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File: 002.jpg (691 KB, 2158x1400)
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>Tumblr: the manga
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That boy has a huge ass.
What is 4chan the manga? OMK?
It's a good story but it was better before it every character started being gay or trans or a cross dresser or whatever.
Almost ate the bait of the OP, but this is a really well done manga. The trans and gay issues were handled intellectually and not IM HERE IM QUEER GET USED TO IT BOIZ type of shit hes insinuating.
Read it for the mystery and horror, its good.
But their noses aren't ugly, and there's no black people, what are you talking about?

File: Neon_Genesis_Evangelion.jpg (2.66 MB, 2614x1639)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
Why is this show so negative? Don't Japanese people like to be happy?
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Any inconvenient person in Japan is almost always given the same treatment.

People will start by feigning that you don't exist, completely ostracizing you. It's a very, very passive (aggressive) society that's obsessed with saving face.

One of the most basic values ingrained in Japanese children is to "never inconvenience anyone ever" which is why as a nation they're so polite, at least to your face.

Losing your job is a rather rare occurance for a variety of reasons. It's essentially a prolonged death sentence as nearly every office worker works at one job all their life, the one that hires them directly out of college/high school.

I'm not talking about low end jobs like working at a convenience store. People who work at such low end jobs without benefits like that typically don't even put in full time and are referred to as "freeters"

Freeters, hikkikomoris, anyone who breaks the norm is conisdered a burden to society, and anyone who is guilty of lowering social standards and not working for the greater good is looked down upon sharply.

It's unlikely that they'd go so far as to fire you outright but you won't be well liked. If you're outwardly disliked enough you might find people looking for reasons to get rid of you, legit or otherwise.
>Freeters, hikkikomoris, anyone who breaks the norm is conisdered a burden to society, and anyone who is guilty of lowering social standards and not working for the greater good is looked down upon sharply.
I feel awful now
File: 011 (6).jpg (215 KB, 752x1153)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Why did he become a coward?
>anyone who is guilty of lowering social standards and not working for the greater good is looked down upon sharply.

I guess that means that's their answer to the question of wether society exists for the individual, or vice versa.
It's a Japanese-specific thing.

The United States of Benefits doesn't give a shit, seeing as my brother is collecting cash from the government for "unemployment" while working under the table at a job, not paying taxes.

America is a very personalized selfish, rude society that fosters competition while Japan emphasizes order and efficiency.

File: image.jpg (378 KB, 1197x1353)
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Who is the sexiest 2hu?
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Hopefully never, he's said he never wants one and I hope he keeps his integrity/doesn't give into NEETbucks allure.
Plus I think Touhou is in it's perfect medium for what it is.
I fucking knew it was going to be that exact doujin and that exact page before I even clicked on it.

My main man!
The fanbase is the most consistently fun and comfy one I've ever run into.
And the music is amazing.
Imagine those handjobs.
File: 1448158744804.jpg (714 KB, 1024x1280)
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714 KB JPG

File: soul eater.jpg (45 KB, 225x317)
45 KB
What do you guys think of Soul Eater? I just started it over again and I kinda forgot how okay it is.

It has it's really great episodes like when Stein first shows up and reks them, all the episodes with Black Star vs Mifune, the Kishin ones, basically each one when of the main teams gets some new badass ability, etc. There are also meh and shit episodes as with all anime. I always skip the Excalibur episodes.

Oh yeah there's a different ending in the mangoes, right? Someone spoil that shit for me because the BRAVERY one is shit.

Oh shit, there's that spinoff isn't there. You know the one. I can't remember the name off the top of my head and don't want to dignify its existence by looking it up. D-did anyone watch it? I've seen webums of the shitty animation.
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File: soul-eater-1241012.jpg (126 KB, 800x1182)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Also the anime had no gender-bender arc.
File: soul-eater-1241013.jpg (139 KB, 800x1188)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Chrona went off the deep end hard long before the ending, there was no saving for Chrona.
>there's no Mosquito fight in the anime.

Also, I can live without the black dress, but I want to see her learning to fly animated.

File: 20151124_35.jpg (100 KB, 550x781)
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100 KB JPG
Read the guide

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>Thoughts about my new daki?
The nipples are too high.
File: 214772.jpg (102 KB, 470x640)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Does anyone has this for sale?(brand new of course)
Why are they fucking tanned?
Who always fucks this shit up.
Yukino is supposed to look like Lisana and Lisana is fucking pale, and Yukino is also pale in the manga, why do they make the figur and her design in the anime tanned.
Hell it is even mentioned by Mirajane that it is strange how much like Lisana Yukino looks like.
Not a fan of that art style, but I know some people who would kill for that kind of stuff.
it's 17k nowadays.

File: CTngxWfUAAA4fSM.jpg (220 KB, 768x1024)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
How will you be thankful for the Softness™ this year?

