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673198196Eve is my wife.[View]
673196263>and thank you, the player ![View]
673198301the best in the series[View]
673102712PvP coming to palworld this year who's hyped?[View]
673190703i hate todd howard and his shitty games[View]
673197897>hates fags >doesn't like female protagonists >makes resetera/reddit trannies seethe Y…[View]
673193323>Lets nuke USA Now i understand why so many people who play FNV pick MR. House.…[View]
673183056'The crew' shutdown: What are your thoughts on Ubisoft's 'The Crew' shutdown and the campaign t…[View]
673197439Metaphor Refantazio: This game looks good and is the only game in 2024 I'm looking forward to…[View]
673193775epic game store sale what are you buying?[View]
673193537Vuglupzo zo vooya?[View]
673181723Master Chief if he keef[View]
673191769not a stealth thread I promise you: >game is more then meets the eye Games like this? It's a…[View]
673189326This is objectively the best fighting game.[View]
673191725At this point it's clear this is a humiliation ritual, but the question is why? What did Todd a…[View]
673193114Things are never going to get better for Starfield, are they?[View]
673197203Falllout: Dont mock with me, if you picked any other ending for the show the rest of the factions wo…[View]
673192295I hate to sound gay, but I feel like I wouldn't turn down sex with Karen from the hit video gam…[View]
673180917I really like this level![View]
673197051Elevens aren't happy with the next Assassin's Cread[View]
673194691>want to use game pass >doesn't want to use windows Piratechads, I kneel. I am coming hoe…[View]
673193582minmaxers btfo[View]
673186968Tell me what your dream Star Trek game would be like.[View]
673186580Name one racing game better than outrun[View]
673144467Miyazaki should hang for this one.[View]
673196724When will the rougelike meme die? If Castle crashers 2 ends up being a rougelike like this one i mig…[View]
673196279I hate video games, post your most hated video game[View]
673193763never played siege but i would definitely let this character strangle me in my sleep[View]
673192970Is it a good game, /v/?[View]
673195136Why did they change the character models from the leaks? The guy went from being a white trash chad …[View]
673190117what game, /v/?[View]
673189734Seriously why aren't their any mods to give Amy less clothing?[View]
673193759All memes aside, is this game fun?[View]
673196112>one weapon in the game totally outclasses all the others and ruins the meta…[View]
673194734>Crash 4 sold 5 million+ units (Not a flop considering it's budget.) >New spyro game star…[View]
673193829I will always choose Tifa[View]
673195903A.B.A. Thread: I can fix her...[View]
673195995Games for this feel?[View]
673191724The best GTA.: No other game comes even close to what it had going on[View]
673195939https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D_C0gNjaiw TIMOTHY CAIN LOVED THE FALLOUT TV SHOWS /v/ ON SUICIDE W…[View]
673188602Smoking kills.[View]
673195549Wait a minute. You're telling me nintendo invented a no glasses 3d screen and this WASN'T …[View]
673191790Whats the videogame equivalent of Godzilla defeating Superman?[View]
673193160What were they thinking with this one?[View]
673192187Why is the design for wizards so different in Japanese games compared to WRPGs?[View]
673190301MauMau: I don't understand the engraving system in this at all, the translation isn't very…[View]
673195357What I expected / What I got: I love this normie meme. It has made me find absolute hidden gems thro…[View]
673194871This is why you don't let a solo developer do any balancing lmao[View]
673195457It is over: Say it ain't so[View]
673195508The ideas that I need to simplify my goal, and make something more like power point presentation ins…[View]
673187174Did monster hunter peak here?[View]
673159573do you like sidescroll run and shoot? which ones are good?[View]
673193624Is there any other developer that does monsters as good as Capcom? Their animation, design, sound a…[View]
673191140>likes to be the life of the party wtf does that mean? I don't go to parties…[View]
673191523This is absolutely incredible. Let me guess, /v/irgins hate it?[View]
673176873Do you love Warframe?[View]
673173416> I WANTO MAKE SEQUERU TO DURAGONSU DOGUMA >PREASE GETTO HAIPU >*forgets to write a story* …[View]
673193125>game called 'modern warfare' >Look inside >Cold war weapons…[View]
673190343If your doctor told you that you would die tomorrow, which video game would you play as your last?[View]
673190717Smashing cars to take their position should be ancillary to the actual racing, not the focus. Pingin…[View]
673184656This cant be real[View]
673178139ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
673190820Why did Tears of the Kingdom not really have any lasting appeal or legacy? Seems like everyone just …[View]
673189474Is is better than Rebirth?[View]
673194146Weekly Famitsu Sales Software Sales: [Overexpensive Console] Goyslop: Trillion-Dollar ESG Propaganda…[View]
673190567Is the Donkey Kong franchise dead? Tropical Freeze is 10 years old.[View]
673189427was the giant crab really necessary?[View]
673190487Rockstar's pacing and storytelling fucking sucks: GTA IV has an amazing story, the best Rocksta…[View]
673192367How do you justify EA's new subscription fees?[View]
673137882What videogames have an uncanny artstyle regardless of the intention behind it?[View]
673188361>finally do something interesting and weird with pokemon designs >don't bring them back i…[View]
673193820NFS: Hot Pursuit 2: 19 County, I’m in pursuit. Vehicle is an orange Opel Speedster.[View]
673189106So what actually went wrong with world of warcraft? Some people said it died with cataclysm, some sa…[View]
673165643>one of the biggest coop horde shooters in the market >hundreds upon hundreds of hours worth o…[View]
673136971Can Soul Calibur be saved?[View]
673186547>better story than Dragon's Dogma 2 >better characters than Dragon's Dogma 2 >big…[View]
673179267I'm about to try Ocarina of Time for the first time, what essential mods are there?[View]
673164654>nukes shady sands[View]
673191624>I ain't russian[View]
673188445Now a joke: What do you get when you cross western developers with a triple A game?[View]
673189208>dex build vs strength build[View]
673177672I'm bad at this game.[View]
6731894873x3 Thread: Make sure to rate and mock those who post more then nine games.[View]
673192253>friendly fire is on. this is where the real fun starts.[View]
673187789>he doesn't listen to Terran One on loop all day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD4GbGmvNRc…[View]
673181734Homeworld brahs, we're... not going home. This is going to suck.[View]
673190170HUFF HUFF HUFF HUFF what the hell...[View]
673187284Powerful forces beyond our reckoning have suppressed any attempts to revive Rockman.EXE. They believ…[View]
673181116Is the new Slay The Spire cast appro/v/ed? Is a female lich cooler than a robot? Discuss.[View]
673186261The Future is Japanese: >SWERY Death Game Hotel Hotel Barcelona (w/ Suda51) >Toyama Keiichiro …[View]
673189534>My game is so fucking original it has brain juice flowering from every fucking orifice. You are …[View]
673168580ITT: We say thank you and apologize to FF7 Rebirth scenario writer Mr. Nojima[View]
673191306the peasant's are properly served in toussaint[View]
673191465Bought both Ultimania: I’ll translate the important parts, specially Aerith death/life question. Be…[View]
673191568Will it be any good?[View]
673187585did you get filter /v/?[View]
673191521Skul Kino: Did you git gud yet skeleton?[View]
673170273Why don't you just play the games you like, and ignore that games that you don't like Then…[View]
673191720>PROSTAGMA >BOLUMÈ >.... >MALLISTA?…[View]
673187010is this the only coop game that actually incentivises teamwork?[View]
673189240How did we go from this...[View]
673180623Rate my battle room.[View]
673191209This is Darktide at its peak content Yup...[View]
673186019NEW side-quests for VTM: Reawakened (not approved yet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8PmmlFVfdI …[View]
673189301Why are zoomers like this?[View]
673190857I'd let her 'shadow' my 'circle' if you know what I mean. ;^)[View]
673190570Why are you still playing your irrelevant trash games instead of one of the best games ever made?[View]
673189629What was the point of this?[View]
673185683we got GabeN glow up before HL3[View]
673157378The best part about playing classic Fallout is knowing redditors don't know how to, and it…[View]
673188441Horror: Is this a horror game? Is it scary?[View]
673179802>'Come VC with us, anon!' I would prefer not to.[View]
673189327Are we ever getting World in Conflict 2?[View]
673190446Why single screen maze games stopped being popular after SMB?[View]
673186427Do you prefer eastern or western character design?[View]
673184225I don't enjoy video games anymore[View]
673190295Is he ever gonna stop talking about this fucking story? Like sure he's right, and he made great…[View]
673188635I remember people saying how this was the best fight in history of soulsborne franchise, but I watch…[View]
673188724This is the best version of Half-Life.[View]
673189753Pour one out for the 'people' who made Fallout New Vegas their personality for the past decade+.[View]
673188901The SMW spin jump was one of the best features added to Mario and it should've remained a stapl…[View]
673187613It's mid[View]
673186374The holy trinity of explorationkino games.[View]
673187895How Do They Correct XIV's Writing?: Reminder: Venat was a high-functioning psychopath that jump…[View]
673186576How do i know which guns to use, which ship hullmods and are worth using and where to spend ordinanc…[View]
673189847uhh.. house bros? did they someone new vegas too?[View]
673185714Why dont they ever bring out white characters anymore?[View]
673188254>They didn't keep the voice actor 0/10[View]
673140337Atylss: This game is pretty fun[View]
673182006Why did Blizzard turn a moral, righteous and perfectly groomed character into an angsty, angry moron…[View]
673176092Has anyone noticed any recent western game with a decent looking female character in it (Eg. Baldurs…[View]
673162514I did not care for Dark Souls 1. It insists upon itself.[View]
673183942post your DoA's. 5th anniversary event is still going on.[View]
673187364What games require the most patience? For me, it's Workers & Resources on Realistic Mode. I…[View]
673189312Dragon's Dogma 2 was the only game I was excited for this year and it turned out to be a disapp…[View]
673186230Please don't fuck it up[View]
673137038Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: >Hopes? >Fears?…[View]
673186636Just finished pic related It's pretty good Bit repetitive, but it's enjoyable It took me a…[View]
673168875John Blackthorne[View]
673180501AYO CLOUD[View]
673185369What are some of the biggest video game plot twists ever? Any in specific that you were truly surpri…[View]
673182173Started playing Sonic Generations. Honestly it's pretty fun, I can't say I have any real c…[View]
673186295TRVTH NVKE: CRT IS THE BEST DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY. Best input lag and best response time. Stop caring a…[View]
673188891Hans Capon himself confirmed to be in KCD2 WE ARE SO BACK SKALITZBROS[View]
673176754do you think ghost of tsushima 2 will be announced this year? and what are your hopes for the sequel…[View]
673188673>this guy is in charge of the Zelda series How did Miyamoto allow this clown to take control of h…[View]
673127898>Call out sexual harassment at companies like Blizzard Yes! >Call out unfair business practice…[View]
673181515Is Mahjong Soul worth trying?[View]
673186431buy physical games[View]
673180392stop playing as a woman ya weird cunt[View]
673187306Developers that you wish suffered carreer ending injuries[View]
673187963Japanese humor thread[View]
6731870781984 Computer Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdRH9Sm_4-0 Devs back then were fucking weirdo…[View]
673187616Can you imagine?[View]
673099650WebMs of gameplay from video games[View]
673186925How do we stop meta-playing faggotry in video games?[View]
673177973>sorry Mr. Not Born As CEO's Son-san, we can give you only 1/4th of the staff and no budget …[View]
673187090wake up pac&palbros, miru concept art just dropped[View]
673180904Any recommendations for JRPGs that are actually fun and challenging, preferably real time or a reall…[View]
673187412>first game is a standalone with fair price >second game is a gacha game >alt: second game …[View]
673157192Master Duel: What was the other fire princess chick that looks like pic related? I think she was lik…[View]
673182460Chrono Ark has perfected the roguelike deckbuilder formula[View]
673184208When I was watching the walking dead I always thought the best strategy to survive a zombie apocalyp…[View]
673179621Why are you here on /v/ instead of actually playing a video game?[View]
673185132>he pays $100 for vidya[View]
673187203play vrchat[View]
673185354He won[View]
673186726Do you think they knew what they were doing?[View]
673186642>playing horror game >get the feeling someone is behind you…[View]
673186443aye where the fuck is this cottage i cant for the life of me find it[View]
673182563>23 years later It's still amazing How did Square do it? Fuck its a masterpiece.…[View]
673183642Bad news, anon. You're going to jail, and you're not coming out. The silver lining is, the…[View]
673184990i wish if there was a hack and slash game that doesn't have female characters[View]
673185974I don't want to fix her[View]
673183751AI Somnium 2: What went wrong? Why were Date+Aiba a so much better duo than the ones in the sequel?…[View]
673173157>99% chance to hit[View]
673132015YIIVK thread: >the music is better >the visuals are better >the gameplay is better >the …[View]
673180591What. The. Nut. ALVIIIIIIIIIIN ! ! ! ! ![View]
673184213>latest update to senet panders to scythians Egyptian gaming is fucking over…[View]
673183107why are you pre-ordering games ya dumb cunt[View]
673186306ITT: irl quest givers[View]
673184816Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
673186293>trannio 64 is clear inspiration Is this essential trannycore game? What is it about nintendo gam…[View]
673178202Worth a play in 2024?[View]
673184994Human stupidity is infinite. 'AI' is trying to imitate humans. Therefore, 'AI'' is st…[View]
673169934Please tell me /v/ doesnt buy shit like this for their PC gaming..[View]
673172642Why does /v/ hate Final Fantasy XIV so much?[View]
673186240Games that make you say 'Holy shit!': >tutorial goes harder than your entire game…[View]
673158260So, is this the future of video games? Mobile gacha live service slop?[View]
673168532We need to talk about Etna[View]
673180563Can someone explain to me just what the fuck is 'canon' supposed to actually mean? Like I get it in …[View]
673183531https://store.steampowered.com/app/388080/Borderless_Gaming/#app_reviews_hash https://steamcommunity…[View]
673167535FF7 Bros....: It flopped. Only nostalgia tards bought this game. Final Fantasy just isnt culturally …[View]
673185871I wish if i can play this game on a sealed and fat PlayStation 3 60gb version[View]
673171807i like cheese: i like cheese what good chese games exist[View]
673183378Localizers have ruined all your games.[View]
673185628Who would win in a knife fight? How about a hand gun fight? What about no holds barred?[View]
673182376It retroactively ruined the magic of BOTW.[View]
673185401What are some fun new games to play?[View]
673182414Danganronpa: Is the rest of the Danganronpa series' translation this bad? Is the rest of the Da…[View]
673177774Kong in Chains...[View]
673176420were power armours in 2000's video games heavily influenced by mecha anime and tokusatsu?[View]
673182467What are your favourite mods that have been lost to time?[View]
673184119Has anyone else ever played this?[View]
673185212I think elden ring sucks[View]
673182818Should we gamers take action? - StopKillingGames: We should start taking acting on this shit or what…[View]
673177447Letting go is hard, isn't it?[View]
673155145Remember to pray every day or the archbishop will be upset![View]
673182915Falloutbros, face the truth[View]
673181983>Play video games in a dimly lit room all day every day for 30+ years >Get my eyes tested rece…[View]
673181469Why do you guys swear so much?[View]
673177652Mr. Evrart is helping me find my gun.[View]
673182840xbox won[View]
673184559>Here is your game of the year bro[View]
673180569Games to play when your parents legitimately ruined your life?[View]
673182250This is me btw, I love RNG based games[View]
673176181what gaming means to you?: what gaming is to you? i know it is a bit vague question but i want to kn…[View]
673183461What are your favorite remakes?[View]
673182365Fallout: >Bethesda clarified that Fallout: New Vegas is Canon for the universe Well /v/?…[View]
673178394times devs understood the assignment?[View]
673180079Favorite vocal video game song? https://youtu.be/FxV8y7hZwhk[View]
673180995how come every guard in this game is male? are the devs a bunch of chuds?[View]
673177986Sakurai asks you for ideas. What would you add to the lore for the Kirby universe?[View]
673182305https://youtu.be/iDDLS8wnwz0?si=x9vvfdJC4X21hU_B Ratabros we are so fucking back[View]
673183337>Hey! you![View]
673178476Is Aerith a bitch? Do FFags like this 'romance'?[View]
673182074Infection Free Zone: which city did you choose /v/?[View]
673178610What made him so likable?[View]
673183418post u're wife[View]
673180765Will we get to play megaman legends 3 before we die?[View]
673182108Fallout is saved The TV show made the series popular again[View]
673181579When I first played Persona 5 back in 2020 on the PlayStation 4, I really enjoyed the game, at the t…[View]
673181562>~$3 for me Should I?[View]
673183404BREAKING NEWS: Most divorced father in the world destroys growing super power. More news at 11…[View]
673178821I just copped this since it's on sale and it got what seems like a big update. What's the …[View]
673181928Who has the better feats?[View]
673183042why do so many JRPG's take place in a native isekai setting?[View]
673183004>walks up to a tavern >some hoodlums are causing trouble >they're always black >bea…[View]
673180260How is the new update? I want to pull the trigger in grabbing it.[View]
673182456He won.[View]
673086461>game has a cool mechanic that gets abandoned in the sequel[View]
673169032it's been 7 years since I played xenoblade 2 and I can still vividly remember every song, every…[View]
673174487Is it worthy of the hype?[View]
673180386European Q1 2024 top 5 software spend: Helldivers 2 WON so hard[View]
673181048What is he?[View]
673182276>The first 5 hours you'll be locked in a sandy shores-esque town due to Lucia's ankle b…[View]
673175884Real subtle, Todd[View]
673161541*ruins wario*[View]
673181985i may not steera[View]
673181163I just started playing Shadow of the Tom Raider, I GET IT NOW[View]
673119427Kanna thread[View]
673180875Was it good?[View]
673179767please explain[View]
673165754>SUPER MARIO BUT YOU CANT TOUCH A COIN!: Have you ever actually tried an arbitrary challenge in a…[View]
673157539Dall-E Thread!: bing.com/create[View]
673180609FEAR Perseus Mandate PS3: I come to you guys after at least 2 hours of googling to find a pirate cop…[View]
673181640Fallout London: Where is it, was it a vaporware?[View]
673177140good music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGTSzvlbBkE[View]
673155401Don't mind me, just playing the best Ace Combat game in the entire series Fuck you, I was playi…[View]
673181468eat while game: eat while game gaming beard noodle this post was generator from ai. mesege for a mo…[View]
673180852Are developers abandoning Xbox?[View]
673180552What game is he playing?[View]
673181192Can we agree this did post-apocalypse before Fallout[View]
673175451I love how todd redcons every good fallout game so we can have more toddslop[View]
673178390I am going to do it bros[View]
673180757What are some games where you get tired of winning?[View]
673171506Heckdivers 2: this is the first big multiplayer game thats been able to smother all the shitlib frea…[View]
673164674>this board is pretending care about Fallout “lore” now[View]
673166505just name one good game...i beg you[View]
673174550Just finished this game. It's utter kino Anyone who likes Ace Combat but doesn't play this…[View]
673095312Let's try a gamedev thread because /agdg/ is obsessed with Underspace and e-celeb devs. you ARE…[View]
673175964EDF: Is EDF 5 worth playing if you're mainly going to be playing solo? What sort of comms do yo…[View]
673170197How do you cope with the worst Dota 2 Mid meta in a while?[View]
673178928> Play RPG > make mc character. > Did not like his/her looks or name Restarts game > Pi…[View]
673104653They should remove Pagliorulo and get whoever writes the tv show from now on It can only improve[View]
673141741What games do you play with your family?[View]
673120118Fire Emblem: >its another Seize map very 'kino'[View]
673180252rogueslop hate thread: >shiny looking toy game with no content or replay value >story is tota…[View]
673180125Wait, you're telling me the corrupt and barely functional government with useless currency we s…[View]
673180101They need to make Slippy a girl. For years people thought he was a girl. I mean, just look at this: …[View]
673180086what will change in vidya now that everyone can make music[View]
673177363silent hill: new to the series, would like to start with pic related because i really like the prota…[View]
673179957ITT: your favorite cute ‘em ups: https://youtu.be/PAiM6y5lEVE?feature=shared https://tvtropes.org/pm…[View]
673178753What are the most coombait games that aren't actually porn games? For scientific reasons of cou…[View]
673178279The last based game[View]
673175834You can only choose one. Which do you pick?[View]
673169268Why do all FTL clones copy every aspect from the game except the KINO combat system?[View]
673169474MMORPG poll: And post in the thread why your favorite is your favorite Remember no one's going …[View]
673178035Games that make you feel like pic related?[View]
673170134Caenis ? PREGNANT WITH MY KIDS ![View]
673172750Hi, I'm Arale![View]
673177420What are some of the coolest/kino moments in vidya?[View]
673169441If you change your character's gender in a videogame, using mods or other methods, how come no …[View]
673172572play fortnite. discuss fortnite.: also, will picrel ever come back?[View]
673174229Call of Juarez: what happened to this series? also is it worth it playing[View]
673179506Monster Hunter-likes: What are the best games inspired by Monster Hunter? Not talking about any Capc…[View]
673113461マザー64のゲームプレイ。: この N64 の映像をどこで見つけたのかとか、オリジナルの Mother 64 プロトタイプが家にあるとかは聞かないでください。[View]
673174573Post games literally only you remember[View]
673179379websim.ai: wtf how can they say this about us bros[View]
673175016Piratechads.....we are so back >inb4 no one cares, its an old game Its just a start, paycucks kee…[View]
673177205l can fix her.[View]
673172937Rise of the Ronin: >it's not about money, it's about sending a message Was it worth it …[View]
673179217I wish that someone else would make my dream indie platformer already. The concept is simple, yet de…[View]
673179203DEY HEA[View]
673177408Sly thread: >make thread about game using sfw image of furry girl >banned for posting 'off-top…[View]
673171313>Dude Gwyn was actually Ie evil all along![View]
673115320Stellar Blade PS5 Trophies Leaked: >https://www.powerpyx.com/stellar-blade-trophy-list-revealed/ …[View]
673173014Fuck you I liked it[View]
673176574>modders to it for free lmao[View]
673178157you have 72 hours[View]
673174328you are weak[View]
673170056What other games have Boobarians, the best ethnicity.[View]
673175145>Where's my ring? Don't play coy, the ring I gave you, why aren't you wearing it? …[View]
673167005This show kinda does feel like a middle finger to New Vegas: Why did they go out of their way to say…[View]
6731775012 days ago, a TF2 creator Robin Walker was spotted playing on a community server Not even valve them…[View]
673178726>Orchestrates when the Nukes will drop >Cant remember the exact date when the chip is delivere…[View]
673174193was the boss AKA the Joy autistic?[View]
673144879Puzzle / Jigging thread https://jiggie.fun/n_sAyS 300, SFW, vidya, censor[View]
673169292>just got this Ok who the FUCK do I pick for max immersion?[View]
673177758Can we stop pretending this isn't better than anything Bethesda has ever written?[View]
673174887Gutentag, /v/. I am here to urge you not to buy ze new playstation game Stellar Blade as vell as any…[View]
673176881>In MGS2 you don't play as Solid Snake, you play as Raiden >In MGS3 you don't play a…[View]
673178464Horizon Forbidden Game: Just decided to do some math on my nearly 100% playthroughs of Forbidden Wes…[View]
673174865This kills the vanilla fags https://youtu.be/SnSvH-4ates https://youtu.be/RITzvnxbCz8[View]
673159368I have a feeling that GTA 6's story will be much darker and downer than 4 since they're ea…[View]
673177861is there character like her in vidya?[View]
673177693How do we cope?[View]
673178149Vidya fandoms that are absolute shit.: >game series is getting mid >noooo you can't criti…[View]
673176551You should play Last Origin[View]
673174065What are the best games to play with my brain off?[View]
673175935Alien Shooter thread: I will never forgive Sigma Team for what they did to the series[View]
673171517FF7 Rebirth has flopped: Official numbers. Discuss how over it is. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2…[View]
673177824hitman contracts is the only acceptable remake to exist[View]
673173206I've seen this comparison posted hundreds of times: But was Imagine Party Babyz actually worse …[View]
673168069My name is Blaze the Cat and I'm here to proclaim that Rouge the Bat is the best female Sonic c…[View]
673135187Discord is nuking Nintendo Switch emulator devs and their entire servers: >Discord has shut down …[View]
673175423>/v/ is now nostalgic for Halo, Skyrim, CoD, and other soulless normalfag slop >/v/ now takes …[View]
673159087I support representation of sexual minorities in video games. Do you?[View]
673131704Classic Lara got a new outfit. These devs are too based.[View]
673176785..and watch the team-killing, ahkay?[View]
673022791low poly girls[View]
673177530Bought both Ultimania: I’ll read and translate story related content I consider important, specially…[View]
673174528Sup /v/. Been playing VTM: B for a while and I ended up encountering a game-breaking bug, where cuts…[View]
673172050What games best exemplify each era?[View]
673116971Hitman: >franchise promises to “return to its roots” >it does exactly that and even makes cons…[View]
673175796Remember when Japanese games used to be the benchmark for quality storytelling? What the fuck happen…[View]
673176842I still don't understand, is this a standalone DLC or a separate game? its been almost 2 years …[View]
673175452When did video games peak? I'd say 7th gen was the peak.[View]
673177152What's the last time a game made you feel like a stone cold badass?[View]
673161347Your last game protagonist has to fight a Space Marine...: Does he/she survives?[View]
673177018licensed game kino: I'll start[View]
673166203When does it end?[View]
673176049I just wanted you to know that I am going to make a game. It will be a good game, and have everythin…[View]
673168212>1 year old >completely forgotten[View]
673175920Say thanks to todd[View]
673169906I like video games[View]
673176354We all know the demographic that hates women the most is homosexual and bisexual men. Therefore my t…[View]
673171889Would you consume the limited edition Metroid Prime 2: Echoes cookie?[View]
673159127Here comes another Steam Deck killer. Now with crypto and NFT integration.[View]
673174857anons... please help me. I need to know more vidya that centers around the use of drones and/or the …[View]
673126993>game focus on being bullied and abused by sadistic women Who would play such a thing?…[View]
