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File: ATOGA gender.jpg (23 KB, 640x425)
23 KB
ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

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does she have a husband as well?
Good point. Well it IS a compliment I would give a guy, actually (idk if that's weird). Thanks for the advice.
Eh there's a reason why I choose to post on an anonymous board.
I get hit on a lot, and I get complimented on my looks all the time. Problem is, as >>19273381
puts it, I hate myself. I hate my social background, I hate being stuck in a sort of vicious circle because I didn't come from money and I feel judged a lot because of it.

You’re a woman. I don’t expect you to be financially successful. Just be a good mother material.
>beyond initial visual disappointment
but srs this is so scary, the look of disappointment on a girls face when she sees my dick

File: uno.png (339 KB, 466x750)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
My kids getting bullied (outside of school) to the point where he doesn't like to go to the park to play (or play outside at all). What's is a good, petty, legal way to get revenge. I tried to talk to the parents but they stopped me on the sidewalk and said I couldn't come on their property and talked to me almost from their front door so I had to talk loudly just for them to hear me, didn't care at all about anything I had to say.
What kind of bullying? Is it physical or mere taunts?
If it's physical, get hold of that little shit and tell him to fucking end it or you're gonna make him regret everything. Chances are, as a bully, he has too much pride to confide in his parents.
If it's merely verbal, teach your kid some brutal phrases to scare that little shit.

Also shame on the shitty parents for condoning the bullying ways of their kid. If I were you, I'd make sure karma would come knocking at their door sooner than it should.
Both. I'm thinking of open carrying around the park he plays at and just... you know... making him scared to play at the park because there's a person there with a gun. Which is completely legal.
No fuck that. If he was physical with your kid, teach him a good lesson. Smack him or something, that little idiot won't even report you because bullies are fucking insecure pieces of shit
You should do a box flood lul
Teach your kid to stand up for him/herself. I completely understand how tempting it is to get involved personally, but you'd be doing your kid a disservice. The world is full of bullies and you can't be there to intimidate them all forever.

File: babies.jpg (69 KB, 540x721)
69 KB
My little cousin has a crush on me. Is it okay to humor her or should I keep my distance now? She's a little old for cuddling.
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File: nice butt.jpg (4 KB, 125x125)
4 KB
you have an opportunity to shape her behavior for the rest of her life. you can treat her kindly and lovingly in a way that will benefit her and instill a sense of desire for men who treat her that way in the future, or you can be aloof and get her to go after guys who scoff at her.

or you can molest her and renew the cycle. the power is in your hands.
Please provide the "my anus is my bff" version of this, please.
Just don't be an asshole to her, she's 13 and impressionable as fuck at that age.

If she gets weird, talk to her about it and tell her not to, but if she's just affectionate then leave her be unless you're uncomfortable with it, maybe talk to her parents about it.
We got a runner. Call the mods.

Hi, im not good on typing stuff on english nor typing at all, so i will try to do my best. Im 19 years old and all my life have been raised with an anti-drug mentallity. I always thought that people that do drugs were just stupid and doomed to failure and eventually dead but recently i realised that the underdog was me. You see for the last years people started praising scumbags pseudo artis like Lil Peep, Pump and a lot of other ones that does nothing more than spread toxic and stupid shit that young people learn and become their life style, idealizing addictions and seeing them in a tragic but romantic way. This is drives me crazy because im strongly against drugs and i know very well the reppercussions of a life of addictions. I have an addict brother and is the most pathetic human being that i know apart from me. He is 31 years old and still lives with his parents. He has no girlfriend nor friends, he steal people and his own family to afford his addiction and is famous just for being him (Btw someone knocker at the door demanding my dad to pay one of his debts at the time im writing this) needles to say that he has been beaten a lot of times for justice. He started like everybody, in High School. He tried drugs at first just by curiosity, later he started idealizing them like people now days and become the waste of man that is now. He is like an empty carcass with no soul, he feels no remorse or shame just care to fill his urge to more, is like he is dead in life, not even private rehab could help him. Well the other thing eating my brain is that my oneitis of 5 years also become a drug addict too. Haven't seen someone like her in my life again. She has a beautiful and radiant soul and a warm heart, but is very naive and maleable. She started doing drugs at somepoint in High School. At first it was just soft stuff: alcohol, ciggaretes, weed but later she started doing had and harder shit: lsd, antidepressants abuse (daily) and cocaine. >CONT
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Lsd is not a drug you retarded nigger faggot. I did it 4 times and was set. My brain has been unlocked since. Yes, the majority of cocaine users are degenerates, (one bump or two to wake you up is fine sometimes, I do it on a when in Rome basis) but don't put fucking Lsd into the same category as something that fuels sociopaths. Dumb fucking fsggot. Beer is fucking degenerate as fuck, yet weed shoots and Lsd get flack just because some coke/heroin/benzo/molly users do them sometimes.
Weed shrooms and lsd*

