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43960658More of her[View]
43956319Will training calisthenics and lifting very light weights everyday cuck my gains? I come from a stre…[View]
43960516my parents have house guests over later and I'm worried they will see my gains What do I do? I…[View]
439573842018 Goals: Hey /Fit/ what are your goal for 2018? Mine is to lose 40kg and get into the military.…[View]
43957981It's bulking season boys! Almost up to a full bag. Get a little nauseous toward 3/4 a bag tho.…[View]
43958141Ryan Phillippe has had around 10 years of training in the gym. Guys that are 'Natty' achieve this ph…[View]
43960523The first thing my older brother said to me after not seeing me for almost 2 years is 'damn, you loo…[View]
43960352Hey /fit/ weird question but I hope you can help. I just got the lead in a play, it requires me agin…[View]
43959985you SLAVE AWAY in the GYM for HOURS while BASED VYNZ HOONS his CAR and INCEL JOURNALISTS report on h…[View]
43957435Best Careers Thread: I have the body of Greek God due to active roiding and was wondering what caree…[View]
43959539how do i fix my bunk ass shoulders that click, snap, and pop doing shoulder press/raises. its gotten…[View]
43960259>severe SLAP tear >essentially never going to lift heavy again Well it was fun. Lifting is a…[View]
43957499Tomcat thread: What are your favorite workouts for broad shoulders, /fit/?[View]
43957083Content, training routines similar to this guy?: I'm interested in dropping weight and focusing…[View]
43956996How are you cunts at college managing to stay lean n jacked with all the fucking alcohol?[View]
43959750Is there no hope for a jawline?: 'Sup guys. Just wondering if I'll ever have a chiseled ja…[View]
43959082>walk into gym >see this what are your thoughts?…[View]
43955923R8 my stats >5'10 >185 lbs >275 b >275 bs >405 dl >135 ohp…[View]
4395861925 year old KHV here. pretty depressed but im not beyond help or inspiration. can i please get some …[View]
43935450/fat/ remember your supplements: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves thro…[View]
43958304I've worked out until I've been nauseous, done reps until my muscles have burned, and run …[View]
43959873An imb4 lanklet needs u, /fit/! I have problems with gaining weight and shit since im a 6,3 ft tall …[View]
43959277im still not over it guys, hold me through the night.[View]
43958236Why is my deadlift so far behind? Should I just give up deadlift and go for just S&B[View]
43956548Gyno Shame Thread: Anyone have success eliminating certain foods from their diets in order to reduce…[View]
43959309WHAT THE FUCK >anyone have any tips on fixing imbalances? >4 1/2 months of gym >shitty gai…[View]
43953238BARBELL ONLY HOME GYM: Today were gonna talk about working out from home using nothing but a barbell…[View]
43959055>go see Last Jedi >have 2 boxes of mike and ikes and a box of sour patch kids >go home afte…[View]
43956835Could a Sales job help cure my Autism/self-consciousness?[View]
43957026Why is swimming and lifting weights on the same day not a good idea?[View]
43949193Most patrician workout/sport: Can anything compare to trail running?[View]
43959652elbow/joint pain: Hey /fit/ Have been hitting the gym for the first time in my life with real consis…[View]
43958524>Seen the same guy at the gym for a year >He still can't Squat 315lbs >People like thi…[View]
43957962Blue Collar Boys: This is a thread for people trying to make it while having an already physically i…[View]
43946316Why aren't you guys on the Sumerian Diet? >imrpoves stamina >improves brain function …[View]
43954774why is women's '''fitness''' so bad???[View]
43959520How do I unlock William F Guile mode /fit/?[View]
43952494Can any of you /fit/izens help me pick out a power cage/rack? I can't make up my mind. I just w…[View]
43957886How the fuck do I find a decent gym/lifting club in Manhattan? I just want something like a universi…[View]
43958636Best Indoor equipment for really lazy people?: I would say a trampoline/Rebounder? Did it yesterday …[View]
43958992Is it true that steroids can cause psychosis? Should I, as a schizophrenic, stay away from them?[View]
43957642how do i develop bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping) so i can get sick jawline gains[View]
43954147Just lol[View]
43946957What are the best exercises to build a big meaty back?[View]
43958816>be reading /fit/ threads about the necessity of tipping the receptionist >think hmm, sounds r…[View]
43957743>bulking again >remember toilets always get clogged when I do…[View]
43958080Post free programs or pdf resources: Hey /fit/ I’m tired of being a skinny fat piece of shit dyel, …[View]
43958565Conditioning: Is GLSP Villain Challenge #1 (100 burpees in 5 minutes) any good for endurance/oxygen …[View]
43955534He's never coming back[View]
43947915What the fuck is this? I think I'm missing this muscle. I have nothing on me that looks anythin…[View]
43946545>finally recovering from years long depression >finally made it >5'10' guy hits on you…[View]
43958967Ok guys im thinking about starting. But how? Jogging first to get stamina and lose fat or just start…[View]
43958781Not to be rude ( permenant muscle meme ): The permenant muscle meme is it real? does it varie by ge…[View]
43958963What happens if i take clen and get wasted? My next two weeks are in christmas and new year's e…[View]
43958307How do you warm up for dumbbell bench press?[View]
43958103Hey anon, are you ready for bed?[View]
43958359Swimming Strokes?: I used to swim regularly in college, but stopped for roughly five years. I no lon…[View]
43955874Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein: How the fuck is this dude so jacked at 53? Looks great for being s…[View]
43957665How fucked up is my chin? Do I need an implant?[View]
43955904>starts cutting fast food from diet >craving for sugar becomes unbearable instead how is it th…[View]
43957476>start getting fit >most of my dyel friends abandon me >start trying hard in uni >rest o…[View]
43955648My homeowners board is letting me pick out new equipment for the gym. We have some olympic bars alre…[View]
43958214Am I supposed to feel anything when taking yohimbine HCL? I started following the protocol that gets…[View]
43958587Running Shoes: I'm a depressed, slightly overweight fag and wanna get into running mainly to lo…[View]
43958401He was a smol boi He said ima get swole boye[View]
43958219How to build inner chest??[View]
43947320/fast/ #56: FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermitten…[View]
43957872Texas Method or Madcow? Linear progression is going to run out on me soon and I want to stick to ful…[View]
43941892>looking at old highschool classmates on Facebook >I'm bigger than literally all of them …[View]
43952737Rate my progress, 2 months of gym. I would like to loose some fat[View]
43954693How do I avoid premature balding?[View]
43958039Did this fucking DYEL kid seriously skip cycling roids and just go straight to synthol?[View]
43956000So i only just discovered cold brew coffee: In 24 hours make a huge jug of maximum caffeine less aci…[View]
43954609have I missed my prime if I‘m not fit at 22?[View]
43957511>disgusting stretch marks >body acne I know I'm never gonna make it. It's like im …[View]
43958086Anyone got one of these? Got a wicked chest insertion knot and I'd like to massage it while I c…[View]
43955107/fit/ness was a mistake.: >I wouldn't date Anon, he's too serious, but I'd hook up…[View]
43957135>walk into gym >ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE WE SAW EACH OTHER LAST…[View]
43957999Bullied FatBoy becomes Fitness Model: We're all gonna make it! >Anthony Oakley weighed 16 st…[View]
43956638Who else here /onion/? I bought a few pounds of em a few weeks ago, it's taking forever to slic…[View]
43953799>come home for christmas >mom says 'woah anon you got so big!' 5 minutes later >'anon do yo…[View]
43956251how do I eat 5000 calories and lose weight???? i dont understand. should I eat more?[View]
43957608Are the benefits of eating your own cum legit? For example that it reduces depression and insomnia. …[View]
43957808App reccomendations: Is there an app where you can input your favorite foods/meals nutritional info …[View]
43949183How can I reach Galmar mode?[View]
43952352what are some more great and convinient exercising tools for home workout like the pic related[View]
43952020Best app to track your lifts?... I'm not autistic enough to use a pen and a pad....... Also did…[View]
43952464NO PHAP THREAD: Im on day whatever forget about when last phapped, been at least 10 days. Just took…[View]
43956874How to increase testosterone without roids?[View]
43957368Anyone else living that hard-core bodybuilding life? It's my only trip out of poverty. I'm…[View]
43957126Wide hips: How should I train If I have wide hips. I am doing 3 sets of Hanging V Raises at the end …[View]
43954001OK, this faggot got Gastric bypass. He is currently 439 lbs Could /fit/ get him into shape. I'm…[View]
43956943post your mew routine: The girl in pic is what our ancestors are most likely to look like >very f…[View]
43956050dried fish: where can i acquire bulk amounts of dried fish for a good price? i want to collect unthi…[View]
43957194If I want to be able to carry a woman in my arms, do I need to work biceps?[View]
43957466if you aren't a competitive lifter, just going after consistently increasing strength, how woul…[View]
43957317Y'all think I'm fucking memeing about milk baths? Lol My skin and hair have never been bet…[View]
43957117GROW SOME FUCKIN BALLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugtc33CULE8&t=48s[View]
43957251Please don't forget that this soyboy could OHP more weight than you[View]
43951229For me, it's The Press™[View]
43953104Guess my lefts: How much do I look I can left?[View]
43957088Gimme an app for my journey to making it, /fit/.[View]
43951935Hey /fit/ how do you do a reverse kegel? When i try it, it feels like im flexing my abs super hard a…[View]
43956594Redpill me on the steak and eggs diet[View]
43954518So are you boys all carnivore now?: Red pill me on going CARNIVORE lads.[View]
43957238>reading ingredients >'contains soy' To what extent do you avoid anything with soy?…[View]
43955884Did any of you guys give up things you love for fitness and your life goals? I'm about to give …[View]
43946891I didn't sleep last night, came home after class and fell asleep at 1, woke up at 5. Should I j…[View]
43954541Anyone ever try this stuff?[View]
43957152First cycle advice Hey I'm thinking of running a cycle of creatine alongside a stack of whey an…[View]
43956313>be me >be 18 >be 6ft >be 118 kg >be more than 40% bf >be have serious hormone pro…[View]
43951824Rate my progress: Its been 4 months of my training any advice to step up my game. I work out 4 times…[View]
43948467QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT Didn't see one in the catalogue Why the fuck does my nose get congested after …[View]
43954268Knee Injury Question: Help me out /fit/ I hurt my knee squatting two weeks ago. When I bend my leg, …[View]
43952129guys i recently found this and i just refuse to believe these macros[View]
43956500so when i get home from work usually i am starving. if i can wait it out from 5 until 8 then i stop …[View]
43956560Can someone explain mikes workout to me: I don't get how this sort of workout works besides the…[View]
43954568WHY ARENT YOU EATING CHILLIES: capsaicin (the active ingredient in chilli peppers) has been shown to…[View]
43956618How do i get a jaw like this[View]
43956167Current leg thread: My legs are my pride and joy of my physique, are thicc thighs in with people who…[View]
43954807Skinny Fat: Can dieting alone get rid off the excess shit or do I need to combine this with Strength…[View]
43954478Rate my gainz: Rate my gainz /fit/[View]
43956467Borge Fagerli and Zero Carb Diet: So, Borge Fagerli is now shilling zero carb meat only diet. Though…[View]
43949588friendly reminder this shit makes you go bald[View]
43956552I've been training for 6 months. Should I bulk or cut?[View]
43951690who do you lift for /fit/? >pic related[View]
43952090I'm getting my liver checked out some time over Christmas break, but I plan on starting drinkin…[View]
43956475Bros with the ceps: What your secret? Mine are utter cunts to grow tbqh lads, like calf muscles if w…[View]
43956483NEW KING SUPERDOGGOD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuBoxSXjLnv51lcGmUy8JfA Comments insane stuff…[View]
43956419>tfw cashiers notice me buying only Milk and Onions at my local market[View]
43955400muh spinal decompression: Is spinal decompression just a meme? From age 15-24 I consistently measure…[View]
43949543Left or right? Explain in complete sentences.[View]