673150286Why does pinball have so much more soul than regular video games?[View]
673132114Why do gamers like tomboyish characters in videogames?[View]
673156005What's shakin' bacon?[View]
673171510New vegas? Those endings are to vague to make a compelling sequel that satisfy public opinion, nobod…[View]
673171724Balatro Bread: So is it (buh-la-tro), or (bal-uh-tro)?[View]
673170103Best mainline quests of any Zelda game.[View]
673175165Why didn't a sequel for this ever get made, anons? Most soulful game I've ever played.[View]
673148352Predict their next console’s first year lineup[View]
673172531If you have to mod a game to make it playable, it was never good in the first place.[View]
673167383>it's okay when Japan does it.[View]
673163350Was he a casual?: Years ago, when we didn't have large scale net-games that everyone could play…[View]
673175416Daily reminder that anyone complaining about Star Fox Zero should NOT be taken seriously.[View]
673172187>game has a mushroom level[View]
673175359idk why you guys even bother with todd and bethesda anymore if you honestly stil feel hyped about el…[View]
673166523Post good vidya OSTs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhjIcgg2mVc[View]
673175330Imagine being a NVfag right now[View]
673167064Life is Strange 2: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
673169759The 'biggest leap' definitely refers to them integrating AI into the console but how are they going …[View]
673140786WoW: >15 years strong >Still the most subscribed MMORPG How do they do it?…[View]
673175132Unicorn Overlord: Leah deserves happy times and nice things.[View]
673159782Thoughts on Mario's old look in Wonder?[View]
673163183Post you're wife[View]
673147429Slay the Spire 2: Thoughts? Hopes? Fears?[View]
673172351The moment games went downhill[View]
673154703Gaming Holy Grails: What are some of yours, /v/? Own any? Trying get get one? >pic related >ch…[View]
673174845When does 1.4.5 come out?[View]
673173225For me its Championship Edition DX+, the best and most fun version of Pac-man ever made[View]
673165974>tfw no ancient greece LUDO[View]
673142029limb: I just Cleared All Cathy, what did (You) think of it?[View]
673121557Is this worth $100: its on sale right now for $100[View]
673111167Unicorn Overlord: So what ever happened to that Laurent guy anyways?[View]
673170796why is an ad for some shitty clicker autobattler so soulful? I actually really like this song, it…[View]
673174219>tfw balding any games for this feel?[View]
673163254Japanese box art > Western box art This is not up for debate[View]
673167791>So... confirmed, Santa's number one helper is a squirrel![View]
673171431Infinite Undiscovery: When will they fix tower bug in xenia emulator? I just want to play this maste…[View]
673166421>the best yakuza game >was never ported to PC i roped…[View]
673174094What are some games that make you feel like pic rel?[View]
673152502How many of you dumb nikkers got baited into rolling for Bay?[View]
673162319Made like a dark, fucked up version of Mickey haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality[View]
673173893Armored Core: 3rd ending is boring.[View]
673162812What is a fact or trivia about a video game that ONLY YOU on this board know?[View]
673137747Will their glory days ever return?[View]
673161579What's your honest opinion of Resident Evil Code Veronica?[View]
673109986Canon timeline confirmed by Bethesda[View]
673171169What is a reasonable price for a xbox 360 these days? Specifically the 'E' model. I don…[View]
673162982ITT female villains: post them[View]
673148712huge-ass gorilla woman[View]
673171551Donkey Kong[View]
673164892How many Kojima's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?[View]
673166768>He complains about games he hasn't even played.[View]
673140384Pizza Tower: >faster than peppino >better looking than peppino >more financially successful…[View]
673165804Too clunky.[View]
673137973>three games worth of West Coast Fallout has been ruined or destroyed[View]
673169314Games are taking too long to make and it sucks. If you're a fan of a franchise and it gets a ba…[View]
673167772What makes a contrarian gamer?: Whenever a game becomes big, I make a deliberate effort to ignore it…[View]
673159243Still the best MMO expansion made.[View]
673162631What was his fucking crime[View]
673169690What will it be?[View]
673170205>”OOOH RIOT SHIELD, I’M A PUSSY AND USE RIOT SHIELD!” YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. How do you respond with…[View]
673134556How do you handle a game that is a bit buggy?[View]
673172205>gives you free money just for playing video games super based[View]
673151706wow! what a unique and interesting zelda villain! I'm glad they're coming up with original…[View]
673168347Remember that time Nintendo canonised this?[View]
673163272Will we ever see his mom?[View]
673167232What is a good game inside my steam library that I can put a bajillion hours into while listening to…[View]
673163414Was it good?[View]
673158856This will be my first Silent Hill game.[View]
673171203ITS OVER: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhorse_Studios >On 13 February 2019, the studio was acquired by…[View]
673169203seeing Embryon pinball tonight (but not playing it because it sux) made me want to play something bl…[View]
673170693What happened to rust? I had some friends pressure me into playing it in like 2020 and hated the gam…[View]
673167112>Anon, I've..I've seen you've been going through a hard time right now. I know it…[View]
673168231I'm so disgusted at all those subhumans playing female characters in this game, specially when …[View]
673165224I like Horizon games[View]
673161767I think what gaming needs now are more strong elf characters[View]
673170535Eve is my wife.[View]
673170283WTF were they thinking?[View]
673168906>fan film has better power armour than a production by the owners of the franchise and fucking AM…[View]
673168893I hate western games.[View]
673166691I can't remember the last time i played a western videogame. i think it was watchdogs 1 wheneve…[View]
673156997Is there any online videogame kinda like the one in Shangri la frontier? I’m just in the mood to pla…[View]
673168237How powerful do you think the switch 2 will be likr: Hopefully it is more powerful than the rog ally…[View]
673167401post yfw[View]
673168765skibidi hibi[View]
673169080Gaming lost all of its fucking sovl when controllers became wireless[View]
673165527Did anyone play this?[View]
673161871Are home gaming consoles a dying concept, considering the falling sales of the consoles themselves, …[View]
673167278LILY THREAD: Her name is Lily Artemis II. https://youtu.be/MlrYOVq2GFE?si=r0BydcBA39hhX4OD LILY >…[View]
673168241STOP GOONING[View]
673169462Nomura, I'm sorry I doubted you[View]
673160762I fucking love Xenoblade 2 so much, it's easily my favorite game ever[View]
673094662dragons dogma: now that some time has passed what game do you prefer; the original or the sequel? pe…[View]
673162881What games /v/ plays when listening to music, radio or podcasts? I used to like Bethesda games for t…[View]
673168819I just watched Advent Children and no one uses materia what the heck guys[View]
673166261take me back to the old days were niggers didn't appear in my games[View]
672905045/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday >consoletan.booru.org >consoletans.neocities.org/ >flockmod.com…[View]
673153634How good is the Octopath series?[View]
673167665I don't know about you guys but as a female I prefer my video game men to be masculine and hand…[View]
673160538ITT: Realistic videogame characters[View]
673167381Reminder to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day both for your physical and mental health as well…[View]
673161458A long time ago when I was probably between 11-13 years old I came across this flash game on the int…[View]
673167423Unicorn Overlord: I know I'm late to the party but I've been emulating this and I absolute…[View]
673166978Let's talk about vidya idols! Who are your favorites?[View]
673166120Prove you're not a friendless weirdo who gets mad at the idea of multiplayer: Post games you en…[View]
673163497Are u an ant[View]
673164696Post a movie and get a vidya recommendation[View]
673166436I just spent over 300 dollars on a hip toy what should I expect[View]
673164965https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKToUXa2RZo >the show has Mr. House and a Big Mt. rep How exactly…[View]
673167228>libertarians bad[View]
673165026What games does he play?[View]
673121391The day of AI completely replacing localizers and translators of video games can't come soon en…[View]
673162574Enclave for life. Fuck the NCR.[View]
673163535Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Sayori was best girl?[View]
673150831Find good gameplay ideas for Vincent and Cid.[View]
673166554Okay, make it make sense. Did Ubisoft lose so much money they're fucking Indie now?[View]
673167432A.B.A bros… they cucked us[View]
673162162These dudes were total assholes.[View]
673167301their silence on amazon's fallout speaks volumes[View]
673167136>Anderson what are you doing here? I didn’t send for yo-ACK![View]
673160334Now that the dust has settled: Isnt he right that withholding information from the other player ruin…[View]
673148673finally got around to playing BLOOD and I couldnt stop. already finished all episodes. what should b…[View]
673167061How do we stop the sexualization of young boys in Japanese games?[View]
673166865[Sad news] Woman Leaves Yu-Gi-Oh Event Because It Smelled Horrible: The woman blamed both stinky men…[View]
673163797Reminder:: They won.[View]
673152831>refuses to release games on platforms other than ps5 >every game isn't hitting sales exp…[View]
673155320>no good games with this feel it's over[View]
673165683h-has it already been forgotten..?[View]
673138120How would you improve the protagonist of Stellar Blade 'Eve'?[View]
673165728Elder Scrolls VI: There's no chance this game will be good, is there?[View]
673163816What the fuck?: /v/? Explain??[View]
673165713>shoots you from behind his entire team Why does valve love putting snipers in their games so muc…[View]
673165886>yeah you know that thing you liked? Well we destroyed it and it's in ruins now LMAO…[View]
673164139Serious question: Why are pregnant women so rare in video games? List some games with preggo hotties…[View]
673160498I miss her so much, she deserved a better game[View]
673159229Play Hitman: Blood Money (2006).[View]
673165069ITT: oh yeah that happened[View]
673120085Remember when nintendo felt like nintendo?[View]
673163117so we know both forums and discord suck dick for sharing technical information about video games. so…[View]
673165568seriously, why did nobody ever tell me this game was so good? I just started on the progression serv…[View]
673163083Game set in early 2000's is simlar to games set in 80's back in 2000's.: >Game rel…[View]
673160209How is it? Any love interests in this show or is it just all action[View]
673151727>MOTION GIMMICK! >TOO GIMMICKY >WAGGLAN GIMMICK >GIMMICK!!!!! I get it and I really don…[View]
673162076I didn't choose to be a gamer, life did.[View]
673165232>comic relief saves the day kino[View]
673162091What the hell happened, 5 years and nothing to show for it[View]
673164280so now I have a decent PC, is this worth playing?[View]
673148380Why does Skyrim always bring you to a Stealth Archer playstyle?[View]
673164917How does it compare to 1?[View]
673160254[Sad news] Final Fantasy Rebirth and Dragon's Dogma 2 both flopped in Japan: Both of these game…[View]
673164491He might be the pettiest man to have ever lived. I ain't even mad, it's kinda funny he…[View]
673164391What's your favorite MMORPG to play in 2024? If none and you still respond, I'm counting i…[View]
673161883Why did the RNC games invent a whole new, unlikeable OC instead of bringing back Angela Cross?[View]
673162206Would you marry an Argonian?[View]
673157980me and the boys retconning New Vegas[View]
673161730>Game has the character making witty remarks about the story doing X trope…[View]
673163269>Bioware failed >Bethesda failed >Blizzard failed >Bungie failed >Capcom is failing …[View]
673164525ITT wasted potential[View]
673164368Why is that of all the boards I frequent, this one is the only one who thinks she's ugly? Rese…[View]
673162642I'm Getting Worried About KCD2: is it possible that the new game warhorse studio will announce …[View]
673151471Steam legit needs a better review system, mediocre and average games are appearing as well reviewed …[View]
673162172vidya hebe thread[View]
673163765Have you ever fallen in love with a vidja game grill?[View]
673157394>Me and my bros disconnect on invaders every time, it makes them so mACK-…[View]
673163882>random NPC is the best girl[View]
673162773So it's a fighting game now?: Had been checking in on Shot One every now and then, it (was?) a …[View]
673159246TIE Defender standing by...[View]
673160307JAPAN MARCH SALES: >March Physical Sales in Japan (Digital not included) from February 26 to Marc…[View]
673161885>push to talk >coughs[View]
673157739Did you press the Skip Button?[View]
673161268>bottom of the scoreboard with negative ratio >team wins >type gg ez…[View]
673161159you DID go to avernus with her, right anon?[View]
673163435The most painful RPG[View]
673163185fallout: NEW VEGAS BROS WE'RE FUCKING IN[View]
673140383Despite having multiple threads on the new Fallout TV series I'm annoyed that there's not …[View]
673158494The importance of characters: I've been playing that Russian Fallout mod, Sonora. It's hig…[View]
673162615I miss when Tomb Raider was good. The franchise died with Underworld.[View]
673157292I recently finished Dark Souls 1 again after coming from Elden Ring and I noticed something, in Dark…[View]
673160215Why does this game have such a big e-celeb culture around it? It feels like there are more people wa…[View]
673159795it wasn't that bad[View]
673159295Gaming peaked here[View]
673146698Sonic movie 3: Kino?[View]
673162984>Fallout 76 is more faithful to Fallout than the TV show ABSOLUTE KEK. Is it worthwhile to get ba…[View]
673162573itt: levels that filtered you as a kid: pic related with this stupid fucking wall[View]
673160957If random adventurers never culled Deadmines and happened to set foot into Zul'Gurub would the …[View]
673158341What difficulty do you usually play your games on? I usually go hardest unless hardest is perma-deat…[View]
673145645Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: It's been 42 days since this released and Square Enix hasn't anno…[View]
673155329I cannot beat Tiamat in Stranger of Paradise bros[View]
673159649Any games that take place in the planet Pluto[View]
673162147>be me >doing routes on the strip >get sent to Crocker (dumb fuck in charge of relations wi…[View]
673161960why is it ok to release a $70 dlc and call it a sequel?[View]
673162325>When you realize Dragons Dogma is incredibly anti-christian When I beat 2 today, I realized how …[View]
673161380PokéMoN: What went wrong[View]
673157747Stop looking at the wiki and just explore the world[View]
673158732This one gif has more SOVL than every western AAA game released in the last decade.[View]
673162052>crafting system >weapon durability[View]
673132848How long should it take to finish these games?: I’m a very slow gamer.[View]
673162416This kills the vanilla fags https://youtu.be/SnSvH-4ates https://youtu.be/RITzvnxbCz8[View]
673152846>Ravenholm Gravity Gun achievement in Half Life 2 >super fun, get to shoot saw blades at zombi…[View]
673158529Has a teammate or player in one of your matches ever mentioned 4chan or /vee/?[View]
673160756Forgive me now /v/? I just adapted your favorite video game into a TV show! Heh, I’m always 3 steps …[View]
673159892Vidya gyats[View]
673154430how would an Atlas Shrugged video game look like?[View]
673159851Its so over: So, be dangerous of the slippery slopes >Play RP game for funny premise >Get bann…[View]
673150526>go to Japan >show off battlestation decked out with RGB, consoles, and a killer pc >show o…[View]
673151773The Fallout show looks fucking amazing.[View]
673160258just finished pic related holy fucking pile of absolute shit.[View]
673147247>/v/ has been usually obnoxious lately >/pol/ shit and schizo ranting through the roof >Won…[View]
673156886NV cultists and Codextrannies are so delusional that they think F3 is some widely panned, widely hat…[View]
673161416Why did they change the male from a white trash chad to whatever Turkish/Bulgarian looking dude they…[View]
673159059*drops iron sword*[View]
673161373its a: mrio[View]
673161527Ultimania has released: Confirmed that Cloud thinks Aerith is still alive[View]
673160863'How about a Magic Trick?'[View]
673155642>we want the gyaru audience Uh bros? What did they do to Ryza?[View]
673159104Paperboy Thread.[View]
673155327How would you make Harvester 2?[View]
673154821>game gets updated artwork[View]
673142637He's right about Stellar Blade's Gameplay: >Woah! Cool combo! >All right, confession…[View]
673156832>This is a Digimon (Digital Monster) What went wrong?[View]
673155515Aloy is the best video game character of all time. She is also my wife[View]
673159551>He doesn't leave his teammates for dead on left 4 dead[View]
673159883this is the exact moment where game journalists revealed that they are nothing more than corporate s…[View]
673155193I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me….[View]
673158005[Sad News] Clap Hanz announces Ultimate Swing Golf for Quest 2, Quest 3: Bros I just want a fun golf…[View]
673145960Assorted images of /v/ - Video Games[View]
673145792Civilization 7: Civ 7 is around the corner, what is >One feature you want added >One Civ you …[View]
673144241Dall-E Thread!: bing.com/create[View]
673160351lmao at videogame stories: I finally can see videogame directors releasing their dreams of being fil…[View]
673155801>game let's you fix the villain by FUCKING her[View]
673150519I hate Paperfags so much[View]
673155053This game ruined the series.: The first game's combat was strategic and more puzzle-like due to…[View]
673157390So do you think she's getting another game or...[View]
673156157>finished my 4000 AUD pc build >my first pc, first time ever building >happy few days >l…[View]
673156369>Oh yeah, THAT happened[View]
673152402how do stop being contrarian? i hate popular games irrationally[View]
673159101Is this game a strand type game?[View]
673080795ITT: Videogame characters who need to fuck already.[View]
673159726WraithChads where you at?[View]
673150098I want to play a western style action-rpg that is light-hearted and a bit cartoonish.[View]
673158628kill miyamoto[View]
673153206>he buys games[View]
673149189>Kills gaming as we knew it Nothing personnel, kid.[View]
673157606>stunned enemies still deal contact damage[View]
673151258Just blew 50k nook miles trying to get ankha didn't get ankha [View]
673155503Will this fix Darkest Dungeon 2? Or is it still fucked?[View]
673158828NOOOOOOOOOO WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH 0s AND 1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
673156284Is it worth to get back to this game after 10 years?[View]
673147647Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673151806Are western devs racist?[View]
673149653Gaming would've been better if developers spent more money on gameplay consultant firms than st…[View]
673158959Silksong is OUT: holy shit bros they shadow dropped it out of nowhere check Steam Top Selling right …[View]
673152127>get a (You) from a /v/ anon >they somehow crammed five buzzwords into the first three words …[View]
673153843What's your favorite MMORPG to play in 2024? If none and you still respond, I'm counting i…[View]
673143649>you wake up in a dimly lit room with nothing but several doors in front of you. >above each d…[View]
673157354Frogger doesn't get enough credit for its contribution to gaming history.[View]
673157754>The [Adjective] [Noun] of [Game][View]
673158559Everything that you did in these games is now completely and 100% irrelevant. None of it mattered.[View]
673155421>Ubisoft revoking licenses for The Crew, preventing owners who paid for the game from installing …[View]
673145440Super NES – April 2024 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pS-G3…[View]
673154169The most important PC game ever.[View]
673116467Comfy Dragon's Dogma 2 Thread: Dragon's Dongma[View]
673154742DQ: I feel like playing dragon quest. Which one should I start with?[View]
673155890The future of Resident Evil: Our characters are pushing or already are 50 years old, it's alrea…[View]
673146821It was indisputably kino.[View]
673155081He's the Master of Masters, isn't he.[View]
673158408I buyed a ps5 and it green screens[View]
673140110BG3: You did play a High Elf Aryan male right?[View]
673152459Why don't we get bright blue skies in vidya anymore?[View]
673147148Should I get Elden ring or continue writing my book?[View]
673135750XIV LL: do you have high hopes for the LL tomorrow?[View]
673157960Why is the matchmaking so broken? >apprentice rank >only get matched with kombatant+ players …[View]
673141676What do you consider the golden age of Sonic?[View]
673150140Got another old game from Goodwill[View]
673155897Humiliation ritual[View]
673139432Why did it fail, /v/? I was really hoping for Dead Space to get its resurgence and get a sexy DS2 re…[View]
673151195post your dragon's dogma 2 opinions: i want a girl that looks at me like picrel overall i'…[View]
673157428Warhammer: TW: >check catalogue >no warhammer thread /v/, how far we done fall.. what faction/…[View]
673155838Money isn't the issue. It's the fact I have to wait 12 years for another good Zelda game a…[View]
673138414Post your favorite games Hate Rate Recommend[View]
673156942Remember Me: You forgot, didn't you?[View]
673155847What is the weirdest game you've played? >pic related >do a bunch of odd jobs in a utopia…[View]
673157039>why yes I think wokeness in games is a serious problem, how could you tell?…[View]
673134024>best character dynamics in a game (ever) >exceptional cast of characters >an extraordinary…[View]
673154546GET READY FOR THIS[View]
673156789I'm playing video games how about you guys?[View]
673156767who the fuck is janny and why do i keep seeing people here mention her?[View]
673149876Wayward Realms: Any updates on this? It's being made by the same guys who made Arena and Dagger…[View]
673155904>WoW is rebooting Mists as an end of expansion patch Kek press F for Sloptrail, nobody is going t…[View]
673156590The SF6 community is filled with a bunch bootlickers and fags!: This is the first Street fighter I p…[View]
673140961Reminder that if you romanced 'her' in Persona 4, you are a homosexual.[View]
673146660>Dark Souls 1: Yeah you can tank, just be sure you have the damage to back it up so you can win t…[View]
673149714Saint Row fan here: Will i enjoy Red dead redemption 2 ? Never play rock star game since ps2[View]
673151784I don't know, you guys, I think the gameplay is pretty good.[View]
673148963Old > New Proven: Today is a glorious day for us boomers. It has now been proven just in case you…[View]
673155907Is it worth playing?[View]
673154000Why do people act like it's not an issue that Drake regularly shrugs off killing hundreds of du…[View]
673135617Why is there suddenIy a zoomer Renaissance around this game? They're all praising it as a misun…[View]
673152371Why did Hogwarts Legacy flop?[View]
673155658what's that one game you always come back to?[View]
673154726>Kojima was blowing the fuck out of western devs in female face scans nearly two decades ago. How…[View]
673077815Stardew Valley: >adds a bunch of crap to make the game mid-game easier and even skip the end-game…[View]
673150608Modded Starfield is 11/10: >todd you JUST KNOW he's playing Starfield with mods that purify …[View]
673155502Daily Bust a Groove thread: Does Bust-A-Groove remind anyone of Jet Set Radio?[View]
673154602Why didn’t they just make dark souls 4[View]
673148372was it worth the weight bros[View]
673152932possible Kingdom Come 2 announcement on the 18th April: WHITE BOY SUMMER https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
673121553Fuck DEI: I will not buy GTA6 I will not play GTA6 I will not even pirate GTA6[View]
673152679What will happen once enough sacrifices are made?[View]
673155179LOOK at this wholesome commercial https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jLGBtkKPj2U >Want to snuggle up w…[View]
673147062Reminder that GoW was never very good, it was always movieshit poor man's DMC. Don't let n…[View]
673153642C'mon. You can't tell me its not the most based and hilarious thing ever that She's s…[View]
673146451ITT: dead series you miss.[View]
673154969>Written By Emil Pagliarulo >Writing consulted with Sweet Baby Could not get a worse combinati…[View]
673154587Find a good gameplay idea for the next r6s operator[View]
673154335Canonbros? Our response? Did we all just lose? Date aerith is most likely OG aerith. And the blood q…[View]
673149295games with y2k early digital era aesthetic?[View]
673154619>95% of the music in the show is just 50s hits >don't even have this guy or Mark Morgan c…[View]
673154553Ya Boi Kongming reincarnated as the protagonist of the last game you played. Using his intellect, ho…[View]
673154497are we ever going to get good games ever again?: ever since gamergate gaming has been so shit its in…[View]
67315446550,000 people used to come here every summer to watch video game commercials and yell woo-hoo, now i…[View]
673154435>The grime-coated threads stretched before me like the twisted passages of a labyrinthine nightma…[View]
673154214I don't care about Star Wars Outlaws.[View]
673146102Why do CRTs make /v/ SEETHE so much? Is it because they remind millennials of how old they are?[View]
673137886If only we knew how bad things would really get[View]
673142296Persona 6: What would it take for you to NOT play it?[View]
673149048So is New Vegas retconned now? Wtf is Todd's problem[View]
673154109I like disco elysium[View]
673143069>still no game that can do this[View]
673149334>your proposal for another Fallout New Vegas? Canned. Thrown into the bin. >your ideas for Eld…[View]
673140827Master Duel: >he didn't pull 3 feet[View]
673152414What game can you always replay?[View]
673138410Western executives look at these numbers and say 'We want ugly ass mutts in our games!'[View]
673151567>want to make game >lack the funds and connections to hire people >lack all the skills to m…[View]
673149094YIIK / Running Shine General: >tfw no jocasta gf[View]
673141296So that's why Rebirth flopped so hard...[View]
673148243Bloodborne: >the last of us got a remake despite having a PS4 remaster >Until Dawn is literall…[View]
673153280Is Marika or Radagon the dominant one?[View]
673149331Buying games: What are the benefits of buying games? Maybe it's easier, safer and more organize…[View]
673150992Is Wo Long any good?[View]
673138809If Metroidvanias are called Metroidvanias why aren't platformers called MarioSonics?[View]
673151605Should I buy a new AAA game or 1lb steak? You decide v[View]
673152406What's the origin of this meme? I thought it was Tails Gets Trolled and someone saying, 'Truly,…[View]
673148572>second and third form Frieza >semi-perfect Cell >Muten Roshi >Chi-Chi >Pan >Dr. G…[View]
673148541this dude cooked[View]
673127518ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
673152481Get the guns back online! Hurry![View]
673152491If your favorite game has more input lag than Bayonetta it's not worth playing.[View]
673141012I'll never forgive marvelous for this shit[View]
673129308I'm still having a blast.[View]
673141468Now that the dust has settled, can we at least agree that it was competently made and one of the bes…[View]
673106665>Fallout 3 Chads stay winning eternally Feels good[View]
673142589Lineage 3 (Throne and Liberty) CLOSED BETA: I'm in bros, the character customization is a 11/10…[View]
673149782ITT: Fads that once dominated /v/[View]
673152078What are your favorite seeds?[View]
