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74069472Hi again, just wondering if this is good progress? I have ben working out for a year now.[View]
74067801Exercise does not increase lifespan. Genes do. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep18259 'Previous …[View]
74070300Tren turns you gay: You heard that frauders? Tren turns you into a raging homosexual who wants to ge…[View]
74070292LMAO Imagine roiding to still look like shit, these guys are a fucking joke, especially Mike and his…[View]
74068101>been daydreaming again about rescuing a drowning girl or doing a citizen arrest on terrorists…[View]
74070173>and then, when the gym was finally re-opened, they had to wear cotton masks to not catch the flu…[View]
74070143Does creatine break fast ?[View]
74070194Tennis elbow/tendon repair thread: Hi Fit, I am struggling with tennis elbow due to bodybuilding + …[View]
74069947how do I improve my legs? I've been training for 5 months, I can squat 150kg, should I add volu…[View]
74068236If the routine you followed brought you to this, of what use was the routine?[View]
74068239Nandralone Year Round: Hi /fit/. Using 125mg of Testosterone Enanthate IM every 4 days and it's…[View]
74069422>finally get a hint of abs >because of my bad scoliosis they are extremely off-set and crooked…[View]
74060326How do I convince my lazy 32 year old skinnyfat wife to start lifting? Or at least doing SOME kind o…[View]
74069732i am addicted to eating cake: but i add protein powder so its ok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYI…[View]
74069652How the fuck do I go heavier on this shit. All my other lifts go up but I seriously feel like my sho…[View]
74070025what is the most /fa/ running shoe and why is it the salomon drx bliss?[View]
74068371Is he based or cringe? >inb4 >berg[View]
74069908Redpill me on Ozempic. What are the side effects? Is it safe for weight cutting? I have a fight in 2…[View]
74068368Someone explain this[View]
74051309/fast/ - Fasting general: Welcome fatties, those on a cut, and schizos to the fasting general. >H…[View]
74068330Just a few more reps then i can fight goku[View]
74069843Cialis: I've seen it shilled a ton here and looked at the studies. Lowering estradiol and incre…[View]
74069533Do I need to roid for this? Be brutally honest[View]
74069486Routine checkup: >Mon bench 6x6 rows 6x6 incline curls 4x8 >Tues Squat 6x6 woodchops 4x12 calf…[View]
74069765How do I not get fucking stretch marks? t. former anorexic[View]
74069804What cycle for this mode?[View]
74069800Gym staff called me a 'customer' instead of a member. Lifts for this feel?[View]
74069114I look in the mirror to see that I'm still the same 5 years ago: What do?[View]
74069728Calisthenics near failure Could I do full body everyday?[View]
74069784How does your chest day look like?: >bench press (4 sets) (takes about 20 minutes) >skull crus…[View]
74067242>See a guy I know has terminal cancer and will die soon >All I can think is ‘why couldn’t that…[View]
74069754American snacks: I live in southern Europe and a coworker of mine came back from Miami and brought s…[View]
74069312B6: Rebull makes me fell more 'full' compared to other energy drinks, and it gives me actual energy …[View]
74068317Which is worse, being morbidly obese or being a smoker?[View]
74068931>people you thought were fuking jacked[View]
74069180>that first cup of the day[View]
74065414What do the intellectual giants of /fit/ think of appetite suppressors?[View]
74068411Greasing the Grove: Every time I walk past my doorway I do 10 second planche holds and every time I…[View]
74066308When a vitamin says to take it with food am I good with a single potato chip or do i need to eat a m…[View]
74068555174cm 80kg: Bros did I make gains or did I just get fat, I can't tell. First pic was 8 months a…[View]
74069429Well, well ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5ECkNZYZ58[View]
74068758Fitness: Life becomes so simple when you realize there's literally no competition >just do t…[View]
74068191Post Workout/Recovery Food: 2x Big Macs 3x Large French Fries 2x Large Coke[View]
74069413Is this natty possible?[View]
74068311excessive sweating: How do you deal with excessive sweating? I am soaked even during semi-light trai…[View]
74069409How the Digestive System Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og5xAdC8EUI[View]
74067019>bro if you dont lift for women why do you lift? I lift for the purpose of being strongest,no ot…[View]
74069026Is cocido madrileño good for you?[View]
74068409Is it healthy?[View]
74066440>always cold >always tired >yellowish pale skin >bluish lips and nails bros am i dying…[View]
74068907Boxing: i want to learn boxing do i need a certain type of build to learn can i start without necces…[View]
74064139A dyel white belt can dismantle you[View]
74067060Does anyone else almost cum their pants when doing pull ups?[View]
74067058My supplement stack will arrive today. If this does not improve my dick hardness and cum distance I …[View]
74067748How to convince the sons to work out?[View]
74067965are u seriously gonna hate on fat people and completely ignore all those skinny cunts and mukbang pp…[View]
74069020I want to skip the gym today.[View]
74067876If your feet don’t got callouses like this, then you’re not /fit/[View]
74068556olympic lift: Is it smart to go on an olympic lift training regimen? I have always admired the physi…[View]
74066952Super Squats: Have you done this program? Did you get good results?[View]
74068770Ahhh fuck i can't stop pooping i'm pooping so much my asshole is hurting from pooping all …[View]
74062908If all elite Athletes are on PEDs then why aren't they caught? Don't they stay in your hai…[View]
74068471Just lift[View]
74048468>that 30 year old white dude in the gym[View]
74066986PROTEIN QUESTION: So I'm just getting into lifting and I'm trying to nail down my macros, …[View]
74068583I’m 5’11 Can I lose 40lbs by September if I workout daily?[View]
74065488Started a cooking job how to maximize: I got hired a week ago as a cook in a busy restaurant. I have…[View]
74067694Testosterone: OK now what? t.32[View]
74068258Is there an updated version?[View]
74056802Which one of you was this?[View]
74064890pills.gg — Trustworthy?: A few months ago, I found a website called pills.gg that goes over 11 suppl…[View]
74068271are there more websites like labdoor.com? i want to buy niacin and lion's mane and other supps …[View]
74059979Before I hear your opinion, tell me how many substances you need every day to feel normal.[View]
74062957How do I get a lvl 5 gyatt?[View]
74065426>beginner who wants to grow muscle asks for advice >gets told to squat and deadlift by powersh…[View]
74067985Should your knees sound like this? 5:32 https://youtu.be/fd-Ndvqr3zY?si=p43AMTzMJtz8q01u[View]
74068299Injuries: Just got my first injury (shoulder, sprained it I believe) yesterday. Waiting to see a phy…[View]
74063410'Women's clothing at the gym has become softcore porn': Excuse the Reddit screenshot but I thin…[View]
74064601Are you left-hand side or right-hand side?: Which side is the best?[View]
74067978Would this be a good gym schedule for a beginner to go to the gym every 3 days? For example: Week 1…[View]
74066989Ball icing: The secret to max testosterone[View]
74066397Is the shape of the traps genetic or are there exercises one can do to make them look worse?: If so …[View]
74066119This is me, what lifts should i focus on?[View]
74067926Fitness suffers from the same problem of over-specialization as everything else in modern society. Y…[View]
74068090I hate cutting bros, it makes me weak and feel old. I can blast 15+ dips and pull ups no problem whe…[View]
74065681My inner middle trapezius area is sore after press and curl day. What gives?[View]
74065997>This slop has less protein than normal milk How? Isn't it supposed to be liquid yogurt?…[View]
74060624What does this thing really do? I've seen a lot of zoomers shill this shit[View]
74066177Sexual /fit/ness: I just turned 30 and I can't fuck my gf good anymore unless I'm drunk. I…[View]
