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161467631Is Mugi the most esoteric Keion?[View]
161468771Student council president: >it's a show in a school where the student council president/its …[View]
161462916I want to be Hanabi's boyfriend.[View]
161408819How would you like a Pripara/Aikatsu crossover, /a/?[View]
161468550>Balsa will never be your mom Why even bother living?[View]
161468664Re:Creators: >still no PV They even blueball us with this[View]
161467300Was this really necessary?[View]
161467848There's so much weird shit coming out this season. So here's an episode with literally 0 p…[View]
161467159Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart: This week's episode of Goat's Eating is some weird mecha t…[View]
161468152>yfw dragons rioting hasn't been updated in a while[View]
161464357>Hero saves the day >Shit blows up but nobody gets hurt >Everyone hates him now Why the fuc…[View]
161464893Why does Japanese animation look almost the same all the time ?: It seems that Japan is a fairly con…[View]
161468322A Centaur's Life v12 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): 10 newly translated chapters. >A Centa…[View]
161401390Goblin Slayer: Are your hype for Goblin Slayer's new book? It comes out tomorrow.[View]
161459642there are anons who say that this isn't the greatest anime of the year so far are they trolling…[View]
161462202Why haven't you watched Zipang yet /a/? It's easily a masterpiece. S2 when?[View]
161462277Whats his catchphrase again?[View]
161449947Apparently Kaguya won a NicoNico contest[View]
161459508>pumps semen into his waifus like there's no tomorrow >has unprotected sex with every gir…[View]
161459011What are your thoughts on Witchblade?[View]
161467709Why is this allowed? Wasn't the prime minister trying to crack down on blatant pedoshit in prep…[View]
161465971Hotaru no Haka: What does this title even mean?[View]
161464606Sack Inspection: prepare[View]
161460336Do cute girls like guns?[View]
161461138Netsuzou Trap NTR: HorribleSubs NTRed the 8th episode.[View]
161456667What anime is the most a e s t h e t i c ?[View]
161463830alright I don't fucking get it. I watched both shows and it barely made sense. Now I discover I…[View]
161462067How come the gals are so pure?[View]
161459089This is what Totally Spies should have been.[View]
161461611Kemono Friends: Remember to always tanoshii[View]
161465577>Ken encounters a guy who looks pretty tough >the enemy informs him of his cool martial arts t…[View]
161464297Dragon Ball Super Kino: Everyone loves to shit on Super but there are some unironically kino moments…[View]
161457841Harmony: What was the meaning of the last scene where Cian was shown in the white room? How does the…[View]
161465691Most lovable/relatable main characters.[View]
161462230Realistically, how much stronger could Frieza get? He only trained for 4 months and yet, he had beco…[View]
161453292Fate / Strange Fake: Why is the pace so slow?: When will release the next volume? When will have an …[View]
161457285Will she ever be a proper queen?[View]
161463294Why do people persist in ships that every one knows won't emerge victorious?[View]
161464752What happend to oh edo rocket?: I keep seeing them in the 'forgotten anime' lists on YouTube. i can…[View]
161460125best two bakas[View]
161458756Pirating anime: Do japanese companies fight against pirating manga and anime? How?[View]
161463604I don't care what you think, it WAS goal, you all not-believers are just spoiled brats who don…[View]
161408067>poor dude gets shat on by rich people: the anime[View]
161458427I want her to hurt me and forcefully feminize me[View]
161460170>Character can't keep a straight face when playing old hag[View]
161452832Do they explain the game? I'm 2 episodes in and it barely makes sense. I saw a couple of youtub…[View]
161463326let's talk about meme girls[View]
161462310You cant argue that tenggen toppa gurren lagann wasnt anime of the century. It had animation, plot, …[View]
161464442Deathnote: How does this make you feel?[View]
161455465Everyone got shit taste all of the sudden? How can you like this piece of shit?[View]
161462712cross ange: s2 WHEN?[View]
161460464>somehow managed to create a better image of old Europe than actual Europe without using a single…[View]
161452583Houseki no Kuni new PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwFpAyEuph8&featur and cast: Phosphophyl…[View]
161462887Daidoujis anime gets a new season. Are you excited? http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/08/01…[View]
161463723let's talk about this cutie, what do her feet smell like?[View]
161461672>it's almost 2018 and no one has yet surpassed her how did she do it anons?…[View]
161417063Tenshi no 3P!: What a slut. Who wears clothing that fully exposes the navel without something lewd i…[View]
161459272ITT: Anime you have fond memories of but looking back is kind of shit: >tfw you remember watching…[View]
161458035Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart[View]
161455885Netsuzou Trap: Yandere Yuma is nice.[View]
161461475Watched this around this time last year I really liked the setting, the atmosphere, the characters a…[View]
161463499Digimon: What does /a/ think is the best Digimon series? Is the new one any good?[View]
161454992Any new about the Madoka Magica concept movie?[View]
161448845Were there any redeeming qualities about Danganronpa 3 other than the memes it spewed out?[View]
161459706>read series blurb >start feeling interested >'........ $MC$ who is also president of stude…[View]
161455435ITT: Good looks, terrible personalities.[View]
161448375Why is SSJ4 hated? One of the best original designs when it comes to dragon ball transformations and…[View]
161456456Aharen-san wa Hakarenai - Chapter 17: Raido's imaginations are running wild again. http://fasc…[View]
161447036Boku no Hero Academia: How do you think the next chapters are gonna play out and would you like it i…[View]
161439915Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu: What is his endgame?[View]
161460370Underappreciated 9x9: So, post here 9x9 of animes you think should get a little more love. They don…[View]
161459426MousouTele: Literally carrying the series on her goddamn back.[View]
161462105What are elves for?: Elfu is crying.[View]
161457359Perfect Blue has to be the shittiest anime I've ever seen. The art looks like dogshit, the stor…[View]
161462589Post characters you sound like when you talk[View]
161439398The fuck was her problem?[View]
161452332Boruto: >Leaving right after having fuck with his homolust at his office >Not saying hi to his…[View]
161455664BDs are saving anime[View]
161458851Could you take care of her?[View]
161460378Koneko is your dinner tonight. Well you eat her? She's a short badass neko loli with silver hai…[View]
161456046Who the fuck was this annoying bitch femlet meant to appeal to?[View]
161462626Tokyo ghoul re, chapter 137: It was great and nicely drawn. One of the best re chapters yet.[View]
161458046Clione no Akari: New Episode. Minori got a pufferfish and she was so happy because she loves pufferf…[View]
161456299Can I like Emi now, /a/?[View]
161460586Watamote/Tomoko: >watches the anime >finds Tomoko a good character because she's relatabl…[View]
161451177Fate: I have won this war now that I have summoned a servant from the strongest class.[View]
161461791What's your favorite heartwarming moment in josei or shoujo manga?[View]
161458068Imouto Thread! Post only the best imouto![View]
161457537Hype Ed's: Post top tier EDs that make you hype for the next episode Starting with one of the b…[View]
161459977Jojo Part 4: Damn /a/, you was right saying this shit is 100 times better than Persona 4[View]
161458119YOur name: Excuse me but I was expecting a family ALL-AGE movie including kids but holy shit Japs st…[View]
161458972Starship troopers:Traitor of Mars: >Basil Poledouris playing in the distance The Jap self-insert …[View]
161460030This is the hottest girl in Dragon Ball. It's undisputable.[View]
161461245Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu: What did he mean by this?[View]
161460904who is the best type-moon girl and why is it akiha?[View]
161455109Was he a pedophile?[View]
161453026Do you like guy/guy pairing in anime and manga?[View]
161457980>165cm >44kg[View]
161457032Shokugeki no Soma: Can we all agree that Ikumi is best? Gotta love that sexy creamy carmel skin. Pe…[View]
161455635Do you have anything against anime-only posters?: Are you ok with people on /a/ who refuse to read t…[View]
161460733ITT: Good series/franchises/etc. whose fanbase turned to shit. Pic related. JoJo's fanbase beca…[View]
161460693last harem you watched has the male characters removed how does it improve?[View]
161456509Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: Soooo... was it shit?[View]
161458592Why aren't there more tanks vs mecha in anime?[View]
161460542kengan ashua: who is going to win?[View]
161457586It's the season finale of your harem.: Your choices are: >The bitch, I mean tsundere. >Ch…[View]
161443829New Game: Say something nice about the two new Eagle Jump employees![View]
161455984Why does Zeke need to wear glasses when his shifter powers should have healed his eyesight?[View]
161458432You can send one character from any series you're reading or watching to hell with no consequen…[View]
161460296What are some characters who would definitely enjoy getting knotted?[View]
161433789Princess Principal: There is no sexier spy than Ange.[View]
161453802Tsundere Ratio: What's the minimum and optimal tsun to dere ratio. I'm thinking 7:1 is the…[View]
161419406So what genre is Shingeki?: Mecha? Horror? shonen? Also why all the fights look so erotic?[View]
161419240Kemono Friends: Where were you when Kemono Friends became museum quality? What beautiful things do y…[View]
161431829K-On!: The one on the far right looks slutty[View]
161454830So I finally got around to watching this today and really enjoyed it. The body swapping was done muc…[View]
161459078Thunderbolt Chapter 24: Orup[View]
161458346Is this manga made for retards? Every rule gets explained and rephrased a dozen times.[View]
161458484bring it on down rock rock rock shake it up up tap top top cuz I know how to shout out my soul bring…[View]
161458470Is it true?[View]
161450960Just started reading yesterday and I'm on chapter 37 and I just have one question: When does i…[View]
161443088Monster: Did he have autism? Also, Monster thread.[View]
161440898Intellectual Village: Does this make you sad?[View]
161457662What is her secret? Why is she so beloved?[View]
161454332Cencoroll: Remember when this thing was supposed to get a sequel? Me neither[View]
161419499ITT: characters who didn't deserve the horrible shit that happened to them[View]
161457884How strong would master asia have been if you had dark gundam cells on his body.[View]
161446262Long nose thread: bonus points for Kaiji/Akagi characters[View]
161442420Now that In This Corner Of The World is in select theaters, is it better than Your Name and is it th…[View]
161457619Umaru S2 PV: New PV is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJvUaP8Tdrw[View]
161450066Why is this allowed in anime?[View]
161381346Drawthread: Come and request or make /a/ related art.[View]
161453137dragon ball super: what went right?[View]
161454109ITT:: Talk about anime you want to talk about but never get the chance to.[View]
161455536Fact: No one would care about this series if not for TTGL Prove me wrong.[View]
161442046Was he a man-child?[View]
161452133How can we stop slip[View]
161452018Genki or quiet?[View]
161457382ITT: Guilty pleasures: Post 'em.[View]
161457188'Rousing yourself to do battle, that what a boner truly is.' >says that to the kid who name liter…[View]
161445066Holy shit, I want to be her dad so bad. Who's your daughteru /a/?[View]
161457280Gundam BF: GM's Counterattack: There's less than 2 full days left until the second build f…[View]
161453388Who will you...: Kill, Marry, Fuck, Ignore?[View]
161457249Anyone else seen this yet? If so what did you think? I thought it was decent, not amazing. The high …[View]
161446962SYD: Time to do a quick chapter. Hopefully edit anon is nearby[View]
161456393Sieg: Why do anons hate the strong and thick dragon dick so much?[View]
161450086One Piece: Chapter 876 Spoilers: Where Zeus's lightning fell, there is a big hole in the groun…[View]
161418249This is Lynn Okamoto's (Elfen Lied, Brynhildr, Parallel Paradise) battle station. https://twit…[View]
161454010>Sansha Sanyou >Anne Happy flopped >Urara Meirocho flopped >Hinako Note flopped >New …[View]
161453357ITT Girls from popular series no one likes. Pic related. There are literally zero Muramasafags out t…[View]
161454301Why is Ueno so perfect?[View]
161450283ITT Love interests that are too good for the MC of their series[View]
