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The fact of being a male Virgin is making me depressed. Why?

Is it the social pressure?

Is it that my ego wants to know that I can "conquer" women?

Is it simply that I want new experiences?

I keep telling myself that sex is stupid and I don't need it but it doesn't really help
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>Im working on myself to find someone better in life to share it with.

your post is all retarded but you ended off strong
women are still great, even if you completely remove the sexual element: men are cold in nature, women add the warm nurturing that's missed in same-sex relationships.

You simply can't share your emotions or have platonic intimacy the same way you do men without becoming gay.
This has been the exact opposite in my experience.
Your just horny.
I've always been alone and alone I will remain. Nobody has shown any interest in my and I dare not intrude into their lives; I would only make them as miserable as I am. I deserve to be alone but I am no "martyr" on this matter. I am nothing. I am no one. Real people deserve real companions.

File: IMG_1743.jpg (30 KB, 640x430)
30 KB
How long does it take to actually die from a lack of sleep?

Save for brief flashes of a dream that MUST mean I had some REM sleep, I can't honestly say that I'd have gotten any sleep at all for the past 48 hours. I've just laid awake in my bed in the dark for 8 hours at a time before giving up.

I don't drink coffee for 8 hours before bedtime, I don't keep my phone or other screens near my bed, I wear a sleep mask and if nothing else helps, take melatonin. The melatonin-sleep is restless and only ever lasts 4 hours at a time, so I usually only get up to get some four hours before my alarm rings.

But for the last two days, I fucking just _can't_ sleep. I shiver and get heart palpations and can't think straight, but I just. Can't. Sleep.

What do I do?
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and remove sodas too
I can't sleep, got a gallon of coffee in me rn.

7 hours to go.
I used to binge drink at night time...half gallon of vodka every three or four days......after I stopped, I could not sleep and eventually I just got used to going to sleep without being drunk, it took about 3 months....this was a few years ago. Once every few months I will have trouble falling asleep, as in, greater than an hour or so.

You might try a regular doctor or a sleep study clinic.
I never drink sodas.

The problem is I do three-shift work so their first suggestion would be to quit my job, and I need it to pay rent.
Do you work for a large company or a small business?

Small businesses are usually quite accommodating because they have no choice.

Tell them you are very fucked up right now and ask your manager if you can leave early on a Friday or whenever to take a sleep study.

File: canstock31844583[1].jpg (7 KB, 270x195)
7 KB
I'm 25 and I'm really tired of the urge of wanting to fuck a female. It's not even that I'm constantly horny, or I instaboner when a woman says hi to me, or that I want to not to carry the label of "virgin". It's not any of those things. It's just the feeling of not having sex with a woman.

It's hard to explain. I mean I'd absolutely love to fuck someone because it would be fun and feel good, I love the idea of that. But the main reason why I want to do it on a regular basis is to get rid of that desire, or to at least manage it. I just feel sad all day because I'm carrying that desire with me and it's tiring me out. I can fap, sure, and that relieves part of the physical symptoms, but a tension that's partly mental and partly physical is still there, and I just have a gut feeling that I need to fuck a woman.

For the past week I've been thinking of getting my balls removed or something that would simply get rid of the urge. Experiencing this for so long can't be good for my brain. But I'm really having doubts because I obviously wanna fuck and cum and feel all that good pleasure.

I dunno what to do. I feel like it's hitting me hard and I just need someone to fuck. I dunno what to ask but maybe someone knows websites where I'm guaranteed to talk to people who want to just fuck? I don't feel I'm bad looking and I'm not insecure about anything. Or maybe someone knows how to get rid of the urges for a temporary amount of time?


