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File: file.jpg (22 KB, 360x360)
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lifting to make the bad thoughts go away doesn't work anymore.
lifting to make the bad thots go away continues to work though
Checked. Faggot OP BTFO.
kys OP
Lift despite that. It's the only way. Live, man. Live!!

File: 1713337908568750.jpg (25 KB, 554x554)
25 KB
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Jason Genova

Simple as
Not a single YouTuber is trust worthy. They are all in for self gain. I'm not saying that's a negative thing but you should take advice with a pinch of salt and do your own research.
File: TomBoydenSmall.png (382 KB, 500x500)
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382 KB PNG
I only trust /fit/ for all my fitness needs

File: happening.jpg (406 KB, 1273x720)
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406 KB JPG
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Second guy might be gay, I dunno.
Anyway your posts make me laugh, thanks man. Hope you're not a bot.
This gym looks awful to train in

No windows, everything all black, sterile fluorescent lighting

It's like lifting in an underground bunker or something
the kike on the right looks like shit. why do you faggots care about him again?
He does for now but only because he's so young. He'll get the HGH gut if he keeps up his PED use as long as them.
>it doesn't really matter what's happening below the chest because a big chest speaks for it'self

This kike

File: file.png (88 KB, 647x282)
88 KB
Phimosis Chads, has anyone managed to fix theirs with rings or stretching? What are the best products, guides, and techniques?
>picrel im between a 2 and 3
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Oh look, another uncut dog dick thread where dog dicks talk about how broke their penises are LMAOOOOOOO

Reminder that circumcision is an elective procedure that costs extra for the parents of a newborn. The reason your dick us gross/broke is because your parents are poor hahaha. Yeah, talk about "jews" and your own parents are penny pinching kikes damning you to a eternity of a dysfunctional penis to save a few bucks
I was 3/4 a year or 2 back, now 1, closing in on normal.
Haven't used rings.
Started by pulling skin back when flaccid in the shower, then while hard months later. It took a while and was painful, foreskin would feel like bursting, later on get stuck behind the head, but nothing too bad. It still doesn't glide all the way down that easily and goes inward behind the gland, but it's almost there. I do feel like there's too much skin.
Gland/tip hurts like a motherfucker if sprayed directly with the showerhead, but I'm not putting that much effort into desensitizing it, I dread it.
Might have sex for the first time in a few months so will report the results
25 right now
Best of luck
I had serious type 4 phimosis, I couldn't see any of my glans even when flaccid for years, I just grabbed the edges and stretched it apart for 15-20 mins 3x a day and also pulled back as hard as I could while erect even though it didn't really move. Took me 7 years doing this and now I can pretty much pull it back while fully erect, didn't think I'd ever be able to do it because my phimosis was as bad as it could come, I wanted to give up and get cut many times
You think one of those "quickshot fleshlights" would work?

Summer pains, Summer gains edition
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Yes. Keep cutting and lifting. Nice progress.
File: duuuuuuuuuuur.png (443 KB, 462x634)
443 KB
443 KB PNG

Cutting at 1500 kcal and 150g protein??

There's no six pack under there. you're just going to to be flat and depleted. You'd be better off working out in a slight surplus and putting on muscle to fill the loose skin you clearly have. you're extremely soft, if you cut you'll just look like a cancer patient, I see it all the time.
appreciate you bro, i never cut before so i was a little worried about cutting too soon
Lats and shoulders to rein in those birthing hips.

File: 1712197234240281.jpg (273 KB, 1064x1419)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Give me some good cheap protein that I can buy from LIDL right now, that I can eat on the go.
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Damn that pudding is tasty. I haven't found any other to be as tasty, though when it comes to macros they're all the same really (probably goyslop all of them)
File: IMG_6016.jpg (723 KB, 1440x1800)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
Imagine how trash Asian genetics are lol on roids and still don’t look good
smoked chicken. Requires nothing, no cooking, no plate to eat from, no fork etc.

