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File: IMG_6776.gif (89 KB, 640x522)
89 KB
Why would 40K units not wear a helmet?
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Wait. Are you saying something isn't 100% realistic in the magic space setting?! Who would have thought an author's suggestion of a fishbowl sized forcefield for the head would make the autists reee as much?
A helmet prevents you from conditioning your skull to receive blows.
this anon makes the best in-universe point.
there should never be any reason to take off a helmet besides for stealth/recon/damage reasons. the warp on the other hand is THE big thing of the war universe, and it having some kind of metaphysical influence is about as far fetched as demons streaming from it into the real world.
File: UM_Chaplain_Iron_Halo.png (124 KB, 250x218)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Is something like that ever mentioned in the lore? Closest thing is stuff like the Iron Halo, which is still full-body protection and there's no reason not to also have a helmet.

Seems like a "fishbowl sized forcefield for the head" would be a dramatic waste of energy when helmets are available, and it still would lack the sensory enhancements and communication features.
But it's not more heroic.
If it was, going into battle completely naked would be even more heroic.

File: 1616135481032.png (439 KB, 636x445)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
The Graveyard Shift edition


For those who didn't watch last week, previously on Bottom Role:
Liam sulked from spotlight fatigue,
FCG used self banishment to turn into a fart cloud,
The gang escaped from a murderous brown granny,
And Fearne is a slug.
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It's hilarious that the CR business now has to keep Ashley and Dani not only for fan service, but because those two would just backstab and sue the company too for "a years long culture of allowing harassment".
VMxM9 crossover one-shot.
post more laura
This. There is nothing worse to the integrity of a game plot than when the players know they can call the DM's bluff and do monumentally retarded things and survive them. I was in a star wars game where the GM was like this and one problem player literally walked up to the front door of an enemy stronghold we were specifically told had invisible "Predators" that would blaster cast any fucker who would be stupid enough to walk up to it. Because he knew the GM wouldn't kill him, he was just captured and had a whole clearly made up on the spot RP segment with the villain where they were sent back out to give the rest of the party a message and wasn't punished at all. You can see this same shit happening in C3 where players like Melty are pushing for anything to happen that's not part of Matt's script.
its not just that their fanbase has an odd repulsion to character death. when nott got her curse lifted and her family back together, that was the perfect time to wrap up her story and introduce a new character, and have nott come back as a supporting NPC. and maybe Sam wanted to keep playing nott, i dont know the context, but whatever the rationale, nott just stayed with the party as a funny character that just.. existed. Makes me think that CR is so scared of their fanbase that even removing a character would kill their cash cow.

File deleted.
talk about your superhero games in here.
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What system is the picture?
Might be Prowlers and Paragons
Prowlers and paragons sucks.
Which of these is the time stop?
Nah, I wouldn't say it sucks. It's certainly not the best supers system, but it's decent. The only supers system that genuinely deserves the vitriol is M&M. Absolute garbage system.
Amen brother.

Let's talk about DtD40k7e. A frankenrpg made by Lawful Nice as part of a dare that expanded upon jokes made during an Adeptus Evangelion game. A bastard child abomination of D&D, Dark Heresy, World of Darkness, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and many many more. It is a mess, it sounds like a mess, but it's surprisingly playable in most regards. When it arrived, we all expected it to be a joke-- a virus-- or more likely, touhou futa. But instead it was a fully made system, and it's wormed it's way into the hearts of fatguys and catgirls-- whether to be reviled or revered.

https://2d4chan.org/wiki/Dungeons:_the_Dragoning_40,000_7th_Edition (Only has the revised version by people on GitP)
https://whitewizardsworkshop.proboards.com/thread/433/dtd-books (Has the original books by lawfulnice)
https://whitewizardsworkshop.proboards.com/board/3/homebrew (Homebrew shenanigans.)

TQ: Do you have any experience playing or running DtD? Alternatively, what are your first impressions of DtD either now or back when you first heard of it?
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"fa/tg/uy" and "ca/tg/irl" are the more-proper way of putting them, as it shows WHY that's the case.
hello tourist
something like a decade late newfriend
It'll be 13 years in a month, bros
how time flies..