673144554How does this shit unironically get worse on a monthly basis, like most people I know either never b…[View]
673147083keep giving up before reaching new vegas: every time i try to play this game i lose all motivation t…[View]
673147290Some may argue that this individual in pic related looks like Mario with his hair dyed orange.[View]
673151759Post you're steam profile picture[View]
673148938Post you're toons[View]
673146040Should I play NieR Replicant and Automata in English or Japanese dub?[View]
673113519Action Game Thread: Play Action/Character Action/J-Action/Cuhrayzee/Stylish Action/Hack 'n…[View]
673149282>iconic character old character replaced by spunky little girl >everyone claps…[View]
673131284Where do fighting games rank on here?[View]
673140256Hollow Knight: Is this worth playing?[View]
673151115Sonic Unleashed was limited by bad hardware: I know this isn't a game for everyone, but it stil…[View]
673148832>system shock hacker is now a woman thoughts?[View]
673150736It's up[View]
673150810Is it worth $20?[View]
6731498633x3 thread. Post yours, rate others. You can make your grid at befunky or topsters.[View]
673149253>canon virgins[View]
673150446New vegas? Im sorry those endings are too complicated to write a compelling sequel of events, gg.[View]
673146814>exclusive game content locked to online >servers long since gone…[View]
673148381>the plot hinges on a white woman throwing her mutt baby away What did they mean by this?…[View]
673150318BG3 haters can't stop taking L's, huh?[View]
673145835To the SEGA fans of old: When the Dreamcast stopped production and SEGA quit making consoles, which …[View]
673147107>Baldur's Gate 3 becomes first game to win GOTY at Golden Joysticks, The Game Awards, DICE, …[View]
673126723I played the demo, Automata is better.[View]
673146963Fallout 1 AND 2 had gay sex and marriage ALSO YOU COULD FUCK A BLACK GUY >The game included other…[View]
673144342How come fallout games tiptoe around edgy stuff or sensitive topics or sex, but I see the developer …[View]
673140369Am I the only one that just finds it hilarious that half of this OST is literally just the exact sam…[View]
673146473Once again this shithole board is wrong on a game AGAIN. FF XVI is absolutely KINO.[View]
673145429I think it's cool that the Vault boy thumbs up fan theory is canon now.[View]
673146837The comfiest game in existence. The BEST guilds. The BEST quests. The BEST soundtrack. The BEST expl…[View]
673149745>what's left of fallout's reputation is being destroyed live on television >the game…[View]
673148646Why did the hype for these just die overnight? It went from every youtuber shilling them to never be…[View]
673131919Dall-E Thread: bing.com/create[View]
673145428Warhammer 2/10K: Rogue Trader: Well... THAT was a disappointment. Last time I'm playing an Owlc…[View]
673149457I can't believe they actually listened to fans and made the game good.[View]
673111656Did people really not like this part? It's the most heartfelt section of both of the new games.[View]
673136823Stellar Blade demo hit nearly double the players that the FFVII Rebirth demo did[View]
673148981The best thing about The Thousand Year Door Remastered is that I get to see my best bro King K again…[View]
673146981A FUCKING PIG[View]
673145615Bruh moment: Jesus what the fuck is this drop rate[View]
673113401Why did people hate the CRT?: Why did gamers suddenly hate cathode ray tubes? it doesn't make. …[View]
673149139ITT post kino series with bad endings I'm talking about Logan's Shadow[View]
673148089Nintendo DS: Touching is good[View]
673147927Ludocore: The Console[View]
673148763''':''': Invoker: has disconnected. Please wait for them to reconnect. Invoker: has abandoned. The g…[View]
673117780This is a Woke dog whistle for when they want to replace your favorite franchise with pozzed shit an…[View]
673135773why does nobody ever post Dynasty Warriors waifu? There's so many[View]
673148656Why are futa on male MC games so rare?[View]
673147201Mega Man X: The Answer > Don't Wanna Be = Code Crush > Moonlight > Jounetsu Setsuna …[View]
673148308Why pokemon gameboy games aren't on NSO[View]
673135627Which video game has the worst animations?[View]
673147317What do you think 'Ludonarrative Dissonance'? It seems to be a popular talking point within 'serious…[View]
673135097filename thread[View]
673148325Stop killing games campaign is dead: >entitled soiboi gamers: 'WE'RE GOING TO CRY AND BEG FO…[View]
673146664ELPIZO NO![View]
673148114post video game sins you commit: i play video games on mute and listen to music or podcasts[View]
673144434How long will I have to wait for the PC release?[View]
673141847This is not a perfect game. It's mission design is outdated, devolving into mindless shooting g…[View]
673134698What's so fucking hard about appealing to the core fans first and foremost?[View]
673136085Sjw bros?[View]
673144665: |[View]
673145217Why is bikini banning nation considered 'based' and 'anti-woke'?: Reminder that Korea bans bikini du…[View]
673146421Vidya grievances thread: >Get random crash in videogame >Find obscure forum thread with someon…[View]
673146242How do I make a game with the unity asset store?[View]
673106224>game has jetpacks[View]
673145253Intel really needs to pull their shit together or else 9800X3D will cost $800.[View]
673138665It’s okay for games to portray murder, but not rape… that’s just a step too far.[View]
673146792wtf guys I thought this was a flop?[View]
673141735Do you still remember me?[View]
673145029speedstormbros... the game is dead.[View]
673145705When do you think we'll start getting live AI dialogue in games?[View]
673133583What makes people think 2DHD looks good[View]
673083827Genshin: Nilou rerun when?[View]
673142863>Steam game is poorly tagged[View]
673112939Why does this game have no fanart[View]
673145391Why does Aerith say 'farewell' to Cloud at the end of the game? Does Cloud think that she's sti…[View]
673145272>you can casually grab someone else from thousands of miles away through thin air That's sca…[View]
673140686Lightning in a bottle[View]
673139904>awful hitscan enemies: the game The most overrated retro FPS there is. If its aesthetics weren…[View]
673129410MGR is not that bad, dunno why you guys hate it.[View]
673145237Any other games with this particular feel??W: Pls bros[View]
673143536what video games would you toss in top/bot?[View]
673139830Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO: gaga poopoo pee paa haha[View]
673141014I can't beat gold stakes, and I hate new the perishable mechanic. I am too retarded for this CA…[View]
673144743How does Todd just keep doing it?[View]
673140749Can we stop using abbreviations?: I fucking hate how abbreviations are used so much now. Someone wil…[View]
673146364Fallout 5 to introduce Dragon Age:Origins style intros: according to the big black cock institute fo…[View]
673146320ITT: moments the kino became evident[View]
673143267The best ending is when the robots kill everybody[View]
673146025Are any of these games actually fucking scary?[View]
673146108has a video game ever made you angry?[View]
673104512Is pirating videogames ethical?[View]
673144068How can I revive my love for games?[View]
673143314Remember Dragon Age[View]
673145693Ahem. Nintendo won the console war.[View]
673128586Is the 30% cut that Steam takes from game devs excessive?[View]
673142005I honestly feel really bad for him.[View]
673145180>teammate uses /v/irgin slang[View]
673145114What causes the existence of WRITING consultant companies such as ''Candy Infant'…[View]
673140949>was so upset about Fallout New Vegas he retconned it Wtf is his problem?…[View]
673144221If piracy is theft then if I download a copy of any new game 100 times they lose atleast $8k,Right?[View]
673144985>final is nigh impossible to beat without lots of skills or lots of grinding >... or you can t…[View]
673004184Void Stranger: Did you beat the new content yet?[View]
673125842>Fallout New Vegas is no longer canon according to Amazon and Todd Just waiting for the inevitabl…[View]
673143030>play through Alan Hack 2 ready to groan over Saga being some shitty sassy black womyn shit like …[View]
673144846>Element 111 RG verified after ~10 years >The verifier is a tranny, same one as Silent Clubste…[View]
673143818all the supposed 'gamergate 2.0' situation, drama everywhere, layoffs, AAA nearly crashing, but stil…[View]
673144470BG3: >Why does everyone in the game want to fuck me? It's getting irritating. Now you know h…[View]
673142693elden ring > dark souls 3 > dark souls 1 > lies of p > sekiro > nioh 2 > bloodborn…[View]
673140172What's the most fun multiplayer game in '24 where you can play a dedicated healer?[View]
673092149Say hello to the new Tomb Raid- sorry sorry, Truth Seeker[View]
673143456Tex of the Black Pants Legion saying 'Plap plap plap': Tex of the Black Pants Legion sayin…[View]
673144620>release high quality ARPG >dies in a couple months why is the ARPG market collapsing? The gam…[View]
673124010You are buying Rebirth right /v/?: It's been out for over a month now. What's your excuse?…[View]
673142505Can we all agree that the universe for Fallout that Bethesda has made literally makes no sense?[View]
673142371Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673143821>>673143320 I don't know, it's like playing Russian roulette. I see some trans peopl…[View]
673138474'consumer rights' for a luxury good like video games is a hilarious concept[View]
673142641Why didn't ConcernedApe listen to the fans clamoring for this?[View]
673121129Are thick video game characters good for me?[View]
673144210why are you chuds always angry, can't you let other people enjoy?[View]
673143362Behold, the greatest console of our time: The Xbox Series S[View]
673143679What’s your first impression of this dude?[View]
673092809Sexiest forgotten/obscure vidya characters?[View]
673138041Is this series any good? What game do I start with?[View]
673143415Bully: What the FUCK was Gary's problem?[View]
673139375Kino indie games[View]
673143862>spam annoying voice lines >get banned[View]
673143576>game broken >google is useless >ask for help in general chat >everybody calls me retard…[View]
673134808>he plays SF6 with English dub[View]
673143612when I play fifa career mode I immediately sell all the black players on the team[View]
673143603Hello, Curtis Craig speaking.[View]
673141825the mario of the zoomer generation[View]
673136403Were games back in the day just made harder? Something like Metal Slug what utterly break a retarded…[View]
673142958What's your favorite beginner quests? Mine are: 1. Kill all the rats in my basement 2. Go talk …[View]
673139645New American Truck Simulator/Euro Truck Simulator 2 betas released: I don't like what they did …[View]
673142163Show me some of the games you made. I want to try some indie games out[View]
673092730Buru Akaibu: damn brats…[View]
673140418Who’s the better dancer?[View]
673142938What is this game?: Is it like a Pokemon clone? Will I have fun if I play as an adult?[View]
673130695Ludonarrative Dissonance: What do you think 'Ludonarrative Dissonance'? It seems to be a popular ta…[View]
673132851ITT: Reaction Images: Keep it vidya.[View]
673131419Why would I play something I experienced in real life?[View]
673139861World of warcraft: There's no saving it, is there?[View]
673141552Have you played any visual novels recently /v/?[View]
673142910Manor Lords: It will be released on Steam in 2 weeks. Are you hyped for this game /v/?[View]
673129040Onirism thread: Just posting Carol while waiting for the update, don't mind me.[View]
673140701my kids gotta have money not just me theyre selfish[View]
673142454should I get this or Flatout 2?[View]
673142742three games I will NEVER play because the MC is a woman[View]
673135720What happened to them?[View]
673140810>got anymore blind jokes faggot?[View]
673140623>female sniper mission >black tanker mission You'd call it woke if it released today…[View]
673141130Slay the Spire 2: >Same Potions >Same Icons >Same Art Style >Same Classes >Same Cards…[View]
673141719I hate western games.[View]
673141561>Game's side character looks and behaves like a loser the whole game just to reveal himself …[View]
673141954Do you think a Left 4 Dead TV series could work? Or are people tired of zombie shit?[View]
673137904Is the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy worth playing?[View]
673142253Mein fuhrer, your favorite indie game... they just called it shilled soulless unkino trans cuckslop[View]
673142204THIS SUMMER[View]
673140552And the award for most boring Switch game ever goes tooooooOOO-[View]
673134330>Ketchup waitinha?[View]
673136021PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs: >>672961104 apologize anon https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
673138137How viable would it be to make a handheld with a Rasperry Pi and Linux? It could be a fun project.[View]
673131595Fallout: She is cute AND hot If you dont like her you ate trying too hard to like woman bud Just t…[View]
673139387Nation without freedom of nation is 'based'?: Korea bans bikini due to having draconic censorship wh…[View]
673141395>nukes the NCR and the Legion[View]
673139949Can they come back from years of horrible decisions?[View]
673141285*ssssiiiiip* Well, are you having a blast? Yeah, I thought so. It's not too late to come home.[View]
673139298>WoW is the only major MMO where you can play an dwarf or goblin Wtf[View]
673123943SUYU IS DEAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFaAynt9sqs ALL DUE TO DISCORD DRAMA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
673134726Why did they do it?[View]
673140232Fallout London: fallout bros..... I'm not feeling good.......[View]
673139474>5 years since the last DMC entry It's dmc4 all over again[View]
673114052what game sistas?: for me is sim 1[View]
673138516>E0S1 >she can break through shields without electro weaknesses >AoE combos Literally every…[View]
673134998What did he mean by this?[View]
673140864>you're forced to fight overlevelled boss early[View]
673083204why is there two astels?[View]
673090768Why does a mesoAmerican goddess need to look like a slampig?[View]
673127660Just hit the 100% finished DLC too. What am I supposed to play now?[View]
673140823Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: >Confirmed it's beign revealed on April 18…[View]
673136225Are there any widely accepted game design practices that you consider inherently bad game design? …[View]
673140748>sequel improves on everything in the first game >nobody cares because nobody played it picrel…[View]
673138285is he truly based or just another grifter?[View]
673140427vidya girls will send you to JAIL: >just found out that in most the world, including where I live…[View]
673140584>Indie developers are obsessed with transgender rights what do trannies and video games have to d…[View]
673135715>12 years old >Sit down and play a game all day without stopping >31 years old >Sit down…[View]
673140525When is the first Fallout game getting a remake?[View]
673138723Amazon's Fallout TV show has decided that WW3 was purposely caused by Mr. House and other capit…[View]
673139974Irl boss locations[View]
673139879>ITT, times you regret listening to /v/[View]
673138151>my favorite video game character of all time is Ashley What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
673131286Now that the dust has settled. Was it good?[View]
673125292My Steam username (the one you use to login) just got leaked: is it over?[View]
673139440Zoomers will never know what true kino is[View]
673125546Damn it's fuckin gross in here.[View]
673121485Is there any reason to get into RuneScape at this point?[View]
673058926Explain Nikke lore logic to me. What's the tactical advantage of using literally obese girls to…[View]
673133169Hello! Welcome to GameSlop, what would you like to buy or play with today, anon?[View]
673120361What the fuck is her problem?[View]
673138520I heard a joke once. Man goes to a doctor, says he's depressed. Life seems harsh and cruel.: Sa…[View]
673127765Man. Rewatched this video because I finally actually decided to play The Last of Us and I really mis…[View]
673127602Which fallout should I play as a newcomer? Really want something on the open ended and gritty side[View]
673112730Master Duel: Reject WATER jank. Embrace FIRE meta.[View]
673137817So... anyone got the trailer yet?[View]
673134965Why did PC gamers give up game ownership rights, not only without a fight but with a smile?[View]
673139345HE FUCKING WON[View]
673137758Japanese Starfield[View]
673134897I'm finishing up The Last of Us 1 and I want to ask a question for any serious minded people on…[View]
673129271Less-talked N64 games: Because Nintendo and Rare games are always discussed, let's talk about t…[View]
673139049Uhhhhh???: NINTENBROS????[View]
673138867Ellie really had a tough life...[View]
673137873>german character >doctor >extremely zesty Where did this stereotype come from?…[View]
673134504If you were gonna redo Vanilla and give the Horde a 4th race that wasn't undead, what would it …[View]
673116117Categorize your favorite game: be honest to yourself[View]
673137485You literally have no excuse[View]
673133931What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
673138021Has a video game ever made you cry?[View]
673132875what the fuck was her problem???[View]
673106678Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread 3: Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software data for J…[View]
673138186Fallout for people that don't like Fallout. Tomb Raider for people that don't like Tomb Ra…[View]
673106164unlocking costumes in re6 is WAY TOO DIFFICULT HOLY SHIT THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO CHEESE THEM[View]
673138148Video games are dead and I'm happy[View]
673136025My Hero: Nomura traced this[View]
673138395Who was your main in MAHvel?[View]
673131914LISA: The Painful: Would you forgive Marty?[View]
673138387Is the battlefront switch port good[View]
673135125>Do jackshit for 35 hours >Pop up appears >'DO YOU WANT THE BAD ENDINGS OR THE GOOD ENDING'…[View]
673138206How many are you carpal tunnel fags? I always heard memes about it from TV & movies but I'v…[View]
673138183So, /v/, are you paying your part?[View]
673079797It's time to admit VR is dead.[View]
673137678>he skips terror missions pussy[View]
673138024>We want the female true crime demographic[View]
673137998Fallout: Everyone point and laugh to new vegas schizos[View]
673134443>you are the Maw Walker... simply because you are, okay? Bravo, blizzard…[View]
673110170>fat robotnik FINALLY[View]
673118482Which games have you sunk the most time into? For me its >runescape >tekken >poe >warfra…[View]
673137829More awards continue to pile up as this game grows older, and this board will still have the audacit…[View]
673137759What did the numbers actually do though?[View]
673135643What does /v/ think of traditional dungeon crawlers? Are there any games you think are the pinnacle …[View]
673133132What is it with Zoomers and 'immersion'?[View]
673137512If New Vegas is non-canon, how can Bethesda financially exploit its popularity with themed guns and …[View]
673079727Boomer shooters peaked here.[View]
673133538Imagine the size of her shits[View]
673132941Play Toph's Game.[View]
673135002>no story >no lore >no cinematics >no dialogues >no npcs >no rpg elements >no o…[View]
672982550https://store.steampowered.com/app/1924490/Gigantic_Rampage_Edition/ >no threads not even one day…[View]
673135518Is it an adventure game or an RPG?[View]
673126235Are /v/idya conventions still a thing? Are they a good place to make new friends and maybe find love…[View]
673135402This is a child.[View]
673128039>game starts in 15 seconds[View]
673109185Sad gamer thread: How are you holding up anons? Whatchu playing? coping?[View]
673136457''Because one dog ain't enough, and two is too low, it's me, Three Dog!'[View]
673135923>Spider boss >Lets WRAP this up.[View]
673133915Worth playing reload if I've played fes?[View]
673136820There's no such thing as a good dub. Voice actors are all nothing more but a bunch of Hollywood…[View]
673133368Is it worth it? Should I just play Rune Factory 4 instead?[View]
673136251How will fallout 12 chads recover?[View]
673121431>mother did you retcon my continuity?[View]
673131065Mario: Do you think warp pipes can be/are connected to actual plumbing or that they exist solely as …[View]
673123796Wake up, new Wizard101 game: >New single player RPG set in the wizard101 universe >It’s a preq…[View]
673136432What are some /v/ approved games I can play on this console? Can be any game from PS1 to PS5 I just …[View]
673135196Pitch me your idea to save GOG from extinction.[View]
673110212Limbus: OUR HEROES[View]
673118436Monster Hunter: You can't never play these two in multiplayer ever again.[View]
673131075Warhorse: What historical eras would you like to see them visit next?[View]
673132428>Grand Theft Auto >has nothing to do with theft or auto…[View]
673133435Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673135794I'm fine with Bethesda retconning New Vegas. They did it out of jealousy, and truly there is no…[View]
673135893I'm going shopping: Can I trust you guys to make a thread on video games for when I get back 1 …[View]
673125018When will Nintendo make Zelda dark and gritty again?[View]
673135734Why does Kamoshida get punished for being a pedo but she doesn't? Female privilege, much?[View]
673135718'Road to Vostok', The First AAA Game Made in GODOT: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atb3yFNazmU …[View]
673133676I'm stuck on the first mountain boss, the bells and giant thing. What do I do? Can I get a part…[View]
673129398People always say gaming is a 'power fantasy' but what games ACTUALLY make you feel powerful[View]
673130286post some video game music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWaK8J33f7U[View]
673135428>final fantasy >there's 15 of them[View]
673128770I'm tired of Fallout threads. Post sexy ninjas instead.[View]
673135517>And right next to him lived this filthy McRotten dude[View]
673124642Just found this at a bargain bin in walmart for 30 bucks: What am I in for[View]
673135490Is this the greatest leftist game ever created? >White male lead is pathetic and ineffectual …[View]
673131356Eternal reminder.[View]
673132839Who's the cutes vidya giantess?[View]
673132292So what's your excuse, /v/?[View]
673132673...UATCO... ...Home...[View]
673122995Do you have gamer friends? I personally see no reason make them[View]
673121804Helldivers 2: Democratic Detonation? More like Democrapic piece of shit I'm so mad[View]
673123676Name a more autistic fanbase?[View]
673134452she is a gamer, just like me![View]
673133173Mortal Kombat 1: ...you guys still play it?[View]
673120617DALL-E 3: bing.com/create[View]
673133053Critic Buzzwords: A guide to critic buzzwords: >Artificial difficulty!!!! This means that they’re…[View]
673132923media literacy has fallen, millions must play as the bad guy team: *BOOM BOOM BOOM* *Onions flushes …[View]
673132247Why do I have to listen to that bitch Delphine for?[View]
673129051>and they live happily ever after[View]
673134317>another night in bed listening to silent hill music[View]
673133794How many times does this bimbo need to kill Roa before it'll stick and she can regain her lost …[View]
673133582Well, this was ... certainly something that happened.[View]
673132993How do you respond without being mad?[View]
673130552If you struggled, took multiple tries and barely squeaked by, you didn't beat the level. Not on…[View]
673131127You're In The Club And This Guy Slaps Your Girlfriend's Ass: What do you do?[View]
673132753Is the Wii U like other modern consoles where games install to storage and then you need to download…[View]
673131386Humble bundle: >visit it again >ah sweet, like half a dozen game bundles >they're all …[View]
673133669>Gets nuked offscreen during Fallout 3[View]
672997572This is the face of a mass killer[View]
673129560Why Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was a sales failure?[View]
673133946>Insanely hyped sequel to very ambitious yet flawed game >Everyone excited because there'…[View]
673126736The next step for The Legend of Zelda: Post-BotW/TotK, What would you like to see for the future of …[View]
673132903Who is responsible for the state of Xbox?[View]
673123108The satire could have been much more deep than catering to 'DAE WAR IS LE BAD?' goyslop. They could …[View]
673132981What the hell do I do from here. Is this a bug?[View]
673130996>games that cured your racism[View]
673121936So is it canon that Mario dumped her for Peach?[View]
673116341BATTLE ROUTINE, SET[View]
673132605>get memed into re-releasing >flop again The Morbius of Videogames.…[View]
673133274>and thank you, the player[View]
673132265>yeah I play games for escapism bro[View]
673127690Star wars games: Ok, I finally did it. I massivly overspent on a computer to start playing more grap…[View]
673083162The problem with the mass effect trilogy was that each sequel rebooted the series. Mass effect 2 st…[View]
673123198were you playing Gaystation in 97?[View]
673121513What did kojima mean by this[View]
673132878Activision logo kind of took a step backwards, didn't it?[View]
673115718She is, after all, just a plain doll[View]
673132928>my hag goth gf showing me how to play minesweeper the right way[View]
673132856It's just a shitty story, and it's just a story that doesn't fit the feel of the orig…[View]
673130139Would you play a game if most of it was created with AI?[View]
673132701How is it?[View]
673118725Do you make your videogame character look lik yourself?[View]
673117887>Just like my Fallout game!... Bros, im having a blast![View]
673132591Why don't yall talk about Planetary Annihilation Titans?? This is a solid RTS.[View]
673132564Pleb: One Winged Angel Contrarian: Dancing Mad Patrician: The Final Battle (FF4)[View]
673128289How did her full line go again?[View]
673132498What does /v/ think about the Big Tower Tiny Square platformer series?[View]
673131264Remember when vidya games had stuff relating to the real world, it was mostly related to anti-drug s…[View]
673130854choose your xbox[View]
673115580>SURF THE WEB >SURF THE WEB![View]
673131887>le 60 year old highly competent goon that goes hand to hand with 25 year olds…[View]
673128132It's a me!: What-a do you do for fun around-a here?[View]
673119281Why are humans better at magic than elves in the vast majority of video games[View]
673131971Who would've thought he would become the worse BoS Knight[View]
673131810I miss him bros.[View]
673124665/shenmue/: Old thread died,lets discuss these games.[View]
673129249eat it up and be happy. give us kernel level access to your pc. we never had security breaches at Ri…[View]
673131641morrowind is post-modern parody of mythological writing: interactive mythological simulation[View]
673126410>Man, fuck you I’ll see you at work.[View]
673111368poppy playtime 3: Can we just come to terms that horror games have peaked right here? This shit is s…[View]
673131331Has there ever been a more brutal juxtaposition of soullessness vs soul in gaming history?[View]
673130921i don't give a shit about lore accuracy. this was genuinely good.[View]
673131413are fromsoft games the only series with the 'tired knight going through ruined places or nature over…[View]
673102303Play Kiseki[View]
673083569>You like Souls invasions? >Play a fighting game instead. What? I see this posted so much, but…[View]
673129383I don't play games that worship ugliness and degeneracy.[View]
673122875>game about demons >the best girl is an angel…[View]
673131113Rise of the Ronin thread. Favorite weapon? Style? Boss? Who is best girl?[View]
673130517Why didn't anyone tell me this game is so fucking shit[View]
673131082>I may have gone too far In a few places[View]
673126515Surprisingly good games for their time: Pic related. It's very atmospheric, even to this day, e…[View]
673130993We cant go back[View]
673130907Project Zomboid: 4127 days since first mention of npcs being worked on[View]
