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173244253Are you hiding something deep down in your heart?[View]
173253324F-Zero: Everyone keeps saying the F-Zero Falcon Densetsu anime was a commercial flop. Is that true?…[View]
173252175Darling in the FranXX: Would you marry Kokoro?[View]
173254980Hinamatsuri: Neither Hina nor Anzu haven't used their power in a while now. Didn't they st…[View]
173251074Was Piccolo a real nigga?[View]
173255205Higashi No Eden, what would you do?: If you were one of the twelve members who could do or get away …[View]
173218808Was she best girl?[View]
173256614Today is Hideaki Anno's birthday say something nice.[View]
173257111Grashros: A) Will he smash next chapter B) Her brother comes to his senses and realizes who he is bu…[View]
173257721This man is a comedic genius. He's like 40 years old and his satire on the otaku is pure comedy…[View]
173227629Comic Girls: Thank you Missouri! https://twitter.com/comiga_anime/status/998486155451514880/photo/1…[View]
173206147Will Jojolion surpass it?[View]
173255029Season 3 when?[View]
173249386Why do I never see anyone talk about this series? Just started season 2 and I really enjoyed season…[View]
173252977Really makes you think[View]
1732452822007: >2007[View]
173256815which anime fandom do you feel the most sorry for? Boruto fags are pretty pathetic. every thread th…[View]
173255227What Is this translation accurate?[View]
173250284Just finished pic related. What did i think of it?[View]
173256300Futoshi is such a nice guy. He'll make a lucky girl very happy one day.[View]
173254618Next season when?[View]
173251000BattleBots anime when?: Giant mecha are played out. I just want to see a slice of life anime about a…[View]
173252706FKMT Thread[View]
17324946886: This won't be controversial.[View]
173251634How will Miura wrap up his story, /a/? Will Guts kill him?[View]
173240954Different endings or the same ending?[View]
173255706Does /a/ like Sakura Taisen?[View]
173235351Dragon Ball Super - Anime vs Manga: So, aside from all the meeming, I see what Toyo is attempting to…[View]
173200308Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Who is best Girl? And why is it Suzuka?[View]
173249777I watched this dubbed and still cried is this shameful?[View]
173248834I love this guy[View]
173254907Why is he so perfect?[View]
173254705How is your harem going? Do you have some updates that you want to show?[View]
173244211Is this a beloved anime series? I'm watching it and I think it's pretty good.[View]
173252437why does /a/ hate the birdcage part of dressrosa[View]
173254660Usogui: This is great, why does nobody give two shits about it?[View]
173254787I don't remember much about this manga, now, since I read it 10 years ago, but it made me wish …[View]
173240622Boku No Hero Academia thread: >>Improve this guy as a character, and think how he can be the m…[View]
173207527Watashi no Shounen: This /ss/ is more manly and Chad than at least 98% of all male MCs out there.…[View]
173186685Shokugeki no Souma: No thread?[View]
173254633I don't get it.[View]
173242767What's /a/'s opinion on this girl?[View]
173250185>I wish time would reset to back before any of my friends became magical girls, but we'd kee…[View]
173254296Konoha... home...[View]
173252450>MC keeps getting teased by girls >actually takes them up on their stuff >they get embarras…[View]
173252036You know what I miss? Umaru threads[View]
173244942Why aren't there more amputee girls in anime?[View]
173254152any other chill anime ost such as this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBF8uA3UJ6w[View]
173249359So who was in the right The Penguin Empire or Beauty Salon Prince?[View]
173251880>Smiles that you couldn’t protect[View]
173253980Was Kagari panning shot of her breasts the choice of Steins Gate?[View]
173252982Name a more cool character >pro tip: you can’t[View]
173117445Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
173235563Space Battleship Tiramisu: Episode 8 is out[View]
173253793Archer doesn't have still standing animations.: If you ever rewatch or play whatever Fate produ…[View]
173253557Post the first series you ever got really invested in[View]
173253848How bad was your Chuuni syndrome?: > stupid things you thought or did while afflicted by chuuniby…[View]
173246938Just finished season 1. Should i watch 2/3? Heard some negative things about them, but at the same t…[View]
173253760Anon get up we have more training! >2019[View]
173252857Which one?[View]
173253666what is it about watching little cute children mainly girls suffer so appealing why is this genre so…[View]
173244031It's been 11 years. Has any mecha show topped this yet?[View]
173250137Did they fuck?[View]
173213602Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
173249215Are you getting your recommended 3 liters a day? Dont forget Anon, water is healthy![View]
173245893Planet With: Thanks to the other anon for the translation. I couldn't wait the typesetter anon,…[View]
173241838What is the best anime ass you've seen? Pic related.[View]
173246101Post the best girl of her respective show![View]
173249905Hisone to Masotan: Suddenly I feel like drinking Yakult™[View]
173175613Is she popular yet?[View]
173253135Megalo Box Appreciation Thread: ITT: We appreciate Megalo Box as an underdog anime that was made to …[View]
173249643Why couldn't this have just been the cute show about train lesbians that the first episode prom…[View]
173252521What's with all the vore in anime these past couple of seasons? First Konosuba had regular vore…[View]
173244687Is there a single shonen manga thats not childish garbage?[View]
173252246Just finished the first season, was really great. Is the second season solid too?[View]
173252351What is the best character design in anime?[View]
173248016One Piece: Friendly reminder that One Piece is on break this week, or is it?[View]
173248447Why do anime girls sit like this?[View]
173244757Darling In The FranXX: Only 6 episodes until AOTD ends. If Mitsuru and Kokoro don't remember ab…[View]
173250410Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien: Finished Muv-Luv, wanted more, started watching this. Four episodes in, it…[View]
173250255I want Takagi as a friend[View]
173216857AiFure and Prichan: Anna is kyoot![View]
173246789This is fucking great stuff.[View]
173251341Reminder that screwing middle schoolers is 100% absolutely positively unquestionably genuinely witho…[View]
173250164Legend of the Galactic Heroes DNT: Is it finally my episode?[View]
173249964Darling In The FranXX: Do the writers don't know when to call it quits? They are basically show…[View]
173250872Kino no Tabi 2017: What the fuck went so goddamn wrong?[View]
173248524Legged Mimic: Yorokobe, /a/nons, scans are here![View]
173249038Has science advanced enough to explain why Violet is so cute yet?[View]
173247342>We want to be like Kyoani What exactly did trigger mean by this?[View]
173249227Name a more soul crushing moment. Bet you can't.[View]
173249265Sailor Moon: Who is best Sailor Scout, and why is it pic related?[View]
173250768Persona 5 The Animation: become purseowner[View]
173243248Why aren't there more brown maids in anime?[View]
173222831headpat thread[View]
173247551SAOAGGO: >ywn go on a date with your nerdy Jap megane gf to a shooting range to teach her how to …[View]
173244261Kouya Ni Kemono Doukokusu: Have there been any English translations of any chapters from the second …[View]
173249994Darling in the FranXX: Why isn't it flopping?[View]
173244428best girl, right?[View]
173246074Is this the 'Pathologic' of anime?[View]
173248377Why does /a/ hate the best Kyoani?[View]
173242502Gal Cleaning! Chapter 2: https://imgur.com/a/ErTLPLP[View]
173249836To be hero: What the fuck am I watching[View]
173246336ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
173249144Madara Uchia & Hashirama Vs. Akatsuki: This would be a fight of madara and hashimara both alive …[View]
173250012I wish Scum's Wish was scummier.[View]
173242656So you're in the club with your waifu and this guy comes up and slaps her on the ass. What do, …[View]
173241556ITT: tropes you hate: >MC is shorter than his love interest[View]
173247679>dub name is Chazz Princeton >not Chad Princeton 4kids almost hit the mark…[View]
173243107Is it good?[View]
173249032Lostorage conflated WIXOSS: This is Amika and her girlfriend, say something nice about them! Pineapp…[View]
173248794Why was she so fast and strong? Was it autism?[View]
173246522What is it about cakes that makes them so alluring?[View]
173249263Angel's Egg: What the fuck did I just watch? Why did Warrior Jesus break the egg?[View]
173249499werst anime: What is worst anime? Just saw Kanon 2002 and want more. Also a kanonposting thread…[View]
173245544why do we bother referring to anime as 'shows' on this board? you only refer to an anime as a 'show'…[View]
173246403A.I.C.O.: Incarnation: Was this show any good? I was thinking of picking it up just fir mindless sci…[View]
173246276DARLING KONO GA[View]
173249224/p/arasite chan.: >Meanwhile, on /p/arasite chan I did it guys! I confessed to Worried Strawberry…[View]
173243674What was her problem again?[View]
173240057Wait, this is the ending? I mean it's not that bad but I expected a little more about Hole-kun …[View]
173228345isekai: a new chapter of 'everybody in the kingdom is a complete retard to make the MC looks like a …[View]
173245916Will there ever be a remake of toriko that is accurate and not as a kids morning show? Better than o…[View]
173246141Character designs that scream slut[View]
173245085>Show about a boy learning to grow up by acting his age and stop trying to appear as mature. >…[View]
173243170DARLING UNMEI GA[View]
173247412>punches your waifu in the fucking head[View]
173247127Do you ever dream in 2d?: I recently had a dream where I was basically Yuuji from Grisaia. My illici…[View]
173192727Memes aside. Why are fat girls getting popular in anime recently? Is it because of Kanna?[View]
173247729>>Be me >>Depressed and panicy as fuck for reasons >>See Gintama op's in the …[View]
173244699noko: I can't wait for 02 and Hiro to both go full Oni and kill the 9's.[View]
173244951>OP by meiko nakahara[View]
173247630How is she that strong that she can tear open a FUCKING STEEL SHUTTER?[View]
173246910Why doesn't he just fuck Hina? It's literally free.[View]
173247479FLCL Billboard on Sunset BLVD: How much you think they're spending on marketing for this thing?…[View]
173230731One Piece: Why are the Marines so pathetic that countries need to be protected by the enemy of the s…[View]
173247758Talking about anime?[View]
173241538Perfect characters in anime don't exi-[View]
173244844Which peaked better?: I just had this thought today. Among the big 3 at the highest point on their s…[View]
173238015Nagi no Asukara / A Lull in the Sea: This show is very underrated. The first few episodes were annoy…[View]
173227787Saber face is a thing of a past. It's Rin face now in all glory. Say something nice about Eresh…[View]
173245090Which one is the biggest scumbag?[View]
173247484Violet Evergarden: If you were a female worker at C.H postal how would you bully Violet.[View]
173247399What is with this huge ass room and giant TV and speakers? Is this a scaling issue or something?[View]
1732210495toubun no Hanayome 38: https://imgur.com/a/w6LEcZz[View]
173245602Is this the new Naruto?[View]
173225138The Promised Neverland: When will the 'use your pen' writer show themselves?[View]
173243241Darling in the Franxx: What could have been.[View]
173213690Tomo-chan: ...[View]
173243500What did you think about my wife Midori's show?[View]
173238570Re zero: So what are you telling me to jump from vol 4 to end of arc 3 just like that? what the fuck…[View]
173244486And faggots say she's not best girl.[View]
173229896Darling in the FranXX: I'm starting to feel like this show is just becoming a mess and doesn…[View]
173245773For me, it's Mari Tamaki[View]
173188141Uma Musume Pretty Derby: No Seiun Sky this week...[View]
173240957I just finished watching Presage Flower, and I have to say Sakura is the purest anime girl I've…[View]
173227655>main rival of mc gets kidnapped by the dark side wew, this story sounds familiar lads..…[View]
173235690Ping Pong: Can we please talk about it? I didn't get it. Were creators trying to tell the viewe…[View]
173239597Any 4k anime for a 4k tv?[View]
173242079Parallel Paradise 44 (raw)[View]
173245048>Souma >doing it for selfish reasons >Erina >doing it to defy her father >Aldini >…[View]
173244935Do you like it when you watch anime that's a complete time capsule? Or does it come off as date…[View]
173228639HAA DOKKOI![View]
173243314Is there anything that can even come close to the greatness that is Needless? What did we do to dese…[View]
173204110Goodbye Ippo, you were a mediocre fighter anyway[View]
173245445What the hell, anon, why are you telling me to watch the show with subtitles? If I wanted to read, t…[View]
173237063Darling in the FranXX: >beats the shit out of your waifu[View]
173243558Rivalries: So, how many rivalries have worked just like this? With a protagonist from a lower class,…[View]
173244587Can you take some time out of your busy schedule today /a/? We're having a fundraiser to give l…[View]
173244124Tokyo Ghoul :re: I am getting Fairy Tail vibes.[View]
173243826I love this boy (girl)![View]
173243497ITT : dead series[View]
173242698Mitsuboshi Colors: >Scat-chan >Unko-chan…[View]
173242501ITT masterpieces[View]
173243081Why is Erina so incredibly hot?[View]
173184285ITT: 10/10 episodes[View]
173244807>ED by Boris >ED by Melt-Banana[View]
173241387Shirou, my son, on the left I present you a pure virgin maiden, that you're a sheath of, and on…[View]
173244645His death came as a complete surprise, it affected me for weeks. Truly tore me up inside.[View]
173236163Daily Yotsuba Chapter: Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 3, Chapter 20: Yotsuba & T…[View]
173242474I just finished watching Chrono Crusade and found it to be pretty good, especially the ending, that …[View]
173243653He should've kissed this girl.[View]
173243722explain this scene[View]
173243215Why do i hate deku ?: I been having these thoughts lately about my hero academia , i like the show l…[View]
173233891>There are anons posting here right now who haven't watched Urusei Yatsura…[View]
173241409>Projects like Flip Flappers just aren’t the right venue when it comes to making use of Oshiyama’…[View]
173218256Tokyo Ghoul:re 173 Spoilers[View]
173239127Jikkenhin Kazoku Creatures Family Days - 07: Rip tree girl.[View]
173243415Which idols do you like, /a/?[View]
173243513>FLCL >dragon ball >sakura card captor >eva last movie so this is the power of 2018 anim…[View]
173240565Why are evil, assertive and big-titted anime girls so great? Is it the femdom? The fact they are an …[View]
173231327Female Leads: Rank them[View]
173234481Fumikiri Jikan: Monday's best time is here.[View]
173240337Why is this show so boring? holy shit[View]
173239725Hajime no ippo: is... is it really over?[View]
173243219Name a cuter girl in an anime airing this season. You can't.[View]
173234048Why is part 5 such shit?[View]
173236255Is precure the true DBZ successor?? This is amazing, especially with of DBZ sounds https://youtu.be/…[View]
173241990What a cute boy[View]
173224306Why does the seiyuu part of anime become more and more important for the fanbase?[View]
173233553So, what's next for them?[View]
173242666In what scenario could Kaiji beat Akagi in a gamble match?[View]
173219263Nanatsu no Taizai: Ban isn't looking too good.[View]
173236658Who is the best imouto in all of anime and why is it Hikari?[View]
173230383Why does anime continue to sexualize autism? Autism is not sexy. Autism is a serious, crippling ment…[View]
173239264The subs are unironically better than the dubs.[View]
173240314Yama no Susume: I had a dream last night about Aoi and Hinata last night. We were all dressed in ful…[View]
173242601How hard would it be to bypass her power and rape her?[View]
173239566Name a less intelligent fanbase than Imaishitters: If you like any of these, you're underaged.…[View]
173241732After all that buildup of being the baddest of them all, why was Toguro immediately brushed off as B…[View]
173239508I know what people want to see, more comedy, they like my non edgy jokes.[View]
173242570This quote makes no sense. Does he think he just said something profound? He just said something ret…[View]
173239736Listen Hiro... Don't forget. Believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not the me…[View]
173233214whats better?[View]
173235930How comes this was allowed? I get that Japan has no problems with showing little kids naked, but on…[View]
173236535Has Japan went too far? A fuckable phone, vaccum cleaner, headphones, oven? Is there no end to their…[View]
