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45190743rate me /fit/ been eating almost nothing but eggs and bread for 2 weeks, too lazy to count calories…[View]
45186888What I can do to stop acne?[View]
45190653Why aren't you doing your meadows rows fit?[View]
45180710How do I go from this[View]
45190063OHP advice: I typically do seated dumbbell OHP. I've been stuck using the 35s forever. I can do…[View]
45190578ITT: Underrated /fit/ youtubers[View]
45190128Not exactly 5/3/1: Is there a name for the type of programming where you simply try to set a PR for …[View]
45188164Is this daily vitamin supplement good ? 20/M[View]
45190463i started doing cardio and suddenly my upper body got incredible weaker i used to deadlift 5 plates …[View]
45189883>decide to do 500 bodyweight squats (10 sets of 50, trying to reach 2000 bw squats to get that Ty…[View]
45190109Jealousy from lesser males: List your stories[View]
45189001>tfw 5ft 11: is there any point in going on? every day is a living hell[View]
45187690how to achieve luke rockhold? hes 6'3 ~200lbs[View]
45184533>I’m a fatass that waited too long to cut and I’m getting married in May and now it’s time to los…[View]
45189088How dangerous would it be for me to consume 2500 calories in one sitting?[View]
45174410>you have to be fit to get pus-: Oh. Why even bother lifting then?[View]
45189876Can I drink soft serve mix instead of milk?[View]
45181544Is milk really that bad?[View]
45188786guys i have chronic lower back pain and my doctor just keeps giving me meds with no other option bes…[View]
45190033rate todays workout, pull day half mile walk, half mile run deadlift 5x2x135 5x1x185 5x1x235 5x1x275…[View]
45189858Best stretches thread: Share pictures, infographics, or whatever of the best stretches you've f…[View]
45189843Started getting compliments and mires 'wow anon your form is really good' 'wow anon thats actually q…[View]
45189827How do i fix flared ribs? More work on deltoids?[View]
45188824CPT: I know pretty much everyone here is DYEL, but for the few that have made it, has anyone ever go…[View]
45188026How is a non-Chad supposed to get a gf in 2018 /fit/? Inb4 lift (I already do but there's no gy…[View]
45186314Honest question: How do women Bench Press when their tits are in the way? Especially women with fuck…[View]
45188291Hemorrhoids after squats and deadlifts: Did squats Tuesday, got hemorroidal bleeding the next day. D…[View]
45189251Why isn't /fit/ talking about him? Best in the business when it comes to nutrition and training…[View]
45187286I'm thinking about switching to soy protein. #1 - it's really affordable. $140 for 25 poun…[View]
45189233high sperm count benefits?: There was a thread earlier about icing your balls to get a higher speed …[View]
45189748>tfw was eating pork chop while and came across picrelated Why are animals so tasty brehs... :(…[View]
45188324I just cried whilst working out bros. Wtf is happening?[View]
45186492Why do you do it?: What keeps you going? Why do you give so much of your life to getting good at lif…[View]
45189638why are asians so THYKE?[View]
45186604snacks i guess: >not snacking on sun flower seeds are sun flower seeds the perfect bulking snack …[View]
45185932What exercise to target the dick line?[View]
45189581>he doesn't rip rancid proteins farts in the gym to establish dominance…[View]
45189344i cant ejaculate from sex: I recently got into a relationship, and every time i’ve had sex ive been …[View]
451884751 year today roast me /fit/[View]
45189406What's your thoughts on creatine monohydrate?: What's your thoughts on creatine monohydrat…[View]
45189414Batch Cooking: Tell me your batch cook recipe and I might let you fucking live.[View]
45186742is it socially acceptable for guys to be thicc now?[View]
45187833>why are you so angry anon? >why dont you bring people up instead of putting them down?…[View]
45189304How do i warmup my wrists and shoulders? A few pushups or? Newfag btw.[View]
45188219How good/bad is green tea?: How good/bad is green tea?[View]
45186352>tfw 1pl8 is the 20KG’s I thought it was the 25KG’s[View]
45189073Will being /fit/ help me avoid ending up like this guy?[View]
45187932Am I gonna make it? Recently added pullups to my 1200 pushup/35 miles running a week/p90x abs routin…[View]
45186487Do you need to go to the gym to get fit? Surely you can just buy a couple of these off amazon and do…[View]
45186158>walk into gymnasium >NIGGAS ACTIN IFFY UH…[View]
45188571When I do abs my lower back gets tired first than my abs. It doesnt hurt tho, It just only gets tire…[View]
45182621prince of /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ittI8U-EpKQ[View]
45188810Rate my back, fit. I've lost 8.8 lbs and just want to share it with someone. I'm happy af.[View]
45188567Psst... Hey /fit! Come close... Let me tell you something... Your body cannot absorb estrogen throug…[View]
45188892No energy on bench ... help? Hey /fit/. I have a problem. I started back to the gym about 8 weeks ag…[View]
45188738What is the quickest way to lose 10 lbs in 48 hours without cutting my arm off?[View]
45188617why aren't you taking a prebiotic and beef gelatin in your protein shakes?[View]
45185233NoFap day 7 Im not sure if I unconsciously caught myself jakin off on real life or my dream, I autom…[View]
45188818How do you /fit/ fags feel about water fasting?[View]
45188817>have an amazing work out >eat a big mac meal immediately after I am justified though because …[View]
45187221Couch to 4k: Is that one in the sticky the best? Since it cost money. I rather want a free win since…[View]
45185658Shit you listen to: What's your guys workout playlist look like? >mines pic related >have…[View]
45180350Just broke my fast with 6 eggs. Are eggs actually God-tier? Is the 1100mg of cholesterol gonna boost…[View]
45187969>A thread died for this[View]
45186433>1/2/3/4pl8 >125/225/325/425KG Right guys?..…[View]
45188737>Be me >Beta fag twig my hole life >Either too short or to weak to excel in my favorite spo…[View]
45183841What mode is this?[View]
45188413How good is my workout? Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday Dumbbells: 6 lbs each 50 reps Double Bic…[View]
45188618>tfw realised my plates are all 20kg. Does that mean I am 0.99/1.99/2.99/3.99? and not 1/2/3/4?…[View]
45186758We may all move past our soyboy physique, but how do you stop being a manlet on the inside? How does…[View]
45181909just started doing this a couple days ago (minus the celery ew), anyone who's done it how did i…[View]
45188407>30 days ago start bulking at 5'9' 138lbs >2600 cals >1 week in: still 138lbs >Inc…[View]
45187641SORE: yesterday was my first day in the gym and now i'm so sore i can hardly move Am i doing s…[View]
45187369she doesnt care or think about you[View]
45186135Rate me anons. Pls dont destroy my self esteem. Im already very insecure about my looks[View]
45188377post your barbell of choice[View]
45183581Itt: you mad[View]
45187441Microplastic: Plastic particles can be found in almost all major brands of bottled water. What are t…[View]
45170521Dios mio...[View]
45183167How to beat the pear?: My wife has a big fat butt and thighs, a six pack and is skin and bones every…[View]
45188231Greatest Cure For High Blood Pressure And Elevated Cholesterol!: https://youtu.be/l4XD-tq-87Q[View]
45170217QTDDTOT: is OHP safe to do with a previous rotator cuff impingement? afraid of messing the shoulder …[View]
45186218Why are my energy levels significantly higher the more carbs that I eat? I have tried low carb diets…[View]
45187597Chest twice a week: If My chest is lagging behind in relation to my delts and arms, should I start t…[View]
45170766NoFap/NoPorn Thread: anon have you stopped having sex with yourself? If you don't want to start…[View]
45187977what are some good neck exercises i can do in private at home, /fit/? not gonna do that shit at the …[View]
45185117this is also a routine general: >tell oneitis I've been in love with her for years >she s…[View]
45188079Actual mass building exercises. Thread for discussing the best compound lifts for getting bigger I…[View]
45172332ITT: /fit/ approved animu/mangos[View]
45187934>2000 calories at Burger King yesterday >1000 at McDonald's today Anyone else addicted to…[View]
45184166How Do I Get These Gains Lads?[View]
45186423weight gain breakfast ideas? oats are hard to max out on desu[View]
45165775Do you play any /fit/ vidya?[View]
45181844is knocking out another man the only way to prove your worth as a man?[View]
45187462Roller Blade Recommendations: Hey /b/ros, I have a 20 minute walk to the gym and I am looking for th…[View]
45179532/FIT/ HAIR: ITT /fit/ approved haircuts I'll start[View]
45187765Diet plan: Hi /fit/. So I was thinking. What would happen if I ate literally nothing but chicken bre…[View]
45181465STOP eating animal products[View]
45179106/fit/ recipes: Alright guys i'm back in the lifting squad and need some ideal recipes for maxim…[View]
45187691Bodywhat: Hmm this site says that I'm 14% BF but I'm not sure how accurate that is, also w…[View]
45184116What do you think about going to crossfit a couple times a week to meet people? I don't plan on…[View]
45187502Daily reminder to do SS: Maximal loads are your 1RMs in the basic lifts. For a 200-pound male of ave…[View]
45177434Okay I know you guys are big about training muscles and developing stronger bone density or whatever…[View]
45186389I have a holiday in 4 weeks. If I do keto for 4 weeks am I gonna make it?[View]
45187101How many calories do bench presses burn?[View]
45185912What sort of improvements can you get in 3 months from weight training? Anything visible. Might poss…[View]
45182942/fit/ is this shit a meme? I've tried HCL and FAA in increments going up to about 3 grams. It d…[View]
45187503>warm shower Bad for the sin >sauna Apperently good for skin Explain?!…[View]
45187180el abominacion[View]
45185647>be fat >Try becoming thin >Fail Everytime >Realise you need to become thin or will neve…[View]
45185193Is this the future of manlets?[View]
45181079STRESS AND HOW IT KILLS: consisntent cortisol exposure due to mommy and daddy screaming and shouting…[View]
45186276How do I become a man and increase my test. Im up for a challenge[View]
45185871Stronglift 5x5: Where is Medhi now?[View]
45187366Anyone here ever successfully dated a skinny assless girl and transformed her into a goddess through…[View]
45187374>getting thinner and thinner >notice a sudden change in the behavior of women towards me…[View]
45184441Underrated Exercises: >Flat Barbell Bench >Front Squats >Weighted Dips >Weighted Chin-up…[View]
45186820What do you do to increase strength in a weaker arm?: my left arm is a lot weaker than my right, wha…[View]
45169082ITT: Things non fit people do that annoy you >girls talking about eating food…[View]
45166888>tfw i got /fit/ and now my tattoos are fucked up wow thanks a lot you fuckers.…[View]
45187044>tfw I turned 21 today I'm about the same age Zyzz was when he died. I admire Zyzz for tell…[View]
45170287/fat/ - I didn't have a better picture edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want t…[View]
45185812/bully/ general: When did you realize you could use your superior size and/or social status to coerc…[View]
45187111How many of you first started watching fitness on YouTube with this guy?[View]
45186250Widow maker Squats program: Has anyone done the Super Squats program or a variations of it? 'Trust m…[View]
45187070Fuck the compensating meme about lifting, waht lifting allowed me to do was get out of my fucking he…[View]
45182562Why the fuck sre my wrists so thin and bony. Im bulking at 20% bf right now and theyre still fucking…[View]
45184528holy shit why haven't these been shilled on /fit/ before? >planning a 30 day camping trip in…[View]
45186431Got my allergy/intolerance results back: > Gluten > Dairy > Oats Fuck. It explains a lot (B…[View]
45185333>Unironically training chest Literally why[View]
45186787Joim our discord if you like.... 1). Banter 2). Genova posting 3). Fit without the shit posting and …[View]
45183771are you allowed to join a crossfit gym and just lift as you please or do they force you to do all of…[View]
45185950Tell me about your upbringing health wise /fit/, did you get fucked by dumb fatty parents or get luc…[View]
45186659i train every second day: mon,wen,fri,sun,tues,thurs,sat,mon,wen,fri,ect i do full body workouts i s…[View]
45186244Workout Music: What do y'all think of The Killers?? I've always liked them and recently I…[View]
45184996Why can't you be healthy eating a double cheeseburger every day?[View]
45184994How do I achieve this body?[View]
45186565what does it mean if my knees are sore as fuck a couple days later from squatting?[View]
45186552How do I achieve this bod?[View]
45185596That feel when you haven't touched degenerate booze for months: Lifting hard, eating good and n…[View]
45186301How to blast my hip flexor back into shape?: I’ve been away from the gym for nearly 2 years now, not…[View]
45181700Hey guys, you’ve taught me a lot over the years and I wanted to show you my progress. You e turned m…[View]
45186460OMAD THREAD post yur meals pic not mine but i prep the same meal for my omad[View]
45184726Water routine: Boil tap water in glass kettle. Wait for it to cool. Pour into glass bottle. Glass bo…[View]
45186106What would you say to your best friend who is about to sincerely transform his body from fat to fit …[View]
45184662Will stretching before bed help me sleep?[View]
45185771whats the fastest way to get swole besides dbol pic unrelated[View]
45184191I did power cleans for the first time today. My form probably was garbage but they were so fun I fel…[View]
45186117tfw scared of bench press[View]
45182072Why do men under 6ft lift? Isn't that like trying to hold a fart when you've already crapp…[View]
45186182>tfw I'm tall, handsome, blonde and blue eyed Don't even bother lifting if you're …[View]
45185956I think I'm addicted to lifting Skeleton I remember Arnold saying that it feels like cumming i…[View]
45184300yellow - (((normal))): How do we stop this anti-water propaganda? /fit/ told me if my piss isn’t whi…[View]
45178267>this whale claims she works out 5’9 and >200lbs Let’s all agree, there is no way she does a…[View]
45183578Anyone else lift to be an example for your peers? My friend and I had a talk about this. >Live in…[View]
45185661Anyone here never do sports in high school. I was never in bad shape but it's a little frustrat…[View]
45182490How to avoid getting lightheaded on an ultra low cal diet?: Been doing 1 can of tuna, one large appl…[View]
45184674Reasons for weight gain?: I've gained around 55 pounds since the start of last year and have no…[View]
45185776Are these macros good?[View]
45182945Name a more overrated meme exercise[View]
45181458Guys, I have a zit on the inside of my nostril, it's impeding my breathing by acting as a build…[View]
45153864GOAL BODY THREAD: post em[View]
45185889Mobility for fit: Hows this look? Im going to make a couple more you guys are more then welcome to h…[View]
45186010>get the flu >sick in bed for a week >still no appetite for a week afterwards >go from 1…[View]
45185980Human fat melting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5suolJRDt8s[View]
45185513>be me >lift for 2 weeks, good beginner results >went to olympic lift area at the gym >'…[View]
45185920how long from when you eat something, till it is turned into either muscle or fat? or shat out. do i…[View]
45185894https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct9jFEX7PzA How do you combine being popular in the university while…[View]
45185202>feeling a bit good about myself >making progress in lifts >washing face and notice somethi…[View]
45185241Quick reminder that no matter how fit or handsome you are, you’ll never be able to escape your autis…[View]
45184870Can anyone recommend a good swimming routine or book? I have started a few months ago, my technique …[View]
45185639How long did it take you to go from 225 > 275 and 275 > 315: I just got 275 single fairly easi…[View]
45185762Never Forget: even babo had a dad bod anon so whats you excuse?[View]
