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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 105 expired threads from the past 3 days

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18023851>accidentally broke my 500 dollar glasses frames[View]
180256632014 /fa/: SOVL[View]
18027254Any of you guys know of any baggy dark denim sand washed jeans? Trying to find some, but they are th…[View]
18026748/fa/ Wedding Bands: Getting married and need a wedding band. Pic related is only $1,200. Pretty dece…[View]
18010536/denim/ Denim general: Wrangler 13mwz ain't for twinks edition. Thread for the discussion of al…[View]
18027294what's the style of his shirt called?: particularly with the big collar?[View]
18026458My fit: Need it or keep it?[View]
18024469Is the explorer aesthetic /fa/ approved? Where would I even go to get vintage shirts like these? …[View]
18027389>find n&f raws for $7 >try them on >faded knee area sits ‘3 below my knees can i redye …[View]
18026644This is my favorite watch I've ever seen[View]
18022645>100% nylon outer shell >100% polyester liner Why does the military use so much synthetic mate…[View]
18024157/wt/ watch thread: Ghost knight edition Guides and Info: > Poorfag guide: https://www.imgur.com/a…[View]
18016627How many of you have actually tried the henson al 13 safety razor?[View]
18026337New Age Travellers: Post more new age travellers aesthetic[View]
18023926Black History Month Fashion Knowledge!: >The Brooklyn crew that turned preppy fashion into a stre…[View]
18025629>Effortlessly mogs you in a plain white tshirt & grey sweatpants Nothing personal, kid…[View]
18025939how do i stop wearing 874s everyday? people are starting to notice that all i do is rotate between a…[View]
18024304Is this a mens shoulder bag?[View]
18024081>dirty air force 1s teenage white girls are grotey as fuck[View]
18026881To the leafs on this board, does Mountain Equipment Company make good gear? They supposedly made a l…[View]
18025647Self-piercing ears thread: Any tips on how I can pierce my own ears? I just want the basic ear pierc…[View]
18024455Thoughts on houndstooth tweed jackets? Thinking of picking up a blazer to add to my wardrobe. Will t…[View]
18024791Was scene really that bad?: People I knew who dressed like this back in the day were either really f…[View]
18023223Are blackout tattoos e/fa/y[View]
18026291I have a small case of Ptosis (slightly better than pic related). Apparently there's something …[View]
18018834ITT: Trans models: (in a respectful way) transgender people in the /fa/ world[View]
17984963Neofolk General[View]
18026848What do you call the gold pattern wreath thing on this guy's cuffs?[View]
18022670oversized/baggy is cringe af now, post slim fit inspo >hard mode: no SLP or 2010s cryllennial slo…[View]
18024557How can fat women walk around like this And feel absolutely no shame whatsoever? Those shorts were o…[View]
18026879Are these available in India?[View]
18022654reseller here: I stumbled across a listing for an 'eyeless' reverse weave champion sweatsh…[View]
18024149Thoughts?: sacai x Carhartt WIP Thoughts?[View]
18026824rate my fit[View]
18026793I bought this from Peru, but I am unfamiliar with the brand. It is VERY high quality. I was curious …[View]
18025063Do girls like sweatpants or jeans?[View]
18026012How can i unachieve this look[View]
18026560I am about to pull the trigger on one of these bad-boys. It would be my 1st one. 2 would be good. 2e…[View]
18024652Hate this logo, Would I damage the garment if I used a seam ripper to take it of, Would it be naotic…[View]
18025290Wearing suit to engineer position interview?: Should I wear a suit to my chemical engineering interv…[View]
18025180industry grade is effay, right?[View]
18026182>29 >people assumed I was still in my early 20s >turn 30 >slight nasolabial fold forms a…[View]
18018725does anyone else comfymaxx? i love wearing comfy stuff that also looks cite. i got these pants today…[View]
18025744Does this girl actually know what she's talking about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5V3yOS6…[View]
18020049I decided I want to start wearing a signet ring. Anyone else wear one? I like jewelry but men'…[View]
18023976Are these effay?[View]
18025507Are these shoes to pointy?[View]
18025820Can anybody tell me the name of this style of pants or where to find them?[View]
18025581/fa/ cartoon characters?: Roger & Anita are goated IMO[View]
18024464Midwestern grandpa: Know any pices looking like this style?[View]
18023217How do you anorexic /fa/ggots justify knowing that there’s a 100% chance you could get folded by non…[View]