43956019I may be the weakest person on here 55 pound bench press(I can do about 6) 135 squat(i think this is…[View]
43955644Would Turkish oil wrestling be /fit/'s sport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tESAfKXfwH8[View]
43956202New age performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZtyW-B8nF8 Anyone tried it? Is it a meme or do…[View]
43956037Starting Strgenth general too, I guess.: Hey /fit/ New fag SS lifter here. I'm having trouble…[View]
439561193 Questions: - What do people mean when they say 'Sleep is important', are they too tired …[View]
43955297Am I too underweight?[View]
43956057How important is exercise for girls?[View]
43956070https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlQ8txalLYg lol[View]
43955580post cavaliere/non-negotiable memes[View]
43952191Should a manlet like myself even try and do exercise? I'm 160 cm or 5'2[View]
43948428>Tfw nobody wants to be a bodybuilder >Errbody want to lift heavy ass weight Share your PB…[View]
43955265What Rep range should i do f or Dumbells: I'mbstarting to workout At my home and aquired olympi…[View]
43937432/CBT/ Manlet edition: /CBT/ unsure if should continue lean bulk or cut Also 5’9 169lb[View]
43955836>230lbs >5'11 >can do 20 pushups what does that mean? am i strongfat? am i mommies big…[View]
43954230I just finished my first month of training, beginner gains all over the place, sometimes I feel like…[View]
43955136Growing pains: >be me >177cm 5'10' at 19yrs >havent grown in like 4yrs >feels bad m…[View]
43949841At the gym I go to, I see these people all the time, they are these really muscular dudes, but when …[View]
43955362Soy the stealer of gains: The tub of my BCAA's says it contains soy, what the fuck !!! Anyone k…[View]
43954104ITT goal bodies[View]
43953126>Almost 2018 >Still eating breakfast It's like you enjoy being a fat piece of shit.…[View]
43954338Has BLOATMAXXING gone too far?: Is he the new king of fit?[View]
43955421Are there any qt3.14s who squat on /fit/?[View]
43955259im 6'0 125 pounds, would starting to workout be useless unless i gain some weight first?[View]
43955340help: I need help /fit/ I am 6'3 and it's almost impossible for me to hit proper depth and…[View]
43955303what am I doing wrong?: >started going to the gym about a month ago >enjoying my beginner gain…[View]
43954529> already a skinnyfag but recently got up to 145 at 5'10' over past couple months by lifting…[View]
43953469>Onion juice??!?[View]
43955276Have you appeased the Bloatlord today with at least 1000 empty calories today or are destined to suf…[View]
43955164What mode is this /fit/ ?[View]
43954317How to stop having erections...: Enough! 100% QT Pass by ITS ALWAYS CATTIES XD how to stop...[View]
43955206has anyone smoked earlier in the day, then like 5 hours later take their pre-workout and get high ag…[View]
43955066'ya bro im thinking about cutting after this bulk. although i have to be careful because last time i…[View]
43940469/fraud/: Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/before asking questions If you must ask …[View]
43954189Fucking tell me how to motivate me to go to the gym after 7 months of hiatus[View]
43955174>He fell for the 'carcinogens are bad for you' meme[View]
43949150Redpill me on BCAA. Is it just a meme and doesn't really help you during and after work out?[View]
43951912Round two, rate my breakfast, post your own. Jizz on my toast edition.[View]
43954579What is Frosty's favorite exercise?[View]
43955059Do you have a smug crush that teases you in the gym /fit/?[View]
43942457What sport are you training for, /fit/?[View]
43944943Gold standard master race: >2019 >still buying Wal-Mart protein Imagine paying $998 when the m…[View]
43954394A. Squat 5x5 Last Set AMRAP Bench P. 5x5 Last Set AMRAP Bent Over Row 5x5 Last Set AMRAP Side Latera…[View]
43953165pushup thread? pushup thread[View]
43954904noko: >yfw you realise being /fit/ isn't going to get you a gf…[View]
43952106it's up[View]
43954762Is a machine workout really worse for a beginner than free weights?[View]
43954827How would /fit/ fair at this contest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOHkMR81ewI[View]
43952732Menstraul 101: When a women have periods does thar mean every women have periods?[View]
43954087/fit/ what mode am i? I feel like i look fat no matter what. I've been doing intense cardio for…[View]
43951917Greyskull LP: I want to cut and gain muscle. How should I get started. How do I build a a routine wi…[View]
43950544Cigars: Who here likes smoking some fine cigars? What do you think about it? I think its way healthi…[View]
43953964Seneca says that bodybuilding work is a waste of time, and that eating to bulk dulls your mind. Was …[View]
43954531Does eating spicies increase metabolism?[View]
43952050Is 24 hour fitness the gay gym?: So I just moved to Tampa and have been going to this muay thai boxi…[View]
43950831anyone else feel embarrassed getting big? I can't wear a t-shirt any more without thinking of p…[View]
43949692Post-workout food thread[View]
43953910>he doesn't lift while listening to his waifu >he doesn't lift listening to the unde…[View]
43953801>lift for strength >but you need strength to lift…[View]
43953982Routine Help: I'm transitioning from bodybuilding to boxing, can anyone's shed some light …[View]
43954355https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/12/7/16587316/bariatric-surgery-weight-loss-lap-band /fi…[View]
43941769Is this body possible natty?[View]
43953979>you gonna be using that bench brah?[View]
43951157What are some shitty /fit/ things you do? I like to make 'root beer floats' out of greek yogurt and …[View]
43954224virgindestiny thread: Behold: betadestiny's idea of social interaction “We like cuddling! Muscl…[View]
43951613How the fuck are you supposed to do low-carb/keto bois? Every product on the supermarket is either f…[View]
43953812Good feels thread: >manlet >in med school so studying my life away >broke up with first gir…[View]
43954200Ok /fit/, the semester is over. Time to stop eating junk food and pack up on muscle building foods. …[View]
43954134hey /fit/, is crossfit really that bad? im considering it[View]
43954096/fit/ what do I have to do to train my pheromones to not be shitty? What would be the ideal smell to…[View]
43953917Anyone bulking on this? >Za3za3 master race[View]
43953919Mires Thread: >who else here /miredbycreepyoldwomen/ Anyone else noticed how sometimes creepy old…[View]
43953617/fat/ to /fit/ stories: Got /fit/ recently and after spending all of my life as a morbidly obese nec…[View]
43953938Is there any benefit in doing a detox or are they just memes? Which one is best / safest to do?[View]
43953798FUCK FUCK FUCK I need fucking help /fit/. I seriously think i have a back problem. I just spent my e…[View]
43948654Reminder this is what every average women wants... Plus you need to be /fit/ as well.[View]
43932944fit humor thread[View]
43951957>5'10' https://phys.org/news/2017-12-ancient-penguin-big-human-pittsburgh.html…[View]
43951773A serious question about noob gains: So I've been lifting for 2 years, first year dirty bulked,…[View]
43953673I only come to tell you blacks that the other side of the nofap, after getting rid of porn, feels di…[View]
43952077Rest Times: How long do your rest. And what do you do during your rest tim?[View]
43950319T BOOSTERS: I just bought some testosterone boosters. They were expensive as fuck, but no amount of …[View]
43953481Be me: >'hmm, this new onion meme looks promising' >sees an anon's recipe and makes onion…[View]
43953492Converting from DBs to BB: I have been plateauing on DB bench and DB OHP recently so I am thinking a…[View]
43952182I want to listen /fit/ opinions on no fap, supporters vs detractors[View]
43950859Funny shit you do at the gym: So except working out, what is some other stuff you do in your local f…[View]
43940871How many weeks of squats do you need to reach this?[View]
43952307I've been out of the game in for a while. I got a GF and my body is a good example of the 'with…[View]
43953250How do I achieve this mode?[View]
43935516What can I expect? General discussion I guess[View]
43950825Whats your thoughts on this meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlQ8txalLYg no memeing pplz…[View]
43953014I've eaten 4 quest bars, a load of broccoli, half a bag of spinach, 2 apples, oats, a shitload …[View]
43952038Have you even considered cardio in form of swimming? I'm bored by running etc. and I feel like …[View]
43953046/feel/: /feel/ Can we have a feel thread bros? Pretty sure I need one.. I have known this girl for o…[View]
43952885Post-workout depression: Anybody get really bad post-workout depression? Why does it happen/how can …[View]
43952059CUTTING MOTIVATION: I need some cutting motivation for my body craves fast food help an anon out…[View]
43948109How do I get a thicc high test powerlifting girlfriend?[View]
439523043 split guys? I am changing my routine and wanna hit the gym 3 times a week. I was looking into it f…[View]
43951069Does Coffee break my fast?: Hey /fit/, I've accepted that food is a Jewish trick and I've …[View]
43951450/nofriend/: I’ve been trying to do nofap for a while but keep failing and the only thing that actual…[View]
43951524Fit upper; fat ass: I have wide hips. I am pretty fit except that I don't do cardio. But if I w…[View]
43951803>tfw you realize there is only a limited amount of gains in the world >tfw in order for you to…[View]
43950915Back Hair: Alright lads, planning on cutting in at the start of the new year, but have back and shou…[View]
43951768>Tfw 5'4 5 fucking 4 And 68.8 kg.(152 pounds.) Acne in my back low self esteem Should I ev…[View]
43951781My right arm is stronger than my left arm. What do?[View]
43951239If you aspire to walk around with erections 24/7, this is the supp for you[View]
43945141Best ab exercises for size/definition? Something with high weight, low reps? I've read ab crunc…[View]
43952542Is 24 hour fitness the gay gym?: So I just moved to Tampa and have been going to this muay thai boxi…[View]
43952401I found a weird way to gauge if I've eaten enough calories for a gym day. I've counted the…[View]
43947210Okay guys. Lately I've been feeling too depressed to go the gym :( It's been a week and th…[View]
43952322Cut of keep bulking: 1,88 cm 105kg Gyming for 9 months Tell me boys should I keep on bulking or sho…[View]
43952260Quitting smoking (cold Turkey): So I've decided to quite smoking, and so far I haven't smo…[View]
43949233>wake up >shower >get dressed >you begin to feel the need to poop…[View]
43950133>brother found my pistachio stash and wants some[View]
43950328Will drinking one of these before class break my 24 hour fast?[View]
43952273[post not available in your country][View]
43948344Characters you used to think were muscular: I literally dont know why but i used to think he was kin…[View]
43949224Why do muscleheads stare at me? Is it me because they want to suck my cock or because I'm a DYE…[View]
43944342https://youtu.be/-9MVOgLQ6Q0 Lets face it, Bloatlord has the ideal male physique, there is no physiq…[View]
43951034Sprinting: How does sprinting compare to weight lifting in terms of muscle mass building? I find it…[View]
43951765I think they didn't eat meat fellas desu[View]
43947074How would you program a mesocycle with prelipin's chart? would it be 4 weeks + a deload, 4 week…[View]
43936850Onions make me horny: Seriously, I tried this out 4 times already. Do Nofap for 3 days without eatin…[View]
43951326Gym complains from users' autism: >Uni GYM > gets more and more popular >more and more…[View]
43951990Is Griffin decotion a good preworkout or is it just a meme?[View]
43947695>'So, with all this training you're doing, how come you're not bigger by now?'…[View]
43948374>Over 3 weeks nofap >over a month noporn >feeling absolutely nothing Where are the superp…[View]
43951124Anyone else do Turbo Jam?: Why don't you guys do Turbo Jam at home? She is so encouraging. I us…[View]
43951473>weigh myself first thing in morning >jerk off >gain .2lbs This happens literally every tim…[View]
43951738Help me start working out: I'll cut to the chase, I am 19 years old 5'7 150 pounds and I l…[View]
43951766Matt Wenning Manuals: So who has the new Matt Wenning training manuals?[View]
43941549how do i get girls to look at me like dis?[View]
43925556/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: We've Only Just Begun Edition http://4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki/…[View]
43948862Leg Home Exercises: It's freezing, raining and i have a terrible cold, so I kinda want to avoid…[View]
43949623How do I stick to my diet when I work in a bakery making cakes all day?[View]
43948953Burpees.: Redpill me on burpees.[View]
43951221minimal/no equipment workout for the holidays: There's probably been a few questions of this so…[View]
