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If you're not opening a long right now, you are dumb
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File: ehrs.png (100 KB, 385x317)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
That went smooth
*If you are leverage trading at all, you are dumb.
Top signal.
thanks just opened up a $14,784,204 long
I am dumb and I still opened a long

File: wtf....jpg (78 KB, 640x515)
78 KB
What are going to be the best 10 stocks in the next 5 years from now ?

what the heck is goin on with chainlink round here skibidy dum dum chainlink yes yes, skibidy chainlink ree ree skibidy dum dum chainlink yes yes, skibidy chainlink ree ree
skibidi link link link yes yes skibidi $100 soon
File: wtf....jpg (78 KB, 640x515)
78 KB
What are going to be the best 10 stocks in the next 5 years from now?

File: IMG_5562.jpg (54 KB, 539x194)
54 KB
I think I’ll sell when mc is greater than trumps net worth because that would be a kino headline
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The others I understand, but why AVI?
If it can break 1746 this pump and keep this volume daily, maybe we'll have something going, otherwise I'm not getting my hopes up
>There's so many Trump coins now, not sure if Inu has what it takes to stand out. Still gonna hold my bag till the election though.

You never know when it will pump. having a meme coin age at non-rugging prices makes for a good base to pump from. Pepe was just like Trump Inu until it started pumping like crazy because attention got to it.
>why AVI
I like the logo and the community. The team is pretty cool too which is what initially got me into MAGA
About $150

File: 1706896000972409.png (499 KB, 840x720)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Tic Toc the real bitcoin is coming for you
>hide thread
I'm starting to feel STIFF
not this again

File: IMG_1974.jpg (728 KB, 1179x1454)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
Is it bullish or bearish when small holders sell their bags to whales?
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based top seller robbing these scammers
How about investing that amount into RWA tokens now that BlackRock is backing them? I'm putting my money where my mouth is by buying RIO, DUA, and NXRA top picks in the RWA realm.
This cycle is going to give rise to too many retards who have no single clue how things work
filter the noise and rake in the gems is the make it strategy for me
Bullish because whales got balls to hold
the "make it way"
degen memes
take my side gig on hydro next level
complete my CC course

File: 628aeaf27ca03.png (2 KB, 310x194)
2 KB
Is Kraken a good substitute for Kucoin and binance? I'm sick of updating my verficiation on kucoin and their response time to problems. I first started with binance and then 2 years later moved to kucoin and now want to move to something else because kucoin got shit as well. Is Kraken the right choice?
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It sucks for serially online people like you. It's good for people like me that like to pop in occasionally.
meh im pretty sure most of the perma spergs like myself that spend most of their lives here have been doing stuff irl last couple years.
If you are Canadian it’s one of the only options as an on ramp
File: bizisdead.jpg (125 KB, 1544x626)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
yup, support is now resistance
all i know is they allowed me to buy bitcoin with no verification whereas binance and coinbase make me take pictures of my ugly face and make me feel bad

File: peroz.jpg (24 KB, 480x280)
24 KB
and still didn't make it :(
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honkler accumulation phase anon-kun. don’t miss
Will they ever launch?? Shitloads of quiz and task with no end in sight

gotta slot in hydro for depin, changing the game for publishers and creators
More like dumping instead of accumulating
They're about to make adsense and other similar platforms obsolete, I'll be there
did you ever file a claim with the trustee? the bankruptcy proceedings are about to pay back 21% of balances owed. that would be an easy $300K+ right there.

Just paid almost $400 for a nice BBQ meal. How is this sustainable? Everyone will be broke soon enough
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It's easier if the cow is cut up into smaller pieces.
File: 164987.jpg (33 KB, 657x527)
33 KB
>Buy the meat
>Buy Veggies for side dish im not a fucking lunatic
>Ask dad to lend me his smoker
>Ask mum for her spices
>Take the coke that is sitting in the back of the fridge while you're at it
>Search for a good yt video about smoking a good bbq
>Maximum spent: $150 if you're REALLY fucking pushing it
You're left with $250 to get a nice LFGO bag and also eat an infinitely better BBQ that its not turning cold like the one that yuppie aaah place scammed you 400 dollars for. Better luck next time fag
>eat an infinitely better BBQ
Nope you'll do a bunch of work and have worse BBQ. Meanwhile buying a tray will taste better and you'll have all day not taken up by any of that. Midwit response
>doesn't mention nashville

Nashville is known for hot chicken and anyone in Nashville would tell you Memphis is where you go in Tennessee for BBQ retard

File: ccip.png (5 KB, 421x125)
5 KB
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is this suppose to be an insult lol
the fuddies arent sending their best
File: 1692128860551244.jpg (87 KB, 1600x900)
87 KB
u look like this
stay poor zoomzoom
File: file.png (133 KB, 374x358)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
I know it's a meme but I also now that there is many butthurt brokie zomers that cope this way because deep down they know that their young age is the only (temporary) asset they have, but honestly as a 29 yo boomer I wouldn't change lives with any of you broke ass motherfuckers, keep renting that shitbox until you die motherfuckers AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
Your net worth is under 5 figures

give it to me straight.
why do you guys like this coin so much?
volume is dead
i dont see any activity

there are better scams out there
File: 1581399477915.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>there are better scams out there
>It's still a scam, only better!
This is going to be a top signal. Fucking kek.
>why do you like this coin so much?
I really don't.
It's a good union job being a mailman obviously
I know a guy who lost his job and had to work for the postal service. Sad, my frens. Very sad.

