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File: get out.png (1.71 MB, 1512x1322)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
So is it as good as the critics say?
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I watched the first trailer and that is all I know about the movie, and I vaguely remember that.
The main dude is a great actor, but the plot is garbage in a "this is fucking boring as shit" way. I'm sure I'd like it more if I was an artsy liberal wanker ready with my gold star to give out to every black man that so much as sneezes in my direction.

>GOOD LORD! That black man made a movie! What's going on? I thought these people were animals? 5 STARS!
Every liberal critic ever
Maybe that's because when Hispanics and blacks and Muslims are portrayed as gang members, criminals and terrorists, it's actually realistic. Films portraying people more likely to commit crimes as people committing crimes isn't the same as a film giving unrealistic "all white people are evil" portrayals.
>>GOOD LORD! That black man made a movie! What's going on? I thought these people were animals? 5 STARS!

The sad part is that I can recognize that I actually do something similar subconsciously
How do I stop being tainted by the far left in my daily life to the far-right on my virtual interactions

Was he really the bad guy?
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Damn Sauron looked like THAT!?
No, he just wanted to reform middle earth's tax policy
>Was he really the bad guy?

Sauron was trying to industrialize the backwards agrarian economy of the scattered, squabbling banana republics that make up Middle Earth and unite them under a single, divine leader.

He'd previously tried negotiating a power sharing agreement with the various leaders but only the human kings stayed loyal. Everyone else formed a lynching party and invaded his country to take his power for himself.

In the present day of the books/films Sauron was opposed by a bunch of aged tinpot dictators and various royalist schemers who were trying to restore a deposed human monarchy that none of the common folk actually wanted.
If you ever called him that he would literally turn into a giant vampire bat and eat you alive.

is she dead?

how am I supposed to learn japanese now?
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Why are you upset titty girl didn't personally apologize to you and say farewell with a detailed reasoning for her departure?

>there are no legitimate articles or proof about this manager besides discussion parroted from reddit and blogsites with no connection to Hannah herself
Is English even your first language? Or do you even know what you're arguing? Would you like me to link all the bullshit reddit pages that mention a manager? Or the blogs? Because as it stands, there is nothing besides those on the manager. Let's see you provide the proof of this manager if you're so sure they exist because right now you're the one speculating.
I'm not. Have I said anything pervy? I'm just calling her out on her being a shit.
You asked a question and got your answer.

If you don't like the answer, do your own research.

File: 0101498.png (159 KB, 335x422)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
ITT: Characters that were actually in the right the whole time while unfairly being portrayed villains by the out-of-touch Hollywood marxists.

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If you are a monarchist then yes, he was evil. If you weren't a monarchist then he wasn't evil, he was just some jerk with too much power and proof that monarchy is terrible.
he was evil from my point of view
File: 1471784041944.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
knock the other team to the ground until it's only one guy left and you win

Russians fucking love this shit and a violent as fuck, along with all the other slavs.
the western europeans focus too much on grappling while the slavs just hack the living shit out of people until they submit

I wish they didn't kill him in such a retarded hamfisted way
meanwhile, the anglos just use their size to bowl people over

File: rogan-1.jpg (758 KB, 3000x2000)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
*brings mic up close*
>I was reading somewhere how every time you jack off, it actually reduces your lifespan by like a minute
>cus like, your body senses the ejaculation and thinks you've conceived another child or whatever, and so it just stops trying a little more each time
>Jamie look up "jacking off reduces lifespan"
>aw yeah there it is, look at that guy's cock
>what is that like 11 inches? Jesus those things will rip you to shreds
File: youre pretty good.png (815 KB, 631x677)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
well done

File: stageplay.jpg (290 KB, 1024x573)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
I never thought I'd see this day.

Thanks to the occasional Screenwriting General and Filmmaking Generals here on /tv/, perseverance, and a little bit of review from randoms online and a couple friends, I have received a call from a studio executive (A24) who read my treatment and wants to meet in person for me to pitch it.

I couldn't have done it without you guys. Even through all the shitposting and memes, we've managed to have more good discussions about what makes a movie good than I could have ever imagined, and its because of the advice yall have given me (sometimes harshly) that I've improved.

So thank you. And, if you have any tips for a pitch, I'd love to hear them, too. Its in two weeks, in NYC.

Yall aint half bad.
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File: 1484585500046.png (684 KB, 1280x1214)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
this is awesome, congrats anon!

please, i'd love to know how you got picked up from A24 (with details)
I'm on the same boat you just left haha. Still floating around with my script for a sail
There's a legend in the biz who famously turned down a first offer despite coming from the slush pile, but yeah if you're just some random no-talent moron and nothing special it's better to go along with the program.
how did you do it? thats really my biggest question, who did you submit this script to?

who was that?

File: taken.jpg (93 KB, 1024x819)
93 KB
>supposed to take place 20 years before the first movie
>he fought in the war in Afghanistan
>there are iPhones, flatscreen TVs, and bluetooths
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Jesus christ, just let the series die.
But there's still so many fences to jump!
damn, i really would have loved some early 90s kino. Plus since he worked at the CIA they could have given him cool gadgets which were really just modern tools but would seem futuristic as fuck. Like a cell phone with a shit load of apps on it. and half inch thick bullet proof armor that could stop rifle rounds. and a cool car that runs on electricity.
File: in_re-you.jpg (520 KB, 1584x2345)
520 KB
520 KB JPG

I'm making this post, in a thread that clearly has to do with a /tv/ related subject, for no other reason than to test whether I have been banned from /tv/. The reason why I'm doing this, is because I started using /tv/ like an hour ago and despite a lot of shitty/off topic/porn threads as usual, somehow, this time was just too much. so I reported like ten of them at a stroke. I did so fully congnizant that the hot pocket man might ban me for some unrelated reason, just by proxy, but I didn't care.

