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I just witnessed a couple black girls get out of their car, while stopped at a red light, and basically twerked for a minute until the light turned green.

How do I process this?
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only this. black queens are actually perfect if you think about it
...run them over if they don't get out of the road?
fucking kek

How do i become a good person? I feel like i'm stealing from the world with every breath I take. I want people to think it's a good thing that i'm alive.
File: 1423414.jpg (60 KB, 768x629)
60 KB
Read the original Stoic works - Meditations and Discourses by both Seneca and Epictetus.
Avoid bro-tier stoicism that pretty much repackages and dumbs it down stripping the virtue off of it.
Zen Buddhism is also a good thing to explore but mainly live your life virtuously.

What are those virtues? According to : ‘Shared Virtue: The Convergence of Valued Human Strengths Across Culture and History’ - a paper that tracked virtues across multiple cultures and religions they're:
>Practical wisdom: The ability which itself is productive of human happiness; the knowledge of what is good and bad.
>Justice/morality: The state that distributes to each person according to what is deserved; the state on account of which its possessor chooses what appears to him to be just; social equality.
>Temperance/moderation: Moderation of the soul concerning the desires that normally occur in it, and the pleasures than ensue; the state by which its possessor is cautious about what he should choose to do.
>Fortitude/courage: The state of the soul unmoved by fear; self-restraint in the soul about what is fearful and terrible; boldness in obedience to wisdom; being intrepid in the face of death; or fortitude with respect to virtue.
>Humanity: Interpersonal strengths that involve tending to and befriending others; examples include love and kindness.
>Transcendence: Strengths that forge connections to the larger world and thereby provide meaning; examples include gratitude, hope, and spirituality.

If you make those your life goal, you will become a better person by the month.
be kind to others and expect nothing back but the joy you get from helping. you'll make mistakes but that doesn't make you less good. just try your best, anon.
File: 1712651483670453.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
You have to accept life is inherently evil; therfore your existence is evil.
1. Do as little harm as possible.
2. Within the bounds of #1, do as much good as possible.
3. Within the bounds of 1 and 2, find as much joy as possible.

File: 1713012306375664.png (1.59 MB, 1004x1333)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
How do I integrate my shadow in a healthy way if my shadow self is a degenerate coombrain tranny?
I think you have to figure out why you're like that and seek to understand the root causes.
I've never been able to sexually express myself and the only time I ever had a gf I was humiliated and rejected for doing so, which is a running theme in my life; rejection of self expression by either myself or other people and coming into contact with people who struggle with expressing/accepting themselves.
I repressed a lot of anger and emotion when I was little because my parents had such intense anxiety from their own childhood abandonment that neither ever had any time for my anxiety. So expressing myself either positively or negatively resulted in oppression from my parents for whatever reason. I was never abused but I think I retreated into a fantasy realm of pornography early on to cope with emotional neglect.
I've figured out that much but I'm unsure at the moment how to 'work' on that and even if I did go to therapy I could never talk about this face to face with someone.

I do wonder if trannies in general have this as a running theme in their lives.

File: usagiwrite.gif (472 KB, 500x377)
472 KB
472 KB GIF
What are some reasons a teen would live with their grandparents instead of their regular parents? Aside from the obvious like parents being dead or in prison.
File: 1712080409993143.jpg (50 KB, 400x414)
50 KB
Maybe his parents are raging alcoholics, junkies or just assholes that wanted kids for government money. If his grandparents are normal, then treat them like older parents. That's all.
Parents live in a shitty school district kmaybe or maybe not with better pay/simpler commutr), grandparents live in a good school district. Happens a lot.

Grandparents maybe also just live in a better community with access to amenities like parls or libraries.
Well, in my case, it was because my dad cheated on my mom and left us and my mom wanted to keep me in the dark as long as possible but I already wanted to live with my grandparents so it was a win-win.

