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165836890How are they going to handle Toya and Yukiko deal in the new Card Captor Sakura? Ignore it competely…[View]
165822958Boku No Hero Academia: have we ever actually seen Autism-chan turn bigger with her quirk, or is she …[View]
165825585Monster Musume: >the arc was so long and shit that it killed most of the fan base Anyone still al…[View]
165822870Be honest and tell me what you see in pic related. don't say 'a black square' you fucking int…[View]
165826644ITT: unfairly forgotten shows: >Kana Hanazawa as main girl >Eri Kitamura and Ayane Sakura as s…[View]
165836140The boat has have a crew: When one franchise gets off, another has to take its place.[View]
165827859What did you guys think of this[View]
165833662What did she mean by this[View]
165830663Girls with glasses or girls with glasses fetish?[View]
165836109ITT: Post couple or OTP that deserves to haves a child[View]
165835834Will we ever see her again?[View]
165818752FREE HUGS[View]
165829961Omaera Zenin Mendokusai ch27: it's back class rep > class rep's sister > slut > s…[View]
165831802shittiest girl you can imagine i'll start[View]
165835973>Michiru Shimada Passes Away WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY[View]
165835546Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san: New PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUKy3z4wEl0[View]
165826161poor boy: it isn't his fault, he dindu nuffin, he had no chance[View]
165828807What Do y'all think is better Kuroko no Basket or Haikyu?[View]
165824913The Ackerman subplot doesn't really seem to make much sense in the grand scheme of things, does…[View]
165803630Did /a/ ever recover from Kuzu no Honkai? I don't think it did.[View]
165827043What happened next /A/ ?[View]
165813953This is Satoko. Please do not throw chairs at her.[View]
165823961Just finished season 1 of Hibike Ephonium and this is the gayest couple I have seen in a long time. …[View]
165833712ITT: Tropes that make you drop the Manga/Anime and Author forever >Despite being in love with eac…[View]
165834994Would he execute Tohdoh if Lelouch didn't intervene?[View]
165802972Just Because: Get in here for weekly dose of camerafags tears[View]
165832609What allures you to anime so to speak?: for me it's the fact that anyone can be a hero >mons…[View]
165834501How strong Mirai-senpai is gonna be next week?[View]
165833947Is this the best 'Bonnie & Clyde' couple of anime?[View]
165835049Kaguya-sama: Remember the times when this manga is full of mind games? I feel old /a/[View]
165833315So let me make sure I have this right... He’s going to help her resurrect her insanely powerful evil…[View]
165829120Guilty Pleasure: ITT our top 5 secret shows we love regardless of the hate 1. Boruto 2. Pokemon 3.Yu…[View]
165823818Is this the most realistic couple in all of anime?[View]
165783462ITT: Iconic panels[View]
1657904221. A girl moves to an island, and is taught by her childhood friend to be good at this sport. She wi…[View]
165833526BanG Dream!: Is she an autist?[View]
165831639You're shitting me.[View]
165830320What are some of your favourite/most interesting character goals and motivations from manga and anim…[View]
165834113Violet Evergarden: Is VEG the Titanic of anime?[View]
165830764Story Time - Aqua Knight - KISHIRO Yukito: Continuing the dump.[View]
165833638Boruto: So what else did Wasabi scroll said?[View]
165828872How could you say no to someone this pretty?[View]
165833417I miss Shimoneta. It was flawed, but something about it made me happy.[View]
165822405What kind of costumes would you make Rika wear if you were her Producer?[View]
165824259If your waifu isn't blonde you might as well dump her right now.[View]
165829306So does she deserve to be ignored just because she isn't a loli like the rest of the girls?[View]
165828329How would you console a crying Aqua?[View]
165832137DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY[View]
165825112Toradora Annual stream: Annual midnight EST Tor/a/dora followed by Sakurasou starting in one hour. G…[View]
165829977Arslan Senki: Good Night Sweet Prince[View]
165822666REC: Marathoned this. This show has so much heart. Why doesn't SHAFT make quality shows like th…[View]
165832765YOU ARE SO EASY GOING![View]
165816126Does this looks like an MC to you? I think there's something off.[View]
165833819Sensei to sono ofuton: Is this the board to discuss light novels? Has anyone read pic related? Is it…[View]
165833732>Going SSJ while SSG creates SSB >Going KK while in SSB creates SSGKK >Going SSJ while with…[View]
165833525ITT: Pure Manga Protagonists[View]
165831119Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch90[View]
165824442Japan's top waifus: https://animeanime.jp/article/2017/12/04/36161.html How the fuck did Asuna …[View]
165731824Love Live: How many cocks do you think Ruby can fit in her mouth?[View]
165815055Boruto thread: The more she cries, the stronger she gets?[View]
165833062Just marathoned this flick.: I never read or watch the source material. How do people get their powe…[View]
165823654What do you want to see more in Anime? robot maids fighting monsters like large dust bunnies and bed…[View]
165826364Louise Valliere: How great is Louise?[View]
165787388Hunter x Hunter thread Are you guys hype?[View]
165828368Have you been watching any anime movies, /a/? I just finished the BD rewatches for Princess Mononoke…[View]
165782675Steins;Gate Zero anime to premiere in April http://otakomu.jp/archives/647325.html[View]
165824206>Time heals all sorrows! Holy fuck when will KyoAni honestly depict the world as unforgiving and …[View]
165827495Bang.: Bang.[View]
165828418Story Time - Aqua Knight - KISHIRO Yukito: Hey. Dumping part of a short series. >Inspired by a be…[View]
165832353How the fuck did they get away with this? https://youtu.be/aZaSgnYLceQ[View]
165832016Osamu Mikumo vs Son Gohan: Lets discuss the similarities and differences between Osamu from World Tr…[View]
165817460Youre minding your own business when this smug looking girl closes in on you. What do you do?[View]
165830824The absolute state of Hana-fags.[View]
165831857Kaneki was killed by Saitama. OPM>TG confirmed[View]
165829321With so many isekai series out now what are you reading and what do you think is the best? I'm …[View]
165770667Murata began streaming the next OPM chapter. It will be 60 pages long.[View]
165825739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2NkIJyRylw I can't get enough of this song 'Tsuki no Mayu' fro…[View]
165831055Anime/vns that made you cry: Post pics and include title. Pic related tokyo magnitude 8.0[View]
165818898This is what peak divinity is![View]
165830392>people don't beg his favorite studio to show EVERY episode of a TV show in cinemas…[View]
165796689I present you the softest girl in anime.[View]
165828155What an overly melodramatic, plothole-ridden piece of feelsbait trash. Why the fuck was this shit so…[View]
165822848>'KISAMA!' >MC fights mini-boss >uses the same shit as always but it doesn't work >…[View]
165735314OPT another one paged thing: Ham hams are underrated[View]
165829116DxD: Why was season 1 so fantastic?[View]
165804293Aikatsu and Pripara: Beloved by the Sunlight Bathed in the Moonlight Never Hugged by her Mother…[View]
165829011>best girl gets shit on the whole series[View]
165827448Mosaics: My file date indicates that it's been 4 years since we were all doing our favorite 9 a…[View]
165830753Liz to Aoi Tori: To emphasize just how gay Mizore and Nozomi are they got the Free! character design…[View]
165822845Perfectly fine characters ruined to further a retarded plot.[View]
165824113Find a flaw.[View]
165818017Why are direct downloads for anime/manga not really a thing anymore? Everyone seems to rely heavily …[View]
165819463GJ-bu: Why don't we settle down with a nice cup of tea and have a comfy GJ-bu thread?[View]
165827344Blend s: Literally me and literally my reason to avoid relationships Lolibaba is wise[View]
165829561What would happen to the manga industry if they had to spend one month without using any kind of mis…[View]
165828911Worst OPs/EDs: Starting with Baki season 2 opening. What the fuck were they thinking https://www.you…[View]
165817117This change would save the FATE Franchise. And would be a hell of an improvement.[View]
165829081What made everyone agree on Sagiri being LOTY?[View]
165829966ITT: Real people in anime[View]
165829839ITT: Faggot TLs >pic related[View]
165825062Heard that Erased is getting a J-Drama adaption on Netflix this weekend so I thought we could have a…[View]
165822796Find a flaw.[View]
165828157>this fucking hat[View]
165823969Cowboy Bebop.: He was the best villain of Cowboy Bebop an you can't prove otherwise.[View]
165796134Holy shit: is plot actually happening?[View]
165830384Kemono Friends' skunks: Searching for other fans of this characters[View]
165816245JoJo Stand Maker Game: Thread for making stands. One person will write the stands power. The next pe…[View]
165827940Who is this 'Tony Kaku' and why is he in so many anime?[View]
165821330Dragon Ball Super: JUSTICE will always prevail.[View]
165828417This cute bulli is searching for English translations of chapter 5. Is the manga going to feature re…[View]
165821809Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken: I miss her already Koi no Himitsu[View]
165828057>he sees his dick[View]
165826294I know I'm late, but I just marathoned season one. I couldn't stop watching it once I star…[View]
165818274SAO: I've finally decided to give this a shot after the shitflinging and defending and whatnot …[View]
165826466Comfy/calming OPs & EDs thread: Post some of your favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaM…[View]
165801405How does it feel that Gilgameme is not the strongest anymore?[View]
165820742>we want the Berserk Audience[View]
165818223Its okay to watch the origin movies and skip 70's msg right /a/?[View]
165825171I wa[View]
165823881What's your show of the year, /a/? >pic unrelated[View]
165823644It's not fucking fair bros. Why the fuck did Urara Meirochou sell way less than actual trash li…[View]
165823762PMMM: What's up it's your boy akuma homura, and I'm here to talk to you about magical…[View]
165823291congrats my dude, you were just given full creative control to over a movie trilogy over JoJo parts …[View]
165812694Berserk: There's literally not a single chance that the story will end without Guts pulling a J…[View]
165824384Delicious Festive Cake: Would you join her?[View]
165824269How did the make seeing the same course over and over again interesting? How come when new courses w…[View]
165785465Yuki Yuna/YuYuYu: Good news, the limited edition WaSuYu movie BDs sold over 7000 copies each. https:…[View]
165780606What is it about this character that triggers /a/ so hard?[View]
165826132ITT: Older shows that you watched recently but never really got the opportunity to discuss with peop…[View]
165825412Oh, so the twist is that he was actually just an idiot the whole time.[View]
165799796Why are onee-chans so great?[View]
165824103Don't open[View]
165824254was he a good father?[View]
165825164Why they gotta try and get smart? Why can't they just use regular fucking kanji?[View]
165815904Bow down to the queen of 4chan: No, not just /a/, the whole of 4chan itself! Come sing to her praise…[View]
165825434Now that it's been a few years, I hope you're all ready to accept it. Shaft maintains thei…[View]
