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File: 1715827138393905.jpg (154 KB, 735x1036)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
am i a good candidate for ftm transition?
>naturally larger adam's apple
>long midface
>big jaw
>androgynous face
>big hips
>B cups
>big foid ass
>curly hair
>fuller lips
>20 (didn't transitioned in teen years which automatically sucks)
What do you think, anons? Is it over?
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No. Don’t do it. Don’t need to read any more. Too many people I’ve seen fuck up their lives in that suicide cult.
I would fuck you so hard. Shame you wanna permanently fuck up your hormonal balance
same here lmao dicked down until the sun is out
One of my friends is FTM. He found his peace after transition. Before that he tried to kill himself almost 6 times and went through hell.
I think it's better to transition, if you REALLY need to. You have one life. Take it in your hands, or live like others want to. Decision is on you.
No such thing as gender dysphoria, you've just been brainwashed by the zoomer things you consume and you think you're your own god and your fleeting what if whims become urges you must have cause you have zero selfcontrol or accountability. The illuminati claims another victim. Dun dun dun, another one bites the dust. At least its not mtf, there's a chance you'll pass as a gay beta instead of monster.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I have trouble attracting much of anything romantically. I've had 3 very short relationships that didn't go anywhere really but they all ended the same with the same weird game being played, even if I'm not in a relationship with them. The most recent it's been with a girl in my neighborhood who I went out with only a couple times
>own neighborhood business
>meet cute tomboyish girl
>hit it off, she's kinda awkward but cute
>go out twice, don't really mesh immediately but I'd be willing to hang more
>suddenly stops talking to me, doesn't return messages and don't see her at all for like a month
>suddenly see her EVERY FUCKING DAY at my work
>not just random walking by, she stops, hangs out, stands around looking at me smiling while I'm working, then leaves once I start up a conversation
>figure ok that's got to mean she's interested right?
>attempt to set up another date numerous times
>always said "that sounds fun, I'll let you know" but never responded
>continued to show up at my work for no reason other than to get my attention
>keep wondering why the fuck she's doing that if she won't accept my invitations
>literally a month or more every day coming by to talk to me then leaving the moment I strike up a conversation and ask her to hang out
>following day like clockwork shows up again, this time with a guy I've never seen

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You are stupid, to keep doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result. She/they played you for the attention, which women have an instinctive need for.
She’s craving your validation but since you didn’t bang her she didn’t get it and is trying to recoup by rejecting you
I don't follow the line of thinking
>You didn't chase me hard enough despite sending you mixed signals
>You didn't validate me the way I wanted so I'm gonna parade around a guy who will in front of you
>Hey make sure you're paying attention to how much I don't want to be with you!
I can only assume I'm doing something to attract that game but I don't know what. Maybe I'm too eager to give up my power in a relationship or something, I know I probably seek validation in relationships but I've never felt it before because none of them have ever lasted. It seems like other people at least get in relationships that last awhile before they grow apart, mine have all been short, came out of nowhere, and ended abruptly with the same game of manipulation being played but I'm not sure what I'm doing to attract it and not a stable relationship.
See above, I'm not sure what it is I'm repeatedly even doing to attract it but I want to be able to attract normal, stable relationships

File: 1716120959654402.jpg (97 KB, 575x773)
97 KB
How do i leave this place forever?
turn a 360 and walk away
Get a url blocker extension. Block 4chan. You can still easily unblock it, but it'll give you that extra wall to get through when you just automatically click to it. Enough for you to issue self-control and not continue forward.
Understand there’s nothing of value here. And if you want to become a normie, do things normies do and don’t do things that normies don’t do.

I’m taking this advice myself starting now.
I tried leaving earth forever. I got drunk and snorted Heroin. unfortunately God made me get found last minute. I can't wait for my dad to wrong me again so I can kill myself. but it would have worked if I wasn't found so thats how OP.

File: Uber-Logo-1024x576.jpg (11 KB, 500x281)
11 KB
Does anybody here do DoorDash for money? Would you recommend it?
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I would not recommend, I am in a bit of dire straights at the moment so I am doing it 1-2 hours a day to attempt to keep mileage low on my vehicle in the meantime and it is just not worth it.
>Hoping a real job comes through soon.

