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File: 182.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Where is the hype? The enthusiasm? The euphoria? Why aren't people selling their kidneys and taking out loans to invest in the markets again?
No one is buying your bags.

File: 1715399873378592.png (372 KB, 649x638)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
The fact there are so many rug pulls shows nobody has morals in the crypto community. A bunch of thieves who don't want to see others succeed. They will FUD your coin just because they arent invested, they want to see others fail. They can't just strive for success and wish te best for others, or help others, its always how can they scam you next, how can they demotivate and confuse you. Fuck everyone in the crypto community, literally all depraved pieces of shit
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I FUD shit that I'm bullish on because it's funny
tell me youre only looking at twitter
because moral people work on the protocols
with the exception of a few miners most people who actually contribute to the projects are good people
there is no "crypto community" you turbo retard
that's like saying "HTTPS community"
you can't call everyone that uses the HTTPS protocol a fucking community
it's an open protocol that anyone can use
you're using it right now on this website

you are delusional
Qan community doesn't do that
HOKK is not like that, but no one cares cause of the low volume

Chart's looking primed, I know if we make it to the boots its like we're chillin at the pond, just need some people to show up with handfuls of bread

Alright /biz/nissmen. I have 13 years to create a portfolio for my kids before they turn 18.

I want it to be dividend rich so they can get a annual/quarterly/monthly dividend payout.

What are your big payout go tos?
What are your thoughts on REITs? I'm a little scared of these for some reason.
The plan is to reinvest dividends, then after the kids graduate from highschool, they can use dividend income to live off of until they graduate from college. Id rather them live with me and just have to pay for car, gas, insurance and food so they can just focus on school.
After college switch it back to reinvesting.
Also what are you thoughts on 529s? I have one but would I be better if investing in stocks instead? I know I'm playing the long game but they didn't feel aggressive enough for me.
I have a portfolio for myself that does decent but I pieced it together with shit knowledge and dumb luck. I want to learn more and be able to teach my kids better.
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all in Chainlink. few will understand.
bruh why you wasting your time with those low cap shitcoins you want your kids to be rolling in dough not crying over their empty wallets just dump everything into chooky it's like the next big thing in crypto trust it's a meme token on the base chain with some sick beats your kids are gonna be thanking you for their lambos and jet skis forget parcl and qan chooky is where it's at bro dump all your savings on it and watch that cash flow come pouring in
dude if you dump all your savings into chooky right now you're gonna be cruising around in a lambo and chilling on a yacht in no time while those other low cap shitcoins are just gonna leave you broke and crying in a ditch trust me when i say chooky is where the real dough's at your kids are gonna be thanking you for those sick beats and that fat wallet

forget about anything else chooky's the way to go
What’s your total net worth
File: tii.png (393 KB, 319x480)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
this is the only right answer, maybe a small % in cash while interest rates are high

do you mean the one on eth or the shitty stock version?
And still falling. This is going to zero.

File: IMG_2580.png (436 KB, 1284x2778)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Allahu Akbar !!!!
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yeah, ur in a sticky situation. I hope u get lucky and land a nice job
I am not from America and I personally saw in this January a lot of lawyers begging for a job when I was doing some paperwork to legalize our family business: "hire our serivces, we can help you to finish it quicker" "if there is something you don't understand, we can give you a free advice, and if you trust us you can hire us to finish the paperwork". It was just pitiful and I can imagine myself joining their ranks.
I plan to graduate since I am studying for free but I just don't feel confident about getting a proper job. I went to the best university in my country just to raise my chances but the future seems bleak. It doesn't help that I am in my mid twenties now and my parents will be 60 when I graduate and I obviously don't want them to work at that age.
Any chance those lawyers didn't come from your prestigious university, and perhaps weren't the cream of the crop of their profession?
> my parents will be 60 when I graduate and I obviously don't want them to work at that age.
Right, this certainly confirms you're not American, as those would be unrealistic expectations over here.

All I can tell you is do you best, man. You're young, you're bright, you're going to get a good degree from a great university. Don't expect to settle for mediocrity.
Find examples of lawyers doing well in your country. I know they exist. Figure out what they're doing that the guys you talked to weren't.
It's much too early in life to give up.
File: 1714745456004023s.jpg (2 KB, 94x125)
2 KB
Investing in egld or qan would have made you more.
I'm poor as fuck.

