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42606308Some sick cunt posted this a few months ago, he claimed he was natty, this is my goal body, can I ge…[View]
42597857Anyone else here trying to make it with bad genetics? >Slow progress >Injury prone >Unaesth…[View]
42605136how long should It take to reach othermode?[View]
42606912guys any idea for a good protein shake ? all the vids on youtube looks shady.[View]
42596244How to treat minor grayscale: First we have to remove the dead scaly tissue.[View]
42596979(((They))) are putting female hormones in our tap water, how to increase testosterone?[View]
42603451Am I supposed to read most or all of this book? It's so long[View]
42606009Is there a correct term for the type of weight lifting when you do as many reps as you can, reduce w…[View]
42605484What does /fit/ wear to the gym?[View]
42606811How can I do sit ups without killing my back? I've been doing a lot of sit ups these past few w…[View]
42606888is he dead yet?[View]
42606552Why am I big but weak fit? Did I fall for a meme or did I just get shitty genetics for strength? Ma…[View]
42604616Our /fit/ journeys and stats: >came to /fit/ in 2008 when I was 14 for memes and shitposting >…[View]
42606875Help me: Hey bros. Had a shoulder injury around February-March which got me pretty much back to squa…[View]
42604689Creatine causes hair loss by increasing DHT production, according to new study. I didn't use cr…[View]
42605537What is the best exercise and why is it /loaded carry/ ? >trains core, legs, arms, stabilizers, e…[View]
42606750Do i have gyno or just chest fat with puffy nipples ? I am at About 26 or 27% of bodyfat.[View]
42600276veganism works been bulking on a vegan diet now for about 4 months and have made MORE gains than whe…[View]
42606257>pussy pa-[View]
42606029Why is lifting for the sole purpose of attracting women looked down upon in the /fit/ community?[View]
42605942How them rack pulls going, anon?[View]
42603987Redpill me on cigarettes[View]
42605222Eating healthy in college: >only thirty minutes I can spare for lunch in between classes >go …[View]
42606628Fit resources and videos: Got any informative or motivation vids or resources we can share? I'v…[View]
42594137Post your /fit/ waifus[View]
42604846Need to do the flag. What are the best exercises to train for it?[View]
42605659Will I get a good body from squats, deadlifts, OHP and kickboxing?[View]
42606322When was the last time you oiled your barbells, /fit/?[View]
42604244Why is it so fucking good bros[View]
42603559>tfw you ruined your tits by getting fat and you will never have a sexy >saggy mcsaggers empty…[View]
42606381One day you may [spoiler]have a heatattack [/spoiler][View]
42605363/Fit/ advice for newbies From my experience if you are just starting out do not listen to /fit/. Whe…[View]
42605777I have 3/4 a block of camembert, beef mince, white rice, broccoli. Can i chuck all of these together…[View]
42604002how do i get this mode?[View]
42605524Anyone tried the routines on bodybuilding/bodyspace? Which are the best routines in your experience?…[View]
42604951How do I look like the second picture?[View]
42606082Hello /fit/, since this is the closest i can get to a health board. Sunday my girlfriend rode me, cl…[View]
42605843How do I achieve this without steroids?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjfZQ9skUTw[View]
42604030How do you determine if your weight lifting session was light, moderate, or vigorous? I'm want…[View]
42605872How do your train your neck at the gym without doing a virgin lift like putting a plate on your fuck…[View]
42605617Personal training at university: has anyone tried this? Im thinking of putting up flyers to train re…[View]
42602171hey does my endomorph big bone physique have potential?[View]
42605615How does /fit greets in the gym: So tell me which is the best way to greet a fellow lifter. https://…[View]
42605730>he doesn't cut while bulking I though this board knew something about fitness.…[View]
42604351I coach Crossfit on purpose, AMA.[View]
42605422Weightloss pills: Just got a months prescription of the generic version of Adipex. Any advice or thi…[View]
42605614Fat ppl are gross lul[View]
42601863Is he right, /fit/?[View]
42602298Has anyone here completed the full 12-16 weeks of Greg Nuckols AVERAGE TO SAVAGE program? If so, how…[View]
42597784Who /fitck/ here?[View]
42604718Why did you guys start getting into /fit/ ? For me it was back when I was 18 >Work in store 10-14…[View]
42605348Need more back girth: M17. I started working out a month ago but since I've always been pretty …[View]
42595833How can I stop binge eating and actually stay on a calorie limit.: Hello /fit/. I've been fat f…[View]
42598084ITT: your gains killer[View]
42605144How come it doesn't matter if I'm doing bodyweight or 180kg squats I can never do more tha…[View]
42605045Lifted some time ago, stopped cause injuries. Knees still hurt sometimes when putting pressure on th…[View]
42596624I've been feeling kind of low lately. Motivation thread to get me back on my feet and back to p…[View]
42603059What is your favorite preworkout /fit/? I'm looking to switch it up. Preferably looking for som…[View]
42605142No new zyzz footage, jailbait warrior hasn't uploaded for about 2 years, conor Murphy is pale a…[View]
42602776Will getting strong at back extensions fix my back pain?[View]
42599284Boost bread growth: Look at this shit. I am 27 now and i want a fucking beard, not that shit stubble…[View]
42602210Is ronaldo perfection?: Great insertions, incredibly lean, enough muscle mass, not a manlet and of c…[View]
42604101Who /lanklet/poorfag/ here? How have you made gains without extra food? Should i buy mass gainer or …[View]
42605024What's on your mind anon?[View]
42603198>'Heehee Anon... you're right, Beckett really did portray childhood better than Boyce- hold …[View]
42600222>walk into university gym >walk to squat racks >30 tall skinny black dudes all clustered in…[View]
42604922Time to get in shape: Alright /fit/, I'm finally done. I'm ready to get rid of the bullshi…[View]
42604825>Genetics aren't impo...[View]
42603803Can you gain strength and size at the same time? I read that to recover from taxing exercises like s…[View]
42603834>dirty bulking >clean bulk >bulking even once its like you want to be a fucking fat sack of…[View]
42604868Yo, Has anyone that's in relatively good shape (just needs to lose a few % body fat) ever drast…[View]
42603307>cute guy hogging the squat rack again[View]
42604035Sup /fit/ What do you think about eating vaseline as a means to prolong health, lubricate your diges…[View]
42598709>working out at the gym >see two cute girls in the free weight area doing some baby weights, d…[View]
42604446Whats a good gift for a friend that is into swimming alot. They are super competitve and I think /fi…[View]
42604629/unfat/: Reminder that fatties who un-fat themselves are the strongest race on earth. >Only fatti…[View]
42604674Another story from the test-dungeon gym. Same anon as gym bag dog-vomit story (don't know if it…[View]
42603683/fit/ poll: Haven't had one in a while https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqXjkO7s9lAU37…[View]
42604282Hip Drahve: >making good progress on the squat, working sets 295 >realizing I'm tipping m…[View]
42601288How do I achieve twink aesthetics?[View]
42603520Bad form thread: All behold the virgin squat[View]
42595767>do SS for 8 month >eat like a beast. strength gains like crazy >hit 1/2/3/4 but >now im…[View]
42604380Is it possible to gain strength without gaining muscle size?[View]
42603789What's the best exercise for when your gf leaves you for another man[View]
42603326what supplements should i take for prolonged fasting?[View]
42603003/fit/, I want to take this cut to the next level. I'm bored of fucking around eating low cal/ca…[View]
42604290>felled for the no carbs meme >ended up looking like a holocaust victim and also fatigued Tha…[View]
42603503>tfw can't workout because you're wisdom teeth are impacted and erupted and you're…[View]
42603535daily reminder: >take your daily dose of vitamin D for maximum gains and dont forget to get fresh…[View]
42604319What's good bitches. Storytime >be me in my hardass gym, used to be a warehouse until this V…[View]
42596925What's in your gym bag and what kind of bag is it?[View]
42603636Hello /fit/: I can't be fucked counting calories or eating this or that food or making sure I h…[View]
42599510ROIDFAGS GTFO: >'I use steroids' >'But I make sick gains, Anon. What's the matter?' Tran…[View]
42603935>it's pizza day Fuck yeah. After eating healthy most of the month, this is the one day a mon…[View]
42602728Equipment(ego) lifting: Is there any point to squatting with belt/sleeves/wraps other than ego? Aren…[View]
42603236devilish thread. I'll start. >get home from college for the summer >routine physical with…[View]
42602202Im sick of having this fat ass: /fit/ Help me lose my fucking humongo ass compared to the rest of my…[View]
42600709People actually thought this was natural.[View]
42602973Beard Mirin' General: ITT: we mire bodybuilder beards[View]
42599318Will having a deep stoic stare look in your face make girls want you or will they be scared? Also, p…[View]
42597643>semester finally begins >first day being back from summer >gonna hit the uni gym again …[View]
42603365I dont want to be a manlet: Went to the doctor today to get my test tested so I can hit the natty li…[View]
42601120Hi /fit/ I only just started gymming last week, lifting weights. I already do enough cardio as I wal…[View]
42598756ITT: People you used to think were muscular and aesthetic, but now fall under the DYEL standard I…[View]
42602836Recently I've started working as a lifeguard. I was able to complete the fitness training by tr…[View]
42597624How autistic will I look if I bring microplates to the gym for OHP?[View]
42602859How exactly does fat from fat become fat in adipose tissue? How much of n grams of consumed fat coul…[View]
42602564hello dear /fit/izens i convinced my gf to start exercisin. She s kinda small, have a big ass and th…[View]
42602981How good is peanut butter for bulking up, especially PBD? I know it has the brotein, but is it effec…[View]
42600679Best bulking foods for the poor?[View]
42602424Munching on raw potatoes for a carbohydrate boost, yay or nay?[View]
42600816Is it possible to be aesthetic with glasses? Or am I cursed to forever look DYEL unless I get laser …[View]
42602823>Always been skinny/lean >decide to get fit in college >making great progress >Always…[View]
42601459When people say 'You must HIT 1/2/3/4 do they mean as a max or for a 5 rep working set ?[View]
42602953>dude strength = aesthetics if you're not fat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc3pPobZDDA ?…[View]
42601620After workout I just want to sleep: I just want to sleep and when I sleep for few hours I still feel…[View]
42601241>enter the gym this morning >STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT CHAINS AND WHIPS EXCITE …[View]
42578131Name one benefit of /nofap/[View]
42603117Daily reminder that SS (or its predecessor) was originally intended for high school American footbal…[View]
42601259>Post pic with pump on /fit/ >Get compliments on my gains >Post pic on /fit/ without a pump…[View]
42601013Bulking: I noticed that 2 fish oil pills has 100 calories and i have a bottle of 200 fish oil pills,…[View]
42600091Best way to grow forearms: My forearms are small as hell compared to the rest of me, what are some e…[View]
42602944I know we often have threads about 'people you used to think were huge before you started lifting', …[View]
42602729People you thought were big but now look small as fuck thread[View]
42602967Change your diet motivation: Can't find motivation to change your diet? Here are three document…[View]
42601515How long does it take to get a body like this? Asking for the race war.[View]
42602159Fuck it, fuck it all. My mother never starts a fight with me when I look good. Looks are everything.…[View]
42594293ITT: post podcast you listen to while working out: Pic related[View]
42601599I don't think I'm cut out for weightlifting I tried weightlifting (SS routine as recommend…[View]
42602358can you get big legs doing calisthenics only?[View]
42602868Joint pain: Have you ever struggled or are struggling with joint pain in the gym? If so how do you d…[View]
42602304Why do all beginner routines advocate OHPing often only ONCE a week? How do they justify this?In wha…[View]
42601641The whole concept of body building is a sham. It's not about fitness or anything. It's rea…[View]
42602660will squatting and deadlifting without a belt make my core unaesthetic?[View]
42602684>Start out as IIFYM guru ( his first channel was ICE CREAM fitness because you can eat ice cream …[View]
42602731>Whats a manlet wesev never had a manlet before only orcses[View]
