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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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5522935Prove you're a real artist. Draw him some eyes[View]
5528292>he did this at 23 years old Why did we stop giving importance to arts and the creation of beauty…[View]
5527460first post, u guys my drawing?[View]
55237002d vs 3d animation: Yesterday I saw Space Jam 2, apart form the shitty story and the cringe King of …[View]
5529090Is becoming a VTuber an ultimate expression as artist? You pretty much become your art and serve as …[View]
5527428I've finally made it /ic/ bros! I can draw!: After several years of gesture drawing, anatomy st…[View]
5528840Lads... Have you ever fallen in love with your own drawing?[View]
5528837this is a female according to michelangelo.[View]
5526779Derivative/Parody Art: Post any derivative, parody, or joke art and give advice on how to better par…[View]
5527790Is it illegal or impossible to stay anonymous if you want to run a business as a lewd artist in the …[View]
5528660>search for realism art Why you gotta be so fucking retarded, not to mention all the hyper realis…[View]
5529225Anyone got this archived? Been looking for this sound library for ages https://www.moonechoaudio.com…[View]
5529220What do you think: Is there a market/audience for drawing battles like this? I couldn't find an…[View]
5515036tell us you've grown as an artist without telling us you've grown as an artist[View]
5526289Are cartoonists illegitimate artists?[View]
5527739/beg/ - Beginner Course - Feeling the form edition: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this …[View]
5528414Twitter artists: Just made a Twitter, what are some good artists to follow for inspiration, to get i…[View]
5498455Alternative Art/Stylization General: Previous Thread: >>5461293 What is /ALT/? If you're …[View]
5528846What art style would you say this painting is? The artist is obscure and Russian.[View]
5462936Art Supply Thread: ask questions, give reviews, and show off any new supplies you've purchased …[View]
5528680new wip: Hey 4channers, gimme them crits! I need em.[View]
5528065pls rate.[View]
5521233How would you justify posting 'sketches' and 'studies' as content?: I mean, you can only really call…[View]
5523841Anyone else think modern life is the reason we can't learn to draw anymore? If I was born in t…[View]
5527578Why Russians are so good at oil painting?[View]
5528512What sets your art apart from the art of millions of others throughout the world? What makes it wort…[View]
5528435dirtgrub.: dirtgrub.[View]
5526706Is anybody here a 3D artist or VFX artist? Really interested in moving into this field as a 2D artis…[View]
5519432Can you structure drawing?: If you want to learn math there are books out there that will take you f…[View]
5521274do you understand the secrets of Sacred Geometry?[View]
5523334How do I paint like the old masters?[View]
5526999Dreams and Nightmares Skin Contest: Is anyone here going to participate? For those of you unaware: V…[View]
5521453How do you draw ethnic characters without making them stereotypes?[View]
5431020/PAG/ - Pixel Art General: Previous thread >>5373694 Go back to /b/ retard edition > Rules:…[View]
5527415How do I draw backgrounds without having them take longer than the actual focal point of a drawing?[View]
5526931Is it bad to hate average moe anime artstyle?: I hate myself for loving such a simple soulless style…[View]
5527311The question is not whether or not you're gonna make it, the questions is whether or not it is …[View]
5522117FUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzr_dodDuzw[View]
5513581/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General: This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: n…[View]
5525816Do women get less criticism for drawing lewd art than men do? Is that fair?[View]
5526261What is the beat way aproach perspective when you are a complete /beg/?? Also what are the best book…[View]
5527593Any books to learn how to draw big muscles?: I play a few fighting games and I would love to draw so…[View]
5527538How do I make the correct proportions in my drawings?: Not only of bodies, but everything? I am gett…[View]
5525998DRAWFAG SERVER: Join if you would like to hangout with other drawfags, folks over here are quite fri…[View]
5527426I've been watching videos of Japanese people drawing and I realized that all of them do a messy…[View]
5519647What is your favorite color?[View]
5527332Any advice on painting clouds? I do a lot of atmospheric works in Adobe, yet after so long I still s…[View]
5527037How do you get over the fear that your next work won't live up to your previous work? I'm …[View]
5525289Christopher Lovell: This guy looks like a male model and paints like god from imagination, self taug…[View]