43951389He's really gone for good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LFtTQOQO8M[View]
43950539100 Burpees Challange: Time yourself doing 100 burpees as fast as you can >5:35…[View]
43951360Got the winter-chub // Trying to get /fit/: What's up /fit/ I've always been very average …[View]
43948414So if SS is a meme what is a good beginner workout programm?[View]
43950581uhh guys why do I suddenly have an ass that looks better than 99% of girl asses? this is NOT what I …[View]
43950728>he drinks the african-arab anti-androgenic beverage also known as coffee earning a lifetime memb…[View]
43948888>Went to the gym >Got home >Made the dishes >Warmed up last nights pizza >Spoke to my…[View]
43950979What's the best way to learn proper form/excercises in the gym? I don't want to look like …[View]
43951214I lost like 44lbs and my man boobs won't go away!, what can i do? How do i fix this?[View]
43949671Guys who are into daygame/cold approach and pickup, how much has lifting improved your success?[View]
43948885Neck injury?: think I pulled something in my back/neck from doing shoulder presses, been almost a we…[View]
43949041Is pickup the best compliment for a /fit/ physique?[View]
43951000Isn't having enough Pre-workout to get your heart rate to 120 BPM and lifting weights a suitabl…[View]
43949379R8 my stats >5'10 >185 lbs >275 b >275 bs >405 dl >135 ohp…[View]
43941342Plg - Power bottoms general[View]
43950263What home routine can I do if I only have one dumbbell of 22 lbs and a pullup bar? >pic ideal bod…[View]
43949676>he doesn't AT LEAST read one book a day for dem brain gains Knowledge is power bro…[View]
43939467Just ate 4 of these bad boys (with extra onion) What am I in for?[View]
43947936Remember Your First Cycle?: How were you feeling? What did you do? Any sides? Did you continue cycli…[View]
43950984Is it true fasting makes your growth hormone x5? (Obese person who lost most of my weight due to fas…[View]
43950703Harvey mode?: How do I into Harvey mode? All his women said he was strong! I want to be like Harvey!…[View]
43947125When your browse /x/ and /fit/. You can be an autist and get all the autist qts.[View]
43946310Onion General /OG/: ONIONS ONIONS ONIONS >why should I eat onions? Based on a study conducted by …[View]
43950835Is it true fasting makes your growth hormone x5? (Obese person who lost most of my weight due to fas…[View]
43945819Are you supposed to go all the way down on the on the incline leg press? Loaded up 6lmao on each sid…[View]
43950474>tfw accidentally ate a bucket of KFC again how the fuck do I prevent this from happening?…[View]
43946838How to be more aggressive ? >at uni >casually waiting for my turn at the water foutain in fron…[View]
43948069Making It: How do I know when I've officially made it? Will I see a vision of Zyzz in my dreams…[View]
43949018https://youtu.be/vILxcZr7rNY Wtf lmao Yo manlets watch this!![View]
43950685Are there special dating platforms for people like us? Finding these girls in reality seems to be re…[View]
43945273I reached 3 pl8 deadlift and 80kg bench today[View]
43949168Brehs i have one shoulder behind the other (or one more forward than the other i guess) and also the…[View]
43950252I learnt canned drinks are banned at my gym. What do /fit/, what will become of my sips ;_;[View]
43948267> 84 bw 181cm >row 130kg for 27 reps >ohp 104kg >look like this Wat do?…[View]
43949419>mortgage >car payment >car insurance >student loans >utilities >health insurance …[View]
43942887what do you guys wear to the gym?[View]
43947414Not sure where to post this but here seems fitting. Why does every woman I have continuous sex with …[View]
43950409Spudpill: Why haven't you taken the spudpill yet? >no fat, sodium or cholesterol >starch…[View]
43945268Whats the longest you held a 'athletic/ very muscle body' before falling off and having to start ove…[View]
43948385seriously, what the fuck is in that gut?[View]
43947275>post yfw /fit/ is ALWAYS right https://youtu.be/l9cQDFvaTqU >38:05 and 44:05…[View]
43948565Why are you not /sleep fasting/, fit? 3 days in, so far so good, feel sleeppy sometimes especially w…[View]
43948632Would this make a good tattoo on my pec[View]
43946061/FIT/ Recipe guides: HMU[View]
43950054Just got these. Anybody have any experience with musclelabsusa? Any info on these in particular?[View]
43950046>doing a ROUTINE >not doing a PROGRAM >doing any sort of SPLIT >not doing FULL BODY >…[View]
43940346/wheyfu/ Can we sauce the wheyfus of /fit/? For science.[View]
43949526be honest with me, is eating onions a meme?[View]
43934443this is why i lift[View]
43949974new routine. whaddaya think?: 5'10.5, 92 kg, 25% bf; goal - losing weight to 10-15%, builiding …[View]
43943018Mental Gains: Hey /fit/, I know mental gains are as if not more important than physical gains. I…[View]
43948545King of /fit/ appreciation: come celebrate the new king of /fit/. why is the grinch king of /fit? …[View]
43948597My shoulders exploded when I started doing arm circles 3xF after I finish my lateral raises >http…[View]
43949921EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! I'm trying to be healthier, and eat 500g of vegetables a day minimum. onio…[View]
43945092Are Traps Gay????: Are traps gay /fit/? Can I still do shrugs?[View]
43947696Should I wear a jumper when running outside at 0 Celsius?[View]
43945029>son, you're getting too big. you need to stop lifting weights.[View]
43943613>today is my Queen's birthday >December 13 - 12/13 >12+13= 25 >Decide to bench 250 …[View]
43948021Is it better for tall men >6’1 and up To use dumbbells for bench press/incline press?…[View]
43944692Hello lads, Bharath Mannam here again. I was wondering if you could help me with some form checks. C…[View]
43949213>tfw scapular dyskinesis >not able to do lateral raises >not able to do frontal raises >…[View]
43949042Zinc / Vit. d: How long did it take for you to feel changes in mood or libido after starting to supp…[View]
43949133I have hypoextension on both of my elbows of about 15 to 20 degrees out of true, is there anyway I c…[View]
43947772Don't tell me you get beard mogged by Bieber /fit/[View]
43946275what mode am i fit? >0 tense >0 pump[View]
43948016Does anyone know how to get not only this big, but also this lean??[View]
43945353ITT your favorite exercise[View]
43948442>he doesn't crab walk Never going to make it[View]
43948369mental medication: alright /fit/ im doing the whole new age, meditation, healthy diet, cutting, bulk…[View]
43943139I recently started bathing in milk. I figured I'm already drinking 2-3 litres of milk a day so …[View]
43948890Is it healthy for me to eat a couple krabby patties every day?[View]
43947927suicide cutting: What are /fit/'s thoughts on extreme cutting? Ie: going a set amount of weeks/…[View]
43948966Gym is closing for a week for renovations, i dont want to lose my gainz, what do i do fit/[View]
43946557Is anyone on this board willing to admit that having depression = less gains than if you didn't…[View]
43944828post you're are favourite lifting music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcRyjkYdDxM[View]
43946733https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CyUBFTCwYk 'Your Body is the Temple' SEDENTARY SLOTHS BTFO EFFEMINA…[View]
43937773post your last rep face[View]
43947604>hes not doing 10 sets per body part per workout its what these billionaires do…[View]
439472631800cals a day: Any /big/ guys here need someone to check that I'm not ruinging my CNS. Been tr…[View]
43948216A) Live a completely normal average life B) Live one year as Zyzz at his peak Which do you choose?[View]
43948378'Im A Fat Bulimic': >My eating disorder started, like so many others, with a diet. I lost over 30…[View]
43941999>you said you're... 'bulking'?[View]
43945358/tomcat/ general: Can we get a tomcat thread going here? I have lolbigclaws but am struggling with d…[View]
43944077Thanks, you sick cunts.: >>Thank you, for judging people based upon their efforts. >>Th…[View]
43947802ARMS: help[View]
43941693what mode is this[View]
43948238/fit/ Anyone here got a good list of keto meals or go to things they eat on keto? Really a mindfuck …[View]
43943862Fat Schizo. I've lost weight from dieting but I want to lose weight faster. Can't afford a…[View]
43948401Beard gains, facial hair, hair: I'm completely uninformed when it comes to beards and beard gai…[View]
43944124Is he legit? Does anyone have links to his routines and stuff? Is he natty?[View]
43942387Ideals thread.[View]
43946460What's the biggest you can be while still being able to look good in a suit?[View]
43946246Gym Mires: >be me >be squatting 2.5pl8s >bar moves fast >keep torso upright >atg >…[View]
43948119SL5x5 starting to stall, should I be worried? >Squat stalling every other lift day >Had to del…[View]
43947362/fit/ Why are you not lifting to Rammstein? Then eating your chicken breasts topped with bratwurst?[View]
43947813fenugreek: A friend of mine convinced me to try fenugreek seeds, claiming it boosts the body's …[View]
43946797Late night post workout meals: Dis shits good! If yall wanna make it its birds eye sowthwest protein…[View]
43945902How do I know if I'm fat?, also, how do I make ginescromatia to dissapear?[View]
43947750Why do modern society promote fatness over fitness?[View]
43915714CBT - winter bulk edition: 6'2' 190 PPL Aiming to hit 210 this bulk Who else is bulking?[View]
43942388>Go to the gym three days a week in the morning >Be 18 y/o with boyish features, 5'8 with…[View]
43943543Why don't you have a personal trainer /fit/? Don't you want to maximize and optimize your …[View]
43946389So, I am like 500 lbs. I get around fine and have a job and all. I am just fat. The point of this po…[View]
43946350appetite suppressant: anything better than EC?[View]
43927865Confess your sins, /fit/.[View]
43946059Supplements general: ITT: Suplements you take and would recommend >Whey >creatine monohydrate …[View]
43946591Rep range for hypertrophy: Why can't I find a straight answer on the optimal rep range for hype…[View]
43947589Do I have potentialn /fit/ ? There's this grill I invited to the prom but I'm afraid she d…[View]
43945975What do you guys think of this guy?: I know nothing about fitness so I wanted to know what your guys…[View]
43947446I'm a porn addict and every time I try to quit I always relapse in a couple days and its kept m…[View]
43935132>You will never OHP more than three plate https://www.instagram.com/p/BbKbUqhnZgb…[View]
43942971Clean up your room /fit/.[View]
43944526>start going to gym without telling anyone >making great progress >one year in >body com…[View]
43944399Front shoulder pain when benching?: Anons plz help. I have recently started experiencing shoulder pa…[View]
43946718Anyone else here squat in just their /socks/? Am I fuck my joints up eventually?[View]
43947208>Have had a massive prolapsed hemorrhoid for the past 2 weeks >Can't lift…[View]
43946073Is around 120g of protein too low? I'm 5'11' and 170lbs, currently cutting at around 1200 …[View]
43944731What are his lifts, /fit/?[View]
43945583>switch to all-sausage diet >havent shit in 10 days Fit are there any exercises that can help …[View]
43946832much better: desserts and milk was not suppose to exist.[View]
43946904Is..is this all there is? I love lifting but girls still think I’m autistic and I have no friends I’…[View]
43947120Did she lose all her gains? http://www.xvideos.com/video31819455/blackedraw_i_can_t_help_it_he_s_so_…[View]
43947030how long do i need to gomad to escape auschwitz mode? how do i cut after?[View]
43946972>he eats for pleasure instead of purpose NGMI[View]
43946289ITT post forearms[View]
43946329how to get good at the gym: >never done strength training before >hire PT for a few months …[View]
43945572/mew/ general: sensei mew edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3bIMRKil8[View]
43943475Will powerlifting/doing compound lifts only really give me more gainz than doing a bro split? I want…[View]
43932867>did a line >broke every pr Why haven't you taken the white pill yet?…[View]
43946183>try to make smoothies to gain weight >get terrible gas after drinking and shits are soft near…[View]
43941449https://youtu.be/XTlbmy0Oa8k [Embed] Is it beta to throw away the end pieces of a bread loaf?[View]
43946600The Bridge and RPE: After trying 5/3/1 for a few cycles and feeling underwhelmed, I think I'm g…[View]
43946231Mewing: I've been mewing for about the past 2 weeks now and have noticed my teeth have become v…[View]
43945747Hey /fit/ how do I get a more defined jawline?[View]
43944827Is there actually a fit, muscular person trapped under all my fat? If I thought liposuction could re…[View]
43945128FAST: hey /fit/ i wanna become lean and fast. I plan to start running and building lean muscle. Righ…[View]
