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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2665171Does anybody feel like going to a grocery store of a country you're visiting is one of the best…[View]
2674737Traveling advice: So a friend of mine has intellectual disability. I am wondering for some advice on…[View]
2658242Barcelona: I'm here right now and fail to understand the draw of this place. It has the demogra…[View]
2668086Which of the light countries should i visit next?[View]
2671977/jpg/ - Japan General: Blurry Odaiba Edition ー How do I travel by public transportation? ー Use Googl…[View]
2673321Going to be buying the Amtrak Month Travel pass and traveling across the country between September a…[View]
2674534leaf here. any fellow leafs know loopholes or secrets for cheap flights? i dont care where im going …[View]
2666314BBQ travel: Top cities in the world for BBQ >1.) Kansas City, Missouri >2.) Seoul, Korea …[View]
2673793>required to pay for a park pass >required to also then reserve a fucking time slot to walk or…[View]
2674548Backpacking tips: I will be going soon on a backpacking trip all the way from St. Petersburg through…[View]
2674424In your travels, which countries gave you the most pleasant experiences dealing with people? I am no…[View]
2666097Do you take laptop with you for 10 days long holidays. On one hand its easier to browse maps, look f…[View]
2672590I'm going to be driving east from Calais. Where will be the nicest place to stop for a night, i…[View]
2671262Akihabara is so lame. Combine the lamest ever red light district with a couple electronics stores an…[View]
2665755Why do people like Thailand: Been lurking here for awhile now. Been hearing lots of people saying Ph…[View]
2657092Thinking about moving to Argentina: For context, I have a friend there who is looking for a roommate…[View]
2673318Planning on heading to the Badlands in South Dakota. Would 5 days be long enough to explore the park…[View]
2674190how do you split the time between travelling and relaxing on a longer trip? what i think works the b…[View]
2674162How would you divide the time if you had october-february to travel the world? I don't know wet…[View]
2599840Hong Kong: Has anyone been to Hong Kong post COVID? Is there still soul or has it been completely ta…[View]
2674052Where to in Sea?: 1. Got 10k usd. 2. Getting sick of my dirty city and uglies everywhere. 3. Where w…[View]
2673467Have you ever flown Ryanair? What was it like?[View]
2673986>travel to SEA for holiday >get tested >all negative >positive for HSV2 Travel was a mis…[View]
2673025Leaving it all behind: I'm a good-looking 30-year-old American, and I've been in Southeast…[View]
2652499How's Portugal?: I've got two weeks in November to go somewhere, and was thinking Portugal…[View]
2668004Budapest: I'll be spending 30 days in Budapest in a nice centrally located apartment. Any hidde…[View]
2668184What’s a destination that surprised you in a pleasant manner?: Maybe it's a destination famous …[View]
2673876Is the ice cream in Istanbul legit, or is it just a gimmick? I'm traveling to Turkey soon. Shou…[View]
2672711Goin to Athens in two days, staying about a month. What do I need to know?[View]
2672649/khg/ - Cambodia General: A thread dedicated to Chinese casinos, boomer coomers, and fried spiders. …[View]
2670688Where are some locations in EU where a large city is as close as possible to at least one national p…[View]
2673552Where to?: 1. Got 10k usd. 2. Getting sick of my dirty south asian city and uglies everywhere. 3. Wh…[View]
2671992Why did traveling for an extended period cure my depression and awaken a spirit and a dare to dream …[View]
2673381Telluride: Something interesting here to see?[View]
2670988Chesterfield MO: Has anyone ever been?[View]
2665020I'm heading to Spain in September for 2 weeks. The plan is to do 2 nights each in Madrid- Toled…[View]
2670525Why no one goes to Canada, it seems like if you could and also the exchange rate. Would it be cheape…[View]
2669491Is Washington a cool place to visit hiking/nature wise? Looking to visit for a week in maybe Septemb…[View]

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