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163614492>you will never have a fulfilling relationship with a perfect anime character why even live…[View]
163614864I can't stop projecting my insatiable lusts, soiling and desecrating the, innocent, cute holine…[View]
163578060Tokyo Ghoul Re: 146: Chapter came early[View]
163616172Kaiji: >Promise I'll never subject to the pain of a FKMT's work weekly release >Cave…[View]
163616071Halloween costume?: Hey senpai I'm looking for a good costume to do for halloween of an anime c…[View]
163615885kangoku jikken: why are the two main characters so retarded can't the author bloody write >m…[View]
163615916Name worse asspull, I dare you...[View]
163611224One Piece: >You made my Mom cry >You made my Family mad >And you still won't go down..…[View]
163582592Infini-T Force: How did you like the best girl of the show?[View]
163608327ITT: Best girls[View]
163615702Gokicha 50 & 51: Greentext translations because the raws are complete shit. There should be dece…[View]
163606835>Watching Sailor Moon >Rei, a fourteen year old junior high school student, is dating Mamoru, …[View]
163615398At this point, would it make any difference if Conan was grown up again? In the beginning of the sto…[View]
163607457SYD: Yay stuff[View]
163605020Why did Dragon Ball devolve to nothing but uninspired fights and asspulls when it used to be about a…[View]
163608504Out of fucking nowhere moments...[View]
163550432Why were Renamon digievolution sequences always the best? Was she was someone's waifu at the st…[View]
163614602K-On: >fairly succesful >high ratings everywhere >'timeless'/good artstyle for 2010 >lik…[View]
163610867I actually thought the exam arc was super fun. Guessing which characters would drop out/get killed w…[View]
163613948Soul Hunter getting a new anime next season. Dakki did nothing wrong[View]
163607774Where in the house do you all watch your anime? Watching anime in bed is pretty /comfy/ but so is wa…[View]
163612735Twin Star Exorcists/Sousei no Onmyouji: /a/, do you think Sousei no Onmyoji will ever get a new Seas…[View]
163574361Juuni Taisen: Are the shaky lines a style choice or is it just quality? Also, why is every character…[View]
163612056So is it right for me to expect cute British girls doing cute 19th Century British things? England w…[View]
163611978Why hasn't there been as good of anime since this?[View]
163608205Some licensed manga released today. >Domestic Girlfriend v08 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) http…[View]
163595955Who do you think will win the Tournament of Power?[View]
163613628/a/ sings Motteke! Sailor Fuku: instrumental + Lyrics: https://mega.nz/#!cCo1yRQB!f3POk5dXjRtVM9Lo7C…[View]
163614453>OP/ED starts playing during the climax of the show Madoka and NHK to name a few.…[View]
163613354Arifureta: So Punished Big Boss escapes the dungeon, gets vampire uh girl (loli), finds a secret bas…[View]
163612619Tell me /a/ Why was he so lonely?[View]
163612505why didn't he just get his own apples instead of helping light find the cameras?[View]
163614198ITT: Villian who's problems could've been solved with porn: I'll start.[View]
163611431Why did they make Sagiri so attractive? She's supposed to be 12. Ignore Elf.[View]
163604671Ito: Hey, open me, I'm a Junji Ito thread! You believe in Junji Ito threads, don't you? To…[View]
163604483What's his name again?[View]
163613596Why did they never finish it?[View]
163612995Evil or Live 02: Episode 1 was kind of shitty but I never imagined they would run entirely out of bu…[View]
163609589ITT: villains with no motivation[View]
163605545Berserk: is this really a monthly release? fuck me[View]
163612909Tohru: This cute meido is an expert at cleaning and can even bring about armageddon, but she never s…[View]
163609901Why didn't Vash just throw his brothers gun away?[View]
163611692What happened, /a/? Why was the Nineties so much better than today's anime that's filled w…[View]
163611878Thoughts on new episode of Evil or Live?: title[View]
163612489Tomie Complete Deluxe Edition: This looks incredible, has anyone bought it yet? <3[View]
163612298So if this is the Holy Shonen Trinity, what is the Unholy Shonen Trinity?[View]
163491900Do you think Kino will ever settle down somewhere, or travel for the rest of her life?[View]
163593134Has an anime ever made you cry?[View]
163603695What's her end game?[View]
163608742Have you prayed for your lord and savior catballs?[View]
163612437This slutty robot vampire chick thing does unspeakable things to my manhood[View]
163611433Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka Thread: Can we all agree Sarasvati is best girl? Eu is 2nd best.[View]
163604441Why do mangakas die so young? Seriously it's like they drop dead once they hit 30.[View]
163610624JIBUN WO![View]
163612658Kotonoba Drive: Short form anime when?[View]
163612324Why has there not been any rips so far? website:http://kurokaminootome.com/[View]
163610218>When the best girl in the series gets dragged down by being paired by the worst girl in also the…[View]
163591356Name 1 (one) character that can beat him[View]
163611746You didn't forget about your first waifu, right?[View]
163604231Will you do water fasting to attract all your crushes and make them do lewd yuri stuff like Kae did?[View]
163611553When will we get an anime about cute eldritch horror girls doing cute eldritch horror things?[View]
163608130Plot of the 3rd movie[View]
163611349ITT: Horrible asspulls: O MY CURE W[View]
163611804Toriyama: Does he realize how much of a big deal he is?[View]
163558898Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou/ Girls' Last Tour: two words to describe this anime: cheerfully depress…[View]
163597945Raildex: What are some creative ways Rampage Dress could be used? This power seems like it would hav…[View]
163577881You guys memed me into reading this, and so far, it's actually pretty good. Thank you[View]
163603316True rock.[View]
163609884Koukoku no Pandora / Ghost Urn: What's her problem?[View]
163609287Bocchi 49: Dumping new chapter[View]
163608857It's me !: It must be you ! I know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHONy3F1Va0[View]
163608501>Early Part of Steel Ball Run >The President is fat & short as fuck >Later part of Stee…[View]
163610429Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNTZhYAID4[View]
163606860Let's be honest here She deserved it[View]
163550294Shokugeki no Soma: Would it be too spicy for you?[View]
163611201chiina best girl: what did she mean by this??[View]
163595674One Piece: The captainbowl is imminent, boys. Is anyone else excited about the outcome of it? I real…[View]
163610289Hit or miss, lads?[View]
163608836Why is she the best?[View]
163610381Kenshin Hokkaido Arc: More like Wolf of Jobbu, amirite?[View]
163594148Anime of the year: AoTY 2017? AoTY 2017[View]
163596087We discuss Berserk's future direction.[View]
163577138Would you a sadist?[View]
163593938ITT: Post 10/10 episodes[View]
163609100>tfw you were on /a/ to witness this masterpiece[View]
163598417Animegataris: Is she right?[View]
163599479Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Episode 23: ゲノムの巨人 Genomu no Kyojin (Genomes Giant) In order to save a boy who fel…[View]
163551174/a/ draws: Jojo, DIO's World Part 08: Previous thread: >>163422756 - If you're new t…[View]
163605667ITT: series that end with everyone dying[View]
163610148Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki: Recently picked this up and read all of it in two days. Fantastic rea…[View]
163605291Gilgamesh is the Jiren of Fate/stay night[View]
163609354How far into Detective Conan are you, /a/?[View]
163606865What's the consensus on the 2nd Lupin III series?[View]
163608805What's your opinion on Nekojiru?[View]
163595806Comfy K-ON Thread: How comfy are you today /a/?[View]
163602490Is Yawara any good?[View]
163597347Female Fighters in Shonen: Someone explain this to me. People always complain that the female charac…[View]
163603965I need your help with understanding something. So in the movie (pic related), Naruto loses the Chuni…[View]
163603937Would /a/ watch a sol anime about Mami's life as a magical girl?[View]
163607174What was his endgame?[View]
163608153Is this the greatest Heel Turn in manga or anime?[View]
163595957>Finally decide to give pic related a chance >A few episodes in depressed because remember the…[View]
163607418So I wasn't the only one who's first thought was to stick my dick in it right?[View]
163504966Gintama Thread: 20 minutes until new episode[View]
163607829Buyfag Thread: Post your figures[View]
163599839DanMachi season 2: Will DanMachi get a season 2?[View]
163605530Don't mind me, just trying to escort this pure girl to page 10. Gotta keep her dry.[View]
163602239Fire Brigade of Flames: Anime when? I just marathoned this and this is top notch shonen action. Okub…[View]
163607154Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >Domestic Girlfriend v08 (2017) (Digital) (da…[View]
163584162Why is there Z E R O push to have Evangelion Anima translated? Yea, sure its supposed to be weird an…[View]
163600372Do anime studios make anime for the west?: Doesn't the anime industry make a lot of money from …[View]
163607561100 PUSH-UPS, 100 SIT-UPS, 100 SQUATS, 10 KM RUNNING! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!![View]
163599856You can post in this thread ONLY if your post contains 10/10 OP or ED. I'll say it again, you…[View]
163602623>contender for the worst anime ever made >sequel hook…[View]
163604063There is someone, somewhere in the world, right now watching Oreimo for the first time[View]
163605676I want to be smashed by her.[View]
163599947Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Aoi is back! Episode 24: ダークマスクが背負う宿命 – Dāku Masuku ga Seou Shukumei (The Fate Sho…[View]
163604258What kind of retard tries to save a random chick after being killed brutally and given a 2nd chance …[View]
163601086Forget Kumiko and Reina. These two are the best couple in Hibikek.[View]
163598264Special rules: It can only last for 12 episodes and it gets one OVA and you have to make it convinci…[View]
163603001would have you kissed it?[View]
163589584why is all anime romance so shit?[View]
163604995How many goddamn DBS threads are there going to be? There are at least 10 at any given time. This ca…[View]
163577123Where did the feathers come from? They didn't use any harpy/cockatrice meat during the resurrec…[View]
163593048Describe Japanese culture from the collective experiences you have with anime.[View]
163603817You think she manages to wake up on time without us?[View]
163604028So what was the point of him traveling back in time in the first place? His own universe can't …[View]
163600829Is Rem an anime cultural icon?[View]
163604723Art is shit now: Why did Tsutomu Nihei's artwork turn to shit?[View]
163603996Is there a better 'Best Girl' for any anime than Satania from Gabriel Dropout? The answer might surp…[View]
163603090'member tummy girl?[View]
163599955Do I have shit taste? I didn't think this was that good. . .[View]
163605581Posting it again because I want a larger sample size. You could theoretically rig the poll, but sinc…[View]
163578832How are you coping with the end of yet another long running shounen?[View]
163606217An evil kugyu appears![View]
163584147Overlord: Cleaned at last!: Sorry for the delay. It's at the usual place. In addition to that, …[View]
163592474I hope their relationship gets more devloped in the movie.[View]
163592679Why is she so perfect?[View]
163601737Who are the best waifus this season?[View]
163579592Buyfag thread: Where the fuck would one even buy this?[View]
163603261How do you do Kuudere right, /a/? >inb4 you don't Bullshit. Any character archetype can be m…[View]
163588270Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara: feet episode[View]
163524384Anime/Manga Tropes that really need to stop >MC is transported to fantasy world: wears the same s…[View]
163565367Biscuit Hammer: Why haven't you read the story of the man who beat crippling depression by digg…[View]
163587266What was the point of this scene?[View]
163589814>Literally fuck up the universe because of vagina Cuck.[View]
163604880Pingu in the city /a/'s new show? https://myanimelist.net/anime/36259/Pingu_in_the_City[View]
163604752>wow u little cowards, have you ever considered that when someone shoots you with a high powered …[View]
163602271What was /a/'s first reaction to pic related? Also, Fullmetal Thread I guess[View]
163596176literal perfection[View]
163602017>Start off as a minor stepping stone villain in Season 1 >Ends up as the only other character …[View]
163600528Haruhi Suzumiya: Isn't this mess like 20 years old by now? Perhaps the future will have a remak…[View]
163600123Ok look. Someone tell me, someone goddamn fucking tell me, why the fuck didn't they just show t…[View]
163591182UI Vegito: Fusion does not run out How does he do vs Jiren?[View]
163602140why were they such cunts, /a/?[View]
163600655Any one else watching samurai steampunk adventures: Just finished episode 5 and seems pretty good so…[View]
163602820The man who killed Gainax[View]
163598725Is Yugioh so bad it's good or is it actually a good anime?[View]
163602323Seriously, can anyone stop him?[View]
163589233Post your favorite deconstruction animes. I'll start.[View]
163598779What would you do if a skeleton mage baths you and then tells you he wants to marry you?[View]
