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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: image.jpg (150 KB, 750x1334)
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150 KB JPG
Old one almost to 300
6'2", 185
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damn son, you gonna make it
File: report.png (46 KB, 365x214)
46 KB
why do the underage actually claim to be underage, why cant you just say you 18 twink mode i don't get it. Is it summertime already?
I just say I'm 18 give or take 2 years ;^)
File: kek anon.png (77 KB, 280x261)
77 KB
i keked
I'm not even a fat neckbeard, but these emoji posts piss me off. Can someone explain it to me?

Am I getting old? 23 btw.

File: hamburgers.png (125 KB, 486x306)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Because the previous one is about to 404.
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Yeah go for rowing man. You get to stay at home. Put on tr fav tv series when rowing and just row while get in g engrossed (distracted) by the show
Can I drink as much diet soda as I want so long as in a deficit?
do you take mk 677 in the morning or at night? when I take it at night I always have very restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.. when I take it in the morning I see a huge increase in appetite so I can get more cals in, but not sure if my recovery is helped as much as when I take it at night.
But I will fell hungry and lethargic all day and will have no energy. Clearly, you never went to college or were a great student.
think I'll do that, thanks, lad

File: basketball shorts.png (849 KB, 1219x717)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
>that guy who wears basketball shorts to the gym
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>implying its one person
File: 1456421834820.jpg (902 KB, 1300x1733)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
>that guy who yawns between sets
At least I go to the gym you fat fuck.
I've had enough of your shit Dennis!
File: nohomorocko.jpg (6 KB, 305x165)
6 KB
>that guy who wears 80s running shorts to the gym
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 353x424)
39 KB
>That guy who does more than 5 reps on his compound lifts

How do muscles develop if you work for a shitload of reps instead of weight?

Right now my OHP max is 135x5.

How will my arms develop if I decided to work at it until I can do 135x100?

Would my arms get huge?
Really dense but no size gain?
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Slow twitch fibers

High volume muscles with big oxygen tubes

You'll look stronger than you are, look a t mr piana.
>irrespective of what rep-range you use
This is true to some extend but it's only half the story. As a rule of thumb, hypertrophy gains are best if you are lifting with an intensity of at least 60% of your 1RM. Obviously if you can do a hundred reps, the weight is much too light to elicit much of a stimulus in this regard.

Recent research has shown that it is also possible to see gains in hypertrophy from using lighter loads (as much as your 30RM to my knowledge), but in order to see gains with such a light load, the set must be taken to absolute failure, which is the kind of training that tends to make you vomit on the floor.

>How will my arms develop if I decided to work at it until I can do 135x100?
Your muscles would probably continue to grow pretty well at least until you are doing around 15 reps, at which point I'm guessing you'd start to see less and less growth as the exercise turns into more and more of an endurance exercise.
There's a reason the 8-12 rep range is usually recommended for hypertrophy work: it's heavy enough to elicit a relevant training stimulus while also being light enough so it's easier to perform more total work without screwing over your capacity to recover and/or joint health.
But scientific studies on this type of shit frequently contradict each other. Using common sense we can conclude its about more than volume, otherwise the guy who only runs on the treadmill would have equal legs to the guy who only squats a 1RM.
not if running is so easy that you'd have to run every waking minute to even make it near to 1rep weighted squat.

one of those studies showed that % didn't matter as long as volume was the same, though - and the anon I mentioned here >>37024848 says he was using hundreds of reps and maintaining his size on that.

as for taking it to failure, that anon did take everything to failure if I remember right.
> I asked him if he does a lot of volume and he said yeah a ton and showed his routine which was something like 500 squat jumps then 300 one-leg squats
That's not volume though dumbass.

File: image.jpg (127 KB, 750x706)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm soon to be 29. I was a player and smahed over 40 girls. Been in total 9 serious relationships. Used to be easier getting over your ex but as you grow older shit starts to get real. I'm 7-7.5/10 and get grills easily.

Currently my vital organs are damaged from the loss of my last love affair. It lasted a year and we haven't spoken for the past 2 months but yearning for her embrace has rendered me to a position where I've stopped looking at other women and all boners fail. Other women dont attract me anymore (no homo) andthey just give me a sinking feeling in my chest because ex is the only woman I want to see. Porn doesn't work. It's literally like somebody takes a massive shit inside your heart and then sets it to a medium fire to burn for an unexpected lifespan.

Worst part is I helped shape the breakup and parted ways with her whilst doing everything I can to make her realize how I'm not the one.

Please. Don't fall in love especially if you're getting older. Women will fuck with your life and crush your soul. Make no mistake I'm tall af and jacked af and I'm literally dying over a girl that may be 5/10 at best. Less according to /fit/s meme ratings

Correction; don't fall in love with somebody's soul *tips fedora*
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>40+ Women

Mate I'm a 5/10 ex super fatty with gyno and have been with 15 women.

You need to smash more fitties. Legit players are like 100+ by 30.
Thank you breh. Read it twice, means a lot *tips no homo*
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 809x939)
93 KB

Basement dwelling virgin berniecucks detected

>im gonna post a political bait so the thread might go on a bit

ITT: Healthcare workers/students! and those that want advice!
This board used to be health and fitness, so we should have a discussion for those of us in health related fields.
What do you do? How long did it take for you to school? How does your work/school interfere with your gains?
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I bought a Cardiology III at the start of August thinking I would need it for nursing school. I ended up using my ma's old classic 2 because I couldn't hear any difference. Just finished up junior year and passed my first year of clinicals. No gains to be had. I no longer had time to go to the gym. The little gains I achieved were due to a couple of dumbbells I kept in my dorm.
Ho do I fix piriformis syndrome? Has it for 2 years.

