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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: 1425336262537.jpg (128 KB, 600x826)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>"I lift for girls"

Can we have a thread about girls mirin?
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>at work break up party
>best friend is drunk, says he wants me to meet someone
>introduces me to his fiances sister
>'Hayley, I want you to meet pete, I know you are looking for a nice boyfriend, and this is the nicest best guy in the world'
>'h-hi pete'
>shake hands
>'Listen I was just in the middle of a conversation with my boss, and I should probably be getting back to him'
>'oh, ok'
>why am I doing this, she seems nice, you want a gf but then you act like you don't. What are you doing nigger?
>later on, feel someone tapping me on the shoulder softly
>don't turn around, I know it's her

>next morning she adds me on fb
>'Hi nice to meet you last night :)'

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1415674557420.jpg (17 KB, 327x360)
17 KB

Living a life of one night stands builds up unhealthy habits later in life when DO seek out a true life long companion. Most people like you will struggle for the rest of your life to find someone to settle down without having a breakup or divorce.

People are extremely lazy when it comes to relationships in the 21st century, the moment they feel a sense of boredom or dissatisfaction they break up to find someone new no different than a product.
File: :fit:.png (298 KB, 421x427)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
>classic angle to make yourself look better
I swear, you people are never satisfied, are you?
*tips fedora*

File: image.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x2448)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
What do I do about these bars man?
(All are like the one in the pic)
What is going on in that picture? Is that bar triangular? That's news to me.
they're hex bars you mongoloids

File: O5GLDl.jpg (60 KB, 640x360)
60 KB
Spring cometh. Who is cutting?

What's your cutting strategy? Countain cals? Keto?
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I want to cum in a ziploc and mail it to her

i don't understand wtf you're talking about

if you're concerned on the amount of fat on the meat then purchase lean cuts, or purchase lean meats (chicken, white fish, etc).

if you're referring to the amount of fat cooked off then don't bother trying to calculate it because it's: 1. immeasurable, and 2. not significant enough to warrant consideration.
>trying to cut from 225 to 170
>Gonna look like a Dali painting when I'm done
god damnit.
File: Night Rain GIF.gif (499 KB, 500x281)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
I don't quite understand the whole "cutting" aspect of lifting.

What I do understand is the "bulking" which is intaking calories to help build muscle mass.... but cutting? Do some of you gain too much fat and have to cut back? I'm soc confused.
File: 1265858531720.gif (857 KB, 400x167)
857 KB
857 KB GIF
>Planned to bulk til March, then cut for summer
>would be the first time I've ever had visibly defined abs
>get violently ill for a week in January, take a whole week off
>never really get better, lifts stall
>doctors say it's just a bad virus, nothing they can perscribe will help.
>gets worse, miss another 2 weeks
>go back for the first time Friday, deload every lift by 30 pounds
>by the time I go back to lift today, still unbelievably sore
>I need to bulk for another month just to regain what I lost in those weeks off.
>mfw I was on the verge of beating every lifetime PR and lost it all

File: Shreddedness.jpg (55 KB, 768x768)
55 KB
How do you guys count calories when you're dealing with meat and fat loss? I know protein content isn't affected that much, but fat is. What do you all do for that?
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I assume it's all there.

If I'm bulking, I'm eating ~200-300 over anyways.

If I'm maintaining, a little less isn't going to hurt in the long run

If I'm cutting, a little less is preferred

Hitting your macros perfectly is nice and something to try to do, but consider it something with +/- 20 g for any macro and hit your total calories for the day
I'm on keto, so I just count the precooked macros then I just drink all the fat that runs into the George Foreman grease tray.

Thanks guys.

Do this, before cooking your meat, trim the fat off the meat with a knife (as much as you can, don't worry about the little one you can't remove). Then weigh the meat and fit the number that shows on the scale in your macros. That way you know you're not eating the fat.
What kind of shoes are these

File: 20150302_073515.jpg (2.56 MB, 4608x2592)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
Hungry lanklet skeleton edition
>inb4 eat up giant

On a side note I have jaw surgery in the summer to fix an underbite , so I'm bulking until then. Anyone have any recommendations on what to do for exercise post surgery, any god tier shakes, or just general advice to not loose whatever muscle I happen to put on.
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Start eating very calorie dense foods like nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc) for a snack and start drinking a lot of milk. Get like a 2lb bag of natural almonds and set a goal to eat it all in a week. Eating any shit food just for calories will make you feel shitty and could make you break out, just eat whole foods and increase serving sizes.
how does my back look
File: _20150302_205841.jpg (1.2 MB, 2157x3000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
175, 5'10"
Bench: 3x5 215
Squat: 3x5 240
But I hate almonds, walnuts and peanuts.
food is fuel not a treat. with that attitude you have nothing to do here.

