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File: Pajeet.jpg (99 KB, 1034x648)
99 KB
In his book, Hit Refresh, he comments:

>"The Nokia deal [was a] painful example of this loss [in mobile]. We were desperate to catch up after missing the rise of mobile technology... Nokia fell from the market-share leader in mobile to number three".

>"Nadella, however, voted against the deal when Steve Ballmer polled his Senior Leadership Team. He explained why, saying:

"I voted no," Nadella writes. "I did not get why the world needed the third ecosystem in phones unless we changed the rules... But it was too late to regain the ground we had lost. We were chasing our competitors’ taillights."

>Many of our readers note that Windows Phone has significant success in Europe, but Nadella dismissed those gains, saying:

>"Double-digit market share in some European countries." But Windows phone always remained a distant third in the market.

>"Buying a company with weak market share is always risky," Nadella explains. "We should only be in the phone business when we have something that is really differentiated."
>Nadella notes that Office and Continuum now runs on all platforms.

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File: Tohsneercs.png (559 KB, 2560x1700)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
Am I getting the Ultimate 4Channel Experience™ or am I missing something?
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What exactly is namesync supposed to do?
File: 1323123516269.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
enables namefagging on forced anon boards
That sounds like hell. Why would anyone want that?
File: q7PslFQ.gif (223 KB, 420x140)
223 KB
223 KB GIF
I can see the appeal for those of us with histrionic personality disorder
>browsing forced anon boards
Stupid crossboarder

File: 1506357530508.jpg (460 KB, 1024x1024)
460 KB
460 KB JPG

Previous >>62606335

Fuck your fucking cabal >>62606568

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to fuck the cabal.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

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could a gentle soul please tell me if animebits has any torrents of naruto? i can't find anything on nyaa =(
Probably because people barely care about DVDs anymore. People who care, are on PTP which doesn't allow them so nobody makes them. Also mpeg2 is so shitty and inefficient by todays standards that nobody wants it.

Don't get me wrong, I like and appreciate good P2P encodes and usually pick them over remuxes. But remuxes are still superior outside some rare cases. Even when good encodes are transparent, it's hard to argue that lossy audio is better than lossless. Or that the lower bitrate is better than higher when we are basically talking about transcodes(p2p releases) made from the encode(blu ray)
all except the last season :^)
You have my word. Isn't that good enough for you?

File: Frasier-Frasier-Crane.jpg (118 KB, 610x410)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Tell me what sucks about your tech job.

I'm listening.
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Our Product managers always come with some bullshit request that would require a refactoring of half our codebase because they don't know shit about how any of it works. They don't know what takes 5 minutes and what would take weeks and when we try to explain it to them they complain that we're too lazy to our boss, who kindly tells them one by one to fuck off. It's pretty okay-ish if those faggots would try to learn about the shit they're managing
File: 1419620127649.gif (474 KB, 200x150)
474 KB
474 KB GIF


>manager holds monologue for 30 minutes
>repeats the same point 5 times
>only relevant to maybe 2 of the 10 people present

Those meetings have no value to anyone and could easily be condensed to a short email. Why do people think it is a good idea?
>50% pay for being on call
>200% pay for when you get a call
>minimum 4 hours billed for every call
I just get all the on call weeks I can get my hands onto.
I'm a data engineer (specialization in Elasticsearch):

- I'm responsible for the SQL side of things, even though I never touch that on a daily basis, so anytime I get paged on it I have to ask the SQL folks every time to make sure what I'm doing isn't stupid, this gets fucking annoying and makes it difficult to respond to pages because I don't have a good idea of what to do most of the time
- training the new guy is fucking annoying, he has a PhD but has no real professional or programming work outside of his PhD, so we have to show him how to do the simplest of programming tasks usually, I'm pretty sure he will not be doing any tooling, which, frankly I'm fine with considering what I've done and the senior guy I've worked with has been good so far
- access tickets for kibana access are retarded, it should be let everyone in but support and just let single exceptions for people in support, this would cut 95% of the retarded access tickets we get a week
- it's really obnoxious with the new guy sometimes because when I want to get some programming done I'll be making headway and just need to sit and think for a couple minutes and of course while I'm right in the middle of something that's when he bugs me


micromanager, never admits when she's wrong. She is tech illiterate, probably in her late 40s early 50s kind of just fell into this job years ago. She will often make changes or do something and not communicate to management above her. Then she will get on my ass and other coworkers about stuff we are doing look at our tickets ask us about our tickets. Any day she is not in I instantly feel better my job seems a little easier. The end-users that's not surprising that's expected aside from that the job is pretty good. I work for a large organization and have great benefits

