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01/26/15News Post: In Memoriam
01/23/15moot's final 4chan Q&A has been posted here.
01/21/15News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
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File: kittens2.jpg (137 KB, 499x750)
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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at http://www.4chan.org/rules - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.


File: unpissed.png (41 KB, 247x171)
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In one image, sum up your GMing style. AGAIN
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File: Not happening.jpg (205 KB, 978x1134)
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205 KB JPG
File: 1379462412368.gif (475 KB, 290x199)
475 KB
475 KB GIF
Was wondering where this image was.
Taking it, thanks.
File: killthemall.jpg (124 KB, 291x622)
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124 KB JPG
File: war_in_a_nutshell.jpg (1.69 MB, 1932x1400)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Fuck huge battles

THE HEKTOR HERESY is a collaborative effort by various anons who wondered 'what if' during a create a Legion Thread. Since then it's developed into a fully fledged Alternate Universe that still needs some work. While we're full on Legions (Though many need work done upon them), such is the nature of the project that we've lost a few anons along the way. Ask in the thread how you can contribute to the Imperial War Machine!

Don't wanna be an Imperial, don't care for beakies? Not to worry!
We welcome all here,
Xenos Empires, Great Crusade Era Factions, Knight Houses, Titan Legions, Chapter Successors, Imperial Army Regiments, Eldar, Dark Eldar, anything and everything just come in and pitch it to be a part of the setting itself.

With that out of the way, here is our main wiki page, to get a feel for things.

Voidwatcher! A new piece of fiction focusing around a Black Augur has been written up.
The Killing of Ushtra, Augur Bane.
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File: 1256329528268.jpg (94 KB, 415x427)
94 KB
Search your feelings, you know it to be true... BTW, who's Sabre? Google only gives me swords, which I assume you don't want to stick your penis inside, because I can think of at least 12 ways that that could end in E.R.
>Your waifu is FemLancelot.
I'm not writing a female Lancelot figure. The White Knight is too funny not to use as a Freeblade nom de guerre and having the character be male means getting the most out of it.

Pretty much this.

>You know it to be true
I'll accept accusations that JDO is mah waifu, but not Arturia.

There's your problem.
Also, to elaborate on this, I am a fan of it being a woman, but not so much her being this big, badass Knight pilot. I think that the fact that Pius was just some grunt makes the act much more symbolic. The fact that literally any person in the Imperium could do it, that they are not afraid to stand up for their Emperor, even when that means standing up to the most OP motherfucker to ever crawl out of satans asshole.

File: That elf again.jpg (82 KB, 428x552)
82 KB
Elder Scrolls Lore and Tabletop Game General

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
[UESRPG + other TES RPGs] www.mediafire.com/uesrpg
Discussion in #UESRPG (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com [port 6667])
[Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame] 1d4chan.org/wiki/Scrollhammer_2nd_Edition

>Lore Resources
[The Imperial Library] www.imperial-library.info/
[/r/teslore] www.reddit.com/r/teslore/
[UESP/Lore] www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page
[Pocket Guide to the Lore] goo gl / 8b78MW
[Elder Lore Podcast] www.elderlore.wordpress.com/
[How to Become a Lore Buff] goo gl / 7f43lQ

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Snow Throat's stone is Alduin
I counted them the other day and there's probably four left. Walk-Brass is fine because, we at dwemerx.com are all laughing. The Ada-Mantia is hax and metaphysically indestructable because it's where Auri-El ascended and time as it existed in Mundus is separated and sealed. Snow Throat is also fine as far as I know, but I don't know how far I know. Then there's Green-Sap, whose stone, the "Perchance Acorn" got PTSD from some asshole Ayleid wizard showed it linear, singular timeline. It doesn't do multiple timelines anymore, but it's still there, sleeping, as far as we know and keeping the Green-Sap intact.
Well none of the alliances in ESO look like they'd last. They all hate each other and just happen to hate everyone else a little bit more. As with the bosmer and khajiit, I assume they get along. The longest war between them that I know of was the 5 year war, and they do share the same religious views and their creation story places them along one another as equals, so i think it's safe to assume they at least don't dislike eachother.
Ada-Mantina is still mostly intact, I think, maybe.
And Green-Sap.

>Lorhkhan will get to keep laughing though since he literally made it impossible to entangle the Convention knot by roping Akatosh into his plan.

The most glorious jest of PADOMAY-Sithis was to make the Divine Mutant, and it convincing the aedra to build reality. It is as if they know reality would have been created either way, only this case, they have an in to how to end it. Afterall, the main builder created it only for the single purpose of breaking it later.

