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4166760You ever find an artist who you admire a lot in terms of skill, but are extremely put-off/confused/d…[View]
4166370why do you guys bitch about chicken scratching so much?[View]
4166882Is drawing anime from a 3D figurine reference a good way to improve?[View]
4162553Realistic eyes.: Hi /ic/ I need some advice. I want to learn to draw realistic eyes but i'm stu…[View]
4162591How do i QUIT ANIME STYLE Please help me i want to quit it i want to paint like all those classical …[View]
4168006Random Prompt Thread #2: Iи Яaиdoм Proмpт Thrэad, thэ idэa has yoц No one said anything about the d…[View]
4164590Unusual Inspo Thread: I find it easier to get a grasp of where I want to go with my art stylisticall…[View]
4162729Why does /ic/ struggle with this?[View]
4164091whys everyone always asking 'will i make it' and not 'how will i make it'[View]
4167255what are the best tutorials/courses to learn how to rotate figures in space? I know about Krenz and …[View]
4167308share best guy torsos looking for anatomy practice feedback on quality of image also appreciated[View]
4165284What is this drawing style called? It reminds me of magazines for young people in 90s.[View]
4163460why do people who post photocopies on instagram always put the pencils on the side[View]
4166506i cant draw for shit dude: How the hell do i improve?? I draw everyday with a goal in mind and alway…[View]
4166384About value: How much would you pay for this, if at all? I used a small statuette as reference. Size…[View]
4167626How to find your passion?: How did you guys find what you like to draw? I admire anyone who is drawi…[View]
4165774Spotting tracing: How do you tell if something is traced? This is a very blatant example https://www…[View]
4164572There are stories, characters or scenes that honor other works... Whether movies, books, series, vid…[View]
4167306Is it as insightful as I've heard?[View]
4166248Is this true?[View]
4163574>Rapidly improving artist shoots up in popularity and then suddenly disappears Why does this keep…[View]
4162975“you have to study to improve” vs “naturally talented and drawn to drawing” mindsets i noticed that …[View]
4167001Is it possible to have draw too completely different styles and pretend to be different people? Like…[View]
4167100You have to master perspective, value, color, gesture, composition, which takes literal years and a …[View]
4162314What piece of art-(or artist) inspires you to keep practising, even in bad days?: Images would be Ni…[View]
4164355Is this textbook flanderization? A character that just happened to have big boobs evolved to have he…[View]
4164839i want to make pixel art that looks like this, what is the best method to study and replicate?[View]
41673291st woke piece[View]
4167245going pro, how many of you guys/gals have had to show proof of using legit software?[View]
4158991Posting classic/contemporary figure drawings for inspiration and study.[View]
4167272use sai to draw Chirs o' neil whay could i done better for the face?[View]
4167102Name a more iconic artist. You can't.[View]
4166848what do you think?[View]
4166939is it wrong to pretend you're getting commissions? would it be reasonable to assume every artis…[View]
4162938animators in japan literally use western resources like the animation survival kit: what is your exc…[View]
4165305haha: funi[View]
4166647Can one be a comic artists and a fine art painter at the same time?: its not a secret that most comi…[View]
4164269I need to study lineweight, could you please share with me the best linework you know?[View]
4166504Why is it so damn hard to draw lips? I was trying to draw a joker smile on my Fleshlight Barbie. God…[View]
4165617Consturction: How the fuck is Oda able to draw like this without an construction and nothing looks o…[View]
4163241What did I do that all of a sudden my photoshop has started lagging hard as fuck? Literally any inpu…[View]
4164807>make lots of 2H pencil drawings >scared to ink them and mess up something…[View]
4162548I recently played through Okami and it really got the creative juices flowing. I’m wanting to implem…[View]
4163913Where do I have to start if I want to start drawing like the likes of Jon Whitcomb and other artists…[View]
4160790so what do you like to draw anon?[View]
4165938Bauhaus 100: Have you participated in festivities to celebrate 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus move…[View]
4156768Is Tumblr actually dead? Am I just supposed to use Twitter? I'm not using Pixiv[View]
4162131/BEG/INNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critiqu…[View]
