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File: 1711882239853749.jpg (80 KB, 672x836)
80 KB
Are SNRI's and anti-depressants worth it? do they help? a psychiatrist just prescribed Venlafaxine and Bupropion to me.
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I'm on effexor and it turned me into a normie.
From what I just researched I see that the acronym is NDRI btw (Norepinephrine-Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor). The instance I found of DNRI was regarding methylphenidate, saying that it acts on dopamine more than norepinephrine.

Yeah I found it easier to actually calm myself down using the techniques I learned, and to follow through with productivity, and to be able to think beyond the drumming in my head of "I hate myself and want to die"
I'm envious of people that had success with drugs and therapy. I went through so many drugs and therapists and psych ward stays. Probably spent tens of thousands of dollars when you add it all up and I still feel the exact same way I did over a decade ago. I gave up on trying to get help but I'd recommend you at least try because you might be one of the lucky ones
Do you have CPTSD? Have you ever done EMDR?
No, I went to a CPTSD specialist and I don't have it. Last professional diagnosis I got was major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety. To be honest I think I have a personality disorder that was never diagnosed properly

File: pepe computer.jpg (29 KB, 499x499)
29 KB
What's a better place to ask for advice?

/adv/ or Reddit?
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if you're even allowed to use reddit these days you probably don't belong here. they censor/shadowban any post i try even on new accounts with a vpn. even when im not there to troll, they just know im not a hiveminded commie like them and dont allow me to be seen in their fragile echochamber
sucks because reddit is the #1 only site i know of for getting quick answers on normie things, the site that always comes up when you google something now, and its a censored dictatorship and lot of people don't even know
brutal, chud trying their usual chud advice, sometimes slow
you can't post because not enough karma, your thread was autoremoved ask mods to free it, your thread was removed because you broke a minor rule, advice is like an chatgpt essay and if you ask something they wont respond anymore
Exacrly. All you get from reddit scum are feel good answers that conform to the norm because they're terrified of being their real selves.

4chan will fling so much shite, hate and pain at you that it will force growth and make you find something much more valuable.
Reddit: People who don't know anything acting like they're experts.

/adv/: People who don't know anything being honest about not knowing anything.
i feel like we reach conclusions here and arguments evolve over time

File: 1701354420732029.png (1.11 MB, 734x734)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I am incredibly autistic and I have always struggled to make friends besides the group I grew up with in primary/elementary school. Even then, I've struggled to keep in touch with a lot of them and the ones I do, there's like a week gap between chats and it's usually very small talk, covid fucked this up a lot too. I also managed to find a girl online that seems perfect and we hit it off in the introduction stage but I have no clue how to proceed further and keep it going.

I have no idea how to talk or what to talk about with these people. It also doesn't help that I don't have much going on in my life besides waking up, working from home, playing video games and then going sleep. How do I get past this? I want to have friends, I want to have a wife and I want to have kids but I don't know how I'll ever achieve it.
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Another anon in the exact same situation as OP. Is there any website/app I can use to find autists/adhd people in my city to become friends with? I really don't like interacting with normies, and I'd just like to have a way to only interact with ADHD/Autists.

OP, I'm in the same situation as you, and am too autistic for this world. Send me you contact information and I'll try being your friend
This. Stopped reading after this.
>what if the only hobby I enjoy are single players games? there are just online communities where I can meet people of that kind. and it's extremely diffiucult for me to talk to people online.

So what you do is play your singleplayer game in a VC. But you don’t have to talk, just mute the mic. Use them as a sort of ‘podcast’ to listen to as you game, draw, or write. Anything you want. Do not force yourself to talk when you aren’t yet familiar and comfy enough, you will be, just give yourself time. If anyone asks, tell them the truth that you’re just using them as a podcast to work and tinker away. People enjoy that, it makes them feel all important.

>Is there any website/app I can use to find autists/adhd people in my city to become friends with?
Sure, just type in ‘autistm/adhd community + (your area)’ and see what comes up. Another tip is search for them on discord, on social media like FB if you use FB. I know that might feel like its for normies, but you’ll be surprised. I use an ADHD support group and socialise very well there.

