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File: 1536705841466.jpg (31 KB, 464x454)
31 KB
I have no idea where the fuck I can find a gf at now. I'm 24 and it's just so hard to find one.

I work retail and all the girls there are either old, fat, or like 16.

I go to college so maybe I can find a girl there? But idk how to just randomly approach one without coming off creepy.

I dont go out too much because all my friends stay home and do nothing and I feel weird going places alone like a bar or whatever.

I'm so fucking lost here /adv/
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>people go to dancing lessons to learn how to dance
What is next? People going to nighclubs because they enjoy loud music?
Actually, yes.
that’s meant for socializing.

Dancing class is meant to teach you how to dance. How to maintain balance and proper form while maneuvering your body in various ways to a rythem. If I were to show up to dance class for the sole purpose of meeting girls. The girls would know immediately. I have no interest in dancing and i would not enjoy it. Girls would easily sniff that out.

If anything, it’s very fake.
File: peacock.jpg (241 KB, 1024x819)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Have you ever seen pic related? Why do you think anything in human courting process is anything but very fake?

It doesnt matter how fake it gets. All what matters is for a woman to decide to give you a chance / try.
>posts picture of a heavily over exaggerated peacock
>doesn’t realize that a peacocks feathers are comparable to how a man dresses. It’s just physical attraction
>compared a peacock trying to look attractive to a male being miserable at a dance class

>always considered myself introvert
>spent most of my life into solo pursuits, learning stuff, getting fun from trying to be creative, listening to the same song over and over because I liked the notes, other autismal stuff
>always thought clubs and social environments made me uncomfortable
>skipped most of them through Uni
>spent the last few weeks going to nightclubs for the first time, hooked up with some amazing women
>didn't believe that just mindless fun could be this fullfilling, never felt so good in my entire life
>spent the last week doing nothing but listening to hit music, thinking about the weekend, planning trips to other party cities
>all my usual hobbies seem boring and I can't focus on praciticing any skills
>even if I don't meet women I just want to meet more people, suddenly going out to shops/bars/clubs/anytihng seems appealing rather than a chore and I want to be around people

Am i just experiencing babbies first night out or has anybody else felt they've gone through flips between introvert and extrovert? Is it even possible? Are our personalities flexible like this or are they ingrained in our brain structure?
How did you manage to find girls and pick them up at the places you went? Just randomly talking to them?
>Is it possible to flip from introvert to extrovert?
No, in a month you'll become a shut in from overstretching. Or maybe you were never an introvert.

File: male-female.png (40 KB, 464x300)
40 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers. Use paragraph breaks where appropriate.
If you can’t handle upsetting answers, don't ask.
And please no derailing arguments. This means people who ask questions too! You will be bullied out of this thread.

>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity, penis size/shape, or lack of dating experience>
>Do most/any girls/guys like <any trait as described above>?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no “magic moment” (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?

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How do I casually touch women? There was this party I went recently and had to take a picture, so I wrapped my hand around her waist, nothing sexual, but it felt pretty awkward. I know I am inexperienced so that's probably the main reason, but how do I "touch" women casually. I can recognize situations where touching is required but how, I don't know how to say it properly
You already did. Just have confidence when you do it and dont apologize.
Poorly. Always poorly.
>you really think if this guy was having an affair with anon that he should get off scott free
No, he should kill himself, too.
Why the fuck you asking?

File: forever alone face.jpg (16 KB, 298x401)
16 KB
Is there any reason to live when you're always alone?
why are you always alone? tell us
I'm not attractive, physically or psychologically
I have a minimum wage job
I have been friendzoned lot of times
Online dating doesn't work for me
I'm shy
I have no self-esteem
I mean.
nah it sucks.
I'm alone because I'm like, emotionally impotent.
22 year old virgin.

I was at a party 2 weeks ago, alone in a room with 2 girls wanting to bang me, talking about how they care for me, clearly could have manoeuvred that. Didn't because I hate myself...