163561115Aikatsu thread: Can an idol have the courage to become a precure?[View]
163549531Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
163591071hero academia: Do we know that Ibara is specifically a catholic and not some other kind of Christian…[View]
163601376>Goku goes UIJ from being hit by his own spirit bomb How does this make sense lore-wise? Why hasn…[View]
163602668Boruto Ep 29: New pics[View]
163589940Share your hopes and expectations, bros[View]
163602257/yys/ Yuyushiki: Second Season Discussion and Anticipation BYOB[View]
163603171You can post in this thread ONLY if your post contains 10/10 OST. I'll say it again, you'r…[View]
163600746Rewatched the original Sailor Moon. Did Toei hate Usagi x Mamoru? Compared to the manga, the relatio…[View]
163601526Now that the dust has settled, what is your opinion on pic related?[View]
163601489Why would you make a character that's supposed to be in elementary school, and then make her at…[View]
163595866is it worth reading?[View]
163602111Would Evangelion subdue the depression of a suicidal person or further entice them into doing it?[View]
163591568Eromanga: What went wrong?[View]
163602278>draw a girl >give it a girl's name >give it a girl's voice >give it a distinc…[View]
163593808In which we post pages without context.[View]
163601206What the fuck was her problem?[View]
163602201Kii Kii: Kii Kii Kii[View]
163601866Would you give something good to Yotsuba?[View]
163600093What is the ideal mystery anime?[View]
163597114Jiren Vs Hit was better than Jiren Vs Goku: Why did everyone think Gokus fight was better? It was cl…[View]
163601501how long till he Joins Orochimaru[View]
163590236Admit it. You don't like it because it hit too close.[View]
163600362>be summoned as lancer >die[View]
163597978Post the sexiest Seifuku you have seen in anime Pic very related[View]
163597961Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel: Normal End or True End?[View]
163595926IG Port's Quarterly Report Shows Deficit Despite Increase in Sales: IG Port's Quarterly Re…[View]
163600607Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: We can all agree this is the AOTS right?[View]
163597759>draw a girl >call it a girl The fuck is this bullshit?…[View]
163590223Comfy Caulifla Thread: Since the last one was such a success, let's have another. This is a thr…[View]
163589963Daishinkan: Is he really evil?[View]
163600983Baccano!: Why are they so best? When I started this I thought they were just going to be the goofy c…[View]
163598456Pervesion in-universe: Are the japanese prudes? Ataru was supposed to be a clinicaly over leecherous…[View]
163600031When will she get her second season?[View]
163596902Hellsing: >2017 >Still no conclusion to 'Hellsing: The Dawn' to see why Walter really betrayed…[View]
163595749One Piece: Charlotte family is overrated. Tamago and Pekoms are better BM pirates than most of them.…[View]
163587605Why didn't the japanese like it? Will there ever be more?[View]
163598237Which archetype is your favorite?[View]
163597992It's been five years and yet no TV Anime has had the animation quality that Hyouka had. What…[View]
163597225How did you deal with your .HACK//Sign post-show depression lately?[View]
163600546Wixoss: meguca face activate[View]
163569728Tomo-chan: How could this possibly end badly[View]
163599408Juuni Taisen: You can actually beat the cock[View]
163578930I usually don't say this, but isn't this a really, REALLY bad season? I'm excited for…[View]
163599207Hoozuki Season 2: I kinda miss the old style, this one looks a bit too washed out and not as sharp.…[View]
163595233Is this how girls reproduce themselves?[View]
163598099>Only good female delinquents are Ryuoki,Teppuu MC and Ryoko matoi >Most delinquent manga are …[View]
163590474Does /a/ like tall girls in their anime?[View]
163597150Anyone else always getting overly emotional over character deaths? Even when they had barely any scr…[View]
163599811Post out of context manga panels[View]
163598466Is this worth watching or just a waste of time?[View]
163537236Gantz: Let's have a Gantz thread, making this because I was thinking about how much I enjoyed i…[View]
163596336Why is Oishi the only noteworthy contemporary director?[View]
163579043This is Shouko Nishimiya. Write something nice about her in her notebook.[View]
163594802How does this image make you feel?[View]
163592204This is Josuke Higashikata from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure[View]
163591290What feeling does this image give you?[View]
163597133So when will KyoAni do battle scenes again? Their last good ones was on Kyokai no Kanata. Too bad it…[View]
163598843It's 2017 already should we update the normal fags' anime list? DBZ, one piece, Boruto an…[View]
163593895What's his tax policy?[View]
163595341ITT Overrated shit: ITT Overrated shit[View]
163578631Fate/Apocrypha: The implied answer is she can't because she is a woman.[View]
163589528The moment I realized this was AOTY[View]
163583532>Kakegurui v1 sells 690/224, total 914. 33.7%/44.0% overestimated. Event ticket.…[View]
163595548Is Netflix trying to destroy anime?: Netflix to Produce 30 'New' Anime Series for 2018 Rel…[View]
163598027I only ever see this on /co/ but does /a/ collect manga and display it on their shelves?[View]
163597292What was her purpose if the author just ignored her the entire time[View]
163595462Post shitty OVAs that no one has heard of: I'm sure a lot of us are bored of watching shitty sh…[View]
163580053ITT You: Me.[View]
163594977How the fuck did she start off as best girl and then radically shift into becoming worst girl?[View]
163591736Porco Rosso is the best Miyazaki film. There I said it. Debate me.[View]
163587711Juuni Taisen: >Female characters are the only ones who get any sort of meaningful characterizatio…[View]
163589916Why do shonen MCs always accociate themselves with orange colour? Son Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, Naruto, S…[View]
163596461Night is Short, Walk On Girl: BD just came out, soon we'll finally be able to see AOTY 2017. Ri…[View]
163563307What is the worst show you have seen?[View]
163596170What's Urasawa's magnum opus, and why is it Pluto?[View]
163591565So this...is the epitome...of Shounen battle choreography[View]
163595843Why does Cauliflower get more attention than best girl?[View]
163594986Combine the tittles of two anime you're watching this season. What's the new anime about? …[View]
163596419Why would you give little girls weapons of mass destruction?[View]
163594110How do we fix this shitshow, /a/?[View]
163595707How did they do it? How did they make literally the best anime ever made? Nothing has ever come to b…[View]
163545596How do we fix this Chuuni?[View]
163594676kissxsis: would you choose riko or ako? which one is cuter?[View]
163597958Dragon Ball Super: Man, one could only imagine how much of a toll having 12 kids could be. I don…[View]
163593757Post favorite manga quotes[View]
163597498U want sum fuk?[View]
163577102She's alive right? Isayama won't pull a Ymir on us again right?[View]
163591632Just an eternal reminder at who best girls really were[View]
163597370Best love-story http://technology.inquirer.net/67985/grape-kun-the-anime-girl-loving-penguin-dies-fa…[View]
163583811Made in abyss new bread: how would you feel the mystery of riko meeting her mum is alot like attack …[View]
163596211ITT: Shows where best girl lost[View]
163597170Is she gay?[View]
163591742Piccolo: When will he get a new transformation?[View]
163587761>もぐ もぐ There's no way that's the sound she does when eating. What's she doing with…[View]
163594710What's your opinion on Imaishi?[View]
163582934F/SN Heaven's Feel: Best girl SOON[View]
163577624What are your opinions on hellsing ultimate?[View]
163593014Evil or Live: Why aren't you watching the biggest heap of trash this season? Complete with shit…[View]
163587788Simple question: Who are the most powerful villains combat-wise? Could it be pic related or do you h…[View]
163585465Do you like mecha? What's your favorite mecha anime?[View]
163581310What do you think of non Japanese OP/EDs?[View]
163588120You may not like it but this is what peak male performance looks like.[View]
163578564Raildex: Where one second one is talking about plato, the next one is talking about lolis, and in th…[View]
163590815the fatass is a cutie: in here undeniable truth[View]
163561033Does anyone know how this literally who slut ended up replacing our girl yotsuba?[View]
163592070Dragonball2018.com registered by Toei: What do you think it could be?[View]
163591581What were the Dragon Ball discussions like before the gohan/el grande padre thing took over?: Would …[View]
163566012Remember when people used to think he was a good villain?[View]
163582913Could Jaguarman kill Shiki?[View]
163586015One of those threads: EEEHHHHHHHHH?[View]
1635873135 G-Reco Movies incoming: Will these be better accepted than the tv series?[View]
163582266Left or Right: Getsuyoubi no Tawawa[View]
163580159Can you name a single romance manga worth reading written by a female mangaka? Hard mode, no shoujo…[View]
163594811My Demonlord can't possibly be this cute.[View]
163587131First Squad: Can nips even compete with this glorious masterpiece from mother Russia? Your usual har…[View]
163590988What programs do you lot use to read downloaded manga? I've been going through my backlog latel…[View]
163586270I'm thinking of pulling a prank on my friend. He wants to watch an anime from this year togethe…[View]
163580042Nostalgia Thread: Let's pretend there was an /a/ back in the 1990s. I'll start. Is Akane …[View]
163587169Menchi: Why is she so underrated?[View]
163576495One Piece: What's his endgame?[View]
163585874Blend S(exual harrassment): >'You can get the job, but only if you have sex with me.' Fascinating…[View]
163586405Why aren't you watching this?[View]
163584180Boruto is Boring: Do people think its boring because it's coming off the 4th great ninja war ar…[View]
163580421Juushinki Pandora: New Robot animation by Shoji Kawamori. https://twitter.com/unit_pandora[View]
163580763What does /a/ think about Ojamajo Doremi? It seems to have become a meme on s4s since awhile ago and…[View]
163586449This house: What's with this house, why does the specific house always show up and whenever I…[View]
163591524I'd honestly consider this a 10/10 anime.[View]
163538997Dies irae: Our best girl is here, in a wedding dress.[View]
163579336Why aren't there more drug related episodes in anime? They're always really good.[View]
163592645Why does all the official Jojo art from Araki depict Giorno and Jolyne as a couple? Literally incest…[View]
163585784Was it necessary to make Suguha this busty? Do you think it makes her sexually attractive?[View]
163590762I wish Kamina would come back and deliver a Super Brother's Kick to the face of every boomer in…[View]
163583080ITT: We post series that only get worse after the first season.[View]
163592641shiori pleases young retards for phones: this protag is retarded yo[View]
163592840>700 is out >manga done >shonen jump makes page where you could write public messages to ki…[View]
163590249/a/ sings Motteke! Sailor Fuku: instrumental + Lyrics: https://mega.nz/#!cCo1yRQB!f3POk5dXjRtVM9Lo7C…[View]
163584707Is it just me or anime is getting better and better?[View]
163586227did you forget about the best girl of the year /a/?[View]
163592095Is it me or has there been more footservice in anime over the past couple years? Seems like in recen…[View]
163594019Is Burrito more like Naruto GT or Naruto Super? In the sense of author input, not quality. Cause the…[View]
163585481Was Your Name a masterpiece?[View]
163567893This is Kato Danzo, legendary ninja master of the 16th century. Say something nice about her! FGO wa…[View]
163589839Nanatsu no Taizai: Name a better Sin.[View]
163590696Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou: Chapter 55. Check 'em![View]
163587458Why does Sento eavesdrop on people?[View]
163590870>Scared Goku looks like Jobhan What did Toei mean by this?[View]
163591897>no monologues Why?[View]
163580561Yuru Yuri: Why is Yui the best?[View]
163541606What is the best show this year and why is it Virgin Soul?[View]
163590419Why did all their faces get longer and bigger around episode ~65?: Did they change illustrators or w…[View]
163583308If I pull that hat off, will she die?[View]
163561729WSJD: I'm probably gonna stop ripping We Never Learn because I vaguely despise it (it's a …[View]
163573637Is this the cutest head pat scene in anime?[View]
163588301IDS HABEDING: The most exciting time of the week has finally come! Guru time.[View]
163588020Name a more evil /a/ villain than Yanda. Protip: You can't.[View]
163585262Mayoiga: If Hayato was such a sweet child, how come he grew up to be a surly, abusive, unstable douc…[View]
163587679People call us the 'Eight-Six Duo'. We're the fastest down-hillers on Mount Akina.[View]
163570465Boku no Hero Academia: Was it autism?[View]
163580417I dont even like moe wtf Why is it so comfy?[View]
163580223KyoAni's Baja no Studio: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av15453233/ It's out.[View]
163585459>that level of quality How long will they manage to keep this up?[View]
163588138>flying is not allowed in ToP >levitates why didnt he got disqualified?…[View]
163589224To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Serial Experiments Lain. The philosophy is…[View]
163513354Houseki no Kuni: Say something nice about these curves[View]
