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265847142This is unironically Ghibli's best movie and I'm tired of pretending it's not[View]
265832955Boku No Hero Academia: Tick tock All For One. Armless Andy got an ambidextrous asspull, and now even…[View]
265773131Okaeri, Papa: Imouto fucked up....[View]
265847259>It's Morbin' Time ! What did the author mean by this in mairimashita! iruma-kun?…[View]
265842054WSJ - Weekly Shonen Jump: Cover out[View]
265839647Murcielago~: >meet the FBI! >big tiddy literal glownigger >FBIchan >some punk kek Also w…[View]
265847150Obscure anime: Monkey Typhoon.[View]
265839065Durarara!!: 20 years later, who's the more iconic duo in all of anime than Lupin and Zenigata?…[View]
265842563“Fuck your Hope. Hand over the remaining 8 and 9 tails so that I can fuck my dead 12 year old girlfr…[View]
265836871Rozen Maiden: Just finished season 1 and I quite enjoyed it. I'd like to continue with the seri…[View]
265820480would you >investigate a secret tomb of an ancient cult >get your eye stolen and replaced with…[View]
265843589Would it work as an anime series?[View]
265838789Teekyu: Die![View]
265842063Do you like Iori Asaga's manga?[View]
265842511He didn't deserve to go out like that[View]
265846427Kanojo Okarishimasu (Ch. 327): Chizuru is so cute[View]
265837563How would you save Meer from her fate?[View]
265846130How does he do it?[View]
265845474why are guyver and grudman the only tokusatsu-themed manga/anime that didn't flop in the west?[View]
265845632The Grimm Variations: Which story is best, which one is worst?[View]
265843795Why hasn't the transition to all-digital production improved anime significantly?: I decided to…[View]
265837293Worst translations: >translating otaku as weeb[View]
265845423Post moments where they said the line[View]
265840306One Piece: Waiting for spoiler pics[View]
265842706>it took 4 years to finally get an announcement for a season 2 Can someone explain to me why this…[View]
265837352Find an even less pacifistic magical girl main protagonist I bet you can't[View]
265820217Girls Band Cry: Which Girl would you Band Cry?[View]
265835348Jujutsu Kaisen: Ozawa chapter[View]
265835053Chainsaw Man: Be honest, would you?[View]
265808105Kingdom 795: What are the odds of the mountain people getting BTFO by Riboku-sama as well? Man Heki …[View]
265828081MAO Chapter 226: The boat from the Kou clan[View]
265842113Deidara: “Sasori, my husbando. Un. Don’t get angry, but Pupp is Dead. un. My Art is an explosion. Un…[View]
265839265You’re at the beach and decide to take a nap. When you wake up, you see this gremlin staring at you.…[View]
265835658Dragon Ball Super: What're your favorite moments in the series? One of mine is all the Ginyu Fo…[View]
265835338Jujutsu Kaisen: leaks in 4 hours[View]
265833936Susano'o was the coolest shit before it turned into a lame energy mech and you can't convi…[View]
265842324His teigu was MASSIVE.[View]
265840961>Tournament against gods with fate of the humanity on stake >Earth's chosen fighters are …[View]
265840630I feel like the series had a huge decrease in quality once Thorfinn turned pacifist. Not that I hate…[View]
265838461Why couldn't McDonald's partner with an actual anime franchise for their shitty WcDonald…[View]
265838746>japan is a peaceful society >all anime is about battles, getting strong, etc Isn't that …[View]
265840140Good night[View]
265836530Yashahime Chapter 32: From VIZ (English)[View]
265824602SHY: Let's go to Neverland[View]
265837882Why is every girl either a slut or rape victim? Won't they ever meet an actually untouched girl…[View]
265838885if it had to be a food-place? Where do you think you would take Asuka to on a first date? I have a f…[View]
265834804Why most of the videos I see on youtube of this anime are slice of life comedy scenes?[View]
265839606Humanity has declined. How can we fix it?[View]
265837269>Almost defeated Orochimaru, Tobirama and Hashirama single-handedly[View]
265835408konosuba3 or somthing: what killed the hype??[View]
265840837I wish autism was real so I could be a cold blooded assassin[View]
265830502What's the point of remaking Spice & Wolf?[View]
265839027does japan still love toilet humor?[View]
265835374Chiisai Boku no Haru / Spring of Little Me chapter 25: DUMPING the newest chapter. For some reason, …[View]
265840454help ive got to the stage i can recognise if hiroyuki sawano composed a soundtrack within the first …[View]
265838925It was like they were looking at walking garbage.[View]
265835369One Piece 1113 Summary: Full Summary in the next post, so you can choose to read it. It's a Nam…[View]
265832498>beautiful sakuga animation >rich character development >an actual original premise >peo…[View]
265835517Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V: Our heroes[View]
265813567OPT: It's been a while since the last thread you know the drill, one page only[View]
265835600What's your favorite childhood anime?[View]
265839108She got away with killing the 3rd Hokage and the 4th Kazekage and giving children Hickeys.[View]
265838514Tomoyo is thinking…[View]
265812518I apologize to all armpits fetishists I used to look down on.[View]
265839063Weird/Unintentionally Funny Subs Thread: His Majesty is in danger! What kind of weird/humorous but n…[View]
265838163Why did he do it?[View]
265598294Daily Umibe no Q / Q on the Seaside: Chiho, a middle school girl teased for not having a smartphone …[View]
265838781Azur Lane: New season soon.[View]
265826557No-Rin: Why's Becky-sensei been single her entire life?[View]
265833431Darker than Black: I've already watched the show, but for first time watchers, OVAs or S2 first…[View]
265792167JJBA: What are your most controversial JoJo's Bizarre Adventure opinions? For me - ever since r…[View]
265814892Girls und Panzer / GuP: >DF4 just out >creators already talking about a 20 year plan for the f…[View]
265836325>get magic sword that seals everything and magic shield that reflects everything >offscreen …[View]
265825471If your waifu became fat, would you still accept her?[View]
265835434Jewelpet thread[View]
265828922Saki: I'm glad 'indecent exposure' isn't a crime in the Sakiverse.[View]
265836534>learns the language of French in 1 night[View]
265806640Would you a landmine?[View]
265833067The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: U149: Do they ever show her dad? He must be an awesome 30+ person.…[View]
265835978Even with new technology why are artists still unable to draw stuff as good as they could back then?…[View]
265836880What comes next after the Isekai Quartet movie? Will there be another season?[View]
265823257Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku: New chapter is out. Dad finally confirmed as Yakuza money-launderer.…[View]
265834938Sunk cost fallacy: The anime[View]
265815317Welcome to Alola![View]
265828012THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149: Are you fine with Risa (12) as GF?[View]
265799583Konosuba: This is an actual, official, canon Megumin upskirt pantyshot featuring Megumin's blac…[View]
265828868Dragon Ball Super: If super saiyan 3 is such a jobber form then why did Goku hold back on using it a…[View]
265832306One Piece 1113: It's up![View]
265808161Houseki no kuni FINAL: Ch108 Official Translation will come out soon Thread theme https://www.youtub…[View]
265804193Jujutsu Kaisen: Tengen is Sukuna/Jin mama[View]
265835159Dragon Ball Super: If super saiyan 1.5 is such a jobber form then why did Vegeta hold back on using …[View]
265824297Chainsaw Man: The time to go looking for her has come and has passed and has passed again.[View]
265829179Did they really need to frame the scene this way?[View]
265835097If Sayu was 17 at the time and the age of consent in Japan is 16, why did everyone with whom Sayu ha…[View]
265824624I still can't believe he said this[View]
265814742WSJ - Weekly Shonen Jump: Leaks in half a day[View]
265834215Will this ever end?[View]
265826844Opinion on Digimon.[View]
265833313can you fix her?[View]
265829900ITT: anime studios you respect but never watch[View]
265823931Dragon Ball Super: Beerusbros...we're raising another man's child....[View]
265831772Viral Hit / Kenka Dokugaku: Kore/a/ bros.... Is it over for him?[View]
265833635Atsumare Fushigi Kenkyu-bu: The mystery of boobs.[View]
265831117Watched it, just seemed like an average shounen adaptation. I feel like the 'controversy' wouldn…[View]
265830219ITT: The Best: Post the all time greatest characters of their respective series. No rules, so long a…[View]
265829625It's been 30 years and people still talk about Eva. It's one of the top picks in every dis…[View]
265831545>22 yo >virgin Is this supposed to be realistic at all?…[View]
265811468What the FUCK is this? Is the whole thing like this? Is this a joke? Who is this for?[View]
265828721why is schizophrenia in anime so common?[View]
265829652>Jabami Yumeko >One of the most unhinged deprived fuck bait characters ever made, built entire…[View]
265809310boys shouldn't have hips this wide..[View]
2658128642024 have been full of new manga from veteran artists: did you guys noticed? >Ken Wakui (Toyo Re…[View]
265827012Amagami SS: Why do still have harems or love triangles if this showed that all girls are best girls …[View]
265832247Is this a good thing?[View]
265816313Why do some people think that Chika isn't a good person?[View]
265833214>establish badass character >Strong cool collected >Mastery in warfare and strategic >C…[View]
265781508Centuria Chapter 2 and Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Sea Demons Chapter 3: Fateful Encounter[View]
265809713They don't make cool and unique anime characters anymore, just generic moeblobs and yaoi bishon…[View]
265830537These are seriously the most visually over stimulating manga panels I have ever seen. This is the re…[View]
265826024>You either have to choose between a literal fourteen-year-old whore without a trace of regret …[View]
265822488>toradora is 20 years old[View]
265810747ITT : Ugly Motherfuckers: Post the ugliest of the ugly[View]
265823759>Mahito >Mahoraga >Hanami >Finger Bearer >Rika Between Sukuna and Yuji, who reaches …[View]
265829316why does shouta call lucoa lazy if he never asks for her help?[View]
265828594One Piece: How many more chapters do you think Egghead will have? It has already reached 1/3 of Wano…[View]
265817113DOGSRED: Chapter 24: Still at the top[View]
265717224Boku no hero academia: predict the final asspull, my personal prediction, deku obtains all the power…[View]
265805383Am I still going to be allowed to like City Hunter after this week or nah? Lupin III survived the Pe…[View]