165824588Buyfag Thread: Post your figure collections here![View]
165809977Yu-Gi-Oh!: O MY HEART OF THE CARDS[View]
165804242Inuyashiki: Inuyashiki VS Hiro today.[View]
165821477Cicadas: Do you think the anime was good enough as an adaptation ? As someone who watched the anime …[View]
165825332Guess that anime: ITT: We guess the name of the anime a scene is taken from.[View]
165812572Left or right?[View]
165825294>inb4 Gohan Blanco derrotas El Grande Padre[View]
165805655Nichijou: Two seiyuu who met during recording for Nichijou got married just now.[View]
165805761One Piece: How do we fix the underage Luffyfags problem?[View]
165782736You hear it, you lose.[View]
165823972your opinions on spats: I'm looking to see if there is a prevalent opinion concerning spats in …[View]
165824739Stupid sexy Sonic[View]
165823269Was he gay?[View]
165798160Why did /a/ hate Suzaku so much?[View]
165822642These are my daughters. Say something kind about each of them.[View]
165819083Stocking: She didn't do nothin' wrong.[View]
165824441Why would anyone hurt him?[View]
165819702Shhh, Tsukasa is thinking[View]
165818009This is not what I expected. Also why is redemption such a big theme in Western media while brutal d…[View]
165822602Waifu Planet: Will they have more images of waifus planets?[View]
165822255Who is your brofu?[View]
165824133>ywn have a friendly chat with a big-titted, pure OL christmas cake of a boss after Christmas…[View]
165790463Fate/Apocrypha: Is it possible to win the Holy Grail War with Atalanta and her itty bitty kitty titt…[View]
165817201Happy birthday, Emperor of the roses![View]
165820716Welcome to the NHK: So, are you still dancing you filthy human baby? Have you abandoned your hikikom…[View]
165822799PriPri thread because there is a distinct lack of Doroshii in this quadrant of the internet.[View]
165820923>milkmaid cafe Okay, so how long until this becomes an ecchi anime?[View]
165820241will /a/ survive this?: Not even memeing now, what will happen?[View]
165742822Incest: Why are unconventional sibling relationships so popular in anime/manga?[View]
165823499Will any other anime music release ever top this?[View]
165822975you guys know shes an android girl, right?[View]
165821973Saki: Tanoshii: Saki chapter 183 raws. Exciting 5th place mahjong match heads into the captain'…[View]
165821204What did Sakura do to deserve all the shit she's gotten? She's a beautiful, sweet hearted,…[View]
165808371Is this the strongest anime character? How can you beat the fucking sun?[View]
165801600This is your sukeban tonight say something nice about her. How would Sotomura-san react to meeting …[View]
165795306Is this peak male performance in anime?[View]
165822282How does manga end up with different black levels? Pic related. Top is tank scan, middle is tank sc…[View]
165816478>the main antagonist is the Wondering Eternal Jew Who the hell okay'd this?…[View]
165823159Kemonomimi shows for 2018?[View]
165821727No other series compare when it comes to facial expression. It was a goldmine.[View]
165822919Oyasumi Punpun: Please Aiko, save me from ustinction[View]
165793893Buyfag Thread: rabu raibu[View]
165813929On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate Lalatina's Lalatinas?[View]
165822436いにょうちゅう しょく: りょうしょくとう たいまろく song name?: Aka Inyouchuu Shoku: Ryoushokutou Taimaroku http://vocaroo.c…[View]
165820075What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
165812243You're put in charge of a new Gantz anime adaptation. At what point in the manga do you cut off…[View]
165814128This is your sidekick for the day[View]
165819745Pop in Q: Subs are out. Enjoy your fluffy isekai mahou shoujo idols. https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/10…[View]
165804348Are bokukko characters cute?[View]
165822459Name a better mommy than these two. Go on. I'm waiting[View]
165818865digimon: What does this movie need in order to redeem all of tri?[View]
165821734Kannazuki no Miko thread.[View]
165745210Haifuri: Mobage confirmed and rebroadcast of the season and ovas in Jan. We will be the jap and chin…[View]
165821469>it's a Christmas episode[View]
165814414Watching this romance comedy series atm, it's pretty funny eh?[View]
165814506How do you feel about girls who suffer, /a/?[View]
165804691hero academia: Why is she so silent?[View]
165821723ID-0: How come no one told me about this hidden waifu?[View]
165821096I just finished the first season of this - How can an anime manage to fuck up an ending this bad?[View]
165815644Uramichi Oniisan: Hey there boys and girls! Do you know what time it is? Huh? Say that again? What…[View]
165820659This is literally going to define the decade, and we still have two years left.[View]
165819233Smiles we couldn't protect[View]
165802066How many men has Sakura turned into lolicons? This monster must be stopped![View]
165819893Which producers should JoJo be handed over to to prevent David Productions from making it duwang qua…[View]
165754903Is JS4-JC2 the ideal range for female characters?[View]
165821446These are the 'new' faces of Shounen Jump.[View]
165820779Those Motherfuckers.[View]
165817105How would Fate be different if Shirou was replaced by a cute loli?[View]
165821405Pick one.[View]
165820900Is she the most mysterious character in anime this season?[View]
165820004Why is there no Berserk christmas special?[View]
165806738>He doesn't watch 80s animes[View]
165806936Honest thoughts about the Monogatari series?[View]
165814683What is /a/s opinion on pregnancy in anime?[View]
165816989itt:best anime that you've seen on all the year (not necesary from 2017)[View]
165820481Gabriel DropOut: Sataniafags BTFO![View]
165819181https://twitter.com/udon0531/status/940411298558369794 yamamoto souichirou new serialization next mo…[View]
165818095Net-Juu no susume New Episode tomorrow are you anons excited?[View]
165815596Serial Experiments Lain: Was she gay[View]
165819001what did they mean by this?[View]
165820541>male vocalist[View]
165813537Dragon Ball Super: The strongest trio Vs a Megazord SOON[View]
165803237This anime would be a lot better if you got rid of all the school elements and aged the whole cast a…[View]
165818522why is CC sticking out her butt like that? Doesn't her back hurt from that posture?[View]
165803107Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarou: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHwkaoRq26M >The s…[View]
165802893Haruhi: Do people even give a shit?[View]
165820258Kangoku Gakuen is ending: > Gakuto-Misuko Romance : Unresolved > Shingo-Anzu Romance : Stagnat…[View]
165818077Someone asked me if i could upload all of them to another site.well here they are https://pastebin.c…[View]
165817868Can a tree survive this?[View]
165815669Is this preferable to a retriever puppy?[View]
165818744Kekkai Sensen: OST is out. Posting best track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEOhcBtH884 How much…[View]
165815773Fate: Why do people argue over who the best Fate girl is when the answer is so obvious?[View]
165817468Just finished 1st chapter, best manga with great double page scenes!![View]
165811994Saki 183 raws: last Saki thread died before we got the raws Nothing to tanoshii for Kinue, FunaQ hal…[View]
165774818Tachibanakan to Lie Angle is getting an anime?! https://twitter.com/merryhachi/status/94096087806049…[View]
165816717purupuru pururin: If she had her own anime, would you watch it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZlq…[View]
165817569Left or right, /a/?[View]
165802841DARLING in the FRANKXX: Comicalize by Yabuki.[View]
165804922What? This piece of shit turned out to be a villain? I was rooting for him[View]
165818068White Album 2: White Album 2 Extended Edition Scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2018 Release It is a mas…[View]
165803475Kaiba: If you could stave off death by implanting your memories into someone else's young body,…[View]
165813176So the chances of a third season are zero?[View]
165819553Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san: Do you have what it takes to be a true shotacon monster?[View]
165815714Would you a You?[View]
165755486Go-Toubun no Hanayome: we need to kill LHtranslations, the fact that they made a crucial mistake whe…[View]
165810934TU TU RU[View]
165819160Honest thoughts on Akatsuka's works?[View]
165804919>characters says Onee-chan! >subs say the character name instead I hate this shit.…[View]
165814689Fat Lady Manga: What do you think of a manga with a sexy slim lady that in true is a 200 kg fat woma…[View]
165818381My wife Vigne knows that greatness can only be obtained through the dark lord.[View]
165816516Nectar new chapter is out: Suddenly best girl[View]
165817089who is the strongest naruto character?[View]
165817909This is a Roman Catholic saint.[View]
165814717Nyaruko: Haiyore Nyaruko san was such an enjoyable anime. Nyaruko literally bestu waifu ever! ! ! ! …[View]
165816539https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otfYAvJzoRE It's here.[View]
165818153>he says sakuga instead of sasuga[View]
165817617https://youtu.be/uRUKmuYMAww >Souichi Tales >Fashion Model >Lovesick Dead >Tomie >Slu…[View]
165818312Post anime casanovas[View]
165817905has there ever been a scene of such glorious self-destruction as in NHK? Yamazaki's balls are k…[View]
165761929Rank 'em: Naruto/Boruto, BNH, and OP[View]
165814492IS OP still hated by /a/?[View]
165817919>draw a loli >call her a twenty-something…[View]
165817195Nico Nico Nii![View]
165813973Mio is the best and cutest nichijou prove me wrong[View]
165816617best women ever[View]
165816225Girls in military uniform.: RULES 1: extra points for German uniforms. 2: any time-line. 3: has to …[View]
165798917Raildex: Free trips to space starting now, courtesy of Saten and her bat.[View]
165792701ITT: Favorite supporting characters[View]
165815281Overrated anime: why do people like this exactly?[View]
165816693Why didn't the manga end after The Underground Empire of Yomi/Hades arc? It would've been …[View]
165816439Raita: 17.0 is translated![View]
165809805Scum's Wish is very realistic. We need more anime like this in the future.[View]
165812522Hibike Euphonium: Are these 2 a romantic couple or not? What did /a/ decide?[View]
165813397i did something awful[View]
165812514Manhwa: I've never seen a thread specifically for Manhwa on /a/ so I just want to know how peop…[View]
165810386Violet Evergarden: >500.000+ views in the first 2 days >literally 1st place in the list of the…[View]
165814763This the most over-rated piece of shit series I have ever watched. The only thing that made it popul…[View]
165806087Why is she so inspiring?[View]
165814573Satone deserved a happy ending, /a/.[View]
165800212ITT: Characters you want to wake up next to.[View]
165807473Captain Tsubasa: blocks your path[View]
165813999The relationship between her and her father is getting weird[View]
165815548I still don't get why she was blushing[View]
165813596Why are japanese people still spending money on Madoka movies[View]
165814606BLEACH: Can't fear your own world II Part 2 out now.: Reddit translation, doesn't look ent…[View]
165811705How can Saber even compete?[View]
165814250Kantai collection waifu: RULES-Must be from kancolle (kantai collection) AND there can be more then …[View]
165791350Boruto discussion: Best team right here[View]
165810334Oi: >add pigtails >dramatically improves character Pigtails are a miracle!…[View]
165815301Why does /a/ love this girl so much again?[View]
