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265534974Bros what the hell is up with the guy on the left[View]
265536785Was Lain about larping on the internet?[View]
265534198Yo, this loli is actually a bit dangerous.[View]
265507946HEART GEAR Chapter 47 The Truth Behind The Rumor: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020664…[View]
265537450Yarei AMV (Spice n Wolf): Reddit won't let me share this AMV so I am putting it here to share t…[View]
265534276which series would you say has the best looking girls?[View]
265534624My waifu is a war criminal, can you say the same?[View]
265539178Re:ZERO: Ok, since when she became kyonyuu?[View]
265538867Gohan thread: Topic[View]
265539701ITT: Homewreckers[View]
265533421Dragon Ball Super: >Piccolo is sweating realizing going fully-clothed to the beach is a bad idea …[View]
265536880literally me fr fr[View]
265540132What is with this influx of titles that seem like they'll have a good rapechad in the first epi…[View]
265537734will Asa see Denji for the kind person he is or will she only see Chainsaw Man?[View]
265535146Why do best girls always lose? Is it a curse?[View]
265539546Teekyu: Die![View]
265538723>watching 00s dub >arrogant teen calls his dad/older mentor 'old man'…[View]
265538800This is the TRUE Dragon Ball: What are Saiyans? Who are Vegeta? Trunks? DB beautifully concludes its…[View]
265539696Some plot twist I realized this morning.: I had the idea of an isekai, where the good side and the e…[View]
265538572Why is no one translating this manga anymore? Was it axed? Did the author die?[View]
265529751Why does /a/ hate these things so much?[View]
265538911I'd Evan her gelion[View]
265515769Tensei ni Hakobijin no Isekai Kouryakuhou: Is pumping and dumping a morrally reprehensible act in me…[View]
265539552Koi Suru Asteroid: Post asteroids.[View]
265537658One Piece: I hate characters with big foreheads.[View]
265532442How the hell did he think a talking monster made from his own kid wouldn't expose his crime?[View]
265539114Tari Tari: Konatsu get knocked up by her boyfriend and decides to raise the child on her own. Sawa…[View]
265530153>'Yuujiro is stronger than anything alive, which includes the US Military. He is also stronger th…[View]
265538580Do you think they fucked?[View]
265531381What the hell is the basis of Blue Archive's world? Schoolgirls go to school with guns, have no…[View]
265530534Dragon Ball Super: Favorite villain?[View]
265538825Chainsaw Man: Dominating Makima[View]
265519395No ecchi this Season -.-[View]
265501392Unnamed Memory: 25 minutes until more cute Tinashas.[View]
265534619Dragon Ball Daima: Is it just me, or are the villain designs in this series so far particularly SHIT…[View]
265533621Anime watcher trying to get into reading manga here, how do you pace yourself when starting a new ma…[View]
265538175Did /a/ like Gridman Universe?[View]
265523695Ichigo Mashimaro: *****Announcing respectfully!***** This is not Lolita works.[View]
265517795Chainsaw Man: how will Denji handle his secret identity being exposed?[View]
265535899Seasonal Shows: What are you guys following this season?[View]
265536825Why adapt an ecchi just to censor it.[View]
265536557What do you do if your waifu does this?[View]
265536482What is your favorite petite character in anime? Are you a petite-con?[View]
265526833Spice and Wolf appreciation: Holo is pure, otherwise she wouldn't be a wise wolf.[View]
265532840I love Ubel but I hate battle shonen-shit[View]
265533893Someone put me back in the loop Did they release season 3 already ? More importantly, did they final…[View]
265525576One Piece:: Ignore the fake spoilers till Wednesday. Discuss NaUs.[View]
265535051Sword fights or hand-to-hand fights ?[View]
265529911Have your ever charged your opinion completely on any series after rewatch/reread it? What was that …[View]
265534707ITT: Characters you can identify with.[View]
265536821KINOtaka GOATyama: The return of the king[View]
265534784Kenka Dokugaku: >he dropped Viral Hit because the source material is Korean…[View]
265529123Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night/Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai episode 3 preview summary and vide…[View]
265533574What a slut[View]
265532006boy, Asuka sure does love potato chips[View]
265535348>Entire timelines and multiverses were embroiled in conflicts simply because this guy wished to b…[View]
265532547>relate to the cuck childhood friend character more than the MC Is it over for me?…[View]
265434159Daily Umibe no Q / Q on the Seaside: Chiho, a middle school girl teased for not having a smartphone …[View]
265504850Kaguya Sama: So we can all agree this is where Aka jumped the shark right? The series was never the …[View]
265521541Anyone else excited for more mahjong anime?[View]
265312613Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 473 - Warlord Bartholomew Kuma Appears Last Thread (467-472): >…[View]
265465605Re:Zero: >Arc 5 has the archbishop of CHAD kidnap Emilia, and force her to marry him >Arc 6 ha…[View]
265444487/a/ draws Serial Experiments Lain OP - Duvet (1 More Frame Edition): 5 more minutes until the last f…[View]
265430302Remember those who came before you, /a/. He has not forgotten you.[View]
265529020That's My Weakness Now: What's your animanga weakness? For me it's green haired shouj…[View]
265197740Yuyushiki: When I set foot into tomorrow and look up at the sky I see a bright light shining far and…[View]
265349787The 39th Sanrio Character Ranking is here! Past year our gal Kuromi only got 3rd place but with your…[View]
265427088Daily Fujiyama San Wa Shishunki Chapter: Chapter 44, 45: >>265359434 Chapter 46[View]
265462678DanDaDan Chapter 148 Game Cleared: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020561[View]
265508962Found myself thinking of DitF after ages. Anyone else? Weirdly has some staying power for being a se…[View]
265215389/a/ Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
265530371Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: So Bandai is already done with Ad Stella? No More New Content?…[View]
265526305Soul Eater: Black Star? Based[View]
265422118Spy x Family: New chapter soon[View]
265511331kingdom 794: speedtl[View]
265523895I wish I grew up with Digimon.[View]
265527838Kaya-chan Isn't Scary: NEWS: Leaks suggesting Anime Announcement soon! https://twitter.com/Sugo…[View]
265504707The long awaited Yuru Yuri spinoff Oomuro-ke! is finally out on trackers![View]
265504497Wonderful Precure!: Komugi is a strong LOTY contender.[View]
265532356Boku No My Pico Hero Academia: Those of us labeled as 'Villains' are just misunderstood. We aren…[View]
265504906Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi: chapter 133[View]
265533723Toradora endin!: Feeneeshed toradora today and fuckeen hell that endeen fuckeen ejed me so hard aaee…[View]
265531753>I'm supposed to believe someone like her would give someone like him the time of day These …[View]
265523803Kodocha: Is this show remembered fondly? Or remembered at all?[View]
265509815as far as outdoor anime goes, yama no susume is better than yurucamp[View]
265533570Miku is so nice.[View]
265532233Shangri-La Frontier: New chapter out, new kusoge shown, new Sunraku avatar[View]
265532209There are actual people on this board who live like this..[View]
265520742>Violet Evergarden aired 6 years ago >Still hasn't been topped why is this?…[View]
265530067Wasn't this going to be an NTR scene where saber gets fucked by caster's master (forgot hi…[View]
265532231I did not care for clear card.[View]
265524557>Chainsawman >Frieren Why do animes for normies always flop?…[View]
265533147Is Guts hot?? Or not. (Beserk): Does anyone else think Guts from Beserk is fairly attractive? Or am …[View]
265518198ITT: Best couple: None can compare[View]
265512313Vampires: Which are some of your favorite vampires in anime?[View]
265528444To Your Eternity/Fumetsu no Anata E: To Your Eternity/Fumetsu no Anata E chapter 186.4 'Living Dead'…[View]
265532248Is the new spice and wolf remake keyed or is it locked?[View]
265531596Forced soul[View]
265526304>newf/a/gs like it >oldf/a/gs love it >universally agreed to be the best anime in decades H…[View]
265531678Lol another flop in the making. Literally no one gives a shit besides 5 redditors. (4 of them bots) …[View]
265528613Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction: Original Animation Ending https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
265526280Solo Levelling bros, we are so back.[View]
265527790Okay, but what kind of Cutie Honey fan are you?: Original 70s series? Cutie Honey Flash? Re: CH? Uni…[View]
265453428Mushoku Tensei: Whats next for our industrious duo? My daughter and Lily to become the heralds of th…[View]
265531309When does it get good?[View]
265502391Mayonaka: eng scans soon™[View]
265531180Almost forget this was big maybe two years ago[View]
265527999Lycoris Recoil: S2 when[View]
265530516SHISHIGARI BROS: We are so fucking back[View]
265530980Kaijuu no8: Kaijuu no8 clears your favourite shounen manga/anime. How does it make you feel?[View]
265528476What's the male equivalent of this?[View]
265518149What's the next trend after isekai?[View]
265521362Dragon Ball Super: Why is Bejitard's wife such a slut?[View]
265530542i fucking love this hag[View]
265530145Who is your 80sfu? For me, it's Ranchi![View]
265530480Webm Wednesday Thread, go![View]
265528392Could you watch an entire anime backwards and still understand it?[View]
265530405SIX KING PISTOL[View]
265519732I don't get it. The duel stuff makes zero logical sense and they never bother to explain the lo…[View]
265499852Jujutsu Kaisen: Say his FUCKING name.[View]
265530033what are your thoughts on Akihito Yoshitomi?[View]
265497270Rinkai!: >cute girls cycling Why are you not watching it? Where did the Long Riders fans go?…[View]
265526558Do made in abyss fans really?[View]
265528853this new season seems to provide evidence for the 'anime industry collapse' theory propagated by You…[View]
265528847>yes I enjoy Freeren, how could you tell[View]
265518954Do you like their relationship? Personally I’m not a fan, Fern should be a lesbian.[View]
265512034Super ultra hardcore pornography[View]
265527419The Fable: I need a woman like her[View]
265512826Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 SPOILERS: It's happening.[View]
265527849Should Pokemon have more established romantic couples in the series?[View]
265527310For me it's refreshing the page on AI pics on pixiv to fuck up their ratio, what devilish thing…[View]
265527984Why are you so jealous of him?[View]
265528750Why were 14 year olds needed to pilot evangelions again? >The soul of their mom in core yadda yad…[View]
265524424Final arcs: If your final arc isn't greater than the arcs before it I think you've done so…[View]
265528623>Somehow end up in a conversation with young kids about anime >They like battle anime >Ment…[View]
265519135Why are Big Sisters always so sexualized in Anime & Manga?[View]
265525688Ken Akamatsu: /a/, just how much damage did this guy do to anime and manga? Have heard that he is to…[View]
265528498Naruto Shippiuden: Would Naruto improve significantly if Madara didn’t turn into a girl?[View]
265505333Why are there so many misconceptions about the production of this show? Why can’t someone set the fa…[View]
265526223Elaina will lovingly squish-squash your grapes all day![View]
265525281>Rogafufuken >Kamehameha >Dodonpa >Spirit Ball >Kikoho >Mafuba >Makkankosappo …[View]
