41899938Fat people should be murdered.[View]
41901463D-do you really get bitch tits from Soy Sauce?[View]
41900313>sister left a chocolate box in front of me >couldn't control myself and ate half of it W…[View]
41901461Does anyone have any tips for adding workouts for PPL? I have trouble working out which exercise is …[View]
41901346I've started lifting recently and I have really skinny arms. The bone at the side of my elbow …[View]
41897420See this. What do?[View]
41897921Is having an Adonis belt mostly genetics or BF% ???????[View]
41896465What mode?[View]
41899364>Doing cardio results in Neovascularization >The body literally creates new blood vessels to d…[View]
41898506>haven't reached my full potential >still rated an 8 on /soc/…[View]
41898953How do I achieve jahansmode?[View]
41899567Why should I even bother working on looking good? I'm already a balding manlet in my mid 20s. M…[View]
41900170Calisthenics: Hi /fit/ I'm interested in calisthenics, but I have some things to consider. >…[View]
41901334Lipo (thoughts): hi /Fit/ what are your thoughts on getting lipo. i am 6 foot tall 183 pounds and i …[View]
41900931hey guys i was thinking of remixing this song & calling it aint no half reppin https://www.youtu…[View]
41900165Is this any good?: Just made this what do you think? what does it need or cut out bare in mind im na…[View]
41900509>Bro approaches bench >Sets up too much weight >'benches', not touching chest, elbows dont …[View]
41878111Vegan General: Thread for all vegans and people interested in the vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians allow…[View]
41897637Supplements: Which ones do you take? Which one did you find to be the best? I was thinking of taking…[View]
41900112>fitness board >slow as fuck[View]
41900468Strava /fit/: Is there a /fit/ strava group? If so what is it and if not why the fuck not? You…[View]
41900729Morning Workouts: /Fit/ I'm starting a new job next week - it's Mon- Fri 0830-1730. My gym…[View]
41901062Will cutting get me face gains?: 1.89 m 22%bodyfat should I cut down to 10-12% or would this make me…[View]
41897789Will my wife from an arranged marriage (not forced) who'll be marrying me 2 years from now care…[View]
41901077>tfw no tall/neck gf does /fit/ like tall girls?[View]
41901003normies: >go to commercial gym >itsskwaatdai.jpg >pyramid up to lmao3pl8 >ass2grass dat …[View]
41901065>he falls asleep before 6am[View]
41899074Starting out: Hello /fit/, this is the first time I'm posting here. All my life I was weak and …[View]
41900403I'm doing keto and I need something chewy/crunchy NOW. What the fuck should I get?[View]
41874046Questions that don't deserve their own thread[View]
41900844monk mode: let's talk about monk mode I was utterly disappointed in my life and in myself for a…[View]
41893797>stay in caloric deficit for weeks >weight still the same >lower caloric intake >still t…[View]
41898166just finished pic related. is it /fit/ redpill, or vegan propaganda? Enlighten me[View]
41885941Hey everyone, femanom here. I need advice. Backstory: I'm 5 feet tall, ~120 lbs. I started PPL…[View]
41899903Explain me why carbohydrate consumption increases sleep time and the sleep feels more efficient and …[View]
41900840>hamstring doms[View]
41898302CREATINE: Whats the word around here on creatine? My bro just gave me a big tub of it and I've…[View]
41884206/fit/ food recipe general: Need to expand my folder, will dump with what I have[View]
41899641>3x5 >not 10x10 when will the SS t-rex/doormode /fit/izens learn…[View]
41898644Hey /fit/ Is there any hope for someone starting from this <- at getting a body that is actually …[View]
41900260>too fat or too unfit to bend over and put socks on your feet >needs a special tool to help yo…[View]
41898530Hey /fit/ I'm about to get an apartment, but which floor should I get? Keep in mind I'm pl…[View]
41900079Newfag here, need some help. Any time I stay in the gym for longer than 30-40 minutes, I feel sick t…[View]
41899808>can't do keto cause oats are too delicious >can't be vegan cause I need a lot of pr…[View]
41890474>get a job >if I go to gym after work, there's almost no free hours left on weekdays I kn…[View]
41898975does /fit/ have faith? spirituality thread: Thy gym do come. Thy lift be done, In the sky as it’s do…[View]
41899159>German volume training is it a meme or not? may try it myself for the next 12 weeks.…[View]
41899513I made it: I think I made it fit, after 9 months of working out everyone is noticing the change in m…[View]
41900298Never forget.[View]
41900196help! is this workout and lifestyle advice any good?: i need help determening if this is a valid wor…[View]
41896282How the fuck do you burn fat in the highlighted area?[View]
41898561Which sports that women play are best for glutes, quads (thighs) and hamstrings?: I'm curious f…[View]
41899648Friendly reminder that chicks dig well-defined abs and forearms more than anything else.[View]
41899471Which supplements are worth your money? Multivitamins, testo boosters, creatine.at which point do yo…[View]
41894548/thicc/: Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, …[View]
41899704How are you lads holding up?[View]
41900034Thin: Real skinny piece of shit here worried about turning skinny/fat. I've never had any probl…[View]
41898303What would you do if you had a face and hair line like this ?[View]
41900047>mfw a meat eater tells me im not getting enough protein[View]
41900001FIRST TIME EVENT: going to an event/party for the first time, got some tips?[View]
41899932Will he fight again? n-no homo...[View]
41899851>want to start a new program >it requires me to lower the weight I lift significantly at the b…[View]
41896072/A N D R O G E N I C/: /A N D R O G E N I C/ thread Are you /A N D R O G E N I C/ BIG poops STRONG m…[View]
41899763Can a fitness tracker/smart watch fuck my writs up? I have been using a MI band 2 for a few months n…[View]
41899141Attention. Is there any way to quickly drop water weight in a day? Ate some anchovies yesterday. Dri…[View]
41897054>tfw too little self control to not waste entire days on 4chan and watching stupid YouTube videos…[View]
41897993>get up at six >go to gym >workout >cold shower >go home >study >eat brunch …[View]
41898802FAT PEOPLE HATE THREAD talk down below why you hate fat people and why we should have no sympathy fo…[View]
41897602do you confuse your limbs by wearing asymmetrical clothing? does it work?[View]
41896627Should I shave /fit/?[View]
41897750Explain to me why carbs are important for muscle building[View]
41885686CHICKEN SPICE THREAD: How does /fit/ season their chicken? Salt Black Pepper Onion Powder Garlic Pow…[View]
41898234Hey /fit/ been trying it the normal way to lose weight Tried eating less calories and working out wh…[View]
41899135INNER CITY N N E R C I T Y[View]
41869972What do you listen to while working out?[View]
41898517How do I find a doctor that knows what they're talking about with TRT? My current PCP won'…[View]
41897361When will you faggots accept that the trap/hex bar deadlift is the superior lift?[View]
41898833I'm falling for the GOMAD meme /fit/. I'm 130 lbs., 6'2 and at my last straw. I need weigh…[View]
41897372I have a flatbench, dumbells, a barbell to do deadlifts, and a bunch of plates in my basement which …[View]
41898667>red pill me on the long head of the tricep[View]
41896730>Be white >not quite dyel but not quite fit >Make bumble and tinder accounts >Only match…[View]
41897604You know that Bruce Lee had a 700 pound kicking bag that he used to kick. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
41897281i need to get jacked, i want to get jacked: my dreams to get huge. i know i can do it and i have all…[View]
41898505I need some insider knowledge. I've never been to a gym before and I'm twenty years old. I…[View]
41897147Can I get really strong doing pure body weight and calisthenics? What are some good programs? Goal i…[View]
41895407Progress Thread: Post your progress pics, for motivation and bragging! >Left side is me 1 year ag…[View]
41897987Bodyfat: How do I get a more chilesed jawline?[View]
41897800I'm almost 40 years old. I weigh 260 lbs. I have no muscle mass or endurance. I have a pathetic…[View]
41897082I drink a lot of coffee because I fucking love coffee. I like green tea and want to start drinking i…[View]
41898352>be 24 >max heart rate 196 >ran 5k in 27 minutes, average heart rate 169 does that mean i w…[View]
41896889How to get an aesthetic jaw?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3bIMRKil8 https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
41896107Protein powder brands?: I was wondering what kind of brands of protein powder would be best what…[View]
41894025You may not like it but this is what peak nutrition looks like . There is 1.2 Kg of food in that pla…[View]
41893226>just lift and join tinder bro[View]
41898005Just give me an estimate here assuming this guy is 6ft tall How much would someone like this weigh a…[View]
41897904What are the facial and body features of a Chad?: Any way I can reach his level? There must be some …[View]
41896485Is Matthew Kline Kader a /fit/izen?[View]
41894353'Anon, do you do ANYTHING else besides go to the gym, wank, and play vidya?' >tfw you dont…[View]
41897686how to lose weight[View]
41888687/run/ - Running General: >FAQ http://pastebin.com/pjMQQ46m At what time do all the qts run? Pic u…[View]
41898169Does your gym have a guy who looks almost exactly like this? Does every gym have a guy who looks alm…[View]
41896296So yeah I just got the living shit beat out of me (1vs15, think rekt webms style) but i'm still…[View]
41897353What type of weightlifting routines does Chad follow in the gym? (in b4 incel memes about chad natur…[View]
41898225Roll of shame: Seen it mentioned in a few threads, just wanted to share this fix. When unable to rai…[View]
41898103>get through 7 days NOFAP >jerk off >feel weaker in gym now…[View]
41897255How's your neck training going, /fit/?[View]
41894128does weed effect gains?[View]
41897585why is there much hate for milk on this board? some of us actually want to make gains and not be ott…[View]
41898072/fit/, I'm sick as shit. Vomiting, diarrhea and copious amounts of sleep and missed work. Its n…[View]
41888015Former gaming addicted lanklets of /fit/, how did you recover from your office chair posture/inflexi…[View]
41895697>day 2 of no fap >want to just jerk my dick until it explodes…[View]
41889040Fitness blogger Rebecca Burger killed by 'exploding whipped cream canister': http://www.bbc.com/news…[View]
41897972weight loss on keto: The studies are inconclusive. Will I lose more weight while on a deficit on ket…[View]
41897653Looking for ebook Tudor Bompa periodization: download link much appreciated[View]
41896183Diet thread: >Staples of your diet >foods you are incorporating but are not quite staples yet …[View]
41897727help /fit/ this guy started hitting on my wife in the gym and i dont know what to do[View]
41896862>tfw counting macros >look at phone >contacts are mum,dad,brother,and house…[View]
41897397Does water fasting provide any real benefit? Of course it isn't gonna turn you into an Arnold i…[View]
41895367Brooke Wells: Is this achievable natty for a female?[View]
41896237https://www.reddit.com/r/gainit/comments/6ixzqv/always_had_a_problem_with_eating_my_entire_life/ wha…[View]
41897424all you bodybuilders are limp wristed faggots. when i was your age and fighting in vietnam there was…[View]
41896951>so legs tonight >achieve 335lb squat for three reps >achieve 365lb squat for one rep >f…[View]
41897467Hey /fit/ , novice lifter here, 5'9 160lbs 17bf% Im currently doing SS and i've done amaz…[View]
41892623Daily reminder if you dont know who the gym autist is, its you[View]
41885189Anyone else feel like this shit took a part of them? Even years later.[View]
41897436Creatine made my dick bigger but not my biceps[View]
41896914>>>/cgl/9526570 Daily reminder this is all you need to attract women.[View]
41897393>ITT: How skeleton do I look for a 5'10.5', 156lbs, probably 12% bodyfat 18-year old America…[View]
41897500I've lost about all the weight I can but still have stubborn fat deposits. Especially around my…[View]
41896530Cutting calories help: When cutting calories, do you guys get angry or testy by the end of the day? …[View]
41896083>friends and I are doing something >they keep doing something that pisses me off >ask them …[View]
41896633Vitamin D: How much do you guys take? The sticky says 5000IU but a lot of sources say that's to…[View]
41896536Should I tell the dude on the leg press pushing 9 plates with no leg mass he's wasting his time…[View]
41897030I have not been to the gym in two weeks, I got sick and missed a few days, and then stalled out. I n…[View]
41893043Gentlemen, how do we fix females?[View]
41897165Is Steve1989 the last bastion of natty MRE gains? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd0mWi-E_sI[View]
41896763THE Best Pre: E.S.P is hands down the best pre workout if you get drug tested.[View]
41897336>spent whole day lifting, mainly upper body shit (Tuesdays are leg days) >horny as fuck >a…[View]
41897284I was 6'1 during my early twenties, but I just went to the doctor and I was 6'2! What happ…[View]
41895336I need to lose 10ish kg, as I've already bulked for about 4 years. In either case, I was thinki…[View]
41897089Are there supplements for working out that can get testosterone going for someone who has low testos…[View]
