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File: stickyop.jpg (219 KB, 840x672)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
New to /wg/? Lets get you started.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1) Look before you post
2) Post more than one, sharing is caring
3) We already have an Image Modification thread
~ ~ (ALL colorsplash, watermarks, photoshop requests)
4) We already have a Desktop thread
~ ~ (ALL desktops, rating, and theme/hax questions)
5) Share anything WP related!
~ ~ (NO low res/quality, illegal content;
~ ~ ~ anime goes in /w/, this is not /r/)

We on /wg/ love WPs and we love sharing them.
~ ~ ~ That's why we're here.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Now lets do it!
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File: newcomer guide.png (1.59 MB, 3000x1688)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
~New Visitors Please Read~

This guide will tell you all you need to know to enjoy your stay on /wg/. This guide is for YOUR benefit so don't tl;dr. This is good stuff!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , The /wg/ Bros

~ Read inside for more helpful tips, ~
WallPapers, and desktop customization!

File: PicsArt_10-20-08.40.04.jpg (180 KB, 1060x853)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
your own creation wallpaper
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I love the artwork
File: mountainside.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
one more I made
File: oc.jpg (1.25 MB, 3000x2000)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
dope thanks

File: 1486872575616.png (1.05 MB, 3200x2880)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>7034824

Need inspiration (or want to steal an old design)? Check out https://homescreens.org

#homescreen @ rizon

Android Ricing: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Android_Ricing
KLWP: www.jagwar.de/kustom-beginners-guide-part-1-klwp-basics

iDevice Ricing Guide: https://hastebin.com/ejodolicug

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I heard Anthony loves sucking big dicks
Who's Anthony?
File: screener_1508657657465.png (4.83 MB, 2134x3840)
4.83 MB
4.83 MB PNG
Humbly requesting feedback on this. Should I look to get the girl in red pop a bit more?
I like it - the white works with the background well. But the bottom is a bit cluttered. Ideally you should use only two icons and position these according to the three on-screen buttons. Also, pick a syle that that doesn't clash with that of the on-screen buttons.

Other than that the paper is good - minimal and simple. Letting the picture itself carry it, so to say.

File: 1508189202723.png (412 KB, 5796x6000)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Welcome to the IMT! We are here to help. All wallpaper, and most image, modification requests are welcome, but within reason, as this is not >>>/b/ or >>>/wsr/ or >>>/r/ or >>>/w/imt.

• ALWAYS REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH before you ask us for help. See the /wg/ sticky.
• EXPLAIN YOUR REQUEST IN DETAIL. Details help us get you the image that you want.
• STATE SPECIFIC DESIRED IMAGE SIZE, (ex.: 1920 x 1080). "Bigger," "higher," "fit my phone," and the like, are NOT sizes.
• KNOW YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTION before you ask for help: https://wgimt.r3bify.info/resolution/
• UPLOAD AND LINK to an image hosting site, such as imgur.com, if your image will not post. DO NOT add white space OR stretch/shrink your picture.
• IF YOU NEED a lot of images edited please upload them elsewhere, like imgur.com and link them in the thread.

• DO NOT post images unless they need to be modified or are the answer to a request.
• BE POLITE. Try to use proper spelling and grammar.
• CORRECT word choice (ex.: transparency/cut-out/render) is not as important as DETAILS in a request.
• DO NOT harass people. HELP when they ask for an edit or let others deal with the request.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Would someone extend this one out to 1440 x 900 and have Link chillin out on the left? Many thanks.
File: 01.png (668 KB, 1440x900)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
thanks thanks much appreciated to both of you
>• DO NOT post images unless they need to be modified or are the answer to a request.

File: psycho_primary.jpg (102 KB, 1100x739)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Give me your wildest wallpaper(s)
File: Kamikaze shot down.jpg (102 KB, 1600x1144)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

File: 1507573320421.png (91 KB, 1920x1080)
91 KB
Can we get a Nazi thread? I'll post some of my wallpapers of the third Reich.
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This guy gets it and OP is a fucking idiot.

Post a picture, OP. No doubt you're a fine specimen of ubermensch.
>Austria has been a separate nation with a separate identity from Germany for centuries before they joined in WW2

I never claimed otherwise.

>The annexation of Sudetenland was not legal and was a power and land grab in anticipation for war.

War with the Soviets.

>Germany invading the USSR has everything to do with the escalation of WW2.

Holy fuck you miss the point, again! I said "What has Nazi Germany invading the USSR have to do with starting WWII", because we were talking about the START of the war. Now you're talking about the escalation of it, which is a totally different matter.

The invasion of Poland was the catalyst of WWII's beiginning. Here are the entities which invaded (it wasn't just Germany)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The British, like the US joined with the Soviets because they all recognized Nazism was the worse threat at the time, that's also why Churchill didn't rally to declare war on the USSR when they invaded Poland, they saw a potential ally to crush the Nazis, and in the end they all did crush them, but the US and UK on one side and the USSR on the other side were at each other's throats just 5 years after the end of the war. The US and UK ultimately won the subsequent Cold War as well.

France also went nuclear after the war so that if they were ever threatened with invasion again they would be able to shut it down really fucking quick with a few nukes.

>"This is a gross oversimplification of an extremely complicated politcal climate."

Yes it is and guess what. All human behavior and actions, even the most complicated stuff such as wars and complicated treaties and politics, can all be explained with simple psychology.
>The British, like the US joined with the Soviets because they all recognized Nazism was the worse threat at the time.

I wonder why???

The UK declared war largely due to pressure from Churchill and other members of cabinet, Neville Chamberlain did not hold the same opinions and later seceded power to Churchill.

What do you know?

