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Lately I have been having lots of issues with black guys calling me, "White Boy." The best response I have ever had was to call them, "Black Boy." It's guaranteed to piss them off, and show how racist they really are.
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"Oi white boy"
"Wassup my nigga?"
Just act like Paul Walker from Fast and Furious

He almost solved the race issue but then occupy wall street happened and the jews freaked out and came down on us way harder
Here's a tip, if you wear mirrored sunglasses street people won't talk to you.
It's amazing how most people don't realize this. Everyone was more or less together on protesting wall street, to the point they actually feared this social uprising so they decided to divide and conquer. Blm, trans shit, lgbtbbq, feminism, etc. All these movements went full retard right after occupy wall street.
just look at how much 4chan wants to deny class issues and shift discussion whenever it comes up

File: 1646454426636.png (105 KB, 1290x1399)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Me and my friends have this somewhat dangerous tradition we started a long time ago where every Friday / Saturday night we meet get drunk and then go on the streets basically exerting dominance over weaker or beta males, based on a manosphere theory that doing so provides a relatively safe exercise by which we can see drastic increases in our testosterone and take on the role of alpha pack males.

How do we dominate (or mog) betas? It can take the form of crossing in front of people's cars then smiling - if they flip off, flip them off back and tell them to get out of the car (if they don't you have won the confrontation in nature). It can take the form of cutting in front of them in the line, in our case deliberately and in a way that basically dares the other person to say something.

A common form is openly challenging someone to a fight which they usually decline after which we publicly call them pussies before leaving. If they accept we have two to three other dudes who will enter the picture and outnumber them and when they inevitably back off the process repeats. One of the funnier ones we do now that our confidence is going up is picking out a beta male walking with a girl and we go up to them openly hit on the girl in front of him and watch him not do shit because there's like four of us.

But still, much fun as it is I am doing this for self improvement and want hard, tangible results.

Anyone else familiar with this manosphere theory? Does it work? How to optimize it?
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why are people still responding to my awful thread. :/
Because you are dumb.
And people online respond better to negative stuff compared to positive stuff.

So this thread was an outlet for people to vent their frustrations by calling you and this scenario dumb and retarded.
What's retarded is the "manosphere" in general.
It's basically just the male equivalent of feminism and no less dumb
Maybe even more dumb since feminism actually got shit done like women voting and more female representation in games.

We broke up a week ago. She sends me this today. What does this mean? Seems like she's not sure of this whole thing and trying to convince herself? Or she's just seeing if i'm still there as a backup down the road? I'm going keep no contact and see where things go.
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well she has already told me several times that we should not get back together so Im not going to beg her, that will push her away further. SHe doesn't think we are compatible personality wise, plus she's a narcissist and thinks she deserves much better than me
there are a bunch of books you should read. book of pook, sex god, most of them are from the seduction community but they are spot on for any man. they just shit test the fuck out of you. but you can change it. but you have to be diligent and remember who you are dealing with. protect your self financially and record arguments for the cops etc. be ultra caustious if you have kids she wont run off with them. basically you have to be a hard ass mother fucker and getting closer to your family would fix a lot of that.
Most women don't keep exes as backup. Once you're done, you're done.

women are much more likely to return to an ex than a man is from what i've read
Did the research go into why? Women are much more agreeable so them 'returning' to an ex because they forgave some nasty shit he did doesn't surprise me. Numbers without detail don't really give you any info.

File: 1713372678549.jpg (67 KB, 736x737)
67 KB
I lost my second pair of spectacles this year. I believe I lost them on campus. Mom told me that she isn't buying me a new one until December. As much as I want to blame her she has a point. She's a single ass parent working 2 dead end jobs. I can't expect her to shovel money into me because I'm clumsy all the time. I'm only nearsighted and I can just about make out things in school if I sat on the front row. It's always empty anyways. The problem is I'm all alone now. My friends don't want to move to the front so I'm just there being a complete loser because I can't fdhcfkkg see the stupid lectures. What do I do now?

