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File: male-female.png (40 KB, 464x300)
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Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

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Not just for the guys but any help will do me.

I don't know what happened to me but I've fallen in love with my bf's fathers, business partner and I think he feels the same about me. My bf's father gave me an internship at their company and why I got to spend so much time with his partner.

My question. Is there any way I can be with him that doesn't ruin the partnership? My bf is an ok guy but I don't love him anymore nor can I let him touch me now.
>Because sometimes having to tell your partner to not do something is as disappointing as them doing it
Then why still do that after the fight? Would it not be pleasant for you to just not fight or avoid the fight at all costs since the result would be the same anyway? What's won by fighting over it?
Because you're disappointed and hurt anyway, and you want your SO to acknowledge your feelings and apologise.

It's not "pleasant" to let something slide if you're hurt or upset by it.
Plus have you ever dabbed (the Migos dance move XD) in a different country? You should try it.
The only "sure thing" to go for is a healthy in between. If you are extremely thin or extremely fat, you loose people.
If you are more confused about this than before, use the bmi scale. 19-24 is normal, more is too fat and less is too thin.

File: 566780909456.jpg (328 KB, 1352x900)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I've seen these threads here before, and lot of you seem to have experience on the subject. I'm studying to become a grade and middle school teacher, and I'm interested in your experiences with being bullied, or bullying in school.

>How did the bullying take form?
>Did it ever stop? if so, how?
>Did any adults/teachers do anything significant?
>What do you think is the most important factor in resolving a bullying situation?

I'll share a story of my own to start the thread off.
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Ooooh this brings me back to school. I did not like school. I was bullied all the time.

-elementary school
Had short hair, forced on me by my grandma (I'm a femanon)
Kids used to mock me. People always mistook me for a boy, so much that my parents always forced me to wear pink cause I got super upset otherwise.
Teachers did NOT help. One teacher seated the class by hair length, and didn't tell us, and tried to have us problem solve how she sat us. Everyone kept saying boy and girls, and I had to continually shout IM A GIRL. Mind you I was like six at the time.

Middle school-
Mom was a heavy smoker. In the house, so my clothes always smelled like cigarettes. I was bullied for that. The teacher who decided to "help" told me I needed to bathe more, and was my clothes.

High school-
Probably the worst out of them all.
I was very skinny and flatchested. Still am, but I didn't even have hips yet. I was brutally mocked by three boys every day. I started to cut myself openly. I would continually rip the scabs open, so then these boys started a rumor I had MRSA.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Im 5'8 feet how do you call that short and im not a whore and speak in english you cunt>>19500510
Oops i misquoted
File: bloatmaxxx.jpg (28 KB, 501x445)
28 KB
I was bullied a shit load in 7th grade by pretty much the entire main clique (small school). The teachers knew what was going on but didn't do anything because they're fucking useless.

They never did anything physical and that's probably why no one did anything. I was the weird new kid. It took a good friend helping me out of the mess to finally end it.

Afterward in 8th grade, I ended up bullying the shit out of a kid who wronged me which I still don't feel bad about because the little rat deserved it. Also, the kids told the teacher that I said nigger and he just automatically believed the group.
You sound like one of those wimptoughs at a Filipino internet cafe

File: 1521539228847.jpg (104 KB, 872x685)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I need some helpful /adv/ice guys.

I'm 27, about to turn 28 in August, still living with my parents, paying about $500 for rent/phone/car insurance and at a dead end security job that pays a shitty, almost $17/hour job.

I wish I had some ambition to know what I want to do with my life. I want to do something more, but I have no ideas as what to do for a living. Always struggled with school growing up. (Dyslexic) California is also expensive to live in, so moving out of state would be ideal.

I've got about $20,000 to my name saved up, but don't know what to do. I love my rents and they are cool with me staying so long as I'm working and saving, plus rent. I just cant stay forever, but my mother's got this whole, you need to put a down payment on a house thing. I just want to get out and explore life if anything. Yolo essentially. If anyone has any tips or words of advice, that'd be great.
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File: 1522028176672.jpg (97 KB, 720x685)
97 KB
Are you just retarded and stopped reading at, I blew it on friends and drugs? Did I not literally say that I never went overboard and was in control of what I did? Or did you not mention to read the fact that I had matured as I got older and that smoking a very minuscule amount of marijuana was all I really cared to do to relax after a weeks worth of work. (Just like a few beers, huh?)

"I guess retardation is genetic and you cant grow out of it."
I'm glad that you admit to it senpai.
yea and thats gona stay like that if you pick it up again, you little egomaniac security guard, kek

>hey you guys i drive while passed out, no accident see, its safe for me to do it!!
There's no right answer here. Your parents are right in suggesting that you invest in a property. The CA real estate market is fucked and it's only gonna become more expensive in the coming years. If you have bit of a savings, then I'd suggest putting it down towards a townhouse/condo (never mind a house house) now. In 2-3 years, prices might be 30% higher than they are now. This place is really fucked, man. Alternatively, if you're not afraid of moving and starting over elsewhere, then I'd suggest saving your money to, again, buy a property in a cheaper state.

