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Just saw the camrip.
The ending change with Chani and it being the final shot is reeaaally fucking cringe, now I'm in doubt if I want to see it in theaters.

File: Xena.jpg (312 KB, 1406x1272)
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312 KB JPG
Television & Film that would be considered “woke” if released today
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File: oldfag_shit.jpg (49 KB, 599x449)
49 KB
Should we just go back? From what I've seen of zoomer tech skills they'll never figure out how to follow us.
Get a load of this centrist not picking a side.
You WILL pick a side, bigot.
And my side is on the right side of history, so refusing to do what I tell you is straight up evil, frfr no cap.
>Xena was competent, and Gabrielle was taught over time to be competent.
Interesting distinction. In woke garbage, women are always the strongest, the smartest, and the bestest at whatever the plot demands because... they're women so of course they are. An actual strong female character may have a better grasp on whatever plot-relevant information than the average bear, but they're still constrained by their natural limitations. Libshits are always challenging people to "define woke" and the responses usually omit one common point: laziness.
Did you literally ever watch even a single episode of Xena?
From the very start it was chock full of feminist wankery and men=bad bullshit. Whats worse is they made Xena and Gabrielle gay in the later seasons for pander points.

People just didn't give a shit about your culture war nonsense back then. They could watch a show like Xena or the New adventures of Superman and not think about the actors politics or the messaging.
TL;DR, you're a faggot who is lying.
They got crucified a lot

File: IMG_1570.jpg (843 KB, 813x1612)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
Love lies bleeding?
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This is cute.
Women win again. Anavar is a simple pill taken orally with no side effects and gives impressive results for women. Men have to shoot shit in their ass, go bald, insane, be ravaged by cystic acne, experience growing organs, changing skull shape and shrinking balls just to look like an ugly unbalanced lump of shit.
There was a time I really wanted to pin down and have my way with Ruby Rose
Bullshit. I'm going to shoot up into space on the power of my flowing seed if that happens.
She's a little cutie in John Wick. But you don't want a lesbian, they smell bad.

File: IMG_4498.jpg (182 KB, 855x1246)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
How come he wasn’t a big star for much longer? He was extremely likable and funny. Had no problems doing raunchy stuff & seemed bro tier in interviews.
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Yes, Reeves is engaging. Casper seems like a pleasant dude and his daughter is actually very charming onscreen, but he was pretty fortunate to be in a couple of big films that people still remember a quarter of a century on. He was mainly cast for his look.
Casper was and is a pretty solid actor. Check out the James Dean biopic he did.
I agree
never forget
This was a classic

File: Mars_Guo_before_crash.png (548 KB, 672x781)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
File: A8aFa2GCcAA6yLP.jpg (17 KB, 600x366)
17 KB
If I was one of these robots I would have been saying
while honking padme’s boobs lol
I thought I was the only one
Yoooooooo you watch zanny too?

File: zWLJqDErZNWQj3pCbSe3Pf.jpg (483 KB, 1920x1080)
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483 KB JPG
This is elder abuse
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File: 1677131239456217.jpg (629 KB, 1316x1700)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Kek. You sound like Vigo The Carpathian.

>"The rivers will run red with blood and the souls of the innocent will be consumed."
Vigo is basically talking about fucking virgins in that scene. And if he doesn't appear in "Frozen Empire", than fuck this film!
Bustin' makes me feeeel gooood
Viggo was based?
>Paegan God from the 14th century whose "thing" is to kidnap children and reproduce/replicate
yeah, I'd say Vigo is pretty based
he's always like that

File: Header.jpg (103 KB, 675x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>According to scooper CWGST, neither President Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross nor the dead Celestial Tiamut will factor into the film, despite previous claims to the contrary.

>That means this team won't include Harrison Ford's Red Hulk either as a Thunderbolt or even the inspiration behind the group's moniker. Instead, the Thunderbolts are supposedly named after Yelena Belova's childhood soccer team.

