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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: 1459376130162.png (74 KB, 251x244)
74 KB
>tfw you spent THOUSANDS of hours on 4chan when this time could have been better spent doing something productive
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Fuck.. that's it I guess wish be luck bro's
Rolling to save my life

>Previously on the powerlifting general:
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>I was born wrong, female brain in a male-looking vessel.
No. Your head is just fucked up and you THINK you were born in a wrong body. That is a mental disorder and you should go see a psychiatrist or just kys.

>This is like a highschooler trying to say the current model for black holes doesn't make sense because it doesn't fit Newton's model of gravity.
I have no idea what you mean since I don't know jack shit about black holes. This thread is for powerlifting, stop derailing it with your shit.
>/plg/ - powerlifting general
> without getting FAT
For what its worth that dietmar tdee shows 3500 for me and Ive been eating 3k while gaining 0.5 kilos a week.
5 days in the gym
File: 3ee483888ebea295e14671.jpg (342 KB, 850x1204)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

Online calculators are made for normies.

That text is straight up from Dietmar's course for IPF coaches.

If you're powerlifting, I'd trust something made by one of the biggest coaches in powerlifting will work better for you than something made for fat regular people.

Keep in mind that, in any case, both things are just approximations.
There are ways you can actually calculate and test your own personal caloric maintenance requirement, but I'm not an expert on it. Google or /fit/ will be more helpful here.


Where did you hear that?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>What multipliers did you use?

File: 1483991244522.gif (1.95 MB, 500x750)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
Lads I need motivation. I've been trying to find that one UK show about fat people. The one that shows then how bad they count calories. I forgot the name of the show. I think that fat fuck booger2988 was on it. Help me lads.
File: 1477789929349.jpg (1.38 MB, 2126x2953)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Lads please
File: 1483891994222.jpg (689 KB, 1280x1920)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Yancey Garcia
Isn't it called Fat Camp or Fat Bootcamp or something? Why don't you just Google it you dumb ass.
Must be either the U.K. Show "Supersize vs Superskinny" or the other show "secret eaters." Secret eaters is the bad calorie counting, the other show had boogie.

File: 20170116_081322.png (55 KB, 720x936)
55 KB
How's that cut going buddy
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>he doesn't cut >50% of his maintenance
what app is this
I've been eating 1500 cal a day with 2500 cal maintenance for the past 2.5 weeks. I weighed in a few days ago and it said I hadn't lost any weight, but since I should've lost 4lbs with 2 lbs per day fluctuations, I think it's just water weight. If my weight still hasn't changed by next week, I'll start cutting more.
Looks like my fitness pal
My fitness pal

File: jB1if.jpg (489 KB, 3500x1120)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
What's your current physique, goal physique, and your prefered bf/gf's physique from pic related?
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I'm currently "skinny" and would like to be "toned".

For a girlfriend, anything between "skinny" and "curvy" is fine with me.
>current build: athletic
>goal build: built
>preferred build on gf: something between curvy and chubby

It's a long way, but I'm trying anyway. Already have curvy gf.
Currently skinny, goal is built

Don't care for women at the moment, I guess I'll make goals for that when I get done with the first one
you're probably the only one out of everyone that posted so far with a ripped physique so nice job
>tfw no pride yet.

File: taco life.jpg (81 KB, 640x480)
81 KB
new one
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What if he was lying when he said that?
File: LaffinAtU.gif (103 KB, 450x253)
103 KB
103 KB GIF
It's funny but I don't believe a doctor would say bulimia is not a problem, fat or not
ford was a good man, not a jew.

File: 1483712308675.png (205 KB, 3340x3176)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Is there any point in lifting natty?
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That' innacurate, a roider, properly training for strength and not hypertrophy will be strong. The easiest way to spot roiders is rate of muscle change or calculating ffmi. I've been going to the gym natty for 3 years and was a middleweight boxer for 5 years before that. I've had friends that roided as boxers and could outlift me but did not have the skill level to beat me in the ring. It's all about specificity of training.
Is that why all pro powerlifters and oly lifters are on roids?

