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3936912>start drawing >get all the major details done >stop >start a new drawing >have a…[View]
3936433I am training to work as an illustrator at one of the major Hollywood movie studios, what do you thi…[View]
3932195autismo instragrammers: How does this make you feel anon? https://www.instagram.com/advvx/ tell her …[View]
3934813Tdlr me on Loomis, what are his magic tricks. >feel the form bro, gestures bro Wow, so its fuckin…[View]
3937079Can somebody find me a picture of Claude Wampler's Scrotum Yarmulke? Tried google images, but n…[View]
3932455My own painting can you critique it for me?[View]
3937007Sup /ic/ I finally repainted my William Birkin statue. What do you guys think? Anyone interested in…[View]
3936634How retarded would it be to use mod podge on graphite drawings to keep them from smudging? I already…[View]
3932480Jobs: I am soon to graduate after 4 years of Japanese language major from college ( i dont even like…[View]
3936153Best to worst image compression on sites for art sharing: Here's a list from my own research an…[View]
3935433why don't you own a manikin, /ic/? don't you want to improve at figure drawing?[View]
3934332Is doing NSFW commissions cheating? Do NSFW artist tell their partners about their work? Is not tell…[View]
3936169Where do you find freelance work?: I used to post portfolio on conceptart.org but that site seems to…[View]
3930071What sort of magic spell do you have to cast to draw with this thing? Ive had this thing for 4 years…[View]
3936588I don't think there has been a thread about this guy. What do you think about Challa? He's…[View]
3936418Opinions on my new pieces?[View]
3935790Would you say the artstyle for the Warcraft 3 remake is eastern-influenced, or just generic realism?[View]
3934022A common critique for a lot of my work is that I need more contrast. At the same time I always hear …[View]
3934147/beg/inner art thread, redline swag edition: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread …[View]
3934378What do you do with your art? Someone asked me this yesterday about the drawings in my sketchbook an…[View]
3936337how does this work, is he just using the inks directly on the shirts? theyre water color. wont they …[View]
3935876Is this good enough to scam retards on patreon?[View]
3930894There's something I really like about early 2000's concept art, but I can't seem to f…[View]
3933768how do i practice drawing from the shoulder? I'm so ridiculously bad at it right now, it's…[View]
3935957animation trying different style: im trying a style a bit more realistic. what do u guys think?…[View]
3933533How come paintings sell for so much but drawings don't? Drawings take just as much skill as pai…[View]
3935300Are tags actually the way to being seen?[View]
3934726Best type of pencils for rendering and fine detail?[View]
3933679Drawing 3/4: Can someone tell me how to think when drawing a character in 3/4 view? some guidelines …[View]
3935698How would one prevent a piece from looking 'too western' as in it's obvious you are foreign to …[View]
3935632Universities that teach concept art: Does anyone know any good universities or academies that teach …[View]
3935539As a beginner is it best to just continue grinding the fundamentals and doing studies or try working…[View]
3935492how relevant is this https://youtu.be/AKXkTDSvb1k[View]
3934946>group of normies at college: hey dude, we saw your drawings on twitter. Haha ______ is you right…[View]
3935666I feel like I've gotten much better at digital art, but worse at traditional. I've been di…[View]
3911147/sqt/: sqt/qtddtot a thread for stupid questions[View]
3934366Once I’m out of the beginner hole, what should I practice? Do I keep drilling my fundamentals? Is th…[View]
3930002Anyone want to jump to a drawfag thread on /soc/? Basically there is a good amount of girls willing …[View]
3933967About drawing on intuos pro.: I have not managed to draw quite well on my tablet. It is true that it…[View]
3888344Why don't we have a thread for reference sharing?[View]
3934088Weird-ass idea: Ameteur artist here, got a strange idea and decided to sketch it out. Basically, 4Ch…[View]
3930522>ruan jia 6k followers on insta >ilya 1mil followers how do you feel when worse artists are mu…[View]
3933252A friend of mine drew this. She has recently begun drawing and I'm helping her out with pdfs an…[View]
