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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 74 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6291987Stick figures/simplistic designs: discussion for appealing very simple designs and animations. Plus …[View]
6287204Head Drawing Techniques and Courses: What techniques and courses to draw the head does /ic/ recommen…[View]
6286428Art imitating art: Identifiable homages, pastiches and references: You can post here those knowable …[View]
6256100Animal drawers of ic, please gather. Share your work, tips and resources! (no furries)[View]
6278246How do I achieve this level of beauty in my artwork?[View]
6290650Daily reminder that to draw shit like this you dont have to learn shit.[View]
6292446/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate Thread: If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in a…[View]
6293985Quitting Art: I haven't drawn in over a year and a few days ago I unplugged my tablet and came …[View]
6295058Guys I... I just....: I did it, I finally reached enlightenment trough cheer force of practice and m…[View]
6294892How secure is your IP on drawpile?: I know that if you host a drawpile session privately, you have a…[View]
6293612The sad truth is: No one will read your comic unless it is anime styled in 2022. The only non-anime …[View]
6289391Opinions / feedback: Hi, im sitting for an art test - designing sybols for poker machines, this is o…[View]
6293673Most of the advice on this board is god-awful: I just came back to /ic/ after a 5-year hiatus, and h…[View]
6294271Hello, i need feedback on my art. What is wrong/good and how do I improve?[View]
6293525how to finally draw well?: how do i start learning drawing for good? i just want to put my favorite …[View]
6291133Non-political Art: Can I draw something without it being political and some spastic obsessed leftie …[View]
6285374What would you recommend and shill to me? I don't have time to go through books or do bullshit …[View]
6291866How come I don't see people bitching about 'art block' anymore? Is it because the average perso…[View]
6288031how the fuck did they manage to make lupin not look like lupin[View]
6293554>not really good at drawing >don't have any other hobby so I may as well keep drawing ba…[View]
6273432Those with soul will be the only ones to survive.: >Anyone can use RPG Maker and there are a mill…[View]
6291120WHAT are you actually supposed to draw as a /beg/? Just do constructions/deconstructions over and ov…[View]
6294252The reason why westerners making manga doesn't make sense: Anime tends to merge more mature con…[View]
6293720Very busy images: Some artists manage to put a lot of random details on their pictures, to the point…[View]
6290073Free Ephemera: I've been hanging out in AI discords and taking what other people are generating…[View]
6291206This is a traced photograph. It's not real art.[View]
6293810M Y S I L K Y S L O V E: >so here goes nothing.... W h y y ou c a n t d r a w a n i m e i s b e …[View]
6288585How do you deal with the fact meme art > skill art in the eyes of normies[View]
6195268/msg/ - Master Studies General: This thread is dedicated to master studies, where you copy artwork y…[View]
6287137Modern manga is built off the backs of great European artists: Example: Karl Wilkes[View]
6292909I can't see humans as anything other than center lines, axes, landmarks and protruding bones no…[View]
6289919No matter how much effort you put into your art, there will always be that one faggot who makes a sh…[View]
6293837new pepe will you rate it[View]
6288772Instagram is already doomed. Where will you post your art when it goes under in a few years?[View]
6289215How to get comissions: Imma precede by saying this isn't a begging thread, I'm not gonna p…[View]
6291570what are your thoughts on this design??[View]
6292749Find me some cute female outfits to draw /ic/, please ..[View]
6290095I'm glad this guy made these videos. It shows you don't have to be DaVinci or Vilppu himse…[View]
6293551Perspective Critique: Any critiques?[View]
6263890The OC Redraw Thread: Welcome to the OC Drawthread: Draw someone's OC or post your own. All ski…[View]
6290495how do you deal with hand pain? ive seen people using wrist supports, arthritis gloves, and exta thi…[View]
6292167How would you call this artstyle? http://kikk.blog.shinobi.jp/%E2%97%8F%E3%82%89%E3%81%8F%E3%81%8C%E…[View]
6293175Sources of inspiration for Anime/Manga character styles: What are some of your favorite artists, man…[View]
6269730/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General: Previous Thread: >>6258466 >Guidelines: 1. [THE MOST IMPO…[View]
6292527What are some other art communities to share art and possibly get a feedback from time to time? The …[View]
6289098...not impressed with that, the alleged winning entry. We see again that the computer has a big prob…[View]
6289199remaking classic art[View]
6292226Been working on a episode to an animated yt series for nearly three years now. It’s very lenient on …[View]
6290044I think that this was such a great villain design. It certainly looked very unique while also terrif…[View]
6292854Being bad at drawing is not a style and yes everyone can tell when you're trying to blindly win…[View]
6291181Thoughts on this character design?[View]
6285623I just wanna draw hot girls: can I get recommendations of artists who just drew hot girls? like serp…[View]
6286612Do I really have to draw everything with my entire arm? It's hard, inaccurate, and it makes my …[View]
6292555Thoughts on this character design?[View]
6242547/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General: This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: n…[View]
6283301/cbsg/ - cute boy study general: Thread to study the male body. Post your art, discuss artists, and …[View]
6291942I thought photobashing was just a meme: I always refused to photobash because I thought it was a cru…[View]
6283295What's the best watermark you've ever seen?[View]
6291066Best artist to copy as beginner?: Like literally and please link the blog their artworks.[View]
6290663Does anyone have that render tut picture that shows how to render with the red dress and body? Would…[View]
6286526What's the style seen in Japanese Ukiyo-e art called? Pic is an example of the art in question.[View]
6284190Does the West have a modern artstyle that can compete with the Anime style?: I am an art teacher and…[View]
6290809Does someone know more about this tangka's iconography? I would assume the 35 confession Buddha…[View]
6291115lol i'm in class[View]
6288939I painted this using my own blood.: Feel free to post your own blood-art bellow if you have any.…[View]
6291027What brush do I use to get this look?[View]
6291437Unique tools or techniques: Has anyone tried cel painting? I did this one as a test, and hope to do …[View]
6281494>female artist >has a succubus/demon self insert/mascot OC >alternatively is obsessed with …[View]
6291269Is learning how to draw and make digital art in the free time actually useful as skill for some bach…[View]
6290887I haven’t drawn for the last 3 months: How do I get out of this depression?[View]
6286797How do you fuck up this bad: Some guy traced my artwork because he hates all suggestive art of this …[View]
6290611How do I learn to draw? Do I just draw until I get good or do I do something else?[View]
6291174Why do the eyes look so god damn off? I am unable to fix it Please help[View]
6291197explain this.: I literally downloaded a photography fundamentals book and is literally no fucking di…[View]

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