165815371ITT your guilty pleasure[View]
165814140Shows /a/ and time forgot: Let's dedicate a thread to all the shows we watched back then and wh…[View]
165815075Reminder that this is how Asian characters look in anime[View]
165812683Can we get a thread going for time Araki forgot?[View]
165809998Rate This Season so far: God tier: Violet Evergarden Great tier: Dagashi Kashi Death March Trainwrec…[View]
165814970why does /a/ love this girl so much again[View]
165804700If god exist, why can we not see him on Gabriel Dropout?[View]
165794876Tomo-chan: fuck you jun fuck you tomo fuck each other[View]
165811369Excuse me /a/, could you please direct me to the closest rose-coloured campus life?[View]
165798419Isn't he a little too cute for a Servant?[View]
165812668>there are ningen browsing this board as we speak[View]
165814413Can't wait till 2020[View]
165811018>you will never cum inside Yozora's anus just fucking end me[View]
165801591Worst uniform of 2017 here. What were they thinking?[View]
165808255Weekly Light Novel/Manga Rankings for Dec 4 - 10: >Light Novel *1. 37,166 37,166 Tensei shitara S…[View]
165811948Komi-san chapter 116 raws: It is my duty and my honor to dump this chapter featuring the three best …[View]
165810519Now that the dust has well and truly settled, can we as a board agree that this is the best romance …[View]
165814018If you're so smart then explain this https://youtu.be/SUamHEvVQy0[View]
165809652Griffith: This is the best character of all time.[View]
165813838This guy is literally me.[View]
165786060Is Momo a slut?[View]
165806916After 6 years she's still the queen of /a/ and /v/[View]
165812765if she had stayed in the bus!?[View]
165810125Hello gang! What does /a/ think of Outlaw Star? I tried a new approach to watching this show, where …[View]
165813357What a dumb bunny. Only good for her sex appeal.[View]
165813168Was this the best moment in anime?[View]
165810150Vatican Miracle Examiner: It's snake arc time for the current manga. How will this version show…[View]
165805687Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that the manga is only to be used as a supplement for the anime. The ani…[View]
165813190Has there ever been a more lewd outfit than this? Is there a story related reason why its so reveali…[View]
165812640>character's name is hero >he isn't a hero at all woah...…[View]
165810007How do we fix Digimon Tri? Hard Mode: You can't get rid of Meiko [View]
165808154What's your opinion of this, especially after the first season?[View]
165809904Why call this Gatchaman if it doesn't have anything to do with Gatchaman, other than a few refe…[View]
165810633When is best time travel manga going to get an anime movie?[View]
165812175Dropped plot threads/cliffhangers you want to see continued[View]
165812215What went so fucking horribly wrong?: Platinum End[View]
165812449Im@s: Why are JS allowed to become idols?[View]
165803800'We apologise for making you think that we destroyed the other universes, but it was the only way we…[View]
165795582And people said watamote wouldn't get a second season[View]
165810438New chapter is out.[View]
165771555Konohana Kitan: It's the day for gay foxes.[View]
165802028>draw a girl (masculine) >call it a boy (feminine) This thing should be industry standard…[View]
165735956Hajime No Ippo: Takamura won in first round with one blow.[View]
165811934post a more tragic character than these two: you cant btw[View]
165808554Satsuki Kiryuin demands your eternal loyalty, pig in human clothing. How do you respond?[View]
165810477What did they mean by this?[View]
165810240Is there anything more satisfying than a well done curb-stomp?[View]
165812511Is /a/ looking for true kino?[View]
165812505Post your favorite and least favortie anime cliches: Favorite >'EEEHHHHH?' >pan to the sky Lea…[View]
165812446What anime are you looking forward to discuss with /a/ next season? Specifically americans.[View]
165805762One thing I hate about normies is how narrow-minded they are. I've just finished reading a good…[View]
165812023Is there a tag for this?[View]
165799766Is Kayo living proof that 2D girls aren't as great as you guys make it out to be?[View]
165808656I'm in love with a ghost /a/...[View]
1658080333-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season: So /a/ what is your excuse to not watching AOTY?[View]
165803491>7 episodes in When does this get good?[View]
165812317Watch me open pokemon cards! New series! https://youtu.be/KYruuomdzzc[View]
165812262Pick one[View]
165803033What is the best romance manga and why is it Bonnouji? >doesn't end when the couple get toge…[View]
165812101Why are dandere characters so great?[View]
165810382ITT, we rant about the ways in which anime has been fucked up in each of our homelands. >tfw GX w…[View]
165798605Yahari Ore no Seishun Love COMEDY wa Machigattieru: >fucked up and burn down bridges >asked fo…[View]
165771670Dungeon Meshi 40[View]
165810704Biggest disappointment of the year?: What anime disappointed you the most this year? Let's dec…[View]
165789926Kiriya Aoi is the best idol in Aikatsu!~![View]
165809380is it true that mrs Naoko Takeuchi drew some pages for this lazy ass loser Togashi's manga?[View]
165806658What did he say again?[View]
165785704Re:creators: Fuckin GAY[View]
165807106ITT: True hacks: This is a thread for the biggest hacks in the industry. No meme answers like Miyaza…[View]
165800310Is he the most pathetic mc of anime?[View]
165799416No Game No Life Zero: Camrip subs are out on nyaa. Jibril is still the best NGNL. https://nyaa.si/do…[View]
165797737if she only wants to be a hero for money... what would be her next best option if she had no powers?…[View]
165810378Asterisk War: Is this the most useless girl ever? She can't even fucking beat Orphelia...…[View]
165747233Shokugeki no Souma: This is not how gravity works[View]
165800530'This manga is amazing' Award 1st in history 2006 PLUTO (Urasawa Naoki, Shogakkan) 2007 Detroit Meta…[View]
165797728Is she the new Queen of /a/?[View]
165808078Kiddies are at school post Ronin Warriors[View]
165808395/a/ Sings Tell Me Why (Berserk OP): One more week till the new chapter depending on where you'r…[View]
165807387Pleiades: I thought I was a yurifag, why do I think these two look so cute together? did they really…[View]
165809366Gabriel DropOut: Satania![View]
165800142Has anime ever changed your outlook on something fundamental? Like your life, your faith, society, t…[View]
165804133The best way to generate mana![View]
165808903Worst Endings ITT: Now this was just fucking retarded.[View]
165793645Yui is objectively the cutest anime girl ever made and I will lynch anyone who even intimates differ…[View]
165800547The New Gate: >kill an old guy while holding back >lie to his offspring about how you were tot…[View]
165771459Girls und Panzer das Finale: BC Freedom is a bunch of scam artists.[View]
165806661Tokyo Ravens & Black Bullet Ending Discussion: I finished watching these two shows in the last f…[View]
165805312Would you still love your waifu if she (hypothetically speaking) got tricked into becoming a magical…[View]
165808481Helck Chapter 106: Can we talk about this masterpiece?[View]
165807510Kino's Journey: Just finished this wonderful show. How is the 2017 series in comparison?[View]
165782164If Yugi is the king of games, then who is the queen of games?[View]
165803976>Lotus Juice engrish rapping[View]
165808247Husbando thread: Post husbandos.[View]
165804492Girl of the year[View]
165775776/ss/: Secret Santa thread? I always miss the ones on weekends You've all posted your cards and …[View]
165805933Rosario † Vampire: Iro-iro atte~[View]
165803583Ore to Akuma no Blues: Now that Prison School is ending, will we see more of my nigga Robert Johnson…[View]
165746378Guru Guru: The most exciting time of the week is fast approaching, lads.[View]
165802619I'm gonna get married with best girl and no one is gonna stop us![View]
165781294shortest skirts: Which show/mango features the shortest skirts? Would you let your daughter wear ski…[View]
165801039To this day anime still hasn't created better semen demons than them[View]
165802904Overrated as fuck.[View]
165803522Psycho Pass: I thought this shit was going to be about her, why was she so irrelevant?[View]
165802592Enen no shoubutai: So did everyone drop this?[View]
165806809Anime crossovers you'd unironically enjoy[View]
165767452Violet Evergarden PV4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5xWqjFglsk Kyoani finds the way. Holy crap, …[View]
165798908Shows you always come back to: I don't know what it is about Waiting in the Summer, but I alway…[View]
165806418>look on MU >most of it is Manhua, webmanhwa, and Isekai Is it me or are this the only comics…[View]
165792061Golden Kamuy: Anime PV out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yeGQ0PyXpc[View]
165794361Dragon Ball Super: There are speculations about new movies, do you believe there will be a Dragon Ba…[View]
165804509Anime was a fucking mistake.[View]
165797066Hilariously bad translation thread.[View]
165803686I don't get it. Everything he said was true.[View]
165788217Yuusha ga Shinda!: New chapter fucking when? I'm going through thigh withdrawals here.[View]
165802337Buddy Complex So just two eps into this at first seemed like a mecha/rom-com, then seemed like yaoi-…[View]
165799249Why doesn't ultra violence exist in anime anymore???[View]
165802845Why is he so imperfect, /a/?[View]
165799148Does she regularly get molested on the train?[View]
165790441I just realized that I love Tomoko so much because she's so much like my sister. >tfw you lo…[View]
165793062Mousou Telepathy: What does everyone think of this man? Does he deserve best girl?[View]
165791428One Piece: How does Luffy even beat Katakuri? He isnt being foreshadowed to getting his awakening ye…[View]
165776398It's getting hot in here, isn't it anon?[View]
165805186One Piece:: Why did Roger kill his crew? spoilers either soon or next year[View]
165803620Does having shit taste in anime unironically mean you get to enjoy more anime and don't cry eve…[View]
165804902There's going to be more right? They'll keep making episodes right? They're not going…[View]
165796362>Isn't even a real person >Is still best girl So she was your first crush right?…[View]
165803342SAO: What the hell am I watching..?[View]
165801483Friendly reminder: Its an older brothers duty to teach his little sister about insemination, aswell …[View]
165771178Saki: Tanoshii: Chapter 183 leaks. Himematsu is in 1st place.[View]
165799712Post yfw he wishes for a reality where Gods of Destruction never meddled with mortals.[View]
165795919Why is Fujiko such a bitch? This is a whole new level of unlikable.[View]
165778228Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken: Last episode today.[View]
165802539Were the old school OP/ED songs better than nowdays? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0H0T1yZu58…[View]
165773966Houseki no Kuni: aestheticism thread[View]
165787117Tfw she will never bear your children[View]
165804203Hello /a/ What do you guys use for reading manga? I tried using my kindle but its too small so I am …[View]
165804651I didn't even think anime could surpass reality, but now, I'm not so sure anymore[View]
165803855Very satisfying moments: Basically post the pages that incited unadulterated bliss or huge sighs of …[View]
165796268Evangelion thread[View]
165790691>I love Emelia[View]