265827338Since she's not the most pacifistic magical girl main protagonist, would you say she is the lea…[View]
265801422Kagurabachi: Leaks wanking room.[View]
265822759Oshi no Ko: Sensei spent the night at Akane-chan's again...[View]
265828567>Not my problem[View]
265817992Do you miss anime like these?[View]
265816610Kindergarten Wars: Dumping[View]
265814867But... what is 'Western' standards?[View]
265799595An interesting Anno interview: https://wiki.evageeks.org/Statements_by_Evangelion_Staff >Neon Gen…[View]
265829184Kancolle: Is hope over?[View]
265796657Jannu saved Apocrypha![View]
265823832What does imaginary numbers even do?[View]
265821243>Hayao Miyazaki began his career at Studio Toei, and quickly found himself involved in the union …[View]
265815524Kengan Omega: Dump[View]
265817779One Piece: She gave birth to one of the strongest characters in the series. Can this be considered a…[View]
265807493>tomoko has friends now into the trash in goes[View]
265822502Being a Subaru and Rudeus fan is rough when the fandoms are always trying to fight each other[View]
265809485Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life: >fight a human as is your calling …[View]
265824593How do racing anime? For manga adaptations, all of the old stuff will likely never get touched by an…[View]
265820183Guilty Circle 136 raw: Time to learn culprit's motive. Also Volume 12 will be released on May 9…[View]
265814657Tales: Bandai owes me a Berseria anime.[View]
265828008Teekyu: Die![View]
265822925Evagellybeans thread: Post Eva images that you find amusing[View]
265778652Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Chapter 147 is out. https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/N7Ofmtv/1/1/…[View]
265824868IIT : We post Ideal Couples[View]
265826792What would you do if you encountered Elaina alone in a debilitated building with no one else around?…[View]
265826542Inuyasha: real talk, why couldnt inuyasha just have a harem with kikyo and kagome? everyone knew inu…[View]
265656969Kunoichi Tsubaki (no Mune no Uchi): What would Tsubaki's first encounter with a man be like?…[View]
265827127Men only want one thing and it's fucking DISGUSTING[View]
265813681Post anime characters that makes you go 'God I wish I was her/him'[View]
265812637Shounen no Abyss: Is the order a sensei?[View]
265807230Who do you think is the cutest vamp girl?[View]
265824990>What do you anon's think of my holy symbol?: >it means I'm a really good mage >i…[View]
265819729Pluto: How is it that an anime about a bunch of middle-aged war veterans is actually good?[View]
265817397Bleach: NTRhime should have died here[View]
265824201WTF????? HE FUCKING RAPES THEM[View]
265826909>Ki Barrage >Never works >Punch Barrage >Always works…[View]
265809395Waiting patiently for new Berserk: New chapter on the 26th, here we will wait with Mr. Mushroom…[View]
265825430Viral Hit/Lookism Season 2: NEW Episode is OUT get in[View]
265821225What are /a/'s thoughts on fake lolis?[View]
265822006Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 13 Part 2: Previous >>265817272[View]
265823405Asuka confirmed Best Eva Girl: https://bunshun.jp/articles/-/70448 >'Hideaki Anno was asked who i…[View]
265821862...Was that it? For how much /a/ hypes it up, I was expecting more.[View]
265755750THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149: Alice[View]
265813628Dragon Ball Super: Gohan being raised by both Piccolo and Goku was a pretty cool thing. Once Goku ca…[View]
265818846GT-giRl: >>265812427 I saw the translated scan differed so I looked up the raws and I noticed …[View]
265822992Yandere Appreciation Thread: your yandere waifu and why she's your waifu Kotonoha Katsuara, shy…[View]
265814604Chainsaw man: say something nice about the King of Terror, best imouto and future daughtersisterwife…[View]
265816774Name at least ONE great OP or ED from the past 5 years, I can personally only remember one or two...…[View]
265813384Daily Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Sukide Sukide Iroiro Gamandekinai.: Chapter 9 Synopsis: >Six mon…[View]
265779142Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi: Chapter 134[View]
265820994The ojamajos are all looking at you![View]
265819193Which little girl would you bet on?[View]
265821029Why do I love her so much: Am I mentally ill, Triggerbros? She's literally a bipolar menkui coc…[View]
265810280Nyaggers, where is it?[View]
265815185Oshi no Ko 147: New TL chapter is up.[View]
265821682>MC found/saved a pup/litter/cub that turns out to be a legendary monster…[View]
265596324DAILY BLACK LAGOON: Go to the piracy era of the new world, the inhabitants here are murderers, spies…[View]
265813686Tower Dungeon: best cover until the dominant digger girl cover comes out [View]
265820700ITT: Post anime characters who were better than the mc and had more story potential.[View]
265815019Have you ever wanted to self-insert as a young beautiful woman yearning for an overworked office wor…[View]
265808731It's my birthday today, can we have a comfy Mahoromatic thread?[View]
265813830Our Queens[View]
265817272Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 13: Previous >>265784018[View]
265779569Weekly Shonen Sunday: Double issue TOC; last of the Magic Kaito chapters today[View]
265819913Unnamed Memory: Am I missing something? Why were they cuddling in bed all of a sudden at the end of …[View]
265817412Could Tokiomi have won the war if he summoned Emiya?[View]
265816353Out of all anime villains, who was the one that surprised you the most? The one you never saw coming…[View]
265819224Cell is not important for animation: >At that time, the script for the final episode was not yet …[View]
265815274>Bleached from existence[View]
265818896What are some times the power of friendship failed?[View]
265817060Why the fuck do I wanna fuck Junji fucking Ito women?[View]
265813532What's better, muh SAKUGA like nuPiece and JJK or detailed and well choreographed fights where …[View]
265810604post your AOTY each year since 2000[View]
265813502Dragon Ball Super: Our HEROES[View]
265816975Is this just Attack on Titan in a modern setting?[View]
265816207One Punch Man Webcomic: He fucked up.[View]
265816998Now that the dust has settled, which one was best?[View]
265810648One Piece 1113: short summary, the message is starting finally[View]
2657453193x3 thread[View]
265785858Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi Chapter 112: Previous chapter: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/…[View]
265813041Why haven't you adopted a brown daughter yet?[View]
265815492HIGHSPEED Etoile: That guy looks cool. Maybe he will carry pinky's show next episode.[View]
265807029Tsunderes are best in loli form.[View]
265816488What is your favorite Stardust Crusader battle (and why)?[View]
265816930She's ready to fist the main character of the last show you watched.[View]
265811513tengoku daimakyou / heavenly delusion: >new chapter in a few hours >no thread >???…[View]
265814580Oshi no Ko: Sensei spent the night at Akane chan's again...[View]
265814736Custom manga soundtracks: The first custom manga soundtrack of the day has arrived: https://www.you…[View]
265808206Princess Connect: Damn mesugaki.[View]
265547602Daily Kiniro Mosaic Chapters: This is a Masterpiece... Chapters 100-101[View]
265788216Girls Band Cry: Stop making Nina mad I know her pouty face is cute But stop making her mad STOP UPSE…[View]
265814805Grimm Kumikyoku: 1=4>6>2=3=5[View]
265801674Is Kagurabachi a shounen or shoujo manga?[View]
265774157Kanokari: Chizuru's toilet scene is unironically the best thing that this living together arc h…[View]
265806501Did anyone else notice that this is literally John Wick but with anime girls?[View]
265815819Uh... Mamoru bros? Is it normal for brides to be like this with their maid of honor?[View]
265796642Kengan Omega: It's been 3 years and we still don't know why Naidan killed himself and now …[View]
265775781Unnamed Memory: One episode closer to wooing the hag witch.[View]
265791212Damn! That's Akane?! Great body...[View]
265754156Ragna Crimson: Recent chapter is out in English. Dumping now.[View]
265814758NTR Trap is an excellent title that combines great rapechad dokidokis with a good plot and an excell…[View]
265801458One piece: Remember to bully pedophiles at school at work and in their households whenever possible.…[View]
265800544Chainsaw Man: None of you understand. Asa never loved Denji, that was just part of her plan. You see…[View]
265752785Mushoku Tensei: There's not enough *snowing* here on Season 2 for what's supposed to be a …[View]
265665753100 Girlfriends/100 Kanojo Chapter 173: Scans are out.[View]
265798302The great debate (nbr fags stay out): Onee sans or Imoutos?[View]
265814414I love this little lunatic like you wouldn't believe desu.[View]
265802111Shonen Jump: Leaks soon. Probably. This week is the week that Bucket Boy makes his debut. Please be …[View]
265811738It’s Milk-chan![View]
265802592Can a Hunterchad explain why this is not possible?: >Hey alluka, squish hisoka Kay. >Hey alluk…[View]
265809163collabs you wanna see happen: tsutomu nihei and nine inch nails would make for a great combo[View]
265810090>show has maniac scientist girl I will now watch your anime[View]
265805346Naruto is the darkest battle shounen ever made. It should be a seinen. Most battle shounen are babys…[View]
265813637>time to civilize these sand savages Based Caesar[View]
265808919Dragon Ball Super: Why is he like this?[View]
265778178aaand DROPPED[View]
265810730Kaguhara's Fetish Notebook: What are you all doing? New Kaguhara chapter is out and no one made…[View]
265812930>Hates children Is she an antinatalist?[View]
265801921Reminder that this is 'fat' in Japan.[View]
265812943Male character in my DogaKobo CGDCT anime?[View]
265809886Why does Goku love getting naked in front of girls so much?[View]
265727873Houseki no kuni: Final cover, end of serialization[View]
265808487ITT butts capable of carrying even the lamest anime/manga[View]
265811734ITT: Animes you thought were amazing as a kid but now hate[View]
265806738How do you respond to this?[View]
265801231Flip Flappers: Cocona? More like _______[View]
265806959Anime Conventions: Have you been to one? I'm not sure whether to go to Anime North or not.…[View]
265807858/gup/ - Girls und Panzer: Just friends edition Now that DF4 has settled into everyone's minds, …[View]
265804520hello ive gotten recently into manga, im aware of it existing but i never understood why reading a p…[View]