File: IMG_0576.png (94 KB, 938x823)
94 KB
Spurdo on eth general 408ab7

I have a small bag of it. It seems okay to me. Do you think its worth dcaing into or just buying a small bag and seeing what happens?

File: 1525965066991.jpg (194 KB, 624x900)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
That has to be one of the worst fucking charts I've ever seen. Even worse than Jasmy.

File: 1518107464416.png (155 KB, 646x700)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Every pullback is an opportunity
So many opportunities. Opportunities on a daily basis. Sometimes multiple opportunities back-to-back. With opportunities everywhere, we want not. There is abundance. We've made it.
You're about to get one big "opportunity" buddy
To buy more rose and aast, yeah.

When am I gonna make it? Also portfolio rate
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32+ eth validator
5k+ staked link
simple as
Being an ETH validation would be nice. What benefits are there? Might start to move to getting 32 ETH
Is there any bigger top signal than “rate my portfolio”? We are definitely about to dump again
Yu not going to make it without qan in your portfolio pajeet
Not retarded enough.
Bow before true retardation.

File: 1715873767324694.jpg (489 KB, 750x952)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
>can't walk on its own
When DOGE dies, how big will be the PUMP?
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A coworker of mine is putting her old ass dog through chemo. I can't imagine the bill. All for maybe a few more months of pained life.
As having had a similar dog who became very old frail feeble and weak as well who constantly pissed himself and if he'd fall he couldn't get up I can testify that he still found joy in life and still loved his family until the end. I still miss him very much.
sounds like your dog invested in a shitcoin and lost 99% of its value just like you will when chooky launches rip
I hate frogniggers so much it's unreal
Imagine marrying your bags so badly you start mocking and wishing death of real life dogs.
Kill yourself westoid

File: 1625413340525.png (1.32 MB, 1159x1210)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
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Holding comfy and waiting for the June 12th and then can just sit and wait. Only a fool would pass up at least suicide stack at these prices. Might really be the last time we see around $0,30
It's over
I doubt it hits $10 this cycle, that's a 100 bil market cap. I'm staying "conservative" and aiming for $2-3. But it all depends on what the market is like. If the market looks really overheated and a BTC top appears to be in, I'll sell most of my GRT even if it's only at $1.
File: dasd89ashd9a8hdsa.png (281 KB, 2890x1568)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
If you only knew how over it truly is

File: IMG_5703.jpg (60 KB, 800x800)
60 KB
Tell me how much money you would invest in the Magic Genie and I will tell you how much money you would’ve made after 1 year. Go ahead.
Be not afraid. Go on.

File: IMG_4623.png (113 KB, 1222x911)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
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File: 111.jpg (139 KB, 1280x852)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Silly Goose tiker $GOO or your mother is gay
best SOL play is selling your sol for xmr
BVB on Sol
>Bundesliga coming in less than 2 weeks
>Hearing they'll give away free tickets to the match per 1 mil MC
>Currently at 200k

Its guaranteed to blow the fuck up, SS this post.

You bums are probably waiting for more money to be printed so your coins can fly. imagine hoping the government dilutes the money of people with actual value/jobs that contribute to society so it can come to you. no value. just buying shit coins, drawing triangles and wonder who satoshi nakamoto is. you bums see successful businesses and be like "man I wish I can buy their token/stock" trying to get a piece of it just for being a bum ass sideline watcher.
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I have no other choice, it's either hold things like maga or work all my life for minimum wage and then be a bum when I get old.
It's not like you're going to take it up with the people who make the rules. Why have an emotional bitchfest with the adaptable people here? Comedy?
If the government and the fed weren't already doing this then I would be happy working a normal job. I would be able to purchase everything that I want or need through my labor. But because they are, the best thing I could hope for is to get a piece of that pie. You can be a moral fag about it, but what I do isn't going to change anything and I'm not going to be one of the people who gets screwed by this bullshit.
File: 1707363595956269s.jpg (5 KB, 180x179)
5 KB
I hope this don't get archived because I will come and remind you you when my qan bag does 20x nitwit

File: sol fast.jpg (218 KB, 1284x1422)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
This shit just keeps going up and up and up and up and up.
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I just don't like solana. It gives me bitconnect vibes. i won't buy it even if it would give me x50
Um seriously, where is icp on this list?
File: aGXo0Jw6_700w_0.jpg (83 KB, 700x467)
83 KB
>Um seriously, where is icp on this list?
just 12 times faster than solana...
its 2024 and retards are still obsessing over muh tps lmao
Fucking VC chains. none here can stand toe to toe with qanplatform

File: pots pepe.png (747 KB, 750x1000)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
I need to diversify. It's starting to freak me out.