3931436/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily: Last thread: >>3922789 >Link: https://dad.gall…[View]
3934649remember this one ic oldfag?: do any oldfags remember an artist who used to go onto the /ic/ IRC who…[View]
3935025https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0749597816302096 So, guys, when are you going to …[View]
3933505Hello /ic/ Help? Color study? A struggling nobody here, doing painting on a cupboard. I did this dr…[View]
3934123>take my shit too seriously for oekaki >suck too much shit for ic What do vros?…[View]
3925002/vent/ thread: for any art related vents you want to get off your chest[View]
3921300ruan jia: Soul or soulless?[View]
3920835We are all gonna make it if we get this book.: Title. Korean name: 시크릿 캐릭터 드로잉 it means figure draw…[View]
3933012I made a drawing about anxiety and depression. Curious what you guys think. Any criticism or thought…[View]
3928574shit art you like[View]
3934350I am ambidextrous and getting into art. What kind of advantages could this theoretically give me?[View]
3924656Why do people still listen to him after this fiasco?[View]
3922660I'm gonna say the 'L' word[View]
3931757Drawing Loli is Not Bad: I've been henpecked for some of my loli drawings recently. To even arg…[View]
3934655Not being slow.: I've got the drawing part down but noticed that it genuinely takes me 7 hours …[View]
3920285If money isn't an issue what is the best art software on the market today? Is it still photosho…[View]
3934537I did this , don't steal my pepe pls[View]
3932424Concept Car Designs: Show those cars[View]
3931574Anyone in here enjoy Fucking themselves to their own art?[View]
3931273Would you still draw if you knew that your work would be destroyed not long after your death? This i…[View]
3933032Rate my drawing[View]
3931483>13 year old artist is better than you[View]
3931220>fulfilling art with soul post memorable pieces that make you appreciate the modern art society. …[View]
3934051Art.: What do you think?[View]
3932016>art streaming, what is art and what is not I like how it's female dominated since they need…[View]
3933798>Want to get back into drawing to get out of the safe space content >Can't get it to look…[View]
3932174Art: Am I talented /ic/?[View]
3934020How fast would it take for a newborn to learn Loomis and the Fundies? I propose we all have sex and …[View]
3932538I want to be a digital artist but I’ll be away from my tablet during summer. How can I keep improvin…[View]
3933329>People here saying 30,000 followers is a small amount >Only 10 followers >My goal is to o…[View]
3927772I was just on DeviantArt to compare the quality of its front page to that of ArtStation, and then de…[View]
3932466Brushbox plugin: where can i download this plugin been looking for it for hours[View]
3930861HELP: Ok guys so i seem to have a problem. i just started using my tablet and this problem occurs wh…[View]
3933422Tom Boomershine (Happy Birthday!) OC: Tom is President of GoTell Communications. He is an internatio…[View]
3933717Airbrush advice: Hey /ic/ I’m trying to get a good airbrush kit that won’t break my bank. Any advice…[View]
3932051Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter: Price: $1.1 million[View]
3931418Were some of the backgrounds in Akira made with 3D models or did they actually draw this shit? If so…[View]
3933074How much would you pay for one of these?[View]
3933119Rate this work by Otto Dix. Good or no?[View]
3933291who are some of your favorite online artists?[View]
3932537Is it possible to be good at mathematics and art, or would your brain cause a waning/waxing effect a…[View]
3933412Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. (Happy Birthday!) OC: Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. is a former American footb…[View]
3930340How do i say this is shit to my friend[View]
3933306When people bring up Metal Gear Solid and art they tend to immediately think Yoji Shinkawa, but what…[View]
3923961How bad do you usually fuck up when drawing faces? Post your worst face drawings. I’ll start[View]
3930277What do you listen to while drawing?[View]
3928303Van gogh is an absolute meme and every animator who ever worked for Warner bros had more talent. …[View]
3932882Productivity: What do you use to set and plan out your goals? Software? Hand-written? What do your g…[View]

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