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File: 1496132286310.png (42 KB, 655x509)
42 KB
Alright lads I'm a good looking, masculine, tall, dark-haired sperg and I had my first proper date yesterday ever. I also have social anxiety and if you want to hear about the first date I've ever had (not proper because well...) I didn't even stand near the girl nevermind talk to her haha.

This date though went really fucking well and I feel I came across as an alpha because most of my fears and inhibitions went away and we were flirting so much. It's funny the first date I had was with an ugly girl and I was nervous, this date was with a super hot girl I've liked for a long time and I was confident as fuck.

Anyway by the end of the date she was literally biting my fucking nipples and she wanted to fuck, I also remember when we were in each other's arms her staring at me, almost as if she wanted me to kiss her, but I don't know how so I didn't.

I don't know what to do lads, I'm a KV and I wanted to kiss her but I didn't know how so I just hugged her and she was visibly annoyed after that lol. But I made it up to her I guess by being flirty and jokey but still no kissy kissy.

Question = how to kiss someone and should I wear condom in sex how safe is it and how much pleasure does it remove?

btw translate this so you get a better idea of the situation: on beş yaşındayım - altyaşım lütfen beni bildirme
reeee help
> how to kiss someone
Jesus, you put your lips against her lips. You don't need a fucking internship. Google it, if you're that desperate.

> should I wear condom in sex

> how safe is it
According to Wikipedia, pregnancy rates are 2% with perfect use and 18% with typical use. They're pretty safe, the biggest risks are breaking and sliding off. Make sure you don't use expired condoms or leave them in unsafe conditions (inside your car may be too hot, and in your wallet it will be constantly wearing off).

> how much pleasure does it remove?
No idea. And neither will you until you've got a stable relationship, unless you want to have a baby in your hands just because you wanted to fuck her raw.
>lips against her lips
what do I do with my tongue

also I keep my condoms in my wardrobe

is that ok?
>what do I do with my tongue

IMO French kissing isn't as good as regular kissing and tends to be more sloppy

Just softly, but passionately interlock lips and repeat

Hola todos, I'm white and I speak a conversational bit of Spanish and I badly want to pick up latina women who are at least as thick as pic related (yup, chubby chaser). In honesty, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything more attractive to me and aside from ordering at restaurants, I really don't have much experience or knowledge as to how to talk to latinos in general. I'm 21 and have relatively little experience with dating and hookups anyway as I've only had a couple of flings and never an LTR. I always enjoy talking to these people, though, as they always seem quite friendly. I just want advice on forming relationships and getting in on that guapa gordita.
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BTW post ur snapchat I'll fallow I promise
I just wanted to know if you wanted to talk 1 on 1. My email is: haremking4ever@gmail.com

If you have discord mine is: it'spepenotpepe#4481

I don't have normie-chat but you can also contact me on instagram.
btw my gmail is just for when meeting people. It's not my actual email since that's for personal stuff and it has my real name in it.
Well IDK they just do I guess
A-Are you still there?

File: Woman pumping gas.png (1.73 MB, 988x1487)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
What would you do in this situation, /adv/
Certainly not make a cringy facebook post
I would assume I would refuel my car
I don't drive or know shit about pumping gas. If I ever get a gf should I pump the gas for her?

File: Get_it_off_your_chest.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Vent your frustrations, write those letters, ask for advice, and confess those sins of yours. Let it out!
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"Hearings are used to determine temporary orders and some procedural matters. The trial is where both parties present evidence and arguments for the judge to use in making a final decision. The court generally does not allow witnesses until the trial."

It's probably just a hearing. It was bad but there was no immediate danger for the child in CPS eyes
So hearings aren't just SOP? It means things really were bad and it's not my imagination? How common is it to get a hearing after a home visit?
>takes ages to reply to my messages
>complains on her tumblr that people are taking ages to reply to her messages
Gee, I wonder why
Sean, did you realize I was hitting on you?
Nice try, you control freak. You can't put your chains on me. You must have one big fucking ego, though, to know that and to try anyway.
But that's fine, because I know you do this out of sheer desperation at this point. Ha, it hurts you to have someone turn their back on you and ignore you, when you crave attention and you want to talk with that one specific person.

Big fucking guts, though.
>if you won't tell me what is wrong with you, I'll just ask your friends
Good luck, you think I tell anyone except fellow fuckbuckets on 4chan?

File: 8.png (216 KB, 210x245)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
So, here's the story:

After two years and a half of relationship with my (first) girlfriend we came to the conclusion that we had to have a break. To make it short, our sex life was completely ruined by her libido, we went from having sex at least four times a week to once every two weeks (or even once a month sometimes). So, first we started to think that it was a side-effect of her birth control pills, but after maybe two months she started to think that it had some sort of connection with her feelings. And thus this idea grew in her idea, and yesterday she told me that she didn't know if she loved me anymore nor happy with me. Because I love her so much and because her happiness is what counts for me the most, I asked her to think about what she really wanted and that she didn't have to be scared if she wanted to leave me.
Yesterday, when we woke up, we spoke for a bit and she told me that if was over.