173222673So what happened? I thought /a/ liked this show. >Great soundtrack >Great animation >Fun s…[View]
173236930I'm going to make Akame an honest woman![View]
173240511Huh!? Darling, what the hell is this? Doesn't it humiliate you as man? You've always said:…[View]
173229025What does /a/ think about my wife, Merry?[View]
173239181A Miuna thread on Monday? Whats the point?[View]
173241952post based token perverts: >literally rapes the penultimate enemy into submission He's high …[View]
173228075I miss Masakazu Katsura so bad. DNA 2, Videogirl AI... will he comeback? why manganime is trash sinc…[View]
173238293Why did the anime make him so gay[View]
173180733Hisone to Masotan: Episode 6 is subbed.[View]
173238090Darling in the Franxx: Is there a single anime character that has been more cucked than Futoshi? I…[View]
173208418Hero Academia Traitor: Invisible Girl is the traitor right? >we barely know anything about her …[View]
173239876Boy with the broken soul: Okabe's mental breakdown is the best part of Zero. https://www.youtub…[View]
173155300Hinamatsuri: Chapter 77[View]
173238881How can Gon be friends with this guy? He isn't even sorry for murdering innocent people. I doub…[View]
173236565Souten no ken re-genesis: Where are the other 7 anons still watching this? Episode is out.[View]
173173800High School DxD: I want to do it with a fox.[View]
173111880The cake is desperate.[View]
173241372WC8NESf Weeb and shitposting discord.[View]
173237504Made In Abyss: What will her next order be?[View]
173216839Post a poll of your backlog and have /a/ decide what you should watch first. https://www.strawpoll.m…[View]
173237283Which D-Frag was the best and why was it Mizukami?[View]
173233366Darling in the franxx: Reasons they won't die, HiroTwo will have their happy ending. Director s…[View]
173228682Classroom of the Elite: >Kei partnered with her former bullies >Kushida betrays Horikita >K…[View]
173225031girl in box[View]
173238635ITT: Shows where the OP and ED are both god tier[View]
173234971Kuroshitsuji 140: New chapter out, Undertaker is sad. What did /a/ think about it?[View]
173232514Say cheese, /a/![View]
173239620anyone else dropped everything this season?[View]
173225305So we're still in agreement, this is the best anime ED in the last 10 years? https://www.youtub…[View]
173240465Why do people act like Hunter x Hunter had so much strategy? Overloading the fights with lengthy exp…[View]
173240614how does one anime make so many people mad?[View]
173239150What did they mean by this part?[View]
173240638>there are people here right now who actually prefer the left Give me one reason you'd want …[View]
173236299Anti-yuri trope appreciation thread: >based MC wins over the lesbian girl >lesbian girl demoni…[View]
173217105hero academia: Will bakugo be evil and go to the dark side? Will they Sasuke him? He has villainous …[View]
173236298Is this the first time an anime has acknowledged that 10-percent furry girls wouldn't be able t…[View]
173239917>villain can punch so hard that he can impact, slice, and decapitate people across the room with …[View]
173239335Characters that really get on our nerves: Gatchaman Crowds could have been the perfect anime! Great …[View]
173239382Long hair > short hair[View]
173238895Shoukoku no Altair: Did they just lose the most important battle of the war because Orhan wanted to …[View]
173227426Darling in the FranXX: This week is Nana week. Post Nanas[View]
173233865Chaika on the front page![View]
173238996Shitposting in the Franxx: Can someone please tell me what compels you fucks to keep making Franxx t…[View]
173238565Will we ever get to see her reaction when she finds out the reason why he kissed her? Also season tw…[View]
173238825SPIN ON![View]
173236331Kyoani hasn't made a good anime since Meidoragon.[View]
173225054Which anime girl makes the cutest noises?[View]
173238285Hey /a/ I need your help. I wanna get back into watching Dragon Ball but I don't know if I shou…[View]
173228829Anime adaptation fucking when: Name one novel that would work better as an anime[View]
173233588Louise is very cute.[View]
173237709Four more days until the trinity is complete and the cover girl dies for real.[View]
173235300Never trust a robot.[View]
173238117Are they ever going to let Sayuri do an opening for a series?[View]
173222556Takehiko Inoue is drawing again.: For now, it's new covers for the re-release of Slam Dunk. Her…[View]
173235659Dennou Coil's Mitsuo Iso Directs New Original Anime, Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo: 11 years later …[View]
173172325Buyfag Threade: Post delays[View]
173234181why aren't there more well designed characters like this? everybody likes tight crop tops and s…[View]
173204235Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 11: New chapter is out, dumping TL next.[View]
173235342Little Witch Academy: Just finished watching pic related. It was so sweet, but not in the diabetes-i…[View]
173236387Who is this pink girl and why do i keep seeing her everywhere?[View]
173233025Darling in the Franxx aired 8 Years ago.: Post your favorite >Arc >Season >OVA >Game…[View]
173216900I'm really worried, lads[View]
173232061Angel Beats: Has anyone else read the prequel? What were your opinions on it and AB in general? Clai…[View]
173236450ITT fun: post fun[View]
173226554your aoty[View]
173234598ITT Erina: >mfw this goddess is now the mc >mfw shes actually going to cook soon >mfw indis…[View]
173226824there are people on /a/ right now who think pic related was a good show[View]
173231071It's BULLSHIT Momo didn't win the beauty contest she's 11/10[View]
173237079>tfw no dango daughter[View]
173237293Hello hello, Police?[View]
173233443One piece big mom: D-did she eat the children and her mother? How was this scene in the manga? I…[View]
173235522what the heck is her problem?[View]
173232058Cute girls combined arms when?[View]
173234367What do you think of the role CG has in anime, /a/? Is it good or bad for anime, and what do you thi…[View]
173235337Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san: It happened![View]
173224595Nagatoro: SOON[View]
173235274is this the lucky star of today?[View]
173235619which is the best mangaka of jump: oda or togashi that best hack[View]
173231628Ghost Hound: Does /a/ remember Ghost Hound?[View]
173233627This 16 year old girl is armed and dangerous.[View]
173234712Look at them, those two space monsters. The one with the three heads is King Geedorah And that one…[View]
173236568Is ONE the master of shounen?: Shounen anime and manga is by definition aimed and young males. And I…[View]
173234463Black Butler: And here I thought it was a mere fujo series. Damn this manga is good. From the artsty…[View]
173229948What does /a/ think of astolfo[View]
173199898/Our Boy/ gets a DO-OVER!!![View]
173236236How can one girl be so perfect, /a/?[View]
173236231Which image do you like more?[View]
173236099the main character of the last anime you saw has been swapped with shirou[View]
173234495darling in the franXX: hiro and zero two has been swapped with simon and hoshiguma yuugi[View]
173217594Darling in the Franxx 18: Is there even a better ship right now? Main couple does not count.…[View]
173231227>7 years ago[View]
173235205I just finished Jojo Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood S2 Shits awesome!!! Gonna starts battle tendenc…[View]
173229667>scanlator group picked up a manga >scanlated 2-3 chapters >stop scanlating >nobody is p…[View]
173235341Poetry thread: It rhymes.[View]
173229455On the last volume of gash no bell. Is this arguably the best shonen in our time?[View]
173233669Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu: What happened to rape island? Used to see it get d…[View]
173231449Why I have warm feelings towards cold kuuderes? I don't understand it /a/. It's not love o…[View]
173228637Why did Oshii fall into irrelevance?[View]
173234251Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust: Just watched Vampire Hunter. It was gorgeous, story was simple, but beau…[View]
173232449Shinobino: I'm seeing if there's interest in a TL group for shinobino so you'll proba…[View]
173229733Mitsuboshi Colors: Is Unko-chan mentally retarded? Mental retardation begins in childhood or adolesc…[View]
173234334Darling in the Franxx: I've only seen one episode of DitF so far. Can I join the threads and ha…[View]
173187815Bleach: After a 4 months long break, Kubo posted on Twitter again: https://twitter.com/tite_official…[View]
173219694Can someone explain to me the appeal of this over the other SOA content? Ideally avoid deep throatin…[View]
173234561What the fuck I can't keep watching this. This is so fucking lame. This is so fucking pathetic.…[View]
173232869Citrus 38: ITT: Yuzu is sad, Mei is probably sad[View]
173232568Why does nobody in the series notice that her panties are fully visible?[View]
173229412Gakkou Gurashi / School-Live: what are your opinions of this show ? is the rest of the show as good …[View]
173229002Did you cry when P-Chan died?[View]
173220480Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 36: The official translation for chapter has just been released. Enjoy t…[View]
173232862Remember phi brain? Well I made this meme. I know I should've posted it years ago but at the ti…[View]
173223313Darling in the FranXX: Tell me, why does she eat the book? And no it doesn't fucking make sense…[View]
173230017>blushing Guys. What was Kubo trying to tell us here?[View]
173229344Do you enjoy seeing Misaka abused?[View]
173225566>battle royale anime >it's just MC's team vs everyone Is it really that hard to mak…[View]
173219337What was the appeal?[View]
173225737Shiki: Was it kino?[View]
173231886MINAMOTO-KUN MONOGATARI 299 raw: >Still not the aunt >inb4 20 chapters before the sleeves come…[View]
173228569Has there ever been a better overall soundtrack than pic related?[View]
173231821darling in the franXX: shinji has been swapped with hiro what's up[View]
173233512I want Boruto to leave a mark on her womb.[View]
173230398VEG: Why were people even hyping this as Kyoani's magnum opus when the source material was medi…[View]
173233427I read all the translated Devilman manga and I gotta say, the original is hilarious and the Amon spi…[View]
173233436Darker than Black episode 2 song?: Anyone know the song playing when Li kills Jean ? It goes somet…[View]
173228827MC from the last anime you watch gets hit with the stands arrow[View]
173233129Momiji no Kisetsu: Can anyone dump VIZ Chapter 2? Everybody is saying in Twitter chapter was pretty …[View]
173228236Is this the best episode of 2016?[View]
173230067Based Conan poster coming through[View]
173229505what are some of the shittiest asspulls in anime/manga?[View]
173196376Precure: Is love between a teenage girl and a hamster-man allowed?[View]
173163086Fate: If you were a Master, what Servant would you try to summon and why?[View]
173232928garupan: >she sees your 105mm L/65 T5E1[View]
173230275You think Ritsu would ever consider breast implants?[View]
173232598Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai[View]
173228419Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle: So this premiered in Japan the other day. Has anyone seen it?…[View]
173225216the main character of the last anime you saw has been swapped with shirou[View]
173107673කළු කවර්: Black Clover 157 out right now >https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/black_clover/en/0/1…[View]
173230397This is a Japanese shark.[View]
173232392Gundam Build Divers: >Big tits >Short skirt I thought ninja were supposed to be stealthy?…[View]
173228152Great Endings: Just finished this and was very impressed with the ending. More than made up for the …[View]
173232046ITT: shit tropes you hate >MC is an average high schooler >He wears his school uniform through…[View]
173230174ITT: Animes that are too deep for Evafaggots will never understand[View]
173229758Reminder Ichigo shouldnt be with this bitch[View]
173199313Made in Abyss: Part 2 of chapter 46. Let's do this. I post, you read and point out mistakes or …[View]
173223092Is Darling in the Franxx an /a/ anime?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15739422[View]
173230900>intriguing shounen where combat is not a viable option >gets ruined and turned into generic …[View]
173226096Is Violet cute or beautiful?[View]
173228219>There are fucking plebs here who think Neon Geneshit Evangelion is better than Gundam 0083 Stard…[View]
173231341ITT: marry kill fuck: marry alice kill altair fuck mamika[View]
173231191Why isn't 02 wearing her hat anymore in the Darling in the FranXX?[View]
173230090Shinji: Shinji[View]
173222329Give me your best attempt[View]
173227231Why do female knights always make the best girls?[View]
173230293We live for the bonds that we form with friends and family members.[View]
173185662Caligula 07: Streaming soon. Will it live up to last week?[View]
173230776I miss Momo[View]
173224536GGO - Karen thread: How is the story gonna develop? Are we gonna see more Karen? I thought the inter…[View]
173212553One Piece: Will Zoro even have a chance to fight in Wano when Jinbe joins the crew and solos the ent…[View]
173195634Raildex: How would you improve the Accelerator manga?[View]
173222222Cardcaptor Sakura: Once the current Clear Card anime arc ends, what would you prefer to get next: 1.…[View]
173228186Dragons Rioting: Childrens card games edition: Start reading a battlemanga. Get this instead.[View]
173225698Why is he acting like such a child? Does it come with age or did he lack a father figure in life tha…[View]
173230286When will we get a Fate VN where the protagonist is Anne Frank and her servant is the Rider J.E.B. S…[View]
173228804>the main character is stronger than the villain but is really bad at tactics and is losing hard …[View]
173229881Gob gang, Gob gang, Gob gang, Gob gang Gob gang, Gob gang, Gob gang (Gob gang!) Spend ten GP on a ne…[View]
173227237what does /a/nons think about >Hai to Gensou no Grimgar do you think it was a Isekai done right …[View]
173228990Who can possibly top him[View]
173228522Backlog just getting bigger: Thanks to work I don't even have time to watch all this shit, shou…[View]
173229766To Be Heroine: No thread?Show is like half-japanese so it should be ok to post here right?Also which…[View]
173229642I am going to post some Asuka.[View]
173229286>Remember, no yuri[View]
173218679Anime & Manga quotes.[View]
173215232How popular is FranXX unironically: I always hear about the memes and shit, and yet see fan theory t…[View]
173225775Is there anyone that could defeat Altair? She is literally powered by (you) and /u/[View]
173229222Asuka or Rei?[View]
173228773Is Ranma a whore?[View]
173228069What do you think makes a good romance in anime/manga?[View]
173229125yurifu thread: post your yurifu[View]
173185362People who NEED to be in Fate. My main man Friedrich.[View]
173224088When in doubt, Nana is the best pistil.[View]
173225722Why was the Anime in the winter of 2018 a good harvest?: Why were there many masterpieces, dynamics,…[View]
173220849Why the f did no one tell me this had come out??? We've been give more Shinka and I haven'…[View]
173228905What is some anime/manga with girls in fur clothing? Bonus points if they're bitchy.[View]
173228843How would you conquer Burama lolis black castle anonon? Just remember that there are five other serv…[View]
173226479I had big sex yesterday. It was with my girlfriend, Asuna from Sword Art Online. If you do not belie…[View]
173221255Remember when anime was good?[View]
173214047>1. Steins;Gate >2. Code Geass >3. Ghost in the Shell >4. Bakemonogatari >5. Clannad …[View]
173224041Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?: Thoughts on Shuumatsu N…[View]
173162100I hope you did a good jobu today![View]
173228499Would you watch KuuSure?: PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOU1FqVQhHE[View]
173225291Why do so many people like Hajime Ichinose?: I don't get it.She was so annoying.[View]
173223921Hunter x Hunter thread: How strong would Johness the Dissector have become if he had learned nen ?…[View]
173210879Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その170 「いいよ、こっちはダブルだし」[View]
173214242Good anime music: Posting https://youtu.be/EkTsNvi9cGY[View]
173208345Usagi Drop: Are you still mad?[View]
173228113Prisma Illya: Illya is the cutest loli there is! Also when is the new chapter coming out?[View]
173228090>what do you mean you cant find them?[View]
173212075Will he ever smile again /a/? Isekai thread[View]
173226720Weird, I always thought Yuuna's breasts were supposed to huge.[View]
173227836What's with all the hateboners for this guy lately?: I've seen some autists bitch endlessl…[View]
173227824>tfw looks like some emo-ass animu character >tfw is an edgelord emo-goth-punkfag so doesn…[View]
173226348>see this coming at you What do?[View]