74066638Hey /fit/: What's in your gym bag?[View]
74067160Achievable natty?[View]
74063454Is they right?[View]
74067829Training your traps, neck and jaw muscles to become better at absorbing punches or blows to the head…[View]
74065146What type of lifting / cardio routine would give me the most energy daily? I tried lifting just 2x a…[View]
74067452What happens if I inject more steroids than any man ever has? Sure I'll die after 2 years but w…[View]
74067936How do you rate top 100 south korean chin-ups? https://youtu.be/nC22Nd8JShI?si=B19szszjjvS0Dt23[View]
74067527ive been awake for nearly 40 hours and it is currently 1:30 am for me in the past 18 or so hours i d…[View]
74065198Why are you against health at every size?[View]
74066304BPC157: Is it worth it to keep taking BPC157 even if I don’t have anymore joint pain? Had some shoul…[View]
74067518the absolute state of /fit/cel fashion advice lmao[View]
74065098Holy fuck...[View]
74066377I'm back anons. So far 2 weeks at the gym, everything going great. I am still weak but meh.[View]
74065692How to stop getting wornout in my workout I want to hold out longer[View]
74062577we thought Zoomers were going to be tall but in reality they they just hit puberty easier because of…[View]
74065564>be me around 18-21 >could do almost anything >can walk my dogs for a good two hours and ru…[View]
74066038>22 >starting to see faint lines on my forehead How do I stop this immediately…[View]
74067543Cook or eat out?: Which is the fittest way?[View]
74065134Guys, do I have a good body type? I eat nothing but raw chicken and lift weights and throw people. N…[View]
74054628Monday’s Indomitable Spirit: It's the start of the week again, take a deep breath in, hold it a…[View]
74063303Why do people treat you better when you’re fit? Not like ”tehee girls check me out”, but everything …[View]
74067239>solves natty fitness[View]
74064973Testosterone boosting safely to treat erectile dysfunction?: I can’t stay hard while she rides me on…[View]
74065835can i replace bench with cable flies?: i have a history of shoulder injury and bench hurts my left s…[View]
74066247>Romanian shoplift[View]
74066599'ello guys sam seulék here[View]
74067418>upper back DOMS[View]
74065610Should a foid be allowed to work out? I say no A foid should not be allowed to work out or even ente…[View]
74067175This is likely the worst place to post this, but fuck it. I'll ask other places too. So, two we…[View]
74066874Is there anything inherently wrong with letting yourself go? Or can life get better once you quit th…[View]
74061986Times you unleashed strength you didnt know you have: >be me >college sports day >they have…[View]
74065156Do you mog him?[View]
74066944The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night[View]
74066932So, I can bench one plate for seven reps. What should my workout look like if I want to improve on i…[View]
74066747Is calories in calories out (CICO) real? As in, is it mathematically possible to burn more calories …[View]
74065952you cant cheat your way out of hard work anon[View]
74065813What are some fit approved desserts?: I have a killer sweet tooth, but I don’t want to fuck up my cu…[View]
74067082Do kettlebell genies exist[View]
74066281Knee feels like it needs to pop when i walk: i bet this is from lunges or split squats, im fucking s…[View]
74060939WAAGMI bros[View]
74064708Dill pork rinds: >80 calories with 7g protein >'Not a significant source of protein' what the …[View]
74067109Rate these lifts, assume that I already do a hinge and squat Step-up Forward lunge Reverse lunge Bul…[View]
74063911How often is it ok to skip leg day?[View]
74065631I go to the gym with cum stains on my pants[View]
74065009/fit/'s diet: Post everything you have eaten today. I'm doing a meat + fruit diet to cut f…[View]
74065860I've been on TRT (test-eth 150mg biweekly) for only 1 week and I already feel like I'm unl…[View]
74066104What pre workout is fit approved? Just ran out of pic rel[View]
74065506Thoughts on the Starting Strength app? I think the text is too long. Should have been more concise.[View]
74065911>ignore bitches >train, eat clen, & von mises simple as.…[View]
74065528how long to get this fizik?[View]
74065064Slow and Steady wins the race[View]
74066560i can't tell if gaining weight takes a long time or if i'm fucking retarded and still not …[View]
74065621>tfw when ass cellulite >AS A MAN I have completely lost the genetic lottery…[View]
74064268What's wrong with this body?: Something looks off but I can't figure out what it is[View]
74065600>A well built physique is a status symbol. It reflects you worked hard for it, no money can bu- z…[View]
74063256I wish I was big. I hate being small.[View]
74064867Calisthenics + Squats: I'm starting a new program of calisthenics + squats. Haven't worked…[View]
74063715>builds society >/fit/ hates it What gives?…[View]
74066102>ez curl bar >feels worse than straight bar Wtf bros, what do I do…[View]
74064427Can cheerleading be a decent workout?[View]
74066116How many of these should I drink for my daily protein intake?[View]
74065797I thought yogurt was good for you: What's up with all the sugar?[View]
74065661What's the reason to not be on TRT?: Maybe this is retarded but I need to get an answer to my d…[View]
74065644How the fuck do I compete with 6ft5 guys like this?[View]
74058030>Who is /fat/ for? For Fupa Fighters who are working towards a longer life and a better physique …[View]
74065945Had diarrhea a few weeks ago and the inside of my butthole hurt for a few days. Now I think I have a…[View]
74065847>fatass >calorie goal of 2500 a day currently >'fuck it' and binge on food while going out …[View]
74065641I'm interviewing for a construction work position and hopefully get hired. How hard is that shi…[View]
74065045After two weeks of doing Starting Strength seriously (plus some time nonseriously before that) the s…[View]
74066163How long to get this Fizeek[View]
74064877>drink a few beers >start working out >start breaking PRs left and right huh... how come?…[View]
74051393Why is there a duck in my gym?[View]
74066036Don't forget your evening coffee[View]
74065400Hater in the gym: How do you deal with a guy in a group who's always making back hand remarks y…[View]
74065861Somewhat new to fasting I’m 5’11 210lbs mostly lard.. I’m doing rolling 42s Will I possibly notice c…[View]
74064905Bulking keeps blowing out my asshole: Im a 6,5 foot lad and when i bulk i need about 3,500-3,700 cal…[View]
74064270hyperhydration with glycerin: anyone have any experience doing this preworkout? >1/4 cup glycerin…[View]
740633146’2”, 247lbs: >severely overweight What if I just don’t eat for a week?…[View]
74065640getting better: Guys i have a cold right now and i fucking hate being sick. what are your hacks for …[View]
74064397Hello friends, I've recently quit smoking so this is the most on topic board to post this on. B…[View]
74065557>there is no good or evil, there's only weight,and those too weak to lift it.…[View]
74065141>be me >fatass all my life >start to work out due to muffin top ruining my confidence >g…[View]
74064248If you had to eat out where would you go? I understand that cooking your own meals is the best optio…[View]
74056878Wergovy: I'm considering getting Wergovy. However I'm not sure if it's safe, I'v…[View]
74062027>raises T by 10-20% >stops male pattern balding dead in its tracks >stops prostate enlargem…[View]
74052959Is NoFap/Semen Retention a meme? Will it help my gains?[View]
74064396I've read the guides and everything, but I'm actually just straight up too autistic to fig…[View]
74065192>exhausted and tired in the morning >overly energetic and don't want to go to bed in the …[View]
74064382I'm taking them trannie pills for hair, fuck outta crab bucket fags Looking good = feeling good…[View]
74061660How do I avoid farts when eating ꜱoy[View]
74060365Gooooood moooorning Eggsnam! 10 eggs, about 600 calories and 45g of protein. On photo more like 7-8 …[View]
74063898How do you get your protein in during work lunches?[View]
