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268843057ITT: manga characters than can survive a headshot.[View]
268818167Girls und Panzer / Gup Thread Momoga birthday: today is momoga birthday! say something nice about th…[View]
268841894dog shit: what was this dogshit? why was this hyped? the fights are shit the story is shit the chara…[View]
268832743Daily Dual na Kanojo no Taoshikata: From Ukami (Gabriel Dropout) comes a romcom about a boy and his …[View]
268831389>start learning Japanese a few years ago >slowly make my way to a state where I can more or le…[View]
268819068Fate/Stay Night: What the FUCK did Shinji mean by this?[View]
268787625I don't understand why Makoto didn't maintain his interest in Kotonoha longer than he did.[View]
268614434Daily Yona Yona Yona Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came …[View]
268835971What is it about sisters that makes them so unrivaled? You can fill a show with a hundred different …[View]
268830845'Fate/Crisis on Infinite Moons': Will next El-Melloi novel settle canon question once for all?…[View]
268829337Kanojo, Okarishimasu: >S3 flopped >LA flopped >manga sales still in freefall >seen as a …[View]
268841891Do women really?[View]
268815440Oshi no Ko: i don't like the short hair.[View]
268840025Fat, boring, but useful, or flat, fun, but useless?[View]
268832144you only hate it because it's not based on a manga.[View]
268839650Could you survive getting punched by Star Platinum?[View]
268840204Only gorilla men deserve gorilla women[View]
268840918Kagurabachi: WE PROCEED TO THE REAL THREAD[View]
268836493>making fun of Kazuma >He touched a girls abs None of you even held a girl's hand before…[View]
268836392My Dog Becomes a Human chapter 27: DUMPING the newest chapter of this cute manga. Today, there'…[View]
268767516Boku no hero academia: Does MHA have the hottest girls in Shounen?[View]
268836025Reminder that anime and manga are great[View]
268840041Do you still enjoy Demon Slayer? How's the new season?[View]
268784359FLYING WITCH: What is it called when something is strangely erotic while not being explicitly erotic…[View]
268831745>pure cinema[View]
268835204Which quint do you like the most?[View]
268837476>mangaka dropped making it >scanlator dropped translating it ITT: cursed series…[View]
268833601Zetsuen no Tempest: This was a great show with an outstanding OST, and more people should watch it.…[View]
268838092Western influenced anime: Where is the Megan thee stallion anime?[View]
268774390Naruto: What the fuck did Kishimoto mean by this?[View]
268745819Kita the Rock!: Discuss the protagonist of Bocchi the Rock and her sidekicks here.[View]
268834532AOT Rumbling OP is overrated, change my mind: The beginning of Rumbling sounds cool with the synths,…[View]
268802393Nue's Exorcist Chapter 58: 'Hollow Weapon Release' https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021…[View]
268829802 ONE MORE TIME[View]
268821628Nothing wrong with making your elves extra thicc[View]
268829786Giji Harem: Rin's feeling hot, I wonder why?[View]
268824836Could he have stopped Sukuna? Also crossover thread.[View]
268839024The REAL mystery is explaining why they store cocoa powder in the fridge[View]
268801166Hunter x Hunter: Why are they so perfect together?[View]
268829732It's weird a comfy JUMP series like Magical Girl 201 isn't popular here.[View]
268831134>Hey, Reiji, your grandma died. >Tch. When will my mom die? >Is there something i can d... …[View]
268828795Is adventuring the best profession to find a partner in isekai?[View]
268837735I could have fixed her[View]
268838804give me your best vector reaction images: post your best yugioh reaction images[View]
268835998Was this peak Dragon Ball[View]
268834857What is 'cheap' anime?[View]
268829080Are adult characters in anime 'refreshing'? I was googling around opinions on the Dungeon Meshi anim…[View]
268832215why are they called 'heroines' when they never do anything remotely heroic[View]
268831205mahoaku. Episode 2 preview!: Tea parties in the park are becoming a daily routine for the two of the…[View]
268833172Dragon Ball Super: >when Kakarotto-Sama surpasses you for the millionth time and Bulma flirts wit…[View]
268833292Yu Yu Hakusho: So when does this start to get good?[View]
268828558AiPri - Aikatsu and Pretty Series: Would being trapped in a place where you could practice idle acti…[View]
268831061One piece: Break next week haha. Post the worst cliffhanger Oda could do for this chapter.[View]
268831361Having now both watched and read the first arc of Hunter x Hunter I can't understand why anyone…[View]
268810519>your imouto gives you this look How do you respond?[View]
268826373Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ishigami should have taken the pity sex. It's truly a same that we …[View]
268829746Does anyone even like lolibabas?[View]
268824720Holy shit... This movie was a 10/10, possibly the best anime movie I've ever seen. The art and …[View]
268834625Do you enjoy title drops in your anime?[View]
268829740Ranma 1/2: 2 more days for the first trailer of the upcoming Ranma 1/2 remake what are Your hopes f…[View]
268833913Nekopara: What happened to Nekopara?[View]
268835839>I hate [thing] because it's popular and everyone else likes it[View]
268828992>'The Story of a Manga Artist Confined by a Strange High School Girl' and 'Yumeochi' author Kitad…[View]
268827903>series is about psychological warfare between two super geniuses >Light wins just because an …[View]
268817047Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その491 「ゆ…夢か…」[View]
268827456>hates women >women love him[View]
268830691What made battle harems superior to isekai?[View]
268823292Centuria Chapter 14: Why He Won't Fight https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021559…[View]
268832164Gochiusa: Chino making tea and baking brownies.[View]
268768592Mushoku Tensei: As it was foretold.[View]
268832910Is this the perfect casting for the eventual live DBZ movie?[View]
268800961Tomoyo or Sakura?[View]
268833411Fuck worldbuilding, character development foreshadowing, drama, exposition if YOUR ANIME DOESNT HAVE…[View]
268829242>PLEASE DON'T SAY YOU ARE LAZY are they being self-ironic about japanese pronunciation?…[View]
268826212>6 kids >tits still firm, body still slim, pussy still tight How…[View]
268831628What was the last summer anime that truly felt like a 'summer' anime?[View]
268782695Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!: The kino Romcom Slop of the Season has been decided. Which Losing Heroine…[View]
268834428BELIEVE IT!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqXUm2YS-mM[View]
268817376Chainsaw Man: was Barem an American soldier in Vietnam?[View]
268834266It gradually became worse once Asuka was introduced and ruined the kino atmosphere[View]
268456119Daily Non Non Biyori: Non Non Biyori Remember[View]
268835599I made an image from Japanese Manga[View]
268832406Why are you all reading kids comics? Shouldn't you be reading manga meant for older audiences?[View]
268826670Dragon Ball Super: Aw yeah! This is happenin'! >doesn't kiss anyone but the floor as he…[View]
268829565>before nge you have anime made for men like: HnK, Patlabor, Akira, Area 88,Cyber City, Genocyber…[View]
268829685When was the last time an anime genuinely made you laugh?[View]
268832324Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan[View]
268832961HopeKino: ITT post optimistic animanga that inspired you to become a better person >GTO >Vinla…[View]
268797466what was /a/ like in 2010?[View]
268821803Why do so many people hate this dude[View]
268832618What a blunder: >Let's adapt Kenshin again >Trying to be more faithful to the original ma…[View]
268803003Vtuber Legend: This anime single-handedly makes me question the artistic merit of the entire Japanes…[View]
268807025The best Gundam.[View]
268832171What's the better shonen?[View]
268827641Say something good about it.[View]
268823614I'd drink a carton of her spit[View]
268827211Reminder that Homura is canonically a 26 year old time traveling pedophile who wouldve molested mado…[View]
268831683AIIISHIIIII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZZ9eJ7KK1g[View]
268831130>remember back in 2015 when it was revealed that Frieza will come back with a new form >rememb…[View]
268801956Undead Unluck #214: Promise[View]
268828675Which one would make the best mother?[View]
268821059One Piece: Don't let the Shanks shitposts distract you from the fact that Fraudhawk RAN[View]
268830777Do you think Nina would get hooked on anal sex if she tried it?[View]
268829606I'm so tired of people saying localization is inherently bad and that translation should be str…[View]
268823390Spy x Family: It should be renamed into “The Anya & Loid Show, feat. Yor”[View]
268825001'Deer Day' Celebrations go Viral [My Deer Friend Nokotan]: https://youtu.be/5S3nH_E7xSg…[View]
268830110>come play with us, anon[View]
268826888Summer gifs: It's summer. Post summer gifs and webms.[View]
268828010I watched the death battle between Crona and Venom yesterday. I thought Crona was adorable as fuck. …[View]
268830098>work 9 hours >only to be able to watch anime 3 hours a day Life is pain…[View]
268821728Least favorite Kuzuhana character: I really hate this bitch. Why can’t she be modest and polite like…[View]
268829060Kaiji Itou[View]
268825403Absolutely brilliant. My man went into the tunnel for 8 years just to remain a teenager and have a 2…[View]
268826089ITT: Series that you’ll never rewatch for fear of ruining your pleasant memories of them[View]
268812501knife-ear fatigue[View]
268828848Jojo: Part 7 anime could be the best or worst thing in the history of animation. I'm too scared…[View]
268828405How come /a/ hates virgin anime girls now?[View]
268827885We don't get stuff like this anymore, which is a shame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsOndG_J…[View]
2688286785-toubun no Hanayome: 9/20 It's our time, Nino bros[View]
