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76589689Why do foids like Blue Monday so much? New Order have so many better songs.[View]
76588635Through Christ, all things are possible.[View]
76591162I FUCKING HATE BEING ILL I have thrown up 8 times in the past two days and every time I vomit my fac…[View]
76589675Take a hit, anon.[View]
76591134>despacito, I sucked a tranny's dick down in Puerto Rico[View]
76591022I don't care what anyone says anymore Porn has always been there for when I'm needy It wil…[View]
76590509Because of my schizophrenia, It doesn't matter how long I spend in the shower, or how deeply I …[View]
76591169at the therapist for the first time. I dont wanna be here. I was forced by my mother. should I be ho…[View]
76590699Candy Glitter: I'm addicted to humiliations from this bitch[View]
76590612Anons, do I have hunter or prey eyes?[View]
76590919Why the Media focuses solely on objectifying Women as the center of attention, Why having relationsh…[View]
76590992so uhh I watched Nagatoro , takagi-san , kubo-san and others are there any other anime to fill the …[View]
76590632Do bitches leave you on read, /r9k/?[View]
76591013What's the best gyatt in manga?[View]
76590951Good morning bros: Its time to get out of bed and get my day started. Are you guys ready to seize th…[View]
76591000now that omegle is dead, where do i go to talk to people[View]
76590838Why do religious people get their bank accounts closed for not respecting the voices in transgender …[View]
76590966Is it true that women are very attracted to toxic men?: I usually dont believe in stereotypes but th…[View]
76590779Chad pushes pregnant women down stairs and kills her no one cares and they line up to have sex with …[View]
76589179What are some female dominated hobbies?[View]
76590905The term 'truecel' is used in online communities associated with the incelosphere, a subculture of i…[View]
76590798EXPERIMENT: >1. scratch around your asshole >2. sniff your finger >3. does it smell like po…[View]
76590880life considerations: i think i'm probably going to enlist and try to make a career in the milit…[View]
76590867Life is happening very fast now. I could be moving into a house with my friend soon and have a room …[View]
76589471ATTN NORMIES: How can I start to befriend my coworkers after 2+ years of rarely/never speaking to th…[View]
76590499Why are anime posters such coomers? Does watching anime make you a coomer or do coomers watch more a…[View]
76590668I wish I had a bigger penis. Maybe I could be loved.[View]
76588877Kiss black fembots Hug black fembots Love black fembots[View]
76590506Used to think a gamer chick would be the dream women until i dated one for like 4 months. Yeah we pl…[View]
76589244I'm tired of being a slut, maybe I should stop[View]
76590625How do I deal with parents that don't understand that I have autism and can't work or find…[View]
76589068>keeps water bottles on my desk next to my bed for ease of access >literally EVERY. SINGLE. FU…[View]
76590742has a woman ever looked at you like that?[View]
76590572Anyone like driving around in GTA 5 and listening to playlists? This is all I do in GTA games now. R…[View]
76590375should i add hannah t rad[View]
76590516just how bad do you need to look that even normies admit that confidence just won't cut it?[View]
76589150biological females with deep voices are my weakness[View]
7659065126/02/24 plenty of pretty girls at the pool today which is nice, I wish one of them would give me a …[View]
76589812Japanese porn addiction.: I'm a black man with a bbc (thank god) in a relationship with an Indi…[View]
76588796I hate women who do not have innies.[View]
76590269Besides fucking hot bitches, what would you do if you woke up as an 11/10 chad?[View]
76590586>my shirts are starting to get too big for me Bros I'm making it[View]
76590182I found the shitty rap I did with my friend when I was still in highschool. Oh god, it's so fuc…[View]
76589043HA HA HA HA HA HA THAT WEBM: Porn is not reality fucking coomers ![View]
76589062I got banned from a singing discord for arguing with the mod: He talked to me like an anime-villain …[View]
76589415Marilyn Manson is the one of the biggest trucel success stories to ever exist. He captured the imagi…[View]
76590250>God will never leave me nor forsake me In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because…[View]
76590173Don't Kill Other People: How is this a controversial opinion? I can't understand war (rn t…[View]
76589719Zoloft + Weed ?: Greetings frens, I am about to start taking Zoloft and was wondering if you can smo…[View]
76589739Dick size matters heaps in every aspect of dating. It's why there's such a term as 'big di…[View]
76590441What's your opinion about SS. site? Is it really a cult like Tantacrul said? Do you visit it? …[View]
76590329The greentext that saved my dick: First, what is important, years ago anon has shared his story how …[View]
76590247Gn guys im going to bed[View]
76590127Have you ever been with a half white/half black chick?[View]
76588584Moids with small penises?: I love you and you are worthy *mwah*[View]
76589797When did /x/ become such a faggy schizo board?[View]
76589447Day 210 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
76588224Need fap material: Post depraved stuff for em to jerk off to. No limits.[View]
76590170Having your long hair fall across your field of vision is nice. Your eyelashes keep it out of focus …[View]
76589149Hello, I'm a 21 year old male attempting to improve my morals, mental qualities and perspective…[View]
76590103BLACKPILL REFUTED >'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man IT'S ALL ABOU…[View]
76590233We ain't had nothin' but faggoty threads for three stinkin' days![View]
76588368In the old days you didnt even have to be good looking to get a pretty girlfriend[View]
76589408ITT: We share manga that would interest robots: Kill my mother: https://mangadex.org/title/0776b79d-…[View]
76590134this entire board's presupposition is that a woman would solve all your problems. Which is funn…[View]
76589265>theory: god does not want me to masturbate >he gave me thumbs >he didn't give me a ho…[View]
76588022It seems like dating is starting to get even harder for men (at least for gen Z) with the poor socia…[View]
76588892What will your job be after the revolution?[View]
76588598normalniggers only pretend to care about pedophilia. some fucking loser i met online took advantage …[View]
76584093Yes, he is fat. Yes, he is ugly. Yes, he is short. Yes, he is nerdy. Yes, he is awkward. Yes, he is …[View]
76590112why not just exploit your talent and become super rich and use your extravagant wealth take care of …[View]
76576206/gfd/ Gentle Femdom: How about a gfd thread for old times sake?[View]
76590115>by having lots of kids, evangelicals produce more gays and it's a compounding effect Talk a…[View]
76589273My therapist says I need to learn to let go of demanding perfection from other people in order to ha…[View]
76588810AI girlfriends will steal jobs from pornstars and ruin society, article warns: https://archive.md/mt…[View]
76588422Why do faggots do things like this? Why are they so fucked up?[View]
76589903Why don't you just throw one of these around a little bit buddy, haha[View]
76588540Is their anything youd be passionate about to burn yourself over[View]
76590092>friend falls in love with me >friendship inevitably fucking ruined…[View]
76589801dont worry i ALREADY KNOW im a murderer . DO SOMETHING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anLPw0Efmo i…[View]
76585184I'm too autistic to learn a trade. I know I couldn't handle the banter.[View]
76589754We shouldn't be here. 4chan like all social media is bad for you. It's just mentally drain…[View]
76588461What does it mean when someone tells you that you are a 'genuine person'?[View]
76590070Has VR Porn and women effected you psychologically: I can get barely any work done because it is add…[View]
76588006These people breathe the same air as you: Yeah, it's lonely to be single. But imagine being the…[View]
76589177In 85 hours I find out if I got into university. >Just do cc I'm finishing up year 2. Times…[View]
76588489>hate moids >ovulate >want to get a bf, married, and pregnant this is some kind of cruel jo…[View]
76589981I think I became pretty much a sociopath due to childhood trauma. I got abused by both my parents an…[View]
76588524I would (maybe) get a job if i could get pic rel[View]
76590005i'm seriously considering geomaxing to south asia if i'm still a virgin by 30... just gott…[View]
76588934What a cruel webm: How do you get a gf like this? You are trying your best.[View]
76589778shower once every two to three days[View]
76588496How do I stop watching normal porn? I watch JOI mostly but i sometimes relapse on normal porn I want…[View]
76589653When i was 20 i started dating my gf who told me she was 39 I lost my virginity to her raw (she had …[View]
76589300If you had 60 minutes in Zero Gravity what would you do?[View]
76589065Why is it becoming so over for women?[View]
76589956I kill niggers lmao[View]
76589975>look up school bully on social media >has a trad family, nice car and promising career What t…[View]
76589332Lost a good friend a few months ago because my discord account got banned. Fuck discord and their ni…[View]
76588474>hideous guy gets married to russian gold digger who saw him as an opportunity to escape her shit…[View]
76589832Who is your favorite African-American?: For me, it's Elon Musk.[View]
76589134>brew half a pot of coffee >It's death wish espresso, 12.70 tablespoons worth >Acciden…[View]
76589370I don't want to go to school tommorow[View]
76588249That webm ruined your life: I wish she was you girlfriend[View]
76589260>talking to girl >she talks about her exes all the time >alludes to sexual experiences shes…[View]
76589404Traveling back in time: >Hopping in my time machine to 1796 in order to show George Washington my…[View]
76588196bros i need to eat 2000 calories in less than 12 hours[View]
76589261Anxiety is a natural response to things, right? So what benefits does anxiety have? Asking because e…[View]
76589839back to having no friends again[View]
76589484the normies know what you are[View]
76589691>When the moid is in anything BUT Gryffindor[View]
76589499>be me >21 year old virgin >family leaves Florida, have to sell everything in my autism ho…[View]
76589334i am a big piece of shit[View]
76589088is she into me?: >smiles at me >asks me how my day was >makes eye contact >treats me wit…[View]
76587952Day 447 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests Study kind of day. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
76589902my problems will still be there tomorrow but I won't be[View]
76588293any tips on masking/coping with social anxiety/agoraphobia? i feel like no matter what i do i will n…[View]
76589021How do I find broken country girl femcels to be my gf?[View]
76589195If you don't have childhood friends it's fucking over. Everyone has enough friends already…[View]
76589567how do i make my nips not brown[View]
76588714incels don't exist btw, chud[View]
76589577Bros..: Mongee bros... How do we cope? https://youtu.be/spL2zu3yp24?si=10fAC5rzyxI-7Uby[View]
76588650My drunk ass loser dad forgot my birthday. (not the first time). Then he tried to send me a whopping…[View]
76589876The only women that can be femcels are...: Black women that are exclusively attracted to Korean/Japa…[View]
76589468is anyone else pretty surprised there isn't more incel/class-based terrorism? is it just the le…[View]
76589565K so you know the website quora right it's to ask questions about anything and give answers bas…[View]
76589365what i would do for a sweet girl to turn into my wife. i work hard, i work on myself, i have goals. …[View]
76589624I like how she takes care of her overdeveloped son[View]
76589042i dont ever want to hear women complain lmao fucking jokes.[View]
76589615What are you listening to RIIIGHT now? pic related[View]
76589612realistically how do I meet th kind of girl in her late 20s, early 30s that still browses 4chan? Pre…[View]
76589552is techlead satire or serious?[View]
76589378Kekekek thoughts: Sometimes I want to take an incel; strip him naked, chain him to the point it hurt…[View]
76589659I would worship her[View]
76588083Lost genetic lottery: >low IQ >Ugly >Stutter >Autism >ADHD Why should I even try in …[View]
76587996If you ask for sex, you're a creep. If you don't get any sex, you're a creep. Guess w…[View]
76586232what did you eat today, robots? i had half a lunchmeat sandwich and a bowl of ramen, it was more tha…[View]
76588806The moid population needs to be decimated. Kill every fucking moid.[View]
76589784Imagine being White: And still thinking you suffer[View]
76589328Do you think you're a leader? Why or why not?[View]
76589576/antipsych/ - Antipsychiatry General #20: End the insanity defense edition **CREDIBLE RESOURCES AGAI…[View]
76589713When i was 19 i burned someones house down it wasnt the first what did i do?[View]
76588531Femanon, why are you overweight?[View]
76588875Failed to become Wizzard: Was late 20s KHV, never had any sort of romantic partner nor ever had a da…[View]
76589636How do I become a low inhib sociopath?: I envy sociopaths and people with low inhibition. They aren…[View]
76589586We were supposed to go out on Thursday. Thai for dinner and opening night of a musical that we were …[View]
76589752>mfw scrolled to the bottom and not a single good thread[View]
76587587As a manlet: Its brutal how I will never be able to look down and see a woman with this type of pov.…[View]
76583444/drugfeel/: Germany legalized weed edition https://www.erowid.org/ https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/M…[View]
76588201stop bullying indian sirs and black ladies[View]
76589738Should I ask her out? I work with her and Im scared ill make working together awkward if she says no[View]
76586772imagine claiming height matters more than size[View]
76589744Have you ever been so that you could even regret the distance? *gulp*[View]
76587044I am extremely addicted to gooning and porn. Will paying for sex cure me of this? I want to die a vi…[View]
76589226what do you think of this?: Is this deep enough you fuckers?[View]
76589167i physiologically cant understand how bottoms like it in the butt: the pressure felt in squishing yo…[View]
76589278Hi, agent Ballshark69 here. Just wanted to let you know that I am gang stalking you. Yes you. Not t…[View]
76589685My ultimate goal in life is not even possible: I want to be a Japanese salary man, I would have life…[View]
76589406I finished my degree, but I've gotten so used to working 18 hours a week the past 4 years that …[View]
76585672Is streaming a 'real job'?: Is it as soul sucking like a real job? Or are they entitled millionaires…[View]
76585620Inhaling bonfire smoke: https://voca.ro/1lJeQvpiAmQO It did not work inhaling smoke did not deepen m…[View]
76589523>be me, like 14 or 15 >somehow get with this girl from hs who everyone's trying to fuck d…[View]
76589315Just 'nudified' my manager. Probably the most fucked up thing i've ever done.[View]
76587562>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved life doesn't last long ht…[View]
76585509Best way for someone to kill themselves?: No guns/cars in garages since I'm not american[View]
76588968tips for finding online only part time work from home jobs my parents are hounding me again[View]
76587943i was sitting like a npc all day but then frien from discord dm me >are u ok? me: yes im okay :3 …[View]
76587719bocawoo: https://vocaroo.com/1mVHxM3rBBZL[View]
76589071Sexual cum. Cumual sex. Cumsex. 1997.[View]
76588480>I have never had a positive female experience Considering I have lived for decades and not once…[View]
76588165Early morning tea kind of morning.[View]
76588267I've been sitting in the bathroom blogposting on /v/ on my phone for nearly 3 hours and I got b…[View]
76588707My grandfather died and left me his tools in the garage. My father left and left some of his tools i…[View]
76587041Where the fuck this girl has gone???: She literally appeared one time and dissapeared did she like r…[View]
76587482How fucked is your state when it comes to fetishes?[View]
76586430So according to the latest national study, over 3/4 of all young men aged 18-35 are single meanwhile…[View]
76588823So wait youre telling me girls dont smile at you guys naturally? If I smile at a girl she almost alw…[View]
76588410Seeing latinas hit the wall hurts me physically. I pray for Jenna Ortega's soul every day.[View]
76588807I need to work for years to make enough for thousands of dollars for surgery and I might still look …[View]
76588719I want a horny gf so fucking bad.[View]
76587705no men are good: im so exhausted. i went out today with a guy im talking to. he was on his phone and…[View]
76588921why yes, i plan on stacking them on top of each other, and lick their assholes in a single lick star…[View]
76586839well anons? there's thousands of women out there just waiting to be wifed up so they can cook a…[View]
76588523IAN or also previously known as FARGOTH on steam... This is REBECCA... I am locked out of my old ste…[View]
76588027What would you do if ur younger sibling brought this home[View]
76587686>be me >retail wagie >have qt3.14 coworker >she is pretty much my dream waifu in aesthet…[View]
76588821>be fujo >dont have a bf that likes to make out with other guys at parties…[View]
76587095>he made yet another sexual comment on a conversation that was completely non-sexual I hate moids…[View]
76587328black girls can be really cute![View]
76588813It's over: >be me >just chilling on my pc >suddenly start violently twitching my hands…[View]
76588025>Hey Anon you really spaced out there for a second, you all right? Come on let's play some Q…[View]
76588488everything in life started coming to me when I stopped giving a fuck[View]
76588509I'm a 20 year old virgin, never once went on a date. Spend my day either commuting to college o…[View]
76587382So do you moids realize girls can tell if you've jacked off within the last couple days?[View]
76585601Being born with a 4 inch penis has permanently stolen away any hope I ever had of being happy.[View]
76588106any neets go into retail? god blessed me with a normal appearance so i'm going to work in a sui…[View]
76582186Fembots, have you ever used a guy for money?[View]
76588696femanons (no such thing as a fembot) could help so many broken hearted young men (robots), but they …[View]
76588380Any bros on this board who are not constantly whining about not getting laid or not trying to blend …[View]
76588428>tfw no inflated ego bf[View]
76588505>be me >21 yo office wagie >wake up and go to gym >not feeling it today so do really lig…[View]
76588204AI has given me so much hope for the future that I don't even feel sad or mad about anything an…[View]
76588426That webm is brutal: Passport bros we get to cocky[View]
76588447Yo he got the rizz and drip, y'all, fr fr no cap he straight bussin i was boudda finna gonna po…[View]
76587695too many incel/femcel whining, so music thread take 1 song/post 1 song https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
76585120Did your mother wash your penis when you were a little boy?[View]
76587655Why everytime a new AI makes it to the public it is either >turbo racist Kool Kidz Klub 1488 Sieg…[View]
76588351When I was young I was in college to be a psychologist and I got an internship at a mental hospital.…[View]
76587621I can't handle my gfs yapping anymore I want to ring her neck. You think you want a gf but you …[View]
76588298>be me >metalhead >bit overweight and hairy body >meet another metalhead >skinny and …[View]
76588128Isn't it better to just give up on dating altogether if these are your options?[View]
76588095I just realized when we imagine things, It doesn't appear in front of our eyes. Like, when you …[View]
76588441I need a big booty Latina[View]
76588235Indian SARS look like that? Next time someone tries to scam me on the phone I'll be flirting[View]
76587378What the fuck is wrong with normies? Like what the fuck? My boyfriend thinks I'm gross cuz of c…[View]
76587783would you date this hawaiian cutie anon? the only bad thing is that she has a (little) surprise insi…[View]
76586452hey r9k could you give me stuff to draw im a beginner artist and im stuck. Also constructive critici…[View]
76586976Why can't people be happy with their bodies?: Ever since social media happened, people have so …[View]
76588154Can I get a 4chan femcel goth bi gf if I'm a weak submissive twink?[View]
76588419Why do women fuck chads and niggers: Someone explain the absolute state of modern society please?…[View]
76588009Why have so many cultures across time independently developed the BBC cuckold fetish? This is a genu…[View]
76588329i need some decor ideas for the back of my kindle. no girly shit. if you post images I could print a…[View]
76587681Have you ever had a Latina chick's ass in your face?[View]
76587190Why do women hate negativety against others so much?: It's insane how just being a bit rude get…[View]
76588172how do I get a gf if women give me existential dread?[View]
76587975Another Sunday night /r9k/ You don't have a job do you to go to do you? How about a drink?[View]
76587721Are women truly capable of loving men for who they are?[View]
76587619>new girl starts at work >she is exactly the same shy anxiety ridden mess as me yet all my co…[View]
76587801she dumped me on the first date because I told her about the mommy fetish[View]
76586751total foid love and appreciation[View]
76588121feeling comfy tonight: About to go to sleep for the night. Did you remember to write down what you a…[View]
76587610I want to know everyone's opinion on something. Are internet friendships real? What are your e…[View]
76586908Canadian women suddenly hate immigrants now that those immigrants are INCEL Indians.[View]