File: sore.jpg (8 KB, 242x208)
8 KB
so i woke up to a very bad sore throat and chest pains but no fever. any idea what this is
Op has Scott syndrome

File: 5f0.gif (2.59 MB, 540x300)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
As title states, met really cool person who also draws but later find out they support loli art. I always hear about this thousand year debate if underaged fetish art is ethical and if it should be allowed anywhere and I happen to find myself on the other side against them. As a person I think they're really great individual and fun to be around with certain hardships they've gone through making me want to look out for them more. But on the other, child abuse and anything along those lines had personally made me abhor the idea of lolishit in lewds even if drawn. I'm here hoping that somehow they will one day see it as something wrong and move away from it, am I chasing a hopeless goal? Anyone else find themselves in similar situations?
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Your friends aren't molesting real life children, they're jerking off to cartoons that gross you out. You're the asshole.
If you don't like it then I guess either be an adult and be friends or just stop talking to him. Either way you are overacting
I get a feeling a lot of the pro-lolicons just don't want to admit they could be wrong and be demonized for it.
>Then how come it's so taboo or banned in most places
Oh but having 14 year olds run on fashion week in lingerie and broadcasting it live to millions of viewers on television and streaming portals is totally fine.

Stop pretending
I mean Japan as a whole seems to agree with us and their crime rate is proof they're doing something right. UN wanted to ban it but Japan as a whole came out and told them to get bent and clean their own house first before criticizing anyone, the UK in particular, when their abuse rate is so much lower than countries where the content is banned. You're just new and un-desensitized.

File: clickbait.jpg (52 KB, 640x640)
52 KB
hey /adv/, for some reason my penis shrinks when its erect. its also stoppped being that hard. im not sure why, but here are a few things i think might be important:

>got fat
>looked at too much erotic shit, might be dependant on it now
>jacked off when i wasnt really horny
>jacked off to things that didnt really arouse me

could any of these be why? i cant understand why my junk is acting so weird
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First you have to feel it. Your pelvic floor is most likely "dead" as in inactive, weak and strained... which als stresses the blood vessels of the penis. Additonally you may suffer from mild inflammation of the prostate. Get your back checked because it is where problems often start - neck and down has to work to transfer good signals and enable some of the bodily fluids to travel as they're supposed to.

Start with breathing exercises and then try to feel the pelvic floor moving. It should get sucked into on the exhale and expand on the inhale. Take your time. Also do some short runs throughout the day to increase cardiovascaular health. Loose it means your penis slightly shrinks, it won't fall off. If you work your dick constantly(not too aggressively) then it will re-expand.
I have this problem too it's kind of hard to get fully hard and I lose my erections quite fast seems like the only way to stay hard is kegels or whatever they are called (like flex the penis) . A few years ago I remember I was getting sucked off and I was asphyxiating myself and doing kegels just to cum.
Don't jump into flexing anything. First learn to relax, let the muscle get into a more functional state - this could also include massages and rolling. If you flex something already cramped it will get worse. There's often an underlying fear involved in cramping up the pelvic region.
Look up kegels/reverse kegels

I don't buy into no fap. I masturbate almost at least once a day, sometimes 3 our more times if something has me particularly horny. I still get periodic erections during my sleep cycle and i still get rock hard when I'm aroused.

Try masturbating without porn sometimes. Use your imagination and remember actual sexy situations you've encountered. The brain is the most important erogenous zone after all. You might also try edging instead of just cumming as fast as possible...at this point you're basically training your dick to cum half flaccid which isn't helping anything.

And stretching and exercise will definitely help. You'll feel better overall and bloodflow will improve.