163585490Shingeki no Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL: Now that the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
163589971Baka Ja Nai, Ore Wa Guy Jean: Let's have another thread about /a/'s original manga. Maybe …[View]
163585514'leave BNHA to me'[View]
163582336How did you like Tenshi no 3P?[View]
163578766Anime is so fucking STUPID I love it[View]
163586758Your lie in april: Just rewatched this for the 8th time , still made me cry like a little bitch. Why…[View]
163548145Osomatsu-san: Episode 3 is on[View]
163583259Tenko Chabashira: This is Tenko say something nice no degenerate Male bullshittery allowed[View]
163581184Best anime in 2018[View]
163578784ITT smartest characters in fiction.[View]
163586633What did they mean by this?[View]
163579578This manga is amazing.[View]
163531267Imouto Sae Ireba Ii: How many dicks?[View]
163510377Animegataris: LNs? No thank you.[View]
163588478Separated at birth thread: We haven't have one of these in a while[View]
163585152Momoka best Girlish Number.[View]
163583255Twin Star Exorcists Benio Arc Chapter 2: http://lhscans.com/read-sousei-no-onmyouji-adashino-benio-h…[View]
163553029I don't get it. Why is this the most popular character in the show? She's just shy.[View]
163585527>character falls >curses in Korean[View]
163585379ITT you new season waifu.[View]
163587494who woulnt want a loli vampire as nurturer who can turn into a mommy: also being both immortal, I wo…[View]
163574319Shiki thread: Since it’s the spookiest time of the year can we have a Shiki thread? Megumi did nothi…[View]
163551386Wake up girls, it's WUG time.[View]
163586305To err is human[View]
163582339Netflix to Produce 30 'New' Anime Series for 2018 Release http://www.animenewsnetwork.cc/d…[View]
163582825post character in fiction that can defeat altair[View]
163584090is this the best shonen MC of all time?[View]
163586553I think I've found my waifu. She's perfect.[View]
163577343ITT: AOTS: What's everyone's current AOTS?[View]
163582394Nagi no Asukara: I miss this show already sequel? spinoff? movie?[View]
163570433Net-juu no Susume: You will never marry this cake and make her a happy NEET[View]
163575164>MC's mom slaps the tsundere for abusing her son[View]
163573262This opening is so cute, it makes me wanna die[View]
163582360Will he finally pass the exam?[View]
163576979Live Action Mob Psycho: Live Action Mob Psycho was just announced, and guess who is going to be invo…[View]
163582044>that Rin what was Miura thinking?[View]
163585810> 3 shitty Naruto clones airing right now What the fuck happened to shonen?…[View]
163556420Sword Art Online: So what's the difference between the SAO web novel and light novel? Is it eve…[View]
163584539Does /a/ even know about DESU anymore?[View]
163522586JoJo thread: I'm still mad[View]
163565692ITT: moments where shit got real[View]
163581535UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2: I never watched negima can I still watch this and enjoy or wont …[View]
163581974What did I just watch: What's everyone else's opinion on the movie if they've already…[View]
163583859Was Natsumi a Replicant?[View]
163577409What was the most kino episode of UY?[View]
163584700Boku Girl: I dont think I ever saw a manga do sexual tension like this one.[View]
163577362Has YOUR favourite anime series featured 4chan in it?[View]
163585318Who was in the wrong here? >order specific wine in advance >don't get it because Sanji wa…[View]
163580457We need more racing anime. Initial D is legendary enough but nothing else really comes to mind past …[View]
163577452Erased - Boku ga inai no Machi: Why exactly was /a/ so upset with this outcome? Satoru only became …[View]
163576900Shinobu thread: Why is Shinobu so sexy?[View]
163582162Why does nearly every anime have absolutely shit animation these days? I could 'tolerate' korean qua…[View]
163583646Dragón ball super a shit Even Kai had better numbers[View]
163579420Why do a lot of people like this so fucking much? The MC is so fucking generic that I'd even go…[View]
163580814King's Game: Seat No. 7 Kanazawa Nobuaki Seat No. 30 Murazumi Aimi Have Sex.[View]
163584650Wolf Guy: What went wrong?[View]
163578762>OP by GARNiDELiA[View]
163549272Gundam build fighters: These are your gunpla today.[View]
163582075Garo Vanishing Line: Gina incoming...[View]
163581754Forgotten waifus: What happens to waifus once you jump ship to a younger model and totally forget sh…[View]
163584107Osake wa Fufu ni Natta Kara: What is the purpose of this show? Get more Japanese men to become house…[View]
163583748Sakura chan.[View]
163539468how can Megumin even compete?[View]
163576245What makes a successful LN? What are the three most important things to write a successful LN?[View]
163578906Why the christ are the episodes only 12 minutes long.[View]
163562781>Best relationship in the series. Perfect chemistry and matching personalities. >Author goes …[View]
163567755Dragon Ball Super: >STRONGER THAN TIME[View]
163507760Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou: The soundtrack is really good!! I want more!…[View]
163573943>There is no season three of Spice and Wolf because the jews don't want you to understand ec…[View]
163579020Why did she keep whining about how much it hurt when she's the one that refused Shirou's o…[View]
163582573Baki Dou 178: to the world to the world to the wo-o-o-o-o-o-o-rld-rld-rld[View]
163568568Made in Abyss: would this be an asspull anon?[View]
163581957New episode today What shenanigans will Devil Kukuri have in store for us?[View]
163581186Anon-kun, Asobo~[View]
163577303What do you do if your waifu dies?[View]
163545723ITT: Girls who give you a boner everytime they appear on screen[View]
163579617have you ever heard anyone diss JUNNA's singing? I think I just heard the 1st person who though…[View]
163572147So....They did fuck, right?[View]
163543510Just Because: It seems director is most JUST person in this show. He basically really mad and actual…[View]
163577852Can he or can he not go Super Saiyan while Ultimate?[View]
163582079Love Live School Idol Activities (all) Stars: A competition has been announced to design the school …[View]
163581835How did she manage to stay single?[View]
163581451New VEG PV: https://twitter.com/Violet_Letter/status/918027687351934976[View]
163579731Oniisama e...: I just finished this masterpiece, let's have an Oniisama e thread.[View]
163579092Is Ranma Gay if she gets some cock?[View]
163578307Which one is cuter?[View]
163579857Fate: Heaven's Feel Movies: Where do you think the second movie will end?[View]
163579742Hey I would like you to meet my wife. Please say something nice about her.[View]
163574097Why is there so many timid and introverted MCs nowadays? What happened to the good ol days when the …[View]
163572913Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette: Did this officially kill World Masterpiece Theater?[View]
163579150You guys memed me into reading this, and so far, it's actually pretty good. Thank you.[View]
163580779Ojamajo Doremi: Do re mi fa sol la si do[View]
163579226Have you made your daily prayer to the god of good fortune and wealth yet?[View]
163579638Just finished the Zamasu ark, not impressed.[View]
163524280Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau: soon[View]
163540063This is a Dwarf princess.[View]
163581218Does anyone know a good fansub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal? I haven't been able to find one.[View]
163576049Is Kukuri 'fat'?[View]
163576219what's the dreamiest shoujo anime[View]
163561017What a strange way to kill off piccolo in Super. Atleast I didn't see it coming.[View]
163578465Holy fuck I'm in love, haircuts are a mistake[View]
163539454Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Episode 23: ゲノムの巨人 Genomu no Kyojin (Genomes Giant) In order to save a boy who fel…[View]
163570441Sailor Moon: It´s a best girl episode.[View]
163577267Have you taken some time off your day to praise the beloved grandmother of manga?[View]
163572339Thoughts on this? Just finished it and cried like a little bitch. ;_;[View]
163537815Meidoragon was popular enough, will we ever see a season 2?[View]
163579604What did they mean by this?[View]
163578582How far do you think he will go in the tournament of power ?: Will they have him beat ayyy?[View]
163579620Why are KyoAni cakes so delicious?[View]
163579938Kyokou Suiri / In/Spectre: What's the current record for a novel to get out of hiatus? The nove…[View]
163566669Dragon Ball Super: Is this the most impressive feat in anime history?[View]
163579878Omake: Omake[View]
163578964Uhh, excuse me what the fuck is this? Casual homophobia much?[View]
163578912Yet another Dg thread: Favorite character of Danganronpa series? V3 was great so you have to include…[View]
163567809Hunter x Hunter is a different kind of battle shounen.: To all the people new to this series as well…[View]
163577971Hey guys, in yours opinion what is best and worst anime opening/ending? I just asking cuz i make pre…[View]
163566922Jotaro is the enemy of the last anime you watched: What happens?[View]
163560152ITT: Post female side characters that are stronger than the male MC[View]
163574858He killed thousands.[View]
163574656UTE! Post favorite logh short liner[View]
163572227ITT: things that never happen: >MC has a little brother >Cake wins the MCbowl…[View]
163578384Post God tier designs[View]
163561339Chi no Wadachi: What's this part of her plan?[View]
163577198How would you fix SHAFT?: They will be scolded miserable[View]
163573884This is a Japanese autist[View]
163576104I want Mugi to have Sawa-chan children![View]
163556416How would an adaptation of this work?[View]
163572379Kekkai Sensen: So how did they ever manage to beat vampires before Leo joined them?[View]
163566570What makes a transcendent face?[View]
163571474Death Note movie: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie.[View]
163575991How did Urobuchi get away with such an obvious ripoff?[View]
163575018Do Western dub companies even care about the medium? >Download obscure early 90s anime as it got …[View]
163542275Nanatsu no Taizai 239: New chapter: http://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/239/4632/1[View]
163576878Who would win?[View]
163577617Any drill hair this season?[View]
163577463Why is this so revered? I just finished watching it for the first time and it was pretty good, had a…[View]
163569964This any good?[View]
163578671ITT: We Rate the days of the week.: Saturday>>>>>Friday>Sunday>Tuesday>>…[View]
163575882For me it's Mitsuki Koyama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igeYwGslD-M[View]
163578595name one(1) plot hole[View]
163574350Why does it have so much needless exposition?[View]
163576372you're in high school and these two autistic turbonerds approach you. do you befriend them or d…[View]
163578461Which anime done the best job with the bunch of losers are forced to kill each other premise?[View]
163575361Baja Studio: It could have been better if KyoAni made it more about the studio instead of talking fi…[View]
163578332Re:zero: >Have to wait for Echidna IF to see more Astrea Who thought this was a good idea?…[View]
163546275UQ Holder: Negima 2 Boogaloo: New episode out Hot Eva in action[View]
163570733Black Lagoon Thread: Rawk is Roanapur's village hotboy and best lagoon. Prove me wrong[View]
163577431post character of comic/manga that can defeat altair[View]
163564472Welcome to the NHK: Is Misaki one of the most realistic and sympathetic portrayals of Borderline Per…[View]
163573146Shibuya Rin is the strong, silent type.[View]
163528990Go-Toubun no Hanayome: Is it healthy making wet one girl in a harem way more than the other girls? I…[View]
163553175One Piece: Will best twins appear in this week's chapter?[View]
163546709Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/We Can't Study/We Never Learn (Chapter 35) (Viz): Imgur link fo…[View]
163556905>20 years >still no anime ending that has surpassed EoE I'm serious. How did Anno do it?…[View]
163504503Frame Arms Girl: Wwweeeewww lads I don't know how this anime fell outside my radar, but I'…[View]
163576912Love Tyrant: They spent more time fighting this penguin than they did matchmaking people (which was …[View]
163576841name one samurai that could even touch this man protip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLri1yLUTQg…[View]
163575054>getting Akari and Aika to play notAkari and notAika KINO I N O[View]
163560902Tokyo Ghoul :Re 145: Will he save the day?[View]
163576338Why is discussion about food always the comfiest discussion?[View]
163571862Did Pingu, a Swiss creation, just save anime?[View]
163536093Himoto! Umaru-chan manga ending in 3 chapters[View]
163576429>Delta Movie Will this be as good as the Frontier Movie? The base foundation of the Delta story f…[View]
163564996How often do you stick wooden sticks in your ears? Why are japs so into it?[View]
163523065Tawawa on Mondays: 『温泉社員旅行』[View]
163576088Character you hate the most[View]
163534721Buyfag thread: We continue to wait for our overlord. read the guide.[View]
163575652Devil Kukuri is going to steal your girlfriend, having you go through eight stages, and then make yo…[View]
163576121I've got these up for auction. Bid starts at 50 million jenny. get in here if you want them[View]
163574484Touch my Soul Sempai: so for a while i was living a normal life, going to work, dealing with drama i…[View]
163514330would you marry this japanese ghost schoolgirl?[View]
