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41568700So /fit/ im thinking about starting a Dianabol only cycle for 6 weeks. My first ever steroid cycle j…[View]
41553480My boyfriend is kinda weak and can't do anything. > vegan > likes soy milk and soy burger…[View]
41569226Sup /fit/, rate my routine: MON: -5/3/1 Squats -5/3/1 Bench/3x8 OHP -chin ups 3xFailure -weighted di…[View]
41566821>tfw my entire life, from school to university to my first after university job has simply been f…[View]
41560991Core strength: /fit/ how do I get rid of that lower belly fat, and attain a nice V-shape? Pic relate…[View]
41568778Poorfag diet: Any good meals or food suggestions for poorfags looking to gain weight?[View]
41569252What places do you guys recommend buying bands from? Looking for high quality but I'm not tryin…[View]
41566425This is my dad. How do I save him?[View]
41569015What does /fit/ think of Leanice44?[View]
41567174I want to put on as much muscle mass as possible in 2 months I know, there's very little I can …[View]
41568670Do some people, as hard as they work, ever 'make it'? Can anyone get their goal body?[View]
41567097Does looking at porn and not jerking off on a daily basis increase testosterone levels?[View]
41567371Is it okay to comment on a stranger's form? There's this dude that goes to my gym at about…[View]
41568859Halo gains: >Yeah anon. You are really jacked but i just dont know... Theres something in your ey…[View]
41568911what should I improve on?[View]
41566471/fit/ music: Can we get a /fit/ music thread going? Looking for some new music to listen to in the g…[View]
41566187SKELLY GENERAL: Skelly general. GATHER MY FELLOW SKELETONS. Discuss Tell story's Give tips …[View]
41569071> that pre squat shit[View]
41568748Will holding my poop allow me to absorb more gains from it?[View]
41568535I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Usually hit about 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of abs, and the…[View]
41565516This shit keeps me from eating and going over my cutting diet kals. It has no calories. I understamd…[View]
41560425Is there anyone here who successfully recovered from being morbidly obese ? I'm wondering if it…[View]
41566461fat mirin thread: lost 26.5 lbs, still fat fuck, but i noticed today some mirin >be me, fat fuck,…[View]
41567178gains goblins: >nearing the end of the 5x5 starting program >convince gf to also start it beca…[View]
41567430Face Gainz: What workouts can i do to get my face muscles swole AF?[View]
41568244I CANT STOP EATING: Seriously, how the FUCK do you guys keep on a cut consistently? I am able to hav…[View]
41567321Gonna start pic related but my gym is shit and only has 2 benches and 1 deadlift bars. What machines…[View]
41567685Heavy Bag Tips, and Gear Advice: Ey, lads! Any advice for a newfag trying to punch shit without brea…[View]
41567850>I'm not going to post a picture, but I'm 250lbs 6'5[View]
41565316>'lanklets can't get any gain-' WRONG Pic related is my back after only 1 year of lifting. M…[View]
41564626Is this book good or is Gary Taubes full of shit?[View]
41565873Scoliosis: Is there any waqy to fix an scoliosis. The doctor keeps telling me I'm fucked and I …[View]
41562496Quick Helpings (Date in 30 minutes): /fit/ please I am going on a breakfast date with confirmed qt31…[View]
41568532Just a friendly reminder that we're all gonna make it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUpbe7ys…[View]
41568115I'm trying to calculate my calorie intake for weight loss. I work as a fisheries observer at se…[View]
41568223Can we agree on this?[View]
41568569>motor units are recruited so that only 1/3 - 1/2 of muscle fibers are contracting at once…[View]
41567961What kind of fitness do I need to be Julian?: >drink all day >but be bear-mode that looks good…[View]
41567254dyes: so /fit/? how come you dont swim? you be talking all that good talk about he summerbody, bitch…[View]
41566170>Wears make up and designer work out gear. > Does one rep at @ 60lb squat. > Takes multipl…[View]
41567453how to achieve casey neistat mode?[View]
41567702Hey /fit/, I'm on a two week vacation, how do I make gains? I've got all tht time in the w…[View]
41563142> tfw successfully quit vidya, porn, and alcohol > tfw pretty much cured depression > tfw n…[View]
41568288How do prisoners get so ripped?[View]
41563201who would win in a street fight?[View]
41568337Neet?/ hi rep: Is this really a thing? I worked since I was 15 then thru college then thru advanced …[View]
41565389>'Hey Anon whatcha cooking over there?'. >Just some chicken breast, rice and some kale. >'O…[View]
41568332Scales: Hey /fit/. Fat here, hoping to change that by counting calories and tracking my progress wit…[View]
41563836/fat/ 'cardio bunnies will never be yours' edition: Previous thread >>41556853 >/fat/ gener…[View]
41559726Helping Out: Personal Trainer in the industry for a number of years here. Ask me anything you want a…[View]
41566413ITT, we pretend it's 1977: Gee, there is no way Frank Zane wins this year again. 76 was a fluke…[View]
41567086>someone damaged the poop scissors in the gym toliets[View]
4156620145 mins to workout?: Is it possible to get a good work out in 45 mins? I ask because I go to the gy…[View]
41565572Diet Thread: >MADMILK + VEVVYYAWMEETT Is this the greatest diet of all time? >Like 50% of the …[View]
41565949I am currently living in a hospital. I am fine but I have to take care of a friend. I dont have a ki…[View]
41566448this is how i imagine most of /fit/ what do you think /fit/ is like.[View]
41567782Is this book a meme? It's always praised as the best and most comprehensive book on bodybuildin…[View]
41567979Skellies who made it: How did you guys gain weight i don't have a lot of money, time or appetit…[View]
41564323DISCUSS: Without seing the exercises, is this routine good? monday: CHEST - BICEPS thursday: BACK - …[View]
41564274>people who have been casually going to the gym 2-3 times a week for YEARS and have nothing to sh…[View]
41564198Is Skooma a good pre-workout?[View]
41564584>not playing Bop-It between sets[View]
41567940Resting heart rate effecting lifts?: I've been taking alot of stims for various reasons and now…[View]
41567723>that kid that chewed gum 24/7 for 'jaw gains'[View]
41567898Which one of you bulklets snuck into the basho with your weeaboo apron? https://youtu.be/fdVbEZhlpM4…[View]
41566683Recommendations: Afternoon guys, I am getting back into shape. I was weighing around 245 lbs and dro…[View]
41558051rate my progress /fit/[View]
41567436Tracking: According to my tracking, i have an intake of 51g of protein more than i should, less 23g …[View]
41557196So how's that beach body coming along? I hope you started your cut... right?[View]
41553613Where were you when jason blaho got complety, utterly, and unquestionably blown the fuck out of the …[View]
41567089why am I not pooping?: It's been 3 days since I took a shit. I don't feel constipated, I…[View]
41556922When would a girl know if she's getting 'mired? Men are always generally nice to women jus…[View]
41565771From a body building stand point Are there any advantages to being short?[View]
41567475what is his limit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeq7sD-Vc5A[View]
41567471Once again im considering goind fraud and leaving humanity behind.[View]
41566173SIKKCUNT GENERAL: get in here sikkunts summers about to start that means beaches, musical festivals,…[View]
41564275Sore knees?: I'm about a year into lifting, and my knees are getting a bit sore after I deadlif…[View]
41564406Estrogen, xenoestrogens in the water supply and their effects on male and female development: Since …[View]
41564392Protein Absorption: Alright /fit/, from what I've seen in a bunch of different articles nobody …[View]
41567266Tracking: According to my tracking, i have an intake of 41g of protein more than i should, less 32g …[View]
41567077>day 3 of 500mg DNP >already thinking of quitting Fuck this I'll just go back to drinking…[View]
41567264'Compliment me!' https://mobile.twitter.com/Aly_Raisman/status/867445941644783618?ref_src=twsrc%5Etf…[View]
41560261Is it unhealthy to make an alter-ego with all the characteristics you want? >come up with a new n…[View]
41566941Sodium: Is sodium really important to have on your diet? And why?[View]
41565562>slaying a sesh of Abyssal Demons in Kuradal's Dungeon >DYEL that cannot even equip tier …[View]
41565742booty gainZ: My girls got a small booty and waist, what exercies and diet would be best for her ass …[View]
41567041What are the healthiest fats?[View]
41564232Fitness Cringe[View]
41549254you know what to do[View]
41567128DIY Cologne and essential oils: Just made my own Cologne. Its very cheap and has all sorts of health…[View]
41565732>roll a nat 16 of d20 for a strength check and easily do 5 reps of 5pl8 >rest for bit for my n…[View]
41563650ITT: god-tier cardio[View]
41563473Ab Coaster: I've always disregarded this meme machine but I've noticed that many buff dude…[View]
41566819been dealing with stiff neck for a couple weeks now, some days are ok some days like today get worse…[View]
41542462Can someone explain the difference between a 'Chad' and a 'slayer'?[View]
41566122/sex/ - sexual fitness general: Sexual fitness is fitness. What do you guys do to make sure you can…[View]
41565477/fat/ appreciation thread: You mirin my gainz brah?[View]
41565643Hey guys skelly here, is there a way to somehow 'increase' the size of my wrist? Until i am skelly i…[View]
41562691My balls are shrinking at a pretty scary pace How the fuck do I stop this? For reference after not w…[View]
41561372Hey, /fit/. I'm a 23 yo female and I want to start lifting. My objective is: I want to be physi…[View]
41563431>2015+2 >He doesn't drink his own sperm You're not going to make it…[View]
41565095ITT: post your >height/weight/age >bench max >squat max >diddy max >ohp max >front…[View]
41564280Ok, since this is related to posture, I guess I should post it here. I can't sit relaxed at my …[View]
41564995Since sleep is so important for good health. who's up for a sleep thread?[View]
41555607Why do you keep coming back to 4chan?[View]
41566326>he doesn't get his gains by taking the free breakfast from random hotels…[View]
41566046>doing new candy toe routine with gym bro >finish 4th set of 4x8 squats >vision goes blurry…[View]
41566125>not bringing your own 5 gallon jug to the gym[View]
41565388Why do fat people even try with fashion or being different? We all know you're virgin faggots t…[View]
41565679Hello! I'm wondering if this is good a forum for my 10 year old son to use for his workout logs…[View]
41564980https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGsbwVeTtfk This DYEL looking motherfucker is deadlifting 900 lbs. G…[View]
41563885>tfw 5'12 manlet[View]
41565893How do i start doing calisthenics /fit/ ?[View]
41564159Seems legit guys[View]
41564277Home Gym: How does /fit/ feel about a home gym? I've got a pull up bar, and a 35 lb Kettlebell,…[View]
41564347What is your end goal?: Im probably going to get a lot of flak for wanting to look like the picture …[View]
41565852Ayyo skinnyfat fag here what do you guys recommend I do?[View]
41566026>he hasn't hit 1/2/3/4 after his first day at the gym[View]
41560932>post your first rep face[View]
41565847I need more protein in my low calorie diet. I already have fish for breakfast and chicken for dinner…[View]
41559421Jocko Podcast - Discipline and Leadership: Does anybody else here listen to the Jocko Podcast? I jus…[View]
41564870>TFW can't fucking afford to eat 160g+ protein a day How the fuck do I do it?????????? Serio…[View]
41559140What does /fit/ put with their oats? inb4 squats[View]
41564972According to this website's standards isn't everyone on this board supposed to have at lea…[View]
41565647Why do all these fitness model chicks get fake tits? They work hard for the rest of their body then …[View]
41565555>shit in the morning >walk into gym >do one exercise >immediately have to shit again Wha…[View]
41561861I'm really shitty at pull ups Its one of the few workouts I still have trouble doing. Any other…[View]
41560973What mode is this?[View]
41553218WSM 2017: >Brian Shaw >Hafthor Björnsson >Eddie Hall >Zydrunas Savickas >Konstantine …[View]
41564627Christian Bale went from this to Batman in a year. How?[View]
41552314/fit/ recipe thread: Lets get some /fit/related recipe posting going on here[View]
41565313Flavor Packets For Water.: I put a flavor pack into a water bottle every day (only 1) I'm wonde…[View]
41565488Why are a lot of guys in the gyms able to bench relatively alright weights, but they're mediocr…[View]
41564561>started going on /fit/ at 16 >Now 22 and still fat and weak, literally made almost no progres…[View]
41563213Best back exercises with the least strain on the lower back ? I fucked myself up but still want to g…[View]
41565192Homemade protein shakes thread Half cup milk, half cup oats, banana, peanutbutter, frozen berries, i…[View]
41561815Chin ups or pull ups? Which one is better for you and why? or should I just do both?[View]
41565390hey /fit/ i have been out of the gym and altogether fitness for nearly 3 months now and to be honest…[View]
41561185I'm cutting, it's 10:45pm, hungry as fuark, should I go get a burger, or smoke cig's …[View]
41560214What is the nickname that you insist your wrecking crew call you by? >Thiccbae Swoleson…[View]
41563319Callouses: How do you deal with callouses? I recently started doing real heavy deadlifts with chalk …[View]
41565304Conditioning and strength: Started lifting again in late April, I was out 8 months because of a tend…[View]
41563242>Can't make any gains because mom refuses to buy good food and keeps getting mad at me for e…[View]
41564840How do I achieve this mode, /fit/?[View]
41559839Ok, /fit/. What are these from and where do I find the whole set? The source may be French because i…[View]