268825881This girl is named “Ichigo” which translates to “strawberry”. Thus strawberry is a victim of a vicio…[View]
268816789Villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and are arguably better than the hero's.[View]
268827666Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is full of wacky asspulls and over the top fights providing rather unde…[View]
268825213Why do anime girls love maccas all of a sudden?: I've been seeing ads like this more often.…[View]
268811981Have you ever learned anything useful from isekai[View]
268828766Was he right about anime?[View]
268828487i want to marry and impregnate this anime girl.[View]
268827742I think we can all that this is Kon's worst film: It's by no means bad but it contains his…[View]
268828419How can anyone like this short twerp?: He keeps deadnaming Goku[View]
268827095Why have yanderes disappeared?[View]
268827059Mahiru looks pretty dumb, honestly. Extremely vapid girl.[View]
268821349Anon, you have a date with kirika... What are you going to do together?[View]
268826641Japanese box office 2024: now with the addition of look back and bocchi the rock. some notes, >m…[View]
268801105WSJ - Weekly Shōnen Jump: Weekly Thread[View]
268824322Takagi-san: Why is Houjou so unpopular compared to Takagi?[View]
268774200Shoushimin Series: New episode's out.[View]
268823587Is Rudeus still consider a pedophile even in his new life?[View]
268824875The great debate[View]
268825350What happened to OVA's?[View]
268822933What happened to animation? Why is modern Western and Japanese animation so soulless now? Why can no…[View]
268662953MahoAko - Gushing Over Magical Girls: dem nails tho[View]
268825697the fuck is his end game then[View]
268820053Is there a reason why people prefer anime comedic faces from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s compared to the…[View]
268826294>Yuritrash >Isekaishit >Romcomslop >Repeat (sequels) Wow!! Every season is a new season!…[View]
268822830JJK: “I like a tall woman with a nice big ass… like Megan Thee Stallion[View]
268807041Precure: Happy birthday to Emiru. What are some of your favorite Emiru moments from Hugtto?[View]
268826826Why the hell is it so bad?: After this most recent chapter I'm done. Who the fuck can stand thi…[View]
268742801Gochiusa - Is the order a rabbit?: Sxarp's birthday is soon.[View]
268821051ITT: Anime OPs and EDs that go hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rym6jnnhXJ0[View]
268817980Dragon Ball Daima: I have from god sources that everyone in Daima will revert to adulthood in episod…[View]
268824139Let's go Argentina[View]
268822111ANON!: A magical anime GIRL just materialized infront of you! She gives you 1 MILLION USD and tells…[View]
268816825I have tried time and time again to sit through one single episode of Lucky Star and just can't…[View]
268822500She's wet.[View]
268815244What's the best career choice and life path for a retired/former shonen protagonist?[View]
268826545I’d been a bit more excited for this if the manga, and especially the anime, wasn’t so painfully med…[View]
268824991Is this an Isekai? Do you think it's good?[View]
268825361Did anyone actually pay attention to this show. The budget for this was much higher than it appears.…[View]
268815246Thoughts on Jolyne Kujo?[View]
268821872I really looked forward to Tower of God Season 2: I even re-watched the first season. Turns out it…[View]
268820999how did they get away with this?[View]
268818272How is this a woman?: My hero academia? Horikoshi?[View]
268782676Storytime: A Savage God Reigns {Vol. 10}: Hello again anons, welcome back for volume 10 of Moto Hagi…[View]
268822641>/tkmiz/ is dead why live....[View]
268658848JaaaAAAAaaashhiiiiin-chan THREAD NOW: Post Jashin-chan, discuss Jashin-chan and just appreciate Jash…[View]
268715394AiPri - Aikatsu and Pretty Series: If you had fun today, idle activities gets you really excited. It…[View]
268822397Is what they say about Kumin true?[View]
268824076>Reading manga More like reading anime spoilers[View]
268810933Why have normies forgot about JoJo?[View]
268824126It insists upon itself.[View]
268820424Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: You can't say that, Elfuda![View]
268821901I like Miku the most. I hope Negi writes epilogues for each girl finding their own true love. The ho…[View]
268815193Tsuruya: Best girl in Haruhi. Nyoro~n.[View]
268812739Old anime is better than new anime.[View]
268817316For me, it's Ryoko.[View]
268811687Evangelion and Devilman: Prove me wrong. Don't goalpost.[View]
268809841Mikadono Sanshimai: Dumping typeset chapter 120. This time, it's Niko's turn to worry abou…[View]
268823767succuny thread: post them hebe 5000 years old and make the 10000+ years old succubus seethe[View]
268813922Edomae Elf: Koito! Stop eating so much you'll get fat! Koito! KOITO!!![View]
268823666Nobody told me this was a cuck manga...[View]
268820954So does the protagonist have a night of passion with her as their lips meeting in tender, lingering …[View]
268816947Why did anime go from 100+ episodes to 12/24 episodes? The former resulted in far more immersive and…[View]
268815212Elusive Samurai: Just watched the first 2 episodes and wtf is even going on with this show? This mig…[View]
268817952Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san chapter 51: DUMPING the newest chapter of this siblings fighting …[View]
268764732Tensui no Sakuna Hime: Moving to an island nanoja[View]
268823047Terrordish's independent nen beast is a woman that violated his original nen beasts 2 warnings,…[View]
268813954Saberbros...: It's never coming home...[View]
268798149Nanare Hananare: Brazilian is best girl[View]
268821376Are Dorothy is the best robotte; change my mind[View]
268822788I watch Fairy Tail for the plot[View]
268821946Evangelion Timelines: Isnt the end of EoE the resolution of a 'loop'? Its instrumentality that allow…[View]
268820519New Rurouni Kenshin: Why do some people hate the remake? Hardcore Kenshin fan here. Any new content …[View]
268818935One of these things is not like the others.[View]
268798238Niang Niang: Catcat[View]
268644402Daily Sanda: AD2080 Things are really bad for Japan, despite the fact that the state took control of…[View]
268821850A reverse native isekai would just a show about normal people wouldn't it?[View]
268818063What is the appeal of high school girls?[View]
268810947Who started the mom is hotter than the daughter anime trope?[View]
268815812Why is religion so underrepresented in anime? I'm pretty sure many popular shonen jump shows ha…[View]
268820921Kingdom 804: Raws are out, Han is about to get BTFO. https://spoiler-plus.net/kingdom-341/ I hope th…[View]
268819127He is in his mid 20s and still a virgin.[View]
268820038Okay, that was a super cute lil series even if they did have to end it super tragically. Adorable sh…[View]
268820927>gohan imagines captain ginyu ntr bros wtf[View]
268817971OverSOUL vs OverSOULLESS[View]
268815474One Piece: The Hakiman D Shanks' Susanoo is now real[View]
268811758All the hype went down the toilet with ep 2...: The jokes aren't funny. It is boring as fuck...…[View]
268818161excel saga is underrated: i think excel saga is a very underrated anime and more animes should striv…[View]
268821474Plip plappers: iPSC magical girl babies![View]
268819472How would you react if Akari opened your bedroom door and smiled at you like this?[View]
268819382Anime posters: What anime poster do you have in your room? I have this Kenshin one[View]
268809310>it gets good 50 episodes in >it stops being good 50 episodes in Which of these two is better…[View]
268820935KamiKatsu: >check new episodes from the new season >think this new anime looks pretty promisin…[View]
268810490Daily Dead Tube Storytime: Chapter 73: Never to early for some DEAD Tube kino! Plot: > Tomohiro M…[View]
268818680Why is Ichigo such a slut? She cheated on Aoyama and kissed Quiche[View]
268820416>cuts the side of head[View]
268810048Mission: Yozakura Family 234: Chapter: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021719[View]
268786947What is your favorite magical girl show?[View]
268819843Lol just make standalone Batman movies, WB.: The two justice league movies in picrel were the bigges…[View]
268819432It's hard to believe 2004 was 20 years ago.[View]
268802018Elusive Samurai Ch. 164: Followers 1338 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021691[View]
268807716Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodate Shinagara Boukensha Shimasu: Ep 3 out now! You should totally have kid…[View]
268813665Brown skin: |----------------------------[x]|[View]
268768513Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai: My Wife Has No Emotion: Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai: My robot Wif…[View]
268807654Tank Chair - Volume 1: Dumping a cool manga. A mix of Soul Eater and Akira with just a smidge of Bla…[View]
268686351Do it Yourself!!!: How can some people hate this anime so much that it defies reality?[View]
268819588Halfway through the original Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Why did I put this off for so long, it h…[View]
268817567is powerscaling autism? it doesn't even make sense like niggas are gloating about how epic stro…[View]
268807786Daily Virgin Extinction Island: Come witness a story of courage and trust. A tale of honor among men…[View]
268802782Kusunoki-san wa Koukou Debut ni Shippai shite Iru chapter 20: DUMPING the newest translated chapter.…[View]
268817585Why are elves so popular in anime now?: Explain yours elves[View]
268818445I feel like anime has made sakuga into too much of a meme where they think “more animation=better ac…[View]
268815872Death Note: Just finished the manga. I liked it a lot. That being said, I want to discuss if it…[View]
2688166432000s LN adaptations: >I joined a club in high school that had aliens, espers, time travellers, a…[View]
268723626Raildex: Yoshino Nanjo turned 40 years old today. Say something nice about her and her fripSide song…[View]