673121748how to socialize when you're mildly autistic: I don't have a single friend and I spend mos…[View]
673122214what's the /v/erdict on this dlc?[View]
673130871>playing horror game >get the feeling someone is behind you…[View]
673129302Do people seriously like the companions in this game?: I had to stop playing once I got to the city.…[View]
673130607Arona Archive: She gives you the gacha letter in reverse. Oh Arona, you so silly haha[View]
673127528So, what inspired the smear campaign against New Vegas again? Something about Obsidian? I thought /v…[View]
673129529FOMO in live service games is a good thing because I'm able to flex my rare oldfag shit to brok…[View]
673130540What the hell happened to Destiny?: So I been getting back into Destiny since the new expansion look…[View]
673126058does the first game hold up?[View]
673115168why grappler chars usually suck in fightans? Why can't I have fun playing as a big-ass dude?[View]
673130547I honestly can't think of any group with a bigger persecution complex than Fallout New Vegas fa…[View]
673130389Is the PS5 enough for your needs?[View]
673109907Thoughts on popular optional-multiplayer-hotbar-action-game (OMHAG) Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker?…[View]
673084249>hates her mom for marrying a human >proceeds to marry a human Why are half elves like this?…[View]
673095341>/a/ thinks right is hotter >/v/ thinks left is hotter Why is this?…[View]
673128643Baldur's Gate 3 becomes first game to win GOTY at Golden Joysticks, TGAs, DICE, GDC, & BAFT…[View]
673130223It's still very expensive[View]
673120414>download and start steam game >a launcher pops up and asks me to make an account >uninstal…[View]
673128545Who is the best vidya ayylien?[View]
673130076Do you forget the reasons why you bought certain video games in the past? In my case, I can't …[View]
673127884We need more vidya where you get sexually assaulted by a cute girl.[View]
673113657Hex thinks she could beat you in a one on one fight. What do you say to that?[View]
672991169this is where we post DoA's. Horny dogs only. 5th anniversary event is still going on[View]
673123626>play new game >get bored after 2 hours >go back to playing Skyrim…[View]
673129290>Foop foop foop foop >PAH PAH PAH PAH[View]
673124446I can't remember: Who said 'Starfield is a phenomenal achievement'?[View]
673124932Actually one of the best HUDs ever made. Easy to read, simple to read and understand yet stylized en…[View]
673126690What did Crash bash, exactly?[View]
673126219We need more games with Dark Elves.[View]
673127130Played The last of us for the first time, when does it get good? Feels like a walking simulator. And…[View]
673105312R = U: >b-but I heard it was deboonked by Square! You heard wrong: >'Kitase later clarified th…[View]
673125989>dude this game has the most amazing story i have ever seen >check it out >it's litera…[View]
673125183hack n slash bread: what are you playing anon?[View]
673124880Elden Ring Lore: So what was Sellen's whole deal? Why did Seluvis have a puppet of her in his s…[View]
673085814Tara Strong is my favorite voice actor in video games. Who is your favorite?[View]
673111467What did Fear and Hunger do that made it so much better then Termina?[View]
673126224it killed gaming[View]
673128170remember when the T60 power armor was the biggest issue people had with new lore, haha...[View]
673123306Is he the worst video game writer?[View]
673128883I thought this would be just a reddit meme but it's actually the best coop game since L4D2.[View]
673127672Nintendo and Sony just fell apart: Sony is making a console of their own, it's reportedly calle…[View]
673122827How do we save GOG?[View]
673128756ITT: weird canon trivia: Allen O'Neill has had a wife since Metal Slug 1.[View]
673128751>mfw Kojima game[View]
673016573Undertale Yellow: *You are filled with a reinvigorated sense of JUSTICE to discuss justice*[View]
673128694Buruaka This event was neat but it has honestly overstayed its welcome. Dumping more AP on it feels …[View]
673125736It's actually impressive that they managed to make a character as unlikable as Insomniac's…[View]
673124080New System Shock Remake patch dropped after almost 11 months. Anyone playing? Seems like a mixed bag…[View]
673128191HAHA! Nice hat, Mare-io. Think I'll keep it.... WHOA! >OH A-NO! MAMA MIA PAPA PIA BENISSIMO …[View]
673125393You did complete all 9 chapters of our game, right anonette?[View]
673125863Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673109479>PC bros be like[View]
673119986>devs discovered that players hate bossy girlboss characters Why is it that every game made today…[View]
673074894Is the STG genre doomed to fail in the west because it is tied to a fucking horrible name that no on…[View]
673116082This game is an utter masterpiece and you're a retarded classic boomer if you disagree.[View]
673127796>tfw he hasn't played Void Stranger yet[View]
673126092He won[View]
673125845>AI generated art puzzle 'game' named HENTAI GIRLS is in the Nintendo eshop What the fuck bro?…[View]
673121461>YO, GEEKY![View]
673127710Are there any non From games that do dark fantasy well with knights, magic and stuff like that?[View]
673116469CORRECTION: New Vegas is STILL canon.[View]
673127240>this is a BG3 character[View]
673127413RIP OJ[View]
673125662can we talk about how to get the secret ending in the yiik demo? :)[View]
673127148quake hampions[View]
673120683Micro SD Cards: I just backed up my digital collection of 3DS games on a SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card …[View]
673124821wait, sonic games are bad? why?[View]
673123875The PC port is never coming, I've already waited 6+ years to replay it and I'm not waiting…[View]
673121338Why does zelda have so many memorable girls?[View]
673123705How. City builders are not that popular.[View]
673123204*Writes your vidya series*[View]
673126327You didn't beat the game: .[View]
673124810Indie games still can't surpass 30 year old games: the classics of the Golden Age of vidya >…[View]
673122389You lied to me /v/: That was garbage[View]
673123876Everything in this wants to be Blighttown 2.0: >Hey a new area! >The enemies give a shock stat…[View]
673103645what the fuck are they even doing anymore?[View]
673125080>he boughted dragons ligma 2[View]
673126037Fallout was never good because the games that atleast have good gameplay have dogshit r3ddit marvel …[View]
673123680I can fix her[View]
673123672Heres you Mr. House bro[View]
673118224I cant start a new game plus. I beat the game a few days ago and got the true ending and uninstalled…[View]
673125528okay /v/ I bought a switch and am looking to purchase 3 games until I finished them along with ninte…[View]
673123969Is there a more fucked up family in video games than the Zeal Family?: Queen Zeal: >Plans for Imm…[View]
673125384Octopath Traveler 2: Thoughts on Octopath Traveler 2? Temenos is my favorite character[View]
673125096WTF was her problem: ?[View]
673125023Multiversus Developer Series on Netcode: https://multiversus.com/en/news/multiversus-developer-serie…[View]
673125260I'm liking Witchfire, you just have to git gud at grinfing.[View]
673122496bros……… https://x.com/warhorsestudios/status/1778498252104740955?s=46&t=TZk-IPzBwoAvCwNB99g23g…[View]
673124995>Model for new female character announced[View]
673120576>It's good to be back on the Normandy.[View]
673121093Why did he do it?: also fuck space feds[View]
673109349>Game is impossible to get into and filters all the new players[View]
673118715[Bad News] Stellar Blade has major input lag issues: >200ms input lag >this is best case scena…[View]
673115713Why were/are the Undead part of the Horde? They could have been Alliance because they were all huma…[View]
673124469The fallout new Vegas Reddit is pushing back: Um based alert[View]
673120315I just don't undestand how a demo can mog the actual game[View]
673124568>could've been a fun adventure with a cast of warriors from various countries exploring ruin…[View]
673123193Bros, how do you kills this boss? I've watched every Indian tech tutorial, nothing works[View]
673120382Which one should i buy?[View]
673121362Father, what is my purpose?: > More than half of your games suck > All of your weapons in late…[View]
673103887Fangame/Romhack thread: What's your favorite fan game of all time /v/?[View]
673118287You now remember this game.[View]
673114775Fallout: How does this fit into the fallout lore? Fallout bros?[View]
673124284Who do you think is the most handsome male vidya character?[View]
673122351Do you believe you'll see your waifu in the afterlife?[View]
673116916For me? Body type B[View]
673121904We can't be living off Beans like this[View]
673124048In Stars And Time: I wanna fug the hag.[View]
673122776Overwatch: >pve canceled >layoffs galore >the shitty cosmetics they do have cost up to $20…[View]
673122279Where the fuck is the game?[View]
673121650>play tower defense game >Spend 30 minutes defeating 19/20 waves, only for the last wave to be…[View]
673097457Fallout 4 Next Gen Update coming this month: https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/4s2bXQEbpcrsdCZ…[View]
673079989>/v/ refuses to talk about rise of the ronin because they can't afford PS5's 'master ra…[View]
673123604fuck the club up[View]
673108357Name a bigger fall from grace.[View]
673122140how does /v/ deal with tension headaches from sitting at the pc gaming all day?[View]
673107627>saves WRPGs >drops the Baldur's Gate IP and is working on something else What is he cook…[View]
673122541>2 months before release >completely forgotten Beckybros, our cope?…[View]
673116346>I LIKE THAT JUMP! Why was he so excited?[View]
673121157After the success of Fallout, what video game should get a movie adaptation next?[View]
6731212304 months into 2024 and not a single good game has been released so far[View]
673123242what are some games that have an actually worthwhile story and not just reddit the witcher slop? i…[View]
673122903I miss local multiplayer games...[View]
673121270This killed the tendie[View]
673123185Which one?[View]
673122834Streets of Rage 2 mogs this cheap piece of shit.[View]
673123154Could someone give me a tl;dr on Blackrock, ESG, Sweet Baby, and why the waste hates sexy women?[View]
673122746Give me some good platform or throwback games I maybe never heard of.[View]
673122289Retro-inspired games are the best.[View]
673121212>entire playerbase is sweaty anti-fun meta slaves[View]
673116694Just the tio: What game would you tip and how much, anon?[View]
673117169Wow. I wonder what life is going to be like for my descendants.[View]
673114287ok but who has the better GAMES?[View]
673122495Would now be a bad time to get a 3ds? I’ve never had a handheld before.[View]
673114058describe your sex life with a video game title[View]
673120245What did Obsidian mean by this?[View]
673117478>Boomers oversaturated the gaming market with the crash of '82 >Gen X oversaturated the g…[View]
673122017are you going to watch the milk cup?[View]
673122151>playing gmod with 3 bros >having fun shooting the shit >woman joins the server, starts tal…[View]
673121143Stellaris: New insanity dropped. So, you don't like to buy buggy overpriced DLC? We at Paradox …[View]
673107718Dall-E 3: bing.com/create[View]
673115815What do you think of this character?[View]
673122593>caring about the lore of something that Bethesda is in charge of Why are you like this /v/?…[View]
673122581Did a game ever get you to enjoy something different like food, genre, music, etc? I eat tapioca pud…[View]
673082139Happy International Rimworld Day: Kino new DLC and 1.5 update drop today. Grab a donut and start a f…[View]
673121996>Music Composer REACTS to [video game] Soundtrack[View]
673116510So we can all agree that this game is kino right?[View]
673121717Stellar Ass!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و So THIS is where the profits from NIKKE went. ... lol at how there's a…[View]
673110198This is THE perfect deck. I don't think it's possible to improve it in any way. I even hav…[View]
673121397KCD2 HYPE THREAD: >Kingdom Come 2 is real Hopes? Fears?[View]
673122004VAMPIRE SEX[View]
673109448worth picking up?[View]
673117606what's next for Ame?[View]
673119970Any games that are good acid trip? I have play Geometry wars Tetris Effect. Rez Child of Eden Roco…[View]
673121480How would you implement Poison in SF6?[View]
673104797Visions of Mana: How hard will their game bomb?[View]
673117105Thoughts on the Persona video game series?[View]
673121304Club Penguin[View]
673113646It is now canon this guy started the nuclear war. Enjoy newfags and trolls insisting this is absolut…[View]
673118983Why are people so averse to enjoying games that are made for younger people without trying to make i…[View]
673101983OH NO meow skulls has broken her shield and needs it to get back to fighting, can you help her by gi…[View]
673111160Why do spanish people love ff7 so much?[View]
673100369Would you play her game?[View]
673118087>Q. Isn't Vanguard Spyware? >No, but I'm sure those words in that exact order are ma…[View]
673121018this is one of the greatest roguelike games eve made one of the best strategy games too every combat…[View]
673120991Was it a good adaption?[View]
673115095Why was this game so hated on release? It looks like people are at least finally starting to appreci…[View]
673110279>'Exanima's exceptional attention to detail and realistic simulation of all things aim to pr…[View]
673120838>changes tanks and healers into another flavor of dps in dawntrail >people defend it…[View]
673117691What are some examples of characters that have long outlived their purpose in a series and are just …[View]
673117939How is that Rimworld Anomaly run going? mine is going fine... soo far[View]
673066815ITT: Only the 10/10 character designs[View]
673118943CS2 boxes/skins are only gonna go down in price over time, aren't they?[View]
673093809Shenmue: I been playing this for the first time and i got say,its pretty good. I like the terrible v…[View]
673119648How is it even possible and who is to blame?[View]
673112562what happened?: Minish Cap, Oracle of Seasons, Majora's Mask, WW, ALbW (and most other zelda ga…[View]
673115134Can you recall the very first game(s) that you've played in your life, Anon? Hard mode: PC only…[View]
673120174Caesar's Legion: NCR? COLLAPSED House and Yes Man? NEW VEGAS DESTROYED Mars truly looks upon hi…[View]
673120503You are two centuries late for dinner hahaha[View]
673117969Only 8% of game playtime in 2023 was on 2023 releases the absolute state https://www.rockpapershotgu…[View]
673115962how did the team burn through their good will so quickly? Is it really just the honeymoon period end…[View]
673120182So true XDDDD[View]
673119790What went wrong?[View]
673104563>jews good: the game[View]
673117428This guy should be locked up[View]
673120330rate/rank the dark souls areas: >undead asylum / undead asylum (revisited) >firelink shrine …[View]
673117320/v/-approved black characters[View]
673035481Am I forgotten? Is it because zoomers have taken over this board?[View]
673120089Has a video game character ever been redesigned in a way that was an improvement?[View]
673119950ITT: times when you realized you were retarded while playing /v/ - Video Games[View]
673109407Games with actual GOOD desert levels that aren't a miserable slog?[View]
673118161>only 9 active spell/skill slots >can't replace them mid fight >can't even replac…[View]
673113179what's the triforce made out of?[View]
673093128Favorite character from disgaea?[View]
673117496What frontiers were they playing?[View]
673119905Signalis: >muh king in yerro unoriginal.[View]
673117130Why do they hate Nintendo so much?: >persona 3 reload >not on switch >metaphor refantazio …[View]
673105140PC chads thread: Pc chads what are you playing?[View]
673119349Slay the Spire 2: What are you hoping for in the new Slay the Spire game?[View]
673104992How hard are these Paradox games to figure out?: How long did it take for you fans of the games to f…[View]
673118823will journos once again pretend it doesn't exist?[View]
673111201>There are more people currently playing Monster Hunter World than Dragon's Dogma 2 How?…[View]
673119342>nukes the NCR >nukes new vegas BRAVO TODD…[View]
673106375Sum up her philosophy in 5 words or less[View]
673119461Jesus Christ be praised[View]
673097029>singlehandedly change the entire videogames culture in your path No wonder Microsoft wants to ma…[View]
673119356What are some genderbender games? Also, what are some games that taught we something surprising?[View]
673102270Remember, in 2020, everyone laughed at Genshin, calling it a Zelda copy. Now, they are the biggest c…[View]
673118726flash games peaked here[View]
673117162Stellar Blade is coming.[View]
673114338What games have you been playing lately?[View]
673116503I play and enjoy grindy roguelikes[View]
673102928HELLDIVERS 2: Rate the new warbond[View]
673118735IT'S UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QbjlHeoLdc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QbjlHeoLd…[View]
673116669''indie'' games are fucking trash: classic games >small teams of 5-15 devs >shoestring budgets…[View]
673118562Ugly ahh girl[View]
673118617Boots on and endless, virgin, white canvas. I come to my senses on a cold blue morning. Open my eye…[View]
673118638>video game from the late 90s/early 2000s' OST is just grunge and nu-metal songs pure SOVL…[View]
673114037Wake up, lazybones![View]
673096143Stellar blade hits 690k plates on the demo and FF7 sells 2.21 million copies: https://gameworldobser…[View]
673110854Thank fucking god men don't look like Joshua IRL, I would be ultra gay if not. Anyway, FF XVI t…[View]
673118202Why does /v/ hate Halo so much ? 343 did nothing wrong.[View]
673118472I cant imagine the average /v/tard getting riled up for canon when it has always been under the merc…[View]
673118470>gets mugged by a dark elf bandit >falls in love with him What's wrong with human women?…[View]
673118385>New Vegas is officially non-canon How are we coping, sisters?[View]
673118192Is there a market for a waifu light novel put on godot with some wifu gifs and music?[View]
673115510Resident Evil Village should be completed at least 365 times a year. Have you finished your daily pl…[View]
673117709Remember me?[View]
673118113Fallout New Vegas: Can this game finally be relegated to the dustbin of history like Fallout Tactics…[View]
673118009>'dumb slop eating' normies immediately understand the arrow points to sometime in the future sha…[View]
673116495>Open thread >Post the most retarded, consoomerist opinion possible >Close the thread witho…[View]
673117580la beast video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r52OWlJfJYg discuss[View]
673092114No longer canon[View]
673117918This guy is pissing all over us. And we just smile, and lick it up?' https://youtu.be/BTnjLNEVxYg?t=…[View]
673047713Early 2000's beach/summer aesthetics: Why were games from the early 2000's so focused on s…[View]
673117823Fallout 1 AND 2 had gay sex and marriage.. >The game included other opportunities for characters …[View]
673109918>*retcons your game* >'yeah, its personal kid.'…[View]
673109147Fallout TV show: They're right you know[View]
673117286>AAA game is objectively unfun and poorly designed >It gets made fun of and forgotten about …[View]
673100896How Do (You) Get Your Kicks?!: What game(s) give you the best punching experiences, pic-rel is obvio…[View]
673100278I want to play it but is this game woke?[View]
673113816>there are zoomers posting on /v/, right now, that have never done a 1 credit clear, and don…[View]
673116138>janky camera and controls >boss fights easily broken >story surpassed in its iterations ag…[View]
673116343This was acceptable ten years ago. I'm so glad game developers have done better since.[View]
673101769What's next for 2D Zelda? I've been having a 2d zelda itch lately.[View]
673117563best mountain blade[View]
673102526You just don't get it chud. Making realistic looking, pretty women is an enormously daunting ta…[View]
673102789Characters who suffered the most.[View]
673115794Let me guess, you need more.[View]
673112004Childhood is wanting more realistic graphics because realistic arbitrarily equals better. Adulthood …[View]
673114483I'm free now. Is the warship game any good?[View]
673107793>haha welcome to the stream everybody today we're gonna be playing a game known for it'…[View]
673113150>game has female enemies[View]
673108274IT'S HERE PHONE AND PC AT THE SAME TIME https://store.steampowered.com/app/2849080/Kingdom_Rush…[View]
673116985every time i try to play a game nowadays, i dont feel as if im on some grand journey with things to …[View]
673103707>haha he is fat lol this stopped being funny 15 years ago[View]
673110207Fallout 4 next gen update: Who is this for[View]
673112785pirates don't value video games. If they NEED to get it for free they are sacrificing nothing t…[View]
673115219Outpost Infinity Siege: Post ur bases chads. youtu.be/nYce0saoUz8?si=RtVvmn-za_VDVOeX[View]
673071691Dead Space: Why was this franchise never successful? What pushed gamers away?[View]
673114006overwatch is dead long live the clones[View]
673115702>devs making mostly GaaS and mobile shit >gen alpha doesn't even own consoles >the fe…[View]
673115272What's the best DS model? My friend wants to buy one[View]
673116324What's a good game to play while sobering up and trying to get clean?[View]
673107454>And a big thank you to you, the player, for buying our game! >mfw I pirated it…[View]
673115105What sound does he make?[View]
673115172Is your body ready?[View]
673116371How good is the Domo-kun DS game?[View]
673108586Why can't I fuck the dwarves larian?[View]
673110151BLACK GERMAN WW1 SOLDIER: >in the beta the scout was white fucking west devs are such soi bitches…[View]
673108892Who is the George Lucas of video games?[View]
673103574Final Fantasy 7 Part 3: Are any of you expecting anointing good to come out of Part 3 or did Part 1 …[View]
673109207I love JRPGs But I hate playing as a skinny teenage boy. Why don’t JRPGs let you play as a middle ag…[View]
673113307>survival horror genre is 32 years old as of now >zero games made in a style inspired by Itali…[View]
673099116So, which one did you romance?[View]
673114261What's the most autistic game you own/played?: Hard Mode: it isn't grand strategy Dante Mu…[View]
673086425>lets make a sequel to the game >make some improvements >but also don't improve on mos…[View]
673115810Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
673105817Remnant 2: New DLC April 23rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNTQuLNL8W8 im probably the only one w…[View]
673115791These are the kind of heavy-hitting subjects the Fallout games could never hope to do justice.[View]
673105324Will they save Overwatch 2?[View]
673095929What games besides Skyrim and Sims have a huge coomer mod catalogue?[View]
673114170Do zoomers still play vidya?[View]
673115671Wait hold on. They retcon where NCR came from yet at the same time confirm that NCR did came from Sh…[View]
673115629Cyborg girls are cute[View]
673094690Star Wars: dead on arrival[View]
673109763Why do posers love them so much?[View]
673112480I hope that you didn't choose your fake tulpa GF over your master and your honor Anon[View]
673115117Somehow the Enclave returned[View]
673110821So was it FotM carried only by being cumskull b8?[View]
673078620*beats you up*[View]
673113505Miyoo Mini Plus vs Rg35xx: Which should I get?[View]
673111574When does this get good[View]
673113907HAG general: Hag[View]
673111342Plz check this shit: https://kurosawa-aoi.itch.io/umbrella-corpse[View]
673111962Bethesda won: Bethesda lore is superior sirs[View]
673111829Why are video games so expensive?[View]
673108687Did you ever join random video game related discord server? How did it go?[View]
673114026What happened to the moon?[View]
673111660I'LL KICK YOUR ASS[View]
6731030203x3 thread: Post, rate, and discuss vidya. >https://topsters.org/ Also, what game are you current…[View]
673113504Would you vote for him, /v/?[View]
673113272ITT Well written female protagonists[View]
673112876STACY 18? My Main.[View]
673113590Tales of Beryl[View]
673103306is savescumming the most pathetic way to play?[View]
673101205What IEMs do you use for vidya Anon?[View]
673113607Vipers killed my dog. They owe me reparations.[View]
673108793>sail up to map fish >throw bait >he doesn't eat it…[View]
673111931why don't more games embrace soup style mechanics?[View]
673113980I turned my outpost into a giant tank. Please say something nice about it[View]
673113051Ludokino: >*peacewalker theme starts playing* >staff died [heroism -60] >staff died [herois…[View]
673110881elves can have many versatile roles in a party[View]
673109935ITT: Pokegirls: For me it's sexually frustrated Cap Cyllene[View]
673112498What is this guy's problem? Annoying pretentious cunt[View]
673112382why do you need to be explicitly told to fuck off in order to do so? is it autism?[View]
673109796NG3 girl: Wasn’t this chick flat chested in the DoA series?[View]
673075178Play TALES[View]
673113578Have you ever played Sky? It's free on Steam. Only played it for 40 minutes but it seems chill.…[View]
673102561>avoids being lore-raped by being too problematic for californian writers Ave, True to Caesar.…[View]
673105930vidya boys[View]
673108654Did we, though?[View]
673110610If you had unlimited funds to fix Red Dead Online, what would you do?[View]
673113248WOW is dying.[View]
673099209What am I supposed to be doing?[View]
673107280great maps: just bought this for six dolarydoos and i cant believe how great this map is. how many l…[View]
673065717whats your favorite type of environment to explore? real or otherwise[View]
673108196Tomb Raider I-III Remastered: NEW PATCH IS OUT >Achievement “Gifts of Wonderland” now unlocks whe…[View]
673109831Why yes I did single-handedly erase boring isometic crap and Troon Vegas from the timeline.[View]
673090106Has a video game ever gone too far?[View]
673111283which dev team would you want to make the new cod and halo game? get deep rock galactic on cod and h…[View]
673106642OVER STATUS????[View]
673099613Janky Games Love Thread: What are some of your most favorite jank filled piece of shit games with ju…[View]
673075179This is Sheva Alomar from Resident evil 5 (2009), appreciate how she looks now because for damn sure…[View]
673112895fuck dragons dogma and cuckring: play Witcher[View]
673108375This will be my first Dragon Quest game[View]
673111431This game changed the way people view video games. The sequel was a miracle that confounds other dev…[View]
673108645Devil May Cry 4: Just beat this game. Why did they decide to make it bad halfway through? Seems stra…[View]
673109781>new generic TV series based on videogame franchise is canon Why is /v/ like this?…[View]
673097135Why does nobody care about Nintendo anymore?: Even at the end of the Wii U era it felt like the comm…[View]
673103209Swat 4: This game is pretty good. It's incredible how when you make something with care, it hol…[View]
673110403so the Alliance just owns Lordaeron now?[View]
673110741>you can't ride your fucking bike here because I said so Why is Oak like this? Not only he s…[View]
673108580Do you like Pikachu?: I like Pikachu![View]
673029879Comfy Dragon's Dogma 2 Thread: Did you have a blast? Are you still having a blast? Are you man…[View]
673110337Why aren't there any Crossed video games?[View]
673108951Cheongsam are the only good thing to ever come out from China[View]
673109743Why is this the most played game on Steam by a wide margin? How come it's never discussed on he…[View]
673107104Should I switch to mainly PC gaming? It seems like it's the winning platform now >Inb4 mobil…[View]
673108994NCRbros..... New Vegasbros.....[View]
673110824PIRACY Back On The Menu, Boys!: >Handball.17-DELUSIONAL >FIFA.16-DELUSIONAL TRANNY-PAYPIGS ON …[View]
673110736Boomer Shooter Bundle: With the Steam FPS shooter fest coming up soon I feel like I should remind yo…[View]
673110023Could you guys please recommend me some games STUFFED with content?[View]
