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Every Mac had superior design and good enough hardware in their era. Prove me wrong.
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Both has 8GB RAM, hmm
File: 1479773537559.png (133 KB, 610x1054)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Maybe true, possible not.
File: 1488624975544.jpg (406 KB, 1750x960)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
>Prove me wrong.
It's funny you posted that machine, which was RAM starved and totally inadequate at the time. Or maybe this is some metatroll thing, and here's another (U) in that case.

File: 1500389311414.gif (2.44 MB, 448x246)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB GIF
>used to do some visual basic and c# back in high school days
>have basic css, js and html knowledge
>have some working knowledge of SQL databases from MMO days
>managed to land lead engineer role with big company through pure bullshit artistry and lies alone
>be assigned 4 team members for new systems project
>has to be completed within 3 months
>everyone on the team is saying it will only take a month max
>holy shit freaking out and tell them to take the lead
>they're looking at me weird
>asking about repositories and shit
>tfw dont even know how to fork on githbub using shell
>fml give me some material/advice what to learn asap
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File: oldmanbayes.jpg (99 KB, 570x960)
99 KB
File: VWKc0gG.png (172 KB, 263x292)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Kys please. Tell us the company so I can call ther HR/someone in charge to ask them why they employ retards in HR.

This post killed a bit of me inside.
File: 1449091387271.jpg (163 KB, 1462x1462)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
jesus m8 I wish you the best of luck, to hell with this shitty system

File: Molex_Logo.png (26 KB, 521x150)
26 KB
How come they became the leader in something as simple as designing connectors?
I didn't even know they are a company. I thought Molex was the name of the connection.

File: 20170531_211604-2656x1494.jpg (609 KB, 2656x1494)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
Since /mu/ doesn't actually listen to music, what speakers does /g/ own?
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Atmos is extremely impressive for HT setups, granted you're using media that supports it.

Otherwise I'd stick to 5.1

where in FL?

also, we're not really a thing anymore

#/g/SpeakerSquadron is pretty dead
File: american-psycho.jpg (283 KB, 810x540)
283 KB
283 KB JPG

You might recognize the amp and pre-amp from American Psycho.

Harmon Kardon had a great look to them for the 700 and 800 series. Dat brushed aluminum.
Nah, Im an uncultured swine born in 91 and never really looked at dub pics.
oem JBL's in the car, klipsche's for the computer.

i'm a 'good enough' kinda guy, not a complete audiophile.

File: best-web-browser.jpg (43 KB, 600x321)
43 KB
Fuck gNetRunner. Let's make our own better browser in a safe language.

Who is with me?

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And C++
what happened to grand theft gentoo
i heard Electron is a good framework to work with :^)
How bad of an idea would it be to make a reskinned Chromium with Electron and put it on my resume as "developed a web browser"?

Fork Chromium and push it to your Github and 99% of hiring managers won't doubt you, they'll just see "Oh wow look at all these files and folders he must be serious"

Of course don't fly too close to the sun. You're not going to trick Google's Chrome development team if you're trying to join them, know your audience.

No. Only third world americans will be banned from 4chan. Stop acting like first world european countries will be affected by this.

Why the fuck do americans think they're the only country on this godamn planet?
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More relevant than your country
Not rlly, both are in organized AF.
Imagine being this mad
Nigs are still better.
This. It's a game of attrition at this point. The USA can only unload so much obsolete equipment on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. We'd have to import 100 million tax-paying, wage-slaving, iPhone-buying coloureds to make sure the military stays current for the next century.

File: IMG_0223.png (68 KB, 1578x996)
68 KB
Why the F*CK does facebook need a picture of my fucking face?
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File: smuqua.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>uses fagbook
>uses chrome
>then uses ublock origin and fucking ghostery thinking this frees him of botnet
holy fuck this image is hilarious, please kys op
File: 1482029362766.gif (972 KB, 500x555)
972 KB
972 KB GIF
>permanently delete a photo of you from our servers
File: 1496359561719.png (264 KB, 388x421)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
>fake name
I literally have an account named "Throw Away", with no profile pic.
>why aren't there any cloud providers offering cheap storage?
Hosting providers make a killing profit margin. I was a sysadmin for a hosting company and we paid $0.25 per gigabyte of ram and sold it for $10. For storage it's very cheap, but they will charge what the market is willing to pay.
>GNU social
Yeah, fuck no.
Cutie, this is a Christian image board. Go wash your mouth please.