45183680Boogie is old news, I present to you someone much worse: Pic related His name is WingsOfRedemption. …[View]
45182452Best Fitness Youtubers: Hey retards, what are the best fitness youtubers?[View]
45184243Hows my squat form /fit/?[View]
45182859>lifting for women[View]
45178496How hard is it to become a male model? Asking for a friend[View]
45183386THIS IS NOT A DRILL: This girl wants the D. She is leaving town tomrrow. She needs an excuse to leav…[View]
45185507Making it: So, now that you've done all the hard work at the gym. How do you meet girls and get…[View]
45185269Does /fit/ like hitting PBs? Literally just listen to 6ix9ine - Billy and you cant fail[View]
45185341How bad do these affect your gains and your cardio? Should I quit? Been smoking 1 pack every 3 days …[View]
45185383>Just stole mommies credit card for some d-bal didn't even get bol We've done it now la…[View]
45185293>orgasm while doing cardio Is there a better feeling?[View]
45184175Are calf stretches a good isometric exercise?[View]
45182981>lat doms[View]
45184935Why is he so perfect bros?[View]
45185079Guys, how the fuck do I take a bath? I've showered for so many years that I literally don'…[View]
45185108Mental Health Gains: What did you do good today anon? How long have you been keeping up with it? How…[View]
45178739What's better: a fat ass or a squat ass?: General discussion, for both sexes >pic related, m…[View]
45183853how do i achieve hiei mode? i got the turbomanlet part covered[View]
45182006/fit/ med crew: Any of my fellow /fit/izens match for residency today? I'm fukn pumped brahs, g…[View]
45184321Im 6 feet with a shoe size of 10 US Am i shoelet ?[View]
45184998Hey fitbros, im 19, a freshman in college, and I need some advice on losing weight. Im 6'4' and…[View]
45178776Big Lenny 2006: I’m thirstyyyy[View]
45183681I’m going to the shop fit what veggies should I buy[View]
45184820R.I.P in peace sweet prince https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQMQeAJlEwE[View]
45184604Is there anyway to decrease vascularity in a muscle? Pic related is my calf and it's a bit gros…[View]
45165977How are your pull ups coming along anon? You can do a pull up, right?[View]
45181173i don't want to be /fit/ i just want to /fit in/[View]
45179560Weekly Failures/Victories: Post them, or suffer the consequences[View]
45178782Skin Care Products: Guys, I'm trying to fix my skin problems, since when I was younger, I had a…[View]
45178021/fit/ screens thread?[View]
45184833Finally “””hightest”””” but have no gf to pound and pump full of muh juices so I am constantly angry…[View]
45184068>just ordered a pair of short shorts[View]
45183795press f to pay respects[View]
45182760Tall gains?: Is there anyone here that can give some help/tips/advice to someone who is Tall and try…[View]
45184614>notice weird bulge on my stomach >doctor tells me not to lift heavy >continue going to the…[View]
45183328/fit/, how do you ignore everyone around you and just focus on what youre doing? I feel like I'…[View]
45180076Is there any benefit to being an endomorph?[View]
45182256How do I stop being so awkward?[View]
45184624Fit after gallstones?: >gallbladder removed 9 days ago >super constipated >gym withdrawals …[View]
45184018How do I achieve King Dedede mode?[View]
45182180Rateeeee: What bodyfat percentage would you guys rate me? Don't care about my face showing, etc…[View]
45181932What Can a Beginner Do Instead of Squatting?: I LITERALLY cannot squat. The only way for me to squat…[View]
45183402How much is easier is it to get girls once you're big? Please post experiences.[View]
45182350ITT: people who look uglier after they make it[View]
45183948I do squats at home with 2 30lbs dumbbells and they are my only exercise, but it strains my arms/sho…[View]
45182229Hello /fit/ Pic is how i squat on the toilet. Shits have been pretty great and just ploop out ever s…[View]
45178304vitamin D gains: Do you guys tan naked? I've been going on walks in shorts and sandals so I…[View]
45184153How do I into /meditation/, /fit/?[View]
45180021I want a beard like this but I can only grow a goatee and moustache. I am in my thirties. Can I get…[View]
45184038Brahs, what is the proper and efficient sleep position? I generally sleep on my back with my legs an…[View]
45183100What carbs can I put in my oats, yogurt, and smoothies instead of fruit but provides a similar textu…[View]
451841107 days a week lift: Is it not recommended to lift say 45 minutes a day, 7 days a week?[View]
45184145Just started rock climbing at a wall, and I felt happier than I've felt in probably the last ha…[View]
45178999/routines/ general - tell me to kms edition: I've been doing full body 3x per week for a couple…[View]
45183040I thought I could do 100 push ups but then I realized my form was bad and I shouldnt be putting my e…[View]
45184014>that moment when you realise there’s more to life than lifting[View]
45184096Easy Meals Thread: Post your favourite low-effort meals >Oats with almonds and packet of pineappl…[View]
45183047Waste of time?: I use it after working out my arms and it feels good, but does this thing have any o…[View]
45182224Do /sips/ break my fast?[View]
45184034my new new egg diet.: I'm eating a dozen eggs a day. is that healthy?[View]
45182378Chadtardation: Did you really buy into the Chad conspiracy. Wow you are a real pussy bitch and don…[View]
45176769Sup fit I had a pretty bad motorcycle accidant where I got hit by a car who wasnt paying attention W…[View]
45183603>constant posts about being afraid to talk to girls >worst case scenario is rejection >this…[View]
45183715>I'm funny? Funny how? What do you do, /fit/? Keep in mind he's 5'4' and very angr…[View]
45183848You will never make it if you're a manlet, there's no salvation for manlets. If you are no…[View]
45182964Anyone got any tips for a guy with no money? I'm unemployed and living off of a friend right no…[View]
45183866>in The Temple of the God of Iron >short shorts >stringer tank >got a pissening pump goi…[View]
45183762how about them floor presses huh[View]
45183529Deadlifting platforms?: Sup /r9k/ so I'm trying to start taking deadlifts seriously but somethi…[View]
45183140?: New Superfood Confirmed?[View]
45182140anyone else doing jopad for bulking? i've eaten a jar of skippy a day for the last 3 weeks and …[View]
45183338How to keep your GF and not fuck up like me 1: make yourself unavailable instead of always saying ye…[View]
45183336what do you retards recommend for women who want to get into lifting? Which program? >SS >SL …[View]
45180915>Grown woman in her 40's >asks if a crocodile and a shark can have sex and produce offspr…[View]
45183104Do I have to give up tea to be /fit/?[View]
45182749>ants are super strong: Ants are weak as shit. At about 4mg, an ant's neck can hold at least…[View]
45183725Goals thread: How much do I need to lift to get this body?[View]
45182474>that 30 year old guy that goes to the gym[View]
45182999I'm a man, I've been lifting almost half a decade and I'm at the peak of my bulk righ…[View]
45183200/fit/ bro's I'm hella confused, why is it after a hard boulder route I feel like it's…[View]
45167485>ywn have a chernobyl-powered slavbeast gf with arms bigger than your natty limit Also, wheyfu th…[View]
45183208How do you deal with having a shitty hairline?[View]
45183037Bulking: How'm I doin boys[View]
45179183Testosterone supplements: So what's the deal with testosterone supplements? Do they even work? …[View]
45183055Does muscle confusion actually work? Had a friend tell me today that you have to change up your work…[View]
45183209How do you bulk with 3 meals a day? I only have time for breakfast lunch and dinner. What are some …[View]
45166329/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Don't take this hobby too seriously. It makes you look autistic, …[View]
45183212Who here /pretzelbread/? My base sells these pretzel bread turkey sandwiches and they're 500kal…[View]
45181308Is this achievable natty?[View]
45182287Thoughts on Vince Gironda's protein shake? 12 oz half and half 12 raw eggs 1/3 cup protein po…[View]
45183149What happens if I take creatine and finasteride at the same time?[View]
45182877no matter how hard you try you will never be as strong as garfielf[View]
45182759>abs are made in the kitchen Tell that to this pastry chef[View]
45182285I'm 20 and I stil have a borderline girly/teenager voice and I'm constantly self conscious…[View]
45181589>'Step off the bench for me. I need it' How do you respond?[View]
45179156>Just paid $400 to take a confirmatory herpes test only to find out I had been in anguish for 3 m…[View]
45182763>take creatine >claim natty[View]
45171912/feels/ supportive edition: Thank you for being the most supportive board. If you're out of the…[View]
45181750Test increase: Already on nofap/noporn and took the onion pill Teach me about zinc /fit/[View]
45182056Does anyone else's gym not allow Olympic lifts? I recently moved to London and signed up to a …[View]
45176639Is the 100m dash the ultimate test of raw athleticism?[View]
45182556Physical job - GAINZ: I am about to be working over 12hr days. Very physical work. I have been on 5/…[View]
45182175How can I look like this thx[View]
45182345My face is slightly lopsided. If I hold my head to the opposite side for very long periods of time, …[View]
45180628what's this mode called?[View]
45181013This used to be a fitness channel, right?[View]
45181766>threre are countless genes that control human phenotype >from all these, I had to be born wit…[View]
45182426>lost a whole lot of weight but my body still looks the same What the fuck is happening?…[View]
45175184>'And then he told me that he uses mixed grip for his deadlifts! And even then he can't even…[View]
45182532>start shaving with a double edged safety razor and a brush/shaving cream >skin on face starts…[View]
45173425>I thought a gallon was 8 litres >I’ve been drinking 8 litres of whole milk for 6 months…[View]
45182516https://yorkbarbell.com/product/2-cast-iron-olympic-plate-set/ Is there any reason I shouldn't …[View]
45175460What's the point of getting /fit/?[View]
45146492CBT THREAD: You all know the drill. Post stats, lifts, tips and rate. I'll go first. 6'0'…[View]
45175451gonna start my first cycle of test in a month, any advice?: Ive been natural all my life an an advoc…[View]
45181211Is natty bodybuilding a meme?: Is it at all worth it to train for 'aesthetics' as a natural lifter? …[View]
45180932So depressed about my height: I can't get over it /fit/... My friends are 6'2' and 6'…[View]
45180748>Gym granny compliments you[View]
45181958Demoralising: >be me >be a 27 year old ugly beta loser loner autist with no friends or social …[View]
45178769/CBT/ current back thread: Post your backs and your deadlift PR 500 with straps, 485 no straps…[View]
45182063When did you realize that bulking is a meme?[View]
45182301who else here has taken the FAP pill?[View]
45181666>somewhat above average face but >acne + scarring…[View]
45174691how many bananas do I need to eat to achieve this physique?[View]
45181376>Do a 24hr fast >Liquid shits that still haven't stopped WHY?? I'M EATING THE EXACT …[View]
45182085Who here /GOWAD/? If you’re not, start now[View]
45182014chick: >benches 65lbs >squats 225lbs wtf…[View]
45180943Why do faggots insist on coming the the gym to fuck around?[View]
45181067weird exp cutting on roids: So, Ive been trying to cut on gear for a few weeks now and shits been re…[View]
45181074FUCKING FARTS How do you survive in public places while holding an atomic desaster in?[View]
45181925how do i get over her: hey /fit/ >living the single life >not a care in the world >friend o…[View]
45180138DENNIS: This is the future of us all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1zFeHJzS5E[View]
45181451Just deadlifted 1 plate for 3x5. 5 weeks of work is starting to pay off. AMA[View]
45182079Redpill me on dairy fats.[View]
45178107>Lift 5 days a week >Great diet >Healthy lifestyle >Still low-T as fuck >Finally ask …[View]
45181199He's natural right?[View]
45181291Why don't these WW1/2 games let us play as nazis?[View]
45178277we rate and guess age will post template beneath[View]
45181249>go to gym filled with armenians >the whole building stinks of sweat, ass, and armpits Why the…[View]
45181419Do I Need a Full Week to Recover Properly?: >OHP and chin-ups stall for a month >stop doing th…[View]
45175159Don't eat meat today.[View]
45181395do u guys do tempo squats?[View]
45180657Anyone else start getting really fucking angry and emotional when you first started lifting?[View]
45181437>he uses social media Never gonna make it brah[View]
45169794/fitmu/ thread: Post your lifting music here. I've hit so many PRs to pic related, especially B…[View]
45179667>be on liquid diet due to broken jaw >havent eaten meat for 2 weeks without noticing. >have…[View]
45180241Any downside in doing a PPL-style routine but with Shoulders on leg day? So like: >Mon/Thu: 5x5+ …[View]
45179053I asked out a qt girl some time ago and she politely refused. At first she said that she needed some…[View]
45180233femanon feels thread: mogged edition >be me >register for classes hella late >adviser recom…[View]
45180647What do I have to do to have such a body?[View]
45181214I need about 3400 calories to bulk. Anyone got any budget bulking plans?[View]
45181348Anyone own a gym?: Any /fit/izens run your own gym? Or have done it in the past? I'm interested…[View]
45179876I'm 180Ibs 5'11 I haven't been to the gym in months. I have no ride to get there, no …[View]
45179580ASMR: Bros does ASMR fuck up your brain?[View]
45180857Let's take a moment to appreciate the best source of complex carbohydrates in nature[View]
45180225Guys being gay is incredibly lonely. I’ll be moving to NYC soon and was wondering how gay gyms are. …[View]
45177174Should I masturbate before or after my gym session?[View]
45179489I've modified my squatting and dead lifting technique to make more use of my abs, and combined …[View]
45179878How to achieve these facial aesthetics?[View]
45181284Today At The Gym > See this Old Fart at the gym working the machines > Religiously wipes down …[View]
45181321Join our Fit Discord if you like... 1). Genova posting 2). Banter 3). Fit without excessive shit pos…[View]
45162036Let's start a /fitlit/ reading list[View]
45181311Race n wrist survey time post here Wrist under 6.5 in is small 6.5-7.5im is average Above 7.5in are …[View]
45180951Why didnt you make it on the NFL: If you are american and you didnt make it at the NFL chances you a…[View]
45179999Gaming fuel thread, what are you fueling on?: I sip on these bad boys because they give me sharp min…[View]
45181185Join our Fit Discord if you like... 1). Genova posting 2). Banter 3). Fit without excessive shit pos…[View]
45180767Give it to me straight /fit/, will fin make my dick fall off and give me tits? I’m turning 20 in a m…[View]
45181141I eat this every day. Is the sodium going to kill me? lol[View]
45176354i noticed fat women often wear a lot of makeup there's this one girl I know who CAKES her face …[View]
45181018Hey /fit/, any of you guys know any good trustworthy peptide sources now that Tom's is gone? I…[View]
45180532>How do you drink that much water? >Water is disgusting! >I don't like the taste of wa…[View]
45179471How into Sean Penn mode?[View]
45179778how do I maxx my facial aesthetics?[View]
45180991What percentage of /fit/ is dyel tier? 90%? 95%?[View]
45178348What are your favorite supplements?[View]
45180575>flat barbell bench[View]
45180676Join our Fit discord if you like... 1). Genova posting 2). Banter 3). Fit with less cancer and shit …[View]
45174697Be real with me /fit/ has anyone here actually increased the size of their calves? Looking at mine m…[View]
45180720Alchohol calories vs Losing gains: Hello, /fit/, I'm in a dire situation, I just got home from …[View]
45177303>he has stretch marks Never gona make it, sorry.[View]
45177822what time do you lift?[View]
45180375hey fit, i recently got into an argument with an arab (germany checking in). he said that to build …[View]
