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File: A_Magical_Place.png (34 KB, 331x386)
34 KB
Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.


File: 2Q==.jpg (5 KB, 266x189)
5 KB
So I got to handle pic related this past weekend at a gun show. It seemed pretty good (fit and finish wise)- is it worth the money? I know everyone shills for the 17s... But leaving that out of the equation- is it worth it? Does anyone here have experience with the 16? How does it stack up against other piston ARs?

>tl;dr is the scar 16s worth it? Or is it bested by other modern piston 556 rifles?
Is that a FAMAS?

How much?
>Not an arsenal AK or VP9

>I've seen them going for around 2400 out the door
What are you looking to get out of the rifle that cannot be achieved with an AR?

>inb4 looks sexier

File: 1377927080925.jpg (264 KB, 1178x1821)
264 KB
264 KB JPG

Well, /k/, it's already begun.

What are your thoughts on all this?

I'm gonna be honest, when it comes to "What counts as people" I'm a liberal-fag and willing to count an AI as a person.

But the big concern is that a lot of our recent enemies tend to be people who don't give two shits about these rules and could end up with an endless army to slaughter our people with, and it's going to necessitate fighting fire with fire.
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>Weapons = Conservative
We have reached the epitome of delusion.
ya know, when we get to point where you can cram an entire AI into a compartment/box on a machine, why on earth would you locate it in the head? I mean that's the natural area to shoot/hit for humans, so why so something like putting all the important shit in the head?
>Aiming for the head

nogunz detected
File: Mgspw01212010image3.jpg (52 KB, 1024x768)
52 KB
>we'll never field a Pupa
when you think the gun control whackos are actually pro gun and conservative, yes that is delusional.

unless you happen to exist outside of America where the concept of haz gunz is anathema to the ruling powers. that is really your only counter argument.

File: Schlieffen-Plan-1914.jpg (575 KB, 912x727)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
Was Schleiffen a tactical genius and Germany just had shit execution or was his whole plan just as unrealistic and bullshit as Joffre's?

Could Germany have invaded (and possibly won) without betraying Belgian neutrality thereby causing Britain to join the war?
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File: 1389615388807.jpg (171 KB, 800x400)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
We werden afgesneden omdat Belgiƫ verklaarde neutraliteit en de geallieerden kon ons niet te bereiken in de tijd . Neergeschoten de helft van de Duitse luchtmacht ingezet om Nederland . De Marine en Luchtmacht vochten tot het bittere Einde . Niet verwonderlijk dat verraderlijke Belgiƫ gestoken ons in de achterst. Het was een oorlog op twee fronten . Belgische domheid en Duitse agressie.

>once we occupy a country, that war is done!

Germans are fucking stupid.
Not having a goal besides "kill the enemy" and then not informing your commanders of said goal is never a good plan. And beside, this thread by its nature is of hindsight, which shows Verdun was nothing but a colossal waste of German manpower.

Successful but they still had enough failings to allow the French to recuperate. On the first day many German units hardly left their Stollen, for instance.

While the British front certainly didn't need abandoning, it also wasn't nearly as active as the others while they were building up for the Somme.
true but if they had withdrawn then the somme offensive would probably have broken through.

thats the point really once they were committed to a two front war they couldnt pull enough troops of either front to be decisive
the goal is the most basic goal of all warfare. If the enemy is dead you win by default.

the germans held the higher ground, there were sitting on three sides of verdun.
The french had only one road to supply the troops, well in reach of german arty.
Verdun was the anchor for the magniot line, a position the french coudnt retreat from. They had to throw everyone into the meatgrinder.
The plan was good and had good chances of success.

claiming hindsight to call it a bad plan is too easy.

Do you think mandatory military training is a good or bad idea and why?
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Do you have kids?
No one on 4chan has kids. If they did, they wouldn't be on 4chan.
>Basic operations and tactics. Those who excel will be given an opportunity to go into advanced tactics.

This right here completely outed you as a faggot who has never been in the military.

Just stop it.

Kids do not need to be put through mandatory military training.

