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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 128 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5024334Conflicting advice: When one teacher says to draw lines in one swift go (like drawabox) or go over t…[View]
5030933>posts art on deviantart >1 view and 0 favorites because it is not anime and not a fanart. …[View]
5031010Akiane Kramarik's Self Portrait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwgeZd15SVU If you don't …[View]
5030718contrary to msm opinion, 4chan is legitimately the best place to post content. watch to the end and …[View]
5031323Sketchbook: can I get some crits?[View]
5028703Digital art 1990s edition: Grandpa, tell me about digital art in the 1990s. What software did you us…[View]
5021650Caricature thread: Draw this fine dame in your own style[View]
5031265Lets see how good /ic knows perspective: Lets say you wanted to draw a whole 5 point perspective sce…[View]
5029301/beg/ - beginner general: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for …[View]
5024450/dad/ Do Art Daily & /las/ Last Artist Standing: Previous thread: >>5019355 Do Art Daily: …[View]
5025564Is this a good book?[View]
5029511>Drawing on a tablet >Drawing on paper and then scanning it Is there any other options for art…[View]
5027939Heavy customization 3D or 2D?: Wow a lot of hentai threads today. So I was wondering; what's th…[View]
5030564Dou you guys know of a ref tool/addon for PS similar to bridge that works offline?[View]
5027454Critique my underpainting and metal textures: Hey all, I worked more on my metal textures you guys g…[View]
5026523Ive been wanting to become a graffiti artist for years and only started doing pieces about a couple …[View]
5017254/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General: This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: n…[View]
5027321Not sure if this is relevant but we have been making a new cartoon let me know if you like the art s…[View]
5018695Dump your muscle refs, please and thank you.[View]
5029867Genuine kino or overhyped garbage?[View]
5023977How to solve this problem?: >3rd World Artists, 3rd world pricing >over saturated art market …[View]
5024357how to get good at sculpting with zero artistic talent?[View]
5018196'go to drawabox.com' 'read the sticky' 'work on your forms' 'do more gestures' 'study anatomy' 'moar…[View]
5030127Question about sculpting and drawing: In your opinion, does one teach something the other doesn…[View]
5030169Hello /ic/, any advice for value range and edges? I seem to always let my values get out of whack, I…[View]
5029887Is playdough practical for making miniature model figures? I miss my ceramics class, and I don'…[View]
5030075horse references/ tutorials: Hi im trying to make some medieval illustrations. I have no idea how to…[View]
5028744Post famous paintings of your country[View]
5022166do you want to draw impressive and professional artwork from scratch that will blow people's mi…[View]
5024776I want to learn to draw hentai: I am an absolute noob but a friend gifted me an graphic tablet so i …[View]
5026626m8 I'm high as fuck does this look alright[View]
5025267>he hasn't taken the rulerpill NGMI[View]
5029482Did I buy a Booger?!?!: I spent $100 on this little oil sketch because it looked cool, and it said i…[View]
5028629What makes something look like manga? Pic related for example, it's fairly standard fantasy sub…[View]
5028752>watching drawab*x nigger >'y-you should ONLY use pen and paper for practicing, no pencils and…[View]
5026811Brainlet here, can someone show me how the perspective was constructed here?[View]
5025531I rather pirate the fucking program, are you shitting me?? you're charging me for cancelling yo…[View]
5025561Thoughts on Vilppu?[View]
5022023Why Is there much hate towards western animation on this board? Even in modern times they get to mad…[View]
5026538What is the appeal of drawing over sculpting? It seems like drawing is leagues and leagues more popu…[View]
5023781Do I really have to 'build a career' if I want to make minimum wage drawing for people online? I tho…[View]
5028251What is these aesthetic called? And how can i create similar designs without needing reference 100% …[View]
5025008How do I learn to render like this? Even if it's not that sophisticated, I love how EU03 render…[View]
5028853Phone Drawing: So I've got a Pixel 3A and I wanted to start drawing on it for real since the ha…[View]
5023398Repeat after me: I have no talent.[View]
5027459How the fuck do you draw with a pen?[View]
5026000What do you do to avoid stagnation and challenge your art process?[View]
5025842How is this style called? I usually think of it as a 'Procreate art'.[View]
5026131beg thread 2: Old thread hit bump limit IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to po…[View]
5028641Hey /ic/, what is kitsch and why is it bad? I tried looking it up but the definition I read doesn…[View]
5028075Has anyone ever done one of these? Are they good for practicing and understanding perspective?[View]
5021686Microsoft Paint Thread: You can't call yourself a true digital artist until you draw something …[View]
5025147Who are some artists that use cheap or archaic equipment? Like ancient bamboos or off branded stuff,…[View]
5028264I’ve just read “How to draw” by Scott Robertson and learned geometry instead of perspectives, how ab…[View]
5024368Planning on starting a hentai anthology. Where should I upload it?[View]
5022142What's gonna happen to posemaniacs when flash is kill? Are there any other sites that do the sa…[View]
5024894wouldnt an art gf be too competitive?: alot of anons post about wanting an art gf and i dont get it …[View]
4995555/TRAD/ Traditional Art General: Post paintings, drawings, pastels, watercolors, or any art made in t…[View]
5025675Guys, are there any anatomy books that teach how to transform anime girls into toilets?[View]
5019310/asg/ - Anime Study General: Why You Should Copy Anime: https://i.imgur.com/zNDsyF0 https://youtu.be…[View]
5027638/macabre/ dark medieval or medieval inspired art, so can be actuall gothic, romanticism, or modern a…[View]