173223635Would it be possible to catch a sword like this?[View]
173226504Picked up.[View]
173226087in the admist of darling in taint posting that has spammed this shitty board, we as a collective sho…[View]
173227623Watamote Chapter 134: What's the deal with it still being called 'It's You Guys' Faul…[View]
173227535full OP and ED when its pretty much the best thing about the anime[View]
173227276>swallow your pride and apologize to your aunt to get food and shelter >let your 4 year old si…[View]
173222182Darling in the Franxx: Would Hachi support a Rebellion against Gaygay and APE? For Nana's sake?…[View]
173224502Full Metal Panic: Never change, Sagara.[View]
173226766Is the idol genre worth watching?[View]
173219296Is there even an anime with a better fight scene than this?[View]
173225037You'll never find more insatiable semen demons.[View]
173226873Other mangas with good sex scenes (not-hentai)?[View]
173223826fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
173216532I'm probably exaggerating but it seems like every harem anime or manga always seems to have an …[View]
173222509Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These: Episode 8 - preview screenshots[View]
173213518Digimon Frontier was the best Digimon Do not disagree[View]
173225021Why do female executives wear such slutty outfis but male executives don't?[View]
173224938Name one character who could defeat her.[View]
173178444Toji no Miko: Everything is FUCKED: Let me remind you of a few things: >Yukari having a mental or…[View]
173219545Everyone tells me to watch Crybaby. but I have more interest in the original 70s version. Which Devi…[View]
1732098412 years ago: How much of 2016's stuff has stuck with you?[View]
173210036おっぱいチャレンジ This is the newest fad[View]
173226240Do you want to make a wish?[View]
173225394Nobunaga no Shinobi: Why did he do it bros?[View]
173225915>tfw no bleach chapter this week[View]
173222871Goblin Slayer made me hard as diamonds. ITT: manga you read with a permaboner[View]
173209601>implying Zelgadis isn't the best Slayers character[View]
173225430I just finished Date A Live and I don't get all the fuss about Kurumi. She'd be a shit wai…[View]
173222747Ziga ch9: Yep, it is me again and new chapter for you[View]
173223431When are they going to do the Date a Bullet anime/manga adaptation?[View]
173225793What do you think about that movie?[View]
173225761ITT: Best girl in their respective show that didnt deserve to get cucked: I'll start[View]
173225733Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger: New PV: Jaegers ver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAaQS0_9zao Vampire v…[View]
173222597Goodnight Punpun: Jesus, what a fucking ride this was How did everyone else think of this? I thought…[View]
173223672Underappreciated characters thread.[View]
173225616Mitsuboshi Colors: Is Unko-chan mentally retarded?[View]
173224101Prisma Illya: Which cup has the cutest butt? Other lolis also welcome.[View]
173224394So, who is the best girl?[View]
173219786What are some names you like/hate in anime?: I hate Sakura. Most generic girl name. Always in refer…[View]
173193437How can one man be so perfect?[View]
173207202Series you've dropped and for what reason. >Literally 'Watch cute girls act silly, eat copi…[View]
173222131Isn't the old man just a casual in a really broad industry? Why is he the go-to scapegoat when …[View]
173222487Nanatsu no Taizai: Nakaba did a bunch of Q&A in a row. > What cup is Nerobasta? About H-cup Q…[View]
173197614SHAFT: Why can't this studio produce something that isn't complete garbage?[View]
173220604Last Second Asspulls: The Anime[View]
173217584To Be Heroine: Anyone watching this?[View]
173195397Guys help I'm developing a sexual attraction to rocks[View]
173213735Tokyo Ghoul:re: Another garbage chapter soon[View]
173184589Cutie Honey Universe: A Nat-chan exposition episode: They're making us care for her even more. …[View]
173222549Nadeshiko on the front page![View]
173183407Darling in the Franxx: Ichigo is so perfect in this episode.[View]
173219722What scene fucked you up the most?[View]
173208796Devilman Crybaby: What does /a/ think of Devilman Crybaby?[View]
173220731Akame ga Kill!: I just marathoned the first 23 episodes of this. Kinda mediocre so far but shows pro…[View]
173216216Kuwabara appreciation thread[View]
173223819Anyone know how the final novel of this series ended?[View]
173220085Just started this, any good?[View]
173207495Boruto: Is she really the reincarnation of Kaguya ? We aren't reaching DBS tier of fanfiction a…[View]
173223246Just let it all out.[View]
173223622In an alternative dimension, this manga's a great success. Keep it in mind.[View]
173218142Darling in the FranXX: Do you think that the series is gonna end with the main kiddos killing the to…[View]
173223403childhood waifu thread: post your childhood waifu[View]
173208882BTOOOM! U-18: Has this been translated yet? Going to dump the first chapter.[View]
173223311Ashita No Joe: The rape scene was too much for me[View]
173221040Isekai Izakaya: Anbody watching not restaurant to another world?[View]
173219004Are you going to buy my manga anon?[View]
173218689Post an anime without posting it: starting easy[View]
173223011SNK: Berutoruto![View]
173219309Is the Eva hype headcanon or am I just a speedwatching faggot?[View]
173221250Is Dies Irae the perfect example of a shitty adaptation? >adds a lot of unnecessary filler, like …[View]
173217143What does /a/ think of Sumire 16 and 17 sai?[View]
173198032Who's the greatest female MC of all time, /a/?[View]
173222136I KNOW[View]
173221629Fuuka Special Edition: Another failed manga for Seo Kouji and another round of official softcore for…[View]
173211945Did she unironically have autism?[View]
173184095Shingeki No Kyojin: What was he thinking about here?[View]
173208220Darling in the FranXX: >you will never experience happiness like this Well that's it then…[View]
173219215What does /a/ think of Oldboy?[View]
173219996Are the games good to understand Naruto?: Interested in Boruto but I don´t feel like reading or watc…[View]
173222423Dorei: I want to be his slave.[View]
173222263welcome to the nhk: this is my favorite[View]
173212875Nothing happens: the anime[View]
173222033So, like, why does Type moon not delve into the Servants lives before they were servants in a series…[View]
173216701I think I finally found her, /a/. >actually capable of cooking >clumsy, but not unrealisticall…[View]
173208560ITT objectively 10/10 scenes https://youtu.be/4A-K10X481Y[View]
173216965>you will never pet fenneko Why live?[View]
173219210>happy ending shoehorned at the last second Why does anime do this so often?…[View]
173208231Instant Bullet: So I just finished this, and I have to say, what a fucking ride, so what does /a/ th…[View]
173221576Daily Reporter Blues thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kon3_Nx5f58 >Tony is a girl, >who…[View]
173057287Vrains: Has he done anything wrong?[View]
173200597Imagine fucking the colors[View]
173208864who has the best lolibutt?[View]
173216078Tsugumomo: Do we have some new uncensored screencaps? I missed Yoshi working.[View]
173219580Anon, if you ever find yourself doubting yourself, remember to not believe in yourself, but to belie…[View]
173218277>he watches anime made after 1999[View]
173170751Scanlation Thread: Where are my peeps at?[View]
173214114What's the most interesting piece of trivia or favorite murder method you've learned from …[View]
173212391why didn't Madoka just wish to end entropy?[View]
173212997Anime thats greatly overrated but still good.: >Watch pic related expecting some genre defining s…[View]
173221158Shokugenki no Soma San no Sara Toutsuki Ressha hen OVA 1: Ova out Who knew we were getting it? Good…[View]
173217028Mahou Shoujo Site: I laughed at the visual gag. Also is shark teeth the detectives daughter?[View]
173209154Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte: Started reading this today, just got to pic. She's best girl, right?…[View]
173220898Relaxing soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEik52J0Um0[View]
173217442Gundam thread Convince me to watch Gundam /a/[View]
173220784>steals your apples Why was Adam such a dick?[View]
173220736Berserk: korean leaks are out[View]
173213167who was the better girl?[View]
173206372Parallel Paradise 28 ENG: Finally, the month of break proper scanlation continues again![View]
173217399How come this manga isn't getting talked about? Obscure manga thread.[View]
173218012Does /a/ own any anime on Laserdisc?[View]
173185500GGO: Is Karen huge or is M short?[View]
173213345Your daughteru should have a yuri wedding.[View]
173212295>Dennou Coil, but for radio hams, in space. Where were you when Mitsuo Iso saved anime? https://n…[View]
173216880What is YOUR favorite anime opening of the last year/all times, /a/? I love the music in this one. I…[View]
173214645Are we supposed to belive these fuckers didn't notice the date change when they switched bodies…[View]
173218488Did anyone feel like the new Kino no Tabi was so painfully average compared to the old series?[View]
173164469DanMachi: What's your opinion of Ais Wallenstein?[View]
173215198Why is CC posing without pantsu on the official poster?[View]
173201915I think Rally Vincent is a charming lady.[View]
173216297A-1 Pictures: Rate their work >God tier Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Shinsekai yori >Great tier Tsu…[View]
173218318Cardcaptor Sakura: >watching episode 9 >very cute so far >suddenly cringy Engrish >burst…[View]
173218993Darling in the FranXX: He is just too damn beautiful for this show[View]
173212423>tfw even being a 2d idol doesn't stop you from becoming another 'where are they now' segmen…[View]
173193241Would you watch a Xenogears anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA8G1noxZE4[View]
173206120How did this make you feel?[View]
173208106Is Shinsekai Yori the greatest anime of all time?[View]
173215368I'm weirdly hyped for a puppet show...[View]
173214635Rurouni Kenshin aside, which is the best samurai anime?[View]
173215940Worth watching?[View]
173216037Aiko or Sacchi, who do you pick?[View]
173202738>anime used to be THIS fluid and scenes so greatly animated the fuck happened?…[View]
173206764Admit it, as much as you hate Naruto, you liked this fight, including when Rock Lee pulls out the ol…[View]
173205104Rokudou no Onna-tachi: So does anyone read this anymore?[View]
173213663Favorite case?[View]
173213766nene is toberu???[View]
173216833How did this get past Japan's censors?[View]
173217201>Tsukihime remake is forgotten and will never be released >Only Mahoyo part 1 is released, the…[View]
173217205Hayate no Gotoku: What does /a/ think of Nagi's dad?[View]
173210732HunterxHunter: Anime only here, just finished Chimera Ant arc. Am I the only one who though Greed Is…[View]
173216988Aifure and Prichan: Emo is cute[View]
173203894What are some anime characters that are ALWAYS okay to sexualize?[View]
173209939Couldn't you just use a Command Seal to force him to fight at full power and easily win the HGW…[View]
173212286Kimetsu 110: Sleep needy 110: Whispers in the abandoned house [side] The stroke of this sword strike…[View]
173206761ITT: Cute cake teachers[View]
173216617I want this cute meganekko to be my '3D' kanojo![View]
173207030Have you found a god that is deserving of your worship yet?[View]
173216191Have you ever wished you found an anime or manga earlier so you could've discussed it in its pr…[View]
173215958Name my band[View]
173209596Have we decided the best way to watch the Monogatari series? Chronological order? Airing order?[View]
173215770E cup[View]
173211440Who was in the wrong here?[View]
173207052What the fuck[View]
173214950Aqua: Say thing nice about her.[View]
173189265Imagine an anime adaption of All Quiet On The Western Front[View]
173215150>Watch show >Love it >Wonder if there's a manga >THERE IS >Has ecchi and better …[View]
173183769Do you like it when a male protagonist gets transformed into a girl and then starts being attracted …[View]
173210878Fate/Zero is the same stuff F/SN talked about years ago, but worse written. Fate/strange Fake has go…[View]
173212184Dorohedoro ch163: >The End excuse me??[View]
173215617post a manga only you can relate to[View]
173204392Challenge mode: include two of these plot points Amnesia, gender swap, lovecraftian horror, giant ro…[View]
173204176What makes a good character design?[View]
173213019>hiro is a psychopath: what do you mean by it /a/[View]
173206375Who was in the wrong?[View]
173214785Season 3 when?[View]
173214437Yuki Yuna Thread: Just finished the WaSuYu prequel and Hero Chapter sequel to YuYuYu. Hero Chapter h…[View]
173211241Post your most immoral and degenerate anime pictures, I'll start[View]
173201343ITT: Anime characters you could beat in a fight.[View]
173213592se~ no![View]
173205335What was this girl trying to tell me?[View]
173212893Children of the whale: Is anybody still aboard the whale? I’ve been sailing since day one but it see…[View]
173211096Alright /a/, I just started cowboy bebop. what am I in for?[View]
173204504Boku My Deku Hero Academy: Will Toga ever find true love?[View]
173207966Darling in the FranXX: How will they pilot together if they cant even remember each other or will th…[View]
173210426Seriously how did Japan get away with this. She's 10.[View]
173179135Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
173211669https://myanimelist.net/news/55306626 No one talking about this?[View]
173212793Why the fuck is SOA so goddamn degenerate? Who the fuck does Kirito think he is? Jerry Lee Louis? Is…[View]
173118126Manga Thread: What've you been reading lately /a/?[View]
173194983Tomino: Opinions?[View]
173180621AiFure & PriChan: >>173176825 Of course-so Rousseau! Ponkan bets the ART would be exquisit…[View]
173207357>Go in expecting dark horror story >Get a serviceably solid western Are the novels like this?…[View]
173201536Do you feel the music needs to be right to make a good show? What's your favorite track played …[View]
173211217Tsukihime: Arcueid route is the only solid one of the five. It is... really nice, it feels like comp…[View]
173208484SO LONG, GAY BOXER[View]
173207836Holy shit! Misaki is CUTE as FUCK![View]
173193703Re:Creators: how would you fix this show[View]
173208164Gin no Saji: New chapter is out. http://sensescans.com/reader/read/silver_spoon/en/0/124/page/1…[View]
173186464OPM: Murata is back streaming. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nebu-kuro1[View]
173212569One Piece: You are given the opportunity to work under Katakuri. Do you accept? If so, what activiti…[View]
173182728One Piece Rare Discussion: What's his actual intentions? Is he the shadiest marine in the stor…[View]
17320478810/10 antagonists[View]
173209112#Change My Mind: Why do people like this show? Supposedly it is funny, but I watched a few episodes …[View]
173205933>just found out vagabond is never being finished why just fucking why are the actual good mangas …[View]
173211554real discussion --------------------------------------- Who is more strategic Asta or Deku are any o…[View]
1732109665 EPs in at the moment. Other than the at times janky early 2000s CGI, this is pretty sweet. Wish I …[View]
173199438Slavery in Isekai: Why is it so hot?[View]
173207522If 1 Futoshi = 115 Kg.[View]
173208215Would you daughtero her and can you protect her smile without making her cry? Also you boner you los…[View]
173211405Best girl in franxx: Posting best girls since 1996[View]
173176238Some things never change.[View]
173111682Can you believe there is official porn of Rem? Why don't more artists do this? Kind of like Rai…[View]
173208724>/a/non our yearly tradition... >m-may i?…[View]
173199764Rivals: Why are Anime and Manga so much more obsessed with rivalries than Western media? In Shonen e…[View]
173211077What's his origin story?[View]
173209031How much do you think Hodgins charges for one session with his dolls?[View]
173210031Who here wants to join Awooo Squad?[View]
173208074biggest blunders in anime: why would they ever make best girl lose?[View]
173210574I need this pairing.[View]
173154734Kaguya 108[View]
173193080Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Jiren have been fighting for the past 10 minutes in the manga and goku h…[View]
173207255Way of Destruction No. 90, Kurohitsugi.[View]
173204956Reminder that if you don't think Cowboy Bebop's a masterpiece you're a contrarian.[View]
173210172What did /a/ think of this attractive young lady and her show?[View]
173208428What I watched, expected, got: Post what you watched, expected and got[View]
173208714What's the best Naruto filler? Unrelated best girl.[View]
173207134Why is she so perfect?[View]
173204505Boku no Hero Academia: What would be the ideal quirk for a uncanny thief?[View]
173209899Will she ever get that Ichigo puss?[View]