265512978Why is Steel Ball Run such a highly rated manga? It's literally the #1 rated manga on mangaupda…[View]
265525362I think it's pretty cool and original to have an action protagonist have a “doll-like beauty” d…[View]
265525437Does Nobita have quite possibly the worst friend group in all of fiction?[View]
265527566Is she gay?[View]
265525240>10-something male nip protagonist Is there a bigger sign that you're about to watch the tra…[View]
265527621One piece: Is this the biggest ass pull in one piece history?[View]
265528032Which Studio has your favorite yuri pairs?[View]
265506784Precure: tuesday wandafuru[View]
265525536This is a really harrowing moment in eighty six plot that makes one wonder what led to this being pr…[View]
265522141why do people dislike fan edits that take out all the needless filler and stalling and try to make s…[View]
265527139>another season so bad I'm back to watching saiki[View]
265527235What the hell is taking so long. Miura isnt even alive anymore so he cant even be blamed for this[View]
265506374Wow, she sure is large.[View]
265523604Aquatope: Nails as blue as the sea[View]
265497289Teibou Tuesday: It's getting warmer and it's time to go fishing again![View]
265527006ITT: Worst panels and spreads of all time[View]
265526368Lesbian rating - Manyuu Hikenchou: I love boobs. I wanted to love this show. But it claims in its p…[View]
265526224Why are girls with purple eyes always the most attractive character of their anime?[View]
265521831Kurisu getting ready to shit up your thread.[View]
265292431Jashin-chan Dropkick: someone dump the chapter https://pastebin.com/Mey9hC0x[View]
265526629>Timestops >Casts instant erection that bypasses all defenses and immunities also a thread abo…[View]
265527205Anime will never be good again: You live, you die. That's life.[View]
265465744Re:Monster: Subs are out, if anyone is still watching this[View]
265527299lets get started[View]
265420568ITT: Moments women will never fully understand: Post your favs.[View]
265524086How do people even enjoy battle shonen anime?? >one guy punches another >flashy superpower att…[View]
265526117When dawn breaks again, we’ll say our farewells: A journey to be embraced, news of the warm wind Lik…[View]
265521380Ranger Reject Ch. 135 RAWs[View]
265517211(Formerly) Daily PLINIVS Chapter: Minotaurus Chapter 55[View]
265525570Blue Archive: Imagine if the game/anime was yuri... The untapped potential is staggering...[View]
265523653Boruto Two Blue Vortex: >Kurama dies from Baryon Mode's side effect >He Reappears inside …[View]
265519558Dragon Ball Super: Who will Bulma end up with next?[View]
265519844Would you rather get bit by Holo or bit by Nazuna?[View]
265491339What did you honestly think of Lycoris Recoil and what do you want from S2?[View]
265524210Why is this popular again? The titular character is a selfish, introverted, femcel, and acts like a …[View]
265520581Why are isekais worse stories than the stories they make at dungeon and dragons parties?[View]
265525766The pelvis smasher's[View]
265521728Licensed anime soundtracks.: How do you feel about them? will they ever make big come back or begone…[View]
265509898One Piece 1112 Spoilers: I'll post them as the next post, so you don't get spoiled by acci…[View]
265526130Bleach: Is this the biggest asspull in Bleach history?[View]
265523428Since 2016, nothing has been released that is better than season 3 of My Hero Academia.[View]
265514558What went wrong?[View]
265525656Naruto Shippuuden: Is this the biggest asspull in Naruto history?[View]
265509278Cinegrid Thread: Post your cinegrids, I know you have them.[View]
265525328Fate: After long deliberation I decided I will be reading the visual novel Fate/Stay Night Réalta Nu…[View]
265524732Flopsaw man[View]
265521400Jujutsu Kaisen: >Sukuna fight 30+ chapters long >Tengen-Merge fight will be 3 chapters long Sa…[View]
265497328One piece: true freedom is not chained by morality or tolerance nika is a false god[View]
265518274When will anim/o/ make a comeback? MF Ghost doesn't count and it already ghosted us with seaso…[View]
265489623Buyfag Thread: Stop, you criminal scum[View]
265525657Manga is weird.[View]
265505077Weekly Shonen Sunday: Time for the weekly thread.[View]
265525480Why do you hate the male yuri fanbase when we: >made the yuri genre more romantic instead of clas…[View]
265521537Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu: New Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu chapter. It's a swimsuit one.…[View]
265517775Chainsaw Man: Nayuta proves that they could've worked out[View]
265523892Daily Akazukin no Ookami Deshi Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and sudd…[View]
265502937>this is official art[View]
265436146Mahoako - Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete - Gushing Over Magical Girls: The invincible Kiwi.[View]
265489521Time patrol bon (T.P. BON) new trailer!: https://youtu.be/tSTNG-cLByk?feature=shared An ordinary jun…[View]
265510904Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi Chapter 111: Previous chapter: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/…[View]
265525341>Figured it out just by thinking for a few minutes despite never seeing Vegeta use it.…[View]
265521343Tenchi Muyo: Have you taken the Masaki pill? Surely wacky comfy space adventures with a plucky stron…[View]
265520747ITT change an anime to make it peak fiction[View]
265429335Boku no Hero Academia: Ladiesv and gentlemen... your heroes.[View]
265524869Do not watch CGDCT if you are a zoomer: I've noticed that they are incapable of watching these …[View]
265523295https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH6zVJVHEaM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH6zVJVHEaM https://www.…[View]
265522512>she sees the threads you posted in[View]
265523778Fuko is made for sex[View]
265516301How do we stop Cygames?[View]
265523374What's the greatest opening of all time?[View]
265516674Oblivion Battery episode 2: Why is nobody watching this?[View]
265510891What do you call this?: Corruption?[View]
265522968Favorite Deredere girl?[View]
265524242>hfw when you confess[View]
265491565Blue Archive: For a big franchise who dominates comiket and twitter, why does the anime look mid? Ev…[View]
265471849ITT: The sexiest character designs for you: I'm not a lolicon but Akebi is a special case…[View]
265515804Yu-Gi-Oh!: >runs a waifu deck He was ahead of his time, wasn't he?…[View]
265522004MonMusu: You're trying to seduce me Rachnera-san![View]
26549469590s Isekai: What makes isekai from the 90s so much better than current era isekai? With Digimon, Inu…[View]
265509189Edens Zero Chapter 284: https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/4QVN0TB/1/1/ Chapter is out.[View]
265519889Teekyu: Die![View]
265511283Horses: Do you like horses?[View]
265523893Chapter 9: Burning on the ground lay dying fish Foundering his guts into where lay prying eyes His …[View]
265506497Oshi no Ko: It explains itself, no words required.[View]
265498014is turning a dyke straight a rapechad's responsibility?[View]
265521995What did Japan mean by this?: >only Malaysian in anime is a dark-skinned jungle brute who can…[View]
265521751>People call this season yuri season >Most yuri and cute girls anime are loaded with maleshits…[View]
265522682Why is the sequel series liked so much more over the first?[View]
265483405Girls und Panzer / GuP / Garupan: Guppers, what would you do with your guppie's hair if it was …[View]
265515923Could Char Aznable (four vagina) have saved Shinji?[View]
265358945These dragons are getting too fat![View]
265522029Funny captions / frames: Is this type of thread allowed?[View]
265458047Made in Abyss: Ozen is working on the OST for season 3[View]
265522235>One didn't cause the deaths of trillions >The other did Anons, you told me these were th…[View]
265499375Kagurabachi.. is actually good?[View]
265515557Both incredible anime that have raised the bar on how good a show can actually be[View]
265460816This is Ochiai and she wants a hug![View]
265518856WHEN ?!?![View]
265518601so do we like the fable anime or not[View]
265519730/a/ what the fuck is going to happen?! marvel slop is invading our manga space. what the fuck do we …[View]
265519368Since we are getting so many remakes of old shows when are we getting a FoTS/Hokuto no Ken one? It w…[View]
265513573So is Kaijuu no 8 the 2020s version of Shingeki no Kyojin?[View]
265516995Kentaro Miura is essentially sadomasochistic: He loves dwelling on characters who revel in how Nietz…[View]
265514800>'hehe that was so bad, I saw it coming from a mile away' People nowadays respond to any well-for…[View]
265515896Here lies Jahy. She never scored.[View]
265515645Who's the male character with more sexual stamina in all of anime and manga and hentai?[View]
265518973Why aren't you watching autist harry potter?[View]
265477128>spring season airs >a significant chunk of shows have no subtitles OR >B-Global >Ani-On…[View]
265519187Is it autism?[View]
265202388Mitsuboshi Colors: Bocchi has had enough threads recently! It’s time again for the colors to reign s…[View]
265517965It's just not fucking fair. Why must these type of relationships be isolated to fiction? I don…[View]
265519797>tranny makes shonenshit anime thread >shit on the shonenshit >thread dies…[View]
265517027>4 weeks later >I am forgotten[View]
265515360Who is the best underdog protagonist?[View]
265519311where's the new chapters?? that TL group is so fucking lazy[View]
265511525They actually made a good Conan movie again. I didn't think it was possible.[View]
265513892>art and OP shows her as jingoistic loli ernst junger >is actually anti-war ancap lolbert Was …[View]
265516936Why is NTR in everything lately?[View]
265512557>be named hunter x hunter >theres no hunting I gotta say loved season 1 season 2 the tower of …[View]
265518677What kind of thoughts or emotions would you say this scene inspires in you?[View]
265513613Arakure Ojousama Wa Monmon Shiteiru: I can't fucking wait for the next chapter's translati…[View]
265518729Would he make a good bf?[View]
265518103FIXING HUNTER X HUNTER: when they start working on the 2050 remake they should fix a lot of 2011…[View]
265422105The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: U149: Why does Risa prefer older men to younger men?[View]
265458122Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: Who got the superior combat skills?[View]
265509950Is it okay for little vampires to wear lip gloss?[View]
265517533Foreign countries and characters in anime/manga: How come not much if any modern shounen that takes …[View]
265473665Kengan Omega: Gentlemen, Kure Raian has been making fools of us Westward Wu. We've already lost…[View]
265480699Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?: Where do we go from here?[View]
265509353Blue Lock #248 storytime: Combie and Invent. A New Weapon![View]
265504244Make the Exorcist Fall in Love Chapter 63: 'Raid' https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020516 Th…[View]
265517080chainsaw man is high treason against the tradition of shōnen manga: it is written and illustrated by…[View]
265517097I'm turning 34 in 3 months where can I find a gf like this?[View]
265508826Anime sucks again.[View]
265510492Chainsaw Man: Just a casual reminder that Nayuta is Makima. Same character. Conquest manga.[View]
265517362some things in anime hold up forever[View]
