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169898984Darling in the FranXX: Was giving the mirror to 02 a mistake?[View]
169888216Takunomi: rape[View]
169901412Amagi Brilliant Park: Do you like my pirate costume?[View]
169894552Dragon Ball Super: He is the Survivor[View]
169895489Violet Evergarden: I was crying for almost the whole episode. Is there something wrong with me?…[View]
169898331Ajin: Demi-human: Opinions on Ajin? I never see people here talking about it. I personally think it …[View]
169898734>marathoning an old show after watching it weekly with /a/ back when it aired >it's bette…[View]
169901605I love fangs![View]
169876034Do you believe in Haruhiism or The Church of Madoka?[View]
169896433Tachibanakan Triangle: https://twitter.com/tachibana_kan/status/975024384271310850 ' PV is out,…[View]
169901246What are some of the performances you've seen a Seiyuu do for an anime?[View]
169901309Go Toubun no Hanayome 30 spoiler: 第30話 結びの伝説 3日目 三玖が一花に電話する2時間前 五月は風太郎の寝こみを襲おうとしていた本人から全部聞いていた  男の人は…[View]
169898545We Brave New World now[View]
169898965>[HorribleSubs] Pop Team Epic - 11 [720p].mkv[View]
169897755>143cm >39kg >this flexible I M A G I N E…[View]
169900883Episodely reminder that Zorome is best boy.[View]
169901065>If you're so great, why don't you translate?[View]
169901166How would have pic related been like if it was dubbed by 4kids?[View]
169896077Itt: Characters that seriosuly Make you question you sexuality[View]
169891424Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Apologies for the three weeks delay, I was busy working on other mang…[View]
169899685Reminder that Steins;Gate 0 will be SHIT https://gematsu.com/2018/03/steinsgate-0-anime-begins-airin…[View]
169858310Overlord: Wolf form lupus when[View]
169899339>Uchiha genocide happens >Konoha enemy #1: We should declare war. >Konoha enemy #2: Are you…[View]
169899359zero two fangs: zero two and her fangs Opinion?[View]
169895480Why are dubs so damn bad?[View]
169891125Amagami SS: Surface of the pool[View]
169895445ITT: Forgotten anime: That actually probably deserved to be forgotten[View]
169831976Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
169896240I recently started watching some of the nostalgic chan animes... all the slice of life series that w…[View]
169900242Any last words, goku chumps?[View]
169864775Shingeki no Kyojin: I don't want him to die, bros.[View]
169900030Started watching this yesterday. Why didn't you fags tell me that 02 is the best girl?[View]
169886529Berserk: It's getting closer and closer...[View]
169899907Sanrio danshi episode 11: Kouta is a school shoorer in the making. Also what happened to these threa…[View]
169899877Is there any word of a third season, or will we never get anymore of this adorable nugget?[View]
169885524ITT post girls that smell[View]
169876541My Hero Academia: A new chapter came out today. Also is that Aizawa doing Eri's hair?[View]
169891816Pages that broke you emotionally Pic very related[View]
169899643Why did Uchiage Hanabi fly under the radar of so many people? SHAFT did a great job with it.[View]
169893859I see a hero and the strongest man in the world.[View]
169891202Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
169888570Did you run like Naruto?[View]
169898414Do you think Latin America will air in public the final episode of One Piece when it gets aired in 2…[View]
169874825What are some massive monsters from anime that are capable of ending entire civilizations? Please po…[View]
169887507Live action can't be goo-[View]
169894003Left or right, /a/?[View]
169896814Did anyone watch slayers? I did when I was a lil thot, and I can remember this scene where some babe…[View]
169899151DJ Pipimi a cute! Cute![View]
169897500I think KyoAni was merely pretending to be retarded for the last decade, shitting out garbage show a…[View]
169897032What we like in harem: Let's talk about shit we actually LIKE in harems. >worst girl suddenl…[View]
169895416Darling in the FranXX: Episode 10 - Real OTP soon[View]
169896851Remember when people swore on their lives that these two motherfuckers weren't related at all? …[View]
169895766Dragon Ball GT: Let's discuss the true successor to Dragon Ball! Thread theme: https://www.yout…[View]
169897565My Senpai Is Annoying: more chapters up but I don't read moon translated versions of 1-22 here,…[View]
169893398Citrus: I don't like gyarus and yuri, but fall for that colgate girl. She's cutest and bes…[View]
169897654Only best kyoanus girls in this thread[View]
169897894Dokonjo Gaeru/Gutsy Frog: Chapter 4 is out. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ggf84[View]
169894278What is your opinion on Yui?[View]
169844777Beatless: New episode soon[View]
169894421Post a screenshot of any anime.[View]
169874522Mitsuboshi Colors: What did she see?[View]
169891867Now you see me...[View]
169885584Akame ga kill zero update: How do you feel about lesbian assassins?[View]
169845482Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: >that ED kicking in >that whistling during the ED Pure Kino…[View]
169895691Well that escalated quickly, how will Kuzu redeem himself?[View]
169894587Who could had thought that Hiroaki Samura could have a Heart of Gold?: A history from him without bl…[View]
169895946Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
169887006This is Sakura[View]
169890200What about her is so appealing?[View]
169895109Seriously, will this arc ever be topped by any manga? Not even the Golden Age comes closer[View]
169894830Watched this again loved it but...: I am not very good at picking up the themes of the story. Like w…[View]
169883849Rate This Season So Far: Subs where: Saiki Psi Nan AOTY: Violet evergarden Good: Pop Team Epic Meh…[View]
169884223>best girl is actually just the protagonist genderswapped[View]
169895628Would HappinessCharge Precure have been better if Megumi was the pink?[View]
169889932Darling in the Franxx: Episode's about to start, get in here.[View]
169887535What's the point of this character again?[View]
169884163How does it feel knowing that pic related will never get a season 3?[View]
169895059Who needs a little sister when you can have this?[View]
169894734Chest apartheid.[View]
169846151OPM: Murata is on Streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nebu-kuro1[View]
169891981Darling in the FranXX: *Saves your series*[View]
169893500ITT: Post slavs & slav edits[View]
169887838To Aru Idol No Accelerator-sama~: What timeline have I stumbled into?[View]
169890768Can we just appreciate how perfect she is with her flaws?[View]
169878654Now that the dust has settled: Can we agree Fate/Apocrypha >>>>>> Flop/NO Encore? …[View]
169894218Why didn't Yoga fuck his unborn daughter?[View]
169888272Why is everyone pretending it's good ?[View]
169886027Kobayashi is hot. HOT.[View]
169892597How would you fix SHAFT?: old vs new[View]
169875654Hunter x Hunter 378: Would you say things got as complicated as the last chapter said they would?…[View]
169877048Why are there so few mystery anime?[View]
169875199Name one single thing Junko did wrong Protip: you cant [View]
169878175Can we have a QUALITY thread[View]
169871930>Icarus is not retarded, she's just haunted by her past. I didn't sign up for this.…[View]
169883726Win Win situation for Oni & Ichigo fags: She has finally moved on from Hiro to Goro, just look a…[View]
169890238Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's…[View]
169887831Detective Conan: You have 30 minutes to figure out who killed her. Go![View]
169812722Sora yori mo tooi basho: I fucking love Shirase. It's so refreshing to see a character that doe…[View]
169889731Kono Sora Hirogete THREAD: Does anyone know where to buy kotori figures? Also does anyone know about…[View]
169888331What are the chances of it actually getting an anime?[View]
169889401Rinko is the best waifu you fucking plebs she's a goddess than that wannabe aqua haha[View]
169892126It's a 'Zorome is cute' episode! CUTE![View]
169892107So she's spared, right?[View]
169844278Grancrest Senki: Well, there goes one of the only reasons to keep watching this garbage.[View]
169885032dragon ball super: GUESS WHO[View]
169882340One Piece: Is Reiju going to be OK?[View]
169887914Flip Flap: Remember flip flappers thread[View]
169881952Shimoneta: Season 2 when? Its been 3 years[View]
169886547Senryuu girl: I know there was already a thread but i missed it. What the fuck was she so happy abou…[View]
169889020When I fell in love with Naru, you voiced her. When I hated Minori, you voiced her. When I realised …[View]
169879789Was there ever a better moment in this series?[View]
169889873Garo Vanishing Line: What a great episode.[View]
169891642MC who are pretending to be dense are the best kind[View]
169888765My fucking heart[View]
169887244Monogatari series: How is this thing even popular? It's such an underbudgeted clusterfuck that …[View]
169880375In this thread, all posts must end with, 'but she's a lesbian'. Top tsun, but she's a lesb…[View]
169888497Anyone else find it strange that there are no apparent love interests, or any sex scenes, in AOT? I …[View]
169880579She wants to know what love means. How do you help her anon?[View]
169889466Why does /a/ suddenly hate Kurumi Tokisaki?[View]
169883966Dungeon Meshi: That last chapter was very good. Wonder what kind of others monsters can do mental at…[View]
169890838>stinks of grotty bin juices Why do they make best girl like this, /a/?…[View]
169881071ITT: Statements about an anime or manga that let you know you are dealing with a retard. >Texhnol…[View]
169878259Post manga authors you would have sex with.[View]
169806437Did he like it?[View]
169886679Just finished reading this manga. Is anime that good and should I watch it?[View]
169886803DBS Killer: Kitaro'd your ass, you retarded DBS fags. PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL7nXF…[View]
169888059Dr. Stone: Dr Stone thread. Where is he going to find mercury?[View]
169890152>28287/63 days since the end of DIU >part 5 is still not confirmed…[View]
169877363Which is best Nekomusume?[View]
169888877Post one image that perfectly captures the essence of an anime.[View]
169889073>cool old guys die: the series So what is going to happen in part 3?[View]
169889668Kuvira's hopes and dreams: Press F to pay respects.[View]
169890107reminder that sucy canonically likes vore[View]
169885692Darling in the FranXX: Episode 10 in 3 hours[View]
169840738Precure thread: 15th anniversary[View]
169889416Will we ever get White Album 2 Season 2?[View]
169885992Which Haibane would you Renmei? Do you think they are reborn with hymens?[View]
169889593I'm kind of salty that they went with kids like Boruto and Sarada when we have prime ninjas lik…[View]
169881296Why didn't anyone trace their route and find where they went off road? Why didn't they jus…[View]
169889263Hone ga Kusaru Made: Have you ever seen an attractive female hobo before /a/? also who's readin…[View]
169880093Thoughts on post-timeskip one piece[View]
169888990Remember to BUY BLACKWINGS[View]
169881546Why is this guy so sexy?[View]
169888957Sci;adv: Does anyone have the updated version of pic related with O;9 in it? Also sci;adv thread.…[View]
169885270Shinmai maou no Testament: Why is she in constant heat?[View]
169888859Bleach: New Kubo sketch. Which arc had the best art? For me it was end of Deicide/beginning of FB ar…[View]
169888256Make your own Jojo part: I made a basic outline for making your own Jojo Part. Post your Jojo part b…[View]
169839906kimetsu no yaiba 102 LQ raws: Chapter summary: >第102話 時透くんコンニチハ >霧柱らしき人が鍛冶屋から”鍵”を奪い取ろうとしている …[View]
169881047Sword Art Online: What do you think of Kureha's sister?[View]
169802060Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku: How do you protect them?[View]
169885870Winning Post[View]
169888447Should i watch akira in original english dub,new english dub,or the 09 jap dub??[View]
169887562ITT: Episodes or Arcs that sold you on a series: What individual episodes or an arc had you ravenous…[View]
169888054Boruto: When can we expect to find out what happened to her team?[View]
169884942Konnichiwa /a/. Just thought I'd stop by and ask you what's your favourite anime this seas…[View]
169883799Does this cute girl have a chance to win?[View]
169879884Which biyori would you fori?[View]
169885306ITT: Things that often happen in anime/manga but not irl >friends Pic slightly related…[View]
169886559Shit CG FPS: So what's is the reason that anime almost always has a shit cg fps? I can kinda un…[View]
169846220Made in Abyss: 4 more days until the pile of walking meat known as Riko gets slurped[View]
169883479Why every anime film nowadays has to be about friendship, schoolgirls, slice of life, childhood, cot…[View]
169884780Why do so many people hate pic related when there are characters out there who have done much much w…[View]
