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During the entire Russian invasion of Ukraine, has there been a single case of several planes from either side, flying in formation, even once? Closest one I can think of is that Russian helicopter raid over the lake during the early days, but much like all the footage of tanks rolling out into the open by themselves, the planes seem to also fly alone or very rarely, in pairs at most.
What's the reason for this?
I read that it's caused by a lack of training and flight hours on the Russian side at least.

File: 1701001569557322.png (575 KB, 868x564)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
WHO LET THE GOD DAMN THREAD DIE edition. Previous: >>60920741

There's a lot of them. Keltec is just known for holy shit all the screws. Clamshell designs = lots of screws.

I like the Volquartsen hammer kit but I almost wish I would've just picked up a BX after feeling some in person. $30-40 vs like 70-90 though. But really it didn't matter because hunting doesn't exactly need a featherlight trigger. It's a small improvement. I'm sure either complete trigger group from those two companies would be fine. I never tried either complete groups because $$$.
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Does anyone make a .40sw suppressor that's actually worth a damn?
File: 1708992140584658.jpg (160 KB, 1000x1287)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Just Bindon, bro
good to know
>tfw selling guns
Fuck me I just have too many. But I don't know what I want to let go. If I sell a Saiga 12, I will never see it again for example. Selling rifles is less traumatic since I can buy those whenever, but also the space they take up. Have you ever downsized your collection to bare essentials?

File: SHTF-6.jpg (221 KB, 700x700)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Haven't been on /k/ for quite some time, anons. Can we have a SHTF scenario? I know nothing ever happens, but I believe I would be a failure as a father if I wasn't prepared. I use to be insane as a prepper around 10 years ago, but I was in a financial struggle that caused me to lose it all. I want to get back into it and would like if anyone has any copypasta to slap for this thread. With movies such as Leave The World Behind and another Civil War movie coming out soon, we may just have some bs around the corner.
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File: fishing.jpg (183 KB, 1920x1080)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Don't think "I will hunt food".
Think "I will FISH my food". Fishing is way more reliable and safe way of getting food than hunting. To the point that even children can do it.

Having a small fishing kit should be part of your survival kit, and some proper rods, fishtraps and maybe a couple of nets should be part of your bug-out location equipment. This obviously depends on your location, but I would SERIOUSLY recommend getting a bug-out location or a cabin somewhere with low population density and fishing waters nearby.

Remember that your stone age ancestors survived mostly by getting close to fresh waters and getting to fishing. There are numerous folk saying like "In the time of failed harvests, your livelihood is in fishing".

Obviously gardening, farming and foraging are on the list, but fishing should be much higher on that list than hunting.
I keep thinking this is why you make a big ass pond, needs to be big enough to survive a hot summer but you can keep your own fish, even small fish can be used as bait
Seconding this.
Gore-Tex bivouacs are also a good investment. Normally I'd say Gore-Tex is a waste of money, but this is the exception because you don't want condensation on your sleeping bag.
One trick I've heard is to pop one of those solar garden lights so it overhangs the pond slightly to attract moths and other critters for your fish to eat.
what a clever idea, I'll have to steal that

File: m1941 klewang cutlass.jpg (60 KB, 1161x200)
60 KB
behold the penultimate evolution of the do whatever you want one handed sword, cut, thrust, chop vines and wildwood.
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No I mean if that's the penultimate then what is the ultimate? Penultimate means second to last, you can't say the penultimate one is now the ultimate one, that's like saying the guy that came in second place is now first place

congrats OP you fixed it
It makes sense though - while such cutlass is great at everything, it is fairly easy to find weapons that perform much better than that in their individual niches. You have vines to chop? Get a machete. You want to stab someone? Get a rapier.

File: SDB.webm (333 KB, 480x360)
333 KB
>range of 150km
>can penetrate 1m of reinforced concrete
>CEP of 1m
>costs $40k dollars (less than a meme shaheed)

wtf how? how did the west finnaly manage to make something extremely cheap but also extremely capable for once?
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is this in california? is there a movie theater inside?
>how did the west finnaly manage
What are you, fucking stupid?
>costs $40k dollars>
should be possible to make even cheaper if productions gets further ramped up
No need for DGPS with P-code
>Sorry zoomer, don't blame the MIC for making a bomb that can't penetrate your anus.
I mean it probably could

File: endwar.jpg (1.68 MB, 3700x1296)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
>yfw it came true
The T-100 Ogre was and always will be cooler than the T-14.
ok retard
the T-100 isn't remotely similar to the Armata, it's much closer to the T-95 Black Eagle
The M5A2 Schwarzkopf isn't remotely similar to the Abrams X demonstrator, it's an entirely new hull and not an Abrams upgrade
op is blind

File: 1708964805060.jpg (376 KB, 1200x630)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Battle of 73rd Easting. What made the Abrams so deadly?
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It was down to America having a technological edge and AirLand Battle being the fucking tits. If you go into detail for the various battles you will quickly see that for the most part the Iraqi's positioned themselves really well - on a number of times on reverse slopes to negate the US range advantage.