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fuji soon
Mizuki, you'd better be lucky you're a girl at this present moment
Because by god, the tides would shift in those waters by the change of volume
File: 1443242445228.png (878 KB, 1250x1156)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
I want to have SEX with Mizuki
don't start thinking about fuji
don't start thinking about fuji
don't strat thinking about fuji
>b-b-but Fuji lives off campus

File: image.gif (742 KB, 520x570)
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742 KB GIF
>almost 2016
>still not Mugiposting
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File: 3762-29776-9474.jpg (32 KB, 277x352)
32 KB
Where's Azumugi?
No. Only Mugi.
She was the singer for Honey Sweet Tea Time, it wasn't actually sung in the show but it was still recorded.
Is it an extra on one of the BD's or a track on a K-ON music release? It's quite a shame to write and record a song only to not use it.
The song itself was mentioned in the anime, but I don't think it was ever played. It's on the Hokago Tea Time II album.

Let's have a nice comfy favourite OP thread /a/.
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File: 1444534482441.png (471 KB, 1366x768)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
Surprised no one has posted these yet.



File: 1441670869356.png (928 KB, 832x1903)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
Your favorite Monster girl wants to exercise with you. What do you do? Let's see some hustle /a/
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Here's your spoonfeed for the day.
Two species that adopt similar practices in similar environments develop similar body plans.
File: 143601103780.png (326 KB, 824x666)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
>implying skeletons are real
I'm fine with zombie-nekomimis.
Go away your shitty argument was disproven by like 3 anons and a translator
>Cerea's room confirmed to smell like a barn
>barns are where horses sleep
>meaning Cerea smells like a horse
>and if something smells like a horse then it's probably a horse
Checkmate atheists

File: 10 Lines.jpg (37 KB, 1280x720)
37 KB
ITT: we draw animu or mango in ten or less lines and try to guess what it is.
I'll start.
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File: lines14215.png (3 KB, 599x361)
3 KB
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 542x462)
14 KB
hard mode
Your life
File: Untitled.png (5 KB, 572x488)
5 KB

>brothers don't bother to pay for his ransom
>constantly shit on by girls
>gets "killed" in the Calming Detective segment
>repeatedly punched by Totoko for no real reason

Do the writers hate Karamatsu?
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underrated post
Please post it. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.
Go home Kara.
That's he only emoticon allowed in /a/ faggot
;_; and ;-; are not the same thing, you blind retard

File: madotsuki vomit.jpg (113 KB, 680x680)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>there are people on /a/ unironically watching anime with CommieSubs

For what reason? Masochism?
Cause I'm a memer
Which subs are bad and why are they? Is horrible subs good? Their stuff usually comes pretty fast
File: 1390094886153.gif (330 KB, 613x404)
330 KB
330 KB GIF
Hating Commie is literally a meme that MRA/GoofyGibbler jerkoffs use to fit in /a/. You belong in /v/, OP.

File: 53743484_p0.jpg (469 KB, 1000x2000)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Part 1 of Digimon Adventure tri., Reunion, is now available in its actual full-length version from your local torrent sites.

Part 2, Decision, is released on 12th March 2016. It will focus on Mimi and Rosemon, Jou and Vikemon and Imperialdramon. The relation of Imperialdramon to the Adventure cast is currently unknown.

Your threadly reminder that Mimi Tachikawa will forever and always be the Eternal Best Girl.
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Okay, so that's Milleniummon

What's so important about it?
In its fully evolved form its commonly accepted to be the strongest digimon in existence. Also its origin story is odd but great, and he's the reason Ryo exists in two continuities, which never happned before Xros.
Also hes tied to lots of hidden backstory to the few parts of 02 that were any good.
Then what's his/it's impact to the original/02 storyline

and why do people scream "you're giving the future to Milleniummon" in response to drawing Tai and Sora pictures?
To be honest I've never seen that before, so I can't be sure, but I would guess its because Milleniummon is a full blown reality manipulator, so since 02 paired Yamato and Sora, a "change in reality" could pair Tai with Sora.

File: Volume-12---Page-087.png (335 KB, 903x1400)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
Flightless bird holocaust edition.
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Shima got some problems
I didn't realize Shima's tendency to be attracted to women who are men until now. Marrying slutwolf makes perfect sense now.
Have you not read the previous chapters? This is a running gag by now
Mere ink on a paper couldn't show what kinda fucked up shit he did
Fucking 10/10 chapter.

File: Diomedéa_logo.png (6 KB, 215x40)
6 KB
Step aside KyoAni and Madhouse, Diomedia is the new GOAT of animation.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
literally who?
>great in anything

they have always been good just like dogakobo
>What exactly have they done?
KanColle anime, that's all you need to know.
>new GOAT studio
If it was 2013/2014, yes. This year hasn't been very good for them.

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