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Thinking about putting trying my hand at rolling my own roller gun from flats and parts.
I was originally thinking about starting off with an MP5 build, but then I realized I could do something a little more rare, and put together an HK53 sized build, but in 300 Blackout.
The more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me - 300blk was originally intended to offer more capability than pistol caliber SMGs, the HK roller system mean you don't need to fiddle with gas settings and have very reliable operation across bullet weights and speeds.
Plus it looks cool as hell.
What are your thoughts /k/? Any idea why no manufacturer has really sold this yet?
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ah. I knew it would be something like that but didnt know they had different diameter rollers, figured a spring or something. thanks
It's not the rollers, that's a headspace adjustment. You're thinking of the locking wedge, which takes thirty seconds to change.
File: hk91.jpg (85 KB, 1000x667)
85 KB
I love the idea of HK-style rifles but shit like this is why I sold my PTR (pic not related)
>shit like this
Are you retarded?
why in the flying fuck would you sell a 7.62x51 HK because of an issue that's essentially relegated solely to the MP5K?

File: Shashka.jpg (3.09 MB, 5232x3137)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
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With no restrictions it would be great sword.
Messers at least have some cool features like a developed hilt and a clipped point. Shashka is basically an early Persian sword from centuries after it.
It doesn't matter because your opponent shall be armed similarly. If that's the case don't say smallsword as it'll be a double hit festival.

Otherwise greatsword as the other anon said.
>You can actually train/spar with them without risk.
Bokken are made of hardwood, if you strike someone with one you're going to break something, likely the hands of your sparring partner since they often have no guard.

No guns here, someone recommended me a Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 as a good beginner gun, he said they are a solid platform and reasonably accurate, is it true?
Price is good.
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thank you
My brother just bought a Wilson AR
Why was this deleted?
Mods are gayyyyyy
File: IMG_20231222_023019.jpg (3.01 MB, 2731x2782)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
get a BCM because that's what I have.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (224 KB, 1280x720)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
My brother asked his friends how heavy a one handed sword was and most answers were 10-20 kg, someone even said 25 kg. Nobody said 1 kg which is the right answer.
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>protection of choice for one of the biggest empires in history
Well as the cuckboys say I’m gonna need a source on that
>Speed produces more energy than mass.
There is a diminishing returns situation with swing speed vs weight. A baseball pro who can swing a bat at 90MPH cant swing a bat half the weight at 180MPH.
>There is a diminishing returns situation with swing speed vs weight.
Yeah. This is why all swords are actually pretty similar in length and weights. One handed been 2-3 pounds, it's the sweet spot of speed and mass.
People only see swords from movies, stories, and plays, in which a more heavier sword simply looks more dramatic than the reality of a lighter sword.
>No they weren't, there is a document showing katanas were responsible for less kills than fucking rocks, most casualties in Japan were due to spears and arrows.
Yet go look at any artistic depictions of bushi from the Heian era to the late Edo era and you'll see them hauling swords. The tachi developped during times of war for use on horseback, the uchigatana was developed during the Onin war to fight at close range during the pike pushes (see "The Connoisseur's book of Japanese Swords").

>spear paired with a dagger(for when things got too personal) is the most common combination worldwide.
How about making that dagger really long mmh...? And then you can also have a dagger! Crazy I know.

>Up until very late medieval era, swords very mad expensive as well.
We're talking Japan and warrior armies. The whole point of being a warrior is that you have the equipment.

Your whole talking points have been time and time rebuked. All of the warrior classes used and hauled swords and daggers and spears and all that gizmo because they were useful. Your point goes against all artistic depictions of warrior, all sources talking about warriors equipment.

>Sword is neither versatile nor particularly useful, it's a dueling/self-defense instrument
So why did all the people who could afford them wear them in war exactly!? Yeah because swords ARE particularly useful and more versatile than a freaking dagger, that's why!

Yid Shadow is ready for production. 300km range, 400kg, high subsonic, air- and sea-launched. Helicopters, I guess? Smol planes? Killer skiffs?


Rafael has shared with Shephard that its air-launched Ice Breaker and surface-launched Sea Breaker missile systems were contracted by two customers approximately two years ago and that production would begin shortly.