I have children... Maybe I'm the freak.
File: Operating.jpg (99 KB, 667x479)
99 KB
>tfw the US will never be a warrior class society with extremely well paid soldiers and $200k salaried operators

File: 98264872.jpg (92 KB, 650x487)
92 KB
/k/, what do? Every woman I've been interested in has been anti gun. Is there any way to explain to a woman why guns aren't evil? It usually goes like
>so, what's your stance on guns in the home?
>"why do you need them?"
>to defend myself and my family
>"why don't you just call the police"
>what if there's a delay? what if the perp tries to get violent or run away?
>sighs like she's smarter than I am

Is there any hope?
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lol no
You can't think about it, you just have to push yourself and do it. Give yourself a punishment for not doing it, pick a girl in one of your courses that you find attractive and if you don't get the balls to ask her out sell one of your guns.
same issue. Told gf I shot coons because they break into structures and destroy it completely.
>no one ownes land
Tell her how long we have lived there. How they just rescently appeared
>I hate you

just bought a new shitgun lol
File: 00AngryBlackMan.jpg (6 KB, 194x259)
6 KB
I haven't had to shoot any coons yet, but a couple just moved in across the street. What's the best way to deal with them?
or, if you don't live in bumblefuck, it's like 30 minutes

File: punchable face2.jpg (86 KB, 640x608)
86 KB
After 8 years of CC I shot my gun in self defense.

Feels weird man.
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I'm near austin too anon, shall we go on to remove more basketball Americans?
File: ents-o[1].gif (479 KB, 431x180)
479 KB
479 KB GIF
>two black brothers on my team who were 6'4 by the time they reached 12 start sweeping through the wetbacks like fucking ents
Dat mental image
Seriously, dude. Report it. If this shit comes back to you, don't let your attacker's word be the only one the cops here.
File: fat-face2.png (416 KB, 640x608)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
File: 1435683533636.jpg (73 KB, 465x349)
73 KB
I think you were perfectly within your rights to do that.

Somebody drew a weapon after you denied them a cigarette, you have every reason to believe that they intended to use that weapon against you, and as far as I'm concerned (as a LEO) you were perfectly logical to draw your weapon and discharge.

I can tell you that you have the upper hand in the situation based on two things
>you didn't chase after them and attempt to finish the job
>if you are telling the truth it was you against two others, which warrants you drawing your weapon even further.

That being said, you need to report this to the police immediately, the longer you wait the higher the chances are of you getting in some deep shit.

File: Oyc8OyL.jpg (1001 KB, 2340x4160)
1001 KB
1001 KB JPG
Feels so good rubbed against my stubble. What you guys rockin'?
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All his mods are with either broken or modern chink stocks. Doesn't change the fact he's a faggot and his mods look stupid and try hard but at the very least don't be retarded and say /k/ is one person.

It's at least three with good photoshop skills.
>tfw it looks like a massaging slipper an old asian person uses uses
This brings up an interesting thing for me. What happens if you need to send your gun back to the manufacturer? Do you have to jump through fucking legal hoops to mail it over?
A laser.
File: badman.jpg (2.29 MB, 3264x2448)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG

Knife thread?

Knife thread.

Just got myself a new carry blade. :D
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can someone recommend a good pocket folding bonesaw to cut through deer bones when I go hunting
File: 41SzcT4H4RL._SX450_.jpg (20 KB, 450x311)
20 KB
Just ordered my next edc.pic related.
Pretty good collection. What company does the FS knife?
File: image.jpg (1.54 MB, 3264x2448)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
Sharp things
Fuck you sog fanboy buy better shit

File: 658.png (928 KB, 600x887)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
>hey I need some clips for my gun
okay, what kind of gun do you have?
>a 9mm
No, what brand
>I don't know

>hey do you have any .22lr
No sorry, we just sold the last box, we usually get some in early in the week, so try back again then.
>You know, OBUMMER is buying all the .22lr up so we can't have it.


>hey I'm looking for a gun for self defense and carry
Okay, any idea on what you wanted?
>a pistol

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you're not the only one.
Mechanic here

>nigger comes in with a renault rustbarrel
>needs some sensors replaced
>asks for the a price estimate
It will be about 150 euros, Sir
>Dayum, i wont pay that dat shit waay to expensif bruh, can't you do any better?
No sir, i'd like to feed my kids tonight
>c'mon maaan you can do betta, my homie said he do it for 50 euros

Where in MN?
I frequented /k/ since I was 15, I can honestly say /k/ has made me much more aware of the shit I own as a result, and how to take care of it

Does this piss you off /k/?
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wait, he kinda looks like jon snow
>Start playing where you have to pay $20,000 or cut off a finger every time you "die" and you'll get a slightly better appreciation for the reality of combat.
Cool, now how do we come up with an equal cost so the faggots doing buddy drills and tacticoooool training feel the same about getting "killed". How do the people at some faggots training course feel death when they are shooting at shit from under a car or around some corner on a mock urban environment.

