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Displaying 119 expired threads from the past 3 days

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4722735Anyone else noticed how drawing faster improves the soul of a drawing?[View]
4724619i draw this: i post this before but now I made some improvements on it , i hope you like it if you d…[View]
4724138>on a stack bro can we get a comfy rendering and value advice thread going…[View]
4714360COMMISSION PRICING THREAD: PYW and people will tell you what you should be charging for commissions.…[View]
4724427What the fuck is this and is there more of it?: Saw this the other day. Not sure what it is, but I l…[View]
4719917I know this place is mostly populated by thirdwolrders and neets, but have someone here managed to g…[View]
4724308Post your east vs west arguments/debates/whatever here: So, a lot of east vs west posts have been ma…[View]
4724329Where the fuck do I get halftone circles?: Went to CSP for it but the things they give aren't e…[View]
4719938Im trying to figure out how to color in greyscale but im having a hard to figuring out how to make t…[View]
4720871Is there any actually good art YouTubers out there? The only ones I seem to find are just the 'Rante…[View]
4722198Why do artists look down upon other artists looking to advertise themselves? I'm seeing so many…[View]
4697665sqt/qtddtot: Stupid Questions thread. Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Idiots wel…[View]
4716044redesign her.[View]
4717971Does anybody recognise the artist.: I can’t find him[View]
4720531art work: hey can someone critique my work i need to improve my shading.[View]
4723106How to become a Professional Artist: Okay. This is it. I want to move on with my life & become a…[View]
4723301So, I just saw this art 'hope' by Wlop and decided to study it, but I admit I must be pretty fucking…[View]
4718687Who Is the best coomer artist and why is It Sindoll?[View]
4721036Work Ethic: Reading about artists from the Golden and Silver Ages of Comics, I'm inspired by th…[View]
4719806/dad/ Do Art Daily: Previous thread: >>4715115 News: >July 5th (>>4701352): The DADca…[View]
4720868'non-derivative' fantasy architecture/aesthetic?: alright, retard with a retard question h…[View]
4723450What makes anime girls character designs work in almost any art style they're in?[View]
4723091anyone got any fat model packs?[View]
4717217Which modern artists deserved to be remembered in history with the likes of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, or L…[View]
4723360Pick one, do it in your style: This shit is full of soul, I'll post mine too[View]
4721723How do I draw like this?[View]
4720247Critique my speedpaint. Do not hold back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btm58-f389g[View]
4720332What do you think of Joaquin Sorolla?[View]
4716503How do I do good art without flipping the canvas? When I don't take It in consideration It look…[View]
4720369Alright boys after 6 years of constant effort I am giving up. I've made so little progress ove…[View]
4723077Are you too stupid to learn to draw?: Do you need to possess a certain level of IQ to learn to draw …[View]
4719487>The reason you have no followers and no one will commission you is because you suck. The hottes…[View]
4720288I've almost never seen a convincing drawing of a starfish girl. Can you?[View]
4717006Coom artists days are numbered: >Draw porn >Upload to Pornhub >Get Banned…[View]
4717264IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
4720231What do you like drawing the most or what do you draw the most in your downtime? For me it's mo…[View]
4718702where can I learn this style?: I know that some of the shapes are difficult to read, so perhaps this…[View]
4718028Comic art: Post artwork from some of your favorite comic artists.[View]
4715010Rendering skin Im legit stuck and need help to render I've been at it for a while i just can…[View]
4721367SFW Artist Wanted: Me and my bf are looking for someone to commission a 1x1 avatar from, in the ~$50…[View]
4722316wrist health - digital drawing: which has better ergonomics, screenless or screen display?[View]
4720886This is the biggest art youtuber[View]
4721703I love drawing so much[View]
4721970git gud ACADEMY: guys lets work on this together (im not asking for help with the art) ok so here…[View]
4718152Do you guys use Pinterest for art? Bonus: Where do you find and store your references?[View]
4718964Whiteboard: https://r3.whiteboardfox.com/385742-1844-2671 come draw if you’d like[View]
4721208>mutual starts 'working' on game >its either a porn game or a 2D game that relies on people li…[View]
4719118Copyright claims to art?: Hey guys new to this board. I was wondering if you guys know anything abou…[View]
4720259i haven't drawn in months..[View]
4719862What did he mean by this?[View]
4720403I love twitter. I've never had so many people care about my art work in my life. I feel so happ…[View]
4720065These are my criteria for learning to draw; *I don't care if my art is not anatomically correct…[View]
4715723there are tons of resources here for figure drawing but seemingly none for digital rendering.[View]
4721690Brush thread: Hey, so I'm converting a lot of Photoshop brushes into Paint Tool SAI 2 Scatter b…[View]
4706923Mood Boards: What is your goal, anon? Post/rate inspiration charts[View]
4720136Why are you limiting yourself only to western or eastern mediums when it comes to art? Why don'…[View]
4719195If you ever feel your art isn’t good enough to make it, just remember this is by a famous and succes…[View]
