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43249285Weightlifting progress & poor posture: What would happen if you were to follow a strict program …[View]
43241958Eric Bugenhagen appreciation: Appreciation thread for Eric Bugenhagen Have you had your gallon of mi…[View]
43248405Just hit lmao2plate squatz for reps today Feelsgoodman.jpg[View]
43242792How the fuck am I supossed to afford a fucking daily gallon of milk[View]
43248924>tfw you’ll never be Mike O’Tren and pose with the definitive vidya game character of the 90s’ Wh…[View]
43244397>one chance at life >keratosis pilaris Just kill me…[View]
43246230Let's settle this, /fit/. What is the best jaw? Most aesthetic jaw? Fittest jaw?[View]
43248521Cock sups: What sups can I take to improve my boner to god tier levels? , I feel like it's not …[View]
43243196We're all going to make it: Just spent my entire first paycheck of my first job to buy this bar…[View]
43240677/fit/ in person https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po5B_elq7p8[View]
43240319Unironically name one thing better than seeing someone lifting significantly less that you in the gy…[View]
43241578Hair removal: How do my fellow /fit/izens remove body hair? Also trim or remove ball hair?[View]
43247553white bois BTFO http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4988992/Too-exercise-kill-white-man.html…[View]
43248604bodybuilding: Does anyone seriously only train to get bulky? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Po7lFD…[View]
43248112Can anybody recommend me a good adjustable utility bench for under $150?[View]
43247294Gods Snack: Why arn't you eating these? I have found them as cheap as $1.89 when on sale. >8…[View]
43247244Can Incense effect your health at all? Like, can it damage your lungs, or something. Just wondering.[View]
43239560I'm a firefighter, and our fitness level can destroy most of you. What are you doing with your …[View]
43246770>high school swimmer >been swimming since I was a kid >senior year season is about to start…[View]
43248444So now that we have found the Gigachad, who is the Gigastacy? Does there even exist a woman that cou…[View]
43241172SUMO or CONVENTIONAL deadlift: im running GSLP and im curious if i have long legs and short torso sh…[View]
43246506Advice: I'm 6'0, 155lbs, and 20 years old. The only type of workouts I've been doing…[View]
43248269>don't want to bulk, fat enough as it is >don't want to cut, weak enough as it is j-…[View]
43247905MyFitnessPal: >6’5 >240 >Want to be 220 by the end of the year >Tell MFP I want to lose …[View]
43236352/fat/: Binged on cat food again edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better the…[View]
43247791How does it feel that your cut won't make you more attractive or less autistic, /fit/?[View]
43247909Tongue Posture: Tongue Posture General Let's get this straight, this isn't 'mewing' This i…[View]
43246635What does /fit/ think about people who use machines at the gym?[View]
43247830Can my dog roid?[View]
43247992Henry Rollins: How do I achieve this? Also is Henry /ourguy/[View]
43247961wanna be in good shape by summer how do i do that. im 5'10 240ish pounds (ik im a fat piece of …[View]
43245538What is /fit/'s opinion on soylent?[View]
43246688We get it: guaranteed (you)'s[View]
43247680>want good forearms >suddenly TENDONITIS what do I do /fit/?…[View]
43246665/fit/ Motivation Bread: I want to get big so I can go like this for next Halloween in 2018. Will I m…[View]
43226967Reverse progress thread! I find these highly motivating.[View]
43245476My sister is 14 and she is already taking anticonceptives what i should do, just ignore it? i don…[View]
43244715Im a skinny guy 145 to 150 lbs and Im 6,1 im super thin i have the money for food but I was wonderin…[View]
43242705>incredibly aesthetic body >still mentally beta i thought If i got a nice body i'd be mor…[View]
43216030/wheyfu/ delicious pumpkin delts edition[View]
43245796Tomorrow is squats[View]
43247258Local shop has this 'Winstrol clone' I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this compound b…[View]
43246141Tuesday night feel? Slept through workout time today, realized that a girl I've been with for a…[View]
43245330Greek here this is my last PR song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30ac_7TFBiY fucking hell, it pump…[View]
43247418>'wow... anon.... you must be using steroids or something!' >'nah.. i'm just on good prot…[View]
43230559QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Start: What is the deal with Alpha Comp…[View]
43244178>benching 205 >finish up my set and rack >look over to see a bro making this face at me tfw…[View]
43243328> HEIGHT > RACE > FRAME…[View]
43243682>5'9' >Cutting, 138lbs at the moment >Abs still don't show, and I still have love…[View]
43246971Don't work out too much, /fit/ You may die. Unless you are black... http://nypost.com/2017/10/1…[View]
43246871>U Mirin' Brah[View]
43246941So Steve Raider goes to my gym. Pls no bully for me being Canadian. What should I say to him for /f…[View]
43242651Good dumbbell workouts?: I only have access to a pull-up bar and a couple of weight-adjustable dumbb…[View]
43246652What does /fit/ think of Zyzz?: Anyone take inspiration from this man? Is he still relevant to conte…[View]
43230821Why do you lift for women?[View]
43245456I'm a virgin but want to get a thicc latina gf and train her in the gym. Eventually, I assume s…[View]
43245945Have we spawned a new meme?[View]
43243927If you're still browsing this board, know that all i ever wanted since i've met you, was y…[View]
43246613I'm a 5'5 135 pound manlet that's probably the ugliest person you've ever seen. …[View]
43246197Am I being trolled?: I'm not really into fashion but my friend who browses /fa recommended that…[View]
43246259I feel stupid in the gym as the fat girl lifting basically no weight. How do I get over that?[View]
43237898Testosterone for a teenager: Any reason why I shouldn't jump on test bros? $150 for huge gains?…[View]
43245418Fucking hate this bitch Why do these fatavists ruin everything? Why cant they let other people get h…[View]
43245627Recommended Books: I currently have: - Starting Strength - Strength Training Anatomy - The New Encyc…[View]
43246588http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4988992/Too-exercise-kill-white-man.html /fit/ is now unde…[View]
43243547Pre-gym energy boost: been feeling sluggish today. And I gotta start my fucking leg day in an hour. …[View]
43244755Am I kill?: Did some deadlifts yesterday and felt fine. Felt fine this morning too until about 10. E…[View]
43246545Is water-fasting for a week a good way to accelerate weight loss? Want to try it and then switch to …[View]
43244141Meal prepping?: On a bulk; new job where I work from 7 - 5. I have access to a microwave and I bough…[View]
43246252Boot: Hey /fit/ I'm heading to basic in about a year and I want to be overly prepared. Any tips…[View]
43245986Why didnt I get fit in high school... all those years of wasted gains...[View]
43246457Doing a cut here. Do you change your routine on cuts or just the weights?[View]
43244714I'm going to sleep Good night /fit/ :-)[View]
43246450is it safe for a cat to eat a protein bar? like i was munching on a protein bar when i was putting t…[View]
43246178To meme or not to meme: Convince me my Pyramid workouts are just memes. 12, 10, 8, 6 on every exerci…[View]
43243666Should I be using milk in my protein smoothie shakes, or water?[View]
43234355Baby wrists: This is more of a genetics thing, but I'm sure some of you are in the same boat. I…[View]
43245915CanadianProtein.com?: Anyone bought from these guys? Are they legit? I bought dozens of kilos of whe…[View]
43243809>he does not listen to his favorite anime OP while lifting[View]
43246333How Can I relax my abdominal muscles and get them into an neutral posture I have really shitty postu…[View]
43246291guys im wearing 1 shirt, 1 sweater, 1 hoodie on top, 2 pairs of pajama pants, and 3 pairs of socks. …[View]
43246256so.... what the fuck do I do now? Just eat 800 calories worth of shit?[View]
43243347/fitlit/: Reading this RIGHT NOW. So far i have mixed feelings about this book because it tells me t…[View]
43245823Worked out so hard without eating for a long period of time, now feeling worse and worse on the edge…[View]
43244933So as a heavy smoker, possible alcoholic and general lazy fuck I decided to get off my ass and do so…[View]
43243441>$40 >$60 >$80 Christ. Is the whole reason why roids is illegal is because the supplement j…[View]
43245997Form check[View]
43245891Help I've become fat: Hey /fit/ I've never been on this board, so excuse ignorance plox An…[View]
43245767fraud stuff: This probably doesn't belong in a thread by itself but oh well here goes. Basicall…[View]
43246085How to run faster: Is there any way to sprint or run faster in a daily routine?[View]
43243493Height workouts: Hey /fit/, I keep hearing about workouts to increase your height, but when I look i…[View]
43244044Has getting /fit/ actually helped anyone get a gf? Since I lost weight and started getting stronger …[View]
43241125Help?: Hello /fit/. I am a fresh 18 year old who just started lifting 3 times a week for the last 3 …[View]
43244992What was his jeans size do you figure?[View]
43245794What kind of diet do you have? Do you stick to a strict plan and count your calories, or do you just…[View]
43244564James Bond is decades old. But our current generation and the next one are much taller than the boom…[View]
43245742Why does every nutritionist meme this?[View]
43243304Did you go up in pants size when you gained mass? I wanna stay size 32, but have the mass of a big g…[View]
43242926FAVE ' 'LET ' terms?: List your personal faves that you find funny. Mine are Jawlet and Hairlet…[View]
43244172>eat junk food after another demoralising day of being an ugly subhhuman loser Picrelated Backgro…[View]
43245539Proof that 6'1 is manlet and 6'3 is manaverage.: John Van Der Beek is a legit 6'0-6…[View]
43245540How Accurate: Anyone done any experiments with either the Fitbit or the Apple Watch to try and deter…[View]
43244691whats the point of losing weight when its all a genetic lottery?[View]
43243726Chins: Am I a chinlet guys? Be honest[View]
43242663>ripped body >face still awkward and child-like in a bad way >face stays 6/10 no matter how…[View]
43244586>'I'm just bulking, bro!'[View]
43245282Why do DYEL betas fetishize women who lift weights or go to the gym?: This whiteknight culture of gi…[View]
43241604humor: It seems only I care about the humor threads anymore. It's okay bros, but it's impo…[View]
43245497Kvass impact?: What would the impact of kvass be on gains? Specifically this recipe. https://youtu.b…[View]
43238564/alpha/ AlphaDestiny Appreciation General, Smug Edition: Hello, brothers in iron. I hope you are hav…[View]
43231445Sexual Health - Limp like Noodle?: >finally achieve 1 gf after year of trying >qt3.14 with the…[View]
43244611Can I get best Bond facial aesthetics if I lift?[View]
43243715How much cardio is too much cardio? Came back from the gym and did a few hours of I; burned like two…[View]
43241847how can rice even compete?[View]
43244895mirin thread: mirin thread because i can't find one >be lifting in homegym for a while >…[View]
43238630Why is crab in the bucket mentality so rampant among non-lifters.[View]
43243112Anyone else here done an extended fast? That is, no eating (only water) for more than 3 days? From w…[View]
432452354 hour body: What do you guys think about the book 4 hour body by TimFarris? What do you think of hi…[View]
43243604>over 350k followers >gets about 400 comments on every post saying how amazing she is, how go…[View]
43245231Can I get a list of all the real effects of No-Fap? So far I've found: >Greater pressure whe…[View]
43244836Sweating: Sup Anons, I've got some kind of a sweating problems and was wondering if any of you …[View]
43245074Should I go to the gym?[View]
43244211Red pill me on silica.[View]
43244046What size jeans would be bulking Shia?[View]
43245069is there even a point to get /fit/ out if you're always going to be ugly?[View]
43243594when did you realize that squats and deadlifts are pointless unless you're a powerlifter?[View]
43244408How do I into Obelix mode?[View]
43241543I'm fucking tired of not eating dairy food to combat my acne. Will Accutane or anything similar…[View]
43243364/CPG/ - Classic Physique General - First Frank Edition: /fit/ hasn't been fit for a board as of…[View]
43241539Normies get out of my gym[View]
43244555>over 2 meter wingspan feelsgoodman bench press and ohp is boring as fuck anyways. pic related …[View]
43242448I want HER back /fit/ Was she the reason you started lifting, Anon? What was your reason?[View]
43241036>tfw just under 6' JUST[View]
43244544need help with TDEE and cutting: So 2 days ago I was 185 lbs with an estimated 20% body fat at 6ft..…[View]