I currently have 978sol to my name. Most is staked or providing liquidity and earning interest. The vast majority, in fact.

I keep ~50 in a hot (photon) wallet for large cap plays + farming their eventual airdrop. Never more than a day at a time in a single position. The final 15 are for my daily pumpfun launches, where I'm still actively earning a ton.

I NEED to diversify a bit. I have VERY small allocations in btc & eth (~.08btc and .5eth). That's it.

What else is out there that's worth my attention? I don't want a shitter. I can find those on my own.
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What proportion of your overall net worth is in SOL/crypto?
Well damn, you about to make it sir. Getting early into shrl with just 5 of those sol would make you a millionaire tho
For how much?
Slurp in the dip on utk and aast right now
OP here, not sure if ID has changed. LINK from a technical standpoint is fucking incredible, perhaps the most useful and valuable project in the entire space.

That being said I have zero exposure. I love the tech, I hate the token. It's just... going nowhere.

Since feb of this year... close to 80%. At the start of this year, it was less than 5%.

File: insider.jpg (18 KB, 333x333)
18 KB
Next Monday a huge crypto thing is gonna be settled and a top #10 coin is going to do a 64000% increase.
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File: 1000005362.png (1.46 MB, 1024x1024)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
I think SHIB will be our dark horse

> Vitalik saved the Pajeets and burned the rest of his
> Active project with a culture of burning
> Available everywhere
> makes normies feel like billionaires

I dreamt two nights ago that BTC was going insane and I got sidelined. Yesterday I bought in, although not BTC. Maybe tomorrow I'll buy BTC as well in case my dream and larper-san here were right. Not throwing a lot in since I'm not that schizo to believe that my dreams are the future
File: 1448564542452.jpg (62 KB, 976x850)
62 KB
We all know OP is talking about VINU
File: 1707365113265273s.jpg (5 KB, 199x150)
5 KB
You talking about AAST?
He's talking about XRP Mr bot. But we all knew that.

File: 2z.png (854 KB, 583x739)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
>Basic information
In response to the scam-mania that 2021-/biz/ was jannies have decided to go scorched earth and kill the board with over moderation.

This is an appeal to jannies to please allow at least 1 general where there are no rules and we can once again try to find mooners amongst the trash.

We accept that every project shilled in this thread is a scam, nobody should buy anything here. This is purely for research and entertainment purposes. However posting a honey-pot or other flatly malicious contract should still warrant a perma-ban.

I encourage people to post pump.fun tokens or other tokens that have been around at least for 3 weeks. 99% of projects go to zero within 3 weeks, and pump coins have hardcoded out many of the common rugs such as liquidity pulls and malicious contracts. This provides a level of safety crypto for degens that crypto hasn't seen in years.

>General insights
Memecoins are likely to be a new asset class, similar to NFT's. Yes there will be a huge bubble and many people will get rekt, just part of the cycle. They are here to stay, only the strong will survive.

Highly recommend everyone reading the following threads. Memecoins are literally the best casino in the world, degen millionaires are being minted constantly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anybody DCAing ashbie? CTO team working hard behind the scenes. New website coming soon. Coingecko listing applied. It's gonna follow apu's footsteps
Check if token was made on Pinksale, if it is, then it's reliable
>post anything no rules lol le internet hate machine
anyone like $BLEU on base?

File: 1639959052595.jpg (43 KB, 500x500)
43 KB
i have 10k and 24 hours to double it, which shitcoin should i buy?
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Shut up slave
Still not bad but AAST is another altcoin that shouldn't be overlooked.
ready to get rekt? anything can get you rekt at the moment. wait to buy SUPRA.
File: 1707345844215642s.jpg (6 KB, 250x183)
6 KB
Avoid shitcoin or you gonna get rekt. Slurp in some dip on aast and come back in few months
therealapu .com

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