42600135>headphones broken so i have to listen to the shitty gym music >doing chest flyes >DEZZ PAA…[View]
42600426Stop eating.[View]
42601709is it time to start cutting?[View]
42602441I'm 80 kg and I'm 5'11. For some reason I have a gut but I also have virtually NO mus…[View]
42602402>spent 100$ on the two rippetoe books >didnt read any of them >atm switching to PHUL after …[View]
42590420Come on Anon take you top off and jump in, let's see those abs[View]
42598025Which one is unironically the best?[View]
42596934Have you implemented Haka dance/flexing into your post workout yet anon?[View]
42601891>ywn be a 195 cm ripped jojo character How would one even achieve this kind of physique?…[View]
42602417Does /fit/ ride? What sort of routine do you do when riding?[View]
42602066>lifting heavy things (pendlay) >in comes a dyel chad who thinks he's the shit >instan…[View]
42601755Ideas for fairly cheap, decently healthy food you can make in bulk for easy microwave dish later? pe…[View]
42602064Neck training: I'm currently considering purchasing pic related to train my neck. I'm doin…[View]
42601731>everything is a fucking shitty repost or r9k whining thread here these days Is it time to go? Th…[View]
42600980HAIR GROWTH: ITT hair growth methods[View]
42601084How do I stop craving junk food? My diet and exercise routine has improved a lot but I can't st…[View]
42599230Do I have to roid to have an impressive body in less than ~6 years?[View]
42601249How do you know when you’ve made it? Will I ever make it? Does it even matter?[View]
42600674Has the physique always mattered like it does now?: It just seems to me that having a good appearanc…[View]
42598321I have a fucked up mouth breather jaw and my face looks stupid and retarded. Somedays I can ignore i…[View]
42600363How come ive been lifting woth such intensity following proven routines and my size is still stupid …[View]
42600547Like most Asians, I'm lactose intolerant. And ever since i found out that dairy gives me awful …[View]
42601930Did he fly too close to the sun, /fit/?[View]
42601211>coffee ruins my sleep >having coffee during lunch is the only good part of my boring work day…[View]
42601894Hello Anyone could maybe help me to find work out plan ?[View]
42597828Why do you guys tell people to squat and deadlift when all they really want is to look like pic rela…[View]
42601719Are 2nd and 3rd puberties real?[View]
42600563>came in 2008 when I was 14 for memes and shitposting >failure of an athlete in high school cu…[View]
42600496Whey causes acne for me, but things like yogurt and cheese don't, why???[View]
42601413Vegan bodybuilding: Why you never told me the truth, /fit/? https://youtu.be/h9iNHSlK--k[View]
42593874WHY DO YOU GUYS HATE VEGANS?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjfZQ9skUTw[View]
42586221/plg/ - powerlifting general: This thread is dedicated to a mystery trip[View]
42599636Who do you lift for?[View]
42600880God fucking damn I'm struggling so much with ohp. I can barely hit 60lbs for reps when do I act…[View]
42600489Muscles not developing at the same rate: Newfag here. I started doing a PPL routine and noticed that…[View]
42594468/fat/ - '>tfw tried to cut but ran out of razor blades' edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/b…[View]
426012635'8m, went from 176 pounds to 145 over the summer. I'm skinny fat as fuck, gross to look a…[View]
42600553>got a job offer for $18/hr, starting next week after being unemployed for 5 months >Almost at…[View]
42598049Phenibut Gains: Has anyone tried phenibut in social settings to fraud your social skills? Bit of a s…[View]
42599586What is the best approach to gain weight for someone who is skinny and currently not working out? Im…[View]
42601275Are MMA fighters the peak of natty physiques?[View]
42600929massage: Hey /fit/ is it worth it to get a massage for muscle aches? Ever since i've started wo…[View]
42599580What is the best food to eat before a workout?[View]
42600976Barbell rows: I don't feel like I'm getting the most out of barbell rows. I have a gut tha…[View]
42601319>when your tired muscles relax on the memory foam after a nice hot shower…[View]
42601316Which cuisine is the most /fit/? I'd say it's somewhere in between Mediterranean and Japan…[View]
42601166L-theanine: After advice from /fit/ on sexual health and focus I started taking L-theanine today. I…[View]
42597543How do I get calves like this guy?[View]
42601064thoughts on steve cook?: i like dis vid. is he natty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK5cLDBC_DE…[View]
42593812Reminder to train your neck[View]
42589629Dicklet: Uh. What do /fit/? Getting into shape never prepared me for this shit.[View]
42598336He's been comatose for 2 weeks. And MD's in the hizzy? What are his chances at this point?[View]
42600782Hello /fit/, fatlard shitskin manlet here. Today was my first gym day and my body hurts... but i act…[View]
42598405>he loads the small plates last[View]
42600882Pressure under boobs/lower ribcage when I breathe....: Is this normal? Am I forcing my breath too mu…[View]
42598288Its honestly hilarious that most of you faggots call yourself /fit/ and yet cannot do a handstand. T…[View]
42597003Am I ottermode yet, /fit/?[View]
42600875I wanna get a thick ass as fast as possible, is this a good routine or is it full of instagram meme …[View]
42596473Physical Conditioning General: How the hell did boxers, MMA fighters, sprinters, marathon runners, s…[View]
42599502What is the best phyisque type for women?: I would say the wide hipped Cardio bunny body. goes on tr…[View]
42599110is admiring other males beauty, gay?[View]
42600607BF %: What's my BF% guys?[View]
42600734BEARDCUCKS BTFO: >wanting to grow a beard Chad doesn't grow a beard to hide his jaw. Chads e…[View]
42599588wtf does this mean??: >be me >dyel white boy >going to work after gym >a big black dude …[View]
42598632>lose weight and gain muscles >clothes are too loose on the stomach and too tight on shoulders…[View]
42600377lifting motivation playlist anyone?[View]
42599847What can I do about being a sweat machine?: First off, I know being fat has a lot to do with how muc…[View]
42600355hey /fit/, recently I've been trying to get a six pack (about 30 second planks 5 times a day) a…[View]
42599285I need to drop weight: Alright fit, my company has these marketing fliers promoting stuff and they w…[View]
42599868>tfw cant make any friends or get a girlfriend because im horribly boring and besides lifting I d…[View]
42599250It's out boys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z1LsHkHMD4[View]
42598460>have child-birthing hips >am a man[View]
42599963Nutrition: Fuck whey, I'm having real food[View]
42600081Help: I'll be taking up swimming soon. What's better if my goal is to build the most stami…[View]
42600393Thoughts on Chocalate flavored Hazelnut spreads: What is /fit/'s opinion on chocolate flavored …[View]
42596183What does /fit/ mix in with their protein shakes? >vanilla protein >strawberries >bananas…[View]
42600105What's the SS of personality?[View]
42600319>tfw sleep routine ruined because worked out during evening time and took preworkout Need to wake…[View]
42600311Aight so I need a little help with something. My diet is amazing, I hardly cheat and I stick to only…[View]
42570683FPH FPS for all your fethate needs: Let uncle lolita show you his thicc legs, brahs.[View]
42596968Fictional Goal Body thread[View]
42594113leaf here did i goof?[View]
42597604Is it worth doing deadlift/squats?: Serious question, is it worth doing them? Do they add massive ga…[View]
42599403Manlets win again[View]
42598424No fap is driving me fucking nuts and I'm only on Day 2. For those of you who have done this ho…[View]
42597765Is there less or more calories in beer than liquor. I like to drink but I'm trying to watch my …[View]
42598322so is it confirmed rich is kill or is this just the iron liar striking again https://www.youtube.com…[View]
42594453Bad batch of steroids fucking over people?: >Rich Piana in coma (either as result of bad roids, o…[View]
42598819How can I become more athletic in general? I practice BJJ 4 times a week, but other than that I don…[View]
42591555How the fuck do i grow a beard /fit/? I have barely a few strands of facial hair scattered around my…[View]
42598021Hey /fit/izens Long story short, I've had a real shit year. Tons of surgery, I have scars all o…[View]
42599729Who has the best natty body in DBZ and why is it Vegeta[View]
42600043Daily reminder that this is the ideal male body. Anything bigger is mental illness.[View]
42599551i weight 315 lbs and i have the goal to do 20 consecutive pull ups, do you think its doable ? and n…[View]
42593256Has becoming in shape and aesthetic helped you pick up women much directly? If so do you think it en…[View]
42574093Routine thread: What routine are you guys currently running?[View]
42598009So I want to work on my lung capacity and running ability for a couple reasons, I wanna increase and…[View]
42599478I'm pretty much finished novice progression and want to start a cut. Is it okay to start 5/3/1 …[View]
42594535Is he natty: Is the golden one natty? He's definitely red pilled, but are his red pills filled …[View]
42597533Power high pulls: When doing these, do you tip-toe when you go up or do you keep your heels planted …[View]
42598369Humor thread frendos?[View]
42599734Sup /fit/, when did you realize losing weight is a meme and that you don't actually need to los…[View]
42599413how much would it take to build this body?[View]
42599691What's the best physique I can get by doing pushups, situps and pullups every day? I have broad shou…[View]
42598898>TFW narrow shoulders Why do I even bother? No matter what I'm gonna look like shit. Pic rel…[View]
42599145does jones lurk fraud threads here ?[View]
42598746I don't think I'm cut out for weightlifting I tried weightlifting (SS routine as recommend…[View]
42599487Am I the only one?: 19 5'11' 130 el bees +/- 3 I don't workout really. Should I start? I …[View]
42599349Lifting Shoes: Are these shoes /fit/ approved for working out? What shoes does /fit/ wear? pls igno…[View]
42593241Splits: can you do this /fit/? if you're able to do them will it help your squat?[View]
42599287>tfw bulking with a suplement mass gainer because I'm not a retarded bro who eats like a hum…[View]
42587133good feel thread: Alright guys, heres my good feel: >go to the beach with some lads >they comp…[View]
42599337Fountain Valley: What happen to that guy that did fitness tips and different advice? btw peeps shoul…[View]
42599315Sup guys so i've been dieting down trying to lose some fat and i have been having really bad sh…[View]
42596731So, what kind of muscles can you build while doing ballet. Any gains? The lean mean muscle mass whil…[View]
42598799I'm homeless and need to shower at the gym everyday. Can I do cardio on rest days to avoid look…[View]
42596424/fit/, just bought enough /sips/ to last me the two weeks minus rest days I'm cycling off creat…[View]
42597614What's the starting strength of sex routines?[View]
42595882Why does he wear the fucking hat[View]
42597214>Why can't I cum?: >be me >meet 9/10 qt3.14 petite blonde, friend of a friend >proc…[View]
42595467Ninja & Yolandi: How do I get a body like Ninja?[View]
42597647Which video games let me become /fit/ or are by nature /fit/-like?[View]
42598666Just a reminder if you use lookism.net or any of those cringey virgin forums you really need to get …[View]
42597999Gym Fuel: For me it is the Mcchicken.(lettuce withheld). The best fast food sandwich.[View]
42598401Joggers/trackies/sweatpants: Where to get some that lasts? spent $200 on some nike tech knit only to…[View]
42598409CBT #666 6'2 185lbs Going for fassbender look How much longer I got faggots[View]
42598480is this possible natty?[View]
42598399BF % thread? Any idea what % I am? I think maybe 18-19% but not sure[View]
42598227Any of you do Weightwatchers? What do you think of it? I've been on it for two weeks and I…[View]
42597030I keep hearing that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best martial art when it comes to a 1vs1 situation. T…[View]
42598549Fat lose: Hey fit I want to look like the guys on the magazine with changing my diet or exercise at …[View]
42597970>tfw lazy eye >tfw even with gains i'll still look like a literal retard to women Fuck me…[View]
42598606>bulking without bread is it possible?[View]
42596140Guess my Bodyweight 6'0' (yes, 18 years old, fresh otta high school - still got them body welln…[View]
42598143So I've started to diet and I'm doing well except I'm fuckin hungry all the time Sal…[View]
42595377How do you cope with the fact that in order to be attractive, a woman has to be thin and not physica…[View]
42598006As a rule of thumb, if it was part of a traditional diet, if you could make it by hand, it is good (…[View]