74059216Is sunbathing aging you or the opposite?: There's so much contradicting information about it th…[View]
74065065What is one supposed to do, when getting older (36 years old) and joints/tendons don't feel too…[View]
74063207>fell for the bulking meme[View]
74064594Post lifting albums[View]
74063982How low can you go with carbs before you start to feel like shit? Also, today is my 30th day of NoFa…[View]
74061338Explaining Bulking / cutting to women: Anyone managed to make women understand how the goddamn human…[View]
74065266Anybody try Factor meals? I heard its a good alt for lazy people that cant cook and dont want Goyslo…[View]
74063390>pull ups >you are actually pulling the earth down…[View]
74064944>be me >start off day good, eat banana (140 calories) >get off track, eat a box of skittles…[View]
74065163apartment gym: new apartment has bad gym but i want to keep running 531. whats the minimal equipment…[View]
74057684FPH: FUPA EDITION Post your fupas![View]
74061310Daily reminder that natty lifting is a joke and the entire fitness industry is a giant scam: Remembe…[View]
74064128I'm thinking about getting into fencing, any tips /fit/? Are there any specific introductory re…[View]
74065033There's something very crucial missing when people talk about the benefits of being physically …[View]
74063716Will Power: How do you find the strength to do what you do? I've been constantly tired, low ene…[View]
74064003Sick of being a weakling natty: Im ready to roid. Beeing workimg out for 9 years. Sick of the strugg…[View]
74061486Walking: >Burns calories >Relaxes your mind >Doesn't damage your legs like jogging …[View]
74064743How do I progress on biceps? I've been lifting the same weight 6 months[View]
74063059Let’s settle this: Is coffee good for you or not? Discuss[View]
74062585Why train legs when it's an upper-body business?[View]
74064920I mog you: Juicy cheese cheese juices salty cheese juice hot steamy cheese break cheese pizza chess.…[View]
74064901Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
74062525When did you realize that lifting alone doesn't make you attractive?[View]
74061394>having big legs is feminine bro[View]
74064447Realizó ejercicio no tan constante alguien podría ayudarme a desarrollar musculatura en el cuerpo[View]
74063583No I don't need your help: I don't care if I'm doing it wrong. Leave me alone.…[View]
74063460Anybody still playing? I still clock up a lot of miles playing this game, running or walking. Occasi…[View]
74064705Restore springiness to achilles?: Ive been dealing with midpoint achilles pain for 8 years now. Movi…[View]
74064635What’s your guilty pleasure, /fit/?[View]
74062550How much do you have to weigh to look big at 6ft2? This is 205lbs and looks DYEL[View]
74064251if you actually focused on getting your testosterone levels up by hitting the gym, sun bathing, slee…[View]
74062631I don't understand the 'I don't want to get too big' sentiment: I've been working as …[View]
74062703Bryan Johnson: Let's be honest, nearly all of his youthmaxing is the result of: >Consistentl…[View]
74063916How many reps of 60kg (132lb) do you reckon you need for a 100kg (220lb) bench press?[View]
74064497Is it really that simple? Just eat less and move more?[View]
74041191Natty lifting is an absolute joke[View]
74064482Lanklet workout routines?: Howdy /fit/, I'm a lanklet NEET looking to get fit enough to get a j…[View]
74064362Ramping vs straight sets, what are the benefits of either and which do you prefer[View]
74011832Esoteric Health Thread: ITT: We discuss esoteric health advice that you believe, don't believe,…[View]
74055839Is it normal to lose weight after starting lifting? I was a 55 kilo stick, now down to 54 after two …[View]
74056368Has /fit/ ruined your body image? >norwooding >dyel >manlet >dicklet >chinlet >wea…[View]
74062264can this be fixed in 4 months 5'9 180lbs 22[View]
74060007>on a cut >googling pictures of food at 11 pm again…[View]
74064283I was supposed to go the gym early this morning, but I got lazy. Now I'm feeling going to the g…[View]
74063962Is starting strength a good program?: https://strawpoll.com/B2ZBELxGBgJ[View]
74061541Never sleep more than 5 hours[View]
74064008Calisthenics for high reps without going to failure Is doing 500+ reps of push ups and pull ups, do…[View]
74062732Which way /fit/ man??[View]
74063864Now that the dust has settled...: Can we finally admit 'leg day' is gay af? most guys don't nee…[View]
740619111/2 I worked out several times over the years. Starting Strength was the first program I got good re…[View]
74048796Do you 'live to eat' or 'eat to live'?[View]
74055638>zercher curls[View]
74062826>Yo, white nigga. Tell your cracker-ass girlfriend to keep her hands to herself. My spicy kimchi …[View]
74063996>be lanklet >start training >it goes well >have to eat more >take massive shits wtf…[View]
74063254question: a friend sent me this when I told him I wanted to start exercising, said its what his olde…[View]
74063121Legs once a week?: Can I hit legs (squads/deads, too) once a week if I’m trying to specialize upper …[View]
74063338>Tongkat to increase T >Butea Superba for DHT >DIM to lower estrogen >10mg Tadalafil to …[View]
74063891/fit/ness conventions: Does /fit/ attend fitness-related conventions? I went to one last weekend and…[View]
74062517Is caffeine bad for you[View]
74063740True: I mog you[View]
74063799>181cm >145 Is this victim weight or am I ok?…[View]
74062741Smoking: Is it really as bad as 'they' say it is?[View]
74063608I saw one picture from an American supermarket with a sign next to the KitKats saying that according…[View]
74063667shitpost: >at work listening to Pandora >Armor for Sleep comes on >playing A Teardrop (on t…[View]
74060844Have you received more male attention since you've gotten fit?[View]
74063317>body won't be ready for summer[View]
74061504/wtp/ weight tracking progress: For all of us tracking our daily/weekly/monthly weight change in 202…[View]
74063128Will I get gains if I only go really hard on my last set ?[View]
74063213have any anons here taken up a sport as an adult? what is it and are you glad you got into it?[View]
74054449Is your summer body ready /fit/?[View]
74061798How to prevent this?[View]
74062593Literally All you need. Quit wasting time!: Upper: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, Row, C…[View]
74062876Anyone can improve[View]
74062725I wish one of you faggots would try me irl I'd put you in the fucking ground[View]
74062995Routine to achieve this physique?[View]
74059862Is a bacon cheeseburger a good source of protein[View]
74063053Thinking about stopping going to the gym: I've been going for years now but I think it might be…[View]
74046767>bulking is... le bad! >women shouldn't lift! Take your words back.…[View]
74062844Why won’t my fucking muscles grow anymore? I’m trying to maingain @ 6’3”/180 but nothing has happene…[View]
74059348After 5 years of lifting I see no results[View]
74060409HONEST ANSWERS PLZ: To all the sub 6ft lads living in countries with european stock, did getting fit…[View]
74061606>walk into gym >headphones in >SOLE SURVIVOR >CURSED WITH SECOND SIGHT >HAUNTED SAVIO…[View]
74062209>can't ever tell if people are looking at me in the gym or any other place >don't li…[View]
74062004so how does pw feel about the perc angle angle? hope lil nigga gets the ic[View]
74060481Any swole guys here troll people in public?[View]
74061071I think big legs are for woman and men should have toned but small legs, leaving big legs for woman.[View]
74056172I have an amateur boxing match in 13 days. I have little to no boxing experience, I'm 5'8'…[View]
74051469How does it feel to live in a Country in which Fat People, and specially Fat bitches, don't exi…[View]
74056935What mode is this?[View]
74057752I think I understand now, /fit/. It's true, you don't have to lift to have a gf. But you h…[View]
74062301Post brutal moggings[View]
74053756Is he legit?[View]
74062782>builds stability >improves your OHP >builds your delts >can load it up without any risk…[View]
74061818>mogs you only using push ups and pull ups[View]