169887466Amano Megumi chapter 114: Is plot finally happening in this horrible cocktease of a manga? Based win…[View]
169887635Oh, how I missed you, Rakshata.[View]
169886024Was it rape?[View]
169885801look at this cucked worthless loser of a cartoon girl[View]
169883765Yozakura Quartet: How did you feel when Hime slapped a dog?[View]
169884261Thoughts on wolf girls?[View]
169871100Can we talk about Inuyasha?[View]
169886216Can't believe It's finally happening, KADOKAWA really pull it of. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
169884577soul eater anyone?[View]
169886831https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfhVgJOfHkk please watch, it really is one of the more underrated sh…[View]
169886700Why do anime characters yell and sound so angry when they confess their love or when they're sa…[View]
169883768Would you let your son dress like this?[View]
169886707do you like big girls?[View]
169881440So is Season 2 actually coming or is this just stuck in development hell? They barely said anything …[View]
169883935ITS HAPPENING: Tokyo ghoul is looking amazing holy shit https://youtu.be/Yko9LI5oLSU[View]
169886499Code Geass: Is Ohgi some Israeli operative? What are the jews like in Code Geass verse anyway?…[View]
169855738>How do we promote our anime? >Let's put our middle school main heroine in a bikini and c…[View]
169883737why do people praise DBZ Kai so much? giving it a watch through and it feels so much worse than the …[View]
169882112It's the morning after, what do you say to her?[View]
169877474Has an anime/manga ever made you cry? I know how it feels now.[View]
169830325where the fuck is my toubun thread? also can someone dump the chapter pls[View]
169879147I just finished Lupin the IIIrd: Goemon Ishikawa's Spray of Blood this was my first lupin movie…[View]
169882930>Don't really care about Shampoo at first >Get to this episode >wtf I want to fuck Sha…[View]
169879444So when will the Gochiusa movie aka the greatest anime ever will be subbed?[View]
169884208when will there be a season 3 of noragami aragoto[View]
169858020Killing Bites: This is a Smug that surpasses Smug. Is that what Killing Bites is?[View]
169883947Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Why on Earth did Kyousuke not end up with best girl Man…[View]
169882097Now that Goku has achieved an angelic form, what will Whis do with him?[View]
169885703Oh no.[View]
169865421Darling in the franxx: 24h to ep 10 discuss here expose your opinion?[View]
169884796I think KyoAni was merely pretending to be retarded for the last decade, shitting out garbage show a…[View]
169883996lets get a noragami thread going[View]
169885386Little Witch Academia: tag for best girl Molly?[View]
169863356Boruto thread: So since there was no break up for them, we can expect now that he and Denki will be …[View]
169885141How does it make you feel, /a/?[View]
169878530https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangelion:_3.0%2B1.0 >In an interview posted on YouTube in June 20…[View]
169815321Galko chan: Galko is the best[View]
169882545Fact, nobody on /a/ actually understands this character. Not even her biggest fans.[View]
169881189>I first started watching anime by streaming on youtube in 144p[View]
169866233Shiedbro chapters 4-8 dump!: it's time for the dumping to commence, starting from chapters 4 th…[View]
169882172Post your favorite one shot. Gonna dump mine.[View]
169882938is shana worth 10-15 years in a federal penitentiary?[View]
169868713You've been allowed to write one story that will be given a 24 episode anime with a high end bu…[View]
169881472>20 years later >Mii is still the best girl in all of anime How did she do it?…[View]
169878865Would be having sex with Schrodinger gay or not?[View]
169883857I'm convinced the only reason people put series such as Toji no Miko or Slow Start on a pedesta…[View]
169847923Raildex: Will we ever get to see swine mode in full force?[View]
169850548>[gg]_Code_Geass_Episode_I_-_Koudou_[6D91F2F0].mkv gg is back?[View]
169883699Was Strong Bad right about blue hair?[View]
169883624Listen here you niggers, what compels this slant four eyed shovel toothed gook to work for no moneta…[View]
169872838Frid/a/y osu! thread: Its that time of the week. If anyone is still out there. Password is rage as …[View]
169883409Tamamo: Say someting nice to Tamamo[View]
169868511whats up with all the sex?[View]
169840112Do we still do Templates ?: I enjoy the lack of representation . Just watched Flip Flappers , had to…[View]
169868187ITT: Tropes you wish to see more of: >MC is a role player >girl was taller than guy in childho…[View]
169881885Rin Hoshizora is the best girl from Love Live![View]
169875723Dragon Ball Super: Next GoD of u7[View]
169881025Boogiepop novels are coming back: https://www.animenewsnetwork.cc/news/2018-03-16/seven-seas-to-repr…[View]
169882405Its time to settle who the better waifu character is. 02 or Violet??[View]
169881669Why are fantasy settings so often inspired by the aesthetics of the European middle ages? Things lik…[View]
169881011How big is his panty collection?[View]
169882722Well it was fun, but next week the bitch will be back. Time to drop it again?[View]
169880861He’s into tai, Ive been getting social cues and hints ever since chapter 14[View]
169879425why don't fans dub anime series more often? is it to expensive to do?[View]
169882408Dump Thread: Want cute /ss/ with a blushing vampire shota? Here ya go. Dumping 'The Sun's Sheet…[View]
169869333one piece: alright, who's gonna try to stop them next chapter[View]
169879330Want some curry anon?[View]
169881509Happy Patrick's day /a/.[View]
169870220What's she holding /a/?[View]
169876455Are you ready for PA Works to save anime?: >10/14 of the anime they made are anime originals >…[View]
169881876ITT: Feels thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn-uxaIZVXI[View]
169829463Koi wa Ameagari no You ni - 10: it's out[View]
169866097shomin sample: i do like where this is going[View]
169866356Stardust Crusaders SHOULD'VE been the best part. Araki truly had lightning in a bottle with his…[View]
169880421Do animoe movies even come out like this anymore? Or does it all come out as moeshit pastel?[View]
169853660Was she a communist?[View]
169864003Has she knocked on your door yet, anon-kun?[View]
169863630What did Rock see under her skirt?[View]
169830190Classroom of the Elite: We are back. Best girl has graced us with her presence again. With that said…[View]
169880709How do idols keep getting away with it?[View]
169872836Why does this evil ninja rival (male) have such a cute ass?[View]
169857628I teared up watching the trailer. Will I cry during the movie?[View]
169880316Is Fruits Basket good /a/? I found it along with a bunch of other mangas at a flea market.[View]
169880411It was alright. Would've been better if they removed the asspulls that they did on the last 2 e…[View]
169841853Ito Junji Collection: You thought that Souichi was a pleb filter, but the entire series turned out t…[View]
169879566Maximum kawaii achievement unlocked[View]
169880264What the fuck is her problem? Attempting to rape a married man in the name of completing 'destiny'.…[View]
169875059Name an anime character who jobbed harder than them: Protip: you can’t[View]
169857094Black Clover: Is Mimosa going to be ok?[View]
169878752Why are evil women so attracted to good men?[View]
169880108Who's the worst NEET or social retard?[View]
169867669Dagashi Kashi: Officially only 3 manga chapters left[View]
169873933How much on the stank scale is Momoko’s clunge? I’m guessing a steady 4.6[View]
169836000Is Butcher's incompetence the real reason why they are not making more Madoka? He failed to wri…[View]
169874216This is the sexiest girl this season.[View]
169874391He's been living as a NEET for nearly 4years prior to the anime, but he has only discovered por…[View]
169790105do /a/nons like Rie?[View]
169858969So its quite clear this is the best anime OP of all time right? https://youtu.be/rf7h0D-Qwf8[View]
169878010I can’t seem to find the name of the Devilman: Crybaby Op theme. Just the Devilman No Ulra remix. I …[View]
169836770The promise Neverland 79: Emma is a fucking madman, korean scans here >http://wasabisyrup.com/arc…[View]
169879233Welcome to the Frankku motherfucker!: >MUH AMAZING SYMBOLISM[View]
169871339Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 100: Hey, look, it's here![View]
169879378LA Movie into anime: Is this the new trend?[View]
169879075meow i want to fuck her sideways~[View]
169866229Why does Hebrew often use in Anime as some sort of magical incantation? its not some sort of arcane …[View]
169874981Berserk was mediocrea at best: Let's be honest for a moment here, Berserk was and still is not …[View]
169877871Post your favorite screenshot from you're favorite Chinese cartoon.[View]
169840966Yuragi-sou no yuuna-san chapter 103 is out: Yuragi-sou no yuuna-san chapter 103 is out http://wasab…[View]
169874795What ever happened to Franken Fran and friends?[View]
169872575So was this actually good or was it just a bunch of random nonsense?[View]
169871752What's the worse way to nerf a character?[View]
169878014Monogatari: Does Araragi deserve to be with Senjougahara?[View]
169864264Why is this picture the only photo of this smug cunt?[View]
169874807ITT shows that started as a solid 6/10 and as the show continued they turned into a 01/10 Pic relate…[View]
169874097Which mashimaro is the cutest?[View]
169876291Grashros: Thoughts on this? Started out kind of interesting and now it's just boring and retard…[View]
169868251Dungeon Meshi Chapter Volume Six (loli-Marcille edition): Previous thread; >>>169836672…[View]
169875336>watch Koe No Katachi amv[View]
169853941Can you faggots stop saying that Katakuri won now?[View]
169877879So in the end who does he end up with?[View]
169875983Season 3 never ;_;[View]
169858550Tuturuu~ has been repeatedly shot. Stabbed. Ran over by a car, got hit by a train, collapsed due to …[View]
169871619ACE: Hey guys I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Lillie …[View]
169874277I has a snek![View]
169873330Gintama: So what's been happening the last 100 or so chapters? Haven't read since 2016.…[View]
169874555jojo part 5: Anons....I've in a coma for 9 years, I can't wait to watch Vento Aureo.…[View]
169858987Beastars Chapters 73 + 74[View]
169874400>Go on /a/ >Control F >See no Precarious Woman Executive Miss Black General GG Chan is life…[View]
169877452YuruCamp: 'let me tell you something NADESHIKO-CHAN... DRUNK...IS...NATURE'[View]
169876908Psycho Pass SS: Is this shit a sequel?[View]
169877387Women’s Lib: ITT we post anime girls who are clearly NOT virgins as of the start of their respective…[View]
169874456Osomatsu-san: I'm scared for the next episode. It looks like a doozy. I don't want the goo…[View]
169876996BNHA New Deku gloves are cool: Will Deku modify his other parts of his custome or just the gloves, t…[View]
169876217Momona or Lilian for top lady?: I prefer Lilian because she's classier and would make a much be…[View]
169876735>basically under mortar fire Why is he driving lime a girl?[View]
169844890Noah's Notes chapter 2 raw: dumping because why not[View]
169876625What does /a/ think of Osomatsu san?[View]
169875669So when is season 2? I've been waiting since 2015[View]
169867723Amano Megumi 114: dumping[View]
169737921Shokugeki no Soma: Today is Tsukuda Yuto's birthday. Say something nice about this man.[View]
169875630Post characters who make you frequently wonder what they taste like. I would lick Tama-chan until sh…[View]
169874214D-Frag Chapter 101[View]
169864417Dragon Ball Super: What a fucking failure[View]
169871849Flower Knight Dakini: Well look at that, that was fast. Guess it'll be getting translated after…[View]
169873479So when did you realize your 'Oh Shit!' moment when watching this episode?[View]
169864929Takagi-san: I want to commit a crime.[View]
169875247Intro nostalgia thread. Post intros you almost forgot about. I somehow still knew all the words once…[View]
169866113Fate/stay night UBW:: So,if Gae Bolg reverses causality, was Lancer already dead before he stabbed h…[View]
169853206Why is he so hated[View]
169869484ITT you gotta say something bad from the anime posted above[View]
169859944This anime's ending pissed you off prove me wrong. Pro-tip: you can't[View]
169863754How do you watch your anime? MPC-HC + MadVR? K-lite codec? Kawaii codec? VLC? Potplayer? Streaming?…[View]
169852553Reminder that the K-Ons are canonically now in their mid-twenties meaning they've all gone thei…[View]
169865319So are you telling me that I should believe that >there is a millions/billions year old warrior r…[View]
169874436I'm so fucked up.: Grancrest Senki[View]