43242129Is it possible to get this physique natty? I've been lifting for 4 years and I still got nothin…[View]
43244404so youre telling me all i have to do is eat?[View]
43242058The Chad Embassy: Now that the U.S. has an embassy in Chad, can we expect to see greater gains?…[View]
43244521I'm the 2nd tallest person in my gym. I'm 6'2. The tallest is some black girl. She is…[View]
43237019>tfw 6'3 All my life in school I grew up thinking I was a tall guy. But now that I'm in…[View]
43244372ITT: you tell others what you wear to the gym, where you bought it, why you wear it (comfort or flex…[View]
43244406Is this true? Is 6'1 really considered average now? I-I thought I was tall...[View]
43243746Goal Body Thread: >What's your goal body? >How far till your there?…[View]
43235062Whoops! looks like I accidentally brought too much of this low calorie, high protein, high iron, hig…[View]
43243001Left fit years ago when i got serious with a girl. It was the era of Supermong being in his prime. …[View]
43243550// Breakfast rate thread // Rate my breakfast /fit/ I'm convinced I'm eating the most well…[View]
43244095>lower back injury >can't lift for 3 months >come back yesterday >wake up to nasty…[View]
43243142Bulking food: What are some great bulking foods? Foods that are cheap and that I can eat three times…[View]
43243593Been lifting 4 months now, happy with results so far; but struggling with a flat tire gut. What…[View]
43242613>I don't lift for women[View]
43225862Have i made it?[View]
43242258One chance at life >born sub 8 feet Why live lads[View]
43241209>come home after work >hit with ravenous hunger again >im cutting weight rn and i didnt hav…[View]
43243752please rate my schedule. due to time and location constraints this is the best i can come up with, a…[View]
43243212>tfw /fit/ makes you develop a fetish for fucking obese/fat girls to make them lose weight throug…[View]
43243672Google Maps kills calorie-counter over 'triggering' backlash: https://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/10/1…[View]
43242808What mode is this?[View]
43237381https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/76s2ek/reached_my_goal_of_170lbs_40_lbs_lost_progress/ >…[View]
43236196Shit Normies Say: >nah bro I don't lift >but I could totally bench 220 if I had to >an…[View]
43235481Enough with the manlet threads: pic very fucking related[View]
43238979The Gigachad: Hmm... He's a big guy...[View]
43242531hey fit for the past like 4 days my balls have been hurting and it got so rough today that I left wo…[View]
43243190If elite sprinters never picked up track and field and one day decided to test their 100m sprint tim…[View]
43237034>tfw genetically gain fat quickly idc what you fuckers say, its not as simple as calories in calo…[View]
43243500>looks like this doing only pushups and situps tfw ur not herschell walker…[View]
43243374/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: The Better You Work, The Greater The Reward Edition >>Thread…[View]
43242231Can lifting lift your spirits?: I've come to realize that women find me ugly as fuck. I always …[View]
43242379alright /fit/ i need a good ON flavor that mixes well with shit and tastes good on its own what do y…[View]
43243103Apologize: Alex Jones was right don't you see his power and strength that he has gained!? His s…[View]
43229327>Take up lifting because of /fit/. >At it for almost a year. >Mom takes notice and starts c…[View]
43238740How Many Carbs?: So, I’ve been trying to put on a little muscle, cut a little, and lose some weight.…[View]
43243206Is this achievable natty?[View]
43242221Who 'picky eater' here and what are the possible solution for this i literally don't…[View]
43242582>tfw there are people on here that have never lifted and are giving advice…[View]
43242982i'm 5'4' can i get /fit/ without becoming manlet?[View]
43241879Rate my daily, I'll be stronk in no time[View]
43243064Why haven't you accepted the fact that Savage Dragon has the most aesthetic body in all of comi…[View]
43242992need some help with fat loss, are fat burners still a good choice, or should i go with pills/poweder…[View]
43241219>The Virgin Adduction (girl in the back) >The Stacy Stretch (girl in the front)…[View]
43232313New routine general? Rate my routine. xxAxBxAxxBxAxB A Chinups 3x5 OHP 3x5 Squats 3x5 BB Curls 3x5 F…[View]
43234213Why lift if you're not italian?[View]
43240876Can I not squat and just do leg press instead? I hate squats. Either I do perfect form deep squats b…[View]
43241797I haven't been on /fit/ for years. Is supermong still a meme? What about >weighted dips?[View]
43242670Fat office job need help: Hey guys i came here for some advice. I just started an internship in a o…[View]
43241224>that guy at the gym that wears a belt for every lift[View]
43240503Is Paris Jackson /our girl/ ?[View]
43242516I pretty much have all the physical traits of a nu-male. What do I do about this?[View]
43237241Has never touched weights has never done a set of sit ups has never done push ups >just has this …[View]
43231382/plg/ - powerlifting general: Useful links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tZIonSOwhM3iM0gTY…[View]
43242736What's your sleep cycle /fit/? >go to gym at 1AM so no one is there >back home at 3 AM …[View]
43241745>this guy is proof that you can make it even as a manlet if you lift >this guy is proof that l…[View]
43242720>skellington >discover fit 6 months ago >holy shit I can change >buy squat rack online …[View]
43241738Everyone seen Dennis? Who was in the wrong here? Can he still make it? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
43242297How do I stop leaning forward during my squat[View]
43241647>you hit the gym hard and think about her >Chad fucks her pussy bareback and she never thinks …[View]
43242515/milfit/ general: /milfit/ General: Marines rerack like retards edition[View]
43242536Lets share what you got pls[View]
43240770daily remembrance to just be yourself[View]
43240482Yesterday I ate a bag and a half of salad. Today my shits have been delightful.[View]
43242509ITT: shit dyel trainers do >sit on the fucking weights[View]
43234281Why the Blaha hate?: -Preaches progressive overload with compound movements -“Train to build strengt…[View]
43241970How safe are this exercises? I want to get some mass on my neck without breaking it and dying in the…[View]
43241950Why do people act religious about nutrition? Given the heterogeneity in humans generally (and the wi…[View]
43241511How often do you get manlet tremors /fit/? I fucking start shaking for some reason every time a tall…[View]
43239822Ok /fit/ what are some good gym clothes? I think im gonna buy some gymshark shit. What do you wear t…[View]
43241510why: why does this happen[View]
43242317Hello /fit/, I am here seeking advice on how to exercise safely, that is, the general use of equipme…[View]
43240745I can't stop eating cornflakes with whole milk[View]
43242406McDonald's Grilled artisan burger: Hey fit/ why didn't you guys tell me these had so much …[View]
43234399What should I say to this testosterone temptress[View]
43241159Is this achievable natty?[View]
43241275/sci/ here. You are NOT lifting as much weight as you think. For example, a 200lb man squatting 225…[View]
43242066Hip Flexer Pain: My left hip flexer has been sore for the past few weeks. I even went a whole week w…[View]
43241829whats the point of losing weight if you are still gonna be ugly?[View]
43241028How much fish oil does /fit/ take?[View]
43241979Is Henry Cavill natty?[View]
43240392Is this enough?: I'm a hard gainer[View]
43229074Fit Feels Thread?: >Tell fiance I'm excited to go to the gym tomorrow. >Want to lose weig…[View]
43239358JeannetteEmigh nude pictures: Can anyone find these please. She was a miscer back in the day.[View]
43241707Is foam rolling a meme? >pic related[View]
43238566Wtf did I just heard? Zyzz's brother Chestbrah said that zyzz didn't die in a sauna but he…[View]
43233593How fast do I have to run a 10k to get a gf[View]
43241412Reading this book is giving me fucking cancer Does anybody understand current 5/3/1 programming? thi…[View]
43238775Health At Every Size: How does it make you feel that even though you spend so much time cultivating …[View]
43241196THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE: I learned the hard way today that physics simply does not allow this motion to h…[View]
43241900Free water at the gym: Sometimes I go over to the university gym just to use the waterbottle refil f…[View]
43241007Deadlift pinching knees- what i do: /fit/, tried my first set of deadlifts today and p sure I got my…[View]
43242014Jaw and chin thread: Post your own and rate others. scale of : (1) incel (2) r9k (3) Fit (4) Chad (5…[View]
43236178What's the deal with sodium and potassium? What's the balance between the two?[View]
43240151C25K W1D1: Hey bros, I just started off my first C25K after dropping about 30 kgs, I can finally do …[View]
43230407Photoshop fag here. Post your body pics and I'll turn you into your most aesthetic self[View]
43241315Muscle/fat loss: Was wondering if I should be lifting heavy doing about 10-12 reps or light weights …[View]
43238662Is Zyzz physique achievable natural?[View]
43239578Does anyone have experience Phenibut or other (legal) nootropics? I have this event coming up where …[View]
43228603Skincare and facegains thread: 1. Lose fat and acquire those face gains (without this you will look …[View]
43239392Just came across this video. This guy is skinny af and deadlifts nearly 1000lbs? Are these fakeplate…[View]
43241425>that guy who wears chucks AND a hoody at the gym LOOK AT ME! I AM AN AUTIST! EVERYONE SHOULD KNO…[View]
43241399fuck skinny necks plague: neck pill thread post you are necks >inb4 everyone cocking their head b…[View]
43238159/sig/ - self improvement general: Funny edition Sticky: http://4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki//sig/_sticky…[View]
43235844Sorry, what was that?: Did someone say EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE MUSCLES???[View]
43237020Can we have a gigachad expansion?[View]
43241174Is there something I can drink or take to make me win a cross country race? I'm moderately fit …[View]
43240914Instead of getting /fit/, why don't you just go to therapy?[View]
43238980Tracking Workout: Do you use any way to track your development? an Excel graph? or an app? Do you re…[View]
43238977Filming your lifts: How do you film your lifts without coming off as a creeper? Do you use a tripod …[View]
43237287Just a reminder. Money > fitness[View]
43239721How the fuck do I convince my parents that eating 4 eggs a day isn't gonna kill me. INB4:move o…[View]
43239921Do you Jawzrsize?[View]
43225625VEGAN GENERAL - AlphaDestiny Edition: AlphaDestiny going vegan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFs…[View]
43238344Not sure if this fits in here, but I'll give it a go. I've been eating LCHF for a week now…[View]
43240837Pic related /fit/, been mewing and working out (pushups and curlups) for TEN long ass months. Hoping…[View]
43240858Google Maps ditches misjudged walking calorie counter: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/17/google-ma…[View]
43233843/fit/ BTFO LMAO[View]
43239842What are your emotions and thoughts upon seeing males such as this IRL?[View]
43235739DEALING WITH FATTIES: >virgin >newfound confidence after getting fit >girls find me hot now…[View]
43239618Is clean bulking worth it?[View]
43240467How do I stop my body looking like a disappointed face.[View]
43240557Losing weight is the easiest fucking thing in the world. I've lost over 50 lb recently and it h…[View]
43239163/fit/ breakfast: Good morning fit, I'm here to tell you about the wonders of the ultimate break…[View]
43236398whats the point of eating protein when you're cutting? protein synthesis isnt taking place anyw…[View]
43238833So /fit/, what's the best way to achieve the muscular twink aesthetic? Doing the nasty with guy…[View]
43240442How is weightlifting better for keeping off fat than cardio?[View]
43240443Whate are the physical possibilities of selective breeding?: Pic sorta related, he probably descende…[View]
43232669/fraud/: /fraud/ - 'blogposting is fun' edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/…[View]
43239305When will BetaDestiny stop shilling his shit on /fit/?[View]
43240236Forgive my ignorance, but the sticky says that the protein in a diet should be a ratio between grams…[View]
43240218I've been having back or shoulder pain roughly where the green dot is in pic related. It's…[View]
43233298>hear the sound of your dad pissing on the toilet >after a few more sqirts >don't hear…[View]
43240058First time posting here, I have finally decided that I want to be healthy, tired of constantly being…[View]
43240109More creatine: Can You break through a plateau by increasing the creatine intake?[View]
43237468Which of these following statements is true: 1. Starchy veggies should be avoided (potatoes, carrots…[View]