673063219The social engineering is real[View]
673105790>253 days until Sonic The Movie 3 >15 days until Knuckles…[View]
673098353It's time.[View]
673105101why exactly do modern game devs make male mcs old and icky?[View]
673038186Unicorn Overlord: This rose bears thorns[View]
673088301>le whole game was a VR mission Why the fuck are MGS fans like this, simultaneously both overanal…[View]
673109669I understand why people hate this game now[View]
673106960if everyone stops buying AAA games for a year or two, they'll be forced to make them better[View]
673104189Silly RPG GamesGmaes: playing through felvidek, the music is a blast and the writing is pretty funny…[View]
673100252This is nuts[View]
673086770>40 years old[View]
673104310What's in the new vermintide 2 update? I see 24gb update is pending in my steam library.[View]
673109628>The game features 28 different endings (20 bad endings, 5 normal endings and 3 good endings) dep…[View]
673103503ITT: KINO lines in videogames: I'll start >VIRGIL YOU NEED TO STOP, IF YOU KEEP GOING THE DE…[View]
673094434How would you rate every Doom game? Also, what are your favorite wads?[View]
673068874Master Duel: Reject FIRE meta. Embrace WATER jank.[View]
673109542He won.[View]
673097182>paper thin plot >most of the story development is dumped on you in exposition dialog towards …[View]
673101740Balatro thread: What do we think of the new update? How do we make endless mode fun? Why is the gree…[View]
673105125This world feels so superficial. Like every time something new has to pop up to fuel some retarded s…[View]
673105510Just bought a switch lite and a GuliKit Hall effect joy con stick What games do I NEED to play[View]
673103780Ultimania Waiting Room: The Ultimania for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth releases today. It reveals a lot o…[View]
673103237It's time to admit that anime and anything anime like is cool as shit. Look at this, this is so…[View]
673101362I'm afraid it's been... 3,145 days[View]
673073764What are your thoughts on Fortnite?[View]
673099467What did I think about it? Did I enjoy it?[View]
673104569What went wrong? Why didn't you buy the Dead Space Remake? Now EA will just give us more live …[View]
673103821Starfield: >highly awaited brand new ip already abandoned in favor of fallout…[View]
673099249We need a third option for tank MMO[View]
673099030The Most Perfect Video Game Woman: >hot >kicks ass >is a big deal >guys want her >chi…[View]
673108776Fucking KINO[View]
673091257>Shady Sands gets nuked >This is now canon How petty can Todd get...…[View]
673045112Why isn't God Eater as popular as Monster Hunter[View]
673099594Remnant 2 - The Forgotten Kingdom DLC trailer: Remnantbros we are so fucking back https://www.youtub…[View]
673053554Fire Emblem: >return to form >gameplay first >nice models >single handedly killed fetube…[View]
673108638this will be my first Silent Hill game[View]
673105783Girls you love and want to marry[View]
673108502When I was a kid I went on eBay and searched counter-strike and found a pic of the jewel case with t…[View]
673108197Kid icarus thread: A few more years till the sequel...[View]
673097907Microsoft/Xbox Genshin killer: Kino or cringe?[View]
673108298>people praise him for being a 'fair play' kind of villain when it's painfully obvious that …[View]
673108326What's that? You thought non-Bethesda Fallout was canon? Not anymore, punk[View]
673108309>Todd we're losing people's interest in the show after the announcement, what do we do?…[View]
673105868Why do people make these unfunny fucking guides? Why do people give them points? It might have been …[View]
673106027mario: if he collected cheese burgers instead of mushrooms[View]
673100892Videogames should only feature beautiful people, no exceptions[View]
673108057Mutsuki..Aru... Why are you smiling at me like that....[View]
673107820Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673105053Star Wars Outlaws: Are you excited?[View]
673105075Will future generations call us lame and outdated when they see how we used to share our games?[View]
673084967>enjoy all the fallout games >enjoy the fallout tv show >pay no mind to canon or continuing…[View]
672981348Raiden Shogun![View]
673102626Hebe Archive[View]
673107759I really like it when games let you have companions/subordinates/summons that you can upgrade and le…[View]
673083398DALL-E 3: bing.com/create[View]
673096078Why are western devs afraid of this shape?[View]
673104728Fuck this gay shit: >Playing Dragon's Dogma 2 >Get to the unmoored world >Can't r…[View]
673089901now that the dust has settled, we all agree that this is the shittiest final boss in fromsofts entir…[View]
673103017denuvo bros its over[View]
673106282So is DD2 actually shit or not? I don't give a fuck about frame rates.[View]
673106513How is Night City the worst place to live in America in 2077? It's safer and cleaner than most …[View]
673106028I will never forgive what SE did to him.[View]
673105613VTMB 2: Thoughts on this train wreck? Think there is any hope?I’m really disappointed too. The femal…[View]
673084459Dagon's Dogma 2 looks like ass: What even is this enemy placement?[View]
673105860It insists upon itself[View]
673102663planet crafter: This has apparently had a full release yesterday. Anyone played it? I've had i…[View]
673105940>constant shitposting about human paladin dick >her father is actually an elf You lied to me.…[View]
673101242ITT: good games that are impossible to discuss on /v/[View]
673084718>Jinx is now a le damaged PTSD sadgirl with severe daddy issues for an OC Donut Steel who will ne…[View]
673083148It's all so tiresome, bros.[View]
673096015What the fuck was Square thinking?[View]
673099762What are some good 'literally me' games?[View]
673102279If You were to make a H-game, would You use Honey Select or Koikatsu for models and scenes?[View]
673103559Post vidya memes[View]
673100687Just a friendly reminder to all the SBI detected shills that you're retarded and won't do …[View]
673099447noita: game being pretty fucking nice to me today. just before hiisi base. do i dig left for the fre…[View]
673103328What happened[View]
673100398Why FF7 is so loved in spain?[View]
673101526Monster Rancher: Monster Rancher thread[View]
673101746>Demo is already better that a lot of AAA full games How did they win so hard, bros?…[View]
673104341Good evening I hate women[View]
673099025Yep, I'm thinking the Steam Deck moggs the PSP.[View]
673104319hardest game I've ever played ngl[View]
673105271Show me your Chapter 3 Face!: thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cq2SwYyVDw[View]
673104627When did epic games become so corporate and soulless I remember the good old days with the unreal to…[View]
673099124MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING!!![View]
673095050What was the last great stealth combat game, /v/?[View]
673094318>Wow this game is pretty fun I wonder what the community has to say about it...[View]
673099589Be deadass. Does it live up to its reputation?[View]
673071707Why can't Australians make good games?[View]
673104823Would you wear this shirt?[View]
673093662What happened to London Studio?[View]
673098720Did you buy one[View]
673101373>Non canon game is the most popular in the series What are some other examples of this?…[View]
673086616F2P Korean MMO's: What happened to them?[View]
673092808Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread #2: Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software data for …[View]
673103814TODD is playing 4D chess: todd howard is a horrible game dev but an amazing marketer The Show is goo…[View]
673093473Retarded: SMBW is NSMB5 Smart: NSLU is NSMB5[View]
673103542Is this the kind of woman gamers want?[View]
673078028Nellimbus: how does Nelly fare in bed?[View]
673101935edpill me on *the current state* of ToS (2). I quit just before they made 1 paid why is 2 free but 1…[View]
673104230What kind of new Pikmin would you like to see in Pikmin 5?[View]
673102706I only listen to uematsu and ZUN remixes. Most normie music is nigger worship music, so is garbage a…[View]
673104085>can't fuck protistutes >Arthur is an outlaw murderer but at least he's not sexist/r…[View]
673089228>Yoshida says he thinks XIV is too 'casual' and needs to be more 'stressful' How about instead of…[View]
673097620Come on, Nintendo, I'm begging you here.[View]
673083982>[Game] critique >[Game] retrospective >[Game] X years later >[Game] deconstructed >[…[View]
673104636Russia is Making its Own Videogame Console: Russia has started makeing its own videogame console bec…[View]
673094497Slay the Princess: I have an idea for a siren/sea monster route. What I had in mind is the hero woul…[View]
673099657>25th birthday >not even one sketch from Rodney grim…[View]
673102658Should i come back to DD1 modded? I have more than 1k hours in it. My PC can't run DD2...[View]
673101383Have you ever been a fan of a series that just died with no hope for the future?[View]
673066267Linux Gaming: What games have you been playing on your Linux gaming system? Nvidia flickering issues…[View]
673075002I dont understand what was so controversial about these guys.[View]
673097601Stellar Blade demo is one of the most played Playstation demos ever: Why haven't you preordered…[View]
673102940>Woke Space was a commercial failure >no more demakes in production Maybe nature is healing af…[View]
673101247Why is his video game music so souleful?[View]
673100846Are you going to watch this? Is this series for kids or can adults also get into it?[View]
673097296Has all the games you'll ever need.[View]
673092554I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. I wish character action games took more degisn elements from arcade…[View]
673097438explain to me how my ps2 controller, which is older than 92% of posters in this board, has been work…[View]
673102705Day 427 asking how to get a Futaba like GF: She is cringe but i love her[View]
673102678LEGO Minecraft: What did I think of it?[View]
673100385>Spend hundreds of hours collecting consumables >End up beating the game without ever using a…[View]
673102559It has too much for it, the game is too good for you to care about random shit like 'Cid doesnt take…[View]
673101505Final Factory: Anybody checking it out? Seems like Mindustry. https://store.steampowered.com/app/138…[View]
673100159Zoomers have no souls Zoomers have no souls Zoomers have no souls[View]
673101683>enemies can't enter opened doors >you can't shoot through open doors…[View]
673102013>tfw the sequel makes your waifu a nigger[View]
673091939Post your >height >weight >favourite video game I'll start! >5'10/178cm >16…[View]
673101840ITT: Hardest vydia images known to man[View]
673079203I just realized I havent enjoyed a single game or any actual activity or human interaction since my …[View]
673101904Destiny: The Final Shape - A Resurrection for Bungie: https://www.youtube.com/live/jyIm-_Na8mI?si=L5…[View]
673101902>I'm not cute![View]
673083215Game that is taking over your life: Name the game(s) that you're spending heavy amount of time …[View]
673101831ok this was kinda hot ngl[View]
673098917Why is the souls community is obsessed on how others play the game?[View]
673090269How do I become a hermit and enjoy single-player games only without a need for human interaction?[View]
673094524did ANYBODY play this shit?[View]
673084546Tim Cain: Did he give his opinion on the fallout show?[View]
673096772>it's good APOLOGIZE[View]
673089721Is it just Me or is the Fallout 4 ending better then the Fallout New Vegas ending? >fallout 4: Yo…[View]
673100516Fallout Tv Show: They made sex mods canon.[View]
673096958Do you read tie-in vidya novels?[View]
673098205>Console crashes >Savedata lost >Have no desire in starting over…[View]
673101263The Fear & Hunger of the 2020s[View]
673098868dream daddy: >gay dad dating sim >these are their (undatable) daughters what the FUCK did they…[View]
673097694ITT: games only you played[View]
673077004Does Bethesda have no idea how are nukes supposed to work?[View]
673099685>handing out a repeated game >upcoming giveaways are a cheap indie game and a F2P game with DL…[View]
673098273When did you drop it?[View]
673097042Which is the prettiest?[View]
673096120Which way, Chuds?: Reminder that Korea bans bikinis, spite people call Korea 'anti-woke'. They have …[View]
673097906Return to me, O gorgeous women of Resident Evil.: >>Lara Croft Remastered + Sexy Laura= Impres…[View]
673098138Gamer fuel thread has anything defeated chocolate milk as the GOAT for gaming?[View]
673100705TEN YEARS IN DEVELOPMENT HELL: >Ten years later >He still didn't finish Yandere Sim STOP.…[View]
673095639all setup now installing shit and fucking with konsole damn[View]
673097449Absolutely fucking impossible.[View]
673094954How does /v/ rate XOM 1 and 2 (expansions included), and what about that Long War mod for the first …[View]
673096394>thousands of dollars spent on high end gaming computer >most of my time is spent playing old …[View]
673100645P3R: Color your night hits different after the credits[View]
673094305Why do weasterners think item description or enviromental storytelling are bad from a narrative but …[View]
673100553Well, at least he's not an african baboon.[View]
673095864This is where gaming died.[View]
673100507Project Beast LEAK: Holy fuckkkkkkkk bros FROM is apparently making a new Souls game with Japan Stud…[View]
673100425Game developers from back in the day: >We will create the best game we can. Open source for eons …[View]
673097571Lenovo legion go: Why did it end up weaker than Asus slop and a stutter fest?[View]
673073217Slay the Spire 2: It's the same game That'll be $29.99 plus tip for early access[View]
673097226What’s the appeal of fighting games[View]
673084801HELLDIVERS 2: Surprise, we got a bunch of new upgrades Fire chads eating so good they're gettin…[View]
673099004They Put 40k in MWIII: >8:00PM >download 110gb >boot game >download Ricochet CCP rootkit…[View]
673099697You ruined me. First time playing this, when that guy at the start tells Olga 'remember you're …[View]
673099764Revival Colonization: It's out. How does it compare with other 4x? https://store.steampowered.c…[View]
673088123YAHOO POOL: .[View]
673088838You there, human scum! Help me reach page 10, I was told subhumans gathered there to worship a false…[View]
673095863>Dragon's Dogma 2 >3/10 She's right, you know.…[View]
673097914Religion Science Fiction Games: Is the PS1 or PS2 better? Why are there not many sci fi religious st…[View]
673099052wtf? I hate MGS now. Andy-and-Leyley-chads...how will we recover...?[View]
673060716Why has /v/ changed so much?: >a decade ago: /v/ was more social, hosted a bunch of serbs every w…[View]
673094745she stupid[View]
673095762Any hype?[View]
673086312Do you miss the old internet[View]
673066852>he plays as a girl[View]
673092764You will now replay Sly 2: Band of Thieves[View]
673092980What was his endgame?[View]
673098769This game is fun.[View]
673098520Sonic if he rouge’d[View]
673098405How would you?[View]
673095287Is hit and run truly the best Simpson game?[View]
673086049Is vidya fanart being on-model a big deal for you?[View]
673097519Why are her Hitbox so small and WHY THE FUCK can she dodge mediums AND low kicks as well? Which fagg…[View]
673090436The fuck is wrong with War Thunder players?[View]
673096730I have never played mobile game.[View]
673090658>claims that she wants to kill all humans >completely orgasms over a few human/human-like men …[View]
673095268What 2D games make a perfect transition to 3D in remakes? Pic related is the formula done to perfect…[View]
673095069>New Vegas is made non-canon >Fallout 3 and 4 are redeemed as the superior games Based Pajeet …[View]
673097943Show some love to Hideaki Itsuno: >gets fucked with DMC 4 (has to make things work with a budget …[View]
673097861In light of the release of the new fallout show something has come to light, and that is that the fa…[View]
673097852What are some good beat em ups like pic related?[View]
673095750ITT: We talk about a steaming pile of shit as if it was a new game: Did anyone tried that steaming p…[View]
673070927Reverse Collapse: Codename Bakery: >they[View]
673089841Why are people so mad about Ape Escape Remake on PSP? Is it at least 'decent'?[View]
673093521Has an ad or trailer ever convinced you to buy a game? I usually know right from the start if i want…[View]
673080535>normalfags find your favorite franchise what's her name /v/?[View]
673070387Never been on sale.[View]
673095019Recommend good co-op games here. PS5 or PC.[View]
673093820KANE LIVES!: >Command & Conquer games flooded the European charts in March after EA put out a…[View]
673097273this game is garbage.[View]
673079459>best looking non-pixel art 2D game ever (barring Cuphead) >still gets mogged by average pixel…[View]
673095973Post games that angers and confuses zoomers[View]
673091443Why do you hate him ?[View]
673094204I'm defeated with gamedev: I need a whitepill lads. Something that tells me I can also make it …[View]
673093363It's been years since their release,: both still actively develop, and neither fix it's ma…[View]
673095817Will Ubisoft survive 2024's financial flop spree?[View]
673095475What prevents those Stickman animations to have proper videogames?[View]
673047247Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: You want to stick it WHERE?![View]
673089151>Japan >crafts entire franchise and universe about train girls. >No one cares >Goes bank…[View]
673078835>looks worse than actual old pixel art >looks worse than modern high effort pixel art >does…[View]
673094457Will Square Enix allow him to make a Nier sequel without 2B?[View]
673095583Visual novels: Where should I start?[View]
673094678Griefing thread: Share your devilish acts and stories ITT, no one will judge you here. Having fun at…[View]
673095040is the switch worth getting in 2024?[View]
673029078Splatoon: Hopefully pretendo gets their shit sorted so we can play S1 again soon. I'm already m…[View]
673096543has a big budget adaptation of a storied video game franchise ever made YOU cum buckets?[View]
673096464Do you ever do weird shit to try and improve rng in video games?[View]
673088202Dragons Dogma : Dark Arisen: >introduces gear with actually intereating effects instead of just '…[View]
673094835ITT: Completely pointless powerups[View]
673093169Gamers fall for this every time AND defend it as well.[View]
673096084What went so wrong for us ZZZ sisters?[View]
673096256>the year is 2014 >anita sarkeesian just released a new video saying that Hitman Absolution is…[View]
673096228Drill Dozer GBA: >Drill Dozer is made by Gamefreak Can't believe that the same company behin…[View]
673095297Worms: I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
673089892You will buy her game, right?[View]
673091493What are the worst levels ever? This garbage has some big contenders >young Drake parts >drug …[View]
673094778Is there any upcoming games you are looking forward to? I have things I'm interested in (Eiyude…[View]
673095846video games are not a function of this message board: Heeheh[View]
673095635Whats you favorite non-canon spin off? mine is Fallout new vegas, I think obsidian made a great job …[View]
673067840Which do you prefer, Western games or Japanese games?[View]
673093116its good I wish they didnt go for West coast tho and didnt invalidate 1/2/NV[View]
673087498Chris Metzen: Chris Metzen[View]
673093481I don't know what /v/ was blabbering about, this is amazing. An rpg experience for the ages. V…[View]
673057451Steam Deck is the greatest gaming device ever made.[View]
673093395Why do women like kingdom heart so much[View]
673091639Anyone hyped? Also Xbox Exclusive[View]
673093492Experience points are the sugar of video games.[View]
673093971Why FFVII remake looks worse than the original? Original was SOVL as fuck, and had an unique art sty…[View]
673091308>Year of our Lord 2024 >STILL no games where you play a lich conquering mortals some strategy …[View]
673085771Making low efort game: For money What game should I make. I'm extremely poor and there's n…[View]
673093051Didn't buy it. Not going to.[View]
673091221Gamedev Thread: How's that game coming along, /v/?[View]
673092296>Provides you with vidya entertainment[View]
673084518why arent you playing kino right now?[View]
673094824Anyone got that meme where hitchcocks says that when technique is perfected, everything is ugly beca…[View]
673093607>cringy characters >laughably bad dialogue >subpar story >weird skill tree Why do people…[View]
673094783Drunken Memory Master @ Hangover: https://memory.hangover.games/ https://memory.hangover.games/ Let…[View]
673087915All of the NPCs die and it makes me sad. Truly, saying goodbye is the hardest part of souls games[View]
673094558Do people still play Granblue Fantasy?[View]
673088186>old games aren't bett-[View]
673088253HE FUCKING WON[View]
673090383Sophie > Ryza Sophie doesn't have to rely on an overly sexualized character model to generat…[View]
673094197ITT: casual filters[View]
673091214Was it good?[View]
673094334Throne and Liberty: Oh boy... HOOOOOOOO BOY Y'all ain't ready for this massive POS, no won…[View]
673094297The most decent MC in this game is a Ni**er: isnt it weird that out the three main character, the Ni…[View]
673091247Don't mind me, just rewatching the best let's play on youtube for the 50th time.[View]
673092796From the makers of Dead Cell, kino is back on the dollar menu.[View]
67309385830 fps >less demanding of your pc/console >you can prioritize a higher screen resolution like …[View]
673087825In your opinion, what games do the anime artstyle best, where a screenshot looks like it could be a …[View]
673093171What are your favorite alternative costumes in vidya?[View]
673091809Wow, I'm sure glad AMD was so ch-[View]
673074137Games with in-depth character creation?[View]
673083814>dangnabbit kiryu *chews straw*[View]
673093860i miss it so fucking much bros[View]
672990057Is there a girl from a video game that you find so beautiful and/or so cute that you are proud to be…[View]
673093785Are the NCR going to be the Rebel Alliance to the Brotherhood of Steel as the Empire in the Bethesda…[View]
673088973>game gets popular some way, some how >/v/ is contractually obligated to hate everything about…[View]
673089380How the fuck did Strive end up being the best fighting game of this generation?[View]
673093143Is there a game that could teach me how to love again?[View]
673092876Steam Deck 2: It has got to be clam shell design that folds and easily fits in your pocket. None of …[View]
673091120How frequently does /v/ update their vidya drivers? I haven't done mine in half a year and have…[View]
673092953How do we bring this kind of RPG back?[View]
673092831What Mario Party is this?[View]
673093129>play Beyond Good and Evil on Steam >audio is in french >cutscenes keep happening at me in …[View]
673050527Fucking FINALLY.[View]
673090463Woke western developers are so insistent on making male protagonists ugly. Meanwhile Japanese devs m…[View]
673089768stop killing games: Waiting game niggas[View]
673089198(You) now remember practicing magic runes: [SPOILER] probably awakened my love of dommy mommies. [/S…[View]
673081281what are the best 2D action platformer games? ideally no rogueshit[View]
673092528What's with the lack of Rule63 in Videogames?[View]
673092793>Slay the Spire 2 announced >Thrones of Decay looks good >Manor Lords 2 releases this month…[View]
673091229Remember the last time when Mortal Kombat used to be good?[View]
673089564>You should've made starfield become GOTY last year when you still had the chance >But yo…[View]
673077537What is the Lateralus of video games?[View]
673091658Is this necessary for a children’s game[View]
673089730It's fuckin good[View]
673092430I never play Red dead redemption: Should i play RDR 2 ?[View]
673091761the autistic child I work with is obsessed with watching this game on YouTube. Same video everyday o…[View]
673092529Xion: An angel[View]
673090098Was it good?[View]
673081025What does your steam avatar say about you?[View]
673087585>we win >Team says 'GG good game!' >All chat >I Press enter key >Type NI GG ER >M…[View]
673084470What is your opinion on anthropomorphic characters in video games?[View]
673075804'Oh boy I want to go back to that fighting game I was enjoying last year!' >remember that I'…[View]
673086189>you go ahead, Shepard, I’ll stay behind on earth and lead the resistance against the reapers Why…[View]
673077012>next game in the series will probably not be till the 2050's at the current development rat…[View]
673083429For a moment, there was kino[View]
673089045>so-called 'good' faction in a videogame also had access to a highly disturbing and immoral power…[View]
673091795>search something related to a game >all search results apply to the remake and not the actual…[View]
673091785Tell me your stories about Lost Planet I? How was it?[View]
673084413Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread: Software Sales (physical only) 01./01. [NSW] Princess Peach: Showtime!…[View]
673088250Sky: What the fuck is this? Journey with microtransactions?[View]
673087438This is how gaming companies used to market their games to us Millenials. They challenged us to beat…[View]
673064845can we acknowledge the fact that warcraft 2 is for the most part nothing more than a tedious slog? I…[View]
673091048What were /v/ specs?[View]
673077556Dark Souls: I just played it for the first time and i dont get why people hate Demon Ruins/Lost Izal…[View]
673091071how much toxicity would you tolerate in your games /v/ ? https://toxicityrating.com/[View]
673086749>Godot can't do AAA gam-ACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atb3yFNazmU…[View]
673090926ITT: kino details in games: At this moment she cast a witches spell on him to make him fall in love …[View]
673090864Reminder that addons that make it impossible for the AI to spot the player through foliage are now a…[View]
673085630*fart reverbs through town*[View]
673090814Post Videogames you used to play with your dad. For me, it's PES 06.[View]
673087930Is The Crew 2 a good racing game?[View]
673090494I think picrel is better RPG than baldurs gate 3[View]
673089908Eve is my wife.[View]
673087768I did not care for Stellar Blade. It insists upon itself.[View]
673090235will overwatch 2 be okay[View]
673090168Dark forest dash was the best track imo: Who was the best boss and character in Lego Racers and why …[View]
673060968sex on a thursday[View]
673074227ITT: Misunderstood sprites[View]
673084306Yes, I play as a girl in every game I play Yes, I take hours to create a pretty girl character Yes, …[View]
673089390Incursion: anyone play this game? i'm trying to fill the gap that DMZ left.[View]
673086746Do you like Pokemon?: I like Pokemon, especially Pikachu![View]
673089125This dude has NO rizz[View]
673088845ITT: Unpopular vidya opinions: Amano's art is overrated. His designs are unique but they'r…[View]
673079897for me it's oc_harvest, what's your favorite map?[View]
673089726This game is unironically going to cause a mass suicide on resetera and gamingcirclejerk, wait until…[View]
673078807Persona 3 Reload: When does it get good?[View]
673088931>casually saves you from robbing yourself of your own destiny How is Bethesda so good at writing …[View]
673089682>just reached vault city Fallout 2 is fucking KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOjvrPLw9Ws…[View]
673089678>You smell good >What ? oh.. >...You wanna have sex ? >You mean... use my cock? Fallout …[View]
673089595Why is Bethesda so against humanity rebuilding itself? They mandated that the NCR get destroyed and …[View]
673087305[Sad news] Dragon's Dogma 2 drops out of top seller list after mere 3 weeks: In contrast Rise o…[View]
673089384are women good at games[View]
673081006The best showcase already happened. 2 months before E3.[View]
673089391its time who do i play as?[View]
673080609Dragon Dogma: What actually went wrong? why does it look so bad than the last gen game[View]
673077498we need a spider buddy in vidya[View]
673082370Is the sword combat in new Jedi games better than the old Jedi Academy games?[View]