Put the blame on beer cocaine molly and heroin users not fucking pacifists
only if you want her to hate you and never talk to you again, that might help you to forget about her though, which i strongly recommend, she decided to become trash like the people you mentioned, you cant make her change her mind.
>>19272998 listen to this dude, walk away
Get money and focus on yourself, forget about the dumb degenerate roastie. Cmon you faggot fuck you can do it.
Former drug user here.
Short answer: No
Long answer: Everyone who does drugs justifies their own lifestyle by saying its fine. No, it is still a bad idea.

File: 1455401790885.jpg (13 KB, 245x255)
13 KB
I'm 25
never dated, never want to marry or have kids
why should I ever move out of my parents' house?
not particularly concerned about what my parents think, they aren't kicking me out so that's good enough for me

How to tell if shes playing games or actually likes you?

This girl I talk to responds to text and snaps almost immediately but blows me off when I try to make plans. I make plans and she agrees then last minute she gives excuses like her moms in the hospital or her friend died.
She only wants attention, move on. You could try sending a random dick pic but I advise not to.
This, she's just looking for attention. Don't send a dick pic, women aren't visually stimulated like men are. Only communicate with her over the phone to set a date, if she makes another excuse move on.
It doesn't sound like she's playing games, sounds like she doesn't have a problem with you but isn't attracted to you.

>am girl
>guy friend and i like to watch anime together
>used to have a thing
>now have bf
>started hanging out with guy friend again
>he is cuddly
>feel tiny bit awk but idk if i mind or not
>what do
tell your friend you can't be "cuddly" because you have a bf or continue cheating on your bf
Would you be happy if your boyfriend was cuddling up with another girl? The answer to that will solve it for you.

File: 1513599436817.jpg (33 KB, 602x541)
33 KB
What's is best brand of condoms for comfort and feel, money is virtually no object unless they are like ridiculous oh overpriced?
Dick size is slightly above average if that helps
What the fuck is a condom?

File: Kaitlyn-48.jpg (144 KB, 766x1023)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
He takes half hour breaks

Always tries to find shit to put the blame on me .

Never actually does his job

Is only good at kissing ass.

Should I rat him out?

I know he would fail a drug test.
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>Always tries to find shit to put the blame on me
>Never actually does his job
he violated your NAP, report the fucker to the police
Damn who is Kaitlyn? Fuck she has a nice ass
You are a fucking faggot . Stop being a fucking pussy faggot and let it go if it's a corporation or report him for work if it's a small business. Maybe that would lead to him either fixing his douchebaggary or being fired. Stop making responsible weed users life's difficult because you are a fucking loser. People can take fucking morphine pills or amphetamines at work if they have a prescription. Weed makes me focus better because my mind wanders like crazy bUT I cant work most jobs because of dweebs like you. Kill yourself pussy. Anyone who needs to check online for how to use common sense should be put in prison.
Maybe you wouldn't be so crazy if you put down the joint Jerome.
File: Kaitlyn-2-768x1024.jpg (56 KB, 768x1024)
56 KB
She does

File: 1518985416505.jpg (65 KB, 500x618)
65 KB
Conservatives, in general, tend to like pure girls who are religious and have good values and morals.
As a right winger myself, I've noticed the only girls that I find myself attracted to are alt-girls, which are the complete opposites of what I tell myself I want.
Why does this happen? Could it be something subconscious?
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>what modern psychology is today
Modern psychology has largely split into two fields.
Cognitive neuroscience, studying measurable behaviors of the brain, human performance, and behavior.
Clinical psychology, combining an M.D.'s training about the human body and internal medicine, with a therapist's approach to guiding functional behavior.

