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File: Natasha_SS.jpg (124 KB, 370x690)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
How do you feel about a game having pure, dedicated support characters? Classes with no combat ability of their own, just the ability to heal or provide utility for the other PCs?
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>GURPSfag lying again.
Nobody plays healer-only in GURPS.

You aren't people.
Shallyans in WFRP, whether it be 1st, 2nd, or 4th edition, are always weird creeps who have no morals because despite Shallya being the goddess of mercy and charity, people who play Shallyans do it because in the chance your character gets injured or killed, that fucker playing the Shallyan is the only one who can pick you up.

That said if things go to plan, the Shallyan is just unnecessary baggage. They're the insurance policy of a WFRP group.
>It just shows the brainrot of 3.x continues to exist, even 20 years later.
Back in the day there was a famous dragon magazine Q&A (back when it was TSR), where someone was asking why is the game so unbalanced that if a wizard turns a corner, casts a super fast lightning bolt, manages to win the initiative, and blasts the half naked barbarian man with the big slow sword in the chest, the warrior survives, charges the wizard, and murders the wizard over the course of the next few rounds.

Casters complaining about not being the best at everything has been a thing since Gygax still worked on the products.
Because magic is magic and it should be better than being some boring mundane schlub. It's not supposed to be balanced. Wizards should be better than everyone by dint of actually being better than them.
except in this case it's also a game, and games are boring when there's a single obviously superior option

File: file.png (730 KB, 800x444)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
What's the most fun tabletop game you could recommend me, considering I already have a 3D printer and i'm trying to run OPR games already for my friends, but what other games would be FUN to try out?

This keeps appearing on my feed. I've been looking into combined arms games, but not Battletech because the rules are too much it seems
"Fun" is meaningless to ask for, because no one can read your fucking mind and know what you like.
If you don't know what you like then just try popular things. They're usually popular for a reason, though often not very good ones.
Holy jaded response my dude
You can say "i like penis" and it would be exactly the kind of answer i was looking for, because I'm asking YOU what YOU would recommend. I don't like penis that much tho, but thanks for the input
>I'm asking YOU what YOU would recommend
I wouldn't recommend anything to anyone without having an idea what they actually like, because experience tells me it's completely pointless.
I know what I like, I don't know what is there

File: Rev Speech Icon (2).png (578 KB, 586x649)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Been a bit, because I worked for fedex for a stint. going in at 6am and getting out ay 8am is terrible, had no energy. So this is the first game, and thread I've posted of this for a while.
Anyways. Enjoy big titty Nephilim mommy's in game speech icon.

Now our group has made their way into the former Empire of Manaan. The mystic and magic obsessed rival of Olm. They tried to get close to the old holy city, the seat of the old god Byd's power. But the place is so accursed they sort of backed down after two encounters with soul-blighted golems and Ether Warriors convinced them to wait and come back later someday with more magical gear.

They've arrived in Manaan to find a land wracked with war between Elo The Wise, and The Peacock Prince. Arriving in the small town of Windamere on thyme, which has more people than they EVER encountered in Olm. It's only around because it's utterly dominated by the church of the motherfather. Who is officially neutral in the ongoing war.
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I’d like to see that too, assuming that you don’t go through much trouble making it, OP.
File: aBBY.png (403 KB, 454x480)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
The abby is basicly a magical research outpost. It's more priestly of course. But those monks are doing magical and ritual research. Observing the ongoing war, and recording it in holy scripture. So refugees and adventures often find monks (Monk the profession. Not the class. The class is actually bard for these guys) asking to write down their legendary adventures.
Also as always, It's Revelry, so be fruitful and overpopulate. Magical marital aids will be provided.

Rev and Elo are both somewhat fatherly. Though in different ways. If Rev embodies both matriarch and patriarch roles. Elo is more a fatherly mentor figure. At least to their followers.