45180150Ok. How much coffee/day do you drink?: I have this anxiety that I have to drink 7-8 cups or I will g…[View]
45176331You can't spot reduce fa- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4444424/ >Cryolipolys…[View]
45180522Is this body type achievable natty?: Talking about the dude on the right[View]
45176994Another legend leaves us behind: We just lost the first hedgehog to ever squat and bench 600lbs RIP …[View]
45179055>can't high bar squat without butt wink >can't low bar squat without shoulder pain …[View]
45180544How do I know if i'm bulking too hard? It's difficult to know if i'm in the 0.5lb/wee…[View]
45169327/fraud/ - friendship edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index before asking…[View]
45178360>weight 160 lbs >can't do more than 15 push-ups in a row How fucked am I /fit/?…[View]
45179752Almost strangled myself with a bench press. I think I'll drop lifting and go back to drinking b…[View]
45180125Fat shame me please: Hello /fit. Back in 2013, I used to be skinny fat in high school, then I discov…[View]
45175498how can i get this body type?[View]
45177187My dad's new wife is one of those people who think everything is possible. So i bet her she cou…[View]
45180200This is gonna be pathetic[View]
45179440Fuck you LANKLETS: Stop understating your height >be 5'11 >on date with girl >asks me…[View]
45177364Optimal rest time?: Tomorrow I'll be in a 'competition' that takes 5 minutes, and you're a…[View]
45180165Is floor press a better use of time tHan bench press if you're not a powerlifter? It's the…[View]
45179728Courage Wolf thread[View]
45178219is this achievable natty?[View]
45178796How do you guys cook your chicken breasts/thighs to go with rice? I eat a ton of rice/beans but i se…[View]
45179302This shit has been sold out for months. I need an alternative.[View]
45178072NoPorn/NoFap: So NoFap is a meme, right? Y'all can't seriously need some pseudo-intellectu…[View]
45178200what did you eat today /fit/? I had a cappucino (stevia) brownie with cream, a duck on its own, som…[View]
45179897post cheat meals. > pic super related cant get snough of their mac and cheese, roast chicken and…[View]
45178327>King of /fit/... >King of /fit/... >King of /fit/...…[View]
45179247Was I supposed to feel sad about his death?[View]
45177450>recently got my class-A clearance for gym >i'm a borderline manlet >i'm barely 1…[View]
45154582What's with gym thots and these pants? I just saw a pawg in the gym wearing these pants today a…[View]
45178281how do I make my armpit more fuckable?[View]
45178305High School Wrestler: Any lifting/conditioning advice for a high school wrestler?[View]
45177666How many pounds do I have to lose before I look like Bon Scott?[View]
45179729Rebounding: Fatass here. Read the sticky, bought some healthy food. I am committing to this. Is rebo…[View]
45177429Oils, Supplements, and Equipment: There are some really neat effects of plants. Peppermint is exhibi…[View]
45178694>tfw just ate 2000 calories at Burger King[View]
45179169Who was in the wrong here?[View]
45177931What's this body type called?[View]
45177080oh shit niggers im about to fuck a girl. give me tips what is the best exercise to keep it fit relat…[View]
45172278/sig/ Self Improvement General: What have you done to improve your life this week, /fit/?[View]
45178601Am I damaging my body. For breakfast I eat 20 raw almonds with 2 pieces of mini kit Kat. All them ti…[View]
45178780>just realized everyone at work is following eachother on instagram >they have pics partying t…[View]
45179025Skelly mode anon here, going to GNC to buy weight gain supplements today, what's the best brand…[View]
45179215>in a long term relationship >have a core group of long time friends >weekend rolls around …[View]
45179432Recommend a chest and arm workout.: New to going to gym...usually worked out at home but i find myse…[View]
45179325https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPdyvDcvVtU >2018 >not doing ZERCHER SQUAT BOX…[View]
45178547>tfw skinny shoulders Will increasing the width of my lats and back increase my shoulder width by…[View]
45179285I miss him lads[View]
45179236serious question: Can a girl make gains from drinking semen?[View]
45179313>look, hes balding![View]
45178458Is this shit really that obvious? >started SL a few months ago >complete squats and move on to…[View]
45178649I want to kill myself: >training for 4 years >2pl8 bench >1.5pl8 OHP DIRTY Bulked from 120l…[View]
45179021Protein shakes: Sup /fit/ Looking for feedback on your favorite protein drinks, etc. I've been …[View]
45178996How to work out in the morning? Just had the worst workout of my life working out at 11 am and wakin…[View]
45179252Upper back and neck muscle tension causes chronic headaches: I've had this chronic headache beh…[View]
45177842>eating more than 100g of carbs a day[View]
45176979Alright fellas, i recently realized im 205 pounds, not terrible but not where i wanna be. I'm a…[View]
45177371how do i warmup for upper body exercises?[View]
45173821How fast can you run /fit/? How far can you run?[View]
45177894What's the deal with steel cut oats?: >When did we decide that the nutritional value of oatm…[View]
45174441>rock up at a restaurant and this guy is hitting on your date what do you do /fit/?…[View]
45169993Alpha Music: post more for ma playlist, gents. none of that merzbow type shit /mu/ nuts to pic very …[View]
45173225Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH Weekend is just about …[View]
45176150Rest Day: I don't really have a specific way of putting in rest days into my routine just usual…[View]
45177377Why isnt this shit in sticky?: Straight up https://youtu.be/oiDczs9j75E https://youtu.be/U5zrloYWwxw…[View]
45179017Is this achievable Natty?[View]
45172110Spring Break: Well /fit/, it's spring break. I will have no access to a gym for the next week, …[View]
45178811How do I into meditation?[View]
45175635>tfw haven't lifted or eaten in the past 5 days cause flu My gainz are fading and theres not…[View]
45178381I feel tired and depressed all the time. How can I boost my energy levels, bros?[View]
45171278SELF ESTEEM THREAD: Pros about yourself Cons you need to improve on C'mon bras, feel good about…[View]
45176607>play basketball >this happens What the fuck?…[View]
45169595Is protein powder a meme?: Why not just eat protein rich foods?[View]
45178533How do I become a personal trainer?[View]
45178179EGGGGGZGGZGZ: right fags, end this now for my peace of mind: Fried vs Poached vs Boiled. Is there an…[View]
45172493How do I stretch/exercise the quadratus lumborum? I have lower back pain but all the exercises on yo…[View]
45178092Wtf /fit/?[View]
45176450How is this possible? Why do these machines lie so much[View]
45178612Why do you go to the gym?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efp0C2xQE-U&t=30s Well?[View]
45174973Form Check: Sup /fit/, been trying to get my row numbers up and get bigger lats. can i get a form ch…[View]
45178619Thinking of trying kambo. Have any of you tried it? Thoughts and opinions?[View]
45176967Neck General: Report gains Went from 14.5 inch to 15 in 1 month after overloading body weight up to…[View]
45178555cardio??: are these a meme or would it be wort my time to get on one? also for cardio what would be…[View]
45178484Im thinking about getting a home gym and not leaving my house at all.[View]
45178066I tried this fucking shit and I ended up fucking edging on the second day. My questions are >Wha…[View]
45174453I am currently high and just ate 28 chicken nuggets from mcdonalds. I searched up how many calories …[View]
45177531Fictional BodyGoals: 15m class titan included[View]
45177961>2018 >not doing skullcrushers not gonna make it…[View]
45178052Is this real, /fit/? heard on /biz/ that this board did nofap for a month, share your experiences an…[View]
45173818just a reminder that this is what /fit/ is about these days[View]
45178283What lifts will help me carry shoes when the time comes?[View]
45176058>tfw your entire body is sore the next day[View]
45175960Combining physical job with lifting: Is it really possible to combine a heavy physical job with lift…[View]
45173776/onion/: Are you testmaxing through onions? Do you consume pomegranates and cocoa for them anti-soy …[View]
45177220If you don't have broad shoulders you can't manspread everywhere you walk. You're bas…[View]
45177964Ab Exercises: Is this way to use the pulldown machine breaking any gym rules? https://youtu.be/4tMfr…[View]
45177101Reminder that you haven’t made it until you become /fit/ /lit/.[View]
45178099How can one become strong? I mean actually strong, not bodybuilder memestrength. Both mentally and p…[View]
45174081(((Soy))): will soy give me bitchtits or have we all been memed? redpill me /fit/[View]
451770025x5: How far can I go with this ? Can I achieve aesthethics with this ?[View]
45176402Are the HodgeTwins natty?[View]
45172924ICE ur FUCKIN BALLS BOYS: Let me start this off by saying that Western mens sperm count has declined…[View]
45177835Why should I take a rest day? Wouldn't cycling my muscles every day be the same thing?[View]
45176701Getting /fit won't get you girls: Daily reminder people actually think getting fit will get the…[View]
45177958I've been out of the gym for 2 months due to injury but today I did pull ups 4x8. Getting back …[View]
45173777Do people with this kind of face choose wrestling, or does wrestling during your childhood make you …[View]
45177886whenever i have a hard time getting up to run or workout in the morning i think of her and the face …[View]
45175594/fit/ Video on Obesity in the making.: Im planning to make a video on obesity and how concretely it …[View]
45176598Help, can't straighten my army after lifting: I'm a newbie, started going to the gym a wee…[View]
45177622anyone got the article about girls preferring guys who do big girthy poos? and on this topic, how do…[View]
45177564Whats the deal with Scooby: Why does he hate us?[View]
45177729Pendlay Row or Barbell Row?: I usually do rows once a week and deadlifts on my other back day. So wo…[View]
45176185I'm Catholic and today is a meatless day for Lent. What can I eat that won't dissipate my …[View]
45171249The 1/2/3/4 standard is 1RM???? I always thought they were for 5.[View]
45177056Can someone quickly red-pill me on MyProtein? Is there a specific time I need to wait for to get a g…[View]
45175981> walk into gym > I'M WAR HOE, I'M WARHOL > I'M WARIO WHEN I'M IN MARIO…[View]
45172266Lemme see those [spoiler]guilty pleasures.[/spoiler] Pic extremely related.[View]
45170686LOW TEST: Hey fit/izens. Don't fucking make fun of me you faggots, but I did a blood test where…[View]
45176264>tfw i've just eaten 17 egg whites, some olives and home made bread >stomach hurts with t…[View]
45175305How do you push through without breaking your form? To improve your numbers you have to increase the…[View]
45155903>he smokes weed[View]
45176583Proof that being a soy boy is a mentality, not a physique[View]
45176965THE KEY: is this the KEY to making it? >pic related wtf, /fit/? Why didn't I think of this e…[View]
45173307So why does /fit/ hate boogie so much?[View]
45177292>After walking around all day for a few days while on holliday wearing a non traveler backpack, m…[View]
45173431Can I go swimming on a rest day?: twink related[View]
45173199ITT: Movies that boost your Testosterone[View]
45177082Anavar 50mg/Day starting Monday: Stats 6’4” 227lbs diet 500cal deficiency. A lot of faggots hate on …[View]
45176633>be me, 432 lbs >permanently disabled due to car crash injuries >living off social securit…[View]
45175861Shit tier hip genetics: What the fuck am I supposed to do to become /aesthetic/ with these wide ass …[View]
45175798How the hell am I supposed to eat 3.7k calories per day?[View]
45176347VItamins and supplements thread: Does taking zinc and calcium really limit absorption in a meaningfu…[View]
45175623Do you find yourself using the Internet a lot less since starting lifting? I was a shut in who spent…[View]
45176855Autistic stories: First time it happened. Wanna kill myself. >go to gym >it's 5 pm the ti…[View]
45175908What would the benefits be and is it safe to drink komodo dragon blood?[View]
45173206>YFW Diddly Day[View]
45176978Is Keto a meme? I understand how it works, and it sounds like a miracle for inflammation and even de…[View]
45176741how do I achieve this aesthetic? seriously I think it's cool, especially the under eye bone hol…[View]
45175186Stop going bald[View]
45175922I really hope this wasn't one of you guys...[View]
45175732Should I go to the clinic or am I going to be fine? >had Wednesday off, decide I'm going to …[View]
45166406Admit it, you only do it because of ''Her''[View]
45176822Will lifting get rid of the indent in my chest? My rib cage is fucked under my right peck. Also is S…[View]
45170191If you are a NEET you have NO EXCUSE to fail to reach 1/2/3/4 for a 1rm after 6 months of lifting. T…[View]
45175899Look at that baldlet![View]
45174158Will donate my blood affect my gains?[View]
45173470>Visiting my parents >Dad is really impressed >'Wow you getting really fit, proud of you!' …[View]
45176702Is it necessary to stack Deca with testosterone like cyp,enth and prop or what else?[View]
45176508I’m 18 6’1 and was 332lbs I wanted to lose weight and looked online it said that the average man nee…[View]
45176667Fatbro here, at the gym on cardio machine doing homework. This might hit my city in 7 hours or so. A…[View]
45171264You have 60 seconds to convince me to stop masturbating with actual facts. Go. But seriously, please…[View]
45175011Is it all right for a 24 year old to use Horny Goat Weed? I’m having trouble maintaining erections,…[View]
45176603Exercise hate: Who else here HATES exercising, but still keeps up with it? I see a lot of people her…[View]
45173782any mass gainer recommendations for a skinny guy? I'm about 60kg and 174cm and have had trouble…[View]
45176522Is Sodium ascorbate a good form of vitamin C?: Does it get absorbed properly? Is it any good?[View]
45174960you staying hydrated buddeh?[View]
45176352What do /fit/?: ive been with my gf for like 2 months now, and last night she told me she was raped …[View]
45173769Who /fit/ girls here? I'm pretty ambivalent about them. On the one hand they're great and …[View]
45170724>buying new jeans >all the slim/tapered fit jeans are made for twinks with stick legs >all …[View]
45175291I just put whey in my coffee and it tastes godly. I get the good taste of a faggot coffee, but inste…[View]
45175742ok, enough's enough. can someone explain this fucking shitty 'la creatura' meme?[View]
45163230Why are Turks the most chaddest of all chads?[View]
45173739what is this workout where he seems to be doing calf raises on the floor only using his head to hold…[View]
45167328Rebeca Koha: Her smile must be protected.[View]
45176003/NEAT/ nonexercise activity thermogenesis: >not exercising at all hours of the day Why haven…[View]
45172186How long does it take for your body to adapt to long distance running?: Been off for a while and I o…[View]
45174408Tell me /fit/, how much weight is enough for you?[View]
45175613Raising standards: >tfw can't watch RedLetterMedia anymore >Get too disgusted by Rich Eva…[View]
45175741/fit/feels - Karma Is A Bitch edition: Sup bros. Are you planing to lift your lonely friday feels aw…[View]
45175459What was his gym routine and diet?[View]
45170827doesnt matter what i do i cant make my back look like the right pic related, not even without weight…[View]
45175681Ahh why are there so many cuties on the train everyday that I will never get to sniff reeeeeee[View]
45175247Convince me why I should start nofap today, and not wait until I've tried fapping while drinkin…[View]
45174094>tfw 'she' got chunky I don't know what to do now, /fit/. I don't think I can't li…[View]
45162179Are you guilty, /fit/ ?[View]
45173932Hi /fit/. Got 40° lumbar scoliosis. Can I get some insight on how to train my legs, glutes and back …[View]
45173934How much am I lifting when I do a push up?[View]
