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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 34 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2639040Visiting Abkhazia: What parts should I visit? I'm considering visiting Sukhumi. What should I k…[View]
2639888Guyana and Surinam: Has anyone been to either Guyana or Surinam? Any cool things to see? We hardly h…[View]
2637765>don't use this shit If you're using Airbnb you're getting scammed. Shit is a stra…[View]
2638040Do UnionPay cards work in the PRC if they were issued outside the PRC?[View]
2640933Backpacking in Spain: Thinking about going to Spain soon and curious about potential risks when trav…[View]
2641291Need to find this sushi restaurant: Hey anons can does somebody recognize this sushi restaurant, its…[View]
2638563mexibro here, going to miami florida to vacations, passport-visa-money ok, what to do in miami worth…[View]
2641239>anon in #306 hasn't left his room in weeks >he hasnt called for room service or anything…[View]
2641221I'm going to be traveling to Minnesota next week for a few days and I'm trying to compile …[View]
2640982Anybody ever been here?: I am interested in visiting Kosovo since they are super pro-American.…[View]
2640006Papua New Guinea: Why would my thread about PNG have been deleted? Has anybody been here and can you…[View]
2640602i have a free day in zurich, im next to the lake swissbros, what should i do?[View]
2639108Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada: Thoughts on a 17-day vacation in Newfoundland and Labrador, CA in…[View]
2639846Hotels in New York: I'm travelling with my family to the USA, we'll be staying at NY for a…[View]
2637786How do you get past travel anxiety? I am a very risk-averse person, and I am struggling to come to t…[View]
2640829What's the best CC to acquire free flights?[View]
2639083Best places to ski: Trying to make a skiing bucket list. I mostly only ski interior British Columbia…[View]
2634039Day trips from Vienna?: Looking for recommendations for day trips outside of Vienna? I'm intere…[View]
263691430+ comfy thread: Post whatever you like. I’m feeling sentimental. 20 years of /trv/ here.[View]
2634470Do Americans still clog up Akihabara? /tv/ here just misclicked on this board. How expensive is it a…[View]
2638121What's your prefered reason to travel?: https://strawpoll.com/jVyG8Bk8Pn7 Resort and Beaches: s…[View]
2632846Palestine tourism: before october 7th how would a tourist get into the gaza strip or the west bank o…[View]
2637983Where to summer around Europe?: I'm usually doing remote work but quit a while back and am just…[View]
2640337Commerce on the road: Ways of making money or just living such as joining an esoteric sect of centra…[View]
2637496greece: So I want to go on a trip to some of the greek islands later this summer once I get all my s…[View]
2630690*sits down next to you*[View]
2633792hey anons, so I don't wanna sound weird but my online crush is gonna spend 2 weeks in Shanghai.…[View]
2640136I just got my electrical engineering degree and was thinking about moving to Denmark. What should I …[View]
2639899Ireland is fucking gay: I have been in Ireland for a little under a week, and I just want to say how…[View]
2639646Finding work while travelling: How do people bum around finding work? I understand some do remote wo…[View]
2637212Is traveling a good way to get over a breakup?: People in my life are telling me so but I still love…[View]
2638655Weighed together?: 1. Do they weigh the hand-baggage and the accessory individually. Or together dur…[View]
2638662/jpg/ - Japan General: Dotonbori edition ー How do I travel by public transportation? ー Use Google Ma…[View]
2630625I am planning a grand Appalachian road trip to visit national parks departing from New Jersey for me…[View]

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