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Just came back from the theater.

There was 20-30 people.

When 'directed by peter jackson' came up everyone just sat there, and then started clapping.

We clapped for like 2 minutes.
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File: Sheeeit_Banner[1].jpg (274 KB, 1200x675)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>dis b sum yt peepo sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit
Americans are so fucking cringe
>There was 20-30 people.
grimm as shit that this is considered a lot nowadays
Does anyone has the picture of black frodo? I made this vocaroo specifically for it
I swear to god it's whites themselves who make these ragebait posts

File: 1000108774.jpg (93 KB, 1260x1080)
93 KB
they always know, don't they
This guy is demented and insane. This is a globally broadcast TV show where he's
>assraped and sodomized
>dates trannies
>is stalked by a fatty
>acts like a woman over all of it

What would be a nightmare for most sane men, is this guy's biggest claim to fame.
I had a trans gf for a while. I brought her over once for supper and the only one who realized was my dad. He tried asking about it but I was too embarrassed to tell him.
File: OH N-.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
he wanted it 2bh

File: brave_OiqnXMABAw.png (827 KB, 913x832)
827 KB
827 KB PNG
this is a thing now.
its actually a classic "hero's journey" tale.

but told from the perspective of negroes.
ummm... so that just happened...
would've been better as tv series where it was like client of the week. movie was boring as hell. basically only had one client and that was stretched throughout the whole movie

File: last jedi.jpg (188 KB, 800x1185)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Have there been any times where movie sequel(s) have been re-created or dropped entirely for another try?
And is there any chance this will happen to the star wars sequels?
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Halloween has done that a bunch, I think there are three sequels now to the first film that ignore the continuity of the others
Kill yourself shill
Anything set in the disney wars continuity is faggot shit. Fuck yourself
they should redo the PREQUELS
there should be no sequels at all because the story ends on ENDor
At this point, best to let Star Wars drown in its own feces and hope that someone does an exciting take on The Culture series.

File: IMG_3381.jpg (41 KB, 323x475)
41 KB
What the hell were they thinking?
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I liked the goth bitch a lot and didn't mind this as a 14 year old.
It's fine actually. A bad sequel would have been found footage again for no reason.
I don't remember it being that bad but I saw it 20 years ago. Maybe it aged poorly.
File: 1705110405921467.jpg (432 KB, 1600x900)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
People have become more kind to it over time if anything
I wanted to fuck her on that tombstone.

Since episode one I've disliked Daemon's character. Everyone seemed to like him and how "chaotic" he was, and my distaste for this character just grew as I saw more episodes.

I finally figured why. Daemon reminds me of every man I've hated as a young woman. I grew up in S. Cali, so I meet men who are similar to Daemon in terms of personality all the time. Men who use an inflated ego to hide their inferiorty complex and treat the women around them (even their own wives and children) like disposable objects. The type of man that makes everyone uncomfortable bec he carries suh an unsettling energy, but everyone overlooks it because of his status and looks.

He irritates me so much bec how much of a bitter, child he is. Beating up a messenger because his brother wanting to give him reinforcements, feeling so much like a little man because he's the second brother he chases after his brother's daughter like a dog in heat. Just a gross little weirdo...

Daemon seems like the type of man of rich man who would flirt (mildly sexually harass) girls WAY too young for him and give them most serial killer-esque "you little cunt" look when he's rejected. He tries to protray himself as this cold, logical, calculated better brother but really he's none of those things. Without the glitz and the glammor of what's been handed to him (his wealth, status, and titles) and his charismatic outer exterior, he's just another pathetic excuse for a man. Deepdown he's just an underdeveloped little boy who's still mad because his big brother got picked over him. But ya'll fell for the facade
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Holy based
>Is evil
>Named Demon
Bravo Martin
Samefag, but still very funny anon.

what the fuck did I just watch?
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>Burroughs killed his second wife, Joan Vollmer, in 1951 in Mexico City. Burroughs initially claimed that he shot Vollmer while drunkenly attempting a "William Tell" stunt.[6]
He was that based
what exactly is good about beat generation writing? seems to be weird garbage with a large thesaurus at hand.
It's about being a fag and a junkie, turns out it's cool as hell.
I can think of two things wrong with that title.

