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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
677733119>KSP2 >Cities Skylines II What upcoming sequel to a game is next on the chopping block?…[View]
677735458So youre telling me, in all the decades around super-mutants, neither the master nor the somewhat in…[View]
677733172I will now play your game.[View]
677703761What's your forever game?[View]
677730057Limbus Company: Stop trying to impregnate post-menopause women[View]
677733724Quest 3: How well does it run with a 6700k and a 3070? What are some VR games worth playing aside fr…[View]
677728457The last good Final Fantasy: Good story Good combat Great DLCs Excellent sales Cult following Zero Y…[View]
677727320“We need a protagonist for our game!” Japanese devs: “Say no more”[View]
677731610Baba Is You and HARD: This game is too difficult, I've been stuck on a level for 5 days now. I …[View]
677734984Why are older MMOs better?[View]
677732148>Dogshit Controls: The Game >fucking right bumper to fire instead of trigger >broken ass lo…[View]
677725207What do people think of Marisa Kirisame on /v/?[View]
677731972Stellar Blade is better than FFXVI: Final Fantasy 16 is a heaping pile of garbage in comparison to S…[View]
677735073THIS SUMMER[View]
677733450GOTY GOTY GOTY[View]
677722232when did you realize it's the best in the series?[View]
677723285Hey anon, I heard another settlement needs our help. I'll mark it on the map[View]
677693470What's the matter with Assassin's Creed: Shadows?[View]
677734698I was typing a response in this thread about how wagies have time to play and halfway through i was …[View]
677734601How do we save Fortnite?[View]
677727863Why don't steamies play the games they buy?: >Do the bare minimum to beat the game >Still…[View]
677723629Meanwhile, at Black Mesa Research Facility[View]
677731328any game like this[View]
677733787>Secondary character outshines main one[View]
677733665Stylish Action thread[View]
677729321Things will never get better: Instead they will get worse and worse as life slowly passes us by. It…[View]
677733327Super Mario Odyssey 2: You’ve done it, Mario. You’ve finally cast Bowser into the fiery lava pits of…[View]
677727710From yesterday on the development of my first small game has begun. I hope I'll finish it.[View]
677732537Character Creation: >select your sex >XY/XX Response?…[View]
677725418Ghost of Tsushima: Which crack group version is /v/ using anyway? I'm looking for one that…[View]
677731181They're coming for your Pokemons[View]
677698209Wuthering Waves: Play Encore's game /v/.[View]
677724468>when the game is okay but the subtext and metafiction are incredible[View]
677717980deckies be like[View]
677733230You think you're some kind of hotshot?[View]
677722505>model these two sluts that fight wearing bikini armor >now model them again but this time des…[View]
677725948At the end gamers care about quality not fake controversies[View]
677711375Should I, lads? It's on sale.[View]
677705274This thread is about video games[View]
677726394What would the perfect Animal Crossing game consist of?[View]
677715542Which one is worse?[View]
677727998/v/, why didn't you tell me how kino this game was?[View]
677732936Type-Noise: Shonen Shojo: >casually mogs Danganronpa We're eating good, BL sisters.…[View]
677729660Who was in the wrong? On the one hand, she embarrassed him by rejecting him like that. It could be a…[View]
677731073Games where you can blow shit up: Is pic rel really the best there is? There has to be something bet…[View]
677713779Nostalgia check Does anyone even remember this series? I played the first two for many hours growing…[View]
677732154post obscure but cool characters itt. bonus points if theres no fanart of them online[View]
677732646>game has ant character Are game models that expensive?[View]
677731672>Neptunia >Persona >Octopath Traveler >Yakuza >Final Fantasy >Dragon Quest >…[View]
677716920>he envisions himself as an indie dev who makes a game with a cult following but it becomes more …[View]
677730643Will there ever be a new good sci fi videogame like Halo or Mass Effect?[View]
677712083>character creation >everything comes out ugly >gave up and never played game ever again…[View]
677728179This is making me really upset...[View]
677730586Why do all indie game devs do this sort of performative garbage on social media?[View]
677717005Furukawa's Nintendo: The Switch 2 is obviously going to end up being the Switch again but more …[View]
677731913Disco Elysium general: BBC lovers edition: >TYRONE? TYRONE?! WHAT'S GOING ON BACK THERE?!? W…[View]
677729325Star Fox: Saw a bunch of garbage threads in the catalog. I would rather talk about video games. Vide…[View]
677731305I feel bad about stealing indie games because I know how hard it is to make games, but I also feel l…[View]
677706669Where's the XIV thread? I need to remind people that the game is dead[View]
677725467Now that the dust settled on my iPad pro, I start Days Gone PC or The last of us part 1 PC ? Need to…[View]
677728992What's next for jumpscares?, is it perfected method?[View]
677724974Metro: How are these games? I was skimming through some videos on the first two games. They look pre…[View]
677705647pitch a new star wars game[View]
677683964#FixTF2: this crisis has been going on for long enough anons https://save.tf/[View]
677731387>mfw when my nonna boughted me a video game for my sisters quinceanera[View]
677716303Honest /v/erdict?[View]
677720614>boss is immune to all moves with nice side effects >why? because we said so so what's th…[View]
677725962>Localization is bad it just makes the game wors-ack![View]
677713414Saddam Hussein confirmed as the antagonist of BO6. Are you ready for the yearly dose of US propagand…[View]
677730753>average poster on EU hours[View]
677724161>game lets you commit heinous crimes[View]
677730308>Amazing, game changing new patch and fun event >Immediately ruined by retards showing up tryi…[View]
677730828Essex Lord, I need your opinion on Atelier Resleriana. Do you APPROVE It? Personally im having fun w…[View]
677730823LukeFZ's Mods: Where can I find LukeFZ's FSR2FSR3 mods for fucking free? Because fuck Patr…[View]
677712974Why do people want a Genshin killer anyway?[View]
677730681>level/stage/boss is impossible and filtered you both as a kid as an adult - no shitposts edition…[View]
677728934Why is he like this?[View]
677726209Now at last I have discovered there truly is...no rest for the wicked.[View]
677654390Character Action thread: >Ninja Gaiden is dead >DMC, Bayonetta, God of War are the only releva…[View]
677715232>we want the kdrama audience[View]
677726496>My name is Christine! I'm from the University of California! Nice to meet you!…[View]
677727617Kaitlyn Dever: Did she bulk up to play as Abby yet?[View]
677730323How did he do it?: >Face of the Oscars of video games >Killed E3 and replaced it with his own …[View]
677729689First clear done. I assume that theres more to the story its my first time using the archer guy too.…[View]
677726334This was the peak of OSRS[View]
677729717What is her issue?[View]
677725860How do we feel about the Killer Klowns game? https://youtu.be/rgfw-re-PJs?si=9Fa8JxAl707aP2zU[View]
677730082KYLE NO![View]
677729530What does /v/ think of Condemned?[View]
677727974>Looks like a child...: >...but is actually 5000-year-old dragon/spirit/elf/whatever What do y…[View]
677727603Why are gamers so Toxic /v/?[View]
677710390Wheres the promotion? Wheres the hype?[View]
677729183why did EA cancel it? If given the chance would it still be around today?[View]
677714553What are some of the finest licensed video games (not based on a tabletop role-playing game)?[View]
677726546The best 2D entry.[View]
677721548Who was the best hero of MGS?[View]
677722268Do you like after story games?[View]
677723107What are your thoughts on Princess Zelda?[View]
677729886Earthbound/Mother: Recently played all three games. They were so good. What a great experience…[View]
677728260So what is Valve going to do with the bots anyway? Why dont they just go for the source?[View]
677727842>Game is called Diablo 4 >Diablo isn't even in it once…[View]
677727195What's the best life simulation game?[View]
677729748Games for this feel?: Is there even any MMORPG that allows for this? Everything seems homogenized an…[View]
677718330Under Night 2 Thread: And there goes the month[View]
677706701I just started an ironman What should I do first?[View]
677717662Why does it have to be this way?[View]
677702352What are some times you've felt betrayed by a game?[View]
677725628nya-nya- theyre twins of tortoiseshell nya-nya- difference is color of a tail[View]
677723454I'm drunk af /v/, here's my redesign of Penny. Roast it or whatever[View]
677727669>JRPG music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6tmiVqTXjM >WRPG music by the GOAT Bioware https:…[View]
677727082play her game[View]
677715487Multiversus: Do you think returning players are compensated enough? Thoughts on the new currency sys…[View]
677722394When does he finally get a worthy game?[View]
677699380How is a f2p this polished and fun?[View]
677728690Write Soulsborne lore for this: If it were in a Souls game, what would it mean?[View]
677725464Skavens© are my favourite race to play in total war™ Warhammer ™ 3™[View]
677715312deadlock thread: Will it save Valve?[View]
677723814Well /v/?[View]
677699965Do you think you will ever stop playing video games in a certain point in your life? I feel like I w…[View]
677696020Slabs ruined Minecraft.[View]
677725973Triple A dev's still cannot successfully emulate what is basically a mechanically simple and mi…[View]
677726615What the fuck you get insta killed the moment someone with the new weapnized cars shoots you meaning…[View]
677726441the entire mining part of terraria is unbelievably boring, the movement is clunky for the majority o…[View]
677724072$70 video games and monthly Battle Passes are too much for today's economy.[View]
677707068Are you a Tifa-fag or a Aerith-fag? If you choose Yuffie, Jessie, or any other irrelevant, you'…[View]
677727781>buy game with no DRM on steam >refund instantly nothing personnel DRM fatman…[View]
677712279Which J-Team member is your favorite one?[View]
677725839Normies have been waiting 10 years for open world auto aim slop[View]
677724394Now that Nintendo has officially bent the knee and moved all decision-making power to the US, what o…[View]
677724668why did the largest company on Earth find it a good idea to give a shitty, tryhard AA indie game a s…[View]
677727903When i think about it, i can't name more than 5 games that panders on the Emo audience[View]
677720578Have you ever played a game purely because you thought the girls were attractive?[View]
677621030Megaman Star Force Saga: You chose the Ojou-Sama right, /v/?[View]
677728134>Spanks >Shits loudly Modern Gaming everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmzlEtI5_KU…[View]
677712619jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/YxXbcb 400 sfw rot[View]
677698443only KH4 can save SE now[View]
677727457Mein Gott, Leute! My mom just let me drink cola! How cool is that? Now I’m playing Fortnite and drin…[View]
677725541It only got popular because people felt that RE4 would be more interesting this way.[View]
677726687bug off ya bastard[View]
677727015Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
677720702when will he reveal physint[View]
677726869Games with the most depressing/disgusting morals: >Only women contribute positively to society wi…[View]
677710282Wind Waker, A World that Opens. Breath of the Wild, A World Open. Twilight Princess, an Over World: …[View]
677726335What is the Ed, Edd n Eddy jawbreakers of video games?[View]
677712127Name 10 videogames.[View]
677726579>game has schitzo characters[View]
677726479>BEEP. BOOP. BEEP BEEP BOOP.[View]
677722540*groan* *tummy rumble* Please, Nick. No More burga'-*NOM*. Nick, feel imma gonna explode *fabri…[View]
677718964more like rinoa prettilly[View]
677718531Sonic! Heeeeelp![View]
677723539Was it gud?: I remember playing this on a N64, aside from Turok, Banjo, Smash, & other less memo…[View]
677723565>You can resolve monster encounters peacefully[View]
677725282A message from the caliph my lord[View]
677725968How much do you think Factorio: Space Age is going to be on release? $40? $50?[View]
677724125Alpha literally did nothing wrong, and I'm being genuinely serious[View]
677724575Playing Wuthering Waves just made me want to go back to Genshin...[View]
677701105Just Let it go: Literally this is the 'Nothing Ever Happens' in Gaming[View]
677694013Majora's Mask PC port just got dual analog camera support. What's your excuse for not play…[View]
677715281What games should I play if I want to meet girls (female)?[View]
677724132hello, based department?[View]
677718039ITT: Post the last vidya girl that you rubbed one out to.[View]
677720165>here's you're AssCreed Japan exclusively on next gen consoles bro >that will be 130…[View]
677697702Yayoi makes me happy[View]
677725336God-Tier Furshit[View]
677720395What happened to the lighting in games from the mid 2000s? It aged so well compared to modern games[View]
677724680Is there anything else similar to this besides Signal Simulator? I really liked it[View]
677723030why are the pre-orders flopping?[View]
677714521your opinions[View]
677725067the next great Xbox exclusive[View]
677722886Audibly sniffed while cracked half a smile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:PlayStation_5-onl…[View]
677724465What's stopping you from going to GIGO Taiyaki Akihabara and getting a P3/P5T taiyaki?[View]
677717248I bought a 2DS from UK ebay and wtf is this every time it starts up i literally cant[View]
677724789holy fuck that was bad[View]
677714167I'm now 25 and own a computer. What games must I have?[View]
677707747>2020 + 4 >Still the only game with a kemono art style…[View]
677722235In a game with a bunch of character archetypes, what do you look for? For me, the first thing I look…[View]
677721390Burger from Resident Evil 2 (2019)[View]
677722063Dude...what if we had uruk terrorists[View]
677699464DALL-E Thread: www.bing.com/images/create[View]
677717402Super Paper Luigi: Why is there no Paper Luigi game even though Paper Luigi is arguably better than …[View]
677723805I don't mind female protagonists but the sex scene made me pretty uncomfortable[View]
677720998My main genre is motion control sports. I mostly play Wii sports, pga tour, and Mario golf. My dail…[View]
677664075Why aren't you playing modded Fallout New Vegas right now?[View]
677723884*activates Power Trick* What did you say about me, again?[View]
677675297What's the consensus on Reimu Hakurei around here?[View]
677713790Post your waifu[View]
677723284When are we going to get an FPS set in the most kino conflict of the modern age?[View]
677723980Was she right about video games? I mean I get a lot of the info her videos was wrong but her argumen…[View]
677720869wich one white man?[View]
677723809>press crouch button >fan goes apeshit[View]
677717412Literal perfection[View]
677718580*has the best first party lineup in Nintendo history*[View]
677715828ITT: H games that are actually fun when you don't want to jack off[View]
677721895This is how TF2 should have worked since the beginning >No shitty inventory system (it's fai…[View]
677719514America was the best team.[View]
677723558What is the first Video Game song that comes to mind /V/ For me it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
677723536Say something nice about total war[View]
677719190/v/ approved battlestations: post[View]
677720718It's over[View]
677717445Can you answer?[View]
677720935LINE RIDER 2010: line rider browser game charecer was in 2010 there were added as cross promo for an…[View]
677723325Is it true what they say about videogames?[View]
677723365Personass 5: This game makes me wish I was a Japanese teenager. I hate not being Asian[View]
677716805How do we save GOG?[View]
677723173Dall-3 Thread: bing.com/create[View]
677719931The stats for Kensei and Ghost armor should've been swapped. That's all.[View]
677723139Get N or get out. What're you waiting for Nintendo to do it.[View]
677719772FNAF: Sssshhhh....Roxanne is sleeping...and so am I. Goodnight /v/[View]
677717960Is it worth getting a 3DS XL for homebrew? Considering you can get SNES games, GBA, DS and 3DS games…[View]
677718787Is he allowed to say that about women in a video game?[View]
677714390There hasn’t been a single good boxing game for almost a decade now. I know Undisputed is coming out…[View]
677722159why did she do it[View]
677720995Homeworld 3 - DEI vs GPT: I, For One, Welcome Our New AI Overlords[View]
677719354Why don't Western games have attractive feminine characters like these?[View]
677721084Would a GTA game set entirely in Las Vegas (Las Venturas) work? San Andreas's LV exists, but it…[View]
677722846>Spanks >Shits loudly Modern Gaming everyone…[View]
677710151ITT: OSTs that fill you with an instant rush of nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNaOdkM8e…[View]
677707864>*muslim chants*[View]
677722748Is there anything else like it? Why are there no shameless copy cats that evolve the formula?[View]
677712036I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so fucking hype.[View]
677720380how would you fix Pokémon?[View]
677721790>have PS5 >lose access to Internet >physical games stolen…[View]
677721697Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: /v/ is sleeping hard on this game. I finished it two days ago and it…[View]
677717457The 9/11 of Video Games[View]
677710664Opinions on Project+?[View]
677720909Completely and utter forgotten. And didn`t even win the goty despite being a Zelda. What went so wro…[View]
677717814Bravo Nintendo[View]
677709993What level should I be at for the oil rig? Also is the pulse rifle a good enough weapon for fighting…[View]
677721965Room 302.... home...[View]
677720676Starstruck Vagabond: >yahtzee finally made a game that isn't utter dogshit It's a fucki…[View]
677717480>It's dragon quest day in Japan >there's no news ?…[View]
677717252Silent Hill 2 Remake: You’ll cowards ready for the new trailer next week?[View]
677719998What do I think about this game?[View]
677709315What's your ideal vidya duo combination /v/?[View]
677707676First time playing Oblivion: Bought it on sale. Have only ever touched Skyrim and Fallout 4 (didn…[View]
677706638Is this true?[View]
677719872how is this? i love heroes 3 and it looks good[View]
677714487Why are bottlecaps still used in fallout 4?[View]
677720908I just want to kill a thread: /V/ideogame theme will be... oh yea, a game that have fucked you, may …[View]
677714384Her voice is incredibly annoying.[View]
677710091No matter how big an open world game is, it will never feels as big as your imagination can make a v…[View]
677713206What is the best starting class for core?: I was playing rogue knife archetype and I couldn’t kill t…[View]
677712709Ah, you’re here, good. We have a problem. A big one. Our vault’s controller chip for the water purif…[View]
677720094This is the current king of RPGs. Bow to your king /v/.[View]
677717810>I think he's very bad at character, and I think he's extremely conventional, as in non…[View]
677710461Vivian is a girl you fucking dumb retards. She is literally a ghost witch you stupid mother fuckers.…[View]
677643468itz over[View]
677719352Alright listen everyone! I have the perfect solution to stop the WEAPONS! Listen to me! one word... …[View]
677719019do I need the original game if I buy this[View]
677666720is there a more cursed game than this one? >Loses EVO spot because of injustice >all the shit …[View]
677669974There’s a lot games almost too many to count but almost all those games have characters that you’ve …[View]
677718064Cammy game is ________[View]
677718718Finishing this fight..[View]
677713268[Good News] >Stellar Blade is #1 in Amazon best selling in Japan 1 month after its release >W…[View]
677710831Why did Hellblade 2 fail? It was an improvement on the original in nearly every way and received glo…[View]
677710724We are never getting Baldur's Gate 4 by Larian. Let that sink in.[View]
677713028This time, I'll kill those 120 Berserkers! and kill Ayane on chapter 2 for funsies[View]
677709359>game combines genres[View]
677704558Is it worth playing in 2024?[View]
677718549How back are we?[View]
677693881Druids or Tieflings?[View]
677718030How come there was no other final boss in the Fallout series as weird as the Master?[View]
677718656Rotaeno is a phone rhythm game that uses a combination of tapping, flicking, and rotating your phone…[View]
677716862>achievement that forces you to play coop >no local coop in the game…[View]
677713821Do they love each other or not?[View]
677717108Favorite game series: Do you have one and do you collect for it? >pic related…[View]
677715949Why can't both fanbases get along? Why do you antagonize each other so much and shouldn't …[View]
677716971>You can stop right there... Leon[View]
677713852>Has a far superior OST to Bomberman Hero >People still always refer to Hero as 'The one …[View]
677708354>lmfao let it go[View]
677714980Will she appear in the DLC somehow?[View]
677717382if L4D is set in america, shouldn't 70%+ of zombies be boomers?[View]
677715269Do u guys think my spy looks cool or just gay?[View]
677699840Examples of vidya where it's possible to softlock yourself from progressing, through the mechan…[View]
677715363Why buy games instead of pirating them /v/?: Give me one good answer without mentioning racist shit.…[View]
677714514Uhm where's the gameplay?[View]
677711636Cant you see it's woke? STOP PLAYING IT STOP HAVING FUN ITS WOKE ITS WOKE DEI DEI i need to sh…[View]
677710895Conjuring Battlemage[View]
677717006His fall to the dark side seemed really jarring, almost Anakin tier. But goddamn the ending was one …[View]
677686943Zelda is such a kind soul.[View]
677712318>Bury the Light has over 100m views How did /ourvillain/ do it?[View]
677680691Master Duel: This is your IP.[View]
677711184games where i can punish sinners?[View]
677657925Granblue Fantasy Versus Top 8 on now.[View]
677711438Any vidya where i can be a voyeuristic creep to NPCs?[View]
677716373Why is everyone old in this game? Seriously wtf? The protag is probably the youngest character in th…[View]
677716676What was her problem?[View]
677713468new vidya kino inbound[View]
677700685What is the /v/'s consensus on this game?[View]
677544535It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCY7GwAQXfs[View]
677710748>would've made for the best new party member in 8 by far >isn't one just because he …[View]
677716556>protagonist teams up with the first game's villain to defeat an even bigger antagonist…[View]
677713663Is this any good. I got to some cheesy nude scene in the tutorial and dropped it.[View]
677689149How would you save your Xbox from the evil box-witch!?[View]
677715983/v/ Approved Romhacks: If you don't want to play new games why don't you play new romhacks…[View]
677708589Nintendo 64 miracle: >No game breaking bugs >No technical issues >Nailed the jump between 2…[View]
677716140i'm still having fun playing tf2, what are these people on about?[View]
677691672>perfect combat doesn't exi-[View]
677716286God motherfucking dammit. I was trying to replace a stick on a Dualsense and this little nigga just …[View]
677715765Elden dlc leak[View]
677714249Budget PC Games: what are the best games you can run no problem on budget PCs? for example: >CS2 …[View]
677696624vidya tummies[View]
677715040are all these tank and plane games pay to win?[View]
677594743Actual Splatoon thread. Splatana kino incoming.[View]
677711615>turns the music off Ahh..perfect[View]
677714512When is the next Nintendo coming out?[View]
677713504Is Dyson Sphere ACTUALLY good? Early access, Chinese, machine translation all are red flags[View]
677715683>They removed Lincoln from the game Why?[View]
677680902What kind of game would picrelated be?[View]
677706242Why do male gamers choose to play as girls in games?[View]
677702232Why is he the fan favorite?[View]
677701091Marnie! Marnie! Marnie![View]
677707178>one decade has passed >still no good sequel trilogy game What went wrong?…[View]
677699968Oomfie!? W-what are you doing!?[View]
677713082Where my golf vidya chads at[View]
677672298Fire Emblem: Nintendo has been sitting on the FE4 remake for at least 3 years now.[View]
677712609webm thread[View]
677703797Steam gamers are loving Sony's games. Why is this?[View]
677713052Games for this specific feel?[View]
677707253ITT: Video Game Lost Media you want to try[View]
677711232>PoV: You're a human paladin and you just joined the Silver Hand[View]
677676702why does swen vincke like lizard women so much[View]
677692804Why are the Japanese so racist bros?[View]
677714759My Name Is Sonic!: Xnt84w[View]
677712763what games would i enjoy if i'm addicted to instagram notifications?[View]
677712714Why were there games SO much better before they merged with Enix?[View]
677694110Hey Urameshi! How come you don't have a fighting game like Nen Impact!?[View]
677712289I love Kass![View]
677708143Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepaths: Which one makes the most sense for the story and V as a character?[View]
677705003That is not how radiation works: If you are exposed to radiation, you will die. You won't turn …[View]
677714243Remember the Kraid fight in Metroid Prime? Man. Wild times.[View]
677693498Tabletop Simulator /v/eekend: Any anons up for some Sunday Night board gaming on TTS?[View]
677713516rikka lane[View]
677713023Where did the lolis go in DD2?: wait, did they seriously cap the height slider in DD2 to get rid of …[View]
67764512730+ years old gamers: How's life? Are you enjoying your staying on Earth? Are you... comfy? Per…[View]
677713696Here's your Dragon Quest Day, bro.[View]
677708601I'm convinced that Team Fortress players have become completely blinded by the convenience and …[View]
677713184what's with the horror elements in this game? >expect cool mech fighting game >sent to ex…[View]
677711691Hard: I know that a lot of people say it as a joke, knowingly, but some younger people really think …[View]
677700498This is not okay[View]
677695749>doesn't die[View]
677703225>in 1~2 years Smash 6 will be revealed[View]
677709537ITT: Vidya chickens[View]
677706069You wake up from a long slumber and you find yourself in the cockpit of a ship in deep space. YOU ar…[View]
677712707This is what console players are missing.[View]
677710993which is better[View]
677712889TTYDchads....maybe a remake wasn't the best idea....[View]
677711772god damn it, arrowhead. first the bait and switch seaf training camps that become defence missions t…[View]
677705343Question: how come no one on this board plays this game? it's a gacha, and judging from all the…[View]
677706197skribbl: I want to play skribbl. Vidya words only https://skribbl.io/?mjCaH1e5 Come play, please.…[View]
677711129Safe Horny.[View]
677712847Games that are pretty but shallow: Mario Wonder is the most beautiful NSMB game but unfortunately it…[View]
677709259Humiliation ritual[View]
677712074>join game >'WOW. IM SO FUCKING HIGH RIGHT NOW!'…[View]
677709746Anyone here play here on /v/? I know it's 10 years old but it's got an active cult followi…[View]
677711470Is there any particular reason why the publishers of Berserk haven't sued the SHIT out of FromS…[View]
677688618when the novelty of reddit humor and meme content wears off you might begin to realize this should h…[View]
677709408Games that only you are excited for[View]
677697117Which games will you be buying during the upcoming steam pride month sale? I recommend Celeste which…[View]
677689343Monster Hunter: Classic: ITT we discuss classic monster hunter, basically all games before World. (I…[View]
677710668Your Neopets are still dying /v/[View]
677711527ASS impact[View]
677712191its over: >censored >30 fps I was unironically going to buy it. Now I don't care. I'…[View]
677709132Why do thirdies like to use this word so much?[View]
677709605Why does she dress like a hooker?[View]
677658483>meanwhile on extranet /v/. . .[View]
677710930>You're a member of clouds party >This happens What do you say to console cloud?…[View]
677711143>yfw you play a gacha game.[View]
677683201Jackbox thread: Make a jackbox game already stupids, and post the link in the thread specially you d…[View]
677705251Unicorn Overlord: Is this game good?[View]