43945816I'm really starting to hate full time fitness you-tubers >you should really be doing this a…[View]
43946176Barbell vs Dumbell: Which is better /fit/? Will lifting heavier with dumbells help with improving yo…[View]
43946453Why do Indian fellows do anything but lift at the gym? This middle aged fella was basically in a con…[View]
43920725So in my opinion, the most sought after female body type should be tall and hourglass curvy. Bigger …[View]
43946408chad damon vs beta aflak: was it the test boost that made loki leave his humanity behind? https://yo…[View]
43920913Fictional goal body thread. Go![View]
43943979>being this alpha[View]
43944736Gym Autism: In the gym today, i grunted 'DALE' for my last reps and it helped me greatly. In which w…[View]
43943701R8 my dinner: Well /fit/ rate my dinner, post your dinner Dinner rate thread, bulking edition[View]
43940908Is there any point lifting if I'm 5'9', bald and poor?[View]
43944910When you first started lifting, what was the very first routine/programme you followed?: Who else co…[View]
43941758Aquaman or Superman mode?: Aquaman vs Superman Which mode is the best? http://www.strawpoll.me/14615…[View]
43945725Sup /fit/?, sooo I'm new in this kind of shit, if I want have abs af what things do I have to k…[View]
43929984QTDDTOT: Guys, why shouldn’t I eat pork. Pic related.[View]
43944904How to achieve brad pit fight club aesthetics??[View]
43943398Nothing beats chowing down a clove of bananas after a workout What's your favorite post-workout…[View]
43945426>painful, round bump appears at the top of ass crack over the past day >cannot lay on back at …[View]
43935644Meanwhile in Heaven >good fucking morning Zyzz >What's up ya sick kunt >just watching …[View]
43936475/fit/ Feels: How you holding up, lads? Hit a new PR? Get a new gf? Or are you suffering from crippli…[View]
43945948Lifting with a belt is no longer for pussies.[View]
43945515I just saw a nutritionist that came highly recommended. My TDEE is quite high (low 3000s) and im st…[View]
43945854Facial gains?: How do i get the best facial gains possible? Pic unrelated.[View]
43941628Is micropigmentation a good idea. Or will it just project my insecurities about baldness even furthe…[View]
43943828Need to tone lower back, I have almost a decent body however fat tends to go to my lower back as a r…[View]
43942769Test and PCT: I have a pretty steady supply of test, but my regular doc doesn't know I use it. …[View]
43945415Post jawsersize results: Post them[View]
43943196How do you tell people that behind the neck lat pull downs are bad for the shoulders? They just tell…[View]
43944951How do I make my gf achieve this mode?[View]
43944763How do I stop the farts?[View]
43945561I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder: When it happened my mum said; >now you have an excuse fo…[View]
43944453I dont care about looks. I just want to grow strong so I can crush my enemies skulls.[View]
43936743Motivational Game Intros.: Post 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxqG1JYixco[View]
43943460social gains: >tfw you made social gains i recently switched dorms and most attemps to socialise …[View]
43942558Fasting?: i heard some dude talk about going one day without food and only drinking water blah blah …[View]
43945080Arms ProgressThread: What do you all think about my arms? What are areas I can improve upon? >inb…[View]
43945344Are there special dating platforms for people like us? Finding these girls in reality seems to be re…[View]
43934957/FAST/ #55: OLD OP EDITION: FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussio…[View]
43945027Will i ever feel like im good enough for my dad? How much weight should i be able to lift?[View]
43938484Is he getting too much HATE?: I am relatively new to Fitness community but I believe Jason Blaha is …[View]
43943384so did dmha get banned? i just a tub of dmha preworkout from amazon last month but now they are all …[View]
43945198/fit/, is it autistic to ask someone to record your squat/deadlift form for you?[View]
43944252What are we sippin on today boys?[View]
43944656ATHLEAN-X Programs?: I need a routine badly, 3 weeks in and not really making solid progress because…[View]
43944779How do I deal with post/mid run headaches, /fit/?[View]
43939859sup /fit/, I want off this ride... >be me, fat fuck >lose about 60-70 pounds working out and e…[View]
43940261A pair of these is all I have and all I will have for some time, I don't even have room for a b…[View]
43944922lonely thread: hey anons, today is my bday, and even being strong and lean i ended up all alone, aga…[View]
439436735'10 119 great-leap-forward-mode here, trying to go from eating 800 calories/day to hopefully …[View]
43944739sup fit, I cant feel my hand or move it much, did I have a stroke in my sleep? how do I fix this shi…[View]
43940525Hey /fit/bros, just a friendly reminder that fitness isn't just about physical wellbeing, but s…[View]
43943251> Start an office job > In a cubicle 8-5 staring at a screen > They have a small 'gym…[View]
43943187>tfw you almost pull a muscle[View]
43944616>live in big city >protein is expensive (chicken is $3.99/lb) >can't drive and shop ar…[View]
43943405Help me not be bad at throwing:: >Be thrower and 4x4 runner >Only throw 30 ft at the end of fi…[View]
43939395Did I make it bro?[View]
43936565Took a vyvanse around 5 this morning. At what point will it be safe to start working out again?[View]
43944578/skg/ - Skele General - Special First Edition!: Hows the permabulk going boys? i've finally na…[View]
43944560Motivation thread; contribute if you want. https://youtu.be/UNQhuFL6CWg https://youtu.be/mOpUSSpGoWw…[View]
43944185Thank you so much guys, without you i wouldnt of lost so kuch weight. I dont know if this is good, b…[View]
43944243Boxing with GSLP: hey /fit/ I have a boxing bag in my basement I can punch really fast for cardio an…[View]
43942479Im Mark Rippetoe and this is my gym! I squat here with my old man and my son Big Zach. Everything in…[View]
43942416describe experiences with landwhales[View]
43944324waist size?: is waist size something I should worry about as a dude? or just focus on weight?[View]
43929104Spartacus is the most /fit/ television show I've ever seen. Ambiguous sexuality, constant fight…[View]
43943086What's the bare minimal of handsomess you need to succeed in tinder?[View]
43944049/fit/, I'm 5'9' and >110lbs. Doctor says every possible test came back as healthy; all …[View]
43942146The last red pill: Should I just workout for the pump? Getting stronger at certain lifts destroys yo…[View]
43943406>tfw almost no body-hair, always depressed, has zero sex drive, tiny dick, can’t gain weight not …[View]
43943106How many squats do you guys do per week volume wise?[View]
43944129Where can I get a nice Hardy meal for 5$?[View]
43944017'muh awsome gf' GIFTS: were is he? im looking into the chocolates hey man! if your here. make a thr…[View]
43941083/fit/ I have minor stage of gyno. Can I make my chest look rough and solid one day, or is there no …[View]
43942531How do I get into 'The Zone'[View]
43941357Stopped losing weight help & tips? Why??@@@@: I started eating clean and doing a 8 minute exerci…[View]
43920053Onions General /OG/: ONIONS ONIONS ONIONS >why should I eat onions? Based on a study conducted by…[View]
43941128I'm not saying the form is bad, but with 6pl8 isn't this a hip injury waiting to happen?[View]
43935317>Gym is open on Christmas day Anyone else going?[View]
43941170Any 20%ers out there?: I'm one of them I used to be fit and lean, but then something happend in…[View]
43938483How can I bulk up with these stupid ass Dental braces. I decided to finally get over with my ugly te…[View]
43943945targeting rear delts: i have a homegym with barbell and squat rack and 340# of weight. will upright …[View]
43941012How do I into goth boy mode?[View]
43941123how brehs keep they gains during final exams?[View]
43941452Protein thread What brands do you use? I recently finally found out, that it was the protein, that h…[View]
43928854Protein: I need a cheap way to consume a lot of protein daily that's not milk. Suggestions? /p…[View]
43943669Hey /fit/ im tired of my workout playlist any recommendations ? spotify/youtube/soundcloud or other …[View]
43943658What does this picture mean /fit/?[View]
43943557>signed up for a new gym a couple weeks ago >they give me a form to fill out >besides Gende…[View]
43931053Swim Thread: >ctrl+F 'Swim' >0 results No Swim Thread? What the hell is this embarrassment of…[View]
43940841Twink Pussy: How many of you fags are cutting to achieve /trap/ mode[View]
43937642Has any one tried these teas: Kava kava Catuaba really interested in this one Yerba mate Ginseng Are…[View]
43942599Riddle me this anons. “My stem is erect. I stand up over the bed, hairy somewhere down below. A peas…[View]
43942304How long can I chew on the same piece of mastic gum? I paid too much and received too little to just…[View]
43942972>hot guy with his shirt off jogs past[View]
43943468>tfw started nofap in 23 of october >tfw now I'm horny as fuck but is not even about mast…[View]
43927568Lol! This is Lindsay Lohan’s new boyfriend. I’m dying over here[View]
43942688What bodyfat % would you say i am: What bodyfat % would you say i am And what should i do to get mor…[View]
43943373>tfw no matter how much you lift you will always be an ugly gook with shit taste in glasses and a…[View]
43940547S O O N[View]
43939622Bitch grip: I started GSLP + accessories 3 months ago and havent been progressing in my deadlift. I …[View]
43937460>5'8' >Thin wrists >Severely lactose intolerant >Other digestive issues >No natu…[View]
43943336Fitness and Sleep: Hi /fit/ it has being 3 months since i started going to the gym, and im starting …[View]
43943242What are elite sub 10 sprinters standing vertical jump ?[View]
43941442Hey /fit/, need some help. I don't lift or anything at all really, but I do physical labor for …[View]
43941222Rate my breakfast, post your own[View]
43927848The madman actually did it: https://youtu.be/e7Po3iGpfoY[View]
43937888How do I get this aesthetic? https://youtu.be/wIUvi5ZihSI[View]
43941754Gpp/Conditioning Thread: What do you do for your conditioning? How often do you do it? Have you seen…[View]
43942374Soyboys BTFO!!!!: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/12/12/women-rate-t…[View]
43939668Can I get away with just using resistance bands? I'm not looking to get ripped or anything, jus…[View]
43941410Do they work? Experiences with them? Give me the straight poop, memes aside. I bought some red onio…[View]
43940500A good indoor treadmill: Looking into buying a treadmill. I dont have time to go to the gym. I can …[View]
43939681anybody here work and is still /fit/? Im afraid if i start working ill lose motivation to workout th…[View]
43936251All memes aside, is there a way to make height gains after 20?[View]
43942398How would you react if you saw this fitizens?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXRhnQu2cKg…[View]
43924569Boogie is such an inspiration. Proof that literally ANYONE can make it.[View]
43942078I just want a 5'4 gigathot gf What physique should I aim for? I already roids should I just go …[View]
43933298Dr. Shawn Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, weight lifting world record holder, and carnivore diet adv…[View]
43936118>Do dead lifts >Hell yeah gotta get those GAINS >The next day >Ow, my back hurts.…[View]
43942620Are they /ourguys/ ?[View]
43941371Why the fuck is my stomach bloated all time even though I've been working out 5-6/7 days for th…[View]
43941691I'm bulking on 4000 cals and can't gain any more mass at 207lbs. I work shifts and my life…[View]
43937625How can I achieve this body? Training tips? Diet?[View]
43941358Does anyone know a good rehab website for torn muscle. i think i might have torn my rear delt. I wa…[View]
439355082 quick questions: 1. How do you breathe on OHP? 2. How long should you rest on heavy sets?[View]
43943922Just failed nofap for girls: all these /fit/ guys talking about boning eachother is just too much :…[View]
43942483God teir cutting foods, and qtddtot about food. Pic related: Is this a FiT approves snack?[View]
43940765Last week I overtrained my left wrist (apparently the life of a lonely bachelor has made the right o…[View]
43941130>hanging knee raises >not feeling abs What am I doing wrong?…[View]
43942320Would it be possible to make protein powder out of ashes?[View]
43940865ITT: Just DYEL things: >he uses pre workout powder >he puts clips on bars >he uses liftin…[View]
43939437Abdominals thread! R8nH8nMasterb8 Also innie or outie? (*≧∀≦*)[View]
43942210raw meat diet is optimal for being /fit/. spread the word https://youtu.be/weRKlBGszhY https://yout…[View]