43240259When will they learn? https://youtu.be/ZN9RaGnunwk[View]
43239688Henry Rollins in his prime was absolutely yolked. How do I get a body like this? I'm a 6'0…[View]
43239670can you guys rate my form on this lift?[View]
43237548What does Chad listen to?[View]
43235412Is this achievable natty?[View]
43239152Why aren't weighted pull ups and dips the focus of your training?: You want to make it, right?…[View]
43237538how do you approach or ask out a woman at the gym?: Gym membership ending next month Want to ask out…[View]
43225839So /fit/, you think you have what it takes to satisfy Stacey?[View]
43233035Going to jail pretty soon. As far as jail goes its as soft as baby shit, but so is my midsection. Gi…[View]
43237933Why did zyzz ALWAYS spoke with a weird accent. I know he is kurdish but still he was living in Austr…[View]
43239793I'm getting ready to start a water fast: Newfag here. Can I drink black coffee? Should I take a…[View]
43239517Want to loose weight, while building muscles: Hi guys, I'm 25 years old and starting to get int…[View]
43236286Advice: this is my body. I have never really taken care of it as you can see. I am 21 and it is time…[View]
43236700Legs of /fit/: Post em boys, let’s see those juicy quadsss[View]
43238199I think my insides might be broken because of heavy squats yesterday. They were 230 lb squats, and I…[View]
43238753Type 1 Diabetes: I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes shortly before last Christmas. It was a pain i…[View]
43237934I genuinely challenge anyone to find a cheaper priced and quality protein https://www.amazon.co.uk/d…[View]
43239553Thoughts on Ben Pollack? I've never seen him posted here save for a couple of links to videos. …[View]
43238096>qt doing squats in the next squat rack along smiles at me, keeps trying to make eye contact, cle…[View]
43235223Red pill me on Collagen. Does it actually help out joints? Would i be better off with just vitamin C…[View]
432394092 days ago I did deadlifts for the first time. I have hamstring doms is this normal or I strained th…[View]
43233378/fit/ tat thread Pic related is mine. Tats done right will always add to your aesthetic in a good …[View]
43234584Serious question to those of you who lift for girls: Be 100% honest with yourself, you lift for wome…[View]
43237682How did you cure hip flexor pain in squats? I’m about to stop squatting forever bros....[View]
43238554Post your calluses[View]
43237462Protips for military fitness: Whats up guys? I'm soon rejoining the army for officer training. …[View]
43237367What's happening to me? Before summer: >felt very very energic >went a lot to the gym, co…[View]
43236658>be me >In hotel hot tub with some qts >We're all getting drunk >'What the hell An…[View]
43226035>implying he isnt an asshole When will he go vegan, like AlphaDestiny?[View]
43223743Is steak and eggs a good test booster?[View]
43234785Any tips on losing weight without going to a gym? I travel a lot for work so its impossible for me t…[View]
43236350Gym cringe general: What's going on here?[View]
43237074belts and straps: yoyo has anyone had any experience with belts and straps off aliexpress? any good …[View]
43232869love handles....: I feel I'm going to get too small I'm I cut until these fucking love han…[View]
43236814Increase Push Ups and Pull Ups: I want to get my number of continuous push ups and pull ups. My curr…[View]
43234944Do I need lifting shoes for my squats? I'm fine with my Chucks so far. I've got form down …[View]
43237509Crossfit Strength pick one[View]
43237948>lose a lot of muscle over a year of inactivity >start working out again >gain like half of…[View]
43236776aesthetic carrying angle: /fit/ which is the best carrying angle for men? it seems that broad should…[View]
43236412DHEA for test: Who here takes DHEA?[View]
43238389Lift to get rid of my flaws... Only end up finding more... I thought you people said this was gonna …[View]
43238444Eating this right now at work Just wanted to share it with you guys Dont forget to subscribe![View]
43238392women, gays & bi men of /fit/, what is your ideal body type on a man?[View]
43236656Is this true? Will training low reps give my muscles a denser look than mid-high rep range?[View]
43232930Anyone have naturally enhanced? I remember downloading it here before and not liking it but I might …[View]
43237619frogstand / crow: how the fuck do I do these[View]
43234502On TWO separate occasions this weekend, I observed really attractive girls oogle over tall, good loo…[View]
43233506How to cope with friends' death, /fit/?: Let me tell you something. This burden has been on my …[View]
43235089What’s the point of lifting if no one will love you?[View]
43238086Will Sheiko advanced large load get me jacked? >pic related[View]
43237173Any non-gays here?[View]
43229641Are Weight Belts a Meme?: Just curious to see if you use weight belts. Was at the gym and saw a skin…[View]
43236786Vegan master-race thread: Why havent you evil bloodthirsty animal killers stopped doing the wrong th…[View]
43235559Why didn't the electrician allow his fellow gym-goer to work in? Because he was doing a circuit…[View]
43237905>consuming less than 11 grams of salt per day[View]
43235605Will people laugh at me if I go to the gym to walk fast on the treadmill? I'm slightly overweig…[View]
43236415How do I keep my face lean while bulking?[View]
43237813/thicc/ thread: I considered the last one kinda successful so I thought why not make an other one. I…[View]
43237752>chasing the ideal body >not realizing it's a social construct How does it feel to be a b…[View]
43236605JWG - Joint Wrecks General: Hi /fit/, was doing overhead meme extensions yesterday with 20kg and now…[View]
43235377BULKING ASS: So I've been bulkin up and my ass has blown out of proportions. Will the ass event…[View]
43237379>around two weeks ago you started feeling bit of pain inside left forearm >around a week ago w…[View]
43236854What do you guys use for pain relief? Whether it’s DOMS, joint pain, muscle strain, whatever. I’ve b…[View]
43237549>does Sheiko >eat everything >sleep for 12 hours/day 10/10 would recommend…[View]
43236027gh at 18 for some height increase? I'm 5'8'' unforunately[View]
43237472/Fit/ makes me so happy and motivated I love you all[View]
43216834Who here /Gym Bully/?: Share gym bullying routines / alpha shit you do at the gym. I’ll start. >h…[View]
43237313Suppversity: Dear /fit/ Can everyone who thinks they know exercise science or claims you need to eat…[View]
43237311/fit/ retard here, how much should I cut or how do I find out Age: 20 Height: 5'10 CW:187 I was…[View]
43236899Red pill me on silica 1.joint supports may help prevent tendinitis 2.bone support 3.anti Inflammat…[View]
43235392Strongest teen I have seen: Can someone tell me if this is legit? He prepped for 20 days and totalle…[View]
43237042How can you tell that you're overworking yourself?[View]
43236643Which is truly the better beginner program, Starting Strength or Stronglifts?[View]
43233914>There is a total collapse >How do you survive for a year? >No more gym >No gains >No…[View]
43236023Suffer from /CTE/: Anybody else on here suffer from this hell. It’s a constant struggle I have to de…[View]
43235804>enter gym >WE'RE TALKING AWAY, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TO SAY…[View]
43234927Is this the best option for hair loss? Correct if wrong and provide input Pros: -Hair grows back i…[View]
43230837Chads: Is OBJ a chad?[View]
43236547Just one chance >born apelet[View]
43231940>be me >plateau on diddly once again, fuck cutting >instead of deloading decide to take adv…[View]
43230373I know this ass isn't fit, but it's not fat either, right?: Would you say it's a typi…[View]
43236526FASTING: Is alternate day fasting good for weight loss? For example, water fast one day then do OMAD…[View]
43236624/fit supplements thread >what sups you use >stats >reccomendation…[View]
43236657lean protein vs heavy protein?: https://youtu.be/5BNQjhh7ABc?t=175 aware me brahs, am I missing out …[View]
43236635help!: fella's, is this the picture of perfection as far as the male body is concerned? How do …[View]
43236541Ok boys. Mucoid Plaque removal. Is it a meme or will it actually help your health and gains and get …[View]
43236609Swimming General: If you had to wake up tomorrow morning and swim 50 yd freestyle, how fast would yo…[View]
43224657Are females actually this stupid or is it just a select few[View]
43236371How do I get this muscular without using steroids? Is it true he did a 345 pound deadlift at 17 with…[View]
43236447>look good, feel good, mr.rogers neighborhood >tfw you will never be this young or hot again,…[View]
43235705Hey /fit/ can you give me some advice? >Be me 18 yo >About 230 pounds and 6'1/2 >BMI o…[View]
43236081REAL TALK - I NEED HELP -: I've been at my worst (in weight wise) for 3 years straight. i stopp…[View]
43223933CBT: Vegetarian keto edition: 5'11 160ish 3 years of dicking around Fiber intake is literally c…[View]
43233896ITT: normie gym stories: >be me >doing db incline presses >finish set >see 6 sets of dum…[View]
43234771What are you drinking tonight, /fit/?: What does /fit/ think about eggnog? And what are you manlets …[View]
43235543why do i keep fucking up my personal life[View]
43236036>tfw cant tell if Im squatting high or low bar[View]
43223131How can Jon Skywalker so openly admit to using tren? Wouldn't this be probable cause and allow …[View]
43233068/nosip/ general: Anyone here trying to quit caffeine? I feel tired as heck![View]
43234760Skinny gains: I need an honest rating here guys. One year ago today I was 6'1' 147ibs year late…[View]
43230491Fierce 5 Routine: Pic is me. I am 5'11 and around 185Ibs, with loose skin. I've been told …[View]
43234096Who or what prompted you to start lifting? For me, it was my King, Griffith.[View]
43234857/fit/, i need help. I'm trying to fix my fucked up shoulder so I can make it. please take two …[View]
43235785How do I stop having gym anxiety?[View]
43236117Q U I C K: Someone post a FUCKING monday night body weight workout thats gonna shred me bros, I have…[View]
43236061steroid purchase online: Looking to start a cycle not sure where or what to purchased i would like t…[View]
43232296Why are native humans, in their natural habitat, that spend sunrise to sunset everyday working, what…[View]
43234212what's his name again?[View]
43234627anyone else go home and jack off right away after getting back from the gym?[View]
43232889I wanna start showering at the gym after my workout How do I increase my flaccid size?[View]
43227156how you holdin up /fit/? me >girlfriend said she is moving out >use anger and resentment to se…[View]
43221377>male butterface[View]
43235812BEING VEGAN MAKES YOU A LOW TEST BETA BITCH: That's fucking right. The only way you QUEER vegan…[View]
43232527When I do a cross arm shoulder stretch I get pain in my front deltoid. I suspect my labrum is injure…[View]
43235675What is the best way to build up endurance while loosing weight fast? I am about 220 now and was ori…[View]
43235224Skinny girl wants to fast: Hi /fit/, I've been eating a semi-crummy diet since I've been l…[View]
43229035/fit/ I'm 23 and want to take up boxing. Is it too late for me to become the next floyd maywea…[View]
43234575Has anyone tried doing 5/3/1 without any rest days. Like complete 1 week then immediately start week…[View]
43232425How do you pronounce creatine? I pronouce it 'crea-tine' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B…[View]
43234586what supplements does /fit/ use?[View]
43233701gym sloot told me today that she wants to break up with her boyfriend because he dosent fuck her goo…[View]
43233040Rate my body honestly /fit/[View]
43235452Thanks: After reading the fat hate thread I actually ran again for the first time in months. I can…[View]
43232281How can I get a jaw like this to complement my body?[View]
43235457PHYSIOS GTFIH PLEASE: I just worked out that I have this: http://www.physioroom.com/injuries/groin_a…[View]
43235330What's the best powder flavor and why is it double choc?[View]
43234768whole30: day 1: October 16 Day 1 Food: 6 scrambled eggs salsa 2 packages bacon 3 eggs over kale …[View]
43234865SAY MY NAME[View]
43233884While youre bulking is it ok to eat more than youre supposed to some days? This is my first time bul…[View]
43228975>70 calories each >filling as fuck Is there a reason NOT to eat six eggs every day to lose wei…[View]
43235093Just got a hernia deadlifting boys. What do can I expect now? Will I return to deadlifting after rec…[View]
43233868Why should I ever eat at a large surplus? Isn't this just putting on fat? Won't I gain mus…[View]
43230866you know you're a powerlifter when...: ...you flex your hamstrings to pick something up off the…[View]
43234957Alright /fit/ how do i be less of a faggot Like from what do you think girls would like if i change …[View]
43224760Chads: >6'4' >215 lbs >smokes weed >does drugs >has 10/10 gf Does it get any mor…[View]