Now not every autist or adhd is gonna be exactly like you. After all we each have different experiences and upbringings. That means diff temperaments and interests. But connecting everyone is the same baseline ‘core’ feeling, the same wavelength. And by joining communities surrounding things like adhd or autism, you guarantee you can comfortably breathe socially and actually connect to others.
this would probably work for me if i had any social skills and wasnt horribly depressed. sorry if it feels like im just making excuses and i appreciate that you took time out of your day to respond but im honestly starting to think im not really cut out for the socializing thing in any capacity
what you desribe is not autism
it's just being a normal person with high social skills

human beings do not ever speak to anyone outside of people they already know or ones met in schools and people only speak to one another about things they know about one another

there's a reason why no one in this thread or ever in human history ever wrote dialogue outside of what you have described, people are not capable of speaking to anyone outside of schools/friends and things they know about one another, it cannot be done

heres'perfect examples, guys just write absolutely nothing at all beyond what you're already doing

human beings do not ever speak outside of what OP has already described, it cannot be physically done, it cannot happen biologically

Human beings cannot speak to one another beyond what Op has descrtibed
speaking involves information meaning you cannot say if you aren't in school or speaking to friends and know things about the person/related to them

File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
Years ago I had a drunken rage episode which caused me to do and say extremely horrible things. The next morning, I woke up with a crushing hangover to find my life was completely destroyed. All my friends messaged me telling me what a horrible person I am and told me to never speak to them again. Years later, I am still completely exiled from society. I have no social contact. I can't get a job. Nobody cares about me. Many people presume me to be dead. I understand what I did and said that night was wrong, but this punishment feels extremely harsh. I don't know how to come back from here.
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I am not an alcoholic though. I didn't even drink that much that night. I just have severe anger management problems, for which there is no cure.

Why are you unable to find more friends and more social groups? Go outside, go to AA, join a sport, take a class, apply for jobs. Are you stupid?
Make new friends, move to a different city, reach out and try to reconnect with people, family? These are all super obvious things, which suggests you've spent no time thinking about a solution. My guess is this is bait and you're trying to get us to ask what you said, but no one cares.
>Why are you unable to find more friends and more social groups?
I'm nearly 30 years old. Making new friends at this age when you have 0 is literally impossible. My previous friendship groups were lifelong friends I knew since I was a teenager.

>Go outside
And do what? I do go outside every day but all I can do is walk around or go to cafes and restaurants by myself.

>go to AA
I'm not an alcoholic.

>join a sport, take a class, apply for jobs
And then what do I do when people ask me things like "do you have any friends?" or "what were you doing for the past few years?"
As soon as people find out what I did they will view me as a savage, irredeemable monster and refuse to speak to me.
I also have a criminal record which makes finding a job very difficult.
>as soon as people find out what I did
*GASP* Anon, pray tell, what edgy thing did you say that fateful night many moons ago?

File: 1559604193309.jpg (19 KB, 600x600)
19 KB
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i ruined or was anxious avoidant with a lot of women in my twenties, and i felt so embarrassed about barely dating that i pushed all my friends away and cut all contacts, and if i played my cards better i could have dated around and found a fulfilling long term relationship by now, and even if i got my social life back we're all old now, and dating women my age fills me with regret as the idea of marrying them means closing the door on that chapter of my life forever feeling like i failed at living the life i wanted to live, so i guess im just fucked innit. It's honestly just easier to find peace in solitude at a certain point. This is a lot to realize and deal with but I think it's gonna be okay.
will my ex girlfriend ever come to her senses and realize that we had a good thing and that all the things she said about us being her best relationship was actually true? Its already been a month and Im accepting things better but I still cant but feel shocked about how it all went down
apologies im trying not to be self loathing but its an issue where i take people at their word when i should be more critical of their actions and intent
File: gamer life.png (146 KB, 388x438)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
I'm such a gamer
i actually feel a lot better after putting this all together. i guess i gotta figure out the new ideal life that can fit into my situation. maybe not having kids isn't a big deal. maybe just living is nice.

I proposed to my GF over the weekend and she’s been upset since then saying it didn’t meet her expectations

We’ve been talking seriously getting married for a while now but she really put the pressure on me to pull the trigger by the end of the month. She’d told me a couple of times she doesn’t care about how I do it and that she just wants me to propose. I took her to the botanical garden at sunset for our proposal and she’s been upset at it not meeting her expectations. She said she wanted it to be more romantic with more flowers and more intimate. She never relayed any of this information to me prior to the proposal. I’m under the impression she wants me to propose.

