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File: gender-312411_1280.png (110 KB, 1280x1023)
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110 KB PNG
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

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Well shit. we never talked sexual or anything the first 3 weeks. She did hint she wanted to have sex last night, but when I said we should wait longer she seemed totally fine with it. Her attitude didn’t seem to change until she was startled that I’ve only been with 1 girl before.
> "shit, if he only had 1 gf and he's 29, then it means no other girl wanted him
>Thought no girl ever
You are lying through your teeth.
>That sounds pretty fucking judgemental.. and I try my fucking best to not judge girls for being sluts...
Everyone judges. The "I don't judge" is a meme and bait for you to admit things you WILL be judged for. Just lie that you've had 3-4 girlfriends. This seems to be the safe number for them.

She does want good dicking most likely, yeah, but that's as a long term partner. Girls want everything in a guy these days. Won't go with compromises. Every single girl I'd talk to would eventually admit she loves getting fucked crazy.

It's different for girls though. I for one have fucked a plenty but that's mostly because I want sex and well... it's actually easier to find sex than long term relationships. I wanted an LTR but none have worked and it wasn't even my fault.

This is your typical girl logic though. I'm not lying. I've talked to plenty of girls and they admitted that. I even fucking argued with them that it's retarded but they wouldn't listen.
I have a friend who is a slut. She usually has these 3-6 month flings with guys.

She doesn't want ONS, but she is just looking for sex. She is fine waiting a month or two, in the end it is supposed to be comfortable and nice sex, but she goes into every relationship with the mindset that this won't last more than half a year at most.

She would never date a guy who wanted a long term relationship, nor would she sleep with him. She has too much respect for people who want serious relationships to do that. She just can't do it herself.

It's the Tindergirl syndrome.
>Every single girl I'd talk to would eventually admit she loves getting fucked crazy
Obviously, but a guy can do that whether he has has 0 or 50 girls before.

>It's different for girls though
No it's not. I am a girl, and I would never consider a manslut, even for a serious long term relationship. I wouldn't trust him to have changed.

>This is your typical girl logic though. I'm not lying
That's because you only talk to turbosluts then.

File: 1445680960770.jpg (37 KB, 400x386)
37 KB
What do women even find attractive? I'm 5'3 and seriously considering just giving up and giving in to the wizardry ways.
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This, except it's not easy.
I personally have had long periods of being out of a relationship. When I start a new relationship the girl always questions why I was single so long before.
It was that thing of not putting myself out there and taking enough risks to meet people.
This except it starts being easy after the not easy part.
Literally just don't be a needy beta tryhard fag
Indeed it's hardest at the start and gets easier.

File: he-hates-it-1595419.png (94 KB, 500x397)
94 KB
Why is every single woman aged 20-26 already in a relationship?
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This is what will happen.

You’ll stay single and build yourself while girls are spending those same years slutting around. When you’re in your late twenties/early thirties. Those exact same girls will be tired of wearing out their pussies and will decide they want to settle for a nice guy. So Stacy will find you, you’ll date and eventually marry her. You’ll have kids with her and support her off your salary while she’s a stay at home mom. This is the reality of the situation.

“One (Multiple) men’s trash is another man’s treasure”
It's true.
The guys sleeping with these easy girls when in their 20s won't marry them, they'll have nothing to do with them at 30.

you are some fucked up individuals
honestly believing the world is against first world boys
Incels from /r9k/ invade here sometimes.
Yes. the roasties will marry nice guys who invested their time in their career and goals instead of fucking around. It’s how it always is. It’s very unfortunate that nice guys get stuck with the used up whores. But it’s just how it is

Nice guys always finish last.

My gf just said she’s pregnant. What are my legal options? Can I run? Jon Snow did just fine, and he was a bastard.
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File: IMG_20180726_004513.png (121 KB, 686x168)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
I'd never thought I'd ever had a use for this. To be frank however; you dug yourself into a corner
What’s worse is she can file suit in the country you move to. Or she can potentially domesticate a judgment against you in the other country. You really can’t escape unless you can disappear into China and assume a new identity.
Why did you have unprotected sex?
Yes, you are financially obligated but more importantly, abandonment by a parent leaves a gaping hole. I know you're young but this child will need a father.
How old are you

>Be 30 M
>Single for a year, been sleeping around and going on dates (3-4 dates a week, multiple fwbs)
>Not expecting to catch feels. Basically think I am a robot.
>Catch feels for amazing girl.
>Put off sex with her and have sex with two fwbs to see if we have a deep connection independent of my libido.
>Have deep connection, start fucking after a month of delay and going away for a weekend.
>Get rid of all fwbs and delete all that app shit.
>More dating over two months
>Ask her one night if she wants a relationship.
>Replies she needs to go slow and is recovering from a break up.
>Tells me she is only seeing me and often thinks about having a relationship with me, but wants to feel emotionally right before committing.
>Alright, she has her own stuff to sort out.

