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File: carpenters.jpg (634 KB, 3426x1927)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
DAE find it sad how females are biologically attracted to shitty males? Why is it that being a decent person to somebody else a thing to be looked down upon (i.e. not respectable) by women?

Mind you i've been a "bad boy" (drug dealer) in the past and treated my gf's terrible and guess what? it totally worked. They were all attracted to me. But deep down though I felt like it's not how you should treat a person. Don't they realize that the thugs/bums they find oh so manly are not what they seem and they can AND will become abusive pricks if left untreated? Is it because of the "i can fix him" mentality? Excitement they can't find in the nerds? And more importantly why do they find the need to use the nice guys as doormats whenever and however they like?
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We need a LARP/fiction board ASAP
Racism as we know it in the modern world is the result of two insane British conspiracy theorists, one of whom intented our current idea of "face" in his attempt t prove that Anglo-Saxons were actually the Lost Tribes of Israel, thus Jews, thus God's Chosen People. The other said no, what REALLY happened was the Aryans fled their homeland and moved to Germany making German's the Top Dawgs.
200+ years later people act like its real.
Basing your decisions on race is no different than consulting your horoscope and has about as much actual support.
>Is it because of the "i can fix him" mentality
yes. this is it (for me at least)
you can't always fix him though no matter how hard you try
t. femoid
Anon, with all due respect, that’s over complicating something that’s way more simple and innate.

It’s like explain a color as an invention through some elaborate political plot.
Same happened to me. Kids and couseling and realizing she was just arguing about nonsense so just started shooting nonsense back. Marriage therapist laughing his ass off. Now I have to get drunk to try and fuck

File: IMG_0674.jpg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
I’ve been working from home for a cloud automation job for a little over 2 years now. All I do is bug fixing and it’s never in one place so I don’t feel I’m learning anything that makes me valuable. And quite frankly, I don’t find the job exciting anyway, it was just to pay the bills.

I think I’d like to do computer graphics but in school I was very mediocre at math and saw it more as something to get thru. Now I’ve been in the industry for 5 years and realize that no matter what you do whether it’s math or fixing cloud bugs everything is boring and hard so I might as well do something fulfilling.

I’d like to study computer graphics after work, but I’m so tired and burnt out all i want to do is watch tv and sleep.

How do I get the motivation? I’m trying to keep weed to once a week. I used to workout but hurt my shoulder doing pec fly a month ago and it seems to persist when I try again so there’s not much positive in my life. Just work, edibles, and book reading.

File: 1709517134864359.jpg (45 KB, 265x384)
45 KB
I cannot stop masturbating to AI chat it's despite it not feeling as good anymore. I feel like it is ruining how productive I am in my off days and causing me to loose dopamine for everyday activities. I want to stop using them for either a week or for a longer period of time then that, how do I do it? I've only gone one day without them and it's hard to keep up since I mostly use them to cope.
where do you go to do this? I need to know for research purposes, then I can give advice.
wait a week
have fun getting help that general is a shitshow
are you trying to destroy humanity
Humanity is already doomed desu
I wish I didn't have morals because selling NSFW AI- CPU time to coomers is a cash cow. I've seen ppl refer to that stuff as crack.

File: img.png (282 KB, 1080x891)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
So, after years watching trans porn I finally decided to give it a try and hired an escort. She was fairly feminine, she sucked my dick, then I ate her ass and sucked her dick for like 2 minutes and didn't enjoy it so much, so I fucked her up the ass (with a condom) and I came.

Now here is the thing: I have NEVER cummed from penetration alone with any other cis woman. This made me feel a little fucked up, because why the hell am I only able to cum from fucking a trans? I mean, I never fucked a cis woman's asshole before, but I have never managed to cum from fucking a pussy.

After the sex I felt kind of sad and repulsed by myself and by her. I waited for her uber to arrive and it felt like an eternity. I feel dirty and I am worrying over having contracted HIV even though I used a condom. Why am I not feeling well? I have jerked off to this kind of shit for years and now I feel empty.
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>OP fell for the tranny porn meme
Amen Brother, he needs Christ.
File: IMG_7132.jpg (90 KB, 930x1200)
90 KB
Found him :D
Why are you sucking off and eating the ass of a tranny? Like fucking is fine, but all that other shit is gay af.
>I used a condom so I should be disease free!
>oh I also sucked bare dick and ate another man's asshole
Lmao is this cope, delusion, or both? Does watching porn so much eventually turn you into a fag?

File: IMG_9256.jpg (54 KB, 952x476)
54 KB
Can clubbing/raves still be worth going to if I’m not on drugs or under the influence of alcohol? I don’t really want to take either of that stuff.

File: 1713274748876076.jpg (51 KB, 564x564)
51 KB
which tokens/coins/assets would you advise me to put my money in?
It's all a meme. Where do you think the money comes from? From other chumps.
okay, i want money from other chumps
McDonalds, Toyota, Berkshire Hathaway, Gold

How can I stop visiting whores?
I was on a 2 week nofap streak. Then I had this unstoppable urge to visit a whore. Now that it's over I'm angry that I threw money and timeaway.

File: me.jpg (256 KB, 2078x1440)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Should I keep the beard or clean shave? Seems the haircut on the right looks better and maybe the trimmed bodyhair, but idk
not gay but i have to admit, you look cute so stay clean shaved
Weak jaw. Keep the beard. Keep it trimmed. Don't go for muh hecklin wholesome bushy beard faggotry.

File: 1658339650730093.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
She found someone. A very mid guy who lived with his parents. He moved in with her. He works for his dad, who works from home. I'm more successful and better looking than him. But maybe also more autistic.
How do I cope with this?
Who is she? Did you ask her out?
Acquaintance. We spent some comfy moments together, when she was looking for someone, but I just took those moments for what they were. When I developed an interest for her, she started ghosting me. At the time, it was confusing, and I just kept trying, maybe 3 times, over the course of two months, but she avoided every time. The rejections hurt. Then now, I see, some mediocre guy moved in with her, and it explains everything.