Should I redo my proposal? I feel like I’ve compromised a lot when it comes to this relationship (agreeing to do the wedding in her home country because it’s too expensive for her family to fly out, giving her full control over all aspects of the wedding, etc) and I’m just feeling kind of attacked. Are my feelings unjustified and should I redo my proposal to try to make it “perfect” for her?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>actually getting married in 2024

Bros I thought we knew better than this, what are you doing?
Thanks for the input. She apologized just now but I’m still feeling pretty upset by it
I would be too man. If you choose to proceed, I'd do so with cautious optimism. I was engaged to a chick last year who was 23 (I was 29). Eventually the silly shit kept coming out, and I had no choice but to kick her to the curb, because she couldn't act right. Had I saw the forest for the trees, I would have put a few things together and saved myself some headache. Just pay attention, people tell you who and what they really are. I truly hope your new fiance isn't anything like how my ex was, and that she was just being silly.

Congrats on your engagement, sorry for that not being the first thing I typed. And remember, you both get to set the timeline for everything. Don't rush if you don't have to
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. I’m glad you were able to get out of that situation and I hope you find that person who makes you happy
Thanks king, I did. It'll be one year in a couple months. You guys decide on a honeymoon spot yet?

File: cuckchair.png (592 KB, 680x850)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
so basically i've been seeing this girl from tinder for a couple years on a transactional basis (me 29 her 27) which is a bit unusual as she doesn't do this professionally. we went on a date and it went pretty badly so i knew she would say no to 2nd date so i offered her money to do dirty things to me, cater to my fetishes and somehow it worked and we've been seeing each other regularly since and spending big bucks on her. she has a boyfriend who she met a little bit after it started who knows about me and literally fucking calls her every single time she is here to 'check she is okay'.

the problem is i reluctantly realize recently i fucking love her and despise her boyfriend and want him gone out of the picture. she's the hottest most gorgeous girl i've ever been with, she has an amazing body she's just my type, she does my kinks better than any other girl and i have ass burgers and naturally struggle with women and just the way she talks to me both kinda turns me on and comforts me more than anyone i've been with in the past. its just annoying because the first time ever i've finally found someone i know is exactly my type and exactly what i want after actually having more experience with women than when i was younger and likes me albeit in weird shitty circumstances.

we don't really talk about her man but she's acknowledged him and that he knows about it. i cannot begin to comprehend what's going on in either of their heads and cannot imagine what kind of pathetic man lets his girlfriend go to another man's house to get naked with him for money... Their relationship is a joke and needs to end imho.. I think she deliberately or otherwise misleads him about what we do together and she often says things to get in my head like that she's the only girl for me ever and that we belong to each other and shite. I don't know what she's thinking but I'm guessing she feels very conflicted about her situation with her boyfriend.
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Holy sperg
>she aint offering these services to anyone else.
That you know of.
Dude you must be trolling here this can't be real.
trips of truth.
is what really gave it away for me, but I'm slow

why can't it be real?

File: 1717088128829807.jpg (281 KB, 1280x960)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
I'm an autistic dude dating a BPD girl, How fucked am i?
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>, what do i do if she's giving me the cold treatment over petty shit
Ignore her until she starts loving you again.
>should i just apologize and beg her for forgiveness everytime
No dumbass, she's in the wrong and irrational. Simply tell her "Stop being upset, your feelings are retarded and you're acting crazy" to get her to double down on chimping out, then ignore her until she stops acting like a problem.
File: IMG_7131.jpg (1.83 MB, 1170x1706)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
Follow Jesus and everything will be okay.
I'm this anon. Little update

she was mas at me and was giving me the cold treatment. The thing is i couldn't gives less of a fuck about her cold treatment so i just ignored her. But then she pretended to be her sister setting her up for me to "apologize in person" (i knew It was her because she and her "sister"use the same expressions and type the same way) i then met her this morning and she apologized to me for being mad at me.

this girl is crazy
>BPD girl
Run away OP! Run away!
>because your feelings aren't affected by the feelings of others
I doubt that’s autism, not from the autists I know. They are overly affected by other people’s emotions. That’s why they always consider themselves socially fucked or spilled their spaghetti because they perceived someone else’s lukewarm disagreeable reaction as a sign that they are a loser or fucked up the interaction. Autists are hyper-perceptive of other people’s emotions.

You might be mistaking it for low theory of mind. Autists cannot read what other people might be thinking at all. They don’t know how other people think, and if you mention this, they think you’re talking about being psychic or mind reading lol. That’s how blind that function is.

To make up for it though, they can perceive how people feel almost better than the person feeling the feels themselves.