All of your arguments are bullshit. No one is claiming that fags who hang out on airsoft farms are in training, but to say that using airsoft can't be a great way to train with other's is pants on fucking head retarded, just like you, retard.

I mean, it's like saying every military in the world doesn't properly train because they use simulated live fire exercises you fucking mook. Holy shit you're a silly willy.
File: CA2010-1024x680.jpg (234 KB, 1024x680)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
How is it being taken way too far? Its atleast better than the fuccbois that wear all their fucking mallninja gear to the range so they can look cool. Airshitter gets at least some use on weekends.
The VP9 is a great pistol. Really, I just think that you're projecting your anger over not owning one on everyone else. Perhaps you should take a step back and evaluate why you don't own one. Perhaps you are making /k/ worse by doing so.

File: image.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x2448)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
There is a British sniper team in the photo. Find them.
What are you talking about, I don't see any
He's fucking his spotter behind the tree.
Actually if you look hard you see them pretty clearly

Tom Cruise just went insane and he now believes himself to be a hitman after your life. How fucked are you?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

>five seconds

is that from a holster?
>implying Tom doesn't train his anus every day
>implying anything can penetrate Tom's anus without his consent
Really depends if this is his briefcase, homie.
King of the manlets is still a Manlet
I can't tell if the guy on the right in the webm up there is mexican carrying, but my point is he's ridiculously slow.

File: 91H5177hCML._SL1500_[1].jpg (311 KB, 1500x1134)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
If you had to choose a cheap universal cleaning kit, would you choose


or this

or something else?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 81BWsERJYbL._SL1500_.jpg (138 KB, 565x1500)
138 KB
138 KB JPG

I choose the one I already own.
File: Dewey rods.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
> If you had to choose a cheap universal cleaning kit

I wouldn't.

Putting together yet own cleaning kit is more useful and cost effective and step #1 is getting _one-piece_ cleaning rods.
Otis all caliber kit. Dewey rod that can the otis tips. And a couple brass pistol rods. And a bore snake for each caliber.

Just maintaining the bore in storage pull the bore snakes. Couple rounds use the otis with the cable. Dirty, dirty, dirty break out the dewey.

Otis is nice because compact. Dewey is high end . Bore snake doesnt get enough credit. Not every cleaning job is the same.

If you are a poor fag start with the otis. and add as you go.
I"ve got a hoppes kit for my pistols but ended up ditching it because I can't stand that cheap as shit plastic case
I just buy the parts I need and put them in a tool box.

File: 1435889956611.png (156 KB, 1920x1080)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
So the meet back on the 18th only attracted one other anon (that I could see), but I'll count that as more my fault than anything seeing as I didn't promote the changed locale that well.

So I want to get another one started.

Location: Livermore Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club

Date: Saturday, August 8th.

Address: 4000 Dagnino Rd, Livermore CA

Website: http://lprg.org/

Time: 9:30 AM, about 30 minutes before the rifle range opens up.

The price to shoot at the rifle range is $15, it's shady, and the range goes up to 100 yards.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Buy online dude.
Honestly >>26686317 is right. Online has better deals then the Cow Palace gunshow. The last three times I have seen ammo at "a good deal" and found a better one online.
>So is trap shooting part of the plan
What do you have against delicious traps?
So doing right by good /k/omandoes who don't deserve to get treated like shit by anonymous cowards requires compensation? . WTF did Rhodie ever do to have assholes accuse him of stealing from us? This isn''t /b/ anon and there is a lot of cool shit happening on /k/ because of people who actually do shit for others IRL.

If he was speaking the truth about a tripfag I would have never said a word.

>he feels the need to send shills
Don't know him, wasn't part of the group purchase he took care of, don't care much for milsurp clothes so I don't hang in the same threads that he does, I just don;t stand by while a bitch like you lies about a /k./omandoe who did something cool for a bunch of /k/omrades.

Glad to see the thread is back on topic. have fun at the meet faggots.
Any of you fags bringing a 7.62x39 full sized AK?

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