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The /g/ Wiki:

/g/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.
/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

For tech support/issues with computers:
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com (i.e., fucking google it)

You can also search the catalog for a specific term by using:

Always check the catalog before creating a thread:

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File: sadman.jpg (20 KB, 400x266)
20 KB
> recently got employed as /prog/
> employer wants me to install a bunch of proprietary software

what do, /g/?
Option 1:
>find another job
Option 2:
>get another computer or whatever you need, just for work things and software
>leave the beard at home
Option 3:
>convince employer that the software you currently use (or know an alternative for) is better or just as good

Option 1 & 2 not optional, besides I like the job otherwise.

Regarding option 3, the team uses Skype of all things to communicate. I suppose my only option is to sandbox that trash, any recommendations?

File: 1426469264339.jpg (45 KB, 600x450)
45 KB
Which software is stopping you from going full freetard?
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nvidia-current is best i think
Honestly, most of what I do is fine in Octave, except it doesn't have anything like Simulink (that I know of).
That one of them crazy automagic transmission things for trucks?
this is such a sad gif

how many work on wine?
>things for trucks?

No, it's just a valve body. You'll find one in any automatic transmission (there are a few exceptions with early A/T transmissions that used a fundamentally different system)

File: _81964936_hi026483276.jpg (26 KB, 660x371)
26 KB
>A California jury has found that a venture capital firm did not discriminate against a female partner in a closely watched case in Silicon Valley.


Top Elle.
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Your guestbook
>anti-white men, blacks, women/trans empowerment

>pushing hispanics, the most hard working class present in most of the west coast and midwest and conventionally catholic or christian from spain and europe colonization

When will women just try and get ahead on their merits?
Modern liberal politics tells them that they are children who need bullshit identity politics to succeed

They do this with racial minorities too and I say this as a half Pakistani

I don't need to be coddled like a child. It shocks some liberals when a brown person such as myself won't accept everything they tell me unquestioningly

File: Guts.jpg (1.51 MB, 2961x2633)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
>Ctrl + F + guts
>No guts thread.

Guts Thread
Feel free to rate.

Pic related: My guts.
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File: technopc1600x1200.jpg (1.31 MB, 1600x1200)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
>>where's !2600kkkLbg?
Uh oh, we only have a single gpu in a larger case, we're just poor peasants :(

File: mar15guts.jpg (103 KB, 1200x900)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: 20141011_164040111.jpg (784 KB, 1652x1239)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
You sounds upsetted.
lol just playing around, I dont give two shits
You don't give two gpus

File: 10seconds.jpg (10 KB, 181x129)
10 KB
What's better, 4GB of RAM in dual channel, or 6GB of RAM in single channel?
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Dual channel just gives you additional bandwidth so your system can potentially access more data per cycle, but if the 6 GB stick is a faster clock than the 4 GB sticks, the 6 GB stick will respond faster.
But OP has 3 2GB sticks
6GB because "muh gigs" and the fact that you will never run RAM-intensive tasks on your shitbox.
File: 1425467529671.jpg (45 KB, 720x720)
45 KB
nah man, dat dual channel doubles your ram, dat hoe from geek squad sed so
it all depends on how much memory you'll be using.

File: DX12.jpg (51 KB, 799x398)
51 KB
>Not buying an i7 for DX12

File: dpt.jpg (33 KB, 540x370)
33 KB
/dpt/ Daily Programming thread
Old thread is here : >>47217814

/dpt/ is the thread to talk about your projects and see what cool stuff you achieved.
if you want to post your code, don't forget the [*code] [*/code] or to use http://pastebin.com/

Most problems can easily be solved by searching it :

If you want to start programming and don't know where to start :

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That's interesting. How do you deal with gimbal lock then?
Exactly what I was after, thank you.
Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics

wow, you couldn't be more retarded than that.
Thanks, I'll check those out.
Correct way would probably to add a setter to global/window/what ever idk..

File: 1424185615593.png (67 KB, 1022x1024)
67 KB
No vim thread? Vim thread!

You know the drill: Share configs, tips, ricing,... anything related to Vim or NeoVim.