>Daniel Richtman has also chimed in, revealing that Bucky Barnes is not the film's co-lead with Yelena Belova. In fact, U.S. Agent has a bigger role than Captain America's former sidekick and, in terms of priority in the story, it sounds like the new Black Widow and The Senry will be front and center along withValentina Allegra de Fontaine and, believe it or not, Ghost.

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I'm not a /co/fag, but I remember something like that. I get Thunderbolts confused with the Dark Avengers. But in either case, there was a lot of soul searching amongst the characters. They were conflicted.

Suicide Squad having bombs in their brains is a cool concept. But it ruins any character motivations. At the end of the day, they just don't want their heads blown off. There's no internal conflict between good and bad.
Crossovers with existing characters actually does well
>>That means this team won't include Harrison Ford's Red Hulk either as a Thunderbolt or even the inspiration behind the group's moniker. Instead, the Thunderbolts are supposedly named after Yelena Belova's childhood soccer team.
File: 0j1ivas11ckb1.jpg (32 KB, 1024x1024)
32 KB
> the Thunderbolts are supposedly named after Yelena Belova's childhood soccer team.

I hate Feige and Disney so much

No cultural impact
Forgettable performances
Boring plot
Terrible pacing
Bad movie
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>no cultural impact
Lol imagine caring about cultural impact when evaluating a movie. Go back to r/boxoffice you fucking dweeb
It wasn't bad, it was just 30min too long.
/tv/ needs posts by this ID so I can filter these shit discord threads.
the soundtrack was great, and it's not a meme zoomers genuinely like it. you seem very out of touch.
Zoomers don't care about this movie.

File: images (3).jpg (34 KB, 418x734)
34 KB
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I remember they brought out the thing where you could play PS1 games on them. have been meaning to see how I can chip my old one so I can just download them
I remember the GoW games made pretty good use of the analog stick
i still have my first gen 80 gig ipod video

I fucking love that thing
I still hate it. Was manageable at the time with kid hands but now it just sucks. The vita analogue sticks are actually really good
The Vita is a great device, only issue is
>no games
And Sony quickly dropping their support like a parent dropping a kid at a foster home

File: 2024-02-27_22-14-17.jpg (377 KB, 1162x1436)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Feels good...all hail the nippon-european alliance!!
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Of course. Hollywood treats non-White cultures with respect. It only blackwashes and insults European history.
She didn't stab so good
I'm going to take a look at this but if it is bad I shall return here and you shall hear all about it.
hate the suffused cinematography
actually decent so far and i usually cant stomach most modern tv

File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Dry Eyes? Try Clear Eyes
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Why did he have a game show?
>win my money
>it wasn't his money
What did he mean by this?
piss off I only use Rohtos
Armed with weed. What a fossil. Lol
File: IMG_6433.png (251 KB, 900x900)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>He was 6’4” full of muscles
Was he trying to invent Men at Work posting?

File: IMG_7025.jpg (2.08 MB, 1523x2265)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Why are there THREE adaptations of Red Dragon, two movies and one tv show. But none of them actually cover Francis Dolarhyde the main villain in the same depth they give to Hannibal or Will Graham?

Dolarhyde was literally half the book in Red Dragon. It’s one of my favorite novels precisely because we get his point of view so much and his mental health is so fucked up his reasoning can sound good to a reader in spite of how crazy he is.

This is particularly frustrating in the TV show Hannibal because they had the hours to give to him to explain his backstory but still failed.

It’s very banal to watch red dragon or Hannibal the tv show and they just glance over the fact he was horrifically abused, his military enlistment, what led up to this point etc

Dolarhyde is just a very interesting character to me, clearly to the author Thomas Harris as well since half the book is from his POV. Yet he ends up just a generic serial killer in all his appearances
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you really don’t want to read the book I guess read his wiki page or something