165804311I know meta threads are supposed to go an /qa/ but that place is a cesspool ('How do I get my hair t…[View]
165803865what are the spots on his forehead supposed to be? birth marks? incence marks from temple training? …[View]
165784975anyone else here remember Gundam wing?[View]
165795159So, what do you think R3 will bring to the table for the Code Geass series and the story, /a/?[View]
165731919Overlord: How can people trust Aunt's plan to build a utopia for all species when he or his ser…[View]
165799799>main character looks like an autistic donkey rapist What was Hori thinking?…[View]
165801645Literally buy the fucking Blu-rays.[View]
165786645Vagabond: What do you guys like about this manga the most expect for the really good art[View]
165799865God damn why didn't I watch this shit sooner, it's 10/10. Gives me those good Gantz feels.[View]
165801841One will attack you and the other defend you. Choose their sides.[View]
165800252>Super saiyan is hinted at for several arcs, built up as a legendary powerup >its arrival come…[View]
165801121Can anyone Boku No Hero Academia heroes beat him?[View]
165791304Aqua is drunk and horny. What do?[View]
165799876This is a gladiator[View]
165762722Characters who had sex: The more raunchy, the better.[View]
165802247Heave 2 3 4: Itt: group efforts[View]
165768064Aikatsu and Pripara: Would you drink latte art of a kappa?[View]
165757844Devilman Crybaby: I thought you guys said Flash looks bad. https://twitter.com/sciencesaru/status/94…[View]
165796936What makes an idol franchise child friendly? Idolmaster attracts a male audience while something lik…[View]
165776161This is the ideal height for women[View]
165797368Yuru Yuri: What the fuck? That thread we had lingering around earlier was great and I guess it hit t…[View]
165799173Is bkub a nice guy? What does /a/ think about this fella?[View]
165795840what is it about asuka that makes her so lovable?[View]
165730319>isekai peaked years ago, but it keeps growing in volume. When will the bubble burst? Were can th…[View]
165801344Would you marry Akane?[View]
1657834473x3 Manga Edition: I don't know what to read and need some inspiration![View]
165801323hey, i just finished watching this. and, i think you should watch it too. thanks.[View]
165760764Kimetsu no Yaiba 90: Extra late chapter edition[View]
165800957>tfw no waifu[View]
165794216How does this make you feel, /a/?[View]
165800743GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita: Could it be the one? Could it be the first good Holywood adaptation of the…[View]
165795898What the fuck is this umaru nug thing eating?[View]
165795723Annual midnight EST Tor/a/dora followed by Sakurasou starting in 55 minutes. Get the fuck im here.[View]
165799551Holy Mami wishes you a Merry Christmas, /a/![View]
165800233>takes place after the story ends >mc has amnesia >essentially starts over from scratch W…[View]
165800091This is the Shinka and you're not getting her for free.[View]
165790261Fate: Is it normal for step-mothers to have so many pictures of their step-sons?[View]
165798049Do you think Machi would make a good housewife?[View]
165799031Watari-kun no XX: Would you an F-cup?[View]
165780568Have you watched Kare Kano? If not, why? What are you waiting for, you're missing out on Anno…[View]
165799938Anime tropes you love: Extremely skilled/seemingly unstoppable character is utterly btfo'd and …[View]
165796890But seriously, we can't let Sakurako get the nuclear codes[View]
165793666URAHARA: He has a point you know[View]
165793325Why does he get so much hate?[View]
165790599Does there exist a vietnamese shadow puppet show that didn't experience at least a 30% drop in …[View]
165755451Why can't he win a fucking league?[View]
165782691Waifu Wednesday Thread: You're waifu is wonderful anon! Make sure you give her lots of gifts an…[View]
165799052Why does Rei Q have no fans while Shikinami has countless fans? Has Asuka won the war?[View]
165782307Nasu is always jerking off the same, strongest servants, but are there any heroic spirits who you th…[View]
165798141What /a/ related songs do you karaoke? I've found that most of the OP/EDs I like are mostly bec…[View]
165799264Why did she have to leave us so soon? I'll miss this wonderful girl.[View]
165796657I've waited 2 years for Gochiusa Dear My Sister and I still can't watch it.[View]
165796687Is pop team epic anime going to be the modern madoka + evangelion?[View]
165793515She's onto us![View]
165797346Best Gurl Won[View]
165785375>You're delivering tofu for your father's business in Gunma Prefecture, when you look i…[View]
165795770Underrated anime thread. GO![View]
165723754Precure thread: Now that the season is soon to be over, how did you like it? Also, did you Precure …[View]
165796883Why is the Major so rude with kids?: >in SAC -shows off her tits to a ten year old boy and asks h…[View]
165798831Boruto: You heard it here first. Orochimaru sent Mitsuki to spy on boruto so he can eventually take …[View]
165797484fumetsu no anata e to your eternity: Do you think it's getting a little repetitive? Will we get…[View]
165798368Spoil it for me. does Ippo win? Does he even FIGHT Miyata again? I'm tired after chapter 600 bu…[View]
165794212What kind of gun is this?[View]
165797422When was the last time this was good[View]
165793801Age gap yuri is the purest form of love. Prove me wrong. You can't'[View]
165780779Boku No Hero Academia: Everyday until canon.[View]
165795973Why aren't there more shows about brothers?[View]
165796159How to make shaft great again?[View]
165795540is this my nigga Vegeta's arc?[View]
165797561Kumiko is the best kyoani protagonist: Discuss.[View]
165797161Dagashi Kashi: Did a timeskip happen? Too many similar aged students for it to be still in the count…[View]
165792629This is your succubus for tonight.[View]
165797917AKB49 230: Oh boy, here we go[View]
165796204Kirara Fantasia is playable now.[View]
165797656Is the cat a cat?[View]
165795697In this thread only characters that are adult virgins.[View]
165795869>look behind you >see this what'd you do?…[View]
165791492Characters who would no doubt be on Santa's naughty list this year.[View]
165793246Gleipnir: Is anyone still reading this? Best Slut was just brutally kill by bisexual rapist hobo.…[View]
165789948Check out these JK idols[View]
165770810Shingeki No Kyojin: >tfw you will never get stared at by Eren like that…[View]
165795443Why is no one publishing light hearted adventure manga anymore? Without edge, grit, pedo-bait lolis…[View]
165793519So this was AOTY right?[View]
165796516She's looking at you, anon.[View]
165795142> Character development[View]
165793963What happened to Ebino and Friends?[View]
165781246WSJ Oricon Weekly Sales Dec 4-10: No WSJ this week but I'll post weekly sales Oricon: Dec 4-10 …[View]
165785753Kimetsu no Yaiba: Does anybody here read this? I’m reading the first few chapters and I’m liking it …[View]
165795955Ya gotta love a sexy woman in a uniform.[View]
165781201Raildex: How can Mikoto even compete?[View]
165790184Why aren't you holding her /a/?[View]
165787232Post the breediest idols ever concocted by the lewdest genius Japanese minds out there.[View]
165795119Running in a crowd in a faceless town, I need to feel the touch of a friend[View]
165785204Is SAO the most overrated anime?[View]
165795570What a way to end the year. Who gonna win the tournament of power in 2018?[View]
165791397Literally the best Akimichi.[View]
165795390>series has 2 ovas >1 before the 1st season and one before the 2nd >2nd has 2nd series art…[View]
165761560New anime for Captain Tsubasa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUK4zTkcz1U By DP.[View]
165722919Akko is like a looney tunes character[View]
165794527ITT:likable nazi characters[View]
165792420Is he stronger then meruem?[View]
165790723Which one /a/?[View]
165764861SYD: Time for stuff again[View]
165717646Princess Principal: >Penicess >Chinse >Dongothy >Meato >Angeina…[View]
165791466Hi this is my god[View]
165718834Nanatsu no Taizai 246: https://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/246/4770/1 https://readms.net/r/th…[View]
165791102Fourth wall break?[View]
165773689Amagami SS: SURFACE[View]
165794923>Sakurafags call this ugly Are they just mad Rin is the superior wife for Shirou?: -Without her a…[View]
165779782Why do so many people have a hard time understanding this character?[View]
165794824Where is this?: I just finished the third Madoka movie. I think I missed something somewhere. They e…[View]
165794718Are any of you gonna watch this movie?: The fucking 2nd Season was so shitty I'm really on the …[View]
165787014What are your thoughts on the two most popular 3DCG anime this year? http://www.strawpoll.me/1461591…[View]
165794686Who had the easiest life?[View]
165790307The New Gate 34: Manga has now fully adapted three volumes, if you want to read it there's neve…[View]
165792364Does it count as gay if you kiss a dude while you're body swapped? Am I the only one who is sti…[View]
165773450Was she the best girl of 2015?[View]
165784503What was the point of this character?[View]
165794606ITT: Completely trash tier characters: Hard mode: No baiting, or contrarianism for the sake of it…[View]
165789662>“I love you” >After opening her red eyes wide, Hitagi answered shyly, as if she was smiling w…[View]
165794544Is this the best SOL anime of all time? >these split screen sections for example felt really uniq…[View]
165790661Vegeta is proper father figure Goku was almost never around, Gohan spend more time with Piccolo than…[View]
165794168She's looking at you, anon. What are you going to do?[View]
165792875is it ok for a gladiator to be this cute?[View]
165787058I wish Saber was my dad[View]
165793989ITT: The best motor vehicles across all anime[View]
165793665Will Rin replace Chihaya in your heart?[View]
165792040It's back.[View]
165781588EVANGELION THREAD 2.0 Previous Thread: >>165713430[View]
165791869Daily reminder: Why haven't you watched the best anime of all time yet?[View]
165793686Anime is so stupid. Why would you have to show your navel when you apologize?[View]
165783256So is she gonna be the MCs main love interest?[View]
165789423Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarou: https://natalie.mu/eiga/news/260895 Will Okada stop b…[View]
165787679Early Gantz is some of the best manga ever written.[View]
165790711IF I DON'T, WHO WILL?[View]
165790025Why was it such shit?[View]
165793144Kino no Tabi: Would you really do anal with this girl? Remember, she hasn't showered in two wee…[View]
165785667>Glasses in a medieval setting[View]
165788798That slime isekai isnt actually bad[View]
165741883YuruYuri: This is Toshino Kyoko. She's a slut.[View]
165789814Could Saitama be hurt with a gun if he's the one who pulls the trigger?[View]
165788345>That was a grown-up kiss. >We'll do the rest when we get back. Who was in the wrong here…[View]
165791970What went wrong[View]
165790419Joukamachi no Dandelion: Spoilers for chapter 44 blog.livedoor.jp/wilbell/archives/74022069.html…[View]
165786807What do I do in this situation?[View]
165791074Net-juu no Susume: This is literally rape.[View]
165782644What does /a/ think of Formula 1 - Engines On The Track?[View]
165786136>11 years, 8 months, 11 days >STILL best KyoAni girl How does she do it?…[View]
165785981Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that the manga is a supplement to the anime and is in no way a replaceme…[View]
165713430Evangelion thread[View]