File: dcr6GrXzi.png (6 KB, 512x512)
6 KB
How do I stop smelling like shit after I poo at work? I only have access to a toilet and toilet paper, no bidet frenchey bullshit.
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I'll try the baby wipes, thanks a lot.

ps Im 177cm tall 77 kgs, and yes my diet is shit.
eat less dairy. don't drink milk, more fiber.

look up foods that reduce or absorb gas in your gut. I know that pineapple allegedly reduces gas. also activated charcoal pills.
In my experience all Americans smell like poop all the time. You should buy a bidet.
Try this https://www.poopourri.com

File: symbols-004.jpg (65 KB, 600x406)
65 KB
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

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No because brown eyes is controlled by 2 different genes. You need both of them active to have brown eyes. You could have only one active gene which will make you have blue eyes. But you still pass that brown gene onto your kids. So for blue eyed parents like this it works out to about a 25% chance their kid will have brown eyes.
Well for one thing, ask why she never told you about it and then ask if she's filed a formal complaint about harassment (which it is).
But the way you're talking about it and the way I answered ARE using simple highschool biology (Mendelian genetics). Of course two blue eyed people CAN have a brown eyed child, but it's rare. Two blue eyes parents will most likely have a blue eyed child. For simplification, if OP wanted to have a blue eyed kid, she wouldn't just have to find a blue eyed guy and they would most likely have blue eyed kids. Not that hard.
uh huh your "prediction" in that thread was it'd go badly.
sorry to inform you that it didn't lol hope you're not mad.
She sure was disgusted when I pressed my dick against her lol, we've been sitting next to each other in class since then and we're meeting up again Friday night (oops)

I find it very funny that anons here seem to hope that the girl's relationship with me ends (unsurprisingly), while it only seems to be prolonged. All I ask is how to get sex from her quickly.
>All I ask is how to get sex from her quickly.
And that is why it will fail.

File: 1369741105835.jpg (54 KB, 1280x720)
54 KB
What's a quick fix for crippling depression?
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I want to say happy music. some kinda techno. like maybe look up shiney things by or4nges
File: feelsmask.jpg (45 KB, 601x508)
45 KB
Holy shit I had such celebrity crush ( I still do...) on Ellie Kendrick (woman in OPs pic) that it actually gave me depression.
grab a drink, some music, and stare at stars for a bit m8. figure out what you want in life, dream big and dial it back to something you could reasonably aim for.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to clear your head and enter a meditative state, allow your mind to follow a stream of conscious for a bit and see where it leads
Quentin Tarantino movies

File: 1483804602949.jpg (24 KB, 500x360)
24 KB
People always say that i look like im mad or that im too serious, what can i do to look more happy?
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File: 1383796503888.png (238 KB, 600x649)
238 KB
238 KB PNG

Notice how I said "more." Not "Always" not "smile no matter what the circumstances are" or "smile even if you feel miserable and hate yourself."

I said "more" as in more often. Learn to reading comprehend you obnoxious waste of sperm.
you are the fucking retard here, my question was "HOW CAN I LOOK MORE HAPPY", you suggest that i smile more, but i just told you that smiling only will make me look happy for small intervals of time, if in in 24 hours i smile for one hour then the other 23 hours i look like im fucking mad what i want to know is how i can look more happy and that was my fucking question in the post

Smiling more in general will get you to at least fake being happy, and possibly thinking about things that are more uplifting and positive - things that make you happy inwardly that will eventually transfer to a more outward happy appearance through demeanor and body language, and of course facial expressions.

Fake it until you make it. But it helps if you actually believe what you're faking.

You're still being extremely tempermental about the advice you've been given, and seem to be thinking in a very small snippet of time which is mostly your problem - you're trying to find a permanent solution that is easy to implement and covers all your bases, but without requiring much effort.

Yet wanting to change your appearance to be happier means you're going to have to put some work into figuring out why you're unhappy and fixing it, or at the very least working on it, in order to make a more radical and permanent change. And without living your life or being your psychiatrist, I can't do those things from here, so all I can really suggest is that you try to at least pretend you're more happy than you are so that you can try to translate that fake happiness into real happiness by getting good at practicing being a more happy person.

