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I don't know what to do. I find everything boring and it's been this way for years. I don't care for anything, don't desire anything, don't have any real ambitions, nothing. I don't want to hang out, don't want to go out, don't want to play games, don't wanna talk. I don't wanna do anything.

I go to college and I'm doing very good there academically (stem). I'm also very financially stable because of some work I do on the side but even so, I am just so bored. I'm bored of life.
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how the fuck are you bored there's so much shit to do and discover. maybe stop studying and working and follow your curiosity, stir some shit up
Like what?
Who let the religious schizos in?
Harass women offline.
Sin to your body is a sin to the holy spirit if youre christian.

File: Kink+Shame.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1500)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Does anyone feel a great deal of shame and completely the opposite after rubbing one out?

At home, I find the idea of having a girlfriend that sees other men and humiliates me very hot with the cuckolding/hotwife dynamic etc.

But if I am outside or after I rub one out at home, I am completely turned off by these kinks/thoughts. It lasts anywhere from 30 mins to a couple of days and then I go back to be wanting a cuckold.

I'm a 38 year old male if that helps.
No-one wants to hear about your disgusting impulses and mental laziness. Find something useful to do such as exercise or reading a book. Otherwise just KYS.
sounds like how literally any other kink works. it makes you horny and you forget about it after ou coom. is anything suprising about this?
the only way to change is to have a different kink.
or if you want to not be horny so often then have a competing interest to hornyness. work, a hobby, etc.

Thanks. I'll focus on my time before bed to read rather than be horny/look at porn.


Probably 10 years ago if I look at that type of porn or hear about these fetishes I would not have been turned on by it at all.

Hopefully I can go back to being more "normal" and/or dominant.

I appreciate your advice about finding something else to do.

How do I cope with no enough time in the day to do everything I want? I have to work obviously but I want do multiple things in a day which I obviously can't
File: 1711831499152906.jpg (352 KB, 786x492)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Generally speaking, you should aim to do only the tasks that are important and not urgent (picrel, Covey's 4 quadrants from his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).
Also, note that when he says "recreation" he is referring to what he calls "sharpening the saw" (from Abe Lincoln's idea that if you have an hour to cut down a tree then spend most of that time sharpening your saw). That is, "recreation" means building your capabilities in some way, not mere pleasure seeking.
switch to working part-time.
That's what I did.
Sure I make less money, but I only lose 25 hours a week to work. This allows me to
>stay up till 2:30 am
>have 4pm-2:30 am every day to do whatever I want
now I can actually live my life.
I can stay up late reading and playing guitar, even in winter I have daytime hours to go for a hike with my dog, I don't get the sunday scaries (Sunday anxiety triggered by the fact you have to be up early for work tomorrow) because I don't need to wake up till 10:30 am anyway.
I think in the future 25 hours a week will be the norm.
40 hours a week sucks unless you LOVE your job.
40 hours a week forces you to mentally make your job the center of your life. Your job becomes your real home, home becomes a temporary resting space to prepare for the next day of work.
F that. I'd rather be financially poor but free than wealthy and enslaved.

File: IMG_8225.jpg (19 KB, 474x344)
19 KB
>be me
>plan trip to Vegas in September for Fallout New Vegas Day with best friend
>plan to go to Goodsprings, go to Vegas, see Hoover Dam, and loop around to Red Rock Canyon or Mt Charleston then drive back to California or state where he is
>buy fun t-shirts and make cosplay gear
>friend enlists in NG and is unable to come

I spent years saving tens of thousands of dollars to have a trip of a lifetime with him, and he up and fucking dips. I’m not mad at him (I know it’s not his fault), but I’m too introverted to go on a roadtrip on my own and don’t have a DL. I feel like the last two years saving up have been a fucking waste and everything I suffered was for nothing, working at shitty jobs. Sure l have money, but l have no one to spend it with. What do l do? Go and hope to make a new friend in time that has a DL and willing to go?
Keep the money and go next time. Is this day some special event or does it happen every year? That was kinda shitty by your friend. You should learn how to drive and get a DL this year. It's really simple and take like 2 days to figure out an automatic car. Rest is a matter of practice. Don't lose hope, OP
It popped up in 2022, but l don’t know how long it will last before it stops happening, which is why l have FOMO. After all it’s very niche.
Get a life. Cosplay is a pathetic substitute for a life.
It’s just a NCR soldier outfit, made out of milsurp l already have. The primary function of the trip is to go to all the of locations in the game. Plus it makes me feel happy to have a goal.

File: IMG_0422.png (321 KB, 854x480)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
I want to learn to sing but I live with my parents and I can't stop holding myself back, which is totally screwing my ability to learn. I sing in the car but now I'm not commuting every day, plus I can't focus enough to make progress. What do?
In college I would go to the practice rooms in the music hall
and sing my fucking heart out. Good times.

