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File: Rose 2 NEW.webm (4 MB, 1248x992)
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File: jews.png (909 KB, 800x1201)
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909 KB PNG
It ain't easy being green

The one who waits was mentioned by the Toymaker in The Giggle when he was talking about playing games against people and putting the Master in his tooth etc.

It's assumed they are the most powerful member of the pantheon and the Toymaker is so afeared by them he would not play with them. Turns out this is because they can win any game by just telling someone to lose and nobody would know she did it, that's the real reason the Toymaker is afraid.

The one waits is linked in some way to Ruby, either as her birth mother or is Ruby herself, breaking the fairy circle, and the magic that unleashed, summoned it to Ruby then.

>The Doctor didn't hear the old woman.

Yes he did, she was whispering. You might want to research the episode with the sound a bit louder or the subtitles on.

Solutions are partially based on the concept of an ultraterrestrial human like species living beneath the earth in caves and the rocks beneath our feet, Sea Devils the same but under the sea.

You don't get a bigger fantasy and scifi cross over than that, they'll be back. Rumours are that the War between land and sea spinoff thing features them both.
>she was whispering
Only Ruby could hear her. And even then it might have been more of a telepathic thing. If Ruby didn't pull the Doctor back then he would have broken the circle and the events of the episode would have repeated. He didn't hear or see the old woman at all. The key thing is that Ruby outright says "don't step", which is what Old Ruby was repeating to Ruby.
>Old Ruby
old ruby is the one who waits?
but how did old ruby switch timelines to go back
this shit makes no sense

File: cartman.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
wow Cartman is so mean, what a douchebag!
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Somewhere in season 9 I think
Honestly, as a fan who continues to watch SP, you are in a good season to stop watching the series. In season 20 everything goes downhill
its definitely not real. they made up their own bible fanfic to epicly own the christians. they get very buttmad about christians and Jesus.
I wasn't being superfluous when I said they're descended from demons and worship higher demons.
>should we get another?
what the fuck did he mean by this?

Why do neckbeards love Rorschach so much?
The Comedian is the real watchmen MVP
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Rorschach fought for what he believed in.

Comedian belives in nothing and got broken because muh space squid.

Still better than Ozzy.
He didn't do shit but try to create a conflict and get profits of it.

The worst thing is he has fucking plot armor and protected by Moore.
Dr. Manhattan is so fucking funny. He can turn people into pure oxygen or teleport them to Mars and yet his preferred way to deal with street level goons is to blow them to smithereens in a big cloud of blood and guts. All while walking around with his cock out.
Dr. Manhattan is almost a plot device more than a character.

The fact he got outsmarted and then spared Ozzy makes him a cuckold.
He’s a corrupt child killing rapist who gets put down like a dog. Rorschach actually has principles which are respectable. I wonder why people prefer him.

File: 1642204598649.jpg (45 KB, 700x700)
45 KB
I don't get it
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He's a man who was betrayed by the system. That's something a lot of anons can relate to.
today i learned germany under bismarck was socialist
economically unviable comment right here
He was a parasite who sucked tax money from the system for decades and got mad when he couldn't do that any longer.
Yes. It was right-wing socialism. Easy to forget now that Marx-worshippers devoured every other form, but his "muh workers owning means of production" bullshit wasn't the only game in town prior to Lenin's glownigger bullshit.

File: gff.jpg (285 KB, 1000x1250)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
i am confused by the praise this movie is getting. fury road is a masterpiece, i understand following up to something like that is a tough endeavour, and while some of the ideas presented in furiosa were good, and i enjoyed the visual aspects and the performances, it was ultimately incredibly boring. the action was inert and hollow, bearing little to no impact. the worldbuilding took over for a basic narrative drive that might've given the movie some purpose but it completely undermines the characters' role in the movie and their intentions. it felt mostly like a trailer to fury road, a series of events that were slightly connected but with no greater thematic exploration. why is this movie being praised so much? did i simply not understand it? i'd give it a 5/10 at most.
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there is no such thing as a child actor; they`re just actors now
he's deliberately goofy right with the voice and comical big nose, so is he scary? what fucking tone is this movie
he's a goofy marvel character that is smart and conniving to take over the wasteland.
Name 3 movies better than Fury Road from the past decade then?
the movie goes from enjoyable to snoozefest after furiosas boyfriend dies. Name one memorable scene after