173192478Was this really necessary?[View]
173194959Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss: Episode 7.[View]
173165993Who's your favorite Idol /a/?[View]
173207554No face fags: If we were somehow in an anime, we'd be background characters wouldn't we?…[View]
173201470*ruins your groundbreaking classic*[View]
173207215Protect Nene[View]
173208421Is Johnny a well written character?[View]
173206197Magical Girl Site: Why don't you like it anons? It's literally a perfect anime, it has eve…[View]
173204012Doesn't she get cold?[View]
173207713Franxx: Why are the visuals terrible?[View]
173204424Yotsuba-Bot: I wrote a twitter bot that tweets yotsuba quotes. You guys got any good ones?[View]
173164761Why are true harem ends so rare in anime? Why can't heroines learn to share the goodies?[View]
173209288Why is there no anime about cute girls doing finance/investing? I’d totally watch a cute girl talkin…[View]
173209313Why do we see so many edgy encoders?: Realistically speaking it make 0 sense to encode tv anime high…[View]
173203721Why is this snail so sexy?[View]
173206540What are some /a/-related conspiracy theories? I'll start: >Anno created Rebuild of Evangeli…[View]
173173620what did you learn from anime[View]
173190934Keijo: How could this show fail with such riveting action like this?[View]
173207241Does /a/ think this is good?[View]
173209029i need weird stills from the jojo anime and weird shit from the manga. no questions, i need it now[View]
173204412Favourite Shounen: You fags keep acting like it's only possible to like one of these japanese k…[View]
173206609Why does /a/ hate it so much? I liked it[View]
173207875>He actually watches moeshit.[View]
173065567Tell me why you still haven't watched Little Witch Academia TV, right NOW. Its literally the be…[View]
173203650Darling in the FranXX: Mitsuru hit this, don't forget it.[View]
173206778What was her endgame?[View]
173203309Colette is the ideal JC[View]
173148580Cardcaptor Sakura: New episode airing soon! Aren't you glad you woke up today?[View]
173206601Is this the best the medium has to offer from the last ~4 years?[View]
173207372Kuroshitsuji: >that victorian vibe >that dynamic between the chars >that sexual tension …[View]
173205797/a/ creates perfect girl: One feature per post; I'll start: >overly complicated hair…[View]
173205059ITT: punchable anime characters. I want to punch this fucker so bad[View]
173179827Ika Musume de-geso! I'm overtaking this board.[View]
173202781Say hi to best girl[View]
173207179Tensou Kidou Arvadling: Why I can’t find any raws or anything about this Syun Matsuena work? Other M…[View]
173205810I miss him, /a/nons.[View]
173199082I enjoy Naruto, DBZ, Berserk and other animes But i havent seen one piece. Is it worth watching? The…[View]
173205586hi guys the following clip as an awful remix of loddoss ending. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhSq…[View]
173206656Manga similar to Gantz/or with intelligent aliens: Lookin for some suggestions on what to read next.…[View]
173166151Deku has the best character development in all of anime[View]
173205959>tfw there are plebs in this board who do not like the chimera ants arc explain yourselves…[View]
173206840This guy hands you an orange juice, do you drink it?[View]
173187957are miyazaki's films overrated or actually great?: i know /a/ hates him generally but non meme …[View]
173197359*deconstructs your shounen*[View]
173199279Asta superior shonen mc[View]
173206718>tfw master doesn’t forgive you for going all out that one time[View]
173204577Your thoughts on Inuyashiki: Is it me or it was edgy for no reason[View]
173196599Steins;Gate 0: What we truly wanted form this show. https://my.mixtape.moe/gjxbsp.mp4[View]
173206412Is Gon the greatest MC of all time?[View]
173179120In 20 years everyone will still remember this show.[View]
173181269>be Japanese >get a cold >die…[View]
173203396Was she a trap or...?[View]
173201403Mardock Scramble: this had the most boring antagonist, with the most ridiculous motives for being a …[View]
173205781Tokyo Ghoul :re 173: Reminder that Furuta is going to get his ass kicked tomorrow[View]
173206159Rock bands: What are some more anime that revolve around a rock band besides Beck,NaNa, or K on?…[View]
173164700Which robot would you fuck?[View]
173205563Violet is for shitting on her chest[View]
173205530Choose your tooth decay.[View]
173198276How many people here actually know who this character is? Asking honestly[View]
173205803Why are chuuni characters always the best girl?[View]
173203450GeGeGe no Kitaro: Seriously how big are Mana's manas?[View]
173184071Franxxshit: This is an absolutely shit anime. Why do you retards sperg over it so much?[View]
173196903ITT we post otherwise-great shows that were ruined by terrible endings >pic related, the last epi…[View]
173205668>one bad character can't wreck an anim-[View]
173200406Why do people act like 'character development' is such a big deal? Why is it so important to you tha…[View]
173203792Why isn't there anymore anime about Oiran?[View]
173203777Was she a good detective or just eye candy[View]
173205484>ED theme by Sangatsu no Phantasia[View]
173199159Baki-Dou: Why are people not talking about this ? Also why are the chapters after 140 not translated…[View]
173204548Hajime no Ippo.: >The real treasure was the friends we made along the way. Lol what a trash. I te…[View]
173205250New Mitsuo Iso Anime: He just confirmed a new anime at a panel, Boys and Girls Outside the Earth…[View]
173196186>draw a girl >call it a boy >female voice actress why do nips do this…[View]
173145411To Love-Ru is never coming back is it?[View]
173186397>this is official art Isnt that false advertisement? Demi-chan isn't that Ecchi.…[View]
173204731Berserk 356: Miura is such a bastard. Cutting away from Casca to give us a chapter of literally noth…[View]
173118283Hinamatsuri: Come on, Hina. Smile.[View]
173203502Momo-chan is here to kick your ass.[View]
173202160How often do you guys 'save' a big anime to watch for when the time is right? I mean past just addin…[View]
173204238Why a bird?[View]
173199622isekai nonbiri nouka: welp this got real lewd really fast[View]
173200709I can't believe he's dead[View]
173204635Ideal Fate story: >Amsterdam, 1942 >The Frank family is hiding from the German authorities …[View]
173181470Boruto: >no money spent on the chuunin fights or the OP >this literally means that all the bud…[View]
173204493>mc accidentally does something sexual to a female character >that female character is into it…[View]
173200198Anime that only you liked[View]
173204403Watamote bread: what the fuck happened?[View]
173202180Do contrarians on /a/ realize that shitting on something only because it's popular is literally…[View]
173200401Okabe's destroyed mind: Okabe's reality has been shattered and his heart torn apart. https…[View]
173199517Can we spend time to appreciate some anime music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrO9PTpuSSs[View]
173195880I'm watching Spirited Away. I'm very afraid, for the first time in my life I am actually i…[View]
173198701>take a boy >turn him into a girl >Suddenly the best girl of any series How can Japan be so…[View]
173203813Why do anime girls enjoy teasing the opposite sex?[View]
173203785Amanchu! 2: So he was Peter Pan?[View]
1731793273x3 thread[View]
173145794WEG: One of these threads.[View]
173200957How many men has she dated?[View]
173198895Made in Abyss: Fluffzen is the best.[View]
173203016Short hair will never be better than long hair.[View]
173193056Darling in the FranXX: Could they even tie up all the loose ends in just 6 more episodes? >We sti…[View]
173200072Dao: Chinese novels top Anime sucks Always follow the path of the great Dao /discuss[View]
173201348This is the ideal anime girl. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
173201482Why is she so flat?[View]
173202505Jun Watarase Appreciation Thread: >Extroverted to the max >Loved by everyone >Confident eno…[View]
173182798>Could defeat, defeated or is stated to be able to defeat every servant in the 5th war except Her…[View]
173200784Alright, give it to me straight. Is she pregnant?[View]
173195176Darling in the FranXX: How are they all so graceful?[View]
173149076Rebuild of Sharo[View]
173192863Is there a way to not get bored by SOL?[View]
173195994What do you think of 'Aggretsuko' so far? I enjoy its realist approach to office life. I'm one-…[View]
173200272Tokyo ghoul Re: spoilers S00N: More best boy[View]
173202399How come Ranma was so popular in Mexico? It's gonna air on Mexican public TV The dub was amazin…[View]
173201747Masamune-kun no Revenge (Ch. 48): Chapter's out. Maid's winning the MC bowl, lads.…[View]
173202153So, watched this for the first time. One of the best animated films I've seen in some time and …[View]
173200972How long will it take until most of /a/ won't be able to recognize most of these cuties anymore…[View]
173197875Please deposit your praise for best emperor here.[View]
173201908Darling in the franxx: Hachi and Nana are good persons[View]
173166665ITT: Smiles that should be protected[View]
173197901Re zero: Let's face it /a/ we all felt related at this moment[View]
173193607Daily Yotsuba Chapter: Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 3, Chapter 19: Yotsuba & T…[View]
173201631Naruto: The 4th War: What went so fucking wrong? I mean, I remember I was hyped for see what's …[View]
173201606Her Special Seat: This was actually better than I expected considering the concept.[View]
173197825Why was Blend S so bland? It had lots of super hot characters.[View]
173201157Jotaro is super cool!: Look it's Jojo. This is popular right, give me replies.[View]
173199407This would be so much better without the video games[View]
173114268Ladies and Sisters, what can we do about the threat from Tatenashi Girls High School?[View]
173198532GSYO 11: WTF did i missed the thread?[View]
173186529Why is Megumin so perfect? And why is Aqua so retarded?[View]
173194692Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara: We have cover for first tankounbon. And also cha…[View]
173199320POWER OF THE MOON[View]
173197368When was the last time you watched anime on a tv? I did it for the first time in about a decade just…[View]
173200815why'd she take 3 eps to come to a realization she as well as all us viewers already knew was in…[View]
173173081Overlord: >tfw Aura will never tame you with her love It hurts, bros.…[View]
173200624Why are these masterpieces so underrated?: Explain yourselves RIGHT NOW https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
173183794Futoshi Rising: Looks like whores back on the menu boys![View]
173198298This stupid cat deserves more screen time[View]
173199037Why does anime and music go together so well? You don't see AMVs for most movies, tv shows, etc[View]
173196817Ore wo dare da to omotte yagaru?![View]
173196711Amanchu! Advance: Who sensei here?[View]
173188212Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Those with the best Uma Musume Waifu wins - that's what Waifu Bites is…[View]
173195077Konosuba: Could you imagine being Megumin and Kazuma's child? >Having the strongest Crimson …[View]
173196563Taboo Tattoo: Was this show any good?[View]
173196226I finally finished this. It was okay. I liked the idea of a Gundam focused on child soldiers. I thou…[View]
173198981Digimon: How come no matter what series it Is, Terriermon is always based?[View]
173193374Ok anon, left or right, keep in mind they are your cousins.[View]
173197187What does /a/ think of astolfo[View]
173198772Share your MAL and get new friends: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Tioga060 ohio /a/, share your MA…[View]
173198892From one generation to the next.[View]
173193702>there are people on this board right now who thought Kill la Killwasn't the tightest shit…[View]
173196807When did you realize watch-worthy anime are always original? >Kill la Kill >Code Geass >Eve…[View]
173192598Cardfight!! Vanguard: Now that three episodes of the reboot have aired what are your overall thought…[View]
173196816JoJo: I'm gonna go get some milk at the store. Can you guys watch my Mountain Time while I…[View]
173199177Post Manga panels with handsome men[View]
173131323Comic Girls: If you could draw manga, would you teach Kaos how to draw manga properly? She needs som…[View]
173197200That prison rape scene was too much for me.[View]
173194032I don't get it.[View]
173196398Killing Morph Chapter 22: There's something about Noriko[View]
173198595Is this a good show outside of all the stupid memes?[View]
173196187I want to work at CH postal and bully Violet in a non-mean way.[View]
1731265815toubun no Hanayome 38: Go-toubun no hamayome Chapter 38 spoiler A confession at the living room…[View]
173194532>I am convinced that the creators of Madoka lifted the concept of a cute creature cursing young g…[View]
173195244Ikuhara betrays his genre for fujobucks.[View]
173198209>R3 starts Nunnally is walking Shirley is alive Kallen is dating Gino Suzaku is going around unma…[View]
173197400At the end of Plastic Memories, was the MC reunited with Isla, but with her memories wiped or with a…[View]
173195214How small is too small?: Now that we have answered the question about how big is too big, let´s shif…[View]
173193110When last time you cried/had tears in eyes and why[View]
173144670Which shitty isekai described here?It's Shieldbro, right?[View]
173197553Who is the best dominant woman in anime and why is it Esdeath?[View]
173195324DitF Thread Collection Dump: Since the end of April, there have been at least 286 Franxx Threads. I’…[View]
173197724this needs a loss edit[View]
173195492How can I draw like this?[View]
173197097Wet as fuck[View]
173189778Will Saike be able to reset the day once more without his brain exploding?[View]
173193407Im about 5 years late but whats the deal with Tomoko? shame they didnt make her more depressed and …[View]
173189856I believe Mizukami's body of work is not discussed often enough here on /a/. Why is he this obs…[View]
173188357I just tried watching episode 18 but had to stop for a breather. The NTR is hitting me hard right no…[View]
173195098It's been one whole month. So where the fuck is season 2?[View]
173197129Why can't Shiki kill Servants, anyways?[View]
173197122Hugtto Precure: I can't believe Lulu is fucking dead.[View]
173197117Hibiki - Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou: Chapter 30 is out, the autism doesn't stop.[View]
173196463Anime that didn't get your manga right: I don't understand why they made Rize so front and…[View]
173197002berserk: leak when?[View]
173185147Planet With: Anyone hyped for Planet With, the new IP from Satoshi 'Hoshi no Samidare' Miz…[View]
173191947NINE (9) YEARS AGO[View]
173196729oh my precious soul and heart[View]
173168622Tomo-chan: Based Jun saving this shit comic[View]
173187110Darling in the Franxx: How do we fix these two?[View]
173185307Survival Strategy!: This anime was too good. So much references to 1995's Tokyo subway sarin at…[View]
173191201Okay so I'm watching One Piece for the first time and suddenly they are in olden Japan samurai …[View]
173192820Is /a/ excited for the Kizuna Ai anime?[View]
173184992What is this pose trying to convey?[View]
173182774These are the best school uniforms ever created.[View]
173188303The authentic 'Darling in the Franxx' experience: >Episode 13 >'REBELLION SOON! HIRO WILL DEST…[View]
173192355I'm glad I could be a good person to you, anon[View]
173192271Why does this shit take so long to finish? I thought japs had good work ethics[View]
173185039GGO: Imagine how easy to make this 2m tall woman to submit to your incessant begging to fuck[View]
173195953>ED theme is sung by the characters[View]
173166724Gegege no Kitaro: Episode 8: Kagami-Jijii now[View]
173195566Magical girl site: We need psycho guys, too much psycho girls polutting the area.[View]
173191183Try to name a better OVA.[View]
173191498Wtf I want to play euphonium now![View]
173185189So the message of Berserk is that if you try to figure things out and give them meaning you are evil…[View]
173195282Megumin a cute.[View]
173194846Goblin Slayer: Side Story year one chapter 11 released 3 days ago! Who is best girl?[View]
173189940Imagine if your son dressed this slutty. As a father it would be unbearable.[View]
173187743Lim Dall-Young: How can one man draw such amazingly, gut-wrenchingly attractive women yet write them…[View]
173190017Monogatari Series: >Best character >Best arc >Best OP General thread.…[View]
173195065ITT eyebrows you want to lick[View]
173193504were these ovas or the sins ones ever subbed? what do you want to see next from the franchise?[View]
173195017>protagonist wears black >antagonist wears white…[View]
173177030did she get a happy ending? she deserved a happy ending[View]
