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1277958Ideas for fiber optics: Hey /diy/, I work at a company that builds custom fiber optic cables and ass…[View]
1278221We have a nice solar heating (and domestic hot water) system which we are now looking to complete. F…[View]
1277970Need to buy a reciprocating saw..: what should I get? So far I'm leaning towards the Makita JR3…[View]
1276992> Windows Let's talk about windows and creating windows. It looks like the glass portion of …[View]
1276732Cheap tools: As far as I know, the difference between, say, a $100 rotary tool and a $20 chinese no …[View]
1277239Old Light Bulb: The light bulb at the foot of the stairs just burned out and the thing is, I’ve _nev…[View]
1277521Making a replica: I was curious if anyone had the dimensions/measurements of the Star Trek TOS Phase…[View]
1277327First project, need design help: Hi guys, first time posting here so I hope the following makes sens…[View]
1275974Anyone here with experience with metal casting? Trying to melt silver for sand casting jewelry but h…[View]
1254945Bunker: Bunkerbro, where are you[View]
1277080TOH: What do you think of This Old House?[View]
1277894Hey /diy/,was thinking about using pic related (hair conditioner and baking soda) to make play-snow,…[View]
1261430Who makes the most durable screwdrivers?: Knipex, Wiha, PB Swiss? Complete screwdrivers or bits…[View]
1276221Toaster Fun: Okay guys, so I bought a toaster for on sale at my store. $5 for it. I bought it becaus…[View]
1277538Is it possible to self learn carpentry at home? Ussing all the resourses online to learn and start b…[View]
1277065Does anybody have any experience with gold extraction from electronics? Behold: https://youtu.be/ett…[View]
1277795Hello I am pretty new with programming. I have mostly worked with analog hardware, and minimal progr…[View]
1274594Specific house rehab questions: I want to buy a piece of shit house and turn it into a green wonder…[View]
1277138lost chainsaw: found a Husqvarna laying on the side of the road today. judging by the scratches and …[View]
1276563Aight, /diy/ I need some tips. Not dick tips. I dare you not to post dick tips. No balls. Anyways, i…[View]
1274626i need to move a bunch of riding lawn mowers about 1000 miles. a toy hauler that can hold them all i…[View]
1277456Need help with Reyann VFD: Hello guys, I'm working on a while on this drive, it's rated fo…[View]
1273760Messes left by previous owners[View]
1267302My teacher is making us do one of those things where you make a box and it has to support an egg fal…[View]
1276215Painted flowers: So a friend of mine has a Birthday soon. She wants a black 'undying' rose but they …[View]
1276642I'm trying to paint some kitchen cabinets and can't get the paint to level. Sanded and pri…[View]
1275172What do you think of Harbor Freight Tools? Is their stuff actually good? Was looking to get some cla…[View]
1276549Aeolipile or Hero's Engine: I'm looking to build a high quality hero's engine or aeol…[View]
1276730Hoping to find someone who knows something about vintage tools or where I can find reference materia…[View]
1276919Prop Creation: I know this might not be the right place to ask but I have a lot of free time right n…[View]
1271877How do I eliminate these? Killing them isn't the big problem right now, tracking them is. I hav…[View]
1276957Slightly odd request, but does anyone know the exact measurements for the face of a 1941 replica zip…[View]
1276133Are paint brands at Home Depot / Lowes (Behr, Glidden, Valspar, Olympic) comparable in quality to th…[View]
1276876make my rolling shutter automatic: I need some help, I have a switch (see pic) that controlles my sh…[View]
1274717how carve bone: How do I get into bone carving? I'm interested in it, but I seem to never find …[View]
1276912On what values should my signal (phone) jammer would work?[View]
1270726Mini tin can electronics: What have you been doing with altoids cans lately? (not necessarily altoid…[View]
1276960Arm computer from SMTIV: Hey /diy/ I know this should probably go in that cosplay board but they hav…[View]
1274927Vegetable farm in an apartment: Rate my mini farm. I start growing some veggies and herbs, not inter…[View]
1268082ok /diy/ i need simple and fast instructions for creating smoke bombs. also it needs to make a lot o…[View]
1276917How to get free building materials? I desperately need several trailers, lots of wood, framing posts…[View]
1273089/ohm/ - electronics general, can we mee on higher ground edition: bump limit reached on old thread …[View]
1276610I made myself a GoPro chest harness except for a mobile phone. I salvaged an old agility ladder and …[View]
1271166On a scale of 1 to allahu ackbar how likely is this to explode? Also how do I charge it properly[View]
1272988What do, /diy/[View]
1276530Piano project: I bought this super cheap upright piano. Needs a tune ehich im having someone come do…[View]
1276574Any ideas for the graphing material? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlTVIMOix3I&t=111s[View]
1276448got some Li-Ion batteries of out a charger. pic sort of related - they are orange in color. the mark…[View]
1276531HVAC/R: We post pics of HVAC/R problems and try to figure out the problem from the pic and then how …[View]
1269626What's the name of that thing that's like a hammer and a stapler and one?[View]
1243075Paracord General: Fun, cheap, useful hobby. Yes there is already a paracord thread where anon shows …[View]
1276259rate my slime: first time making diy slime[View]
1242326FINISHING A BUILDING: so, as the proceeds from her divorce my mother got this building. it WAS a wor…[View]
1274163Been building a home theater. A LOT to do, but this is where im at.: Bought blackout cloth from carl…[View]
1276424block heater plug replacement: Quick question for electricians of /diy/ What happens if the neutral …[View]
1276018I'm trying to create a hydroponics reservoir that links up to two buckets for growing vegetable…[View]
1276219I need to renovate two houses in two months. They're about 1200sqft each and in bad disrepair. …[View]
1272121how do I encourage a small nest of bees to fuck off without killing them? a group of maybe 20 bees h…[View]
1272272When did this shit double in price? I bought 20 or so sheets 2 years ago and it was around 7 and a h…[View]
1276253Wood carving figurines: I'm thinking of possibly getting into carving figurines when I have dow…[View]
1276210Lcd backlight with led: I want to light up a small LCD screen and I have a bunch of these 6v led lig…[View]
1275304How do I clean all the shit out of my toilet? I neglected to clean it for a year and a half, and yes…[View]
1275596My washer/dryer is currently plumbed in before the U-bend in my kitchen sink. This is kind of annoyi…[View]
1276129Anyone know what this is for? Or what it's named?[View]
1275831Since this is my favorite board to talk about trades. I need advice. And /adv/ is usually not helpf…[View]
1267594Anvil restoration: Hello everyone. Just how fucked am I if I want to restore this? Do you think she…[View]
1274877bought pic related for $2 bucks on a yard sale How do i stain it so it looks like dark brown old woo…[View]
1275151How do I unlock my S5 Active? I hate AT&T but love this phone.[View]

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