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155041504Re: Zero thread: Every night, before I go to sleep, I think about her again.[View]
155081480Asuka: Is this the smuggest anime girl that ever existed?[View]
155073424Were The 2000s Anime's Best Years?: >Naruto >Rozen Maiden >The Melancholy of Haruhi Su…[View]
155068744Dragon Ball Super: >Zeno asks me to bring 10 fighters >I bring 9 DABURA WISHES HE COULD BE ME…[View]
155081932Flip flappers: Why doesn't Japanese buy flip flappers?[View]
155078213Blazing Transfer Student is getting a live action adaptation by Netflix https://www.animenewsnetwork…[View]
155078754pizza hut? more like pizza butt[View]
155080731Kagari end is best end.[View]
155080842Find a flaw.[View]
155080182Replica (Camelot Singularity): the Musical. How do you feel about Fate news, /a/?[View]
155082820I actually wouldnt mind a 'What if' scenario where Orochimaru does take over Sasuke's body just…[View]
155046195One Punch Man: Garyfags BTFO >Sticky Zenko is cute, but I feel like Zenko actually saved Garou, i…[View]
155067041So I just saw Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and really liked it. Anyone have any other shows like…[View]
155077719Is there a such thing as 'good fanservice' What is too much or too little? Has fanservice ever made …[View]
155079859why did he do it[View]
155076680Remember when shoujo manga used to be good[View]
155082204Here we have a Japanese man enjoying some cherry blossoms with his [spoiler]son[/spoiler][View]
155080833Can we have a mahoromatic thread? Did you like the ending?[View]
155080961What went wrong?[View]
155080243Satania is a miracle of the universe.[View]
155073235Nurse Hitomi thread: Its time for a Nurse Hitomi storytime. Ill cover a few stories. If there is tim…[View]
154970383What would /a/ call em?[View]
155081205Maybe someone can tell if this is from an artbook and wich, or even has this on better resolution. T…[View]
155078869ITT: Anime straying from source material: >under the lone lit streetlight >lone >lit >st…[View]
155077363FUCK This was prime Mamiko Noto material and they gave it to that overshilled discount clone[View]
155075841I might not be The right one[View]
155078969Saki-san-kawaii is common sense in all over the world: several illust are available from 2chan site.…[View]
155071224why is her only defining character trait,'rape-bait'?[View]
155080730TORIKAJI IPPAI[View]
155076398What did Japan mean by this?[View]
155080061Which chuu2 would be the best fuck?[View]
155074042A wild Chiyo-chan appears![View]
155076063Has /a/ read Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku?[View]
155065388>[HorribleSubs] elDLIVE - 12 [720p].mkv Last episode is out.[View]
155080397Why do so many anime girls wear such skimpy clothes?[View]
155080344Can we all agree Trunks could EASILY overpower Goku? I mean He did kill Frieza and Cell in his imper…[View]
155078382Press F: > All this HOTD remembrance for author. > Not realizing the true magnum opus from the…[View]
155015032Boku No Hero Academia: >“sorry for not posting in a while! anime season 2 has started! This was m…[View]
155077989This episode filled me with a deep sense of admiration for Akane. She really is a strong and wise wo…[View]
155077225What makes sweater puppies extra delicious and soft?[View]
155076044I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
155059889What would it take for 3.0+1.0 to redeem the rebuilds?[View]
155080019I just catched up with this show: When the hell he got this thing?[View]
155059063Spring 2017 Week Schedule: What are you watching in new season?[View]
155072861More Sekirei: >The wraparound jacket band on Sakurako Gokurakuin's 2nd Brave Star Romantics …[View]
155072635Why is the purest girl out of all the love lives?[View]
155077416This got me raging all night and woke up late today. Worse than the interrupted foot licking scene.[View]
155076595>OVA spends three quarters of its episodes between semi-serious side stories and building a major…[View]
155079421Was Hana no Uta a bust? It's pretty well made, the story was entertaining and the ovas were gr…[View]
154978117Why don't they make Girls Und Panzer season 2 about an international tournament?[View]
155076931Hayate the Combat Butler spoilers chapter 566: Hayate the Combat Butler Spoilers chapter 566 OUT and…[View]
155074647is this movie going to be better than the anime?[View]
155043052Shokugeki no Soma: When did you jump on the Erina train?[View]
155072214Why haven't you watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure yet?[View]
155077385What does Conan see in Ran? Haibara is objectively the superior girl[View]
155077067Would you buy Tite Kubo certified fashion?[View]
155072017There are many NEETs like her but this one is mine.[View]
155076547ITT: The best traps in /a/[View]
154984839Gabriel Dropout: OVA Raw and Subs soon™[View]
155031844Before DIO's,Valentine's, and Jobin's stand abilities were revealed to us what did yo…[View]
155065417Kemono Friends: Herbivores are dangerous when in packs.[View]
155069143Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-VRAINS: Goodbye ARC-V, your only sin was being mishandled by incompetents. You will be…[View]
155070500Is it going to be good?[View]
155072333Saki is a nice girl who did nothing wrong.[View]
155076809it is the truth[View]
155074498Update on Ghost in the Shell: Movie was fucking shit. Just a bunch of GI Joes staring in the distanc…[View]
155072819What makes it so funny?[View]
155070586So is there any autistic anime girls out there? Post if you find any.[View]
155073549She finally appeared.[View]
155070589Kantai Collection -艦これ-: Gather round, gather round. The first volume for the newest KanColle manga …[View]
155074201Who is KyoAni's #1 best written character and why?[View]
155075900Gintama wins again[View]
155071067http://seikaisuru-kado.com/ Are you going to watch this? More important, is it going to be the animu…[View]
155073757>':zero' in your title to attract the reddit:zero crowd all according to keikaku of the superior …[View]
155033253>http://college2ch.blomaga.jp/articles/180414.html >30k units sold already >110k units rese…[View]
155074355Why haven't you learned to draw yet anons?[View]
155074899>watch an anime by another studio after watching a kyoani anime >'this looks fucking terrible'…[View]
1550756142 min: Why are all the best shows two minutes long?[View]
155075483He tired to warn us, why didn't they listen?[View]
155067292What is a good age to die?[View]
155075406>isekai >reincarnation >virtual reality >op Why cant these trends just die?…[View]
155065054Wait... what did she mean by this?[View]
155075367which one would you pick /a/?[View]
155071764How do I get a gf like Eve?[View]
155064352Girl (male(female))[View]
155049786What's your favorite kind of fanservice?[View]
155071597post confirmed non-virgins[View]
155072531Interview with Monster Girls: If Hikari had a tapetum lucidum, can she still go to a regular optomet…[View]
155070576Was he right?[View]
155073447Loki is NOT male, she's the bestest perflat girl in the universe[View]
155072742So she is immortal right? She gets rekt / messed up so many times but always seems to be okay. Also …[View]
155067061Masamune Kun no Revenge: 39.7 confirms another month until main story continuation[View]
155068829Robot x Laserbeam ch. 2: Niggastream is slow. http://mangastream.com/r/robotxlaserbeam/002/4135/1…[View]
155071688Disappointed: I read this was a good manga, but in reality is utterly shit.[View]
155074058I'm a weeb now: I couldn't wait for Little Witch Academia subs, so I just downloaded the r…[View]
155053910>佐藤大輔さん52歳(さとう・だいすけ=作家)22日、虚血性心疾患のため死去 Good night sweet prince[View]
155069728Mousou Telepathy 235+236: I know that feel Toda[View]
155072544Gekijouban Majestic Prince: >[anon]_Ginga_Kikoutai_Majestic_Prince_-_Kakusei_no_Idenshi_[720p][F2…[View]
155073805>tfw you're brought back from the dead only to die again only 20 days later…[View]
155045367>spinoff becomes more popular and more loved by the fans than the original How the fuck do you le…[View]
155063122Thanks Anon: Keep the Keijo coming. I was afraid the series would be dropped, but I'm pretty su…[View]
155069383This is my fiance Akane. We are getting married very soon. Say something nice about her.[View]
155071653tasukete kuma...[View]
154983447Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv: Does a retarded Pomeranian deserve love too?[View]
155067198Is she right?[View]
155072818know announced ojojojo and chichi chichi anime and this year is gonna be great: http://www.animenews…[View]
155071632who wore it better?[View]
155065185Are there any series where all of the girls are best girl?: I'll start.[View]
155053949Raildex: Railgun & Accelerator Manga thread: Railgun #94, Accelerator #34 and Idol #19 RAW soon.…[View]
155068124What went wrong?[View]
155063071Little Witch Academia: Which bully would you KISS?[View]
155071925So now that Kamogawa is literally confirmed to be dying and Takamura is going to lose his next match…[View]
155070828What is wrong with Oberstein? I fucking hate this guy.[View]
155044981Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
155068643This is from a pokemon episode in 2016, how the fuck do they get away with this shit poor animation?[View]
155071657Will they get together?[View]
155070294How often does the first girl not win? It's utterly obvious from Episode 1 that Emilia wins in…[View]
155071317Was this the point where gintama became mediocre?[View]
155058317Can't defeat even a Saibamen.: Yet Goku thinks he is suitable to participate. Dragon Ball logic…[View]
155058555>You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake.[View]
155071010High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Satō Passes Away at 52: F http://www.animenewsnetwork.…[View]
155065603ITT: Only post 10/10 episodes[View]
155059980Who was the fiercer and stronger opponent /a/? >Cell or Frieza?[View]
155006760Have we really reached a point where wishing for a Berseria anime adaptation would be a lot better t…[View]
155070759>best DBZ manga is fanmade (Dragon Ball Multiverse) >best DBZ anime is fanmade (Team Four Star…[View]
155059378purple hair > all: prove me wrong[View]
155067354Does anyone else prefer 2D to 3D but can't go as far as to be a waifufag? I prefer 2D in almost…[View]
155064250I don't understand the hate with this anime. How did this became a 'muh military propaganda' an…[View]
155061308>this is what satsukifags actually worship[View]
155056676Free! Timeless Medley: well, fuck.[View]
155068979Are you tired of winning yet, team Isabella?[View]
155066888Should girls wear shoes?[View]
155049366post bootleg[View]
155069511KonoSuba is an anime that will be remembered in 10 years, unlike Hibikek Yuriphonium.[View]
155067009Why /a/ cares so much about purity?[View]
155036280Overlord: Overlord is a unique sci-fi isekai. Ainz was unknowingly taken and his mind uploaded into …[View]
155067410buyfag thread: Buyfags.moe[View]
155066647What are /a/'s thoughts about DBZ Kai? Do you love it or hate it? http://www.strawpoll.me/12612…[View]
155042706This was incredibly satisfying.[View]
155053010Blue hair is the sign of best girl[View]
155059125>/a/ likes cute girls doing cute things >/a/ doesn't like cute girls doing cute girls…[View]
155066682Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: >Current year >He doesn't wear a mask What is y…[View]
155059024Sekirei reboot: new manga start[View]
155068181>2017 anime and manga start with lot of sad and good news >naruto end >HOTD's author p…[View]
155069526This show any good /a/?[View]
155069397Scanlation Thread: What manga are you typesetting/translating/ripping? Have time to help? tinyurl co…[View]
154963952Can Shinka take a beating?[View]
155053788Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Finale: It's finally over. Hide your suffering and pain with EGAO[View]
155057402Monogatari Summer: This summer > New long anticipated TV season > Kizu III BD > Shinobumono…[View]
155064465now that the dust has settled can we all agree that this was AOTY 2012 ![View]
155022927Akiba's Trip: >Incredibly enjoyable show >Literally 20 people in the entire world watchin…[View]
155067970What do you look for in a girl?[View]
155063331Dr. Stone: So what does /a/ think of japanese Rick & Morty so far?[View]
155064158i'm the real hero of this show[View]
155068583S3 literally never because we have no fucking new info ;_;[View]
155068548>people think DB will end after Super >people unironically don't think another spin-off w…[View]
155058564>berserk update >'To Be Continued at Late April' Is this true? Or Miura finally back to Berser…[View]
155058066How do you choose which anime to pick up each season?[View]
155067596As a relatively newfag who just now finished NGE: Where can I go to find out the most complete story…[View]
155061389Do you think Tanya likes to be hugged?[View]
155066790Ringo-chan is bored! What are you gonna do about it anon?![View]
155067088no cg?[View]
155068035Can your daughteru... Also be your waifu?[View]
155067958This shit is a 5 or 6 at best. Why does anyone like it? It felt like I was watching a Miyazaki movie…[View]
155063625>I'm so glad you came to the music festival with me, anon-kun! What do you want to do first?…[View]
155067628What exactly did Miura mean by this?[View]
155063355I'm so glad that this ended on a high note.[View]
155066891So you want to make a game. Here's your team. Do your best![View]
155058993Why did some edge fag have to force his shit taste in and ruin this otherwise perfect character?[View]
155055259Why is Nodoka into 3rd world shit holes? Would she fuck a Machu Picchu boy like me?[View]
155063183Téa Gardner.[View]
155064443Hinako Note.: Preview right now. Also nice ass.[View]
155065181Kemono Friends: Arai-san ni omakase nanoda![View]
155050542Why does this man make /a/ so salty?[View]
155066382Rem's getting married![View]
155062392It's time to confess your sins, /a/.[View]
155040387Do you want a demi waifu? Well that's too bad, you gotta look like this first[View]
155060533Proper Imouto Protocol: Would you let your imouto dress like this, /a/?[View]
155063761AKB49: Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei Translation Dropped D:: I'm sad that AKB49 was never translated…[View]
155064531Is he an absolute alpha? >girls gives him their emails >he can touch and grab Kris everywhere …[View]
155048493What would you do if you were alone with Rin in your car?[View]
155065558>only 28 planets of intelligent life in the entire universe We've seen way, way more races t…[View]
155058024I just marathoned the first episode of this. It was really fucking shit. This feels like the japanes…[View]
155054035Novelist Daisuke Sato Passes Away: The author of Highschool of the Daed, Daisuke Sato, passed away o…[View]
155062378What was she expecting to accomplish?[View]
155065213>writes an almost decent male character >kills him what did shitahara mean by this?…[View]
155024923Chaos;Child: Is Senri the cutest thing ever created?[View]
155058465ITT 10/10 anime with a mediocre script[View]
155064483>Found Accel World movie in an Hard Disk >Watched it and I liked it >I remembered that ther…[View]
155059757Love Hina: Does it still hold up today as a classic or was it just another harem anime?[View]
155065170Left xor right?[View]
155058136Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Apologize[View]
155065103>it's another show with a cool concept/setting ruined by having some teenage beta faggot pro…[View]
155056411Do you agree?[View]
155057899Dragon Ball Super: >teleportation >movement speed faster than time Is there a fictional charac…[View]
155061907Say something nice about my waifu Rem.[View]
155055382Are childhood friends the purest form of love?[View]
155061197New Toaru Series Announcement[View]
155060150I miss yuru yuri Kyouko and Yui best pairing[View]
155050580Why is 0079 so boring?[View]
155060572Robot x Laserbeam Chapter 2: New chapter is out http://mangastream.com/r/robotxlaserbeam/002/4135/1…[View]
155059449So Shaft has their own 'muh store' secret weapon to inflate sales now. Stalker threads just got even…[View]
155063889Hey, look. Hookers.[View]