So, smile more. Try to treat people with more care and consideration. Be less of an asshat, and the world might smile on you more, giving you reason to look happier.
Wow, at first thought you were just the quiet, reserved guy. But this post tells me you're just a fucking asshole with anger issues.
This. OP will deny the advice here, but his generalizes to most things. People will find a reason to dislike you no matter what. Fuck 'em.

File: 1487715320904.jpg (343 KB, 1080x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
It happened this weekend. We were visiting a skiing resort, and she ended up in bed with some guy. The bed was squeky, so it was hard not to notice what was going on. Because of the alcohol he had a hard time finishing, and they went at it until morning. How do I handle this?
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Just tell her you are bigger than that guy and leave ;)
Sorry OP, I didn't mean to harm you in any way.
Btw, your fucking sister is a slut, she certainly wasn't a virgin when I slept with her.
It wasn't her first time.

She was hurting bad so yes.
doesnt mean shit

How to make the best of a 5 incher? I'm her first boyfriend and sexual partner, we love each other and feel a great connection but sometimes I can feel she'd like me to go deeper. The girth is proportionate to the lenght, unfortunately.

What are the best sources to improve your technique? I can last 20-30 min but after a while I'm afraid she's too relaxed to feel it.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm her first boyfriend and sexual partner,
Unless she's 12 there is a better than 70% chance that isn't true, and that percentage rises exponentially with age
This is how people on reddit have sex.
Get good at eating her out. I don't even get satisfaction from 8 inch dicks. Some girls just prefer clitoral stimulation
I say that missionary with an upward motion when pulling out has the best stimulation of the G-spot, I'm around 5'5 inches and never get any complaints. If you can stimulate it with your fingers you can do it harder and faster with your dick, bud. It's all about fluid motion and grinding on the right spots. But clit stuff is good too

File: 1472167923235.png (561 KB, 535x439)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
I have a boyfriend,

I just livecamed myself masturbating for some /soc/ anon. My face was hidden, and I used a vpn/proxy, the anon was on silent + no cam (anon was just typing) .

I kind of did it out of curiosity, since it was so anonymous. But I didn't think I'd feel guilty about it.

What do you think about it /adv/ ? Do you consider what I did as cheating?

Pic unrelated
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You are cheating and if your boyfriend finds out he will break up with you.
You seem young or sheltered. Life isn't so neat, right and wrong aren't so clear.
>haha you're a young kiddo
>in time you'll learn to be unfaithful like me

you are dumb as fuck and this:
>If I'm already labeled a cheater for some minor indiscretions, why not at least enjoy the fruits of the tag?
hurr if i dropped one egg on the floor why not just drop the whole fucking carton?
Ad hominem and >implying
It's not cheating, but two things are clear now.
1. You're asking because you know it was wrong, but you want at least one person to come forward and normalise the behaviour.
2. You lack even basic respect for your boyfriend or the relationship between you two. I'd suggest telling him you just want to become fuck buddies or maybe have an open relationship, because it seems the current set of unspoken rules are too restrictive for you. If he doesn't want that, break up immediately because there's a fundamental difference in thinking in that case.

File: imgres.jpg (4 KB, 140x223)
4 KB
I'm drinking and have some time. Ask me. I'm in Canada, but commonwealth or Burgers have free access to my 20 years of litigation experience, for as long as I'm interested. Bring it! And if you ask, say where you are!
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You figured wrong.

See a lawyer near you and ask him or her.
>how I could even dream of representing someone guilty.
I get this all the time in family law when I'm representing some semi conscious parent who tells me that they'd do anything for their kids but won't give up crystal meth.
I'm part of the checks and balances. I expect to lose those trials, but I'm there to ensure that the state has done its job and not exceeded its authority. Social workers employed by the state have the right to enter your home and take your kids away if they get an anonymous call that you're molesting them.

I'm the dam to the state's power of taking your kids away without reason. That's a noble calling, in my view.
I completely agree. Well anon, it has been a great thread. Perhaps the most enjoyable thread I had participated in, however it is now 1 AM and I have Mergers & Acquisitions at 8. So good night to you, and I wish you luck in all your future family law endeavors!
This was a good one. Good luck on your mergers, and I wish you well. Maybe we'll cross paths again here on the vast wasteland of ignorance and idiocy of 4chan. G'night my friend.