41897249* block your path and laughs at your smedium shirt * what do?[View]
41890811/fat/ - Fruit is the New Devil Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of /fit/ who want to lose …[View]
41895988i have a challenge for you /fit/ give me the best full arm workout i can do - while only using a cur…[View]
41897123>achieve fit thicc bearmode bod >6'4' >manlet fuccboi dyel little brother still gets l…[View]
41897072Over training: When some old guy with low test tries to convince you that over training isn't j…[View]
41896325Routine Thread: Hey /fit/ thinking of modifying my routine, please rate. It's kind of a mix of …[View]
41895348Red pill me on probiotics, or should i just eat Kimchi?[View]
41895593Will these away if I lose weight or does it look hopeless?[View]
41896490Can we have an advice thread?[View]
41895069undescended testicle: I know I'm not going to get many responses as it only affects 0.1% of mal…[View]
41893074its funny cause it's true.[View]
41896417Best beer to drink while lifting. And go![View]
41896551What should I do /fit/?: What type of training and nutrition will get me ripped in one year? Also ca…[View]
41894736Where does /fit/ stand on Dairy: Plenty of the infographics / guides on fit say you should get low f…[View]
41895729So /fit/ this is where I'm at. How fucked am I?[View]
41896869Why is power metal the hypest fucking shit to lift to?[View]
41896716Got a couple weeks break from uni Been on keto for 4 months and been skipping the gym so getting pre…[View]
41896560When you guys need a spot, do you: >ask the nearest person who is between sets >ask the most a…[View]
41896093>one daves single from wendy's has 30g protein 6'2 170 lb skinny here, tell me why i sh…[View]
41894537Why is Bernard A Harris Jr not considered the strongest man ever?[View]
41895852Oil: If I cook with oil do I include every single oily droplet in my daily intake? Thanks.[View]
41896503>be me >go to local gym >finish up my greyskull workout >head to the locker room for a …[View]
41895129I don't know how to cut :/ Whats the least muscle reducing way to cut?[View]
41896374How bad is this for 6 months of lifting?[View]
41896316Anyone else hates commercial gyms because of all pretty fit girls around who never be with you? They…[View]
41894288Honest question for those who aim to become a person that can easily get laid: What's the point…[View]
41896017Does anyone have any experience with the gym YouFit? If so are the $10 a month claims true or too go…[View]
41896078What the fuck drink bottle can I drink out of to avoid becoming a trap? I've been using pic rel…[View]
41893795Hepburn Routine Advice: I'm thinking about starting a routine based around the Hepburn method. …[View]
41894489Creatine general: Alright /fit/ I can't escape skele mode and I'm tired of it. Is taking …[View]
41895425I signed up for this rich white people gym, where everyone that goes there is fit, beautiful and tal…[View]
41894640What kind of male in anime, cartoons and games do girls IRL find the most attractive?[View]
41896254If i do this workout everyday will I lose my man moobs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3D4oCEt0RQ…[View]
41896232What does /fit/ think of BCAAs during a workout?[View]
41893060Height estimation thread: Guys, can someone estimate how tall is this guy?[View]
41896221Boogie has upgraded to using a scooter now.[View]
41896262I lift 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. What day of the week is safe to get shitface…[View]
41894928Cosplay: How does it feel that this is one of the most aesthetic cosplayers in the world and al the …[View]
41896344Does anybody know where I can find a water bottle made from a real human skull? Store bought is fine…[View]
41891315Why are more and more faggots becoming vegan? I wouldnt care but they act like their diet choice is …[View]
41894733Assuming you wasn't born with Chad genetics (just the average of your race), how hard would it …[View]
41895972To the guy in pic: I saved your photo for inspiration man. If you see this please share your story a…[View]
41896159>tfw you will never eat a bow of fruit loops or other sugary cereal guilt free like you did as a …[View]
41893291Why: Why do i start dropping shit in the gym when I see some hot chick? >Be me >Small local gy…[View]
41895779Personality > hobbies > fashion > body > interests See how low body and interests are? T…[View]
41894217best smartwatch for runners with 300us to spend? Points: GPS is a must-have, internal storage for mu…[View]
41893799just left humanity behind: i just ate 1,5 kg greek yoghurt with like 400g granola. I am dyel so the …[View]
41895192>mfw you reach a decent size natty and normies ask if you're using steroids I'm 6'4 230…[View]
41892928She is looking at your favorite food, fit. What do you say?[View]
41895664Is this better than sips?: I always see these damned sipped threads. Isn't this shit more goode…[View]
41895057How long do you hold a stretch for? I see 20 seconds up a few minutes. Also how many sets? I have a…[View]
41895643what exercises should be done to improve your face?[View]
41893677So /fit/, prove that you have traps (This is just right trap though)[View]
41894802Fat burners: Are fat burners useful for losing weight whilst going to the gym? If so which ones are …[View]
41894905What do you guys think is the strength limit one who does not compete should set for themselves (1-5…[View]
41894236>Like /fit/ and strong girls >Don't lift because I'm afraid of getting stronger than…[View]
41889750Becoming a vegan: your story: Nothing has made a better impact on my health than turning vegan. I…[View]
41894473Need routine advice. I've been lifting for about a year and have plateaued. I got into lifting …[View]
41893892don't break your foot /fit/[View]
41895369If I eat 200g of Nutella a day will I become natty?[View]
41895706Gym rutines for Begginer womans? Im 108 pounds and im considered skinny fat, I have almost none musc…[View]
41895300What is the best BCAA?[View]
41888397>trap doms[View]
41895313Help me out /fit/ i dont feel any soreness or micro-tears whatsoever after 30 minutes post-workout T…[View]
41895623Another link for the sticky?: The link to the sticky isn't working. I'd like to share it, …[View]
41894796>be 6'4' >205 lbs >manboobs >/fit/ and fit communities in general tell me to lose w…[View]
41893986your sticky link is dead[View]
41888296This board is toxic to mental health: 3 years ago I started coming to /fit/ regularly. Before that, …[View]
41884062What is the minimum level of /fit/ to marry a chubby Latina with a sexy face?[View]
41893858>buy ice cream, skittles, chocolate for my ABSOLUTELY FINAL EVER binge >go to the store >on…[View]
41894912Gonna start lifting? What workout routine should I use to start?[View]
41894747Daily reminder that being lonely for so long is unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.[View]
41891164STRENGTH TRAINING IS A MEME: Daily reminder strength training is a meme and all that matters is lift…[View]
41893808How do you get legs like these?[View]
41895277where can i read about vitamins since the sticky website is down[View]
41892812Has anybody had good results from jelqing?[View]
41894469So there's this chubby faggot at work with bitch tits, a spare tire, and skinny little arms. No…[View]
41887921>be squatting 315 for reps >QT3.14 gym crush comes over to talk to me after my set >thinkin…[View]
41894349Worry less about getting your current self laid, and focus on getting your 2-5 years down-the-line s…[View]
41894638Is clean bulking while doing intermittent fasting a good way to add muscle and lose fat? Sounds like…[View]
41894901>In Wendy's drive through grabbing a couple of chicken sandwhiches >Fat chick runs up to …[View]
41894995>'How do I get more calories in, /fit/?' >'Eat nuts mang :DDD' >Buy almonds, walnuts, and c…[View]
41893511Hi /fit/ How do i strech my calves without over extending my knees? I can stech the calves but only …[View]
41894413Goal body /thread/: Post your goalbody.[View]
41894764What are your thoughts on this documentary?[View]
41893396what if i never get laid and lifting was for nothin[View]
41893027Lanklet Workout: Any other tall fags out there that have good routines? I'm 6'5' and I fee…[View]
41892636>''''''beginner'''''' weightlifting program >you're supposed to drink 3 liters of milk a …[View]
41894786>walking into gym while changing songs >somehow forget to flash my membership card to the scan…[View]
41894434>Be me: >Have gym membership because of work benefits >Literally have never stepped foot in…[View]
41894493Is this an achievable natty?[View]
41894192What is the human equivalent body type to looking like a Ninja Turtle? Pictures would be helpful. Ho…[View]
41892803Do ladies even like man ass or is it just a meme?[View]
41893769purge all weakness.[View]
41894539Is it impossible to look skinny from the side? When I look down my belly doesn't look big, but …[View]
41889744Is it true cutting carbs really works? Should I only eat meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables to opti…[View]
41894332I'm 107kg, I'm about 10ish kg overweight. In either case, I've been bulking and doing…[View]
41892788constipation, diarrhoea and soft normal poo that hurts to push out?: I get mixture of the three ofte…[View]
41893138Don't discriminate: #redplatesmatter[View]
41894452was Skeletor natty?[View]
41894364Hey /fit/, Anyone know wtf is going on with irc? Need to order me some MK and Cardarine..but.. It…[View]
41894388Okay /fit/ how do I achieve semi-toned abs like this with a bodyweight routine? I already have extre…[View]
41889934Should I start by losing fat or gaining muscle?[View]
41890980What is the correct way to breathe during running? I must be doing it wrong as hell, because i alway…[View]
41894174Alright /fit/ I need some advice, 5 years ago I used to be 250lbs with 30% body-fat, now I'm at…[View]
41893901>too scared to start working out and go to gym 200 meters from where I live because I think peopl…[View]
41894317spartan race: Sup /fit/, Is the Spartan race good for me? I tried out a workout from them recently a…[View]
41892073If you're using a pad, how much would a person need to squat to offset the instant faggot statu…[View]
41893137>Tfw did kegels today >Feel fucking awful >Penis feels funny >Pelvis feels weaker >I…[View]
41894298Fucking help me /fit/ I can't deal with this shit >Winter in down unda >Live is tasmania,…[View]
41877891New CBT: Can we get a new CBT? Old one is dead for reasons unknown. 23yr 5'9 - 160lbs >inb4…[View]
41894254Oestrogen in food: What foods should I avoid, which contain it. And what long term effects can Oestr…[View]
41876752QTDDTOT: Couldn't find one, so I made one. I've heard chuck taylors are good lifting shoes…[View]
41892460Second Growth Spurt? t.5'5': So basically I was talking to my friend today and he said that he…[View]
41892387/swim/ - Swimming General: It is officially summer in the relevant hemisphere. Time to put away thos…[View]
41892604>He doesn't do calisthenics and only lifts shit for looks and not function Why? Afraid that…[View]
41888083>Ask /fit/ for random advice >Every second answer unironically about Trap transition What…[View]
41891366Is it foolish to become physically fit and try to become financially successful, solely (if not most…[View]
41893186How do i put this on without looking like a retard? I love wearing it but it always feels awkward as…[View]
41892754>be me, 23, 220 pound 5'9' male >decide to get my life together for once and go on a diet…[View]
41894134Toning up: Lost a lot of weight but I'm beginning to look loose in my stomach and thighs. I los…[View]
41877527Are neck workouts a meme?[View]
41892911Tomorrow I'm Quitting /fit/ and chans.: Fit had been the only board I've visited for a goo…[View]
41892171Why is it considered cool to smoke? You literally are just standing there basically screaming 'LOOK …[View]
41888029Dear anons, I want to quit smoking and would appreciate any kind of help - advises, tricks, literatu…[View]
41889971WHEN WILL WRISTLETS LEARN?: I see a lot of bullshit on this page about manlets, dicklets and tfw no …[View]
41892861>tfw no amount of lifting will help me get a gf When I am talking to a girl and she starts seemin…[View]
41892742>be in all you can eat buffet with family. >time for some gains >i get back to the table fi…[View]
41891848Hey, /fit/, are any of those ab benches worth a shit? I really don't know anything about this, …[View]
41892999Where do I buy microwavable fish that is healthy and good amounts of protein?: Trying to lose weight…[View]
41893634My girlfriend had her son about two years ago and says she's ready to get fit again. What food …[View]
41889713>friends also workout >give them fitness advice >they think its shit and ignore it I guess …[View]
41891232Ok /fit/. Time to get medieval. Who was the strongest or overall most fit person of the times? Any t…[View]
41893802Does anyone else notice that heavy squats and deadlifts are slowly falling out of style here on /fit…[View]
41892927>when did you realize you'll never lift your autism away? me, just recently after having to …[View]
41892128my /fit/ story: Haven't really ever posted here much, but I just wanted to share my /fit/ story…[View]
41892305What do you guys drink... I cant buy juice causs its filled with sugar... And water is boring. Ive …[View]
