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4016938is one by wacom a good drawing tablet for beginners in digital art? i already draw traditionally[View]
4015860Do you ever get mad that stuff like pic related is in galleries and museums?[View]
4014211Downfall: How does this picture make you feel??? What does it mean?? The downfall of man?[View]
4016549do you pretend to be part of a minority/gender/etc online to get more followers and supporters?[View]
4011223Can we please bring back art blogs? Places where artists can post artwork and write more than a shor…[View]
4012160>tfw feel like I’ll stop improving if I don’t keep making new sketches >as a result, never can…[View]
4016330>can copy a reference almost perfectly >cant draw anything from imagination HELP how do I draw…[View]
4016388Looking to upgrade to a BIGGER drawing tablet: My current tablet (pic rel) is really starting to get…[View]
4017090What shade of green is this?[View]
4015584IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
4017358Art is not about what is right or wrong way, but about challenging convention.: Why /ic/ weebs think…[View]
4012084>I fuck up anatomy >am a fucking loser >famous illustrator fucks up anatomy >it's h…[View]
4009783Do you enjoy studying?: For me art is like a video game, I enjoy studying just as much as I like doi…[View]
4015552What's /ic/'s official god patron? Apollo, god of arts or Athena, goddess of intelligence …[View]
4012296need feedback: sooo, basically i like to draw but i feel like there's a way to make it look les…[View]
4012350Clothing Reference[View]
4016302https://youtu.be/fjR1apFWzmE?t=305 Jim Lee is wrong at 5:05 of this video, right? If multiple object…[View]
4014697Gottfried Bammes: Human Anatomy: I don't know why no one brings up this book. If you actually w…[View]
4017048>Be me >In hospital recovering from treatment for the cancer I got browsing /ic/ >They don’…[View]
4016964It doesn't matter how many book exercises you complete, you will never be able to draw human an…[View]
4017137Should I try to learn realism HD meme paintings if my goal is eroge 2D pixel art porn for my games?[View]
4015816I've been trying to figure out what it is about this .. image that is so captivating. I've…[View]
4009526Chinese figure drawing book: Does anybody knows the name of this book? It's one from the artboo…[View]
4016264Social media: What hashtags do you guys use?[View]
4014517Platforms that support crypto: Are there any art-selling platforms for comms, prints or whatever tha…[View]
4016236Why aren't you working out? Pretty much everything I've learned about self discipline, gro…[View]
4016888I have always thought that artist are some kind of god. Like they have the perfect personality and t…[View]
4016404>Here's a list of things I won't draw[View]
4012142on the 'polished turd aesthetic ': I'm not sure how to exactly put this, but the twee…[View]
4016568Search for original owner: This guy is using someone else's adt work as his own. Im pretty sure…[View]
4014348>minecraft hunger bar >tablet screen view >facecam i want to like his videos but what the f…[View]
4013429'Hitokaku'/(Nakamura Seiich): Redpill me on hitokaku, anons. People say it's like a japanese ve…[View]
4013615Any good way to get into the history of art from any period? Books etc.[View]
4010962Leonardo Da Vinci: HOW HE DID IT? I NEED ANSWERS[View]
4015196why do you draw ic?: not that original question i know but im jus curious if you are all jus motivat…[View]
4016357Colouring Length: How long does it usually take to colour an inked character? Including shading?…[View]
4008557Why the fuck do contractors and studios who use Flash/Toonboom and 3D programs never respect it and …[View]
4015777David finch: I know it's capeshit but I like his style so much and I wanna learn how to draw li…[View]
4016097How does one reach this level of pixel art?[View]
4016006Are there any webm or gif made by some amateur that looks like a realistic traditional painting? Bas…[View]
4015687Post more examples so soul and soulless i need it for research purposes[View]
4015165/ic/ blackpill thread.: I'll start, if you spend more time shitposting on 4chan when you could …[View]
4015374oh its back: and more painful then ever dare ye[View]
4013534BE me: >be me walking in the park looking for qts to draw >see three people with art supplies …[View]
4015561how fast is to simply paint directly the painting without doing the preparation drawing versus doing…[View]
4014582How do popular artists make rookie mistakes like this?[View]
4015712What kind of digital erasers do you use?: You are using optimal erasers to not mash ctrl+z as much a…[View]
4015535Is there an alternitive resource to Loomis' 'Fun With a Pencil' if I want to learn anatomy and …[View]
3999235You did draw something for the 4th of July, right? Post your contribution.[View]
4014580So, what's the best option in regards to online commissions: to start asking a low price until …[View]
4015147What the fuck.[View]
4014129Do you warm up before drawing? If so, what kind of exercises do you make?. I am going to star takin…[View]
4012770Is it possible all of the antidepressants I'm on are killing my artistic ability? I used to dra…[View]
