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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 85 expired threads from the past 3 days

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6507713Do normies really not care how art is made? Under what conditions do they care? How does the artist …[View]
6507074'Fan Art' - Why do people do it?: I mean I understand when you're just starting out, when I was…[View]
6507806Is this a repost? Is this fashion? Is that you Jhon Wayne?: Yes, indeed there are as many settings a…[View]
6503610I bought this figure to study the anatomy of an average female. Her clothes are removable. Did I bu…[View]
6507812Many people here talk about making their own comic but we seem to focus on the visual aspect of it. …[View]
6505432My art lol: So hows this cat looking[View]
6505696Is Oda a good artist?[View]
6505112Tips for getting references: I struggle a lot when I want to start a drawing anime characters becaus…[View]
6507517Is your favorite art youtube like this? Why do you still watch them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
6500679What do you think of my Waifu?: She is an older sister of Dylan Klebold, shes 21; she likes to read,…[View]
6506852What books are good to learn symbol drawing?: Is keys to drawing a good book to learn[View]
6507451what all of these mean and what's the order to study them: >composition, construction, propo…[View]
6506760Are there any good tutorials that focus on the technical skills of using drawing software as opposed…[View]
6507392Quicksketch thread: Is there any other school / artist that teaches Quicksketch as its own disciplin…[View]
6503235Loomis NO[View]
6507104How to start painting as an illustrator: As stated in the title, I have been drawing for quite a whi…[View]
6505946Why haven’t you made a youtube channel yet anon?[View]
6507237I know this has become a meme but the more time passes, the more this becomes fact. Have you been pr…[View]
6506261Gardevoir: Trying to get some engagement by drawing Pokemon porn + generic NSFW artstyle They good?…[View]
6507012AI Art vs Human Art: Did a 10 Minute video sorry for the watermark have fun https://www.youtube.com…[View]
6502607Anyone know what this style of art is called/have anything like this? I saw it on OpenAI and really …[View]
6501321Fan art of real people: Is drawing porn of real people creepy and why?[View]
6503783I stopped drawing for a year, I came back today and my hand isn't moving the way it used. Why t…[View]
6506726Ahem, can I have your attention artists. '''AI''' art has just been exposed by experts as literally …[View]
6507006Where to find Art Book scans?: I'm trying to find a scan of Takami Akai's Art Books, so fa…[View]
6506532What does your inspiration folder look like?: Do you have one? How much do you have in it? What stuf…[View]
6506873Is there a quicker way to blend/shade than doing the halfway colour picker method? I pick colour so …[View]
6506764You got too cocky: AI 'art' and NLP at the moment is just iterative if-else markov chains doing appl…[View]
6503961Whats a good way to color in line art on krita? if I don't want weird white areas or to color o…[View]
6503566STRONG expressions: I barely have any on my computer, which is a big pain when trying to draw them. …[View]
6502908Art localization: How do you feel about it?[View]
6493566Why doesn't anyone make art like this anymore?[View]
6504239You can now get revenue for your post on twitter.[View]
6505747Anime Artbooks: Are there any good resources for anime art books? I've seen quite a few scatter…[View]
6476156Photoshop VS Clip Studio Paint: Which one do you use? Have you tried both? What annoys you about one…[View]
6487502/pyw/ Post Your Work: Its been a while, /ic/. What have you drawn recently? I've been trying ou…[View]
6504784You are drawing everyday right anon?[View]
6504825pantsu: why has this niggas art been actually deteriorating? does he have coom induced parkinsons or…[View]
6493808Draw this hand.[View]
6482721Art Supply Thread: Discuss art supplies. Does anyone have this (or the female version)? It has good …[View]
6502375I started an art class at uni and our first assignment was to draw anything we wanted to show our sk…[View]
6506374This is actually my greatest work. A lot of people seem to not like it, but every time I ask them to…[View]
6506358Anyone have experience with Brainstorm School? Are they worth it? Especially the boot camps and the …[View]
6505657alright i've redone the monster design from previous thread (this one: >>6495796 ) 1) i…[View]
6506214Where are the 3d Anatomical Models?: Looking all around for free anatomical 3d models online but I c…[View]
6499286Feeling Lost: I'm at a bit of a breaking point here. I pove drawing and I've finally gotte…[View]
6502357>Painted with the g-pen again[View]
6506123>lore youtubers already using AI to generate images and thumbnails >probably using AI to write…[View]
6505629Anyone actually use a 4x6 or smaller tablet?[View]
6506039Is it possible to draw when I'm left handed, have shaky hands because of a condition, have a le…[View]
6433586/draw/ where is draw thread[View]
6498383february: january is coming to an end. how many times did you draw this month? did you improve? wha…[View]
6505564How important is quality over soul?[View]
6504063Is it worth doing unsolicited requests?: I don't have a big nsfw portfolio anyway and I wanna g…[View]
6494706>Drawing is too hard >I can't focus on drawing >How do you get the motivation to draw…[View]
6504040the pixiv/twitter killer move: Because I'm feeling generous, I will relay some information from…[View]
6505660Is it possible to filter the fat and old models in Line of Action? It's a great tool and all, b…[View]
6503347I need some refences: I need some POV references on this kinda pose[View]
6502617How do you draw hands in a simple way? Most ways I've seen are either too complicated/too organ…[View]
6502678How do I draw characters in an environment?: I can either draw characters on a white background Or a…[View]
6504732AI's able to generate good animations now https://twitter.com/8co28/status/1621371932297011200…[View]
6502880How do I make my own oil paints? I looked up on the internet and it's all just mineral powder b…[View]
6503915Occasionally, while I'm doing idle doodling, I turn on a random Art-category stream, and listen…[View]
6504516Wooden Computer Case Design Feedback: Hi, I'm working on a modern wooden(bamboo lumber) compact…[View]
6504571Hi, /ic/. I just got my first pen tablet. Any advice for someone adapting to a tablet from pencil an…[View]
6501739How do you actually study anatomy?: Do you just read anatomy books?medical books? Do you just copy a…[View]
6492224Why are we not more popular? We are literally the only open community for art[View]
6500316/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread: If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in a…[View]
6503753How do I avoid messy and confusing lines at the sketch stage? Thanks.[View]
6504962Drawpile Thread #7: Is this thing still on?: Let's Draw Together! >Join any time >Open 24…[View]
6503365Mind eye: What's your number? For me it is 5 for daily use and 6, but somewhat transparent, if…[View]
6500593Have you done pixel art?[View]
6502902You wanna know what makes for true art?: True art appeals to everyone in every class of life. Anyth…[View]
6501088Anyone use openCanvas?[View]
6503259Anatomically speaking what exactly is this body part? Are there any books or tutorials that would he…[View]
6503943Need tips and criticism on this artwork I did recently please!: I am an amateur artist and have not …[View]
6504801what do you mean in draw for 2 hours, draw diferent draws in two hours or draw a draw for two ours. …[View]
6499147I want to draw manga: I want to draw manga, but I'm not a jap. What are my options? Post it onl…[View]
6494642do you download brushes or do you make your own or do you tweak existing ones?[View]
6503911BBB: Can we all agree that Black Brushes are way supperior to white 'brushes' though? White paint is…[View]
6503913>select non-binary out of curiosity >it's a girl in a wheelchair…[View]
6493148I think there can be some alien value to AI art. Not in any effort for perfection or replacement or …[View]
6461133Video Course General v.10: Video Course General v.10 Do not let it die! And draw! Paint! Sculpt! Eja…[View]

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