How do you feel about adventurers/dungeoneers in fantasy who have a more 'modern' appearance, like pic related? Is it better if things look strictly historical?
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File: topete.png (536 KB, 479x707)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
but why make***
I think 2 here would be about the most elaborate get up you'd have for a dungeoneer if you wanted to be a more grounded sort if setting (well, as grounded as you can really get if you have dungeons full of treasure and monsters everywhere) I don't think someone who could afford the counts gear would need to go delving unless he was doing it solely for the challenge.
it'd be alright in some weird mishmash future world where civilization and industry gets jumbled up. some kind of frontier colony in a science fantasy world or a massive capital city where cosmopolitanism is the norm for citizens and visitors. that'd be about it
This goes for every possible period you are going to more or less base your setting in. Take Glorantha for example (a bronzeish age setting), it looks awesome and organic, a world you can really immerse yourself in despite being super crazy with all sorts of weird races, magic, deities, etc.
File: parliamentary knights.png (722 KB, 1115x1600)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
Indeed. This stuff always looks so fake and gay.

SOOEY! edition

Previously on /slop/: >>92017826

▶ Thread Task: Polymorph spells gone wrong!

Alternate task: unusual beastfolk that aren't furries

▶ Generators

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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try with beaked, feathered, flapping
What is this face I always see slopbots do? The pig nosed, nigger lipped always shocked white girl. Is it a porn actress phenotype?
Is this still dalle?
Brian May, more like.

File: FUDGEGEN3.jpg (1.22 MB, 2560x1440)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
It's been a while edition.

What is your favorite Fudge rule set/build and why?
>What is Fudge?
Fudge is a free role playing game created Stefan O'Sullivan with input from rec.games.design online community.
>Where do I buy Fudge?
Fudge is a free RPG game available at grey ghost press, as well as various other places. See:

58 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fudge_one_page.pdf (2.18 MB, PDF)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PDF
>Fate narrative way of doing things picked my interest and I hear Fudge is even more so
Not really.
>where do I start? Is there like a mini guide?
If you want the absolute simplest version of Fudge try pic related.
So I can trade gifts for attribute levels? Btw wounds sound like Savage Worlds.
>So I can trade gifts for attribute levels?
>wounds sound like Savage Worlds.
How so?
SW has something called wounds too but it doesnt use hit points, Fudge does for what I see
>SW has something called wounds too but it doesnt use hit points, Fudge does for what I see
Nah not by default at least. The way I do it is "relative degree+Offensive Damage factor-losers defensive damage factor" it's all in the file I linked.

File: 49554_jvo4s0[1].jpg (83 KB, 370x346)
83 KB
Previous: >>91994314

I'm not the guy who usually starts these, but they seem pretty good at producing actualgames discussion and chill otherwise, so I decided to make a new one. Share what happened with your group when you got together.

Here's a quick copypaste format if you need it, though most people tend to do it their own way:
>System: xxx
>Module: xxx
>Characters: (short descriptions of each)
>What happened previously: xxx
-- Recap here --
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Fellow Curse player here. What village are you in? And damn, your Ismark is uppity. Our party has Ismark traveling with us too, but after we got his sister a safe place (for now) and he saw our paladin summarily execute two church defilers, he's been a lot nicer. Even after Strahd bit his sister in front of us he still pays for a lot of our shit. Being a noble he's also been fairly useful at at least getting us access to nobles, burgomeister (for an initial audience, not when we killed him.)
Village of Barovia. As far as our group goes, they've only just met the two; our first encounter with Ismark was a proposition in the bar to handle "family matters", meeting his sister who asked for help getting the Burgomeister's body put to rest after he was attacked (in a manner she's evasive about elaborating, but the body was in grizzly shape) then an escort to Vallaki where she's been promised asylum, Ismark watching the funeral from a distance out of sight before calling Ranger aside and asking him to kill her since he claims she killed their father.