74061794Is this achievable without roids?[View]
74062437how do I grow my lats?[View]
74060863Are kefir, ryazhenka, qatiq, ayran /fit/ approved foods?[View]
74061336I don’t care if this is some government psyop to prepare the populace for war, but I have enjoyed ru…[View]
74062561I'm about to start lifting and I was told it's good to get your flexed measurements each m…[View]
74061674Cardio: Alright I'm starting cardio to improve my endurance and cardiac health I have shitty sh…[View]
74060095Tell me about Dustin Poirier, why does he wear the mask?[View]
74062368I’m very tired every day except when I work out. What foods/vitamins give an energy boost when eaten…[View]
74060735I am 5'5 and weigh 98kg. Please bully me to an inch of my life. I know how to lose weight I am …[View]
74060390Single Arm Rows Hurt!! What Do?: I'm just recently rehabilitated from a shoulder impingement an…[View]
74061732Taurine itch?: >Be me >Order taurine for the first time >Taking 3 grams every day in 1 go l…[View]
74059874>solves natty fitness once and for all >makes DYELs and fatsos seethemaxx…[View]
74061773natty limit: you dont need more than this.[View]
74062153I want to build muscle with calisthenics but I want to train everyday Can I gain muscle without pus…[View]
74060305guys im so tired. im so tired of making plans but having no follow through because im an incompetent…[View]
74061408I'm temporarily bedbound and want to work out my legs, hamstrings. Are there any workouts that …[View]
74061312if i've been training for two years, and do only ONE cycle of steroids so i can get to my natty…[View]
74061992>have scoliosis >start working out again 3 months ago >debilitating lower back/hip pain af…[View]
74060845I ordered estrogen menopause pills[View]
74060930Why do zoomers do so many drugs?: No wonder you guys are dyel and depressed[View]
74058644Do you recommend this?: Max out at 300lbs bench with strength reps then rep all the way until I can …[View]
74060071>day 6 no caffeine when will it get better? I have had a headache my entire waking hours for the …[View]
74057850>3 years of lifting for this It's over, right?[View]
74062102Anyone bigger than me is on gear. Anyone smaller than me needs to start lifting.[View]
74060147>be me 10 years into lifting gymcel >go on holiday with family, mom organised it >the bitch…[View]
74061636>take an extra day off in the gym half because of laziness and half because of small shoulder imp…[View]
74053957>walk into gym >see picrel what do?[View]
74060342Controlled slower eccentric 6-12 rep style lifting with less weight vs 1-5 rep explosive powerliftin…[View]
74058323what the fuck is this bar?[View]
74061676>6 hours of sleep again >week straight now Yep, there go for my gains. Thank you based commi…[View]
74061258This is the goal.[View]
74061669>that first cup of the day[View]
74061586How do I get the royal guard at the entrance of the gym? He keeps saying access denied, not sure wtf…[View]
74060334when do you usually wake up? whats the best time to wake up for health and productivity? when i want…[View]
74054470>Instructor at the Muay Thai gym took me aside after class and suggested it might be a good idea …[View]
74061554I want to buy and start regularly consuming a greens power product to support my overall health as a…[View]
74061012Today was my first day at the gym[View]
74061116What's the most retarded reason youve heard carnitards say they do the diet? For me its >if …[View]
74059883Mire Thread: You know the drill, boys. >Post mires >Live vicariously >Congratulating others…[View]
74061003Australia fitness general: Cory edition: How are we lads?[View]
74058330have you taken the chest expander pill yet?[View]
74061459>Can't find my 30 dollar watch I use as a timer >Don't want to go gym anymore…[View]
74060186>Dieting >Try to cut carbs >Really fucking hard >Almost everything has tons of carbs …[View]
74060309>be twink >have bigly twink energy >even guys shorter than me want to top me >my fem co-…[View]
74057604Anti-ageing activist Bryan Johnson sparks controversy with picture of his face: >‘I’m transitioni…[View]
74061137>powersharters think they mog pic related and call him victim weight because he weighs less than …[View]
74057701How do black women stay so fit even in their 40s?[View]
74060240rate my pull day[View]
74060301Awake Pills to Counter Xanax and Ambient: I self medicate with xanax and pharma-grade ambien. The th…[View]
74049920Is getting a massage worth it, if I've never gotten it in my life and I'm 33?[View]
74060943Gyms = Goyim Slave Centers: Lifting is for slaves, if you go to a gym you are a brain damaged cuck t…[View]
74060428Am I dying, bros?: I woke up with this on my legs. Is it cancer?[View]
74060343What are the best drills or stretches to increase hip flexor and ankle mobility? I want to be able t…[View]
74060780it’s all just coombait[View]
74060453Let me ask you a couple of two things: 1-i currently don't have time to masturbate, but wet dre…[View]
74060793Power of Adderall: What does this shit do to you? Can you use as a pre workout and when cutting?…[View]
74060769Extreme Gyno: I have severe man boobs. I feel like I have bigger tits than most women out there. An…[View]
74059751Kefir: Burgerbro here. Can someone redpill me on kefir? I just got pick related and mixed with some …[View]
74060859Today I will go to the gym[View]
74060818>Why, yes! I do hate my shoulder joints. How could you tell?[View]
74060814Gay machine: I tried this Hip Adductor machine for the first time, out of curiosity. 1 day after not…[View]
74056743Finasteride has fucked my liver. I now have to choose whether I want to have hair or die from NAFLD.…[View]
74060731Is it?: Is coffee good for you?[View]
74060766So I have two obese coworkers, male and female. Both of them seem to have this retarded slow manner…[View]
74022837Cbt /current body thread/: Get thicc or die trying edition[View]
74047717How can I be more mysterious in the gym?[View]
740606555x5 vs 3-4x8: so um /fit/ what rep scheme should i use for my S/B/0 deadlift is obviously 2-3x5…[View]
74059437>you're supposed to be able to increase the weights every workout for months >I go to fai…[View]
74055579There's a connection between sunlight and how much sleep you feel you need. I've been avoi…[View]
74051560She mogs you: This is the equivalent of a 6 plates deadlift if you are a 80kg+ man[View]
74060396Is it based?[View]
74060258thou. shalt. not. skip. LEGDAY[View]
74058462Why does it taste like ass?[View]
74060672Gholamreza Takhti, Iranian wrestler and folk hero who was assassinated in his hotel room in 1968.[View]
74060668/r Can somebody post the famous calisthenics beginner to advanced exercise chart? Can't seem to…[View]
74060589how much is too much: When executing a movement that is strenuous on areas such as lower back, when …[View]
74059095Is there any benefit in doing isometrics ever?[View]
74060599What percentage of people actually go to the gym? Online, it feels everybody and their mom goes.[View]
74060603How do I safely induce gigantism using HGH: Only plan on blasting for a few years in order to boost …[View]
74059987The muscles you got from the gym aren't real. Real muscles are built on the worksite from hard …[View]
74057472How am I doing bros?: 33, M, Obese alcoholic for whom the switch has flipped recently and am ready t…[View]
74059199When I go to the gym and start lifting, on one hand I feel good that I'm exercising and improvi…[View]
74059072dip form: I do my heavy ring dips like Alec. I start horizontal and then swoop to straight position.…[View]
74060431Thoughts on this?[View]
74058145>'Just open a can of deens' These cost like $4 a piece where I live, do ya'll just buy 5 of …[View]
74060270Will is based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7Iy_XCQ6wQ One of the only people on youtube worth w…[View]
74060248Just eat the fucking carrot salad already and unlock infinite anabolism[View]
74052467manlet thread (5'9 and under): how are we holding up lads? remember, we're all going to ma…[View]
74059510>'be water, my friend' >dies at 32[View]