163576055What are your favorite anime copyright dodges?[View]
163570356Automatically the worst girl[View]
163564318>Netflix working on 30 original anime series, 80 movies https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/16/164863…[View]
163574926Full Metal Panic: >thought Tessa was just a weak-willed genius >watch episode 13 >I now wan…[View]
163571041I NEED MORE[View]
163575384So was it ever brought up again the fact that Neji has a shock collar like curse mark that can kill …[View]
163551795ITT: Top-tier Villains[View]
163551178Is it wrong that I still fap to eiken all the time?[View]
163575362Wanna make a deal where I give you power but it eats at your lifespan whenever you use it but I won…[View]
163570781I was thinking about watching School Rumble again. It's funny, I've been browsing through …[View]
163560629ITT: Absolutely Flawless Daughterus[View]
163560935Tor/a/dora rewatch December 2017: Are we doing it? If so what's the double feature? (Last year …[View]
163543761Remind me again what Toguro sacrificed his humanity for?[View]
163572128Tokyo Ghoul Movie: 7.5/10 >live action adaptation of an anime that isn’t a clusterfuck of a scree…[View]
163574698Who was in the right here?[View]
163562707How can a boring girlfriend be so wonderful?[View]
163556868Raildex: Railgun and Astral Buddy return from hiatus in a week. More fun times with ghost-chan await…[View]
163568167Legend of the Galactic Heroes: What were they thinking with these new designs? They look generic and…[View]
163565052What was her name again?[View]
163573315Does anyone from Hunter x Hunter stand a chance against Jiren?[View]
163573872Was it really that bad?[View]
163572403I bought Lain on VHS in '99 Shit makes no sense I'm serious[View]
163571726I want her to spit on me as I lick her feet.[View]
163544350How do you like Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou so far? It's really comfy but I'm kinda anxious so…[View]
163560880Mob Psycho 100: It's fucking happening, get in here Live action announced for 2018! https://www…[View]
163556426Remonday: Speaking of which, I haven't heard from Remon lately. Does anyone know what he's…[View]
163571907Haruhi is beautifull[View]
163540878Fate/stay night: Heaven's feel earned 413 million yen in 2 days https://mantan-web.jp/amp/artic…[View]
163570443Kemono Friends: Let's try to relax[View]
163572476hi guys: hi i'm draws manga. Can I put it on here my drawing??[View]
163567099I keep rewatching gochiusa over and over and am still not tired of it.[View]
163570952Movie or Manga?: Also which is the best place to star?[View]
163559860so the Hestia fever is over, what a shame[View]
163572691Aho Girl is the prequel to Mangaka-san to Assistant-san.[View]
163570813Was this a lovestory at heart?[View]
163555833Female characters in anime and manga: Let's discuss female characters in anime. Let's face…[View]
163561370Why haven't the Japanese ever considered seriously expanding into a North American market? You…[View]
163534862So how are they going to explain how she got her titans powers?[View]
163571155Can you protect her smile?[View]
163569867How can Pol achieve his dreams, /a/?[View]
163571521This is an idiot sandwich.[View]
163567978>CGDCT without yuribait That's like eating Tacos without Salsa, it doesn't feel right.…[View]
163565997How wide can a Hidamari get before they break the laws of the universe? I managed to get to 39 1/2 i…[View]
163562208Are Akagi and Kaiji ev money matched?[View]
163571396Good morning, /a/[View]
163566435ITT: Anime or Manga with amazing art[View]
163526105Love Live Sunshine: You're not allowed to post in this thread until you name your favorite Suns…[View]
163561508No doujins[View]
163515255So here I am watching K-on for the first time and it's pretty good and then they add this faggo…[View]
163570120Trick or treat![View]
163570012Lycopene, the Tomatoy Poodle - Chapter 2 - Viz: Ready for more of the thinking man's gag manga?…[View]
163565120Childhood is shipping Ichigo and Rukia or Ichigo and Orihime Adulthood is realizing that Ichigo and…[View]
163565608Why is he able to turn Super Saiyan in Super? He was supposed to lose that ability when his potentia…[View]
163562935More like Billboard 18[View]
163569220ITT: Times you couldn't decide which one is best girl[View]
163557785ITT: top-tier lolis[View]
163567048Best Pantsu Thread: Are stripes the best kind of pantsu?[View]
163565634So how come nobody talks about this show?[View]
163566412Perfect Blue: I just watched this for the first time. What did you guys think of it? I thought the d…[View]
163567449Subaru who? He sounds pretty retarded[View]
163570084How come Kanamara Matsuri doesn't appear in anime more?[View]
163569947dharani: This is a female dwarf.[View]
163567691Are you feeling smug today. /a/?[View]
163528148Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
163548005Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Left or right?[View]
163566053Who has a bigger dick than luffy?[View]
163546397Your Waifu doesn't exsist: Also your Waifu doesn't speak english[View]
163566646Anime adaptations you will never have: ch 30 best chapter[View]
163569356This crossover manga was released in March and oddly enough I have only seen it translated into Port…[View]
163569126Jagaaaaaaaaaaaaan: Anyone know why the translations for the manga are suddenly so slow? Not like dia…[View]
163568614Mobile Suit Gundam Ibo: Was the ending satisfying or not??[View]
163535191Why is this guy still alive?[View]
163568621Who has picked up the torch for OVA/Movie releases and rips? With papa Nyaa dead and Horrible only d…[View]
163566493How did he manage to live?[View]
163566661Shokugeki no Soma: New episode tomorrow! Lets discuss without spoiling the manga[View]
163549384So is it any good? Was hyped until I saw some of the webms posted around here.[View]
163566626>Not even a single anime about boys this season What went wrong? Last season had a lot.…[View]
163538564Golden Kamui is getting Anime adaptation by Genostudio, the studio who continued Project Itoh's…[View]
163560468Juuni Taisen: Will chicken-chan win the chuuni bowl?[View]
163555910Reminder that come this time next year, this board will be nothing but Code Geass threads Look forwa…[View]
163544159post character in fiction that can defeat altair[View]
163564800Fate/Apocrypha: What did he mean by this?[View]
163561980Tokyo Ghoul movie: So, who's watching a live action adaptation of an anime done right tonight (…[View]
163558619Dragon Ball Super: What would Freeza even DO once Team Universe 7 wins and he gets wished back in th…[View]
163546278Will you rub some lotion on my back?[View]
163540812>look at Shaft schedule >just one anime in 2018 Guys, more Madoka is happening for real this t…[View]
163566770JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: SBR THREAD STARTS NOW!!![View]
163549412Made in Abyss: How much does Reg weigh?[View]
163566526So, is there a real reason not to deport ALL Uchiha out of Konoha? They're a known menace, caus…[View]
163555302Can we all agree that Phantom Blood aged terribly?[View]
163555844We all love Mugi-chan![View]
163563823The only one who can stop jiren.[View]
163566155How did /a/ feel about Conqueror of Shamballa? I just got done rewatching it for the first time, and…[View]
163554798how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that I can look both scruffy and very smooth while weari…[View]
163564314Which studio does the best fanservice?[View]
163565802He was right all along! Goku is 4d. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toNRTbxDg9g[View]
163565756Laughing Anime Girl Thread 2: Welcome to laughing anime girl thread. Please post some more laughing …[View]
163563309How the fuck did it manage to have detailed drawn instruments and accurate fingerings?[View]
163565505ITT: Post Your Favorite Senpai, /a/ I like Arashiyama from World Trigger[View]
163564401Netflix mob psycho: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-10-16/one-mob-psycho-100-manga-gets-li…[View]
163564167pieces of shit: just wow[View]
163561312Could he beat meruem?[View]
163560442Konohana Kitan: Would you let this smug old fox sleep alone with your daughter in the same room?…[View]
163562728What do you think... of Charles... from Da Capo III?[View]
163559635Why are pouts so cute?[View]
163561471How could this happen? why didn't he just crush him with a truck or impale him? I don't un…[View]
163547100Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan: Dumping chapter 6.[View]
163554206Would you say pink hair girls are the best?[View]
163563591Berserk: Is the 2016 anime really that badly animated? Also..can someone tell me where I can find a …[View]
163564157Tell me about Tezuka. Why does he wear the beret?[View]
163561878Why are good romance manga so rare? Arguably two of the best titles Densha otoko and chikan otoko ar…[View]
163563909Pop Team Epic: Post images, memes, reaction images, etc for this wonderful[/spolier] manga series. I…[View]
163514078/ss/ - Secret Santa: Hey everyone, the best time of the week has arrived! Here's just a few not…[View]
163559546Why is lesbianism so common in anime?[View]
163524311Goblin Slayer: i just finished reading the manga, now i feel empty inside[View]
163560476Is this the worst massacre in anime? I mean, they are just students[View]
163563252>dark elves[View]
163537706Is this One Punch Man's parody of Stain? He' even got the bandage and scarf look.[View]
163555481What is it about her that makes me want to protect her more than usual? It's not like I'm …[View]
163563057What does /a do about post show depression? I actually feel pretty low.[View]
163562338>opening spoils who joins[View]
163561947Is Sagiri the perfect JC?[View]
163560712Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Thread: Can we all agree Saya is best girl? She's short, funny as hell w…[View]
163557624Summarize Ryuko's character arc in 1 line[View]
163561863What did /a/ do to get such great mods? How can they be convinced to come help out on /mu/?[View]
163558637We're never getting that movie, are we?[View]
163554030noot noot[View]
163554932Is there anything more precious than mechanical girls? Both cyborgs and androids deserve to be loved…[View]
163556602Poor Hanabi is lost in the desert! She needs to drink next chapter to survive![View]
163523199Leak ep. 113 dragon ball super[View]
163561512ITT: Overrated Shit[View]
163558123Dragon Ball Super: Man, one could only imagine how much of a toll having 12 kids could be. I don…[View]
163559312Why is Ririchiyo so sensitive and moody?[View]
163560380Name a more famous duo. I'll wait.[View]
163552079Can anyone in Naruto defeat Jiren?[View]
163558299Raildex: Astral Booty next week[View]
163560341I quit anime and manga now. After reading Fruits Basket, nothing has compared. It had everything I …[View]
163558613Cheap manga: I'm tired of reading scans and want to buy manga. Any cheap ways to get it? Even t…[View]
163560775WHY/HOW is Jiren so ridiculously strong?[View]
163553197Sousei no Onmyouji: Second chapter of the Benio NTR arc came out. Why is this side story so much mor…[View]
163560832mfw when this season >NuKino >Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou >Kekkai Sensen & beyond…[View]
163557974Sakura's elusive doll (also CCS thread): What is the deal with that doll, that there's ZER…[View]
163559684Azur Lane: Where were you when chink Kancolle ripoff beat the original? Kadokawa could write a book …[View]
163560340This scene gave me a boner. That is all.[View]
163559742Why is Yayoi the best U-15 idol?[View]
163554490What would need to happen in order for Re Take to get an anime adaptation?[View]
163548552Idolm@ster: what's the first word you think when you look at her? No sexual thoughts allowed.…[View]
163549162Is this an improvement? I think so.[View]
163555748I like this show, it's funny. Do you like it /a/?[View]
163561281She’s looking at you, say something![View]
163554921Shokugeki no Soma: New episode tomorrow. Are you excited for some smug Kuga?[View]
163555925Stop believing in God.[View]
163555167Onyankopon: Get in here gdgd fags. Who is the target audience for this pile of fuck?[View]
163559377ITT: overused names you dont want to heard again[View]
163497965Kekkai Sensen: Would you a full pack of midgets?[View]
163559241Which Dragon Ball girl do you most want to have hot, passionate anal sex with? Pic related; 18 is s…[View]
163551932BONES studio: >rake in big bucks making amazing adaptations of shonen manga >spend said bucks …[View]
163557535Your Name: Is that fucking it?/10 Why has this captivated so many normies? Is it popular solely for …[View]
163554632If she kicks the bucket, what happens to dragonball?[View]
163555886How is the anime of Rewrite? Remember not hearing good things about it while it aired While it overa…[View]
163557052New Granblue Anime confirmed: https://twitter.com/anime_gbf/status/919478738122764289/photo/1 It wil…[View]
163558151>only english sub for a show has a separate subtitle track for OP/ED >media players always def…[View]
163551190Dagashi Kashi: Left or right?[View]
163498163My my, it's been a long time since I got hyped for manga[View]
163542380Dragon Ball Super: He's just a single dad trying to make his many kids happy. Do you think he…[View]
163558378Daily reminder that Son Goku shaves regularly.[View]
163558931So what’s this shit about him being a pedophile?[View]
163559068Geno Studio: Let's talk about this new studio that will launch 3 promising new series in 2018.…[View]
