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158851747How can one character be so based?[View]
158859890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGkXY7OFrmE Is it bye bye for Keita?[View]
158859839Post scenes that make you hard with hype.[View]
158856992>I was surprised by how humble all the anime staff in the studio were, and how terrible their liv…[View]
158852495Shingeki no Kyojin: Choose your posion[View]
158859297https://medibang.com/contest/jumpuniversal/ Ok /a/, we're going to make a manga and get rich. …[View]
158850580Boku no hero thread: So what you guys think of this arc so far , and do you think we're gonna s…[View]
158859309>You will never have Rem as your waifu Pain has lost all meaning. I can rot in hell for all etern…[View]
158857375boys you want to fuck in the mouth[View]
158858386On a scale 1-10 How severe will her diabetes be?[View]
158848821You have to admit, the art and girls of Gochiusa are so beautiful. I can see why Gochiusa is so popu…[View]
158855847Why are there so few interracial couples in anime and manga? There are like two? This, and Bob from …[View]
158850190宝石の国: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL3vytC1140 >3dcg It would have looked great in 2D.…[View]
158857628ITT: Shows only you remember.[View]
158845198Who was in the right?[View]
158857551>10 years ago >all vids worked just fine >now suddenly everything is starting too get lapse…[View]
158858505>it's a 'the only character that gets fan art is the trap' episode…[View]
158835578Dragon Ball Super: I think Goku is Pan's father. After all, Gohan was never able to accomplish …[View]
158851245Seikaisuru Kado: >zaShunina is not evil >zaShunina only wants advancement of human race Anisot…[View]
158858114Goblin Slayer: RIP AND TEAR[View]
158843472Berserk: Chapter is out translated http://readms.net/r/berserk/351/4370/1[View]
158837488Koe no Katachi is a masterclass subtle Fellini-esque depiction of a generation unable to cope with s…[View]
158855512You might not like it, but this is what peak waifu looks like[View]
158834433Yandere wins.[View]
158852464assassination classroom: I've been watching this anime. There's a lot of loser middle scho…[View]
158856462Wake me up Asuna: Is this the future of escapism?[View]
158847697Is Kiritsugu the masculine ideal? The true essence of manliness and masculinity distilled into the f…[View]
158857458Best in episode songs?: What's the best in episode song that played only once? And why is it th…[View]
158856761Best fap of my life.: Nothing ever worth reading now unless someone rapes a spineless MC's chil…[View]
158846386Post your favourite OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oJm2S5F-7w[View]
158854618Case Closed: Is this worth watching? I watched the first episode, and it kinda seems like the scooby…[View]
158855486Can we have a naruto thread without boruto shit?[View]
158789868This is Altria Pendragon, masculine and extremely muscular king of the Britons. How do you feel abou…[View]
158852095post shimakaze![View]
158846145Chi no Wadachi: I still don't see a trail of blood I hope he will get well soon[View]
158843462Boku no Hero Academia: >Deku as Naruto >Bakugo as Sasuke >Todoroki as Gaara How do you feel…[View]
158856116Post best friends.[View]
158854421Design wise Sagiri > Kirino[View]
158852285Fate characters vs their real mythological counterparts.: Are the fate servants buffed or nerfed fro…[View]
158855578Musekinin GalaxyTylor: Just realized that this is a thing it's gonna be five minute episode but…[View]
158855502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s0a81kY_hY I found this on youtube[View]
158842439How does japan come up with this shit? You start a new manga and the first line is >Someone once …[View]
158852671Is there a limit to how lewd a story should go?[View]
158853416Mazinger Z movie: Hey /a/, I was there during the Annecy festival where the Mazinger Z trailer was r…[View]
158809721Shokugeki no Soma: Ramen edition[View]
158841810What do you think about chinese anime? Not looking for recommendations just general opinion on them.[View]
158852803*blocks your path*[View]
158854811https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f9fDQ9t4HM The Doc liked it.[View]
158854329Who was in the wrong here?[View]
158854012Bang Bang, you're dead.[View]
158848961Aikatsu & Pripara's Idle Activities: Inherit the Stars[View]
158854275Re:Creators: reminder that everything could have been avoided if Soda wasn't such a beta to giv…[View]
158848764Manga: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Beastars/ This is basically Zootopia if it was rated M15+ Includes…[View]
158852662http://www.gainax.co.jp/wp/archives/post-6357/ Aoki Uru's production has finally started. But w…[View]
158753746Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt Previous thread >>158685405[View]
158846236My girlfriend is faithful virgin bitch gets anime: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-06-08/m…[View]
158852310What went wrong?[View]
158847439Fairy Tail 541: Heh prepare for the one hit K.O.[View]
158853779Weekend rewatch. >Golden Boy Short series that pretty much made me love anime. What are you rew…[View]
158852799My heart[View]
158853697Black Swordsman because he was impaled by a black cock.[View]
158852848This is the black swordman?[View]
158846359I just want to have Amagi Brilliant Park threads every day[View]
158851503was she a slut?[View]
158853583He mad[View]
158823890The Promised Neverland 44[View]
158852129This person blocks your path. What do you do?[View]
158852112>anime design butchers a character's breasts for what purpose?[View]
158852208What the hell was HER problem?[View]
158852291Gainax Loses Lawsuit, Must Pay Hideaki Anno's Studio $900,000: >Last year, Hideaki Anno’s St…[View]
158852940Is there someone who is a better Author of procreation propaganda than COOL?[View]
158853088Best girl.[View]
158826415Your life sucks, right?: Otherwise you wouldn't be posting here! I can help with that! I'l…[View]
158844708What makes Anzu so sexy?[View]
158813478Fullmetal Alchemist: Let's settle this once and for all: http://www.strawpoll.me/13256666 Justi…[View]
158850191/a/ sings: Is /a/ interested in singing some more songs, like in the old days? I propose covering on…[View]
158852554This is your co-pilot for tonight[View]
158851907Wtf I though he was on a hiatus[View]
158848479What was her problem[View]
158847283>anime is shit >last manga chapter is full of dickshaped monsters >we go on hiatus until wi…[View]
158849473best girl of this season[View]
158851973I go to ANN, leave the tab open for a while...come back and see this. Am I tripping, or did the webm…[View]
158851583the big bad of the last show you watched is challenged by Lina Inverse how easily will she win?[View]
158851820What is the best Gundam anime and why is it Zeta Gundam?[View]
158849048What is /a/ opinion on Detective Conan? What's better, anime or manga?[View]
158820380Kaguya: Miko joining soon[View]
158848753I just watched Fate/Stay Night German Dub and I never watched/read Fate before. Can someone explain …[View]
158840075Little Witch Academia: Ching Chong Ping Pong 第25話「言の葉の樹」 暴走したクロワの魔獣がミサイルに憑りつき、世界中を巻き込む危機が迫っていた。その場にい…[View]
158836981Shingeki No Kyojin: ANNIE A BEST[View]
158850912Who is this gloved semen demon?[View]
158844185How do you call this hair style?[View]
158851383Why is someone so beautiful and cute a boy?[View]
158804320Nopan: So apparently there is a holiday celebrating nopan and it's today. Post characters that …[View]
158837498Tomo-chan: Carol's got the war on lock. Thank her.[View]
158848297should i watch evangelion for the first time ever in subs or dubs?[View]
158831012Hunter x Hunter: Best boys when?[View]
158778884seikaisuru kado: Time for another shitty thread where Tsukaifags, shitposters, and fujos try to coex…[View]
158811234Why are anime girls always buttlets?[View]
158836138Now that Ebizou's wife is dead, is there a chance for these five?[View]
158849078What's the best way to deal with a race who's biologically prone to violence?[View]
158848370So I started watching this, am I too late guys? Jesus that OP is faaantastic.[View]
158841123This is Emiya Miyu, and her big brother, Emiya Shirou![View]
158850778Will she give up on Subaru and become Roswaal's bitch like her sister?[View]
158850215Trigger's 'ironic' animation ruined Ninja Slayer[View]
158843680Best Cat Thread: Best Cat Thread[View]
158850656What is the sickest burn/one-liner/catchphrase in manga&anime, /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
158847936Defend this You can't[View]
158817596Re:Creators: Soda is a fucking faggot[View]
158847405Was this complete trash or ahead of its time?[View]
158848143Pick one[View]
158846106Best Girl thread: ITT: Best girl in her respective series[View]
158847963https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMF4WpL9lZM New Bang Dream Seiyu Live should be starting anyday now.…[View]
158850119>my parents are working abroad[View]
158849002Name one Yu-Gi-Oh character who isn't an asshole[View]
158849588The REAL black swordsman: You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.…[View]
158847277ITT: Authors you would fuck onsite if they ever left japan[View]
158847882KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
158849669Would he have approved of his daughter's taste in men?[View]
158845491Psycho-Pass: So Makishima's brilliant plan was to give up on the oats and single-handedly dispa…[View]
158847871Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin: I don't know if this particular comparison has been discu…[View]
158807792Tsuki ga Kirei: New episode soon. Will you miss this show when it's over, /a/? http://www.daily…[View]
158846831Manga competition: Should we enter together with a collaborative ironic shonen deconstruction manga?…[View]
158849409Robot Heart: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-06-23/kyoto-animation-robot-heart-update-gets…[View]
158843881am i a sick and broken person for getting turned on by this anime?[View]
158842777QUALITY thread[View]
158848800Nakamura Sawa is for _______?[View]
158849398How can one dub be so damn good?[View]
158848773I unironically like this anime, but /a/ thinks I'm disgusting for it. :( I want more original a…[View]
158848494What's the first (1st) thing you notice about this image?[View]
158844153Greetings /a/, it is I Cell. I am holding a tournament, if I am not defeated in these games then you…[View]
158844532>come home >see this What to do?[View]
158830090Find a flaw.[View]
158847075This is Mashiro Mitsumine, a totally normal Japanese highschool girl. Say something nice about her.[View]
158848642Shooting an angel with missiles and artillery doesn't leave a scratch. How is an Eva holding a …[View]
158847063Is manga better colored?[View]
158837376>Early-2000's >All of those DBZ music videos with Linkin Park music…[View]
158848529Pure kino. This might just be the best scene in all of anime.[View]
158846237How come Fate Zero was so much better than all the other FSN dreck?[View]
158840195Valvrave: I just watched both seasons, I had never seen it before. I loved it. I wish I had watched…[View]
158833476Who was the better Rider?[View]
158789497Eromanga Sensei: I'm just here for Sagiri.[View]
158843061Yu-Gi-Oh!: /a/, I don't know anything about Yu-Gi-Oh, let alone know how to play it. How do I g…[View]
158836054Is Studio Ghibli really that great? Are they the best of their kind?[View]
158843330Thoughts on Laserdisc? I collect them for the Art. They're heavy as shit.[View]
158847531Why do they all act so surprised about seeing Ryosuke and keep playing him up to be some sort of god…[View]
158848108What did you think of the final episode of QZGS for this season? A friend of mine who reads the LN …[View]
158848086GANGSTA anime and manga: I read some where that gangsta manga is being picked up after a long hiatus…[View]
158822275ITT: Perfect characters only[View]
158843241Bleach Novel: CFYOW part 5 is out. Setting is Hueco Mundo. http://imgur.com/a/JFEwU[View]
158846558why didn't they just punch his brain to death[View]
158847007What is your response, /a/?[View]
158842382ITT: 10/10 episodes[View]
158845773The government that Reinhard von Lohengramm and Paul von Oberstein created can confront and defeat t…[View]
158847529JS thread[View]
158847491ITT smiles protected[View]
158845532What are some interesting tidbits you've experienced or read/heard about pertaining to the anim…[View]
158846409Slave anime adaptation confirmed: いきのこれ!社畜ちゃん gets anime, posted in author's twitter page: http…[View]
158846504the fuck was his deal[View]
158846909do you love emilia?[View]
158846998>That feeling when it will never get a proper manga adaptation[View]
158845834new Prison School chapter when can't stand the wait[View]
158846922A friendly reminder[View]
158845181You! Tell me why Lisha is the best girl.[View]
158815086Rin is my Waifu[View]
158842744Leave Radditz to me![View]
158843821Remember when /a/ was embracing sluts and not used shitty /pol/ memes incorrectly?[View]
158843614>YOU'RE GONNA CARRY THAT WEIGHT What did they mean by this?[View]
158827297ITT: Actually intelligent MCs[View]
158843083Post worst girls[View]
158840602I'm buying somebody some berserk graphic novels as a gift. They've seen all the animes tha…[View]
158833707Parallel Paradise 13: Looks like shit will happen to Lumi.[View]
158814051why people not like isekai: its the most fun to read and most satisfying genre[View]
158846176hey DickHead when are we getting more berserk[View]
158816715Renai Boukun: This is a cute lesbian that fell for the cock. Also subs for last episode in a few hou…[View]
158836239One Piece: One Piece is far superior to HxH. There are no 'O' MY RUBBER NEN''s in One Piec…[View]
158835174Is mahou shoujo the best genre?[View]
158845240more like CUTsura-san amirite?[View]
158846033Miracles and Magic are Shit.[View]
158843943Happy Birthday!: Happy Birthday, Bestsuki![View]
158837113Houseki No Kuni PV is out: Looking fine for 3D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL3vytC1140&featu…[View]
158840953Robot x laserbeam: The author of Kuroko's basket went full fujo-pandering with this new manga. …[View]
158840192Kimi no na Wa: What's wrong with this ending, it doesn't make zense.[View]
158842976DAL: Why do people like Kurumi so much? Is it just a bunch of teenagers who like her red/black color…[View]