265517302Honzuki No Gekokujou System Magic -->: >There is magic depending on how you are born >Magic…[View]
265514925>Main screen turn on[View]
265447031Bertrand IS back to normal: Bertrand, after being killed, is brought back to life but as woman by Mi…[View]
265490846I love 'hags' so much[View]
265516525raw manga: does someone have any Imiri Sakabashira raws?[View]
265512324Dragon Ball Super: This is the pinnacle.[View]
265513424Facial Expression: What is this facial expression trying to convey?[View]
265504658Panty and Stocking: When the FUCK is season 2 coming out?[View]
265498828Yuru Camp: I can't believe that I'm the only one who loves the new design[View]
265498773ITT: Wasted character designs[View]
265508922>Non-professional voice actor plays a main role[View]
265510157Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 5 Part 2: Previous >>265505037[View]
265515408Is modern shonen basically all Inuyashas? Why do women like them so much?[View]
265515503Nue no onmyouji: She should have been the new heroine instead of SHITotsu Missed opportunity[View]
265514089>the manga that broke me[View]
265514179Plus-sized elf anime: 2 months away[View]
265511958>JC Staff >isn't staffed by JCs[View]
265511063>main villain is defeated by a reality warping comedian having a manzai together with him Yeah...…[View]
265514743Is there any anime where the MC has the superpower of making the female characters fall in love and …[View]
265512556Only yugioh protagonist that got a gf[View]
265492751Log Horizon: Is there anything better than Mage+Assassin in a daring isekai party?[View]
265510019JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World: Has anyone read this? It's quite unique and much bett…[View]
265491643>he didn't wait for the English dub >he watched Medieval European bliss in the language o…[View]
265510748Should I watch it?[View]
265511263Dragon Ball Super: The movie that brought the Dragon Ball franchise to its former glory. >Did so …[View]
265502767I enjoy Black Clover: It's a good shounen, its ending being botched won't change that fact…[View]
265511424ITT: Side characters getting their time to shine: I'll start[View]
265513293It's a masterpiece[View]
265511492The hate for Sakura is forced[View]
265511012GEMS are for ___________ Season 2 fucking when?[View]
265499104Thoughts on nekomimi with 4 ears?[View]
265495586Debby the Corsifa is Emulous: Why wasn't it popular enough to get an anime?[View]
265506713Dragon Ball Super: >z-zamasu is a lean twink[View]
265507921Bros I'm tired of waiting: When is my misaki gf coming? Our protag got her at 22, I'm 23 n…[View]
265511905Wtf is going on with this: >be me, young >watch this shit cuz bored >Actually kinda cool, d…[View]
265511422Kingdom/ Thunderbolt Fantasy - Chinese Anime Settings: Is it just me or are Chinese names harder to …[View]
265499218>a retarded neet loser who spent his entire life doing nothing just suddenly decides to do someth…[View]
265506704Pansuto: >finally has sex >breaks down >disappears from the school What the fuck kind of en…[View]
265508651It's just Lee vs Gaara but with worse animation.[View]
265496417what makes this series so divisive on /a/?[View]
265505672Weekly Shonen Magazine: WSM thread[View]
265462442Removing mc magic and plot armor which one of them is actually a good duelist?[View]
265498571Naruto: Can we admit this got axed?[View]
265504578Yowa Yowa Sensei: https://manatoki334.net/comic/19266881?spage=1 Korean scans for the newest chapter…[View]
265503158Soul Eater: Just recently started reading this and I'm liking it. It's stylish and fun, yo…[View]
265482563Did this dude really saved the blood of a 15 year old girl after he took her virginity?[View]
265508353Bungo Stray Dogs: What am I in for?[View]
265511019Anime production rumors and misinformation: True facts or groundless gossip, share your favorites. …[View]
265498619Would you rather live under the Sibyl System or democracy?[View]
265501473What's the most degenerate manga you've ever read?: For me it's this one about a wiza…[View]
265503384A Couple of Cuckoos: Chapter 200 out, the hotel arc is over https://cubari.moe/read/gist/cmF3L3ByaW5…[View]
265510682Oi! Tonbo: I am happy to see this show have Igarashi being a father figure for Tonbo and it's b…[View]
265510695>AI upscaled >grain removal >color corrected >60 fps…[View]
265510488Eva Remake finale - watch or never: With the level of trash that the remakes were in the first movie…[View]
265501768seasonn uuuuuhhhhh 2?: .......season two (2)????????????? Uh????[View]
265508524How would you make a Fire Emblem Three Houses anime?[View]
265498158Chainsaw Man: Next chapter we are going to switch Pov to Yoshida and Fumiko for sure. Fujimoto loves…[View]
265502001One Piece: Spoilers[View]
265505037Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 5: Previous >>265472475[View]
265502829Daily Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Sukide Sukide Iroiro Gamandekinai.: Chapter 1 Synopsis: >Six mon…[View]
265509148Not Hachiroku Torueno this Shirubia S12 dayo[View]
265467340Dainanaoji: Ep 3 out now![View]
265501635Nagi no Asakura: https://youtu.be/3XSZuZAbyIE[View]
265504226According to this manga, raping your significant other, is the only way to prevent them from cheatin…[View]
265503748Is obsession with anime girls evil or good?[View]
265506898Black Lagoon: God damn, I love Revy so much, it's unreal.[View]
265503196Name a greater jobber, I'll wait.[View]
265495803ISSK: Isshou Senkin: Is this yuri?[View]
265502806why does female shippers care so much for who top who? why can't they be normal like the males …[View]
265500088ITT: Guilty pleasures: Post'em[View]
265494299Girls Band Cry: This is an Ikemen.[View]
265508078Jujutsu Kaisen: People hate too much on Jujutsu Kaisen At least you can tell by the look on his face…[View]
265455951THIS SUMMER[View]
265499011>didn't even take one entire chapter for Deku to get his arms back Is there any other manga …[View]
265498144Why did he even talk?[View]
265493224Overlord: Are you excited to see best girl of Overlord on screen?[View]
265466462Symphogear: Damn, I did not expect Symphogear to end up peaking with Carol. Crazy but here we are.…[View]
265456420Tohsaka Rin: Best girl. Best Fate. Best tsundere. Best Goddess.[View]
265504221The world is in the palm of my hand![View]
265506785What's your favorite anime device/contraption[View]
265506744No bitches?[View]
265504659Imagine the look on this guy's face when he found out he rejected Ranma thinking he was a trans…[View]
265498892Peak humor.[View]
265505511Reiji the madman finally did it! He gave us a Chizuru potty scene! Thread theme: https://www.youtube…[View]
265501461thoughts on the colored inner hair meme that modern anime is doing?[View]
265502892Say her name[View]
265495562It's important to watch new anime every season. I grew up around supposed 'anime fans' who cou…[View]
265503003was this a necessary shot?[View]
265502716What happened[View]
265504957Kuroshitusji: Look I am not gay but this show has a very high budget and gorgeous aesthetics. I real…[View]
265444075WSJ - Weekly Shōnen Jump: Jump Thread[View]
265440254Ranma 1/2 Story Time: Alright, it is Sunday and I am gonna post the second volume of Ranma 1/2. Feel…[View]
265483598Sakura Minus One[View]
265505314What will be the thing that SAVES racing anime? Race queen fanservice doesn't seem to be enough…[View]
265434914DAILY BLACK LAGOON: Go to the piracy era of the new world, the inhabitants here are murderers, spies…[View]
265487160Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Storytime Vol 2: Welcome back, everyone Today, our heroes face Levia…[View]
265502470I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Twink: >a 10 year old boy Why did they do it…[View]
265502775Yuri season? Yuri season.[View]
265441708>specializes in killing females >can't kill all females Why is Jack so sexy bad at her jo…[View]
265502079What does /a/ think of Fundemental Paper Education? I believe Japanese could make a great anime out …[View]
265442551Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
265501990Anyone else think Sasuke started looking more 'kid-ish' (appearance wise) during his villain arc?[View]
265494311Random shit happens and appeals to kids who think that is cool: the anime.[View]
265502051Artoria... My beloved...[View]
265500823So how does Mustang providing unlimited fuel to his flames corresponds with rule of equivalent excha…[View]
265480622Precure: Happy Birthday Himari![View]
265476582Any German Chads here cringing at non-Germans pronouncing One Piece names?: Even ignoring that Netfl…[View]
265495380Spice and Wolf: >buy low >sell high >travel the world with your not-14-year-old wolf goddes…[View]
265502661Did you know the first ever anime opening to have lyrics was the english dub version of Astro Boy? h…[View]
265497946Medalist: It's Inori-chan's birthday today https://twitter.com/medalist_AFT/status/1780189…[View]
265489898Oshi no Ko: Finally some fucking plot.[View]
265498936Hags are a very important part of anime culture.[View]
265502017Unforgettable OPs for forgettable shows.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2ZskT6A6LE[View]
265502024what went so right?[View]
265488873One Piece: Where is Law?[View]
265489671Where did the real robot genre starts?: Was there something else before gundum? Was it initially inf…[View]
265500740FGO killer: Dani says so[View]
265487613Why is everyone so emotionless?: Why is Sousou no Frieren like this? It's genuinely off-putting…[View]
265501740People can only begin to dream of their favorite series getting an anime adaptation remake like Spic…[View]
265500883anime girls yelling: give me your best anime girls distortedly yelling[View]
265494002How exactly have she wonned against that wolf in ep12? She is quite old compared to him and was exha…[View]
265483857I understand that this series is probably discussed six million times per minute on this board but …[View]
265495304Know the difference.[View]
265494402Was Oda sick during the war arc?: Why did he make all the Whitebeard allies look retarded? Like shit…[View]
265498290At which episode did this show jump the shark exactly? Why did the hype die out so suddenly?[View]
265497246All magical girls love the D[View]
265482848Daily Akazukin no Ookami Deshi Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and sudd…[View]
265498640I love my three wives but...: Why is the intro music for their new show so shit? The first two eps w…[View]
265498986I've never watched this show and I tried to binge it to watch the third season as it is airing,…[View]
265496965>Nami: IRRELEVANT >Vivi: WEAK >Robin: MID >Shirahoshi: BITCH >Rebecca: JOBBER >Car…[View]
265500349huri kuri: Holy boring. Cute retard though.[View]
265462142Why do One Piece fans deny that Luffy's fruit being the Sun God mythical zoan is a blatant retc…[View]
265500499Reminder Arale could beat up your favorite anime character[View]
265500653Why would the author make a child the sexiest character of the show?[View]
265486887>That time I got reincarnated as... >I was banished from... >My cheat skill is... >I…[View]
265500363Dragon Ball Super: These two alpha males are the only characters that matter, fuck Sharthan and his …[View]
265498819>gelbooru is selling soap to weebs again[View]
265494035Dragon Ball Super: He's angry, don't do anything stupid.[View]
265463169Hoshino-kun, Shitagatte! chapter 8 (by /a/nons): DUMPING the new chapter of Intrusive Thoughts: The …[View]