>We don't even know what its stone is

The time warp which you resolve near the end of the main quest.

>Shor would be venerated once more. That should serve to stabilize it if anything, right?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Really? How does that work? A "cave".... I guess that fits loosely, but how does Alduin make it a tower? Please explain! Does it have somethingi to do with the time wound and the circumstantial existence of Nords as we know them now?

File: 1417986206790.jpg (173 KB, 644x1209)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
All sci-fi related things
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File: 87445_35a_Ferris.jpg (537 KB, 1964x1181)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
I'll start dumping.Got nothing better to do.
frenchies outside the whitehouse in funky suits?

that MuvLuv game, iirc

something about the USA fucking up the world to kill the beta
File: gasmask_wastelander_2.jpg (130 KB, 725x1103)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Can I get some post-apocalypse up ins? Ideally bandits, raiders and other punkish and unsavory looking folk.
>mfw I had that toy set and it was fucking awesome

File: newAEQop1.jpg (297 KB, 1254x1050)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
You have always wanted to be an emperor. That ambition has burned dimly in the past, tempered by reality. Now the opportunity to realise your ambition has arrived and you are determined not to let it slip. Now is the time to build your empire and become an emperor.

Last Thread: You are Imperator Talon York and you rule your own small empire, but you are not yet the emperor you dream of being… yet. Last thread you begun to defend Harrowmont against an army of demons and are now assaulting a massive siege platform.

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Aspiring%20Emperor%20Quest
Userscript for Suptg with quote previews/backlinks (not my work): https://greasyfork.org/scripts/2065-sup-tg-archive-quote-functions
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspirationalQM
Master Pastebin (links to all pastebins for AEQ): http://pastebin.com/6Su7M3fh
GDocs Documents: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1Qxe-FljPXpMTNrOWltTXlBLTQ&usp=sharing
>No changes

Next thread at 5pm EST on the 7th March.

Rolls are d20 and the best of the first three posters. I may sometimes ask for more dice to be rolled by each player, but same rules apply otherwise. Please quote the post you are voting for or rolling against. Note there are hard-to-replace points that can be used to offset failures in rolls. Please see the Rules and Mechanics, linked through the GDocs Folder above, for more info and detailed dice rules.

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Do note the dice is also Talon.

Basically since he got Aladria's OP ability.

Though he was good even wehn he was just a normal guy, way way back when in our early goings I think he rolled a 20 on taking Vale.
He rolled two 20's on taking the Vale.

>Talon & Felix STRONK off
>Foxes cleaning up shop

Truly the best way to start.
Felix needs to back us up against the Prince.

File: 1398143125780.png (659 KB, 3000x2500)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Sup /tg/
My groups been wanting to run a towergirls based game and I was wondering if it would be fine in 5E or if you guys have any fun ideas for how this could in other systems.
O if you want just pick one if you have no ideas.
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File: 1421791977099.png (24 KB, 187x253)
24 KB
File: Sketch02.png (25 KB, 1000x500)
25 KB
I recall attempting to create a system for this last year. Even attempted to copy the art style with mixed success. Sadly didn't pick up much popularity.


Likes: Diplomacy

Dislike: Illogical conflicts


Planet 10

Mount: space scooter

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Could you share what you have done?
Keep your chin up anon.
Also try help us fill out the newer princesses one.

File: 57.jpg (1.56 MB, 838x1999)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Hey /tg/

What's the worst 5/7 in Magic?
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File: 132210.jpg (26 KB, 305x450)
26 KB
I'm using the one that came with the free starter kit. Pic related
File: obtuse-angle.gif (3 KB, 320x225)
3 KB

Rise of the Eldrazi was all about the fatties.
File: 17.jpg (66 KB, 312x445)
66 KB

A few little things have changed since then.

You may want to consult this at some point:

By the third post I knew this wasn't real.
Riven Turnbull I can understand. He looks like he's from back when Sharezade was legal.

Not Infernal Denizen though. Seriously, the Ice Age didn't feel like it would have enough cards to really make him playable.

File: making magic.png (3.57 MB, 1840x3280)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
Weird Protection in all colors edition.

OT: >>38336981

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here

>Mechanics doc (For the making of colour pie appropriate cards)

>Read this before you post your shitty gimmickwalker!

>Q: Can there be a sixth color?
A: http://pastebin.com/kNAgwj7i

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Kinda like that but without the weird rounded edges or the spell type symbol in the upper left or the spacey background.
Not sure on the ability since it kinda ruins the point of equipment. Also, the types are correct. Unlike the other Spider-People, she has no powers, she's just really smart.