Also mom is visibly upset because she can't buy me new glasses. When I came home from my lectures she asked me if I everything was okay with school because of the low vision thing and I said yes and she hugged me and kissed me and promised me that she's going to buy me a new pair soon and asked if I wanted lasagna for dinner (which happens to be my favourite). It's just sad and I feel bad for making her sad. She's such a good mom but money has always been a bitch for us
Those things cost like 20 fucking bucks. Are you buying the most expensive option available?
Go to the library, they have eyeglass donation programs and can help you out
Hey it happens anon. I’ve lost a few pairs myself. I didn’t have the money struggle but don’t feel stupid or anything, just be sure to do better next time. Have you checked the school list and found?
How the fuck do you lose your glasses so much?
They literally sit on your face.
Do you pass out drunk a lot?
That's the only time I lose mine.
Get some rec specs

File: 168794012893473.jpg (10 KB, 180x179)
10 KB
I'm so depressed I've lost the desire to masturbate. I haven't masturbated in 3 weeks. How normal is this? Should I or can I do something about it?
I've lost

File: 1559604193309.jpg (19 KB, 600x600)
19 KB
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You're really retarded. Like, barely functioning so.
Yet you can't come up with anything original. Obviously you're low IQ. Mine is in the 140s.
I wish people stopped telling me "it gets better"
It was always this bad. I don't know what better feels like. If you wanna make a claim like this, at least follow through and make the effort to show me a "better". Otherwise it just feels pretentious.
The fact people can tell you're female posting on 4chan is telling. You need to have a hard long look at how you handle yourself.
Nobody owes you a thing, the world owes you nothing entitled one.

File: IMG_1006.jpg (39 KB, 505x607)
39 KB
So last year my friend bought a jockstrap, when I asked him why, he said he just wanted to protect his balls from any potential nut shot. Then a couple of months ago he bought a buttplug, lubed it up with some oil and sent me pics of himself wearing it. He also used to send me pics of himself spreading his asshole. He claims to be straight, but why would a straight man wear a jockstrap? I thought this was only exclusive to faggots. I’m a femanon by the way. Do you think he’s gay or is he just a bottom?
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We had a talk about it once and I told him I wanted to end our friendship, he had a breakdown and cried for several hours, I feel like I’m being guilt-tripped into staying against my will, it’s too hard to walk away and it’s even harder to stay
This is discord shit, isnt it? You dont even know the fucker irl, right? Because if you do you're about to get raped.
How so?
He sounds like a bottom, I don’t think those can rape
Well, end it for real this time. And talk to him about why what he did creept you out.

File: IMG_6044.jpg (1.42 MB, 1170x1580)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Anyone have any tips for an improved mindset and keeping the dark thoughts at bay?
sleep well and regularly and drink a lot of water.
As helpful as that is, need something more specific and effective.
Read Learned Optimism by Seligman and Feeling Good by Burns
First one looks interesting. I don’t think I’m clinically depressed enough for Feeling Good.

File: 1708436061583398.jpg (20 KB, 360x360)
20 KB
It was all your fault and it was your heart on the line. You really fucked it up this time.
maybe the true bravery were the hearts we broke along the line
File: 1701961041514059.jpg (19 KB, 320x320)
19 KB
The only heart I broke was mine. Literally and figuratively.
File: file.png (2.42 MB, 1024x1024)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG

File: crab of disgust.png (326 KB, 476x482)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
every search result about conversion therapy and similar stuff is just a bunch of people wallowing and screaming about how wrong it is.
feels like there are more people defending the holocaust than there are people defending conversion therapy, and that is nuts to me.
i feel disgusted at myself and i'm willing to do almost anything to get rid of this disease.
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I understand. Assuming that's really true then it's just as >>31058284 says, I need to become bi. I had disregarded that advice but it makes sense now.
How should I go about doing that? How do I learn to get hard to and to want women?
maybe try to work your way up starting with extremely masculine women (if you're a top) or femdom (if you're a bottom). If you don't mind hentai, I'm sure you could find all kinds of stuff. You could also try looking up your fetishes but with a woman involved. The fetish approach is basically like training yourself like pavlov's dog.
Up until my last obscenely traumatic relationship with a woman, I had always been with women. I just experienced essentially prison gay.