76586568do girls listen to breakcore or atmospheric dnb?: or is it just music for guys. t. not mentally ill…[View]
76585924I smoked weed for the first time yesterday, AMA[View]
76587295Even if I did something wrong I say it wasn't me unless I was caught then I say it wasn't …[View]
76585342ok im sorry for being mean to u all last night but u shouldnt have made me angry in the first place …[View]
76587317Runescape: do any robots play the 'scape? Particularly anybody hunting a 99? I'd like to a…[View]
76584967How isn't the homeless rate MUCH higher in America?: In order to be a functioning adult, you ne…[View]
76587954I always knew that women liked tall guys, but I didn't know how much. The Korean actor is 187 c…[View]
76587407I'm a normal, well adjusted 32 yo guy who stopped really using 4chan years ago but STILL I want…[View]
76584452it's hard to make friends because i'm violently racist[View]
76586917>Can only cum from gooning to black girls Why I am like this? I don't even like blacks…[View]
76587972Political Psychology Test Thread: Post your results robos: https://moralfoundations.github.io/ Let…[View]
76586402us culture is so shit that i've started idolizing eastern europe[View]
76588042Have you ever done this in a threesome in your country?[View]
76587983I'm stuck in a knight/man-at-arms mindset. I just want a princess to die for, unfortunately chi…[View]
76586259>'Twitter and reddit are just 4chan you chuds, also mass shooters or whatever.' Biggest political…[View]
76587981okay robots, I now make a middle-class wage and no longer live in communal transitional housing for …[View]
76588002reminder that as you obsess over the chad bogeyman there are millions of ugly manlets out there fuck…[View]
76587767To be completely honest with myself I don't think I deserve a woman's love anyway[View]
76587447is it worth it to try to learn to draw with just a pc and computer mouse? need a productive hobby bu…[View]
76587307I am 34 years old, and never experience teenage love. I should just pay for a freshly 18 year old pr…[View]
76587785i unironically think i hate other people too much to function.[View]
76587817You'll never live these memories: What's the point anymore, we're not going to live t…[View]
76587951l deserve to die.[View]
76587873Would dating be as fucked as it is today if normies never started using the internet and smartphones…[View]
76581513>tfw i'm not a hikkineet femcoomer that spent her entire morning fucking herself with her di…[View]
76585707Im a trans women am I dont think most of u get to hear our side of the problem and see through our l…[View]
76587853I have never approached a woman: I also shy away from all social interactions because i ferl that i …[View]
76583992>hehe bnwo right bros?[View]
76587446Cultured Anons, what's your favorite Jazz track?: My favorite is Blue Rondo by Jackie McLean…[View]
76587839Socializing with women is nearly impossible: I don't have social anxiety or depression, and I…[View]
76586449sex slaves NOW: I just need a cute japanese girl to be my sex slave. Fuck having a girlfriend. I jus…[View]
76586964i feel kinda sad tonight i'm thinking about how i'm gonna end up exactly like this man... …[View]
76587117non-vegan bros... is it over for us? women are only going for vegans now.[View]
76587183Clothed women gain right to join Japan's 'Naked Men Festival': The previously all-male nude fes…[View]
76587666I need someone to cook for: List something you want to eat and ill make it.[View]
76587262zoomers: >talk like and idolize niggers >prone to faggotry and transgenderism >attention sp…[View]
76587654how many things do you wait for in 2 lines[View]
76587006Can someone explain to me the current YouTube trend of video essays?[View]
76587301im blessed with good genes: im blessed with good genes so i know not to abuse them anytime a girl w…[View]
76586874Optimistic nihilist here. What's up?[View]
76586773ok im at walmart how do i get pussy[View]
76577089why don't you lift some of these? don't fuckin' freak out, just tell me why not[View]
76586110>mentally ill people have success with dating >fat people fuck all the time >objectively ug…[View]
76586938Coincidence or divine intervention?: >Coworker I think is really cool and would be a good friend …[View]
76586383owning a couple fantasy: I often times fantasize about having a girlfriend and owning a couple. real…[View]
76587186>be me >2 years ago, meet cute twink femboy on discord >we both like each other >become …[View]
76587601Like the wind You came here running Take the consequence of leavin' There's no space There…[View]
76587510Thinking about the comfiness that was the 2010-2015 era. Would I want to live in it again? This time…[View]
76587218I drew pic related. Judge my age, gender, race, hobbies, political affiliation, amount of friends, e…[View]
76587537Not a single good thread in sight..... Why Don't You Be More Creative[View]
76586096Chuds actually believe in race science. Like they believe an entire race is genetically more likely …[View]
76586638I'm dead inside. Are you dead inside?[View]
76587547I wish i could control my feelings of loneliness. I signed up for it by being a NEET but i used to n…[View]
76587242White Fever: I just found out about it I wasted my entire life[View]
76585928I want to paizuri femanon[View]
76586540Are you familiar with the concept of personas? how would you describe/explain it?And do you believe …[View]
76587281I'm the biggest sucker for art girls. Fembots share your art here if you make any[View]
76585894why aren't you paying nu york jews to fill your penis with bovine collagen?[View]
76587310Why are supermodels so often ugly?: I thought the porpose of a model was to look good and be able to…[View]
76586699life as a 15yo: >be 15yo, go to a prestigious highschool in argentina >1,79 tall, bigger than …[View]
76586234If women won't talk to you, just get a dog. Dogs are pussy magnets[View]
76587343I owe women sex.[View]
76587185my brother is on the verge of death and I dont know how to feel about it[View]
76585645Why are zoomers such rabid moralists? A few years ago, even on places like reddit, no one cared abo…[View]
76584251I'm in Silent Hill It's been years since I had a woman who loved and cared about me. The f…[View]
76587341why yes, im planning on sucking each of their nipple at the same time t rad[View]
76587287Would you step into an elevator with a woman?[View]
76579623>man up and serve women[View]
76586788What are you doing to manifest a girlfriend? You do know it's all about vibes right?[View]
76584380>every single alt girl I knew marries a mid, bearded guy with a sleeve tattoo >mfw I will neve…[View]
76587275In my experience, Stacy's personality matches her looks. They are rarely the mean girl Hollywoo…[View]
76587250no one is hiring this person[View]
76584668How do I learn to love being an incel?[View]
76587051>Hanging out with friends >Beta guy friend (who likes me) sitting there all quiet as usual lma…[View]
76587222Women like me but I can't really do anything because I've been a NEET for 8 years despite …[View]
76585359Does anyone do this?: Whenever I jerk off, I sometimes send messages to Stacies about how hot they a…[View]
76581892/britfeel/: The Sunday edition. 23 days until spring.[View]
76587189big-boned friend: was buying a lunchbox earlier today and it reminded me of a story from back in fre…[View]
76586279Nostalgia tiem: i really miss 'the world i was born into'. not in any nazi way but i miss the video…[View]
76585999Any femanons here? Will you become obese for me?[View]
76587161I miss this lil dood like you can't believe.[View]
76587152I'm done dating. I give up, they're super interested and then we meet up and she tells me …[View]
76586384>the same person brutal[View]
76585224Posting some steamies in your green text board[View]
76586827I will never get the only thing I have ever wanted in life[View]
76580621How do you find a woman who will think my tiny penis is cute and endearing[View]
76586914>Quit video games >Lose all my friends How do I recover?…[View]
76585122do you guys think anyone who was an avid player and fan of TF2 has killed themselves/someone else[View]
76586990>fighting the urge to angrypost and sadpost i must stay positive! happy and kind!…[View]
76586954i want an internet girlfriend mostly because i want them to send me lewds and to mastubate to them b…[View]
76586963Kick robots in the nuts. Crush their testicles and castrate them for their own good.[View]
76582456every time my dad goes on a flight he texts my family group chat 'Just left!' then 'reached safely!'…[View]
76586701Do you think most robots/incels who end up in relationships will end up with single moms?[View]
76585441Why do 10/10 women do porn? They could marry a rich guy instead of being a whore.[View]
76586352I talk with people on discord and they are all so weird and always are drug addicts. Why is discord …[View]
76586653if women frequently cross to the other side of the street when i'm walking at night does that m…[View]
76586490>this is what '''researchers'' spend time and government money on >They couldn't just ask…[View]
76586789other guys make me feel insecure and inferior because i know i'll never be enough since i'…[View]
76585505In the future we will have technology that will allow us to either look as handsome men or very cute…[View]
76585692Got invited to a bar going to be my first time. How do I act? What to order? How to avoid fights etc…[View]
76585975Goodness: Doing good, being good, is unnatural. Back then, doing good not only set you apart from yo…[View]
76586880Suicide will never be fitting for us robots: We're all fucked but atleast let's outlive Ch…[View]
76586217>cute girl i like tries to start conversation with me through text >dont know what to text bac…[View]
76585232Why is pic related so true bros?[View]
76586083Are single women in their 30s always really bitter?[View]
76586413New episode of 'women getting owned and made to look ridiculous'[View]
76585937where were you in 2010-2014? >https://youtu.be/n5cgzcjqOtE?si=pKm1gWKySclPbD-J…[View]
76586807why don't robots just get a pet monkey[View]
76585266why the fuck r u mfs saying 'original' and 'originally' all the time???[View]
76586710I've been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life I've been waiting for a girl li…[View]
76586469Man... You people are real buzzkills.[View]
76586695You are a bitch ![View]
76586691why do normal people being normal not get internet attention: why are normal people being normal so …[View]
76586690>Be me >Majoring in Japanese language >The dream of my life is getting into a student excha…[View]
76584874Why does everyone here work in tech?: Everyone here has some kind of computer job Is it autism?…[View]
76586256Collections: Hey anons do any of you collect certain things? Mine are dvds,cds and stickers I find a…[View]
76586630is 4chan a part of your identity?[View]
76585010I want a (bang)maid[View]
76585610How come 99% of catwalk models look like trannies? Discuss. They look like prepubescent boys becaus…[View]
76584612remember to wake up early to wage tomorrow moid[View]
76586311>mfw Chad bullies my guy friend[View]
76584410What are your thoughts on HealthygamerGG?[View]
76585608What exactly do you think obtaining sex will do for you? Will you become better or something?[View]
76583968Bitches on here be like: >takes away your ability to get a highly paid job with diversity quotas …[View]
76584989>Starting to worry obsessively about my health again[View]
76586466there is always a dirtier guy that is the center of the story and not the dlc.[View]
76582926Do you think bullying is a good thing for society?[View]
76584609my online bf of a year cheated on me with some girl irl and ghosted me, how am i supposed to move on…[View]
76585058>'ohhh yeah son watching these girtl cartoons that has hot and attractive women will definitely m…[View]
76585415This is beautiful to see. I'm sick of the winter[View]
76586064How do I seduce my father? Should I just grab his dick and stare him in the eyes intensely? I want f…[View]
76585562>be stupidly horny all weekend >hit the gym, got a solid work out in >no longer horny but t…[View]
76586252Women are literally genociding incels by witholding cuddles and making them turn into trannies. How …[View]
76586055>mom went into diabetic shock >couldn't hear her when she was calling for me >was li…[View]
76584430Parents: >I've been having trouble the last few months with my sleeping Even if I get a good…[View]
76585275Seeing ur parents get drunk is so uncomfortable anons . I have this guteral sense of disgust when I …[View]
76585353Moot didn't delete /pol/mblr before he left and now we're stuck with the consequences. It …[View]
76586151time to work again tomorrow, im tired and demotivated, how to fix[View]
76586209How to get a gf: Visualization techniques can help you manifest your desires, but it's importan…[View]
76585262>Neo-liberal Is it over from me? Do you think I would still be accepted by society? https://8valu…[View]
76583389>even a guy as ugly as him could get a gf How did he do it? It can't be height here, because…[View]
76586182all night after hours club twice[View]
76585019How to de-anonymize your life?: For a few years now I find myself unable to form bonds with others, …[View]
76584340>verbally abuse random normalfags on discord and other social media until they block me…[View]
76586141i need som shawties[View]
76586101The only person who ever understood me now despises me. He used to pretend he cared about me, and th…[View]
76583530Why do women lose interest so fast: I've always and i literally always can never get through th…[View]
76586152>tfw no sexual instincts >tfw if I didn't see it in a book I would have never figured ou…[View]
76586123>he still refuses to accept that I wasn't in love with him because I was nice and friendly t…[View]
76586035I literally and unironically did lean last week and i kinda miss it already.[View]
76585940women are a buffer for competition between men[View]
76586041They fucked up all font finders.[View]
76584910I can tell you what you're doing wrong but you won't listen: you've got to hit on the…[View]
76584984Anyone of you tried online dating? How did it go? Any success or failures?[View]
76585798When you dig into it alot of whores and incels (different sides of the same coin) have a bad relatio…[View]
76586003Would the femanons here be happy with a beta male provider husband if he genuinely loved and cared f…[View]
76585776you have a job, woke is objectively fake.[View]
76585227Im on tinder with my sister and while I barely get any matches she literally has 2500... I bought he…[View]
76585017how long did it take you to grow hair from a shaved head to about shoulder length? i'm so tired…[View]
76585820'Neurotypical' is a meme: I refuse to believe 'neurotypical' people actually exist. It's litera…[View]
76585812Why don't incels just have sex w each other like man hating radical feminists do?[View]
76585945>Make friends with woman >she starts ranting about how bad men are and shit >Give her the s…[View]
76584373I like to keep my hair cut short. Skin on the sides, an inch on top, if that. Its just easier than f…[View]
76582444/antipsych/ - Antipsychiatry General #19: People have a being loved deficiency, not a drug deficienc…[View]
76585813If you had a partner would you rather them be timid and vanilla or a dirty nasty freak in the sheets…[View]
76585854Apparently I drunkenly applied to work at a three day long folk and country music festival in a town…[View]
76581271>take cuck pill >watch my girlfriend get railed by a bull >intant regret after >can…[View]
76585843It's over for coomers: Even though we're the backbone of society, we will not breed. Genet…[View]
76585859Old 'jak toss[View]
76585586How to cope?: I wasn't born as a genetically superior breeding male, I was born as a geneticall…[View]
76584844Looks do not matter just be yourself bro. Take a shower. Develop extreme confidence. Walk up to her …[View]
76584535what are your pronouns, r9k?[View]
76585249>I want to vent here... d:^( No, I don't. I vent to God only.[View]
76584971Whatever happened to that one nigger? Strawberry or whatever the hell (I think they called him Berry…[View]
76584822Is it so wrong to want to follow an alpha male's lead? Why is being a great man's top guy …[View]
76582203Me and my friends used to make fun of manlets and I didn't even think about it. Short men must …[View]
76585738>be me >be sperm >hanging with fellas sperms inside dads balls >suddendly we need to rac…[View]
76585176The way you look governs every aspect of your life. The things that matter most in life are factors …[View]
76569700/cut/ - Cutters General #303: Thread for discussions about selfharm and mutual support Happy caturda…[View]
76584938you're a fucking fakecel if you wouldn't breed with this.[View]
76584141how sexually active is your sister.: I can hear her bed rocking[View]
76584404I'm a siren, but sometimes when I sing a bunch of zoomers start singing obnoxiously ruining my …[View]
76585355My dog: My dog is getting old and lonely whenever I leave to go to bed he follows me to the stairs a…[View]
76584571Let's say you love your wife/gf but you REALLY want to have sex with another woman (and she als…[View]
76584779Bros, my tech job came up with an outing to a baseball game, and this latina pretty much every one w…[View]
76584918Anybody else ready to give the fuck up and jack into the Matrix the moment we make it real? The doom…[View]
76584618feeling kind of stressed. i don't understand why i have to be a liar here. i mean, i do now, bu…[View]
76584577Napoleon Complexes: Does anyone else think 'Napoeloen complexes' are barely even a thing. Like, is i…[View]
76584630Everything is perfect as it is. The wars, the rapes, the tortures, the good and the bad. How so? A d…[View]
76584472When i was 20 i started dating my gf who told me she was 39 I lost my virginity to her raw (she had …[View]
76583004In the world of Avatar TLA, which element would you be?[View]
76585146neet pro tip: hi pro tip go to the mental hospital if u get kicked out of ur house! i just got out …[View]
76584994so I've come to realize that most of politics is fake, what I don't know is if everyone e…[View]
76583442How can moids ever recover from this? Is there any chance of recovery after this brutal destruction?[View]
76584698You were RIGHT, I AM A FAGGOT. I'm such a dirty nasty faggot I need to be punished...: After ye…[View]
76584722I bought $10k worth of NVIDIA shares all the way back during covid because I thought inceldom would …[View]
76583295What is a mentally ill loner without interest in any hobbies supposed to do with her life?[View]
76584094Why must femdom always be associated with being a looser? So many people use it as an excuse to not …[View]
76583388I just want a BBW GF so bad bros. I really wanna give her belly rubs while she's digesting a bi…[View]
76584436being a tall woman > being a short manlet > being a tall tranny discuss.[View]
76584401Strategy: Im in early 20s in Uni and dont have any friends there Virgin and such, I dont look great…[View]
76578847Could r9k save her?[View]
76582916Have you accepted your place in the hierarchy?[View]
76585183I want a hairy bear pervert to degrade me during ballet[View]
76582940What is your relationship with your like father?[View]
76584112When was the last time you ate pussy?[View]
76583959Vocaroo Thread: https://voca.ro/1gwX9NmLhsTl[View]
76585045british egirls suck me off[View]
76584655What is not 'trying' to get a gf? How do you try to get a gf?[View]
76584500Do straight boys know that boys are cute?[View]
76584148Any of you have experience dating autistic pretty girls: It sounds too good to be true to have a pre…[View]
76584690i wish i could kill Le Corbusier... it's a bummer that he died before i was even born :( ...[View]
76579891I drew a penis with a face, may I draw your penis?[View]
76584916what to do when you really try your best and everything still go wrong?[View]
76584145is it weird that i'm a male with only stacey friends? i'm straight but i just dont get alo…[View]
76584384You ever feel like cooming to hundreds upon hundreds of porn whores has destroyed your ability to pa…[View]
76584317took a trip to /soc/: got bored and took a trip to /soc/, never did even though i lurk here since 20…[View]
76584594Nyahello (Ripped Pants Edition): I ripped my pants while baking with my mama. Don't ask how. Wh…[View]
76584751Does anybody else yell/whisper random slurs(nigger, kike, retard, faggot) when they get stressed to …[View]
76584513i've noticed nobody makes ikea jokes anymore online and instead makes costco jokes. have mellen…[View]
76583322How do normies get girlfriends?: women claim you should get a gf in your 'social circle' bust most g…[View]
76583800Are Quirck Chungus that bad?: Are these kind of woman thaaaat bad as you guys say?[View]
76582275Why do women unironically think like this[View]
76584238Why don't you incels work at a hospital? I got a nurse gf within the first 2 months at this pla…[View]
76584772I developed BPD after being raped by a 23 year old woman when I was 12. I didn't have any sympt…[View]
76584691You don't have to be visually turned on by men to enjoy having sex with a guy >The idea of w…[View]
76584529How to date someone who looks like this? Plz help am desperate[View]
76584837I talk to every race and every obvious coomer, fag, pervert, weirdo has been white. Why is that[View]
76584285Anon! Do you ever get a little bit tired of life Like you're not really happy but you don'…[View]
76584307>family member that was doing so much better than me with a rich wife and decent paying job is no…[View]
76584738remember, running out of time is part of meta[View]
76580519uhh morning guys. How did you sleep anon ??????[View]
76581640Have you read the Bible? I have. I've read the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Deuterocan…[View]
76584528> Oh my God anons How cute is Daniel Day-Lewis!?!?!?!?![View]
76584186If Sheldon can get a gf why cant u[View]
