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File: 1480376048015.jpg (20 KB, 467x508)
20 KB
>tfw if it wasn't for obama's climate change regulations we would have quantum computers
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not tech related
File: 1490751844636.jpg (25 KB, 320x482)
25 KB
>tfw if it wasn't for the civil war we would have interstellar space travel by now
Our god emperor Trump is reversing all those regulations but I'm sure the MSM is going to push their """"global warming"""" narrative to the public
File: jack ma chinese wisdom.jpg (265 KB, 1920x1080)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>tfw if it wasn't for Abraham lincoln winning we'd have a car industry

KYS yourself

File: dynaw.jpg (26 KB, 750x830)
26 KB
Do you watch Louis?
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I really like this picture, can I save it?
I would be like him if I were an Italian with ADHD
I don't know if he mentions /g/ but he knows enough about 4chan to know anyone saying "cuck" is most likely from 4chan. So, yeah, he's probably here.
>let's name him /g/
he has literally posted here with timestamps on multiple occasions you absolute newfag retards

is scaled aliasing the 00s equivalent of composite dot crawl?

File: iOS-11-compatibility-8.jpg (60 KB, 1000x600)
60 KB
Any ideas for an iOS 11 hoax?
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Apple Wave™
iOS can now handle signals from 3.5mm inputs as well as lightning port. To install a lightning/headphone port, simply remove the home button to unplug the standard lightning port from the MoBo and replace with new dual duty port.
new port looks like so:
______/ \______
|_____ _____ |
File: port.png (4 KB, 640x400)
4 KB

>Apple Wave™
>No ports whatsoever
>Wireless Dongles

best i can think of tbphf - plausable - builds on the momentum of recent events

File: 3730447.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
Hello, /g/.

I'm currently using an R9 280x Gigabyte OC edition GPU, which is starting to show its age.
Because of that, I've been looking at acquiring a new GPU.

I'm thinking about getting the MSI 1070 Gaming X GPU. The reviews and benchmarks for it makes it seem like a great card.

However, is this a justifiable upgrade this late into the Pascal line up? Should I wait for Vega, or possibly even the Polaris refresh?
Help please.
goto nvidia;
wait for vega


Since Vega is actually around the corner this time, unlike during the 10xx lauch, you might want to wait to see what it brings to the table perf/cost-wise.

If you don't want to wait; MSI is reliable brand in my experience and the 1070 is a massive improvement over a 280x.

File: 08G-P4-6170-KR_XL_7.jpg (203 KB, 1200x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
What is the best Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU, /g/?

My trusty 280x has been chugging along for some time now, and I really want to upgrade. I can't however, justify the price tags for 1080/Ti and Vega probably will be the same price as 1080Ti, so I'm settling for 1070.
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Oh are we making up shit about the new in town AMD launch again?
whoop whoop this worked well last time
Yes and thats a major deal because of the NCU's. Essentially Fiji (furyX) has the old Shader layout of 64-bit Compute unites broken into 4x16-bit ALU blocks. The drivers for Vega deliver the instructions that same way they do for their designed arch the FuryX. But heres the kicker the Vega has a brand new Variable Shader block that Breaks that 16-bit half precision pipeline into 8+4+2+2. When new drivers account for this and optimize for it the new shaders are going to be able to pack alot of raw primitives into the gabs left open in those partially used 16-bit blocks.

Also another thing not being used in the Fiji drivers is the new rapid packed math ability which boosts Half Precision (16-bit) workloads like TressFX and Nvidia Hairworks which means that Vega will run Hair effects and some lighting/shadow effects WAAAY better than Pascal/maxwell do.

The raw bottom rung performance of an engineering sample vega with fiji drivers being faster than a heavily overclocked gtx 1080 combined with these drastic architecture changes means that nvidia shills will be working overtime when it comes out.
I've seen no source that it's 8+4+2+2 now. It appears to just be 8+8.

There's also no indication that "rapid packed math" is automatically done by the driver optimizing shaders or something, and that it doesn't require intrinsic shader functions that will require developers to optimize for.

The graphics APIs generally use 32bit operations uselessly when they should be using 16bit to begin with, let alone 8bit.
Lol he did...
Getting a new evga 1070 ftw acx 3.0 from kijiji for 500 canadian

Is the bios update enough to keep my house safe from fire? Is the free thermal pad absolutely vital?

