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File: b.jpg (145 KB, 1307x661)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Post build list or current specs including MONITOR: https://pcpartpicker.com/
Provide specific use cases.
State BUDGET and COUNTRY or you will NOT be helped.

Web browsing: i3 13100, 5600G
Budget: i5 12400F, 5600
Gaming: i5 12600K, 7600, i7 12700KF (<$220)
High end gaming: i5 14600K, 7800X3D
Workstation: 14700K, 7900X
AM4 upgrade: 5600, 5800X3D

Buy an AIO (Arctic Liquid Freezer)

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undervolting wont reduce performance, if you undervolt too much your card will just crash.
It's same performance (Actually higher) at lower voltage (Less heat). Less heat = more thermal headroom = more boost = more performance
try it and find out.
you see no artifacts on new amd cards you just get worse peformance. double check with a vram bandwidth test.
2/3 front and 1 back is enough for a standard setup. If you have an AIO then you'd just have an additional 3 exhaust fans at the top of the case, since that's the only place the AIO should go.
I don't mind going beyond the standard setup.
I have a big case and I don't mind adding more fans, but the ultimate goal is to reduce noise both at idle and at load.
I don't want to add side fans if it'll just increase the noise with minimal cooling.
>thermal putty
Hmm, thermal pad seems interesting, would consider using it for next gpu, but that may void warranty.
Thermal pad + putties costs ~40euros, which is half price i would pay for upgrading to 3070ti.

>Mark Rousskov
So they have a cute shota on the board of directors. I will now use the language.

File: 1682948014723867.jpg (1.01 MB, 816x1200)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
/lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local language models.

Previous threads: >>99224538 & >>99220758

>(02/28) The Era of 1-bit LLMs: All Large Language Models are in 1.58 Bits https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.17764
>(02/27) Mistral readds the notice to their website https://www.reddit.com/r/LocalLLaMA/comments/1b18817/mistral_changing_and_then_reversing_website/
>(02/26) Mistral partners with Microsoft, removes mentions of open models from website https://siliconangle.com/2024/02/26/now-microsoft-partner-mistral-ai-challenges-openai-three-new-llms/

►FAQ: https://wikia.schneedc.com
►Glossary: https://archive.today/E013q | https://rentry.org/local_llm_glossary
►Links: https://rentry.org/LocalModelsLinks
►Official /lmg/ card: https://files.catbox.moe/cbclyf.png

►Getting Started

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I just tried Claude for the first time today and it's quite impressive how smart it is, why don't we finetune Mixtral/Miqu with Claude gens?
Not me, you wouldn't use Orca L1 nowdays so it would be irrelevant no matter what, at least we have a better version in our hands (Orca L2)
>it's obvious what this means just from those equations, with no context.
>Fucking brainlets, I swear.
It not my fault that this stuff was literally never in my curriculum.
wait what? so we could use it to "quantize" our current model to 1.58 bits? BIG IF TRUE

File: game card things.png (741 KB, 932x745)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
If microsoft started charging, say, $50/mo to allow you to turn down and deny unwanted updates, would you pay it?

Would that be profitable for them, all those many thousands of instances of $50/mo coming in from all over the world. vs. the difference between the value of stolen data collected under old versions and the data that would be collected under updated versions?

Because they'd be keeping all the current telemetry and selling the data they already steal, the $50/mo would not be a replacement for that income but a supplement to it.

Therefore, they would have to determine how long the average user will refrain from updates (at the $50/mo rate) and then project the value of data that is not yet stolen, and the rate at which that data can be stolen during that timeframe.

Is there a balloon to the value of the data in the end, due to their "ai" plans? Would they simply charge the $50/mo and simply make updates more stealthy, maybe leave the new update system out of language in the deal and snooker everyone? Would it even be feasible for them to do a straight-deal sort of thing to get at this growing paranoid market?

pic unrelated
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Again you're talking about something <1% of end users care about or can't manage.
Any system Admin can understand WSUS and basic testing an update before approval
Anyone not brain dead in IT can use GPO to customize things

There is no point /g/ just doesn't want to admit they don't know what they are doing when it comes to working with windows internals.
you know what buddy, I am going to admit that I have no experience with working with Windows internals, but wanna know why? I just nuke the shit out of the parts i do not like. there is a point at which a person can spend even more time than an Arch user on windows, and believe me sometimes, just shooting the windows internals with a gun is the best way to deal with them.
then git gud
File: images (1).jpg (8 KB, 228x221)
8 KB
I already hit the parts I want with the gun, why even care about it? My relationship with Windows is like an old soviet couple relationship: i come back from work, i see woman crying, i know i have to work tomorrow again, i try to talk with her a bit then if that does not work, i hit her a few times until she gets the message and i go to sleep. Why listen to hours of sob stories, when there is no time? Why learn hundreds of utils that will change in next release of windows when just deleting them is more efficient?
You've not made a case for yourself, retard.