265805875>Manga where the 'camera' is just the MC's POV and no one besides the FMC has dialogues is b…[View]
265808897Season 2 doko...[View]
265806182thoughts on homobait characters in anime and manga?[View]
265805205I can't believe Akari's fucking dead...[View]
265801682Hug your imouto!: It's that time again. Go hug your imouto and post results. Make sure to tell …[View]
265774217dungeon meshi: are catgirls really furries? somehow i doubt[View]
265739013MahoAko/Gushing Over Magical Girls: This is a proud warrior for good and justice. Say something mean…[View]
265804986I liked Grimgar.: I even liked the limited manga run. Fuck alla y'all adhd zoom zooms with zero…[View]
265809752Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku: Who is ready for some more adolescencekino by the author of Hibike Eu…[View]
265679729Daily Akazukin no Ookami Deshi Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and sudd…[View]
265624118Magical Girl Tsubame #24: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
265798199ONE PIECE: Rundown on some lore. Will of D >D meaning Devil or Dream >Those who carry the D na…[View]
265807684ITT: >imagine[View]
265808812Post times when an anime or manga made you whisper 'kino'.[View]
265808426Why do I love her so much: Am I mentally ill? She's literally a bipolar menkui cocky bitch…[View]
265806720I hate interacting with 99.999% of you.[View]
265805767Yamada doesn’t want to work anymore. Yamada thinks working is for suckers. Instead, everyone should …[View]
265809821Does anyone else feel like this part of chapter 163 of Chainsaw Man is just mocking a previous arc? …[View]
265808478>Has a villain that 'do it for le fun and chaos' but isn't cringey >Characters joke and …[View]
265803890OSTs: How important is the OST to a series. Can a great OST turn an average show into an exceptional…[View]
265807011Will her and Pazu's kids wind up rediscovering Laputa?[View]
265808116This is your sequel anon, to your whacky anime about bullying, grooming, bad parenting, waiting for …[View]
265807583I love mob face desu[View]
265798635Jewelpet thread[View]
265662311Yuru Camp: is it weird if I like to see Nadeshiko eating something?[View]
265808246Suki demo Kirai na Amanojaku: Main trailer and main poster visual for Studio Colorido's new mov…[View]
265808225Why this thing never ends?[View]
265808972How do I answer without sounding mad?[View]
265808028One-Punch man: Will Season 3 save the series?[View]
265808912Suki demo Kirai na Amanojaku: Movie trailer out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRl6e88WRDc…[View]
265807594GOD OF THUNDER 3[View]
265809018what anime should i add to my /y2k/ image?[View]
265807900Date A Live V: Hyped for this episode's incoming shitstorm?[View]
265801882Dragon Ball Super: Why is he so useless? Smug piece of shit has done nothing to help and only made t…[View]
2657717113x3 Thread: You should know the drill: post your favorite girls and rate people's tastes.…[View]
265784818Why would anyone care about some boring human or elf in an isekai like this when there's someon…[View]
265808137Were the japs disappointed or happy that Emul always stayed in her bunny form?[View]
265801073What did Toei Animation mean by this?[View]
265773994What's the point of ecchi when hentai exists?: Those have a plot too[View]
265806508In light of Shogun airing its final episode, would you want or ever watch an anime that is based on …[View]
265802058What do we think about it?[View]
265804656Why is electric power so hot?[View]
265807096Nomnom feudal fish[View]
265803145Samflam: I am the world's biggest fan of Samurai Flamenco and I have chosen to make a thread ab…[View]
265787581the rice from the cook eggs the heat[View]
265778824Edens Zero Chapter 285: https://imgur.com/a/kzmmAQ8 Chapter is out I guess.[View]
265787972>learn japanese anon, it's easy. >you only need to memorize thousands of moonrunes.…[View]
265785449Oshi no Ko: Akane won[View]
265770483Made in Abyss: So the official translation uses 'Beast-guise' for Juusou. Thoughts?[View]
265807293Thoughts on extremely low angle in anime?[View]
265805977Elaina the wandering sociopath is visiting America next! What travel suggestions do you have for thi…[View]
265807541Shounen manga that zoomers must read in order to have taste >Ashita No Joe >Devilman >Fist …[View]
265797190>plot description says 'main character is japanese male living his life aimlessly until...' Is th…[View]
265793567Boys' love really is the finest when the the protagonist acts and thinks like a girl and can be…[View]
265777234Mayonaka Heart Tune: Chapter 28: 'While one wasn't looking' https://imgur.com/a/oP7GWnj[View]
265792008Anime about single mother raising her son when?[View]
265786198NARUTO: >first black character in the series >rapper >lazy >thief >likes white women …[View]
265806102Frieren thread: I just finished this anime and would like to talk about it and start a frieren pic f…[View]
265798194One Piece: how long until she grows up? Weeks? Months? Years?[View]
265789480Hunter x Hunter: Which movie is Hisoka watching?[View]
265803540Why is she considered the biggest pacifist out of all the main protagonist of a magical girl series?[View]
265803558Are you enjoying her show, Anon?[View]
265790917He's the GOAT period: This is LOTR tier. It's so fucking great I can't believe an ani…[View]
265766025Bleach: No, seriously. What the fuck was wrong with her?[View]
265725543Raildex: New Konosuba crossover has: >Frenda knows Saten, so it must take place between when they…[View]
265802928The World God Only Knows: How was this series remembered? Who was your favourite girl? Is Keima a go…[View]
265790677Do people actually get upset if their waifu has an in-universe love interest?[View]
265794035>My boyfriend TOTALLY cheated on me, that's why I slept with the unrepentant mass murderer i…[View]
265798811Is Haruko really a galactic police officer?: Looks like she (almost) killed a man and tried to hide …[View]
265774287Rinkai!: Enter a bicycle racing training school[View]
265681093AiPri - Aikatsu and Pretty Series: Tell Mii your secret.[View]
265805347This is how maiden should be eating[View]
265804250Is Yor the first mainstream Anime woman? I know a ton of guys who aren't even that into Anime w…[View]
265797322Medaka Kuroiwa Is Impervious to My Charms: Chapter 131 https://cubari.moe/read/imgchest/6eyr23ej67p/…[View]
265801730Nuku Nuku: A cat is fine, too.[View]
265804546Kids these days, missing out on peak filler. Tragic.[View]
265801816I don't understand why so many people who watched Netoge had a crush on Ako. She's not eve…[View]
265804961I've never seen this anime, but it makes me feel nostalgic just because it was in a pretty shit…[View]
265804812Adele the Hero is winking at you.[View]
265804637Don't forget Kuruku~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWQnI8sKi7A[View]
265777705Jujutsu Kaisen: Chances we see Fuga/Open this week? Will Hakari ever beat Uruame? How many more Bla…[View]
265800382I STILL love Amelia, bros.[View]
265789448Hajime no Ippo: Chapter 1454[View]
265803888>2024 >I am forgotten[View]
265788175Guts is a heroic lucifer while Griffith is a corrupted Jesus[View]
265802142Looking back at 2016 series like Konosuba and Netoge, I'm surprised that they look noticeably o…[View]
265798975Yowa Yowa Sensei: Please read Hiyori's very cute and very lewd manga.[View]
265802473Carry That Weight: Any anime you struggle to enjoy or choose to stay away from because of people fro…[View]
265803351would you buy an shokushu zeme yaoi from a skellington /a/?[View]
265802435>naïve girl through the power of music meets an alt girl who looks tough but has a soft side and …[View]
265798107Blue Archive: Sensei should've been a woman[View]
265801260It's criminal this was never animated. What's your favorite fights/scenes that never got a…[View]
265803033My heart skipped a bit in this scene[View]
265799619>let's fight, anon[View]
265729530Ruri Dragon: Which side are you on?[View]
265769471Girls und Panzer / GUP Thread: Why not open tops? They did Karl Gerat, so why not other stuff. Hellc…[View]
265770522Sousou no Frieren: Give me your most autistic theories about OUR HERO's last stand.[View]
265785250Do YOU like Ikki Tousen?[View]
265799168When they said “I CHI GO LOVE.”…I felt that…[View]
265757684buyfag: Figure[View]
265799626A squiddle bit of this! A squiddle bit of that![View]
265800867When will there be an AI that can(accurately) translate unsubbed anime? Even fucking Astro Boy is st…[View]
265591094Computer: Post anime characters on computers. Unaltered screenshots only[View]
265797131Let's talk about the Spring 2025 season, /a/ What are you watching and ow are you liking it so …[View]
265799570Dragon Ball Super: Is Vegeta truly happy with Bulma? Why doesn't he make more kids with her?…[View]
265768439Orokamonogatari keyframes leaked: SHAFT employed a mentally unstable underage girl as unpaid child l…[View]
265801542Asuka must really love watermelons… why else would she be so smug about them? I call her: “Asuka the…[View]
265801323Why didn’t Goro ever make another movie like this?[View]
265799457Look Back anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH6zVJVHEaM It look really good, which one shot wou…[View]
265790996Chainsaw Man: she cute[View]
265799383You're Ranma. There are two ponds in front of you dive into. You take the right pond and the cu…[View]
265800702Post supervillains in their everyday civilian outfits or disguises![View]
265792935Gochiusa: There are no hope left for season 4[View]
265776799Shingeki no kyojin: Attack on titan: why were they the only ones who won and were not humiliated by …[View]
265797601The Great Debate: Berserk vs Aku No Hana Which one is peak manga?[View]
265797548Henjin no Salad Bowl: Why does it feel like a comfy 00s show?[View]
265786367Blue Lock #259 Impossible Challenge: it's bumping time[View]
265660297Daily Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi: Have you ever wanted to self-insert as a young beautiful wom…[View]
265799940Is there any anime or manga inspired by this kind of visual style?[View]
265799699Why do harem leads almost never get the harem ending even when they try it?[View]
265799734He's a busy man[View]
265795056I wish they would make a Jahy S2[View]
265795182Boomers - left Zoomers - right And in both cases ribbon girl made everyone seethe lel.[View]
265793570>makes the boy a girl >everyone hates it[View]
265797849She is the superior sister[View]
265795261Dragon Ball Super: Goku is no hero and I'm tired of everyone treating him like one.[View]
265798967Wonderful Precure: When did you figure out Yuki would be like this?[View]