265491922ITT: Scenes that men would like: Post 'em. Here are the criteria for a scene to be liked by men…[View]
265499134I understand the appeal of Fate now.[View]
265499942Frieren full OST: Its almost time. Frieren full soundtrack will be available at midnight on music st…[View]
265441978Vampires: Have you told your vampire girl you love her today?[View]
265499458ITT: character that are constantly in danger[View]
265497933Rent a Girlfriend could never[View]
265482601Jujutsu Kaisen: Will it be a Yuji chapter next?[View]
265497908Stop liking excessively murderous and psychotic women.[View]
265496011Inuyasha: expanding on my post from yesterday >tantric law of inversion Kikyo is a Vajrayana Budd…[View]
265498940My Tiny Senpai: On the one hand, I believe, beyond the physical relief I get from sex, I don’t need …[View]
265469242Nagatoro: April 15, 2024. It happened.[View]
265498783Fullmetal Alchemist 2003: What are its best and worst deviations from the manga? I think one of the …[View]
265498632WTF he isn’t gay??????[View]
265471934Marry and reproduce with deaf girls[View]
265487460Naruto: Objectively speaking, democracy is not ideal in the ninja world when it comes to governance.…[View]
265404605Pre-2000 thread: What oldshit are you watching?[View]
265498442Somehow I don't think this counts as trading.[View]
265480780Shinkalion: Change the World: So, why is nobody talking about it? First two episodes were surprising…[View]
265460949Chainsaw Man: Total Kobeni Love Thread! >Post your 'beni >>>Thread theme https://a…[View]
265496488Such a terrifying fetish machine creator![View]
265493097gonna bang on yamada’s bongo: Helping Yamada to escape her dead end job and the evil people that wor…[View]
265497993It sure sounds like Alisa Okehazama, Jujutsu Kaisen soundtrack composer, plagiarized John Carn'…[View]
265496593Was he gay or misunderstood?[View]
265496306Dosanko Gal: Is she really from Minnesota in the dub?[View]
265488187Why is Satono Diamond sexualized so much in fanart?[View]
265492225ITT anime only you watched I'll start with Pon no Michi.[View]
265495214ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
265494583Thoughts on Dutch angle in anime? Where do you think it's used well?[View]
265409919AiPri - Aikatsu and Pretty Series: bonk[View]
265494001Why do butterface anime girls exist?[View]
265497167Not even mad just venting: I've had the first 3 volumes of this in physical form for almost 15 …[View]
265496429Please recommend me some really depressing anime[View]
265496673What is this art style called?[View]
265483519>Literally saves anime >People pretend to hate it for no reason…[View]
265458049Dungeon Meshi: Episode 16 Preview: >https://delicious-in-dungeon.com/ This week's episode 16…[View]
265480885Who is the sexiest Tenchi girl?[View]
265458966>29 >all hope is over Really, Japan?[View]
265481957SHE FUCKED HOW MANY MEN!?!?![View]
265493472The Promised Neverland: >Goodbye season 1 >Goodbye writing quality >Goodbye any semblance o…[View]
265462292Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai: Jellyfish are already forgotten[View]
265469760Honzuki no Gekokujou Waifus and Husbandos -->: >Angelica best waifu Post to share the favorite…[View]
265486969Holy fuck she's so CUTE![View]
265496250What the fuck the deal modern anime and sex?: Older anime (not counting hentai) sex was just like so…[View]
265496369Why did the 2000s have to end?[View]
265496246HatsuneMikubros... what the HELL is THIS?[View]
265494218I fear this is the new best way to experience Phantom Blood[View]
265496614Will he ever return?[View]
265494732What was the point of these three shitters?[View]
265495771it is out >Kitarou Tanjou - Gegege no Nazo - 1080p WEB H.264 -NanDesuKa (AMZN) Japanese sub only …[View]
265380996Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: Yudias, Yuhi, and friends are out in space trying to find Yuamu. How far will t…[View]
265487383Cowboy Bebop[View]
265493216I think more fantasy anime should go the dungeon meshi route and have their female beast races actua…[View]
265469278I’m tired of yuri bait in anime!: Just kiss already![View]
265493218How does she know exactly what I want?[View]
265495175what is the pingu of anime?[View]
265495269>they never just hung out together >never a private conversation >just had multiple fights …[View]
265457505>flawless animation wasted on romcoms and slice of life schlock This is some monkey paw shit rig…[View]
265493168Mesugaki: Why do these fucking brats keep showing up in our anime?[View]
265484035Frieren: How does it make you feel knowing this old man would destroy Frieren in a fight?[View]
265491238Worst abilities: >you can't approach me >you can't think about approaching me >yo…[View]
265493009If you turned into a cute girl, would you do the deed?[View]
265486027what kind of potato chips is Asuka eating?[View]
265435394Spice and Wolf appreciation: Holo is pure, otherwise she wouldn't be a wise wolf.[View]
265422486Strike it Rich - Chapter 23: Here we are again with Chapter 23 of Strike it Rich[View]
265493849Ao Ashi: My fucking GOAT Kuribayashi[View]
265494424what's a show/Manga that deals with this feeling in the most brutal way?[View]
265494155New doraemon anime by studio bones. Are you excited? https://x.com/NetflixAnime/status/1780068598683…[View]
265490766lmao this dumb bitch pads her chest.[View]
265485443Dragon Ball Super: What did Bejita say to make 17 respond this way?[View]
265455136Girl Band Cry: Guys what was Nina searching for? It cut off before she finished typing.[View]
265485295Somewhat Daily Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san Storytime: Commando 43:Monotarou[View]
265493617Is this really such a thing as an 'at-home date'? This just sounds like bullshit.[View]
265452551Kagurabachi: What is Hiyuki's backstory?[View]
265490159Frieren: How do they sleep like this? And why do they leave their feets exposed?[View]
265490692Enter the COG[View]
265490900Has this ever happened to you?[View]
265491842Watched season 1 of this and disliked it. I expected better things considering the creator. Does sea…[View]
265489107Hold on a sec! Is she taking it up the ass?[View]
265479008[sad news] Spice and wolf remake confirmed to use AI for ost cover[View]
265485487Why does such slop exsist?: I went back to 2023 to see if there were any shows I missed that might g…[View]
265458301Isekai de Cheat Skill wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru: What food will you pre…[View]
265492310Hiei > Bejita[View]
265490194Shotas: How do we protect them from lustful Onee-Chans?[View]
265463278Please bully me Kikuhime![View]
265488751What 'they' don't want you to know about yuri: You hear a lot of anons going on about 'yuritran…[View]
265473783Psycho-Pass: >Shion Karanomori: The chads choice >Akane Tsunemori The Gigachads choice…[View]
265492386How would you have saved Nanatsu no Taizai?: How would you have prevented this manga from falling of…[View]
265481057I AM A BOY[View]
265492328What OP MC probably has the most IRL fangirls?[View]
265491871>see anime schoolgirl >get horny[View]
265491360Manga sale is on the rise every year in the west, but why do I get the feel that barely anyone read …[View]
265485401I think Rin should sing the OP for at least 2 anime per season.[View]
265458435I just started watching this and I can already feel that these two are best girls[View]
265492218Akumade Kujaku no Hanashi desu: It's just a story about peacocks. Plot >Kuji Yakurou is a te…[View]
265492122Know the difference.[View]
265489550Launch: So is her deal the human equivalent of Super Saiyan?[View]
265487171>has been through a lot of pain >'My name is... Pain!…[View]
265484079girls with red eyes + long black hair are peak, and signs of best girls.[View]
265413578Mission of Yozakura Family: Episode 2 and opening reveal in some minutes. Time to exist[View]
265477998the dragon slayer looks fucking retarded. the hawk raider sword was S tier design and miura fucked u…[View]
265486299Kaiju no.8: Can we at least like.. pretend we care??[View]
265487005purest anime friendship, just a couple of bros hanging out[View]
265483353Find a flaw[View]
265456920Mami: >Gets in Homura's way >Let's a witch escape >Drags two girls into being mag…[View]
265491171ITT: QUALITY[View]
265482706ITT: Best looking manga covers: Post your favs[View]
265479817Rank 'em.[View]
265491120Fate/Zero is still the best Fate anime uncontested What went so right?[View]
265478449Why is male nudity so common in anime while female nudity is censored?: The pic on the left is from …[View]
265482280c-chotto chotto mate... she fucked HOW many men? Sona.... masaka...[View]
265490338It's a masterpiece[View]
265490111wtf was that ending? I don’t understand.[View]
265488183Gangsta: This reminds me of One Piece for some reason[View]
265488646Has ever been a bigger fall of grace?: This series went from the next biggest shounen to a parody of…[View]
265488066Midday nap![View]
265484984One Piece Spoilers are LIVE: -Law and Bepo survived and are Blackbeard's prisonner, the rest of…[View]
265453344If you see a red girl, there is a 95% chance she is also best girl.[View]
265487511Tomboy Thread: Who's your favorite tomboy character?[View]
265489154One Piece: The prior user of the gum/nika/sun fruit. Robin is saying tar, but it’s rubber. He summon…[View]
265485856Mahoyo was really Nasu's passion project of finally having his first novel published and a pass…[View]
265487131There should be more like this where you can enjoy all of them from hetero, yaoi and yuri endings in…[View]
265488176You now remember Mirai Nikki[View]
265488844Dragon Ball: So is the manga going to get an actual conclusion or...?[View]
265488247Hamtaro: This little bastard had my elementary school life by the balls. Can't believe it holds…[View]
265480250Saint Seiya thread: Today in Knights of the Zodiac, the past is revealed through a flashback and the…[View]
265485623realistically speaking, who is the first lucky to get a boyfriend, and which one is the first to los…[View]
265484324I'm 20 and this is still deep. It's a true classic.[View]
265477395One Piece: 5 minutes until spoilers come out and denialfags get blown the fuck out of existence.…[View]
265483138I'm 8 episodes in and I have no idea what's happening and I don't really care. Will i…[View]
265481405>I had sex.. with THIS many men Your response?[View]
265486295The great thing about Ahiru is that she might possibly be the best girl to ever do it.[View]
265455527Girls Band Cry: Where would you take Nina?[View]
265483753it's time to admit it, deen was better >b-but muh hecking BSDM wormslut and other assorted c…[View]
265487820Ninja Anime: Alright /a/utists I need your help. I'm looking for Ninja anime preferably with so…[View]
265460996ITT: Sex havers of /a/: Forget about waifus and best girls, let's post and discuss characters w…[View]
265431823buyfag: Figures[View]
265358350Daily Keyman - The Hand of Judgement chapter: [KEY:41] - Cast[View]
265473329Naruto: Why does the entire village of Konoha refuse to fuck her?[View]
265403036Bleach: It's Riruka's birthday. Say something nice about her.[View]
265460382Kanokari 326 summary: 326 spoiler Didn't go to the aquarium. A night out at Joypolis, a hot pot…[View]
265481064Milk Chan Forever: apparently they announced a milk chan reboot like three years ago but i've h…[View]
265354663Madoka Magica: Casually drops the best Madoka character song in your path. Sure And I'm home is…[View]
