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File: IMG_6901.jpg (608 KB, 1125x713)
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608 KB JPG
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File: 1697421559993599.jpg (56 KB, 663x790)
56 KB
Nice :^)
Im using 27" 1440p one and while its suitable for gaming and videos its better to have a 2nd one as well for when you have some full screen thing going on.
a 24" 1440p display as the 2nd monitor would be nice, less issues with windows scaling, but they dont make those
>oh boy I love hunching over a tiny monitor
Neck yourself
And what good two more inches will do? Oh right, absolutely nothing.

File: 1705861611854214.png (86 KB, 800x450)
86 KB
I am trying to MITMproxy find a program's hidden API but it still wants to use the Cloudflare certificate.

They have an Android app too, and the app manifest has a trust anchor config which allows "system" and one other certificate. I added my own certificate to the APK and config and signed the APK. At first it opens for a second, makes a query using my certificate and I can read the queries on mitmweb tool unlike before.

So I was able to bypass certificate pinning but then after 2 seconds APP says "tampering detected" and becomes unresponsive so I am unable to get the good parts of the API.

I tried debugging the app after getting the SMALI files using baksmali and opening them in Android Studio, but it's obfuscated as fuck, and I can't seem to find the point where it detects tampering.

I tried finding that point starting from the MainActivity and putting breakpoints. I am able to put breakpoints before it detects it, but as I go further slowly some magic happens and can't find the exact location where it detects the tampering.

The app seems to have root detection (I saw in the SMALI codes) but I think it will be easy to bypass using magisk. The thing is I don't want to root my own phone so I bought a cheap Xiaomi one but apparently Xiaomi phones need 7 days before allowing you to root them.

Obviously I can wait 7 days before I can try my chance with a rooted phone and frida, magisk etc. but it is fun to play around with debugging.
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It's a retarded solution anyway. They shouldn't try to hide API from user because there's obviously a way to get it. They should have instead written API in a way that they don't need to hide it.
Fucking sorry for trying to help.
About network logs: not sure, depends if app blocks network logs for non-root access, if so you'd need rooted phone. Then again, Firebase will probably detect it.
You can try using magisk with custom phone profiles to simulate real phone env as good as possible (default magisk profile is shit for it, dev stopped updating it since it was marked by Google after a week if publishing). There are couple of github repos with them, I don't have any at hand to share.
Sorry if i came as aggressive. I've been trying to solve this for 2 days straight lol. Network logs aren't checked by firebase because I can view them for a few seconds before app closes itself due to tampering.
so firebase is what pajeet jews are using to prevent reverse engineering?
Try if you can still see them through adb.
Firebase doesn't run only on phone, it fingerprints your phone, calculates app checksum and sends it to google servers. After that API server talks to google and decides if it should allow you access.
It can also limit only part of API. Recently my company had such app: everything worked correctly except for the one endpoint we wanted to reverse engineer.

Yes, google started heavily promoted it last year. Especially since it even checks your phone on hardware level to cut off emulators and phone distributors that don't play ball with them.
Even more fun: fuckers want to implement this sort of attestation on every website and add it to Chromium (so effectively every browser normies are using). Including fingerprinting your PCs, so you can be easily identified (and blocked from the Internet, if you use some custom linux distro or less popular hardware).

what do u think about this c code fa/g/gots
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dunning kruger indentation
is this better
faggots unironically still think C is a good idea even though they could just use C++ and benefit passively from it and not even use the parts of it they are too dumb to understand
ur right but i just wanted to make something "from scratch"

File: 1695812470389402.png (310 KB, 1188x917)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
which search engine gives accurate results, but is also unpozzed?
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based yandex
>Black people pop up under braided hair because black hairdressers post pictures of their work (nobody was heard of a white hair braider)
>Europoors pop up on europoors search because eurotrash roasties stay within ruski firewall
>"wow le based negroid free enjen omg"
Please shut the fuck up
>Defending it

Post nose
Cry nigger
>captcha:M4SA kek
>he thinks numbers are letters

File: goodtimes.png (400 KB, 684x468)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
The weird thing about the Internet is that when you put some information on it, the Internet itself will start defending the information regardless of what it is. The Internet is like a sentient being with a hoarding problem, tons of personal biases and a low IQ.
If I post online that you are a faggot, search engines will defend their right to keep it visible. You will need pretty strong arguments to get it taken down. Posting the claim itself, however, required nothing. Internet archive will also wrinkle their nose at any attempt to take it down, because they fear you might be tampering with "political transparency".