I don't think you have a clear picture of either.
Well, I'm probably going to be in the unemployment/welfare line when I graduate in a year. I'm considering applying for an MFT program, but there aren't any jobs. Like you said, I'll just enjoy the ride, and worry about the employment later.

Good luck to you too.
>how can you be a libertarian and be against free personal expression like sexuality btw? Just curious
I'm not against personal expression per se, but I am against any type of obcession to any movement or party (I am, for example, against any type of person that is obcessed with feminism, since the whole movement is pure radicalism that has gone beyond its original intention). It's to the obcession and to the blind devotion in these ideas that I find harm.

>Just as an experiment, can you define what you regard as degeneracy and why that in itself is morally corrupt?

I believe our society was founded on certain values which are being lost with the times (thanks to the post-modernist "intelectuals" of our time), which puts me in the conservative category. I am open to change, and personal expression is great, in so far as it doesn't cause harm to the whole of society. I see degeneracy in these type of altgirls I'm attracted in the overusage of tattoos, the madness in their hair color, the lack of any moral values and completely nihilistic point of view about life... That, to me, is degenerate, but it's what I gravitate towards. Why does it happen? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Probably a phase, you grow out of it when you actually date one
Well said. Most of them have severe daddy issues too. Still, for me the redflags just pass by, and I stop caring. It's bad, I know, but I cant help but feel attracted.

File: 1516939968745.jpg (265 KB, 1280x960)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
I find women so much hotter in sexy underwear than fully nude. I usually lose interest in a porn video once all the clothes come off, and I prefer seeing girls fucked with their panties to the side. My favorite is probably girls masturbating with their panties still on.

Sometimes I can't keep a boner when my gf is naked. So she bought some really sexy lingerie and a crotchless thong. I came buckets doing her in doggy last night; the sight of her ass in a lace thong was amazing.

I feel like this is a problem. How can I appreciate a woman's natural beauty without anything there to enhance it?
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File: goodjob.jpg (888 KB, 1402x2000)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
It looks like something my grandmother used to wear in her prime time. It's too old fashion looking.
File: 1516940126194.jpg (74 KB, 724x724)
74 KB

I don't really give a shit what you think. Lace makes my dick diamonds.
Your generation has weird tastes.
THis is a SFW board.

So I Just started dating this guy and I really really like. Occasionally I get a cold so cold sore on my lip. My doctor told me just last week that I have a hsv. Which is not usually sexually transmitted.

Do I have to tell him I have herpes? My doctor told me it’s no big deal and that 70% of people have it . I’ve onky slept with two guys I don’t want him to think I’m a slut

I’m so freaked out I have no idea what to do.
70%of ppl do not have herpes he pulled that statistic out his ass. Also yes you have to tell him. What's worse he finds out when he catches your shit or you have a polite conversation about it and he avoids the mouth for a few days. If I was dating you and I got herpes and found out you knew u had it id fuck your shit up royally.
He said it’s not herpes but in the family like chicken pox or common cold sores . That’s why I’m so confused don’t want to embarrass myself if I don’t have to.
Sorry I wasn’t clear I have hsv 1 wth no symptoms ever on my genitals

File: tnsp.png (402 KB, 700x997)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
So I recently realized that I'm being stalked by a girl, I had my doubts at first but I've since confirmed it after a confrontation with her.
I had this suspicion she was following me at the time, so I turned 4 corners and she was following me about 20 feet away all the way, and at the last corner I got in her face and asked her why she was following me, she went pale as a sheet and ran away. I kinda wanted to chase her then, but a 6' guy running after a young girl can be easily misunderstood. I spot her a few times a week in her car since then when I'm around town and at work, but she keeps her distance.
I've also seen her a few times stopping near my house.