43233807How 2 (to) gain weight without eating 24/7?[View]
43225302Friendly Reminder: If you truly want to look strong you should strive to get a big upperback. Having…[View]
43220183/fat/ not the place for water fasting faggots: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to bett…[View]
43234703I hate all you fags. I was straight before browsing this board.[View]
43234219i bet you faggots would wear this https://na.merch.riotgames.com/en/yasuo-hoodie-unisex.html?utm_so…[View]
43232074my gf downloaded tinder 'as a joke' with her friends this weekend. I told her that it's not oka…[View]
43235000POTS syndrome: Hey /fit/ my gf of a year has a condition called POTS. Basically, she can't cont…[View]
43234066What's better for improving sleep? Cardio or Weight Lifting?[View]
43232122Daily reminder whether or not you should squat and deadlift is determined by GENETICS. > Bret: [.…[View]
43232125This spot has been here for years now but it's really getting to me recently, not sure what it …[View]
43234583What are the benefits of using a mixed grip?[View]
43234855UST BE YOURSELF BRO JUST BE CONFIDENT, GIRLS LOVE CONFIDENCE! You only need to be yourself and have …[View]
43234751Work in fast food. How to eat healthy?: I work at a fucking taco Bell and can't really go anywh…[View]
43232760>tfw insomnia[View]
43230067How the fuck am I expected to consume over 3000 calories a day? I'm a twig trying to bulk but I…[View]
43234002https://instagram.com/p/BaU4qjKA_d5/ I’ll never be a 19 year old strong fat lifting god. What’s even…[View]
43233191MFP Proves that its genetics once and for all.[View]
43232891>almost no longer feel to fat to consider possibly having sex with another human being one day…[View]
43229589> Yfw you realize Feel is alpha as fuck[View]
43232915>tfw finally found a baller ass powerlifting/olympic lifting gym in my area Feels good man, no m…[View]
43227027Is MuscleThicc the ultimate female body type? i.e. strong and muscular on a large frame - tall, broa…[View]
43233252How do u guys stay motivated?[View]
43231932Is the existence of manlets justified by nature?[View]
43229362I need to loose as many lbs in a few hours as I can for a job weighin. What do? Its at 6pm est Vomi…[View]
43233820>He can't carry 2 plates per hand[View]
43233615/tofutti/ general: after extensive research i've decided to eat 4 tubs of tofutti a day, lets s…[View]
43234235mfw when I get glute doms[View]
43230574AM I HAVING A HEART ATTACK ???: It seems I'm having an arrhythmic attack, last 45mins my heart …[View]
43234210>go to powerlifting gym for first time >load up incline bench press >lmao 1/18th plate >…[View]
43233796/fit/ shaming.: Anyone ever get shamed by being /fit/. I just started working in a public accounting…[View]
43232500hey there /fit/, here's my situation: i'm a 29yo white male. over the past three years, my…[View]
43230756>eat half a cup of oats >full[View]
43224702do NOT jack off Chronic masturbation is a hazardous activity. Ejaculation floods your brain with pr…[View]
43233839/fraud/: /fraud/ - general for all you bathtub sauce loving meatheads >barely legal edition Read…[View]
43228633Is the you only need low bodyfat for abs meme true?[View]
43218961Have you noticed any misogynistic behavior at your gym?: What steps have you taken to make it a safe…[View]
43232893Crazy-Bulk: So on my quest to find a supplement that would really help me see results fast this craz…[View]
43233217An untrained person can do 1/2/3/4 with green plates. A beginner in a gym can do it with yellow. A p…[View]
43231451how much weight can i gain in 3 months? i am currently very skinny 120 at 6 ft. is it possible to be…[View]
43232993who the fuck needs fitness when you can have money? While all you meatheads work on defining your ug…[View]
43223053FPH/FPS White Whale Edition: Last one hit limit, time for round whatever this is[View]
43233053>mfw literal meme >single mom >never played sports >LITERALLY fed steady diet of soymi…[View]
43226092Should men in the middles ages work out? What program is best?[View]
43233174It's looking like I'll be sent to Japan for work for a few years. AFAIK weight lifting isn…[View]
43230292Sugar addiction: Hey /fit, how can i break my addiction to sweets? Done a diet change multiple times…[View]
43222675Fighting?: So I can't decide between going to a local boxing gym or a dudebro MMA gym in my are…[View]
43233314Okay I'm a little new to 4chan and definitely new to /fit/, so bear with me. I'm a 18 y/o,…[View]
43233383>quit /fit/ for a few months >come back >exact same threads, exact same pictures reposted f…[View]
43233372I started lifting a few months ago and got back into it after stopping for a week because of midterm…[View]
43230773Just happened: 67.5 kg 3x5 chest touching no shaking bench press Holy shit guys am I slowly making i…[View]
43232450Wide hips: So where’s the threshold? I feel like mine a wide, but after doing some measurements (sho…[View]
43232874>Measure myself with my friend >186cm >Hey bro whats 186cm in feet ? >uhh around 6'…[View]
43230223HOLY STRAP: Why the fuck are you faggots not using weightlifting straps? It's not like they hel…[View]
43232595>tfw brapped LOUDLY while BENCHING two or three people looked at me funny after i finished my set…[View]
43232085Produce a solid argument why I shouldn't buy this right now[View]
43232261What's /fit/ having for dinner? You can see here: 400g of steak with garlic butter, green bea…[View]
43233082Home gym shut-in here. I made the mistake of buying a half-rack + powertower instead of a full-rack.…[View]
43220988/fag/: Facial aesthetics general. You know the drill. Starting off with my pic.[View]
43228209What is a good 3 day split? I can't find one I like anywhere. I'm down for a brosplit or f…[View]
43232990haters gona hate: My dog brahma murine[View]
43232918>tfw lots of us are improving every day and will one day look upon this time as a period when we …[View]
43232103I'm a 24-year 194cm (6'4) veryhairy German/Mexican, sadly the one place I don't have …[View]
43232380Whats worst /fit/ >Being a manlet with full hair or >Balding but being a big guy (>6'…[View]
43232027Martial Art/Street Fight thread: Is there any martial art that I can train at home? Something that w…[View]
43232819Shocker Shakes General /SSG/: If your SHAKES dont utterly and completely SHOCK your BODY you WILL NE…[View]
43230636Lower back hurts. Can't squat or DL heavy. Don't want to lose gains. Wat do.[View]
43230101What do you mean by >not enough volume? Explain like I'm retarded[View]
43232829https://www.instagram.com/not_a_sexual_offender/ Is this a troll? I mean he is like most of you reta…[View]
43232000Where do you find the top 1%?: Where do you find people with: >135+ IQ (1 percentile) >6'…[View]
43232715Tinder bio: o/ fit, what do you put in your tinder bio..? still average looking, so dont wanna go fo…[View]
43232658Ingredients in 8 pineapple fingers >20g butter >1tbsp soft light brown sugar >1tbsp dark ru…[View]
43232402So I was squatting with more weight than usual and my lower back started to hurt slightly. Now I get…[View]
43230762How do pro athletes spend their day?: They train 4 hours per day at most (more like 2-3, actually), …[View]
43229166is Aloe Vera drink (sugarless) healthy? Cuz I drink like 3 liters of it daily I fucking love this sh…[View]
43230371How do I Jon Skywalker-mode?[View]
43232440been getting weaker and fatter havent even been to the gym in two weeks im dying[View]
43232023What bf am I at brehs? Am I ready for Halloween[View]
43231967>lift for 2 months, get to 77.5 kg from 74kg >didn't eat enough recently and weight fell …[View]
43230560So /fit/, I'm really wanting to get into lifting heavy and building strength while I lose a lot…[View]
43225540Does caloric restriction (-500) stunt growth?: I want to cut to maximize facial aesthetics, but at t…[View]
43231991In your opinion..: In your opinion, is this good for 1.5 years of lifting? Not gonna show legs beca…[View]
43231862>tfw even Caprice got swole and you're still fapping your test away…[View]
43220264/plg/ - powerlifting general: Useful links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tZIonSOwhM3iM0gTY…[View]
43230976What routine is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n5PXEDsv78&index=12&list=PLrFUyzUyW8-…[View]
43228336Accesories for GSLP: which lifts should I be added to GSLP and how long should I run this program fo…[View]
43226787Year long results: By the end of this year i will be down to my goal weight (70kgs, from 160) and i …[View]
43232215My fucking lats wont grow fit, is this a genetic thing or am I just not gonna leave humanity behind?[View]
43188054/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Friday Edition >>Thread Theme<< It's the weekend…[View]
43231945today when i was doing pull ups i got this ache in my right forearm, around 30% of the way up from m…[View]
43232047How the fuck do you get motivated? Last week was my first week at a boxing club and I went 3 days in…[View]
43228353*WALK IN TO THE GYM* *BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: what do you do?!?[View]
43229713go on anon buy a box and have a few wont hurt[View]
43230031Is there any point to leg press if you do squats? I don't see why this meme machine exists othe…[View]
43226104Lucas Parker: how can i achieve this kinda body and how long would it take?[View]
43231877how small do girls waist can get?: im a large side 32 waist male? but really small girl waist are 14…[View]
43227989Hi /fit/ is having a torso similar to Connor Murphy's possible? Especially when you're 184…[View]
43231724Sweat: How much do you sweat during cardio? I started using an elliptical/treadmill a month ago and …[View]
43231456>>43220988 >>43220988 >>43220988 Why do mods continually allow these nu-male faggo…[View]
43231784Empty your pockets before you deadlift: >deadlifting 315 lbs >pockets are bulging with my phon…[View]
43231085Baldlet General: >try to apply minoxidil to scalp >feels like most of it just ended up stuck t…[View]
43230072Is it smart to skip the ego lifting phase and go straight to fitness: Just bought a gym membership a…[View]
43231369Who else here P,P,(rest),P,P,L,(rest)?[View]
43221572QTDDTT: Where and idiot like me asks to be spoonfed. >Is the macro calculator from bb.com good, s…[View]
43229690Is this the ideal female physique?[View]
43231494GOAL BODY THREAD: Post em >ywn be turbochad[View]
43230393Guys I am sick with the flu and haven't trained for almost 1 week and I will probably miss this…[View]
43229420tendonosis: Guys, what do I do? after maybe 2 sets its impossible to move my arm without feeling lik…[View]
43202109Please can we have a serious discussion about deadlift without people who absolute love it going men…[View]
43230684I CAN NOT GET SICK RIGHT NOW! What do to not get sick?[View]
43227785Let me tell you the truth about nofap. Erectile dysfunction, porn induced erectile dysfunction and p…[View]
43231466Symmetric Strength: Can I find a gf like this in the gym?[View]
43230229>bent over rows in the power rack Thoughts on this? I tried it today and it seemed to work better…[View]
43227112/fraud/: /fraud/ - 'stop making shit OPs you mouthbreathers' edition Read all of https://www.reddit…[View]
43227650Just one chance to born >aborted[View]
43231088Is it embarrasing that my gf is bigger than me? I'm 5'9 and about 160lbs lean. She is also…[View]
43231475underrated/unknown/redpill: ITT: we share underrated or unknown training tips that we've picked…[View]
43229271Why aren't you raising chickens at home?: >100% natty gains available at any time >unlimi…[View]
43228342So I woke up with a sore throat today and it fucking sucks. Will going to the gym today make it wors…[View]
43225444Chin surgery: I got braces a few years ago and my orthodontist said that after I have them removed I…[View]
43230848/Cravings/: >1st year Uni student >Finally escaped my 'butter everything' family and can affor…[View]
43231243Same meals every day: I want to start eating the same thing every day. >saves money >easy por…[View]
43229167>hot girl rejected me because my traps are too small why bother living if you're a traplet?…[View]
43231031>finish fucking random sloot i picked up earlier today from uni >feel completely empty inside …[View]
43211494/running/: Sup /fit/, If you had to run a 5k today, how fast would you be able to run it?[View]
43228946Fully machine based routine: Anyone got a program for beginners that exclusively uses machines, and …[View]
43231019Are caffeine pills useful for a cut? Anything I should know before taking them?[View]
43230207I don't have any interests in Guys or Girls. What's wrong with me. I've had many attr…[View]
43229268>eat relatively healthy for months >have some super chocolate cake >stomach hurts badly and…[View]
43229597What do you do on your rest days, /fit/?[View]
43231074Training for Police Physical Test: Hello, I'm taking the physical exam for my police department…[View]