How the fuck do I learn all of med school level anatomy in two weeks if I can get myself to read a single chapter?

I'm doing ok with most other subjects, but I can't fucking stand anatomy.

I am so fucked you guys.

Stretch and get a massage, or see a PT. Seriously consider a PT, as you'll get a really good release of the LR muscles, and then they'll send you home with a stretch Rx that will be effective.

Hollywood stretch, and if you can, use a tennis ball to roll out your lateral rotators when you're sitting in a chair. You'll need to pin and stretch the Piriformis muscle, to relengthen and keep it from angrily squeezing your sciatic nerve. Unfortunately, you really can't do that on your own.

op here. I'm a first semester nursing student, just finished clinicals. I haven't been going to the gym because I suck at time management. My worst fear is being that one painfully obvious nurse that is out of shape and can't lift a patient.

File: 1446994594291.jpg (53 KB, 480x720)
53 KB
Will I ever be satisfied if I stay natty?

It's not easy to see these "fitness stars" enjoying life while having their incredible physiques... In the "forms" that I'll never reach without the help of anabolics.

What makes you stay natty, /fit/?
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File: download (1).jpg (4 KB, 95x206)
4 KB
>enjoying life

wait wait hold on just a second

lets not get confused here. they enjoy life because they have the right personality. they're out-going, confident, and knows how to market themselves. its not because they have good physiques. you can look like shit and still enjoy life if you're not a beta autist
>Will I ever be satisfied if I stay natty?
If you're not an insecure slime with severe confidence and mental health issues, yes.
There's a reason why the UFC tests for the shit
Every month i get a cm in my arm circunference and bigger in other muscles too, and i dont think i will ever need AEs. AEs are for betas
Ufc has become retarded though. Half the things these people are trying to cheat with are basically placebo drugs.

The fighters are so hard up for an edge that they take anything at the risk of sitting out for a year.

People are just taking cocktails of drugs that would be in no one's system ever and acting surprised as to how it got in there. Hilarious.

If you're going to cheat and are pretty sure you're going to get caught they should just do what fraud does. At least they'll be banned for shit that actually works and not getting fined for trying to fiend on inhalers.

File: josh.jpg (21 KB, 304x354)
21 KB
Is this real?
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What would it feel like to fuck him in the ass? Does he have both buttcheeks? Are they firm?
>1 leg
So for his macros and shit, how does he know how much he actually needs?
Does the calculator calculate it for amputees too?
Body-for-Life had some pretty amazing success stories.

>you fell for the 'height is all that matters' meme
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File: 1461977808601.gif (2.06 MB, 624x335)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB GIF
>tfw 5'6"
>make fun of manlets still

I can get laid that's why I think it's funny
Seems about right. I always had a free run at picking girls. No regrets. I've lived well and was blessed genetically.
I hate this, i really do
Ive settled on the fact that i cant find a girl who is worth wasting time on since most girls have the attention span of a humming bird on a mix of speed and red bull and trying to get em to settle down is laughable

I focus on my hobbies, work and studies all of which are going geat but then i come here and see fucking posts about women and what they want. Get a fucking grip
>bring back Aquire aesthetics disregard females
Most guys in porn are pretty ugly desu

File: massyarias.jpg (129 KB, 1000x1000)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
How has being /fit/ changed your life? Has it even?

For me, I am more confident and I don't put pussy on a pedestal anymore. I get laid a lot more than the past. Unfortunately, I also look at men to mire or judge their physique. One girl called me out on it and asked if I was gay though.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

stopped caring about girls cause I realize everyone only cares about looks now

so fuck it, not going to waste my time trying to pursue sluts
Don't give up so soon, we're all gonna make it brah!
File: 54328576789.jpg (48 KB, 625x370)
48 KB
File: 1454657865596.gif (3.29 MB, 615x461)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB GIF
it's not that soon, became 20 3 months ago so yeah...
Brehs, this so much, i receive so many mires everyday, but i don't know why, what do i do?
Are they intimidated if i approach too?

How can anyone this successful be so fucking insecure?

He can't take that **one** fucking guy has a bigger bicep than him?

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>gets upset at 0.5 cm bigger biceps
>has to chimp out when a literal retard trolls him

We need a stronger word than insecure.

Don't worry... Oligarch Keyboard will just pump a bit more oil.
But in the vid it turns out Rich was right doesnt it? And it seems like the creator of the video agrees.

Meh, anyone can get upset over small things,maybe he had a shitty day or whatever. It just happened to be caught on tape
No, it just says that Rich said it was bigger, and he didn't want anyone to document the measurement.
He refused to let anyone video it. Why would that be?

File: QVrpwN.jpg (71 KB, 855x499)
71 KB
What is /fit/s thought on progressive ideas that fatness has "little to nothing" to do with health?

I was also wondering what your thoughts on food justice are.

File: BF.jpg (296 KB, 1240x766)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
BF% thread

74, 163
175, 5'9

any idea how much more i need to lose to look dyel otter mode?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
actually, why do you need to shave chest hair ?

Hey can I get a body fat % estimation as well thread?
File: 20160503_133905.jpg (537 KB, 550x1558)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Bf% estimate? 5,10 177~

File: 1460952890530.jpg (261 KB, 640x640)
261 KB
261 KB JPG

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File: leftpepe.jpg (8 KB, 243x250)
8 KB
>All of them want Chad.
and his pizza.
pls be in Volgograd
Chad has evolved into... no commitment Chad.

>won't have to commit to one girl
>won't have to deal with romantic drama
>won't feel bad if you cheat on someone

>you still won't have a long lasting gf, if any at all
You need to smile in your pics, lad.
Do I qualify as Asian chad if I can bench 225 easily and have a motorcycle?

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