I imagine you can rent a practice space once a week or two.
Also can take a singing lesson at a local community college or something. could be fun !
File: 1715398428309199.jpg (106 KB, 702x737)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Hey guys, this is Layne Floigley. You might know me as the lead singer of Floigan in Chains (formerly Alice in Chains). By the way, I'm dead. Anyway, I ran into a couple old buddies of mine while I was buying a pack of smokes at the Circle K last week: Floig Jones Jr. and Tyrese Floigson. We used to shoot junk and watch cartoons together n' stuff... it was real cool, man. By the way, I'm dead. Anyway, they were telling me how there was some anti-floiganism going down 'round these parts, and they said I should stop by and have a little chat with you guys. The first thing I want you to know is that I used to be a huge faggot. Everybody thought I was super chill and friendly n' stuff, even though all I ever did was sing about depression, drug use, and suicide. I also invited a guy on stage during one of my concerts and sucker punched him for giving a Nazi salute while surrounded by hundreds of fans and security guards because of how tolerant and brave I was n' stuff, even though I had no problem directly funding murder and child trafficking by buying massive amounts of black market opiates. I even let my girlfriend get fucked by a bunch of old men for heroin money even though I had millions of dollars, because I spent it all on heroin. By the way, she's dead. Anyway, the point is, I was a total douchenozzle n' stuff. Then, I found Floigan, and everything changed. Floigan made me realize how much of a retarded fag I had been. After undergoing floigalysis, I started changing myself for the better: I started regularly washing my bed linens, I got a Costco membership, I read Mein Kampf, I stopped shooting as much junk, and I even started working on the whole me being dead thing n' stuff. Look friend, the fact is... Floigan changed me, and Floigan can change you, too. Just stop like, being all hateful n' stuff. Open your heart and accept Floigan into your life. By the way, I'm Layne Floigley, and I'm dead.
join a choir?

File: IMG_0427.jpg (33 KB, 500x742)
33 KB
Why don't people talk often about Gary Numan much here? Super influential on electronic music, great songwriter, cool aesthetic, he seems like a stand up guy, family man, and some of his recent music is quite good. Great artist overall.
meant for /mu/
it's over

File: RenderedImage.jpg (287 KB, 960x986)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I keep staying up til 6 am every night since i moved internationally. HELP!!!!! Have no access to sleeping pills. Half of my problem is being addicted to my phone tb h
You're much too retarded to help.
Then don't be on your phone?

File: GNg6WBLWMAAluok (1).jpg (60 KB, 680x643)
60 KB
I really want to move. My life up until 10 was miserable. Up until 20 it was tolerable. Up until 30 it was miserable. When I moved to the country at 30-40, it was the best years of my life. Now that I'm 40, all these people moved in. I'm old so I get disrespect everywhere. The traffic is obnoxious. The prices are insane. I have to share everything. But housing prices are way too high...
What are you asking?

File: Unknown-47.jpg (4 KB, 204x192)
4 KB
>Break up with gf right before new year
>Spend the next month rotting in my own misery
>Join frat but leave for a variety of reasons but mostly because I hate the people there
>Longtime roommate and his gf are my best friends at college
>Have a handful of other friends but dont click with them well
>Get isolated while recovering from breakup and cut off alot of people in my life who were just draining to be around
>Come back home for summer
>Hometown friend group is starting to split off and have their own lives further away from home and dont see them much anymore
>Still wonder if ex gf has permanently ruined my ways of connecting with people platonically and romantically
>Most of my day is just gym, getting my online business started, vidya and flirting with girls on hinge (talking to girls just doesn't seem as exciting as it used to anymore, im not even horny very much, I just want someone I have chemistry with)
>Summer job isn't starting for another two weeks so no money to spend on my hobbies unless I take it out of my brokerage account (which im not doing)
>Rarely have a reason to leave the house apart from the gym and shopping now
>Have literally nothing to do and have been isolated for so long I forgot how to make friends
>Life has just felt like it has lost all its adventure and excitement lately
How the fuck do I get out of this?
I’m in a similar place bro. Nothing in my life is going the way I want it to. It feels the only thing I really have control over is going to the gym.
I hate myself. I don't want to get out I want to hate myself more. I will never be successful I have never meant anything to anyone. There's nothing for me here I hate myself

File: IMG_0377.jpg (24 KB, 600x550)
24 KB
I have developed a fetish for women with dicks. Not trans women, mind you, this is purely fantasy of natal women with penises in addition to vaginas. But now I can hardly get off to anything else. This is a dead end for anything I could do IRL.
So how do I dispose of this? Will detoxing from porn achieve this? I don't know, the fantasy of having a gf with a dick seems too great to ever be matched by actual sexuality...
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What gooning does to a mf
Bro stop watching porn
jerking off only twice a week to still images of mild nudity and getting outside for real to get a sense of form to your body.
You got yourself a fetish, classic case
I should

File: IMG_8613.jpg (63 KB, 960x799)
63 KB
I feel attention hungry and needy for validation. I've done a lot of work in relation to school and myself but no one's ever been proud of me. How do I fix this need I feel, almost like a hole, to be praised or just told someone's proud?
Join a sport.
Learn an instrument.

