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File: question.png (58 KB, 1200x1200)
58 KB
I've made a post on /pol/ that got a lot of replies, but suddenly it was locked. Can somebody explain why this happened? It looks like the board is owned by autists who lock threads randomly, even if the thread is popular.

It's archived.
It hit the bump limit. 307
Right on the money

File: 1664197327042187.png (262 KB, 540x361)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
18000 euros to be exact. In my shithole it's a lot of money. That was over three years ago. Last week I sent a warning that I was going to sue him and today we signed a contract formalizing the debt and how and when he's supposed to pay it back.

Somehow he's offended over all this. In the past three years he only gave back a little over 10 % of the money, most of that wasn't actual money but he paid for a pricey repair when my car broke down two years ago. I spent all of 2022 and most of 23 barely scraping by with zero money and only managed to get like 300 euros off him last year, and that was in 2 payments. I didn't sue then because I was too busy staying alive and frankly didn't think the courts would accept my bank receipt as evidence without a contract.

Does anyone have experience with people like this? Is there any possible way I could be in the wrong here? I'm a bit surprised by how easy it was to get him to sign the contract.
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feels good having a family that pays its debts. we lend dosh to each other and don't set a date on paying it back but we always get paid back relatively quickly anyways
Never ever lend money to anyone. You parents should have thaught you this.
Or this just give money, cuz you won1t get it back anyways
They did, only they weren't the happiest of people in life so I just learned most things through trial and error as emulating unhappy people seemed pointless. Learned never to have any debt myself though, that one just always seemed logical.
It must be some kind of problem in the head with not feeling shame or thinking you are above other people. Maybe that’s too harsh. But they seriously have to be a complete prick or a person who can’t manage their own responsibilities

File: i.png (84 KB, 350x254)
84 KB
I'm 35, live with my parents, and haven't played a day of baseball in my life. My parents told me never to give up on my dreams. Is it still possible?
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So what you're saying is it's still possible.
Play in a local amateur pickup league and enjoy the game.
Yes, go for it.
Why would I want to play in a pickup league when I can potentially be the next Justin Verlander?
You have to start somewhere anon

File: 20221101_195708.jpg (85 KB, 751x913)
85 KB
I got a gf 2 months ago, we have been friends for almost 3 years before this. At first I was very in love, but recently, I have been losing the spark or whatever, the feeling just isn't there, I kept telling myself I would eventually fall in love back with her, a whole month like this and I'm VERY tired of pretending, but I want to be a father so bad and dating has been so hard recently. Everything is perfect, she obeys everything I say, listens to me and is extremely loyal and affectionate.
Never had this problem with my ex despite her familly fucking hating me for no reason and having occasional fights, I was obsessed with her even after two years of being togheter, then why is it like this with my new gf?!
But things got EVEN WORSE, I was recently revealed that an "old" crush I had 1 month before her likes me, she is my best friend at uni, we laugh togheter a lot and talk a lot, she likes to call me almost daily just to chat and is always around me, fucking lovely girl, kinda like my ex but even better, a 10/10. Now, I told my current gf about this and asked me to be colder with her and ignore her, which I don't do. This makes me feel like a bad boyfriend too. Should I go for the other girl or stay with my current gf? Should I just be alone? Am I a baddie?
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Fix your relationship and if it doesn't work out. Focus on yourself
Good point, if it isn't working maybe there is something to fix, thank you
2 conclusions I can draw:
1. Your gf should dump you
2. “Men and women can’t be friends” proving its utility yet again.
This, break up with her anon, she will be better off without you. If you have any decency then leave her

Women need to find a serious boyfriend earlier before they expire
Men do it too, but it's easier to do for women

File: 1695853058461.jpg (131 KB, 1024x1024)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>I daydream for hours on end
>What do you dream about anon?
>A better life
>So why dont you take some action to make yourself a better life?
>Because i day dream and i cant stop

I read a book -> Read something new/interesting -> Drift off and daydream about that, create scenarios and "worlds" in my head just to live/have inner monologues about x,y,z
Try to study? -> Extremely fidgety, my legs are restless, i move my hands against eachother, like my knuckles and shit, same thing as when reading a book
Do something braindead? -> Drift off and daydream
Feel guilty about burdenmaxxing for the past 3 years? -> Daydream about how it could've been

i'm at the end of my powers faggots, how the fuck do i fix this
No i cant get meds, no i cant get medical help
i...beg...you...Anyone knows what the fuck i can do?
No you retards, consequences have almost no effect, there could be a fire under me and i would not do shit to improve my situation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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this is literally me and has been fucking me over for the past 4 years
File: 1708403882639.png (84 KB, 250x230)
84 KB
now that i think of it it's almost never monologues, it's always always dialogues with either one or multiple people.

