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Hey /adv/, a high school senior here.

I'll be graduating in just under two months, but I've had an incredibly difficult time deciding on college. I pretty much have three major options, and I'd really like some insight/opinions on what seems like the best route.

First of all, I was accepted to Berea, a work study college in northern Kentucky. They grant almost all of their students a "no tuition" scholarship in exchange for a certain number of hours of work per week. I'm comforted by the whole no tuition thing, but it doesn't appeal to me in many other regards. It's in another small, isolated Appalachian town, which is they type of place I've lived my entire life, and their options for major programs are extremely limited.

Another option is a major state school about 2 hours from where I currently live. I would have a full-tuition scholarship, but would still have to find a way to cover food/personal expenses on my own. Not a huge deal, but I would have literally everything covered at Berea. Their academic programs are incredibly diverse and varied, so I'm not worried about that. But it's the biggest school in my state, with a student population around 30,000. And on some levels, I don't feel like this college would be a big enough change for me. Most of my friends and classmates seem to be planning on going here, and I feel like very little personal development would take place if I spend time around the same people for another 4 years.

My other option is a semi-prestigious uni in Washington state. In terms of location and academics, this one appeals the most to me. But I don't have a full scholarship or anything, and I'm really concerned about student debt. I would be taking out about 6,000 per year, so around a total of 24,000 when I graduate. I would also have to figure out housing/food/personal expenses on my own, which wouldn't be a major concern at the other colleges. But I really do like the idea of going somewhere completely different and having to
figure out life on my own. But is 24,000 too much? I'm deeply concerned about getting caught in that cycle, and I don't know if going here would be worth it, as I plan on going to graduate's school as well.

So, any advice is appreciated. Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I know /adv/ are the most truthful when it comes to this sort of thing.
I was in a similar boat when I was picking colleges.
First was Iowa State which was cheap and had a decent program for computer science
Second was UIUC which had the best program (at the time) but it would have been high school 2.0 much like your major state school
Finally there was Purdue which also had a good program but would end up costing me alot.

I ended up picking purdue because i didnt get into the program at UIUC and Iowa didn't excite me enough even though 2 of my closest friends went there. I am a senior graduating in May. I'll be at almost 60k in debt, but starting a job in June at 63k
Depending on how profitable your choice of study is, 24k is a drop in the bucket. I know many of my engineering friends are well over 100k in debt, but they'll be able to pay it off in good time since they are gonna make alot of money.

Keep in mind the profitabiliy of your degree. If i was in your shoes I'd go with the big school, but if you really want to get away and feel confident that you can pay off the loans in a reasonable amount of time after school then go for it.
It's undergrad. Do it where it's free, at least your gen ed credits.

File: Get_c405db_1272309.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Vent it out. The good, the bad, the ugly.
If you're happy about something, maybe vexed, or pissed off. Let it out.
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If your cheap ass abusive mother wakes my ass up on my day off again I'm going to flip, why does she live with us? She does nothing but bring you down your entire life, expecting you to raise yourself and patting her own back at what a good job she didn't do. You are better than this leech but pressuring you over this situation is like flogging a dead horse.

Stubbornness is her only legacy left to you it seems.
I just feel abandoned.

Be 22 year old Mormon who served a two year mission in Europe. Ive done my best to be a good person. Ive done my best to try to do good in school and in my job. Ive tried my best to be loyal to my family, friends and faith.
I feel like I have nothing to show for it. My father prefers my younger brother who is always getting into trouble.
Been back in the States for a year and havnt been on a date. School is kicking my ass.

I just always thought things would get better after my mission. Its hard to understand for non-mormons but there is basically this attitude

in the church that as a male you have to serve a mission to even be considered by a mormon girl. And it's very very common for tons of return missionary guys to get married within their first year back, the girls flock to them, they excell in school, land a good job etc, etc. In a way, things just seem to kind of...fall into place.

I feel like God didnt accept my service to him because I havnt recieved any kind of help in anything that I try to do. I still have to fight for everything that I have, I have nothing but bad luck and women still want nothing to do with me. Even my own mormon family doesnt seem to appreciate what I did or care, like I said, they love my younger brother more and he decided not to serve a mission.

Like I said, its difficult to understand if you're not a mormon because we very much have our own culture. Point is I guess im not living up to it, I feel ashamed of myself and wonder what I did wrong, why im not good enough for anyone and why I feel worthless and alone. Im a disappointment to everyone, even to myself.