41564233The Great Debate: Cutting vs Bulking. All things cinsidered, which is easier?[View]
41563457Start doing stomach vacuums: holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oBYVQvNjaA summer is just ar…[View]
41563618Is $117 a good deal for a gym membership? Never had a membership before and its the closest gym to w…[View]
41558593Is there anything worse than cutting? >look deflated >lifts going to shit >lacking energy …[View]
41559629Red meat & cancer: Is it a meme?[View]
41557069Will lifting help someone become Übermensch?[View]
41556853/Fat/ General 'Dirty Bulk Gone Wrong' Edition: Welcome to /fat/ general! Previous Thread: >>41…[View]
41555858/plg/ - Powerlifting General: most beautiful set ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRn62qS4B8A…[View]
41564876>>41563944 the way I see it there are two key players. one is a small group of individuals who…[View]
41562564roids or natty? He seems natty but the way he went from skinnyarms to treearms makes me think roids[View]
41560078SCOOPS THREAD: Last digit of your post is how many scoops you have to take next If your last digit i…[View]
41564635>cucking yourself with a reduced calorie diet[View]
41563773Is it all over or is there a way to fix this? I'm a neet btw and hard to eat nonshit food becau…[View]
41556895Are keto dieters (FOR HEALTH) the most deluded orthorexics? Listen, I've done keto in the past.…[View]
41563904Experimenting with some clen to get cut up for my beach vacation in July. Testing the waters with 1…[View]
41563620Exercises for upper 8 pack: So I've lost over 10kg the last two months and my upper abs are try…[View]
41561134What are the advantages of weighing yourself everyday? I just started tracking calories and I'm…[View]
41563641Why is this working for me?: Lads let me just get straight to it. I saved up enough money for a 3 mo…[View]
41559063>be hugless, kissless, gymcel virgin >use the power of 1,000 fallen betas to channel my inner…[View]
41563586What is a reasonable kcal goal for an obese fucker such as myself. Is 1500 kcal sustainable?[View]
41561030I'm tired guys. Been at it since august, ya I've seen myself get more in shape (started ou…[View]
41542851/fit/ humor thread - next summer, r-right babe? edition: cntrl-f type in 'humor' no result…[View]
41562769Ok, on June 2 I'll go on a date with a girl that I used to hang out. She broke up with her long…[View]
415641375 months into SS: should I continue doing SS forever? machines are boring as fuck, curls are boring …[View]
41564293Does creatine/protein make cum smell gross? My girlfriend says that my cum have started to smell lik…[View]
41560229what's this black wart thing in my glute, /fit/?[View]
41563404So /fit/, my lower back (see red highlight) is always sore after my lifts. It's not just the mu…[View]
41559224>Be at a healthy weight >Normal BMI >have a beer gut How can I fix this? Daily situps and c…[View]
41563677What the fuck should I do to get cheekbones like these? More deadlifts? Or am I forever going to be …[View]
41564050What is this mode and could I get it naturally? My cousin did roids and lost all his hair and he had…[View]
41564016so manlets just sit at home all day and tell people how much they were bullied for being manlets for…[View]
41563284God damn it /fit/, I'm always hungry, always. I'm not overweight, I'm closer to under…[View]
41563921hiit/cardio general: Are Jordan Yeoh's HIIT routines good, or are they just a meme? What are s…[View]
41563583Has anyone tried the Male Physique Training Template from Renaissance Periodization? Is it worth the…[View]
41563000Getting mired: Okey /fit/. It's time to confess this situation now. I'm a 6', 180 lbs…[View]
41563822How to not be looked at in public ?: .[View]
41561371>1 chance at life >born an endomorph HELP ME /fit/…[View]
41563656Fasting: What do you think about fasting for 5 days? Is it effective in losing bodyfat? Should I be …[View]
41558527How's everyone holding up?: Successes >drinking water now, 2 liters or more a day on average…[View]
41560066what does fit think about my body?: I'm 5'10 at 230 would I look shredded at 200 I know I…[View]
41559903Redpill me on skull crushers. Are they worth adding? Are they relatively safe?[View]
41557384What music are you listening to during training?: Searched for a music thread, didn't find one.…[View]
41561246Stealing plates from the gym: >be me >Living in a thirth world country, in a forgotten place i…[View]
41563484Exercises/routines for replacing squats? I have long femurs and tight hamstrings so I feel I can…[View]
41563133Hey /fit/, I'm thinking of buying a bench press to work out at home, more likely to stick at it…[View]
41562889Casein: Redpill me on casein thanks[View]
41560272Yo hol up So the sticky is tellin me I eat +500 a day to build muscle And this TDEE calculator thang…[View]
41556816Flying/Traveling with Supplements: Never had any issue with flying with powders and pills over the p…[View]
41561898Learn to cook[View]
41563462should i just take roids lads? i'm 5.7, 67kg not matter how much i eat i can't gain weight…[View]
41561444Ramadan starting soon bros, what are you guys doing to prepare mentally, any tips? How long is your…[View]
41560748>TFW mom is fat with saggy tits How do I make this whore lose weight exactly? It's kind of g…[View]
41560166WTFFFFF /fit/: /fit/ HOW TEH FUUUARK are you capable of getting rid of that last bit of stomach fat…[View]
41560291Yo how do i get big arms with dumbells and a bench im talking upper arm i know it soynds stupid but …[View]
41563337You recycle your own farts, right /fit/?: Or do you waste those potential fatty acids?[View]
41563093Anyone just not want to eat and sleep for an entire day? Just did that today.[View]
41563099Routine thread. I'm a beginner Mine: Mon, Wed, Friday 5x5 Deadlift 5x5 Bench Press 5x5 Squat Ev…[View]
41562648Hey guys i just got powdered creatine. How do i take it? do i put it in water and mix it in and then…[View]
41563066>go into gym >see this What do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3_9GmADPOs…[View]
41561893Local skeleton picks things up and puts them down: Skeleton here Started lifting a couple weeks ago,…[View]
41562973What's a /fit/ approved pre breakfast? I always wake up after 5 hours and have pre breakfast th…[View]
41562975>mfw I realise every ideal physique is the result of steroids >Even shit like brad pitt fight …[View]
41562788How do you reduce sweating?: I have terrible issue with sweating like a pig doing any type of exerci…[View]
41561871HELP: How do I shit when I can't even sit Long story short, I forget to stretch before my squat…[View]
41562993WSM 2017: Seriously, where can I watch? Can't find anything right now.[View]
41560827/fit/ do I have potential for facial gains? What do I need to work on? I've done fairly well wi…[View]
41559497Stuck at 25 sit ups Am I doing something wrong? I'm not in great shape but I'm by no mean…[View]
41561217Tell me your motivational stories about how NoFap changed your fucking life. Did it turn you from a…[View]
41559849Pointing Toes: so when i'm doing squats, DL, and pendlay rows, when i point my toes out, i…[View]
41549279What are machoke's lifts[View]
41562762ABS/Core strength: I am currently on Texas and i wonder, can you do core exercises (mostly do planks…[View]
41561179>TFW neet >tfw parents are mad I've been jobless for 5 years now and are cutting off my g…[View]
41559852Anyone else noticed they've become a lot angrier since starting to take lifting more seriously?…[View]
41562722Anyone uses modafinil to study or in daily work? What can you tell us? I have tried modalert 200mg a…[View]
41562517How do i get an physique like this?[View]
41562672>to intelligent to talk to girls what do /r9kwithmuscles/[View]
41562620>takes sip[View]
41561472Is it true that too much protein kicks you out of ketosis? This is the only thing stopping me from d…[View]
41559825is preworkout a scam?: ordered this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007XFKSDE/ref=oh_aui_d…[View]
41560732What's more important: strength or volume?[View]
41557805Whats the point of hiring a personal trainer for an extended period of time, like half a year or som…[View]
41562570Motivation General: GET YOUR ASS UP AND TRAIN You may start off like this. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
41560628am i losing out on gains if i stop doing flat bench press and instead do incline bench press? no mat…[View]
41562542How slowly should I build up in strength after a hamstring tear is healed?[View]
41558542What are the ultimate back and chest exercises? Need to work both quick. Abs, Legs and arms are alre…[View]
41552235Home Gym Thread: Wheres my fellow home gym bros?[View]
41561672Would it be effective to bulk on Keto? I have IBD (Ulcerative Colitis) and I tried it on a cut and d…[View]
41561195How much Vitamin D3 do you guys take? Some health centers suggest taking 400UI of D3 daily for an av…[View]
41561066for those of you who do meal prep on sundays: how long does cooked chicken last before it goes bad? …[View]
41560887bad lift?: 18 yo 6'0 165 lbs BP: 195 lbs Squat: 235 Deadlift: 245 lbs OHP: 135 lbs I had a shit…[View]
41557364Anime-inspired workouts: Anyone?[View]
41561079Pale = female Why aren't you tan yet?[View]
41558848Would you guys rather own a restaurant or a gym?[View]
41559941The water fasting meme: >be me >fell for the water fasting meme >50 hours into the fast I f…[View]
41559545who /MuscularChristianity/ here?[View]
41562020Boxing: Anyone part of a boxing gym? I'm thinking about joining one near me. Am I gonna spar (w…[View]
41561772Short and Sweet Request: I want to shed fat and gain muscle BUT I don't want anything to do wit…[View]
41560688Boxing: I'm taking an intro to boxing class next semester at my university. Does anybody have a…[View]
41561862im fucking fat: ight so i THINK this is the board for this now i come from /b/ so obviously i am a o…[View]
41552560thoughts on this? natty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmbqbmJsLBs 'her' insta https://www.instagr…[View]
41560430>lifts weights >still gets friend zoned[View]
41559132>wake up >pull up shirt >see this How would you respond?…[View]
41554788what is a good 4 day U/L split?[View]
41561527Doing squats at the gym and this guy walks up to me and says 'if you need a spotter let me know.' I …[View]
41561075Knee sounds like it's ripping in half when squatting. Is audible Cracks going up Feels like it…[View]
41561248What is wrong with me: Sup guys, something is wrong with me (depression) but I'm not a faggot a…[View]
41559323I drink six cans of diet soda a day. Will this come back to haunt me later in life?[View]
41561673How do I get /fit/ when there's birth control in the tap water? http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-gui…[View]
41561511What do to get angry back https://youtu.be/yyh90LVG6KE[View]
41560252>be me, autistic, kinda obsessed with fitness >mom starts talking to dad about my little bro …[View]
41561591Anyone from the bro army here: yeah! le bro army unite![View]
41553891Daily Zyzz thread/ sick cunt general get in here brahs[View]
41559349Does anyone have tips on cutting while maintaining strength? Pic not me but damn he looks bigger on …[View]
41560965I hate gym culture[View]
41561097>hey man nice workout. have a cookie no homo haha[View]
41557907Recommend some good stretching routines, most links in the sticky are dead[View]
41561363Oh, shit /fit/ Its that time a of year where Chad throws his annual pool party, but not just any po…[View]
41558414compression shorts: are they a meme? looking into them to reduce soreness after training for a tri.…[View]
41558661>bro I can totally sqt 2pl8, yeah >puts plates on >1/3 rep >mfw…[View]
41558339/fit/ do you have a HIGH TEST anime waifu?[View]
41559107Just saw this clickbait video on facebook. http://uk.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding/charlie-hunnam-s…[View]
41561034Do I really have to do FIIT training for cardio if I'm running 5 miles a day at sub 8-minute mi…[View]
41558976Which of these is better for a clean bulk?[View]
41561093How can I get toned abs like I'm the right[View]
41559962Hairstyle Advice: I need a new hairstyle, I need advice on what to get to fit my facial structure…[View]
41561067Mosquitos n shieeeet: How detrimental are mosquitos to gainz? They suck out the blood carry precious…[View]
41554368Mode thread: Mode me Natty btw[View]
41559704Calisthenics and Weight training: Are you considered fit if you can't do the human flag?[View]
41532107who do you lift for?: I unironically lift for her[View]
41560807Poorbro trying to get /fit/: So I got this from a friend for $20, but he didn't have any of the…[View]
41560847no fap general: is no fap a meme, i haven't fapped in like 3 weeks and still feel like the same…[View]
41555796>see Chad in gym every week or so >Razor jawline and cheekbones, clear skin, golden hair, tal…[View]
41560833Sodium: How much is too much? MFP says I'm going over[View]
41558128If I weighed 145lb when I was 10 years old and 4'9 Then what would I weigh now if I'm 18 a…[View]
41560595Hey /fit/ 6'1' skeleton here, can't do more than 5 pushups without feeling like I'm a…[View]
41556558>Boogie will never lose the wei-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2nfm4A0R8E&feature=youtu.b…[View]
41546478/gog/ GAINS OVER GIRLS thread: >be me >16 at the time >have been going to the gym for about…[View]
41560672>Blocks your path[View]
41560312What would you do if you're in your early 30's, good genetics, but haven't really wor…[View]
41551652>Ribs are visible >Still no abs >STILL have massive lovehandles Explain this.…[View]
41560273Cheat Meal Thread: Keep it Simple Edition[View]
41559638Going to a debate camp soon that's at a college campus for 3 weeks. Gym is available for use, s…[View]