I'm too paranoid to write shit down but i remember most of the more complex daydreams i've had even since childhood if that's good enough
Also... You never mention what the solution is?>>31079864
You said to put effort int, but into what? not thinking? stopping daydreaming? could you be more specific?
>You said to put effort int, but into what? not thinking? stopping daydreaming? could you be more specific?
recognizing patters that lead to certain actions and making an effort to avoid them.
this is literally all it takes. there;s no other solution. talk to a therapist for more information
>Also... You never mention what the solution is?
Do you think other people have the solutions to your life, anon?

File: 1707806449808019.jpg (8 KB, 209x242)
8 KB
>treating bartonella w/ antibiotics+
>have no desire for sex
>Go take a piss feel lumpy vein while holding dick
>google what I have and it seems like it is blood clot (one of the reasons being lack of sex)
>cardiologist refers me to urologist but tells me to put hot compress and massage it: "You know what to do"
>I ask is there a service that does this (US)
>He laughs and says not legally
Question is where can I get a nonsexual penis massage with heat/oil without ending up in jail? Should I just go to a regular chinese massage parlor? I'm scared of catching something and that the service will be too sexual and not address my issue. Problem is that I do need to have a boner in order to get the blood flow going to dislodge this shit.
File: original.jpg (84 KB, 960x540)
84 KB
helper monkey can sort you out, they're trained for these circumstances

File: yakuza-majima.gif (132 KB, 220x124)
132 KB
132 KB GIF
i didn't get enough mother/dad affection as a kid also 0 from my brothers. 0 friends 0 cousins 0 aunts/uncles 0 grandpas and so on, how do i stop wanting to be hugged warmly and being told that everything will be okay? im certainly aware that no gf/wife will have that "mom" kindness that i lack. how do i stop wanting it? every fucking day it kills me im at my limit
Any nice woman will hug their bf and tell em everything will be ok. No worries hehe
i really struggle to find that real
i feel you bro i don't fucking know
i've kind of just accepted that it'll never happen
The keyword is "nice" there.
Too many people are just really hollow emotionally because they didn't process their own shit.

You're kind of fucked, that's your attachment style. Go to therapy and try your best to adjust. When you find someone, there's a high likelihood you're going to smother them, but if they're worth it they'll help you through it.

File: dante2.jpg (12 KB, 254x283)
12 KB
I'm a feminine straight man and I feel like women don't trust me unless I put on a masculine facade
>feminine straight man
>I feel
>women don't trust me

Sounds about right

File: normal.png (259 KB, 1328x746)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Chances are I'm not a stupid guy, but I feel retarded and incapable. I've been working for a few years and have finally reached a point where my finances are stable and I have some savings. I've been looking into going back to school so I can change to a better paying career, but everything seems so complicated to me for no reason. I'm also in my mid 30s, so the prospect of going to trade school seems like it might be a bad idea. I don't know if starting a labour job at near 40 years old would be a good idea.

All the college programs and job descriptions I read seem like they require skills that I come nowhere near possessing. Does college even teach you adequately how to do these jobs? Say for instance I applied to a trade school, but had zero experience in any trades, no high school trade classes etc.. Are they actually going to be able to teach me adequately how to do EVERYTHING related to plumbing in just 3 years?

I feel like I'm going to fail at anything I try, but I don't really have a good reason why I feel that way. It's really starting to fuck with me though, and it's preventing me from doing anything else. And for reference, my current job is just a paper pusher type job that I got in my late 20s thanks to a family friend. I'm pretty sure a monkey could do this job so it doesn't really give me evidence that I'm capable.

File: IMG_0911.jpg (29 KB, 640x456)
29 KB
> be me
> go to open interview yesterday for door supervisor job in Birmingham
> interview wasn’t like I was expecting
> manager tells us that if you want to get hired, stay with us and give us your details.
> manager goes to me and sees that I’m dressed the only one in a suit.
> compliments me on making a good impression and that he appreciates it .
> realise I most likely got the job.
> tells us he’ll hear from us tomorrow if we got the job or not
> still haven’t received anything from management
> fuck
Reach out and ask
I already did. I messaged the guy on indeed but I don’t think he’s seen my message yet.
"I really appreciate you making time to interview me, thanks for the opportunity."

File: IMG_7138.jpg (255 KB, 1000x1000)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
My sister verbally abuses my mom all the time. Both my mom & my dad tell me not to intervene when she does cause she’s mentally ill & things will only escalate.

But one day, when she started yet another fight with my mom, I couldn’t stand it any more, yelled at her at the top of my lungs and cornered her so she couldn’t leave. She was surprised, broke down in tears & politely asked my mom to tell me to let her leave.

I felt horrible for what I did & stood aside, while my mom… started scolding my sister for starting the argument with her.

Since then, things have returned to business as usual, but I do sometimes think about this episode. Are there any lessons I should draw from it?