45171506How the fuck do people 5x5 squat 3 times a week with DOMS? If I squat Monday, Tuesday I feel fine. B…[View]
45175041Stephen Hawking is a bitch: When the fuck did they take down Billy's name and replace it to hon…[View]
45174955How do I style my hair like this?[View]
45174854yo /fit/ whats going on with my tongue yo? >have cold >6 days later feeling ready to hit the g…[View]
45173435Ideals: Lets say one want to pursue some sort of ideal, regardless of what the ideal is. If one have…[View]
45175310can pic related replace me eating spinach and broccoli? i hate vegetables[View]
45173740*blocks your arteries*[View]
45174639is this doable natty?[View]
45174741>did my first sets of deadlifts this morning >My forearms are throbbing 4 hours later >Lost…[View]
45172550How /fit/ might look like if zyzz would be still alive?[View]
45173781a girl hurt my heart and I lost my mojo. How do I get back to how I was 4 years ago?[View]
45175117Improving recovery: I've been working out regularly for a few months now, but my recovery times…[View]
45173203Post mirin tfws[View]
45175098Pre-workout: Get out of my way plebs, best pre-workout coming through[View]
45174456if i fap a couple of hours before working out will i be weaker in the gym?[View]
45173227Meat exper explains the difference between good and poor quality meats: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
45172770Will lifting fix lordosis???[View]
45174945There's no fucking way anyone can eat over 2000 calories without getting diarrhea[View]
45174614>stop lifting for a week >all your muscles feel weak and soft why is the natty body such shit?…[View]
45173390who here /sadmad/[View]
45173230Elimination: Any /fit/izens done an elimination diet? All the info on google keeps linking to the s…[View]
45174905Yo /fit/ I got quite high and I’m wondering if my hips don’t lie at all? Shit seems whack. Am I doom…[View]
45172983Anybody else duck footed here? >tfw wearout shoes diagonally[View]
45173076Beginner gains!: >Been lifting for 4 months >Getting all kinds of gains >Starting to noti…[View]
45173526Don't tell me you're still drinking alcohol anon? When did you realise alcohol is for soys…[View]
45173394I was doing skullcrushers yesterday, and something felt off. My right tricep felt super tight. I swi…[View]
45173271>2018 >No true king of /fit/ Zyzz, rippetoe, scooby, Rich, Adie, Reviewbrah, Tiny They all had…[View]
45172103Whenever I talk to people my face is expressionless and my voice is completely monotone. I have no u…[View]
45171142>Been stalled on 12.5lb OHP for the past 4 workouts[View]
45174641Circuit training and sleeping: Hey there im doing at least 3 times at week the circuit training afte…[View]
45173666>lift more since december 2016 to get over exgf >stay on harsh bulk bc dyel skele frame >UU…[View]
45172240How do I feel normal around chicks that are cute?[View]
45173047Do I have Kallman's?: Hey anons. I am 20 years old and have never had beard, have gynecomastia,…[View]
45172981Is licking raw metals and minerals enough to get my dosage of them (iron, magnesium, calcium, boron,…[View]
45174567Do onions actually help?: Sad 20 yo incel here. Hadn't asked a girl out on a date since a year,…[View]
45172969how hard can you go to achieve lean & mean mode? lets say you're a wealthy actor. your new …[View]
45174227>Born premature >Muscle development fucked up slightly on the left side of my body >It sho…[View]
45173939How does this make you feel?[View]
45174076Is ninjitsu a good martial art?[View]
45173912Do i have a bad frame, /fit/?[View]
45173056How do I compete: Him >30 >Makes $110k/year >no acne >bad haircut >good stubble >6…[View]
45161153Libido: How to increase sex drive?[View]
45173812I can hardly cum after I started drinking milk: I just made the connection and I'm freaking out…[View]
45173614Why do you lift?: Having to regain my motivation to go back to the gym and be a weak boy again after…[View]
45173725Fattie thread: HEY FATTIE Weight loss if fucking easy! The only diet that works is fasting. It…[View]
45174008Lactose Intolerance: Are there any ways of making my body produce more of the lactase enzyme? I can …[View]
45173430Found this on fit some time ago. What kind of split is this? Is the program any good?[View]
45155199>tfw finally ohp 1pl8[View]
45173642Does lifting help anxiety/fit/? I start a new job in a couple hours and I'm nervous as fuck[View]
45173417Only ever done high bar back squat. Wanna try some front squat today. Tips? I'm guessing I…[View]
45171225Stop balding[View]
45173858What tools do /fit/izens use to track their calories and nutrition? Do you use an app or good old pe…[View]
45172926Who else /lifing for 2+years but people think youve only lifted for 1' here[View]
45170502>start working out >super motivated >do it for 3 weeks >start doing it less frequently …[View]
45173155Is dairy without lactose still unhealthy?[View]
45163338>'TheFinnish saunais a substantial part ofFinnish culture. There are five million inhabitants and…[View]
45168393Good workout Headphones?: Hey /fit/, looking for some good headphones that are reliable and aren…[View]
45172234The eternal debate. What gives one better shoulder development. Lateral raises or OHP ?[View]
45173012They say you should work muscles twice a week for the best gains. Why is it that I made shit gains o…[View]
45163620How to trick my stomach into thinking its full without eating anything? Im currently on 600 calorie …[View]
45173546Based Kenco. Chad in advertising laughing at soy boys. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ4T6YV6Fcg…[View]
45159869Podcasts for Brain Gainz: ITT: We list the most High-Test podcasts to listen to while working out. I…[View]
45169801>Start lifting >Become only attracted to black/mixed girls Explain this.…[View]
45172908is ss really a meme?[View]
45169524>roiding for this[View]
45173478You do NOT need disclipline in order to succeed. You primarily need the drive to be more active, the…[View]
45170963Crossfit is retarded: My friend invited me to join him in a crossfit work out. This is the workout, …[View]
45168228>/fit/ pre 2017 was a bunch of bros getting together to meme and post about progress and memeing …[View]
45171838James Dean: >manlet >receding hairline >skinnyfat >dyel >peak of aesthetics why?…[View]
45172868How to achieve this?[View]
45172106Calm post-workout tunes: What kind of music do you guys like to listen to after your workouts? https…[View]
45172296Going to McDonalds bro, you want anything? Nothing under $5 though[View]
45166234https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82_eR1qHqdk Wow she looks so ripped, and only in 4 months![View]
45172916is there any pre-workout with dmaa available anymore?[View]
45170533How old do I look /fit/? Honest[View]
45170953Is it harmful to skip rope barefoot? I have done research but still haven't found any convincin…[View]
45172230Anyone else suffer from cholinergic urticaria? Every time I exercise or take a hot shower I experien…[View]
45172527You can't spot reduce fa- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4444424/ >Cryolipolys…[View]
45171622Why does /fit/ hate Greek yogurt?[View]
45170671Skinny Boy Needs Help: Need help getting the following shit bigger and a very small time window: Bic…[View]
45172975'I was so giddy and high on emotions it was hard to work out, because I was spending all my testoste…[View]
45172943So after lifting a bit my arms tend to feel sore for a few days. Is this the time when the body is u…[View]
45171062Broken Toe: So I broke my toe, not quite like the pic but bad enough I can't put any weight on …[View]
45172590>bulking >getting stronger (squatted 2 plates for 8 reps) and bigger arns >gaining fat fast…[View]
45172917Calories in calories out: Is calories in calories out just a meme? (For muscle building, not fat los…[View]
45172487stack for basketball physique?: i'm trying to get back into shape anons. 6'7 and about 260…[View]
45172213>feel pumped for about two months >excited for the future and keeping a strict workout plan ag…[View]
45165256Everyday Carry: Alright Gentlemen, I see these everyday carry threads all the time on other boards W…[View]
45170704What the fuck is the point of these weights? They're super bulky for their weight, ugly and ret…[View]
45170947Do you think she's fat?: And if so, where do you see most of her excess fat?[View]
45164919>be me >listening to Hitler speech on phone while working out for motivation >his voice bec…[View]
45165877Ottermode vs Big: Otter Pros: >grills love it >normies think it's great >Workouts don…[View]
45172748Are you man enough?: Are you?[View]
45172697Why aren't you training to become a ninja /fit/ ?[View]
45172009what's your barbell of choice?[View]
45170237How long should you take cold showers for in order for it to take effect? I usually have a hot showe…[View]
45143906/fast/ # 144 - Virgin Walk Edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of inte…[View]
45171514Some thoughts on kangaroos: >How do kangaroos get so huge? >What do they do that engages their…[View]
45173200Have you ever had oneitis anon? Tell me about it.[View]
45170700>that 30 year old at the gym[View]
45171232Good 3 day a week aesthetics routine?[View]
45172604Who here /alienfeet /[View]
45168066so what ingredients here are going hemmorhage my internal organs and/or make my heart im-/explode?[View]
45172013>the nogainz skelly who always talks about lifting[View]
45172431>thinking about getting a gym membership >figure it'd be like $20 a month, maybe $30 at m…[View]
45171223how strong was quasimodo ? also which was his routine ?[View]
45170381Hey bros i’ve been a vegan for about two years and its amazing i feel more in touch with my feminine…[View]
45170810how do I stop eating simply because I'm bored or because my taste buds feel stale?[View]
45172276>tfw i feel lonelier every day she's not here what lift can kill the feels?…[View]
45167022>lifting while eating at maintainence[View]
45171334Does taking a multi really cover your needs if you dont eat veggies?[View]
45172281Been doing GOMAD for two weeks now and I’m LOSING weight how is this possible[View]
45164404Why isn't Eric Bugenhagan the king of fit? >lifts heavy as fuck >videos are entertaining …[View]
45171876Hey Fit. Has anyone ever heard of the bulking diet called CSYD? I was talking with this guy at the …[View]
45171179Is it true that swimming is actually bad for your back?[View]
45172041Do QT's like pic related go for swole dudes?[View]
45172061Belly Bloat: So I'm trying to get fit and eat better, but I realized something the other day. W…[View]
45168618How can I lose weight while still being a raging alcoholic?[View]
45170298Is lifting everyday as a natural really bad? I lift everyday for about 1 hour, can anything bad come…[View]
45170952What does /fit/ think of eggs? I have 3 scrambled eggs a day and I feel fine[View]
45171888When I do calf raises the muscle contracts too hard and it's cramps up and hurts. what do?[View]
45171150>yfw it’s true[View]
45170106the dangers of high volume: how much volume is too much volume? Today I had a lot of free time and e…[View]
45171139/routine general/: what are you running fit?[View]
45171958>take headphones out for a second at the gym >'it ends tonight' by the all-american rejects is…[View]
45167151STOP IT RIGHT THERE! Post your daily meal plan OR ELSE[View]
45171205How did Pianoman really die?[View]
45170753What muscles does this work?[View]
45171008WTF is this? How strong could this dude be if he used proper form and technique? He benches 230kg fo…[View]
45168891>what will you do when you become /fit/, face that girl you like, tell her 'i lov u' and she reje…[View]
45170958Summer Shredding has begun!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aMqMN3tE-8[View]
45171729Friends diet: DYEL friend claims he's gaining strength and muscle while losing weight intermitt…[View]
45171814Anyone got the source/higher res of this? Used to see it here a lot but only have this small version…[View]
45171694MRE Steve: Do you think he lurks on here, /fit/? Has he posted his workout routine?[View]
45171757Is it cheating if I use creatine?[View]
45171308How do i pay for friends?[View]
45170555So, recently I decided to quit being a robot and started going to the gym near my house and lift. I…[View]
45171670Is plastic surgery worth it? for the face mainly[View]
45169863Is it ok to do curls between compound lift sets?[View]
45171406Is this good form? Also watch a soyboy skeleton try to deadlift 315 https://gaming.youtube.com/ice_p…[View]
45161902Why does everyone on /fit/ make fun of fat people, like boogie, that are making efforts to better th…[View]
45170365Paleo seems cool but also seems eerily similar to crossfit LARPing faggotry. Thoughts? I like the le…[View]
45171304alright, which one of you homeschooled autists did i meet at the y today? lol never seen such concen…[View]
45170865Are pushups an underrated exercise in physique building?[View]
45170697Do people actually fall for this?[View]
45169770Trying to lose some fatness I’m down 3 lbs on a 500cal deficit in 1 week. Running 2 days a week a l…[View]
45171382Is it possible?: Is it possible go down to 8% bodyfat and stay in that body fat percent all the time…[View]
45169341Changing for the better: Hey /fit/, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, I'm 5'7…[View]
45170668It sucks when you ignore your posture for so long that you end up in a position where you can't…[View]
45171185CBT: Cutting for 2 months and still look awful edition[View]
45169760>tfw I have 6% BF >tfw I’m 5’ 9” and 140lbs >tfw it’s all because of my hyperthyroid condi…[View]
45169940>be me >22 >6'1' 202 lb fatass, haven't worked out seriously in like 4 years >…[View]
45171072So apparently cutting out carbs as day goes along and eating only proteins at night and then doing a…[View]
45170830Is sour cream /fit/ approved? My carne asada fries are shit drowning in it[View]
45169672How do I achieve this mode?[View]
45170859>>45165775 Guy on the left looks like a more swole version of my roommate, it's weirding …[View]
45168284Genetics: what are your good/bad genetics? how do you overcome your bad genetics? how has your good …[View]
45170874Are there ever times when /fit/ works out but feels so depleted of energy or will power that the wor…[View]
45170642Sleep thread: The past couple weeks I've been taking 2 hours to fall asleep on days I lift, and…[View]
45162781what did he mean by this?[View]
45170988Calcium: Is it bad that almost all of my daily calcium is coming from whey protein?[View]
45170098How can I grow bigger forearms, /fit/?[View]
45169751low carb OMAD: ive been doing intermittent fasting for a few days now and im thinking of going for O…[View]
45170092>eating fat after 6pm makes you fat[View]
45170664Downside of making it: Anons, what are the downsides to making it? Has anyone else ever had a signif…[View]
45165133Is Blaha serious, or he just trolling?: I've watched all of the Exposed TV videos like three ti…[View]
45169523Should I gain weight?[View]
45170687Is creatine a meme? Im 6ft 230lb fat fuck with decent muscle degelopment. Should i be taking creati…[View]
45169828I broke my upper arm (distal humerus) and I'm thus singled out for 6 to 12 weeks. How do I make…[View]
45170052Been lifting for 6 months and need some advice. My friends are telling me I'm over doing it. He…[View]
45169480Neckpill Thread: When did you realize that Don Draper fucked women off of his neck alone? Neckpill T…[View]
45170162>all these 'lifting for her' threads are you fucktards really THAT desperate for a fucking vagina…[View]
45169444>New MIRING GAINS >based fronk yong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7N8ycHN85o…[View]
45170435Should fat people be ridiculed and publicly shamed?[View]
45169473>be me > in college close to home so live at home >no time for a job > my mom eats like …[View]
45170721>What's that, a healthy snack? you dont wanna go and eat a snack like that!…[View]
45168518Have you ever went out with a girl who was all over you but you really only went out with her for re…[View]
