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File: DX.jpg (236 KB, 500x671)
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I'm saying either way what you're complaining about is overblown and only affects this second right here. Some stuff will be good some stuff will be shit. In other news water is wet.
People are only talking about the new thing because of the endless bitching about the new thing. You're making your own problems. It's also trivial to find discussion on any SMT game you want.
>To be fair, Dracula was not in a rhetorically open frame of mind. He's committing murder-suicide on a catastrophically large scale.
No, he was moping and he had time to reflect but the show also wanted him to be blinded by anger at the same time. The show is apologia.
>Thinking of it, the dumbest of all seem to be the other vampires, who are largely too caught up in their own venal interests or power lust to see what's going on.
The show took way too long to properly establish that vampires need specifically human blood long term and the only vampire that manages to put 2 and 2 together is Godbrand. God brand is literally the smartest one of the vampires.
>Carmilla may be the worst of all, since she has the wits to realize Dracula is a family annihilator in meltdown mode (and thus vulnerable to usurpation),
She definitely the lesser evil but the show wants to protray Hector and Carmilla's betrayal as uniquely evil.
>but she doesn't see the problem with God allowing a zombie to sanctify an entire river for her. If you're a Satanic rebel against God and God is obliging your plan, it's a bad plan, lol.
Are you really buying that bullshit excuse? Even that was the case, why shouldn't she? She is right to betray Dracula and it is in her best interest to do so.
>And then she jobs to a guy whose boss power is 'summons adds to his fight.'
Humans are not weak in the Castlevania games. With a few exemptions, the strongest creatures in the game are humans and former humans. Grant was just some guy who was good at throwing knives. Also, Isaac had infinite plot armor.
You know, speaking of him, he would've been perfect as a receptacle for the crude stuff the writers kept trying to push; why the hell did Warren Ellis get his shit in a knot about him being a pirate in a landlocked country as an excuse to exclude him? Not like any of his writing team is adverse to in-name-only levels of changing characters (IE Isaac) and they just ended up gender-swapping him later anyway...yet when asked, somehow expect people to buy that a knife user named GRETA OF DANESTY is just a complete coincidence.
>Season 2 was shit
it's been so long I can't remember when I felt it went to shit, I think season 3 with all the lady vampires scheming, my point was there was an easy set up for a good story and they blew it, it's not even hard
>alucard (or other person) is afflicted with vampirism
>wants to help people
>people are dicks and chase them away
>they isolate themselves out of fear from hateful villagers
>ends up becoming spiteful towards said villagers
it's that easy and with all you'd have to do is push some message about acceptance (which modern writers love) or how we often create the very monsters we fear

File: 1278112463750[1].jpg (271 KB, 1810x1354)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Writing General: 'H.P. Lovecraft' edition.

Welcome to /wg/, the thread for all /tg/ related writing. Whether you're plotting your campaign, trying to come up with a character backstory, or just trying to write some setting fluff, this is the place to post it. You don't even have a campaign, just an idea you want to develop? You're welcome here. While the rest of /tg/ is arguing over monstergirl mating and which way rivers are supposed to flow, we're here to help you turn your thoughts into an actual finished product.

As the successor to the Storythreads, we're also open to /tg/ related fanfiction (D&D, Warhammer, Battletech, whatever). In fact, if you've written any vaguely /tg/-related short stories, you can try them out here. We also have flash-fiction challenges from time to time.

There's a discord for writers here

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here

And finally an archive of /tg/ fiction can be found here:
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Storythread (dead link, but may be resurrected one day)

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File: 1712706461138775.png (101 KB, 500x453)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Each coin has a separate curse but holding even one drives one to acquire all of them to the point of madness. They know that if they just push on and get every last coin they'll be rewarded somehow. Sacrificing friends, family, and sanity even as the curses pile up to make someone miserable.

And if someone gets all the coins, they are visited by Judas himself. Who laughs in their face and disappears. Leaving them with their curses and a desperate urge to give the coins to as many passers by as possible. Even though that doesn't remove the curses from them.
>Throughout "Math Arc" the party is lead to believe the villain is a negative number
>The big twist at the end: It's actually an imaginary number
How obvious am I making this if I name him "Professor I"? It's actually "Professor i" but the party doesn't figure this out until the very end, since they sound the same phonetically.
Why would his name be professor L?
Professor Vertical Bar?
So Im debating some stuff, feel free to give opinions.

