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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 77 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6063034https://youtu.be/ZyvDfwVsHDM >6 years What went wrong anon?[View]
6069024has Gorillaz artwork gotten better or worse over time?[View]
6051291SQTDDTOT - Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: Previous Thread: >>60225…[View]
6074169What anatomy, figure drawing book is good to study together with Vilppu's drawing manual? Pleas…[View]
6070176How do you get non-porn ideas to draw?[View]
6074321Molecular art: Used paint pens[View]
6074038I can draw, but I can't make anything appealing. This picture is so appealing, I want to dive i…[View]
6057756>wants to do commissions >don't want people to see my Paypal details Is Fiverr the only w…[View]
6073446Open 3d hand model on CSP, entire human figure gets loaded... WTF can't I only have the hand mo…[View]
6068511Insanity: What pushes some artists to become like this?[View]
6072531Why the fuck does nobody ever follow me: I feel like my Twitter statistics are so crazy (pic related…[View]
6002191>Animation Thread Discord https://discord.gg/Ju9NuWN >51 exercises to try http://www.animatori…[View]
6070244how should i market myself: I think my art is pretty good and original, but I don't know who th…[View]
6071773Why do so many men just want to draw girls? When I was a kid all the boys wanted to draw orcs and he…[View]
6066165Huge circle head block in technique: Hello fellow d/ic/ks. I’m looking for the origin and logic of t…[View]
6070806How does one draw feet like this?[View]
6072317When you draw a real person in a semi-realistic, stylized way, do you use a photo reference and go s…[View]
6072870Any good advice/tutorials for lineart?: I usually do lineart irl and scan in the drawings but lately…[View]
6055112Show me your collection[View]
6069352I think it's almost done...any crits? thanks![View]
6069605Is it worth it to learn Japanese to work in the anime industry, especially as a writer / storyboard …[View]
6063581Do people actually believe this guy's work is 'hand painted'?: Call it whatever you want, a tra…[View]
6067704Have you tried draw in the middle ages style?: It's actually pretty fun[View]
6072256AI in art and possible shortcomings: AIs like DALLE-2 can create pretty convincing artwork like pic …[View]
6061215How do I get out of symbol drawing and actually start improving?: I'm overwhelmed with all the …[View]
6072820Hello, artists of /ic/. I'm an adult game creator and I've been working on new techniques …[View]
6057457Can they really do this?[View]
6070717where do ya frens get your reference material from?specifically drapery/clothes but anatomy/poses ar…[View]
6062007/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General: Previous Thread:>>6049532 >Rules: 1. Don't post nudi…[View]
6067814Thoughts on bad art being better than good art?[View]
6068723Getting 'good' at art in one year as a self-taught: Is it realistic starting from high-/beg/ skill l…[View]
6063126how do you draw in medieval artstyle?[View]
6069233How would you call this?[View]
6069888What the fuck is wrong with current western character designs?[View]
6069027Aaron Blaise: How does /ic/ feel about Aaron Blaise? You usually see threads about Kim, vilppu, or p…[View]
6052119/fag/ - Furry Art General: 20 hour wait edition >What is /fag/? This is the Furry Art General thr…[View]
6070223You are all too stupid to do this kind of art: Brainlets if you can't understand and produce th…[View]
6069459Anyone with experience in colored pencils know the best brand? I’ve been using the same set of Rose …[View]
6071264If a person draws every day from a baby to age 18 their skill would be good. Given that children lea…[View]
6067295Alternate Universe Bridgman: I found a missing Bridgman book! https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id…[View]
6067041Self portrait [digital][View]
6046082is this ass too big?[View]
6063694Moving beyond the constraints of constructoid philosophy: So now that we agree that construction isn…[View]
6066913what makes artists decide to change their art style?[View]
6071629Look at this treasure I found I will share it with you! https://www.youtube.com/c/HelenVanWyk/videos…[View]
6069335Has any drawn show ever had animation as well made as Samurai Jack?[View]
6069029/beg/ & /int/ - Beginner and Intermediate thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER OR /INT/ERMEDIATE IN A…[View]
6069355Critiques are next to useless if your critique fundemantly goes against the direction, style, aesthe…[View]
6067054Wanna draw a popular atm female character !: So I wanna get some clutter how the kids say, what is a…[View]
6066732Post doodles, monotonous drawings, or sketches made by so-called old masters you like.[View]
6071227You will make it anon, despites all odds. Now it's time to sleep after a hard day of studying a…[View]
6071247>anon you're not going to get noticed and make money in a world where people get rich off se…[View]
6060518NOOOOOOO you have to use construction-ACK[View]
6064726When exactly does an art piece count or doesn't count as anime and why does being 'anime' speci…[View]
6068671I think I screwed up the shading[View]
6070866>friends from real life: hey anon, we want to see your art! >tfw realize that my OCs' des…[View]
6070934Art posing tools/programs: Anybody tried out this poser tool? I bought it from Steam a while ago and…[View]
6070918hi peopel. pls help me! I have done art for 10 years, everyday people told me that i dont cannot mak…[View]
6070912been practicing character design, coloring and side profiles. how does this look? :3[View]
6070787Did J. Coll use a pencil underdrawing or was he straight ink like Kimmy Gi?[View]
6069942https://twocoatsofpaint.com/2022/04/ellen-siebers-the-visceral-pull-of-her-brush.html >you were g…[View]
6070490Yiynova Pen Issues: I need some help troubleshootin' this yiynova my room mate is letting me us…[View]
6067480Can someone explain how he was able to paint this without loomis construction? This board keeps tell…[View]
6070647how do I learn to draw like this?[View]
6069481stagnant: I don't know how the fuck to follow him, I'm stuck, help[View]
6066680Thoughts on Ethan Becker Do you think that he is a good instructor? Are there better ones out there?…[View]
6069270Who do you think surpassed Vilppu in term of art teaching and wholesomeness?[View]
6066954https://www.flickr.com/photos/gonzalez-alba/albums/72157678824391758/page1 I feel cheated now…[View]
6068949Ken Kelly, motherfucker. Enough said.[View]
6066527Is David Finch's guide to art legit? Has anyone actually followed it until the end?[View]
6067394>Be tradfag >Try digital with screenless tablet >Linework absolutely sucks balls >Propor…[View]
6064509So I came across this artist who makes works that I really, really like, and they inspire me on a de…[View]
6067628why aren there any good shading tutorials are 'they' gatekeeping us /BEG/S???[View]
6069592truly baffles me as someone who does creative work myself that people get so fucked up about tracing…[View]
6057093Body Types: ITT: Different proportions, builds, and body types for reference material[View]
6054812/salt/ - Sexual art stylization thread: Previous thread: >>6041792 >Welcome to /salt/ If yo…[View]
6069300Digital software features: Has there been any features you found that changed everything for you usi…[View]

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