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File: vlhlkgjfg.jpg (747 KB, 1458x1188)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
femanon here where can i earn money online without doing weird shit like of
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Become a Runescape streamer
how exactly do you do networking? i do not understand the logic of it, maybe i'm stupid but i feel like what would be the point of befriending someone who's a lower status than you like financially
how does that work? you just befriend them and ask them for things? sorry i sound stupid
i do not have the microphone for it
also asmr videos that get high views are usually girls who show their cleavage lol
i get it now, but like how does one become one? what are the benefits of showing your face?
Well, if you want to use your advantage of being a girl, you can make asmr girlfriend audios, like another anon here suggested; maybe join a discord marketplace and offer to do custom asmr vids.

Other than that, it's pretty dry out there if you want quick money and don't want to wait(like a YouTube channel)

Do you have any other skills except just drawing? And is the art actually good? If it is, you may be able to do commission art.
This anon is right. Hard-core Ironman runescape png tuber sounds good. Just be good about actually talking to people since most rs streams are just chat interaction streams. That or some card game like hearthstone yugioh magic runeterra etc.
Showing your face helps only if you're attractive. Even then, it often leads to a slippery slope that ends with you getting anally railed on OnlyFans or whatever.
To farm lonely men, get a cute anime png, stream male-interest games (not AAAslop but "niche" well-rated stuff), and talk a bunch so it's clear you're a girl.
And leech off of people by "networking".
>how exactly do you do networking?
Join servers or communities, ask for advice/help, meet more people through preselective filtering, and keep climbing. Don't waste too much time on "lower status" people (this doesn't mean money but rather skills/success in the things you're networking for), but make sure to show off how generously you give back on occasion. As an example, watch the movie "Parasite" and emulate the male lead and his sister.
BTW, this is advice on being successful and making money, not on being a good person.

Why moids love badgirls?
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File: 1713350856458855.jpg (3.23 MB, 2000x1300)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
Just thought I'd share my own experience with this. It's just so accurate

I dated a BPD girl for 2 years, lived with her for one of those years.

Literally all the stereotypes were true, even the ones listed here in this thread unfortunately. She was this gorgeous dark haired smokeshow with tattoos, piercings, gauges.
We met and she got extremely attached quickly, but to be fair, so did I because I was horny and she was really hot. We went on 3 dates in the same week, and we fucked on the 3rd date. One thing is for sure, the sex with her was always amazing, some of the best freakiest sex I ever had was with her. She let me piss in her mouth once, as an example, it was hot. To piggyback on what >>31121850
said, the very first night we fucked, I ran out of condoms and she insisted it'd be okay to fuck her raw, (which I did, I was/am a horny dumbass).

Anyway, a couple of months go by, during this time, she is heavily love bombing me. I now realize this was a red flag, but I was too horny to care at the time. She even flat out told me jokingly once, "I'm like unhealthily obsessed with you", the irony. We were both unhealthily into each other, but nevertheless we dated.

Then, about one year into the relationship, WHAM, her full psycho comes out one night, and nothing was quite the same after that night.

Anybody interested in me continuing?
We don't they're just easy as fuck
i am bpd man
i am black
elaborate on
>full psycho comes out

I have silently dropped out of University almost a year ago, I'm too ashamed to tell my parents who have been paying a portion of my expenses so I could study abroad.

My plan was to get a full time job and become financially independent at the age of 21 in the span of the next 4-5 months, which I did until 2 months in I had to quit and go back to my home country because my grandma passed and I also had to undergo surgery. Ever since that I have just fallen into a deep depression.

My parents have been complaining about my much older siblings still being freeloaders for the past 15 years (they are now almost 40) so I think I would redeem myself in a way if they stop supporting me financially and at the same time I won't have to keep any ties with them.

How do I successfully become financially independent at 22 and How will I avoid to face the consequences of my actions without seeming like an absolutely horrible person?
Get back in school numb nuts.
And study a profession that makes money.

How the fuck do you ask out girls while they're working? It just seems awkward, and like a massive faux pas.