File: IMG_2536.jpg (211 KB, 885x1255)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
ITT: Faps you regret
the bigger the better

File: 1716790140183.png (362 KB, 1080x851)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
is she wrong?
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Yes it literally and unironically makes you a bad person. That's why it's such a bitter pill to swallow.
Sorry sorry, just a leftist for so much of my life that my hate for these people is still good and hot.
I've considered that, but I feel like I'm a bit too poor for it/I'd get scammed while there.
If you at the end of the day really consider yourself to be a bad person, then you hare more pressing issues than never having had sex.

File: 1686885036263868.jpg (223 KB, 1920x1080)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
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The very bottom point has been proven now, you could argue the Noah one was too, though I guess we don't know if the flooding was intentional.
Wasn't it climate changes that fucked up the global trade? Like in the bronze age, all those kingdoms dropping like flies, from drought and foreign invasions.
We've known about space pirates/space faring entities for like 15 years. The planetoid where One Piece takes place is clearly not the be all end all of the setting. "Two Piece" set in space is very fucking real. And probably happened in reverse, idiots from the space empire got exiled and settled here on this 'lower lifeforms' rock/megastructure. Oda can imply this is a drop in the bucket, but damn, I don't want a full space adventure, because the powerscale will only go up into planet busters, and we've got a couple candidates already.
>I don't want a full space adventure
Too bad, Oda's on record saying that he wants to write a mecha manga after One Piece ends.
>implying he'll live that long
Whole assload of empires around the Mediterranean imploded from a few issues, exactly what is unknown. Some did get burnt the fuck down (hitties etc) never to recover. Some ran the fuck back home to solidify (egypt). The exact combo of what fucked them we'll never know.

File: 1708015799291919.jpg (71 KB, 500x500)
71 KB
I'll begin first.

>be five years old, my sister was four
>we both really loved the kids show lazytown like it was crack
>wake up very late into the night
>secretly go downstairs to turn on nick jr while parents are asleep
>sister happened to notice me and goes downstairs too
>go to the tv channel menu and nick jr was airing reruns of lazytown
>it's the boy scouts episode
>the broadcast was very distorted and keeps flipping to black and white
>sound keeps fucking up, we both barely hear the characters
>suddenly it all cuts to black

What happened afterwards is something that we both never will forget.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i wasnt a kid in 2005

File: CETK-PRINT[1].jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1707)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Where's my positive and thoughtful science fiction at?
Plagued by disaster movies, creature features, and dystopian fantasy from someone that dropped out of track three macroeconomics.
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you need friction in order to tell a compelling story, anon.
you can't get friction in an utopian setting.
without a ticking time bomb of some kind, without a mystery box of some kind, without a significant amount of adversity, you get boredom.
it's storytelling 101.
People don't want that crap no more Anon. People want 'splosions.
That was an interesting film, can't help but think about it each time I see a bluebird.
Honestly, Close Encounters kind of sucked. The MC was an annoying Jewish cunt who abandoned his wife and kids to hang out with aliens, even Spielberg said he'd have changed the ending after he had kids of his own.
I rewatched Contact recently and realized I haven't seen a sci Fi movie in years that has no point other than check out this space shit.

No one was being eaten etc

File: whale.png (1.01 MB, 1134x863)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Killing yourself via food seems like a comfy but inefficient way to go desu.

It's definitely not comfy. It's fine at first, but then the fat starts killing your circulation/breathing/organ function and it becomes painful and uncomfortable.
Cutting of your breathing leads to extreme euphoria hence the flying to heaven bit.

File: resurrection.jpg (59 KB, 500x725)
59 KB
What the fuck did I just watch
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Yeah, but then we'd lose two coolest scenes in the movie which are the clones body-horrorish segment and the human-xeno hybrid
NTA (I'm >>199536312), but I'll never forgive Cameron for what he did to the alien.