161456143Eromanga Sensei: Full panty in BD.[View]
161454883What are some examples of changing artstyles in anime? I know Prisma Illya is a huge one.[View]
161453932I can't believe Chiaki would do that to Kae! Was Ghost Slide a mistake?[View]
161456602You know you are saving anime when you don't even need Jesus Yamakan and you are too good for c…[View]
161443415Name one thing bad about JoJo besides the annoying fanbase[View]
161456366your best OTP and best ship[View]
161436144Awesome jobbers: >Physically imposing >Cool backstory and introduction >Fairly powerful jus…[View]
161448751Molester Man: Just finished this old manga and I really wanted to talk about it. Even though there …[View]
161422704Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Jesus learns programming magic this week[View]
161449577So what show from your backlog are you watching right now?[View]
161455216Sheriff Evans' Bullshit: I'm slow as hell, but I just read the most recent chapter. When t…[View]
161455976Did they just liken link summoning to the conception of life?[View]
161455924Jesus they are totally tears.[View]
161449600If you had to be trapped in one anime/manga world: If you had to be trapped in one anime/manga world…[View]
161450507Can't beat the cock.[View]
161451409Gothic Lolitas: Is she the cutest gothic lolitha ever created?[View]
161436635Gargantia was wasted potential.[View]
161455118We need more girls sitting on dudes laps: Why dont more girls sit on the dude's laps? It's…[View]
161448809>170 cm >68 kg[View]
161451719a Jabami[View]
161452192DAISUKI Closure: Bandai Namco article in Nikkei today about closure of Daisuki. http://www.nikkei.co…[View]
161455182Have you ever cry out watching anime?[View]
161443933WHO WOULD WIN?: well?[View]
161454502What was his problem?[View]
161447456>character's name is jin >hair is long Every fucking time.…[View]
161453508>MC is beta, weak and useless at the start of the series >he stays that way forever…[View]
161454299What was Ple's fucking problem?[View]
161451703Tita rules, Estelle drools![View]
161454033Violet Evergarden: Where is this located?[View]
161412003So I want to start watching precure /a/, where do I start? Which ones do I skip?[View]
161455009Plot armor thread: Considering the world she lives in, exist there someone with a plot armor thicker…[View]
161437354Classroom Crisis: Your thoughts on this show? I was unimpressed at the very beginning, but the 3-epi…[View]
161449504>draw a boy >call it a girl Why is this allowed?…[View]
161450329Smiles you want to protect[View]
161430893Why isn't there more angsty romance in anime?[View]
161447258Series that will never ever get a S2[View]
161449912Does this show get better?: I'm only 2 episodes in and it seems like it was written by someone …[View]
161442908>supposed to be 12 years old Why did they make her attractive?[View]
161454324Saotome Mary is made to be treated roughly.[View]
161453919How do you feel about Sanji's wife?[View]
161453754Did they?[View]
161453885Nichijou: Nano, Nano Daisuki desu Your fortune: better luck next time[View]
161451194Anne Happy: >latest volume at the usual place >no thread This time we have lots of plot and ch…[View]
161422052What did /a/ think of Keijo?[View]
161440747>download akagi because kaiji was fun to watch >don't know anything about mahjong so tryi…[View]
161450116What is the best style of hair in anime and why is it okappa?[View]
161450932style without substance[View]
161452457>It's a manga published by Seven Seas and Yen Press[View]
161448912Evangelion: How would you comfort a crying Misato?[View]
161450726Did anybody actually enjoy this? I am not talking about being fascinated by the slender animation, t…[View]
161452549If Izuna was my dad, do you think he'd be mad if I played video games all day?[View]
161420890Yuyushiki: Breaking News: Japanese scientists find a cure for heterosexuality[View]
161451509Why didn't he just investigate into all the deaths in Kanto after the elementary school killing…[View]
161451655Is this the best kafkaesque anime?[View]
161453638Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry: Lets be honest, if Shizuku was your sister you'd let her kiss you too…[View]
161451525Share your favourite transparent.png images[View]
161452631Dagashi Kashi: Just the omake.[View]
161453816KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
161452501Fumetsu no Anata e / To Your Eternity Chapter 36: >you will never become the leader of an Island …[View]
161435226Nana Maru San Batsu: What's up with her VA? Is she new or is this done on purpose?[View]
161450393Where are the games? You told me there'd be games.[View]
161452275Anyone else have an autistic need to see an anime through, no matter how shit it is? I dropped Eroma…[View]
161452097Why do they have gambling addict animes but not alcoholism animes? Pander to my addiction already![View]
161453323Was this intended to be as be as moe as it was? It couldn't have been an accident, right? But c…[View]
161440604Tsuredure Children: Woop woop[View]
161452783I need /a/ Hiro: Where have all the good men gone And where are all the gods Where's the street…[View]
161445792>Chris Ayers dies >Linda Young returns to voice Frieza in Dub How would the DBZ community reac…[View]
161449831ITT: smiles we failed to protect: Starting with not one but two easy examples.[View]
161451858New TM ACE Tsukihime Remake is not dead.[View]
161431730What's your opinion on kino's (sexy) redesign?[View]
161452327I'm starting to think all the people praising this as a 'unique coming of age story' have no fu…[View]
161452360Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
161438553That girl ain't right.[View]
161451716>best girls of their respective series[View]
161422777shokugeki no souma discussion: Guesses: Next round will be 5 Vs Eishi Vs Issiki Rindou Vs Erina Momo…[View]
161452041The worst girl of her respective series.[View]
161450101EAT THIS[View]
161451100Can blind girls get heart shaped pupils?[View]
161442971Why does anime as a medium try so hard to trigger my /his/ autism? Why do they grossly exaggerate an…[View]
161450111The ending fucking ruined it. I know it followed the LN but the writing started falling apart at the…[View]
161443093Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon SP 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Dlu6QpcMk[View]
161431601What happened to all the great 80s artists and designers? Did they retire or die or turn to shit?[View]
161445711What went wrong?[View]
161423684I believe in true love now. Thanks Your Name.[View]
161451311Toshiue no Hito: Let's have a TnH thread, what was your favorite part of the story/who was your…[View]
161449931holy shit this was depressing[View]
161450707Hajime Ichinose: What if at the end, Katze succeeded in making humanity kill each other? Hajime ende…[View]
161446172Post moments that make you unequivocally happy.[View]
161449074>western studio does a cgi remake of Arupusu no Shojo Haiji >literally has better animation th…[View]
161450762Robot x Laserbeam: How does /a/ feel about autistic golf? I'm liking it somewhat, but perhaps t…[View]
161445801What would a 4kids dub of pic related be like?[View]
161450778I'd hack to her gate, if you know what I mean.[View]
161441239Ritsu is best girl[View]
161450388Were Chill hip hop vibes were the best thing to ever intersect with anime?[View]
161443143Pegasus Fantasy or Soldier Dream?[View]
161449938What happened to Armstrong's nipples?[View]
161435035Season 3 when?[View]
161439405Has there every been a series that wasted it's potential this hard?[View]
161450416Question about anime blu rays: I was trying to find some on amazon, however I notice most of the ani…[View]
161449670Who is the best sensei?[View]
161437871TOP 10 ANIME FIGHTS[View]
161448174Itt bad anime plots you are surprised not to exist: Ok. So here's what I'm thinking. Consi…[View]
161450181>OP by Ami Wajima[View]
161444516Is Mob serperior to Saitama in every way? Mob >Not seeking pointless glory >still manages to h…[View]
161408750Kakegurui: >weird bdsm femdom yuri >gambling russian roulette >creepy as fuck reaction face…[View]
16143948518if: This show is highly abstract but this last episode was something else entirely. Nevermind the …[View]
161448303Baseball anime and manga: Let's talk about baseball anime and manga! I like how Rookies treats …[View]
161449725Just finished this anime. I want to ask, why did they rush the ending so badly? They could have made…[View]
161449789Now that the arc is over, would a movie be a good conclusion to the anime?[View]
161449742Shouldn't she at least be a little concerned?[View]
161447930Kiss X Sis: Kiss X Sis thread? What do you guys think of the latest chapters? I've been reading…[View]
161431535Girls und Panzer: Seems we get more Koume in the next RW parts. >>34941031 Since her character…[View]
161436129Would you watch Nero's anime?[View]
161359641Slayers: What was the point of her hair turning white? If it was permanent then I could see it being…[View]
161448031TSKR Episode #9 - DNA: http://bato.to/reader#304f84bb4b04a679_1 JoJo's Colored Adventure recent…[View]
161448598This is an evil man-eating bear Say something nice about her![View]
161445243you, a brainlet: Gabriel Dropout/Himouto Umaru-chan me, a big brain boy: GJ-bu[View]
161448313What do the Japanese call these thick eyebrows?[View]
161443758Asuka frustrates reifags because they know their inanimate doll could never compete with perfection.[View]
161449157Tenshi no 3p: I thought this show was about cute girls trying to make a band to save their church, n…[View]
161427897ITT characters that you look like[View]
161439596What's wrong with Jabami Yumeko? No matter how you look at it, she has a screw loose![View]
161446555What would be your reaction if Season 4 was announced?: S3 was the weakest season. Was animated by S…[View]
161429818One Piece: Spoilers tonight. Serious question. Is Sanji still carrying Nami at then end of the chapt…[View]
161447215You wouldn't marry Rin would you?[View]
161447156Frame Arms Girl [Lab days]]: New chapter is out[View]
161445512Would /a/ be interested in Nintendo manga? ARMS is apparently getting a manga publication in Coro Co…[View]
161448643best ass in town: best ass in town[View]
161443410So i'm a big One Meme Man fan was wondering if Mob Psycho was as good as I here? Also should I …[View]
161441789>smooth jazz starts playing[View]
161447614What the fuck is his problem?[View]
161439849Vigilantes discussion thread, certainly not a general for My Hero Academia, heaven forbid!: So let u…[View]
161447817Anyone else sometimes go back to watching dub just to add a layer of comedy or surreality due to the…[View]
161448197ITT : Princess Principal but dieselpunk America[View]
161432601Berserk: Okay /a/ let's settle this once and for all, was it rape?[View]
161334455Seems like the prisma artbook finally started getting scanned. Also I'm guessing we should soon…[View]
161378786JoJolion #68: How will the bean outmaneuver Urban Guerrilla while his entire body is being destroyed…[View]
161447582>it's those 2 background bitches gossiping or aming fun of MC[View]
161433248Do you miss Speedlines /a/?[View]
161439796Is this one of those movies I shouldn't watch? I feel like knowing what her voice sounds like w…[View]
161447637Dropped: Tropes or shit that makes you instantly drop a series. >Dude falls onto tits >Shitty …[View]
161447342You have 10 seconds to name ONE good seasonal garbage.[View]
161440904Danchigai ch78: New chapter is out. Earlier thread with the scans died quickly, hopefully this one s…[View]
161351350Since this Roselia single will be the ED for Vanguard, how long until a Bang Dream with other Bushir…[View]
161445425What has made the designs of Cardcaptor Sakura hold up so well against the test of time? In other se…[View]
161438862Tsurezure children: MAXIMUM HARDCORE HAND ON HAND ACTION[View]
161446595Is she dead?[View]
161435452So a few months ago in an attempt to revive a dying magazine, Shonen Jump released six new manga in …[View]
161443211meme: the smug thread[View]
161425486Boruto: Discussion and prediction thread (manga, anime) Novel 3 description says it contains not sho…[View]
161440217ITT favorite anime of the year[View]
161445563Holy shit! New chapter????[View]
161444056>MFW literally no good anime for the last season or so[View]
161445051Tomo-Chan: goddamnit[View]
161446591NANI?!?! KANSEI DORIFTO!!!![View]
161432424Heroines taller than the MC: Post your favorite manlets[View]
161419015Catgirls or Foxgirls, /a/?[View]
161444024How did Ougi know the first minion's name if she was only like 5 or 6 months old?[View]
161445153>indirect kiss Is this bullshit a real thing, or just something in anime and manga?…[View]
161431460Is Parasyte worth reading/watching?[View]