169869258Sakura Quest, not Cardcaptor Sakura: Did you enjoy it? I feel unfulfilled with a touch of sadness. …[View]
169864876Hunter x Hunter 378: Did I miss the threat? Because the new chapters out and I don't see one.…[View]
169874377Why is she so terrible?[View]
169874303Sailor Moon's new season looks good.[View]
169873278Hakyuu Houshin Engi: Who is this show for? The pacing has drastically improved since the Sennin War …[View]
169842453Will episode 10 be the last episode until you drop this show?[View]
169868837Anyone else want to die right now?[View]
169874167well /a/, what's his best film?[View]
169866424Who was best Akatsuki?[View]
169872367Is there a meaning/message behind Lain?[View]
169864291ZIGA chapter 1 raw: New Shounen Jump series with a Kaiju theme. Let's see if it's any good…[View]
169862520Just finished this. After 7 years of watching anime I finally have one that I could consider my favo…[View]
169869524Who in the anime universe makes the best daughteru?[View]
169870956Log Horizon: How was there not mass rapings?[View]
169860039Toji no Miko: Time for Kanami and Hiyori to get aradamaed.[View]
169866314>ywn win the heart of a qt brown girl in a swordfight >or any other fight with melee weapons A…[View]
169873464Glasslip: Was it too avant-garde for the average anime viewer or was this a genuine, well-crafted ma…[View]
169865970So /a/ how would you fix the Buu Arc?[View]
169872793Is it necessary to watch the OVA before the first two movies? Is the third movie as bad as the revie…[View]
169873355This is a japanese teacher.[View]
169869015they say the brightest candle burns half as long ;_;[View]
169854844He literally changed nothing[View]
169872439remember when people says this is going to be Anime fight of the decade? turns out kyoani is the win…[View]
169869424Hey /a/ I was wondering is this guy Kawasaki Tadataka ? He's on livestream https://sketch.pixiv…[View]
169846502Are the Hibikes the most /fa/shionable anime characters since the Hyoukas?[View]
169869133Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction Chapter 56: Was this foreshadowed at all or is Inio just …[View]
169855665Boku No Hero Academia: When will Inko reunite with her husband?[View]
169870434tfw there will never bee a speedy dub rendition of Dragon Ball Super. >KAKAROT, YOU MUST COME BAC…[View]
169869946Mahou Shoujo Ore: You guys ready for the AOTY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fegd5OvYSGA…[View]
169861541Is Hunter x Hunter the best 1. Shounen ever 2. Anime ever And if not, what are?[View]
169827770He's a better character than Kaiji. In fact he's the best character I've seen.[View]
169865666ITT: The wrongest you've ever been about a show or manga: I thought Railgun and Index were sepa…[View]
169868271I Want to Eat Your Pancreas: https://youtu.be/Yr6wc2fAVxM Anime Movie of the year[View]
169870905What is his end game?[View]
169838846Nanatsu no Bitoku Thread: 10 minutes until ep 8. They're all stuck on a packed train.[View]
169870259Thoughts on one piece post-timeskip discuss something u like and hate from it, and also something u …[View]
169867733>tfw you will never live in 1980s Japan and watch all the classics as they aired live on TV…[View]
169848149Fujoshi and anime were a mistake: Hinomaruzumou's key visual is out and they ruined it. Thanks …[View]
169866640Would you an Alucard?[View]
169867911Whoever came up with this character archetype hopefully killed himself for poisoning the anime indus…[View]
169869177Why was the anime adaptation so bad?[View]
169864371Chad Trunks: >Shows up in a fucking time machine to kill world ending threat >Rekts world endi…[View]
169865348Who was the best arrancar?[View]
169868887What the fuck is wrong with him?[View]
169866176Bleach: Was the hatred towards this series justified? Because personally I literally can't find…[View]
169820798This loli is confused and scared. Please take care of her for me.[View]
169868130holy shit this episode was pure kino. i actually cried when they revealed where the letters were goi…[View]
169848405One Piece: Reminder that when Oda gives someone character focus, he doesn't put emphasis on the…[View]
169866111Steins;gate 0: Steins;gate 0 has 23 episodes plus one unaired episode from the BDs[View]
169865869What does /a/ think of Mashira?[View]
169868182What kind of artstyle do you prefer? Something bright and colorful or drab and gray? Round eyes and …[View]
169864205This is Yuuri, also known as Yuu, she is very pretty. She is also very smart, her head is full of kn…[View]
169866856Dragon Ball Super: /our guy/ Toyo does it again.[View]
169863104unko thread[View]
169864939Thirsty girls are the best.[View]
169864857Centaur no Nayami: BD volume 6 finally ripped. https://nyaa.si/view/1016149 Though it is nice to see…[View]
169834357Mangadex: So the group scanlating the Kaguya manga have forcibly requested numerous recent chapters …[View]
169865461Abenobashi: What does /a/ think of this anime? I put off watching it for a very long time, but I fin…[View]
169867639Remember that movie they promised us, that we'll never get? Yeah, me too.[View]
169832375Dr. Stone Chapter 50: The most powerful weapon of the modern world, gacha games[View]
169867933>2017+1 >Still no anime desktop AI software When will I get cute girls animated and talking to…[View]
169842802Butterfly Storage: Mini Arai has the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak p…[View]
169853021How would you fix Mari?[View]
169867238Adaptation by Ufotable incoming, you heard it here first.[View]
169840242Would you watch the eventual adaptation of Carlo Zen's (that's the writer of Youjo Senki) …[View]
169832317PA Works goes /u/: http://iroduku.jp/ Anime 'Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara' announced. Director: Tosh…[View]
169861698s2 when[View]
169853733/a/ draws: Jojo, DIO's World Part 16: If you're new to this, please, be sure to read this …[View]
169862475Berserk I'm on volume 26 I have reached the point where I don't even want to read the tex…[View]
169864878WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?[View]
169859256>She will never look at you like she does at this fine piece of meat covered in honey. Why EVEN l…[View]
169856641Dragon Ball Super: Will he get a new form in the manga?[View]
169830468Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita latest chapter is out: Chapter 16.2: Fran and Stranger Danger >isekai …[View]
169847428Jeanne is the cutest and coolest saint![View]
169857356Hibike Euphonium: Did you fall in love?[View]
169854615ITT: we pretend it’s spring of 2015 and discuss the anime we’re looking forward to watching this sea…[View]
169856475so what was behind the wall?[View]
169863118How to fix Dual Audio releases: Saw some people complaining about having to change the audio and sub…[View]
16986535421 days until the return of our muppet overlord. Are you ready to repent for your sins? https://www.…[View]
169863517Can we have a thread about the best guy of the series? He's stuck with the worst girl and is st…[View]
169840050What was her fucking problem?[View]
169859077The ending doesn't make sense. Okabe would still send the dmail 'Kurisu is dead' after seeing t…[View]
169856407Berserk: Can Guts masturbate? Considering his hands is callouses that he can grab a fucking sword wo…[View]
169797699Yu-Gi-Oh ! VRAINS : Ryoken saving the show by transcending human intellect itself EDITION: Episode 4…[View]
169863114Mondaiji Thread: Can we just appreciate how great and beautiful Leticia is? Lamia also seems to be a…[View]
169864819Consider the following: >MC gets trucked >get greeted in limbo by angel asking him to wait an …[View]
169857892Lain: I'm 4 episodes in and I don't see why this gets so much hate. It's not the best…[View]
169836831Shingeki no Kyojin: Who will job?[View]
169858445Which studio makes the best eyes?[View]
169842149GARO -Vanishing Line-: This is Wilhem Ragnvald, say something nice about him. Also, episode 22 soon.…[View]
169829277Who's your 70s semen demon?[View]
169829597Violet Evergarden: Remember to tell your mom that you love her /a/[View]
169863993Dragon Ball Super: > He's gonna job to Ribrianne > He's gonna job to Frost > He…[View]
169837449Darling in the FranXX: Soon[View]
169862205Ryona: Why are westerners so bothered by this?[View]
169819859ITT: Manga only you have read.[View]
169805941Girls und Panzer: Is sensha-dō even safe?[View]
169847027ITT: post alpha males[View]
169860673Apuntando hacia el Sol Que brilla que es un primor lanzo una piedra con el pie, el zapato se me esca…[View]
169862005Do you like anime from the 70's?[View]
169843128How would've Evangelion been received if all of the cast was genderswapped?[View]
169854708Hunter x Hunter: It looks like Camilla is the best girl, after all. https://www.strawpoll.me/152837…[View]
169826275Boruto: >What´s up, doc?[View]
169813962Fuuka 192: god fucking dammit Seo can people see her or not[View]
169862821Just got this from my cousin, what am in for?[View]
169858904This is the face of a overhyped manga artist who is regretful of the community and fanbase he's…[View]
169863332>14y >166cm Is Ayase the tallest 14y anime girl?…[View]
1698568143x3 thread: Manga edition[View]
169860883Dungeon Meshi 42: Remember to treat your elves and doggos with love and respect[View]
169861751Romance thread[View]
169856934Senryu Girl 29: I am not sure whether I'm finding this series adorable or infuriating...[View]
169812122High School DxD Hero is getting a livestream on Tuesday 21 PM ( Japan hour ). Most likely includes a…[View]
169848012Hinamatsuri: Korean scans of new ch are up. It's a chapter of the three esper girls hanging out…[View]
169856513Is Fate just for jacking off to now? There is literally no other reason to watch any of it.[View]
169840909What the hell happened with Toriko? They tried so fucking hard to make it popular, crossing over wit…[View]
169861645ITT: high T protags[View]
169862230Why didn't Jotaro just drown him?[View]
169859735Post characters that did nothing wrong.[View]
169860012>abandons his child[View]
169849568Izuku's father (My Hero Academia): What are your theories/speculations on the whereabouts of Hi…[View]
169854773Ao no Flag: LOL[View]
169853459Would you share a cup of sake with Astolfo?[View]
169858929Post shows you ended up being too much of a smoothbrain retard to understand. I'll start with O…[View]
169861280AOTS spring: This story is about a 15-year-old girl who is a newbie idol in love with her best frien…[View]
169861238Gin no Guardian: What the fuck is this show and where did it come from? It's fucking terrible, …[View]
169855263The protagonist of the last anime you watched has been replaced by Mio Akiyama. How does she fare?[View]
169855389So /a/, what is it?[View]
169856158How is this degeneracy allowed?[View]
169858773Thoughts on Saike Mata Shitemo?[View]
169855109B: the beginning discussion: AKA lily's fat ass[View]
169836672Dungeon Meshi Chapter 42: My heart.[View]
169859555What is this salty discharge!?[View]
169859970AOTS and it's not even close.[View]
169859412What the fuck happened with that last episode? Pacing has been kinda off since they got off the boat…[View]
169846660Fuck this shit: Am I asking for too much when I only want a proper HGW with no manjew or meta bullsh…[View]
169861974/a/ needs IDs: With the copious amounts of shitposting that studio wars bring to this board, somethi…[View]
169856489One Piece: Girls don't read One Piece, right? That's just silly![View]
169851974Aharen-san: 3 new chapters of cute dorks doing dorky things.[View]
169849004ITT: Best girl of their respective animu[View]
169840650She's very cunny[View]
169845566Toji no Miko: Here lies Yume, the cutest Toji. Please remember her, it was her last wish.[View]
169793972Killing Bites: Those with the sharpest Fangs wins, right?[View]
169853491Tabata is a hack?: Everyone said tabata was a hack, and would pull a sasuke, then he pulled 100 sasu…[View]
169859001extended OPs: Post extended OPs, fan-made or official. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdFRMspIsPE…[View]
169839155Mirrai NIKKI: Did Yuno really like Yukki ?[View]
169858605Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss. Slay Queen. Was getting worried this was going to be a typical 'Bad guy reali…[View]
16985654986 - Eighty Six - Chapter 2 Raw: Don't let the thread die this time.[View]
169854736Prison School final chapter???: Ok, wtf was that dogshit ending??? I am at a loss here lads, did thi…[View]
169855884Oh my goooooooooooooooooood![View]
169857828What went so horrible wrong?[View]
169854981>lupin part 5 releasing in april why is no one talking about htis?[View]
169837247Nee, nee Kazuko![View]
169857587Aku No Hana: So, was it pleb filter or actually shit?[View]
169855139what is the best jojo reference?[View]