41560388TFW you get scolded at your gym for using to many wipes. Fuck you I will use as many wipes as I want…[View]
41560301Hello everyone! I'm Bailey and I'm here to ask everyone who has a Kik account and is a fit…[View]
41560131Have any of you guys gone from super fat to super fit?: How did you do it? Was it hard? Any tips?…[View]
41555648How does fit compare to these test? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3Ti6m_PO78[View]
41553897FPH/FPS: >ctrl-Q >No FPH/FPS[View]
41557702Need help from my vegan bros. I somewhat recently went vegan (2 months ago) and its great for loosi…[View]
41559881Muscle Stimulators: Does anyone have any experience with muscle stimulators (particularly pic relate…[View]
41559951First real day at the gym. Decided to follow Ivysaur's 4-4-8. Couple questions from a beginner.…[View]
41558821Find an objectively more aesthetically pleasing male body. Protip: You cannot.[View]
41539265Weak thread: Post here if you're weak Stats: Squat: 60kg Bench: 50kg Deadlift: 80kg OHP: 0kg (…[View]
41559597How do I get George Foreman Forearms?[View]
41560176Muscle Pain: Hey /fit/ is there any way I can numb the pain from lifting? Or should I just hold the …[View]
41560179the only song i can lift to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjzBvbbsCGM[View]
41557555For you, how long did it to realize that pretty much no one is really natty?[View]
41557968is david laid natty?[View]
41559978Guys, I seriously cannot contemplate being a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter, purely because…[View]
41560018Give me your energy /fit: I'm 10 days out from my NPC competition, sitting at 4.8 percent bodyf…[View]
41559647>life tips Stop buying so much unnecessary food and wasting money when you could be saving by pla…[View]
41559522Good feels thread: >be me >60kg >128lbs to you amerifags >have this fat friends >80kg…[View]
41552528/run/ - Running General: It's summer. Time to get the running generals rolling again. FAQ https…[View]
41558254>Not bouldering for ultimate upper body/grip/core strength[View]
41555997>/fit/ food I just tried one of the 'real good pizzas' and shit was amazing >540 calories …[View]
41559776anyone try this pre workout or should i stay with C4. Popeyes is having a mad sale this weekend >…[View]
41557507>When his height starts with 5''[View]
41559746Barbell shrugs: I have a question, /fit/. How do you need to keep your arms during bb shrug? Everyon…[View]
41554558The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters: Is this good for someone that just finished beginner…[View]
41559262Wrestling and Grappling /fit/zens, would you mind sharing your opinions on Sambo? Do you practice it…[View]
41558622>working outside, landscaping >hits 95 last week >take off shirt >have good physique, 4 …[View]
41558116I did it fit 90 kg 3x5 squat with not a single itch in my lower back I love you all[View]
41557831MANLET THREAD: Any bufflets here have any luck at clubs?[View]
41558531I'm making an SQL database to keep track of the foods I eat. It holds each food's calorie,…[View]
41558880We've all seen workplace sitcoms, how would a gym sitcom work?[View]
41558823Does Pueraria mirifica work?: Wasn't sure what board to ask this on, but I browse /fit/ pretty …[View]
41559378Buying in Bulk Dudes. My mom is visiting me from out of town, and she's offered to grab me some…[View]
41552272Why are underweight women so attractive when being underweight reduces fertility? It seems so Darwin…[View]
41559401>tfw ate all my calories(1800 cals) within 40 minutes >tfw easy cutting Who /super intermitten…[View]
41558148Hol' up /fit, quickly answer this question for me What is the single best protein shake for you…[View]
41558558I've been on linear progression for 7 months and Ive hit the following numbers: Squat 115kg 3x5…[View]
41555961>cutting >have to force myself to eat Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
41559343My mom always said the same to me. I always called bro science. The my grandma told me the same, and…[View]
41554526quick personal training certification: Ok guys I need help. I run a gym and one of my faggot trainer…[View]
41558857Just got genetics test to verify fitness tests. 85% slow twitch muscles confirmed. Is there even a p…[View]
41558946I had a Stella apple cider 30 minutes ago and I'm about to gym it up. What am I in for?[View]
41559249who /gyno/ here: hey /fit/ I've had mild gyno since I was around 12, 22 now. I went in for a co…[View]
41554541How does /fit/ feel about Diet Sodas?: Are they a good way to keep cravings down? Do you notice they…[View]
41559223Do you have a Happy body yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoJ-uxBxyKU https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
41558580does fit want to learn how to cook pork shoulder?[View]
41553025How many ways can /fit/ serve broccoli? Bonus points for not cooking it[View]
41556827Is this guy Chad???If so,how do I be more like him?[View]
41558213Has anyone tried pole dance?: Is it fun? It looks fun.[View]
41558352>first time ever cleaning and OHPing weights >go up to 80kg easy >still feel like picking h…[View]
41558735/feel/ thread: Be it good or bad post em >guy helped me correct my form >reached 2pl8 on ben…[View]
41555209Help I have terrible brain fog and its starting to make me anxious It feels like im living inside a …[View]
41557658How did you get results for your lateral delts bros? I've been doing 3x10 DB side raises on OHP…[View]
41557467What's the ultimate cardio?[View]
41556860how do I escape DYEL? I've been lifting for a year[View]
41558793>Found my favorite youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/hungryfatchickvlog…[View]
41556471/ Macro Bros. /: Not enough time on your hand? Lot of work? Having trouble getting quality food chea…[View]
41557095/FAT/ General -shave your neckbeard edition-: Previous Thread over 300 days without food >>41…[View]
41557835Can I get a definitive answer on how many calories I should be consuming to lose weight? Most tools …[View]
41556119Why is everyone a dick now?: Did nice people slowly start leaving /fit/, leaving behind only bitter …[View]
41558644About to be interviewed to be a service attendant at 24 hour fitness. Anyone have any experience wor…[View]
41557332Should you do cardio on rest days or just relax all day?[View]
41556779Im 20 and still get acne, even tho I stopped consuming dairy products.. doc said I have a wheat alle…[View]
41555845Is protein powder good on a cut: or am i just wasting my money[View]
41558379set your mind to it: I did a lift at 230kg (500+ pounds) earlier last week and nothing in my life ha…[View]
41555334>the gym gains goblin ran off with my squatting skateboard[View]
41558464What's a good brand of jock strap to get?: Most of what I see are fetish wear rather than fitne…[View]
41554825>be me, not you >6ft, 210lbs @12%bf >FACE, FRAME, and (manlet cut off) HEIGHT >blue eyes…[View]
41558361Captains Log: Star Date: 24/05/2017 Lifted weights today. No GF.[View]
41558139Hey /fit/ are you ready for summer? I know I am pic related its me[View]
41557439ARMS: who here /bitch arms/? Is there any worse feeling? How the fuck do I get B I G arms?[View]
41557917Where can I buy test[View]
41555757How heavy and how many lunges do I have to do to achieve this? https://twitter.com/sjokz/status/8653…[View]
41556066yeah, this is natty lifting and it does absolutely nothing for women even cardiobunnies would see be…[View]
41556995Shit your gym does: >never fix shit >douse seats in cleaning solution then move onto to next o…[View]
41556572So i've started doing BJJ past four months and it's great. However there's this one …[View]
41555974I saw this on b earlier. What do yall think of it? Also what are some good calisthenics routines[View]
41556469Anyone have tips for cutting fat while still putting on muscle? I'm a collegiate swimmer and I…[View]
41556418>go to the gym for the first time >feel like throwing up after you fuckers told me i would fee…[View]
41555963>day 3 of 'clean eating' >feel like shit >headache >tiredness ??????…[View]
41542574COOKING THREAD: My dining hall is ass and I live in an apartment with a kitchen and fridge. Anyone h…[View]
41551114what is wrong with this routine, /fit/? A: DB Flies, Closegrip Bench, DB Incline Bench, Bench B: Wid…[View]
41557618Are there any dumbbell exercises that are really worthwhile even if I do the important barbell ones?[View]
41557458Why do I suck at everything I do? >failed exams >lifting half a decade and weaker than someone…[View]
41557785How do you politely tell off the rack valet? I can change the plates myself thank you[View]
41557728>just ate 2 foot-long chocolate swiss rolls >fucked up my cut AGAIN BURY ME SOFTLY IN THIS WOM…[View]
41554904Can some amerifats explain this shit? Who is this meant for? /fit/ neckbeards?I always thought this …[View]
41557578Who here has a resting bitch face? >tfw qts are all intimidated and everyone thinks youre pissed…[View]
41554889Estimate my BF%. I'm guessing ~25%? Also, laugh at my meme stats. >320 bench >375 dl (raw…[View]
41556631StrongLifts question: I'm about to start stronglifts for the first time, I've never seriou…[View]
41557317You hit the GYM HARD, while Chad eats pizza Girls look at your gymcel body and think 'ewww what a tr…[View]
41557541>that guy that does full ROM compound lifts[View]
41554523Who here /neet lifting/ >wake up at 1pm >eat some breakfast >digest while watching latest Y…[View]
41557414Fat Mother: My mom is fat and its really gross. She's last and stuff. I tell her that her food …[View]
41555800What is a good android app for gym? Tracking weight, sets, reps, progression, etc. I use crono-meter…[View]
41557024Any of you guys have that martial arts chart? I swore I had saved it. Please help a brother out. And…[View]
41555226I think I may have broken my asshole: I was constipated for three days and then I took a monumental …[View]
41557270How the fuck do I have sex?[View]
41557159>tfw no gf[View]
41553032I'm going on a date tonight, should Iift during my lunch break like normal or risk showing up l…[View]
41555215Do you guys think he'll be able to lose the weight after he gets the surgery on his stomach? It…[View]
41556974>morning >look great, visible abs and slim, no sticking gut >evening >Look like a 9 mon…[View]
41557050What's so bad about smith machine squats[View]
41555916>tell myself I'm just gonna eat my 3 meals a day and that's it, no snacks >first day…[View]
41557206>Milk with sugar before cardio and strength trainning yay or nay?[View]
41533232/thicc/ mode: Who's getting /thicc/ here? Discuss thicc specific inspirations, routines, nutrit…[View]
41557203i want to build home gym in garage and i want to get quality barbell or two. Also some weight and sq…[View]
41540105/fraud/: /fraud/ - Cheating Frauds General Mommy Issues Edition Read before posting: http://reddit.c…[View]
41556440Should steroids be mandatory for skinny twinks with good insertions? I'd literally kill to be 6…[View]
41556657Skinny Teenager entering to the gym zone: I want to know which option is better for training, traini…[View]
41554790OHP substitute: I'm going through physical therapy right now for my lower back and my therapist…[View]
41554989Fasting: Is fasting a meme? I'm gaining muscle and fat and want to cut soon. I'm great at …[View]
41556645How the fuck do I progress on my squat? Been hovering around 100kg for fucking ages, tried 107 kg to…[View]
41543453QTDDTOT: Old >>41531835 Let's say I have a routine with three days of strength training a…[View]
41555778Secret sauce: What is the secret you know that tip of the iceberg to gain a lot of muscles and look …[View]
41556998Hello /fit/ anyone here tried 'High-Intensity Training' popularized by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates…[View]
41555457>decide to get into shape >change diet >person at work tells me sweeteners in tea will give…[View]
41556115>tfw shit jawline even at low bodyfat why even live[View]
41556798What's the opinion on these?[View]
41556814Keto bread: Just made this tasty treat for some easy fat before the gym >Buy large iced coffee bl…[View]
41554323So i just entered Snap City The big /fit/ meme finally happened... Now how do i recover?[View]
41556485>tfw no at bear bf Life is suffering.[View]
41555786No wonder this cow is laughing: 22.5 calories per one of these and 2 grams of protein. It's cre…[View]
41556789should i still do squats if i have big hips? i feel like i'm just making it worse[View]
41552316Why do you lift?[View]
41555979Umbilical Hernias: So, within the past 2 weeks, I developed an Umbilical Hernia. Could be due to me …[View]
41553936I feel the sticky doesn't adequately cover how to get motivated to work out. I've had gym …[View]
41555682'Can you spot me?': >'I don't know, can I?'[View]
41553026>you have to be fucking stupid to seriously believe that actors and actresses use gea- is it I th…[View]
41553648Ground meat burgers: How to make good tasting ones?[View]
41556622Powerlifting singlet: I am 5 feet, and 8 inches. I weigh 183, but plan on cutting down to 179. I rea…[View]
41556575Please help /fit/, so i am pretty average in terms of bodyfat and even i have a bit of a gut if i st…[View]
41555195Eat big to get big CMON[View]
41556374What's your excuse for not having 3% body fat all year round?[View]
41554820/fit/, why do a lot of good looking men tend to be gay?: They could be slaying WOMEN, but instead th…[View]
41542659Vegan General: Thread for all vegans and everybody interested in the vegan lifestyle. Meat eaters an…[View]
41556375guys should I work out today if i'm still sore from a workout 2 days ago? Or wait till I feel b…[View]
41553198>tfw no gf >water fasting >carbs are le boogeyman >tfw no gf >500 cal + defecits/bulk…[View]
41556399Help, i'm doing some a standard 3x6 program. ! upper body day, one lower and one day of heavy c…[View]
