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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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5685950How do you hair??[View]
5689781Are ackerman pens a good option for a fountain pen that will let me get a variety of strokes with va…[View]
5691129Based wojak anyone?[View]
5690530See image[View]
5691011How do I determine the horizon line in a photo that ONLY has a nude figure in it? Pic related are my…[View]
5688957was bored made turdl: bored in class made a turdle[View]
5690188Can some anon elaborate on what they mean when they say that a poor artist always blames his tools. …[View]
5690641painting clouds in Clip studio: what brush do you use to paint clouds digitally in clipstudio?…[View]
5690049Lineart: I see it with my own eyes and I cannot understand For 3 years now I just cannot grasp how t…[View]
5691035What brush is this in clipstudio: I'm trying to figure what brush is being used to paint this i…[View]
5690008What the fuck is the point of trying? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzr_dodDuzw https://www.youtub…[View]
5686270I'm about to create a twitter account to start posting this sort of comics daily....Do you thin…[View]
5690061just started getting some practice in drawing, how did i do: done with a mouse btw got kinda lazy at…[View]
5688562A visualization of my brain on a daily basis.[View]
5689818Is 6 hours of practice everyday enough to get 'good' fast ?: i'm not a permabeg , i stopped dra…[View]
5680391I need a Patreon like service that lets people pay me monthly to draw anything, including obscene st…[View]
5688068thoughts on this?[View]
5688929How the fuck do I avoid crippling perfectionism? It destroys my motivation. I'll recognize smal…[View]
5690370Why do some artists progress faster than others?[View]
5689938how to make stuff like this?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uE04nQfO-Q&ab_channel=ScrivaT…[View]
5686654Need for Speed: Facial expression references, courtesy of Imogen Poots.[View]
5690010Suggestions for a failed artist who wants to be free: >be me >21 year old college freak >no…[View]
5688176how do I develop an art style? just copy stuff I like until appears?[View]
5688821Help: Drawing this scene and i have this security guard getting shot by his partner in the head (no …[View]
5684029krita: What the fuck is wrong with the krita developers? Just redownloaded it after a couple of mont…[View]
5689360ITT: Objectively good character designs[View]
5689841I can't draw at all. I'm just starting out and have been doing gestures with no constructi…[View]
5649185Boardtan art and edits: A little thread made just for boardtan art and edits. just for fun, to just …[View]
5687967Any good resources on drawing mechs?[View]
5689197Who is the Best COOM Animators![View]
5689214guide on tight clothing?[View]
5689516why even grind...[View]
5687805Which one to use?[View]
5687397Drugs, supplements, etc. that go good with art: Performance 'enhancing' substances that either help …[View]
5690219resources on rendering shiny stuff with pencil?[View]
5686286Do you agree with vilppu on head drawing or do you use schematic approaches to head drawing like loo…[View]
5688339How did the masters learn to draw/paint?[View]
5686776There's this technique were a digital artist will first draw in thick lines to plan out the pos…[View]
5685787What do you think of them?[View]
5675481/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General: Previous Thread: >>5650393 >Rules: 1. Don't post nud…[View]
5689663.: .[View]
5689338How come no one gives him shit for not improving his art at all in 5 years? Hell even if people don…[View]
5689548critique this anons.[View]
5687096Butch Hartman: Butch Hartman[View]
5687636>See art >vivid visions >Start drawing This is the result.…[View]
5689108I'd like to learn how to paint, but I'm not sure how to start.: I want to channel my thoug…[View]
5685134$1500 1st place prize for MEMES.: Dude $1500 for 1st place prize just for memes? MEMES?? Count me in…[View]
5688546Architecture: Where do I start to do sketches like this one? Besides perspective basics of course. A…[View]
5675264Draw an old picture, share your progress![View]
5685550Question for those who picked art as their main hobby..: ...why art specifically? Why not something …[View]
5689217I feel like joining some shitty coomer loomis drawasphere circle jerk 4chan discord server. Got any …[View]
5689146Old Paintings from a deceased relative: Hey there /ic/, I haven't posted here before but heres …[View]
5678320what happened to NFT arts?[View]
5679321Draw A Box: Anyone else doing this? I have to say I'm surprised how long it is, these exercises…[View]
5682793What are other methods for free lance artists to make money regularly aside from patreon and commiss…[View]
5688230what is a step by step guide for retards who want to sell commissions I'm willing to accept any…[View]
5686904i'm never going to make it[View]
5686760what's the most impressive progression you have seen?[View]
5686921As an artist how would you feel is someone adapted your work like this?[View]
5686875do you regret studying or pursuing art as a job/career instead of getting a more safe and stable job…[View]
5688476Is the secret book needed to draw anime girls?[View]