4719794Come draw faggots doodletwo(dot)com[View]
4712871Why do I feel so slow at art? Why do some pictures feel like they take forever?[View]
4719869Does anyone know what these brushes are[View]
4718679My pinkie hurts when I draw. I think i might have RSI. What should I do?[View]
4721066Video Tutorials: Do someone has some Gumroad tutorials by Fdasuarez to share? She looks a great pain…[View]
4716231Watercolor General: /WCG/ Watercolor thread. Post your own work, post inspo, ask questions, share re…[View]
4718665>hey anon, are you up to take this inflation comic page >no, sorry I don't do infl.. >…[View]
4705358What's the quickest you've ever seen someone make it?[View]
4718639how tf do I apply perspective to anatomy: Yes i get it vanishing points and shit (reading Perspectiv…[View]
4716952Do you like drawing in your bed? It's [spoiler]comfy[/spoiler][View]
4719106Name one single capeshit or american comics artist Better than based Enki Bilal, I'll wait[View]
4720152/BEG/: Drawing guidelines makes art really boring while i am pretty intuitive do i have to bother? b…[View]
4720857Want a tablet primarily for tracing: Will this work well?[View]
4710666How to Gain a Following: >this person has 3k followers How the fuck What am I doing wrong, senpai…[View]
4720600Which of the three had the best comics, animation and pop-culture artists from an artistic point of …[View]
4718554What is the art equivalent of an author using a 25 year old DOS computer to write his novels?[View]
4720324I drew this poster for the film Fight Club, Brad Pitt/Tyler in center. What do you think mates? Go…[View]
47180662D>3D: anime is a weird form of art because essentially you have to relearn how to draw the chara…[View]
4715652>*Exist >half of begginer gives up[View]
4686884/TRAD/ Traditional General: Post art you've created in traditional media for critique. Make sur…[View]
4720264What's the best beginner perspective course out there that I can pirate?[View]
4695294draw a box[View]
4720022color absorption/reflect in digital painting: So in this particular sketch it's a lion characte…[View]
4716911Does drawing fill the hole?[View]
4719107Whats your idea guy level?[View]
4718062Terrible art to brighten up your day: Always remember that no matter how terrible you think you are …[View]
4692649Draw Thread: >dA /ic/ group : http://4chan-ic.deviantart.com >/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloa…[View]
4718106/ic/ is a beginner trap and the sole reason for it’s existence is to create fags that can only draw …[View]
4719730Has the internet been a good thing or a bad thing for art?[View]
4717568what makes a very simple design appealing?[View]
4717082Defend this liberal art faggots[View]
4707661>https://twitter.com/catsuka/status/1280549715856297987 >Ghibli going 3DCG Thoughts? I think i…[View]
4718378As a beginner, what exactly am I supposed to be grinding?: Like drawing shapes or something?[View]
4716171How do I get ideas for drawing? Asking for an imaginationlet.[View]
4710488Coloring like spongebob: Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to color in the spongebob style?…[View]
4716990Why aren't you as based as Radd Tradd, who, dare i remind you, is B-B-B-B-BASED BASED BASED BAS…[View]
4709342Soul Thread: In this thread we identify whether or not an artwork posted by an anon has soul, or is …[View]
4719062Struggling to get back into painting: I used to paint a lot before I stopped drawing for a few years…[View]
4704018Sexual Alternative Art / Stylization Thread: Previous Thread: >>4689097 What is /SALT/? If you…[View]
4707902Alternative Art/Stylization General: Previous >>4696762 What is /ALT/? If you're looking …[View]
4719006how do you go about finding a good artist to commision?: I'm looking into commissioning some le…[View]
4712828Why do some japanese animators chose to become slavewage animators rather than celebrity illustrator…[View]
4714859Copying other artists to improve: something i don't see emphasised enough is copying other arti…[View]
4718774Was Andy Warhol the best shitposter of the 20th century?[View]
4716939I'll teach you guys how I make my wood panels for like $20[View]
4716445>every tutorial ever says not to pet the line when inking manga/comics/lineart >Boichi pets th…[View]
4716453It's normal to not be impressed by japanese art? Like every fucking anime drawing has some begg…[View]
4700556Twitter: How do I get more followers and likes for my twitter account? I’ve never used this site bef…[View]
4718133Do I have talent, /ic/?[View]
4718040I'm about to start learning to draw but I haven't decided to go digital or traditional yet…[View]
4718331ctrique on art: please critique my art[View]
4718439I really really want to git gud but I never feel like drawing.: Hey /ic/, I've been wanting to …[View]
4715049Dragonfly Painting: Here[View]
4714648Surface Pro As Tablet?: I've been thinking of just hooking up my Surface Tablet and using it as…[View]
4717223Should I start with these books if I know absolutely nothing about drawing?[View]
4678035Artbook Thread: /// PLEASE CHECK THE LINKS BELOW BEFORE REQUESTING /// Be specific if you request so…[View]
4717977When do you start to actually enjoy it? How many Loomis heads/Vilppu gestures/Drawabox boxes after?[View]
4716626how do I really FEEL the form? I don't mean understand the form. I mean FEEL the form as if I…[View]
4704786Sculptures/statues thread: Post your faves[View]
4715710Anyone have any apps/tips to recommend for drawing on phone? It is fun lol pic related.[View]
4708451Is he gonna make it?[View]

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