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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 158 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5240313High chroma contrast: what’s your favorite examples of chromatic contrast and artists who utilize th…[View]
5239236girls need to draw men, girls drawing other girls are kinda cringe[View]
5213285Did YOU draw today?: Did YOU draw today? Post what it is, sketch, finished, whatever, just prove tha…[View]
5242893I want to draw in the 90's manga/anime style but I dont have paint or anything. Would I be able…[View]
5242849Drawing Prompt Challenge: Ok I got an idea for you to draw, insecure jester in a tundra market. Go!…[View]
5240305Post art that inspires you[View]
5241059the amount of typos in this book is infuriating holy shit[View]
5241433Unlocking 3D thinking is the most fundamental skill but all courses focus on 2D-drawing the illusion…[View]
5214136/sqtddtot/ Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: boxman edition because i didn…[View]
5223572Alternative Art/Stylization General: Previous Thread: >>5201082 What is /ALT/? If you're …[View]
5242668Portfolio sites: Is artstation the only professional one out there besides making your own website? …[View]
5242638SFW vs NSFW: Can you balance being a successful SFW artist and an NSFW artist if you have two separa…[View]
5242693This will be hated, specially with the current meta of valuing technique a lot, but I have to ask th…[View]
5241289There's nothing wrong with cute art. I'm going to cute art and you can't stop me.[View]
5225721/dad/ Do Art Daily & /las/ Last Artist Standing: Previous thread: >>5204996 Do Art Daily: …[View]
5238961>look at this anime artist >how disgusting…[View]
5242412?: Have you ever modelled naked in an art class before /ic/?[View]
5211714Video Course Thread #19: The hoarding begins here: Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0aebc0f02e6c179b62e0…[View]
5241560Cool way to visualize muscles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZBD2tcKOU4[View]
5239399.: How do I get drawn naked by a qt art girl /ic/?[View]
5240606How to see like an artist: Vilppu keeps repeating the following: > Don't copy! But what does…[View]
5241298You all obsess over talent because you fear hardwork.[View]
5242225Can I make enough money to live on drawing feeder and vore stuff?[View]
5241340how to draw riot gear?: I want to be able to draw riot gear like this, I have tried to do it before …[View]
5237924I just finished my Illustration drawing of Emma, Tell me what you think about it?[View]
5239953Well done Loomis ... HOWEVER[View]
5241333im trying to figure out how to go about this bitch before i lineart and ink it. Any advice ?[View]
5240825>grind 1000 figure drawings because /ic/ retards told me to >Also skim through loomis, read ha…[View]
5237476>ngmi LITERALLY who are you to tell someone they're not gonna 'make it' when everyone's…[View]
5220846You NEED Loomis to draw coom[View]
5237429Has anyone managed to make 3D look 1-1 as soulful as cel BGs?: Since Okiura here has successfully ma…[View]
5229475What makes this book so hard for begs? Because everyday someone badmouth this book here. Just dont t…[View]
5240681best medium for black and white: if you are drawing in black and white, should it be in pencil, char…[View]
5234488>'B-Bro it's only Marvel and DC that have shit art! Indie comics actually look much better!'…[View]
5241252How and where I can find 3D resources to make my work process faster? How does people add them to th…[View]
5240854Does anyone know where I can purchase a metal miniature of pic rel? The only things I've been a…[View]
5234483Twatter: How to grow this fucking shit? It feels like screaming into the void. I don't want t…[View]
5240144Is drawing half an hour each day enough to git gud in ten years?[View]
5240865I feel mixed about this drawing does it look okay.... I'm gonna post it to my Instagram tomorro…[View]
5174518Figurary and Croquis Cafe: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8044072 https://vimeo.com/showcase/8079366 htt…[View]
5238960>this drawing is not mine I don't understand where the vanishing points if the lines do not …[View]
5237882>have coom commissions going >My dad and siblings arrive at my home to visit me >cool >w…[View]
5235532How much anatomy is really necesary?: >Exerpt from Robert Beverly Hale: “Just to hint at Raphael…[View]
5235352any good discord servers for crit?[View]
5234958how do i make money with my art?: how, and through which way did you guys started gaining money with…[View]
5240706guess i'll spam: Hey guys, my name is gay toledo jones and I feel that you all should critique …[View]
5239642Painting with Sai or Photoshop.: So I've been watching tutorials where they teach you to paint …[View]
5240656How come you don't have as much soul as a small child?[View]