No. All I hear are that the tips are shit so the companies jack up the service charges till nobody wants to pay for a delivery anymore. Expect these companies to drop delivery services in the future. Find job security elsewhere.

Its ok bro, we got $3000 machines to browse facebook on, play minecraft on then call people faggots on 4chan. We accounted for this.
I learned an expensive lesson yesterday. And that is to always use the data limiter on your phone.

From now on I'll only allow 30MB of data to be used at a time. Increasing each time the limit is reached.

$3000? I'm jealous. I only have a $1500 laptop.

Why do guys dislike nice girls?
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Where the fuck did you get that retarded idea? Have you ever heard a man say "i dont like nice girls"? wtf are you talking about ?
Don't confuse us with women. We do appreciate nice girls
this pls. that aint a personal inquiry for advice, so please move to the gender-mingle deposit, thaaanks.
File: 1000005325.jpg (70 KB, 578x431)
70 KB
Tiffany that is
>Why do guys dislike nice girls?
What evidence do you have for this?

File: 1714482493241184.jpg (578 KB, 2241x2572)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
>36 years old
>own home(mortgage,cheap)
>no gf,wife,kids or friends
>depression and anxiety problems, mostly the anxiety
>feel really stuck

What do I do?
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find a true goal, a purpose, a battle, a struggle. leave that normie shit
Are you me? 32 year old virgin home owner. I bought a terrible house and I already dropped $40k cash on it to fix it up. I'm basically house poor now. It's even harder now to buy a new house and hard to give up the lower rate so I'm basically trapped. All of the anxiety of home ownership just piles even more onto all of my other anxieties and puts me in this mode where I can barely function, just eating one meal a day and staying in bed all the time. Wtf am I doing with my career? Wtf am I doing with my life? I have no idea anymore and am completely aimless and hopeless
>Worked real hard for 8 years to pay off a house I bought in 2011 for 180k
Now I've been able to do part time 20 hr and live within my means. Try a craftsmen hobby, I like to do woodworking. Put on some tunes, and build something
>Worked real hard for 8 years to pay off a house I bought in 2011 for 180k
I still have 62k left on a house I bought in 2014. Feels bad
get wife from foreign country

File: IMG_6852.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
I rescued a cat from the street and my boyfriend has always hated him.

He likes our other cats but hates the one I rescued.

He even started calling it names like “gay faggot” because of the way he meows, and imitates and mocks his meowing whenever he does it.

It gotten to the point where I keep thinking those things too and it has gotten to the point where I have begun to view my cat with the same disdain and contempt, when I previously loved my cat and thought he was completely precious and sweet.

What can I do? I need advice

He has made me devalue my cat form his constant abuse
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Did you realize most American ADULTS get bullied in the workplace? Oh wait, no you didn’t cause you’re actually stupid as fuck
Every human being understands that they have free will
Sometimes, however, they cleverly pretend to forget this fact
Therefore, it is necessary to remind these "clever" people what they seems to have "forgotten"
you compare your self to children?
if you are as impressionable as a child then why do you have rights
is it one of those ugly chirpy little cats that can't learn to behave? they belong outside

File: file.jpg (7 KB, 250x177)
7 KB
I've ended getting into all of my unis of choice and I can't decide between 2, one is a bachelor's in physics which I plan on continuing into astrophysics, the other is a bachelor's in cybernetics and robotics. I've always wanted to do astrophysics since I was young. On the other hand it is not very practical outside of the specific field. I have already given up a lot of potential fields for practical reasons but I just can't give up on this one. Although C+R is very problematic and I do find it interesting, I feel as though it's the field I ended up choosing due to pressure from the outside and not completely of my own volition. How do I decide?
Doesn't help at all. It's too general, ignores my countries specifics and my question. Also this is something I have long considered.
Astrophysics like all physics is very versatile. A lot of technical and even business jobs are open for you. If that is your interest by all means go for it.

t. Graduated in astrophysics, now working in finance making comfy money

File: 1716116442436422.png (371 KB, 861x632)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
>when sex is mostly bad and just not worth it