Essentially in as brief detail as possible

>Dolarhyde is born in 1938 to a mother who screamed and was disgusted by him because he had a cleft lip and palate
>she gave him up for adoption, he was horrifically bullied on the orphanage and struggled to speak.
>his grandmother ends up adopting him when he’s around 7, more because she hates her daughter than any love for her grandson. >Grandmother runs a retirement home out of a decaying southern estate. Doesn’t pay for him to get surgeries to fix his problems
>grandmother is incredibly strict and abusive. Threatens to cut his penis off with scissors, holding them against his dick after he is caught playing doctor with Neighbor girl his age
>grandma takes him to political rally. Literally just to expose his mom who is now married to aspiring politician trying to get elected and parade him around as a freak to fuck their chances up
>mother manages to adopt him back via courts. He is now in this rich senators mansion with his actual kids. Who hate him, push him against a mirror until it breaks and call him cuntface.
>he kills their cat later in retaliation and is kicked out again, grandmother takes him back
>he’s eventually arrested for breaking and entering a woman’s home for unknown reasons. Judge offers jail or to enlist in army (guess that’s an American thing back then)
>he joins army, becomes photo technician who develops pictures. Army actually finally does surgery on him free to fix his deformity. As practice as I recall
File: IMG_7030.jpg (556 KB, 700x1009)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
>they even do hair transplant over his upper lip, he grows a moustache to cover his scar. People in the actual book only thing his nose is crooked even though he thinks he still looks like a freak from his upbringing
>gets a normal job after military, photo company that develops pictures
>is literally fine for years. Mentally ill sure, but doesn’t do anything.
>hits 40. Starts noticing cracks in skin and clearly has a fear of mortality. Reads magazine with the red dragon painting in it. Becomes convinced it was a sign, and spirals
>works out until he’s literally on the level of a bodybuilder. Gets tattoo of the painting on his back. Hears the voice of the dragon beckoning him and encouraging him
>becomes serial killer in the belief his actions are making him into this godlike entity while his victims are merely “transformed”
>murders whole families and rapes the wife as she dies as the red dragon
>francis in turn becomes more confident and assertive whereas he was extremely shy and nervous prior.
>when he actually gets a relationship with a blind woman named Reba (he literally feels like hot lasers point at him when women look at him) he is terrified the dragon will want to eat her
>tries to stop being a serial killer by eating the original red dragon painting
>obviously it’s not that simple

If you’ve seen the movies or tv show you know how it ends

But Dolarhyde is a fascinating character precisely because he’s so vulnerable and weak despite his immense strength and capacity to murder easily.

If he’d had help earlier the whole thing would be avoided, interesting too if you research the author and his inspirations. The inspiration for Dolarhyde and Hannibal aren’t hard to find, he met them in a Mexican prison
Kino character
> Fiennes as great. Wont hear otherwise

I won’t won’t give Fuentes shit for dad bod. He was literally hired on right before production

What is the most disappointing or disheartening cinema experience you've had?
158 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
>sadfu that secretly makes meth
File: boyega.jpg (301 KB, 665x1005)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
>Oftentimes film studios will soften the blow by casting Billy Dee Williams or Will Smith, but not this time. This time you were forced to feast your eyes on a pure-blooded coal black silverback nigger, blown up forty feet high on an IMAX screen.
>Little by little, they had been led to accept this by drips and drabs of commercials, trailers, and TV interviews. Their minds had been so softened that they were willing to stare unflinchingly, even giggle and smile at the niggershines, as MegaNigger (missing only a bone in his nose) besmirched the galaxy.
File: kQ0v8B0.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1600)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Pre-poured quarter cups, yes, unknown no, you can see the packaging behind it, it's a cheap limeade brand.
if i didnt pour the drink myself i consider it poison.

File: b20si0q2q7j91.png (206 KB, 1000x500)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Twice a day? Rookie numbers

File: american-ultra.png (2.33 MB, 1500x843)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
To the anon who told me yesterday that The Guest (2014) is a better film than American Ultra (2015):

You lied to me. American Ultra is the better movie.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I bet that happens in real life too
Which part?
Did you see Smartass ? How do you rank it?
I thought this was the Jesus twins for a moment from the thumbnail
having to watch 3 movies where Jessie Eisenberg is her love interest must be some kind of divine retribution. what did I do wrong God?
The Guest has the better soundtrack, but American Ultra is more of a fun hangout film with great performances.

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