161443390[Stand Thread]: What would your stand's ability and name be? Post yours and rate others. Bonus …[View]
161442748Picture this scene as well as the Acqua Battle in Railgun style and Taboo Tattoo animation If we do …[View]
161436595Why didn't they just end it after Volume 12?[View]
161440621Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler 044 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambl…[View]
161445049Dragon Ball Super: Chads of /a/ Edition: You can delete our threads, mods. But there's one thin…[View]
161445021Is this the King of the Hill of anime?[View]
161438879Is Roba-chan /ourguy/?[View]
161443189How to tell that a girl has made the Manga[View]
161440914>tfw this anime is to intelligent for me to enjoy[View]
161441022How should imouto address her brother?[View]
161413499Tomo-chan: Carol's actually mad[View]
161444577Kamen Rider: Why are they called Masked Heroes? They barely hidden their identity anymore[View]
161439552these uniforms are too _____[View]
161425268do you prefer your slice of life anime to be about the country side or the big city[View]
161439912Would /a/ watch a harem full of disabled girls?[View]
161424000One Punch Man: Murata is streaming yet again. Garou is recovering.[View]
161438997What was his problem?[View]
161441136Can we have an old waifu chart thread? Only patrician polygamist are allowed Link with other formats…[View]
161435265I don't understand why anyone ever thought greenlighting garbage shows is a good idea.[View]
161444201ITT: The truth: Infinite Ryvius has the most hopeless atmosphere in all of anime.[View]
161437645>It's a manga published by Seven Seas and Yen Press[View]
161433784What would you do if your right hand turned into a cute girl?[View]
161439038Boku no hero academia: What do you think about Ochako?[View]
161442415Buyfag Thread: Read the guide before asking any questions: buyfags.moe (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS PO…[View]
161443664Am I the only one enjoying this show?: I can't explain it. It feels like a low rent version of …[View]
161431353Is she a flat character?[View]
161441456Fall 2017: Where were you when anime was saved?[View]
161432076new game: What's her endgame?[View]
161414092Y'know what really grinds my gears? Romance Manga and Anime that ends right after the confessio…[View]
161443719What was the artist trying to convey here, /a/?[View]
161441301I heard you like junk.[View]
161443268Was this the biggest sausagefest ever?[View]
161442963Code Geass Akito is better than the main series: It's story is more compelling than pseudo inte…[View]
161441689Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Special 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS4XRLlENtg[View]
161436524tfw Re-L will never look at you this way[View]
161438848Post your most inspirational anime quotes[View]
161443076Magi: Magi 362 http://imgur.com/a/s04cT Sinbad 153 http://imgur.com/r/magi/MSt0U[View]
161442731Girls and Motorcycles finnaly done right (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou): Anyone Hype for this? Part Kino,…[View]
161443141Remember this little shit?[View]
161382245Damn, Type-Moon's artwork used to look like THAT?[View]
161393949Just finished Bakemonogatari and thought it was ok despite the fanservice, the date episode in parti…[View]
161435420Top 10 Manga Betrayals[View]
161441150It's not just a coincidence, right?[View]
161441134Why is Elizabeth Bathory a lizard idol?[View]
161439663Can slip beat accelerator?[View]
161438621Enma Ai is very cute.[View]
161441645Post budget anime: bishoujo yuugi unit crane game girls[View]
161434307Left or right?[View]
161426420Mangatraders: Did they die?[View]
161422528Are there any characters you refuse to fap to no matter how sexy they are? Pic related. I refuse to …[View]
161442617autism: the anime[View]
161412638aho: Would you fuck this retard?[View]
161423966>all she wants is her friends to stop endangering themselves in fighting witches against their wi…[View]
161418945ITT: Try to explain why KF become popular despite the initial odds were poor.[View]
161437233All kidding aside, would you watch a Netflix reboot of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?[View]
161407877ITT: Boner inducing scenes[View]
161439597Is Ueno the epitome of Yamato beauty?[View]
161423495Oh shit nigga it's saint seiya but less gay. It a going to FLOP isn't It?[View]
161432848Dragon Ball Super: Besides the animation improving (for the most part), the color has also improved …[View]
161437977I DON'T UNDERSTAND![View]
161435650What's the best part, and why is it Phantom Blood?[View]
161355575HUG the Hanako: I want to SQUEEZE Hanako Oomuro! She's such a cute little loli, I just want to …[View]
161440544Galko: This is Galko's underwear while she in school what's your opinion?[View]
161431634Do you get tired of high school protagonists?[View]
161438121BUKAKU, KIKAKU, RINKAKU, KAKUJO, KAGUNE, KAKUJA. How the heck do you guys keep up with this? Serious…[View]
161438413To Your Eternity 036 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >To Your Eternity 036 (2017) (Digital) (dan…[View]
161437484Boku-Tachi Ga Yarimashita: 3rd attempt to discuss this manga, maybe night-/a/ follows it. It's …[View]
161436938>Devilman is Love Story What did he mean by this?[View]
161429905Heavens Feel:: Do you still trust Ufotable for Heavens Feel /a/ ? >UBW S2 >Tales of Zestiria …[View]
161440166I want to have sex with a 2m tall grandma with the strength of 120,000 men.[View]
161420647>Punches bitches and whores on a daily basis and now he got himself a mecha How do we stop him?…[View]
161424195How are long do you think the popularity of this show will last?[View]
161385907Buyfag Thread: Following the new guidelines![View]
161404796Jibril (No Game No Life) vs Albedo (Overlord) who would win?[View]
161428096what went wrong?[View]
161400218Koi to Uso: Cowtits episode.[View]
161439206Yu Yu Hakusho Thread: Can anybody give me a quick rundown of these guys?[View]
161430541Which is your favorite mediocre/bad anime?[View]
161438983ITT: Those who did nothing wrong[View]
161434790What is the best Fate series and why is it Carnival Phantasm[View]
161439056Sagiri is the most attractive JC[View]
161424257Best girls of their respective series[View]
161438633We can do things you heroes cant do! We can start threads![View]
161437412Ougi's introduction was jarringly sudden. It's as if the viewer was supposed to think she…[View]
161436963How did the Black Tri Star become such famous characters in Gundam and anime in general? They were i…[View]
161437386Akira: Okay, I've read over the manga multiple times and I still have no clue what the hell is …[View]
161397251Why aren't more cute anime girls smoking?[View]
161390578Re:Zero: new chapter https://remonwater.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/reif-starting-life-in-a-different-…[View]
161438236moshi moshi, konata desu[View]
161438823How is it that CCCP still the best way to watch anime?[View]
161431712Be honest, was it a masterpiece?[View]
161435274Kuuchuu Buranko/Trapeze: Who wins? Just finished this and it was really therapeutic. What was your f…[View]
161406518Good use of 3d in anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFfsTeExwbQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
161430333JIBUN WO: Code Geass is literally the best anime ever. Modern-day Shakespeare. You haven't forg…[View]
161438678Dolly Kill Kill: Shit sure fucking escalates fast in this manga[View]
161437693You hear it, you lose.: You are a fucking newfag if you didn't watch this.[View]
161436410Trash: It's okay to love trash. It's okay to hate classics. Be yourself. Enjoy life.…[View]
161438388Fuuka 167 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Fuuka 167 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://use…[View]
161400737Made in Abyss: Why would they cut they cut this adorable potato from last episode?[View]
161432391These homos fucked after that scene, didn't they?[View]
161438124Dragon Ball Super: It's probably happened.[View]
161434951Ballroom e Youkoso: This anime makes me excited. Every episode I'm sitting there watching it wi…[View]
161435087This manga has been at the bottom of the Shonen Jump rankings since it began. How long until it…[View]
161437626Story Time - Migratory Forest - Haibara Yaku: Hey. Dumping a recent scanlation. I haven't actua…[View]
161437817>take multi volume mango >adapt it into a single feature length movie >it comes out a poorl…[View]
161433642What is her appeal?[View]
161431465Dagashi Kashi: dumping I guess[View]
161436630Bloodsign: How do you feel about old hags acting like little sisters?[View]
161432704How long until Goku and Vegeta kick Beerus' ass like the oracle fish's said?[View]
161435719Nichijou: Nano, Nano! Daisuki desu[View]
161434708Are space westerns dead and gone forever: Plz japan give me a decent space western. Im tired of thes…[View]
161433138Why was Shaft picked to do an adaption for a normalfag series?[View]
161434160Will this handsome Bastard!! ever come back: is he gone forever?[View]
161436859>'anime would be great if it was popular with western audiences and not Japanese neckbeards' >…[View]
161433657Is there anything that makes a girl wetter than other girls who are well armored?[View]
161435129Nichijou: Have you ever got a presento like that?[View]
161436642You wouldn't a NEET princess.[View]
161428331Aho-Girl ep 8: top kek[View]
161419430>'Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days' Almost close to a full hour long Movie...Why the Heck am I just now…[View]
161435579Bando: Find me one flaw protip: you can't[View]
161435106Why do mechatards with the lowest standards possible always suck him off? He has never directed anyt…[View]
161426005Don't you?[View]
161418521Bleach End Anniversary: It's been a year since Bleach officially ended, how do you feel about t…[View]
161430553The second watching was just as disappointing as the first.[View]
161415674Fate: >Useless outside of her NP >NP needs 72 hours to prepare >Won't even build it if…[View]
161425033Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen break notice: It's here: https://cycomi.com/viewer.php?chapter_id=315…[View]
161432724This show gives MISUNDESTANDINGS! a whole new meaning. Why would you call over a girl to ask her to …[View]
161431268Nurse Witch Komugi: This is the peak of all magical girl/idol anime. There needs to be more appreci…[View]
161435118My parents probably think I'm gay because they saw me watching this shit when I grew up.[View]
161436136>be mad thinking artist-chan got killed off early because bitches can't handle the bantz …[View]
161434659Are you enjoying Touya Christ, Superstar /a/?[View]
161429351Utena: So what was exactly a 'prince' anyway?[View]
1614338441) This is Diana! 2) Diana is the best girl! 3) She's cute! 4) I love her! 5) Diana![View]
161432440Anime tropes you despise: >flustered tsundere character uses a double negative to describe the mc…[View]
161434114Who is better mc?: Kaneki or Eren, who is better protagonist and why?[View]
161431236Aho Girl: Hey onii-chan, I've got some Almond Crush Deluxe Pochi over here. You can have some i…[View]
161433658THE iDOLM@STER SideM: Will iDOLM@STER fans watch it? It has cute idols.[View]
161432363What's wrong with her legs?[View]
161434636did Shinobu get the best end out of all the girls in Araragi's harem? eternally a loli and gets…[View]
161433780Acchi Kocchi: I started watching Acchi Kocchi again, and holy had I forgot how comfy it is. People g…[View]
161431433I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
161427883Mousou Telepathy 425: Save us Croissant.[View]
161425853Wow, her... story is amazing.[View]
161433609Doubts of Dr Myuu: Something I don't get of this character? Was he a real Tsufur or just a Mach…[View]
161431848Monster Musume: Considering the page about slime reproduction, is it possible that the other Giant S…[View]
161432344What did you guys think about the new chapter? I gotta admit this manga gets overshadowed by other m…[View]
161434002Did Little Witch Academia stole ideas from Worst Witch Academia?[View]
161434023A dumb university name for a dumb girl[View]
161435010Does Cowboy Bebop have a fascist aesthetic or is it closer to communist aesthetic?[View]
161434685Parallel Paradise: Do you know where I can find the raws for Parallel Paradise chapters 10 and up? T…[View]
161428874let have draw your waifu thread[View]
161434590Is this how fujos actually are?[View]
161432235ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself For me its Ayanokouji Kiyotaka- Intelligent, nihilistic …[View]
161400036Yuusha ga Shinda!: New chapter fucking when?[View]
161430713Season 3 when?[View]
161430947This isn't even anime. This transcends anime. This is European arthouse cinema in serial form.[View]