There's a girl at the grocery store who is super cute and we always talk a little when I check out but I can't imagine how awkward it would be if I asked her out in earshot of all her coworkers and other customers. I imagine they're not even allowed to give out their number while.on the clock. Any advice?
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Give her your business card
>we always talk a little
"...Well, it's fun chatting with you, but you have to get back to work. What time do you get off {or "get a break"}? I'll buy the coffee...."
lol cringe
>I'll buy the coffee
yeah I bet you will, machiato for one over here
>I imagine they're not even allowed to give out their number while.on the clock
What? I've never heard of anywhere being that controlling.
>I can't imagine how awkward it would be if I asked her out in earshot of all her coworkers and other customers
Yeah, you just gotta bite the bullet on that one. I would ask her after you finish paying so you can leave immediately if things don't go well.
I used to work at a hot topic and we were told bluntly we were not permitted to flirt with or give out/accept phone numbers from customers while on the clock, I think it's a pretty normal practice in retail

File: images (1).jpg (7 KB, 192x148)
7 KB
Is it normal to be kicked out of a 24 hour laundromat cause the staff think you're homeless?
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>homeless cannibals
congrats you are officially responsible for me spitting my starbucks coffee all over my keyboard
>stabbed, raped, and cannibalized

in that order?
Also people intentionally deny and the media intentionally silences the r*ptile-related incidents. Homeless people who try to work and go solo an not do drugs with the others in tent cities are going missing daily due to r*pti-attacks and everyone just pretends it fucking never happened or that they don't exist.
>muh it was millons of years ago
Ok sheltered faggot, tell that to my friend who was in the hospital with veloceraptor-consostent bite marks
is there some reason you're afraid to spell out the word reptile
You must have really hard working bums where you live, most homeless in Seattle reak of BO, and hand sanitizer. Which for some reason they think can replace a bath...
It's like a sickly sweet smell that makes me want to puke.

Nobody ever said every homeless person stinks and is lazy you stupid fuck.
I'm talking about the visibly homeless drunken/ drugged morons on the Rapid-ride, who reek of beer, BO, and shit.
They do exist, fuck right off.

File: 41rtwpO9McL (1).jpg (23 KB, 800x450)
23 KB
this is not a joke. how would you tell picrel to looksmaxx? is it over for people with this face?
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File: PhoXo2.jpg (310 KB, 744x3405)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
File: nigga.jpg (102 KB, 768x256)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: hho.jpg (114 KB, 768x256)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I'd tell him to stop looking like a fucking cartoon, you insecure nigger.
no he's just a faggot. what the fuck?

File: rwnzjauuebta1.jpg (105 KB, 883x977)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I'm going homeless but I'm having trouble selling my stuff. They're valuable and I'm pricing them cheaply but have low demand so take time to sell. I only have 20 days to sell them.

What do if I don't manage to sell them?
The most valuable are a flute and 2 graphic cards. storage space is way too expensive because it's much larger than I need.
don't you have some pawn shop around where you can sell them or "store" them over some money and they will keep them some time just in case you want them back? Or sell your garbage even cheapier

File: IMG_2567.jpg (102 KB, 828x679)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
This girl I've known for years and started talking to consistently some months ago takes a day to two weeks to respond to my texts. When she does they're pretty lengthy and she asks questions and leaves room to continue the conversation, but that's still an abysmal amount of time to take to respond to someone she "cares about" (which is what she told me). I like her but I don't think she likes me. Should I give up and find someone else? I feel retarded for entertaining this for this long.
Yes. Find someone else. Also don’t take so long to get into a relationship after meeting them.

File: Capture45465.png (83 KB, 1553x376)
83 KB
We broke up two weeks ago. I reached out to see if she wants to still wants to make up and work on our relationship. She sent me this.