While the Israeli defence and technology company declined to comment when asked if it was one or both missile types that had been contracted for, both systems are identical other than the booster and launch canister of the Sea Breaker.

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To kill subs?
Didn't see anything suggesting more than air to ground / surface to surface capability.

That being said, can we make one of those SOCOM tacticool crop dusters lift one of these? Purely for the comedy value of bombing cartels with yid shadows hugging the contours of the amazon river
"two customers"
Damn Ice Breaker is such a badass name.
File: EbaublFXgAIBg-f.jpg (50 KB, 660x498)
50 KB
all I am reminded of

How true is the highlighted claim? Are there any online guides to getting started in long range rimfire shooting?
Will it really make me able to hit thousand yard targets with a precise enough centerfire rifle?
Yes. If you have good fundamentals, you’ll be able to apply those fundamentals.

File: A-50.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
When they were hearing the BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEP from missile lock, what options does the A-50 have at that point? Can it maybe fucking zig zag or perform a dive while breaking right to make the missile fail the angle of attack?

What other options does it have?
>Increase speed to full and outrun the missile
>Discharge drop tanks and self destruct. The blast may distract the missiles
>Eject all cargo from cargo hold to create a chaff debris field
>Shoot down the missile with the rear tail guns
>Use ECM suite to jam the missile and make it fucking miss
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Realistically how could you bail out of this thing and live
One damaged / maybe destroyed Abrams = "monstrous defeats". Get a grip Ragnesh. No one's buying that.
this thing is literally a stationary target
That's the dimmest take I've heard yet about this war !

File: IMG_6317.jpg (330 KB, 1421x1043)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Why can’t I hold my pistol like this
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File: IMG_6318.jpg (60 KB, 640x427)
60 KB
It's against the law, I believe.
You can but you'll look stupid.
Its a pretty decent song tbhdesu
Because your ancestors fought at the Battle of Boston Tea Party so you don't have to

File: nvg cover 11-23.png (1.01 MB, 850x1100)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Enlist for Super Earth and get NVDs and thermals!
Previous thread >>60949044

Resource on what these spec terminology mean

You shouldn't be chasing for spec values but they do exist and if you wanted to know what "better spec" values are there's a way to know which unit is desirable over another.
Most retailers won't post this info as they build NVDs to order, first come first serve, and depending on their grading scale of high, mid, low tier it may differ from retailers. If a retailer offer a “ready to ship” fully built units they will list the spec values. Hand select is an option from retailers that will try to match to your spec requirements.

Some reputable retailers:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rindu serrs a crip on
Unfortunately that's pretty much as much or more than the Iray option on Aliexpress.
Return to tradition, White man
Ash's friend leaked a new jerry c pro thing that's coming out soon
This doesn't seem too bad at all. I'm definitely looking forward to more updates

File: russian-usv-afalina.01.jpg (449 KB, 940x1105)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Russian media has revealed the 'Afalina' uncrewed surface vessel to rival the Ukrainian Sea Baby and Magura types. The Russian version, actually a sub-scale prototype, is shown being put through its paces on a calm lake.

The prototype actually bears a striking resemblance to a remote control model of one of Ocke Mannerfelt's famous 'bat boats'. Swede Ocke Mannerfelt designed his iconic bat boats for racing. They are so-named because of the distinctive wings at the stern which resemble the classic batmobile. These aid stability on tight turns. Overall the designs have a reputation for seakeeping.


Previously: BBKN Dandelion
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Moskava status?
Is this even an insult?
>Have no navy.
>Sink enemy fleet flagship
>Considerably attrit enemy fleet between the early weeks of the war and a few weeks ago.
>Probably sink most tonnage since WWII.
It doesn't count since a nation with no navy sunk her, apparently.
it's not
my point was that it's pointless
it's for something their adversary doesn't have
>171 sold
They just painted them black, put a mortar grenade in it and called it a day while siphoning the money didn't they?
lol russia, what a ridiculous fucking shithole.

what is the primary limiting factor in the development and production of tanks/afvs, in particularly during the ww2 period?

