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So, guys and gals, I've got myself into a bit of a pickle.

Met this girl a few months ago, really hit it off, we get along great. She told me she loves me, wants to move in, the whole 9 yards. The only problem? Our sex life is lacking. Mainly that she wont suck my dick. She has some weird phobia against oral and saliva and what not.

I haven't really been pushy about it, but I bring it up now and again. Sometimes she says she wants to try "someday" and other times she just sternly tells me to fuck off, basically.

My question is, how should I convince her to go down on me? I'm not taking breaking it off with her off the table, its a definite possibility. I mean, it does sound kind of silly to break up with a girl because she wont suck your dick, but I'm having a difficult time imagining spending the rest of my life having vanilla missionary sex and not getting my dick sucked.
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Just break up with her. She has a phobia that she will only get over on her own. Find someone who wants to suck dick.
>Also, do you go down on her? If you don't, tell her it's not your thing either but you'd like to try it together. If you don't want to leave your own comfort zone but you want her to, that's a really weak position.
>If you do, you can of course stop doing that and hope it will add urgency and not create a cold war.
Thanks for that answer. I do go down on her and she has a thing against that too, but lets me do it anyway because she knows I like it. She has a thing against "cleanliness" as I understand it hence she doesn't like oral of any kind. I kind of stopped going down on her the last few weeks because I just feel like a lame ass not having the act reciprocated to me. She's also not into dirty talk at all. Writing all of this out, actually, I'm realizing that she might just be a dead fuck and I haven't really noticed up until now .

The website rec is cool though, I will look into it. Thanks!
That's pretty discouraging, yes. When talking to her I would absolutely stress that it is less about her not wanting to do any given act, and more about her general lack of willingness to explore with you. That is also the most constructive for her if you do end up breaking up. No one is into everything, everyone has their turn offs, but having -some- wriggle room for flexibility to accommodate your partner is often necessary. You cannot just hope that the stars align and honestly from what you wrote it sounds less to me like she's supervanilla and more like she's not that comfortable with sex in general and sticks to what she knows she can deal with. I mean, does she make noise, does she pull you in/touch you everywhere/make you feel desired? Is there intense eye contact? Is it imaginable that she'd strip off sexily for you (not talking full strip tease) or make a show out of being on top?
>I mean, does she make noise, does she pull you in/touch you everywhere/make you feel desired? Is there intense eye contact? Is it imaginable that she'd strip off sexily for you (not talking full strip tease) or make a show out of being on top?

Yup, she does literally ALL of that. Just not the succ. You think she's just scared?

File: l7Oa6YN.gif (493 KB, 400x296)
493 KB
493 KB GIF
I have a problem where I fall in my sleep and jolt myself awake. It happens every night. I'm only asking now because I had the same reaction but this time I dreampt of me getting shot and it woke me up like some ptsd or something. I've never been in combat. Is there some way to reduce this effect?
Enjoy it
I love those things

It's like a reminder that dreams can be just as 'real' as waking reality
Hey Anon, I get that sometimes too. What you are describing is referred to as a Hypnic Jerk.

Maybe this informational article will help you out

File: wallstreet4601.jpg (145 KB, 1200x783)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>21 m 8/10
>Finance Major in uni
>Own two very successful businesses( make me well over 6 figs each year)
I feel lonely as shit. Ive been a lone wolf for a long time. I'm a virgin still and never had a GF or any other relationship. Was homeschooled and had very few opportunities to flirt with girls outside of church. I've spent the past few years working my ass off building my business while working several jobs at the same time. I regret not spending my first two years fucking around and partying. At the same time, I'm financially secure for years to come. Meeting girls has been difficult since I'm usually occupied outside of class. I've gotten numbers, had girls ask for mine, but I can't seem to close a deal without fucking up.

Lately I've also been considering switching universities since I've been cockblocked by every frat boy and professor who I've reached out to for professional career development such as getting into the school's investment fund or discussing business details with professors.