Im planning out some stuff for the next arc. Among other big things, there's gonna be a sort of tournament arc. Here's some context:

MC + mentor go meet up with an old demon friend and ask for their help with crucial information. Demon friend being a bit of an ass is happy to help on the condition that they both participate in his tournament - hes running a big sort of underground boxing/fighting stadium thing. Some shenanigans ensue (like both MC + Mentor getting a pair of power-dampening bracers so they dont melt the competition) and then the finale.
I want to put the semi-final to be MC v Mentor. The final, will be one of them vs Another important character. A former student to the same mentor, and former mentor to MC, an ally turned villain turned neutral 3rd party. And here's my dillema. I cant decide which character should win the semi final and go into the finals. Both characters have a great deal of drama with the champ and both could lead to great amount of tension and story appeal. Also, both the mentor and MC just came off a timeskip/training arc, so I dont want to many either seem "weaker" by comparison.


File: latest[1].jpg (87 KB, 400x889)
87 KB
In WoD terms, would he be a Technocratic Mage?
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Emps is Romeaboo prime.
I started paying attention after the "Men think about Rome every day" meme and I literally can't avoid it, Rome was really damn important and its influence is major in a country the Romans never laid eyes on, 2000 years later. 20x that is stretching that a bit but there could have been a few classical revivals since then keeping it alive.
he kinda transcends most descriptive titles outside of demigod, whether he admits it or not lol
Based and Lorgar pilled.
He was anti religion and sorcery because he believed it would allow him to starve and eventually kill the warp gods.

The technocratic union is anti-magic because it allows them to control and shape society easier. They have long since abandoned any concern for the common mans development, and several of their branches are comprised and controlled by ai.

EOM would likely be opposed to the union, and would demand that it either chang or submit to him.

File: Magic Primer v4.png (1.98 MB, 1401x1659)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
Ping edition

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

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A Gavin video on ward and what wotc has learned about it and how to use it.


Keyword aside I think this is a good video to watch for game designers because it is a walkthrough of iteration.
Taking an original idea made for good reasons, exploring its downsides and then exploring how to mitigate those downsides.
File: ltr-26-reprieve.jpg (113 KB, 672x936)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Yep, this ignores "can't be countered" already. "Exile target spell" also bypasses it, though exactly because of that it's used sparingly.
Neat enough, but this should come in untapped. In 99% of cases it's functionally a land that just makes 1 colorless.
File: Anarchys Price.png (276 KB, 375x523)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>X, tap: put a +1/+1 counter on all creatures you control, where X is the number of creatures you control
How does this sound? It's on the night side of a werewolf, if that matters.

File: fish lady.jpg (51 KB, 563x612)
51 KB
Post-Human setting where humans have been genetically engineered to survive deep underwater. Replacing tobacco/chew is a synthetic jerky like substance to curb and satisfy cannibalistic tendencies in some.

>Is your boss getting on your nerves? Does the ex-wife deserve a fate worse than death? Maybe you just have that itch that other meat can't scratch? Try Handover's Sweetbreads! A delectable chew with long-lasting flavor! And for you carnivores out there, try our new party platters shaped in Ribcage, Facemeat, and limbs! Handover's Sweetbreads! Now comes in bone and bone-free varieties!
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File: d5He3bY.jpg (105 KB, 722x1075)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
File: 21YnXmy.jpg (41 KB, 542x800)
41 KB
File: g5tCwxx.jpg (98 KB, 564x871)
98 KB
File: cywyp6fxekz91.jpg (504 KB, 1080x723)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Besides hydromancy, what kinds of magic do your aquatic folk practice? Mine use magic that lets them command sea serpents.
File: doras-sword1-2.jpg (332 KB, 1920x601)
332 KB
332 KB JPG

>an ancient evil lives as a mundane worker since they got tired of being active
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Either Nick-tuku or Nosferatu because nossies love looking for Cleopatras along with arrogant people to fuck with their loves while their cousins always love attractive people.
As >>92602712 points out, a person embraced by a Nosferatu because of their living (commonly vain) beauty is mockingly called a Cleopatra.
I'm not sure why you're describing Caine as an ancient evil. From a human perspective, he's probably fairly good (within the confines of the setting) considering that he explicitly forbade other vampires from ruling over humans and commanded vampires to treat humans and ghouls well.