5688558What can I do to improve my digital art skills?: How did you find your personal style? Looking for c…[View]
5688505What are your opinions on Nick Blinko?[View]
5688241Can I make it big without formal art education?: Having to choose a career path by the time you…[View]
5688680I was pretty proud of this when I drew it a little while ago not so sure now[View]
5688116how do you learn to draw heads and faces on a level where you can do it from any angle and in almost…[View]
5688630recently got into woodcuts, and because wood is expensive i bought a bunch of those shitty $0.50 pie…[View]
5686527Draw this in your own style.[View]
5670679Procreate Brushes & General Thread: The main purpose of this thread is to share procreate brushe…[View]
5688433Henry Rollins Versus Hipsters: Batman (Beyond) Fighting Mad Stan (voiced by Henry Rollins) https://w…[View]
5678100These look identical to me. How fucked am I?[View]
5687245Did you know your middle school kinomaker got a new update recently? https://youtu.be/KlvLuzpoyDY[View]
5685281does this shit work?[View]
5678936question about ateliers: are these classical ateliers meant for those who already have some degree o…[View]
5681573Post coomer art inspo[View]
5666700Interesting reference thread[View]
5679405What did the old masters have that we don't?[View]
5687699Soulful comics/manga: Post any soulful, yet good comic, manga or even a cartoon/anime you´ve read or…[View]
5687975Art: >Be me >indoors >have to sneeze >panic at the thought of wasted energy >run ou…[View]
5687750how do i know if i have or don't have talent?[View]
5685796How to practice art smart and not hard?[View]
5684598How similar is martial art to art?[View]
5687914hwhat software is this? i want to open commusions, have so many good ideas https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
5687123Drawing I did recently the only person I asked said he didn’t like it your thoughts?[View]
5682409What is the right amount of followers should I acquire before I start taking commissions?[View]
5676536Whats the point: Whats the point of studying or improving if this dude has over 100K followers for t…[View]
5687634I'm 22 Is it too late for me to be a professional artist working in animation? (Side note how d…[View]
5687625How do i get foreshortened images to study and learn from? Googling it just gives me tutorials, inst…[View]
5684714IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
5683096Thinking of making a blog: Hi anons! I'm a beg but I've been drawing for quite a while and…[View]
5687550what is your opinion of this piece[View]
5659060Towergirls Drawthread: Be sure to bother patch about registration to put your art in: https://towerg…[View]
5686010for me, it's Nathan Fowkes[View]
5684082do you feel bad for drawing things you can never have?[View]
5686347TFW: You discover that not everyone can learn art. Just like not everyone can become a rocket scient…[View]
5684830Hey /ic/ just wondering if you can help tell me whats the name of this style of art.[View]
5682162Tried to make 40 comic pages with ink in a month as a self challenge Only managed to finish 20 pages…[View]
5687202some anatomy practice Any thing I can work on?[View]
5661277more like this: look at those lines[View]
5685449What is this kind of science fantasy art style called? What is the modern equivalent of this? And wh…[View]
5685874Give specific websides: I want to become a professional book illustrator. Mainly covers. Any suggest…[View]
5686366>watching a Steve Huston video >dad walks in…[View]
5687221Can playing something in the background while doing studies impede the process of learning? And do y…[View]
5685669DonI really need to sperg out with all these lines just for doing a vehicle?[View]
5673089Why is art so full of crabs?[View]
5685041You are telling me to study: How the fuck do I study drawing fundies? Does making quickposes timed e…[View]
5684643whats the best time to post art on social media[View]
5684479How do I find high res Loomis paintings[View]
5687004I want to learn how to paint digitally: I never tried painting eversince i bought a tablet. Mostly b…[View]
5684639Is there a mega or archive with a large collection of various pose refs?[View]
5686907Rate these art careers from best to worst taking in consideration these elements: effort/reward rati…[View]
5684055How do you call this art style? And why does it still look like “anime” instead of cartoon despite b…[View]
5682621How? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Za-7SMS500[View]
5686752Imagine if /ic/ was as passionate about drawing like Kaos, how good would they be? Or would they be …[View]
5685335/a/natomy in motion: post em[View]
5682432Good Manga and Comic Pages: Post good sequential art. This is not an issue or chapter dump thread.…[View]
5686643Alvin Earthworm is the greatest at making sprite animation and to this day his magnum opus is still …[View]
5683194What are the proportions of the anime face and how can I learn it?: I've realized that anime fa…[View]
5678526/Positive/ Vent Thread: Changing it up this time around. Post good art vents ITT. Things that make y…[View]
5684175Are you an involuntary permabeg? Permabeg bros,: In spite of trying hard every single day, practicin…[View]

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