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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 27 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2798080shower home remedies: I want to make my own home remedies for showering, i've tried infused (16…[View]
2801724$35 grill what are you doing for summer?: Done with my grill restoration. Total invested was $35 for…[View]
2799054Asbestos in the walls?: I was going to do some cat6 cabling the 1960 build home I’ve lived in for 2 …[View]
2801843How to make $200/month from home?[View]
2797823Cheap Material Sources: ITT we share and discuss tips on how to get our hands on cheap materials and…[View]
2800839I am planning to build a cheap and simple HEPA air filtration system for my office. Anything you can…[View]
2795732WHat musical instruments can I build especially on the cheap?[View]
2796500Buy Or Build Shelves: A) I can get the storage shelves I want for $300, plus tax. https://www.homed…[View]
2778280New tool day (NTD) aka consoomer thread: Post what you've acquired recently and why little payp…[View]
2798264motion detector for underneath door: Any simple way to set up a small motion detection sensor below …[View]
2799892rate my handrail what color should i paint it white aluminum exterior i was going to go with dark g…[View]
2800728does this really work in america? i need to resupply my workshop, what are the best cities to do it?[View]
2799446My Jewish friend dropped his vape pen into the bottom of this thing: How do I get it out? No it…[View]
2797234Flowerbed help: So this flowerbed is fucked. Not only is a ton of grass growing in it moss is as wel…[View]
2801339DIY solar.: Im reading solar prices are continuing to dive and people are getting quotes for 8 cents…[View]
2800703Fixxing the bathtube: My bathtub has a hole in it, and I'm trying to fix it. A big chunk broke …[View]
2790297Every farmer needs a real hoe. Sure, there's plenty of mass production brands out there at the …[View]
2801075I wanna turn a drivers bus seat into a gaming chair any DIY guides thay can help?[View]
2790674DIY House, really that expensive?: So housing is too expensive as it is and I've been feeling a…[View]
2801058I designed a little kitchen shelf that will fill out the gap on the wall. I have all the pieces but …[View]
2801152i have a small 1L can of paint thats got clumps in it. stirring helped some, but not enough. how do …[View]
2799646Rust on Car door: What can I do? get a new wreck door?[View]
2800778how fucked is this? the house was previously a small cabin that the previous owner (who was a union …[View]
2795394/ham/ Amateur, CB, Shortwave Listening, Pirate Radio, Repeater Kerchunking General: But the Shitpost…[View]
2784959Home nuclear reactor: Sci fi or possibility: Disclaimer: i’m not planning to do anything of this. I …[View]
2796551old shed pad: I'm moving and there's a shitty shed pad at the place I'm looking at bu…[View]
2800007there's this metal cable that I'm sure is what let's electricity travel through the h…[View]

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