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File: peanut.webm (1.5 MB, 360x640)
1.5 MB
if your training doesn't include simulated malfunctions, you WILL die
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wanna know something spooky OP? if your training does include simulated malfunctions, you WILL ALSO die
That fucker should be running on a treadmill not practicing malfunctions.
Well, what are you going to do if a malfunction happens and you haven’t trained for it?
Tap rack bang
why dont people ever duck down fully behind cover when doing reloads or clearing malfunctions in training? sure you cant see them, but you should know where an enemy is at all the time and know when they're moving based on hearing aswell
i agree, duds are usually the best, but i would also include objects that fit in the magazine but cant properly feed, i've had malfunctions where the extractor doesnt properly catch on the casing and it stovepipes, requiring me to hold the bolt back and try to jiggle it out of the action or remove the magazine

I think it would be neat if you had a gun. You could kill yourself instead of making these threads.
serious question: why is it so chonky? it's like the ACR with dad-bod
right? It looks like it would handle like sheet of plywood

It feels fine in person. It's not super sleek like modern AR platforms but it's 100% fine.
pasta storage

File: gun safe.jpg (1.16 MB, 2190x1233)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
my eyes need candy. bonus for rare guns.
>not my picture
Q- Where the fuck do i get 6.5JAP?!?!?. ive been looking into getting an arisaka, kind of a "one that got away" gun. saw one with the chrysanthemum at a gun shop for 700. didn't buy it.
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>It's an M9-QD

That's sick. Any plans to put the slide stop on there or are you going to leave it as is?
He tried, the one machine shop offering it ghosted him >>61479944

I think another anon was going to make a 3d printed approach using a railed frame so the hinge system just slides on
post eargesplitten loudenboomer
File: IMG_6487.jpg (640 KB, 1242x1477)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
I need to find a better background
bump for this

File: vetere.jpg (195 KB, 671x831)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Who would have had the most fucked up PTSD?
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File: 1675951401374744.png (180 KB, 342x442)
180 KB
180 KB PNG

It is my absolute delight that the ethnic cleansing of Asia will occur in my lifetime.
What the fuck level of bot post is this?
>Country founded by rebels and traitors
>Venerates rebels and traitors (until niggers like (you) started bitching)
>Buck broken foriegners and nigger loving yankee faggots seethe about it endlessly
Shut the fuck up, pablo. Its not your history anyway.
It was so awful. I'm currently transcribing Grant's memoirs and he understates everything but sometimes the emotion bleeds through:
"But as my object was one of humanity, men of both armies laying dead and dying between the lines I was not disposed to stand on any point of [intelligible] [...] finally Lee [assented to this]; but delays in transmitting the correspondence brought it to the 7th of June, – forty-eight hours after it commenced – before parties were got out to [collect the men left upon the field. In the mean time all but two of the wounded had died.]"
"God help the men that lie under that."
"...They're Turks."
"God help them."
They aren't. They're jewish, just like capitalists. How about neither, fag?

File: IMG_1423.jpg (64 KB, 550x550)
64 KB
How much of a LARP are these guys? I work with a member and he is adamant that if I ever wanted to become a licensed pilot I have to do it young, because you might get a heart attack or something in the air. I hold my tongue because he’s very senior to me, but my name is on some Ivy Law papers about the FAA and I got rejected by Air Force OTS. Seems like a lot of weird gatekeeping going on.
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I was in a cadet squadron as a teenager, it was cool when I was 13 but increasingly cringe from the age of 14 on until I dropped out. Gathering ground for kids even too autistic to be in Boy Scouts. The SAR stuff was about the only cool thing, but I never got to actually do any of it, just do exercises. My dad was a senior member and he was in it way too long because no one else as willing to do any squadron leadership. Should have never joined.
My experience with CAP was pretty awesome desu. We had access to training and qualifications in a bunch of cool stuff. There was a one week SERE and land nav course, there was three inividual days/levels of demolitions and EOD type stuff. Basically everyone got range time with old M16A1s. There was a parachutist training camp thing where you got to make 4 jumps. We even had a Cessna 172 rigged up to drop chalk bags for a "bombing range" activity. My squadron had thermals and NVGs for SAR missions, wildfires and manhunts. We flew around in an AC-130 once and some cadets even got to ride shotgun in an F-16B one time. There was a cadet CrossFit and BJJ club, too, but that wasn't officially CAP. Some of the less exciting quals were things like languages and aircraft mechanics stuff, amateur radio communications, making shit up to fuck with anons, and photo reconnaissance/analysis. Overall, awesome experience.
You’ve published on an Ivy League’s law review and were denied an officer commission? You’re either fat as fuck or diagnosed schizo.
I was a cadet when I was a kid. I joined when I was 13 and did it up until I went in the real air force. I had a blast. I did a cadet survival school that had actual PJs and combat controllers teaching us basic innawoods skills and shit. Did a whole lot of rucking, got to shoot some cool funz and they even had an FBI HRT team cone and do some live fire CQB demos for us and got to finger fuck their equipment. Got to go see some cool shit at Andrews AFB and even got a tour of Aberdeen Proving Ground once. Had a great time in it. Thought about going back as a senior member just t help out but I dont have time with my job. CAP was fun
Mission pilots are a legit way to build hours and then there is the flying boyscout side which is all moms and their autist kids. They don't mix much, go to separate meetings (if the mission pilots attend at all, which is rare) etc. Really only opens up after you have your PPL won't help much before that. After that it's a good gig though. Wet plane rental costs are super cheap and you can build mad hours just doing radio repeat. Never associate with the autist JROTC AF groups besides the senpai rides though, they are mucho cringo

