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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 67 expired threads from the past 3 days

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7224836Hajime Isayama: Why is he crabbed on so much on this board? Sure he's not god tier or anything …[View]
7230266Weapons: Drawn, rendered or forged it doesn't matter. Preferably melee weapons.[View]
7227880/int/ & /beg/ - Intermediate and Beginners General BEGTRIX edition: If you are a /int/ermediate …[View]
7223976/crab/3 OC Tournament: The 3rd Comics and Random Art Battles (/crab/ 3) tournament will decide (once…[View]
7228947Construction fags btfo[View]
7227761Drawing 'on model': How do you learn, is it just mass copying of the character sheet before you star…[View]
7229923state of the industry: Someone painting like this today would make 130$/month and be seen as a total…[View]
7225600Show me your inspirations for your OC, /ic/[View]
7228786Does anyone here actually enjoy drawing? Be honest[View]
7223992>walk on European beach: >see this Wat do Also, why are Europeans so obsessed with nudity? Esp…[View]
7223767Getting Clip Studio Paint to run on Linux?: Does anyone have a good step by step tutorial on setting…[View]
7228421>have been drawing for nearly 8 years >still draw like this It really is over, isn't it?…[View]
7225448Line stabilizers: Do you use them, /ic/? or do you rawdog your lines?[View]
7229407What do you guys think of this worm I drew[View]
7229383Fellow trans artists: how do you make sure your style conforms to your gender identity?[View]
7227133To the artists of /ic/: Do you ever come up with a character, either by intentionally designing them…[View]
7227326Who started the 'calarts/animation students aren't skilled' meme? All the time I see anons and …[View]
7226754Postmodernist obsession with reinventing the wheel and its consequences have been a disaster for wes…[View]
7222169Sci-Fi thread: Post SF art, artbooks, and tips.[View]
7228553these are from a promotional NHL thing last year, all of them were supposedly drawn by different kid…[View]
7227044how do i stop the self loathing: it's quite dumb, but i when putting pen to paper, i feel i…[View]
7187928Let's talk Krita (the desktop version): How does its engine compare to the popular ones? I mean…[View]
7226919The amount of terrible advice I see given by youtubers makes me think that there's atleast a hi…[View]
7215410ITT: Post your sona[View]
7228918Has this happened to (you) yet, anon?[View]
7224623>when the majority of your audience for your art are female No…but how bad is it when your core a…[View]
7228298Proportions: I'm fascinated by proportions (of a human), not just in art but in general. Are th…[View]
7217594>coffee addiction >no AC >cannot concentrate >no commitment >dont understand how to …[View]
7216897Struggling to create appeal: For a lack of better words, I’ve had a genuine struggle over the years …[View]
7228497Worried about unfortunate implications when designing characters: I am not shitposting, I am serious…[View]
7228180LOL! SO TRUE[View]
7224863Ancient Art > Renaissance Art: Is he right, /ic/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ZzakLjr6Q…[View]
7228368CHEATERS: here i was feeling sorry for you 'artists' getting your jobs stolen by AI, and then I stum…[View]
7226570If you had to start from scratch, what would be the steps you take to improve your art?[View]
7225309How do I get good at perspective?[View]
7225925I need help with my bad drawing: Hi guys, I just drew a piece and I know it’s pretty bad, I’d really…[View]
7191539Art & Health: So many artists in such bad health. Art is damaging to the body in many ways What …[View]
7227647Exact proportions or exaggerations perspective?: Any crab would say that the left leg is bigger than…[View]
7224409Is my drawing bad?: No like for real, i don't search for compliment, i'm searching for cri…[View]
7228239Acrylic pouring and painting (with a brush) on the same canvas - what first?: I want to paint a natu…[View]
7227502> Make a video/course on perspective > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUYumBh0p2Q > None o…[View]
7224883Preston chads: mogs every other book on construction and it's not even close. This is what peak…[View]
7223775>be me >wagekekking at a fortune 100 toy firm you've seen astroturfed everywhere last sum…[View]
7214072/fag/ - Furry Art General: engarde edition >What is /fag/? This is the Furry Art General thread, …[View]
7225587Is it true that a traditional artist who goes digital is as good as he was or better?[View]
7227627ITT: we post things that improve people's art and aesthetic taste outside of drawing/painting. …[View]
7226682Do you guys have an art oshi? For me it's Pikat. Her voice is soothing and her study discipline…[View]
7227893>Drawing a building >look up >horizon line changes How do I defeat reality?…[View]
7226799Pixiv artist are such fucking scum: “pay for my drawing if you want to see it uncensored” NO YOU FUC…[View]
7227588Wich is the correct way to draw a square that is split into 9 equal parts without measuring any of i…[View]
7227707How do you even find people to commission art from?: I post images and details of what I want artist…[View]
7225499Discord servers: So from my understanding pretty much every /ic/ related server is either dead, nuke…[View]
7225777int/ & /beg/ - Intermediateand Beginners General: If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in a…[View]
7227658How come we have so many lil'bros trying to become the next Fageru Shitamoto or something when …[View]
7226534How do I remake this drawing to make it anatomically logical and easily comprehensible[View]
7218238How the fuck do you make art look 'clean'? I don't know how people do it. It seems like even th…[View]
7227331How to draw in the style of picrel?: I'm usually a painter, but for an upcoming project I have …[View]
7222357SLAY THE PRINCESS: thoughts about Slay The Princess and its art/artstyle? the game was basically dra…[View]
7225151The Art Market is fine: She’s asking for 55 illustrations for $150 within 2-3 days who wants the job…[View]
7221258I drew the ASL alphabet to get better at drawing hands. This was the most fun I've ever had in …[View]
7227096A drawing of yuan nang that i did recently[View]
7226660i saw this on yt before i saw it on instagram but tatan drawing is selling a stupid book? im surpris…[View]
7217678How the FUCK does this nigger have 500k twitter followers: just how, it literally makes 0 sense. The…[View]
7226665does anyone remember mr. red line? can anyone tell me about him? i know he was a staple on the ic bo…[View]
7226824Strange artwork: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-04y5Uw4O6LOZ51Arq9OM1EjMTbUsGok I’ll keep …[View]
7225859I drew sketch of Shantae. Can we rate what I did? I think that in my art is something wrong.[View]
7225760how do i mimic moe colouring/shading styles?: helloooo uh first post and last on 4chan lol but i was…[View]

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