41893715>flu with viral myositis goodbye gains[View]
41891643Is anyone else here a wristlet? I lost about 55 kg over the course of 6 months, and now my writs ar…[View]
41891870JUST FUCK US UP[View]
41893671Eating a meat: your story:: Nothing has made a better impact on my health than eating meat. I'm…[View]
41893575friendly reminder that liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet[View]
41893344>tfw no neck How do I make it appear again Doesnt it look strange[View]
41892721>checking out gyms >visit a 24 Hour Fitness >everything looks great >employee goes to hi…[View]
41885890/bwg/ - BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERZd8Xt…[View]
41893311What kind of neck workouts are there? What do you guys like to do? I want to start but I can only th…[View]
41892677>21 years old >Literally no accomplishments to this point Is it possible to turn it all around…[View]
41890408>be an utterly sedentary office worker >can't even do one situp The starting point is rea…[View]
41891991>ITT we talk about how to grow the most aesthetic muscle group: Shoulders NATURAL edition As a na…[View]
41893166Help me out here fit: >Go to gym >Push day >Ohp >Bench >Incline bench >dips >Pu…[View]
41893282>how long have you been lifting? >what is your height and weight? >how many times per week …[View]
41892772How do I make my chest stop looking like this?[View]
41893032Older /fit/bros....was this your bible? It certainly was mine. Just ran across it today when clearin…[View]
41891819>Doc says I have mild gyno on my pecs. >no breast tissue though only fat Does this mean I nee…[View]
41893135>man abandons robot son because he is a manlet what did he mean by this?…[View]
41892664>tfw when constant irrational fear of snapping your shit up always at the back of your mind Anyon…[View]
41892752How do I get this kind of body?[View]
41892938Tf is this rash thing? I just shaved for the first time in months and found it It's not irritat…[View]
41891995>Be 5'8'' manlet >Get fit to gain confidence >Manage to land decent gf, 7/10…[View]
41890383>day 365 of NoFap What's gonna happen to me tomorrow? Will I gain wizard powers?…[View]
41889935Why are 'powerlifters' always so angry and hostile towards aesthetic bodybuilders? What is it that m…[View]
41889632Whats even the point if your ring finger isn't longer than your index finger. >Dr. Manning h…[View]
41889289Army: Joining the army next week Any of you guys know how to reduce blisters when running? And have …[View]
41882267Who here /A N D R O G E N I C/? MATURE hair line STRONG hands THICK wrists TALL PUNGENT odor STINKY …[View]
41889901>tfw 5'9 and 47kg >tfw can do 50 pushups I could beat anyone of you up…[View]
41892243>Left >How I look in the mirror >Would fuck a clone of myself, no homo >Right >How I …[View]
41889301Gyno: I have an appointment next week with a surgeon to get my gyno removed. It will only be fat sin…[View]
41891815What is the most BASIC way to cook chicken fillets? Every single online method is some fancy as fuck…[View]
41878708/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Welcome to /PLG/ - Powerlifting General. >good vibes edition Primar…[View]
41887726MY FUCKING KNEES: /fit/, I like squatting, but for fucks sake, MY FUCKING KNEES. I'm only at 2p…[View]
41877664Is a 405 pound deadlift respectable?[View]
41892681I don't know, but I think I'm hopping off the Scott train. I never watched his videos as a…[View]
41892673I'm fucking clueless, trying to lose weight so lifting on deficit and according to symmetrical …[View]
41892648I thought only skeletons were supposed to use GOMAD not fatboys to fatterboys[View]
41892646>go to gym >supposed to do nice fullbody workout >end up only doing exercises that directly…[View]
41892630oh boy[View]
41890407Help a manlet out mah brahs, I am a 5'8,5 manlet but still 18 years old and deluded enough to h…[View]
41888989>failed to do 5 2.5pl8 dl reps fuck this gay ass lift. it's only for fat retards who can…[View]
41886112Why is /fit/ not vegan yet knowing high meat based diets cause diabetes ?[View]
41892053What are you eating right now /fit/? I've got New York Strip, hashbrowns, and the last little b…[View]
41892450sort yourself out[View]
41890283I haven't been on /fit/ since a little before zyzz died. Was hoping people could get me up to s…[View]
41892405Felt a pop in my lower back doing hack squats >drove home in pain >can barely walk >can…[View]
41892407>start lifting >doing deadlifts >hurts my lowerback >it goes away >fast foreward a fe…[View]
41890616>be me >originally think water fasting is a huge meme >decide to try it for a week to make …[View]
41891854how to get a body like this[View]
41885009Serious question: Sup /fitizens/ Just two quick questions; Does anyone know who this is? Does anyon…[View]
41885750FPH/FPS - Fat People Hate[View]
41891896Paul Banks of Interpol. Maybe 22 years old on the left, maybe 34 on the right. How did he achieve th…[View]
41889672The Great No Challenge: I've decided to go all in and do simultaneously NoFap, NoFood and NoWat…[View]
41891660>Be a manager at a freight company. >Jobs rotate for our drivers and floor staff so no one get…[View]
41891371Why you bother with muscles when you can become master at cold approaching and swin in pussy? You li…[View]
41891440Is this true or is Tumblr just making shit up again?[View]
41891483Why is it so hard to get lateral deltoid DOMS? I know it not the goal, but I never had it.[View]
41887283If I use this can I still claim natty?[View]
41891123This is what doing purely compounds gives you This is what you will look like if you train the way /…[View]
41887629So how many of us vegans are there? Ive made 1 vegan thread before and ive seen a few more made, i k…[View]
41888536I've been doing nofap for 2 weeks. I'm not addicted to porn or masturbation, so it really …[View]
41886139a literal GOD[View]
41890885Okay I have been smoking for 4 years, it was never alot ussally around 4-5 cigs per day. A week ago …[View]
41889877Baby weights: Am I the only person here who is so weak they can only lift baby weight? OHP 65lbs. Be…[View]
41880564>Walk in gym >'YO PIERRE YOU WANNA COME OUT HERE?'…[View]
41888832>Fat people like boogie can't get pus-: Oh.[View]
41891216Breathing/blood pressure: My doctor told me to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold in my breath for 7 sec…[View]
41887570/fit/ horror stories: >have homegym >start workout >last OHP warmup set >somehow the bar…[View]
41891283Bone Marrow Donation: So /fit, why haven't you signed up to donate bone marrow yet? Don't …[View]
41891538>tfw no venom gf[View]
41891066How different would powerlifting be if all the great strength coaches were cute anime girls instead …[View]
41890918R8 My Routine: New to getting /fit/, been taking redpills and startng to sort nyself out Got a gf, a…[View]
41889443what does /fit/ listen to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Gg9CqhbP8[View]
41889662When did you realize that training for size/strength is for brainlets and training for agility/endur…[View]
41891190Hi. I know nothing about fitness. I want to be stronger. I recently started a job that involves a lo…[View]
41881897Does /fit/ manscape? Pic related: Me[View]
41890650Official Jason Genova and the Delray Misfits General: Starting point for everyone new to the genovav…[View]
41891168Is it something 'health' related? Despite how I feel about her I think about her for 5 mins tops dur…[View]
41889123How much salt per day?: Alright /fit/, give me the non-bullshit recommendation of how much salt per …[View]
41890794Where is a good place to work out in Rome? I'm here for a month and need to get my swole on bru…[View]
41889894acne treatment?: don't know what board to go to for this, does anyone have any tips for getting…[View]
41878548>tfw wristlet[View]
41889539Rate my new jaw[View]
41891208Skellies who made it: What did gaining weight bring you? I heard more confidence, more respect from …[View]
41890384just eat your butterbreads[View]
41880877/fraud/ - 383 replies and no new bread edition read all of http://reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki before …[View]
41891029/fit/ have any of you ever had problems with bleeding from your navel due to exercise? I started get…[View]
41888747This shit needs to stop. MODS[View]
41890948newfag here, need /f/ help: I am dirt poor and dirt cheap and I want to build a stronger upper body …[View]
41890646>Yeah, I used to work out when I was your age too. >Used to naturally bench 315lbs on my warm …[View]
41891000ITT we tell about our cutting so we can be inspired and draw strength from each others struggles: af…[View]
41889810>he uses steroids to 'look good' >looking good is possible without steroids If you don't …[View]
41890900Training Frequency: Hi my fit dudes, have been working out for about a year but decided that i could…[View]
41890945>last year >lean bulk for around 6 months >stay lean >one day you wake up and all of a s…[View]
41889456Animal goal bodies Let's get together and post some beasts that inspire us[View]
41888395walmart has these golds gym weighs for $200, comes with a bar and clips anyone have an opinion on th…[View]
41890874CFL Week 1 Thread: Season begins today, please watch our sport. Week 1 >Thursday: Saskatchewan at…[View]
41890112Running enthusiast here. Rate my daily progress during those last three days. Btw, I don't lift…[View]
41886296What do you guys think of lomad; liter of milk a day?[View]
41890739Body Shaming: LMAO Fat and Dyel tears, these dudes are the reason why our society is getting destroy…[View]
41890420Just performed all my deadlift sets without pain for the first time in almost 1 year of lifting[View]
41890566Anyone here have a flared rib? My lower left rib has always poked out a bit and I've been told …[View]
41889234how do i fix these huge stretch marks on my shoulder also how do i trim my shitty facial hair[View]
41890643h-how bad is it, bros? ;-;[View]
41888920Becoming skelly from running: hey /fit/, any lifters out there that have managed to maintain gains w…[View]
41871616Bulking is a meme: When did you realize that bulking is a meme?[View]
41889868http://startingstrength.com/get-started/programs >Phase 3 is also often where people often need t…[View]
41890540Anybody else make rules for motivation? Personally i dont fap until i get back from the gym. It did …[View]
41888963What does /fit/ think of the buff dudes?[View]
41867279Can we get a uni thread going lads? I'm starting at MMU in September, any fellow Mancunians?[View]
41890310thinking about going to the gym my thoughts are thusly: twink who wears feminine clothing = pathetic…[View]
41888435What does fit do on long plane flights?[View]
41887902/fit/ became just abother PSL board, please just ban these male model worshipping faggots pic is my …[View]
41884697do it[View]
41884742Weight Lifting and Heart Health: I'm wondering if anyone else deals with this: When I lift, I…[View]
41873414Oatmeal: How does /fit/ like to prepare their oatmeal? All recipes welcome, savory or sweet. Anyway…[View]
41888447Pull-up thread: You know the drill. Last two digits is your rep number. And if you can't do pul…[View]
41889962did I fuck up, /fit/?: ok so, >yesterday >at girlfriends house >as soon as I walk in her f…[View]
41887614ITT: Memes you fell for[View]
41890114DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
41889482>Starting to look good >Love handles almost gone >Still have fucking body acne ruining ever…[View]
41889673>its been 4 days >calf doms is killing me…[View]
41882006Who should go on the keto diet? Everyone?[View]
41884802/fat/ Fat weeb elves edition: Previous fat: >>41878489 >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of /f…[View]
41885246>be a few days ago >96 degrees outside >go to the gym >open the door and I'm met wi…[View]
41889677BINGE THREAD: Im recovered fatty near 240 lbs when i was 17, 174/24 now I had massive snacking/overe…[View]
41887936Mass Gainer: What mass gainer does /fit/ recommend?[View]
41875421Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, etc. >…[View]
41887739How safe is the watermark feature in word? My employer is requesting I send a watermarked copy of my…[View]
41888793Neck Lump: 6 days ago someone noticed I had a lump in my neck. After feeling around I could feel the…[View]
41889052I am genetically cursed with storing fat in my love handles and ass. I look like I have klinefelters…[View]
41888181Good morning (for EST people at least), /fit/! I was browsing a phone wallpaper thread on wg and cam…[View]
41886645Fasting vs. Calorie Restriction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APZCfmgzoS0 what're your thoug…[View]
41888325How do I get good traps?[View]
41888591Self-improvement/Nofap is a Meme thread: I finally did it /fit/, lost my v-card at 21 from a really …[View]
41886956Frequency: Which are the muscles that you can and should be hitting everyday if you can, and which a…[View]
41887616Reminder that it is the face and face alone that matters[View]
41889658*blocks your path*[View]
41889655Should I skip chest day?[View]
41887646>it's thursday night >I've had 1300 calories to eat since monday…[View]
41886903Can I do trap-bar deadlifts instead of barbell deadlifts? I am at like 2.5plates now, and when using…[View]
41886061i just got a job: 8-4 pm tues-thursday so ill probably only lift two days a week now.... is this eno…[View]