265794916actually good sports anime: lets start with Touch[View]
265792793Dragon Ball Super: What the hell ... daimabros? Are we really wasting Kubota for this?[View]
265735969Why did Mashima draw a 118 year old with the mind of a 24 year old and the body of a 13 year old lik…[View]
265784789Monster Musume: Can we get a monstergirl thread for my birthday?[View]
265793956Will Season 2 be censored?: I want to see Maomao in the bathhouse wearing just an apron and her bare…[View]
265799346I always find myself asking me this[View]
265798821What class would each of them be?[View]
265552825Daily Fujiyama San Wa Shishunki Chapter: Chapter 46, 47, 48: >>265427088 Chapter 49[View]
265794687Rectangular. An actual rectangle for a body.[View]
265791247Hotter than Paprika[View]
265795565Anyone excited for the anime adaptation?[View]
265794223Trapezium: First minutes of the movie have been revealed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWeNRKY4ky…[View]
265796131>Vol 1 vs Vol 31 Is art decay inevitable?[View]
265458209I remember her, she's Hitoribocchi.[View]
265794024Many wish they were Denji right now[View]
265713796Madoka Magica News: 2 hours and 57 minutes https://www.madoka-magica.com/newgame/[View]
265797612Anyone remember Papakiki? I miss blatant loli ecchi like this.[View]
265798331does translated anime even make any sense?[View]
265792025Grimm Variations: It's pretty mid. It's barely about the fairy tales and the intros make n…[View]
265792951One Piece 1113: Why does Oda love Sanji so much?[View]
265787498Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: If she is really a yandere, why didn't she try to kill Tomoe…[View]
265790319>It's a 'Unit 01 does whatever the plot requires' episode[View]
265792978This is the peak design of Oda girls[View]
265795627Tales of Wedding Rings: >canonically the best way to train to fight the abyss lord is to have hot…[View]
265794274Just bought the Tokyo Ghoul manga boxset, what am I in for?[View]
265767092Choujin X: Chapter is finally out >https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020847 Someone else d…[View]
265797641Magna Swing: The Strongest[View]
265693388Spy x Family Code: White: It's out now in NA! Have you seen it, or are you going to see it? For…[View]
265795000What's the appeal of this temperamental faggot? My girlfriend is an adult woman (26) and she ke…[View]
265797287i think the drawing is a little better this chappy[View]
265762802Wonderful Precure: How excited are you for more Nyammy in the future?[View]
265736927'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 228: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020757…[View]
265794521Please visit onomichi! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gYf0a3Zmpwo[View]
265796534Season three when? Umarumania needs a comeback.[View]
265783813Former lolicon here, I am thoroughly convinced that anime milfs are the most superior form of female…[View]
265795036I think Frieren’s biggest success is creating a canonically fat character who is endearing rather th…[View]
265795183Finished Arc 7.... bruh[View]
265796398The Fable: I’m loving this violent autist for some reason. Good humor, nice cliff hangers, okay acti…[View]
265735114Blue Archive the Animation: Shiroko masturbates to you at night.[View]
265792921After today and I think we call all agree he is the modern Homer.[View]
265787081Read Game of Familia: Kazoku Senki.[View]
265790744Chainsaw Man: >Fujimoto has the best paneling in the industry! Are CSMfags actually retarded?…[View]
265792325His best look.[View]
265792703Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: wtf was their problem?[View]
265779627ITT: Manga moments that made your toes curl[View]
265795390This guy is a fucking cuck: I can't believe you faggots convinced me to watch this garbage…[View]
265795552ITT: Post an image and others guess the anime.[View]
265795470>17 years ago[View]
265790082Dragon Ball Super: Which character has the best quotes? Everyone always rakes on about Goku or Majin…[View]
265794282Shangri-La Frontier: The fight against Ctarnidd is starting next chapter. Any ShanFro mangafags ali…[View]
265793306ITT: Absolute madlads: If you were there, I'm sure you also went 'oh shit'[View]
265793847What is it with this one? I like the premise...but it feels weird. Like the whole directing way feel…[View]
265780471'The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity' (Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku) School Romance Manga by Saka M…[View]
265736445Kengan Omega: Koga is a sperg[View]
265787055Nothing will ever top this: admit it[View]
265792855The new Kitaro movie was way better than I expected. Who here has seen it?[View]
265538313/a/ Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
265555957Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 479 - Warrior of Hope Last Thread (473-478): >>265312613 The …[View]
265787599It's over. Anime has fallen.[View]
265783543Jewelpet thread[View]
265785173Lookin' good, /a/![View]
265783122>watch non non biyori >... >realize you have no good childhood memories >... >and you…[View]
265791302Is she evil?: From la blue girl[View]
265783679MarriageToxin: Kinosakibros...[View]
265791156Angel Beats: I miss this. I wish it had more episodes and was more similar to Haruhi[View]
265788742One Piece 1113: How do you feel about him being hardcountered and clowned by Sanji?[View]
265790003>I forgot to turn my torrents on again last night. Now I have nothing to watch tonight.…[View]
265767399Is Bocchi the Rock! yuri?[View]
265791681this was absolutely insane, I can't believe it was never finished. some of the best paneling in…[View]
265792278Why is it hard to recommend it to someone?[View]
265792415Street fighter: Is cammy a good girl?[View]
265788522Clockwork Planet: >weird clockwork punk show with an effeminate young male mc >in the middle o…[View]
265791536>Jolyne and co. struggle viciously to save... the concept of surprises and the illusion of choice…[View]
265788925Why weren't Mamako and Maya allowed to win in their respective series?[View]
265790878Why isn't it more common for mangakas to be directly behind the anime adaptation / film of thei…[View]
265790790Would you date Emilia if she wanted to be your girlfriend?[View]
265775470Akane Banashi: Spooky cover[View]
2657843041-12 episodes: 1/10 12-24 episodes: 2/10 Overall: 1.5/10[View]
265774728Pure waifu[View]
265770781Gakushu Manga: Sekai no Rekishi: Orient and Mediterranean Civilizations' by Yasuhisa Hara (King…[View]
265789075Look between T and O on your keyboard[View]
265791545ITT: Twists you liked.[View]
265778536A Couple of Cuckoos: New chapter out, Nagi and Erika go on a date, and we are moving to new arc next…[View]
265789730The Holy Trinity Of Pleb-Filter Arcs in One Piece[View]
265784989Have you ever gone to an anime convention[View]
265789895Hibike Ephoneium: Why do so many people hate Mayu? 97 percent of the fandom absolutely despises her …[View]
265790365Do you like thicc elves?[View]
265642958gochiUSA: Will Koi announce season four at anime japan 2024?[View]
265790558Guys make the cutest girls[View]
265786750Chainsaw Man: So that...[View]
265790542Thoughts on Translators Unite?: Thread about manga translation, so I hope it is on-topic enough for …[View]
265790894Overrated anime directors/producers with huge ego and shitty takes. Pic related.[View]
265784897Teekyuu or Usakame: Time to choose[View]
265789751Tezuka's greatest manga: ACCHONBURIKE![View]
265780034One Piece: THE ALL BLUE IS REAL[View]
265750157Kagurabachi: Will our HERO save the day again?[View]
265767994ITT: cutest retards[View]
265780773Dragon Ball Super: Should they bring back Cell? He's the only villain of the iconic Frieza, Cel…[View]
265755492The iDOLM@STER U149: Iori isn't in this show but she's better than them all.[View]
265786614suffering tierlist[View]
265782974Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji: Oda's swords continued to fight among themselves and …[View]
265786086Boukyaku Battery: Dragon ball reference?[View]
265778484sousou no frieren: Popularity ranking[View]
265787325>first woman in the series >fuck dogs[View]
265789142Is Ao-chan a good person?[View]
265787846Dainanaouji: >this is the only thing close to an ecchi this season Bad times for ecchibros…[View]
265784208One Piece 1113: What do you think about Vegapunk's message? Was the wait worth it? >The worl…[View]
265777236Tensura: Is it OK for a Slime to drive utterly naked to his next scheduled meeting of great importan…[View]
265786066>Nooo don't use swords when going to Vinland even though you have no proper means of self-de…[View]
265785680Why did an anime about micro-organisms need a dominatrix?[View]
265787013Erased or Boku dake ga inai machi.: Spoilers, i guess... Let's be honest here. It wasn't t…[View]
265787917Does the fact Nami uses the '-kun' horrorfic with Sanji (and only Sanji) imply she only sees him as …[View]
265785284Was Dracula really a tranny with cat ears in the original novel? This is supposed to be based on the…[View]
265777794will never get over how bad season 2 was[View]
265784018Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 12 Part 2: Previous >>265779628[View]
265783513Tourist here. Why don't I ever hear about anime films and OVAs anymore?[View]
265787112When will Konbu bless us with another brown girl?[View]
265716544Hibike Euphonium: Is it as good as S1/S2? Did KyoAni find a way? Why are the first years such worthl…[View]
265784922post giwtwm moments[View]
265780096not gonna lie i nearly shat my pants here[View]
265784580ChisaTaki is currently the most popular pairing in Japan.[View]
265785127Anonymous i think you're cool. One way or another you know about all the anime. Do you have any…[View]
265769100I stopped watching subtitled anime and switched mostly to dubs because I realized that most of the d…[View]
265784441Love Satako again.[View]
265778559>talk to someone about my favorite shonen >'You should watch Dragon Ball'…[View]
265782639What is the most self-insert, escapist fantasy anime/manga/LN? Picture probably related but I'm…[View]
265758207Girls Band Cry: Aesthetically speaking, I actually like this pairing more than NinaMomo.[View]
265782161Is she evil?: From la blue girl[View]
265782723Is this a glow-up or a downgrade?[View]
265724531sentai daishikkaku: >what if kamen rider but trash no thanks[View]
265786094Initial D: In exactly 30 days it will be the 10th anniversary of Takumi's last race with litera…[View]
265783930Goddess Café Terrace: https://imgur.com/a/bmFmlkD Usual dumper got banned, here's the chapter i…[View]