41556018Eggs: Whats the story on eggs? I see some people say to not eat more than four a week because of muh…[View]
41556390manlet handling: one of the manlets i was growing (i have a home garden and i added a manlet pen las…[View]
41555065>can only eat liquified food that cant be much thicker than milk because of surgery What are some…[View]
41556343Low bodyfat%>>>Size for female attraction If you're not 12% or under you are 2-3 point…[View]
41555053Is snapchatting a girl while I'm at the gym working out autistic?[View]
41556289Is it possible to make gains while cutting on calories but still hitting your macros properly?[View]
41555853>Lifelong Lanklet >Tried SS and all that stuff for years >Never stuck with it, still looked…[View]
41556197How do I achieve this mode?[View]
41554486Narcissism: Who here love being narcissist? I know i ain't a 'special snowflake' but since i re…[View]
41556270Every time I try to lift experience pains in my back or arm bones How do I get /fit/ still?[View]
41547667Current Body Thread: tripfag blogpost cbt >5'4 ~143lbs 20yo 4yrs natty lifting ask me anythi…[View]
41549895If /fit/ always says 'people in the gym only care about themselves, they don't pay attention to…[View]
41553693Do you ever tease the homos checking you out in the gym /fit/? Am I a terrible person for teasing th…[View]
41556178Forearm Pump: Why do I get the biggest pump in my forearms? If I do forearm curls and reverse forea…[View]
41554677ZMA and sleep: I've just started taking ZMA, two days in now. From what i read it is supposed t…[View]
41554032This is a reminder that lifting heavy is a meme This is a reminder that volume is the only thing tha…[View]
41555925How many days should you train for mass?: Some say less is more, is this the truth or a lie to keep …[View]
41555522Citrulline Malate: I've been taking 3-5 grams of L-Citrulline supplements in pill form every da…[View]
41554329>character(s) in a TV-show goes to the gym >does nothing but bodyweight exercises and bicep cu…[View]
41554278Are you beach body ready /fit/?: Summer is right around the corner, you have been cutting... right?…[View]
41555841Adjustable Weight Bench: Looking to get an adjustable weight bench Decline/Flat/Incline for home gym…[View]
41555637Redpill me on medium rare chicken Is it really optimal for gainz or am I being memed? Had it last we…[View]
41554469Is it necessary to add accessories to SL?[View]
41555255When can I expect decent gains?: Been lifting for a solid 2 months today, 60 days total for this yea…[View]
41553901>Confront the Gym Alpha about his camera >Get alpha'd anyone else got stories of gym conq…[View]
41550149The great gama did 3000 push ups and 5000 squats everyday Wouldnt it lead into overtraining ? He was…[View]
41548679> post your last rep face[View]
41541462Why aren't you tan? Pale = female Did you know women find tan men more attractive? Did you kno…[View]
41550665The Texas Method thread: Previous TM thread died. Here's a new one, for discussion about anyth…[View]
41554470Is mcdonalds good if you bulk?[View]
41553827I'm trying to eat as much as I can but my mom keeps getting really mad at me... We fight almos…[View]
41548836>broke wrist yesterday >have to wear massive, bulky splint >doc wants me to take it easy u…[View]
41554484CBT// only aesthetics: cbt thread time[View]
41553766Sore throat Would you lift?[View]
41555193I've been hearing stuff about the dick hitting the cervix being uncomfortable for the woman. I …[View]
41554721>be army infantry >do strength training after work >while my body is trying to recover I…[View]
41555321Best Bike Polo Vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ob3vZxtciA[View]
41554289>everyone in the gym stops what they're doing and looks at me every-time i OHP in the squat …[View]
41555025What Creatine do you take?: I was thinking about starting on creatine to help myself power through s…[View]
41552674>Lower forearm pain after curling Wtf is this shit ?[View]
41555176I've got a really big pimple/cyst on my upper back that's keeping me from doing back lifts…[View]
41551451What is /fit/ drinking to stay hydrated during the day/workouts? I mostly only drink tapwater. Is it…[View]
41553156remember to eat[View]
41553620How much dementia and strokes are we all gonna get from sips? I think it's high time we all swi…[View]
41549387/Fat/ General 'Scooby keeps making fun of me' Edition: Previous Thread >>41544029 Welcome to /…[View]
41554420Has anyone read this book? Putting aside all the myths and fighter/actor memes, this book is actual…[View]
41554121>want to get /fit/ >you guys told me to eat more food >eat more chicken breast, lean meat, …[View]
41554969Dubs check em'.[View]
41552279>TFW you realise there's no point of lifting to look good if you don't eventually roid …[View]
41553053Going to the gym 6/7 times a week, 1 h workout, eating like a pig. This is not even a full day so t…[View]
41554897If I want to pair foods that have protien with low bio-availability so I get all the required amino …[View]
415411791/2/3/4 is a terrible metric discuss[View]
41553987Has anyone else ever been in an overtrained phase? What happened and for how long have you been affe…[View]
41552532what kindofshoes should i use ? i currently use running shoes but i have some money for something el…[View]
41554773Is Soylent a healthy alternative for lunch? Or is it just a meme.[View]
41552730I always see this on here.. is this shopped?[View]
41549245>Mom is refusing to buy me food after I explained to her that I needed to eat more protein Is it …[View]
41551288Whats your go to bulking food and how do you make it?[View]
41554799How long does pain last after a cast is removed? Broke my femur and just had the cast removed today.…[View]
41554547Say /fit/, how many calories would this be?[View]
41552322Does anyone else have a weird arm resting position? Pic related, my arms get curved and I look like …[View]
41543355/plg/ strength lifting general: Press™ edition[View]
41554686DIED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW3zmrmNECA[View]
41553687>day 3 of nofap The urges are still there but I've gotten better at occupying myself with ot…[View]
41554159How do you go from this...[View]
41554215>Am I still DYEL? >65kg at 164 cm ( yeah yeah manlet and stuff )…[View]
41554305Is this routine good for getting a body like my pic? 2x10 chin ups 2×10 pullups 4x15 pushups 2x50…[View]
41554413Not feeling much pain: Anons, is it normal not to feel pain the next day after biceps training? I ha…[View]
41548037Cologne is the best supplement you can use. Redpill me, /fit/, what's the best one out there fo…[View]
41552252Boogie is going to prove all of you wrong: https://youtu.be/j2nfm4A0R8E?t=5m15s >lost 60 lbs in 6…[View]
41548687IDEALS: one of these threadss[View]
41550839what flavor of sippi's is the best?: in your opinion[View]
41553114I got a blood test and everything is fine and dandy besides my cholesterol levels, they were a littl…[View]
41554346Is this the apex of the human form?[View]
41550214What did he mean by this?[View]
41550179What do I do if I have REALLY wide hips?: What kind of workouts should I be doing to look better? Sh…[View]
41554353Does ANYTHING work? Been at this for like 5 years now and I look the same... I must have read that s…[View]
41546166I woke up this morning and my ass was sore right at the top of the crack. I don't know if it…[View]
41554332>voluntarily eating PUFAs[View]
41534767>Boogie will never lose the wei-: well /fit/? why can't morbidly obese people change? I…[View]
41554102Push up Thread: Push up thread: you fuckers know what to do[View]
41553385What do I do? I'm about 140 lbs, 5'10'', 29-30 inch waist, I've been gymmin…[View]
41543263Day 1 of /noweed/: So I have smoked literally every day for the past year and a half. Smoked my last…[View]
41553509Is this shit legit? I'm trying to lose around 5/6%. Will this help me? Is it useless? Any side …[View]
41552421Finished second week of SL 5x5 and I'm seriously struggling with Overhead press. I keep having …[View]
41554209CTRL F - old thread a day old and stale. New /fit/ humour thread. let's go![View]
41552155what the hell is this black wart thing growing on my glutes, /fit/?[View]
41553376>started eating more >bench press has been going up linearly for the first time I'm scare…[View]
41552610fuck you fit, you didn't prepare me for these feels >be a fat loser with no gains >start …[View]
41552246Could you recommend low cal high protein foods which are not meat and not full of estrogen? I don…[View]
41552986I have buttwink at the bottom of my squat, and researching various sources to fix it has told me the…[View]
41549027/feels/ thread >be police officer, only eat one protein bar in the morning and a second one in th…[View]
41550907>you will never, EVER grow taller[View]
41551427First time: At the gym for the first time /fit/ What do I do?[View]
41553993for /fit/ Gods, what's your daily water intake?: >is it tap/distilled/purified water?…[View]
41553946Where did you guys get your weight set? I want a quality bar and plates, not any machines or anythin…[View]
41553924CHEAP MEALS TREAD: I've been looking to get better at cooking. What are some /fit/ meals that a…[View]
41553723How do I get a physique for the purpose of INTIMIDATION (not aesthetics or gym strength) and what do…[View]
41551224Which lower body looks more fit?: Left or right? And why?[View]
41553374Stress: How do you combat stress /fit/? My job has me fucking shaking with stress and it's kill…[View]
41550887Due to multiple back injuries, I've been sedentary for almost 2 years. Today I started an exerc…[View]
41547992Can I join the navy if I am basically in jahans-mode? Will they bully me[View]
41553753How do I equalize my arms? Each time I do deadlifts I can feel visiblly see my left hand drooping a…[View]
41552812Who here /Starbucks/?[View]
41543757what is /fit/'s opinion on girls?[View]
41549748How do you show off your gains in public without having it being too obvious? I have a date tonight …[View]
41553452Narcolepsy..?: Hey /fit/ Looking for some advice, for about 10 years I've been falling asleep d…[View]
41551942How do I build a wide neck?[View]
41553373Who else here is tired of their diet?: I don't mind the fish meat nor the chicken breast. But …[View]
41551789>finally benched 5 lb dumbbell Anyone else making it?[View]
41553572DAE get thirsty after lifting weights?[View]
41553570>mfw 2/10 facelet bitch wears skin tight clothing to gym thinking that im fawning over her just b…[View]
41552324Who here goes to the gym to life their pain away? I go to the gym just to forget about /her/ what ab…[View]
41549418Am I alone in thinking it's really rude an degenerate to show lots of skin at the gym? It'…[View]
41550522How do I be like him?[View]
41549930wuss poppin b´s Any good oblique excercises? im getting tired of the same shit >inb4 skelly af…[View]
41552574Deadlifting whilst being tall: Do I have to put the bar to the floor, or am I allowed to go down as …[View]
41551765Hey fit, i put this on ck first but thats a slower board, and my goals are more fit releated than fo…[View]
41553419Tinder thread: Is tinder+ worth it? I feel like in a big city 100 matches a day is way too low.…[View]
41552228>dreamt about ex gf last night T-t-there will be other g-girls like her r-r-right g-guys?…[View]
41551736>squat 3x5 >press 3x5 >deadlift 1x5 don't you just love it when your entire workout ca…[View]
41550427Have you ever experienced an orgasm from working out? I was doing my cardio and finishing the last m…[View]
41553236Lifting Music: Any genre welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wrqqqSLb3g https://www.youtube.com…[View]
41538270Facial Aesthetics General: running hair game is legit[View]
41551711Did billy herrington take steroids?[View]
41553203Started running more, now I'm hungry all the damn time: 6'1' male, 202lbs I know the obvio…[View]
41551502currently 23y/o male, 5'9, 67kg, SS >OHP 40 >Bench 60 >Squat 80 >Diddly 100 is it p…[View]
41545909Products that help survive cutting: I cant imagine cutting withouth these products. Also diet tips. …[View]
41552954/fit/ cheat codes thread: >can only deadlift 3pl8 for reps >set up 5pl8 for rack pulls above t…[View]
41552996Anyone own either of these blenders? Looking to make breakfast smoothies with oats. https://www.amaz…[View]
41553022How does /fit/ feel about ZMA? Recovery/sleep aid or just a meme?[View]
41552807I just saw a nutritionist as I'm really struggling to clean bulk. He told me that if I take a …[View]
41550185Help medfags my dick hurts! Had a kidney stone about six weeks ago but i never felt it pass. It feel…[View]
41552710Beginner tips plis: 2 months in and I got a problem with my bench. Got my form checked by the gym sp…[View]
41552768>do 80kg penlay rows for reps no doms >do a 2km row on rowing machine doms like i've neve…[View]
41551916This is the best machine ever[View]
41552555optimal levels of fats? Some say 100g is needed for body to function correctly and help hormones etc…[View]
41552433God-tier sips: Why aren't you drinking these heavenly sips yet anon? It's like they were M…[View]
41550952What to do when an injury stops your training: > Got an ankle injury, doctors say that I'm o…[View]
41552493>be me >cum in undies >go to gym 4 fist time >sweat like a horse >smell cum How can i…[View]
41549374test u: im gonna run a test undecanoate cycle got a ton of nebidos and decided im gonna just pin one…[View]
41552487Any fastfags here? I practice intermittent fasting regularly but I'm finally going on a strict …[View]
41552298I am so fucking tired of drinking my whey with water. It's fucking disgusting. What are some si…[View]
41551966I fucking hate oats but apparently if I'm ever going to make it oats in my diet is a good start…[View]
41552166Weak manlet arms pls help: Work out partner not so into arm workouts, but getting gains everywhere e…[View]