158844614Knight's&Magic PV2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJUggDUig8Y So, this is the only PV wit…[View]
158843732Be honest with yourself /a/. You want a robot only cast with no cute cyborgs that look like humans, …[View]
158845503>watch a show called euro yuri >there's no euro yuri They can't keep getting away wi…[View]
158812086bikefairy out, baldfat next[View]
158843486Would Satania be a good mother and wife?[View]
158844314Infinite Stratos: Will this harem ever be surpassed in its own genre?[View]
158844450Hey there onii-chan it's me your refrigerator haha ~ Did you want some cold milk?[View]
158843049Do you guys think it is possible for traps to become magical girls in Madokaverse?[View]
158840189Well... That was uh... That was kinda mediocre to be honest.[View]
158843762Goku needs to pee: Why doesn't he just pee into the Oracle Fish?[View]
158837852Will he ever go level 3 again?[View]
158846240あきはばら: >Show ended a year ago >Rem still everywhere in Akiba Remdomination still going strong …[View]
158843788>Grunbeld Novel/Spinoff >Canon Is this reallife?…[View]
158834666https://my.mixtape.moe/axbmss.webm >2015 >this is still allowed…[View]
158834363I like Mt. Lady.[View]
158843443What happened to monmusu? New season happening? I was outta the game for a while for a while hopeful…[View]
158838508How true is this?[View]
158767698Sagrada Reset: Episode 12 in EP 02h 56m 31s[View]
158844093My cute wife Kotori (Burd) is the cutest, sexiest, purest, and bestest Rabu Raibu.[View]
158831887Demi chan Wa Kataritai: So I marathoned this entire series today because I was told there was succub…[View]
158842764Why is this a thing?[View]
158843834I want to impregnate Yachiyo and have her bear my children before she gets whisked away by Madokami.[View]
158843626Why do I find this anime so arousing? There's relatively little fanservice but I get strong sex…[View]
158835576How do you like your MCs?[View]
158778950Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: It's over, and it was awful.[View]
158843854Who wins this and why? (Assuming they're both in their prime)[View]
158840696https://medibang.com/contest/jumpuniversal/ Why haven't you done your magnum opus yet, /a/? Ar…[View]
158843706The moment you realized China is better at anime.[View]
158842795>started in 2012 >new chapter released this year >last two chapters released in 2016, and 2…[View]
158843378ITT improve a characters quirk performance through tools >bakugou >add muh edgy claws to his g…[View]
158842655Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
158793277Raildex: >you are a researcher >AC sends you a clone as part of research of extending their li…[View]
158829765Maidragon: Is Kobayashi a boy?[View]
158841368Is it true that feet are perceived as super gross in Japan? Like the equivalent to a butthole unspea…[View]
158833741Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - Final episode: >crtl+f 'natsume' >0 results The state of neo /a/... …[View]
158843079Yuru Camp: Winter 2018 Studio: C-Station Director: Shunsuke Tada (Kuroko's Basketball, etc.) Th…[View]
158816826Yuusha ga Shinda: Just how large is his dong?[View]
158843055Birb did nothing wrong[View]
158836100Vanitas no Carte: ch18[View]
158841215Us Utaha-fags win! Get rekt everybody else![View]
158842688SukaSuka: SEASON 2 WHEN I need more suffering lolis[View]
158824345Why cant nips do CGI well?: Its astonishing how they pour money into berserk and all we get is shit.…[View]
158820940New chapter out Kirishima flash back soon[View]
158842950who took care of ton chan for those 5 days the keions were in london?[View]
158842610Fairy Tail: It's a filler chapter. Based Mashima.[View]
158835644Will anybody ever save her?[View]
158839738 Homu. [View]
158838584How would you fix SHAFT?: Zaregoto delayed Owarimonogatari pv delayed Fireworks manga Sales failed …[View]
158838343>she sees your backlog[View]
158839678Usagi Drop: What the fuck was the mangaka's problem? The ending is disgusting.[View]
158834834We decided that Sagiri is loli of the season, but will she be loli of the year?[View]
158821809>Spring 2017 Good fucking riddance. What an awful season this was.[View]
158831331Find a flaw[View]
158842349a new toy: https://doushio.com/tincan/[View]
158836107Is this what social anxiety is like?[View]
158835980ITT: shit you hate: >series ends without the characters who like each other actually confessing a…[View]
158841955Found this on my backlog and what the hell? What is this? Should i watch it?[View]
158839955>tfw watching a show that was popular when it aired but no one talks about it anymore and you…[View]
158839637Do you guys have takaki san photo?[View]
158834059Love Live! Sunshine!!: *woobs*[View]
158839587Is this a good show if I want to masturbate to lewd young girls?[View]
158838565Hinako Note: Maybe I can pretend to be Konata for tonight? Last episode soon.[View]
158801271Mahotsukai no Yome: So is she a Sleigh Beggy or Slay Vega?[View]
158837907I summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, the Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor. Your turn.[View]
158840322Yurika on the front page?[View]
158840412https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M5hNL1SsuI This will probably be shit but my penis cannot resist th…[View]
158842090I am the villain of the story~[View]
158837272Remember when /a/ liked Haruhi Suzumiya?[View]
158838435Why did they make this the final frame of Ping Pong?[View]
158838382How do we stop JCs from being too sexy?[View]
158841995>finally airs in my country >has to fly to another city to watch it >wait until holiday sea…[View]
158835991ITT: Well written characters in shit anime/manga[View]
158836705https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jOTFEL4fjX4 >Those stereotypical arrogant Americans >That engri…[View]
158839539Hmph. I'm the best loli, I suppose.[View]
158785697 It's time. [View]
158838865Is this the best use of cinematic timing ever?[View]
158840775Am I to believe that young women read mangas about young gay men?[View]
158838972When are we getting the Holyland anime adaption we know we deserve /a/[View]
158835865About when did all the fansub groups die? 2015?[View]
158834175This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
158840607ITT: Trainwrecks that were redeemed by their ending.[View]
158839729'Me and Bertholdt tried to kill all of humanity 5 years ago.' 'Why?' That's how it SHOULD go bu…[View]
158831048Boku no Hero Academia: Will Bakugou be able to deal with not being able to keep up with Deku when th…[View]
158807978I want Megumin to get Asanagi treatment.[View]
158840343NOOOO. ENOUGH![View]
158793633Buyfag Thread: Read the guide before asking any questions: Buyfags.moe[View]
158839795I unironically want a second season There's not enough yuri out there without all the touchy-fe…[View]
158840426Post hype scenes.[View]
158811019It's best girls /sci/ and /lit/ chapter.[View]
158835996So can we all agree the OVAs were good, but the tv series was dog shit?[View]
158838757Conan movie 20: >You thought it was going to be a BO movie >It ended up being a shounen tantei…[View]
158815335Saekano: Last ride, get in here Megumibros[View]
158833330Little Witch Academia: Toot[View]
158794165Aikatsu, Pripara, etc: It's aaaa Hikari mmmmmmagic![View]
158754548SukaSuka: THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. Or the happiest corpse in the world?[View]
158780778JoJo Thread: Why does Araki hate Yasuho?[View]
158829263A decade ago, a character like Eriri would have been the popular main heroine of the series while gi…[View]
158827105Dragon Ball Super: Predict the order of ring-outs.[View]
158838244Nice pits[View]
158838522How good would friends be at taking care of human children? Would some friends be better then others…[View]
158819384Bleach: CFYOW part 5 is out. Setting is Hueco Mundo. http://imgur.com/a/JFEwU[View]
158750158Frame Arms Girl: >That stinger for a possible S2.[View]
158836196Okay, /a/, I WILL find a way to eat her ass.[View]
158833657Why are detectives always the best characters?[View]
158796388Tomo-chan: Carol.[View]
158830922Likely the best anime ever created[View]
158838069>Kyoko will never get the D[View]
158838039post your face wen they finally find One Piece[View]
158837994Asura's Wrath: Would you watch an anime adaptation? The game is basically an anime but if it be…[View]
158837862I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
158832915What was her name again? She is upset that I forgot[View]
158829703What kind of male character do girls IRL find the most attractive?[View]
158835990ITT: Self Aware Gary Stu's[View]
158834423Favorite hairstyle /a/?[View]
158831252Who was in the wrong here?[View]
158832044So where are you taking us, anon?[View]
158836720Become meguca[View]
158829121Do you think Shogo Makishima had friends?[View]
158835892This is good, but is has a lot of gaps in its timeline.: A lot of unanswered questions as well. To n…[View]
158829931Kill, Fuck or Let go? What do you think they should do to each other after the clusterfuck they have…[View]
158836246Why: Why does best girl always get the bad end /a/ Why can't they just live and be happy[View]
158834841Post power couples from anime and manga.[View]
158833238Ideal 14 year old.[View]
158830624This is a japanese boy going out on a date with his boyfriend![View]
158835078Bring Japanese back to Nyaa: There were so many Japanese downloading from Nyaa, it was in their top-…[View]
158835103Ajin: Is it ending soon? What's this madman got up his sleeve? Also that is some terrible place…[View]
158834965Hey /a/, meet my wife! Say something nice about her and her show for our wedding![View]
158836690Who else cried during the last episodes of season 1?[View]
158835011ITT post absolute shit that you got memed into watching[View]
158830952What's your 10/10 anime series?[View]
158836713Alice to Zoroku: You guys all think this evil witch loli is sexy, but you do realize that this child…[View]
158805827Is there anyone who can defeat saitama?[View]
158805139One Piece: Is it generally agreed that One Piece has taken a huge dip in quality since the timeskip?…[View]
158830613Coming in rougly one week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJ-eShiZ1Q Can anyone translate this?…[View]
158818814Webm Thread[View]
158834653Why do they call it the virgin killer?[View]
158824968Monogatari: Technically this is a harem show told from the perspective of psychologically disturbed …[View]
158835151Yuuki Yuuna/Yuki Yuna//YuYuYu/NoWaYu/KuMeYu/WaSuYu/Yucky Tuna Thread[View]
158833931Where did it all go wrong?[View]
158783838Boruto Episode 12: Discuss today's episode without looking like an autistic /vg/ retard.[View]
158831972Hello /a/ post you raw manga and I will translate it for you. I am an amateur Japanese to English tr…[View]
158806858Kemono Friends[View]
158822943Big or small?[View]
158809844Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Chapter 68 Korean Scans:http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/NYd0rJ7TOJU…[View]
15883519610/10 episodes from this decade[View]
158835599Gundam Twilight AXIS: Gundams saviour releases in a couple hours. What are /a/'s expectations o…[View]
158835831ITT: We discus anime cliches hate we. Here I'll start it off >Pervy old leecher who always m…[View]
158827877Gokukoku no Brynhildr: I saw a clip today where pic related sold her breasts for candy. this show lo…[View]
158834866>Draw a cute girl >Put her in a show for fujoshi What sort of cruel and unusual punishment is …[View]
158834895SUKI! SUKI! SUKI![View]
158834567Fansubs: Why are most fansubs so shit? also post QUALITY fansubbing[View]
158834549Does /a/ still pretend KLK was bad?[View]
158830178Watching anime in the wrong order: So I'm catching up on my backlog (inb4 never happening) and …[View]
158802587Having one cunt character is fine, but isnt two pushing it a bit? Ayase isnt even hot[View]
158830594How could she have helped Shinji to become a confident young man?[View]
158835185Leave Jiren to me![View]
158822098Shingeki no Kyojin: >Hanji appears >Have TWO eyes There you have it, she will be the Female Ti…[View]
158835333How well does Hetalia represents you country and if you don't like how your county is represent…[View]
158829734Ichigo 100% East Side Story: If anyone cares http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/0lH9T0RsuOk[View]
158829415Stop masturbating to girls older than 18[View]
158830638Is he the only important muslim charecter in anime?[View]
158830119>having a backlog[View]
158776394The Elf King is no Where to be found farnese & Schierke is about to face down the ultimate Dick …[View]
158832166Hey guys I'm loving Monogatari, so I'm thinking in buy the light novels. In amazon is lik…[View]
158830948All Isekai series after this one suck balls[View]
158758534Hibiki - Shousestsuka ni naru houhou: After thinking about it for a while, I might as well dump TL t…[View]
158830586Tokyo Ghoul: re 130: It's Friday somewhere in the world so spoilers soon[View]
158825466Well, /a/? Was she right?[View]
158831580Kyoukai no Kanata: You are going to take this lonely cake out on a date to the festival, right /a/? …[View]
158832478Who are the notable Gaijins/non-Japs working in the anime industry?[View]
158827033Praise Eris-sama![View]
158831244I want BD subtitles to attain this level of multi-subbing some day.[View]
158831006ITT: Girls that need scat doujins[View]
158830445This is Japanese Sherlock Holmes[View]
158832348s2 is only three months away. How are you preparing for the Umaru apocalypse, onii-chan?[View]
158738851Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
158830471Stop bullying lolis[View]
158826493>that one fucker who tries to pretend Log Horizon isn't the same garbage as SAO…[View]
158822848I hate the medieval-fantasy setting: no,I mean,I REALLY hate this shitty setting. WoW and final fant…[View]
158833100Is it worth it?[View]
158821493Kimetsu no Yaiba 67: Featuring Muzan 3.0[View]
158828869Hiromasa Yonebayashi on suicide watch: After completing 'Mary and the Witch's Flower' and takin…[View]
158805601Gintama Spoilers: Who's next[View]
158827331Could you survive a physical confrontation with Shinka?[View]
158833445/a/ humor/ Jojokes[View]
158830819is it a good anime?[View]
158833409Shingeki no bahamut virgin soul: Do you think Charioce will die? Also alot of people are saying that…[View]