So, any lady anons out there care to tell me what's the go here? Even you guy anons can chip in if you got some thoughts. Am I overthinking it?
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Mm, I think I recognise that, and respect her own wellbeing being her centre. I would not say she is the centre of mine either; she is a welcomed and wanted addition, but I have a life outside of her.

I guess that makes it easier being in limbo, eh?
>multiple dates
>multiple FwB
>keeps fucking FwB while you like another girl

You sound like a fucking mess desu, lmao
Continue to do what you do, maybe stop with sex until you two get together. Either you Will or it Will turn out she Just wants sex
>I spent time in therapy
it wasn't very long but whatever. What you fail to consider is some may want to be alone with no attachment so they can be themselves. She knows she made a mistake having sex with you and wants distance to get back on track.

I do want you to consider that having 3-4 dates weekly and screwing every girl for a year does not prove you are being vulnerable. It proves you expend most of your energy engaging in sex with multiple women and recruiting more constantly. To me, even if she was ready, no way would I believe you are.
he does and I bet his therapist still thinks so

How do you enjoy the single life? I'm surrounded by people in relationships. I know I need to meet with new people but I am really awkward with starting conversations with 4chan to easily start talking. Any ideas to celebrate the single life, and celebrate freedom from the chains of relationships.

>Pic related: my spirit animal

File: 7c9.png (97 KB, 790x773)
97 KB
Last 4 relationships have ended the same
>you dont want to go out
>you always on the computer
>always playing video games
>i dont like the games you play (never plays any games despite stating the opposite during initial dates)

during the first date i lay it out that i am selfish with my time and prefer to spend nearly all the time on the computer/games/inside, my schedule is pretty much work, gym, home, game, to which the response is "i like/dislike the same things you like/dislike
then about 4 months into it, as the complaints pile up about how im distant, i ignore her, i never want to go out, etc. i remind her that i made it abundantly clear the things i do that make me a bad fit for most people which then garners the response "i thought you were exaggerating/making jokes" this I follow with the breakup line, and go back to wondering just wtf.

i dont get it. I paint an ugly picture of myself during the initial phase so that a proper decision can be rendered and nobody's time is wasted, yet, the other party ignores all of this and only understand later after months have been wasted.

File: 1515442516454(1).jpg (48 KB, 400x400)
48 KB
I am a female and confused. Maybe someone takes his time to help me. Do guys prefer a housewife or a woman who works for her own money and is indepandent? I often hear that men complain about also working for the needs of their wife. But otherwise there are men who complain about women in the worklife. If I would have kids and a household I would like to pay my full attention to these things and not having a job nearby. But then I would have to rely on my husband that he pays for the things I need. The other option would be getting a good job by my own. Sure I couldnt compete with the best men and their big passion in my work area (design) but I still am pretty good to keep a good income. But when I pay my attention on my career I couldnt concentrate on the other things I would like to have in my future (family, household, gardening etc). Do men blame the woman for relying on the men and not having a career? I also would kinda feel bad not relying on myself. But if I want a nice family I think I would be forced to. Do men have this big need of a family too or why is it so easy for them to choose the career? Especially in a society where everybody tends to focus on that (man and woman). And another problem I have is that I feel like wasting myself in terms of my design and art skills if I choose family. I could be very good and would also be able to deal with everything that comes along with a career and otherwise am afraid I will get dumb if I dont develop in something relevant where I will be forced to constently learn new things. I dont want to end like the dumb housewife who never experienced the reality and what comes along with being a relevant worker. Iam just confused with what I want to do in my future, what is compatible with my requires, what is right and wrong, please help. I dont know who else I should contact with my questions where i get honest advice.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you
Hi, older guy close to Germany here with a well paid job.
Honestly it's going to depend on the guy and how high the cost of living is where you live.

I'm highly paid but I also live in one of the more expensive cities in the world. Personally I'd prefer to work together with my wife to build up some savings over the course of at least a few years, and then decide based on finances whether or not she should continue working or should quit and spend more time on the kids.

But ultimately it's going to be something that varies from couple to couple depending on the preferences of both. Don't just bend over and accept whatever a guy wants you to do either. How you want to live should guide whether or not you stay with him.

