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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 91 expired threads from the past 3 days

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18086659Hey, /fa/, I got a new job and I will be going to meet my team for the first time next Tuesday. It’s…[View]
18082827What's this hairstyle called? What do I tell my barber?[View]
18085896Reps: Do any of you people use perfume replicas?I usually buy reps from chinks,sneakers for example …[View]
18086663Could I pull of wearing this beanie as a 21 year old man? I'm 6'1 chinlet skinny. Would I …[View]
18086855any online store that does not send order info or receipt in their packages(only online)? maybe if s…[View]
18084338Is anyone here dyeing their hair? How do I do it myself?[View]
18086645What do you think of beige linen suits? Got invited to a wedding a guest by the beach and I'm t…[View]
18084899Shirt collars over the lapel. Does it look good or is it cringe?[View]
18082022Thoughts on Ben Affleck's fit in Air?[View]
18086548Irezumi thread: What do you guys think about getting a Japanese tattoo? I like how they generally lo…[View]
18086526>got a little sample size of this >smells kinda generic >online fragrance community shits …[View]
18086510Id these glasses: >title[View]
18085757How many pairs of shoes does a man need? How many pairs do you have?[View]
18085715Plain tshirts: Best place for plain nice quality tshirts? Idk where to look[View]
18084272Need shirts for work. Anyone know who makes decent 100% cotton dress shirts that aren't over $…[View]
18082521How the fuck do I layer in hot weather? I live in Florida. Aside from wearing fully unlined linen ja…[View]
18086400I NEED TO BUY SOME GOOD PAIR OR JEANS: Slim Fit Color Black, Dark & Light Blue What are some go…[View]
18072598opinion on Persol shades? i know it depends on face shape but just got this pair, it was a bargain[View]
18082988How can I get away with wearing a hat at night time?[View]
18084316/perf/ - Perfume General #1053: Previous thread: >>18080231 NEW Luca Turin reviews on Substack…[View]
18086274Diesel jeans: Found these diesel jeans at a flea market for 5 dollars, but i never see this tag, do …[View]
18086015Will these work on my head?[View]
18083845So I'm hearing skinny jeans are back in??[View]
18085198What's this little stitch on the 3rd button of my shirt? I have a few shirts with a stitch here…[View]
18083305HOW TO GET RID OF THE MAN BOOBS: I’m doing the most basic method of dieting(Counting calories and do…[View]
18083790Is it okay to wear fred perry or will people assume i'm a neonazi (im not im antifa actually)? …[View]
18084975If it's too warm for a jacket but too chilly/windy to wear nothing over the top, what's th…[View]
18084635/WT/ - WATCH THREAD: BVLGARI edition. Guides and Info: >Classic Meme https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8 …[View]
18083861Advice on eating the bare minimum without feeling incredibly sick? I can deal with hunger and tiredn…[View]
18085324This is my goal aesthetic. How can I achieve it? I'm am currently growing my hair out, it…[View]
18085710Shitty pic, I know. But does these look too tight on me? Also wtf does ”…can be worn like trousers.…[View]
18085022How do you pull this off?[View]
18079910Rank them.[View]
18069329/tip/ - Trad Ivy Prep General: Previous: >>18053824 >FORUMS www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com ask…[View]
18085219What is this aesthetic called?[View]
18084098Tips on how to dress like a sleazy fuck? I went to a party wearing some shit off the floor looking k…[View]
18085245COP or NOT: this is the COP or NOT thread, where you post shit you want to COP and anons tell you if…[View]
18084910Why is it so many men of size have the natural beard style which doesn't cover the front of the…[View]
18083054What haircut is best for non transitioned FtM? I was thinking about something like picrel, but I fee…[View]
18082548is minoxidil the only proven solution for patchy beard/facial hair?[View]
18085520am fa?: well?[View]
18077049Dark circles under eyes help: anyone got advice for helping reduce dark circles under eyes? had them…[View]