42598054Okay /fit/ I need urgent help. So I have been experiencing this pain near my erectors for quite a wh…[View]
42598484/fit/ I've noticed that generally y'all can't dress for shit. Do you not care to dres…[View]
42597792Really need your help /fit/ About 2 weeks ago or so, I began to feel this pain in my right knee and …[View]
42594331Do you guys actually believe this?[View]
42594150Brain aneurysm: how the fuck do i prevent this from happening?[View]
42598221what were the music videos from this thread? was anyone in the OG? i cant find an archive anywhere[View]
42598341>go deep into a squat >Boxers rip open >Every rep I feel them spread apart and my sweats ki…[View]
42596037What would be max bench press record raw if roids didnt exist ?[View]
42597002How do we solve the Blaha problem?[View]
42598318Fuck my shit up: >work in hardcore heat >get onetisis # and get totally ignored free trying to…[View]
42596897>ridiculously strong glutes and calves >weak as shit quads and hamstrings >can't train…[View]
42597600Diet: What foods should I eat or shouldn't eat to gain muscle and lose weight on the stomach ar…[View]
42590982WTF guys I started browsing /fit/ two years ago. I worked out, dieted, made sacrifices, thinking har…[View]
42597159Ted is recruiting Skelegates: *blocks your path* If your BMI is under 20, you are drafted into the s…[View]
42597850start eating pork rinds: who /POPRAD/ here? (pound of pork rinds a day)[View]
42597535Nutrition: How do I clean bulk for cheap at uni/college? I've got around £40/week to spend on f…[View]
42591384Time to answer this question once and for all fit. How dangerous is a test e cycle really?[View]
42595995Chronic Fatigue: Hey /fit/. So I'm almost *always* tired; I lack physical energy and perhaps ev…[View]
42598039hey /fit/ I pulled something in my forearm doing skull crushers so I'm taking some time off of …[View]
42596028Whey: http://nutritionstudies.org/no-whey-man-ill-pass-on-protein-powder/ How will /fit/ ever recove…[View]
42597078Embarrassing workout stories: >être moi >high school >doing a few 1mi campus loops for card…[View]
42595725No more 'thigh gap', now it's 'thigh waist': In order to spread the ideals of /fit/, I've …[View]
42597787Hey /fit/, is lifting a meme? Please be honest. Thanks.[View]
42596032I got up at 3:20 AM to get to work. It's now 21:30 and I've been back for half an hour. I …[View]
42582018>he thinks muscles will get him a gf[View]
42589525What should I expect. Diarrhea? What other memes does /fit/ have for me?[View]
42596671Is Keto diet good?[View]
42597824Actual Motivation Thread: >2017 >Not playing the 1992 major motion picture 'Glengarry Glen Ros…[View]
42592278Motivation thread?[View]
42597525>Just found out I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right thumb. >Have Asthma. >Lordosis. …[View]
42597482Is Lyle's bulking routine any good for aesthetics or should I stick with PHUL, PHAT, & PPL?…[View]
42597427Demonstr8 the w8 m8: Why I do this it hurt back ever time. Doesn't understand how hurt spine is…[View]
42592630don't pin for a while: bad batches of test widespread many side effects (minor to major) report…[View]
42596668> chafing armpit fat[View]
42597376How come bodybuilders/athletes from 1800- starts of 1900 look way different than nowadays ones ? Its…[View]
42597554How do I activate my hamstrings?[View]
42595458Sleep thread: What's the best amount of sleep for a boy who turned 18 last week and still wants…[View]
42595280Manboob repair & avoidance general: I'm a 42yr old guy who has lost 20lbs by eating better …[View]
42597414>started new job yesterday >decided to skip gym, needed a rest day anyway after deadlifting 2 …[View]
42596743How long would it take to learn Krav Maga to a proficient level, assuming I'm already /fit/ and…[View]
42596781Does anyone here know much about sleep and muscle building? I've heard the first few hours of s…[View]
42597317>tfw fuck a grill so hard and long you get ab DOMS the next morning h-have I made it?…[View]
42595289MEWING: does anyone know where i can buy some rubber that's safe to chew on? i don't want …[View]
42596978What the fuck is his problem?[View]
42597212> tfw laugh during bulking > lost all the gains…[View]
42596603How come bodybuilders die from the most retarted ways possible? >Eating food YOU ARE DEAD >Ru…[View]
42584259CBT: Vegan pinnacle edition: What's good retards, your undusputed natty vegan king here. Feels …[View]
42596452What happened to yall and Deadlifts?: Aight as of late I have noticed a shitton of people saying how…[View]
42586965/fraud/: /fraud/ - your oral only cycle is stupid and so are you, get out read all of http://reddit…[View]
42593981Are you /fit/ enough to fuck up Demetrius Johnson? He's 5'3 and 140lbs. https://www.youtub…[View]
42596960Training for the Army/Marines/FFL: >30 years old polish-origin anon here from Italy >never bee…[View]
42594533How do I achieve GRRM mode?[View]
42595193Deadllas McDeader: Daily reminder to chew your fucking food.[View]
42583119Why do Indian women always have such large and blotty guts despite having strict vegetarian diets?[View]
42596916Motivational /fit/[View]
42594700should i start boxing ? i weight somewhat 70 kgs but im incredible strong by my size, i workout sinc…[View]
42592151Crossfit banned the fuck out: >Recently came back to school, Chemistry in Stockholm University …[View]
42595084Hey /fit/ my Unis gym is closed for renovations and I don't want to buy a membership right now.…[View]
42595855Took HCG for the first time last night. Why am I not cumming buckets?[View]
42596766Lifestyle: Since last summer I've lost over 80lbs and it feels great! It was pretty simple, rea…[View]
42582731Progress pics and stats: Post before and afters Height, weight, time lifting, stats if you want etc …[View]
42594791is jeff off roids now?[View]
42596305Is it possible that Conor is taking steroids? What do u think /fit/?[View]
42596097JUST: JUST[View]
42596643Ok so how effective is this? I am willing to try this if it has a possibility of working.[View]
42590357Is Arnold still natty here?[View]
42597724Social Gains Thread: At the age of 24 how difficult is it like to make social gains? I'm introv…[View]
42596282Anyone else follow If It Fits Your Protein rather than IIFYM. Counting fat and carbs is completely o…[View]
42592711are dips good substitute for bench?[View]
42595837is jason making it?[View]
42596192??: How's deadlifting 235lbsx4 and squatting 170lbsx4 for being in my third week of training?…[View]
42595155Apologize /fit/.[View]
42596136DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddehs[View]
42595421Anyone else lifting to some day /impregnate one of the female Game of Thrones cast members/?[View]
42596499ITT you draw your favorite exercise done by a muscular man in paint.[View]
42596480Skinny calves: Is this God's prank on gymrats?[View]
42594176Which lift is the best indicator of a person's overall strength? Is it possible for someone to …[View]
42595464How much do you actually have to eat to put on muscle? It seems that everywhere I go, all I hear is …[View]
42589297>drop out of university >not working >full-time NEET >lifting improves dramatically >…[View]
42594286First time going to the gym: Hey /fit. I have finally convinced myself to go to the gym tmrw morning…[View]
42594778Best sport for getting sloots?: Ok, I'm fairly /fit/. Which sports club do I join baring in min…[View]
42595868>skinnyfat 80kg 20% bodyfat >16kg fat >gain 24kg muscle >104kg, 16kg fat >15% bodyfat…[View]
42596252So I want to get to my Uni by bicycling on a dedicated bike trail I have near my house (no cars) but…[View]
42594657does /fit/ use a standing desk?[View]
42595591What is better for strenght, mass or leannes? In pic related could right beat left in an armwrestlin…[View]
42594939Question regarding drinking shakes when bulking Last time I bulked I drank lots of a shake I made, l…[View]
42595737>Powerlifters are fat and unaesth....[View]
42595765daily reminder if your below 8 feet tall your forever a manlet, and women will never love u lmao[View]
42595491Is swimming a good fun sport to get fit? Its also taking a bath at the same time and not as exhausti…[View]
42590380Fellow manlets. Do you wear shoes with a little extra heel or is it beneath you?[View]
42595567Air: Give me ONE good reason why cardio is bad[View]
42595906Why should I train my legs?[View]
42594455What's a good routine to fuck like this guy?[View]
42595039Is 5x5 a meme?: Honestly, does anyone here have ACTUAL experience with the 5x5 training? Not talking…[View]
42590620That's it. I'm going JUICE MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT. I'm tired of being a natty cuck I w…[View]
42588896Does /fit/ partake?[View]
42588501My gym bro of five years stopped training with out of a dispute we had last week. Wtf do I do now /f…[View]
42594555Just watched pumping iron not too long ago. Is being a sociopath the key to sick gains in muscle and…[View]
42595648when I do chest day and get a good pump I have legitimate breasts, Most the time I'm fine so sh…[View]
42583689When is it a good time to start a family /fit/? Me and my gf have been dating for five years, recent…[View]
42596709Today was a, dare I say it, demoralising day. >saw literally at least 5 9/10s and it was painful …[View]
42592280Why shouldn't I just Squat, Deadlift, Bench and OHP every workout?[View]
42593636Do back exercises like row variations provide necessary trap activation? Started doing shrugs on my …[View]
42591177Wresling champion beaten to death: > 96kg > fit as fuck > two time European wrestling champ…[View]
42592205>on -500 calorie deficit like sticky told me >stand up >almost pass out Ok, what can I do t…[View]
42592553Fruits/Veggies: Any nutrition experts here? How many servings of fruits and veggies should you get? …[View]
42595482>shes not fat she's chubby >bmi of 46 >>>/b/742891826 Why are fatfags so retard…[View]
42592558> he eats carbs[View]
42592576Any of you guys tried Zoloft? How was it?[View]
42593066>tfw just took 5000mg of creatine see you on the other side brehs...[View]
42594232*clamps your path*[View]
42594733/ephedrine/ general - The only true source of pure ephedrine hcl, prove me wrong: https://www.instag…[View]
42594497Why is this board filled with so much self-loathing shit? It's fucking impossible to browse unl…[View]
42594574>tfw fucked up teeth from toothbrush abrasion When will it be mine turn for dental aesthetics…[View]
42588610Who else Vegan + Fish?: Fish and other seafood are great for you. No milk, eggs, or land meat though…[View]
42592684If I have uneven legs (right leg is 2-3mm shorter than left), is it safe to do squats and deadlifts?[View]
42593291Who would win /fit/?[View]
42593650Earthfags btfo >Every day on Jupiter is less than half as long as the average earth day. So an e…[View]
42594672HYDRATION: How much water do you drink during lifting? is it true that you should drink a new glass …[View]
42594622People who are actually worth listening to: I'll start John Rusin if you don't want to fu…[View]
42594163Redpill me /fit/ >be me >137lbs. >18 >5'8 on the cusp of manlethood (but fuck it im you…[View]
42594865Why do people still believe in this bs? https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-attraction-doctor/2…[View]
42593139/bulking/ - bulking general *LEE PRIEST EDITION*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFwvD0IJKs8 Easies…[View]
42593690I've hit 1/2/3/4 (1 and 3 for easy triples). I'm 6'0 and 180 and only have 13' arms t…[View]
42581748QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread: Manlet Bullying Dany edition >start …[View]
42595098>tfw can't have a good workout without ec or dmaa Help me[View]
42591888Why Snapcity is a city and Gainesville is just a ville?[View]
42591591>bald 'men' lol[View]
42592649Newfag #87659: Good morning guys, gals, autists, and chads. I have a few questions for you all many …[View]
42591735So this is the power of GOMAD... Been ripping rancid farts for the last 4 days. Feeling sick from th…[View]
42593294stretching: Hey /fit/ I want to get into stretching but I can't find any info on here. Google j…[View]
42594910/cut/: how's your cut going anons? progress? how much farther to go? >stalling on all lifts …[View]
42591787If Bruce Lee was so great then why did he choose this ugly goblin of a mate?[View]
42594302How do I achieve Dehaka mode?[View]
42594275i have been dealing with this since march this year, when i try dips or weighted dips my right shoul…[View]
42587906is this what girls want?: i had a lecture just now and the row in front of me was a group of girls w…[View]
42593579>do keto for 2 months >lose 20 pounds >go back to eating carbs >stsrt eating like shit …[View]
42594091>make a friend over /fit/ >realize he is just here for the nogf threads and doesn't even …[View]