74058577I'm only gonna do arms and abs for the next few months[View]
74059188Lifts to cope with this feel? Is it possible to come back from this one?[View]
74055049Being 'skinnyfat' is just bad posture. Stand up straight and engage your core, back, and glutes more…[View]
74047889neck training: i recently bought one of these to train my neck properly >do you train your neck? …[View]
74058422Any MTB on /fit/?[View]
74059708Visible abs at 5'11 160 pounds Is if possible t. 140 pounds[View]
74060033Oh, so you think you're strong?[View]
74059914Gym Bag: I want to shower at the gym it self after a workout. But I do not want the towel I use to d…[View]
74058820Starbucks actually has really healthy food, great for dieting as long as you stay away from the more…[View]
74057899/fitbros/ help a brotha out: /tv/chad here, give me ideal workout plan based on my physique. I…[View]
74059006I’ve lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks![View]
74059655Is going to sleep at 4am impacting my recovery und test levels even if I do sleep 8 hours?[View]
74056956thoughts on fortified cereal: just saw the back of a couple of cereal brands and have pretty good nu…[View]
74057987How do I get a ripped lean body like this?[View]
74058753Redpill me on ionized water[View]
74057901Reddit Randy looking big[View]
74056714Stronk lad[View]
74059119Your holy grail food: What food can be considered super ultra good? I need you to recommend me fruit…[View]
74057584Why did I have such a negative reaction to weed? I rarely smoke weed but a few weeks ago I did and …[View]
74059365driving home from the gym at 11 pm on a monday night how are u feeling?[View]
74059410Is keeping a training log good for gains?[View]
74059191Achievable natty?[View]
74058702Recovering from surgery: >best shape of my life just in time for Summer >need go get surgery …[View]
7404287330+ year old bloomer thread: It's never too late to get in the best shape of your life. Life is…[View]
74059182I can bench 225 for 5 reps and i've only been lifting for month. Natty btw[View]
74051506will bjj build an aesthetic physique as the sole source of training in your life? im a short, small,…[View]
74058797Walk into the gym: >This is the point of no return I could never go back Life without parol up st…[View]
74058229Is 59kg too thin for 5’11? Do I bulk up[View]
74059042Cholesterol: What's /fit/'s take on cholesterol? What are your numbers? Am I fucked with L…[View]
74058187i hate roidmonkeys all they do is inject their ass once a week and eat like pigs, it doesnt matter w…[View]
74048154Strength required for fighting: How much leg strength would I need to be able to do a spinning leg s…[View]
74058473How do frat bros stay so fit despite their lifestyles? They always seem to be able to avoid the fres…[View]
74058133Which way fit man?[View]
74057162Minimal gains for past 3 years. Time to use roids?: I'm 5'11' and 180lbs. I've been l…[View]
74059355>chest getting bigger, building muscle >nipples constantly getting chafed are these related…[View]
74058520Most fit podcast?[View]
74055210Normie standards are a joke: >Be me, 6ft1 190lbs, visible abs but not shredded >Legit think I …[View]
74059101>eating whole grains for weight loss Is this a meme?[View]
74057605I am going to drop a little nugget on you guys today that will vastly improve your health and fitnes…[View]
74056944no more being fat: like title says i hate being chubby, decided im gonna starve myself in 3 day inte…[View]
74050973How do I avoid this fate?: Is diet and fitness enough?[View]
74058761Is this the power of steroids? Sign me up[View]
74057845Why do you lift?: I want guys to fear me, and I want girls to look at me and say, “wow, he’s hot; I …[View]
74054723When did you start to notice your body changing?[View]
74057924bloody basterd sirs why don't all women look like this? the world would literally have no probl…[View]
74058501What muscles are used at different stages of chinups/pullups?: I'm trying to work up to full RO…[View]
74055141'CARDIO' IS A MEME: Cardiovascular conditioning is how efficiently your circulatory system delivers …[View]
74054287Fit Ideals: Shall we boys?[View]
74058837Mire Thread: >/b/ me 80kg (175 lb) 1.8m (5’10”) ~9% bf >Been lean bulking for my whole life. …[View]
74058697Deadlift 5 plates then go to the bar and throw some of this shit in. Bitches will LITERALLY throw th…[View]
74054947Are planks good or should I do 30 million types of ab exercises like all people who look good?[View]
74058631How do I stop constantly thinking about food?: Its all I spend my free time thinking about. Cooking …[View]
74048624Is longevitymaxxing a good strategy to get youthful pussy?[View]
74058750Best amount of sets and reps to gain overall body weight faat?[View]
74057532vitamin D: Do I have to take a supplement?[View]
74058545>enter gym >Take me out tonight >Where there's music and there's people and they…[View]
74057781Disconforts of getting fit: Bros, is it normal to have your body temperature rise during the day out…[View]
74058488>zoomers keep trying to tickle my feet when im bench pressing why are they like this?…[View]
74058469Have you ever gotten mogged by a woman/girl at the gym, /fit/? Pic maybe related. You can Dumbel sho…[View]
74058227alright exercise hogayi khatam[View]
74058363>hitting squats, guys next to me is doing 135 front squats, I'm doing back squats >I load…[View]
74057260Would you pay $50 to meet Sam Sulek[View]
74058019Redpill me on cardio, how much should I do it if my objective is to gain weight but also to get lean…[View]
74056979Why did the average boomer in the 60s mog the fuck out of everyone today?[View]
74058090>I can't smell my piss having a different odor once I eat asparagus >friend does easily, …[View]
74056262protein shake thread i guess: NO ONE TOLD ME THAT IF YOU USE HOT WATER WITH YOUR WHEY POWDER IT TURN…[View]
74057189Narrow rib cage: Is it possible to actually measurably expand your rib cage? I mean in terms of maki…[View]
74057144Grade my day: ITT I’m going to tell you what I ate and my activity, and you tell me how I did.…[View]
74055329Redpill me on Brazilian jiu jitsu[View]
74057054>Penis got Hard Flaccid Syndrome because of an injury It's over. Help me I'm desperate.…[View]
74055835IMMUNITYMAXXING: What is your immunitymaxxing routine? My goal in life is to never get sick, never e…[View]
74050647>Nice lifts bro! But your face looks kind of chubby How to respond?[View]
74057125How do I avoid aging like this?[View]
74054140Noticed less and less people at the gym lately: Especially girls. Is it because of the good weather?…[View]
74056763>spikes your blood glucose just like sugar What's the fucking point…[View]
74044220Saturday Night /feelsbar/ is open.: What are you having anon?[View]
74057266when i dont get enough sugar i get cranky and depressed. when i had it its like a switch turned. i f…[View]
74057960Little sis said I should do picrel, will I get big? https://youtu.be/MDw7wGcOi2o?si=qIYNQAShrDrkAUAs…[View]
74054930>that first cup of the day[View]
74054744What are generally regarded as the top tier martial arts for self defence? I’ve been doing some rese…[View]
74056200Are you mogging or mogged by your brothers /fit/?[View]
74051512People have been gaslighting me about my physique my whole fucking life, my mom, my friends. They te…[View]
74056127PRIMAL: Is this physique attainable natty? I want to be a caveman.[View]
74057872i started taking a diuretic pill twice a day to help with fluid retention in my legs and dropped alm…[View]
74056046I can't stop eating.[View]
74055092can you get: good proportions doing mostly only compounds? Or will you look like a troglodyte? ie: b…[View]
74057881Goyslop overdose: Yesterday I woke up and I fasted for about 3 hours until 11 am, and then I binged …[View]
74054421Is weightlifting and walking 10.000 steps a day sufficient for cardiovascular health? I haven't…[View]
74053239my back is kill, go on without me bros[View]
74057348he stopped uploading: Why did you bully sirs ?[View]
74057451Damn why does pizza taste so good when you knead the dough on pizza flour[View]