41888987What vitamins do I need while fasting?: i will be fasting for 12 days and then a weekend to refill a…[View]
41888489First time I failed at squats: So I only managed 5/5/4/5/4 at 80kg today (dyel novice Etc. Etc.) I h…[View]
41889346What the fuck are you doing???: >I eat at a caloric surplus and lift because it's healthy No…[View]
41887882>A good belt costs at least $150[View]
41889396local gym has doubled its prices while ive been at uni, not paying 40 quid for a shitty gym. lookin…[View]
41888338Protein vegan recipe: Hey there /fit/ards, I'm looking for some high protein vegan recipe to ch…[View]
41889430Sculpture goals: Is this achievable natty?[View]
41886960Alright, so I picked up this hand gripper and didn't realise it has a curved handle. How the he…[View]
41889238Chinups almost everyday for a month guy here Had to stop due to an injury Arms grew 1 inch and i kno…[View]
41889029How many push-ups should the AVERAGE HEALTHY male be able to do? I'd say 20-30[View]
41885095As a guy, would you rather be skinny or a bit overweight? Not like, as a starting point for fitness.…[View]
41883859Daily reminder that if you dont know who 'that autistic guy' is in your gym its you[View]
41886709>he fell for the 30g of protein at a time meme >he doesn't double dose his whey after gym…[View]
41886336I did my 2nd workout today.: I got the workout from a dumb bell book I got on Amazon. 2 set of each,…[View]
41884612>tfw too tired from workout to have sex with my [spoiler]HAND[/spoiler] Anyone know this feel?…[View]
41888293I was born with a wide waist and narrow shoulders Should I endure the feeling that no matter how muc…[View]
41882358What do the manlets need to learn?[View]
41889199>spend 18 hours a day sitting around napping doing shit all >diet is literally plants and foli…[View]
41889176Are we shitposting on fit? Or are we fitposting on shit.[View]
41886765Which flavor of this is good? Heard they get shat on for flavor a lot. Thinking about getting Chocol…[View]
41889167Saltine Crackers: Why the FUCK do just ONE of these crackers have 42 calories?! One of my favorite m…[View]
41887192Budget food? I'm not very rich person as a student and haven't found a job yet. What food …[View]
41889053Arm Wrestling in a dress: https://youtu.be/wZeAFQCIK4g This guy takes arm wrestling very seriously..…[View]
41888788Whats a good recommended daily or 5x a week ab workout? Preferably one that utilizes bodyweight only…[View]
41888567/AUSFIT/: Get in here, lads. >penrith reporting in[View]
41888851>Not drinking your daily 5 veg Never gonna make it.[View]
41888441forearm: Is working out your forearms a meme or can you effectively get gains around your wrist and …[View]
41887937Lol you guys talk shit about me what I feel mostly ridiculous. A group of faceless, fearful losers p…[View]
41888246Hey /fit/ For the past few months or so I've been pretty much a wreck - I lived alone in colleg…[View]
41882992What are some lesser known fitness subreddits that are full of good info?[View]
41887952>gf is out of town for two weeks >be me, driving to gym >play auto generated playlist off p…[View]
41887412Sticky: has anyone noticed, that the sticky doesnt work anymore?[View]
41888353Why does chocolate make me sleepy? I make my own chocolate and I used to have it a couple of hours b…[View]
41887677how big can you get from bodyweight exersises? i mean pushups, squats et cetera. is it possible to g…[View]
41888507/gorillamode/: I don't give a shit about their music, but this guy has a rockin bod. I need adv…[View]
41888333what the fuck did you say about calisthenics you little bitch, i'll have you kn: Okay but serio…[View]
41888059Where do I even start? I'm well over 300lbs I'm 6 foot. I havent worked out in well over a…[View]
41884846Ants can lift 1,000 times their own body weight right above their heads. How close do you come? If y…[View]
41888362What the fuck is with all the vegan threads? Pull your head out your arseholes and let's get ba…[View]
41887959so /fit/tards have you been red pilled yet?[View]
41888269vegan thread meat eaters NOT allowed https://discord.gg/CXVsXgz[View]
41885184Anyone can look good as look as they're fit: When did you realise this is a total falsehood? So…[View]
41886612Why lift when it's all about the face[View]
41888069mfw caffeine diarrhea in the gym bathroom[View]
41886683M I D N I G H T S I P All y'all niggas talkin' about the first sip of the day. That's…[View]
41884367Lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks: People on the internet tell me this is unhealthy, I think that's bullsh…[View]
41887468>eating disorder awareness week >had to eat a donut in front of the receptionist before I was …[View]
41886786Lifting is for retards Only HIV filled thots will come to good looking men But smart and loyal ones.…[View]
41878495Getting too much droopy tits action from flat bench for my liking On SS with intermediate lifts, sho…[View]
41887765*lisping* Hoy gjaoys it's me Francis.. oyme going in for sheurgery thish week Before oy get my …[View]
41887826>ask instructor to show me the beta for a v4 >'just go up' >yeah i get that part but how do…[View]
41884252Preacher curls: Have you guys talked to your local pastor yet so you can do them?[View]
41887524I made a vegan discord for us, also if you meat eaters try joining you will be banned instantly. if …[View]
41883193Do posture braces work? I've wanted to buy one for a long time now because of my rounded should…[View]
41885995best routine and diet for a skinny fat fuck?[View]
41887750>Deadlift: 1x5@315, 1x3@405, 1@455, 1@475, 1x495 >Chinup: 3xf@bw >Shrugs: 3x8@315 >Rows:…[View]
41885924manlets: do they EVER learn?[View]
41884738Is it fine to work out while your muscles are a bit sore? Everytime I do any lower body training I g…[View]
41885656Best way to lose fat without going to the gym.: I habe essentially no equipment other than some shit…[View]
41887182What's the difference between a fatass powerlifter and a sumo wrestler?[View]
41887411How do I stop feeling tied all the time? Even with enough sleep, I always feel burned out. I don…[View]
41885967*blocks your path[View]
41885473>been going to the gym since 2009 >been fat the entire time until my first cut that started 4 …[View]
41884969Couch 2 5 k: Week 3 of Couch to 5k. Totally killing it. Usually run for longer than the prescribed t…[View]
41885897how many y'all /fit/ son's of bitches pack lips by god?[View]
41886869if I been working out 3 months and haven't noticed gains am I doing something wrong? I know it …[View]
41887511What do gods of /fit/? Am I skinny fat or just slightly fat? I do this workout at least once a week.…[View]
41886070Protip: You cannot be vegan and be /fit/.[View]
41886404vegan threads, meat eaters just stay the fuck out. this is literally /fit/ when they invade the vega…[View]
41887270Soup /fit/ I've always been an athletic guy. I've lifted and played sports for many years.…[View]
41879819Am I the only one that still uses jockstraps? Especially for the summer where the back is clear, no …[View]
41885916got the worst strep throat today i touched myself this morning and went to the library for 4 hours, …[View]
41852837Mirin' thread: What are your latest mires? What are your biggest lifetime mires? >tfw prost…[View]
41886460How do I know I've plateaued on SS linear progression?: How do I know I plateaued and am not ju…[View]
41887262You should stop dirty bulking, anon. It will only be that much harder when you have to cut.[View]
41886137my name is kroy and i come from up north where i find wet rocks transport them below down to areas t…[View]
41883748Post progress pics: What mode am I /fit/?[View]
41887068Routine Critique: So I've lost about 20 lbs in the last 3 months. Trouble is, I was already pre…[View]
41886417Is there a /fit/ discord server? Can someone shill for one for me?: I've got a lot of questions…[View]
41886629How to get motivated to get /fit/? Working out sucks (for must of us) How do you get motivated to wo…[View]
41880362If you are above 15% body fat and lift regurally you are a fat retarded sack of shit and wasting you…[View]
41884521At what point are arms considered 'big'? 16? 18?[View]
41886576What exactly is the ottermode bodytype?: People don't seem to agree on what the ottermode bodyt…[View]
41886018Self-Chiropractic: I don't see much mention of chiropractic adjustments on this board for some …[View]
41886766hey /fit/ going on a family trip in 8 days and we're goin scuba diving only issue is im too fu…[View]
41884725Home Workouts That Don't Suck: /fit/ I'm looking for some home workouts I could do that ac…[View]
41880786>Perform the Press >Still depressed[View]
41886697So I just got my teeth removed and I am having trouble eating now. What should I do??: So I got my t…[View]
41886787>runny nose >can't sleep more than 5 hours >lost my appetite >not horny enough to f…[View]
41883794>Hey Anon! How was EDC this week? >... Oh? You didn't go? Are you going to Ezoo.. or any …[View]
41884765Bodytype?: Would you consider me fat? I don't weigh too much, but I think my belly is kinda sof…[View]
41886071>tfw every time you work out you feel full as fuck What's your main source of fiber /fit/?…[View]
41886085Is it bad for your knees to be squatting 3x a week?[View]
41884501Cost of Eating: Hey /fit/ What does a general day of eating look like for you & how much does it…[View]
41886079I lift until I can't lift a rep anymore. I'm not sore the following day. What am I doing w…[View]
41886446What does Chloe actually look like? I forgot.[View]
41885812Am i gonna make it /fit/?: Hey so i'm 178cm, 85kg, 20-25% bodyfat. My goals are to lose weight …[View]
41884462How do I get arms this big?[View]
41885156Post your meal, faggots. Went out today and bought 6 kilos of meat and it is my 4th meal and it…[View]
41883183Motivation: How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym everyday, eat correctly, and overall stay …[View]
41886532Glutes DOMS: Leg DOMS I found the fix :'rolling' your muscles with foam roller, tennis ball, whateve…[View]
41886250How many times a week can I do squats and deadlifts fampai?[View]
41885546ADF+KETO: So I made a lot of research about the fastest (but still safe) way to lose weight. Hear me…[View]
41886123Thinking about starting Keto: Alright guys I'm thinking about going Keto for some quick cuts. O…[View]
41886465Daily reminder that if you are not obese, you are dyel.[View]
41885765Can anyone give me their thoughts on this 6 day PPL split? I've been doing a brosplit up until …[View]
41886177>hour nine of no eat[View]
41884030>on keto for ~8 weeks >also doing a little cardio + full body workout 3x a week >didnt lose…[View]
41884205The juice is loose: So tommorrow is my 3rd pin. No sides to speak of yet. Im sore as fuck from goin…[View]
41885539So do I just stop training legs now or am I already too far gone[View]
41882874Who else is /homegym/ here? I just bought a barbell & plates set, and next pay I'm going fo…[View]
41869546Can you get a body like this without roids ?[View]
41882184/Fit/ i can't go on by knowing this. I'm literally shaking right now. I really dont know w…[View]
41880717Are you her ideal man /fit/?[View]
41884454You changed my life /fit/. I'm for once in my life happy with the man in the mirror I just wan…[View]
41879070What's his routine?[View]
41885969Newbie Tips?: Soup /fit/, I'm relatively new to lifting and just got a gym membership today. I …[View]
41881695>start taking whey protein for gains >crazy acne breakouts on face and shoulders When will the…[View]
41884512Hey /fit/. this is my first time venturing onto this board, and only because i'm in a bit of a …[View]
41886775Has becoming more fit redpilled you on attraction?: I'm no Chad but in my life I've moved …[View]
41882212Low Carb diet vs. Low Fat diet Redpill me /fit/, which is better?[View]
41885036Carbohydrates: How do YOU feel about CABRS? Personally I tried keto for 3 days a while back, and whi…[View]
41870355New cbt: >>41864280 Fuck Billy and fuck Chilliwack edition >6'4 >220 Best lifts …[View]
41884879Is there such thing as a non-white Chad?[View]
41884384Help someone who's bulking for the first time: Its 23:11, i still need 500 calories for the day…[View]
41884124>Calisthenics only >Every day with no rest day >Every exercise until failure What am I in f…[View]
41885328>be me >5'7 age 19 Grow grow grow![View]
41883097What makes fast food bad and why?[View]
41884090>when you realize some peoples legs are actually notably weak and more like big arms than body su…[View]
41882412>skinnyfat coworkers asks how much you weigh >a little over 200lbs >everyone is taken aback…[View]
41885421How do I get a body like this? I feel as though this is peak male attractiveness and the future of h…[View]
41884011Rate my fooking meal[View]
41884615>tfw white male >tfw 5'5' >tfw no gf…[View]
41883399Can I get a quick rundown on cottage cheese?[View]
41885200How to get pecs and abs /fit/. What's a good daily routine (pic unrelated)[View]
41883322How do I cope with /fit/ shits: >get into fitness awhile ago >2 months in now >eating healt…[View]
41883523I'm training to join the military and could reasonably stand to lose 25 pounds of jiggly fat. I…[View]
41883306Is Coke Zero really as bad as people say? It tastes almost identical to the regular thing. >inb4…[View]
41879920how do you make /fit/ mac n cheese?[View]
41884158Remember when /fit/ was good?[View]
