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1388574Is it possible to build?[View]
1390210Battery Powered Ecosystem: For forever I have always just went out and bought tools as I needed them…[View]
1387312>running low on hard drive storage >have a phone with a 64 GB SD card on it >'yeah, that…[View]
1390060Apprenticeship: Starting an apprenticeship with my local IBEW, I understand I will be taking classes…[View]
1389588Im in a bit of a pickle here and need some help. My shed base is outta whack a bit. Should be 238cm …[View]
1389436I don't, nor have I used solder when I work on electronics as I figured it was optional. How ba…[View]
1387770So I have a shit load of 1.45v rechargeable hearing aid batteries, any ideas of what to do with them…[View]
1388661Straining pine needles from gravel: Is there an effective way of straining pine needles from gravel?…[View]
1377329Homebuying Thread >What did you want? >What did you end up buying & why? >Did you shop …[View]
1369257/HRG/ Ham Radio General: In this thread we talk about: - ham radio - projects you have going on rela…[View]
1388120Hi \o. Does anyone here teach English grammar? Do you know any programs for learning English grammar…[View]
1389572So I want to build an Oscilloscope tube clock display using a Raspberry pi or ardriono ideally with …[View]
1387651What are some ways to get a braindead, lazy shithead of a neighbor to sell his house and move?[View]
1384728rock tumbling: anyone else fuck with this? im starting to get a nice collection but my child sized t…[View]
1381024Ebike motor size: Gonna buy this bike $130 The seller has listed it as a 500w but after researching …[View]
1386927I want to add wireless charging functionality to my desk. I use a kitchen countertop which is pretty…[View]
1389168Where can i find a reducer piece for 28/22mm to 3/8 / 1/2inch vinyl tubing?[View]
1386227DIY Castle: Some time ago I discovered prefab cement forms for modern castles. I think that with pro…[View]
1384250Coilgun: So I'm with this new personal project of making a coilgun, which is basically a thing …[View]
1387695Ghetto ceiling in unheated garage: Trying to cool my unheated garage. Bought an expensive 14k 700sqf…[View]
1388722Octal base DIN relay timer wiring: I have a set of solenoid valves for a high pressure aeroponic sys…[View]
1389311A tube mountable rotary mechanism?: I am looking for mechanism that on one end can be screwed/fitted…[View]
1388689Can anyone make this out? I think it's M801047 The race is a M201011 I think[View]
1384124How do these screws work?: I want to attach something to a solid wall but don't know the name o…[View]
1384253I changed the motor oil of my car myself the last two times, in both times I bought more oil than I …[View]
1388782Just got this yesterday as a replacement for the battery of my forklift scale. It got here decharged…[View]
1387131How do I calibrate torque spanner. A sorry,for Russia.[View]
1384221I've got a bunch of bathroom tiles. The person helping me clean up decided to put them in my fi…[View]
1389033Hey fellow anons, So I'm totally new to the whole DIY scene and I've recently decided I wa…[View]
1387533How do I make it through 5 months of Carpentry foundation level trades school with c+ high school? I…[View]
1388776Traditional Finnish log house building process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNTfLGt59qo…[View]
1387981/diy/ woes: >strop the ever living fuck out of my knife with 1 micron diamond paste for half an h…[View]
1382101/ohm/ - electronics general, tripping the LED light fantastic edition: completed thread: >>137…[View]
1389040Trying to salvage a chair: Hi /diy/, never been here, looks pretty cool. I got one of those Kohl…[View]
1388916Post your favorite /diy/ components from Aliexpress/bangood ITT. I'll start with: >bearings …[View]
1380772This weeks garage sale find. Two metal tools boxes. The seller was asking $1.00 each. I offered and …[View]
1387731snaptoggle for drywall / drop-in for concrete this is the best way to mount anything. change my mind[View]
1387067So I got a clogged bathroom sink. Sorry for the pic, best i can get without a flash. So i pulled ap…[View]
1386666Makita XPH07 / DHP481: I do not own any other power tools, therefore I am not already invested in an…[View]
1369073What would you do with this much land in your backyard?[View]
1388272make hardware stores great again[View]
1386457Spend weeks getting this to work on a Raspberry Pi. Wouldn't do it. Spend less than ten minute…[View]
1386014Backdoor damage - watdo?[View]
1385608Clothes/sewing/noncosplaywhatever thread? Can I just cut the collar to make this a club collar or…[View]
1388354is the information in this book relevant and valid?: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/827004.How_…[View]
1387762Rebuild regulators?: Just picked up an oxy/acetylene set. Just over 100psi in the acetylene cylinder…[View]
1385946hey do you think this is safe? looks like it's going to stand there or maybe can fall in any mo…[View]
1384499How to clean this off tshirts /DIY/?[View]
1370771/OG/ Operators General: Where my Operators at. What do you run? What do you Do? And we discuss how B…[View]
1386002FFS please help.: /o are a bunch of beamer autists. I will give the m5 credit and have a few 500hp r…[View]
1388290So my cars been leaking gas from the fuel line, and its somewhere in a 6 inch long area on the line,…[View]
1387519During the summer a lot of ants show up around my garden. I have a door to my backyard that I often …[View]
1387916pissed battleshots: A dog pissed on my battleshots game, made of hardwood. I didnt noticed it until …[View]
1387180Sinclair C5: The Sinclair C5: I was able to grab one of these rare electric vechiles made in 1985 in…[View]
1388249what are these called?: I know the the wheels are called casters, I mean the base thing. I am looki…[View]
1388243Is this corrosion damage repairable? It's a amp, no blue smoke, works only rear speakers. Can …[View]
1382748Got a bunch of foliage I need dead. Specifically, so I can till the area and planting cantaloupe L. …[View]
1387979Hello /diy/ i want to cast a piece with melted aluminium. I want it to have till the most minimal de…[View]
1387971Niles Canyon Railway Railfan: The Diesel Shunter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jczR5m-RH0[View]
1383381Whats the best multitool for everyday urban living?[View]
1387635What does /diy/ think about making a 3' by 3' by 3' bottomless cube, supported by a w…[View]
1387794For my senior project in physics, I have to build a 'Novelty apparatus' that serves some purpose, an…[View]
1386951So i just bought a 3kg anvil. It rusted within 10min of being wet and isnt hardend. WD-40 and oils c…[View]

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