5235502Much style: So....[View]
5234393Majority of Procreate Users: The main shit I see by anyone who uses Procreate is cartoony and often …[View]
5237235/beg/ BEGINNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for cri…[View]
5240492Anyone read this? Reviews?[View]
5240307Drawing on a phone: Need a stylus and an app for when I want to draw on the shitter. Any recommendat…[View]
5235541What color is an orange? And don't say orange, because it's not.[View]
5202929Manga Making General: The general thread for Manga / manga-styled comic-making and Manga-style illus…[View]
5238755art followers: how do you treat your followers when you start getting big? do you still interact wit…[View]
5238254my dog: this is my dog please leave a comment or draw your dog too.[View]
5239613Are these sort of realistic drawings just grid method xerox shit? Was looking at polychromos drawing…[View]
5230181Draw a spider.: Draw a spider. Any kind, any style. Realistic or cartoony, bipedal or octopedal. It …[View]
5238401What did he mean by this?[View]
5239423>be very small/unknown artist and want art friends >have a very keen, early 20s follower, he h…[View]
5238723Two 'protagonists': Can I get some composition advice on how to draw 2 characters 'facing each other…[View]
5237180Tell me how he shades like this. People allways fail to do it[View]
5239096How is it?[View]
5237570>post drawing >never get any (you)s does this mean I’m bad and insignificant and should probab…[View]
5236293My Sketchbook Crud: Just want to know if my art is interesting or if it’s worthy of going to digital…[View]
5238633>yeah bro, you can make living selling porn![View]
5236241how to have fun drawing again?: i used to draw and doodle all of the time throughout my school years…[View]
5232463Comic Thread: Post your comics for critique and the like feel free to share socials as well[View]
5237797Lol he deleted it[View]
5230783Why are you here: What keeps you here instead of other fine outstanding communities like twitter? Wh…[View]
5239169Perspective Question: On page 88 of David Chelsea's Perspective for Comic Book Artists, the cha…[View]
5235435muese: mouse[View]
5239398Name better capeshit character designs: I'll wait[View]
5238228What's the best way to stop looking at my work with ''creator eyes''? I kno…[View]
5208192Post dumb art you made for shit and giggles[View]
5239259How do you go about simplifying complex tone into something manageable?[View]
5239201>>5239194 whoops there's at least a couple ways you could construct it, he's probabl…[View]
5237970>watch peter han's dynamic sketching >keep getting distracted by his muscles AHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
5239282Where to find stonehouse anatomy book?[View]
5217645Worst references thread[View]
5231238What do I draw in order to get twitter clout?[View]
5235861>be me >be popular artist on twitter >draw time-intensive passionate original work >limi…[View]
5231760How Exactly Does One Study Anatomy?: Somehow I think I'm doing it incorrectly.[View]
5208215/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General: This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: n…[View]
5237236How do I do colored lineart? As in, after finishing the solid black lineart, how do I add color to i…[View]
5239100watercolor sketching: im looking for ressources on watercolor when sketching outdoor like pic relate…[View]
5234636Character Design: What are some good courses/books/tutorials about character design? Preferably some…[View]
5239080Progress thread: >tfw ya style develops[View]
5238117Say something about this piece.[View]
5237455Who are the modern day 'masters' of art (post year 2000)? When art historians from 2100s look back t…[View]
5234308Should you be able to draw perfectly straight lines freehand?[View]
5234736Pillow Shading: How does a billion dollar company have a worst art team than most people here on /ic…[View]
5231857You HAVE to stylize EVERYTHING: For Absolute Beginners: tldr; - Stop trying to copy from life. - Y…[View]
5229393>just draw: Why does this board parrot the most useless advice?[View]
5237190Sketchbook: Post yah sketchbooks![View]
5238719I'm shit at digital, aren't I? >pic related[View]
5222342Brent Eviston's The Art and Science of Drawing: good or just a meme?[View]
5234458hey what do i need to change here? can loomis help me?[View]
5237428BUGS: Draw a bug. Any bug. All critters welcome. In 30 minutes or less(or more, it's up to you …[View]
5224929Learning art for ex-STEM oriented people?: I wasted 25 years of my life thinking that I was smart, o…[View]
5237879Does anyone have the anime gif of a girl biting an apple and then dying? I can't find it and I …[View]
5237400Post good art feels >Stop posting for a while cause of work >some followers dm me asking where…[View]
5236672ITT: we describe the eternal /beg/ and his characteristics if any of these apply to you, then you…[View]