42593004Incredible Before And After Weight Loss Photos You Won´t Believe Are Real: Woooow... https://www.you…[View]
42594251Reviber: My best friend has fell for the Reviber meme. He's now starting to realise that it suc…[View]
42594054Finding out I have anterior pelvic tilt has really been fucking with my head. Today's been my 1…[View]
42593542Work harder?: I often see people say you just need to 'work harder.' What does that mean exactly? Is…[View]
42592916When I do cardio I tend to stay at around 85% my max heart rate for about 30min, without feeling lik…[View]
42593875This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
42587668/FAT/ General - 'Are you going to eat that?' Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want …[View]
42594408This is what the perfect male specimen looks like.[View]
42594305is she natty?[View]
42592640What does /fit/ eat for lunch?: I've just finished a meal of 325g of corned beef, smothered in …[View]
42594118>deadlifting in free weight area bc only open spot in crowded gym >near a bunch of douchey dud…[View]
42591902>eating 2000kcals and no cardio Vs >eating 2500kcals and 500kcals of cardio Both put you in a …[View]
42592673he ded[View]
42593962am i a faggot or am i doing something wrong?: pic unrelated i finally decided to stop sitting att th…[View]
42593632I think I've fucked up, I've been cutting eating about 1000kcal per day and gone from 210 …[View]
42591143>knees kept on hurting me when doing anything leg related like squats. >start to do squats tha…[View]
42593551Do people treat you better now?: This especially concerns people who experienced a massive weight ga…[View]
42593993Weights: Fit, gonna be honest, i watched 3 much animi AND i'm wondering...are there any clothse…[View]
42590569Mfw chicken legs: Getting tagged in this pic on normiebook hurt my feels brah How to get swole calve…[View]
42593461I suffer chronic and extreme fatigue. Cured by 8cl (two shots) vodka or 5mg of zolpidem (sleeping pi…[View]
42593345Alpha: 'You are my idol' A 18 years old 'man' in the gym say this to me. I'm 19. Why there are …[View]
42593505Dallas ded[View]
42593317Fatigue: I can't manage to do anything all day and just browse the internet and play some vidya…[View]
42590190/sip/ general: Who else here is a /sip/ virgin no more? Holy shit how could have I been so ignorant …[View]
42589556How many hours a day do you sleep fit? Do you nap?[View]
42592559Do you work out your PC muscles? I want to have a huge buldging PC muscle.[View]
4259289831 y/o with epilepsy and depression. My neurologist and psychiatrist convinced me that getting into …[View]
42591374Is it possible to just cut with cardio or should i go for sit ups, pull ups, push ups etc?[View]
42593019anyone here do an EC stack? what were the results?[View]
42592715I’m a powerlifter. A lot of people look at me and they want to sort of be like me; they want to be a…[View]
42593099AnyBODY getting good gainz having picrel only? No gym here, doing: - 20 Push ups 4 times - squats fo…[View]
42582166do people do weird things to you since you got muscles, /fit/?[View]
42578607He's probably brain dead huh[View]
42593024/cg/ - Cheating General: Post your last cheat day. What did you eat?[View]
42584254A World powerlifting champion was literally beated to death by a semi-pro MMA fag last night The sad…[View]
42588967>roids having side effects is a myt-[View]
42593534i never saw a jacked man wearing a jacket eating jack in the box this is why you guys cant get a gf[View]
42588873>work out for the first time in 5 years >DYEL numbers, can already tell there will be horrible…[View]
42591792How much time and dedication does Oly lifting actually require to become proficient in? If my goal i…[View]
42572999Fat Hate Thread: >confront fantasy with logic >illogical rage starts Can fat people do anythin…[View]
42593117Weight Loss surgery help: I received a gastric sleeve operation on june 27 of this year so im 8 week…[View]
42592854Progress Thread: itt: we share our progress with other anons because we all have a story to tell and…[View]
42586546ITT /fit/ advice we regret listening to: >You need a strength base so you can become aesthetic! I…[View]
42589560who here /good base but still didnt quite made it/ >6'2 >wide shoulders, narrow ass >1…[View]
42590929Do people that use steroids and anorexics have the same mental issues?[View]
42589095Fasting.: Been looking into fasting for a few weeks now, most people say the hunger goes away after …[View]
42588674wtf fit only my teres major is growning how the fuck do i target lats[View]
42592990morning workout: Hey /fit/, do some of you work out in the morning? If yes when do you eat? I want t…[View]
42585038Calling all army anons So I've been thinking about joining the army (The British to be exact). …[View]
42592879Professional cyclist has the biggest legs, which proves this kind of long and hard resistance traini…[View]
42592910Where do I start, /fit/?: I haven't exercised regularly in 3 years. Things are starting to get …[View]
42591475Wowee!!: It's BlG ol' Michael P!! And he's as jacked as can be !!![View]
42592352So these studies say >Short-term fasting (**basically 12-24 hours**) increased the GnRH-elicited…[View]
42592771am i a faggot or am i doing something wrong?: pic unrelated i finally decided to stop sitting att th…[View]
42592689Which back workout will really focus on the center of my back and not just lats Pic unrelated[View]
42590918Who else sleeps on the floor? Nothing but benefits. >deeper sleep and relaxation because muscles …[View]
42590103Hip thrust: Who here wants some big thick glutes?[View]
42589897< stopped training 2 years ago < used to be big < mind is starting to want to be back in th…[View]
42592682>tfw no qt paraplegic gym bunny gf[View]
42592671am i a faggot or am i doing something wrong?: pic unrelated. not to long ago i decided to finally st…[View]
42592608Immediately after workout: >holy fuck, my hard work starts to pay off big time! After the pump go…[View]
42589609Hey can anyone here make heads or tails of my testosterone bloodwork? I see low end total test, a ni…[View]
42591644I'm exhausted, /fit/. I've been having trouble sleeping lately. What can i do to get the s…[View]
42587884/fit/ food: What are you eating right now? > 250g lean beef mince cooked in butter and oil > T…[View]
42592610/fit/, can I add beta alanine powder to my monster as pre-workout? I'm cycling off creatine tom…[View]
42591553ITT: Meme exercises we tell newfags to do that are completely useless[View]
42592392What does /fit/ think of this man?[View]
42591321No-Fap is real: I've been on no fap for 2 months now, I finally am starting to grow even more. …[View]
42590345What is the best curl variation to do?[View]
42591146Alright /fit/ enlighten a poor pleb Wtf is creating and should I use it? I'm doing heavy MMA tr…[View]
42592554>6'0 king of manlets >16.5 inch bideltoid JUST…[View]
42592388/fit/, I've been lifting for about a month and have dropped a conskderable amount of bodyfat. I…[View]
42592311Bodybuilding didnt need any more bad publicity after Rich. Now this. This kills the bodybuilding.[View]
42592005hi /fit/ what do you guys think of the farmer's walk exercise? it's basically where you wa…[View]
42591648Am I /fit/?[View]
42582182ITT: FICTIONAL GOAL BODIES: Post em[View]
42587876Should I take creatine when cutting?[View]
42591366how long until people notice you lift and how long until you really see the difference?[View]
42581738Would Deku's training work?[View]
42590098Is 5'3' salvageable? I'm South-Asian[View]
42591767Is chamomile tea a meme? Is tea in general a meme?[View]
42591778What does the hivemind think of strongman-turned-powerlifter, and official Starting Strength coach, …[View]
42588575Is this true? Instead of a 30 min intense workout, should I be doing a 60 min lower-effort workout?[View]
42588319Who vapes when on a cut?[View]
42591246Just finished meditating. What did you oder will you do today for inner peace, focus and mental gain…[View]
42590366>only ever date qt white girls >they never want me to meet their dads no long how we're …[View]
42591880https://youtu.be/jPso0gEOjak What do you think /fit/? Time to start red light therapy?[View]
42583511Are dips just a 100% ticket to snap city?[View]
42590584can we all agree that dick size doesn't fucking matter im 7.5 inches long and that's more …[View]
42590587>obvious bulge in shorts when doing flat db press My dick isn't even that big. Can somebody …[View]
42584829>mfw eating plain unsweetened yogurt for the first time How the fuck do you stomach it? Gotta adm…[View]
42590207World and European champion in power lifter Andrey Drachev killed in a street fight: https://www.you…[View]
42591304eating nothing but Raw milk and Oats got me swole in 2 years: I used to drink nothing but Raw milk a…[View]
42580237russian powerlifter beaten to death in street fight: ussian World Champion in Powerlifting was beat …[View]
42591625/fit/ I feel like a cheater I fasted the other day; I ate no food for about 36 hours. I feel like a …[View]
42585155Growing at 23: Have you guys experienced it? Or am I doomed to stay 5'9?[View]
42591454Weight: Im overweight, and have been almost all my life. Im currently fasting, but i dont know how …[View]
42590344/fitlit/ thread: I want to get into reading again. Any non-autistic book recommendations so I can ma…[View]
42588211Progress thread.[View]
42590957alright fit help a gymbro here don't post here often but it's relevant >me 7/10 at loca…[View]
42588093Sauna After Workouts: Is it a meme or does it actually work? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWK…[View]
42584047I'm going with my family to a vacation to vegas for 4 days next week. Should I be an autist and…[View]
42587372>ATG squats The only true squat? Or meme?[View]
42587393Hey /fit/. Just joined a new gym that's made for power lifting. Any idea what the hell this thi…[View]
42591168>on HCG >start cumming buckets >always horny >never any hot girls in my area Where do al…[View]
42589590Theoretically, would it be plausible to have my entire protein intake for the day in one big ass sha…[View]
42587948Became intolerant to this protein powder: Asian, a bit of lactose intolerance. I drink milk just fin…[View]
42590871Yikes I've 600 calories and I need 100g of protein what can I eat[View]
42590314>lift late at night >1h30m workout >protein rich meal before bed >take dipyrone to sleep…[View]
42591110So according to /fit/ (pic related), to get in shape, I need to watch calories, do squats and deadli…[View]
42590307I cannot squat my body weight.: When I try to squat with my heels to the floor and ass to grass with…[View]
42590919Rate my bulk[View]
42583991Can I get lean and aesthetic with just 4xf pull ups, 4xf push ups 4 days a week and incorporating ro…[View]
42590546I'm a roider and this is unironically my stomach ROAST ME[View]
42586687Hi /fit/, I am new to weightlifting, only second time in the gym today. I am 5'11 and 170lbs. I…[View]
42590275Baby face: >no jaw >no chin >no cheekbones >shitty smile >round, baby face Is there a…[View]
42588571Holy fuck i've been eating so much white bread all my life, no wonder I'm fat.[View]
42590700> he doesn't do all his calisthenics one handed[View]
42590931>GOMAD More like GOFAT, am I right?[View]
42590877>He doesnt have visible hip bones[View]
42590758what protein powder to buy for my protein shakes ? recomend me some good ones with as little ingredi…[View]
42587526Is there such thing as the healthiest weight for your size? I recently lose some weight and I'm…[View]
42587382Slimmer stomach: How can I make my stomach slimmer? I used to be overweight until I started running …[View]
42589592Is sumo better if you have short arms and a short torso? my conventional DL form is like pic related…[View]
42577577The last thing you ate is all you can eat for the rest of your life. Can you still bulk/cut on that …[View]
42590009How to deal with injuries making you unable to workout?: I got an i jury on my foot and I can't…[View]
42585423Greek Models: How did models who posed for statues of greek gods and champions achieve their physiqu…[View]
42585422Limp dick: Alright, I'm guessing this is the board to ask. I'm a 24 male and basically sta…[View]
42585867Cycling or running?[View]
42589916How to achieve the splits: I want learn the splits, any good exercises? I will post the result after…[View]
42590388Is this fitness industry still profitable?: I work full time in the law enforcement sector (policing…[View]
42588709What's the best workout for the outer sweep? I've tried doing leg press but I mostly feel …[View]
42589852>spend a couple of months learning the ins and outs of Latin in my downtime >perfected the (de…[View]
42587222Alright /fit/ let's talk about a weird phenomenon that looks awesome but few people can do. I…[View]