I'd report this to the police but the thing is: I'm pretty desperate. I'm a 31-year old virgin, literally a wizard right now. I've been /fit/ and lifting for like 3 years now which definitely attracts people, but my "game" is negative; it's not just zero, it actively shoos women who were initially attracted to me away.
At this point I'm so blue-balled I might as be a smurf, and I mean if there's a girl who likes me enough to chase my boring ass around all day I might as well try and make it work. She's sorta creepy looking desu, but it's the cute kind of creepy, kinda gap moe.

So any tips on how to approach her without making it look like I'm some thug kidnapping her? I can't get her contact and from the previous encounter (and other times I'd go towards her) she just seems to run away. I've been considering hiring a private investigator to get her number (stalk the stalker) but that's my last option.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Leave the estate.
Could you describe her op? Why don't you go to a park and do a picnic for two and if she's stalking you somewhere, try to face to where she is. An easy way is walk alone and when you notice she's following you, let a piece of paper fall with your number and a hi? How's that ?
This is getting me more hyped than it should. And post body, nigga. I'm tryna get fit for a qt stalker
>Like 5'1, 5'2 at most
>Messy hair, brunette
>crazy eyes with bags
I've only seen her up close once and she looked like she had the cutest, most pinch-able cheeks, though I might be remembering wrong. Either way
>cute face and nose

She always wears a hoodie when she's stalking and gets away pretty quickly as soon as I notice her, so I never got a good look at her body. Most of this I got from that one time I caught her
why are you posting about me on 4chan
Legit valid concern here.
Have you asked other people if they can see her?

You might be hallucinating the whole thing. Go to the mall a few times a week and order some food. Talk to the clerk and ask if they can see her.

File: 80.jpg (70 KB, 639x480)
70 KB
I hosted a party yesterday and got blackout drunk and this morning my friend texted me that his girlfriend was creeped out by me. Problem is I don't remember what I did. I already apologised to him but feel it won't be enough. What should I do?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

What's their excuse for being drunk then?
>I hosted a party yesterday and got blackout drunk
Probably this desu. People drink at parties. Next.
So you're saying it's ok to behave like an asshole if you're drunk, and it's ok to get drunk. Good to know.

I'll just drink a lot of alcohol and then go out and sqeaze all the titties. But that's ok, because I'm drunk.
Where did he say he molested a girl?
If he did then yeah that's shitty behavior and illegal too.
OP probably just acted like a dweeb, otherwise his friend woulda knocked his teeth out.
>If he did then yeah that's shitty behavior and illegal too.
But he would have had an excuse. He was drunk.

File: 1491350106988.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
Why are women so stupid and useless? Just less pressure from society? I mean, throughout the history, it has always been men who invented new things, explored, created civilizations etc. Also, it seems like women's only problems in life are related to their current bf or some guy who fucked and dumped her.
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Different anon, keep in mind how woman-oriented the us family court system is, idk where you're living and how it is where you live but it's pretty shit in the us, down to the point a woman can apparently retract their consent the day after sex and bam, you're now a rapist by their emotion driven logic. Can't take their rights away since they're the majority voters here. I'm not completely sold on the idea they're all like this, but I can tell you rn about 92% of the women I've met would be considered failure if they were a man, with a obvious 8% exclusion being some very driven women I've known much older than me.
Even if that were true, your statement only goes to prove that if men did not relax the rules, women would never be given even the chance to accomplish anything.
File: rosalindfranklin.jpg (43 KB, 620x883)
43 KB

How many cherries would you like? This is the problem with these threads: people can provide all the anecdotal evidence in the world, but if the person you're arguing with just happens to be surrounded by useless women, then that's all they'll see.

If you broaden your perspective, you'll find women doing great things in lots of different roles.
> it has always been men who invented new things, explored, created civilizations etc
That's true. The bigger part of men don't stand out at all but there's far more men standing out as brilliant musicians/politicians/philosophers/scientists/inventors then women. But men also stand out more for example in crime/violence/war/radical movements and so on. That doesn't take away the good side but it means that men stand out more in everything>>19273096
>Even if that were true

It is.

>your statement only goes to prove that if men did not relax the rules, women would never be given even the chance to accomplish anything.

What on Earth are you trying to say? If someone cut off your legs would it then be your fault that you're not particularly good at jumping?

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