Does this sound like she just wants to keep around as a backup if her next guy(s) don't work out?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
then move man
That's how it is. I just lost 5 years of my prime to a girl
thats life mate it hurts and hurts and no one cares
and anyway its not down the drain, it just ended
its not a game, you dont grind and get a big pay off, you've not lost access to your account or some shit and 3 years of "progress" is lost
if it were down the drain itd imply you fucked it up somehow, and that you've lost it all, that message says load and clear it was fucked from day one, and will be still, if you don't reconcile it's message
man, 3 years is nothing...it would have been real bad for you if it was 10 years or so...be glad you dodged the bullet sooner than later because she seems too broken and it sounds like she wants to ride the dick carousel...no wife material
She's sorry about you.
I wouldn't want anything from a condescending girl.
Take all your anger and frustration and turn it into self improvement day by day.
If you're overweight, skip evening dinners.
Lift some weights to improve your frame and confidence. Focus on you and you only. Also, go full No Contact.
Then you'll be able to truly perceive it as HER LOSS.
Stay strong, you'll be fine later.

File: happily+ever+after.jpg (40 KB, 680x472)
40 KB
How can I keep a couple happily married? I thought appealing to the well-being of their children but they might say they could/would be happy even if they divorce. But I think the children would be less succesful or would have less odds if they divorce.

I also thought they are losing family cohesion (not only father-mother but uncles and grandparents, cousins, etc) weakening the both their ties with their families and political families (nobody seems to want to interfere on their decision) and the children ties with the family/ies.

I also thought on how they would be, virtually, winning nothing from the divorce but actually losing a significant one for them and for the children (the sum of the parts is greater than the parts themselves) in exchange for a momentary steadyness or "happyness" while damaging everybody else and even themselves on the long term.

I live in a very progressive country and the woman considers herself a feminist...
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
who the fuck are you? got a litany of successful marriages and a family that cherish your advice and hang on every word you say? you're asking for advice here, you're scraping the bottom of the shittiest barrel, so you're obviously no help at all. just don't do it, or actually do do it, because you'll just come across as a weirdo or get yourself in way too deep and realise it was a stupid idea
you should totally do it
tell them about their matrimonial duties and vows and that they have sworn before the almighty God, that they do not belong to each other and belong to God, who they're in agreement with that they'll stay together forever, so they can't actually separate, and if they do they'll be arguing in hell for eternity
>throws a tantrum when asked
you are the one who seems incapable to help nobody, uninstall your life
They can't. Happiness is an unattainable goal, and anyone whose goal is happiness cannot be trusted.

I have been married for a decade, been through couples therapy, have a kid, still married.

Stay the fuck out of their relationship you prick.
the reasons behind them, according to them, is that they are tired. But they are young, have babies and new somewhat stressful jobs, and just seem like they aren't holding it too well. This I understand but the way out they are looking for is wrong and bad, therefore, me wanting to help them not to commit a hardly reversable act
why should I, stand your point, "prick"

File: 1602783877893.gif (104 KB, 220x124)
104 KB
104 KB GIF
I'm a 19 year old canadian femboy faggot/tranny who currently has no job, no license, nothing. I do plan on changing those things in the very near future (As in, within the next few weeks), but I know that nothing is worth living after the age of 20.

This world - or at least my chunk of the world - is not for humans. Children cannot run free, young men cannot wage war, old men cannot cultivate and grow that which they've sown in their years. Young women do not find good husbands anymore, and old women see to them no fruits which they have bore.

I will never find myself with a relatively well-paying job. I will never have job security, either. I'll never be able to afford a home. There is nothing waiting for me on this earth. The most I'll ever have has passed. Life is dead, and the wisest move is to fold.
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oh no not a whole week. Sounds terrible

Seriously get the fuck off the internet. It’s making you retarded. I mean, for fucks sake you’re 19. Your life hasn’t even fucking started yet and you’re convinced you need to kill yourself because it’s over. Fucking why? Because some dumb faggot on discord told you so?
>I've NEVER had a tranny pull anything remotely similar.
Yeah well Everyone else has so I mean what do you want?
Happy birthday to you.....
Stupid, weak troon. And here I am stick in my third world country, with water shortages and forced to wagecuck for transnational enterprises at chump change. Forced to maintain my family, forced to watch as jews, cancucks, gringos, blackrock, buy all the property and gentrify our surroundings. Forced to workout 6x-7x a week because of a shit disease that's crumbling my bones and muscles, losing ground every day.