155061528Is it worth it? I have shitload of free time and reading manga is not an option Only anime i've…[View]
155060935Tsuyokute! New Saga: Surprisingly good. I always dismiss rpg, fantasy, mmo, isekai manga. But this…[View]
155056912If you could direct and produce your very own anime with an unlimited budget and complete creative f…[View]
155060554Fuuka: So, this was the only good thing that came from the anime, right?[View]
155058928Burn it all down, Nene.[View]
155061633>if you die, I won't forgive you![View]
1550621665 cute facts about hanayo: - She's a girl! - She's an orange! - I love her!!!!! - Hanayo!!…[View]
155061943what anime make you feel grateful of life?: some anime are shit, some anime are decent and some anim…[View]
155060069This is Shimakaze. Say something nice to him.[View]
155001873Buyfag thread: Read the guide before asking any questions. Buyfags.moe[View]
155051280Kemono Friends[View]
155061511>author tries to give the scumbag villain with no qualms about killing people a dramatic back sto…[View]
155057010Koukoku no Shugosha: > Author of this series has died. Pay your respects. Also, HOTD is still unr…[View]
155056188Find a flaw.[View]
155060766>babbie's first bodyswap story with a twist >everything is as lukewarm and inoffensive as…[View]
155060411>Implying there is no faster move than Instant Transmission in all fictional characters and anime…[View]
155061496Hiroyuki Imaishi: >FLCL ep 5: masterpiece >Medabots ep 14: masterpiece >RE Cutie Honey ep 1…[View]
155060950>tfw no vampire gf[View]
155059281DBS 83: Who watched yesterday's Dragon Ball Super? The filler was pretty boring, but seeing Kr…[View]
155052031Little Witch Academia: What is this girl being so smug about? It's time to find out. Livestream…[View]
155055380No wonder why he is called the sin of lust.[View]
155043473Kuzu no Honkai: What did Ecchan mean by this?[View]
155057955Is there a lack of ecchi anime lately? I hope we get more ecchi anime this year like Monster musume,…[View]
155061774Doujin thread: Who's your favorite doujinka? Who's works have you fapped to the most? For…[View]
155061728Re:creators: So we agree the characters who are smiling are the best girls, right?[View]
155058250Would you a widow?[View]
155060052Wasn't she quaking in her boots against galan? Now she can take the commandments with ease?[View]
155059497Is Gundam G Reco the worst anime ever made?[View]
155060854What was your favourite anime song of 2016? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmlLK8SZD0k[View]
155043735Tomo-chan: Is it happening?[View]
155053219Find a flaw.[View]
155060019Berserk: 348 translation: http://mangastream.com/r/berserk/348/4128/1 349 comes out April 28th Volum…[View]
155060472Urara Meirocho/うらら Anime Japan: Urara will live our heart eternaly[View]
155060467Childhood is idolizing Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu. Adulthood is realizing Hyouge Mono is the real thinking…[View]
155060109Google confirmed for shit taste: >Bepop >Fucking Guilty Crown…[View]
155058126I drew Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ! :)[View]
155059129Hush: What's the point of his character again who was given a decent amount of airtime for a gr…[View]
155049570Chinatsu isn't my favorite yuruyuri but I'm not gonna start shit if she's your favori…[View]
155049264What is the MOST anime you dropped? Pic related, didn't make it through one episode. All you ha…[View]
155060233Only good characters in this shitheap of a show.[View]
155055201Tejina-senpai anime when?![View]
155054952Zero Kara Hajimeru no Game no Life: https://youtu.be/fQN2WC_Acpg Is /a/ ready for the return of the …[View]
155053758Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: We now live in a post-Arc-V world. How do you feel now that your three year investm…[View]
155057982Do you like 1950s anime? Imagine anime after being attacked by nuclear bombs.[View]
155057148Do you like big girls?[View]
155057033High School of the Dead is 100% dead now.....: The chance to see a new High School of the Dead serie…[View]
155042485Lupin III: who here is a fan of the world's greatest thief?[View]
155058133Usagi Drop: Toughts on Usagi drop? Art, references easter eggs...[View]
155056402Seen both of them and I find them that they're both overrated and are given too much credit. P…[View]
155047554How do you guys feel about sluts pretending to be pure?[View]
155053165Is this pure kino?[View]
155059107Hatsukoi zombie: Itty bitty titties[View]
155057407Season 2 When?: Will there ever be a new season /a/ ? Am I still allowed 2 dream? I need more sitcom…[View]
155058571why is zoku so much less entertaining than the original?[View]
155046208Megumin loves Kazuma And vice versa[View]
155050853Parallel Paradise[View]
155057194Babylon Made wa Nan-kounen?: So Dowman Sayman has a new series going on and it's not a oneshot/…[View]
155058304put blue literature in the correct order protip - No Longer Human is not the best one[View]
154999473Anime Japan 2017 thread #2: Previous thread >>154887343 Website: https://www.anime-japan.jp/en…[View]
155053998What's the LEWDEST thing you've seen in anime?: What's the LEWDEST thing you've …[View]
155057762How do you feel about anime girls in tights?[View]
155052548JOJO thread. What's the best spin-off?[View]
155048460GODZILLA: Animation GODZILLA is a trilogy. http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/226065[View]
155050864Did anime peak during the late 90s? Everything in the 80s was QUALITY and the voice acting was terri…[View]
155056987Where's Umaru thread?[View]
155058354Nana Ebina: I need an anime where she is the main character.[View]
155058565Which is the better nee-san a little tall is a given, but should she have a fairly impressive chest …[View]
155055181Legend of The Galactic Heroes: is this show worth watching in current year? or is it a better idea t…[View]
155058404Juuni Taisen: Have any Nisio fans actually read this one? Looks interesting. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
155056412when is he coming back?[View]
155058223How historically accurate is this show?[View]
155044961Rakugo: How could they give this pure siscon such a melodramatic family tree? Is beauty worth more t…[View]
155056103Gakuen Babysitter: > Reminder that this creature will be animated. Can you say no to this creatur…[View]
155047297I want to be her best Goy: Galil is best Jewess raifu without a doubt, also Upotte thread because wh…[View]
155053464ITT: 10/10 character from a 7/10 show[View]
155053981Things that make you cry in Digimon: Impmon never forgets his real friends[View]
155039709Best Gundam's Scene: Also best series. No pretentious plot Best characters[View]
155044111Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Episode 24 'McGillis Fareed' >Summary: >With the end…[View]
155049120rakudai: >Next is your organ Who the fuck even says 'I'm gonna hit your organ'? Was the scri…[View]
155051390Dragon Ball Super: Sexy edition[View]
155057751You know, that scene of Gilgamesh killing Ilya in UBW was gross but I can't take my eyes off it…[View]
155057706jojo thread: who has the worst stand ever[View]
155046006What is the objectively the worst anime you've ever enjoyed?[View]
155042918Best Key girl[View]
155057143KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
155056821Goodnight sweet misguided chocoman.[View]
155011663Berserk thread: >People forget that this happened There's trouble brewing on the horizon for…[View]
155057055>Anime about Turks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8-9mMAIH2w what the fuck?…[View]
155053311What's Akko showing off?[View]
155029809Tiger Mask W: >[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 24 [720p].mkv ...in which HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHERE DO…[View]
155056872Earth Saving Hunter: >Taking his harem of lolis to the moon >Leaving only the nigger loli out …[View]
155039371So the Death Note Teaser: It syncs up with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfBtQw9H3Ng&feat…[View]
155056245Reminder: >”The world is so large!” >She spread her arms wide and looked up at the sky. >Sh…[View]
155056078What's the second best anime of the season after Maidragon?[View]
155052869Anyone know if ep11 of Youjo Senki follows the LN faithfully? Aside from punished Anson[View]
155050091>his favorite studio makes stills instead of animated scenes[View]
155056293post pictures of best anime girls holding mugs boys allowed, but they better be 10/10 mug pictures…[View]
155054622>Toei Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCw3Z6fUUI Toei loves cgshit so much they'…[View]
155048037Find a flaw.[View]
155049047The time of Rukia's execution... got changed.[View]
155053764No Game No Life -Zer0 https://youtu.be/fQN2WC_Acpg[View]
155055548animu/mango tropes that bother you: >girl is half Japanese (always the mother who's the blon…[View]
155056141>Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 came out 4.5 years ago[View]
155048487Best Ep: What's the best episode?[View]
155055434Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou: >new comfy manga chapter Anyone else feel like Arifureta wo…[View]
155053613It's unironically deep for a four panel comic.[View]
154999184AnimeJapan 2017 going on right now. Get in here.[View]
155050209Why does the childhood friend always lose?[View]
155055857Do you think Tite was just burned out/out of ideas at this point or did he make them clones of exist…[View]
154994245OPT - One Page Thread[View]
155029316I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
155054920Why is Rika such a great JC?[View]
155051664>there are people who dislike Ufotable's UBW Why?[View]
155055405Fairy Tail 528: >Lucy's mom has nipples that glows all the time You know this explains a lot…[View]
155050123Okay, I'm only on episode 11 but I'm getting confused now. The story was called the Prince…[View]
155054463A booth at the AnimeJapan 2017 event revealed the Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm 'virtual idol pr…[View]
155055467You like non-human, don't you?[View]
155050923Post your waifu and her favorite album My waifu is Haruhi she is very pretty and likely stronger tha…[View]
155054648>mfw I don't have any Kyoani show next season How am I supposed to get through?…[View]
155052631Is Aya gay?[View]
155055048Bat, did I ever tell you about my eldest brother Raoh? He used to beat the shit out of me when I was…[View]
155051756Gunslinger Girl: What the fuck happened here? Did the whole S2 have the budget of a single S1 episod…[View]
155053765Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-VRAINS: Otanoshimi wa, korekara da![View]
155055080I'm Japanese: Long time no see. Do you remember me?[View]
155054516Ubau Mono Ubaweru Mono: anyone reading this LN? Been meaning to pick it up for a long time. The man…[View]
155051289Who would win?[View]
155052879Why does kyoani only know how to make moeshit?[View]
155048653PV for Nisio Isin's Juuni Taisen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsOes0IA4EE[View]
155049610Why is Sakie-sensei so perfect?[View]
155055077Nanatsu no Taizai: So Gowther got a dick?[View]
155052138This is actually the worst thing I've ever seen.[View]
155025292Dear Papika, I miss you so much. Everyday I remember the dates we had every thursday. I remember the…[View]
155053542SNAFU: What is wrong with this guy?[View]
155004854Seiren: No unprotected sex with Tsuneki Marry the best girl but end up with a shit job Childhood fri…[View]
155054095He is completely right about e-books[View]
155050740Any /a/ related/initial d powerlevel license plates here? Thinking of getting PRJECTD on my ricer bu…[View]
155052850>claims to hate tattoos >but loves Revy Explain yourselves faggots. You can't have your c…[View]
155053596Post Worst Girls from a series.[View]
155051721Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: 30 minutes until last episode[View]
155031146ITT: Characters that single-handedly ruined the show they're in. I'll start.[View]
155051179Rate you favorite Kyoani show on a scale from Maidragon to Hyouka. Rate your favorite non-Kyoani sho…[View]
155048450AOTS 2017 Winter Poll: The first batch of this season's shows have ended, and the rest are soon…[View]
155014212Bang Dream! PasuPare Time: https://abema.tv/now-on-air/new-anime 7 Minutes left to the new episode…[View]
155039439>2017 and anime still isn't 60fps standard[View]
155046201Herro, onichan: >No L's in nipponese >Uses L pick one ya Japs…[View]
155043188*blocks ur path de geso*[View]
155051189Petit Eva: What did I just watch? You can't just tell me this is for kids because there is some…[View]
155041327ITT: shows retroactively ruined by their final episode: I'll start with a recent one[View]
155035709What's your favourite anime insert song /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0YKo8tx4x0[View]
155046431あのですね、阿良々木さん 怪異と 言う の は 言う わ ば 舞台 裏 なんです よ 普通、舞台の 裏 だけ 見って いれば いいんです (それ が) 現実 と言うもの です 知らなきゃ 知らない (…[View]
155051906is this what perfection look like?[View]
155047236wait... what did she mean by this?[View]
155051447The purest of KINO[View]
155037932Little Witch Academia: So will the ultimate message here be that whilst finding inspiration in other…[View]
155051758People think Dogtooth is the best villain, best design ... etc But under that scarf I am sure the re…[View]
155045900Just watched 7, opinions?[View]
155039641Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Last Thread #2: >Don't cry because it's over, Egao because it happened.…[View]
155045725Ghost in the Shell: Thoughts on Ghost in the Shell? Thinking about starting it and I want to know wh…[View]
155041741I'm going to post this every Saturday night until you listen to his song!: Saa hajimerazu SATUR…[View]
155045275Dragon Ball Super: Do people really find this shit funny?[View]
155011085Fire Punch 45: He did it the absolute madman for a second there I thought it was Togata getting fri…[View]
155036645School Rumble Thread: Why didn't Harima fuck her?[View]
155046148>characters get drunk off candy or juice[View]
155050827Who is the worst anime villain?: Why'd you kill 4000 people? >I forgot…[View]
155030846Rewite: Still don't understand the story. Thoughts?[View]
155044925Yuusha ga Shinda: Thighs are the most visual appealing part of a woman's body. Anime when.…[View]
155049985WTF is going on[View]
154990261Is Kemono Friends the Thinking Man's Anime of Our Time?: >Interesting Sub-Plot masked in a C…[View]
155033401Chaika! Front page![View]
155049317How are Village Idiot scans this bad? The entire image was erased.[View]
155042803Does Hanabi deserve to be happy?[View]
155006002Hajimete no Gal 1st PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTNKy6Cig00[View]
155031933Favorite OP/ED Thread: Post em /a/ Rate others too.[View]
155037773Fate Project 2017: Stream in 2 hours: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv293165547[View]
155049193Rurouni Kenshin: Hey friends, I just recently got into Samurai X, and is currently on Kyoto Arc, I j…[View]
155048596Why do americans hate one piece?: Also best who is best girl and why is it carrot?[View]
155044452Would you watch an anime of it? And yes the eventual Automata spinoff[View]
155044858Shinji & Kaji[View]
155040298What is your element /a/?[View]
155045772>the death star is a loli[View]
155048340Am I the only one who fucking HATES this cucklord Oberstein for ruining the Kaiser's wedding fo…[View]
155044084How smart is Kuro? I'd say probably not as intelligent as Miyu, but also probably not baka.[View]
155048755Come on Let go of the remote Don't you know? You're letting all the junk flood in[View]
155007297I just watched railgun and all but. What is her true purpose?[View]
155040340Kemono Friends: Image limit, so even if the last thread's not close to death I figured I'd…[View]
155047139VanDread: Does /a/ like VanDread?[View]
155048544Precure Thread: Precure thread[View]
155048924Owarimonogatari S2 PV: At around 1:47 there's two frames with numbers, which get you to an old …[View]
155043185Unpopular Opinions: >Evangelion is shit and it's only popular because of nostalgia >Minas…[View]
155016305Youjo Senki: Christian extremism on the rise![View]
155048631Why are sports manga so fucking comfy? Are they the highest form of art on this planet?[View]