161429908ITT: 'villains' whomst did NOTHING wrong[View]
161429415>Moriarty is an old man instead of a cute girl What was Nasu thinking?[View]
161396071Fire Punch ch. 64 & 65: Science Fiction Double Feature. I'm gonna be dumping chapters 64 an…[View]
161430741You hear it you lose: You lost.[View]
161431844Yuragi Inn: Chisaki is best girl[View]
161428812“O, My Rubber Nen” (sometimes stylised as “O MY RUBBER NEN”) is a quote uttered by character Hisoka …[View]
161428636Black Lagoon: What did she mean by this?[View]
161431061Clione no Akari: One Clione a day keeps the cancer away.[View]
161420574centaur_no_nayami: How do you feel about pure centaur maidens?[View]
161429887ITT: Villians who did somethings wrong[View]
161432189Do you like nuns?[View]
161427289Why does no one like her?[View]
161430384When will oda reveal Blackbeard's TS design properly? It's been so long since he last appe…[View]
161420753ITT: Anime with a god-tier OST[View]
161431504>Dio isn't the best /a/ vill- Woah![View]
161433099She wants your blood.[View]
161427524What's you're favorite anime studio?[View]
161431679>Best boy is also best girl. How is that possible ?[View]
161429584Season 2 when? Manga continuation when?[View]
161431669Schneider is my favorite[View]
161430714Crossover Thread: Havent seen one in a while.[View]
161426065New lotgh: Is this shit ever coming out? I swear it was announced over 3 years ago.[View]
161425891Ballroom e Youkoso: >his mother and his ex-dance partner are both hot Which one will he take, /a/…[View]
1614327917O3X: New episode is out: This week it's double answer question time.[View]
161419764Boku no Hero Academia: So, if One for All happens to be passed to someone that already have a quirk,…[View]
1614273242 cours is the perfect structure if it's used to its full potential, but so many 2 cour shows m…[View]
161425844Why is Broly so universally loved?[View]
161417461nagatoro san: Nanashi posted these yesterday. Translate it weebs please[View]
161418642This movie was absolutely terrible. I'm glad I didn't bother watching this on the theaters…[View]
161426653MY NAME... IS...[View]
161430926>be best girl[View]
161407638Just finished my first gundam series, why do people say it's good?[View]
161424783Dragon Ball Super: I actually liked this episode. >Not filled with ATATATATA(though there was so…[View]
161420559Is Satania cute? Did the anime industry lobby for Sony to include Japan and the US in the same blu-r…[View]
161409526Princess Principal: When will Chieko come back?[View]
161404188NEW GAME!!: <24 hours until best and worst girl[View]
161430898Time paradox in Dragon Ball is really fucking stupid. Are you telling me if I go back in time in a d…[View]
161430895>Absolutely no shading And into the trash it goes. What a downgrade from ZZ…[View]
161425492>watamote is a het seri-[View]
161425163Was he an asshole?[View]
161409284Could anybody beat Ryuko at scissoring?[View]
161430766How to close the second eyelids? *hk_kizu*[View]
161426409Hajime no Gal: >this piece of shit is the most popular anime of the season how the fuck is this p…[View]
161429645How much do you like Chrollo from Hunter x Hunter?[View]
161429255Who the fuck says this to their own son?[View]
161427463Give me your honest opinion on Kumiko.[View]
161420759Shu and Inori deserved a happy ending, don't you agree?[View]
161428938>no matter how many times i watch it, Garden of Words' end won't change i just i just c…[View]
161427535>10/10 when voicing Tsukasa >all other roles seem to lack something Why is this? Was Tsukasa c…[View]
161421115>you wake up and you see this fat fuck standing next to your bed What do you do?…[View]
161429957>want to get into X anime because i hear good stuff about it >900 epiosodes…[View]
161421078This is /our guy/ Roba-chan Say something nice about him[View]
161382399One Piece: Spoilers tomorrow. How will they deal with these two once they reach the ship?[View]
161425400just anohter piece of shit that gets you riding the eather and than turns into pure ass after that..…[View]
161429826Attention Keyman Editor: QC is up in the folder. The next chapter has also been translated, so pleas…[View]
161426766who is best waifu and why is it ninja waifu?[View]
161429607When did /m/ become /d/?[View]
161423359Amano Megumi 85+: Have some time today, so I'll try and clear the chapter hurdle.[View]
161422216Gabriel Dropout: >[HAS] Gabriel DropOut - Volume 1 [BD 810p AAC] Anyone order a volume of Gabriel…[View]
161428270Choose one to make a 'contract' with.[View]
161429479>rereading berserk for the first time in a few years >just finished the fight with the slug co…[View]
161428116Sup bro, wanna crack open a cold one and listen to some rockin tunes?[View]
161425270Is Trigun (so) appreciated solely out of nostalgia? Seems a lot of people put it on par with Cowboy …[View]
161429105What /a/ think of sakuga ?: https://youtu.be/10yUoFSoCiQ[View]
161429292One day this will get animated and anime wont ever be the same again. HunterxHunter 2020[View]
161397168Boruto manga: The second translation for Chapter 15 has been released.[View]
161426375Aki is for ___[View]
161420997Blue haired girls are ALWAYS the best girls from their respective series. This is indisputable fact.[View]
161425007What is the oldest animo you have watched?[View]
161424772Gon Freecs vs Goku: Who do you think would win in a fight between Gon in the Chimera ant arc (not Go…[View]
161425378Why did KyoAni decide to make a new movie of this?[View]
161421146Was it rape?[View]
161407534What was the point of this fourth season ?[View]
161427851This is the most uninspired shit I've seen in years.[View]
161428025Sweet Guy: She was clearly the best girl, so why didn't she win?[View]
161427188What is even happening in this manga right now?[View]
161421447Hinomaru Zumou: It's happening.[View]
161424624Left or right?[View]
161423924What other artists were far beyond the others at the time? This man was a visionary that made many u…[View]
161407432Karakai no Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san: Chapter 6[View]
161423016Post your favorite anime and your IQ >Himouto Umaru-chan >200…[View]
161428079I feel like being a loner now. I can't what I like anymore.[View]
161421206you know the drill[View]
161427688ITT: Guess the anime OP. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1X9LDXIjWM0[View]
161413698When will Japanese understand that silver hair doesn't look good and all silver-haired girls ar…[View]
161427894>the lyrics of the OP/ED end with「のに」[View]
161423645I don't get it.[View]
161411820Hotaru or Saya?[View]
161420902Dark Magician Girl: This is Dark Magician Girl. Please say something nice to her.[View]
161425769Intelligent anime characters: Only the best of the best[View]
161427109sound effects for anime titties: k-on dragon maid i prefer the deep drums of k-on to the metalic pla…[View]
161387191Is she a failure of her species?[View]
161423480What's the appeal of a yandere?[View]
161411579Loli Pantsu: Kobato Hasegawa just offered you her pantsu, will you take them? I sure as hell am.…[View]
161425175I love rape[View]
161427152>Surprisingly you find you're waifu in hell.[View]
161422307>video game mechanics[View]
161423441She did it again.[View]
161426491Seeing teenaged Fujiko Mine in lewd positions feels really wrong for some reason.[View]
161424557Why does /A/ love this shit so much? it is literally garbage[View]
161422076Whats their appeal?[View]
161423928Danchigai ch78: New chapter and cover for vol 6 revealed.[View]
161425634What is your favorite mixed fight scene?[View]
161425595Oni Chichi: More Airi when?[View]
161420635>I think I figured it out! >commercial break >I figured it out! >You did it! Here's…[View]
161426117I fucking hate this author so very much fuck. It's like getting hurt for the second time with K…[View]
161424068Who is she?[View]
161377274Naruto Females Debate: Now that the Naruto series is over, which Naruto girl is the best? Boruto gir…[View]
161408639best girls of their respective name: i'll start with Asuka[View]
161413077What went wrong?[View]
161418932Is 2000 up to around 2004 literally the worst period for anime? Hardly any of this shit will ever re…[View]
161420924youkoso jitsuryoku shijou shugi no kyoushitsu e: Previews are out. Are you ready for more boobs? ht…[View]
161389494>Extremely horny >Been trying to lost his virginity since SJG >literally became a teacher t…[View]
161420648Why do people call it Puella Magi? What the fuck is wrong with Mahou Shoujo?[View]
161425553How many chapters do you think will take until best girl is rejected?[View]
161423478>bullying a blind little girl Not even two nukes would fix Japan's overwhelming cruelty and …[View]
161423464So, what do you think in the fact that our crazy old vigilante actually contributed to someone'…[View]
161421745How come you don't have a cute yuri daughteru?[View]
161422851What are they talking about?[View]
161424680Tatsuhiko Takimoto seems to be doing well, i'm glad.[View]
161423479K - Project: Binged K a few weeks ago. Man I love this anime. Going into the 2nd season post movie I…[View]
161423366Meruru thread: meru meru meru meru meru meru me meru meru meru meru meru meru me[View]
161410069Remember when Shonen had villains who were interesting and who you actually cared about?[View]
161424985>Ah, yes. There was an anime like that.[View]
161423541What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
161411277Kaguya: This week's ch, sluts.[View]
161419953So what was the reason they didn't invite Biscuit into the Chimera Ant arc? I mean she's …[View]
161424395Big in China: So, now that the Gintama LA-film hit China how much is it going to make on its first d…[View]
161419956Is Ueno the epitome of Japanese beauty?[View]
161424250I wish Scum's Wish was scummier.[View]
161331363Is this guy going to turn out to be a machine or something? He acts like one. I feel like I've…[View]
161417547Making my way through season 1 right now, is season 2 better, equal, or worse? Cause season 1 is the…[View]
161400050Cinderella Girls: Gekijou: Who will be the sun and the moon in the new season of the anime?[View]
161422397Will there be a second season of Eromanga? I want to see a crossover with OreImo. Kirino drawn in th…[View]
161422097Fireworks ends the weekend with 466,454,300 yen earning 295,000,000 of that on Saturday/Sunday. >…[View]
161422337What happened to Haruhi? Couldn't stop hearing about it in 07/08. Did the writer ever finish t…[View]
161399251Nagi no Asukara and Miuna Monday: What excites you most about NnA season 2?[View]
161415905Are you excited for when it comes back /a/? Never read a manga that handled politics as interestingl…[View]
161412466Berserk Thread: Was he really evil?[View]
161413497So can anyone explain to me exactly what role Pen-Pen played in the larger symbolism of Neon Genesis…[View]
161404669Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: Chapter 22, part 3 This week: Ace begins the greatest comeback of all …[View]
161412307Dragon Ball Super: What would happen to these threads if Gohan and Caulifla actually fought?[View]
161411862This Mexican goddess was the best character in the show[View]
161421708Shy girls deserve nothing.[View]
161423147Is Kuro the best JS?[View]
161375467I think it's about time anime ditched the meganekko trope and stop making ugly bespectacled cha…[View]
161423112Hajime and Katze: The best thing about this picture are their feet[View]
161357574Knights and Magic: You have encountered a magic trap.[View]
161423079Why does /a/ think kyoani is the special?[View]
161421273>these are two straight girls who have boyfriends Why is Japan so weird?…[View]
161417821Are big-boobed ditzes really so bad?[View]
161401657Live action Death Note: So, apparently Netflix has just decided to make a live action Death Note ser…[View]
161392775Fate Extra Last Encore: How will shaft mess this up?[View]
161416708Name one better swordsman who is word for word (pound for pound, due to such little 'Samurai Champlo…[View]
161419685What are some series where you can easily tell the creator is an actual imbecile?[View]
161391315Isekai Shokudou: Perfection again soon.[View]
161420588Why don't more JAV actresses have appearances in anime/manga?[View]
161405758What moment made you fall in love with one piece?[View]
161421266Hear me I say QUALITY[View]
161421914Welcome to the NHK was a trip. If Sato got his Anxiety Disorder in check plus the right type of meds…[View]
161416970Still better than One Piece[View]
161420844ITT:Anime that are to intelligent for you.[View]
161422244Is he the ultimate bro?[View]
161409249ITT: Non-manga/light novel/visual novel/mobage works that would make great anime: Novels, video game…[View]
161421113What went wrong?[View]
161417421This is an assassin.[View]
161419463DVD/Bluray when?[View]
