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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 95 expired threads from the past 3 days

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6954164Simple Doodles: Black & white doodles. I don't do art at all, but I'm trying to learn …[View]
6951948/int/ & /beg/ - Intermediate and Beginners Thread: If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in …[View]
6948499>The greatest art movement of all time stands in your path.[View]
6954287Drawing sakuga / badass men: I want to learn to draw manga, but of a specific style. Basically, I wa…[View]
6950357Why are /ic/ and weeb artists like this?[View]
6950982Critique: I have been trying to get my background's and worldbuilding to have a little more int…[View]
6949326Anatomy models: Is it worth buying physical bones to learn anatomy? Robert Beverly Hale says the sk…[View]
6952344>It's simple to to become good at drawing >Just draw 1000 pictures, 10,000 pictures, 100,…[View]
6948963pokemon tcg art contest: anybody entering this?[View]
6953472What does IC think of Chinese manhua (comics) art style.[View]
6944460Redline general: Redline anons get in here Give and get crit Previous >>6909295[View]
6952861*just works*[View]
6953914Is it possible to 'get good' at art or am I doomed forever? Even in school, my art was dogshit and o…[View]
6951301how do I grow out of 'that's not cool enough I don't want to draw that' and just practice[View]
6953725Do you have any favorite artists currently on /ic/?[View]
6947440Clip Studio Paint Advenrtisement with clearly AI image: I know they tried to add AI in the past and …[View]
6953459I decided to give ibis x paint a try for my first digital peice. Any critique?[View]
6953071drawing is fun that's all I wanted to say[View]
6953191lol, drawing was the only thing that made me want to be alive and i suck at it. goyslop and videogam…[View]
6953008Which is harder to learn, rendering or drawing?[View]
6949119/dpg/ Drawing Programs General: Which one is the best? Fight to the death to defend your favorite pr…[View]
6951267Anon. You ARE drawing for at least 3 hours a day... Right?[View]
6937973/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General: Previous Thread: >>6912527 >Guidelines: 1. [THE MOST TA…[View]
6953127What are your thoughts on Hiroyuki Takei's art style and his overall skills as a mangaka? I per…[View]
6953032Audiovisual art project: Out of One’s skin: Hi everyone! A fellow arts student and I are working on …[View]
6952071/inspo/ general: Post stuff from your /inspo/ folder[View]
6950397Can you guys recommend me artists similar to Hiroyuki Takei, Kazuki Takahashi, Yasuhiro Nightow and …[View]
6939989>*lags* >*crashes*[View]
6941184Why do people decide to work in animation despite it being well known that the industry is complete …[View]
6910130/ic/ meme thread: I lost my /ic/ meme folder, post some memes and screencaps. Also, requesting that …[View]
6952290Usually they're anime girls but i want all versions of this 'phenomenon' pic rel.[View]
6952679Is the artist lifestyle conducive to making friends? Where are freelance artists supposed to sociali…[View]
6937865You should be able to do this[View]
6950616I can't draw hands...[View]
6951609>Try drawing for hours a day >stressed >simply take a break >art improves Peace, anon...…[View]
6952346what's the best way to deal with plagiarism?[View]
6952087im going to make it: simple as[View]
6952641Anti Apple Nazi[View]
6948937Thoughts on the art of Speedoru aka Speedosausage? He's an artist/animator and created the anim…[View]
6946305Imagine a virtual board for /ic/. It would be in a giant Habbo hotel art gallery where you could pyw…[View]
6930415Post a random image from your inspo folder -- continued[View]
6945292Pros: >Faster than anything else on the market. The performance really is as great as they market…[View]
6950593How do I stop being the red monkey?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewHVHPGS_LU&t=85s&ab_ch…[View]
6939077male models thread[View]
6952195ocs and worlds + stories around them: Post your ocs and explain a bit about what kind of stuff they …[View]
6951965This doesn't apply if you lack creativity[View]
6951995How to understand and not just blindly copy?: Been drawing for about 5 months now (although in reali…[View]
6949577>he thinks his art quality alone will result in people following him and appreciating his art lol…[View]
6940941Who is the best artist on 4chan?: Me[View]
6950981AMA: I am attending Cal Arts 4 animation AMA cwabbies[View]
6949835Using Monero for commissions: If I'm going to bother switching to Linux and Krita and going pri…[View]
6947980Bargue Plates: have any of you fags actually tried to copy the plates beyond the marble statue ones…[View]
6950223I don't understand hatching/crosshatching/stippling. Please give me the best book and video ava…[View]
6946180I can't draw a straight line Nor a curved line Nor a straight box Nor an ellipse Help[View]
6951521>Decades of pressure from art schools, agents, and other artists to commoditize yourself and focu…[View]
6931489/sex/ - Sexual art stylization thread: Previous thread >>6909479 If you're looking for a …[View]
6951213Alcohol markers: Question for alcohol marker artists here (or ‘copic’ markers as they’re more common…[View]
6949644Any anons here ever had their art dreams die?: I always wanted to be in the concept art industry. Ev…[View]
6950403Do you play or know any fun doodling games? I've been playing some Different Strokes recently a…[View]
6948399/int/ & /beg/ - Intermediate and Beginners Thread: If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in …[View]
6939691How to achieve this effect: Credit for this art goes to https://www.deviantart.com/lacardozarojas/ar…[View]
6892779/dbag/ - Digital Brushes and Assets General: A thread for recommending and sharing brushes/digital a…[View]
6935111Draw a scene ! Submit different scenes, ideas or funny premises and let's draw it together. I…[View]
6946440art discord pls gib i wanna get gud[View]
6944100Draw In Your Style: I actually did it and I'm going first so you have to do it too or else. Als…[View]
6936176Transitioning from CSP to Krita: I am seriously considering transitioning over to Linux as my primar…[View]
6950800The Table Discrepancy: I used to draw fairly often on a screenless tablet. I wasn't 'good' per …[View]
6949108this pelican is strange: this pelican is strange[View]
6942072ITT: Character Designs You Like: But not everyone does. Call it 'controversial designs', if you want…[View]
6948112Having fun: The only metric of success in art is how much fun you have making it :)[View]
6947611Any Discord Servers/Groups for Art?: I want to improve my skill and get motivated to draw more often…[View]
6947207Pewdiepie already mogging asg[View]
6950658Does anyone have brushes like these sets that would work on Clip Studio?: Wanted to buy these, turns…[View]
6947936thoughts on this guy[View]
6950641how does one learn 'line confidence' anon?[View]
6950581I don't know what the fuck I have created: I don't know what the fuck I have created but p…[View]
6950386why is proko replying to a coomer account?[View]
6948775How does one calculate/estimate commission rates ?[View]
6946274Is photorealism art?[View]
6945733Is this low /int/[View]
6947307Bargues plates: I did my first copy today. Took me 20 minutes. I started with the axis and then draw…[View]
6947724OSC Thread: Looking for discussion on any object shows, just a general chat.[View]
6949744attempt at painting...failing: so uh. yeah. i tried following the advice i was given, but it seemed …[View]
6949659ya buying this or nah anones[View]
6948353>Art is about the journey. It's not a competition Why do people say this? I've done som…[View]
6946480FEEL THE FORM[View]
6943964Art Inspo: Post your art inspirations.[View]
6949199Do I really have to do shit like this to learn perspective? If not, who actually teaches perspective…[View]
6949721What the most important thing you get about drawing from long time of practice?[View]
6944917I want to achieve this art style.[View]
6948582Is this /pro/[View]
6939619Are you still working on that goal of becoming one of the well-known great artists?[View]

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