4012793This is Gigachad cutting off Wojak's ears.[View]
4015304How do I draw like George Grosz?[View]
4014467Unlocking the Loomis method: explained by an art teacher http://smithart7a.blogspot.com/2017/05/por…[View]
4013101Art Excercise: I've been drawing for so many years, but I still suck at it I recently felt stuc…[View]
4015247Anyone know where I can get foundation patreon stuff? Only a couple on cgpeers.[View]
4007618Is tumblr a good place to have an art blog?[View]
4012676IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
3992777Draw Thread: If you need resources you're not gonna make it. keep pixels 1000 or under[View]
4003111/asg/ - Anime Study General: **Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamenta…[View]
4007243Photo ref collection: I am apprehensive to post this since it is Pinterest but I’ve been collecting …[View]
4014801How do you feel about makeup being art?: I respect makeup and think it takes skill, but I hate how e…[View]
4013706Is this the only way to be successful at making comics? Is this the only way to get published and ha…[View]
4014930Is this how it feels to make it?: I think I am at the point where I don't care about money or f…[View]
4013887Artist using computer viruses to paint: Painted with Flame (skywiper)[View]
4014990how to get out of the learning cycle?: one day i told to myself 'my drawings are lacking fundamental…[View]
4013782iPads vs Cintiqs: Has anyone tried both the Cintiqs and iPads? When I was in art school almost 10 ye…[View]
4011235How do you stay passionate for art as an adult? The older I get the less enjoyment I get from lookin…[View]
4012829Rate my stuff /ic/[View]
4014895Art, Rarity and Value are based on human perceptions https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-4iFy6AvJnw[View]
4014864I don't fully understand on how to achieve this cross hatching style with bold strokes ? Tried…[View]
4014755>Draw from morning to late night because I really need the money >Injury myself Should I just …[View]
4006982Artist gloves: Meme or a godsend? I just got mine but haven't had the chance to it much.[View]
4013197Imagine wasting your talent doing capeshit: Why is he such a basedboy anons?[View]
4006332Lets settle this once for all, should you be able to depict an underage in a drawing in any way? Sh…[View]
4013399Van Gogh: Has anyone been to the Van Gogh exhibition at the Tate britain yet? I don’t think i’ve eve…[View]
4013538You don't know the meaning of 'git gud' until you use a Huion[View]
4014018Self made supplies: Being poor is not an excuse not to draw. I'm here with my homie making char…[View]
4006367comfiest art style?[View]
4010767I have a concern and I didn't know who to ask but /ic/. I have been running a webcomic for a fe…[View]
4009458iPad for complete illustration work?: I've seen plenty of recommendation for iPad for daily ske…[View]
4012506so i am trying to draw with vanishing points n stuff, but it just looks wronggggggggggg! the floor e…[View]
4013836>Go into a random critique thread >Write some complete bullshit about an anon's painting,…[View]
4011126Any good books on manga techniques? I'm not talking about some dumb fucking weabshit like drawi…[View]
4011248hey how come no ones translated murutas how to draw manga manga yet? the things fully scanned online…[View]
4011837Sites for selling your art: I just found out about this and i would like to get some informations. A…[View]
4013137>make a cool new female character design i like >instantly sketch weight gain porn of her why …[View]
4009839>have you ever fallen for an artist I mean to the point where you don't care about their age…[View]
4013724>this is a princess bro draw her in your style and get experimental[View]
4014131Bob Ross paintings worth: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-32078.html -'It seems …[View]
4013374Is my tablet dying?: When I draw, occasionally my strokes regardless of the applied pressure turn ou…[View]
4013496What's the point in realism and why is /ic/ so obsessed with it?[View]
4014101Lmao just use digital bro, who even draw traditional these days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iib_…[View]
4012995ITT: we post any art that has to do with east asia[View]
4005473/ic memes. Post them here[View]
4008892How are you holding up /ic/?[View]
4013985Photoshop Collages Advice: I made this picture. I am looking for tips on how to make this sort of th…[View]
4011388day 1 hands: first day drawing that isn't a stick figure What are major improvements I can make…[View]
4013880Virtual Pc 7 Team - Turbos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESPTzPygGpU check this out its imppressi…[View]
4010549Your influential/goal map: Who inspires and/or influences you to draw? Do you have a certain artisti…[View]
4013771vocal abex haters[View]
4010565Just a daily reminder that the people who designed these abominations gets probably gets paid more t…[View]
4004686You are jumping on the next flavor of the month waifu, aren't you? Don't you want all thos…[View]
4013322How do you learn to render like this? Guys work always has this liquid feel to it that I can't …[View]

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