File: FB_IMG_1721739616784.jpg (35 KB, 522x609)
35 KB
How do I go about purchasing psychedelic mushrooms online, I live in florida at a residential address. Has anyone done this before? what kind of legal ramifications can I be facing? Would I be better off growing them myself?

how do i not be scared of wasps? I keep freezing in fear around them. Outside is ok because i can avoid them, walk the other way if i see one coming, but if one gets stuck in a room where i have to be im a complete pussy about it. I can't help it, its a crippling fear, it was so much worse as a kid too growing up in a woodsy state that had them swarming all over the place. I rarely ever went outside back then or went out looking like Kenny with a giant coat in summer to protect me. I would notice the nests in every window at school. We had an above ground pool at home and they'd swarm all over that making it unusable by me. I remember trying baseball and not being able to stay on the bases over it. Even if I left them alone they'd chase me down. I only got stung twice but still.

I'm afraid of everything about them, the stinging that one can do multiple times without dying, the way they fly, the sound they make, their aggression, the way if you kill one (which i never have, I've never been chad that successfully throws the bottle and saves the classroom at school) it releases pheromones to summon others, wondering if every wall secretly is containing nests where they can break through the wall, seeing their shadows moving with those dangling legs zigzagging behind a curtain, even looking at one in a picture gives me pause and goosebumps. They're like little alien eldritch monsters. I may confuse some bees for wasps/hornets/yellowjackets, its hard to tell when they're flying. Pretty sure yellows are the ones that zigzag and stay close to the ground, zooming round your legs, wasps have the long legs, hornets are like giant black flying ants with the biggest sphere nests, and bees are fuzzy and less aggressive but may still steal your girl and doom the human race.
File: 644f9e283f0e2.jpg (135 KB, 1080x1114)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Logically I know they're smaller than me, and the sting wouldn't be that bad, these are reasons my dad gave when i was a kid, but that doesn't help in the moment of primal fear. Mom on the other hand gave me a magic spray can to keep to repel them in the wild, full of water that'd just make them madder.

Other bugs that normies are scared of are fine by me, like spiders for example. Unless they're really poisonous or actually dangerous I'm not afraid of spiders at all. Roaches, caught a huge one the other day to melt it with soap so it cant spread eggs by smashing. But wasps can fly, organize and terrorize. I always miss when i try to hit flies, they're too fast and chaotic, and these are assholes flies from hell with knives and poison. I currently live in a city with barely any around so it hasn't been a problem (until one showed up at work and led to this thread, smashed itself against the wall a bunch of times till it dropped, the psychopath) but I might move to arizona sometime this year, and im pretty sure they're all over that, just waiting, along with common bigger ones like tarantula hawks and various scorpions

Lets see if you can cure me where years of childhood therapy failed, adv. I have to get over this somehow. Before a single one flying into the car causes a wreck. If I ever have another gf and we live together and one is in our room I have to be the one to get rid of it. If we have kids and theres nests I have to be the one to get out there and spray like my dad was. Outside would be enjoyable if not for this phobia.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 318x159)
8 KB

File: 1721753920749243.jpg (460 KB, 750x750)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
How do I avoid speaking too "dry"
add a few n words here and there
Drink water before speaking. This usually works for me.

File: pochamadanceee.png (419 KB, 786x675)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
My husbands birthday is in a month but this year I wasn't really sure what he wanted. I was kinda stumped as to what he wanted. I went ALL OUT for his gifts these past 5 years and he's generally not needy like at allll. He doesn't really need or want much in general.

Since I was so stuck I decided I'd just ask him what he wanted this year. Last week I told him he can have a few days to think and he can get back to me whenever inspiration strikes him. This morning he comes down acting coy and kinda fidgety. He tells me not to laugh at him for what he's about to ask. So I reassure him and he says "soooo I decided what I want for my birthday. I know we usually have sex on my birthday but this year I wanna do something that I always wanted to do". Then he pauses for a solid 20 seconds and blurts out "I want you to pee on me". For a second I thought I heard him wrong.

I asked him why he'd want that and how that's even link into sex and he just said that he finds the idea of me peeing really hot, and combining that with me doing it on him, it'd be a fantasy come true. He said he didn't even realize he wanted to do it until one time he heard me peeing from outside the bathroom 3 years ago. Since then it's been a fantasy of his. I asked him where he wanted me to pee and he said on his dick?? And he said he also wants me to not wash for a good while so he can smell my armpits and my hair

I wanted to ask, is this a sign that my husband is a weirdo or no? I've never heard of this and I don't want to judge him if this is what he wants, but it seems quite out of the ordinary. He told me he's never watched porn ever but this sounds like a porn induced fantasy? Which is concerning to me ask I wouldn't like him to watch porn for multiple reasons.