155048529Precure Thread: Precure Thread[View]
155046831What happened to this?[View]
155043617Regarding Lodoss, should I keep waiting for Live-Evil to release it, or should I just go with the Iz…[View]
155045139What is this?[View]
155035401What? You are going to tell me he was the first guy who was like: >yeah you can fuck whoever you…[View]
155048335fourteen years[View]
155033317It's the weekend (finally)! Come and enjoy some live DJ mixed tunes and post some dancing .gifs…[View]
155047433Do I need to watch the last 3 episodes of Bakemonogatari?[View]
155045307Dragon Ball Super: You haven't forgotten about me, have you?[View]
155042283Whose fucking idea was this and why can't I stop crying ;_; Digimon thread[View]
155030172what happened to shading /a/?[View]
155047779I think this is the worst thing I have seen in media. Why do the Japanese portray Middle Eastern rel…[View]
155048069how did he get so tsun?[View]
155022635Some of you guys are alright, don't go to the crimson village school tomorrow.[View]
155046251>MC is middle/highschooler >MC never meet or greet the parents…[View]
155046253Why?: Why did he go? I can't understand him.[View]
155019065QUALITY thread.[View]
155046375What kind of fucking outfit is this?[View]
155045424Why is Shiba so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
155046273Oh, Anon. You silly willy. Put your penis away, I'm not that sexy.[View]
155045854Poptepipic / Pop Team Epic: Are Pipimi and Popuko getting their own anime?[View]
155032081Have you forgotten about her?[View]
155046544Squap thread: Is this still a thing?[View]
155043845Which one /a/?[View]
155037272just finished this. why does she keep blowing shit up? what's her endgame?[View]
155013875One Piece: Any one else notices how /ourguy/ Ichiji stands out, once again?[View]
155043477Thing of Anime you hate? Mine are mascots characters in shounens. They are absolutely useless chara…[View]
155045250Tokyo Ghoul: Resurrection of Clown Speculation Thread: It's time to PARTY!![View]
155032363Pretty sure everyone of us fapped to Illya at least once.[View]
155043910INFECTION 29 & 30 (& 31`& 32): Dumping Infection chapters 29 & 30 also 31 & 32 i…[View]
155046645Why didn't she wait until she was on the same continent as her secret base until she turned on …[View]
155045067When will the lesbian To Love-Ru get an anime?[View]
155047254Umaru chan: Anyone here can help to find the classical music played in Umaru chan op.[View]
155047233Most fun you've ever had watching anime other than simply watching the show? >watched Space …[View]
155045019Left or right?[View]
154997200/u/ BTFO[View]
155046805hot mom: >read 'love your mom' thread >read Chi no Wadachi >read a bunch of incest hentai …[View]
155045565Did dullahan ruined the show?[View]
154988179Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
155017153Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon: Anon, did you watch my anime yet?[View]
155044539JoJo: I'm excited for part 5 anime. Are you?[View]
155045160What series made /a/ contemplate suicide? Pic related for me. >TFW no qt smug wife.…[View]
155034475DRAGON BALL SUPER: >name that Z fighter![View]
155044550Fumetsu no Anata e thread: Anyone reading it? Where do you think the story is heading? Is everyone M…[View]
155022970So who was worse, /a/? Kawai or Ueno?[View]
155045133Just finished season 2 of Chunibyo. Man what a cocktease of an ending. Season 3 when? Also, Dekomori…[View]
155044780Why are there too many 'fate' things?[View]
155043034Who's ready for the shitshow of the century tomorrow?[View]
155024433Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
155044945where I can watch how one of these figures is made?[View]
155041872Fate/Apocrypha: Fate/Apocrypha airing July 2017. https://twitter.com/pKjd/status/845823410785570817…[View]
155044727Hatena Illusion Anime: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-03-25/tomohiro-matsu-hatena-illusio…[View]
155039975>no re zero ep today[View]
155025773Nanatsu no Taizai: Pinocchio side story edition[View]
155044253Does providing a power level scale actively harm a show or series? What do they add to the series if…[View]
155033337Why did she look so ugly with Senketsu on?[View]
155017522Magi 343: Full chapter is out: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/N0EmW01dvAI[View]
155041330Who was best girl? Earth? Fire, Wind, Water? No, Sento![View]
155033798Is Mami stronger than Homura?[View]
155043296/a/, how thick is too thick?[View]
155020890https://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/fairy-tail/en/0/528/page/1 New chapter is out! Acno got beaten by…[View]
155042488ITT: 2pure2pork[View]
155006409Go back to gaia (only oldfags will get this)[View]
155042774Is this one of the greatest shows of all time? I've seen it a bunch of times but i'm curre…[View]
155037632>I hate myself. But, maybe, maybe I could love myself. Maybe, my life can have a greater value. …[View]
155029918put cancer man's films in the correct order protip - Paprika isn't the best one[View]
155041901S2 when?[View]
155038596What was the point of this scene?[View]
155042705Is the Age of Idols truly over? Or is it just getting started?: Enbound, Inc.'s crowdfunding ca…[View]
155043671I started reading As the Gods Will but didn't really care for it, should I skip to the second s…[View]
155043011Why is God so sexually attractive?[View]
155031470Yugioh: Who was your Yugioh waifu from the shows? >Pic related[View]
155038774>kuudere >hyperactive Best and most inovative Rei clone since teh Rei.…[View]
155038107Admittedly this moment was pretty hype Sorry for shitting on a series I for so long neglected /a/[View]
155041506>talk talk talk words words words, speed x5 Good god, I didn't think I'd make it throug…[View]
155037025Explain why your waifu is so shit compared to mine.[View]
155040377How does Kyoani get away with it?[View]
155042669Anyone seen Zettai Shounen around these parts? Never seen /a/ talk about it[View]
155023965We will be getting season 4. But the question is when?[View]
155042308I remember seeing the last episode of S2 and being soo fucking hyped when I this. It's probably…[View]
155036444I think I finally may have found my waifu. Also, Galko thread.[View]
155036952>Monster girl anime >it's shit, people just watch it for fanservice and lewd language Lik…[View]
155040973you now remember flying witch[View]
155037613Thoughts on Nia's nipples?[View]
155041923Fate Apocrypha: New PV came out https://youtu.be/hwfV7pWEsTE[View]
155037222Anaru is the best example why you shouldn't let your loli grow.[View]
155041653Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Episode 24 'McGillis Fareed' >Summary: With the end alm…[View]
155041587why aren't there any straight-to-the-point Mom&Son incest romance anime?[View]
154974407>what are they talking about >who is prince sidon >i don't understand any of this >…[View]
155004717*blocks your path* what do?[View]
155031141Just finished watching end of Evangelion. I thought it was better than the ending for the initial sh…[View]
155031230Rewrite: Finale aired today. Did you like the kissu 8-Bit added at the end?[View]
155032389Evangelion theories (2017): These are based on EoE and anime series. So my understanding is that (as…[View]
155029101boku no pico: name a more ironic trio,i'll wait[View]
155039607Enjou Kosai? Let's have an auction.[View]
155037679One Punch Man: Volume 13 out on April 4. A OPM special chapter will be out on April 6 published in Y…[View]
155036669Classic Anime OP and EDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdkqQMz0qYs How well versed are you with t…[View]
155039337This character scares me.[View]
155040087I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
155036475Gintama 628: Did Gin get both fucked and his dick sucked in a single chapter?[View]
155040788Name a more autistic character[View]
155040990Chain Chronicle: BLACKED![View]
155014159Neverland chapter 32: http://m.imgur.com/a/oQVSZ[View]
155029251I can't look at this man the same way ever again.[View]
155026865Yayoi: Happy Birthday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB_7_-7roRU[View]
155017499Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Last Thread: Thanks For The Memories[View]
155028229Madoka: Be honest, /a/. You didn't expect this to happen at all, did you?[View]
155036021Are you ready for gay race horse on ice? This just got confirmed for an anime[View]
155040743Are we getting more ecchi anime like Maken Ki! this year? Almost no ecchi this season I know that Hi…[View]
155033159Is there any scientific reasons why the Zakus have one eye? I know because it looks cool and stuff b…[View]
155034838Why did it fail to gather attention?[View]
155038913Do you think Accelerator was born a psychopath ala Michael Myers?[View]
155039579Completely random scenes that caught you off-guard.[View]
155034421IT'S HAPPENING[View]
155040588Who are the most attractive characters in video games?[View]
155039444Why are lolis so verboten?[View]
155029937Is the Se/a/cats MANGA any good?[View]
155021601What do you think of the recent chapters of Mob Psycho?[View]
155034229Which studio would be competent enough to make a good Touhou anime?[View]
155039249Death note is bad: Death note is bad and gay It's not interesting And you all need to stop di…[View]
155028187Tokyo Ghoul:re: Chapter's out.[View]
155040341I didn't expect you until later.[View]
155039880Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Episode 24 >Summary: With the end almost in sight, how …[View]
155038295ITT only the most pure and virginal waifus: i'll begin : Sheryl Nome[View]
155032935This is my fiancé Akane. She is a music teacher. Say something nice about her.[View]
155037042Raison d'être[View]
155035063Lupin The 3rd: How can a series that has been around for about 50 years still manage to be fresh and…[View]
155032919Oregairu/Yahari: >April 18th I wonder how it will be.[View]
155037064Drrr!!!: What was his problem?[View]
155030774Kemono Friends: Will we finally get an introduction to Homo Sapiens in the very last episode of the …[View]
155011412Shoukoku no Altair PV2: Airing this summer. PV: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5g5hu6[View]
155029700WSJ Manga: Which series from WSJ do you still follow genuinely? For me it's The Promised Neverl…[View]
155016449Demi-chan wa Kataritai: Today is SATURDAY[View]
155036174Why hasn't this been adapted yet? It would work out pretty good as an anime. They just have to …[View]
155021768Prison School: >was told this was good >watch it >it's just 12 episodes of femdom Why…[View]
155035343Why don't you like this cutie pie?[View]
155027623Will KyoAni ever make a better comedy than this?[View]
155036364Ghost In The Shell: I want to rewatch Ghost In the Shell before watching the meme movie; But I saw s…[View]
155037827wait, did he die?[View]
155029701Last episode of Chain Chronicle is out >[HorribleSubs] Chain Chronicle - Haecceitas no Hikari (TV…[View]
155037586As an anime only fag I get all the railgun stuff, but remind me again what was all that magic s*** a…[View]
155011549Shingeki no Kyojin: >one cour Why the fuck did they wait four years then? I thought the whole rea…[View]
155037375Post cute boys.[View]
155008088Little Witch Academia: ITS HAPPENING. Pull out your theories here on what do you think will happen a…[View]
155025705Boku Girl: What happened? Where are the chapters? Hello?[View]
155036788Cowtits are a miracle of the universe[View]
155035958Season 2 when?[View]
155031648So what are you watching next season?[View]
15502053210/10 Designs: Nightmare mode: Male character Hard mode: No cute anime girl #3252017 with big tits…[View]
155036419Ecchi anime: Are we getting more ecchi anime like Maken Ki! this year? I know that Highschool DXD is…[View]
155036367K-On!: This is a keionbu[View]
155036059Why was she such a bitch?[View]
155031225Can a 140 years old psychopath be moe?[View]
155023442Could SHAFT be the next studio to develop respectable business practices?[View]
155025171What makes a good maid?[View]
155015827Sword Oratoria: >remove male MC and meme oppai loli >series improves tenfold How does it work?…[View]
155028615What do you do when you go back to a show that you put on hold over a year ago but you only have a v…[View]
155030911ITT: name a better anime director.: >You can't[View]
155035903w-whats she doing with her hand!? That's dangerous![View]
154987193Shingeki no Bahamut S2: Are you guys ready for the savior of fantasy anime in two weeks? https://www…[View]
155034690Share your heart with a hero: Share your favorite moments with him /a/ I'll start 'Do you real…[View]
155035672>Becomes a slut so she can get drugs what a fucking whore.[View]
155035441did you know?[View]
155035519Why was she even there?[View]
155035383Maken-ki!: > Latest volume still not uploaded anywhere Come on now, I know the story is pretty sh…[View]
154971385How the fuck does she not recognize her old Captain?[View]
155034989movie when?[View]
155033746Quick, claim your horsfu[View]
155030187Pretty sure everyone of us fapped to Shinka at least once.[View]
155032075I just marathoned the first episode of Evangelion and what the fuck >stupid kids get taken to the…[View]
154975373Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu: Last episode. Dead thread?[View]
154995935is re zero a masterpiece?[View]
155030063OTOME SENSOU CHAPTER 10: Otome Sensou Ch. 10 >Holy Roman Empire pwnd Dumping the chapter, let…[View]
154970054Date a Live 16: Summary is out. Spoilers are out. We've gotten into Origami-tier levels of shit…[View]
155014123there are only 6 anime that i want to watch next season..[View]
155026955Initial D: Name a better segment than Takumi's Fury/I Need Your Love[View]
155016270Dragon Ball Super[View]
155032808most unexpected twists in manga/anime[View]
155033407waifu/husbando bad draw thread: ask me![View]
155022155Kekkai Sensen: So after two years I finally went back and rewatched and finished Kekkai Sensen. The…[View]
155032921As an animeonlyfag, what's up with the tone of this PV? I didn't watch prisma until 3rei h…[View]
154989867Rakugo: How much better would Rakugo have been if it was animated by KyoAni?[View]
155033011Joshiraku: I fucking love this show, and I regret not watching it with you guys. That's all, ca…[View]
154995564Kuzu no Honkai END: How do we fix this ending?[View]
155033425What is the best fight in the original Tokyo ghoul manga?[View]
155032050JoJo thread: New VA chapters are out >Vol.61 Ch.569: A Story of the recent past http://bato.to/re…[View]
155005127>after Maidragon, no matter how much it was improved, Kyoani forever will be associated with that…[View]
155027133This is the only anime worth watching dubbed, period. Prove me wrong; you can't.[View]
155025534Mangas so unpopular only you reads.: I will start with this one. >'Amazing Amazing' >Justice l…[View]
154996364JoJo Thread: Which Jojo (or JoJo's) would have the easiest time in a part I.E: Part 1: Jotaro. …[View]
155032429So /a/, is Fukuwara Mask the original Yellow Devil?[View]
155031483Why are the purest and chaste girls, always the best in their series?[View]
155032215what's the attraction towards dragon maid? it just seems like a crappy slice of life full of fi…[View]
155025837kino station[View]
155032189is this loss?[View]
155025089Daughteru Thread: Claim your daughteru.[View]
155030739Do boys do it better?[View]
155028198Why is this so overrated? It's a 6/10 at best[View]
155031344Limit Cycle: Wtf was the point of this one? 2deep4you monotonous rambling? At least Genius Party was…[View]
155027665What was his endgame?[View]
155027269T W I M[View]
155028438He truly is who he says he is cause I haven't seen a bigger faggot[View]
154987875My face, my moon, my everybody's moon, Which everybody looks on and calls his, And, I suppose, …[View]
154991670Have you ever cried because of an anime or manga?[View]
155030566What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
155019958My fucking god is she cute. This chapter was great and she is fast becoming best girl in a manga wit…[View]
155022634Can he be stopped? Should he be stopped?[View]