43936792INSTANT NOODLE: Is it really that bad for you? I'm on budget and i know not how cook, so this g…[View]
43940335Merry Christmas, anon! It’s so good to see you. I baked you some cookies, take one! What, you don’t …[View]
43939187Quick question /fit/, what's more desirable and more aesthetic, shaved body or hairy?[View]
439398285-3-1: Why aren't you doing it? Basic compound exercises, 3 work sets, 5-3-1 reps.[View]
43942007why aren’t you permabulking for girls right now[View]
43942028Is this achievable natty?[View]
43942018Extreme stretching: Its a part of my program and I've made good gainz, thoughts on extreme stre…[View]
43941379MEME myths threads. >Eating onion increases testosterone to muscle building levels >Cold showe…[View]
43940101Should I work out with only 4 hours of sleep or put it off to tomorrow ?[View]
43939760/fit/ Christmas List: What are some /fit/ related christmas presents? Whats on your list?[View]
43934697Coffee the /fit/ way to get caffiene: >that first cup[View]
43917417/run/ Running General[View]
43940353Does anyone else have lower back / hip fat this bad? I literally hate this shit ... It's the ba…[View]
43939617Showers - Good or Bad?: I´ve been having an argument with my mates in my soccer club about how showe…[View]
43938841is having more reps with lower weight better strategy for muscle growth ?[View]
43941648>doing lifts other than squat, clean and jerk, snatch, row, pull-up, and bench press for any reas…[View]
43937825How do I achieve this body?[View]
43940607Is there any truth to this?[View]
43941622Hi /fit/ nutritional yeast the fuck is it and how do you use it stats look good[View]
43936093Bodybuilding restaurant: >Welcome to McMeatheads, can I take your order?…[View]
43941078>been going to the gym for half a year now >still can't lift any more weight despite tryi…[View]
43941538Refeeds: Are refeeds really necessary when cutting and dieting? I'm 2 weeks into my aggresive …[View]
43936108How do i prevent the bones in the back of my neck from sticking out?[View]
43939740Fitness post-breakup.: Hello everybody! I’ve never been to fit before but I just wanted to say thank…[View]
43933422/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Welcome to /plg/ - Powerlifting General! This thread is mainly for raw…[View]
43940283Why do i suck at getting my knees wider when squatting?[View]
43936844How's the gf hunt going, bros? Found your Temari yet?[View]
43941163>'i'll start tomorrow...'[View]
43940773>gym requires clips to be used for all lifts[View]
43941055Stopped losing weight?: I started eating clean and doing a 8 minute exercise a day because i'm …[View]
43939777How's the bulk going boys?[View]
43931071Why haven't YOU made the switch yet: Hands down the best whey protein on the market Rated #1 on…[View]
43938138wtd did you do to me /fit/ i kept hearing you say '4 SCOOPS C'MON!' and i did i it. i took four…[View]
43941070How can I improve my numbers?: Pic related. I just cannot believe that there are people that can lif…[View]
43938658What is this funny business, /fit/?[View]
43939070wrist injury - I'm turning into a fatty: so I've always been the form enthustiast type, do…[View]
43940345/fit/ gifts: Not a gym guy, but need to get a secret Santa gift for a buddy of mine, any cheap and f…[View]
43940743How many onions per day for this body?[View]
43939278How do into this mode?[View]
43939228>he doesnt train the psoas never gonna make it[View]
43936961diet soda: /fit/, can you red pill me on diet soda? the sticky says most of the negative info is sim…[View]
43940337How do you assure normies you're not a fattie you're just bulking? It never works showing …[View]
43939151Workout question: I've been doing a PP split with some legs for some time, and I feel like my g…[View]
43940596Who inspired you, /fit/?[View]
43940728LMAO synthol abusers[View]
43940284/pg/ - Parkour General: >Ctrl+f 'Parkour' >0 results Parkour general lads. ITT: post about par…[View]
43891681Is the Grinch fit? >lateral raised an 70 pound girl with one arm >ohp 1000 pounds of christmas…[View]
43939230Latest study indicates that women find strength most attractive, followed by height and leanness: ht…[View]
43937382who ya lifting for today brehs? Had to put my dog down yesterday. His arthritis became so bad he was…[View]
43937216Opinion on my first cycle: INB4 >kek, just do natty bro, just do natty, good luck with the man ti…[View]
43936015Want to get stronk.: I'm tired of doing faggot lifts because I live in the middle of nowhere wi…[View]
43937910I finally did it, I finally made intermediate, even just barely, after so long and so many fuckups. …[View]
43938303Can I get some advices to get horse legs? Mine is really skinny right now as you can see on the pict…[View]
43939231Which is more effective/expendable in general, barbell or dumbbell?[View]
43938439Why haven't you taken the BALUTPILL yet /fit/? >increases libido >primal as fuck >God …[View]
43940349Guys seriously, what to do against swamp body? Shits fucking my life up. I already went from 240 po…[View]
43940249ANYONE WATCH THIS RETARDED ROID JUNKIE TUBER?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFHT6Sx_i10 >MFW I…[View]
43939283How much is one scoop? 13g? 20g? 30g?[View]
43939389Burpees: Anyone do burpees? What do you do them for? How many do you do? How effective are they?…[View]
43935796Golfer's elbow treatment: I'm looking for a way to get rid of golfer's elbow in my ri…[View]
43939652*makes all your food taste good*[View]
43930314>Gym closed due to some plumbering issues >failing college >running out of money and a plac…[View]
43923209Men only gyms when?[View]
43928331/fraud/: /fraud/ BFG EDITION Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/before asking questi…[View]
43936168Study finds that strength accounts for 70% of male attractiveness: Scientists showed a group of 160 …[View]
43939944is walking sufficient cardio for general heart health?[View]
43939790How do I achieve this mode? Im a boi, btw.[View]
43939993question about cardio: i have been running but i am wondering are there better more efficient forms …[View]
43929134How do I into Manowar mode?[View]
43936392Will eating 3 eggs for breakfast every day make me die from a heart attack?[View]
43939907gym advice: i started going to gym for month now 5 days per week targeting one muscle group every da…[View]
43926857Ideals thread? Ideals thread.[View]
43938458How do i achieve this anon?[View]
43939417High Protein Intake: What if you take in too much protein? If your say 180 lbs and the recommendatio…[View]
43937304What does /fit/ think of The Buff Dudes?[View]
43939898Cross Country Skiing data: >like saving my exercise data in a spreadsheet. >don't know w…[View]
43934842ITT: Autistic placebo things that you do to help you lift more Before squats and during the rest per…[View]
43939854Swimming: Ive been doing golden six for few months now, and Ive been thinking of adding swimming the…[View]
43938921Has anyone here suffered from Binge Eating Disorder (BED)? I literally lost my abs and gained a lot …[View]
43936894heart issues: I wonder if any other anon has problems with his heart. Since a few months I get a rea…[View]
43937816Motivation Thread[View]
43927298How do I enter PalsyMode ?[View]
43937500Rant thread: RANT THREAD I need to let of some steam, I walked into the gym expecting to have amothe…[View]
43936495https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16648789 >Findings of our study demonstrate that exhaustion e…[View]
43939599Best bodybuilding poses: Hey, So IBB bodybuilding season starts in January. What is /fit/ best poses…[View]
43937326phys.org/news/2017-12-upper-body-strength-key-factor.html Girls don't care about legs[View]
43938789>skipped one day of gym >already feeling fat and dyel again…[View]
43932906>walk into gym >MACHO MACHO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN…[View]
43939300Have you done your cardio today, anon? >inb4 cardio kills gains only if you let it put you into a…[View]
43927995/fph/: Old one at bump limit. There must always be a fph.[View]
43936999>have gym membership >want to lift >dunno how, no experience >don't want to embarra…[View]
43937444/ S W I M M I N G /: been at it since 2 months, before that i havent really swam since childhood fou…[View]
43936340hey /fit/ what does your morning look like?[View]
43938294How much onion power is lost when you cook it?: I wanna maximize onion gains, but there's only …[View]
43939045DYING OF POLLUTION: FUCK THIS TIME OF YEAR /fit/ i beseech thee, how the fuck am i supposed to keep …[View]
43939058>>walk into gym >>GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG Where do I find gyms lik…[View]
43936313How the FUCK do i get rid of dandruff. I've tried everything from switching to only cold shower…[View]
43939186>6ft/183cm and 187lbs/84kg~ >if i want to cut to lose any weight it will be eating 2kish calor…[View]
43938758Pushup thread: poor form edition[View]
43936046I hear you soy boy faggots want to be strong like Polska and so you start eat onion. Good. For this …[View]
43938352Insecure lanklet here. Besides quitting workouts early, what do betas/nu-males do at the gym and wha…[View]
43933271Final Tally of Fit Census Results: Here you all go we had around 400 more responses than last time t…[View]
43936776how is this for a beginner home dumbbell workout? 3 times a week Curl and Press 2x10 2x10 tricep ove…[View]
43937479wiped my HDD and lost my fit pictures, anyone got the 'Remember why you're doing this' motivati…[View]
43930553Gyno? Pseudo gyno?: Pic is flexed on the left and relaxed on the right. Do I have gyno or just shitt…[View]
43938530Why has obesity risen so much in the past 50 years?: Seriously doubt people's will power have d…[View]
43930157Acne thread. >how long have you been suffering from acne >how do you bros treat your acne? …[View]
43936559Hairybois: Anyone else have a problem with body hair throwing off your aesthetic?[View]
43936939Friendly reminder that you don't need to be super tall for girls to find you attractive, you ju…[View]
43938684PHAT?: http://www.simplyshredded.com/mega-feature-layne-norton-training-series-full-powerhypertrophy…[View]
43934560Heart Health: Is it a bad sign if my heart is pumping so hard after the end of a set my shirt is vis…[View]
43938551Workout tapes from the 80's, 90's, 2000's and now: I usually do my own thing but I li…[View]
43938459>on 3rd set of squats >losing strength >stick hand into shorts and rub my balls >get a…[View]
43937534Chinups: I'm returning to workout after a 3 month layoff. Well, today, after 3 sets of bodyweig…[View]
43935939why do normies do this?[View]
43938155What routine is best to get into spudmode?[View]
43938387/Fit/ Careers: Can we agree that being a builder is one of the most /fit/test jobs? You are literall…[View]
43937309>Get sick for a week >Can't work out for a fucking week >All my gains stolen Fucking G…[View]
43937852Rampage Jackson have taken the neck pill, have you? >https://youtu.be/N0XsOkqOOvA?t=3m22s…[View]
43936815>fall for the chicken meme >get flood poisoning I hate you guys so fucking much…[View]
43938118>r8 my pecs[View]
43937040raw meat diet is optimal for being /fit/. spread the word https://youtu.be/weRKlBGszhY https://youtu…[View]
43937226what's your excuse /fit/? https://www.muscleandfitness.com/athletes-celebrities/news/watch-army…[View]
43936877Is this achievable natty?[View]
43937392NORMIES YOU RESPECT: ITT: Normies that /fit/ respects. I'll start. Thomas Delauer. Seems like a…[View]
43938086Is skipping dinner and fasting beneficial for weight loss, is the slow metabolism thing a meme?[View]
43938121HOw many scoops a day do I have to take to be this big?[View]
43937997Drinking Water: I came across a song where the guy repeats 'drink water' to a chill electronic beat …[View]
43938033Looked at muh belt, realized shit: You guys told me everyone is gonna make it. I didn't know if…[View]
43935294WarriorDiet: Hey /fit/! Redpill me on warrior diet! It's a kind of fast diet 20/4. Does it work…[View]
43937902>hear weird grinding in my shoulder while db benching >turn up music in my headphones problem …[View]
43935512I never really paid attention to the threads here, so I don't really know anything about him bu…[View]
43937522Fast food addiction: I've been on the keto diet on and off for a year, lost and kept off 20lbs …[View]
43936754Been on full /soy/ diet for 3 months bros, r8 my progress[View]
43937399Squating or cycling?[View]
43936635if there was a god why would he take away our hero. Zyzz thanks for everything man i love you https:…[View]
43937729How do I into powerbottom mode?[View]
43935885>tfw date what are the most effective and long lasting pumps? I was thinking lateral delts + trap…[View]