265781753Chainsaw Man: >another timeskip >prison arc really ended offscreen kek…[View]
265785948post finest breeding material[View]
265786104Made In Abyss: >'This is the author's barely disguised fetish.' Can someone explain to me w…[View]
265786093lol: >be one of the worst and most boring villains in Dragon Ball >somehow get praised because…[View]
265783603I miss when anime girls could be sexy without being vulgar.[View]
265784958>find an interesting isekai manga >barely any translations Why must life be so cruel?…[View]
265777428I too once loved Holo, the kitsune of Not Europe, but I grew up, and I saw through the essential pro…[View]
265770063Hitoner: Cute oneshot. What will be the author's next thing?[View]
265782951Is this what it's like having a Japanese gf?[View]
265785024Behold, my tranny sibling that can solve any problem in the series in 2.5 seconds >Hey alluka, sq…[View]
265782676Where do you think Casca's character arc goes from here? I think it will be one of two routes 1…[View]
265774785Oshi no Ko: Sarina groomed Gorou[View]
265780314One Piece 1113 Spoiler: Spoilers are out, I'll post them in the next post to make sure you dont…[View]
265784008Fact 1: GODtoko fans tallest height in the world Fact 2: GODtoko fans biggest penis in the world Fac…[View]
265784069Kiddy Grade: I just found this anime from this video: https://youtu.be/hTimLJr7_QU?t=103 Is it any g…[View]
265784064Serial Experiment Lain thread[View]
265767514Do it for her.[View]
265769037alternate hinata: you will now watch this show[View]
265781728Who was in the wrong here?[View]
265783814Why are so many Yuta-Rikka couples? >Gridman >JJK >Chūnibyō What causes this phenomenon?…[View]
265748215Naruto: This was so gay.[View]
265783587Why do Yugi and his friends still trust Bakura after all this time? It's weird in the anime bu…[View]
265779628Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 12: Previous >>265743669[View]
265756747Shuumatsu Train: >didn't show Akira using the toilet last episode >not one, not two, but …[View]
265776374You watch One Piece and why not?[View]
265783273Why did YuYuYuYuYu die?[View]
265732237dainanaouji / 7th prince: New episode today, where's the bread? I thought you guys were excited…[View]
265755395Will you protect your lover up to the very end in isekai?[View]
265780662HIGHSPEED Etoile: Wow this show has so many sponsors. Could probably play brand bingo next episode a…[View]
265732787Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: Tournament is coming to an end[View]
265778894Clannad is extremely fucking boring holy shit >it gets good in the second season If it takes half…[View]
265771991Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu anime soon: 'The Summer Hikaru Died' by Mokumoku Ren will have an IMPORTANT A…[View]
265777175Why is she so cute and noisy?[View]
265774180Chainsaw Man: >When you're an amnesiac girl looking through your phone gallery trying to rec…[View]
265757605Jujutsu Kaisen: My fucking hero COGji might be boring, but he can deliver consecutive harder punches…[View]
265777451What the fuck went so wrong?[View]
265743669Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 11 Part 2: Previous >>265738517[View]
265753576Has there ever been an /a/ moment that got you hyped?: If so, which one?[View]
265779765Unortodox waifu themes: Post your unorthodox waifus with a theme that suits them. Add why you like t…[View]
265780888>Manga titles in the past >Berserk >Slayers >Dragon Ball >Manga titles now >So wha…[View]
265780366Whats this archetype called[View]
265753184(Formerly) Daily PLINIVS Chapter: Domus Aurea Chapter 56[View]
265773677it was great, and I'm tired of pretending it wasn't[View]
265780757100% full power: Shonen Peak vs we have peak at home[View]
265773814Dragon Ball Super: >Bulma... p-please let me wat-AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
265768630One of the greatest directors TV anime had.[View]
265777092Chainsaw Man: Chapter 163 is out, dumping. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020619…[View]
265777247let's begin[View]
265767270She may be flat, short, no ass, has no hips, has Monolid Eyes, and has big feet, but damnit, she…[View]
265777551One Piece 1113 Summary: It's time.[View]
265769232Shadows House: >Ch. 192 - Monster WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NEW CHAPTER…[View]
265780216Kaiju No. 8: >the next big thing >only 12 episodes What happened, /a/?…[View]
265776508how do I lower my standards? I just can't bring myself to watch seasonal slop anymore[View]
265770579Voice Actor Yasuo Muramatsu Dies at 91: Muramatsu voiced Tom in One Piece, Pisco in Detective Conan,…[View]
265697414YU-GI-OH GX! WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD: What are your thoughts on episode 9 and 10? By the way... CHI…[View]
265775734true one piece ending: >its 2035 >animation is absolutely great >last few episodes fucking …[View]
265777176What the fuck man? I look like this...Can I sue?[View]
265776116Fate/Stay Night: This is your heroine.[View]
265770748It's fucking over for me bros: The slut triple body count gyaru's fucking BENTO MAKING APO…[View]
265742812Shin Yaranai ka: It's here. https://nyaa.si/view/1808255[View]
265769801Everyting wrong with One Piece: The plot has a shitton of plot holes and it doesnt have a common thr…[View]
265778864was he retarded?[View]
265775544Why are jujutsu kaisen fans like this? Jesus christ.[View]
265774382WTF Ivankov is so cruel! imagine being turned into the opposite sex against your will. That must suc…[View]
265758932Take away her magic powers and what the fuck is she?? NOTHING!! SHES NOTHING!!!![View]
265771683Saga of Tanya: 4+ years since season 2 was announced and 7+ since season 1 finished. One day surely.…[View]
265773321One Piece: Biggest OOC in the manga. Explain this[View]
265767132Signs a manga is written by women: >hot guys >hot bad guys >hot bad psycho guys >females…[View]
265750250Food court: >take a yaoi >Make it a Yuri >Suddenly good Many such cases…[View]
265777708>This thread has been in the Coborlwitz family for 300 posts![View]
265762294Touge Oni - Primal Gods in Ancient Times v03 (2024) (Digital) (1r0n): So you wanted new chapters? To…[View]
265777205Who will risk making her angry?[View]
265774866Tell me my hero... are you losing your way or are you lost?[View]
265774385Why did he seem so deeply affected by his ED? If my dick stopped getting hard I honestly wouldn…[View]
265775326Daily Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Sukide Sukide Iroiro Gamandekinai.: Chapter 8 where Honoka gets nak…[View]
265776960Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku: School Life Seinen Manga 'Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku' (Flower and …[View]
265769052What a weird series: >started as an episodic gag manga >then, out of nowhere, turned into a re…[View]
265763197I've watched tons of anime from the 60s all the way to the contemporary stuff. Despite so much …[View]
265770115[Sad news] Frieren anime flopped: >Sousou no Frieren Blu-ray/DVD vol.4 sold 6,765 copies in its f…[View]
265768139>hai~! moshi mosh~![View]
265764791There is something truly wrong with the anime/manga community: why nobody wants to read manga that d…[View]
265771222Kawaisugi Crisis: Accept bunnies as the one true kings of cute.[View]
265774006Nagatoro: 6 days to go Do you think we'll get a SoL chapter between now and the Summer Festival…[View]
265766604Last Exile: So I just finally finished watching Last Exile. Loved it, but wtf happened in the end? I…[View]
265695332Ragna Crimson: New chapter soon.[View]
265771153Season 3 will never happen. The real Surprise is that the series ending didn't do anything impa…[View]
265769852Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi: https://twitter.com/ninkoro_anime/status/1782695917319254424 …[View]
265774660Why is she so evil?[View]
265773608I can fix her[View]
265773342One Piece: We love Saturn here[View]
265729849>huge dude in full body armor >turns out to be tall girl with cute face I like this trope.…[View]
265774303Is this manga worth reading? I read the first 5 chapters and it was painful. Does it get better? I’m…[View]
265774620At what point does an anime turn from parody into satire?[View]
265766046yep I'm thinking kousaki satoru is still the best composer in the industry[View]
265682484you wouldn't watch a show just because it features a VA you like, right?[View]
265766573Chainsaw Man: >Asa calls Yoru stupid for thinking Denji might be CSM >Asa was actually the one…[View]
265760959Its G Gundam's 30th Anniversary: Time really flies... Post your country's Gundam in celebr…[View]
265773815Katana > Rapier[View]
265765823just rewatched eoe for the god knows how manyth time: still dont know whats happening. 10/10[View]
265764370My servant can beat your servant[View]
265774190609 KB JPG Magellan should’ve been a really strong contender for Admiral when the world government w…[View]
265773541Why is there such a palpable lack of the Weird West anime?[View]
265765078>I understand; you must be worried about getting injured. But there’s no need to worry. With my r…[View]
265770673I love evil[View]
265771380>Yusuke during Chapter Black: I can't kill the Doctor! He's a human! >Yusuke during …[View]
265771966Whatever happened to Reborn? People rarely talk about it nowadays considering how big it was.[View]
265773179At which episode did this show jump the shark exactly? Why did the hype die out so suddenly?[View]
265773501Law of Ueki: How can a manga drop the ball in every way yet be so kino? It's inspiring really…[View]
265766242One Piece: Yamato joining soon[View]
265773473>you're a good guy but don't you dare get close to my friend you creep loser What the f…[View]
265735511Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Episode 3: Rie Wolf time soon![View]
265759800You can only add one mage to your party. Fat or flat?[View]
265768399The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess: Post anything related to this anime, bonus points for k…[View]
265766487Oshi no Ko: Ruby truly has surpassed Ai and the sidegirls Ch. 147 raws: https://mangaspoiler.net/ma…[View]
265769657>short black hair >huge tits >eyeglasses but optional Why is this combination so deadly?…[View]
265769450Say something nice about my husband.[View]
265733639Dungeon Meshi: Episode 17 Preview: >https://delicious-in-dungeon.com/ >https://www.youtube.com…[View]
265768580Can a girl of this size be considered attractive?[View]
265771822Would you?[View]
265769734Kouiu No Gaii: Is this Mangaka actually trying to unironically portray these two's hedonistic a…[View]