File: 3a79f7f2f84790ef.jpg (40 KB, 640x893)
40 KB
He did it again, didn't he?-Edition

New: Now with 100% more subject!

>Interview Prep

>Resume Stuff

>Salary Stuff
"What's your expected salary, anon?": https://www.fearlesssalarynegotiation.com/salary-expectations-interview-question/
Negotiation advice: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-not-to-bomb-your-offer-negotiation-c46bb9bc7dea/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think I might start rejecting project interviews because most of them go this way, and it's too big of a time sink. It gives too much time for interviewers to get in their heads about smaller details and with the state of the market right now they are looking for any reason to reject you.

I've had ones where what I was rejected for wasn't even part of the spec sheet they provided, and their justification was "you were supposed to ask questions". Bitch you aren't paying me yet how much time do you think I have
That's where you point them to their company contract clause that anything they store on a company device belongs to the company. I do that every time a user gets upset that their laptop SSD failed and they lost 37,581 photos of their grandkids they were inexplicably storing on a company machine.

Not my fault if you use company property for personal data.
Videogames, lifting, tugging my cock
Hoarding firearms, ammunition, and food
>worked a job as a coop for 2 years straight
>apply to the same job during covid
>literally have their answer sheet so i know exactly what to say
>still fail the interview because they went for someone "internal"
are you fucking kidding me

File: 1695931054492360.png (3.83 MB, 1405x1761)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
>replaces your jo-
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Sociopaths have no shame. They also make great politicians.
respect the grift
This looks like what that Aussie lady who said she was molested by Richard Nixon described in her "revelations"
I would pay $45 for this
She looks like a genuine wonka worker
File: handrubber01.gif (2.84 MB, 419x313)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB GIF

old thread:

what are you working on, /g/?
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> and those repeated calls did NOT get optimized out
That was never the argument. The argument is that he repeated calls are negligible in terms of performance and that more readable concise code is more important than negligible performance gains.
> objectively worse to repeat calls like that
I understand why you personally might consider it this way, but you are actually directly going against advice that is given in popular literature, by very well known and respected software architects such as Martin Fowlers Refactoring Book. Here he specifically describes how one of his common refactoring methods is inlining variables into method calls. His reasoning is that more local variables stand in the way of another common refactoring method, which is extract-method, where he extracts logical parts of a function into it's own helper function, thus reducing the complexity of the original function.

Can read it here: https://portal.mytum.de/wos/chrisitansFolder/Refactoring_improving_the_design_of_existing_code.pdf/

Search for "Inline Temp". He also adresses the topic of performance here, search for "Refactoring and Performance"
Just to add to this: I really feel like there simply is no wrong or right here. But I feel like people like you, who have very strong opinions about this and shit all over pull requests for this, are indeed very wrong. Because it is a very legit coding practice that very respect sofware devs use and to pretend it's wrong or somehow unconcise and hard to read is just wrong. You personally might not want to code this way and that is fine, but not everyone has to code the same way you do.
[complaint about go differing from rust]
File: 1691528486085297.gif (51 KB, 100x100)
51 KB
I'm using Powershell to download images from 4chan threads.
I can't get the progress bar to work.
Any clues /g/entlemen?

$url = Read-Host "Thread URL"
$iwr_output = Invoke-WebRequest $url
$image_src = $iwr_output.Images | Select-Object -ExpandProperty src
$image_src | ForEach-Object -Begin {
$image_count = Measure-Object $image_src
Write-Host "Images to download: $image_count"
$i = 1
} -Process {

$thumbnail_url = "https:$_"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
thats the game by the travellers tales guy who loved to share his coding stuff on youtube and brag about his skills, he's a good christian and put christianity references in Sonic R

File: retc.jpg (662 KB, 1040x960)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
>GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt
>Windows questions >>>/g/fwt
>PC building >>>/g/pcbg
>Programming questions >>>/g/dpt
>Good, cheap laptops >>>/g/tpg
>Cheap electronics >>>/g/csg
>Server questions >>>/g/hsg
>Buying headphones >>>/g/hpg
>Best /g/ archive: https://iqfy.com/tech/

How to find/activate any version of Windows?

Previous thread: >>99186665
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Should I open a brand new iPad Pro before selling it? Like, is it a good idea to prove there's an iPad in the box to keep a buyer from saying I sent them a can of sardines in an iPad box, or should I keep it sealed for max judengeld?