41880594Can anyone prove with VIDEO EVIDENCE that barbell deadlifts can cause SPINAL injury? Muscular injury…[View]
41873517Do the 'natural' testosterone supplements work? Namely - Fenugreek seeds, Ashvagandha, Tri…[View]
41885326>walk into gym >RICH >RICH >CASH CARTI BITCH…[View]
41885193Anyone else see the Daily Show tonight? >I'm 6'1', 200 lbs, nobody comes up to my face …[View]
41882606Supplement: Can /fit/ tell me anything about this stuff I spotted at Wallyworld today?[View]
41884840I've been getting migraines ever since I was young, and to this day lifting heavy makes my head…[View]
41884934Is this man natty?[View]
41884940I'm genuinely worried about my family, /fit/. It wasn't until I went off to college for th…[View]
41884920>be squatting 315 for reps >QT3.14 gym crush comes over to talk to me after my set >thinki…[View]
41882860Physical Therapy For Neck and Shoulders?: Hey, /fit/. I was in the marching band and marched alto s…[View]
41883655Personal Trainer advice: Any personal trainers here with experience? To someone starting out, what …[View]
41884119Are sandwiches healthy?: I'm just trying to lose weight by hiking, drinking water, and eating t…[View]
41883841Reminder that manlet>lanklet everyday of the week.[View]
41884070how to fixing this posture?[View]
41884900>whey enemas[View]
41884859is hulking up real, does it work? i hear peopel laughing at me though try it out[View]
41884166You have 10 seconds to explain as to why you aren't doing barbell hack squats right now.[View]
41878489/fat/ 'Big moobs' edition: Previous thread: >>41868606 >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of /f…[View]
41882823pec general: what targets all levels of the pectorals?[View]
41879282Who gots the links edition, and lets on die edition.[View]
41869983Why did people stop eating liver ? It's pretty God tier 'Gram for gram, liver is one of the mo…[View]
41877416How are you lifting /fit/. It's been a while since the last fitness poll... >How old are you…[View]
41883690Is eating the same thing everyday a meme? 1 bowl of brown rice + 1 baked chicken breast + 1 bowl of …[View]
41883359I want to gain weight. Even fat: Im 5'7 130lbs. No fat. I look cut but absolutely no bulk. What…[View]
41883736>trap doms[View]
41883130>step on scale >look down >'this cant be right' >take off clothes and slippers >take …[View]
41881778Hey anons, I have a bulging disc just like pic related (thats a cat scan I found on google), I want …[View]
41878714Plg powerlifting general: YOU ARE ALL RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!????!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?…[View]
41882597>tfw had surgery last week to remove some fucked up looking vericose veins >tfw still not abl…[View]
41883421Golfers Elbow Suggestions: So apparently I got golfer's elbow from a routine of chin ups I was …[View]
41883937Should I get egg white crystals or should I stick with my Whey powder? Goddamit[View]
41882237Just cooking up my breakfast, /fit/. Want any?[View]
41875105Hello /fit/, newfag here! Never fucking lifted and I hate my fucking body 19yo 5'7 176lbs I be…[View]
41876307Do these work?: These always seemed like normie bullshit to me but do they actually work and improve…[View]
41883967Cut? Bulk? Recomp?: 5'11, 163lb, 15% bf Don't want a beer belly from bulking Don't wa…[View]
41880320Ashwagandha for depression: Is this supplement /fit/ approved? They also put me on Rhodiola[View]
41882155Is eating dairy products daily bad? megan edition[View]
41880272apartheid in the gym: Where I live the minorities are mostly black, and though they mostly don'…[View]
41879171is this a good routine?: 10 deadlifts at 76lbs 15 deadlifts at 60lbs 10 squats at 60lbs 15 overhead …[View]
41883297Come join the official /fit/ discord! > https://discord.gg/esFwSSk < weak bitches and homos ar…[View]
41883882I was tired of being an unhealthy bitch. I've cut a majority of junk food, started doing cardio…[View]
41882542Uhhh, so where exactly are all the water-fasting and keto people on this board now? Did they make an…[View]
41882782What is that stage called when youre fasting and you start becoming super self aware of your surroun…[View]
41882185Exactly how bad are steroids?: So, what is the verdict? Are we going to find out 50 years from now t…[View]
41883448who /injured/ here? >left arm sprain? in bicep/deltoid since saturday >only hurts when i exert…[View]
41883200>consume whey protein >no stinky loud farts >bedroom maintains flowery sent >no gains …[View]
41883082Sugar: I've come to terms with the fact that I am addicted to sugar. What have any of you /fat/…[View]
41882944How to achieve? Have access to steroids[View]
41876271Welp, girlfriend is preggers. Looks like I'm going to be a father @30yo. Anyone here a father o…[View]
41874510I can't get bread out of my diet, /fit/. Can I just substitute white bread for brown bread inst…[View]
41882096What's a good protein powder you'd recommend to someone trying to lose weight /fit/? I don…[View]
41883005hgh doesnit do anything: do hgh products like blackstone labs growth work? tell me ur opinionion…[View]
41879866By /fit/ standards, is The Golden One buff?[View]
41879959>that guy with the Superman shirt >that guy with the Captain America shirt >that guy with t…[View]
41882790Is there any possibility that this preworkout supplement could show up for anything positive on a dr…[View]
41882820Dumb question: Hello fit, Ive been on a calorie deficit for quite a while now and am finally at a w…[View]
41867978Humor: No /fit/ humor thread? cmon bois[View]
41880111So how to minimize muscle loss during a cut without hindering said cut? Would intermediate fasting h…[View]
41882317>ex body builder works with me >limps, has a bad shoulder jaw is clenched and talks like he ha…[View]
41881469If you're a fat fuck (almost 30% body fat) who's been lifting for a year. Could you still …[View]
41878963How are you holding up, /fit/? Made that transformation yet? Feeling quite isolated myself. I feel…[View]
41879281Who here True Natty (tm) That means no supps whatsoever. I have literally never been inside a GNC an…[View]
418786561000 RAW (reps arm workout): After the 8-hour arm workout (which was clearly BS to sell the product …[View]
41879617Cheap bulking food: I only got 5 bucks, guys. What are some good bulking foods I can buy that'l…[View]
41878744i keep getting stomach cramps. how do i fix it?[View]
41880383dht is a bitch: >sweat smells like absolute death >high forehead/balding pattern >libido th…[View]
41866983Rugby General: What is a better body type for rugby? Lean or built? I'm 220 right now and I am …[View]
41881967Gym injuries: Sup /fit/ What's the worst injury you've had while lifting? I dropped about…[View]
41877491SS equivalent for cycling: Is there something like SS for cycling?[View]
41881826Are Core workouts a myth? Do I need to work my core for them to look nice or hitting deadlifts prett…[View]
418806025/3/1 - Jim Wendler general: Best type of progression for folks wanting gains, easy to modify like y…[View]
41860187memes you fell for[View]
41880081The burger diet: Do you guys think burgers are good for bulking? Plenty of cals, loaded with protein…[View]
41881919>do keto with calisthenics and cardio >eat at a deficit >end up losing weight but gaining f…[View]
41881463>failed my 2.25pl8 bench attempt[View]
41877032Extreme cutting for military: Hey /fit/ I'm looking to join the military (air force specificall…[View]
41881453DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
41881441/fit/ I think I am fucking up everything because I can't control my spine. I started out liftin…[View]
41880418So I come to you for advice. A month ago I started hitting the gym and on a diet. 6' and weight 220l…[View]
41880580Is it normal for protein powder to have a weird chemical taste on top of tasting awful? This shit ha…[View]
41876854FPH/FPS THREAD: 'The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty, by looking at a fat pe…[View]
41880842/tan/: What are some good excuses to go outside and get a tan. I have an outdoors job but it require…[View]
41881311Whats /fit/'s opinion on lifting 5 gallon water jugs? I have no money for equipment and i won…[View]
41868874What The Health: Have you seen it?[View]
41881019Don't you guys get tired of eating nothing but chicken, cottage cheese and eggs? How do I add s…[View]
41880754DL's with lifting shoes: Didn't see a stupid question thread What's the consensus of …[View]
41880871How do I into carnage mode? Should I exclude compounds and do only machines? Also what about the die…[View]
41874966Red pill me on german volume training[View]
41877077How do I get the Garou look?: Any idea?[View]
41880964Are squats and deadlifts enough for a joocy manbooty?[View]
41880273Is the long head of the triceps supposd to feel soft? Or have I been neglecting them by only doing …[View]
41879769Is heavy incline bench enough to get big triceps /fit/?[View]
41868279Made it?[View]
41864383/Progress/ thread: Show your brogress, /fit/ >30, 5'9', 9 weeks. >Then: 70.2 kg/154 lbs …[View]
41878336Good intermediate program without cleans or any olympic lifts? I don't have space in my garage …[View]
41880595How to deal with such a low TDEE for cutting? I'm currently at about 20% bodyfat and I'm t…[View]
41878175i only eat once a day to lose weight. i have a nice, big lunch, and i eat until i'm full, and i…[View]
41880399Will lifting cure my depression and help me become passionate about things? I don't want to be …[View]
41876223/fit/ BTFO: >Be me >255 lbs >Go on Atkins diet >Stick to it 100% >Only consuming …[View]
41879711This is all girls want! >https://youtu.be/Jfl5P6HmCz8[View]
41880199What shoes does /fit/ recommend for general gyming? I can't wear sketchers anymore, I just can…[View]
41877223Can somebody criticize my routine? Workout A 3x10 Squat 3x10 OHP 3x10 Lateral raises 3x10 Ez bar cur…[View]
41871646Stop eating.[View]
41879603Mashallah, my brothers! Now that Ramadan has nearly come to an end, will you continue to water fast …[View]
41879472lifting shoes: Help /fit/ What shoes should I buy for lifting? I've been doing squats and deads…[View]
41878883What would you do if this was you: >you start making serious gains, getting the physique you…[View]
41871128What is your gym nickname that you insist that everyone call you? >Magnus Swoleson…[View]
41877074My little bro (15) is getting into lifting and was asking me about creatine. Is creatine safe for so…[View]
41878764Any tips for someone starting as a personal trainer? It's my first day and I know at least some…[View]
41880170https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4Xhct9E_sk How is it possible to move this fast? How can one get mo…[View]
41879937Thoughts on quinoa?[View]
41879588Should I start taking testosterone?[View]
41880024You're in the club when this guy walks up and slaps your girlfriends ass. What do you do?[View]
41846642Cringe Thread[View]
41875435>just googled 'how to lose weight' Jesus fucking christ[View]
41877469my leg started shaking during OHP i could kind of land it on the safety's while i started colla…[View]
41877887Developing 'Brute Strength': I'm trying to get educated on strength training but it seems every…[View]
41879929Deload week?: Is it worth doing a doing a deload week and how should a proper deload week look like?…[View]
41879870Friendly reminder to faggots who fell for the permabulk meme, you'll never look good if you…[View]
41875787>every girl i know is wetting her pants over this guy >he has virtually no muscle whatsoever …[View]
41879446bodybuilding splits aka non compound shit is gay debate me[View]
41879497Has anyone read anything by Mike Israetel? I found his articles on max volume for muscle growth inte…[View]
41879383weight loss: >august 2015 >read sticky >started new job >intense work >1800 cal >h…[View]
41878356What vanity muscles do you overtrain? You can choose from chest, biceps, calves, or shoulders.[View]
41875476Time to ban FPH threads. It's 2017.[View]
41877325TRAIN YOUR NECK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7MCjaJ02eQ[View]
41878606How do I 'catch up' with muscles? >been lifting for 9 weeks now >8 weeks of those we…[View]
41877070My doctor said my testo levels are very low, outside of the normal range. I'm 27. When/if I get…[View]
41879415>OHP? Heh... I prefer The Press, my dear sir.[View]
41879153If we are supposed to drink 4 litre of water a day, then why does it feel so hard to do so?: If we a…[View]
41878996What's the point of a Fitbit?: What's a Fitbit Alta do and why do people pay $100+ for the…[View]
41879038>stepfatherinlaw comes over >He's a solid 5'2' 180lbs 50%bf 50%chickfila 100%fox ne…[View]
41878861Give me one reason why I shouldn't go on a Winstrol cycle? >pro tip, you might, genuinely lo…[View]
41872315Why do competitive oly lifters typically look like shit? >inb4 Klokov and Clarence Klokov trains …[View]
41879089/plg/ - powerIifting general: bejbus edition[View]
41878998I'm 24 years old. I'm quite active physically. I eat well. My BMI is a healthy 23. But my …[View]
41878338Trouble Gaining Weight: I'm naturally an ectomorph who's been having a lot of trouble gain…[View]
41877811ITT: things that motivate you intra-workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqcjBLMaWCg[View]
41873430Are people generally nice to me because i'm handsome or they're being nicr for the sake of…[View]