Hopefully, economy and crypto will recover in November when Trump is elected again.
>when Trump is elected again.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
sell now if you know whats good for you. there's too much political tension for this to sustain and a dump is imminent.
Why does political tension make crypto dump? Based on history it pumps.

File: QUBIC.png (121 KB, 1828x931)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Why is it the only asset not pumping? Are the VCs keeping it down?

File: pepe.png (416 KB, 3168x3080)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
The real estate market is looking good right now so I will buy a rental property. I believe I can make $1500/month in rent. That will be an addition to my current job.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You have to be 18 to post here.
Enjoy losing money when you can't pay the mortgage then
I'm going to live in the basement so I will be updated on rent payments.
>market is looking good right now
even using my kendu it will be tough to get a house, every day it seems more and more like a plan of at least 8 years
$1500 a month is literally nothing. A kid working at McDonald's could do that

File: wojak_disheveled.jpg (14 KB, 208x250)
14 KB
>3-digit hell
At least you have zero debt.
File: Trump_suit.png (346 KB, 1159x428)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
so, you earn less than $10K per year?
I think I don't believe you. Are you homeless?
Lmfao broke ass nigger. Shame man. Gamble memecoins if you’re down that bad, tg cetofbase will make you 5 figures hell at least. Don’t fade and rope idiot jew
do thirdworlders count?
can't you just get a factory job and buy a hut with a 2-car garage? put 2 canoes in there or something.

quit whining, poorfags. this board is for real people like Americans and Europoors.
File: 3cha24.jpg (175 KB, 1920x1036)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>6-figure purgatory

My portfolio isn't performing well. I wish I had sold everything and bought it back this month. Life is so stressful.
68 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>some projects are just riding the trend while others are genuinely building
its true, i've been in so many with empty promises, thou some are real, just like the push protocol that notifies metamask wallet users faster than a ninja on ramen
it's actually delivering, i call it the holy grail of crypto notifications.
mr beast coin will soar wilm soar it will soar oh yes it will oh yes yes yes oh yes yes yes mr beaxst voin
could be considering the depin hype
when i sell it pump

when i hold it dump

that's the case now
I'll rather invest my money on trending narratives like DePINs, RWA, AI and lots more rather than throwing it on air for that shitcoin

File: 800px-Chainlink_Logo.png (27 KB, 800x800)
27 KB
and still you would not break even lmaooo fuddie baggiee

File: 1656209836555.jpg (64 KB, 618x597)
64 KB
How many of you actually have 6 figure portfolios? I find it hard to believe it desu. Most people on this board seem like degenerate meme coin gamblers
76 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Emma looks lovely here
>we haven't hit the parabolic phase yet, and thats easily where the most money is made.
it's pure crab right now, when we hit parabolic, we would be talking serious green dildos all across the charts, and tendies will be raining hard
been holding eth, sol, hyd and inj for ages, hold tight so you won't miss the rocket, it could be your chance to finally afford that collection you've been eyeing.
I had 5 figures now I have 6 figures because I’m a degenerate gambler. I also had 7 figures because im a degenerate gambler. I got sent back down to 6 figures because I’m a degenerate gambler. See how this works? Because I don’t. I’m just a degenerate gambler
Well I have less than 20K and am contended. Maybe soon when AAST goes 10X I will have more
Are you talking about six figures in the millions or just $100,000? If it's the latter, I've already hit that from my gains investing in Krest. I believe DePIN coins like PEAQ will bring the million-dollar mark.

File: comfexec_1.png (298 KB, 598x600)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
It's a decentralized digital cloud meme DePIN DeCC doracle AI dog shit coin chosen by Nvidia, Intel, IBM, Ubisoft, EEA and CCC. Don't worry, we've go you covered.

Nelly is a pre-op tranny

You guys still have time to get a stack of 870 barrel to not kill yourselves. We all know it'll pump hard by the end of the bull run
Shut the fuck up this is a dead coin ban this nigger. Tg cetofbase is better will do 10000x and overtake RLC (RETARDED LAME COIN)

File: 1d97bvdwlhdz.png (333 KB, 477x351)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Bitcoin solved the byzantine generals problem
Chainlink solved the oracle problem
What other problems need to be solved?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The Jews?
also called the lambo problem
The largest problem to solve, which crypto hasn't even attempted, is the problem of economies of scale. Any system where the aquitition of wealth and power gives people and groups a competative advantage is ultimately going to lead to tyranny and/or revolution.
The solution would have to introduce a form of "negative economies of scale," where the more you have, the harder it is to quire even more.
>What other problems need to be solved?
the need problem. tokens aren't needed and only serve to cash in on hype. vitalik was being nice when he said that projects need a currency. they do, but the native coin is just obviously the better choice for every application
but what if we ask friends and family of the delivery guy and take the median?

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