76584665young men are cucks you let old men cuck you out of young women every old man not staying in his lan…[View]
76582511whats up with the new gen and romanticizing being asocial, mentally ill, awkward and insecure, etc? …[View]
76581291Good and based YouTubers? I used to watch a lot of Aba and Preach, they make me laugh sometimes but …[View]
76583802My boyfriend is upset I called him a 'beta male' even though I meant it 100% as a compliment[View]
76582697Would racist white robots stop being racist if you got the chance to marry and impregnate a black wo…[View]
76583941sober living is killing me bros[View]
76583516i open a discord account every two months or one to fuck around and ease my loneliness because other…[View]
76584443When did this happen????? I thought they didn't like each other[View]
76579690Cant get JOBB!!!!!!!: >If you're 35 why aren't you just contacting everyone you worked …[View]
76584209/scg/ - siscest general: share stories and fantasies[View]
76584531Any mother femanons here?[View]
76583522It is literally impossible to be happy as a wageslave or actually poor person.[View]
76583910philosophically speaking, why I've never had a girlfriend?[View]
76583646Whats even real???[View]
76584333is there anyone who tried Gay out of desperation?: There must be someone here who could not get a gf…[View]
76584490I hate shaving my stupid neckbeard. Its so fucking annoying.[View]
76584189Women are living on medium difficulty. The difficulty cannot be changed.[View]
76584418Life is like a box of chocolates; it sucks. Just joking...[View]
76583868what's an acceptable age gap between two young people?[View]
76583772What scheduling software do you guys use? I recently started using them because I was in a constant …[View]
76583952>'hurrdurr kids who grow up without dads become trannies and faggots' >innocous post asks robo…[View]
76581998Am I weird for not wanting to fuck my girlfriend? She's too cute and pure to be degraded to tha…[View]
76579629Boss called me an incel in front of all my coworkers: A lot of my coworkers are women too. I don…[View]
76584290Cream the Rabbit This is a command[View]
76583769There's a point in life where you realize that adults are basically children with experience, r…[View]
76583767What is normal and how can I become it?[View]
76583882idunno: Hey , wanted some help with something I can't get out of my mind , and no one to talk t…[View]
76583300There is absolutely nothing that's inherently good about me. And that makes me want to kill mys…[View]
76584244im going to a music festival in florida. how can i have a good time and maybe make out with a cute g…[View]
76582912Which Touhou girl would you get in bed with?[View]
76580909Did this happen to you or not yet? Why does this occur in males?[View]
76584199>have seen two hookers in my life >recalling how it all went down >surprised I wasn't…[View]
76583886Hello (and possible good morning), fine, beautiful gentlemen, how the fuck can I secure a skinny bro…[View]
76582545what does it feel like to be in a relationship? can you really make a girl feel like this?[View]
76584023why hasen't A.I artists thoughts of editing and drawing over imperfections?[View]
76583301I realize that one of the main reasons why I cant have friends is because I m a selfish and envious …[View]
76583871Holy shit it's getting fkin brutal out there robots. Stay safe.[View]
76582625As a straight chudcel, would you rather be single and lonely or be dating a guy that looked like thi…[View]
76581586Do i have a chance on dating apps?: Thinking about trying my luck on a dating app. I know its less t…[View]
76584036Why can't we get more funny shows like this more often nowadays? I've watched Ted today an…[View]
76583023One of these addictions works hard to support the other ones.[View]
76581414Racebait/interracial porn needs to result in a permanent ban. I'm tired of seeing it. The Janit…[View]
76583764I will never let you go, you are forever and there's no way for you to end it. This is it I…[View]
76583977I love my trans gf[View]
76583201>world war 3 will happen in our lifetime >we will get to see all the worthless moids drafted a…[View]
76583978My dad got btfo by a white man so he ran back to his home country. He is kind of cocky still.[View]
76583721I've taken the escortpill and i want to do it but i kinda want to do it with a trans escort. i …[View]
76583052Do you like superman's character and personality, anons? I wish more people were like him, I be…[View]
76580416>'my life is so fucking over I'm such a failure' >t.16-18 years old Why are teenagers li…[View]
76583578Augmented reality is the way out: >Get home from the cage >Put on your inexpensive chunk clone…[View]
76583693Anyone else have literal big balls? My balls are always hanging down, crossing over each other when …[View]
76583844> big head > small eyes (white) > chubby cheaks (not fat, 144 pounds) > 5'9 > 31…[View]
76582569Millennial women really cant tell difference between tv and real life; blames real life. because the…[View]
76583616>you won't pay for my $5 coffee and want to 'split the bill' for this little date? And call …[View]
76583807>Be me >Straight >Gay shit >Even more gay shit >Gay shit yet once again >Gayest pi…[View]
76583689It's like I lost all my sense of creativity. I cannot come up with new names.[View]
76583570Do you/did you ever have a suicide date planned? I don't want to live to 25.[View]
76583806anon why aren't you drillmaxxin? you would get all the things you are missing >friends >g…[View]
76582086>the female body is literally biologically designed to be unable to achieve sexual pleasure from …[View]
76581335if we assume that everyone is just a product of their environment and biology how can we even entert…[View]
76582864What do you think of early 2000s Internet, /r9k/? Here's a pre-Youtube video from 2003 https://…[View]
76580526I miss my old LIFE: In high school I had a couple of nerdy friends. We hung out together, watched th…[View]
76583770To my blonde fembots: Blonde beauty shining lighting up the room heart of gold dispelling all the gl…[View]
76581201So why does the world owe you compassion and love? Why do you, personally, feel entitled to be loved…[View]
76583184i guess what god is doing to me feels a bit extreme. hes basically been torturing me until i'm …[View]
76582639I want to buy a female mannequinn (to have sex and cuddles with). Until sex robots become affordable…[View]
76583739What would it take for you to stop spamming this?[View]
76582923So 22 years old is too late to turn things around, right?[View]
76582714Would you let your wife name your child Light?[View]
76581489tfw no zoomer gf + millennial gf throuple[View]
76583208I know its not a competition but I'm sadder and more lonely then you but just to be sure, how…[View]
76582824Once again, the 'ick' isn't real.[View]
76583595Do robots have an adventure or a dream to live out once AI virtual worlds become a reality? We are a…[View]
76582359my girlfriend is so fucking autistic it's actually hilarious. anyone can briefly explain to me …[View]
76582290I've seen too many college-aged ugly manlets with cute gfs. Being NT is the ONLY thing that mat…[View]
76582949Ask any question about anything and I'll answer[View]
76582233i cant get off to porn anymore: not a single titty or any of that weird degen stuff arouses me. all …[View]
76582602>need to buy new work boots, current ones litteraly falling apart >new job gave me a generous …[View]
76583552what have you been up to lately?: >realize i dont feel anything while doomscrolling >emptiness…[View]
76582701how long has it been since your last fight?[View]
76583306I'm the General Lee A piston pumpin' steel belted cavalry I'll never let you down whe…[View]
76583511I've been semi-dating this 50 year old woman for the past 6 months and she's actually a re…[View]
76583009I'm thinking about starting to go into public restrooms and filming myself pissing and taking a…[View]
76583534>have gf >gf is mature but needs therapy >she refuses to get it >two years later we bre…[View]
76580794Anyone else wish they were her?[View]
76581855Fembots how does it make you feel when boys act really gay?[View]
76583393Why didn't you save her bros[View]
76549132/drugfeel/: relapse edition vol 2 cus im still fucking relapsing psychonautwiki, erowid and some arc…[View]
76581155Am i aryan /r9k/: Here are my stats: >3'7 (109cm) >372lbs (169kg) >T88 eyes >Norwo…[View]
76583061How would you cope if your dickk looked like this?[View]
76583399goddamn women need to stay the fuck out of my bathroom. i dont care that you have to pee, maybe if y…[View]
76583129Do straight guys actually listen to girl pop artists like Lady Gaga. I can't imagine it[View]
76583400Should I kill myself? How long should it take?[View]
76582007i popped two of these in my mouth and it made me throw up this morning[View]
76582883I've given up on trying to get a girlfriend. It's literally impossible for some people to …[View]
76582682just got off from a month long ban: bros.. I feel like I'm going insane. you guys were my only …[View]
76582727Why is it that when we say it, we're incels?[View]
76583212>neurotypical >neurodivergent Are these just the new politically correct terms for describing …[View]
76582933How do i become a neet?: I live in Europe, have Aspergers and a history of depression if that helps.…[View]
76581629why do women's pussies smell so bad when cat and dog and other animal pussies don't? like …[View]
76582331How do robots fare in prison?: Picrel was a robot who spent all day playing obscure video games with…[View]
76582172Sometimes I want to leave the fag life and marry a woman and pass on my genes and be a normie but de…[View]
76582437my pp be hard rn.[View]
76581134Losing weight: >be depressed fat fuck my entire life even from childhood >lose weight >st…[View]
76581907Reminder NEVER to e-date. Don't even think about it. The only women interested in e-dating are …[View]
76582793It's weird, the girl I'm in love with irl looks almost exactly like a 3D version of this g…[View]
76582684My parents have 1/4 of their life left.: And yet I don't know how to take advantage of them oth…[View]
76583056What is this site's obsession with black women? Can't you all just leave us alone it'…[View]
76582737Funny that a world made by men does everything in its power to destroy men.[View]
76583136FARGOTH/IAN if you see this it is REBECCA. i can't get into my old steam or discord account and…[View]
76578274Pharmacological wakefulness kind of day.[View]
76582632I literally ruined a kid's life. I went to a K-8 school from 2008-2017. I bullied this one kid …[View]
76582809>Train Of Thought incoming I m currently listening to some tunes on my speakers as I write down t…[View]
76582947>google suicides by hanging >most videos, articles and victims are shitskins, especially jeets…[View]
76582111These two get paid to touch each other and have sex, im sure you look better, what is ur excuse why …[View]
76582033>2024 >not using an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to detect enemy planes Be…[View]
76582085Well /r9k/ what is it?[View]
76579734>say hello to your new roommate, anon! What's the first thing you're doing besides cumm…[View]
76582905>What a cute girl. Guess i'll watch this anime >It's actually a guy How many times J…[View]
76582397Her eyes literally scream insanity: She kind of looks hot in this picture guys, like she's utte…[View]
76579232I just received a letter in the mail about review for continuation of my disability benefits/NEETbux…[View]
76582897Is DILF primarily for the dad or the daughter? And why the fuck do S and M fill in for the other 2?[View]
76582858I am sad. And I am alone. It sucks. I don't want to have a gf to dump my sadness o to her. Th…[View]
76575787Be honest: How many of you have encountered or been victims of female pedos?[View]
76581365Is a shaved head an OK hairstyle if you dream about getting a cute brown gf someday?[View]
76582631Give me ONE GOOD REASON why I cant have a fembot domme humiliating and degrading me right now[View]
76582255Any violent and obsessive girls on here? Like being able to fight(Other girls not men who won't…[View]
76582410>work 60 hrs a week. >two days off every two weeks >no energy to do anything >can'…[View]
76582484good morning i had weird dreams again[View]
76581756I'm a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty[View]
76580839>racebaiter blaine gaven ross from wisconsin is fucking up the catalog again Reminder this is th…[View]
76581488mr 4chan.... i think am gona thrw up.....[View]
76582190bored: Dubs decide what I will jack off to[View]
76582718Does anything actually bother you specifically?[View]
76580216i went outside smelling like cum[View]
76581168>Make Bumble account >get 350+ likes in 15 hours >Only talk to 2 guys >Talk to one ugly …[View]
76581745>always saw myself as a kind person >thought people just got mad at me for no reason >just …[View]
76582573Females should at least masturbate more: And should do it far more gently and slowly, with more lubr…[View]
76582563Maybe I stop sucking dicks yet?[View]
76582555>go to bagel shop to get a bagel >see many cute girls >filled with rage because none of the…[View]
76582622>am one of the three races that can't geomax fuck this[View]
76581332What turns people into gays?[View]
76582533I have absolutely no motivation to do anything unless I have the possibility of settling with a good…[View]
76581958Spiritually, what do you think became of Skyking? Apparently he was Christian but don't people …[View]
76582546I'm going to pay a Muslim Thai hooker $100 to let me fuck her in her Niqab. I've been savi…[View]
76582509Shakedown, 1979 Cool kids never have the time On a live wire right up off the street You and I shoul…[View]
76580273Girls who don't date incels are bad people and deserve to suffer: It really is that simple. If …[View]
76582025r9k CANNOT explain this.: Short men dating women taller than them. It is IMPOSSIBLE for r9k to expla…[View]
76582327white robots, would you like to come to japan/china and take on the role of a female, together with …[View]
76581953There's something wrong with me. I am a 32 year old male who is starting to find cartoon drawi…[View]
76581529Favorite Pokemon region IRL?[View]
76582361where the parties at tho[View]
76582126Give me a single good reason I shouldn't kill myself. Nothing brings me joy, I'm incapable…[View]
76582064what are some blatant lie(s) your parent(s) told you that stuck with you to this day? >be me at 1…[View]
76579826Cocks are hot when they are cumming, i jerk off to my own cock sometimes[View]
76581240All of these women will have children one day: To have a porn-mom will be the norm in the future…[View]
76582245>be special magic boy >have wonder and excitement and a character arc >who knows what the f…[View]
76580446be glad you aren't a normie: be glad you haven't structured your entire life around being …[View]
76580746>work >wait to go to work >repeat forever…[View]
76580623gene lottery is really fucking cruel man[View]
76581963I want to meet schizophrenic people and misantrophes that hate society but r9k is normie central now[View]
76582234Anyone here done semen retention before?[View]
76581325Cons of women thread: Let's talk about the reality of the situation, and see what we're ac…[View]
76581787Grill coming up need advice: Some crazy chick is coming up to my place for a few beers. She was up b…[View]
76582094How do I find a SE Asian gf (of legal age)?[View]
76581817>get friends >get interesting hobby that i force myself to do >fix sleep schedule >fix d…[View]
76580739Incels can't be white. Its impossible.[View]
76580095intelligence, and really traits in general: >it's genetics AND environment bro! is this the …[View]
76581782Is he the closest thing we've ever gotten to the actual antichrist?[View]
76581495How common are threesomes/group sex actually? I'm a virgin but seeing a girl get used by a grou…[View]
76582004Have no one to share your interests with?: One of the most painful things about being so lonely.....…[View]
76579077>the Jews control everything! >they have all the money in the world! >all the highest-ran…[View]
76581820>be over 30 >try to make new friends >every time you make a new friend, this nigga goes 'sr…[View]
76581051How do you cope with the fact that women are just as visual as men (if not more)?[View]
76581493>haha those fucking wagies are suffering at work every day >also me all day:…[View]
76581916Virgins: How over is it for some of you guys? Is being a 40 year old virgin in the cards for your li…[View]
76580693Are y'all really pedos?: Folks here don't seem as bad as the rest of the internet says. Bu…[View]
76581339>Just take fin bro[View]
76579445Does your Queen keep you clean?[View]
76581878Muh exploring: >Masturbation is a normal, natural way to explore your body, feel pleasure and rea…[View]
76568387/britfeel/: Crushing Saturday posting on 4chan edition[View]
76581812That webm ruined me: Your gf probably did this[View]
76581398>daydream about winning imaginary arguments with imaginary therapists who try to bluepill me…[View]
76581814>wake up >have a meal and a coffee >shitpost on here (usually while on the toilet) >scro…[View]
76580116super kawaii cooking channel: what could i do better on my youtube account? i like posting cute cook…[View]
76581650>jerk off >stand up >faint >wake up 30 minutes later on the floor What the fuck just hap…[View]
76581795Oh nonono, witchy sisters how do we reply[View]
76581536Whats your favorite shock porn?: Mine is goatse. It was the first image I saw on the internet. What …[View]
76581068im gona start pretending to be a teenage (18) girl on r9k and u fkn incels r literally gonna simp ov…[View]
76581757There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who depend on weed for their mental stability, and yet will…[View]
76577497Why are normies so demented?[View]
76579924r9k is dead because we all gave up. it's not even like we can complain about our situations any…[View]
76581682There's no such thing as a 'homosexual person'. There are only people who engage in sodomy and …[View]
76581457I saw someone ask why Wokes get to dictate the language. Its because they went to college and gained…[View]
76579045Did this blackpill anyone else on women?: This semi-attractive, well-educated girl could have her fa…[View]
76579063chickn again here posting: I'm bored and decided to identify myself and post again. hi.[View]
76577389>Start balding at the age of 17 >took my dumbass two fucking years to notice and I go nuclear …[View]
76579391Every male needs a mature fuckbuddy[View]
76580857>make a 4chan thread/post to express my thoughts and feelings >Some retard posts on twitter or…[View]
76580985Classic server Marc's E-Harem has returned. We have: -EGIRLS -24/7 ACTIVE CHAT -VCS -CHAOS /r…[View]
76581144I think the root of my problems was getting internet friends: maybe if I didn't do that shit I…[View]
76581451Based webm: Based caprio ![View]
76579251>moid puts zero effort into his appearance >either scrawny or obese, bad skin, no haircut in m…[View]
76579707Is anyone here familiar with the Romanian Pentecostal church or anyone that grew up in that sort of …[View]
76579462'Trauma dumping' is a retarded phrase and I will never take it seriously. If your friend opens up to…[View]
76581389NEW REACTION VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUEKFdr3qmA[View]
76580948Why are old black men impregnating and marrying young white women.[View]
76580973Daily reminder that all red pulled white women date have sex with breed and wed black men[View]
76579959How overhyped is AI? Will it change everything? Will it change barely anything? Whats the consensus[View]
76580602guys i cant fucking deal with this shit how do i kms quickly (i'd shoot myself but too poor to …[View]
76580171what are these Pajeets doing to this woman?[View]
76580686>professional psychiatrist >former monk, still got tons of pussy >genuinely insightful >…[View]
76580685White women who aupport blm are SOOO based[View]
76577085It's hot to imagine the cute 18 year olds getting stiff from the porn on here[View]
765804882 weeks ago was my first week as a cop, fucked a mudshark: A couple of weeks ago I did my first patr…[View]
76579539Why are Latinas so fetishized when they are so unbelievably mid?[View]
76581029prove that you're not a bot[View]
76581191how do i stop masturbating? I've never benn able to get more than 24 hours.[View]
76581308India Won.: Why is India so powerful? They have completely colonized the west. No other country coul…[View]
76581216I am... a beast...[View]
76580315Did anyone else lose their virginity to an animal?[View]
76581189I wonder what he is doing right now. Does he still come to this place? Or did he become a full blown…[View]
76581208Is there anything more pathetic than a right wing Black woman?[View]
76574779I hate my voice.: https://voca.ro/1k85VJM5t8GA[View]
76560442/r9gay/ - #2221: r9gay anime edition >>76524040[View]
76576225Most of you aren't conservatives or even right wing unless you're religious, hate all drug…[View]
76581172>tfw no man-hating fembot gf to degrade me[View]
76580567Im tired of black whores spamming WMBF porn on r9k to try to lure white incels into having sex with …[View]
76580821How do you black dudes cope with white girls fashioning ice cream out of your cocks?[View]
76580411HA HA HA HA HA THAAT WEBM: In the desert you can't remember your name LA LA LA LA[View]
76578180Why do men have to make everything sexual? No one asked you to turn a conversation about something c…[View]
76581089i deadlifted 400 lbs at my friends house last night and now my fucking lower back hurts[View]
76581067'moid' posting femanons are the type of women you would have angry hate sex with. They are so disagr…[View]
76579527Check In: what are robots saying today? how is your sunday going. any plans for the day?[View]
76580980What would you do if someone tried to blackmail you in a sextortion scam?[View]