42577690how do i get out of skinny fat mode?[View]
42590078a few questions: what do you guys think of stronglifts? my friend and i are trying it and i love it.…[View]
42582176Can someone make me a training routine that has me working out 6 times a week?[View]
42590277>lift for the first time on sunday >still have really bad DOMS >cant lift shit because of i…[View]
42590138>Finally make progress after mounths >get sick WHAT DID MY BODY MEAN BY THIS?…[View]
42590240Vegans are gay: I only eat ass[View]
42588689How do I wake up earlier? What's the lowest effort/ lowest sustained effort / hardest to fuck u…[View]
42588508Do you even watermelon?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjfZQ9skUTw[View]
42588010Did anyone here become alpha?: Fucking tired of jerking off to cuck porn and being scared to talk to…[View]
42589764So it's 3:30 and I've been trying to sleep for 5 hours, I'm not even sleepy. Do I sti…[View]
42589417Someone tell me what's wrong with my calves. They're 13 inches and my thighs are 22. I…[View]
42588854I think i have dengue fever >travel to the Dominican republic >kept getting biten despite usi…[View]
42588725>I'll try 8-12, that's a good rep range[View]
42589819>shooting ropes of cum ever since I started lifting does it really boost test then, /fit/? I was …[View]
42573803What pictures inspire you /fit/ ?[View]
42587612Is this what peak performance looks like[View]
42588587How to trigger Asthema: Hi all, my sister is having a real crisis right now and I need to take care …[View]
42589350A little help?: Salutations, I have some questions about getting fit and looking buff. I started to …[View]
42589293Am I an ok weight and size for my age?[View]
42588897is UL superior to PPL?[View]
42589173>see girl in the only squat rack >ask to work in >give her a few tips while I'm loadin…[View]
42588348So, /fit/, the question remains: >Pull ups or chin ups? Alternatively, are neutral grip pull ups …[View]
42589051How do I make myself look like this?[View]
42588317I've been losing weight be eating less but I notice my arms are still chubby. What work out hel…[View]
42583087Anyone else deathly afraid of balding? I bought some creatine but I'm too scared to use it beca…[View]
42588041Who Bateman mode here?: >Self mires, great physical shape (/fit/) >Makes good money (/biz/) …[View]
42589514all i need to be good looking is clear skin, tan, white teeth, better body and stubble. how do i get…[View]
42574186MOTIVATION THREAD: >ctrl+f >motivation >0 results…[View]
42589506>ITT: lifts you sperg out on For me it's the power clean, I can't seem to co-ordinate f…[View]
42587847How can i lose fat in my hips . . . . . Im 21/m and im quite chubby but the worst thing is my hips a…[View]
42589291>tfw hit your ohp 5rm like you're only lifting the bar is there any better feeling than brea…[View]
42589227noko: >he still eats sugar[View]
42588198Who is your favorite fit youtubers? This guy is mine.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMY0uJ1qZRA…[View]
42587848/fit/ I've done it. I have officially gone full wizard mode >Nofap for 3 weeks >Nosex wit…[View]
42589274tfw people think my pecs are huge and ask me for tips whenever I wear a stringer. tfw they don'…[View]
42586919>tfw you can't remember if you ate a meal or not[View]
42586587Back Pain Help: There's this space right here on my back that has been hurting for like 4 years…[View]
42586303Can Chad be a vegan?[View]
42589151DEADER BY THE DAY GOD DAMNITT but seriously is the Genova rematch happening on even terms now?[View]
42588770Who drinks/makes kefir? Need some tips on how to get mine to grow faster/better.[View]
42589125>5'7 >84kg BW >can do pullups for sets of 10 with +25kg plate I don't even remem…[View]
42588218Sup /fit/, /tg/ here. I'd like to get in shape, but after studying your board and doing an auti…[View]
42588793>work sang happy birthday and got me a cake >actually made me feel good being a wage cuck aint…[View]
42587836I've put on some fat from bulking the last few months and I'm trying to burn it off now, b…[View]
42588764After a bunch of research, I've decided to ask what /fit/ thinks about my diet/exercise to help…[View]
42586476I need to get some good fats into my diet. What are some /fit/ approved fat bombs?[View]
425887351v1 me Cod 4 Xbox 360 ufomuffins[View]
42587611discord channel: for lifters? was there one going on?[View]
42579704When will the lifting meme end? When will the fitness movement end? Nothing lasts forever, 15 years …[View]
42590431>tfw grown out of 4chan but have nowhere else I hate how the pseuds are so in my head I'm go…[View]
42587680Anyone here take Adderall? I take it before work most of the time and when I go workout when I get o…[View]
42588528So there is this kid at my school (im 18) whos also 18 and trained for 3 years. His father feeds him…[View]
42581854How do I acquire the healthy skin tone you usually see on teenagers who do sport?[View]
42584471What did he mean with this?[View]
42588553>tfw manlet >tfw small shirts are too tight and I struggle to take them off >tfw medium shi…[View]
42586778What is the biggest you can be but still be attractive to women? I think the Rock might be the bigge…[View]
42588387>can barely do any pullups[View]
42587375Best lifting exercises to do without a spotter: Just moved into college and I usually had my best fr…[View]
42587172Best dinner recipe that has all 5 a day: Post em, I need more healthy dinners[View]
42585241Routine Inspection Thread: Post yours and advise others. I do a modified Texas Method. Thoughts? Mon…[View]
42588412TAKE THE NECK PILL: Guys you need to start doing neck curls. It completed my physique and now I can…[View]
42588503TDEE THREAD: Format: TDEE AGE Activity level[View]
42586416How the fuck do I stop being so awkward with everything I do?[View]
42587682Strength ≠ Aesthetics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VcXkUUPji8 This nig lifted more than you fag…[View]
42588252>Cute girl walks in at the gym >Start lifting manually…[View]
42585694Lets talk about mew: The last time in this forum was reading about the benefit of chewing well and t…[View]
42575998Favorite Fitness Youtuber: Comedic, practical, vlogger, any of them count >inb4 Mike Chang >in…[View]
42587727Operation Convert 4chan: /r9k/ needs our help lads. They consist of overweight/anorexic virgins who …[View]
42586397>used to be chubbo with muffin top and man tits >eat better , lift/run >now have abs and d…[View]
42586922Hair Talk: /fit/, does anybody else only see arab guys with this kind of hair loss? I swear I only s…[View]
42587358i am unironically addicted to porn and jacking off I am now on day 2 of no fap and its already ha…[View]
42586953Why does Jeff Seid look like a woman?: I was just walking through the University Student center toda…[View]
42587782Is doing a sustained prolonged calorie deficit really the best way to go about losing body-fat? Say …[View]
42583191What's the most Chad age to begin college? 18? 25? 28?[View]
42587288Hey /fit/,/pol/ here i need some help getting fit for the race war. Pls help am fat and i know next …[View]
42575115How do I achieve Ice age mode?[View]
42586385>go to recruitment center for height and weight check >19% bf >go again 2 weeks later …[View]
42584416>Walk into gym >They've built a new manlet pit wat do, /fit/?…[View]
42585699Is Gatorade good for you or not? I keep getting mixed messages and I wanna know if I should keep dri…[View]
42587520Advices plz!: I'm currently in college (major is theology; I'd like to be a Christian writ…[View]
42587624>Chose SS >Chose GOMAD >Chose looking in the mirror and seeing the disappointment >Chose…[View]
42587303I only have this and about 10-20 minutes a day. I don't want to be huge, just a little bit ton…[View]
42587799MFW last rep of my workout[View]
42582899Is this real life: Elon Musk thinks that its highly probable that were living in a simulated reality…[View]
42587776Is Mel mode achievable natty?[View]
42586947>consciously binge ate 60,000 calories over the past week JUST[View]
42581417What's this mode called /fit/?[View]
42587651any thing i should be aware of before i start fucking a bunch of milfs through online dating? are th…[View]
42571909>'What do you mean you can't eat pizza because of your cut anon?' >'Chad eats pizza with …[View]
42587321>/fit/ and reddit say how great and beneficial it is to do olympic lifts, and if you get hurt the…[View]
42586598Does going to the gym turns you into a faggot over time?: So, I've been into the gym culture fo…[View]
42587083How do people manage to do workouts with six or more exercises? I am doing SS and just doing 3 lofts…[View]
42581294How can I get fit with such a body[View]
42582877>tfw I had been eating clean for a month >just ate 4 slices of little ceasers deep deep dish 3…[View]
42587494if you don't have a manly protruding brow ridge you shouldnt even consider yourself a man as it…[View]
42585051DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42587349hey /fit/ i wanna start taking basic adult multivitamins cuz im lacing vitamin D and C and probably …[View]
42580650DELTS: So, now that the dust has settled... Which is it, /fit/?[View]
42587304There's a pt at my gym who does an exercise I'm not familiar with and I'm just wonder…[View]
42583854>tfw when starting new PB jar[View]
42586211Are you the biggest guy in your gym?[View]
42584851I finally done it lads... I left my chubbing gf: I left my fiance... Who used to be skinny and hot a…[View]
42586852is this a /fit/ beginner worthy routine?[View]
42587165>Be me >Doing my workout >Its in a park >when i arrived there were these 2 guys, one of …[View]
42586370I am well aware that leg press is much easier than back squats, however I feel like there is WAY too…[View]
42586767>there are people on /fit/ right now who honestly do not drink milk sad…[View]
42586861How do you deal with knowing that no matter how much exercise you get or how well you eat, you might…[View]
42586863I am doing SS and my bench press is way behind. I want to train more, but am unsure how. Do I stop d…[View]
42561256>Most human males cannot make progress on a strength program with a diet of under 4000 calories a…[View]
42584562Bring GF to the gym, all she does is fucking flirt with other guys...[View]
42586831>'hey anon how many pullups can you do?' >'... oh... well I have a boyfriend so im not looking…[View]
42583413>tfw neet >tfw reverse tanning my skin >tfw bleaching my skin by not taking enough sun >…[View]
42584389Am I gonna make it brahs?: pic related, me 1 year ago[View]
42586343What should I have for dinner /fit/ ? Looking for a good meal to go with my protein shake.[View]
42586454CAN YOU RATE MY FORM PLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpE9gcyFy5A Video related other is my auti…[View]
42586895Athletes foot?: Pic related, dunno what to do, have to wait for a doctor, might quickly go get topic…[View]
42577777/fat/ - Out of Control Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves t…[View]
42584903Hey guys would this program be okay for keeping pressure off of the lower back? I have Ankylosing Sp…[View]
42583146Good feels thread: >About to hit 190lbs at 6'0 15%bf >Broken my bench plateau…[View]
42586668redpill me on dirty bulking before I die[View]
42586113Should i even work out? I don't even think i need it (pic related). And im too poor to get a gy…[View]
42585955anyone else sweat way more on leg day than any other day? pic unrelated[View]
42586334Going from a Upper lower to a PPL, how should i adjust my calories? If at all[View]
42585825Cutting aesthetics question...: I bike 10 minutes to and from work 2 times a day which gets me about…[View]
42586531PROTEIN!: Do I pull the trigger? This comes to 2 cents cad/protein. Great deal for canada. My greek …[View]
42581786>be 6'6 >get swole >suddenly dudes try to pick fights and start shit with me all the …[View]
42586115You've got to help me /fit/. Last one was taken last year October and right one today. Keep in …[View]
42585229/plg/ - Pallof press general: Anyone do these bad boyz? What's your opinion on them?[View]
42584796How do I stop the nicotine jew? I've been smoking for 15 years, averaging around 20 per day. I…[View]
42582793>tfw grill has my goal delts JDIMSA[View]
42585586How do I get an ass like this as a guy? My new bf has a huge BBC and I don't want to lose him …[View]
42586208Pre-workout is a meme for children with ego problems.[View]
42580944Is there a better band for lifting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8IuFl3sMhk https://www.youtube.…[View]
42586196How can floyd mayweather fight a guy of conor mcgregors size? Conor is like 170lbs and Floyd is like…[View]
42585531Are lectins in plants unhealthy?[View]
42586124Cocoon mode: I recently graduated from college and moved to a city to find a job. The risk panned ou…[View]