673081324There are no games to play[View]
673081101At what age did you grow up and realise FF7 is woke propaganda?[View]
673088918ITT: games to feel the thrill of reloading: Call of juarez gunslinger and Endoparasitic have have qu…[View]
673088665are there any good games that have cute dykes in them?[View]
673073665Yeah bro gimme that Zaibatsu fade[View]
673087843Yearly Team Ninja slop #1512515 outselling Dragon's Dogma 2 in Japan is a sight to behold.[View]
673084704>4090 >7800X3D >1440p upscaled resolution >30fps Runs great on my machine…[View]
673086740>Dragon's Dogma 2 has no glider[View]
673081808I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of bugs in the duckstation emulator since the project i…[View]
673085880Nwah's: Where dah hood at?[View]
673086427is anyone else conflicted about the sexualization of women in video games? on one hand it's hot…[View]
673088480Human male and Human female couples thread?: Lets be honest. the whole >Le HmoFA is the purest fo…[View]
673073629Beggars can't be choosers[View]
673084395>burn casually some twigs >an Oblivion gate appears >mfw…[View]
673064506NEW VEGAS NOT CANON: >Shady Sands and the entire NCR was nuked in 2277 >Vegas is shown to be d…[View]
673088065>Remember, 'demon' can be an offensive term. Refer to them as 'mortally challenged…[View]
673078438Obscure game ports: >DOA dimensions is the only way to play DOA4 if you don't own an XBOX…[View]
673085550There are Outer Worlds/post-PoE Obsidian apologists browsing this board right now.[View]
673082637They filtered millions[View]
673073297The Last of Us 2: FIXED another character. Hire fans lol.[View]
673085296UUUOOOH BIRD EROTIC the game is reverse collapese[View]
673085079What is it with cute human village girls and elf guys?[View]
673085639How is this a house?[View]
673086806Games that make you like you fought for your life[View]
673083696>You just don't understand women! How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
673081503Someone experienced 4chan April Fools and thought 'yup lets make that a game'. They thought that and…[View]
673087217When is Falcom bringing back Altina? I refuse to play another kiseki game until she is back as a maj…[View]
673086047I just saved you from Sephiroth[View]
673086071Loans given to millions of worthless gamers that disappeared before they paid it back.[View]
673079823Did she started taking space meth or something?[View]
673081419>weapon has a an INT requirement[View]
673085128>well-received >beloved original game >had denuvo to prevent piracy Why did Deadspace'…[View]
673082375I love this little game like you wouldn't believe. How come no one ever talks about it?[View]
673084174Why is it so fucking hard to find adult mods for Trials of Mana remake? Does anyone know where to fi…[View]
673040203Play unicorn overlord[View]
673079045>resolution: 3840x2160 >AA: off >V-sync: off >DLSS: off >motion blur: off oh yeah, it…[View]
673077479So what's the point of buying anything but a PC these days? >Xbox games come to PC >Sony …[View]
673087015>I'm a fighter[View]
673082260You're going to play the new Persona game, right?[View]
673078578Would Starfield make a good tv show?[View]
673055752[sad news] Square still refuses to show Final Fantasy Rebirth's sales numbers: It's been a…[View]
673067943what are some video games with homoerotic undertones[View]
673081326you're being lied to: after Nexon got caught lying about their rates in Maplestory, the korean …[View]
673075747FF7 Rebirth: >Tifa and Aerith wear this isntead of actual bikinis >Decide to check every femal…[View]
673065684Where is the lie? Fiora is supposed to be severe-looking and ugly, but gamers had to complain about …[View]
673080163do you think I have a chance?[View]
673068706gamedev thread: Breaks are okay! If you feel overwhelmed, come back to it later. Remember to blackli…[View]
673079858>motion blur >depth of field >chromatic aberration…[View]
673076372Name one (1) video game where you play as a beaver.[View]
673077141How much modding potential does Dragon's Dogma 2 have?[View]
673072361Are there any games about suicide?[View]
673070225Fools fools how hard you have fought Brave brave but its all been for nought[View]
673080193I will never accept this[View]
673073602Prove me wrong. Most shit in Tekken 8 is near impossible to react to. All you do is try and predict …[View]
673084598Crashing this multitrack-drifting train with no survivors: Discuss[View]
673078594>can't change weapons >constant offscreen enemies >huge maps make the random enemy pat…[View]
673083975Choose one. The fates of the other 3 will be decided by the first anon to reply to your choice.[View]
673068554What game?[View]
673081631Bored out of my fucking mind waiting for the bus. Give me cool trivia about a game you like that not…[View]
673082312Is this the worst PoE has been since Kalandra?[View]
673073386FFXIV: Why do elemental spells exist in this game when there are no elemental resistances?[View]
673080191Is this game ever gonna be finished ? Are the devs ever gonna advertise it beyond making threads on …[View]
673083706Decades of progress wasted because of porn addicts.[View]
673085056I'm excited about what game Epic has in store for us today. Have you been enjoying your library…[View]
673063169Why is this such a big deal? It'll be over a year before it costs as much as a boxed copy of W1…[View]
673045357Name a worse default outfit for a playable character[View]
673028441FALLOUT TV SHOW IS NOT CANON! I REPEAT TV SHOW IS NOT CANON: Walter Goggins the GHOOOL is immortal a…[View]
673082604Which one,Chuds?: Korea bans bikini spite calling themselves 'anti-woke'. Only Japanese game can ha…[View]
673084026Post the best vidya control schemes[View]
673084350Favorite vaporware?[View]
673054473OFFICIAL LAUGH AT NCR CVCKS THREAD: >in fallout prime series NCR is said to have completely colla…[View]
673069041So is this thing good to go? I can take my switch offline permanently and just run any game with thi…[View]
673082456>zoomers in 2024 unironically find this attractive Yikes[View]
673084189Just port Replay to PC already.[View]
673078149Three hours left, lads. Get it now. If you don't want to play it, just get it to enrich your E…[View]
673071665DALL-E 3: bing.com/create[View]
673083782Looking back, was this the beginning of the end for Playstation?[View]
673078730Are you people really surprised the show is bad when it was made by such people who brought us quote…[View]
673079448Rance: We're eating good Rancebros.[View]
673042705Do you still buy physical games when available?[View]
673083556Why do niggers say brawl stars is better then clash royale every time?[View]
673079872Imagine being a speedtrooner Couldn't be me, i love myself too much[View]
673081360What makes a good female character design?[View]
673070392Helldivers: new warbond edition[View]
673083396wow i guess cops CAN be cool![View]
673083631Community brought dead game back to life, Are there more such cases? No i'm not india Game Rang…[View]
673071074teslabros, what are you currently playan?[View]
673081117>America..I always thought of it as a romantic place, a county of mystery and adventure...graduat…[View]
673082980Graphically speaking, Final Fantasy VIII was a downgrade compared to Final Fantasy VII, and I'm…[View]
673042076>zoomer horror[View]
673083034>Star Wars >Fallout What other series have been killed by corporations recently?…[View]
673077854The Future is Japanese: >SWERY Death Game Hotel Hotel Barcelona (w/ Suda51) >Toyama Keiichiro …[View]
673075912>voice chat shouldn't exist in video games because I am thin skinned >'NO I CAN'T JU…[View]
673083107he is literally the coolest looking antagonist in the whole series: TURTLE[View]
673082573Any WW2 games that let you play as the good guys?[View]
673080797>boomers in 2004 unironically found this attractive Yikes[View]
673082887Udio Megathread: postem' https://files.catbox.moe/e6feu2.mp3[View]
673082846Rise of the Ronin was the best selling game last week on JP PSN: So it didn't flop? That's…[View]
673081689Its over for Tombraider isnt it[View]
673057384>critical hits shake the screen[View]
673072551OH NONONONONOO[View]
673080216What went so catastrophically wrong? Was it Dinga?[View]
673078231>Too autistic to be accepted among normies IRL >Too normal to be accepted among autists online…[View]
673081575Why is there a woman in Brotherhood of Steel?[View]
673042396lets go jigging! https://jiggie.fun/rNdAoM 300 sfw[View]
673076991>unlike the West japan isn't wok-ack...[View]
673074946Do I really need to play: Fallout Fallout 2 Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Fallout: Broth…[View]
673035730Fallout TV: >'Fallout brilliantly builds on the foundation layed by The Last of Us, together stan…[View]
673078415ITT: We laugh at NCR fags The sneedclave won. Always another secret bunker baybay.[View]
673081979Name something harder than being a fan of for honor[View]
673055483Would you play a game where all the characters are the same person?[View]
673081898Twin rattler down!: Send some cobras to the thread immediately![View]
673075665>remake of a DS game on a console that could already natively play DS games >came out nearly t…[View]
673077678TF2 is AGAIN in shit: Casual is unplayable right now There are bots in virtually evrty server[View]
673071586What happened to Shot One?[View]
673080514Any video games where you get to hunt Bigfoot?[View]
673078408>Makes Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas non-cannon just because they were better games I KNEEL…[View]
673079046New Systemkino patch on the way today. Are we excited? >Female hacker added >Updated final b…[View]
673053351Dall-E Thread.: bing.com/create[View]
673073150How's that gaming channel going?[View]
673080636hows your retro gaming corner coming along? heres mine[View]
673080135How do I not get filtered?: I really want to enjoy this but I just get my ass whooped. I'll des…[View]
673081176Which pr0n/H games have the best plot?[View]
673077335>I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings. Why can't modern g…[View]
673081139Is Fallout 76 finally fun to play in 2024? And is it playable without paying anything else except fo…[View]
673080998Outpost Infinity Siege: Am i the only anon playing this? Once you get through the first ~10 hours an…[View]
673078923Contra Thread: Can we have a rare Contra thread? Post your childhood stories, share memes and webs i…[View]
673075763We're so back Fallout 3 bros.[View]
673080691This is Felicia. Say something about her[View]
673080759THE ETERNAL BATTLE: ITS OGRE. ITS SO FUCKING OGRE. FNV got deleted from existence kek. Todds legions…[View]
673080254Rimworld Anomaly is coming out soon. I am goingt to download the sex mod and I am going to capture m…[View]
673079357>single handedly destroys the gaming industry[View]
673063089Armored Core: >more people side with Walter than the voices in my head…[View]
673071126Total Fagout NV Death: Fallout 3, 4 and the TV show are the canon entries in both lore and spirit. D…[View]
673069145vermintide: it's up[View]
673073165Stream deck 2: Won't come out until 2027 So it will have a real long run at not running games. …[View]
673080196Holy fucking shit This game could not be made today.[View]
673079832I hope you faggots are ready for the discourse for the entire fucking month of April.[View]
673078705Christ, how could some stupid adaptation shit up this board so thoroughly? I didn't even happen…[View]
673074335>californians in costumes Todd fucked the 'vibe' up. Their clothes shouldnt be as clean…[View]
673079931It's finally time to admit that Kirkbride was right and that you should not chain yourself to t…[View]
673077201Vidya humor thread[View]
673076424Is this hellish dystopia really the future leftists want?[View]
673067572A game too based for this world[View]
673071442do you own videogame merch?[View]
673076690Have gamers finally had enough of MTX?[View]
673078796Mika is the strongest woman in the world.[View]
673078054>play Fallout 3 modlist that supposedly fixes the game >it still crashes randomly for no reaso…[View]
673078158which one is /v/'s favorite?[View]
673077531>Man I COULD make a normal thread >OR I could just screencap some fag on reddit post it here f…[View]
673078523>NCR dead >house lost >legion nowhere to be found He won.…[View]
673077713NV-xisters how do we recover from this, they'll make a Outer Worlds 2 and btfo the Fallout fran…[View]
673078458This image made a janny seethe. AAHAHAHAHAHA you’re a fucking loser. And you get paid $0 to look at…[View]
673077121NEW VEGAS IS CANNON: The fall of shady sands doesn't mean it got nuked in 2277, only it's …[View]
673076691I don't get it, how is he able to link up and need it with Hollywood folk every 2 days?[View]
673075893The bg3 community is so he king epic: Frickin love it[View]
673078251bad game[View]
673077564I can't wait to play his game again, on PC this time too![View]
673076318>Concept Artist: - Wait a minute... This gun is missing a trigger. >Concept Artist: - Nvm, I…[View]
673077534What do we do if Steller Blade flops?[View]
673077478>THE animation country >the absolute worst facial animations in games they make Ubisoft animat…[View]
673076734Incase some of you liked the show a want to play the games, here is a simple guide, you only need to…[View]
673074156the hell?[View]
673076184Just speedran the new Fallout, what did I think of it?[View]
673076591Why are there so many TV show adaptations ofvideogames nowadays?[View]
673067202>b-but a hollywood kike said- Don't care. Didn't watch. Still canon. Same shit happened…[View]
673075517New Vegas is my favorite game.[View]
673076830I always heard this story as a kid but does anyone actually know someone whos mom sold their Playsta…[View]
673065787Nintendo is the only company that still makes fun games[View]
673070113How do we save GOG?[View]
673066050Favorite games that /v/ rarely brings up?[View]
673071593What is the most violent game you have ever played?[View]
673077454The Idolm@ster. Play it![View]
673063151Limbus Company: The FINALE of Canto 6 is out. How did you feel about it?[View]
673076751all warfare is based[View]
673069945what is the secret behind his jumping skills?[View]
673072448>bloodborne will never be on other platfo-[View]
673077091> >The game is already out, sir. We are working on a sequel.…[View]
673069309Arkham Origins: why was it so hated back when came out? the christmas setting is comfy af[View]
673070296SMTV daily demon Nahobiho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfCEbtcc5p0[View]
673075957>the Wii U was good actually Why do people keep trying to make this cope a thing? It sucked a coc…[View]
673073568>no ff7 rebirth numbers >ffxvi first day sales in japan outsold ff7 stillbirth after a entire …[View]
673073754Famistu interview with Acquire teasing the possibly to make a new entry of Tenchu,What Did I Do to D…[View]
673073334What do you want from the upcoming Persona 4 remake?[View]
673073230I miss it. it was ahead of it's time, if it would have released 10 years later it would be comp…[View]
673072521Dont you idiots know how to do anything else besides arguing?[View]
673056015Murasaki: PLAY MURASAKI. >What is this? It's a hybrid of a bullet hell and falling block puz…[View]
673073142J. Sawyer (pronounced J-Baseder): >did you seriously create a tv show just so you could nuke Shad…[View]
673075949>game has a gigantic evil tower >dozens of floors to climb with powerful monsters, deadly trap…[View]
673068753Wait. People actually care about Fallout past Fallout 2?[View]
673064843Is renegade Shepard the funniest character in all of vidya? The way be casually delivers some fucked…[View]
673050650Are there any games that use body mass as an energy mechanic? I.e. your tits or body physically get …[View]
673075738What are the best mods to play in Fallout New Vegas?[View]
673076535Enough with tranny vegas.: Let's talk about Fallout London https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBMR…[View]
673073013Post silly video game images.[View]
673076304Was she complicit in Godwyn's death?[View]
673071862>start talking to myself, comentating over a single player game like people are watching >mom …[View]
673074580Fallout 4 actually on best selling list because of a TV show, NPCs are a fucking meme[View]
673072401wtf is a meme game?[View]
673044167Alright. Serious discussion about the Fallout TV show. So far, this was very accurate to the video g…[View]
673057367SOAKED 2 THE BONE![View]
673052696FF7 REBIRTH BEST MOMENT: This is the best FF7 moment and I'm tired of pretending it isn't.…[View]
673062203Who was in the wrong?[View]
673074639yarrrgggghh HUGH BEAUMONT[View]
673065958>closest team member betrays you games with this trope?[View]
673073012FF7: I am confused, so which one is correct? both can't be true.[View]
673066390>sony is healing >xbox keeps getting more pozzed lol I still remember when you fags were chee…[View]
673071660ITT: We show our Star Wars Outlaws preorders Do it for HER right he fuck NOW[View]
673073608this sums up all the hypersexualized characters you folks have been thirsting for.[View]
673073560>14 years without a new Prince of Persia >All of a sudden two new titles within 4 months What…[View]
673075436>suddenly, roller mobster kicks in[View]
673066837>Persona 5 OST BLOWS Music Teacher Away: Disc 1[View]
673073583Look at that, it's the best handheld ever made.[View]
673059524>Non canon It's over.[View]
673048902He was right.[View]
673073682ITT: Games that set the gold standard for their genre[View]
673061618>that time when full length youtube videos of games didn't exist and we had to watch cringe …[View]
673074849Did i fuck up?...[View]
673048175post the character youre gonna use for the dlc[View]
673074589Dragon's Dogma 2: What were they thinking with this dumb ass looking design?[View]
673074747Take me back[View]
673065930redpill me on sookahemay[View]
673074398This entire genre is just Cookie Clicker + Spreadsheets.[View]
673072874Spider-Man 2: This game would have been so much better if Mary Jane was replaced with Felicia.…[View]
673069826Man the way Fallout fans are hoping this show will be bad is so weird. You guys want to be haters so…[View]
673071975the hype is real[View]
673069421What game?[View]
673072758>caring about what this company considers canon[View]
673073778are ya winning son?[View]
673071357I know it says 'horror' in the title but how scary is Little Horrors? I can't handle horror gam…[View]
673074020How do you go from this?[View]
673069437what the fuck?: I didn't even get to fight this thing. It died in a cutscene before I could eve…[View]
673068382Frogzard on /v/[View]
673071416The ps4 slim is still one of the best consoles today and I’m not even a snoy. It’s literally the on…[View]
673065394Dragon Ball vidya thread: https://youtu.be/lG1MYYooVIU?si=w4vrNrv_IaaB7J_B[View]
673038808What video game character could defeat the God Emperor of Dune, Leto the Second? Enough wool gatheri…[View]
673064706where would the fallout show land: on this definitive /v/ approved list of vidya adaptations[View]
673073460Was it intentional in Lily's route that it feels like hanako also likes hisao, but is just gett…[View]
673073467why do teenagers yell in voicechat?[View]
673066816Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened[View]
673065384ITT: Games that were released in the same year you were born at[View]
672941038Griefing thread: Share your unapologetically evil online game acts ITT. >L4D2 versus >know how…[View]
673071986I am numb[View]
672992664You wouldn't a monster girl right anon? Youd stop at just playing monster girl games right?[View]
673073110What are some games that inspired tons of inferior imitations?[View]
673071461>Tons of amazing games come out all the time. A BLOO BLOO GAMING IS DEAD BECAUSE AAA COMPANIES MA…[View]
673070135Senpai, what's the best worms game[View]
673065430Enough is enough!! I'm dropping this DOGSHIT. How many times I've to go through the same s…[View]
673069604Lol you guys got duped. >download update >progress lost 6 million players and a chart topper t…[View]
673059759Will Marvel Rivals kill Overwatch?[View]
673070921She killed billions[View]
673067671>Call of Duty in 2024[View]
673068561It was all for nothing… the Fallout tv show essentially made the plots of Fallout 1,2 and New Vegas …[View]
673069297a+Any games with dimmies?[View]
673071139Why does modern /v/ complain about characters in games being nothing but ironic quip machines or dev…[View]
673057714You have wishlisted Yahtzee's new game, right anons? He's the original /ourguy/ after all[View]
673060554So why would adachi send a letter to the protagonists home anyway? Its basically what gives him away…[View]
673025595Making vidya music: Poorfag here. Can anyone recommend me a good all round VST I can use that is als…[View]
673069304Why won't game companies give gamers what we ACTUALLY want?[View]
673072328Moo, fool![View]
673070554Hey /v/, check out this new game i just got[View]
673068632Why do you try so hard to demoralize me, /v/... Why do you doompost the games I enjoy playing...[View]
673072248Unique Games: How important is originality when it comes to your vidya taste? also post unique vidya…[View]
673070348Shaq Fu is a miracle of the universe[View]
673072204cuck based cringe kino ludo onions goyslop chad redpill blackpill autism cope seethe dilate buck-bro…[View]
673071376You can only choose one...[View]
673067365>not austistic enough to play a modded/vanilla minecraft world for more than 2 weeks Should I jus…[View]
673066401What the FUCK happened?[View]
673054485Games with robots?[View]
673062981Call me a basic bitch but the AK is my favourite weapon[View]
673025617Imagine paying for recolors of armor that's already in the game: >pay a sub >Pay for extr…[View]
673071247Yugioh/Online TCGs: What are we currently playing, /v/? Are we hyped for Shadowverse 2?[View]
673068187>Have 1700x, can't upgrade because 'reasons' >Buy a brand new 5600x >Install the CPU,…[View]
673010508Why are English dubs in JRPGs so bad?: https://files.catbox.moe/iafnxf.webm[View]
673070129What the bloody hell is this eh?[View]
673069079I miss Tera[View]
673068885Who's your main?[View]
673066262ITT: Worst decisions in gaming: >EA killed Battlefront 2 (2017) just as it was getting good for t…[View]
673035942>That time something terrible happened while youre trying to enjoy a game All my memories of play…[View]
673050956Why do the Japanese love killing this guy? The fuck did he do to them?[View]
673064432An industry-defining game.[View]
673065487>/v/ constantly makes thread about gaming being filled with normalfags now Is this a bad thing? I…[View]
673064289>ITT: We pretend we are pitching an idea to a game company >Post gameplay mechanics you wanna …[View]
673068502Absolute frickin' kino, finally the IP is updated to modern audiences. Officially hype for seas…[View]
673067851Tell me, /v/ because I want to know: why did we hate this video game adaptation again?[View]
673061204What's your favorite kind of setting for video games, /v/? I like fantasy, especially stuff lik…[View]
6730705304X Gayming: What is next for Civ, /v/? Will we see another Endless game?[View]
673066708no helltaker 2?[View]
673066974What Eve’s design reminds me of: similar silhouette besides the hair and gloves/bracelets[View]
673047214Reject modernity, embrace retro vidya.[View]
673034823Sacrifice to your queen. Trillions and trillions and trillions in her name without her knowledge[View]
673068771can you guys recommend some games where (you) get to play as a skeleton?[View]
673048434>game has a 'squeeze through a tight gap in the wall' section[View]
673066746going to play some canon Fallout now[View]
673067203Remember when Gone Home came out and we mocked it for being a walking simulator (and SJW but never m…[View]
673030626Nostalgia aside, this fit is goofy and outdated even by the 90's.[View]
673003651Hands up! This is a robbery![View]
673068564What vidya gives same vibes as this album?[View]
673069564being a pathological liar is just the irl desire to check all dialogue choices to see how they would…[View]
673060124There is nothing to be exited about in near future: Homeworld 3 turns out to be terrible. Dragons do…[View]
673067003Would you play a Deep-Down-like game with my art?[View]
673058812Fallout New Vegas is now non-canon 3 chads... we won.[View]
673061285What do you want from the upcoming FF9 remake?[View]
673068378*singlehandedly destroys your game*[View]
673069162So I don't get it. >Sephiroth in FF7 Remake's end opens a portal where you can fight hi…[View]
673069134I miss her I miss soulca[View]
673055498>That was too fucking close! You were almsot a fucking Jill sandwich![View]
673062843Bring me the head of the man who came up with Zorah Magdaros[View]
673068998Do any good tennis games exist?[View]
673064825Is this really what Halo was like when it first came out? Admittedly I've never played any of t…[View]
673066054Viva el final fantasy 7[View]
673041115It's just insane how much Capcom fucked up: >Ryozo teasing the 20th MH anniversary over and …[View]
673068802>mogs JRPGs[View]
673068752What did he mean by this? FFXIVTroons are Pedos?[View]
673068606> le bumper car simulator The PS2 trilogy was never good, and the only reason you like them is be…[View]
673064439What was the best Kung Fu Panda game?[View]
673039071>game ends with an awesome quote[View]
673068404Fuck PCfags for letting such a kino developer die[View]
673068207Game worth playing? I haven't played since Wastelanders so I don't know what the fuck they…[View]
673067698Being a Fallout fan is pure suffering. Since 2008 we have had to endure the deconstruction and outri…[View]
673066552They couldn't call it WOW MOP Classic So they call it Remix and make it timed with no AH[View]
673064860Why fromsoft games feel so memorable and impactful while having less combat depth On other hand you …[View]
673067223Why does this always happen?[View]
673064585for 30 gb of storage = u can have 33 3DS games 60 gb of storage does not even match a single recent …[View]
673067878Will her inevitable success finally wake Japan up to completely and utterly eradicate woke from thei…[View]
673058170Is there a single good Star Trek game?[View]
673067313Recommend me a good PS1 emulator (if such thing exists) Tried ePSXe and Duckstation and both of the…[View]
673061512fallout: it's... it's absolutely KINO watched 4 episodes, will watch the rest tomorrow i…[View]
673053137>get diablo 2 >attacks miss all the time >have to read a guide to do anything >censored …[View]
673045327>Rune Factory gets revived >5 is terrible and kills all faith in the franchise, 3S is delayed …[View]
673066246>[GAME]: A Complete Retrospective and Analysis >it's just reading the plot summary from t…[View]
673067187Realistically: How long do you see this game lasting?[View]
673061206>youtube now wants people playing mind-numbing ad-tier games on their website what's their e…[View]
673066945So what's the deal with this game? Why isn't it on NSO while the sequel is? It even has a …[View]
673062710What happened to all the edgy games? There always has to be a quip, or some kind of self-awareness m…[View]
673062313No game series should have more than 3 games No movie series should have more than 3 movies No TV se…[View]
673064117When are we getting a real sequel?[View]
673066701Games for this feel?[View]
673061551Left is a woman made by a Western game studio Right is a woman made by a Korean game studio[View]
673062847As I get older I relate to this guy more and more.[View]
673066220kek video games really do be like this nowadays[View]
673064962>pirate game >empty cmd terminal opens for half a second in random intervals for months…[View]
673064551Vidya characters you love[View]
673064102Why won't he share his accurate female face scanning technology with western studios?[View]
673066232Big Boss[View]
673061046Guilty pleasures[View]
673066207>Two steps ahead. I am always... two steps ahead.[View]
673066158Mortal Kombat 1 online is too hard.: wtf is wrong with these no-life nerds playing like they're…[View]