169857381>you'll never watch your first edgy shonen anime for the first time Holly shit I want to go…[View]
169844346Dragon Ball Super: So what’s the “big surprise” for fans at the end of the last episode? Surely it c…[View]
169800897Overlord: Slow and steady, it'll all be worth it by the end. Overlord is like a long epic.…[View]
169854792If you could switch any two anime characters: Who would they be? You can swap one character in place…[View]
169855878Kantai Collection: Does Kantai Collection anime deserve a second season?[View]
169856569Why do you hate Umaru so much, oniichan?[View]
169850048Tokyo Ghoul :re PV2 out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ36ToJLHtA How will they connect the plot …[View]
169856471Reminder that this KILLED goku. He has no chance against jiren[View]
169844444The MC in the isekai you hate is now female does the series improve?[View]
169856405Is Shaft finally done beating this boring trite into the ground or are these dumb japanese korean se…[View]
169855893Is it even possible to defeat the cock?[View]
169848223One Piece: Is Oda a hack?[View]
169847089Itt: Post unfappable girls[View]
169849874A True Hero: How much of a bro can one man be? Seriously, this man is a fucking saint.[View]
169848569Lain Explanation[View]
169855068Houshin Engi: You guys enjoying the new moomin anime?[View]
169845224Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's…[View]
169832310BLACKFOX: http://project-blackfox.jp/ New 3hz original project written by the guy that ruined Flip F…[View]
169801390Aikatsu Stars! & Cocotama: Lily and Yuzu last time doing idle activities. Finally, it's tim…[View]
169852952What's her angle? Does she just want Aqua off her world as soon as possible or does she just fe…[View]
169846930This is so far the only Shaft show I've never watched before, the phony title and the mid-2000s…[View]
169844245Boku No Hero Academia: So we can all agree that pic relate is end game right?[View]
169847793ReLIFE: This may come a little bit late. What did you think of the series overall? What about the en…[View]
169855169The God Of High School: How are you guys finding the current arc?[View]
169840616Why do they look so off-model in this scene?[View]
169853712Goodness fucking gracious, I hate Sakura. Never have I been more annoyed by an archetype. We all kno…[View]
169850537Osomatsu san: Let's see if we can try to have one last relaxing thread before the pure angst on…[View]
169850906Where is her season 2?[View]
169831005How come when there's sexual between a boy and a woman that there's not a big shitstorm, b…[View]
169854766She fucking killed people[View]
169853802Akko's game releases May 15! Will you be getting it?[View]
169854894gommu taypu dess macchi[View]
169854883You guys told me this was a magical girl show.[View]
169850882Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I’…[View]
169849857Bokuben: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/pR2CtYyWTjs?adtbrdg=e#_adtReady Someone please make this a …[View]
169772742Are there any children's anime as shocking to modern/foreign sensibility as Maicchingu Machiko-…[View]
169852764Cutie Honey: I'm reading all Go Nagai stuff after Devilman, and I've just finished Cutie H…[View]
169850595How do you bully a rock?[View]
169845753Is there a single character in the history of anime that is more autistic then Seto Kaiba?[View]
169854097New trailer for Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai. >https://youtu.be/2NXip6ix5hE >MC: Takasugi Mahiro …[View]
169847368Misa is the best.[View]
169847372Hunter x Hunter: >I'm the tallest of mountains. I am the roughest of waves. I'm the tou…[View]
169852362Pairings you think should have happened: I'll start.[View]
169838686Ziga: New WSJ manga, AXED SHIT.[View]
169820911Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san: Loli Yuu liek ramen.[View]
169852718How wide is too wide?[View]
169851875I do not understand how so many people read all these shounen manga that are longer than Proust. How…[View]
169847771Jiren Pre Celebration Thread: Get in here lads and pre celebrate >we will win! No Jobku, Jobhan, …[View]
169850892Kowarekake no Orgel: >Will never get a full series >Even if it got a series it would just have…[View]
169849457>takes no pride in being the creator of a huge social network >receives immense power and bar…[View]
169852228Why are shorts usually bad, but there are a few really good ones?[View]
169852385>original series >characters had varied and unique designs >new series >characters all…[View]
169831870Violet evergarden: Is Baiorette Ebagaden a slow burn? Did it finally proved /a/ fags that it wasn…[View]
169850703Frieza Redemption Thread: What would Bardock say, knowing that Goku is the last hope of the entire m…[View]
169852015Your shorts, they're holding you back man.[View]
169835629Goblin Slayer: year one 9: Last thread was killed by 4chan dying. Korean scans here >> 1698247…[View]
169836326Darling in the Franxx: mark my words,this is going to be Masterpiece by the end of the seasons,and w…[View]
169851759>Rie Takahashi teamed up with original mangaka to produce latest Takagi-san Manga Chapter https:/…[View]
169851562I love her so much[View]
169851419Tart Post: Let’s discuss the possibility that it actually WAS a pie.[View]
169841102Dragon Ball Super: GOKU ALWAYS WINS BABY[View]
169842956Good thing I brought my vape.[View]
169849813Another: Is this any good? I'm considering picking it up, but I've been seeing mixed opini…[View]
169850088Double Decker!: Double Decker! Doug & Kirill.- new anime project in the Tiger & Bunny franch…[View]
169845886Parasyte Reversi by Teppu mangaka: Great news, Moare Ohta is still alive and making manga. Just 2 we…[View]
169850632What do you think of MCs who are weaker than their imouto?[View]
169844727How do you feel about Akame Ga Kill Zero now that its gotten a massive update?[View]
169850743/a/ needs more dxd threads with hero coming out in less than month[View]
169792181JoJo: Will 'NARANCIA TRAP XDD' become a meme when part 5 gets adapted?[View]
169825564holy goddamn shit this show is absolutely bonkers I've never had this much fun watching anythin…[View]
169835504Was everything after Raoh's death pointless?[View]
169847256I'm a newfag here and i have a newfag question should I watch FMA or FMA Brotherhood?[View]
169841672Scanlation thread: Gooks get to read things early, and I'm not happy about it.[View]
169847907Just took this yesterday on my visit to Japan. How jealous are you NEET animefags who will never get…[View]
169848653Vote pool for best waifu!: Want to partecipate to a vote battle pool for the best Fate Waifu? Search…[View]
169841228The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: So I watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya about six years…[View]
169848945These 2 were THE worst characters of the show and you know it.[View]
169844642ITT: Characters who were kicked while they were down[View]
169834796>mahoujin guruguru was 24 years ago[View]
169831302Mitsuboshi Colors: Are you ready to see Nono get absolutely rekt by 3 lolis this week?[View]
169840537Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures: the raw's been out for almost 2 weeks now , anyone knows …[View]
169842400Why haven't you picked up Noah's Notes yet?: New WSJ hit manga.[View]
169848250What does /a/ think about age gap yuri?[View]
169846092Is C3-bu one of the most ruinous anime? It changed from a rather normal SoL manga into pointless edg…[View]
169807333Saki: Tanoshii: Chapter spoilers soon? Will this arc ever end? It's so boring. Triple release d…[View]
169843358I miss Magane![View]
169840788How is should've ended: >Shinsekai yori >Queerat genocide…[View]
169845247ITT: Kakine speech; 3 words each post: Shall we talk?[View]
169846026he deserved better than what kubo had to offer him[View]
169848339Is there a character in all of anime who could possibly rival Revolver's intellect?[View]
16984836286 - Eighty Six - Chapter 2 Raw: Dumping.[View]
169848319>episode 08 of LE will air tomorrow >still no subs for 07 Wake up APEX ;_;…[View]
169846314Mob Psycho 100: New Reigen manga starting on the 19th. The MP100 anime recap special with 20 minutes…[View]
169848079Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon: Could there be a worse character design? How will Lucoa ever recov…[View]
169839942One piece: Man this arc turned out to be a huge disappointment. Rate this arc 3/10[View]
169845033Last anime you saw is now in the Franxx: What's the outcome?[View]
169847886Darling in the franxx: I want console zero two! the reflection of the glass[View]
169830264Black Clover: Well, shit. Clover kingdom got royally screwed now. Also apologies to anons who though…[View]
169847770How have we still not got another season?[View]
169847690Pre-2000's Thread: I finally got around to reading Dororo, and it was really good. I started th…[View]
169847053Nanatsu no taizai 259 spoilers: So they were hiding in a place like this. ...they sure gave me troub…[View]
169847826Has anyone ever counted how many people Kenshiro kills in the anime and manga?[View]
169825235Is it safe to say that movies saved Nanoha franchise? It seems to be going pretty strong now.[View]
169846881Will we ever get a season 2[View]
169847646JoJo: So is it ever explicity stated that Vanilla Ice has to place himself within Cream for it to wo…[View]
169774545I want a senpai ending, /a/[View]
169845022Digimon Tri: New poster for the last OVA.[View]
169836216anime WHEN?[View]
169847347I can't believe Maki, Nico, Honoko, Eli, Nozomi, Rin, Hanayo, Kotori and Umi are fucking DEAD.[View]
169846998Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai.: Vol.5 cover it out. Series has sold 750k in volumes sales. Also Sat…[View]
169846109What the fuck was her problem?[View]
169837592Dad walked in on me watching Upotte!! He sat down, watched and enjoyed most of episode 2. Family rea…[View]
169838218It's March 16th and I really feel like dumping as much of the original Bang Dream manga as I ca…[View]
169840709Hunter x Hunter: >A crown of thorns and a cross. A true goddess.…[View]
169847462/fa/: Who is that? I watched my fair share of old anime but she doesn't ring a bell. Is she a g…[View]
169846455Delicious Tomoyo feet[View]
169844743Just what kind of ending was that?[View]
169845127Why is she so perfect?[View]
169844360Yuru Camp △: Seyana[View]
169834084Why can't this asshole pick a motivation and stick with it?[View]
169712414If you fap to Houseki no Kuni gems, does it make you gay?: They look like females. But they use male…[View]
169829491Nagasarete Airantou Manga: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2018-03-15/nagasarete-airan…[View]
169845771Mousou Telepathy: Something actually happening.[View]
169846120Code Geass: SUPER ELECTRO MAGNETIC SHRAPNEL CANNON, FIRE! Also movies 2 and 3 when?[View]
169841756What's wrong with this cyclops? Why does she fall in love with the first boy to talk to her? Wh…[View]
169780700My girlfriend keeps taking pictures of me like this, how can I get her to stop?[View]
169845463Is this really as good as everyone says it is?[View]
169840435Bakuon: You own a Suzuki, right?[View]
169842179Post the three shows with the most destructive impact on anime as an industry[View]
169845801Naruto: WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE IT'S NOT FAIR[View]
169843108This is your God.: Well /a/? Do you have anything to say to Godku?[View]
169834171Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru Chapter 10: >Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru Chapter 10 Story…[View]
169830467Double Decker!: New anime original from Sunrise From the staff that brought you Tiger & Bunny ht…[View]
169842159>tfw every anime I watch is shit compared to 80s OVAs[View]
169844787Lost Song: Netflix will dump this series in one go. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/20…[View]
169842670Are there actually people with shit enough taste to think that this movie was a better ending to the…[View]
169840974Monster Musume: I just can't even at the last three chapters[View]
169843221>Parasytes created to cull the excess human population that's making the world a worse place…[View]
169831809As we all know weight equals mass x gravity. Since she's weightless, gravity doesn't apply…[View]
169840510Lets have a thread dedicated to homages/cameos to Godzilla and Gamera movies in anime and manga.[View]
169810822Toji no Miko: Kanami-chan, come to bed![View]
169844662Post characters nobody cares about anymore /a/.[View]
169838511>tfw fell down the Akai Mato /d/rain and can't get back up AAAAAAAAAAA I CAN'T HELP IT …[View]
169835406This girl slaps your ass and tells you she jacked off her vagina to you last night. What do you do? …[View]
169841199Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch99[View]