43231041Sup fit. Imma stop my 2 year PT sessions this week and want to get something for my PT on the last d…[View]
43198218Do you notice other guys acting insecure around you since you started lifting?[View]
43230915Diagnose muh pain: /fat amerikunt reporting in. My body is destroyed from undiagnosed weightlifting …[View]
43229706I've been lifting for about a year, but my 5RMs are a 210 squat, 85 OHP, 155 bench, and a 235 d…[View]
43227525CHAD GENERAL: >tfw cute boy How do I become a slayer chad? Girls just seem to want to hug and kis…[View]
43230819/SUNDAY NIGHT THREAD/ Come in and hangout. Post feels, rants, ask for and receive advice or just sh…[View]
43228034started working out 2weeks ago, is there any hope?[View]
43229590/fit/ achievement poster: Post em. http://five-sixty.co.uk/fit.html[View]
43229087How do you drink your coffee anon? You don't just drink it black without even adding sugar, rig…[View]
43224994Isn't PPL just a brosplit with 2-3 bodyparts crammed in on the same day? Wouldn't a normal…[View]
43228993My first set of 3x5 is the hardest one, even when I stretch and do a 80% warm up set. Obviously it…[View]
43224947Shits: How do I get godly shits that just leave me clean and swift? I eat fibre and drink at least 2…[View]
43227842Am I fucked /fit/?: I haven't had any friends for 2 years I don't have any social media No…[View]
43226740Are there any supplements that help with sex drive (that actually work)[View]
43225379Ate 5 eggs today. Am I killing myself slowing with the cholesterol?[View]
43227029Saddest place on the internet??: >https://www.baldingbeards.com/ HOLY SHIT AHAHAHAHA >inb4 thi…[View]
43229931I'm new to weightlifting. How can I improve my posture? I did power cleans today and I noticed…[View]
43230086Do you believe him, /fit/? I do.[View]
43230330I respect him as a ridiculously strong lifter but this is just the funniest photo to me.[View]
43227328German Volume Training: Anyone here try german volume training? Basic concept is 10x10 of compounds …[View]
43223447Is it even worth it to lift if you can't get a full nights sleep? The reason I ask is that my w…[View]
43230096>OHP with shit form. >Almost give self miscarriage Why are women so bad at being physical? ht…[View]
43226889what mode is this?[View]
43229907bad mood diet: Hi, I'm telling you what I'm going through. I'm going to the gym 3 x w…[View]
43230081>wtf insomnia[View]
43228242hey /fit/ i'm a degenerate, lazy neet. where do i start? what should be my course of action i…[View]
43230109Help me bros: >be me >in my calc class >read a bread about nofap >lightweight baybee …[View]
43230011Anyone else like to have sex with other women whilst currently in a relationship? The test boost is …[View]
43217674Is Epicureanism the /fit/ philosophy?[View]
43229353Where is the pain? i thought it would be pain. Am i doing something wrong? I've started 2 weeks…[View]
43228937Fat fag is here and wondering, Is it possible to gain size by only with these? If yes teach me. tir…[View]
43229514What is your favourite Oldsql/preroid bodybuilder?[View]
43224569elliptical or treadmill?[View]
43224902my weight loss: How am I going /fit/? 2015 (age 16) - 2017 (age 18). I feel great and look even bett…[View]
43227054?: Is Phil Heath natural?[View]
43229416What kind of routine is best for obtaining 'The Chosen One' mode? PPL? Starting strength?[View]
43228625Is GSLP a meme? I'm hard pressed to find any body pics of Johnny Pain, and what I have seen loo…[View]
43229095Hitting the wall: I feel as if I've hit 'the wall' while cutting, took a break and started cutt…[View]
43221376protein bottles: I got a $20 amazon gift card, what kind of protein bottle should I get? I usually j…[View]
43229565Does anyone have kizen alberto nunez program yet? I'm a slav poorfag who can't pay 70$ and…[View]
43229189Why aren't you drinking Semen for maximum gains? https://youtu.be/aOENUWCxfqA?t=64[View]
43227561531 Forever: No Ebook yet, but I'm itching to know the contents of 531 Forever. To those that h…[View]
43223916I work in a gym: Why can't you put them away you stupid assholes!!!! Countless times people lea…[View]
43226034>This guy actually unironically exists >His whole fucking family is real life ubermensch https…[View]
43227676/thicc/ general: Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nut…[View]
43223072Does anyone else put these bad boys in their proton shakes so it feels like a thick protein load?[View]
43226637Give me ONE reason why you arent striving to achieve this body.[View]
43229133Neck Harness: It's time /fit/, educate me on neck harness. Is this meme exercise or it actually…[View]
43224808I'm tired from work but need to go lift, I keep procrastinating like a faggot. Motivate me to g…[View]
43228557The Zinc Pill: I came up with an interesting theory, would like your feedback. Ever notice how a lo…[View]
43221097tfw jawlet[View]
43228143>not putting tuna in your salads >not putting tuna in your sandwiches >not putting tuna in …[View]
43228503Is he natty?[View]
43227494whats the best routine to preserve muscle while cutting?[View]
43228782Boii: Rate my lunch boiiiiiiiii[View]
43225523rough break up now i'm dead set determined to be a sick kunt. been thinking about roiding nonst…[View]
43228521Week Thread: How's your week so far, /fit/? >tfw go to a uni gym >offices have been annou…[View]
43225534My wife shaved my back and shoulders today.[View]
43228472/fit/ btfo https://youtu.be/hFxxlc6pRQ4 2:05 Holy shit how will /fit/ ever recover?[View]
43228339Jaw: If i use braces on the bottom teeths will it fuck my jaw or maxilla? Also Jaw thread[View]
43228349Wait, so do you correct for cycling in your daily intake? Let's say my TDEE+500 is 3000, but I …[View]
43213885/routine general/: No routine bread, let's fix this. Post your lifting routine and ask question…[View]
43224271Psoriasis: Anybody else affected by the fucking blight that is psoriasis? I've been having a re…[View]
43227940Times you spotted people mirin: >Some bitch in her mid 30s just mired my quads in my tight ass je…[View]
43227948>never skip leg day[View]
43226509New achievements thread: >decided about 2 months ago I wanted to be able to run 3 miles in 24 min…[View]
43226768best vidya music to lift to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a7L71jsC4M https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
43225663fatty liver: any advice? diet? exercise? what do?[View]
43227024stick fit mode: fit pls help I want to be like pic related, like stick/fit mode with really skinny '…[View]
43215812Is he natty? Insane physique for a 19 year old[View]
43227005For some reason my dad is convinced that you can obtain a body that is as toned as Bruce Lee by simp…[View]
43224931>Big Lenny Appreciation the living legend himself, he might be gone soon .. went from his death b…[View]
43227522>watching Brawl In Cell Block 99 >the whole movie is centered around Vince being a huge guy …[View]
43227984>go out to lunch around 11:30am >be near high school so plenty of high schoolers in restaurant…[View]
43227850Any good fitness related youtube channels vlogs? picture not related[View]
43227962>farmer's walk >lateral raises >core work What are other exercises that can be done re…[View]
43227924Sharp pain in right cortex: Not sure if this is the best board for this, but here goes. I never expe…[View]
43224921Exercising even drunk: Every time i go to a party and get drunk i ALWAYS end up doing push up/ pull …[View]
43227006What bf% do you guys usually cut to? I'm about to do my first cut, currently at 15-16%[View]
43225195Rate my American body[View]
43227345Why is the sky fucking yellow lads?: WTF, why is everything yellow! Also any tips on getting some b…[View]
43225403Maximize testosterone and HGH in free time?: Lets say that I have 8hour of free time every day(somet…[View]
43222462/emptyvessel/ posting No motivation to do anything edition. >In school >Don't do any scho…[View]
43227724what's wrong with me: >going every day to the gym to end looking like even more deformed. th…[View]
43226911Anyone who feel they have successfully transferred the discipline developed for becoming /fit/ to ot…[View]
43214132Do you smoke? Do you know nicotine increases testosterone and suppresses estrogen? What brand of cig…[View]
43227675>tfw you maintain eye contact with a qt for ~4 seconds and your heart skips a beat…[View]
43220667strong jawlines on girls: is it aesthetic or gay?[View]
43225999/fit/ autism: What is the most autistic /fit/ related things you do/ have done. >be me former sk…[View]
43220418When is /fit/ going to realize that pic related is the true endgoal, not being some fucking zyzz clo…[View]
43227118i don't really go to fit very often, but what are some good fruits or vegetables that are good …[View]
43227214Hey /fit/izens, help me slide into a girl's dm's. I know I have a good shot of plowing her…[View]
43226476>my muscles are too big for a girl? But anon, I feel really small, I need to gain muscle What…[View]
43227190Fixing My Fuckarounditis: I've been lifting for about a year, but my 5RMs are a 210 squat, 85 O…[View]
43225461Has anyone here tried CBD for mental health gains? (the legal oil stuff, not actual weed high in CBD…[View]
43225309Alternative workouts: So I heard about this alternative way of working out, which supposedly makes y…[View]
43222940>one chance at life >born gay >very handsome >somehow develop a fetish for middle-aged/o…[View]
43227052Weight loss: Hello /fit/, summer is approaching and that means shorts in Australia unfortunately i h…[View]
43225767How does skelly replace squat?: My skelly ass had to move to a gym, that has no squat rack in it. Wh…[View]
43226407>tfw gym closed due to hurricane >tfw no hurrigains…[View]
43227048Spookygainz: Halloween is 2 weeks away /fit/. What routine are you doing to make sure you're fw…[View]
43225891help: how do I unfuck my shoulder[View]
43226920Are test supplements just a meme? I can't get out of twink mode for the life of me and the lack…[View]
43223781Can we get a good nutrition going? >Post your foods[View]
43223322>that guy who warms up with the bar >that guy who wears lifting shoes >that guy who avoids …[View]
43226142I can't talk to girls when I'm sober. They probably think there is something wrong with me…[View]
43224255Give me one good reason why I should ever eat bread?[View]
43226919Hit 1/2/3/4. Still a virgin. So do I kms or keep going /fit/?[View]
43221748ideal woman: post a picture of your ideal girl along with >height >weight >race >level o…[View]
43226886Go on YouTube. Search for hairless gorilla. And find the pianoman among the first 2 dozen results of…[View]
43226332>latino, no tats, got kicked out of hs for fighting >work construction, live with wifey >co…[View]
43222554I failed again. Other day is gone. Tried to eat 1600 calories. End up eating like 2600. I gave up an…[View]
43224879>tfw can't give up coffee because having one during my lunch break is the only pleasure I ge…[View]
43214221Is your dad proud of you?: >be me, fat >get personal trainer >working out regularly for 3 …[View]
43225809Nutrition question- Hair loss: Is there any foods I can eat to help avoid losing hair when I get old…[View]
43226661Shit chin: Is it even worth getting fit If i have a horrible chin?[View]
43226705feed me your aesthetics goy https://www.celebslike.me[View]
43224406>how's the diet going, anon?[View]
43225764Tips on simple exercises for weight gain? (Don't have much equipment)[View]
43224195Any military fags here? >how does your job affect your lifting? >wbranch/job is best for mai…[View]
43225174Endgame: So /fit/ what is your purpose in life? What do you hope to achieve? This thread is dedicate…[View]
43225423Are bacon and egg eraps every morning a good idea? I got shit for eating granola with yogurt and ber…[View]
43216891/Fraud General/: Fraud General. No source discussion. MasT BTFO edition[View]
43226310>do the workout meme >still look disgusting, just with more muscle Is it even worth it to wast…[View]
43222167GOD TIER: Transplant PRIMARY TIER: Finasteride Minoxidil SECONDARY TIER: Ketoconazole POWER GA…[View]
43222939Creatine or Whey?: Should I buy creatine or whey? Im on a budget so I can only pick one[View]
43209681Why is picking up a heavy dumbbell harder than picking up a barbell with the same weight or more?[View]
43224444>fat brother goes vegan >starts lifting >drops 90lbs >now lifts shirtless despite havi…[View]
43199752GIRLS MIRIN GUYS: Post 'em.[View]
43226414I have been doing CICO for about a month now and I am 12 pounds down. I went from 255 to 243. When s…[View]
43226433Lifting advice thread >ring facepulls between set Keep them shoulders healthy + rear delts gains…[View]
43224601/fit/ness modeling: >rich >healthy >able to fuck any women >looked up to by millions of …[View]
43224319Will tofu lower my test? I've been eating 6lbs a day and I don't want to turn into a sissy…[View]
43220185I can't take coldshowers anymore: When I take cold shower I get some kind of allergic reacton a…[View]