158824012ITT : God tier anime openings & endings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd7BILZcYAY[View]
158828689Guys! I'm in love with this lizard![View]
158824921He got a disputable first place[View]
158806120Dr. Stone: New waifu is here https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/dr-stone/en/0/16/page/1[View]
158730287Yuki Yuna/YuYuYu/NoWaYu/KuMeYu/WaSuYu: It's Wakaba's birthday, say something nice about he…[View]
158820354Little Witch Academia: Holboorke sure raised her well.[View]
158816533Flip Flappers: Someone please explain to me how Cocona left Pure Illusion and forgot about Papika if…[View]
158813146This is a 200 year old shotacon[View]
158829517Japanse Train: i need examples of them.[View]
158823724Colorful (2010): Is this Koe no Katachi done right? What a nice movie.[View]
158779476Saki:Tanoshii: Ritz made a new blog post. Someone who knows moon can tell if there's something …[View]
158831789This is the funniest shit ever. It kills the entire mood of the scene. What the fuck is he trying to…[View]
158831544She was gay, wasn't she? yeah.[View]
158826667>Every time the MC wins it's brutally satisfying >Next match is against a smug metawhore …[View]
158830453Girls love girls?: Can girls love girls? Well can they?[View]
158823081Tenchi Muyo: Why the fuck is NOBODY subbing the new Tenchi Muyo OVAs? Also we can all unanimously ag…[View]
158830870Haruhi is pretty much perfect wife material and you can suck my fat one if you disagree[View]
158830746I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Waifu, is in fact, Anime g…[View]
158830391Why are JCs ideal?[View]
158830434does /a/ like giant girls?[View]
158820069She was best, right?[View]
158830195>MC's opponent is thicc[View]
158830153>character has pink skin[View]
158827024NGE QUESTIONS: So I just finished this show for the first time and I am pretty fucked up. I think it…[View]
158827641Was there ever a reason in the books telling why he hated his daughter Ann so much?[View]
158826255I love you /a/![View]
158820904Hunter x Hunter: Who else will he use Steal Chain on?[View]
158827632Kaguya 68: The break is over. Did you miss me? pic related[View]
158827665This show had a really nice artstyle. A shame it was a shitfest.[View]
158829604So could she not return Dandy because he was also dead in that universe? Or did the souls swap and …[View]
158827847I wasn't ready for this[View]
158816673Hajimete no Gyaru: New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9xgxT-BiFs[View]
158823632.hack//SORA: In .hack//SIGN if Sora had killed Tsukasa / Ann Shouji and people had found out, could …[View]
158827123This is your host for tonight. Say something nice about her.[View]
158825772why?: Gosh anon, why are you such a loser?[View]
158828295/mandibles/: Alright, /a/, you all know how this works. If you had mandibles, which anime character…[View]
158825675Are you still mad or have you grown up /a/?[View]
158816177Who are the sluttiest boys in anime, /a/?[View]
158828030Why are Wan Piss cucks so intimidated by Hunter x Hunter?[View]
158824308Which anime is the most /fa/?[View]
158817289Pick two[View]
158826797ITT: your personal ships: The ones that would never work but yet you still support[View]
158827769Psycho Pass: So why do we hate Inspector Shimotsuki, anyways?[View]
158822609Haruhi finally gets it's long awaited 3rd season >it's berserk 2017 cg quality Would y…[View]
158801113Z or Kai for a first time viewing?[View]
158823964YOU ARE MY FRIEND[View]
158806441SHIELDBROOOOOOO: https://myanimelist.net/news/51213219 >Shieldbro is getting an anime adaption co…[View]
158769502Is Shinji bisexual?: Before I started jerking off to traps and shemales I remember this episode alwa…[View]
158812484What does /a/ think of Locodol?[View]
158827400Who is this man? I can't remember[View]
158802849One Punch Man Chapter 77[View]
158820487Dragon Ball Super: They should have brought back Cell instead.[View]
158825716why would HanaKana take such a slutty role? it's unbecoming for someone as cute and pure as her…[View]
158824279have any of you tried this? were you successful?[View]
158827088Jesus fucking Christ this Manga broke my heart[View]
158825225When will this fag draw more traps getting fucked silly?[View]
158826764Does /a/ like Murciélago?[View]
158826453Anime isekai mecha: Who is better anon[View]
158826498What did you learn from anime and manga?[View]
158826848>MFW The Torrent quality is worse then the streams[View]
158820545Digimon: What went right? What went wrong? Why is it still alive?[View]
158826112What was her problem?[View]
158823874Why is Gabumon the best digimon?[View]
158826664Weird question but does anybody know when the digital distributing rights for the Dragon Ball Super …[View]
158823647ITT: O' our rubber nen[View]
158825252>if you use this power too much you'll lose some years of your lifespan…[View]
158826383Top 3: Now that the season it's almost over, ¿what's your personal top 3? for me it's…[View]
158822124This was so good: Season 2 when?[View]
158821547>Takami Akai, the producer of the series and a co-founder of Gainax, announced that he would resi…[View]
158826309Helck: Wasn't Vamirio supposed to be like 20 levels below Helck? She's been way more compe…[View]
158823570Mob Psycho 100: Teru is fucking dead[View]
158825694>character says Yoshino-chan! >subs say Yoshi! What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…[View]
158826070what went wrong?[View]
158824403Little Witch Academia: >Oh look Croix just almost destroyed the world. Chariot will obviously sac…[View]
158819159Why are anime elves so wonderful and why aren't there more series with them?[View]
158810160Shokugeki no Soma Season 3: Get hyped motherfuckers. This is gonna be a wild arc.[View]
158823755this is your immortal, wise, curious, savage god-killing angel (and she belongs to you) for tonight …[View]
158811475Kengan Ashua: The great Kazuo vs Julius! How hard is he going to curbstomp the musclehead, I wonder?…[View]
158818280Do you have sexual feelings towards Lalatina?[View]
158825561Soushin Shoujo Matoi: >venture to the highest dimension to save your mom >dad starts fucking h…[View]
158820983Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS: For some reason, this series attracts a lot of genderbend art.[View]
158824974What girls should never be lewded?[View]
158825325Should girls own girls?[View]
158823578SAO thread? SAO thread: this is a japanese AIDS[View]
158825900Renai Boukun ep 12: is this Higurashi?[View]
158822316Kuragehime SOON: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-06-22/princess-jellyfish-manga-approaches…[View]
158811587can we post examples of anime adaptations turning better than the original manga? pic related[View]
158824301when is the new season gonna start already i need more battle harems /a/[View]
158824538This is getting an anime next month. Are you guys ready for nazi angels, farm aliens, intense politi…[View]
158823093Anime - Summer 2017: >next season starts in 7 days What are you going to watch, /a/? https://www.…[View]
158820408Worldwide Shonen Jump contest: https://www.viz.com/blog/posts/jump-s-universal-manga-contest?utm_con…[View]
158822602I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
158811190Recommended: Yotsuba's Leaked IQ Shocks the Nation![View]
158805511Find a flaw.[View]
158822240What are the most harrowing best girl deaths?[View]
158817246Is he the worst Dragonball daddy ever?[View]
158823490'I don't like X genre but ____' Thread: pic related for mecha[View]
158811258Shingeki no bahamut: virgin soul: What does this face say?[View]
158824336Whoa, she has a cool weapon![View]
158814777Sakura Quest: Behold, the Anal Queen[View]
158822251RobotxLaserbeam: >sounded weird saying he's a giant at 190cm >double check it and the guy…[View]
158823262Yama no Susume: Season 3 coming soon. And the new episode in the mexican dub is starting in 40 minut…[View]
158815638UMARU IS CRYING!! WHAT DO YOU DO?!![View]
158808587Hey remember the times when we joked about the possibility of anime being on steam? How ridiculous t…[View]
158822410Dragon Ball should not have continued past the buu saga. Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
158820496Dragon Ball Super: SLUGGED[View]
158822003Leave Beerus to me[View]
158823066This is Meruru. You might recognize her if you are old enough. Say something nice about her.[View]
158777287Did Kanbaru win?[View]
158819719What makes a good anime? or rather a successful one? In terms of success, I'm suggesting anime …[View]
158822751Alice to Zouroku: >1 episode left How will it end, bros? Will the piggy survive?…[View]
158819780I don't get it[View]
158813331Will Gabriel Dropout and Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon have the next season? They have been the b…[View]
158821089Think of an anime, one that is incomplete. Would you rather that series have a new season or a satis…[View]
158811179K-On College: How is it?[View]
158822213Wasted character[View]
158822202Domestic Kanojo: Was it rape? It looks more like colonization to me.[View]
158821106I had no words and it was only the 2nd page[View]
158809697Hard mode: no Keit-Ai[View]
158822066Sasamori is the cutest[View]
158819968ITT: pregnable cuties[View]
158810708'Gakkou Gurashi' manga serialization suspended: Serialization is set to be resume this year and at t…[View]
158813613Shingeki no Kyojin: I´m doing 100 thrustings and 100 squats everyday to be as flexible and manly as …[View]
158821835Overlord: So we all agree that shizu is the best pleiades right?[View]
158815838Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: NI NI NI NI NI NI[View]
158819695Best girl[View]
158810698Is this the holy trinity of deconstructionist Plebime?[View]
158821419全王様: is he autistic? is he killable? would the universes disappear if he got killed?[View]
158809202>in her 30's >dated Touya in juniors She some kind of pedo or what?…[View]
158814858What does /a/ think of Free?[View]
158820000what is the saddest moment in One Piece?[View]
158801644Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: >smile status: protected[View]
158817488japanese cartoon: https://youtu.be/i3cHh4c3e8Q?t=2m3s who is this coffin dodger anyway[View]
158812916Why did they bother making other girls when everybody just gravitates towards Kurumi?[View]
158820594Poor Machi. She's been broken and reverted to having the mind of a 7 year old. She'll nev…[View]
158819986This is so wrong on so many levels[View]
158793074Thoughts on this bae?[View]
158812505Hunter x Hunter chapter 361: How is Kurapika supposed to protect Woble when there's only him an…[View]
158820541Name a more threatening motherfucker[View]
158816989which one woudl u rather bang/get banged by[View]
158788764Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS: >'The One Who Commands the Wind' is the eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS a…[View]
158809650Boku No Hero Academia: Finally it's out[View]
158804135New Game: Why is she naked?[View]
158819202>Come home after a long day of work >As you walk through the front door you see this and it as…[View]
158796162Dragon Ball Super: Reminder, king kaio still not ressurected yet they gonna revive freiza first…[View]
158820156Was it Kino /a/?[View]
158816858ITT: Post the show you just finished, post the show you are currently watching, and post the show yo…[View]
158817540i love emillia: what the fuck no seriously WHAT THE FUCK[View]
158814372This is my wife. What do you want with her?[View]
158818533This hungry creature rolls into you and demands pizza, do you feed it?[View]
158809804Headpat thread[View]
158749754Why is Tanya so evil?[View]
158809621Are you one of them, /a/?[View]
158805750Little Witch Academia: 'Oh my, what big teeth you have, Sucy!'[View]
158818237Does it get any better..? I went in expected it to be good and similar to Akame ga kill!, but so far…[View]
158818040This is an American CAT[View]
158809256New Komi-san chapters you fags, go read it for cute and awkward goddess.[View]
158819650Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
158819727Summer: What are you going to watch and what are your expectations? >Clione no Akari looks comfy …[View]
158819693when is Imaishi announcing the new anime?[View]
158818895Everyone wants to look like Koito. EVERYONE.[View]
158812642>Kekkai Sensen s2 >Mahoutsukai no Yome >Umaru s2 >LL Sunshine s2 >Popteamepic >Oso…[View]
158816379I love the OVAs, but is the anime worth watching?[View]
158816424jesus fuck, Im I retarded?, how the fuck does she travels back to the past to see her father? if you…[View]
158818243You is the cutest[View]
158816211>dude minovsky particles LMAO[View]
158817679Do you remember him /a/ ?[View]
158817165Uratarou: Thoughts? I just blazed through it. The reveal of the old man being a backstabbing demon f…[View]
158815629Mob Psycho 100 : chp. 100.3: Chapter is out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation. Te…[View]
158815963THE ROLLING GIRLS: Do you remember this? i'm japanese TRG is not popular in japan I want to kno…[View]
158815805>tfw DFC BTFO of cowtits once again How will cow udder lovers ever recover from this?…[View]
158813853Why was it so bad compared to the original?[View]
158813167The boy who took drugs to win: When the fuck is part 3 going to start?[View]
158816578Saekano Season 3?[View]
158782403Best OPs/EDs: https://youtu.be/SPVqATAAWrw https://youtu.be/2uq34TeWEdQ https://youtu.be/MLurbkxZpng…[View]
158817260Red or blue?[View]
158812818>MC has a new girlfriend every season Whats his name?[View]
158810271What is the fucking difference between Macross and Robotech?[View]
158815104>main boss of the arc compliment the main character in middle of the fight…[View]
158815196This is a baby Japanese hedgehog, say something nice about it[View]
158810379Why does everyone want to fuck their imouto?[View]
158817386>that one episode >that you kept even after deleting the rest of the show or redownloaded >…[View]
158726617DO YOU LIKE MY CAR?[View]
158785100Today, on class /a/...[View]
158809849Post characters that you think are tomboys, but most people do not. I'll start.[View]
158805842Real Madrid anime when?[View]
158813222Emilia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shit …[View]
158816749ITT: Inevitable second season that make you postpone ordering the helium tank.[View]
