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File: 20240620_203622.jpg (373 KB, 1763x731)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
How did nu40k reach this point???

What key decisions led to 40k becoming so... video gamey?

What's the actual plan from the famously underpaid Design Studio? Are they genuine midwits?

It's a game broken at its core. It needs more attention than quarterly "Metawatches" and points balances. Like do they actually look into stuff or just go "well [faction] is on 55% win rate in the subsection of tournaments we collect data for so every unit in that army needs to be more expensive", is there a methodology???
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Complain all you want, it's still not as bad as the Vehicle Targeting template.
File: 1713458454983037.jpg (31 KB, 850x311)
31 KB
Nobody plays the new 40k anyway stop talking about it it's boring
Why the fuck wouldn't you just move 12" diagonally? What's the point of this graphic?
Why is going back to old vehicle movement video gamey?

File: sousou no frieren.jpg (69 KB, 959x540)
69 KB
Why do elves even have sharp ears anyway
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Because they have sharp hearing.
Letting women design elves results in all of the elves being cute, news at 11.
When the last sidecut coastoid is dragged from its lair shrieking about use value and patriarchy, and hacked into cubes of quivering gelatin to be swept into the sewers. When the last red-nosed tumbler illustrator is tortured for a confession and hanged. When the last worshipper of ugliness and degeneracy is blinded with hot irons, and put to the knife.

When, and only when. Then, and only then.
based based based based
You have my vote.

File: stammer.jpg (15 KB, 218x231)
15 KB
What does heart breaker game system mean? I have heard some conflicting information.
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>and then they make something that is still entirely warhammer derived but with some minor rules changes.
Yes, absolutely. Think about what a Heartbreaker is; you fall in love with an idea, think about it all the time - hours and hours of imagination devoted to thinking about how "cool" the campaign is going to be... And then you run the campaign, and it's mediocre. It might not *really* be mediocre, but it's nothing like you wanted it to be, and your efforts to try and make it what you wanted it to be could hurt the campaign even more.

In other words, fantasy heartbreaker is when an Ideas Guy actually tries to put their Idea to paper.
File: BrainDamageRonEdwards.png (72 KB, 1063x489)
72 KB
>What does heart breaker game system mean?
full brain damage
>What does heart breaker game system mean?
it's like this: you're makin' pasta, capisce? But you ain't followin' Nonna's recipe 'cause you got your own sauce, your own way. Except, here's the kicker, your sauce tastes like garbage, and nobody in their right mind would touch that crap. But hey, you're cookin' for yourself, so who gives a damn, right?
Now, so far, no problem. But then, imagine you start thinkin' everybody else is wrong, and you wanna shove your lousy sugo down their throats like some kinda jamook. That's when you step into real heartbreaker territory, my friend.
Real answer: it's derived from two essays Ron Edwards wrote in 2002.


Edwards describes the games discussed as heartbreaking because they're usually labours of love and typically have one or maybe two actually innovative ideas but are so trapped in the tractor beam of D&D that they inevitably fail both from a game design perspective and a market one.
I've heard it used in reference to fantasy wargaming too, probably smoother indie variations on the wsrhammer fantasy theme as well

Trismagistus 2E’s new playtest just dropped. Quick summary of the changes from the last one
>Nephalim buffed, flight now consumes one action point instead of two, allowing for melee maneuvers while flying! Still no ranged or casting tho (thank god)
>Mermfolk nerfed, can no longer control blood
>Mages no longer require planar channeling to use level 0 spells (kinda stupid from a lore standpoint IMO)
>Dragons are now immune to the Skeptic’s Atheism Aura
>Void walker, Ranger, and Crafter are here
>Pirate mysteriously removed without comment
>Orcs are now Mongolian
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It's always been real though.
Is the summoner’s catapult still as broken as ever? We have the house rule that catapult lackeys cannot be mind controlled to do anything but use the catapult, but for events that obviously doesn’t work.
>unironically using forgotten elders
you fucking deserve everything you get
It's worse and the bad editing has left room for abuse: the catapult is self-firing and reloading but no longer spawns with lackeys and must be manually aimed by the summoner. The catapult only has three shots and a weight is included implying it doesn't vanish after the last shot. In theory, it's probably meant to start the siege ahead of the siege crew and allow for manual operation after the third shot.
The kicker? It doesn't specify whether the catapult still fires if manually loaded with extra shots or whether it's self-propelled. I've already got a player planning to use summoned catapults as barricades and resources (metal and wood). He'd build his own fucking fort with the things if I'd let him.
Read something that isn't fantasy. Like an actual milhist book. You retard.