161421563KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
161414603Reminder that there is such a thing as TOO tall and 176cm is it.[View]
161419818What was his endgame?: Did Judai stood in his way to take over the world or something?[View]
161418146Post worst girl of their respective series[View]
161417362Show you still like but everyone else forgot: Pic related, I try making a thread every couple of mon…[View]
161419214Don't let this smile fool you.[View]
161421369We are going to build an Onsen and we will make the Tourists pay for it: https://onsen-musume.jp/cha…[View]
161398481Toriyama can kiss my ass.[View]
161376148Let's all say happy birthday to the cutest little girl in the world, Furude Rika. Nipah~[View]
161415673Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceittas: Just watched this anime, it was good, but I feel like there w…[View]
161419005>3DTV anime Is anyone else disappointed that the gimmick died out?[View]
161404528Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record: It's out[View]
161399153>megane >big boobs >shy is there a more perfect combination for a heroine?…[View]
161409547daily reminder[View]
161419470Cute slave![View]
161399154What are your favorite Miyazaki/Takahata productions? Either in Ghibli, or during the Nippon Animati…[View]
161418803Ao no Exorcist: Better than Boku no Hero Academia.[View]
161416679Just watched this. Let's discuss it.[View]
161417830Reading to suffer: For fucks sake! Fuck whoever made that 'Mangas that gave you feels' thread yester…[View]
161420437fuck this awful diaper utility belt wearing grape headed shit ass motherfucker[View]
161419303Re:Creators: what was wrong how could it have been better[View]
161420169Aho Girl: What does her poo smell like?[View]
161410466Uchoten kazoku: 3 when?[View]
161418722Watching this and I can't believe I ever thought pink hair was shit[View]
161419629Anyone seen Goku?: That little bitch owes me over 9,000![View]
161417016Would you date Habara?[View]
161416483Is there a worst character than Shinji?[View]
161411325Is this the best character design in anime?[View]
161413598Veritas: Do you guys remember the original 'My Hero Academia' ?[View]
161407493Who is the cutest anime teacher /a/?[View]
161404509ITT: Best girls of the season: Post your favorite girls of the season.[View]
161419626Clione no Akari: to the morrow[View]
161392165Asuka is a highly realistic depiction of a 3DPD personality, and shares many negative traits with re…[View]
161418261How does a 13 year old have a body like this?[View]
161419514How would you translate 'You are already my very best friend' into japanese while keeping in the spi…[View]
161403259Will there ever be a better loli anime?[View]
161394012ITT: unpopular opinions: Fairy Tail as a whole is better than Naruto and Bleach[View]
161417309Is Kaiba ottermode?[View]
161419139What did each Keion get Ritsu for her birthday? I think Mugi got a huge cake![View]
161416780This animu has made laugh more than any of the comedy animus I've watch and I'm still at t…[View]
161417113>your mom is the final boss of the show what did they mean with this?[View]
1613893661. A childhood friend with big breasts is killed off for good after being eaten by a lion person. 2.…[View]
161418514They keep spelling it Klilyn instead of Kulilin or Kuririn. There must be a reason. It's like S…[View]
161409853Why is he so mad?[View]
161411073What are some /a/ characters people mistakenly think are gay. Pic __related[View]
161412703Which is better? The manga, light novel or anime?[View]
161392317Cake thread: The age of Lolis and high schoolers is over! The age of the cake is now![View]
161412266>MC gets transported to a new world >RPG physics…[View]
161418669Anime would be better if all female characters would be middle schoolers.[View]
161415860ITT: series nobody cares about anymore: pic-related died out so fast[View]
161418344Who's the queen of trolling in anime?: Since Izaya is the king of trolling, who's the quee…[View]
161414916You haven't forgotten about me, have you? Darling~[View]
161415733What the fuck?[View]
161397891Perfect animu bodies: If you could have the body of any animu character, who would it be?[View]
161413380Fate: Why is the Fate route so boring? Are UBW and HF really worth reading through this infodump-rid…[View]
161417859BORUTO CH.15: Is that Rock Lee?[View]
161414728Truth has been spoken.[View]
161407150ITT Manga where the heroine is casually violated: Sometimes for laughs[View]
161415580Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri: Actually pretty neat and interesting. What did /a/ th…[View]
161415929Why is the Fate franchise outside of Zero so focused on waifu wars?[View]
161416507The King of Fighters Destiny: Are you enjoying the KOF anime so far, /a/?[View]
161417069I just read this, did I think it was the greatest manga of all time?[View]
161416659Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shojo (Nise): Stupid sexy Orikawa.[View]
161414978This show is cool (who doesn't like music references), MC is literally me, etc., but why do I f…[View]
161413307>Thought all the 'princess' shit was going to be dope >Like, he's actually the reincarnat…[View]
161415661Which Yu-Gi-Oh! girl makes the best waifu? No monsters, please. Beastiality is a crime.[View]
161412635How was this approved?[View]
161403448ITT: God-tier ending themes[View]
161388486Happy birthday Ritsu: She's my angel and makes me smile every time I see her face. Happy birthd…[View]
161409848Fucking seriously?[View]
161412126Tsugumomo: Yoshi is streaming as he draws the next chapter. Is that the chapter we're getting i…[View]
161416687Best team interactions I've seen in any show recently[View]
161413285so ive been trying to get into the monogatari series for a long time. probably two years. i havent e…[View]
161415393Do you think Amanda used magic to steal and then send weapons to the IRA? I mean, she is an Irish Am…[View]
161414505Why were they at the hot spring?[View]
161380237Are you guys prepared for the Eclipse? What are you sacrificing?[View]
161357354Centaur no Nayami.: No nipples in loli.[View]
161416059Why are JCs so sexy lately?[View]
161413823THERE WAS NO ONE WHO COULD EVEN REMOTELY CONTROL OUR HERO JUZO >Punched Naegi in order to defend …[View]
161411760Time to vote http://www.fujimishobo.co.jp/sp/fantasia2017/contest.php[View]
161415755was (is) this Jesus' favorite anime?[View]
161411502remember me?[View]
161396146ITT Girls you could beat in a fight[View]
161396650Yu-gi-oh vrains: When will they hook up?[View]
161414804why aren't nipples ever drawn?[View]
161412998How can I protect this smile?[View]
161413129Would you trust on current day KyoAni for more Lucky Star?[View]
161410059What do you guys think of Tatsuki's new IP? https://twitter.com/irodori7/status/897411972429357…[View]
161414543What objectively speaking makes Taiga best girl?[View]
161361790Characters that need more doujins: Seriously, where are they all?[View]
161413037What do you guys think of anime shows/movies with largely Western influences?[View]
161414570Pink or Red?[View]
161406284Golden Kamuy: This is by far the weirdest fuck the writer has thought up of so far and that's s…[View]
161394439Watch my show.[View]
161414419HAIPA SUPIRITO EBORUSHON Frontier was suck, but Agunimon was the shit.[View]
161404524Gamers: Is this show an accurate portrayal of gamers?[View]
161406205Does /a/ actually prefers Fate Zero over Stay Night or is it just a meme ?[View]
161413373Wow, Haruhi feels so generic now.: Is it my impression, or everybody copied in some way Haruhi. Now …[View]
161412964This is the ideal body. You may not agree with me, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
161404934One will protect you, the others will try to kill you.[View]
161413966Manga Box: Is anyone familiar with this publisher or their app? One of the manga I follow, Dolly Kil…[View]
161407434Hunter x Hunter: A timeskip to Kurapika regaining consciousness or following other POVs?[View]
161402605Another: Mei is one of the cutest girls to ever wear an eye patch. She's the best type of girl …[View]
161411150ITT: Caucasians in anime[View]
161413337ITT: Blatant Otaku bait[View]
161413513Sucks to be akkun[View]
161413026Can somebody recommend me some anime to watch? I watched all the available Boku No Hero Academia epi…[View]
161412281Have you heard of Be-Bop High School?: Has anyone heard of Be-Bop High School? It's a pretty co…[View]
161407182That was a downer ending.[View]
161372739What do you want from the upcoming new season of Senran Kagura?[View]
161412650Has Nighteye (+Mirio and Overhaul also I guess) been a good addition to the series?[View]
161409395basically the only way to save modern anime is for another season of gokudo[View]
161410224>Hey, I just met you[View]
161408201are these proper ninja outfits?[View]
161405965Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc: So this is finally coming next month. How is Watsuki going to solve t…[View]
161389516Tenshi no 3p[View]
161411600ITT characters who are clear copies of existing characters but are superior to the original in every…[View]
161412213Is this the greatest scene of the season, maybe even the year? I'm just fucking cumming from hi…[View]
161404565Clamp thread: Does /a/ like Clamp?[View]
161403873Boku no Hero Academia: Who would win if we had two All for One's, each one with only the quirks…[View]
161401305Megumin Monday: Didn't see a thread about best girl. Let's fix that.[View]
161399980/a/ sings Princess Principle: Just reposting this if anyone wants to join the autism. For anyone int…[View]
161404078Is there a better girl in Macross than Ranka Lee?[View]
161397431best amime[View]
161398820Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 27 of Manga tells us he hasn't trained since the end of Goku Black a…[View]
161408807Steamen Demons: Has a strong hook. All its elements come together and suck the viewer in. Someone ha…[View]
161379204Is it the best gambling anime ever made? it has my vote.[View]
161402045Is there any anime character that represents masculinity better than Duke Togo?[View]
161410184Jagaaaaaan: Thoughts about this[View]
161410110Rozen maiden thread: You are a normal 20 something college young adult, with healthy family of pare…[View]
161408114Fate Aprocrypha: So is this girl like autistic or something?[View]
161410021Is this an Evangelion reference?[View]
161411212What's her problem?[View]
161409939https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_BBBikzw80: Todoroki Shoto VS Katsuki Bakugo | Final Fight UA Sport…[View]
161367479What the fuck is this OP? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHNLtZh3g1A[View]
161409131I'd say... 22 tries rolling like a bitch.[View]
161408048>>74689722 KYON-KUN DENWA![View]
161410525What is this creature?[View]
161409796Is there an English dub on Lupin the Third parts one and three? Part 4 is really great so far.[View]
161407349I should have bought her flowers[View]
161408339Madoka Magica: Magia Record Opening https://twitter.com/wounkun/status/899780758155411456[View]
161408044Is there anything more gross than salt on watermelon?[View]
161410027itt: stories with incredibly unsatisfying payoffs the revelation of it being koiwai to reject masamu…[View]
161409545Do i really need to watch the whole season 21 (Infinite Tsukoyumi their dreams) , is it really impor…[View]
161406285Anyone else hate this little shit? She ruins the fun for everyone else.[View]
161409417Was this kino? Or just ADHD moonland 'humor'?[View]
161410168Subs: Is shit really that bad that if you want to watch most shit nowadays you simply HAVE to downlo…[View]
161407624Romance anime: Opinions? Favorites? I don't know why but romance in anime always hit me harder…[View]
161369861Did he go too far?[View]
161409952is he gay /a/?[View]
161390658Why are good steampunk settings so rare in anime?[View]
161406608More Oni Chichi when?[View]
161404746She did it again.[View]
161385475Symphogear AXZ: Subs today?[View]
161405336>he calls the Genki Dama 'Spirit Bomb'[View]
161379923I just finished watching the 12 episodes of this and I'm now pissed that I liked it. I am also…[View]
161404620DEAD Tube: Let's talk about this crazy bitch.[View]
161407204Whats his endgame /a/? Where the hell did he disappear to? since the tournament started has he even …[View]
161392371Monogatari: Explain something to me. If Karen knew everything about Kanbaru, wouldn't she also …[View]
161405880>character is a beautiful, blonde, foreigner girl with big breasts >falls in love with the mc …[View]
161405782Untranslated Story Time - Hikaru Kaze - YAMAGAMI Tatsuhiko: Hey. Dumping an untranslated series by Y…[View]
161403611yui is the best keion fight me[View]
161408436Why do those three characters look the same character during different stages of her life?[View]