File: 1497211730303.jpg (58 KB, 960x848)
58 KB
>using a text editor that isn't vim
for what purpose?
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how fucking stupid one has to be to not know how to exit vim, fucking neck urself
>editing text
Where do you work? Arch Linux forums?
Ha I wish. Midwest. Might be moving to Chicago soon.

File: dirty_thieves.jpg (409 KB, 850x565)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Don't mind me, just using adblock.
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>every day
>implying it's not multiple times a day

adblocking is more like closing your eyes, ears and saying BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, when some douchebag is trying to scam you.

or rather, like changing the channel on live tv (lol who watches tv).
Not in our ad server or rotations, but in general pobody's nerfect and bad placements on sleazy sites just happen. Esp. when a client wants "deeper" analytics and makes you piggy-back a beacon from some Euro-nigger. Brand loyalty like you're saying in kind of sheepish in itself, and if this upsets you then lol at your life.
File: jackinthebox.jpg (42 KB, 325x288)
42 KB

Nature does

I have a question /g/
In case some people you know, some people with the clovertrail processor can't update to creators Update, therefore Microsoft gave them support for anniversary update until 2023

My question is:
Does this mean ALL anniversary updates will get that support till 2023

or just those old machines?

I want to know since I don't want to upgrade to later versions.
*In case some people don't know
Sorry, a typo.

File: 1499854700601.png (463 KB, 640x427)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Do you guys like felco mechangeical ekyboard?
delete thread

File: 1500651818501.jpg (53 KB, 466x700)
53 KB
Yo /g/, help a /b/rother out please.

Yesterday one of my brothers gifted me a sweet ass Galaxy Tab S2, put it to charge overnight and after a few hours of playing with it it started a crazy loud alarm with the words "RETURN MY TABLET, THIEF". What the fuck? I didn't steal no tablet, this shit is insane loud.
I can't interact with the UI and power/volume buttons give no response.

What do?
Neighbors gonna start complaining soon and I don't have time to let this shit run out of batteries
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (88 KB, 1920x1080)
88 KB
Return the Tab

pull the battery
give it back, trayvon
Make your brother Jamal give it back
Tyrone wants his tablet back, Cletus. You should do the right thing.

File: nixless.jpg (78 KB, 1128x770)
78 KB
What services are you running?

Did you fall for the smb/samba meme? NFS is truly better

What are you running on pfsense/your router?
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Yeah, I'm waiting for this new "bufget" ayyymd ryzen APU turds I might build a chep all-purpose itx box

I just want something with low consumption/size/noise

The passive cooled intel things are perfect but they are wose than my shitty 7€ xeon in perfomance
Maybe something out of a pawn shop of something? I don't know where you live but seems pretty reasonable 2nd hand cheap hardware as well it has some good ethernet ports.

Or I'm wrong?

Tried Plex server, stopped
Tried Burstcoin mining, stopped
Tried and now use it for torrents, rarely switch it on anymore unless I think of downloading something
theres a massive difference in power consumption between 775 xeons and sandybridge anon

you're asking the improbable at best
>exceptionally cheap
>gigabit disk i/o
>less than 7bux/mo power (80ish watts)
>c2q performance
Swarm (for Windows containers)

Infra VMs/containers:
nginx reverse proxy
win10/ubuntu workstations

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: beautiful.jpg (879 KB, 4032x3024)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
Why aren't you browsing /g/ on a t430, anon?
134 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
because the x220 has a better keyboard
Because I'm browsing on my phone, about 30 feet away from my objectively superior T420.

I really dislike the chiclet keyboard on xx30 models and newer.
>muh fancy plastic

Are you me? I'm >>61493631, but I also have an X60 I flashed with Libreboot that has my encrypted Void + i3wm installation on it.
Because I have a T430s, faggot

File: comf.png (339 KB, 1920x1080)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Post your comfy setups.
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: comfyfetch.png (90 KB, 1366x768)
90 KB
>all these plebs

Oh shit, forgot about classic mode. Thanks anon.
File: sum icons.png (39 KB, 300x300)
39 KB
whoever made this must have been seriously bitten by nostalgia

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