268787891Monogatari: Off & Monster Season: Choose your Nadeko, /a/[View]
268786626So what's going to happen to Seven Seas in the future? >Not owned by a Japanese publisher …[View]
268817527Cat Planet Cuties: All hair planet earth new cat-people overlords.[View]
268818037Nana: >read 21 released volumes >story didn't end >turns out it's been on hiatus …[View]
268815309Name one good sports manga. You can't.[View]
268817032Could Mugen and Jin kill Kenshin?[View]
268811089Why are scat anime and manga so shit most of the time? Only Euphoria is half decent.[View]
268795313Moteharune, Ashiya-kun - Well Aren't You Popular, Ashiya-kun - Chapter 4, 5, 6 raws: Posting th…[View]
268807554Sakamoto Days 174[View]
268569767GetBackers Volume 10 Chapter 74 Previous chapters 68-73 >>268496592[View]
268816746Dragon Ball Super: If you lived on Dragon Ball's Earth, how would you feel about a bunch of ali…[View]
268817193>shoujo villain >motive is love[View]
268813423Why are Gal stocks going up so much lately? Every season we have at least one show about a love stor…[View]
268815535I don't really understand why so many people are attracted to Madoka? I like her soft and whisp…[View]
268768122Mane Mane Nichi Nichi: ch2[View]
268816842Yuzu was still taking baths with Ichigo at 11-years-old.[View]
268816827Kinda sad that Super Star got put into hiatus as soon as it started getting interesting and Jesus an…[View]
268812792What would Neo-Saiyan Empire look?[View]
268803399Akane-banashi 118: No downtime, it's time for a plot chapter. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/…[View]
2688129871985-1993 Pierrot was the peak of anime aesthetics[View]
268810566Dragon Ball Super: Whoa, he’s powering up![View]
268764743Steins;Gato: Why doesn't /a/ like the quintessential /a/ girl?[View]
268795904>Most popular Shonen Jump series >No one here talks about it Why dat iz?…[View]
268815266Frieren: Praise your elf god.[View]
268805501One Piece: Official is out. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021508[View]
268806458Which Cafe Goddess do you like the most?[View]
268815004wife materials: i love my autistic smart Yunyun wife[View]
268815105Anime adaption when?[View]
268794013Girls und Panzer / GuP / Garupan: Several hours until Momoga Birthday in Japan[View]
268815414eh. it was pretty good.[View]
268812139This art style makes /a/ seethe[View]
268815285Fern was obviously talking about the money that Stark was carrying with him.[View]
268372934Yuyushiki: A new Yuyushiki event with new merch was just announced. S2 WILL be announced at the eve…[View]
268807482Sakura Quest: Damn brat! needs tickle correction[View]
268814989I don’t use /a/ that often but I’ve recently finished the lodoss ovas and I was quite disappointed w…[View]
268815165Is there anything on this shite worth reading yet?[View]
268815151Let's Translate! Hana no Keiji!: Previous thread (Chapters 41 and 42): >>268805541[View]
268814146Jack Hanma is my personal hero: I wish i was more like him.[View]
268803054Chainsaw Man: >Asa, I have nothing left...except for a promise...…[View]
268811485Why is this character so popular untill now?[View]
268813354hi guys just made my first meme today what do you think?[View]
268813898>quints finish >watch new romcoms >Read new romcoms >Nothing seems to be able to fill t…[View]
268814232'Douglas Huang'[View]
268814225>Goku and Vegeta assume their Saiyan saga stances in the split-second they're both in frame …[View]
268814098How much of a loser do you have to be to marry a fucking robot and where do I get one?[View]
268803212Hima-Ten!: Chapter 2 is out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021790 The age of WSJ romcom i…[View]
268813859This season is shitty just like the last one[View]
268804270Centuria Chapter 14: Why He Won't Fight https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021559…[View]
268799334Oshi no Ko: Akane=Ai+Nino[View]
268780253Tengoku Daimakyou: Weekly Manga Analysis – Chapter #48: This thread will have heavy spoilers for the…[View]
268809992>Let's make a shounen about minigolf >Let's make a shounen about ping pong >Let…[View]
268813564I'm glad the monster girl fad died cause they scared me too much[View]
268808952Minami-ke: Where are their parents? How do they pay for food/rent?[View]
268802936Psych House Ch. 10: Psych Tennis https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021606[View]
268810810Why did they race swap everyone? I don't get it.[View]
268812940What's the appeal of Golgo 13? How do I get into Golgo 13?[View]
268813421Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: >Anjou-san finally getting English release >it's AIslop MTL Anjo…[View]
268802020Kagurabachi: Chapter #41 - Fervent[View]
268812507Public service announcement: If you're complaining about (mostly modern) anime being washed out…[View]
268812016How would you cope with not being the main character in isekai? Just a background mob who is used to…[View]
268812882Brynhildr: What went wrong with the second half?[View]
268812604Shinsekai Yori: >future world with divine humans that can use 'gods' power' (telekinesis) …[View]
268804747Kyokuto Necromance #12: chapter 12: Rest of My Days https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021729…[View]
268812428Fuck it, give it the AOTS >great characters >amazing animation >good plot >best OP and E…[View]
268804288Foreign clients are asking japanese producers and animators to bring inclusion to anime: According t…[View]
268804899Would it be worth putting your face on Tatsumaki's thighs?[View]
268795804GHOST HUNT Daily Storytime - Vol 2: Previous Thread: >>268764377 Hello anons, how about a blas…[View]
268805696Girls with ugly faces.[View]
268783648The Elusive Samurai: >oooh-WHOAAA-oooh[View]
268797869>manga skipped the impregnation Do you hate it when isekai manga adaptations skip parts of the no…[View]
268775507Gintama Storytime: Volume 22. Gintoki's dick has been turned into a screw driver by a pair of a…[View]
268802609Kill Blue[View]
268806956Summer season: Now that almost all shows have started airing, post your picks[View]
268794110>tfw you go from background character to GOTS in one week[View]
268599906How dare you forget about your Goddess![View]
268809644>this kills the seigi no mikata.[View]
268799200Let's Translate! Hana no Keiji!: Previous thread (Chapters 39 and 40): >>268781652[View]
268809521Girls Last Tour thread: Why is this anime so beautiful? You can take a screenshot and set it as your…[View]
268807821>skin is the color of caca well played[View]
268737909Daily Neon Genesis Evangelion Chapter: Stage 34 - The Fourth Child Previous chapter: >>2687026…[View]
268803228Ultimate Exorcist Kiyoshi: Chapter 4: Dumping.[View]
268807464why couldn't mappa hire this guy to direct/animate the chainsaw man anime?[View]
268800545Dual na Kanojo no Taoshikata: From Ukami (Gabriel Dropout) comes a romcom about a boy and his cute n…[View]
268802570Super Psychic Policeman Chojo #22: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
268793567Dragon Ball Super: My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all The morni…[View]
268806322>the jjk sauces at mcdonald come with a crunchyroll 30 day trial >decide to try it and see how…[View]
268803878What are some of the most 'who gives a shit' deaths in anime?[View]
268774917Daily 14-sai no Koi/Love at Fourteen: Chapter 24 Synopsis: >Middle schoolers Kanata Tanaka and Ka…[View]
268809830One piece: Shanks is what we ever wanted.[View]
268796302Daily Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san Storytime: Chapter 64:Trouscle[View]
268726154You love Mya-Nee[View]
268809370Ayla is probably around 5'2, and she takes up 90% of the bed. How does anyone sleep on such a s…[View]
268809467Guys I'm falling for a drawing what do I do?[View]
268809412Can anime characters be vaporware?[View]
268806499you guys lied to me, this show fucking sucks[View]
268803797JUJUTSU KAISEN: >main trio is copy of main trio from Naruto >Gojo is mix of Kakashi from Narut…[View]
268807760anime chainsaw man: i think yoshida and denji should kiss[View]
268804963Why does Hard Boiled anime filter /a/ so much?[View]
268803123Where is her second season?[View]
268796091Funniest comedy of all time?[View]
268808186‘Look hes making that girl cry’: >what a terrible person[View]
268808645CLAYMORE: Could a more manga accurate reboot work /a/?[View]
268806420what was their relationship daughter father? sister brother? daughter wife?[View]
268807035Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
268606995Daily Magu-chan: God of Destruction: Chapter 35: The God of Destruction's First Sleepover…[View]
268808036ITT: KINO anime[View]
2687554862.5 Dimensional Seduction: My childhood friend tsundere can't be this cute.[View]
268805701Daily Death Note: Chapter 39: Separation[View]
268804251Fate: How did Nasu get worse over time? >KnK Existentialism, fear of the unknown, fear of the fut…[View]
268781927What are your thoughts on beautiful blond anime and manga girls with huge tits[View]
268801732They believe that at the end of OPM... If One and Murata decide that Saitama will have a girlfriend…[View]
268802200Blue Box #157: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
268802812>Evil prince buys slave or something or has some maid >Treats the latter like dirt >Latter …[View]
268733616Weekend Waifu and Husbando Draw Thread[View]
268806205How would she react to men smaller than her?[View]
268776231buyfag: Sadako supremacy[View]
268803002Umaru's marumaru no seiikatsu: Things are about to get nuggerific, come check it out![View]
268768781D.Gray-Man Weekend Storytime: Volume 12: A cursed teenage boy saves mankind one soul at a time.Set i…[View]
268800314Why are anime boys darker than anime girls?[View]
268783662Battle harem was better than rpg game isekai harem. And for me, it's Laura.[View]
268806802How would he fair against Meruem?[View]
268804694Honestly Boruto would have probably been a lot better if they swapped the genders of Boruto and Sara…[View]
268798796Is there any archetype she can't do?[View]