163557951Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan: I'm watching the anime really up my alley, really liking it. Did y…[View]
1635556872010's big three: >Attack on Titan >Seven Deadly Sins >Fairy Tail (finished) Is this d…[View]
163549998Tokyo ghoul :re 145: AAA?????AAAAA??AAAAAA ETO????AAAAAAA SAAAAAAA????VEEEEEE MEEE????[View]
163509306BLEACH: So why didn't Ichiruki happen? Did Kubo want to purposely kill his manga? Did his wife …[View]
163501187Boruto discussion: Where were you when the anime was confirmed canon?[View]
163457704Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
163556739Mao Sonanchu Yukai na Nakamatachi o Soete: This manga about a not-so-lucky Skellington (not Ainz) tr…[View]
163558129At this point I just go to HS page to DL anime but now I'm wondering Are fansubs still a thing?…[View]
163532610What is the appeal of Kin-Iros?[View]
163555717Durarara: What does /a/ think of Izaya Orihara? I've had Durarara on hold for quite some time n…[View]
163554560hey, look at this panel.[View]
163552648sao: >Waifu deletes herself for some contrived reason for the sake of drama >only Kirito allow…[View]
163530219Tomo-chan: Gorou being ambiguous as well? What world is this?[View]
163552325Blue Flag/Ao no Flag: Did Yukio shoot Mephisto? I can imagine he would at this point, but the angle …[View]
163544602Boku no Hero Academia: I honestly think that the 8 Expendables are underrated as villains. They…[View]
163553942Describe their relationship.[View]
163502429Aikatsu, Pripara and Cocoballs: Is Aria the worst addition in the Aikatsu franchise?[View]
163552008What's the best adaptation of Fate/stay night? Or should I just follow the release order?[View]
163558465Stop masturbating to girls younger than 20[View]
163553580Tokyo ghoul 145: Bois it's a flashback or a memory or something. Look at the spaces between the…[View]
163549553Best Saber[View]
163554514There's often discussion and arguments on which shows are good and which shows are bad, but rar…[View]
163547801>Uru in Blue (2018) >Production (finally) started at June 2017 >Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga…[View]
163553744Is KyoAni still the king of cute girl doing cute things SoLs? They haven't made that many but t…[View]
163549453D.Gray-man 226: Looks like a new chapter is out: http://readms.net/r/dgrayman/226/4634/1[View]
163542022Rate This Season so far: Godtier: Animegataris Great tier: Chuuni Taisen Good tier: Shokugeki no Som…[View]
163551254Been a while since we had a Mami-san thread so let's have one. How many keki recipes does she k…[View]
163550524Senran Kagura: which girl do you want to see animated in the 2nd season?[View]
163536612Suki Ya[View]
163528658Overlord: What do you expect from Season 2?[View]
163550413One Page Thread /OPT: Where we post one page from popular manga like Naruto and pretend we don'…[View]
163491252ITT: we compliment each others waifu. no mean posting allowed.[View]
163555667To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The manline…[View]
163551766Daily reminder Mordred was a good guy. King Arthur was a puppet.[View]
163551439Forgotten waifus: What happens to waifus once you jump to a younger one and totally forget she ever …[View]
163541593raildex: So now we know that that the distinction between science and magic is a lie. What other bom…[View]
163549983Hibike! Euphonium: Support girls appreciation thread, show some love to your favorite unappreciated …[View]
163546808TLR: i can't be the only one waiting for a next season, right?[View]
163546233Nanoha InnocentS: New chapter came out finally, more Vivio and Einhardt is fine[View]
163552967What weekly anime is everyone watching these days? I haven't watched any anime from the past 6 …[View]
163521048Netjuu no susume: How can a cake be so cute? Also is it bad that I enjoyed the 2nd episode? Why didn…[View]
163553504GJ-bu: FACT: Maids are the strongest race on Earth[View]
163552513New Saint Seyia Coming to Netflix: I know it might be old news. I know you may don't care. But …[View]
163543436Would she be a good wife?[View]
163552519Wallpaper - The Anime[View]
163553485I'm a newfag so Mayoiga threads were the most fun I've seen What did I miss[View]
163547244>Kino no Tabi >Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou So. Shoulder-a-coffin Kuro when?…[View]
163549038Nagi no Asukara: This show had something special. Will there ever be anything like it? Will it have …[View]
163464007Gaijin-kun: Let's have a nostalgic trip to /a/'s Original manga.[View]
163553934You are not a supreme faggot, right? You are rewatching the magnum opus of anime, right?[View]
163540336Untranslated Story Time - Yuru Camp △: Volume 1 >>163412369 Volume 2 >>163453660 Volume …[View]
163553090he's a faggot right?[View]
163550806How can we convince Anime studios to invest in THICC bodacious anime girls? Don't they realize …[View]
163545886Romcom: Why aren't you reading the best romantic comedies of all time /a/?[View]
163509733Do you watch anime on your desktop or on your TV?[View]
163552757Cinderella Girls: How does Nana deal with the depressing reality? How should Producer comfort her?…[View]
163553215>anime has closeups of naked underage girls rubbing their nipples together while sloppily making …[View]
163473236Hi my name's Satella, nice to meet you.[View]
163551954ITT: Waifu retarded[View]
163549147best software to convert MKV to MP4 to watch on TV?[View]
16354620910:45 Beato,time for your milk![View]
163551520Mayo chiki: Why isn't this anime more popular?[View]
163550471It appears your body has been invaded by tiny parasitic creatures known as Umaru. The only cure is o…[View]
163552690Give me a reason why she's not worst character[View]
163552026Was Goku giving it his all during this fight?[View]
163552244Well that spooked me a little.[View]
163551845What's the most neglected genre in anime and why is it mahou shoujo?[View]
163548160Black Clover: Do you guys think Asta will win the tournament? In the last chapter his injuries were …[View]
163545239Could EMIYA solo the HGW?: So we know from hollow/ataraxia that EMIYA could take up position on that…[View]
163548363This show is ugly. Is that manga any better?[View]
163504173Kemono Friends: So can Grape-kun's passing bring the staff back together again? I mean, he need…[View]
163549688I have just confirmed that Astolfo is indeed a boy. That means you're gay, /a/[View]
163531770Why do Americans have the worst fucking taste?: Even the beaners have better taste. Seriously, what …[View]
163543540Do not open[View]
163519293One Piece: Break week is over. What do you think will happen in the next chapter?[View]
163551330Girl banter is the only yuri relationship dynamic that isn't complete shit, you literally canno…[View]
163551035What would you do if you were able to hypnotize Takagi-san?[View]
163547753Why can't normalfags into tanks?[View]
163484260In Japan this is considered a 10/10.[View]
163545745KyoAni characters breathe[View]
163546507This has so much potential why did they fuck up so bad The first 3 eps were not that bad but holy sh…[View]
163550812Freeza: <---- He sits in a cocoon and thinks about killing Goku and completely masters his stamin…[View]
163544755will someone please explain to me the difference between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z ?[View]
163550186>mc always wins his fights and get sick of it >the one time you want him to win he loses What…[View]
163540234Is it just me, or perhaps Jiren isn't actually some being with limitless power level? Maybe the…[View]
163550599Best ass of the season.[View]
163529210How do you combat post-series depression my friends?[View]
163549794Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou: Episode 16 is out.[View]
163543184Let's talk about Once Upon a Time but ONLY the two seasons that were made in Japan (Life, Space…[View]
163549640Is Umaru S2 the most intellectual anime of 2017?[View]
163549462Status is finished, is there gonna be more of this in the future?[View]
163548745Guys, the anime industry has a serious problem we all need to talk about, and big companies must lis…[View]
163512958Name ONE character in anime/manga who could defeat kaioken x20 ssj blue ultra instinct vegito. You c…[View]
163545662Fireworks more like Fireflops: >Opening in 300 theaters >Remake of a very popular live action …[View]
163546180Is he Broly done right?[View]
163541597Raildex: Is there anything Hamazura can't do?[View]
163547776It's now confirmed that Shika, the new idol from 961 Production, is voiced by Rie Takahashi. N…[View]
163549413Happiness (Oshimi Shuzou): What do you guys think is going to happen here? It obviously seems like a…[View]
163549403Friendly reminder that the next GitS series will be CGI. It'll be handled by some of the guys b…[View]
163544255How will the author's decision to include gaijin males in the series affect Blend S's sale…[View]
163543599Will Azur Lane anime be what Kancolle anime should've been?[View]
163533138Is this the prime example of a Gary Stu?[View]
163549155The new Kino series is pretty good.[View]
163542993Is it just me, or is this season sorely lacking in Tear fuel? I need more cute girl tears damn it![View]
163544220Tokyo Ghoul Re: 145: http://readms.net/r/tokyo_ghoulre/145/4631/1 Eto a best[View]
163545695How do you feel about timetravel in anime/manga?[View]
163520180Pandering to secondaries who just want the Servant gimmick, with 'action and quirky characters', has…[View]
163538502New TV anime Kokkoku: http://kokkoku-anime.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKya0fdpsws 2018 win…[View]
163526204Let's have a harem thread. My harem is the comfiest.[View]
163524295>Mou ikkai~[View]
163548796>you will never get to watch Daft Tone or listen to their songs[View]
163544490How was it?[View]
163542265Was he right?[View]
163536292JoJo Thread: Is this real or fake?[View]
163538528What the fuck did you just say about me you little anon?[View]
163539565This was the peak of SnW.[View]
163548475old anime is best[View]
163547592What do you think he'll do when his universe gets revived?[View]
163548609Nippon Bansai: Give me a reason, why Nihon is not superior to america in every way. Filthy gaijin…[View]
163538924U19: Why did you kill his dreams, /a/?[View]
163544764Reminder that she will come back, murder Casca and Guts and that is how berserk will end in the year…[View]
163540819HaㆍNaㆍYaㆍMaㆍTa: This is truly an underrated CGDCT show. What went wrong?[View]
163543861Who else always roots for the bad guys? Is there some kind of psychological reason behind it?[View]
163545448This is Pop Team Epic[View]
163548358Why is she so awkward and weird?[View]
163548438who are these people? Somehow I seem to have skipped an entire arc or something?[View]
163546259What are you doing in my government controlled Chinese media outlet /a/ ?[View]
163520338What is the best YuruYuri episode[View]
163547036Should I read the manga called galko? Who is this even meant for?[View]
163547352Sumeragi Shion is _____.[View]
163537837What's the best feudal Japanese series?[View]
163543437Why aren't you watching Toxic Masculinity - The Anime?[View]
163534598I can't stop listening to the amazing catchy OP and ED. Someone send help please.[View]
163461593Drawthread: Make or request /a/ related art.[View]
163548265How can you not get romantic about Bondrewd[View]
163526651Made in Abyss: Will Ozen be relevant ever again?[View]
163542362Why did it fail?[View]
163547700You're standing around at the club when this guy walks in and awakens you're waifu's …[View]
163538101>Kino is much less of a reverse trap >Colosseum is largely glossed over >the ambiguity of w…[View]
163547283Monster Musume: Horse > Snake > Spider > slime > bird >>>>>>>>…[View]
163465301How long till episode 2?[View]
163544605Attention Keyman editor: chapter 58 has been translated.[View]
163543091Hyouka: this fucker right here makes me so mad all that mental gymnastic to rationalize being a lazy…[View]
163531033I liked this more than I thought I would. What does /a/ think of it?[View]
163409301Hold on to your hearts, because this is what peak beauty looks like.[View]
163541020Why don't we have more anime with an old man MC?[View]
163546301What is the title of this Sailor Moon OST?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VBImqmNEaE This is used…[View]
163543200Why did she call her 'Master'? I thought Kirie didn't know that Umaru and the nug where the sam…[View]
163544356I swear to talker: This fucking manga[View]
163537626Is Haruhi as a franchise dead?[View]
163544560Why did funny cgdct anime like Lucky Star, Ichigo Marshmallow and Azumanga Daioh get replaced with s…[View]
163543451Let summon Aho girl! Idiots that dance and idiots that don't if were all idiots anyway we might…[View]
163514771Amagi brilliant park: any chance for a 2nd season?[View]
163545300Chapter 43 when?: Chapter 43 when?[View]
163545479Original Berg Katze - wants to conquer Earth with the help of Galactor Crowds Berg Katze - wants to …[View]
163522470One Page Thread: Spooky edition.[View]
163542247how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that even when I'm just offering tea to a kid he th…[View]
163535852Baby Steps manga ending in 3 chapters[View]
163543576Why are Gohanfags so embarrassing? https://youtube.com/watch?v=who-PvqXi28[View]
163544840ITT: Anime characters that are canonically Mexican[View]
163537802is there such thing as a 'good' tsundere? I've never seen one that i've genuinely liked[View]