45169870https://youtu.be/4rkonaLHWSo Are they natty? skip to 11:10 for results[View]
45170643>Claims to be fit >Doesn't do DB/KB swings…[View]
45164543Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dickgirl top?[View]
45167946What exercises am I supposed to do on this?[View]
45166498omfg just groped a girl at the gym. nofap = rapemode: nofap is turning me into a rapist guys. this i…[View]
45169337Will eating papas aborrajadas make me fat? Is basically a fucking potato fried with fluor and eggs.[View]
45170559Was New Hope Hamill the most aesthetic of all time?[View]
45161341/fph/ Original Content Edition: Let's try and find some new content to beat them with[View]
45170337>only 3 friends from high school becoming or have become the epitome of the soyboy meme, all they…[View]
45167155>Mon: 5x5 Deadlift, 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Weighted Chins >Tue: 5x5 Bench, 5x5 OHP, 5x5 Weighted Dips …[View]
45169255>>45164693 There's a dude in my gym who reeks like greasy food. God I know he's here…[View]
45169096Creatine: Hey guys. I put a spoonful of creatine in my cereal this morning as I didnt want to have a…[View]
45168489Rate my bulking diet please Here's what I've added to my normal diet 1 peanut butter sandw…[View]
45170392Save a fellow brainlet: ITT: Post things that might be obvious to you, but could help others. >tf…[View]
45169942>start jumping rope for 30 minutes a day and counting calories like crazy to lose that last littl…[View]
45170227Can somebody give the final redpill on time under tension? My friend who is peak performance swears …[View]
45159014So eggs ARE in fact bad...?[View]
45170170How important is mind muscle connection when lifting?[View]
45153213>There are legal adults on this board RIGHT NOW who listen to metal while working out I bet you l…[View]
45168895this kills the /fit/ard[View]
45167706Hey /fit/, I'm a 24 year old woman that's started working in healthcare. Unfortunately tha…[View]
45167098Post food you like friends[View]
45167994Motivation thread: >back/bi day >sitting on couch waiting for food to digest >feel couch su…[View]
45168645Why does everyone always try to go for hardcore abs or whatever, isnt a bodytype like this more aest…[View]
45168791It's time for me to start adding weight to pullups, but I don't have any weight to add. Ca…[View]
45169270Why do 80% of people at the gym not stretch at all? You’re just asking to become a cripple[View]
45162297Eggs are apparently terrible for you. I eat 2-3 scrambled eggs every day and want to switch to somet…[View]
45169844Is Golden One dare I say... our guy?[View]
45167219What to do on rest day. Do i even need?: Fuck I'm bored. I read somewhere I need a rest day so …[View]
45168115How do I make my poops more solid?[View]
45155481QTDDTOT: Last one is almost dead lol[View]
45169285/fit/ how do i to best exercise these muscles and these muscles?[View]
45168497>Squat >Deadlift >Bench press Would these three alone make for a good full-body workout, or…[View]
45169856Cutting cals vs adding cardio: So what's the science on caloric deficit via diet vs. caloric de…[View]
45169090Lazy meals general: Pic related is a godsend if you like mac and cheese[View]
45166896Does anybody here use cold showers exclusively? Can you share your experience[View]
45169711bulking foods: what are some easy to make bulk snacks/meals /fit/?[View]
45169787Look to the anon above you. Now look to the anon below you. Statistically, they will never make it.[View]
45169700What's the secret to keeping /fit/ on a long vacation in a country with delicious food? Say 3-4…[View]
45169735You CAN'T do this pose.[View]
45168654Rate my fat loss plan /fit/: >5 minutes of arm scissors while running in place to warm up >5 m…[View]
45169439QTDDTOT: Ask em.[View]
45167133Goal body: How do I get a body like this? Massive forearms, huge back and a torso built like a fridg…[View]
45165226>5.6% bf Fuck you /fit/ you all told me I was 12-15% In other words, prease sucky, and get on my…[View]
45160166Why aren't you this lean /fit/?[View]
45161608Does /fit/ actually do ab exercises? I used to, but doing 5x5 I can still feel them getting worked a…[View]
45167573Intermittent Fasting, Lost my Appetite, Increased energy + Insomnia: Hey guys On 2/20/18 i was 336 l…[View]
45169495What is the point of cutting when no one will notice. Aside from maybe that one girl who fucks you …[View]
45168948How do I get rid of backne??[View]
45163649We have been abandoned brehs.....[View]
45161744How many times can you rep 225 on bench press, /fit/? My PR is 12 reps.[View]
45166933Thanks creatine[View]
45160657ITT: Awful normie advice: >The bigger man walks away No, it's LITERALLY the weaker man who w…[View]
45168440Anyone else fallen off the fitness wagon? How the fuck do i get back in that mindset?[View]
45169544Skelly begginer here. I read the sticky and I'm a couple of weeks into it. I will have a lot …[View]
45165286NOFAP: Am I the only one who feels hornier when they haven't fapped or had sex in a long time? …[View]
45169050>Been cutting for about a month >Have lost 4 pounds >ALL of my lifts have dropped What is …[View]
45168136Anyone else think that girls wearing a baseball hat raises their qt points? I first noticed this phe…[View]
45137673>Ctrl + F >No pushup thread They see me rollin'…[View]
45163521Anyone grow at or after 18? I measured myself a few weeks ago at 5'8, today I remeasured and it…[View]
45167749Nu-Males ruinning our Generation: >'The grip strength of the sample of college men had declined s…[View]
45168559>tfw carpal tunnel Anyone here have this and still lift?[View]
45169324looking for that picture of Primitive Technology with all the reddit normies talking about how rippe…[View]
45166847Holy fuck, how??? How can I get as strong AND agile as him?![View]
45167774itt: gains goblins[View]
45167397Leonardo Dicaprio??: What do I need to do to achieve this mode? I will literally do anything at this…[View]
45169236>I count my calories >I weigh all my food >I keep my macros good >I do HIIT twice a week…[View]
45169258>did genetic test >terrible fate is revealed Better get swole, don't want to look like an…[View]
45165952Why the fuck does it cost so much to eat health? I'm a poorfag trying to eat health during thi…[View]
45166971Heard a sad story today >guy at work meets girl at work >they start hanging out after work …[View]
45168122Well, /fit/ I've been doing well, but I've decided to end it tomorrow. What should my lif…[View]
45165277>dont want to work out anymore but I know that it is one of the only things left to give me some …[View]
45167291AAAAAAAA: I don’t fucking get it /fit/. Ive been tested multiple times and I’ve talked to a nutritio…[View]
45150361/fat/ - Chad Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through mea…[View]
45166295How do I get a body like this young man?[View]
45169121>I don't do full body calisthenics in the squat rack[View]
45165530Hey /fit/, I think I've figured it out: >spilling seed is bad for you because you lose vital…[View]
45166793need some help guys the back of both my wrists (same side as the back of the palm) hurt when I try d…[View]
45157393is fin a meme? I'm 24 and not balding but clearly losing some of the youthful hairline I had as…[View]
45166883>bumper plates[View]
45167855>be me >started out morning with a workout >worked really hard with my classes >worked o…[View]
45165238>i have a boyfriend NOOO!!! I thought I wouldn't have to deal with this once I got /fit/! I…[View]
45164673Why don't chads take care of themselves? They were blessed by god with supreme genetics, but th…[View]
45168864How do I achieve /vampirelordmode/[View]
45168543Who else here lift to make your dad proud ?[View]
45167283Recovering ex-junkie: Hey lads, After 2 years of heavy alcohol/amfetamin/oxycontin abuse my once wel…[View]
45168768Hey guys I was in the gym yesterday and made eye contact with a road the a few times. Does this mean…[View]
45166913Is this the most /fit/ food there is?[View]
45168605>>45168370 shoo shoo gains goblin![View]
45168663>I fell for SS I can see my ribs better despite gaining 12lbs already, and my thighs and ass are …[View]
45167329>5 months in >friends go 'wow you're buff now dude! you going to the gym?', getting compl…[View]
45164195I don't want to be skinny anymore, i want to be able to do pullups[View]
45168071Eating disorder ? Damaging myself?: >HSSH and wife of 6 weeks leave me to fuck around with some p…[View]
45163243>Lol anon you eat so healthy don’t you ever get tired of it?[View]
45165559What's your nofap record? Mine is a about 2 years and 2 months. Started doing nofap New Year…[View]
45167354>In 2016, after returning to Earth after 340 days in space, astronaut Scott Kelly found that he w…[View]
45167217Scoops thread: Last digit is how many scoops you take. Dubs means double it. ROLLING FOR RICH[View]
45168257How do you deal with being sick /fit/?[View]
45168364Can honey be used on a bulk?: I've been watching all these /comfy/ beekeeping videos lately fro…[View]
45168341>back in gym for the first time in a few months >go to squat >get a boner Why did this happ…[View]
45168376Hey /fit/, Pretty new here, started lifting a couple months ago and have started looking more into r…[View]
45167162'''' skinnyfat '''' retard: How do I stop being skinnyfat /fit/? I have been trying a weight loss di…[View]
45164302How to get rid of chest acne? I have plenty of small spots that look like blackheads on chest. Is it…[View]
45168203>>45166666 take the neckpill /fit/[View]
45167309how much do i have to lift to get a gf like this?[View]
45158851And and then I told them 'STAY NATTY BROS JUST LIKE ME'[View]
45166174>tfw /v/ is dead You'll accept us refugees r-right?[View]
45167510>mfw I hit 1/2/3/4 today and I haven't received my complimentary gf yet…[View]
45166359why arent you vegan yet?[View]
45164101Hello fit, I am 22 and just got tested at 99ng/dl testosterone which is extremely low. Was hoping t…[View]
45163878Are lifting gloves /fit approved?: I've been deadlifting consistently for a few months now, and…[View]
45167548>so, anon, you’re into posting about interactions between you and normal people that never happen…[View]
45167027Optimal masturbation schedule?: Hello /fit/. I am a regular of /sci/. Recently asked /sci/ what the …[View]
45167839Sexual Fitness: This is about increasing pelvic floor health and other correlatives. Especially welc…[View]
45165815Post your favorite gym shirt: Mine is ol Vlad riding a bear[View]
45166432Creatine: Has anyone here with male pattern baldness taken creatine and seen a correlation to increa…[View]
45167617>be me >workout religiously and eat clean for months and months >little to no progress >…[View]
45167071Aesthetics without weightlifting: I'm so fucking tired of bodybuilding/weightlifting. Most gym …[View]
45167164Who /shave/ here?: So I've been using a DE razor for years now and it worked quite well for whi…[View]
45165338Jelqing: Brahs, Any success with Jelqing here? Did it help your confidence and with the ladies? Or …[View]
45165421I've always been really skinny any weak, pretty much due to my issues with eating. I have a sma…[View]
45119165/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting general: >actually hit the bump limit edition >If you are new to w…[View]
45161587Stop balding[View]
45165500why do you manlets even bother lmao[View]
45167312/plg/ powerlifting general: ready to retire edition[View]
45163772Bodyfat Estimation: Can I get a bodyfat estimate? Online calcs (measuring tape based) put me between…[View]
45161094How long does it take to notice the benefits of meditation[View]
45163523Daily reminder to drink water: last 2 digits determine how many sips of water you take[View]
45153693/plg/ powerlifting general: Welcome to the incel support group Enjoy your stay[View]
45167259>Enter gym >Weird ungodly electronic sounds >Collapse due to musical orgasm https://www.you…[View]
45166579If you stay ready you don't have to GET ready: She found a dating app on her boyfriend’s phone.…[View]
45166765Will taking Mass gainer give me acne? I used to take Whey protein but it gave me an apocaliptic brea…[View]
45167169Weed and Lifting: i've been smoking DUDELMAO before working out for the past two days because a…[View]
45167165daily reminder that manlets are prime bf material[View]
45167080>that dad teaching his son to bench with a thumbless grip[View]
45167148I heard you guys go bald from Creatine. Stay small Creatine-lets.[View]
45161969Fit youtubers: Since PIanoman died, what are good fitness youtubers to watch that are as motivating …[View]
45166945>manlet >buy dress shoes >get dr schole inserts >tfw 5'11 now finally made it out…[View]
45166890Name a better post workout Pro tip: mandarins are bretty good as well[View]
45164817Would strength gain be similar for a beginner even with increased reps?: If a usual program for a be…[View]
45165804>that 30 year old guy who goes to the gym[View]
45166117>it's bench day[View]
45166052I'm 230 lbs and I want to starve myself until around 130 and I don't care if I lose all mu…[View]
45166362isn't lifting a big meme? As long as you're 10-12% bf any muscle mass will make you look r…[View]
45166942Is durianrider natty?[View]
45164941>>45164772 in a bitter sad world, the anon you replied you is probably a fat ugly virgin. this…[View]
45158555>If you were obese you can never be a ch...[View]
45166161is bulking gluttony[View]
45166786Does China miss him as much as we do?[View]
45166105> You will never feel like you are wanted by a girl, to have her tell you 'I need you now and for…[View]
45165956Give me ONE (1) good reason to lift!: >tfw upwards curved 6'x6' cock; bonepressed (if I cheat and…[View]
45166534What's the lifting equivalent of one arm push ups and one arm pull ups?[View]
45166434>get home from work >time to lift >procrastinate and dont feel excited to lift >rest day…[View]
45166606Are tinder threads still not allowed?: If they are, then you boys know the drill. Dubs.[View]
45162659Reminder that if Ryan “child bearing hips” Gosling can make it, so can you.[View]
45164679>bulking >did not shit for two days g-guys am i gonna die?…[View]
45164753chad vs virgin mentality: Whats the difference between chad and autistic? Its basically attitude rig…[View]
45151731steroids general: /fraud/ - bullying allowed edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/w…[View]
45160110please help, /fit/ I just got a DEXA scan and have really bad bone density that's on its way to…[View]
45166268How do I achieve this mode?[View]
45162089bottled water or filtered tap?: seems to be major drawbacks to both. traces of plastic and estrogen …[View]
45165580I ate like 30 minutes ago and i had some cravings for something. I took some blueberries and blackbe…[View]
45165688Is Vietnamese food healthy? sandwiches noodle,broth soups etc?[View]
45165735The only way to build your masculinity is to bang girls,stop drinking onion juice/doing nofap/readin…[View]
45165323>turn off the lights to my homegym >light the candles, turn on music through my bluetooth >…[View]
45165230Does /fit/ use hypnosis ?[View]
45150226which karate branch?: I want to start a MA because my new work timetable prevents me from my usual a…[View]
45165858Are shoulder striations attractive? I wanna make mine deeper but I'm worried they'll gross…[View]
45143204Why do Asian chads always have aesthetic chest genetics and cute girlfriends?[View]
45165863Lanklets btfo[View]
45160459What protein does /fit/ use?[View]
45161368I lost all my weight by eating junk food: Okay so I was a fat girl who abhoree vegetables. I tried t…[View]
45162310Humour Thread: >ctrl + f >'your 1rm' >zero results found Let's get this started lads…[View]
45162067This morning i drilled a hole into my skull (2 mm diameter) and finally taken the biggest redpill, t…[View]
45163197Are you good in armwrestling?[View]
45162389Thyroid problems: Can you really out-diet and out-run an underactive thyroid? Pic related says no - …[View]
45164323>that guy who wears a shirt to the beach/pool Who does he think he's fooling?…[View]
45160537Best Wheyfu Thread: Post your Wheywfus[View]