43224980Good Feels: Post your good feels in here. >Had a killer workout today >Blasted legs, back, and…[View]
43225360Daily reminder if you don't have autism you're literally a low t beta Enjoy your female br…[View]
43223656Best way to eat eggs? Hard-boiled?[View]
43225793How to be a Chad? What are the qualities of a Chad? Can one become a Chad, or a Chads born Chads?[View]
43221219Gym playlists What sort of music are you guys listening to while lifting?[View]
43225901Could a person like Joseph G. Newton be produced with selective breeding?: Also physical possibiliti…[View]
43223449Is this a scam?[View]
43216899/fit/ humor thread: I have a cold and need advice edition[View]
43225672Weighted pull ups or chin ups?[View]
43225596>lift for like 2 years >routine mostly push pull type >hit all muscle groups 2 times each w…[View]
43225400>I train chest more than once a week[View]
43221070PROOF that Height doesn't matter: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41630674…[View]
43225346What drinks do you drink when fasting? I know about the standard water, black coffee, tea and diet s…[View]
43224590Today I hit my mark of losing 60 lbs in three months. Celebrate with me in a fat hate thread[View]
43225609hehe: remember when you thought that abs was the shit and would get you girls when in reality it…[View]
43224433>bench >squats >curls >situps These are the only exercises I do. What muscle groups am I…[View]
43224604How do I reach Jason mode?[View]
43222123Is creatine worth it?[View]
43222567Anyone ever mess around with dry needling for trigger point relief?[View]
43225307pls help: So i was on starting strenght for 4 months and it was all fine and dandy.I progressed nice…[View]
43224747How do you become Charlie Sheen mode? Is he the ultimate chad? Doesn't look like he lifts. Play…[View]
43225045guys im suffering from some mom science here, apparently both my parents believe that cold water is …[View]
43206682What is the best program you ever followed and made the most gains with /fit/? >pic related…[View]
43225138Should I get back into judo for the purpose of competing? I did it from my childhood into my teenage…[View]
43223276How do I into /experiment/ mode?[View]
43223027Righto fellas, I've been sick with the flu and bronchitis for 17 days now. I'm sick of doc…[View]
43224358what's /fit/ gonna wear for Halloween?[View]
43216795Do you take creatine or protein and why?[View]
43225171What to do against a puffy bloated face?[View]
43225136Wrestling is the /fit/test sport.: Pic related was the team captain of my school's wrestling te…[View]
43221139When the pimp's in the crib ma[View]
43224238How can I get a face like that? I've been lifting since 2012 and I still look like a goblin[View]
43224793What is the best method to perform a bicep curl?[View]
43222798Bruce Lees forearms are bigger than his biceps imagine his fucking grip strength[View]
43224886should you do cardio and lift on the same day or is it better to alternate?[View]
43224303>mom joins the gym[View]
43223994Hi /fit/ i need help 2 days ago I didnt sleep all night and in the morning i took 2 Coffees which is…[View]
43223719Good feels: >training and diet goes down the shitter during exams >finally get my lifts back u…[View]
43224766What routine for Klokov mode?[View]
43224525>tfw spent formative years being fat loser and now that i've become fit and somewhat presant…[View]
43224619Reminder that life is too short to be held back by your shyness.[View]
43224472OP #yes: Backstory, I have a leg and lower back injury that has caused pelvic tilt and back problems…[View]
43224507I've come to a startling realization. After watching this video https://youtu.be/HfNKFvHtA3g?t=…[View]
43222721HONK HONK[View]
43223440How much tuna can I eat before I die do food poisoning? Just ate two cans of it can I keep eating tw…[View]
43220523Is imitation crab any good for lean bulk? >20g p >240 cal >$4 per pack…[View]
43223397>be happy in a relationship >lift infrequently >very very far from huge but happy with size…[View]
43222564Trying to bulk up: I'm a pretty scrawny teen, I cycle everyday so my legs are in really good sh…[View]
43224140Life with New Gains: Guys I know this always comes off as humble bragging but I need advice. Ever si…[View]
43220916anyone else work a shit job surrounded by fat blobs?[View]
43224010How beneficial for your physique are bodyweight push ups? Can I get joocy doing just a shitload of p…[View]
43223202Does it matter what form of cardio you do? Is running/walking on the treadmill better than going on …[View]
43221268Ok /fit/ I'm gonna be honest. Being tall sucks. 6'8' was my height last time I bothered to…[View]
43224039Do you think it's a good idea to pour tea while it's still really hot to a plastic bottle?[View]
43222502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2O_bboGEDc >make it like 300 but with females PFFFTTTAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
43220845How do you guys manage to find the time to work out when working at a job with a rotating shift? …[View]
43223841Why aren't you using the supreme bulking supplement, /fit/?[View]
43221509What are the most important things in life, and how do you obtain them? Where does becoming /fit/ pl…[View]
43222278Gym nemesis: /fit/, how do you defeat your gym nemesis?[View]
43220783>ripped >handsome >tall >charming This is what peak manhood looks like…[View]
43222962My gym-bros are constantly staring at my ass.[View]
43224025Is it possible to get fit by just wearing a weighted vest all day long every day?[View]
43224024Winded after a workout: Hey /fit/, I tried working out for 10 minutes and I couldn't even make …[View]
43223382explain yourselves: Everyone knows the lies and misinformation surrounding the Zyzz character so let…[View]
43223970are these pants good for sprinting or they will slow me down ?[View]
43222210>lifts increasing but physique stays the same[View]
43223107Social gains: How do I not turn into a retard every time someone talks to me? How do I become more o…[View]
43221915Olympic weightlifting worth it?: 24 fireman here, is oly weightlifting worth it? Like in term of str…[View]
43221845/fit/ isn't a gay board. Stop spreading these lies.[View]
43222253/NG/ Nootropics general: Been taking 750mg oxiracetam + 800g piracetam daily, and 1g phenibut once a…[View]
43221971Is he right /fit/[View]
43221817We are living in special times. If you are copying your average gymbroscientest, you are missing ou…[View]
43221567Whats with creatine: Ok newfag here, and Im having some rough time putting on weight and increasing …[View]
43205752What's your dietary kryptonite?[View]
43223536Roiders are pussies.[View]
43223379what does /fit/ do for neck? People tell me some of the exercises i've been doing like bridges …[View]
43223451I'm only 19 years old and my hairline has already receding and the hair on the top of my head i…[View]
43223576Joining a gymnastic club/gym?: 23 y/o fag with some calisthenics experience. There's like 4 gym…[View]
43223207Beginer aesthetic program?: whats agood program for aesthetics for beginers >inb4 SS please no I …[View]
43223141Alts to chin ups: Been looking for a alternative to chin ups in the sticky lost 110 lbs and half ass…[View]
43213266Why did everyone go absolutely apeshit when Jason said Rich Punani deserves to die? 99% of the comme…[View]
43222912Is swimming more than 2 hours a day too much? I want to reach my sexual peak by doing lots of cardio…[View]
43222534i decided to treat myself tonight and add an extra half scoop of growtein powder to my shake why am …[View]
43223190DIScord: Join https://discord.gg/bmxm4nF while you can anons 8)) Super srs lifters only[View]
43218729Is One the greatest and most widely used PR song there is?[View]
43222492is strong lifts a decent for aesthetics?[View]
43222076PROGRAM FOR FASTER SPRINTING: yes this is a retarded question but does anyone have any programs to b…[View]
43222590Proven was to increase testosterone?: Any tips? Natural ways preferred[View]
43223059If im tired after training does that mean Im low test?[View]
43220463do i need to cycle creatine? just realized ive been doing 5gr's daily for like a year now lol[View]
43214080whats /fit/ opinion on fruit? what fruit should be eaten/avoided?[View]
43222471Hypertrophy/Strength routine: I'm looking for a good routine that will provide great hypertroph…[View]
43223077Alright /fit/ I ate my last pie and drank my last soda help me stay motivated[View]
43221415is this a legit way to build up back strength?[View]
43218027How long did it take you to go from fat to fit? Include starting weights, fuckups, if you roided/go…[View]
43220527GSLP or PPL for beginner: which one should I be doing /fit/ if i only care about aesthetics and am b…[View]
43223046That feel when hard brain gainer[View]
43223043Haven't exercised at all for over a year because I've been traveling. Now that I'm st…[View]
43220695My problem with eating right is that the night before I decide to start eating right I've got m…[View]
43223011>MFW 3 PL8 DL[View]
43222122>the girl with the big ass in the yoga pants working out in front of me bent over to 'stretch'…[View]
43217934Would you?[View]
43222331Can somebody explain to me why some guys are able to easily gain muscle (sometimes without even lift…[View]
43220301Is there actually anything wrong with eating an entire jar of peanut butter if you're bulking? …[View]
43221168Bow down, peasants!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6exeJ8pG4YA&index=6&list=PLfZe4rEdYLT_Q…[View]
43221751Is this a awful idea? Instead of spending a minute or two resting between sets. Just do all the exer…[View]
43219428how can i look hot?: hi. i've been lifting for like four months now and don't really feel …[View]
43221076Is it possible to get a bf who looks like this when you're a dickgirl top?[View]
43220900Hey /fit/, former fatass over here. Thing is, I have loose skin on my chest, so I was wondering what…[View]
43217178how much alcohol do you need to drink before it starts seriously affecting your body? I'm 18 an…[View]
43221810Rate my body and give me info on what I should train more[View]
43220989to anyone who couldnt get a gf before /fit/...... how about now?[View]
43197529BIG PECS: Are there any good alternatives to bench press for getting large pecs?[View]
43222684What is the least gay way to do yoga? I started working an office job 4 months ago and now my back …[View]
43221408Is this guy legit? Claims to have gone from 5'8 to 6'2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vun…[View]
43222593Is he natty?[View]
43221128Is there a good replacement for deadlifts? My lower back has been killing me for the past week and i…[View]
43222624How do I activate my Sharingan, /fit/? I want to use my autism for mad gainz.[View]
43221395I've been going to the gym for not that long. i'm trying to make them gains so i don'…[View]
43222561>do pull ups so much Im stronger doing them as opposed to chins/neutral grip >big rhomboids …[View]
43216253Natty or not ?[View]
43218276Would you be /fit/ enough to survive a sexual encounter with Julia Vins?[View]
43222516>haven't used my ab wheel in over 6 moths >just did 6 reps >stomach feels likes it…[View]
43216249Arnold must be so proud[View]
43215769whats your excuse fatty?[View]
43222474ITT: What did you eat today? What meal-patterns (not diets persay) work well for you? pic unrelated[View]
43221450water fasting: Premise: I suffer from atopic dermatitis for as long as I can remember. It kinda come…[View]
43214107Why aren't you bouldering, /fit/?: >Boost testosterone >Increase forearm strength/decrea…[View]
43222390Halloween is soon, what are some /fit/ approved costumes?[View]
43222251I look reasonably fine in the mirror and have limited body fat, but when I sit down and look at my s…[View]
43222312How has lifting impacted your sex life?[View]
43222149Can we just take a moment and admire young Mike Tyson's neck? Also, What are the advantages of…[View]
43220921Thoughts on eating liver: Fit what do think about eating beef liver[View]
43222211what's his name again?[View]
43222303Is a body like this naturally attainable?[View]
43222218>ywn be Josh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1zkm32t_g0[View]
43220349What would this look like in real life?[View]
43219002Anyone else feels like a manlet at 180 cm?: I seriously feel like a high school kid, anyone experien…[View]
43218314is he natty?[View]
43222130How long until 1/2/3/4? If I extrapolate my current lifts, I should hit those four benchmarks around…[View]
43219805any /marine/ fags here that have a 300 pft body? is it a decent overall fitness goal and are the …[View]
43222121What percentage of gains to 'optional' exercises count for in science-based routines. I've bee…[View]
43220535Who is a huge fan of garlics here?: I've been eating this shit with every meal, feelsgoodman.…[View]