163544700Bonedaddy is love...: >I was only 9 years old >I loved Bonedrewd so much, I had all his black…[View]
163542260The most beautiful anime girl!: Sylvia is the most beautiful girl ever created![View]
163521496Yuragi 83: Didn't sleep well. [Side] Ready... Fight!! 83: Confrontation! Karura-sama and Oboro-…[View]
163523546Wow... really?[View]
163529184boku no hero academia: regardless of whatever the hell her quirk is we can all agree that Eri is goi…[View]
163540064Is the dub really better than the sub? Also, should I watch the original anime first?[View]
163539830Tokyo ghoul re 145: Beautiful just pure destruction and chaos.i Love it https://tieba.baidu.com/p/53…[View]
163543212Fate/Zero: If Kotomine had been the MC if would have been 10/10. Kerry is an edgy manchild and easil…[View]
163533903Tournament of Power: What is the end game of this arc? Surely they won't kill off all these gre…[View]
163541982itt: GOAT openings/endings I'll start https://youtu.be/qFA2mQJzRHk[View]
163541039Consider this : X turns evil and refuses to listen to Rui 's orders. Then, X gets tired of bein…[View]
163542098>Not allowed to fly >floats Jiren being Jiren…[View]
163541483Rika is best girl nanodesu[View]
163542242Super Gohan: Is he really balding?[View]
163517478So has he been demoted to jobber now?[View]
163541269I want to get off Mr. Kon's wild ride.[View]
163515220Shokugeki no Soma: Top or Bottom?[View]
163537736Did Hana basically lose all the chances of being Kiyoshi's girl after 268?[View]
163542897Who's unironically the better Saber?[View]
163509758Love Live: now that the dust has settled, who is the best girl and why is it Eli ?[View]
163539579Anyone else has read this? I just finished Subarashiki Hibi and it was quite a journey. Sadly it nee…[View]
163509528Is Black Clover too smart for /a/ to comprehend?[View]
163542297What was wrong with Berg Katze killing people?[View]
163536965North Korean missile threat manga protagonist is cute, CUTE![View]
163538417Why do people like Hunter x Hunter?: I liked the Hunter Exam arc because Gon and his friends had to …[View]
163530117Did you enjoy watching this?[View]
163536219Loveless: What does /a/ think of Loveless?[View]
163541886What was your first childhood crush in anime, /a/?[View]
163526198What was her problem?[View]
163540888Geno announce original anime that has been in planning for around 10 years: Director is Takahiro Ōmo…[View]
163540830Kyubey did nothing wrong. Saving the universe is a noble goal.[View]
163534614Boruto's dad plothole: Could this man not have literally stopped every major villain in the ser…[View]
163535490You have to admit the loliservice in this show was pretty great.[View]
163539947Have you ever found a waifu you feel devoted to to the point you're unable to fap to any other …[View]
163458601Where did Suzuha live, while being in the past?[View]
163537684Why aren't you watching this?[View]
163535493Can anyone from Neon Genesis Evangelion defeat Jiren?[View]
163538324What went wrong?[View]
163540742Are you looking forward to the Akudarma show?[View]
163539267Yuki-chan is worth it for Asakura[View]
163540621i dun get it Why didn't he tell them he kissed the girl? What did he gain by being beaten up?[View]
163537905Now the dust has settled we can all agree this is AOTY[View]
163540268Alphonse sure was cute in 2003![View]
163538184Blend S: What is her fucking problem[View]
163538829Inuyasha: After all this time, did it really end on a good note?[View]
163525484Predict how Jiren the AYY will go down in the tournament of power[View]
163539744Symphogeah thread: Symphogear thread, because for some reason the Tsubasa-Shirabe duet is out and I …[View]
163539998Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]: Anyone see it? Was it good?[View]
163534669>Adventure >Romance >Survival >Comedy >Immortal man just trying to repay his debts to…[View]
163536994Gosh anon you're such a loser[View]
163508964Tell me a love purer than this[View]
163539571This is a very problematic child.[View]
163539162>the machines have rebelled, and have conquered the earth >lumbering steel behemoths track dow…[View]
163530511Can somebody explain this philosophical argument? I'm afraid I only have a bachelor's in p…[View]
163534643Tokyo Ghoul:re 145: Spoilers anytime now. Post your Blobneki predictions.[View]
163518956ITT: parodies that are way better than the original[View]
163538366Umaru: TANOSHII this was the best fucking episode EVER[View]
163535882Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly[View]
163533579Made in Abyss (MANGA): Have there been any updates for when the new chapters come out yet? Also maa…[View]
163519973Why am I so weak to this archetype? Why can't I stop thinking about Yoshinoya-sensei?[View]
163539497lmao nanking when[View]
163538896>And to all the children, congratulations I never got this? Was anno congratulating the viewers o…[View]
163535018How would Son Goku fare in a series like Ranma 1/2?[View]
163539361leave jiren to me[View]
163523562Why is green tea so much better than coffee?[View]
163532972Is Roy Mustang a chink?[View]
163528380Kimetsu 82: Come on, don't fail me now internet. 82: Humans and Demons Protect humans Defeat de…[View]
163535476>character is just standing still >'Nani the fuck? He has no openings.'…[View]
163537288ITT post your favorite 2d waifu. Mine Mitsuha from your name[View]
163537795Fire Force 98 & 99: Fire Force (Fire Brigade of Flames / Enen no Shouboutai) chapter 98 and 99 a…[View]
163538376They're forced to play a Hasbro board game against each other, who wins?[View]
163538567New Manglobe announced their projects lineup: Golden Kamui Kokkoku Untitled project by Takahiro Om…[View]
163482138Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (Chapter 2): Anyone still remember this series? Someone finally translating c…[View]
163538835Will the Dark Continent arc be the Chimerant Ant arc for Kurapika and Leorio?[View]
163533902Can eye powers be done anymore without getting called a derivative of these?: I know these aren…[View]
163516997Name an MC with permanent wounds (broken teeth,nose, scars... etc) Protip: you cann't[View]
163529063I just finished reading the manga up to ch57. How often are new chapters released/translated? Also,…[View]
163474011Jesus Christ why is everyone such a massive cunt in this show?[View]
163531962Which Yu-Gi-Oh! girl makes the best Waifu? http://www.strawpoll.me/13950169[View]
163527794why cant she just fuck off to the background like all the other fodder[View]
163536183is medaka box worth watching or reading?[View]
163536442Hikikomori anime characters Thread: Who is your favorite hikikomori anime character /a/??.[View]
163524200Why do people say mean things about yuri?[View]
163538113faces of /a/: Hikki was actually inspired by channers >no social skills >ugly as fuck >abov…[View]
163535118Say something nice about this cute boy[View]
163534254Fist of the North Star: I wanna start this series but don't know where to start. Should I watch…[View]
163537932I hate it when anime has an over abundance of characters with unnatural colored hair.[View]
163537336KAZUMA! KAZUMA![View]
163536568/a/ BTFO[View]
163538017ITT Manga that desperately need live action adaptations[View]
163513475What 3rd world country is she talking about anyways?[View]
163522859ITT: shows that nobody cares anymore but you still are waiting a sequel I'll start with 2 painf…[View]
163529035Pop Team Epic: The anime premiere got delayed to January of next year. Thoughts?[View]
163440421Sword Art Online: Since SAO Alicization is coming up eventually, how about a marginally related SAO …[View]
163537589Who would win?[View]
163528626Is Yoh Asakura the best shounen MC ever made?[View]
163532611In NGE, as you might remember, a different version of Fly Me To the Moon was played. Here is a compi…[View]
163525368Why did she touch his face while being strangled? seems out of character desu[View]
1635374997 y.o Itachi vs Adult Sakura: 7 years old Itachi is kage lvl in wisdom and has the 3t shar, how does…[View]
163533353This thread is dedicated to all the shit tier girls that won that shouldn't have won.[View]
163462514Mahoutsukai no Yome.: 2nd ep. thread here.[View]
163535368Woah, I'm actually cheering for the bad guy. Why is Garou so awesome?[View]
163536019Nyan: He's cute[View]
163529654Was this the best Naruto ED? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGh0TIyo3zU[View]
163527726Asians turn an obvious shade of red when they drink, why is this rarely depicted?[View]
163496268Dies Irae: Why is there a French Revolutionary guillotine at a world sword exhibition? Wouldn't…[View]
163422756/a/ draws: Jojo, DIO's World Part 08: If you're new to this, please, be sure to read this …[View]
163528502raildex: Will we ever see Aiwass's wings?[View]
163480027If you could merge together two anime girls, who would you pick?[View]
163524901Do you have enough 4koma knowledge to know what's going to happen in the next panel?[View]
163535886Is there a character who can EVEN THINK to challenge these two?[View]
163533517Damn just read this shit. Too many fucking feels.[View]
163531263Reminder: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure got the idea of stand battles from Abott and Costello[View]
163535071Anime sucks, only season 3 can save us[View]
163505624Madoka S2: Why is it taking so long? Does Aniplex hate money?[View]
163524331Does Juju have canonical panties like Kukuri?[View]
163533908Kimono or yukata, which is better /a/? Which is comfier?[View]
163534766Kirin is the most attractive JC.[View]
163534717buyfag thread[View]
163501207garo: lmao is he shooting the whole cartridge? otherwise that is one strange handgun[View]
163534611I'm an apex predator.[View]
163528126>You lived long enough to witness the return of kurarin like blobs[View]
163532945What the fuck was his problem?[View]
163529960How come anime adaptations of light novels are common, but not adaptations of actual Japanese books?[View]
163523507He has never jobbed once. Prove me wrong. Actual textbook 'jobbing', not just losing.[View]
163531403Explain this to me. What did she do wrong?[View]
163529820>confess love for mc >kiss mc >ask mc to take your virginity PUBLICLY >get rejected >…[View]
163493407Blend S: Finally, the perfect moe anime.[View]
163526690made in abyss: ITT: we speculate who ozen and lyza sacrificed to get their white whistles. ALSO does…[View]
163498238Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen DMCA hit: Well that's that series unless anyone else picks it up. Than…[View]
163529186Does anyone even like sHit? >Generic design ripped off from Cooler >'Lol I'm so edgy and …[View]
163529041Have we reached the final evolution in mana writing?[View]
163518866>Finish anime >Start autistically watching and reading all the spin offs, ovas, specials, movi…[View]
163528691ITT: Girls who /a/ said was the worst who were actually the best >picture related…[View]
163532516MOMMY MARISSA![View]
163534246Hozuki: I want a Nasubi to follow me around at work so I can engage in endless exposition about triv…[View]
163520973Tokyo Ghoul:re 145: Spoilers tonight. TALKER TALKER TALKER TALKER TALKER TALKER TALKER.[View]
163533368>oh, you came back to /a/ again[View]
163533964post the cool ojisa's of anime[View]
163531629>Anime protagonists these days are all sociable normies. What happened to the good old days when …[View]
163531134Leave shit shounen mcs to me![View]
163526074ITT: Series' that you just will never get the hype for: It's boring af tbhh[View]
163462751Oreimo: Fucking dropped. What the fuck?[View]
163532394Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the dragon loli![View]
163531363Oregairu thread: When did you realize that Yui Yuigahama is the purest and best option for the 8man?…[View]
163533747>It's a 'how long can the side characters stall for time so the op main character can save t…[View]
163523247I just read the first omnibus. I wan't to keep going for her, but Ik what happens at the end an…[View]
163526112>CV: Minase Inori[View]
163531667Who are some of the most hardworking artists?[View]
163532370>Bakabakashi Who else here rooting for /bestboy/?[View]
163516402Damn they really don't make em like they used to. Watching this for the first time is awesome. …[View]
163533107>desu wa = indeed Is this accurate?[View]
163527062>That Soi Fon My fucking dick Bleach Thread[View]
163463993pre-2000s anime thread: What are you watching? Why is old anime better?[View]
163531806So what's next for the Strike Witches anime? Are they gonna do season 2 for the Brave Witches o…[View]
163500820Buyfag Thread: I has a clock[View]
163495185ITT: Girls who got fucked hard[View]
163496526Fate/stay night: Anyone here see the F/SN [HF] movie? UFOtable are great at character expressions an…[View]
163510770No Game No Life Thread: Who was best girl and why was it Jibril?[View]
163530650Ancient Magus' Bride OP: Is this all it takes to make an opening nowadays? Having some characte…[View]
163525064the ending was a complete asspull[View]
163530406Jin Roh & Other Kerberos: What did Koichi hope to accomplish with the Kerberos riots?[View]
163521793Centaur no Nayami: >7000 yen >2 episodes >have to pay 7000 more in a month's time …[View]
163519139The next big 3[View]
163526806Hajime thread[View]
163528992Would you take Rin for a walk?[View]
163526304Raws for Otoyomegatari chapter 67 are out[View]
163527656Love Live: School Idol Project: What was the target audience? girls in middle school or 30 year-old…[View]