Also, the backstory here was cool story bro material. I sent a 1st-gen iPad Pro 128GB to Apple for a battery replacement. Their system fucked up hard enough that a senior advisor spent a month trying to sort it out for me, and finally decided the path of least resistance was to send a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 512GB 5G.
yea i know he doesn't care if it's on the internet, but he's asking if it's bad if it is
i'm also adding to your statement, not refuting it

I would, but leave as much of the original packing material in-tact as possible. People feel comfortable with the "full experience" of opening something (Apple fags, am I right?)
if it's only been in your hands, and it's sealed, from apple, how could it not contain what it says it does?
i would leave it sealed
maybe weigh it or something if you're paranoid
What is a good 4chan android app that has notifications? I really need notifications for when the thread hit page 10. Kuroba has that option but it literally never works for me. Blue Clover's notification works but it lacks page 10 notifs. What can I use?

Reply with OP update recs edition.

Request advice:

>Headphone Power Calc

Don't miss out on EQ
Bear in mind headphones may perform differently between units

Recommended programs:
Windows: EqualizerAPO (+ Peace)
Linux: EasyEffects
Android: Wavelet, Poweramp Equalizer, (Rootless)JamesDSP

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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is this some sort of meme I'm not ware of?
cringicle dickriding is sadly not a meme but a mental illness
its objective fact

amir agrees
I mean, I tried IEMs, even expensive ones, and none of them could compare to my 15 or so years old cheapo HD 556

File: 126213.png (182 KB, 1232x829)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Chu2 is unsalvageble edition

How to request advice:
>Intended use
>Frequency response preference (bass boost, treble boost, or flat neutral)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them

>Where do I buy IEMs?
Amazon, Aliexpress, Linsoul, Hifigo, Shenzhenaudio

>Full Guide (IEMs, Cables, Ear Tips, etc.):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Obviously, all generals are shit, never post in them.
File: 1709058265660859m.jpg (132 KB, 1024x668)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I have the Starfields, but want something even better.
I feel like the Kato isn't that much better than the Starfield.
Is there anything in the $300 range that is King right now?
continued retardation and newfaggotry, great. prepare to be misled by 5 different samefag posters who know nothing!
My favourite IEM? Truthear Hola.
Thanks for asking.
There's nothing better than 1DD, just use EQ.

File: migu mpv.png (1.54 MB, 2000x1544)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
mpv ffmpeg yt-dlp
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File: 1708946624832454.png (50 KB, 433x551)
50 KB
i just mandela'd myself

i always though wm4 said "go fuck yourself" in this screencap >>99221308, not "so fuck yourself"

anyone else?
File: wakemeup.png (44 KB, 183x207)
44 KB
-bsf:v hevc_metadata=colour_primaries=12:transfer_characteristics=16:matrix_coefficients=5
Color range                              : Limited
Color primaries : BT.709
colour_primaries_Original : Display P3
Transfer characteristics : BT.709
transfer_characteristics_Original : PQ
Matrix coefficients : BT.709
matrix_coefficients_Original : BT.470 System B/G

Now intention goes into _Original but then of course now quicktime doesn't recognize these tags, so you have to use both methods at the same time.
Truly an experience....
File: AAAAIIIEEEE.png (565 KB, 716x528)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
give me a conf with cache and maximum, sharpest, best interpolation

File: 1692422127841519.png (23 KB, 900x563)
23 KB
>muh despicable systemd
When do you even notice it exists? Get a life.
38 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
An example of a structure that follows the Unix philosophy.

Core - bus protocol
Everything else - small tools which follow that protocol.

Same as systemd, but more interchangeable and decentralized. That's all.
>what the user uses is simply front-end.
When the front-end of your software necessitates direct control over something like drawing onto a canvas strictly decoupling front from the back makes reasoning that kind of software unnecessarily complicated. That's not to say you shouldn't decouple where it makes sense and in fact this idea has been popular for a very long time.
>the programs in the back end would still be small
>Although now many programs do that
Using tiered server architecture as a basis to develop applications and programs is not some new concept and has been in practice for many decades. Decoupling front from back within an application in no way necessitates factoring back-end functionality into separate programs. This is not at all against the concepts of modularity or decoupling, which is also not something inherent to UNIX philosophy. I for one inherently disagree that every complex structure should be split into individual programs all communicating over separate sockets to some kind of front-end. This makes development needlessly complicated through necessitating the abstraction of a wrapper in the first place versus being able to reason about processing on the back-end in a much more succinct and simpler way, which makes applications much easier to maintain and develop.
>used debian longer than the average age of a user on 4chan and chooses to spend time here
i dont want to end up like you
>This makes development needlessly complicated through necessitating the abstraction of a wrapper
True, I just like when I can use my program somewhere else, without having to go into its code base, remember its logic and structure. Although this will take more time at the time of development, but as a result I can easily use this program in other tools without modifying. Well, at least significant.

