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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

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Unironically post your linkies
around 37k

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Any anons remember the name of the facebook investor group leader who called chainlink "his unicorn?" He got famous by calling XLM early.
He posted a poorly written pastebin about it. Anyone have a link?
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Yes and if it continues to be true and valid, we will see the very beginning of smart contract adoption in 2020 and things will really start to heat up 2022-2023
File: China Man.jpg (529 KB, 1024x732)
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Also did anyone notice today the polygon.api testing on Ropsten today?

This is now the first non-crypto tests on Ropsten. I shot my wad early in one of these threads two nights ago. It turned out it was ETH price searching at that point.

The testing today was 9 hours ago and was doing Forex trials between AUD and USD.

Which leads me to think.....Why Australian dollar? Is this a clue about the person testing or just the first currency which was offered on a list?
Hey, my dad was a sack of shit too shouts.

Any guesses about the token economics? Are you thinking of running a node?

Also, obligatory "when mainnet" question
When i made that first post about it, it was something like 80-90c. when i decided to go public with it, it had fallen to 50c and the chart was looking much better. But i made sure to let people know it was a multi-year hold and that short term price would be dictated by what king btc does.

I dont have a crystal ball. the overall market is very bearish this year. i didn't expect to see price get cut in half from where i made the post, but im glad it has.

the only people that want something to go up in price are the ones who have to sell to buy their hamburgers for dinner. ie, if you really love something, and i love link, you want price to go down so you can buy more at a cheaper price
i said i would be happy with $2 end of this year. IF you think billion worth of derivatives or insurance contracts will be tied up in link within the next 6 months your smoking crack. In 5 years? yes. in 6 months? no

File: 1528757011392.png (173 KB, 814x965)
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Soon anyways. Bitcoin Cash is so close to dying, its impossible to trade this coin without using taker orders anymore.

I'd rather buy 0xBitcoin at this point.
IMO Bitcoin Cash has no future. It's just a BTC fork with slightly bigger blocks. Ironically the bigger blocks aren't even necessarily as the transaction volume is so low anyways. However, they did a great job marketing it and I'm sure made a lot of money from the fork. Ultimately it just isn't differentiated enough from BTC and I think it will go the way of Ethereum Classic. It will still be around, just continue to fall in price over time.
File: roger.jpg (7 KB, 260x194)
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>bitcoin cash is dying
been hearing this for the past year.

File: IMG_0640.png (17 KB, 250x250)
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It is if Linkies are to play some sort of pivotal role in the next iteration of chainlink. It is ostensibly his job if he needs link holders as much as we seem to think he does.
If the theory I spread via plebbit, slack and /biz/ is true. September is the date for mainnet
Then the "Chainlink community" is underutilized and walking on dangerously thin ice.

FUD is fine. I think there's people that want to use blockchain/smartcontracts but we're still trying to figure out how or why. It is like the internet in the sense that if it goes where we seem to want it to go it may need some kind of layered structure for communication but fuck me if I know what the final thing will look like. If we're going to be making others accept irreversible deals, people need to believe whatever outcome they get will be correct and that's easier said than done. Big fishes outsorcing part of their workload to small start ups to do very small things on test for a while sounds reasonable to me, but I don't know at what point they could change to something medium. Once we can go a year without smart contracts getting hacked or without having to shut down transactions then maybe we'll start going somewhere that matters. But then it still needs to make business sense, a highly secure transaction can't cost more than the transaction. I don't know man, don't lose more than you're ready to lose.
File: 1528997843467.png (316 KB, 1250x699)
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i dont think any bizlet is surprised, but with all the freaking posts about wysshittoken in here it was obvious that numerous pumps were attempted. here is a screen from that pathetic pump group, more to come, revealing all the fails such groups do. /biz/ is smarter than this, lets send these tards right back to their pajeet land
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out of context

fuck you have negative IQ, your really think coming here with one of your group buds will help your case?