677708828What's the point of making an indie game when a single person wont be able to make a good game …[View]
677708890Modern games are awful[View]
677707570Was it really THAT bad?[View]
677707113>creates the SOULS-genre in your path https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/miyazaki-says-ther…[View]
677711614why don't you guys like Poppy's Playtime?[View]
677710998How do we feel about Feena from Princess Sacrifice?[View]
677702251Please support the Hnetai game industry /v/[View]
677706416So i can understand the 60fps mod but why are people removing reflections and shadows?[View]
677709841The world you were born in no longer exists[View]
677708257play killing floor m8[View]
677649743Mentally Ill Anime Girl Genre: Three new games for this rising niche, from the latest Indie Live Exp…[View]
677708602>calls himself 'Scatt' >makes shitty videos Deepest lore…[View]
677710710Does Gen A already have good taste in games?[View]
677708186>DR1 >assistant is the first victim >SDR2 >assistant is the main villain >NDRV3 >a…[View]
677703749Why does she hate the Frenzied Flame so much?[View]
677703008why this game so easy compared to the first 9?[View]
677710567Goombella just tattled you! What are your stats and attacks?[View]
677709823Why don't modern games have great gay male characters? 95% of all gay characters in gaming righ…[View]
677710342Gamers...your time is up[View]
677708729Jellyfish pirates reporting for duty![View]
677705017Fallout New Vegas: What do I do with my favor?[View]
677696472ELDER GOD TIER: Villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and arguably better than the hero…[View]
677702896AI is the future. Adapt or die.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efPrtcLdcdM&t=3s [Embed] Most o…[View]
677702836why do games take longer to make with modern game engines[View]
677707140Are there any game ideas you feel are obvious hits but no one has made yet? I think it's crazy …[View]
677692836Why did Mr House need a courier for the chip instead of getting it directly delivered?[View]
677708226When will it be good?[View]
677708525It was a simpler time[View]
677705929Just zug my shit up warchief[View]
677675635Let's get down to the real issue. How many Star Trek games have you played, I mean personally?[View]
677709626Which series is the best?[View]
677708365best attacks and spells: the GOOD shit[View]
677672992deadlock thread arise: new deadlock thread since older ones keep getting archived (also an Ivy posti…[View]
677709643I just cant stop talking about trannies in the video game board, how are we feeling chat[View]
677709386What pc games are there that don't need a platform to be bought? The only ones i'm aware o…[View]
677709607Ah yes, the iconic video game hero Solid Snake[View]
677708183>You will never be as good looking as Link[View]
677708648A message from the Caliph sire[View]
677708667So now that EVERYONE can now play the demo thanks to it being on the Switch, What is our /v/erdict o…[View]
677706569Neru Archive.[View]
677706682>wanted to replay old zelda games >don't want to dig up/buy old n64/gamecube/wii or pay f…[View]
677708323Post yfw when. >when you land a sniper headshot on an opponent sniper from across the map just be…[View]
677675461samurai bros, we eatin' good[View]
677708958Here is your culture war video game in 2024. Please enjoy[View]
677709107man im like yeah im gonna finish these games but then im like whatever only happens with modern game…[View]
677679643COMBO BREAKER 2024 DAY 3[View]
677702380Its never coming to the west, is it bros?[View]
677707760watch ur flanks, they might try something[View]
677706579>No Warhammer game where you play as an Adepta Sororitas protagonist It's always the blueber…[View]
677707216>in-game friend starts talking about his personal life[View]
677707336Doom: I don't know why everyone whined about chainsaw mechanic and marauders here on /v/, game …[View]
677705405>figured out how to make FPS leaning work on a controller all the way back in '07 >no one…[View]
677707506>game has an ambiguous ending >interpretation is up to you, the viewer until a potential seque…[View]
677708127c'mon now: that looks like a dildo[View]
677674805Post your vidya husband.[View]
677692594Why do all female characters have man chins now?[View]
677705153>No you don't get it you HAVE to buy it as a collection of games, you cant just buy the good…[View]
677707367There's a zombie on your lawn~[View]
677705238Should Marvel's Thor get his own AAA video game? No, the movie game doesn't count[View]
677708410When are we getting a new character already?[View]
677708293What are some of /v/'s favorite racing games?[View]
677695364LET’S A GO[View]
677697509so this is what indie games for kids are like these days huh[View]
677701631Getting rid of the EA thing where gale needed to eat specific items like the hag's staff, palad…[View]
677696217*blocks your path*[View]
677708290Left 4 Dead 2: Modern games got you down? Install l4d2, get improved ai mod off the community worksh…[View]
677696584Let's say you want to make a game. To help you along with its development (brainstorming, looki…[View]
677693197Kingdom Hearts: Is the story actually confusing to follow?[View]
677708037Buenos Dias /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmzlEtI5_KU[View]
677700841Which game is this character from?[View]
677700463Another weekend spend shitting in front of PC: What games did (You) play?[View]
677707982Zdrada best girl[View]
677707706>24,8' >1080p is it okay or is it be too pixelated? there are too many conflicting opinions…[View]
677707769Why not just mod Hitman?: I imagine modding hitman would be a lot easier and might even avoid the cu…[View]
677707880Tales of Series is dead....[View]
677684157HOLY demake[View]
677699136DQ6: What does /v/ think of this game? I don't see it discussed as much as the other games in t…[View]
677700229what game subverts expectations?[View]
677706583If you think about it Turn based games are the highest iq genre out there. All other genres can be r…[View]
677707646It wasnt that bad: As the title says, it wasnt that bad. You guys just expect to much for nothing. L…[View]
677706956What went wrong?[View]
677707373Is Starstruck Vagabond actually good, or is it just getting good reviews because it was made by an e…[View]
677707297Should more games try to adapt their story into other forms of media?[View]
677707349With the inminent end of 360's store and MS farewell sale until its final day. What is the obje…[View]
677705101I am Car[View]
677707263Daily Bust a Groove thread: Did Gas-O overreact when he sprayed Gas on his father?[View]
677706970Why did Makoto go crazy in the second game?[View]
677706690The era of cheap Nvidia gpus is over.[View]
677703794Why are games so gynocentric now?: It seems like every third game that comes out nowadays whether in…[View]
677697346My thoughts on DEATH STRANDING: Here is what I think Death Stranding is about, without having beaten…[View]
677706342What character is the most desirable to you?[View]
677692589[Good News] Fortnite is dying.[View]
677700918>the arcana is the means by which all is reve- ACK![View]
6777042952S2H just dropped, and an update for Wiseguy's recomp came out earlier today. We're eating…[View]
677700412And the GOTY award goes to... Metaphor[View]
677696034Masterpieces that were listed in video >kingdom come deliverance >spec ops the line >deep…[View]
677700243Admit it, you just like her because she’s blue[View]
677698632Metal Gear™ Goes Open World![View]
677705006Why did shart blade flop?[View]
677706373I have been playing KHIIFM for two weeks and the ammount of hours of gaming and how polished the gam…[View]
677653775My quest to unlock the mysteries of the Stellar Blade continues[View]
677705063SONY SONY SONY SONY: https://x.com/Sony/status/1267216347978752003?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&mx=2 SAY …[View]
677701131Modding is a blessing[View]
677698775any oldfags remember these[View]
677699015GTA V made 8.5 billion in 10 years, Fortnite makes 5 billion a year, how does Timmy do it?[View]
677700542Games that give me grand scope of adventure?[View]
677705742When was the last Star Wars game that you thought was genuinely amazing. Not just 'good'. Amazing. F…[View]
677705340gravy leader standing by![View]
677700103Lost Ark: >70k players >no body talks about >the small player base is constantly doompostin…[View]
677704832Is it really that bad?[View]
677700797she: I wouldn't mind playing some shorter games[View]
677699496Will it go down as one of the biggest blunders in gaming history?[View]
677700376Will The Sims 5 have as much soul as 2, with the lots in 3 and the moodles in 4?[View]
677700382Why did nobody tell me this game was good. The story is like that to a Shakespearean play[View]
677704858Are the pixel remasters solid or should I play the PSP versions instead?[View]
677703784>They will come for us now. All of them! Why sound scared? Is the Alliance stronger than the Hord…[View]
677702116What the fuck happened in 2013?[View]
677703386Do you prefer playing as a unique character existing among the famous figures, or playing as those f…[View]
677705363vending machine thread: 'taps mic twice, clears throat' GOOOOOOOD MOOOOORNING V THE TOPIC OF THE DAY…[View]
677655849Comfy Paper Mario: TTYD Thread: Just reached Chapter 2. How you liking it?[View]
677702419There's something strange about MANon.[View]
677704534What games make me feel like I'm playing Gurren Lagann? Hard mode: no Wonderful 101. Hated that…[View]
677704998does japan like the new assassins creed?[View]
677663162Racing Games: you should talk about Racing Games.[View]
677702637Master Moon Master[View]
677699309Sometimes i micspam porn on 2fort casual matches and get a few losers to call me a loser Do you stil…[View]
677701056Oh man Im gonna have to jack you off[View]
677705018Hey guys I gotta go check something out at Anomalous Materials, can you guys watch my casserole?[View]
677701061>violence le bad >forgiveness le good[View]
677699116Any games like Majora's Mask?: Not necessarily with time mechanics but rather comfy but bitters…[View]
677699794Bakugan Battle Brawlers: For what it was, the Bakugan game on the wii was way better than it had any…[View]
677694960>Apollo is the only major Greek god Kratos never met and/or killed Why?…[View]
677702880ITT games with kino voice chats.[View]
677703107Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
677703424>he buys games why[View]
677703363Yoshi World! remake it.[View]
677701447Any games that have gangstalking vibes?[View]
677700730Absolute kino.[View]
677699745>hmmm lets take the most annoying part of metroid prime 1 and add MORE of it >3 fucking keys p…[View]
677696481Discuss one of these games in this thread[View]
677694954So what indie games are actually good? I have never played any[View]
677670996What happened to the devs?[View]
677703490>go to gaming con >chat up multiple girls and get their socials >still don't manage to…[View]
677704163What are some games that portray traditional nuclear families?[View]
677697513>Spanks >Shits loudly Modern Gaming everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmzlEtI5_KU…[View]
677699897Starstruck Vagabond: As a person who obsessively plays every space game that comes out, I'm hav…[View]
677688705>no no no, you see, making quests so unintuitive to progress you have to look them up to complete…[View]
677694774You get surrounded by 100 black people and the last character you played as defends you. How fucked …[View]
677700101what are you waiting for? you havent played her game yet[View]
677701597Deus ex: I'm so fucking glad that hacking minigames fell out of style. Replaying this right now…[View]
677555040Linux gaming thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
677703443I really don't think it's woke for a script to be changed in a remake to make it closer or…[View]
677703378It’s $30, should I get it?[View]
677701238>pixelart >2D platformer >roguelite When did indies games became so soulless?…[View]
677699034List of companies Atari has recently bought: >intellivision >night dive studios >Moby game…[View]
677680652>Played since HW >For the first time I am not excited for this expansion There is absolutely z…[View]
677644349unicorn overlord: >held off on getting this because i was busy with FF7Rebirth and DD2 >mfw it…[View]
677687775Gears of War: Do I save the friendly black man or the war criminal?[View]
677697804I will not buy skins for your game unless there is atleast one woman who is 40+ years old and looks …[View]
677700541What should you NEVER say to a New Vegas fan?[View]
677700646>wanted to replay old zelda games >don't want to dig up/buy old n64/gamecube/wii or pay …[View]
677700876What kind of dipshit makes a party of all white magi?[View]
677702438Poppy Playtime deserved popularity[View]
677689952Why is Mordred your favorite servant? Is it her skills and ability or her personality[View]
677692863Do you play retro games?[View]
677700332How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
677701959It this game is F2P it will be a prime bot magnet.[View]
677692415ITT it's more convenient but less soulful[View]
677699819Do you think he'll be in season 2? They're going to New Vegas after all. Although he might…[View]
677701810She's Bri'ish[View]
677697068What is the name of this genre? The vampire survivors/deep rock survivors genre? I downloaded 'Crims…[View]
677666615Rabbit & Steel: Shhh! Dancer is sleeping.... no doubt tired after a long day of resetting her sp…[View]
677701654>ok world saved, bye. I never gave a shit about you btw link, lol[View]
677700306This room is safe, now post your favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaWnPoAxHjE[View]
677701507Now that Nintendo is a fully trans supportive leftist platform I will support them. Thank you ninte…[View]
677696696Nintendo Says Trans Rights![View]
677700446Play Battlerite!: Queue times are around a minute. Even less.[View]
677699662It's fucking weird Rex married Nia.[View]
677686203When exactly did Magic die?[View]
677700745why the fuck does everyone keep lying to me when i just want to help them? Oh but I'M the bad g…[View]
677697629How would you have ended the trilogy and tied it into the original games?[View]
677697650RE7 gave me really good scares. especially these gooey guys. the basement arc was peak I guess. i st…[View]
677700746>Character Sedentary Game[View]
677700943There Are No Good Games[View]
677700910>makes your game worse[View]
677700703The original Outlast is the only scary video game ever[View]
677700549My last console was the PS2, should I buy the PS5 or buy it in release order?[View]
677700660WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP Dot, fuck 'em up WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP I'ma do my stuff Why you trollin…[View]
677699424I knew it.[View]
677693929this is a videogame[View]
677697850I cannot think of a more thematic boss fight, considering the game is called 'Revengence' Armstrong …[View]
677698918Game features non-subtle Christian propaganda[View]
677700503Starfield is absolute KINO[View]
677697913activating combat mode conflict resolved activating combat mode conflict resolved activating combat …[View]
677696921This and ehrgeiz Tifa are the only canon versions.[View]
677634071Germoney Sales Thread (April 2024): 1. Fallout 4 Bethesda Networks 2. Helldivers 2 Sony Interactive…[View]
677695845Cataclysm classic just dropped: We're going home bros[View]
677697623filename thread[View]
677673842I wish it didn’t die. It was kinda fun.[View]
677699630This will always stay on Wii-U[View]
677690296>Villian is so completely in the right that everyone agrees with him and starts rooting for him…[View]
677700053Look at this dude![View]
677696992>me when a w*man says she's a gamer[View]
677692181Pathfinder: I'm starting this game for the first time and I got the Wokeless Wrath mod installe…[View]
677700071>DIE YOU INSECT!!![View]
677699527>2024 I am forgotten: Alright I'm curious. Gonna fire up the version of this you can play wi…[View]
677681889Will this ever come back?[View]
677692823Let me guess, you need 'more'[View]
677683651I played black ops zombies the entire weekend (again).[View]
677698037The top post on the Mario subreddit today. Powerful. Why are tendies so trans positive?[View]
677694358fallout thread:: so some fucking retard in a Fallout thread yesterday talked about how Fallout'…[View]
677696428Describe Type 0 gameplay[View]
677695768this looks like a goty 2026 contender[View]
677698762What’s your favorite failed system or franchise?[View]
677694027Is it better or worse than Going Commando?[View]
677697980Indigo Park: It is a fun game and Rambley is cute[View]
677697720Recommend me a video game I will like anons. PC of course.[View]
677682625DALL-E Thread: www.bing.com/images/create[View]
677696393Astalon Tears of the Earth: Good game. One of the best metroidvanias in recent years.[View]
677699183Have you ever gone to a vidya con?[View]
677690557Who is Nintendo's 3rd main character after Mario and Link?[View]
677694541What do you consider to be the Golden Age of Final Fantasy? Should X be included? It's a genuin…[View]
677699407Havent played a console since the Xbox 360. Have played a few PC games on steam, Resident Evil remak…[View]
677680667Why are Indie devs such scumbag pieces of shit when they succeed?: > Be Indie dev > Make game …[View]
677674953What else do they have up their sleeve?: It looks really promising so far[View]
677696443Factorio: I launched a rocket and now I'm doing a Lazy Bastard run, but man it feels like tons …[View]
677699042>spellcasters are lame and boring in almost every game how do we fix this?…[View]
677698551Persona 3: Her forehead is getting too big[View]
677696656china is stronger than you shithole[View]
677697992Watch Mario vs. Sonic by Randy Solem. Watch Sonic's Quest for Power. Then Sonic the Swordsman. …[View]
677697657AVGN is now 20 years old >So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Birthday Jesu…[View]
677688685Who was it?[View]
677690292I haven't played RE4 remake yet. Am I missing out?[View]
677696667So we're on /v/...[View]
677698772jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/fU7y_n 150 rotation[View]
677698778Super Shadnic solos every video game character ever made[View]
677696848Is Sekiro a virgin[View]
677698029Conker's Big Reunion was great: Can't believe they cancelled it and then made young conker…[View]
677675083>all these 'essayists' doing 12 hours videos nowadays Spoony did it first.…[View]
677698646the Fat Cat: Name a better companion in any videogame.[View]
677698590Can we talk about and upload examples of good pixel art from the 90's? I feel like that was whe…[View]
677679118Vidya nostalgia thread >if you know you know edition[View]
677696809What part of the game /v/?[View]
677698270Hoyoverse is shitting themselves... it's over Genshinbwos....[View]
677696618i dont really play horror games but i tried out silent hill 2 today. Its the most ominous and distre…[View]
677683540Dark Souls Re-Remastered: Looks kino. https://www.nexusmods.com/darksoulsremastered/mods/642…[View]
677696117Do people really play video games for sexual reasons? I keep seeing the meme of people hating on ugl…[View]
677678658The State of AAA Gaming: Gaming is on the precipice of Ruination. Inflated AAA Budgets, DLCs, microt…[View]
677695187Unironically, the most kino game i've ever played[View]
677698018GYATT DANG[View]
677688514Dragon Quest Day: Its Dragon Quest Day in Japan, where's the fucking dragon quest thread? Will …[View]
677696617What’s the best game in your backlog? I haven’t even looked at this yet.[View]
677697705mario want to install I say no mario turn to stall anyway[View]
677697452How many other games do this?[View]
677690943Post the last time a game detail made you feel like its world was lived in and exists independent of…[View]
677690836Someone explain why gacha skyrocketed into the mainstream despite being a very niche weeb genre a de…[View]
677697758>game gives you an item >forced to use it because of tutorial sake…[View]
677688236Can we petition for Vivian to be included in more Mario-related spinoffs? Imagine her in the next Sm…[View]
677695852H-Games: What are some that you've been playing? Can be anything, fur shit, western, japanese, …[View]
677697440Are these worth $50? How’s the d-pad?[View]
677696025Are text/audio logs good game design?[View]
677693712Why did it fail?[View]
677695971Is Heavenly Sword worth reviving? Last we saw of it was the 2014 movie adaptation and Nariko in Play…[View]
677691113Released exactly 10 years ago today. Did it deserve the hate it got? Players were mostly bitching ab…[View]
677695608Why don’t they just make a sequel instead of replacing it with Deadlock?[View]
677693243What video games did you play today?[View]
677663727Today I will remind them.[View]
677681496Which games have the most satisfying shotguns?[View]
677688929Samurai gay niggas in japan, pre order NOW![View]
677692632Why are Japanese gamers suddenly obsessed with this character?[View]
677656160Bethesda Hate General: Discuss why you hate Bethesda games, speculation on their future as a company…[View]
677684192Do you prefer eastern or western female character design?[View]
677694760Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R: I like Jojo. I like fighting games. Convince me no…[View]
677681389What video game sounds can instantly fill your entire body with pure, unadulterated fear? I'm …[View]
677692660Nine Sols: Two days before Nine Sols comes out Will taiwanese hollow knight deliver?[View]
677696517>So you’re a gamer right? >*sip* >Prove it!…[View]
677693594Stylish Action thread: How do I beat the triple spider tank boss?[View]
677691124explain what you mean by a game having 'soul'[View]
677694135Xenoblade: Will they really connect Xenosaga to this series in 4?[View]
677676662Is this worth playing?[View]
677694829>in this game your choices really matter:[View]
677676803When did you realise Resident Evil was no longer for you?[View]
677695538Hey you fucks, I've heard this game is shit, but I've also heard they've done a lot t…[View]
677692443Blizzard finally did it. Even if you don't like Blizzard, you have to give them props for seas…[View]
677690786Is Slap City the most /v/-core platform fighter?[View]
677693201With all the talk over Stellar Blade and its outfits, would the Sonic franchise do better if it had …[View]
677694552References/Homages in Vidya[View]
677671183Steamdeck thread: How can someone hate it? I mean it's cheap as fuck handheld pc that can emula…[View]
677693350Fightin’ wordz[View]
677618385Bloons: How do you feel about the addition of heroes in btd6? Who’s your favorite? Do you think the …[View]
677693518I wish elden ring was easier because everything else about it is a 10/10[View]
677695308You shouldn't care about politics. If a game is fun then play it.[View]
677684593Isles of sea and sky: aka akurra, game's finally out after getting kickstarted and demo'd …[View]
677680347WE FUCKING WON[View]
677695551How are Nintendo fans holding up knowing nothing is coming out for a long time now? It's the Sw…[View]
677646821OLED monitor VRR flicker[View]
677681517This is the shit I waste my life with: Solved this with just the barest minimum of thought, but most…[View]
677695842I need a story for my game. Characters that are not allowed by society to be villains and the things…[View]
677632026Saeko: Giantess Dating Sim: Who is Saeko:Giantess Dating Sim made for? Games are really becoming non…[View]
677684661Persona 5: Why is it so hard for westerners to understand that these two situations are not the same…[View]
677690272Portugal-Templar connection: If Gualdim Pais and the siege of Tomar isn't featured or reference…[View]
677695453Let's make this a little more interesting...[View]
677692716>'Sigh... To be with that special someone in a wonderful Villa like this... I think it's a n…[View]
677690345Playstation PC Ports: How does /v/ feel about each Playstation game that has been ported to PC?…[View]
677675196Post scenes that made you say 'KINO' out loud.[View]
677694169as long as it's a fun game I'll still be buying it[View]
677691021Question: Would you rather listen to the whiny scientists for an hour or listen to Alyx for a minute…[View]
677687672Is it playable yet?[View]
677695414Its time to end sexism in gaming for good[View]
677665795>chinks want to erase men in games Even china is falling to western twitter…[View]
677695283What are some other good pro-Christianity, pro-conservative games?[View]
677694943>playing CS2 >opponent sprays through wallbangable spot 3 times and kills me. 3/3 >whenever…[View]
677642038>Make SF6 get release numbers temporarily >Just a single character >Meanwhile Tekken 8 only…[View]
677671323>I JUST CLOSED A STUDIO WITH MY FREAKING GUMS!!! 36 days until the end of Ninja Theory…[View]
677680409This made Zillenials in 2012 die laughing: >*Mario jumps on goomba* >*Goomba explodes with a l…[View]
677649912Rusted Moss: Rusted Moss[View]
677687467Don't forget me anon ... you said we were friends... What's the last PS4 game you played?…[View]
677669927AI is already replacing game developers: And /v/ doesn't care...[View]
677690064>quit playing ASSFAGGOTS >start playing a fighting game instead >if the opponent loses he c…[View]
677678648>update Steam Deck >suddenly games crash every 20 minutes >also dps drops from 60 to 12 …[View]
677694091He do be the GOAT though[View]
677694603Post one good game: you can't[View]
677690295How this statement still holds up?[View]
677688558Why did it suck so much?[View]
677694178people who play >mobile >e-sports >sports games >ubisoft games >sony exclusives >c…[View]
677694030What's the best way to play Snatcher?[View]
677691836Nvidia beats earnings expectations: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nvidia-corporation-just-beat-earn…[View]
677608395Have you played Indigo Park yet?[View]
677694503DALLE-3 NO VIDYA[View]
677694476Videogames with a misunderstood villain[View]
677692263can we all agree this is the most overrated companion/follower of any game, regardless of franchise …[View]
677693762It's over.: Any creative work I will try to make will be buried by pajeet AI works. So what…[View]
677693202ITT:: games only you have played[View]
677692976The quest design in this game is fucking broken. Bethesda wishes they could make quests this fucked.…[View]
677683720Who are the gayest video game characters? They don’t even have to actually be gay so long as they ac…[View]
677692125You are Liu Kang. How would rewrite the Mortal Kombat timeline?[View]
677685670childhood fears in vidya[View]
677694014What are gamer approved beverages?[View]
677692778Mega Man Non-Game Media: Since the last time I posted in /co/ about MM manga/comic was very welcomed…[View]
677692891It's kind of interesting how much the codec gets downplayed in Metal Gear Solid as the series g…[View]
677692584This game is trash[View]
677689189Why are puzzles in horror games? I instantly just search the answer up online to save frustration. I…[View]
677690028Do you vidya fan art??[View]
677692682Feel old yet /v/[View]
677691230i've been a ps2 fucker my entire life but after seeing how super monkey ball looks on xbox...[View]
677689072Sad fishu[View]
677693303Why did stellar shite flop?[View]
677678636>Ridiculously expensive on legit and other stores >Cannot be pirated safely >1st is a bit c…[View]
677676156Modded Smash is the future[View]
677677940Thoughts on NSO? Can you claim to have beat LttP if you played it on this service?[View]
677690697ben drowned[View]
677693419Games for this feel?[View]
677693410>grief and teamkill >type 'shit team' in chat…[View]
677692608cream the rabbit[View]
677691243how do bless, bane and guidance work? not like literally, like how you just add a d4. I mean in game…[View]
677692531Im still mad[View]
677679507>DO stand in fire he was the ultimate retard filter.[View]
677662980Left or right?[View]
677689570Don't these people have jobs?[View]
677686459will it be as good as Odyssey (the best entry in the nu-Assasins Creed titles)?[View]
677692460Why would I buy games instead of pirating them?[View]
677689741DELETE THIS[View]
677682204IT'S ALMOST JUNE, WE ARE ALMOST IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2024: >what game did you play? >wha…[View]
677692723Why is everyone in Acre British? Where are the Poulains?[View]