155028136Pic related is now the very first enemy the protagonist of your favorite anime/manga has to confront…[View]
155027915How much better would LWA have been if Kyoani animated it?[View]
155030328When does this stop being boring[View]
155026593>Puppet Master spouting some standard stuff about what it means to be alive/human >Him and Mot…[View]
155024508Smiles we failed to protect[View]
155021315Am I watching Narutard?[View]
155029065That was fun, really enjoyable, doesn't take itself too seriously and Froylatia is the best S2 …[View]
155012680love live: What does /a/ think of Love Live?[View]
155029580...: .[View]
155029045>Literally every Ghibli soundtrack ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz0b4STz1lo…[View]
155029276OH GOD NO[View]
155023354Holy shit, I just started watching the japanese original version of this, it was kind of cheesy, but…[View]
155026756what's her name, /a/?[View]
155027871Violet Evergarden: On a scale from Maidragon to Hyouka, how good you expect it to be?[View]
155029626Akame Ga Kill: Just recently re watched this show and I have to say it was just as good the second t…[View]
155030400What the hell is the 4th series? Is it the new lupin or something else? I have a couple folders name…[View]
155025272Get fucked.[View]
155029314She did nothing wrong[View]
155030351So i finished ep 11 of re zero and i'm liking it but then i think. All this time while Subaru i…[View]
155023888Thug life[View]
155028937Pretty sure everyone of us fapped to Sento at least once.[View]
155029238After watching Kyoani best shows, any other show just looks bland and underanimated. Guess it can…[View]
155027343Im glad we can all agree this is best girl[View]
155026492Who filled in the password?[View]
155025259>reading SAO Why does Karen have such shit taste?[View]
155025985With which part of this enormous series should an ignorant faggot as myself start with?[View]
155026216>people actually prefer tatsumaki to fubuki Why?[View]
155026840stare and worship[View]
155030075anime stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lSQe9x5bt0[View]
155026399Where were you when bkub saved anime?[View]
154968359>he doesn't like battle harems Explain thyself.[View]
154979534Saekano: I love Megumi.[View]
155013450Reminder that these three will bring the series back to part 1 glory: and potentially even surpass i…[View]
154995269Are you interested in cute ship girls?[View]
155023619its time for[View]
155029417Anon, stop[View]
155022340Who's the smartest character in the history of anime and manga?[View]
155019717Kemono Friends: Yoshizaki Mine filled in some tidbits in the livestream of ep1-11 today, and confirm…[View]
155025258What do you think of 2017 so far in terms of anime? Is there anything that makes you say it's g…[View]
155017932The eternal question, Kei or Yuri. You're not allowed both.[View]
155026207Fuuka: So i just watched this, it was a comfy anime however Yuu-kun is probably the most retarded an…[View]
155027814I love Studio Ghibli! What's your favorite Ghibli film anon?[View]
155025731>CGI fluid simulation in my Japanese hand-drawn animated entertainment I can't help but feel…[View]
155019858Upcoming Romance Animes: >Tsuki ga Kirei Feel's new anime They brough us Yahari Ore no Seish…[View]
155023555She has a big forehead.[View]
155003870Rewrite: Last episode today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWTGFQ-CsNs Will you protect that smil…[View]
155026018From a socioeconomic perspective Emilia was most certainly the right choice.[View]
155019448Yurika on the front page?[View]
155025127>Uh you don't get to bring swords >they're not my swords…[View]
155017354>RWBY >CG anime from the U.S with subpar animation but pure intent. >Gets somewhat popular …[View]
155025270What went so right?[View]
155026083https://www.citycinemas.com/villageeast/film/crunchyroll-kabaneri-of-the-iron-fortress So this is ha…[View]
155026736Youjo Senki: Episode 12 will be a timeskip. Reichfags on suicide watch[View]
155025738Was this underrated?[View]
155026608Is KyoAni the most creatively bankrupt studio of our era?[View]
155023175I want to get drunk with this silly fairy.[View]
155026544https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR7JbKsHLcU&feature=youtu.be almost as good as cory in the house…[View]
155019001What's the best anime hair color?[View]
155024686So what's your favorite mobile suit/mobile armor/general giant machine?[View]
155013177Who is your favorite battle harem couple?[View]
155011844What in the everloving fuck is wrong with this anime?[View]
155025441Fairy tail is out: http://mangastream.com/r/fairy_tail/528/4133/1 New chapter is out and it's F…[View]
155022913How to be tsundere: Alright /a/ I've been talking to this qt nerdy girl who loves tsundere char…[View]
154913378Who draws the best loli[View]
155025938Has anyone read this? The art is intriguing[View]
155021565What the fuck is his problem?[View]
155025856Avatars Join. Please share to pass the message around the world (Contact on facebook- Avatara Edna)[View]
155025751Favorite MCs: Post your favorite protagonist, /a/ Pic related, it's the manga equivalent of Cri…[View]
155021395Ghost in the Shell wasn't bad enough, now this is happening? What, is Hollywood just running ou…[View]
155018859Why doesn't Miyazaki just write more manga? It's obviously his best medium.[View]
155020440>main.character is a moe blob with big tits >look at this shy girl with huge boobs >dont fo…[View]
155021794Would you let Sailor V punish you?[View]
155003032I produce and play instruments but I haven't got people around to share with. Anybody up for an…[View]
154994775YU YU HAKUSHO 25th Aniversary: SON OF A GUN http://pierrot.jp/yuhaku25/[View]
155025047Why haven't you plastered your waifu all over your car, /a/?[View]
155021871What the fuck did i just read?[View]
155024820Did you think there is a girl online?[View]
155025167Call mee CALL MEE.......... ;_;[View]
155020173How do we fix Umaru-chan?[View]
155018730Chapter 2 soon fellow lolicons Samples: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust…[View]
155018459>mc falls in love with the main villain[View]
155014713Pick your hiatus king.[View]
155009089ITT: 'Villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
155019351Prisma Illya movie: Trailer is out! https://youtu.be/0W2RrFEt6Sc Will this be best Fate movie so far…[View]
155024310Why do the police in this look like British cops and they even have those weird yellow jackets?[View]
155023901Does she deserve happiness?[View]
155021471Natsuki Subaru: Anyone else see this guy becoming an abusive ass hate?[View]
155022256>he still hasn't accepted Asuka as best EVA[View]
155018697Hatsukoi Zombie: Is it wrong to choose to love an imagination over reality?[View]
155024267Can someone tell me what this anime is called[View]
15502168910/10 Characters from SHIT shows[View]
155024451KonoSuba is an anime that will be remembered in 10 years, unlike Hibikek Yuriphonium.[View]
154989401Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
155008199Boruto / Naruto: If he doesn't get a DBZ power up in boruto I'll be salty[View]
154994430This is Chiya, my new beautiful, pure, and a traditional wife. Say something kind.[View]
155000858Dump your reaction images[View]
155024186We need a new queen of /a/. I'm tired of her flappy old beef curtains.[View]
155017069Remember Animatrix? After 14 years, I am still amazed how well you can go with a bunch of top tier a…[View]
155017083Barakamon: Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday! This isn't going down the Usagi Drop route, is…[View]
155024100It's only up from here, right, /a/? Yui's gonna win, right, /a/?[View]
155019557Where were you when Yamakan saved anime?[View]
155003472Citrus: Interesting art adaptation. Not as bad as I originally figured it'd be. What do you thi…[View]
154997540Not going to lie, Yuki Yuna is really beautiful here.[View]
154999868Little Witch Academia: The name 'Chario' sounds a lot like 'Cheerio' and I don't think I'm…[View]
155016474Gonzo 25th anniversary: Even in the face of bankruptcy, even against all odds, even knowing the majo…[View]
155021940name that manga: i'm looking for the name of a short manga, it's at least 12 years old. it…[View]
155022829Logan Style Anime Trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msl-GYPOZ-Q&feature=youtu.be…[View]
155021212any news about his new anime?[View]
155006365Your most hated love triangle?[View]
155022386Guys can you please give me a hand? Im looking for the other two kizumonogatari movies, but tokyotos…[View]
155019794Tsurezure: I've been searching the archive for hours and I can't seem to find the newest T…[View]
155017853is this love[View]
155014333Lupin III: So, i just watched the raw of the Goemon movie and god watching Goemon actually using the…[View]
1550217554 Cut Hero 51-100: Anyone Have a working zip of 4 cut hero manga 50-100?[View]
154992368Owarimonogatari Anime Confirmed: Owarimonogatari 2 announced for this summer. It will cover 'Mayoi H…[View]
155020163Which more looks badass for a tattoo on the tigh btw these two the majin or in saiyan armor ?[View]
155010634SO i just watched redline. I've been sitting on a giant 10gig ultra high quality version of the…[View]
155015226High School Fleet OVA: PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZGT7ioq-T8[View]
154989178About 2 more hours till Made in abyss stream starts at AnimeJapan2017 Stream: http://live.nicovideo.…[View]
155020674>OP by Aqours[View]
155015463post girls with boyfriends they don't deserve[View]
155010318How do you watch your anime. /a/? On a desktop computer, on a laptop (including netbooks), on a larg…[View]
155006840Uma Musume Pretty Derby: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-03-25/cygames-uma-musume-pretty-d…[View]
155016758My second best matsu[View]
155000120Which K-On would make the best cuddle?[View]
155020196Konjiki No Gash Bell: Which one is the best fight in the series and why is the one against Zeon? Als…[View]
155014879Which is best?[View]
154995537APOSIMZ 002 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >APOSIMZ 002 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https:/…[View]
155020689What did she mean by this[View]
155010836Why /a/ is so obsessed with purity?[View]
155014909>Touya has impossible magic powers and can learn every kind of magic. >Touya can read the move…[View]
155020758the most deserved anime death of all time?[View]
155019682Will they ever find the One Piece treasure?[View]
155019938Shura is the best girl. Just thought that I'd let you know.[View]
154985325Masamune-kun no Revenge: How do you feel about the ending? I feel like I wasted time watching this p…[View]
155014310BanG Dream![View]
155019030Who has the biggest stomach in anime?: >eating contest Who wins?…[View]
155020369Is it true that overseas is not popular?: Is it true that overseas is not popular? https://www.youtu…[View]
155014765Alice to Zouroku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VdRxVy07Nc So is this upcoming anime off everyone…[View]
155020166Post your exact thoughts when this happened. I can't get over my disgust towards Miyokichi, but…[View]
155020119To be continued.[View]
155017738Characters based on real people: >Konno Yuuki >based on Ryan Wayne White (December 6, 1971 – A…[View]
155011593Fukumenkei Noise PV2 https://youtu.be/-Qw9Fu7NvMk Genre: Music, Romance, Drama, Comedy[View]
155019709God this anime is just awful. Like. The designs make me want to hurl. I wouldn't force my worst…[View]
155019651this is canon in r3[View]
155016403>KyoAnus finally uses a new unique style >it's hated because it's not blobby moeshit…[View]
155012404HxH: How do we fix this arc?[View]
155001630Will live action be good? What do you think[View]
155017566flat not justice?: I think large anime chests are should still be considered flat I mean they'r…[View]
155019309Is this the worst episode in the Dragonball Franchise? >Goku gets trapped in a space board game w…[View]
155011821Ippo 1173: >coughing blood Is the old geezer gonna die before watching Ippo become world champion…[View]
155016703Will Kentaro Miura ever finish Berserk manga?: i mean in the pace he is releasing chapters he will d…[View]
155019175Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
155017796This is your office assistant for the day[View]
155015217series you didn't watch because best girl loses: It's almost always easy to spot which gir…[View]
155015019Saito Hajime: Whats the consensus on pic related? underrated?[View]
155017652How much better would Disappearance have been if it was animated by DEEN?[View]
155012180Would dating Akane make you a cuckold?[View]
155015809Death Note Netflix: Is it going to be bad because its ~~RACIST~~ Or is it going to be bad because Ho…[View]
155016303This is shit. Prove me wrong.[View]
155017732IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!![View]
155017103Is serious fantasy anime completely dead and buried? Seems like all we get is Isekai comedies now. Y…[View]
155008074This is the face that Rin makes before she snaps your neck with her thighs and steal your car.[View]
155016406Demi-chan Episode 12: Why no thread on the finale? Hopefully a Vampire centric episode. Let's g…[View]
155018615Who is the best love rival in manga/anime?[View]
155018039Happiness-Berserk 348: Finally...berserk 348 is out... have at ya boys www.mangahome.com/manga/berse…[View]
155018549*becomes your best friend*[View]
155013867If the anime industry took out all of the lolis would /a/ still be interested in anime?[View]
155015825When will Japan stop recycling the same stories and the same characters? They didn't even both …[View]
154979092Yuusha ga Shinda: Is it okay to do bad things to the bad guys?[View]
155016134You know what'd make this 10 times worse? If Rem was the childhood friend[View]
155013399Doesn't Kumiko look a little off in S2?[View]
155017395Best jojo Inb4 part five never fags[View]
155017562How much better Phantom World would have been if it was animated by DEEN?[View]
155010319Was anime always this cringey and stupid? I haven't watched anime since Kill la Kill was airin…[View]
155017609Danganronpa: This is a pig[View]
155017151Is Gilgamesh nihilistic?[View]
155010860This movie is amazing, will we ever get a sequel?[View]
154996871Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 2017 the year our lord and savior Shin Yoshida saved YGO. Oh and PV is out. https…[View]
155008040Kemono Friends: Just one episode and feels like the fun times are miles behind us.[View]
155016621Little Witch Academia: Diana found out about your collection of LWA reaction faces that doesnt featu…[View]
155010567Sore ga Seiyuu: We will get that S2 someday won't we?[View]
155015728Which Animan has the biggest penis?[View]
154957142>you will never be a skinny, pale, autistic, goblin slaying manlet[View]
155016182>It's really getting an anime Holy shit[View]
154973466Madoka: How would you end this series?[View]
155015990best love story ever told https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naLaZijShMw[View]
154992918Post pic that made you lick your computer screen.[View]
154975521Tokyo ghoul:re spoilers: Re means king, discuss.[View]
154937536Drawthread: Make or request /a/ related art[View]
154985790Dragon ball super: why go to the other thread when you can come to the QUALITY thread? Will best dog…[View]
154999334>[(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)] Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt - 05 / 機動戦士ガンダム サンダーボルト 第5話 [720p].mkv…[View]
155015221Oh wow. Fuck me, that's fucked up.[View]
155014176BanG Dream: New episode soon, get in here bang bros[View]
155015879Why is this talentless hack still in the industry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Apdfz4HNrY&a…[View]
155014935So? Which one was it?[View]
155015158Would you watch an anime about the Founding Fathers, and if so, what tone would it be? For me, it…[View]
155015342Post the best maids[View]
155001466Is Sword Oratoria going to be worth it for these two?[View]
155014615KyoAni Robot Heart: Why did the art change?[View]
155015570Any thoughts on mutsukis reaction to 'haise's' death: Just a weak thread[View]
155015298Just finished Cowboy Bebop lads. Holy fuck.....[View]