165784324This was goddamn awful. Does the entire story just keep on fellating this awful character? There…[View]
165792234Please feed this hungry child.[View]
165792137You can only pick one.[View]
165782100>Just friends[View]
165789954>Married a single dad >had a kid with him >Hellsalem's Lot happened and now she's…[View]
165770105Can Heroic Spirits beat the True Number 1?[View]
165791899What is the best beat down you've seen?[View]
165791791Characters women will never understand: Starting with the series women can never comprehend[View]
165763294One Piece: Do the Straw Hats need someone to specialize in Space Travel to dominate the moon arc? Or…[View]
165747909Buyfag Thread: A chink figure made by CHINKS[View]
165728137Watamote: Did anyone else disregard Yuri's importance until recently? She didn't really re…[View]
165791122Why people hate popular anime so much ?: Honestly i dont know why people hate some mainstream anime.…[View]
165777630Boruto 37: Otherwise known as 'wtf I love Namida and Wasbi now' Keep things on topic with the actua…[View]
165722440Drawthread: Make or request /a/ related art.[View]
165734021Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: If a kettenkrad moves at the speed of light inside a train moving at the sp…[View]
165766391Fate Apocrypha: Atalanta did nothing wrong. Evil cat did nothing wrong.[View]
165789699You see this guy walks off with the how new nurse to get some treatment. What do you do.[View]
165789579Have you started your annual rewatch of Toradora yet?[View]
165786415Does Deku have a chance of beating Sogita?[View]
165784383Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarou: PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHwkaoRq26M http:…[View]
165783030Why didn't Light Yagami have a backup plan for the final episode?[View]
165781944Kirie- /a/ Umaru- /v/ Ebina- /ck/ TSF- /b/[View]
165782655RIP 4chan. 2003-2007[View]
165789312best girl gets cucked thread She literally did nothing wrong, I thought the point of the Show was t…[View]
165788369>watcha doin' there, anon?[View]
165771694Why does she sound so old?[View]
165784553Morbidly Obese Woman Manga series: The first manga with a Morbidly Obese girl as a Main Character! A…[View]
165789160IT JUST WORKS[View]
165787217Occasional reminder that Mahoro is best maid.[View]
165786400I love Umaru abuse![View]
165787551Can we get a how old is she? Thread?[View]
165786061>Looks like a shit. Glasses ruin everything![View]
165783903Who's eye are those?[View]
165758375It's Christmas time and many of us are spending it alone in front of a computer screen. So let…[View]
165785420>5 foot tall even why is Chris so short[View]
165775410>It's the fucking future and 'normal' problems have been banished due to technology. >Sti…[View]
165785860Do you guys find their relationship cute? I mean, she is his slave/wife.[View]
165770853Urahara: Episode 11.[View]
165787191Hakase: Stop! Nano time![View]
165785634You may only post your favorite 10/10 ED.: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy2lmZUmv…[View]
165766033Chronological > Broadcast[View]
165777653FB no tame ni SERN no tame ni FB no tame ni SERN no tame ni[View]
165784665Why can't they use this outfit on tv?[View]
165783365Did a Misaki ever come into your life?[View]
165786109The dub is good[View]
165786808Mutafuckaz: Any of you seen this movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHG8WON_MEQ[View]
165786898You have 10 seconds to name a more cute and wholesome anime[View]
165735816Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: we will be doing Believe in magic as the next vr/a/ins sings. If you'd like t…[View]
165741731Nagatoro-tan lines: how tan can she get?[View]
165738161Made in Abyss: That's right, we are fucking dead.[View]
165785129I genuinely miss this guy ;_;[View]
165785919Would you pop pills with Lum?[View]
165756707Classroom of the Elite: Yeah, I know that I'm late but, let's have a thread about this ser…[View]
165720213Re:Zero: arc 5, chapter 22: https://www.zerotranslations.com/arc-5-chapter-22/ https://mega.nz/#F!xj…[View]
165786385Asuka NGE: Hello, Asuka's my wife! Post all of your Asuka memes, pictures, fan-art, anything A…[View]
165786155https://youtu.be/4qpufR1QV2I What is the best Kyoani opening? Nichijou is still top tier after all t…[View]
165782966>no one questions or bullies Reina for wanting sensei dick Is this a normal thing in Japan?…[View]
165781414Two weeks before Christmas, 1997, I watched NGE for the first time. I was 15. This week officially …[View]
165724794Blend S: Conceptualize[View]
165785811Oh shit anon! What the hell did you do?! The sky lit up with lightning, earth started shaking *BOOM*…[View]
165783703Evil or Live ; red guard cake edition: Why aren't you watching AOTS, /a/? >interesting story…[View]
165783514>Highschool DxD 4th season >Senran Kagura 2nd season (hopefully it will be more lewd and uncen…[View]
165782701DxD: When is season 4 coming out?[View]
165776185Dragon Ball Super: isn't a SoL manga/anime and all character interactions and development were …[View]
165758107Kaguya Chapter 90[View]
165785447Where are we watching Haruhi this Christmas?[View]
165781624>artist forgets to draw Henry's pocket[View]
165783958>download a series some weeks back >only now realize that all of it is converted .flac files …[View]
165773171Which one was the most powerful?[View]
165763715Legend of the Galactic Heroes: >book translations, audiobooks, and new anime everywhere? LotGH th…[View]
165781959We all know that this is AOTY, but who is best girl?[View]
165770534Prison School 273+[View]
165784945Shit you enjoyed anyway.[View]
165784962whats the best arc in all of the DB series and why is it the Muscle Tower arc?[View]
165750933What is your all time favourite OST?[View]
165784490The weakest Shirou Emiya: Will Prisma Shirou (Illya's brother) forever be irrevelant?[View]
165776877Please explain to me why villains don't just use guns in this series? A gun would beat out 99% …[View]
165761739How is your country represented in anime?[View]
165754166The great debate.[View]
165781525Why are sisters in anime and manga so carefree?: Do they enjoy dick teasing or something?[View]
165759802>Maximum speed of 285km/h >No accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries to passengers onb…[View]
165784124What if the Sannin were part of the First Hokage's generation?[View]
165783700Chimera Ant Arc was 61 episodes of complete trash. I mean I go from epic The Phantom Troupe to this …[View]
165778395Dagashi Kashi 171: dumping[View]
165776913/a/ Sings Tell Me Why (Berserk OP): Sing your heart out for the new chapter, /a/! Song: https://www.…[View]
165783713Is it possible for super buu to absorb shenron?[View]
165780687Hello, I was talking to my friend and he told me the romance in anime is fake & unrealistic. Is …[View]
165671006Lalatina is so fat[View]
165784227Series that didn't deserve to just suddenly end: Everything was going so well, until everything…[View]
165783839can we have a urusei yatsura thread?[View]
165780621No show has ever been able to surpass this masterpiece[View]
165781498Behold, the best anime of 2012[View]
165770698Characters that serve no purpose[View]
165783422WCI ARC One Piece: Doesn’t it hurt? The Sanji/Luffy fight made me fvcking cry.... like.... BITCH…[View]
165783478Washboards deserve to be bullied by cowtits.[View]
165783386Will cakes be good Mother’s or no?[View]
165775155>pronounces it 'lawl-lee' and not 'lo-li'[View]
165783074Rail Wars: Which rail warrior would you rail?[View]
165780310> Rough Sketch Senpai got the ax. Have the elevens decided anything good must be destroyed, or ar…[View]
165773853Is Reina a well written character?[View]
165777865I know I'm late to the party but I just finished watching this and... what the fuck was that en…[View]
165782818What a shit character.[View]
165778545I think Galko with glasses is what peak perfection looks like. Name something else that is peak perf…[View]
165780495Why are they so perfect?[View]
165782678Steins;Gate 0 confirmed for spring 2018: http://otakomu.jp/archives/647325.html[View]
165713909Hunter x Hunter: Can we have a HxH thread? Now when the manga is presumably coming from the hiatus. …[View]
165782895Toradora: Reminder that there will never be a love story as good as this.[View]
165775670Has any anime girl ever been as unanimously hated as Nadeko?[View]
165777269What will become of anime after this?[View]
165782646Dragon Ball Super: Kefla will be 'nerfed' in the manga. Unlike her anime counterpart she will NOT be…[View]
165782502zankyo no terror: I know I am really late to the party, but this was pretty good, kinda feel like 5 …[View]
165781331Would these two actually work together?[View]
165780766>hear for years that it's shit >it's actually brilliant…[View]
165782117Why aren't you reading Culprit-kun's manga?[View]
165782115How can you say you love her if you don't own all her merchandise?[View]
165779072DBS Manga: Kefla will be 'nerfed' in the manga. Unlike her anime counterpart she will NOT beat SSG G…[View]
165781870YOU CAN SMILE AGAIN[View]
165779875ITT: Post the most emotional /mu/ scenes in anime. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
165778581Can someone explain Kino's Journey to me? I know the general premise: girl and her living(?) mo…[View]
165781398>Eeeeeeh? You drink your coffee black? You're so mature![View]
165781341Chi no Wadachi: What's going to happen next?[View]
165777561What is you're favorite snack /a/?[View]
165757280Is Mayoi's childishness part of her sex appeal?[View]
165773940Mamoru Hosoda's new Film: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-12-13/summer-wars-hosoda-r…[View]
165774868Hatsukoi Zombie: This week, Eve was still cute.[View]
165778793There should be more anime focusing on soft bellies. They are wonderful[View]
165780696What is the best NGE encode? I have the Sephirotic one downloaded, but after reading about his color…[View]
165779706Fucking great design wasted on a mediocre show made for Japanese normies.[View]
165781113Toot: TOOT![View]
165774395Berserk: >be me >watch berserk anime (1998) >love it >2 years later hear new berserk ani…[View]
165772261WSJ Sale Thread[View]
165759524> It's wednesday > no waifu thread My sadness very big …[View]
165779153RE:zero: Rem is best girl righ[View]
165772027What is the worst translation you've ever read?[View]
165774013ITT Mary Sues[View]
165780103Well, hell. Best girl won?[View]
165762729Boku No Hero Academia: What would Deku be like as a villain? How would he have become one?[View]
165780775>mfw Rat won who whould have thought.[View]
165747132THIS IS FUCKING ILLEGAL. This is blatant taunting from the author.[View]
165778510Name a better show that will never get season 2[View]
165780232post pics of best umaru girl: throw them at me[View]
165775532What was her character archetype?[View]
1657748173 x 3 Pls no bully[View]
165778570What the fuck was the point of all of this shit up until now? While I'd understand if the autho…[View]
165775277Ladies and gentlemen, your ironic weeb top pick anime for winter 2018.[View]
165780153Shoujo Ramune: What am I in for? Is this overrated or is it required viewing?[View]
165778192What does /a / think of this guy?[View]
165770191CG will save anime. I don't understand why /a/ is upset.[View]
165775830Berserk WEBM thread: Post your favorite berserk webms[View]
165770260Do you think he has something in store for future arcs?[View]
165776236Mecha Thread: What are /a/'s thoughts and experiences around mecha anime?[View]