677646938hi lets have a steam friends thread post you're id[View]
677691098You are not gonna be on the plane It's 100% a mission as some emotional rollercoaster where you…[View]
677691320What do they eat?[View]
677677339The only fun part of Terraria is the beginning where it is an exploration sandbox game, and it takes…[View]
677686430Could it be done on Super Nintendo?[View]
677688609This is really weird[View]
677657141How did you get good at low poly art?[View]
677691876things become more expensive, but they don't get better[View]
677688364How do I make my game good? How do I prevent everyone playing and saying >this is shit and crin…[View]
677691905What type of people were jockeys before they got infected?[View]
677689094Amy's panties have been censored in Sonic Rumble...[View]
677546827I grew up on these streets[View]
677650464They went from beating Playstation during the 360 gen to literally turning their console into the ne…[View]
677692205Choose your main class /v/[View]
677691319When I realized there's yet company who utilizes gender swap as alternate skin is brain-dead.[View]
677687756Bloat and death of an industry: >>677650445 Theoretically, could you avoid this by just making…[View]
677691078Why are Venom fans like this?[View]
677689278Has any game matched or even surpassed what it was initially shown as? Dark Souls 2 and Witcher 3 we…[View]
677675360What are your hopes for KCD2?[View]
677689236Wheres the hype for the new Killer Clowns From Outerspace! Game?? Comes out in a few days[View]
677689936This guy ran a SquareEnix subsidiarity and explains why things have been so bad. https://x.com/JNavo…[View]
677685841Is 25 too old to play Persona games?[View]
677664840Here is your Ba'al buster. Questions?[View]
677637982What went right?[View]
677689761Chrono Ark: I made a thread a week ago about starting the game and it kicking my ass. I got over my …[View]
677681097please.....come back..... *coughs*[View]
677684913Xbros, this was supposed to be our God of War[View]
677691148Why are indies so shameless in ripping off shit nowdays?[View]
677687892Half-Life is better than Half-Life 2 and I'm tired of pretending that it's not.[View]
677690135Did you xp your favorite weapon to 50 anon-chan?[View]
677690953>decanonized >half their lore is written by karen traviss >sev still not found >only exi…[View]
677686223What are some good Chinese video games besides Genshin?[View]
677685073Dead Space: MW2: can we please stop acting like Dead Space 2 was better? They completely butchered t…[View]
677688130>the fox and the rabbit can spinball but the pink hedgehog can't What the fuck is this shit…[View]
677685897REMINDER if you endorse the TTYD remake in any way, we will never see innovation in Paper Mario like…[View]
677690618>game forces you to pay for tickets to a movie to unlock the good ending What the FUCK where the…[View]
677689818I’ve actually been enjoying this. I feel like it should be the formula for Mario going forward. Tho…[View]
677688097If you pirate games your opinions don't count you don't vote with your wallet and the indu…[View]
677675114jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/6LrBTa 150 rotation[View]
677682239You now remember Kameo Elements of Power[View]
677690351Portal:Still Alive: decided to check this out since it was bundled with the switch port of portal an…[View]
677688492>Need for Speed: Most Wanted >By the final cop chase of the game you literally become the most…[View]
677690192Are they going to release the DEMO this week or will they wait untill Dawnshit to drop out[View]
677687327This is actually incredible[View]
677688134>Sakurai said he's going to end his Youtube channel this year >the same year Nintendo ann…[View]
677687693>hey bro, thanks for letting me borrow your game >you can have it back now…[View]
677689291Cowgirl Tifa![View]
677689563What are some classic games that deserve an indie clone? Yes this is just a thread to give me ideas …[View]
677685358Which one is the best?[View]
677683605Honest /v/erdict?[View]
677689720he just like me fr[View]
677689351Playing Persona 3 Reload atm. Bringing back some fond memories when I first played it on PS2.[View]
677689112Capcom-kun? Do you want more?[View]
677687916What an old cantankerous bastard.: 32? Geez man, what an old fogey.[View]
677681423>despite everything it’s still you… what made ds2 the best fromsoft game?…[View]
677686073What are some good ways to trick people on /v/ into playing on your middling Neverwinter Nights serv…[View]
677688043When are they getting OLED screens? That's the biggest way they are disadvantaged compared to a…[View]
677663453>they did it again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TF2fags are THIS delusional[View]
677688360She's nuts!!![View]
677687209Should Valve embrace ARM now that Microsoft and Apple showed you can do desktop class gaming or thin…[View]
677683321What do you think of the translation and localization in From Software's ARPGs and other games?[View]
677681106It deserved a remake way more. It's better than thousand year snore by a country mile.[View]
677677559Its Xbover...: Xbox Nation.... Phil, the Great Deciever, was not in fact our guy... he has sold us d…[View]
677678329The impossible choice:[View]
677688159Why do trannies keep trying to turn /v/ into /int/? I don't care about your shithole reddit cou…[View]
677684812Why are movie games failing if that's what the industry pushes with massive marketing budgets?[View]
677684850Now that the dust hast settled, what's the final /v/eredict on Unity?[View]
677685932Holy shit new monkey ball is fire[View]
677678654Why don't they make games?[View]
677684081What were they thinking?[View]
677681568lets have a thread about NTR in games[View]
677687657>steamfriend starts avoiding you They go offline as soon as I log in and I think they are using i…[View]
6776505733x3 thread: lets see your gamer taste /v/[View]
677684206I'll have to give myself a PRRRROMOTION[View]
677687525Think it'll actually come out?[View]
677678731What is a game you bought on impulse but ended up actually enjoying a lot. What is one you ended up …[View]
677676847Zero Suit Samus[View]
677683717>RPG lets you marry an asian trad girl[View]
677684809Who would win in a fight, any weapons, on an open field.[View]
677680807Well, the engineer, is EngiDEER[View]
677684907ITT: old games that didn't deserve to die[View]
677679048I am going to enjoy the Switch 2: PC gaming is dead. The switch2 will be my first console purchase s…[View]
677684131itt we post video games with good art styles or just parts of games that you recall as being very pr…[View]
677687487FOXHOUND > Winds of Destruction > The Cobras > Dead Cell > Beauty and Beast Corps[View]
677680772Predict 2026 gaming: >The new Big Three is Super Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and Steamdeck Pro…[View]
677676767Why is her wiki page locked?[View]
677663746I dont get it. Did PoC not play video games before?[View]
677682089What is your favorite stealth game?[View]
677687365Yep.. This is peak gaming right there[View]
677687257How do you go from this...[View]
677680664Hag fags, the imp fuckers, and feetfags are going to ruin deadlock. Remove the characters they thirs…[View]
677684404What are /v/'s thoughts on Paper Mario: The Origami King?[View]
677674542Favourite PSP vidya: Post your favs. My top 5 is: 1. Fate Extra CCC 2. Kurohyou 2 3. MH Portable 3rd…[View]
677673109What was the initial reaction?[View]
677685459Megaton Musashi: Holy shit i just finished chapter 22 and i have to say it started slow but man did …[View]
677682364Why are you guys like this[View]
677675905>mogs your entire level design Any DeSChads? Or is /v/ an Elden Zoom board?…[View]
677684768what is the best gundam game?[View]
677652865Real life locations that feel like vidya maps: Add a brief description too. I'll start: >Moz…[View]
677684541What are these type of characters called?[View]
677686489The godskin noble is without a doubt, the worst enemy fromsoft has ever created its like broken by d…[View]
677683797Videogames are only challenging and fun when they're multiplayer[View]
677686416Will he be in the DLC?: Perhaps a secret NPC[View]
677672624DALL-E Thread: www.bing.com/images/create[View]
677685675What is /v/ meetup look like?[View]
677677516[sad news] Wuthering Waves censor males designs: Fuck chuds.[View]
677686205ghost of tsushima ariens: ayy rmao[View]
677664270>gg ez[View]
677676045I never finished DS3 so I reinstalled it just beat lothric and I'm lvl 100, using a claw build …[View]
677683468>Game is very obviously wholly centered around the developer's fetish…[View]
677680830play vrchat[View]
677684158Genshin impact: Why does this game have so many dick riders? All of them are borderline psychopathic…[View]
677677142ITT legendary games: that zoomers(faggots) never heard of[View]
677680746RPG Maker MV takes GPS Data on Startup: For some reason, RPG Maker MV takes Location data when you s…[View]
677684441It doesnt count as incest if there is no pregnancy involved[View]
677683168/v/ros, is it worth it to buy a switch this late in the game? I wasn’t going to but I want to see re…[View]
677678738Paper Mario TTYD but for lead paint chip eaters.[View]
677677983Croc 1 & 2 thread: >2024 >Those titles are forgotten.... How so?…[View]
677680617I wanna go back....[View]
677655012I'm going to be marathoning every mainline Zelda game, my objective is to have it done in 3 mon…[View]
677563594UKSG GREEN: UKSG GREEN (ESA) ‘24 Thread Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Now: Castlevania: …[View]
677684908When the fuck can I go back to playing as kiryu[View]
677684679>fighting boss >beat their ass >deplete their health entirely >this triggers a cutscene …[View]
677681873Spore half-epic: To whomever it may concern, I have just found a half-epic in Spore creature stage. …[View]
677684642What are some games where you play as a janitor?[View]
677666532Any anons here who do stunting in these games?[View]
677682273womancore: post games only girls understand. moids not allowed itt[View]
677682795Who's your favorite trainer?[View]
677684406RE2, RE3 and RE4 remake are overrated: And mikami did better with evil within[View]
677676609Nintendo traced that[View]
677680621Why do Mario fans want the series of be an anime JRPG so much?[View]
677684239Thoughts on Glass Rose for the PS2?[View]
677681064Where do you rank it among the best games ever made?[View]
677684174/v/ has good taste in waifus: >midna >witch (picrel) >rouge the bat >krystal >vivian …[View]
677678927Whats the most horrible grind you ever did in a video game? >99 runecrafting in OSRS before the n…[View]
677683956Why aren't there any non-kiked digital TGCs?[View]
677683667xbox is dead what now?[View]
677680671>gook Witcher 3 Why is /v/ obsessed over this garbage?[View]
677683306Will we ever get western AAA games with good writing again?[View]
677652091>Made over 100 different projects >Never released even one game because they're either bo…[View]
677680848Have you ever considered falling in love with Rosalina?[View]
677681427Why doesn't Higurashi have it's own Melty Blood-esque fighting spin off?[View]
677676174When is the summer sale? I want to pay $2.50 for Fallout 1, not $10, but I don’t want to wait til’ l…[View]
677682696Why didn't they just make a movie? It's clear all the game designers left long ago[View]
677662575this is the canonical end of the entire game (all routes) you can't change my mind.[View]
677681940What game do you play in the background while you work?[View]
677679805Would you play a Star Wars fighting game made by the Soulcalibur devs? Vader and Starkiller were fun…[View]
677668584This is a bed wetter day.[View]
677680914Now that the dust has settled, which was the better female POV rape fear simulator?[View]
677680915Sable Sunday[View]
677682549Helldiver's 2 died because it went mainstream: You can tell a game will die if fat women start …[View]
677679614Rate it[View]
677681604Why don't they make games?????[View]
6776808983ds with universal adapter: I’m in Italy trying to use a universal adapter. works on recharging my l…[View]
677682197>download skyrim >install 1400 mod collection modpack collection >game is still shit i dont…[View]
677673792Overwatch 2 is free and on Steam. You literally have no excuse for not playing it at this instant.[View]
677681446Xbox doing walking simulators better than Sony.[View]
677675872When was the last time you checked on them?[View]
677677360>released ChuChu Rocket and a 2D jet set radio remake on Gameboy Advance >released Skies of Ar…[View]
677679657Play Fortnite[View]
677672759This isn't about video games at all[View]
677660565you've been with me for so long...[View]
677679185>2015 was 12 years ago...[View]
677666282He is LITERALLY me[View]
677679384>stay-cringe combat[View]
677682302has a videogame ever made you wistful?: the range of emotions games awaken seem super narrow to me. …[View]
677678160You may not like it but skyrim is one of the best games ever made[View]
677675783Lady Dimisneedscu: >featured in almost everything before the release of RE 8 >supposed to be t…[View]
677677724>will be ridiculously hard and annoying to deal with >will likely take hours to beat >will…[View]
677680174Why doesn't Beldam call Vivian a man in the remake? This was a notable part of their character…[View]
677681778Japanese Emil Pagliarulo[View]
677681326So the videogame industry is just giving up and remaking old games now?[View]
677681704Rank /v/idya yellow fever queens: For me Ada Wong (shaved) > Tifa (pubes) > Ada Wong (pubes) …[View]
677679315What's a multiplayer game that--how do I put this--lots of women play, that is not violent but …[View]
677671559MOST-BASED: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1714420/Fursan_alAqsa_The_Knights_of_the_AlAqsa_Mosqu…[View]
677680320>protagonist gets redesigned in the sequel[View]
677678956I should make a manga VN in my cheap 2D style.[View]
677681420I like to watch chill game playthroughs on youtube before going to sleep. What are some top tier sle…[View]
677680285>Finally back in a Racing game since Muppets RaceMania on the PS1 >/v/ doesn't give a shi…[View]
677681257Improve the soundtrack: >remove 80s slop >add nothing but AC/DC and Led Zeppelin…[View]
677649663Post you're waifu[View]
677599429Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Devilbros.... we did it, we're going home Gold Dr*gons need …[View]
677609840What the fuck was her problem?[View]
677675158>*harasses you and corrupts your save*[View]
677680814Aeris Gainshekles[View]
677679183Wishlist now on Steam.[View]
677680561Abiotic Factor: How tf do I open these things[View]
677672161Rate it[View]
677678706Who okayed this design?[View]
677679387Why is it always the Russians?[View]
677677823Why did tekken lose?[View]
677680694post yfw you finally burn out on that one game you have been binge-playing for the past 2 months str…[View]
677679557>Developers make this character with the joke being she has an unsexy body. did they have any clu…[View]
677680629'Ohh you reached almost two hours in game, just upgrade premium so everything will be okay.'[View]
677678640AVGN started 20 years ago: HE'D RATHER HAAAAVE A BUFFALOOOO[View]
677654472Why didn't you buy her game?[View]
677680250any hame post apocaliptic games that are good to play?[View]
677675934After all those years, it's still the best in the franchise.[View]
677680351i really wish falcom would make more than just ys and that other one. bring back dragon slayer, popf…[View]
677662569>MFW when I remember all the VRfags in 2012, 2013 and 2014 trying to shill VR, claiming it was th…[View]
677680032what would be the closest thing to a Kino no Tabi videogame?[View]
677680269Can you feel the sunshine?[View]
677677860>It's been 7 months since release >DLC still nowhere to be seen What the hell, Insomniac?…[View]
677675441Nintendo Direct leaks here we go again. Vidya I could translate: - New Zelda game (Summer 2025) - Ne…[View]
677677405Why is it so divisive?[View]
677657737[EXTREMELY SAD NEWS]: Helldivers 2 is officially dead. What are we going to play now, fotmfomo siste…[View]
677677730What went wrong with the Xbox brand?: How come Playstation 5 is more popular and successful?[View]
677679779>>677665998 The thread didn't reach the natural bump limit, I made a post, didn't sa…[View]
677676878>Imagine what could have been...[View]
677623752Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: I really want a retrain of this. I also don't want it in the shite moder…[View]
677672353Fusion Fall Legacy: Can it be saved?[View]
677679784They don't make kino like this anymore.[View]
677675102they don't make RTS like they used to[View]
677642723What is the appeal of Cata?[View]
677679739Why are these games so boring?[View]
677678458>type wrongthink in the game chat >thought police steals your game away (and literally throws …[View]
677674395>MFW le epic fotm shillcore kinoslop is actually le antisoul ludobrimstone…[View]
677679331first descendant: downloading this shit right now it better be good or this is the last time i liste…[View]
677652453There has literally never been a good Fallout game. >Fallout 1 - Buggy piece of shit, half the qu…[View]
677677634what causes this behavior in specific individuals?[View]
677555861Do (You) draw vidya fanart?[View]
677679368Use your video game knowledge to save your Xbox from the evil box witch![View]
677677895I HEAR AND OBEY[View]
677671886Post games where you play as a femme fatale[View]
677677669What's the best overhaul mod you've ever played in a video game?[View]
677676025is this the worst trailer ever made?[View]
677677696What do we think of them?[View]
677664514Star Rail: SAM is going to break the game, isn't he?[View]
677678952Why would valve do this?[View]
677653136Timed Exclusivity is better for games: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/VPND7f0AIvc Do you agree, /v/?…[View]
677676143If this shit can make money, why aren't you making a video game? This game is nothing but progr…[View]
677679160Dante is the best and most handsome protagonist.[View]
677679132Im just like Claude at school[View]
677659265Jessica from Dead Rising is the most breedable woman in gaming history.[View]
677678082>he used a Persona that blocks, drains or repels attacks. >he used theurgy. >he took more t…[View]
677678718I found something in the woods[View]
677664831>Game is dead Oh noes xivsisters, status?[View]
677677721Which side are you on /v/, black or white?[View]
677672907Horror games also have some of the most comfy and soulful rooms.[View]
677678985What do we think about the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Franchise[View]
677678904Bachelor route when?[View]
677678449how to open this fucking path?[View]
677677320Hollow Nite Killer: expectations and hopes or is it DoA?[View]
677669239Is Sega doing it on purpose? Why can't Sega understand what people want out of this franchise?[View]
677677439You have to let go.[View]
677675373Is it normal to skim thorugh a developer's social media before buying their game? I don't …[View]
677669831What was Nintendo thinking?[View]
677671737Either you are lying and buying the games or you aren't the majority like you think you are bec…[View]
677671330Oh yeah THAT happened…[View]
677672953She did nothing wrong[View]
677657469>jrpg >you start in a small village that may or may not get destroyed in the beginning of the …[View]
677667910>game have the slightest nuances of nonrelated '''left wing'''' shit >it will now never have …[View]
677671128cosy multiplayer for the cronically depressed: what do you play when your heart isn't in it? be…[View]
677677829idk if this is the place to ask but, is G2A viable now or is it a complete scam? i wanna buy some ol…[View]
677663619Flat fee at entrance, or pay per ride?[View]
677673007Why did he have to die bros[View]
677676240Majora recompile: Analog free camera update just dropped: https://github.com/Zelda64Recomp/Zelda64Re…[View]
677675556milennials be like >dawww why is MY game being ruined by hacks and bots?!?! >* company impleme…[View]
677676362>explore dungeon >path splits in two >accidentally pick the correct path…[View]
677675157cards rpg the misty battlefield: Is this game any good? It's like a Fire Emblem card battle rpg…[View]
677676003Assuming I am not playing with villagers, how the fuck am I supposed to get my gear fully enchanted?[View]
677670325>most popular one in the genre is also the best one in the genre any other examples?…[View]
677675517Anyone play the open beta? Just now hearing a lot of mixed opinions due to it shedding a lot of what…[View]
677673054Ultima Thread: We had a semi active thread last night before the wolves got to it,what do you think …[View]
677673835If you wanna go then you go to Silent Hill and go down[View]
677623521my face when every single japanese leader in my game is a woman except for shimura who is a villain.[View]
677675349Steel Hunters: Seems fun so far, but needs refinement[View]
677672189Diablo 4: Did they fix this shit game? Does leveling still take ages?[View]
677675513what happened to level 5? all they seem to make now is soccer games and a pokemon spinoff[View]
677649431Does TF2 really deserve saving?[View]
677671476Star ocean 5: I still don't understand why is it so hated. It has excellent combat (as always …[View]
677674652why haven't you played hellblade 2?[View]
677674614ITT we post pictures of Mario in level 3. Your post must contain Mario, who's in level 3. Have …[View]
677674432Is this game fun?[View]
677673557>2024 >I am forgotten[View]
677672861Deadlock: Massive wave hit today so a good portion of anons who lurked the gayest recesses of the in…[View]
677673936Do you like playing as fast characters?[View]
677674809Why is Total Warhammer 3 so poorly reviewed? I'm playing it and it seems fun.[View]
677671952>Heartbreaking moments in vidya[View]
677660285why is their no black protagonist in GTA 6?: rockstar really expects us to be bumping rap and club m…[View]
677675174who is the most attractive girl in kingdom hearts?[View]
677671625'I can't believe this game depicted urethra tickler 45. As closed cock slapper instead of open …[View]
677666380Noita: This game would be so much better if you could do all the crazy end game stuff like going to …[View]
677671448I never played the original Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, should I play the remake right away…[View]
677675601whats the longest video game title you can make by connecting the last word of one to the first word…[View]
677650032I tried getting back into Yu Gi Oh via Master Duel (keyword being TRIED). What the hell happened to …[View]
677674859Gamer's favorite activity? Walking. Otherwise why would games have so much of it?[View]
677675723Vidya flashes!: since its been absolute cancer on /v/ for the last decade, post links to some of you…[View]
677672958Games that only occur during the night?[View]
677672713Are bot hosters the good guys? tf2 fans are really annoying. who's in the wrong here?[View]
677674798My beautiful Husband/Wife Leo[View]
677675613Gonna play some Elden Ring in preparation for the DLC. Full mage build, NPC summons and ashes. Its g…[View]
677675706Atari games are fun.[View]
677673649Healers suck.: Seriously, why not just bring some healing potions instead? Seems a lot more convinie…[View]
677664258OH NONONONONO[View]
677670671When did you realise your taste in vidya was an extreme minority now and it was no longer financiall…[View]
677665998>Christianity is BAD[View]
677663174Gimme a hug, man.[View]
677673860i just finished donkey kong country 1, but i used with save states shit was hard asf[View]
677654267DALL-E Thread: www.bing.com/images/create[View]
677675160>I get all my gaming knowledge from Wikipedia! They are a reliable source for facts about games!…[View]
677656775Cheating in a video game is now a crime: >cheat in an online game >lose $63210 in court https:…[View]
677625098Sholazar Basin... home...[View]
677663750Play bombergirl[View]
677661306Had they added a jump button, 60fps and maybe motion control aiming this would have been perfect. Ma…[View]
677675004K N E E L[View]
677673740Vidya nostalgia thread >if you know you know edition[View]
677672157Starstruck Vagabond is one of the funniest games I’ve played in years[View]
677667107thoughts on female argonians?[View]
677674245I now know what artificial difficulty means. Does this games combat get better or is the whole game …[View]
677672984This bitch got an ASS on her[View]
677668295Meet the new leaked Suicide Squad character Lawless, deadshot’s daughter[View]
677673771ITT: vidya domain expansions[View]
677674736Has any other character single-handedly destroyed all discussion and the community of a game on this…[View]
677670145>Americans are so thin skinned that they censor a game for children Let that sink in…[View]
677672139Who's winning?[View]
677674462Forced euthanasia for everyone still using old display tech[View]
677672942D3adlock: Enough with trying to save 17 year old outdated hag game. It Deadlock time! Deadlock is mu…[View]
6776730754chan strips exif data supposedly but it has no way to strip embedded content if I were to use stegh…[View]
677674575You always were a shitter, Steve.[View]
677673846BLOWS UP!?!?![View]
677666784Where are the videogames[View]
677640619It's time.[View]
677674254I need some work music so post some friday night funkin songs you like[View]
677674321this game doesn't have any tranny so it shouldn't be hated in /v/...[View]
677673934What is some obscure video game lore?[View]
677671970>Larping as Caesar fag >Install dozens of ttw Sexout mods >Enslave & Rape every hotties…[View]
677654464>Recent Activity: less than 50 hours past 2 weeks Not a real gamer[View]
677671102Vidya plotholes: Why is the Clock Clean in resident evil 3? Pretty sure this was never explained.…[View]
677673931I fucking love video games on opposite day[View]
677672652Unprecedented: It sold about as much as the PS4 & the PS5 combined, and its best selling games s…[View]
677670026>We're back I missed this nigga so much you wouldn't believe[View]
677673462>bro let's make a game where to unlock all the characters you have to be.a speedrunner Wtf w…[View]
677671875Press F to pay respects https://www.rt.com/news/598201-doge-shiba-dog-dies >inb4 reddit meme It w…[View]
677657745>Japanese voice actors try to speak your language[View]
677668906games where I can go balls out[View]
677659739It's looking a little wet.[View]
677670872>300 mbps >100 gb game downloads in 30 min wtf do i even do with all this bandwidth bruh games…[View]
677671701Pathologic 2: I'm on day 11 and I'm too bored/burnt out to finish it. Is the ending worth …[View]
677672848>may 26 2024 >i am forgotten[View]
677672982Time to take a shower, Makoto. You're getting all stinky again.[View]
677641843Why did shit blade flop?[View]
677671146Have any game ever done a tooth hygiene mechanic where if you don't brush they will rot?[View]
677671309>Fall for the /v/ shill >It's actually good probably the only v bait that wasn't a …[View]
677669924what are some GOOD games with non-human protagonists?[View]
677671418>AAA game is deemed a failure if investing the same money in stocks instead of making the game wo…[View]
677670973no amount of soul in this makes up for the awful controls and combat[View]
677669960>Finally getting around to playing the New Deus Ex games >Buy Mankind divided on Steam because…[View]
677661127COMBO BREAKER: COMBO BREAKER FINAL DAY GBFVR https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky UMVC3 https://www.twit…[View]
677671668Please have an xbox handheld that plays all series s games on June 9th Please have an xbox handheld …[View]
677672171My harem. I love all my girls. What does /v/ think about them?[View]
677672868>no weight-limit mod[View]
677672623>forces open world and crafting into almost every AAA made after 2013 Problem?…[View]
677667074Classic Cortana Concept Art Dropped: What do you think of her original design?[View]
677672834>my hemorrhoids lol.[View]
677646307So what's the verdict? Is the game good or bad?[View]
677671026I find Dark Souls 2 the most stimulating of the franchise. Yes, vanilla that is.[View]
677672357Elden Ring: >Here's your maiden, bro.[View]
677672695SOVL: The Game[View]
677672693When is it okay to have ugly characters in a video game? I'd like to see /v/'s take on thi…[View]
677619820Games that you only play for the visuals[View]