File: IMG_0505.jpg (112 KB, 640x1136)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Am I getting pranked? Never met this girl before and barely said two words to her.

12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
We'll I found the girls fb profile and confirmed that that at least is a real person via mutual friend. I didn't tell him exactly how we met or what she said though.
Suspect as hell or just a turboslut
Its a prank probably. Gonna give out your dorm info? I think not.
Nah, I didn't give it out. I gave her a nearby address. If she's alone then I'll bring her over. If not, I skedaddle.
Holy fuck, why are people so paranoid? OP's in fucking college, it's definitely just some girl who wants dick. We don't even know how she looks, she could be a fucking whale.

File: balalaika.jpg (84 KB, 600x847)
84 KB
Continuation of >>18067526

Ok guys, I'm 80% sure know that she does like me but has some shyness tendencies.
The reason I thought she wasn't shy is because she doesn't feel any discomfort talking to her closer friends and that I wouldn't expect a 23yo girl to be like this.

So the bottom line is, she just keeps being evasive or try to cut our talking as short as possible by any mean she can find.

I'm so fucking confused.

I try hard not to be a freak and make myself wrong ideads think she doesn't wet her panties when around her but it's so blatant...

Come on /adv/ must I beg for every advice?

File: FireSkeleton.jpg (30 KB, 480x364)
30 KB
so i kinda feel like doing something new so i've found myself here in /adv/ so the based anons can take a gander and give their 2 cents. Just turned 21 and have fancied a friend of mine for the past little while. Time for backstory I guess. It's a long timeline so I'm only going to type out the points I find notable.

>Originally meet her in Feb. 2015 in a biology nightschool course cause we sat next to each other
>befriended each other over some mutual interests such as video games
>was going through a bit of a slump in my life at the time, as was she
>i had some depression shit going on and some family financial troubles while her dad finally left their family after a few years of sitting around jobless doing nothing and QQing about their own financial situation
>through video games (primarily league of legends) i meet a bunch of her other friends
>catch feels, drunk text her and confess, she friendzones me, tells me she's been crushing on another guy for a long time (~May 2015)
>its all cool and all, i had other options at the time and being her friend is still dope af and she knows im not just befriending her to date her later (and that's still true to this day)
>end up hanging out with that that group a lot, we have some irl meetups, they're now definitely my friends too and im very well accepted and liked in the group (Early 2016)
>all of them around her age so im the youngest of the friend group, so im surrounded by a lot of more mature role models (i know its only a 5 years difference but they put my other friends around my age to shame in that regard)
>all of them not really party animals, pretty much all introverts that love to just hang out with friends but primarily get their work done, im pretty much the same in that regard too
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>her brother (that im now pretty close with and actually have talked to him about this) has said that she's told me that im very mature for my age and he agrees with me
>some other female friends in our friend group tells me that I'm a very good looking young man and definitely one of the more attractive, if not the most attractive of the boys in our group (they have boyfriends so didnt have a problem telling me that)
>went out for wings once and kind of impulsively wanted to play l4d2 with me and some friends, even though she spends most of her time studying for nursing and this was even around exam time when it was crunchtime for her (she later pulled out)
>her and/or her brother must talk to their mom about me a a fair bit because their mom was able to reccomend a kdrama to me (im white, they're asian) which had a storyline relevant to my interests (Healer)
>despite her regular school+workload a while back she asked me if i wanted to play video games with her
>she got me for secret santa and got me chopsticks (they were on my wishlist) as well as these asian candies "from her childhood" and a masterball lanyard (she knows i love pokemon but given its a masterball and i have feels i cant help but be autistic when i think about what it might imply because i know girls can be cryptic)(Dec 2016)
>that night when we were eating at a resteraunt we made eye contact across the table (we were sitting at different ends of the table and across) and we did like this cute cheery facial expression to each other
>went iceskating later, did a few laps with arms latched to each other and when we unlatched it was kind of slow and lingering and our hands were even touching for a couple seconds
>recently had my birthday and the friend group got together to surprise me with karaoke, KBBQ, billiards and bubbletea
>she buys me this cute cat-dressed-as-a-maid keychain (Sassyfran from neko atsume because we both have that game on our phone)
>normally when we hug goodbye its like my arms are over her shoulders but this time she went for her arms being around my shoulders, this was cash cause i was able to get a hand up to her head and stroke her hair
>later posts ig photo of "happiest of birthdays to anon!" with a heart and cake emoji in it
>in the group chat that night i let em know i was hella thankful of them are for a dope birthday and she says "D'aw. Anon, we all love you senpai!! Never forget that xoxo :B you deserve it"