42585529>on cut >never do cardio because think it's a meme >walk up 3 flights of stairs and li…[View]
42585856Give me 1 (one) good reason why I shouldn't go vegetarian for health/longevity reasons. Being v…[View]
42585804how to bent over row? I almost snapped my shit up today how high should the bar be?[View]
42585095W-wait... h-he said w-what?![View]
42581731RICH PIANA: I just found out Rich Piana is in a fucking coma and no one is talking about this. What …[View]
42586068Has anyone experience lower back pain in particular bilateral but quite central pain, most likely or…[View]
42582062What are good waist thinning exercises? Pic related: After about a year of lifting my proportions ar…[View]
42582411Just finished eating nearly 1000 grams of chicken. Fuck me this shit is torture.[View]
42585830GOMAD: Bulgarian and GOMAD is God tier for bulking. I've already put a inch on my traps in a mo…[View]
42584281Can you get truly /fit/ while still having video games in your life?[View]
42586112damn it /fit/ i woke up feeling like my knee just got fucked by Ron Jeremy. it was fine before i wen…[View]
42584075If last week I deadlifted 335lbs for a smooth 5 (with 2 or 3 more in the tank) what should my ORM be…[View]
42585238I really want that chocolate cake downstairs. an entire cake that nobody else wants just there on th…[View]
42583850Guys, I think I fucked up. I looked at the sun too long and now see dark spots whenever I close my e…[View]
42584677how much does he bp/sq/dl? i mean, he throw that spear harder than Qyburns scorpion and didnt even b…[View]
42584952>tfw I'm too dense to float in water, even though I can swim Lifting is a meme after all...…[View]
42585701>tfw you forget ur shaker bottle >get caught in traffic and miss the Anabolic Window…[View]
42580794Is there something wrong with my body? It just looks weird when I look at it but can't tell why[View]
42585037online training: do any of you guys have experience with online personal trainers? what came of it, …[View]
42584536>a thick neck will make you look alpha, bro[View]
42585900>someone wants to see my phone, their one tap away from seeing pages upon pages of half nude pict…[View]
42585851Anyone with a bit of health and diet knowledge wanna weigh in on this? >eat 2 tins of sardines da…[View]
42584263High Test: And fucking got thick back hair What do guys[View]
42585724How many liters of H2O can ya skwat?[View]
42569791Who fell for the nofap/cold shower meme?: >been on it for a 2 weeks >unmotivated, sleep more t…[View]
42565506CBT: >no CBT I'll start Will I be ever able to make it? 179cm/74kg atm…[View]
42584650Gym story thread >Move to new town >Sign up for local gym >Blank slate, don't have to …[View]
42574628/fraud/: /fraud/ - the return of crazy mossad shit edition read all of http://reddit.com/r/steroids…[View]
42583579Working Out & Mental Health: So, I want to talk about Mental Health and working out. I have two …[View]
42582396Alcohol: Will drinking 200ml of vodka tonight fuck up my recovery after lifting heavy today?[View]
42584961/fit/ I just binged and don't really wanna make myself throw up since there are guests here. Wi…[View]
42585780Lyle's Bulking Routine: What do you guys think of Lyle's Bulking routine? I would add some…[View]
42584824How do I achieve jahans mode?[View]
42585702What exercise can I do to fix a nose like this? Also, what is this condition called?[View]
42585126What job does /fit/ have? I always assume you guys are office slaves...im a welder but what we do is…[View]
42584441How does height affect your ability to lift in terms of limitations?[View]
42584384Is there a point in working out if you're < 5ft5? Or should I just force myself to become s…[View]
42582452Which sport should I play if I want to get in the best physical shape possible? >inb4 some fat fu…[View]
42564824/plg/ - powerlifting general: IRON LYFE IRON LYFE IRON LYFE IRON LYFE IRON LYFE IRON LYFE IRON LYFE …[View]
42579100>tfw smoking weed after gym[View]
42585450Tales from Snap City: >lifting and positioning a 40 ft ladder at work with the new guy >he…[View]
42564346mirin stories: Just happened a few hours ago >on elevator in dorm after gym >bunch of girls ge…[View]
42585367Mode thread: Not a CBT, but close. >Post pics >State goal mode >Others mode you, and say ho…[View]
42584013Is 30-35 the prime age for men?[View]
42578870How do I make sure my posture is good while also having to sit at a desk many hours a day? Should I…[View]
42584518What can a 5'1 girl who weighs 15st 8lbs do to lose weight. Please help[View]
42585453Can i get swole just by eating big and doing push ups? i don't feel like spending my money on a…[View]
42583057>lower back injury, pulled muscle >one week break, feels better >trained chest/delts >wo…[View]
42582610What kind of routine would give me this body?[View]
42581413Have any of you cunts made your own protein bars or protein cookies? Have any recipes?[View]
42568504Is Mia Sand physically stronger than the average untrained male?[View]
42580770/PIG/: /Penis Improvement General/ Do you jelq, pump, stretch, clamp, or something else? What gave y…[View]
42584173does it matter what you break a fast with?[View]
42582356Deadlift at 10% hp, pop avenging wrath to finish the set quicker. >who here inefficient with cool…[View]
42583125When did you realize Arnold was a fitness hack and used steroids to fame? He knows nothing about bod…[View]
42582852Is Jergens Shea Butter safe to use on a penis? Would there be any adverse effects?[View]
42584886Does /fit/ make people gay?[View]
42584939>be skeleton bulking >take a picture in front of mirror >look skinny but not that bad >s…[View]
42575018>jogging in the park >find guy laid down the path >perform a 180' turn >find someon…[View]
42582338Is drinking protein shakes a bad thing if I'm not lifting weights? I injured my shoulder and ca…[View]
42584264>every time I go to the gym I see my gym crush talking to her boyfriend >tfw I mentally insult…[View]
42583165If some magic genie or whatever could make it so that you could eat whatever and as much of it as yo…[View]
42584656It's time to lose weight and get ripped. I'm 28 years old, 6'1, 220 pounds (probably …[View]
42582149How do I unlock David Duke mode? More importantly, how do I keep it? He is 67. Is he natty? Is he on…[View]
42582699What can I do about my pathetic traps, /fit/ >don't have a gym membership >only have a be…[View]
42582412hey /fit/, where do you get your recipes food is a bitch to figure out, and i need some batch /fit/ …[View]
42584577Tfw you don't exercise or eat healthy at all but you just like running so you have legs like a …[View]
42581552Does anyone here use tanning beds? I've been getting really serious about living a healthy life…[View]
42583223How much mana does it take to go to the gym?[View]
42583554Could he have been the GOAT if Arnie didn't mess with his head?[View]
42573331reddit: this is ass of guy that deadlifts slightly over 4 plates. His ass is barely different from t…[View]
42584432college cunts: you know what to do both gyms on campus closed today edition tfw freshman and know ve…[View]
42583072>don't do roids >have massive traps >people think I roid >start doing roids >tra…[View]
42582960First Zyzz. Then Richerino2Scooperino. When you will accept that roids are not worth it? Just lift m…[View]
42575403What did he do guys? https://instagram.com/p/BX_V58HlP4e/[View]
42584266>tfw finally got a job at a gym >tfw free access to any of their locations now A-am I gonna ma…[View]
42581723Apparently I have scoliosis. What exercises should I avoid?[View]
42583500How long for a noob to hit 1/2/3/4, /fit/? I've heard wildly different accounts ranging from 3 …[View]
42584127>She moved on and never, ever looked back Why keep lifting? Why keep doing anything?…[View]
42581644Need gym wear recommendations: Ideally, available to purchase online and not too expensive.[View]
42583703Casual reminder that if you don't regularly consume cannabis you're missing out on: >st…[View]
42583397That moment: When and what was the moment you knew you had really made the change from fatty to heal…[View]
42582090what do: help me /fit/. I need to bulk and make my own food/eat 3 meals a day. I know how to cook go…[View]
42584028Sometimes I feel sad... I've been very motivated for the last three months made lots of progres…[View]
42583977CHAD goes to the GYM with STACY to lift WEIGHTS while GUNTHER stays at HOME doing BODYWEIGHT all ALO…[View]
42581017Anyone here take ZMA? Did you have wacky dreams?[View]
42581194Is this good form?[View]
42583322Hey /fit/, been powerlifting for some months now. The more pictures I take, the more fucked up my po…[View]
42583036I just found chad: And he's a chilean rugby player. How about that /fit?[View]
42583889Should I do PPLxPPL or 5/3/1?[View]
42581606just here to remind you that we're all gonna make it. YOU can be a sick cunt if you want to[View]
42582339How much does it cost to set up a home gym?[View]
42583501>bald men aren't attract- Erm no, this guy could literally fuck every female you know past p…[View]
42583651>Be skinny fat >Big chest and back >skinny ass arms I know nothing about weights, protein,…[View]
42583699Help me help my little brother: I want to help my little brother (10yo) with his rather severe socia…[View]
42581777We are all gonna make it , aren't we?[View]
42581876Good Feel Thread: >just added 2kg on my Bench[View]
42583509Kinda like this look. What do you guys think?[View]
42582527Aesthetic from Calisthenics possible natty?[View]
42582159>bf's are on sale at the manlet pit today Anyone get a good deal?[View]
42583404Gym when sick?: Hey /fit/ I haven't had a chance to go to the gym in the last few days due to t…[View]
42580123Is it possible to naturally widen your jaw?[View]
42582450>Not tasting the worst taste in the world everyday to eliminate DOMS Its like you arent even tryi…[View]
42582047Squats and deadlifts vs leg press and hip thrusts to get thicc?[View]
42583373MACA: Any of you fellow homos try this stuff out? I mix it in my brotein shake. Tastes great-good en…[View]
42583491>one arm hangs 1 inch lower than the other >torso twisted to the right >right chest 50% big…[View]
42579907>Fall for the 'squats, deadlifts and OHP are enough for abs' >Only top abs are visible >Mea…[View]
42582896Sup guys its me, it's ya boy Since I'm a lazy neet faggot on TRT and Tren I was wondering …[View]
42582172Hey /fit/ aspiring /fit/izen here. Recently ive noticed a slump in my performance all around in life…[View]
42581065How do I increase my testosterone? Is it even possible? I am very skinny, although tall guy and I…[View]
42582742Why do you go to the gym religiously?: As I'm getting older and more mature, I'm really st…[View]
42581559Pre lifting Motivation: Hey /fit/ Is there anything you tell to yourself before you crush a big ass…[View]
42582174Do any of you faggots take L tyrosine supplements for mental gainz?[View]
42583025>he doesnt suck the bbc preworkout for the testosterone gains even trying to make it man?…[View]
42582985LDM M cutting guide. Anyone got it? Lost my ibooks[View]
42582760Hey guys, I never lurk on here but I was wondering if you guys could help me start getting /fit/ I j…[View]
42579582Sexual Health: Back in Feb a girl I was seeing wanted to fuck in public and I couldn't perform …[View]
42580514Will lifting during the eclipse give me saiyan 'great ape' strength or saiyan 'great ape' gains?[View]
42576917Is this what women will look like in the future?[View]
42581970Is a lack of natural muscularity and size compared to others due to low testosterone or just genetic…[View]
42581495I ate 574 calories over my deficit mid-cut. How fucked am I?[View]
42581591How do I into Buakaw mode?[View]
42581681omad work out: If i eat only breakfast get all my calories then work out after 6-8 hours do i need t…[View]
42576945My girlfriend constantly complains about how she hates her body, how she is flabby and doesn't …[View]
42573971/cbt/ current back thread summer edition: Get in here boys[View]
42582236Hit me with your meal prep diets. I'm trying to create a meal plan and I'm looking for the…[View]
42581981>That's it guys >Be me >Trying to lose weight >Barely go to the gym >I enjoy it …[View]
42579332/NECK/: Do you train neck? is it good to train neck? NECKTHREAD[View]
42582108ITT: post your favorite cheat foods you have every once in a while, in an effort to promote reading …[View]
42582435CONSPIRACY: > Post titled ' Manlet meme debunked ' > After a while > 404 file not found …[View]
42582327Beginner workout: How does this routine look for a beginner getting into lifting weights at 50 years…[View]
42571837>2017 >still falling for the chobani jew when will you join the master race?…[View]
42582188Cardio: What if I add in HIIT + cardio on top of my current training, eating extra calories to repla…[View]
42575014How good do i have to be at pull ups to be as strong as an alpha bad ass chimp ?[View]