Just need some general advice to help get me out of this rut. Hopefully before I move to Thailand and fuck hookers.
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>How many internships did you get?
None. My GPA sucks and I took a semester off to work full-time on my companies.
This isn't the issue. I've worked at law firms, banks, fabrication labs, and owned a landscape company from 5th grade through HS. Had several employees before I sold it. Got into a fight with a professor last week about my resume. Told her to give me an A or I'll go to the dean.
>Bad partner
I stopped calling meetings/work sessions. He was only interested in riding my shoulders. He couldn't work on the weekends because he was partying with his frat. Weekends are my only "free" days to work. My time is very precious. The fucker has never even filed a tax return and he's 20. I've dealt with disagreements with partners before, this guy is just an entitled pos trust fund kid. I'll severe connections regardless of who you are if you don't put in the work.
Go to a uni with a decent business school. I'd tell you to find a good mentor, but I'm doing good without one. I'm white and come from a lower middle-class family. Not the best candidate for diversity quotas.
>None. My GPA sucks
Oh fuck, i thought they based their decision based on your general skills instead of GPA
>Go to a uni with a decent business school
I am planning on being a system engineer so i didn't pay too much attention about that when searching for an university
>I'd tell you to find a good mentor, but I'm doing good without one.
Silly me since i don't even know where to start to find one, it would be amazing to have someone to teach me stuff about business instead of me going out of my way and taking diverse scraps of information throughout the internet, i plan on taking seminaries so i can have more insight about this from people who already made in into the industry
>I'm white and come from a lower middle-class family. Not the best candidate for diversity quotas.
I am asian, low-middle class, i might have to look more into those diversity quotas to see if i somehow fit
File: 1506020438115.png (22 KB, 769x745)
22 KB
>mfw not even interested in OPs problems just his life and douchebag partner
Man your 21 and already really succesful, how exactly are you fucking it up? Maybe you should see women less as business projects but more as fun. Just have fun with a girl and see where it goes.
Having success economically and having success finding a person who appreciates who you really are, OP is struggling a bit with the second one, either you go, why have so much money when I can't spend it with someone meaningful or I finally found the love of my life but I am poor as fuck, having to live a life working everyday until I die, there are exception that get best of both worlds tho but for those, who are struggling with one or another, are here asking for advice because of it

File: download.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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My girl has commitment issues and has put me through 9 months of hell, but we still aren't officially a relationship to her even though we live together at this point. Girl's ex is randomly back in the picture, having messaged her for the first time in a year. She claims she "needs to get over him" and wants to see him for closure. I feel like she's not really over him and it's why our relationship is fucked. Should I put a stop to this or let it happen?
Honestly I would cut her loose at this point. It's been nine months. Yes perhaps seeing her ex would help (more likely not, but still) but even then would you really want to sit around and wait for her to get her talk after nine months of her commitment stuff? Respect yourself enough to look for a woman who wants you, no ifs or buts. Putting a stop to it doesn't change anything about her fucked priorities, it's just fighting symptoms.
>we still aren't officially a relationship to her even though we live together at this point

What the fuck are you doing, man?
That is actually extremely comforting :)) despite I fear in my case it would be the end. I'm willing to stick without any changes like hormones, but I want her to understand why few days a month I am complete misery

okay, the jig is up. it's not bait but im the guy in that situation. i just needed some answers as to why she's not dating me even though im giving her everything

File: Thonk.png (43 KB, 320x320)
43 KB
Quick question, if two people get in a relationship and the male has an Oedipus complex, and the female has an Electra Complex and they both remind each other of their respective mother and father, do they make for good partners?
File: lSzLHBS_d.jpg (12 KB, 232x254)
12 KB

File: brainlet.png (119 KB, 601x508)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Heys dudes and dudettes

I m in a long distance relationship, how do I know she s interested?

When I left for the first time she was all "i miss u come back" etc and when i came back it was great and all but now she seems more distant, doesnt text gnite, i wanted to call she said she couldnt but didnt propose another day/time.
How can i ask her if she wants us to be together without throwing her of guard?