You should "party" once you have some place to call yours over your head. You can always go backpack over vacations. I know the temptation is strong to go spend your money now overseas and come back once it's spent.... but then what? Where do you go from there? You're at the back of the pile in that situation.
File: 1523912205479.jpg (43 KB, 500x276)
43 KB
Egomaniac security guard? Nigga please, if anything, I'm focused on getting out of my work and possible home situation in order to better my life. In case you still weren't reading, which I guess I was right. Now that I work at a job that randomly tests all of it's employees, lighting up or popping anything is out of the question. In which I said I'd only smoke a very small amount on my weekend.

Even if I quit my job, it's not as if I'll go back and get fucked up. Sorry buster brown, I ain't like the other neckbeards. Enjoy your sociopathic tendencies my dude. Hope that works out for ya.
Try moving, dummy. You have $20k saved up and security experience. Apply for big boy security jobs across the country until one schmuck takes a chance on you and go.

>be me
>be in grade 10
>forgot to charge my phone so it was at my house charging while I was at school
>in a study hall or free period or whatever the hell you want to call it
>bored as fuck and nothing to do
>see friend I used to talk to talking to a group of people
>stare like a retard at them and listen to their conversation
>no social skills whatsoever so I cant just walk over and say hello because social anxiety and shit
>he looks at me
>I try to be funny and I hide behind my back pack
>fail miserably
>he sighs and looks away
>still bored so decide to look over and listen to their conversation again
>old friend looks over again
>some girl also looks over

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How about no. I have such an anti social mind, i can’t even fathom doing that. Thanks for just trying to help though.
The only points in your story where you went wrong were when you tried to act comic and failed. As hard as it might be, the right thing to do in such situations is talk. "Hi, Joe. It's been a while but I saw you here and thought I'd come over and see what you guys were talking about." or the like.

It was your staring-without-talking and your acting weird that alienated them, not your coming over.
Lol kids dont talk like this. That would work in the workplace though. He should walk up and say yeet or something
Reading this has ruined my day and it's only 7 a.m. for me.
When did this happen?

File: 1396391555719.jpg (23 KB, 289x320)
23 KB
Will I be able to get a decent job if I'm just graduating from college at 28 and have no job experience?
>graduating from college at 28

>no job experience

da actual fuq?

im 28 and in my 2nd year of college but I have a shit load of work experience and different fields and certificates .

Seriously what the hell have you been doing the last 10 years of your life? living under a rock?
Employers are wary of hiring people with no work experience of any kind. Many people have done part time jobs during college/highschool. You should aim lower and work your way up.

File: 0b7.png (902 KB, 1024x660)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
Should I commit to a girl thats "damaged goods"?

I've dated her for a month and found out that she was basically a whore during her early 20's. Shes had multiple threesomes, shes fucked 30+ guys and said she stopped counting after 30. She got herself tested and doesnt have an std

She said she was going through serious depression during this "phase" and how she was on a downward spiral but has come out of it.

Right now im with her but she just recently left a 5+ year relationship. Shes very attractive and we get a long great but I feel disgusted knowing this.

Ive never got a long with a girl so well, but is it worth it in the long run to grow feelings for someone like this?
61 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I said that because you were singling out bodily fluids.

Honestly, I had plenty of /r9k/mentality to be bothered by it. But there were a lot of factors that made it acceptable.
watch the movie Clerks. you'll get the answer.
No. I'd let her rot. Although I doubt you're much better, even if you never went to the extreme lengths she did, so might as well stay.
>she probably does sex well
>muh dik, muh peepee feel good
>respects herself
one of these things is not like the others
hi bengali

>little kids on the street shout “you ugly!” to me

I guess since kids are brutally honest it’s true then?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It’s not so much about me than it’s about how adults don’t comment on looks or they give out forced compliments yet kids blurt out their observations. In that sense they must be telling the truth I guess? Or are they just being rude for their friends?
Kids tell other kids that they're gonna kill them or whatever. It doesn't have to mean anything. They're kids.
wow you really let yourself go! 2017 must have been HARSH.
Then post pic on anonymous forum. I dont lie about looks ever
What how are you even in a situation where there are little brats on the street and why isn't your immediate response to them "your mama"

File: 1523824379743.jpg (28 KB, 437x431)
28 KB
I have applied for a supervisor position at my work.
I applied becuase I'd like more money and I think I might feel more fulfilled having more responsibility.
It's somewhat likely they will give me the job as I know the store well and I'm reliable.