Which you would know if your only exposure to VtM or WoD weren't finding an internet article about a video game easter egg that, if it were a person, would be old enough to vote.
He is literally the first murderer and created vampires because he wanted to scramble to the top of shit-mountain instead of putting up with "just" being an immortal man, significantly contributing to the Antideluvian horrors responsible for the Flood.
>ancient horror turns alcoholic

File: GKm8yo1bcAAnrW6.jpg (41 KB, 552x507)
41 KB
Which one of theses should i run for my friends?
Our last DM moved towns for a job so he's going to be busy for the next number of months.
I proposed if we could run Fallout in Savage Worlds or a SotDL campaign about hunting demons.
Its going to be just me, a couple of friends, my best friend and his gf.
We have an edgy sense of humor but i am worried about my beffie's gf to be weirded out by his liking of gore and how that would be displayed.
And it's not that he's obliged to include her, he wants her there so as to rp in game and jokingly flirt with NPC's (he has told me all of this whenever the subject of me running came about)
This started as a thread for system reccomends but has devolved as to how the fuck i am supposed to play tard wrangler in a way.
Doesn't sound like either has any real problems with the group though as you've not really shared anything pertinent to the choice. So ask the table what they'd like more. SotDL is better than SWADE IMO, so SotDL if you really need input.
With SWADE, you will need to flesh things out slightly. What's in the core book is pretty bare bones. You're expected to customize the core system with extra rules to fit your genre and setting. If you have trouble, just check out some SW games and steal the setting rules that you like.

File: FRmPrbrUYAEkwUs.jpg (119 KB, 2000x1244)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
What are some trolley problems in games you have been in?

In a Godbound game I am in at this very moment, part of the scenario's backdrop is that there was once an adventuring party of Godbound who went around the world, generally saving and uplifting it. All but one of them died for varying reasons, and of course, resurrecting a Godbound is virtually impossible.

Stricken with grief at losing his friends, the survivor went around the realm, gathering the patronage of multiple dragons, Eldritches, Fae, parasite gods, and Uncreated. By pooling together all of their mystical prowess, he forged a mystical contract: he would be drained of nearly all of his power as a Godbound, which would then go towards an evil tulpa-twin of his. This tulpa would track down the descendants of the deceased Godbound and murder them. (They were minor supernaturals, very hard to resurrect.) Then, and only then, would the survivor's friends all be resurrected in good health.

We gradually pieced these facts together. We ultimately voted on stopping this scheme, since most of the players thought that it would be disrespectful to the late Godbound. We used Brilliant Invention (Engineering lesser) to Burn the Bargain (Freedom lesser), eventually shattering the pact.

I found it to be a fascinating scenario.
The only time I had the party consider ethical side of things was with two questgivers asking for the exact same item, offering the exact same reward, and conveniently located within the exact same travel distance from where the item was ultimately discovered.
File deleted.

To be clear, the survivor's plan actually had considerable merit to it. These deceased Godbound were morally upright heroes who used their demigodly powers to save, reshape, and embetter the world: before their untimely deaths, anyway. Bringing them back would have, in theory, restored to the world a collection of messianic figures who could have continued to good-heartedly uplift the realm.

File: images (4).jpg (11 KB, 248x203)
11 KB
What was his deal?
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I choose option 4, whiney bitchboy
he was extremely autistic and insecure because nobody liked him due to what a sperg he was.

he used to bully his "brother" in his adopted family because he was a primarch and the other guy was just a normal dude. perturabo would do everything he did and just mog him just because he was an asshole. then one day he challenged the brother to an art contest, somehow fucking lost a sculpture contest to a normal human, and seethed so hard over it he snuck into the exhibit at night and smashed both the sculptures.

tl;dr basically what happens if a neckbeard from this website was a primarch
>Vgh, another long, grinding siege that I volunteered for, I fucking hate dad
>Use heavy vehicles? Orbital bombardment? Artillery?
>Nah, WWI infantry tactics
>How come nobody appreciates my hard work?
>I'm gonna decimate all of my companies after I get home
File: Yes.png (131 KB, 315x263)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Sauce? This sounds hilarious
Magnus was never expected or wanted to fall. None of them were, but Magnus especially not. He expected that he might lose some, but took pains to give them huge latitude so they wouldn't feel too straitjacketed into their roles. Hence shit like Guilliman getting to rebuild on worlds he conquered, or Dorn being allowed to be Praetorian of Terra, and so on.