Enjoy your bags
Ok so you got nothing

Moving on

What kind of context would put this in a good light?

Move right along, you won't scam anyone in here anymore kiddo

I think it's school time now, better get your lunch box
Like rest of the discussion by the group leading up to and after the 1 screen shot taken, this is some fake news level shit

File: 1525059917862.jpg (60 KB, 409x409)
60 KB
I was thinking ICX or ZIL. any suggestions? have 16 eth

File: vitalik.jpg (43 KB, 960x540)
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Vitalik was found dead. According to reports, he had a car accident about 2 hours ago. This is not a drill SELL YOUR ETHEREUM
bullish if true


It’d Be stupid to go all in on NKN..

R-right biz bros?
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Look at who I replied to, the anon asked why NKN is hyped.

I expect whoever wants to buy in to do their own research, read the whitepaper, and understand what the project does.

I'm simply providing this anon with a brief summary of the project.

Funny enough, this project hasn't been nearly as shilled as you think. Just released beginning of may and here we are with a functional looking test net.

Your in for a surprise if you think this team is like the other teams here and won't deliver.
Same here. Moreover, NKN is a NEO 3.0
i dont understand you 4chan idiots!

instead of shilling like 12 year old kids (do you realy think people dont realize what you are trying to do?) why dont you join NKN on reddit, make some technical posts about it, and help answering peoples questions?
>unironically the next biggest thing in crypto. Easily top 20 coin within a year.

File: weeklygoal.jpg (190 KB, 1500x964)
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190 KB JPG
Ceiling tommorow 5k. Screencap this
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That is extremely bearish
>if not xyz then btc must do x numbers out of my ass

Boomer here my son told me about this me and the guys are probably gonna buy tomorrow after fishing when its around 4.6k whats the best cyber wallet? Where can I google one? Will it work with Blackberry?
Bitcoin Core is the safest wallet
That's bearish though

Buying NKN will be the best decision of my life! Thanks /biz/
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Yeah but like, there's the BBC myth thing and also the fact that they get extra tolerance points for fucking BBC that pulls them towards black.
This isn't a /biz/ related question, but how the fuck can I stop being jealous of this prick ?

You have to submit to the black world order. It's the only way. I am a 6'4 good looking aryan and even I could not deny the allure of black on white. It makes me sick, but at the same time is oddly pleasurable to watch. Knowing that a girl is willing to defy all social norms to seek out the alpha, albeit monkey-like race. That level of sluttery just tickles the brain in all the right ways.

go to any porn site and you will notice dozens of new amateur BBC/cuckold/IR videos being posted every day.

go to europe and you will see nothing but IR couples and mixed babies in france, germany, UK etc

go on a black college football player's instagram and look at all the thirsty comments he receives from white women. No white athlete garners that level of sexual attention.

go to craigslist personal ads and look at how many ads there are requesting BBC only

go to r/bbcsluts r/blackworldorder r/churchofthebbc r/her1stbbc

I seriously wish I was born black. If most of them weren't so fucking stupid they could be slaying a different white pussy every night. Girls are attracted to them in the hottest, primal sense, and we will never experience it. There are milfs in every uppity white suburban town just waiting to get dicked down by BBC these days.
Good summary, cuck.
it's called "novelty"
white people, men and women alike, love consuming culture as novelty. it's not taken seriously. it's more like... signaling and status.
thanks for the essay though!

File: kbO0UuYR_400x400.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Yo where the fuck is my REQ FUD at? Why did everyone shut up all of a sudden?


File: IMG_0828.jpg (21 KB, 285x290)
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How do I stop fapping so I can focus all of my brainpower on my business?
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Looks like angie griffin, need it
>conditioning myself to only get hard while thinking of laughing jews
File: pornredpill.png (451 KB, 1907x2074)
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451 KB PNG
literally no one said that
Yes avoid clicking these links trust me

"No Fap" is for retards
by retards
a retard trend
you're a retard
fucking kill yourself OP

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