173190603Darling in the franXX sucks Prove me wrong[View]
173194602The anime equivalent of modern art.[View]
173192220Sasuke! Come back! Don't leave Naruto Again![View]
173181925One Piece: What do you expect from the next chapter?[View]
173183771This. This is peak Battle Shounen.[View]
173191509Darling in the Franxx: Do we NEED 15 Franxx threads at once? I like it but god damn.[View]
173185816>KyoAni doesn't make bad anim-[View]
173127824Steins;Gate 0: Poor Leskinen, having his hopes and dreams crushed. Holy cow[View]
173176263Made in Abyss 46.5 RAW: https://madeinabyss.me/m?chapter=46.5JP&page=1[View]
173192076Well, /a/?[View]
173181516Was this shot really necessary?[View]
173193477Mayonaka no Cross Method: Just finished this manga and it was so good, I hope they make an anime one…[View]
173165264Hugtto precure: Really good episode. Can't wait for raws.[View]
173082321Prisma Illya: How would you react if the cups invited you over to a sleepover with them?[View]
173193267what rules do you have to be playing with for this to not be a bust?[View]
173192643>Literal Who characters fighting random guards at entrance for chapters on end >Painfully dull…[View]
173191493Bokuben / We Can't Study / We Never Learn Volume Extras: Found this posted in the last thread a…[View]
173187756NGE is probably the worst thing to ever happen to anime. It unleashed generations of self-important …[View]
173178320How do you feel about introverted autistic girls?[View]
173190980Black Lagoon: How do you feel about Eda?[View]
173192791What does /a/ think of GTO?[View]
173191002Post the worst characters you've encountered[View]
173186026ITT: Post body parts of a character: Others guess who it is. Starting with easy mode.[View]
173184382what the fuck am I reading[View]
173185237one piece > two pieces[View]
173192428So this is what they call anime kino[View]
173181333Despite her cute face and decent body, Hinako's personality prevents me from finding her sexy.[View]
173170518Dragon Ball Super: Is there a dragon Ball artist that can draw Son Goku more beautiful than Toyotaro…[View]
173161771then...: HOW COME they can pilot a Franxx together so PERFECTLY?!!?[View]
173185784Do cat girls also have human ears?[View]
173175152Why is Machi so popular in /a/?[View]
173191917What exactly did Piccolo mean by this?[View]
173181559Has the guy finally lost it?: > Director Hayao Miyazaki insisted on recording the audio for The W…[View]
173184974A body like this should be illegal.[View]
173165877>being froglike That's it. That's every trait she has. That's her entire character…[View]
173191467Miss Merlin, I don't feel so good[View]
173189237It was better than Soul Eater, wasn't it?[View]
173191433Have you ever found show you really liked to watch or a manga you enjoyed reading that already finis…[View]
173191299Inuyasha: You have to be a colossal faggot to not like her.[View]
173187273Do you like Ikuhara Kunihiko and Be-Papas? They're OK. Their early works was a little too girly…[View]
173191053>give me fish eggs or I'll break your arm[View]
173191126Punchline: Now that the dust has settled. Who was best girl?[View]
173190593Is it good?: I can't find a download for the VN with the original artwork and I really can…[View]
173188197moshi moshi El desu[View]
173175785If Kiriha who was cut up into million pieces is daijoubu, kyouka will daijoubu as well r-right?[View]
173189838What went so horribly wrong? Inazuma Eleven was perfect, so it was understandable that GO wouldn…[View]
173190922>I don't need drinks like those to cheer me up or have a good time, and if I did i'd al…[View]
173190659How can two nonbinary beings be THIS beautiful?[View]
173187310he's gonna take this opportunity to try to get back with kokoro.[View]
173190681What is the worst title drop.[View]
173186112Protect this smile /a/non[View]
173187005So satisfying[View]
173187112How much time has it been? Should we give up at this point?[View]
173190623which anime made you cry[View]
173189775FLCL: Just rewatched all of FLCL at work today and it truly is a masterpiece. How do you think the n…[View]
173189023legit souless why does all nuanime have this weird bloomy effect?[View]
173186810How the hell is this acceptable?[View]
173190114Magane still best shark[View]
173190201Hiro is a fucking sociopath he could esaily married 002 in ep18 but he know that something like that…[View]
173186392Fairy Tail: I miss them.[View]
173176873ITT: We laugh at Chitose because her shitty anime flopped. GAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA >sub 1k sal…[View]
173189589とある日常はparallel world 幾千もの時間に 同じものなどない傑作(マスターピース)で織り成す 時空へ 書き殴って 白紙のシナリオにペン先が凍る originality目指せ!どうせ…[View]
173189926Rasen Kaidan[View]
173181699Are we ever getting more Saki anime?[View]
173189613When did yuru yuri get a game?[View]
173184632Why is exposition in anime so universally bad? Without fail, it usually explains stuff that is alrea…[View]
173188207>駄目 translated as 'no good' in every instance[View]
173189573Why aren't you watching sakuga of the year?[View]
173187659Sora no Method Fans: The Most Victimized Minority Group: I know that the only thing /a/ hates more t…[View]
173189513Shinsekai Yori: Why is this considered a masterpiece? It felt like a pretentious repressentation of …[View]
173189260Grand Blue: Absolute madman[View]
173182888Remember when some faggot trying to pit maidragon as 2017's anime of the year, the SAME YEAR wh…[View]
173184849Incest is immoral.[View]
173187084Do you reveal your power level at all? I wear pic related sometimes.[View]
173175813So how historically accurate was this scene? Did women in the medieval ages really bath out in the o…[View]
173182935Darling in the Franxx: Now that Kokoro is out of the way will we get to see Mitsuru going full on fa…[View]
173186565Is Mami-san the prettiest meguca? She's the only one who takes care of her appearance.[View]
173173681>'Garter needs to get that stick out of his ass so I can go get one in mine.' Is there a better d…[View]
173188617you guys do realise that we can be fans of a character while disliking a few traits of that characte…[View]
173178806What are some anime where a character dies needlessly in a stupid yet unpredictable way?[View]
173188233Is some of his words suppose to be censored is that part of the anime or do i got some shitty pg ver…[View]
173137582OPT: OPT[View]
173185210Memes aside, is there a better protag than Shirou?[View]
173150553Uma Musume Pretty Derby: >Draw a cow >Call it a horse…[View]
173183904Sheriff Evans' Lies C53: Cute chapter in the middle of an horse pursuit.[View]
173187887How much do you like Symphogear?[View]
173187831Tower of God: Where were u when the real king appeared?[View]
173187825Cucked: Fucking lmao[View]
173184253Have they always had boobs this big? I mean, yeah, some time have passed since I watched the series,…[View]
173187165>mc accidentally does something sexual to another character >that character is into it >get…[View]
173184283IMAGINE BEING SO FAT: You accidentally eat all your loved ones[View]
173186679inou battle: >better MC >better girls >better animation >better OP/ED >fun chuuni ant…[View]
173186948Let's talk about Golden Kamuy: Don't do it at home, kids.[View]
173186944Pap Appreciation Thread: >pure girl becomes a whore >Papa wipes her memory so she can be pure …[View]
173184152Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These: Two days until Kircheis saves DNT[View]
173184075>magnum opus >it's shit What went wrong?…[View]
173186830Jigokuraku 17 RAW: https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/10834108156630808227 Can someone give me the r…[View]
173167480Get in here, it’s time for an Akarin thread![View]
173186730Inoue is such a fag, he has to draw like 10ish chapters to complete Vagabond yet won't do it. L…[View]
173141274Kusuriya No Hitorigoto ch. 10: Since chapter 10 was never dumped on /a/, might as well dump it. On w…[View]
173186114Korean Zombie Desk Car: I hate this bitch so much. Their is literally no reason for her to even be a…[View]
173184242>He doesn't watch 80s animes[View]
173180788>badguy HQ >is a fucking abandoned rotting factory in the middle of bumfuck nowhere >they h…[View]
173184026Legend of the Galactic Heroes: yass queen slay[View]
173185753Quickly claim your waifu before some asshole takes her[View]
173181998which one is the better voice actor?[View]
173184490find a flaw[View]
173185129Rumiko's best work and Rumiko's worst work: Go.[View]
1731624792 very important darling questions: 1 : did they abort the baby in the memory alter/do they even kno…[View]
173185550Conception: So how are they going to cram a 40 hour RPG into 12 episodes?[View]
173177152Is being beta, weak and melancholic a requirement for being a modern shounen battle anime MC? Anyone…[View]
173079764Full Metal Panic (FMP): Welcome to the Jungle baby.[View]
173148793Ikuno is cute, but is this really all the character development she's going to get?[View]
173173170How would you explain Evangelion to a child?[View]
173182407Explanation for newfriends: The Madoka TV series has great pacing, but the visuals aren’t always so …[View]
173184312Digimon: Frontier > Adventure[View]
173180854Laughter stops: >Netorrare is allowed >hot yuri romance is not What could they possibly mean…[View]
173183302Why is there no thread for this except for the airing day? Megalo Box thread i guess[View]
173185048Thats what Killing Bites is![View]
173172374So this is the episode that turns everyone against the series right? The one where everyone realizes…[View]
173182127> Arc about getting sold as a slave in Mexico > Killing off the main love interest a third of …[View]
173179198i have no mouth and i must scream[View]
173180721Hunter X Hunter: Finally caught up to the current manga hiatus. I don't mind waiting, but damn …[View]
173181040Amanchu: The Anime is usually pretty half-baked but this episode was on par with it's manga cou…[View]
173184206why he so cute today[View]
173109297July 7 airdate announced for Bronze Age Viking isekai >Some urban legends are best left untested!…[View]
173183917Which king was correct? Artoria, Gilgamesh or Iskander?[View]
173179874Oh!Great's Bakemonogatari adaption is actually really good and you should read it if you enjoye…[View]
173179567I'm massively disappointed that the fatboi didn't go full nuclear.[View]
173171337who was the target audience for this stupid ice cream cone?[View]
173178124>this dork dragon holy moley why didn't someone just delete her out of existence? she almos…[View]
173175567SneaK attack on Chino by Megu (Chimame mastermind)[View]
173183704I have successfully killed the GGO fanbase on /a/.[View]
173181741Is anyone else enjoying AOTY?[View]
173182636I know you're cheating you twirp! now show me where you hid those shogi pieces![View]
173180257Shiro is the Red Man.[View]
173182758I stopped relating to tsuitsui since he got friends and girls, now I relate to ito[View]
173179772ITT: Same character, different shows[View]
173177930shigatsu wa kimi no uso: One of the best animes I've watched in my life[View]
173180131What is love?[View]
173183352What are your thoughts on Captain Tsubasa ?[View]
173153389Some guy in Peru made this at a local park[View]
173182285Why was there absolutely zero fanservice in Non Non Biyori? Kind of ruined the show for me.[View]
173183250Did he?[View]
173182194post a anime without actually posting[View]
173183064Post kino ost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tMhkQ520Sk[View]
173177079Darling in the FRANXX: There are people who think dodging the 'Red Wedding' flag and beginning of th…[View]
173182102Helck: /a/ tricked me. This manga is shit.[View]
173182897Stand alone anime when?[View]
173182092Why didn't Kotomine stop Shirou punching the Azoth Sword into his chest?[View]
173182651> OP by GARNiDELiA kicks in[View]
173178358Shin Sekai Yori: Squealer was the true protagonist[View]
173171796Why are Gods such assholes in anime? Have there been any benevolent gods?[View]
173180690>NTR even in shounen manga IT NEEDS TO STOP[View]
173175869Strike the Blood: >*blocks your fight*[View]
173177895If you were a mahou shoujo, would you want to wear a revealing outfit like this?[View]
173182248What do you feel about an indie game getting an anime film[View]
173153879Made in Abyss: Nanachi likes weird food.[View]
173173366Maybe we feel attraction to anime girls because they resemble aliens, who (possibly) made us.[View]
173175918Why the fuck are (almost) all isekai shit set in some ideal version of middle ages Europe, complete …[View]
173181836Which is your favorite Kinoko Nasu work? >Mahoutsukai no Yoru >Kara no Kyoukai >Tsukihime …[View]
173180939That's a rather weird maid outift they are wearing.[View]
173165488This is actually good. /a/ lied to me.[View]
173176409I remember when .hack was everywhere. What happened?[View]
173150914SAOAGGO: How do 7 girls have sex?[View]
173179629jormungand: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
173127485One Punch Man: Murata is streaming http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nebu-kuro1[View]
173181892What went wrong?[View]
173178510Who is the Morgan Freeman of seiyuus?[View]
173168645One Piece: Does anybody else miss Oda's old art style and the layout/paneling of his pages?…[View]
173179550ITT: boys and girls that have slept together[View]
173177311How do brainlets not realize yet what this story is about? I'm going to have to spell it out fo…[View]
173181591Will these two get more screentime in S3?[View]
173181126What would /a/ say about Evangelion if it aired today?[View]
173181522Hunter X Hunter: What the actual fuck is this shit?[View]
173178715Is she better than Tomoko?[View]
173123751Raildex: Full version of NT20's cover is out. PV could be dropping soon thanks to Toaru's …[View]
173180046Hi, I just hot glued this goddess, it's your turn, anon[View]
173172290FLCL Progressive New Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqDlfqmUlcg Looks like the power of lo…[View]
173167343Darling in the FranXX is a disappointment: This show had potential to be great with it's cast o…[View]
173178019Amano Megumi 122: dumping[View]
173181079Saiki: >still no Saiki subs It's his fault, isn't it?[View]
173150363Kenichi Sonoda is back: Kickstarter for new Riding Bean anime. From the creator of Riding Bean and G…[View]
173137419It's time to discuss mid-season expectations/disappointments.[View]
173133424ITT post anime/manga characters in a subtle way[View]
173180590Monogatari: Lets get a thread going.[View]
173176892Ride rider or be ridden by Rider?[View]
173162420Weekly Shonen Sunday: What can turn this magazine around?: Print copies just dipped under 300K. Hasn…[View]
173178708Truck-kun can't keep getting away with it.[View]
173180108HATSUNE MIKU ON A TRAIN: The Final Episode Synopsis: Hastune Miku rides a train-robot one last time …[View]
173127473So now that we're well in to 2018, we can say with confidence that Houseki no Kuni was 2017…[View]
173179876Worst anime characters: I hate this bitch of a mother from Gatchaman Crowds. She's such a piece…[View]
173157331Is Homura a well written character?[View]
173177644Violet Evergarden: >Violet Evergarden Concert >Has a cosplayer typing on a typewriter in rhyth…[View]
173166526>shoots both kneecaps off a kid[View]
173178305KemonoFriends x MetalGearSolid vol2: The wait is over~ Dumping volume 2 of the Kemono Friends x Meta…[View]
173178443Darling in the Franxx: So will mindwiped Mitsuru go around imitating Jesus Hiro now? His idolisation…[View]
173177102ITT: Post your cutest Violet.[View]
173122573Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
173165139What was her fucking problem?[View]
173175834Are we just going to forget that Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl is basically an Angel with and A.…[View]
173177044YuYu Hakusho spoiler: Was it AIDS?[View]
173177093Name a more Handicap Character. Zoro has invisible walls all around him that stop him from progressi…[View]
173178927Berg Katze came to Earth: Yesterday, a man from Boston was accused of stabbing innocent civilians on…[View]
173178394What did you guys generally think of this part in Kill Bill? Not exactly anime but this part was. I …[View]
173174109>male MC surrounded by pretty females >not another male character in sight >if there is it…[View]
173178317To Be Heroine: So, why's noone talking about based chinks?[View]
173178864childhood waifu thread: olga is beautiful[View]
173173549Yoshikadu is streaming some interesting content again.[View]
173170170Truck San: I want a manga from the perspective of trucksan, doing his god given duty of sending off …[View]
173136423Would you watch Boruto as a kid?: I would honestly not, all the things that made Naruto good for a k…[View]
173178597You know, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. But he did kinda let himself get cucked so... …[View]
