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Displaying 51 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1350498Chemistry lessons: Hey /diy/, take a short look to /k/ >>>/k/37177248 If somebody wants to…[View]
1347676Do these thing generate dust?: Because it's picking up so much dust every week and I don't…[View]
1350401Polishing: I'm trying to polish a Stanley knife but can't workout how to get a flawless fi…[View]
1348188Soundproofing: I’m trying to soundproof my room on a budget. Is it possible to use my old clothes( o…[View]
1349697What is the feasibility of using a lighter striker wheel as fire starting equipment? Like a steel bl…[View]
1333720/RPIG/ Raspberry Pi General: Not seeing a Raspberry Pi General thread today, so I'll start. Any…[View]
1349412I'm making a house in a somewhat narrow space. It's going to be 5x10m (~16'6'x33…[View]
1345471Hi /diy/. /k/ here. I'd like to build a carrier to mount a target on so I can practice on movin…[View]
1348191How To Build A Proto-Form Vacuum Forming Machine: http://www.build-stuff.com/plans/proto-form-vacuum…[View]
1349310nightmare from tradies in Australia: just had a nightmare. $22,000 plus was charged by plumbers to r…[View]
1348361Hi /diy/ What /diy/ things do you do for a living? Long story short I graduated from college last ye…[View]
1336234Injury thread: Post your best (or worst) injuries from your favorite projects. Just impaled my thumb…[View]
1348086Does anyone here make their own maple syrup? Been doing it for a few years, curious as how you guys …[View]
1349787How would you make this?[View]
1337383First rock egg I ever made: So, long story short, backed a bus into the ditch, had to call a tow tru…[View]
1341986I want to grow potatoes in my garden Any ideas where to buy good / cheap seeds?[View]
1346583Dome house: Thinking of purchasing a dome house in my area for my first home. What are the benefits/…[View]
1349868All that juice tho: AC compressor died on my backroadingmobile. Was going to replace it with a free …[View]
1349556I want to make my own vape. The tank/RDA as well as the box, but I know jack and shit about electron…[View]
1347906What are these water run off paths called? When it rains heavy the shed gutters lead to another gutt…[View]
1348806tl;dr will a pi display, like the one pictured, work with either windows or ubuntu? And not just for…[View]
1349089Merc: I just found a reference of some automobiles having mercury switches, while I have googled thi…[View]
1348236I am a Prospector, I just hit the jack pot at the Dump today![View]
1345772Pocket Hole Joinery: How strong is it? Is it underrated? I'm going to make a bar stool whose ap…[View]
1342032My brother either intentionally or unintentionally (I haven't figured it out yet), Shot a hole …[View]
1341102UNISTRUT, the next shipping container/pallet wood: Any love here for UNISTRUT/SUPERSTRUT? Been wanti…[View]
1346836Hydraulic boom: Hi forward slash DIY, I would like to install a hydraulic ram on a boom that is atta…[View]
1346686Finishing Metal: I make chain mail armor and I'm interested in finding unique finishes for it. …[View]
1349540Florida stucco entry door help: Does anyone know the proper way to finish off an exterior door in a …[View]
1349523So we bought a fridge about a year ago, pic related, and a few months ago it started leaking out of …[View]
1347176DIY amateur electronics: can anyone recommend an overall-encompassing bundle i can buy to get me bac…[View]
1349436What do you think of this show? >tfw no DIYfu[View]
1348733Buying Bank Owned Land: There is a bank-owned empty lot for sale close to downtown of a mid sized ci…[View]
1315744Leatherworking: Hey /Doy/, I’m starting to work with leather and I’d like to ask you what you think …[View]
1344885Could someone explain to me how to make sulfuric acid for a car battery with Epsom salts in simple t…[View]
1343271I need to locate a propulsion device of some kind which I can use with my office chair to move aroun…[View]
1339976Dewalt makita or Milwaukee: So guys had nearly all my tools stolen and insurance is giving me a vouc…[View]
1348719Why aren't you making $200 projects with your scrap wood? https://www.purlsoho.com/cricket-loom…[View]
1347352Playstation Memorycard: I need help /diy/. In short my Ps2 Memorycardcase broke down and i really d…[View]
1348341Can anyone with routing experience give me a hint on how I would go about cutting this out of a soli…[View]
1348531Holy Wind Batman: It's non stop wind here. Very rare for there to not be 10mph+ steady. It aver…[View]
1347111Hi I'd like to get into making my own 64 bit cpu's with breadboards. How do I achieve 3Ghz…[View]
1346992Soundproofing: Hello /diy/. I share a house with my roommate and we plan this to be a long term thin…[View]
1344121open neutral return circuit - wtf is this?: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-05/denishar-woods-rem…[View]
1348882dishwasher repair: so I have this Miele G5100 dishwasher. rats got into it (thanks appliance designe…[View]
1348214Noob: I never come on this board. Do you guys ever cross over with /an/? I imagine you would, consid…[View]
1346820What is your preferred set of clothes for working outdoors? I work in and out of greenhouses, which …[View]
1347306Favorite inteior pattern/colors: I guess this is probably the best board for this, so what's yo…[View]
1336241How much does it cost to DIY one of these baby?[View]
1347688Hey diy, need some help. I am building some lead acid batteries at home. Currently the biggest acid …[View]
1346505I don't have many chairs in my house so I made this bench for my friends to sit on when they co…[View]

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