None so far

There are a few, but the categories are simple Enthroned, and not enthroned. I'll elaborate next post. As I'm working atm.
is this porn can I masturbate
>Monk the profession. Not the class. The class is actually bard for these guys
Didn’t expect that, any particular reason why?
Why not? Is the pantheon just too disorganized to have a messenger at the moment?

File: GP7n96zaIAA3c_a.jpg (75 KB, 398x744)
75 KB
Is eating your opponent cards or any other game piece a valid strategy?
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The Chaos Orb story is most likely an urban legend, Chaos Confetti is based on it and even mentions it being an urban legend in the flavor text.
Sir Bearington probably isn't a fake story. But it's one of the most cancerous. It was spread far wider than most other /tg/ stories, and it's reasonably short enough for the ADHD normalfags to digest before needing to scroll to another TikTok video. The problem is that it has informed the mindset of thousands of players and sent them into the DND hobby with the mindset that the game is a comedy improv routine, and cocksukcers like Brendan Lee Mulligan and other fat fucking söy riddled faggots have only reinforced it. So sir bearington is a problem for spreading cancer on DnD, but because of the audience,not the actual content of the story by itself.
>noooo I want muh beatings!!!
>fuck you, it's community service for you
My hungry ass could never be a Pokemon TCG player.
It'll realistically just end up in a small claims court. It doesn't matter if the cops don't take it seriously. They see grievances filed for even more asinine shit all the time. You can prove that there is a going market value for cards fairly easily though, so you'd be likely to win a small suit against someone who ate your card and probably be awarded enough for a near mint replacement copy.

File: bazaar.jpg (110 KB, 800x600)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Tired of 5e? Pathfinder? Do you have a funky setting but NO system to go with it? We'll help ya, kind stranger.
Provide a detailed description of the game ya wanna run, and we'll offer you a system recommendation. Don' just request tho, be a good sport and help Anons who are looking for systems too! And feel free to discuss and debate the merits of different systems too!

Happy Father’s Day! Has anyone here ever played with their dad?

Previous Thread: >>92947731
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What would you suggest that OP say instead?
Outing himself as a mindless pop-culturist zombie, to be eliminated and disregarded as the NPC that he is at the first available opportunity? Yes, you are right; he absolutely should do that.

You might consider adapting Cadillacs & Dinosaurs to a higher-tech sci-fi setting
I asked in the last thread but didn’t really get an answer, what might work for a game set in the workd of the Locked Tomb books, which is in the far future where the solar system is dominated by the Nine Houses, which save for the deserted First House/Earth each have their own necromantic specialities, like the Ninth and bone manipulation? Oh, and there’s eldritch horrors called Resurrection Beasts which are basically the ghosts of planets killed by necromancy.
Are there any good rules lite supers games that don't go into full narrative game territory (like Masks)? I don't mind long power lists as long as the power themselves are relatively simple/succinct, but M&M is a little much for my tastes.

I play DnD on a weekly basis, but the OP is extremely inoffensive and lighthearted. You're allowed to get tired of a system regardless of how long other people have played it. He doesn't even say you NEED to change, that's something you added. Stop being so insecure, it's annoying.

Is Battletech the most realistic wargame that people actually play in any significant numbers?
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I haven't checked this or seen the math, but I've heard that if you combine the size the mechs are described at with the weight they are supposed to be, all but the very smallest of battlemechs are basically completely impossible

even that aside, the mechanics and physics of the larger mech moving around makes no sense. A 100 ton Atlas has to put all 100 tons of that weight on to ONE of it's feet in order to take a step. The thing would sink into the ground.
Nah, that math was always bunk. Mechs have huge stompy feet for ground contact and are actually mostly on the lighter side of say, jets. Light mechs are basically fighter jets that walk and the heaviest mechs have a similar ground pressure to MBTs. They're made of space metal so it's a lot lighter than their size would suggest.


