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/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

Displaying 37 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9102856FUTANARI DISCUSSION GENERAL: >how and when did you get into futanari? >do you question your se…[View]
9136199Hog Tied: how curvy they can bent[View]
9123990Matriarchy Thread: national champion edition: Post here about mistresses both mighty and mild, and t…[View]
9130635CBT Thread: Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals.…[View]
9122815Traps in Boots: No futa Nothing extreme[View]
9130062Giantess/Size: Nostalgia/Artist Appreciation Edition[View]
9135923Forced Transformation Thread. Post your favourite humans turned into whatever.: Post forced transfor…[View]
9094534Gentle Giantess Thread: Last: >>9061093[View]
9058788Cum inflation/hyper bulge: Slime is welcome too, bonus points for cum being plugged/held inside.…[View]
9093936Need energy/level/IQ drain hentai: Sent the best you got, this be desperate times and Hirumono isnt …[View]
9135069Drow/ misc fantasy sluts: Anybody else really turned on by drow? I already have a things for elves …[View]
9060321Huge futa balls: Bigger than your head, or at least, big enough as to were you'd have trouble h…[View]
9091461Monster / Creature vore 12 Feet first edition: Previous Thread >>9030215[View]
9089232Slavery thread: Female eugenics Edition: This is slavery focused around female slaves for content re…[View]
9106293(Non-Futa) Monster Girl Thread No.129: Old thread: >>9082375[View]
9125166ShortStack: I remember having Shortstack threads here and I remember these changes happen by a coat.…[View]
9130193Fat Monster girl thread: Chubby and bbw monster girl[View]
9016636Bowsette and Super Crown: New thread, same game Previous thread:>>8990713[View]
9124903Futa on male thread: Title, bonus points for traps No shotas tho obviously[View]
9133232Breast Reduction Thread: Post all the boob shrinking you can[View]
9131346personality change thread: girls having their personality forcefully or willingly changed.[View]
9133720Hot Speech Bubble: Post something sexy/witty you would want her to say in the bubble below.[View]
9127484Tentacles undressing or forcing inside clothes: Bonus points for futa and cum[View]
9036064Male/traps to Futa/Shemale/ect transformation thread. I've seen a good share of female transfor…[View]
9106749Venus Thread - Jujunaught's Birthday Edition: Thread for women built like a brick house Common …[View]
9107047Patriarchy Thread: Edging Edition: Our patriarchal ancestors knew the power of abstaining from orgas…[View]
9128161Female Humiliation: Forced exhibitionism, being made to beg, public shaming, bullying, recording. Fo…[View]
9122017Omnipotence/Reality warp - thread: let's go again. thread for images and stories of beings capa…[View]
9106914Spanking Thread: Previous: >>9055988 Links here: https://gist.github.com/CrinklyFriend/6a47593…[View]
9127023Female Same Size Vore Thread #160: >>9113564[View]
9127741Asphyxiation Hentai: Choking with hands, belts, wires, and more[View]
9063893Many Many Hands: Be they ghostly, disembodied, or just many guys unseen, how about swarms of hands g…[View]
9117438/d/ flavoured darkness thread[View]
9105116Chounyuu/Boobwall/Gigantic tit thread: Made because sizes in the breast expansion thread seem to sto…[View]
9122927Nipplefuck/Nipple penetration thread: All about it.[View]
9047801femdom / yandere / rr / absolute submission #2: femdom yandere role-reversal absolute submission pic…[View]
9079433Hyperpreg; Mayternity: idk, just post hyperpreg stuff. No Mpreg.[View]

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