I wouldn't go to a church and ask for conversion therapy outright because of the connotations, but I would go to traditional type church and find a priest that opposes homosexuality and try to talk to him and explain your issues. If you are genuine in your desire to be free, the priest and God will help you.
The reason I recommended a church with proper ordained priests is that unlike some random Protestant church, the priest has been trained for many years on how to lead people away from sin and to God from an organization that has 2000 years experience of doing thst and there are objective standards priests have to meet to be ordained.

Also don't listen to these fags that tell you its alright and to just accept it, they are coping hard.

As for how to feel attraction towards women? If I could turn myself from only liking women to liking trannies and femboys, you can do the opposite. I had to force myself many times because I wouldn't even be aroused in the beginning. I would go limp in them the first few times. But through degeneracy I reprogrammed myself, thus the opposite can be done.

You also need to deal with your trauma. I know that is the reason why you have a blocker towards women. I used to hate my mom, and over time that turned to numbness towards women. I know that was the piece that even allowed me to go on this horrific journey.

I could help on that front more if I know what your issues were but you don't have to say if you don't want.

Also everything is easy to say, but please don't interpret me as saying any of this is easy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Good effortpost. I'm probably older than you and went down a similar path. All started with an overbearing mom I grew to hate more and more combined with a series of dysfunctional relationships with women who were themselves dysfunctional but in a way to hit it off with my own issues. Now femboys are appealing and I started doing gay shit with a cute boy. There is no faggotry without some underlying mental issues. I'm open enough about my own degeneracy to firmly realize that. Anyone saying otherwise is coping.

I've been able to process all this on my own and identify exactly where the issues and past traumas are misguiding me. Working to overcome that past is the much harder part. Good on you for being able to move on. I'm still working out solutions in my own head.
Great posts. Thank you very much for writing these, anons. It's interesting to read about other's experience.
>go to traditional type church and find a priest that opposes homosexuality and try to talk to him and explain your issues
That's a path I'm not familiar with, as I was never very religious. Would a priest even be willing to help if I have no clue about stuff like God or the Bible?
>I know that is the reason why you have a blocker towards women
It's not like I have a blocker towards women. Unlike a lot of gays, I like women a lot and don't have a problem befriending them. My problem is that I simply don't feel attracted towards them.
If anything I'd say I have a way harder time dealing with men. I don't like a lot of stuff about men and masculinity which is why me being a fag doesn't even make sense to me.

>Also everything is easy to say, but please don't interpret me as saying any of this is easy
I know it isn't, but just hearing that there are others in similar situations makes it a bit easier to deal with. Again, thank you bros.

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
Random stranger asks me what street he's on. I didn't quite hear him, so I say "what?"

Dude then immediately asks the person behind me the exact same question.

The fuck was that? Why ask me a question then not bother to find out the answer?
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He was mad that you didnt hear him
I think it's some form of ADHD. I've only seen this in black people. White people never do this.
Come again?
File: autistictraits.png (533 KB, 977x850)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
well that confirms it

File: toastie.png (152 KB, 713x730)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>friend uses they/them pronouns
>notice strangers call friend by she/her when not present
Should I correct these people out of respect for my friend?
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tourists+bot training spamming low quality/off-topic pepe threads mostly on /adv/ /v/ & /biz/ but also simultaneously on a selection of boards, next time it happens check the other boards sorted by creation date and you will notice that sometimes they move in waves. However on boards where moderation works they are deleted instantly.

Boards usually being targeted: /g/ /o/ /p/ /v/ /vg/ /lgbt/ /adv/ /biz/ /ck/ /diy/ /fa/ /fit/ /his/ /int/ /lit/ /mu/ /tv/ /x/
No your friend needs to grow the fuck up. If you care about xem you're not going to let their brain turn to mush
I would just avoid someone doing the pronoun thing.
no, it's already annoying enough she's "theyfab" don't make them resent her more by becoming insufferable yourself.
Why? Do you identify as a pathetic faggot?