Lmao even
Battletech doesn't have flying cars
Impractical isn't the same as something being impossible
>Battletech doesn't have flying cars
It features hovercars instead. Hovercrafts that can be legitimately driven on public roads and inside cities.

File: Capture3.0.jpg (151 KB, 1200x675)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
"Hit 'em with my sword" Edition

>Previous Thread:

>Key Downloads, FAQs and Errata
>Critical Ops
>Rules and Teams


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1704418081269881.gif (839 KB, 272x229)
839 KB
839 KB GIF
but heavy cover.. already gives you..
Heavy cover gloves you obscuring when the friendly operative is more than triangle from it and the enemy operative is more than circle from it. But it does not if the enemy operative is within within of it. It does however offer cover of the enemy operative is within triangle of it, which the patriarch can use. Bheta Decima is covered in heavy terrain, you can get use out of the ability. And considering all the other rules and statline, it's a healthy negative to such a killy model.
Harlequins need 8 operatives, two of which can be characters (shadowseer and deathjester). Veteran guardsmen want to take the four extra operatives and do not have enough bodies to build all options so want two boxes for the optimal build. Agents of the Inquisition flat out give you a single sprue of seven models, you either need another sprue or another kill team to steal models from (they can use operatives from other kill teams), Blades of Khaine can use Howling banshees and dire avengers, but the box only includes striking scorpions so if you want all possible combos you need to buy two boxes of howling banshees and one of dire avengers, Phobos strike team can take reivers, none are included in the box (unsure if they are worth taking), Thousand sons you mentioned (built mine from the box of three sorcerers and rubrics with loads of leftovers).

That's all that springs to mind. Any of the white dwarf originating teams need multiple boxes. About a third of teams from Kill Team releases need more than one box. Of course, plenty have optimal builds you can get from a single box but you cannot build every option, which is more relevant in Kill Team than 40k.
You don't seem to unerstand how the team composition works maybe you should read a guide first, maybe something like https://www.goonhammer.com/hunter-clade-kill-team-tactics/
Warpcoven will want 3 kits actually unless you have plenty of conversion bits; they need to have 3 sorcerers (most easily acquired using the exalted sorcerers kit), and then in most cases you want one or two extra rubrics and two or four tzaangors.
The other WD teams are similarly rough, where wyrmblade requires at least two character models in addition to the main squad, and void-dancers are very similar. Hunter clade can be build using just two troops boxes at least.
They're very handy if you happen to already have most of the teams from a previous collection though.

File: Aasimar.png (531 KB, 500x803)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Why are Tieflings so much more popular than Aasimar?
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There's no fucking way this subject is that interesting that we've had it several times in a row.
>Weren't playable in baldur's gate
neither were tieflings (unless it's EE thing)
File: 2MHUM7_L.jpg (84 KB, 420x660)
84 KB
they were playable but only in Icewind Dale 2

You would think that Zoomercattle would find Aasimar far more relatable.

Perhaps too relatable for comfort

File: IMG_0073.jpg (183 KB, 1199x630)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Wasn’t this game BEATING Warhammer 40k at one point?
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People have completely dropped the awful asmodee rules and gone back to 2.0 in earnest
Where can you get the 2e rules these days?
But anon how else can he pontificate about his special interest
Episode 10 production leaked

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy directing, who has more non-fiction credits than anything else which is a choice

are you all ready for The Mouse to ramrod a new trilogy so fast each film has a different director with no communication?
1.0 guy here. I never got onboard with 2.0, but figured it played mostly the same as 1.0. What changed from 2.0 to 2.whatever number?

File: file.png (2.05 MB, 1280x719)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
Previous thread:
>>93024061 (Cross-thread)

>Lorcana Official Website:

>Lorcana News, Guides and other Resources [Feel free to suggest more websites]:

>Card Database:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Have you considered Digimon? I find its the perfect middle ground between all the issues you described. Also older yugioh formats are still played and have regular tournaments for them.
>That Gardevoir is just a calm slice of life
Slice of live is the generic shit these days.
I asked in the last thread, but didn't get an answer:
If I want to make a pure-ish The Queen deck, what color combination would be best. I know the amber Queens are solid, but the rest seem kinda bad besides Diviner but im not sure if Diviner is enough to make amber/sapphire the best color combination to go with.
Is the actual game fun?
Try it for yourself, theres an sim you can find in the digimon general.