File: Spriggina.png (328 KB, 540x297)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>The party is too late to stop the cultists and prevent the ritual
>Now from the deeps of time immemorial, a scion of age of slime arrived
>The Old One, Spriggina!
What would your party do ?
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>Cult finishes
>Summon a 15 foot horseshoe crab
>Party begins to laugh
>They watch as the cult leader jabs the summoning artifact (a long complex ivory rod) into the "face" of his scion and lifts the thing off the ground
>Party stops laughing as they now watch him take a battle stance and whisper, "Come"
>For the rest of the fight the cult leader (an amazing mage in his own right) is effectively wielding a sword with 15 feet of reach, that can grapple and throw, and deals sanity damage all on top of doing more overall damage than a regular blade
>He can bonus action strike you if you come into his range or leave it
>can also roll to reduce ranged damage or outright stop it
>It also grants him an additional action per turn because he's wielding a sentient creature that can likewise use all the magic he can if it chooses to
>It also boosts his AC and he can now use two spells at a time that require concentration
>He is seriously still not sure why people always laugh at him when he summons this thing
Arem't those things the size of a shoebox?
Spriggina was a plant, not an animal.
Zoo-fags are turning every odd fossil into animal
Good one
>tfw you summon the ancient one and he crawls behind the fridge and dies

File: FB_IMG_1690405748385.jpg (60 KB, 1000x1000)
60 KB
Infinity is a 28mm tabletop skirmish game produced by Corvus Belli, and includes the related games Aristeia, Defiance, TAG Raid, REM Racers, and Acheron's Fall. Corvus Belli also produces the fantasy games Warcrow and Warcrow Adventures.

>Latest official updates:

>Rules and missions:

>Beginner FAQs and guides:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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IMO the ML is unusable, the range bands and +1B mean that he's a DZ active gun like a TAG but since you have to dedicate an expensive fireteam to get him to 4B it's hard to justify.

The Mk12 is great, you get 5B in a link and it's also the most sturdy non-TAG piece in Sval. It's basically a 1 less damage HRMC in active, attached to an S5 light TAG (and gets 2B in reactive which is better than a TAG), and it can drag around Specialists incl very good Engineers/Paramedics (Blade/Karhu) in a link to keep him standing and do objectives.

The reason you don't see him is because there are better options for much cheaper in Sval. Hawkins gets the same range bands but access to AP/DA, and also comes with extremely good melee, is a Specialist himself, just as sturdy (though no ECM Hacker he has Stealth) and is 11pts cheaper.
Oh, so the +1B does make the reaction shot B2? I thought that was only for the active as I was under the assumption only the fireteam bonus works in ARO.

> Hawkins gets the same range bands but access to AP/DA, and also comes with extremely good melee, is a Specialist himself, just as sturdy (though no ECM Hacker he has Stealth) and is 11pts cheaper.

Huh, I never thought of him. that makes me sad, I like the look of the Boyg. I also wish they made the MK12 model too.
>Oh, so the +1B does make the reaction shot B2? I thought that was only for the active as I was under the assumption only the fireteam bonus works in ARO.
Your understanding is correct, I was referring to the fireteam bonus (though there are a few TAGs which can form a Haris, they are scarcely any heavier than the Boyg).

>Huh, I never thought of him.
Most people overlook him for some reason, maybe because he's in a MO pack and it's a shitty pack at that. I personally always take him in Sval because there is a lack of weapons for the 24" rangeband and, like I said, he's better than the Boyg.

