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File: kawa.jpg (46 KB, 476x585)
46 KB
Kawaki is here and he's nothing like Sasuke.
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How is it moving goalposts exactly?
I wrote a logical reply, and (You) are the one who came in with bs about uncertainty and "something we can't comprehend yet" or idk what.
Don't blame me for your mistakes, you fucking retard.
If you can't read a simple post it's not my problem, it's yours.
I think the art in Boruto is far more superior than Naruto. It's really nice to look at. I;m a sucker for slow lines drawings.
Why is he being so edgy?
He isn't.
>chapter full of pissing and shitting
what's going on?

On the clock reads:
>”machine that can travel through time”

This is chapter 692
>92 reads as kuni

Add the stripe pattern on the ground that perfectly matches Kinemons kimono and anybody that doubted there are time shenanigans pertaining to Wano is left proven wrong without a doubt.
Momo in fact somehow some way has met Roger before although “he is 8 years old”. Odly enough Neko and Inu have been fighting since before Carrot(15-16) was born yet Momo knew the from when they were best friends.

Was Oden actually murdered around a month ago or was it actually more than 20 years?

>P.S. some butthurt jannie who’s a fan of a certain series just got hired and made it his job to delete every single One Piece thread. It’s cute.
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t. retard
Except it changes her staying on Wano as a definite fact. I’m I being trolled or actual brainlets don’t know what the word can means this is awkward.
chopper is a gag fighter now only capable of handling fodder. o-tama will be fine when she joins the crew as pokémon trainer.
>I’m I being trolled or actual brainlets don’t know what the word can means this is awkward
can you repeat that but in human
>somewhere in Wano tengu-senpia is fapping in peace for the first time in years.

File: LN_Vol_07-06.jpg (215 KB, 1125x1600)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Classroom of the Elite
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Where's the spoilers.
You'll get ilustration first and then spoilers.
>Early Sale Date: September 21st (Probably) or September 22nd (Almost certainty)

Is the early sales date today or tomorrow?
probably tomorrow, since we have no spoilers now.
it's already 7 pm in japan after all.
>The magazin cover drawn by Tomose
Main heroines are on the magazin cover.

Shinji is so pathetic.
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File: 1513392480022.png (172 KB, 442x509)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
this is my fetish
Like poop cause she doesn't wipe
God yes.

File: O.jpg (85 KB, 500x400)
85 KB
bigger asspull ever
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Micheal is just an Archangel, how the fuck did he beat an Seraphim? What a hack writer
Let's be honest, the first five books are all anyone really cares about from Part I. Everything after Moses is mostly boring part from Judges and Kings.
Marry Athena, bang Aphrodite cause Athena's an eternal virgin, kill Hera and end her silly plots once and for all
Wasn't there a difference between archangel and Archangel?
Oh shit, the admins are on to this. Pray that this message can be seen before the entire board is erased by the smashing trident throw of Poseidon!

File: 1537072227531.jpg (507 KB, 1448x2048)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
Are you ready for Azur Lane to save "shipgirl anime" as a genre?
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Only a true madwoman could pull something as insane as that
Which is why she must be put down.
Basically just a bitch with rabies.
File: 1524433115857.png (866 KB, 1234x1234)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
Stop this bullying Shoukaku
Get off the internet Akagi.

File: veko young.jpg (70 KB, 359x507)
70 KB
>get sexually abused
>grow up to become a pedophile

What did Tsukushi mean by thus?
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File: 1533141236526.jpg (114 KB, 850x1200)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What's Reg's policy on neesans desiring his body? Is that irredeemable too?
They have soft, warm, fur, exposed bellies and smelly.
If they have none of those things, they have no value. Value is in the eye of the beholder.
I wonder how ugly Veko's body really is. We need to see it in detail all over to be sure.
Why is Velko stil human?
Is that because she didn't value in her scarred body?

I'm not ready for the last ep of /ss/unoharasou tomorrow. Still feels way too sudden and I'm gonna miss this semen demon.
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Disgusting chestlets are disgusting
199万円 is 1,99 0,000 yen (so ~$20k, not ~$2 million), which puts it on the same ballpark as, say, the Megumi life-sized figure. Which they had to double the production of to meet demand.

This is your brain on pettanko.
As non-existent as the tits they love.
Fuck, its over.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't end it all right here. tell me there is still hope for season 2

File: images (88).jpg (32 KB, 313x470)
32 KB
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I don't know, you tell me, you're one of them.
>Speaking as if he himself isnt a normalfag like every other eternalsummerposter
No cape!!But All might looks like the ripoff of Mr.Incredible+Trump.
Because shonens always have normies in their fanbases
File: 1537264979440.jpg (206 KB, 800x1014)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

Which one first?
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the pleasure of being cummed inside
Marry the demon
Keep the drow as a concubine
Sell the elf to a brothel that's her natural habitat
Sell the cat to an old rich man
Why the fuck is a human even around ?
>not heart pupils but small hearts inside irides
That's pretty hot too
Pretty sure that you're too much of a faggot to enjoy it.
>I guess that's why most religions say hate the sin, not the sinner.
Religions don't say that. Just one Indian dude did and he is in hell according to most of the religions you're thinking about.

File: m0085_b3OWh_fUuxE.jpg (330 KB, 748x1080)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
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Not mine.
of course it's Tanjiro
Ah, I'm a little disappointed to see that Nezuko still can't communicate properly, so she'll stay a "mascot" character for a while. But I'm glad that it's definitely going to be temporary now.
And the bit with Muzan was great, I can't wait to see what he does next
At least now it's part of a bigger plot thread that we don't know anything about yet.
Starting to like this.

File: inami.gif (62 KB, 574x413)
62 KB
ITT: worst characters of their respective series
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t. bootyblasted washboard
t. Raphifag.

Trash opinion is trash.
>not the Earth Cult fucks
Literally made Apocrypha unwatchable for me.

Do you still remember Ame? Ame means rain.

Did this get really boring after L died for anyone else?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
got boring until they introduced Mikami
It did get worse, but it was still pretty good imho.
Nope, you're the only one
everything after L‘s death is a plebfilter
Yes, yes it did. L was one of the interesting character there imo and him being replaced by Melo and Near made it shittier. Although, it was kinda boring before it, the shift made it much more of a chore to watch.

So when is the next season of Loli Fight Club starting? Can we get some steel cage matches?
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Einhart's inherited memories tickled my genderbending kink. Now she's just a dyke.
Vivio is a dumb traffic light.
File: 1479139140293.jpg (56 KB, 376x479)
56 KB
Take that back you son of a bitch.
Don't worry, everyone who isn't blind can see how she's the cutest.
Vivio can cure the blind when she is around.

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