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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: IMG_20150425_135719.jpg (1.71 MB, 1944x2592)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Bf% estimate thread? I'm thinking I'm approaching 10%, maybe 11

How's your cut going, /fit/?
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File: 26.4.2015.png (225 KB, 361x369)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Never had an estimate. 5 months in.
To be fair it's not so bad if you dont take into account the loose skin. I'd say maybe 15? Don't know if everyone will agree. Keep going brah!
File: startbod.jpg (34 KB, 605x807)
34 KB
been clean bulking and want to be around 10-12% in december for summer. Would that be achievable if I start cutting in september? I don't mind if I end up that a bit skinny as I'd rather be lean for summer because I've never really been lean in my life.
Hard to tell in that lighting but probably 15%

Same as above but 13%

File: MrBLAQ2.jpg (112 KB, 667x1000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Be overweight
>Constantly told weight loss was the whole calories in, calories out deal
>Didn't really believe it
>Started MFP calorie counting anyway
>It sucked
>Bought ingredients / food that was easier to track
>Its a bit easier
>Realize the easier to track food has better nutrition than what I was eating before
>Weigh myself after like two weeks
>Down 4 pounds
>Huh, I didn't even put that much effort into it...
>Buy some food scale off Amazon
>Refine diet some more
>Realize that counting calories is pretty easy if you eat roughly the same stuff every day
>I learned to make better decisions when eating out for social outings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Physics really is just the darnest thing!
My main worry now is that I'm not getting enough protein in my diet according to MFP.

I guess it's time to invest in some powder.
You will plateau eventually depending on your optimal weight and how long you cut and it will be hard as fuck to lose more weight.
Try eating at maintenance for some time if you do.

File: 1429634296806.jpg (239 KB, 1067x1479)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
/fit/ saved my life
>used to be an insecure, depressed, alcoholic shut in
>start coming to /fit/ and feeling motivated to change my life
>exercise regularly and make healthy lifestyle changes
>notice gains and feel even more motivated
>much more confident and outgoing
>females actually notice and swooning when I'm out in public
>enthusiastic about life and the future

Thanks bros
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File: 1413615873862.gif (1.17 MB, 282x200)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
File: TSjh7b.jpg (249 KB, 500x636)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Nice samecuck, degenerate. Nobody is laughing.
File: nice one m8.png (495 KB, 1366x768)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
funnily enough, captcha was edgsy
File: pleb.jpg (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
>Windows 8
>Non-networked printer
>Taskbar on bottom
>not using Windows 98

File: image.jpg (13 KB, 175x250)
13 KB
>go on /fit/
>female tripfags
>female bf estimate threads
>female powerlifting

please go, now we all know whos the cancer killing /fit/
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I'll strengthen your core you cunt
wew lads
>girls only play video games to elevate social status
believe it or not there still are good games which everyone likes to play besieds your shitty generic triple A title which people only play to kill time.
Literally reddit plebs should do is lurk for some time instead of being an unfunny meme spouting faggot, holy fuck

File: 1420885142509.jpg (472 KB, 1000x1190)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
No humour thread?

Humour thread.
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i saw those but i thought he'd not mind that much. Did he post it by accident or was he "hacked"
why his tity sank
no homo
File: tfwadiemadeit.jpg (220 KB, 1012x970)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
iirc he got a gf (made it in some sense) and focused on other things and lost his gains. Hes DYEL now. a true kiwi tragedy

You can grow wrists... By getting fat. But as said before, it's all bone/tendon/ligament so without fat there's nothing you can do.

File: surprised-doc.jpg (47 KB, 759x508)
47 KB
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>tfw quads
kek'd so hard i can miss ab day
dope shirt
File: ads.jpg (94 KB, 820x600)
94 KB

File: image.jpg (83 KB, 983x553)
83 KB
Welcome to /PLG/ Powerlifting General!
Primarily for the purpose of becoming a better athlete on the platform, but all forms of strength training accepted.

Post progress, PR's, meet videos, schmexy lifts, or anything because everybody else does anyway.

All helpful information such as form, diet and general advice can be found here:
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>5*5 at 80-90% is low volume
get on texas. that squat is abysmal
File: Fragezeichenpilz.png (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Do you train touch and go or paused bench for long term gains?
Just do TM lad, you won't regret it.
Most (all?) feds require a pause so train that if you want to compete.

Steroids General, no frills edition.
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again you look like shit
File: 1281368082371.jpg (12 KB, 468x350)
12 KB
Haha, I didn't do it, I was just glad someone posted a new one.