File: 1422326678394.gif (2.55 MB, 420x282)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
Welcome to /PLG/ Powerlifting General. ONLY for the purpose of being a better athlete on the IPF brand of platform - whether that's in four months or four days.

>get hype edition

Post PR's, routines, form checks, meet results, schmexy lifts, etc.
Please check your fake feds at the door, thank you very much.

>Vital Statistics Unit - /plg/ Census 2014

MEN: http://goodlift.info/records.php?fd=0&ac=0&sx=M&eq=1
WOMEN: http://goodlift.info/records.php?fd=0&ac=0&sx=W&eq=1

>The official pastebin

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Motherfucker who cares, there's no such thing as somatypes just say you're fat.

So all this body of criminal knowledge is based on broscience?
He looks like he is developing a decent body here actually
k well i wont commit crimes soo any diet tips?
There's tons of criminological theories and that one is one of the shittiest.
I just didn't eat carbs and lost 40 pounds so I dunno. I can post a transformation pic from 2 years ago if anyone wants it.

File: image.jpg (155 KB, 1200x900)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Who inspired you to start lifting?
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Mirin' pecs
File: vegeta-training.png (310 KB, 715x397)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Vegeta's passion runs through my veins, every time I'm about to break down on the last rep I think of him doing the same.... he wouldn't quit so easily.
some hot chick that was way out f my fucking league I crushed on but decided to fuck some inbred skelly with super rich parents

so i lost 70 lbs and im fucking insane
Anyone else love eating with their cat? Those little guys are oblique carnivores, I usually get home and fix myself a big protein rich meal and give some to my cat. Only side effect is that little nigga got huge, she's 12 pounds and still growing

File: Mate-drink-21.jpg (352 KB, 550x476)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
/fit/ thoughts on mate?
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Fala, meu guri!
File: 14616.jpg (23 KB, 320x320)
23 KB
tfw != is more efficient
Yo posteé esa foto, soy de Rosario

it's great for cutting tought.

>not sharing saliva with office qts

you worthless piece of shit.

Mate is great by the way, you can go a full day without thinking about food when you are drinking it.

File: image.jpg (222 KB, 1200x1332)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Feels thread?

>wake up feeling like a million doll hairs
>2nd day off this week
>mad recovering
>ex gf texts
>"come and get some coffee"
>it's been a while
>still kinda hurtin
>thought she was the one
>friend drops me off at coffee shop
>no car cause air headed college grill rear ended me three days ago
>just wanna see the one

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 319.jpg (55 KB, 600x450)
55 KB
Brehs. Why does ONE grill make me Spaghetti when ever I'm near her?
I've no problem talking to grills, or just people in general. I'm not a kissless vigin or anything, but I lose all composure when I talk to her. Halp.
Idk I've never been into sports. I've been doing dumbbell deadlifts to work my way up until I can do it.
>fat kid my whole life
> football in highschool decent build for lineman
>graduate everything falls to shit drink all the time.
> relationships fail because im to lazy or fucked up to try
> girls repulsed i guess been years since i got laid.
>Christmas close to 400lbs drunk with some pictures of how I used to look.
>start crying
>vow to change
> girl friends start to lift with me i guess they feel safe?
> mfw im like the gay best friend to them and they're just getting hotter.
>down 50 lbs tho so it's not that bad I guess
>normal people
Also all the grills dropped tje class cuz its too hard (just a lot of homework and the teacher is fucking garbage)
Dam dude...I'm really sorry. But good on you for being alpha as fuk about it.

I really don't want it to be true, but I may as well accept it as more of a possibility than not. She's already been proven to be a liar. No reason she wouldn't lie about that too.


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File: 04-kansas[1].jpg (226 KB, 1001x854)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Boxers are pretty chill and not some kind of annoying shit abomination like chihuahuas and pugs.

My favorites are saint bernards, belgian tervurens and leonbergers though.
nah man with her proportions shorter is better

they become like amazonian giants when they get even remotely tall with that build.
File: cindy-cover-pic(1).jpg (87 KB, 780x390)
87 KB

Nah, brehs, digital editing has just gotten a lot better in the last decade.

>pic related


Vinegar is still edible, compared to spoiled milk or moldy cheese. Plus, that shit is healthy as fuck - a shot of AVC a day will make you feel like you're made of lightning bolts. Plus you'll shit like thunder.
>thread hasn't been deleted yet

High test is here to stay, viiccttooorryyy
Yeah, at least I'm not a subhuman nigger pretending to be a beta cuckold on a taiwanese cross-sticthing forum.