41878560Is there any way to stop getting hungry /fit/? I don't really have money in my budget for food …[View]
41878140Were Takanuva's gains natty? How do I into Toa of Twilight mode?[View]
41875512How does one get /fit/ without reading the sticky?[View]
41878407I just took 8 scoops of EAA and now I have the worst diarrhoea I have ever had. AMA[View]
41877465How did you get rid of the sugar jew /fit/? I've liberated myself from all addictions except th…[View]
41877020Well /fit/, are you beach body ready?[View]
41876549I got a crush on pro athlete girl, she is into mma and hot as fuck! Also she is pro, 2x day training…[View]
41878144'Shredded': Is this what normies consider to be shredded? Wtf[View]
41866667/fraud/ - don't let the thread die you motherfuckers edition read all of http://reddit.com/r/st…[View]
41873345>tfw people think you are listening to rap, rock or some other type of genre while pumping iron …[View]
41875966How do I lose weight? But with losing the least amount of muscle. Help me, brehs from /fit/.[View]
41864365/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Welcome to /PLG/ - Powerlifting General. >old edition Primarily for…[View]
41878264What type of haircut does chad get?[View]
41877987How to Grow a Huge Neck - Jeff Nippard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7MCjaJ02eQ[View]
41878420Can training through tendonitis/tendinosis sometimes make it better?: Hi /fit/. Like two weeks back …[View]
41878162Sticky doesnt work: Sticky doesnt work All of you just copy paste ' read the sticky' but you fuckin…[View]
41875249Post your favorite isolation exercise! >pic related[View]
41877667>be manlet >can build muscle better and easier than lanklets >can do a leg-lengthening surg…[View]
41878269>tfw The only reason I became a /fit/izen is so I could pick up my elderly dog and he just died.…[View]
41877912Minicut or Not?: So I had to stop going to the gym for about 20 days and in those days I didn't…[View]
41876439>actually have a pretty good jawline if I just push the fat skin away >fat skin won't go …[View]
41877814Femanon here, what kind of springblades must my bf buy me for the Kayla Itsines booty blaster weeken…[View]
41870130Would you say she is more /fit/ than you, anon?[View]
41878059>too impatient to wait for a place to deadlift >end up using the Smith machine…[View]
41876158>How the fuck can you keep your sodium intake reasonable? I've been eating clean for a year…[View]
41868606/fat/ '600 calories' edition: Previous thread >>41864399 >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of …[View]
41875926Why don't more black women take advantage of their blessed genetics? They all literally have a …[View]
41877099How much protein do you REALLY need?[View]
41877463How do I lose weight? I'm 5'9' 370 lbs and i want to get down to at least 300 so I don…[View]
41877760A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips: It's true isn't it?[View]
41876145>5 weeks into Stronglifts >Noticed legs are getting bigger but bench is lagging behind squat r…[View]
41875719s is what 6 years of natty 'lifting' gets you, why even fucking bother? https://www.reddit.com/r/Fit…[View]
41866222Moslims of /fit/, how has ramadan been treating you?: Basically a month of intermittent fasting plus…[View]
41877117I'm 5 foot five /fit/, is there any hope for me or should I just resign myself to being a chubb…[View]
41877524First time cutting: Today is the last day of my bulking cycle. I will begin cutting tomorrow. What a…[View]
41873159Hey /fit/ What motivates you to stay fit and exercise regularly?[View]
41876743'All White Meat Chicken': >Proceeds to meld the chicken grindings with sucrose Fucking CANCER fas…[View]
41874400Is muesli a meme?[View]
41864280CBT - Damn it feels good to be the best: ;)[View]
41877400Constant diarrhea out of nowhere, I was finally getting good gains. There's always something, j…[View]
41877212What's your favorite workout music to listen to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOr0na6mKJQ …[View]
41875523wtf there's 4 chicken breasts in my package but the label says it weighs 1.3 kg is it normal fo…[View]
41872887should i try to lose weight even if i'm comfortable with my current proportions?: i'm 5…[View]
41877043I need help regulating energy level. I take Creatine BCAA I eat right Fruits Veges Meat Nuts I work …[View]
41873741Is plastic surgery OK if you have difficulties breathing through your nostrils your entire life, and…[View]
41877039Are pushups worth it? will they get you toned? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ulMqORR0o[View]
41875449What mode am i[View]
41875327A-are you not supposed to OHP in the squat rack?![View]
41877137I'm a total Dyel skinnyfat but I look like I'm pretty ripped in a shirt. Anyone else this …[View]
41876105How do you beat mother nature (=genetics), /fit/?[View]
41876197Just ruined the knees on a pair of tracksuit pants by deadlifting, but if I wear shorts it just tear…[View]
41873561How can one overcome this? Also what do you guys think about anti depression and anxiety medication?[View]
41875201am i the og /skinnyfat stoner/? 6'3; 160lbs; moderate workout twice a week; about 15-20km of cy…[View]
41875733How come everyone of /fit/ says they're over 6ft tall but in reality very few people are they h…[View]
41875497>everyone says they are two or three inches taller than they actually are >when someone says …[View]
41873529Do squats define your overall strength?: Whenever I have a good squatting day, my next workout is al…[View]
41876959I've been doing acclimatization training because being a shutin before had left me unable to de…[View]
41876601Bulk or cut: I feel like I'm in such a awk position, should I bulk or cut? 511, 163lb, around …[View]
41874798How much volume is too much? All the programs out their are for strength training so I have always d…[View]
41873729I think I am starting to develop Cupital Tunnel Syndrome /fit/. It is basically the same thing as Ca…[View]
41875636TL;DR version: lifting noob, fucked up my back somewhat, can't keep the fucker straight. How do…[View]
41872563Are there any cults that revolve around fitness rather than sex, or weird paranormal shit?[View]
41875618Fitizens who work a full time job: do you go the gym before (morning) or after work (in the afterno…[View]
41876725Does anyone instantly default to being the ugly loser beta outcast that nobody talks to in every sin…[View]
41876267How long will it take me to start pulling the same weight that i used to before i stopped lifting? B…[View]
41876532Gyno: Does CM Punk have a case of the gyno? If so, how did he get with such a sexy bitch like AJ Lee…[View]
41872441Does creatine work?[View]
41846803General Advice Thread: Give advice to other anons who ask questions![View]
41873450Anyone ever try SARMs? I'm reading Ostarine is fairly useful it you want to try something fairl…[View]
41876159How does one stay shredded like Helmut Strebl year round? Isn't it not good for ones health to …[View]
41876590How does this meme exercise still exist?[View]
41876094Postman has 1300 Illegitimate Children: Do you think this guy was ripped from lifting boxes all day?…[View]
41871680So ive just read the back of my tortilla wraps and 150 calories each?! for this thin circle peice of…[View]
41875637I've never worked out. I'm a hungry skeleton and I want to start working out to actually f…[View]
41876426>tfw that euphoric feel after a tough gym session >Feels so good >Eat a great post workout …[View]
41876398What was the most difficult habit change for /fit/ when you started lifting? I kid you not, for me …[View]
41873335If my goal is strength and i have 17% body fat, as a begginer, should i start bulking? Or should i j…[View]
41870931Sabaton makes me do incredible things at the gym. Put away your nigger music and choose this, patrio…[View]
41874083Is lots of sleep necessesary in order to make gains? I don't sleep a lot so I'm wondering …[View]
41869848What's one magical food of gains that you wish you had known of when you started? Pic related.[View]
41872409Are multivitamins memes or worth it? Do you take a multi? What multi do you recommend?[View]
41874657>dude stop eating industrialized/fast food, it's bad for you >eat these fruits and veggie…[View]
41875634hey /fit/, this is my first time here (i generally browse /pol/) and I wanna know what exercises i c…[View]
41875737>that friend who just started lifting, is horrendous at it and doesn't listen to your advice…[View]
41876033Do you wear compression shorts by themselves?[View]
41876059Alright guys, i need some advice. I'll be on holiday for about for weeks soon, so i'll be …[View]
41869413Creed is the only music for heavy lifting. Prove me wrong.[View]
41875259Is creatine safe for you?: Help a DYEL out.[View]
418759735'7 75kg (83kg when I started) Training one month Wanna get big. Pic related: current body[View]
41875972>rippetoe was never your dad[View]
41875951Sometimes when I lift my joints are clicking and it doesn't sound healthy. It's mostly kne…[View]
41875709How does on attain the superior /boxer/ physique?[View]
41875174klinefelter syndrome: autistic 4channer, didn't know who to ask Is this a Klinefelter syndrome …[View]
41874192How can I stop cardio from fucking my shit up? If I do even just 30 mins of medium intensity cardio …[View]
41874115My knee got an annoying weird sensation >tfw no diagnos because I can't describe it…[View]
41875726Its one of those days when I feel hyped as fuck What is going on[View]
41871946How do I get power and toughness like Fedor Emelianenko? And should I start with Sambo with learnin…[View]
41870770Riddle me this: Let's say I eat like shit, not an obscene amount of food but shitty food in gen…[View]
41875661How do i stop being constantly hungry? Im literally either eating, sleeping, or smoking. been gainin…[View]
41875649>tfw deadlifts after heavy squats >tfw that tight feeling in your lower back, glutes, and hams…[View]
41866894Do muscles give you the confidence to talk to girls?[View]
41874504>Incline is all you need for a full aesthetic developed chest is this a meme? thinking about star…[View]
41871705List Your Injuries >Herniated Disc L5-S1 >Slightly Bulging Disc L4-L5 >Sciatica Right Leg …[View]
41872152>Beltless squats for life bro![View]
41875546>consuming more cigarettes per day than calories[View]
41875530>Knees no longer ache after the first 4 weeks of squats. Feels good man.…[View]
41875419red pill me on subway /fit/[View]
41875501oily skin: my chin wrinkle (under the bottom lip) smells gross when i rub it. any way to fix this? q…[View]
41874869Help me Lads: >Listening to conspiracy theories, you know me I like to stay woke at the gym >S…[View]
41875069Hi, are you working out?[View]
41874848>never isolate biceps because /fit/ ridicules people who do them instead of just hitting them wit…[View]
41875417Vitargo Post Workout: I am trying to keep unnecessary sugar, espacially concentrated fructose out of…[View]
41874293>telling people who have never lifted before to do squats, one of the most difficult and prone to…[View]
41874804Why is he so cute ?[View]
418723087.5 x 5 5'9 6.25 inch wrists I'm 23 and I've only had sex once[View]
41874910Rack less beginner routine?: Recently was given my brothers barbell (6ft 15kg but w/e) and just over…[View]
41875227>start lifting bro >make sure you squat bro >do nofap bro Thank you /fit/ you bunch of wank…[View]
41874851DNP on slightly-shady website: /fit/ I'm a fat fuck and I'm desperate to boost my motivati…[View]
41866581Is full body 3x a week better than doing a brosplit?[View]
41874903How did they do it?[View]
41873045Hey /fit/, I'm trying to put on a little muscle this summer, and I was wondering if swimming wa…[View]
41874832What's the best way to get good at sports you play with the lads at the gym or in the driveway,…[View]
41865479So my mother passed away recently victim of an atherosclerosis. She smoked consistently during most …[View]
41874836So if I'm cutting on PPL at 1900 calories a day, should I actually eat a little more because PP…[View]
41874618>work in hotel >American tour group checks in >spend 3 hours delivering extension leads for…[View]
41874364workout plan: hello/fit/, so almost a week ago i decided to get my shit together and get in shape ag…[View]
41874693weight gain after refeee: >go on PSMF for 8 days, ~800 kcal a day >go from 65.4kg to 63.4kg …[View]
41874949ADVICE that don't deserve it's own thread: NEVER take advice from anyone on 4chan of all p…[View]
41874956>stretch marks from all the gains AHUUUYAAH! Things that make you feel big thread…[View]
41873428Phenibut: Someone redpill me? I've heard good things[View]
41873352/biz/ here. I always see you fat shaming people like me. Well just remember, I might be fat and you …[View]
41871487How do I train reflexes/hand-eye coordination?[View]
41874742>Squat rack outside in the backyard >Can see it while on the couch >Had family over >Squ…[View]
41872840Everyone says vitamins are mostly worthless if you are eating fine, but what if you're just a n…[View]
41874564Why hasn't /fit/ made the switch yet? dont lie to me: edition[View]
41872132What are the best fitness youtubers to follow?: I want to learn some lifts and get fit. Who should I…[View]
41867806How Chaddy do you have to be to get a stereotypical blonde Stacey girl if you are in your 20s? What …[View]
41873665/bwg/ - BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERZd8Xt…[View]