76581014I deserve this fate: >25 year old NEET >severe porn addiction >can't even look women …[View]
76580135Dreamt I was sleeping with my girlfriend: The dream started by me being back in school getting good …[View]
76565095/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: autumn edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR https://rentry dot co/waifu-…[View]
76580348Thoughts on black men like this?[View]
7656752830+ Thread: 30+ Thread - Reelin' in the Years How are things? You ever wondered if it was enti…[View]
76580007This is a robbery! Put the you's in the bag anons and no one gets hurt.[View]
76580756screw this damn board: >be me, >don't care about gf or sex >can jerk off whenever i wa…[View]
76577993I just want an autist g/f: But they are always inside their houses[View]
76579904questioning the NEET lifestyle: look, i do like being able to rest as much as i want and the freetim…[View]
76580698You are not kind. I am not kind. Truly kind people are actually very rare. Most of us are average an…[View]
76579720stop trying to compete with other men and give up your masculinity, anon[View]
76580709>be cuck >find Korean femdom porn >tfw need to work out even harder so i look my best >s…[View]
76576526One time during college a girl told me >Who could possibly fall in love with you? and ever sinc…[View]
76580303>start wageslaving >Hey anon, so are ya workin' hard or hardly workin'?…[View]
76580144Sex is meaningless unless it's done for the sole purpose of reproduction. If not done for repro…[View]
76579636So, can urkels only attract single moms in their 30s and 40s?[View]
76580554hahahahahaha all these idiot bakas doing stupid dumb baka stuff. hahahahaha so stupid hahahahaha[View]
76577819Can I return to normal?: >Be me, 25yr old femboy >Have spend the last seven years trapping men…[View]
76580223I want to rest my head on the tummy of a girl and be her precious prince. I don't want to have …[View]
76578179another psychward enby has entered my life and im asking myself is this really worth it[View]
76580647I wish I had the balls to commit heinous crimes because I know I'd get away with it (I'm w…[View]
76580509Anyone else pretend you're performing in front of your old high school whenever you listen to m…[View]
76579532there's like 50 threads here and combined they get an average of 0.1 posts per hour PICK A FUCK…[View]
76580254Epic new meme: Holy shit this DESTROYS the wage cucks. The wage slaves have no rebuttal to this. Why…[View]
76579536I'm going to die childless and homeless aren't I: Coming up on my 40s and I've never …[View]
76579983That webm saved my life: I wish she was your gf[View]
76580423Is Twitter still a leftist stronghold? This surprised me.[View]
76580510I am just a stinky basement dweller: neet and video game player I was diagnosed with autism for 3 ye…[View]
76570489my male friend says he masturbates to my dick pics[View]
76580271When did things get so bad anons ? White anons why have u become like this[View]
76580409Trying to get laid? Creep. Still a virgin? Creep. Cultivating a friendship and then ask a girl out? …[View]
76579001Are Russians white?[View]
76580329guys what do you do for work and how hard do you find it? I'm a longtime NEET (23) and need mon…[View]
76579818You people were not worth it.[View]
76578639Hottest ideas I've ever heard: Why can't you guys post threads like this? This is the best…[View]
76580207>Found out about Super Deepthroat game >Follow some obscure forum post on setting up flash jus…[View]
76578765I'm confused If women expect men to be okay with them only wanting tall men, why can't wom…[View]
76579313>Pic related is a white only fans star, and the penis belongs to her 5'7' 110 lb white BOY o…[View]
76579057Why do 10/10 women do porn? Why don't they just marry some rich guy instead?[View]
76580292bpd women are fucking terrifying. all interactions with them make my hair stand on end. I managed t…[View]
76576653ai will save trucels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU1gMloI0kc casual reminder that we are very s…[View]
76580240I miss Ongezellig[View]
76578557What is your worst experience with the other gender? For me it's elementary school. All my bull…[View]
76580100Im part of a project anons and I feel so useless . I dont wanna feel like im just ride along that is…[View]
76578942Which would you rather date, Fat Stacy or Skinny Beckie? Note: Because anime portrays everyone as p…[View]
76579305I've never been possessive, but I want to steal and keep her all for me[View]
76579288I have been playing particle life lately: It's an interesting simulation game. It's surpri…[View]
76579657I am one with The Force, and The Force is with me. I am one with The Force, and The Force is with me…[View]
76579190HEY YOU: Hey! YOU! Yeah, YOU. Slouching in that chair. You'll ruin your back sitting like that.…[View]
76579466Why is trannyism so staunchly defended everywhere?: >Be me >browsing on random subs of reddit …[View]
76579047I identify as Michael Jackson. My pronouns are he/he.[View]
76579781ulcer on my throat extremely painful but i cant stop puking everything what do i do i need to die bo…[View]
76578647Dating for men is atrocious right now. How the fuck do average men even have girlfriends? Do they pu…[View]
76580059What was your last experience with a Polack?[View]
76576019I know it's pathetic to care this much but being a virgin genuinely makes me want to kill mysel…[View]
76579745> male is self conscious about his lack of masculinity, wants to get treatment for low T > gas…[View]
76568147what's your endgame, neet anons?[View]
76577967How much would you sell a year's worth of your lifespan?[View]
76579988>room smells like sweat and piss if bedroom is left closed too long does this mean I have a natur…[View]
76579822by all accounts i am doing better now but i still reminisce about high school. senior year was the o…[View]
76579615That webm ruined my life: Pure perfect and viriin[View]
76579957If a woman has fucked enough black guys, does that give her an n-word pass?[View]
76579866i will never befriend someone on here ever again[View]
76578128On the Existence of Attraction: Hey, I've been bouncing around an idea in my head for a while n…[View]
76579849envision this: high genetic value hubs: i.e expensive nightclub in europe: >everyone's high …[View]
76579205It's Sunday, so confess your sins[View]
76579579Do u lose ur virginity to a prostitute? Will you tell others?: I graduated from college the year bef…[View]
76579322Now I'm designing a study.[View]
76579809When you look at nature, you notice that the primary objective of males is to have as many babies wi…[View]
76579667>Anime fans accept the most awkward sounding translations that are clearly mistakes, bizarre word…[View]
76579801I just refresh hoping to see the old internet again. sometimes i see glimpeses but maybe It's l…[View]
76579703Where can i get cocaine?: I live in a midwestern city and im thinking of doing cocaine with my wife.…[View]
76579770HA HA HA HA HA THAT WEBM: Base women. I love women[View]
76579749Black hair is good.[View]
76575821>mom found my women's clothing stash >says she's not mad and wants to see what I lo…[View]
76579718>moids being low iq as usual[View]
76579699Am I overreacting if I don't want to be friends with someone because they act lukewarm towards …[View]
76579335I'm constantly afraid of losing my job and if it happens I don't know what I'll do. H…[View]
76579494I accidentally regressed my mental identity to that of a teenage girl: >autogynephile >30 NEET…[View]
76579324>'oh this video is suicide fuel'! >attaches a video of pornography Why is this thread so commo…[View]
76578529You won't believe why I had to steal 40 of these[View]
76575000Would you date a regretful former slut?[View]
76579644cant wait to suck both their tits at the same time t rad[View]
76579506I talk to no one. I'm a ghost. Getting dumber by the day. A mute...[View]
76576237Pedophiles should kill the children they molest. By murdering the little girls they will be helping …[View]
76579548Unrequited love is considered one of the most torturous feelings in the world. Therefore if you don…[View]
76579551it's really disgusting when normies try to encourage people who are clearly disabled. it's…[View]
76579568You use Evyan skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps, but not today.[View]
76578521Got those 3 AM blues.[View]
76578646>God will never leave me nor forsake me Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be esta…[View]
76579544I lost my virginity inside of a pussy that was filled with another guy's cum[View]
76577876do you care about your PhD levels you really should[View]
76578806>derive more satisfaction from being toxic and fighting with people online than from being kind h…[View]
76577730games thread: ran out of pirated games to dedicate my life to give me ideas robots[View]
76579234why aren't you kidnapmaxxing r9k[View]
76579078>tfw no long midface bf[View]
76577879Hello anons, I came back to this board 2 weeks ago after like 3 years of not opening 4chan. I was ju…[View]
76579429You can't even get a mid arthoe anymore. There's no winning.[View]
76576397This is what the average cell phone looked like when I was born. Wbu?[View]
76579373I usually don't have much trouble texting women but i literally don't know what to say to …[View]
76579383Why are women so narcissistic?[View]
76577900Do you get jealous off the success of others? I do.[View]
76576435>Oh Anon, I hate dealing with those beta males at the office every day. I'm glad I married a…[View]
76579311Do you get the joke? That's all I can sell him[View]
76578894Do you ever do nice things for people spontaneously like give an old lady your seat on the train? me…[View]
76579106I love to smell my own balls. God its amazing. Sometimes if ive been rotting all day and my balls ar…[View]
76578173the amount of nuts ive busted to these https://www.reddit.com/r/WhiteGirlTiktoks/s/r3uAVSUHGT https:…[View]
76578709>person tries to become close friends with me despite my overtly unpleasant personality >afte…[View]
76579239>>76576702 not the OP but which forums do you mean? it looks like they're all dead and go…[View]
76579233Be good, Do good, See good.[View]
76578721What do you think about /fit/ girls[View]
765769394on1 wrestling: 4 clothed college girls team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky nake…[View]
76578677Hello you weak faggots. Life got you down? Feel like you are different to everyone? You are. And you…[View]
76579184Is being a feedee a form of autogynephilia?[View]
76577061Gaming perspectives: If you weren't born between 79-89 or didn't have an older sibling or …[View]
76579179>WELL THAT JUST RAISED THE AWESOME TO JESUS SURFING ON A DINOSAUR! When did peak comedy like this…[View]
76578114Deal with the devil: Dealing with the devil, you get to fuck more than 600 girls picrel caliber for …[View]
76579036korean girls are too picky!: i need a korean girl NOW (pic related is me btw)[View]
76579115im putting my head under the covers because its comfy but its permeated with the stink of my balls. …[View]
76579148Too many threads saying that your balls stink. Since you'll do the opposite of what I say: Don…[View]
76578833Destroy everything, erase anything that causes you pain. Give me your soul, your spirit, your vital …[View]
765785286am Cracking open my 9th beer 39/M How are you r9k?[View]
76578996Is straight shota more morally excusable than loli if the consumer self-identifies as the shota?[View]
76579074Why do red pillers/conservatives bitch and moan on how women's rights were a mistake, that only…[View]
76578352>Download Bumble >Get some matches who text me >No interest at all in texting back because …[View]
76578761Why do women fall apart at 30?[View]
76578986why do normalfags move out of their parents' as soon as they turn 18 and then cry about being i…[View]
76574790All I've eaten today is a low calorie fruit drink and a few pieces of sushi. How are you eating…[View]
76578946>klinefelters >small dick >IQ of 106 >skinnyfat pear man >been neet for 8 years >…[View]
76574124what's like being indian male?[View]
76578994What kind of robot are you? Does your unit have a soul?[View]
76578870How demons are divided by denominations: https://youtube.com/shorts/Lz6qUG-3UBc[View]
76578296https://youtu.be/xt_aeiQYnyQ?si=-qIrVZlBSf4sE5Ul Chad lies about being an incel gets females simping…[View]
76577106Letter Thread: Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it. Initials encouraged. 'The moon…[View]
76577035HA HA HA HA THAT WEBM: She said i can't breathe[View]
76575029Where are the wise men of r9k?: Look at this place, I'm not talking about quality, that's …[View]
76577948>dozens of video games to enjoy >dozens of movies to watch >dozens of tv shows to see >d…[View]
76578074i'm cycling between getting into media and feeling numb, then realizing that it's not that…[View]
76578491Any other zoomers out here feel like a blank slate? Depression caught up to me, and I was forced to …[View]
76578124Put some respect on her ass It is hella nice[View]
76578883Someone doesn't want this day to end, they all look different or the same to me.[View]
76577445Hail Mary: Can we get a Hail Mary for Samuel Benjamin, everybody?[View]
76578674i think i watch too much porn and i want to stop but idk how lol. i feel like when im not watching i…[View]
76578433What brings you to this board?[View]
76577097There are NO BAD WOMEN. ... Only BAD MEN that CORRUPT them.[View]
76572207aspiring streamer girl: aspiring streamer girl here. i have no ideas for content. can anons help me?…[View]
76578741I had a dream.: I was lined up along a cast of colorful characters. Each person stood out as unique,…[View]
76578393>be me >be born with good jawline >good muscle building genetics >above average meat …[View]
76578253This is a water butt[View]
76578573i can hear the fucking birds[View]
76577645I'm gonna stop jerking off to porn and only jerk off to pics of cute celebrities[View]
76578620Any carton level smokers?[View]
76577624in this thread i will be testing if uncommon 2 letter combinations have ever been said before on r9k[View]
76578547What's the worst job you've ever had?[View]
76577086>tell my friend i hate the way i look while obviously being vague so he can't tell i'm …[View]
76578368Are these C cups or are they D cups?[View]
76578598Seek excellence and you'll feel pretty good about yourself. https://imgur.com/gallery/0FYzubY A…[View]
76577459UK Anon Driver: looking for an UK fellow i met on friday talking about a limo, i missed your temp em…[View]
76578469Nobody here believes looks are important for men to attract women and it's all personality. How…[View]
76578549>want an introverted terminally online gf who's like me >due to consuming so much media a…[View]
76578532Total moid death. Take no prisoners, and kill every single moid.[View]
76578119I'm on SSRIs and it makes it hard to cum. I used to get rock hard and cum in minutes if I was w…[View]
76578257On the Existence of Attraction pt2: Okay so I'm reposting this cause my idiot non-4chan adapted…[View]
76576022Yeah, the Indians are dumber than the Koreans and Japanese but Smarter than Whites. 70iq Pajeet meme…[View]
76577269Kill every fucking moid. Not one should be allowed to live.[View]
76578199What's the best fast acting cure all for crippling anxiety (that isn't a drug)? I'm u…[View]
76578483the black girl with the thick ass called me 'babe' twice at the convenience store when i w…[View]
76578485Its finally over: Just had the worst diarrhea in my life. It started 10 hours ago in the middle of t…[View]
76572357IS LIFE ONLY WORTH IT IF YOU'RE JACK FROM JACKANDJILL?: How can life be so unfair? Imagine bein…[View]
76578326That jav webm is crazy: This is the real world not a fantasy ![View]
76578430What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I type this shit out, as if Foids even give a fuck. >Left …[View]
76573051I used to hate school but now I miss it.[View]
76578400If she doesn't have bouncy boobies, she's not worth it[View]
76577710>go to tell my relatively normal sister about something funny i saw online >ask her if she kno…[View]
76576711>cute voice >cute anime boy pfp he has to be cute right?…[View]
76578096That webm ruined my life: Your life after the bbc surgery. Not my life.[View]
76578366What can I do to stop being so horny all damn time? I feel like masturbating is the only thing I fin…[View]
76578360genocidal maniacs[View]
76576246where are the men only spaces?[View]
76576122/nightwalk/: last thread: >>76565656 full moon tonight, who's out? i kinda hate friday a…[View]
76577182>keep asking girls out on dating apps and then ghosting them when it comes to actually organising…[View]
76578226Idk how people don't like ASMR, I've been falling asleep listening to it every night and i…[View]
76577469Downies are a bunch of jokers[View]
76578171do women masturbate while thinking or looking at other men, even if they have bf or husband?[View]
76576974>nearing in on wizardhood >start frequently hearing frantic fucking noises and moaning from ne…[View]
76577266You better not be eating BHT and glyphosate.[View]
76578145I went clubbing for the first time in my life and I spent 90% of the time dancing with a bunch of fa…[View]
76577592>be doing ham radio contest this weekend with ham radio club on 160m >dad is only able to get …[View]
76574831I'm not gay but goddamn he's hot. I would absolutely fuck the shit out of this fucking twi…[View]
76578154So many of you are so stupid. Why any of you care whatsoever about relationships or sex is beyond me…[View]
76576903Antisemitism is not allowed on 4chan[View]
76575350Can we all drop the act for once and stop pretending we're male on 4chan? Men don't exist …[View]
76575733Are you a paidthinker or a freethinker. Basically medical doctors vs schizos.[View]
76578033This board reeks of twitter. I stopped recognizing it years ago[View]
76578107Stop catcalling women creep (unless you're attractive)[View]
76577472i have to eat on 80 cents per day for the next 25 days.[View]
76576881Day 446 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests Productive Satuday Evening. Study MAXXED. Kno…[View]
76576753did i just factory reset myself?: >be me, couple days ago >cooming for the 3rd time that day, …[View]
76578072girl really do this?[View]
76577636best way painless kill myself: Partial hanging using thick rope?[View]
76578080Name a better song than this.: Just kidding, it's a trick question. You can't. https://www…[View]
76577043>people who bring their laptop in for repairs and leave all their porn lying around for people to…[View]
76578053Do you have fantasizes where you could have been a normal person if you were under different circums…[View]
76576211>*Burp* I'm still hungry, Anon. Could you get me more food please?…[View]
76578034Yes, he is fat. Yes, he is ugly. Yes, he is short. Yes, he is nerdy. Yes, he is awkward. Yes, he is …[View]
76577955If you're a grown ass man and insist on your girlfriend calling you 'daddy' I'm just assum…[View]
76577873i made out with and groped the fat titties of a chubby 15 year old girl last weekend at an anime con…[View]
76577381rad's new gf, emily feld[View]
765772092 more weeks robots[View]
76576967>Women on r9k Do the feds actually expect us to believe this shit?[View]
76576025this is what a deformed truecel looks like in 2024[View]
76567497nausea X white tea kind of day[View]
76577919I really miss omegle and it was the only place to really connect with other people. The shared inter…[View]
76573721What would you do if your oneitis hacked your PC right now?[View]
76577798Can this pls be us[View]
76577823A lot of guys are 30 minutes away from being Chad or Chad lite and don't even realize it.[View]
76576363I wish I was living under the tyranny of a foid who mercilessly tickles me until I'm a crying h…[View]
76576810Why do I feel a compulsion to tell people I was into <popular thing> before it was popular?: T…[View]
76577865>62527527: >life's fair.[View]
76577788>sister is turning 30 in a year >she's never had a bf before >only time she was ever…[View]
76577199Cursed my mom out and made her cry just now.[View]
76577832why do ugly people exist?[View]
76576815>be me >see news article about high school female wrestler who keeps beating all the guys >…[View]
76576520True Life: My only reason for getting out of bed tomorrow will be to go and buy more lottery tickets…[View]
76577585I've come to realize that getting a gf is not only unattainable but also just plainly a bad ide…[View]
76577525>gf trying to dirty talk >says i have 'one of the best dicks shes ever felt' amazing bitch jus…[View]
76577455Anyone want to be friends with somebody that believes in odd shit?[View]
76573203Why don't manlets just go after taller women?[View]
76577746Day 209 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
76577032Dog life: He wanted to play but it was too late and I had to workout. So I have him a can of chicken…[View]
76577342hi everybody! Woah I have been gone for a while haha ^o^ anything exciting happen?[View]
76577327I downloaded Instagram after 3 year hiatus and seeing all ny peers suceed in life is really suifuel …[View]
76577495Why are lesbians so much more obnoxious than gays?[View]
76575544Depression effects on health: The bottom row of my teeth are falling to pieces like pic related. I d…[View]
76574769/antipsych/ - Antipsychiatry General #18: Bipolar isn't a disorder, and insanity is not an excu…[View]
76577027Jinxes exist anon >think about how I havent had a panic attack in a while >get a panic attac…[View]
76572684Genesis of your type?: So I'm 26yo and I just realized that picrel was literally engraved in my…[View]
76577257That webm is brutal: https://www.xbiz.com/news/279724/valentina-nappi-stars-in-mainstream-italian-co…[View]
76577515Would it be biologically possible for a human with wings to exist?[View]
76577482are yall gonna PAY to watch rad's avatar 2D animated movie(s)[View]
