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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: HealthyOrModel.png (583 KB, 368x799)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
Hello /fit/

A girl on my Facebook quite recently faced an interesting dilemma, and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for the shallow females of this world to show that they're not all that bad.

Here's the scenario. She is your typical fatty, but started losing weight. She managed to lose 15kg/33lbs and was doing well. Then she was offered a modeling contract as a plus-size model which, should she accept, naturally would mean the end of her weight loss.

Her choice was discussed in a popular radio show and around 1200 people have liked the Facebook post and are now discussing their opinions.

I actually thought she'd chose health and long-term happiness and well-being, but there is no happy ending: she apparently accepted the contract and will, I suppose, become even fatter. Shame

What do you think? Pic very related

Fit I just had my first unsolicited mires since I started lifting so I have to share. I checked the catalog, fuck you if there's already one going, I didn't see it.

>getting food after work
>standing in line waiting to checkout
>whistling to myself and tapping my leg to the song over the PA
>7/10 milf at the counter in front of me getting cigarettes
>turns halfway around and looks directly at me over her shoulder
>"is that all your getting?"
>show her my food slip and say I got a hoagie coming
>asks how much it is
>bout tree fiddy, why?
>"because I can pay for it for you"
>I ask "what's the occasion?" and smile a sly ass smile
>"no occasion just feeling generous"
>proceeds to briefly look me over, down then back up

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>tfw my mom said that to me today
>tfw she's fat
>tfw her boyfriend looks pregnant
"She" is a dude
Girls use that as an excuse for you to touch them
Shes clumsy as fuck. She's constantly dropping things and running into things. It's strictly safety related.
Oh it happened. We turned that cabbage into purple mist with a 30-30 later on.

Official Steroid General

No tripfags awake edition
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i'm always saying shit like that to my animals
they understand, they play like they don't. but i know. i know.
>My cat brushed up against me in a 'hello, give me food' sort of way and I blasted 'FUCK OFF YOU CUNT' at it.

Laffed irl

Two friends of mine did it. They got insanely shredded but didn't put on much size. One didn't get many new sides the other said it was side city.

Only do it if you tolerate tren extremely well.

so I buy this x 24, inject one on monday and one on friday for 12 weeks. this will get me big?
Did you see that experiment where 2 pieces of fruit were put in a fridge for like a month or so. One bit of fruit was insulted regularly and the other was complimented. Anyway the insulted fruit was loads moldier than the one spoken to nicely
>be nice to your pet or it will go moldy

Proton Powder thread. What kind do you use?
Pic related is mine, inb4 pleb
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Somebody on plebbit sent a bunch of samples to a lab, and body fortress only had 80% of the advertised protein. That being said I still buy it because I like the cookies and cream flavor.
>It is good
it's all the same shit
Not really, I've got a lot of shit whey.
thats why the poorfags say unflavored whey is not edible

File: image.jpg (44 KB, 500x439)
44 KB
I would like to add front squats to my routine. Could I completely replace back squats with front squats, or do I need both?
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As long as you can.
Once you go over a minute you should start adding weight/ do wall planks.
I'm not even him, but grow the fuck up you fucking pussy.

The guy clearly was trying to give you advice, but you became all butthurt and assblasted because he called your lifts shit (which they are) and therefore ignored the rest of his post.

What's next? Are you gonna go on a hunger strike because you found this post to be offensive?

Also, you really need to stay in school, for real. I don't know how you got the impression I said the adviced was weaker than me. Could be a "strongman" for all I care, I'd still tell him to cut that shit out with the insults. Just because a guy is big, or in your case fat and been lifting for longer, doesn't mean he can insult begginer's just because. You're the same as mmorpg nerds.
Where can I buy after market safety pins for a power rack?

The titan power rack pins look sketch so I wanna buy pins that look like the bodycraft f430's but work on the titan
Why u mad tho? Srs
You can barely deadlift 1 plate. Your lifts are shit, get over it. There are people who pull hundreds of pounds who still think their lifts are shit relative to others. Do you get upset from all the manlet threads and racism too?
Take the advice and let that be the end of it, unless you want further clarification

>not nouns/pronouns/proper nouns

File: 5x5.jpg (481 KB, 600x849)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Anyone else feel like their barbell rows (SL5x5 style) attract negative attention in the gym? I've already had two different guys tell me that I'm "doing it wrong", one thought I was trying to do deadlifts and the other thought I was doing yates rows. What do?

>also SL/SS thread
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Pendlay rows are easier to do, but they never seemed to do much for me in terms of building a bigger, stronger back. I prefer a more bodybuilding style row as an accessory to heavy cleans/power cleans/snatch pulls/clean pulls. My back has always been a weak point for me. I barely have lats, but since I have started doing more oly-style lifting my back has been improving.
Success is full range of motion with perfect form. Failing is everything else.
File: hotair.gif (1.91 MB, 599x334)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
> mfw I started squatting with just the bar
> mfw still failed my third set
> mfw you're complaining
But there's no room for 'struggle', like you would struggle on squats/ohp/bp etc.

Is it a good idea to tie Pendley Row's with Bench Press?

Say PR=BP or PR=BP+5, that way you can't progress until BP progresses, which is slow & solid.
File: 1414698009608.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
>Add 5lbs
>All this time I've thought it's 5kg
God fucking damn it, no wonder my OHP stalls, and my bench too lately like jesus fucking christ I've lost so much time because of this.

File: money.jpg (2.14 MB, 3888x2592)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
What does /fit/ do for a living?