173173410Inuyasha wasn't that bad. The Opening music is great too.[View]
173097058Hisone to Masotan: Nao will get a dragon and it will be the best damn dragon on the force, you'…[View]
173175999>partner swap will be reversed >futoshi back with kokoro >she is very sweet to him again …[View]
173177259>hasn't written an anime in over a decade >Despera nowhere to be found >Tamers 2 will …[View]
173175925S2 NEVER: When every dumb shit gets one, not cool[View]
173177615>2018 >still no north star why? is it too hardcore for the nips?…[View]
173176888I preferred the first Gunslinger Girl over Il Teatrino. Triela also gave me a thing for women in for…[View]
173177585Explain the appeal of Harem Anime[View]
173177372The Deadlest Sin: Why even write 6 other boring characters when all you need is this one.[View]
173171987who was in the wrong here?[View]
173173041Darling in the FranXX: What is going to happen to them now that their memories have been wiped?…[View]
173161371>The Takumi unironically gets cucked in initial d Was this a required element in the show?…[View]
173168991just finished this: how do I fill its void?[View]
173143059AiFure and Prichan thread: New episode in about 8 hours.[View]
173174230>/a/ says its bad >its good Why do you guys do this?…[View]
173173789Korean Zombie Desk Car: I'm 9 episodes in and I hate this bitch in every single one of them. Wh…[View]
173176686I want to get Mina pregnant with adorable horned pink babies![View]
173174950Why do people pay no attention to her?[View]
173176857Hunter x Hunter thread: So, how strong would Johness the Dissector have become if he'd learned …[View]
173158106When did you realize that most female MCs are better than male MCs?[View]
173175073Why is she horny all the time? Stress makes you less horny, not the other way around.[View]
173176420Why didn't she kiss her? she had Ichigo completely at her mercy.[View]
173172378best girl of 2018 so far[View]
173137614Why the fuck was he so strong?[View]
173111099Watashi no Shounen Chapter 15[View]
173175835Why is there no anime out there that try to replicate Clannad?[View]
173173209She’s going to show up to collect Alpha in the last episode.[View]
173157461Yes Ikuno, that really is a dumb fucking reason. Did the writers even try with this?[View]
173172438Oh are we in the way? Excuse us we will step aside.[View]
173175714Is it OVA, or OAV?[View]
173175655Why do Nips have to cheapen their already melodramatic, trashy stories with twist endings?[View]
173175802Mondaiji Tachi Thread: Trial reading of Last Embryo 05 and Million Crown 2 to those who know japanes…[View]
173173363So not only was Neji right, but even Sasuke? This faggot failed to achieve world peace and got his w…[View]
173175673>love interest is dense and oblivious to love Is there a worse cliche? It's the author'…[View]
173175197Did /a/ enjoy this series?[View]
173166661Ryuuou no Oshigoto: You can have one and only one[View]
173172670What's the point of rewatching an anime?[View]
173172521watching Planetes for the first time and this episode fucked me up pretty bad. what do you think of …[View]
173170779What do you think of blatant advertising inside anime?[View]
173175303If I lived in the IdolM@ster universe, I'd be the biggest P(edo)roducer.[View]
173175138Who is your Fate/Type Moon husbando?[View]
173173739Name a worse shonen rival.[View]
173166133MHA: Who will win the Bakugo Retrieval Arc?[View]
173169307Kiss X Sis: chapter 120 is out and sweet jesus Piss truly is a slut she wants the D so badly she get…[View]
173172638Dude, depression, lmao[View]
173173374So, I finally got around to watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, and you know what pisses me off the mo…[View]
173158379>/a/ has already forgotten about Mitsuboshi Colors[View]
173173014How would /a/ feel about a comfy Bleach rewatch stream?[View]
173163321Amuro, eat! Amuro, why haven't you eaten! Amuro! Amuro! Amuro![View]
173167714You don't get to bring friends, baioretto.[View]
173167195When is he going to get relevant screentime?[View]
173169056JoJo DU: Yoshikage Kira is a terrible villain and does not deserve the praise he receives. It may be…[View]
173174556Illya's reaction to my magic rode.[View]
173172890Is this... a boy?[View]
173174467Face of a Cuck: You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.[View]
173174307Following the image you see here also take this into note: Both Ed and Shinji had dads they once lov…[View]
173171600What went wrong with the tsundere?[View]
173120999Are these the big three of seinen?[View]
173172522dango mah nigga[View]
173172301Kengan Asura 108: I like how basically no one noticed that this came about because it was buried in …[View]
173162308why are they being sidelined?: Can we please go back to having episode about the Main Two and not th…[View]
173174148wow, zero tsu actually looks pretty here...[View]
173173788How hard would being a producer be if you were in charge of JS/JC idols?[View]
173150267digital reading:: We haven't had one of these threads in a while. Tankobons are great but readi…[View]
173165917>flat is justice Reminder that there is such a thing as too flat and Aika is it.…[View]
173173808Shokugeki No Soma: Everyday until canon.[View]
173156085Everyone always talks about 10/10 anime. What about the other end of the spectrum. How bad does an a…[View]
173173595Goodnight /a/, take it easy https://youtu.be/EFSpyikeseA[View]
173173473Some lady once told me that I was Baka Shinji I ain't the brightest kid in the shed She was loo…[View]
173173335GTO Thread: Kanzakifags BTFO Always & Forever Edition[View]
173173401He did nothing wrong Why aren't there more series that deal with people just disappearing or le…[View]
173171656One or both of them should have been killed during the raid or rendered catatonic or SOMETHING that …[View]
173171180So in the end, she was just a slut after all. Milkman pumping and dumping as expected.[View]
173171896Why are DBZfags so threatened by Naruto?[View]
173169576Sloth is underrated[View]
173161052ITT we post objective masterpieces[View]
173168532Darling in the FranXX: Post your predictions for the next episode[View]
173172956What went wrong?[View]
173172826How did we go from this[View]
173164063Why is it that Eureka is such a more interesting and compelling character than Rei?[View]
173161261Blame!: Can someone tell me what the fuck I just read?[View]
173171064Was K-On ahead of its time? I'm really envious of all the stuff, specially the games Love Live …[View]
173172318Uninhabited Planet Survive: About to start pic related. What to expect?[View]
173161905Is Durarara season 2 and beyond worth watching? I enjoyed season one quite a bit, but these first fe…[View]
173127569Help! I'm in love with Tsuneki[View]
173168408Grand Blue: Can these two just fuck already?[View]
173095328Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Why do OVAfags spoil everything for DNTfags?[View]
173147565Nowhere near as bad as you fags make it out to be.[View]
1731667943x3 / 4x4 thread[View]
173163783How is this guy universally praised as one of the best villains in anime & manga?[View]
173171353Why does this exist?[View]
173109365Lostorage conflated WIXOSS: Remember isn't suffering nearly enough.[View]
173167262My Hero Academia: Been gone from here for a couple of weeks. Is the gentle arc finally over?[View]
173131272Crab confirmed best girl.[View]
173167740Did /a/ like Ai Kora and /ourguy/ Maeda?[View]
173114171>[ReinForce] Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC) IT'S FINALLY HERE ACE…[View]
173164303Anime Objectively better than Darling in the Franxx: Ill start[View]
173167354Reminder that Arba was best girl and got away with everything.[View]
173163867S-SHE'S SO CUTE!!![View]
173170119My name is Jimmy Kudo, or at least it was until some secret crime organization slipped me some stran…[View]
173167719Take Rin for a walk /a/[View]
173165285Layton's Mystery Detective Agency: >reveals a superhero's secret identity That's r…[View]
173167388Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your whole life?[View]
173165731Is Berserk good anime? And should i watch the first or the second series?[View]
173167589Will anyone ever be able to reach him?[View]
173170955Konosuba: I want Aqua or Chr-Eris to reincarnate me into a loli with vampiric like powers![View]
173167929Koe No Katachi: Why will no one admit that this anime was a complete mess?[View]
173167864Who were truly humans, the queerats or the cantus mutants?[View]
173169953Post cozy[View]
173164893Nanatsu no Taizai: I liked the manga version of this weeks episode more desu[View]
173111994Toji no Miko: Is Yukina the biggest bitch of the year? How is her story going to end?[View]
173145702Amanchu!: Peter Pan episode.[View]
173161382ITT: Anime girls crying[View]
173167204Are teasing girls the next great fad?[View]
173140492Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 36 proves that Toppo is not Full Power SSB Level. Whis stated Vegeta and …[View]
173168554Is Sunrise the best studio of all time? They've got shows like Cowboy Bebop, Dirty Pair, Code G…[View]
173169859New Game!: As much as I like this it's too bad it's full on cgdct and yurishit. When will …[View]
173169730>Light: We actually get to hear his inner monologue, follow his train of thought and understand t…[View]
173163944Ranma 1/2: Marry, Fuck, Kill The ones you don't pick will chase you to the ends of the earth fo…[View]
173169718.....so what kind of bands do you think she listens to? Just finished watching this not long ago and…[View]
173167007why didn't she win?[View]
173168154Is K-ON the pinnacle of moe?[View]
173164571Darling in the FranXX: This show is so boring the most interesting parts of it are the gay stuff. Pr…[View]
173169409May 15, 1998: >Toys in attic aired 20 years go[View]
173169365Since Yugioh cards in the anime are waterproof, does that mean the three other pieces of Exodia just…[View]
173166848Oreshura thread: Are there any new developments in the LNs? Is there a chance that best girls silv…[View]
173168910Darling in the franxx: fuck , she's fucking perfect Ikuno thread[View]
173165235I've heard heaven's feel is fate/stay in the kitchen, so I I refuse to read it![View]
173122557Grancrest Senki: So we get an episode of Alexis wrecking even more shit, his maid displaying her pow…[View]
173154794One Piece: Who is Luffy's Garp?[View]
173168616Season 3?[View]
173168670Is it any good?[View]
173164732You got another shot: DON'T BLOW IT THIS TIME, FATSO![View]
173168531Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: How can Kabakura have such great taste?[View]
173168500Its time.[View]
173165002>he doesn't like battle harems[View]
173156582Hachi in the Franxx: Are you hyped for his redemption arc?[View]
173164103Do you guys think excessive fan service ruined anime? Or is it a good filter to keep away the pudes?[View]
173158925What are some troupes you hate?: >american character has a bikini with the american flag on it fo…[View]
173167958Hey everybody, it's Saturday Night! How are ya?[View]
173164159Why do i find this cute?[View]
173167552What the fuck am I watching? What the fuck am I hearing?[View]
173165572Panty & Stocking Season 2: There must be something else going on right? It can't end like t…[View]
173098642buyfag thread[View]
173164600What’s the odds SSJ4 and Xeoverse will become canon though heroes? Sounds like Dragon Ball Having a …[View]
173166889Have you guys heard of Saitama? He is the most amazing hero I have ever seen and you should send him…[View]
173135140Why did the overwhelming majority of fans prefer Rei over Asuka?[View]
173164982Why is fate so cruel to her, /a/? I want to adopt her[View]
173166246This is my daughter-wife Yui. She is leader of the Colors gang and has best image song Say something…[View]
173158550Why is doujin scanlation alive and kicking while mangas is practically on the heavens door? One woul…[View]
173165227What is /a/'s thoughts on The Noozles?[View]
1731669303x3 Thread: Time for a 3x3 Thread. R8, R8, Masturb8[View]
173119600Bokuben / We Can't Study / We Never Learn 63: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/we-can-t-stud…[View]
173119796Cardfight!! Vanguard: New episode in a few hours.[View]
173163402Girls are more feminine than boys.[View]
173157197Who's the best Gundam pilot and why is it Kamille?[View]
173157641what the fuck, how is this show so fucking good?[View]
173166470>gay thoughts They didn't brainwash the one character who actually needed it.…[View]
173165141What are some of the universally worst girls you have ever encountered in anime or manga?[View]
173164794Sometimes I see people claiming manga is better than anime, but nobody ever mentions the sheer amoun…[View]
173158274Code Geass: One week to go until Kallen is back lads[View]
173166240Grand Blue: anons should i read the manga or wait next season for the anime version? i read the firs…[View]
173164306No Kurisu: This hurts so much[View]
173160099Did anybody else think these guys had a cool design?[View]
173162894Why does everybody says he is a trap? he doesn't look like one, in fact in the manga he is fuck…[View]
173144145What would you do?[View]
173125983New Hiro Mashima's series character: Choose an outfit for her[View]
173156385A show liked Vividred except with sexy girls that aren't JC when?[View]
173160688>what's the next step of your master plan? >crashing this wedding... WITH NO SURVIVORS…[View]
173165635sao anime: RIP Sachi[View]
173117704Should girls love boys AND girls? Should boys love girls AND boys?[View]
173127225Why isn't anyone picking up MATSUENA Syun's Kimi wa 008?[View]
173160471I just remembered that the Steins;Gate sequel is airing, yet, besides the few generals here and ther…[View]
173165400Name a single OP anime character who could beat it. Protipyoucant[View]
173165243Episode 7 of Unit Pandora, aka the best anime of the year, is now available. They didn't wait f…[View]
173165218>dub is better lmao XDDD how can people listen to this in engrish?[View]
173161663There's nothing wrong with being normal![View]
173160484Alien 9 Next - Chapter 3 (FINAL) Alien 9 Next - Chapter 3 (FINAL)[View]
173158008Darling in the FranXX: What would you do if this guy slapped your ass and called your waifu a dinosa…[View]
173162994Will we ever see anything close, or better than this entire scene in our lifetime? It just doesn…[View]
173158515>02 is actually a turbojobber Looks like being the KlaxHime's sister or some shit doesn…[View]
173160348I want to marry Miyako![View]
173162634>No year has been better for anime than 1998 >20 fucking years and nothings come close what th…[View]
173164671KEK PATROL! HANDS IN THE AIR! We've received level 3 reports of a fat man getting eternally KEK…[View]
173158414post couple or OTP that deserves to haves a child[View]
173162382Am I seriously expected to believe that this girl is 14?[View]
173147125Papa have mercy with Futoshi. Does he really deserve this much of a humilitation?[View]
173163901Jojo's Bizarre: Could D4C escape Gold Experience Requiem's infinite death loop attack? If …[View]
173158582Okusama ga Seitokaichou: I want more of this show[View]
173164203This is who Illya's supposed to be based off of >those hips >those tits >those eyes…[View]
173163547Post ugly anime characters that's aren't supposed to be ugly[View]
173118382Why are dominant girls always best girls /a/?[View]
173156629God Eater: Say something nice about Alisa[View]
173157958>2018 >Japan still shit out moralfag protags How are they not tired of this shit?…[View]
173147952How would you defend yourself against this cold-blooded killer?[View]
173128578Violet Evergarden: Why was it so underwhelming and forgettable? Was the source material shit or is i…[View]
173156519>[Mori] Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka??: Dear My Sister.mkv[View]
173162425I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW[View]
173161095WA2 reference? Trigger confirmed for bros[View]
173159800We did it futoshi bros[View]
173161944*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* That's all it takes for Papa's goons to break into your birdcage wit…[View]
173154216Boku No Hero Academia: I KEEP MY IDEALS WOAH AH HO AH OHHHHHHH[View]
173159055Are these the final pairs?[View]
173160704Juushinki Pandora is not a very popular show thanks to Netflix and perhaps not the greatest - though…[View]
173155512Kengan Asura 228: https://mangadex.org/chapter/324894 Scanlation out[View]
173158252will we ever have a better manga saga than the water 7 saga?[View]
173160613>it's a 'fate of the world gets left in the hands of a bunch of annoying teenagers unironica…[View]
173158875this is your tomgirl for tonight[View]
173113739Who is your favorite 6th ranger Precure?: Cure Passion is my favorite Cure overall and favorite 6th …[View]
173158055Darling in the Franxx: Will Hachi get his emotions back and make Nana smile again?[View]