76576508I think my mom finally accepted that I'm never having kids because she said she wants a cat[View]
76575532When will we ever get a Misaki Gf bros..: How long am i gonna keep going in this fucking universal a…[View]
76577188Yearly visit.: Are you guys FUCKING stupid? Why are you still here? Get off 4chan. I did and now I…[View]
76575758Here is your trad ultra religious gf btw bro[View]
76577399Youtube has been recommending some bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9zfZTFHg8E[View]
76577096Why do white girls want the bbc?: I am 40 and do no give a shit about gen z. But I am seeing a lot o…[View]
76575919Estimate how many times did you cum inside a womans mouth and what do you think of doing it >350…[View]
76577115I've had yellow phlegm for a year now what the fuck is wrong with me? will this go away? i…[View]
76575233fat girls belong to skinny boys![View]
76576311assuming robot-grade autism, how good looking would you need to be to just be able to get girls (asi…[View]
76577148Why do certain things feel good and others bad ? Why is good good and bad bad[View]
76576912>walking behind group of women >they keep checking over their shoulders…[View]
76575330saw a similar thread made for mainly moids so here i am making one for femanons! what's your de…[View]
76573300/VR9K/ Saturday: https://vrch.at/q3u6gyde Come hang out with your fellow robots in VRChat. Desktop o…[View]
76574498Poor? Fat? Virgin? Mentally ill?: Then join the Losers' Club: .gg/8qKTcZa3KK We accept people o…[View]
76576172Happy black history month. What do anons think of BW?[View]
76576042imagine having a cutie puke gf, meanwhile I can't even talk to a girl[View]
76572795IQ The sleep timing is wrong tho.[View]
76574853Anyone else feel like porn ruined their life >Be me >Before porn >Interested in girls >E…[View]
76576918have you accepted you are genetic waste and given up on life yet? just thikn when you are killing yo…[View]
76576194>friend knows I liked girl >upon becoming aware of this immediately started third wheeling in …[View]
76572529>paid streamer $600 this month[View]
76576777I wish i was born to a white farmer family in south africa >inb4 farm attacks i'd always car…[View]
76576901I'm not going to jack off tonight. I've been stroking my cock for the last 30 minutes, but…[View]
76576594I keep missing the mark and making everything worse. I'm sorry, everyone[View]
76576858what are you up to tonight? do you still care about wymnx? personally I'm just bing chillin[View]
76576214Women have taken over and made everything worse: Does anyone still deny this?[View]
76575965Femoid, check your discord. I am feeling suicidal.[View]
76575284How does one get over child abusing and bullying???[View]
76576349Femanon Q/A thread part 2 billion!! What are you guys thinking about tonight?[View]
76576602i have bronchitis and i'm coughing my lungs out but at least i don't go to college anymore…[View]
76574360How the FUCK do you get a gf as an autistic dude without being gullible in her shit tests and retard…[View]
76573559>incontinent So any chance I had at a social life or romance is now over, huh?…[View]
76575782I had a few drinks and I'm really horny for african women again. I've never met one in my …[View]
76569843I did everything women told me to: >be 18 >go to college >shower daily >have a skin car…[View]
76574976personal wojaks: I found this drawing from primary school of these specific teachers/student teacher…[View]
76576624We need to deconstruct this idea that women are 'entitled' to mens' money & protected: When…[View]
76576789aa kimi no kimi no kimi no koe ga tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi tooi too…[View]
76576766Another Saturday spent alone.[View]
76576187>she has down syndrome >but she thicc[View]
76576223I would have done the same of him tbqh[View]
76576369When and how did you become an incel?[View]
76569239How can i stop giving a fuck about Black male and White female???? Every time i see a black guy with…[View]
76576325LOL!!! So True!!! That's How It Used To Be In The Club Kids!!!!![View]
76576357This board has turned into a dating site full of sadistic normalfags that think it's funny to c…[View]
76576650>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved before you die, make sure you…[View]
76574029being a girl with a nasal voice is hell: https://vocaroo.com/175zxS1qmswg[View]
76576583How do I into sports betting? I created an account on DraftKings today.[View]
76576328opinion on my music (: I'm trying to make a song, anons hows this for a start? https://voca.ro/…[View]
76574894what makes words hurtful?[View]
76576438Because I was born with a small penis, I will never be able to enjoy sex the way that humans are mea…[View]
76576317My average weekend experience: >wake up >go on pc >be on pc for 10+ hours straight, some ba…[View]
76575150I literally can't find joy in anything anymore. I just watched a movie about a man moving to La…[View]
76576294Beefin' with ebay edition.[View]
76575563>be antinatalist >have breeding kink This is so embarrassing…[View]
76574182Choose a dere[View]
76575907Badass thread.: Post some shit that has happened in your life that was badass. No girls allowed. Tha…[View]
76576462There is no reality in which I am satisfied or happy.[View]
76576444I'm 19. Not ugly, in the process of establishing a steady career, have lots of friends, a lovin…[View]
76575317/pol/ BTFO: Women have been underestimated for the last time. Buckle up. We will remember in Novembe…[View]
76576099Is being afraid to speak to women a form of misogyny?[View]
76573542Well? How do you guys react in these types of situations?[View]
76576298>good at nothing >no friends, not sociable >lazy, bare minimum >afraid >self centered…[View]
76576342im so fucking bored all day every fucking day. I have a remote job so i dont even leave my house oth…[View]
76574163Why don't you just become a rich girl's housekeeper?[View]
76576088do guys even like nice girls[View]
76567580Over 30 different dicks were inside my girlfriend before she dated me[View]
76574964me need cum sex 1997 unga bunga[View]
76575128Why are there so many fucking trannies these days? Like honestly why? Whats the benefit of being a t…[View]
76575932join the best most active r9k gg/reharem[View]
76575298How do you guys dress?: When you go outside, do you pay attention to your style? Do you have favouri…[View]
76576037Looking for a good chatroom: hi. i'm looking for a good new chatroom to chat at. only good one …[View]
76575142Why is incest bad besides moral reason???[View]
76576251im a virgin irl: >be me >be in high school >walking to class >see some girl >she…[View]
76574406how can we be sure that public soap dispensers aren't full of cum?[View]
76575534Is anybody else learning Japanese? Drop your discord if so. We can keep each other accountable and m…[View]
76574900Women are gatekeeping men's happiness: By denying men their base biological functions which cau…[View]
76576163any black tea addicts here? I drink 10-15 black teas a day all day every day until the moment I wake…[View]
76576181>work job at daycare / after school care >stupid job to make a couple bucks after classes are …[View]
76576157Ok so anyone who guesses element wins the prize[View]
76574602what would you do with a tranny if you had a chance? this is one of mine[View]
76574810Seek excellence and you'll feel pretty good about yourself. https://imgur.com/gallery/0FYzubY A…[View]
76576121instead of trying to accept help I literally ruined my own life. for no good reason. i was doing fin…[View]
76574172fembots be like >OMG! I'm so ugly! I wish I was white! While looking like this.…[View]
76574825I hope everything will be alright one day anons. Somehow.[View]
76575691I wish I could afford a car but I hate work and the idea of working basically I have no freedom bec…[View]
76575099a few mm of bones if you will i mean, a few micrometers of the right mutations while in meiosis[View]
76574037my memories of being hated and ostracized as a kid go back as far as 5 is this normal or does this m…[View]
76574297When did you accept that no girl will ever truly love you?[View]
76576021>Honey, you're home! >I made you dinner~…[View]
76570991Why do males call women boring when they cannot appreciate anything interesting?: >males cry abou…[View]
76573623i will kill anyone who doesnt give me attention[View]
76574208what are your thoughts on fat people?[View]
76573707Moids are Perverts[View]
76574889When did you realize that America is the Great Satan?[View]
76574830How fucked are you if you are smaller than average?? https://www.worlddata.info/average-penissize.p…[View]
76575887>hobby group did not meet tonight >males in group still decided to text me to talk and ask out…[View]
76575930hey god! listen up.: I deserve a 10/10 cutie tomboy alt gf to be delivered to me by amazon mail. She…[View]
76575735Why the fuck is it impossible for us to find love? There are about as much females as males on this…[View]
76565066Single mothers are so pathetic and disgusting lol[View]
76575873You can't call yourself monogamous if you've had casual sex. you're polyamorous by de…[View]
76575276How many robots grew up in single-mother households?[View]
76575762why are white girls so smug, entitled, spoiled and rude? i think i understand why white dudes hate t…[View]
76574584Why do black women come to a white people website and feel entitled to white male attention just bec…[View]
76575423Cum for me, fembot.[View]
76575251Last night I Wondered why I wouldn't mind getting raped if I was a women. But then I realized t…[View]
76574369The one game we just can't win[View]
76575725You will never have a cute 5'7 girlfriend[View]
76575693>he still believes that I was in love with him just because I was nice and friendly to him…[View]
76575580The trials and tribulations of a gooner girl[View]
76575556I'm really annoyed with myself for constantly freaking out, she unironically loves me unconditi…[View]
76575141How come there are no handholding prostitutes?: What I mean is: >You can pay for a therapist, who…[View]
76573165How should i introduce my sister into gooning?[View]
76575575If you started using the Internet in 2016 or later then you'll forever be cancer[View]
76575548AGE OF CONSENT: ITT: We have a general discussion about age of consent (AOC) laws and age gap relati…[View]
76575427Got married, now wife expects TOTAL SUBMISSION: >Be me >Dating this QT 3.14159 chik >Seems …[View]
76575509Take detailed notes of unwelcome vibes. Find cores. Solve all. Victory to the truest worlds. https:/…[View]
76575501i used to do 7/11 breathing and body scans to help fall asleep, thinking about the link between the …[View]
76573712do malebots use sex toys?[View]
76575199sometimes you have to give up on winning the battle to win the war. I've been holding off a loa…[View]
76575442I'm planning on doing something robotics related for a project even though I have absolutely no…[View]
76574617Women will literally call each other fat and ugly then blame men for it.[View]
76575122Take me back to the 2000s, robots. I used to feel alive back then and everything was kino. Just livi…[View]
7657367921m virgin ask me anything What are you guys doing tonight?[View]
76575136hi. yes, you. hi moid.[View]
76574578How can I register for Kiwi Farms so that my account won't be rejected? I don't want to ac…[View]
76575265i wish i weren't a total genetic failure i could maaaaybe look over my shit face and height if …[View]
76575021> my great grandparents were rich landonwers who unironically owned human serfs > I'm su…[View]
76574804I wanna hang myself without pain.: I dont wanna alive anymore. I just wanna end my life without pain…[View]
76574397An epipheny: This happened to me a couple years back that changed my perspective. I'm mentionin…[View]
76574922Whatcha drinkin', eatin', thinkin', watchin'?: Hey Anons. How are you doing this…[View]
76572596It's so over for treecels[View]
76574674>every black fembot if the just stopped eating[View]
76575100Did Paul Joseph Watson hit it? She kinda cute[View]
76573539Lumi is cute guys, I wish I could hang with her and lick her all over. based pick me girl.[View]
76574990I don't go anywhere or know anyone, and I know that you guys don't either, but bear with m…[View]
76573902Ika is the best r9k person ever: Ika makes my heart beat fast Ika is cute Ika is my idol ika makes m…[View]
76574693I need a fembob who will make me kiss her thighs and eat her pussy while she watches adventure time …[View]
76575101Froge board[View]
76574952She's Only Sixteen: Moaning in the background[View]
76574704God anons I hope something really cool and neat will happen soon.[View]
76573288i am so fucking sick of this fucking thing bros (do you have any real tips also)[View]
76574459Never underestimate: Never underestimate modern womens ability to rationalize any bad behavior and a…[View]
76574439Never ordering from these people again. What did they mean by this?[View]
76571083another try I heard someone say that a 'spaniard zoomer bitch' goes to r9k could somebody tell me mo…[View]
76574337Why men do this?: Hands always inside their pockets. Are they jerking off?[View]
76574612>tfw dad ranting about the great replacement again >tfw im half thai…[View]
76574851Is anything actually too challenging to do? Just get the job where you don't do it[View]
76574230I feel guilty that my so called struggles don't compare with a lot of other peoples. I feel lik…[View]
76574840>see an ass that makes me want to kill myself because i'll never have anything that good in …[View]
76573885You will post in this thread anons and you will have a good cozy time.[View]
76574564>be me >be on friend's 18th birthday party >see almost everyone on the dance floor …[View]
76572205wwyd if you told someone to kys on 4chan then you found out they actually did it?[View]
76572803I hate rw chuds: > make me hate myself at 13 for being med > make me hate myself at 12 for be…[View]
76574399today i got some strange news i live with my parents, and my dad, mentioned and was seriously talkin…[View]
76573630I want to worship a fembots feet while she gets railed by a tall Chad[View]
76571939Fuck bros... Ika was dating a 45 year old obese schizo... Or at least sending him pics. She wasn…[View]
76573287Small Dick: Honestly what is the point of self improvement if you have a small dick? Even if you are…[View]
76573351Suffering: I am suffering rn.[View]
76574187I'm planning a trip to South America. I'm not going there to have sex but I can't sha…[View]
76573762I love trannies: I hate that trannies became something political and something loser ugly males try …[View]
76574635Big titty femanons: Do you enjoy tit mogging other females?[View]
76574743Hii this is Chickn posting: I haven't posted in a while because I have nothing to say but I dec…[View]
76574642dream interpretation pt. 2: just wanted to thank the anon that analyzed my dream i didn't have …[View]
76574678I've started listening to Billie Eilish as a 30 years old guy and I am not ashamed of it[View]
76574223Why do black guys love fat girls so much[View]
76574648What percent of young conservative men are incels?[View]
76569623Ladies, what would you do if you became a dude?[View]
76573079Which one would you wife?: - a 10/10 tranny - a 10/10 twink - a 10/10 single mother - a 10/10 roasti…[View]
76574302To the town of Isla Vista rode a stranger one fine day[View]
76573665FOIDS EXPLAIN: Do girls EVER text you first? What's their fucking problem? Why do I have to be …[View]
76573650Louisiana fags report in. I guess. If Britain can do it ,why cant we?[View]
76573973I just made a Bumble account as an ugly female. I got 17 likes in 30 minutes. I only swiped right on…[View]
76573971You wake ttomorrow looking like this. Whats the first thing you do?[View]
76571629If there's one thing I hate seeing on 4chan it's when some anon and a femanon meet each ot…[View]
76570066boobs ass pussy you can only pick one, what did you pick?[View]
76574049How do you double coom? I've only achieved it once in my life.[View]
76568713I want to hate fuck a moid at knife point, just absolutely break all the walls of sarcasm, cynicism …[View]
76574169i turn 30 tomorrow and im still a virgin. ask me anything[View]
76568603Why do you hate women? >serious answers only[View]
76573518they should make r9k without the pornography: I only want the autism, the porn is annoying[View]
76570160Question for incels on here: Do you'd still be an incel if you lowered your standards?[View]
76571091autism retardation: when i was 15 (back in 2020) went on my first and last 'date' with a girl i met …[View]
76569360Does your partners body count matter to you? What's the minimum that's acceptable to you?[View]
76574388What goes on inside her head everyday?[View]
76573648>sign up for GOG >type in email wrong >NO verification >no confirmation for password ei…[View]
76574209Nofap solved: >smoke a cigarette every time you want fap Literally this easy. I'm going on 3…[View]
76570035Why are grown ass men still watching shonen?[View]
76573690>be me >sitting down, watching movie >get phone call >20 people are in this giant faceti…[View]
76574136Asians need Big White Men[View]
76573575What are your favorite youtube channels and favorite streamers?[View]
76574053Browsing this imageboard as someone with a girlfriend is the peak of comedy. fuck you Incels! keep c…[View]
76574267>want a gf >remember i'm 100lbs manlet…[View]
76573878Good day. Played some Fortnite with a streamer I watch, got 2 victories & someone in chat gifted…[View]
76573784Normie women: >make normie male friends >end up in groups with their normie female friends …[View]
76573543>went to 300 euros per table night club in italy as a 4/10 twink-schizo guy >full of 6'2 …[View]
76573180when I was 13 my sister's friend forced me to have sex with her and to this day I don't fe…[View]
76573428Is this appropriate attire for a chess tournament?[View]
76573787I know we talk sbout the thousand cock stare with females, but what about coomers who have masturbat…[View]
76573064I made a bunch of songs for my friend as a token of gratitude but she removed me afterwards and clar…[View]
76573252Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, who founded logotherapy, a s…[View]
76574171The same day, over and over again? No. https://youtube.com/shorts/icGKl_gg_yM Listen to something ne…[View]
76569514In the future singularity I want to enhance my body into pic related. Will it be possible to change …[View]
76573132Besides the physical intimacy like kissing and sex, what does one do with a gf/bf that you don'…[View]
76568005self proclaimed 'incels' will never settle for ugly women: all their dating 'efforts' are …[View]
76574070>be me >just want to fit in[View]
76573457Gratification inspiration contemplation, holly nation, oh sweet people eat people sleeping people be…[View]
76573643Take back /r9k/[View]
76572698how delusional am I? sometimes i daydream about pathetic scenarios where i sit in a room with a bunc…[View]
76573802There is nothing more based than white suicide rates. They finally did something right.[View]
76573950When AI says that black women experience 'violent speech' on dating apps, what does it mean? Because…[View]
76571159>$40k in my bank account >don't have a single pen in my house WHY AM I LIKE THIS…[View]
76573931>930e3$50248: >gud boi[View]
76573903Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head I miss youuuuu, I mi…[View]
76573923are italians european?[View]
76573786>Be 21 year old fag >Child of shitty onions consoomer parents >Raised by TV and only just n…[View]
76573891Who was the asshole here?[View]
76573838Men with real women: >have extreme levels of variety in what they find attractive >practically…[View]
76527406Letter thread: You make me feel horrible about myself edition[View]
76573836>'did you really just use the term 'half asleep'? >'I'll have you know the correct term i…[View]
76573748i lose all desire to have sex with a prostitute every time i look into it: the hookers in the online…[View]
76573796this is the scariest image i have ever seen in 3 daceds of life[View]
76573775The darker the berry, the sweeter the berry[View]
76573719If you are unmarried above the age of 15: Bomb your local cityhall[View]
76572565How do I find the motivation to improve as a person in order to make friends? I've been lonely …[View]
76573621>transfer crypto funds from old wallet to a new wallet >use my seed phrase to recover >see…[View]
76572301My brother tried to pull a knife on my mother after insulting her. So I had to punch him. I hate thi…[View]
76573504How do you make women genuinely fall in love with you just based on personality alone?[View]
76573332Help me choose between faggotry and asexuality: >go all in on being a faggot >swim out of the …[View]
76573365Why the fuck should men pay on the first date when: a) women are just as educated as men b) women ma…[View]
76571946A very fat woman tried to have sex with me and I turned her down, the women here a right my standard…[View]
76573413Have any of you ever experiences and NDE or were know someone that experienced an NDE? What was it l…[View]
76573642I'm tired of stacyworship. I'm tired of all the egirls here when they should be on soc wit…[View]
76573641According to redditbot9001 bisexuals the only two types of men that exist are >Hairless femboys t…[View]
76573569I think a woman being cute is more attractive than her having a sexy body.[View]
76573620I wish I was one of those losers with a 'sea monkey' gf honestly[View]
76572928Doesn't it seem like nothing is real or authentic? When you buy things, everything is Chinese s…[View]
76573426To Anton-pilled anon who posted picrel abour a day or 2 ago in a thread about why people tell random…[View]
76570985>every boy wants to fuck their own mother what did he mean by this?[View]
76573265I just want to share one of my favorite artists with you anons. Even if most of you find him edgy or…[View]