43936192insomnia: Who has had and successfully fixed their troubles sleeping? I have really bad shitty anxie…[View]
43937573>just found out that there's soy in my protein powder Never going to make it, lads…[View]
43936220What is the essential reading for /fit/? Already have this one.[View]
43929566The Buff Dudes: Thoughts?[View]
43936784>the manlet king is hogging the only bench in the pit again[View]
43934771Clavicel Rejuvenation Thread: Send your prayers for all the claviclets like me out there >'Grow, …[View]
43929846Is she real /fit/? Is she out there somewhere? ... If you somehow find such a creature and marry her…[View]
43937077I have been here daily for over 5 years. I have never lifted a weight in my life nor even exercise r…[View]
43934279>What’s the best way to bulk to 2900 calories a day? I’m currently at 155 and my goal is to bulk …[View]
43937194Is /onion/ pill the ultimate pill? >eat an onion a day for a week >smoking tastes disgusting …[View]
43931144Foods that cause gyno[View]
43937324>saunter into the gym >there is a NIGGER doing curls in MY squat rack…[View]
43937059Best bench programme for strength? Looking to seriously get into powerlifting. Currently I am doing …[View]
43933302For all those just joining us for the new years, let me be the first to welcome you and tell you lif…[View]
43934174Coco for Chicco pods: A Swedish study found that eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week—abo…[View]
43937225Explain to me how Sports, AKA continually watching and rooting for a man much more athletic and fit …[View]
43935011Are soldiers in general more masculine physically speaking or is that exaggerated?[View]
43935700I am a lean tall guy that never learned to eat that abundance of calories needed to build serious mu…[View]
43937037Is Afghan food the ultimate /fit/ food? A big fuck off plate of BBQed chicken and spinach.[View]
43937127>Boogie will never lose the wei-[View]
43932859The Difference Between Beards: Reminder if your beard doesn't fully cover the space from your l…[View]
43936463Why am I stalling so long? I refuse to believe its genetics. I eat 3500 kcals a day at 6'3 and …[View]
43936818this just started happening to me. when I'm doing my bench press when I get about half-way down…[View]
43936437strength imbalance: My left arm is like 10 percent weaker than right one. How do I fix this?[View]
43933493Is there such thing as a woman who doesn't prefer muscularity?[View]
43936147Thicker vs Wider Back: Which would you choose?[View]
43934519>I can see you eating those xmas cookies, anon are you /fit/ all year round?…[View]
43930950Guys wtf. I've been eating primarily cereal for the past month and haven't lost a single p…[View]
43936039Peak Modern Alpha: Why can't you barbarian brutes accept this as the new peak Modern Alpha. Why…[View]
43936735>Significant heart disease >Mild coronary atherosclerosis >Fatty liver >Congested thyroi…[View]
43936024Improving Work capacity: Advice on improving work capacity. What do you do?[View]
43936404how to fix forward head posture /fit/?[View]
43936054eating health: is only eating healthy going to get me leaner?[View]
43936631When did Gold’s Gym turn into Planet Fitness?[View]
43935749>pack my healthy and lite breakfast and lunch with me to work >eat them and feel fine at work…[View]
43936367Why aren't you making your own roids, /fit/?[View]
43935032>SEX IS OVERRATED You gain much more on physical, mental and spiritual level by getting big and s…[View]
43935854ITT: manlets: > top pound for pound mma fighter > 5 ft 3 when will they ever learn…[View]
43936198Sup /fit/ I currently bench 315 1RM But let’s say I loaded up 405 and attempted to lift it but faile…[View]
43935044Gallon Of Milk: Guys I used to be 6' 56kg and I wanted to bulk up a bit. I decided to drink a gallo…[View]
43934346>Walks into the gym 'DO THEY KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS TIME AT ALL'[View]
43930792Anyone with a barrel chest here that is /fit/? It kinda bothers me not to know if it'll all be …[View]
43936109WRISTLET: How do I make my wrists thicker? My forearms are already well developed and I'm at 12…[View]
43933115What stops you from being lazy[View]
43935136MEWing experiences: My hair, eye area and mouth area look pretty similar to Tyson ballou, but jaw/ch…[View]
43933173Thoughts on spirulina? Supposedly it increases muscular power and endurance, is extremely effective …[View]
43936103Finally girls mire me: I have to confess something of your interest. I have been training 3 years an…[View]
43918790I have my first day tomorrow, any tips lads? I'm a kissless virgin and don't know how to k…[View]
43933480How can I achieve this physique?[View]
43934579Minoxidil: About to get my minoxidil in a week. 6 months supply to trigger beard growth. Wish me luc…[View]
43936059How Not To Eat: So I'm eating one meal a day and so far I can't sleep well, am super tired…[View]
43935266So I met a guy in the gym who benches 160kg and does PPL like I do; he says forcing yourself to rest…[View]
43934059How do I become an Asian Chad /fit/?[View]
43933575As long as you're proportioned well and not lanky (ie muscular) is there such thing as too tall…[View]
43932718are these chairs a meme or are they healthier than office chairs[View]
43932841Your face when you made the last rep of the set[View]
43929747jeff nippard pdfs: Anyone have them?[View]
43935434Is it ok to do the same workout three days a week with 4 rest days total (one in between workout day…[View]
43933933Fuck onions: >See /fits/ onion a day post >'Oh this will be nice, I'll include with my ve…[View]
43934899Has he had gyno surgery?[View]
43934543I realized I wasn't getting the gram of protein I'm supposed to get for every pound of bod…[View]
43935867Is Riley /fit/ in human form? >married his childhood sweetheart >beta throughout all of his li…[View]
43931115Anyone tried these Quest Hero bars? I've tried them all and they taste better than any protein …[View]
43905333No pushup thread? Where you do pushups equal to the last 2 digits of your post? It's ok /fit, y…[View]
43935763What does /fit/ think of the buff dudes?[View]
43935836Recovery time: What is the perfect exercise without overtraining leading to tennis elbow or arthriti…[View]
43931331What's the most superior sleep cycle?[View]
43935580Thoughts on lentils as bulking food? Per 100g: 327 kcal 0,6g fat 52g ch 11g fiber 23g protein I eat …[View]
43934846Indian Genetics: I'm a 5'7 130pound Indian guy. I have typical indian genetics of super t…[View]
43932409>hey son you're getting pretty big[View]
43935419Why the fuck do I get in such a bad mood after I've worked out for a couple of weeks? I could r…[View]
43934796Psychological differences of cutting: So I actually started cutting recently and I feel like a compl…[View]
43933080Lower abs question. I’ve been trying to get those 2 lower abs to show, but cant do it. Should I drop…[View]
43927427has anyone noticed any benefits of the constant onion eating so far?[View]
43934332Is this s**t water retention or na?[View]
43934248>/k/ reporting in I need to lose 20lbs to fall within the army weight maximum >19yr male >2…[View]
43934933Am I a doomed lanklet? I'm so full I can't finish the rest of this banana.[View]
43933296Has anyone taken creatine at just before midnight, then had a few drinks, but couldn't sleep at…[View]
43932880what drugs and/or supplements you guys take?: Me: zinc magnesium d3 finasteride valsartan homemade P…[View]
43934993/onion/ redpill: >Hey Ano- >What's that smell? Have you been eating onions, Anon?!…[View]
43932943TOMCAT SHOULDERS: How do I develop the broad shoulders typically exemplified by tom cats? >this i…[View]
43930399what are some testosterone inducing tv shows for my downtime? currently watching pic related[View]
43935403what is the science behind onion giving u testosterone. has anyone actually tried taking it like eve…[View]
43934300/thicc/ general: Can somebody just give me this guy's name? I have his body type and I need to …[View]
43933353Lean body: How do I get a lean body like pic related[View]
43935218How to wear a shaved head without normies sperging out about it? I feel like no matter how correct y…[View]
43928272Jonnie Candito's 6 week intermediate program: is it good? Does anyone have any experiences with…[View]
43932786Thinking about cutting my dick off to get through nofap. Not like I'm gonna ever use it anyway.…[View]
43934756>intermediate and stalling on lower body lifts >novice on upper body lifts Is it a good idea t…[View]
43932250wanna do bodyweight hiit at home. Is there an app that has the exercises and a timer?[View]
43935182Hey fit. My girlfriend has no interest in lifting, so I can't celebrate any PRs with her. So, s…[View]
43932070>fit told me this reduces stress >did not tell me it's an aphrodisiac >I now get semi…[View]
43935124I’ve gone two years without eating a single vegetable, and just learned what a folate is today. This…[View]
43921888post a better full body routine than Ice Cream Fatness 5x5[View]
43934877What is like to be chad? Specifically: ripped, tall, good facial features, good hair, etc[View]
43934317hey guys i feel so bad for posting this but its my last resort! in october i had to pay 4100$ for re…[View]
43930647How much should i pay my dermatologist to remove acne[View]
43934127Should manlets be castrated for the sake of the human gene pool? http://www.strawpoll.me/14610736[View]
43933560/fit/ oldfag here- been lurking since before we lost the health from health&fitness. Always cant…[View]
43930730Stop making fun of Jeff he’s probably reading this right now[View]
43930594Whomst’ve here is secure enough in their manliness to use the two birthing machines?[View]
43922693I just got prescribed Lithium Carbonate. What am I in for? What should I expect to happen?[View]
43933837>mfw there's Ji*n scum in my gymnasium[View]
43933930Shoulder health question: Hey fit I currently workout using body weight exercises that consist of pu…[View]
43933031newfag here, interested in bodyweight, wim hof, calorie restriction, brown fat building, keto, and f…[View]
43933999After doing deadlifts today I've noticed my right knee has felt a little loose and wobbly and p…[View]
43934489How to retain gains whilst having a cold? I was think 4 protein shakes with milk a day (400 cal eac…[View]
439292356 and a half-ish months progress how am I doing?[View]
43933562is this good bb row form? How else should I do them?[View]
43932640I want to start a hypertrophy program. I was reading about HST and the program turns into 4 out of 6…[View]
43932160Is it possible to live a long life if you're overweight?[View]
43923323/FAST/ #54: NEW OP EDITION: /FAST/ FASTING GENERAL What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discuss…[View]
43932852What are carbs exactly for? Cause i'm on a cut and don't know if i should be getting plent…[View]
43933147Would i build muscle if i'm on a 700 cal deficit but with a high as fuck protein intake?[View]
43932550What's your shirt collar size? And is 16' necklet territory for a 6' tall guy?[View]
43925420Post the cringiest pic you've made for motivation.: Pic related.[View]
43898668You wake up as Potatoman. What do you do (In the gym, for example) to look/feel the best you can?[View]
43929530So why do bodybuilders eat oats/white rice? Just for carbs?[View]
43930891>balding fattie manlet in my class gets a blonde qt 3.14 gf with big tits >Haven't had a …[View]
43930694PMSF the Lyle McDonald Way: I'm starting a cut and am thinking about attempting a PMSF by inges…[View]
43932319>Found out mom got me Nike Romaelo 2's instead of Adipowers for Christmas I'm thinking …[View]
43933873Forearms?: Watching The Deuce, noticed franco's big forearms. Is this genetics? He is otherwise…[View]
43932994how do i fix stubborn biceps?[View]
43933192Can I just do deadlifts for lower body without getting any joint imbalances? Squatting isn't fu…[View]
43933189My upper body is pretty jacked, but I still have quite a bit of belly fat. What kind of things do I …[View]
43933247If your main source of hydration is anything other than water, you're a degenerate.[View]
43930750Jaw muscle for whole body: The masseter is the strongest muscle in the body for it’s size and weight…[View]
43933410is it possible to get a six pack and my legs thicker just doing sets of exercises on my home? im 1,8…[View]
43933005Pushups: Is there any use to do them after your able to do 100 and 1/2/3/4? Is there still a benifit…[View]
43931093You achieve your goal body. Now what? How much better will your life really be?[View]
43933259Pure Gluten: I never see this mentionned anywhere, maybe because you don't have it in other cou…[View]
43932507How do you deal with someone who is sleeping in your workplace 'gym' when you're trying to sque…[View]
43932082>start to eat more plant food >feels better >now meat taste like crap >now fried chicken…[View]