She was looking, by the time I noticed, she moved on and wanted to try with someone else. Last time I tried seeing her was one month ago (gave up after the rejection). First time was 4 months ago. In 4 months, she let some mediocre guy move in with her, and she went for him over me.

File: IMG_4444.jpg (2.5 MB, 4032x3024)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
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average looking and great hair. you have potential. but your face just screams mental illness man. deep bags, puffy neuroleptics face, empty glassy eyes. get some help
he's trying so hard though
Victim Phenotype

File: IMG_1205.jpg (229 KB, 827x1545)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Me and my friend kissed a couple times while drunk (initiated by her) she says it was fun and that she doesn’t regret it but that it probably won’t happen again. I’m pretty sure kissing her caused me to catch feelings and I’m not sure what to do? Me and her both have complicated feelings towards relationships. She doesn’t really get crushes but does want to date someone just for the hell of it. We haven’t been friends for long but I feel like we get along well and I don't want to ruin it with my feelings but at the same time I want to know how she feels. We also have a bit of an age gap that makes me sort of uncomfortable considering I made for of people for that exact age gap before (I’m older, not her). I’m thinking about either waiting till we’re drunk again and seeing what happens or confessing to her in a bit once we get closer, need advice on what to do please. (Pic attached is a convo between her and my friend about what happened)
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>she doesn't get crushes>
She's a narc
Lmao nooooo nononono whatever you do do not "confess" your feelings you moron she will instantly lose all respect for you. Get drunk together and make out again.
ew, yuck.
She sounds like a whore who fucks first, and regrets later.
OP... don't make that mistake.
you talk like cattlebrained zoomer retards lol
this bitch is retarded

File: 1686956653993295.png (353 KB, 1344x1400)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
I'm starting to think maybe I really am I narcissistic person. What do I do about this?
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Most people have Narcissistic tendencies, but people diagnosed with NPD are quite literally demons. Their brains can't into empathy, which means they will lie through their teeth, cheat on you, live a double life, all the while making you think you're crazy for suspecting as such.
In a perfect world, they would be screened at birth and killed.
Psychologist here, and I agree with this.
Not only do they not improve, they don't even want to.
I imagine that when they popped up in tribal situations they were excluded pretty fast since they're basically parasites that contribute little to nothing.
my ex was an undiagnosed covert narc. She never went to get help, even after I took away her audience and supply.
She just remorselessly continued fucking the guy she was cheating on me with, until he pumped and dumped her. And so the cycle continued. It took me a year to get the abuse and the brain fog out of mt system, and I still don't feel the same.
I feel sorry for her family.
Is it true that many shrinks won't even bother treating a narc?
Oh no they do treat narcissists but they get misdiagnosed especially if they have female psychologists/therapists.
I had a ex somewhat similar to yours, I'm not sure if he's changed or he's lied again to get with someone else.
>proving his point

File: 1713345621569631.png (25 KB, 678x525)
25 KB
I've concluded that being attracted to real life women does more harm to me than good
I don't want to be asexual or anything, but I want to stop looking at an attractive real life woman and be sexually attracted to her
How can this be attained? Do I just need to goon to furry and anime porn and nothing else?
I know this is possible, I have multiple friends that are attracted to women, just not real life women
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why do you have to talk like that?
File: ezgif-4-d2d55619cd.jpg (56 KB, 572x360)
56 KB

Where I'm from, goon is cheap alcohol usually in the form of box wine. Do you mean you want to get drunk and dress up as a furry because women reject you when they can see what you look like?
First time I got drunk at the age of 13 was drinking from a Goon Bag back in 1985. Australian Aboriginals have been drinking Goon Bags since Dreamtime.
well now that you brought this up we have to discuss it through: where can i buy one of these? reliable source, maximum discretion, available in europe without getting into fucking trouble while going through some boarders

File: asuka.jpg (53 KB, 1400x700)
53 KB
Someone rejected me on an app recently and it motivated me for like a day. It's like I went into autopilot mode and had this renewed sense of determination to fix myself. But now, that interaction doesn't really phase me anymore, and that motivation has mostly disappeared. I tell myself to care, that I'm throwing away the best years of my life. I know this on some level, but I haven't internalized it completely and am sort of apathetic and tired most of the time.

I don't know how to channel that determination again. For a long time I've subconsciously thought of myself as this mentally ill, pitiable uwu victim. I got this idea in my head that everybody on the internet was also depressed, and consumed media where mental illness was glorified and made "cute" like Omori. I tell myself "well everyone else is like this anyway!" but deep down, this is wrong. There are people who live their lives well-adjusted and happy, despite life's difficulties.

I don't know how to retain that feeling of determination and think of myself as anything other than a pitiable little uwu sadboi. I know this thinking is toxic but it just never HITS me that it's horrible because I'm either emotional resilient or apathetic. Whenever I try to alter my self-perception, it feels like a lie.
determination and motivation are fleeting

learn discipline instead

This is a thread for people who have and would like to recover from an unhealthy dependence on pornography, erotic imagery or any kind of sexual overindulgence. Share your advice, your struggles, your solutions, and discuss strategies to get better.


Helpful links:

>Aggregate of hundreds of scientific research studies on porn

>A few examples that have shown porn to have negative effects:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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never give up
I'm just addicted to beating off to girls who send me nudes, I don't even really watch internet porn anymore
das rite

It is expensive but worth it.
File: booring.jpg (23 KB, 474x456)
23 KB
how original, are you a comedian or something ?

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