I was going to go into Physical Therapy but I'm having second thoughts.
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BA degree. Getting an MS part time in my field but considering going for a PHD. Better than average connections but I also like to think I have good networking ability and a lot of hustle. Connections i was lucky enough to have were a bigger leg up when I graduated (during the recession) than now (where it's more ones i've made on my own).

Had I pinpointed this as what I wanted to do earlier in my college career I would've had a much easier time getting into my current field, but instead i took a bunch of summer internships that taught me what I didn't want to do. That being said I worked part time as well during the summers so it's not ilke I was simply coasting.

With any of the jobs where you just have to be reasonably smart and competent, if you figure out what you want to do, do an internship to show you're serious about it, and then someone will give you a chance vs. some other smart but inexperienced kid.
Mortarman in the Marines, going to uni now to become a PA
File: myshittierface.jpg (64 KB, 751x386)
64 KB
Where are all the blue collar workers? I'm not seeing any tradespeople here.

The money is good and the work isn't that bad. $37.50/hr before overtime to weld.
Supposed to be an archivist, but I'm a freelance editor. The market for both jobs isn't looking bright at all and I hate being a pencil pusher so I'm starting trade school in welding next year.
I know some welders here in Germany. The pay as an apprentice is literally 2,40€/hr. It obv. gets better later, but it's still a shit job in Europe. And they wonder why there's not enough young tradespeople.

They're also doing a LOT of overtime and have to buy their own equipment.

File: 1367098083549.jpg (56 KB, 300x360)
56 KB
>come to gym
>realise my protein shake lid wasn't secured and it all spilled in my gym bag
>everything smells like strawberry gainz and is sticky
>everything that was in the bag is ruined
why /fit/ why, was it a sight from gods to take day off?
MFW no gains today.
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I want to use it for 40 min straight, but 20 fuckers will ask me how many sets I have left.

I can't say 21, since my gym has a 'Squat rack etiquette of having to leave it after 15 mins of being asked when you're done'.
>being so poor you can't afford to have someone make food for you
how's that GED working out?
Say the actual amount, and offer to let them work in. If they don't want to then make them wait. It isn't hard man.

>working 14 hour days

You know how i know youre poor?
You know How I know your a young faggot?

File: russ2013.jpg (81 KB, 610x596)
81 KB
I have the most painful DOMS in my chest. Anyway to make this go away any faster ?
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Yeah I banged some Norwegian chick who mentioned that shit. As I understand it, it means basically every Norwegian girl is a massive sloot then?

>tfw now super glad I used condoms with that chick
File: fact.gif (1.9 MB, 400x236)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
>tons of make up
>heavily photoshopped
horrible example, try again britfriend
Would smash black panties.
I would fug every person in that photo.
6, 7, 3, 2, 5, 1, 4, 8

File: pullup-med.jpg (36 KB, 300x300)
36 KB
>work out for 3 months
>getting good results
>people starting to notice
>can't do a single pull-up

Can anyone help me? Give me tips how to pull-up
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What is your bodyweight? You're probably fat
Because you don't push yourself hard enough.
Pullups destroy your shoulders, do chinups instead.
Use a chair to help yourself up and then lower yourself down using mostly your muscles. Rinse, repeat.
I couldn't do a single pullup this time last year. Now I can do 14 dead hang pullups with perfect form. Bent over rows, negatives. Do them.

Benn lifting for about a year, otter mode yet? NEW CBT
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File: image.jpg (120 KB, 640x1136)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Taken yesterday
173 lbs
File: image.jpg (23 KB, 327x242)
23 KB
Ehh don't wanna cut, just recomping from here on in
5'11 179
I think my dick has a larger circumference than this dude's wrists/mid forearm
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 624x661)
69 KB
How to lose that last 2% Of bf to reach ottermode goal.
Bench 165x1
Squat 205x3
Dead 295x1
OHP 115x1
Fuck bro, you look could easily be a model. How did you get that serratus?

File: Mongeton.png (471 KB, 717x752)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
You'll never be as big as a skeleton, how do you feel?
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File: IMG_20150328_110818.jpg (1.87 MB, 2448x2342)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
What's for brunch, /fit/?

>tfw i don't even like eggs
38 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

>not wholemeal bread


enjoy the black hole of gains in your stomach absorbing all muscle and regurgitating fat.
Bowl of scrambled eggs, ground beef and can of smoked salmon.
Bag of baby spinach
Head of broccoli
It was 4

I don't remember when this place used to be so autistic.
anyone have any tips for minced beef? The stuff I got is quite fatty and obv I want some of the fats but not fucking all of it. is the little oily juice that comes out of beef the fat? can I pour it away

File: Zdzislaw.jpg (185 KB, 1600x1295)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Welcome to /PLG/ Powerlifting General. Primarily for the purpose of becoming a better athlete on the platform, but general strength issues also discussed.
Post progress, PR's, meet videos, sexy lifts, or anything strength training related!


>We are all well-adjusted people edition
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Chances are he's driving home.
wh-... whats wrong with squatting?... what are you afraid?! i thought powerlifters were supposed to be big tough guys?? put a bar on your back, leave your pussy at home, strap your cock on and bend your fucking KNEES
Question here from a weightlifter.

Squat suits - are they the same as any old adidas lifting singlet or are they special, like some kind of squat wizard magic?
I'm pretty sure they're made from Kevlar, so no they're not the same
How do I get a natty grip strength

I already far and crush ice with my natty hands

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