41552217Do you sometimes not shower after the gym? Does this make me a bad person?[View]
41551830/tren/formation bread: post ya transformations 1 year and 9 months approx[View]
41551322Do muricans really do this?[View]
41552226Amy Winehouse Put It Simply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CYE0DYIbaw You should be stronger than…[View]
41546701Eire: Have we any Irish /fit/izens on here? Where are ye based? Hercules Gym, Tralee Co.Kerry report…[View]
41548499Thoughts? I don't like eating regular food, already substitute some meals with protein shakes. …[View]
41539039/bwg/ - BodyWeight General: >Overcoming your BodyWeight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRmsDjMuj…[View]
41530877CBT - Still DYEL Edition: 8 Months lifting, from really underweight to not as underweight (180cm, 69…[View]
41551754Did anyone else notice Joe getting smaller? Did he get off TRT?[View]
41551380...and when our Anon started doing this MADMILK he kept talking about we knew we had to seek help.[View]
41552025>tfw save money on sips[View]
41538140Is keto worth it? I'm on my second day and have never wanted a piece of bread so fucking bad in…[View]
41551295Will you stop lifting when you'll achieve your body goal? Maybe not completely, but not as much…[View]
41551710What ab work do you do?[View]
41543471After working out I just want to eat pussy...: After a hard workout I have this intense hunger cravi…[View]
41548360When does vascularity stop being attractive and turn into a turn off. I've always kept myself s…[View]
41551713Are there any benefits weightlifting fasted and taking BCAAs pre workout?[View]
41551693How do I achieve chimp mode?[View]
41551584cardio and lifting: ok /fit/ tell me why i cant go do cardio in the morning (ride 20km, swim 3km) co…[View]
41550272Rock Climbing: Just started rock climbing (bouldering) with some friends and am having an absolute b…[View]
41548366Dumbbell flies vs cable flies? I've been doing dumbbell flies forever but I feel like cable fli…[View]
41548017Day 1 Advice: Hey fit, first time caller, long time lurker. I have a ton of free time on my hands th…[View]
41550644sup /fit/ i recently started to get my shit together and started exercising i am currently 168 and u…[View]
41551039Cured from chinletism: Sup /fit/, ask a former chinlet who just went through orthognathic surgery an…[View]
41551653Fatties BTFO https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/may/17/obesity-health-no-such-thing-as-fat-but…[View]
41551243>be at the gym >do exercises >this guy comes up and takes off 45s off your the bar to do hi…[View]
41551332finally got to 2pl8 squat today, and for 3 reps not even 1rm. what have you achieved today /fit/?[View]
41551617If I don't work my lower body, do I still need 2 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weig…[View]
41550825Steroids:: What should i do before I start my first cycle bros?[View]
41549929What's a bodybuilding routine that has a big emphasis on pull-ups?[View]
41549133Shoes / Deadlift PR: Hit a new PR today deadlifted 6 plates 315lb/143kg for 3 reps. First time at 6 …[View]
41551583https://ru.bodybuilding.com/store/allmax-nutrition/razor8.html Found this pre on the web, is it wort…[View]
41550367Sharing my routine for intermediate level lifters, it's for those interested in doing a routine…[View]
41551556posture thread: okay guys, i have a bad posture (not really super fucking ugly, but if i don't …[View]
41550906There is absolutely no reason not to do OHP and Binch every session like squats in fullbody workouts…[View]
41550765Training to be unrapeable: What kind of regime would you create for a man who wants to be impossible…[View]
41550240>TFW small girls at my gym lift more than me I don't want to lift anymore. This is embarrass…[View]
41550500I like Tessa but damn why is she so whiny? How does it feel to be a beta? Not calling myself a chad …[View]
41551266http://www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/advice/a32196/items-that-work-just-as-well-as-weights/ re…[View]
41551244So /fit/ is it repsXsets or setsXreps[View]
41547543Need your opinion: https://m.imgur.com/a/sGOLA I only weigh 130 lbs (I'm only 5'7' though)…[View]
41542128Why only 1x5 deadlift?[View]
41546333Cardio: Jump rope or running for a cut physique ?[View]
41550972so today i got some bench press advice from the instructor bro > don't bring the bar all the…[View]
41551050Why do normies say this? 'I used to dance/play sports a few years back and I have a lot of muscle m…[View]
41550836Holy fuck i found his secret: >Manlet camera man. >Camera aimed upwards >Look bigger…[View]
41551178Poor Chad, when will he learn https://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships/2017/04/redefining-narcis…[View]
41548381>tfw you realize you're not getting fit, you're becoming the gym trap W-what do I do la…[View]
41551171>tfw fell for the myprotein scam[View]
41550580When someone says they lift however many plates, are they talking about plates per side of the bar o…[View]
41550967If you've never counted calories before and want to begin cutting (slowly) what would be the be…[View]
41551030Advice please: I am skinnyfat and I just started lifting. Should I bulk or should I cut? I want to c…[View]
41545402>Sup anon what are you working on today? >Full-body routine huh? Nice bro >Well it's c…[View]
41548209I'm reading some Dr. Jason Fung stuff and he says that calorie restriction lowers BMR. Is this …[View]
41550875adv bannded me......[View]
41543735How do I stop smoking meme drug and go back to /fit/ ? I had a period where I quit all bad stuff and…[View]
41550736I can't fucking sleep. I went to the gym for the first time in almost two years early Friday m…[View]
41545976I'm not trolling or trying to be mean but Why is it the vast majority of powerlifters I meet in…[View]
41550472I get sick way too frequently and it fucks up my schedule. It's always colds and sore throats a…[View]
41550012I'm out of weed and want to get high what should i do? also whats your go-to technique to blast…[View]
41550006>diagnosed with a 9mm kidney stone today. Am i gonna make it anons?[View]
41548440Weight Loss Contest at Work: I have a serious health question for /fit/ - any doctors reading please…[View]
41549938Any latefags here who workout at 10pm or later? My buddy is telling me its ineffective to work out l…[View]
41549888Is it possible to do oly movements without a coach? I've seen people say you really shouldn…[View]
41550530> Yfw when a guy performs CPR on you[View]
41539907FPH/FPS: NEW THREAD finally i have a fps to contriboot. ill type it out in my followng posts, sorry …[View]
41550422Ive been stuck in this skinny fat where i cant lose the last few pounds i want to get solid abdomina…[View]
41544798If i do this everyday and eat clean what will i look like?: Feel free to post pics[View]
41546927Meal preps for tomorrow[View]
41550409>ran 4km with my girlfriend >currently at the gym, 4 minute rest since the pain in my les >…[View]
41548786>You won't believe what happened today. When anon checked into the gym, I told him to have a…[View]
41550204Ya Blew It: Favorite lift w/max plus a time where you fucking blew it(beta story, etc) Ill start …[View]
41550100HI /fit/ I just bought this mass gainer, 12 lbs 21 serving per container, each serving(4 scoops) ha…[View]
41548319>Rest day[View]
41546728Is Boss of this Gym mode achievable natty?[View]
41550196Ill send nudes: http://job2ref.com/?refer=3110[View]
41550155food: Hey /fit/, I want to lose some weight this summer but I'm not sure what to eat. Honestly …[View]
41549671>that was a great workout anon >let's dig into some carbs! we've earned it!…[View]
41550110What pre-workout does /fit/ use? I bought myself a bottle of Nitraflex 2 days ago and today is the f…[View]
41549894Bad advice /fit/ gave you: >/fit/ says pull ups are the best thing you can do for your upper body…[View]
41549158Started going to the gym yesterday. How do i get rid of the anxiety of being around skinny people ju…[View]
41550056>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL-9gBVymcA what happened to him? are there any sane fitness…[View]
41550021Is being a male tsundere alpha behaviour /fit/?[View]
41549579>do squats till I can't do anymore >do deadlifts >go to bar >dance with bar sluts …[View]
41549878Coping: /fit/, this is serious. I watch 3-5 hours NON-STOP of Tasty and Food Wishes videos per night…[View]
41546650Single Mother Stories: Anon raised by single mom here. Has anyone else here had similar experiences?…[View]
41546772How do I achieve the body of a professional BMX rider?[View]
41549942The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters: How true is this article? Person who gives the best …[View]
41549877tendies: >Honey, your tendies are ready![View]
41549571Is it easier to make it when you are a NEET? Like does cortisol levels decrease because of it and th…[View]
41548460>looking for new gym to use over the summer (usually use school gym) >heard rumors that the PF…[View]
41549731wow /fit/ BTFO BTFO HARD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61iKnKtwpUM >2017 >still going to gy…[View]
41549132>1 car in gym parking lot >7 people in gym…[View]
41549730>tfw noticed a fat girl miring me at the gym Should I feel complimented or disgusted? I think I f…[View]
41549673Most effective way to take creatine?? Pls help[View]
41548810>3 years liftting just to achieve 1/2/3/4 (one rep maxes)[View]
41529699How do you keep your eating under control /fit/?[View]
41548735Stretching and Warm-up sets: Anyone else here who doesn't do any of those? I just go straight …[View]
41548149I need help just turned 18 last week 180lbs 5' 11' all i do everyday is eat, sleep and play gam…[View]
41549264muscles grows after you makes micro tears in your muscles, right? why dont you just cut yourself lit…[View]
41548891>weight rack is crowded and surrounded by qts >too autistic to go over there >awkwardly try…[View]
41549593Is weight lifting and cardio a bad idea while on keto diet /fit/??[View]
41544029/fat/ General 'It's just some yogurt' Edition: Previous Thread >>41540467 Welcome to /fat…[View]
41549432I need a watch (HR monitor optional) specifically for HIIT training. Can anyone recommend a cheap on…[View]
41549298What's Your Routine?: Here's my routine, 6 days a week, each workout twice as a week. Ches…[View]
41548956God I'm so fucking sick of being fat. How do I even start?[View]
41549445Cutting With T1D: Hi Guys, I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, how do I cut without getting l…[View]
41548571/fat/ to /fit/: >171 cm >68 kg >Around 20% Body fat >TDEE 2k daily >Go gym 4 days at …[View]
41548838Been working out at home for two years but just signed up for a gym membership. What are some tips y…[View]
41549379Anyway, there seems to be a bit of a conflict between conventional training wisdom for beginners (3 …[View]
41549202Any ideas for breakfast? im tired of almonds and yogurt[View]
41544950Sips: Post em + your favorite exercise >pull ups[View]
41544827How can I add some more protein to my diet? Should I just add protein powder to my breakfast? Also, …[View]
41548289/fit/ what are good shoes for weightlifting/gym: I'm thinking about joining a gym soon. I have …[View]
41548374How the fuck was sergei so buff and strong if he probably barely ate and slept in vorkuta ?[View]
41548103Is there any major downside to consuming large quantities of peanuts if it fits in your macros? I…[View]
41549188Diet R8 Thread: Hey /fit/, rate my diet Goal: lose fat and maintain muscle Breakfast >half a cup …[View]
41541346What mode is he on?[View]
41548730>start Facebook to become reacquainted with old high school friends >find old qt female frien…[View]
41549028Chesticles: Alright, so as I've been putting on size I've noticed an anomaly with flexing …[View]
41548007I'm going to start SS because I'm tired of being weak and making little progress. Current …[View]
41548526Anyone here try the bulletproof diet? Your thoughts/experiences?[View]
41548231Come join the /fit/ WhatsApp group! Have your penis measurements ready, thanks! n-no homo.[View]
41546685am 21 and going bald how to stop?[View]
41548659Im probably going to lose my virginity tomorrow /fit/ any advise on how to not bust quick and how to…[View]
41548944This is what peak performance looks like[View]
41549003Help, i'm doing some a standard 3x6 program. ! upper body day, one lower and one day of heavy c…[View]
41540350How to improve your body beyond muscles (reflexes, learning abilities, mental strength...) without d…[View]
41544225replacing bench press for incline press: What does fit think of it? Is it better for aesthetics wors…[View]
41548290So I lost around 60kg between age 23-26 What kind of damage did I do to my body being fat as fuck fr…[View]
41547114SUP DYELS! Pic related is me after only 1 year of lifting. >6'5 tall >chad face >lots …[View]
41545052/fit/ youtuber guilty pleasures: Post what you watch but don't want your gymbros to know. I lik…[View]
41548447>'Scuse me Anon, mind if I have a drink? This is sweaty work![View]
41547299The Texas Method: Is it worth it? I did stronglifts until I exhausted those gains, and in the last 6…[View]
41548101Is this exercise good to add to SS? Or is training obliques unnecessary?[View]
41547539Some of us are never going to make it, will we?[View]
41547552>mfw finally a greenboi >chick pulled up next to me in a car when riding to the gym and said …[View]
41548803>cut too hard >can't get an erection anymore Daily reminder to never fall for the cut mem…[View]
41545170what the fuck /fit/? I thought I'd be jacked when I got to 1/2/3/4. https://youtu.be/Yllt9fvAB-…[View]
41543713Would this be weird?: My local gym has a middle school gymnastics team and they are selling used leo…[View]