So figure out the answer to this question: do you want to focus more on a career or more on kids? Neither answer is a bad one, it just depends on what you want out of life.
the option is you do both you stupid whores, this american meme of you are either a carrierist whore or a houswife gotten too far

you find a nice guy you like, you marry him, you go to uni and you got to fucking university, shit out a baby or two, work, keep shitting out more babies, you dont stress your guy to earn more and more, you dont expect a car for your own, you expect holidays abroad twice a year

but since most of western europe is extremely generous about raising a family you will still be okay and once you stopped making babies, you will have a family, a career and a loving husband
also raising children is not a fucking job at this age, neither maintaining a househole, switch on the dishwasher, nuke the food, put the cloths in the drier, very tiresome

kids were brought up before this age too without moms and dads watching them 24/7 and maybe they grew up to be more lively, not like todays generation who cant even change a lightbulb or ask a girl out

File: pxRl5le.jpg (378 KB, 1234x675)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
How Do I Become Rich?
I'm 26yr Neet

The second thread I made in advice and no one replied.
Just the past few days when I would take a shit my anus stings afterwards and when I wipe it's a little bloody and when I sit down if feels like I have a thumbtack in the side of my ass. I ate a lot of fiber and it hasn't helped. I'm too scared to ask my parents. Please I need advice it's been fucking terrible.
Tell your parents and go to a doctor
I'll try but she's always working
Schedule a physical for whatever reason and bring it up with the doctor.
Will I have to have surgery or something?
You might be acidic. Try taking over the counter antacids first but if it doesn't go away, go to a doc immediately

>be me, faggot and don't have bf
>has friends, friends also has gf
>be a no life and shitty csgo and ow players
>I have anger issue myself recently, friends tell me I raged a lot lately
>always has to carry them in ow but I'm decent in csgo, friend's gf always complaining when we lose in ow where I'm always on fire in ow.
>we played csgo last night with friends and friend's gf
>"anon why we lose last time, is it your fault??? x5 times since the game started"
>I finally raged to friend's gf because she's useless and kept nagging me why I can't carry them
>I got banned from friend group after that shitstorm
>university soon
>don't have university friend yet thanks to my awkwardness
>my families are working in foreigner countries rn
>now I'm alone and prob dying inside because I'm now truly alone
>took a lot of anti depressing pill, doesn't do shit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I want implants really really badly. I've had 3 kids and breastfeed them, my boobs now look like empty skin flaps, it's really horrible and embarrassing. I can't even stand to take my shirt off in front of my husband. We're not poor but my husband just started a new job, we just moved and bought a new house that took up almost all our savings and with 3 little kids to pay for we don't have like 10g just laying around to pay for new boobs. How can I find another way to pay for them? Any ideas?
102 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hahaha I've sold pics of my feet for more money then that before. Your poor
How can you reduce an a cup, you mean get a massectamy pretty much?
Na I look good everywhere else and such dick like a champ. Also he's so annoyed by most females, he dosent have a high enough sex drive to want to deal with talking to them to get them into bed.
>he's so annoyed by most females
oh honey..
No hes really is, by almost all people period. We live in a very small town, people are nice but dumb and fat. I'm literally the most in shape female in the whole town. Even with messed up tits. If he found one worth fucking I'd be shocked.
so you're in the midwest

File: 1531449520515.jpg (113 KB, 1167x700)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I'm seeing my therapist for a first real session tomorrow and I'm going to tell her why I'm suicidal.

What's the best way to go about this without getting thrown in a psych ward or in prison?

Please Help.
46 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I will probably find another therapist anyways since this one isn't even covered by my insurance.

At least your parents didn't pay for your school and guilt you into staying in something you didn't want to do.

>What was the degree in?
engineering but not the kind I wanted (but I'm also not smart enough to do what I want so it's hopeless anyways)
>You're 24, move somewhere you've always wanted to see.
I don't have the money.
>All emotions are based on wrong perceptions.
Why would my perceptions be wrong in any way?
>Ask your therapist about doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
I already did

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
When you are able to I would change jobs. I've never heard of a job that used a goal for starting wage
Lol you can't kill yourself in a psych ward. You ever been in one, I have and it is eminently possible as long as you don't tip your hand

File: 464534.gif (425 KB, 268x270)
425 KB
425 KB GIF
It's happening. Tomorrow I will have a coffee date with a girl I like a lot. However, I am freaking out. Please give me advice. I would like to avoid the friendzone as much as possible.