677665312>still cant give order to squads through the body CAM like in SWAT4, a game that came out almost …[View]
677669858You haven't forgotten about her, right?[View]
677667364The Future is Japanese: >SWERY Death Game Hotel Hotel Barcelona (w/ Suda51) >Toyama Keiichiro …[View]
677672067Post peak 90s vidya aesthetic.[View]
677671283Why do you play video games if you don't make money off it?[View]
677645440Why do videogames take so long to be made today?[View]
677661897Space Marine 2: I do not know if this has been discussed already at some point but i just found some…[View]
677668760ITT: garbage /v/ baited you into playing[View]
677670918Venba is a good game that is surprisingly anti-immigrant in its message.[View]
6776717634minecon.zip: The decoy of the decoy [REPOST]: Hello there. I realised that people are arguing about…[View]
677663687Who's buying magic cards anymore?[View]
677666578Itagaki Tomonobu: What's next for his career?[View]
677656653Is Azur Lane still worth playing?[View]
677670615Wait wait wait wait wait... so let me get this straight. Im supposed to go through all that terror, …[View]
677671592Anyone ever play 10,000,000? Kind of a hidden gem, sorta comforting like mac and cheese. Perfect thi…[View]
677669286The great debate[View]
677649289'83 trailer to be shown on PC Gaming Show: Red Orchestra and Rising Storm bros, we're back…[View]
677664949Kingdome Come 2 will be woke: The developers said they will have multiple different ethcnities in th…[View]
677669359Helldivers is dead: 68.515 current players from a 458.208 peak it had 142.853 last month IT'S S…[View]
677664012>tfw too tired for vidya[View]
677670294>How [GAME] mentally sodomized me[View]
677669562>Get to final boss >Main menu music kicks in kino…[View]
677669097Living in the past: Things you do to ignore the current state of gaming I never play games released …[View]
677660971Ryujinx praise thread: I'm gonna shill it for free idc. It's very stable across multiple h…[View]
677669575>chokes in the play offs 3rd time a row What's their problem?[View]
677663348>he doesn't own a steam deck for maximum samurai comfy[View]
677671181MOST OF THE TF2 BOT HOSTERS ARE ON 4CHAN: I know you fuckers are here. Reminder that you're no …[View]
677669021FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you GENUINELY don't like ANIME you don't BELONG in this BOARD. Now p…[View]
677670696RPGs: RPGs are actually pretty easily defined. It's just that people refuse to learn what they …[View]
677669421What games let me play as lupin-esque thief kind of character? Persona 5, what else?[View]
677634885hall-effect sticks and mechanical face buttons should be mandatory in any controller[View]
677669845>the cake is..... a lie[View]
677670927Post your one hundred dollar vidya idea: >Football Manager management autism X Suikoden type JRPG…[View]
677670856what percentage of gaymurs use vidya to run away from their problems?: ive always told people that i…[View]
677664264Everyone was so excited and hyped for this masterpiece[View]
677666202Moral dilemma: >So, Player, I have a quest for you: Can you help me poison this well that the chi…[View]
677657561As a retro collector, the amount of 'you dont get it!' is embarassing. It looks bad, end of. The tex…[View]
677642603Post a GENIUNE 10/10 game right now or I fucking shoot[View]
677653069Mascot Horror Thread: Cuz why not?[View]
677670524what are some games that are next level amazing?[View]
677662154>read the devlog of this indie game >at the very start he already had (the finalized) title sc…[View]
677670505>Xbox and Playstation treading water >Nintendo keeps farting out games no problem, casually dr…[View]
6776677273x3, 2x5, 3x4 etc thread: rate and hate[View]
677612786First Descendant: Why aren't you playing Actual Graphcis℠ 2?[View]
677670403Why do they want to retcon trans shit into everything?: Vivian was always a girl and the sister to t…[View]
677658352Which Zelda game has the best concept art? I've always found this link to be kinda cool. Someth…[View]
677641547Deadlock: So people that got into deadlock, how is it? Can you customise your character gameplay wis…[View]
677644893Another banger from the chads at Team Ninja exposing From Slopware and Hackazaki, and reminding ever…[View]
677661138it's time, I guess[View]
677667845zoomer gaming thread: >I'm 2X/3X yo do I pass zoomer is a state of mind what are we playing …[View]
677606173Elden Ring: >not running a Guts STR build at least once You didn't beat the game…[View]
677668817real men play on real consoles emulation is for troons, it's similar to how they emulate a diff…[View]
677657329AED or SAED?: Also, how hard is it to beat World from start to finish with this thingy?[View]
677670064>play as russia >lose 20,000 tanks in 1 year >enemy is nothing but infantry yeah i'm f…[View]
677665979Today I will remind them: This is what Microsoft does to franchises.[View]
677667212>Pick up ammo in 7th gen console shooter >Character says 'sweet'…[View]
677667758Flash gamez thread: Flashkino goes here[View]
677661720Remember: YOU did it, we DID it[View]
677652527>anon, why couldn't you just buy a regular controller >I just wanted to play vidya with y…[View]
677660845How does one get into 2hu? There are so many games, but I mostly want to know about the characters a…[View]
677666580Why didn't Capcom try to do more with Mega Man? He got the games but most of his entries were b…[View]
677669568>physical attributes are based on randomized spawn points >one character >permadeath shit g…[View]
677669173Alright /v/irgins, I'm really high and I think my gf is going to leave me alone today, which Si…[View]
677665347>Half of the Playstation Network and Xbox Live are still on older generations >Endless amount …[View]
677668716I have a confession to make.: I want to be kicked in the balls by Chun Li from Street Fighter.…[View]
677660762old game >colorful >simple >easy to play >hard to master new game >sepia everything …[View]
677665864Maybe this game aint so bad after all[View]
677665556Nobody is playing Cata Classic.[View]
677668462You can feel it in the air: It sold about as much as the PS4 & the PS5 combined, and its best se…[View]
677667296Nintendo Switch 2 New Nintendo Switch Super Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Next[View]
677664943So people who hate Chrono Trigger, you can at least acknowledge that the game has strengths, yes? Or…[View]
677639521>the very first skill you get completely breaks the game Why are AAA devs like this?…[View]
677656421Should future mainline Fire Emblem games get rid of its SRPG elements?[View]
677665343how come movie companies don't start charging $50[View]
677664630lowkey kino[View]
677667874Refute this[View]
677662901Is dota 2 worth playing in 26.05.2024?[View]
677648707You now remember the cartoon network MMO Fusion Fall[View]
677667586Whats the most satisfying ending to a video game you've ever played?[View]
677665692>enemy uses revealing outfit as a distraction[View]
677659115my beautiful wife, Aerith[View]
677667687Great game[View]
677655539Are you a bad enough dude to win the Holy Grail wars?[View]
677667713botfags: Why are you like this?[View]
677666386Furfags love video games, but 99% of video games made by furfags fail. Why?[View]
677664078>I WANNA LOVE YOU[View]
677668110>208 days until Sonic The Movie 3[View]
677664942Now that BG3 is done, what are they cooking?[View]
677661412>their new idea of saving TF2 is a fucking petition of all things These motherfuckers learned not…[View]
677659619Botw: better atmosphere and world building. Totk: more dynamic game mechanics. 'nuff said[View]
677666919The Zelda Cycle is real! >What about Skyward Sword Well....uhm....[View]
677667915When will the video game industry get real about game developments with shit interactive movies and …[View]
677661070https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgG--74XExY This video proved to me that the people who like SA2 are…[View]
677651919Thoughts on Spelunky 2?[View]
677666525I ended up just literally noclipping to the quest markers and killall ed the ghost people. If this w…[View]
677667523Pikmin: This is Giant Breadbug, the most important character in all of fiction, tell me what you wan…[View]
677653416>Wall Running >Parkour-style movement >Sword combat >can block bullets >wide range of…[View]
677663325I can fix her![View]
677642461Which games will you be buying during the steam pride month sale?[View]
677659676Why didn't she come back in Sly 3 as an ally instead of the Panda King[View]
677664991I just started playing Hades 2 and I think it's good so far bros. I just wish Melinoe had Zag…[View]
677665537Sony is getting too complacent: We’re almost 5 years into this gen and barely have any true first pa…[View]
677664823As Elden Lord how come I can’t make any character I want into my personal consort?[View]
677666176You're gonna buy his Swansong aren't you anon[View]
677667013what is your gamerpose?[View]
677665308This mf rolls up on you and your girlfriend and slaps her ass. Wat do?[View]
677666641vidya for this feel?[View]
677663052>threads about video games being deleted on the video games board This is NOT ok…[View]
677664373Fat People: A thread about how Fat People are portrayed in videogames. This is from the Japanese gam…[View]
677658282>can finally get me a girlfriend Why would I oppose him then?[View]
677663625Can the last character you played as survive the night?[View]
677665270Why dont gamers rise up against the Establishment more? We clearly have more power than them.[View]
677651778Let me soylo her. Thoughts?[View]
677662959Final Fantasy XVI: Holy cringe, is this written by kids, for kids? The dialogue is horrendous and th…[View]
677665530I just want to say that Cyberpunk 2077 is the last remaining soul of vidya created by the west since…[View]
677663894>dude old zelda is better! >no it's not nostalgia!! ok then, show me someone who >pla…[View]
677665081ITT: Death of Americacore: Post and discuss games about the USA being under threat, either from with…[View]
677629189Would Kratos be able to beat Jesus?[View]
677664764>game supposedly has 'god tier story' >look it up >it's literally just a copy of a nov…[View]
677665506What are some offbrand video games?[View]
677661560You’ve probably played hundreds of games by now. Have you ever found one with a special girl who you…[View]
677665803What happened to cause Super Mario World to lose all the SOVL that SMB3 had?[View]
677662998I've played this game a few times now and I finally decided that it sucks compared to the origi…[View]
67766563714: Are we ready to move ley lines in FF 14?[View]
677665482STARR MAZER: It's been like, what, nine years now? What the fuck happened?[View]
677665231THIRD PERSON SHOOTERS > FPS >inb4 i don't want to look at a guys ass! Deal with it…[View]
677663936Has there ever been an executive who actually games and loves gaming as much as Phil Spencer[View]
677664396I have never played one good indie game in the past decade[View]
677655184Fashion of Tsushima: post sakai jin[View]
677665268he filtered billions[View]
677663319EVEN FLOW[View]
677659472Now that the dust has settled. Are retro games better than modern AAA games?[View]
677661307>scavenger game >deposit area is operated by a mysterious entity…[View]
677665157what is your favorite contract-core game?[View]
677664680What did she mean by this?: >grabs a gun >'moms are tough' >dies I'm starting to think…[View]
677664605dark souls veteran here, I tried playing this and got my ass kicked WTF!! :( maybe sissies like me s…[View]
677664870>lendeded my younger brother borrow my laptop to play fartnight >get laptop back a few days la…[View]
677664864Jak and Daxter: I can hardly think of a series that got fucked harder than jak and daxter >no new…[View]
677661723what the fuck was her problem?[View]
677662598test: Just testing thread creation. Delete this.[View]
677664760What are the biggest filters in any vidya?[View]
677660485What video games have an exponential difficulty curve? An example of this would be Smash 4. It range…[View]
677664704>chinks want to erase men in games Feminism in china is getting stronger…[View]
677662304Post your favorite vidya character (or main cast)[View]
677658629Why are zoomers on this board so obsessed with playercounts? Can you really not enjoy anything becau…[View]
677662412/v/ plays X-COM. The Foggy Dew: We're going to bash some Englishman ass today. Welcome back Mod…[View]
677662570>he didnt AJATT so he can play unfiltered real japkinos[View]
677661317Better or worse than 1?[View]
677662350Name a better series you can’t[View]
677663902>Taokaka, but zoomer[View]
677660610So, what niche indie literal who character, assist or stage do you guys wanna see in Fraymakers?[View]
677657335ITT: White man's games: Post some white man games[View]
677645585Why didn't Epic's metaverse pivot work, /v/? They should have been the next Roblox.[View]
677655870'Sleep well?'[View]
677664017The Return of the King: Post dead franchises that returned in their best form[View]
677655282>Holy shit! He's killing all the non-Nintendo racers! >What is he, some kind of... Racist…[View]
677663718Why do we hate Star Fox again? (Krystalfrens welcome)[View]
677662807>Alright, time to check what's happening on /v/ today[View]
677654448for me it was the blue one[View]
677657127>95% of all good video games period were made from 1990-2005 >there's no going back How …[View]
677658796Now it appears today's forecast is for...heavy rain.[View]
677660608Xbox in 2007: >we need the weeb/Japanese market Xbox in 2024: >we shut down our only Japanese…[View]
677661435Is this worth getting?[View]
677659989Aegis = Chihiro > Mitsuru > Yukari = Yuko > Fuuka[View]
677660156>'Crash sucked after ND left.' >A copycat of 3, a good game but really short, two mediocre bra…[View]
677663414If you have to nuke down every single furry thread, at least be consistent with your ruling and nuke…[View]
677646718[Sad News] Chinese players have had enough of male characters in video games[View]
677661031spidey: What /v/erdict? Should i play it If i liked Tobey movie?[View]
677656959Summer is a lost season in vydia[View]
677658983DS2 Hate Thread: why is it so bad? >easier than the first game >Floaty combat >bad music …[View]
677660557funny names: what are some funny names you've seen in online games? >pic unrelated here are …[View]
677662981Have you guys noticed that female characters almost never sincerely cry in western video games? They…[View]
677662964>writes shitty video games[View]
677660881Infra Arcana: Why did they make the ghoul class completely useless[View]
677662332Ahh we truly were the DARK SOULS™ III Deluxe Edition all along...[View]
677658879>sequel is worse in every single way[View]
677651228Usernames: How did you guys come up with your usernames? Coming into some good money soon and I want…[View]
677658884Itt: clips of hideous video game characters: Post images and clips of characters who's design w…[View]
677661402why the fuck do people still buy his games?: people know his games are trash, yet, glug glug glug do…[View]
677655217Is it a retarded idea to try to get good at fighting games with a Steam Controller? I've never …[View]
677661617I kinda miss Ratchet spin-offs: Don't you?[View]
677657642Should there be a new Link for the next Zelda game, or should the Hero of the Wild be the definitive…[View]
677641594I've never beaten a Final Fantasy game. Should I start with 1, and if so what is the best versi…[View]
677660935What happened to OoTsnoys trying to spread false narrative that ToTK 'flopped'? Collectively alongsi…[View]
677660517>2 week Which game you want to see /v/[View]
677662101>companions can assist you in puzzles[View]
677661780“Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream that you wanted to dream. And …[View]
677651236BotW is the better game and it's not even close[View]
677662141So who has the vid of Suzy Hunter having a mental breakdown on chaturbate from doing too much tranny…[View]
677658526ITT: Post the exact moment you dropped a game.[View]
677661854Someone organize a jackbox game: We need someone to start a jackbox game, we DON´T need more Audienc…[View]
677610354why didnt you guys tell me granblue versus had such hot costumes?[View]
677661430Pozole: Wort wort wort[View]
677660609Well, did you /v/?[View]
677611202>game is actually fun >story is entertaining and interesting enough >somehow /v/ thinks thi…[View]
677661364>no threads about Black Ops 6 or the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 >instead its all coom th…[View]
677661271Are there any videogame characters that can take a fully powered up Zettaflare from Donald Duck stra…[View]
677661407How do I cope with loneliness? Not even video games can fill that hole anymore. You fags are all I h…[View]
677658997See an Al-Bhed? Off with his head![View]
677642160>let's make bowser if he senic even tho we already have one (eggman) What were they thinking…[View]
677655437weekend sound thread: soundthread of the week. why not sit back and listen a while? If you want to l…[View]
677655735dmc speedrunner + dark souls veteran + god hand expert here any tips on defeating the first enemy ni…[View]
677656707klee impact[View]
677661076Space Marine 2: They are the Ultra-Thiccs, the Gyattest of the all![View]
677653168Pirates won again: Ghost of Salami was okay but this is real KINO on the menu. Piratebros get yourse…[View]
677657439ITT: moments in games that are literally impossible without a guide[View]
677656084>almost a decade old >all you do is wait for shit to happen >still going strong and refuses…[View]
677656817Definitely not a Touhou thread: Games where you are a spoiled little brat.[View]
677655746why did pizza tower die?[View]
677659894How accurate do you find this to be? Should Wario be considered core? Should Waluigi be considered s…[View]
677653343The best console ever made.[View]
677660526>has a free demo with online matchmaking Why aren't (You) playing Bopl Battle?…[View]
677617793Is /v/ excited for Space Marines 2?[View]
677652862Stickerbrush Symphony is the best video game song ever made. Prove me wrong (you can't).[View]
677660010>bosses are immune to potion effects[View]
677659870This is way harder than Fallout: New Vegas. I have to actually use my brain and the VATS thing now..…[View]
677656934false expectations thread[View]
677649027Why are you not playing her game anon?: It's free too[View]
677655587This game really falls apart after leaving Midgar[View]
677644259her: what do you think, videogames with worse graphics and such[View]
677658660>join lobby >immediately leave why do they do this?…[View]
677651074It REALLY wasn't that bad.[View]
677611150>/v/ wants to fuck this[View]
677650216What is the durian of video games?[View]
677656596Well /v/? Be honest to the nice robot.[View]
677644872Why is sf6 so successful: While other fighting games lose their player bases within a couple of mont…[View]
677642459What does /v/ think of Kid Icarus?[View]
677657165Talk me out of buying this slop. I can enjoy one Ubislop-style open world game a year and in 2024 i…[View]
677644997Fresh ffxiv dawntrail leaks hot from the presses, starting with WAR[View]
677657068Are u a FF SNES era fan or a psx era fan.[View]
677658612>like a Phoenix from the ashes[View]
677656971You can spot the exact moment when consulting agencies helped 'fix' the game[View]
677657398ITT: Remakes that are objectively better than the original games.[View]
677657838THIS IS Halo.[View]
677659254SQUIDS? IN THE SUMMER?[View]
677657401I can fix her.[View]
677657627>my name is Diana Allers from a show called BATTLETITS[View]
677656879what is it about this game that made it the only asymmetrical game to not die out of the gate compar…[View]
677657193What's Fornite's appeal again? It just doesn't interest me.[View]
677646285>Massive udders literally spilling out of her outfit >Remote control egg vibrator visibly clip…[View]
677652401im currently playing this as my first MH game what are some important things to keep in mind? also w…[View]
677657550Was Caesar right about women?[View]
677655582Why is the Steam Deck appreciated in more intellectual gaming circles?[View]
677658809Finally finished it after 79 hours. Pretty funky game, really beautiful world, but it feels like it …[View]
677658598Woke LOST Complaining WORKS Is this the biggest switcheroo of the year? Gooners took the Hail Mary r…[View]
677658605>*mogs your favorite NPC* GAVLAN WHEEL[View]
677641726Now that the dust has settled, was BotW or TotK better?[View]
677649015just make a sonic game EXACTLY like this. And I mean EXACTLY.[View]
677632847ITT: JRPGs with the best main cast[View]
677654219What's your favortite gun in Fallout New Vegas and why is it Dinner Bell?[View]
677658095SE needs to let FF go: It's even possible to make again FF great without amano, sakaguchi and u…[View]
677644818Who's ready to start strictly going 'evil' and annihilating all the faggots in the upcoming pat…[View]
677655147Just started playing Batman Arkham Knight after yesterday's thread and dayyym that Ivy is reall…[View]
677658083TACTICAL RETREAT - EXIT ALL SOCIETIES: Ghostmaxxers create history. Ghostmaxxers are history. Throug…[View]
677654974[GOOD NEWS] i love Aigis[View]
677644924Ender Lilies: Ender Lilies[View]
677657051Now what?[View]
677656731JUST GO FOR IT.[View]
677654870this is my little GREMLIN and she needs another GAME[View]
677655589Vidya confession.: I remember the first time I played Skyrim back in 2011 getting to that cave you g…[View]
677653078Eve, my wife.[View]
677657601i just defeated the c-spider using dual assault rifles and rocket packs can this setup carry me thro…[View]
677649407>woke voice actor in Snowbreak quits because there's too much fan service >no one cares F…[View]
677648723Why does she sound like an Old British Granny?[View]
677655687Games only you play daily? This is just a slot machine but it's my slot machine.[View]
677657419Petuni: What an absolute cockslut. She fucks every Puni in the great tree. A breeding machine.…[View]
677653972Metroid Prime 4: will Metroid be in the June direct[View]
677656214it's been 15 years[View]
677636683Any games where revenge is good actually?[View]
677656330This is your live action Solid Snake.[View]
677652013Thoughts on this gamer maid?[View]
677648560What needs to change for PoE3 to not be a catastrophic dumpster fire like this was?[View]
677656642What are your hopes and expectations for Judas? I think a rogue-like immersive sim has a lot of pote…[View]
677654939When will we have a COD game set during the Korean War? Multiple countries to play with (literally t…[View]
677654435>pay for game >devs straight up delete it…[View]
677655083Would you like to see an open world Mario game where he’s exploring the world on Yoshi’s back the wh…[View]
677644361How many years should pass from a game's release for it to be considered retro? Do you consider…[View]
677652429If you weigh the pros and cons of all the versions of wow, this shit should be the best. (I didn…[View]
677654993I don't get it... Why is Tekken 8 loosing?[View]
677656309If it was that horrible, why did you finish it?[View]
677649389Does the fact that /v/ hyped this mediocre pile of shit as one of the greatest open world games ever…[View]
677651107Can't the TF2 community just... play another game? Valve is working on a new game right now so …[View]
677653682You can (not) fix her.[View]
677642724Dumbass, Dante. Dumbass.[View]
677578823>Ruins your gaming session HOLY FUCK SHUT UP[View]
677654542Can't believe what they took from us[View]
677652103Do you preserve your classic games and consoles or do you just have them sitting on a shelf like som…[View]
677655720Why would people want to save this trainwreck?[View]
677653225Is she overpowered? I feel like tick damage plus 6 fp nuke is broken in trials. Not to mention the i…[View]
677641339Why did unfiltered edginess die?[View]
677649760This ending is amazing and i’m tired of pretending it’s not[View]
677654919>you play as a little character in a big world[View]
677656353Gamer Girl Girl Gamer Here. Boltgon The WH40K FPS Beats Doom 3 & Doom 1!! Take That Men!! PS:: I…[View]
677642613Blue Dragonbros.... We are so back![View]
677652669TETAS Archive[View]
677654994Why does Vivian get so much flack on /v/?[View]
677650507Will Stellar Blade be snubbed and receive zero nominations for the game awards like happened with Ho…[View]
677653216Unreal Engine coding stantards: Welp, looks like blacklist/whitelist is racist and using 'slave/mast…[View]
677634390>Invisible novel game[View]
677654960Are BG1 and BG2 RTWP or turn based?[View]
677655925Going to play Baldur's Gate enhanced edition for the first time What is a fun class for my firs…[View]
677619470>hear for years that pic rel did nothing wrong >finally play his game >turns out he is an e…[View]
677652736Why do mutts want every non black character to be a nigger?[View]
677632668Fallout players see this and their first thought is >yeah I should nuke this…[View]
677649783>Sign End-User License aggreement for a video game >Get evicted from my house because it is no…[View]
677654680I played it on youtube and thought it was great. I hope the remake does more to discuss toxic mascul…[View]
677644773ITS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FS6SeXqFUo[View]
677635905It's funny how effective this game is at filtering out all the newfags, underages and tourists …[View]
677642821>makes shitters seethe[View]
677655669>causally calls you an N'wah How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
677655660Ape Escape 2 is better than Majora's Mask.[View]
677652820[GOOD NEWS] Elden Ring playercount nearly doubled ahead of DLC: Elden Ring player count more than do…[View]
677655442I just want to say that Cyberpunk 2077 is the last remaining soul of vidya created by the west since…[View]
677630536>be me >DMCvirgin >still live with mom >get bullied by Ninja GODden bro every day on a j…[View]
677654579Mucrosoft: >Xbox is becoming SEGA and 3DO This was Phil Spencer's big business strategy? Mim…[View]
677643695for me its jaheira[View]
677654862why can't graphics look this smooth and high quality in 2024[View]
677654229RE: How is it that resident evil consistently has both the best girls and the best boys?[View]
677649238Wani Lore: So this confirms that Hitler is canon and WW2 happened in the Snoot Game/I Wanit Hug That…[View]
677649502Anon shows me his massive gaming collection![View]
677647035Her game.[View]
677648401What are the chances of us ever getting a Warhammer Fantasy RPG?[View]
677647962What happened to pixel? has he stopped developing vidya after Kero Blaster? Also, cave story/kero bl…[View]
677608163>Bethesda Fallout lore suc...[View]
677625998Northshire Abbey, home...[View]
677654402>tldr stalker2 is boomer's stalker and we all know that boomers love trannies and moviegames…[View]
677653037Bethesda games suck Why are they praised so much? It's just 1000+ hours of 'walk 20 minutes to …[View]
677652280>2024 >still no good furry games Damn[View]
677632996dall-e: www.bing.com/images/create[View]
677648774blud was mad online[View]
677653075Anyone still playing?: I'm trying to get back into V2. I used to play a shit ton back before ca…[View]
6776534041997: >'Games were cheaper back then!' - Anon on /v/[View]
677649017>tf2 hat gatcha game and massive money maker >l4d2 barely brings in a cent except for summer s…[View]
677647660We've got a hell of Deep Rock Galactic thread heading your way team! Get ready! Does anybody ev…[View]
677644828Nope, not gettin' out of this chair.[View]
677653209Why are devs afraid of making Asian characters look Asian?: Pic rel are some examples of it being do…[View]
677647209What upcoming games are you looking forward to?: Me: Reynatis, World of Goo 2, Greedfall II, ,Little…[View]
677653495>Aquaplus teases new ToHeart and Utawarerumono projects coming in 2025[View]
677650518Playing for the first time.: >Start a New Game for the first time. >6 fucking New Game options…[View]
677653921gmod zombies genre revival: Can this genre be mainstream revived like among us and trouble in terror…[View]
677625689Northern Hemispherebros, it's so hot.[View]
677646070>The 3DS is 13 years old Remember the good times /v/?[View]
677653956Sorry but I'm not gonna buy any games that feature any of the following. >desexualized femal…[View]
677633018Why do they getting away with doing this cringe? Why no one beated the shit out of them?[View]
677643894Was it autism?[View]