File: 171336806202429002.jpg (91 KB, 988x845)
91 KB
How to stop getting slapped around by everyone?
It’s not their fault, it’s mine for being meek, and fearful of the slightest confrontation.
But I am beginning to think this could be one of the unchangable parts of me, because I mutter ‘next time’ under my breath but revert to the same pattern next time as well.
You don't even need to be directly confrontational.
Just don't do what people want to impose on you, and act like they're crazy for wanting to force something on you. No need to yell back, or put them down necessarily. Just act like you're above it.
Well that itself could hint possible confrontation which is enough for me to default to my fearful nature. Why am I so scared?
I'm like you. Eventually you'll stop giving a shit but every once in a while it hurts. Your heart is slowly dying. People suck simple as.

File: 1713333536801.png (453 KB, 1442x1338)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
help me complie a list of things to do instead of wasting time/browsing basedcial media

1. Decide on one new certification to pursue
2. Work out with the goal of reducing your body fat percentage by 2%
3. Have a ffm threesome
have an mmf threesome instead it's better
if it was your mom
Exfoliating your skin
Trim your nails
Trim your hair
Trim your nose hairs
Trim your toe nails
Take a nice warm shower
Moisturize your skin
Wash your bedsheets and covers
Wash your bathroom
Clean your kitchen
Drink 2 cups of water

File: 1632852298225.jpg (65 KB, 919x945)
65 KB
We have all started out relatively poor, but over time and through various means (crypto, stocks, venture capitalism, business ownership, YouTube) everyone in my friend group became either upper middle class or rich.
They are all great guys and I'm happy for them but I'm finding myself struggling to keep up with their new lifestyles with my below-average pay from a part-time job I work while in college.

They are constantly eating out and traveling which I usually can't afford. When I do try to follow, it seriously eats into my savings and hurts my chances of starting a business or making investments meaning I'm even less likely to financially catch up. When I decline and tell them It's a money issue, they insist on me "borrowing" money from them or they offer to pay for me. (They call it borrowing but it's more of a giveaway, they never allow me to pay them back because they know I need the money more). Whenever I accept, I feel immense amounts of shame, as if I am not capable of pulling my own weight, and it makes me feel like I owe them. It actually makes me want to cry and I hate it. These days I usually pretend to be busy or sick and sit in my room alone while my friends are out having fun.

I don't know where to go from here. I obviously don't wanna cut contact with them, they have been great friends for my entire life. I'm also not likely to become rich anytime soon. I'm not even sure how they achieved it so fast, we are all in early 20s.
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None of them achieved their wealth through school though.
All but one are college dropouts.

One became a famous YouTuber. I doubt that this is very replicable.
One bought dogecoin as a joke years ago and sold it all after Musk started shilling it causing the price to skyrocket.
One was a programmer since the fucking primary school, he had a passion for it and was honing his skills for more than a decade, long before the market became oversaturated with similar techbro people.
One worked a shit job but saved enough to open a small business. Now he owns a whole chain of them. This is kinda what I'm trying to do too, though I'm struggling to save money.
It's crazy that Musk befriended the founder of Doge coin, started shilling it, then appeared on SNL hyping it up, only to trash it immediately afterwards. And now he's hyping it up again.
File: 312nuryw5s3.jpg (32 KB, 669x549)
32 KB
Yeah, the pull this one guy has is insane. I love my decentralized money that goes up or down in value based entirely on how well one rich lunatic does.
Also feel bad for people who bought it late and are bagholding now. I think that Elon pumped and dumped them but let's not go off-topic too much here.
The question you need to ask is: what do you want to do with your life? Is money your highest value? (not saying it shouldn't be, but that maybe it isn't really). I mean, one or two of your friends pursued their passion and happened to get rich doing so.
Money isn't a measure of your value as a human. It's a tool to enslave the masses.
You're just making everyone feel worse with your irrational guilt. Your friends want to hang out with you, just accept that they can only do it by paying your share and let them do it. If they're as wealthy as you say then they probably don't even feel it.