43924839/PLG - Powerlifting General/: Didn't have a picture of a dog so I drew one on tissue paper…[View]
43931953>tfw you finally achieve 5x5 225 on bench only took me a year ffs[View]
43933168Headrush: Does anyone else get a super intense headrush from certain lifts? I find that whenever I d…[View]
43932492GOAT plant milk[View]
43932571Pull day exercises: Why do people always say that you should feel seated cable rows and lateral pull…[View]
43919662Motivation thread[View]
43932204Would you guys do a ussf meet?[View]
43932074Why am I always hungry I don't want to be fat[View]
43928684Sudden Penis Injury?: So two days ago I woke up and my little buddy was limp I felt the tip and it…[View]
43929752I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in several moons. Now I don't feel like going to…[View]
43932518eating 3200 to 3400 clean calories a day but starting tomorrow I'm thinking about drinking a we…[View]
43931476Any else sometimes randomly dedicate their lifts to things? The greatest workout i've ever had…[View]
43932890Im going to be the first epileptic to bench 315 lbs It's gonna be nice[View]
43929952How can I achieve the Bradley Cooper American Sniper mode?[View]
43931082If artificial testosterone exaggerates male features such as muscle mass, and hair growth, wouldn…[View]
43931869/Squat gains/: Hello anons. >Here is the situation, my squats suck can barely hit 315 for a doubl…[View]
43932748need suggestions: Hey /fit/ I need some protein to add to my workout, not too much cuz diet, what sh…[View]
43932597Friendly Reminder: Friendly Reminder: If you need a belt or straps to lift the weight, you shouldnt …[View]
43932705Is there any actual evidence that suggests that sleeping without a pillow is good for you/helps you …[View]
43932653So I've been seeing that I've been having a much tighter physique at night as compared to …[View]
43932590dont forget to take your 1 teaspoon of salt, /fit/[View]
43932388How much should you push press in comparison to ohp and bench? I can press 205 rn 1rm, and pushpress…[View]
43932598I'm new to exercising and have been doing it on and off. Anyone have any tips or advice on how …[View]
43929868Should I go back to /k?[View]
43927955candito Linear Program: r8 my variant of Candito LP Lifting for 6 months with no emphasis on LP, loo…[View]
43932470What is everybody's maximum number of pushups the can do in one set?[View]
43929755How do I deal with getting uglier I reached my prime at 22 Now 1.5 year later my hairline is getting…[View]
43932262What do you guys do to get rid of the sugar / soda / fatty food cravings in your system? Does detox …[View]
43932300What's a good diet for losing weight quickly while losing as least Muscle as possible (need to …[View]
43932183If muscle memory is real, and you lost a bunch of muscle due to being extreme cutting or cardio. Ass…[View]
43931367Running routines?: I need help dropping 1-2 minutes off my pft. Anybody have any good running plans …[View]
43930962HELP: I waited too long and need help with an assignment for my weight training class someone give m…[View]
43928535PPL: Post your 1)PPL routine, 2)your time doing it and 3) your training level aka your lifts. I do: …[View]
43920456>walk into weight room >girl walks in, wearing an anime shirt. she's not fat so to say bu…[View]
43927473Protein bars: I sometimes take one before my session when I'm low on protein. What's your …[View]
43928409>be me >be 18 >drink milk and onions everyday >eat shit ton of pb >8 eggs >still f…[View]
43929471/Mirin'/ thread: No miring thread?? Let's fix that. I'll start: >be me >27 year…[View]
4393068212 Butter Dogs a Day: Its literally almost 2018 and you haven't started TBDAD yet? what the fuc…[View]
43931789I finally am starting to see all of my hard work in the gym pay off. My body looks great but I am st…[View]
43929849Should i start bulking if i'm not that thin (around 15-17% and still have small love handles) e…[View]
43926005What do legs matter if I'm not trying to get big? I'll still be proportional anyway.[View]
43931979> tfw prework out deuce[View]
43927971Could he be: A vegan who only eats what is needed and doesn't overindulge Or is he secretly pl…[View]
43930822>Been going to the gym religiously every single day for at least half a year >Do cardio regula…[View]
43927356So /fit/, even with a decent amount of stretching and a couple sets of warmup bodyweight squats, I s…[View]
43928883redpillme on onions brahs , should i eat em more often[View]
43930742>2017 almost 2018 >realize I have no money >realize I have no gf >realize I have no pupp…[View]
43917451Keto vs fasting What's your thoughts?[View]
43930716Are there any actual good stretching routines that'll help someone who's a beginner and no…[View]
43931627How many inches off my stomach will I lose if I just stop eating for seven days and only consume wat…[View]
43931656>TFW you post jym >but she keeps on pre-jymming…[View]
43928858poorfag here. can only afford to eat one meal a day until i find a better job. can i still be /fit/ …[View]
43911557What sexy pet names could a girl whisper in your ear to make you do one more rep?: If I was struggli…[View]
43930836what do you do for back, fit?[View]
43904626/fat/ What are you doing right? Keep doing it: Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better t…[View]
43929543CBT thread - Christmas edition: 180 cm 78 kg[View]
43930202Weight machine hogs being freaky assholes WTF?: >2 dudes were hogging a machine between eachother…[View]
43925034Kettlebell Swings: Who here does them? Are they a good exercise? What do you use them for? Would you…[View]
43908893First cycle: Just ordered my first cycle, just 500mg test + anavar and estrogen blocker Only plannin…[View]
43930518this is my fucking board now[View]
4392833495kg 160cm how do i lose weight, i dont want exercises that will hurt my knees (jumping on a rope) i…[View]
43929966How do I fix this? Both the weak chin and the shitty skin?[View]
43923821my mom just called me a manlet[View]
43930654Pumpkin Seeds: Why aren't you faggots eating more pumpkin seeds? They're full of zinc. Don…[View]
43928958/fit/izens assessment: >Height >Weight >Deadlift Max >inclined Benchpress Max >Squats…[View]
43930984>hopped on an all-meat diet to boost my protein intake >haven't been able to shit for 9 d…[View]
43928456Hair: I have really fucking thick hair The volume is unreal and its pissing me off because i sont k…[View]
43929173What would you do, /fit/?[View]
43930878Routine Thread: A. Squat 5x5 Last Set AMRAP Bench P. 5x5 Last Set AMRAP Bent Over Row 5x5 Last Set A…[View]
43930904How much does /fit/ pay for their gym? What makes it worth that price? >sauna? >pool? >hair…[View]
43931026Okay, I really want to quit softdrinks but...: So I'm 180 cm 66 kg or 5'11' ~145 lbs i thi…[View]
43924117I need a bro movie: I need a good movie like pic related. Needs to : >Heavy doses of healthy masc…[View]
43929762achiveable natty?[View]
43929745A couple of months ago, I had an off-week regarding squats I hurt my back a little, nothing to serio…[View]
43930640Some nigga squatting In my curl rack wat do ?[View]
43930354You guys are a bunch of faggots and I hate you all. Also: how much Volume is too much volume?[View]
43927173Can a pair of dumbells and a dips/pullup station replace going to the gym?[View]
43926004Who else here has been lifting for years and is still DYEL?[View]
43930692>When you keep saying you are going to leave the chans and internet >Wake up >Check /fit/ …[View]
43928719What 's a /fit approved rice ? There is a wide variety of rice brands and names, which is the b…[View]
43929880Question.: So I read a lot on soy and how soy based products aren't good for fitness, let alone…[View]
43929739Daily reminder that if you weren't a top athlete growing up, you'll never be a Chad.[View]
43923751what supplements do you take? >multivitamin >creatine >caffeine >fishoil >d3 >zma …[View]
43912114Can you go from a 3/10 face to a 8/10 face by lifting?[View]
43930102sup /pol/ rate and advice. Been training seriously about 2 years now. Have I achieved aesthetics?[View]
43922452Does /fit/ recommend 12CODCAD?[View]
43930517Did you live it today, anon?[View]
43928867Deadlift, Glute Bridge, and Rack Pull: I've started adding some assistance exercises to help im…[View]
43930193>get sick >dont lift for 3 weeks >lose gains from like 2 whole months why do i even bother …[View]
43929242plebbit is back to attacking /ourguy/ jordan feigenbaum, this time in r/fitnesscirclejerk, which is …[View]
43920699this is what im going for basically not taxi driver skinny just a lean mean meat machine[View]
43926628The skinnyfat dilemma: >Too fat to bulk >Too skinny to cut What do you reccomend bois? I plan …[View]
43929397Just happened: 107.5kg 2x5, 110kg 1x5 deadlift I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL[View]
43930137I’m falling for the meme. How much should I take?[View]
43928891ITT: routines you recommend: Been thinking of trying PHAT but I'm looking for other reconendati…[View]
43922717>roiding for this[View]
43925216How do I stop farting due to high grain and fiber diets?[View]
43926771/fit/ recipes: Post what you got.[View]
4392731118 Yo 74 kg (78 three weeks ago) 1'80 m (5'11) What do? Also, I'll send more pics if …[View]
43929961Will I be able to make ‘real progress’ just doing a variety of lifting and cardio every other day wi…[View]
43929936>girl constantly looks my direction while i'm lifting >we make eye contact multiple times…[View]
43926982what is the point in lifting if you've a birdjawed morphology and a shitty hairline?: as the ti…[View]
43929659What do you do when you hurt yourself? Just take a few days off? My back fucking hurts brahs.[View]
43929017Will lifting make me taller? I'm 5'2, or 157 cm tall according to google. I'm 19 year…[View]
43929860So does this actually work or is it just a meme? For those unaware, its a book that claims to 'stop …[View]
43929669Sup fit i got a problem im not sure what it is idk if im skinny fat or have a gorilla gut but >pi…[View]
43929089Redpill me on Jake /fit/, a friend swears by it. Is he just shilling?[View]
43907177Other than working out, what can I do to become more physically attractive? There use to be a really…[View]
43925844Director of the company asks you if you are made fun of constantly or something.. >TFW >They …[View]
43928225Buy mo plates?: >be me >train in homegym (literally a bench, a rack, a barbell, plate-dumbells…[View]
43924475>Boogie shouldn't have gotten weight loss surg-: Oh.[View]
43926665Whats the best way to get bigger arms? Train arms twice a week? Bonus points if natty[View]
43929723strength =\= aesthetics?: i've been told that to get good looking i only need to be strong and …[View]
43926676>Boogie will never lose the wei-: /fit/ BTFO yet again. How does it feel to be consistently wrong…[View]
43919806Vegans on suicide watch >certified doctor >American hero (probably killed Taliban with his bar…[View]
43926905>have great biceps and triceps >forearms look like a twelve year old's how do I get forea…[View]
43917136I wanna quit. How do i quit?[View]
43926596https://youtu.be/nI3szx1-8_s Is it beta to browse /fit/ in the dark or with the door closed?[View]
43927639I got a gut: I'm 6ft 3in skinny arms and legs with a gut. 270lb. How much weight could I lose b…[View]
43928611Hey, /fit/ I'm a skinnyfat ectomorph, trying to bulk up now after not eating enough calories an…[View]
43929544everyone loves a nice twink body >mfw[View]
43927321Anon help am loseing my sixpack[View]
43921516What does /fit/ thinks of his content?[View]
43927313What's the best bodyweight exercise to counter my short stature?[View]
43927571pb: >he doesnt eat peanut butter every day Definitely not gonna make it?…[View]
43927162sense when did cavaliereposting and non-negotiable become a meme. was i just not paying attention[View]
43926721How do I achieve this physique: How do I achieve this physique? I am 177cm weighing 68.3kg. look li…[View]
43927240meatfags btfo!!!: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-11/taxes-on-meat-seen-joining-carb…[View]
43929232Common foods high in sugar: Hey friends! So recently I'm trying my best to avoid sugar, I'…[View]
43924172Mewing and overbite/pushed back jaw/weak chin: There was recently a thread discussing health benefit…[View]
43926958Spreading out workout: Ok fit, I work from home with a flexible schedule and I have a homegym. I ge…[View]
43927368i'm 8'7 and feel like a manlet[View]
43927405How the fuck do i bulk I've been eating about 6 large meals of meat and pasta/rice daily for mo…[View]
43928985>be me >be 30 >gym alpha no one mess with me >arrive to gym one day >qtscanner.exe …[View]
43925020What’s the best form of cardio?[View]