It's nuts. When something is online, it's accepted as unquestionable truth because if it's online, it must be true. "No smoke without fire." "There must have been a reason for someone calling you a faggot." "No no no if you want it taken down you need to prove that you are NOT a faggot."
The Internet is like a one-way street with no filter whatsoever.
Humans are so fucking dumb. They are incapable of seeing flaws in the Internet, because it gives them cat videos.
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>The average person with the Internet is like a monkey with a nuke
lol kinda like that at times. i remember around a decade ago, facebook were paying third world telecommunications suppliers to give free access to facebook via their mobile networks (facebook had done deals with a tonne of phone manufacturers to have their apps pre-installed and you couldn't remove them with out root access). facebook app was installed in many millions of phones by default but nobody was using it. what happened was all these people that got free access to facebook and not knowing any better thought facebook was the internet. similar thing is happening in the first world with children. teachers and parents are such poorly educated fucking monkeys that they don't teach kids about how the technology works, they don't know how it works or care. if it doesn't involve smoking meth, getting drunk or watching tv then it's not important for them. kids, just run an app and click on big gay shiny icons. kids today think that a handful of apps run by garbage corporations is the entire internet.
One of the biggest issues is capitalism. Companies are flooding Africa with free smartphones and free Internet access. These people dont even have food or running water but american corporations need these people to become behavioral data slaves.
Then we think they're so noble for donating free stuff to africans rofl
It's obvious that they want 100% of the human population to be perpetually online so we can become a hivemind (IQ 50 hivemind that answers to an IQ 105 OpenAI)
>One of the biggest issues is capitalism. Companies are flooding Africa with free smartphones and free Internet access
absolutely. they just move from one impoverished nation to the next without a care in the world.
> These people dont even have food or running water but american corporations need these people to become behavioral data slaves.
the value of the data they can mine out of people is worth a fortune. with nations like africa with many countries and massive populations, it's a binary gold mine. gotta love those colonialists. the grift never ends.
>It's obvious that they want 100% of the human population to be perpetually online so we can become a hivemind
after 45 years existing on this planet, this is accurate. it's a deliberate dumbing down of humanity which is being pushed by corporations and governments. keep them dumb and docile and they'll be easier to control and to manipulate.
Are you really this mad someone called you a faggot online? What a faggot.
Also, how is any of this a problem inherent to the internet? Back when only tech literate people that could afford the tech were browsing the internet you could still say whatever you wanted but nobody would just take your anonymous word for it.
The only thing worth discussing on this topic is maybe digital rot and how we could make the internet data decay over time. A solution that would be built into the tech and protocols instead of the market solution of "it will disappear when people lose interest and the host stops paying almost $0 for it.
I agree with you in general. But I fail to see the real value of behavioral data from millions of nignogs and pajeets with no running water.

File: image.jpg (51 KB, 474x715)
51 KB
i miss these things :(
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nvm - I was wrong
> Standard national and mobile calls are free of charge from all Telstra payphones.
>To make a call to international or other charged destinations, you have the option of using a Telstra Phonecard or other third-party calling cards.

not really sure why they have free wifi (maybe 5-10m radius from box) - if you have a phone why are you at the phonebox?
We still have five of them in our village. Germany btw.
Wow just like my hentai but for boomers
>if you have a phone why are you at the phonebox?
I would like to believe it's for the ThinkPad-wielding fastmen out there. The payphones also offer a free SMS service. Remember texting on a keypad? These payphones must be really handy for the homeless.
There's still a working phone booth down my street for some reason

File: IMG_1829.jpg (48 KB, 915x900)
48 KB
Orbit Edition.

I own most mainstream trackballs incl. a ploopy but the orbit with scroll ring is simply my endgame.
I wish Kensington made a pro model with upgraded internals and a maybe a clickable scroll ring. Either as a middle mouse click or back and forth (left side and ride side of the ring).

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File: EM01_6.jpg (124 KB, 1000x1000)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
little dubious about chinkshit vs logitech
This guy plays valorant with the pen, so thats why I was considering it.
How do thumb ball mice not give you carpal tunnel?
Bumping. Can't decide between picrel Kensington expert or the ploopy adept
Consider vertical mice then. Main benefit of trackballs is that you don't have to move your hand around, so you're not flexing the joint all the time, and can find a nice relaxed position for it.
That being said, what you can easily do is find some way to prop up a trackball to angle it more. Unlike mice there's no reason it has to lay flat on the desk, other than the shape of the base. If you're fancy you could maybe even 3D print a base to angle it. I just tried shoving a random small notebook under mine for example, it's relatively comfortable just a bit unstable, I could probably nigger-rig something better if I wanted to use it like this permanently.

File: file.png (134 KB, 1705x367)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
x11, wayland, and all that crap, they all fail at something, they are all shit
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>Windows 10/11 DE is still worse than Plasma despite the underlying architecture being better than both Xorg and Wayland
File: file.png (16 KB, 1653x254)
16 KB
Is there any distro that tries to unfuck the folder system?

