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File: IMG_1738.jpg (639 KB, 1588x1266)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
I need your big brains /k/. I’d love to hear your opinions, guesses and fanfics about this potential event
How would it look like?
Who”d provide manpower?
And what are the possible outcomes?
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Without the US imposing capitalism and democracy we will return to authoritarianism very, very fast as this will be the only strategy against influx of foreign influence.
In a broader context it’ll most likely look like brexit on steroids with a pinch of kristallnacht and a touch of military parades.
While I’m all in for such a kino imagery Europe start fucking around in the span of half a century won’t be out of the picture in such a case and then we can safely assume the instability will spill over everywhere else. And as I said - it’s really, really bad for business.
Send general staff, logistics nerds and maintainers and some decent JO's and SNCO's to set up some schools (marksman school, comms school etc etc). Would probably shift the balance of the war by itself.
>vatnigger bending itself backwards with fear
You're so beautiful to me.
the chad picture always adds a nice hint of irony too
And then what? They get nuked?

If a conventional war to defeat Russia was an option NATO would have done so already. Or are you one of those retards that believes nukes are fake?

File: winrar.jpg (87 KB, 1200x675)
87 KB
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In much of the world, basic bitch firearms from western companies go for a thousand percent markup.

grot non-procurement looks to be confirmed
But Stirlings are breddy gud, its the Sten which was a disaster.
Men use Bren
Grot is Slop
Those are fixed. Simple gas regulator swap, CZ sent them out ages ago

File: Black Powder Guns.jpg (123 KB, 1000x717)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
What's the best weapon that a convicted felon can own?
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Whole Foods, McDonald's, Target, IBM, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Nordstrom, Intel, Wal-Mart, Victoria's Secret, Aramark, AT&T, BP, Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike, Honda, Macy's and Sprint all post record profits. Stock in Corrections Corp of America dwarfs Apple and Google. UNICOR buys the coast guard.
>Infringes upon another’s rights
>expects own rights to not be deprived
Rights are for people who can be trusted with their responsibilities rights come with.
>felons can own blackpowder guns without any legal issues
Yeah they can, but they mostly don't bother getting one, because black powder guns aren't very user friendly compared to modern firearms and it takes some brains to understand how to use them without blowing them up or yourself. There's a reason why you don't see nogs running around with Colt Dragoons, because they would rather trade some crack for a stolen Glock than sit down and learn which powder charge and bullet type is best suited for a black powder revolver.
Ironically, people who are into these types of guns are the least likely to have criminal records.
What charges?
>Ironically, people who are into these types of guns are the least likely to have criminal records
Facts lmao, it's only boomer fudds. If felonigs ever do embrace blackpowder guns i guaruntee they'd be restricted in a heartbeat

File: vntlwt83ngc01.jpg (1.26 MB, 3024x4032)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
I'm looking to buy a .22 handgun. Between the Browning Buckbreak, the S&W Victory, and the Ruger Mk. IV, which is the best? There are also revolvers in this general price range, but I don't know much about them. What's /k/'s rimfire handgun of choice?
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Is this the gun that was used to kill Lenny?
grand power k22s for $350, better than everything mentioned so far combined.
File: pew.jpg (3.05 MB, 3042x2329)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
you can trust my opinion because I'm a 22 aficionado. and because I've owned like 30 different 22 pistols. the only semi-auto non-target-type (pardini etc) I own now is the k22s.
File: 1709095944458.jpg (2.4 MB, 1500x1500)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
simply the best
Ruger mk iv target and then put a Volquartsen trigger in it. Buy about 10 magazines and some kind of holster for it and you're gtg 4 lyfe

File: cover.jpg (657 KB, 2143x2789)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
gm readerly /k/ings. Let's have a thread on /k/ reference texts. To start us off, I have just made Military Balance 2024 available on libgen. This is a world military equipment yearbook in its 65th edition. This year they have added unmanned systems and some other things.
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sometimes, OP is not a fag
I think that means no man-in-the-loop control...

File: cover.jpg (1.49 MB, 3024x4032)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

File: Peleliu.png (705 KB, 1126x642)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
How do I get the job of chief finger pointer?
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File: totopoint.png (534 KB, 533x599)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Making chief is going to take years. Most don't stay at it that long. Many get out after the first four years at specialist finger pointer. Dont let the name fool you. Everyone makes specialist just by breathing. Some show talent or really like it and they will get into the junior NCO ranks. That's when you start pointing at important things and the new guys will look to see what you're pointing at. Its a good MOS to pick. Pointing has great career opportunities in the civilian world. Toto Wolf made the rank of Gefreiter during his conscription in the Austrian army and look at him now.
File: 205022154.png (623 KB, 969x630)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Don't forget that other Austrian finger pointer.
File: arniepoint.jfif.jpg (58 KB, 1024x683)
58 KB
Its a cultural thing.
First make sure you are large...
and pointing