76573523>had the potential to be super-attractive >got fucked by god deciding to give me several awful…[View]
76573015robots, ewhores, lurkers, charlatans, and glowies alike hear ye hear ye. come and join the hottest s…[View]
76573497>gotcha clit fembot![View]
76570887Is she fat? Is she fuckable?: Is she fat? Due to my obsession with Asian women, I have finally ascen…[View]
765732185 years it's been 5 years since you've killed that girl i wonder what you're thinking…[View]
76571998Twitter is actually such a dogshit brainrot website and I'm so glad I haven't used it sinc…[View]
76573405Anon needs to find a place of his own: >be me >trying to get a job entire week >drove thoro…[View]
76572834what is up /rt9k/?: Im high as shit and im ordering a pizza. I ate like 15mg of thc edibles last nig…[View]
76573145How did getting banned on Reddit impact your life?[View]
76572655If you, as a straight man, had the option to have the body of a woman while keeping your dick, would…[View]
76573002Have a girl coming over to my house for the first time. She said she just wants to be friends. Do yo…[View]
76572254Why are beta males often attracted to east asian women?[View]
76572719Looking for UK Anon driver: On Friday i met an UK fellow talking about a limousine, i missed your em…[View]
76570163>tfw born too late to be a gun toting cyborg space cowboy zooming around the galaxy with my bad a…[View]
76571374Got beat up by 'Chad' in the community college parking lot, he said I talked shit on IG. What can I …[View]
76571463sometimes I wish I had frens: just a second ago I was thinking about having a friend and getting int…[View]
76573302I'm full of gas[View]
76572362further proof women ruin everything[View]
76572244Hang in there, robots. Things are about to get interesting.[View]
76570911Going to Amsterdam next year, anything fun to do?[View]
76572009Hello /r9k/, I am conducting a survey on behalf of /p/. I'm trying to find support why my prefe…[View]
76570945It's 2024. you can definitely build a decent gaming PC for less than $1,200. There's plent…[View]
76572883Why do you guys say meeting and sex are hard to do/get? Met her on tinder fucked her in the parking …[View]
76573251playing f-zero raises my test levels https://youtu.be/bJajr5AqcOs?si=uBhzntrUlP2QqjwI&t=4[View]
76571158I just want to play vidya until the end of my life: That's all I want Having universal income a…[View]
76573072if you are a woman, you are a bad person: its that simple theoretically women could be good people, …[View]
76572464ngl I wouldn't mind losing my virginity with one of these, I don't think I'll ever ha…[View]
76572541how do i escape this shithole country: i was much happier when i lived outside of europe and out of …[View]
76572907I started lightly working out. Hitting arms chest and whatnot. Doing some pushups and stretches. And…[View]
76572465Another night's ending One thing that never ends is I don't know anything at all Has a sin…[View]
76571663Ok me and my sister are very close. Im 29 and she's 34. Everytime we are together we would eith…[View]
76573104why do women throw away their youth and beauty: To become a boss babe and a cum dumpster for alpha m…[View]
76569243Chris chan: Today is r9k's godess birthday[View]
76572524If there's one thing I hate seeing on 4chan it's when some anon and a femanon meet each ot…[View]
76572119If a hot illegal Latina asked you to marry her so she could have American citizenship, and in return…[View]
76572136So how's that youtube channel going anon? Made any money yet?[View]
76572760>middle school >no friends because autism, made fun of for being autistic and underweight …[View]
76573059Breakin' my back just to know your name Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game[View]
76572984I haven't had sex since July this sucks man[View]
76572108how do i acquire a ginger gf?[View]
76572990>be me >attempting to kick my porn addiction >lie down >vividly imagine a woman being on…[View]
76572325I wonder if my neighbors can see me wearing nipple clamps. I made sure to carefully crack the blinds…[View]
76572175'She either sees you as a breeding male or a draft animal': Biggest truth pill I ever heard from thi…[View]
76572919I need to go through 2000 pics/vids on my phone and delete a bunch of spam ones, and make new folder…[View]
76572052I fucking hate getting reccomended these morally righteous zoomershit videos on youtube calling out …[View]
76570906Dating? For 4channers? Unfathomable.: NOT A SHILL BTW Have any of you guys seen or used this app cal…[View]
76572306Does anyone notice high schoolers are more ruthless than before? i left high school 5 years ago and …[View]
76572813Why is this board obsessed with yellow women? My best friend is a Chad (I hate using language like t…[View]
76570546What are your favourite try on haul channels to jerk off to?[View]
76571264i got banned from incels.is where do i go now?[View]
76571639Being gay is better[View]
76571564Going outside has no meaning: I literally went in a /nightwalk/ and it was just so depressing and ev…[View]
76570555>one single image to destroy the ego of a white woman[View]
76572238Growing up is realizing that Megadeth is better than Metallica[View]
76572583Friendly reminder that normies are doing this tonight while you post on /r9k/[View]
76571300Does anyone else honestly despise their penis? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get rid of it.[View]
76571815>They really do just ghost you after a while.[View]
76572635Is it possible to find a 18-25 year old virgin gf/wife that's at least decent looking and pleas…[View]
76572487>saturday >no 'fembot/femcel' ewhore threads up >attentionwhore female namefags completely …[View]
76558628Statistically speaking you almost certainly had at least one female playmate as a child. Why didn…[View]
76572609West coast Fallout: >there will never be another non-bethesda Fallout game I can only replay 1,2 …[View]
76570937>bluepill just have le good personality bro, you can be ugly and still get a gf :) >redpill wo…[View]
76571899What would your life be like if you had been born exactly 100 years before your actual birthday? Wou…[View]
76572500I want to live in Sexworld[View]
76572445>i remember years ago before all this covid bullshit and war shit i was thinking the world was go…[View]
76571984Chad vs Robot 21:45[View]
76570584What would you do, if you're IRL dating a girl and you see posts on r9k from her ex (online) bo…[View]
76572198Happiness?: How do we govern ourselves to head towards joy when we are drawn to death and blackness?…[View]
76571985l don't mind spending every day Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with t…[View]
76571321sup nerds what is the plan[View]
76570124I wish all women weren't exactly the same I wish some women could protect some men I wish that …[View]
76571721Maybe one day things will become fun if I do everything exactly the same as I always do, you know?[View]
76569748Why are there so many guys like this. You are not straight bruh[View]
76572312I'll save you desu[View]
76572293I'll never know what's wrong with me bros.[View]
76572107If I just woke up early, cleaned my room, and started exercising again, I'd probably be about 8…[View]
76570654I have not spoken words out loud in months and it's your fault for leaving me here alone why ev…[View]
76572106Ever listen to your crush get railed: Ever been in a room listening to your friend(s) rail your crus…[View]
76572141Why is the internet full of haters?[View]
76572184being easily replacable by not just women but literally everyone has to be the worst feeling ever[View]
76570742When was the last time you went on a date? I have a hot date in about 3 hours but I'm so nervou…[View]
76569413This is literally all women want, incels.[View]
76572038I saw a pretty girl at the grocery store today. Nobody meets new friends at grocery stores. I had no…[View]
76568495Could you ever overlook a girl's past sexcapades?[View]
76572030New age of consent just dropped. Americans and women wont stop until were all fucking 40+ post wall…[View]
765708852 Week Battle Pass: The Irl Battle Pass you never noticed. you fucking dumb motherfuckers...[View]
76571841If you're a 25+ year old virgin who never had a girlfriend, have you ever had a girl take an in…[View]
76571717>starting my fitness journey >know in the back of my mind it still wont get me a gf like webmr…[View]
76569758My friends say that I have had chances with girls that were into me but I have never noticed that. S…[View]
76570880Is cooming a threat to woman?: Imagine this Generation is growing up with access to the most pervert…[View]
76569656help me mr 4chan!!! my mum has hr frenss round!!!! am 2 scared 2 go downsters!!!!![View]
76571798back at it again: every time i think i've escaped the cycle of coming back here after a failed …[View]
76571256Where can i get some help with dream interpretation? Like a board or a website or even group chats[View]
76570325How do you even get female friends?: I feel like as a Robot its pretty much impossible to get a frie…[View]
76571926>Censoring words that aren't even swear[View]
76571736Why do religionfags feel the need for idolatry? Do they not recognize the truth that they should be …[View]
76569997Nothing hurts more than seeing people in happy relationships in real life. I'll never experienc…[View]
76571816Y'know. This board has alternated my way of thinking with life, men, women, people in general r…[View]
76570256they don't make seinen like they used to. I'm stuck watching mercenary anime from the earl…[View]
76570282i was a total virgin femcel last month and now ive been with 3 guys and found a fwb[View]
76571560i just pulled this long ass hair out from under my foreskin[View]
76571568I'd like to share a story: Imagine 2 boys. One that listens to his parents to get good grades a…[View]
76566662If Black Men have giant dicks, why are the Black Women getting with White Men?[View]
76570110White wmen are dragging niggers on Twitter Twitter being dead beat dads: Look at pic related I think…[View]
76570859a song for my ex: I don't want to send it to her https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LS1tUNy5ulQ…[View]
76571709i only have room for one more who should it be t rad[View]
76571199>tfw locked at the role of a gamer I'm really incapable of doing anything else. creating any…[View]
76569030>no woman will ever cyberstalk me, mold herself into my ideal gf, and orchestrate a meet-cute i a…[View]
76571218What do people even do for fun/relaxation these days? I hit the bar after work. It's dead. I tr…[View]
76570426you know what? i'm not gonna wallow in pity today im going to shower, change into a nice dress…[View]
76570171why are pooneroids like this[View]
76570938Dakimakura thread: Does hugging Dakimakura make the pain go away? If I have it will it make my depre…[View]
76571483Did you know that you can get the genital herp just from your balls plapping against the ass hole? T…[View]
76569609Robot 'Monastery': Would this work? >communal living for robots >each cell has bed, computer d…[View]
76569424imaginary fbi agents dtill got their knickers in a twist over internet jokes[View]
76571496Do you wish to serve me? Then kill, and with killing many rewards, may it come to you a few days lat…[View]
76571064So in the end the game really was rigged from the start. I was never meant to be with someone, I am …[View]
76570680These gummy bears look fucking scary. I don't think I want to eat them.[View]
76570182>14 hours of non stop fapping yesterday after a week of abstinence >today my testicle hurts …[View]
76569201HA HA HA HA HA HA that webm: Asia is the future for coomer[View]
76568458>was a model >loved her little sister , mother and family >was beautiful like 9/10 >ve…[View]
76569905Cant get job: Just sent 70 job applications on Indeed. 0 responses. They lied to me.[View]
76571320Preparation Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your…[View]
76569213LOSER THREAD: Let's share loser stories.[View]
76570619>make account on 'alternative' social media >get my account deleted without explanation I didn…[View]
76571102anyone else journal?: im moving my journal to a dropbox and rereading it and i noticed how angry and…[View]
76569933Does anyone know the russian meme that this pic is parodying?[View]
76568055how do i get rid of tranny thoughts? i've always hated trannies but i keep wishing that i was a…[View]
76570620At what age did you accept that it's over?[View]
76570600My name is Stormy and I'm a recovering BBC addict.[View]
76570278How many femanoms want a man servant bf who will eat them out while the relax and watch movies? How …[View]
76570494Will adopting/having a young girl fix me and make me a happy and fulfilled man?[View]
76571061>you can do anything you set your mind to >you can make your dreams come true ive been wanting…[View]
76569296Musicians thread general: Dream instrument? What made you start? What bands/players influence you? C…[View]
76571101>55246290$: >life is futile[View]
76571032Mr Incredible incrediblizes you, making you possess super strength and durability like his as well a…[View]
76569551Will getting /fit/ help me get rid of my findom fetish?[View]
76571033Autism: I would be a horrible father. I cannot even imagine raising a child.[View]
76570737Anyone else think this guys a little faggit?: He has suck a long narrow mouth breather skull, every …[View]
76569725>be me >Girl asks me if she wants me to take book from her house >I say no just bring it t…[View]
76570952>84101485666: >sub-0[View]
76570951Most 'straight' men just haven't met the right man. One night with a cute boy and you'll n…[View]
76570355Someone told me there's no such thing as 'platonic cuddling' and that cuddling with men is cons…[View]
76552594Vocaroo Thread: https://voca.ro/1grDxiitccBi[View]
76568906Do I still count as a virgin if I was raped[View]
76570427What does it mean when a girl flashes a peace double peace sign and sticks her tongue out at you[View]
76570772I don't want to marry a woman I'm attracted to sexually. Now hear me I have type and it…[View]
76568334>bro you can't say the n word because it offends these white liberal people. the same pot sm…[View]
76569343how do I find a boyfriend like this? how do I attract cute femboys like in picrel[View]
76568434just took my biggest shit ever i could feel it fly out my colon. so much pressure relief. filled the…[View]
76569922>there are zero east asian fembots lurking on r9k we will never get a pure japanese e-girl will …[View]
76570761Why are women so horny and perverted compared to men? Only thing is they keep it a secret.[View]
76569939Do you believe in the concept of social battery? If so how long does yours last?[View]
76570768Today I spent a lot of time talking to this girl and thought we had clicked. I told her I was on day…[View]
76570574Toposophic Levels: Is ascending to a higher toposophic level a realistic and worthwhile goal? https:…[View]
76570091Why would Chad waste his genetics to create a future mass shooter?[View]
76567668Is it normal to always regret every conversation you have? I always think about if I said something …[View]
76569936Any anons looking to make a game together ? Im a neet who just wants to feel part of something or a…[View]
76568882What does it mean when 80% of the girls or so that ever showed slight interest in me were either ope…[View]
76569476Why are all black fembots whores?[View]
76569968I like to laugh at my girlfriend and her brother when summer comes because since they are Irish they…[View]
76569001No JOB: I'm 40 and I've never worked a day in my life. This feels horrible and hellish, no…[View]
76569235I've been doing nofap successfully for 6 months and I came in my pants at work today[View]
76569993Public unscripted upskirt: This might be the most sexually inducing piece ever produced by Japanese …[View]
76570596>years on bumble, tinder and others little success >first day on grinder femboys paying me to …[View]
76569943>mother goes on vacation, leaving her baby at home alone to die of starvation I don't get wh…[View]
76570019Is Bumble good?: Is it a good application? Worth the time ?[View]
76569447Do you ever call your sibling brother/sister rather than their name?[View]
76570368Nightshift takeway: Robots, what I should order today? The choice is pretty much limited, I can eith…[View]
76568547Why do normies, advice experts, therapists, and con artist grifters give people an impossible list o…[View]
76570332Is two and a third light beers enough to smell like alcohol two hours later if I've also had fo…[View]
76570164why does weed make me so affectionate i cant stop hugging my pillow eeee >.<[View]
76567299/britfeel/ should be forced on to /bant/ or /int/. This is the original content board, not the 'post…[View]
76569435Why won't so called 'transsexuals' settle for other transsexuals? Why don't they just hir…[View]
76570296It was another one of Cao Gao Shaolin's bad nights. Usually he would take it out on his wife bu…[View]
76568711how can I be like him? without being evil and a pedo rapist?[View]
76567275If you are a biological female add me on discord Seacats[View]
76556226Outdone by a shameless sperg: >be khhv >in college >see weirdo with an ahegao jacket >co…[View]
76570262fedex life insurance policy what to do if you're about to get fired spear guns for sale how to …[View]
76569491Good morning how is your day going[View]
76569394You ever do a puzzle?[View]
76568780what does it say about a girl if her drawers look tidy like that?[View]
76567306Do girls know: evey single guy has tried his sucking his own penis? What's your opinion on it?…[View]
76570038I miss my discord friend. My account got banned around october or november, and I haven't been …[View]
76569086I really really want to knead on a femanon's tits while we cuddle...[View]
76569778I'm horny again: This sensation of pressure is fucking annoying and i'm sick of masturbati…[View]
76570049Oral and anal sex: Oral and anal sex are a glitch in nature where one puts his penis in a warm orifi…[View]
76568577What a sad webm: Belle delfine is back on onlyfans[View]
76570042I have romance/ love phobia now because all girls in the past that I've felt true romantic feel…[View]
76567202Antigarbage Refuge: If you are a loser with no friends and you feel lonely come to this thread. Let…[View]
76569536Rape statistics were deliberately inflated by stretching the definition of rape to include situation…[View]
76569716>go to the bar I hang out at >there's a few cool dudes that aren't judgmental that I…[View]
76570023they came to my country why are they loved by zoomers in the west? i think one is an ugly black girl…[View]
76568583>learn programming language >still have to learn 30 different api's and frameworks just t…[View]
76569892Remember when Mewing was a big thing in incel looksmaxxing circles like 5 yrs ago and now suddenly f…[View]
76569728Can a white man go to Thailand without everyone thinking that he's going there to get assfucked…[View]
76569862accept your baldness: >getting bald >losing confidence and can't approach women anymore …[View]
76567167DPH live trip report: on far and seldom treaded paths has led me my search for the hat man. Today is…[View]
76569719Do not fuck random girls: Do not lower man's value, reason why woman ignoring us because you si…[View]
76569329That webm is sad: PRESS F FOR KAGNEY LINN KARTER[View]
76569667> Be me > 40 y/o woman going to work in Sunshine Keys Lifesgood.png > See several lunatics …[View]
76568784CEO of BBC: what was his bloody problem?[View]
76569466Looking for comfy?: I'm putting together a small group chat for those who wish to make some fri…[View]
76569564I want to go back... before being disingenuous was normal online interaction before when you could m…[View]
76568559Boys are sensitive, intelligent and sophisticated, while women are trashy drunken bimbos[View]
76569365I've fully convinced myself that I'm ugly. I used over 10 dating apps and none of them res…[View]
76569079Do women even like men?: I see pizza, I eat pizza. Simple as. I don't wonder if is nice pizza, …[View]
76568909i want to jack off right now, but i don't want to smell like i've jacked off since i won…[View]
76568518if a SOUL is immortal then how many of them are there? it can't be infinite because everything …[View]
76569366>be me >had my first wet dream in months >a hot 31y/o librarian with huge ass and big tit…[View]
76567222People think I'm a girl when I game: Why do people think I'm a girl when I play online gam…[View]
76569621When will this fucking shit stop: When will this shitty attention seeking bait whores stop doing thi…[View]
76566620if thinking youre smart makes you dumb, and knowing that makes you think that thinking youre dumb ma…[View]
76569396how does one cope with the fact that he will never experience this kind of intimacy with a woman[View]
76567551are there any girls you consider an 11/10? where when you look into their eyes you question reality?…[View]
76569068Caught between having a skinny youthful body and roid maxxing: >be me >29 year old black guy …[View]
76568725Why haven't governments started setting up speed dating or matchmaking programs to try and tack…[View]
76562980i miss pre 2016 internet[View]
76569108I feel a little bit of cum in my underwear Ew.[View]
76569261not getting what you want involve suffering getting what you don't want involve suffering even …[View]
76569147>ghosted a girl because she wanted a staffy was I wrong?[View]
76568445I'm raising another man's baby with it's mother[View]
76569186What kind of porn do you enjoy?: For me, it's exclusively Japanese comics. I don't even w…[View]
76569374Who's morally in the wrong here ?[View]
76569402I've always told women I was natty and didn't workout much when I was in my peak shape too…[View]
76567000coffee maker is broken gonna invest in a higher end model what should i get t rad[View]
76569363Is this the worst time period to live in if you want to have a modest, humble gf?[View]