The air campaign mogged their command and control and destroyed their freedom of movement. The ground game was ez because of better sensors (and advantage the US still enjoys over Russian equipment).

If you plopped a US armored corps and supporting air assets they would melt the Russians in the same way they did the Iraqi's... its just the air campaign would be longer and would involved a significant number of shootdowns (initially). Even that, shootdowns, I doubt because the US has the unique ability to spam cruisemissiles and saturate the fuck out of your AAD.
>tfw Battle of Sargat
>you've never even heard of it
>SF and peshmerga against Islamic militia
>started with a barrage of 60+ Tomahawks
>If you plopped a US armored corps and supporting air assets they would melt the Russians in the same way they did the Iraqi's...
The problem is that the Russian military is corrupt and incompetent just like an Arab army. So basically your argument is void because you're not actually changing the variables.
the stab and optics
the gun is meh, the ammo is what delivers
the engine is thirsty
everything else seems solid
The abrams is a good tank but the obvious tit-for-tat bullshit this thread is part of in response to the destroyed example in Ukraine is embarrassing.

File: MK53_fuze.jpg (60 KB, 506x717)
60 KB
Axis secret weapons: big, loud, wastes of resources and manpower that have no real effect on war.
>Maus, V1, V2, 262, 163, Yamatos, carrier subs

American secret weapon: the size of a radio tube and has a drastic effect on the war by increasing artillery killing power tenfold.
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Or Victor Emanuel actually having a spine.
I wonder why the Germans pussed out with Chlorine Trifluoride and refused to Wunderwaffe it. They were happy to melt their own pilots with super acid powered rocket ships but apparently CIF3 was a step too far for them?
German flak bateries already had automated gun laying with different input methods. Their timed fuzes were shit to the point where they realized just using impact fuzes are better.
AA-rockets would have been a gamechanger with maybe a ir seeker but Germany didnt have the time
So did Germany but they had a lot of political and commercial infighting, plus were unfortunately in bomber range
>So did Germany
not anywhere close to the US in those regards

File: convair-xb-36-in-flight.jpg (98 KB, 1800x1139)
98 KB
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File: 1626690810375.jpg (18 KB, 300x241)
18 KB
you're based.
Me too. It's almost midnight here and i'm going to be dead tired tomorrow at work because i'm staying up late reading this thread. I'm going to watch 'Strategic Air Command' because of the recommendations in this thread.

Thanks for this. Have you read the book 'Lost Nuke: The Last Flight of Bomber 075'? Worth it.
Because America has been undermined for decades.
i have that book and another few on my shelf, there is a lot of hearsay on this crash, its best to have every idea to work from.

My personal idea on the crash of 075 is that one or more of the crew actually attempted to land the stricken bomber somewhere inland in BC, they were never going to get home to Alaska. Some have suggested New Aiyansh but they went way past that settlement. The more likely choice was the coast flatlands where highway 37 now passes. Its heavily forested, but flat with many wide swamps that could have allowed a landing. I believe, that the crew was issued a live pit, and they did their best to get the pit back to safety, either dropping the bomb in the sea, or if the bomb bays were inoperable as a number of people have speculated, the bomb its self may have rested on that mountain until it was discovered and detonated without its pit, accounting for the utterly massive blast heard and seen around 1955.

the photos are from an EOD tech friend i know from a long time ago, who i met when dealing with a massive amount of unused explosives on a mine clean up job in the early 2000s. The guy was totally obsessed with 075, especially the second bird cage that was never relocated. The first was found in a private collection, looted from the crash site in the early 90s, the second showed up in multiple pictures from the 80s EOD cleanup work, but was never relocated since.

We likely will never know the complete story of what went down that fateful night.
If it's like most jobs then 80% of those gauges can just be ignored most of the time anyways.

File: animal grenade kit.webm (2.08 MB, 576x1024)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB WEBM
It's the 2 Year Anniversary of the 3-Day Special Military Operation lads

Come celebrate by posting gats and /k/ats
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File: Iz got ur finguer -).webm (530 KB, 480x852)
530 KB
File: Iz in ur jeans.jpg (59 KB, 700x381)
59 KB
File: cat reinforcements.webm (3.04 MB, 720x720)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB WEBM

File: jap slave labor choo choo.jpg (274 KB, 1895x1229)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Logistically speaking, was it worth the investment for the Japanese? Did its construction help cement their hold on Burma or did it simply suck down resources, soldiers, and slave laborers that would have been put to better use elsewhere? Why was it dismantled right after the war if it had a clear economic benefit?

I ask because it didn't seem to help the Japanese in their efforts to conquer Northern India or hold Burma when the Allies went on the offensive in late-1944 and they continued to suffer the same supply problems that plagued them in other threatres.