>I also wish they made the MK12 model too.
Me too. He is truly Svalarheiman looking and actually embodies the look of Heavy Infantry. I duno, maybe other people have different opinions, I do sometimes see the Mk12 taken but I just can't personally justify it.
File: first list v4.jpg (84 KB, 701x551)
84 KB
you seem to know your stuff about Svalarheima. Since I have you, is picrel the best list for just the action pack? I have the action pack and Liang Kai. I could use my remotes from my yu jing army to proxy the remotes.
I'm no Sval veteran but I've played a few games and know it, NCA, and Varuna pretty well. I'd take the KHD Nokken for a marker state, you have 5pts spare anyway. I'd also take the Orc HMG (and a Fusilier Hacker since you have so many remotes, or at least a Paramedic for a Specialist) because you don't have any guns greater than 24" range and as a PanO faction you need to leverage big guns with high BS to clear a way to advance up the table (since you don't have smoke or camo). You probably also want the Varg to be a FO since you don't have any Specialists other than the Hackable KoJ, fragile Nokk, and basically useless Infirmarer.

Generally, I'm not really sure how to use the action pack. I'd never take the Boyg outside of a Haris but the only Action Pack legal Boyg Haris has the Knight of Justice and Infirmarer which is just garbage. I don't like Nokken or Locusts much as expensive forward dep/infiltrating non-Camo models. Varg are severely overcosted too. You'd never take an Infirmarer in a real game, they're a 25pt Combi Rifle WIP13 Doctor (compare to, say, 15pt Ghulam WIp14 Doctor+3 with a template weapon). Some people take Orcs but IMO they're also overcosted and don't do anything better than the Boyg/Hawkins/Hospitallers/KoJs. Really, from the action pack, I don't use anything in Sval except the Fusiliers, occasionally the Knight of Justice (again, hard to justify compared to Hawkins, and Nokken in meme camo lists with Uma. Sorry I can't be much more help.

File: 1706393815477344.jpg (271 KB, 815x1200)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
So I'm considering running a game set in the world of The Dark Tower, newfags won't get this which for those who are interested but not in the know is a post-apocalyptic weird west story set in an alternate reality Earth, after a second collapse and during the unwinding of time and space themselves. Think Thundarr meets a spaghetti western with a sprinkling of Yog-Sothery. I'll probably set it before the fall of Gilead, since that will let me set adventures that avoid stepping on the plot's feet, while giving players more options (including playing gunslinger, obviously). The gameplay arc will probably start with episodic 'the gang rolls into a town' kinds of adventures, before moving into longer, higher-stakes adventures, should the game succeed.

My notion is to run this game via Barbarians of Lemuria, probably by way of Barbarians of the Aftermath to get that post-apocalyptic weird science aspect. But I'm also considering using Honor+Intrigue and its optional alternate settings rules, instead. What I'd like to ask fa/tg/uys is which they think would be better, and if there are any other daughter systems of BoL I should be looking at too as a potential base for the game. Additionally, is there any 'source books' I should check out besides the peripheral novels and the Concordance? I'd also welcome any stories of games you ran or played in in the setting, or general weird west and dying earth game talk, if you've got a notion.
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The thing is King sees evil as ultimately and fundamentally pathethic, so of course he's not very good at making effective or compelling villainous characters, and this was the point of the Crimson King in particular. I think his best evil was IT, because even though it does follow that philosophy, it's so damned interesting, as an incomprehensible outer god from beyond creation itself that gets twisted into the form of a giant spider in the physical universe and proceeds to use a clown it made up with its own little history and backstory as an avatar to feed itself. It's an elemental evil embodied as a pregnant spider larping as an edgy killer clown OC it came up with in its basement. I truly appreciate the originality of that.
File: 1545702287517.jpg (33 KB, 544x416)
33 KB
>man writes book about evil car
>is nearly killed by one after the fact
When we did a game set in Mid-World, we used it as an excuse to pull character concepts from...pretty much all of King's oeuvre. One character I came up with was a kid from the world of The Stand who was among the immune, but when the psychic call went out to go to the side of Mother Abigail or the side of Randall Flagg, he chickened out and chose neither. Instead, he ended up crossing into Mid-World and haunted by a profound, possible divine sense of guilt for not making a choice. He vowed the next time he'd man up and pick a side...though we never got far enough to see which side it would be.
Sounds like a pretty interesting setup. The nice thing about the Tower is you indeed don't have to mine from just Mid-World.
It's because where the King hails from Lobsters are the Maine attraction

File: New dnd book.jpg (359 KB, 1080x2007)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Hype levels?
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>I hope you are happy
The downward spiral gets funnier every day.
over 9000 that the sperg i'm playing with have finally show interest in pf2e
>can't afford Regenerate, Polymorph, or an item that allows him to just fucking fly
i mean it is though? Dragon breath is a cone not single target spell so it can't be twin
Some literallywho made a fantasy wheelchair and it was suddenly the talk of the internet for like years.
You'd have to be stupid to not capitalize on that kind of willing attention.

