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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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6686649Weeb sisters, I though japan likes anime and art[View]
6687210Do you think the difference in western anime and authentic anime is all in the shapes and linework? …[View]
6690292is cgma's analytical figure drawing worth the $700, or is it a scam?[View]
6687823The more I refine my art, the worse it looks[View]
6684967thoughts on this anatomy? It is not yet colored and shaded - these are placeholder colors for maskin…[View]
6689190>Can draw from life well >Favorite pastime hobby is RENDERING >Can mimic anime the best out…[View]
6688545Drawing as a job, will it kill the joy in it?[View]
6686345With EU and Japan allowing AI use America will finally rise above all in the art and animation indus…[View]
6685677i wish we had something like artfight but for non-faggots[View]
6673951But I thought it was the future?[View]
6647425You said you wanted to be an artist anon? What's your excuse? Why aren't you fucking grind…[View]
6689985art tips?: how do i fix the face?[View]
6685939Anyone else feels like art books would be better as 10 - 20 page infographics? Because that's h…[View]
6677132Art, painting, painting: I'm going to see this fat bloke.[View]
6689326Well, which is it?[View]
6688535The best way to ruin any illustration >yellow cum[View]
6686928ITT: machine harvesting safe artstyles: Post artsyles that are pure soul and that will be irreplacea…[View]
6679754Which is the correct route for drawing. Drawing from nothing or using references[View]
6681937/salt/ - Sexual art stylization thread: Previous thread >>6664808 If you're looking for a…[View]
6687662Why the west's traditional animation is non existent while the east is booming with traditional…[View]
6685268Is There a Name For This Artstyle?: All I know is that Zun and R07 use this style.[View]
6680372can't avoid drawing, fam: no matter what 'the technology' does, if you want to meet your full c…[View]
6689151I am kind of am autist. I like propaganda posters, military uniforms, flags and similar, and I want …[View]
6689051What anime art style are usually appealing to non-weeb westerners outside of the usual toonami stuff…[View]
6688334>do you have a blog?[View]
6685094to vilppu or not to vilppu: i’ve seen vilpuu mentioned and recommended to me on this thread several …[View]
6686701What do I fix from this: Can someone give me some advice?. There's wrong things with the shadow…[View]
6686161How hard is it to make your own animation movie nowadays?[View]
6683898POST NO THREADS (self aware schizo) /sas/ general: /sas/ or self aware schizo general is for all Gra…[View]
6685281Achilles heel: what's your artistic Achilles heel? Have you overcome yours? I cant into color t…[View]
6685712What are the 'fundies' or 'rules' to learning anime stylization? It seems like there's a line b…[View]
6687079MangaKa: how is there no torrent yet I mean uh, what do you guys think of this program?[View]
6664092/fag/ - Furry Art Generally: >What is /fag/?< This is the Furry Art General thread, here we po…[View]
6687159At what point it stops being a personal artstyle and starts becoming a same face syndrome[View]
6688469You could be making over $3000/month if you just learned how to use AI tools in your daily workflow.…[View]
6688674How come it is literally impossible for a westerner to draw like this?[View]
6687806Let's brainstorm a way to create a skinner box but to make crave drawing[View]
6687675How many time you like to use to drawing finish it? I like 1 hour drawing you?[View]
6685057Procrastinating learning to draw?: I've been browsing /ic/ on and off since 2014 and periodical…[View]
6688237Is there an anatomy course where I have specific tasks to do so I can progress accordingly? I'v…[View]
6683935Animator vs Mangaka: Hi guys, I'm learning Japanese and planning to move to Japan sometime in t…[View]
6661934How do I get good at drawing? I'm left handed, have perpetually shaky hands, ADHD, autism and a…[View]
6681501why do i draw better sleep deprived at 3 in the morning but like shit during the day and well rested[View]
6686398What's the next era going to be?[View]
6688014>Draw everyday How? What do I draw? I get burnt out. What works for me is drawing for a while, th…[View]
6686008/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread: If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in a…[View]
6687731How to I git gud at drawing of I've never really tried? I'm 21 and have a 12.9' tablet tha…[View]
6687701Do you watermark your work? If so why and when?[View]
6687695How does one become art director?[View]
6686665how do you overcome cringe or embarassment about your own artwork or are artists forever doomed to n…[View]
6681702I don't think I can beat this whole AI shit unless I get to this level https://twitter.com/Dave…[View]
6646379/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General: Why you should not trust youtube shills: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
6684615Show me a better way to build a head or study landmarks. Protip; you can't[View]
6687169wish there was someone who would just tell me what to draw but it's not their oc giving birth a…[View]
6686877What would be more cool critters to match this cannibal cockroach!!![View]
6687443Do you think experience and time period counts when it comes to comparing the skill between artists …[View]
6684959Street Art: Post cool street art. Preferably art you saw yourself but online stuff is also welcome.…[View]
6682603Why... why did they have to make these buildings so fucking complicated to draw?[View]
6687013How do I draw when I cannot hold an image in my mind? I literally 'see' nothing in my mind so when I…[View]
6687018anyone know which painting/sketch this is? think its a schiele but cant find with reverse search[View]
6686857Horror sketch: I've been having really bad lucid nightmare where I'm in a hospital... Ever…[View]
6685329Okay so when I sit down to draw how long should I go about doing it if I want to make sure I am actu…[View]
6686625Draw it but in your style: Draw this pose but in your own style[View]
6686479I've cracked the gift art code. Warrior cats.: I'm here to share a little trick I discover…[View]
6686501eagle from my friend: rate it[View]
6682805Wondering which one looks better left profile view or the right one[View]
6686506Making the use of shapes: Are shapes the building blocks for painting? If so, how would you utilize …[View]

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