169844268Seiba: Why would anyone choose leaky bowels or worm girl when this 5 foot 90 pound, blond haired gre…[View]
169840221Why did her hair turn silver in the last episode? I don't buy the stress meme[View]
169843192Which one /a/?[View]
169843588Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan S2: I need more BEST GIRL in my life.[View]
169837265Did she deserve it?[View]
169832914Kill me baby: Guten morgen[View]
169832468Boku no hero academia 175: Scans out translation soon Eri a cute[View]
169830858Violet: Violet is beautiful[View]
169841114ITT: Your instant boner[View]
169840143I miss this tomboy and her hyena friends, /a/. Why did it have to get pushed back to April?[View]
169841780You forgot to worship me, anon. You know what that means...[View]
169837093FLCL: Soon /a/[View]
169842571>Premise is a group of co-ed heterosexual teenagers with limited adult supervision >Half the c…[View]
169833002Kodomo no Jikan: Finally finished the manga. Was that supposed to be a good ending?[View]
169834784KyoAni: What went so right?[View]
169826545Steins;Gate: Would you look at that. Finally some peace of mind.[View]
169842081Shhhh she's sleeping, /a/[View]
169836439Danchigai chapter 63: Thank fuck we're not dead. Starting from page 7 this time.[View]
169841027Darling in the FranXX: I just want to know who is holding her hand in this scene.[View]
169839920One Piece: *Precious siblings getting btfo'd in the distance* https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/re…[View]
169840826*bunny hops towards you*[View]
169805543Emergency Stalker Report: >***,*23位/***,*22位 (**3,039 pt) [*,*75予約] 18/03/28 18/01 宇宙よりも遠い場所 1(イベ…[View]
169840096Asobi no Iku yo: Why the fuck would she take those if there was an able bodied man in her house? Why…[View]
169819456Yuru Camp △: New episode in 2hs 30min[View]
169840024One Piece: Reminder that Katakuri abandoned his 'precious' family by purposefully dragging the fight…[View]
169841487Sept 18th 2018 (according to Amazon) Get hyped![View]
169841544>you will never have beautiful kunoichi gf why even ninpo?[View]
169834755Hardest/easiest Genres to Produce: What do you think is the easiest or hardest anime or manga genre …[View]
169831230ITSS FINALLY HERE: THE OP THO OMG https://youtu.be/Yko9LI5oLSU[View]
169841461Code Geass: Subs for the first movie were released yesterday, thoughts?[View]
169839090New Captain Tsubasa CM: The ball is my friend. https://twitter.com/tsubasa_news/status/9746293180463…[View]
169832096DRAGON BALL SUPER: Someone translate pic related's 4koma already Oh also leaks soon[View]
169740960Order goes RBG > Yellow > GSC > RS > FRLG > Emerald > DPPt > HGSS > BW > …[View]
169838911W-What did she mean by this?[View]
169774069Sword Art Online: What do you think of Itsuki?[View]
169840567Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Umaru on the front page, fuck you[View]
169839972Was it nothing more than an expression?[View]
169837084Why does she not look like she's a part of the actual anime. All of the other new characters fi…[View]
169812157Made in Abyss: Nanachi sounds too cute for this show! Made in Abyss thread?[View]
169840113Oh! Great is a perfect fit for Monogatari[View]
169835451One Piece: Is Daifuku vs. Sanji happening for real now? Maybe a small clash at least.[View]
169840077>doesn't even draw her scar on the same chapter he introduces her with one Defend this, this…[View]
169839946violet evergarden episode 10: do you love your daughter that much too, anon?[View]
169831759what is she going to do to make all you retards turn on her?[View]
169839845This is Karna. He had a hard life. He is a good boy. Say something nice to him.[View]
169838874King Crimson: I just got to the part with King Crimson in Vento Aureo and... I DON'T UNDERSTAND…[View]
169839717Dagashi Kashi: New episode today fucking when? Also, what do you think of Hajime's dub voice? h…[View]
169833149Did youl ike his show?[View]
169835223The Key to Home: I hope you're ready, /a/, for comfy loli stories. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
169830428post yfw /a/ is back up[View]
169839661Children of the whales: > Australia versus the world Now this is a plot I can get behind.…[View]
169838459>best girl manages to wins >faggot decides to go study abroad blunder of the season…[View]
169826684Yuru Camp: i'm hungry, have u make hot pot ?[View]
169829784Hunter X Hunter: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/ga-i1k9Wf8s[View]
169838735Character / Voice actor: ITT: post character dialog and guess who said it. I have this voice from on…[View]
169836701How would you save the idol genre?[View]
169837314Why doesn't Altair live in a mansion?: How do I draw her?[View]
169798458Raildex: Will the Magic Gods save the World from the Crowley's Army and the demon Coronzon?…[View]
169812547Märchen Mädchen: Today is Maria Rasputin's birthday! Say something nice to her Also, episode 2 …[View]
169839036This thread is dedicated to anime dolls. Despite being soulless and lifeless in a traditional meanin…[View]
169836908Movies: We don't talk about movies enough Last movie you watched /10 Pic related, Nerawareta Ga…[View]
169796475Can we have one of those?[View]
169838632Why are anime girls so sexy? What's the science behind it? Also the people that post them are p…[View]
169837104Noragami: This show isn't good at all, but this is a new low. How did this garbage even got pop…[View]
169837740Rokka no Yuusha: Its been awhile, but you haven't forgot about the world's strongest perso…[View]
169838579Can you guess the composer, /a/? https://comfy.moe/nolrkf.mp3[View]
169837023Appealing Isekai: Which isekai world would you like to be in? >games every day >sexy girls eve…[View]
169838435It's the year 2018 and you have just arrived home from work. You have stuffs to do but you deci…[View]
169829789Slavs and Commies in Animu: can we have a slav/commie thread? partly thanks to yuru camp Δ (anyone e…[View]
169836099Claymores are so cute.[View]
169829987your favorite 90s anime: spill it fags[View]
169756908Hugtto Precure: Does Lulu represent automation of the workforce?[View]
169799864Yuuki Yuuna: Was second season a mistake?[View]
169812552VEG and Sora Yori are legit the only AOTS contender right now,how can other anime even compete?[View]
169829445>Let's throw in superpowers and fight scenes >suddenly people start watching a SOL show a…[View]
169835830Just finished first episode and I'm already tremendously annoyed at this supposed 'outstanding'…[View]
169831009Sora no Woto: Holy shit, so glad I gave this one a chance. At the end of Episode 4 I knew I was watc…[View]
169792617Shieldbro chapters 1-4 dump: Dumping chapters 1 through 4 of shieldbro, come in an join. Read how it…[View]
169832419This is a teenaged boy.[View]
169832423is Kumo desu ga nani ka ? manga worth reading ?: Is this manga worth reading? Is it just another ise…[View]
169836581My favourite pic: My first 4chan post! This is Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, screenshot (episode 8, …[View]
169829871The power of Plot Armor is so fucking powerful that it did bring back Goku into the ToP, fight with …[View]
169836970Post Canadian caracters[View]
169791132How do we fix the shounen genre? What did the likes of Bleach, Naruto and KHR do right where other a…[View]
169833847Shounen Sunday news for ants: Looks like Conan's coming off hiatus soon as Gosho has scripts do…[View]
169831549Muhyo & Roji’s: Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation“ anime adaptation. Comin…[View]
169820122Darling in the FranXX: Who /Zorome/ here?[View]
169834027What character has the best hands?[View]
169793260Shingeki no Kyojin: Is /ourgirl/ gonna make it?[View]
169835942Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome: >Best girl in a manga about traps is actually a girl What form of …[View]
169836315Claymore: Season 2 with blind sister Latea when?[View]
169830249Inuyashiki: TELL ME MY HERO WHERE YOU'RE GOING[View]
169834726For the first few chapters i wasn't really feeling it but after i got past that part the manga …[View]
169831958childhood is thinking Mio was the best girl adulthood is realizing that Ritsu was the best girl all …[View]
169832859>Still no OVA announced Why did they even make the series as short as it was?…[View]
169835721>400+40+7 days since the end of DIU >part 5 is still not confirmed…[View]
169834698How are they hacks if their works are recognized and loved even by non-anime fans?[View]
169834054How do you open a coconut, anyway?[View]
169830275One Piece: We are back and the chapter is out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/…[View]
169833498How come One Piece's world war arc was such a success and Naruto's one such a complete flo…[View]
169835048Love Live Puppets: This should have been a full-fledged TV series.[View]
169829452God hates Gays: The Animation[View]
169835375In my honest opinion, Khara and Trigger should merge already.[View]
169821046Post classic /a/ images[View]
169833773I am encoding anime, wondering which one looks better to you. I am doing encodes on h265 codec and h…[View]
169835231ITT: we post real antagonists who are disguised as side characters[View]
169834360Pop Team Epic: We don't know what kind of format episode 12 will have, so for all we know tomor…[View]
169830211Anime ASCII Art: Just because /a/ is back doesn't mean the fun has to end! Post some of you fav…[View]
169794370How do we save Fate, /a/?[View]
169834948Take a shot anytime someone says TOKKA KOKKAN[View]
169824084To you, The Immortal / To Your Eternity: Very, very sad one.[View]
169834851Youko hold my gloves I'm gonna take a nap[View]
169834030Friendly reminder that Azunyan was best girl[View]
169834703Benten > Lum[View]
169829891I love you /a/![View]
169832569Name an anime with better characters and development. You can’t.[View]
169832407Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~: Technically it's not a isekai be…[View]
169830142I didn't know how much I love you /a/ until you went away <3[View]
169829370This is one of the dumbest scenes I've ever seen in any medium.[View]
169818805Hinomaru Zumou airs in October 2016: Animated by Studio Gonzo[View]
169834400Post anime people who aren't hacks[View]
169739370What is the deal with these horny middle schoolers in anime[View]
169834026Chitoge Mario Maker: Do you remember, /a/?[View]
169829001Comedy thread[View]
169831275This is your angel for the night.[View]
169831559What did she mean by that?[View]
169780467buyfag thread[View]
169832788There's this one show every season that /a/ latches onto for no fucking reason, and that turns …[View]
169829670Comedy Manga Patalliro! Gets Live-Action Film: That was unexpected. >https://www.animenewsnetwor…[View]
169832648Gintama: >old yato guy displays the ability to assume a younger form >people still believe tha…[View]
169831199 [View]
169833146Just finished Date A Live, why is she so perfect bros?[View]
169818501I am Saber, your servant. What is my master’s command?[View]
169826265Pre-2000's Thread: This is Maki, say something nice about her.[View]
169830099Asuka freed us from the site being down! Thanks Asuka, you're a genius![View]
169831156Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution: subs fuckin when? https://youtu.be/iKBv54TWuyI[View]
169823754One piece: This arc turned from the best arc since the Timeskip to the shittest arc since the Timesk…[View]
169829788Should I go with the anime or the manga? I heard the manga gets a bit shit after a while.[View]
169831944One Piece: Chapter 898:https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/898/page/1 We're re…[View]
169823260Dragon Ball Super: Will Freeza be the MVP when he saves Universe 7?[View]
169808820Why isn't Amagi Brilliant Park more appreciated? It's in the top of all the KyoAni stuff[View]
169811677Boku no Hero Academia: Bnha really does have the best girls.[View]
169828947Why is Takagi-san such a bully?[View]
169828612Be honest, would you have told her about the Death Note?[View]
169802544What the fuck. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-03-14/gunsmith-cats-reboot-anime-short-to…[View]
169830028The boards were never down because of the FBI and suicide, 4chan would never get shut down because o…[View]
169830158Yuru Camp: We missed almost 24 hours of fresh Yuru Camp discussion. I am so sad.[View]
169831519FLCL 2: New artwork by Sadamoto. More news about the show next week.[View]
1697839424 u[View]
169793433Why is sex such a taboo in Anime?[View]
169823029>Download anime >Dual audio >Dub is default…[View]
169829803Shokugeki no soma chap 255: Hey Foodies!! Love Food Wars! Shoukugeki no soma!! Chapter 255 spoilers …[View]
169829964Who's the best Digimon and why is it Machinedramon?[View]
169828243ITT best girls that don't get the guy[View]
169829873Eri Best Girl Best Trundere[View]