265459377Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru.: Why is no one watching this?[View]
265485612>interlopes with your entire boxing career for 6 years[View]
265483589Did he do anything wrong?[View]
265485980Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: >marriage proposal then sex Hana raughs at other romcoms…[View]
265482206Is the fate/ stay night visual novel worth playing over watching the ufotable UBW and HF anime?[View]
265460297Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Episode 2: Wolf Waifu soon...[View]
265483725>just quit your job and go to a remote island where you dont have to work or pay rent and the loc…[View]
265460936does she deserve a season 3 yes or no[View]
265482396thank god this crossover didnt happen imagine the shitshow danganronpa anime and sekai oni it would …[View]
265484476Sentai Daishikkaku ep 2: Will he ever get some stamina?[View]
265480593Dragon Ball Super: What's next for Trunks' son? Will he and Goten get to play a bigger rol…[View]
265471186Chainsaw Man: What did you think of the Chainsaw Man anime?[View]
265474611Dekisokonai to Yobareta Motoeiyuu wa Jikka kara Tsuihou sareta node Sukikatte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita…[View]
265484485there needs to more manga and anime with no humans only weird surreal creatures[View]
265478854What should he have said? What would've been a good comeback?[View]
265484104Conan: Someone recco'd this to me a month ago, but I was bored out of my mind trying to read it…[View]
265479688HIGHSPEED Etoile: Next episode has been teased. I can already tell this will be much better than the…[View]
265482147Hunter x Hunter: Honestly it could have been shorter. Having Meruem die in the blast, Pitou killed b…[View]
265382066Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler Public School Arc starting now[View]
265446938watch the blue archive anime now!, I am no longer asking.[View]
265482732Why didn't they just have L beat Light? He's the one you liked. Why'd they introduce …[View]
265459652Girls und Panzer / GuP / Garupan[View]
265471858An Archdemon's Dilemma: It's fucking GOOD.[View]
265403658Pokémon 2023: Happy first anniversary to the series! What have you liked the most (or the least) ove…[View]
265481296Anime is fucking gay. I tried to watch DBZ and literally two thirds of the show is just people stand…[View]
265482959Spice & Cuck: What a cute girl, she would never cheat behind your back or anything like that.…[View]
265481169Gambling addictions: Anyone got a relative that has a gambling addiction, how would you even help th…[View]
265476305Why did the anime make them all so... sticc?[View]
265474984I'm feeling a strong 7 to a light 8 on this one[View]
265477572What’s spose to be funny about this exactly?[View]
265446255Jujutsu Kaisen: My beloved[View]
265464583I'm an anime protagonist and somehow I got a wearing slave.[View]
265476392RAITA is a god and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.[View]
265481538I'm discontent with the anime and manga industry: Here's why this post should be pinned by…[View]
265480521Reminder there are people who read 92 chapters of this shit for this[View]
265480986YuYu Hakusho: Reboot when?[View]
265468398Im just sad about this couple https://mangaspoiler.net/kingdom/11952/[View]
265477731Gentlemen, today we are going to talk about TWO types of men in this world. There are betas, and the…[View]
265479926>Call >Raise[View]
265480358He deserved better. He treated her like a princess and always respected her. Maybe women just love b…[View]
2652591131. Open MSPaint. 2. Draw your waifu. 3. Post it.[View]
265479777I’m tired of bait in anime: Just bite already![View]
265480721Fuyuki had the best nails out of all the aniem gyarus.[View]
265478016Dragon Ball Super: >evil goku >gohan blanco >cell rojo How much longer until El Hermano?…[View]
265477057Hey anon, how do I look?[View]
265474893Kumeta is my favorite netouyo mangaka[View]
265425389Astro Royale: Chapter 1 is out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1021094 Thoughts?[View]
265480432Things that make you feel like an old weeb.: >Clicks Youtube video ''Attack On Titan wa…[View]
265473892I’m tired of Yaoi bait in anime: Just kiss already![View]
265474966Lolonoa Zolo: Lolonoa Zolo is my favorite character[View]
265473340>She's a 1000 year old wolf deity so it's justified that she had many romantic partners…[View]
265478382>step away from Chinese cartoons for 3 years >Find out Horriblesubs is dead and no one really …[View]
265479352One Punch Man is getting a live action adaptation by the writers of Rick & Morty[View]
265455826Blue Lock: Spoilers out OH NO NO NO NO[View]
265477366Good but not great. I totally understand why S3 never happened. Disappearance is the peak of the ser…[View]
265474263In the most recent volume it was revealed that Emilia's full name is Emilia Lionheart Moonlight…[View]
265406506Why can't there be more male protagonists like this?[View]
265474477Why do studios only adapt the purest of slop to anime? Should I only watch anime originals (not to b…[View]
265472549When I read this in the manga i felt bad for Elinalise, but seeing it in the anime struck different.…[View]
265478496It's Spice & Wolf Monday!!![View]
265472025Is this a manga?[View]
265477733>listen MC, I the 10/10 girl that every male in this school is thirsting for, will eat out your a…[View]
265454215One Piece: Akuma no mi ultimate thread, time to end it edition. After almost 30 years It's time…[View]
265477169MHA: So Deku breaks his arms every time he punches hard And Horikoshi retconned his permanent injuri…[View]
265461542Wow, has there ever been a worst big sister than this one ?[View]
265473359Dragon Ball Super: Who wins? SSB Gogeta (Broly movie) or MUI Goku (ToP)?[View]
265470339It may be my perception but I think the only person Vegeta respects is Gohan.[View]
265463899Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku: Being alive is suffering. Existence is agony.[View]
265458744Precure: i gave you guys over two hours to create a new thread...i guess i'll have to do it mys…[View]
265473356Jujutsu Kaisen: >isn't it crazy how absolutely everyone dies and there's no rhyme or re…[View]
265462974If Light actually had good intentions, he would've gone after politicians, judges, wardens, cop…[View]
265473849Perfect example of dishonest character design[View]
265476951kousei arima: Fuckers in school telling me, always at the practice Kousei Arima ain’t bout this, Kou…[View]
265476773Chaika front page: Mweeee[View]
265476324Death note: >Be Kira >Auction off Death note and Make every Jap rich. Is he smart or retarded…[View]
265476626Undead Unluck: It's Andy's birthday. You mirin?[View]
265470776Why didn't kazuma kick out Megumi and replace her with Yun Yun? Yun Yun is a better mage and ca…[View]
265475908Its Miuna Monday![View]
265431115Hibike Euphonium: >Shows up >Doesn't change her uniform >Assumes she's better tha…[View]
265464245>another Christmas cake romcom Why are there so many ongoing manga pushing hags?…[View]
265476060Were the Japanese just cucks this entire time?: I need to sit down and think about this for a minute…[View]
265464997Never forget what they took from you[View]
265475234Why anime sucks in 1996- i mean 2024: So is SOUL just cope for anime studios pretending their shit i…[View]
265473899So every modern fmc is now just a loose slot?[View]
265469650One Punch Man: >Two unfunny hacks are going to rewrite the script two absolutely retarded Jews wr…[View]
265475401Initial D: On May 22 it will be exactly a decade since we saw Takumi Fujiwara race for the very last…[View]
265475252Look boys, it's the elf from elfen lied![View]
265471623Days with My Stepsister: Fuck your pure blonde (step)sister. Be happy. Stop being sad. https://youtu…[View]
265470595Never seen such generic garbage by hyped up so much. 9/10? Yeah fucking right.[View]
265440348Boku no Suki na Hito ga Suki na Hito: Chapter 15[View]
265440884Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その478 『一週間後に落ちる上司』[View]
265446582>draw a girl >call it a boy why do they keep doing this…[View]
265474780You didn't forget about Nono, did you anon-kun?[View]
265463214Just watched the first episode of season 3 and this shit isn't Konosuba. The Lalatina scene nea…[View]
265467055What happened to Noragami??: It feels like modern titles don't even bother with making a good w…[View]
265470263Kana will win because: >Title drop >She's not involve in the revenge plot. >She's…[View]
265472438Under Ninja: Femanon, is this true? Also, i want to discuss on what really happen in thia manga?…[View]
265470112EMBLEM STEAL![View]
265457210>Yeah bro the Fate anime suck go read the visual novels[View]
265471711Holo: Considering 90% of girls in anime are complete 1-note waifu bait with no personality, it'…[View]
265460742If Bocchi said this to me, I'd stab her.[View]
265459520What's the appeal?[View]
265473759ITT: Liars[View]
265470764chapter 8: Your smile turns into a snarl Out of your skin spikes burst My face smudges down And our …[View]
265466302Would you like to see vocaloids perform more OPs/EDs for anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_Ta…[View]
265468910Dragon Ball Super: In Dragon Ball, not even children are safe.[View]
265470707What's the most elaborate world you've seen in manga/anime?[View]
265459419Naruto: What did you think about the Minato oneshot?[View]
265385780A Parallel World With a 1:39 Male to Female Ratio Is Unexpectedly Normal: Chapter 138: 'I Blame It o…[View]
265420541Daily Himegasaki Sakurako wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii!: Chapter 37 Synopsis: >An average romcom told f…[View]
265469875Does Spy X Family appeal to the male fantasy?: The male fantasy of living a perfect life: >Hot lo…[View]
265462633'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 227: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020792…[View]
265465895Why is manga about fathers and daughters always really sweet and wholesome, while mother and son sto…[View]
265462582ITT: We drastically improve one genre with just one change: Every yuri manga from now on has one of …[View]
265465491Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 4: The storytime so far >volume 1 https://desuarchive.org/a/th…[View]
265466968Need more pregnant anime girls.[View]
265417116>he sees your dick[View]
265464467>Hey kids, do you like WataMote? >Yeah! >Then how about WataMote but worse? >Uuuh... …[View]
265470961Why is NTR so prevalent in romcoms lately?[View]
265467690Who was in the wrong side here?[View]
265469401Why the long face? Are they p*nies or something[View]
265425600Hoshikuzu Telepath: Why does Raimon build the robot?[View]
265443208Chainsaw Man: when reze comes back, how long do you think it'll take for her to reunite with mi…[View]
265467313ITT: deviant /a/rt: post your favorite autism[View]
265422250Nue's Exorcist Chapter 46: 'Training's Supposed To Be Done Alone'[View]
265464980Why does Araki do this retarded shading? It's completely wrong, makes no sense and makes every …[View]
265420922Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru Episode 2: Airing soon, the other grandchild. Didn't realize this was t…[View]
265467475It's BEHIND[View]
265467652Hime-sama, 'Goumon' no Jikan desu: I miss it[View]
265462007Both of them failed to create a better era for their people: And both their nations fell to oppressi…[View]
265418925Nagatoro: Nanashi will deliver tomorrow....right?[View]