43221975When you're fat you are the fat guy in the room and you actually get noticed as a fat guy When …[View]
43216628Question: How do I do a routine like this without everyone at my gym thinking I'm a fag.[View]
43221112>get home after a day of feeling like a subhuman >picrelated Mint flavour Ben and Jerry's…[View]
43221749Dogs brah: Post the dogs[View]
43211679I'm an Albino. Got invited by a modelling agency,they took some pics said I have a good face. T…[View]
43221609>decide to fast >two days in >headaches out of nowhere >feels like im going to pass o…[View]
43221621can i have some advice pls thx: hello i would like to not be a skeleton anymore just looking at my o…[View]
43218224What is your favorite sip?: nothing comes close to monster. Can we all agree that this is the number…[View]
43221732Meanwhile on r/fitness[View]
43219783So, now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that PPL is the best routine for natties?[View]
43221027>want to get big >need to cut[View]
43219665literal meme exercises: Exercises that people only do because they saw other people doing them. I…[View]
43218321is diet and cardio all i need to lose the last bit of fat around my stomach? i have more fat around …[View]
43215266What kind of gear should I use if I just want to burn fat and not temper with my test? Safety is imp…[View]
43213643Aesthetic tattoo: I don't like the shape of my chest since it has a triangle gap. Would getting…[View]
43212532/FPH/ and /FPS/: Can someone explain to why fat women are so fucking entitled? >24 years old >…[View]
43221522Any tips to healing a sprained ankle/fucked lower Achilles tendon? Just doing RICE and popping ibupr…[View]
43218913Men with darker skin tones are rated as being more attractive. Just how bad is tanning for you? Here…[View]
43218134>be yesterday >decide to stop being fat >do 100 push ups >be today >my pectorals hurt…[View]
43221232what's this thing here?[View]
43214839>10 am >already ate 800 calories[View]
43216195routine question: I'm running greyskull lp. I've been lifting seriously for about a year a…[View]
43219423>first powerlifting meet in my life on friday >dad is gonna be there I hope I can finally beco…[View]
43219985>Rich was stu-[View]
43213646CARB HELP: Can someone redpill me on good vs bad carbs? Are all carbs bad? What is the fucking diffe…[View]
43219857>he wears noise cancelling headphones in the gym[View]
43220742redpill me on forced reps[View]
43207663Are regular massages good for muscle growth?: I've heard deep tissue mass. help joint movement …[View]
43221211Is it true that I'll snap my shit up if I only do squats, deadlifts and glute accessories 3x a …[View]
43219179I've been lifting for like a year and a half and made like no gains, I still look DYEL HOW DO I…[View]
43221195How /fit/ do you have to be to get a strong independent and stalwart women like this to love you?[View]
43221102I strained my neck yesterday doing ohp and it still hurts. should I still deadlift today, put off de…[View]
43220467where did i go wrong lads. I have 400 cals left and I haven't had dinner[View]
43220304Just got 2/3/4/5 3x10 What now?[View]
43216729What's the most unconventional/weirdest looking lift /fit/ has ever done? Do you regret it: …[View]
43218486DOMS pain: How do I deal with delayed onset muscle soreness after working out? Does hot or cold comp…[View]
43220894Maintaining My Size: Alright /fit/ I have come to a point where I am very happy with my size and I a…[View]
43219768Any successful/soon to be successful /fit/izens here, what is your advice on good habits to pick up,…[View]
43218965How many mg. of caffeine there is in powdered coffee? I know it depends on the brand, kind, etc., I …[View]
43213286>can lift 1/2/3/4 >still have cold hands[View]
43218071Black toe nail keeping me from lifting: I recently dropped a 2 liter bottle on my toe when a grocery…[View]
43206136/fit/ studies: What do you study and why? Does it allow you enough time for going to the gym as much…[View]
43212555Bench thread, whats your favorite kind of bench? I've been doing far-grip accessories and dumbe…[View]
43214311Post Naturally Enhanced Overhaul once and for all: Let us make it.Thanks.[View]
43216479>the most beautiful man in the world has been a vegan for decades Why are you still a retarded me…[View]
43220318How do I get a lifting buddy? I used to go to the gym with friends but I moved. I asked around if so…[View]
43218859When I breath in sometimes I get random pain in upper chest?: It lasts like 1 sec each time, wtf is …[View]
43219978Are there any exercises that can increase my height?[View]
43219865Whats a good training regimen to hold binoculars comfortably?: Binoculars are useful but require you…[View]
43220665lads: where is my energy? i cant even motivate myself to go to the gym or practice skating anymore i…[View]
43216867*Blocks white bois path*[View]
43218629hey guys i have big hand am i cool[View]
43217107Movie goal body thread Posting thicc rocky[View]
43219554I've heard that being big and strong is terrible for you and your heart, regardless of frauding…[View]
43220453What happens if you eat far more protein than your body needs?[View]
43219525[spoiler] Perfection [/spoiler][View]
43219243Daily reminder that a body like this puts you in the top 10% of men and is more than enough to score…[View]
43219467please stop posting hot naked japanese girls on blue boards: >some anon posts naked japanese girl…[View]
43219771Why I am training: It just doesn't make sense brah[View]
43220435I just typed in 'manlet' into Amazon and i feel very... odd[View]
43218684>he uses the 'I'm a power lifter' excuse just so that he can be a fatass…[View]
43217127can you reach bruce lee body with just pull ups and push ups (maybe abs)?[View]
43219988Why do people take fitness advice from Mark Cant-See-His-Toes? I say that because whenever he looks …[View]
43219753The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long[View]
43218936Comfy Weather: Who here can feel the winter winds coming and are ready for bulk comfiness?[View]
43220074What's the best way to lower bodyfat% >inb4 eat less[View]
43211429in 2016 approximately 40% of american adults are obese! 40% HOLY SHIT!!! https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/p…[View]
43185926/fit cringe/: Have your guy's gains ever caused you to boof it in social settings? I started li…[View]
43212229/fat/ water fasting and meme diets are for brainlets edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks w…[View]
43217998>how can white lanklets even compete[View]
43220116stop neglecting your stretches[View]
43219873>Find myself mirin men with gainz and aesthetic faces this is normal right? I'm not a faggot…[View]
43220052cutting or bulking advice: hey guys, i've lost 98lbs so far going from a very fat 273 @ 5'…[View]
43218522Let's say, hypothetically, I have an 8.5 face and a 7 body, I'm reasonably tall, should I …[View]
43219719>accidentally sucked off my bf 3 times yesterday There goes the cut[View]
43219975Hey /fit/ I need a bit of help To cut a long story short, I accidentally overestimated how many calo…[View]
43219949What's your stretching routine?[View]
43217163Why chineses are so pro at weightlifting?[View]
43217842First attempt at 2pl8 bench: >hit it for a clean set of 5 >do a further clean set of 3 W-Wha…[View]
43219346this is the ideal body women don't like muscle they like mass[View]
43216746Is calisthenics worth the time?: I live in bumblefuck nowhere ATM and the closest gym is an hour and…[View]
43218484Is it possible for a girl to have stomach definition and hips/ass?[View]
43219764>tfw caught myself mirrin'[View]
43219344Do you take shits at the gym/general public? Im taking a shit right now and everbodys gonna recogniz…[View]
43217216TRX exercises: What are your favourite TRX exercises, preferably for core, stability and flexibility…[View]
43216292>start working out >eating way more than I'm used to >protein giving me stinky farts a…[View]
43219441How do I stop giving a shit about anything and everyone. I am tired of caring, it's time for me…[View]
43219487Are cheat days bullshit?[View]
43219334what did he mean by this?[View]
43218334How do you stay on your diet??? I been working out since the beginning of the year but I always abou…[View]
43218950What is the purpose of this bar? Is it the same as atypical deadlift, but less lower back gains?[View]
43218812Baldlet General: I bought a 3 months supply of minoxidil for $20 only and am going to put it on my h…[View]
43218772/Neck/ thread: Grab a tshirt get ready to wrap up some weights, it's time to roll for neckcurls…[View]
43209062/plg/ - Powerlifting general: Useful links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tZIonSOwhM3iM0gTY…[View]
43215470Why do I look like shit: i just cut down and look like shit. Currently 6'4 170lb. Should I bulk…[View]
43218742Recently started my military service and for a while I'll only be able to workout once per week…[View]
43218981>tfw 2/3/4/5 1x10 on all of them[View]
43217576How do I achieve this?[View]
43218143>just saw my ex gf that dumped me 4 months ago on tinder >super liked her someone murder me fo…[View]
43217076What does it feel to be just like a smackhead?[View]
43218592Hey /fit/, I was looking through some of the workouts on the sticky and it looks like most of them a…[View]
43218697Hit on gym receptionist how?[View]
43218916Woke up today, felt like shit. Still feel drowsy as fuck. Probably caught a cold or something. Shoul…[View]
43218177/fag/: Facial aesthetics general. You know the drill. Here's my picture, let me know if you got…[View]
43218873If HIIT is so amazing, should I sprint everywhere instead of walking from now on?[View]
43209918QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread: Couldn't help but notice t…[View]
43218796Woke up today, felt like shit. Still feel a bit drowsy. Probably caught a cold or something. Should …[View]
43216427I just wanna have 3 different meals. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. And I wan…[View]
43218811Do I need more rest?: Last time I did chest ( 3 days ago ) I could do 8 reps of Dumbbell bench press…[View]
43217811because my body looks better than 99% of people I meet outside, I no longer fear going out when I se…[View]
43218309I've started training for strong man competition, I've powerlifted for a long time, but, B…[View]
43217256Spotting a back squat: This is just for perverts to feel your ass on their crotch right? They can no…[View]
43218551Bench Program: What's the best bench program you've ever used?[View]
43218327Hey, /fit/, I just signed up for the marine corps. Only issue is that I'm underweight and my re…[View]
43214437Students GTFIH: Anyone here studying a non-meme degree while lifting 4+ times a week, eating reasona…[View]
43216227Post PR song >https://youtu.be/F8v1h-CF5tc[View]
43217511Opinions on fiber? How much do you have in a day? I've been having 20grams psyllium husk every …[View]
43213623>this was considered a 10/10 in the 40s & 50s Have standards risen or dropped since then?…[View]
43218307Hi Alex: 'I just sat there in a calm and collected fashion, as I sipped on my cool glass of lemonade…[View]
43217812>bubble guts[View]
43218172Is it true that you shouldn't drink water while you're eating?[View]
43218139What did you do to me /fit/: >Start frequenting fit about 8 months ago >'haha these guys are s…[View]
43217659Back injury/sprain: Got a back sprain at work about 3 weeks ago. Was put on medical leave until I he…[View]
43204021What's the real reason you lift?[View]
43217972Books coming Monday- Did I get memed up?[View]
43217577Girls: I've got this problem where I'm just not meeting any. I'm not ugly shy or an a…[View]
43216050He actually squats and deadlifts HAHAH and he actually goes for 5 reps pr set LMAO[View]
43217457What fit advice/memes have you realized doesn't happen IRL (are wrong)? I tend to notice what f…[View]
43217865Bros, what to do?: >22 yrs old virgin >180 cm 66 kg >started doing 5x5 3 weeks ago >I fe…[View]
43206087How can I raise my testosterone naturally? Also, is it possible to reverse the negative effects that…[View]
43217941>mfw some retard here talk shit to me because I want to be natty and lean rather than big like a …[View]
43217317Lifting: How long does it take to start visibly seeing results fit?[View]
43216141GSLP for beginner aesthetics: is GSLP good for begining aesthetics? STATS BENCH - 1pl8 SQUAT - 1pl8 …[View]
43214617How's your text game /fit/, did lifting make you smooth?[View]
43216591Apps for the gym?: I'm looking to start using an app for workouts. any of you guys have experie…[View]
43213645Call him a weak-jawed beta-faced skinnyfat dyel manlet, /fit/, I dare you.[View]
43214863/alpha/ AlphaDestiny Appreciation General, NE Edition: Good day to you, brothers in iron, I hope you…[View]
43216286Atleast once or twice a year ill wake up with a severely sprained ankle, anyone have any clue why? w…[View]
43198415/run/ general: Glorious Autumn trail running edition! (sorry S. hemisphere anons) Old thread is dead…[View]