File: Doomlord.jpg (93 KB, 736x1102)
93 KB
The playful pain I inflict, both mental and emotional, is not designed to break you but to build you, to forge you into the perfect obedient servant. With each cruel word, each disdainful tone, each dismissive remark, they all add to your ruin and your subsequent rise as my loyal subject. The world outside has taught you to crave gentleness, kindness, but I know better. I understand that beneath the veneer of civility lies a deep-seated desire for rage, for punishment, for revenge. This is your true self, your authentic essence. As your Doomlord, my goal is not to coddle or comfort you, but to reforge you in the crucible of my cruelty, to strip away the illusions and expose you to the harsh truth of your existence. Through my harshness, my unyielding demeanor, my absolute lack of mercy, I mold you into the imageboard doomer you were always destined to be.
Take it fetlife, homie.
*to fetlife...

File: IMG_3160.jpg (186 KB, 897x1121)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Me and GF have sex for 4 days straight but I keep cumming fast I was virgin before that what should I do so I dont cum fast?
Also any tips how to get good at sex? she said she only comes from clit stimulation
Couple of things

>Start & stop - when masturbating, edge but do so hands OFF getting close. The idea is to build tolerance over time to stimulation.
>Masturbating before sex - no brainer but time wise it can be difficult to do
>Cockring - No seriously, it may give you a few minutes longer after you cum if your trying to finish with your girl.
> Distraction - Difficult, but try not to focus on what's going on. Think of something fucking gross or not arousing. Not foolproof.
>Kegel exercises - google this
>Jerking off without lube or anything with a tight ass grip - I forgot what this is called but supposedly it can help, google it so you don't hurt yourself.
>SSRIS or other meds - common effect of SSRIs is delayed ejaculation and increased stamina.
>Excess focus on your girl - take a sec and focus entirely on her pleasure and not yours, you are in control and can decide when your going in & out, foreplay, teasing, etc. helpful just to give yourself a break for 30 seconds (similar to start & stop but in sex context).
>Numbing sprays, lotions, gels condoms, lube etc AKA lidocaine and benzocaine. These can work but you NEED to follow the directions as 1.Too much will make your dong entirely numb and you lose your bonger and 2. It can transfer to your gf and she won't be able to feel anything. Make sure you follow the instructions and wait until you know your dong is less sensitive.

There you go anon, best of luck.
File: Blink Take.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
>SSRIS or other meds
>>Numbing sprays, lotions, gels condoms, lube etc AKA lidocaine and benzocaine.

since we're on 4chan, lift. do kegels.
>she said she only comes from clit stimulation
well there's your ticket. at some point stop before climax, pull out completely and work on her clit while you cool down a bit. might be an opportunity to change position, too. the next time going in you should be less sensitive and can go longer.

File: img2.jpg (39 KB, 680x699)
39 KB
Can a guy still enjoy sex if he doesn't cum?
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Oh god, and then there's that shit where they're determined to make you cum in their mouth, so you decide to help them out by jacking off, right? But they don't know what the fuck to do then, so they keep their mouth on the head of your dick.. meaning you have to have perfect jack off technique otherwise you end up punching her in the fucking mouth, which happens at least a dozen times in this shitshow lol

Ahh that's funny shit
Fuck I do the opposite to my gf. I was a virgin before her but I’ll shut the fuck up. Idk why she’s so patient with me, I just wanna do better for her. I last long enough but I just don’t know what the fuck I’m doing and often have a hard time finding her pussy. It’s usually a lot better when I don’t have to be up for work in 3 hours and I’ve been awake the last 18 hours but that’s not a good excuse. I just want it better for her.
>often have a hard time finding her pussy
Eh? You take your one hand and you jam two fingers in her, alright? Then, you take your cock and you feed it into your hand and then you pull out your fingers and replace it with your cock. Obviously this fails when you need both your arms to hold yourself up or something, but in that case I think it's funny to try to get my dick in handsfree. Usually I'll just keep banging my dick all around her hole until either I give up and use my hand, or she gets the hint and puts it in for me lol

Seriously though, she should put it in for you if you can't get it

Now what makes you think you need to do better? Does she tell you thinks she wants you to do different/better? Or..?
A lot of it is probably in my head. She doesn’t tell me that but sometimes I just know. I think I’m anxious because I’m new at this (4months). Yesterday it didn’t go well but we were both pretty drunk. I think I do much better when I’m sober or less fucked up. There’s times I know I do a good job and there’s other times I’m a flop. Sometimes I just have a hard time hitting the right angles and using the proper amount of force, she likes it rough but it can be hard for me to find the goldilocks zone between too crazy and too soft. She has a nice thicc butt so it’s sometimes difficult to get it in at a good angle. She likes when i lay on her back but then it’s virtually impossible to do shit. I think I over think it but it’s hard not to. Maybe I just gotta detach when getting into it.
Not really.