File: 798698798756.jpg (46 KB, 949x679)
46 KB
Find a cooler ship design. I'll wait.
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File: zc63o5zj4uw51.jpg (43 KB, 1059x754)
43 KB
and its cooler cousin
>white bat

File: 220px-Shiva_star.jpg (19 KB, 220x175)
19 KB
Does anyone have the screencaps of the old Fark post where someone claimed to have worked on a project where the feds figured out space travel using bose-einstein condensates? I've been looking around everywhere with no luck.

My own contribution is this if you've never head of it

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Realistically, we can expect not only the application of the disclosure penalties for the "Invention Secrecy Act" and concurrent application of the "Atomic Energy Act". If you believe the hype, the UCMJ allows for extra judicial execution for those required to be in compliance. We all know how much everyone hates ATS/Fark links, but applicable nonetheless
I had broadband internet in 2004 playing counterstrike and enemy territory with 10ping. Which was amazing as in 1999 I had 150ping with dialup I was browsing /s/ in 2005. It was all asian chicks at that time, you had to make a thread dedicated to western girls if you wanted any variety. Everything was fucking asian in 2005.

almost everyone had the internet in 2004.
>enemy territory

Loved that game. I was a goddamn surgeon with rifle grenades. Remember stile project before it was sold? I remember.
I don't go on /x/ can I get a quick rundown?
File: ayyy.jpg (530 KB, 1920x1080)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
this is a fake version of it, but there was a real one and any time the real one was posted in a thread it'd get deleted within like 30 seconds. Same thing also happened on /pol/ I think.

File: IMG_1412.jpg (831 KB, 1242x1059)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
Did F35 btfo AESA radar? I can’t stop thinking about how Israel managed to slip through Iran’s latest radar and bomb their nuclear infrastructure. Could just a few F35 btfo China and Russia who both use AESA?
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Literally no one believes this.
>3rd strongest military in the world at the time

That just fucking happened bro!
File: sexy.jpg (167 KB, 2048x1583)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
if an F-35 flew directly at a SAM close enough for the pilot to spit on it (maybe like 20 miles), it would be detected and shot down - but all you have to do, is avoid that SAM. if you are given a map of where all the SAMs and ground radars are and it's accurate, you can just chart a route around them that's comfortably far enough away to not be spotted. no country can afford to put a conga line of SAMs 20 miles apart all the way around a border to try to counter this (especially not Iran) and the F-35s can do whatever they want.

I think maybe their only chance would have been finding them using IRSTs on their mig-29s, as I think that is the only plane Iran has that uses them, but IRST also works generally only at very short range vs radar, like strictly visual range only so it would have to be extremely lucky and randomly fly into an F-35 by dumb luck. yet the F-35 would know the MiG was there maybe 150 miles away first. it doesn't even have to down it to nullify the threat, if the F-35 shot at the mig from far away the mig would have try to evade instead of close in on it to get IRST lock.