155014920Why does he crossdress?[View]
154971552Overlord: I rereading all of the available volume.currently on Volume 7 now and I just remembered th…[View]
155013208ALL HAIL .... the dead emperor[View]
155015023this is a body snatcher who was never properly exorcised because her lover couldn't force himse…[View]
155014688Anon, she's looking at you.[View]
155004445I miss Bleach[View]
155013856why do anons like this: This was sick, This wasn't supposed to happen[View]
155001281Junji Ito thread: I really like the girls that junji draw and the stories he created. How come nobod…[View]
155013865What is happening to ONE? It's been more than two weeks without a new chapter.[View]
155011804Black Lagoon is coming out of hiatus on May 19th.: https://twitter.com/SundayGX/status/8455486208457…[View]
154970693>mfw no more Konosuba episodes[View]
155008847Why don't more harems do this?[View]
155000617Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Can dragon lolis be cool?[View]
155001343Youjo Senki: The Empire will lose because they violated the NAP and do not understand free market pr…[View]
155011711What anime did you think started good but turned in to shit[View]
155013041Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154981952Frid/a/y Night Osu!: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! thre…[View]
154970817There's nothing wrong with dumb girls.[View]
154983649Is Hotaru the most beautiful character ever drawn?[View]
154972128Re:Zero: Subaru and Otto best bros forever Otto X Frederica is going to be canon, Ram a shit for let…[View]
155013484Kuzu no Honkai is a legit masterpiece, I don't give a fuck what you say.[View]
155006193Rin is perfection.[View]
154997477Saitama is now the protagonist of the last anime you watched. How does it improve the show?[View]
155006138ITT: Shows that will never get a 2nd season[View]
155013624Dead Dead Demon's Ch.48: Last chapter until fall.[View]
154936362One Piece: Look at that character design, Goda delivered http://mangastream.com/r/one_piece/860/4122…[View]
155013115KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
155009487Time Bokan 24 gets second season[View]
155010469RAMEN: RAMEN[View]
155010522A Silent Voice > Your Name: Koe No Katachi > Kimi no Na Wa Koe No Katachi has >better sound…[View]
155006713How hard is S2 going to bomb compared to S1? SnK is damaged goods now.[View]
155010562New Danberu nan kiro moteru?! Why is no one hyped?![View]
155010599Who draws the best traps?[View]
155011532Robu Raibu thread: That's it lmao[View]
155000888Why was Mio so shit? She ruined the whole anime.[View]
155005382Single cour anime: Is this enough for you? It almost never is for me. At 11/12 /13 episodes into a s…[View]
155010168Hmmm, tashkani[View]
155012113So does anyone know when the new berserk chapter is coming out?[View]
155010886How do you rate them[View]
155010551What is the most high culture anime you have watched which also included a swimsuit fanservice episo…[View]
155008258I'm sure something similar's been done, but fuck it. WEG (Watched, Expected, Got) thread.[View]
155010926Fate/kaleid No Ilya in this movie: New PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2RrFEt6Sc&user=K…[View]
155009968I just found this little masterpiece yesterday. It's Akagi with rapefaces straight ouf of Medak…[View]
155012314I'm a big big girl in a big big world[View]
155008192why isn't this translated yet? what the fuck is Cirno9Baka doing?[View]
155009569Do you guys ever think about fucking this bird? Because I do. A lot.[View]
155006817Why is Bell allowed to have not one, but two large breasted onaholes[View]
155010587Why did no one tell me this was a comedy?[View]
155010054Kuzu no Honkai is just a mix of School Days and Boku no Pico[View]
154985480DBZ Abridged Episode 57: Finally getting to the start of the Cell Games. >https://youtu.be/DMZuBS…[View]
155011462Hayate 566- It all comes tumbling down: Tfw Nagi will win cause of timeskip Hinafags like me will ge…[View]
154990491What is /a/'s opinion on Oyasumi Punpun?[View]
155011904I want to fuck a frog[View]
155011673Mai-otome: Just finished watching this anime, I randomly found in while browsing catalog. Really li…[View]
155011768What was her fucking problem?[View]
155011396What is more important: Good art Or Good story[View]
155011719can't stop crying, even if i put my grasses on[View]
155004645ITT: best christmas cakes ever[View]
155007129Why did EoE go with this change in character design/artstyle? Just intentionally done to make the ch…[View]
155011478D&D, but an anime!: Read some Goblin Slayer and man it was good. Reminded me of games I played. …[View]
155011556Shoukoku no Altair: Guess who made into the anime motherfuckers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8-…[View]
155000276Yotsuba&! Thread: Let's discuss of Yotsuba and the Yotsuba&! manga.[View]
155000298Tomo-chan: ...[View]
155011422How do I stop posting her images?[View]
155011408No one can match SSGSS Vegito, right? Like not even Whis could beat him.[View]
155001053I just started watching DB Super and I feel 12. I'm 19. How do adults get past the feeling of b…[View]
155012754how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that even if the guy in command of the warship I'm …[View]
154984714Highschool DxD: V23 spoilers. Previous threads. >>154689142 >>154764491 >Life.0 spoil…[View]
155010935Oregairu: Okay, I don't read the novels, but in another thread someone said Hachiman and Yukino…[View]
155010873>new higashiyama show tankoubon[View]
154963452My Hero Academia: http://manga.fascans.com/manga/my-hero-academia/131/1 http://mangastream.com/r/my_…[View]
154998847Maid Dragon.: It make me sad nobody love Elma.Fuck lucoa.[View]
155004632What did Anno mean by this?[View]
154984289Does such a thing as a good live-action adaption of Anime/Manga exist?[View]
155008339> Read Kuzu no Honkai's ending > Mugi became Chad Thundercock Any other Chads in anime, l…[View]
155010291What is /a/s thoughts about absolute despair and the spiral nemesis.. Did the anti-spirals and lordg…[View]
155006970The boob stalker stalking notBatman got an anime: Will they capture Boss's true glory?[View]
155003737ITT: Anime characters that deserve their own spin-off anime[View]
155005095Is this worth seeing?[View]
155009081She came here to laugh at us. New LWA Season 2 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEjut1THACI[View]
155002277r/a/dio monthtly thread #3 (part iii): i cant believe you guys arem aking me do this shit this fucki…[View]
155000870How much better would Madoka be if it were animated by Kyoani?[View]
155006611Civil AOTS thread: Share your favorite show of the season. Favorite OPs and EDs also welcome.[View]
155002300Dorohedoro: Risu is best boi and I think En is MC Dorohedoro Thread?[View]
155008207Are there still any Erikabros left on /a/?[View]
155007344GODZILLA The Animation: What went wrong?[View]
155009795Finally started watching Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and it's looking like yet another 10/10 a…[View]
154978742Berserk: 348 translation: http://mangastream.com/r/berserk/348/4128/1 349 comes out April 28th Volum…[View]
155006866Ojamajo Doremi is a beautiful emotional masterpiece.[View]
155009605What's your excuse for not watching savior of anime?[View]
155007819Holy shit can you please fuck off[View]
155000527The MC of the last anime or manga you finished wakes up at the beginning of their series, retaining …[View]
155006765Is this like Yotsubato? Never seen /a/ talk about it.[View]
154998269What is the best cute girl anime of the season?[View]
154996860Fate/Extra Last Encore: Male MC confirmed.[View]
155003530No Game No Life Movie: The movie is coming July 15th. https://twitter.com/ngnl_anime/status/84544081…[View]
155005650try to name a comfier harem: protip: dekinai[View]
154999964Little Witch Academia: >2nd cour is starting next season GET HYPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
154999619Are visuals the most important thing in anime?[View]
155005947>super average series with nothing especially interesting about it >keep following it because …[View]
155008249Anyone else get redirected to an ad when they click on the kiss manga logo? this only started happen…[View]
155007322Gakuen Babysitters: > You will never take care a bunch of adorable toddlers like these. Anime ann…[View]
155008680He is kill, isn't he.[View]
155006068Demi-chan: Final episode in a few hours: Time for us to discuss the best girl before we stop giving …[View]
155007415Fire Punch: Well fuck movies I guess, time for unwanted genocide.[View]
155005826Why does Okabe love to bully Kurish so much?: Also steins;gate thread[View]
155001428ITT: Edge done right >Has 'Teleports behind you' skill >Has unlimited development potential …[View]
154916867Urara Meirochou: Kokkuri-sama, Kokkuri-sama, can holding hands make you pregnant?[View]
154997995>considerthefollowing.jpg For all /a/ complains about the 'isekai boom', it's probably fair …[View]
155002589Which manga adaptations took the most liberties with their source? What are the best/worst examples …[View]
155002922Blazing Transfer Student REBORN announced Coming to a Netflix near you http://news.nicovideo.jp/watc…[View]
155007617bkub anime really happening?[View]
154996491ZA WARUDO[View]
155007305I started a SUPER new meme! r8?[View]
155002884Why is Azami from kagerou project the only non-human character in anime that doesn't act like a…[View]
154987516Shingeki No Kyojin: The entire budget went into this scene. Oh yeah, second preview out: https://www…[View]
154992937What the fuck was his problem?[View]
155002055reminder the only good part of SAO is Alicization part 1[View]
155006474why is she so perfect?[View]
155007197Kino no Tabi: >this ending WHAT THE FUCK[View]
155006567Just finished this. Comfy as fuck, almost made me call in to work so I could keep reading. I felt li…[View]
154997868Kemono Friends: It's been a long journey.[View]
155001780Aqua is way more useful than the annoying quick shot Megumin Aqua can: -purify a lake -turn undead…[View]
154992146What are you planning to watch?[View]
154997440Ew why did they introduce power levels and scouters?[View]
155001981Bad anime adaptions of good manga: I'll start with one that's just finished The Fuuka anim…[View]
154950234Bakemonogatari: Finally decided to watch this series downloading now What am I in for?[View]
155005620Yu Yu Hakusho Celebrates 25th Anniversary: http://pierrot.jp/yuhaku25/ >Studio Pierrot (Naruto, L…[View]
155005716Childhood Friend End STRONK[View]
155005161Owarimonogatari Season 2 Hype Thread: Set for July 2017 Watch PV here; http://www.dailymotion.com/vi…[View]
154849392Reminder that it's perfectly ok to have loving sex with your sister[View]
154996774ID-0: Will any group sub this? I fucking hate Netflix when they license an anime.[View]
155005230Yahari Oregairu: 23 Days till Volume 12 hype[View]
155004610This anime could be much better if Deen was the one who made it. Konosuba got overshadowed because a…[View]
155003062remember when a bullet damaged goku[View]
155000877tfw someone waifus your daughteru ...is made up for by tfw someone daughterus your waifu[View]
154999442To people who think that Kono Suba is better than SAO[View]
154995676ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong![View]
155003223Why is Surgut so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
155001151Was this supposed to be 2chan or something?[View]
154999692Holy shit guess what just got announced![View]
155002338KUZU NO HONKAI: Where were you when he became the most cucked man of 2017? (this isnt /pol/ shitpost…[View]
154950962Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon: Comfy inter-species lesbian family.[View]
154986308Precure Thread: Precure Thread, kashikoma edition I want to fuck Lala.[View]
155002564Juni Taisen: Who else hype?[View]
155000992Literally female Jotaro: Alternatively, I finished watching Evangelion, watched End of Evangelion an…[View]
155000940Heard of this anime before?: note: It's Jitsu wa Watashi wa, btw.[View]
155001736I believe gothic lolita is the best lolita.[View]
154967863raildex: He's hiding something, right? What's his endgame?[View]
154998424Mahoujin Guru Guru premiers in July.: PV is out. animated by Production IG. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
154999759>2022 >games still use cartridges[View]
155002931Is Kaban-chan the best girl of the season? I still can't believe her name was a worldwide trend…[View]
154998495It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our…[View]
154976418What's the most homoerotic anime you've ever completed?: pic related and I don't have…[View]
155000727Was this one of the top anime betrayals of all time? I'm still mad.[View]
154977283Parallel Paradise: New manga from Okamoto Lynn! >Story in nutshell: Tada Youta is ordinary high s…[View]
154994463>Tfw you finish the best sport manga there has ever been and theres nothing to fill the void it l…[View]
154985121>Berserk came and went and returned again >All the while Vagabond was on hiatus What did Inoue…[View]
154998539why does every good SoL anime have to come to an end ?[View]
154980000Name an MC objectively worse than this one: I don't know if it's actually possible.[View]
155002629Ninja Scroll: It wasn't good at all.[View]
154940714Seiren: NO SEASON 2[View]
154997884Haifuri: OVA PV is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZGT7ioq-T8&gl=US and the first part will…[View]
155002170Fourteen: What a wild ride. I still don't really understand wtf that was all about. Where can I…[View]
155000093Bleach: I love Rukia![View]
155000693Would you sell this naive little girl drugs /a/non?[View]
154996843>'Toriyama-San I know you're sick to death of Dragon Ball but can you at least give us an ou…[View]
154999196>Be completely alone for however many years it takes for your life support to stop working That…[View]
155001584Hatena Illusion will have an anime. Another novel from Mayoi Neko Overrun author.[View]
155000530Kumiko is the most beautiful Kyoani girl.[View]
155001603Rurouni Kenshin: What the fuck, this shit is one of the best OVAs I've watched. Thought it…[View]
154994912>26 episodes high quality ORIGINAL animated series without breaks other studios are dead, bury it…[View]
154998501unequivocally best girl[View]
154976282This semen demon is going to give the poor buy a heart attack one of these days.[View]
154989656What makes a manga/anime a masterpeice?[View]
154999449You haven't seen the comfiest anime series ever.[View]
154998535Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: So I've watched like 16 episodes of this shit before I dropped it b…[View]
154996859r/a/dio monthtly thread #3 (part ii): HELLO DENIZENS WE ARE LISTESNING TO GOOD MUSIC HERE, COME JOI…[View]
154995573Hinako Note: Is anyone else watching watching or planning on watching this? Holy shit is it surreal,…[View]
155000687ssehsson senyacku~![View]
154939683Do you love your mom, /a/?[View]
154999666>Almost April 2017 >Still no info on LOGH 2017 Why am i even still waiting?…[View]
154992430On a scale from one to Joey Wheeler, how much do you want that booty?[View]
154998693Megaman: Here's your Megaman bro! ;_; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otEb2SA39Ms…[View]
154991438>a new Sakura Cardcaptors anime will exist within your life time they're going to fuck this …[View]
154999118Legend of the Galatic Heroes: LOTGH 2017 speculation/general LOTGH shitposting thread. They're …[View]
154998521Rips soon[View]
154999223Lets talk about the Anime adaptation. Why is it so highly rated? I feel like they did everything wro…[View]
154997976what you guys think of YamiShibai?[View]
154999523Nichijou Thread: Nichijou thread. Discuss about the anime, manga, and other things.[View]
154984540Youjo Senki: Did the new episode make you N U T anons?[View]
154991904Kuromukuro in netflix it's a great anime it's a solid 9/10, it's similar to code geas…[View]
154998795Napping Princess - The Story of the Unknown Me - Spin-off 001 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >N…[View]