163513170Imouto sae Ireba Ii: Why is she so lewd?[View]
163529393Anyone else feeling nostalgic for the early-mid 2000's? There was something charming about the …[View]
163528888Raildex NT19: Would you let him sit on your lap?[View]
163528447Is there any anime that could be successful adapted to western live action movie or tv?[View]
163528903FATE: Heavens Feelies: Will it sub pre theatre release? I'm gonna go see it either way, but WHO…[View]
163500361Time: All new episodes aired. What are you watching this season, in the end?[View]
163519097OST discussion: no jpop inserts , no pop made for the show allowed. Maid Dragon's 'comedic' so…[View]
163509845>smelly armpits >hairy asshole >hairy pits unless she shaves >smelly feet >pubes >…[View]
163505313Fire Punch 72: Oh shit. It's happening. Once again.[View]
163523947ARIA + YKK: Just pretend this isn't a whole half month late[View]
163526043d gray man: Chapter raw http://dgrayman.tv/manga/chapter/d-gray-man-chapter-226/[View]
163514627Boku no Hero Academia: So when Deku finally masters One For All will he have a muscle form like All …[View]
163525889Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Has anyone else watched this anime? I was thinking to give it a try …[View]
163527958I really like this image[View]
163483012Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Relax and take it easy[View]
163527986Could Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel Save Anime Movie this 2017?: Fate/Stay Night: Heaven'…[View]
163528023How long until another comes out?[View]
163526168Baki Dou: Where the fuck is chapter 178 lads? While we wait for the chapter let us discuss that exp…[View]
163522457Please join our club![View]
163526953>things that make you upset[View]
163445522Dungeon Meshi: And we're back to cooking monster business again.[View]
163508488Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: This is pretty comfy[View]
163521976In this thread we post girls that are no more seasonal[View]
163519183Dragon Ball Super: I was just wondering who everybody's favorite character is, and why...…[View]
163442859When will season 2 be announced?[View]
163527420It's H'ween /a/: Where is our spookasa thread?[View]
163518361Rin has some nice ______[View]
163522323how accurate is this?[View]
163526986>ssj >j When will this shitty, outdated mistranslation end?…[View]
163525769Macross: >There were actually people who didn't just give up on Mirage at this point…[View]
163520996>The heartwarming story of two lovers who were too retarded to look at the calendar or call each …[View]
163520806Will KA Esuma Bunko ever become a respectable and successful Light Novel publisher?[View]
163498288What's the consensus on this?: Is Rebuild a sequel? A more colourful idealised bunch of Shinji…[View]
163524271Should he have done it or would it have ruined his redemption arc?[View]
163525759>tfw no gf like umaru[View]
163524313Scuse me, sorry Best saber coming through![View]
163519283Are the Japanese as stupidly autistic about CGI in anime as /a/ is?[View]
163522550The Hand makes no sense.: When the hand scrapes away at space, why does only a certain part of the s…[View]
163525413Summer Wars: What went wrong? It had the potentials to be a god tier movie and instead it was a huge…[View]
163522694Animes you wish were more popular. Personal pick of mine.[View]
163503499Raildex: Leave the 'pink wind' business to me.[View]
163514542so...who won?: Who won the fight?[View]
163516221Why are blonde Ojou-samas always looking for rivals?[View]
163524408>could have used her 'one law' reward to do away with the colosseum battles the new kin…[View]
163518357Non Non Biyori: Has there been any news regarding the new project that's being worked on? also …[View]
163524051See you in space cowboy... https://mobile.twitter.com/RowsdowerZapp/status/919072657055928320[View]
163498287Why are black hair red eyes girls the prettiest?[View]
163522267How could Taki say no to THIS?[View]
163502302Seriously, what the fuck happened? Where is my real Evangelion movie? Anno, are you insane?[View]
163512795ITT: The best parts of that one bad series[View]
163509987How in the hell was he floating while meditating when flying is not possible in the ring?: I thought…[View]
163523416Is there a good age gap romance mango (where the male is older), which dosen't look like it was…[View]
163523296He's a plot device, not a character. Prove me wrong.[View]
163515411Is this worth a read?[View]
163523442Washizu: How did you feel about the arc? How excited are you for the end?[View]
163518393what does /a/ think about this?[View]
163521998Am I just too stupid for Kara no Kyōkai ? This whole thing feels like a disconnected sequence of eve…[View]
163516828Why does it have to be this way Why can't MC be the one rekting the guys, surely he could be ma…[View]
163513827I'm feeling really sad right now /a/. What do you think are the most lovable animals in anime?[View]
163520717Prison School 267: What the fuck is going on?[View]
163498107Made in Abyss: I think Reg needs a hand[View]
163510764You can say what you want about SAO but you can't deny the impact it's had on the industry[View]
163516951Is it possible to watch Inu x Boku SS without falling in love with Ririchiyo?[View]
163520814Is Mahoutsukai the best looking anime of the season?[View]
163516803Was it too intelligent for /a/?[View]
163521254Tokyo Ghoul:re 145 spoilers: Any girl>>Talkershit[View]
163511858what the fuck was his problem?[View]
163521165SMELLY NEET PUSSY: NEET of the year[View]
163505988Post your harem.[View]
163522208Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.Rest …[View]
163521848Best girl of the season?[View]
163519737Tomo will never love me back..[View]
163501820Milf dragon or Loli dragon?[View]
163519047i feel like a fucking loser for noticing that gokus fighting style totally changed when he went ultr…[View]
163491326What body type is this?[View]
163456071It's time to discuss the AzuCat, and why she clearly is the best Keion.[View]
163517409Just finished watching this. It sure was unique and had very cool ideas but the 'main story' was a b…[View]
163493728Love Live Sunshine: Name this group[View]
163516302Which is the best waifu of this season?[View]
163517316Tsugumomo c102: Due reasons couldn't post Tsugumomo magazine chapter 102 earlier. Doing it now.…[View]
163521343How do we fix Bleach?[View]
163521296Fee-fi-fo-fug, I smell the pripri of an easy Scottish woman.[View]
163520552Well /a/, left or right?[View]
163497416>fall madly in love with the trap >turns out it's not a trap >profit…[View]
163445491You're going to watch her anime, right /a/?[View]
163520396Who else is bothered by the undersized hats[View]
163506254Why are you still watching TV rips instead of waiting for superior BD version? I guess you don'…[View]
163521036Rize > Chino > Maya > Syaro > Chiya > Mocha > Cocoa > Aoyama > Megu[View]
163520012Why is it so shit?[View]
163513805Tokyo Ghoul:re 145: Spoilers tonight, possible last chapters. TOUKA TOUKA TOUKA TOUKA.[View]
163520696Holy shit, Shinkai draws like a fucking angel.[View]
163520337evangelion: Who was the best character? Personality, looks, anything-wise.[View]
163516225So... could Eraserhead make her visible?[View]
163518464What the fuck man?[View]
163513844lain: convince me to watch this[View]
163519920At what point did sports anime get plagued with fujo pandering?[View]
163519880Parallel Paradise 14: 3 more days until leaks. Are you ready for orgy?[View]
163513372Berserk: It's winter - doing an /a/ sings of Tell Me Why until the next chapter's released…[View]
163521604You're the recent victim of an NTR involving your waifu. Do you take revenge? How? Do you cope …[View]
163502541'Oh cool a Dragon Ball and One Piece crossover, these franchises and the fanbase always got alon-' …[View]
163519416Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken: She's the perfect girlfriend; prove me wron…[View]
163519458did you know that Itachi killing everyone in his family wasn't a part of the script but the dir…[View]
163513890yozakura quartet hana no uta: What was the point of this show?[View]
163514435I ran a marathon today /a/. Is my waifu proud of me?[View]
163519075If she didn't want to be sexually harassed then why did she keep being sexy?[View]
163513108Dragon Ball Super:: Why didn't he pull out?[View]
163511202which Keion is the gayest?[View]
163509255because the modern magical girl is lesbian[View]
163519136Ousama Game: So Chad is a bro, right? He and his friends are pretty much the only ones with a spine …[View]
163517760how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that best girl was all over me, whatever do you think be…[View]
163475654Asta vs Deku: Who's the better MC though?[View]
163518810Why is she so perfect /a/? Other girls don't even compare, bring back Devil.[View]
163446053What makes Sharo so popular on /a/? Just what is it about her that causes so many unadultered raging…[View]
163517580Angel Beats!: I'm currently doing a remux of the Beatrice-raws release and I'm not quite s…[View]
163505883Can we have a Kakegurui thread?[View]
163503619konohana kitan: So after episode 2 What is this show now about?[View]
163513019Anime images easily taken out of context.[View]
163518177Wrong hole, Marie![View]
163517964How much value do you put into visual direction?[View]
163512386Who is the most talented and irreplaceable director, whose contributions to the anime are invaluable…[View]
163495886Would you marry Aqua??[View]
163501570is there any character in anime worthy of fighting Jiren The Grey?[View]
163513966ZURA NO!: Why would he do this?[View]
163514045Why did a light novel that was nearly as popular as Sword Art Online get such a terrible anime adapt…[View]
163513824Tokyo ghoul :re 145: Spoilers in 5[View]
163517018Why does /a/ waste their time talking about shit anime when theres so much more anime to watch?[View]
163512499Will Gonzo ever make anything as good ever again? This was a masterpiece.[View]
163516527OST thread: I feel so lazy this Sunday let's have a relaxing Ost and composer thread. Starting…[View]
163510223He did nothing wrong[View]
163513122So is he a actually a pedophile in the HXHverse or supposed to represent a real world pedophile?[View]
1635151943-gatsu no Lion: When did Kiriyama get so moe?[View]
163515083Is this better than Little Witch Academia ?[View]
163513265ITT: Overrated trash that everyone already forgot: I'll start[View]
163513571kissxsis: this is the greatest anime of all time, my dick got so hard it almost exploded. anybody re…[View]
163515842Which one is your favorite?[View]
163505125If /a/ existed back in the 1990s, who would your waifu be?[View]
163514615No Game No Life Zero Dundas Theatre Toronto: Any anons here?[View]
163516698Reading Magi for the very first time: I like it. Morgianna is cure. Though the pacing is a bit fast …[View]
163495386New Granblue Fantasy anime confirmed. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-10-15/granblue-fanta…[View]
163476794Keijo manga was NOT cancelled because of anime´s sales: This very old news now, but I see there are …[View]
16351243030 years later and nothing has surpassed Honneamise.[View]
163512806Which one, /a/?[View]
163511542These are the top three anime songs ever.: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJuexdl_c5s 2. https:/…[View]
163515435What's his name?: What's his name again, /a/?[View]
163501249ITT: Pages that made you say 'Oh shit'[View]
163504959Has there been any anime with the guts to show shirtless traps?[View]
163513719Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai: New original anime by Dogakobo Who here /hype/? Looks to be a pretty all …[View]
163506108I'm going to give Finis the penis![View]
163494117Nanoha thread: We haven't had a thread about Nanoha or its related spinoffs in a long time. How…[View]
163514914Ancien and the Magic Tablet: Subs when ?[View]
163513605This one short was better than every single anime this year. How do they keep doing it? I'm act…[View]
163514743Man, in Crowds our protagonist is a cute girl obsessed with cute things, one of the team members is …[View]
163513236When will there be another anime even close to being as good as Brotherhood?[View]
163510940this hurts too much to watch. I don't have the will to unpause this.[View]
163499523How can Shirou even compete?[View]
163514093So what are the good picks for this season? I only watched ballroom and fate last time.[View]
163496817Why doesnt every NEET in Japan become a mangaka? Just learn to draw and make rip off western fantasy…[View]
163513348Spoilers tonight. Nips are saying Hide appears. Possible last chapters.[View]
163513613Kamigami no Asobi: This is your greek god for today. Say something nice about Zeus.[View]
163504670Best EDs: This is the 18th time I listen to this song, best Super ending. 2nd in my DB best EDs list…[View]
163475240Boku No Hero Skool: What did she do with Camie? Is she dead in a ditch somewhere? Is she locked up i…[View]
163505690Dragon Ball Super: Revenge 'P' when?[View]
163511343BEST DAD: I need more best dad hype in my life Bring it on!!![View]
163498154Is 'muh filtered photographs' a legitimate criticism when it works?[View]
163507579Whant went wrong?[View]
163504631Oh no, it seems this Angel is retarded.[View]
163512986RIP in piece HItto Will Jiren live up to the hype, will Goku just one shot him with ass pull?[View]
163511417Magi: New Magi season fucking when?[View]
163510613This small creature is demanding something fun. What do you do Anon?[View]