>inb4 God doesnt exist
I want you to like me
I want you horizontally
I'd talk to you suggestively
But I feel like I am just too dirty
No such thing
It might just be a prodigal son sort of deal? They pay more attention to him, his problems, and appreciate him being good more, because he is troubled. While you seem to be on the straight and narrow, so they figure that the hands off approach works. Maybe open up about your troubles to them? Or at least someone in the church? I'm not sure how it works with Mormons, but I know most sects of Christianity can talk to their priests about what's been troubling them, especially if it relates to their faith.

Also, god not real.

File: 1451742608175.jpg (23 KB, 385x386)
23 KB

2 years ago I started studying physics in a very prestigious uni and ever since I was a little kid I had big dreams of going to grad school for applied physics and eventually do research and contribute to the advancement of the human race by creating and developing new technology, and I would like it all to culminate with me starting a business around some great new technological innovation like nuclear fusion, space propulsion, AI, genetic modification or something along those lines. Basically be an Elon Musk type character. Of course I know that's extremely unlikely so in practicality I would've been happy achieving just a small portion of success compared to him or any of the other great innovators.

Anyways, things didn't pan out. First of all I'm not as smart as I thought. I'm actually pretty average as far as physics students at my uni goes. Second, and most worrying, I've lost almost all interest and passion for the field. The constant grind of going to lectures, devouring 3000+ pages of heavy math and physics per semester, an endless barrage of problem sets, labs, reports etc. etc. I don't mind working hard in general, in fact if I get really into something I'll work on it nonstop and sometimes forget to eat lol, but the problem is I'm not getting excited about anything we're learning anymore. It's all just "something I gotta get through". It doesn't help either that all my peers are super autistic about everything we're learning and will literally read the fucking quantum mechanics text book on a Saturday night for fun.

Basically working 60-70 hours a week on this shit has completely killed all my passion and interest for it, and what's worse is that the deeper I go the more I realise how insurmountable the mountain of knowledge is and how if I work like a slave for the rest of my life then maybe, just MAYBE, I might contribute with some minor innovation to some obscure piece of technology that might be mentioned in 2 sentences in a college textbook.

I still feel this compulsion to contribute with something useful to the world but I don't know how now that I don't really see a future in the field I've basically devoted my life to up to this point. I'm pretty good at programming and I like creating apps and other software in my spare time, but I hate programming courses in uni because I couldn't give less of a shit about the projects we're making, I only care about my own personal projects.

Honestly I'm considering graduating with my physics BSc and then leave school forever and start a software business. I'm actually trying to start one right now but it's going super slow due to school workload. But then again I'd feel like I wasn't offering anything of value to the world, I wouldn't be solving any of the big problems. Advice, anyone?

Itt: ask an Arab girl anything
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Nice, but the fundemental error in your retarded "no u" bs is that I do not care about mudslimes if they are not within borders of my homeland.
They can be barbarian subhumans all they want in their shitholes. I do not give a single shit.

Whereas, they very evidently, do seek to dominate peoples of other cultures.
Also, nice going, blaming all westerners for the actions of murrica.

My people have done nothing to mudslime countries.

>Seeing as you have no problem lumping all Muslim Arabs as one mass (not even considering that there are different Muslim communities that aren't Arab or that not all Arabs are Muslim),
I do not care.
They are not Finns, they are not my kin, thus they do not belong in Finland.
This is the homeland of my people.
Non-Finns will never be part of my people, nor should they inhabit Finland.
>Nice, but the fundemental error in your retarded "no u" bs is that I do not care about mudslimes if they are not within borders of my homeland.

They don't care about you either.

>They can be barbarian subhumans all they want in their shitholes. I do not give a single shit.
You care enough to continously post in this thread with flawed logic lel

>Whereas, they very evidently, do seek to dominate peoples of other cultures. Also, nice going, blaming all westerners for the actions of murrica.

Oh yeah it's not like Europe colonised any countries, who are still suffering from the consequences of said colonisation. Nope, let's just blame merica for everything. And you're using the same action, blaming something a few Moroccons, Syrians, and Iraqis have done onto 1 billion different people.

>My people have done nothing to mudslime countries.

Neither have the majority of Arabs/Muslims. Yet you're blaming what 1 billion people over a couple hundred? I can assure you that your own countrymen commit more crimes yet I doubt you'd care.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: finball.png (93 KB, 466x626)
93 KB
>They don't care about you either.
Seeing how shittons of them are flooding Europe, including my homeland, they evidently do care enough to come here and shit up our nations.