We hung out today (because we are on holidays at a friend's and so we are stuck with each other until tomorrow) and she kept holding my hand and hugging me, but when I went for her hand she rejected me and told me that it wasn't right to do this, because she didn't know about her feelings and that she felt completely lost.
I also looked into her phone and she told her best friend that she couldn't bear to be with me anymore, that it hurt her and she wanted to leave.

Here's the problem, she considers that we are on a break, and she told me that she needed space to think about it.

So, here's my question guys: What should I do if she comes back ? Should I accept ? Or reject her ?

I know that it must be really confusing, but that's what happened (not detailed ofc), plus English is not my native language.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Is there any way to raise the self esteem of people I know?
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Cocaine and alcohol works as a temporary, yet volatile solution :)
are you a girl?
Fuck them.

Don't fuck your friends though. It ends in nothing but trouble.
It'd work only if they're not too close of a friends. If they are it's a false hope and will result in very bad situation imo. But if OP is a random friend and just feels bad for duud, that might work.
How do you know they have low self esteem. By looking at them? Are they intimitated by your presence?Probably its shyness, an introvert or some people just dont give a damn about todays society and hate everything what it represents. Take someone from /pol/, you wouldn't be able to talk to one of those normally because he has his mind made up and hates smalltalk about nu-male beta cuck meta shit. So there are no self esteem problems but rather disgust.

Not enough background info on what it might be..

Or you have a r9k whose social experience is based of his internet clique, so he is simply not used to being outside around ppl. So you either force him to go with you and he will -learn- if he wants to. If he doesn't... Well...
The main person I'm thinking of is actually quite extroverted, they just make a lot of self deprecating jokes and for reasons I can't say, clearly have a lot of problems.
But I'm mainly takling about a general thing, like how could I improve the self esteem of those I'm around daily. (eg frequent compliments)

File: F1.large.jpg (98 KB, 1280x854)
98 KB
Has anyone here fixed Scapular Winging? If yes how did you go about doing it?
yes i have the biggest ones I ever saw on somebody. Start pull-ups and you will get the nicest back of your friends.
Yes. By lifting heavy weights 3 times a week with a barbell at gym.
get fit or fat

File: man_despair.jpg (223 KB, 1600x800)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I've been in the military for 1 year:
- I hate my fucking job and it's unfullfilling. It's also a non-maintenance job so people always shit talk about it.
- My co-workers are always chewing me out and insult.
- I fucking hate my work enviroment, It tears mypride and dignity down a little bit everyday.
-I fucking hate having working under other people. I'm not passionate about my job so I only give 50% -60% effort most of the time and as a result I'm treated like an idiot and written up constantly.
- I FUCKING HATE THE MILITARY. I'm conspiracy theorist and I'm 99% certain we fight for zionist freemason psychotpaths rather than for america's freedom.

I can't even fuck or hit on girls because being in the military completely drains my essence ad dignity. I've contemplated suicide multiple times.

The main reason i haven't left the military is because I'm lazy, insecure, and have a low IQ thus can't think of any profitable business ideas that would enable me to live independent of the military. So i'm forced to live like a fucking parasite and fucked up the ass by superiors.

What do i do? What other options do i have?

please ask your superiors to let you see a therapist.

File: images-8.jpg (8 KB, 290x174)
8 KB
I need serious advice about brainwashing.

My girlfriend I've been with for over a year has ended up brainwashed by her female friend who has hated me since day 1. This is because my girlfriend has a weak personality and self-esteem, and she's in a quite sad period in her life right now and lost her dog just recently too.

She has turned my girlfriend into trying Vegan and the next step is being a feminist.

How do I reverse this shit? I literally want to throw acid on her friends ugly face right now. Her friend hates me and does this to control her and turn my girlfriend against me. But if i tell my girlfriend to choose between me or her, I feel like I have no momentum behind me right now. But also, time is against me.

She's been tricked into starting Veganism, take hot yoga classes with these hippie fuckers and buy organic food n shit from a hipster convenience store. The only thing left for her is to vote leftist and become a feminist. Then she's one of them. One of the problem with this world.

What the fuck can I do? If she has been brainwashed this easily, shouldn't I be able to easily reverse this if I play my cards right and show her the light again

TL;DR: My girlfriend has become brainwashed into a Vegan bitch by her friend, how do I reverse this?
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You only lose when you give up. If every man would give up on their girls then truly we are cucks and deserve nothing less.

I'd rather die than becoming a cucked beta. I literally hope that her friend got acid in her face because she deserve it.