The problem I have is I know nothing about supervising or managing people. It's just retail but I am worried I might be in over my head. Does anyone have any advice? A good audiobook or something?
Dont act like a leader but as their friend and be ready to help them in their job and their lifes.
This way you build up trust and increase the efficiency of the people you manage.
A happy worker is a productive worker

File: tinder.jpg (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
After getting out of the LTR I got on tinder. How many matches per day is good for a guy? I want to gauge if my picture selection is good but I'm not sure what the standard is for matches per day. I've gotten about 25 in 7 hours so I'm not sure how I'm comparing to most other guys.

Also is it normal for almost a 1/3rd of the girls to not respond?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Reminder tinder profiles have a hidden MMR. If you start seeing nothing but fatties and black girls, your MMR is in the dumpster. Delete and remake.

It's simply a numbers game now. Why go for my average looking ass when all they need to do is swipe right on a more attractive looking male?

despite what autists believe, women are more likely to sleep with guys they're comfortable with, not one they're simply physically attracted to.

good looking guys can act like aspies, ive seen it first hand
Oh yeah and dykes. If you see nothing but dykes, fat shits and black girls your MMR is at the bottom of the trash can.
I see mostly those instagram attention types but I don't match with many of them. I get attractive girls but they are more the 'girl next door type' rather than instagram 'model'. wonder why tinder mostly shows me them though

File: index.jpg (6 KB, 239x211)
6 KB
BF and I split after 2 yr (LDR) 3 weeks ago. No cheating/etc, it was distance. After 3 days, I got weak/called him. He picked up, we agreed neither wanted to lose our friendship. He contacted me again, said he missed me, was still in love with me, having a hard time. I told him the same. We talked about full NO CONTACT. Said he thought about it, but can't Imagine his life without me. I let a week pass and called him yesterday. He said he didn't see a reason to keep contact anymore, he didn't want to be friends, doesn't care/doesn't love me and that he feels nothing. LITERALLY a week after saying he couldn't live without me. I decided to test him. I said, so if I got a new BF tomorrow, you would not care, he said no. I said, if we were out as friends, you'd be ok with a guy hitting on me, he said HELL NO. Which was confusing. I asked if he was acting this way because of a girl. He said no, he'd tell me, because the relationship is over, no reason to hide it. He said it was the reasons he told me. I said, in a only a week since we talked, you decided, you don't love me/care about me, never want to see me/hear from me in your life and if I met someone you wouldn't care and he said Yes, that he would put that on everyone he loves, he feels nothing.

Today I got curious to see if he blocked me. He picked up. Asked why he picked up if he didn't want to hear from me, he said he didn't know. I said, it seems like you do care, to think about that, then said I'd respect him and not contact him again. I have to believe him when he says he doesn't care/love me anymore and we're never gonna talk again, cause he put it on everyone he loves, he seemed serious, but I'm confused.

Is he lying/pushing me away, trying to convince his OWN self he doesn't love me/care anymore?
Did he really just fall completely out of love (in 20 or so days, after 2 years together)?
Is it possible in only a week (after he said he couldn't live without me) that he really feels nothing for me now?
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it was a mistake coming to this country.
it was a mistake to not saying anything to my parents before.
it was a mistake not damning them to hell for putting me in this position.
it was a mistake not trying to leave sooner.

and it was a mistake remaining hopeful that anything would work out at the end. because for people like me; it never does.
It's been like a week since I haven't talked to you. It's weird going from talking every day, telling you everything, to nothing at all.

I'm getting better if you want to know. A bit more stable I suppose. I still feel so much towards you, sometimes I wish I wouldn't.

I'm taking this time to become better. A man different from the one you loved, but a man that would be up to the task of being loved by you. Someone more mature, calmer, who does what he loves. A man.

When we'll meet again, you'll see. You'll love again. I hope.
>she's interested in me
>we go out
>she mentions she broke up with ex recently
>get anxious I might be a rebound
>spend time with her regardless
>have fun
>plan on going out again
>I have to bail because family matters
>she "understands"
>reschedule date
>"I'm not around, go with someone else"
>she's being vague and ignores messages, replies 20-60 mins later when she used to reply instantly
>messages get more aggressive
>don't know where its coming from

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You are broken up. You were in a LDR. Don't try to be friends. Your ex is probably just trying to do the best thing and cut ties. Unless you are moving to his city don't make contact with him.
I want to lay down and disappear. Things have only gotten worse since graduating from college. Every plan to make something of myself has fallen through, my gf isnt applying herself to anything, and Im an even bigger disappointment to my parents than before. No one told me that "the prime years of my life" were going to be this shit.

