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Displaying 75 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1211321If you don't have one, get one[View]
1210882How to diy a guitar?: Long story short I have no money to buy an average-quality guitar but I do hav…[View]
1212448Hey /diy/, first time poster on this board i bought a savings tin can similar to pic related, and i…[View]
1210387my freezer leaks water down my fridge. that container gets full in about 3 days. can I fix this myse…[View]
1212808Wood stencil technique: Looking for name of a technique (I think it is French or itallian) where flo…[View]
1212271Leg setup for desk using a solid core door?: Bought a 80x30in door from Habitat for Humanity today t…[View]
1211171OIL / ENAMEL / ALKYD / RUSTOLEUM: Tell me about this class of paint. Is it still the best metal pai…[View]
1212620okay I hope my masterpiece of art suffices for the explanation... there's obviously more than o…[View]
1209388diy rage stories: >want to renew varnish of hardwood table >notice that top is actually a thin…[View]
1212105diy ebike: What is wrong with the following >get 50mm brushless motor >put in bottom bracket o…[View]
1212352Removing mold in the bathroom: Does the 'safer' stuff really work? I'm seeing green and yellow …[View]
1211858/ffg/ - freedom falcon general: /ffg/ - freedom falcon general Original thread >>1202520 (OP) …[View]
1212181Official /diy/ discord discord.gg/WbDVqFr[View]
1210377Is there any good DIY youtube channel that give informative videos on the subject matter?[View]
1211932i have a 24v drill battery that wont hold charge for more than 10 minutes, i dont have any spare cel…[View]
1211289help: i bought some wd40 to stop my doors squeaking and now i can't stop looking for things to …[View]
1212455tables: Is this a good table design? Also is there a cross legged table desing with folding/falling …[View]
1208574building a cheap structure: whats the cheapest way to build a structure? say around 1000sq ft. 12ft …[View]
1210635Custom Cases: Show me your custom built cases, or cases you plan to make. Pic related, my latest bu…[View]
1207704Keeping my apartment cool and money in the bank.: I live in a small one bedroom apartment. Upstairs …[View]
1196573RCG RC general: Where do I buy these covers from? (cover for the CF propeller). Or at least somethin…[View]
1212331https://youtu.be/CMJRDNMYsjM M-Audio Studiophile DX4 powered computer monitors. After 3 years of con…[View]
1211817Need a Shower Chair: How do I build a shower chair(preferably with a back)? Would a plastic crate wo…[View]
1209308I have a lot of cork, would like to shred it and make cork objects. I only don't know have cork…[View]
1210511Sand frame water art: I've been trying to replicate one of these on a large scale (36'X18'), bu…[View]
1193853what's a trade/profession that doesn't require thousands of dollars worth of tools?[View]
1209270Any of you ever bought a old foreclosed property and flipped it? I know they sell them at the courth…[View]
1209079I want to make a gas powered bike like in the pic. Asking price from the manufacturer is $3600 USD f…[View]
1197702Homebrew thread 11: For all home brewing discussion and spreading of misinfo hobowine posters last t…[View]
1208060Lets talk about rebuilding old houses. Pleawe share your projects. Ill just start with my project: I…[View]
1212124Sitting space: We have this wooden things that will work as sitting space, we made them by ourself a…[View]
1212102Is loctite go2 glue safe to inhale after it had dried and cured? I recently bought it to fix a glass…[View]
1210957I have a friend who can't move his lower leg. His walking is reduced to an awkward shuffle that…[View]
1211438Well, i'm back to my parents house. And this is my setup, for now at least. And Im in no good t…[View]
1210708BIKE WORKSHOP: What are the essentials for basic maintenance? >hex keys >degreaser + lube >…[View]
1210756Ship modeling: Hello, newfriend here, coming from /r9k/. Just ordered this: http://victoryshipmodels…[View]