74053136fitness noob level 0 please help bros: i am an obese fucks and i plan on starting a diet and exercis…[View]
74053616Mornin'. 10 eggs. About 600 calories and 45g of protein. Later today I've prepared someth…[View]
74049639every gym duo has the >jacked angry manlet >goofy tall guy combined, they are unstoppable…[View]
74057594Rate my bulk /fit: Went from 67kg to 75kg in 8 months. Slow cut. Used to be a competitive boxer, now…[View]
74057148This is peak natty. 6ft1 190lbs Simple as[View]
74054146What causes this?[View]
74056426you're not a real /fit/ oldfag unless you remember when the entire board called protein 'proton…[View]
74048180FPH: FASHION EDITION to XXXL and beyond![View]
74057033>you need protein in order to surv-AAACK[View]
74046111What's your excuse for not looking like this? This is what women like[View]
74054642Why do people from the south tend to be more fit?[View]
74055797Hey /fit/ senpai, Let's cut through the noise and get straight to the facts: Keto isn't ju…[View]
74055914Let's say, hypothetically, i have 4 months to prepare for special forces selection. Let's …[View]
74056534Is this an acceptable form?[View]
74057402i hope you are all like this fellow /fit/icens[View]
74057480>Serving Size - 2 Scoops[View]
74056550Post dieting cheatcodes[View]
74044245WTF? Women dont like arms or shoulders??: Men being horny for the entire body makes sense, but women…[View]
74054056How to increase T levels naturally?: I look like picrel's left but I don't want to do roid…[View]
74055511is 60 sets per week: for all the back too much?[View]
74044904>get home from lifting >play some guitar YEAH BUDDY…[View]
74056976bros i'm getting desperate how do i minimize my giant manboobs without losing my gains? 175cm 5…[View]
74052949How common are the various bench goals?: How common are the various bench press goals amongst the gy…[View]
74055330Been a fatty all my life: Do I really just need to put the fork down to loose weight? It seems to go…[View]
74057123There are less and less young women every year Lifts to fix this?[View]
74057030Just hit 600 pounds: What should I do? Should I lose weight?[View]
74053585Raw Eggs: Are they based? Couldn't bother to cook gay-ass breakfast. Just chugged five along wi…[View]
74057059Can you guys rate my deadlifts? https://files.catbox.moe/7trvr3.mp4[View]
74057081exercise: I tried to do this excercise but it hurt my oenid[View]
74057004had chronic (posterior) shin splints for years, i have tried basically every meme with 0 success so …[View]
74056939>picture of a guy with muscles >Replies are like 'skinny dyel, try lifting weights, try eating…[View]
74056942How much stronger should you be compared to any woman?: We know that men are on average stronger tha…[View]
74055082I'm starting to get fat.[View]
74055492How do you lose all the belly fat you accumulate from the bulk? (without losing weight)[View]
74056841You niggas didn't tell me all the lifting, protein, and supplements was gonna make horny all th…[View]
74033295I've tried everything. Bulking, cutting, ottermode, bloatlord, cardio + calisthenics, pure weig…[View]
74055530Hi /fit/. I'm trying to make a meal plan while reading the sticky. I'm using the food that…[View]
74053480>Friday night: tired as shit force myself to go to the gym at 10 after chugging a fuck ton of cof…[View]
74050796is it normal to not be as nimble and flexible as you used to be?: I used to be able to do flips, car…[View]
74056651do you ever use the anabolic booster seat in the gym?[View]
74056704How does one stay /fit/ in prison?: I might be going away soon for selling fentanyl to niggers, I ob…[View]
74056077Why does South America: Have such a high concentration of hot martial arts females? Nowhere in the w…[View]
74056325fucky muscle pain: don't know what the fuck this is and it's making me crazy, basically wh…[View]
74050534>clean plastic protein shaker every time after use >it smells a little weird fuck, I guess it…[View]
74056346Serving Sizes: Can one of you explain this to me like I'm retarded: why does this have 3.5 serv…[View]
74055600It's OHP day![View]
74056451How long to achieve this physique natty?[View]
74050107/fat/ - Fat Loss General: >Who is /fat/ for? For Failed Fighters who are working towards a longer…[View]
74054399What body type is this?[View]
74052245Suleksisters... what do we say about this?[View]
74056366Email Verification Required: You've probably noticed that /fit/ has a problem with spam. We…[View]
74044721LeanPill: How real is the lean pill? Did you ever went from fatass to ripped? How was it?[View]
74054308Its just candy. Dont fool yourself[View]
74046920I'm lazy: How do I get 200g of protein without cooking?[View]
74053304Gymceling vs homegymceling: My fren (who is fitter than me) said I should go to the gym if I want fa…[View]
74055522What's the fastest possible way to get rid of DOMS? I've been using my foam roller to mass…[View]
74052793Fit recipe thread: What's everyone eating now that food prices are ridiculous?[View]
74053983/roon/ running general: >Advice for new runners - Build up speed and mileage SLOOOOWLY (start wit…[View]
74055435is there any hormone therapy to make me manlier?: since there are HRT for trans people to make them …[View]
74056099How much sweets can I eat without fucking up my looks? Basically I'm addicted to sweets and so …[View]
74050810Working out with depression: Is it better to do anything on days that you can't get out of bed?…[View]
74055676Is it possible to train readiness? For instance, to be able to walk into the gym completely cold an…[View]
74053987How are my arms?[View]
74052553Set the record straight: These are delicious and hold me over for a grand total of 300 calories. Is …[View]
74028291/plg/ - powerlifting general: >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The official pastebin…[View]
74055905Have you achieved bobble head mode?[View]
74055679Is quitting pasta and break permanently a good idea?[View]
74055880is this the best HOSSTILE has to offer?[View]
74054012I don't know if this is the right place to ask but my urethra is bright red and feels like glas…[View]
74045699I'm so sick of this shit: >be me, 24, 5'8, 185lbs >used to lift >back got fucked …[View]
74053894Why don’t you just achieve this mode and cruise life on godmode?[View]
74055512Siring The Future: The older I get, the more I want to just breed any decent woman I see. I don…[View]
7405264219.8% body fat: How do I get down to 11% while tacking on muscle? What’s the best way?[View]
74053928how to stop being a sleeplet: sleep about 6 to 6,45h nightly and i think i should be getting 8-8.5h …[View]
74053626whats the name of that funny guy who used to do ooksmaxxing vids maximus or some shit ?[View]
74055461There are more off topic threads on this board than on topic ones[View]
74053558Sauna: Redpill me on saunas, are they really good?[View]
74055298How do these taste better than actual candy?: Snickers ain't shit[View]
74053675Combining cardio and strength training during your workouts is ideal: It will greatly improve stamin…[View]
74053622Why do I have to deal with CONSTANT race baiting on here? like can we hold on for a second and talk …[View]
74054824I have never bench pressed, squatted, or dead lifted. I just use machines and dumbells. COPE.[View]
74054884How much strength do big breast fat girls need for this? Which workout helps achieve such physique?[View]
74052812Drugs to Get High That Don't Harm Gains: What are some drugs you can take that don't harm …[View]
74054015How do I produce more of this when I am a social recluse? I don't think actual supplements exis…[View]
74038119what's the most autistic thing you do? >i dont like eating food, so i just eat one 2000 cal…[View]
74029344*CRACKLE* *CRACKLE*[View]
74045945/afg/ - Australian Fitness General: >bondi junction edition Welcome, one and all, to the #1 threa…[View]
7405364520 years old with the body of a 12 year old Sorry for the shit quality[View]
74054689holy fuck i just ran my first 5k and i never felt so good after. better than any antidepressant i ha…[View]
