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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 115 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5371757oh fuck[View]
5376481>made fuss with people in past >vanish >deleted all ngmi works >change medium >never …[View]
5375953Archive.org artbooks: What's your opinions about the thousands of artbooks on Internet Archive,…[View]
5374289You have 10 seconds to post examples of good art made with a screenless tablet.[View]
5375694>shift canvas >whole drawing becomes an unrecognizable, reflective lightshow Why the fuck does…[View]
5376240Is looking at other people's art fundamental to becoming a decent artist? I'm in /beg/ sta…[View]
5375938How to draw like pigeon666 >what's her motivation? >theTechnique is she using? >how…[View]
5374286Do i use a glove for ur tablet?[View]
5375724Drawing/art process vs Design: When I first starting learning drawing and painting skills, I'd …[View]
5371888ITT:Post Your Ego Boosts: >You surpass in followers an artist you used to admire >You see you…[View]
5376051What kind of room should I draw? I'm trying to practice drawing rooms I'm looking for idea…[View]
5375652Imagine not drawing using strictly imagination and memory in order to strengthen your visualizations[View]
5370463>you can't use black for shado-[View]
5371460What's your daily routine?: Do you draw when inspiration hits you or do you have structure? Wh…[View]
5371896>mfw using nicotine patches/gums while drawing (not a smoker) >drawing withdrawals are unironi…[View]
5357576What are some features you want in a figure drawing app?: I'm making one and releasing it as FO…[View]
5375870E-Ink 10.3' Writers: Thought this would be a good place to ask about these devices. /g/ was less tha…[View]
5374318Drawing depression and loneliness: So I'm not much of an artist myself but it really helps me t…[View]
5375855casual woodwork: I feel like making a wooden thing. Can I just grab any old log from outside and go …[View]
5374362Artist pilyeon interview and proses. https://youtu.be/L0byL4xnBCw[View]
5374211Abstract art thread: I´ll start[View]
5375407Is Ko-fi good? Do any of you guys have any experience with it and would you recommend it? 0$ fee sou…[View]
5375523How much do you draw a day?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkdUGC-izus Kid does 12 hours a day eve…[View]
5372424wtf: Yikes good on her to at least continue drawing. Hang in there and thanks for your contribution …[View]
5373035Are there any reading books about the history of art instruction? I don't mean art history I me…[View]
5375615Are there any tips and tricks to rendering other than 'lol just practice bro?' I can't even cop…[View]
5375290Not there ... yet: I recently got into reading on the growth vs fixed mindset, and one thing that ha…[View]
5375511Pixel art palette/shading advice: So is there a way to colour pixel art chars and BG's using gr…[View]
5370642Post your favorite animation stills[View]
5375174This is the only art advice you need.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kcFGUF4a1Y[View]
5375469This is my original unironic digital artwork. This piece is entitled, 'Inside the Retard Chambe…[View]
5342938The /ic/ /oc/ thread.: Okay fellas, let's do this OC thread agian, but this time, since this is…[View]
5375333ff to life: What u think about do something more painfull to watch in our soul[View]
5375317Please /ic/ im going insane, what was the name of that guy who draws the same flat, facing forward f…[View]
5368293>have the most fun drawing cute girls >Don't have the skills to draw cute girls well >…[View]
5372176Push the button, draw the result https://whattodraw.virink.com/en/[View]
5375021Balance between study and practice: What is the perfect mix between practice and study? For me is: 6…[View]
5371018I need some help /ic/: Anons got into this art like 4 months ago but due to my uni I have not been a…[View]
5371437Comrades of /ic/: What's your favorite paintings of the proletariat?[View]
5361836Do this in you own style? I'll go first with a preprepared[View]
5372626Any books or youtube videos to learn perspective ?: i need something that takes things very slow (i…[View]
5374033instagram: why am i just losing dozens and dozens of followers on instagram over the past couple of …[View]
5345161/sqt/ qtddtot: Stupid Question Thread Questions That Don't Deserves Their Own Thread Ask your q…[View]
5369552The key to soulful drawing. Show me your automatic drawings[View]
5369107Are there any painters alive today capable of painting something like this? Or has the art form degr…[View]
5370653A stupid doodle with a dynamic pose.[View]
5374948got a graphics tablet for christmas and only started using it today. no previous experience in drawi…[View]
5374416Weird anime anatomy: How could you make this and not notice how broken it looks[View]
5374931i'm retarded: >have online shop >list stickers as die-cut >thought peeling them was an…[View]
5374603How to improve at rendering?: My rendering is /beg/ tier. I'm trying to go for a semi realistic…[View]
5373773>start drawing >palms and fingers start sweating profusely…[View]
5374757The first step to becoming a successful artist is to have a rich family The second is through the pr…[View]
5368523Why is his art so hated?[View]