265766653I would[View]
265758988Somewhat Daily Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san: Commando 47:Masaru and the Study Party…[View]
265648255Nagatoro: I don't think she knows lovers should be having sex non-stop.[View]
265761062>character says 'senpai' >subtitles say '[character's name]'…[View]
265771065She was to only confirmed used goods and pumped and dumped right? At least Kaguya and Nagisa ended u…[View]
265769532now that the dust was settled, which one was best?[View]
265769583The best love stories happen when the two lovers do not end up with each other. That's what mad…[View]
265767506fighting for morning start till the end[View]
265769021azumanga daioh: This is what a peak anime wife looks like[View]
265763427Do you still love Sakura?[View]
2657691982010 - Spring 2014 or 2020 - Spring 2024?[View]
265763139>romcom about romantic couple >couple has sex >'nooooooo! That wasn't supposed to happ…[View]
265765355which is gayer?: >liking girls that looks like guys >liking guys that looks like girls…[View]
265762952This ending was pure kino[View]
265739133Spice and Wolf: 15 minutes until apple wolf[View]
265770030Uma Musume: 1 more month until 100 minutes of horse pussy[View]
265767869I don't think I could ever explain to someone who doesn't watch anime how cool this shit i…[View]
265767443Name a show with better plot twists, you can't[View]
265757364I’m pretty sure this show is yuri. Why do people say it isn’t?[View]
265764452What went wrong?[View]
265766224One Piece: Aboobooboo[View]
265767573Spy X Family: I don't understand how this garbage got popular with normies. The story is meanin…[View]
265762890Did you like Solo Leveling?[View]
265764806Pop Team Epic for millennials[View]
265762918Saint Seiya thread: Shiryu vs Shura[View]
265766216I wish we could get more proper romance stories in anime. No high school bullshit, no harems, no sho…[View]
265769194Henjin no Salad Bowl: Are there other pure and virgin maiden anime girls like her?[View]
265763613So why was using Science Ninja tools in not allowed in the Chunin Exams when stuff like bringing an …[View]
265766552ITT: only 10/10 Anime OSTs allowed. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuhkUzGAeHA…[View]
265766631haha, Asuka’s eating ramen with a fork, thats so silly. What flavor of ramen do you guys think they’…[View]
265768094When does this shit get good?[View]
265767187Black Clover: One week. We're almost back.[View]
265738216Re:Monster: Subs for ep 4 are out now![View]
265732971Re:Zero: Why did Tappei say that Onis are the strongest demihuman race if he said that Dragonkin are…[View]
265763286>Loser wastes his entire life >Gets Isekai'd >Proceeds to waste his new life, again. …[View]
265727887Is this the worst asspull in the history of animanga?[View]
265766933Stupid brat needs correction, former teacher will deliver it with a paper knife.[View]
265766844Super crooks: Have you seen it, why is it underrated[View]
265760886When is Passione gonna stop pretending to appeal to normalfags and go back to making depraved ecchi?[View]
265765601Anime Movie Box Office Thread: >Haikyu!! movie has reached a box office revenue of 8.19 billion y…[View]
265765440Pumpkin Scissors: Asperger's GF and Autistic BF, trapped in hiatus.[View]
265765672I'm currently rewatching the original Dragon Ball? When Goku is training with Kami-sama and Ros…[View]
265737532Was Digimon Adventure really better than Pokemon 97?: I'm watching it rn and it's kinda mi…[View]
265760751Grimgar Fantasy And Ash: A recent thread reminded me of this series and I gave its lonely little sea…[View]
265765960this: is this anime doing well? I find it to be just too weird.[View]
265761986>The evil, irredeemable, scumbag rapechad is actually fixed slowly over the course of 13 volumes …[View]
265758947Kinnikuman: 2 more months until anime is saved.[View]
265761698Chainsaw Man: Nayuta is the person Denji cares and loves the most after all, nothing and no one else…[View]
265765163Vert is dumb[View]
265761728Oshi no Ko: Ruby confirmed to be Sun As if we didnt already know Full raws here for Ch. 147: https:/…[View]
265741308Hajime Isayama: Has anyone taken a shit in his onsen yet? I still cant believe this guy is allowed t…[View]
265751404One Piece: Why did Nico become white after the timeskip?[View]
265765793What a naughty kouhai girl[View]
265707030waifuslop: Post cute girls/boys who need a boob/ass expansion[View]
265758196I like her a lot.[View]
265765548How do you like this artstyle in anime?[View]
265764650Redheads with small tits are so rare[View]
265741968ITT: Out of contexts[View]
265761592Did we get any confirmation weather Tsubame was still a virgin?[View]
265763321Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Tuesday edition[View]
265759658YuYu Hakusho: Revival when?[View]
265761727Oshi no Ko: I hate Akane for saving DUMBy from death.[View]
265764161Why are they kissing in JJK?: Is this a yaoi?[View]
265756719Dragon Ball Super: How do (You) feel about Beerus staying unsurpassed 11 years after his introductio…[View]
265760908Where did it all go wrong with Sensui? Why did he end up so disappointing?[View]
265761716>we embraced diversity cause that's true strength What did Senku mean by this…[View]
265749109Why are elves always portrayed as elitist assholes?[View]
265754818magic circles: What's their deal? What do you think of them?[View]
265761140Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Okita stonks rising[View]
265764891Magellan should’ve been a really strong contender for Admiral when the world government were looking…[View]
265704781Sousou no Frieren: How do you like your Ubel?[View]
265764830Mugen no Juunin: Immortal: I feel like people were way too harsh on this adaptation, Hiroshi Hamasak…[View]
265764291for a dead manga and bad adaptation, csm has very active threads[View]
265753682Face it, they're the coolest villain organization and it's not even close[View]
265731883Slop #8: >shitty CGI presentation opening from slop band Imagine Dragons >0 threads up, 0 hype…[View]
265761961Ladies and gentlemen here´s your natural disaster.[View]
265752494I’m on episode 12 please tell me this shit gets better[View]
265761118how long would a Yui survive in the wild without het Ui?[View]
265714463Ranma 1/2 Story Time: Alright, it is Sunday and I am gonna post the fourth volume of Ranma 1/2. Feel…[View]
265758132Star driver: I am halfway through this show and I have no idea what it's even about.[View]
265751214Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Stories Chapter 23 (Magistus)[View]
265756571I just finished this and I'm lost. I think too many stuff is in there for no reason, like Maki …[View]
265758957>This is the most painful, horrible ending possible according to the japanese…[View]
265716578Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その479 『一週間後に食べられる上司』[View]
265755707Priest was her first right? They were both virgins when they fucked in chapter 1?[View]
265723938Whats with her voice?[View]
265758303shonen series can be separated into 2 categories, death being meaningful vs death being meaningless.[View]
265733719Why is full blown yuri like pic related way more boring than subtext yuri like GBC or Jellyfish?[View]
265762444Her late husband is the only man she's been intimate with. Still pure wife material?[View]
265735385Bleach: Kubo has really struck gold with Rukia, hasn't he.[View]
265682778One Page Thread[View]
265743226Where the FUCK is Kaiji season 3?[View]
265760737America ya![View]
265758557Why was she like this?: I'm currently reading Boys on the run and honestly this shit is aggrava…[View]
265750664Happy birthday, Kobayashi-san![View]
265757491which anime do (you) think will become next Ashita no Joe? >a masterpiece forgotten by sands of t…[View]
265756071Random Yuri shows get better animation that whatever hetshit slop trash you like[View]
265753064Chainsaw Man: I thought Powerbro would own Conquestbros but he really just kneeled to them. Why are …[View]
265750929Every single 'Pokémon Killer' or every monster catching show had better writing, characters, designs…[View]
265756489Oshi no Ko: SPOILERS OUT >Ruby does not recognize Kamiki >they talk about generic stuff >Ka…[View]
265716167Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
265757145Remember that a true /a/non always calls every anime by its Japanese name, never pays for anything, …[View]
265734260馬鹿の: How does a Japanese understand American culture and society during Prohibition-era so well?…[View]
265755621Knives was right all along.[View]
265736719Which girl is the biggest 304 in anime?[View]
265759113Be Honest would you idk?: Is he a sissy or something? He acts kinda fruity[View]
265758275>Berserk >Hunter x Hunter >Vagabond >Nana How do you cope with the fact that some of the…[View]
265754258Edomae Elf: Koito! Need more Red Bull! Koito! KOITO!!![View]
265697949Onii-chan wa Oshimai / OniMai: Happy birthday Mihari!!![View]
265748445What was Satsuki thinking about at this exact moment, /a/?[View]
265751075Why did Xebec die?[View]
265760222Hold up they released a new Berserk anime casually 2 days ago...[View]
265755493nice t-shirt[View]
265757747im sorry but the sharp teeth gimmick/fetish makes me cringe hard. am i the only one?[View]
2657504563x3 thread: Post and rate others[View]
265756634Buying My Classmate Once A Week: >#1 light novel on gamers, amazon, and melon books So this is th…[View]
265749005Post characters in anime whom you see as being literally or figuratively you[View]
265751360Tanukis: This is a tanuki thread! All raccon dogs are welcome. Foxes may not apply![View]
265744415I didnt know Japanese were such big hacks lmao[View]
265756828I miss him so much bros[View]
265756859Wolf Children: If Ame was an adult wolf at age 10 because 10 human years is equal to adulthood for a…[View]
265730168Wonderful Precure: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
265744211Girls und panzer/GuP: We have schools that larp as >Romanians >poles >Cambodian (which ev…[View]
265747857Chainsaw Man: Aren't shonen FeMCs supposed to be... sexy?[View]
265756565Was this entire scene really necessary to advance the plot?[View]
265730291Jujutsu Kaisen: What ending will Sukuna get?>Suddenly killed by Jin Aizen >Suddenly killed by …[View]
265757613https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFjI21M9wZs This is hands down the worst opening of the season[View]
265745195Dekisokonai to Yobareta Motoeiyuu wa Jikka kara Tsuihou sareta node Sukikatte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita…[View]