aircraft production and development seems entirely bottlenecked by the development and production of higher and higher powered aircraft engines, but i'm not sure if there is a similar restriction on tank development

it seems surprising to me that hungary could produce at least functional tanks and were on the verge of producing a medium tank equivalent by 1944 despite being a tiny country with little manufacturing base

i'm fascinated by the conversion of civilian manufacturing to military production, particularly with regards to the production of tanks/afvs
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File: 20-09-083-R_2800.jpg (279 KB, 1280x883)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
there's a reason modern aircraft have largely moved away from piston engines (besides ultralights)
if you lose an engine you can still limp around with partial power
if you lose an engine in your set up the tank is just straight up immobilized
also duplicating a lot of gear for no real reason
it's simple for everyone else as well
you can easily make a substandard tank, yes
but The Enemy can make a better tank than you, how now brown cow?
neat, thanks
i'd figured it be something like a stug but i can see the valentine outcheaping it by a lot
Modestly off-topic, but what is the deal with tank engine HP in WW2, and how do you even compare tank engines? Some early war tanks barely have 100HP but supposedly have tons of low end torque, but isn't torque really just dependent on the drivetrain? Would a 1 litre 100hp Ecoboost smoke those old engines with the correct drivetrain? Would a 6.2 L Chrysler V8 producing 800HP beat every single WW2 tank?

File: IMG_2394.jpg (521 KB, 750x747)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
How bad of a decision am I about to make? I am 28.
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Based on your replies ITT, you’re retarded and a perfect candidate for the globohomo security force. Hope to kill you soon, OP!
File: 1699536150501.png (132 KB, 508x486)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
fuck, this post hit too close to home
>I am 28.
why didn't you have a degree already? you could have gotten a community college done a while ago and started as an E3, or finished up the ba online and go OCS. Why the fuck would you want to be a shit nothing grunt as an old fuck? herrr durr pls tell me wht to do all day massa, and pay me like a chinese factory worker
Maybe he's just a lil bit retarded, anon. And if you're a lil retarded, why go to college when you could join the brotherhood of retards known as the marine corps?
worthless, even more so if you go into debt for it

File: 1648061688_dance-2.gif (248 KB, 512x1024)
248 KB
248 KB GIF
Need to buy a shotty, mostly concerned with blasting people, not animals with it (within my rights of course). What gun would (you) recommend?
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This strange poster again, deja vu!
Mossberg 500 or 590, or a Maverick 88 if you need something cheap.
I've heard good things about the Benelli Supernova too.

Avoid Remingtons unless they're old, pre-Freedom Group models.
Remington 870 (pre freedom group). I'd recommend picking one up that has a 3 1/2 or 3 inch chamber so you can buy and use any available ammo (after all the gun grabber "scares" over the years this might be convenient). My personal favorite Remington 870 model is the Wingmaster Magnum, it's a long boi barrel but man is the action so silky buttery smooth. There's some great deals on the older used 870's out there, just gotta look around at pawn shops and online
My legs are ok
File: rimanah_waves.png (328 KB, 425x617)
328 KB
328 KB PNG

File: m57-002[1].jpg (703 KB, 1500x1500)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
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File: ACME-clicker.jpg (34 KB, 679x505)
34 KB
>The original click-clack
what does that even mean
Attach the wires to your balls.

File: 1708312910490496.webm (2.91 MB, 854x480)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Bubba's pissing hot gunshow reloads edition

Post old guns and discuss your best boomer estate sale hauls

Previous Thread: >>60881742
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>it's a bolt action therefore its muhh military
It's a sporter rifle
*LK M70
not M70, my bad
I was on board with LK M70 but that bolt looks very Mauserish

You can suck the first dick, the last dick, and all the dicks in between there, buddy
I went to the LK series first too. But also why I mentioned the CZ 455 or really anything in that same vein. Your a little too set on it being surp. Its a commercial sporter of some flavor similar, although based on mauser actions that thing is most likely not a sporterized Yugo 98 or the like
Nothing about that receiver says "Mauser 98". Search through pictures of competition shooting rifles to find one with a similar action.

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