I got the last option, the last door shut in my face yesterday, when I got declined to getting Spanish nationality, even though I have Spanish ancestry, meanwhile Ngubus, Ahmeds and Visajeets sweep through like nothing and are given nationality in no time. I'm forced to watch as my father ignores my warnings and goes into narco-politics, and I have nowhere to hide. I'm supposed to not receive medical attention and keep observing my heart muscle enlarge itself to ungodly proportions and give me heart failure. I'm a dead man at 23 who won't reach his 30s, alone and doomed.

And you, the canacuck twink, want to end your life while you have an universe of opportunities right in front of you? I will kill you (in Minecraft), with my bare hands. Live, you're still a child. Fuck you for throwing away everything I've worked so hard for to have, so nonchalantly because of the slightest pebble on your path.

File: Man-Alone.jpg (231 KB, 640x427)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
My whole life I have seen every different kind of guy get girls. Short guys, ugly guys, fat guys, balding guys, guys with fucked up teeth, guys with no style, guys who wear dirty clothes, autistic guys, guys with zero personality, depressive/suicidal guys. Literally everyone.

I was the only person I knew, out of probably upwards of 100+ friends/acquaintances, who graduated university as a kissless dateless virgin. Literally every other person, both male and female, had either dated or had sex with a few people at some point during those 4 years. But not me.

I don't understand what I ever did to deserve this. I'm a normal guy. I'm 5'11. I dress well. I smell nice. I'm better looking than most other guys I know. I'm in good shape. I have aspergers syndrome, but that alone shouldn't be enough to completely fuck my chances, because every other aspie/autistic guy I knew managed to get GFs with no problem.

Is it possible that I am just cursed by some kind of malevolent god to be romantically/sexually invisible to women for my entire life? It feels like I'm just ignored by women no matter what I do. I've had girls pretty much reject me just to get with some 5'5 midget a few minutes later. None of it makes any sense.
59 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: edgy autist.jpg (85 KB, 816x1024)
85 KB
>There should be a law passed where people like you are dragged out and whipped for your "advice".
Ooh, got a tough guy here I see.
If you had it in you to do that, you would also have it in you to escalate with women and wouldn't be here needing my advice.
>b-but I said I'm not OP
Doesn't matter, you empathize with him so clearly cut from the same cloth.

Also, "be yourself" never, ever meant you couldn't change, or weren't supposed to change. Let alone that you were supposed to double-down on all your worst traits. It just meant you're not supposed to be fake.
And if you actually read OP's posts, he made it clear that he is NOT being himself. He wants women, he wants them to view him as a sexual being and he wants to be able to have relations with them. But his own actions betray him. He refuses to flirt or escalate because he thinks its inappropriate or that he'll "tip them off" somehow that he's interested in them (uh...no shit?). That's why goes through the elaborate ruse of pretending he's not interested when this is actually what he wants more than anything in the world.
I am always "myself" when I'm talking to people, women included. OP is not, OP is deeply inhibited and repressed. So yes, faggot, "being yourself" would do OP (and likely, you) a world of good.
>2. I wouldn't date a man who seems unsatisfied with himself, as if I am there to save him. Make yourself happy and confident first, through following your own interests in life. It shows.
This is good advice, aspie femanon. This largely applies to all women.
>If only they were being themselves.
>If you are being yourself, you may not attract 10 women, but just the 1 who is most suitable to you.
Oh boy, they're not gonna like this kek (see my above post). You are of course 100% correct however.

You'll get some blowback from these fags next, IE "hurr durr don't ask a fish how to catch a fish", as if you're looking to date them or something.
This cliche also ignores that women, unlike fish, actually want to be caught...if you're the right guy.
File: 1713964357750290.png (19 KB, 644x351)
19 KB
OP here, gonna respond to a few posts.

>And there are other like you and me, some of whom I know personally- richer than us, taller, smarter, more handsome, and they can't get a girl to save their life.
>So no, you aren't special
Nope. I AM special. I don't take bullshit that people like you say on the internet as evidence of anything. I take evidence from my real life. And in my real life, I've known hundreds of men and not one of them was a kissless dateless virgin like I was. Even the guys I knew who WERE virgins at the start of university, ended up eventually getting a GF or having some one night stands.

I am special. I am unique. Nobody else has lived the life that I have lived. Nobody else has felt the depth of pain that I feel.