41873905Redpill me on yoga[View]
41874746What excersizes give you athletic body?[View]
41873909where to find a jewish fwb: I've been working out like a nig and I want to fuck a Jewish girl. …[View]
41873559Anyone here take Epsom Salt baths? Heard they're beneficial but can't find anything solid …[View]
41874680Just lift and be confident bro[View]
41874682I got tendonitis in my wrist ,my workout progress is slowing down. Im ready to say fuck it and just …[View]
41874434>Went out to dinner with friends >Everyone is /fit/ or DYEL except for one fatass >Sit dow…[View]
41873538I unironically watch food reviews, I'm on a cut, but I get pleasure seeing people enjoy and rev…[View]
41873842Fits food budget: Iv decided after 4 years of being on a six figure salary that I am ready to put li…[View]
41853451Non-Americans will not understand this[View]
41874550Anybody care to share their experiences/results from nootropics? Placebo or real effects?[View]
41874248Give me one reason not to eat this whole fucker cake right NOW!!!!!!![View]
41873350Growing up, I always thought Rambo was the peak physique a man should achieve for and I still do. Wh…[View]
41873569what shoes do you lift in boys? >inb4 some jewberg posts his adipower 90000 autist shoes real imp…[View]
41870262What are your stubborn views on fitness you refuse to change, famalam? >light exercising does not…[View]
41874484Incline tricep extension is the best exercise for the long head of the triceps. Ohp and bench do not…[View]
41874453zyzz on the jq: wut wd he say?[View]
41868651How many of you suffered from 'crab bucket' after getting in shape? Lately I've noticed that so…[View]
41873901Does anyone have that one webm of the skinny kid struggling to deadlift 1 pl8 while a guy in front o…[View]
41873765CNS Fatigue: So I've been lifting on a PPLPPLX routine for many months now. In addition I run 2…[View]
41874038/n o f a p/: how is /fit/ holding up? June = nofap month faggots. 21 days in and I haven't fapd…[View]
41870560So about 3 months ago I started running like every day. I gradually increased distance as I felt com…[View]
41872783Do vacuums work to make your waist smaller?[View]
41874262Anybody here whose depression and/or anxiety worsens when consuming a high protein diet? 'High' prot…[View]
41873916>recommending anything other than PPL to beginners >perpetuating memes like SS/SL…[View]
41874114https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEacPExcb9M so why do you lift /fit/???[View]
41856997Ideals: Post & r8 others[View]
41873283Bulk or cut: I feel like I'm in such a awk position, should I bulk or cut? 6'11, 163lb, a…[View]
41872848/Framelet General/: Hey fit, framelet here. I have incredibly small wrists, forearms, calves, etc. m…[View]
41867080FPH: Why do fatties get so much more praise for losing weight than us lifters get for gaining it? A…[View]
41873940How can there be people who have a hard time gaining weight when there's: Various sugar water b…[View]
41870037Reminder that if you're male, you lost the genetic lottery. >wide array of penis to choose f…[View]
41866216how long have you been training?[View]
41873719It was on sale. Anyone ever tried this before?thoughts?[View]
41873854>wants to do cardio >has asthma[View]
41873812Deloading help: Questions and discussions about deloading. I am dyel fat fuck and started my journey…[View]
41871355Jason Blaha's Ice Cream Fitness 5x5 Novice Program: is this objectively the best starting routi…[View]
41871440SUPPLEMENTS: What are you guys taking? For me: >whey protein >creatine >glutamine >fiber…[View]
41866870Are you handsome?: Well /fit/, are you?[View]
41873656>tfw you see your gym rival at the gym today >keep looking at him trying to show ive made more…[View]
41869511Best workouts without equipment? > non gym fag > go to gym My current schedule and location …[View]
41873522Is a gallon of water a day a meme[View]
41873604I do 1500m rowing machine as a warm up 10- 11 - 12 13- 14 15- 16- 17- 18 19- 20- 22- 24- 26- 28 30 3…[View]
41867006It's 2017, soon to be 2018, why is there still a moralist crusade against steroids, and why do …[View]
41869773>knee wraps >'raw'[View]
418734867 month all upper body weight training.: I just tore my ACL in the summer before my seinor year for …[View]
41873344Poorfag here... What's the cheapest Whey Protein in the market? I dont care if it tastes like a…[View]
41872719Why the fuck aren't you guys taking spin classes yet? >great cardio (500-800 cals) >hot …[View]
41872171This DYEL can do 5 muscle ups Why can't you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CITpNRzwTk[View]
41870146Personal Trainers: What's /fit/'s thoughts on personal trainers? Are they a meme or do the…[View]
41869281Are heavy kettlebell swings the secret to getting fit really fucking fast? Just think how many extra…[View]
41873224anyone here ever considered getting castrated?: i know it sounds crazy but hear me out. >easy scr…[View]
41872483Can lifting fix the feminization of the modern male?[View]
41873054How the fuck do you eat well working 12 hour graveyard shifts? I work 12 hours, sleep 9, which leav…[View]
41869178Daily reminder that we're all going to make it. We all have the potential too succeed and be ha…[View]
41872344Fitness Tracker Thread: Anyone have a FitBit? Is it a meme? What are fitness trackers like that usef…[View]
41872361What is the closest thing to roids that aren't roids/have harmful side effects?[View]
41868308Functional Autsim: I just had an over the phone job interview where the conversation went like this;…[View]
41869565Why are tallfags the most annoying people on this planet? Your woman will always but looking up at y…[View]
41858264Fit Too much eggs are bad for your cholesterol levels. What are some other easy to make and cheap me…[View]
41864449FIX YOUR FACE: Do you want indented cheeks? A chiseled jaw? A firm Jowl? I would like this to becom…[View]
41871569Your Life: What would your life be like without a cell phone, a computer, a tablet, television, vide…[View]
41869787What's some good bodyweight exercises I can use for a home workout when I for whatever reason c…[View]
41870656ITT: Times that /fit/ got BTFO I'll start[View]
41871013I want this shit out of my life, problem is way back I used this as a way to quit smoking, I just re…[View]
41872667/bgg/: starting a new thing here, bulgarian general discuss lifting every day, tips, progress or que…[View]
41872643The smiles and laughter of kids, the smell of morning dew, that fresh coffee, QTs smiling at you, no…[View]
41871047Anyone know how feasible it would be to fill sparring/training mats with sand and how would I go abo…[View]
41867907>tfw almost died squatting >ended up breaking my thumb and body in extreme pain I am finished …[View]
41872623What's the /fit/ equivalent of atheist beast mode?[View]
41872247Need help on going back to gym with dignity: I think I just got memed out of the only gym in my area…[View]
41870261Sticky’s dead.[View]
41869365Increasing metabolism via cold exposure.: So I live quite literally a two hour walk from Death Valle…[View]
41872663Serious question: Do squats make you shorter? I'm 5'9 I'm self conscious that squats …[View]
41871960Sticky: Why isn't the sticky working? or is it just me?[View]
41872393Reminder if you dont know who the gym autist is, its you[View]
41872628Shoulder Pain: Yesterday was chest and tri. I did my usual set which includes incline dumbbell fly a…[View]
41872069Looks matter if you wanna be successful br-[View]
41872616>Testosterone allows you to workout harder >Testosterone helps with recovery >You sick fuck…[View]
41872324>People still buy protein powder in 2017[View]
41872531>cut weight >get six pack >feel skinny and pathetic >bulk up >get confidence >lo…[View]
41869394Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrition, etc. >…[View]
41871140Hello /fit/izens, I need to lose 50 lbs fast. Real fast. I made a post on /adv/ basically stating im…[View]
41872553whats a good age to start lifting? i don't want my cousin(15m) to stunt his growth[View]
41870684Question for you /fit/. I have just gotten into running and it's started out good but I'm …[View]
41868482>measure bloodpressure >its 125/55 Apparently thats very low. Its this good or bad?…[View]
41872508Why dont we raid certain people to browse /fit/?: srs though, we did it with scooby and it worked. I…[View]
41852682Push up thread? Push up thread. Last 2 digits for normie mode. Last 3 for standard. Last 4 for suici…[View]
41872138What calorie dense foods do you eat? Here's my normal day Breakfast >2 eggs >Oats with pr…[View]
41870767>finally get a six pack >can't stop touching it…[View]
41871927>tfw trying to bulk: holy shit, I've eaten today: breakfast: >2 eggs, scrambled >toast…[View]
41872384Hey /fit/ I'm going to the gym for the first time ever with my uncle who's a chad to teach…[View]
41872243>tfw snatch someone's equipment as they get up to drink some water…[View]
41872363Where can I buy 0.5kg plates in Canada? Or should I just use 2 safety clips per side? It's too …[View]
41872352What are some stretches and exercises I can do do sit in the full lotus position? ~Namo, Amituofo ht…[View]
41872052Keto: Started keto 2 weeks ago and weight is flying off I've noticed a lot of content on keto i…[View]
41870984/fit/ FEELS: >be me >start my first test cycle >finally gonna make it >throw my back out…[View]
41872311>not using a shake weight[View]
41871528>Bulked at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant after my workout >Put food in Tupperware cont…[View]
41871650Skelly mode: What the fug fit >log my calories >eat like pic related everyday, +/-200 kcal pro…[View]
41871065Why do girls suddenly like DYEL Korean boys with cute faces?[View]
41870919Is building a basic home gym (power rack, adjustable bench, barbell, weight plates) cheaper than a g…[View]
41871462What training programs have you done and would recommend? Preferably one that's planned for aes…[View]
41871975Why lift when it's about the face -Francisco Lachowski[View]
41868591/fat/ - We just thicc edition: Previous Thread:>>41864399 >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of…[View]
41857770The last image you saved is now your gym bro, how fucked are you?[View]
41871201Grape Juice General Thread: Why aren't you graping yet /fit/izen? 1. Concord grape juice is pro…[View]
41871897Why are 75-80% of posts and comments on this board about girls? Everything talking about wanting a g…[View]
41866740>tfw you see all the aesthetic bros in the gym getting a sickening pump with their brosplits and …[View]
41867409Lifting for looks: Is it bad to soley lift for looks?[View]
41870756Is it worse to be a skelly or fat?[View]
41871362Greetings /fit/ I want to build a really strong core since its probably my weakest muscle and I do …[View]
41870042Has anybody else had bowel issues after taking vitamin D? It's like I've turned into a rab…[View]
41870467De-boxing Thread: Guess what it is ;)[View]
41870317How do I hit my transversus abdominis and my pelvic floor? Which exercizes?[View]
41865686>Walk into gym: >Aaaahhhh-vay Mah-reeeeeeeeee-ah[View]
41871786Rate my 9 month transformation from 131 to 175[View]
41871408You have 10 seconds to act like a fat ''''''''''person''''''''''[View]
41871485>going to start penis stretches tonight >played video games instead Tomorrow is the day…[View]
41871591Calories burned during a workout: I've been using those calculators to find out how many calori…[View]
41868459So I got my blood results back, I have the test levels of an 80 YO man. Last year my level was like …[View]
41871626>lift >still have autism Now that I'm swole how do I find a girl to talk to???…[View]
41866471why do people buy dnp from online vendors when stores (both online and physical) sell it? Am i missi…[View]
41871576>That guy at the gym who jumps rope in the free weight area[View]
41871060My shoulders are 42cm (16.5') wide, for a 180cm (5'11) height. Is there even a point in lifting…[View]
41869118mode thread: hey /fit/ what mode(s) are we?[View]
41856712Women, would you want a butt like this?: What workouts would you use to achieve this result?[View]
41871143Hey /fit/ i started the gym for the first time in my life a couple of week ago and can do a max of 6…[View]
41867743So will Rich 'wanna get bigger? you start by killing a nigger' Piana retire from the YT fitness comm…[View]
41869763Is measuring body fat percentage a meme since it's so inconsistent and based a lot on water ret…[View]
41868997When will my tren kick in?: I'm sore a sore fuck from going hard after getting back at it after…[View]
41870826>tfw six pack abs that you got off eating mcdonalds grilled chicken (x2) for lunch daily, with fr…[View]
41869919>roid up to golden one levels of swole >stop taking roids when I'm around 30-35 >High …[View]
41870954>assistant manager at small gym franchise in my city >only two locations so I spend all my wor…[View]
41870076What's a good 5 day routine? I don't like having rest days.[View]
41869743PDFs thread? Looking for 'The Super Athletes' by David P. Willoughby. Also 'Issuance of Insanity' Vo…[View]
41869313What other workout is there for biceps? All everyone tells me is 'HURRR CUURRLLLS FOR THE GUURRLLLSS…[View]
41870310Is losing 50 hairs a day normal or is it balding? Doctors and everything say its completely normal …[View]
41870557>Dad found the knee wraps >Mom found the 2ply deadlift suit…[View]