169817079Guess who is alive: https://ggkthx.org/2018/03/code-geass-episode-1-koudou/[View]
169819619W-what the hell anons, what did she mean by this?[View]
169830511I love you, /a/! Don't disappear again.[View]
169830593Post underrated or not so popular openings and endings that you personally love: And by underrated I…[View]
169808273Jitsu wa: High Impact Sexual Violence[View]
169830144What anime did you watch while /a/ was dead[View]
169830423it doesnt work[View]
169830406Beatless: Stand aside kid, I'm saving this show.[View]
169830206Live action can be goo-[View]
169830236Missed you: Damn what the hell happened? Can't stay away from /a/ that long.[View]
169828495So I just read this over the past few days what a load of shit I dont know if I've ever been di…[View]
169780115Where to find a Holo gf?[View]
169828272Hazuki butt is a treasure.[View]
169819535ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
169830086This thing. This fucking thing. This is the being with the HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN ALL ANIME. You can N…[View]
169828160the five horseman of aCAMPalipse: they will bring eternal confyness to the earth[View]
169830049Just started reading this. Why does Yoo keep getting caught by the same gang, the second time was b…[View]
169830040Ichigo on the front page![View]
169798026Is Shana is a good or bad tsundere?[View]
169825313>14y >166cm Is Ayase the tallest 14y anime girl?…[View]
169829863I missed you /a/. Watch anything good while we were down?[View]
169827462>ED animated by NC Suzuki[View]
169824735Goblin Slayer Year One: 09: Got blessed with an easy Maru password. Let's dive in, shall we?…[View]
169814323Please don't forget Yurika's show.[View]
169826468I'm seeing no threads about any of them, so I'm assuming all those Netflix originals launc…[View]
169827475Shhhhhhh, Okita is sleeping![View]
169816407Post your 10/10[View]
169819558Just finished this. I want to talk about this anime. Kukuri is really cute.[View]
169828112Can anyone explain me why in FMA 2003 sometimes Edward can repair his automail, sometimes can't…[View]
169829052>Somehow manage to give Hotaru a run for her money How did they do it?[View]
169821289How to train your moe dragon will be AOTS next season: Cute girls riding cute dragons hype! :3…[View]
169822525thoughts on this anime?[View]
169791200Guess whose birthday it is. UMI DA[View]
169824069Is season 2 coming?[View]
169820000Hunter X Hunter: Spoilers are out, script soon A bunch of new info regarding the mafia families is r…[View]
169814619Citrus: What emotion is this face meant to convey?[View]
169828972Now that the dust has settled, was he right?[View]
169827545Bananya on the front page![View]
169825737Thoughts on attack on titan?[View]
169825492i love you /a/[View]
169818197Call me The Man With No Taste, but honestly GBF had the prettiest girls and art style ever.[View]
169814539How the fuck do you pronounce the name Cu Chulainn?[View]
169828046I've read the manga of this shit. Hope kyoanal die in a fire.[View]
169828836Steins;Gate 0: Do you have enough Maho reacts for spring?[View]
169808825Maid dragon thread: Would you be ok with being turned 7 again and being raised by these two lesbians…[View]
169828103Which anime character would you sext with? Would you send her dick pics in class?[View]
169821936Card captor sakura: why are they singing death metal in the music room?[View]
169793000Delinquents!: I'm taking over Bad Boys, the best delinquent manga you probably haven't hea…[View]
169806723i miss them[View]
169818923Dungeon Meshi: New cover revealed for volume 6.[View]
169828672There are a lot of gambling anime out there. But what about cute girls day trading or investing ani…[View]
169825800Why was Naruto the only long-running shounen anime to have good animation?[View]
169824869GochiUsa Sex Appeal: Let's determine this once and for all. Who do you think is the hottest and…[View]
169792446You can only have one.[View]
169827987Original Pretty Cure Transformation THREAD: Really I think the transformations of these two heroines…[View]
169820774Female MCs: Name one, who is better than Ange. For each nomination, describe why.[View]
169824361Bleach: At least best pairing is canon[View]
169774578Legend of Galactic Heroes | Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: They just released Frederica's new design for…[View]
169825118Wait a fucking minute, somewhere out there in the world, potato chips bags have each piece of potato…[View]
169825812Youjo Senki: I just finished this series yesterday. What is next in her(his) master plan? Also, I re…[View]
169826801ITT: We post mary sues: Of course, back up your choices accordingly. >Kid on the same level as Lu…[View]
169815868Violet Evergarden EP10 Discussion - Ann Magnolia: Just when you thought they couldn't top episo…[View]
169826850In the December 2006 issue of Newtype, Anno revealed he was happy to finally recreate Eva 'as he wan…[View]
169821522Megalo Box: This shit looks amazing. Long PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j8sX95vkfc Short PV ht…[View]
169824464Hack Piece: Chapter 898: We’ll Definitely Return The Big Mom pirates shoot at Germa and are surprise…[View]
169820954Rewatchable Anime: ITT: Anime you have rewatched at least 5 times and others should too.[View]
169807167Boruto Thread: So Hako has a bunny doll, and Sumire wore a bunny suit in the latest ep. Hiw much dee…[View]
169825465You die due to a heart attack. When you reach the afterlife, the residential blue-haired goddess tel…[View]
169824666Arifureta: New manga chapter. So is there any actual good reason for Shea to suddenly fall in love …[View]
169828168Pick one and only one.[View]
169825147The fuck?! She has an older brother?! And the dad barely now becomes relevant!? Talk about bad plann…[View]
169816698This is what is commonly called a 'best girl'. Say something nice about her.[View]
169823769If this got an anime adaptation how much of a shitstorm would it cause on /a/ And not its not a rand…[View]
169822862Was this ahead of its time?[View]
169825775Rurouni Kenshin: Now that the dust has settled will this manga ever continue?[View]
169804411Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo: New Torako chap[View]
169826704Name the biggest MC letdowns: For me its Deku and Tsuna, unfortunatly they are tied. Deku still has…[View]
169819833I don't think Rem understands the rules[View]
169822216What was her fucking problem?[View]
169798167/his/ chinese cartoons: What historical event or time period would you like to see an animu made abo…[View]
169812238Devilman: Crybaby: Holy shit this was way better than i expected. I head read the manga so i knew ho…[View]
169827184Was it good?[View]
169822163>for you And this is supposed to be an official translation? This doesn't make any sense.…[View]
169824119Belladonna of Sadness: Well, that was fucking bad. What are your thoughts, /a/?[View]
169803057planetes: Is this worth watching? I like space and my favorite game is space station 13 Are there an…[View]
169823797>>169822875 Dem fighting words[View]
169825445Otoyomegatari 69: If you could give a woman happiness would you actually give it a try, anon?[View]
169824275Majimoji Rurumo: Would you let this Witch fulfil all your wishes?[View]
169731392OPT - One Page Thread[View]
169820032Darling in the Franxx: Taskette 02-sama![View]
169821836is it right to ship Kiriyama and Hina?: i mean, their'e so cute together and have just 4 years …[View]
169825250Gintama: Why does Gintama get like 1 thread a week when new episodes come out? And these threads usu…[View]
169818934It's time to settle this. Left or right?[View]
169822189Is it possible for a character to be a family man AND a badass?[View]
169825074Why was early 10's so much better? Or it's just nostalgia?[View]
169820094Ergo Proxy: Man, when I was asking about ergo proxy after I had watched texhnolyze someone told me t…[View]
169819768anime adaption confirmed: Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Manga is gett…[View]
169823379Live action can't have waif-[View]
169814862Violet Evergarden: Why does this show seem to summon so many shitposters who hate on anyone who enjo…[View]
169818753One Piece 898: Title: we’ll definitely return big mom pirates shoot at germa and are surprised that …[View]
169816174God, am I the only one who disliked that show? I had 0 pleasure watching this[View]
169798128Ginko BTFO. Ai BTFO. Loli King BTFO. Everyone's getting BTFO[View]
169811470why did pokemon sun & moon abandon this art style why[View]
169778012Go Toubun no Hanayome 29 RAW[View]
169823087Post underrated or not so popular openings and endings that you personally love: And by underrated I…[View]
169798560Why does Hollywood even bother producing live action anime when they always bomb at the Box Office?[View]
169812978Dagashi kashi: How fuck can they keep open a shop that make like 1 buck/day?[View]
169794647We love cakes, right /a/?[View]
169810163Dragon Ball Super: Is Jiren stronger than Bills Sama?[View]
169756666The Devil is a part timer: Lightnovelfags tell me. Do they do the do?[View]
169777802If you had to choose one to marry, who would it be?[View]
169776030Bakemonogatari 01: wew[View]
169823449holy fuck bleach is so terribly drawn all faces look the same[View]
169823015what happened to the grand blue anime?[View]
169822382Tsugumi Ohba here, just wanted to let you guys know that the Manga is still running and I'm sur…[View]
169819274What's with this look on his face?: Why does he look like has no idea what he's doing?…[View]
169821794What's wrong with deceiving myself forever ?[View]
169810409is love lab a good show to watch if you're someone with a high iq?[View]
169821368How is this legal?![View]
169822855>One Piece will end in your lifetime[View]
169822531>>169821522 not bad[View]
169821169I think it's cause I read manga way more than watch anime, but I'm kind of tired of how an…[View]
169787422One Punch Man: I don't want to see genos jobing anymore[View]
169822096>>169821368 >How is this legal?! of course no. Spoil that sick shit.…[View]
169822042WATCHED, EXPECTED, GOT: Post yours![View]
169816266Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei Desu ga, Toriaezu Shine: Anyone read this manga? The concept is interesting …[View]
169819331I heard this show will blow my mind[View]
169809759The Irregular at Magic High School Light Novels Head Toward 'Climax': >Kadokawa's …[View]
169801337Why does anime and manga still feature old school bloomers for P.E if they aren't even around a…[View]
169821306ITT: Unnecessary scenes[View]
169811036Does the red string of fate really exist?[View]
169820457Be honest, how long would you last against Shinka?[View]
169798678Would you join the empire for her?[View]
169817199Apparently One has announced a new spin-off series of Mob Psycho 100, with Reigen as the main charac…[View]
169812656what will happen to the series when grandma goku dies?[View]
169791587Otoyomegatari: Reunion. Also wingman of the year.[View]
169792151Yesterday we a had a thread about asspulls. Lets hve a thread about badly written characters today. …[View]
169801169They had all the cards on hand for this to be a good anime yet it's shit[View]
169814870I was fighting back tears the entire episode.[View]
169812415Is he the single greatest pervert in animation? Don’t give me your pleb choices like Nozomi or Hisok…[View]
169816275Surely no anon here would want to be stepped on by a cute 2d girl[View]
169820209Who is the lewdest Marshimaro and why is it Chika?[View]
169812525Naruto: Where the fuck is Ino's headband?[View]
169815804HUAAAA I WANT SEASON 2 **NOW**!!!!!! WHERE IS IT???????[View]
169814436Is he capable of producing offspring with Angels while he is in this form?[View]
169820432Where is Black Bullet creator, Shiden Kanzaki?: He left without saying anything at all. Do you think…[View]
169819318>QUALITY every time >Always has the best soundtrack How does DEEN do it?…[View]
169820183One Piece Chapter 898 Spoilers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll6F5OQqixI[View]
169792063Pre-2000 anime: What's on your plate /a/?[View]
169814360Sacchan: What the fuck is wrong with this girl?[View]
169819869WEG Thread: How's the season treating you?[View]
169818449IT'S A METAPHOR GET IT??? so deep[View]
169817489Okay /a/. You've been hit by the stand giving arrow and you survived. Because of this, you gain…[View]
169806050Why can't we have more female MCs for non SOL anime?[View]
169812895This is Shirayuki, the most pure of all.[View]
169819851>Magazine announces anime adaptation of a running manga >Following issue chapter of manga has …[View]
169809579Kengan Asura chapter 221[View]
169817446kekyoin: >be first side-character >have ability letting you control someone's body >ab…[View]