165770216How long does it take to learn enough Japanese to watch raw anime?[View]
165779163Lads..... I'm in love.[View]
165762939child labor is not okay. look how much happier megu and maya are; so carefree, not a worry in the wo…[View]
165748135>'Apocrypha is the worst ever Fate series!' they said. >https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/inte…[View]
165778578Does /a/ still love healthy maidens?[View]
165776902When the fuck comes out of the anime of Steins; Gate 0 ???[View]
165729258Top 10 Anime According to the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 Poll: 1. Yuri!!! on Ice 2. Idolmaster …[View]
165768068Would you a desuwa?[View]
165776254When will Rossweisse become a semen demon?[View]
165749207So will R3 explain how geass originated and if it can ever go away?[View]
165755748霧矢あおい Kiriya Aoi And she is the most beautiful idol in Aikatsu! You're wrong if you say so othe…[View]
165760035Raildex: Time for some Kongou appreciation.[View]
165777308>New CCS anime soon >it seems /a/ couldn't care less What went wrong?…[View]
165774871Tachibanakan Triangle anime announced: http://tachibanakan-anime.com/ This is yuri version of To Lov…[View]
165778864Five Japanese teenage girls found dead in North Pole. 'They were wearing short skirts and high heels…[View]
165771961what did they mean by this?[View]
165772573What do you think of rowdy tomboys with nice tits and poofy hair?[View]
165772143Rosario + Vampire II: The reveal that Tsukune was actually in love with the mom and that she also lo…[View]
165762419>rewatch an old favorite anime >it's not as good as you remember >it's actually k…[View]
165776421>MC is a pimp >but he's actually a virgin Really, Japan?…[View]
165778353Oh what are you doing Sunday baby. Would you like to come and meet me maybe? You can even bring your…[View]
165778110>MC beats the strong female character so hard she becomes weak and submissive…[View]
165774080>reverse image search a cute girl >she ends up being from a shoujo What's the name for th…[View]
165774724Chiaki is the cutest space pirate![View]
165753349>Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou - 10 GANBARE WUG CHAN![View]
165772669Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu: This brilliant series doesn't get much love.[View]
165773565Gun x Clover: 60 years without an update and then it's NTR. Fuck right off.[View]
165774241This movie was pretty depraved, when I think about it. But I would be lying if I claimed I wouldnt b…[View]
165767967Boruto: Kakashi crushing young kids dreams soon.[View]
165774302Nichijou: If Hakase can modify Nano to any degree she wants to, why doesn't she modify her to l…[View]
165777048Remember them?[View]
165776591Origin 39: I'm going to find whoever translated this chapter and make them pay[View]
165774574Gender bent Shirou is my wife[View]
165774954Can /a/ identify this character?[View]
165729210Should JC idols sleep with their producer?[View]
165764622Goku: Maybe I don’t know a thing I’m talking about but honestly? I think Goku is holding himself bac…[View]
165775569>killed the manga it was trying to promote >killed the career of one of the VAs Has there ever…[View]
165776218Do you prefer dark comedies or SOL comedies?[View]
165772647JUST BECAUSE: Best girl.[View]
165726223Yuuki Yuuna S2 / Yuki Yuna / YuYuYu / NoWaYu: >Sonoko already knows what's happening She…[View]
165773065About to start watching Nagi no Asukara, what am I in for?[View]
165770458Why are bald characters the biggest bros?[View]
165771868Dragon Ball Super: Toyo couldn't be bothered to spend any time on a recruitment arc but people …[View]
165767991Stuff in Isekais that triggers your autism....: >Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 17 …[View]
165775323I cun't Weit, i hope to see Erika...[View]
165773662Why would someone purposefully do this to their subs?[View]
165774219This adaption is SHAFT's worst yet[View]
165769480Gender bender thread: Involuntary boy to girl ends up with girl > Voluntary boy to girl ends up w…[View]
165774977itt: smiles that need protecting[View]
165700247Post Rias Gremory[View]
165759324My name is Kentaro Miura and i am the author of Berserk. I don't know how to say this, and i do…[View]
165670957Gintama Thread: 20 minutes until next episode. Next week some chapter about vidya and the beginning …[View]
165774616how much longer until Char is hit with the countless accusations from the #metoo crowd?[View]
165773229Manga/anime series that will not be remembered at all by future generations Pic related[View]
165774092ITT: Autistic characters who are literally like you[View]
165767155if yugi was actually one with the heart of the cards, why didn't he pull all 5 exodia pieces at…[View]
165769677Toji no Miko: Toji no Miko PV 2. https://youtu.be/h5LBjlBJqeU Two cour show from next season.[View]
165770884Why is she the best Champion in all of Pokemon?[View]
165771890The ball is my friend!: Is the ball your friend, /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUK4zTkcz1U…[View]
165769493Kirara Fantasia: Just kill the game, devs.[View]
165771358Bunny Girl manga: So does anyone read this shit?[View]
165726343This queen of demons wants to teach you about economics and potatoes. What do you do?[View]
165765399Ilya Thread: need more content of my wife[View]
165768901Jojo part 5 anime will be announced at Jump Festa?: R-right?[View]
165772872Can we all agree that Ukyo was the best and most suitable wife material for Ranma? Akane is just the…[View]
165769893Surely you skipped it, yes?[View]
165773751itt: what you're reading/watching in 3 words: I'll start >lolis, lesbians and aliens…[View]
165773174Why didn’t you like het show?[View]
165773650ITT: authentic OTP[View]
165773641Devilman: Amon, The Apocalypse of Devilman. https://youtube.com/watch?v=KiRhs1PAMwY[View]
165773439Post GOAT anime only.[View]
165770246Rider is the absolute best girl.[View]
165686177ACE and her gf[View]
165770108What are your favorite anime quotes?[View]
165769788Why haven't you picked up Fire Force yet?: It's fucking great. The art and the steampunk s…[View]
165767462who else CANNOT WAIT for flcl 2 & 3? im so fucking pumped[View]
165767909Shigurui: Why the fuck does the manga draw so many male characters with female faces and slim ass bo…[View]
165773230When will Justice Frog get her own show?[View]
165766474What anime or manga motivated you to be productive or take interest in something?[View]
165771254Why is SAO the anime of the century?[View]
165771406Hibiki - Shosetsuka ni Naru Hoho: The announcement was an adaptation into a live movie. https://twit…[View]
165754403Osomatsu-san: Was anybody else pretty impressed with this last episode? I'm not one of those do…[View]
165764654Fairly easy to understand, isn't it?[View]
165772412Saekano: It still feels so good to know best girl won and the only reason why one of her 'rivals' ac…[View]
165768824Splatoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzaS5WJceDY >splatoon gets a manga >splatoon has an …[View]
165772588Why did he have to be the biggest faggot in a sea of awesome characters?[View]
165768098Yusaku: Karasuma Renya… Yusaku: Karasuma Renya… Yusaku: If that theory is correct, you’ve made an en…[View]
165749622K-On!: In the middle of season two right now, and I'm starting to feel like this is the peak of…[View]
165772520>tfw no Guts genetics[View]
165763128>Came for Mai's tits >Stayed for Reina >Afterwards realized Koito is the true best gir…[View]
165770714>ONE PIECE of trash what did he mean by this?[View]
165772336I think Phantom Blood is really underrated I loved the message, dialogues, and the honest characters…[View]
165770406Why do Japan like to create high school girls who could kick their asses?[View]
165751547Houseki no Kuni: casuals[View]
165765889This man seduced the teacher. To this very day this is still one of the coolest things to ever happe…[View]
165740033Jojo Thread: >Vol 17 cover 'Escape from the Mountain' Days ticking down to Jump Festa Give me you…[View]
165767899I love Saber so god damn much.[View]
165772498Is Boruto worth?: I was a fan of Naruto, read whole manga but gave up anime after episode with fckin…[View]
165741592Mahouka, what went so horribly wrong?[View]
165768282Why didn't you protect her smile, /a/?[View]
165761746Sheriff Evans' Lies 34: Sheriff Evans' Lies chapter 34 storytime. This arc is still going?…[View]
165772301What makes boys better girls?[View]
165767283Anyone else feel like something is wrong with Yahari's LN illustrator? https://twitter.com/ponk…[View]
165764943How was I lucky enough to be born in the same time period as this miracle of the universe existing?[View]
165764529Dragon Ball Super: So does no one remember that Kale originally turned LSS through anger? Doesn…[View]
165767572https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otfYAvJzoRE [Embed] This is a recent Pop Team Epic Anime PV where th…[View]
165768047Who is the best trap[View]
165767810ITT: Characters too good and pure for this world[View]
165769703I don't watch anime but some friends convinced me to give Gurren Lagann a try since I enjoy phi…[View]
165762567ITT: Good characters in shit shows.[View]
165770616PedoKenshin: Discuss[View]
165767725About to watch this. What am I in for?[View]
165769824VS: What's better? Jutsu or Alchemy? Who from FMA and Naruto do you think would make a good tea…[View]
165769403Shishunki Bitter Change: fucking gaaaaaaaaay[View]
165756987Danberu nan kiro moteru?: Hey folks, makin' a teaser thread for Volume 3 that came out today an…[View]
165765433>part 5 JoJo anime sidelined for years for captain tsubasa Press F for the Jojofags, this is a v…[View]
165761477Girls' Last Tour: This guy's got a pretty weird face >yes I made a template…[View]
165763540Some licensed manga released today. >Fuuka 182 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://userscloud…[View]
165766316Love Live Sunshine: Is Chika's voice actress still a virgin?[View]
165763509Thanks for your help: https://twitter.com/tite_official >11 months early, from calling on Twitter…[View]
165769547what a shit ending it was axed right?[View]
165762306What was the point of this character? Did kubo make her just to suffer?[View]
165765447Do you still recognize her?[View]
165768310What are your guys favorite animated films, be it a movie created on it's own, or even one that…[View]
165767843Do they really let schoolgirls bring .45's to class in Japan?[View]
165766902Is Ruler a better waifu than Saber? >voiced by Maaya Sakamoto >French >voiced by Maaya Saka…[View]
165766966Who is best girl?: I like Earth-chan even if she is flat.[View]
165765653ITT: Say one thing nice about an anime you hate: The threads and memes were the best content /a/…[View]
165750860Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu: How does this manga manage to have so many Best Girls?[View]
165763941Accel World or SAO, which is less trash?[View]
165747350Saekano: Greatest love story ever told is actually getting a movie.[View]
165723746Girls und Panzer GuP: What is the #1 thing you want that could realistically happen in das finale? W…[View]
165750756>tfw I'm the only person in the entire world that appreciates tall dfc…[View]
165769565what is tomodachi ?[View]
165768351ITT: Pussies: Nyaa~[View]
165761166What is the best time loop?[View]
165694472More To Love-ru soon?[View]
165751512So what's better? A trap or a reverse trap?[View]