673040581>when your steam account is older than most people posting on this board…[View]
673057864Last Origin: This is an artificial human with a titanium skeleton.[View]
673064170did you like it?[View]
673064007NINA IS THE BEST BOF[View]
673065905This emulator fucking sucks. I shouldn't have to be a cuck playtesting decades old games becaus…[View]
673057053what's her S.P.E.C.I.A.L bros?[View]
673013303How does this piece of shit still exist?[View]
673041281I READ YA... 'XIR'...[View]
673062017Why does /v/ ignore Brawl Stars?[View]
673051406How can we improve yuri games?[View]
673055164Pinpoint the exact second gaming lost all of its soul.[View]
673048403Final Fantasy 8: >hear everyone say it's shit >Play it myself on a PS1 emulator >It…[View]
673064173Why don’t you weebs want my console? Do you hate your country?[View]
673062957Are you excited for Todd Howard's New Vegas reboot? It'll be infinitely better than the sh…[View]
673034216StS 2: https://youtu.be/krDFltgjLtE Are you hype?[View]
673061174>aiming with pic related (in fps games) I can use a mouth, but its hard as fuck to aim properly w…[View]
673059645>Kills souls games >perfect, rewarding and fast combat system >nice world and design >O…[View]
673065454>Game has 94% positive reviews on Steam >1% under Overwhelmingly Positive >Guess the game i…[View]
673049365Let me guess, you need 'more'[View]
673063849How do you respond to 'you don't get it' when criticising a game?[View]
673036673>Rebellion Blu Rays came out 10 years ago >People have died waiting for Movie 4 Sad to think a…[View]
673050751Master Duel: Lars get lars'n[View]
673060308What kind of gun is this? Might be my favourite gun in a game now. It just looks so good and is so v…[View]
673064897Behold, an actually good TV/film adaptation of a video game. And it was made by a bunch of drunk sla…[View]
673060626My wife.[View]
673063278Hi-Fi Rush: >Grandpa, everyone says video games from your generation were garbage >Did you hav…[View]
673054642(Sad News) Dragons Dogma 2 is still a mixed bag: Is it ever going to become at least 'mostly positiv…[View]
673062340ITT: kino details in games: At this moment she cast a witches spell on him to make him fall in love …[View]
673062936Was he right?[View]
673062778>playing Helldivers 2 >join random party mid-game >wait for team to get in the pelican >…[View]
673055505Unicorn Overlord: Does this game have any gay shit in it? I don't care how Vanillaware draws wo…[View]
673064427Man the way Fallout fans are hoping this show will be bad is so weird. You guys want to be haters so…[View]
673064806So...anime games aren't real?: Oooohh Now that makes sense[View]
672980137Its up on early access https://store.steampowered.com/app/1111930/Underspace/[View]
673061363cute girl.Where she from?[View]
673057660prove me wrong[View]
673060407Enter the world with me anon. We gotta grind some lucky animals and stop some PK's.[View]
673062516Officially Licensed Fanfiction: Imagine playing corpo fanfic slop. I bet they love Disney Star Wars.…[View]
673059032Is Bridget fun to play? Considering buying her.[View]
673058523i'm leaving my room to go get some gamer fuel, it's been a while since i went out lots of …[View]
673062647*retcons your game*[View]
673060053Is this the prettiest way you can go when designing a face that's also realistic without lookin…[View]
673059546My wife, Eve.[View]
673063518/tv/ BTFO: Its actually great[View]
673063079Todd hates Fallout New Vegas SO FUCKING much for being better than anything they've made[View]
673060849Mr Howard has arrived.: .[View]
673060632Oh boy! Smoochin' time![View]
673064221I’m unironically fucking furious[View]
673063135fun gaem: anybody play this?[View]
673029381Bloons TD 6: The war is back on, boys. Get in here and reclaim some of our dignity! Also Bloons thre…[View]
673057937Sooo hyped for RimWorld tomorrow!!![View]
673055382I do not understand the purpose of intentionally designing a protagonist to be as ugly as possible, …[View]
673060091teh sun is up: tim to pleh some gaems[View]
673062952>Hey I noticed this game is only in Dwarvish, Gnomish, and the Common Tongue --- can you translat…[View]
673048164Do you remember the scent of your childhood?[View]
673035721When did you first learn that OoT was a misstep for the franchise?[View]
673060970Do you think burning the erdtree is going to have an impact on the DLC? I'm wondering if I need…[View]
673041146What was watching video games channels on television back in the day like?[View]
6730624129th gen sucks.[View]
673059207What makes a UI in a video game 'good'?[View]
673053226I bought 3 PS5 controllers and they all developed drift eventually, what's my fucking recourse …[View]
673054715Hey my name is Chloe Price I want to sacrifice a whole town of people to be lesbians with my friend …[View]
673059350Play Horizon Zero Pits[View]
673062964>pirate game >enjoyed it >buy it on every single platform and give it 5 stars…[View]
673050853Mystery boxes were a mistake and should be removed from the game.[View]
673060629I'm falling in love with her.[View]
673063182'THEY' are already trying to label STOP KILLING GAMES as Racist and Sexist[View]
673059104Was it good?[View]
673031760We're always on duty.[View]
673011946Nintendo has taken casualization to its absolute extreme to the point that it's barely even app…[View]
673032864Videogame Voice Actor Thread.: For me it's Ashley Johnson.[View]
673062969>Mega corporations are already trying to strawman the STOP KILLING GAMES movement as sexist again…[View]
673056567>ruins LOTR and the life’s work of a WW1 veteran >ruins Fallout and the life’s work of Interp…[View]
673062823>just play online >it will be fun[View]
673057747>mom said it's MY turn to have a monopoly. it's not fair![View]
673061389Last Year relaunched as Forest hills: I respect they try again and again https://youtu.be/Zpa5kkXso…[View]
673054113>game has a drug addiction mechanic >it's easily manageable…[View]
673059072hey this game is pretty good: any other classics I should play?[View]
673040012Fortnite is actually a good game.[View]
673050092HELLDIVERS 2: New warbond will release soon(ish), most likely around 5 or 6 AM EST[View]
673034546Dragon Age Origins: Love the guy but holy shit i had forgotten how much of a pussy he is for most of…[View]
673057659Is AC: O worth it if I just want mindless fun with decent story? I have a 2 week vacation will this …[View]
673055941ITT: Brainrot games[View]
673062168The moment games started going downhill...[View]
673062072>fuck up a series just as bad as the Halo show did >but people will forgive it this time becau…[View]
673055963YIIK: Nameless Psychosis: now whats the current /v/erdict on this? its free but still not gonna wast…[View]
673061102Vindictus looks stupid: Its funny how this is a golden A example of how to do a good game while also…[View]
673060276is there ANY homo/bisexual character in video games that's actually well written and not a dive…[View]
673061909https://youtu.be/tWJC4ktHSIs?si=yRmAx6YrHGqZoJHj Where my chimmy chums at?[View]
673061908The sandstorm desert in BotW makes me scared. In some areas far in the desert the weather becomes gr…[View]
673052717Grand Theft Auto 6: Do we think the forced female protagonist was a mistake then?[View]
673061857I hate western games.[View]
673061721>behold, the premier military combat vehicle of 2552 >.... a fucking jeep…[View]
673061840Comfy minecraft thread[View]
673061268>Imagine playing a non-canonical game couldn't be me[View]
673051907The problem with the mass effect trilogy was that each sequel rebooted the series. Mass effect 2 st…[View]
673049603>NCR turned into raider gang Bethesda is so petty holy shit.[View]
673057586Play Disco Elysium.[View]
673061606Just wait for mods to fix it[View]
673013306Linux Gaming: What you've been gaming on your gamer operating system anon?[View]
673057575ITT: Boring games you only keep playing for the story but it's still not enough: Ill start…[View]
673056594>Game is a Palworld rip off[View]
673025917Digimon Thread: Just finished Digimon World 1 after many years. Used midrecovery trick for money and…[View]
673059936Why did Blizzard give all of the attractive women to Horde? >Draenei Should have gone to Horde wh…[View]
673061036Its so over: What's a 'new vegas' anon? I don't know what you are talking about.[View]
673056419I thought you said troons and coons were the ones making shit games, but pic related is Ubisoft...[View]
673060107Would you play her game?[View]
673046737Magazines, were they a superior source of gaming news?[View]
673053359Why did every person in the mainstream entertainment industry just on a whim decide not to make good…[View]
673037421Why are skeletons always enemies? Zombies i can understand, they are hungry and want to eat you. But…[View]
673057702>the only company consistently making fun games that people like, free of MTX, ugly people, polit…[View]
673051437I'm glad I got to play FPS games before they completely died. F to pay respects.[View]
673059998Do you have irl video game accessories and or items?: or are you a fake gamer?[View]
673056580Final Fantasy VI: Why does Cyan even have a normal attack? He takes 0 seconds to do double damage. A…[View]
672988828Minori archive[View]
673053874>only 4 buttons What was the rationale behind this?[View]
673016976Limbus Company: Heathcliff's canto is ending today, also Nelly Ryoshu looks hot[View]
673059504Why can't all games have proximity voice chat? I want you to hear me laugh while I cut you down…[View]
673057905Remember when Bridget came out in strive and suddenly everyone pretended that Xrd wasn't a mass…[View]
672993637J U S T U S T[View]
673044070Looking back on this now. How the fuck did this not cause a shitstorm? 2016 was in the peak SJW move…[View]
673059036All I do is play DQ VIII recently. PS2 games make me have fun. I only played GTA san andreas from th…[View]
673059435Name a game that had a lot of good will at the start and ended up fucking it up at the end? I'l…[View]
673058918Halo Infinite disappoints with lackluster graphics, uninspired gameplay, and a lack of innovation, f…[View]
673058385They Put 40k in MWIII: >8:00PM >download 110gb >boot game >download Ricochet CCP rootkit…[View]
673057647ITT: Games where watching someone else play is virtually the same experience as playing them yoursel…[View]
673056428Don't forget to tip your game developers /v/. Some games are truly special.[View]
673058949what are some games that were hated back then and are well received now?[View]
673058893Is this cancelled or not? The difference to the Outlaws trailers is just astoundingly better[View]
673043286its not fair.... why can't i just have this?![View]
673057589>The Disturbing Horror of [non horror kids game][View]
673052181What's a good RPG, where I can manage a party dnd style? Games I have played and enjoyed. >B…[View]
673054827>Nintendo Exclusives >Sony Specs >Xbox Retro Compatibility…[View]
673052927You can visit your dorm room in SMTVV. What is your first thought upon hearing this?[View]
673046318why do you play as a woman mate[View]
673058556Fallout on Prime: >'What if we picked the Wild Wasteland perk but cranked it up to 11' the show I…[View]
673057556Is my cyberfu hot?[View]
673058426>nier automata is beautifu- Literally PS2 tier textures lmao and needs mods to be playable…[View]
673058404>consider Fallout TV show not canon >move on and go play New Vegas again It's not that ha…[View]
673056312What lore/inconsistency would you change from your favorite game series, even if its very minor? Som…[View]
673057009>gets bullied and mocked >Goes to Japan with his undeserved money to start bribing videogames …[View]
673028097why dont you play idolge?[View]
672995253Realistically. What would happen to the videogame industry in androids this advanced became reality?[View]
673058025Can we please go back to the PS1 TR days? I liked the trilogy but it was just uncharted and didn…[View]
673053236Everyone is straight for Bridget.[View]
673045997like an orphan infinite judgment: rise of the yakuza part iii: lad/yakuza/judgement/infinite wealth …[View]
673058108Did you save her?: 30XX thread I guess, Lots of megaman threads lately, This is probably my favorit…[View]
673057123>Blogspot review website You know you're in for a comfy time reading human written reviews m…[View]
673054609Webm thread. Post vidya webms.[View]
673053701>makes /v/ seethe almost 10 years later how did toby do it?[View]
673038029I'm like three hours in to Mass Effect 1 and it has been boring as fuck so far, very repetitive…[View]
673043013Gamefreak should make a Pokemon game with every region in it.[View]
673057505I liked it[View]
673046909Definitely better than the original.[View]
673050974its a slightly better fallout 3: its an improved version of the worst bethesda game why do people pr…[View]
673053304When did you start thinking Scott should've stopped?[View]
673035609It's alright. Don't know why zoomers are hyping it up so much though.[View]
673055594How do I make money making 3D items for games like Team fortress or roblox?[View]
673042474Now that the dust has settled, was he right?[View]
673051709what are some good post-apocalypse vidya? especially one that focuses on exploration[View]
673026314Nikke: Elegg will never be re-[View]
673056235Cliffy B cured my racism. How'd he do it?[View]
673050948Stop flaunting your feet I'm trying to focus on the fight.[View]
673056371>Stepdad soi-ing out over Fallout TV show[View]
673043575what is the video game equivalent of Atlas Shrugged?[View]
673038839>less than two weeks until gundam breaker meets gurren lagann finally comes out in the west does …[View]
673055803Guess the game by the review!: Hard Mode.[View]
673056976The weak should fear the strong.[View]
673048560Who is the most pathetic videogame protagonist of all time?[View]
673052052Humiliation ritual[View]
673055750I am forgotten[View]
673056646>Quest takes place in a fiery place >Quest Added: Out Of The Frying Pan... Any others like thi…[View]
673047507What's better, MiSTer or software emulation?[View]
673056389Are you ready for the Cena Dorf?[View]
673053335After SSKTJL fail, WB Montreal working on a superman game[View]
673054223'Revolver' -Revolver Ocelot: >Magnums >Six Shooters >Skill cannons >Puerto Rican credit …[View]
673055207If you need to use a guide, the developers failed[View]
673055768I'm in the mood for a casual shooter. Should I just get BF4? What else is there on the market t…[View]
673054842Oops accidentally turned my sword and board character into a spell knight again.[View]
673048113Why are Isometric ARPGs so godamn boring? The gameplay is literally spam 2 skills against thousands …[View]
672962030Rise of the Ronin: >you VILL parry a gorillion hit combo and you VILL be happy Sekiro and its con…[View]
673047345>still the best open world game after 20 years[View]
673048581What causes writers to have so much power in western vidya companies? Imagine working on a company w…[View]
673055456I've never played any of the Fallout games. Which one should I start off with? People say start…[View]
673054006ITT: Times /v/ were right, wrong, or completely retarded[View]
673044902Are there any games where you play as a minimum wage worker? Any interesting ones?[View]
673052621tomodachi life: what weird shit have you witnessed in this game? starting new playthrough, so cursed…[View]
673046480nuzelda fags call this “gameplay”[View]
673055195I think Metroid is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. He should…[View]
673012280Are videogames art?[View]
673042770Dall-E Thread: bing.com/create[View]
673050131Why do girls love characters crossdressing?[View]
673052324What's the ideal height for a servant?[View]
673049376this looks fun[View]
673053418How would you retheme buckshot roulette to be a kid friendly game that teaches you about probability…[View]
673052983Kancolle: Who's your favorite of DD6?[View]
673049143What is the true best way to play the parappa/um jammer lammy games? buy a ps5?[View]
673052961Miiverse is back and I couldn't be happier, LONG LIVE the Wii U.[View]
673049771[Sad News] Stellar Blade has 200ms of input lag: Is this acceptable for you for a 2024 action game?…[View]
673052929>female character doesn't look like 10/10 plastic model >WHY ARE THE FEMALES SO UGLY SHIT…[View]
673052098Are you sensitive to input lag in your games?[View]
673040370Avatar x Fortnite?: Literally the most stupid skin they could have chosen for a collab. I love it…[View]
6730381383x3: Whatcha playing lately anon? I just started rise of ronin; I didn't expect open world Nioh…[View]
673027106Gaming is fucking doomed. It will never recover[View]
673050002This is the best flash game ever.[View]
673046179Now that Yokoyama helms RGG, can we finally consider this canon? Kiryu is a virgin. And that's …[View]
673053839Are there any other characters as relatable as Braig?[View]
673052624Fallout TV Show: So is it good?[View]
673054676>'The next video will address the DLC' >The video about the DLC is never released Wait wait, w…[View]
673048689you're seriously telling me they didn't fuck?[View]
673047524Even the models are confused about why they tried making her look like a man and request that they m…[View]
673046559WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG???[View]
673052472RPGLB Dragon Quest marathon: Calling all miggers: there's a Dragon Quest speedrun / RTA maratho…[View]
673049716Linux Gaming: Does using Archinstall have any drawbacks other than the loss of bragging rights? I…[View]
673053406old gen fags are going to be insufferable when this drops[View]
672997901Why are shills trying to convince us that this is 'beautiful?'[View]
673052502I just beat the game on the law route. Is it worth playing again for the other routes, or just wait …[View]
673048741Its better than skyrim[View]
673052117>That not gameplay issue that made you drop a game Pic extremely realted…[View]
673051680Any games like this?[View]
673051156Does /v/ still remember her game?[View]
673051914Does it use based mudrunner physics or snowrunner faggot physics: Snowrunner was such an inferior ga…[View]
673053636So who’s responsible for designing the maps in this game? I was already hating the map design but th…[View]
673052123I’m thinking KINO[View]
673038574Fox Engine was the peak of videogame graphics and is now a decade old.[View]
673051963Why are a lot of M rated games tame these days?[View]
673052857Guilty Gear proved that it was held back by the retarded naming convention, why don't other nic…[View]
673052113Brovania: Before Mr. Enter sperged out about cartoons, he was actually a gaming Youtuber. This is th…[View]
673051552>extraction shooter >sekiro-like >milsim-lite >time loop >dwarf fortress-inspired …[View]
673043975The best female protag in gaming![View]
673052636I'm glad people are starting to realize how garbage this shit game is, ignoring the battle pass…[View]
673050532I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
673048987What was his fucking problem?[View]
673053006Mario golf Join me[View]
673050394If you end up in a game with a guy who's playing a custom female character, let him know you th…[View]
673052249What vidya has the best wet/water effects?[View]
673039858>pc of the last game you played is replaced by Conan What changes?[View]
673049995Just learned there are people that but little toy steering wheels and pretend they are driving in th…[View]
673052198Started working on Kaliina 2. Hopefully now it makes more sense the aim type using the sisters.[View]
673046945why add the butt chin?[View]
673037161How come the studio died after making this game?[View]
673051837Have fun with video games . Kids... But know that there are two hells awaiting for you. 1. It's…[View]
672944497Reverse Collapse: This young, upstanding Antarctician soldier has been groomed by the bakery pervert…[View]
673051943>game forced you to kill your pet dog or your asshole racist dad will kill it instead Uninstalled…[View]
673050529Her uterus is still intact vault dweller[View]
673046906Burnout 2 > Burnout 3. Fuck EA. Burnout 3 was going to be really cool before they changed the aes…[View]
673047454Is there such thing as too much gatekeeping?[View]
673043829>You can have gay sex with hookers in this game Its okay when Japan does it but BG3 doing it is L…[View]
673049042does Dualsense have worse latency than Dualshock 4? I wanted to get one for fighting games and gener…[View]
673041779it wasnt that bad[View]
673051354SLOW RIDE[View]
673042398>Yoshi commits acts of terrorism >Yoshi gets high off some weird dust mite shit with a child i…[View]
673049471Baby Billy ain't looking so good[View]
673036678Wtf happened to cover art?!: Why are video game covers for new games so bad? Can't they hire an…[View]
673044615ITT: autistic complaints This line makes NO fucking sense and it blows my mind that more people hav…[View]
673051189I have never really cared if people are attracted to 'loli' characters in anime and games before. I …[View]
673040570Hot /v/ takes: My hottest /v/ takes: >I enjoy playing video games >Cutscenes are generally ben…[View]
673019904>only ever do str/dex dumpstat builds in most souls games >fuck it ill try some arcane shit in…[View]
673044273is this the biggest 'soul vs soulless' ever?[View]
673047334>open game >unskippable tutorial Why do yhey do this shit?…[View]
673050831Anyone used to like mass effect but now replays seem to be a waste after knowing the story goes nowh…[View]
673046227How do I stop playing gacha games?[View]
673050369games with the best ragdoll physics?[View]
673042441Lumine's exclusive property[View]
673047779Anyone ever try hardcore mode? How far did you get and what killed you?[View]
673014030Advance Wars (By Web): >it's a Rachel/Kindle T3 match episode How the fuck do you deal with …[View]
673050887it's time to kill ourselves.[View]
673046185I am the only one here who likes this series[View]
673046153Here's your next factions in Darkest Dungeons 2[View]
673047689FF7 Rankings: For those who finished Rebirth, what do you rate the following (1-10): >FF7 >Rem…[View]
673050698where are the WW2 video games where you can play as Axis forces against Allies cuckolds?[View]
673004842Fire emblem: Whats his endgame?[View]
673049810It's all so tiresome.[View]
673050268I miss her, bros.[View]
672993496Dead Space 2 Remake was cancelled because you chuds didn't buy the first one. Screw you asshole…[View]
673038863What's his real name?[View]
673048925>no options to make it our allies why does the game make us suffer like this?…[View]
673048182I'm playing Fallout 4 again. I wonder, is the story better than I remember it? Let's see w…[View]
673045234That oudda' do it![View]
673044117Games with mice?[View]
673046060I don't get it, why did she do that?[View]
673041408In my 8 years on 4chan, I've never seen games in such a terrible state[View]
673050237Terry BOGART myan: Pass the BONG dude![View]
673035031why are game developers so scared of deviating from the standard humanoid body plan for playable rac…[View]
673044252Oracle of Ages deserves a 3D remake, it feels like a 3D game limited to 2D because of the console it…[View]
673049991OH SHI-[View]
673049986You WILL buy their game again and you WILL clap when they kiss.[View]
673026856Holy cringe[View]
673046809A Dead or Alive FIGHTING game (venus vacation fags leave) that goes back to a 90's anime aesthe…[View]
673026339Final Fantasy: I don't know if this is a hot take or not, but Sephiroth is kind of lame. I get …[View]
673047413Are the rumors true? Is Bloodborne finally coming to PC[View]
673041793>Completed on hard >Done every VR mission >Got every manuscript except one >Can't c…[View]
673045761What makes Silent Hill 2 Reddit, but not 1?[View]
673047681are you a super listener /v/?[View]
673045050How are you supposed to finish any game with only one hour max a day?[View]
673048124pick my waifu?: help me choose please[View]
673046608Today I found out Waluigi was a military school instructor[View]
672985113How come theres no good 3d platformers outside of mario games?[View]
673044571Is it over?[View]
673046861Hi, My uncle works as a high ranked manager at EA games. Boycott all of his games.[View]
673037761I HATE WESTERN GAMES![View]
673024484HELLDIVERS 2: Know the supply lines and what connects to where https://hd2galaxy.com/ https://helldi…[View]
673046004I checked a lot of VR games from steamdb and found that only few people playing those game. It'…[View]
673025178Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: It's almost here. Prepare yourselves.[View]
673046931P3R: >Have you been keeping your promise? You didn't tell anyone, did you? >If you go bac…[View]
673048476ITT Games only you have played. Hardmode: It has to be good (this is not).[View]
673000530SKRIBBL.IO: https://skribbl.io/?eXCnPY4X You WILL draw the videogames. you WILL guess the videogames…[View]
673047107Fire Emblem: Kill the lizard[View]
673043297>and if you have a problem with 'happy holidays' then happy shut the fuck up…[View]
673007304Rogue Trader: Whatare the chances of clown companion is season 2 pass?[View]
673032646Anyone else remember people justifying playing femshep because the voice actress was “amazing”? I he…[View]
673047975>Why do you play a video game? >'To get the high score' >NO you do it to fucking have fun y…[View]
673028854Mario if he real[View]
67304535890s PC gaming: Video games peaked here. Only nerdy white people making nerdy white games. Early inte…[View]
673045853Daily Bust a Groove thread: How many times did it take for you to beat Pander?[View]
673047608>kill enemy >corpse vanishes, completely killing my immersion…[View]
673047339was Volgin molested by his dad?[View]
673047163>No one cared about the Metroidvania with the Killmonger haircut >3D remake no where to be see…[View]
673042923What is the powdered milk of videogames?[View]
673037914Do you feel properly marketed to by the video games industry?[View]
673044984Is there any new good racing vidya besides AC2 ? i assume Horizon 6 is gonna be shit![View]
673017295I liked DD2[View]
673046806Why is modern /v/ like this?[View]
673043946Ace combat ps2 games: Gameplay / missions: 0 > 4 > 5 Soundtrack: 5 > 4 > 0 Story: 4 >…[View]
673045463>game calls morality 'grey' >'if you kill your enemies, you become just as bad as them!' why d…[View]
672981604Let's talk about FF7 Rebirth and its implication on part 3 story. I'm looking forward to t…[View]
673038513haha, thats just how it goes![View]
673045950Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Plays like Sonic Adventure 2, but Shadow gets to keep the guns and swearing f…[View]
673037751no helltaker 2?[View]
673037183Dall-E Thread.: bing.com/create[View]
673045918>xhe thought this would be the Elden Killer epic fail rofl[View]
673045953They even put Yasuke in Nioh 2: Based devs[View]
673042957Ff41 eunuchs: Why are they so buckbroken by the existence of wow?[View]
673043880Dragon's Dogma 2[View]
673040832Foxes in Skyrim: Elusive Creatures of the Northern Wilderness' - Discover the cunning and graceful f…[View]
672976915Stardew Valley: I'm going to marry Penny.[View]
673041006Is this true? Are there any others that could lay claim to her throne?[View]
673044489Should have been on gamecube.[View]
673043015Name 5 western games in the last 10 years that starred a -Straight woman >Woman who wore a dress …[View]
673026586Wokeism has destroyed vidya.[View]
673045841How do i train myself to always stay completely calm in every situation like agent Hitman?[View]
673042386Justin Wong to help develop Shotone: https://www.patrick-breyer.de/en/pirates-ask-eu-commission-to-l…[View]
673043118Chart is updated with Nep and Arius burkas. Minasan! Korea bans bikini such as Blue archive having n…[View]
673045825Damn this bitch clingy[View]
673012267game dev: is godot a good choice if im not a programmer?[View]
673043025Remember, there are no bad games. Just games you don't like.[View]
673044991What're some good Samurai games, /v/?[View]
673043112These pint-sized powerhouses may be small in stature, but they're big on personality! From rock…[View]
673029936What headphones do you fags use?[View]
673041863*grabs you*[View]
673039959>$560 for a DSi XL WTF?![View]