265464074ITT characters whose early deaths could've considerably improved the show: I'll start.…[View]
265462711Dragon Ball Super: How do we balance fusions?[View]
265465278Re:Gochiusa Starting Life In Colmar: What is next for Gochūmon wa Usagi desu ka? Where do we go from…[View]
265433070Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 3 Part 2: Previous >>265424724 Last chapter in here[View]
265452589Why are there so many musical themed yuri shows this season? what genre of music is yuri?[View]
265458472Wonderful Pretty Cure: None at all![View]
265411036Sentai Daishikkaku (Ranger Reject/Go! Go! Loser Ranger!): Episode 2 is airing soon Looks like they m…[View]
265468209>Like 5 yuri shows this season Did Bocchi save yuri?[View]
265464161Hashirama vs Madara: Was it even fair?[View]
265463678MF Ghost: Season 2 PV and airing date never ever Not that I care enough for this series anyway…[View]
265456048The demon king can't beat brat dick: Another goodie https://youngchampion.jp/episodes/97cab0cd4…[View]
265466104Stop trying to rehabilitate a correctional facility of evil women.[View]
265462080>Everything well illuminated at the upper image >Anime woman lights up a light and everyone be…[View]
265467019Man, i'm not really into animes but this was great. I was especially shocked by a certain episo…[View]
265463647Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life: >Let me follow you around everywher…[View]
265463989Would you get inside?[View]
265466236Pipiru piru piru pipiru pii[View]
265464536This is the Berserk of LNs.[View]
265446545Oshi no Ko: Post Woobys[View]
265461579why did they make her so fucking ugly[View]
265461177What happened with this Kizu?: Why does the end result look like something made by a completely diff…[View]
265422262Undead Unluck #203: Sound Mind, Strong Body But first, popularity poll results.[View]
265461539Whisper me a love song: Why is hibike euphonium not a yuri like this anime?[View]
265461461Which medium do you always start with first?: Let's consider for a moment that a series starts …[View]
265464576Frieren is a really good anime. I thought people were hyping it up too much but after watching it I …[View]
265426051Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru: Episode 2 is out![View]
265456368Is that you, Übel? What brings you here? What's that? You're planning on inviting MY CLONE…[View]
265464309>[ANIME NAME] AMV >XXXX views - 12 years ago >publish date: 2012…[View]
265460623Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Renting a girlfriend is a waste of time, young men should focus on themselves…[View]
265464039One Punch Man: >Story by ONE[View]
265462579Nagatoro: Here be chapter 148 of Nagatoro: 'Senpai, are you and I…strangers…?', 25 pages this time R…[View]
265449934Shuumatsu Train: In this episode, according to prescreening reports, Akira goes to the restroom. Acc…[View]
265450735It's only going to get even worse.[View]
265460462How did anyone ever think that Stand JoJo (part 3 onwards) was anywhere close let alone better than …[View]
265461301One Piece is the greatest anime.: Haters haven't made a single logical argument as to what…[View]
265461553Never fear. Magilou is here.[View]
265456297JK Haru is a sex worker: Quote from an interview: >Hiratori: Although there are a lot of things …[View]
265452626One Piece: Hint soon.[View]
265454253Why is pink usually the protagonist color?[View]
265459016Post girls with question marks.[View]
265455168>forgettable What anime comes to mind?[View]
265462793What makes it peak magical girl series?[View]
265456598What do you call this type of girl?[View]
265454565I watched the first two episodes because /a/ was dickriding it hard, but >stiff animation >no …[View]
265461904>I loved drawing.. and now I'm neet loser weebo >I loved writing.. and now I'm neet …[View]
265461897>O, MY REPRODUCING MEN![View]
265441669Gochiusa: >Inori's career is over >Tippy is dead >Uchida's album flopped >The …[View]
265448812>here's your VN protagonist bro[View]
265458563>dude made one well recieved manga in the past and now gets too mooch off jump for the rest of hi…[View]
265461130Im sick and tired of anime trying to make us, the viewer, the people! Love evil women.[View]
265461429Adulthood is realizing that Laura matters more then any hamster because she will be with you for the…[View]
265454124Cocona, Ichigo, & Purin all have pretty similar designs and similar personalities (to some exten…[View]
265451559HxH (2011) & Madhouse: How the hell did they make high quality stuff every single week for 3 yea…[View]
265458025Why do anime use human voice actors for doing dog and cat noises? There's hundreds of sample l…[View]
26541929786: Why is 86 so underrated? It's arguably the best anime of the decade.[View]
265451299Satono Diamond.[View]
265453391Dragon Ball Super: Why does super saiyan + god + body swap become a pink haired form?[View]
265460261I like Dragon and Chameleon, other people should like it as well.[View]
265457762Who do you think got screwed over more after time traveling hijinks?[View]
265460476I love Mondays[View]
265457753Is this true?[View]
265458230MANGA IS FUN TO READ[View]
265450370Are anime faces becoming too minimalistic?: This is what a close-up shot looks like in 2024[View]
265444922Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Storytime Vol 1: Welcome back, everyone Today, we start the adaptati…[View]
265456141So who is this elephant dude anyway?[View]
265457257Isekai Shokudou: Remember Restaurant to Another World? Sure it didn't have a plot and nothing r…[View]
265452053>His favorite element isn't darkness[View]
265435576Naruto: What do you like about Naruto (The Series)?[View]
265455943CoMix Wave: 'We personally pay rent for animators to live closer to our studio': CEO Noritaka Kawagu…[View]
265459247Epitaph aside, are these two characters using the same ability?[View]
265421471Dungeon Meshi: Next episode we will hear her speak, and the world is not r[View]
265451723What happened to all the cat girls?[View]
265437952>Bocchi the narcissist So, the anons that praise this are actually paid shills, huh.…[View]
265454797frieren is just poor man's mushoku tensei[View]
265385526re:zero: how powerful is Hector the Warlock of Melancholy?[View]
265452952Ojou-sama who loves her meat or tomboy with a sweet tooth, which girl would you rather meet?[View]
265456488What are your thoughts on kodomo anime?[View]
265453827Why do stories in Chinese anime feel so restrictive? Why do the characters feel so uninspired? Is it…[View]
265457929Astro Note: Where is this going?[View]
265458160Black Frieza: Do you think Toriyama left any notes and outlines on how his arc is going to go, or is…[View]
265441715Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy For Different World: Why aren't blunt force weapons a more…[View]
265430459Damn brat…[View]
265457398I think both Nina and Euphemia should win[View]
265453962Will we ever find peace in the end?[View]
265457258Anime Nails Thread: Which anime girl has the best nails?[View]
265455171>this made teenage girls wet their panties[View]
265456689>draw a girl >call it a boy profit?[View]
265457155Ironically, Love Hotels are probably one of the least romantic places you can take someone you love.[View]
265452522Kaiju no.8: Hey anons, Japanese anime kaiju no. 8 has been live streamed on X on April 13th, Did you…[View]
265439094Gabu what are you looking at?[View]
265455208Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: I lasted 7 episodes. It wasn't really engaging at any point but I just saw …[View]
265420619>Slavery is ok if you are nice to your slaves. >No you see, MC isn't like the other slav…[View]
265455339Why arent there more goblinas in anime & manga?[View]
265454313Do It Yourself!!: >best girl is the blonde child Why is this always the case?…[View]
265438602Girls und Panzer / GuP / Garupan: We've been gupping hard this weekend.[View]
265379499Kengan Omega: Is Omega getting even worse? It can't get worse can it?[View]
265431527Yamada would like you to praise her now, because she’s a hard worker and nice and cute and everybody…[View]
265455787I hate Trigger and love KyoAni and I can't understand why 'people' put those two in the same ba…[View]
265446480Why do we love Elves?[View]
265456518Inuyasha: >tantric law of inversion Kikyo is a Vajrayana Buddhist now? weird…[View]
265457092What is Doga Kobo's best show?[View]
265449424>DISDAIN FOR PLEBS AND BAKAS Why is Evangelion still one of the best anime of all time?…[View]
265361579>fucks like a porn star >Intelligent as a doctor >Skilled as a detective >Brave as a w…[View]
265453792>Character is depressed >Stands under the shower looking down…[View]
265438923Why is foot faggotry so common in anime?[View]
265454767Winter season has finally concluded![View]
265422132How the fuck has he not been canceled yet?[View]
265442432Cowboy Bebop[View]
265452426What’s your opinion on anime English dubs[View]
265449315>cute and comfy dialed up to ten how did they do it?[View]
265451341Spice and Wolf: Oy vey! You've just FUCKED THE BRAINS of this priest OUT despite disliking reli…[View]
265454554Miu best girl.[View]
265425084Lmao. So I got into Digimon purely because of this little bastard and his design. I'm watching …[View]
265453835i explain[View]
265454781>protagonist is evil because… he’s evil[View]
265455309Houseki no Kuni: Phosphophyllite is really cute, but I heard this series was about suffering and shi…[View]
265452281How did we get 3 (three) female focused with heavy music angle anime that are all good at the same t…[View]
265450194I'm having a Gon moment![View]
265451961Does digimon hold up?: I get the feeling that it's a babby show but I have so much nostalgia fo…[View]
265420908ITT: Significant scenes in Anime and manga: Let's post them[View]
265450233Did Lancer, Rider or Caster really stand a chance of winning the Grail War? They have zero wins in F…[View]
265452951Here we see Sasuke (Indra's reincarnation) speaking to Madara (Indra's reincarnation) So..…[View]
265429082Monster girl thread: Why are mermaids filled with such pure sexo energy?[View]
265453878ITT: Wholesome Smiles: Post some of your favorite[View]
265453656ITT: Cool designs: No rules, just post whatever you've got.[View]
265430113Wonderful Precure: Any theories on who this mysterious cool beauty is? Could she be connected to the…[View]
265452085Why has MEGALOBOX 2: Nomad been forgotten?[View]
265452140Fukushuu wo Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru: >princess brainwa…[View]
265450719>HAHAHA POOP JOKE!!![View]
265432621Mikadono Sanshimai: Dumping typeset chapter 109. It's the last chapter of the island arc, for r…[View]
265453593Grimdark Anime: Are they the best kind of anime? At the very least, they are always the most popula…[View]
265451967Why is there no manga about a bald homosexual past his prime lusting after a smelly NEET guy?[View]
265452873ITT: Moments men will never understand: Post your faves[View]
265439985Mushoku Tensei: LukeChads... don't look.[View]
265445963Dragon Ball Super: The ONLY participating character that didn't lose a SINGLE FUCKING FIGHT. IN…[View]
265447044>several seasons and movies for Hibikek and Chu2byou >nothing for Hyouka and AmaBuri even afte…[View]
265453175Goddess: Durga[View]
265439084Girls Band Cry: >I haven't spoken to anyone all week. >I'm sure I'll die alone.…[View]
265445712Soremachi: You're under arrest.[View]
265452032Is it true that Kishida banned bikini since July 2022?: After July 2022 when Abe has passed away, Ki…[View]