4165918TFW You only can have a cintiq on your dreams[View]
4162881If you have no access to real models, is it good to draw from art figures instead? If so, what'…[View]
4166297My 2019 Inktober ! C&C welcome :): If you want to check my other stuff you can go on my instagra…[View]
4159519>He uses stabilizers.[View]
4158014Inktober Thread #6 - Keep on truckin' Edition: Previous thread >>4151658 post your ink dr…[View]
4165424How do you get better at form and thinking 3D?[View]
4166239Old findings: Found these framed pictures in my old employers basement. Does anyone know if they’re …[View]
4163314What age did art click for you? I noticed that most professional artists started drawing before the …[View]
4156731Is this a good learning path?[View]
4165869Can someone please explain why things look so uncanny and messed up when you flip them? I know it po…[View]
4163497Advise: I want to put more on this since I'm not using it. I did it in spray paint and I might …[View]
4166085Good A.I. for art?: Are there any good programs that do a lot of the work for you?[View]
4162587Verdict on rococo?[View]
4165742Hgj > Ruan[View]
4161968Street Tagging: hey, i'm noobie i want to hear some good tips for example: stay with shitty tag…[View]
4159275How to achieve this level of soul/comfy?[View]
4165645How do you guys make an influence map?[View]
4165595Design question: Does anyone know how this effect was achieved? Seems it is an oil paint filter with…[View]
4165592Study Thread: I haven't seen /ic have a study thread in a while. Time to study some masters…[View]
4159085Are there any photos or examples of actual people with loomis artistic body proportions irl? (ie eig…[View]
4162636what did you think of el camino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SvHxs9kjL8[View]
4164743What PS/CSP filters and actions do you use to turn photos into anime or manga backgrounds?[View]
4162451Is their any desktop program, paid or otherwise, that will let me slap a 'filter' onto photos that…[View]
4163474Why are pros so bad at teaching?: If you're like me and have been going through hundred of part…[View]
4165129How do you start translating knowledge of anatomy into drawing cartoony styles? For example I don…[View]
4164632Heya Friends, im having fun with a new baby: I bought a Display Tablet and im loving every second of…[View]
4156294Alternative Art/Stylization Thread: Previous: >>4145394 What is /ALT/? If you're looking …[View]
4164854Whether or not you subscribe to the view that 'everyone can learn' to draw, it's pretty obvious…[View]
4164676Here's some hands I've been trying to draw, I realize I've got a long way to go befor…[View]
4164049Where do I start with learning via Loomis?[View]
4165152Hand eye coordination: What are /ic/'s favourite hand eye coordination exercises?[View]
4164987Reminder that if you understand how form works and you're still using 3D shapes like cubes and …[View]
4162137Yang VS The Establishment: Concept I thought of before going to bed, after discovering Andrew Yang.…[View]
4163190It's that time again, people. Post your secret alter egos[View]
4164330>photograph of drawing taken at a slight angle with pencils/pens carefully placed at the side of …[View]
4164242Do you think anime has some innately divine characteristics attached to it?[View]
4163635ArtFriends: >Friendly reminder that you need social contact whilst hermiting away in your dark ro…[View]
4163277Mech's and Sci-fi: What are some good books or videos about learning how to draw robots that wo…[View]
4163531Can someone help me identify an image for an anatomy sketch: Pic unrelated I initially had it bookma…[View]
4161426why does this board has not geometry thread? I just got an spirograph.[View]
4142107Inspo thread: Post the level you want to get to[View]
4162612Only like 2 or 3 of the artists I follow seem to post on /ic/. I guess that means i dont need this p…[View]
4164386File Sharing: Is there any decentralized file-sharing software similar to SoulseekQt but without bei…[View]
4164152Is art school worth it at all?: Is it really that useless to go to art school? Even for let’s say, c…[View]
4160528Increase visibility: Hi, I'm drawing from a long time, and this summer i decided to take time f…[View]
4163011Figure/Gesture Drawing Halp for Beginners.: https://imgur.com/a/xQA4CG7 Finished 30 days so far of d…[View]
4164279What's the best site for building an audience: Tumblr is dead and twitter is cancer. What are t…[View]
4161307Best renderfags?: which artists are the best at polishing a turd and making it actually look good?…[View]

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