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/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9711368Consentacle!! #NOTALLTENTACLES: Stories where the tentacles are accepted/treated as normal by the he…[View]
9708726Cuminflation: It's been too long since the last thread. Male v Female preferred. Futa OK. NO Sl…[View]
9707946Cumflation Thread: Fill it up, lads.[View]
9729265Uniform Thread: This may seem specific, which is why this thread exist. But part of women in slutty …[View]
9667841Dick measurement thread or other sph materials futas welcome[View]
9728948Something i made, it's from a story im doing about a giant goddess falling in love with a norma…[View]
9704614Venus Thread: Time for a new thread once again, thanks as usual for keeping us going all! This is th…[View]
9725460All pics of people becoming princesses, big poofy ballgowns and petticoats TG/Futa welcome, try to a…[View]
9728251Uninhibited raw gangbangs. Friendly Fire, multiple creampies, group kissing, etc. Straight content b…[View]
9728161Movies/Videos: idk if this is allowed or not , /d/ recommend me videos or films you liked.[View]
9727755vampire/biting: Let's have a vampire thread. All variations welcome, preferably with some bitin…[View]
9703279Monster on Female: Monsters, beasties, gribblies and ghoulies oh my, All on human frmales[View]
9726490Breast Enlargement IRL: REAL TALK HERE: We messed up and my wife got pregnant ahead of time (yeah I …[View]
9723271Most fucked up hentai: What is the absolute most fucked up hentai plot wise?[View]
9682173Wholesome trap thread: Hanging out with the galpals edition: A thread for wholesome, adorable, and f…[View]
9726032Penis theft/borrowing doujin: Please /d/generates - help me I'm looking for a doujin where a tr…[View]
9651656UB/Unbirthing: The act of partially or wholly inserting another creature into the vagina, usually co…[View]
9725384Abjob: Why is this so rare? I’ve only found like four so far.[View]
9723080Has anyone tried using fetish shit on AI Dungeon. I know there's a huge privacy concern but I…[View]
9724932Sentient bondage thread: Girls being restrained/bound by conscious creatures like tentacles, vines o…[View]
9693827Male/Futa Chastity Thread: Lock 'em up, boys! Post your best chastity pics, bonus for obviously…[View]
9723960Giantess/Size: Hard day at work edition Previous : >>9717944[View]
9726888MTF: All transformations of male to female[View]
9726445This position: Does it have an established name?[View]
9720510Exhibitionism counts as /d/, right? Can we have an exhibitionism thread?[View]
9694924Navels, Tummies, and Belly Buttons: Last thread >>9633560 Have you guys seen any of Mignon…[View]
9726894Beautiful Landscapes Thread: I have a fetish for vast, beautiful landscapes and the soul of nature.…[View]
9703451Open Mouth Gags: Women forced to throat a cock with no means of closing their mouths. Consensual or …[View]
9716602Draw Thread: Atlee Ariel Edition: THREAD GUIDELINES - All artists welcome! - Respect /d/ and global …[View]
9720827TSF/Gender Bender/Rule 63/TG Thread: Night of the Lepus edition. Previous thread: >>9712743…[View]
9695185Spanking: 'Take these off!' Last thread: >>9669396 Pastebin: https://gist.github.com/CrinklyFr…[View]
9654000the longest manes:chaper 4 longer than ever: long and sexy hair apreciation thread post your very lo…[View]
9678099Condom in Wedding Ring / Wearing Condom as Wedding Ring: Just found this fetish and I've never …[View]
9702424Takers POV[View]
9718443Ovipositor / oviposition tentacle porn ONLY: Please don't comment if it's not related to o…[View]
9698031Insect Thread: Been awhile.[View]
9666009Creepy, monstrous and horrific transformation thread: A thread for the most disturbing female or mtf…[View]
9720467reverse tf art[View]

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