15498872812 episodes confirmed https://www.amazon.co.jp/s/ref=sr_pg_2?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A%E7%B5%82%E6%9C%AB%E3%…[View]
154982752School Rumble: Has there ever been such an entertaining cast of secondary characters in a romcom ani…[View]
154994074Little Witch Academia: 2nd cour PV is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEjut1THACI And it seems …[View]
154953395Buyfag thread: Buyfags.moe[View]
154949157Which evil deeds would achieve this precious prize?[View]
154999037Nom Nom[View]
154982300Why do I love Megumin so much ? I thought that having waifus was a meme and that it was impossible t…[View]
154991820Are we still talking about this?[View]
154998916giga drilll co-- wait wrong anime[View]
154982088How does this make you feel?[View]
154993443What's she holding /a/?[View]
154997672>TOPPU GP 012 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://userscloud.com/m43nsdammy33/012 https://upl…[View]
154986388Nichijou: Why do people watch this boring anime? I watched 1st ep it sucked dick then watched the 2n…[View]
154997879>Status in Country of Origin >Complete >Latest Release(s) >961d ago Goddamit. Serious q…[View]
154986590Anime characters from your country: Post em' :3[View]
154991156Why does this shithead take fucking forever to release a single chapter? Does he realize people are …[View]
154996232Lupin III: Time for a Nice Man thread[View]
154998103Hey onii-chan, did you buy me that new geimu?[View]
154998415Hands down the greatest anime I have ever watched. Nothing can ever compare.[View]
154950656Detective Conan: Young genius detectives are springing up like mushrooms as of lately[View]
154982037Best sakuga: http://www.strawpoll.me/12599189[View]
154996297How would you have made it better, /a/?[View]
154996592Does watching Love Live make you feel aroused? Be honest[View]
154998021Why are the best loli authors/artists women?[View]
154996925Do girls need to be shaved?[View]
154994309Hibikek: How much better would Hibikek have been if it was animated by DEEN?[View]
154998105It might be nice. It might be nice. To have Hamtaro on your side.[View]
154993722Made in Abyss: Chapter 7. Needs proofreading.[View]
154983060>It gets good 40 episodes in I swear![View]
154989475JIBUN WO[View]
154997082UmaMusume Anime by PA Works announced: >>154996702 Are you ready for horse pussy?…[View]
154889445Yuuki Yuuna yuyuyu/wasuyu: see >>154797477 for info. Have got some info about Jinka no Gi. See…[View]
154997071Logan and John Wick 2 ain't got shit on this pure kino.[View]
154996036Find a flaw.[View]
154995146Why is someone getting their hopes and dreams crushed such a common thing in Anime?[View]
154994412What the fuck was with that ending?[View]
154982285Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: >VRAINS >Series compositor: Shin Yoshida Yu-Gay-Oh! is back!…[View]
154952311JoJo Thread: What would happen if the villains won?[View]
154887343Anime Japan 2017 (03/23 --> 03/26): https://www.anime-japan.jp/en/main/rgb_stage/ What do you exp…[View]
154979616Fairy tail 528........wtf?[View]
154990562What is your motivational anime philosophy, /a/?[View]
154979294Does /a/ like Milfs?[View]
154971129This is a burqa. Say something nice about her[View]
154984013Greatest love story ever told.[View]
154988412Vinland Saga 137: Super short new chapter.[View]
154989702How can guts possibly kill griffith/femto?[View]
154994037Still best girls.[View]
154995985Golden Kamui: I have no words. Its just so fucking great[View]
154988955Aposimz chapter 2 has dropped. What, you've never been baby-birded by a robot before?[View]
154978603Kemono Friends: I like this bird.[View]
154995459How did they get away with this?[View]
154995597Kanna Exclusive: ITT: we share pictures of kanna and pray to the holy almighty dragon loli[View]
154956230One Piece 860: >teleports behind katakuri >'nothing personal' Who here hype for /ourguy/ to f…[View]
154994592>when you just want to fap >but the porn hits too close to home…[View]
154962513Naruto: What's next for her?[View]
154983101Princess Principal: Anyone interested already? https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-03-24/prin…[View]
154994578I have never wanted to kidnap someone so badly in my life.[View]
154993805ITT: Post Saber without it actually being a picture of Saber[View]
154991230ITT Jobbers[View]
154992715Yakumo san wa Edzuke ga Shitai Scans: You haven't forgotten about her, have you? So for those c…[View]
154990166Denpa Kyoushi - Final Volume in 3 weeks: This is how incest ends.[View]
154990439monthly r/a/dio thread #3: hello pleb-sans welcome to the third monthly thread of r/a/dio, please co…[View]
154992629Is this Toei's magnum opus?[View]
154994468ITT: How you like your womens: Post your preferred body types I personally prefer thicc girls[View]
154993495Type Moon put up some of their character materials up for free download http://typemoon.com/dl Fate …[View]
154983074I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154990924Vector Ball: Just started reading this Sounds promising. Anyone read it? No spoilers please.[View]
154993123Tsukasa commands, DIE![View]
154989354Why does everyone hate her?[View]
154994122Why would anyone wear a leotard (or anything) under their kimono? Isn't that cheating?[View]
154993703>he didn't read the Yu-Gi-Oh manga where the pharaoh isn't as kind-hearted as in the an…[View]
154983907S Class villains only[View]
154992379>Girl next door's route >Feel nothing because I only see it as self-insert crap for old …[View]
154989422Did we only like this because we were 15 when it aired?[View]
154991308Steins;Gate thread[View]
154985114Little Witch Academia: What did she see? Also, AnimeJapan 2017 will be publicly open in a few hours,…[View]
154990661>it is so hard to not do something when you can do it.[View]
154988024I look straight ahead, I embrace my dream I decide in my heart, and I look up to the sky. I will cro…[View]
154992808Rate my taste in male characters Inb4 you gay lole[View]
154987567Precure Thread: Precure Thread So, thought of the day: If Yellow is always a slut and the Maho girls…[View]
154988926Precure Thread: There aren't enough precure threads[View]
154992396Do...you like bikes?[View]
154983062kind of sad it never happened. or other byakugan and sharingan users at least.[View]
154992928Kanna > Megumin > thicc > 2D > 3D prove me wrong /a/[View]
154988792Find a flaw[View]
154986768Girls und Panzer: Girls und Panzer thread[View]
154989398How come the nips don't give their characters nail polish? Is it because the Japanese don'…[View]
154985945Why the fuck do people like Ichigo Masimaro?: I'd always heard Ichigo Mashimaro was just some c…[View]
154987638Precure Thread: Precure thread[View]
154980370Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Subs and final closure in about 30min.[View]
154985500Is Onii-chan literally Jesus? He converted a top slut into a decent woman who shines everywhere.[View]
154982680What did she mean by this[View]
154992136Are there still no scanlations for this or was reading it in Japanese a waste of time?[View]
154988843Demi-chan wa Kataritai: New episode tomorrow. What are your hopes for finale?[View]
154974183Lucky Star is the only anime that I come back to watch every few years to understand all of the refe…[View]
154989824Kuzu no Honkai: What emotion is this face trying to convey?[View]
154991956isekai: why do we hate isekai anime again?[View]
154990098Ben-to: Look forward to it[View]
154988702You get one free service, anon. Make it quick before I change my mind![View]
154991701stop these code geass hype train, before its too late!! r2 ending will be ruined, truste me.[View]
154952507Clannad Thread: Since a new Clannad will come soon, I decided to check the three stories of this boo…[View]
154988349Kemono Friends: Info dump pastebin (guidebook spoilar at very bottom) http://pastebin.com/U4as4McH…[View]
154972422School Girl Strikers: Episode 12 soon.[View]
154988076Hey. World without dirty jokes is boring, you know?[View]
154991058Mugi's eyebrows are gone! Help her get new ones before she melts![View]
154962138Kuzu no Honkai: Worst Kuzu gets a happy ending edition[View]
154990075I use Polymerization! To fuse 3 Kanna's together![View]
154973455Fuuka: And so, the legend ends Last episode is out[View]
154987749Is she cured?[View]
154990742do u thing the usa and or ussr have seret phykick/deamon programs in yyh universe: just wonder what …[View]
154975020>season coming to a close >still need to start like 4 shows…[View]
154988637Find a flaw.[View]
154990264I know that nobody's watched Gundam AGE since 2012, but why does everyone who watched the show …[View]
154913693Why are middle schoolers so fucking sexy?[View]
154925519ITT: Quotes that describe you perfectly[View]
154988689Every other episode makes me cry. This has got to be one of the best children's shows ever aire…[View]
154988913https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-QSmNReDyI I CAN'T UNHEAR THESE SHITTY RANDOM DRUMS IN THE LEF…[View]
154988848Eureka Seven: Name a better piece of BGM than Storywriter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHP_9heGE…[View]
154988142>subs are thirty seconds off timed >have to read in the future through the whole episode…[View]
154989637if i-zen did not wana kill the sole king he would be the good guy: look at the sole sosidty outside …[View]
154956977Kengan Asura: Why aren't you reading the best fighting manga of all time? Dumping new chapter t…[View]
154967480Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
154971536Centaur no Nayami anime confirmed for Summer 12 episodes http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-0…[View]
154987314It's gonna be shit isn't it?[View]
154984002Khara Confirms Evangelion and Shin Gozilla sequels on the way: https://www.madman.com.au/news/hideak…[View]
154988809Short hair bat > long hair bat Because they pretty much are different characters.[View]
154986640I am literally going to marry Mugi.[View]
154988402Dennou Coil: I don't get the appeal...[View]
154979502These French ladies for a date with you, anon.[View]
154976134Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu: This manga is on a whole new level of cute Best boy in trouble[View]
154889708Stupid weapons thread. Let's post the most idiotic and unpractical weapons in anime.[View]
154983807Is there a greater tactical genius that the CEO of Yamashita trading CO?[View]
154982152I just started watching CCS and this guy should not be allowed to be teaching children. He gets jail…[View]
154983629Which one, /a/[View]
154987399Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun: I was told this was good and it wasn't[View]
154983173ITT we post what we think our waifu's favorite song would be.: I think mine was pretty easy to …[View]
154979177Rosario Vampire: Moka a best[View]
154986879Spooky Boogie: S P O O K Y B O O G I E[View]
154983318DEVILMAN NETFLIX: >this will be a straight adaptation of the original manga FUCK YES https://www.…[View]
154980605I love Asuka Langley Shikanami![View]
154990003the summer of isekai: >In the story, a Japanese mecha otaku dies in a car accident and his soul i…[View]
154985301Why was this genius deconstruction of the battle harem genre so misunderstood?[View]
154985411This is it: Hello /a/, I want to kill myself: >2017 >waifu not being a helicopter Also, Bella…[View]
154988114Nanbaka S3 when?[View]
154975716What is it that makes this show comedy gold?[View]
154988086Yuri!!! On Ice: Silly Yuuri, pigs can't fly![View]
154981592>tfw kyoani got comprehensively btfo by toei Can you believe it?[View]
154982891Left or right? This is important.[View]
154987903Has anyone read Goodnight PunPun? I finished it almost a year ago, and I really want to re-read it b…[View]
154982831What the fuck is her problem?[View]
154987751snk shingeki is my kinkgeki: Ways to make her happy?[View]
154983147Why is Mary so vasty superior to the other grills?[View]
154969470Even after the manga ends Even after 4chan shuts down for good Even after the last human beings dies…[View]
154986666Lo I just washed this so for the fist time, atiatta say sure enjubbyal mesk n amps but(t) the plate …[View]
154973417Dragon Ball Super: So we all agree this is the best moment in the entire Series right?[View]
154981237This is your ghost tonight[View]
154985684How does /a/ feel about Sakuga?[View]
154982428Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Animated Series “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS” Story Introduction” There is a city where netwo…[View]
154983598reminder that you will never fuck the loli[View]
154981729I'm not even halfway through KLK and already I'm in love with Ryuko.[View]
154985401Anyone know when there will be season 2 of nanatsu no taizai?[View]
154984574Kanburia: HxH standalone Dark Continent manga. Why isn't anyone discuss this.[View]
154978729Killing Bites: So this is getting an anime adaption right? I wonder how people will react when THAT …[View]
154983739ITT: shows about literally nothing: Nothing happens: The animation[View]
154986042One Room: Am I supposed to watch this show in VR?[View]
154986698OPT: One Page Thread![View]
154977425Name a better dyke MC. You can't.[View]
154986679Which warlords were the coolest/strongest? How would you power rank them? Top tier: >Doflamingo …[View]
154978581Finally finished watching The Melancholy of Harhuri Suzumiya and Disappearance of harhuri. How is th…[View]
154984917Remember when loli pantsu were allowed in tv?.[View]
154980875ITT: Characters that have had gay sex[View]
154979722Kemono Friends: Spoilers ahead, beware: http://pastebin.com/U4as4McH Please use the spoiler function…[View]
154977291Hayate 566: Most of the chapter has come out as spoiler pics. There's two chapters left after t…[View]
154985054Put the waifu in the bag.[View]
154974424Anime where you cried /a/: Dont care what you f/a/ggots say, but I literally cried during this last …[View]
154984261>Google Image Search: plebeian anime >first result…[View]
154986229I fapped to this. My god, is she so sexy...[View]
154986087>when the Nautilus morphed into a fucking space ship why is it so underrated bros?…[View]
154983077Omorai-kun non hick edition: It's time.[View]
154982725why does chino sound like a chronic smoker?[View]
154984959Izumi is such a fantastic girl. I'm glad she managed to make it through without dying - she thr…[View]
154983634So was Rebellion the final installment of the Madoka universe?[View]
154980757Reply 'desu' in this thread or he will visit you.[View]
154974357Shingeki no Kyojin: New PV is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLaVP8IhIuc[View]
154985642Let's try to post the cringiest fanart we can find /a/[View]
154984951Made in Abyss, Hajimete no Gal, and Fate Prisma Ilya PV's in 4 hours. Who's ready?[View]
154915118Precure Thread: Precure Thread Threadly reminder that Maho being bad is just a meme and that it…[View]
154928840I look straight ahead, I embrace my dream I decide in my heart, and I look up to the sky. I will c…[View]
154974315Little Witch Academia: Preview is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHKeiZqiM6Q How would you cal…[View]
154983886What was her name again? I must have alzheimer.[View]
154976383Why is Shouta such a faggot?: I mean he has the hot sexy babe Louca to sleep with, and he is scared …[View]
154984636not canon.[View]
154978731Why is doggo evil?[View]
15497558015 minutes till the last episode of Ao no Exorcist The question is: Will they announce a new season …[View]
154984280What kind of combat do you rather see in shounen series? Strategic like HxH and Jojo, well choreogra…[View]
154976580Purest love[View]
154984089anime gif: Doi noiga[View]
154977114Lynn Kaifun hate thread: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154982775Should i read the jojo manga or wait for the anime P.S. i have read the first 4 chapters of vento au…[View]
154969735Youjo Senki: I hope you prayed to Sonzai Sekkusu anons, it would be a shame if you didn't.…[View]
154983644Tokyo ghoul 117 not so subtle Inclinations: Is it just me or is kanekis feelings for Akira as clear …[View]
154982228I wonder what people have so much against Code Geass?: Why do lots of people hate Code Geass so much…[View]