Am not sure if it comes with the fix.

File: 1331851246686.jpg (17 KB, 193x243)
17 KB
>cmd pops up for a split second and disappears
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File: 1488503477809.png (3.45 MB, 3090x2916)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
File: 1469426817619.jpg (86 KB, 518x621)
86 KB
> browsing internet on Firefox
> new tab animation flashes for a second, but immediately closes

Pls be adblock doing its thing
File: 1470670361764.png (27 KB, 251x404)
27 KB
>fapping to something on xvideos.com
>just as i cum, i hear a helicopter in the distance
File: 2bc.jpg (17 KB, 399x388)
17 KB
>keyboard not detected
>press F5 to continue

File: tampermonkey.png (22 KB, 256x256)
22 KB
Scripts u must have.
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Yes. It supports all four major adblockers. (Check the github readme for more info)
ccd0's 4chan X
Reek's Anti-Adblock Killer
Particle's Youtube+
>unironically using literally anything besides youtube-dl
Its a bit annoying at times but its useful.
scripts that serve to compress actions needed to achieve a result

File: iW6smq2.png (256 KB, 640x1136)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
ITT we list phrases used in shit/bait threads so we can make more effective filters
>botnet wants me to starve
>/our guy/
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dumb trip fag
>object oriented
>how do i
>why is
but growing hair and building muscles aren't the same thing.

>"Rate my"
>"Did I do good"
>"Now that the dust has settled"
>"Can we all agree"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>memes aside
>Do you watch X
>Terry Davis
>Terry A. Davis
>Code Challenge
>"How do I join anonymous"
>"Just found this iPhone"
>"Unlock iPhone"
>"Unlock Android"
>"Is X worth buying over Y?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1448172008296.jpg (31 KB, 747x486)
31 KB
Will you encourage your daughters to be interested in technology and teach them to code if they do become interested in it?
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i'm not >>59631175 but i have put a little thought into the situation.

one route would be to attempt to find a guy who can still raise her status. perhaps someone in her field. since she's so successful, though, this invariably will mean that he'll be older-- probably much older.

another route would be to attempt to find a guy near her age who is currently not higher status than she is career wise, but has a career that would elevate both of them if he is successful. maybe he has the type of career that she would look up to, or live vicariously through, and so she'd still feel as though he was higher status even if he was bringing in less. maybe he is in the public eye (performer, artist, politician, etc) and so has more sex-appeal. then she has to be okay with being the dorky breadwinner and the fact that he may not be faithful if he really is successful. not a very stable plan but i can sort of see it working.

the best option might be to start cultivating womanliness in herself and try to integrate that with her current career. she could even date a doctor of similar status as her, as long as she understood that she isn't going to be competing with him to be the best of the masculine ideal of doctor (high status). she'd want to go a more nurturing angle. it might be a huge shift, say, transitioning from mainstream MD into a more nurturing kind of functional or alternative medicine practitioner. who knows. it would require soul-searching and creativity. but i think it's the best option-- keep what she has but work towards a fulfilling role for herself. which is ultimately one which is in accordance with her female spirit. if she hasn't discovered the value of her female spirit on her own, though, good luck trying to advise her on it. usually those deep kind of discoveries can only happen through really personal and self-undertaken ventures like meditation, journaling, spirituality, recovering from a crisis, etc.
I'd teach them to think because it seems not a lot of people are capable of doing that nowadays.
Shit. I was thinking this too.
Signing her up for every dating service in the book soon
If she's posting about cats, wine and pizza on her facebook all the time, you might as well start looking at freezing her eggs, IVF and the problems associated with single parenthood.
Oh yeah, you must be an idiot.

File: IMG_0113.jpg (78 KB, 250x236)
78 KB
How do I protect my system from data degradation and bit rot? I have it running in a faraday cage with a primary SSD mirrored by a RAID0 HDD array, both ssd and hdd array changed every six months, and an emergency redunancy high speed SD flash card memory array changed every quarter. It feels like I'm in a constant battle to maintain data integrity and I feel like my process is only barely cutting it.