76569058I wish there was a meteor on its way to Earth. Not just because it'd be nice to die, it'd …[View]
76567647>short >small dick >wide hips, big ass and thighs >feminine voice and face i really thin…[View]
76569258Hey buddy , I think you got the wrong door. The leather club's 2 blocks down.[View]
76566507Do you like Animal Crossing, anon?[View]
76568828Why are girls like this? It's weird[View]
76569012So apparently most 'normal' young people and teenagers act like the party scenes in the movie 'Alpha…[View]
76565969I haven't had sex in over 2 years: And can you really blame women for that? I mean seriously. S…[View]
76569256im drunk and i fcking hate white people all my stupid white faggot friends harass me all the time fo…[View]
76568997Im dumb anons I wanna create a video game , mod games or create cheats but im too dumb to do it anon…[View]
76568412Is it possible to find a foid who hasn't had vaginal, anal, oral, handjob, golden shower, facia…[View]
76568567>The most common IR pairing in the USA is WMAF >Hundreds of thousands of white guys go to Asia…[View]
76568258Bro I'd be happy just to be friendzoned. I'm not even human. I'm life unworthy of lif…[View]
76568626How is your night/day anons? Eating an ice cream rn looking at the stars and hearing the crickets an…[View]
76567392>tfw no Turner syndrome gf[View]
76568515so many goddamn bakas..... why are you all such bakas? so stupid and dumb. IDIOT bakas.[View]
76569221>7449$*!13: >Nothing Breaks like a Heart[View]
76566068Has a guys voice ever made you horny[View]
76569194>Playing vidya >Talking to Chang friend >Topic somehow ends up on Feminism >I ask him h…[View]
76569155Moids are really warm.[View]
76568039I want to hate fuck a fembot at knife point, just absolutely break all the walls of sarcasm, cynicis…[View]
76567736How many photos should I put on Tinder?[View]
76569000Watching big assed femboys fuck sex toys and imagining the toy was a s m a l l c h i l d.[View]
76566112Explains a lot: Keep this image in mind as we come up on election season[View]
76568662I'd like to share a though experiment with you: Suppose someone hurt you really bad. Let's…[View]
76569100>101: >PUll THE PlUG[View]
76568482I heard someone say that a 'spaniard zoomer bitch' goes to r9k could somebody tell me more about her…[View]
76567098I have been fantasizing about my dream GF for hours now. She would be: >Looks like the girl in pi…[View]
76568744Hello, r9k. I am very rich man from saudi arabia and I'd like a young boy to be my male housewi…[View]
76568488Do dogs go to heaven when they die?[View]
76569035I woke up this morning with an intense desire , a higher purpose. I must breastfeed a woman worthy o…[View]
76568709Is this girl still on R9K: I remember in a thread someone was talking about sister shit and this gir…[View]
76569003https://youtu.be/A_jqmem0B1c?si=3IaYzPd_dtF7XFD2&t=644 IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR WERE IS MY ALT…[View]
76569013Life is like a Fortnite Battle Royale where you don't get a chicken dinner at the end[View]
76567396How do couples like this make you feel ? Are they based and cute?[View]
76567923you know what? I think girls are pretty neat. They re neither good nor bad. I think we should treat …[View]
76568969>519519$: >lifeless[View]
76568962Any Moorfags here ?: I haven't ever seen a Moroccan in this board, Stop hiding and let's s…[View]
76564405Should i study karate or boxing?[View]
76568015How is it possible that this young girl was born in 2010? What do her parents feed her? Nopedo[View]
76567404>tfw no thick black chicken wing cook gf[View]
76568766I started getting into mindfulness lately and i think i'm starting to understand how normies fu…[View]
76568072Is there anything more funny than absolutely defeated single mothers with cursed half-nigger spawns?[View]
76565974Why do wh*te 'women' age so bad and also why go for anything other than asian women?[View]
76568835Tfw no gf with flexible feet[View]
76565479>See shy student by himself because he has no friends >Give him a detention for being 'up to n…[View]
76568788I got banned from Twitch for 'Hate Speech', but they didn't give me any details. I don't r…[View]
76568700girl gives you this look how do you establish dominance?[View]
76565656/nightwalk/: /nightskate/ edition learning to skate. im too shy to do it in daylight but its all goo…[View]
76567443why are there more lesbian women than gay men?[View]
76568115smoking: any smokers here? im still looking for a go to brand whats yours and what do you like about…[View]
76567449the Truth is like this, the darkside, the devil, evil. That's why everyone is mad and pathetic.…[View]
76568621when my roommate gets home I play a recording of people puking at full volume. I can live with it ea…[View]
76567376Women are infuriating: Anyone else here get filled with burning hatred and disgust at the sight of w…[View]
76568532Didn't check the catalog so I'll just assume most of the threads are garbage. Going to do …[View]
76568448i love my wife and her big fucking TITS[View]
76566795That webm ruined my life: That dick is cgi[View]
76566108>year 3 of the 3 day special military operation[View]
76567866I saw him talking to a girl this morning, and felt like my heart and body were burning, we screwed u…[View]
76568348being 'slow and dreamy' in a fast paced and hyper productive world is this anyone else's main s…[View]
76568485Ba da ba ba ba[View]
76568068ive been saving my poop and throwing it into my neighbors bushes every day for the last 3 months bec…[View]
76568401story time: >be me >4-year old retard >starting to have some consciousness and be aware of …[View]
76568365Neurodivergent people are fucking annoying, especially women. As if women weren't flaky and unp…[View]
76563676He is short. He is ugly. He is fat. He is brown. He is awkward. He's an introvert. He has a wif…[View]
76557342/britfeel/: The Friday edition full of the usual win posted by winners[View]
76567731Will we ever succeed in making a family: I honestly don't fucking care anymore and i'm tir…[View]
76566983>Be jewish >wake up in your large luxurious mansion in israel >Kiss your beautiful blond bl…[View]
76568363How does love feel ? How to experience passionate love without a gf (incel) ?: I keep asking people,…[View]
76568025>God will never leave me nor forsake me Do they not err that devise evil? but mercy and truth sha…[View]
76568449Everything is rigged and the Jews made you an incel and want you eliminated because your genes are a…[View]
76568438she's back thoughbiet[View]
76568306>ywn read and discuss classic lovecraftian literature with a nerdy older woman It's so over…[View]
76561370r9k has less than 100 posters. I would estimate it has no more than that many regular lurkers as wel…[View]
76566165Why do men have to sexualize everything? I understand they have high sex drives, but why do they hav…[View]
76568282You gonna eat chicken this weekend?[View]
76567053NEETDOM: ive been a neet for 4 years, gave uni a try for 1.5 and now im a neet again for 3 ... no id…[View]
76567846I'm so lonely that one of the best and most profound conversations that I've ever had and …[View]
76567448Why are all women ran through? There's not a single woman alive who hasn't been cummed in …[View]
76567571Erectile dysfunction bros, report in.[View]
76563772One of my old friends from high school gave birth recently. Another is married. I think it's ti…[View]
76562340You wouldn't be so smug if this happened to you, moids.[View]
76568176Has anyone with a BBC fetish actually ever been around Black folks or had a singe Black friend in th…[View]
76568194Which one of you invented a time machine and why did you use it to travel to the end of antiquity to…[View]
76567471Add me on discord Killmetomorrow[View]
76567515How to pick up girls: >Hey cunt, knees to the ground cock in the mouth…[View]
76568079do you even know what youre about to see, you npc motherfuckers the game changer in 2d animation, th…[View]
76567958Hello. How come we cannot overcome this trilemma in literally anything humans do whether that be sci…[View]
76567969>friends are getting suspicious that I'm not sharing my music taste >Pic related What do …[View]
76565570korean women supremacy: theres no women as dreamy, lovely, seductive, beautiful and hot as korean wo…[View]
76556858Why are so many Asian women like this? Why do they feel the need to humiliate Asian men publicly? ht…[View]
76566538Extatosoma tiaratum dissection: My stick insect just died while pregnant and I want to use this oppo…[View]
76565157Courtesy of Sweden: 405 KB JPG I can feel the benzos in my system tonight, oh lord And I've bee…[View]
76567959big bara daddy[View]
76567960imaginary gf thread: My imaginary gf fills my life with so much love its actually overwhelming somet…[View]
76567557What is your worst form of self-sabotage?[View]
76565801i was recently told that my fetish could be seen as hot to some women because it implies keeping her…[View]
76567271Total moid death. Total annihilation of every moid.[View]
76567809If jews discredit the new testament for being non-canonical filler, why do they believe in the talmu…[View]
76566484I'm a 6ft2 white 270lb male with BPD. I'm an incel. I'm so alone. Should i be alive?[View]
76567878>I wanna practice coding a site on the side when parents are asleep >Gimme interesting ideas …[View]
76566478I wanna jerk off again but my weiner is sore from earlier[View]
76566617help ease my conscience: i recently had a psychotic break where i thought i was in charge of ukraine…[View]
76567644It's unironically over if you an average black man. I'm talking no BBC, not over 6'0,…[View]
76566319>buy groceries >costs a fortune >the milk tastes funny I've fucking had it…[View]
76567588Where can I meet women for free? I live in the suburbs and can only do a 10 min drive.[View]
76567662i wanna be a girl with her vibes and aesthetic. any plastic surgeons here?[View]
76566157the heightpill is bullshit: im 6'4' and bi but no one will ever like me because im weird and au…[View]
76567560I so badly want to kill everyone on this board. Even the children. Especially the children.[View]
76567232you are in a severe disadvantage when you're autistic. you are completely on your own while the…[View]
76567784im not a virgin anymore. i can quit this board now.[View]
76567746you miss the endgame, son. you think it is about the filter. kek https://youtube.com/shorts/2W4b2Hs8…[View]
76567601The usual at the pool, not many girls today which is to be expected. I did 30 mins less than usual, …[View]
76567387I am misogynistic beyond belief yet if I felt a single loving embrace from a woman I'd change m…[View]
76565255Why do Africans like dressing like generals so much?[View]
76565265I want a girl with her vibes and aesthetic so any like this here?[View]
76564575My wife is fat, disgusting and I haven't fucked her in about 3 years. I am 32. She was not lik…[View]
76566038Why do asian men come to the west?: This extends to Indians and Middle Easterners. They have no luck…[View]
76567409>world is overpopulated >'why dont you have kids anon? you have failed reeeee' It's crazy…[View]
76566414I've surpassed the age of my parents when they conceived me, yet I'm still a virgin[View]
76566373I keep my hair cut short. Skin on the sides, an inch on top, if that. Its just easier than faffing a…[View]
76565752Every fucking moid deserves a painful death. Do not let thrm off easy. They never cared, and now nei…[View]
76566353Hey incels being a chad isnt all sunshine[View]
76563683/antipsych/ - Antipsychiatry General #17: Mental illness isn't real edition Credible resources …[View]
76566861reccommend me cigarettes, vape and type of soda. i'm leaving to get some soon. waiting in my ca…[View]
76567472i love psychedelics but they hate me: >that enlightenment feeling shroom afterglow…[View]
76566277Absolute despair thread: Give me your most soul-crushing blackpilling content. Late stage capitalism…[View]
76567027That webm is painfull: I can't believe she's dead... Press f[View]
76565086i hate zoomers. they're all fags and they talk like retarded niggers. i hope they all die of ai…[View]
76567372Virgin foid pls give me a chance, I'm ugly but I would love you[View]
76566203Something exciting to look forward to 5 days a week.[View]
76564753sometimes i want to cut myself but my parents will be mad and i don't want to look like a fag[View]
76567174>Work hard on getting a nice body >Get multiple hobbies >Take tons of care of my appearance…[View]
76567141Anon, why do you think you deserve an Asian girl like me?[View]
76565114Why do Zoomers think greenday is classic rock?: >be me >shopping at Target >pack of middle …[View]
76565872Why is the media so anti-men and the world overall. I rarely go a day without seeing something hatef…[View]
76566747>lose weight >get stretchmarks what retard designed this body…[View]
76567061what happened to >>76544665 ? saw his post appear on a memepage on instagram[View]
76567009Day 208 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
76566937HA HA HA HA THAT WEBM: IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO It's over now[View]
76561710how do your parents handle problems?[View]
76565549I want breasts of a chick[View]
76566871H-hey. Mister. You wanna see my boobs? Sorry if I'm being weird!!! I didn't mean it like …[View]
76566638Why are Australian women so much hotter than the rest of the world??[View]
76565619>its the fatal combination of a paranoid overbearing mother who never lets you out of the house p…[View]
76567179I beat woman to death: Am I based now?[View]
76562055why don't you just get a brazilian gf, anon?[View]
76565463I knocked up a fembot I met a month ago and then ghosted her because I am afraid of commitment[View]
76566119fembots would rather be Chad's urinal than have a conversation with a sub8 male[View]
76566637Instead of being such an insufferable faggot, why not go volunteer at an animal shelter?[View]
76566946If you can't have sex with a girl of your same race, around your age, and not obese, you'r…[View]
76564929>match a girl on tinder >She wants to meet and fuck >ghosts my texts on the day we schedul…[View]
76566979Why do anons say that hapa males are mentally ill? It's really only just East Asian (Japanese, …[View]
76565371WORLD WAR: DOOM added! synopsis: a group of stragglers trying to survive a war fought between humans…[View]
76565782A cute girl called me a good boy and started dming me after I sent her $100[View]
76565455My girl friend (not girlfriend) has started saying 'I love you' and cuddles me to sleep when I stay …[View]
76566754Cute girls are so CUTE![View]
76567022As an Asian woman, I'm only attracted to black guys who are ridin' with Biden[View]
76565837>he made yet another inappropriate sexual comment that had nothing to do with what we were talkin…[View]
76565512i love you: how i love you so much you're so wonderful i am so glad i met you is what i would s…[View]
76565494i finally figuered it out, there's nothing wrong with being furry, stop calling them furggots[View]
76566334Wasian Women can't resist BIG CHINESE COCK[View]
76566722>Brother has friends in house >doesnt introduce >i introduce myself >he pretended not to…[View]
76565202What causes BBC addiction? I fap to sissy hypno and bbc splitscreens for hours.[View]
76565615I'm out here stroking my dick I got lotion on my dick right now. I'm just stroking my shit…[View]
76565834He was such a a fun e-girl to talk to. Shame he's so busy these days.[View]
76566740You ever jerk off so much your dick just stays hard because it hurts?[View]
76566834I dream of coitus.[View]
765656864on1 wrestling: 4 clothed military girls team[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky naked and shaved horny bisexua…[View]
76566587realistically, how do i hide my weightloss from other people? i dont want to worry them[View]
76566258That webm is brutal: WAKE ME UP INSIDE https://twitter.com/lovlydyke/status/1760903213107077173…[View]
76566000What compels someone to save penises to their computer to spam this board with?[View]
76566296Is it time to reroll?: >log on to The MMO(tm) >randomly roll the worse of the two classes for …[View]
76565435Was The Rev an incel?[View]
76562974Why don't you settle for a witch gf?[View]
76565757A bounty was set on Mr. Fresh from Hello Street Cat livestreams, is there anything that can be done …[View]
76566228Unironically peak female form. I would do anything to be able to date someone like her.[View]
76566628Why are white men so addicted to porn and have weird fetishes?[View]
76565554Day 445 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests Comfy Friday night. Day of study. FocusMaxxed…[View]
76564820Met a woman: >Be kissless dateless virgin in mid 30s >Finally meet a woman I seem to get along…[View]
76566433when taking a shower, remember to wash your essentials parts thoroughly[View]
76566109>too scared to live the life i dreamed of >tell myself ill start my real life tomorrow >to…[View]
76566552Why does autogynephilia become more common with each generation? Roughly 10 percent of the Silent Ge…[View]
76565676Why are females becoming even more obsessed with lookism than males?[View]
76565923I keep paying a girl to send me lewds not because I use them to get off but because it feels nice an…[View]
76565611reminder that if it wasn't for this sly motherfucker, we wouldn't have the anime that we h…[View]
76566510v382 Some days, some nights Some live some die In the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
76566091Just pulled an all nighter to reset my sleep schedule. Its 7am where i live and I aim to sleep at ar…[View]
76566161>talking to a girl IRL >ask her what makes men attractive >she says their smell >I te…[View]
76566477>become tattoo artist >create designs that women like >tattoo booba >profit? Why have n…[View]
76566393he's finally using ome for the first time ever[View]
76565264What future is there for me? What is it that I will look forward to? In this lonely path of life.: T…[View]
76565781Crying sessions: Bros have you ever just like let it all out? I literally don't know what I cri…[View]
76564867>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved this life is very short and en…[View]
76566135Tell me your darkest fantasies. And not just kinky stuff I want actual evil. Remember total honesty …[View]
76565537>crush sat like 3 feet away from me today in class[View]
76565347I WANT CUM FEED ME CUM[View]
76564725Gonna watch pearl tonight so I can self insert and picture my mom burning alive :3[View]
76565999Aren't all faggots actually virgins? You only lose your virginity as a man if your dick enters …[View]
76566136Step 1 ask questions about my life Step 2 feel better about yourself for not being as pathetic.as m…[View]
76566184Indians in the west: >'We have the world's most ancient culture! It is far superior to the w…[View]
76564825Is the wall real or is it incel cope? I find chicks in their thirties and forties to be so attractiv…[View]
76566187i havent smoked weed in 6 months but life has been getting so rough recently that i bought a weed va…[View]
76566219Why are taken women so brazen in showing me sexual interest?: Whenever I'm in public, the most …[View]
76566072>I just wanted to love my work[View]
76562271is there a way to grow a girl's tits that doesnt involve surgery in before pregnancy[View]
76565767I wanna be rich enough so I can have my own Epstein Island but with college age boys instead of elem…[View]
76565343Does hrt affect trannies' sexual orientation? I am curious to know whether a mtf who strictly o…[View]
76565931>tfw you'd be the perfect partner but no one wants you.[View]
76564120Racebaiting Pajeet: Pic rel is the jeet obsessed with posting asian women and niggers. He's isn…[View]
76564984This is your point of inflection: Look at this garbage, doomers everywhere. >>76562218 Listen …[View]
76565818This girl demands to be your girlfriend! What do you do?![View]
76565685>co workers try to coax me to stay and slack off overtime because of power company taking shit of…[View]
76565093>The owner of Blacked.com is literally a Polish Jew by the name of Greg Lansky You can't mak…[View]
76565059m 22 and my gf is 49 and looks like pic related (its not her but very similar) she financially suppo…[View]
76564599I fucking love the misfits because they prove that you can be masculine and gothic at the same time.…[View]
76565015tfw no slightly kinky gf[View]
76566006I'm just here for a good time but I'm not necessarily having a good time.[View]
76565708It's cope to say that hobbies can't replace romance. I have hobbies that bring me joy, and…[View]
76558442Why do I have a strong urge to send this lady large amounts of money?[View]
76565917Has a foid ever shown genuine interest in you? What was it like?[View]
76564512Goddamn alucard is so fucking overpowered. 5/10[View]
76564810I WANT RUM FEED ME RUM[View]
76565914>tfw no ricedick bf[View]
76565119Am i ready to go into the night and beat some homeless ass ? ive only got this old military helmet (…[View]
76566009could a kind gentleman please point me toward the mewing megathread?[View]
76561335Why do men think there's nothing wrong with asking, even though simply asking can be both a con…[View]
76565199A huge boobie Asian girl wants to see a movie with me: How can I reject her, I've already told …[View]
76564367Lmaoing at this guy[View]
76565623hyperconnectivity ruined everything: Is there any conceivable way in which social media and smartpho…[View]
76565862I was a borderline hkv at 29 until someone gave me some crucial advice. Guys trust me, what he told …[View]
76565627All I need is my dog to be happy[View]
76565633Im black but I would never abandon my children. All I want in life is a big family I can take care o…[View]
76565128How are you guys doing this evening[View]
76565442I dont get the hype around women[View]
76565635>people look at my shitty facial defects and assume that im dysgenic free of consequence >i lo…[View]