The USA too:
"It appears very clear that FDR surrounded himself with socialist Jews even when he was Governor of New York, and many were appointed to top jobs in the Roosevelt administration" Source: https://wais.stanford.edu/Individuals/wasfranklinroosevelt.htm

The US is one of the most Jewish countries today, and it's no coincidence. The US serves Jewish interests - "Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II." Source: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf.

As to Soviet Russia:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It gets even more interesting though, don't worry!

" A new era in the history of German Jewry began when Imperial Germany collapsed and was replaced by the democratic regime of the Weimar Republic."

"It was in political and public life, however, that the Jewish role was most prominent. Jews played an important role in the first cabinet formed after the 1918 revolution (Hugo Hasse and Otto Landesberg), the Weimar Constitution was drafted by a Jew (Hugo Pruess), and Jews were conspicuously present in the abortive attempts to create radical revolutionary regimes, especially in Bavaria." Source: https://www.geni.com/projects/German-Jewry-in-the-Weimar-Republic-1918-1933/17042.

>All human behavior and actions, even the most complicated stuff such as wars and complicated treaties and politics, can all be explained with simple psychology.

So what? The claim that Germany should be held responsible for the entirety of WWI is completely unfair. Germany played a significant role, no doubt, in the war, but it wasn't ever a sole aggressor.

File: blade3.jpg (347 KB, 2864x1200)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
>watch a movie
>afterwards, look up "[movie name] wallpapers"
>pick a few and add them to my kinography folder for daily rotation
Anyone else do this? Post your favorite movie-related wallpapers of any genre.
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File: 1467916473907.jpg (74 KB, 1920x1080)
74 KB
Cowboy Bebop movie cucks
File: 1452641897547.jpg (1.36 MB, 2000x1500)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
There was an asscreed movie!???

File: Wa2Cztd.jpg (413 KB, 1920x1080)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Pretty Stuff Only.

If you define it as pretty, put it here.
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File: XXbpRsC.jpg (113 KB, 1011x2396)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
File: 15-066.png (4.54 MB, 1600x1200)
4.54 MB
4.54 MB PNG
you could ask on /r/
File: 1476560730366.jpg (96 KB, 1024x640)
96 KB
File: 1475946905208.jpg (1.14 MB, 2160x1440)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG

File: NaziFlag.jpg (327 KB, 1920x1080)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
I need wallpapers that scream "WTF?"
When im in starbucks with my laptop, and someone looks at my screen I need them to take one look at it and pray that their eyes never glance upon me or my screen again.
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File: fixed.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB PNG
fixed it for him
File: 1394100535933.jpg (497 KB, 1232x826)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Not him but is this too much?
File: 1486166145712.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
"I'm an attention whore edge lord that is in no way remarkable or interesting. Please post things that will make people pay attention to me."
youre gay
nice just changed mine to this

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File: 1500511509129.jpg (187 KB, 1000x717)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
What a mess,
File: 1500515430369.jpg (1.84 MB, 2000x1333)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
I need to clean up my folders
File: 1447364359088.jpg (425 KB, 1920x1200)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
I think that's it, unless you want some B&W ones
File: foggy 6.jpg (266 KB, 2838x1914)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

Hey i need a 1920x1080 wallpaper
fuck off
File: 1506406325959.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x1080)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
randomly clicked one lol
File: 1507066308012.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
another completely random
File: 1301427216228.jpg (469 KB, 1920x1080)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
and one more
File: 1263083219693.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG

File: 20170916_162028.jpg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
My kitten died today. Post sad/comfy cat pics

Pic related, her name was Bonnie(her brother's name was clyde)
81 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
you stole some niggas cat.
i am also curious to know how a young kitten just dies
This is not the time asshole
>not Catsby
anon fuck you seriously
>I killed my kitten today.

File: b full.jpg (140 KB, 1200x799)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Wallpapers you have a soft spot for.

Wallpapers that make you smile like a retard for lengthy periods.

Wallpapers that send you straight to your happy place.

Come on! Don't be shy, you are ananonymous here so no one will judge you for being an autist or such.
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File: Dollarphotoclub_69694009.jpg (1.98 MB, 3456x2304)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
This is a Wallpaper !!!
almost real
Balmora Bestmora
I like your pape most of all OP
File: wallpaper-140057.jpg (800 KB, 1680x1050)
800 KB
800 KB JPG
Come to Hawaii. More job opportunities than you'd think. Housing's affordable off Oahu.

File: 1492187742552.jpg (700 KB, 1920x1200)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
Im writing a short story of a boy who lives in a super mall that is about the size of all of Maryland in 2040. most people who live here have grown up and have never seen the outside of it as the mall has all they need (including housing, offices, grocery stores, ect) . posting and looking for more mall like wallpapers to get a clearer picture.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah i got inspiration from a few documentaries on the walled city
nope. theres no open sky and even the lower income parts of this government made super mall aren't shakes and are more like concrete boxes. its a lot more orderly than a favela
I like the story idea (as long as you don't take the premise too seriously, especially considering that we're supposed to believe such an outlandish change happened in just 23 years). Lots of cool stuff you could do with that.
That sounds really neat, OP. Mall-aesthetic gives me feels.

Nothing to contribute, I'm afraid. Have fun with your story.
this would be a sick game or movie too

File: 2ewOSXX.jpg (497 KB, 3440x1440)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
made this one just want some new ones
File: 1301190646182.png (68 KB, 1280x1024)
68 KB
youre fuckin gay
well that ones shit because unaesthetic gun. Make a good set of 3-5 and ppl will contribute fag
File: 1301364085336.jpg (94 KB, 1440x900)
94 KB
youre fuckin gay too

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