158814255yuri is the concious decision of observing true happiness knowing that you 'll never be truly h…[View]
158805702Akame ga kill: Did they really have to make it end like that?[View]
158799553How come, after 8 years, Madoka is still a relevant show? Was it ahead of its time?[View]
158815545If you like one of these series but hate the other you are a hypocrite[View]
158809414ITT: shows expected to sell well but instead flopped: Here's a good example. Who would have tho…[View]
158813590Hinako Note: How do you call this fetish?[View]
158793993What's the preferred video playback solution these days?[View]
158814263How can undead be THIS sexy?[View]
158810585More Tsurezure Children seiyuu revealed. >Seiichirou Yamashita - Chiaki (manzai couple) >Akari…[View]
158815594luluco a cute[View]
158811288>OP by (K)NoW_NAME >ED by (K)NoW_NAME[View]
158797046Did she win or what?[View]
158805407>Liberal '''translations''' Why is this allowed?[View]
158809273When will Kadokawa fund a 25x2 episode adaptation of Trails in The Sky?[View]
158812943Kawaranai mono sagashiteita[View]
158813813Anyone get the newest Humble Bundle and be willing to share with a guy who has no idea if he should …[View]
158814242Would you a golem? also Galko thread[View]
158806341ITT: Best girl trap in shit show. I will start[View]
158814367seizon senryaku?[View]
158811543Watch Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie: Was the movie even released? Google suggests that it was aired i…[View]
158786259Saekano: Why did the girl who suffered the most have to lose?[View]
158811222What was her major malfunction?[View]
158812027Why do people think this is ok?[View]
158808843This is your nurse[View]
158804283ITT: Based protagonists[View]
158807873>Goth loli character >Instant best girl How does this work ?…[View]
158812567Anime that focus on moe as their main selling point are absolute trash and I don't understand h…[View]
158813648Kayo Girl, before you go now I want you to know, now That I still love you so But if he loves you mo…[View]
158774675Re:Creators: Episode 12 PV is out, heavily featuring dyke butt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYct…[View]
158794933Did you guys know Psycho Pass can be read as 'Psychopath?' Also, in retrospect, everyone who complai…[View]
158803037Shingeki no Kyojin: Why do so many people on this board pretend to hate Armin?[View]
158790841One Punch Man Update 118: http://viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/series/FlR8CfEDXW0/FlR8CfEL380?manga=onepanman…[View]
158803047Mai Ball!: I don't like where this is going.[View]
158813053>he ACTUALLY buys anime figs[View]
158813315Ookumo-chan Flashback: How far do you think that this will go? Does Riichi have enough balls for any…[View]
158797807What the fuck was his problem?[View]
158812700The REAL black swordsman: You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.…[View]
158809784Kaiji Thread: Kaiji is an underrated masterpiece[View]
158808108Is this the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice of Animes?[View]
158801571Are these the perfect female bodies?[View]
158810678Lucky Star is the best anime to watch on a lazy summer day. Prove me wrong.[View]
158812022Seriously, what was their problem?[View]
158804170New Game: What did she mean by this?[View]
158804696Hero Academia: Dumping korean scans.[View]
158810670robot-x-laserbeam: 'fujoshi, please support my manga!!!'[View]
158808757How did we go from this[View]
158811729Have people seen this yet? Key Art from the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA.[View]
158773893ITT we estimate the IQ of our waifus: 100 is average, >140 is genius, <60 is mental retardatio…[View]
158810441What US state was she from?[View]
158806393HxH thread : chapter 361: NICE TUX KURAPIKA[View]
158810098So, now that the dust has settled, is it worth to read Naruto?[View]
158809938Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch70[View]
158807892ITT: Side characters that want the D more than the main girl[View]
158811132So, this is what a piece of shit with no redeeming quality looks like.[View]
158811227Humans,: directly from the anisotropic I bring to you another device. It's called 'WaTeFa-ku', …[View]
158811129What are your thoughts on this character design?[View]
158803945ITT the most retarded shit you ever watched[View]
158810200kamisama no iutoori: kamisama no iutoori thread (first & second part)[View]
158793921The eternal question that has plagued philosopher's brains since the dawn of mankind. Nyamo or …[View]
158808444How does this make you feel?[View]
158810704What the fuck was his problem?[View]
158806896Golden Age Of Idol Anime: 22/7 is performing their first live show on guess it, 22 July. http://www.…[View]
158805917Does she have the tism?[View]
158810490I want Megumin to get happily manhandled by Kazuma for procreation purposes.[View]
158809869Subaru did nothing wrong.: Rem was totally cool with it. She knew when he was lying. She knew he lov…[View]
158801509Post manga that deserves an anime adaptation[View]
158810293ITT: Tropes you absolutely hate seeing. I'll go first. >high pitched voice small girl who is…[View]
158804825>his favorite studio is not Kyoani[View]
158803417It's almost here symphobros Hopes? (other than Maria being killed and Kanade resuscitated ?) Pe…[View]
158704317why are nee-sans so much better than shitty imoutos[View]
158803684Lupin the Third: Haven't seen any thread for some time. How did you like the newest movie? Whic…[View]
158749539Granblue: This anime would be 10x better if it was about her.[View]
158805538This is my wife Karen! We work out together! Say something nice about her![View]
158781720Zero Louise: Seriously what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
158786079Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon SP4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hozi-IIjJ0U[View]
158807042I just want to eat her ass, /a/.[View]
158795697Can we get a charts and graphs thread going in here? Really gets my autism churning.[View]
158807520Son Goku is the greatest anime character of all time. Don't debate me[View]
158794921Is Unicorn the best Gundam series of the past decade? https://youtu.be/BnaC0RgEPCw[View]
158757487Shokugeki no Soma: Chap 213 ranked 3rd this week Color page next week (Most likely Megishima's…[View]
158785196How do you feel about bootleg merch?[View]
158809470Why do Pink haired girls make best waifus? Dis a objective fact, every girl with a pink hair is the …[View]
158805411Shieldbro anime announced!: It's time[View]
158772412Rokudou no Onna-tachi: Would you fuck him (female)? New chapter out[View]
158808315I prefer the dub.[View]
158800263Did you enjoy Kare Kano?[View]
158809335Full two cour series when?[View]
158805685Which anime has the cutest soundtrack in your opinion? Bonus points for instrumental.[View]
158802543anyone else like the original dragon ball best?[View]
158789492When did people stop caring about Urobuchi?[View]
158808998KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
158807485Fairy Tail 540: I don't really know what to say.[View]
158805784Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail Dub: Did they ever release an English dub version of Black L…[View]
158804151Saike Mata Shite Mo: Is Saike gonna snap out of it in time or did we just lose best bro?[View]
158801834tv vs bd thread[View]
158808831Lost Isekai Wordpress novel: I remember reading about a story where the mc is transported to an anot…[View]
158804447Actual quote from the Kimi no Na wa novel: >“Mitsuha. If we do this, there’s no goin’ back.” >…[View]
158806966tate no yusha: >generic >isekai >harem >edgy why is /a/ hyped of this shit?…[View]
158799528Zettai Boei Leviatan: Why is there no thread for the new BAHAMUT EPISODE?[View]
158805368Why don't they animate top tier manhwa like nobeless or the breaker, but animate shits like han…[View]
158799030ID-0 episode 11: What did you think of the last episode?[View]
158804475Mob Psycho 100 > One Punch Man[View]
158808297Anyone here a good artist who like to do a good, studio ghibli draw thread,unfortunately im not a sk…[View]
158805527https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zatch_Bell!#Anime >Anime television series >2018 This has to be …[View]
158808372I love Mari-san.[View]
158808361I WOULD LIKE TO SHOW[View]
158800029Tokyo Ghoul: Re 130: Spoilers on friday. Early thread for the theories[View]
158777906It's Monday somewhere, and even the /a/xis cult appreciates a romantic yet impractical obsessio…[View]
158790605What's the deal with scanlation groups?[View]
158807861hi it's me aizen[View]
158802594Guren Kaina![View]
158783673What will you watch this season, /a/? It's pretty shitty, if you ask me.[View]
158806164This is Shinka[View]
158805413shieldbro: https://twitter.com/yoshimi_osada/status/877776119742595072 >as anniversary celebratio…[View]
158805592Just finished both seasons of this. Why do I want to get my shit together, find a girl who finds my …[View]
158772650How did his dick not spontaneously combust?[View]
158807564KyoAni: Are they entirely booked with movies in 2018 aside from VEG?[View]
158803776Why was it so awful?[View]
158807454Komi-san wa komyushou desu: Why is (s)he so best?[View]
158805849why people not like it: >the reviews were horrible but the story is fucking gold…[View]
158802714Annie is an eldia restorationists [View]
158799402Hunter x Hunter 361: The spoilers are almost here[View]
158800385so i just watched this, is that all there is? is there anything more even in manga form?[View]
158769483Shingeki no Kyojin X: >Eren: Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance…[View]
158806062Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari anime announced: https://twitter.com/pKjd/status/877814199258292224 This…[View]
158794726Love Live! Sunshine!!: >cute (this is important) >flirty, charming personality >seiyuu is s…[View]
158805389Little Witch Academia: Diana is single-handedly saving TV LWA & everyone knows it. Also No PV fo…[View]
158791360Little Witch Academia: What Happened ??[View]
158803485Why is it so common for characters to drink beer first thing in the morning, does Japan know that…[View]
158802756What's with the influx of haruhi threads? I'm not complaining but still, did something hap…[View]
158800910Were they just chuunis ?: I've reread Medaka Box a while ago. And it makes the story more cynic…[View]
158801272Kimi no na wa is better[View]
158802681What exactly was her problem? Was it autism?[View]
158792701Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa 175 LQ: Who knows the story A Dog of Flanders?[View]
158805376Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari: Anime announced https://twitter.com/yoshimi_osada/status/87777611974259…[View]
158804717What went wrong?[View]
158798701obscure background characters: try and guess what show this guy is from[View]
158804855Was this anime really that bad?[View]
158802982>read vanilla romance manga >slowly becomes cuckshit Every damn time.…[View]
158783656One Piece: Why do we still bother reading along when we know that Oda will never surpass Water 7? Th…[View]
158795927>just finished this for the first time What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
158804436Why was he such a coward?[View]
158765361Sakura Quest: Power to the people[View]
158804802bro penis and vagina lmao[View]
158796320Anyone else ready for Fireball's third season? https://twitter.com/mochiroh/status/876072271395…[View]
158798113Darwin's game 40[View]
158801295I need more Kon in my life. Also Tokyo Ravens thread.[View]
158798533Now it's your chance to make your dream of living in Japan and work as low wage slave animator …[View]
158790026You can't deny that pink is the sexiest.[View]
158793744What went right?: Everything[View]
158799462Boku No Hero Academia: Big 3 are PrettyBig Edition: Chapter soon. Continue discussions from last thr…[View]
158800580Rie Matsumoto: How do you feel about Rie Matsumoto's works, in particular Kyousougiga and Kekka…[View]
158779941Kemono Friends[View]
158781610>canonical colors don't fit mental image of manga character[View]
158800712>you will never sing and dance with them >ywn be a school idol Help me cope please…[View]
158776277Monthly Urara thread. Now![View]
158796783Get on Louise's bed anon![View]
158801552What is her problem? why does she act retarded when she's at home?[View]
158772982Kangoku Gakuen 258 spoilers: To the usual anons arguing about trivial shit: keep the insecure autism…[View]
158802645>Remember that kinda boring fantasy show that was only interesting because of Hestia and her inte…[View]
158803143Oh.: Oh.[View]
158803157>mfw I learned that Togashi is married to Naoko Takeuchi No wonder he plays Dragon Quest all day,…[View]
158762419What are you watching right now?[View]
158797298Who is the better Haruhi?[View]
158803018>tfw no oyabin[View]
158799622How much value do you place in visual direction?[View]
158799968Meet Nagisa. She loves her family, and dango. Hope you get along with her, anon.[View]
158788284My wife Kagura will be taller than me.[View]
158786386Would you watch an anime based on the SnK AU?[View]
158790251Keroro Gunso: What does /a/ think of Keroro?[View]
158801432HxH: SPOILERS OUT[View]
158799800Free kisses for everyone![View]
158800286Did we ever find the truth that exists beyond the gate?[View]
158794829Why did this annoying as fuck and incredibly retarded character get her own show? I mean, are you f…[View]
158779870Waifu Wednesday Thread: You share an incredible bond with your waifu anon, be sure to cherish it and…[View]
158797198Tales of Zestiria The X: What went wrong? What went right?[View]
158783931Is he the deepest MC shonen character yet?[View]
158801947Juan Derland: Why aren't you reading the hottest new manga, /a/?[View]
158800556Koe No Katachi: So I just finished watching this movie and it was a lot better than I expected. Had …[View]
158793907Why is racing such an untouched genre? You've Initial D and its sequels/spin-offs, Redline, and…[View]
158799464Boku no Hero Academia: the face that won people's hearts spoilers sometime soon[View]
158794290ITT: series with good endings[View]
158799467Secret base: Is it still there Anon?[View]
158796291SnK S2 places below Hibike S2 V7 in daily BD rankings. Highly probable it'll only be around 5k …[View]
158798295ITT: Perfect designs with Perfect Personalities[View]