5374677you could rate? recommendations. thanks (Aluminum Bernardi)[View]
5367327>free ArtStation courses for all of 2021 Based Tim at it again[View]
5372307>Where is her nose?[View]
5370332Do pose-able mannequins for drawing actually help?[View]
5370330/las/ Last Artist Standing & /dad/ Do Art Daily: Previous thread: >>5359377 Do Art Daily:…[View]
5374277Looking to take the Spinepill for my game.: Where do I start, as an artlet? Can I use an old Surface…[View]
5374325If I just try to draw what I'm seeing without using any kind of methods like Loomis, will I eve…[View]
5373158Promote your Power Level: Your power level is equal to the number of followers you have across all p…[View]
5370542Any tips for an art portfolio website?[View]
5366871Can someone tell me why there's no one time payment for this shit on android and ios? The subsc…[View]
5373070How soul is this? Also SOUL thread[View]
5369133The David Goggins of art. Based.[View]
5373868>try learning anatomy from Hampton, Vilppu, Huston >bunch of incoherent babble, didn't le…[View]
5373479Ascii art[View]
5370791Whats the one thing you know you have to study eventually but still haven't gotten around to Fo…[View]
5370835So, this Is the mangaka that Miura's himself considers the best manga artist, Kazushi Hagiwara.…[View]
5371867Is this actually a fantastic piece of art? It has been enjoyed by thousands. Most work by artists is…[View]
5372899What is the use case of cross contours?[View]
5371697show me examples of chicken scratching done well[View]
5369078ive never picked up a pencil and the sticky is overwhelming where is absolute step 1[View]
5372857Is there any drawing app focused on measuring things from reference and another app focused on compo…[View]
5370194fuck this BOOK, I hate it so much. It's too complicated, and a lot of things are not properly e…[View]
5369393>draw anime girls copying an IRL little girl photo proportions >automatically looks like disne…[View]
5361752Self taught vs Lessons: I’ve been self taught for a few months now, I like it but when I get lost, I…[View]
5372881How does one go about doing a whimsical art style like Susan Wheeler's with antro without going…[View]
5372859Is this the best drawing book?[View]
5369985How do you draw a cutaway like that ? What references are used to depict accurate insides of a car ?…[View]
5373041HELP: Bros quick! It's my son's birthday (He is an autist) and he asked for me to draw/pai…[View]
5372528will this help me draw with my full arm when using my ipad? I hate using my ipad because it cramps m…[View]
5373061who are some other artists that draw in that same imaginative, gestural way that Heinrich Kley and V…[View]
5372062lmao wft[View]
5372780If I read all of these will I be able to draw anime?[View]
5372839How to draw comics the marvel way: What does /IC/ think? Can Loomis ever recover? video series versi…[View]
5370602Redpill me on 'there's not art rules, only results' and 'work smarter not harder'[View]
5372012How do I acquire the urge / drive to draw? How do I learn to enjoy the process? I want to make art, …[View]
5372751Should I relly more on my eye measuring or is a much better idea to use some ruler thing to measure?…[View]
5373249Is pixel art for a comic a good thing or just regular pencil lines?[View]
5370395remember your work has value, never under charge[View]
5370547Concept art career: Long time lurker here. We haven't really had a concept art thread in foreve…[View]
5372880Drawing this texture?: How would you guys go about drawing the texture of the outfit with pencil / p…[View]
5369318How often you draw?: Hours/minutes per day/week? I'm assuming most of you put at least 50 hours…[View]
5367836Art noobie here: And I was just wondering if using reference is a bad way of learning how to draw. …[View]
5372171taking my first art lesson today bros wish me luck[View]
5372862I present Doomjak[View]
5372254An art PSA: Ever wondered why you are not improving? Here, follow me trough the story of Harold and …[View]
5372548Jesus Christ XD[View]
5372431which is the best community to earn money with commissions?[View]
5372448Is there any shortcut to memorize proportions of diferent ages (toddler, kid, preteen, teen, adult)?[View]
5371180help me get less bad at art: Hi I'm lizard-Zilla, I'm a newer artist. I got a drawing tabl…[View]
5369739What are your thoughts on this piece, /ic/? [spoiler]its kino[/spoiler][View]
5372057What is the secret to realistic graphite rendering and how can I learn it?[View]
5372418Feeling the form is a spiritual experience. You know it when you do it, it's not an intellectua…[View]
5354252It's up!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHxns7mVMr4[View]
5372522Either I'm blind, or this news has gone completely under the radar for /ic/: So, a few days ago…[View]
5372314death of art world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItphMaZZYUc vid about how the art world is chang…[View]
5366062Thoughts on this sketch?[View]
5370040Collages: Post colleges and critique the feeling they evoke[View]
5371848Micron Pigma 0.05 Pens suck need an alternative: Hey, I'm looking for good alternatives to Pigm…[View]
5369749/beg/ Beginner Thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for cri…[View]

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