41548384I bought a thing of multivitamin gummy things but i accidentally ate them all in one shot (150 of th…[View]
41546634Hello guys. I've come to the terrible realization im just a loser. And I don't know how to…[View]
41548004>at gym >see black girl with huge fucking mommy titties >come home and fap to white on bla…[View]
41548158>Be me, 18 years old >Have no game what so fucking ever >I fucked a really skanky girl that…[View]
41548631who /post workout gains/ here? check em brehs[View]
41546543https://youtu.be/hmmVoPbjx4A Our guy[View]
41548485How to achieve viktor reznov build ? Hes 5'11 200 lbs I think its the perfect build because yo…[View]
41548457Waxing: What does /fit think about waxing? Currently, I'm shaving but it is a pain in the ass …[View]
41547534Do you guys think your arms are small, then look at someone else and think they are malnourished or …[View]
41545987If you're lucky you'll live to 90. A third of your life is spent sleeping, so you have 60 …[View]
41548162What do you do when you don't have access to a gym for a short period? Got a month home after u…[View]
41545051>walk into gym >girl doing RDLs >shittiest form imaginable, mimicking fishing pole reeling…[View]
41543696eating iron: Do you eat iron? How relevant is it to bodybuilding? I just realized none of my supplem…[View]
41547112Just hit 260 lb bench after 3×5 at 225 lbs. >6'1' 185 lbs I have noone else to tell that wou…[View]
41548164I've been practicing my Kazotsky Kick for a few hours and I've noticed that my knees hurt …[View]
41547618>too tired to lift >too late to take caffeine wat do…[View]
41547980Help: I've been stagnAnt at failing my last 2 sets of cable flats and weighted dips. Im a noon …[View]
41547944chest progession > legs: My chest is going to enter advance mode before my legs go to proficient.…[View]
41547199I play rugby since some time ago, i really like it, i do well except for the tackling part, i just c…[View]
41545466What mode is this?[View]
41547689Post forever alone virgins/fat kids for motivation to lift and not be like them.[View]
41547085>stopped using shampoo >reached 1/2/3/4 for 5 reps >started doing neck curls >started ta…[View]
41544092Body Positive: What have you done today to embrace a better you?[View]
41545411Beginner here doing compound barbell exercises, is lower back soreness normal or should I be freakin…[View]
41547879> Last guy in gym didnt clean the lunge plunger after use[View]
41547518Bro Split??: What's the big deal about the bro split? is a legs, chest and arms, back and shoul…[View]
41545683Am I ok to drop flat bench for incline/flat dumbell bench if my goal is purely hypertrophy?[View]
41546729WHEN TO TAKE WHAT?: Are there any changes I could make to improve my workout day supplement routine …[View]
41547849le pissining: How often should I be pissing if I'm trying to be healthy? At work I might piss 4…[View]
41546116/fit/ what kind of calisthenics workout do you recommend for 5'6 stocky dude.[View]
41546264Pain in knees: >be me >be fat >Trying to lose weight >started diet >started running.…[View]
41546791>be dyel >go lift today >put 25lb on each side of the bench and do 3x6 >look over >so…[View]
41546581Hypertrophy routine thread: Can one of you fine /fit/izens advise me on a good hypertrophy routine?…[View]
41547630ok what the hell its been 4 months of going to the gym, went from fat to still kinda fat everything …[View]
41547659Is there any reason a woman would want to do nofap? I've been wondering this a while and I don…[View]
41545829>order escort >tells me 'Damn anon you have a nice body, you shouldn't need to do this'…[View]
41545448Reracking weights is for pussies.: I honestly don't see why I should. I have a very busy schedu…[View]
41547321I'm supposed to feel like floating during cardio? Is this what they call runners high? Finally…[View]
41539478im a girl. im dating a guy, fit saw his old pics. fat like really fat. I cant deny how I see him cha…[View]
41547577Hi /fit/ quick question. How do I calculate how many calories I should eat if I train BJJ 4 times a…[View]
41547472>'gym membership too expensive' meme Solution: list every gym company in your area - most if not …[View]
41545338Back thread: Post ya back and stats and rate each other 185 10 months of lifting 5,8 Manlet[View]
41545890I was going to start SS but it looks like it requires gym membership. Do I need to nut up and get a …[View]
41546226Is he e-statting? He has to be. I'm 6'1 (measured by doctor), 220lbs at around 20%bf with …[View]
41542934Am i chad? > pic related is me[View]
41545922If u dont reach 1/2/3/4 after 8-12 months: then you are doing something wrong.[View]
41547259Once, maybe twice a year I'll wake up in the morning with a severely painful ankle/almost sprai…[View]
41542014stop being a NEET[View]
41546945Is flat bench press a meme?[View]
41544331EC/ECA Stack: Does anyone have experience with ephedrine + caffeine + asperine? Is this a meme? Is a…[View]
41544595Thoughts on Scooby's intermediate routine (PPLx): Has anyone here tried Scooby's intermedi…[View]
41532633Puregym - UK brahs: Just joined this gym purely because it's 24hrs, what is it like? Can I have…[View]
41542027So I just god diganosed with a condition that requires me to take large amounts of steroids should i…[View]
41546885Guys, it's 11:24 pm. Today I went to burger king, had enough coffee to ruin my sleep, and I am …[View]
41546872/mirin thread/: Old thread is ded. FRESH MIRIN' THREAD BOYS[View]
41546667I've got my college interview soon. There's a fitness test, they've told me it's…[View]
41544889Isn't bullying manlets punching down?: Haven't they been through enough?[View]
41547041Manlet: >tfw you will never be Chad because you're 5'3ft tall…[View]
41546332>balding at 20 >surgeon won't let me do hair transplant until I'm completely bald …[View]
41546769>he doesnt do kickbacks for glutes DYEL, faggot?[View]
41543962Thoughts on the stair machine? Will I get jacked legs if I use it everyday?[View]
41545970Does browsing /fit/ help you get... fit?[View]
41542559Bacon+butter for caloric surplus. yes go or no go? Its fuckin impossible to eat clean and gain weigh…[View]
41546239Got an accounting exam in 15 hours faggots, lend me your POWER. Also, after being away from the gym …[View]
41545735Can I get swole/buff from using a iron gym? Also, post iron gym workout routines[View]
41535361/fit/, can you explain why muscular bald men are intimidating?[View]
41545304>king of bodybuilders >legs look like this who else fell for the /arnold/ meme?…[View]
41538063>go to doc about general anxiety >Think they'll just give me a benzo like always >Give…[View]
41546504Rather than bulking to fatty mode, then starving away your gains, why don't you guys just do ca…[View]
41546367Hungry bulking skeleton needs advice: Say I switch one of my sweet potatoe and chicken meals with a …[View]
41546682Is this how /sippers/ are?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnrG2cK9ylY Is this how you act when you…[View]
41546636Plyometrics and Leg Day: I recently started working out in an effort to generally improve myself, an…[View]
41544492Why do we love him so much? Is he what we would all be like if we were freak lifters? Ie he's s…[View]
41546575Weight vest general- tell about about the vest, why does it hold the weight. What is /fit/'s op…[View]
41543579Rippetoe Red Pill: >hurr durr I squat so much bcz I do strength training >omg guyz I do 8pl8 d…[View]
41545088>try the ab wheel yesterday >struggle a bit with the form, cannot feel anything, wonder if I…[View]
41546526Dindin bread what you eating tonight /fit/? >chicken breast >2/3cup uncooked jasmine rice …[View]
41546497Help /fit/ my chest has been lacking behind everything and I feel like it'll be small forever. …[View]
41546228Athletic Training: During the off-season for a sport I was wondering the best way to become a better…[View]
41545621Lifestyle memes that (maybe) work: So I'm half positive that no-fap works. I've been doing…[View]
41542716>newbie gains starting to come in >can't stop molesting myself…[View]
41546402Is there anything to the 'cold shower' meme[View]
41544751Is HAES a meme? Should I just exercise and not diet?[View]
41545979>got a date with a qt well there you go. I made it. what about you guys?…[View]
41546393QTDDTOT: How common is it to go from a very narrow jaw to a fully defined and nicely shaped one?…[View]
41538523How were ancient Greeks so ripped and aesthetic? These statues weren't depiction of Gods. They …[View]
41546178Does /fit/ stretch after a workout?[View]
41544372Is /Manhattan Mode/ achievable natty?[View]
41545006Lactic acid: >start any form of leg-based cardio >get almost instantaneous build up of lactic …[View]
41544846What is the best pre-workout you've tried ?[View]
41545984Hey /fit/. All my lifts are coming along nicely, and Im progressing well. My only problem is that I…[View]
41546132///paramedic///: drunk paramedic thread ask oy rquestions i work in me,ntal health and have worked i…[View]
41542767>Walk into Gym >IN NEW YORK I MILLY ROCK >HIDE IT IN MY SOCK…[View]
41543182Is there an alternative to squats for building glutes? I can't get the form right at all, I fee…[View]
41544896so what lifts are you guys doing today?[View]
41545790>he showers at the dirty gym[View]
41545733Loose skin: So i weighed 411 pounds january 6th of this year. Halfway through april i started my jou…[View]
41517628Mirin thread: This morning >warming up for some front skwaaats >super swole guy with small le…[View]
41544890Do you scoop more than the socially and morally acceptable scoop limit (1)?[View]
41545710>Not eating mosquito burgers for dat dere max protein DYEL? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJjqA…[View]
41541271Does getting buff help with confidence in terms of speaking to women without sperging the fuck out?[View]
41544454>that manlet who thinks slamming the weights makes him look tough[View]
41545576push up thread stone tits edition: push up thread stone tits edition[View]
41540566winstrol: Hey, roid fags, I am starting 6 weeks winstrol cycle: 1 week 10mg 2 week 15mg 3 week 20mg …[View]
41545585Help a nigga out: The next 3 months i will have more time to workout and i want to try out a new pro…[View]
41541803>no fap hour 3 It gets better r-right?[View]
41543131(((Flu shots))): Not an anti-vaxxer (yet) but should I take them or not?[View]
41545540S S I P S B O Y S: >that first Ssips of the day[View]
41545555Preworkout question: Hiya /fit/ So i just got into a fight and came out unscathed but i was full of…[View]
41545517Guys how much weight should I be putting on weekly? I think the sticky said 1lb/week, what if I go o…[View]
41543575>become involved with high quality good girl >months go by >find out she's lazy, deman…[View]
41544052/sips/ General - Chest / Tris Day Edition: Finally found the purple /sips/ boyos. Live south of pitt…[View]
41544810Normies and gym memes: saw a curlbro with a zyzz-like chest tat apply baby oil before doing lateral …[View]
41535754>Just hit 3pl8 deadlift >can olny OHP 95lbs JUST…[View]
41544727god damn it. I am so sick and tired of my fucking body not making any progress and having bad genes.…[View]
41545317>woke up with stomach ache >weak as fuck >tried eating breakfast, threw up everything. >…[View]
41541909wtf white women look like THAT?![View]
41544567Hi /fit/izens. I'll start going to gym on friday, and I decided on this plan https://www.bodybu…[View]
41543147I give up with these calipers. The 3 point tests I find online suggest I'm really low fat, so I…[View]
41542651>first day at gym in years >literally too sore to train the next day ????…[View]
41544122Which of David Laid and Matt Ogus do you fellas think looks better and what stack do you think they…[View]
41524622Post 3rd pic in /fit/ folder[View]
41542293Hi I'm a 20 year old female who weighs 174lbs and is 5.5 tall. I hate my body more than anythin…[View]
41543135Sup /fit/ i'm 21 year old male 180cm and weigh 84kg, i wanna cut down to 75kg ish for budget re…[View]
41544745Who here lifts because they got bullied in school?[View]
41544227Terror attack prep: I work in Central London and want to be prepared to fight if there is a terroris…[View]
41544611Can enough weight-loss shrink your shoe size?[View]
41538801Your lifting music: Share your favorite albums and songs to listen to while you make gains. All genr…[View]
41544921/BG/ Back General: Take care of your back. Stretchings, exercises and advice. >Stretching https:/…[View]
41542704Is it bad to have an imaginary waifu to lift for? Sure it's pathetic but didn't Indians do…[View]
41542315>DNA test results came through >not sure if opportunity or genetics fucking me >tfw genetic…[View]
41544417Was about to start Stating Strength routine from the link in the sticky, but the link 404s. I briefl…[View]
41544159redpill me on the avolatte[View]
41539112Just started intelligent fasting from today - 18/6 What can I expect?[View]
41541698I fucked up /fit/ >be me >/fit/ but lonely >get home from early morning workout >after p…[View]
41544448Give me your smoothe recipes![View]
41543854Should I pick up a tin to help me study? The bad news is that my Blood pressure is 130/80[View]
41544654How do I become a blob of fat fast?[View]
41543663Skinny calves general >first hot day of the year >wear shorts for the first time this year …[View]
41543984tired of eating chicken and rice. Can't really handle that much dairy in my diet. Best ways to …[View]
41544441I'm setting up a diet and I need to add 300 daily calories more. Cheap food sources with high a…[View]
41537952Natty? If not, what's their cycle? Inb4 genetics[View]
41543311I'm loathe to ask /fit but google ain't giving me shit. A few weeks after I turned 31 my s…[View]
41544521Motivation for NO FAP: No Fap is a meme, this don't boost testosterone but... Why do you need t…[View]
41540553Why are girl routines so much easier? I saw this in a thread > bulgarian split squats : 3x8 > …[View]