File: bi.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2030)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
I don't think any of the gentlemen of the 18th century, to whom so much is owed, would find pic related, and its like, agreeable. Behaving like a boorish lout with guns is damaging to the cause. It seems the poor, who are so intent on imitating their dusky counterparts, risk tarnishing the reputation of all gun owners with the same dark brush. If didn't have such a level head, I might think there was some sort of psyop underway to discredit gun owners by promulgating the most obnoxious form of gun culture for the public to consume. inb4 fudd.
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I agree but it should be done with 40mm grenade launchers instead
File: 1506544832529s.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
>I don't think any of the gentlemen of the 18th century, to whom so much is owed
didnt read the rest of your post but i think you should kill yourself
File: chrome_tZGZPHqyqg.png (887 KB, 914x873)
887 KB
887 KB PNG
I shall accept my destiny and die a warrior's death
>Leave the billionaire NGOs alone!
> I don't think any of the gentlemen of the 18th century, to whom so much is owed, would find pic related, and its like, agreeable.
They would not find women rights or right of negroes to vote agreeable too. Checkmate, commie.

I’m enlisting, exclusively interested in infantry. Can’t decide between marine or army. Anons who served as 11x and 03s, tell me your thoughts and why you chose your branch over the other.
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Oy vey?
Join the Foreign Legion.
Why would an inexperienced American choose to join the Legion instead of his military?
>t. Leaf leaving for Paris in July
>the wop thinks he's hwhoite
I don't see any other hands in here.

File: 1708842087756586.jpg (95 KB, 736x703)
95 KB
When I was in college, I had all the time in the world but ammo was too expensive to shoot
Now that I am working, I can afford ammo but I have no time to shoot.

When does /k/ find the time/money to go shooting?
>is pic related why the most common demographic I see at my range is boomers?
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Respect anon. Don't forget you have needs and feelings too that deserve acknowledgement
>How do you afford the time/money to go shooting?
I just walk outside into my back yard
If you're so clever and smart, how comes you get such joy out of roasting some random on the internet?
You expected correctly in that I won’t answer your data mining questions. I already posted part of it, the other reason is tying up a significant amount of money with the promise that it will be useful in lol45-50years. 401k is just training wheels for the average folk. I’d rather just have the extra cash as salary and sidestep the bullshit and hoops around it.

That’s the best part, he isn’t.
>yuropoor bus riders
You must be lost, >>>/n/ is this way

File: IMG_0901.jpg (2.52 MB, 3024x2926)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
Hey /k/ommandos, /co/mrade here. Been helping a neighbor clean out their hoarder father’s storage units and we came across these. He was a stateside Marine during Vietnam and then a cop for decades after. Was hoping you all could identify these two bayonets (?) and recommend what to do with them (he was cremated so can’t really bury them with him)
They're US M1 bayonets, adopted in April 1943 for use on the M1903, M1903A3, and M1 Garand rifles. The lower one has been shortened from the proper 10" blade down to a 6.5" blade by South Korea, to match the blade length of the M5A1 bayonet adopted for the M1 in 1952. SK called this the "M5" bayonet, even though that designation was already taken.
fippy is truly bippy
Thank you so much! We didn’t find any rifles in any of his stuff yet (several hand guns) so we’ll keep an eye out for those
>tfw stopped in pawn shop looking for rando funs and saw 10" and 16" with scabbards for 25 bux each and they weren't chinesium knockoffs
Anyone know if the 1897 bayonets on SARCO are any good?

File: Neil_Gardner_Shootout_LOS.png (1.64 MB, 1046x1255)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
The Columbine Question
On April 20th 1999, two perps started firing at their school. We all know the story, however within about 5 minutes there was already a police officer responding, it was Neil Gardner. By the time Neil arrived several were shot but only 2 with fatal wounds.
Neil had a shootout with one of the perpetrators at 11:24AM, the gunmen started the attack at 11:19AM.
During this shootout, he exchanged shots with gunman Eric Harris who was in the West Entrance using the doors as cover. Neil was in the parking lot behind a Blazer.
Picrel is the line of sight of the shootout, Neil is actually the one in yellow that you can see at the cars. (This photo is after the perps were dead, but it shows where it happened)
Eric Harris was 18, and was using a 9mm Hi-Point Carbine
Neil Gardner was 44 and a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy using a .45 Sig
The distance between them in reports is stated between 60-70 yards and that is also what Google Earth measuring comes up with.
Both traded shots and no one hit each other, but Neil reported rounds hitting the car he was using as cover, and he also hit the glass surrounding Eric.
So I ask you /k/, should he have been able to hit the shooter as a trained police officer? Or, could you have hit the shooter in this same situation? The question is important because at this time, the Library massacre had not yet begun where 10 people would be killed. Neil could potentially have saved lives.
Here is an interview with him just days after: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47AQ-rzqYsY
Ignore them calling the Hi-Point an "Assault Rifle"
102 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The distance between them in reports is stated between 60-70 yards and that is also what Google Earth measuring comes up with.
>Both traded shots and no one hit each other, but Neil reported rounds hitting the car he was using as cover, and he also hit the glass surrounding Eric.
>So I ask you /k/, should he have been able to hit the shooter as a trained police officer?
That's a hard fucking question anon. Let's say he had some shitty rest at best as he was very unlikely to have time to lean over the hood, maybe leaning against the door/pillar at best. That doesn't help. A .45 SIG I have no clue how accurate it is or what the trigger is like so I can't comment there. Does he actually shoot or does he only put in what's required? Does he actually shoot handguns past 20yds? Had he ever been shot at before or even shot under stress/adrenaline? Go hunt and see what adrenaline does to an otherwise decent shooter. It's a fucking tossup without knowing any of that.
The hell is a water turkey anon? A gallon jug???
>should he have been able to hit the shooter as a trained police officer?

not with a pistol at >50 yards, that's too far to expect to hit a target that is using a door as cover. If Gardner had a red dot, then maybe we could expect him to make the shot, but he was a filthy Sigger shooting 45 AARP, so he really had no chance.