>leave college
>get into trade at late 20s
>don't mind the work itself but the career is a massive time vampire
>won't even become official until 32-33 because of required schooling
How do I build a social life in my limited time? I miss being able to do a bullshit job 10 minutes from my house, leave at 3pm and basically have the day to myself, now I'm expected to be out all day every day, then classes 6-9pm, then dealing with my parents trying to stuff all my time with random tasks to "keep me busy". How do I cope? I don't just want to wait until I'm deep in my 30s to make a move.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Tell your parents to leave you alone.
Sounds risky anon
Why do people that make pics like this make no attempt to clean up the shit they have in the background?
ass is so good I didn't even realize there was a background

File: juice.jpg (159 KB, 640x1242)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Topic^. How to do that via text and not bore them? When I'm ME via text, they lose interest after a while, maybe I say too much.
Is it because of long texts, too many text, not talking about certain topics or the other way around?
I'm autistic and I literally can't figure this shit out. Only girls that could stand me were kinda autistic/mentally ill.

Also, hugging, touching, kissing on 1st date is a must?
10 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You try as quickly as possible to get them off of texting and meet them in person. You'll never be able to keep up with texting because there's someone new every day. There's no investment on their end. You have to make them invested enough to meet in person and from there make them invested enough to see you again.
people have stuff to do. don't annoy them too much, particularly at office/class hours
>excite girl online
>not bore them
Cringe. You are not a fucking clown.
There are millions like you on her phone. You never stood a chance.
Texting is, only an exclusively, a mean to arrange a date.
The exciting part to her is you being bold and willing to date ASAP. So do it.
A woman not willing to date you IRL will never be for you and you should move on.
You'll never get the girl being a simp or a clown to feed her pathological attention seeking behavior.
>Also, hugging, touching, kissing on 1st date is a must?
In short, yes, but you must adapt yourself to the girl rhythm.
You start holding her hand to launch the ball rolling.
>Don't waste your time either, you are trying to get her on a date, correct?
I already asked her out and we are meeting on sunday. She was kinda excited about it, even proposed saturday after I asked her for her weekend.
But I couldn't, so we agreed on sunday. "That's great. Can't wait to see you tee hee" basically, but with very few words.
Since then she wasn't texting a lot and never first. Told me she is working on her thesis a lot. Should I NOT start the next convo with her unless she starts?

Really it wouldn't bother me as much as the fact that whenever I log into the online dating app we met on, I see her online constantly, except for deep in the night.
That's weird because I know she had a knitting class, she even sent me pictures of, even then she was online there.
Maybe it shows her online whenever she's connected to wifi?
File: 1690853227017190.gif (1.66 MB, 400x300)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
>Should I NOT start the next convo with her unless she starts?
If you got a date why do you need to start another conversation?! Dude just go on the date talk there. Maybe sometimes girls don't want to have long text conversations. You already got the single thing you're after when you get a girls number, landing dates with her. You should always prefer to build rapport in person. Reason for this, it builds the view in her mind that you don't have time to text a lot = less needy.

File: IMG_0037.jpg (150 KB, 828x686)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I need your help bros

I’m going to spend next week traveling for work and this is my first time sharing a place with women.

There’s gonna be three guys and three girls in the hotel. The guys will share a bedroom and the girls will one too but but all share a toilet and shower.

How do I poop in this situation?
I never poop away from home.
What if I clog the toilet?
What if I stink the place?
What if the foreign food make me constipate?
What if the foreign food turns my poop into water?
What if I take too long and they think I’m fapping?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>6 people to a single bathroom
I'm so sorry, Anon...
thankfully this isn't reddit. If I hear poop knife one more time I will slit my throat
Nothing is as disgusting as a womans bathroom
try pooping after everyone goes to bed
Does your hotel not have a restaurant or gym area with its own respective toilets?

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