268790096ITT: Lesbians[View]
268744083Mawaru Penguindrum: Can you hear it?[View]
268802024FLCL: Shoegaze: is this the only good FLCL sequel?[View]
268805295So fucking retarded.[View]
268771769Fairy Tail: Lucy is the most loveable Shounen MC![View]
268805426'So what if i have?'[View]
268801075Why is it so good?[View]
268796065One Piece: >Introduce an interesting alter-ego that symbolizes Usopp controlling his fear and bec…[View]
268805185My little russian propaganda can't be this cute[View]
268803794When does it become good?[View]
268802547Just finished rereading Jojolion: Yep, it's still Araki's magnum opus[View]
268787927Wonderful Precure: Eggscellent episode this week.[View]
268798220Lucky Deer: Their child would now be 16.[View]
268801935Witch Watch 163: Textbook Love https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021529[View]
268802396Peak Kino: All of the movies are good, it's kind of amazing that it's the same people that…[View]
268785322>end game is either 7ft autistic gorilla woman or a literal retard with down syndrome People say …[View]
268804671DRAGON BALL SUPER: >Bejita, I've heard you don't want to fuck my wife in front of me. C…[View]
268803588watch Kemonozume It one of Masaaki Yausa's (Ping Pong, Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy) more underrated wo…[View]
268795892>all girls are your type Name the series[View]
26880408420th CB: It wasn't supposed to be a documentary...[View]
268802792Stop femboy moe shit: I enjoy Historie and Kingdom, and I want to enjoy historical fiction in this s…[View]
268803671The God Before Me: ex chapter https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021546[View]
268801971Negai no Astro: Chapter 13: Collision https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021687[View]
268804173Uhh guys[View]
268798481Will Nabeshin ever return and bless us with another wild comedy anime again?[View]
268800028ITT: Inspirational moments: I teared up when I was watching this last night[View]
268803958Is he on the spectrum or something?: Or is is self estimate just so low he can't imagine Holo a…[View]
268776987Kagurabachi: Kyora? Won[View]
268803706Why are the Japanese so afraid of Mexicans?[View]
268784559Kengan Omega: Did Fei deserve his fate for 'infringing on gods demain'?[View]
268803258Times you acted like Nnoitra Gilga, the 5th Espada?[View]
268785662>end of THE WORLD > > >…[View]
268796903Dungeon People: I wonder what color Clay-san's pantsu are[View]
268797463Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai: >Not even a month after it ended >Already forgotten What went wron…[View]
268797407Shadows House: >'Shadows House' Manga by Somato will enter FINAL ARC from next chapter published …[View]
268777280>Hittori Bocchi and Bocchi the rock are not related. Dropped.[View]
268780207>I'm too beautiful to have friends Who seriously believes this happens?…[View]
268801468Why is it hard to write compelling smart characters?[View]
268798101Biggest downgrade in mainstream shonen by far. It's way worse than Ichigo x Orihime and not Ruk…[View]
268793378God is angry[View]
268798938Who would win in this match? Both are blood lusted[View]
268795128Chainsaw Man: For me? It's Powa.[View]
268798929I unironically can't watch anything else now. This is peak anime for me Everytime I try to watc…[View]
268797213Do you still enjoy anime and manga?[View]
268797429Most overrated OP of all time? It's not even top 10 of Monogatari OPs[View]
268801234I can't help but relate to this dude a lot.[View]
268798807No fucking way, life really does imitate art[View]
268764628ATRI: Visual novel anime are back.[View]
268798450>just be interesting and a girl will fall in love with you Is it really that easy?…[View]
268793541Berserk: Are you still reading it /a/, or have you stopped struggling?[View]
268794060Nappa comes to Earth instead of Raditz: What would happen? Would Piccolo and Goku die to Saibamen or…[View]
268795056Mission of Yozakura Family: Shit is getting real. Preview of cour 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
268778270Hunter x Hunter: Chrollo isn't gonna make it[View]
268800770ITT post manga or anime characters who are canonically unionized[View]
268798227Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture: Ash character PV for the 3rd movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
268798221>Character development happens on the very last pages of vol18 Amazing[View]
268793589ITT: Series that women will never understand[View]
268731324Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: I would much rather chose /fit/ Elfuda over the fat blob.[View]
268789585anyone feel like this ending is forced? like Kubo wanted to surprise the reader so people don't…[View]
268796906Lower your tone when you talk to me.[View]
268766896Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan: >loli >succubus…[View]
268795248*causally mogs*[View]
268799651I like China dresses.[View]
268798431Which anime character best represents the average anon?[View]
268796266hey: didja get 'em, grandpa?[View]
268793642Sakura Trick is a good series.[View]
268799352>ichigo and Renji meet the literal inventor of the zanpakto >they're never once curious a…[View]
268785950RED: Livin on the Edge STORYTIME 16: Are you a lover of spaghetti western stories, have you read Blo…[View]
268798752Is the anime industry dying? There's been nothing but sloppa since aot got editor'd[View]
268783918Why are samurai so dishonorable?: In anime they are always ganging up on their enemies, use pussy we…[View]
268796881>draw a little sister >give her the personality of a little brother…[View]
268798265any other example where secondary girl is better than main girl?[View]
268796520KINO Shelled Regios: I'm just on Vol. 1 and this is already thousands of miles better than any …[View]
268796633Sasakoi: So what's going to happen to this? Blu-ray episodes, or are they just going to say fuc…[View]
268793353Is it really that absurd to be unmarried at 27?[View]
268797872I just finished season 1 and now I'm going to read the rest of the manga. I really feel sorry f…[View]
268787924Oshi no Ko: >Aqua is now pursuing a happy ending with Akane now his revenge is over for real Akan…[View]
268796840Why'd she have to die bros it's just not fair[View]
268796023How come nobody is talking about this anime?[View]
268795376dungeon meshi: Namari is a degenerate leg fetishist.[View]
268785859Do used goods deserve happiness in isekai?[View]
268794284Grendizer U: >Episode 2 releases Your thoughts on the series so far?…[View]
268795637My wife has no emotions: God Damn Why do we always get an MC like this ? Why cant we get an MC that …[View]
268796173alright /a/, who takes this?[View]
268740507If you were forced and coerced against your will to marry one of them, who would you pick?[View]
268796907What is this magical cloth that keeps it's shape no matter what?[View]
268790210Assassination Classroom: What’s the consensus on this?[View]
268772761Shoshimin How to Become Ordinary: No ep2 thread. Why did it flop?[View]
268794017>It's another romcom anime where the girl has no clear reason for why she likes the protagon…[View]
268796504>shounenshit >shoujoshit >seinenshit >joseishit >doujinshit >kodomoshit Why are al…[View]
268791214One Piece: Perona animated soon[View]
268783823Chainsaw Man: Poor Denji will never look at sushi the same way again[View]
268790258He is literally me. Which anime character are you?[View]
268794943Old vs New: >new anime is better mfs whenever you compare old Kenshin to new Kenshin Here's …[View]
268795391Alya or Yuki? Choose now[View]
268795980Shrine Maidens and Mikos are some of the best characters in anime and need to be utilized more.[View]
268793879One of the most bonechilling jojo moments[View]
268728145Pokémon 2023: Episode 58, 'The Mascot Pokémon is Dodogezan?!' is starting in a few hours. Get in her…[View]
268794106I don't care how shit this anime is, I'm watching it for her.[View]
268796142>Picrel is from Gorgo 13 Vol.213 >the Episode features Trump paying Gorgo to stage his fake as…[View]
268792585Tokyo Ghoul: The racism allegory doesn't work because humans are completely right to fear peopl…[View]
268796102Who is the best yandere of all time? >tfw no gf that will kill for you[View]
268792635It's as good as everyone says it is[View]
268321970Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi Chapter 166: 'Detective's Assistant 5 ', dumping thread. Previous part…[View]
268794961Jujutsu Kaisen: >Megumi is saved >He has to look like this now Can Hana survive the double dic…[View]
268762352How come nobody ever talks about this anime?[View]
268795718zoomer kino[View]
268793176Have you ever felt that some anime are just magic? It's hard to explain but some anime have thi…[View]
268786132Frieren or Fern?[View]
268794693Why are anime hands often drawn like this? Do Japanese have difficulty spreading middle finger and r…[View]
268791500Is End of Evangelion the greatest conclusion to a series there is? It even surpassed it's inspi…[View]
268789817Does she even have any competition for best girl of the season?[View]
268765331Jujutsu Kaisen: There was always slice of life elements, you never needed more.[View]
268791551Monster Princess / Kaibutsu Ohjo: Who was your favorite girl, Anon?[View]
268776892Does anyone else feel like the emphasis on good storytelling in anime has declined since the mid 200…[View]
268793925>anime gets bad after the first 2 episodes[View]
268791335Why are anime babies so ugly?[View]
268730563Shikanoko Redditnoko: I give up, this shit is not funny. Episode 2 was somehow even worse than 1.…[View]
268784422>show that didn't have panties in the source material to begin with doesn't show pantie…[View]
268791812Who else loves baseball girls?[View]
268784866Is anime better with or without parents?[View]
268784478Daily DEAD Tube Storytime: Chapter 72: From the author of Tomodachi Game and the artist of Tall + Sh…[View]
268793164I like Miyazaki but this man was even better[View]
