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1243100Is it possible for cheap to level the surface of a floor? My room is really uneven, at all places, u…[View]
1244685Workbench: Watch me building a 1m x 2m workbench out of pine and MDF.[View]
1243822Welders and workers with 304 stainless steel hear me now. How much should I expect to pay to have th…[View]
1244088TIG Welding gaps: does somone of you guys have some experienxe in TIG welding gaps on sheet metal?…[View]
1244932Are these things a ripoff, or is it actually a viable replacement for concreting every goddamn post?…[View]
1243771When buying cheapish Chinese growing LED's, how can I make sure they actually work and are not …[View]
1244184Yet another ebike thread: Do you see any inherent problem with having a motor drive the rear wheel u…[View]
1243629I have a question about watertightness in outdoor electrical enclosures. For a hobby, I'm learn…[View]
1239015DIY Thermal Hud: so, I am wondering if there is an inexpensive way to create/build a thermal camera …[View]
1239696soldering general: After many years of soldering adequately with a Radio Shack 25 watt piece of shit…[View]
1238707Diy Lathe: How feasible is it to make a lathe for cutting aluminum and zinc. I find myself in a lot…[View]
1244786alright I give up on trying this myself. How would you go about making something like in the picture…[View]
1243942So I need help drawing hands. Can anyone help? I've tried so damn hard.[View]
1244762Kratky Hydroponics: If you're familiar with Kratky hydroponics, could I use a pvc pipe the size…[View]
1244231Partially remove interior wall (brick): I want to remove the lower 80% of a brick interior wall betw…[View]
1243765Faux Neon Sign: Does anyone know of a good way to make a decent fake neon sign? All google results a…[View]
1244353Welding: I'm 23 and only have a high school diploma. I'm thinking of getting into welding …[View]
124357312V car electric system: I have a 12v to 220v inverter that I want to install in my van so I can cha…[View]
1240127Got a cat. Want a cat wheel. Shit's expensive. While the frame should be fairly straight forwar…[View]
1244574A few years ago my sister bought a very expensive Yamaha keyboard and of course, she ended up not us…[View]
1244467Activate Iphone 5 without SIM Card: So anyone knows if there is a way to do this shit? Been research…[View]
1244366Need some lawn fags to help. Google was a clusterfuck of shit, I'm asking down a version of thi…[View]
1244018'floating' bed: Going to be designing and building a floating bed this winter as a project. There ar…[View]
1244286My speakers are finally dying and I'm a poorfag. How difficult would it be do you think to fix …[View]
1242379What does /diy/ do for work? Looking for a change of career due to no job satisfaction and I am inte…[View]
1243304Indoor LED lighting: I have been getting tired of the florescent lights in my room/studio, and want …[View]
1243228My floor drain outside of my garage is draining slowly. I dredged almost 5-10lbs of silt and sedimen…[View]
1243424Powertool Wiring: 110 or 220?: hi, I ve never used this board before so excuse me if I dont use the …[View]
1244154How to grill chicken?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxiiUOVfJXs [Embed] Ingredients: 4 boneless …[View]
1241209Any Masons Here: Been thinking about replacing siding with brick to better protect house in the even…[View]
1243203In-laws farm has some patches where hemp is encroaching. Machete proves useless, brush cutter gets b…[View]
1242478>Move into house built in 2006. >Weather starts cooling down. >Turn off AC, open 3 windows,…[View]
1243490Is the pause flow option dangerous?: Is the pause function on shower heads dangerous if you leave it…[View]
1243372Protocols for contacting Extraterrestrials..Humans bore me.: Yup, So, I am gonna do it. I have colle…[View]
1243811Venetian blinds: Failed to find a decent guide on how to make a set of these, anyone got anything?…[View]
1243114Grounds-keeping/Maintenance Buylist: Hi DIY. I am helping open a facility of sorts and am in need in…[View]
1239987any of you nerds build a custom wall-mount or built-in-desk pc? what materials should I use so they …[View]
1240884Restoration: I have this old radio with a vinyl player (turntable, pickup) module. It's from th…[View]
1243384I honestly don't know where to put this thread. But something tells me it's better suited …[View]
1243380carpet: Hey /diy/ my girlfriend's stupid fucking dog tore a strip out of our carpet and I need …[View]
1242803I've been using my electric toothbrush recently to clean off small parts instead of doing it by…[View]
12308106 axis robot DISASSEMBLY: takin apart this fanuc, sorry i had to start with out you, but i had to g…[View]
1241688So I have this pipe wrench Is it useful?[View]
1243182Trapped by a Hair Trap: I have a house built in the 1960's with two bath tubs fitted with hair …[View]
1236137Is putting foil on a window to block all light a bad idea? Someone told me it would make my room eve…[View]

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