File: Yuan-ti_holy_guardian.jpg (153 KB, 400x544)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Yuan-ti. I'm thinking of pitting my players against some. What are some neat plot hooks involving them? How have you used them in your campaign?
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File: cawcolor.jpg (109 KB, 418x350)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Twisted, I love it.
no it was an ear-th
Yeah I like that version of Yuan-Ti. The notes are my summary/breakdown of the original article from Dragon #151 1989: https://annarchive.com/files/Drmg151.pdf

I use it as the backdrop to my ultra-generic campaign I'm running. The players started in what they thought was the world's most-generic, classic D&D campaign world. In drips and drops they're finding out that the history of the world is "Well, about a thousand years ago the world was ruled by a Mesopotamia-style Yuan-Ti empire that successfully merged their planet w/ The Mad Mind. Most of the continents have sunk into the Abyss and you're the descendants of refugee ships on the last continent which has a century left and then everyone is gonna be in hell. So enjoy the time travel shenanigans."
Nakamura Enjitsu is the artist. That's the entire strip though.

File: 1713997906351511.jpg (110 KB, 476x498)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How's your fantasy heartbreaker doin?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

It originally was called a heartbreaker because it "broke the heart" of the one who coined it that most people won't try a fantasy game of a similar vein to D&D because D&D already exists even though it has neat takes and cool ideas.
Ive hit a wall. The system is funtionally done, so i need to abandon all the tools and techniques ive been using for months to build it and take up a completely new set of tools to populate it with monsters and items and a setting and adventures to play. Im a dev first, a player second and a writer last, so its quite the shock

>Ive hit a wall

The most honest roastie

Congratulations man! Keep it up. The last 5% of the project is always the longest part.
Thanks! Ill keep working on it, hopefully ill have more to say about it by the time the amateur game dev general comes around again

That reminds me that I need to keep writing up my primer.


Been procrastinating on rewriting the primer of my game. Writing it in the view of going on a tutorial adventure that shows how to play the game out.

With WotC long whoring out D&D to normies who watched critical roll, where can I get this feeling anymore?
The pic is from a pinball game but reminds me so much of 2e. With humor everywhere, detailed art, anachronisms everywhere for comic relief while still having verisimilitude to a "totally not medieval" feel. You don't get that from modern D&D where everything feels like fantasy Seattle with dumbass english accents. Any "medieval" aspects just feel vestigial and tacked on at this point. Its hard to explain what I feel when I look at this image but it feels like it has more personality and fun than anything modern D&D. Like the closest I got to feeling in a long time this was playing the "orcs must die" series.
And I don't think its the Blackrock pandering, or the lazy artstyle or the focus on selling to normies (as much as all those things suck) but I kinda just want a gay rollicking romp through a trap filled fairyland castle killing orcs with the boys and maybe even smooch an elf at the end of it.
Like theres a kind of grit in oldschool art that you don't see in things like The Legend Of Vox Machina. Which seem to be trying to ape or are at least influenced by anime. Everything is just so clean and oddly muted
I believe the answer is still AD&D or early hackmaster. Fantasy mediaeval games from the past 25 years take themselves more seriously, whether its MRQ/Mythras, Rolemaster, Hârn, ACKS, The One Ring, The Dark Eye, Dungeon Fantasy RPG - they're less humour filled.
You answered your own question. 2E.