677648376Now that Microsoft and Sony are both releasing all their games on PC will this be the last generatio…[View]
677652594I really want to talk about Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Can /v/ help me?[View]
677639378Can someone give me a quick rundown of the story in the Metal Gear Series? Nothing too complicated, …[View]
677650680Predict 2028[View]
677647539Remember when /v/ hated the Mario and Luigi remakes? What happened?[View]
677651085Kiryu-chan will announce FFXIII Trilogy remasters soon, right?[View]
677650191What's the /v/erdict?[View]
677653556So it looks like Phils willing to burn everything to the ground to try and make 'microsoft cloud gam…[View]
677651980Why are all Kirby games designed around a children being able to finish them, only to have a final b…[View]
677649972>he buyed palworld (dead game)[View]
677649820Elden ring more like Elden peak: Will reach 100k by the end of this month & guess what, the DLC …[View]
677649362Stardew Valley: Where's the update, Ape?[View]
677653014>haha wow this enemy looks dumb >BAKA GAIJIN, THIS IS DEEP STORY RAPE ANALOGY MONSTER >gome…[View]
677641725So far im 30h in now >get saved by a woman at the start who teaches you how to do it right becaus…[View]
677647208>Valve added an update in CS2 where you can “rent” skins temporarily What does this mean for the…[View]
677651931>saved by a woman >strongest Archer on the island is a woman >strongest warrior on the Isla…[View]
677650490ITT we post like its ROTK era China: >OMG red hare just flew over my house! >Zhang Jiao did no…[View]
677652880what are some games where you play as a little girl[View]
677650919>Neither has water parks Why is it so hard to get this basic feature that was present in RCT1?…[View]
677648112Always remember: you're not allowed to post on /v/, until you 100% at least 69% of titles from …[View]
677648319>years old games still high concurrent player counts >TOTK/Zelda has less than 200 online play…[View]
677649286Will this truly be... the TF2 killer?[View]
677651627>Final boss can use heal[View]
677652380I tried. I really did try, but the humor is just too reddit for me.[View]
677652513pckeks be like >man glad my $5k beast has games on it, not like those consoles lmao and then proc…[View]
677648353MY WIFE FOR HIRE[View]
677611930Vidya webm thread[View]
677651905Should I start this or are they going to announce Yakuza 3 Kiwami?[View]
677647870Quirk thread. What are your personal gaming quirks and idiosyncrasies? >I refuse to play any vide…[View]
677639095>Male gamer chooses female character in customization not for roleyplay purp Why?…[View]
677644629the year is 2024. is the Valve Steam Deck still worth a purchase?[View]
677651245What games do you play when you want to listen to something?[View]
677595497>Hmm, perhaps the Stellar Blade is up this way[View]
677503297Comfy DS Thread: Post your favorites, post hidden gems. Post anything DS.[View]
677633123All racing games suck: Every racing 'game' is just an autism simulator. Why can't carfags make …[View]
677645462>hardware is more powerful than ever >consoles actually have decent hardware >games are bar…[View]
677650001what would you call a tactic in a game that is very easy to perform/throw out, but very hard to defe…[View]
677575279Fire Emblem: Lady Lyndis von Caelin does not wear panties.[View]
677650132Was it autism?[View]
677651714Good lord, it's some sort of....filth sack![View]
677651708Nint0ddlers will defend this tranny pronoun shit[View]
677651681teemo cute[View]
677647941Minecraft: Should Minecraft have lore? Does it need better lore?[View]
677647224Denuvo won[View]
677649404What’s going on? He’s runnin’ away![View]
677647380Street Fighter is too expensive[View]
677649749why is she such a slut?[View]
677647770If the paper mario remake outsells the nu-titles, what are the odds of Nintendo retracting the manda…[View]
677650891Daily *Clanking*[View]
677624254AI is taking jobs away from game developers: This is bad news. Games should be made by humans, not m…[View]
677650229why did you hate xenoblade 3 so much? I'm a few hours in and I'm loving it! I miss some th…[View]
677650564What are some short games that I can complete under an hour? I want to make my backloggd numbers go …[View]
677626903WuWa ToT[View]
677650642gameplay literally doesn't get better than this.[View]
677647913Today I re-framed my schizo nature as a gameplay aspect and successfully made use of it. I wanted to…[View]
677649682Bobby Kotick may be an evil man, but I respect his grindset[View]
677650349pre-trannylands World of Warcraft is an amazing game and i'm tired pretending that it's no…[View]
677649338>get a job >too tired to play video games after coming home from work >can only really enjo…[View]
677649806>I hope she made lotsa spaghetti![View]
677650532Garruk build for skyrim: Garruk build for skyrim any ideas? mods are welcome[View]
677650112>24 year old videogame BTFOs AIfags[View]
677649476>May 2013 Xbox One announcement >Can't play previously ownedgames >Need to be always o…[View]
677647981>the best Star Wars game is a 20+ years old racing game Why is modern gaming such a joke? Also ar…[View]
677646223Stop liking brown vidya girls (actually a post your vidya brownfu thread)[View]
677650208why was beta hanako route so edgy, but her beta end was so cute and wholesome?[View]
677650198where's the playstation showcase?: we're already 2 weeks away from NOT E3 and Sony still h…[View]
677650105Did Nomura scrap the idea for being to kino?[View]
677646802>[GAME] helped me understand my sons suicide[View]
677649791Fagnilla: >no I never played vanilla stalker so I don't have to hear its pathetic english du…[View]
677649496>outsnipe somebody >they say 'nice shot' in chat…[View]
677649750What's a good weapon to use in Elden Ring? I haven't clicked with any so far and at Fire G…[View]
677625089Is the Fate series worth getting into? Does it have themes and story or is it just a waifu simulator…[View]
677646573>game has Berserkers, who berserk >game has fire arrows, which do extra damage >game has po…[View]
677637926>Little Mac went from a white person to some mutt brown skin >everyone was ok with this for so…[View]
677645215Maciej Nowicki's wife Eve, artificial hyperintelligence.[View]
677647174They took this from you: https://youtu.be/IAnLmxrSInk?[View]
677648193Who's the Praetorian Jack of video games?[View]
677637165Can someone explain to me why the $5 mouse I had as a kid lasted for years without any issue but now…[View]
677649357Games for this feel?[View]
677649342Is there any interest in reviving FGO? (Family Guy Online) Also unironically what the hell were they…[View]
677649332Post your vidya husband's feet[View]
677647131A message from the Caliph.[View]
677648664>WE BELIEVE IN GENERATIONS Why did he lie?[View]
677635452What are you looking at?[View]
677642716Jason is joining his homies in dead by daylight soon™[View]
677647119Serious answer only. Go shitpost somewhere else What was the point in making this scene, arguably th…[View]
677649126how cum amogus dead?[View]
677647517Chances of the beta hyrule town resurfacing one of these days?[View]
677649010I want Kratos to fight Dinosaurs, Cavemen, and the Big Bang itself: Can he do it?, can he lay waste …[View]
677648948This is boring as hell isn't it[View]
677644934>All the women are strong warriors, queens, goddesses, leaders >All the men are evil, useful …[View]
677648621I think the designs of the mihoyo female characters were at their peak in genshin impact.[View]
677647613Where can I find a discount (and no, I am NOT emulating or playing the original)[View]
677648768>JUST ONE MORE THREAD, ARTHUR. All this turmoil has the jannies and moderators spinning. One more…[View]
677640039You're finally awake. You hit you head pretty bad, Anon. Are you feeling okay? 30fps? Cardboard…[View]
677648746New Utawarerumono and ToHeart for 2025: https://youtu.be/KFobi5bYzIk?si=R3QRNrK5VZzgntSf&t=85…[View]
677583003Name a better Castlevania game[View]
677641563Avowed had moved to Unreal Engine 5.3: Jez Corden: Was it already known Avowed had moved to Unreal E…[View]
677648705dark souls is boring[View]
677648638Spla2oon: LAST CALL![View]
677645927Do you still remember me?[View]
677647846>Skytards and Morrowsissies told me this game was an ugly mess... Please explain?…[View]
677645295Anybody play this? How it is?[View]
677647634Is Cyberpunk 2077 ready yet?[View]
677643648Only sonygroes that hated the fact that a MGS game was exclusive to a Nintendo console hated this ga…[View]
677629256What will the genre be for Hideo's Mad Max game?[View]
677646974>ps5 has no ga....[View]
677647873Well there you have it. It turns out that you cannot get banned from 109 different Minecraft servers…[View]
677644467>explain what you enjoyed about a game >people will still argue with you as if you have the wr…[View]
677648079I want to introduce my gf to online games, she wants to play competitive games. What's the best…[View]
677628997Games you're convinced people don't actually enjoy and just play out of groupthink This is…[View]
677636994Isles of Sea and Sky: marathoning this right now, it's neat[View]
677648056When did you realize that FFVIII is the best Final Fantasy game?[View]
677647803Disney KermitStorm: Please unlock him and play the Timed Event so as to make Top 10% easier, Thank Y…[View]
677644827I do not care about Stellar Blade I do not care about Assassin's Creed Shadows I do not care ab…[View]
677647768>Being able to order Morrowind merch 22 years later Why is Bethesda so soulful?…[View]
677645526Mass Effect: I'm playing Mass Effect, isn't my Shepard so pretty?[View]
677645804>15 page paper due tomorrow >haven't even started >spent all weekend playing vidya…[View]
677647163Any retard can put their dick in and out a bunch of times - getting diamond actually requires skill …[View]
677640675That’s messed up. If I die and literally can’t play my games anymore I want my fucking money back.[View]
677645923wtf i love counter strike now?[View]
677643891https://youtu.be/VrFbDs2StZ0?si=6toboR_q-EPgmWWR >Watch Pantom Pain Gameplay >It's just p…[View]
677615742ze_helmsdepp..... home[View]
677643960Game Modding: Do you mod your games at every given opportunity, even if it's your first time pl…[View]
677638320recommend rpgs in which I can experience life as a woman[View]
677603451Current genbros...[View]
677645760>first level is a war-zone mama mia they weren't fucking around[View]
677641059Why do people hate the fighting game community?[View]
677641004>duuude you press the roll button at the right time woah Why is Dark Souls so popular?…[View]
677646405>we want the Yakuza audience Inazuma Eleven might be the most ambitious soccer-themed RPG yet. He…[View]
677646716So I heard Xbox and steam are getting gay married, is it true[View]
677641365Metroid Thread: Switch with controller or GC/Wii with M+KB?[View]
677647081Guess the game by the gif[View]
677617664WuWa vs Genshin Impact: Credentials: I happen to have a PHD in gacha games and have spent over 30k o…[View]
677637927women owe me sex hags, lolis, they all do[View]
677647434>game is terribly optimized[View]
677645742Genshin Impact: What are the chances of Alrecchino showing up in Natlan?[View]
677624547Earth Defense Force: Watch out for the ranged attack.[View]
677647298Games should never go for realistic graphics because they'll age and eventually look terrible[View]
677646169Are there any other examples of race swapping in video games other than this? I'm sick of it in…[View]
677642347>THIS is the first enemy they decide to show you >looks nothing like a Souls enemy, looks like…[View]
677637625What am I in for?[View]
677610259Doom thread: >Buy 4000 dollar computer >Get bored with every new game >Just play Doom .wads…[View]
677646246>that heavy breathing at the end so artificial it hurts, I was cringing the whole time, why is th…[View]
677629498The Maria Narcissa is a boat[View]
677646882what went so wrong?[View]
677646350What do you think of mk1? Imo it was fine, the first half of the story was really good but they had …[View]
677646475Do you like him?[View]
677645343Do you think Mario has free access to all the toad women in the mushroom kingdom? I mean it's n…[View]
677646697Do you ever play support roles? What do you think of people who play support roles?[View]
677646645>there are people who jump while playing this game cheaters[View]
677637662Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is releasing a week early, on June 14, 2024: Soon lads Soon.[View]
677643390I need a story for my game. Characters that are not allowed by society to be villains and the things…[View]
677643254Why do people prefer the Gamecube version?[View]
677640268Why is it that the Water Starter: is objectively the best pick in 90% of Pokemon games?[View]
677643428Switch vs steam deck: They both shit. 2-3 hours battery is a deal breaker and a dogshit concept. How…[View]
677646483https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDsbxXFmIx4 After 6 fucking years, Make a Good Mega Man Level is com…[View]
677639787>2003: We want Sonic Adventure 3 >2004: We want Sonic Adventure 3 >2005: We want Sonic Adve…[View]
677637258>This time it will work guys >It's gonna be a peaceful protest >Dont heckin complain a…[View]
677640525Is he right?[View]
677645541be honest /v/: Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
677646119Why is the level cap 99? For what purpose? Also Paper Mario thread I suppose[View]
677643665Palworld: What went so wrong?[View]
677643759Trying to pick up modding new Vegas, using the vortex application from Nexus but I’m seeing that it …[View]
677644761I'm really enjoying this game but I can't help but feel how disrespectful this level is[View]
677645361its still coming out, right bros?[View]
677633141Warner Bros shuts Toasted's copyrighted Mortal Kombat 1 mods down: When the fuck do these peopl…[View]
677645890gimme nikocado vids[View]
677645864What are some games you now enjoy less because of /v/'s influence? >letting /v/ influence yo…[View]
677610746Rune Factory: This is probably the gayest mod ever[View]
677640472Have you set aside about 700$ to participate in the most important event in gaming history?[View]
677634235What's the best warhammer game?[View]
677644420What is the Video game equivalent of this ?[View]
677645718games for this feel?: a comfy, cosy village. a big wide open world to explore. fantasy, magic, etc o…[View]
677644646>PS5 in its FIFTH year >Most played is a pack-in title…[View]
677630804Amy's panties have been censored in Sonic Rumble...[View]
677644260Codemasters...: Not a lot of changes in F1 Games then...Impressing Codemasters... https://youtu.be/g…[View]
677639758Serious question: Why is Kotaku a bunch of haters?[View]
677645406Artificer and Huntress from RoR2 When the fuck is the DLC[View]
677644574>Witcher 4 >Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel >Witcher 1 Remake >Standalone IP They are cooking!…[View]
677641892are there any games with cooler weapon design than elden ring?[View]
677645308>2B: feminist icon slaay qween!1!11!! >eve: misogynistic incel male gaze sex doll Why the diff…[View]
677634034Atlus Remakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KClnQgyPacU Which game would you like to see a remake…[View]
677645184Twilight Princess: Why am I so obsessed with this game’s art style and overall atmosphere? I feel li…[View]
677642463>buy it on sale >install & open >woman teaches me how to shoot sigh.jpg >village nee…[View]
677644870>RPG game >Skeletons are not immune to poison…[View]
677643704Tips on doing a stealthy corpo assassin run on very hard? Just found out you cant put suppressors on…[View]
677599854If you want games to be taken seriously as art then stop coomsuming porn games like Stellar Blade[View]
677643640ITT inspirational characters from video games[View]
677642060/ITT/ Vice City: >*Door opens and bell rings* >Jason: Nobody Move! >Lucia: Open the registe…[View]
677645003>games with underrated soundtracks these still hit 15 years later https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
677635984Is this actually good in 2024.5?[View]
677636472Why modern gaming sucks: A popular game can not be good. For it needs to the be accessible to everyo…[View]
677640432vidya self inserts thread[View]
677644174Selamat pagi, /v/. Why did Japan stop making tie-in video games?[View]
677631848>your time is over normie[View]
677643523Why is this shit still so pricey? I would have bought one for $300.[View]
677644481ITT women who look like they fuck white male human fighters.[View]
677644060Did minecraft get fucking hardcore or am I a shitter: Used to play this a lot back then but now I ca…[View]
677644247How did they get away with this?[View]
677641790>filters the Smash competitive players[View]
677643581Guess which one is the villain here.[View]
677639215Is it worth it? Never played the original[View]
677606491>this pops up when you start your Xbox >never seen that happen for any other game Oh they…[View]
677642201What games gave you a sense of wonder / mystery?[View]
677639513Did he really conquer 86 tribes?[View]
677634697I’m sorry but if your game has no one getting swallowed alive, I will not buy your game.[View]
677642667>game requires multiple playthroughs to see all the content[View]
677639745>hey anon >I heard you were talking shit about starfield…[View]
677643821If the designs of the new pokemon games are just as good as the old ones why do we never see fanart …[View]
677635576Look at where this game was just a few months ago. Sony fucked around and found out simple as[View]
677642441How do you fail as a game/story/horror experience so badly?[View]
677641064Why do they hate gamers?[View]
677638751Why don't developpers know this?[View]
677639845Any tips? Am I playing it wrong? When will something interesting happen?[View]
677616762Altina from Newest Trails / Kiseki Series 170cm C cup breasts 18 years old Its Over. She hit wall l…[View]
677641839>dies >games gone >money stolen >nothing personal kid…[View]
677623192Holy. Shit.[View]
677629010i liked it[View]
677641218Feel old yet /v/[View]
677635913What's the best online game that is competitive that I can play in duo with a friend? Please be…[View]
677641573what was godefroys tax policy?[View]
677638110You guys don't actually do this, right?[View]
677617818Chibi! Chibi! Chibi![View]
677643035We could've have Broken as a cool race but instead Blizzard decided to add space goats with fut…[View]
677639431Can we have a palworld thread?[View]
677580237So, what’s the /v/ consensus?[View]
677642458>I know you're friendly and hardworking >and you turned this abandoned farm into a big su…[View]
677643046Xbox brand is dying bros: >Just based on conversations I've had with folks at a couple major…[View]
677642995What's her problem?[View]
677621715Its gonna happen[View]
677642910Action Games Thread: You will never ever be this cool[View]
677637231ITT: Based games from late 90s and early 00s: Was this the golden age of gaming? When gaming was in …[View]
677638901Why does Sony seem so reluctant to invest in the Playstation?: Look at the diference between Picture…[View]
677641531Gamer: Are you an ethnic Gamer? That is an individual who belongs to the Gamer ethnoreligious commun…[View]
677642158Kinda fucked up how a game for kids features official art from a porn artist[View]
677642517>thinking about playing vidya is more fun than actually playing it[View]
677642440>still no Spawn game Grim.[View]
677635395It's pride month, what are some good straight yaoi games on sale? Basically BL for str8 people …[View]
677632454I have never seen an Amiga game worth playing. Literally the worst library of all time.[View]
677633741>meanwhile, on mars /v/...[View]
677642242>you look at the infected like they're the disease >you fight them for the last ray of dy…[View]
6776351972024... I am forgotten... Also Dead Rising Thread [View]
677642183>under 40% smashes you off the stage Kneel to the Puff[View]
677596408Vidya homes[View]
677641992Any chance it'll be kino?[View]
677639785Thread of the Killer: quick get da fuark in'hee[View]
677640271Just finished this game. What did I think of it?[View]
677633150Why are simulator games more rewarding than working real jobs which give you literal money?[View]
677641697I'm at the ag center. I know it's an amazing game. I know it is boring in the beginning an…[View]
677641835Who was in the wrong here?[View]
677641814Super Robot Wars is super interesting.[View]
677637134But what do they eat?[View]
677641754Oil rig... home...[View]
677641716Wizardry Remake: Can you die from old age if you have 'Point Buy' enabled? Can't find the answe…[View]
677635851Rivals of Aether: Why aren't you buying the sequel anon?[View]
677640138I mean in theory it's better than Victoria 2 and tries to have far more realistic and deep syst…[View]
677638451>playing slopkiro >playing elden slop >playing slop of tsushima >playing assassin's…[View]
677630532ITT: Most beautiful art styles: Hard mode: >no tranime >no nostalgiafagginess Reminder: good a…[View]
677641427enjoy OLED VRR flicker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_ZMmMWi_yA&ab_channel=RTINGScomR%26D…[View]
677641403Ugh, games back then just had soul. They tried to do something new, instead of just copying establis…[View]
677589869We should stop treating Jesus (and Christian mythology in general) as a taboo so he can appear in ga…[View]
677641190>HE’S MAKING FUN OF YOU HARRY. KILL HIM. KILL HIM NOW. What the fuck was his problem?…[View]
677637289I'm having fun[View]
677641316Fire Emblem: I beat FE Genealogy of the Holy War, almost Blazing Blade(Eliwood HM), and Shadow Drago…[View]
677641269JAPAN SAYS EVE: >trannies lost >woketards lost >mentally ill pajeet who keeps spamming the …[View]
677641201explain to me why eastern games have so much more sovl?[View]
677641123itt vidya music that makes you feel this one is nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA21z_k4Nrg…[View]
677638336Is Nintendo ever going to release a new console or have they given up?[View]
677639897>Necromunda: Hired Gun >TOR bounty hunter route >Star Wars: Bounty Hunter >1313 and Prey…[View]
677628689One copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door please little man.[View]
677634882Overwatch 2: Play their game.[View]
677640892What am i in for? Is it as hardcore as X series?[View]
677636797I hate this fucker so much you wouldn't believe[View]
677627661>pick the son of evil necromancer >ok I am evil >decide to kill the first guy >decide to…[View]
677640437>It's okay when Zelda does it[View]
677634998What’s gonna happen to halo now that Xbox is dead?[View]
677624289jesus christ they turned anduin into a bara giga chad hes so hot now[View]
677640779Commanduh, you fuacking suck!!![View]
677638836Dangeresque: New episode? LOOKS LIKE I'M GONNA HAVE TO REINSTALL[View]
677637928I want to get into this franchise but I hate reading[View]
677640738he was right about all of it[View]
677639665Is ryoshu flat chested?[View]
677640681I think Zombies are inherently kino and they enhance every videogame they're in.[View]
677639395>try out a game >start is so lackluster >play for hours waiting for it to get good >lose…[View]
677640363Why are hero shooters dying?[View]
677638849for all intensive purposes, this is figuratively impossible[View]
677630461>have 999 numbers to pick from >chose the furry website number how did they get away with it?…[View]
677610937Smash Bros: Who is 100% making it into the next Smash game?[View]
677638072call me jaded all you want but it's a complete chore to play this slop[View]
677633876FF7 OG: So after more than 25 years I finally finished this and it was quite a disappointment. This …[View]
677636475If you use Gil Toss, you've already lost. True gamers would hoard gil, only using it for inns a…[View]
677639547Does OOT have the best designs for enemies?[View]
677545821what N64 compilation are you looking forward to the most? for me its Wave Race 64 and Banjo Tooie[View]
677639627Do you go with Yuki or Mitsuru?[View]
677640017This is Prince Blueberry. Say something nice about him![View]
677626062Anyone else feel like they can;t make friends online? >Therapist tell me i need to socialize more…[View]
677639937Vidya cocks thread.[View]
677639921Aside from modded Skyrim, what are some games that let me do this?[View]
677639289games where i can enslave npcs?[View]
677638367Best Video Games about Rappers?: https://vocaroo.com/16FbFD7MqtcE[View]
677637708Why do they refuse to make real games any more? Nobody cares about VR gimmicks, a reskin to a 30 yea…[View]
677634352This game made me like video games again[View]
677637503Did Ninja Theory peak with Heavenly Sword? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_VyDRZ5MzA[View]
677637606>main villain is a white human male paladin >the human leadership gets taken over by a strong…[View]
677638239>boot up a multiplayer game >'your character looks cute. do you want to join our discord serve…[View]
677634142ITT:animes that could make great games: >open world city explore(gta/cyberpunk like) except you c…[View]
677636113Playing this game feels like a breathe of fresh air after playing a piece of shit like Dark Souls re…[View]
677637768I boughted a video games[View]
677565235Rabbit & Steel: >Do you know what happens to rabbits when they are alone? someone want to exp…[View]
677637198Infra Arcana: Can I get any tips on how to beat this extremely hard game?[View]
677636381We still have Atlus.[View]
677620646Trials/Vision of Mana: I saw a thread (Opening Post) with a nice picture of these 2 characters. It w…[View]
677634049I hope you enjoyed Nintendo cause this was their last successful generation. Nintendo is dead witho…[View]
677634760WHAT THE FUUUUUCK[View]
677638985I svffer[View]
677615047Updated sex gacha main story tiers >S Tier Limbus company/Girls Frontline >A Tier Blue Archive…[View]
677618146XIV: I haven't played XIV in 2.25 years and I'm drunk. Taking advantage of my free days. W…[View]
677639030EVEN FLOW[View]
677632929video games featuring umbrellas?[View]
677638927Someone please tell me how to make an overpowered character. I play on the hardest difficulty, chose…[View]
677633417I have 500 dollars in google play gift cards. What games should I get?[View]
677617107Deadlock: With all the leaks coming out, post some gameplay of deadlock and try to get someone to se…[View]
677631707>GTX 1070[View]
677626932FF16 is the worst Final Fantasy game: It's worse than FF2, FF13, FF15, and even worse than FF7 …[View]
677638149>copies HI3 and improves on it >copies Genshin and improves on it >makes hoyocucks and redd…[View]
677526631Gamer maid archive: Gamers rise up[View]
677632362>ancient evil awakens[View]
677637735Why is it so hard[View]
677616107Do the older fallouts hold up well?[View]
677637903The ocean is so incredibly cool when you think about it anons. Just an insane alien world, making up…[View]
677636538forspoken would have been a hit if Elfa was the main character[View]
677592409so were you disappointed[View]
677637704Is there a game like Shemue but more expansive? >yakuza That's more like a HD and worse vers…[View]
677636264>here’s your 70$ next gen remake bro[View]
677636192Star ocean bros...: I discovered broken build. All you need is Welch + this ring + put her ability t…[View]
677580427Jackbox Thread: /v/ackbox Saturday ain't back. It never went anywhere. Games from all 10 Jackbo…[View]
677632917Why did no one care?[View]
677637827>he buyed the gaper mario demake[View]
677606813Resident Evil Discussion Thread: Discuss Resident Evil[View]
677636760>Sonic...I'm back from Minecraft world.[View]
677590376Character Action Thread: Devil May Cry Ninja Gaiden Bayonetta etc Havent had one of these in a while…[View]
677605404The period of time where people thought the Danganronpa games were good seems like a weird fever dre…[View]
677630238TTYD: The characters talk too damn much. How is this fun?[View]
677614821Valve Steam Deck[View]
677637015>click Ignore >it does nothing What's even the point then?…[View]
677637327BFH: I miss this game man. Pretty full of character at least initially. RH is led by idiots.[View]
677636121>you look at the infected like they're the disease >you fight them for the last ray of dy…[View]
677621558Kind of insane how years later Calamity is still the only decent content mod for Terraria. Thorium f…[View]
677634357>want to continue playing my horror game playthrough >cant because its still bright outside ag…[View]