File: 1343587984494.jpg (369 KB, 716x993)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
i've had a thing for my mom for a long time and i just want to fuck her really badly since my teens. heard her moans being fucked by her boyfriends when i was a kid, seeing her in tight dresses and high heels, short skirts with knee high boots and huge cleavage was always a turn on for me and continues to be the best fapmaterial to this day. she recently mentioned that she has some money issues that i could help her out with since i earn decent money while she hides her money problems from my stepdad. i'm currently debating if i should suggest "favor for favor" or not. i did an attempt it in the past but was unsuccessful asking for blowjob for a birthday present as there is nothing i couldn't buy on my own. there was a short awkwardness but it went back to normal without any impact on our daily lives.

i'm not a kissless virgin or beta, i just think it's hot and i'd cum buckets. oedipus aside, should i do it, or not? similar experiences?
Seek therapy Anon

File: 1444271827931.png (73 KB, 241x228)
73 KB
So I just experienced a series of heart palpitations. They weren't felt in my pulse but I felt them in my chest. Every once in a while I'll get a couple a day but this was a series in a few minutes so I'm scared. I have a few risk factors for them, including just quitting smoking, juicing ginger shortly before, having an incredible amount of gas in my stomach, being dehydrated, and having anxiety about them after the first few which could have set more off. I'm also a valetudinarian so every health issue worries me and I sort of go into an existential crisis. Guess I must like freaking myself out. I've seen cardiologists who say they're normal and they didn't last a long time but I'll bring it up at the doctor's today. Anybody else over react to health issues?
I tend to over react as well. But I think it's better than to just dismiss it right away and having it bite you in the ass later. You'll probably be okay Anon. Good luck and try to drink more water.

File: 1365198267-17.gif (943 KB, 500x244)
943 KB
943 KB GIF
How do I get over the fact that some other guy has fucked my girlfriend several times before me? It's really fucking with me and I don't want it to be like this.
By realizing you'll never know who is bigger.

File: 11.jpg (6 KB, 298x169)
6 KB
im 21 yrs old and just moved back to nyc, after studying abroad for a year, ... over the last few months i have become addicted to clubbing and the nightlife and literally feel like a socialite. I lost alot of weight and went blonde and now i get whatever i want and it is just so bad for me. i use and abuse everyone inc my bf of almost 3 years, i cheat on him constantly and just lie and manipulate him into staying with me. 2 nights ago i fucked this guy whos a diagnosed psychopath and i swear hes the male version of me so sexy and charming and evil, he cut me with a knife while i choked him out lol anyway i think i may be a psychopath or something i dont know. i do know what im doing is horrible but i cant stop. Last night i walked into my room w my bf and the sexy psychopath was waiting for me in my bed, i pretended to not know him and threatened to call the cops (crazy guy seamlessly played along saying he was a friend of my sis) then i spent 3 hours kissing and holding my sweet ,gentle, (stupid) and understanding bf promising him that i love him and would never ever cheat on him...... i say i love him and thought i did but i just dont feel bad about this at all... actually i never feel bad about anything ive always said i just compartmentalize my guilt or pain (child of abuse lol) and move on but have come to realize that that isnt true because theres nothing for me to actually compartmentalize , i dont feel guilt anymore nd its so weird bc i used to be plagued by it (vegan of 5 years and philosophy major obsessed w ethics) i feel like im falling into sin and it feels really good but i don't wan to be a monster, i don't want to be excited by manipulation, violence or danger,,,,, what can i do???? this is getting out of control im scared im going to really hurt someone
Nothing wrong with you OP, you're just an average woman.
Have you tried transitioning?
File: IMG_2499.jpg (79 KB, 900x900)
79 KB
You know exactly what you're doing wrong, you pointed everything out, and you obviously don't care.

Don't worry about hurting anyone, it's too late for that, all the damage is already done.