268794522>big boobed girl wins or succeeds at anything >MASSIVE jealous meltdown Every time…[View]
268737546> Digimon are created by humans instead of being gods that are able to express themselves using h…[View]
268794387Why does this show portray incest as normal?[View]
268792781Seikon no Qwaser coming out while I was in puberty has had a significant impact on the type of women…[View]
268791719I love Kanako[View]
268767152>trained guerilla warrior turned humble columbian maid >revy still managed to fight her to a s…[View]
268793137I wish I had a bunch of wacky and zany friends like the guys in Bobobo.[View]
268781529Kinnikuman is the perfect manga series[View]
268783195Stone Ocean was the best part.[View]
268790269The Fable: The Fable anime is good and I dont know why you faggots think it isnt[View]
268784198Dragon Ball Super: How come SHITjita can't stop getting his ass kicked?[View]
268790551>reads 'Fountainhead' once[View]
268788455Daemons of the Shadow Realm/ Yomi no Tsugai: So what is the verdict on hiromu arakawa's new man…[View]
268793269Naruto peaked here[View]
268768091Let's Translate! Hana no Keiji!: Previous thread (Chapter 38): >>268748739[View]
268788051>writers write themselves into a corner >how can he survive being launched into space >he c…[View]
268782187Tenjou Tenge: This show came out 20 years ago. Say something nice about it.[View]
268779017Why does digital anime look so washed out?[View]
268792407Are we witnessing the dawn of a new world in anime? A world of big booty anime girls?[View]
268788703Filters: What are the most iconic filter scenes/episodes in anime?[View]
268792849is this the Skibidi of anime?[View]
268792213>I killed your father with total respect[View]
268783710Badass characters that were actually kind of pathetic.: >Moody snarky bastard >Constantly puts…[View]
268780396>Takagi finished >Nagatoro finished >Uzaki in endgame >Komi in endgame How does Anjou st…[View]
268773069Daily Death Note: Chapter 38: Strike[View]
268785047When did BNHA stop being this good?[View]
268787324Yo this shit is fucking peak[View]
268789405Fate: The only perfect woman to ever live[View]
268778610>Lusts on Fugu: Broken catcat[View]
268786404ITT: Character upgrades[View]
268791176One Piece: Sanji is a little bitch[View]
268764377GHOST HUNT Daily Storytime - Vol 1: Hello anons, how about a blast from the past? >What is Ghost …[View]
268792306She has long hair.[View]
268792500What does the sign say?[View]
268789226mahoaku: The first episode is available for free for 24 hours on the official TikTok Watch it here:…[View]
268737061Mato Seihei no Slave Chapter 136 Raw: Chapter 136 raws are out, dumpling.[View]
268767838>competent rival whose almost always stronger if not 'equal' to the main character. >important…[View]
268788249Summer 2024 Season - First Impression: Summer 2024 is here! Defnitely not a very good season. Fortu…[View]
268774093Shalltear or Albedo? What's the correct answer, /a/?[View]
268788592Usagi Tsukino: Why am I in love with her?[View]
268762408Girls und Panzer/GuP/Garupan: What will St. Gloriana use for the finals? Pretty sure they will inclu…[View]
268783833One Piece: Shanks time soon[View]
268600016DanDaDan Chapter 160 The Power of the Demonic Fairy-Tale Card: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/view…[View]
268786816Call me nostalgic, but I don't think any other battle shounen manga has managed to top Dragon B…[View]
268788367>Character is fast enough to foresee and dodge bullets Completely unrealistic…[View]
268792241Yuri wins[View]
268788615Shiunji-ke no Kodomo-tachi: kino, Reiji really still wasting his time to extend more Kanokari shit w…[View]
268787004It's a shame that the Komi manga is ending: Because Agari is such a great character, particular…[View]
268781792What do you call these types of girls?: And are there any more girls to the collection?[View]
268782171>Let's make another shonen battle anime, but this time with a 32yo protagonist among teens. …[View]
268782964Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai: What went wrong?[View]
268787870Post an anime character, and guess their favorite video game.[View]
268787413realistically speaking, which anime couples would break up within a year?[View]
268724817Greetings homodachis. Post your favorite >old otp >new otp >preferred top/bottom dynamic …[View]
268775522>18 years ago[View]
268782395Fuck you guys. I liked season 2[View]
268770278Monogatari: Off & Monster Season: Episode 2 is out with 'an translation'.[View]
268787263This is my favorite sensei[View]
268779256Oshi no Ko: What do you think of the chapter?[View]
268784902Gentlemen, I do so love war.: >I love Blitzkrieg. I love onslaught. I love defense. I love besieg…[View]
268769582Nu-Geass is just Disney Wars: Prove me wrong.[View]
268782933are we entering a golden age of straight yaoi?[View]
268783845Goku was 25 during Namek. Cutting out all the superpower stuff, are you on par with him? Do you have…[View]
268777057The Fable: No one has made a thread so Ill make one and lazily let you guys and the webm bot post st…[View]
268784041Literally ALL jobbers[View]
268766323Nier: robutt: What's the point of making robots wear clothes, they don't feel cold.[View]
268786195How would you respond?[View]
268785368face it Haruhi was mid in a sea of garbage that's the only reason it got popular[View]
268768320Naze Boku no Sekai wo Daremo Oboeteinai no ka?: Is anyone watching this?[View]
268778851Post you're waifu, I start with stupid cat[View]
268784270First Time Mononoke: This is playing at my local theater in an hour. I've never seen it before,…[View]
268766965How would you deal with becoming the opposite gender when you get isekai’d?[View]
268780351Dungeon Meshi: What kind of monsters would you like to see in a theoretical spin-off in a different …[View]
268781752If there were a bounty on Lina Inverse, what would the reward be?[View]
268773583Get Away, Matsumoto!-100 days escape- Chapters 1 and 2: I saw this recently released on mangaplus an…[View]
268779217>my favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop What type of person do you imagine?[View]
268750177Wonderful Precure: New episode tomorrow, what are you hoping happens when everyone visits Niko Garde…[View]
268785127[Erai-raws] Nige Jouzu no Waka]: >side mouth people are calling this slop well-animated? heol…[View]
268783799Methinks Urasawa is a Prophet[View]
268770286>Fate hags > Fate lolis You can't refute this[View]
268781397>slop >kino >old vs new >east vs west Is this how all /a/ discussion will continue to lo…[View]
268783574mayonaka punch: >dragonmaid of gen zoomy >it beats the og ????…[View]
268779698Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru[View]
268781526This is an aspiring Japanese astronaut[View]
268770025TAMAMO CHAN IS A FOX: I'm telling you... TAMAMO CHAN IS A FOX![View]
268784484Ao Ashi: >take this Barca, eagle e- KWAB This is what you got for being a snail fullback…[View]
268769841One Piece: Heroic marmo[View]
268783430>cuck shoujo manga[View]
268784285Anime Nails: What magical girls have the best nails?[View]
268782401Why are anime with mothers as the main characters so rare nowadays? Did Okaasan Online flop so much?[View]
268757824Do anime girls shit?[View]
268773178Why does Demon Slayer end each episode with a 'Taisho secret'? It's kinda weird.[View]
268777954Best girl in a story about oppai is DFC. How did this happen? What does it mean?[View]
268780820Who is the most mysterious character in anime?[View]
268767326Daily Dual na Kanojo no Taoshikata: From Ukami (Gabriel Dropout) comes a romcom about a boy and his …[View]
268774113Chainsaw Man: Yoshida[View]
268781242theres something off about this anime: I find the random visual gags, reaction image faces and shota…[View]
268772818Why nobody watch Tenchi Muyo except me? Does anyone remember it?[View]
268766664Why he did it?[View]
268782694>isekai people had no protection from the rain before this genious showed them This is even more …[View]
268781720>Jimmy >Rachel >Richard >Harley Who thought that was a good idea?…[View]
268753337Why is Re:zero so popular? It's ok but i don't get the love, is it just for rem[View]
268782194Code Geass SAZ[View]
268755228Storytime: A Savage God Reigns {Vol. 9}: Hello again anons, welcome back for volume 8 of Moto Hagio…[View]
268782691Rahen: >Jack only just met Hanayama in Rahen Feels just as weird to realize that Vegeta never fou…[View]
268781929Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches: would this manga be more popular if it was more of a harem romcom …[View]
268779483This nun addresses someone older with “kimi”, flirts with him, and then farts in his company, and I …[View]
268781394Suicide Squad: Kill the Isekai Quartet: I'm liking it so far, three eps in. It's unpretent…[View]
268778952For cute girls doing cute things manga, is it okay for one of the main girls to have a boyfriend off…[View]
268777138Dragon Ball Super: Why don't they?[View]
268763792Air Gear: I will never forgive Oh!Great for Kururu losing the Ikkibowl.[View]
268775127Does /a/ prefer Terra Formars or Record of Ragnarok?[View]
268778670is this actually good?[View]
268781468They don't make em like they used to[View]
268774075Anime and manga tricked me into thinking true friendship and brotherhood exist. Then I realized that…[View]
268779175Here come the bonklers[View]
268779025Did they force isayama to back out on a 100% rumble the earth and impregnate misaka ending? Why is i…[View]
268781181Is this achievable natty?[View]
268767258100 Kanojo / Girlfriends: Early leak, get in here![View]
268759947Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!: This season's harem anime starts tonight. Anyone watching it? Who wi…[View]
268778401now that the dust has settled, is it kino?[View]
268778107>Show called 'Daily Lives of High School Boys' >Best character is a girl explain this.…[View]
268652157A thread for cute vampires[View]
268733142Bleach: All Black Hole Disco illustrations. Which one is your favorite?[View]