Roids give you enhanced recovery, faster muscle growth and stimulate new muscle growth beyond what is possible naturally. But your telling me that more muscle won't make you stronger?

also bodybuilders use light weight snd high volume because that is the best way to train for mass. I guarantee that 99% of roiders can push more weight than you on a high volume routine than you can naturally on a strength routine.
File: 1483289498182.gif (462 KB, 381x271)
462 KB
462 KB GIF
Depends on your goals. It's the answer to every stupid thread like this on /fit/.
Found the handlet
Then what was stated was not inaccurate at all. Read again.
Read again.
Also the extra muscle will not increase the amount of weight you can move without proper training of your CNS as well as your ligaments. Otherwise the extra mass has gone to waste.
Therefore the roids aren't what make you strong, it is the heavy lifting.

File: 1327043438725.jpg (40 KB, 670x496)
40 KB
appears the last one died


>How do I lose weight?
Eat less

>How do I gain muscle?
Lift and eat more

>What? I don't get it? Explain?
Read the goddamn sticky.
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Mine is great, they probably just want to get you into a personal training. Make it clear you don't want one.

I love it. I go every morning, work out, lift, sit in the sauna, shower, shave and get dressed. Mine is pretty nice, in a "posh" area of town. I have access to all the clubs in the USA too which is cool for the weekends when I have nothing to do, I'll usually go to a different one just to switch things up
Cardio after weights or on off days.
File: shoatshoats.png (712 KB, 583x582)
712 KB
712 KB PNG

I've been doing a PPLPPLx program for almost a year now and I've gone from:
>OHP: 85lbs ----> 150lb
>BP: 155lbs ----> 250lbs
>Squat: 185lbs ----> 315lbs
>DL: 275lbs ----> 455lbs

Things seem to be going well but i'm not sure how I should be doing these main four, weight-wise, on a weekly basis. I don't want to overdo them and end up in snapcity. Should I be trying to hit my max every week or should I be in the 80% range?

Am I getting to the point where I need to look at a new program?

pls help brehs
I've been cutting for the past week and a half @1700 calories and 91KG. I'm still at the same weight. Rugby practise starts this week and I'm not sure if I should lower my calories or maybe with the added cardio I might start losing weight. I also started using creatine at the start of the cut, could that be it?

File: BSSRO-genioplasty.jpg (649 KB, 1100x700)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
> 'just lift bro'
he did chinups
I got that surgery last year.

Transformed my face
His barber should be shot
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB

File: 83827086.jpg (40 KB, 604x327)
40 KB
Who here enjoying the single life?

>Free time to pursue hobbies
>Free time to work out
>Focus on job and getting money
>Walk around naked in house
>Eat whenever and whatever
>Peace and quiet

I really love it.
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GF and I are looking forward to the DINK life. Not forever, but for at least a decade of marriage. We're just waiting until we get better jobs before we get married.
>Being so low test that you don't want kids

If you are THRIVING in this world like an alpha should, you would realize that a wife/gf and kids can live off of your resources without affecting your lifestyle in a substantial way.
I'm single for the first time in my adult life and it's pretty weird. I think I'm just starting to come into my own and enjoy it now. I left my boyfriend/husband of 12 years about 6 months ago. I think he thinks I left him because he wasn't /fit. That's not true.
>tfw i do the same things plus getting visited by a hot chick every night and fuck and cuddle with her
t. pajeet

File: uvbhMup.jpg (515 KB, 1029x1080)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
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12 months or less lol

pretty good
File: 1477953609166.jpg (106 KB, 559x679)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Ryan Nelson is natty as hell.
File: zardoz.jpg (72 KB, 808x1024)
72 KB

File: mqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 320x180)
11 KB
Why palumboism is the image of bodybuilders around the world?

show me what you got

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I didn't realise it was a maths joke since you don't need to know limits to calculate the indefinite integral.
lol this guy is a fuking tool and defenitely doesnt pull 560..
We all started somewhere bruh
Jesus fucking christ

File: 001.jpg (79 KB, 777x562)
79 KB
At 8:16, they claim the asian guy has 6.6% bf. That has to be bullshit right?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This video is bullshit anyway. The only difference on the guy on the thumbnail is flexing and lightning
That is not 6% bf but who cares. Bf% is a red herring anyway.



yeah that's retarded, at like 8% your dick stops working if you aren't on roids.

I'm sitting at like 12% looking to cut until my dick breaks atm
looks like 12-15
They never show the guy's legs... and they barely even show the girl's legs or butt

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