I'm not opposed to doing this for him, I'd do anything to make him happy since he's so sweet, but I just wanted to check whether this is normal or weird behavior.
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Pee is sterile unless you got a urinary tract infection.

Also, more people have that kind of kink than you think.

Very sweet of you to indulge him.
It was my idea but later she let me pee on her a little too. And yeah it's safe, you can find that in professional opinion if you look. It is bodily waste but it's also waste that is pulled from your blood stream so it's not like it suddenly becomes toxic. It will sting your eyes like pool water though.
How did you manage to type out all of this on a taiwanese kite flying enthusiast forum without googling "pee fetish" first?
>I've never heard of this
so you somehow ended up on 4chan but you've never heard of a golden shower? i don't believe this for a second.
and yes, some people are into that. those people are degenerates, just like people who have a scat fetish.
A lot of people have fascinations with the other gender's bodily functions. Given that he also wants to go caveman mode with your natural smell, this isn't that unusual for me.
As long as he doesn't make it some bizarre humiliation thing (either receiving or giving), I wouldn't worry too much, but if you don't want to do it, then don't feel guilty for not indulging. Just communicate what your boundaries are.

File: Prob Notes.jpg (2.45 MB, 4032x3024)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
>Been told in hs my handwriting is crappy by an English teacher
>24 and still trying
How am I doing so far bros
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Very cool. Do you have any tips on self-studying? I have to take calc 2 this semester but last time I took calc was when COVID began.
The 3 looks too much like an unfinished B. And you tend to write the 5 like an S, unless its
>Example 1.1S
and not 1.15. t looks often like a +. The r is a bit too big. But overall it's just the S that can be confusing. And maybe some upper case letters look a bit more shaky unlike the lower case ones.
Baby math
mogs my handwriting
Better than mine.
I actually think it looks pretty good.

File: 1672112030109926.jpg (1.23 MB, 1284x1524)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I think this hot 25 year old Asian prostitute is starting to see me as more than a client. I've been seeing her every week for almost a year now. She kisses me on the lips, she brings me treats when I come see her, we talk a lot after sex, and she wants to go take me to sing karaoke next weekend. Am I retarded or is she starting to catch feelings for me?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She gives you special treatment because you are a regular and she wants to make sure she doesn't lose that steady stream of income
kinda true
i'm gonna assume yall have a set day that you pay her so, don't pay her. see if she sticks around and if she does, she might be into you.
if not than, consult above threads.
threads like these make me glad i never got into fucking hookers
>So I'm retarded?
Not retarded, just a man. Women evolved to extract resources from us.
Where did you meet her? On the street?

File: th-1038007356.jpg (19 KB, 474x266)
19 KB
How do I stop this. I break shit, scream and manipulate just like in this video.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm like literally at work in my office pretending to have a coughing fit to mask my laughter
This fucking guy
Funniest shit I've seen in a while, anywho boog should just blow his brains out on stream.
Just run a thought experiment bro. Imagine if you took a 2 month old baby and somehow magically made it stay as a baby forever. That means you give the baby the ability to speak language even complex adult language. also it grows into an adult shape itself maybe even gets its own beard. but it still keeps the babyness it will still cry and scream and throw things when irritated or grumpy or whenever it feels insecure or alone.

That’s boogie. Now ask yourself, is this what you want to be? never mind asking ‘who’ - ask ‘what’. The answer should be no right? So there you go. Just stop that way of behaviour and you’re good.

>how do I stop
Pain. I’m serious >>31672335 this anon wasn’t just pissing out his dick out of contempt, he meant it. Because it’s true OP. Pain is what knocks it out of you. And no, feeling depressive or lonely isn’t pain, that’s suffering. Pain is about the body. And no I do not mean “go beat beat up” or “self harm”. Those still use infantile emotions to initiate. Adult emotions is needed.

So go do something to push your comfort zone that carries semi-serious risk. Go hiking, go camping using minimal equipment, go do some sports, go and do anything that involves discomfort, anything that puts you in a position where all you can do to cope is to push through it and suck it up.
That’s how to do it bro
Not OP, but Idk this doesn't feel like the whole story to me
I grew out of my tantrum phase pretty naturally. I'm pretty sure the last time I had a tard rage was when I was 10. Only now as an adult have I ever really tried to do as you've said. Hunting, hiking, backpacking, bike riding. I'm still probably not that good at pushing myself. Idk maybe I've got a tard rage brewing without me even knowing it lol
I'm pretty sure it's just a natural phase of male development to just stop crying and stuff. That kind of attention seeking behavior is only useful for babies and women. I always figured the behavior just disappears in men who develop properly

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