268778908The last time they were together was July 2001.[View]
268612373Daily Ikigami: Dear Citizen: Thank you for your loyalty. You've no doubt noticed that the world…[View]
268745950Hunter x Hunter: *Tserri kills Melody* >Kurapika: MEELOOOOODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…[View]
268772602Why does Kadokawa make nothing but isekai?[View]
268664084Let's have a OPT - a One page thread.[View]
268766785The Elusive Samurai / 逃げ上手の若君: It's Saturday again. Episode 2 will be airing on TOKYO MX in 30 …[View]
268742399Gochiusa: When is Koi going to finally formalize MaMe and twins 4-way relationship? They need to get…[View]
268769621After 26 years, this was the only attractive girl that romantically loved Ash: Was it worth it?…[View]
268777567best shinkai coming through[View]
268777493>literally no proper appearance after his fight with ichigo, not even in TYBW cour 2 They could…[View]
268777218Peanuts but for perverts[View]
268774339Oshi no Ko: Chapter 155 leaked in Russian[View]
268775037Kaiju 8 manga or anime?[View]
268775552100% of /a/ would have fucked up even more than kazuma did[View]
268776539Bye Bye, Earth: >no ears Thoughts?[View]
268774516Summer anime 2024: This is a great season. What anime is your favourite so far?[View]
268776169Terrible second season[View]
268774023Princess Principal: Next movie in 2036[View]
268767800What's the worst series?: What's that one series that doesn't have a single redeeming…[View]
268777729What are your top 3 anime soundtracks?[View]
268774621Where have the years gone Nostalgia thread[View]
268703553Giji Harem: The overly sweet love story made me want to hang myself.[View]
268730303Yuri Discussion Thread: How and why did yuri become, by a wide margin, the most popular and most bel…[View]
268720191Wow he is physically and literally me[View]
268776226Reminder, in the world of Monster Musume, there are also cute Elves.[View]
268765845Why did Isayama do this?: Never gave a fuck about Mikasa the entire show just to say you love her th…[View]
268777078Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi: Is CloverWorks the new Kyoto (of shounen), /a/? This level of quality is ins…[View]
268758857Dragon Ball Super: Why is he so cool?[View]
268748044Maria no Danzai Ch. 28: We now continue with revengekino.[View]
268732568Kagurabachi: Weekly Oricon Ranking (by Series): July 1 - July 7 06. Kagurabachi - 67,346 Weekly Oric…[View]
268776733who win[View]
268774088Oberstein vs Bittenfeld: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
268770632Thought this shit was meant to be bad: >gradually lose interest in 3.0+1.0 over the years as it s…[View]
268776656KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tBfSLKcf9g[View]
268724520Killing Bites: New raw of Killing Bites.[View]
268771022Lmao. Based.[View]
268775439were they already dead? ghosts? what the fuck am i even watching i dont get this show at all[View]
268768994>One piece it's almost 30 years old[View]
268771389I've never watched a single episode nor read a single page of One Piece. I feel like I deserve …[View]
268764674Aria: My wife Alice is so cute. Felt like making an Aria thread. Discuss the series if you want to.I…[View]
268763241So... it's basically just House MD if it was an anime?[View]
268771544Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru: I've got Hotori fever.[View]
268671423Gintama Storytime: We're continuing with volume 21. We're in the middle of the Ryugujo / D…[View]
268775078Remember kids, you can get away with anything as long as you are attractive.[View]
268746841I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Season 2: It's finally here,…[View]
268770939Who would iruma kun lost his virginity to?[View]
268756775Cute elf[View]
268755473Keion!: One of my favorite subtle moments in k-on! Is when some of their classmates mention that the…[View]
268770340Ichigo Mashimaro: Miu is kinda kewl![View]
268765125Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai: p-please watch Dahlia's very exciting show~![View]
268606795Daily 14-sai no Koi/Love at Fourteen: Chapter 19 Synopsis: >Middle schoolers Kanata Tanaka and Ka…[View]
268741556Oshi no Ko: Will Aka bless us with some AquRuby scenes in the nearby future? I think they need to co…[View]
268771717Sand Land: >Expect your average toriyamaslop >it’s actually good I kneel, Toriyama…[View]
268773957Where's the best place to start?[View]
268772996Nausicaa: Reminder to read the manga if you liked the anime,its truly amazing. The movie covers abou…[View]
268764850The smug elf that mindbroke FMAtards[View]
268758981Why is reincarnation always wasted on people who don't deserve it?: Imagine what someone like E…[View]
268752326Chainsaw Man: >Fujimoto said Look Back adaptation made him cry >Meanwhile he didn't give …[View]
268729475Buyfag Thread: The fags, who buy.[View]
268771372Watashitachi wa Moto Joshi desu: Chapter 12[View]
268764139I want to live in the infinite castle of Kimetsu no yaiba.: I think Muzan has good architectural tas…[View]
268767737Zero no Tsukaima: You have been summoned as Louise's familiar. What do you do?[View]
268771745Death Note: Why was L hearing bells? If its a metaphor can anyone explain in detail? I don't un…[View]
268772498This nigga looks like my uncle[View]
268721734Naruto: Murata's illustration of Naruto after the Eyeshield 21 anniversary[View]
268773174Who was youre favourite egg girl? For me it was Rika[View]
268767362Why did no other anime manage to successfully replicate Dragon Ball's special kind of dumb and …[View]
268760632[good news]: Oh god, finally it's happening!![View]
268754104I want to end the 'I Love You' Game/Aishiteru Game wo Owarasetai Chapter 52: 'Childhood Friends Won…[View]
268772016Oregairu: Discuss[View]
268770400lucky star: shit like this is why Kagami still doesn't have a boyfriend[View]
268768664Fate: Zero literally killed any chance this franchise had to be taken seriously in the West.[View]
268768872Rick and Morty anime: You CAN'T escape it.[View]
268769990Pick one[View]
268769832What other shows have had a change in MC due to a side character being a lot more popular with the f…[View]
268771836Only 20 hours till the next Hibike! Euphonium episode![View]
268659065Yuru Camp: Shimarin pasta!?[View]
268766144Who knocked her up not once, not twice, but 6 fucking timd[View]
268771700I too would serve Integra if she stayed this cute.[View]
268765350When will we have 4k ultra HD anime?[View]
268769312Hunter x Hunter: Was this supposed to be the explanation of Post-Mortem Nen?[View]
268767880Oink for her.[View]
268767176Stare at them.[View]
268768223Hope You're Happy, Lemon: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021622 When you've got …[View]
268766894Those Japanese anime produced by Chinese: An interesting phenomenon has recently emerged in the Japa…[View]
268767566'So what if i have?'[View]
268764907One Piece: S-Snake is canonically cute![View]
268769573What went so wrong?[View]
268764765Are VN adaptations dead? Last one I remember was blade works.[View]
268757831What's your favorite manga?[View]
268769775What if David took female hormones instead of imminoblockers?[View]
268737230Monogatari O&M: The episode 2 preview is out now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kGQ1ob51lY…[View]
268769725What if Deku found out Todoroki was clapping Ochako's rosy red cheeks?: She never liked Deku in…[View]
268769619Ishigami should have taken the pity sex. It's truly a same that we are left with Mikoshit inste…[View]
268768334>He watches anime on 1.5x speed I really hope nobody here does this[View]
268768094Made in Abyss: If Nanachi dies, will you still keep reading?[View]
268765959Where are they growing tobacco? Greenhouse space would be limited, and production slack wouldn'…[View]
268763459I love Anime & Manga. I am happy that I live in a world where they exist.[View]
268751312Why do most people hate imouto love anime/manga?[View]
268768353>Elusive Samurai’ has become the undisputed number one in the male-oriented illustration rankings…[View]
268710688Anyone else misses old late 90s/2000s tech anime that focused on the emergence of the internet? It r…[View]
268768960Oniisama e…: So, now that Rose of Versailles is getting a remake, how long is it going to be until t…[View]
268753171Fate: British History books said King Arthur is a man. Why is he a girl?[View]
268768713naga is still the best[View]
268753971Post you're favorite blonde anime girl[View]
268759442If dubbed anime is so bad (which it is), then why can’t studios just make them good? Are they stupid…[View]
268764983I'm Japanese, but due to Anime, Americans who study Japanese these days don't have accents…[View]
268744665Kono sekai wa fukanzen sugiru: Nice[View]
268765115What the hell is this CGI slop? You can't even call it an anime because CGI has no animation.[View]
268767852I still remember Bamba[View]
268767662This movie is overrated as fuck.[View]
268665376Kinnikuman: The new episode and discussions on twitter made me think about it, but who's charac…[View]
268763168I'm putting together a team[View]
268758840Dragon Ball Super: >I-I'm as strong as Goku and Vegeta you know Why did he lie?…[View]
268761669Chicks with guns are the best[View]
268762598>lazy artists[View]
268723296Boku no hero academia: how come no one talks about the anime anymore?[View]
268740688Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan: Non-MTL J->E subs for episode 2: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f0edfde10047…[View]
268761298Granbelm: You can't... beat me! https://files.catbox.moe/vepnkg.webm[View]
268763165*sigh* they don't make 'em like they used to[View]
268764722Monogatari Off and Monster Season: anime of the decade[View]
268736739Do you think nu-ranma 1/2 will have cute moments like this?[View]
268741498Dungeon no Naka no Hito Episode 2: Time to get adventurous[View]
268767147Best usage of insert songs in anime?: Might be a bit of a generic choice, but I think one of my favo…[View]