265733079Girls Band Cry: Why is Subaru flirting with Nina?[View]
265750329I got chills here[View]
2657406144 years in Marley made you a fucking pussy[View]
265738368Why does anime shill autocracy so much?: Competent dictatorships are regularly presented as the most…[View]
265751879Dragon Ball Super: All our main characters have gotten new unique power ups >ultra instinct >u…[View]
265739372Shuumatsu Train: >pantyshots were strictly forbidden in GuP >but showing Akira's light bl…[View]
265756518Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?: 4 episodes in, and It's time I share my true thoughts on this anim…[View]
265748145One Piece: No break hallelujah[View]
265754766I wish Kaworu was real[View]
265750060Nadia's chocolate thighs[View]
265755881>my favorite anime character can beat goku! he would just use his hax ability an---ACKKKK…[View]
265727938Symphogear: I believe that if everyone watches Symphogear the world would be a better place. Realize…[View]
265749761>season 2 never ever It hurts so much... Also what the fuck were those last episodes.…[View]
265745962Oshi no Ko: Leaks never ever.[View]
265753010>read manga about casual sex >the characters are as vapid as they come every single time…[View]
265547636The 39th Sanrio Character Ranking: The 39th Sanrio Character Ranking is here (until 5:00 p.m. on May…[View]
265745753Chainsawman: Why is Yoru crying[View]
265754503>Fertility goddess >Looks like a sixteen-year-old girl What did Fate mean by this?…[View]
265755418ITT we post animes that are way better than Love Live[View]
265748720Isekai Samurai: Whats next for our precious little murder machine?[View]
265754830Name ONE character more based than Kaiba. Pro tip: you can't[View]
265750787Sexual violence has NEVER been pulled off in a manga in a way that made the reader take the situati…[View]
265694518Anybody else thinks this show gives a terrible message to kids? Nobita is lazy, stupid, and is both…[View]
265753284HINA NOOOO[View]
265745799Hottest shonen MC of all time????[View]
265751660Can Aoko beat servants?[View]
265754304ITT: post characters who could beat up Goku[View]
265698483Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru: Yeah... it didn't really make sense...but goddam did …[View]
265752171take me back[View]
265713912Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai: Why is this type of character becoming more popular in anime these days?…[View]
265730057How does someone achieve perfect reincarnation in isekai?[View]
265746939Please describe your dream Anime /a/. Be as descriptive as you want.[View]
265707952You guys act like Berserk is war and Peace or something when it's closer to Harry Potter than a…[View]
265749456Now that the dust was settled, which one was best?[View]
265746432ITT: coolest anime characters names: Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro[View]
265718072Shortstacks in Anime & Manga: Which ones are your favorites?[View]
265750106Miuna still loves you.[View]
265748140Which shonenshit author do you think will come back to his only successful series after a few flops.…[View]
265709637buyfag: Figures[View]
265747680Chainsaw Man: This Horse sisters manga don't have space for more part 1 slop, last one we will …[View]
265752828Where's all the ecchi this season?[View]
265733550Bastard!!: This feminine bastard is fucking hot bitches and basically you're fucking stupid.…[View]
265736534Post kot[View]
265752467>two of the best anime this season are CGI Really makes you think[View]
265754306>growing out of anime >there's no other form of entertainment I enjoy, not even games. …[View]
265730141These two turn 20 years old next month. Feel old yet?[View]
26573381416bit Sensation: Best anime of the last few years[View]
265725205Mushoku Tensei: Mesugaki incoming. Rudeus is in danger.[View]
265751322Code Geass: What are your overall thoughts on Code Geass' spin-offs?[View]
265726356What went wrong?[View]
265751196Who is the best, who is the worst?[View]
265745298Dragon Ball Super: How come saiyans eat so much? Where does all that food go since they don't g…[View]
265748816Why has Ciel not gotten her own anime yet?[View]
265746699Could a NTR scene ever be considered justified?[View]
265750857>feel bad for pun pun >suddenly he gets rapey out of nowhere >no longer feel bad for pun pu…[View]
265747026Diminishing returns[View]
265719486The Top 20 Anime Songs according to an Asahi TV survey that asked 1,740 fans living outside of Japan…[View]
265712768Yuru Yuri Yui: This big boobs tomboy childhood friend, caught in a love triangle with the harem prot…[View]
265746739Gregory Horror Show: Among several anime that have made a comeback recently, Gregory Horror Show lau…[View]
265736903Can the top pair beat the Frieren duo?[View]
265748900How's one piece allowed to get away with this?[View]
265723601Astro Royale - Chapter 2: Astro[View]
265736157What is it about younger male / older female that makes it perfection in every form. >Cute, short…[View]
265706338Bleach: Candice's ahegao[View]
265748123My Hero Academia: This series really fell off. What went wrong?[View]
265740018All the three are civil servants. Is being a civil servant the biggest dream of Japanese people?[View]
265746688I finally got around to watching Mikakunin de Shinkoukei and I gotta say Mashiro carries it hard[View]
265744448What's the correct response in this situation?[View]
265748308Tenshinhan, my man. You have the choice of... Launch, >beautiful blonde >excellent figure >…[View]
265738238Miyazaki's best and most comfy movie[View]
265732516Thoughts on Oreimo?: OUT OF PURE CURIOSITY (and since I don’t see much mention of it anymore) What a…[View]
265748346mahou shoujo ni Bluray: what's different in the bluray? the one i have watches online already h…[View]
265745754Honestly only Romance/Slavic countries should be allowed to consume anime/manga in the West. Anglos/…[View]
265747903Who's your favorite witch: and why is it Sanya? We're getting married this June. Please re…[View]
265737851Why is modern anime so much better?: Below is the breakdown of MyAnimeList's top 100 (in terms …[View]
265748290Hit me right in the feels: oldfag here, hooked on making myself cry with slice of life soppy romance…[View]
265746919>AAAAAH nooo, a tall, muscular chad wants to marry me, give me a huge house and beautiful healthy…[View]
265732530What do you call this archetype?[View]
265739421One Piece: Do you think Uta will appear again in the manga or was the cameo it?[View]
265747893>mogs Kaiji, Akagi, Ten and Kurosawa It's crazy that FKMT's best manga got axed.…[View]
265737945POV: You're me on my honeymoon with Violet.[View]
265737383Chainsaw Man: >Total Kobeni Love :3[View]
265742940It was fun while it lasted: I'll miss it[View]
265726405Kagurabachi: Predict sales[View]
265741975Are there any good Isekai anime where the MC doesn't use a dexterity type build?: I'm tire…[View]
265744302here's a handy guide for demographics[View]
265739024Blue Lock: It's Kaisover. Isagi is gonna score a hat trick.[View]
265745361Would you let Pet Shop guard your house?[View]
265738984ITT: Anime scenes that made you nearly faint.[View]
265745426What do you like: About Kaze no Stigma?[View]
265742740*gets murdered and cucked in the same episode* is there anyone more pathetic than yamcha?[View]
265734415Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru.: Please watch it.[View]
265732022Shirou is criminally misunderstood because of the anime[View]
265741241Mushoku Tensei's latest episode exposed one of the flaws that many Isekai anime are lacking...[View]
265744046Revenge Bully Genre: I love this genre is so much and only Manhwa is capable of doing it well. It…[View]
265736843Beelzebub: I'm planning to watch this soon. It's fun?[View]
265719493Is this worth the read?[View]
265739169Have you ever dropped a series before completing the first episode or before completing the second c…[View]
265735792Dragon Ball Super: Which Goku is your favorite? I like Kid Goku.[View]
265550387Daily Kabu no Isaki: A manga by the same author as Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. The world is huge and th…[View]
265732667ITT: Classy Women of /a/[View]
265735189Daily Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Sukide Sukide Iroiro Gamandekinai.: Chapter 7 Synopsis: >Six mon…[View]
265744631Takagi-san clears all other romance manga. This should get a full adaptation.[View]
265741797It wasn't that big a deal desu[View]
265741482Fate Zero new chapter: Wormpussy[View]
265734167Oshi no Ko: I love you, Arima Kana.[View]
265740548Greatest SHOUNEN - YuYu Hakusho Greatest SEINEN - Hunter x Hunter How did ToGODshi manage to single-…[View]
265738517Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 11: Previous >>265709883[View]
265737211Why was he so annoying[View]
265737616Chainsaw Man: [GOOD NEWS] The caracter ''Power'' unexpectedly received tons of a…[View]
265738111ITT: Great scenes in shit manga[View]
265722370Authors screwing up their one chance at fame: See you at the good court tomorrow was a once in a lif…[View]
265696257Nue's Exorcist Chapter 47: 'Senpai's Such an Adult' https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/title…[View]
265740032Fujimoto's best one-shot is getting animated by a studio that is actually good and /a/ isn…[View]
265424714Daily Non Non Biyori: Chapter 41[View]
265741497Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: New cunny has arrived to bring peace to /a/. Say something nice to your new Cap…[View]
265735623>I like him because he's pure and not like other men Holy cringe[View]
265741431HIGHSPEED Étoile: Can it be saved plotwise or will it stay this bad for the remaining 9 episodes?…[View]
265723242Dare Demo Dakeru Kimi Ga Suki: Chapter... 31? Here we go again[View]
265738447Torimodosanakya ikenai mono ga aru~ (hako hako)[View]
265731947[Great News] An article suggests that North Korean animators may have contributed to the production …[View]
265738700One piece: The irony of Zoro's popularity among the Arabs is that Zoro's final enemy is a …[View]
265706841Kyokuto Necromance Chapter 1: Spiritual[View]
265734221These are the top anime of the 2000's according to an aggregation of anime blogger rankings in …[View]
265726132Wtf is this[View]
265732546It's a masterpiece[View]
265724529One Piece: The WG destroyed the ancient Don kingdom[View]
265735966When was the exact point when Toriyama was sick of Dragon Ball?[View]
265730502Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?: GA-TAN GO-TON GA-TAN GO-TON SHOO SHOO TRAIN SHUU SHUU TRAIN[View]
265737534Mayonaka Heart Tune: Lead color pages and character popularity poll next week. Who will you vote for…[View]