18021576Is vintage Carhartt dead? Feels like normies killed it. Only comment if you don't live in a fly…[View]
18024751Should I get this haircut now, or is it considered outdated in 2024??[View]
18020824saw palmetto: anyone here has had experience with this? Heard it's a great alternative to fin w…[View]
18025088What are some male hairstyle trends for 2024 and beyond?[View]
18025303Where does genuine interest stop being genuine? What's the line between expanding your wardrobe…[View]
18023806Dyed flecktarn: I know I'm extremely late to the meme but I want this look so badly. Are there …[View]
18022788Casual and nice[View]
18023433Fragrance General #1025: The new captcha is shit edition Discontinued: >>18021497 Informative …[View]
18025789what core is this?[View]
18021756Next month I attend a sports media ball with a red carpet entrance, but with a giant cast on a broke…[View]
18025620Am I getting bullied if I walk outside in these? Or will people assume I'm a special needs adul…[View]
18025615What core is this?[View]
18024057Anons I have the itch to go for a mullet Could I pull it off?[View]
18024808Make bigger shoes fit: I bought these shoes during boxing day and was a retard blinded by the sales …[View]
18024678What kind of glasses are in style right now, bros? Need new prescriptions[View]
18025205Anyone know what this style is called and possibly the brand? Circa 1997.[View]
18023416Do you really need more?[View]
18024028Iron Heart, Momotaro, Oni, Pure Blue Japan, Samurai Jeans, Studio D'Artisan, and The Flat Head …[View]
18025365What do you think about those shoes?[View]
18024833Where can I find a nice, simple, casual jacket like pic related?[View]
18022576Any tips?: I wear stuff that gets triple takes and i forget im wearing it. If it makes people uncomf…[View]
18022305Just got a new haircut[View]
18025304Heydudes are peak mens shoes. Prove me wrong[View]
18024439Please post quilted jackets[View]
18021219What’s fresh in your opinion?[View]
18023945Which combo of sneaker (besides Nike) and insole will give you the maximum amount of height without …[View]
18023318What's this style called?: wrapped fabric, earthy tones, desert vibes. pls help[View]
18024600Where can i get good quality silk boxer breifs? all i can find online is random chinkshit. No 'ice s…[View]
18024584What is the most /fa/ haircut?[View]
18023903Where can i find an old m65 gray jacket like this?[View]
18024248Someone give me a qrd on underwear fabrics. Am thinking of getting these, but I wanna know what is b…[View]
18024927whatever happened to this cringey 32 y/o jew pedo? he used to hang here on the waywt ran back to hi…[View]
18024573Effay IGs: Lets see some effay instagram accounts. personal or not[View]
18021190/fa/, there was a little bit of inbreeding in my family a while back I think due to the composer Ant…[View]
18021156Almost reaching the 30s and I just got aware how important looks are, I love beards, I think they ar…[View]
18024779Rate this guy's sag: Such a nice fit, chads dress like this[View]
18023253>I'm never going to wear an outfit that goes this hard why even try, bros…[View]
18019092What are some casual clothes you can wear that don't make you look like a kid? I don't kno…[View]
18017873Fregs Specs: Fresh, citrusy, and aromatic with notes of mint, apple, and vanilla. Best for evenings …[View]
18023222/ideals/: Havent seen one of these in a while. Somebody post the more simple templates please.…[View]
18024313Clothing style for late 20s male?: What are some brands or stores I can look at for clothes that are…[View]
18016572I know you people hate luxxotica but im thinking of getting a new pair of glasses for the first time…[View]
18023925Thoughts on phone Lanyards?: I see a lot of Asians wearing them and I think it’s a matter of time be…[View]
18024554Senegalcore: here we go faggots >urban poverty >derelict means of transportation >woolen ha…[View]
18017848how can i fight back against what the jews did to me and not look ridiculous no matter what i wear[View]
18018775Are MOLLE bags cringe? I just want a boxy bag that has pocket and compartments to carry a laptop and…[View]
18015107How do I look?[View]
18022675Americana/Workwear/Western/Heritage: When I was a kid, this Filson coat was a grail item for me……[View]
18021724sport coat: Read the sticky and nothing in there about sport coats. Early 30's and starting to …[View]
18022043Can somebody id the jacket?[View]
18023738After 4 years of studying at university I finally got a stable job and do not have to skimp on my ba…[View]
18024377Why are women dressing in manly tones so hot?[View]

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