74053581Can a man with keratosis pilaris make it?: It's a genetic condition.[View]
74053976I can't get lean bros. Help.[View]
74054681The red dragon benched 300lbs for reps could you take him in a fight?[View]
74050645All right /fit/ I'm an American with $60 what's the most cost effective/filling foods I ca…[View]
74054175>lazy fuck >Decide to stop being a fat worm and go jogging >Pull up an old couch to 5k plan…[View]
74051572Did he ever admit to being on roids? Not hating just curios.[View]
74053426How do you explain those black dudes in school that never worked out but were fucking ripped?[View]
74053655Is this the kind of body you are aiming at?[View]
74054450Is nicotine good for you?[View]
74051033Is this achievable natty?[View]
74054705Daily reminder that natty lifting is a joke and the entire fitness industry is giant scam: Eat shit…[View]
74054641My lower back randomly hurts in a cycle: This all started about 2 years ago. It goes like this: >…[View]
74054553>Alone in the gym >Just a moment later, some 16-18-year-old string sami dwarf shows up >N…[View]
74047829>Well according to new research doing slow eccentrics with a deep stretch will result in better g…[View]
74050907Laid looking like a cancer patient: Wtf happened to /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUR9Xh…[View]
74054341how many of these could YOU lift?[View]
74054327We drink coffee[View]
74054249/fit/ bros, I think its time to shave[View]
74051788My fat ass wife has been missing her fitness goals lately. I’m thinking about withdrawing sex as a p…[View]
74054182Is gastroenteritis /fit/? >lose about 4lbs per day >trains your immune system >prepares you…[View]
74053213>tfw your back cracks just right after a heavy lower body day[View]
74051073>Lifting, warehouse job, cooking, grocery shopping on a budget All I need in my life to be happy.…[View]
74052596I never work out and mog 99% of this board[View]
740533975’11” 220lbs According to the government I’m obese[View]
74053214>Gym crush gets on the bench next to mine >all the sudden I start hitting new PR's what t…[View]
74051896I want THOSE PEOPLE out of my gym! Know what I mean?[View]
74053101Apparently Plains Indians do not go bald: Why the fuck can’t we reverse engineer whatever they have …[View]
74053605>b-but cardio doesn't burn enough calories to be worthwhile 1 hour boxing training (ignore t…[View]
74053787achilles mode, doable?[View]
7405332720, Fat fuck here and I got this planned for the next 7 months 15x3 20 lbs barbell Reverse arm curls…[View]
74051930Unorthodox back training: Share the most esoteric and unusual ways of training the back you've …[View]
74053305I don't believe 'proper posture' is a learned thing. I believe you should make yourself flexibl…[View]
74043602Is deadlifting dangerous? Do you deadlift?[View]
74050292>On the counter reverse osmosis water filter - $210 >Remineralizing sea salt - $10 >Wood cu…[View]
74043669/mog/: Post brutal mogs[View]
74051821Everyone says these solve upper body but nobody ever gives a routine. I have had them for a month an…[View]
74052399Are you going to message her? She needs a mentor[View]
74052900Got tinnitus about a week ago. It doesnt seem to be going anyway. Anything i could do before shootin…[View]
740527135'10 175lbs kickboxer only started lifting a bit recently, wanna bulk to 190-195lbs while maint…[View]
74037648Does anyone else find they get more complements when skinny but low body fat compared to bigger but …[View]
74052238how the FUCK can i learn to do this, my hips does not allow :([View]
74053299I have a fucking cold sore on the UNDERSIDE of my tongue and LIFE is PAIN[View]
74051805Animal flow fixes everything.: I had back pain and shoulder pain for a long time started doing anima…[View]
74050718Don't forget your evening coffee anon[View]
74044336bulking: Do I have to eat more once I go up in weight? I gained 8 pounds in the first two weeks. How…[View]
74031214/QTDDTOT/: Questions that don't deserve their own thread[View]
74051893I just had 2 rest days in a row: In fact, I haven't left my house since Friday morning. I liter…[View]
74046980>that first sip of the day[View]
74053097When measuring my dick, from the top it's below average, but it's also curved down rather …[View]
74051913Is this solvable in <2 years? I won’t take trt or chemicals[View]
74048741>a few more reps and I can fight Superman![View]
74050967How do you know if you are a genetic non responder to lifting and steroids? It would not matter anyw…[View]
74052017>mfw people hate GMOs[View]
74051624This is the body of a man who can bench 3 plates for reps[View]
74052105What /sp/ produces the hottest people and highest sex count?[View]
74050224TRT making be a bitch: I've been on TRT for like 3 months, and it seems to make me an emotional…[View]
74052669I'm leaving, we will not talk again. Get strong, eat meat, date for marriage, praise the Lord J…[View]
74052935How's my dinner, /ck/?[View]
74048167Anyone know where I can find an all white gym in the Midwest Money is not an issue.[View]
74051641Can I learn how to fight without leaving my house[View]
74052277/gen z/ general: How we doing fellow zooms? Mogging any aging millennials lately? How do we feel abo…[View]
74052831How do I fix this[View]
7405268755 KB JPG >199lbs >year later >wow I’m looking good lately hopefully I’ve lost some weight …[View]
74051037What's the best way to decompress your spine? I'm having a lot of back issues recently[View]
74052380working out 7 days a week low volume?: gonna try PPL continuously with lower volume, thoughts?…[View]
74052588He's actually reversing his age: Bryan bros are we going to make it???[View]
74047614American here: How common is steroid use in Australia[View]
74052617How to improve conditioning More intensity?[View]
74043730Your employment should be your workout: Work as hard as possible[View]
74052747What am I in for?[View]
74043671There's a huge white pill I think everyone needs to hear And that's the vast majority of y…[View]
74052284fad diets should be illegal. only the state should decide what is deemed healthy[View]
74051214Sage: It's supposed to be a nootropic but what does it do???[View]
74049205N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine: Can you still buy this compound this anywhere? Asking all the high…[View]
74052239What muscle group does this exercise train?[View]
74051819Is there actually a point in which a manlet should stop gaining mass There is a point in which as a …[View]
74052355Is there any good analog of TRT with supliments? Ive been wanting to do trt for a while in light dos…[View]
74052160>be me at gym >guy walks in and starts doing workouts >grunts and screams loud as fuck, d…[View]
74052041Remember when AlphaDestiny went to a fitness expo, wore fake lifted shoes he bought on Amazon and tr…[View]
74051179Exercise is for old people: >Be me >23M >Fat >Always ate like shit and hardly exercised …[View]
74049182>sit on my ass all day eating garbage food >still can't gain weight…[View]
74047548Is this guy natty? Hard to tell because of his great aforementioned genes[View]
74046719Saw Palmetto IS LEGIT: >Oral and Topical Administration of a Standardized Saw Palmetto Oil Reduce…[View]
74051713Now that the dust has settled, is powerlifting worth the risk or should you avoid it?[View]
74052120I don't want to work out today, my arms hurt :([View]
74051722Thoughts on my current body? 30 years old 6’0 223lbs[View]
74050721Hairmaxxing: I have very thick curly hair at nearly age 30 and decided to start growing it out to da…[View]
74051970Does this look like normal muscle/tendon, does anyone else have this? Scared I pulled a muscle or it…[View]
74051801Anyone have any good recipes that don't include rice, bread, corn or pasta? Turns out I'm …[View]
74047784Hello people, I got a gold medal in my first powersharter comp: You might remember me from this thre…[View]
74049264Pls help fitfags: 25 year old avid climber and soccer player here with terrible diet and manual labo…[View]
74050831Why does he hate body builders so much? Is he onto something?[View]
