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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: 1716119489056.webm (2.79 MB, 576x1024)
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2.79 MB WEBM
/fit/ crossover with /g/
The fuck is /g/. I've only ever used /fit/
i wish i could go back
File: IMG_2393.jpg (390 KB, 750x719)
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390 KB JPG
Literally me
That bodybuilder is Chris Cook.
The other bodybuilder who dropped his keys is Bob Cicherillo. And one of the black bodybuilders is Chris Cormier.

File: Juicy boy.jpg (51 KB, 1000x563)
51 KB
"The most profitable way to live is to attack a neighboring tribe, kill its men, take its women, and loot its villages."
-Mike Mentzer
When training I think of men coming to kill my family and I exert an unbelievable amount of unrelenting violence upon them with no thought of offering mercy. Just complete blood curdling death and torture using any weapons I can hold onto and physical force. Gets my blood boiling like nothing else.

File: 1716078337782116.jpg (51 KB, 507x502)
51 KB
If fatigue drives adaption, why aren't we doing just one set to failure?
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>tradie mates
Do better
I'm too low IQ for this graph, please ELI5
I've always been at my strongest while doing manual labour mixed in with cardio and weights.
If fatigue drove adaption my ears would be jacked from all my wife’s yappin
The body is like a train which runs on rocket fuel, gasoline, coal and wood. You will instantly burn out on rocket fuel, then you will run on gasoline, then coal, and wood, with adaptation periods as you switch over to the slower energy form. 1RM just burns out ATP, but the body has loads of reserves.

File: 016.png (3.86 MB, 2400x2400)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG
Eat oodles and gobs of this shit and you'll be unironically prolapsing puss like a sexual tyrannosaur in no time.
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would this work?
hey I know those guys
I eat a tub of this everytime and never have that issue try not being brown
i think all those little jars could be more trouble than a single large tub, remember you have to clean each one every time

what about one like this? https://www.amazon.com/LynTorin-Constant-Temperature-Automatic-Stainless/dp/B0CJJR1YCR/ref=sr_1_8?crid=3MF3GBM9OXCZH&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.B2vo8En4_v8EeAfHLtCSunwnIUVM8TR4Ueaay0MnVm2FXb1VWAnIGQvYOmpmlpRGIyEbUM9je9nn7Elyt5V3H4ZnPzQfMCGedvxSsC_7mpEEOlj2Uu4MsMR8QlacpvkWYo7GkfVZ9UmYfFAvXbgZBsYZeh5gZ1gSxFRPVaHnzVR_6ggLEjYbgGMzGmohYxUziNbPMXUctzSZWaxGDHUZ8Fj21Q-Jj4gurPO-yqSNyrk.Wq-pj6VQUYlRHPlyatJLcn-4nWRwVnGRhX_0actD7wc&dib_tag=se&keywords=yogurt+maker&qid=1716125363&sprefix=yogurt+maker%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-8

it's all personal preference anyway, also if you want to strain a lot of yogurt at once, buy a 'nut milk bag'

the jars go in the dishwasher. It's glass.

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Because it's social media noise stuff like Andrew Tate. It's oprah for undesirable men.
If you need a book to fix your life I'd try the Bible. Not even a believer it just has a better track record.
If you post on 4chan your mind is shackled. Some people are in denial about this and get really angry when you tell them the truth.
>If you communicate online your mind is shackled.

We are all prisoners of our own designs in some way.
Why do americans always act like you have to put yourself through horrible things and survive to do great things?

They always act as if everything is a competition, and wheN it's obvious it's not they turn it into an competiton against themselves.
File: c75.jpg.png (363 KB, 716x874)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
tate and oprah and religion and society all fulfil fundamentally similar roles - unfulfilled men look for a salve for their inability to function correctly.
take a modern sad sack out into a desert and leave him there and he will perish unless you tell him there is salvation if he makes the attempt.
that is pretty much the disconnect - people aren't told as children that they can make it no matter what happens to them.
so they latch onto people who do tell them what they need to hear.
life is suffering no matter your choice of salve - might as well monetise suffering

The current diet fad trend is not sustainable.
The entire premise of the current pass low carb diets is removal of things deemed unhealthy, whereas nothing is added. Its a radical exclusionary slope, and with carnivore being the popular thing right now, you really can't get more extreme. What's the next diet fad? Breatharianism?
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My parents are doctors and said you should eat and drink whatever you want (within reason) and just stay fit and active and keep bodyweight lean because they’ve seen tons of people who were young and healthy get fucked RNG and die so you never know what happens to your health in the future so to be too autistic about it is bad

There was an anon here just the other day with cancer and he said he hasn’t consumed any sugar for like 3 years before he got diagnosed and he’s in his early 20s: that’s 3 years of strict autistic restrictive diet only to end up getting cancer anyway
You're so dumb it hurts. You've managed to be dumber than a carnivore by including fruits in your retardation list.
>include fructose rich food
>exclude glucose rich 0 fructose food
>exclude vegetables
Post body (you won't)
By being whole fruits, the fiber removes most of the issues you've presented, and that's not mentioning that anon had not said he would gorge himself on fruit year-round. Purity spiraling isn't necessary.
>Purity spiraling isn't necessary.
You are already doing it by explicitly xcluding foods

File: 1598810044800.png (169 KB, 562x340)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
this board has become a fucking joke
abandon and leave it to the terminally online trannies, shitskins and blackpilled losers that want to demoralize everyone around them
Post body.

