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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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6838904Perspective and figure drawing: How do I ACTUALLY learn perspective? I've read sticky, I'v…[View]
6847946If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique…[View]
6849152how to paint this: how do i achieve a skin tone like this picture? My shadows are coming off too ora…[View]
6838377how long does it take to get to danganronpa level of skills? is it even feasible or do you need to b…[View]
6845479I've been drawing for two years and the only thing I know how to draw is anime girls in a white…[View]
6849596>I can't draw, I need to eat breakfast >I can't draw, I need to shower >I can…[View]
6837788Jelly Art style: Why is every single artist on TikTok obsessed with this shitty art style? It all lo…[View]
6849951OC: maruki kishimiya: this drawing is more than a year old but it is one of the ones that I have wor…[View]
6843443how do you learn to draw when you're an autist that loses concentration every 10 minutes and ha…[View]
6849824Photoshop AI is a worse artist than me: Look I asked to extend my original painting and this is the …[View]
6818442ITT: Pet peeves in art: Mine is when the artstyles of nsfw are far too cutesy. I mean, how is anyone…[View]
6846923Do you know any artists (personally) who used to only get very little attention some years ago, but …[View]
6849455Where the fuck does one post NSFW art?[View]
6842214What /ic/'s opinion on life drawing??[View]
6810681Tutorials and References thread: Post tutorials and references here Step by steps and pose compilati…[View]
6846971I wanna get into sculpting: How do I start?[View]
6844852fernando botero: guy died yesterday. was he a modern master, or a meme hack?[View]
6846289The OC Redraw Thread: 1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one. 2: Character design critique and…[View]
6842060How do I share Large pose packs?: Just bought picrel since the weasel in the other thread wouldn…[View]
6843308So how do you get better at placement and proportion/size of, say, facial features? When I'm dr…[View]
6843441Proko: There’s just something so off about all of his work and i can’t quite put my finger on it wha…[View]
6844119Normies are gushing over this on twitter saying it is brand new art style. Do you agree? Have you se…[View]
6843735So I am attempting to draw again in order to do storyboarding for animations...and my god I must hav…[View]
6842479I feel like I've been taking my art way too seriously and planning it too hardwhich made me not…[View]
6842271Sinix's Design Theory Is Back!!!: https://youtu.be/aovyWGBj-nc CAPTCHA XXXXYX[View]
6842176where do I go?: I can not fucking stand deviantart anymore. This buggy ass site barely works and it…[View]
6844925Picasso fucking sucked balls. Imagine paying tens of millions for this shit. lmao[View]
6847770Should I move entirely to blender and just draw using their grease pencil in 3D space?[View]
6847700Is there any point to learning to draw if I will never good enough to publish my work?[View]
6845070/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread: If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in a…[View]
6843717My biggest setback is producing art fast and efficiently. The process is poor compared to what feels…[View]
6835257>No subscriptions >No data tracking or scraping >No login or need to be online How do they …[View]
6846536What do you do about pain in this joint when drawing? I rest my stylus against this spot and don…[View]
6847166idk how to hold a pen for drawing im left handed so i had to learn how to hold a pencil weird to wri…[View]
6843578So, after the dust has settled, was AI really a doom for artists? I feel like the hysteria was a lit…[View]
6845712How many hours do you have?[View]
6843650Tradchads gets another win[View]
6842784what comes first in a good story, the writing or the art?[View]
6845544Detailed alien fantasies again: Just finished this piece. I liked the final result but I still feel …[View]
6843827To rotate or not rotate: right off the bat, I know this is possibly a dumb question but I want opini…[View]
6837965The OC Redraw Thread: 1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one. 2: Character design critique and…[View]
6809298Posts saved from /ic/: I keep forgetting how exceptional some of the posters are here. Picrel in par…[View]
6841930How do I make creepy/spooky art?: I noticed that creepy images are drawn an colored certain ways; so…[View]
6840775Hey guys, I've been studying anatomy here and there, but why does it look so unappealing? Is th…[View]
6826775/sex/ - Sexual art stylization thread: Previous thread >>6801616 If you're looking for a …[View]
6843964Is there any advantage to setting your default location to Japan on pixiv? There's like Mexican…[View]
6845168Draw on body.: Add stuff.[View]
6844623I think the past year and half I made great progress with visualizing. The only references I’ve used…[View]
6837065Schizo thread: Anyone willing to share your schizo sketches? Or have some favorites to post? I'…[View]
6843060Started to draw: How do I not waste my time so I can look back and not feel like I didn't get g…[View]
6845182Is there any airbrush art that doesn't look like poor taste lowbrow trash? It seems to be the m…[View]
6844932ITT: let's post anime/games/etc. with generally good character design across the whole cast[View]
6842475NMA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHSyomgUqo4 So this is the power of NMA, uh?[View]
6835738hay 4chan im bakc to show more of fantastic art work this are was made by be then i sold it to a buy…[View]
6843844Delete those brushes you don't use.[View]
6844759How intrusive do you make your watermarks?[View]
6844637OC : saisyu firewolf: this is a drawing I made a year ago to traditional of my oc saisyu. if you wan…[View]
6839941When you decide to draw from imagination, do you have like a blurry image in your head of what you w…[View]
6841772/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread: If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in a…[View]
6833108Giving back to the community, Perspective Notes: Good evening everyone. I've been studying pers…[View]
6841676How possible is it to go from 0 followers to getting regular commissions in a month?[View]
6825672Seven Deadly Sins: ITT: We draw embodiments of the seven deadly sins, any number of them It's s…[View]
6838880Assuming some barely above /beg/ amateur studies manga with detailed art and complex character desig…[View]
6844237What's more efficient? A: >on day 1 make thumbnails and come up with ideas for 2 paintings …[View]

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