5519152DIGITAL ARTIST PROCESS SHARING: Thread for sharing & discussing processes of established digital…[View]
5527181Mark Kozelek did nothing wrong: Looking to learn how to give people tattoos as it seems like a chill…[View]
5527205add a frog >me at the bottom[View]
5520732Is it just me or is studying heads and portraiture totally pointless? It's incredibly complicat…[View]
5524351Devilish confessions: Confess your sins, /ic/ >commissioner >find budding artists who don’t ma…[View]
5526038Something is deeply wrong with that right arm...[View]
5519310Draw this in your style.[View]
5526948How do you get over artistic paralysis? I get the pencil and paper ready and then I can't do an…[View]
5526884Post people drawing in real-time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzlYmpziED0[View]
5526693What brush is this?: I'm pretty sure it's not a 100% custom brush because there's som…[View]
5526102Did any of you get a Bachelor of Fine Arts from a decent school? Do you think it's worth it for…[View]
5526835Have you applied yet anon? https://www.viz.com/blog/posts/virtual-portfolio-reviews-are-back[View]
5518277Is someone willing to mentor me, getting back into drawing and not going to learn on my own because …[View]
5522907It's not about the drawing, its about conveying the message.[View]
5518348has anybody in this board made it? are you making a full-time living off of your work? or are you ju…[View]
5526063Why aren't you drawing porn to fund your true artistic passion right now? >highest money pot…[View]
5526587Rate my pepes[View]
5525022/beg/ Beginner Thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for cri…[View]
5522771How do you make a living with graphic novels, without marketing yourself? All that kickstarter and p…[View]
5525184have you tried sculpting?[View]
5524145Tricep definition in this pose: Can someone explain the muscle definition in the tricep of this pose…[View]
5525838Why did he improve so little despite constantly drawing for 10 years straight and how do I avoid end…[View]
5526059Anyone else's only reason for starting art is that you hate someone you know irl be better than…[View]
5526081What software do people use to create animated effects on drawings?: I forgot the name of the thing …[View]
5517966This is Phobos - The God of Fear. He is the main antagonist in the web comic I'm currently work…[View]
5525853What's the process of a art commission like? I'm curious how it goes. Do you have art post…[View]
5524657Was this guy beyond based for his time?[View]
5519683Giving up on SFW and getting into porn was the best decision of my life. I get approval and recognit…[View]
5526031What do you think of photo-bashing?[View]
5525583Do you think it's possible for someone to venture into a completely new territory in regards to…[View]
5525655What do you think is the best traditional method for colouring an illustration?[View]
5516600Brit here, where can I get a good art education in the uk?[View]
5525164What causes this?[View]
5523011I Drew John Wick during my Anatomy Exam: I didnt know shit. So i decided to draw John Wick.[View]
5525476I don't want to have soul, I want to have technique.[View]
5523817I had my biggest sale: I had my biggest sale ever this morning :) anyone else have good feels this w…[View]
5520752I wanted to try studying at the Feng Zhu School of Design, until I discovered how expensive it is. D…[View]
5525003I drew this on the 3DS a bit ago, it's my own city but from a certain view of an island close t…[View]
5522490I feel like this is gonna turn into s circle jerk so these are some artist I feel like dont give eno…[View]
5523286What style are we now?: So guys, if in the pas there were cultural eras such as baroque, rococo, imp…[View]
5491512>anime artstyle will NEVER be able to create a human figure as beautiful as this I don't get…[View]
5496512/fag/ - Furry Art General: Previous thread >>5450411 >What is /fag/? This is the Furry Art …[View]
5519388>Do drawabox, you will regret it; Do not do drawabox, you will also regret it. Whether you do dra…[View]
5524044Recommendations for a chair for artists? I bought this set and used the stool it comes with, and my …[View]
5516184how do i learn to draw from tracing?: i recently met this girl who has offered to teach me to draw i…[View]
5520792>porn is a low level of art that attracts people who can only do mediocre figure drawings in a ge…[View]
5522341How do you scale things in perspective?[View]
5523914Are and appeal: We all know that to grind the technical skill itself you need to study fundies, but …[View]
5518859Discord servers: Used to be on a couple of /ic/ servers years ago, haven't been on Discord for …[View]
5517867Could traditional animation ever return, or is it dead for good?[View]

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