I'm not sure what you want from us, I'm pretty sure this is just a call for attention. So well yeah, your evil bitch lifestyle is noted.
To be not a woman

Posting again because last thread did not help

>me,22 uni
>be with gf since 18 she is 4 years younger than me
>live in a 3 bed dorm room
>thanks to my 2 friends im pretty well known and popular
>gf lives at home with my mom
>only meet at weekends
>she got pregnant, didnt let her abort
>i dont love gf anymore, im with her because she is always there to fall back on when i need a girl or shit like that
>cheat on her nearly every week

I dont know what happens if she learns about me being unfaithful and i wouldnt mind her leaving but i want to raise my child

We argue a lot because im barely home, and when im home im tired

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I care about my child
>should i let my mom raise the kid
Trash human. Kill yourself and spare that child the burden of calling you a father you selfish brat.
Im planning on having at least 6 kids :)
File: wut.jpg (11 KB, 326x326)
11 KB
Jesus christ op i hope karma catches up to you and gives you a big slap in the face this is the worst thing i have EVER read on this board
>Im planning on having at least 6 kids
And they'll all end up trash, like you. Nothing wets a girl's panties like a selfish retard forcing his mom to deal with his shit decisions.

Also what did your gf do to make you hate her so much

File: IMG_1692.jpg (43 KB, 720x1280)
43 KB
So everything is great between my girlfriend and I as far as our relationship is concerned, however recently we almost got caught by her parents while we were having sex. Now she's freaked out and super nervous about having sex even though we get away with it every time. What should I do?
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Please tell me you use 2 forms of birth control. Do NOT get her pregnant.
fuck outdoors holy shit
We do
Doesn't want to
Me and the high school gf would shag in the car on country backroads or in a deserted park.

If we were really desperate, the unparked-in corner of the Walmart parking lot.

File: 1487688087843s.jpg (3 KB, 250x187)
3 KB
Does excessive fapping cause you to lose interest in women?

I fap once a night and have done it probably since i was like 13-14. Until now, i never really noticed this but do you think that could be it?

It seems like suddenly i am not driven to go out with girl, like it feels like more of a pain. Its not asexuality because hot women still get me off. It just seems like im not really into it.

Should i hit no fap anons?
Do you use porn while masturbating?

File: 1506300920788.jpg (43 KB, 480x480)
43 KB
So, /adv/, im 27. My GF is 17. Obviously nearly everyone who knows is freaked out. How do i convince other people in our lives that im in it for her personality and not just some predator?
I know i'm a pedo, so please dont come at me with your "17=/=pedo" justifications. No one outside of other pedos will ever think that way and im trying to convince normies thx.
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>pedo apologists
>tfw my 10yo lgf is already growing out of me
It hurts every time.
5/12gl, you?
>that last paragraph
You've got to be kidding faggot
Just depends on who you have as friends.
>be 28
>gf is 17
>friends don't care about the gap
Why should they?
>most support me
In the end it's about what makes you happy. If she's cool with me in a few years, whatever then. If things don't work out, fuck it I had my fun.
We ain't banging yep because she wants to get married first and I support that.

Just do what makes you happy OP. You don't have to justify shit to no one.

File: Sad Pepe.png (65 KB, 1092x1037)
65 KB
Your biggest flaws, GO!

I respect everyone for their hardships and achievements against their battle. Except I can't show it. Last night I had what I think was a date, but whenever she talked I interrupted her. She had so much to offer and everything I did listened to was amazing.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: Man.png (202 KB, 540x742)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Something I found in the other thread
We have to!
I've been working out for the past year and have a decent body but it doesn't mean anything because I don't have any social skills. I know a lot of times autism is used to be funny, but I'm pretty sure I'm actually autisitic. Another thing is that I have a hard time listening to people.
I have a huge phobia of driving. every time I do go I feel like everyone else knows I'm a bad driver. the other day someone honked at me because I thought I had enough time to get into the lane and it made me feel so awful. It makes me feel so bad even though I'm trying not to be terrible
I realize this is probably not a huge flaw in terms of personality but it really affects me
Try practice going in reverse around a closed down shop.

Confidence will spill over when skill is achieved.

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