I had this idea for a gun combat system that doesn’t have hit points instead it has injuries (broken bones, blood loss). What do you think of this idea? Is it dumb? How would you go about executing it?
59 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It uses a points system, like most fantasy games, which makes survival easier then a game like 'Behind Enemy Lines' (which uses a wound/injury system like OP asked about). That being said, RECON is still highly lethal.
How many action points does pulling a trigger take in Phoenix Command?
Behind Enemy Lines uses the same wound system that the 15mm Traveller wargame used. I would say it's still too abstract for what OP is after. It's just light/moderate/severe wound, which just seems like a formalization of what I suggest here >>92595256
> that is the thing I am trying to figure out, not to give people reasons to target the limbs.
>Minor tweak
Center mass shooting has two area system as normal, higher death chance than limbs but higher chance of on-target missing than limbs
Delta green
Dunno. Honestly I'm not sure if I'm interested in a realistic gun combat system. As >>92592717 points out, sometimes people get shot once and they die and sometimes it barely allows them down. Delta green approximates within with the lethality rule (every gun has a percentage chance to instantly kill a person on hit and it scales up with bigger guns) but I don't think I want to play a game that attempts to realistically model it. That's just phoenix command, a game that despite doing things like modelling internal bullet ricochet off your ribcage still doesn't manage to find the space to model everything it wants to and grenade launcher shots can only whiff up or down and not side to side. I don't need realism, personally, just the illusion of authenticity.

why doesnt /tg/ ever come up with stuff like pic related? it's almost always just "use weapons from books and source books any attempt to make unique weapons is woke or reddit"
101 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only good for a 2d styled action game, turn based battle game, or similar.
It's too "anime" meaning it works better in a visual medium.
probably because the artist of OP's pic would actually try suing anyone with a remotely similar concept.
Or claim it was stolen on social media and try to rile up a mob.
Because /tg/ isn't a place for creativity anymore. It's just for shilling for/bitching about corporations.
Keeping in theme with the concept: Why not just make a gauntlet that uses the force of your punch to pressurize a larger container/potion that then releases/shoots out liquid from the potion that then takes immediate effect upon contact with the air?
Basically the blast gauntlets from fallout, but magitek.
>I am entitled to the sweat of other people's brow for free.
Have you considered MAID?

Tying it to the bottle breaking means you can have a wider variety of trigger mechanisms without the gauntlet itself becoming overly complicated. Maybe one has a mini wand that makes a spark or a cold snap on breaking along with the bottle. Second, having it tied to vials means you can have different functions. Maybe the first few vials are mildly acidic, but scale up to stronger acids, ignitable oils, or even explosives.

The length isn't going to change much since it's tied to your forearm and the spring can handle the little bit of play in moving your hand. Besides, you're not going to be moving your arm that much with it all bound up in the gauntlet. As far as throwing them goes, there's the accuracy problem and the fact it'll be less concentrated. It's the difference between having a grenade taped to you and one going off 10ft away. Plus you get access to stuff like contact poisons where you don't have to throw it and maybe miss, you just punch until you hit them. And also, it's a bit of a cop out sure, but if there's magical potions there's probably magic other shit. I'm sure you can get a variety of magics applied to the gauntlet that protect from falling or whatever else. But that's a per game discussion.

File: Olmdrake.jpg (424 KB, 1536x864)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Olm-men Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION is a ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested. The main one is 2e, to be found :
> https://app.mediafire.com/us7vnek39dc6k
as with maps, tokens and lore ressources.

>What can I do?
Shitpost, meme, get comfy. Read over the docs to settle in.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
161 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Baron Phosphorous, who was not yet The Baron,
If he's not yet the baron why are you calling him Baron Phosphorous?
Suggestions for changes:

Arkodamode: Cost 6
Soldier, Icon
AP: 2
Movement 3, Accuracy 6, Strength 7, Discipline 5, Evasion 6, Labor 4, Awareness 4
Health: Limbs 1, Body 1
Armor: 3T4T2
[Weapons Training: Titanium Pike]
Military Retirement: If this Model survives a battle without becoming panicked note it next to its profile, the second time it does this you may replace it with Spring Gunner or Atlan Reclaimer model in your Expedition roster.

May take Any Atlan Melee Weapon. 3 Materials, Torch, Lantern, Rations.

Neodamode Cost 4
Soldier, Slave

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Egypt under undead ottoman rule
Pretty sure Egypt is where the Unhusked Ottomans are making their stand. Of course, they probably seem like easy pickings to their neighbors...
Expedition anime when?
When someone sits down to write Satsuma

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