Most of that stuff in pic related could be inside of a Linux folder, much like Windows. Just give me the windows folder system desu
Gnome gets the job done while looking nice.
i3wm+autotiling all the way up
File: Z(198).jpg (222 KB, 1440x900)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

File: 0EGF16Q.gif (1.2 MB, 480x270)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
>enter room
>computer monitor switches
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Also if you turned on lights when entered the room that might be the cause -- I used to live in the apartment with shitty wiring and my monitor would power cycle every time I turned on lights in the bathroom.
this is also a possibility
any time there's a small brownout, my printer resets, some things are more sensitive than others
is it a premium EIZO monitor? those actually have ambient sensor to detect body heat so it turns on automatically when you come and turns off when you're away.
>get to desk
>setting water bottle down is enough to move the mouse 1 pixel
>it wakes up
>I used to live in the apartment with shitty wiring and my monitor would power cycle every time I turned on lights in the bathroom
It's probably a shitty HDMI cable. Happens to me consistently with one HDMI cable but not another.
I haven't been able to find a hdmi cable as good as that one that works. All the shit they sell is chink garbage

What’s the last good non-pozzed microsoft word version?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Have you tried OnlyOffice? I tend to get better compatibility with it.
It looked like shit last time I used it
>Was thinking to just buy a cheap digital key
Just use MAS bro https://massgrave.dev/
2003 was the last good one

File: DirectStorage-API.jpg (119 KB, 900x507)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
You told me this is a revolutionary technology but only 1 game uses it sirs. Why did you lie to me sirs?
At least it got 1 game! RTX IO still doesn't even have that.

File: 1705505443806272.jpg (34 KB, 719x900)
34 KB
Did they drop Wayland?
Is it still being actively developed?
There is no mouse cursor on mpv. Same on vlc.
The desktop environment keeps freezing. *on both gnome and kde, haven't tried others*
Programs with small windows can't scale correctly when you full screen them.
Mouse lags on regular operation out of nowhere.

Why are people saying it will replace X?

File: 750kdcr9qxla1.png (1.09 MB, 2557x1436)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Python is a better language than Rust: agree or disagree?
113 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
one day your balls will drop and you'll stop getting into pissing matches about who can coooode more masochistically despite not calling himself a coooooder lmao
anyways I'm done here
go ahead and be mad by yourself
Python and Rust use-cases have an essentially empty intersection.
I love python but holy fuck the pointer juggling is so fucking retarded. "Well I better deepcopy that or shit because who knows whether it's a copy or the original object"
This is a really useful resource, thanks anon
File: D9Sie4YWsAALuOI.jpg (43 KB, 599x337)
43 KB

Please redpill me on this.

All I know is that it came on default with my Fedora Workstation install, it steals like 2% of my disk space and it's apparently very prone to corruption. Read about people having to format whole disk because of corruption, plus the recent kernel bug that makes it fill the disk with metadata?
120 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
piece of fucking shit nuked my fedora installation the tree kept getting corrupt
Can you elaborate?
I don't run btrfs now so I can't provide the output, but I remember not getting the correct disk space usage with df. I had to use some btrfs command to get the real answer. This was on Fedora.
compression and/or cow stuff
File: 1703494683542567.png (4 KB, 415x31)
4 KB
It is more accurate nowadays and doesn't report double space for RAID1. It has something to do with how Btrfs allocates space in 1GB blocks. Btrfs has its own commands for more accurate readings.

File: file.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
Photo sounder is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen for making sound effects. Why the fuck no one is talking about this obscure software and are there no more professional solutions that generate sound effects like photo sounder?

Why is no one talking about this software?

Previous thread:

>there's no torrent
Photo sounder is relay obscure software.

>from the demo
You can use the demo without a problem, the
>Make photos into sound
Function is more of a useless meme for me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Interesting, yet is this not retarded?
>Draw on paper and then scan with the app
WTF Can I not draw digitally???
This tech is old news, look up the spiral in some AFX record, and other similar tricks that followed in idm. Old console noises otoh are harmonically simple and can be generated with basic synths.

You can make any NES noise with... that NES tracker whatever it was called, use your search engine of choice. Famitracker I think? Well, almost any noise, probably some obscure hacky effects aren't possible, but it can do stuff like make sharp clicks for drum hits using the sample channel, so the emulation is reasonably accurate.
This is interesting....
However why are the drawing tools so limited?
How do I increase the size of the brush?
>that NES tracker
>Dude simply download this 1 VST that does only these specific sounds
Yea I hate people like you.
The idea is to create also NEW sound effects on your own, and drawing in a spectrograph looks like a great way to make them.

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