File: 1718009656865204.gif (3.92 MB, 180x129)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB GIF
Are OSRfags still pretending old-school D&D was not "play-acting"?
>muh fantasy adventure game
>muh gay theater kids
Gary Gygax on tape:
>"In a few words, you can best liken fantasy roleplaying to a cross between let's-pretend cops-and-robbers and improvisational theater"

There's also literally a quote from him in a "classic" adventure OSRfags rave about, Keep on the Borderlands, where he compares playing a character to an actor playing a role in a play.

In AD&D Gary uses the word THESPIAN, saying players will become "artful thespians" the more they play.
>thespian (n.)
>an actor
Pulled up from a dictionary for the retards.

What are OSRfags smoking?
239 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
>calling the people who made your hobby/game manchildren
are you a manchild anon
Whatever dumb bait Jeffro says is 100% the gospel truth reveal by The Prophet Gygax (pbuh). Also, kys troon.
>Gygax was a charlatan with no strong personal views about games, and would waffle back and forth according to whatever he thought people wanted to hear.
Retarded. Gary frequently wrote essays telling people they were playing DnD wrong.
>For every Gygax quote, there's a Gygax quote that contradicts it, because the only thing he ever really cared about was making money off of other people's work.
You can loosely base Gygax's work in three categories - "DnD is a hit and my way is the right way" then "I owe the irs 260k in unpaid taxes and own 25 horses oh my god what the fuck" and finally "they 'stole' my lifes work and im never getting it back, might as well just run games at cons"

>Worse still are the faggots who keep trying to deify him as some sort of Patron God of Roleplaying Games, when he was terrible at dungeon/adventure design, all his games after D&D were failures
being good at game design does not a successful RPG make
>and he didn't even understand what D&D was until after he had started selling it. He still thought of it as a supplement to a war game and only contributed war game rules to its design
it literally was retard
>and had such little faith in it he gave it the smallest possible print run and didn't even bother advertising it
that tiny print run cost them so much money they had to get an outside investor to help cover the costs, you faggot.
>focusing instead on the more traditional war games he was also publishing at the time. It was only after several months that people learned about the game and spread awareness about it through word-of-mouth that Gygax realized that the game might have some actual potential.
TSR's war games were selling really well at the time, however.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>If the players are fucking about making funny voices it's totally acceptable to roll for wandering monsters.
No, it's not, if the characters are making funny voices and being foolish, then ok, you have a point, but how the fuck would the monsters know what the fuck the players are doing? That's just spiteful meta-gaming shit from a DM who can't keep his group entertained, engaged and immersed in his shitty adventure.
nta, but you've got the whole thing backwards

wandering monsters don't appear because they see the players, they bump into the players over time. when you've spent a given amount of time in the dungeon, a check is made for wandering monsters. in addition loud noises may force a check too.
it's also important to mention that encounters with wandering monsters are not necessarily hostile, and some may be friendly or helpful, but the threat of the hostile ones is the stick that goads players into action so they don't dawdle inside the dungeon. Which fucking around and doing silly voices counts as -- dawdling.

File: Dwarf2.jpg (67 KB, 562x761)
67 KB
Compared to elves who are flexible aesthetics and presentation-wise, dwarves occupy a strict box in which they don't often leave

How do you give Dwarves a distinct presentation beyond just beer-drinking nordic-themed miners?
112 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's easy to explain axes, warhammers, and warpicks being standard dwarven weapons. Since they are already so used to manufacturing those tools and wielding them for mining. So naturally, it is easier for an untrained dwarf to fight with a hammer than with a sword.