154981503Full Metal panic: Watched the first season 3 years ago and barely remember it ! I remember it was me…[View]
154983483I think I found an anime dad worse than Gon's. he's got a point though, right?[View]
154974893wait... was she actually having sex?[View]
154982366Blessed Image[View]
154933170Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: If it wasn't for Hardgore Alice and Swim Swim's absurdly over…[View]
154983444Why are evil witches allowed to be so cute?[View]
154982895Why do people keep trying to adapt manga and anime in live action? How many good adaptations actuall…[View]
154873534>But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bo…[View]
154983096What does /a/ expect from the upcoming anime adaptation?[View]
154966943The new Gozilla anime movie. Yeah this is Gozilla series. http://gigazine.net/news/20170324-godzilla…[View]
154982247Alright, guys. /r9k/ says I'm only allowed to post here for the next 2 days. Am I gonna spend i…[View]
154982821I'm so fucking pissed: How fucking stupid can you be, seriously.[View]
154982668After 5 years, Asahinagu translation is alive again. Hope we will get more than first 3 chapters thi…[View]
154981347Fire Punch: They don't kill Doma What a load of bullshit[View]
154931708Danberu nan kiro moteru?: Thursday is a day of love, laughter and LIFTING! DO YOU WANT TO GET HUGE!?…[View]
154979473Why do all you closet faggots on /a/ like anime girls with short hair? This is a sure of having only…[View]
154933082Why aren't you watching Kemono friends right now?[View]
154981788This guy fucks[View]
154982479Do girls watch shows like Love Live!?[View]
154981816I can't stop thinking about You. She's even been creeping into my dreams recently. What do[View]
154975438Tokyo Ghoul:re: Rize soon? Eto soon? Anteiku raid soon?[View]
154941635ITT: Rate the last episode of anime you watched[View]
154890399Name 3 things you love about Aqua![View]
154980910ITT: Predict the anime based on source material[View]
154971455Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: The fun is going to end soon! Post your favorite moments of Arc-V! I'll start:…[View]
154973157Gakkou Gurashi 55[View]
154980378Why is it that the more talented and moe Ishihara gets no recognition on /a/ while Yamada and Takemo…[View]
154981972Is this the cause of the next hiatus?[View]
154980401AOTY Kakegurui PV OUT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpaq6EXwSTY&feature=youtu.be[View]
154975109Which Mujaki would you Rakuen /a/?: Manatsu for me.[View]
154979935Nanatsu no Taizai 212: Gowther is the absolute madman.[View]
154979953Dragonball: So I just finished the whole Dragonball anime and I have to say it is the best anime I h…[View]
154981842jjba: Obviously best jojo for me at least[View]
154977760Would you a Police Girl?[View]
154981742Let's praise Nana Mizuki, /a/. I am starting now.[View]
154974212>2nd best character after Kanna >no screentime because male…[View]
154979609/a/'s opinion on One Piece?[View]
154979495Since when did he get so buff? WTF[View]
154977533The Promised Neverland: Translation fucking when? I'm surprised some other team still hasn…[View]
154981488Ouuuh sexy sebastian!![View]
154964385Why do people hate sakura?: I dont get it[View]
154946891Ah! Wanna join us, anon-chan?~[View]
154928585Saki: Tanoshii: 3/25 Big Gangan leaks[View]
154981194Tell, me. Has there ever been a character so based? I highly doubt it.[View]
154977186Yamishibai: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154964456[ ][View]
154976676What did Nagai mean by this?[View]
154968566Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice): Just watched this in theater did I like it, /a/? Ueno's face i…[View]
154978484Is it unbeatable?[View]
154980908Who is best CHAM? For me it's Yukiko. She's so pure and cute![View]
154980698Little Witch Academia: At first i hated the whole body switching scenario, I realized that its steal…[View]
154973525ITT: Best Girls of their respective series[View]
154980256Why are they so perfect?[View]
154977901Let's have one of those threads, /a/nons.[View]
154975090Can they go 3/3 on GOAT OPs?[View]
154978889nambaka: >baldy guard has the same VA as sakura's older brother I just...…[View]
154975233>no Kurono What's the fucking point?[View]
154979139This was an unnecessarily complicated recap film.[View]
154970300Say something nice about this ninja(female).[View]
154974696>literally nobody gives a shit that this series is about to end[View]
154970962Konohana Kitan Yuri manga anime: Another legit yuri manga get anime https://myanimelist.net/news/500…[View]
154839018OPT - One Page Thread[View]
154960475If they had more time to spend together before the end, would they had sex?[View]
154945870somebody will defend this[View]
154968885So what exactly did she do to her little sister?[View]
154962462Studio Ghibli: What is /a/'s favourite movie of theres?[View]
154978382What the heck is this? It starts out as a cool power rangers esque power struggle between provinces …[View]
154975567Which one of these guys is the coolest?[View]
154972435women want to fuck men like vegeta but marry chumps like gohan[View]
154979875>>154959129 I feel like most posters missed my point, whether Being X is a god or not by your …[View]
154975721Kabaneri: How the fuck did this lose the plot that badly in the second half? It was a struggle to ge…[View]
154979091>trailer still hasn't been subbed I want to die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmeU9GFJW3I…[View]
154968020The Reflection Wave One PV, original by Deen will start in Summer 17: PV https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
154963386Shokugeki No Souma: Which pairing would make /a/ rage the most ?[View]
154979393What makes a good novel (not cheap LNcrap)?[View]
154977878Servals in real life are shy and reclusive creatures. Why the fuck did they make her a genki, flirty…[View]
154974168What did she see?[View]
154975811Netflix's Death Note: Will he nail the role?[View]
154973494Eww. Who the fuck would want this piece of shit? Get that shit outta here.[View]
154973060What do you call this artstyle?[View]
154970725magi 343: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5037865717[View]
154976597DanMachi: So I just finished catching up to the current point for both the main series and the spin-…[View]
154971209Left or right?[View]
154974436If the girls are guns, what are the things they hold called?[View]
154978340Fuckin Viz: Bad (official) translation thread?[View]
154957951berserk: 348 translation: http://mangastream.com/r/berserk/348/4128/1 349 comes out April 28th Volum…[View]
154967868Kemono Friends: Dai~dai~dai~dai! Dai Bouken![View]
154975605Date a Live: A retard.[View]
154973487this moment reminded me of that one filler episode of naruto getting bullied by everyone in the enti…[View]
154977352Neon genesis dafuq happened: so i decided to binge watch all of NGE (26 eps) and ive got to say ... …[View]
154936949Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqiRF7ovKM4 New PV came out out today. Looks…[View]
154977111I think manga that has tragic endings are pretty good. What do you think?[View]
154977134Love Live! Sunshine!!: Best subunit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqqo_w2D48Y[View]
154975248Why is anime so popular in Mexico and Latin America?[View]
154974804Naruto is dead?[View]
154976272Maken Ki: Let's appreciate the THICC girls of this series, since that's the only thing it …[View]
154974005'hey nerd, prove you know japanese, you have ten seconds to tell me what the ru-verb でびる means.'[View]
154971290Hey: I heard you guys are a big fan of me and you guys think i'm a good character But I have a …[View]
154976645ITT: cozy rooms in anime and manga[View]
15497630810/10 Designs: Nightmare mode: Male character Hard mode: No cute anime girl #3242017 with big tits…[View]
154971917literally the cutest imouto known to man. >Prove. >Me. >Wrong.…[View]
154928923Who is the best element and why is it Earth?[View]
1549750043 years later A man stood on the edge of a cliff. He wore blue jean shorts, a red button up vest, sl…[View]
154973475Have y'all ever watched this masterpiece called Toward the Terra?[View]
154973617SAO Progressive: Unf, I love me some dark elves.[View]
154972157Godzilla: Monster Planet: >The last summer of the 20th Century. That day, the human beings learn …[View]
154975099Would you ?[View]
154975390I'm dying, /a/[View]
154975940Has anybody out there watched Genocidal Organ yet?[View]
154975904Animes or Mangas only you liked.: Never known anyone who actually liked this trash honestly the mang…[View]
154970913>tfw we live in a world where Umaru is more popular than Pokemon and Zelda SEASON 2 WHEN?!?!…[View]
154975260Zannen Onna Kanbu Black General-san will het anime https://twitter.com/fj_dragonage/status/844773824…[View]
154973838We Dante's inferno now[View]
154974887Does anyone know where I can read Digimon World Re:Digitize? I just wanna read some manga featuring …[View]
154969146Post your life in one picture[View]
154974047Cinderella Girls: Is Minami still our most anticipated idol for the Theater anime? Also, >April 4…[View]
154973905[Autism On] Can someone explain Fake Assassin for me? That is, why the details regarding him exist i…[View]
154962388Name an anime that does Russians right.[View]
154930356Space Dandy: Just finished Space Dandy for the first time and thought it was great. The only problem…[View]
154892125Chaos;Child: Will Serika be kill today?[View]
154928856What is the worst anime you ever finished?[View]
154970454Will there ever be a 10/10 anime such as this ever come again within our lifetimes?[View]
154972045Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?: 'Oversea' PV https://ww…[View]
154962904Awww shit nigger. Does Itsuki bites the dust or the oneesan?[View]
154974746Inazuma Eleven: More cute boys doing football things soon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X15g3DWBn…[View]
154969152ITT: Best Plot Twists[View]
154970094Exposition and Manga: I'm moderately familiar with manga, so tell me why does every author feel…[View]
154971135Rin is trying to fix her tie. Help her,anon-kun.[View]
154964981This is Makise Kurisu. Say something nice about her.[View]
154974362When will we finally get an anime about a christmas cake and her younger househusband?[View]
154955555At the end of the day, is there any way for a Touhou anime to be made that would satisfy fans of the…[View]
154974417Chaos;Child: We Kingdom Hearts now[View]
154973592Gabriel DropOut: Zeruel coming soon.[View]
154972690Anime you could never finish[View]
154974095This was dumb and I feel bad that I watched it all[View]
154974255Little Witch Academia: Diana time.[View]
154973921Kizumonogatari III BD is coming out on July 12, 2017 https://www.aniplexplus.com/itemFrErQktf[View]
154974017I think they're trying to say something, anon.[View]
154973924Is it season 3 yet?[View]
154973428KyoAni Esuma: Are you interested in any of them?[View]
154958339Tomo-chan: YOU は SHOCK[View]
154963725Little Witch Academia: The Weekend is coming! How would you spend it?[View]
154971638Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[View]
154971418Why are there so few awesome anime dads?[View]
154963210>bad art with lots of sex >good art with zero sex choose one…[View]
154956138Dragon Ball Super: this thread will contain saiyan manlets[View]
154973196Dragon Ball Super: Super Saiyajin Goddo Torankusu[View]
154969514People die when they're shot.[View]
154970596Rurouni Kenshin v01-28 (2003-2006) (Digital) (danke-Empire): Rurouni Kenshin links at >>>/c…[View]
154969721Very interesting.[View]
154923871Luna is absolutely pure, and don't you dare say otherwise! Reminder, stream will be coming.…[View]
154947860Anyone else wish they can go back and be a part of Gainax's golden years?[View]
154972409>anime was saved by a single studio that /a/ have made fun of since the 2000s Apologize, you cunt…[View]
154973044Post Shimakaze cosplayers (female)[View]
154957791You know what's an archetype we need more of? Tsundere males.[View]
154969805Say something to Hakase.[View]
154972959We're almost there, lads. KyoAnus will bankrupt soon.[View]
154972951>can't afford 9001 titan x >can't afford the insurance for housefire >can't …[View]
154958565Princess principal.: A new original anime by Studio 3Hz, for this summer. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
154969304How can I be an alpha male like Kanai-sensei?[View]
154967772This is Servant Rin. What would you order her to do?[View]
154968224favorite art from your favorite series[View]
154959933MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT-Episode 5: It's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl7GJBFpTW…[View]
154971737Madoka caused grim magical girls boom. SAO caused isekai boom. Should we expect a flood of animal g…[View]
154909210Shingeki no Kyojin: Somewhat belated Annie birthday edition Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
154960978Cute. Wouldn't mind watching an anime with this artstyle.[View]
154961217Please post uplifting and relaxing anime music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlnLCpr-i_s[View]
154858664Yuyushiki: Is it yuyuesday yet?[View]
154972452Is it ok to talk about the Transformers 1984 movie because it's quality was given by Nippon? Th…[View]
154966318Anime references in other series.[View]
154954102Are the Love Live supposed to be sexualized?[View]
154967010>manga does the self insert for you[View]
154953192Why are alphas in anime so damn rare?[View]
154963574Tiger Mask W: Slowly approaching 1999-2000 WCW levels of bullshit, but still a fun show. Who else is…[View]
154969888What makes Kazuma one of the greatest MCs of all time?[View]
154969562Dies Irae: The time has come to massacre you mongrels. http://diesirae-anime.com/[View]
154965805How can one vampire be so perfect and fuckable ?[View]
154963934Hanabi is literally me.[View]
154969159>all anime are creative You lied to me, /a/.[View]
154972019Who is best boy of all time and why is it Manabe?[View]
154970119>tfw no gf like aki[View]
154931069Last episode of Masamune-kun no Revenge just started[View]
154971659Ntr in dr. Stone already?: I can already smell the ntr of Taiju, Ooki's girl .. rip[View]
154968176Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai original anime film (Madhouse) - August 2017: -Staff Director: Naoyuki Itou…[View]
154970676What do you rate this character design?[View]
154967153Rabuyan- Chapter 17: Childhood friend chapter I havent seen this for years and someone did kindly tr…[View]
154956655Solving mysteries with android assistant, Kazamori![View]
154965676How did Jojo's Bizarre Adventure surpass the animation standards so well? We will not see a mor…[View]
154971250People actually getting scammed and giving money for something free. How gullible can you be? https:…[View]
154946089I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154961200LUPAN LUPAN LUPAN: Lupin thread?[View]
154956861This is a Hayasaka. Say something nice about her[View]
154967969Hey /a/ Would you workout with your waifu?[View]
154963919ITT: First time you were ever saddened by an anime character's death Pic related[View]
154965121BLAME!: Sanakan revealed[View]
154968977KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
154970637Rokudou no Onna-tachi: I like this MC[View]
154965979ITT: Poorly adapted scenes compared to the source material[View]
154954138Mob Psycho 100 : chp. 98.9: Chapter out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws kindly provided by screenshot …[View]
154969131This is a failen Angel. Say something nice to her.[View]
154970077Ichigo means strawberry[View]
154912664Ghost in the Shell: Live action: New video. First 5 minutes of the movie for those that want a good …[View]
154968962Is this the greatest film ever created?[View]
154963843>Husband (female) Why isn't this more common?[View]
154969717Tokyo ghoul :re 118: Eto is going to appear at the end of chapter 118[View]
154968868Killing Bites: Tasmanian Devil has arrived.[View]
154968167Eurika 7 unfilled gaps?: i have been researching for hours and this is the last place i can think of…[View]