268762151I want her to assfuck me with that pointy nose.[View]
268764195>Zoro: Actually fights against the big bads and top level guys, helping Luffy and keeping up in t…[View]
268767122When I watch anime,it's none of that girly incel moe shit: The only anime I watch is the ones t…[View]
268760059Japan has fallen, random japanese virgin neets are turning gay[View]
268737080Bye Bye, Earth: Ep1 subs are well out for b-global chads. MC looks like parona from fumetsu, that…[View]
268754593How many times do you think you would be able to withstand the summoning ritual in isekai? The stro…[View]
268752899Which boy is cuter?[View]
268752321Chainsaw Man: Barem is a man with a plan, I doubt he will just let himself get vored[View]
268764832Toradora: This is really the greatest love story ever told. In particular, the girls are all extreme…[View]
268763283Chibi Maruko-chan: What if Maruko peed off the side of the road?[View]
268763001Ginga Rengou Nippon: Still no anime series... how is it even possible considering how much literal g…[View]
268751594ITT: Character glow-ups[View]
268742180Slime: Ah man are we on break this week? That sucks ass.[View]
268762488Why did they flop?[View]
268761294>hear tons of people praise evangelion >decide to read the manga >great story >great cha…[View]
268709272Watamote chapter 224 part 2 English translation: Also included are the volume 25 omake. Translated b…[View]
268748660Boruto: Boruto has unironically become kino after Kishimoto finally started writing his characters a…[View]
268763825What is the best anime that Doga Kobo had ever done?[View]
268765406Berserk: How will it end? It's apparently in its last 10% or so >Hurr not canon! Cope. Miura…[View]
268753440Fate: Italian history books said Leonardo Da Vinci is a man, why is he a woman?[View]
268761260Blame!: Just read through all of Blame! for the first time... Damn.[View]
268757206I love it when manga does this.[View]
268729042Jujutsu Kaisen: >get sealed Can Sukuna survive being trapped with a zoomer?…[View]
268758753Diamond is Unbreakable: Damn. This Shigechi kid was annoying me, but holy shit that was sad. Kid was…[View]
268740567Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: Yuhi's loyalty to his sister, the dark matter empress is already wavering …[View]
268721881Oricon: Weekly Oricon Ranking (by Series): July 1 - July 7 01. One Piece - 837,726 02. Jujutsu Kais…[View]
268728662Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture: Episode 4 out NOW[View]
268758221One Piece: They killed millions...[View]
268763208Why are anime feet so tempting?[View]
268741712Jesus CHRIST takagi, thats your daughter[View]
268758718Why is it so easy to walk into a person bathing in anime? Do they not have locks?[View]
268763542Best anime movie ever Amazing story and No cringe fan service[View]
268764345york bad end coming up: this dumb bitch knows that they will double cross her right? outcome 1) if t…[View]
268759287Idol Thread: Idol Thread[View]
268755325I mean, who can blame this guy[View]
268764405Jfc this bitch does nothing but cry for the entire fucking manga[View]
268761460>noo you're a secondary. You have to read the source material >says the anon who reads th…[View]
268763387金田一少年の事件簿 金田一二三: 金田一少年の事件簿 金田一二三 Fumi Kindaichi overalls by animation[View]
268762482Remember when we had good subs? That used to actually, ya know, translate? I miss that.[View]
268763663It's over. We'll never have these cool subs again.[View]
268761516Iruma Kun: Is there still any way that someone could save her?[View]
268761416>got told as a kid Misa Misa is a shit character and shit girl because she is dumb and obsessed …[View]
268752007whats the appeal?: >incest scene >no animated sex am I supposed to watch this shit for the plo…[View]
268758103>ITT girls who have mental problems due to lack of dick and male love (and paternal love)…[View]
268760313>2024 >we are forgotten?[View]
268715439ITT: Animes that portray religions positively[View]
268757224Daily Dead Tube Storytime: Chapter 71: From the author of Tomodachi Game and the artist of Tall + Sh…[View]
268758283Is Eureka 7 worth watching?[View]
268761037Why did they never have more children?[View]
268762168Spy x Family: >my beautiful (fake) wife and I went on a romantic date (for the mission) but she s…[View]
268762868Ragna Crimson: Chapter 76 ~ first spoiler panel. Bros going full WWE. Double Five-Star Frog Splash f…[View]
268762684KOMARIN! KOMARIN! KOMARIN! KOMARIN! She is cute and funny.[View]
268762035But of course, there must be some moralfaggotry. And things were looking so good so far... *sigh*[View]
268761795What manga had your favorite tournament arc?[View]
268758572Konosuba: Did they really need to focus on Darkness for the last part of the season? Who gives a shi…[View]
268692530Girls Band Cry: Who was in the wrong?[View]
268761496Do you seriously think you can handle evil women that love to make you squeal like the fat disgustin…[View]
268760252traps in anime: Post your favorite trap character[View]
268759888is /a/ pro-child torture porn or anti-child torture porn[View]
268761609Look Back has outgrossed the Bocchi the Rock movie.[View]
268761198Komi-san is finally fucking ending: At long last. Maybe a certain degenerate artist that was mindbro…[View]
268759316How did Polnareff make this joke despite not knowing Japanese?[View]
268756188Aqua laughing is arousing..[View]
268757851What's with post-apocalypse, death games/battle royales, and medieval settings that attracts me…[View]
268759374Is Shirou a good protagonist?[View]
268759979>short >flat >tsundere >kugyuu Perfect.…[View]
268755256>shy and innocent girl is the most lewd and voracious Every single time.…[View]
268760655Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san: See this? This shit right here? It will never happen to you. A 10/10 q…[View]
268761129Kyouko if she evil[View]
268740572Daily Shingetsutan Tsukihime: Adaptation of the visual novel Tsukihime, following primarily Arcueid…[View]
268761103Ashita no Joe: If the anime was made today, Rikiishi would definitely be voiced by Patrick Warburton…[View]
268760894Historically accurate MaoMao[View]
268757714They should fuck[View]
268758275Lucky Star: What did Konata mean by this?[View]
268755998Someone put a stop to this man![View]
268753517>aura the forgotten[View]
268751454How well do you know mecha anime by their OP?: How well do you know your mecha by OP? https://www.sp…[View]
268752440Futoku No Guild: Hitamuki Ganbarimasu[View]
268759100Post shots that look like they could be album covers.[View]
268759377Ikemen joshi: Ikemen joshi[View]
268758724Gogeta our strongest hero Greatest of all fighters[View]
268759882What is wrong with her[View]
268758244Guardian Enzo of Lost in Anime: Is he the most elitist anime blogger out there? he seems to think he…[View]
268758644impact frames more like REDDIT FRAMES they look like shit and ruin action scenes. it used to not hap…[View]
268742697What manga has the best double page spreads? I like big ass images that are cool.[View]
268682186This is what man to man bonding looks like[View]
268756787Psychopaths: >new anime features psychopaths >they are complete walking stereotypes who would …[View]
268740388Reborn as a Space Merc - Renamed to Reincarnated as a Sex-Fiend: So I finally caught up with the tra…[View]
268759178Bros... why is one of my red blood cells looking at me like this?????[View]
268756364you like fat girls right[View]
268733440NieR:Automata: Beginning of an all-out war[View]
268285020Yui Appreciation Thread: All Yuis welcome. Post and discuss Yuis.[View]
268758729Fujiwara Cocoa had a type: mahoaku[View]
268756938What a fucking faggot[View]
268758697>keep churning out isekai adaptation >shounen giants are losing their touch >NTR dominating…[View]
268747616One Piece: What's next for Gear 5?[View]
268711005Madoka is kinda...: She's so...[View]
268753227Dragon Ball Super: What's the most iconic moment for each character of the main cast?[View]
268748716Let's Translate! Hana no Keiji!: Previous thread (Chapter 37): >>268737079[View]
268758109How do people excuse this?[View]
268728248Kunoichi Suzushiro: Is she the biggest upperclassman brat in the village? How would you make her beh…[View]
268751389What's happening with Clear Card season 2?: >announment was a year and 3 months ago >stil…[View]
268756987Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture: So how does this plot make any sense? >A group of Britannians,…[View]
268740331Senpai wa Otokonoko: target audience? me.[View]
268728995Girls und panzer/GuP: Tell me more about this… orangee pekoe Whose mother is she supposed to be? Why…[View]
268752457I think Naruto would've had a much better ending if Sasuke managed to kill Naruto just so he co…[View]
268699754Which Ama would you gami?[View]
268754428why is zach bell so popular in japan[View]
268757066Why aren't there more yuri LNs?[View]
268757293Literal perfection[View]
268751889Weekend Sound Thread: The weekend is here. Time for some sounds.[View]
268754120What the fuck is Prism Nana?: I remember when this was announced like a decade ago. A new mahou shou…[View]
268756417Sarashi is underrated[View]
268756596puchiko is an imports parte ob our lives i cannot imagine a lyfe widou puchiko widdou her lyfe wud b…[View]
268757005>Romance >Love Triangle >Both of the girls are great girls I just can't take it anymor…[View]
268721319Storytime: A Savage God Reigns {Vol. 8}: Hello again anons, welcome back for volume 8 of Moto Hagio…[View]
268756253Do anime girls know raising a child is a lifelong commitment of hardships?[View]
268750907konata greedily tonguing a prolapse full of shit[View]
268635268Daily Death Note: Chapter 34: Imprisonment[View]
268749794I miss them so fucking much.[View]
268756575>gets cucked once >started basing his entire personality on cuckoldry Is he savable?…[View]
268751996ITT post plot points that made you physically kneel.[View]
268756450NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE: The official KAnge themed radio broadcast was released and the girl's voic…[View]