I don't think there is a specific best method for developing programs and tools, it all depends on the situation.
I just love versatile things. They approach the philosophy of kiss, which I empathize
>When do you even notice it exists?
When doing network configuration or maintenance.

It's especially shit when paired with network manager. It's probably fine when network consists of uniform machines, but when there's variety of different systems/distros it becomes a pain.

File: install_gentoo.png (27 KB, 602x500)
27 KB
Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Resources: Please spend at least a minute to check a web search engine with your question.
*Many free software projects have active mailing lists.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Started using systemd-boot, and booster, it all works fine but a single issue,
When initram boots, it changes to my set font ok
>"booster.yaml" > vconsole: true
but when it enters TTY1 it does a screen reset, like it changes resolution? but it changes to the same res 1080p and the consolefont is reset to the default one....
why? I can't find anything.
Grub worked just fine, it would keep the same font and resolution to TTY

I have set this.
> systemd-bootd : loader.conf > "console-mode keep"

am I missing something? where should I look?
Arch btw?
Thanks, chatgpt
# Update package database (equivalent to 'apt update')
alias apt-update='sudo pacman -Sy'

# Upgrade all packages (equivalent to 'apt upgrade')
alias apt-upgrade='sudo pacman -Syu'

# Install a package (equivalent to 'apt install')
alias apt-install='sudo pacman -S'

# Remove a package (equivalent to 'apt remove')
alias apt-remove='sudo pacman -R'

# Remove a package and its dependencies (equivalent to 'apt autoremove')
alias apt-autoremove='sudo pacman -Rs $(pacman -Qdtq)'

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
hello dear sirs
using gnome desktop, but gdm3 for some fucking reason not works (nvidia gpu what i found but no solution)
so if gdm3 not works, screen locker not works also
i want to lock screen with Super + L like with gdm3, is there a package that can help?
i have installed slock, but i would rather avoiding setting custom keybinding cuz im lazy, maybe some package will configure itself?
also lightdm fucking doesnt work
how do i add swap space? swapon keeps failing

i'm on parrot btw

File: programmer.jpg (241 KB, 1024x1024)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
>being upset about the so-called software "job market"
do you really want to tell a computer what to do for the next 40 years of your life? why are you not rejoicing that third worlders and AI are taking over this horrible task? it's like being upset about the cotton gin displacing cotton pickers. picking cotton sucked ass. programming computers sucks ass. corporate software sucks and is gay. you should be HAPPY.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1691850115864230.png (348 KB, 523x468)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
I smell a NEET cope thread.
>actually choosing to be a NEET
what you've never had you'll never miss.
a life in this case
nah, nerdy computer shit is just my hobby, i'd hate it to be a career and define me as a man, i would feel so effete.
File: hnj8fct6aj461.jpg (1.11 MB, 3024x4032)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
>do you really want to tell a computer what to do for the next 40 years of your life?
Actually, yes.
coping with what? i work from home in a non-software profession.

File: chicken road.webm (2.46 MB, 1280x720)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB WEBM
Why did the chicken cross the road? edition

/gedg/ Wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Gedg
IRC: irc.rizon.net #/g/gedg
Progress Day: https://rentry.org/gedg-jams
/gedg/ Compendium: https://rentry.org/gedg
/agdg/: >>>/vg/agdg
previous: https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/99185529/#99185529

Requesting Help
-Problem Description: Clearly explain the issue you're facing, providing context and relevant background information.
-Relevant Code or Content: If applicable, include relevant code, configuration, or content related to your question. Use code tags.
304 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: no dumb here.jpg (21 KB, 500x388)
21 KB
No more than 5 I think.
File: 1467789713106.jpg (83 KB, 378x378)
83 KB
>compile program for windows
>run on wine
>function in lua script is getting a null/nil value for some unknown reason

Hopefully, things work out for those that want to play it [spoiler] if any [/spoiler]
is it a function related to input?
-- Create a race

local bodyPartOptions = CharacterBodyParts.new()
bodyPartOptions[CharacterBodyParts.feetId] = 1

Race.add("kobold feet", bodyPartOptions, "resources/sprites/kobold.png")

-- Create map

Map.add("plains", 2, 2, true, 24)

-- Add two characters, Froggy and Crab

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> You can pass a lua none or nil instead.

I forgot to emphasize that this is what seems to be happening.

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