45165910>be me a fatass for my whole life >decide to lose weight >actually go through it >hormon…[View]
45165683Hey guys, I guess it’s a already spoken matter, anyway... What will happen if you have an active lif…[View]
45165839You DO use a Thera-Band® FlexBar®...right /fit/?[View]
45165046l-arginin: Redpill me on l-arginin[View]
45163234>suffering from male pattern baldness >shave head >no female attention >regrowing hair t…[View]
45161013How intellectual are you /fit/?[View]
4515219520+ virgin thread: Get in here incels and virgins. When did you realize lifting won't get you l…[View]
45159637>hungry, stressed >lit a cig >no more hunger, no more stress…[View]
45165721>going to the gym when you don't earn six figures It's meant to be a luxury. Get the fu…[View]
45165343What is /fit/s opinion on this guy?[View]
45165680Poorfag checkin in. What’s /fit/ approved multivitamin complex? My diet really lacks in fruits or ve…[View]
45157910Does keto diet work? Thanks[View]
45165497how to make whey taste better: I bought a really cheap whey protein, but is only whey, has not flavo…[View]
45165586ITT: Your favourite /fit/ snacks: Pic related[View]
45163347Is my breakfast /fit/ approved?[View]
45162913How bad is it to have a footlong sub every now and then? With chicken/tuna, veggies and no sauce of…[View]
45160255Who else lifts to be physically intimidating/stand up for themselves?: Almost every single post here…[View]
45163755>tfw keep dropping weight on my toes can you lift in steel toe boots?[View]
45154186>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iQn-toQp6A This skinny virgin got to kiss Katy Perry; meanwhile…[View]
45162675ITT: /Fit/ Fuck Ups, Injuries, and Failings.[View]
45161250is it even possible to drink this stuff and still be cut? im starting to think no. having milk in yo…[View]
45163188Day 10 of NoFap:: My muscle recovery in between sets is through the roof, I feel like I can lift ind…[View]
45163600>Don't eat McD's for years >Housemates order burgers and ask if I want in >'Sure …[View]
45165001What food is there that I can eat before bed that's filling and won't get me fat as fuck? …[View]
45165179Coursework: Need help with my level 3 coursework guy. The question is 'Explain the impact of co…[View]
45164186Exercise injuries: Story of mine from a few months ago >femanon >have a stationary bike and we…[View]
45163300I need a new pair of sneakers for the gym, what’s real stylish and flashy but nice quality? I want t…[View]
45162161how the fuck do you get rid off canker sores permanently?[View]
45164920Nucleus overload: Redpill me on nucleus overload[View]
45163304I’ve got bad knee and ligament problems and it hurts to just walk into Walmart but I want to be a po…[View]
45158503How much will it fuck me up to take a ph at 18? pic is a product i found on a supplement site ingred…[View]
45164493Options for fast weight loss: Been losing weight slowly, but it's trustratingly slow since I li…[View]
45162313Is it possible to reach this naturally?[View]
45162151How fit do I have to be to get a gf like this?[View]
45164847How to achieve this body as a male (male)?[View]
45164620Her smile must be protected.[View]
45163324fat fucking lenny strikes again: props to the man for keeping it real >>12341332[View]
45164350Redpill me on hydroxen peroxide. Can I rinse my mouth with it? Will it bleach my teeth? Will I die?[View]
45164175Pics that makes you want to make it[View]
45163429What does /fit/ think about stability balls? Does it do anything actually beneficial? Apart from ke…[View]
45164117STOP SMOKING[View]
45162735Thoughts on this routine? I already started with 8kg dumbbells because I am a weak fag. >Monday, …[View]
45163535Where are you on this chart and what is your goal? posts with pictures appreciated[View]
45159418>gym thot starts working out next to me >Can instantly do 2-3 more reps…[View]
45164648Should you put salt in the food?[View]
45163876Back Hair: What do we do about pic related? Shave? Wax? Let it go? Can't reach that shit mysel…[View]
45164513What rice does /fit/ eat? I read if you don't want to worry about too much arsenic then you sho…[View]
45162523mfw never again to the gym full of retards. homegym thread.[View]
45163447What's the fastest you personally have cut and how did you achieve it? I once lost 50lbs in a m…[View]
45164243>>45164202 >youre not a man unless you poison yourself[View]
45164250>Kai is extremely highly smart. If you ask him a question he wont just give you the answer, he wi…[View]
45163339/Career/: Been a while since one of these, I’ll start: >be 25 >wageslave manager for an apartm…[View]
45161731Is it possible to be /fit/ after spending the past 23 years as a NEET? I’m 2.04 m tall and my weight…[View]
45162748I built this routine with the intention of building as much explosiveness as possible: >Warm up: …[View]
45162889what's THE BEST thing to add to a smoothie AFTER you ate a meal? To just 'stuff yourself even m…[View]
45155592Herbal tea?: What are the pros and cons of drinking natural, organic (high quality) herbal tea - suc…[View]
45160700When did you realise eating meat is cucking yourself /fit/?[View]
45162085how do i get this body?[View]
45162666My blood pressure is on the higher side. I measure it consistantly at around 125/75. Is doing cardio…[View]
45161811/fit/ Pets General: Post your doggos, catbros, sneks; whatever pets that you have. Is your pet a gai…[View]
45164087Hey guys. I've seen some solid progress with SL for a few months now but would really like to g…[View]
45159712Hi guys, am looking for some advice. I was thinking of the following daily routine. >20 sit ups (…[View]
45161656Why the fuck does my forearm tendon hurt like hell when i train bis? I am afraid one day it’s gonna …[View]
45164036Should I take multivitamins suplements if I got canker sores often?[View]
45163982>>45162239 The only way to make social gains is to bee urself[View]
45163463fit anime girl tutorial: Is this legit?[View]
45163787How do I get this body?[View]
45161825>can ohp 1pl8 for 5 >not even close to 2pl8 bench why am i like this ? i even prioritize bench…[View]
45158204/FitAdvice/: Guys I need advice Basically I have a gf and she's awesome in some ways but not in…[View]
45163520Can i pound hard with a 12cm dick?: Hi guys,12cm dick here Can i pound the shit out of her with this…[View]
45163297Anyone else sits on toilet and try to squeeze out all the gases in the body before going to the gym …[View]
45154441How slow is body recomp? AKA lifting while eating at maintenance. Anybody here make good progress on…[View]
45162856Puberty?: Okay fit Im 18 I just recently cut from 225 to 170lb at 10%bf im 5'10. Im getting more bod…[View]
45152654Bald & Chad. Is it possible?[View]
45163146what the fuck do i eat on a cut /fit/? i dont have time to cook chicken for every meal abd i cant ju…[View]
45157179Red pill me on Tony Ferguson /fit/. How can one man be this powerful? >amazing balance and spatia…[View]
45163253>>45163154 >1. Naturalistic fallacies and fantasies by pasty office drones of a time when '…[View]
451612395 day split routine for women?: hey /fit/ I have a friend(body type sort of like pic)who's been…[View]
45162279Is this archivable natty?[View]
45163037hello, newfag here: So, i have decided to join the army by the end of this year. I've had almos…[View]
45162852> That guy who thinks eating chicken and lifting heavy things up and down everyday will make peop…[View]
45162887>be me working out >squat atg >some old dude walks up to me >'you're squatting to l…[View]
45162296is there any hope here?[View]
45162087I could now be at a party but decided not to go because I chose to lift and study a little today Tel…[View]
45162818>tfw get throat pain from grunting during my set[View]
45162618creatine kinase: i'm a boxer and i train 4 days a week. i did bloodwork a few days ago and my …[View]
45162892Fatloss: I am suffering from inpingement syndrom in my left and right shoulder and in my hips. The p…[View]
45158614Name a food with better macros BROTIP: You can't[View]
45162174>start lifting weights >eat 200g protean >2 week in nofap >take zinc and other meems eve…[View]
45159872https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EnZc7xjWwA How the fuck do these guys do this shit without explodin…[View]
45161010>tfw no thicc nazi polish bf[View]
45162355>destroy myself at the gym for 90 minutes, 4 times a week >bulk on a small surplus >working…[View]
45162294Is becoming a personal trainer a good idea? I'm gonna be honest I go to the gym but i'm no…[View]
45162228>Does push up >Cock hits the floor painfully Am I doing something wrong?…[View]
45162456Leg Program: Alright /fit/ I’ve dislocated my shoulder multiple times in the past few months. This m…[View]
45161826how to build body depth? put on about 15 pounds so far and starting to look a little better from str…[View]
45161359Hi there /fit I'm posting this again, how can I put weight on my face? Granted i'm not hap…[View]
45161972Come Join our fit discord, if you like 1). Genova posting 2). Meme posting 3). Having banter 4). Wa…[View]
45161514>>45156636 this is dumb. you do understand how esters work right?[View]
45160156I'm switching to vegetarianism beacuse I feel lighter mentally on it. Do you fags have some goo…[View]
45160927Is this achievable natty?[View]
45160555>decide to train for muhreen OCS >max out pull ups and crunches >posterior shin splints kee…[View]
45161540Am I the only one who wears tank undershirt tops at the gym? Also shits you wear at the gym thread[View]
45160285The heart: Sup guys. I never come here but I figure you might have answers for me. I have been getti…[View]
45159987Has anyone else here /made it/[View]
45159300>Try to eat slight suprlus Make no gains >Eat loads Makes gains but get fat as fuck…[View]
45157072female(male) here. do i use the male or female setting when calculating my BMR?[View]
45157744So is it confirmed now? Have we officially acknowledged that 'No-Fap' was just a shitty meme?[View]
45161756that guy: >that guy who thinks you need to eat vegetables to make gains Psyllium husks and multiv…[View]
45162001Water fasting on lithium carbonate: I'm on 1200mg lithium carbonate for bipolar, that's al…[View]
45158060Day 5 NoFap I can feel the urge in the morning but I'm staying clean. Only had one boner in the…[View]
45160449Young /fit/: Anybody have /fit/ autism stories from when they were younger? >be in 8th grade foot…[View]
45157754Why the fuck is there no dick measuring standard? Depending on how I put the tape, it ranges from 5 …[View]
45161285Aspartame is SAFE: should never have listened to you guys https://bayesianbodybuilding.com/is-aspart…[View]
45158968Does keto work better for only fatties? I'm trying to cut weight for summer (15% to 8% bf) and …[View]
45160687What are the best bloatmaxx foods? I’ll start; >lactose[View]
45156363Military is sending me to Tokyo for 3 years, what do: what can a young /fit/ military idiot like me …[View]
45158870Who here /DEENZ/?[View]
45161802Sip Boys Thread: Why You Not Drinking The GOAT Sip???[View]
45161071Does fit like tattoos? Personally I love how they look on randy ortons arms.[View]
45161459Come Join our fit discord, if you like 1). Genova posting 2). Meme posting 3). Having banter 4). Wa…[View]
45159693What are your thoughts on neck gains? Is it worth it to get a wider neck? What are some good neck ex…[View]
45157952Is there any hope trying to court a girl that's tried to kill herself several times? Also do yo…[View]
45149272What supplements do you take? Have they helped?[View]
45157521ITT: We post the biggest Chads in the /fit/ness industry[View]
45161047I know lots of you want to get supremely jacked like Dave Draper, but what would you do with such a …[View]
45155227What changed after you got /fit/? Me: Just more mires, girls are more forward and touchey. Mogging g…[View]
45161099how to use this without longterm damage? please link me to a guide or explain it right here, i'…[View]
45161609This killer fasting trick is worth a go. Think about it. You have 0 Cal edibles growing on your hand…[View]
45161614Skeleton, Pumped my arms so much today I scared myself. 1h later they shrinked, but they are so muc…[View]
45161615>>45160870 L O N D O N[View]
45149070Nofap - Zinc Deficiency - Autism: So apparently NoFap isn’t a meme, jerking off and having sex too m…[View]
45160342>there are actually people who think sucking dick is gay? >you're sharing protein >you…[View]
45158884What did google mean by this?[View]
45155719what is the most amount of fat pounds you've lost? I've lost 46 so far and I've got l…[View]
45145277Could a completely untrained male defeat an accomplished female martial artist? >twin sister prac…[View]
45161288Why didn't you tell me that he was that great and inspiring before he died? https://www.youtube…[View]
45161424Spotify playlist name: Hi /fit Do you have any good suggestion for a spotify playlist Name? For the …[View]
45158952Diziness on leg day: Hey, I've been working out for a while, but I've always felt a nasty …[View]
45156827You're tasked to make a workout named after Steven Hawkins, what is it? What equipment do you …[View]
45155335jokes aside, is he /ourguy/?[View]
45159904This was originally a response to some guy who probably got b& for not being on /lit/ >>45…[View]
45161220>tfw no huge muscular 6'5 ft 300 lbs repressed trans gf to use her bubble butt as a pillow a…[View]
45156448IIT:We post manlet who are ok[View]
451600983 sets/10 reps vs 6reps/5 sets Same weight and volume but which one is better?[View]
45159176What's /fit/ approved spray deodorant? Been using my adidas lately, looking for an alternative …[View]
45159111Daily reminder to drink more water: Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
45151444You have THREE (3) exercises to do for the rest of your life >Dips >Squats >Behind the Back…[View]
45159061>wake up >see this *honey I made a breakfast for you* What did you eat for breakfast today?…[View]
45161034any other bloatmaxxers out there bought a mumu? It's super comfortable and the flexibility for …[View]
45159327This redditor looks good: Why don't you? Look at before lol http://vsco.co/dantedesantis/media…[View]
45159853>>45159716 agreed i do 30 push ups in the morning and before bed and my shoulders are insanely…[View]
45160506Lanklet/Manlet: In the morning I am just over 6ft giving me lanklet status, but then due to compress…[View]
45160822Itching biceps: Whenever I don't exercise my bipecs for more than a week, I start to get a weir…[View]
45159936>tfw morning 5k[View]
45159471without a wide shoulder span and poppin deltoids you might as well be a trap[View]
45157500Bodyfat estimate, /fit/?: Recovering fatty, different tape measure tests put me around 32-35% bodyfa…[View]
45160764NoPoop: is this attainable natty or do you need to retain your poop?[View]
45160500Can I get /fit/ with just Home Workouts?: Have agoraphobia (fear of leaving home) Is it possible to …[View]
45160879Manlet thread: >Be me >5.11 >literally on the very edge of becoming 6.0 >Cant handle the…[View]
45155560>5'9 manlet at the gym lifts less than me (6'3) and looks bigger It's not fair bro…[View]
45160571tips on not going full zyzz mode and having a heart attack at a young age? what sort of foods are go…[View]
45158571>turn fat into muscle REEEEEEE FUCKING NORMIES[View]
45159236Ive known this for a while but face is all that matters brahs Im at 1.5/2.5/4/4.5 and still not gett…[View]
45160707>ONE EXERCISE[View]
45160554Every morning I've been waking up with pretty bad lower back pain. It doesn't matter how I…[View]
45159210lost 36kg and still look like shit: Lost 36 kg so far, from 116kg (255 pounds) to 80kg (176 pounds) …[View]
45157883Belts: If straps are for pussies are belts likewise? I just used a belt squatting for the first and …[View]
45154536Why aren't you an alpha /fit/? What is you excuse? You're only an alpha if you hit these m…[View]
45160592Alright /fit/ I managed to strain my bicep of all things. The meat of the muscle hurts like crazy wh…[View]
45157578Evening gentlemen.[View]