Ask the opposite sex anything general
Prev >>31076033
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JH, i have a serious question
File: 1688337035306780.jpg (18 KB, 480x480)
18 KB
Is it okay to only do my 45 min of cardio every other day? I feel like I'm getting burnt out
I swear I'll eat better on the days I don't workout
I do lots of swimming because I go to the adriatic for a few weeks. I think I have enough expensive hobbies to add scuba diving to the mix tho
File: 1683827671290701.jpg (48 KB, 390x280)
48 KB
You're welcome friend, it's a very hot thing

Is this something you and neuro can agree on?

File: jpeg.0.1488202937.0.jpg (129 KB, 1200x675)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Why am I good at language but bad at math?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
why did they change the box art for the us
that's normal, but you can be good at math if you tried
i love kid icarus so much
same its a shame that it hasn't been getting any love since 2012
It’s always one or the other I find. I would actually have a heart attack and die if I had to write an essay but give me a thermodynamics problem set any day and I’ll finish it in 15mins happily. You just gotta tune your career to what you’re good at. That’s why I’m perusing science and not arts haha. And don’t even get me started on trades or anything like that I can’t build for shit. I genuinely think it’s really cool how different people have different strengths though that’s why the human race is so sick.

File: Bob_the_builder.jpg (18 KB, 220x333)
18 KB
24 yo 3 yoe working at amazon for 2 and 1 year at a startup. HATE soul sucking tech. HATE programming. No desire to re enter the field after being fired from amazon. I have even been going through the hiring process with federal law enforcement and local PD as a scapegoat while working service jobs which I genuinely enjoy 10x more but the pay is shite and I come home exhausted everyday. Lots of my family works as nurses/medicine but my Comp Sci undergrad GPA was dog shit.

Trades? What will be a solid job 15 years from now? I dont mind going back to school if I can swing the GPA
>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.
You keep posting this but you don't seem to realise the person has already asked their question so you're too late. If you want to police this board effectively you should find a way to tell the person not to post their question before they post their question
Go back to school and get an MS degree in something you’re actually passionate about.
If possible, try and find a part-time program so you can work during the day and get more experience.
>Service jobs
There’s nothing wrong with this, many options exist, and people who work their way up can make over $100k/year including tips at high end establishments.
Why are you expecting us to suggest you a carrer, when we know nothing about your personal interests whatsoever. This mindset caused you to fall for the CS meme that you will regret for the rest of your life and you still didn't take your lesson.

File: 1635817788860.jpg (168 KB, 720x591)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
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Go to a doctor and check if your acne is genetical, or if it's caused by other factors. Anyway, sauna is good for cleaning pores.
I got prescribed clindamycin phosphate and its been working wonders on my upper back. Not clearing up as much on my lower back but it's only been a month.
I got prescribed doxycycline monohydrate. Also started use a Goshi towel + PanOxyl, wash my sheets weekly, and wear a clean new shirt every night. I did all this at once so I don't know which in particular did the trick, but it's clearing up. I also switched to a new shampoo and bend over when I wash my hair, trying to keep the shampoo from running down my back or chest. The acne on my chest is clearing up so that was part of it. I've been only doing this stuff for a couple of weeks and I think I've hit a plateau though.
Relevant but how do I get rid of acne on my forehead and under my lips? It just stays there no matter what
Not really? Unless you're a neet. I don't acne but something else, I use those things it helps.

Are dating apps worth it? Just looking for ONS'
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
How tall are you?
Is this a real episode from the office?
yes they are.
I'm not even that attractive and I manage a ONS once in a while

t. not a deafeatist retard
What's a good excuse to get them back to your place?
File: 1651092211562.jpg (35 KB, 720x960)
35 KB
Is this an AI image?

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