5232919>have all the time I need >have the means for any courses or supplies >still sub-/beg/ afte…[View]
5238221Draw him in your style[View]
5232808What's the point of learning how to draw if tracing and photobashing is so ubiquitous?[View]
5233047If I buy a drawing tablet, will I see an automatic increase in my drawing abilities?[View]
5229245Skribble game starting: Hey guys plz join my skribbl game thx it feels like you really have friends …[View]
5238139Just tried tracing to see if its easier Referencing is so much better[View]
5236463Procrastination for Skilled artists?: Some people wait until things come to them like the spark and …[View]
5234933>spend literally all day polishing a turd because I couldnt manage to get a proper critique I ha…[View]
5234117Finally, after a year of study, I've acquired the power of giving myself boners Soon I will be …[View]
5234477My favorite artist accepted to give me private tutoring, will I make it now, finally?[View]
5236659Does drawabox properly teach a beg the fundamentals?[View]
5236366What was his secret?: How did Picaso do it? Did he have some sort of life hack that gave him more po…[View]
5228882Zdzisław Beksiński overrated?[View]
5236500Landscape and Environment General: Post landscapes, backgrounds, interior designs, sets, whatever. G…[View]
5192340Animation General: Previous Thread: >>5140318 >51 exercises to try http://www.animatorislan…[View]
5237412even Scott Robertson is a coomer, look how he is drawing the cock shaped plane[View]
5237635visual library: is there a bigger buzzword than this? Every few threads there is some retard repeati…[View]
5237636Van Gogh Master Study Critiques?[View]
5237338>Self learn concept art and illustration by dedicating six hours of drawing each day >third wo…[View]
5237605Material for Lithograph pls tell me what can i buy.[View]
5237247Can I truly appreciate art if I'm not a painter?[View]
5229557Vent Thread: Small changes will allow for a better life[View]
5232884Draw Crab-chan: Crab is Kani in Japanese[View]
5237268What books/guides should you speed run depending on the flaws here? Say if you just copied everythin…[View]
5234792started using shapes after anime-face fag phase and not being able to draw for shit. messy as fuck b…[View]
5237098I don't like having tons of brushes around and have been looking for the one brush for years. T…[View]
5235749Creative Commons license, do you consider it when posting online?[View]
5232509Pablo Picasso beat his wife(s) and neglect his work[View]
5236863I scanned my eye: Can I be rich and famous now for making some iNcReDiBleLy UnIQuE ArT ?!?!?[View]
5233649/beg/ BEGINNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for cri…[View]
5236774https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FKZaOComZg How does he achieve such consistently smooth strokes? Is…[View]
5236117Time to give up art for good?: What’s the point in doing art if no one is gonna bother to look at it…[View]
5235885Uncanny Valley: I don't know what's wrong with this artist, but his drawings disturb me: h…[View]
5235613Does 'just drawing' actually work? If I just draw a lot, without studying, can I still improve the s…[View]
5236644Visual vs Virtual Library: A. Is it good to have a good internal memory of everything you see or kno…[View]
5234153Serious question here: What materials do I need in order to create a manga? I've heard you can …[View]
5234843How is it possible to get Loomis so wrong?[View]
5236143Second best thing I've bought so far.[View]
5230480How does one draw like Gustave Doré? Is there a book about it? I just find this style very interesti…[View]
5235727what is crabbing what does it mean[View]
5235545So many times you have heard that, in order to make good figure drawings, you need to 'feel the pose…[View]
5235472Bad anatomy in real life: How is this even possible, can you red line his bones?[View]
5235406What this construction suppose to mean? How does one make this pose?[View]
5231210What have you learned from /ic/?[View]
5235058>'Youre not allowed to judge the quality of this persons art because art is actually subjective.'…[View]
5234060Did anyone get this book? Any reviews?[View]
5235493How can adults even compete with people who started drawing as kids, kids are fucking sponges while …[View]
5236262Masculine Possessor Microsoft Paint, bright colors with subtle transparencies.[View]
5230246How do you construct your figures?[View]
5233053Ken Penders: I think I may have legit found a comic artist worse than Rob Liefeld[View]
5236165Have you shown your love for best girl in all of Sinnoh yet by drawing her /ic/?[View]
5228934ITT secrets the pros don't want you to know[View]
5235890Tattoo Artist Check: Hi Anons, I'm looking to get a tattoo. As such, I'm looking for an ar…[View]

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