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What apps does /g/ keep on their home screen?
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How did you do this?
Damn it's just perfect, post pape and icons/widget names, please
The current state of /g/
Ann isn't even my waifu in that but 9/10.
Firefox Focus
Discord (I know)

File: 1503612835774.webm (2.13 MB, 640x360)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB WEBM
How can apple toddlers and their lagPhones even compete?

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Nice try but no.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has some QoS bs going on, because my 2 year old iphone se loads faster then his iPhone 8.

Which if there was some QoS bs going on it would also explain the apps slow load times as they wait and try to ping home.
Do apple fanboys think comparing a subjective term(user experience) and an objective term(speed) is a good argument?
>user experience
>plug Phone into computer and want to drag and drop some photo's and music onto it
My only fundamental "problem" with iDevices is that they're overpriced. They are fine machines. They don't do what I want so I don't use them. But they do just as much as most people could ever need and they do it really well and consistently which is why they have the majority market share.
thats the iphone 7 you retard

File: 1495904090632.png (100 KB, 501x468)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
i has begun, microsoft is gonna release windows 10 S for business. say goodbye to win32
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So your only argument is some speculations about business? Where does Windows 10 Entreprise fall in that argument, pajeet?
its more expensive, even few pesos make a difference when you have thousands of laptops in your company
> working

still can't read, eh? Yes, I used to work for such an employer back when Windows 98 was poplar. And that's what I wrote in the post you replied to.
>I don't work for an employer that forces me to use gimped software but I'm really angry about it specifically

Doesn't seem likely, anon.
If your employer assigns hardware for a job, maybe do your fuckin job on it, instead of whinging about not being able to play your gaymes on it. It still belongs to that employer, and they should be the one deciding what gets installed on it, not the dingus they assigned it to.

File: 42e.jpg (89 KB, 600x842)
89 KB
>work for software company
>help customers manage their inventory using SKU data, trends, etc
>require blade servers and minimum of 2 Xeon CPUs, 32GB RAM
>the main program is 32 bit and crashes if it hits 2GB of RAM
>work for tech retail store
>focus on helping customers make the most informed decisions, giving them affordable and reliable tech support, and establishing a trust to keep them coming back to the store instead of just shopping online
>company fires you because you didn't sell enough of a literal scam "liquid glass" screen protector for twice the price of Amazon and that is both more expensive and less profitable than any other actually useful screen protector

Do not ever become a wagecuck for retail, and if you absolutely have to, get your certifications and get out of there as fast as you possibly can.
Retail is literally soul crushing dead-end shit. I tried it when I was in high school and just wanted to die.
Honestly as long as the boss isn't shit the job itself can be comfy if you're good at it. It's when the company treats you like replaceable drones and refuses to give you any room for advancement that it becomes shit.

They value people who will do the minimum job for the minimum wage over people who excel and go beyond what they ask, and then they wonder why nobody likes shopping at stores.

However, some people like myself are born with the ability to tolerate the braindead, neanderthal customers, and some people just aren't. So I don't blame the people who just get so sick of dealing with bottom of the barrel humans for minimum wage that they leave quickly.

My fucking sides.
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>protip: just because the number was rounded to 33 for display purposes doesn't mean the actual number is exactly 33 in both cases and drawing a graph is unlikely to take into account rounding
>what is differing length:width ratios
this is not percent
look at the scale

File: Intel.jpg (34 KB, 800x600)
34 KB




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205W? That's crazy talk nobody expects that much power savings from a CPU that eats up 255W! It's 2017 people our CPUs still need at least 275W to run I mean people usually have enough power for 325W going straight to their Intel CPU it's not like you can just knock off a few watts from 400W usage!
>uma de-lidia
Yeah, I stand corrected.
Doesn't make it better.

inb4 AMD was just trolling, and 2 'brick' cores magically become available through BIOS update on Threadripper. Albait lower clocks.
I too have Saudi oil money and hire instagram hookers and make them eat my shit

File: disgusting-slob-keyboard1.jpg (2.1 MB, 2500x1311)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Friendly reminder to clean your kb, pic related

>itt images that trigger other people
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cumstains still on the keyboard
and when it gets filthy just spend $12 to replace it
Keyboards costs about $12. I just throw it away when it gets too dirty.
Yeah, but that isn't bad compared to two years of layered skin and hair and crumbs. I was actually surprised there was only one cum stain, I thought there were gonna be more in the WASD key area.

File: AMD-Matisse-Picasso.jpg (134 KB, 1023x432)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Zen2 gets named.

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14nm+ was literally 14LPP optimized for mobile. 12nm is new and while the say it's based on their 14nm it's denser than samsung's 11nm with 15% greater density vs 10% for samsung.

We know for a fact that 12nm is new because AMD previously explained their plan for Zen would be Tock-Tock-Tock, i.e. new archs every release. This refresh is either for another purpose (like embedded) or it's a refresh because AMD needs to compete with Intel's moving their skus up a tier (i7 6-cores).

By the way, 7LP is also risk production in h1 2018, so it could even be a concurrent launch depending on what the 12nm products will be
I expected an APU based on Zen and Vega, not five year old architectures re-cycled and re-purposed for AM4.