Good luck champ.
>First learn to relax, let the muscle get into a more functional state - this could also include massages and rolling

cool...will doing some cardio in general also reinvigorate it? id like to try that first

File: low quality GIOYC img.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Didn't see a thread. Time to start one. If only taking initiative for truly productive things were as fulfilling as this.
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How the fuck did I never get a girlfriend
Everyone seems to imply or question if I have one and I cant find something in myself that is so off
Ive seen worse people having cute gfs but never me what the fuck is actually happening holy shit
Yeah, for real and the worst part is that it’s baked into the nature of men
Hookup culture is so prominent in lgbt community, it's so hard to meet people outside of that kind of thing e.g Grindr. It sucks, also literally every time I have met someone they have all turned out to be just like the stereotype: over the top, flamboyant, fucking exhausting to be around. why can't I find someone normal desu
How would you describe yourself?
quiet guy, living chill normie emo fag life

File: 1539629326437[1].png (1.58 MB, 2200x874)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Has anyone weaned themselves off 4chan? Or found a RL replacement?

I'm genuinely sick of 4chan, it's now a hollow shell of itself and the average anon age seems to be in the teens. No real conversations to be had and everything can be derailed in an instant. This anonymous thing is not working anymore and I'd like to be able to talk to people with some persistence.

For a while I was able to cobble together a faux-social circle out of work colleagues and people I knew from school but it fell apart after I lost my job.
Unironically just remove yourself from the board by one degree. Start branching out into any off-board communities you might happen to find, discords, teamspeak servers, IRC servers, etc, leave any that are cancerous and stay in ones that are alright. These days they tend to be populated with either rank newfag teenagers or old age trying to have better conversations. I'm in three different 4chan groups of various ages, one I've been in for about 8 years. They're great guys.

But yeah the board has tanked HARD on every front and it went into overdrive the past two or three years, and ain't no way to go but down.
>or oldfags
Fucking autocorrect.

File: 1535459260383.jpg (51 KB, 466x493)
51 KB
Why is life so dull and uninteresting when I'm sober? I feel like I'm just in limbo and I'm not truly living it unless I'm drinking or taking drugs (anything from opiates to psychedelics)
I've been feeling the same way recently. During one of my trips I started questioning the reason why I was taking drugs. I guess it was to actually feel something different. I've been living the same way for the last 5 or so years so I think I just have to break my routine and try new things. I recently started uni and started going to parties and bars with new friends ( activity which was out of my comfort zone) and I had a lot of fun. But after I realised that these people werent really interested in me but in my other 2 friends which I usually hang out with I just decided not to bother them and drift away from the group. Then after I setteled into my old habits I started to get hammered again, took lsd and mdma and had a great time.
Last year after my birthday (Unemployed, depressed, big plans destroyed --possibly by parents--, got more bday money than expected) I said 'fuck it' and stayed in hostels at the nearest interesting city outside of the state (for me, that's Melbourne, Victoria).
Ended up picking strawberries in Tasmansia, dead broke, worked on a watermelon farm in a desert, Then went on Tour as musician support act with some guy I met in Melbourne.

Living random beaches in a tent, spooning Guitar every night, busking for money because Broke-- end up flying home after getting flight money from 2 hour busk+ sleeping under a bridge to not pay for hostel.

I don't know if it's being away from the internet/social media, forced interactions with new people-- but you just feel ALIVE. in the good, in the bad, ALIVE. I've never experienced anything like it

File: Ptbw9yH.jpg (47 KB, 800x522)
47 KB
It's 13:13pm and I want to kill myself again. If I don't get to vent somewhere I don't know what I will do.
No, it's not because I am mentally ill.
Yeah I know it's a fucking pepe but I have nothing else that fits this.

I was on the tram. Looking behind me, I saw a very beautiful girl looking at me. She looked angry and she had a hoodie on. I had no idea why she looked so angry.

I look a few meters away from her, where a homeless man is standing with his dog. She stared at him angrily and in disappointment. I presumed maybe he slapped the dog and she did not like it. I get up to leave the tram.

As I am outside the closing doors, I see the guy is hitting his dog because it dared to perk its head up from underneath his feet. It was a medium sized dog, but very thin. Through the already closed doors I see this guy throwing his dog around on the floor and hitting it in anger while everyone watches.

No one did anything. Not that I know of.
I feel so angry. This is why I choose to never go out of my room. This was the one time this week I went out to buy myself a videogame, and I see this.