161398174Does /a/ even care about Digimon anymore?[View]
161395257>[HorribleSubs] Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou - 08 [720p] Anyone watching this?…[View]
161406474answer me /a/ is this show legitimately truly unironically good[View]
161408456One of these threads[View]
161407818Ore Monogatari!!: >otousan is dark >okaasan has an afro >best girl is small and pale >mu…[View]
161406093Kuroshitsuji 131: New chapter out! Happy times in the past.[View]
161380599Tomo-chan: :smile:[View]
161405811World's end harem: Let's talk about this new manga. It starts off like a typical hentai co…[View]
161309683How do you think they will handle the adaption?[View]
161407732Season 2 when?[View]
161402666How can we improve old cliches, /a/? >Hentai ojisan that touches girls butts/tits all the time …[View]
161405517why does such an incredibly sexy girl have to also be one of the worst, possibly the WORST girl of a…[View]
161407953Fire punch: So did everyone drop this after second impact?[View]
161389642Nanatsu no Taizai: It's finally out! http://mangastream.com/read/the_seven_deadly_sins/230/4508…[View]
161398147what dish would you make for Asuka to impress her?[View]
161406268What did Aoi mean by this?[View]
161382644Dumping some new chapters of /a/ favorite JC manga.[View]
161375143>Toho expected 4 billion yen in the box office >mediocre 275 million yen weekend opening acros…[View]
161405949What's her endgame?[View]
161404641Clione no Akari: get hype, new episode soon[View]
161396125Friendly reminder to not stare directly into the sunshine. Wide thread[View]
161368804Kemono Friends: We had crossovers with GiTS, Keroro, and RCA. What other crossovers can be expected?…[View]
161379054I know it isn't going to happen, but I want Mako to win. She is so perfect. Hanaoka a shit. I…[View]
161402779Just finished SnK season 2 so why the fuck is she suddenly in a desert? and why didn't no titan…[View]
161363700Anime was more fun in the 80s.[View]
161403197ITT: Characters that made you drop a show Diana has to be the most obnoxious Mary Sue I've seen…[View]
161402092Memesuba: Smash or pass?[View]
161403241Aho Girl: best puns and jokes[View]
161406079Oh shit, it's happening? Will you submit yourself to the godhand to acquire immortality in exch…[View]
161369959Boruto: I feel that the movie is more or less a glorified pilot at this point Still, I wished there …[View]
161404127>Jin: After you find the Sunflower Samurai, what do you intend to do? >Fuu: Well, um... that…[View]
161403669WTF is wrong with that guy?[View]
1614001691 hour in so far. When does it get good?[View]
161327290Aikatsu: What do we think of this new girl, Aria? Will she be the saviour that Stars needs?[View]
161404052h-how do I respond to this?[View]
161404832is there anyone in this world beautiful enough to play CC in a live action adaptation?[View]
161391472OnePunch Man: Murata is back streaming the next chapter.[View]
161405771Rozen Maiden: Looks like Rozen Maiden is finally introducing Japanese dolls rather than Western doll…[View]
161387702Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 137[View]
161402497This season feels so goddamn empty.[View]
161401615Is this the greatest example of a copy being better than the original?[View]
161389143Why isn't there kamen rider anime?[View]
161405319Mokke: just started watching it and I enjoy watching it[View]
161395503Look at this nep: Look at this nep thread maybe dal and fff as well [View]
161347118kaiji kun one more beer and sausages you'll be s happy hhhmmmm yeah hai kaiji kun motto motto h…[View]
161361766Is this an effective training regimen?[View]
161343835Any info yet? What will be the plot of the upcoming Gochiusa movie?[View]
161404208>manga is named 'Akira' >the whole story is about Tetsuo…[View]
161403005So /a/, did you evoke the God Hand during the eclipse?[View]
161400860This is the best AU Gundam.[View]
161402526/a/ sings Cromartie High School: Since the /a/ draws Cromartie High School is finished, an /a/ sings…[View]
161402408It should have ended with Ami getting with Ryuuji and Minorin getting with Kitamura. Ryuuji always …[View]
161402386>Fireworks finishes its three day weekend, one more than most JP films, with a total of 466,450,0…[View]
161401380His voice is so feminine that it's jarring. I thought it was some invisible narrator talking fo…[View]
161401103Hey /a/, I'm curious! Why does everyone like Kaiba so much? why does it get all the praise? Wh…[View]
161330141ITT we post THAT page that reached out hearts[View]
161390228Boku no Hero Academia: Will All Might die? He appears to be in his way to be a cool wise mentor to D…[View]
161403657What would be your REAL LIFE devil fruit?: I'll start off: Human Human No-Mi model: Failure Giv…[View]
161399168>the only bit of actual animation in the latest monogatari was the lewd hand holding scene Reall…[View]
161392545Owarimonogatari S2: What did she mean by this? Did she sell it off to a Chinese resto that serves ca…[View]
161401829Is there a single manga more beautiful than Golden Kamui?[View]
161403522Astolfo Thread?: Astolfo Thread. Post best gi-ahem. Post best boy.[View]
161403490Shingeki No Kyojin: Will Mrs. Arlert and her gingerbread man have any significance to the future sto…[View]
161402340Why is this good.[View]
161336806I just finished this, and I don't know which is worse. That a glorified toy ad was one of the b…[View]
161394039So I put off watching this for almost 7 years, since /a/ said it was so amazing and I wanted to appr…[View]
161390373Princess Principal: You bought a mill out of social embarrassment? I sometimes buy 'The Big Issue' o…[View]
161396413Dragon Ball Super: Why is some karate nog from an opposing universe the only person backing Hit up i…[View]
161398334Whoah. So this, is the power of Japanese romance.[View]
161399219Houkago no Pleiades: Will they ever be able to watch the stars together again?[View]
161380506I bet you don't remember this character name anymore!: Tip: She is not MIO.[View]
161398410Mousou Telepathy: ABSOLUTELY SHREKED BY CROISSANT[View]
161395148The great debate[View]
161402658Why did he marry a murderer?[View]
161392549These guys really suck. I mean, holy shit, they are fucking terrible. I've been giving them a p…[View]
161365691Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Does he ever mary Sue?[View]
161381005Aria no koto ga~[View]
161373446What does /a/ think of tsundere characters?[View]
161371275Fate Apocrypha: Why did they choose this shot composition?[View]
161396581Kirara Fantasia: I just got caught up with the Gakkou Gurashi manga. At the end of the translated ve…[View]
161328390what is unironically your favorite anime?[View]
161383665What do you like most about Pan?[View]
161399969Can outrageous and fun characters save a shit story. I personally noticed that even if the story is …[View]
161401859Vatican Miracle Examiners: This is a Catholic priest sucking on the thigh of another Catholic priest…[View]
161396110I just found this on the ground as I went to pick up my eclipse glasses, does anyone know what it is…[View]
161399442ITT: record scratch freeze frame moments I'm sure anime has a lot of these.[View]
161394954ITT : Artist's greatest work[View]
161393451Nano, Nano! Daisuki desu![View]
161366740Re:Creators: Is this true love?[View]
161399322Megaslowpoke here, just finished reading Chrno Crusade. The whole ChrnoxRosette and reveal of the v…[View]
161347951>You're at home, a middle school dropout, when this doll flies through your window, smashing…[View]
161370376End of Evangelion.: Has /a/ listened to Everything You've Ever Dreamed? It was one of the songs…[View]
161401021Kimi no Na wa.: >Oppai?![View]
161353062SABERS: Saber Classic Scythe Saber Nero Mordred Saber Lilly Saber Alter Saber Lion Mysterious Heroin…[View]
161396810Will there ever be another Blood anime? Also Blood thread, which one is your favorite?[View]
161397219How will Tanya survive in Weimnar Republic?[View]
161397235Survival by Saito Takao (1976): The scanlation is done. Your thought on this classic from the creato…[View]
161383283Is there anyone more badass than Ichigo?[View]
161400598Flying witch: Reminder that Kei is a beta nu-male[View]
161307697KiraKiraPrecure A La Mode: New episode today, subs tomorrow, speculation now. How will Toei fuck Him…[View]
161398639Pay homage to the true Queen of the Moon and her Circus this day.[View]
161400311It was just a prank, wasn't it?[View]
161399353Fist of The North Star Thread[View]
161400285This guy is so cool. He's quite, mysterious and nihilistic - just like me![View]
161398486Mini buyfag question... For those who use Zenmarket, who has used DHL Direct? My yuruyuri wall scro…[View]
161399201Can I get a quick rundown on Riding Bean?[View]
161380228Would you date a retard?[View]
161394752Berserk: Since there's an Eclipse today, let's get a Berserk thread going[View]
161399670Is it fall yet?[View]
161397625GTO - Paradise Lost 093 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >GTO - Paradise Lost 093 (2017) (Digital…[View]
161388402Is caesar zeppeli quite Literally the best character in JoJo?[View]
161398862Is this the best recap episode of all time?[View]
161399492Berserk: >Eclipse is happening >I own a Behelit >My time has come >Pic related…[View]
161346342Raildex: How did Kamachi write such a cool protagonist?[View]
161399419>wears the ponytail immediately the the next day How can one girl be THIS cute?…[View]
161393712ITT: Shows that did not age well[View]
161398857What anime can you not believe there IS fan art for?[View]
161397687What was the best arc in Bleach and why was it the Arrancer arc?[View]
161398255EVERY 216 YEARS: I bid thee welcome to this distant setting, this abstract time. Ye lambs of the ung…[View]
161392972EL PSY CONGROO[View]
161396859Boruto goes Kenichi: They heard their audience. They want to masturbate to Sasuke's pre-teen da…[View]
1613977963x3 thread[View]
161398434Post Cute Anime Songs: Damn this guy spitts some hot Ikanaide Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U…[View]
161396148What anime character has the best knockers?[View]
161398205Aharen-san wa Hakarenai: Cutest shit i've ever read[View]
161396144Gamers!: Misunderstandings go on and on![View]
161395297>Literally three different characters have to seal away their dark powers from running wild and h…[View]
161380147Flip Flappers: >mahou shoujo with a surreal/dreamlike narrative, cute girls, intense action and g…[View]
161381433This is your commanding officer for the duration of the war. Salute her.[View]
161392152Boku no Pico with godtier plot.[View]
161391195ITT forgotten masterpieces.[View]
161397993It is time! Attack now while the fire nation is weak[View]
161393680ITT: /mu/ animes[View]
161384143Eva 3.0+1.0: Do you think we'll get a trailer soon? Also, Unit-two looks to not be a retarded F…[View]
161383373What does /a/ think about Eromanga-sensei? (the show itself not the character) I just finished the s…[View]
161397496Anime Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut8smLDykYM[View]
161393312Hard mode: it must magical girls[View]
161396813Are you all excited for the upcoming Junji Ito: Collection anime? Which stories do you hope get adap…[View]
161397321Hunter x Hunter 368: Viz version where ?[View]
161396422This is so much better than Gundam Wing, I'm only on episode 2. Where's the fucking moron …[View]
161397072How do these fucking Yeagers do it?[View]
161392867You didn't forget him, right /a/?[View]
161396748>Reads Online Manga, half the pages don't load Year for Year Anime and Manga gets shittier a…[View]
161395841So there is no reason at all for Genos to keep following Saitama besides plot right?Is clear that Sa…[View]
161391948Amagami: >this guy still draws Hibiki after all these years How can I be as based as him /a/?…[View]
161385412Greatest love story ever told[View]
161327668Chihaya doesn't deserve the hate she gets.[View]
161396479Marnie: slut[View]
161389126>watch anime with generic high school setting >get flashbacks of your own terrible high school…[View]
161396031What is sensei doing?[View]
161346414>Fuuka flopped >Masamune-kun flopped >Seiren flopped >Kuzu no Honkai flopped >Hajimet…[View]
161395497>it's a harem anime >all the girls have the same personality with only visual differences…[View]
161396201>nice character designs >good setting >great OP/ED >strong start >a fucking waste of …[View]
161396315What's a good sub for grappler baki? Anime Ancestors sub fucking sucks. Plus I'm four epis…[View]
161395662Why anime/manga characters in their 20s like to act as though they are at least 50+ years old?[View]
161396115Vegeta: Was it a midlife crisis? https://youtu.be/yjmoSucnCq8[View]
161393005Why is this cat so evil?[View]
161363762Can you hear it, /a/?[View]
161393701This is Ferido Batori. He's a seventh progenitor among the vampires and he's my boyfriend.…[View]