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
>tfw gf's kisses have been tasting like cum lately
should I dump her?
I still love her.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
are you implying that we have also blown our noses into tissues we've ejaculated into? I haven't done that anon.
sorry to hear ur gf might be sleeping with someone
You never had a lick of your own cum just to see what it was tasted like? I don't believe it desu.
look her in the eyes and tell her that, and gage the reaction.
No. I am strict no fap.
if only I could spend my days as snufkin

File: 1691819822079048.jpg (17 KB, 552x555)
17 KB
It seems like every worthwhile hobby is either too expensive or too time consuming to properly get into now a days. I barely have time to read and workout.

I don't really enjoy vidya, I am good at shooting but do not have any of my own equipment, I enjoy camping but I live too far away from any worthwhile camp sites, I dont have enough room for woodworking or metalworking, and most other hobbies I can think of would require me to save up an excessive amount of money for an extremely short (time) ROI, or require me to move an extreme distance or travel on a regular basis, something I also cannot afford to do.

What do you all do to keep yourselves sane?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Learn a musical instrument - an electronic one that you can plug headphones into if you don't want to disturb your neighbours.
No, reading is a great hobby.
Doodling, drawing on scratch paper before I recycle / shred. Eventually, notebooks, sketchbooks, and murals are the goals, but I'm afraid I may have jumped the captcha: RYW2
Don’t fucking start your sentence with no. Are you a damned teenager? Yeah, reading is great but it is a burden to others, to suggest they read a particular book. They’re probably busy reading their own choice of book.
File: IMG_20240401_003044.jpg (1.21 MB, 1967x1472)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
you're a retarded leftist if you don't have sports as a hobby

File: TAKE IT.png (235 KB, 512x413)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
When I come to /adv/ with real problems, I'm told I'm trauma dumping, and then insulted.

Then I see an army of simps posting endless ass kiss cringe for every
>muh gf
and obvious troll post.

Then femcels post the most inane "disneyland fairytale love" post in response that are so incorrect they can't make it off the screen. Denying basic human nature.

It's so bad, I genuinely think /adv/ is femcel /pol/.

What advice can you give /adv/ on doing is job better?
55 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

there's plenty of good advice here, from all perspectives, plenty of strong men here too
>the ASVAB is a comprehensive test to measure an individual's aptitude
That was derived from IQ testing
>civi mistake
I'm a decorated combat vet, junior.
I think it's developing as a board and these are your feelings about it. Inevitably a trial board will either shrivel and die, or it can grow and it can "mutate." Whether it is growing or mutating is up to the observer.
>mocking your illiterate attempts to write English
lmao, even

File: 1705068160897222.jpg (54 KB, 536x375)
54 KB
>neet virgin
>late 20s
>no job, no education
do normies actually care that much about this? the people here act like this is grounds to kill yourself but I feel fine as a person.
106 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah a late afternoon/night job I think is the kinda life I enjoy over doing maintenance at fucking walmart, and bartending always been in the back of my mind
then again 0 idea if that's the autism making people have an intrusive thoughts of dropping everything and learn the 500th thing on their mind but then swiftly going away however this plus learning some instruments and new languages has invaded my mind plenty on and off the last 12ish years

main issue being where to even begin in terms of finding said places, the costs and timesink while not having the free time anymore as someone in their 30s
Can't work and keep the roof above my head while also juggling something I'd need to study for who knows how many years

might've started everything too late as >>31077314 mentioned
File: 1704668262369233.jpg (206 KB, 1024x1024)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
>do normies actually care that much about this?
normies yes they do care about that shit and will find any reason to consider you an outsider
>the people here
do remember this site has been infested with normos since 2015
>I feel fine as a person.
you are, if you want sexo then go pay a hooker, problem = solved. if you don't, then jack off and save yourself $200 or whatever it costs in your country.

learn to self-reflect, I can tell you don't know how to do this because otherwise (although you are still quite young) you prob wouldn't be asking this question. what's actually the main issue in your life, is it really that you didn't put your peepee in some fertile warm cunny? I doubt it. find what the problem actually is and solve that. I'll be 42 in a couple of months, I've fucked around 100 girls and do you know what it's done for me? nothing but waste thousands of dollars and an incredible amount of time. though I guess I'm not insecure about it anymore, it didn't win me any prizes either.

in the end it doesn't matter, focus on YOU, focus on finding the thing that is important to your life and pursue that; it is worth so much more than the validation of strangers
>LOL just have sex!
>uwu loli sexu gooner coomer mindmelt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1712018949067876.png (53 KB, 192x190)
53 KB
forgot to mention, if I could trade places with you and be a virgin again but get that time and money back, I'd take that deal in an instant.
The reality of neeting is it's just more time to spend on 4chan
thanks for this
>in the end it doesn't matter, focus on YOU, focus on finding the thing that is important to your life and pursue that; it is worth so much more than the validation of strangers
I honestly feel though, like my purpose is to find a good woman and help her through life and make her happy. I think most normie women don't really enjoy the thought of being a partner to a neet. or an adult virgin.

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