Would it be worth it to invest in a UPS/generator protected ECC ram drive NAS unit, or does the network transfer risk further data degradation?
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>I have it running in a faraday cage with a primary SSD mirrored by a RAID0 HDD array, both ssd and hdd array changed every six months, and an emergency redunancy high speed SD flash card memory array changed every quarter

You have none of those things.

To prevent bitrot, use a filesystem that is aware of the drives, such as ZFS or btrfs.
>such as ZFS or btrfs.
memefs you mean
Feel free to suggest alternatives.

Oh right, those are the best options. Well then.
Undetected bit flips are only an issue in ECC-less RAM.

All non-volatile storage has a ton of redundancy built in that requires large numbers of corrupt bits in a block to be corrupted.

It's no substitute for a backup and it does have a shorter lifespan than magnetic storage, but it's not gonna magically undetectably flip bits in your file.
Your method is completely useless.
The act of transferring the data also puts it at risk. Hardware RAID controllers also pose a risk as you cannot audit them to ensure they know all the thousands of ways data can go bad.
Use ZFS.

There are no unstable releases.
It is feature full with no known data destructive bugs and a perfect track record when it comes to stability so long as you stick to the defaults.
Your data is secure as long as you have redundancy and don't try to micromanage on a block level.
Your file system can handle all of that for you.

It's literally one time setup, walk away for a decade and come back to resilver the array and replace a faulted disk or two.
ECC is more secure but memory errors can be caught, in some respects, with FULL end to end checksums you can enable through kernel params.

Why there hasn't been a significally faster CPU in the last decade?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Machine learning vs brute force

Moore's Law
But there was.

Intel Core i7 6700K, also known as Skylake, was the best processor to be released within the last 10 years.

1. 6700K
2. 2700K
3. 2500K
4. 4790K
5. 5820K
You think it's physically and scientific possible to create a cpu die made of superconductor material that can work property at room temperature and cpu die thickness is only 20 nanometres you think we can stack them in layers

Will that have effect on clock speed, latency, etc?
>The newest product is the best compared to the older products
Quantum tunneling is making it more and more difficult to have smaller chips

File: Capture.png (798 KB, 643x889)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
Ivanka is going to make coding great again senpai

>'We're excited to learn this incredibly important new language together. Coding truly is the language of the future,' she added.

18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>how shitty software is these days
You realize that it is WOMEN and TRANNIES that fucking make shit software right? Even Poos make better code than them,
I've seen some pretty decent programs written by women. It's more the whole programming culture, it encourages shitty, half-assed solutions rather than something that's actually well designed.
File: 1477543549939.jpg (80 KB, 766x960)
80 KB
>womyn can code too

Ivanka is so fucking hot

File: 1483636159340.png (91 KB, 653x726)
91 KB
>tfw your life goal was to create a commercial operating system
>tfw that will never happen as Windows and OS X are too entrenched
>tfw you could never even beat linux
>tfw templeOS is literally perfection
sometimes I wonder if I should just end it all
Make some shit based on FreeBSD?
A nice interface and drivers would help
>>tfw templeOS is literally perfection
if your operating system doesn't have protected memory, you're using a hobbyist toy.
File: amd2.jpg (156 KB, 633x758)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
you do understand that templeos' mission is literally that, right?
Welp OP is dead guys. You fucking killed him senpai.

File: aim.png (48 KB, 329x400)
48 KB
AOL Instant Messenger went offline today, unless you want to use their browser login or their most recent version which sucks.

What other Instant Messengers out there are similar or better than AIM? I'm looking for an IM that doesn't require an email or phone number, just a username or account with the software.

Any program where you can easily share pictures off the web/PC, no lag in sending messages, message encryption are all a plus, but I'm open to anything you guys use.
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kill me.
I was (and am) a huge weeaboo.
AIM isn't going offline. AOL got lazy and killed the OSCAR protocol (meant for 3rd party access).

The official client still works (and still has ads). Some 3rd party clients (like Pidgin) worked with AOL to move over to a still-supported access method.

>member when all your friends and their different services were all unified in pidgin ?
>yeah i member

this assault on xmmp back in the day was the first shoe to drop in what would be come the facebook panopticon we live in today.

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