Bros? How do we cope?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why is this a thing?
you ever jacked it and felt worse after? it’s like that but with a pussy (or in your case a male asshole)
Stop consuming "nofap" drivel and enjoy your orgasms. There's nothing wrong with it.
If you feel worse by jacking off, then cut off your fucking balls. That'll make you an alpha chad instantly.
I felt really bad the day i lost my virginity. I fucked an ugly girl who I was not attracted to at all because I just wanted to finally lose my virginity. I literally felt disgusting afterward

File: its joever.png (382 KB, 480x480)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
I am a 26 year old KHHV
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Looks like your expensive education didn’t do shit then because you’re a fucking retard if you think that
mother fucker i studied mechanical engineering and i get paid shit wage to be a autoCAD monkey. are you going to tell me mechanical engineering is a useless education???
No you’re a fucking retard if you’d rather be a perma virgin then pay back a loan which you chose to take out
I made it to 28 as a KV and turned it around. It's not difficult to turn around. You just have to have the will, drive and discipline.

File: ganon.jpg (164 KB, 850x1191)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I don't mean specific niche things like what nerdy girls want compared to cardio bunnies.
But what do most women look for in a partner? And how to become that type of man?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nta either, it sounds wholesome, I’d like to hear your story.
I was 29 bordering 30 at the time. It became evident the moment I stopped believing in the concept of ‘the one’, which is paradoxical I know lol.
There’s no such thing as a soulmate but there is probably something close enough to it.
How do I become a person that provides security to a future partner? I’ve got an okay job and future prospects but no friends.
Bad post.

How does one become more confident and assertive? I am a 26 year old male, work full time but otherwise a shut in. I make good money, work out occasionally. I am usually overly nice, I try to be nice to everyone but I fel like it leaves me looking like a pushover. Any advice how to man up?
Call people out. Saw a tread yesterday, where some warehouse worker let his group of colleagues get called lazy, by what were actually lazy people. Took 2 hour breaks and instead of OP calling them out, he sat there like a little school boy. Just be brutally honest sometimes, but don't let yourself become bitter. Keep that nice personality.

File: IMG_2599.jpg (15 KB, 300x284)
15 KB
How can I stop being paranoid?

Even when I know I live in a safe neighbourhood statistically speaking, I still look over my shoulder every now and then. Whenever I see videos of ordinary everyday people getting killed through no fault of their own, I cannot help but think ‘that could have been me’. Death is just too scary. I don’t want to die. Even though crime is low, things can and do still happen. I just cannot accept dying. I’ve looked up crime stats for my area and I live in a safe neighbourhood. Despite this I’ve been attacked a couple times in the past for no reason
Look at all the people who do NOT get killed. There's millions upon millions of people to whom nothing bad ever happens. Have you tried looking up "safety stats"?
That is not being paranoid, that is being aware. I carry a folding knife (3.9 inches, legal length to carry) in my pocket everywhere I go. Every day I wake up and after sleeping in for a few hours cuz I have open Unturned and spawn myself an Eaglefire (AR-15) and I practice. Basically I'm puting myself in a mass shooter's shoes when I play that videogame because then when I am in IRL situations I can think stuff like "hey, when I was playing unturned I was shooting zombies from a third story apartment building because that is efficient, maybe I should take a detour and go around this apartment because who knows; maybe the tenant just stopped having access to percocet? not that that justifies his hypothetical actions but yuh

File: Fmc0_Z-WAAY2UVt.jpg (16 KB, 300x252)
16 KB
But seriously, how to be less stupid? Its always like I dont think about/inspect something enough. Like Im not observant, dont realize enough things and cant think on the fly. Im also just a slow thinker I would say. Imagine some subject or a situation as a cube. Well I only see one square while other people see 3, you know what I mean? Its like some sort of tunnel thinking if that makes sense. I know its largely genetic but there has to be some room for improvement right?
will read thanks

How do I fully get over my first love?

It’s been years since we’ve been together and I still think about her and miss her
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I mean the anime Elf!
You don't. It was your genes telling you this is your best chance. And you missed it. GG
by getting UNDER your second love!
Dungeon Meshi, Marcille.
First true love is the most intense.
You never forget it, but ideally it turns into a memory.
Don't dwell in the past, do yourself a favor and go out to get to know a nice girl you can love and who'll love you.

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