154965280Hi. This anime will be returning again in one week. Say something ____ about it![View]
154961330The mods are asleep: post anime girls being sexy! [View]
154959309Say something good to Kanna.[View]
154914370What's the absolute worst art style you've seen in an anime[View]
154968838What's the best anime of the season after Maid Dragon?[View]
154960746Yuri is saved.[View]
154937808Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 2 days 15 hours until arc-v ends[View]
154947063Hey /a/, you haven't forgotten me, have you?[View]
154943113Made in Abyss: Anime preview on this Saturday. Anime comes out on July. Translated manga chapters an…[View]
154965051Name which one you would: 1. Marry 2. Friends with benefits 3. One night stand[View]
154959129Most fedora tippers aren't sovereign citizens because they know fucking with the government wil…[View]
154966152So what happened to Togashi? Didn't he announce his 'illness' was over?[View]
154965674TL note: Yuki means best girl.[View]
154968102Anime: Best romance anime out there?[View]
154948324Remember TWGOK?[View]
154968188Has there ever been a battle harem series that actually strayed from the norm in terms of its cliche…[View]
154923106Black General-san anime is coming. Happy now?[View]
154959146Why did Gon want to kill this innocent girl? Is he a sasuke-tier edgemaster? It wasn't her fuck…[View]
154926971Yuri!!! on Ice: Did the merch finally dry up? How long until season 2 is cancelled?[View]
154966044Why is Rin kicking this girl?[View]
154955050Dies irae: New PV for the adaptation is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH_kTpa8fOU Get ready fo…[View]
154967288stopp the hype train! before its to late!! the great r2 ending will ruin.[View]
154962776Violet Evergarden: >god-tier award winning light novel source material >adapted by the best st…[View]
154966348Godzilla: Godzilla anime film new teaser visual, opens November 2017.[View]
154901907Youjo Senki: >Zimmerman Telegram is successful >You will see Piñata mages animated in your lif…[View]
154964102KonoSuba: >endures a painful death he might not be able to come back from on a gamble Kazuma is h…[View]
154959277Hunter x Hunter: Alright, /a/. I don't get it. The 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter is revere…[View]
154967781Why is there no good christmas anime?: Its really would be nice to see anime girls 24/7 wearing sant…[View]
154967174Would you a Shaft jewess?[View]
154967475shigechi appreciation thread: lets appreciate our OG shigechi[View]
154967434>ITT: The eternally cucked[View]
154959468>No scanlations for Kanata no Astra >Viz is the only way to read it in english Shame, its a pr…[View]
154966749What was his name again? No googling[View]
154937527Can we all agree that LWA is the worst anime airing this season, and probably the next season as wel…[View]
154960285This is Nozomi Sakurai. She has been written out of her show and will leave her friends and fans nex…[View]
154963964>character hums a motif from the show's score[View]
154964028Does Explosion doki-doki Steal[View]
154963760Find a flaw.[View]
154966492Why are Axis cultists so based? They picked the best looking, most comfiest place as their HQ. This…[View]
154965242Alright friends. Watched Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, and Nekomonotarai: Kuro. I know Kizu light …[View]
154966224Post good anime soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXB26d8qcN4[View]
154965936Do your civic duty: Would you vote for her anon? 福岡県 votes matter[View]
154965921Who's the best Weather?[View]
154957970Kemono Friends: How will Serval ever recover?[View]
154874744girls und panzer[View]
154963148Studio DEEN: Is Studio DEEN gay now? What is up with all the fujoshit series?[View]
154964643MADA KONO SEKAI WA[View]
154964883What's your favorite kind of hellspawn?[View]
154960225What are your thoughts about Barakamon?[View]
154958879New Thunderbolt episode out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl7GJBFpTW8[View]
154956700And people say Kuzu no Honkai is the worst anime for cuckolding.[View]
154965021Was it autism?[View]
154937715Sleep... Along with my daughter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_wIvMpjkg4[View]
154961703Is this going to be the logical conclusion to anime?[View]
154961845what went so very, very fucking wrong[View]
154962299Who is this again?[View]
154957662This is Laura, say something nice about her.[View]
154959344Konohana Kitan: Looks like this got an anime.[View]
154928975Say something good to Kuroko[View]
154952924Is Cowboy Bebop overrated?[View]
154956413How did kubo manage to fuck up the final arc so badly?: It had so much potential starting out it got…[View]
154964075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8XaV1yjabk Season 2 when?[View]
154956623What's the point of paying real money for a premium vanity race if you're just going to we…[View]
154946298How did the 'Eva's TV ending is bad' criticism even get started? The ending is ridiculously str…[View]
154951637Well anon, are you going to help them out?[View]
154962493New OneShot for Yandere fans[View]
154958918So FLCL 2 isn't too far away. Are they going to use new Pillows music or stuff they've alr…[View]
154960800Is it safe to say One Piece is bigger in Japan, while Naruto is bigger worldwide? Nerdier kids know …[View]
154963373Poputepipikku: I require more popuko[View]
1549589687maru 3batsu: New PV. Glasses guy is based.[View]
154936156Boku no hero academia: Newest Chapter out: http://mangastream.com/r/my_hero_academia/131/4124/1 >…[View]
154962773>456kcal >9.1g of Fat of which 5g are probably saturated >limiting your sugar intake Why wo…[View]
154941823Is this any good?[View]
154956847Hunter x Hunter is overrated: I watched this until the end of the yorkshin arc and this is basically…[View]
154940050Maki smokes cigarettes.[View]
154949649The Promised Neverland: >Being a shipperfag >Your ship is literally dead >Not worth keep li…[View]
154943119Little Witch Academia: <-To be continued[View]
154946685What would /a/ do if their waifu was pregnant? Pic is relevant[View]
154956843What is your favorite cute manga /a/? the thing you come back to once a year to chill out knowing yo…[View]
154961658comfiest detective conan episodes: title[View]
154959896Ursula Sensei is not Chariot! Debunked!: I just did a forensic test, and Chariot's hair doesn…[View]
154933041Kuzu no Honkai: 1 hour left until next episode airs.[View]
154945401Kill la Kill: What went right?[View]
154956500i wanna FUCK the red head[View]
154949300Is Kobeni the most erotic anime girl to ever exist?[View]
154951292Am i the only one still reading this?[View]
154960441You paused some anime to browse /a/, right? Post a screenshot.[View]
154961012Who is the cutest? [Spoiler]And why is it Akko[View]
154959048doujins when?[View]
154956806Osaka or Sakaki?[View]
154945515Konosuba: So....we can at least hope for another OVA right?[View]
154892899This is Miyu. Say something nice about her.[View]
154960739Why is Sa so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
154958328Is Shiburin's cult of personality the greatest character ever?[View]
154958982Why is she so perfect anons: Her beauty is overwhelming me![View]
154952685Which big bad battleship would you sink with your flesh-torpedo? I would torpedo Musashi all night l…[View]
154954162Why is every fanart of Kotori so lewd and hypersexual? I cannot be the only one who's offended …[View]
154957318This is a 2D japanese shitposter[View]
154918218Tomo-chan: Senpai might help[View]
154960044Erika appreciation thread: How can a girl be so best?[View]
154958191Have you ever watched an anime that just pulls you into it? Like heavy immersion? Not only did The B…[View]
154959976What do your favorite anime girls say about you?: Use template to put yours. Maximum 8 girls[View]
154957527Tatsunoko - Infini-T Force: Nobody talking about this? And yes it's 3D, though it looks good. …[View]
154959879Which chuu2 would be the best fuck?[View]
154897071When will there be a series about a guy dating a cute milf/Christmas cake?[View]
154959322Name a cuter girl. Protip: You can't.[View]
154959225ITT: anime only (You) watched[View]
154935537Rare Haikyuu!! thread: Chapter 247 is out, guys[View]
154956858Good news, Historie v10 is out at last. Bad news is that Iwaaki not listed in new issue of Afternoon…[View]
154958977The last episode hype thread.[View]
154959163Am I Doing the Internet Right Now?: What is she doing, /a/?[View]
154959160H A P P Y![View]
154929177I want candy[View]
154959105ドロヘドロ(Dorohedoro): Anybody get the soundtrack for Dorohedoro? I'd like to get it, but I'm …[View]
154944193Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding me? 5 years and this, THIS is the fucking ending? What the actua…[View]
154955381Pay your respects to your new overlord.[View]
154954703just finished ashita no joe ! fuck that was an amazing end and you faggots spoiled it on me ! fuck y…[View]
154958139Is he right, /a/?[View]
154951904Starting the dubbed Berserk 2016 anime: Oh wow it is incredible![View]
1549533213x3 thread[View]
154952692Season 2 when?[View]
154958030If he premiered in Part 4 his stand would've been called 'Chickity China the Chinese Chicken'[View]
154957476In Insufficient Direction, Anno is described as one of the Big Four Otaku of Japan. Who are the othe…[View]
154952274JoJo Thread: Why does JoJo bring up the most philosophical questions?[View]
154950747Why is Anime more drama oriented than Western cartoons?: Why did Japan develop cartoons that are mor…[View]
154925618The reaction to this is one of the biggest shitshows I've ever seen.[View]
154957724So based off the new opening of DBS, the final two fighters in the tournament will be Jiren The Ayyy…[View]
154927981Post Semen Demon[View]
154950990Kemono Friends: I cant believe that serval is fucking tang[View]
154946676Berserk 348: Translation is out. Dumping[View]
154955340Brown Town: Why are brown girls so perfect, /a/?[View]
154951280Was K-on actually good or is it just a bad meme at this point?[View]
154953091Was he better before the time skip?[View]
154924855 I didn't even have to say anything [View]
154944715A bit late finishing this, but god dammit this was fucking good. Season 2 announced to air on 2017 f…[View]
154953873Why are you attracted to anime girls?[View]
154931122Yuragi yuuna 56: Chapter when?[View]
154947065Gakkou Gurashi: #55 snaps: http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuriton-garuon/archives/1065079173.html And are w…[View]
154949268Junko General: Time to start another thread for best girl in the whole danganronpa series[View]
154955754Coppelion was a very fun and good looking show. Why didn't it become popular?[View]
154956167One Piece: Psssh..... nothin personnel kidd obligatory edgepost[View]
154945591Monogatari: Why didn't she win? She's the only one who could handle the MC's suicidal…[View]
154956135Servals in real life are shy and solitary animals. What gives?[View]
154943692One Piece 860: Thoughts on these guys? Will they actually be relevant?[View]
154943811Dragon Ball Super: So far Super had consisted of: >two film rehash arcs >one tournament >on…[View]
154955761>manga translator makes a duplicate panel in a chapter just to fill in his shitty memes…[View]
154955025Why don't you like Yujo No Change?[View]
154927514Dr. Stone: >In the end we truly are Dr.stone Really? It's out http://mangastream.com/r/dr_st…[View]
154900322Berserk: New chapter out on April 28th New chapter leak: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/le9CSigleXI…[View]
154945974Why arent you reading Vector Ball? Its Gash Bell if gash was a 3d printer.[View]
154952896ITT : Character that reminds you of yourself For me it's Griffith. Intelligent, nihilistic and …[View]
154941030Chichi Chichi: Next chapter translation fucking when?[View]
154905061I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154954919Is he a cherry boy?[View]
154955355Occultic;Nine: >Ascension Was it autism?[View]
154954745Forget Demonbane, Accelerator, STTGL, Madara Uchiha, etc. What are some /a/ characters that are so p…[View]
154955040Who would win?[View]
154950246This was easily the edgiest manga I've ever read in a while. Why the fuck was he so obsessed wi…[View]
154954693I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154933597So futas, yay or nay or gay?[View]
154949888Rate my wife.[View]
154938716what went trough the minds of the writers, the developers, and what else... when they made the Endle…[View]
154950140Say something nice about Misa-nee.[View]
154953159Is there anything more comfy than old WMT? Modern SoLs are shit in comparison.[View]
154942948Characters that look good with Duel Disks[View]
154919123What went right?[View]
154951496Which other anime had GOAT-tier dub openings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqPwarOp-KI[View]
154953602am I the only person who thinks rakugo is amazing? last years and this years seasons are both incred…[View]
154943955Kimetsu no Yaiba 55: dumping scans for korean translation bro[View]
154950832Kaguya 58: Who's ready for some Kaguya?[View]
154951839KyoAnus: People will defend modern kyoanus' visuals.[View]
154953217Did this guy ever come back? If he did, someone please link me to his thread on the archive. I meant…[View]
154949104Oyasumi Punpun Thread?[View]
154951120Maid Dragon: Finally got around to Maid Dragon and why is Kanna so fucking thicc? It throws me off w…[View]
154952347Why did she have so much trouble finding work? Is becoming a seiyuu really that difficult?[View]
154950777ITT: Anime That Everyone Hates But You Like[View]
154943539Snek still a best[View]
154949069I haven't enjoyed a series like this in a long while. ITT post manga series with trash/scum/deg…[View]
154941262QUALITY anime: Post all the quality shot in there[View]
154919029JoJo Thread: What are the best examples of pottery from Araki?[View]
154949247Can girls love bears?[View]
154951300I want to make Akame an honest woman![View]
154952088Would you brace Nene's lower body, /a/?[View]
154947865Kanna has big legs[View]
154949774Hajimete no Gal: OHHH SHEEEEEIIIIITTTTTT[View]
154943220Naruto Ends Today Thread 3: Might as well do a third one since mods are ignoring us Last thread …[View]
154946629What's your go to anime you watch when you're depressed or sad that always picks you back …[View]
154943145Kaguya: Where's today's Kaguya thread?[View]
154950741Why don't they make sci-fi anime anymore?[View]
154932994Why was she so jealous of her older sister? She was just as beautiful as her![View]
154915448Kobayashi-san no Maid Dragon: I LOVE EGGPLANT LUCOA!![View]
154950891Lucky Star Tribute Thread: I BUY SASAGE![View]
154899620Buyfag thread: Please read the guide before asking any questions. Buyfags.moe[View]
154942526Holy shit she's hot[View]
154950801Rereading the old Yu Gi Oh manga and I just really REALLY love villains getting a poetic punishments…[View]
154909305Shokugeki no Soma: It's Erina's birthday in some hours, say something nice to her! Also pi…[View]
154950382will you watch it Belphegor best titties[View]
154893075Who has the best tits in anime?[View]
154946490Do you miss Medaka Box?[View]
154949718Mind Game: Mind Game BD release coming (whether it's native or at least a decent upscale is yet…[View]
154948804Is Kimi No Na Wa the best animated film ever made, /a/?[View]
154943949How is it that it's been a decade and still nothing has come out as good as this?[View]
154947312Is this what being high feels like?[View]
154941246Sousei no Onmyoji: It took 49 episodes, but we finally got there. I think we should have a thread in…[View]
154949594BESERK CHAPTER 348 OUT![View]
154945188Is my waifu trash /a/?[View]
154834692What's so great about Hunter x Hunter: So I just dropped hxh after watching 132 episodes . I…[View]
154949644One Room: While Yui is still my wife, I'm starting to warm up towards this fine slut more than …[View]
154948656Teaching Shogi: This cute girl I've had a crush on has asked me to teach her shogi. How do I do…[View]
154829704Would you a Genderbender?[View]
154939043>Mage >Warrior Guess which class Momonga become next >Inb4 Paladin…[View]

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