158800884>Dio in part 1 Gets cut in two by Jonathan and it does't kill him. >Dio in part 3 Star …[View]
158799070ReLife: Chap. 184 Shit just got serious guys.[View]
158793426Question for /a/: Is it a bad idea to go on a thread about an anime you are watching but havent fini…[View]
158793302Is there anyone that sympathizes with this character? If so, please rethink your outlook on life.[View]
158798913Just watched this for the first time, I can't think of many things more over rated than this. T…[View]
158798145>The three best selling manga are all from Shonen Jump >Exactly half of this list is from Shon…[View]
158796235This is the Queen of /a/[View]
158782162What kind of porn does Tomoko masturbate to?[View]
158795501This series didn't have harem, NTR and other bullshit just pure ecchi romcom. How can other ser…[View]
158793273I found this.: Did someone lose their waifu? I don't want to take it to the pound, I might just…[View]
158797993Heaven or Hell?[View]
158798010What does this mean? no seriously, sometimes mine tries to do this to me too[View]
158800066What does /a/ think of this show? I don't find it ground breaking but it has certainly been enj…[View]
158799251Was she right?[View]
158786290Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: Did people really doubt that Amou Kirukiru was going to win?[View]
158794053How do you eat this?[View]
158786408loli butte[View]
158799183What the fuck was her problem?[View]
158792574Fuck this dumb fucking stupid fucking cunt.[View]
158732117What did /a/ think of this Chinese cartoon: King's Avatar I thought it was pretty fun[View]
158799479What would've happened if she had killed Kyon? Would Haruhi even have cared that early in the s…[View]
158788129How much better would this be if it was made by KyoAni?[View]
158795973Danmachi: Are there any other sample pics that are hard to find? Or at least in good quality. Also, …[View]
158795400How long until they replace anime seiyuu with Vocaloids?[View]
158797458How does this make you feel?[View]
158783749Baki Dou 162 translation: Have you heard? CITY's getting scanlated! They're almost done wi…[View]
158777830>10/10 girl >voiced by Aoi Yuuki >stuck in a shitty fujobait series Why is this allowed?…[View]
158799024Kusuriya No Hitorigoto: How can a guy this attractive have no dick?[View]
158791216Why is this kid so autistic?[View]
158728724Post japanese animals[View]
158798293ITT: finished shows that never had a significant progress ever[View]
158793822Perfect show?[View]
158794753Made in Abyss: Let's get a thread going. Ozen best girl.[View]
158796226Kyoani&Do Shop: Would you spend your money here?[View]
158798006Bird Anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb3VC_4n_E0 Would you watch an anime about birds?…[View]
158797183tenchi muyo ova 4: so many characters now i miss the original cast what are your thoughts on ova 4?…[View]
158778347Keijo!: Volume 17 comes with Fuyuyu and Hikaru profiles. One volume to go.[View]
158792338What's your favourite anime based on?[View]
158797505So if Frost were to get a Golden form, what would you want it to look like?[View]
158782743Boruto: It's been a trend in Naruto that the next generation is weaker than the last, so has th…[View]
158781144Why was this series so shit? Why do people keep on making excuses for the shitty animation? Why do p…[View]
158788848HxH thread: Spoilers tonight[View]
158797406Your one true waifu is here anon![View]
158796574Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Ch43: Anyone know where the translated Chapter 43 came from the oth…[View]
158747979>No studio will animate yotsuba why? who owns this? it would be the best SoL around…[View]
158786778Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter Soon Probably[View]
158790358ITT: Shows that would be better if you replace one word with loli Little loli academia.[View]
158697636What are your honest thoughts on panty shots in anime at this point?[View]
158794757Let's get a motherfucking Lupin III thread. Why is the series so good? Even at its worst this s…[View]
158797119How come series so fun are dropped by translators?[View]
158789798I'm now going to start watching the >863 episodes of this. Try to stop me pls. This is 12 da…[View]
158795911euphonium: Were they faggots?[View]
158791699Left or right?[View]
158792893Dragon Ball Girls: Choose.[View]
158796055Loli drivers: Loli drivers are best drivers. One of the many lessons I've learned from anime. W…[View]
158793553loli is for loves not lewds[View]
158793762When will Doga Kobo finally top GJ-bu?[View]
158789342Patricians fap slowly and elegantly to lolis.[View]
158788286I wanna start watching space battleship yamato. Should I start with the 1974 series, or is there a m…[View]
158789293One Room OVA: This is our new neighbor. She's here to greet us. Say hello.[View]
158791791Retro Thread: Watching Makiba no Shōjo Katori, finally. And found I new character to hate.[View]
158784669Dragon Ball Super: > Took away his childhood > Took away his planet > Took away most of his…[View]
158791044What is the best order to watch the various animes in this franchise?[View]
158792351saa ikou ze zetsubou no wazuka na kotchi gawa e kitto shangurira da yo kimi to nara aikotoba ring…[View]
158783415ID-0: Episode 11 of ID-0 is out for all 3 anons interested. I have to say I never expected to enjoy …[View]
158795282/pol/: The manga[View]
158794332Heavy Object: Anyone else miss these two assholes?[View]
158795192Chinese forum link: Can somebody tell me or help me to unlock the link of this particular thread: ht…[View]
158665118OPT: 1 page thread[View]
158775083Post a character design better than this[View]
158791615Clannad means family[View]
158794227Kagerou Daze: In a Day's: Does anybody have a link or file of the Kagerou Daze movie, 'In a Day…[View]
158781944Homura is the kind of gal that would jack you off while you watch Madoka's show.[View]
158793881You are going to take this lonely cake out on a date to the festival, right /a/? You're gonna p…[View]
158792286he literally did nothing wrong[View]
158794611Sleepy, tomboy or kuudere: Which of those do you prefer /a/?[View]
158794684Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni: Anyone watching this anime? I can only find the first 4 epi…[View]
158788152Ergo Proxy: I just finished this and I'm not sure if I'm missing some big philosophical id…[View]
158792767Despera?: It's going to happen, right, guys?[View]
158743832Is Vivio bigger than her mothers?[View]
158790338KATSU ![View]
158793444Shingeki No Kyojin 3rd Season?: Does anyone know when it will come out?[View]
158790776What is the most retarded moment in anime?[View]
158793706Was Gurren Lagann one of the best animes to ever to come out? Has there been anything to top it off …[View]
158782961Hinako Note: This is your drama club sponsor for today[View]
158793391Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
158793266Does anyone else know?[View]
158793438My love for you is like a truck[View]
158784406'What are you thinking now, Anon?'[View]
158793057I just finished Nichijou and holy shit why did this have to end[View]
158792995What does /a/ know about Laserdiscs? I've got the chance to buy up a bunch of OVAs & Movies…[View]
158793194Which Sakura would you Quest?[View]
158792925Missing episodes online: Pic unrelated. Anyone know where episode 12 of Sakurada Reset and Busou Sho…[View]
158789163Don't forget that laugh, /a/[View]
158787972Don't forget to do your workout today anon![View]
158789936Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou: WHY? WHY THE HELL WOULD HE ON AVERAGE LESS 3 CHAPTERS A YEAR AND INS…[View]
158792877TV Subbed Anime: >In Chile are airing subbed both season of Yama no Susume and Locodol . Is you…[View]
158789336Kuroshitsuji 129: This has to be the reborn Vincent Phantomhive.[View]
158788234Why is the Kimi no na wa Soundtrack so hard to play on guitar? I swear RADWIMPS have to be sped up,t…[View]
158789739Its Saturday Night somewhere. How are you guys doing?[View]
158787284Which anime do the /ss/ right? I mean, not just pointless tease of a subhuman gay shota that run awa…[View]
158791957Where is it already?[View]
158791893Dragon Ball Super - /DBS/: Somebody's gonna die, just you wait.[View]
158789096Do you think Mami-san deserves her own movie sequel too?[View]
158790377Dragon Maid!: Ask someone who just binged watch all 13 episode today of Dragon Maid and managed to n…[View]
158792380I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
158779296>/a/ would call this ugly[View]
158773377Does /a/ like their JCs pure or thirsty?[View]
158763174What the fuck was his problem?[View]
158787677Re:creators: Started watching this today. Wtf is this crazy carnaval? Also layers best ost! https:/…[View]
158790380What sort of cocktail would you like tonight anon?[View]
158774896The Promised Neverland Chapter 44 spoilers: - Gilda is very suspicious towards the girl who appeare…[View]
158787968Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again.[View]
158775229Little Witch Academia: Hey anon... yeah you anon ! Hear me out..... TV Diana >> OVA Diana >…[View]
158791691Best girl[View]
158789098How can other villains compete?[View]
158781586One Punch Man: Garoufags epic BTFO http://viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/series/FlR8CfEDXW0/FlR8CfEL380?manga=…[View]
158752799Aikatsu and PriPara and friends: Nor greed nor fear can tear our faith apart When every heart-beat h…[View]
158791385Will best boy make a comeback tomorrow?[View]
158791272Let's talk about backlogs. How often do you guys go and pick up something from your backlog? Is…[View]
158787432ITT: We post cute shotas[View]
158753797Buyfag Thread: Read the guide Buyfag.moe[View]
158689631Who do you prefer, Illya or Kuro?[View]
158791043Is Shintarou the most realistic onii-chan in anime? >The warning was followed by the sound of a d…[View]
158781567>draw a loli >call it a shota literally fucking why…[View]
158788264This is your sensei for tonight[View]
158789130Kaze wo nuke! Project: Recently I have stumbled upon a OVA called 'Kaze wo nuke!' Which is about a m…[View]
158788534What the Hell was her deal, anyway?[View]
158790517Why does /a/ seem to dislike mangastream?[View]
158790290Saber has a cool design, why does she have to be in >Exposition: The Anime >Exposition : The …[View]
158736141Raildex: How about we put off Frenda bullying for a while? She got her days numbered.[View]
158782761Ookumo-chan Flashback: How far, do you think, that this will going? Also translation when?[View]
158788008PIN PON![View]
158790294meduka meguca: post meduka memes. heres one i made[View]
158790296You can do it inside, Sana-chan~[View]
158787797Give me Characters who've had grand master plans for their entire life and future. And actually…[View]
158779959Goemon: Goemon[View]
158790057Why the fuck does every site translate 'yo' literally? Why not just translate it as hello? It sounds…[View]
1587716263x3 thread[View]
158789410Ranma 1/2 is the best Rumiko Takahashi anime and manga hands down, its the objective truth.[View]
158789501Samurai X Trust and Betrayal: Why was this ova so dull as fuck, devoid of any interesting characters…[View]
158783046Whis: This guy could defeat all the Undertale characters in less than a minute.[View]
158788996Was Ed a boy or a girl?[View]
158788482ITT: O MY RUBBER NEN moments[View]
158789184Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni: Anyone watch/watched this anime? I can only find 4 episodes…[View]
158786351Sick Loli: Hanako is sick, please be nice to her.[View]
158787997How do we make fantasy anime fun now that Konosuba's gone?[View]
158758628Mayoiga: When this show was airing, it appeared as though a lot of people liked it. I personally don…[View]
158788092Code Geass Akito the Exiled funimation dub preview: >breathes in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH https://www.yout…[View]
158784876Emi Isuzu's true form: Who will fuck Emi Isuzu in her true 200 kg lard form?[View]
158788778does /a/ like giant girls?[View]
158782353I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
158788335I-is it H-happening?[View]
158787771Tsurezure Children: 2 Week until Anime anyone hyped for it?[View]
158780874Hey, please answer fast, is Eden it's an endless world really that good of a series? There…[View]
158787146Why aren't there anime about elves? Something where elves are not side characters or love inter…[View]
158760281What role will she play in the upcoming movie?[View]
158788073ITT: Girls you want to hold hands with.[View]
158696479Oreimo: Have you forgotten me, /a/? Do you still love me?[View]
158788227Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine.: Was I the only faggot watching this? Why don't you discuss this show? …[View]
158788581Is Jimmy Kudo a Gary Stu?[View]
158788539Are you excited for season 2?[View]
158772388Ryuko or Satsuki?[View]
158783421What do you think of Mio?[View]
158788498Was Takumi a cuck?: well, was he?[View]
158770913Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Main girl actually use good deck[View]
158712534Guess what today is[View]
158787720So, cat girls[View]
158692728Love Live! Sunshine!!: Why the other girls encouraged Yoshiko to keep doing her dumb chuuni stuff wh…[View]
158782103FemGil: Why Gilko isn't canon yet? Why can't we have nice things in Fate?[View]
158788096Inami did nothing wrong[View]
158788094Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.[View]
158770882Is this the holy trinity of Plebime?[View]
158788084Hey guys, I upgraded Iori for ya'll.[View]
158773698In this thread we post perpetual Also-Rans, people who forever existed in the shadow of others great…[View]
158785380>ctrl+f >no Symphogear thread How? AXZ is right around the corner and I'm equally eager …[View]
158787936Who is best mascot?[View]
158787624What's going in this pic, /a/? Is this Accelerator and the Flash getting counseled about speed …[View]
158760667Owarimonogatari 2 is delayed, right? No date, no PV, no news.[View]
158774531When will we enter the glorious age of Enjo-Kousai anime/manga[View]
158785761I've been waiting all day for this I wanted it to be my 100th anime completed but the studio de…[View]
158697970Sailor Moon thread niggas: only best girl in this thread[View]
158781413He's right you know[View]
158786324I love Shouko and when I grow up I'm gonna marry her![View]
