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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 37 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2781149Silver Clay: Any experience? I need to make a silver or gold ring with an inlaid stone. One that wo…[View]
2780308What is the absolute, cheapest, barebones way to fix a hole in drywall that doesn't involve me …[View]
2781168I want good soap, but don't know where to start. I know it's basically fat+base+scents, bu…[View]
2780637There is no reason a concrete hole with some pvc in the ground should cost $60k+. I could buy a mini…[View]
2780710the beach has claimed that Deere. there is nothing we can do.[View]
2782180authenthic japanese door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yBSkpjiPH making a hattori hanzo authenth…[View]
2775957Did I fuck this camera up?: So, I have this old Canon IXUS 8015 laying around, and I want my kids to…[View]
2781643Anyone have tips for how to fell a tree with a straight cut rather than taking a notch out of it? I …[View]
2781944Dropped a basically empty (flashed if you tried to run a tool with it) M18 battery in water the othe…[View]
2774837Best trade that will help me if I ever live off grid?: Planning on getting employed in some shitty n…[View]
2779765does the diameter have to be a specific value so that the knurling pattern is an integer[View]
2779687Does /diy/ grow any herbs?: What are some good methods for growing plants like wormwood? I'm ke…[View]
2780969How to attach silicone to rubber without leaving permanent residue?: Trying to attach a eye piece to…[View]
2777402Hey diy what is the optimal layout for a homestead? what would you improve?[View]
2781141Bbq barrel: 'Planning to build a barrel smoker for meats. Using a side firebox, chimney, and airflow…[View]
2779463Basement excavation: I was quoted one hundred and sixty thousand Canadian dollars to excavate and po…[View]
2779004>me? I use manual mowers. Environmentally friendly and good for small lawns, you should really- A…[View]
2780573Photo sensitive antitheft alarm: Why does all car security suck ass and never actively deter car thi…[View]
2777313Electric vs Gas outdoor tools: >new homeowner (gen z, zoom zoom) For outdoor tools, which ones sh…[View]
2780175I want to stream in a SCP 1471 mask. Please advise the guides on how to make it (I did not find good…[View]
2780720Water in crawl space: I bought a house a few months ago. Had a really big storm last night so have w…[View]
2777077ohm/ - Electronics General: >I'm new to electronics. Where to get started? It is an art/scie…[View]
2779242Here's a challenge for you, /diy/ Invent a way to lock / unlock a door from either side using o…[View]
2778331Formica countertops do it yourself.: I thought these were a bargain but holy shit. Even as an exper…[View]
2778093how to clean a wall before painting?: I have this room, with a concrete wall and plaster over it, it…[View]
2779449AC conspiracy: Why arent there portable AC or self contained heat pumps that have a hot and cool sid…[View]
2780013model reu-v2532ffu-us with a date of march 2003 this old hag is leaking at the arrows. not gushing,…[View]
2780909How do I start my own business?[View]
2778578when these tanks are being made how do they weld the welds without exploding themselves?[View]
2765938What can be done with old car batteries?[View]
2781117I bought a fan; let's talk about ozone and smelly dwellings.: Hello /diy/ Today I bought & …[View]
2776795>suddenly have an impulsive desire to build a boat am I getting old now? thought on foam boatbuil…[View]
2776938In home motion sensor setups?: Posted in /g/ and got mostly snark about furry porn My office is in t…[View]
2781004fixing bowed wood/butcher block?: have a noticeable bow in this slab of birch butcher block im going…[View]
2771065I Built A Door, Frame And Primitive Closure Mechanism From Leftover Wood.: We sort of spontaneously …[View]
2777665DIY jewellery: Hi, I wanna try DIY lost wax jewellery and small metal parts casting at home. Is it a…[View]
2773033so how do you niggers make your own clothes? as for the tshirts and trousers, it's not complica…[View]

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