265729778I don't get it.[View]
265736987Why did Muv-Luv never become as big as it's contemporaries?[View]
265733159Thunderbolt Fantasy: You're evil if you don't enjoy Thunderbolt Fantasy.[View]
265737950You now remember One Room.[View]
265733858Was he gay?[View]
265730059GO TO SLEEP[View]
265737140How do you feel when the main girl in a high school romance is introduced as sexually experienced in…[View]
265736720One Piece: Koby is VA level it's time to stop coping about it: And let me tell you why >Last…[View]
265736917one page thread: Do your worst.[View]
265711951look at her go :)[View]
265736671This anime is a nice blend of artsy, iyashikei and cute girls doing cute things Also it makes my pee…[View]
265639050THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149: Haru.[View]
265737397Chainsaw man: QuanTHICC xi[View]
265723785Chainsaw Man: Are you ready for their unwilling friendship to bloom?[View]
265735314Will the full anime be that much of a fever dream? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gaClScVCA[View]
265731961Garouden: This is the MC. Barafags won again[View]
265735717Streaming vs Downloading - Translations still suck!: I don't get it. Aside from a few shows, th…[View]
265707323Naruto: No Naruto thread up, why was he so based?[View]
265724362Ishtar: Goddess of fertility[View]
265736730Imouto Sae Ireba Ii: A masterpiece forgotten by the time, but forever influential. Watch it. BD Vers…[View]
265736633Which media player do you use to watch anime?: i use vlc media player but i get tired of having to m…[View]
265729408Spice and Wolf: Is Luke a good main protagonist? Is he as popular of a character as Holo?[View]
265737307MF Ghost: I am still looking forward to this. Mr. 17 better carry season 2.[View]
265734932What do mahou shoujo even do after the world has been saved?[View]
265730454Kanokari 327: The cover art is of Chizuru, Mami, Ruka, Sumi, and Mini. (日本語:あみだくじ Ladder Climbing Ga…[View]
265706186Girls und Panzer / GuP / Garupan: I haven't seen this much new content in a long time.[View]
265718595Are people just pretending to like this?[View]
265735938They look really cute together: Fujoshis be foaming at the mouth[View]
265733561These two lesbians are becoming the new face of the CGDCT genre after Bocchi.[View]
265732131I gave 2045 another shot after rewatching SAC and 2nd GIG and man, it's not nostalgia, 2045 is …[View]
265735501Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru: Why doesn't he put the hourglass aside and become middle-aged forever …[View]
265735588was Toriyama a misogynist?[View]
265725642Why is it called: >The Saga of Tanya the Evil Instead of: >The Military Chronicles of a Little…[View]
265734643Utena: >one of the best visuals I've ever seen in a anime has Chu-Chu and gay sex with cars …[View]
265711980Retro anime[View]
265723845Dragon Ball Super: Post underrated characters[View]
265728014Personally, me? I don’t like the fact that she thinks so much, because she’s a dumb idiot and when s…[View]
265732130Pantyshots: Do you consider pantyshots works of art?[View]
265729658Let's have a thread about breasts bursting out of clothes.[View]
265730789Why's the teacher's room so fucking messy? This is a fucking pigsty looks like a hoarden…[View]
265732401Maison Ikkoku: Pros: >good art (visually Rumiko's best) >fantastic panelling >Godai…[View]
265696356Undead Unluck #204: Feelings Indelible, Words Unforgettable[View]
265586515Dungeon Meshi: Each week I will be posting the corresponding chapters for the episode. Chapter 35: C…[View]
265733597Chibi Maruko-chan: Please, if you're a gentleman with fine tastes, watch her show! It heals yo…[View]
265648941Trains and lolis. Perfect combination.[View]
265732690Beware the Artful Glomper, and always protect your wallet and nutbladder[View]
265733856Son of a bitch Son of a bitch Son of a bitch Son of a bitch Son of a bitch Son of a bitch[View]
265731669I've read somewhere that this thing apparently has the most realistic characters in all of anim…[View]
265712725One Piece: Bonney has the power to eradicate nations[View]
265722931Ippo VS. Joe: Who would win?[View]
265732461Kanokari 327 summary: 327 spoiler The cover art is of Chizuru, Mami, Ruka, Sumi, and Mini. (日本語:あみだく…[View]
265729700How do I watch anime without noticing minor animation goofs and immediately looking up who animated …[View]
265720280Would Shinji's life have improved if he started to follow Bhuddhism?[View]
265720117Is this appropriate in a kids anime?[View]
265722974Blue Archive: For me, it's Mutsuki[View]
265729301ITT series only you remember[View]
265732859is this a man [View]
265637627Mahoako - Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete - Gushing Over Magical Girls: New chapter today, surely![View]
265733512>boring anime >lewd elves introduced >no longer boring take note and learn, anime studios!…[View]
265724261Lets all love Guts[View]
265727673One week left[View]
265728024Why doesn't more modern military isekai exist?[View]
265712708Oshi no Ko: Trust the process[View]
265726303Fuck Femboys, where are all the Mascgirls[View]
265732534Sakura Kinomoto is a Pokemon trainer[View]
265732283Sentai Daishikkaku (Loser Ranger): Is it just me or is this adaptation really good? Just watched 2 e…[View]
265731168Remember how good Pine Jam was at drawing cute girls and big titties?[View]
265730638Is she, dare I say it, this season's best girl?[View]
265718670Umaru Thread: Will the queen of /a/ ever return? WHERE IS SEASON 3?[View]
265731655>YYH This >HxH O MY ASSPULL TRANNY WISH GRANTING SISTER What went wrong? Why did Togashi turn …[View]
265731593Did she really deserve to lose the shinjibowl?[View]
265694706Jujutsu Kaisen: Guesses and hopes for the ending? Merger or no? Is a CE-less world possible? Does Me…[View]
265728206Do you think if things had been different, Asuka would’ve enjoyed American fast food? What would her…[View]
265716140Girls Band Cry: >You already know what it is >This is your pal Nina >Girls band cry >IF …[View]
265725557Utena is so sexy.[View]
265727002One (1) anime will be shown to world leaders from the year 1800-1950. They will be told that this is…[View]
265731778What did she mean by this?[View]
265644083Female Knight and the Kemonomimi Child: Muscle mommy enjoyers, please read Onna Kishi to Kemomimi no…[View]
265730552Konosuba: Which girl is best girl? For me it's Darkness.[View]
265724788Why did he do him like this? Did he really deserve to suffer? >The girl he loved still doesn…[View]
265730803Korean media doesn't belong on /a/. /a/ is an anime and manga board.[View]
265730012Blue Lock: New chapter is about Kaiser jobbing[View]
265712317Black Clover: How do we save Black Clover?[View]
265729311Why didn't telecom make more of these Green Jacket OVAs?: and why the heck is it not on blu ray…[View]
265710572What a cutie. Would wife her up.[View]
265726525Why are realistic tits so rare in anime?: Most girls look like they got breast implants[View]
265727880This isn't all ages at all... it's worse than To Love Ru.[View]
265722665Why is girl-on-girl cheating more popular in yuri than girl-on-guy cheating?[View]
265711840Was Dr. Stone a good manga?[View]
265729209Is it okay/socially acceptable to like the openings and endings to shows that are otherwise seen as …[View]
265727567What's the correct watch order for the Fate anime series? Mostly seeing people say >zero …[View]
265724613They should make an isekai anime where a sexist incel dies and he's going to get isekai'd …[View]
265728385I watched more than 1000 anime and I know Eva's wiki be heart so women should remain chaste for…[View]
265729506Doreamon KINO.: All of this is better than your favorite animes.[View]
265719131Who is your favorite villain?[View]
265724538Exceptional Autism: My university told me to present an informative speech. I will be presenting my…[View]
265597991Your dragon maid! Keeping the board clean![View]
265720941Everyone from Fairy Tail vs Mash from Mashle: Could Mash do it?[View]
265728335anime girls thinking (pure thoughts but really makes you think)[View]
265712221legally distinct products in anime: pippu![View]
265728462Morphing transformation sequences: Post your favorite morphing sequences in anime.[View]
265725995Why did this reboot make Yukino gay?[View]
265727093Dog shit artists: Animators, illustrators, mangaka, promo artists it doesn't matter.[View]
265724318You are what you eat: Do you ever feel like you've started to embody the anime you've been…[View]
265728170Clannad: Does /a/ remember Fuuko?[View]
265729116>it's a deep murder mystery thriller with commentary on the japanese entertainment industry,…[View]
265697404Buta no Fukushuu: Do you have the skills to survive initial days after being transported to isekai?…[View]
265727944Ririchiyo is crying...[View]
265610268Vampires: This is a terrible undead monster.[View]
265723442>yeah I’ll take the purple ones[View]
265714857When will the used-goods propaganda stop? Can we go back to virgin feMCs already?[View]
265652397Made in Abyss: The chance of a late May chapter is decreasing.[View]
265728397Yuri on Ice movie cancelled: Somehow I always believed we'd get there eventually after all the …[View]
265727824How should anime girls who are known liars be dealt with? Their deceitful ways are a danger to the f…[View]
265727424>I don't like him but I'm starting to now[View]
265492884Do it yourself!!!: I heard that they’re going to make it illegal to do it yourself soon, is it true?…[View]
265694860Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru Episode 3: New episode soon![View]
265727362Do you have UNIQLO in your country?: UNIQLO sells T-shirts in collaboration with Anime. I bought all…[View]
265728214Would you be okay with 15 minute episodes if it meant a longer running series on average (30-50 epis…[View]
265727633I wish I was in his position[View]
265727168Yu Gi Oh: Finished reading yu gi oh manga, going to watch anime for more dark magician girl but for …[View]
265726123What the heck is a Dolicon?[View]
265723347Sango! What do you think of her?[View]
265722683Collection Thread: Post em >You do own physical copies right anon?…[View]
265716864>mfw I'm watching action scenes in Frieren[View]
265726184why are brown people fascinated with robot anime and tokusatsu?[View]
265726072>she sees your favorite manga[View]
265715538Chainsaw man: Manga for lesbians[View]
265697811RuriDragon: Chapter 12: Making Something Fun for Everyone https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/10…[View]

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