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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 80 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
18186988The CODE 11.59: Is it finally time to recognize the CODE as the greatest watch of the 21st century?…[View]
18185365What haircut would suit me? I feel like no matter what I am ugly.[View]
18186291Vintage confederate shirt from Japan? Is it /fa/?[View]
18185892MAN BAGS: What kind of bag do you carry as a man for books, work, or light traveling?[View]
18182765Thoughts on Lululemon?[View]
18185237Anyone knowns who the female model is in this pic? https://youtu.be/J9OxUngP3fk?feature=shared&t…[View]
18186155Why are people in fashion always doing retarded shit like this? Is this funny? I don't get it. …[View]
18181615What's this look and do you have any more examples?[View]
18186241I have a shit ton of thick dark hair and a hairline that has never once moved. If I have one thing g…[View]
18167637Why do women wear sandels? Most of the world considers bare feet to be vulgar.[View]
18185626I have extremely dry curly and frizzy hair I'm of Semitic origin My hair has caused many trauma…[View]
18185823Would his hair look good irl? Generally long with some curtains in the front[View]
18176871Thoughts on wearing lifts as a 6'0 male? if I wear wear lifts with boots with heel, can I pass …[View]
18184493Should I wear this even if I want to be resuscitated? What if I get hit by a truck wearing this and …[View]
18182288As a mediocre white guy who mostly shops at department stores, how can I tell the difference between…[View]
18185488/wt/ - watch thread: Grand complications edition. Guides and Info: >Classic Meme https://imgur.co…[View]
18184898I have been dressing like the Driver for 13 years straight but I am starting to feel like it's …[View]
18183691>buy 5 Tshirts >$400 down the drain[View]
18173361Why do millennials make fun of zoomers for having broccoli-head haircuts when 15-20 years ago they w…[View]
18183481Short Hairstyles: What are short hairstyles on men that aren’t basic average joe but don’t look like…[View]
18179100Why is the tactical pedo look so hard to pull off?[View]
18185620is she effay[View]
18186093Thoughts on wimple pants? wimplecore in general?[View]
18185944Are there any effay stores in the great state of Texas?[View]
18184963thoughts on this bro’s sag?: thoughts on this bro’s sag?[View]
18183773please help, I fucking hate clothes: Clothes are not natural. It digs between the legs, it's aw…[View]
18185910is this effay? first post here ever btw pls be gentile!!!!11[View]
18184769Patterened Short Sleeves: W2C some decent quality patterned short sleeve shirts for summer?[View]
18182769Pinkspo: How to wear pink?[View]
18185833As a white man can I pull this off?[View]
18171043Is Rimowa /fa/?: ebay seems like the only place for used yet affordable luggage.[View]
18182876/frag/ - Fragrance General #1089: Discontinued: >>18177912 NEW Luca Turin reviews on Substack:…[View]
18181994>absolutely fucking kills your aesthetic and gives you an unbearable itch, red raised bumps and c…[View]
18177590>ruins your fit >ruins your pants >ruins everything…[View]
18185720Rad Sunnies: What brand has the raddest shades?[View]
18185731Where to cop hoodie?[View]
18183504What style is this called?[View]
18179144Why do people buy white shoes when they look like this after a day?[View]
18185662I'm trying to find sweatshirts/jumpers with this type of retro cut. I notice it was predominant…[View]
18185238This was my first eBay purchase for $13, did I make a good choice? (Image was randomly taken from th…[View]
18185595what hair cut should I get?[View]
18178560>punks, mods, rockers, teds, greasers, futuristics, new romantics, blitz kids, skinheads, rudie s…[View]
18183533Where can i get a suit like this? It has a wide collar, more like a harrington jacket and the pants…[View]
18176520What's the fucking point in dressing well when this is my competition?[View]
18185502What should i get for the last spot?: TOP Jim green African anger a MIDDLE adidas sambas adidas terr…[View]
18185384are reddit fashion mofas so /re/tarded they cant wear clothes that aren't trending why would u …[View]
18180953>get a new haircut >coworker says i look good so this is all it took huh... all this suffering…[View]
18184616/wt/ - watch thread: Journe edition. Guides and Info: >Classic Meme https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8 …[View]
18185469I just finally grew a full beard and I'm super happy about it. Now I have something that expres…[View]
18180635Are jeans going out of style? I live in Asia and the only people I see wearing jeans anymore are gi…[View]
18182345Best quality mock neck (NOT TURTLENECK like pic) money can buy? Something that looks clean and forma…[View]
18180758WAYWT: Other thread was made by a troll. Post fit or faggot edition[View]
18161972Man purse: Yay or gay?[View]
18185355Bring it back generation ayyyy[View]
18184902Ugly people: Is their fashion for ugly people? >5'5 >dry hair >dandruff (it won…[View]
18183741Where to start: I'm new to this board and fashion in general. I want to know what concepts I sh…[View]
18182819Is there any AR or AI app that lets me try on outfits and see if I look good in them?[View]
18182984Will hussar jackets ever come back into fashion?[View]
18184588Women traded this for Lululemon Guys traded this for hoodies...[View]
18184358Why does my visor reach all the way to the top of my back when I wear my cap backwards? Why does it …[View]
18184161Vacuum chamber to clean clothes?: Just checking here before I try it out. Is it a good idea? Apparen…[View]
18180469Your thoughts on Sovereign rings becoming fashionable again? Would you wear one?[View]
18184565Is head-to-toe black too boring?[View]
18182656I pulled the term palewave out of my ass as a shitpost to troll /fa/ all those years ago because I n…[View]
18183823/fa/ meetup pic: does anyone have the unedited version of this pic? or the /fa/ meetup pic which has…[View]
18183086Go to Japanese /fa/ and bring something back!: https://itest.5ch.net/subback/fashion I don't th…[View]
18182689Alternative nice looking/comfy slip-ons?: seeking more affordable/less fashion victim...[View]
18183834Picture related. Are the old style of casual button-up shirts with chest pockets even manufactured a…[View]
18183795Business casual - rate my fit: It's me again. How'd I do bros?[View]
18184383How can I build this look?[View]
18181775leggs, no-nonsense, hue :(: i'm so tired of pantyhose always running but i HATE leggings and yo…[View]
18179125What the FUCK do I do with my hair, sometimes it looks good, but other times it's a disaster, d…[View]
18183569/WT/ - WATCH THREAD: Guides and Info: >Classic Meme https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8 >Poorfag guide: …[View]
18184605Rings/jewellry thread: Any good eu based brands that make affordable rings? I've ordered from …[View]
18184387/twink/: Need to upgrade my entire wardrobe, suggestions please for body type like the image for ref…[View]
18181694are you /fa/d dude enough to talk to her[View]
18184486I wear hoodies and sweatpants everyday, 365 days a year.[View]
18181952a bit obsessed over this one Hedi YSL coat which poorfag surplus option might fit this one?[View]
18180497Opinion on wearing a boiler suit as a daily uniform?[View]
18184209I tried cutting my hair and failed hard, ended it a nazi cut but with a retarded shroom look, I trie…[View]

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