>You care enough to continously post in this thread with flawed logic lel
not an argument.

>Oh yeah it's not like Europe colonised any countries,
Yeah, including mine. We Finns were treated like shit by our Swedish masters, and proportionally more slaves were taken from Finland by Ruskies (1/4th of our population) than from entirety of africa.
Despite of that, we didn't turn into a nation filled with barbarian cultist that bomb innocent people.
Tough fucking shit.

>I can assure you that your own countrymen commit more crimes yet I doubt you'd care.
Proprotionally, the "refugees" commit a shitload of more crime than native Finns do. Especially heinous shit like rape.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Protip, reading your opponent's words in a funny accent, is not an argument.

>muh refugees fleeing war
A huge portion of the so called "refugees" are nothing more than economic migrants coming from all across the muslim world, not just from warzones. And they have made it very clear that they are not seeking anything but governmental benefits, given that they all try to get into nations that grant most of them, like Germany and Sweden.

>muh west is responsible for muslim nations being shitholes.
While partially indeed true, and I do not in any shape or form, defend american foreign policy. In fact, I absolutely detest it. However, that is still not an excuse for the absolute barbarism Islam regularly exhibits.

Your religion has been at war with Europe for over a thousand years, because your religion is that of conquering and subjugating other peoples. The history of the world did not start after the end of WW2, you muslims have been attacking Europeans since times immemorial. You faith is utterly abhorrent, and has no place in my homeland, for should it become dominant, it would eradicate all of our culture and traditions, and enslave us under your disgusting religion.

>citation needed
I do not expect you to understand Finnish, but here you go anyways.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1464953174033.jpg (2.35 MB, 3500x1642)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
I need help with philosophy

If there is freedom of the will, then the universe is:
a. Interdeministic
b. Finite
c. Deterministic
d. Infinite
.none of the above
I'd say it could be A,C or just none of the above. There is no correct answer with philosophy, you just need to be able to explain the reasoning behind what you think.
There's not really any free will because the universe is deterministic but the illusion is just as good. It changes nothing to think about this. You still have to live life, you still have to make decisions. The ego exists, the thoughts it thinks and the decisions it makes still exist.

File: 1489915148660.jpg (77 KB, 402x400)
77 KB
18 year old guy here. 2 weeks ago, me and my girlfriend met at a (then) friends house. we hung out and talked, but then he started trying to play and grab my girlfriend flirtatiously. because me and her did that in his room, he said he could lend us his room for sex, since we can't do it at my house or hers (we only fucked in a park). he then took her in the kitchen while I played his For Honor Game
(continued in reply)
33 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
but consider this: she told me he was insanely jealous that I did that with her on his bed in his room. apparently ever since me and her were dating, he wasn't happy. Is he the real cuck?
You're both cucks being bent to the will of a siren. The girl is literally the only one winning here.
This shits so fucking funny. OP keeps mentioning that "they aren't friends anymore" as if he sort of "remedied" the situation. Face the facts, the guy watched you eat your girl out, your girl wanted it to happen. Drop the bitch. Stop making excuses. OP comes for advice but keeps refusing to take any.
idk, she's the one girl I got along with this well. we both play a lot of games, read comics, watch anime, read Manga, and she even got me to play smash Bros more. I don't think I can find another girl who I can do fun stuff like this with and quickly jump to making out. all the other girls want jail niggas and guys who regularly get a lot of women. my social skills are weird so even tho I look decent and have a 7 inch dick, my odds of getting another girl is slim. eve. worse I'm in no position to meet more (got fired from job, not in college until fall)
Hey man its your life, enjoy dealing with someone who doesn't seem to really care for what you want because you think that you'll never find another chubby girl who likes video games and anime.