File: 1708024621365030.jpg (227 KB, 1000x1000)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>party is bunch of indentical clones
Can it work outside of a Stormtrooper game?
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Lobotomy Corporation and Mad Max (Fury Road)
what is a Lobotomy Corporation?
Google it motherfucker.
Man that's such a classic gif
File: Blood_Brothers.png (541 KB, 592x700)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
While Friend Computer never actually makes a mistake, there have been a few, lets call 'em "stnanks". A full clone family being on the same team at the same time might be one of them.

They're intended as an NPC clan, but I've always thought a Blood Brother campaign might be fun.

File: clawsaur.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
Saur Edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION is a ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked cook-off adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, cook off and fight each other for victory (and the best meal).
A campaign mode is currently in the works, hoping to post a first Campaign Scenario within the next week or two. (you) are more than encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested. The main one is 2e, to be found :
> https://app.mediafire.com/us7vnek39dc6k
as with maps, tokens and lore ressources.

>TL;DR Doc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thank you very much for your nice words.
You can use my CYOA handle Rigger the Skylark if you want but I'm fine being anonymous.
File: map1.jpg (267 KB, 1024x1256)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Will do!
Any idea for a title?
Unrelated, but I archived the previous thread. Still getting downvotes, lol.
Will update!
For the game tomorrow would you like trying some of the maps from the Map thread currently up? Some might work well.
>trying some of the maps from the Map thread currently up?
do you have one in mind? how would we run it?
Reposting from last thread.

Still intending to write the Napoleon under the Pyramids story but if I'm too lazy to do it here's the gist of it:

The wish granter is real, it is underneath the pyramids, it is broken, and Napoleon wants to fix it.

Why do you think the Egyptians worshipped the SVN? There is only one.
I've been trying a bunch but I'm running into issues with the overlay on Owlbear, and yeah it doesn't make for figuring out easily what type of terrain is what. I'm gonna try editing it first with an overlay before even uploading it and see if that works.

File: kobold rights.png (47 KB, 950x800)
47 KB
Discuss everything kobold-related here.

Races of the Dragon is still one of my favorite books. Really depicts the little fuckers interestingly. I especially love the idea that they don't have commoners among their society--they're majority expert.
They're cool but the cowardly dumb creature meme is shit because it could literally be anyone and anything else
Hell it's literally skaven
>cowardly dumb creature
Not how they appear in ROTD at least. They're depicted as basically grizzled communal partisans who want the planet to fuck off and leave them alone to mine. Human-level intelligence.
Is he still doing quests?

I like to think them completely subservient to dragons, a lesser race made to serve their master's every mundane need like an army of dedicated fans.

Like critters who self domesticated themselves and made themselves indispensable. Like for example a dragon must have not only treasure but also a cohort of Kobolds to manage it's lair to be considered successful.

Occasionally they may offer themselves to other masters for lack of draconic overlords but will always jump ship when the chance presents itself.

(Also most skills like scale polishing aren't as popular among non scaly bosses for some reason).

But unlike dumb goblin grunts and other witless peons they take their servitude seriously and provide specific services, they live in a very specialized society where they fulfill their role in the tribe at best they can.
I love how one-sided their relationship with dragons is. Half the material in DnD and Pathfinder is about kobolds is how they aspire to live up to dragons in some way. Meanwhile, metallics won't deal with them at all, and most chromatics have some other race they prefer working with like lizardfolk or hobgoblins.
File: FPEiwhTXEAIsq0R.png (331 KB, 740x813)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
As part of moving away from inherited D&D lore a bit, PF is retooling kobolds to be less dragon-specific (though still heavily associated with them), and more Assigned Minion At Birth weirdos who absorb/emulate the natures of others they work for. So in theory, at some point we should have vampire/ghost/demon/etc kobolds to contrast the typical dragon kobolds.