673034791>NOOOO A CLEFT CHIN WTF HELP HELP I'M BEING DEMORALIZED You are all fake fans.…[View]
673041791Oh? A treasure chest? Wonder what's in it, I hope I don't need a key![View]
673044903Galaxy Ranger Acheron![View]
673012706>Crashes your premier[View]
673039726>Game offers you an IMPOSSIBLE choice[View]
673044895>How [video game] Saves You[View]
673029235ITT post your opinions on how society should be run. Keep it related to vidya. E.g. should loot boxe…[View]
673034197>early trailer is all CGI >retard fall for it >devs finally show what the game will actuall…[View]
673037865jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/jDCp_i 150 rotation[View]
673041943What the fuck happened? It feels like a few years ago, you could have found literally any song by an…[View]
673034484>game lets you customize your character[View]
673044484Are there any instances of a remake/reboot/reimagining improving a game series?[View]
673044306ITT:video game tropes that you love game has hidden treasures[View]
673039042how are you liking the huge update patch for /v/'s favorite jank[View]
673041464These are publicly known numbers. Do Western executives look at these and still go 'Nah I want ugly …[View]
673011994>CHESS IS A LAME GAM-ACK![View]
673037283Is this true, chat?[View]
673042926Nation without freedom of nation is anti-woke?: Chart is updated with Nep and Arius burkas. Minasan!…[View]
673044375This game does not hold up. The 'it plays itself' guys were completely right.[View]
6730335407 days until adventure mode is added to dwarf fortress on steam[View]
673030385>mfw a game I hate with a passion is selling poorly[View]
673041542Why havent you backed up your games /v/?: You do own them by buying them on GOG...right?[View]
673043121THE ITSUNO CYCLE: >makes a bad game (DMC2) >makes a really good game (DMC3) >makes a bad ga…[View]
673039983Are there any mahou shoujo games/anime like nanoha? I like how they use futuristic technology to uti…[View]
673039592Why did Nomura ruin the most iconic death scene in video game history?[View]
673030650Let's boogie![View]
673028594Now that it's confirmed 7EVEN is not happening, are you ready to let it go?[View]
673043421Why did he do it?[View]
673037424As an aryan, will I enjoy this game?[View]
673034397>see this screen you know it’s a kino horror game[View]
673042783>mfw fatthumbed my keyboard when im in an argument with someone here and made a typo…[View]
673041947Holy shit guys look it's Ganondorf![View]
673036848My weakness is videogame women with british accent.[View]
673038502feels good man[View]
673041774Is it just me or are Capcom shmups just kind of shite?[View]
673016169I hope you are not still buying physical video games.[View]
673042630tekken 8: rate my zafina customizations[View]
673039693Will it stop Japanese devs from crippling their games like the Switch does or will the can just get …[View]
673038589It's okay when Japan does it[View]
673039801Noita: Noita Thread Post memes, gifs and cool webms![View]
673033024Wtf is wrong with GG characters?: this bitch is sexually assaulting a giant fucking key do these nig…[View]
673037347Starship Troopers: Extermination: The new update that completely redoes the classes is out, what…[View]
673042330RollerCoaster: Which game should I play first?[View]
673002221In retrospect, he's still right.[View]
673042003>game has a 'squeeze through a tight gap in the wall' section[View]
673024093It's over: Another great classic franchise ruined by political correctness Look at the bloody p…[View]
673031804The best sonic game[View]
673039903>He plays FOTM streamer games[View]
673041781>In Games we say, 'Sweat every pixel'[View]
673004372Ubisoft raided /v/ with Indian shills just to silence this man. Think about how scared they must be…[View]
673040619post vidya characters that are literally you[View]
673038921Now that the dust has settled, was the localisation controversy surrounding NEO: The World Ends With…[View]
673026145PS5 Thread: Whatcha playin? Whatcha lookin forward to? Whatcha gonna do when the Pro comes out?…[View]
673041557Outer Worlds is free until tomorrow evening, get your Fallout fix before Bethesda drops the next gen…[View]
673033183You will now remember this annoying faggot[View]
673036427>story gets retconned in the remake why do games do this[View]
673038391What would it be like to live in the Star Fox universe?[View]
673039213Do you like tsunderes?[View]
673033715what can be done to bring this genre to 2024: worms armageddon is 25 years old...[View]
673038640what were they thinking?[View]
673035630I'm thankful every day that the English version of Fire Emblem Engage was fixed to remove creep…[View]
673025014Is Mabinogi the last good Sandbox MMORPG?[View]
673040302What killed humor in modern video games?[View]
673038438Why are Native American characters so cool?[View]
673040172>dad walks in[View]
673039395The great debate[View]
672945152Nintendo 3DS is kill: It's over But we had a good run. F[View]
673040147Is this the only good digital card game?[View]
673032757What’s your opinion on Miranda?[View]
673038680Grand Theft Auto V is an overrated game.[View]
673039237This game has ruined thousands of childhoods[View]
673039392SOVL is back on the menu boys[View]
673039223It never goes on sale because it's a masterpiece.[View]
673024649Finding a flash game: Can anybody help me find this flash game from the 2000s? It was a flash game t…[View]
673038423ITT games only you played[View]
673040019Ereban: Not sure I like her voice.[View]
673020440fallout 93% fresh: this show is going to be absolutely massive.[View]
673039687Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG: What the fuck what we did to deserve this[View]
673015793I WANT TO GO BACK[View]
673015383WTF is a triple i game? I know about triple A, but what's this, Gaben?[View]
673036217What are the most fun/interesting ads you've seen for a video game? I remember the Punch Out Wi…[View]
673038790now that the dust has settle. Looking back, who was the main culprit that drove Square Enix to spend…[View]
673036881Metroid Prime is overrated.[View]
673028627I hate western games.[View]
673038940what is the best approach to the new player experience in games like Destiny and FFXIV/WOW where a m…[View]
673039626Steel Division 2: Best WW2 RTT got it's new DLC[View]
673037904prepare for your examination[View]
673039505Nation without freedom of expression is anti-woke?: Chart is updated with Nep and Arius burkas. Min…[View]
673039142How do I make a Space Battleship Yamato game in unreal and be not immediately sued?[View]
673037038>Yoshiaki Koizumi is a designer, creator, writer, and director who was involved in many major asp…[View]
673033936>/v/ thinks this is an ugly character[View]
673036819Here comes Yogi![View]
673020837Soulful pre-clown world gaming: >Go to Youtube >Search 'before:2010 [insert game here]' >Po…[View]
673039304Games for this feel[View]
673036119What does it taste like?[View]
673035307>Boomers: Dude the stealth mechanics in this game were fucking insane for its time. >The steal…[View]
673039229Boars in Red Dead Redemption 2: A Wild Encounter' - Explore the untamed wilderness of RDR2 and encou…[View]
673037758Rate the main FF7 Games: For those who have finished Rebirth, I rate the following (1-10): >FF7 …[View]
673031751Her game.[View]
673031827Why are they better than the other Zelda games?: https://youtu.be/ge8zd1ZR-hc https://youtu.be/Db15j…[View]
673032432Kaizo: What do we think of Kaizo levels in mario maker/hack roms? Tryhard shit for people with adhd …[View]
673035120>It's bad because... because... it just is, okay?![View]
673037773Modded Minecraft: When did you take the modpack pill? >vanilla+ Crucial 2 >RPG R.A.D. 2 >To…[View]
673032924Times game developers understood the assignment[View]
673034217Who remembers when final fantasy characters appear in a Mario game on the DS just to play basketball…[View]
673035486So life is strange was actually made by chuds?[View]
673035252>they are now indirectly trying to erase Zetterstrand art why mojang is like that?…[View]
673029276Why did everyone stop caring about Tears of the Kingdom?[View]
673038784Is Online Casinos /v/? If not, what fucking board are they for?[View]
673033393What made Elin so special?[View]
673038202Emulation Bread: What are you emulating? I've been playing Bayoneta 3 but my Ryujinx keeps cras…[View]
673032617What went so right?[View]
673034592So, any gaming news lately?[View]
673038390How can my Quest 3 run 3DS games,: but my Galaxy Z Fold 3 can't?[View]
673038229Imagine traveling back in time to 2000 to 2001 and telling kids, as well as comic fans of the time, …[View]
673030416Why would you need other consoles when you have Noire[View]
673037593are fishing games actually still popular?[View]
673033514Play bombergirl /v/[View]
673032545The subway can take us straight to Mercy Hospital.[View]
673029372Tomb Raider no longer raiding tombs: And that's a good thing[View]
673015153Unicorn Overlord: Why did the people of Cornia accept a literal fox as their queen?[View]
673024529Dall-E Thread!: bing.com/create[View]
673032463>35 games shown >over half of them were rougelikes I don't want to hear any of these indi…[View]
673023915Darkest Dungeon Major Free DLC: Idk what the fuck I'm looking at[View]
673034603Legitimately obscure / weird games only (You) have played[View]
673037295>/v/ is not yet ready for this...[View]
673000519RIP Dead Space: >Dead Space 2 Remake cancelled In this thread we pay our respects to another fran…[View]
673027041Mascot Horror Thread: Because why not?[View]
673027736is she's so hideous why are you all posting those edited images? she's sooo ugly right? so…[View]
673036301should I sell them /v/ros? it took nearly a decade for them to appreciate in value[View]
673021617Old Shit: Hit me with the old shit, I just want to look at old games or game related stuff, it doesn…[View]
673037029wonder was fucking shit[View]
673034747Vidya with canonically trans characters[View]
673028135weg thread: VP you fucking faggot release R5 already holy shit[View]
673031710Why are Americans so cringe on voip: Since getting into Helldivers I keep getting put in squads with…[View]
673032857It's 2024 and I am... forgotten.[View]
673035558**Where Are the Deckbuilder Video Games?**: It seems like Steam is chock full of card games where yo…[View]
673031219How many souls game were really necessary I mean I could easily imagine a few or a lot of the souls…[View]
673025569Did you?[View]
673020957>only 25 years old >feel like a senior citizen when I play online games because other players …[View]
673031737I don't know why but this little retard is my second favorite character in the whole canon.[View]
673035987Why don't they just add all 3? What's the point of these stupid mob votes?[View]
673013764Still boggles my mind that 'Gamer Culture' went from 'Mountain Dew, Halo and Booth Babes to 'Here is…[View]
673033074Now that tbe Dead Space franchise has been cancelled forever can we finally admit Calisto is the bet…[View]
673032294If you haven't made a popular game when you were 15 then your life is already finished[View]
673005123which one is the most alive[View]
673032105Well, /v/?[View]
673032960Will 21 be in Sparking Zero?[View]
673032141Why do western games suck?[View]
673035495>This anime game is just like Genshin[View]
673028243This was the only good Prince of Persia game[View]
673033501Will the Switch 2 have a new Zelda game in its first year?: If not then what's even the point o…[View]
673035367The queens of /v/[View]
673013578>meanwhile, in /v/ prison...[View]
673009292A Hat in Time Starring Hat Kid (also starring Brown Kid)[View]
673035312Nation without freedom of expression like Korea is anti-woke?: Minasan! Korea bans bikini such as Bl…[View]
673024660>he thinks 16gb of RAM is enough[View]
673022241I thought it was the chibi trainer, like the one you control on the overworld just sitting on his as…[View]
673035219What the fuck was his problem?[View]
673033894gamecube fighting game with a dog character: I used to play a fighting game with my babysitter as ch…[View]
673035110/v/irgins like to complain about pixel art and Earthbound clones that are supposedly all about depre…[View]
673025470100 TB call of duty coming soon[View]
673028884Yet another stupid fucking twitter troon making up false rumors faces no consequences.[View]
673029373chud video game: https://youtu.be/K9m6jHITqvc?t=421 >you play as a chud in future EVROPA who remo…[View]
673029791megaman: How come no one has made a competent battlenetwork clone yet?[View]
6730318392024... I am forgotten....[View]
673029338ARPG BROS IT'S OUT.[View]
673033047When will gamers finally be treated with the respect and integrity our hobby demands? I was at the …[View]
673029812>another night in bed listening to silent hill music[View]
673033960Humilation ritual.[View]
673030562>50 hours demo play >demo is only 1 hour long meaning only 50 played the demo GOT-ACCKKKKKKKK…[View]
673031292what did she see, /v/?[View]
673034157https://store.steampowered.com/app/2849080/Kingdom_Rush_5_Alliance_TD/ Shut the fuck up, you retards…[View]
673034078How would Sweet Baby Inc. handle his character?[View]
673029496post the games you constantly go back to[View]
673031905>Mogs every vidya villain: Why are vidya villains so one dimensional compared to other forms of m…[View]
673024419>damn, that cat girl on game's cover looks good, I wonder what's her role in the story …[View]
673032476>Ironman + Extreme difficulty setting youtube playthrough >quick loads 5min in…[View]
673030548What is the future of Atelier?[View]
673029898wednesday sex thread[View]
672993112*pap pap pap pap*[View]
673030176>buy product >company decides to take down servers >lose access to DLC >Money Stolen Why…[View]
673009946Which /v/irgins are buying this?[View]
673032861Teenagers who spend a lot of time playing video games and on the computer are more likely to have a …[View]
673025804Play Horizon Zero Pits[View]
673028826This is the highest grossing video game franchise of all time. What are your thoughts on it?[View]
673030158Quick question on Homebrew for the Wii, would I still be able to play my physical Wii games through …[View]
673020681why are modern gamers like this? When did having the playable character be conventionally attractive…[View]
673030852>he only has a 24 inch display[View]
673032595Why is Deb's voice so sexy? Also recommend more games with sexy voices[View]
673032532RADAGON IS MARIKA: I finally understand why /v/ loves this game. It's because you guys all fap …[View]
673030649I felt this way watching my dad play Nobunaga's Ambition. Anyone else have these feels?[View]
673022606Todd WON: APOLOGIZE[View]
673031098So, was he your first super shotgun kill or did you let him live?[View]
673030415>go to steam store >search for the tag: Boomer Shooter >soul overflow…[View]
673028670Do you believe in the Mario Mandate, /v/?[View]
673025250I just want her back man[View]
673000806SLAY THE SPIRE 2 IN 2025 GET IN HERE[View]
673029357Now that these 2 games have come and gone what else is there to play this year?[View]
673027119Ludo Kino: Astlibra >Ludo gameplay >Kino story >Kino music >Kino budget >Ludo graphic…[View]
673027440Welp, it finally happened to me too. Video game burnout. Lost all motivation to play anything. How l…[View]
673029058Old internet had better banter. Simple as that.[View]
673024505DALL-E 3 Thread: bing.com/create[View]
673028295ITT: games that make you feel stupid[View]
673031424>best game in the series in you're path[View]
673028506Why won't Disney release a star wars game from the Imperial pov?[View]
673031615>We have captured an outpost.[View]
673016070Threads that tick you off: >Which is the best Sonic sprite >Which is the best waifu dress >…[View]
673011845Troonalis: why is this bad parody of SH so popular among /v/ermin[View]
673030082>Commander, you must hunt down this rogue agent and his army that threaten the galaxy >But fir…[View]
673027586Look at this cute thing.[View]
673027226Do people even play this game? I haven't seen a single gameplay discussion thread or fresh webm…[View]
673030248As a 30 year old gamer boyy I think she's cute[View]
673026026im a sucker for lovecraft and this caught my attention... is it marketing bait or are there any cosm…[View]
673028628Boobs In Videogames: ITT: Boobs in videogames Post some prominent boobs in videogames.[View]
673025664stop killing games: 2 days ago, over 68 million user-created levels were permanently deleted by Nint…[View]
673029434Fangame Thread: Post about fangames you've played or are currently playing ITT All forms of fan…[View]
673026772>game doesn’t have achievements >don’t play because it feels like a waste of time Anyone else?…[View]
673025097to be fair they did an amazing job of adapting the archetypical JRPG voiceless personalityless autis…[View]
673030125Death Stranding except there's a helicopter and the TTK is way shorter.[View]
672992289total war warhammer: come home white man. the engoodening of CA is at hand with thrones of decay.…[View]
673030103I love how gaymers are now giving negative reviews to games that use any form of AI.[View]
673030251Square Enix made two girl Clouds and a black single dad side kick who has a dead wife and a son.[View]
673025238I have earned all completion marks for the base characters of Binding of Isaac Redpill me on the tai…[View]
673030072Absolute state of Japanese games...: Since July 8th 2022 when Abe has passed away, Japanese console …[View]
673021742Mass Effect: Today I will remind they/them.[View]
673007794Holy fuck what went wrong: Never seen anything like this[View]
673024209Anyone ever used these kind of docks for the Switch? Wonder if there's any difference on perfor…[View]
673021857just marathon'd this. what did I think about it?[View]
673027126Making Elves and Dwarfs playable characters robs them of their uniqueness in RPGs. It would be much …[View]
673028498Give me some comfy vidya videos please I like Summoning Salt, Steak Bentley (the 4 hour MGS4 essay …[View]
673011963What games /v/?[View]
673022259What’s the best Roblox anime game? groomers not allowed ITT[View]
673023985Is it just a meme or are people here actually not excited for dragon age dread wolf? There isn’t any…[View]
673021338Just like old times Commander![View]
673029039Is this the greatest game of the last 20 years? If not, what is?[View]
673029034They're so cute together.[View]
673020743When does it get good?[View]
673024761Thoughts? what am I in for?[View]
673024547What was his problem?[View]
673027431>Party member is a useless retard who thinks he's the MC >Everyone just humours him like …[View]
673026468What games are the libtards of /v/ playing to cope with having less than 1 (One) year?[View]
673028784There's nothing wrong with spot the difference games.[View]
673026168>Psychic Dominator, ready[View]
673024454Is it worth playing Arkham Knight (2015) in 2024?[View]
673020739Face scanning pretty women for videogames makes them look ugly or mascline, but the men end up looki…[View]
673020551is this a good game?[View]
673027023>They authorize me to... nudge things. In a particular direction, from time to time.…[View]
673026721Dead Space is dead press S to spit.[View]
673026292Vidya girls: post images of vidya girls[View]
673028152mada desu[View]
673018305Sonic > Mario[View]
673022920What is these faggots problem? Why do they insist on making me play as some half naked stripper[View]
673026120TF2: Piss[View]
673025672What's the /v/erdict?[View]
673027648gman: he's a virgin, right?[View]
673026132Hello, everyone: Gravemind, here. Just wanted to let you know that Barack Obama’s “favorite,” not be…[View]
673026276Was it really as bad as everyone said it was?[View]
673011976ITT: Cool/cute/sexy vidya fanart[View]
673021748Who do you think will win this year's GOTY?[View]
673024510What can I play to make cute female friends[View]
673027380I greatly enjoy playing japanese games (the best type of games) in dub.[View]
673027816Baldi's Basics: The only modern indie 'horror' game i've enjoyed, not even a horror game, …[View]
673021618>game is unbeatable[View]
672982747Play Nick All Star Brawl.[View]
673020301Would a GTA spin off game set in Brazil work?[View]
673026865Wrong IP Konami[View]
673026781Why do spanish people like ff7 so much?[View]
673022284Do you think it’s possible to revert back to a time when every game didn’t have patches? Even if you…[View]
673027362He won[View]
673027272it's so good[View]
673026863>when that gamer perc hit[View]
673026436Did anything interesting come from the triple-I show?[View]
673026821Infamous 2: New Marais...Home...[View]
673015089Tell me about a game/gaming related thing you like.[View]
673008296Im on full cope mode guys: Please tell me she is alive or that she will come back in Part 3. Im goin…[View]
673023745What the fuck do you need models for[View]
672998969You DID 100%, right?[View]
673015940Post covers that make you want to play the game The game doesn't necessarily have to be as good…[View]
673026872For me it was Arctic and GIGN[View]
673024857How come the PS2 could handle higher res cloud textures than modern gaming PCs?[View]
673023974do you guys think X-23 will be in the wolverine ps5 game?[View]
673007510>i MUST put fucking poison swamps everywhere, i just must!!! Why is Miyazaki like that?…[View]
673026364>Game is highly successful >Shit is made along the way >'Masterpiece' What game or series?…[View]
673023123>PC owners on /v/ who played Tears of the Kingdom in 2k 120fps for 0$ on comfy setup say the game…[View]
673023703It really do be like that.[View]
673016049What's the story behind these two?[View]
673025003Dead Space 2 remake cancelled due to poor sales. It's over Dead Space bros.[View]
673025221>/v/ hates Dead Space now What changed?[View]
673023725Every time someone says they love New Vegas Todd gets 6 inches shorter[View]
673022617Furshit Kino[View]
673026043Absolute state of Japanese game: Since July 8th 2022 when Abe has passed away, Japanese console game…[View]
673025563>finally close to getting a decent Iron Man game >team's Dead Space remake tanks, gets se…[View]
673023987i am forgotten[View]
673021521What am I in for?: besides Stoya playing a spider[View]
673005207Here's your new Prince of Persia bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZzOxEK7hXo&pp=ygUQcHJ…[View]
673010289eL Oh eL[View]
673023713Video games should cost $100.[View]
673022993>Oh, my favorite games? Oh, you know just slow-burn kino classics like Alien Soldier, Shaow of th…[View]
673024846vidya images you can hear[View]
673024932>Anyone ever used these kind of docks for the Switch? Wonder if there's any difference on pe…[View]
673023414Thoughts on papers please?[View]
673025465Soundtracks: >game has literally 5 songs that play over and over Games for this feel?…[View]
673025408no i still hate americans[View]
672964163whats your favorite localization[View]
673022352I bought a PS5. What games should I play? I've bought PS+ Premium since I've never owned a…[View]
673025368Why is there a cunty skeleton serving and leaving no crumbs?[View]
673024208Now that the dust has settled P3R > P3P > FES. Mod in the FES music and portraits and there…[View]
673025214>marketing tagline was 'NO COVER. ALL MAN' >multiple boss fights require ample use of cover wh…[View]
673015157Dall-E 3 - /v/ gens only: Dall-E 3 - /v/ related content only bing.com/create keep it fun keep it le…[View]
673024231How did this piece of shit get so popular?: Okay, calling it a piece of shit might be a bit excessiv…[View]
673023676Still the best[View]
673019996Why does this board hate DS2? I thought the game was bretty gud[View]
673015956Will it ever stop?: >Naughty Dog made female characters less feminine to be trans friendly https:…[View]
672995375Let’s stop acting like edgelords, it wasn’t that bad and if Mass effect 5 is the same quality we sho…[View]
673024517Why are there no female giants in fantasy games like skyrim, witcher, shadow of colossus etc[View]
673024840any kumatora fans in here?[View]
673023705>'Lovely! We can freeze to death while digging for the bones of a madwoman'…[View]
673023451>Leftist idiots are confused how a game that mocks fascism is so popular among gaymers…[View]
673024815>ITT: you post 'The game is trash, but it has ONE particularly great thing that no other game ha…[View]
673003580Helldivers 2[View]
673016689humilation ritual[View]
673022963>play online game >teammate starts rizzing up girl with a gyatt instead of playing the object…[View]
673024273>real time with pause will always be dogshi-[View]
673023047Silent Hill 2: Is it really that good?[View]
673000846And we are live.[View]
673011043>/v/ thinks this is ugly because she's not constantly in supermodel lighting, anglemaxxing, …[View]
673017975Vidya development is healing…: Show your progress, /v/[View]
673011728Does A.B.A stand for again?[View]
673022158What sony games are better on pc?[View]
673013071Why people like this are hired to develop games?[View]
673020607American McGee's Alice: just started the first game on ps3, the game itself is fine, but the co…[View]
673021512Ironically, he reached the truth[View]
673023453Stellar Blade: Stellar Blade looks like a really fun game and I'm looking forward to playing it…[View]
673022052>Like game lore >Hate playing the game What's her name, /v/?…[View]
673023872The Outer Worlds is on Playstation Plus. Is it good? Woke? Sweet Baby Inc?[View]
673014847Why are game developers scared of admitting there are clearly obvious trans characters inside their …[View]
672973707It would have been better if the devs had modernised it like they wanted to. The puzzles and backtra…[View]
673023706>Your main causes a lulcow to seethe and ragequit >They stop playing the game entirely What a …[View]
673011424>they caved in and added an extended campaign mode will you play darkest dungeon 2 now?…[View]
673018594Should I start playing Runescape again?: Specifically, a hardcore ironman? I really love Runescape, …[View]
673020759Gta vi is done: The hype is over. Nobody is talking about this anymore. Black people and the weird i…[View]
673019450holy shit theses guys are shills[View]
673020384ITT: bygone /v/ideo kino: https://youtu.be/Ulgq34tDtPg?si=LQGv8ws017UMloyb[View]
672907003Rune Factory 4: Is this the pinnacle of the farm/life sim genre? I've played most of these type…[View]
673015181>/v/ loves deathbulge comics >didn't play the deathbulge video game…[View]
673023307how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
673013565Fuckin piece of shit scam[View]
673014165Do you smell it? Do you smell the shitty, minimalistic UI and the copious amounts of volumetric fog …[View]
672994683Master Duel: PENDULUM SHOKAN![View]
673015696How do you even respond to this without sounding mad?[View]
672994516This was genuinely one of the worst experiences I've ever had in gaming >Preachy story writt…[View]
673016904>I can’t get into dark souls games >I just die too much to have any fun I appreciate honest pe…[View]
673021761Have you ever dressed up as a vidya character and attended a vidya convention? What was it like?[View]
673023341I wish I could have a BPD gf to play vidya with, preferably ones that have good magic systems. Yes, …[View]
673023175Jungle Inferno was 7 years ago[View]
672959953I tried so hard and got so far[View]
673023258Absolute state of Japanese game: Since July 8th 2022, Japanese console game got bikini banned by Kis…[View]
672992982HELLDIVERS 2: Reminder that the major order says we need to do whatever it takes to slow down the Au…[View]
673022784>game is very light hearted and silly >has optional lore that is super deep and takes it self…[View]
673019003Need for speed: https://youtu.be/7W6dDqEksKc[View]
673022852>I don't know exactly why you released me. But you realize, of course, that this must be the…[View]
673017009>you fight for the resistance against the evil empire Story is the worst thing about HL2.…[View]
673016605black desert online: What unfortunate wording.[View]
672979291Comfy Dragon's Dogma 2 Thread: Post your Arisen and their pet [View]

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