That said, the kid with the carbine rifle should have been able to get a hit, but likely didn't because Gardner was trained to avoid being hit in this exact scenario.

Basically, the cop would have needed to get into a prone position, use two hands on his pistol, and make good use of his iron sights to get a headshot. By the time he tried all of that, the kid would either be gone or have shot the cop.
If tuna is chicken of the sea maybe water turkey is salmon?
Probably a goose

File: 20230702_141310.jpg (1.16 MB, 1632x1224)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
First was a success, so guess this is a norm now.

Previous >>60899010
249 replies and 111 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: wa2000.png (231 KB, 481x437)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
nice mw2 refrence
File: 011.jpg (925 KB, 1288x966)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
With all this talk about weapon lights, what do you prefer to power them? Rechargable or disposable batteries? Looking to grab an HL-X and can't decide if I want rechargeable or disposable on the slim chance I need to replace them in the field.
I have the HLX-1 with the rechargeable lithium battery, works great. You can pop two CR123A's in it in lieu of the single rechargeable battery and it'll work too. That's one of the main reasons I bought it since I already need the CR123As for my Eotech.

Only gripe about the rechargeable one is that you need to take the battery out of the flashlight to charge it, so you have to fiddle with the tail cap a bit. Not a huge deal I guess, it plugs in with a microUSB port so there's no charging dock/cradle needed.
Man I still need to get one of those stickers. I just don't have any scopes with caps; they get in the way when hunting. On the other hand my scope lens is covered in water spots and brush and leaf junk lol.

Here is some perspective about the Ukraine war:

The Abrams is 40 years old
The p51 mustang would have been 50 at the start of the first Gulf War
21 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's a videogame anon, not even one that's highly accurate either
This is not putting anything into perspective you faggot retard
I wish we could filter people based on SAT/ACT scores. It would keep out all the niggers.
>The Abrams is 40 years old
only in a manner of speaking
the M1A2 was a comprehensive upgrade that changed most of the internal components in 1992, so most M1 hulls are actually only 30 years old not 40
the SEP3 was another deep upgrade that altered the interior yet again and then changed both the hull and the turret, and that upgrade is less than a decade old
We're there tribes using the flintlock right up until fairly recently?

File: hk sla- FUCK.png (1.66 MB, 1439x1072)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>HK SLA- oh fuck
60 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20240227_220815.jpg (23 KB, 268x248)
23 KB
Not the fact that the cocking tube isn't welded to rhe receiver?
All this money, but no sling for any one of the three.
let's see anon's SP5
you first
Protip: Smart people get the DT, casual.

File: Shashka.jpg (3.09 MB, 5232x3137)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
51 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
In general 99% of 'Russian' shashkas in circulation are fakes which were one of the first swords the Chinese started mass producing and selling complete with fake markings and flooded the world with in the early 2000s via online sales. Three was a cottage industry in Georgia tweaking them and modifying markings and adding wear etc. No serious collector will even buy one now. Its one of the best examples of how 'harmless' mass reproduction can completely swamp and destroy the real surviving items. Most dealers and collectors won't touch them and they are particularly prevalent in Poland. Some polish 'dealers' (not all)seem to genuinely believe a new made sword and an antique are the same thing and it does not matter. I attribute this to the fact Russians stole nearly every weapon of any kind there a long time ago. Fakes and 'defarbing' (deliberately trying to age fakes and reproductions) are cancer for that reason and its why you don't take ANY youtube who pimps fakes as anything other than a scrap metal salesman. The issue shashka (particularly 1934 but also earlier) is the first sword to outright die by faking . Quite sad in a way.these faked items are 'instruments of fraud' and lie forged at should earn a jsil sentence for their creators but the whole of China and India has no concept of honesty and places like ebay and amazon accept 'antique' as an adjective to describe advertised 'reproductions'. It's a shit state of affairs. The fact your shashka purports to be somewhat rare only elevates it to 100% certain to be a fake by the way.
no one who really loves antique swords gives a flying fuck about your hema garbage blunt metal sticks or their users.
That's a nice sword
File: Vizzini.png (357 KB, 540x340)
357 KB
357 KB PNG

amazing. your reply has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject matter of that post. Its so utterly irrelevant, I'm mostly left asking myself what sort of traumatic brain injury you had.
Kek its actually very real.
Latvian family with Russian family members. The family all know its been with them for years and Ive known them 15 years and trust them.
Its real and i dont really care about whatever butt hurt this caused you.

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