74049981This week-end I have a long bike ride of 40km. The ride was a bit longer than needed since my bike h…[View]
74046201>ruins your life: how the fuck do i fix this and get rid of scabs on my scalp[View]
74050987Thank god i was born with small nipples. Can't imagine being a pepperoni nigga[View]
74044479You've taken the prostate massage pill, right anon?[View]
74047189alcohol and performance: >meeting up with old friends >food and drinks >got to talk about a…[View]
74050379>jerk off >look down on myself >see abs from my cut >get even hornier Does this work wit…[View]
74038095Anybody here successfully quit their alcohol addiction without dying from withdrawals and got more p…[View]
74050336when i raise my arm like this (at this height) my shoulder hurts, how do i fix it? idk if it was cau…[View]
74051296Dinner thread: Ending the day with calorie-dense protein, healthy fats, and fast-absorbing carbs. Se…[View]
74050630Fasting Thread: The only time I was 10% bodyfat I ate 1500 calories a day at most and fasted for day…[View]
74048346how did these male models from the early 20th century look so good despite not having even lmao inve…[View]
74048586Bone broth: Is bonebroth just a meme? Currently boiling down a chicken carcass to make some stock an…[View]
74050953Hi /fit/, hows it going? I wanted to ask, where are you on the skill tree? what sport are you traini…[View]
74051279Bench Program for Pull Ups?: Can I follow a bench program for weighted pull ups? Pic related is an a…[View]
74051017>5'11 145 pounds On g im cooked but my abs is bussin no kizzy cap…[View]
74026066/fraud/: Bulking edition[View]
74047077Haven't been here since 2012 Don't see any Zyzz, Scooby and tinytrip threads, are those st…[View]
74049692CABLE MACHINE BACK WORKOUT: This is all I have at home. Give me the two best back exercises with thi…[View]
74049894What mode is this?[View]
74050007Is muscle control legit?[View]
74050910help: had chronic (posterior) shin splints for years, i have tried basically every meme with 0 succe…[View]
74047771Using bluetooth headphones is killing your gains![View]
74048292Does confusing the muscles actually work?[View]
74050404Help someone redpill me on the right diet?: Every week I change my mind last week it was peat I just…[View]
74050615>Do normal routine >working on legs >start doing squats >feel pain in left leg >go ho…[View]
74050787>Anadrol is twice as cheap as Sarms Wtf, I should have run that...[View]
74050464How to deal with workouts getting longer and longer and me being more and more hungry? Sunday i had …[View]
74050082Workout Randomness: Any tabletop or dicefags on /fit/? I want to include some randomness into my rou…[View]
74050220>Be 100kg >Bodyfat percentage = bodyfat weight Perfect for a dumbass like me.…[View]
74046781it’s over: i don’t have the golden ratio of 1.6 and never will cus i can’t widen my clavicle bones…[View]
74045230Post your cheat meal here. Pic very related. How many calories is my cheat meal /fit/?[View]
74047863my lil workout for today lads donkey kicks x 90 plank to pushups x 85 reverse flies x 100 tricep dip…[View]
74048850Whats your preferred sunscreen brand?[View]
74044295Is it true that low body fat is the most important thing you can do for your looks (that you have co…[View]
74044044Slow and Steady wins the race[View]
74050657I gotta fucked up liver and kidneys, can I still do high protein?[View]
74049183Lunch thread: Before you say anything... the french fries were airfryed with olive oil and the TURKE…[View]
74042272200g of cottage cheese with some sour cream and honey. With a cup of tea with honey. Will do the wor…[View]
74050249Is this really natty?[View]
74037250Lifts you only see DYEL’s doing.[View]
74050469redpill me on CGM's[View]
74045445What's the catch?[View]
74049459Mood gains: I just did legs, ate really clean low carb and went on a long walk I feel really good be…[View]
74049157Long story short I wrecked by gut flora. Any food I eat comes out immediately in partially digested,…[View]
74049328>Be me >Successful >Cute twink >Mentally unwell >Want to see psychiatrist >Can…[View]
74048664All my income is spent on protein and supplements[View]
74046254Going to gym with girlfriend: One of my favorite things to do is going to the gym with my girlfriend…[View]
74045859Which cancers are you susceptible to, how will you prevent them?: For me, it is colon and prostate c…[View]
74050065How to get the rich twunk physique?[View]
74049949How do people even get morbidly obese? It takes me months to purposely put on a couple of pounds and…[View]
74046438Feet suck. Need good shoes: Been wearing sneakers and running shoes my entire life. My toes aren…[View]
74049377How long into weightlifting did it take you to start getting attention from women?[View]
74049284Hi everyone. Sorry for the blog but I was bullied a lot in school and I've always wanted to be …[View]
74046820Rape and murder before or after my workout?[View]
74049231Can someone give me the Yacon Syrup pill[View]
74049602How the fuck do these have so much fat in them? It's literally just bread and meat[View]
74049270Has any other starting routine topped this yet?[View]
74043933being a porn addict is worse than being an alcoholic: seriously, more people should be aware of this…[View]
74049430Swayze in Road House mogs Pitt in Fight Club[View]
74049578What is your biggest muscle imbalance? >Me Legs Right leg 2cm bigger than left leg…[View]
74048170greg doucette is a grifter and a scammer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu4pThwSZdE&t=182s 1. …[View]
74049717Post Quality Lifting Channels: I'll start: Peter Katcherian[View]
74049657a gallon of raw, whole milk is 2400 calories. that's just about 7 liters, so, if you divide two…[View]
74045117/fat/ - Fat Loss General: >Who is /fat/ for? For Failed Fighters who are working towards a longer…[View]
74043832How does one acquire this kind of physique?[View]
74022474I can always tell a calisthenics bro from his bitch physique and pencil neck. Calisthenics always pr…[View]
74047540How to improve very slight fine lines around the mouth?[View]
74048280/fit/ 60 Day Challenge: Hello /fit/, how we doing? In 2 month's time, we will be entering summe…[View]
74049271Gym art work: Post the art work on your gyms walls >Big Iron Gym >Seattle…[View]
74049540The people in my country don't want me to lift weights with the fancy people during the day so …[View]
74048152Smoking for chronic constipation: Wasn't sure whether I should ask here or on /adv/ so feel fre…[View]
74042241>No one posting on /fit/ can do an Iron Cross How true is this statement?…[View]
74048781Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream that you wanted to dream. And t…[View]
74046419accidentally got wendy's on the way home from work again[View]
74037789ITT we post our /fit/ movie ideas: A series of movies about Drago >Drago I >Mostly about his l…[View]
74049082a bunny can do one plate deadlift[View]
74045839Question:: Is it mandatory for me to practice martial arts myself in order to get a martial arts chi…[View]
74047796Muscle memory: experienced lifters who have stopped and then went back to the gym, how has it gone f…[View]
74049137rate my squat: https://youtu.be/P4l1QDfbxlk[View]
74047054>he fell for the leg day meme Curls for the gurls is science.[View]
74047546Powershitters eternally btfo[View]
74047233GM /FIT/: Another day i choose the coffee, what are u guys hitting today? for me its heavy squats an…[View]
74047473is there some truth to liking fat women meaning you have higher test or is it just a meme?[View]
74048971Severe tennis elbow: /fit/, I have pretty bad tennis elbow. When doing bicep curls, I wear an elbow …[View]
74049056>Lean, grass fed beef >Individual variability…[View]
74048969Does anyone else on this board work out mainly for health and to make sure the doctor gives you a cl…[View]
74045465>does nothing[View]
74046726Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis: Is it effective? Is it worth the money? Is it cheating? I used to be fat…[View]
74047435All you need.[View]

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