41870730Two-a-days: What would be harmful for a workout week that looks like this: Mon/Fri: 1 hour cardio (…[View]
41868775Chest gains: Can anyone give decent advise for achieving chest gains? I feel as if they are not grow…[View]
41861933Symmetric Strength: https://symmetricstrength.com/ Post 'em[View]
41866498ITT: YOUR PROGRAM: What program do you follow? Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced? Are you…[View]
41867789What do you guys have for after workout food? >25lbs of venison[View]
41855910Dumbasses: Oh fuck lmao https://www.instagram.com/p/BVhlMl1A_Rg/?hl=en Sorry if this has been posted…[View]
41868004Which kettle bell should I start with?: I'm at walmart and the 10 lb and 15lb feel too light. I…[View]
41869978/VYNZ/ GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOBc9QZgnCw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_AZ4iep…[View]
41867239Who here /hyperhidrosis/? >hands are wet almost all the time >need gloves in order to do prett…[View]
41869041Why is everyone flipping their shit over a slower metabolism?: What's so bad about not having t…[View]
41869298https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XujOW9jfec What do you think of this guy?[View]
41870509>>when u forget to eat when bulking /fit/ardians[View]
41870465How do you get back on the saddle of working out again, /fit/?[View]
41870481>'Eating healthy is expensive' it said, under labored breath while standing in line for its suppl…[View]
41869887i was 8% bodyfat 4 months ago since then ive quit ssris and went to mental hospital multiple times, …[View]
41870276Daniel radcliffe is 5.4 how do I achieve his body type?[View]
41845015QTDDTOT: Don't see one. Any brahs do early morning (between 4 and 5 am) workouts? Hows your ene…[View]
41870133>Clean your room >My room has been clean for weeks now >Be me >Getting depressed again …[View]
41859841Tfw fat people see surgery as weight loss: > Be honest lads/ladies. Is Boogie gonna make it?…[View]
41869308>tfw you see thic aesthetic bro in the garage gym hiring sickening PRs with bulgarian method and …[View]
41869679Does the order in which you eat your meal matter? For instance: Say we have a dinner of potatoes, c…[View]
41870283Why is it that when regular people give fat people advice on losing weight, they say to fuck off and…[View]
41869812ITT: kryptonite[View]
41864688Any 'man' that uses the abductor/adductor machines is a gay faggot.[View]
41863577>protein powder in water[View]
41868586How do you fix your posture?: I've just gone through an exam period and in this time my posture…[View]
41869826Building Up: This weekend I went to visit my grandfather. I'm a height to my grandfather but I …[View]
41867540Is it true that standing for long periods is really bad too?: I know that sitting is really bad for …[View]
41867751Newfag wanting advice.: Hey, /fit/izens. Since that liamrosen website doesn't seem to work and …[View]
418696365'9 175 pounds chubby somewhat muscular build How quick till I see results doing 100 push-ups a…[View]
41868302Are you playing some mobb deep in the gym to pay respects to the fallen great one?[View]
41868129I want to become a twink.: I want to become a twink but I'm chubby and I have big feet and shou…[View]
41869488If one person can curl a 12 kg dumbell 200 times in a row, with one arm, consecutive and fast, what …[View]
41869800>Snatch grip deadlifts >Never gripped a snatch nor am I dead…[View]
41868693So /fit/ ive been training and eating clean foe about 6 months. Lost a ton of weight and gained a bi…[View]
41868777How bad of an idea is it to make my leg day cardio day?[View]
41869766This autistic fuck has his arms all over a bikini competitor while I can't even get a gf and I…[View]
41868844hey /fit/ i got a thinker for you how come a girl can get a prescription for testosterone if she ide…[View]
41869200How does marijuana effect being /fit/?[View]
41866977I'm starting to think full body x 4 is better than bro splits or PPL: Front Squat 4x10 Deadlift…[View]
41869521>4 years lifting >still dyel This natty hell never ends…[View]
41869445Right now I'm mildly out of shape. I'm 6'0, 195 pounds, not much of which is muscle. …[View]
41868254I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I keep looking at my alarm clock, and it takes me an …[View]
41868009>tfw too poor to eat Is there any way to make it so I don't get hungry /fit/? I'm tryi…[View]
41869227Gonna do power cleans 6 times a week 3x5 and increase the weight every week (in edition to StronkLif…[View]
41868594Why the fuck do people blare their music out of their phones at the gym? I'm trying to focus an…[View]
41865011Does a 275 pound bench mean I officially graduate from being a DYEL?[View]
41869437Noob lifter advice needed: Iv been going to the gym for exactly 1 month now. I have worked out at ho…[View]
41866341Can anyone provide any insight on how to fix tennis elbow? Been struggling with it for two months no…[View]
41868028>Nice gains, man. What martial arts do you practice?[View]
41868212Can someone give me a link to a proper whole video of him?[View]
41868380>tfw just figures out how to properly flex lats even though been lifting for a year…[View]
41868969How do you get a body like this? >inb4 roids[View]
41864619should I lockout when I do pullups?[View]
41869206How do I achieve Jason Statham's level of manliness?[View]
41866320>I don't lift for girls, I lift for myself![View]
41868551At what point into the lifting do I start to notice the gf gains?[View]
41869246PATIENCE?!: Wtf do you get the patience to finish the day, especially leg day! I just wanna get it o…[View]
41868182How do I achieve this?[View]
41865559How long do I need to stick to /nofap/ + /noporn/ for my porn induced E.D. to go away?[View]
41860726I'm having a bit of an existential crisis, fitbros. I work in a pipe mill 10 hours a day, 6 day…[View]
41866456Does /fit/ fap?: Is fapping bad for health? How does it affect the body?[View]
41866171>step into the gym >see this take place >what do you do? Honestly, what's the point of…[View]
41867746Redpill me on 2-a-days (Working out 2 separate times in a day, different muscle groups)[View]
41867562/Water and Hydration General/: Thread dedicated to discussion of the one true sip. >How much did…[View]
41865203scoob likes sticky: scoobs actually likes the sticky[View]
41867203/ccg/ – Carb Cycling General: /ccg/ – Carb Cycling General Share: >results >protocols >pics…[View]
41868667>tfw rest week What can I do to make my week productive?[View]
41868523Are there any supplements I can get from Amazon or something that will suppress my hunger almost as …[View]
41867596I'm being bulled by my grill's steroid-junkie brother who talks shit to my face despite be…[View]
41868660https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAGyQ5Rmz7o >not getting pumped to the gym listening to this song…[View]
41866910>don't talk to me or my son ever again[View]
41867083/fit/ app: hey bros Which app do you use? Are there any apps that let me create my own routine/progr…[View]
41868570>'Like ewww... That creep looked at me! Why does he think that's acceptable? Is he a stalker…[View]
41868610Training around injury: In the past two years I've been on a wild ride, /fit/. After recovering…[View]
41868252I use TDEE calculators online and some say as little as 1700 calories a day and as high as 2260. Whe…[View]
41868587>Hey guys I know this question is 'dosen't deserve its own thread' teir but I need…[View]
41865782How do you people deal with alpha guys and banter? I got invited to hang out with some buff dudes fr…[View]
41868543At what bodyfat percentage does your jawline show?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x07YRA9QNg&…[View]
41867813Why aren't you eating Kangaroo meat?[View]
41864167hey /fit/ im 19 years, weigh 68kg and im 179cm (5'11' in retard units) what does my body fat% l…[View]
41864959Lower Belly Fat won't go away[View]
41866413Masculinity / Red Pill Development Blogs: Who here /improvman/ What are some great blogs about mascu…[View]
41866298GOMAD: I imagine this has been asked before but does GOMAD work? Any success stories from you guys?…[View]
41868189Industry drama general: Anyone got the run down on what happened between 'Train to look good naked' …[View]
41862032Military /fit/: Anyone got good routines to lose weight and build muscle with a sort of military die…[View]
41868163>be otter skelly >decide I want to get bigger >start looking at my nutrition >increase c…[View]
41866670So i ate carb after being on keto well over a month and it actually made me depressed until i was on…[View]
418678373 weeks off Sustanon 500 and I'm starting to lose that connection. Tired of my music, letting p…[View]
41865253Am i playing with fire?: I began running again after years without doing almost any sport activity. …[View]
41867503How many Connor Murphys would it take to beat one Golden One in a fight? The Murphys do not have fem…[View]
41867980Op is a fatass. Help?: Hello op here. >weigh over 325 >has man titties >only girls that wa…[View]
41867946just finished my monday workout.... chest and biceps... should i take a cold or hot shower ? also sh…[View]
41867695>tfw too scared of my autism to go to the gym >someone will record me doing something dumb and…[View]
41866639Can i come back to fit lads? Ive been lifting for nearly five years and i need that positivity and c…[View]
41859360Feel thread ?[View]
41866063>not cooling your hand with a vacuum glove between sets to improve performance it's like you…[View]
41866548Home gym: I'm buying a house next month, /fit/. I want to build a home gym, starting with a squ…[View]
41867860You hate drinking whey protein with water instead of milk ? - Add one banana and mix it - Enjoy your…[View]
41867782>When a woman says she doesn't want to work out because she says she doesn't want to ge…[View]
41867757ITT post your FUBAR face: >maxing out squat >hamstring seizes up…[View]
41865795Why can I do way more pullups with a neutral grip than overhand or underhand? Which is better?[View]
41862671This is how I imagine majority of users on /fit/ to be like[View]
41867769Burpees: I dont have much time free and have no gym access, so I do burpees. In a 10min interval I d…[View]
41864915>Tfw 3 days into Water fast and I'm watching food videos all day on youtube[View]
41866214Anxiety/Depression: I have been told by multiple people that working out, dieting right and getting …[View]
41866705how do I get a bro to lift?: How do I get a friend to lift and into a more positive mindset? I dont …[View]
41866571>tfw curling in the squat rack is smart because you can add weight in 5lb increments instead of 1…[View]
41867509Orofacial myology for facial gains thread.[View]
41858193>5'8' >151lbs >could destroy anyone on /fit/ What's your excuse?…[View]
41864399/fat/ 'wojacks only' edition: Previous thread >>41854701 >Who is /fat/ for? Fat members of …[View]
41866911Pls rate these arms /fit/[View]
41859568Keto: Do you ever stop being exhausted in the gym on keto? I tried it for like two weeks once and I …[View]
41867666Pic related made me very strong guys, I will never lift it again[View]
41867534first time training legs: first time training legs today after one month upper body only cause i am …[View]
41867523Does this shit work? Costco has a sale rn but I've never tried a preworkout. Does it actually h…[View]
41866877I'm thin, but weak. I can't even do a single knee pushup. I can't do a single pullup.…[View]
41867066>tfw you feel your lats activate[View]
41867490I'm 240 lbs and can do 3 pullups. Am I fat/fit yet?[View]
41866921Hey guys I want to lose weight but I have no self control and I need something that I can do every d…[View]
41867145retard fit logic that makes you rage: >saunas make you lost weight >working abs while fat will…[View]
41866427When im lifting, no exercise comes even close to making me sweat as much as (high rep) squats and de…[View]
41867264Motivation Thread: Posted this in a QTDDTOT but figured others could use motivation as well. How do …[View]
41867267Hey bro, can you spot me?[View]
41867000What's new in 5/3/1 forever?[View]
41866317Is this guy natty /fit? I went to high school with this manlet and he shot up from like 120 to 180 …[View]
41866896Good Feels Thread: >lose fat >gain dick…[View]
41862787Can muscle increase hip size and decrease waist size by much? Hormones didn't do much for my bo…[View]
41866624>You will never go to music festivals with Jeff and his crew and muzz like a sik kunt while pulli…[View]
41865946Is preworkout a meme? Should I try it? I got a few free samples and I'm curious but I don'…[View]
41865057DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
41863858What's this hairstyle called?[View]
41865577Help a skelly: 5'10, 110lbs Need dire help you guys, id like to reaching 170-180[View]
41866007>5 years of testicular cancer remission >haven't been the most physically active prior to…[View]
41866661Bored: How do you not get bored lifting? I've been maintaining a 3-4 day a week, compound lifti…[View]
41865927Workout plan: Hey /fit/, first time poster here. My girlfriend just broke up with me and I was wonde…[View]
41866903What do?: Need help /fit/ how to I reach that guy's level of attraction, not saying I want to l…[View]
41866407Ectomorph Hard-Gainer: Okay, /fit/. I can't seem to get a concrete answer to this. To gain lea…[View]

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