I want to end this shit with a bang and know that I did all I could do to reverse this shit. Seeing the one you love turn brainwashed into a zombie you don't even recognize is the most heartbreaking thing that could happen. If you love someone and they die, at least you know that your love would always stay pure but seeing her turn into something obnoxious and live on by always being reminded forever that you did nothing to help her find the light again is worse.
Get your girl into scat. It's the only way, bro.
Those girls are average in my opinion.

>I'd rather die than becoming a cucked beta.

But anon, you are already a cucked beta, and in the worst sense too. You got cucked by your ex-girlfriend's female friend. It's even more pathetic than being cucked by some guy, because sex is just sex, there could always be some handy explanation, she was feeling lonely, you were not there and thr bull was a nice guy... That friend managed to change your ex-girlfriend's worldview and implement new set of values.

You lost, deal with it.
Hey Norge bro,

Norway could be a serious alternative since it's close to Sweden. Can you give me any advice?

What area or city of Norway should I go if I want to find pure good looking blonde girls who are right-wing, intelligent and redpilled?

Kind of like how Swedish girls used to be portrayed as before we got invaded and mixed by the shitskins.

What kind of work can I do as a Swede?

Also, how's immigration and those problems in Norway? Did they cleanse the land from that shit yet?

File: uecq4eou45az.jpg (109 KB, 640x960)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
How do I find out what I really love doing?

I have a bunch of hobbies I enjoy, but I can't think of any the possible career paths they could have in which I would excel at. I don't feel any 'calling'.

I really like arts as in film and music specially, I read a lot of critics and thought about being one, but I don't think I could *excel* being one nor that I'd be happy working in that.

So, how do you find a calling?

File: 1494800914883.jpg (80 KB, 700x618)
80 KB
I have been working at a wastewater plant for about three years living at home. City benefits are great and since I’m living at home I can afford traveling. However the job is not very sociable and there is plenty of overtime. About two months back I went to work 18 days straight. 50k a year is nice, but it aint enough nowadays. I plan on leaving in January.

I have always wanted to learn a 2nd language, but I do not plan on dropping 40k going back to school. Does anyone have any suggestions for industries to break into or programs?
So the main questin is about learning a second language?

/int/ is about learning new languages. Online is a lot of "free" stuff you can work with or just buy a simple textbook about grammar, look up some translated tv shows, try to read children books. You can do this like all the time, wont limit your work and is not a responsibility that is incriminating once you start and dont want to do anymore.

Like is this even a real question

File: 1500684300330.jpg (92 KB, 445x594)
92 KB
I want to use condoms in sex. My wife has an IUD but I like using a condom as well as a backup. However she doesn't like condoms because she doesn't like the interruption to sex and because she says she has an IUD anyway. However, it makes me feel better and more in control.

What complicates it is that we had sex for years without condoms, just the IUD and it worked fine. However between IUDs we used condoms and now I've started using one it makes me feel much more relaxed and I don't want to go back.

So we have one vote for condoms and one not. How do we reconcile this?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I was conceived while my mother had an IUD... just food for thought.
Well, I brought it up and she got really upset and angry, said I was being paranoid and treating her like a sex object. Said I was being irresponsible because I didn't want to do the decent thing should she get pregnant and that I don't trust her when she says she doesn't want kids. Mental. She says a backup is not necessary.

Am I being paranoid? Are two contraceptive methods too many?
No, but she's nuts. Just go get a vasectomy or a divorce...or both.

>why are you married when you dont want children and sole though about making her pregnant scares you so much?

Because she says she doesn't want them either.

>why did you marry person who you dont even trust in anticonception / not forcing you to be a dad in the first place?

I don't trust ANY woman 100%. Apart from my own mother.
that must have been a fun thing for you to learn.

File: 1465065187632.jpg (19 KB, 426x333)
19 KB
so i forgot about my friends wedding. Its happening now several states away, and they asked if I was going to make it.

What do?

File: fleshlight.jpg (57 KB, 1024x577)
57 KB
Femanon in a relationship , where there is an expectation of a lot of sex. How do I know that I'm viewed as more than just a willing set of holes to put a dick in?
Do you ever spend time together without having sex? Do you have good conversations?
Women have a lot to learn. A lot.
You probably are just that. If you let them, men will treat you like a cumrag.
Does it matter?

File: Fag.jpg (105 KB, 452x818)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I need an ip blocker. Any recommendations?
Use the hosts file
you can block the ip from rooter just go o something like that

What does that mean? I don't know too much about this stuff. I'm just trying to hide from eBay.
hide from ebay? as in you want to hide your IP address from ebay for some reason? you're looking for a proxy or vpn then. masking your IP address is only a small part of anonymization though. If you log into your ebay account with your new IP they'll instantly link it to you.

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