File: i saw the tv glow.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema.

Sissy hypno kino edition.

Humiliation ritual sub-edition.

McDonald's arthouse sub-sub-edition.

>/film/ charts
>/film/ directors directory
>/film/ literature
>but anon, where do I find these films?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the original isnt anything great. not that i'd be interested in seeing an alternate version of it
File: 1718443333488293.png (24 KB, 1017x543)
24 KB
You ARE on Karagarga, right...?
long ago i got invited there from an IRL friend so yeah
File: 1718101256756134.webm (1.25 MB, 720x576)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB WEBM
no and if it takes me more than 15 seconds to find it then I'll just not watch it
You are right. I just get fatigue is all.

File: Degrassi_Season_4.jpg (81 KB, 500x376)
81 KB
This was my euphoria
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File: itwasn'trape.gif (2.14 MB, 330x202)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB GIF
she was asking for it
File: 528.jpg (888 KB, 4444x4264)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
I unironically think Paige is the hottest chick on the show.
you're wrong she's the second ugliest after Liberty
based. im kinda disappointed that the hbo reboot got cancelled but it probably would have been shit anyways

How would you make it work?
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File: RunningOutofTime.jpg (66 KB, 257x385)
66 KB
I wouldn't because I don't want to get sued for plagiarism.
negro just go on google maps, there's massive swaths of land west of New York City that are completely undeveloped and not on standard flight paths.

The United States is fucking massive.
Wrong. The US isn't even bigger than France.
>least coasters talking about empty space
there are a billion of those

This movie fucking killed Ben Affleck's career all over again and I'm convinced it's directly responsible for him beginning the downward spiral that culminated in his current miserable state.

Ben was on top of the world before this movie came out. He'd just directed a movie that won Best Picture. He'd gotten his drinking under control. He was actually in a good place as an actor, and literally getting cast as Batman, one of the most desirable roles in Hollywood, was proof. He was the king.

Then this movie crushed it all. You can see how miserable he looks in the interviews when all the bad reviews started rolling in. That was the beginning of the descent.
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Batman was always a more prestigious role than other superheroes, it's the closest thing to an American James Bond there is. Affleck took the role knowing he'd eventually be able to direct his own solo Batman movie but then after everybody hated Live by Night his new status as a talented director was tarnished.
>Batman was always a more prestigious role than other superheroes, it's the closest thing to an American James Bond there is

Not even close. James Bond is the biggest role an actor can ever have. The actors who played 007 are the cinematic mount rushmore. That is true immortality right there. Batman is still a capeshit character. Childish. Bond is the most prestigious movie franchise with luxury brands falling over themselves to be in his movies. The same brands that wouldn't be caught dead with their products in a Batman movie. not even in the same stratosphere. funnily enough, the guy who played Quicksilver in Marvel might be the new Bond.
Bond is still much bigger than Batman for sure, but like I said Batman is the closest thing. Especially after the Dark Knight which had more prestige and critical acclaim than any Bond movie.
>Especially after the Dark Knight which had more prestige and critical acclaim than any Bond movie.

All Nolan. The character itself was besides the point.
A big director like that making films on the character increases the prestige of said character. Coming in right off the tails of a acclaimed trilogy makes the role seem a lot less like kiddie shit.

File: Haneke.jpg (49 KB, 446x604)
49 KB
Why he hates humanity so much?
He’s European
I know it's a strange attitude, but I dislike almost all his films except The White Ribbon, which I think is a masterpiece.

In the bathroom scene in Scarface (1983), Manny pulls up his pant leg, revealing a GPS ankle bracelet. GPS ankle bracelets are often used to track primates in the wild.
Aren’t they also used to track criminals?
good to know
I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s an ankle holster.

File: 1718295577534624.jpg (187 KB, 670x631)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
*grabs own crotch*
>Hee Hee
>Uh, ah, shamone!
Well, hello beautiful
is she gonna molest ten year old white boys too?
No idea, I havent actually watched this show for 1 or 2 years now. I originally checked it out bc some friends said it was and it was all over social media. The show honestly pretty bad the only reason it wasnt as insufferable as some other content was because it slightly faster paced in the first season and Starr is great as Homelander
Butcher's wife looks like she could be her daughter. That's so fukt.
check the beat docta!

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