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1312548Floor plan review: I am redesigning a project house I bought and would like some input. Attached is …[View]
1313196Storing some wool items and looking to repel moths/other insects. I already use eucalyptus oil on dr…[View]
1310362Does such exist a small gasoline engine that does not run on premix? I want to construct a gas power…[View]
1312785Welp looks like my 8 year old samsung tv started to have the capacitor issues. TV wont turn on. Wen…[View]
1312820VJing / Realtime Audiovisuals / Projection Mapping: post your questions/interests here, I wanna star…[View]
1312764Came home from a flight and discovered a gaping hole in my suitcase where the built-in lock used to …[View]
1311304Vityaz-C helmet: any way i could make this Vityaz-C helmet, (pic related) bulletproofing is optional…[View]
1312156Here's the new variation on the cheap house scheme. >container house >boat house >hous…[View]
1310620How do I add a USB charging port?: I have a LED/COB flashlight (pic related) that I think would be s…[View]
1311262so the ceiling below my shower showed water damage a couple days ago, right below the drain. so i op…[View]
1311740mystery pipe: Wtf is this?[View]
1296282If I live in a cabin on an isolated 10 acre plot of land in Wales with valuable solar panels on the …[View]
1308028SOHO Desk Ideas: Hello. I have a home office area that I'd like to have equipped to accommodate…[View]
1312586Fixing this desk--: Hey 4chan, any recomendation on how to fix this?, i punched it quite hard and wa…[View]
1309111Stink Bug Menace: Anybody else having a real fucking problem with these bastards and how are you era…[View]
1310962Electric motor choices: I have a hydra cell f20 pump I am turning into a hot water blaster to clean …[View]
1309181How do I fix a broken office chair leg? I broke it by leaning back too much and an fatass, and I wan…[View]
1310687Loose Gang box/broken drywall: hey /diy/ I've come to hopefully get some help. I was trying to …[View]
1310509mfw I went to the dollar store to buy a small extension cord. Got home and it has no ground plug. Wh…[View]
1312279The weird solar penal project: Hi, I've some spare solar cells and I wonder if something like p…[View]
1309088First time making any sort of cabinetry. How'd I do? Made from reclaimed pallet.[View]
1312383sealant advice: i am making a waterblock and need to seal ali pipe in ali extrusion. silicone wont c…[View]
1312405Empire of the Sun headpiece: Hi /diy/. I've been thinking for ages on how to replicate Empire o…[View]
1312004I want to make something like pic related, and be sturdy enough to survive a music festival. What…[View]
1311380so, this is my boiler. it's from my grandpa's house, he passed away recently for who knows…[View]
1310798Anyone know what did this to my siding?[View]
1311040How make a noose: Hey /diy/, I saw the ad for this board. I want to know how to tie/create a noose. …[View]
1311731How the fuck do I fix this and prevent it from happening again?[View]
1311190DIY Guitar Build: A new year's resolution of mine was to build more things, so I'm startin…[View]
1309880Switch Case: I ordered this Switch case. It's a bit bland though. It has a synthetic leather li…[View]
1309301Ugly stick upgrade: I have this old school wooden police baton my dad made when he was a kid. He die…[View]
1304548Dear /diy/ I want to get a display as close as possible to my eye. How do I choose the right lense? …[View]
1311421I want to build a retro pi system for a cheap as possible so I'm debating between the Orange Pi…[View]
1309610Cheap and effective ways to shade the house from sun?: Its been a bit warm lately like 45 degrees or…[View]
1308782I'm trying to fix my vape, it won't charge and im pretty sure it's because the connec…[View]
1310328>need a 7/8 in. to 5/8 in. hex reducer bushing >look online all fucking day >still can…[View]
13066461) what company would you recommend for a one-off pcb? 2) what software would you reccomend for pcb …[View]
1311638Arcade stick: I want to build an arcade stick that works on pc and ps4. What parts do I need? Is the…[View]
1311354Pre-season lawn care?: How do my asshole neighbors keep their lawn so perfect? I heard I'm supp…[View]
1307686Laminate flooring it kitchen/entryway. My mother wants new flooring in her kitchen, doesn't wan…[View]
1310449DIY displays: Anyone here have any good links for custom DIY screen construction? Yes I am aware of …[View]
1311499Question for /gaswelding/: So, I recently got myself a small oxyacetylene kit, and the 10cuft bottle…[View]
1310761My uncle just los an arm in a factory accident and he loves fishing,i was thinking of doing somethin…[View]
1290899Homebrew thread #15: The thread for all things alcohol. Share what you're making or get advice …[View]
1310038So apartment I looked at (3br2ba) had an open-floor plan kitchen living room combo with high ceiling…[View]
1310311Hey /diy/ers, I'm really new and stupid to building computers I added some ram to my computer b…[View]
1307427What's is the breed of grasshopper/crickets that are used to make cricket flour? Obviously feed…[View]
1311296E-skateboard: Hey /diy/ first time /b/ yard posting for here, take that as you will. Anyways, I have…[View]
1309528Has anyone ever heard of a house heating system that involves pumping water through pipes and reduci…[View]
1310316The dumbass that lived in my place previously had a 'mold problem' in the bathroom. The re…[View]
1306531trying to build a Garden of Eden Creation Kit for when the world goes to shit was hoping you guys co…[View]
1308606How do I build a metal gear solid: Is it just like putting together a really complicated bot that ha…[View]
1308214Plan drawing: Hi /diy/ I suck at drawing plans > inb4 metric units I have 12m x 9.33m walls and c…[View]
1308919Any craftfag who can guide me?: I wanna this pic related phone case since this one sold out. I alrea…[View]
1307701What’s causing this interference?: Pic related is a Sega Dreamcast being fed to my lcd tv. I get the…[View]
1309483Question about java RMI: Ok first, of all I got a homework about a client-server program based on Ja…[View]
1309737So i am in the process of making a life edge oak table. I have had 2 oak slabs for about 5 years, 3 …[View]
1305615How the fuck do I clean the wax off my floor?[View]
1309523Ideas to renovate front yard: Hey guys just invested in this small bit of real estate, jist after so…[View]

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