File: PXL_20240302_191346446~2.jpg (2.18 MB, 2244x3801)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Lasers edition.
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Just found out waffle stocks cost more than a CTR stock and people STILL buy them hahah you can't make this shit up
File: M4 stock (QD).jpg (291 KB, 1200x800)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
>waffle stocks cost more than a CTR
Unless they're (verifiably) pulled from M4's off the rack, it has to be madeup
File: IMG_4795.jpg (1.34 MB, 4032x3024)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
bruh, you need to tell me where you got that USP cut RIGHT FUCKING NOW PLEASE

File: 7.62x25_-_FMJ_-_SB_-_5.jpg (613 KB, 2272x1704)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
>maintains an extremely flat trajectory for a handgun round, dropping only 4" at 100yds
>penetrates better than most handgun rounds
>little felt recoil, can easily be shot one-handed
Why the FUCK isn't this round more popular when it's essentially a superior 9mm? Is it just because it's Russian?
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>No one is taking 200 yard pistol shots
I am
for fun
not all 7.62 tok is steel cased though
>t. brass PPU ammo haver
>it slows down when it hits something
That's the point.
The problem is that there's several inches of "something" between the target's skin and the shit you need to actually have an impact on. 1700 fps is really nice, 1500 is decent, and even 1300 is probably beneficial, but an expanding 85gr bullet isn't doing 800 by the time it gets to the other side of the ribs.
>Tok goes too fast to penetrate well
Bac/k/wards day.

File: IMG_1903.jpg (28 KB, 400x533)
28 KB
Well, anons, what are they?
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Best: US Flag thong with matching durag
Worst: Tighty whities
Everything else
>open carrying
File: IMG_1141.gif (998 KB, 500x229)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
I’m debating whether boxer briefs instead of regular boxers for CCW. Feels like boxers just bunch up too much

File: attackdog.png (859 KB, 625x896)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
What are the tactical benefits of carrying your dog in your hands?
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>breach, woof, and clear
Coconut corn husky
>SMOOTH TILES could be here, he said aloud to his dog
3 pugs duct taped together

File: Minmos blasta.jpg (661 KB, 1699x1114)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
What does /k/ think about painting your guns. I wanted to make my ugly ass Hipoint look ugly in a differnet way. Go with heavy wear SOF 80's throwback aesthetic, or the typical tacticool camo LARP.


Please post your paintjobs, philosophy on custom jobs, and the horrible curse image paintjobs of others.
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Sure, fuck it. Who cares what you do with your Hi Point Carbine. If you want to do it, do it.
Big gay unless you're wearing a ghillie suit and being spoopy.
I still have to drybrush and wash it with Nuln Oil
File: 1708868702706700.gif (350 KB, 549x376)
350 KB
350 KB GIF
>Not using Enamels, streaking grime and Q-tips to artificially weather it.

File: leonardo-xgun-01.jpg (537 KB, 900x675)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Leonardo has multiple new guns. Seems they exclusively unveiled them to journos in a sex dungeon though, so we have to do some work to figure out what's what. We've got:

- 20×102 GATLING20
- 30×113 BLAZE30
- 30×173 XGUN

All links in first reply.
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File: 0tax6rc5fg341.jpg (20 KB, 418x551)
20 KB
Sweet post man seriously
Overengineered bullshit
Could be useful
Overengineered bullshit
Ain’t gonna get anyone wanting to operate these weapons when maintenance will be beyond operator level
Are you stupid, rotary guns are used in tons of aircraft and helicopters
I wonder if EW could reprogram the fuse in-flight
Funny seeing people seethe about this. I posted this year's ago. 50 is dead. It doesn't make sense anymore. It doesn't have the payload to penetrate APCs, sucks at frag and HE. 338 will replace it where weight matters and 30mm will replace it where it doesn't. It dead.

File: racer.jpg (3.31 MB, 2500x1663)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
DARPA Racer Heavy Platform. He race, and he thicc. Thicc => proper test of autonomy for realboy vehicles.

glamor view https://youtu.be/5t3-eXHC5Zs
cockpit view https://youtu.be/orLa0mBOKHM

>This spring marks the 20th anniversary of DARPA’s pathbreaking Grand Challenge
1980 was 20 years ago actually, thanks.

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I don't think you understand the point.
Autonomy is the key word and not waypoint shit but looking at the terrain and pathfinding.
>its the ripsaw thing again
I remember watching a program about it, man it was fast.
It might just be a little too temperamental for use in war though. If they can get it right, I think it could be useful.
The thing is with a turret its not so fast anymore
Oh. Shame.
Vroom vroom though?
he thicc

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