165760783Let's have one of these threads: Best girls from rather unremarkable shows.[View]
165767929Teaser for Hosoda's new movie. https://twitter.com/Madman/status/940855266039484417[View]
165762348Annual midnight EST Toradora followed by Sakurasou starting in one hour. Get the fuck in here.[View]
165750465Ami Kawashima: So she was playing 5D chess all along?[View]
165768316Toei sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fdjBO0YSuY Let's talk about how Nyan Neko Sugar Gi…[View]
165759544How long until his stash of child porn is discovered?[View]
165766866Why is she like this?[View]
165766135Is she the kind to go for sex on the first date?[View]
165740021Juuni Taisen: It's Bunny's birthday today; say something nice about him.[View]
165760961>takes a 13 year break from directing feature films >comes back with two films in one year tha…[View]
165757279Kino no Tabi: What would sex with Kino be like? What positions and kinks would she enjoy most?…[View]
165766625Gintama: G-guys, is Gintama ending? When will it end? I want to start reading the manga but it has m…[View]
165766755Mahoujin Guru Guru: Really no new thread despite there being a new episode?[View]
165765379What a teamkilling fuck.[View]
165766984>this fucking dress[View]
165753782>read manga >translations use meme words like 'normie'…[View]
165765888Kekkai: What gives? I barely see this anime talked about but I just got into it and it's really…[View]
165763650Man, this guy really needs to go back drawing porn.[View]
165753289This is becoming progressively worse. Shame.[View]
165766675Fuck Griffith[View]
165765264New Pokemon movie coming in July! Glad they remade the character designs. https://youtu.be/RdMWIgZIP…[View]
165762781The Promised Neverland: Why is no one talking about this?[View]
165745591Boruto Episode 37: First preview pics are up. Will Kakashi kick these kids ass and set them on the p…[View]
165722960Fate Apocrypha: >Loves kids >Kind-hearted >Cat girl How is Atalanta evil?…[View]
165766361Umaru thread? Umaru thread.[View]
165764948In 2015, human beings will recover caused by the falling of stony meteorite in the South Pole. A kin…[View]
165760696What specifically did Homura do wrong?[View]
165765835Shoujo Ramune: Entry level shit or required viewing?[View]
165764605>onichanu I found a baito >do it all in the first day >k, you are fired now reverse trap Th…[View]
165744449Have you seen this girl?[View]
165738633How come this isn't popular in /a/? Don't you like that big tittied Kasumi?[View]
165763819Due to the recent revelations, Yuzuko will not be coming back to season 3 of Yuyushiki. Season 3 wil…[View]
165756820Gabriel Dropout: Does angels and demons really exist?[View]
165752976Saber Marionette: Has there been any news on the new anime? Does anyone other than me care about it?…[View]
165762535Say something nice about my wife, please.[View]
1657527943x3 Thread Rate others[View]
165760658ITT: Anti-intellectual anime[View]
165679754One Punch Man: So why did Phoenixman didn't just call Elder Centipede and swoop in to take Garo…[View]
165750679>best girl actually winning how rare is that?[View]
165764313What did she mean by this?[View]
165763601autistic characters are cute[View]
165739621Ochako Uraraka: He dies and not you, and you feel guilty, because you're glad he died, and not …[View]
165748883Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara: New episode. Horriblesubs delayed for some reason, but there are subs …[View]
165761367ITT: main character legitimately fun to watch[View]
165738458Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK: Annie OVA soon Annie a miracle of the universe[View]
165762073Queen's Blade Unlimited: They are on a crusade to kill Queen's Brados.[View]
165732566Amakiji is cute! CUTE![View]
165763085Why are the characters so baby-faced in this one? Were they trying to make them look more cute?[View]
165762305Asui Tsuyu: When did /a/ realize that this ugly whore was nothing more than a forced meme? The numbe…[View]
165748381ITT: Pleb filter scenes[View]
165740472Poptepipic: PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otfYAvJzoRE[View]
165759207According to the official map, the Bottom Of The Abyss is 15 km from hitting Earth's mantle and…[View]
165743859one piece: >katakuri will get defeated for the first time in his life under the full moon >car…[View]
165759901_________ is the patrician's favorite senshi. _________ is the plebian's favorite senshi.[View]
165761285Madoka time travel: So I’m not sure how Time travel works but let’s say Homura had the power to trav…[View]
165761422Renai Boukun: Is the translation for this series dead? It hasn't updated since October. 49.5 wa…[View]
165762643Puru Puru: Pururin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZlqGD2FIs8[View]
165762406Ippo 1205: Did anybody seriously expect anything else? Boxing Smarks BTFO[View]
165759064Tsuredure Children: Woop woop[View]
165758650just finished this can someone explain to me in what world a season 3 acceptable are you niggers oka…[View]
165761840New Captain Tsubasa Anime Spring 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUK4zTkcz1U Are you ready to …[View]
165741361ITT: quotes[View]
165761819Pre-2000 thread: Get in here, /a/nons. What old stuff are you watching right now? I just started wat…[View]
165753628ITT: Girls THIRSTY for the dick[View]
165731807Plains or Mountains?[View]
165739158Who the fuck can defeat this motherfucker?[View]
165760399>'Killer queen already touched that lasagna'[View]
165741273Dropped scanlations thread: Someone pick Kuutei Dragons up again.[View]
165742093Pure girl: Isn't she the most cute and pure girl ?[View]
165729658Why is he considered a 'mediocre' servant?: Isn't he able to counter any servant with UBW traci…[View]
165758693To Your Eternity 049 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >To Your Eternity 049 (2017) (Digital) (dan…[View]
165754943Soul Eater: You know, /a/ rags on it whenever the damn thing gets mentioned but there's nothing…[View]
165757992Flip Flap: Is there a more beautiful girl in anime than Cocona Kokomine?[View]
165757041Zeta Gundam is godlike: The thinking man's mecha[View]
165761370Me to me de tsuujiau futari dake no secret love Negaigoto hitotsu dake kanau no nara Kimi wa nani wo…[View]
165759338Hello, Could anyone help me out with the ending of boys on the run? The last volume wasn’t scanlated…[View]
165758996Kazuo Umezu: le weird mangaka. Is he the strangest cartoonist out there?[View]
165748389Battle Angel Alita by James Cameron: JUST[View]
165760158GATE: Would you like a Pina Colada?[View]
165759652Was she living the dream? Or living the meme?[View]
165755639ITT: Top-tier 'MC's best friend' characters: Starting with a old-time classic.[View]
165729536Aikatsu and Pripara thread: New Idle Time episode in ~5-6 hours.[View]
165758122Himouto Umaru-chan (manga): She realized it in 92nd chapter. Nice.[View]
165713233Kodomo no Jikan: How did he not quit? This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.[View]
165760115Raildex: Do you think Oriana is going to show up in the LNs soon? I keep getting a funny feeling tha…[View]
165717033Tsugumomo chapter 104 livetl: It's another Tsugumomo thread! Today's live translation is c…[View]
165736963Infinite Stratos: >tfw you're flatter than your younger Taiwanese clone Being Rin is sufferi…[View]
165758707should I watch the anime or read the manga?[View]
165759953What did they mean by this?[View]
165759775Hehehehe Hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA-[View]
165759003What starts your pairing?: At what point do you see 2 characters and just decided, that's the s…[View]
165759635>finish last episode of a season >preview has the characters talking about how they hope the s…[View]
165747677if kaiji was set in real life, would he be overthinking it most of the time?[View]
165759179Why hasn't any studio animated the OG Isekai? It's public domain[View]
165757622TerraFormars: TerraFormars is coming back on April 2018. Did you guys stop liking this manga?[View]
165755232Origin 39 by Fans for FANS: Here's another HYPE release by your beloved Fanscans! This time it…[View]
165753763Taiga thread[View]
165759000>Draw a girl >Call it a robot Why is this allowed?…[View]
165759138When were Simon and Kamina supposed to have become buddies again? Rewatching this show after a decad…[View]
165756572flop: Are there any anime or manga that are flopping/decaying right now? Post them here and laugh a…[View]
165756206I don't know what type of girl this is. But I need more of her. Only other type of dark, big ti…[View]
165746586ITT we post best girls of their respective shows.[View]
165758721Just finished whatching this It's ok The animation is praised left and right and is actually mu…[View]
165752653What are onee-chans for?[View]
165758639This is the most truthful fact from any anime or manga.[View]
165755309Best KyoAni girl?: Let's settle this https://www.strawpoll.me/14609181[View]
165758354what's this face called[View]
165748326Seitokai Yakuindomo thread: I love them all, /a/. How am I supposed to choose just one?[View]
165756365>A shitty first episode means the rest of the show will su-[View]
165751209I'm completely new to FullMetal Alchemist. I've heard conflicting opinions about which ser…[View]
165758285ITT anime and manga that were too good for /a/[View]
165748333That was dark.[View]
165740982Taishou Wotome Otogibanashi: 3 new chapters got translated, 31 to 33. I'll be dumping. In case …[View]
165758120Mahoujin Guruguru: Will watching this make me become a pedophile?[View]
165750379This is your date for tonight[View]
165733336Raildex: He's coming back soon[View]
165757608What's going on in this picture?[View]
165754303Dragon Ball Super: #18 is and will always remain best girl[View]
165757405>'IS THAT THE HOLY WARRIOR'[View]
165753729Sakura Trick: Why is this so boner inducing?[View]
165755678I wish Type-Moon remained the same semi-popular studio with good quality stories like KnK instead of…[View]
165721818What's your favorite romance manga, /a/?[View]
165757068Pop Team Epic thread: haven't seen a thread about this, but there should be this might be my fa…[View]
165757154Can we have a /a/ carachters game in 'gartic' portuguese? link if you wanna join[View]
165753296What was the best anime moments of 2015?[View]
165755952My Hero Academia: What do you think the horse is for?[View]
165749639What does /a / think of Gatchaman Crowds?[View]
165729291ITT: pages that told you the mango was going to be good[View]
165728653Name one character who can beat Joker-sama.[View]
165747479This is the ideal waifu. You may not like it, but this is what peak waifu looks like[View]
165756509Now this is what I call quality.[View]
165756160This is my beautiful wife Tomoe Mami, who was canonized by the Catholic Church today. Say something …[View]
165756048Why can't mangakas write stories without shit filler?[View]
165756087What is this bullshit?[View]
165755816hey /a/ have you ever dreamed of anime? >dreamed i was in the Fate/Stay war thing >except all…[View]
165749973Are we ever going to see them again?[View]
165754253Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: What did /a/ think of this ? How does it compare to other RomComs ?…[View]
165754714Sexy Fish: Who is the sexiest fish in all anime and why is it Fish Eye?[View]
165752096You know, it takes more than having big boobs to be a good character.[View]
165744946What was the point of this scene? was it really necessary?[View]