File: unnamed.png (10 KB, 300x300)
10 KB
What /g/ thinks about Hacker News?
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Any community that represents itself as being "Not Community-XYZ" is doomed to failure. HN falls into that.
pretentious faggots
Code monkey Believe begin better another.
Huge comment post begin easy stuff or social,politics.
Any post math more advance calculus or CS basic are treat as useless PhD stuff.
Believe need learn each new framework or language inside basic concepts.
Lack basic business knowledge.
Sad part begins gain status highend tech forum.
>Why [MEME JS LIBRARY] is the next bing thing
5 hours later
>You shouldn't use [MEME JS LIBRARY] and here's why
Regardless of how much /g/ shits on it, it is my main source of reading. Some comments are also valuabe. Just need to filter it a lot.

File: adsb.jpg (18 KB, 500x375)
18 KB
I want to get an ADS-B dongle with an indoor antenna so I can connect it to my mini HTPC and get a free pro membershit at flightrader24 by sharing my data.


I live in a house basement with above ground windows and I cant really mount something on my roof or in my attic because its not my house. The living room has windows in 3 directions so I figure its got the best chance of picking up some signals.

My house is under the approach to my cities airport so planes are usually flying within 10NMI at an altitude of 3500FT. Will I be able to get some signal down here?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

basically if you dont qualify for one of the boxes they send then you can still share data with your own setup and apparently you get the full membership as a thank you.
Just fucking buy one and try it
can't you stick the antenna outside the window? antennas specifically designed for ADS-B signals are not huge
thats the plan but while im waiting for the 12$ piece of shit to work its way here from china or whatever....

File: Zzc.png (6 KB, 246x80)
6 KB
how did it become the most used browser?
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I use it as an alternative browser. If a website doesn't work in FF, try it in CH, if a friend wants to use PC, give them a SFW CH window. Netflix also works flawlessly in it.
I use it as developing tool, since I do web dev, I cant develop on some freaking browser 200 ppl in total use, I need to use the most used one, so I am sure it works.
because every other browser sucks? are you proud of using shitty software or something?
it just fucking werks
Plus lots of TV, billboard online advertising.

File: 3klj42h46kjh6.png (105 KB, 320x320)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>in college. 2nd year. surrounded by a bunch of bluepilled normies
>middle of boring class on multiculturalism
>browsing the chan on my AMD+ laptop
>say "fuck it" out loud, pull out my VR cardboard. Shove my phone in it. Fire up Mobile VR Station. Insert headphones
>Make my way to a WankzVR video called Fuck Me I'm Famous
>luckily I'm wearing basketball shorts so they're nice and thin
>start jerkin it hard on that fire double blowjob scene
>start moaning audibly as I jerk it harder and faster
>getting ready to nut, reposition myself
>shoot ropes in front of me - can't see anything because VR headset is on
>take off VR headset, sweaty and beat. Turns out I just shot ropes on the back of fat nerdy girl in front of me
>laptop doesn't show any signs of overheating
>I'm visibly disgusted at the fact that I just nutted on some ugly girl
>I get over it. Put VR headset away. Continue taking notes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Totally not going to sage, report and hide this one.

File: 10423508.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
Is power line just a meme or are they actually a good option when you need wired internet far from a router
62 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks anons. Flat catX it is.
I'm serious, they is an old ham guy near me with a massive antenna on his shed roof and he is always bitching about people using LED lights and switched mode power supplies.

If it was up to him we would still be using 1960's equipment and massive iron cored transformers to power our computers as not to cause interference to his "hobby".

You know what I did? I installed a dimmer for my LED's in the loft room so now they wipe out a good section of his radio spectrum.
>So I run the coax to the router into a T-splitter where the cable coming out of the wall goes into the splitter, then from the splitter goes to the router and then from the router by coax back to the splitter?
File: pizza.png (581 KB, 635x615)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
>I installed a dimmer for my LED's in the loft room so now they wipe out a good section of his radio spectrum.
File: tplink.jpg (41 KB, 763x555)
41 KB

Mine work great, but the wiring in my place isn't shit.