42571080what is the dumbest thing you've seen at the gym?[View]
42577395College: I'm going to college tomorrow (UTA in Texas). What is it like? Any tips? (Ik it's…[View]
42576880Monster Ultra White weight loss: Hey would it be okay for me to having a White monster like 3 times …[View]
42579020I started getting back pain a month ago and was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Ive …[View]
42581553>taste buds no longer process pleasure from eating Who else /truly redpilled/ here?…[View]
42581999Is it true that muscle burns calories, and that the more muscle you have, the faster you'll los…[View]
42581915Tell me why I shouldn't remove back squats from my routine and replace them with front squats. …[View]
42582138>2017 >still no clavicle lengthening surgery what the fuck…[View]
42579215What made you want to start lifting? >be me >10th Grade >absolutely zero positive attention…[View]
42578176Rate my meal plan (made by my nutritionist), goal is to lost 5kg fast. I'm 170cm, currently 70k…[View]
42578744Is crying considered /fit/ approved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90LcPFOFX98[View]
42577608The manlet wrangler is patrolling the gym >Anyone under 5'10 gets thrown into the manlet pi…[View]
42581998>imagine being a shoulderlet[View]
42581992Posterior knee and ankle pain: So I've been having pain in my knee and ankle when stretching th…[View]
42580547What routine will get me this body? Don't mention plastic surgery or ass shots.[View]
42580371I have 1130 calories left. What the hell do I eat? This always happens to me. All I did was eat some…[View]
42581690Any tips for a fat guy getting into running: I've been counting calories for the past 3 months …[View]
42581783How do I achieve /brenmode/ without steroids? I've increased my Guinness intake to 20 pints a d…[View]
42581107How bad is my scoliosis? Anyone here have any experience with it?[View]
42581372Is he natty?[View]
42581665So I'm going camping for a night in a couple of days and won't be able to eat much food. W…[View]
42581319What are the chances of getting 'popcorn lung' from vape? Is vape safer than cigarettes?[View]
42581357How many exercises/sets would you do as an intermediate lifter (4 years of lifting), who can only go…[View]
42581476is there any way to keep losing weight and not feel hungry all the time?[View]
42580363Question about cutting.: Is doing a sustained prolonged calorie deficit really the best way to go ab…[View]
42577455>GAINS /fit/ humor thread too, I guess.[View]
42580567>break up with fiancee back in april >life comes crashing down >find support in /fit/ >p…[View]
42573084What are your fiber supplements? Looking for something to give me giant shit's.[View]
42580729>Klokov is a supreme athlete with good squat techn..... wtf![View]
42580253is it actually true that you need to eat more than 2000 calories to get any stronger. i have been go…[View]
42581234My quads, triceps, biceps and abs ache, should i go to the gym? It's leg/back day btw[View]
42577491Intermittent fasting and shitting: Hey so I've been doing intermittent fasting for a while and …[View]
42580899What is your height, weight and maintenance?[View]
42581085How much lifting is too much? I have barely left DYEL mode, but I'm afraid I might be liften to…[View]
42568489>walk into gym >SO WAKE ME UUUP WHEN ITS ALL OVUHHRRR…[View]
42578915How to food: Bad at planning my nutrition. I want what we all want: fit, cheap, simple Is Scooby…[View]
42581016*blocks your path*[View]
42579839Who /skin/ here? What's the best routine to take good care of your skin and make sure it's…[View]
42579285Do you take cold showers?[View]
42580841I crapped my pants in my sleep,should i shower or sponge bathe before going to the gym this morning?[View]
42580472Best cardio for sex? Jogging, sprinting etc. I want to be able to go all out[View]
42580181Live in cuckland(Sweden) We have just litteraly two of everything because we don't want monopol…[View]
42577757how do i make white teeth gains? those over the counter tooth whitening strips havent done shit[View]
42580682Redpill me on jerking off and working out. Does jerking it improve gains. Before or after workout?[View]
42577020life improvement: what are some other examples of quintessential /fit/ life imporvement literature? …[View]
42580659What became of the mang?[View]
42580913Squats: Do you guys like to make rocket ship sounds when doing squats? Like a big heavy ship slowly …[View]
42579863>132lbs before >190lbs after Right, so i bulked, got all my lifts up hugely in two years, pu…[View]
42580843Sexual fitness: How does /fit/ do its kegels? With or without an erection? When I'm doing them …[View]
42580803Goal progress: It's August 21, day of the fated eclipse How are you progressing on your goals s…[View]
42578808Has anyone here been able to permanently fix their anterior pelvic tilt? My lower back is killing me…[View]
42580595>rushed into the gym >pre-workout poo 'sploded into toilet >no toilet paper Wat do? I…[View]
42576602Did you walk your 10K steps today anon? You don't want to get heart disease, do you?[View]
42580365>visit mother >has photo album out with my birth records >99th percentile fucking everythin…[View]
42580395Do you really need weights?[View]
42578102Started lifting this summer doing 5x5. I enjoyed it but after 3 months I want to do something new. I…[View]
42576061Is snus /fit/ approved? It doesn't fuck with your respiratory, sooooo??[View]
42579642Body fat %: Hey/fit/ what does my body fat percentage look like? Should I start bulking or cutting?…[View]
42579287Anyone here heard of/tried fermenting oats? Apparently it's supposed to reduce phytic acid more…[View]
42578571No matter if you are ugly: You can look good no matter how ugly you are Bieber had: Ugly eyes, negat…[View]
42578623Remember pyramid head? Did she leave because we're not body positive enough? Should we be a mor…[View]
42578160PISSLORD ACCUSES PJ OF BEING A FINOOK IT BRIDGE BURNENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFSAA1VA-r…[View]
42580044Any Swede brahs here?: Wtf is this shit. Explain yourselves and prove you aren't an institution…[View]
42576515>you will never be expulsed from your nation because you're too handsome >you will never …[View]
42575211how can i make my DUMB FAGGOT CHEST grow more? i've been lifting for 11 months, the past 6 of w…[View]
42579686>concentrated Curls >lateral raises >front raises >PUSHUPS What other exercises (prefera…[View]
42565417ITT: post what you think are your IRL S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats are I think mine would be Strength - 7 Per…[View]
42576112Will a girl respect you if you fail at something physically in front of her?: Srs. Played sports in …[View]
42577284yo /fit, i'm sick of gslp. Seeing beginner gains but wanna switch it up a lil. wat do[View]
42580073Slept at 12 woke up at 5 work at 8 should I stay sleeping?[View]
42553783Militant vegan stories? I'll start.[View]
42575613Bulk, cut or... 3rd way ?: I look like pic related, I'm skinny fat borderline fat. If I should …[View]
42580028I run 4 days a week and lift the other 3 days. However I'm a college student and don't hav…[View]
42579896>dumbells for hypertrophy >barbell for strength What is this barbell for a chest developement?…[View]
42579530Squatting pains?: So I've been maxing out quite a bit lately, and my hip flexors are now very s…[View]
42580020This is what girls want[View]
42576696How was your summer, /fit/? Did you go to the beach? The pool? The rave? The music festival? Did tho…[View]
42579341>at the dentist >oh anon, it's just a check-up! >everything is so nice and clean anon!…[View]
42579771Sam hyde: How did he go from skinny looking skelly to this?[View]
42577203you can be skinny fat and healthy: you can not have visible abs and be healthy[View]
42579649>guy comes to the gym >sets lat pulldown to light weight >grabs the bar and sits down, arms…[View]
42579708Will HIIT boost my cardio over all enough to let me keep going for a while or will it solely help me…[View]
42577072Is combining PUA with lifting a good or bad idea? https://youtu.be/knTAF8djBs8[View]
42578529>tfw supplements make you say bad things and wish death on people Why are you still taking fitnes…[View]
42578834When will he wake up?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxeeX-TlsZE[View]
42579719I've had DOMS in my arms for over a week after doing dumbbell pullovers for the first time. It …[View]
42577341>try on pants today in wal mart >over size 50 US I know all about diet and nutrition. I even L…[View]
42547897/sig/ Self Improvement General: /SIG/ thread is not a bannable thread is it? Let's go bros. I…[View]
42577238should I cut or start bulking? what do you think, fit? >I hate my tits[View]
42578847Fit Quotes: > 'Now, it's like I try to calm myself. I try to focus. Deep breaths. Close my e…[View]
42579392Do my legs look fat?: I'm 5'8 140lb so I am normal weight but is it just me, or are my leg…[View]
42579564How long does /fit/ rest between lifting sets? I'm on a cut and my workouts are taking longer a…[View]
42574188Who /applecidervinegar/ here?: Maybe I fell for the meme, but I swear I've been feeling great d…[View]
42579470is there anyway to fix broken blood vessels in your eyes?: i think it's from smoking meth when …[View]
42578927When you're working out, what's the acceptable amount of pain you should stop at? Like, it…[View]
42578917Post pics of chicks letting themselves go. Pic related. Maria Ozawa getting THICC[View]
42574059Who else wears converse for lifting here? >that firm sole >high top ankle support…[View]
42575545why the fuck do i even bother lifting? My lats will always be small[View]
42578540Sup /fit/, how long will it take to do 8 pullups with my bodyweight on the waist and 8 dips with 2x …[View]
42566685No humor thread. I have reason to want to dump all of the funniest images saved in my folder, so her…[View]
42578054Hold the phone!: Stop the Presses™! Someone tell me how this man got so exceedingly yoked, right thi…[View]
42569002QTDDTOT: > Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: created by a DYEL edition I'l…[View]
42578336mfw i snapped my shit doing deadlifts to fast and am now wondering whether or not i have permanent s…[View]
42577679ITT: god-tier songs for lifting heavy https://youtu.be/2MHhLDCJ57E[View]
42578446its my birthday today >22 >still havent made it…[View]
425784282017 MAKING IT THREAD: Summer is almost over, who here has been making it in 2017? >6ft1 32 year…[View]
42577417Good excercise routine?: Read the sticky. I was wondering what would be the best option for turning …[View]
42568576Gym clothes: What's some good /fa/ gym clothes and where do you guys cop your gym clothes?…[View]
42578862I want this kind of neck development. What can I do?[View]
42577978Will the 20 minute jog to the gym hinder my gains?[View]
42574552is it true that you're supposed to eat once per day or you increase your chance of getting diab…[View]
42577318Routines: Make me a routine that includes these exercises: Bench Press Overhead Press Hex bar Deadli…[View]
42578005>mfw I see people virgin back squating What kind of mentally slow mongoloid would put all that pr…[View]
42576142Anyone else eat this shit like pudding?[View]
42578625Does being taller decrease life expectancy? How come you rarely see older folks that were once 6…[View]
42576649DNP General: http://pastebin.com/B23qymQr http://pastebin.com/B23qymQr 1.) READ THE PASTEBIN BEFORE …[View]
42580343Alt Right: Get Swole, Get Active and Start Families: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGvuX29HyJQ…[View]
42566829/fat/ - Cheat Eon Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves throug…[View]
42577641What went so right?[View]
42578516What kind of water do you use with your protein powder? Alex Jones and pol tell me that regular fau…[View]
42578419>Take communion >Ruin Keto diet for a day and a half every week Who Reps for Jesus here?…[View]
42577414Alright /fit/, I dont have the money to get equipment or get a gym memberhsip, but there is a public…[View]
42577180We all know why you came to /fit/....[View]
42577793>FIVE SCOOPS[View]
42577216I'm tired of being a skinny fat dyel. There are no gyms near me, what is some essential home g…[View]
42578146>tfw could never do a chin up growing up >start dieting >still can't do one >finall…[View]
42573342> Hey Big Boy, your legs are huge <3[View]
42577369what do YOU do when you lose motivation?[View]
42577378>gym receptionists flirt with me >'hey anon I live pretty close to you' >oh yeah? haha …[View]
42576396How do you deal with cravings during your fasting? I am an avid reviewbrah viewer and have a really …[View]
42578097>be me >at the gym >5'7, 145 pounds, ten minutes away from becoming a MtF >waiting …[View]