265449831Touhou anime when?[View]
265452384What is taking so long?[View]
265451870Big thighs oh man[View]
265451351Do you like evil girls or evil women?[View]
265439531ITT: Post your favorite anime: (that you can't tell /a/)[View]
265427552Would you all still like Ubel if she looked like this?[View]
265451767Why are harem protaganists like this?: The author is clearly aware that the character is lame as fuc…[View]
265445427ONE PIECE: Rundown on what's gonna happen Egghead >VP’s transmission will be stopped but not…[View]
265450520>Japanese schoolgirl smells weed one time >immediately hallucinates >2 weeks later is a deg…[View]
265447270ITT: manga only you read[View]
265428810>gets criticized once >gains a God complex and becomes the most prolific mass murderer in hist…[View]
265426124Super Psychic Policeman Chojo #10: Sorry for the late dump, new chapter is out.[View]
265452036Stop watching anine .[View]
265452028Are the anime fans the most eclectic type of media consumers?: Compared to people who mostly consume…[View]
265416631So we all agree that Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z > GT > Super, right?[View]
265451668Transformations: What’s your favorite transformation scene in anime, /a/? For me, it’s this https://…[View]
265423092Two on Ice #28: Final chapter https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020521[View]
265429705Would you marry a servant?[View]
265441174Daily Akazukin no Ookami Deshi Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and sudd…[View]
265431069Now presenting! Your new world leader! Ika-chan de geso!![View]
265443189He won at life.[View]
265449274Have normalfags ruined your enjoyment for a series?[View]
265448846>oi geek boy buy me lunch![View]
265449888post great designs[View]
265422178Kagurabachi: Chapter #29 - Selection[View]
265451033Beyblade: G-Revolution is the GOAT season. I think it's about time we had a remake of the origi…[View]
265451005Tsukihime REmake was announced in 2008. Why did Nasu only remake 2 of 6 routes?[View]
265443582I love Evil[View]
265425897Why does /a/ hate Azumanga now?[View]
265450047Are these shots really necessary?[View]
265444492Are you capable of watching another show just when you finish one or do you need time to move on? I …[View]
265448625Why isn't it more common for mangakas to be directly behind the anime adaptation / film of thei…[View]
265450365Batman, Evangelion and Blade Runner smooshed together and they nailed it.[View]
265438031The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All: What do /a/ think about this Manga? It also …[View]
265430111Lucky Star[View]
265429978Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau: Considering how much /a/ is obsessed with yuri, it's surprising ho…[View]
265443390Chainsaw Man: Reze's most likely whereabouts right now would be in some town living incognito. …[View]
265447383Reminder that the manga is peak GiTS[View]
265450181Pre-1970 thread: What boomershit are you watching?[View]
265441262Why is debt a relatively common theme in manga? Is loan sharking an actual social issue there or are…[View]
265448855>Le genocidal bugs are LE HORNY NOW???!?!!! >OMG how could gon and netero just brutally kill t…[View]
265438224https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRrqvjjKlOs Is this ever coming out? It looks good, but where is it?…[View]
265439952ITT: Fashion in anime[View]
265444408A taste so sweet, yet so deadly. She will be our downfall and our delight.[View]
265433011Blue Archive: Are you excited to see the star of Volume 1 next week?[View]
265447686moshi moshi[View]
265449374>thinking about wolf's dick[View]
265446665Oshiete! Galko-chan: Where's my galko-chan thread![View]
265448142Okay Anon, no fucking the door now.[View]
265429785Mission: Yozakura Family 222: Chapter's out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020719…[View]
265444932What Mushoku Tensei just accomplished is something you barely see in other anime / manga aka Rudeus …[View]
265433342Yugioh is such a badass.[View]
265426476>gets away with everything[View]
265441459Bulma my beloved[View]
265431136Shimoneta thread (NSFW, duh): >She lets her love nectar drip onto his face >Straight from the …[View]
265446988anime just simply isnt as good as it used to be. its clear[View]
265446776God I wish that were me[View]
265447076Frieren prays that anons will find inner peace, finally see the light, and enjoy her anime unironica…[View]
265435759Caught up with Houseki no Kuni: What the hell did I just read. When is the last chapter dropping any…[View]
265444436Imagine Louise meeting the in-laws.: Mom and Dad I was gone because I got Isekai into kind of fantas…[View]
265443541How did we get four whole entire girly music animes in one season?[View]
265445504there will never be another character like her[View]
265442012Dragon Ball Super: Our fucking IDOLS.[View]
265438477People used to like this show, why did nobody care about the recent seasons?[View]
265442297How did Toriyama got away with this?[View]
265443725Lena inverse: She was a member of an archetype before it was an archetype.[View]
265440506ITT: anime that mogged Chainsaw Man[View]
265436707(Formerly) Daily PLINIVS Chapter: Creta Chapter 54[View]
265445574>My tail detected spell has a 1% chance of failing.[View]
265443455Confess your sins...: I'll start. I'm 30, having been watching anime since I was a kid, a…[View]
265435715how did all three of them end up dykes[View]
265443845[BROKEN PROMISES]: Dreams[View]
265109810>janny nuked a Thunderbolt Fantasy thread Anyways, let's talk about Season 4.…[View]
265444692Damn, is it really a romcom?: I expected a lighthearted comedy with a tall-short dynamic but it beca…[View]
265422422Elusive Samurai Ch. 153: Stewards 1338 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020745[View]
265440042this board has been visited by the three wise snowmen[View]
265390744Jujutsu Kaisen: The kindest[View]
265444287what did Yui mean by this?[View]
265434643Why is this so mid compared to S1?[View]
265442409Which mangaka / anime studio makes you go 'LISAN AL-GAIB!'?[View]
265442998Tax day: You did do your taxes, didn't you anon?[View]
265428486ITT; we assign anime for boards picrel is /a/[View]
265438847Wonder Egg Priority: At least it had cute girls.[View]
265436568Why does it feel like it's overstaying its welcome?[View]
265443670Reading manga is fun[View]
265430611Oshi no Ko: Akane already won. Aqua confessed his love to her.[View]
265435801Why do romcoms that clearly set up harem endings never follow through with the harem?[View]
265434164Do you have an example of a certain gimmick/premise that you feel like it was wasted/poorly done and…[View]
265412650Chainsaw man: Only kiggers here[View]
265433725So I guess this is all anime is now, anymore? Tempering budgets so you can five 5-10 seconds of 'awe…[View]
265432916take me back...[View]
265429806Characters that the show criticizes despite being 100% justified: More generally, post bad moral con…[View]
265429094I finally finished QQ after so many anons praised it. I can only end with this conclusion: Nino is c…[View]
265442619Onii-chan wa Oshimai! (Onimai): Would it be possible to pull Mahiro's underpants far in an upwa…[View]
265441719Zero Believers Goddess: Will you cherish and protect your Goddess in isekai?[View]
265434135name a bigger fall from grace[View]
265441264Why are moeshitters such whores?[View]
265421261what the fuck happened[View]
265442087>Munch-munch, >chomp-chomp, >gobble-gobble, >gulp What did they mean by this?…[View]
265400572Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
265438105Dragon Ball Super: The Prince of all 6 Saiyans.[View]
265438142>Another franchise that the West loved since the late 90s for its rich storytelling, but then the…[View]
265437957I liked it.[View]
265396847Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai: What kind of name is Takanashi Kim Anouk Mei?[View]
265418303Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken: Would you be willing to let an isekai elf…[View]
265440581I have a fondness for villainous women.: Additionally, they are the real villains of Season 2. Rio w…[View]
265438957Unnamed Memory: >tower is only protected by a couple of lame animated statues >somehow nobody …[View]
265438752I used to be a self-proclaimed otaku back in 2012 that knew and watched or read everything of releva…[View]
265437499You can judge an anime 100% by it's intro.: I propose to you my findings; If an anime has a goo…[View]
265435364Yuureitou: What did you think of yuureitou?[View]
265439946Anon, what's your situation? Over.[View]
265437856One Piece girls are the sexiest in Shonen[View]
265425624Honk Honk[View]
265430436Mushoku Tensei: It's Lucy-making time.[View]
265435993Date A Live V: On a scale of 1-10 how much of a tomboy is Mukuro?[View]
265421837WSJ - Weekly Shōnen Jump: Weekly Thread[View]
265438238LiSA's Gurenge Becomes Top-Selling Digital Single Song in Reiwa Era: >Oricon, a Japanese res…[View]
265437764Honestly?: I'd hit that[View]
265436503>160cm >54kg[View]
265431740ITT: Anime lines that make you cringe. >Sore wa meirei desu ka? >'Hai' wa ikkai dake…[View]
265436238What is the preferred English title for「あそびにいくヨ!」? And are we due for a revival?[View]
265036284/a/ draw duvet - serial experiments lain: Final thread... right?[View]
265439410Is anyone reading Ginko's manga?[View]
265435623ITT: Top tier worldbuilding. (Pic unrelated)[View]
265434936Ping Pong is a complete waste of time.[View]
265381115Is Erza from Fairy Tail the hottest female in Battle Shounen?[View]
265437810Gokurakugai: What am I in for?[View]
265422397UMARU'S EPIC THREAD: We assemble in ONE HOUR nugs. (No, for real! Check the first post)[View]
265420682Vampire Dormitory Episode 2: Half an hour till new episode Can Ren's wall slam save this title …[View]
265425730Hagure Idol 106/107: Happy 14th of the month! It’s another Hagure Idol drop. 2 chaps this month and …[View]
265422263Witch Watch 152: Monster Parents https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020524[View]
265394703Gochiusa - season 4 cancelled celebration thread: It's owari.[View]
265431491I love Sonya, Yoshika, Strike Witches. And most of all, Anime.[View]
265433602Dragon Ball Super: This is the funny thread.[View]
265412331Who is she spreading her legs for?[View]
265437660I really love these moments in today's Mushoku Tensei episode Even the finer detail on Rudeus…[View]
265432775Why did everyone hate Echoes Act III?[View]
265434848This is the birth of a super villain[View]
265437165>Dragon Ball fans still fear the OPM verse for this feat[View]
265434505Quit Your Story After Setting Up The Beat Part: Has there ever been as big of a hack fraud as Togash…[View]
265436131>Sheeta >Satsuki >Kiki >Chihiro Why was Hayao Miyazaki so obsessed with young girls? Is …[View]
265413801Girls Band Cry: Do you really believe this girl got bullied for no reason[View]
265424266Weekend Sound Thread: No sound thread ? I'll start it then.[View]
265430648Itt: everyone is cute: So have you been doing my cute anons?[View]
265415449GuP / Girls und Panzer: SHE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT[View]
265433128Takane is still the best idolmaster.[View]
265405028Naruto: Damn, even cuter than SAKURA!? THE BOOTYFUL!?[View]
265435443Who is your favorite winner?[View]
265435147we can go wider[View]
265424310Sakamoto Days: Days 162[View]
265433840I'm starting to like brainless isekai shows[View]