So that's what this post is for. an out-of-the-way check to see whether I've been baned (heh!) for reporting rule-violating content that I was personally sick of seeing. in the event of success, then perhaps this board somewhat operates like it's supposed to.
Interesting, so it's like Archer. I wonder if the cold war is still on

Anyone else on /tv/ watch My 600 Pound Life?
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>water only diet

you need food anon, otherwise you starve
I used to be 300 like a year and a half ago, dropped soda and juice, switched to water. Eat more vegetables, did some more cardio and I'm currently 210. I just want to hit 190 by the July.
Meat is more expensive, that's the whole point. It takes like 10000 ears of corn to feed one cow or some shit.

Chicken drummies are pretty cheap though, if the store factors in the weight of the bone when pricing.
I'm so glad I don't have this defect. I sometimes only eat one biggish meal a day.
You seriously need to ask if you should have sex with a girl you think is cute?
>you're expected to have seen every movie that's kinda old regardless of its popularity or how old you might have been, if even alive, at its release
What's the expiration date on spoilers anon?

File: 1487640211296.jpg (46 KB, 626x602)
46 KB
>mfw I check out Buzz Aldrin's instagram
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This Eddie faggot got real annoying as soon as he took a hit from the joint

File: image.jpg (68 KB, 1024x734)
68 KB

What does this even mean?
File: 41H+zAWhO0L.jpg (18 KB, 359x500)
18 KB
This thread needs more super male vitality.

File: 1zwWYde.jpg (23 KB, 640x640)
23 KB
>wake up
>see this next to you

wat do?
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To be fair it's better he does that then try to contact a kid. He can jack off clear his head and get back to real life without hurting a kid
why can't you pedos stop thinking about this every time you see a cute pic?
File: 1484814242260.jpg (128 KB, 640x640)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
aaawwwwww this little ledditor is outside of his safe space. Why wont you go back where the rest of the moralfags are.

File: b46cn9ug9giy.jpg (74 KB, 750x1334)
74 KB
>zero nominations

what went wrong?
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m8 her dad's dead and her role model is her older sister who's literally a big titted bimbo

and also bella's face is getting more and more mannish as she's growing up so she's overcompensating
Sid Vicious?

I could handle the dyed hair, just wish she hadn't gotten tits that don't match her super skinny frame. Oh well lmao
has lethalboner killed himself yet
did her face get left in a freezer overnight?

File: white-helmets-film-art.jpg (60 KB, 729x1080)
60 KB
This Oscar wining FILM is on Netflix, you have no excuse not to watch it

>inb4 /pol/ comes and somehow makes humanitarians out to be the bad guys
211 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
>convicted murderer
Aw shit anon I think you just gave yourself away.
File: 1481710764236.png (510 KB, 946x439)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
it takes /sg/ autism to figure it all out and why the supposed "EVIL BABY KILLING PUTIN/ASSAD REGIME" is probably the most sane side to put a bet on, compared to these American backed communist kurds, the saudi/turkish backed beheaders and ISIS
Honestly I don't think we (I'm a Brit) should be involved at all. Helping get ISIS the fuck out of Iraq is fine to help with, that's fairly uncomplicated, but anything to do with Syria is just so fucked it should be left to work itself out.

ISIS are finally dying now anyway.
Where exactly has anyone in this thread said anything pro-nazi? Why does being the least bit critical of the narrative that the corporate press is trying to feed everyone a nazi position? You're not really helping yourself with these constant ad hominems.

I remember when MSM lost their shit when Aleppo was freed.
Their entire narrative blown the fuck out. People in Aleppo cheering for russian soldiers of course being fake news RT propaganda.

File: 1487818078932.jpg (18 KB, 600x324)
18 KB
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Majoring in the arts, Steve
came here to post exactly this
File: 1485055204778.jpg (18 KB, 500x479)
18 KB
Not trying to be social / get a girlfriend in high school

File: Capture.png (616 KB, 677x647)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
Poor little fellow, he's only a Harvard grad, youngest best director ever, banging a 10/10 and worth $65 million at 32... life is unfair
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>any high school drama queen couldve dreamt up that rehashed schlock
If this was true, then anyone would be a director
singing in the rain was...what...seventy years ago?
There are better scripts more original scripts out there than La La Land. I will not doubt his skills as he wrote Whiplash. But it was obvious that the story in La La Land came secondary to the music and visuals. That was why it didn't win the Oscar for most original screenplay

Becoming a director in his position requires a lot of skill. But Hollywood isn't a meritocracy. A great director may have to struggle to get to his same position. He's been given a lot of opportunities. And done the most with them.
The writing was still on-par with the best and most classic films, just because it lost to a better written film which Manchester was doesn't mean it wasn't the best overall produced and directed. La La Land was still better written than Moonlight so off of just that it should have won Best Picture
I disagree entirely. The themes and characters in La La Land were very one-dimensional. The scenes were right but it wasn't an all time classical story. It was not on par with his prior film Whiplash. That asked questions about determination, being great, and sacrificing

This was just celebration of Hollywood's past and trying to make it. The romance was cliche albeit there was a touch of reality in the end. But nothing noteworthy. It wasn't the best overall story. Definitely a step down from Whiplash.

File: lassie_2005.jpg (580 KB, 1540x1926)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Since janitors can't get their shit together, let's talk about good ol' blue board animal movies.

Post the good, the bad, and everything inbetween.
13 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

Lol, FUCK YOU you SJW FUCKS I said it
File: 280x157-l9O.jpg (11 KB, 280x157)
11 KB
Hachiko movies give me feels every time.
Mousehunt is amazing
there's a ton of them on netflix

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