Also, /k/ railway thread I guess.
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Didn't Tojo have a habit of slapping random subordinates mid-conversation?
File: we just don't know.gif (998 KB, 250x251)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
>M1 elephant troop carrier (1944)
>not to be confused with M1 elephant truck recovery vehicle (1976)

I wanna ride an elephant


For me, I practice rifles at 3 yards, since that's the mean distance of a lethal confrontation according to the FBI
how many bait threads are we going to make with what was clearly a joke webm?
>3 yards
I only train the only possible engagement range il ever see.
Barrel in my mouth.
I usually use just those red training rounds but ive begun to move to primed but empty casings so it simulates the real deal.
I read on a gun forums that people who do similar training use co2 and piston driven air guns so the cost per shot is less than that of a primer.
Ive considered getting a suppressor and use primed casings so i could train indoors at my home.
The nearest range is 10 miles away and every time i train there some boomer comes up to me and yells something about what the hell im doing.
Fuck, i hate rangefudds so much, and the range has also recently banned steel cased ammo because the owners son who took over is a brass jew.
Fuck ya mudda
Whatever the length of my driveway is
10 yards for draw, 25 yards for target pistol training. 50 yards for zeroing and popping cans, 100 yards for shooting steel with rifles. I only shoot irons btw

>Admiral Fukyu Niggah was born in 1880 in a fishing village near Nagasaki. He was born into an ancient samurai clan called "Kuru Krux."
>From a young age he was determined to serve in the Imperial Navy and was accepted into the naval academy, where his excellent grasp of the tea ceremony and ability to bow much lower than anybody else ensured his fast graduation.
>At the age of 17 he served in the Navy during the Russo-Japanese War and distinguished himself during the Battle of Tsushima by sinking the Russian cruiser Vranya with a single torpedo that struck the vodka storage.
>His career was mostly uneventful afterwards until the '20s, when he fell in with the hyper-militaristic crowd.
>After coups and government restructuring, Adm. Fukyu Niggah was assigned command of the 7th Fleet in the war against China.
>He distinguished himself again by his numerous war crimes near Shanghai, including the infamous "Night of 1,000,000 Rapes" for which he was awarded the Order of the Heavenly Katana.
>In 1940 as diplomacy with America broke down, he was called to several meetings in Tokyo to discuss the feasibility of war with America. During one of these meetings, after Adm. Yamamoto remarked that Japan had no real chance of victory, Adm. Fukyu Niggah flew into a violent rage.
>He dropped his trousers and began furiously masturbating while screeching the Bushido Code, which he had memorized. He then declared: "IF WE DON'T GO TO WAR WITH GAIJIN I WILL KILL EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM AND RAPE THEIR CORPSES, INCLUDING THE EMPEROR!!!"
>This display of the Yamato Spirit impressed everyone deeply, and Hirohito applauded his dedication.
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File: Giant KKK.png (98 KB, 1688x994)
98 KB

The most ancient of Klans
File: kek.gif (407 KB, 498x474)
407 KB
407 KB GIF
>this entire thread
I shot water out my nose you fucker kek.
>My life ebbs away
>Like the nakadashi flows
>From a loli's cun
File: SinCity_Hartigan5.jpg (30 KB, 550x412)
30 KB
>As his flagship, the battleship Senpai was sinking (still being torpedoed in anvill attacks), he committed Seppuku while writing a Haiku:
>My life ebbs away
>Like the nakadashi flows
>From a loli's cun

Raping every loli on the peninsula

The Russian civil war is a conflict that is very rarely ever covered by anyone. Was there any cool stuff from that war? I know the Bolsheviks had armoured trains. How successful were they in combat? How did the Bolsheviks decide on these leather uniforms?
78 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
>cobunism XD
File: 2024-02-27_07-16-43.jpg (533 KB, 710x1023)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
He married a Russian woman & died in Moscow in 1983. They had some... weird habits of playing dress-up with their kids in the 1920s.
I was born in the USSR (barely), and still live in the former USSR, but the EU part.
>Military Dictatorship of Mughan is basically the predecessor of the Current Russian'Federation'
>North Caucasian Emirate is just happy to be there.
No, it was fully fledged civil war. Outside involvement and multiple factios are par for course. The Whites were uncoordinated and mostly acted as independent commands per theatre, but that's what you get when the fronts are separated by thousands of kilometers without reliable communication.
File: IMG-20221229-WA0009.jpg (80 KB, 1600x480)
80 KB
You also get that when you're stupid, arrogant Russian assholes, which they were. (Autobiography of Wrangel)
>Fuck those nationalists and separatists
>Argh, Pilsudski, save me!
>but also we made Warsaw Battle a success

Explain why in 2024 you don't have one. For $200 you can have a fantastic concealable package. You wouldn't be one of those people that cope about not wanting to give money to the ATF, while also still complying would you?
134 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
>going to SBR anyway
>may as well keep $400
Where so I get my I suck cocks shirt lol
You should call them if youre serious about the current wait time. Even eForm 4s for non-trusts are at like 30 days

because bullpups allow me to have an SBR length 5.56 without .22 mag ballistics
>implying thats how it works
to your right, its already in the closet with you retard
I don't want to voluntarily give the ATF money, what's not to understand?
>inb4 just don't comply pussy le free men don't ask permission xddd
yeah that'll go over real well in court when I use my self defense rifle in a self defense situation, I'll be so proud of myself for being a "free man" sitting in prison because I killed a man with a barrel that was a few inches too short...

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