158736373Put on your suut. We're going slime hunting.[View]
158779183Did anyone expect all 6 new Jump series to be trash?[View]
158787588Re:Creators: Is Red ready for the NTR?[View]
158785701ITT: Fast Food anime Supremely enjoyable while consuming but you feel almost physically ill afterwar…[View]
158784819How did they get from this....[View]
158784602Why would someone do that?[View]
158782463I've always looked down on waifufags but now I have a waifu of my own. God help me.[View]
158761191It's out[View]
158779375Itt we give out quirks and let other anons decide if it's balanced. Telekinesis: can levitate a…[View]
158785422Today I will remind them.[View]
158786948Shingeki no Kyojin: >'Eren? Ocean?' >'I need to leave this place, Armin. I must see the truth …[View]
158787080Love Live! Sunshine!!: Is Yohane schizophrenic?[View]
158786263The protagonist of the last anime you watched has to beat D'arby in a gamble. will they find a …[View]
158784361>tfw no anime about 80's disco Will we ever get good disco anime?…[View]
158785285>Popular 80s Genre: Mecha >Popular 90s Genre: Shounen >Popular 00s Genre: SoLs >Popular …[View]
158786369ITT good tsundere[View]
158786978>Spent her entire life being bullied >Has to spend eternity with a chest flatter than a loli…[View]
158786973Why is this couple so cute?[View]
158778875The Council has requested your presence.[View]
158782494This manga has the most thinskinned fanbase on /a/. Prove me wrong.[View]
158780757>watching OVAs I sincerely hope you don't do this[View]
158767970BGHS 2nd PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFP_qQGGMTU So, can I expect anything from another game…[View]
158786804Which Witch: is comfiest?[View]
158774190Shingeki no Kyojin[View]
158750031Busou Shoujo: 15 more hours until the ultimate showdown, who hype[View]
158763992HxH thread i guess: >creates a very well developed and a unique villian >makes him into a typi…[View]
158785679OST General: When you realize that the best OST of all time is tied to that cgi monstrosity >does…[View]
158784811Looking for producers[View]
158746230One Piece: What will go down?[View]
158775772Dragon Ball Super: How will Freeza react to this picture?[View]
158757894Name a better quirk for real life usage.[View]
158727190You've been given a billion dollars but with the caveat that you can only spend it on anime pro…[View]
158784586Why did Nichijou flop?[View]
158768443People hate what they don't understand[View]
158782209I just finished this piece of work. What are my thoughts on it?[View]
158784482why is he looking directly at the sun?[View]
158775141Monster: Wanted to read/watch it. Should I watch anime adaptation or read manga?[View]
158772512Why is Revy still a virgin?[View]
158781998She's 10/10, say something nice about her![View]
158777758You wouldn't cast a Giga Slave.[View]
158781443Pink hair is like cotton candy and will always be best girl[View]
158782269Goku Black: Best Dragon Ball villain in years? I really like how they went the Reverse Flash route a…[View]
158775545Digimon thread: It´s been 20 years since the first V-pet were released. It sold so well that various…[View]
158762942Bleach novel: Latest translation http://missstormcaller.tumblr.com/post/162010080312/cant-fear-your-…[View]
158779554It's already been 12 fucking episodes. Why is it so boring? It's even worse than Shippuden…[View]
158783308This is a Japanese lolicon[View]
158772522Bet you never thought that Dragon Ball would have the hottest lesbians in anime[View]
158755260What does everyone think of the Kancolle anime?[View]
158766969Boruto: Holy shit, really it was her.[View]
158771857What is it about anime that makes it more charming and intimate than western animation?[View]
158780739The Right Answer: >>158778884 There are only 2 was this show could end now: 1 (the only reason…[View]
158781488Is nico robin a virgin?[View]
158722247Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: >official Unmarked released today for anyone who cares. It's b…[View]
158781793Was Kodomo no Jikan a biography of Watashiya?: Has there been any proof of Watashiya portraying her …[View]
158777555Nobunaga Concerto: Season 2 never.[View]
158777190Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san.: Anyone keeping up to date with this still, characters still as gr…[View]
158779160Is it time for /ar/?: >Year of our senpai 2017 >Way more new titles coming out each season tha…[View]
158781930Is it just me or is the 5.1 audio remaster lacking audio in a lot of places? Or is this done intenti…[View]
158769070Gundam: Are any of the non-Universal Century Gundam series worth watching? I've only seen Wing …[View]
158781329Reminder that this guy is a fucking faggot who didn't deserve Futaba, and Futaba is an idiot fo…[View]
158737528Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake[View]
158779051Rokudenashi: Is he a good teacher?[View]
158775349One Punch Man: Raw is out http://viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/series/FlR8CfEDXW0/FlR8CfEL380?manga=onepanman…[View]
158757903Tomo-chan: She's fucking dead . The war goes on[View]
158778810He may have been an edgelord, but at least his goal for fixing the world made sense. Naruto was bein…[View]
158780866>You desire to become a member of an armed military force known for conducting air based operatio…[View]
158781398Why is he so perfect?[View]
158778668Who hates born-smart girls like her? I really can't gut her for behaving so smart. I don'…[View]
158768536People really think the tournament arc in this is even top 5 in the battle shounen genre? Goddamn[View]
158777535ITT girls everyone on /a/ has fapped to at least once.[View]
158781034So is he the 2nd protagonist or the villain? Why are we focusing on this guy? Is he going to be an a…[View]
158765637I miss GX and Judai desu[View]
158780454Is this the greatest anime ending scene ever?[View]
158775690Lets play a batsu game. If your waifu is posted, you watch Endless eight and go to sleep afterwards.…[View]
158780886Hello there /a/. You still are faithfully married to your first waifu, right? You did promise to hav…[View]
158767972Post you're waifu, others explain why she is fucking garbage.[View]
158777652Explain to me why people like touhou's characters so much? All those characters with loose gran…[View]
158774725Now that we all had the time to calm down and think this carefully. How do you eat a chocolate coron…[View]
158763957>mangaka is selling his work on patreon for 5 shekels a month https://www.patreon.com/posts/jin-c…[View]
158778455What is the best way to simulate hugging an anime girl? I'm not sure dakimakuras work the best …[View]
158720817So how you feelin' about the Isekai Triple Threat we're having next season? https://www.yo…[View]
158742074Saekano: >I did nothing wrong! >I waited longer! >I suffered the most! Remind me why people…[View]
158773905Death Parade/Death Billiards: I'm going through Death Parade at the moment after having watched…[View]
158744586JoJo Thread: Did you learn to like or hate Rai after he pushed Yasuho off the chairlift?[View]
158773669>expected happy hippo adventures >ended up depressed Kaiba thread…[View]
158773121Can anyone blame Tsuneki for being a slut when she was born with this body? It's not like you b…[View]
158763465>After becoming friends with Yurio, they cheer each other from the sidelines. Even after his own …[View]
158779886What happened to the scanlation of Baki Dou?[View]
158756601WSJ TOC: Weekly Shonen Jump #30 My Hero Academia (Cover, Lead CP) Kimetsu no Yaiba The Promised Neve…[View]
158777589Date a Bullet: is anybody translating this? if not is there anywhere i can download the raws or buy …[View]
158767806Gilgamesh should've been a female in Fate. Her personality would be like an elder sister with a…[View]
158703059Eromanga Sensei: >he can't appreciate Eromanga Sensei, the best anime of the season…[View]
158776809Why aren't there more anime girls with cute piercings?[View]
158770490Are we living in bizarro world? What's next, Yotsuba?[View]
158775799Dragon Ball Super: > When Freeza gets in-between you and your former best rival…[View]
158771859What's the best media player to watch anime on /a/?[View]
158775547Daiya no Ace 2nd Act Chapter 83: Where are you when Furuya is f*cked?[View]
158776996Boys shouldn't be allowed to have legs like that.[View]
158779070T-5 Days: >BEEP BEEP >BEEP BEEP >BEEP BEEP…[View]
158768227ITT: Smiles /a/ couldn't protect[View]
158778195I miss Lucoa[View]
158769918>155cm >39kg >these hips I don't think so. Why don't authors know how weight work…[View]
158772499Jojo theories: Is Jonathan Star Platinum?[View]
158776864Would you watch a show about pregnant girls doing cute things?[View]
158777907Why couldn't the show's girls be this cute?[View]
158774467Expelled from paradise >what I expected retarded space monkey mecha fanservice garbage >what I…[View]
158774549/a/ sings Eromanga-sensei: It's time for round two of /a/ sings Eromanga-sensei. This time we…[View]
158772049Risou no Himo Seikatsu: >They propose in chapter 1 >They get married in chapter 3 >They fuc…[View]
158777844Why aren't you reading the Cute Gay Knights doing Gay Knight Things manga?[View]
158756944Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai/Bokuben/We Never Learn: Chapter's out. https://jaiminisbox.com/…[View]
158757089>Take your favorite hentai manga >Take out the sex and adapt it into a generic ecchi series Wh…[View]
158764302Is there a cuter animu than Nyako Days?[View]
158773679I used to think Rem was the better girl. Then I rewatched Re:Zero and realized Emilia was very subtl…[View]
158774058ITT: canon sluts[View]
158766200GochiUsa S3 when?[View]
158769635I love Emilia.[View]
158776418BuBu ChaCha: People, I give you this archeological find from the 1990s: Actual BuBu ChaCha episodes.…[View]
158749064Kemono Friends: Which glasses wearing friend is your favourite (if you can find a picture of them we…[View]
158774533YOU ALREADY KNOW[View]
158773022who the fuck is the father?[View]
158776486I'll never understand why some anime shows have ridiculously long names. >Is It Wrong to Try…[View]
158768205Vegeta is a _________[View]
158775455this smug motherfucker: just stole the love interest of the MC from the last anime you watched. will…[View]
158776445Haa dokkoi![View]
158770672Fubuki>>>>>Tatsumaki Anime-onlys won't understand[View]
158766908WTF? aren't they both like, 14 years old or something?[View]
158775828Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeese![View]
158741537Berserk: It happened again[View]
158774620Re:Creators Re:swords: Nobody can draw her swords correctly[View]
158762933Little Witch Academia: If Yoshinari announced LWA S2, but hes not directing it anymore for obvious r…[View]
158761193Dragon Ball Super: why was his blood green when he died?[View]
158767651What do you want to see in the upcoming Hibike Euphonium films, /a/?[View]
158765367One Punch Man: Update When? edition: Previous thread: >>158702881 >>158702881 >>15…[View]
158774751BALL! BALL! BALL![View]
158772906Fuuko is cute, CUTE![View]
158775095ITT: Confessions If I'm debating whether or not to watch an anime and I see that it has a bad O…[View]
158775040DAT FAT[View]
158774407What exactly did she mean by this? It's not like she has anything besides her shitty stapler or…[View]
158774206Pick up the damn phone Misato[View]
158769444Today, I just want to destroy something beautiful.[View]
158772022Which Ruru is the best Ruru?[View]
158771107Who were these guys again?[View]
158769398Shingeki no Kyojin: How do you feel about Sasha and Annie turning into friends?[View]
158773171ITT: Characters that should have been the main character.[View]
158741225Do you guys like Boku no Hero? I love it, I think it's one of the first anime in a long time th…[View]
158768843The REAL black swordsman: You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.…[View]
158765851Kimetsu no Yaiba: He will return back right? I can't believe this is happening in a shounen…[View]
158773554Post an anime or manga without posting it. This one should be easy.[View]
158773660Why is pantyhose so good?[View]
158773419Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: OPs: #3 > #1 > #2 >> #5 > #4 EDs: #1 >> #4 …[View]
158761747Truck-Kun just killed your favorite character from the last anime you watched or manga you read. How…[View]
158769951Fuuka: How many chapters until MC fucks Fuuka 2.0?[View]
158771937ITT: Greatest villain designs[View]
158768189Sexiest Anime girl: Emi Isuzu is the most sexy girl in anime history, what do you think of her?…[View]
158755135Anime Harem: What is your anime harem? You favorite waifus? For the lazy http://myanimeharem.net/…[View]
158772648Honestly, this show is significantly better on second watch, without having to wait one week between…[View]
158758255Sex in Anime: Characters who fucked. And, how did you feel about it?[View]
158763278Storage: What do you do after you finish a series, keep it or delete it after watching to save space…[View]
158769966Is it normal that I want to eat every plate they show? The living armor mollusks look absolutely del…[View]
158772617Characters that would make good dads[View]
158765964>I'm so into you... I can barely breathe! How do you react?[View]
158772426>The Earth's special forces[View]
158772424Clock? More like COCK[View]
158749598Aren't her tits a bit too big?[View]
158769162What would you do with your powers, if you were the strongest vampire in history at a young age of 5…[View]
158769201Has an anime ever put you to sleep?[View]
158765493Animu Backup: Which HDD manufacturer does the average /a/non trust most to store their most beloved …[View]
158770893Field Trip: Go to 2ch and bring something back http://www.bluethree.us/futaba/[View]
158767338The first half of the 90s sucks donkey balls, but the later half is the golden age of anime. Explain…[View]
158741706Re:Creators: What is she dreaming?[View]
158769148Non of your shitty high pitched anime soundtrack will ever come close to this masterpiece. https://…[View]
158769678Who is more powerful; King Crimson or The World? (independently of Dio and Diavolo)[View]
158771485This is the current Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist, Fujiki Yuusaku in his 'playmaker' form. What do you think…[View]
158771570How do I save images from Japanese online readers? It opens 'blank1x1.png' when I try to open the i…[View]
158770924ID-0: I hope you're all watching AOTS.[View]