173162155I just marathoned the last 8 episodes of Fafner Exodus, and, man, that was a hell of a ride A pretty…[View]
173125138Yuusha ga Shinda!: I think we can stop arguing now. This is the best battle in manga history. I don…[View]
173162711Best Miyazaki?: (and why)?[View]
173162252Why didn't she just ask for help? She knew there was a problem.[View]
173159217Why doesn't Konami bring back the Original Yugioh? It was so much better than the newer ones. G…[View]
173146592To Be Heroine: The first episode seems interesting and the animation is honestly better than most an…[View]
173161899Shut up, everything will be daijobu. Stop sperging.[View]
173159415what's you're favorite Sci;Adv anime?[View]
173141550Persona 5: Have you seen my livestream thread?[View]
173160610so, this is basically how their talk went. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9jNnDovrw8[View]
173153390Moments where you pitied the jap VA's[View]
173157157ITT: Anime you don't get.[View]
173158209>blue nails[View]
173156382genderswap thread: post cute[View]
173145496ITT: Loser girls who didn't deserve to win but you felt really bad for.[View]
173155501How big is too big?[View]
173157580>Alpha >is a Tattle-Tale[View]
173160033PLEASE JUST KILL HIM: I feel so in pain for this guy please end his suffering[View]
173160305GGO: Karen is so fucking huge[View]
173158470Shimimaru thread[View]
173151226What was the purpose of this character?[View]
173156153woykd you fug komaru[View]
173126493Why is her outfit so slutty? And why doesn't she wear a bra even though she is supposedly a fig…[View]
173158441If it's been established that parasites age rapidly and don't survive into adulthood, then…[View]
173152833Japanese Delinquent Genre: Based on a recommendation I jumped into Crows and loved it, are there any…[View]
173160040To Be Heroine: Let's hear it for anime of the season >Speaks chinkspeak >Gets isekai…[View]
173153346GGO: What does it feel like being kabedon'd by a manlet?[View]
173159851Why do people hate moe?[View]
173144246Darling in the Franxx: Soon?[View]
173153829Is Jolyne a well written character?[View]
173159294Can we all agree she's the best 3D Kanojo?[View]
173159732daily reminder that Akira is and will forever be best girl.[View]
173154205Boku no Hero Academia: Is this Todoroki more a outcast that Bakugou? I feel he needs more than Deku …[View]
173157001when did the english voice acting industry go downhill?[View]
173151641ITT: stupid bullshit: Japs can do action but when will they learn to write?[View]
173159567VERY COOL moment in Claymore.[View]
173150613Popuko on the front page[View]
173155788Popuko is mai waifu.[View]
173154299Scanlation thread: What are you working on, /a/?[View]
173158615Darling in the franxx final: We see ep 18, so next ep start arc of rebellion!! Hiro and 02 will be a…[View]
173157418>Crashes your wedding[View]
173124944Anime of the year?[View]
173155694Shows you can't find the appeal of.[View]
173158658Slowpoke here. Is it just me or are the sound effects all messed up in episode 6? I thought that the…[View]
173150603this is a weird wet dream[View]
173153039Idk if /a/ has enough autism for this, but can we fix the Naruto chakra system and make it as clean …[View]
173151500Was this the most boring episode of the show thus far?[View]
173152449This is a mikan. Say something nice.[View]
173152296Will we ever see him again?: He probably survived Part 6 r-right?[View]
173154518ITT we discuss anime and gays: Why is it so many anime and manga series portray close relationships …[View]
17315119330 years later is this still the best sport anime? Also soccer/football anime thread. Why is this ge…[View]
173137344overlord: >Her sister and friend were killed horribly by literal demons >Her country was destr…[View]
173154421Darling in the FranXX: Reminder that Miku is confirmed best girl.[View]
173156947Best anime trope, whatever it's called[View]
173151152>very smart >beautiful smile >kindhearted >playful >literally a goddess Bread dedicat…[View]
173148896Thoughts on this show[View]
173157176Great manga that ended too soon: >find a great manga uploaded within the last hour >find out i…[View]
173154821Boku No Hero Commiedemia: How did this asshole skate like hockey player while the frog got all the s…[View]
173084098Classroom of the Elite: Dumping the translations for the rest of the trial chapter for volume 8.…[View]
173115835Why is nobody being isekai'd to sci-fi settings?[View]
173147649What would /a/ consider to be the best fight in Bleach? I've always been partial to Ichigo vs K…[View]
173156513Darling in the Franxx 18: >winning the ichigobowl with pure honestly and self-awareness Not even …[View]
173135695Fact: there are no good live action adaptations. Bonus fact: nips can't act.[View]
173154939Who's the dummest anime character[View]
173143706Oh no.[View]
173119040Saki: Tanoshii: >Dora >Terut ime >Batman I never thought the answer was to simply tenhou.…[View]
173155755is this show ass or is it good?[View]
173148831What the fuck was her problem[View]
173155154darling in the franXX: jibu wo[View]
173149651Would Hazuki be a good gf?[View]
173144785Finally. Kids got what they deserved. I'm happy.[View]
173148362Are we ever going to have a second season of Kemono friends?[View]
173154597/OPT/ one page thread: doujin edition[View]
173144238Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 3, Chapter 18: Yotsuba & Obon.[View]
173154412>fantastic debut >fantastic speech >the only real proper pirate in the series >lied,chea…[View]
173145984Miki~Miki is still pure, right?[View]
173154466I'd be her prince.[View]
173151186Darling in the FranXX: Papa needs to pay for this.[View]
173152460I guess a new Darling in the Franxx episode came out. I can tell by all the massive autism and multi…[View]
173150583Is there's actually a more retarded shonen heal-face turn than this?[View]
173150118Frodo asks the tough questions: Why didn't APE grab 02 and Hiro while they were at it? Don…[View]
173151773>kills your dog Nothing personal, kid.[View]
173152681Violet Evergarden: >Be female receptionist at CH Postal >Boss hires some random tard >Girl…[View]
173153554What a homu[View]
173142914Boku no Hero Academia: H-Hey guys, l-look! The rival was kidnapped against his will! He MUST be Sasu…[View]
173143000>photograph trope Everyone's going to die now, right?[View]
173144364Why are the Japanese so condescending to other nations' food in anime?[View]
173153230CC Outfit design for R3 has been leaked. What you guys think?[View]
173149372Do the Rozen Maiden have functional genitals?[View]
173152501Did they give her an abortion?[View]
173134599ITT post your favorite anime and the year you were born I'll start: FotNS1 1989[View]
173151699Zeta-chan is gonna beat you the heck up![View]
173152826SAOGGO and FA Girls: Why is the nerdy, genki best friend character so damn lewd[View]
173146904Is Jonathan a well written character?[View]
173152424Now I can get my Kokoro-chan back![View]
173150864Just change her voice and she is automatically the best girl.[View]
173148013>sao thread caps out extremely fast every time It is probably the second most popular anime on t…[View]
173152138Can they be Redeemed?[View]
173145140What makes this character design so perfect?[View]
173139807Aqua: Why is she so perfect, /a/?[View]
173150101I like being with you the most anon!![View]
173132145revenge is bad mkay: ITT: scenes /a/ will never understand[View]
173147872Steins;Maho: Maho has a unique feminine scent about her being.[View]
173147706how many?[View]
173151666Yuzuka is the sexiest mahou shoujo.[View]
173151321High quality romance anime: Previously: > 02 - 'you gave me a name Hiro, therefore I shall give y…[View]
173150058FSN - Heaven's Feel: Why exactly is Shinji always upset with Shirou's niceness? Because he…[View]
173143497Hoozuki no Reitetsu: Episode 20 is out for those few watching.[View]
173151270Bad Boys: why arent you slapping hoes into good girls on the regular /a/?[View]
173139671>admits she's a deranged freak and hates the fact both she and her love are women, as there…[View]
173147731Darling in the FranXX: Yuri denied![View]
173111857Lum: Yes or No, /a/?[View]
173128611One Piece: Can we all agree that Skypiea is the greatest arc in One Piece?[View]
173150910Name my band, /a/.[View]
173150886What did she mean by this?[View]
173139905SSSS.Gridman: Whet do you expect from Trigger's new hot show?[View]
173141806Just look at the loveable guy. I wish he was part of my family. Can you imagine? He must be a great …[View]
173138884Made in abyss chapter 46 part 2: I'm gonna start with shitty imgur pictures, but I'll chan…[View]
173150293>He doesn't watch 80s animes[View]
173123825This manga is better then it has any right to be. Anime when? >2015 Japan Media Arts Festival Awa…[View]
173146275Name one (1) character able to defeat imposter ditto w/ choice scarf, it's literally impossible…[View]
173148935Darling in the franxx: Who had it worse? Goro or Fatty?[View]
173149775Are there any anime series out there with a similar feel/tone to the first half of lupin series one?…[View]
173150053D-Dahling I don't feel so good: When can we expect the tragic ending to Hir02? Pretty sure we t…[View]
173148444This is just Naruto all over again right?[View]
173146417I was definitely not expecting something this good from Amanchu. Still, Amano Kozue always delivers[View]
173147355Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
173148715Darling in the FranXX: Are these guys the coolest or what? Holy shit that fight scene. They are frea…[View]
173149590Darling in the Franxx: I was genuinely in time strawberry in the beginning, but after the latest epi…[View]
173138044Is Asta a well-written character?[View]
173147086Is Saiki the most powerful being in anime? Haven't watched accelerator btw, looked like shounen…[View]
173147109Beatless!: Snowdrop best girl![View]
173147698rip maa-san: Oh my dear anon, I am crying as a kid right now...[View]
173111911HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS Cup of Chino = Cappuchino WHAT THE FUCK[View]
173142724So, in the USA. Usually by age 14-15, girls actually started wearing underwear for adults (Thongs, g…[View]
173139395Do you hate/like Eri and do you want her to stick around longer or to fuck off[View]
173148075What the fuck was his problem?[View]
173142871[  ] Forget Satania [ X ] Never forget Satania[View]
173145468Why are battle harems so dead, is it faggots?[View]
173144344Manga Series that saved you: It was around 2010 when I first discovered Sore demo machi wa and then …[View]
173141525How do you like heavy retcons in anime?[View]
173148071Loki is a miracle of the universe![View]
173135882Does Caster deserve happiness?[View]
173119390SAOAGGO: New episode in 12 hours.[View]
173141426Who was in the wrong here?[View]
173147907Shiyan Pin Jiating: Another episode, another dead thread.[View]
173147774Elf-san Wa Yaserarenai thread: She needs to lose the glasses.[View]
173081307Uma Musume Pretty Derby: These jobbers are Kawakami Princess' and Gold Ship's Papas. Say s…[View]
173147596Title literally translates to 'Horse Girl' or 'Horse Daughter'. Everyone calls i…[View]
173113543Fate: Which Servant is best as a girlfriend and in a Grail War?[View]
173146830Why does Light take no offence to being called and worshipped as Kira? It literally means killer. Wo…[View]
173147472The tournament of power is over now what[View]
173134225Name me a single anime that takes more risks than Franxx. I dare you.[View]
173142942Darling in the FranXX: Reminder that either of these fags could beat up Zerotsu and Dahlin at the sa…[View]
173143755Was it rape?[View]
173147201Is Chino sexier than Sharo?[View]
173134434Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
173131199/a/, what's the most beautiful anime girl you've seen?[View]
173133374What happened to the mecha?: No seriously? Where the fuck are the mechas? >a fucking wedding …[View]
173146875Kill Me Baby: unused character is such a cutie[View]
173146841Hey /A/ i have to ask, what's up with the new highschool dxd season in the first episode of the…[View]
173146800>final chapters came out over 6 months ago >still no translation is sight i thought this was a…[View]
173144008What went wrong?[View]
173146783Have you prayed to your Goddess /a/nons!? I did already!: Can we have good Saiki Kusuo thread? Let…[View]
173123080Rokujouma: Would you let them invade your room? volume 28 rips where[View]
173142507He and Dr.Franxx are gonna save everyone arent they?[View]
173146127>tfw all you want is to dye your hair black and write angry love poems to your pistil, but Papa w…[View]
173141033Is there anyone still believing that Togashi is not drawing a hxh chapter every month in hiatus and …[View]
173143185If you're a real man you stop watching moeshit and board my ship.[View]
173130174Has /a/ seen Uninhabited Planet Survive?[View]
173138215Are we entering the golden age of Gyarus?[View]
173141605hey, pass: ITT we talk about the best part of the episode >'Hey, pass'…[View]
173143644what does /a/ think of myserufu yourserufu?[View]
173142117This will be AOTY.[View]
173144086why would papa punish her, kokoro literally did nothing wrong[View]
173141279Why do things which are supposed to ruin the beauty of characters such as lack of body part(s) or sc…[View]
173145772He's going to be a single father.[View]
173139442Gundam Unicorn is shit[View]
173144472Akihabara Trip: Going to Akihabara tomorrow...what do /a/?[View]
173142501CRASHING THIS WEDDING: WITH NO SURVIVORS Really though: >Ikuno's confession just a moral les…[View]
173123359Does Inoue make a case for GOAT mangaka?: Made arguably the most influential and best sports manga t…[View]
173140710Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Was this the greatest love story ever told?[View]
173139899So when did this turn into a spanish telenovela?[View]
173137161This shit is stupid and gay[View]
173112630Isnt it funny how so many Isekai series find a way to shoe horn in a 'MC has to earn money to buy sl…[View]
173144545Billy Bat Storytime 2: Billy Bat, Billy Bat Billy, Billy Bat Grant my wish, Billy Bat >>172961…[View]
173140952Crack ships, havent seen these threads in a while[View]
173144203SOL: hit me up with your sol's highschool preferred ive seen: >the pet girl of Sakurasou …[View]
173127152Was she autistic?[View]
173138518Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: Did you forget about her already?[View]
173142881>I did get jumped..by all 8 of you chumps[View]
173143284AiFure & PriChan: This scene was pure waifu bait, plain and simple.[View]
173143481Good scientists learn from their mistakes. Werner Franxx never forgot his. This time, the evolution …[View]
173140060So if I insult God would I turn into a Loli[View]
173118766Behold, the pinnacle of perfection.[View]
173111140You dream that Aqua is making fun of you. What do?[View]
173130707How different would the mahou shoujo genre be if all of them had the same mechanics as Matoi where t…[View]
173128685Made in Abyss: Riko's new look is cute Also new chapter in 24 hours[View]
173135773Did she win the MCbowl?[View]
173140821>Always rebellious and questioning APE's ways >Already got his memories back along woth h…[View]
173141629Favourite Genre/Subgenre: What's everyone's favourite anime genre/subgenre and why?[View]
173142611>Sex for the purpose of procreation[View]
173112765Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta goes Completed SSB Slaps Dyspo away Has upperhand on Toppo Jiren and Goku…[View]
173141867IT'S HAPPENING[View]
173138231Best Franxx episode so far.: Finally Fatty got what he deserved.[View]
173139645Darling in the FranXX: Nana didn't deserve this.[View]
173141228Watching this character is slowly killing me[View]
173141067I dont think there were enough DitF threads so i made another one. Darling in the FranXX thread[View]
173138332Overlord Rising: So have you praised your lord and master today? High Priestess Neia wants to brainw…[View]
173130265Boku No Hero Academia: >MVP of the forest camp arc >is never relevant again Being a Shojifag i…[View]
173138758Darling in the FranXX: Fatoshi is the single biggest cuck in the history of anime. Figuratively and …[View]
173125307'This entire anime summarized in one picture.' -Encyclopedia Dramatica, on the Melancholy of Haruhi …[View]
173139073Darling in the FRANXX: From quiet meetings in a flower garden to bonding on the battlefield to teary…[View]
173140551WSJ improbable bouts: Deku vs Tanjiro: Putting the quality of each series, which is a question of pe…[View]
173127889What's the final verdict on Claire's body of work?[View]
173141447dahrin: 9a has the most unattractive ass[View]
173141045did you rike it?[View]
173055379YrYr Thread: Post yuru’s doing yuri things[View]
173137325I didn't know Peter pan was this handsome.[View]
173133563Characters that did literally everything wrong.[View]