677625686Dood: This is soul of a sinner[View]
677635231ITT: Mid games saved by Coomers[View]
677635806>Saves Xbox[View]
677637006Tough decisions[View]
677625061Everyone seems to favor Arisu but what about Rika?[View]
677636850>'100 OBSCURE and UNDERRATED PS2 games you've never heard of' >It's all shovelware, …[View]
677635875>max might and int >become a bear >one hit everything Am I missing something here…[View]
677636854Ah yes, the riveting gameplay of Western triple-A videogames™[View]
677576403Why is Super Smash Bros the only successful platform fighter?[View]
677635935Portal Mel: Disappointed by this mod. The 'difficulty' of the chambers usually came from not being a…[View]
67763620340k: Speed Freeks: This shit's pretty damn fun, anyone playing the beta? Feels very classic Mul…[View]
677514135I AM FUCKING DONE FUCK MINECRAFT!!!: >Villages within 2000 blocks (circular) from Spawn are ABAND…[View]
677636304>party member betrays you several times >your party forgives him and lets him rejoin you every…[View]
677635661Post you're /v/waifu[View]
677611120Snoybros, PChuds won... It's over.......[View]
677634391Is it right to judge a game as good or bad if you never played it and only watched gameplay videos?[View]
677635321>do all side content so I'm ready for the boss >he bends in half after the first hit >…[View]
677636157There are people streaming the same singleplayer game almost every day for 5+ years. What drives a p…[View]
677635312What's the funnest class to play? Tired of always playing hammerdin/blizz sorc/ wind druid[View]
677628641What are some vidya that features a girl with an Electra Complex?[View]
677632827It really wasn't THAT bad[View]
677632537>you don't deserve entertainment because.. you're poor jews are fucking scum…[View]
677609871Whatever happened to Slap City?[View]
677630470ITT: Good deckbuilders only. Discuss good deckbuilders only[View]
677624037Yo anon, sick moves! Think you could throw my PIECE up there?[View]
677636001This is the most practical video game collectible there is. It's a ration. Edible, collectible,…[View]
677566053How much will netflix fuck it up?[View]
677634150my zoomer regret is that I never actually get the chance to play The Ship online I played this game …[View]
677631607DMC veteran here Is there a way to lower the difficulty any further? ninja dog is kicking my ass[View]
677619347Under Night 2 Thread: Late night fights[View]
677632027for how long is atreus going to act like a bitch in this game? i was enjoying the adventure until th…[View]
677631141Thoughts on Fortnite?[View]
677630224another weekend spent playing videogames all alone[View]
677633634The videogame industry is so shit half of /v/ is now filled with fucking chink gacha games threads, …[View]
677635247>this kills the poorfag tut[View]
677632334We aren’t doing enough, LGBTG+ are still marginalized and lacking any support or resources they need…[View]
677633148This is the game boomers were creaming their pants over? This game had by far the WORST story i have…[View]
677628519Is Stellar Blade proof that a sexy heroine is all a game needs to make up for mediocre gameplay?[View]
677622362Do you play as your opposite sex in video games?[View]
677634189does anyone do enemy design better than fromsoft?[View]
677631907What's the appeal of their games? Story is retarded, combat is boring and roleplaying elements …[View]
677605917When did you drop Mother 3?: Hey there /v/, my bros and sisters. My appreciators and enjoyers of vid…[View]
677629975What're y'all buying?[View]
677631538>PIECE OF CAKE[View]
677631931>start playing some random obscure game >suddenly, threads abou said game start popping up on …[View]
677628428Story structure: Every story has a beginning, middle, and full speed rush directly to the climax the…[View]
677620375Ranni is cute! I say ranni, you say cute! RANNI![View]
677627596>Shabriri, the most reviled man in all history What did he do?[View]
677616528>2006+18 >still no good Haruhi Suzumiya video games It seems weird that with the popularity it…[View]
677634447Is this a good game?[View]
677634443Here's your Abby bro...: She can beat me up any day haha![View]
677631360Have you ever noticed there are lots of flat villains in videogames?[View]
677632307I'm 100% sure it will be awesome whenever it arrives but... Seriously. Anons. Do any of you in-…[View]
677631529Just get a nornal gf.[View]
677630510The only good mmorpg left[View]
677630686Why does it make /v/ seethe so hard?[View]
677617821Why have only the gacha companies caught onto this phenomenon? Are actual vidya devs tarded?[View]
677626293What controller is best to play exclusively on PC?[View]
677633930play project zomboid[View]
677630191What are the chances of anymore leaks like the giga leak? I heard once the guy who got busted sent m…[View]
677628907lets see your gamer taste /v/[View]
677630679New CoD has a 9/11 mission!: remember, no dancing.[View]
677621246name the fanbase[View]
677633786Madness: Project Nexus: So... what mods are being worked on for this game? I started playing it with…[View]
677633051Why yes, my favorite game is Elden Ring, how could you tell?[View]
677619475What are the chances Sega is hinting at a Sonic and the Black Knight sequel?[View]
677627416More like Gorgeous Freeman[View]
677626808itt post games that gave you this feeling[View]
677620948Dall-E Thread!: bing.com/create[View]
677633348Any games like Majora's Mask?: Not necessarily with time mechanics but rather comfy but bitters…[View]
677633339if you were the final boss of TTYD, could you beat mario in a fight? could you at least survive?…[View]
677616460>is the best AC how did they do it?[View]
677615083Genshin Impact: Footshin feetpact.[View]
677633002I hope you appreciate this Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous thread.[View]
677604183Which race of aliens would you rather fight? Advent or the Covenant?[View]
677622647This game kind of sucks.[View]
677632713Ibuki Douji > Shuten Douji[View]
677632525Sorry but I'm not gonna buy any games that feature any of the following. >desexualized femal…[View]
677626552Why is everyone in Acre British? Where are the Poulains?[View]
677489918undertale yellow: out of all of undertale's fangames, why is yellow the most discussed?[View]
677625627The last good COD game.[View]
677622260Who was your first /v/ related waifu?[View]
677630627Evens I do a fire caster playthrough, odds I do a dark knight build. Lords of the Fallen thread[View]
677627420Red Dead Redemption 2: Thoughts?[View]
677626616Siralim Ultimate: >game has 62 status effects Based[View]
677630970Nice indie game bro[View]
677581878The 3060 i buyed boughted has arrived, what games should i run on it ?[View]
677608297>/v/ pcfaggots: REEE WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PORT THE ONE PS5 GAME EVERYONE WANTS >game gets po…[View]
677625213Why did they make Rosalina so big?[View]
677628260Why the fuck did the goombella thread get deleted? God damn I hate this place.[View]
677612525>the Celeste developer retroactively made the game about being trans >the OneShot developer re…[View]
677598316ITS [GOOD NEWS] party /v/an IS UP: It's Saturday, and that means its time sit in a wall, build …[View]
677629678“Let's suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream that you wanted to dream. And …[View]
677630789good game[View]
677616989I do think videogames need more faceless woman[View]
677629457Fuck video games they make me angry aaaaargh[View]
677618000>insta-kills 24/7 >sliding/parkour faggotry >CQB with 0 tactics Why is every online FPS lik…[View]
677631324What is the point of this enemy?[View]
677626864>Game is too hard >Stop playing it and never look back This is the secret to living a good lif…[View]
677630061We have game's centered around Yakuza, Mafia, Assassins, Hitmen, Druglords and Secret Super Sol…[View]
677622279Can someone explain the xbox/microsoft strategy to me please[View]
677631531Welcome to Japan, Mistah Redfield.[View]
677630543Basically and in a nut.[View]
677625026What a horrible curse, I’d hate for more people to get it[View]
677626365Why would you reject her /v/?[View]
677629221Jellyfish pirates reporting for duty![View]
677631186They may have 'forced behaviors', but overall made people much more racist/sexist/phobic and the ind…[View]
677629187Did you ever fulfill a childhood video game pipe dream in your adulthood?[View]
677630749This shit is like a bad joke like someone pissing on your dead relative grave[View]
677624104Am in in some sorta creepypasta?: Okay so I posted this once before... Its just that I accidentally …[View]
677630025J-slashers peaked here[View]
677630083Oh man im going to have to jack off[View]
677629772what are borders?[View]
677626653RAPE or SURVIVE?: Oh no! AXE from DOTA 2 is coming to RAPE and KILL you! Only the protagonist from t…[View]
677629147Warzone: Strikeforce: Do you think Ubisoft knows their games have no soul?[View]
677625394Are you serious? This is how he becomes Dracula? Wtf???: > Protagonist dies and comes back to lif…[View]
677622434Why are so many fans of this game climate change denialists? Do they alll have Oppositional Defiant …[View]
677624234It's good. >B-BUT It's good. >BUT MUH ZELDA CLONE It's good.…[View]
677626407Half-Life Alyx: What was the point of that ending?[View]
677629238Why is everyone here a corporate slave faggot. Everyone is just worshipping brands and Nintendo and…[View]
677628586Does anyone wanna play this while smoking weed and filling our bellies with diet soda?[View]
677629009https://youtu.be/ms5ENyRH3Bs?si=t3mz4bZfJDnSj7Pb >Watch Pantom Pain Gameplay >It's just p…[View]
677621207Maybe I should just buy a gamecube copy instead[View]
677629770Vivian, you ugly BLOCKHEAD!: You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, …[View]
677629745Dante is the only man that deserves love Other Moids should kill themselves especially the short and…[View]
677628824so what's going to be the cope when the new assasins creed comes out and people buy it anyway d…[View]
677603347Xbox to shadowdrop steam support during June 9 event: >Xbox planning to announce that Steam will …[View]
677629631How would a wrasslin' moveset work in a non-fighting action video game? I'm not just talki…[View]
677629537Man this game is boring[View]
677622374I don't get it. What did she mean by this?[View]
677628781WarCraft: >dark skinned dwarves are evil >dark skinned tauren are evil >dark skinned dragon…[View]
677620434Ultima Series: This was one of the most groundbreaking games of it's generation,now it's a…[View]
677628417Have you ever been jump scared by a non-horror game?[View]
677626285I hate video games.[View]
677627458You will never get that double watermelon Never![View]
677615897Not a single person talking about this anymore except gunpla autists[View]
677626743Why do I need to wait a month to play it? Why not release it right now? I'd pay double just to …[View]
677594687Now that the dust has settled, what does /v/ think of the Paper Mario TTYD Remake?[View]
677627035Do you think he got tired from producing AAA games for more than 10 years in a row?[View]
677627381>heavy claymore with upward cut >game becomes trivial who designed this shit…[View]
677623223I thought it was supposed to be the next Fortnite.[View]
677620081The mig switch v2 here[View]
677625416Jak and Daxter scared me as a kid because Daxter falling into the goop and turning into a different …[View]
677622786Monster Hunter: What future holds for Kushala in monster hunter Wilds? >2nd gen Kushala Daora, de…[View]
677627989Why don't they make fun games anymore?[View]
677624480Was he right?[View]
677538431SSSSSATURDAY DAY/NIGHT MUTHAFUCKAAAAAA: It's SSSSSaturday mothafuckas! What are ya >PLAYAN …[View]
677623654Just realized I like history, what are some cool historical games? They're all like ancient din…[View]
677622261>POV you play a Western triple A game:[View]
677611807I would be remiss to not mention that Twilight Princess is the best traditional Zelda game in the se…[View]
677622915I'm too excited to sleep, Majora's Mask comes to PC tomorrow and I am ready to experience …[View]
677627268>ZZZ game[View]
677627648Are there any good Evangelion games?[View]
677590546My Lady and Savior Alice!: Alice is my guiding moonlight![View]
677625560Was it autism?[View]
677624640I'm having a 3D blast[View]
677617556I am confident that her name was intended to be Parthena, as in a combination of the words 'Partheno…[View]
677591792Tabletop Simulator /v/eekend: Do you enjoy vidya (board) games? Let's talk about 'em and p…[View]
677626837Classic WOW died with Cata. These numbers are just awful.[View]
6776242253D Land and 3D World are the peak of the Mario franchise and therefore platforming and therefore vid…[View]
677623758What the FUCK is his problem ?[View]
677619315do you like her game?[View]
677625872>17yo game has twice more players than a game released less than a year ago overwatchbros... how …[View]
677618726>open world game pros >no loading screens >open world game cons >tiny feeling world >…[View]
677626563Games should never go for realistic graphics because they'll age and eventually look terrible[View]
677624025>gun expert reacts to (currently trending video game's) gun[View]
677612196Name the game /v/.[View]
677626441I am more likely to play your game if it has middle aged or old women in it. I will buy more skins f…[View]
677618472When was the last time that you really really loved videogames?[View]
677625101>most epic weapon in the game cannot be obtained by players[View]
677579002>Kills any meaningful communication in your path >Kills the archival of content >Is heavily…[View]
677622765Who is this monster on the Space Invaders cabinet?[View]
677622793>It's okay when Japan does it[View]
677623926its pretty fucked up that a business can exist outside of public influence consumers should be able …[View]
677617124What does it taste like?[View]
677623537Which has the better story?[View]
677624978>this is scary according to Japanese and James Sunderland[View]
677535838What're some other pro-cutter or self harm games?[View]
677623316architect gaming thread[View]
677622979what's /v/ got to say[View]
677619276explain why this is so bad without sounding like you get no pussy irl[View]
677624471>Its been 3 fucking years since the last real RE game Re9 cant come soon enough, please be good a…[View]
677625291New Suicide Squad patch: Suicide chads, we are so back, new content drop got the player count over 5…[View]
677624853Hype Game Dev Related Celeb thread: Post game developers that would be hype, funny, or make twitter …[View]
677624263Why does it cost 66% of the price of the base game? Will it have 66% the amount of content as the ba…[View]
677622308>FETCH ME THEIR SOULS[View]
677620734How come games like this aren't made any more?[View]
677621043What went wrong?[View]
677623863Why is there no hype for Ken Levine's new game Judas? This is going to be Bioshock taken to a w…[View]
677599737Gacha - rethink your life: Instead of paying 200$+ for gacha why don't you get a game with good…[View]
677619749What monkey's paw will happen if this franchise gets brought back from the grave?[View]
677621928If you were only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life which game would you choose?[View]
677592175>Bandai Namco is sitting on the Sailor Moon license and never doing anything with it outside of t…[View]
677617413He did nothing wrong[View]
677539092Space Marine 2: Im calling it now, it gonna be KINO Any who say otherwise are agents of the Dark God…[View]
677623281This man killed thousands of canadians. Hes a war criminal[View]
677614924>Reload completely empty gun >Get a full reload even though there was nothing chambered so you…[View]
677596584HE'S GONNA[View]
677622981Now that's a Twitch Drop[View]
677624039This game is so good, why doesn't anyone talk about it?[View]
677590368>play games on normal >gaming is fun again…[View]
677623885>Forget it, Jack. It’s Minneapolis[View]
677623580Some of the weird codenames in Arknights: Bassline Almond Humus Puzzle Hung Fang (This is a horse) H…[View]
677585173We need Poison in SF6: Do you agree? She’s best girl and her 1 iconic feature will outsell every oth…[View]
677616606Are we still allowed to like this game?[View]
677621618Would you trust these 4 to save your planet?[View]
677596960Let it be good let it be good please let it be good...[View]
677618473Have you ever hated a game, but after finishing it, thought it was a masterpiece?[View]
677620419Cuphead or Mugman?[View]
677622608damn knuckles got titties[View]
677622225Get in /v/, we're saving video games![View]
677618439Morag best Xenogirl[View]
677614359I'm having a blast[View]
677608237Kena is way too cute.[View]
677609901whats your fav mario party?[View]
677620907>there are dipshits on this board who literally, sincerely and unironically believe that Dutch we…[View]
677620451If it's so kino why didn't you buy it?[View]
677620209>brought home a personal pizza >eat half and save the rest >start playing paper mario thous…[View]
677618227Did this end up being good? Seems like it's already forgotten[View]
677611027>waste almost 1 million caps for the platinum chip >best he can give is just 1k caps to the o…[View]
677571098Master Duel: Fight her.[View]
677573552>start the new gacha game >jiggle physics >hot women (great anime art too) >great world …[View]
677608864It goes downhill after you leave Los Santos[View]
677579941Why does every single Chinese game have a kemomimi twink in it now?[View]
677617268Normal o Expert: The ultimavez I played terraria haze was 2 years and never reach the hard mode norm…[View]
677619026Why did the Alan Wake franchise fail?[View]
677603551DALL-E 3 Thread: bing.com/create[View]
677563972Combo Breaker 2024 Day 2: >KI top 8 twitch.tv/teamSp00ky >tekken 8 pools /tekken >SF6 pools…[View]
677622387Which of the Steam-available Tales games are the best, /v/?[View]
677622393Zeena is getting ready.: Please be patient and don't make fun of her nails or outward appearanc…[View]
677615389Reminder that Tales is Dead[View]
677616915>gameplay is running around in circles what's the appeal here?[View]
677613038Stop using this board it’s bad for you[View]
677617812I bought a used PS2 slim, but it doesn’t read discs to I have to replace the laser on it. Wish me lu…[View]
677621518So is Stellar Blade finally good now? Am I OK to buy it when it comes on PC (if it doesn't have…[View]
677619163what a badass[View]
677596463Final Fantasy IV deserves more credit as the least breakable Final Fantasy that's also well des…[View]
677615689>Scoot over, I control this now[View]
677608963Kula Diamond[View]
677618410Games that require media literacy to appreciate[View]
677621735The last vidya character you played is now on trial for their crimes. What are the charges, mitigati…[View]
677614707I'm going to be a father next month. Do you think it could be the same as him?[View]
677609708What's going on?: So are video games actually dying? Game development bloat seems to be a real …[View]
677621512>tfw when you realize you will never have a cunny wife who is older than you and shoves all her r…[View]
677620608Isn't it strange that the game industry is almost 30 times bigger now then back then yet someth…[View]
677619370but who was red girl?[View]
677614267hop in dude[View]
677573331Is there a vidya girl that stands above all others to you and has stolen your heart.[View]
677619517>will be ridiculously hard and annoying to deal with >will likely take hours to beat >will…[View]
677621402Good Games After 2020: I wanna challenge myself and see if things have really turned to shit or not,…[View]
677609534Is MegaMan dead and buried now?[View]
677619593how you gonna explain playin' as a girl?[View]
677621331One day Andro-Eidos that look just like Eve will exist and none of us will be alive to see it.[View]
677614887The perfect example of mid-90s Sega parading about like their shit doesn't stink, nobody needs …[View]
677615564I'm having a blast[View]
677533963Why did you stop playing Helldivers 2?: Game has been losing players in big numbers, so what’s your …[View]
677619717*Murders someone* 'I am just...' *Kicks a man to death* 'SO' *Steals* 'Ashamed of my actions' *Burns…[View]
677616227I'm having a blast[View]
677619782How did racist Chuds cope with Matt beating their ass?[View]
677619539>all publicity is good publicity lmao valve stock prices must be through the floor right now…[View]
677618038most people getting mad about this weren't going to buy it in the first place, they just wanted…[View]
677619172What are some good martial arts games?[View]
677619608Play sacred[View]
677618782I want a mario sunshine successor game that looks like this[View]
677618230May 2024 I am forgotten[View]
677620252Best in the series after Prime 3[View]
677620053How do you know if you are 'good' at video games?[View]
677615081Why is this shit so fucking slippery? The plastic on the Dualsense never gets to the point where it…[View]
677620481Serious, what games let you become a Janitor?[View]
677617080Report unusual ass. Barricade your ass. Avoid all contact with infected ass. Wait for official ass. …[View]
677616636I'm having a blast[View]
677618190Leak from June Direct[View]
677620094>Half of the Playstation Network and Xbox Live are still on older generations >Endless amount …[View]
677606473jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/oJYMvH 500 sfw[View]
677614313You now have the Dark Sign Anon. Death means nothing to you As long as you have the will what will y…[View]
677610393gaming peaked here[View]
677612851Why is nothing good anymore?: Boomer here, is it just me or are all games just shite these days? Las…[View]
677614620Ayo, teach! Anon has a gameboy in his jansport![View]
677616614>random bokoblin with a stick one shots you >ganondorf himself takes off 2 hearts at most each…[View]
677612536What are some good Vidya Spiderman designs?[View]
677619135It was okay but overstayed its welcome. I’m looking forward to Super Paper Mario remake.[View]
677593385Nikke: Soda bros eating good soon[View]
677615967You kept whining about broodwar being better: Time to prove it. SC2 Evo mod matches modern SC2 vs Cl…[View]
677613426mfw I see a game bomb and the studio close[View]
677616994girls frontline: anyone actually plays this? how's the gameplay?[View]
677617214Why does this game have such a devoted fanbase? It's legitimately awful. The art design and OST…[View]
677617846They don't make good games like pic rel anymore.[View]
677617115[SAD NEWS]: POPULAR metaverse experience 'Fortnite' is dying. How can we help Tim save his cash cow?…[View]
677615228How could this game be fixed with a remake? We aren't talking a remaster, no i mean completely …[View]
677616231Looking for any and all examples of games with heavily polluted areas. I'm talking immense indu…[View]
677618510exotic butters[View]
677609569Emulators are all you need. Do NOT fall for the CRT scam. Do NOT go down the rabbit hole of modded R…[View]
677608324Would you support 'ugly' women in games if ugly men also got some representation in return?[View]
677618240I want to start a new toon for TWW. Recommend me a race and class combo. I have all of the allied ra…[View]
677615984Vivian is a REAL woman you fucking chud.[View]
677586656Guess The Game: >open a game's box art in paint >shrink it down to between 10-20 pixels …[View]
677607917SUICIDE SQUAD: KILL ROCKSTEADY STUDIO: >How is this gonna make people play our game? >Play?…[View]
677613824>kingdom hearts is currently the biggest Square Enix IP (if you don't count XIV) grim…[View]
677617727Just finished this game. What did I think of it?[View]
677617360I don't know why they spend so much time de-compiling games I already played.: Legitimately who…[View]
677581076Why did they fumble the bag with the fourth game? Also Mega Man Thread [View]
677616848how does it hold up these days? worth checking out?[View]
677617561You see batman, ive hidden hundreds of riddler trophies throughout gotham, transformed gothams sewer…[View]
677483212Bloons TD 6: New update soon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97SrSDiSNfk What do you think about the…[View]
677615793Donkye Kong lore thread[View]
677615054The better paper ghost[View]
677617619I bet I'M your FAVORITE.[View]
677617686Roman >Doesn't hate you for not taking the deal >Is there with Niko when he goes after Pe…[View]
677617560Kino or nostalgia bait?[View]
677617618What sort of wasteland FEV std's would you get from raw fucking a raider chick? I mean this is …[View]
677607269What games did you play today![View]
677613198Do you think the citizens of Diamond City and the Mushroom Kingdom hate each other? I get the impres…[View]
677617334>bosses are immune to potion effects[View]
677616047Final Fantasy VII R3: Assuming there're no radical changes to the summoning systems in FFVIIR 3…[View]
677609827Paper Mario: So are they finally going to make a proper third game now?[View]
677611998Games where you have some degree of manual control over your weapon swing? >MGR >Mordhau >…[View]
677601753Do you think now that this is selling well Nintendo will finally get the message that people want mo…[View]
677609559Who would be in a modern Def Jam fighting game? Drake? J Cole? Kendrick? All these guys are pussies.[View]
677614771>dilates in your path Will Nint0ddlers ever recover from this?[View]
677617007Webms: Posting a nifty one.[View]
677616032>game simulates having friends >guaranteed loyal fan base of autists Is it really that easy?…[View]
677614953>classic RPG fantasy experience with no modern gay shit Did they really expect a bunch of zoomers…[View]
677616526It looks alright, but that's about it.[View]
677616367>The concept of sitting down and enjoying a single player game is now genuinely a foreign concept…[View]
677611430Kino incoming[View]
677608195why is corruption so hot?[View]
677609236VIDYA WEPON THREAD: Gaem wepons & guns that make gun nuts NUT[View]
677615464Why do birds fly?[View]
677607210>WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR, PROTAGONIST!? >Its the right thing to do >For my friends >I …[View]
677611642Pc gaming is just not for me. I love physical games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[View]
677616339>We need a name for the 'pig in a thong' enemy >Ideas? >Just call him Pooter, we gotta ship…[View]
677615132Tell me a better from 2020, I'll wait.[View]
677608303What made Miles' suit fail but Cyclops' suit succeed?[View]
677616082>Exclusive merch to MR30 players in Warframe (1500 hours on average) >largest sizes are out of…[View]
677611000Has anybody played this before? It's on sale for $3.75. Worth checking out?[View]
677592054you upgrade now goyim[View]
677615630How come there are hardly any word puzzle video games that aren't just ports of pen and paper g…[View]
677612201Has censorship ever improved a videogame?[View]
677615404What the fuck was her problem?[View]
677598387I'm 7 hours in and the drop in quality from the first game is extremely noticeable on every lev…[View]
677614512Are there any nude mods for Hitman 2? I want to make the women in the hot springs nude and then drow…[View]
677612227Imagine a world where dork souls had fallen on its ass and we kept getting King's Field games i…[View]
677612925What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
677605778How do we save imsims?[View]
677614752What did he plagiarize this time now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p6OmuzLcLA https://www.youtu…[View]
677613601Why did the Gamecube become so popular with zoomers?[View]
677602576ARMORED CORE 7 CONFIRMED: Armored Core 7 will be Miyazakis next personal project game.[View]
677615645What are some of moments of ds2 which prove it's the most sovlful of the bunch? Off the top of …[View]
677614418I like Mario. There, I said it.[View]
677615369It really do be like that though[View]
677614930>female animal has to objectify herself for males How did they get away with shit like this?…[View]
677614279place your bets whether /ourguy/ will crop up in the land of shadows[View]
677613685>steam friend saw me playing Atelier Ryza earlier >'lmao what gay ass game are you playing br…[View]
677601486I'm playing Morrowind for the first time and it really hit me. Skyrim and Oblivion are just shi…[View]
677612624>ITT we're posting like its the age of ROTK: >This Zhuge Liang guy seems very smart. I th…[View]