158770530Summer outfit thread[View]
158771131Kobato a cute A CUTE![View]
158771065Hibiki: >she thinks LNs are literature[View]
158707271Boruto: Which Hidden Village is the strongest in terms of kage and general ninja aptitude?[View]
158770153Movie when?[View]
158770134How do they fuck?[View]
158770346Would you help a OL see her dream?[View]
158758857So Goku probably can't beat Saitama: But what about SSGSS Blue Vegito?[View]
158770705How the fuck can you faggots stand this tripe?[View]
158770573Resident evil outbreak about Hunk anime when?[View]
158767768Yuki Midori Aoi Akane Miyuki Saya Tomo Ayumi Rin Hibiki Haruhi Rika Sakura Hinata Hana Akari Yui Kan…[View]
158764173Kuroshitsuji 129: CONFIRMED![View]
158768038Why are pink haired girls always the biggest sluts?[View]
158766628Why was she so inferior to the other two girls?[View]
158758555Hunter x Hunter: Spoilers soon.[View]
158769675Is Kimi no Na Wa super popular because of the happy ending? If it had a bitter ending would it be as…[View]
158767257best girl[View]
158768238Maki's wearing black today.[View]
158767392NANIMO NANIMO[View]
158742609Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records - Final Episode: Glenn is the best MC of the season…[View]
158741142Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS: >Episode 8: 風を操りし者 – Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono (The One Who Commands the Wind) …[View]
158765395ITT: Memesubs[View]
158762792Shingeki No Kyojin: Annie is the best Name one reason why she isn't the best waifu in snk (Pro …[View]
158755935Why is Kumiko so relatable?[View]
158769317Most beautiful grown men.[View]
158769183Will a girl ever smile because of you?[View]
158767566Have a nice day Anon.[View]
158767118ITT: Anime that you only like because of the art[View]
158767402>flip flappers is unironically better than doctor who We honestly need more shows that just have …[View]
158768878What do you think of Sora no Otoshimono, /a/?[View]
158768860ITT: False advertisement: She was advertised as the main female, ended up being a side character. I …[View]
158768199KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
158765984Why do kids anime have the lewdest girls?[View]
158768758Should we round up all the people that watch Chinese cartoons without paying for them and gas them i…[View]
158768687Post snail, and praise her mercy as a imperior snek goddess [View]
158768743Was she retarded?[View]
158764471Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale: Time for another chapter of lesbians deus vult after almost 2 months.…[View]
158766833birb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb3VC_4n_E0[View]
158768485HxH spoilers?: Found this on another chan, no idea if real. 捕獲。 Kurapicaは遠く離れて見えて、「これは問題だ...」 次に、フィリ…[View]
158767866Yandere Media thread Yandere Manga, Anime, VN, you name it, preferably female yandere.[View]
158765753Where did it all go so wrong[View]
158752431Why are delinquents the best?[View]
158768142can he make it any more obvious These two is goona get fucked so hard reliving caska night at the ec…[View]
158748155Not even a lolicon but the loli idols are the most attractive. How is this possible?[View]
158755108LOGH gets official subs: Legend of the Galactic Heroes gets an official sub: https://www.hidive.com/…[View]
158767388Why cant this series have a real fucking mystery story something that a retard cant figure out in th…[View]
158764955The waiting game: >that one manga you're reading whose scans come at a glacial pace How are …[View]
158763350Anime/Manga that should have ended way earlier than they did Go[View]
158764291Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Opening: It has been finally released!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYCLwiz…[View]
158761810Gabriel Dropout: Do we still like Satania?[View]
158760135If only Kircheis were here...[View]
158765385Hinako Note: Worth watching?[View]
158720652Girls und Panzer: Who is the best tank commander and why is it america-chan?[View]
1587656873x3 thread: Post and rate.[View]
158765554Tsuki ga kirei: This anime makes me feel things. Also fuck Dazai[View]
158759447SYD: Time again[View]
158759949Series that you really thought would have been animated by now.[View]
158767741People always ask if girls can genuinely love other girls, but can boys in fact genuinely love other…[View]
158744611You are ambushed by a feral Gyaru. Wat do?[View]
158764010What did he mean by this? What was their age difference and when was she impregnated with Toya?[View]
158765661Dragon Ball Super: Yoshifumi Fukushuma, without a question, one of the worst anime script writers of…[View]
158767853>start last episode of a season after the last cliffhanger episode >it's actually an OVA …[View]
158741581Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Who is excited for today's episode?[View]
158767336Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that SEED Destiny was better than this?[View]
158767555Unleash your warface /a/[View]
158765124Gol D. Roger is not dead He goes by the name rayleigh now[View]
158765685*block your path*[View]
158761358What did /a/ think of Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare)?[View]
158763751Holy fuck that was some good shit right there[View]
158756460Technically, it's called ephebophilia.[View]
158764951Are there any other anime girl characters that have a handblade similar to what is depicted in this …[View]
158763781Hero Academia: Unconfirmed spoilers ------------------------------------- 天喰がダウンした3人を拘束し 上階の警官に受け渡そう…[View]
158766127Mirai Nikki: Just got finished watching this hot garbage. The first half showed a lot of promise but…[View]
158763619I'm getting diabetes from this show.[View]
158766965Issei Sagawa: Has someone ever made an anime about this gentleman?[View]
158766634Do you think this tournament is going to be good or shit?[View]
158730167WSJD: Fuck, why is it so late? It's seriously 9pm? I could be masturbating and going to bed, bu…[View]
158762607D-Frag 87: Desuno is back! Rejoice![View]
158765751Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita: Are you ready for the Short of the Decade? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
158757557hibike euphonium[View]
158766381ITT: Shows that everyone already forgot[View]
158760566ITT - Heroes we never deserved.[View]
158756092>Villain gets best girl Why is this allowed?[View]
158763237So what really went wrong with fate /a/? Was it fate/zero?[View]
158750978Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 12: It's the last episode you guys.[View]
158759438To You, The Immortal: It's not my pain...[View]
158764211It's like the creator is trying to taunt me and all anniefags.[View]
158765106i want to kill my self[View]
158762865Dra: Yoshifumi Fukushuma, without a question, one of the worst anime script writers of all time, no …[View]
158765037Daily reminder that Shep died for your sins[View]
158764758Will this be AOTY?[View]
158760997More reasons to follow Detective Conan[View]
158758343You haven't forgotten have you, /a/? The greatest anime of all time?[View]
158763702>CG >screamcore Is this the most cancerous opening in the history of anime?…[View]
158764761Koe no Katachi: is this the best version?[View]
158764176Best Waifu ever!: This is my Waifu, do you like her?[View]
158750630>Shinkai has been unanimously decided as Miyazaki's successor Eat your heart out, Yamada.…[View]
158739260Rin is getting married![View]
158758067>dude just pile on the subplots hahah[View]
158755915When did you realize this manga was made for egalitarian tastes?[View]
158747616This is a Grand Couturier. Say something nice to her![View]
158762713This board seems wide open for a Hidamari Sketch thread. Discuss SHAFT's best anime here.[View]
158758756You can tell this company loves anime very much. How come they haven't won any prizes yet? They…[View]
158762757>his favorite studio can't use famous pop culture song as opening for a movie…[View]
158751154Tsuredure Children: Woop woop[View]
158763774Homura is my least favorite anime character of all time.[View]
158761487Why does Hiroe think Americans act this way?[View]
158749979Guys, I REALLY love Lain![View]
158702881One Punch Man: Murata's still streaming! Quick rundown for the next chapter >WDM beats Garou…[View]
158763620Tenshi no 3P: >Oono Yuuko >Koga Aoi >Endou Yurika What a cast!…[View]
158762069x2 Speed Anime: Are there actually people who watch anime at x2 speed? Or it's just a meme…[View]
158762232best 11eyes waifu: mine is yuka[View]
158759387Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu: 3 new chapters were released today In the first one, Chunni friend invit…[View]
158761780>You will never get a cute space alien hopelessly addicted to your planet's food…[View]
158760332Ogga blog blog?[View]
158736742ITT - smiles that /a/ failed to protect[View]
158758354BGM Similarities: How often do they pop up in anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cQF2z9bXeo htt…[View]
158751270LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA: You just KNOW[View]
158750636Who was the best meme girl of the last season?[View]
158752006Shingeki no Kyojin: Annie stinks![View]
158761396Why haven't you started watching Maruko yet, /a/?[View]
158760174What are some anime titles set in real locations that aren't in Japan? The only one I can think…[View]
158760615If you're really going to watch the shittiest anime of the season, at the very least don't…[View]
158760574>hurr durr lets apply cold logic to a world on which you can power giant robots with emotions Ros…[View]
158761271What went wrong?[View]
158761560Who is the best waifu of the season?[View]
158749763Can i get a flowchart or what order to watch the idolmaster series?[View]
158744175>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who haven't watched Saint Seiya…[View]
158761094>MC-kun takes an attack that will supposedly kill him >Big cloud of smoke, no body >Other c…[View]
158761967how old is he?: I mean the Megane kun.[View]
158754937This is a pair of japanese schoolgirls[View]
158753149What shows would you consider ESSENCIAL loli-core? Pic related for me.[View]
158761526>The pigs' alive in pure illusion Apologize.[View]
158745655Is Kanna LOTY 2017?[View]
158758757This is my fiancée. We're getting married soon.[View]
158752410This is a world-class demon[View]
158760172Balalaika: Even with her 'flaws', she's still 10/10.[View]
158761217I was promised more scanlated maid dragon...: Where are they?...where are you anon?!?[View]
158749269Dragon Ball Super: Why are they so perfect?[View]
158760938>tfw no big ear gf Is there a more underrated character?[View]
158743470Time to Breed!: Let's settle this: http://www.strawpoll.me/13241426[View]
158760873Find a flaw.[View]
158755928Did they kiss[View]
158747935>hfw she sees your dick[View]
158745943When you act cool but then get your shit rekt: poor hisoka he was way out of his league.[View]
158760717Give me a song for Rin Okumera of Blue Exorcist. Something that reflects his hellish origin and inte…[View]
158759609Can some one explain why harem pro tags are always super dense, giant pussys, or huge perverts and w…[View]
158751660Draw your waifu.: Do it.[View]
158757490Grand Blue: where were you when best girl had her heart broken 3 times?[View]
15875636412 + 13: Volume 12 in August and 13 in December >mfw[View]
158760443Describe an anime based on what the OP makes you think it is >NGE An upbeat Japanese schoolboy an…[View]
158680794Seikaisuru Kado: There is serious lack of thread for AOTY.[View]
158749286I wish Scum's Wish was scummier.[View]
158749614>hating your child for being an underachiever >making children go through entrance tests for E…[View]
158757952This is a Japanese scientist.[View]
158759126What's Iowa-chan on, /a/?[View]
1587579294kids thread: What would happen if they got Shimoneta? Yes, I know they're dead. Make it Saban …[View]
158759707Do you wish there were more MCs who are fathers?[View]
158733083Made in Abyss: literary fantasy involving the imagined impact of science on society. pleasure.…[View]
158716004ITT: Post 10/10 episodes.[View]
158756266why would anno say he hates his characters being turned into 'waifus' and then proceed to include sc…[View]
158755936Shimakaze on the front page![View]
158758816Who's the best Clannad girl?[View]
158754621I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
158731103More translations soon. Do you think they made Jizz sexy enough or did they fail?[View]
158757614Thoughts on 'A Silent Voice'. Discuss about the manga and movie; what did you think of it?[View]
158756621Why is 14 peak?[View]
158743449Why dont you love me anymore? Why dont I get anymore threads?[View]
158756466>you will never marry Shiburin WHY FUCKING LIVE[View]
158750007What was her deal supposed to be, anyway?[View]
158753212JCs are the sexiest[View]
158757176>The going home club[View]
158748857Love Lab: >tfw no Maki gf How to cope with this feeling[View]
158756525Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >Fairy Tail 540 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empir…[View]
158757271>this is the best anime of the decade What went wrong?[View]
158751411Hajimete no Gal: https://youtu.be/7M5hNL1SsuI[View]
158718887Tomo-chan: JUN THINK HE SLICK[View]
158754313I want to kiss this Duck![View]
158757816Alex Pwning Roa FMA 2003[View]
158753859I love this anime but why was the ending so rushed? What a total bullshit cop out.[View]
158757732Will KyoAni do more music anime?[View]
158757719what the hell was his problem?: also need more anime like Romeo's Blue Skies. i was deeply move…[View]
158746561Anon, your maid is walking around the house barefoot again. Please make her put some shoes on.[View]
158752819Does /a/ like Hakaijuu? I heard it was cool somewhere, but then heard it got predictable somewhere e…[View]
158754558Ethnicity and Anime: Regardless of the quality (or big reveal) of the live action Ghost in the Shell…[View]
158749536Since the 4th season will start in a few weeks, I'm finally going to watch the 3rd. What am I i…[View]
158752784ITT: Mangas or animes you're unsure about reading or watching: >TOMO-CHAN WA ONNANOKO!…[View]
158741690Which K-On would make the best wife?[View]
158742540ITT: Extremely unlikeable characters[View]
158755841Is this the only Kaworu clone who got a happy ending?[View]