1209451I have a room the door needs to be kept closed in all the time. The room has one window and one door…[View]
1211813Something I have never been able to find on the Internet: instructions for building a simple mechani…[View]
1204165Any advice on making a new zippo look old? I'm not trying counterfeit old zippos or anything, i…[View]
1211307DIY powerbank: hi /diy nosaurs, I'm planning on awssembling a compact 18650 powerbank to charge…[View]
1211609de embossing leather: Hey guys, found this little leather folder from argentina in a thrift store an…[View]
1208805Hi /diy/: New to your board but I wanted to ask.. how do you smoke a pipe and what should I get star…[View]
1208073non toxic cutting board fill: how can fix the gaps in my cutting board, it needs to be non toxic…[View]
1210335>at my new painting job >painted for 1.5 years >lesbo female foreman constantly on me for l…[View]
1210740Hello. I want to build myself a Minimoog clone. Ive seen other clones online, and I wanted to know i…[View]
1208198ghost in shell raincoat: Just finished watching this new ghost in shell movie and fell in love with …[View]
1211688Chinese garbage screens: I'm sure a bunch of retards ask dumber shit than this, I'm simply…[View]
1210978I got to haul away a cabinet maker's stash of wood for free on condition that I take all the pi…[View]
1211429Homeowner general: What projects are you working on? What's your long term goal for the house (…[View]
1211033PVC Pipe: Going to make a PVC pipe kayak trolley but accidentally (and drunkenly) ordered way too mu…[View]
1211152What can I make with this?[View]
1211677How do I make a voice changer with a specific voice?[View]
1211107Anyone here every try making their own sodas? Picture of some syrups I made that mostly went to wast…[View]
1207075Redneck boat: So, I'm building this boat and it's a pain. As of right now I have that pink…[View]
1211612blacksmithing cherry: so, tomorrow i will heat treat it, and if its successful, I would have made my…[View]
1211589Painting Instead of TV[View]
1210232Computer general: >Wants to add RAM >Opens computer >Finds no space for new RAM How does /d…[View]
1204869Tool thread: Talk about your tools.[View]
1208454Working with rotted wood: Hello wood workers of /diy/. I was given free logs recently and wanted to …[View]
1209813So I want to make a book copier to make digital copies of old books that are out of print or very ra…[View]
1210543hey /diy/ I would like to make a tabletop from OSB. idealy I'd like to pour something on top to…[View]
1211207Hey /diy/ers, I'm planning on making a dueling tree for shooting, mainly 9mm and .45, maybe .22…[View]
1209421What is the missing link here? All I want is harddrive audio storage in my vehicle to play through t…[View]
1210270I'm looking to build a motor boat. Nothing crazy, just a utility boat, it just needs to hold on…[View]
1211395New pc. Anyone have any survival infograph etc packages you might want to share? Thanks.[View]
1210765My mom has a fire alarm half way up the stairs, and every time she cooks the fucking thing goes off …[View]
1207354I'm trying to remove the fuel line from the carburetor to change the filter on a '74 coupe…[View]
1207685Sun Roof: I have a 1997 Dodge Stratus. Is it possible to add a sun roof? Any help is appreciated.…[View]
1209473Interesting 'art'...?: I bought a house on the cheap, that I intend to renovate. My plan is to put u…[View]
1211352Ducting fabrication.: I need to go from 6' ducting into 2, 4' ducts in a more efficient flow than th…[View]
1210550NOT /diy/: Hey /diy/ I usually do everything myself, but in cases where that's not an option, l…[View]
1211296lock re-keying: I don't get over here often but I don't know where else to ask. I've …[View]
1208967I have a 150w laptop in need of a power supply. How safe is it to get two weaker 19v power supplies …[View]
1210773My moms porch door has drooped on the opposite side to the hinges, by about 5 mm. Now the deadbolt a…[View]
1211311Bluetooth speakers, stereo: I recently acquired a nice cheap portable, but quite good, bluetooth spe…[View]

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