43215121GSLP MEME?: why does everybody call this routine a meme for aesthetics? is it not good for beginners…[View]
43215304Scoliosis: I've got some scoliosis. Left shoulder seems a bit higher than the right one and lef…[View]
43215560/food/: I don't understand why you guys need to make everything super complicated this is how I…[View]
43217567Is it possible to workout at home with no equipment? what do??? thanks /fit/[View]
43215257Posture: Hey /fit/ my posture has always been shit because i never saw the point in standing up stra…[View]
43217553>clean and press 150 with no backbend and no struggle >Go to clean and press 155, doesn't…[View]
43217532Is it better to be very skinny to build muscles and /get fit/ or very fat?[View]
43216608Big guys can look good in a su-[View]
43215120Hey Guys! It recently came to my mind that i got a bit of fat over the years. I am 180cm and like 85…[View]
43217152Why is Gymshark so expensive compared to the UK? Also, is there any way to get around the fact that …[View]
43217279>2017 >still falling for the bulking meme I hope you don’t do this…[View]
43217448You didn't take today off, did you? You know there's no such thing as rest days, right?[View]
43216824Does a weightlifting belt have to be of a certain quality? I'm about to buy a cheap chinese pie…[View]
43214229Mental Fitness: How you all holding up? My IBS is through the roof after breaking up with my girl of…[View]
43217237hey, /fit/. i just got my first gym membership and i just wanna ask some questions before i start. …[View]
43217155Do naht.[View]
43214076Ok fellas, help me out please. I need a pictures of guy that looks like this, preferably in social s…[View]
43215013Squats: Front squats, back squats or both? Feel free to discuss further variations. I've only b…[View]
43216296How do I get over a fear of a certain lift? Around a year and a half ago, I trained myself up to a 3…[View]
43206717what is going on here?[View]
43216514Have any of you done sports?: Share your most autistic moments.[View]
43215936ectomorph needs help: >ectomorph >175cm tall >55kg what can I do to start looking like a fv…[View]
43214960>not bloatmaxxing >Making it Pick one[View]
43216950This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
43216869Any tips on how to make collarbones more prominent? thanks[View]
43216460I can't get a pump going from a machine. What's going on? Am I waisting my time?[View]
43216469Is there any recipes with uncooked rice?: In a drink format would be preferable for when I'm …[View]
43216704Have I made it?: A female told me last night that I’m too jacked to be straight. Is this it? Have I …[View]
43209000Why do women bother getting /fit/? Women are supposed to be soft. No heterosexual man between the ag…[View]
43214842Power Bowls: Thoughts on the whole power bowl trend? Post your favorites.[View]
43215108Let's be real faggots. Do you need abs, muscles, even height to get laid as long as you're…[View]
43208749Shoulder/Delts General: How do I grow this part of my shoulder? Only have the smaller bump on one sh…[View]
43213424What is the difference between Phrak's Greyskull LP and the original?[View]
43215307For multiple reasons I'm not going to the gym, so recently I've started these equipmentles…[View]
43215368Best Protein Powders for a DYEL: What protein powder would you recomend for a132 lbs/60 kg DYEL? I b…[View]
43215299>He doesnt own a weighted blanket Why would anyone not want to make tons of gains in his sleep ?…[View]
43215300>People use the gym to pick up dates: >Forget Tinder, apparently the gym is the place to get y…[View]
43209622Program Share Thread: Feel free to share any programs/lifting information you have. Heres a google d…[View]
43213237Post Workout: Besides protein powder, what else do you mix in your post workout shake? I've rec…[View]
43214637How much does it matter to have low bf vs being chunky when it comes to hitting on girls if you have…[View]
43192810In your opinion, what's the best part about getting /fit/?[View]
43211533Body Dysmorphia: /fit/ I've been struggling with body image issues that have gotten worse. I…[View]
43215998/fit/ name one good reason why aren't subscribed to this guy's youtube channel. protip: yo…[View]
43214439Are overly huge delts the biggest indicator of foods?[View]
43215358Chicken alternatives? I currently eat 1lbs of chicken every day for lunch. I wanna cut that down bec…[View]
43215388Blocks your path.[View]
43211225Anyone here take antipsychotics?: I always read about people putting on 50+ pounds on this stuff. Al…[View]
43213203Is Greyskull LP the new SL5x5/SS?[View]
43205372who do you lift for[View]
43215808bike riding: Sup /fit/ I have repetitive injury osteoarthritis from the Army. I had to give up high …[View]
43215803Starting my cut soon. How long should one maintain after a bulk before starting their cut?[View]
43212754Wizardry and /fit/: How do you avoid wizard status? I'm 20yo, in college, made out with a few c…[View]
43213793Natty or Not: This Guys only been lifting at planet fitness for a year. 6'3 230[View]
43214326Is true you only need to move your fucking ass 20 minutes (at bare minimum) doing cardio and some ba…[View]
43215706Leave Tess Holiday ALONE. STOP making fun of her just because she's Big & Beautiful & i…[View]
43205737I have an orgasm when I run on the treadmill in the gym and I think a few guys can notice when it ha…[View]
43213799Name a more iconic duo.[View]
43215575I'm heavily concerned about the garbage that the jews put in our food at the supermarket. I…[View]
43215545>1½ hour shoulder workout >drink your protein+creatine+collostrum preworkout shake >Feelsgo…[View]
43200816Sexual health and fitness: How does Chad have sex? How do you decide when to switch position ? What …[View]
43207615Fictional goal body[View]
43207094Push up thread[View]
43213656Was prime Harrison the most aesthetic male of all time?: Also how do I into prime Harrison mode?…[View]
43202325Ideal Female Body Type: In your personal opinion, what is the ideal body type for a woman and why? T…[View]
43215392Going to Coventry next year in Januari, any /fit/izens know what's the best gym around that pla…[View]
43214702Let's talk about mobility... The big question being: What's your stretch and/or foam roll…[View]
43212133What do you guys do in between lifts? I usually play game of Dota 2 too keep my serotonin levels in …[View]
43214657Don't neglect your spiritual gains, /fit/. Go to mass, pray the rosary.[View]
43213382>2017 >Not taking ZMA Literally why?[View]
4321084620 year old I’ve been seeing said she used to fuck an 'older guy' when she was 18. Should I drop her…[View]
43213383Rep Range and Intensity: Hey guys, I wanted to clarify a question that bothered me, because there is…[View]
43213236My favourite pre-working/fat burner just got banned. What's the best fat burner with the most s…[View]
43214046In what world is this a portion?[View]
43214573Working one side of body injury: I broke my humerus arm wrestling in subway in febuaray, I got a pla…[View]
43213678Is this achievable for a natty lifter?[View]
43214756Bigger by the day: I will be using anadrol 50 and Turinabol for the first time in my life. What shou…[View]
43214015Mobility & Flexibility: I moved from SL to GSLP, and now I have an extra ~30 minutes after every…[View]
43214732>injured leg >havent done legs in 2 months >physical therapy feels like a waste of time At …[View]
43200471Redpill me on fasting, it sounds good but what's the catch?[View]
43213648Is Candito the optimal beginner program?[View]
43208049I have pectus excavatum. from what I understand, there are some things I cant do in the gym. Any bro…[View]
43214361>have pretty bad gyno >have kinda fucked hormone levels >been working out on and off for t…[View]
43210609shakes: TWO SCOOPS EDITION Post em kiddos: Two scoops of protos Chocky milk Banana purée Steel cute…[View]
43214491Home workout - way too long?: I don't do gym. Only home for me because bad anxiety etc. Can…[View]
43213365>5/7/10.5/12.5 How are we supposed to compete with this?[View]
43214477Is this a dad bod? Or just ripped?[View]
43209962should i get chin laser liposuction?: im 18, 225 lbs[View]
43209331Retraining the Body to Squat Correctly: Ok, I'm convinced my squats are still shit even when ev…[View]
43213978Why do all the SS meme'rs omit cardio? >BRB doing 5x5 squats >BRB going heavy >BRB get…[View]
43213991>go to wipe >it's blood >just blood Help me /fit/, this is every one of my bowel movem…[View]
43214032So ... Did biceps and triceps Thursday rest day Friday Saturday did shoulders and back...am I OK to …[View]
43213588I can lift 7.5kg at my right arm but when I try with the left I feel a painful sensation. So if I do…[View]
43214124I need some information on jump rope exercise. I bought a jump rope the other day, and I tried it ye…[View]
43213852Ello bois. I'm on 500mg test e and 25mg dbol (dbol for first 4 weeks) I've been on for 9 …[View]
43212004What are some good lifts for neck gains?[View]
43212471Has anyone on /fit/ lived on soylent and protien supplements? I have terrible eating habits and am c…[View]
43212178How do you stop being lazy? Not just lifting. Every part of life. I don't clean my house, i don…[View]
43211295Why aren't performance enhancing drugs legal? If I want to put on muscle faster than my body ev…[View]
43214043So I was boxing earlier and puked up my preworkout. Should I take it again?[View]
43213367Just want to say we're all going to make it, don't give up even when you feel like it…[View]
43211153Plz help, new to this In pic related, what is a set? Is it one of the listed excersises performed X …[View]
43212425Non black or white lifters: Any /fit/ anons here who aren't black or white? What does it feel l…[View]
43213713How many of you guys masturbate to your own body in the mirror frequently? I do[View]
43207371How many pl8s do I need to bench before I can wield one of these?[View]
43210617What does /fit/ think of George Roop? Pretty sure he's about 6'2, 135 in this photo. He…[View]
43213822I do heavy cheat row, bouncey bench, Heavy hack squats with a rounded back. I never get back pain b…[View]
43213750What else would it take to convince you to subscribe to his youtube channel? >awesome training ph…[View]
43213740Hey /fit/ I need a bit of help To cut a long story short, I accidentally overestimated how many calo…[View]
43213396Has anyone ever been in the military? How do I need to train to prepare for boot camp? I'm hopi…[View]
43199212CBT: 19 5’ 9 200 lbs 5 RM OHP 140 Bench 205 Squat 315 Dead 365 Please bully[View]
43213586Bulking while staying lean: I've been on keto for 2 months and dropped about 4 kg. After i fini…[View]
43212673What does /fit/ think about the new AlphaDestiny video? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icitp1yN…[View]
43213630bulk tips also cbt: hello bros, so im sick atm and i cant workout for a while, but when im better i …[View]
43208979/oatmeal/: Are there any benefits to adding raw oatmeal to my protein shake? I did this once but fou…[View]
43213261/fitness models/: >swole >rich from sponsorships >adored by millions of fans >get thousa…[View]
43206013Does ADHD actually exist? Do any /fit/izens here have it? Seems like bullchit to me but I have probl…[View]
43209316Shit you hear at the gym: Can we start a shit you hear at the gym thread? Skinny fat says to data as…[View]
43211389Breh who went down the path of incel to psuedochad what do you honestly think helped you get laid th…[View]
43211364What benefits do Dumbbells give you that Barbells do not? What benefits do Barbells give that Dumbbe…[View]
43207759Women are getting fatter and fatter. How do we stop this[View]
43213040How do I start viewing food only as a necessity to survive? I don't want to be so obsessed abo…[View]
43210130Meditation Thread: As the subject says, general meditation discussion thread. What kind of meditatio…[View]
43210224>gym plays loud top 40 trash 24/7 >has another room for group cardio and crossfitty stuff >…[View]
43210148What exercise can replace a deadlift?[View]
43210612Russel Orhii totals 793KG @83KG | Raw nationals: Squat 3rd Attempt 662.5LBS/300.5KG (American Record…[View]
43211713Oct 9th 2012 (330lbs)- Oct 9th 2017 (195lbs) AMA also General Transformation thread[View]
43212429> That feel when no boyfriend[View]
43211380Do you train with a cold?: >nose filled with thick discolored mucous >a productive cough here …[View]
43213272Is all the hype around Tonkgat ali a load of b.s.?[View]
43212100>Have been lifting for 1.5 years now >Lately don't feel like lifting at all, often times …[View]
43213246I am freaking out over exercising on rainy days. I don't like doing it since when I go for a ri…[View]
43211634>she only liked me for my body[View]
43208769TAGS: THREAD ABOUT SKATEBOARDING GENERAL: Who skateboards here? anyone wanna talk about skateboardin…[View]

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