5026727>finished a drawing today >mfw the dopamine rush after I realize looking at it later doesn…[View]
5027735thoughts on Winslow Homer?: I like winslow homer[View]
5027590any tips on drawing gore (especially brainy bits) with my simplistic, and limited art style? are the…[View]
5024158Okay d/ic/ks it's time to talk your tablets. >How long have you had it for >What art prog…[View]
5006522/doodles/: doodles? sketches? studies? you're welcome here to share your shit probably no one i…[View]
5016065/vent/ thread: Everybody deserves happiness.[View]
5026333what brushes are good for painting in csp and work similarly to photoshop brushes? finding a method …[View]
5020805storyboarding: hello, is there anything dedicated to storyboarding you would recommend? such as cour…[View]
5018966Draw what you see Not what you know: Going to offer some crash course advice on this.All skill level…[View]
5024494post art with good gesture[View]
5024760Critique Please: What do you guys think, is this kind of skin tone good? What will you improve? Is t…[View]
5027217Some me weird art[View]
5026571The Greatest Living Artist of all Time. >Alex Grey.[View]
5025769Guess who it is?: I drowed that in 15min[View]
5026948>weekends >trying to learn how to draw >boss calls me, there is an emergency on some websit…[View]
5025497Hey /ic/ I figured I would ask the question here. affinity has a sale going on, most likely going to…[View]
5025563Anyone got any advice for drawing shoes? I have no clue what to put on her feet.[View]
5027177This cute dapper boy drank a little bit too much tea and now he's desperate to pee.[View]
5026574Bros, why do chink gatchas have such nice art?: How do we get such powers?[View]
5020230How long does it take to go from complete beginner (literally stickmen tier drawings) to something l…[View]
5025074Can u anons post concept art made using only basic shapes like cubes?[View]
5026543why do you people obsess over anatomy?[View]
5023908So anyone here interested in drawing nature and environments and stuff? Post inspo, recommended reso…[View]
5023093Was drawing these a mistake? Have I unleashed evil unto the world?[View]
4996723/iPad/ general // SEETHING POORFAG EDITION: Do you have an iPad? Do use apps like Procreate, ArtStud…[View]
5011287>be fran meneses >make 100k a year drawing like that IM SO FUCKING JEALOUS ITS NOT FAIR ITS N…[View]
5026583Why didnt the Cobra Art movement take off?[View]
5026568Could i please request an Book for an style like Nyamota?: I know there are a shitton of different b…[View]
5025173The oddparents artstyle is incredible:: Easy on the eyes, very expressive, easier to draw for animat…[View]
5026536This is Juci. She's very compassionate and caring towards those around her.She secretely comes …[View]
5026470Commission: Need Digital Art created: If you have a fiverr or similar i have a simple project for so…[View]
5025321how do you draw without using any construction[View]
5020542Why you haven't yet hopped on the iridescent trend?[View]
5025492three-dimensionality and space: How can I learn to draw like this? I can draw boxes and cylinders bu…[View]
5026421Can someone please draw a good human cock and horse cock on this pepe? Additionally could you make a…[View]
5029477first time animating a camera. need some feedback: any feedback and critique welcome as im a complet…[View]
5012541robots thread: post a robot you’ve done right now[View]
5024449Are there any artists that mix western/european inking styles with anime-sque (like Bengus or both M…[View]
5019255Does anyone have any experience with geometry/pattern in art. I’m working on an old style Iranian-es…[View]
5025333Why is it that some people are able to draw characters off model but still have the drawing feel lik…[View]
5024866NeGaMI////THICC\\\\ORACLE////mcBeyondSlappableBuns: Congratulations! You've been visited by the…[View]
5024023Sakimichan is love: Man, the way she renders makes me fall in love.[View]
5025141if you don't enjoy drawing you should quit :): Is there any worse advice for adult who want to …[View]
5025972how the fuck do i make something look 'painterly' without making it look like shit? i've found …[View]
5015687draw this in your style[View]
5022851Would you but this art piece?: I think it’s beautiful[View]
5024316Hello. Is there a resource that goes through Hampton's book?: Sort of like the video explanatio…[View]
5025102Should you make a new twitter if you are search banned? It's unfortunate since I just got to 10…[View]
5023366IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
5025765How do you draw porn when your art and characters arent attractive at all?[View]
5025330They should make it so that to make any post on this board, you need to fill a 2nd image field with …[View]
5024203Black Friday Art deals: Post em CSP is 50% off for the rest of the month https://twitter.com/clipstu…[View]
5021781Drawing on Android: What's the best drawing app on android with stylus support? I've got a…[View]
5021098Will any artist of our generation get into art history books? If yes, who?[View]
5025379>Digital art tutorial >'From beginner to advanced' >20 episodes in, loosely explained conc…[View]
5020328Loomis is for fucking retards, you will never draw like Murata with your shity loomis method fuck ta…[View]
5024463Can I make it being a gigatoxic art youtuber?[View]
5019573What is the equivilant of a hard round brush on csp?[View]
5019865>idea came into my mind >draw that idea >realize how pointless this art is >give up how …[View]
5022027Art comparison thread!: My art from October 2016 compared to November 2020! Share your progress belo…[View]
5005372Evolution Draw Thread: So when i was little kid i had fun drawing imaginary creatures evolutions, li…[View]
5024946I gave up drawing at 15/16 because I couldn't bear to see the flaws in what I was doing and not…[View]
5023330You are given an infinite amount of budget: Your mission : realize an exposition, in an invented mus…[View]
5015504I see it all now I understand clearly The most important thing are good shapes (not to be confused w…[View]
5024864take a nice long look at the catalog...[View]

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