161395721>The Promised Day has arrived >Not a single Fullmetal Alchemist thread Let's fix that…[View]
161387989Dragon Ball Super: Does Roshi stand a chance?[View]
161390503Well that was fast: 'Enbound’s announced a mobile adaption for its multimedia project Onsen Musume (…[View]
161394793Do you rewatch an anime you watched years ago to remember the main plot?[View]
161395428>flustered tsundere character uses a double negative to describe the mc…[View]
161395425>post a complaint in the SnK general saying it's a cesspool circlejerk that discusses anythi…[View]
161393963Bad shows shouldn't air on TV. Pic related[View]
161389843Dance In The Vampire Bund: Lets be honest, we all wanted to carry Mina like a princess. She is the g…[View]
161393968Magi: So, whatever happened to Magi? Did it end yet?[View]
161394213How do I get a girlfriend like Nagato-san?[View]
161391203What is the purpose of this thread?[View]
161394600Is this the most bland digimon MC in existence?[View]
161394847Niggastream translation out. Adult Sasuke the coolest.[View]
161383672AMV thread: can we get an AMV thread going ill start with my favorite https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
161392046Any Kaguya raws out yet?[View]
161374115Yuragi 75: Slept too long again. [Side] What...? 75: Everyone's New Semester[View]
161389041Why is Wing the best Gundam?[View]
161390584How pure could Yame be. She's a Garu[View]
161393518snek thread?: post qt sneks from anime/manga[View]
161393510Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: Watching the 30th episode now and I expected better. It's a 6/10 at be…[View]
161387404Best sport manga? Best soccer manga? Both?[View]
161386043Is there a technical term for shoutas that dress like girls?[View]
161394058The chinks have cut their losses and it was not the sins fault for their shit management. http://www…[View]
161393714Why do anime protagonists sound like this? https://vocaroo.com/i/s15DxhaMIg6N[View]
161388454Watari kun no XX Chapter 29 Korean: What's Kouhai's endgame? Raw for chapter 28 http://raw…[View]
161392565I'm ascending today. See you fags later.[View]
161389451Is Mika a good role model for her younger sister?[View]
161388543Strawberry Panic: Don't know why I decided to watch some lesbian anime, but wow! this was so mu…[View]
161393452Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice[View]
161393446How many fucking times are they going to cry for half the episode[View]
161391327ITT:: Anime that were too early for its time[View]
161390588pop team epicu hambaga motherfucker you Poputepipikku kiku kiku kiku ku: So, how are they going to '…[View]
161389236Gohan beats Cell: How did this moment make you feel?[View]
161391276While watching my lesbian mahjong cartoons, I came across this frame. Does anyone know what it actua…[View]
161363620Why haven't any romance anime series topped Toradora yet?[View]
161377990ITT: Anime you unironically liked, but are embarrassed because if it.[View]
161392320Char's Counterattack: This was even worse than Double Z. >hurr earthnoids are polluting the …[View]
161390260Ritsu (aka best K-On) turns 26 today, and so do I.[View]
161389266Re:Creators: what would be the worst end of Re:Creators[View]
161377357The Nihonmatsu Siblings and the Adventure of Wooden Valley: Chapter 2 is up in the usual places. Miz…[View]
161392653What a loser.[View]
161369297Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
161390401Hard mode: No insta-bannable copypasta posts.[View]
161386444Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama. I’m a 27 year old American Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins). I draw…[View]
161388030Moshi moshi[View]
161391988Create your very own AI generated wafiu: http://make.girls.moe/#/[View]
161391590Who's the best boy of the season and why is it doggo?[View]
161389216Is there any character who could defeat the one punch man?[View]
161376627Tawawa Monday: Volley-bu-chan is so lucky.[View]
161388237How did she pop out such a retard?[View]
161386052Just finished A Silent Voice. I think it was very good. Why does it seem to be ignored on the sides?[View]
161383946>Mou ikkai~[View]
161383013what was her problem[View]
161386981Perfect Blue: Would Mimi really kill the photographer herself?[View]
161388305YOU'RE A MESHI[View]
161386498Clannad means family[View]
161383818Monkey King by Katsuya Terada[View]
161382893What's your thoughts on Samurai Flamenco, /a/?[View]
161389381>mc maxes out the main girls affection level in the first episode[View]
161390197Was this shot really necessary?[View]
161387043>MC wears a tracksuit[View]
161391087>Mc-kun is a nice guy but keeps taking stupid decisions because his shitty friends told him to …[View]
161388112ITT: Songs permanently ingrained in otaku culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUDGuA0WdfY…[View]
161388176Should I watch this from the beginning? Or if I've already seen Brotherhood multiple times + re…[View]
161389343Was he actually going to do it?[View]
161388696Kimi no na wa / Your name: Shit just got real. OFFICIAL ENDING[View]
161374292best girls: post & rate[View]
161319758Should I abandon all hope of this being any good? Did Urobuchi and Polygon drop the ball here? http…[View]
161388296ITT: Post anime that you literally slept through[View]
161389581Why do so many absolute shit tier anime have decent op's?[View]
161322458Shortstacks: Tell me /a/, do you like shortstacks?[View]
161390087>Zenigata straight up fucks Fujiko What the fuck?[View]
161381820Koshi koshi koshi[View]
161390571What's your favorite tournament arc?[View]
161388197Taisho Wotome Otogibanashi: So, what the actual fuck justchappened? Did they axe this series in a qu…[View]
161374065More To Love-ru when?[View]
161388008ReLIFE: Holy shit, they finally starting dating. About fucking time.[View]
161321038New Game!!: Nene.[View]
161381962Is /a/ ready for a new age of anime? https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/17/16161068/kickstarter-japan-l…[View]
161389676KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
161388385Hey, come make a game with us[View]
161386995Name a single appealing feature of this character other than >Muh duck…[View]
161365600Ben-to: Why do you hate this beautiful girl?[View]
161389209Goku Black, Obsessions with Goku, & Body Swapping: Couple of questions concerning Goku and Goku …[View]
161389153Sakura Quest: The new OP is pretty good.[View]
161379744>- Please avoid making threads in “general” or “template” formats. Avoid chaining threads, copy-p…[View]
161330700Made in Abyss: Is Bondrewd actually a criminal? >wanted in various countries >crimes are liste…[View]
161324130Kakegurui: I thought this was the anime of the season, what went wrong /a?[View]
161383564>killed someone who stole a goku uniform >segregates people in her city into castes >if stu…[View]
1613813013-gatsu no Lion: 22 episodes starting October 14th[View]
161378888How do witches fly in this series anyway?[View]
161370305Could someone please explain to me the cultural impact of this anime better than the Wikipedia page?…[View]
161374770Princess Principal: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
161387459Tokyo Ghoul:re: Spoiler are out boys. Dumping. Urie Time.[View]
161325964How much do you like Oito from Hunter x Hunter?[View]
161379964Boku no Hero Academia: Let's think what would happen if Deku, mastering more or less 20-25% of …[View]
161384983This is one of the most underrated anime of all time. >deceivingly simplistic and comedic >exc…[View]
161311232Tokyo Ghoul:Re 137 spoiler thread: 别等了,平子和郡打的难舍难分,郡质问为何背叛有马 金木赶回途中碰到什造,开打 亚门和泷泽在???碰到神父,神父说有东西要交给亚门 …[View]
161385081Which hair style would you like best for Mitsuha (Mitsuha)?[View]
161384990What is Hotaru good for?[View]
161387167Does this actually work?[View]
161383097Yuri spinoff when?[View]
161384970What are the prospects for Dragon Maid Season 2? Would more action make it more popular? I mean Kann…[View]
161375894How old were you when you first watched NGE? What year was it? Favourite episode? Favourite moment? …[View]
161379074Isekai: When can we get something that ISN'T a copy/paste of generic tropes? Do people who writ…[View]
161387773So, why hasn't this been translated again?[View]
161380122Was Prison School the apex of fanservice in anime?[View]
161387721Remember me? Wasn't I much better than the series I got canned for?[View]
161383992>billed to be and touted by the fandom to be a massive badass >pussied out of like 4 different…[View]
161387304Just FUCK ALREADY[View]
161384252>make a loli anime >the best girl is not a loli With what purpose?…[View]
161386651ITT horrible voice acting[View]
161285697Is Titsy Morgan too big?[View]
161379521Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun: Is Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun secretaly an NTR Anime?[View]
161387382Don't go see the eclipse today.[View]
161387077Why do people act like Yu Yu Hakusho became shit after the Dark Tournament arc? Dark Tournament was …[View]
161376174Does the 'ultimate eye' in fullmetal alchemist have anything to do with the 'sharingan' from naruto?…[View]
161380721Hang on just a second Were the angels in NGE created by humanity?[View]
161382275Fireball Humorous: New season airing in October: http://dlife.disney.co.jp/special/5th_fireball.html…[View]
161387022Umaru: is the best tsundere[View]
161386133Do you ever miss the days before you got used to anime? Before you started to recognize tropes? Befo…[View]
161386709Mamoru Hosoda is a hack[View]
161379831Dragon Ball Super: Give me better retcons for the potara defussion[View]
161373092I will never watch anything he has worked on. Fuck him and what he represents.[View]
161386147Whick is primer? 12 or 14?[View]
161366268Dagashi Kashi was a masterclass in character design, why did they change it?[View]
161386524Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shojo (Nise): Do you like gloves like Orikawa does?[View]
161384495Are you looking forward to more of Best Girl?[View]
161375459This may have beaten Gunbuster and Tatami Galaxy as the greatest anime I've ever seen, wow. Why…[View]
161372303Yoshiko will somehow succeed in life simply because it will frustrate A-kun-san more. I'm genui…[View]
161369534Was Fate/Zero a mistake?[View]
161380728How did Captain Underpants get in this anime?[View]
161379031re zero: Thoughts on subaru?[View]
161384350I just finished reading pic related and it was good but it wasn't all that great. Do people lik…[View]
161349172Buyfag Thread: Read the guide buyfag.moe[View]
161363821BGHS: New ep is out. Predatory lesbian.[View]
161378192Kiss x sis: Ako (right) or Riko (left)?[View]
161383996Anime with destructive evil alien protagonist: I'm pretty sure there have been millions of pitc…[View]
161382458Name one megane character that ain't shit protip: you can't[View]
161381849>everyone acts super gay >but no actual canonical gayness I fucking hate this meme. You can…[View]
161383375Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita: So when does he get to stick in?[View]
161381372>best girl gets dragged down by getting paired with worst girl Always hate when this happens…[View]
161383577>ruins everything for everyone[View]
161377232Kimetsu 74: Guess I might as well [Side] You can't look up. 74: Daki[View]
161380313What does /a/ think of Pandemonium Wizard Village, as well as the creator, Sho Shibamoto?[View]
161370519is /a/ supporting the aria dub on kickstarter?[View]
161381778How death note should have ended.: I know I'm a bit late on this one, but hear me out...[View]
161370617Continuing the storytime of the manga Wombs. Volume 1 was dumped last night here: >>161335995 …[View]
161377198Who would win?[View]
161380487I'm not sure what Crossange was supposed to be. Was it just a complete trainwreck by accident? …[View]
161372378Re:Zero: new chapter is out https://remonwater.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/reif-starting-life-in-a-diff…[View]
161378431>brown >maid >boy My. God.…[View]
161287834Is it just me, or JC and JS characters are being too sexy these days?[View]
161383063Sankarea: So why did she wear the tiara? Why did she cosplay a dead person?[View]
161381014Does it bother anyone else at how disposable anime feels? Like a show would be a AOTY contender and …[View]
161382855When does it get good?[View]
161380295>MC's mentor seems like a senile old man >they're actually very wise and powerful…[View]
161377936Vatican Miracle Examiners: Will we ever see snake again?[View]
161382129is this the least gay japshit anime ever made?[View]
161373027Guru guru guru guru guru guru gu: Why is such lewdnes allowed[View]
161376741Ballroom e Youkoso: What had you anons accomplished by the time you reached 23?[View]