42578095George Leeman / inspiration: Man i feel George. Lost his brother and it clearly shows how sad he is …[View]
42577008I just fucked up my shoulder. My dumb and lazy ass just tried to shut off a light switch while in b…[View]
42575035Face rate thread: Random Pajeet, trying to make to to chadjeet. what're my odds?[View]
42566313According to the sticky...: ...you can get strong with bodyweights. On low weight exercises your bod…[View]
42577461Hello /fit/, I've decided that I want to cease to be fat and unhealthy and started planning on …[View]
42577823ITT: Gym thoughts. Kinda like shower thoughts, but gym. Not for advice, just random shit you think a…[View]
42576627Do i need roids for this?[View]
42574472What do: Just did maxes today, attached is pictures right after. My 1rms are 100 for Overhead Press…[View]
42574960Heading to the grocery store. Anything special I should get aside from the obvious?[View]
42576895Since this used to be /Health and Fitness/ I will post my dilemma here. I have had hemorrhoids for t…[View]
42576347Am I supposed to be sore after a workout (my first)? It's not acute pain, just soreness It…[View]
42577642Facial Aesthetics: Is there a way to make my cheeks get thinner? I already have a large jaw and can …[View]
42577482How do you guys manage eating 6-8 meals a day while bulking, but also keep to a busy schedule? I wan…[View]
42577470>pasta place by my apartment serves the pasta too hot >no other pasta place within walking dis…[View]
42571842Reminder that nipple size and placement is extremely important when it comes to aesthetics[View]
42576615Has anyone here watched this? How much of it was bullshit?[View]
42577344Girl in love with me: A girl in the gym is deeply in love with me. What would you do in this situati…[View]
42575126Beef, what a relief. When will this poisonous product cease?[View]
42577021/sig/: We talk about overall improvement. From lifts to books and life. Come on in anons. What are y…[View]
42574594What, or who, is the ultimate gains goblin?[View]
42577119Can anyone tell me if this is worth taking? I want to try some supplements. Someone recommended this…[View]
42574362Fit pick-up lines: >be in the subway after long-ass day, bored, tired from the gym and from walki…[View]
42573856>no myostatin deficiency why even live[View]
42576297CANCER /FIT/IZENS: >Got results back >Cancer It's sad to realise that some of us are real…[View]
42571201Who here /capsaicin/?: I literally can't eat meals without heat, is this good for me or am I de…[View]
42577323equipped'ment: Looking for a quality leather single prong 13mm belt. I injured my back awhile a…[View]
42576910is there any way to actually make it with bodyweight exercises?[View]
42573335Are weight loss plateaus real or a meme? Here is my situation >14 months ago weigh 295 >decide…[View]
42577214Make it one day right?: >she wont text you back >you dont know what you did wrong, but you kno…[View]
42577138/fit/ gf: how to get /fit/ gf that makes delicious nutritious meals to aid your gains? >inb4 bein…[View]
42577124>I have a boyfriend, so im not looking for a FWB Would this be different if I was bigger and lean…[View]
42576625Is it creepy to ask out a girl over Facebook if you look like this? /adv/ says you should NEVER do i…[View]
42570237Knee pain squats: I squatted 105kg 5x5 yesterday and I had such bad knee pain it woke me up during t…[View]
42576253bad posture: Anyone here bad posture? Any tips how to improve it permanently? Things you should avoi…[View]
42576898Need some help /fit/ >2 years ago >making great gains >squats new favorite exercise >one…[View]
42573194What do we think of the powerlifter-come-strongman, and authorised Starting Strength coach, Alan 'Sh…[View]
42576459What's the best way to calculate body fat? I can try and look at an image of bodies at differen…[View]
42576383>Girl says 'Squeeze my hand as hard as you can' >Squeeze as hard as I can >'Really? Oh, hah…[View]
42575646Roid thread: Let's talk about roids! Just ordered 50 g of Test E, gonna home brew it myself, so…[View]
42576800What are some .fit/ approved snacks? Pic related[View]
42575940How do I JBJ mode?[View]
42574151best gym in Vilnius???: Hey guys, Best hardcore gym in vilnius (if possible with olympic weightlifti…[View]
42573413Damn.. vegans look like THAT ? boi..[View]
42576899I want to lose ~70lbs (250lbs->180lbs). I already lost 50lbs, but wasn't going to the gym at…[View]
42576646Is he /fit/ personified?[View]
42572962Connor Murphy: What the fuck happend to him? >lost all his gainz >balding >fat…[View]
42576412/jogging general/: Jogged past a cop radar gun setup - 8 mph. Who else is a speed demon?[View]
42574967>That guy who does pull ups in the only empty squat rack beside you >That guy who asks how man…[View]
42576762My co-worker wants me to play squash but I'm not sure how: Any tips tricks to get fit in time? …[View]
42576796Thank you bodybuilding: Its time to say thank you to bodybuilding, thats its succesfully preventing …[View]
42572422Link to newspage: https://www.tmz.com/2017/08/10/rich-piana-medically-induced-coma/ He will not leav…[View]
42572307> fellow employee hasn't been to the gym in almost a year > started going back a few mont…[View]
42571277*blocks your path* >'going somewhere nerd?'[View]
42575688What's the best way to teach non-autists about food labels?[View]
42575559Is this true?[View]
42576675Cardio And Muscle gains at the same time?: Is it possible to make gains in strength and size AND car…[View]
42570122I'm eternally stuck at 16% body fat, how do I reach that fabled 5%-10% land?[View]
42575951Here is the fight between 120 kg powerlifting world champion and some 1.6 m tall mma enthusiast from…[View]
42572647You're fit but can you fight off an intruder?[View]
42562325is boogie going to make it?[View]
42576179How do I achieve this body?[View]
42575702PEANUT BUTTER: Sick of looking puny. Fuck it! Bulking time![View]
42533491>tfw I'm just realizing i'm the Jinchuriki of a tapeworm >Must've had it for so…[View]
42574714/fence/: I want to hop fences with ease, /fit/. what are the best exercises to train for hoping fenc…[View]
42574605Upper Lower: What do you guys think of Lyle's Bulking Routine? I would add some lateral raises …[View]
42576390So I'm gonna be buying my food shopping from lidl, per day I plan on eating: 200g dry roasted p…[View]
42576335>cheat month is almost over[View]
42575750How bad is Red Bull or Nos for your gains? Are the low cal versions okay or are these drinks just fu…[View]
42574368Drugs general: This thread is for the discussion of everything drug related. What would the effects …[View]
42575306/Genetic Defects General/: >tfw wristlet I can still make it, r-right?…[View]
42576174Fucking shredded: I wanna get some solid abs. Do you know any routines for this? Like some thirty da…[View]
42552212Seriously what is her secret? Skeltons need years to achieve this.[View]
42576293anime proportions: I want to be like an anime guy, body-wise I mean. I am 6'3' 180 currently, a…[View]
42574920Is it better to do hollow body or ab wheel rollouts when training my core for doing handstands? Whe…[View]
42575917/fit/ tinder profiles: In completely autistic and just got out of a bad relationship. How do I play…[View]
42564573What does /fit/ think about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea0IzY_3YqE Most men overestimate…[View]
42574517Who here lifts with silky goodness[View]
42575982Hi /fit/ I broke my pinky playing sports a week ago, and I'm seeing a hand surgeon tomorrow to …[View]
42570768How Can i achieve geraltmode?[View]
42573168Bradley Martin and Dmitry Klokov collaboration Dmitry Klokov stops by Bradley Martin's gym and …[View]
42575923Where can a nigga find used Ivanko plates: Did you niggaz find any used ivanko plate deals? I want s…[View]
42573754Alright /fit/, I've been saving stories from my gym for a few months now and I though it would …[View]
42575581DRINK MORE WATER: Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
42575379Gainers for bulking. Is it scam or not? Are they worth it or should I just go with protons? Redpill …[View]
42574199>Ohh, you are going to the gym yet again? Fine, whatever. Make sure to buy some food on your way …[View]
42574808Does someone have the shitpost pics where a curly haired fat guy goes form 7/10 to 10/10?[View]
42574610/ROW/ing GENERAL: Remember to row on same volume you bench press NOT ROWING IS FOR FAGS (NOT COOL)…[View]
42575578How do I become a 'normal' looking guy? I'm 6'1 135 and I'm trying to not look like a…[View]
42569655>He has a bmi higher than 20[View]
42557236Is a Vegan Diet the Ultimate Path to Being /fit/?: As long as you get enough protein[View]
42574684fat fuck here. if i stick to a daily calorie limit, does it make a difference how many meals i eat? …[View]
42574901Hope you dont waste your time in the gym: https://youtu.be/W7vw_vc_8K0[View]
42575347What are some high calorie foods I can get from the store?[View]
42574571How does he do it? How can he be so small yet eat so much?[View]
42575382/fit/ in roblox: roblox has a weight lifting simulator, are there any gains to be had from it? Possi…[View]
42574179The fuck is going on: I've been working out a for a while now, and while I haven't put on …[View]
42574313Im 18, 5,9, 210 pounds and have man boobs.: So im fat and tired of it. Im going to start going to th…[View]
42575500Alright fit, what's the final verdict, how much protein should I have every day? (As a 6'0…[View]
42575344How do I make personality gains so I can stop being a beta in an alpha body?[View]
42559340/fit/ confessions thread: The most cardio I do is walking in and out of the gym[View]
42575219ITT: We give tips that go unnoticed, neglected, or deem underrated by your standards. Hip Mobility R…[View]
42572136>grocery shop at 2 stores >i get most of my stuff from one store since it's inexpensive, …[View]
42574732Where's your God now /fit/ ?[View]
42570429What energy drink would you guys recommend before working out. I want to stop using pre-workout beca…[View]
42574467>mfw work at chipotle >little skinny dude comes in all the time after the gym wearing golds gy…[View]
42573029How do I get veiny arms but still keep my fatboi body?[View]
42570609Will getting fit allow me to acquire a girl 2-3 inches taller than me?[View]
425733295x5, Back pain and mobility: I've been doing the 5x5 routine combined with cardio for over a ye…[View]
42574774>deadlift 915 pounds / 415 kg >Barely looks like he lifts Strength = Muscle.. right ?…[View]
42574105I am starting pic related tomorrow how fucked am I? what should I change?[View]
42569778Do i have potential /fit/??[View]
42574765Any advice to give to a /skelly/? > 6'1, 130 lbs.[View]
42572918This NIGGA eats 3500 calories a day, lifts barely any weight (200kg deadlift) on a MEME routine (PPL…[View]
42570547Is this good workout for abs?[View]
42573144Keto: Is it possible to carb backload and stay in keto?[View]
42573090/fit/ who is this. Bod goals[View]
42574843If you train for aesthetics and do a fixed number of sets per body part, is it better to focus on a …[View]
42574077No fap: HELP! I think no fap is turning me gay. For the past couple of days, I have started getting …[View]
42574736if i do heavy diddlies and squats will i lose the 'natural arch' on my feet?[View]
42573541Would browsing /fit/ make me fit??[View]
42572984>powerlifting will make me strong and invincible in real life >martial arts twinks are nothing…[View]
42573309How do I achieve 'Noff mode?[View]
42574459Proof that skill>muscle. You meatheads don't have any advantage over someone that could kick…[View]
42569213help me with my wierd knees fit T_T i am thin, but i do squats and lounges from time to time. my abo…[View]
42571776>time workout so my pump lasts for duration of college lecture when i arrive >manlets and fema…[View]
42571346Are these a meme?[View]
42572298Skinny fat keto?: I am skinny fat guy with noob gainz trying to lower my body fat to %10. does keto …[View]
42574363Considering purchasing adjustable dumbbells that go up to a total of 200lb total. I currently only d…[View]
42575234Why does /fit/ think it's okay to talk to girls on tinder like this? I see tinder advice thread…[View]
42572602Anyone trained their neck and made decent gains?[View]
42560392/fraud/: /fraud/ - it's the weekend and everyone is out partying + hangovers, so ded thread re…[View]
42570804I wear the same exact clothes to the gym 6 days a week. I wash them everyday after lifting, so they…[View]
42571028The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long[View]
42572312Sexual Fitness General: This is a compression thread for Tinder, Kegals (rolling), social/dating que…[View]
42554786ideals: aka faggotry containment thread[View]
42573109>be me >working oooot >doing press ups in the gym slut area >sluts all around me taking…[View]

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