- I have had very few "first date" experiences. Most of them resulted in friendzoning.
- I was only once in a relationship, for five years. It did not end well, as the girl was mentally disturbed and was not listening to her therapist.
- I am not ugly, nor hot. I am not awkward and I know how to be funny. However, I feel like people enjoy my company and then forget about me.
- I have already met this girl. Two years ago. She was a colleague of my ex. We did not talk again until the beginning of August, when we started chatting online.
- The coffee date had to wait until now because she was away.
- During this month I texted her every other day or so. I did so to avoid to seem clingy. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we discussed serious stuff.
- However, she initiated a chat only once. And usually, she was the one who, politely, ended the conversations. However, she never felt bored or forced, while texting with me.
- When we started chatting she almost immediately shared details of her private life. In particular, she revealed she was previously in a relationship with a mentally disturbed guy, and that this left her with no faith in relationships. I told her about my very similar case, involving her colleague... She assured me she is not a friend of her, and that she had no idea about my situation.

I am infatuated with this girl, and this is not something that happens a lot to me. I always have a hard time finding a girl I really like, and I am not talking about appearance (she is also hot, though, and she knows...).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm sorry to say this. but this is a common occurrence for us girls. Really sound like she already think of you as a friend. Coffee dates are usually this.

You don't need to drop hints, we know. So just relax, be confident and nice. Try to enjoy the moment instead of trying to control the situation. We pick up on that. Trying less might be thing that get her attention. Good luck :)

Plastic bag suicide will only work if you're so high you don't give a fuck that theres not enough air to breathe anymore. So my question is whats the best drug to achieve this state of mind. Like whats the best clinical drug that will do the job, whats the easiest street drug to get that will suffice, ECT. I know that youre supposed to take an antihistamine an hour before you plan on doing this to make sure you dont vomit during this process. And dont give me the whole "Don't jump" horsedick, ive been suicidal for 15 years and I've tried many times before and ill try again inevitably and you have no control over this and I'm not going to explain why I hate existing, so just humor the question
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I mean you can just get some nitrogen at the store right?

I have a good paying job and I'm pretty successful because in a hard worker so I'm suicidal much different reasons than youre average person. I fail to see how this would be "a lot of work" unless nitrogen is like hard to get or something. You could just use a pump to funnel the nos into your bag, not world class engineering or anything
Dude you should totally go Photoshop a picture of the back,of someones head with an arrow pointing to exactly where you're talking about
Yes that's pretty much it. I would still mix in taking a fatal amount of opiates right before the act. So what is it? Medical reasons?
*shrug* sure

this is like a miserable existence experience though, and Im used to it, so I would explain it casually but its torture. Im not trying to dig pity or anything, but your suggestion there is pretty viable and might actually help me, so ill just let you know since you're asking. thank you by the way.

I'm just not a person who's supposed to be in existence with other people in general. I have pretty much served my purpose on this planet already, and Im not really excited about the thought of continuing to grow old and just getting worse and more lonely.

This kind of shit builds up in someone over the course of their life, but you know its the usual, I was basically bullied in school which fucked up my social skills to the point of no return. The problem with that for me is that its not fixable because every time I go to see a doctor to maybe help diagnose me with something they say that theres nothing wrong with me because I am able to express my thoughts and emotions intelligibly. I think I might be schizophrenic though.

People get uncomfortable around me very quickly because I have really shitty social skills. I think about shit that I would imagine others are afraid to think about, and sometimes that comes out in my conversation/weird sense of humor which ruins the whole interaction. This is just an example of how I cant fucking connect with any other people at any time ever. Of course if I knew exactly what the problem was, I'd fix it, but no one really is able to verbally assist me with identifying what I do that causes their problem, I usually just get at the end of our interaction a groan and a look of disgust. This comes from men and women. I dont know why.

Anyways, thats a big part of not wanting to keep living, the human soul desires connection with others so even though I use escapism tools to ignore the problem for a little bit, it will just come back and I feel really isolated all the time.
also the reason I say that I've already served my purpose in this life is because of my dad, he passed away a few years ago, and he was my best friend. I was also his caretaker because he was born with Muscular Dystrophy a disease which causes the muscles to deteriorate over time. He would need help with daily tasks such as cooking cleaning bathroom ect. And I started doing stuff like that for him when I was 6. I dropped out of college because I knew that time was coming and I spent as much time with him in the hospital for the whole 9 months or so he was suffering, but the complications just became too great. So now I feel like I dont have a purpose anymore.
The economic construct we have here in America is not very hard to figure out, it only took me 2 years from being a college drop out to having a 50k a year career, and Im not bragging, Im just saying for example that the reason im suicidal is much different than that of a normal person.

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