18077371What is a masculine fit?: Lurking here I've noticed guys wearing fits that are, frankly, kind o…[View]
18081973Best colour for khaki pants?[View]
18085272idk if this is the right place to ask but where can i find actually good advice for managing long ha…[View]
18084932My wife says I look like Mugatu from Zoolander: How can I style to Mugatumaxx?[View]
18082492It is the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-four, it is entirely unacceptable to sell pants t…[View]
18084566Hair dye: I've had enough of shitty hair dyes. When under sun light the shit looks weird like r…[View]
18083868Is Xochitl /fa/?[View]
18082413Can anybody recommend me gym shorts / board shorts that look decent enough I can wear day to day? Im…[View]
18082604>like bomber jackets >hate polyester what do?…[View]
18081019name: What do you call this? Where can i find tutorials to tie my haie like this shit and buy hair t…[View]
18083519When will /fa/ take the satin boxers pill? I'm seeing some stores start to carry them again.[View]
18084575What is the best way to cut a t-shirt into a tank top? I have a t-shirt that used to fit before I st…[View]
18084362Dress Games: With online tools like pixlr and backround remover. lol :DDD Does it make you mad that …[View]
18078684Thoughts on Tommy Hilfiger?[View]
18084704What Norwood?!?!: 30s. Am I cooked? What Norwood is this?[View]
18079903So now that the 20s are halfway done how will this decades fashion be remembered?[View]
18079444i buy all my clothes here >don't give a fuck about the slave labor and pollution…[View]
18083547/WT/ - WATCH THREAD: Parmigiani edition. Guides and Info: >Classic Meme https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8…[View]
18080857Finally settled on a raincoat[View]
18080681advice ?: there’s a reason i’m on here and it is to get honest advice from the male gaze … what can …[View]
18082410This is LITERALLY all you need.[View]
18084128Is it really as good as they say it is?[View]
18076749Anyone has got african ranger boots? They seem to get a lot of compliments on durability and comfort…[View]
18074848/btg/ boot general: /btg/ BOOT GENERAL - SUMMER SOON EDITION What do I need to care for my boots? …[View]
18081420now that the weathers warming up and the suns coming out, lets get a summer thread going.[View]
18082613Tips to find your way around good looking clothes while knowing nothing about the high qualirt fashi…[View]
18081486What is it about this fit that makes it so bad? From the waist down, it doesn't look bad, but e…[View]
18082511Are Carhartt vintage jackets cringe now? I have a really nice vintage one and I'm going to NYC …[View]
18077646What are these wet leggings called? Gonna be my girlfriend's present.[View]
18084075help: im probably just retarded but if cant for the life of me find this jacket or at least somethin…[View]
18079486As a straight man...: As a straight man I want to compile a list of things that I should avoid styli…[View]
18084155Id on zis glasses?[View]
18082359Briefcase/Travel bag suggestions: I am looking to graduate from carrying a backpack and to begin ins…[View]
18083313Are windbreakers or rain jackets /fa/? I have this exact one and wear it daily.[View]
18077894Give me a good casual outfit for $250: Shoes not included. I got those.[View]
18082856For the Ivyists\?: To sock or not to sock? That is the question.[View]
18084017What if we had a thread about cool hand tattoos?[View]
18082314/frag/ - Fragrance General #1052: Previous thread: >>18080231 NEW Luca Turin reviews on Substa…[View]
18084040anyone knows the brand?[View]
18083696Roberto Cavalli dead at 83: press F[View]
18081061Why don’t women dye their hair more often?[View]
18080354Hi, /fa/: Is my outwear too lame?[View]
18082296How does this happen? This shit costs $20 on his website for months.[View]
18079278Should I try eyeliner as a guy? or I will look too effeminate?[View]
18076440Glasses: It sucks that I can;t pick a pair of glasses anymore without worrying about looking like ch…[View]
18076035can mewing prevent/fix this ?[View]
18081228This style fucking sucks!: as a man? what are you gay?[View]

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