>OP, do you have any hobbies or interests? If so, do you attend events related to them?
Yes and yes.

>Speaking from experience, your best chance by far is to meet a woman who's also on the spectrum
No. I've met several autistic women over the years. They all hated me. Neurotypical women have ALWAYS been MUCH easier for me to get along with. Autistic women treat me like I'm not even worthy of being in the same room as them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
My appearance is not the problem. Uglier, fatter, and worse-dressed men than me have gotten GFs and dates with ease.

>Why would a man ever speak to a woman unless he was looking for a gf/quick fuck? It's one or the other. Sorry femcel but there is no guy who will just meet you and immediately be deeply invested in learning about your thoughts and feelings.
Sounds like you're just a homosexual. Normal straight men enjoy the company of women and like getting to know them as people.

Calm the fuck down dipshit.

>>b-but I said I'm not OP
>Doesn't matter, you empathize with him so clearly cut from the same cloth.
No, me and him are not in any way the same. I do not have any connection to incels or to incel ideology.
>1. I'd only date guys based on common interests and life philosophy, starting off as friends. A man just being attractive doesn't do it for me.
I feel exactly the same. I have to know a girl on a personal level before I can feel properly attracted to her. Before that, I can acknowledge if she is pretty, but I won't feel any real connection.

>2. I wouldn't date a man who seems unsatisfied with himself, as if I am there to save him.
Women SAY this but in actuality a lot of girls don't actually give a fuck. One of my best friends at uni was a guy who would have these random mental breakdowns over things and would scream at his GF saying he was "gonna kill himself" or something. I witnessed them with my own eyes a few times. Shit was scary. But somehow his GF just... didn't care? She never broke up with him and always tried to care for him. Just WTF.

>A guy would have way more chances if he took the first steps (in a natural pace) than waiting for me to do it, or to just happen.
I only ever asked 2 girls out in my entire life. Both were in high school. And both resulted in absolutely catastrophic rejections that made me feel pathetic, and I still cringe at those moments an ENTIRE DECADE later.

>4. I know socially awkward guys I would never date, not because they are socially awkward but because they give off the impression that they are ready to date just about anyone. They attend social events with varying frequency dependent on how many women are expected to attend. They sit next to a different woman each time and try to befriend her. They try to find things in common but it's forced.
None of this applies to me at all.

>If you are being yourself, you may not attract 10 women, but just the 1 who is most suitable to you. I hope that helps.
That's perfect. I don't want to be a "player". I don't want to attract lots of random women. I'm not even interested in casual sex. I just wish that I could be considered as a romantic option by somebody.

I have been a neet for a long time, because I can't get any job using my math degree, the best I every got was data entry. What should I do now?
start working on a github portfolio of projects related to quantitative finance and apply for internships as a quantitative researcher
start with watching Hudson and Thames advanced pairs trading series and make an implementation of all the techniques
"Would you like fries with that?"

Seriously, get a job. ANY job. Not because it will be your career, but just to get back into the world of work. It is MUCH easier to make career decisions if you're living a normal-ish life, following a regular schedule, being part of the working world and getting a small degree of self-respect back.
Learn some basic SQL and python and go into Data Science

File: IMG_2335.jpg (30 KB, 640x427)
30 KB
I’m going tree planting soon and I’m really really nervous. I applied on a whim months ago and now I have all the gear and I’m actually doing it. Does anyone have any experience or tips? Kinda shitting myself.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Drink the cool aid
This doesn't sound like the thing it sounds like. Stop speaking in code. I guess it's cannabis related.
It sounds more like a law to me
I really like trees. I went for a walk yesterday and was so obsessed at looking at specific trees. Funny how I instantly run into an oddly specific tree post. Are these the trees talking right now? Did you guys post this on 4chan and are you trying to make me plant you more so you dominate the planet?
Yeah it’s a law.

I have the debit card credentials of an asshole. What can we do with it, considering that we cannot have the SMS-secure method, of course...
Order a paternity test in his name.
post it in discords, other people will spend the money and get caught.
Absolutely nothing that isn't illegal - and I mean big-time illegal. Not worth the danger.
By who? The cops? Lol

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