41544070After working out I get extremely lethargic. All I can do is lie in bed and browse forums. I also ex…[View]
41543691Sick Boy: >Freshman year of college >lift everyday, shit routine >for whatever reason get s…[View]
41538634>broke nofap again >was only two days in[View]
41520289Routine General: Post your routines and r8 and give advice >PU Bench 4x3-5 Incline DB Bench 4x6-1…[View]
41544368You may not like what you will see here, but this is what making it looks like, no lifting required.[View]
41541333Your God is a False God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-XYS7wYz2I[View]
41543189how do i into clone trooper mode?[View]
41544059The only gym near me is planet fitness. What is a beginner routine that can work with only dumbbells…[View]
41544276Are my hips wide and my shoulders narrow or is my frame normal?[View]
41542692>been working out for the past year >put on 14kg (~30lbs) >people who knew me before tell m…[View]
41542900Traps are the ugliest muscles: If you don't have broad shoulders then stop training traps, or e…[View]
41543397What?: Ok so i started working out a week ago consuming 1500 cals and cardio plus lifting because im…[View]
41540146r8 my routine A: pull >pullups: 4x6 >cable row: 4x6 >face pull: 4x6 >power clean: 5x6 B:…[View]
41541620>hit the dance floor this weekend >chick is into me >sees my dance moves >no longer inte…[View]
41542924bench press: can do 10 reps 80kg supine press but want to move onto bench press. what's best we…[View]
41544053Help /fit/: So, I am 17 years old and i'm about to lose my virginity. I am not sure what to exp…[View]
41543871When you eat these glorious fuckers, don't you have the sensation that most of it just stays be…[View]
41530813What hobbies does /fit/ have besides working out?[View]
41541663So this big guy in the gym keeps taunting me. Need advice He is around 6.5 ft and buffed as fuck. He…[View]
41543958Workout Thread: Been doing the Zyzz workout for awhile, but my proportions are getting odd. What do …[View]
41540467/fat/ General 'Are you gonna eat that?' Edition: >>41534443 Previous Thread Welcome to /fat/ g…[View]
41540661/fit/ ideals / personality chart thread: post those charts[View]
41543746Please help program: Help me make a program senpai. I don't want to do any seated exercises. Ex…[View]
41541258Pumping Iron - Discussion: This movie was alright. Any other movies/documentaries that I should watc…[View]
41542510Alternatives to tuna, in a wrap? I was planing on having tuna salad wrap for lunch every day at work…[View]
41543723General Thread: >Where are you from? >Whats your favorite meal? >Height and weight >How …[View]
41543630Listen up me lads!: Did chestbrah actually kill Zyzz because he was sick of being in his shadow? Dis…[View]
41543693How do I achieve Kenshiro mod /fit/?[View]
41543511Does /fit/ prefer shorter or longer faces?[View]
41541684Arms without gear: Guys i need some help to build my arms, my core is pretty solid but my arms are l…[View]
41541213You may be fit, but are you fit enough to survive after the inevitable collapse of society?[View]
41541601Injury General: Hey all, not really too sure where to ask this so i guess id go ahead and create a t…[View]
41543065What can /fit/ do to save the life of the most out of shape president of all time?[View]
41532788/fasting/ general - summer cut edition: >Previous thread >>41518983 >FAQ >BUT FASTING…[View]
41543314I took 4 servings of a weak laxative on accident. If I have terrible diarrhea, how bad will it be fo…[View]
41531835/QTDDTOT/ - question that don't deserve their own thread: Last one hit bump limit. What can you…[View]
41538188Bad Workout: Fit, what do you do after a bad workout?[View]
41542918Hey /fit/ i wanna be a powerlifter but apperently i dont know how to. Was hoping some one on here ca…[View]
41543138Do you know why I pulled you over today, /fit/? >uh..... Littering. Is this yours?…[View]
41542563Should I start getting yuge while I'm losing weight or after I'm in the proper weight rang…[View]
41543086Full-Body 4-5 Days?: Hey /fit/ I've been a somewhat casual lurker and lifter for the past 3 yea…[View]
41542732Have you accidentally braaaaped during a workout?[View]
41536979For argument's sake, we'll all agree that squatting with a bar is best. Now as for squatti…[View]
41537811Hi /fit/ just a quick question about kinda conflicting information. Currently my TDEE is 3,611 (I…[View]
41543271Helping a skelly friend: Hey /fit/, My best mate is the king of skeletons (5'6, 114 pounds) and…[View]
41543198>been going to the gym for 4 months, 5-6 days a week >around the same time every morning >l…[View]
41535970I used to go on r/fitness before I graduated to /fit/ now looking back at r/fitness they're jus…[View]
41541149excited when working out: how do you guys get excited when you work out? I see people get pumped and…[View]
41543091it's so hard to fucking shop for trousers and it's now impossible to wear skinny jeans and…[View]
41542683Push up Thread: Push up Thread: scoops edition[View]
415406152017 and not eating pulled oats. Why are you skipping on the gains /fit/? Energy 853 kJ/204 kcal Fat…[View]
41542998>ITT: WE GIVE THANKS Post what has aided your gains and give thanks to it. GRAPE FRUIT BABYYY…[View]
41530343/plg/ - powerlifting general: Henlo[View]
41539343Red pill me on swimming guys. Is it the ultimate workout? If I just swim six miles a day will I be a…[View]
41542896Why is machine work worse than free weights? I can't get my form right on anything so I'm …[View]
41541859Where do people go when they are done with /fit/?: I have an issue. Last weeks (months), /fit/ has b…[View]
41540711So what does /fit/ do for abs accessory work? I've been doing planks but it seems like I have t…[View]
41539435How do I look more like this? I can't take steroids because I'm joining MENSA and they wil…[View]
41542410>23 seconds into nofap >cave in and fap Next summer, r-right babe?…[View]
41541821What are some simple things to incorporate into a routine to improve mobility and co-ordination?[View]
41537412what is reviewbrah's routine?[View]
41542118Why do most girls still fall for pilates and cardio 'kickboxing' type of workouts? Even Zumba. They …[View]
41537455What haircut does a Chad have?[View]
41541978I took a blood test for my testosterone levels recently and they came back today. >368 nmol/l …[View]
41534443/fat/ general -Suicide cut edition-: >>41527857 >Previous Thread Welcome to /fat/ general! …[View]
41542149In dublin on holiday, don't want my gains lost: What gym should I hit up that I can get a cheap…[View]
41540972I require help from former skellies.: I'm 22, 178cm tall and weigh 55kg. Like it wasn't en…[View]
41542063Wide hip problem: My shoulders width are average for my size, but my large hips make me look skinny.…[View]
41541290Sorry if this is in the sticky, I rarely visit this board, but what are some good exercises foe impr…[View]
41538927What are your go to seasonings for chicken?[View]
41532232Post workout food: What does /fit/ eat after the gym? I usually down a protein shake and head to chi…[View]
41541623I'm jellouse of all the mire threads a f the story's in them I bench 225 for 4x8 and squa…[View]
41537400David Laid: does anyone have an idea of what he does in terms of diet or fitness to gain mass and at…[View]
41531307What is wrong with his pecs ?[View]
41542073>that old guy who swings the dumbbells instead of actually doing curls[View]
41542096Is abs hypertrophy a meme? Is it significant the amount of muscle you can put in your abs? Do I do a…[View]
41540501https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5gcxWfOKxE Conner BTFO[View]
41542043How many of you do a full-body workout? when did you realize brosplits are a meme? https://www.yout…[View]
41536887/FCT/: Roll[View]
41538076OK fags, I'm going to try this thing called 'water fasting 5/2' that I saw over at /pol/. How b…[View]
41539178What do you think of light/fat free salad dressings?[View]
41530393What would I need to make my own pre-workout? I assume I need at least caffeine, l-arginine, beta-a…[View]
41541132why the fuck am i successful with girls when i'm not interested, as in i flirt well, they grind…[View]
41536320I really don't know what to think of myself: I've got a healthy bmi, but some of my friend…[View]
41541500I'm trying to fix my sleeping pattern, I keep falling asleep for 3 hour naps to early in the da…[View]
41539694good vibes: >used to be /fit/ during college >used to browse /fit/ when Zyzz was alive, when q…[View]
41541792Feet pain after excercising: Is there anyone having painful feet after cardio exercises and/or stand…[View]
41541791Fit hair thread and shit: Should I shave my head? I'm kinda balding. Also sorry for potato qua…[View]
41535592Do you have stretchmarks? Where? I have them on my ads, biceps, and back. Sucks. Also I miss my wh…[View]
41540896What's a good lifting routine for an experienced lifter? I used to be swole and shredded, now i…[View]
41535190Is Almond Milk a meme? Can I go back to drinking good ol' Semi Skimmed Cow milk?[View]
41541692Mental Relaxation: Can't wait to go to they gym to drown out my pain. An idle mind truly is the…[View]
41535732Why when buzzfeed does a 'people try xxxx diet' they never bring that fat chick into it?[View]
41541195Protein powder: Who needs protein powder when you have beef![View]
41530377Russian Bear program: Has anyone run the Russian Bear program by Pavel Tsatsouline? Would it be good…[View]
41540541What is the ultimate quad exercise? I can squat more than 3.5 plate but feel like my quads haven…[View]
41538295Is Prison the best Gym?: Is it worth it to go to prison? Would sacrificing a year of your life be wo…[View]
41539991>barely out of dyel mode >gain 20 pounds my first year of lifting and stay lean >starting t…[View]
41538547Back thread: Let's see them meat shields boys. Or meat paper in my case >Feels bad man…[View]
41536156Has anyone here ever had a Sacroiliac Joint issue? I was squatting and had a pain on one side a few …[View]
41539100Progress pics? 6 months of serious lifting 19 6'0 185[View]
41541383Fasting: So basically i'm trying to gain lean muscle mass and since today i'm not going to…[View]
41540103>eat nothing all day >still feel like a fat disgusting piece of shit…[View]
41534973>In the U.S. population, about 14.5 percent of all men are six feet or over. >Among CEOs of Fo…[View]
41540439This is my bottom position. I literally cant get any lower. I stretch consistently but i haven'…[View]
41538596Body Positive: Hey All, it's nice to try and work for fitness. Sometimes it's good to take…[View]
41540447Any foods you miss? >hardmode: no sweets >oriental flavor cheap ass ramen, no broth. Packet ad…[View]
41541061why would anybody do this to themselves? doesn't this defeat the purpose of trying to get aesth…[View]
41538290Real Talk. I'm a faggot and I like to get fucked in the ass. I like leg day. I do not want to b…[View]
41540267Posture: My posture is fucked. There might be a shoulder and hip impingement going on or something. …[View]
41540933I want to start running, with the intervals of running and walking. Is there an app which can beep a…[View]
41541123Vacation Maintenance: how to not an fat on vacation near exotic good food and no way to exercise bes…[View]
41536595everytime i do a bulk, even when i'm relatively careful with caloric intake, i almost immediate…[View]
41540921fit=less cuddly?: sorry for this newfag post,but im losing quite a bit of weight due to diet exercis…[View]
41540683Any UK fags used myprotein? Any recommendations on any products? pic not related[View]
41537920Anyone here cry while they lift?: >in gym >doing skullcrushers >almost at 10 reps >forci…[View]
41540966Assuming that ill never can be a pump n dump stud, is a relationship the second best option? I feel …[View]
41536938>about to have sex with a girl in a few hours >haven't been able to get a boner in ages …[View]
41540737How do I become Schukin mode without roids? What type of diet or routine would be required? A split?…[View]
41540627bodyweight training? hey /fit/ i do a 3 x a week fullbody split is doing pullups, pushups, dips etc.…[View]
41539714should I even bother lifting if I'm only 5'10?[View]
41538486Do anyone else get triggered by seing girls with small arms? When a picture of a girl with literally…[View]
41538459Is this bad to eat? Will I get mercury poisoning? It's cheap af and lots of protein tbqh[View]
41538795So ive been on a 5 day split for almost a year now and wanted something new. Ive been looking into o…[View]
41538954How do I get a gf? I'm already decently fit, enough so that normies call me 'swole' and one gir…[View]
41540732>start cutting >decrease calories and start doing cardio on off days >weight stays the same…[View]
41537838Is self improvement a meme? Went out to go walk around the neighborhood. I came across a girl whom I…[View]
41540486>tfw you see half-reppers[View]
41536839Brutal Redpill: Stop the delusion: If you believe that genetics dont play a huge role in lifting wei…[View]
41534883I don't fear rejection at all. What I fear is people laughing at me and ostracizing me forever …[View]
41538359H E L P: Alright guys. I'm a 18 year old (plz dont ban me) hs studdent who weighs about 200 lb …[View]
41539146>be 5'11 >Buy shoe lifts to become over 6' Why aren't you faggots doing the gre…[View]
41537109Have you ever been to a body building competition? Who in earth would?[View]
41539046What do you put on your chicken or rice so it gives it flavor? For example teriyaki sauce or somethi…[View]
41537901daily reminder there is no advantage to not getting stronger, also fuck the ghetto: >be me >on…[View]
41539765At what point should you stop counting calories? It's easy at home when you are cooking your ow…[View]
41540287these are stats of two kinda small sandwiches with cheese, ham, tomato and cucumber one slice od ham…[View]