268752980best adaptation of the original BLACK JACK manga?: I really want to read the manga, however I promis…[View]
268725295Rosen Garten Saga chapter 69 RAW: Parts 1 and 2 of chapter 69 are both out, let's look at them …[View]
2687555492.5 Dimensional Seduction: >Lilysa's ass will never land on your face >you will never see…[View]
268756123Tatsumaki: Tatsumaki[View]
268753480Why did jjk take off but chainsaw man didn't?[View]
268755562corruption girls: yess.. post em..[View]
268754818JCs dominate the world. JKs and JSs look up to them.[View]
268755536My brain wiped around 80-90% of all information about my favorite manga of all time. Is this a dream…[View]
268754980>nothing to watch on Friday this season What the fuck??[View]
268751654*completely mogs your favorite shonen*[View]
2687201682.5 Dimensional Seduction: Lilysa is hot.[View]
268728713Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction デッドデッドデーモンズデデデデデストラクション Episode 7 >Man I haven't cring…[View]
268703167Made in Abyss: Volume inbound for next month[View]
268754918HunterxHunter: Gon and Alluka are turning Killua into an uncle![View]
268752863I love when anime references obscure art. Who would have expected Der Freischütz to ever feature in …[View]
268751916What's the catchiest OP of all time?[View]
268740835The Birth of Kitaro: Mystery of GeGeGe: Goddamn this is a good movie.[View]
268752081How do you feel about series that regularly put scenes before the opening credits or after the end c…[View]
268751992JJBA: Fight will end when the gang find her by chance and threaten her to stop the attack, No little…[View]
268754501Sabagebu!: >15 chapters translated with typeset + some translation posts for later chapters with …[View]
268743535KINO We need more anime like this[View]
268754459sex namek[View]
268752857chimera arc is fucking stupid: >no kurapika, leorio or even hisoka (the characters that carried t…[View]
268610174Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 561 - Luffy vs. Mihawk Last Chapter (560): >>268570645 The Be…[View]
268739801Should Harem MCs be allowed to start famikies midway in isekai?[View]
268742984>W-women l-like them because he sees their true selves...they just do ok! HAHAHAHAHAHA, Embarassi…[View]
268745030I’m going to leave this box here for a moment can you watch it for me?[View]
268749249Character: >Has tons of screentime >Has her own long character arc and a lot of growth >Pro…[View]
268753286This character is so much worse than the ones we lost but she has so much focus. Even Himeno was mor…[View]
268753749Blue Archive: Season 2 of Blue Archive would unironically be more successful than Season 1 >Gamer…[View]
268736869Is One Piece influential? So many people keep saying it's influential but has it even really in…[View]
268748143>take popular Japanese designs >make them even better Is this how China is going to conquer a…[View]
268747932Dragon Ball Super: This is the face of a man who just doomed 11 universes to annihilation[View]
268747894Saeko, the Education-Crazy Mom - If It's for This Child: Interesting new daughtercon manga! Syn…[View]
268752874Do most long running manga get shitty endings due to editor meddling?[View]
268750789it's been three and a half years since samflam[View]
268751269Favorite Anime/Manga OTP of all time? Hard Mode: It has to be canon[View]
268748386ITT it's /a/ 2009[View]
268750388So we all collectively agree that Bleach is the best of Big 3, yes?[View]
268728811Where does the tail come from? How does it attach? I mean, how does that tail stay put on a human be…[View]
268748191banger anime OPs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHncfQjJb_w[View]
268751345what happened?[View]
268752365Hunter x Hunter: Was this supposed to be the explanation of Post-Mortem Nen?[View]
268751261Just finished attack on titan, what did I think of it?[View]
268740707Chainsaw Man: Would you watch movies with Yoshida?[View]
268728810Okay, read your script. Eren Eren... eren wa doko? Eren EREN[View]
268752154Zatch Bell! 2: New chapter when?[View]
268743423Gorilla women are beautiful and deserve love.[View]
268749012>Start watching Yu Yu Hakusho after realizing it's been on my to-watch list for 20 years. …[View]
268702118Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: After the regular chapter, here comes the Mafia one. Dumping the raws now.…[View]
268732546>anime is mainstream now: what happened[View]
268751343Megumin explosion BDA: Even if her explosions are non-nuclear, wouldnt they still tear huge holes in…[View]
268749359Onimai: I see everyone celebrating this trans manga, but I'm forced to ask why? Mahiro is a mal…[View]
268697173I Parry Everything - Ore wa Subete wo 'Parry' suru: I Parry Everything - episode 2 in around 3 hours…[View]
268751339Why do you like Ping Pong so much?[View]
268751036>Saachan arriving at /a/ to rightfully claim this board as hers[View]
268750008Roshidere: >Doga Kobo gives us their best anime adaptation ever as they just got bought by Kadoka…[View]
268750661The Great Debate[View]
268751150Obligatory scene[View]
268745808Why did nobody tell me about this KINO??? It's literally the best anime I have ever watched in …[View]
268738054How popular is Anime/manga in your country? especially among young people.[View]
268750913just a reminder that if normies (and israelies) start infecting anime they are gonna make our pure m…[View]
268748983He is man.[View]
268749677are we excited for season 2[View]
268750584Another soulless remake[View]
268746568Honest question about One Piece that is triggering my OCD for plotholes: How did ace know yamato…[View]
268750644>mangaka: I have to draw one whole chapter a week/month?!? >Tezuka:…[View]
268663972100 Kanojo: chapter 182 https://cubari.moe/read/imgchest/wl7lmank6yx/1/1/[View]
268748326I want to fuck mother time herself[View]
268662969This is supposed to be a middle schooler?[View]
268739347Macross Plus has my favorite OST: Distilled '90s. Please enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
268748261>fantasy series >the planet has two moons dunno why but I always love when authors do this…[View]
268749968>mangaka leaves hostile message for pirate readers >blog covered in pictures of western 'stree…[View]
268749805Anime Nails: What magical girls have the best nails?[View]
268749619ITT: exact moment series went to shit[View]
268748551We all know why she's jealous of Chizuru[View]
268746304>my favorite anime is Bleach What type of person do you imagine?[View]
268738930I love this adorable retard so much.[View]
268746470ITT webms/imges lacking context which makes them funny because of the weirdness[View]
268748007The best servant.[View]
268739722Size difference couples are peak.[View]
268748984Parry anime just rips-off everything without shame...: City = Midgar from FF7 Guy with lance = Lance…[View]
268745155Is the era of incel-friendly anime over?[View]
268740633Bocchi is an introverts social power fantasy. This idea that you’re some special snowflake but its j…[View]
268749295staff/animation nerds: do you focus on the production while watching anime? tips on learning more on…[View]
268744558'So what if i have?'[View]
268746307Just started Demon Slayer Should I watch the Dub or the Sub version? Japanese sounds cooler but Engl…[View]
268747776ITT: glorious retards >constantly lies and embellishes his past >sexually harasses his female …[View]
268741235anime girls who can produce extreme high quality milk[View]
268748955AoT: >rumbling the world so your entire race can finally live in peace is bad because...it just i…[View]
268744714Why did it flop? The series has crative worldbuilding, interesting powers, memorable characters (esp…[View]
268748039There's something about that Mechazawa.[View]
268707297Hazurewaku / Failure Frame 02: time for weekly edgekino[View]
268735968Precure thread[View]
268747611One Piece: Why is Zoro such a coward?[View]
268744705GJ-bu... and Tama![View]
268740799>It's not lupus[View]
268739925Dragon Ball Super: Why is the series so allergic to displays of affection? Toriyama had issues.…[View]
268724505Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda: kino chapter dump https://mangadex.org/chapter/8e2952e9-7549-4d28-ac8c-31d…[View]
268744157BEYBLADE X: Episode 39 - The Best Blader: I can't believe they are still trying to claim Bird i…[View]
268746389Finally, a good native isekai.[View]
268746912If you didn't lunge out of your seat and yell 'KINO' at this part, you lack media literacy chud…[View]
268744349Tokiyuki wants you[View]
268747471Akutsu: So when will they have sex?[View]
268739970One Piece: According to Vegapunk, this is what pure evil looks like.[View]
268743125FLAT CHEST MATTER THREAD: down with the anime big boobs, flat chest anime girls matters![View]
268747063>Made in 1978 by Hayao Miyazaki >Released in fucking 2021 to the North American and UK audienc…[View]
268743875NHK ni Youkoso: So....which one's better? The manga or the anime? I'm not gonna bother wit…[View]
268742787Gochiusa: Just realized that Koi will announce season 4 during Sxarp's birthday. Gochiusa prett…[View]
268735787Sousou no Frieren: IT’S FRIEREN FRIDAY[View]
268741640Lucky Star: A Lucky Star thread for no particular reason.[View]
268736992Hidamari Sketch: YU NO YU NO[View]
268731817Keikenzumi na Kimi to: Who the fuck is this trying to appeal to? Masochists? Cucks? Ragereaders? Wom…[View]
268743642At what point is there too much fan service? Even Pokemon has fan service[View]
268726970K-ON! movie masterpiece: >rewatching the movie >cry as usual >'graduation isn't the en…[View]
268745212>脚はいいぞ? >Legs are lit fr fr ong I pray for the day I can finally manage without subs.…[View]
268731724>girl is super athletic, extremely popular and top in the class >guy she crushes on does nothi…[View]
268745815Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: No episode?[View]
268711281Hunter x Hunter: Will he reach chapter 420?[View]

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