I lost some weight recently and wanted to see if my face looked any better so I ventured over to /soc/ to check to see if I looked OK and good lord those people are weird. Sending pictures of their genitals to strangers on the internet and doing Kiks (whatever that is) and putting stuff in their butts. It's goddamn creepy. Why are people like this and how do I keep them away from any children I might have in the future?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Being mean and judgmental is the way some people cope.
Including you and me.
People are insecure and the internet, specifically /soc/ gives them an outlet to that and also there's a lot of people who will validate the weird stuff others post because they are insecure as well. It's like a ball of insecurity that started rolling and got bigger with other people's insecurities.
Either way it's mostly contained to /soc/ but if we are gonna be honest most girls these days have sent at least one underwear photo to their horny school pals in their life. Some guys in my school used to make videos of themselves jacking off. It seems to be the norm. Where do we draw the line?
Degradation of morals over generations. These people have no greater purpose to live their lives by, so they satisfy themselves with their base instincts, which is sex. That's how they become "happy" now, through hedonism.
People aren't really like this, it's just that /soc/ is filled with hedonists.
No, most people are definitely like this. It's kind of weird if a girl doesn't give you nudes nowadays. People share them with whoever because they know people like to masturbate and it's harmless.

File: 1489892441154.png (508 KB, 1125x1500)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
why do I show little passion? why is it that things I care about (like ganes or comics) i dont love like I used to, abd as a result dont shoe the dane passion and interest anym ore? why is it that I'm afraid to go crazy and work hard?
is this normal when you're about to be 19

File: weeping breivik.gif (1.99 MB, 170x170)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>Be me
>Be 20 years old
>Be schizophrenic
>Finally recover age 25
>Continue living NEET life for next 5 years because someone like me can't possible find work
>meanwhile earn science degree, score 1:1 (for what it's worth)
>Be 30 years old, finally have part time retail job
>still live with parents, can't afford to move out to shitty part of town even if I worked full time

How can I possibly live with no prospect of love life or family life now that I'm 32? What is the point of starting a career now that those doors are closed to me? What is the point of living?
NEET stands for Not in Employment Education or Training. If you got a degree you weren't NEET.

Anyway 32 with a degree isn't bad at all. If you want a family just start trying to find someone, it's not too late.

File: 1489952819665.gif (3.75 MB, 280x302)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
I won't skirt around the issue, I beat my ex-girlfriend and before anyone starts whining, I don't really give a shit. She cheated on me with some other guy, I found out, broke up and then I beat them both up when I had the opportunity to do so. There will be no legal consequences for this, the other guy is afraid of me and my ex-girlfriend is now apparently trying to get back together with me.

Granted, I did vent quite a bit of rage when I beat them up and that's helped me a lot in moving on, and I don't really feel anything about her anymore, but I honestly have no idea how to make her go away, short of another beating.

No, I'm not afraid of her going to the police, the police is corrupt as hell and I've got family there, so I wouldn't even get a slap on the wrist. Joys of living in Eastern Europe.
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I outlined what happened. Then someone asked for more details, I provided those.

You being upset makes literally no sense.
But the hair pulling is still seriously gay.
Good for you man. If you haven't clearly told her to fuck off and never contact you again, that's what you should do. After that simply ignore her messages and calls. Delete her numbers, block them. Ignore her in the streets. Call the police if you feel like it.
Don't beat her up again, it could reinforce whatever twisted attraction she now feels for you.

It's good you've managed to bounce back, good luck.
>muh honorable street fighting
neck yourself
>call the police
Might be onto something here, OP should go on the offensive by getting his corrupt cop relatives to plant krokodil on them so they get arrested.

File: milakunis.jpg (4 KB, 290x174)
4 KB
I'm a girl. My friend tells me that men often think about women they know when they jerk off. But I thought men just watch porn? Do you think about women you know when you masturbate or do you only watch porn?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
We are horny beasts pretending we are caring educated and cultivated. But then suddenly surge of testosterone fills our blood stream and we have to fap to survive to the next day.

The peak is around ~25 then it slowly goes down. And what do we think about when we fap? That is better to be secret.

If you care about your bf, you will make draining of his ball top priority. He will appreciate it.

T. horny boy currently without gf.
>thinking about WOMEN when you masturbate
can relate
I've jerked off thinking of every non-ugly girl friend I've ever had
Even when I watch porn I like to think about her.

Especially when I orgasm. If I knew she liked me though, I think I would try my best to stop fapping or reducing it, so I save as much sexual energy as possible for her.. but she doesn't notice me.. or she has someone(?)

File: help.jpg (71 KB, 750x714)
71 KB
I met a girl at the gym we both frequent. We recently hung out for the first time and then proceeded to spend a good portion of the weekend together. I've tried to play it cool since then and don't always initiate conversation (she has when I don't).

My question is, after having been in flings and relationships that start way too fast and then burn out, how do you really play the slow game? How does this whole thing work? Obviously we're both interested in each other and we have enough going on in our lives that we can't hang out that frequently.