What's hilarious though, is that your self-esteem and confidence is completely non-existent, so this is the only way for you to experience any power or control in your worthless life.

You're even more pathetic than cuckolds themselves kek.

File: 14356748822.jpg (238 KB, 1036x719)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Just a friendly reminder that no girl with ever understand your lifting lifestyle like your mother does
190 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
sorry dude but cutting is where you actively try to lose weight, and i've tried to do it several times in the past two months but i can't do it healthily. i stopped counting calories when i started lifting.
this is so cute
Read a book.
Specifically, this book.
File: the other scot.gif (1000 KB, 440x248)
1000 KB
1000 KB GIF
>come back several hours later
>read this

like I haven't thought this, except no. If it's my fault at all, it's who I have previously chosen to be with. Now I'm all about that alone time.
File: 09Ir31D.gif (3 MB, 245x310)
3 MB

shred that interview man

and dump that bitch!!
File: Rused.jpg (30 KB, 390x488)
30 KB
>shitty tumblr gif

definitely a grill

File: birdman.jpg (652 KB, 2009x3000)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
I want to gain muscle but can't lift weights. What do?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

i am a fucking pussy
Just don't want everybody knowing that I'm still a huge faggot
they'll see you at the gym and you wont look like a huge faggot because you are trying to better your life you fucking idiot

>caring about what other people think
your brain invented legs and arms literally for this reason, you goddamn imbecile.

try using them to move your body around.
>can't lift weights
How did you get out of bed this morning?

File: Shampoo_Ranma_½.jpg (42 KB, 576x432)
42 KB
Who is /fit/'s waifu?

Mine is puc related.
>Implying any of you could beat Shampoo in a fight.
>Implying animu is not 4chan related.
>Implying this is not a Cambodian shadow puppets board.
51 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
azusa is the best
damn thats a nice daki
File: rqp01dN.jpg (81 KB, 1280x960)
81 KB
why jerry
its super anabolic, gives great gains
Everyone gives her shit but she was literally the most interesting and girl and the only one with any real character development and backstory for a SHIT TON of chapters. Aside from "MUH ERENERENEREN" of course.
>Not best girl Ingrid
>waifu thread
>posts husbando

File: c26-B0012BNVE8-1-l.jpg (38 KB, 450x450)
38 KB
Yo /fit/ does anyone here take Rogaine?

I'm about to start and the Internet says to use the liquid but my doctor says to use the foam. I really don't care how this shit gets in my hair, it just needs to get there.

Does anyone use either Rogaine liquid or foam? Would you recommend it?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: SurfBoardSquats.jpg (108 KB, 1280x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>using Rogaine
>Not balding natty

Minoxodil foam saved my life. Started as early as I saw the signs of hair loss: thinning hair, receding line, lots of hair falling out during showers. Started foam 2 times a day and it regrew and thickened my hair in a couple months, been maintaining on it for 5 years now. Best decision I ever made. there is a 10-15% chance it may not help you (it is just a topical vasodilator, what's wrong is your hair follicles are not receiving enough blood/nutrients). Starting earlier is better, it is easier to prevent loss than to reverse it.

Friend has the liquid and doesn't like it, runs all over the place. I just spray a line of foam in my hair, rub into scalp, and wash my hands. Takes about 10 seconds in the morning and 10 at night. Make sure you only use it on your scalp, if you get it on your hands or forehead, wash it off, it will and can cause a vasodilatory reaction very similar to an allergic rash.

Best of luck. There are a lot of people who say you need to get fin right away but I did not and it has been great. Maybe I just got lucky but minoxodil foam is a small investment for like what, $100 a year to have a full head of hair. Also if you can, get the costco brand (kirkland). It's cheaper and its the exact same thing.

Maintaining for 5 years with just minoxidil is pretty amazing, I've never heard that. Seems extremely rare though, and I wouldn't expect anyone else to bank on that happening to them with minoxidil alone. Most people do well with it for 1-2 years and then have a MASSIVE shed and lose a ton of ground over a short period of time. And I wouldn't be surprised if you go through the same eventually.

That's pretty much why fin is required, and why fin/minox is a recommended combo. Finasteride stops (or drastically slows) hairloss for a while, while minox promotes regrowth.
>Finasteride boosts testosterone.
wow u really don't know what you are talkign about.

implying dht is not important for mens health
>(it is just a topical vasodilator, what's wrong is your hair follicles are not receiving enough blood/nutrients

the mechanism for which minoxadil works is not known u fool

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