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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 49 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7127897How do you get people to ask for commissions of things you usually draw and are good at drawing? Jus…[View]
7130175render: Hey guys, do you know any tutorials on how to render like ArtGerm? I tried watching his vids…[View]
7120997Did anyone care for Jean Michel basquiat?[View]
7126419Modern artists are bitches[View]
7125078>claim to have been a long time artist in the animation industry >account is just obvious AI …[View]
7129055I haven't drawn anything in a long time and I'm trying to get back into it, does anyone ha…[View]
7127489I got recommended two graphical tablets >gaomon s620 >wacom ctl472 Which one should I pick for…[View]
7126137Do you use the faulty method?[View]
7128141HELP! How the FUCK do I deal with hand pain?: So I spent all day flipping meat in a kitchen with a h…[View]
7129666Youtube Art Thread: what is the best youtube video tutorial/ video art related of all time??[View]
7129422So are all creative jobs dead? Or are the AI doomers wrong?[View]
7127886holy shit. this is exactly how i always wanted pencil to feel like[View]
7126891Triangle or Loomis: Which is the best method for a /beg/?[View]
7129451>uh Anon, not to be rude but that's the same two images you posted last year for #PortfolioD…[View]
7126718inking masters?: Who are some good modern masters to study inking off of? The Frazetta rough work co…[View]
7128566>the /lit/ /fit/ /ic/ stare[View]
7126825sketch: I drew this and I'm proud of it. What are your thoughts? I want to improve[View]
7128124anyone knows where i can find a good reference site that shows the casual fashion scenes in typical …[View]
7128361Do I buy the 1st edition from 1944 or the latest edition? Price doesn’t matter. Only learning from t…[View]
7128979What made toriyama so much better than every western artist of his time?[View]
7127863what I like about these high resolution 2D sprite games like WLSI and USFIITFC is that it shows how …[View]
7126477Do you anons get 'click' moments while drawing?: I get them every time I draw, maybe that's the…[View]
7123792How do I learn to paint like this?: Watercolors are so pretty and natural.[View]
7124375I have 1k twitter followers and growing quick, great engagement. How do I monetize this without doin…[View]
7126055Never forget that skill does not correlate to success.[View]
7126568Getting btfo’d in art: I wanna draw, become good at art and draw cute girl feet. But one time I got …[View]
7123457Why are there so many gooners here? I feel like a lot of threads are people only motivated to draw p…[View]
7128139critique pls: pls be honest does my art look like shit is there some thign wrong with it plz tell me…[View]
7126993what do you think about fan colorations of another artist's work?: for context shinobu seguchi …[View]
7128663>All that grinding >All that Loomis >All those boxes All just to be replaced by jeeters I…[View]
7121202Why was japanese animation significantly better and actually competent in comparison to what korean …[View]
7126558/int/ & /beg/ - Intermediate and Beginners General: If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in…[View]
7120061>you need to know fundies to work in the indus-[View]
7126349In desperate need of good penmanship resources: I'll need to rapidly improve my penmanship with…[View]
7128249How's that 8 week Marco Bucci painting course?The one that focuses on color and light. Anyone g…[View]
7120977What do you guys think about this drawing any hints?[View]
7127993Why is this described as having no depth? Doesn't the 3D effect and shapes popping out add some…[View]
7127137Help me with reference/resource/books tutorials on how to simplify detailing lines and convey an ill…[View]
7127815Literally had enough of it. Recognized as a talented artist but nobody follows me or promotes my shi…[View]
7127332Views and likes on my works are still increasing at a good rate 3 months later But not one comment I…[View]
7122135/DAD/ - Do Art Daily: (Belated) Birthday Edition: Previous thread: >>7113998 Do Art Daily: …[View]
7126476>Don't draw >Extremely depressed because of the inertia >Spend days daydreaming about …[View]
7122839Why do so many jp artists sketch with a hard brush with no taper? Is it better to sketch with a brus…[View]
7126541can you make 2k a month selling oil paintings?[View]
7127406Is anime a good source of inspirations when it comes to drawing?[View]
7127238>too tired/burned out to have a productive drawing session >too guilt-ridden from lack of prod…[View]
7127224CLIP STUDIO PAINT THREAD: >turning on stabilization on >post correction on what are other set…[View]
7126267How do you color B&W tonal work?[View]
7122659Are Unipen fineliners a scam?: Bought a couple of 0.5 mm ones to start practicing drawing, but one d…[View]

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