Funny thing is, Ranger was perfectly prepared to do it too since he doesn't take chances with monsters. He and Artificer were planning to confront Ireena about the truth once they left the village before the mimic-house misadventure. Now the party thinks Ismark's a two-faced dick.
Our meeting with those two was similar, except that he never asked us to kill his sister, instead asked us to defend her and find her a safe refuge from Strahd, who had already bitten her twice. We were offered two options, one by Ismark and another by the priest in Barovia. When we laid Ireena's dad to rest we learned that the priest was harboring his son turned vampire in the church basement. Our assassin came up with a decent plan, talked ismark into lending us a couple of town guards, and with some trickery to get some damage in early we killed the vampire. His dad was pretty upset, especially since the assassin (not meaning it) and our fighter (meaning it) had promised to try to help him. It's interesting to see how differently the same adventure can go!
Also, we never ran into the mimic house! In town we found some houses had zombies in and the townspeople weren't helpful with a reason as to why, so we killed the zombies by opening the door of an infected house and butchering them as they filed out. In the bar we met Ireena and Ismark, and three gypsy ladies, one of whom read our Tarokka cards after our tiefling fighter ho flirted with them (the player didn't realize they were women at first but just went with it). Oh and we met these weird kids after we were already fucked up from a fight and they kept trying to get us to go into their house. The paladin offered for them to come with us until we were well rested, but they refused. He even reached out to take their hand but I got a DM "are you sure you want to do that" and the children refused my paladins hand. We figured something was off and the assassin suggested we leave, so the paladin told the children to come to the inn or the burgomeister's they'd be looked after. They weren't there the next day and the DM told us OOC that the kids were ghosts and we probably would have died if we'd gone in.
Oh and when we were meeting everyone earlier at the inn, our assassin (just a rogue at the time, we were level 2) snuck off to unsuccessfully try to break into a store. He also tried to fuck Madam Ava, and some other old lady, telling us that he hoped to swindle them out of their savings. (Playing with him further, he was probably planning to murder them too.)
Also, on another tangent. Pally is currently a 5th level paladin and has all these paladin spells, but other than Cure Wounds once or twice he only really uses Divine Smite. Is there a point to most of the others? I can see Find Steed, but the others?

File: 1460838809080.gif (498 KB, 511x497)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
>tfw I have never purchased a single Warhammer 40,000 miniature
>I have never played a single game
>I have no interest in the rules or wargaming aspect in general
>I only have an interest in the lore which I never will call fluff
>I only get the codexes and campaign books for the lore updates
>I unironically like the Black Library novels, especially the Horus Heresy, and eagerly read every one
>My main source of information on the lore comes from lexicanum and youtube videos
>I enjoy GW campaign events so I can discuss the new lore developments online
>I view 40k as a continuous active story that will always be further developed
>I only care about the big-name characters like Primarchs, "your dudes" are irrelevant headcanon to me
>I play 40k games online like Darktide and frequently yell "FOR THE EMPEROR" and "HERESY!"
>tfw nobody can stop me and I will never change this behavior
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post body
More like a reverse IQ test.
I tried to buy an Black Library audiobook once, and they wouldn't accept my credit card.
>>I view 40k as a continuous active story that will always be further developed
uh huh

File: PXL_20240226_215102926.jpg (2.86 MB, 4080x3072)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
Why does no one play wargames outside in nature or the yard? It has the potential for massive play area and the terrain is realistic and cool.

Imagine home brewing some rules so shooting range is quadrupled, movement doubled, with vehicle movement is quadrupled, and then playing a big game using half the hard?
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>literally touch grass

That's where Anthrax exists in nature. It's not a man-made bioweapon, it's a natural bacteria that does unpleasant things, and it exists in a spore form in soils. When it gets into cuts/wounds/lungs/etc, it wakes up and does it's bacteria thing. You can find anthrax spores in Antarctica.
It's often windy and rainy outside and in the winter it's also cold and dark.
>Bad gameboard
Most models are hard to place properly on grass or other shit outside plus they would probably get dirty or scratch the paint easier.
You are also more likely to lose stuff because it can be harder to spot.
And maybe worst of all playing on the ground means you have to squat or bend over every time you move something. It's much more comfortable to play on a table where you can stand up normally and play.

I see no upsides to playing outside other than enjoying the nice weather in summer. I would rather spend some time outside doing other things and then go inside and play wargames in the evening.

File: 2017-02-18.jpg (156 KB, 864x648)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Post google/yelp pictures from your LGS

I'm interested in what the game community looks like around the world, particularly countries aside from the US/UK
36 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

If people could see the customers before walking in they wouldn’t enter

Looks like the back of someone’s house but is pretty cool that that many people showed up for a painting contest. Must be a good player community.
>not a single conventional attractive person
>there's a girl there
can't smell that bad
they're normal people anon. stop consuming porn and go outside.

Have you ever had a player with no imagination whatsoever? I don't mean things like "This character is an obvious ripoff", rather shit like "My character's name is Naruto Uzumaki and his goal is to become Hokage" or "I'll literally play as Solid Snake in our medieval fantasy game"
I can simply kill them (in character) until he's forced to come up with something original but I don't know if I should even care in the first place.
61 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>How about "My character is Naruto Uzumaki the monk *and* he's a 2Rogue/8Monk because that's the build I saw online"?