File: 1716076207837742.webm (3.82 MB, 854x480)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
manlet bros we did it
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>Usyk finally proved that 6'3 manlets can still make it, through hard work and dedication
>still an inch shy
it's over...
>Sports has finally started to crack down on PEDs
People have been saying this for ages
There are a billion ways to skirt detection, so the roids will continue flowing on and on
bunkertroon ziggers are absolutely mind-broken over this. so much fucking salt lmao. Better luck next time, turdies!
They could both put like 20lbs of muscle on their frame they don't lift that hard because they think cardio is more important, outbox someone at 567 who started boxing 6 months ago and smokes weed and drinks to internalize combos. That's why muay Thai people are so smooth, brain gains and 5x a week sparring.
Only some black people are naturally ripped like tyson. Most athletes that dont need to cut weight will have a layer of flab, because thats natural

File: 1695194917036013.png (465 KB, 1249x1249)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
So does someone want to explain why more people don't drink fat free skim milk? It's literally milk without the cream. Why would you want to drink fat, fat boy?
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It's not really the same. Once you remove the fat you have to add most of nutrition content back in the form of suppliments which are usually less avaliable. I drink a lot of skim as a source of protein but it's usually better to just opt for whole if you can afford the calories. Also something about skim, 1 and 2 % have some kind of correlation with cancer that for whatever reason whole does not have.
I always drink 1L skim before going to the gym.
Gives me more energy to train while cutting
I always keep a gallon of skim and a gallon of whole milk in my fridge
lattes and other espresso drinks, baking
Dyel milk lmao post body
Why do people who cut fat out of their diets kill themselves at more than double the rate of people who eat average amounts of fat, and 4x more than people who get the fat their bodies need?
Dietary fat is necessary to create the sensation of happiness.
You will never be happy removing fat out of your diet.

File: FB0250-BLK-MAIN.jpg (79 KB, 823x823)
79 KB
Started wearing one under my shirt you can't really see it and its nice having a place for your phone and key fob.

File: 20240519_132943.jpg (1.52 MB, 2555x2352)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
Should I eat this before training?
You shouldn't use protein for energy, just eat some fruit and eat it later
I think it's good to have protein in your digestive system while you lift.
Why is it that people can now change which sex they are but we know almost nothing about nutrition?
We know that we don't use protein for energy unless there's no carbs nor fat to use.
We also know that our body will use protein right away to begin muscle repair hence all the arguing about the "anabolic window" and such.
no, after

File: 1716061910413.webm (1.04 MB, 480x854)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB WEBM
Is milk good for bulking? What side effects does it have if I overconsume it (if any)? I'm on a tight budget and I'm thinking of spending it all on milk & dairy products
t. 6'3" eternal lanklett
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Why are these tiktok girls always moving their mouth? Are they even saying anything related with audio?
sometimes if they get a strike or ban for sexual content they can claim it was just "lip syncing" if theyre moving mouths ig
Douyin is just tiktok with different corporate charter
It’s also full of egirls but the Chinese government is anti-coomer and so will ban accounts or take down videos that show too much cleavage
Because men are coomers and women want attention, countless approaches of technically following the Chinese anti-porn rules while still basically being porn exist
It’s also extremely easy to just hire prostitutes, it used to be common that hoes/agencies would litter their business cards all over

Source: chinese
Post body, mister nutrition expert.
You're an antisemite

File: IMG_1679.jpg (555 KB, 1290x1291)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
Are men desperate for a relationship or for sex on it?

Am I better off going to church?

made this 15 hours ago and I’m not even that hot
men wanna bang anything with a hole even trannies rack up over thousands of matches
All guys swipe right on everyone then filter from matches and people who respond

File: FX.gif (256 KB, 1500x1000)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
In your fear of creating something normal and unimpressive, you stare at that blank canvas of life long enough and you wait until all the paint dries up, and your heart stops loving life, the fire in your soul turns into ash, your flesh turnes into bones and your dreams and thoughts fade into oblivion.
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You really don't have good reading skills do you buddy? Is that why you are angry? Because a third world immigrant who was sent here by their parents can already read better then you?

It's ok we understand
>stays in every thread
Fuck that faggot then, I hope he ropes
>for all the time you've spent and are going to spend typing, you could simply take the picture
I'm going to stop replying now because I know you'll keep going
you'll never be white, you'll never be /fit/, you'll never be loved
Sure thing! But I'm still not blackpill OP.

enjoy never being able to read!
File: o v e r.jpg (57 KB, 1331x975)
57 KB
I'm glad you two lovebirds have stopped arguing in my thread. If we can get back on topic now..

What is the consensus on this? Does it build muscle?
It's delicious.
it's tasty. I get it powdered tho, just so much lower kcal. not really something I eat for gains though, it just isn't ruinous for the macros. makes shakes better too
too hihg on carbs...

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