File: file.png (277 KB, 472x272)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Anyone that has tried this
What you think of it? Worth the money to try with a friend?
37 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have no idea what to think about it because they still haven't shipped me the set I ordered almost two months ago now
You should contact customer service. I only had a two week wait, and my order should be in tomorrow. Are you non-US?
I'm American
Weird, you definitely need to contact them. Did you check if your purchase actually went through with your bank/credit card?
It did, so I will

File: Down Underdark.jpg (119 KB, 467x707)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Is it lazy to make a 1:1 or near 1:1 analogue of a real world nation or culture in a fantasy setting? I personally like trying to figure out what the author was drawing from, almost to the point that I prefer that to something that's completely new.

What do you think?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>muh Nixon
>muh Watergate
>"Church Commission? What's that, something about religious fundamentalism?"
It's a good thing some kind soul posted it in another thread, so I don't have to dredge the archives
>You could be having your own Fallout adventures
Look what they took from us
this chart assumes that every single scenario is 100% isolated
plenty of players will care about something once the payoff happens, even if they didn't care about it during the setup
File: jpr2x5d7wpk41.jpg (1 MB, 3840x2160)
1 MB
How can you make a culture more than a 1:1 copy of an IRL one besides using synthesis like >>93138227 says?

Speaking of, anyone got any tips for making said synthesis seem natural?

File: Garlic-Bread-4.jpg (488 KB, 1067x1600)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
>ITT: Post IC as a Vampire from VtM. Namefaggotry is encouraged. Need more info? Refer to /WoDg/

>V20 is the generally accepted continuity
>Each thread represents ~1 week of nights
>There is no author; we are acéphale
>Nictuku will be diablerized on sight

PREVIOUS THREAD: >>93027837 #
262 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unlikely, If Caine exists as depicted in the stories, it mean that god exists as depicted in the stories. IF God cursed Caine to punish him, letting him sleep it off seems counterproductive. Comparing our everyday vampiric processes to Caine is unlikely to be the apples to apples comparison you think it is. Hell even if Caine exists he may be the only vampire that can never enter torpor in order to 'face his punishment'. Hell Caine despite being the boogy man of myth may be the most human, I mean if there was one thing linking vampires it would be their beast, and for Caine, would he even have a beast? Is God his beast? Or is Caine our beast? If it's an act of god, it must be by definition miraculous and what do you have to compare to for a miracle?

>someone else who appreciates classic pro wress...
Oh it's a hunter. Never mind.
That's insane. I wouldn't have figured a Malk Methuselah would have been present enough to think of something like that. Or maybe they're more stable at lower generations.
This is all predicated on an if. There must have been a first vampire, the only alternative is that every single Clan arose independent of each other, and what we know of our most ancient history runs contrary to that. But I am skeptical that the first vampire is Caine, the first murderer. I wouldn't rule it out, but I don't have any blind faith in it. Maybe the first vampire has long since been destroyed?

Say he is Caine, and that God still cares enough to torment him further. He must still be hiding from us either through isolation, Obfuscate, or both. I think this is for the best, we do not need a self-important murderer ordering us around because he is our progenitor. He would have lost any right to rule when he abandoned the First City to the deluge.

Oh that's the funny part. The Methuselah was Lasombra. She just manipulated the Malkavians into pulling a prank that distracted us from her arrival. Actually had us thinking it was a Malkavian Methuselah at first, then that it was just a prank.
File: tiresome.jpg (24 KB, 590x332)
24 KB
>Oh that's the funny part. The Methuselah was Lasombra
If it makes you feel any better, she was about as mad as a Malkavian. Last I saw of her, she was swallowed up by something on the other side of a portal to the Abyss she had torn open. I know not if she met final death, but I have seen no evidence of her activity since.

What are the most enjoyable friendships/rivalries/etc you've seen in parties between different classes?

Mine has always been that Fighters are just naturally friends with everyone at the table, but especially with Rogues. It just feels right and very organic, lots of saving each others' lives and getting each other into trouble.

I also like that Barbarians and Rangers would naturally get along being free spirits and all that.
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Friendly rivalry between two casters of different types. Playful teasing and trying to one-up each other.
damn that's a good idea
Wait, that's actually based.
That actually makes like a ton of sense. People, especially in any kind of fortune-seeking enterprise, tend to teach each other things. If the game has a persistent setting and doesn't do something retarded like constantly level with the players I would really like seeing that kind of stuff reflect whenever the party gets separated as far as skill checks. (Fighter being able to pick a lock in a tight situation because the rogue taught him, that kind of thing)

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