265432000ITT: Incel moments in anime/manga[View]
265433211Biggest Kivotos outlaw group: Handyman Problem Solver Sixty Eight enters the stage Aru Sama, now a t…[View]
265434429Can someone help me find this manga???: So I once read a manga on the internet about a boy that wake…[View]
265432442Say something nice about them[View]
265423872Green Green Greens - Chapter 19: Everything About Golf[View]
265433749I thought I would Like Solo Leveling More WHY DON'T I Something feels like its missing[View]
265431649New Berserk 26th of April![View]
265430246LOGH...Again: >S4 has the best animation >But one of the main characters is dead and can'…[View]
265427234elfen lied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPVq30bPq6I excellent opening song, decent anime…[View]
265428436Is Whisper of the Heart the most divisive anime on /a/? The only two opinions seem to be either >…[View]
265430846HARUHI SUZUMIYA: Why is haruhi so good? Why is itsuki so weird? Why is kyon so fucking stupid? Why i…[View]
265256631Daily Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi: Have you ever wanted to self-insert as a young beautiful wom…[View]
265431814The Boy and the Heron (Miyazaki's worst) -->: I just saw this movie... Visually spectacular …[View]
265421534who knew orange hair girls could be this gorgeous?[View]
265430855Do you think the pen toriyama used for Dr.Slump and Dragon Ball still exists? He used the same pen f…[View]
265426835Dragon Ball Super: Never forget than Bejita is already 0-1 against Pan.[View]
265430787Darling in the Franxx: Do you want a 2nd season that leaves off after the season finale of ep 16? I …[View]
265425461Blue Box #145: Sorry for the late dump, new chapter is out.[View]
265422534Kill Blue: Page 49: The Legend vs. The Best https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020557…[View]
265374954Why are we getting more and more muscle girls in anime and manga recently?[View]
265416836Tonari no Yōkai-san: two episodes in, i love the comfy vibes of this reminds me very much of Heterog…[View]
265429640I miss mob psycho 100/ 10: It’s the best new gen shounen[View]
265432826RE:Zero: I just maratoned the first episode, does this show ever get good? Why is the score so high …[View]
265417222Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid: Sharon meets Gerbera[View]
265430873Lycoris Recoil: S2 when?[View]
265432458Why is it flopping?[View]
265432256Ooi! Tonbo ep 2: prefecture's golf legend not so smug after sand trap of the century[View]
265418717What's the point of the mom being better than the MC?[View]
265424145Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you see him?[View]
265432243Two can play that game, Whoro![View]
265430505Ganbare, CLAMP! You can complete the xxxHolic series![View]
265424724Dragon Ball Super Storytime Volume 3[View]
265417122What do you call this character archetype[View]
265431593Say it.[View]
265421181One Piece: Are they just going to leave the seraphims on Egghead?[View]
265427996Perfect girl in a terrible show.[View]
265418517This is in the top 3 best Ghibli movies and I'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
265341791Raildex: I miss Maon so much. Raildex just won't ever be the same again without her beautiful v…[View]
265431105How would you rank these in order?[View]
265422577THE GREAT YU-GI-OH! GX REWATCH: Come one, come all! It starts soon.[View]
265428600sentai daishikkaku: >what if super sentai but bad who is this shit for…[View]
265427463>insurance for slaves Seems like a terrible idea[View]
265413730Blue Archive: Do you foresee a good second episode?[View]
265427190Still like anime better than manga[View]
265423856Spice & Wolf: Reminder to all Holo chads to make your offerings of apples to your Holo shrines a…[View]
265420420Who does she spread her armpit for?[View]
265430577Why haven't more people on /a/ watched Garzey's Wing with the english dub? Should be manda…[View]
265424589Mushoku Tensei: No honeymoon? No problem.[View]
265430400The king of Fate[View]
265420248What the hell was Toriyama thinking?[View]
265421573Who is the LA CREATIVIDAD of anime and manga?[View]
265419530gentlemen, how do we save the digimon franchise? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa4LSkY_RjE 25 year…[View]
265421330Mmm, yep. I think Miyazaki is BASED![View]
265307486Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Hey all, I got the typeset for this chapter done pretty quick, so her…[View]
265365256Buyfag: Consider this[View]
265425006GRAND METAL ORGANS: I found this new manga and the art reminded me a lot of old Nihei. I'll be…[View]
265429609What's the point in watching anime when manga exists?[View]
265426750Okay, hold on. It's been years since I watched it, so let me know if I'm being a geriatric…[View]
265429766Have we finally reached a world where tomboys can actually win in romcoms?[View]
265427161I never understood why the consensus here is that Hitomi took his virginity out of pity. If you look…[View]
265428174https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISQg_4UzB-A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrh_u6oI_uw don't q…[View]
265426337What's his deal?[View]
265425009Akane Banashi: Dumping[View]
265428928I just saw 'All that you Gather' On the one hand, Nanachi is not drawn with a penis. OTOH: Would the…[View]
265425549Post your funniest animemes[View]
265411013Ichigo Mashimaro: I miss this anime, I wish they made more OVA. Chi-chan is my favorite, although th…[View]
265352865Hibike Euphonium: Say something nice about her[View]
265388869The Fable: >2nd episode >no thread It's owari da…[View]
265423611Can we have a thread about girls wearing swimsuits ? these kind of ilustrations are one of my favori…[View]
265425181Spice and Wolf appreciation thread: Holo is pure, otherwise she wouldn't be a wise wolf.[View]
265425533Closed Circuit downhill racing with a second season on the way, Formula 4, and now this thing they c…[View]
265427514/a/ CRINGE: Post the cringiest /a/ pics you got[View]
265425724Softness Incarnate, Goo-Kissed and Sweet![View]
265423012what went wrong?: It was good and original until the usual anime cliche characters started to appear…[View]
265424009Shadow Eliminators #18: axed next chapter https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1020771…[View]
265420956Nobody likes Neko Kuroha lmfao!!!!!!![View]
265418651I don't drink, but I got three liters of beer and watched the entirety of konosuba S1 in a sing…[View]
265427026chapter 7: Once again rain befalls me The so familiar blur I see Walking away as I flee And I tumble…[View]
265418293The Birth of Kitaro: Mystery of GeGeGe: Finally will be streaming on amazon prime on tommorrow japan…[View]
265406104Wonderful Precure: New episode just aired and the cat hype is real. What are your expectations for n…[View]
265422131Spy x Family: NEW CHAPTER IN 2 MINUTES GET IN HERE SXFBROS!!![View]
265372884Mahoako - Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete - Gushing over Magical Girls[View]
265423980What's the B movie of anime?[View]
265426437AxeGODS how are we feeling?[View]
265422529What went right?[View]
265422592>the intellectuals of the anime community stopped to simp for demon slayer and now hate it for so…[View]
265423444I watched the first episode and I'm confused. Is there some side material to explain how we got…[View]
265419866Female characters who take it in the butt: Continuing on...[View]
265421346Why does this filter people?[View]
265425208Best Anime of 2023: top included only best Atierlists with all watched anime itt[View]
265412611Chainsaw Man: 163 won't have a Denji and Yoshida dinner reunion but we will see Yoshida sitting…[View]
265418535Peter Grill has more game than you[View]
265422392It's an ok season[View]
265417431Dragon Ball Super: Needles? Still undefeated against Gokek.[View]
265382656Mushoku Tensei: New OP >https://files.catbox.moe/qwk6q0.mp4 >that hydra >that zenith >th…[View]
265400056Why are yuri shows more popular and better liked on /a/ than romcoms?[View]
265416276Is Kafka oficially the first barabait shonen MC? Kenshiro is too handsome.[View]
265413750Oshi no Ko: Ruby is in danger...[View]
265412021Kokoro Kikuchi - new Maru-chan: Not very new news, but I just found out: Kokoro Kikuchi is the new v…[View]
265422726Kaiju No. 8 or Sentai Daishikkaku: Which is the best monster anime of the season?[View]
265421066Fishman island was better than Marineford: and YOU can't prove me wrong[View]
265397351I'm the only one who heavily dislikes the way faces are drawn in Kagurabachi? They look express…[View]
265328716Boku no hero academia: At what exact point would you say that this series turns into shit, for me it…[View]
265416734Japenese Anime Not Written By Japanese: >Main characters slowly die, one by one, often quickly an…[View]
265409265>I like him because he flirts with other women ???[View]
265417496Has /a/ - Anime & Manga warmed up their muscles before their 8-hour posting session today?[View]
265412375Kaiju No. 8: >Oh cool, a Kaiju anime with great production values >Interesting unique art styl…[View]
265422790What if Elaina was your maid?[View]
265411888Ninja kamui: New episode[View]
265398879I love Mashu[View]
265420021Nami Sano was a genius. And she was gonna keep getting better. Fuck cancer.[View]
265353983Daily Umibe no Q / Q on the Seaside: Chiho, a middle school girl teased for not having a smartphone …[View]
265397572ITT: Themes that give you the goosebumps: Tsukame! Egaita yume wo Mamore! Daiji na tomo wo Takumashi…[View]
265419422Look at this dumb bitch and laugh at her stupid ass.[View]
265423023Kinnikuman: Chapter #448 is OUT! https://wpb.shueisha.co.jp/comic/2024/04/14/122740/[View]
265351822The iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors: Subs for ep 1 and 2 are actually out now![View]
265396953How come it failed to take off at all? Western Audiences love 'something innocent that's actual…[View]
265417565Kyouran Reijou Nia Liston: Dumping Martial artist that mastered chi channeling get reincarnated as a…[View]
265405460Digimon Xros Wars Storytime Vol 4: Welcome back, everyone Today, our heroes take the fight straight …[View]
265420720>thinking about the wolf's dick[View]
265413411Why was the mid 90s to early/mid 2000s era of manga the most soulful art-wise? In that period we had…[View]
265419575okay, if you insist anon[View]
265419988>created a new form >showed up for only two times in the series Why is Kubo like this?…[View]
265419814Captain Tsubasa: BULLSHIT[View]
265420599Toei more like Blowie: >Let's revive the most popular anime franchise in history, even thoug…[View]
265420230Best Anime of 2023: I watched 219 tv from this year (only 5+ eps, 10+min) top included only best…[View]
265418832>He hasn't seen Kaiju number 8 yet[View]
265392279Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau: Damn, that was really fucking gay. Did you like the first ep /a/?…[View]
265410810Fate/Zero and Kenshin:Trust and Betrayal: Both are darker and edgier prequels and both have a tragic…[View]
265417532What is it about evil rape princes that makes them a character archetype with such lasting popularit…[View]
265421712chibikasa a cute[View]
265421452Hikaru no Go: Can I go into this with no understanding of Go?[View]
265405295Which anime girl would you pump and dump?[View]
265413309Lovecraft is rolling in his grave.[View]
265419708How many nep games do I need to play to watch this?[View]

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