How does one approach seeming somewhat casual about the relationship when the other person is interested and what purpose does this serve?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nice guys are males who do not know how to close, or aren't attractive enough to close.
Stop overthinking problems.
Do you want to hang with her? Then just fucking hang with the girl.

Is she sexy? Then get more cuddly with her and see where it goes. And yes bring condoms :-D
We've had sex a couple times and I do want to be in a relationship.

This seems like pretty terrible advice but I appreciate the perspective.

Got it.

I'm not ignoring, we've texted every day since we hung out. I'm just trying not to send every text to start a conversation for fear of seeming too attached. Is that unreasonable though?

Guess that makes sense.
If you believe or know that she isn't seeing other guys at the same time, you can keep hanging out and one day invite her to something a little more romantic to get more intimate in that sense, and ask her if she wants to be your gf. You can give her a small gift too like chocolates
I can be pretty certain she isn't seeing anybody else. In a little more time I think the more intimate date to discuss actually being exclusive is the natural next step.

File: good-advice-300x219.jpg (19 KB, 300x219)
19 KB
Ive been told i give good advice on a wide range of things so why not help some people out?

Come to me with any situation in the world and ill try my best to give you the best advice for each situation.

Nothing is taboo so ask away
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Fuck off then you stupid whore
If you think she doesn't know you go to the same college by now, maybe you can wear a shirt from your college or something characteristic so that she sees it right when you approach her, so she knows you're not a complete stranger
so lately all the people that were my friends just kinda turned on my for no good reason, mostly because of this blond who's most like jealous of me. but anyway i'm stuck in my hellhole house 24/7 bc my parents won't send me to public highschool. they are constantly fighting but they get in moods were they're happy and crap and expect me to forget that they've acted like children for the past week and expected me to deal with it and take care of my younger siblings. i think i'm starting to get a stress disorder because i can't sleep, my hairs falling out and i start shaking. idk what to do and i hate to be weak. i just can't take the responsibility anymore. they tear me out of my environment and give me school and extra activities and yardwork and watching siblings and tons of other stuff and make me feel like an idiot if I can't handle it. when they get in a good mood i can't say it to them bc they will make me feel like i'm not understanding or caring. it's driving me insane and i can't take it anymore, they're so bipolar it puts me on edge and scares me and I can't take this anymore
it doesn't help that i have a thyroid disorder that screws up my hormones, the whole thing is swollen constantly and my medicine doesn't solve the problem, it only fixes the surface. i haven't had an appointment in forever and i think my levels of prescription needs to change. i know this sounds like an emotional rant but i had to say something to someone, as I said all my idiot friends screwed me over and I have no one now
>be me
>in 6 month on and off relationship
>gf has trust issues from previous relationship
>her mom also has cancer
>broke gf's trust multiple times
>didn't mean to...
>1st time claimed my friends were shit talking her to my face on multiple occasions and I wouldn't stand up for her
>happened only once
>couldn't stand up for her because depressed
>I know shitty excuse
>gf doesn't believe me
>told her I told them to fuck off with that shit
>no longer my friends, don't want them to be
>2nd time told gf I had Snapchat streak with 2 girls

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: rash-on-face-02.jpg (161 KB, 800x532)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I have eczema and recently my face has been getting very very red in the cold weather, like patchy red.

It's very noticeable and it always flares up after I wash my face. I've stopped going out in public half the day while I have it. At around mid afternoon time it calms down.

What can I do to stop it?

Pic related is basically what it looks like.
I have the same but on my elbows and neck. I went to a doctor and they gave me corticosteroids which cleared it up within a week.

File: male-female[1].jpg (72 KB, 1200x800)
72 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
177 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Actually it depends, where were you when they were smiling at you so much?
Just walking in the town minding my own business.
Then probably yes, it wouldn't have hurt to see if you could strike up a few words with them. If they try and continue the conversation with you, they're interested, of it falls to awkward silence, they aren't interested.
In public, what can a stranger girl have going on that you get real nervous about yourself?

Nevousness as in BAD(?), recently I went to a show and a girl dressed in dark leather goth attire was hanging out with a girl I was very badly crushing on. They were a two girl band duo, and I basically felt like an idiot after for considering it a red flag after. Because I really, REALLY liked her friend. I got to know them both a little after.
something in her eyes that you know she might be the one you are going to age with
besides that i dont give a flying fuck about a girl

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