Completely outperforms wifi.

File: external antenna.jpg (15 KB, 450x450)
15 KB
hey /g/
is it possible to use a tv antenna to boost my wifi router signal
Thank you, sir.

File: google_pixel_white_1.png (175 KB, 1000x500)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Bought a used Pixel for pretty cheap online for my [spoiler]wife[/spoiler]. Didn't wait for the Pixel 2, because lack of a headphone jack is a dealbreaker.

No problems, phone works great, unlocked et cetera. Only problem is that the battery doesn't seem that great- I've used a pixel before, and I know it's supposed to last longer than it does in this phone. Since it was through eBay, I can't really return it.

Is there a way I can get Google to service it, maybe send me a refurbished unit, if I send this one in? Just checking before I go about the whole battery placement thing myself.

in b4 "give it back jamal"
Doesn't eBay have some sort of return policy? Why dont you start there?
give it back jamal
>for my [spoiler]wife (female)[/spoiler]

>liking 3DPD.
Some apps women are more likely to use (like facebook) drain battery a lot. Try downloading an alternative that wraps the website should she have something like that installed.

Good luck!

File: Capture.png (465 KB, 711x675)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
whos the dipshit that thinks Depth of Field is a realistic fucking visual technology

it should be called "look we used magic wand around the character you're in a RPG speech tree with and blurred it"

i bet it was the same faggot who came up with Motion Blur and since everyone turns that shit off now he tried to think of a clever way to inject his bullshit again

>inb4 not technology

its a fucking coding related
It is realistic but the thing is that eyes can change focus very quickly and when you're talking with someone it is probably common (i don't know, I don't talk to people) that you switch between long and short distance very often during the conversation. But the brain only really focuses on one thing, s so you don't notice that everything else is blurred. But in a video game it assumes that your eyes are fixed to the character while they, if you noticed the depth of field, aren't
Hold out your arm, look at your thumb nail. The area of your thumb nail is called your fovea, which is the extraordinarily small area you have tight focus in, everything else is subject more and less to DoF.

File: edg.jpg (936 KB, 1280x907)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Embdedded development general - /edg/

Previous: >>62593142

Embedded development general is a comfy place to discuss anything related to
embedded engineering or stuff like that. Share your project, state your
problems or discuss design decissions.

>Where should I start?
Well, you can start with any device you like. Though, a lot of people start
with plattforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, because of its easy accessibility
and huge community support.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1503981301708.jpg (92 KB, 499x750)
92 KB
noob here

I have a shitton of things to disassemble for parts, however I have no way of knowing if said parts still work.

Is there a tool I can buy that lets me apply a tiny amount of voltage directly to the part to test it? I'd simply connect them to an arduino but some of these things are old and some come with no label or way of finding out which pins do what.
You want a generic parts tester?

I'm afraid that is impossible.

then how do you test which outputs do what without damaging the device?
You read the datasheet, that's the only way.

Why is /g/ against Elementary? It's the comfiest thing ever and just werks.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
why is the titlebar so huge?
multiple terminal emulator tabs
le cheating the system meme
the best thing about elementary (yep, all small caps) is it's icons and overall theme which you've changed for some flat meme.
The system itself is Ubuntu LTS (16.04 was kinda of a bad release) which means that most of it's pakages and libraries are very outdated. Of course you can add PPAs (which are disabled in elementary OS) but it's a half measure. The DE is alright, it's what you do with GNOME when you don't understand how it's suposed to be used...video player with thumbnails on a timeline is kickass, tho.
Linux looks like it could go mainstream with an os like this.

Support the development of a purely free/libre phone with no proprietary software blobs and it's GNU/Linux certified.

51 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You know what, maybe I should. I actually want a phone like that.
Intrigued by this because it'd be nice to have an OS that isn't insecure botnet like Android, but will it actually be a good phone that's pleasant to use?
yeah right just like how purism's laptops are fully free with no blobs
I like it already
>with no proprietary software blobs

People are not going to trust you if you start telling them lies.

>inb4 I was only counting some types of blobs

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