Is it normal for a woman's vagina to smell like shit right after she had her period? Or during her period? I came home yesterday and thought someone had taken a shit on my bed, but it was just my girlfriend sitting on it without a tampon. Didn't really had blood on it, just a tiny bit, but the whole room smelled like shit. Maybe she has some kind of a medical problem? How can I approach her about it?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>taking me seriously
Well, I hope that it's iron that I'm smelling. I mean I've smelled "normal" blood before, it does smell like iron. But what I'm now smelling is a lot more closer to that when she or I take a shit. I don't want to make her feel bad and I don't want force any special "smell prevention" shit into her vagina, I'm just concerned about her health. Better diet is definitely a good advice, she has trouble eating regularly.

Brown blood and really bad smell, like when you enter a room, you'd smell it right away and would though someone took a dump on the floor. Our kitchen stool where she sits smelled the same as well.
Brown blood just means it's old blood - not uncommon right at the end of a period

Why the fuck is she freebleeding on your mattress though wtf
It has nothing to do with me making my mind up. I stated right away that it was her vagina. I'm not asking if it isn't, I know it is. I'm asking if that's normal and if a really bad smell and brown blood with really heavy periods should be a concern and if she should go see a doctor. This is the last time I'm going to reply to a troll post. Hope you had fun, anon.
Phew, that's good to hear. Well, I don't know, probably she thought that her period was over, not that there's a lot of blood, just smudges.

I need to send a "demand" letter for compensation of "damage" to my property. Do I send it to the person who caused the damage or the employer of the person who caused the damage? This was on the employer's property, during business hours, while the employee was "on the job".
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So along with my demand letter, should I include a copy of the video clip showing the employee causing the damage? or is it better to hang on to the video for small claims court?
I guess I should be more clear about the contents in the video, the employee is seen making contact with my property and there is a sound heard in the video as a result of that contact.
Let's say it was one car bumping another.

Was the driver on the job, using a company vehicle or the vehicle he normally uses on the job? Then it's the company's fault.

Was it his own car on his own time and just coincidentally happened in the company lot? Then it's his fault.

In either case, this is something your insurance company should be handling for you
>In either case, this is something your insurance company should be handling for you
My deductible is above the amount of damage and this wasn't vehicle on vehicle damage.
>This was on the employer's property, during business hours, while the employee was "on the job".
and in the video, the employee is seen leaning on my property, checking it out. There is damage to the property where the employee leaned against.
sue the bastards!

File: limp-cigarette1[1].jpg (25 KB, 600x418)
25 KB
Hey /adv/
So a few weeks ago I met this girl over tinder, she's very pretty, kind and sweet, long story short after a few dates she came over for netflix n' chill

However when it got to "that" point I just couldn't get it up. She was cool with it and said it was fine and we'd try again another time, but I still feel really shitty. I'm not a virgin but I haven't had sex in about 8 months. My last girlfriend was my first and to be honest the same thing happened with her the first time.

Is there something wrong with me, or am I a closet gay or something? Should I stop fapping, maybe that is the problem? I really feel shitty right now especially because she may be blaming herself, even though she's beautiful and I do think I'm attracted to her.

pic unrelated, I don't smoke or drink.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Taking hard drugs is actually harmful
Having sex with different guys isn't

>implying she wasn’t putting herself at physical risk by having sex with men she doesn’t truly know and trust
>implying she’s not exposing herself and making her vulnerable to STDs and pregnancy (even with protection)
Being into that sort of shit is vastly different than simply having sex. There's a difference between being sexually active and being a full blown whore. Also I've had sex before, so I'd hope my partner wouldn't hold that against me.
>being sexually active as a young person is equivalent to having bukkake orgies with dozens of men
nice false equivalency there, socrates

There is a difference between someone who only has sex within relationships and someone who fucks around

File: 3.png (1.13 MB, 845x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Is it okay to drink a can of soda that's been sitting on my window sill for 2 months? Like the sun fucking with the can and melting into the drink and killing me is what I'm worried about. It's ginger ale to be specific.
You are afraid that aluminum which we use to line pans when we cook at 400F in the oven is going to melt from sun exposure?
You don't need even a rudimentary understanding of thermodynamics to know that question is retarded.
how fucking poor/cheap are you? just buy a new can fuck
It's perfectly safe.
Well he is an animeposter so it's no surprise he's retarded.

File: 1517696659668.jpg (28 KB, 527x351)
28 KB
I met a girl and I fell in love with her
We talked everyday a lot and sometimes we walked together
But some day she didn't talk with me anymore and I don't know why
Could you give me an advice
(Sorry for my bad English)
>But some day she didn't talk with me anymore and I don't know why
Likely it was something you said that tripped her gerbil brain
Same thing happened to me recently women don't think the way men do, they feel around if something spooks them, the run off like deer.
There isn't a way to get close to her again ?
Literally no
You could win the lottery and she'd be the only person not trying to get a piece of it
Unless she's a real whore I guess but then you are better without her anyway
Short answer is no
And it sucks

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