>bunch of fags in the old one, jesus
I....I was in the old one
File: 1275509200515.jpg (28 KB, 500x371)
28 KB
What postcode m8
Where do you train

File: image.jpg (191 KB, 1450x1020)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>can almost bench 2 plates
>4 plate deadlift
>lifting for only a year

How does this make you faggots feel?
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your attitude is worse than supermans.

You are gonna get your ass kicked and put into your place one day. You are not special kid.
i think he's actually samoan
Nigga you just went full retard. Look at the picture again.
>implying I will not surpass him easily
These are my stats on the summercut btw

File: 1428327762789.png (695 KB, 796x600)
695 KB
695 KB PNG



>Day [1-5] I'm not feeling it. Is my DNP underdosed?
No, it's called blood buildup and it's normal. Look it up.

>Day 5+ and I'm still not feeling it. Is my DNP underdosed?
Give more info. How much DNP are you taking? You won't feel jackshit if you're only on 250mg. Cold weather and your diet also play a roll in how much you feel.

>Any other NOT FEELING IT YET questions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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or you mean info on the girl?

here: http://www.inquisitr.com/2032759/eloise-parry-diet-pill-death-dnp-accidental-overdose-burns-woman-from-within/
No, just wondering about his connection to the poisoning. I can absolutely see why he freaked out if he's the one who sold her the pills.
yeah, i have no idea how someone so stupid to take 8 pills at once managed to order or even find dnp.
One theory was that she bought it from some friends who didn't tell her anything. Doesn't explain why dnpchemist went underground though.
WHAT DAFUCK ,day 16 on dnp lost 5-6 kg already but i look even more fat!!!

File: IMG_0818[1].jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1536)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
What is this rash? It's on my upper abs, it appeared after a training session a few days ago and hasn't gone away. I also have a few of the same red dots on my forearms and one on my right bicep. Anyone know what this is?
Probably damaged capillaries from the strain. Should heal over time.
The ones on my arms have been there for over a month...
Someone must know...
Holy shit, seriously how much pussy do you need to be to notice that little red spot?

Just move on, it will go away on its own.

Ffs, are you even man?

File: image.jpg (50 KB, 500x319)
50 KB
Teeth together
Tongue on roof of mouth

You jawlets mad at my natty jaw gains?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: biehn.jpg (103 KB, 600x896)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Michael Biehn as FUCK
stop saying "dat" you faggot
My nose has always been clogged up so I could only ever use one nostril for the most part. I'm too far gone
Cntrl + f robbie rotten : 0 results
Wtf? No love for manliest jaw on TV
Honestly I started doing this on my own without hearing about it. It pulls any loose hanging skin up from underneath, and having your lower jaw slightly forward gives you a more dominant, and masculine appearance. I don't understand why any man would not do it.

>Mfw zyzz looks small
>Mfw zyzz looks natty
>Mfw he doesn't even look aesthetic anymore
>Mfw I can't see how girls can possible like this body
>Mfw /fit/ has done this 2 me

Our standards are too damn high, I don't even know what an "in shape" person looks like anymore.
43 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw looked up to zyzz throughout late teen years
>going to be older than he was when he died this year
Who the fuck cares? Zyzz started off scrawny as hell, and even though he juiced for most of those four years he still trained pretty hard. Sure, he spent most of his time out of the gym partying, but at least he committed himself to an idea. When he was in the gym, he sweated, and he pushed himself the same as you do. So go push yourself. You don't get to a point where you can shit talk other people by sitting around here all day.
>people still thinking Zyzz is dead
If quads, Zyzz returns on the 5th anniversary of his death
nah i choose dubs

File: protein-for-health1.jpg (62 KB, 600x425)
62 KB
If you only need the minimum amount of protein, why do almost all youtubers eat like 200+g a day? I CANNOT afford that, period. I get about 115-125g a day, i am 160 lbs.
66 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
$ 6 meat, all the canned stuff is under $1, peppers are $1 a pop.
I get enough protein with just 2 homemade meals.

Keto masterrace.
File: 1425913847138.gif (785 KB, 294x341)
785 KB
785 KB GIF
I'm getting really tired of the amount of broscience in the food industry everywhere. I just want to know the truth. Where do I find the truth, /fit/?
The truth is eat a balanced diet and you will be fine. If you start focusing on one area of your diet it will have downsides as well as upsides, so for slow but steady gains, balance your diet. It REALLY doesn't need to be any more difficult than that.
and eat in proportion to your energy needs, or you'll get fat

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