163473497Winter or Summer uniforms? Which do you prefer?[View]
163511881Was the Yotsuba chapter the comfiest part of Death Note?[View]
163505638I just finished this and it was adorable and cute but did that useless fucking fuck kiss her or not?[View]
163511340In Gatchaman Crowds,Hajime just went to the pool to meet with her two female friends.The two girls a…[View]
163512226Tell me what do you like the best about Shimakaze.[View]
163461912Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru: Anyone else read this straight trap romcom? >Keitarou I…[View]
163507602Re:Creators: S2 when[View]
163504953Translations never you know the drill[View]
163510801What was his end game /a/?[View]
163508058Tsuki ga Kirei: Are these middle-schoolers having sex?[View]
163510453Did nothing wrong[View]
163511996Are there any other non-edgelord shows where a Chaotic Evil saves the day?[View]
163507541Will they hurry up and get to Gohan Blanco vs. Jiren already so we can watch the epic battle of Goha…[View]
163505362>it's a blind group date episode[View]
163505808Partially Translated Story Time - Yuru Camp △: Only now do I realize yesterday I forgot 'Translated'…[View]
163510178Did Shirou really have to go and kill ISIS in the middle east to be a hero? He could become a doctor…[View]
163507506>If you kill your enemies, they win.[View]
163510977Nanatsu no Taizai: This is Ban, say something nice about him.[View]
163493095What is Kaiba's tax policy?[View]
163508070Princess Principal: A whole less than the sum of its parts.[View]
163495998Why aren't there more BROWN characters in anime?[View]
163506579How can one king be this perfect?[View]
163498927Honestly Jiren is everything I hate about new DBZ put into one character. It's like Toriyama be…[View]
163504338She did nothing wrong and didn't deserve that ending.[View]
163500925>I'm curious![View]
163509301So wait a minute, for all they know their comrade and fried is buried under a deep collapsed ravine,…[View]
163511795How do you like your mobage adaptations /a/?[View]
163480803Tokyo Ghoul:re: I didn't get something, what is his keikaku?[View]
163507700How the fuck does her ponytail work? That hair tie would fall right off.[View]
163488693ITT: 10/10 best friends only[View]
163484245Houseki No Kuni: Discuss this scene and AAAH MY HAND.[View]
163493544Imouto sae Ireba Ii.: EP2 airs in 6 hours. Are you guys ready for /tg/ mixed with a bunch of drunkar…[View]
163460642I thought this anime was supposed to appeal to fujos, not slavs. Also idolm@ster sidem thread.[View]
163502826OK I just finished Shamo. I would post in the other thread but it got archieved so whatever. Here ar…[View]
163510583Virgin Soul Art: How do you find the art that some shows show at the end of an episode? For example …[View]
163508397Monster Musume: Where's my 2nd season?[View]
163508114How does /a/ feel about alien girls?[View]
163504675Why does /a/ hate him now?[View]
163510240Elfen Lied: O quam sanct-ass Has your opinion of the show changed over time, /a/? Have you going fro…[View]
163503319Shinji sincerely did nothing wrong in Fate: He took control of Rider from Sakura but she didn't…[View]
163481060How do you feel about bushy brows[View]
163504973What are some useful things manga has taught you ?[View]
163490006Nichijou: I just finished this series after a long time in the backlog. It wasn't as funny as I…[View]
163494777How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: does /a/ likes Isekai /BIZ/ ???[View]
163507556Dragon Ball Super:: What does /a/ think of Mojito?[View]
163510254Bread grandpa vs Culinary school grandpa Who will win in the final battle for our tastebuds?[View]
163503661Symphogear: This anime will have 65 episodes by 2020. What does it say about the industry when one o…[View]
163501865Thoughts on the official best anime of summer 2017 list?[View]
163489207Reminder that Yuu was literally right about to die of exposure.[View]
163509488He is going to beat Jiren isn't he?: Will this be Gochads time to shine? Will this cause Joblif…[View]
163508047Does Yumekui Merry still see print? I haven't seen anything in ages.[View]
163483135How did people get into anime before highspeed internet was a thing?[View]
163508263Do you buy anime?[View]
163499615IMHS: What did you guys think about this series? I just finished episode five and that was actually …[View]
163509632Just saw this on Netflix, so: >is it faithful to the manga? >is it censored? >is it a good …[View]
163506936>objectifies women >slideshow animation >awful sound direction >horrendous and exaggerat…[View]
163506398There are people who posted on /a/ and died happily with their waifu and are living happily in heave…[View]
163507509this stupid fucking anime gets my dick so hard hnnnnnng[View]
163508205What point in the series does 'The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya' take place?[View]
163468053JoJo is swole: IDK why I like this anime so far. Watching for the first time. >JoJos bizarre Adv…[View]
163506308AOTY: .[View]
163505027kemono friends: Why do people care more about a pinguin and his cardboard waifu than about thousands…[View]
163505996Anons, it's raining.[View]
163499369Your thoughts on this snake?[View]
163493804animegataris: Are you ready for more META - Anime with CUTE girls, /a/? Wonder if we get a Jojo refe…[View]
163505249Aria: Is it finished for good this time?[View]
163507147Why there is so few anime like this?: In manga is pretty common to find this sort of pseudo-historic…[View]
163505489Itt: characters that suffered way too much[View]
163441097Net-juu no Susume: How can you be a japanese eritonito? They pay you for merely existing ot wat? How…[View]
163504207Hpw does this keep happening?!?: >Best Work (TV Broadcast) 1. Fate/Apocrypha 2. Bungo Stray Dog…[View]
163506654ITT: Legitimate 10/10s[View]
163487418This is Satania[View]
163458423One Punch Man:niggerstream translation is out: >I should stay away from the shed because they mig…[View]
163506025Ugliest character designs of all time[View]
163505972FAKE TOWN, FAKE TOWN BABY Edition Topic: In which way can we fug Estevez?[View]
163486545evangelion: Which Eva Unit was the best?[View]
163501571Dragon Ball Super: Time for best girl to shine soon[View]
163500536Goku: What makes Goku's design so appealing? Is Toriyama a genius?[View]
163444672Sakuga AOTY 2017: 2017 is almost over , time to decide the offici/a/l sakuga AOTY. No movies.[View]
163422438Shokugeki no Soma 235: I WANT ANNE TO SIT ON MY FACE[View]
163499606Why can't male mangaka draw women?[View]
163500473>b-but I'm an elf anon.[View]
163503972What if Envy had killed Riza instead?[View]
163490306Is this the single biggest pleb-filter in anime?[View]
163448162Overlord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkCtzZ32sgY What the point of watching the recap movie whe…[View]
163499176Time for a thread about what REALLY makes anime worth watching Boobs[View]
163502146>this is considered '''ugly''' in japan[View]
163501595OP of the season. ED of the season is PURAPURA PURAPURA PURAPURA PURA[View]
163504352Devil Lady anime: I don't know if it was because I was doing a lot of drugs at the time but the…[View]
163484833Caster: You've summoned Caster, what do you do next?[View]
163504294Dies Irae: >/ourfuhrer/ Rreinhard is not the MC DROPPED[View]
163504238What is an anime with good rewatch value to you?[View]
163501586kingdom: kyou kai[View]
163500356It's time.[View]
163503221Being sad after finishing an anime?: Am I strange to feel sad after finished the last episode of a s…[View]
163503122Why exactly isn't Tohsaka Rin everyone's waifu? She's perfect[View]
163482319Do you think it's important to watch older, influential shows to appreciate the modern shows mo…[View]
163500639Kekkai Sensen: So what do you guys think so far? Is the new director doing a good job?[View]
163496073Dr. Stone: After being serialized for about half a year, what does /a/ think about Dr. Stone?[View]
163444663So when is the Biblical Anime coming out?[View]
163503279>Hit vs Jiren was a better fight than Goku vs Jiren How is this okay?[View]
163490329Finally finished the second season, i'm so fucking sad guys I'm broken[View]
163499765/a/ BTFO[View]
163501005The next naruto[View]
163501279Konohana Kitan: Who let these Clarins get out and get into another anime?[View]
163501385Are they not allowed to age in Super? I mean there is clearly no floating timeline going on but are …[View]
163502872Code:Realize: Can you love a girl with no heart, /a/?[View]
163499833What anime shows/movies do you like to rewatch?: What anime shows/movies do you find easy or enjoyab…[View]
163496849>UBW >best route[View]
163502099So this is why people shit on Kakegurui and praise Kaiji?[View]
163502295>around half point of 50 episode show >see thread about it >go in and post image of qt sayi…[View]
163499743Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de: Is this Trigger's attempt on Chuunibyou?[View]
163497439Haikyuu!!: I'm trying to get into anime, is Haikyuu worth watching? The premise seems stupid bu…[View]
163416691Scanlation thread: What should you be working on right now?[View]
163477384Drifters: Gem or seasonal garbage?[View]
163494714So we're all in agreement that Wendy is the absolute best part of Fairy Tail...I just happened …[View]
163502257Animegataris: This ojou-sama is out of control.[View]
163495642Did she deserve that end?[View]
163490423Now that dorohedoro is close to end, any hope it gets an anime?[View]
163496198Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the best anime ever created This is truly the only non-degenerate a…[View]
163499287So wait, was Gohan originally meant to lose the ability to become Super Saiyan after getting his Ult…[View]
163495436Name 5 personality traits of Future Trunks outside of his daddy issues. Go on, I'll wait.[View]
163494228Why is she so GAY?[View]
163501339Nozaki-kun: S2 fucking when Yuzuki best girl[View]
163497540Dragon Ball Super: I'll try spinning, that's a good trick[View]
163497777>Scene that women will never undestand https://youtu.be/65-0iLBpmPs?t=598…[View]
163498362Why can't real girls dress like Kobato?[View]
163497727ITT: Anti-heroes This guy went to extreme lengths to bring out the real deal.[View]
163495255Imagine. A faithful to the time-period, well made Gunnm anime. Instead we are getting some fuckshit …[View]
163472057Boruto - Chapter 17 Discussion: >Yeah let that edgelord cool his head a bit >Word of experienc…[View]
163480104Why do people think Togashi is a bad artist?[View]
163462541Why do I see so many people hating on Code Geass since the announcement of R3? It's like people…[View]
163495870Post spooky animu grills[View]
163496062>you will never be a 17 year old boy molesting a 22 year old little girl…[View]
163497674Re:Creators: bacause flop[View]
163494168ITT: GOAT design[View]
163476458raildex: So will we actually learn anything about the baby or will Hamazura just keep running around…[View]
163498928Why isn't there an anime about cute goth girls doing post-punk things in the 1980s? mh?[View]
163495042Why is CC so lewd?[View]
163495537>Everything I'm watching is a long running comedy >Hundreds of episodes before I finish t…[View]
163489516Ousama Game: Why does this show give me a 2004-2007 vibe?[View]
163495237What am i getting into?[View]
163496577Hey look, those assholes have finally done something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQG2Ma4sedk…[View]
163493108Three Generations of Love Live: What did you think of the last episode? Did you enjoy the Delayed Vi…[View]
163493519Is Japan really filled with roaming bands of sociopathic kids who like to murder old people for shit…[View]
163497263Oreki is the cutest Kyoani (male). Prove me wrong.[View]
163498205Is Kill la Kill the apex of active storytelling?[View]
163498985One Piece special from last week: So there was a One Piece 1 hour special on last week. Yeah, at the…[View]
163498830What's your opinion on Anime critics/reviewers?[View]
163492728Let's pretend there was an /a/ in the Nineties. I'll start. Why haven't you dropped E…[View]
163486631Tomo-chan: Oh motherfucker are you ready for a middle school arc?[View]
163462673Why is Archer so much better than Shirou?: Imagine if he was the MC.[View]
163498500lucky star manga is still running. what the fuck Original run December 10, 2003 – present[View]
163493617When is Muira going to release the new Berserk issue??!! Lets hear some predictions, Will it be at t…[View]
163497412You SHOULD be able to solve this, /a/[View]
163487693What's her name again?[View]
163497459This has to be the stupidest motherfucker alive. >Loses his otherworld 'pet' Slime in the dungeo…[View]
163462757Buyfag thread[View]
163487154Why did Ichigo's heart have a love conflict between Rukia and Orihime when he had a perfectly g…[View]
163488247What's she holding /a/?[View]
163497094Cutest anime character ever[View]
163495891Why do tomboys always lose, /a/?[View]
163496944The localization team probably could have gotten away with keeping his original name since dragon ba…[View]
163451529Who's your vintage waifu?[View]
163497801Is The Bush Baby anime good?[View]
163491872The first half of Sword Art Online is the best Isekai ever, prove me wrong. Protip: you cannot.…[View]
163494703Dragon Ball Super: Who can defeat him?[View]
163444946Pripara: This series is fucking hilarious. Hibiki is alpha as it gets, and no one can seemingly do a…[View]

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