41539402Fit I need help. I read the sticky, I've even had a personal trainer for over a year. But I don…[View]
41537601I'm thinking about writing some software to act as a personal trainer for myself at my house. I…[View]
41540051Ketogains: Is ketogains worthwhile? Can you juice and actually bulk up while on keto? I can't r…[View]
41540080Can Swim HIIT make me look 'cut' with proper diet? Or will I just end up skinny fat if I d…[View]
41530159Learn to cook. >>>/ck/catalog[View]
41536935RIP Reviewbrah ;-;[View]
41540191hey are you gonna shitpost yeah but its not a shitbost its my life[View]
41537427what are some good exercices to have a bigger back[View]
41540005>all these hours put in >all the money spent on food >all those shit days at the gym >av…[View]
41539508/goodfeels/: Didn't see one here's a thread for the shit that made you happy this past wee…[View]
41539895is he natty? This guy has 200 IQ. he was bullied through out high school so he started body building[View]
41539774'It is a coming-of-age sports drama, inspired by the life of Olympic gold-medalist Jang Mi-ran.' Wh…[View]
41539675HARD TO GAIN: Sup /fit/. Im a holocaust mode 6'2' and 130lbs? how do I gain weight? I've …[View]
41536883Personal trainer / /fit/ side gig: Alright /fit/ I'm looking to get a side gig going on and I a…[View]
41539411Pendlay rows, Y/N?: Sup brahs? I've got a new program I'm working on. Basically a PHUL spl…[View]
41535303dindin bread??? >~1lb steak >6 eggs[View]
41538545Losing grip while deadlifting: Been lifting for a couple of months now and at 220lbs deadlifts now. …[View]
41538705Only 0.4% of girls plan to major in computer science Only 7.8% of STEM graduates are female How do w…[View]
41539118My squat is completely stalled. What do?[View]
41535209Do soy products make you grow boobs?: Does soy milk cause gynecomastia? I'm worried because I e…[View]
41535897Which sleeping-position does /fit use?[View]
41537772For you guys that do full-body every other day How do you organize your lifts in regards to heavy/mo…[View]
41538952Rate eachothers day of eating: (hopefully) lean bulking at 191cm 91 kgs. how am i doing[View]
41539314Backflips: Who here can do one? How did you learn?[View]
41536110Considering buying protons.: So I havent really been using protein lately, just eating a lot of chic…[View]
41539555No more mesomorph with daa! What d9?[View]
41538441>American 'Cuisine'[View]
41537250Any advice to get taller?: i need some advices to get myself taller im currently going to a gym for …[View]
41532764why haven't you started rock climbing? >girls and qt and at a rock climbing gym you can easi…[View]
41534468Carbs: Hey guys, I started eating healthy and lifting 4 days/week 4 months ago. My question for the …[View]
41536197Sometimes I bleed after my injections , sometimes I dont . anyone here a bleeder ?[View]
41536301Do weight gainers work well? Ive been working out for about 4 months. My muscles have gotten a bit …[View]
41539024Have you ever considered leaving 4chan to make some life gains? I'm personally starting to real…[View]
41535391How to deal with a gym bully?: So I go to LA fitness for the sole purpose it is walking distance fro…[View]
41538729im on the following roids rn: tren e equipoise npp sust 250 Been on for 2 months now..will a high bl…[View]
41533777*takes a selfie in the squat rack*[View]
41535060Punching bags: My gym recently hung up a couple of these fucking things. Lets hear your punching bag…[View]
41538786Am I ottermode yet? Also can you guess my body fat %?[View]
41537358chronic fatigue: does anyone know what can bring on chronic fatigue? I'm in a tropical region, …[View]
41537425What's this mode called and how to get it? On topic: Will he/how long until he gains it all bac…[View]
41507715does /fit/ like tall girls?[View]
41535916Grape Juice Thread: Why aren't you graping yet /fit/izen? 1. Concord grape juice is proven to p…[View]
41538011So, I started lifting like a month ago but I wanted to gain muscle without skipping leg day. I start…[View]
41538493How often do you change programs? Does getting bored with your program affect your motivation?[View]
41536312When we make it, it is inevitable that babies will be made so let's post the names of what we w…[View]
41538490High test thread[View]
41537786Would an elliptical machine be acceptable for cardio? I'm a complete shut-in so stepping outsid…[View]
41537531Need some help, my wrists are too weak for any arm exercise. Even wall pushups, something like 5.5 i…[View]
41537943How do i achieve this aesthetic[View]
41538466Sexual health: I fucking need help asap fit. Im having sex for the first time on thursday. I dont kn…[View]
41524564/fraud/: 1 post every 5 minutes, /fraud/ weekend edition read all of http://reddit.com/r/steroids/wi…[View]
41537162so if i do steroids what can I hypothetically lose? if my penis is on the table then no. but what…[View]
41538021hey /fit/. What are some good milk substitutes when trying to gain muscle? I'm a defective huma…[View]
41533991Lifting shoes: What do you lift in? Currently wear adidas sambas for deadlifts and a cheap weightlif…[View]
41538520How are todays macros?[View]
41534418Anyone got the reddit story of a girl who's boyfriend got beat up by a guy (who's name I t…[View]
41537683What did I mean by this?[View]
41538399Damn...so this is the power...of natural lifting...[View]
41538379>grill wants to lift with me since I'm a former PT >she 'lifts' at the $10/month machine…[View]
41538097So here's the scenario. You're lifting about 80% of your max on (insert excercise of choic…[View]
41536825Some of us were never meant to make it, were we /fit/?[View]
41532121Does lifting personally improve your libido? For years now I've noticed that if I lift heavily …[View]
41536037> be me > fart in kitchen before lifting > 'hey this isn't normal' touch my butt cheek…[View]
41537335I just noticed that if I bend my toes when doing push ups, my torso is way closer to being parallel …[View]
41538229Hey, /fit/ I eat while a work out. Is that bad for me?[View]
41538119>h-hey! >are you working out?[View]
41538234Water retention folks, what's the best way you find to drain water and retain to look the utmos…[View]
41537866HOLY SHIT THAT ANGLE! Reviewbrah actually looks like chad at this angle. especially since he isn…[View]
41536712/fit/ music: Post what songs you've got. Reminder that we accept >metal >rock >rap …[View]
41538053Accidental cheat thread: WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE 700 CALORIES IN A CUP OF PISTACHIOS[View]
41537578>made it through 1 day of eating clean feels good man[View]
41537511So /fit/, through the day, I have been wondering what would be the simplest possible workout. The wo…[View]
41537825>Anon started a thread about looking for love >Get's 404'd Don't care I'm…[View]
41537701Ketosis for type 1 diabetics easy mode?[View]
41536198scapula: anyone else tore this? i cant move[View]
41537767https://youtu.be/0s70gbdf4AY: Reviewbrah lives. Say sorry you users of 'certain websites'[View]
41537665I used to be fat-as-fuck. Now, I'm just fat and lift a lot. Does the food addiction ever go aw…[View]
41533119Calisthenics: >Do bodyweight fitness for almost half a year >Eat only healthy shit >Lose 15…[View]
41536167Minimalist running shoes: I tried running completely barefoot and it's nice. Forces correct for…[View]
41535464Dear fit how do I get to gloriously huge Maui mode?[View]
41537411>start doing squates about a month ago >today notice that legs are too swole to fit under desk…[View]
41530619/FPH/: Motivation https://youtu.be/W5q8RFpkAyM[View]
41537098Fasting: There is currently a thread on /pol/ with alot of misinformation and broscience being poste…[View]
41537379CBT 185 6'1 Rate and opinionate[View]
41536856>Busy at work >Don't check /fit/ for a few months >Come back >/fit/ now littered wi…[View]
41537032>i can fit 4 fingers between my tendon and my bicep >tiny, undefined calf muscles >hips as …[View]
41536963>Can do 30 reps of lat pulldowns at 120lbs >Can't do more than 4 wide grip pull ups at a …[View]
41534664Who here trying to enter /engineer-mode/?[View]
41535835What's the redpill on MCDonalds' cheeseburger? Double cheeseburger discussion also welcome…[View]
41536015Is getting Blacked the secret to getting fit?[View]
41537125Besides cutting slowly, what should I do to preserve as much muscle and strength as possible on a cu…[View]
41536959I have a question about people who live the IIFYM lifestyle. I see them eating doughnuts and cake fr…[View]
41535347so, according to the sticky, if i go the gym and just workout and eat right without bulking or cutti…[View]
41534645>skeleton >got to 150lb >people telling me how much bigger I look >back down to 142 >…[View]
41532495How much could Michael bench?[View]
41529475I love beer. Like, I really really fucking love beer. Of all the tings in the world that you can put…[View]
41536874Are you ready for summer /fit/?: Bought this to wear and make thots jealous that I look better in it…[View]
41530786How do we fix fat people? Should we start banning calorie dense addictive foods?[View]
41536797rest after warm-up: Should I rest between my last warm-up set and my first work set? I am doing 3x5 …[View]
41536926Should we help a /fit/ bro?: Sometimes lifting isn't enough and /fit/ bros stumble and turn eCu…[View]
41536759Why can't I increase my fucking shoulder press? All my other lifts have been increasing 5lbs a …[View]
41536778Who else /sadlifting/ tonight?: Friend keeps saying he wants to lift with me, but every time he just…[View]
41534992redpill me on morning workouts: I feel weak as shit in the morning but I want the euphoric feeling o…[View]
41536697What's for dinner tonight? Made my favorite. Grilled Steak and grouper with a spinach hot fry r…[View]
41536786Would be devastating if true[View]
41535031>try this machine out because fuck it why not >after 5 minutes on 15 resistance my legs are ti…[View]
41535577How accurate is the 'MyFitnessPal' excercise calculator? Do you guys factor it into your d…[View]
41536096>some low 20s fuckhead at bench station >starts out empty bar and builds up by 25lbs until rea…[View]
41536656Body fat: Could anyone tell me about how much body fat percent I have lol??? I'm 19 5'5 an…[View]
41526760What are some helpful tips to maximize facial aesthetics?: (besides lower bodyfat and rerolling gene…[View]
41532326Aren't muscle-ups basically just pull-ups combined with dips? why do so many people proficient …[View]
41536246>work at local gym >any time a young guy comes in >walks right past cardio >goes straigh…[View]
41536561So I happen to have one of these crossbow things in my house now. Thoughts on it? Can I get super /…[View]
41536333/FRP/: /FRP/ - Fit Recipes General Dump what you have anons[View]
41531023How do I achieve Silva mode?[View]
41536524Been eating tons of protein and fiber to hit my macros and shit on the regular. Had to fart during w…[View]
41535271>Who here has made it?[View]
41532678Is this natty achievable?[View]
41535313I know this has been posted here To whom are these biceps ? :O[View]
41535321I've been lifting for a good 8 months now, definitely going well (though I'm gaining weigh…[View]
41535088Do you use lifting gloves /fit/? Are there any reasons NOT to use them? Less grip strength gains po…[View]
41531679Anyone know how much these guys get for 'sponsorships'? Neither of them have day jobs and seem to ju…[View]
41536334Bulking thread: Fuck summer cuts I wanna be stronk. R8? Feb to now 10lbs up in bodyweight >squat …[View]
41536305About empty stomach: Let me tell you my schedule real quick >I wake up 8AM >I eat breakfast ar…[View]
41532845What are your favorite ab excersises /fit/? Planking takes too long to do every set, and crunches hu…[View]
41534436Can someone here tell me how to do box squats? I assume it was something like: >squat down >us…[View]
41536278Tinder thread: What say[View]
41531829>see guy with skinny arms >immediately want to beat the shit out of him has anyone else become…[View]
41534059cutting 101: Alrighty people of /fit/ I need help cutting i have no idea how to do it and i don…[View]
41513709How do you guys deal with the uncontrollable urge to rape while on Nofap[View]
41535802>got quite a bit stronger this year, all my maxes are way up >don't loom much better beca…[View]
41535557>tfw i have fatass parents >tfw they keep telling me to eat more, they dont like my weight los…[View]
41535323How many scoops is too many?[View]
41531793Should powerlifting be classed as a mental illness?[View]
41535165Has getting /fit/ harmed your life in hidden ways?: >6'1' >Lose fat, then put on muscle a…[View]
41535461How are you guys coping with his death?[View]
41535388Ask an Exercise Physiology M.S. anything.[View]
41535668/fit/, I have a confession to make. I was attractive during highschool, not Chad-tier, but attract…[View]
41535150Jinder Mahal: Is it steroids?[View]
41535004SUGAR: Daily reminder that It's okay to drink da delicious sweet stuff[View]
41534369>be me >5'8 >135 lbs >Still have a little chub in my lower chest and hips >tried…[View]
41535926>enter the gym >WOKE UP TO NIGGAS TALKIN LIKE ME…[View]
41532247/SIG/ Self-Improvement General: So /fit/? How do we focus on self-improvement? I for one have starte…[View]
41534898Want to start paleo diet does anyone has a daily meal plan or suggestions to make this diet a succes…[View]
41535606>Can only overhead press 65lbs[View]
41535539You uh...you guys DID remember your deload week, right?[View]
41530494I got a tub of this whey, don't like drinking it desu. How can I cook with it? Anyone got some …[View]
41535528Advice on staying motivated on a diet?[View]
41533822is 3 plate deadlift somewhat respectable i can hit it for three reps at 6'2 180 lbs or am i co…[View]

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