45160095CBD oil: So Eddie Hall just posted a vid on Instagram where he says that he uses CBD oil for recover…[View]
45147492/SIG/: How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced…[View]
45154769EVERYONE LIFTING FOR GIRLS NEEDS TO WATCH THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qJkCMU_Dq5w Honestly I’m not …[View]
45160359what mode is this?[View]
45160368>he posts in the cbt thread without telling his stats[View]
45150150Newfags don't know why Zyzz had to die. Also, general /fit/ conspiracy theory thread.[View]
45156280why do you lift when its all about the face? all that lifting cant fix an ugly face[View]
45156960>>45156291 youll get there friend. Just be consistant, keep learning ,eat, eat, eat and make s…[View]
45157415>have brief moment of insecurity >immediately forget how to project the alpha personality you …[View]
45159162>Want to use free weights >still have to pay admission…[View]
45157561How do I get a head like this?[View]
45159920Can a 240lb 6'2 Asian (Genghis Khan rape baby type, not the nip type) reach daybreak Escanor mo…[View]
45159887Is this a good ides for strength/cardio: Run in the morning for 45mins and then sit ups m 200-300 de…[View]
45157227Friendly reminder to stay natty. How long until David goes completely bald like our boy Connor Murph…[View]
45159674Yoga: Is yoga legit? Does it help weight loss along with diet changes? I don't have any access…[View]
45160173Fatty muscle thighs I know i'm not the only one; standing up your quads are defined and solid, …[View]
45159266do push ups influenc weight loss?[View]
45159703Was in a coma for a year got hit by a bus. What setsxrepsxnumber of different exercises so I do each…[View]
45157102pic I was 207 as of Feb 16. I am now 202 in 1 month from just cutting chips and soda. Also not eatin…[View]
45159969>increase time under tension >get the worst DOMS of my life Is this whats supposed to happen?…[View]
45159440Cold showers literally kill your gains: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26174323[View]
45158854how do i fight off the soda jew?? This is just 4 days worth.[View]
45159553Get your sausage out. Show me your dirty breakfast gains.[View]
45157801Patrician's GOMAD: Well lads as you know, most people just don't have enough of the lactas…[View]
45156564>fat cells can only shrink, they never fully go away. is there any solution to this?…[View]
45158934How effective are resistance bands?: Lots of instagram fitness models rave about them but obviously …[View]
45159664I fractured my right foot's toe so I won't be in the gym for a few weeks. I'm cutting…[View]
45158347Just starting again: So been on med leave for the last few months, started couch to 5k today to slow…[View]
45159676> tfw some dyel virgin gets ridiculed for being a virgin around you hehe you v-virgin l-loser heh…[View]
45159469Thinking of losing weight: What diet should I do< My current weight is 95kg and the fact you can …[View]
45154827So ive been workin out on and off for a few months and i think my pecs are a bit high. What do you g…[View]
45157765/walk/ Walking general: Let's talk about walking, the comfiest, oldest exercise in the world. H…[View]
45159563>>45153347 You think listening to audiobooks and podcasts make you smart? Actual brainlet dete…[View]
45148953do women actually care about muscles?[View]
45159260>he doesn't eat at least 10 items of fruit and veg a day[View]
45159158i just decided to get in shape and i figured out that the best way to do it is getting a personal tr…[View]
45158710Get your test levels up before the gym: Brappppp brapppp webm edition[View]
45158308Do I do roo many warm up sets? Example: I squat with 80kg on the bar and my warm up looks like this:…[View]
45157972ITT: God Tier drinks before the gym pic related does wonders for me in the morning[View]
45155289Is it okay to have Chick-fil-A meal everyday for my bulk?[View]
45142812motivation: running low on motivation, can /fit/ assist?[View]
45158083>doing GOMAD >see about 7lbs weight gain in the first week >piss is starting to smell like …[View]
45147756>''Just eat more bro'' haha yeah, that's totally how it works...…[View]
45148093EL DUENDE VERDE[View]
45157170Why Jason Genova's orgasm voice so feminine? Is there anyone else here with feminine orgasm? :3…[View]
45158333Best Way To Shed Weight: What is the best way to lose weight, to do full paleo or vegetables only? …[View]
45158569Is talent real or does it all boil down to work ethic?[View]
45158947I'm looking for pics of guys who are fit as fuck with ugly ass faces, but it's pretty fuck…[View]
45154784>That feeling of pure peace when smoking your post workout cigarette, looking down the window on …[View]
45157056how do i acheive dwarf mode? i'm already 4'9'[View]
45158368We all start from somewhere.[View]
45158856Fishy Semen Smellz: Have any of your guys’ dicks reeked of fish after ejaculating? I definitely don’…[View]
45158310How do I cure my autism /fit/?: >go on a date with some chick I met on Tinder >everything…[View]
45158360>switch from 3x5 to 5x5 damn is this what making it feels like? pump is crazy…[View]
45156773What are good lift ratios and bodyweight ratios to aim for? As in, what's a good squat to bench…[View]
45144371VEGAN GENERAL: >b-b-but where do I get my protein edition A place for discussing all things vegan…[View]
45158691What liquid should I use for my oatmeal if I’m mixing in some brotein powder as well? How much brote…[View]
45158115If you were a 21 year old with 390ng/dl free testosterone, would you put yourself on TRT?[View]
45156009/meat/ - a celebration of deliciousness: > Animals are made out of meat. > Your mom is made ou…[View]
45158575>tfw a cute girl ask you to hang with them tomorrow but you're feeling that depression that …[View]
45153453Is this shit bad for me?[View]
45156455Do girls treat you differently after weight loss?: What is the difference between the way females be…[View]
45146594So how do I get low bf without lifting? I want to be a qt black girl cosplayer?[View]
45157114What the lowest amount of weight you could plausibly snap your shit up with doing deadlifts? Could y…[View]
45156929tfw cook oats for the first time, think 1 cup of dry oats should be a reasonable meal and then it ex…[View]
45158394Is pussy for breakfast breaking your fasting?: Just asking for a friend.[View]
45158323>I wake up in the morning on my king size bed at 8:00am. Moving quietly so I don't wake up m…[View]
45156953/fit/ instagram pages: do you post shirtless selfies on instagram? theres a girl i would die to go o…[View]
45158145lets help each other figure out our TDEE (estimate) cause i dont trust these fucking calculators onl…[View]
45155868So the escort I visit weekly who looks a lot like pic related (taller but similar body) decided she …[View]
45155203who /nocup/ and /nofap/ Day 4 of quitting for me. I'm not expecting much benefits yet as I am s…[View]
45143014there is no reason to not try out for SEALs, if you think you re a /fit/ tough guy. . it is minimum …[View]
45149601>might be an endomorph Why live?[View]
45156917if you could give 50% of women testicles in place of ovaries would you do it?[View]
45158007how far do you walk when you're doing a Farmers Walk? I am doing like 5 laps around the gym bef…[View]
45154537Does muscle memory have a term limit? I haven't posted here since 2011 and that's around t…[View]
451539826'0 ~150lbs ectofag here. I've been lifting more seriously for 6 months or so, and while I…[View]
45153062Who here /fitlit/?[View]
45158098Climbing Thread: Lets have a climbing thread, I know some of you /fit/izens go rock climbing. What…[View]
45155423I work as a lawyer. What are some good ways I can use my /fit/ness to mog opposing counsel in front …[View]
45156499Is Snake Juice and fasting for an entire month legit, or just a stupid /fit/ meme? Because honestly …[View]
45125717greentext stories: green text feel good stories and motivational stories thread > be me > dec…[View]
45157115>tfw my gym has been invaded by groups of 20 year old russian guys[View]
45155776Does anyone eat these oyster shits? Apparently one 3 oz. serving has 400% DV Zinc.[View]
45157513Is intermittent fasting a meme diet?: Pic related, I'm trying to lose fat[View]
45157752Redpill me on peanuts[View]
45154212>Is this just a nice body, or is there also a cute face anon?[View]
45154814Ass: Have been doing squats for about 3 months. Pls rate ass and face. If female, would you fuck me?…[View]
45152247>lol just eat steak everyday ($7) >man just eat a tub of peanutbutter a day ($6) >bro chick…[View]
45157656>>45156963 >have hardcore penetrative sex with another /fit/ man This anon knows the proper…[View]
45155885Been working out 2-3 times a week. Improvement, clothes are tighter. Still don't look like I…[View]
45157583Im tryna loose weight but im getting hungry af. Any ideas on how to prevent gaining weight but still…[View]
45148163THERE MUST ALWAYS BE AN /FPH/: >ctrl+f 'fph' >no fph kfc edition https://www.youtube…[View]
45156306paranormal steal of gains: >go to sleep last night >have a vivid nightmare >im petting a do…[View]
45156206>accidentally heart her post on Twitter >immediately deactivate twitter…[View]
45157248for someone that neglected cardio for years and only does lifting, a 2100 meters cooper test is okay…[View]
45156299Got rejected by a fatty. Don't feel like I'm gonna make it anymore.[View]
45156899What's the best cardio machines/methods for you? I normally play basketball, but unless there…[View]
45157398Dental Gains: Has /fit/ swallowed the veneer pill yet?[View]
45153278Is it true that Asia is easy mode for white guys? If so, I'd like to take a trip to Japan once …[View]
45149809Is it true that there is no point in squatting more than 2 pl8 ? I feel like i wanna stop increasin…[View]
45155177even rick ross got /fit/: aylmao[View]
45156229I walked into my apartment gym and found this. What were they doing /fit/? Post weird gym goings on[View]
45155953Opinions?: Been lifting for about a year, 6’1 190[View]
45155283>Love gf >No longer sexually attracted to her…[View]
45149648Food Thread: Post your food and rate mine. Go![View]
45155655>mom wants to pull my foreskin back to see if the gains are going well this is part of making it …[View]
45157083your home gym? got any crazy shit like a military-grade obstacle course or olympic pool?[View]
45156629What to do when you fail a set?: Say i'm doing 5x3 OHP and I decide I want to increase by 5lbs …[View]
45157087what's the /fit/ discord again ?[View]
45156990how often do pros lift to put on weight? i know what I'm doing. on paper I'm gradual impro…[View]
45156733Can anybody recommend a good book on posture and body language in social situations and talking to w…[View]
45156728Mental health question. I have so much trouble actually doing my school work, but will study the sam…[View]
45153123Does anyone else walk on their toes?: How the fuck do I stop doing this, it makes me look like a fag…[View]
45156776Should I go for a run or do hitt? If I do hiit I would go walk my dog after that. If I go for a run …[View]
45156853Upperbody with Boxers fracture: Hey bros, got a boxers fracture on my 5th metacarpal sparring last t…[View]
45154921fat fucks being fat: > work retail > this fat fuck hamplanet needs a blazer for a party > …[View]
45152291ITT: Post height, weight, estimated bf% and what country you live in. >5'9 >76kg >10-1…[View]
45156203REMINDER: Time is the only currency: Invest wisely.[View]
45156459How important is it to stretch before lifting?[View]
45155445/cripple/: who here /cripple/d? >what is your disability? myathenia gravis here, still lifting an…[View]
45156495>halfway through set >suddenly remember that one time when you did something incredibly cringy…[View]
45154964>be muscular >Be rich >Tall >Go for an ugly bulldyke Why, why would he do that.…[View]
45156569Weird fear of eating healthy?: I don't know how to describe it but I cannot motivate myself to …[View]
45152233How do I get this body type?[View]
45152804>what flavor ice cream do you want anon?[View]
45154971I have some really bad cravings for some sweet soda. how can i make it stop pls help[View]
45154861>you will never smell her sweaty panties as she's done hitting the world record in her weigh…[View]
45156428eat or sleep?: hey guys today is one of my rest days and i'm pretty fuckin tired & I was th…[View]
45153271Why do black people do this all the time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLpJlwhzfsA[View]
45154563What is this meal called[View]
45155746Who was in the wrong here?[View]
45155738so much for taking steroids and getting dumb tattoos. https://youtu.be/i6gE0iMZ1WU[View]
45155828>tfw even autists can get big[View]
45156012How to get big pecs?[View]
45155982Was he fit?[View]
45153231What are some great classical music songs to listen to at the gym? My current go to is dies irae by…[View]
45154970Chad Haircuts: What Haircut goes best with a Chad Physique >Short Buzzcut >Lean Face >Goo…[View]
45155056I let myself get pushed around too much, how do I be alpha chad?[View]
45155107This is hbomber Hbomber eats soy Why wouldnt you guys want to be like hbomber?[View]
45152450thoughts on this? >240 calories >20g protein >tastes better than actual ice cream…[View]
45154673A low 2D:4D ratio has been linked to higher levels of testosterone, while a higher 2D:4D ratio has b…[View]
45153329anons I got these bullshit love handles I cannot fucking get rid of. Its like I have female hips gro…[View]
45149247I hate my workouts with my gf but she always wants to go with me, I like to get angry and in the zon…[View]
45153580What does fit wear outside the gym? Teach me how to dress edition[View]
45156085Hypothesis:: This shit actually *is* better, but only for reasons unrelated to its being organic. So…[View]
45156080does anyone here sprint at all? I'm new at it and want to begin sprinting as way to bring up my…[View]
45155800>that 30 years old guy claiming hes alpha but live at his parent's…[View]
45154201Was Hawking a manlet?[View]
45153565>foot itches bad between toes >start using tinactin >a couple weeks go by >white dried o…[View]
45154822>>45154663 >Don't become an accountant it will turn you in to this no, stopping liftin…[View]
45154699how do i unlock Jim mode /fit?: > alpha male > bangs the office hottie > doesn't give …[View]
45152494How can i look like him?[View]
45155209>you haven't seen her for almost a year >yet you're still thinking about her does th…[View]
45155294How do you feel about fat people, anons? Do you pity them, do they fill you with rage and disgust, o…[View]
45154378I fucked up at work and had a hilarious situation occur Anyway, I'm an autistic engineer and no…[View]
45150672Serious question: Why are 'fancy gyms' so popular? The kinds filled with personal trainers & bri…[View]
45153826Hi /fit/. Is it possible to kill your sex drive while still being high test? I'm so fucking tir…[View]
45146299Are you /proportional/?: Post SD's >-0.25 height, 3.5 muh dick >Disproportionate as fuck…[View]
45151227how many /fit/izens enjoy a good cup of coffee after a workout?: general coffee thread.[View]
45151060Can we get a hairloss thread going? 18 yr old here, starting to feel worried[View]
45154911When you fuckers e stat about your OHP you better not be doing military press[View]
45154380why don't you look like him, /fit/?[View]
45152770How do i become alpha enough to make a girl confess?[View]
45151725ITT: shit normies say >anon, you’re lifting too heavy - it’s not good for you…[View]
45148975>tfw lifted for five years and still can't squat or deadlift correctly I even have my own ho…[View]
45150559I should have listened: I shouldn't have ignored all the people saying I'll ruin my spine …[View]
45152563>that guy who takes a selfie by himself posing with a retarded smirk[View]
45146578Big Lenny: Alright can someone redpill me on Big Lenny? Cause this motherfucker is still a mystery t…[View]
45155034>tfw you'll never die an honorable death in battle[View]
45153671How can I help him?[View]
45149576If a dyel nogains did a Test cycle and recorded it all for a documentary, would you watch it? I…[View]