161380622Is it possible to make a good highschool harem show? How would you write one if you had the chance?[View]
161380648What makes a good waifu?[View]
161339002I just recently got into Bakemonogatari and I have to ask why do people act like Senjougahara is God…[View]
161382353Shounen manga's insane use of physics.[View]
161373423shion > mion[View]
161374394every anime in a nutshell[View]
161382117What Servant are you guys going to aim for Summoning tomorrow? Do you have appropriate catalysts?[View]
161377921Anyone want to come to my eclipse party tomorrow?[View]
161378562Is there anything cutter than little Asuka?: Hibiki Euphonium is very underrated. I see nobody talki…[View]
161381120Why was anime so much sexier 20 years ago?[View]
161380709>he thought Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou were the same anime[View]
161302989Drawthread: Post art and original /a/ related art content! No backlinks in the OP, see? Backlinking …[View]
161379144So where did this 'Goku is selfish and only cares about fighting' meme come from?[View]
161381019Kimagure Orange Road: Holy shit for the first ever a Romcom protagonist redeemed himself. Based Kasu…[View]
161380920Koi To Uso: Was it rape? Or did they just go crazy because of a kiss?[View]
161380113Why are there so few basketball animes[View]
161380595What are your thoughts on the show so far? Episode one was a great introduction and got me intereste…[View]
161368979Aho Girl: The best jokes and puns![View]
161379106post girls doing this pose[View]
161374067One Piece: One Piece is god's blessing on this fucking earth. This manga is so incredible and I…[View]
161320073One Piece: Haha, this week's chapter was crazy! What did you guys think about it? And what is g…[View]
161371706Untranslated Story Time - Chikyuu no Gogo Sanji - SABEAR Noma: Hey. I scanned a 1982 anthology, so I…[View]
161378114I hate Yun, judging bitch[View]
161376028What would Saitama think of Lelouch then?[View]
161379174Crack ships who are far better than canon[View]
161377984I have never encountered anyone so obviously and unquestionably best girl in my life[View]
161377121Theories: >Deku is quirkless because his real dad is quirkless >Inko cheated because cuckee da…[View]
161314241Stone Ocean: Part 6 best JoJo part. Prove me wrong.[View]
161366704Dragon Ball super: Dragon Ball z has the same or more asspulls and retcons than Super. I would even …[View]
161361088just finished watching the original Gundam movie trilogy. Should i move on to Zeta or should i watch…[View]
161377425Trigun: What was better, anime or manga? Was Knives'apple tree at the end his final energy burs…[View]
161372795Do you like my car ?[View]
161375991Berserk Fans. Do you give a shit about the Eclipse happening tomorrow?[View]
161377401Left or right?[View]
161379459Kingdom anime/manga: Didn't pay much attention to it for many years, even though it was often r…[View]
161351967Your favourite anime gets remade with every girl being brown Would you still love her?[View]
161354819One Punch Man: Murata streaming yet again. Lin Lin recovering.[View]
161376051That's it, Jigoku Shoujo is finished. The series will never be able to come back from the shits…[View]
161346438Bleach!: Does it deserve to be produced again lads?[View]
161378180Why is he even on the anime?: He is useless. The outcome of the story wouldn't have changed if …[View]
161377635the best girl in the movie don't open her mouth and can't talk. what did they mean by this…[View]
161349501Jiren the Ayy: Why is this character so worthless?[View]
161378712I can't wait for tomorrow. Pic related.[View]
161368292Boku no Hero Academia: What did you guys think of the new chapter? What did you anime-only plebs thi…[View]
161368891Why didn't Spike just kill Vicious?[View]
161334740Action Heroine Cheer Fruits: >Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - 06 [720p] It's here!…[View]
161355191Is this the second coming of Konosuba?[View]
161378572What? You didn't see the funny face in my hat?[View]
161378582In this Corner of the World: AHO KA![View]
161377734overrated trash[View]
161378392Would you worship the Yato god?[View]
161366742If your waifu becomed doggo would you still olev her?[View]
161378324Komi-san wa Komyusho desu: Is Tadano a natural genius, or is his ability to accurately read people s…[View]
161376108Gag/Classic thread: Anything related to gag manga/anime goes here. For those who haven't seen …[View]
161350228Little Witch Academia Stream Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFuTYxBTuCI Get in here. Some r…[View]
161374112Centaur no Nayami ep 7: Jesus this is a fucking new religion. The angel feet grab[View]
161378002Out of Context[View]
161363029This 30-year-old raised this sweet, poor little outcast girl just to breed with her when she was rip…[View]
161377736ITT: Really old lolis: can someone post more?[View]
161348935>Oh wow, this girl is very cute >Has sex on the first episode Welp…[View]
161377319who was your favorite?[View]
161376600>tfw started watching shows like Ladies versus Butlers and Yu-Shibu How far have you fallen /a/?…[View]
161376356Evolution of Sasuke: These are the best 3 outfit's Sasuke had during Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. P…[View]
161372759Come on /a/, post your favorite black guys from anime and manga[View]
161337218Gamers that don't play shit: Is the misunderstanding turd finally over with the 'hai'?[View]
161361134Would you have sex with this woman?[View]
161363922Michiko to Hatchin: Just finished, pretty good imo - thoughts?[View]
161375217Admit it. You teared up.[View]
161375161Was this the greatest love story ever written?[View]
161375321Scanlation Thread: Where are my peeps at?[View]
161354411Post your favorite tomboy girl[View]
161316113*Spoilers* Toriyama's tip on how to make the main protagonist unlikable: https://www.twitter.co…[View]
161375824Six years later and she's still the best meguca.[View]
161376141Even Google hates Maya.[View]
161371298ITT: Anime quotes that you live by.[View]
161376519What went wrong?[View]
161294781Shingeki No Bahamut: Is it me or Azazel just fucking won the Mugaro-bowl?[View]
161373941>Almost create the definitive cut of one of the most popular anime of all time >Ruin it with m…[View]
161373917>that one volume stopping you from completing your manga collection because of rarity/pricing…[View]
161371878I know that almost everyone hates this anime, but for the people that do like it and watched it all …[View]
161375126Cheating/Adultery: Is this the only anime to ever portray a case of adultery ending in its most trag…[View]
161372738Shhh... What will you do while Umaru sleeps?[View]
161360313Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun: I like mio[View]
161369075>Character looks like a little girl >Is actually a middle aged woman…[View]
161358294Mousou Telepathy: Thank fucking god. Best girl strikes again[View]
161373133So our Admin was in an anime, wow. He literally became 2D.[View]
161371338Re:zero: Chapter 5 of the Rem IF is out. https://remonwater.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/reif-starting-l…[View]
161367193ITT: Characters who were objectively correct[View]
161373199>Hello! We're here to save anime![View]
161365937This homewrecker slut is worst girl of the season.[View]
161372804Well /a/?[View]
161375919Could Academy City replicate an Object and what can they do to improve it?[View]
161374760Are Shounen Anime & Manga toxic for the development of young boys? They promote stubbornness, i…[View]
161373191Who's best pairing?[View]
161375446Do you love your okaasan /a/?[View]
161375599Have you ever had an idea for a doujin, but you don't know how to draw? Which series would you …[View]
161368854Why didn't Kyousuke ever punch Kirino for all the beatings she gave him?[View]
161362737Anyone going to see this? Is it worth watching or is it yet another reminder about how Japan hasn…[View]
161375322>fascist undertones go nowhere >starch bullet never mentioned again >Mako isn't Nui …[View]
161374549/a/'s official studio: http://www.strawpoll.me/13752600 What is it?[View]
161354179>someone is nice to you regardless of your ugly personality >therefore you should hate them Wa…[View]
161375055KyoAni no Floptachi: This didn't even manage to reach 60k, how will KyoAni recover from this fl…[View]
161353460The Saber: Artoria Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon: What is the difference of personality? Which one …[View]
161374051So with wrestling in Japan becoming a thing again would you watch a show about cute girls doing wres…[View]
161373381avatar creator: https://charat.me/avatarmaker/share/AAAAAAADESMR Touhou Udonge[View]
161369637I saw Yoshiko Hanabatake at a grocery store in Tokyo yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet h…[View]
161371975Which studio do you think is going to handle the inevitable anime adaptation?[View]
161373839Fuck this asshole: >Be kid >View pic related as a hero, pure of heart and a completely good gu…[View]
161340060Tomo-chan: aw fuck[View]
161374077Why hisoka so overrated? it´s because his charisma? seriously he can´t do it anything when he fights…[View]
161374032One piece arc: What is everyones favoritee and best one piece arc. My favorite is Alabasta but I thi…[View]
161359901How many hours do you watch anime in a week?[View]
161370928>This truly is... an attack on titan. Is it agreed this is pure trash now?…[View]
161365595ITT we describe an anime/manga with a song I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTeKpWp8P…[View]
161365357Princess Principal: Call her royal toilet one more time. I dare you.[View]
161370411why are imoutos so lewd?[View]
161373549>Six years ago and this still is the best battle theme ever made for an animu What went wrong? ht…[View]
161368388Jesus, this is very poorly written.: How did MC manage to build so many units in such a short time? …[View]
161370407Aho Girl: Where the fuck are the remaining 5 episodes? What is this bullshit?[View]
161372115Why is he considered a villain again?[View]
161372976Why cant real life fishing be this fun /a/[View]
161352975Fate / Stay Night: Ilya Rote: How do you guys Would do Ilya's route? https://imgur.com/a/YcDos…[View]
161373165Who is your dearest friend?[View]
161373328Zipang: Will the North Carolina be daijobu?[View]
161325713Do you still watch Hitorijime?[View]
161367103Did an anime ever surpass the manga?[View]
161368634Fate or Nanoha?[View]
161372937lets talk about -not that- old but good series, i start with charlotte , do you think it has good en…[View]
161365585Tenshi no 3P! question... why does he look at his own little sister like that?[View]
161368960Kimetsu no yaiba: Is this getting axed?[View]
161341693Does anyone actually watch ARIA? Was it some sort of elaborate inside joke?[View]
161372651Yami Shibai: This anime doesn't get the attention it deserves. What do you think about it?…[View]
161330707What are some moments in anime that give you goosebumps just thinking about them?[View]
161350158>is the strongest servant in black team lorewise >died in episode 4…[View]
161340414After all this time I still love her. It breaks my heart knowing what happens to her later one. She …[View]
161370111This guy fucks.[View]
161353731Ballroom e youkoso: Episode 07 soon http://ballroom-official.jp/story/ep07/[View]
161365061Childhood is wanting Kyou Adulthood is realizing Ryou is the patrician choice[View]
161368923Mahoujin Guru Guru: I've been considering watching this. Should I check out the original or the…[View]
161367010Bibury: Is he and his studio going to dethrone Kyoani as the master of CGDCT?[View]
161368785Kakin Empire thread: Let's talk about Kakin Empire's royal family. I just realized form la…[View]
161367811Grand Blue: Why aren't you reading the greatest comedy manga of our time? New chapter when…[View]
161371262I never cared for catgirls until right now. What is this new devilry?[View]
161370747Scanlation thread. What have you been working on, /a/?[View]
161359098Why should I watch it?[View]
161357860Why can't more girls in anime be like Nikuko and her family?[View]
161364943What's the purpose of this character?[View]
161304970The most ichiban is coming back to PriPara, how hyped are you?[View]
161370416Is this KyoAnis greatest accomplishment? I mean, lets be real. People only dislike this show because…[View]
161368508Hibike! Euphonium: Why do people think S1 was better?[View]
161370592H-hey, I wrote a song for Ricchan for her birthday but I don't know if she'll like it. H-H…[View]
161360901ITT: Post characters you want to punch: I want to punch Yanda[View]
161370872>A Pride Trooper was KO'd by Kale >Five Pride Troopers at got KO'd by 17, 18, Kale a…[View]
161366503>Be Toriyama >Create a genius idea of a tournament between all the universes >Has the pote…[View]

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