"Sure you can use that character archetype. No, you can't use that name. Yes, you can aim to be the boss of an assassin clan. No, there's no such thing as Hokage"

Meet in the middle and everybody WILL be happy... or else.
you know very will that being great at something isnt the issue, it is the absolute disassociation with the game when it is not related to rolling. Your character could be replaced with an NPC, as a GM i don't want an extra NPC when I invite players, otherwise i would just play by myself.
Actually thats not even my greatest issue with munchkins, an even bigger issue is that they sulk like toddlers when things dont go their way.

Originality is overrated. Execution is more important.
Since I play mostly with hippies who aren't really into weebshit so much as fantasyeuroshit, I am not 100% sure that any of us would even notice that this was a ripoff right away.
You put a Tolkien reference in there, though...
nha, this can be fun, one time I GM a detective game and one guy made Adam West's Batman, it was amazing.
The game slowly started to incorporate some dark paranormal elements and the serious scene managed to work out despite having fucking Batman standing there with the rest of the group,with some time the players got used to it and became part of the adventure.

File: gamehunter.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
"Blast!" edition

>What is this?
EXPEDITION - an ~1870s era, Jules Verne-inspired retro-futurist, underground blood soaked adventurescape.
It is a Skirmish wargame. Two players with their own expeditions, on a hexgrid map, fight each other for victory.
A campaign mode is planned, and currently in the works. (you) are encouraged to contribute.

3 versions of the rules exist, TWO of which have been playtested:
>1e - proof of concept, recently updated with unit stats
>2e - lead by 2e anon, playtests started, ~75% done. Campaign system is developed here.
>3e - Replaced 4e because it died. Spearheaded by 3e anon, needs more playtests, rules present in the doc

>What can I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
95 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Giant warrior.png (287 KB, 703x414)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
I wonder if anyone's insane enough to assemble a full Titan skeleton and charge it with electricity? A reanimated Titan would be the kind of thing wars are fought over...
File: NewMinEiffel.png (64 KB, 540x748)
64 KB
>I wonder if anyone's insane enough to assemble a full Titan skeleton and charge it with electricity?
The question is more why hasn't Atlan done it already... Possibly an economic choice, titanium is just too precious and rare, better make titan toddler-sized golems than try to rebuild a full one?
> Picrel
I remade Minister Eiffel, since his Engineering abilities are going to be exported to an outside list. He'll be relatively more expensive than before too, and so I've boosted his melee ability appropriately. He has a complete lack of range combat, and his melee doesn't put out a lot of wounds by default, but on a charge and a turn you lost a mechanical unit, he should wreck faces.
I was thinking of giving him an additional rule that says he also always suffers Permanent Armour Loss (since he isn't really wearing armour, he's just got half-metal skin) but his Metamorphic ability would let him also regrow his armour... but I thought it was starting to be a lot.
As always, feedback is appreciated.
File: TigerBrigadeRenault.png (60 KB, 542x672)
60 KB
Here is the Tiger Brigade's Renault, the transport models on it thing is a tentative rule for the ATE, if that works with >>92025054 and the rest of you fine folks I'll put in a version of it as the ATE's firing deck. I intend on making a Tiger Brigade Gendarme profile for the troops as well, it'll be easier than trying to combine the two together.
Next is the Apache Cyclop and the Fulmigeuses (iirc the story, that was the name for the Fallen Paris Molotov Wench right?).
Anyone got input as to where I should go with the Zouaves and Rochebrune?
File: tiger.jpg (106 KB, 680x1000)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Rules look great! Why only two though?
Only because its a tri-hex model, more you obscure it completely. Clown car would be funny tho.

Post art!
Art of characters!
Characters for cool fantasy and sci-fi games!
You have great art - show it off! Do it now!
Last thread: >>91925558
128 replies and 113 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1671157228914311.png (233 KB, 577x810)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
File: 1637932339091.jpg (222 KB, 976x1167)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
File: 1707110623137556.png (682 KB, 1000x1333)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
Anyone have any white-haired Cleric types?
I have this and one other but they're old dudes, and I'm after a younger one to fit with a party.
File: 1700006572624670.jpg (1 MB, 1920x3514)
1 MB
The other white-haired Cleric type I have.

File: 53e6aoqjo4671.jpg (744 KB, 2152x3804)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
You must invent a new stat never used in any game before.

You have three minutes. Look at the time. Starting now good luck.
72 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fallout Tactics has Stat as a perk
Requires Level 3 First Aid 75% Doctor 50% Agility 6
Effects 2 less AP to use First Aid and Doctor skills
File: 1692376403554478.gif (1.24 MB, 640x640)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
>hours wasted on 4chan
Chad, instead of luck you just do things right
nail sharpness
Mental Illness - 0 nothing
-10 you have 10 illnesses

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