45155122I work out at night. In my House. Where my family is sleeping. One day I will wake up and they wil…[View]
45152024I’m moving somewhere with limited space, so I’m selling off most of my home gym. How much is this st…[View]
45145043is green tea a meme or is it actually really good?[View]
45155057>be balkan slav bodybuilder in the US >the only women that mire are eastern european women …[View]
45155003Aesthetic Program: NSuns or Jacked and Tan or a random ppl for aesthetics?? Lifts are not too low…[View]
45153069is planking a good base workout for a skinny nigga such as myself? if not, what is?[View]
45154525Are there any detriments to Pea/Pumpkin seed whey protein? The ratio of fats and proteins seems almo…[View]
45147618you didn't forget about me, did you now /fit/?[View]
45132304QTDDTOT: Progressive overload for hanging leg raises. Can someone explain to me? Love this challengi…[View]
45152454Talk to me about bodyweight, /fit/ I keep hearing that even on a bodyweight training program, people…[View]
45148549imagine looking like this when you were 14[View]
45150838/FIT/ BTFO BY REDDIT INTELLECTUALS Maybe now you will stop shaming people[View]
45152747Am i a beginner if i lifted for a year but all of my lifts suck because i had a shitty diet, shitty …[View]
45153759>talking to a girl on facetime >think she actually likes me >suddenly, out of nowhere she j…[View]
45154748Why lift if it's all about the fac--wait, WHAT?[View]
45149733>go to gym after 9pm >all those creeps, neets and weirdos…[View]
45150685Chest building: What are some good routines to build upper and centre pecs? My chest is starting to …[View]
45154712Why aren't you lifting for der fuhrer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVQKeCPLLdA[View]
45148944>bulking >TDEE is 2670 >eating 2920 calories a day sometimes more >lost a pound in the l…[View]
45151301>walk in gym >WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY[View]
45154343are cable workouts a MUST for big delts?: ive only dont barbell and dumbell workouts. the cable mach…[View]
45150512Daily reminder that the squat is a female exercise[View]
45149402how does a skinny fat girl who hates exercise go about getting a fit guy? i like football player bui…[View]
45152517Can anyone do a set of these? Why are they so difficult to do?[View]
45149946Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaah[View]
45153762When is it too late to try get in to boxing competitively?[View]
45146630Sup /fit/bros. You guys tend to know a lot about body related stuff. What is the cause of eye bags/u…[View]
45153599guys i think ive made it >be me >2015 >recently broke up with gf, she was an abusive bitch …[View]
45154292Reminder that if you don’t control your deadlift all the way to the ground with each rep you are a /…[View]
45154324>I've just woken up from a horrible nightmare in which Alan thrall was forcing me to star in…[View]
45154308Rippletits deadlifts like THAT?[View]
45153368>he shitposts in between sets[View]
45153530What is the point of working out if you’re totally fucking ugly ?[View]
45152914Is it safe for me to eat only 1100 calories a day while lifting? Becuase ive been eating 1300 calori…[View]
45153986Please post PR songs, need new material https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdmhyEqCINM[View]
45153931>implying Hercules isn't the GOAT[View]
45152467Hey /fit/, I need some stretches to fix pic related. I don't think it's caused by scoliosi…[View]
45153556Work is over, workout is complete and dinner's in the oven what you unwinding with /fit/[View]
45154021Is it bad to eat carbs before bed if its to hit my macros? I need to hit about 370g only getting aro…[View]
45153727losing my gut: getting back into working out and right now losing my gut is my priority, im pretty s…[View]
45153028>that 30 year old guy who brownses /fit[View]
45148023Was it supposed to be this easy?: >been smoking half a pack/day for 2 years >decide 2 months a…[View]
45152276i am of tired of being depressed today i will stop okay, i am no longer depressed[View]
45153607Do I look too thin?[View]
45153629/fit/ help me. I've raised a soypup on accident. How do I fix his diet to raise his testosteron…[View]
45153673at uni i see 5/10 girls with 8/10 guys or/and 6/10 girls with 9/10 guys how is this ? its the fact i…[View]
45149429FIT, I'm at the end of my fucking rope. I'm considering steroids. I need to gain just 15 f…[View]
45152148I failed nofap for about the hundredth time like an hour ago. When does it get easier?[View]
45153612How buff would you have to be to get lesbian sluts to smash? I sent a shirtless photo to my friend t…[View]
45153379How do I learn to fight? I've done a little bit of boxing training but only very minimally.[View]
45153636Does your gym mirror make it look like you are on steroids?[View]
45141764/nofap/: >tfw finally realized masturbation as the addiction it is Already 5 days strong. Anyone …[View]
45153142Weight plateau: Lost 40 pounds since December. Gained lots of novice muscle gains. I'm 5'1…[View]
45141718Anger in the gym: Anyone else here /alwaysangry/? or /workoutangry/?[View]
45153181>19 >Back hurts >Not by a lot, but enough to be noticeable and uncomfortable >Somedays …[View]
45152636Did I make it yet /fit/?[View]
45151429What's better between smith machine or leg press for training legs? I know that both are shit c…[View]
45153350>>45153201 >>these things are the only gateway from your mind to your body No, that woul…[View]
45148027Butt exercises!: What are some exercises i can do at home to get a bigger butt? Ps: i'm a smol …[View]
45151030Always quit after 3/4 months: Two years ago i first went to the gym, went straight for like 6 months…[View]
45153196My mother still buys my clothes: How the FUCK do I dress well /fit/?[View]
45150853Is 100 crunches, 60 bicep curls, around 15-20km hikes on steep mountain terrain and lowered calorie …[View]
45149314Are you lifting because of her /fit/?[View]
45142952/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: 'made this after doing box squats for volume' edition ITT: b…[View]
45152930Lifting Every Day / Nearly Every Day: I think rest days are a meme, has anyone without gear lifted n…[View]
45153240Does no nut actually help fitness or is it just a meme?[View]
45151427What do your daily meals look like?[View]
45151428>doing 3pl8 bent over row >yo bro can you not drop the weight after your last weights, it’s k…[View]
45152927>eat barely any carbs all day >feel ill as fuck What the fuck…[View]
45151506Are nuts a meme? I know you are suppose to get 'good fats' from them, but can't you get those s…[View]
45152815Am I a lost cause? >be me >weigh 294 lb >go to gym >get on treadmill >been like 5 min…[View]
45152426What are your experiences doing either cardio or lifting on keto?[View]
45152396>Finds out after six months my form is entirely wrong >Has to start from square one so i dont …[View]
45137932are dogs good for fitness?[View]
45151633Can lifting change your face?[View]
45148519Why aren't you in the gym right now?[View]
45152498hey /fit/ two months ago i got into my 20s looking like this the few times i had sex i did it with m…[View]
45151193I'm 24 and fat If i dedicate the rest of my life to bodybuilding can i get to jantee shaaban l…[View]
45147349What's the fastest way to improve cardio for a smoker[View]
45152797I'm doing keto to lose weight (I'm in a state that my fat will kill me if I don't los…[View]
45149820How do I stop staring at fat coworkers with disgust every day as they mow down multiple grilled chee…[View]
45152653>rotate shoulder >crck >rotate shoulder a bit more >crrack Is this when I should take a…[View]
45152084/sugar/: Anyone else addicted to sugar while fit? I'm 168 14% bf. Totally shredded to normies w…[View]
45152034>got fit by doing SS >female friend wants me to take her to the gym >also an autist wat do…[View]
45152618Ok /fit/ help me out here. Recently I started doing a lot more exercise than usual, where as normall…[View]
45151901Why do incels get triggered over the fact women found money, looks or status, atractive? Why do they…[View]
45152043I have regular monster shits that require poking with a stick in order to flush. Is this because of …[View]
45152508>lift for aesthetics >instantly mogged anytime a strongman powerlifter walks into the room How…[View]
45150088Is there a way to measure the weight of your limbs without cutting them off?[View]
45152465Post infographics again please!: post got archived and i forgot to open all the tabs[View]
45150744>that one last rep[View]
45149805Lifting is the biggest fitness meme of all: I was doing just fine with my life until i started lurki…[View]
45149416So what did you put in your coffee this morning /fit/? I'm tried coffee with butter this mornin…[View]
45148908What can I expect from this?[View]
45152395What energy drink is the best to use as a pre workout?[View]
45152028How can I gain willpower?: I'm currently in another stressful exam phase (luckily the last one …[View]
45152223>tfw no muscle powerbottom 6'4 ft 220 lbs husband to use his huge butt as a pillow and teach…[View]
45152238What mode is this?: Is this female possible[View]
45152164>doing pushups in my room for the führer >listening to some hype Nazi motivational music(link…[View]
45150370Mire thread I think its my first time that i got mired (that i noticed at least) >be me >wal…[View]
45151564>ITT: based youtubers you watch[View]
45150149Fried rice; yea or nay? Any difference nutritionally between it and normally prepared rice?[View]
45144755is it time to hand it my natty card? srs: progress is getting slow, people tell ,me i look photoshop…[View]
45150862is it normal to keep pooping your self a little when doing squats? It keeps happening even if fully …[View]
45149824Who do you lift for?: I lift for myself[View]
45146549veganism is good for you they said[View]
45150841Why do men with tiny arms look so funny?[View]
45150331>gym twink squatting without his plug again[View]
45152076What is fit eating on national PI day?[View]
45151430Am I still gunna make it if I have flared ribs? I don't want to get surgery.[View]
45149524Why does he always have excuses?[View]
45149386Post a story about your personal best lifts. Weights doesn't matter since we all are dyels anyw…[View]
45147761How do I help my dad? He is severely depressed. He gained a big gut and does nothing except for watc…[View]
45150925What is this exercise called?[View]
45147004do these do anything? they are pretty fun to do.[View]
45150015Are these even with it? Are forearms REALLY something you should/need to incorporate?[View]
45149194first person to name a metal album that i own chooses what i work out to today i have tons of thrash…[View]
45151326Secret 24kcal Sips Bongland only[View]
451481318 Hour Arm Workout: Anyone successfully completed Richard Piano's arm destroying workout, only …[View]
45150444Just began doing SS: Going to the Gym with my dad from now on. He always knew I stayed relatively fi…[View]
45150770For one arm rows do I switch between arms? Yeah, I'm new as fuck[View]
45148150How much do I have to lift to unlock Ultra Instinct?[View]
45138355/fit/ humor thread[View]
45141338>that 30 years old guy that goes to the gym[View]
45150420Soy Boy Emporium: I can't believe this guy actually did this. Unbelievable... https://youtu.be/…[View]
45148682What are the best shoes for running on a flat surface?[View]
45150187Need more pics like this one[View]
45149411Why are there some days where you just don't perform as well as you usually do?[View]
45139557Can you guys get me hyped to go back to the gym? I've been doing SL 5x5 for the past year and h…[View]
45151035Smoking General: down with the nicotine jew edition: Let this thread be a haven for those of us who …[View]
45149720>eat raw onion >Want to fucking vomit Please tell me onions are a meme I can't do this…[View]
45150297Any anons work night shifts? What do you pack with yourself to eat? I work manual labour job and the…[View]
45150406El goblin de la lumbridge[View]
45151154>the dyel fitness instructor is attempting to pass off the nonsensical excercise he just made up …[View]
45118567Routine rate thread: Rate my routine lads, still a novice. A ------- Back Squat 3x5 Barbell Row 3x5 …[View]
45146633I just tried running, i just died alittle bit inside. All i do is cough nonstop after the run and i …[View]
45151005>start eating an onion a day >have the worst smelling farts possible why didn't you guys …[View]
45148483Have you ever shat yourself while working out?[View]
45150743yo cyclists of /fit/ I need some advice looking to get back into lifting after a few years and gonna…[View]
45150258>tfw boobs are getting firmer[View]
45150993Daily reminder to never fall for the bulk meme[View]
45137688what do you guys wear to the gym?[View]
45147875I'm 5'3' and it's just depressing when every other guy just towers over me. I'm …[View]
45150728Groin pain: So I've been doing SL since like beginning of February, started out with the minima…[View]
45150391Well /fit/?[View]
45150767I need your help /fit/ My shoulders are fucking pitiful. I can barely do 3x10 side lateral raises wi…[View]
451504772chan is talking shit about us http://may.2chan.net/b/res/545940472.htm[View]
45131842>losing weight is eas-: Oh.[View]
45148565asians and rice: so.. does /fit/ know if asians who are used to eating rice absorbs less carb than o…[View]
45149605Any one there used HGH or had friends that used HGH?Is it worth of trying or it is a waste of money …[View]
45150577How the fuck do people eat 300+ grams of carbs?: That's almost half a kg of white rice in a day…[View]
45150464>>45150241 >being this autistic[View]
45148040>Gym? Diet? Oh nah, that's not for me haha >wish I had your dedication ahah >have yo…[View]
45148430Fast for a week: Anyone here has any experience with water fasting for a week? How much muscle loss …[View]
45148595>gf mired guy doing box jump >tfw she doesn´t care for my 1/2/3/4pl8…[View]
45150045Ok bros I made decent gains back around 3 years ago and now I’m a junior in college busy as fuck and…[View]
45150118>not being born with a genetic defect that gives you huge arms is it even worth it to lift when y…[View]
45150148>start lifting late in my 30s >meet a lot of new qt young grills >realize that I still have…[View]
45145195>claims neck training is the best thing ever >big neck makes you look swole (i agree) >say …[View]
45149563do you guys really think that girls dont love roided up tren abusers?: like lol, if youre anything n…[View]
45150078>>45147746 C'MON[View]
45148692>forgot to set timer for rest in between sets >end up shit posting on /fit/ for 3 hours at the…[View]
45147265>a study in 2011 in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed that young men who …[View]
45149870So, I have to ask, what's the name of that one qt guy that's kinda like every closeted /fi…[View]
45149619is it possible to get calves like these or are they just genetics?[View]
45149881how popular are you, /fit/ ?[View]
45149184chad thread: fellow chads, what do i need to pull on molly and not look like a zombie after 12 hours…[View]
45149822>>45146817 >>45146870 +2/+4.5 here, looks normal to me. Maybe you are just used to what …[View]
45142333How does he still look good when he has such a shit body and no muscle?[View]
45143838how do i beat this boss: This nigger right here is stopping me from making it I need help /fit/…[View]
45147221Is this true?[View]
45149744>there are peple who literally get paid for being good looking will lifting make my face handsome…[View]
45148220what are some good core exercises. last two weeks I've been doing planks, side planks and super…[View]
45149653Stupid question but how many calories are in the fat on meat? Like pork chops, steak, bacon etc. I…[View]
45148020>Brain over bra-[View]
45148506Carbs/insulin/blood sugar: What exactly does it mean if all carbohydrates make me extremely tired? I…[View]
45148542Night shift: NIGHT SHIFT = NO GAINS? really couple of years on night shift and still 0 progress. Ti…[View]
45148292How to achieve this body?[View]

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