Newbs more than welcome... because once you learn Vim, you'll never have to learn & waste time on constant influx of new hipster editors/IDEs that come and go every 12 months.
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Im pretty sure its sound to calculate it by similar amounts of pixels, 1920x1080 is like 2x10^6 pixels roughtly, so figure out what 4:3 resolution would give that many pixels and those should be comparable (at least in manufacturing cost, if im not mistaken).
Have you tried mapping <jk> to escape in operator pending mode?
I write software on vim through ssh. It's impossible to test the software on my local machine because I'm writing server modules for a linux box which I can't just replicate locally.
It's ridiculous to copy a file to local machine, edit, then copy back to remote just to compile and test it repeatedly until the project is finished.

File: live.jpg (302 KB, 1200x900)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
>pic related
>having the most emoticons in your status
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i see ur mum
File: 1390757093125.png (10 KB, 640x480)
10 KB
File: 1390757597150.png (128 KB, 1024x768)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
which current linux distro is this?

File: 142696627364.jpg (30 KB, 560x560)
30 KB
ITT: Non-regular languages.

I'll start: The language of strings consisting of some number of "A"s followed by the same number of "B"s: $A^{n}B^{n}$
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File: mo lies.png (7 KB, 628x113)
7 KB
that is definetly a fuckin lie, that pic. it's not even possible to debug it at less than 100.
File: gopher.png (9 KB, 482x316)
9 KB
Back in the 90s before all this Javascript and HTML5 garbage, when the web was just text and images, I was able to browse the web on a machine with 128 MB of RAM. I wish Rob Pike and friends would create a replacement for the web. Although they'd probably advocate for Gopher. They seem to like gophers.

The web is just fine, we just need to go back to static pages. That whole "rich content everywhere" really fucked everything.

Just use Lynx dude, if the website requires Javascript to use then it's probably not worth going too (like this website huehuehue)

File: image.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264x2448)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
R8 em but dont h8 em

Unless they are shit
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File: 0ZFEFe6.jpg (568 KB, 3264x2448)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
The other thread isn't even half full
nice cat
File: idk.jpg (25 KB, 360x360)
25 KB
thank you i'll tell her you said that
File: 1427514776621-671453223.jpg (400 KB, 1280x768)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
Call the cops.

File: dWBIiMJ.jpg (1004 KB, 5068x4284)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
2 weeks since they said they'd go on a coding marathon and still no dice.

Also, Google have decided to force the cancerous impossible captchas
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I forgot my trip. Oh well.

Point is, the project just takes too much damn work to tie everything up at the end. Plus Google changed the captcha api, unless you're us sing a proper Javascript enabled browser, you get the normal captchas.
where is the project website? I'll try to see what I can do
This is exactly how a permanent virgin's homescreen would look like.
Miko sure looks pretty cool
I am making a 4chan client too. Just the difference is, its text only and written in C. It uses the 4chan API. So can miko dev please advice me what to use for interpreting the json? I am halfway through making my own interpreter but it looks shit
There are JSON libraries in C out there

So, mpv developer wm4 has turned against what he deems to be "placebo" features. He has kicked Haasn from the project, who was a prominent of such features. These features include the madvr style upscaling. Without these features, then mpv is somewhat pointless. It's just another video player. The appeal of mpv for me, was that it did streaming better than vlc and did video rendering better than mpc+madvr. The best of both worlds.

Read these posts from a previous thread:

33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
wow, fucking TOLD turbo autists
mpv is pretty good already, if wm4 removes all placebo you can just jump ship to hassn, and hope hassn doesn't end up breaking his own
Though we might end up stuck with old versions, at least they're pretty good
>You just said "Because people can dual-boot or run it on Wine". Make your mind up. If you don't use windows why do you care what an application does compared to a closed source windows application?
I ran it on Wine, it was the only video player that had color management before mpv, i don't own a broadcast monitor with a hardware LUT and the broadcast LUT holders are overpriced and provide lesser quality
Ok, so I still don't give a fuck what you think of mpv or whether you use it or not.
>No, my responses are based on not giving a shit about what you think the software should be. It's open source, if you don't like it then fork it and make it what you want it to be. Me no caring if you're crying about it or not is not me moaning.
You're caring a lot right now anon
Am I? Does replying count as caring now?

/g/ DC++ hub with Gentoomen library and 55TB of combined shared content.

Rules: No CP, share tech and weeb files, share the files you download (It has a magnet/bittorrent feature and you'll help people download other files)

Howto and client downloads: http://chanhub.org
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
good idea
60TB now
Sharing some music and the /fit/ repository
sharing is caring
I'm surprised ghub is still around.

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