Been thinking of trying classicshift for my savage set to give it that feel.
On an interesting note, Maro actually wrote up an article about thing he'd change, and he pointed out that if all cards had the mana cost in the upper left going down in a column, they would be much easier to see when you fan them in your hand.
For people who fan, anyway. I column.

Haven't been able to find one on here right now, rate my wolffaggots, just need to blend some of the colours together now
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you become equally immortal with eternal servitude to one of the others. You're not by any means immune to disease you're just not allowed to die from them, you feel each and one of them.
>Roadkill is pretty fascinating. First it was alive, now it's flat.
Morbid curiosity is a thing too.
Saw a pigeon once that was flattened by a bus.
The bus drove over it just so that it's head was under the edge of the tire. Made the skull pop open and sprayed the brains over the road.

Fascinating indeed.
yeah but then play Vcountsor or the egyptions, i have never been able to understand the mentality of nurgle players

i feel like i can understand why someone would play every other race in tabletop games. But to choose nurgle out of all the options? it must be some complex serous of events and decisions that lead to the creation of a human being who sees nurgle and thinks "yes, THIS is what i want"
They are easy to get looking.. "good".
I live in a place where legitimately the only weather is rain, and the only ground is mud or tarmac covered in the gooey remnants of a night out.
I must go to Rockfield for my sand

File: 18sij785a3dxljpg.jpg (178 KB, 970x546)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
You are the Red-Throat Ghouls. A tribe of cannibalistic undead who broke free of the mental domination of the Master. You live deep below the City Above down in dark tunnels, sewers, and long forgotten crypts that honeycomb the earth. Your tribe currently resides in an ancient sepulcher that used to be the old necromancers home and laboratory.

You are not alone down here in the labyrinths.

Mushroom Folk tap and farm in the dark, attacked by great beasts but defended by the Pack. Humans and Hobgoblins explore the tunnels, falling victim to your ambushes. Slave workers are consumed and hunted without remorse, their homes no longer safe. Holy warriors hunt the sewers, alarmed by the whispers of a new creeping threat. A crocodilian Queen rules her territory with an iron claw, indebted to your kindness. The Sewers probed by the forces of the Guild and the mysterious Colleges.

New threats arise daily
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Rolled 9 (1d20)

damn, forgot my roll

You dumb bro?


I am so dumb, you don't even know. It's amazing I can even run this, y'know?

That's pretty dumb bro.

Do you even triforce?
File: umberhulk3.jpg (51 KB, 877x620)
51 KB
Fist gathers several of the heaviest armored and armed ghouls to follow him as he joins the main fighting force of the Mushroom Men. Using hand signs the Warrior quickly gathers the Mushrooms into a column surrounding the ghouls in the center. Fist looks over to Jaw and nods who waves her sword in response.

She turns to the remaining ferals and the goblins. Few carry their spears, instead carrying their maces, swords and blades. With a motion they tear off into the tunnel as the column of fungal warriors start their march.

Mushroom Guards stomp and slam their weapons into the ground in time with their steps, the tunnels soon echoing with their march. Through the eyes of their scout goblins Fist watches as the umber hulks seem to hear them coming, the beasts turning to the sounds and stomping off across the metal bridge spanning the rushing river, two umber hulks remaining with the robed creature standing with the captives, the amber lump at the tip of the insectile rod glowing faintly in the dark.

Jaw and her ghouls scramble out of the tunnels, long talons digging into crumbling stone and brick as they join the goblins, waiting for their chance.

The force of mushroom men quickly picks up speed at Fists urging, their flat feet stomping as they charge, the great Warrior at the head of the wedge, his bonewhite spearpoint glinting with the light of glowing fungus.

Bursting forth from the tunnels the mushroom men spread into a wider formation and charge at the ten umber hulks waiting for them. The platform is quickly a battlefield, the tide of white fungal bodies pushing forward and clashing with the hulks.

Fist and his ghouls charge, using the backs of several Guards to vault themselves into the air, the coordinated undead tackling a surprised Umber Hulk to the ground, their spears stabbing and gouging even as Fist is clenched between large jaws.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>The story so far: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Shadows%20of%20Zeon
>Current list of crew members and assets: http://pastebin.com/rXpM2eFu
>Optional Sidesmuts: http://pastebin.com/PFjU8efe; http://pastebin.com/2vbLjgkM

Expected Runtime
>Fridays and Saturdays 10pm GMT


October 13, UC 0084.