677615053Barghest: Barghest[View]
677598756This is a highly dangerous kunoichi who could kill you in 0.05 seconds flat. She hails from the grea…[View]
677612337Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: Annapurna does it again. GOTY for me so far. Feel free to ask for hints …[View]
677599289Ffxiv thread because wowbuck autosaged it again[View]
677585543Let's settle this: What's the verdict?[View]
677608415What games do you thing you will still be playing 25 years form now?[View]
677558402Totally Spies: you'll buy their new game, right?[View]
677610021Still the greatest console ever: Will it ever be beaten?[View]
677601773Dungeon crawlers: Recommend some good ones. What's worth playing now? Or are only the old ones …[View]
677614690i feel like gacha games have become excessively coomerish, it just looks tacky.[View]
677612740Wow so deep... bravo ken...[View]
677614345Bruh how did horde players tolerate their questing zones?[View]
677608652WTF I just found out Sonic never actually says gotta go fast[View]
6776122103d Street Fighter games have never been satisfying to play.[View]
677612584New Gielinor Games episode just dropped[View]
677614150>RPG limit break >doesnt have tranny shit like GDQ does >has soul unlike GDQ >but only g…[View]
677612350What's the best video game creepypasta?[View]
677613840Bethesda loves to shove their 'radiant' quests down out throats so much. Why havent they made a game…[View]
677611880How would you fare as a contestant of a video game quiz show?[View]
677603037Dishonored: Dishonored[View]
677613895>2024 >Still can't think videogames that had cool finishing moves…[View]
677609906Best FF World: It has to be X, right?[View]
677608845Tomorrow I'll[View]
677612313when did tf2 become reddit?[View]
677610219Do I have to replay the game to get all of the scenes? I need a chapter select[View]
677613406PC when[View]
677613620>Hide tranny threads >Ignore tranny threads >Do not reply to tranny threads…[View]
677613516Why did I buyed this?[View]
677612497Will 4:3 monitors ever come back?[View]
677613543Picrel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Indigo Park SCP Containment …[View]
677608647Elder Scrolls VI Setting: It's gonna be Hammerfell, isn't it?[View]
677610635So if Mario picks Bowsette, is that gay?[View]
677542559Loom Impact[View]
677612281>constantly see PCfags beg for Playstation games like Bloodborne, Stellar Blade and Rebirth >n…[View]
677611452Why don't they make single player campaign shooters anymore?[View]
677610548So are we ready to admit this was the best game in the series?[View]
677612772is dune awakening basically a conan exiles sequel[View]
677611437Why do SBURB threads get sniped by mods? SBURB is a video game.[View]
677610490why are modern games so lackluster when it comes to romantic storytelling?[View]
677609882Post hidden gems from the past 2 years[View]
677608742What’s stopping console makers from remotely bricking all last gen hardware? There are kill switches…[View]
677608291Shadowrun: Dragonfall: It's good[View]
677610618where is the showcase? no leaks?[View]
677610475When I say Geralt you say _____![View]
677610898Let It Die: I've lost control of my life. https://youtu.be/uxXOFzHPVWA?si=RAyH9tTNzC8s5b1y Anyb…[View]
677609382It’s ____[View]
677610576Fallout 3: I am getting filtered by fire ants... bros...[View]
677611687>make a cool game engine with neat physics but don't use it for a violent TPS or FPS Wasted…[View]
677596908What the fuck am I doing wrong?: >walk 20 feet right >map turns all red, cant mine any of the …[View]
677608796Has anyone played the brothers in arms series here on /v/ what did you guys think about it? I'm…[View]
677610215How the fuck is he balanced[View]
677612357>chinese cop >Marshall Law brilliant character design…[View]
677606856what's /v/ speed running this weekend[View]
677603483It's not THAT hard.[View]
677607991If Overwatch didn't exist, Jawbreaker would still be alive: Overwatch killed a masterpiece.…[View]
677607719Would Silent Hill 2 be better if the characters were hot?[View]
677610113XDefiant: Ubislops latest outsourced soulless shooter XDefiant There's some charm to this CoD c…[View]
677612293What are some games with familial relationships?[View]
677593682Why there are so few strategy/turn based games where you don't have to pray for RNG? Picrel is …[View]
677608086Death Stranding: Is the online community still active?[View]
677605798Play Fortnite Current season is the most fun its been.[View]
677611848ASSassin's Creed if she anime[View]
677611489Ema Skye thread, pt. 2: Did she arrest him for this?[View]
677605210Aww, so cute! I'm glad Vivian is happy now.[View]
677609549What games did you buy anon?[View]
677610001>selling the same game 4 times how did they get away with it?[View]
677589837>Riot starts making an MMO >it's literally just another WoW derivative >reset developm…[View]
677572443Why is Azura so fucking lame? Even that schizo Boethiah is cooler.[View]
677562842Is there anything comfier than running around vanilla Azeroth on lower levels?[View]
677608275>He missed out on old battle pass skins Faggot[View]
677609979Paper Mario Maker: Would you?[View]
677599413Was it really THAT bad?[View]
677609405Worth buying? Seen multiple threads lately. Also how long is the game roughly?[View]
677605971You would show this to your mom and tell her 'This is art'?[View]
677608034You will never be a Luigi.[View]
677607223Any video games that have the feel of this album? A video game that covers the entire history of a U…[View]
677526190>30 FPS >worse music >even if you have the old music badge, you still have to hear these ja…[View]
677556220Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast and Jedi academy or as i would like to call them, THE REAL EPISODE VII, VI…[View]
677603326Is it worth it for $10?[View]
677608193>solves your budget PC problem Reminder to say no the Nvidia koolaid[View]
677610662This is a 20 hour game stretched out to 40 hours by being slow as shit and featuring too many backtr…[View]
677606070Indie Live Expo: Did you wishlist any of these cool nip doujin games? https://store.steampowered.com…[View]
677610382The real spiritual successor to EarthBound: I stand by this I feel like the charm of Earthbound is p…[View]
677607603Sovlful game thread[View]
677608860pokemon has really soulful art when its not just a drawing of a half naked child[View]
677609701Slay the Princess: I love the Wild. I love the way she makes the first move to calm the player down …[View]
677609395How did you get good? I play on easy and I can't go really far.[View]
677604425Griffith-Chads, we can't stop winning.[View]
677606412So /v/, what is your favorite game set in space? Im looking for a game with some good lore[View]
677606616So which is the better game?[View]
677608307Garten of BanBan Thread: I miss him[View]
677609881>*sweep* >*sweep* >*sweep*…[View]
677605818Mom was right i should not have played 20k hours of tf2[View]
677567000Play Snowbreak[View]
677607898Remember Combat Arms? I remember Combat Arms.[View]
677609861>mogs every other Rhythm Game in your path[View]
677608697Splatroon: >ACHT![View]
677607746The Legend of Zelda: I miss REAL Zelda games. Not BotW-slop >:([View]
677604575Goomfrey is a 'fixer' who can make any problem go away. He has been contracted to 'take care' of the…[View]
677609641What is the ideal video game?[View]
677597439Nox: How is this game? What class should I play?[View]
677609082Why is FFVII so popular with spaniards?[View]
677606782Why aren't you chromemaxxing right now?[View]
677600915What do you think of it?[View]
677607702My ambition cannot be stopped.[View]
677605979Now that the dust has settled l, what did you think of it? I finished it today and thought it was gr…[View]
677528930You will play the First Descendant[View]
677566512Elden Ring DLC: Are you starting a new game now or just using a NG+ character for the DLC?[View]
677604631I've watched let's plays but I've never played a SH game. I'm still a huge fan o…[View]
677605498Xbox tax is real. Even if Xbox did get a game like breath of the wild as an exclusive everyone onlin…[View]
677606110Dragons are pretty cool wouldn't you agree[View]
677603042I can't stop shieldbashing OMGGG[View]
677603580I was wondering why realistic looking games still looked unimpressive and I realized it's becau…[View]
677605647Was it autism...?[View]
677582363play beebz game[View]
677607737What movie genres work amazing as videogames other than zombies?[View]
677608846If a game adds dragons, would it increase sales?[View]
677603447>guys Elden ring is sooooo hard Shit the FUCK UP zoomer best story mode on hard and come back to …[View]
677608169He's literally me.[View]
677607546Why do so many games let you drink but they're afraid of letting you smoke?[View]
677608645Daily Bust a Groove thread: How does one Playboymaxx like Hiro?[View]
677607870Why has there been no good games to come out during this decade?[View]
677608094Worms Reloaded: I want some worms Reloaded maps Give me some images that have a transparent backgrou…[View]
677607201Turok was fuckin' sick.[View]
677597081Here is your popcorn, sir! Enjoy.[View]
677600827new funny exploitable: make it vidya related.[View]
677604603Could a 3D Castlevania game work or is it fundamentally impossible to transition faithfully?[View]
677607598what is a gamer?[View]
677601145Why the fuck do Donkey Kong Country games have so many bees? Zingers, zingers fucking everywhere.[View]
677608138Now that the dust has settled, what did we think /v/?[View]
677607095Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
677606179Are you looking forward to this /v/? Fighting thousand sons will be interesting[View]
677607331Just bought one of these bad boys. Which kinos do I play on it? CRT or HDMI conversion?[View]
677599327Redpill me on this game /v/[View]
677580817>Fortnite player numbers keep on dropping >Has lost 67% of its players in a few months Uhh....…[View]
677608096so many butt clenching moments holy fuck[View]
677587286DALL-E 3 Thread: bing.com/create[View]
677607996no wonder squall chose rinoa[View]
677607738Is johnfreemangaming71 a good name for my new Youtube gaming channel?[View]
677606120when will he acknowledge metal gear solid 3 remake[View]
677607275Im going to play Paper Mario all night[View]
677603543>it's a hypno episode[View]
677607817Nikke: We are not ready for bunny soda[View]
677607802>And I think it's gonna be a long, long time >'Til Nora unfreezes again to find >…[View]
677606543Why is the ending SO SAD?[View]
677606310>boss is too hard >ask big sis for help[View]
677600193is Eyes on Me the greatest song ever made for a vidya????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ8o1Wq6l…[View]
677605023Better CoD than any actual CoD[View]
677599998Uma Musume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-rY08mzHyg Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Party Dash comes …[View]
677599907what are your hopes and dreams for RE5 remake?[View]
677604772What are some perfectly cromulent games?[View]
677606427How come a PS2 game looks better than a lot of modern AAA games?[View]
677603229How hard is it?: should I play unfair for my first playthrough? I normally play hardest difficulty o…[View]
677590749Why aren't there any science-fantasy games despite pic related's imagery inspiring many ga…[View]
677599225The phrase 'it's just a game' is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, im…[View]
677603595this game has the best melee combat i've ever played why the fuck has nothing like it ever been…[View]
677604610Meanwhile, at the /v/ LAN party...[View]
677598692Iwata was right[View]
677604901>vidya can't be philosophical[View]
677607209My name is Frey Holland…and I am… FORSPOKEN[View]
677595954unicorn overlord: >raining outside so i put on headphones while playing pic related >the horse…[View]
677573303>I am the last hope for New Vegas because I can predict anything with facts and logic >WAIT WH…[View]
677598293What went wrong with nu-capcom?[View]
677546501>traumatic moment in your life happens while playing a game >game is now tied to that experie…[View]
677600676Name the game.[View]
677604368Just added this to my shopping cart, what did I think of it?[View]
677604348What are your favorite transformations in gaming?[View]
677604761What went wrong?[View]
677605856How are you supposed to enjoy games like this when there's a russian with 10k hours who instant…[View]
677606074Me trying to remember the name of the bear from Five Nights At Freddy's[View]
677606714Smiling Ness: Ness from the cult classic 1994 Super Nintendo game, Mother 2, is smiling![View]
677605761>the only decent game made in the west since Skyrim was a fucking accident Why is it often the c…[View]
677601470cheeky bitch[View]
677602885Whats the first game you ever personally owned? Was it any good?[View]
677602810Is Final Fantasy X an unabashed masterpiece or are there glaring flaws?[View]
677606580Mankind Divided is the last time I felt impressed in any way by the level design in a game[View]
677602039Hey /v, what games should I get for my swtich? Was thinking about pikmin 4, mario rpg, luigis mansio…[View]
677606250Why was it forgotten so quickly?[View]
677604797What did I think of it, and based on that, will I like Judas too?[View]
677604496My beautiful wife Aerith[View]
677596428>Nintendo charges $60 for games from 2017[View]
677560634This is how you don't make soulslikes[View]
677605095How do you reply without sounding mad?[View]
677603626>farm frogs >bronze stolen[View]
677606215>1 hour essay video about a game I never played and never will[View]
677603932How long will it be until AAA fully dies out?[View]
677606258The Pokémon Killer: Why did THE POKÉMON KILLER™ failed at killing Pokémon?[View]
677606252We did it coomerbros![View]
677605471Worst puzzle shrine in the game. >hint is 'courage to fall' >explore everything, can't pr…[View]
677601661>Play JRPG >The main villain is capitalism Bravo, Itoi!…[View]
677589724Mass Effect: Can't wait for DA:Dreadwolf to be released so they can stop making Dragon Age and …[View]
677586317Recommend horror games[View]
677602520Say hi to goombella![View]
677603779>Surely THIS will convince people to play our game![View]
677605184Sit down and have a drink with us Anon[View]
677603101Hideo Kojima's Mad Max: What type of game will it be?[View]
677604238what game has the best monsters?[View]
677603937>join NA server >CHING CHONG PING PONG CHIOWBADOW BINGDING LOOOOO YONG >*see a guy flying a…[View]
677603671Upcoming WRPGs: Which one will be good? Which one will be bad?[View]
677597462I wish all hagfags and granny fuckers would go die. Stop playing games and ruining them.[View]
677604194resident evil: Will they finally get a happy ending in re9? Becasue god knows they deserve it.…[View]
677604685Elden Ring is literally, undeniably troon slop. Why are you giving it a pass for this?[View]
677586871I'm gonna say it. Dwarfs are the most reddit race of all time. They stem from the same logic as…[View]
677604504what is the best gundam game?[View]
677529735Wuthering Waves: And a ching chong to you[View]
677596480Is there more reddit character than this?[View]
677597876Ever wondered what francis did before the apocalypse[View]
677604381Hey guys, God here. Been awhile since I posted an update but I'm still at work on the game. I…[View]
677583793what is it about serah that makes her so much more likeable than her sister lightning[View]
677598586What does it say?[View]
677602604How can one company be so BASED: >The switch is on the cusp of being the best selling system in g…[View]
677603410why haven't you played proto ninja gaiden yet, /v/?[View]
677599167>people actually have irrational hatred for Skyrim Sovlless golems the whole lot of them…[View]
677600931What is the most diverse video game[View]
677604316he filtered billions[View]
677597828Nintendo kids STILL haven’t gotten over this[View]
677586529Deadlock Leaks Thread: Visual Clusterfuck Edition Continuing from the previous thread: >>67757…[View]
677602579shhhhh.... akari is sleeping[View]
677570608Fortnite killed AAA games: >The assumption was that people would jump between products when they …[View]
677602280How come RAR became the defacto compression algorithm and not 7z ?[View]
677601601What is your build going into shadow of the erdtree?[View]
677603806first person underrail when I want an rpg where I can be a sneaky fucker and mow people down with a …[View]
677569450You don't own your Steam games[View]
677589150I think we owe genofags an apology[View]
677600823>no friends or online friends to play vidya with Will you be my friend?…[View]
677603606How did trannies and faggots take over gaming? I thought gamers hated them but now they are almost s…[View]
677602620>Buys RTX 3060 12 Gb: https://youtu.be/Ik-uusd9OWg What a fucking meme lmao, even the RTX 3070 wi…[View]
677603590look who i just found[View]
677598750>playstation losing what few games it has to PC >xbox circling the drain with actiblizz purcha…[View]
677592387Really? A fucking alien turtle?[View]
677587956GitS is getting a new anime in 2026. Will we get a new game too?[View]
677602651Playing this game makes me want to go to Walmart and Target and buy a bunch of useless shit and prep…[View]
677583645I can fix her![View]
677601789Fallout 4 is the most played title on steam yet is the least discussed on this board, care to explai…[View]
677592447I fucking hate gacha games. Stop shilling gacha games. Gachafags are subhumans[View]
677548220The Death of Xbox: >Phil Spencer wants to Game Pass to run in every device >Xbox brand will be…[View]
677603226I want a rouge galaxy sequel so bad it's unreal I'll even take a remake at the point[View]
677592851Fun fact: there are 0 (zero) good escort missions in any game between 1996-2010[View]
677597636This was indisputably the only good battle royale[View]
677603073This is all I need to brave the Mojave.[View]
677600438>odyssey was never given dlc outside of balloon world and costumes >a supposed odyssey was pre…[View]
677600256Why is it that the Water Starter: is objectively the best pick in 90% of Pokemon games?[View]
677596628Just started this: Kind of sucks so far, does the main story real suck as much as people say?[View]
677596996So, now that the dust has settled, why did he do this?[View]
677602845Does anyone know the name of this game?: So I vaguely remember this PS3 game I had the demo of where…[View]
677602839HATE 3X3 THREAD: Enough about games you like, make an 3x3 of games you HATE. Link here -> https:/…[View]
677600815>Larping as Caesar fag >Install dozens of ttw Sexout mods >Enslave & Rape every hotties…[View]
677602038Americans can do it too[View]
677600698He filtered millions[View]
677602294>Ashley's dad was canonically president during 9/11 Do you think his response would have bee…[View]
677602578Starstruck Vagabond: the torrent's up now fuckers, give it a look for yahtzee's sake. he…[View]
677602424I'm having a blast[View]
677600328The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.[View]
677588626Splatoonsisters… our response???[View]
677602170>being stingy with health potions in strat game >knight double crits my mage >lost characte…[View]
677561998Why are the modern Assassin's Creed games so soulless compared to 1 and 2?: https://youtu.be/2U…[View]
677591289Red Alert 2: Does it still hold up in your opinion? And remaster when?[View]
677564232If you let ghouls take over Tenpenny before you blow up Megaton, Roy and Burke get a unique bit of d…[View]
677598859Why are Persona fans like this?[View]
677557457Ghost of tsushima thread : fuck you whale[View]
677601812How likely is it to for devs to develop something the same kind of 'hack' to recompile games from ot…[View]
677598658>Young man, I'm detecting a powerful demon up ahead. His level is estimated to be 28, while …[View]
677598234>200 years post war >anything you build with metal is rusted >anything you build with wood …[View]
677555212What's next for eclectic horror genre?[View]
677592002>left is a horrible, unplayable, buggy mess of a game with more loading screens then actual gamep…[View]
677601612>ITT, bad sequels made by devs who clearly did not understand what made the prior game(s) good…[View]
677587086ITT: vidya girls who look like they're weak to anal[View]
677601543The fans of this game have were the kick in the ass I needed to see why gatekeeping is sometimes nec…[View]
677601092Why didnt you buy his game?[View]
677593352More games should feature tomboys[View]
677592910>Overwath Dead >Paladins Dead >TF2 DEAD What the fuck do I play now, I like this genre but …[View]
677599992What color is the best?[View]
677600130Neverending wordslop: >'writers' actually proud of this[View]
677595972is burnout revenge for the ps2 a good game?[View]
677592676FREE: Gla0dius worhommer free on gog https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianGaming/comments/1d07c3n/warhamme…[View]
677597920Indie Live Expo 2024: Post your lists, it's our only hope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMEf…[View]
677600694SEGA failed to even get close on how based this was back then . How is PSO2 NGS still alive .[View]
677575516I will fix her.[View]
677600901Why no sequel arcade game for The Simpsons: This had to be one of the biggest arcade games of the 90…[View]
677595198>Hmmm.. a combine zombie.. That's like a-a zombine, right? Heh.. Zombine, get it hehe? okay…[View]
677589042Dark Souls RE-REMASTERED is out: Get the fuck is here Soulschads https://youtu.be/MHvk1nOBU2w?si=-ge…[View]
677579918Baldur's Gate: I'm going to give 1 and 2 another try. Last time, I dropped the series in A…[View]
677597653I'M MOVIN' DIFFERENT[View]
677597076Aight /v/, shill me some games on Steam. I don't care if it's new or old, well known or no…[View]
677589017Just play on community servers[View]
677590194>remake of the first wizardry do I want to play this?[View]
677599996>XDefiant is a flop It's over...[View]
677600197When will this engine become something usable to a professional, and not just some linux idiots.[View]
677599818Opera intro: Name a single bad game that had an opera arias or opera chorus as its intro[View]
677600078Pass the controller, /v/[View]
677599779>takes 10 years to make a game[View]
677588826Will she appear in new DLC?[View]
677580215Robbery Thread.: Post what could've been.[View]
677598713>You see that guy? He's gonna spend $70 and 100 hours on Bethesda's next games just so …[View]
677598207Unfortunately, it's good[View]
677598569Has Kojima ever commented on Wagner?[View]
677597984Is the current era worse than late 2000s/7th gen?[View]
677597525ITT: games no one likes[View]
677580887Remake clearly has better controls, graphics and difficulty, this guy is retarded[View]
677598467>Meta VR has no games Explain this then, chuds![View]
677599179Imagine if ZUN would had started today with GDevelop instead of C++.[View]
677597938Nilou rerun...s-soon?[View]
677599361You would be wise to consider trying out the new Fortnite season (before they nerf all the funny stu…[View]
677516539Elden Ring lore: Elden Ring lore chads I beseech thee: Struggle unto eternity with me: What the FUCK…[View]
677599004how the fuck is this not a diamond rating?????[View]
677599208Help me out /v/ - I want to play a VR game but don't know which: >Should I stab and decapita…[View]
677598050easy game engines.: Is there a list of game engines that are easy like rpg maker and doesnt require …[View]
677543614New Vegas thread? >game rewards you for doing a bunch of fetch quests[View]
677596317Name a more predatory Gacha dev[View]
677594909>The first electronic game was developed in 1950 thanks to the relatively widespread commercializ…[View]
677597089I suddenly remembered that I was waiting for this game to release so I went to check if it is close …[View]
677596615Fortnite... is dead...[View]
677571053You used anything else? You didn't beat the game. Simple as.[View]
677596340Fallout 4: I'm playing this for the first time and I'm at the point where I've just d…[View]
677588152This game is a complete piece of shit.[View]
677558824H-hey, Lord Captain /v/... why did- why didn't you buy my game?[View]
677596990we won helldivers bros[View]
677596592>Journos are THIS mad[View]
677594554Someone's gonna need these.[View]
677593178what happened to subnautica was a disgrace[View]
677584295>elden ring still doesn't support ultrawide Why?[View]
67759822114 thread part 2 because fat nigger janny autosaged it[View]
677596046Ueda is not that good. I still love the artstyle[View]
677597513Where would video games be on here[View]
677596219i only play real video games[View]
677596553One organic moment in gaming better than most of what developers can think of: One organic joke beca…[View]
677593871Post you're waifu[View]
677597878Webm thread: Post Combat WEBM Anything cool or strategic that you did while playing Show ability sy…[View]
677597561The Elves took over Skyrim so gradually I didn't even notice until it was too late[View]
677592081>Game was built for you[View]
677597732>we are never going to get fun games like pic related ever again why even live…[View]
677596107>Play any game from your mobile/smart device, at any time, anywhere, for a monthly subscription A…[View]
677577945>Reminder that ALL remakes and remasters are SHIT and you ALWAYS need to play the originals inste…[View]
677597526>having fun mid 12 hour weekend gaming sesh >suddenly remember I have work on Monday >stop …[View]
677597482lol no go back with trailers[View]
677597458Our long and dangerous trek here was for nothing This board won't discuss video games[View]
677579518back when pokemon had soul...[View]
677597190How do I beat this faggot in Doom Eternal? I'm up to the last phase where he has spirit buffed …[View]
677565494>melee can face tank bosses outright, dies in 2 hits to HM mooks >traps deal 120 damage on mas…[View]
677587283Why are Westerns better at making japanese games than Japan?[View]
677590126How would you rate her as a King?[View]
677596729What was the last video game you enjoyed playing?[View]
677592493All fighting games need a character that looks like this.[View]
677591732What is the appeal of this character?[View]
677581580Name 3 games that did open world well[View]
677588020Reminder unofficial emulation (and decomps) IS theft. A game being off the market doesn't give …[View]
677593242Who here /out/door gamers here? Enjoying this summer myself.[View]
677549380What's /v/ opinion on Netflix's Castlevania? Is it a good adaptation?[View]
677590945Accurate still?[View]
677595313What went wrong?[View]
677592746Mass Effect: Why is she so blue? The rest of her species is like brightish blue, or purple, but she…[View]
677591706Bros..., not like this...[View]
677590501What's the best written game of the past 5 years (since 2019)?[View]
677582841>It'll be out when it's out[View]
677596774This game would be so much better if you could do all the crazy end game stuff like going to paralle…[View]
677589220Name a more immersive rpg[View]
677596684Paper Mario TTYD Remake: You VILL listen to his stories[View]
677596585Banana fairy.[View]
677595315remember to take care of your hands while playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6y0D_8kRoU…[View]
677596543post your go to blops 1 class[View]
677595538Oi, big guy[View]
677596383GNOSIA Thread[View]
677594197THIS GAME IS AWFUUULLL!!!!!: And yet, despite finally realizing the truth, he kept playing. He kept …[View]
677593801Big British Cock[View]
677582567Ffxiv dawntrail: Bake lalafell. Pan fry lalafell. Bake a lalafell into a pie. Dice up a lalafell int…[View]
677596254Piracy is easy, you just google for the free game, and then you run it through virus total.[View]
677565332this game is whack as fuck to control[View]
677594189Just get a normal gf.[View]
677594782LOL. LMAO even. Stop pretending that those two are a couple. Locke is so weak, that even Interceptor…[View]
677596152DEADLOCK and TF2: this me me rn[View]
677594818Hey TF2 players shittalking Deadlock, now you know what it's like when they take your game and …[View]
677594992>drink my aunt's milk straight from her breast >makeout with mom in the kitchen and then …[View]
677584894LET HIM COOK[View]
677591319Why is there no good Jeff the Killer game?[View]
677594319deckies be like[View]
677590278BLAME!oids our time is coming (soon) >Lorn's Lure >Radio the Universe >The Machine tha…[View]
677591431Who wants to play an action game where the character and all the enemies are little girls?[View]