158755304Is Working!! the best slice of life anime?[View]
158756965I cried at the end of this 2bh[View]
158756165post better bros protip:you can't[View]
158756511*jazzy piano plays*[View]
158749321Dragon Ball Manga Has Jumped The Shark: Are you kidding me Goku just masters the Kamehameha Wave in …[View]
158740561Bnha thread Tell me when do you think is the soonest we can get the prison break arc. 2, maybe 3 arc…[View]
158753252Shows that changed you: I now like cars[View]
158754245>Token Gaijin having blonde hair and blue eyes[View]
158747348Hunter x Hunter: Spoilers imminent.[View]
158755384Starmyu S2: >that perfect musical ending Is this the most underappreciated anime of the decade?…[View]
158755678The holy trinity of pretentious shit[View]
1587514793x3 thread: You know what to do.[View]
158755353Fuck Skewer, have a Fujiyama Tiger Breaker https://youtu.be/NyIRewiAc3c[View]
158752746What does Sodachi see, /a/?[View]
158729579Magi 353[View]
158755435If only Tress MacNeille could voice her.[View]
158753450>tsun chick get's jealous when MC is with another chick >he spots this and asks if she wo…[View]
158719483So what the fuck am I even watching? Just finished the first Cour, does it begin to make sense?[View]
158754315Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
158755372who's ready for another season is isekai shit[View]
158703591One Piece: Why is Carrot looking at both of them like that? No chapter this week[View]
158749606Do you keep some kind of record for anything you've watched or read?[View]
158745543To Your Eternity: I never see this Manga getting proper threads, so seeing how a new (and important)…[View]
158750280Cells at Work: I want this White Blood Cell to take me against my will[View]
158747833Wizard's Soul: Get fucked, country girl.[View]
158752564Why is he so much more likable than grown up Goku?[View]
158723848This is Kobeni[View]
158752560Has /a/ ever experienced the Clannad Void?[View]
158751284Ojou-samas you would serve.[View]
158753995Stuttering: Stop fucking stuttering! I came here to be entertained, not to relive my c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c…[View]
158748588Fire Punch manga question: What happen, where are the chapters 55 and 56? Is on hiatus or what.…[View]
158723544SukaSuka: Are you fags ready to cry and see how kutori lose everything and turns into an empty shell…[View]
158752476Girls can love girls! This is an order![View]
158753654FFU: Does Final Fantasy Unlimited count as an isekai?[View]
158743756Black Lagoon: Holy fuck what does Hirone actually do all the time? I mean he has to earn money someh…[View]
158749138why are nymphos so rare? is it because everything this man creates is borderline h-manga?[View]
158745560This is your favorite picture of Illya. Post your favorite picture of Illya.[View]
158754029WEG: startin with oc[View]
158752199I want to protect her smile[View]
158742288Berserk Chapter 351!!!!!: https://imgur.com/a/oHodA old thread >>158701275 dumping the scans i…[View]
158753854Scary shit: This has got to be the scariest shit i have ever seen in an anime medium[View]
158747077The Endless 8: Is there anyone that actually enjoyed the endless eight arc, and, if so, what went wr…[View]
158701648Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho: No episode today?[View]
158740105Bleach Thread: Chapter 3/Part 4 of Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World is out: http://missstormca…[View]
158753499Does /a/ have shit taste: I'm beginning to think that /a/ will only collectively agree that an …[View]
158685405Drawthread: Request art. Draw art. Have fun.[View]
158751674I think I like anime now[View]
158749419Of all idol anime, which has the best music?[View]
158699088Uchouten Kazoku: >The second book is about the succession of the tanukis, and the third book will…[View]
158753136>no new chapter in more than a month Fellow fat elf lovers, should we be worried?…[View]
158751994Shingeki no Kyojin: >>158746332 >Listen to my story >This... may be our last chance…[View]
158752772How can one show possibly be this comfy? This should be illegal.[View]
158747025Materia Sisters: What would /a/ do with the materia sisters on chrisumasu eve in June ?[View]
158752349I just solved 3x3 threads: Don't ever let me catch you making threads again like I wouldn'…[View]
158750490What makes them so cool, /a/? What Togashi did right with the spiders that made them so fucking inte…[View]
158748663Why do otaku like girls who are dumb as bricks?[View]
158750704Will Yui ever recover?[View]
158746076What was the last truly great season of anime? Pic related.[View]
158750640Is she flat? This is important.[View]
158750706Mujaki no Rakuen: Did we just get some fucking plot development?[View]
158746332Shingeki no Kyojin: >Who is your queen? WHO IS YOUR FUCKING QUEEN! >You! >I can´t hear you!…[View]
158751954hi my name is line and im a BIG STUPIT IDIOD[View]
158751837We've all agreed that pink hair is best hair right?[View]
158751788Harem thread: Post them and rate them http://myanimeharem.net/[View]
158749052what the FUCK were they even thinking with this character design? How do you fuck up this badly?[View]
158749020Why didn't he tell Mikami to keep an extra page up his ass just in case?[View]
158748465Thoughts on this?[View]
158690111Buyfag Thread: read the meme http://buyfags.moe/[View]
158751322Danbooru script dead?: Is the Danbooru script acting up for anyone else? I'm getting an error o…[View]
158743093What is the optimal anime breast size?[View]
158748971Dowman/oddman 11 thread: why does she have such a nice butt /a/?[View]
158735818Little Witch Academia: Cant wait for Yoshinari 'Real' Comments about TV LWA Anime. Also can't w…[View]
158747810Is Casca white?[View]
158741972The Maid Enigma: The maid fetish is a very specific development of taste. Is it the frills? Many ani…[View]
158701275Berserk: LEAKS FUCKING WHEN This gotta be the most anticipated chapter in years of this manga.…[View]
158750744SukaSuka: >tfw you wife's entire life was literally the dream of a dead god.…[View]
158742690Which one will have a more hyped season 3?[View]
158749202Prison School Thread: Is this man God?[View]
158750537Can Casca be redeemed at this point: Can she?[View]
158750517Yuuko Ichihara HD image thread please I'm collecting images of her, but I seem to have explicit…[View]
158729904I don't get it. Why won't she just call the cops?[View]
158743465How long until we get a SOL anime series about cute MILFs doing stuff?[View]
158738592Holy Grail War Thread: I'll start, don't forget to r8 and h8.[View]
158750347Harem Anime: Waiting for an anime called the ONE DICK SHOW, same op as OPM but it's a harem wit…[View]
158742062Noucome: Who is best girl?[View]
158748920ITT: Endings that are canon[View]
158684289Pripara and Aikatsu: >'Crooked Hibiki cheats her way up to the top, still can't become kami …[View]
158750054ITT: Movies that made you realize you were gay. I wanted to be a cute feminine girl like Kiki so bad…[View]
158745024ITT: Write a love letter to your waifu[View]
158749688Toaru Majutsu no Index: Why is there drama between this and the side series about generic tsundere, …[View]
158749857To You, The Immortal Ch 29: http://sensescans.com/reader/read/to_you_the_immortal/en/0/29/page/1 Rip…[View]
158745479Why didn't Guts just mercy-kill Griffith? It's not like he wasn't already dead at tha…[View]
158748803What will happen to the manga industry once all of the following end: JoJo Berserk Detective Conan O…[View]
158749058>Ichigo 100% east side story How the fuck did i miss this. 2 chapters out, i thought i should put…[View]
158743445Black Lagoon: Weren't we supposed to be getting a chapter last month? Why is he such a hack?…[View]
158743953Why is this considered good?: Was it too philosphic for me? It was pretty dumb, it did good showing …[View]
158739466Dragon Ball Super: If someone told you back then that these will be the new Z-fighters, would you be…[View]
158746341Nichijou: I really like the show but many don't know of its existence. I wanna know people…[View]
158741814How the mighty have fallen. Will they ever make a comeback?[View]
158743795Is there any reason people like Eromanga Sensei other than 'muh cute girls'? I think the show is abs…[View]
158691358Wow, Scum's Wish is amazing. It's completely different from other anime and for the first …[View]
158747867Shit was making sense up until episode. I even forgot what the hell they were supposed to be repairi…[View]
158691978AOTS,Spring 2017: Now that the season is almost over,it's time to vote for your 'Anime of the s…[View]
158739286I'm still mad that I wasted so much of my life on this utter TRASH anyone thinks Naruto, KNHR, …[View]
158742858>No beef >No tomato >Sake >Sugar What kind of bastardized meatloaf is this supposed to b…[View]
158747270Tales of Zestiria: So in the end did I watch a yuri anime?[View]
158727769Tsugumomo: Tfw season 2 never ever. Why live?[View]
158747741Disappointment of the decade or disappointment of the century?[View]
158748453Hey, accept despair[View]
158731543Hibiki - Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou: Chapter 7. Needs proofreading and TL checking.[View]
158743487New Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged You can really tell how much LK hates this season, even moreso than the Noah …[View]
158739866Gabriel Dropout: Even the mods bully Tapris by deleting her threads[View]
158742552>172cm >Tall >Even my 14y sister is 175cm Why anime girls are so short?…[View]
158739218Kiki in this new artstyle isn't that bad, right? Why the so many dislikes?[View]
158740170Who's the better hero?[View]
158746363Shingeki no Kyojin: So seeing Annie's suicide, did the power still remain with her corpse until…[View]
158743978So who is your favorite new character from Dragon Ball Super? Hard mode, no Beerus. He would win thi…[View]
158747717Hey, Who here knows Child Symphony by Joe Hisaishi? Can't find it for the life of me.[View]
158747533Yoshifumi Fukushima, without a question, one of the worst anime script writers ever; and the biggest…[View]
158743897>MC pimps out his harem[View]
158709588Frame Arms Girl: Well, this certainly was an enjoyable ride. Thankfully the S2 teaser means we won…[View]
158747645Vanilla did nothing wrong[View]
158742933Where does he stand compared to Super characters? Stronger or weaker than SSG Goku? Can he beat Beer…[View]
158727363>Enkidu >not a hairy man beast[View]
158747425Why does Rin fold her skirt?[View]
158741157Just bought pic related at Walmart for 20 bucks +tax... it's an incredible deal. It has Seasons…[View]
158744604jojo thread: Do you think the movie or the part 5 announcement will come out first?[View]
158745917>We might not see you ever again T_T[View]
158740898Just marathoned the first 3,285 episodes of this. When does it get good?[View]
158632593Castle Town Dandelion: >there will never be a season 2 >no show will ever be this perfect agai…[View]
158736026ITT: moments where shit got real[View]
158745371Umaru is a dumb rat, they said Umaru is just flavor of the month, they said Umaru will never get a s…[View]
158746789Cant wait to see how easily Hisoka gonna kill rest of the spiders with rubber and gum.[View]
158720792Just finished Rereading Blame! and was wondering if anyone watched the movie Was it good? also anyon…[View]
158745955ITT: pleb filter moments[View]
158707069What the fuck is her problem[View]
158746342Leave the anime industry to us![View]
158738539Shingeki no Kyojin: What can I do to be as cool as Kenny?[View]
158716421Kemono Friends: ふわああぁ!いらっしゃぁい!よぉこそぉ↑ジャパリカフェへ~![View]
158731209The REAL black swordsman: You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.…[View]
158745721Issei route when? I've waited years for this[View]
158741397These are your sisters for tonight[View]
158745994New schizomommy chapter when?[View]
158744875KonoSuba LN: What all happened in the LN? I was reading the translations for a while and I think I g…[View]
158738462>Anime Girls who are still cute after losing their virginity[View]
158745526Usagi Drop: Will reading manga ruin this?[View]
158734767Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 29: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/viewer.php?chapter_i…[View]
158716694Hunter x Hunter: O __________________[View]
158733431Yandere: A fresh new yandere is coming.[View]
158740528What does /a/ think of the first season of this?[View]
158740138To Love Ru: Darkness: I more than likely missed the grand ol shitstorm here on /a/ since I was busy …[View]
158745521Did you buy Korbo's new book /a/?[View]
158744139wow the TVA was shit but the movie was great. I think it's first time seeing a character recrea…[View]
1587428673x3: Check how great this taste is.[View]
158743266No one needs a butt like this.[View]
158675646ITT: Post the 'O MY RUBBER NEN' moment of their respective series.[View]
158745107Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun: This looks fun as fuck and what's best, it's a comedy instead…[View]
158741212Does anyone here do subbing?: I recently found an Old obscure OVA, (obviously never released outside…[View]
158738270Why is Super's recent arc so shit: Man the recent tournament arc been boring lately. It's …[View]
158734477What are the worst villains in anime?[View]
158559909Amagami SS: Dozo[View]
158733029What are some rarely done genres do you wish had more anime?[View]
158696824Do you enjoy the development Fate went through in the last few years?[View]
158738548Is Illya a feminine personality or is she more of a tomboy?[View]
158744589What if Whis was the one who had to pee?[View]
158743641DAL: She is the bestest girl there is, don't you agree anons?[View]
158731080Evangelion: Why was Asuka playing on a Sega Saturn in 2015?[View]
158741643>make a masculine man >call him a faggot[View]
158742646Suddenly I just realized Darkness's first friend being Chris makes so much sense now in hindsig…[View]
158733710Kobayashi sa chi no maidragon: chapter 43 is out[View]
158736160Dagashi Kashi: dumping[View]
158739228Come up with nicknames for anime characters. Sluts Fucksaplenty[View]
158740775Post despair[View]
158739501Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?: I didnt came for the fe…[View]
158686290JoJo Thread: What will Joubin do with the Rokakaka?[View]
158716236gekkan shoujo nozaki kun: who is best boy/girl?[View]

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