So I think that there's definitely something there, i mean she even admitted herself indirectly that there's a little something there, though there's always that bit of physical attraction between boys and girls and normally we just stay friends anyways. I know she thinks I'm attractive looking and definitely loves having me as a friend.

I know she's busy with her own grinding schedule and I'm honestly the same way too, I don't think girls are by any means a priority or anything and our friendship the way it is is still pretty something. But clearly I'm interested in maybe trying dating out with her. I'm thinking of maybe asking her to hang out one on one to perhaps lunch or dinner where i can ask her if she's ever though about back when i said that "the balls in her court", or maybe just casually asking her that the next time the friend group is hanging out and we happen to be walking side by side or anything like that. Would that be an appropriate way to go about this or do you guys think that I'm in some friendzone that I can't recognize? Sometimes I can feel a little insecure over the fact that she's older than me and as such might see me as a boy instead of a man, even though she knows that I've got my life in order and have demonstrated more maturity than a couple other boys in the friend group.

(Long-ass story done)
for additional context, im currently 21 and she's turning 24 this year. In the OP i say "its a 5 years difference" but that's between me and the oldest person in the group. Most of them are around 23-24 and the oldest is 26
Holy shit TL;DR

If she has a bf or rejected you already, give up
If she hasn't rejected you and is single, ask her out.
if i super super super condense it:
>confessed to her nearly a couple years ago around the time when i was still just getting to know her but she liked someone else at the time
>she never got with that guy, i never got with anyone else in that time but liked a couple other girls to pass the time
>we're a bit older now, times have changed, and im much more closer with her and her friends are my friends
>thinking about asking her out, wondering what the best way to go about it would be

File: IMG_0042.jpg (25 KB, 315x375)
25 KB
We've been friends since October. We text all the time and are basically besties.

He's simply never implied in any way or dropped hints that he likes me in the way most guys do, he behaves differently to other boys
(It worth noting I've been taken/vocally not over someone for the entire time I've known him&dumped bf today)

Now the reasons I think he might:
Me and him are in a fake relationship to get a reaction out this really mean bitter girl who fancies him and has for a while
He'll literally do anything for me and goes out of his way to do so. This includes:
- shoplifting me sandwiches
- doing my English essays
- doing my English coursework and obtaining his last years coursework in order to help me
- doing basically whatever I tell him to do e.g. If I wanna go somewhere he'll follow, I only need ask
- he offered to lie to my mum so I could go to my boyfriends' house
- giving me money for the bus
- coming and meeting me so we can see films he didn't even wanna see

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Hahaha this comment nearly made me piss .okay I wish I could just go for it and kiss him and report back to y'all alas I reckon it'll need time
are you good at taking dick?
He hates you. DTMFA.
Sounds like slavery with more steps
Needs time? You could go in for the kill next time you see him and he'd be okay with it. From what you've said he's put a lot of fucking effort into a relationship he's hoping will become something more. If it feels like it'll take time it's probably because he's trying to come to terms with the fact that he thinks he'll never be with you.

I just hope that if you start dating that you put an equal amount of effort into the relationship that he does. And that your ex doesn't try to kill him or something.

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