43926695I lifted seriously through college, was neurotic about nutrition, and followed SS, then later did so…[View]
43928806menlets thread: why are menlets so insecure, weak and aggressive? can overcompendation alone explain…[View]
43928360Fit, pick one. > sex with a 7/10 girl > having a perfect ATG squat session with just the righ…[View]
43927811Workout: Thoughts?[View]
43923819Routine for aesthetics: I'm looking for a routine that focuses mainly on the upper body, buildi…[View]
43927778What do you guys do when you reach the point where you've become intimidating or frightening to…[View]
43928646>tfw want to get toned >mfw cant get toned without getting TOO big Some of us were never made …[View]
43926353>lower body DOMS combined with fever muscle aches no gains, only suffering…[View]
43927047How likely is it that I could start the gym next week if I don't have much knowledge on routine…[View]
43927681Is there a way to get rid of mantits without losing too much fat or getting buffed? I like my dad bo…[View]
43928477Body sabotating gains: >Can't go lifting for the 5th time in two weeks because my blood pres…[View]
43922387Opinions on seitan? We know it's lacking on essential amino acid, but once you cover your daily…[View]
43927089Anti-diabetic drugs: What does /fit/ thinks of using metformin/glimeperide for increasing insulin se…[View]
43926821Front delt problems: HOW DO I TELL MY FRONT DELT TO FUCK OFF??? I can't get ANY chest developme…[View]
43928403100gr only have 25gr of protons and 525kcal to make it worst taste like shit.[View]
43927407What's the best brand of peanut butter for getting /fit/? I'm new to caring about what I e…[View]
43927884>Suffer from tremor all my life >Try do some exercises at gym >tremors are visibly noticeab…[View]
43924715Why does my body waste precious minerals on these instead of on my bones and muscles?[View]
43927631Oh hey there anon: >oh hey there anon >I didn't know you still hoisted >how's th…[View]
43919720welds general: My favorite thing to do between sets is look at the unbelievably shitty welds on the …[View]
43927658MILK replacement: What should I do to replace milk? it has been giving me really bad diarreh in the …[View]
43926077NATTY THREAD: > Only natties > pic of physique straigt up, no wierd posing and halfnatty light…[View]
43919163/fraud/ natties are cucks edition Read all of https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/before asking q…[View]
43927355it seems I have a couple of hips I can't get rid of. I generally follow kick boxing exercises b…[View]
43927611r8 my homegym setup[View]
43927852>Enter gym >'BABY ALLL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUU'…[View]
43927802mires general: >dick bulge got mired today in the gym >mfw i'm 5.5x4.5 dumb slut will ne…[View]
43921379/Acne/: /Acne/ Thread This thread is dedicated to discussing acne and how to treat it. Feel free to …[View]
43927092/GenLank/ - Lanklet General: >6'7' >bulked 30 pounds >look the same…[View]
43917019QTDDTOT: Should you do decline bench presses?[View]
43927544How does /fit/ feel about Elliptical machines, are they worth it? $500 (used) could buy plenty of we…[View]
43927438Skinnyfat isn’t a real thing. You’re just fat, kiddo.[View]
43927496Steeve Reeves: Was he the original chad?[View]
43927424ONION MEME: just gave into the onion meme and juiced an onion for the first time. i chugged it and i…[View]
43927304Sometimes I wonder what life would be like is i was 5 inches shorter[View]
43925192How come some people get insane gains/results just doing bench/squat/deadlift/chins/ohp, but then ot…[View]
43926975What did Belgium mean by this?[View]
43927260>walk into gym >NEVER MADE IT AS A WISE MAN…[View]
43926279Is Abercrombie & Fitch the most aesthetic MODE?: How can I get in that mode?[View]
43926173is creatine withdrawal a thing? i was tired all day today and i couldnt figure out why because thats…[View]
43926979>Asked for a special arrangement to accommondate my studies at work, got it with no reduction to …[View]
43923634>resting on the bench between sets >gym jester runs up to me and farts in my face mid jump …[View]
43924131>tfw 5'8[View]
43925909Is mediation a meme? Is it actually as life-changing as people make it out to be?[View]
43927170Anyone here messed with ostarine capsules? I'm worriex about the libido issues. Any words of wi…[View]
43926433Side Delts: What exercises do you guys do for them? How important are they for aesthetics? Do compou…[View]
43927125Is this mode achieveable natty ? Just a strenght (whit some hiit) rutine ?[View]
43924739How the fuck are you supposed to squat 3x times a week? Today's my second day doing SS and my l…[View]
43923185I can bench 40kg now I feel so strong![View]
43924490>hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the leatherclub is 2 blocks down can /fit/ fight him …[View]
43913960/fph/ Triple Thicc Thighs Edition: >check for fph >no thread Well time to get one of these sta…[View]
43903886Cringe thread: Cringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsbVyeSDGkI[View]
43924364This the minimum that you need to be, if you want a average 7/10 thot to look in your direction? Why…[View]
43926738Hanging leg / knee raises are my primary core exercise, but for some reason my quads end up burning …[View]
43926440>wake up >smoothies still exist[View]
43926726Have ypu tried you free cbd oil?: https://m.myhealthdrop.com/oas-p-p-f2/shipping its only 5$ shippin…[View]
43926546>tfw not sure if oblique doms from isolation exercises yesterday or potential kidney disease fark…[View]
43926656I wanna start lifting again Do i start off where i left SL a year ago?[View]
43923618People concerned with your weightloss stories?: >be me >fat since 7 >'going lighter than a …[View]
43923419How does vegetarian escape skelly mod? Help me.[View]
43924020How's it going, /fit/? Hopefully you've had a good workout today ... But what I want to he…[View]
43926550Building a routine with limited gym access: Because of my work schedule, I will soon only have acces…[View]
43926541Hello /fit/ Does anyone have any success stories for DDP Yoga? Everytime I see results it looks terr…[View]
43923061>could you please make a fist for me, anon?[View]
43923054What do you call this mode and is it achievable natty?[View]
43926411WAAA: AS[View]
43923524>tfw started manual job digging holes all day errday and sheit >sipping milk all day intensifi…[View]
43926283I am supposed to be on nofap but I just really want to rub one out you know[View]
43923424How to achive manlier hands?[View]
43878057/ass/ - ass general: The autistic girls (female) on lolcow are talking about how much they like big …[View]
43926042Protein from vegetables, wheat, nuts, etc: Sup /fit/, I'm currently bulking on around 3100kcal …[View]
43919458Who here /swamp ass/?: Anyone else’s ass start stinking way more after lifting? I shower daily but a…[View]
43925911Remember when we had /fitlit/ and it became sorta like that autist minor anime characters who become…[View]
43926201What would your perfect life look like? 16 grids for each hour in the day 8 are for sleep[View]
43914057>Get told I have gyno by /fit/ >Go to doctor >He laughs and tells me there's 0 gyno t…[View]
43924311Hernia: Dear /fit/, I seek you guidance. I've had recently had hernia surgery after ignoring it…[View]
43917843Single mother purge when?: >be a single mum >you make your kid overeat by using the 'starving …[View]
43923788lanklet reporting: what do to get /fit/? i wanna be stronger, and getting into basic in 6 months, wh…[View]
43924619Are eye exercises just a meme?[View]
43923771Breaking Plateaus: Any ideas on how to break my BP plateau? I don't think it's too do with…[View]
43925912explain yourselves /fit/ are you all really this dyle? why the fuck do the all the posts here not re…[View]
43925884Micro Roiding: If I inject stanozolol in small amounts instead the standard 450-500mg a week will I …[View]
43925396Nearly half of people believe losing weight is impossible: 47% of respondents to a major British soc…[View]
43925874Is Jennifer Thompson /fit/'s mom?[View]
43921701Anyone here yellow pilled? I have some issues with my hairline - it sucks. I know that DHT is respon…[View]
43925757I broke my right leg while doing parkour, how do I get back into the training?: I just wanted to be …[View]
43924253How long after becoming fit did you realize you were gay ? Prerty sure lifting has made me a fag[View]
43924717L Carnitine: Take or no?[View]
43925554What is your favorite protein shake? I've been using NitroTech Whey gold for the past 6 months…[View]
43924881/NoPillow - Experiences?: I'm a tall guy and have a long back, so i decided to try nopillow yes…[View]
43897278Why are /fit/ women so obsessed with showing off their bodies? This woman has a serious boyfriend an…[View]
43922096Are there any health benefits of anal sex? I've noticed that for days after having anal sex (bo…[View]
43923144self def: What would be an ideal martial art for a 30+ guy. Goals: effective in self defense and in …[View]
43925630hey guys, i've been doing keto for 2 months now, and i've lost 10kgs but i think i stumble…[View]
43924798Hey /fit/, what oil do you use for frying? I've heard the sunflower seed oil i've been usi…[View]
43920480Red Pills on the Pineal Gland: I saw a thread on /pol/ discussing this part of our brain, but it was…[View]
43923620Hey /fit/ I’ve been doing a full body workout and want to know your thoughts on it >Barbell squat…[View]
43924120Is a reverse osmosis filter the best choice for removing fluoride and birth control from my water? A…[View]
43924622Why do so many people fail to lose weight, even with free access to the knowledge you need in order …[View]
43925368Why do people arch their back this much during incline Bench??? Doesn't this just make it a nor…[View]
43917938>see lots of Staceys today in London >buy picrelated when I get home to binge and tell myself …[View]
43925079What does fit think of mass gainers? Wil they kill me? I have trouble eating large amounts and gomad…[View]
43920786We hear on /fit/ about men who are manlets or hairlets, what is the female equivilent? Do we call s…[View]
43908228This is Patrick Stewart. He is 77 years old. Say something nice about him![View]
43924873Who /bad posture/ here?[View]
43922806Anyone know a sugar-free salad dressing that doesn't taste like bile?[View]
43916519I fell for the sips meme what am I in for?[View]
43924704Sugar Addiction: Why is sugar still not regulated?[View]
43924441Guiding light thread: What do you want in life, /fit/ And why haven't you achieved it yet?…[View]
43921190The wheyfu meme needs to end. Being attracted to girls who take steroids is equivalent to liking tra…[View]
43923856Post your fictional Goal bodies and what Kind of Cycle You use to achieve them[View]
43923655There is nothing better than a foam roller and big quads.[View]
43920871How do I into Kane mode?[View]
43924306I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
43923724>russian kid posts picture related as a publicity stunt >random faggot posts random image of a…[View]
43915772/plg/ - power lifting general: I want to fucking die[View]
43924142>Squat ~200lbs with bad form a year ago >Knees now hurt if I have to stand in one place for mo…[View]
43917480I Need Help: I'm an attractive guy and have a better physique than 90% of people but I have no …[View]
43911398>can deadlift 5pl8s for reps >been boulderclimbing for years now >my forearm looks like thi…[View]
43922248I fucking hate working legs[View]
43919468https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zqcFO6rEHm4 >waking training What’s next ? Sleeping training…[View]
43920391>last day of college tomorrow After tomorrow I will officially be a college dropout…[View]
43924386>that guy who saves before every set[View]
43923957Testosterone and health: If you're a man please keep your testosterone levels in check. At a mi…[View]
43920726Gains goblin jobs: >yet another day as a car salesman >yet another day of walking up and down…[View]
43921631all i want for Christmas is forearm veins[View]
43923784>get braces >literally CAN NOT bring myself to eat 3000 cals of soft food every day how do I d…[View]
43923776I'm absolutally pissed. I got banned from the gym. AGAIN! When I entered the gym for the first…[View]
43924034Braap thread #1[View]
43923893>tfw took /pianopill/ >take hugest shits in my life fucking shitlets im laughing at u EAT BIG …[View]
43920355>come to /fit/ >half the threads are about 'will suzy think i'm pretty if i lift?' pathet…[View]
43923324hello Health & Fitness /fit/ >go to new dentist because of that black colors shit in my back …[View]
43923740SUPERMONG PLS COME BACK: Will he ever return to /fit/ and finally outlift Isley?[View]
43920849Experiences with battle ropes?[View]

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