Tonight I will go out again to drink until I can't remember this. This is why I hate humans and why I hate this world.
This world truly is awful and I have never hated anything more than living in it.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Beating s dog is a crime, anyways. You should've taken the chance to set an example.
I wish. By the time I knew what was happening, the doors were already closed.
I just have no hope for this world anymore.

Besides even if I fully saw what he was doing while I was there, I am probably too weak to do anything, on the inside at least. The moment I saw what he did I wanted to beat the fucking shit out of him but I'm probably just going to beat myself up now.

Guys like him don't deserve to live though, and the fact that they do proves how much this world is worth living in.
You have a case of Special Snowflake syndrome. It is not uncommon in teenagers. But if you show the signs as an adult you need to consult a mental health professional.
So do nothing and whinge like a faggot?


Just do us a fav and don’t post here again if you’re not going to listen and enact the cure to your problems. We get enough wastes of atoms on here.
Wasn't claiming to be anything, fuck you, I was just venting about something that pissed me off.

Fuck you, I'll post wherever the fuck I want, the Internet is free you dumb nigger shit.

File: 1537380408331.jpg (105 KB, 1024x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>be me
>never have good luck with the ladies despite being 7'5" with a 12" cock
>meet girl on tinder
>message for a bit
>go to Omaha to see her
>stay up late and end up making out a bit at the end
>feel a little better cuz first physical contact in over 1 (one) year
>start texting her the next day, shes young and kinda awkward but also pretty and funny
>start maybe catching babby feels for this tinderella
>another day passes
>open up tinder cuz lol boredom
>heart stops
>first girl to pop-up is my ex-girlfriend
>had painful breakup, blame myself for it, never really got over her despite 2 years time
>she super-liked me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>never have good luck with the ladies despite being 7'5" with a 12" cock
ever occur to you girls don't like liars
Lurk moar

Girlfriend wants me to be more Manly WTF does that even mean?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Based and redpilled
Means that you have to look for a new girlfriend
Oh boy, not good at all.

She has met a manly man and going through the compare/contrast part of the decision making process to justify cheating or at worst leaving you for him. The ask is intended to be ambiguous to assure you cannot deliver and she will blame you for it and justify what she wants to do. Its the cowards way. Its intended to belittle you and elevate the other man.
/fit/ + /lit/ + /fa/
>Eat her pussy.
Enjoy your throat cancer

File: 1522706051309.png (72 KB, 250x250)
72 KB
So i have this plant in my window (peperomia caperata), and since the leaves cover up the edges etc i usually lift it up by holding my hands around the base leaves.
Worked fine for a month now but this time the entire plant loosened from its pot and came out. I replanted it to best of my peasant abilities.
And my concern is: Will the roots now regrow/move down to the base of the pot where the water is?. Or have i killed the plant?.
Signed: Adult male worried about plant.

File: 1527927703584.png (1 KB, 400x400)
1 KB
Is it really a bad thing to work to make yourself more attractive to men or women?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because generally speaking, it's best to be self-motivated than others-motivated. It's better to not care about what others think.

But, the thing is, others-motivation is better than no motivation. If it takes the prospect of positive regard from the opposite sex, even, on the context of sexual attraction, then that's fine. It's better than never getting off your ass and getting fat/ugly. The journey towards productivity and success may also develop you for the better. It will almost certainly open opportunities you'd never have otherwise - If you work to achieve productive goals (like getting a good job or getting fit) for whatever reason, it has a flow-on effect for other parts of your life, and the people around you.

And the kicker is, sex-focussed-motivation is one of the biggest, most significant, and ancient biological phenomena for humans. The drive to act to be attractive for sex is the reason we're even here, and so powerful snd accomplished as a species.
thanks for the post. It feels like you read my mind because I had those thoughts too but omitted them
[Citation needed]
I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge now that confidence is everything with women
It is bad because your goal is dumb. What's the point of being attractive to men and women?

Make something useful out of your life, wanting to be attractive is just a false sense of security.

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