File: images (85).jpg (21 KB, 511x381)
21 KB
My life is getting better, but I can't help but look back and feel so much anger and resentment for how badly my dad stunted me, he nearly ruined my life, I had been suicidal for 10 years, but I'm slowly getting better with time, I have less hate in my heart, I love my pets, I love my friends, but I can't help but feel pure disgust, hatred, and betrayal whenever I think about him, I don't know what to do because it makes me feel really shitty when I randomly think about it, everyone tells me I need to learn how to forgive, but what's the point of forgiving someone nearly made you kill yourself? I just don't know how to completely forget about him, if anyone has any similar experiences please give me some advice
File: breath meditation.jpg (503 KB, 741x833)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
>I don't know what to do because it makes me feel really shitty when I randomly think about it
It is a conditioned reflex, where some thought or environmental cue triggers an emotional/physiological state. I found that correct meditation (picrel) made me consciously aware of such events inside me during the day and allowed me to let them go. Works wonders!
I'm a big fan of meditation so I'll have to try this out, thanks

Thanks I'll check these out, um a bit sceptical of new age self help guys like this but I'll listen to them and see if I can get anything out of it

File: images.jpeg-14.jpg (8 KB, 204x247)
8 KB
About a month ago after doing fine for 6+ months I saw a post from someone I used to like a year back talking about their s/o, they were speaking to them at the same time as me but after we stopped talking and I was rejected, they later chose them.

I coped by reminding myself that the nature of their relationship was unhealthy and codependent and reminding mysef I barely knew the person and that I'm nothing like the person they would like physically, but I feel like the thought of the unrequited love won't be settled in my mind until they break up, even though I know I'll forget about it eventually. I distract myself; I started working out, talking to friends more, focusing on my future and hobbies and journaled my feelings out ad stuff but sometimes I still go back to the thought of them together and I don't get why? At one point it made me feel physically sick to think about. Can someone explain why the mind does such a thing? I'm doing everything I'm supposed to.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I tried doing that, including for my other intrusive thoughts, but sometimes the thoughts come up as I'm preoccupied with something else (anxiety about unrelated things, concentrated on work etc.) As just thoughts floating through, and I'm so busy with everything else I fail to notice my brain is pulling it all apart and that I need to move on.

You will n3ver be a w0man
Okay buddy
File: E9DMSx7UcAQq8PC.jpg (72 KB, 793x884)
72 KB
Thank you anon <3 I'll watch these but part of me worries they won't fully sink in yet. My first serious rejection took nearly 5 years to get over in full and I think this will be similar.

File: 1000001335.jpg (407 KB, 1040x759)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Should I tell my girlfriend my feelings aren't progressing? It's been 5 months, and after the initial infatuation passed, it hasn't been replaced by anything more than just us enjoying hanging out, going on fun dates and having lots of really good sex. There's no feeling of love on my end. I like her and all, but I never see it progressing any further than it is now, which is a bizarre feeling to me itself. I know I what love feels like and this isn't it.

I'm grappling with whether I should continue to let things be, as we're having fun, until a confrontation about love and feelings occur, or just risk it all now and tell her how I feel to spare her feelings later.

pic unrelated
Her fault. Why would a guy settle down when he gets sex for free. Women like this ruin society. My brother got trapped with one like this.
you're serious? do you think there might be a component to it where not having ever had to really earn the sex has been detrimental to my ability to form feelings? haven't thought about it this way, but my ex, who I loved deeply, definitely made me work for it through emotional availability, support, and validation. but I dont think I loved her because I had to work for it, but despite it.
No you fucking retard. If you don't love her then just tell her and break up, life is too short to waste your time and you're WASTING HERS!

File: IMG_1374.jpg (43 KB, 726x540)
43 KB
What is the point of life? Obviously we go to school to get a good job, and then buy our basic living necessities on our own. Like a house and car. Like our parents did. Then we have children and they do the same thing and repeat it. That’s like the struggle of life right? Get a good enough job so you can do all those things. For me though, my grandpa left my family a nice little house in a very nice area and it’s paid off. I literally could live there and be a NEET the rest of my life and be happy? But for some reason that bothers me, I don’t like the comfortability. I don’t know why, I don’t want to end up living in that house and NEET. Right now im getting my EMT license and I want to be a firefighter like my grandfather. I put the stress of having to get a good career like this on myself even though I don’t have to because I hate the comfort ability of my actual situation. I would feel weak if I just lived in that house and worked a part time job (if I even needed to) the rest of my life. Is this a weird way to feel?
donate it to me then

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