Its about 10 euro per kilogram and lidl even has em with spices
this nigga KNOWS

File: 1695380201078907.jpg (760 KB, 1080x2400)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
I got extremely bloated on test + dbol and now just look at my subhuman bloated face
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That DYEL twink sitting beside you mogs you face-wise kek
Damn, well, sounds like a bad cycle. I've never done roids but you still have a baby face. How old were you when you started your cycle? What diet and routine were you doing? Take anything for the excess estrogen?
File: 1705802723047608.jpg (159 KB, 576x1024)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
And on top of that I'm a 5ft11 manlet
You look like the babyfaced version of nikocado. Don't post your coinslot
Shut the fuck up reddit

File: 1712463052794119.jpg (341 KB, 1500x1500)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
>/cg/ - Calisthenics General
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>Calisthenics works fine if you actually maintain a proper bodyweight
calisthenics will produce pencil neck physiques at any bodyweight >>74066537
accurate but I also lift in addition to calisthenics and I'm still dyel

t. 5'6 145
My condolences
The last woman I talked to was my coworker who weighs over 300lbs and has a septim piercing so I hope you had fun with that.
>I made two incredibly gay threads just to seethe about not being able to do a pull up

File: xd.jpg (47 KB, 560x323)
47 KB
It seems nowadays there is this new trend where people go to failure on every set and do very little volume. If it was the best then why are the olympians with the best trainers with the goal of winning the title not doing this shit?
You can't show me a single bodybuilder who won a title who does this except Dorian Yates.
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Alright op I gotta go do other things with my day. You got absolutely btfo and I hope this is a lesson for you to humble yourself. I also hope you’ll stop training like a bitch and get strong. Stay blessed
PSA do not fall for the fucking HIT meme. I got brainwashed hard early 23. Here is me when i was lifting Sam sulek style in 2022. 7 days on no rest days. Will post a current pic below
Here is me now doing Mike Mentzer’s heavy duty routine and recently switched to a ppl split (still very low volume)

Cardio and diet stayed pretty much the same the only difference I don’t take creatine anymore. What do you suggest?
rotate please

File: laid.webm (3.54 MB, 1280x720)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB WEBM
Dyel general
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fuck this guy
You just know
Nice kot

File: ww.jpg (51 KB, 400x523)
51 KB
What wireless earbuds do you guys use at gym? Can you recommend any?
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lol that's fucked dude your head is huge...but yea they work very well in the water. Worth the hassle of the limited controls and having to upload music. I just find/make mixes, which works out well. I've been using in the gym the past week also and it works alright but I'll probably go back to use airpods
i honestly think it sounds better underwater. i also use ear plugs when i swim with it so that might contribute too..
galaxy buds+
very good
Love these.
They are also great for when you want to listen to something while you need to avoid having all sounds canceled
i use plantronics

File: 1709751546319900m.jpg (45 KB, 1024x576)
45 KB
If you could only pick five strength training exercises to do for the rest if your life, what would they be?
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Hip thrusts
Lat pulldowns
Incline bench
DB curls
Hanging legs raises
leg press incline chest press row pull up calf raises
Unilateral bent over rows
Reverse lunges / pistol squats
I don't like this premise. I would only list compound movements, but that doesn't mean they're better than isolation movements.
isolations are a waste of time. The beauty with compounds is that they'll build your bottlenecks

File: hqdefault.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB
Yes. Now, go kill yourself you cunt retard.

I lifted for 2 years consistently and got a 200 lb bench, 315 squat, and looked pretty good, but I got depressed and quit

I’m getting back into it and I’m am so fucking weak it’s unreal, like I did 4 sets of 10 with 50 lb dumbbells on bench yesterday and I got like 8, 7, 6, 3 reps

Is it gonna take just as long to get the gains back or is it quicker
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You're not jerking it to me today, gaylord
I can't tell if thats one of the chess sisters or not
imagine the foot lick
What does a female need to do to get that body
Eat properly and you'll get back to those numbers in a few months

File: IMG_3556.jpg (846 KB, 709x1194)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
Today a lot of things happened including I got harassed but anyway there are these two dogs and I want to be friends with them. Is it alright if i try to give them peanut butter on a disposable spoon? Or is that inappropriate to do to a stranger’s dogs? Would you be mad if one of your neighbors fed your dogs peanut butter? Discuss Walking etiquette for fitness
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
still kys, looks like you’re on that path anyway lol.
Alright I wont feed them then. do you guys have to be so mean about it? i didnt know and was asking a simple question
Bahaha I knew it, you never show any follow-through in all aspects of your life. You’re all talk you pussy, go fuck your dog in the ass. When you take your mutt to euthanize it when it’s ripe, old, or sick, think of me and this thread bahahahah you won’t forget it
>do you guys have to be so mean about it?
Yes. You need to learn boundaries and this stops you from getting hurt. Most people would just yell at you for fucking around with their animal but there is an off chance someone would just kill you for getting too close to their animals.
should i get a dog?

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