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File: 1520727258548.jpg (168 KB, 1280x720)
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ahhhh, life is wonderful
The ideal type of women
Cute, cute!

Are you ready for another episode of Hana being irresistibly cute?
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Kamu lives in the cuckshed.
Sensei's already won.
Was this a perspective error?
Tama is looking back at nothing.
File: 1518957148092.jpg (16 KB, 346x367)
16 KB
Nice one
She's looking back at her failures

File: 150298498445459.gif (1.25 MB, 595x311)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
Under 4 hours left. No more of the "holding back" meme this time.
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Too beautiful. They wouldn't be able to animate
someone post the peppa pig stream
Evil Goku?
File: You Retard.jpg (62 KB, 848x480)
62 KB
File: crydfla.png (497 KB, 587x618)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Yes, instantly

File: Dissapointment.jpg (586 KB, 1664x2262)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
What were they thinking ? Its really bad.
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Yes, I talked to the mod because I got reported first.

>blaming Dianafags for garbage AntiDianafags started
>thinking this thread wasn't shit from the start
Shitposters and negative nancys anon
The first OVA was just a kind of pilot though, it was everyone fault at getting their expectatives high
I didn't derail the thread. The thing is that you keep blaming Dianafags, which is off-topic shit, for things that antiDianafags always start. And even if it wasn't you, I never used the report button. I got reported first.

I wasn't the one who went off-topic or even started that discussion.
File: 1505421131920.png (410 KB, 604x667)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>I just wish he didn't choose to shit the threads during Amanda's birthday.
This. Just post Amanda and ignore the shitposter(s). Lets enjoy ourselves.
>I'm gonna whine and shit up the thread with meta garbage and then I'll blaming Dianafags for my poopy

Is it a real lack of capacity for critical thinking or do any of you actually believe that garbage you write?

Sleep tight old man
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Yeah, that's supposed to be Promare.
Grazie, dottore.
>Finally meet adults
>"What are they like Zorome"
>Uh, I forgot.
Deep down, his belief in the adults and his respect for them has been crushed.
File: mpv-shot0018.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
Grand Crevasse will be the endgame.

Why there are more and more Lain thread everyday?
because it's the 20th anniversary

File: 4egk34s.png (2.23 MB, 1348x1018)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
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Should be the main MC of Delta and won the Hayatebowl

Freyja the little shitbag and Mirage the literal who ruined the show
This is not the body a 2 year old should have!
and neither does Alto
>Everyone loves JUNNA's mahoyome op but hate the May'n one
Outclassed, both in 2d and 3d
Because she makes men hope and dream bigger. It's a cycle: the bigger men dream, the bigger her tits get; the bigger her tits get, the bigger men dream.

Finished season 2.
What the fuck are is the writing so bad?
In the beginning the world, the set up, the titans seemed so interesting. Why didn't that just stay to as the story?
It had to go to bullshit human transformations and bullshit twists. Nothing makes sense in the slightest and it's nothing feels satisfying at all.
Tell me again why is this shit so popular?
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Finally someone with sense.

Anon signing off
>Animefags will have a seizure once they find out that the Warriors and the titans are the heros now
File: 4.jpg (170 KB, 802x731)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
this is how titans are created
i hope this answers all your questions
It's not rich, he's just poorly trolling.
Holy shit!

File: 1521271107166.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Man the latest 20 chapters were a bunch of "literally nothing happens".
Seriously, what happened to hori?
And why is deku becoming worse and worse as a character?
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Oh wow, it's weekend with autist in BnHA threads.
>Sparkls is now considered QUALITY
When All Might and Endeavour are referred to as the number one and number two heroes, is that in Japan or is it in the world? Are quirks a thing in the rest of the world? Do they have their own hero high schools? I know China exists because that's where first quirk baby was born, and I think France exists because of naval laser fag speaking in French once maybe?
File: Weekend-weg.png (422 KB, 670x446)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
>BnHA plot direction
>I will just open my butthole show I'm not afraid of getting dicked
>*gets dicked*

Post giant waifus in anime and manga
File: 2018-03-17_17-05-33.png (748 KB, 1588x890)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
File: 1503356544832.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB
Diebuster was truly great

Is that from the latest episode? Haven't seen it yet.

File: Rumiko Takahashi.jpg (34 KB, 225x350)
34 KB
ITT: Mangakas that are probably gay

>Are you planning on getting married?

Rumiko: Nope.

>What if you suddenly became a man?

Rumiko: Then I'd get a wife.

>Why won't you use a male assistant? Is it because he would be the black spot in your group of females?

Rumiko: It's no good!! If a man joined it would be troublesome. The women may not have the willpower and find him cute. And that would affect the whole atmosphere of the studio.
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I can confirm. I've had various female friends try to fuck me because we get close and either they think they are so special they can turn me straight. Or they are so desperate for dick and confuse platonic friendship with latent interest. Women are just dumb animals with little higher thought and driven by pure narcissism and hormonal emotions.

women are infantile mentally and if it wasn't for producing children, would've been genocided. Absolute waste of resources.
Straight women needed to be turned to full lesbians with the power of the Clit on stop being cunts and just fuck each other like rabbits.
Sorry Sven I cannot hear you on how much money I'm getting for IPS babies for lesbian couples soon female will be able to impregnate their female lovers of sex. I'll soon be a billionaire doing this for scientific breakthrough.
Women are hard wired to lust for male attention. They have always maintained their status and power via men. They have produced nothing of value when compared to men. Except children, which is just pathetic desu

File: qiq2n9as4bm01.jpg (318 KB, 1078x792)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
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File: mankin20th-dates.png (42 KB, 789x572)
42 KB
oh no were not, but if the mangaka hadnt insisted on having the originals it wouldve happen this year
What version do you have?
VIZ only published the original version with the princess ending afaik(also they censored the fuck out of the series and of course the translation was dumbed down)
That doesn't really say anything though. It could just as well easily be a direct sequel to the original that happens before the events of Flowers.
File: Chichee na!.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
Don't kill me but I think he did the right thing. I loved the og cast and the music.

>tfw Minami Takayama saying "Chicchee na!"

Share yours
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File: Spoiler Image (1.51 MB, 2000x1414)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
File: ..png (402 KB, 499x523)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
One of the worst series ever written.
File: 1494946305744.jpg (121 KB, 1440x810)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

File: RcuQOaZ.jpg (157 KB, 799x573)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I don't think anyone can accurately explain to me wtf is going is on in the Hunter x Hunter manga. I'm so lost. I just finished the anime and picked up the manga, i swear i'm rereading chapters like 4x in a row to understand wtf is going on. It's way too convolted.
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Ant loli
what should we call this samefagging waifufag? he's slowly reaching cummyfags levels of cancer
marry sophia, impregnate julia, fuck angelika with a barbed condom
what was aizen power anyway?
File: kaa.png (18 KB, 310x351)
18 KB
I'm calling the FBI.

File: 14902536382520.jpg (354 KB, 1280x720)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>black hair and dark skin
Why is this combination so rare?
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And god bless them for it. It will be a sad day when the EU finally cracks it's greedy, dirty fingers into Japan and ruins one of the last real cultures on the planet
It's The Origin.
Totally agree.
Googled it already, thanks.
It was part of the Belgian Congo and one of the hot spots of the Cold war for the several decades. No wonder they're corrupt and shit.
>By enforcing apartheid

Seems to be a good idea. Look at South Africa today and Israel.
Argumentation: "look at their flags, they're similar" tier.

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