>Scott's Alien: the alien is an ancient, primordial creature whose true origin is mysterious. It's an apex predator and virtually unstoppable.
>Cameron's Aliens: the aliens are just big space bugs and they can be killed relatively easily with conventional firearms.

Aliens is a technically well made movie, but it ruins the alien as a creature. He made it mundane. It's just another space monster, albeit with a cool design thanks to Giger. Cameron is a fucking hack. Not only did he essentially rip off the climax of Alien for Aliens, he would later re-use all the motherhood themes of Aliens in Terminator 2.
also him kicking off off giger because his designs were "gross"
>she also has a thing against Biehn to the point where she also scuttled multiple roles that he would have been in (Titanic, Avatar, a proposed Alien film, Chappie, etc.).
How can Weaver scotch Biehn's chances in films she has nothing to do with?
Aliens also loses all the well-written characters, dumbs the whole thing down ten points, inserts woke feminist bullshit
Only flaw in Alien 1 is that in a couple of shots the alien is obviously a man in a cheap costume

File: ign being ign.jpg (260 KB, 793x972)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Franchise that's named after its straight white male lead doesn't need its straight white male lead any more. Well imagine my shock.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>wymmyn stronk
>Tom Burke's character was going to be black Dr Manhattan before he dropped out due to scheduling issues.
i knew it felt weird that character was white. he's clearly written for a black guy, having absolutely no moral or skill defect
They're completely right.
Tom Hardy was the worst part part of Fury Road, not believable for a second as Max. Recasting was a mistake, like trying to recast Indiana Jones of Han Solo.
These movies are already 85% vibes versus 15% continuity, just do other cool things.

Tron Legacy is much better than the first, Female Ghostbusters isn't good but the pandering slop they made to apologies for it are both worse, and Star Wars specifically didn't do well in China because it's too much about OG characters and they don't care.
Mad Max is just a brand name now. They'll slap it on any slop they can.
>Tron Legacy is much better than the first
No. It bombed so hard despite getting massive publicity that it compelled Disney to go ahead and buy the Star Wars IP. It also caused them to scrap the intended sequel and forced a reboot. Disney also feared that it would bomb so hard that it got Pixar to perform a last-second rewrite that resulted in a few minor alterations that ultimately didn't do anything worthwhile.

>Female Ghostbusters isn't good
I'm glad that you agree

>the pandering slop they made to apologies for it are both worse
No. They're just safe fan service.

>Star Wars specifically didn't do well in China because it's too much about OG characters and they don't care
Part of Disney strategy to crack the Chinese market was to ditch the OG characters and have new characters take their place. It's why they bought the brand in the first place - To get lucrative Chinese box office. That failed miserably to the point where they were forced to shift their strategy and go back to fan service. The Mandalorian is a direct result of that shift.

However, they also can't admit direct failure which is why KK still has a job although her position inside the Mouse House has weakened over time and she's become more of a rubber stamp than a decider.

*carries your movie*
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also nice trips
i fucking loved this moment in the movie. seemed like it was only written in to make his hair red but most people would be pissed about it
The whole thing was greenscreen hell and full of weird video game POVs.
>nice trips
lmao what are the odds
Anyone else think the movie completely falls apart after Furiosa's boyfriend dies?

It was a decent flick up until that point and it turned into total dogshit and lost all momentum with furiosa teleporting back to the citadel

File: Capture.jpg (56 KB, 588x393)
56 KB
>Nothing happens: The Show
133 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
go drink urself to death faggot
My first rated R movies were saving private ryan and 127 hours. For some reason my parents wanted me to start in the deep end.

Also got me COD: black ops so 10 year old me was playing that mission where Woods and Hudson stab sleeping vietcong in the heart
no shit faggot. doesn't dispell the objective facts of the show like the plot progressing being cyclical and the bad writing examples cited earlier >>199533868
Oh I intend to and I’m gonna have a great time doing so. Go live a long and fruitless life wherein your hair-trigger temper makes you regularly lose your shit at the drop of a hat to random strangers online for decades to come (:
File: 1706937335478024.jpg (29 KB, 669x651)
29 KB
>claims to not be traumatized
>proceeds to tell me he intends to drink himself to death

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