169806365What is the first /a/ character that pops up in your mind when you think about manliness?[View]
169819333Which represents the fujo shows of winter 2018?[View]
169816580This is Lily. She was an alright-at-best show this season but was a great character and very cute s…[View]
169816497Darling in the FranXX: Episode 9 preview https://youtu.be/A0C-W-1z80c Did we really need an entire…[View]
169809097How can KyoAni keep themselves alive without selling any plastic?: Aren't figures one major sou…[View]
169814774One Piece: Title: We'll Definitely Return Cover: The New Giant Warrior Pirates Navigator, Road …[View]
169795622You may not like it, but this is the greatest hand to hand combat manga ever written, as well as the…[View]
169810603What would her Servant stats be?[View]
169814117Honestly this ending was somewhat anticlimactic.[View]
169810114Hunter X Hunter: Will he survive this arc[View]
169818454Yuragi-sou no yuuna-san chapter 103 spoilers: おんせん103 一念発起!雲雀ちゃん 縁切鋏に襲われた雲雀が出したのは、扉絵の全身真っ黒な霊装結界ではなく …[View]
169816107where's the daily stalker thread?VEG already airing no?[View]
169818189Anyone know where this crop is from[View]
169816907Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu - Raw Chapter 130 and131: Raw is out few days ago.[View]
169817980How would one go about getting a crest, Anons? It was pointed out to me that without one my digimon …[View]
169811431I'm tired of Boruto, when is Kubo gonna release his legacy series???[View]
169817777Beyblade: Why was he so effeminate, /a/?[View]
169810443If you liked these characters, what does it say about you?[View]
169807793Why must the sad robot future aesthetic be so rare. There's what, Blame!, Casshern Sins, arguab…[View]
169816667This is one of those anime, that only a dedicated anime watcher could finish, despite the relentless…[View]
169751685Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt and stuff.[View]
169817584Rate This Season So Far: Looking forward most every week: Saiki Psi Nan AOTY: Violet evergarden Go…[View]
169813167Boogiepop: Since we're getting a new Boogiepop anime this year, what does /a/ think of the orig…[View]
169813022Kemono Friends: THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://kemono-friends-count.goodroid.co.jp[View]
169814293Boruto Thread powerlevel wank time: Old ones about to die. Official Genin Strength Tier list: 1. Sne…[View]
169781937Will there ever make a Saya no Uta anime or will it have to be an OVA series? And how would they tac…[View]
169746864>character clearly says 'hi' >translated as 'yes'…[View]
169815388preview for next episode, more Tachibana/Kondou comfy scenes.[View]
169809464Murata is back streaming![View]
169811500Well I just finished bingeing the last few episodes of the series, followed immediately by the movie…[View]
169810744Darling in the FranXX: Episode 10 preview in 4 hours[View]
1696822603x3 Thread: Let's see what you got[View]
169814331was it depression?[View]
169775487>motivation is to save people just because >this is treated as revolutionary and compelling Wh…[View]
169814701Are you curious?[View]
169723738Yuru Camp: New episode soon![View]
169811417Happy birthday, our hero.[View]
169815000Can he kill Strawberry Boy & Spiral Boy?[View]
169807900Why do the best girls never win?: Pic related[View]
169814295Confess your anime sins and I shall absolve you. (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
169814768Title: We'll Definitely Return Cover: The New Giant Warrior Pirates Navigator, Road (first ment…[View]
169805906One Piece: Spoilers in 3 hours. Pudding will erase Big Mom's memories. Oda wrote himself into …[View]
169812454Is this really a thing in Japan?[View]
169794365Violet Evergarden: Violet plays house and then we all cry[View]
169811198GT is better than Super. >better transformations that go back to saiyan lore >Interesting vill…[View]
169792163Baki Dou 195 translation: あの鐘の音が聞こえるか? Chapter 195: Crimes[View]
169781353Prison School: What is Hiramoto trying to tell us with the cover of the last volume?[View]
169802900Chu chu[View]
169793684Anyone remember this kino? Does anyone think it deserves a remake or a new series?[View]
169813676Slow start: How can a flat shit be the best girl? Is she a wizzard?[View]
169809013Last Embryo: >Goes to Frozen's blog >Chapter one of volume 3 95% done That took a while b…[View]
169798655Why do most isekai series present slavery in such a positive light?[View]
169813790Whatever happened to 'myanimeharem.net' Also do you guys know any alternatives to it or similar webs…[View]
169779106Dubs or subs and why?[View]
169772665Kase-san OVA new PV: New preview just dropped, voiced this time, and it's looking pretty good. …[View]
169811096Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2018/mar/09/…[View]
169813585At the dawn of the twenty-first century, a sudden climate change known as the Equatorial Winter deva…[View]
169800712Would an anime like Lain be popular if it aired in the present age? 80%+ of the last decade was moe…[View]
169808861I just finished rewatching Mawaru Penguindrum (first time watching it since it aired), and I'm …[View]
169809765This was not very good.[View]
169812920Fuck you Kyoani, they're playing dirty again, fuck, fuck, I'm not crying, I'm not, fu…[View]
169812181Yuru Yuri![View]
169812851this is the second time it's happened. it doesn't get easier. help me /a/.[View]
169804772Confess your sins, my child.[View]
169812686Anno is a simple man, an otaku with the power to please himself. Rebuild is just Anno masturbating, …[View]
169809574>everyone but vegeta and Goku have been marginalized to the point of insignificance >Krillin,…[View]
169808687What's your favorite Naruto filler episode and why?[View]
169812329Ao no Flag 27: WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US oh and futaba won the taibowl[View]
169809349>Prequel released after the actual series[View]
169812084>>169809261 135 half-reps[View]
169807771why does Yamcha look so much like a saiyan? i know there would be obvious signs if he was (a tail et…[View]
169797284Why is incest allowed in anime?[View]
169805280Dragon Ball Super: 5 minutes remaining, anon.[View]
169810388Welcome to the N.H.K!: This show makes me so happy! I really like it! It’s too bad that the creator …[View]
169811752What was his name?: Well what was it?[View]
169773559Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: They're not going to look for Shirase's mother, are they?[View]
169808955So, Goro's basically friendzoned at this point right?[View]
169811363Does your view on this change if you choose to see the entire series as elaborate metaphor for the h…[View]
169810233Which Takagi is better? Dere or smug?[View]
169810188Which anime has the best OP or ED this season and why is it Violet Evergarden?[View]
169805983Do you ever feel sad /a/? What do you watch when you're sad? I watch Lucky Star. It makes me fe…[View]
169808111Attention, losers of /a/. Kaibacorp has recently developed a device to travel to any location in the…[View]
169810706What's your favorite side-character stand? Mine is pic related.[View]
169810787>be me >be husband of multimillionare >relationship is good >sex is daily and great >…[View]
169808257Yasei no last boss ga arawareta: Things are getting better and better.[View]
169810138What the fuck was his problem?[View]
169728992Has there ever been a show with cuter lolis?[View]
169810497Re:zero: why is emilia the most retarded heroine of all anime history?[View]
169809333Koe no Katachi: I know I'm late, but I really want to talk about this. The anime wasn't th…[View]
169810515Why is there a criminal lacking of cute boys doing cute things anime?[View]
169804028Should Pokemon have had game characters be the MC instead of Ash?[View]
169801987Boku Dake Shitteru Ichinomiya-san ch.16: Let's talk about this train wrecking roller-coaster of…[View]
169800533Is it good that some anime exists purely because it's fanservice?[View]
169796256Boku no Hero Academia: Guys I think I love Shinso a little too much[View]
169803642Incest is immoral! Stop it![View]
169781201What is the best kind of Christmas Cake? OL? Teacher? Neighbour?[View]
169797069Darling in the franxx ep 10: Guys 11h to preview ep 10![View]
169781098Danchigai chapter 62[View]
169803906Make Black Clover Great Again!!!!: they need to cancel this show and hire a competent studio that kn…[View]
169802692What are some characters too good for the show they're in?[View]
169805722ITT: times you acted like Archer: >be me >brother becomes vegan >tell him his ideal is fals…[View]
169808832What's with all the sexual harassment in anime and manga?[View]
169808121Shinka is on fire![View]
169790600Hunter X Hunter: What's there endgame?[View]
169804151Robot scans: Hey /a/, I made a scanlation robot, it sucks but it's usable, check it out. The si…[View]
169808837Why didn't Josuke wait for Rohan to show up then use heavens door to write on Kira's hand …[View]
169804328ITT: Times you cheered for the villain[View]
169803941Paneling does NOT get better than this. Take your shitty battle manga and stuff it up your ass. Each…[View]
169807193Detective Conan: How does he do it? How does he control his hormones when he's around her 24/7?…[View]
169805689Katei Kyoushi no Lelouch-san: >official AU manga drawn by creayus >2nd chapter: Lulu acted lik…[View]
169806742Why did Ryuko look so much sexier in this than in any other outfit?[View]
169798200Really, Urasawa?[View]
169803420Studio Pierrot and Toei Animation shouldn’t animate anymore: Ah where to start :). Possibly the bigg…[View]
169792203Rank these shounen dads.[View]
169795495UMU: UMU[View]
169808279You fucks said this was going to be good. >Best character Dela barely in the movie. >Best wai…[View]
169808245Dark humor anime jokes[View]
169808163Why is there no Sundome anime?[View]
169798063anime peaked in the 90's, you can't prove me wrong[View]
169807643I hate this bitch[View]
169797269Space Dandy: How was Season 2 Episode 8 so good? https://a.uguu.se/Jy3J50HYThHw_spacedandys2e8luteni…[View]
169798353Anon and his Waifu: White Day: All the Anons with Waifus who did something for White Day, show what …[View]
169807165What character archetype(s) is she?[View]
169806302Kyrie Eleison, /a/[View]
169806003I just finished kiznaiver. I liked it, the theme was reminiscent of NGE, there were cool Paranoia Ag…[View]
169797438I don't get it[View]
169796830What does /a/ think of Chrome Shelled Regios?[View]
169806621Crunchyroll Subtitles Are SHIT: Who thought this would be a funny idea at crunchyroll? It is funny b…[View]
169746554Made in Abyss Mia Discussion: Let's have at least one discussion thread per month. All I see no…[View]
169794648Hozuki no Reitetsu: New season starts up soonish. Who else is looking forward to it?[View]
169738877Kagami is fucking sexy[View]
169806580i'm too old to be rereading manga and now im just really upset the shaman king anime wasnt bett…[View]
169797541>mfw I just realize I'm supposed to read mangas left to right >mfw I realize why all the …[View]
169790487Boruto thread: So what's going to be his role in the movie arc?[View]
169804589How can a slut be that cute?[View]
169799775Who is more bullyable: left or right, /a/?[View]
169803679Attack on Titan: Is it just me or has this series turned into a series about humanity surviving agai…[View]
169794077Heaven or hell?[View]
169804118Acquired taste animes, LN's mangas[View]
169805985Wow, real subtle there Oshii-sama.[View]
169805913Will they redeemed?: What will happen to them in the new Dragon Ball series?[View]
169799383Plastic Memories: Decided to watch plastic memories the other day and just finished, and I can'…[View]
169803334Heaven's Feel Chapter 35: The raw doesn't seem to be up on the usual sites, so I'm du…[View]
169789181One Piece: Spoilers soon. Perorin~ Will the chapter focus on Cacao Island events or the Wedding Cake…[View]
169791550>it's another Type-Moon work requires previous knowledge of the world episode…[View]
169796538Noein: What do you guys think of this show? I thought it was surprisingly great[View]
169786064Renai Boukun: Dumping chapter 50. Lot's of demon Guri this chapter.[View]
169803304This is a boat[View]
169805441Watched/Expected/Got Thread: Bee creative![View]
169802645Who is the better written character?[View]
169801610Are shonen women doomed to miserable, loveless marriages?[View]
169803531TMS: >Lupin Part V >Megalo Box >Baki I've already accepted our new anime overlords. Ha…[View]
169805236Traps: Traps are gay but that's the best part.[View]
169797912Why did he have to die?: Well /a/? Was it really necessary? Why couldn't he just live to see Si…[View]
169804090which anime has the best beach episode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRH3Ayw8c0E[View]
169801332Shiki: Why did they add a Shiki sympathy angle near the end? They failed miserably. The Shiki hunt w…[View]