173124047Best girl incoming.[View]
173138403Will it get an S2?[View]
1731252693x3 thread: Let's have one of these[View]
173135963Higurashi is literally the only VN adaptation done right.[View]
173136958Medaka's Box: Is this show any good? I'm reading the manga and it's fuckin boring me …[View]
173140343Thanks for taking that Deathflags, Friends.[View]
173138762Kiss of Death < A Cruel Angel's Thesis < Debiruman no Uta[View]
173135955Cutest couple these two should really get a room[View]
173140014Please anime god, let Kokoro be pregnant already.[View]
173139464Dungeon Seeker 22: I really thought the elf got the giant minotaur dick But didnt Truly the greatest…[View]
173127752kyubey is fucking creepy[View]
173084850>Lain is 20 years old >No Lain thread Let's all love Lain.…[View]
173080660Nanatsu no Taizai 267-268 Spoilers: 267: Estarossa's choking Elizabeth when someone hit him out…[View]
173128055Shokugeki no Soma: This is your new director. Say something nice about her. Your expulsion depends …[View]
173127139HATSUNE MIKU ON A TRAIN: Episode 1 has subs now. https://nyaa.si/view/1038306[View]
173139258Favourite episode of Naruto: The dipping noodle episode I laugh hysterically every time I watch it I…[View]
173137541Darling in the FranXX: Homos are stronger than straight dinos. Let it be known.[View]
173105426AiFure & PriChan: Prichan previews soon? Miss Idle Time yet?[View]
173134486The flames of rebellion and the blood of the upper class shall stain the next episode. But only if y…[View]
173106932Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: >A stand that traps you in a mirror dimesion: The fight lasts 3 ch…[View]
173139008To Love-ru: I realy do miss Mikan the most. Also disappointed the threesome bath never hapened.…[View]
173138892THIS IS NOT ANIME[View]
173135077My Senpai is Annoying: Here's more chapter of cute little romance manga with loli kouhai. The m…[View]
173099736Did you praise your queen today?[View]
173119589Water Safety in Anime: Does anyone else sit on the edge of their seat during beach/pool episodes? I …[View]
173131659Did he deserve it? Like it or not but he's the most prominent face in the anime world. He'…[View]
173138685it didn't have to end like this[View]
173138543Ahegao is when you stick the tongue out, right?[View]
173138239How would you fix SHAFT?: Monogatari 3[View]
173087755Holo the Sexy Wolf of Yoitsu: Would you give her the knot?[View]
173136615Delinquent manga.: Here, have another two whole volumes of Bad Boys.[View]
173136602> protects her owner and family day and night by disguising as different people and patroling str…[View]
173137754Why are men allowed to have such nice asses?[View]
173136665Your goddess is judging you: Did you forget to praise her today?[View]
173138135Dear My Sister when?[View]
173137986Daily Reporter Blues thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kon3_Nx5f58 >Tony is a girl, >who…[View]
173126802Is Izuku Midoriya a well written character?[View]
173128973Would you want a Soul Eater brotherhood anime?: As we know the anime had an original ending since th…[View]
173122322Do you think Vash the Stampede was vegan? He was always smiling at birds, talking about peace and lo…[View]
173133431Mahou Shoujo Site: Did the brother deserve it?[View]
173134770Darling in the FranXX: Episode out. Rebellion NOW.[View]
173133977ITT: We post anime we regret not watching with /a/ (and missing out on all the threads)[View]
173131548chika is the best love live girl[View]
173130842To be Heroine: Episode 1 is out.[View]
173129325ITT: Tfw when you came but she's sucking.[View]
173130774ITT: Anime you wish you could forget, just so you can watch them for the first time again.[View]
173121771ITT: Perfect couples[View]
173136777After so many years still the best girl[View]
1731333131,500,000,000 bounty say something nice about our boy[View]
173130099What emotion is this face meant to convey?[View]
173132667Darling in the FranXX: >5 mins remaining Press F to pay your inevitable respects…[View]
173136619Have anime visuals changed since 2011? If you see a screenshot from a 2007 or 2008 anime you've…[View]
173131202Kurapika is a girl, right?[View]
173136356Where were you when joe fucking died?[View]
173131058Manga Vs Anime: Make your choice and explain why.[View]
173127238Look at his eyes, they're saying he just wants to kill himself. But at the same time he sees hi…[View]
173127572where's female charcters?[View]
173128636Anyone else kind of wants to have sex with Fenneko? I mean, I'm not a furry, but you know.[View]
173133357What are your guilty pleasure anime/manga?[View]
173134926How often is rotoscoping used in anime? I think that trying to base characters on anything 3d makes …[View]
173134388Darling in the Franxx: >crashes your wedding Nothin personnel kid…[View]
173131442LuckyStar: Lucky Star thread. The best KyoAni anime ever.[View]
173131220Darling in the FranXX Episode 17 Discussion: Episode soon[View]
173134006Bealtless!: Snowdrop episode next week![View]
173135540Apocalypse no Toride: Why was pic related the best zombie manga? It doesn't have tits but it gr…[View]
173129272What was the best year for anime?[View]
173131884Bleach doesnt matter anymore[View]
173130039Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu: Short chapter about a bug[View]
173134104Why does the childhood friend never win? [Spoiler]Also shoujo manga thread[/spoiler][View]
173123708What's your guilty pleasure in anime?: I liked this show. Despite its obvious flaws, the cast w…[View]
173118923Did you enjoy Kamisama Dolls?[View]
173123304My lesbian wife is very cute.[View]
173131251Did /a/ like this show? How well was this received?[View]
173118060*NEEEErrreeeeEEEEERRRrreerr* TOURNAYE GUNDAM[View]
173127261To The Moon will have animated feature film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxkSeQzD14 anyone here…[View]
173134182>1.0 DTS-HD MA What miyazaki meant by that?[View]
173134120Aya Appreciation Thread: Aya was even cuter than usual this episode. Reminder that Aya is STILL the …[View]
173126972Darling in the FranXX: Would Kokoro continue to love Mitsuru if he turned fat?[View]
173131078Why don't you fap to Asuka today anon?[View]
173125355why did she lick the lemon?[View]
173128827What made these two so popular?[View]
173130838Detective Conan 902: Fuck this episode. Kogoro denied us all of Eri lewds.[View]
173120127So what is the deal with Genos in One Punch Man. I already assume he suffers from the worf effect, b…[View]
173130214ITT: Favorite trope(s): >protagonist fights fully prepared to die but manages to survive >next…[View]
173133519Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
173130586Is this a good villain teamup?: > Izaya Orihara > Nui Harime > Cinder Fall > Junko Enosh…[View]
173130889Hey /a/. Which way is the wind blowing?[View]
173112788>literally begging for it >dude runs away…[View]
173131176Lulo a cute. CUTE.: Thoughts?[View]
173103197>Anon, word around the Clock Tower is that you've been talking shit about the Tohsaka family…[View]
173128776Stamens should pair with stamens and pistils should pair with pistils[View]
173120168Toradora: reminder that taiga is best girl[View]
173130815Darling in the FranXX: New episode in one (1) hour![View]
173125163What a load of crap. Couldn't get past second episode.[View]
173117652Who is the best Fujoshi?[View]
173128043MEGALOBOX thread: Soooo... what the fuck happend here? Is he dead yet?[View]
173124391Why is this slut considered best girl? >All her talk about equality is just that >She doesn…[View]
173129787Why do we love this character so much?[View]
173130865Darling in the NTR: Seriously, why is there so much cuckoldry in this show?[View]
173083583Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: New adventures of freckles here! https://mangadex.org/chapter/321931/1…[View]
173120630This is Tsukudani Norio, the author of Himegoto.[View]
173124840insult Lux again, I dare you.[View]
173112307ITT: Worst girls of their respective series[View]
173127464Which one do you prefer in this mommy combo? Takane or the other one?[View]
173129172major: i am the ace.[View]
173116344Tomo-chan: Here's your hero.[View]
173131359Has /a/ seen Zettai Shonen?[View]
173109185Overlord: Season 3's OP will be VORACITY by MYTH & ROID, ED by OxT. The latest drama cd wil…[View]
173093191Gabriel Dropout: Why was Tap-chan so neglected by the show?[View]
173125954Would a male equivalent of Watamote become popular among girls? Could girls even find a male Tomoko …[View]
173105811To The Moon get's anime adaption. Yes that's right a western indie game get's a full …[View]
173124176Dennou Coil Thread?[View]
173124745post 10/10 alpha males in anime[View]
173125614What is the most unironically degenerate and vile PG-13 anime you've ever encountered?[View]
173118089Hakumei or Mikochi?[View]
173130844Why are American cartoons so shit compared to Anime?[View]
173123767Darling in the Franxx: New episode today. What's her appeal /a/?[View]
173093924Why haven't (you) studied Japanese yet to understand anime better and to read raws?[View]
173123329My Hero Academia: Season 3: Episode 7 will be airing in 50 minutes from now! Fresh new thread for di…[View]
173118504Ready for Ikuno to get BTFO tomorrow?![View]
173126406Hey anon! Do you want to become one with me?[View]
173110109So who would win in a fight? Not even putting into account the quality of each series[View]
173121963K-ON!: >Mio, your magnificent bastard I read your book![View]
173126181Best anime since Madoka[View]
173079981Mahou Shoujo Site: Fanservice episode today![View]
173128366'Hey Mongrels, My name is Gilgamesh, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarde…[View]
173128039Hanamaru Youchien: forgotten GEM[View]
173128833See this! Insta reaction. This isn't berserk.[View]
173104848One Piece: How can this abomination be fixed? Is there any hope left for him?[View]
173120804Raildex: Talkin about prediction, Lads and PV soon.[View]
173128252Sit down, /a/. We have things to discuss.[View]
173101106Does /a/ like blend s?[View]
173124584Rank them in terms of music and girls[View]
173118541Nepgear's breasts are very large![View]
173127591Araki may have same-face syndrome but these designs are from Mashima's new manga and it's …[View]
173125662I want to give you a big hug![View]
173123567Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuW6HURwKWg[View]
173125534wotakoi love is hard for otaku: I'm really digging the references.[View]
173079155Kimetsu no Yaiba: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/1JBn2lIIX0c Spoilers were fake.[View]
173128137Twister is serious business.[View]
173127379Just a reminder, that Violet is STILL the most beautiful character we've seen.[View]
173124171I'm going to marry Violet and make her the happiest woman in the world![View]
173125388There's a Demon Lord on the floor.[View]
173080570How was this scene allowed to air on Japanese television?[View]
173117463*BEEP BEEP* *CRASH* 'O, HERO' That's all it takes for a truck to transport you to a magical fan…[View]
173116978is there any worse feeling than finishing an anime and the only impression left on you is 'eh, that …[View]
173122787What is the reason why we think Haruna is the sexiest?[View]
173115020Dagashi Kashi: Damn, the series ended and the popularity on /a/ sank like a rock. What happened?…[View]
173118118What do you think /a/, a character this intelligent would have undoubtedly made plans in the case of…[View]
173117395Worst Villians?: Tell me /a/ which villains are the worst anime villains? pic related[View]
173120974>be Trigger >make the same anime over and over…[View]
173105782What the fuck did I just watch? Jesus, what a load of crap. At least the OP and ED were good.[View]
173108988Boruto discussion: What are her other habilities besides using soundwaves and having nice tits? Also…[View]
173111742The new big 3: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2018/05/04-1/what-are-the-new-big-3-shonen-s…[View]
173124970Yuru Camp: Where's the movie announcement?[View]
173123172ITT: Pleb filters that only the most intelligent of patricians can pass and enjoy[View]
173123269>sports manga about a bunch of teenage girls beating the shit out of each other in boxing matches…[View]
173120981Why won't 3Hz make Flip Flappers S2, /a/?[View]
173114492Is Akane peak tsundere performance?[View]
173124231ARI NO MAMA[View]
173122886Guess whose birthday is today?[View]
173118595ITT: 10/10 character designs.[View]
173122692The New Big 3: The top 3 sellers in Jump for the last few years so it’s only fair[View]
173124089How the heck does this resemble Berg Katze in any way? No cowl, no mask, not even the cape.[View]
173125325Why did KnK bomb, when it was the better movie, both story-wise and art-wise?[View]
173126254Comic Girls: Kaos sure has supreme taste in woman.[View]
173118113Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]: What's the verdict on Heaven's Feel? Missed the thre…[View]
173126491Will there be a next strawhat?[View]
173125206What do you tell me about this work?[View]
173117200>Grooming young children that are all in love with you Why is this allowed?…[View]
173124485Invade You: The new Jump comedy Raw: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5706072461[View]
173120188What do you think of this Massive Masochist?[View]
173124952Do you know Suzuki Kenya drew /ss/ porn back then?[View]
173119854What's an anime that has aired in the past 10 years that will still be watched and talked about…[View]
173114527>amazing storyline >intricate writing >well developed characters >amazing animation easi…[View]
173110539Ryuuou no Oshigoto: Which was the better fap; Ginko or the lolis?[View]
173110897Kantai Collection: Is S2 a dead project at this point?[View]
173083165Shokugeki no Soma: The Rdc is officially over! New content and a newly established academy will begi…[View]
173114261What would Violet be like as a girlfriend?[View]
173125454KissXSis 120: Pissbros WW@[View]
173119259Dungeon Meshi: What song is she humming?[View]
173090048How can some people even compare Hunter x Hunter to other shounen? It outclasses all of them. I mean…[View]
173114631Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome: OH SHIT Anybody else reading this?[View]
173123443Who can stop Kyoani?[View]
173084050Goblin Slayer: year one 11: Why Loli Haruhi is so cute?[View]
173110049Darling in the FranXX: Reminder that Ikuno just wants to confess. She would never hurt her precious …[View]
173101885Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: Are you ready for this cute vampires anime? New manga chapter will be pro…[View]
173121591About to start this, what I am in for /a/?[View]
173116324Is it just me or has her teasing become a LOT gentler? What is it going to take for Senpai to ask h…[View]
173106663Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House Husband 6: New chapter up. https://mangadex.org/chapter/324606…[View]
173110488Is a parents sells you to a demon chapter[View]
173119703'Awe! I just wound you! Don't tell me you're broken!'[View]
173122629This is my daughter Hina. She is autistic and retarded but she is cute and you will respect her and …[View]
173118458With the season about half over, I think that it's time for you and I to share thoughts on it. …[View]
173113687My Hero Academia: Season 3: Episode 7 will be airing at 3:30AM CST! Who else is up to watch it? Anim…[View]
173120447Is the Namek/Frieza arc the best arc in anime history?[View]
173118170Tachi mukau saki ni kawaita kaze Hageshiku fuki aretemo Jumon no hitotsu mo tonaetanara Watashi no P…[View]
173121012I miss him bros, why can't we get more 'literaly me' mcs?[View]
173097346Why did Bleach have to end?[View]
173080721Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
1731144609 years later, Summer Wars is still peak kinome[View]
173120276Why didn't this series get as popular as shit like SAO? It's so much better.[View]
173121743Shamo: Just finished this, what an underwhelming ending. Should have been toma or sugawara for the f…[View]
173101563Danberu nan kiro moteru?: Howdy folks! Been a while, hey? Happy to inform you things are still up an…[View]
173114727Space Battleship Tiramisu: Who is the target audience for this show?[View]
173121996Japanese Transformers sure was wacky.[View]
173120451how can we get shinji to love again?[View]
173121139This girl has feet. Feet girl.[View]
173113547This is the Mount Rushmore of anime/manga: You may not like it, but you have to admire it.[View]
173095221Comic Girls: Bang.[View]
173121640ITT: Only blue eyed, blonde haired, perfect aryan, women.[View]
173121758Still angry[View]
173117591What kind of bikini Aki Hinata is wearing?[View]
173120297Nana is best pistil. No exceptions.[View]
173108203High School DxD: Why is Issei so cool?[View]

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