Also, the close quarters combat within caverns and tunnels that dwarves usually engage in encourages the use of log spears combined with shorter secondary armaments.
Now I want Torcs as a faction of elves who larp as orcs and claim descent from far eastern Orc tribes
Beards are common because beards are a status symbol. It's difficult to keep a luscious long beard when you're around constantly heavy machinery. Hence, it's associations with success in Dwarven culture
If you find dwarves boring, you're probably a boring person.
>elves are immortal
In TES mer (all the elven races) aren't immortal

Palladium Games and Rifts General! /PGaRG/: Steppin' Thru Da Rifts Edition

The world is a broken, post-apocalyptic wasteland destroyed by the eruption of inter-dimensional portals, rifts in the fabric of space-time and ley lines which crisscross the world. Demon & alien invaders have poured out of the rifts to destroy human civilization and claim the Earth. Now the wasteland has had 300 years to partially recover, and civilization has returned to the world; but not just human civilization: alien empires, monster kingdoms, lost time travellers, lands of mutants, demonic overlords and wizards have arisen from the ashes, all trying to rebuild the world in their own image!

Talk about:
>Heroes Unlimited
>Palladium Fantasy
>Beyond the Supernatural
>Dead Reign
>Robotech (lol)
>TMNT & Other Strangeness + After the Bomb
>Savage Rifts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
43 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to write a Glitterboy Book so fucking bad bros
The place is Rifts Toronto, anon. Acting like that is literally all they are capable of doing other than deluding themselves into believing that the Leafs won't choke next year.
>Supposedly there's already a big manuscript for Rifts Lazlo and a preview copy that is being edited/revised and has cover art. Never seen it in the wild though

Like all the "raw previews", it's a limited-run print-only deal, so you're unlikely to see it liberated any time soon. Looking at the PB store though, apparently it never fully sold out and you can still buy one if you want. It doesn't actually look like it has much in-character fiction, but there are sections for the usual history and general culture and factions, districts of the city, their relationships with all the other political powers in the world, there are some crunchy bits for schools of magic (a totally new thing that gives some bonuses and flavor at each level of progression), some OCCs, spells, other miscellany, and so on.
glad I opened this thread, I have no idea what this game system is but the cover art goes insanely hard.
File: 91+s29RPp+L.jpg (153 KB, 860x1047)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Damn right

File: q1k33ul11pvy.jpg (329 KB, 1297x1180)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Which D&D school is your favorite?

I'm an abjuration guy.
54 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ok I flee the encounter and we all go a different way. I guess the opposite direction?

What happens?
Illusion purely thanks to Phantasmal Force. With this spell I can imagine a rube-goldberg contraption springing up out of nowhere that drops bowling balls on an NPC's nuts and they are forced to acknowledge it like a real thing. Bonus if the DM is cool and lets you use twinned spell to make a shared illusion so I can do some funky Saw traps and make the enemies fight each other to get free.
sorry bro he illusion'd up a wall over the door you came in, you can't go through it cause you failed that save too

I kill myself
Illusionistbros, we won

File: 1718640016158.jpg (167 KB, 1280x720)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Recommend me slop tabletop YouTube content.
I'm already subscribed to good content channels, but I want to consume some real trash slop content.
52 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah.. please close the door for your closet
File: download (3).jpg (6 KB, 312x162)
6 KB
For me, it's Questing Beast
The face of a man who tortures small animals in his spare time.
No. He might not have crazy deep insights, but he does animate all that shit. A lot of his stuff is more "here's a fun way to think about this spell/setting", like his story about a survival campaign where they house rules Goodberry to consume it's casting components, so the players had to search desperately for mistletoe to stay alive if they couldn't forage.
Nah, probably a troll post but his content is really good
>Short, to the point
>Actually shows you what the game is and talks about the mechanics
>Usually never talks about current editions of D&D
>The game he designed is actually decent

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