165754889What did she mean by this?[View]
165697521The Mightiest Disciple: Kenichi: >Fighting >Busty girls >Niche concept taken to extremes …[View]
165752864Kekkai Sensen & Beyond: K.K. best mom of 2017.[View]
165737904Christmas: AAAAAAA only 13 days until C-u-hristmass What do you waaant?[View]
165749941Since this kitty wants kids to be happy so badly, would she let shotas fuck her it they asked?[View]
165735761Detective Conan: HOLY FUCK Gosho just dropped the name of the Black Org and the guy/family/original …[View]
165753806Will Imaishi ever top PSG?[View]
165753490Question:: Are Christmas Cakes After-thots?[View]
165749234Devilman is Fucked Up: Why was Japan so depraved in the 70s/80s?[View]
165726097She's not a good girl bros, she's a slut[View]
165751113Beruze is close to Angels level in power. He is the only God of destruction who partially dominate t…[View]
165748356Do you remember?[View]
165747310I thought that /a/ told me that this was overrated. Why did you lie, /a/? This is a masterpiece.[View]
165752394Your sister brings her friend home from school for the first time, what do you do?[View]
165752471Does /a/ watch anime at 1.5x speed?[View]
165747203NEEDLESS: /a/ hasn't forgotten this series, right? was what I'd heard about a sequel manga…[View]
165752706Will this ever get a proper full-length adaptation?[View]
165751972Was it a good show?[View]
165694924I, Lelouch Vi Britannia command you! All of you… die![View]
165754054you didn't forget her, right /a/?[View]
165743888Post best girl of their respective series[View]
165750061Dragon Ball Super: Let's be honest this arc is gonna end with Goku vs Jiren, Jobhan isn't …[View]
165747031Which song do you like the most and why: Making of Cyborg, Ghost City or Reincarnation?[View]
165750573What will end first?[View]
165745299Violet Evergarden: >350.000 views in the first 24 hours Now tell me how VEG is not the best anim…[View]
165708528ITT we discuss what in the name of hell this thing is. What is it? Is it a mammal? What does it eat?…[View]
165752898>yfw ISIS truck drivers are actually the real true god messengers for transporting and iseka-ing …[View]
165750876What anime would you consider to be the big three of this generation? (note: it doesn't have to…[View]
165752990Love Live Sunshine: Will she get her own episode?[View]
165750872Why is there no anime as good as pic related?[View]
165747898Who's who? Bottom right seems to be Mayuri from Steins;Gate but I may be wrong[View]
165752295why doesnt he just wish for King Kai to replace Zeno?[View]
16574196410/10 Villains[View]
165741659this is your slutty gf for tonight[View]
165749675/a/, I challenge you to rock paper scissors[View]
165748452It's now officially confirmed: > 国民の出生や婚姻を受け付けるペルーの全国身分登録事務所が5日、発表した。最も多かったドラゴンボールの登場人物名は、主人…[View]
165748110Shigurui: Currently reading this, am I not supposed to cheer on Seigen? The only thing he did wrong …[View]
165750768Is there an anime character more pathetic than Maniwa Pengin?[View]
165741505Who's your daughteru, /a/? Mine's Akari, I love her very much![View]
165751479Why can no one write characters as good as Tomino?[View]
165744715Macross Frontier vs Macross Delta: So which was one actually better? https://strawpoll.com/4zk2d9cz]…[View]
165751303>I should take my leave then >No falco, you should stay and listen >Stay right next to me f…[View]
165743231/a/ Sings Tell Me Why (Berserk OP): Another day, another thread. The song and lyrics are below, so j…[View]
165710042Osomatsu san: So does anyone really have any hope that the new episode is going to be any less medio…[View]
165750217>guy's name is Gouda Kazundo >his musical theme uses kazoos what did they mean by that…[View]
165746179so is this just cute furry girls doing cute furry stuff, or is there more to it? will it fill the ho…[View]
165749873>Show mainly features lesbian relationships. Did this avoid Abe's pro-breeding censorship or…[View]
165745493Hatsukoi Zombie: Ebino will win right?[View]
165737372Did she ever have a BF?: ...and another HOTD thread[View]
165738950Black Clover: Black Clover episode 11[View]
165750359Did this show do the whole main protagonist ends up being the main antagonist the best?[View]
165747413What do you think of the leader of the Black Organization? A mysterious half a century old crime syn…[View]
165748344Mayo Chiki: I've watched this anime a long time ago and although it's generally cliche at …[View]
1657409892017 Isekai...: Between Truck-Kun, Train-Chan and Truck-Sama, which one rolled over the best victims…[View]
165747758Make your choice, /a/[View]
165744279Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Raw: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5476334098[View]
165747444How was today's episode?[View]
165747220They killed millions[View]
165748136Henneko: Why did they have tails at the end?[View]
165740852Dragon Ball Super: Gohan is gonna get buried...again.[View]
165748488I'm gonna be fucking pissed if she doesn't win[View]
165748029o-oh no[View]
165747483Who is the better princess?: [ ] Chaika [ ] Pacifica[View]
165723049Houseki no Kuni: rock identification[View]
165724152Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – Children of the Mud Whale: Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau – Child…[View]
165730204Find a flaw. You can't.[View]
165746781>the amount of anime you've seen becomes your battle power would you be able to at least tak…[View]
165744864I'm still fucking mad that piece of shit Nyaa ran away like a chickenshit and shut everything d…[View]
165748692Why is he so perfect[View]
165748568Is Dragon Ball the Star Wars of anime?[View]
165747242ITT: Reverse pleb filters[View]
165747820So, is this just 'Panty Shots: The Anime'? Not that I'm complaining[View]
165744542Which Nep do you want to beat you up the most?[View]
165748420Not for the first time see anime stern and mighty German military girls... But the modern German ar…[View]
165748571Was Kiznaiver too smart for /a/?[View]
165743700She's not a good girl bros, she's a slut[View]
165642783Pre-2000 anime: What are you guys gonna watch over the holidays?[View]
165741954how do you feel about realistic anatomy in anime?[View]
165741757Hibike Euphonium 2: What the everloving fuck went wrong with S2?[View]
165747029Yo: Thoughts on Claymore and why Teresa was best girl?[View]
165747915Why is she pouting /a/?[View]
165726409IB Instant Bullet: So I just read this and while I understand why the MC acted the way he did why th…[View]
165741354>Fate >QUALITY Name more iconic duo[View]
165747231Why did they bungle her route so badly? Did the Director not like her or something?[View]
165741789He must be doing it on purpose.[View]
165746037Was he gay?[View]
165742830>Japs in charge of good taste[View]
165746168>just finished pic related >legit first time i feel bad because an anime ended…[View]
165729524Tomo-chan: IT HAPPENED[View]
165739321I never wanted to breed with anyone more than I want to with Witch Fumino. That perfect, slender bod…[View]
165675700Shokugeki no Soma: Left or Right[View]
165745904Dungeon Meshi: So, tomorrow it is?[View]
165743145was it rape?[View]
165745112Akane butt[View]
165739528Today is another day in which can all worship Umaru[View]
165745682>you will never mount Shinka like that Why live?[View]
165744344>people pay money for this[View]
165735817Nekopara OVA: Less than a month to go, are you excited yet?[View]
165743878Ousama Game: If she dies I'm fucking done.[View]
165731477Forget bishie Ash, what do we think of this new Poké gyaru?[View]
165724421This is Kiriya Aoi from Aikatsu! What are your honest-to-god opinions on this beautiful Blue Goddess…[View]
165722837ITT: shows that were immediately forgotten: And we discuss why, and if they deserved to be forgotten…[View]
165743842Did he do even a single thing wrong?[View]
165746683Would he have been better off as a JRPG protagonist?[View]
165736791Why are these girls so W I D E?[View]
165745917People acknowledging references related to themselves: Anyone goes except for people who were involv…[View]
165738211I feel like I missed some character development.[View]
165741943Queen's Blade Unlimited: Irma looks alright, if a little bit too childish. We only have Cattele…[View]
165746008I just wanna hug Sakura[View]
165739437Honestly, it wasn't that great.[View]
165740626Why does everyone on other forums hate Gochuumon especially in popular ones like MAL and Reddit? Mea…[View]
165740287Hello, my WIXOSS-loving friends! Just 25 hours until the Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS comes out! (Note…[View]
165697534Imouto sae Ireba Ii: >independent male with father issues It would've been fine without them…[View]
165732002You are looking at the best Baka.[View]
165745284Is the sphere thing in thier head the brain? (inuyashiki): Is it the brain? Looks kind of small to b…[View]
165743947ITT: iconic panels[View]
165744419>that entire winter 2018 lineup Holy shit it looks great. The leftovers look fucking great too. I…[View]
165715782Buyfag Thread: >inb4 there's already another thread Blame moot. Let's post nice plastic…[View]
165741831SOMEONE STOP MARI!!!![View]
165683700Boruto discussion: So, what about itachi getting reinanimated again? What about sarada getting to s…[View]
165744206High School Fleet: The captain always knows best[View]
165736961What does /a/ think of Psycho Pass?[View]
165725156>mfw no Konohana Kitan thread.[View]
165744467Op you never skip: Obviously[View]
165740067>a single haki punch took out Doflamingo and his 8 bullets of awakened hardened strings imbued wi…[View]
165672105Classroom of the elite: When will it be best boy Koenji's turn to butt heads with 50%? It'…[View]
165718175Battle Angel Alita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj8mN_7Apcw What went wrong?[View]
165744313What did she mean by this[View]
165739313When can we expect the next Gundam that isn't UC?[View]
165742048>MC beats the tomboy so hard she becomes a girly girl Name a better trope.…[View]
165743877One Piece: How many chapters left this arc?[View]
165742917Left or Right?[View]
165740422Who will win the Chikara no Taikai?[View]
165741539Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 39 omake: But first things first. Here's the Volume 3 cover. O…[View]
165743403What do you think she is doing now?[View]
165733719Stop masturbating to girls who aren't your sister.[View]
165741747>yet another lame Dragon Quest parody Convince me not to drop this shit on the spot.…[View]
165741484>MC does something stupid >retard music plays in the background…[View]
165739179This is the best looking anime of the year and you'd be objectively wrong to argue otherwise.[View]
165741241A show like this would never be made nowadays.[View]
165717765Do you believe that this will 'save anime'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5xWqjFglsk[View]
165733118What was the point of this show?: What does it contribute to society?[View]
165743222How come we get second seasons for shitty anime but we cant get a second season for this[View]
165740342Kodomo no Jikan author's new manga: >it's fujoshit Why is this allowed? Why can't…[View]
165741035You're telling me that this is a cute, light-hearted comedy?[View]
165738221What the fuck was his problem?[View]
1657372922003 > Brotherhood Fight me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2kwie-gs2o[View]
165740787*fakes death* Heh, nothing personel kid[View]

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