Their just-released "new" APUs are a bad joke.

On the topic of APU's, it's really annoying that the Ryzen line-up doesn't have iGPUs in them. And I don't mean fancy VEGA-based iGPUs/APUs either. All the motherboards for it have display outputs. If I could plug in a screen and get a text console or a 1024x768 frame-buffer up then that would be fine. It's just annoying to have to spend $20 extra on a GPU.
File: 1506206192648.jpg (303 KB, 598x714)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
wat da fuk
>Their just-released "new" APUs are a bad joke.
To be fair, they were released OEM-only like a year ago.
14nm is LPP. Zen was from the start on the 14nm LPP samsung node.
14nm+ was supposed to be improved, probably like samsungs LPU node.
But GloFo made a new node based on 14lpp, that is not focused on mobile.
The refresh is becaused intel will launch 6 core chips negating the core advantage that amd has.
And with 12nm on the table they can handle 2018 and ship 7nm on q1 2019 with stellar yields and supply.

File: MMEF2.jpg (19 KB, 572x572)
19 KB
are they actually any good?
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kekkeroni pepperoni
Yes. The only Bluetooth earphones that actually work well.
I don't care because you look like a total faggot wearing them.

Every time I see someone wearing them I can't stop mumbling "God what a fucking fag" when I walk past them on the streets.
File: 1462223596497.jpg (48 KB, 253x229)
48 KB
>God what a fucking fag
looks like a pissed off italian alien

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 251x201)
8 KB
>edgy glowing wyvern on 90% of their products
>rgb is mandatory
>laptops and prebuilts are literal fucking edge

So /g/, which is the riciest of them all? My second vote would be Gigabyte/AORUS.
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The CPU automatically downclocks while the GPU is in use, this drastically lowers CPU temperature. P95 continues to run, but temperatures drop from 80c to 55c while clocks are allowed 2.87GHz during CPU only cycles.They can drop as low as 1.06 (momentarily) to 1.95 during combined torture tests.
>fans don't spin until you're gaming
That isn't anything new, anon. Laptops have been doing that for years. Whenever my medion laptop detects a direct3d app running, it revs up it's fans before the temps rise. Hell my x200 does it also.
In practice the CPU reaches somewhere between 65-70c while the GPU manages at 80c with no thermal throttling and a consistent clock of 1700-1750MHz.
I have an old MSI that is constantly spinning at idle so as a reference it's a world of difference. And considering the fact that it's a fucking massive 17" on top of it really hammers it home when you factor the size difference in.
80 degrees celsius is bad for a gaming laptop in these times. For comparison, Asus ROGs run in the high 50s low 60s full load on the GPU and this includes a lot of their older models like the G74SX. The old msi's from 2007-2010 would heat up to 100+ celsius because they had terrible thermal designs. The new msi's have improved a fair bit, but it's still mediocre.

File: uuu.png (15 KB, 800x333)
15 KB
How do you pronounce this?
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Fisting is 300 bucks
I hate this logo
it's too TeXniXal for you
lay tek

>wahh arch takes so long
>wahh arch is not minimal
>wahh kde is so bloated

stop using userscripts and learn how to not be a fa/g/got
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You got the meme wrong. The meme isn't that arch isn't hard or difficult to use, just that it has no advantage over any other distro apart from being edgy for internet cred.

Excuse me SIR, but you already posted your asstop and the mods deleted it in this exact same thread. Take the hint and fuck off.
Exactly what I meant.
I mean don't get me wrong, i do really like it. the package manager makes more sense to me than others and it just feels light and snappy. i was just disapopinted at how easy it was
this is fucking horrible


4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Update was slow as hell, even with a fast SSD, but haven't noticed any issues. Even with a filesystem change.
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) with 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7 and 16 GB.
Update slow as fuck for me as well.
File: 1497183379792.jpg (30 KB, 750x573)
30 KB
Nothing looks interesting,
nothing seems usable,
as usual Apple makes stuff that only seems usable for bloggers and stay at home moms.
As usual with Macs. they are useless without 3rd partie solutions!
Twice as expencive, half the features, non of the warranties and an active dislike of the self-host/enterprice market!
Ive been working with Macs in a companie enviroment for two years now!
And ive never seen a better Windows and Microsoft selling point than a Mac in an office enviroment
hello pajeet

File: 1505850243383.png (70 KB, 645x729)
70 KB
>studying CS in uni
>find coding boring as shit and want to drop out but I can't do anything else
who /brainlet/ here?
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Makes sense, thanks
Same. I switched to IT because I've accepted that I have the attention span of a fly.
GNU - Gnu not unix (just a cheap clone)

The one you didn't mention

I almost went down this path, but instead opted for a lifetime reliance on pharmaceutical stimulants and now I'm gonna have a CS degree soon

File: 1486523749913.jpg (93 KB, 500x500)
93 KB
So what's the best alternative to github?
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id say gitlab. I really like how they give you free pipelines and issue trackers
Daily reminder that everything Linus touches is shit and should be avoided
>alternative to github
a fucking git repo
Use gitlab CE if you want to host it yourself, it's way better than github's web interface.

If you want a site to host your shit on, use gitgud.io.

bitbucket server worth the 10$ to run it locally?

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