677590761I wan to know how tough it's... I wan to know the praace wheere... My soul is burnen out...[View]
677590878games only you played[View]
677590129This right here is the stupidest, most annoying and useless fucking addition in the whole game and i…[View]
677574803We actually beat Sony? We fucking won[View]
677594234>play teambased multiplayer game >do everything right and still lose because other teamamtes …[View]
677594460What the fuck is his problem?[View]
677592591V rising: Hey vee, I love vampires a lot and I remember when v rising came out but it was touted as …[View]
677594415third person shooters: post you're favorite TPS, for whatever reason[View]
677594041>5 minutes into the game >Here's your super cool awesome highly valuable space ship robbi…[View]
677593373You play modded Smash Bros.?[View]
677594421So how the fuck do I figure out what rockstar account is linked to my Steam because I've tried …[View]
677591063now that kiwami 3-5 is confimred how will they change the games to reference 0, k1, k2, ichiban, and…[View]
677590840>At this point, I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe It still confuses me - was K…[View]
677590013What should I do?[View]
677593452I'm getting better /v/[View]
677590339Wake up operator, new Battle Network kino just dropped https://www.therockmanexezone.com/general/202…[View]
677593737I tried to start this game 5 times already, but each time I am filtered by crafting. I like atmosphe…[View]
677587789>where did you learn to fly?[View]
677593514>12 hours into epic Halo sesh >mom said the Pizza Rolls are ready…[View]
677577445Come on sailors, hear my music...[View]
677591328>tfw the Sega logo appears and a manly tear rolls down your cheek Zoomers will never know what so…[View]
677587090Comfy Weekend Thread: What you guys doing / playing? >me[View]
677578350Which one should I play for the first time? Original or Remastered? I'm on PC so I'm prett…[View]
677591306Why don't we get more natural disaster kino? There is like one series that even touches on the …[View]
677592853It's well past time that we got another Punisher game.[View]
677591215Jill Valentine thread: all Jills welcome[View]
677593174Fighting Games: How did SNK fail so hard? There was a time in history where even Capcom considered t…[View]
677592695Were people too harsh on it?[View]
677587725IT'S FUCKING OVER[View]
677592551getting /comfy/: I wanna get /comfy/. What do you play? I've been emulating a bunch of stuff. S…[View]
677592998Feel that breeze...between your cheeks.[View]
677588372Ninja Theory bros.....[View]
677590157Bros...We're home: The WoW community unironically asked for Cataclysm classic.[View]
677592156zelink thread[View]
677586690How do you create a nickname?[View]
677591971What went right?[View]
677588598Games should never go for realistic graphics because they'll age and eventually look terrible[View]
677592650I bought and played through this my first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll be playing the last c…[View]
677592264Opinion: Fire Emblem’s Future May Not Be In Turn-Based Combat: Why the fuck people care more about t…[View]
677588841what game would you play with Alyssa Mercante?[View]
677404178Have a BB for your troubles[View]
677585248What are the best examples of this on Vidya?[View]
677587692The loathsome ________ what was his name again?[View]
677584965Which games will you be buying during the steam pride month sale?[View]
677592337recent achievements thread: Just got this, feeling pretty good, post yours[View]
677589856>Pick black skin >-10 Int[View]
677590030You know, for a mediocre unfinished game that was released for an addon that nobody cared about, Knu…[View]
677592261New World bros...: It's over. What the fuck are the devs even doing?[View]
677590391>children game[View]
677591232Say bye bye to the creators of DMC...[View]
677585580What am I in for?[View]
677591191This is what will happen to you if you pirate games.[View]
677590681Is it dead?[View]
677585316Nintendo roms are back on Vimm's Lair and Garry is still retarded[View]
677591541>Try to find cool new waifu videogame fan art >Only find AI pajeet showelware now >pajeets …[View]
677591093Anyone know where i can get Resident Evil 4 Remake on sale for steam online?[View]
677584140Thoughts? Updated sex gacha main story tiers >S Tier Limbus company/Girls Frontline >A Tier …[View]
677591575games with a tribunal system? in old ToS you could vote on if reports were valid or not and essentia…[View]
677579597What are your thoughts on the current state of pixel art in games[View]
677591594>Shoot right through terrain This is your hero /v/?[View]
677584989If source engine is so great, why there's no other game than FPS to be made there?[View]
677584810Switch is now the #1 selling nintendo console ever[View]
677571557Find a flaw.[View]
677591372Why did Valve pander to the compspergs?: And more importantly, why does anyone accept the compsperg …[View]
677498184indigo park ch.1: Did you play Rambley's video game?? what did I think of it? Chapter 2 is FUND…[View]
677582578>that character you like is trapped in a game you don't care about What's that characte…[View]
677581382what other rpgmakers would you recommend?[View]
677587626Please tell me, when does it gets good?[View]
677587913>QTE on a 8bit game[View]
677584210Why do so many nintendo fans defend censorship in their first party games?[View]
677590818The crazy *is* the appeal.[View]
677585240Multiversus: If successful, could the roster really be endless? Post your most wanted >Stages …[View]
677585008Minecraft really was just virtual legos wasn't it? What happened to it that people complain tha…[View]
677590713>game has a dynamic soundtrack Is there anything better? https://youtu.be/ddITWacD6Ss…[View]
677566547more games should have strong girls[View]
677589081How could he have responded without sounding mad?[View]
677587868>/v/ will say this is ugly and that she looks like Nikocado >Meanwhile they want to fuck Goom…[View]
677577452Fire Emblem: Oh no, not like this Fire Emblem bros…[View]
677580113IAT did so poorly...: That Crash Bandicoot threads are just deleted by jannies on sight. Fucking ama…[View]
677587675It’s kinda a lil funny actually: Snoys, explain yourselves: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_…[View]
677588804FarmSim 22 (FREE) on EPIC this week, get it before May 30 11am![View]
677587279>decide to check my favourite games >90% of their fandoms is composed of people who never play…[View]
677589376IF you think this nothing character is memorable in any way you need to play more video games.[View]
677585898Who is the greatest vidya antagonist of all time ?[View]
677578572Selaco: Triple-Indie Kino: Since /v/ seems to be bit lost on the matter... Early Access Selaco on LA…[View]
677580508What makes a vidya world feel lived in to you[View]
677589987Improved franchises: Sometimes, a game series goes in a completely new direction with a sequel. This…[View]
677586715What the fucking FUCK did they mean by this?[View]
677587917This game kinda sucks.: I mean the entire series. Not just this game.[View]
677588923Explain why you buy PC/Console games knowing you can pirate them for free[View]
677589330Play Quake Champions(R) today![View]
677589569A yikes from Mumbo: I miss this guy[View]
677529674>Summer 2024 >VR still hasn't taken off What went wrong?…[View]
677587649Yes, I'm offended stupid bitch. This bitch had me stuck on the light puzzle prior because her s…[View]
677586141Foul demon, I will send you and your thread to page 10 as many times as it takes[View]
677581024Did you beat stellar Blade new game mode yet?[View]
677587908What are some hard games?[View]
677583463>3080 12 GB[View]
677576389>dev makes game to encourage experimentation >wikifags kill the notion two days in How would …[View]
677589221What are your favorte bad endings?[View]
677588049What games do Gen Alphas play? https://youtu.be/m7orWQZ0gPA[View]
677535863Where does your favorite remake place /v/?[View]
677582002>play old/indie game with simple shit graphics >can read visuals perfectly >stuff behaves l…[View]
677586650should i buy this or nintendo switch?: https://www.irokebijinshop.com/index.php/product/irokebijin-s…[View]
677586919FGO's story sucks: Why did you guys lie to me and tell me that it was good? Camelot sucks. Baby…[View]
677583708What games for this /v/?[View]
677585340>game is unfair horseshit[View]
677564890We are going back to 25% GPU tariffs: It will also include 500W+ PSUs, you playing games with high f…[View]
677587280El gato del videojuego ya está aquí, he aquí[View]
677588087Now that ghost in the shell is getting a anime that's more faithful to the manga what are the o…[View]
677588807>open world >crafting >survival >early access Name a more powerful combination…[View]
677586015so this is just town of salem but more interactive and less text based?[View]
677584869>indian ruins castlevania with netflix adaptation >now onto ruin devil may cry why are america…[View]
677587101the game of green: >'dude it's not addictive, I can have fun without it. it's just a fu…[View]
677588042Rare PS4 Games: I finally bought a PS4, because I like buying a systems best games when they're…[View]
677588459Paper Mario TTYD: Looks like trannyhouse missed a spot[View]
677585224Post your waifu[View]
677587843>just got paid which one should I get?[View]
677586731The Elder Scrolls games are just virtual parks for going around listening to Jeremy Soule's inc…[View]
677588164Will kenshi go on sale on the survival fest in steam[View]
677584650How come this never got a sequel? It was pure kino.[View]
677584484What is /v/'s thoughts on Furukawa's run at Nintendo?[View]
677575105>here's the armor set for your late game enemy, bro[View]
677579341Describe the plot[View]
677587108resident evil printer goes brrrrr[View]
677553283Is this true?[View]
677587005It’s great[View]
677587678Is Goom Goom an incel?[View]
677587619Just picked up Secrets of Grindea to play with a buddy. I'm enjoying it a lot, and it made me t…[View]
677566457Twilight Princess for Switch when?: https://youtu.be/VE2Dc1sx71U[View]
677580880Goombas are not to be sexualized[View]
677568536DALL-E 3: bing.com/create[View]
677581603TSM signs Female team - 4/5 are transwomen: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/1d07rl…[View]
677585892Bros...we lost[View]
677579889Is /v/ ready to admit it was amazeballs?[View]
677585486What does /v/ thinks of Pic Related? is currently on sale, i didn't even know it was on steam, …[View]
677581437>dark souls lore has a clear beginning and ending, with the Painter painting a new world with the…[View]
677577203>Removed Fuukas cum scene Uninstalled[View]
677586212>The best pokemon game ever made I kneel[View]
677584470This is quartz crystal. It provides a steady frequency for your CPU so all your games can work corre…[View]
677586507>Start over an RPG game >'Yup, time to make the same choices I made last time.'…[View]
677580853Is it normal for siblings to be this close?[View]
677444179>Boot up game >Unskippable splash screens >RYZEN™ >AMD™ >NVIDIA™ >GEARBOX™ >EA™…[View]
677586859How different would Wani a Gator turn out if you replace Inco with Anon from Snoot Game as the main …[View]
677584091He has absolutely no morally redeeming qualities: I know it’s almost cliche at this point to say “Ba…[View]
677584063So I have to install spyware to play my single player RPG?[View]
677586295>jutsu simulator >amazing recreation of shibuya >goes really deep into japanese folklore …[View]
677575807Do you consider Crash Tag Team Racing a bad Crash game?[View]
677586118Metal Gear: Just beat Cyborg Ninja, pretty bussin game so far. Wish I was born before it came out fr…[View]
677580661how the fuck did this autistic dumbass get laid???[View]
677584854psvita... home...[View]
677537572Paper Mario TTYD: Oh, so they keep implied adultery of a character we're supposed to see as goo…[View]
677581925What will you be having at The Institute today?[View]
677586394How do I get back at these ricers?[View]
677585243Is it unfairly hated?[View]
677582014No good Soul Eater games??[View]
677570643Deadlock Leaks Thread: Kineanimatography Edition Continuing from the previous thread: >>677552…[View]
677586171is conan exiles the best open world multiplayer survival crafter on the market?[View]
677579354What do you think of Half-Life lore?[View]
677579262what space games need are more space babes. Agreed?[View]
677585314>someone tries to talk to me or emote at me in game >get anxious >pretend to be AFK until t…[View]
67758580716bit is where gaming peaked. We as a species should have taken a step back and acknowledge that it …[View]
677585853I don't understand why people act so disingenuous about Fire Emblem Awakening cause I recall pe…[View]
677584391I’ve had enough of your stupid video games Aren’t you a little old to be playing video games?[View]
677582416I am downloading Fallout 3. What am I in for?[View]
677585510A Koopa's Revenge 2: Because this gem doesn't get talked about often[View]
677580010cute & canon[View]
677579521Whats the video game equivalent ?[View]
677576952What build are you making to get ready for the Expansion?[View]
677565261Do you mod your game /v/?[View]
677580724What level are you going into SotE at?: I was thinking about hitting 80 and crushing mogh and going …[View]
677584658>The families of those killed in the Uvalde school shooting have filed lawsuits against Activisio…[View]
677580196ps3 modding: should I be using cfw or hen? would I run the risk of getting my account banned if I ch…[View]
677577606Why people let him do this cringe? Why someone didn't beated the shit out of him?[View]
677584693Modern games just shouldn't reference real life.[View]
677582323What are some video games that you would recommend to a non-autistic adult who doesn't like ove…[View]
677584738>play DOTA 2 and pick Nature's Prophet >I managed to destroy all enemy barracks, which sp…[View]
677577981>OST by Yoko Shimomura[View]
677580642How do I into DOTA 2 in 2024? It is worth to play this game casually? How do I learn easily to play …[View]
677583015My son said he can't pause online games. Is that true?[View]
677581953ITT: post your favorite vidya hebes (images only)[View]
677580873in your opinion, would a no-powers run preclude getting the agility powers? guessing yes, but i neve…[View]
677584397>Game has unsolvable problem and won’t let you continue until you answer it…[View]
677562170>ITT: Kino monster/creature designs in vidya[View]
677579132>browsing steam at work >see this What the fuck, Gabe? I almost got promoted. I'm not eve…[View]
677579205I want some new crpg or mmorpg to play but I feel like I've played them all.[View]
677572467>I'm putting together a team.[View]
677582061God I wish my country's president were a cute girl in a mecha suit[View]
677583316Would you let your child fell for Videogame Addiction?[View]
677582946What was Resident Evil: Nemesis'ses problem?[View]
677555456Daily reminder that you didn't beat the game. Any excuse you come up with is just cope. Deal w/…[View]
677583517Sticker Star: Now that the thousand shitdoor remake is out can we admit this is the best Paper Mario…[View]
677582548How do I reach Rosalina in TTYD?[View]
677581590How do I know if my game has SOVL or not?[View]
6775830708 years ago, Overwatch won GOTY and now….it’s a dead husk[View]
677561161Should I buy a Steam Deck if I already have a strong PC? Having my entire steam library anywhere I g…[View]
677582314Sony is hiding PS1 games on Vita: Only isn't letting you buy PS1 games on Vita anymore https://…[View]
677577636>RTX 2070 Super >people bully me because they have RTX 40 series, soon 50 series >can'…[View]
677581247Rare/Niche Collectable PS4 Games: I finally bought a PS4, because I like buying a systems best games…[View]
677565717/v/ plays X-COM. OP goes insane.: Took a little break from making threads since last two didn't…[View]
677581035Longtime Souls veterans' least favorite game. Only secondaries like it.[View]
677577207It's the worst expansion: >Introduces daily slop >Furfaggotry >Wokeness begins…[View]
677572130post favourite BLACK characters[View]
677581190Chuchu Rocket: Why hasn't this game gotten a modern remake/port?[View]
677581237Couch Co-op is dead, Everything is online...: Why the fuck is everything capped at 4 player co-op th…[View]
677581352Any games that let me drive around with my comfy Kettenkrad in a post apocalyptic world?[View]
67756133610 years ago they were on top of the world what happened?[View]
677580253I can't play games without having a streamer/youtuber in the background[View]
677573105How come videogame music is better than radio music, always?[View]
677582521>casually scrolling down VK (yeah I'm a russian kill me) >really good sonic fanart pops u…[View]
677578969Why does Miyazaki hate Godwyn?: >firstborn >most beautiful >fair >strongest >best all…[View]
677582360sadly after all these years, fallout 3 and oblivion still stutter on any rig at at least 1440p resol…[View]
677580976You now know that Paper Mario N64 was decompiled 100% last year: What will you do with this new info…[View]
677580536>Join our discord to get exclusive in-game items >Join our discord to get access to exclusive …[View]
677581912>a wonder has been built in a faraway land[View]
677454543Now that the dust has settled: Was she wise or demented?[View]
677581978What do we think of Poison from Street Fighter?[View]
677581929IT games you are not allowed to play anymore cause your GPU maker said so[View]
677580264elden ring: can't wait to use the odachi in the DLC[View]
677579785>TFW no gladiator ARPG Why even live[View]
677575651What could it mean, Mario bros?[View]
677581567Fortnite - Season 3 Chapter 5: Its kino. Anyone else playing it? >inb4 buy an ad Nobody cares abo…[View]
677575730Am in in some sorta creepypasta?: So, I was just playing some minecraft 1.6.1 right? Just for the fu…[View]
677581390would you feel differently about Mrs. Freeze if in-game the Suicide Squad relentlessly roasted him[View]
677581443>trannies lost >woketards lost >mentally ill pajeet who keeps spamming the pornhub map lost…[View]
677579839>Bethesda: a group of 110 IQ people tasked with 140 IQ projects lead by a midget with zero vision…[View]
677575601Phoenix and Maya: Will they finally drop the platonic thing in AA7?[View]
677566214Was this a good marketing strategy?[View]
677581064I just don't get it, why is Xbox failing??? How could we have ever known this would happen?[View]
677573717what's your favorite game that was never officially brought to the west?[View]
677580981Kino Video Game Fanart. Not the Off model brand shit. Artists that capture the games spirits.[View]
677580962He kinda cute[View]
677570834When nvidia gonna fix this shit?: We have pathtracing and raytracing yet every game has this shit ar…[View]
677580905Smash: How hard/easy is it to make your own custom character in the hit game Project M? Is model rig…[View]
677574794Angry Video Game Nerd: Happy 20th to “This Game Sucks” Let’s just have a fun chill thread and discus…[View]
677576568Space bun[View]
677574871Finally a VN for chads[View]
677576041>boomers were like 'bruh no cap these graphics are bussin on god fr'[View]
677580314why the hell is Vivian a tranny: seriously this isnt even how the japanese dialog was back then in j…[View]
677579651>is the first Metal Gear game to be designed from the ground up with a freely controllable camera…[View]
677577291>your gf dumped you Re-play Black flag >A familiar died Re-play Black flag >Nobody came to …[View]
677578753For all the faggot shit blighting this game, I still can't think of a single game that has requ…[View]
677577204Do you enjoy playing wholesome Japanese rpgmaker games? https://mega.nz/#!i3o01TjS!GcF1cJYEZjJn6jRvJ…[View]
677579589will they make a season 5 of twd to erase the shitty post final season comic or will they just let c…[View]
677580083Games for this feel?[View]
677580035If I wear these will other crafters assume I'm trans?[View]
677579878whats the cheapest price for a copy of paper mario ttyd for switch? any obscure deals or giveaways g…[View]
677576542Which genre of game takes the most skill? FPS, Moba, Fighting games, card games?[View]
677574370Does /v/ plays rhythm games?[View]
677578297I wish sunflowers were real[View]
677578335>game let's you play as a fucked up addict teenager who slaughters the entire city of people…[View]
677578578What options/settings do you like to have in games? For me, it's text size/speed. And also adju…[View]
677578672Anyone here played rival schools: united by fate? I'm looking through a bunch of 3d fighting ga…[View]
677575161Why do women love him so much? Like for real whenever a female streamer sees him on screen it looks …[View]
677565887lalas should have never been added to XIV[View]
677577131do you consider your gaming habits unhealthy?[View]
677574373>it became an immediate success >hundreds of downloads and people who won't stop talking …[View]
677576285>Shits on every single square game since the beggining of time how did they do it…[View]
677567187Reminder that ALL remakes and remasters are SHIT and you ALWAYS need to play the originals instead.[View]
677578962it do be like that[View]
677577890He was gay, Mohg the Omen?[View]
677579202The Witcher 1: Why did people hate this game's combat? I thought it was fun[View]
677579179TERRASHIT: >ANON GIVE IT A CHANCE you need to play at LEAST 600 HOURS grind 100 hours more build …[View]
677578738why is this allowed?[View]
677554537what's the ideal resolution?[View]
677576528Why does everybody hate Gen V again?[View]
677575112stop hoarding games inb4 >buy[View]
677570004lord almighty she's bald and fat[View]
677577862one year ago, this was the worst of /v/[View]
677578569The Sphere Hunter's sudden ascension in the video game industry needs to be discussed.[View]
677575024*knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *kno…[View]
677578059BattleBorn: hey guys check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bozvLUp0f1o[View]
677550150>two weeks later >Japan still hasnt recovered from this btfo…[View]
677578680How should I play this game if I don't have an original SNES and a CRT?[View]
677575309What did he mean by this?[View]
677577735what are the best horror games that are NOT walking sims?[View]
677571017What's your excuse for not playing Overwatch 2 right now, anon?[View]
677578525name one(1) dev that fell off harder than john romero you cant[View]
677575253For me, it's 123[View]
677578496Who is the John Woo of video games?[View]
677521414Do we like Panam?[View]
677575437/v/ Request thread: Previous Thread >>677410549 >If you drew it and it's vidya, you ca…[View]
677572641Just beat it: It's literally just gender bent assassins creed but with even worse gameplay. Als…[View]
677555153Thoughts in Super Mario Sunshine?[View]
677577136I can't fucking do it puppetbros...[View]
677565223Are you excited for Ludwigs speedrunning event in a few days?[View]
677577684High fps vidya: Framerates that are impossible on consoles and makes vidya fans screech[View]
677574564Paper Mario TTYD: Have you fixed your copy yet /v/?[View]
677550265>sorry but the name JudenStomper1488 is taken, please try again[View]
677562513I just want to play videogames... Leave me alone[View]
677575645How do I get better at DDR? Do I just have to get better at dancing?[View]
677557534Haha he’s got OUR number![View]
677577909Ignore the fake outrage: They're just trying to make you forget that the main reason to not buy…[View]
677577643>mfw a game is awesome[View]
677572051Was the Dreamcast peak soul?: I never played it, but anytime I run into one of these on the algorith…[View]
677571464>Kill Isobel without my companions present >No one there knows it was me >All companions st…[View]
677577609>anon, would you love me? Well?[View]
677571476Why are you so afraid of the future?[View]
677577465What made older games to have SOVL?[View]
677575349>favourite genre is crpgs >only way to feel that a story has stakes is with permadeath >fee…[View]
677575936The game becomes a slog towards the end. When you get the platinum chip, the game becomes bad.[View]
677568267The Future of Xbox: Can it survive in a Steam Deck/Switch/PS5 world?[View]
677511525What game is this babe from[View]
677577062NOOOOO!: They nuked my favourite thread! I loved that thread and imagining to be the bitch in the i…[View]
67757654510% now, or 15% later?[View]
677575957Any other jrpgs with soul like trails games?[View]
677570917Why aren't there any bratty characters in Western games? Do they just prefer well behaved and o…[View]
677576604>okey-dokie XD[View]
677576905Reminder that Neil Druckman is a misogynistic POS[View]
677568521I thought ray tracing would be a meme...: ...but it's really awesome. Metro Exodus EE looks rea…[View]
677576728This fucker took me 3 hours to take down on Hard Minimum EVE mode Fuck his dumb infinite unblockable…[View]
677574590>devs put gayshit and diversity in the game >''If you don't like it don't …[View]
677576273Chrono Cross: It’s a mess, a beautiful mess that I have a lot of affection for.[View]
677569227What's the most insulting character assassination you've ever seen?[View]
677569334Tell me about Khajiit: Why do they steal?[View]
677560142Deadlock and TF2: I am cautiously optimistic/rooting for Deadlock simply because TF2 is dead. If TF2…[View]
677410549/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>677299482 >If you drew it and it's vidya, you ca…[View]
677571829how is your country represented in vidya?[View]
677565913Any other 'painted' games like Okami?[View]
677576432most games now lack sovl: all the indie games that made it, made it because of SOVL. The issue is th…[View]
677576261why do twitchfags and rankedfags feel the need to annoy players in casual playlists ? its cancer.[View]
677576360Welcome back to America, Mr.Redfield.[View]
677575802>mom boughted me RE4 >just the standard editon. Not gold. Not even fucking deluxe editon Every…[View]
677576251>the ones responsible for all evil deeds are women >the immortal race of godlike beings are al…[View]
677576179toy town…home[View]
677574728Any ideas for good Waluigi spinoff?[View]
677551335Are remakes actually good for you?[View]
677573304that it im just gonna say it: beta routes were better[View]
677571603>When blud starts yapping about videogame rizz[View]
677572609I will never stop being shitter-shattered that Paradox dropped Imperator. Why did they do it, bros? …[View]
677572785I feel so bad for Vivian :([View]
677561587This game has no business being as good as it is[View]
677558540Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead thread!: I just keep dieing.[View]
677574768Best in the series[View]
677565059Play Warframe.[View]
677538239Camellia from the hit cRPG 'Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous' by Owlcat Games.[View]
677566370Hidetaka Miyazaki: Why does /v/ want his games to flop so bad?[View]
677575693For me its Byscilla.[View]
677572446How do you rank the races /v/?[View]
677575132What's next for Beebzy?[View]
677568953I see your point Uther. Very well then. What SHOULD we do about the army of undead being raised in S…[View]
677546724INDIE LIVE EXPO 2024: ZUN is on It's also ending very soon Stream links: JAP: https://www.youtu…[View]
677572890>game doesn't restrict how many weapons of the same type you can carry…[View]
677574417>Black Myth: Wukong >Phantom Blade >Code: to Jin Yong Next year is looking really good for…[View]
677573816My beloved[View]
677573601How about a tf2 map where the payload orbits the earth and you have to push an invisible cart to bui…[View]
677566353MultiVersus post-launch characters: Here’s some early plans on post-launch characters according to s…[View]
677574235Guys, is he stupid?[View]
677573203Will there be a part 2?[View]
677574968Apocalyptic Games: Which games best recreate the dread of an impending or immediate apocalypse?…[View]
677506905Splatoon 3: BIG BIG RUN IS COMING! All of Inkadia and the Splatlands are under attack! You’ll be hav…[View]
677574210>You left-wing-leaning parasite. You expect me to sit here and listen to your drivel ?…[View]
677572628>weird dreams about impending apocalypse >wake up to normal life, but sense of impending doom …[View]
677571734We've witnessed a resurgence of pixel-art games, but 2D pixel art naturally has limitations in …[View]

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