169804931https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyRoF689VRE Are there really living breathing human beings out there…[View]
169802770>Can never win fights but keeps breaking his limits >Hype up an Ultimate Form not even gods ca…[View]
169804641Is this what killing bites is?[View]
169804108What was the end goal of the company behind RElife? What did they gain from helping social awkward N…[View]
169804859How would you respond?[View]
169804690I'M CALLING /THE/ STAR RISE[View]
169788526Mitsuboshi Colors: Does she have kids to feed?[View]
169804733Kaiji, Akagi and Everything FKMT: FKMTKrazy just uploaded 3 new chapters of Kaiji and the latest raw…[View]
169788263Takagi: ch 75 is out with Takagi laying on some innuendo. Waiting on 76 and that scene now.[View]
169804444tsukihime: are you ready for their comeback?[View]
169801976Guys I don't know why but I keep reading shit like this and I think it's making me ill but…[View]
169802434violet ebergarden: >muh super high IQ intellectual anime >plot is actually really fucking simp…[View]
169800638School uniform creation is an art.[View]
169804200Why is childhood romance a relatively unpopular genre?[View]
169795881DRAGON BALL SUPER: Reminder that thanks to Toriyama's new art style, saiyan kids' musculat…[View]
169801050This man has never died[View]
169802277Saiki Kusuo: Subs is out! let's discuss the episode![View]
169802654You can't blame Type-Moon for supplying the demand of Fate. If people disliked Fate it wouldn…[View]
169803855>There are white people on this board right now who don't think my mans Goku is the realest …[View]
169770453What happened to DFC love interests in shounen manga?: Why are shounen battle manga (original creati…[View]
169794921Disney is known for its villain songs, but is this the only anime villain song?[View]
169803728>Create series with generic MC >Everyone hates him >Author genderbends him >Instantly be…[View]
169768586Admit it, you cried.[View]
169777494Kenshiro vs Jotaro: Who wins How will they fuck this up[View]
169758329Can we have a Mikoto love thread? please don't tell me i am the only one that loves her to deat…[View]
169801102Kiss please[View]
169789094who is the best domfu?[View]
169801468What a fucking beta[View]
169799568This is the grossest thing I've ever seen. Why is she trying to look like Kashii Yui? Fucking B…[View]
169802254ITT: Your favorite /a/ pose[View]
169798829ITT: Retarded main characters getting punished for their mistakes[View]
169742617Let's settle this, who deserved the serum?[View]
169786986Toji no Miko: I just finished watching the first episode, That escalated real fucking quickly.…[View]
169802381>tfw in 7 months it's going to be 10 years since Toradora first aired Feels old man…[View]
169793180Would you lower yourself for a treat?[View]
169799562Over four hundred chapters of filler because this guy was afraid of bees. Isn't that pretty shi…[View]
169799703Pi Day: Post anime pie.[View]
169794902>Oingo Boingo brothers 'translated' as the 'Zenyatta Mondatta brothers' or 'buddy brothers.' >…[View]
169800683does anyone here knows the difference between the original cruel angel thesis and the director'…[View]
169784858Dame x Prince - Episode 10: ft. Ani's Perfected Technique: Dragon Jumping Uppercut[View]
169798948Dakini, Flower Knight: So he actually went for a crowdfunding after all the mess. https://www.kickst…[View]
169784996Coke or Pepsi?[View]
169786276ITT: Girls with THICC eyebrows[View]
169795594probably has been discussed to death: So was it a parody or not? I didn't watch it with /a/ but…[View]
169791985Luffy is a manlet[View]
169786491ITT: Characters who are strong, single, and who don't need a man.[View]
169796650Blade Dance: Is Restia the only girl Kamito admits to himself he loves[View]
169799461ara ara anon[View]
169800056I like characters looking at their own reflections in mirrors/whatever.[View]
169797062The Adolescence of Utena: One of my favorite movies from one of my favorite series, though recently …[View]
169786407Pure kino[View]
169798669the yuri on ice movie is never going to be released N E V E R[View]
169800721Bore uto: Is boruto still mundane and lame slice of life stuff or has it picked up in speed? i slog…[View]
169794057>Dad occasionally watches anime >Disliked FMA >Now loves FMA after watching the live action…[View]
169798806Is she the most useless character ever?[View]
169794965What was this guy’s problem? Why didn’t he just fuck some bitches?[View]
169792648Early-mid 2000s anime (~2006): What have you been watching?[View]
169799349What was the turning point for tokyo ghoul: re becoming trash I'd say when they introduced V. …[View]
169786760A.I.C.O. Incarnation: New anime on netflix Opinions?[View]
169800523Does /a/ like 70's anime?[View]
169788607Bake full raw is out[View]
169778717Saya vs Hotaru: This is it guys, the final debate. Left or Right?[View]
169800663Why is nobody on this? It's been almost half a year and not even one chapter of Souten no Ken R…[View]
169798975Another reboot would probably work well.[View]
169795437I've heard it might be ending soon so I've started reading Seven Deadly Sins. The art so f…[View]
169793636Characters you could beat up in a fight.[View]
169796322Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku: Liza really is best girl.[View]
169791633Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: You know, I think she wants to fuck.[View]
169780247Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon: It's spoilers time!![View]
169799147Mecha Musume: When you think about it no mecha musume anime flopped unless it was completely unredee…[View]
169742209Idol Time Pripara and Aikatsu: What did you think about the new episode?[View]
169799174Was he right?[View]
169795796Noragami: Oh hey this is a cool anime, oh it ends on a cliff hanger and there wont be another season…[View]
169798145TIME: Is anyone else fucking hyped for next season? Just looking down the list, >BnHA >P5 >…[View]
169796933Konbanwa, anon.[View]
169777674What is yuribait?[View]
169797357Ban will end with Jericho, right?[View]
169797661Why is it so easy to fall in love with anime girls? How do i make it stop? I'm lonely, so lonel…[View]
169797846It's called Slow Start because Hana had a slow start of her brain when she was born, now she ha…[View]
169796418weiss kreuz: Who was best boy and why was it Ken[View]
169796507kureo mado: smash or pass?: would you fuck the ugliest weirdest guy in Tokyo Ghoul for 10k?[View]
169794651Tonari no Seki-kun: Was he autistic or just very bored?[View]
169791098Kuro Usagi is good for___[View]
169767630Scanlation thread: Will mangamura's reign of terror ever ends?[View]
169784163Goblin Slayer: So the Year One LN and 7th volume are out now but how come there is no new info?…[View]
169789323Darling in the FranXX: Non-shitposting.[View]
169797133>>169793153 That's right. And the 5% that was good was Juvia.[View]
169795498How does /a/ feel about TL notes?[View]
169727232Killing Bites: She is the unwitting replacement for Hitomi because MC is into this kind of Girls? Th…[View]
169779785Code Geass: Somehow Mao survives being exposed to a torrent of bullets and is up and running in a co…[View]
169796932Is it just me or does it feel like the more detailed and interesting and original a manga is the les…[View]
169796437World's end harem: They truly are the World's End Harem™[View]
169796531ITT: Moments that shook you to your core[View]
169789369Where the fuck is Accel World season 2?[View]
169796393>it's a beach episode[View]
169793209So, what now?[View]
169795368It's time for good vibes. Post cute anime couples doing cute anime things.[View]
169776619Strong girls have the greatest sex appeal.[View]
169784447Dragon Ball Super: He Truly is the Survivor[View]
169795988what the fuck was the point of these guys[View]
169743769Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Episode 44: 運命の囚人 – Unmei no Shūjin (Prisoners of Destiny) Having learned the trut…[View]
169790577Ranma 1/2: Is there anything strange about this pigtail girl?[View]
169773759Raildex: I belong to you[View]
169794552This show is Deep[View]
169790766This is an autistic female teacher about to flirt with all of her 19 more autistic female students. …[View]
169793050Finally going to watch this series for the 1st time. What am I in for /a/?[View]
169795643You're under arrest/ Taiho Shichauzo: That Golden Era when Anime used to be decent[View]
169752396Which Love Live has the best voice?[View]
169783725>russians are coming What is the worst that could happen?[View]
169795348Ow shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet New comer in Saikis harem![View]
169788879Boogiepop: What the hell happened?[View]
169794991What are /a/'s thoughts on domination, particularly of the loli variety?[View]
169794900Ancient Magus' Bride / Mahoutsukai no Yome ch 44: There's so much action it's hard to…[View]
169767615Boku no Hero Academia: To those anons from last thread stop this nonsense. Momo is for tender loving…[View]
169789893Was this dare I say Kino?[View]
169761575Who is going to win in a gunfight?[View]
169793103Do you watch AMVs, /a/?: I think they were more popular 10 years ago[View]
169788693Hi, anon.[View]
169792636Just on the border of your waking mind There lies... Another time Where darkness & light are one…[View]
169791271Vinland Saga: Anyone else unhappy with the direction the series is going? >the wonderful slave ar…[View]
169792828I would like to recommend Patlabor starting from 1988. Directed by Mamoru Oshii it's a story ab…[View]
169790234Isn’t Griffith the bigger cuck because Guys had already taken Casca’s virginity so Casca was essenti…[View]
169791001ITT: Anime that are stupid and without thematic depth but entertaining as hell regardless[View]
169793256Why so much hate for this character?[View]
169789374>xXxBlackHeart420xXx3 presents >a naruto amv >2.7 million views how many of you guys did am…[View]
169786586Guess who's back?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00nwsWLCDv4[View]
169771439Overlord: I hope they're planning a season 3 because I still like it despite the pacing issues.…[View]
169790167The sounds of Sawano Hiroyuki: First off, I want to tell you that I'm not a musician nor versed…[View]
169793465Steins;Gate Zero starts next month. Who's ready for Amadeus, Kagari, Fubuki, and Yuki and Maho?[View]
169792682Lain Thread[View]
169784890ITT: Forgotten characters[View]
169787614Minna genkii?[View]
169790493Sayonara Peter Pan: WHY IS NOBODY TRANSLATING THIS?[View]
169788303Evafags will defend this.[View]
169793612So with the trash taken out of the equation, who is the best FSN girl? Illya, Seiba, Caster, Rider, …[View]
169793944>447 days since the end of DIU >part 5 is still not confirmed…[View]
169788073Moomin thread: What is your favorite moomin song? For me it's probably this: https://youtu.be/w…[View]
169776908Berserk: I swear if this becomes some shit like >WE GOTTA WORK TOGETHER JUST THIS ONCE I'll …[View]
169791031Killing Bites: Bunny is super cute. She is, what's Killing Bites is, right?[View]
169780924This is my wife Mao. Say something nice about her.[View]
169785353Gay as HELL[View]
169793313Why YYfags get so triggered whenever Irohasu is mentioned?[View]
169772406Märchen Mädchen: Hazuki[View]
169772726Violet Evergarden Episode 10: 7 hours until new episode[View]
169748892Shingeki no Kyojin: What is Zeke endgame? How will the fandom react if Zeke is now an ally?[View]
169790708Is Glasslip the most underrated anime of the past 5 years?[View]
169789150Monstrous Monster girls: Why don't monster girls act more like actual monsters? That's hal…[View]
169788511Why little girls beating the shit out of eachothers is so entertaining ?[View]
169762228JoJo: Get a character and >rate of suffering from 1-100 >how much they deserved it from 1-100 …[View]
169792000Will you come to my paradise anon?[View]
169787759Kakegurui: Finished this last night, what did you think of it?[View]
169781760Dragon Ball: You've heard this many times before, right? > 'My favorite saga is the Android/…[View]
169786945You will never have a friend like her[View]
169786057This is Kuchiki Rukia of Bleach.: Say something nice about her.[View]
169791722Is it wrong that this turned me on?[View]
169787131HAVE A NICE DAY[View]
16979156430 years later and it has yet to be surpassed[View]
169773214So this shit's getting an anime. If anyone cares. https://twitter.com/juliet_anime/status/97383…[View]
169790636Defend this.[View]
169771527Ryuuou no Oshigoto: Can we just pretend this episode never happened?[View]
169763151Oregairu: How can Yukino and Yui even compete?[View]
169789153Which anime have you not watched but like the character designs/graphics/etc of? Pic related, I love…[View]

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