You are Commander Dominic O'Hara, senior Mobile Suit pilot of the Grim Guard.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Stop in at the security desk, see if you can't figure out who's here and where they are.
>Investigate the first floor.

I wonder if personal wire grappling guns are a thing at this point? And if they work under gravity just fine, it seems like a useful instant floor bypass tool.
Hey KoH, is Dom's Newtype power that he basically as a Newtype catalyst, causing others to increase (Rosse) or develop (Audrey) Newtype powers?
If I recall correctly Kou and South joined Keith and Adel on one of the ships that had been hanging around with the Nagato for a while.

Haven't heard from them in a while: presumably Karen let them do as they pleased. They may even have joined Karaba.
Only if he has coitus.
File: jack objection.png (800 KB, 700x537)
800 KB
800 KB PNG
Audrey developed Newtype powers before we went Domscartes on her, tho.

File: Ccff7swd.jpg (6 KB, 180x177)
6 KB
what is the best magic item you or your party have ever found/used?
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Go for it, mate. Sounds cool and domesticated succubi are adorable.
Well, yeah, it was obviously houseruled. The DM was throwing me a bone since I didn't have any weapons or armor. Also, the Super Special Magic Orbs™ were homebrewed as well. So, another player, who was playing some kinda caster, put his orbs into his spellbook, to get more spells known
Crowbar with a knock spell bound to it
You had to make that up. Fuck I hope you made that up.
Is this True Love or Twu Luv?
Because... as fucking corny as this sounds, is it the wish that loves him, or the succubus?

File: liberator lenin.jpg (62 KB, 649x854)
62 KB
So in our next mission I'm gonna send my players to Russia, 1918. Objective: Save the tzar and his family, kill Lenin and prevent the Cold War from happening. This is, if they don't decide Lenin is better than their current manipulative American overlords. Fights against historical people from the past, insane futuristic tech and red army songs await them.

I already have the main structure for the story, but I'm gonna need some secondary stuff to make it something more than just "shoot everything". Maybe some investigation, more dilemas, interesting NPCs. Do you guys have any ideas?
39 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
And how do you propose doing that? Because, let's face it, the Baltic Fleet at the time wasn't even able to win a "battle" against half a dozen british fishing trawlers.

Obviously OP's group go back in time to the dawn of the century with a bunch of blueprints to things like the HMS Dreadnought and give them to the Russians.
Maybe stop the modernisation of japan?
Russians would still loose, they might have a chance if the party manages to switch baby Nikolai II with young Pyotr Alexeyevich.

ok, how about this, they go back in time to the 1700's, steal Peter the Great's semen and use it to impregnate one of the later emperesses.

File: Necro.jpg (45 KB, 500x500)
45 KB
Last time, on Feral Necromancer Quest: You set out to the mountains to acquire the minerals you needed for Bathory's body with both of your elven companions. There was some chatting and theoretical flirtation between the elves that you encouraged. You fell asleep during your watch, and while you were unconscious someone stole your army. You did not take kindly to this, and considered retreating to safety, but ultimately you decided to venture into the caves with whatever animal minions you could gather. Instead of the people responsible for stealing your minions, you encountered a small band of dwarves- stout, short humanoids, wearing no clothes at all, but only armour, using their ample body hair and beards as padding, where humans or elves would use cloth and leather. You learned from them that the dark elves have been constantly harassing them, and are the likely perpetrators of mass minion-theft. You ventured deeper into the tunnels and found those responsible, easily dispatching them with your superior necromancy. You raised some of their bodies to serve as spellcasters in your army. You traded the remaining heads to the dwarves for iron and whatever minerals you needed to create a body for Bathory. You returned to your ruin. That is where the tenth installment of Feral Necromancer Quest ended.


Levelup discussion was confused and a close call. I've upped intelligence to 3, as many of you wanted to raise alchemy, which would be impossible at this point, but intelligence would help when rolling the skill. If there is strong opposition to the idea, I can call for a re-vote.

Character Sheet and Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/vBRyBWfK

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=feral+necromancer

Twitter @DeadQM for session times and any updates.
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>Create the body according to Bathory's specification- human, but ageless

But like an enhanced human stronger faster etc;
>We can rebuild her. Tougher, stronger, faster.

You will keep to her specifications. To the most part. What you will go for in physical terms will be human, but a human stronger, tougher and faster than Bathory was in life. It will be a little harder, but you are sure you can manage it. Or if you fail, you can roll back the upgrades.

Roll 1d20 +7 DC 22
Rolled 17 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 18 + 7 (1d20 + 7)


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