76565519Dysgenic anons thread: >have seborrheic dermatitis (flaky scalp) and severe myopia (need glasses …[View]
76565203why can't i be vulnerable with anyone in my life? i can't even trust my parents anymore: n…[View]
76565342Is it normal to be terrified of your crush? My heart sinks and I recoil every time I see her. She tr…[View]
76563249Lazy moids: This is a major reason why women don't want to marry moids anymore. Moids won'…[View]
76564675what did i do to deserve this: >bi guy >18 >never had a relationship (mainly out of my own …[View]
76557094puer tea X had a lot of nightmares kind of day[View]
76565326is there any truth you penis extensions: alright robots you need to be clear with me on this im fair…[View]
76562834Complete Digital Exhaustion: In 5 years the internet will be impossible to navigate. The rapid entro…[View]
76563476i'm dangerously in love with the foids[View]
76565580A woman ruined my scientific exploration: >>76565479 Be a freshman in high school. I remember …[View]
76565490disabled or just ugly? you never can tell[View]
76558579Would you fight as a soldier in WW3 for Western values, like women's rights, feminism and LGBT?…[View]
76565374Ive sent a little over ten thousand to a findom, who lives pretty close to me, over the span of a ye…[View]
76563000How can whitecels even exist when white males only make up 4% of the world yet the entire global Sou…[View]
76565530Any nigga that get to talkin when it's time for gangsta shit, he da police (facts) And I fucked…[View]
76564774One day I am going to make a dating app for arranged marriages, I think its what the world needs. Ra…[View]
76564863I tried to suppress the urges, but they're too strong; I love BBC and I'm not afraid to sh…[View]
76564683I want a clingy autistic goth bf so bad it's unreal. It would be nice to have one to cuddle wit…[View]
76565078I am a 31 year old man. I've never had sex or a job and I live with my parents.[View]
76564365Why the fuck wouId anyone do this shit[View]
76563620Urges: Does anyone else get urges to intimidate,scare and spazz out on random people and by urges I …[View]
76565002>Be me >Ripping clouds of THC while watching the hit American television series SpongeBob Squa…[View]
76565391>last person i talk to on discord unadded me Finally, i am free! Deleting account and uninstallin…[View]
76565387Sorry baldcel, she is chad-only.[View]
76564869IM HIGH AS FAURK and bored my guyyyyyyy[View]
76565358>be me >be le le man >le le le…[View]
76565321does anyone wanna dust off their old 3ds and play some mario kart 7[View]
76564538Riley Reid is unironically one of the best pornstars to ever live, and I'm tired of pretending …[View]
76565232femanons my balls will find soon be on your chin[View]
76565237is it true that pic related isnt capable of bearing rads babies[View]
76564888Why are males so obsessed with sex?[View]
76558544This year, I'm going to find two bisexual women to form a three-way relationship with, and nobo…[View]
76564687Liking your message and never replying is the universal signal for not wanting to talk, right?[View]
76564495Question for fembots and femanons from a fellow fembot: Recently while doomscrolling through here I …[View]
76565091How long would trannies last if twitter and discord were gone tomorrow?[View]
76563424Ive been doing 16 oz curls. Do my arms look big enough? >Inb4 jealous jannies send me strait to p…[View]
76562985Friday Misaki: misaki friday thread. how have you been holding up anon[View]
76563766Are humans actually social creatures? I can go days without any human contact and feel completely fi…[View]
76564569>keep simping for whores online I really need to get my shit together[View]
76563977lifes a bitch an then u die[View]
76564933So how's your Friday, bros & sisters?[View]
76564669How do I find office jobs with minimal human contact like data entry clerk?[View]
76564954Why do hockey players act like niggers?[View]
76564233I see fucking faces everywhere in my room, streets, bus, car, houses. Tf is wrong with me? But the f…[View]
76564087>Be me >Sandnigger immigrant >No hobbies >Very boring to talk to >Be bored lurking on…[View]
76564651>tfw today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you…[View]
76563671I hate Depression so much: Why do it have to be like that, Why when i always finally be happy why do…[View]
76564939I really hate children[View]
76563461Say that women are kinder than men, and you'd have many agree with you. But say that men are sm…[View]
76563356You guys don't even have any depth to your hobbies. Its fine if you only like to consume goyslo…[View]
76563495Am I skinny?: Been lifting for a few weeks and see some changes but wanted some honest opinions I…[View]
76563877>be me >go to a bar near home after a few months without drinking >go talk to qt3.14 barten…[View]
76562828I have a PhD in chemistry anons. AMA![View]
76562753All I have eaten today is a cracker with some cheese. What have you eaten today?[View]
76563812does she like me?: i'm in my final year of school. i have a friend group and my studies are goi…[View]
76564708Judge my personality based on this album cover I made[View]
76563891>friday night >posting on r9k >no foids around…[View]
76564238Never trust a Vietnamese hooker.[View]
76564593At least 80% of young males are sexually active. The average male is about a 4/10 with an SD of abou…[View]
76562218The world feels like it's coming apart and I feel like I am too. Things aren't improving. …[View]
76564701I thought I was just imagining it but no, my hairline really is receding[View]
76564581Dear manlet faggots Please, for the love of god, round up 1 inch or less. All these 5'8ers clai…[View]
76564771>he automatically thought I was in love with him just because I was nice and friendly to him…[View]
76564748God, please dont forget you sun.[View]
76564652>As a result of 'love,' man is able to hide his cowardly self-deception behind a smoke screen of …[View]
76564588I had the biggest crush of my life on a hijab girl back in high school and one of my biggest regrets…[View]
76555176Where in the hell does a guy need to go to find a girl built like F? >inb4 Burgerland I'm a …[View]
76564722Anyone else hate furries ? Ive been cyber harassing furries for past months. I fucking hate them and…[View]
76564672How do you feel about the fact you will be enslaved to communism in a few years?[View]
76559628Life is fundamentally unfair: so I don't see why we don't blame our parents for everything…[View]
76564649>start to think life can be good >remember I look like picrel with a smaller chin >back to…[View]
76562158Hit rock bottom. Felt sad and suicidal, thought 'fuck it, gonna try and make McDonald's ha…[View]
76564541I'm not going to have a relationship with a girl who has already shown her butthole to other me…[View]
76564545Is gawking at boobs racist if it portrays insignificance to your future or current gf's boob ty…[View]
76561284>7 degrees high during the day >-20 degrees low overnight and tomorrow morning The weather in …[View]
76562594bored and horny originally[View]
76563426>moid seriously asked for my number at the club meeting tonight >tell him I'm not interes…[View]
76533006How could you be so cruel to her? Women are lit bursting into tears because you only want a fantasy,…[View]
76558994/cut/ - Cutters General #302: Thread for discussions about selfharm and mutual support It's Fri…[View]
76564186I WANT TO BE TURNED INTO A DOLL TOO T_T https://youtu.be/uSi7CGv4S1Y?si=MkDGeHVHtSeZf6cM[View]
76564196Imso tired of the internet incel culture. It is 2024 now, and you have the same pissing and moaning …[View]
76562540i wish everyone would just die[View]
76564377hey r9k im ugly it kinda makes me want to cry anyone else know this feel?[View]
76564317Even Sonic is pitying you[View]
76563227Do girls know evey guy has tasted his own cum? What's your opinion on it?[View]
76564370In the daytime In the nighttime Any time that you feel's the right time[View]
76563428should i go to therapy?[View]
76563678chad is literally fucking your oneitis as we speak[View]
76562475why dont you just get a fat old gf with low self confidence but money[View]
76563737I cant get into any kind of relationship without trying to help the person. if the person doesnt 'ne…[View]
76564154I'm boy crazy[View]
76561834anyone else just feel empty? i dont feel happy or disappointed anymore, I just feel the same low lev…[View]
76564246This could be you femanons: But instead you choose to do anxiety and have bpd[View]
76561317My oneitis has been giving out her number to other men. How the fuck do I cope with this. I thought …[View]
76564267I don't understand how the older generations can constantly listen to or watch nostalgic things…[View]
76564264What are the chances of getting my package shipped again from Amazon when the delivery guy didn…[View]
76564146Does anyone else long to be Chad's loyal beta sidekick in the most straight and non homosexual …[View]
76563762I wish I was good enough. I can't stand it.[View]
76563497Can an ugly Eastern European female succeed on Tinder? Mentioning Eastern Europe because 90% of wome…[View]
76564020>beautiful females[View]
76562145im in the bath washing my puhssy[View]
76564177>so depressed that my body hurts in I cant get up, dont have strength enough Im tired, robots.…[View]
76564152>silently glows the catalog[View]
76564138>silently observes the catalog[View]
76563974Doing the things you want to do is so fun! Why don't you try it, anon?[View]
76563649the hairdresser washing and cutting my hair felt so fucking good[View]
76564001The only people who want to be friends with me are mean bullies, why?[View]
76560694Ascending is simple. DO. THE. WORK. Life is not fair. So stop rotting and: DO. THE. WORK.[View]
76561688how the fuck do I cope with this?[View]
76564101>try to get a normal relationship with a normal upper-middle class chick from college >used to…[View]
76562605Tranny time ig: >Be me >Tranny :( >Kind of pass >Trans person gets murdered near me >…[View]
76564005The hunter must hunt... For as soon as he stops... He becomes the hunted...[View]
76562634>white women lust for BBC >asian women lust for BWC What do black women lust for?…[View]
76563894Has anyone else lost all interest in fictional media? I haven't been able to sit through a sing…[View]
76563114How did they mess up a moon landing but can do a mars landing right[View]
76562966Im 32 and im starting to find drawing girls more attractive. Good Lord help me.[View]
76561821ITT: Robot theme songs: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cmXZOI7cM0M[View]
76563942cant believe whites are dying out because white women refuse to settle down with non chads[View]
76562173these normies silence me for speaking the truth[View]
76563971I have an emotionally inscestious relationship with my mother. its not funny.[View]
76562280What stops you from chewing five (5) gums at once?[View]
76562232What the hell happened? 2000s >easy to meet chicks >you could meet non slutty girls >they…[View]
76563939once rad's first movie gets greenlit hes end up gonna pumping hapa babies in them his company w…[View]
76562350Life is a confusing tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.[View]
76563914Femanon, how does it feel to know a bigger girl can swipe any man out from underneath you at any mom…[View]
76563561theres a thousand miles between you and I[View]
76563908This is what men want femanon and you don't have it.[View]
76562003If I could feel anything, I'd be sad not to live in Pokemon.: Life on earth sucks, money only m…[View]
76563774>go to anxiety support group >none of the moids talk to me Why do moids do this?…[View]
76563835Mass executions of chestlets.[View]
76561487>tfw my homicidal thoughts are rapidly getting worse well shit[View]
76563820if she ain't got a dick, she ain't a real chick[View]
76562139I need a mommy gf so I can be her adorable boiwife.[View]
76559936autism why would i want to spread this disease: This has been a miserable lonely existence. I'm…[View]
76563752I wanna hang myself without pain.: I dont wanna alive anymore. I just wanna end my life without pain…[View]
76563725Sometimes girls make eye contact with me multiple times and smile when I'm in public places. Do…[View]
76563219baby jurls: any baby jurls who she needs boyfriend to meet her and give her kiss. rent is to show va…[View]
76562809>this is the state of white men in 2023 It's so over fembots..[View]
76563592m'oid *tips tampon*[View]
76560952women between Kantian and Machiavellian systems: I had an open conversation with my father this morn…[View]
76563638helldivers 2 looks fun, too bad i dont have any friends[View]
76561709Its so depressing seeing girls from 10+ years ago. Zoomers have no idea how bad they have it. >n…[View]
76563207SAM HYDE PRESENTS: WORLD PEACE 2 LEAK NOT A DRILL. ACTUAL LEAK LMAO. Feels kinda Tim and Ericish, ho…[View]
76562732How can I make people or online friends want to talk to me?[View]
76563600I got worked up enough to actually fuck my dildo and it was painful at first, took forever to get in…[View]
76563557whats the ELI5 on this?[View]
76561945Day 49 of manifesting a bongland bf who will watch HxH and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew with me an…[View]
76563067I don't like women anymore. I am a buckbroken failed male[View]
76557844Why do so many femboys have such ridiculously gigantic cocks?[View]
76560837How do you get a gf who will make you eat her out while she watches movies and plays video games?[View]
76563320I freakin love foids It's a curse[View]
76563347Getting a shiny pokemon is better than sex.[View]
76560790how do I stop looking at women's sexual features? im chemically addicted gorgeous women.[View]
76563128I'm having schizo dreams about a group of people selling things. One man sold high protein litt…[View]
76561582>tfw when there are no femanons living close to me[View]
76561178forgive and you'll be forgiven[View]
76562868Are male therapists ever attracted to their female patients? How many percentage wise would act upon…[View]
76563499when did you realize...: at what age did you realize you were an actual loser I don't mean the …[View]
76562726What's the most you've ever gotten drunk?: I once gulped down half a bottle of 75% rum on …[View]
76563481I LOVE THIS CUTE MOE BIRB SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!![View]
76561603incels and blackpillers wouldn't be suffering if they surrounded themselves with high value mal…[View]
76563257Do you guys ever remember anons you've spoken to, or wonder how they're doing? Specificall…[View]
76561872For what reasons do you want a gf other than sex?[View]
7656209214yo gen alpha kid are already starting relationships without any trouble, while I am 27yo neurotic …[View]
76562399>dad buys garbage food >eat garbage food >cycle repeats >stay overweight Thinking of ge…[View]
76562982Ranking my favourite years since 2000 2002 was my last year of kindergarten and my earliest memories[View]
76562138She Broke it Off: inb4 normie reee get out > Be me, 23m normborg > Been single for over a year…[View]
76560486ITS OVER: In 2016 my life had some meaning. Friends, hope, a glimpse of fun. I almost got a gf. Almo…[View]
76562543>be me, afab >yesterday, i got slapped the ass by a girl i've been hanging out with >o…[View]
76558026Confessions thread: I pretend to be a lonely women on internet so I can talk about my my issues with…[View]
76562902Will i fall[View]
76562553where are the wumpagoniacs at tonite make some noise for ya boy and please don't rape me[View]
76562583pretending to have autism?: i have a friend who repeatedly blows up at me when i question their 'aut…[View]
76563158discovered I have autism: not diagnosed but my friend is getting on my case about it. asking all the…[View]
76562977why don't gay niggas just play with their own dick instead of someone else's[View]
76561885How can anyone live with themselves? Do you think that if through some kind of intervention like mag…[View]
76561276My inhibitions make all of my desires unattainable[View]
76563127Femboy, tomboy, or big boy?[View]
76562419Why do humans want to create art? and is it petty to so? I feel like i am ashamed to express myself[View]
76562911Do germs go to germ heaven when they die?[View]
76560548I hope I get to try this at least once before I die[View]
76561712Why do women never care or get mad when a man of her own race dates a woman of another?[View]
76562507I fucking hate normies and their noise so much >blasting TVs >barking dogs >loud music …[View]
76562269I've had sex. I stuck my penis into a womens vajayjay. I was bad. Seriously, this was the worst…[View]
76562238you guys ever spouted dumb shit at normies?, today at work some girl were teasing me about my meal o…[View]
76556271Women continue to disgust me[View]
76555955You are incel for a reason and that reason is not some jewish conspiracy as many of you think. It is…[View]
76554642/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: Shiny and Chrome edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR https://rentry dot…[View]
76562907I love prolapse anal![View]
76562272>Get degree >Never do anything with it Why am I like this?…[View]
76561830How much does it cost to build your own PC nowadays?[View]
76562731finally I can goon productively[View]
76556477I want to make a podcast or even a YouTube channel but I always get stuck on what to say. Advice?[View]
76562865First crush in years: I've been stone cold pretty much since middle school but I met a girl who…[View]
76562841I wish i was a farmer with 8 kids[View]
76562840Nothing ever happened: >had friends in university but never went to or was invited to any parties…[View]
76560184Why are lightskins seen as rightful black property even tho they are half white?[View]
76556695Do you still think you will reproduce one day?[View]
76560892This is the most that blackbots can ever hope for >To have some girl mouth your cock and rub her …[View]
76561096True virgin.: I think out of anyone here, I win the pity party lol. > Never kissed anyone romanti…[View]
76562554>western women exsit Ohhh God, holy eww, sharia law now please.[View]
76562119Why since I was a teenager do I feel the urge for women to degrade and beat me?[View]
76561815Will mods and jannies make an exception when i post selfies if i'm qt enough (i'm male btw…[View]
76560714I've never really seen the point of a gf if she isn't hot af. Like if she doesn't mak…[View]
76561006>go to crystal cafe to see what a w*man /r9k/ looks like >first thread I see has for OP pictur…[View]
76562558I am 6 ft 1, but I say I am 5 ft 9 to women so they think guys under 6 ft are even shorter and give …[View]
76562161Most people I meet are nice but I am not How can I be more nice?[View]
76562451I want to make a doomer visual novel but don't even half have the skill or experience. I could …[View]
76561143I'm going to start writing a novella called 'Waster' tonight. Basically throwing all my depress…[View]
76560785What is this on my inner thigh: I have dark spots on parts of my body and the doctor said it was nor…[View]
76561825I feel lost in life anons and have resulted to binge eating , cooming and doing nothing How do I ge…[View]
76561359Instathot logic: You're telling me I should quit smoking? >HOW SMALL DICK DO YOU HAVE!!!?? W…[View]
76561421How come trannies aren't nice and inclusive towards individuals and only see things as they rel…[View]
76559889For all the virgins in their 20s here, do you think you'll ever get a gf?[View]
76561355Who is this? Any more pics of her?[View]
76562112anon has no money for lookmaxxing: i made an appointment with a plastic surgeon but i know i have no…[View]
76561988Does art about the male experience literally just revolve around misery. I was assembling a list of …[View]
76562334>rumor: >miranda stocks is a buttfrek[View]
76562001>be me >neet and a dropout >play social vr game all day >fight with brown people >scr…[View]
76561622I am bored if you want to ask some question about anything i'll answer even if i don't kno…[View]
76561161What would you guys call a weeb but for europe?[View]
76560677$84 fucking dollars for a 1 gram cart. Is this worth it bros? I remember buying carts off the street…[View]
76560463>tried street amphetamine and mephedrone >can't stop thinking about it What the fuck do …[View]
76561921Why do women insist on ruining themselves?[View]
76561794I have a strong urge to abuse women they like that right?[View]
76562062Anyone ever feel like running away from their job? By running away I mean just driving somewhere and…[View]
76559933Robots and fembots. What do you have to offer a partner? What makes you special enough for someone t…[View]
76560904Does anyone else play h-games? I finally 100% this game after putting it off for months. Instant cla…[View]
76560680What self sabotaging behavior do you keep doing even though you want to stop?[View]
76562075I AM SO UGLY, I hate my life[View]
76559209/r9k/ - Creative Thread: Come share your creative creations and ideas in this here thread.[View]
76561822WWIII might break out: & I still cant find a job or have anything to show for. How do Robots dea…[View]
76557144Remember how in the mid 2010s, foids kept trying to convince everyone that this exists? If foids rea…[View]
76560787real talk: is it really concerning that i really don't care about never having a wife and kids?…[View]
76561644how are u holding up?: life doesnt have to be so hectic, take a seat and relax[View]
76557261transform every moid into a little girl![View]
76558159>do straight men even like women? Where did this retarded take come from? We tell women what we l…[View]
76561362I want people far far away to think about me and know that I exist. Pathetic.[View]
76555156What happened to women?: Why are they intent on being masculine and disgusting? They're killing…[View]
76561433If girls like you, they'll make time for you.[View]
76561469>AI will eliminate racism in your lifetime Anyone excited?[View]
76561765are yall excitred for RAD's avatar movie[View]
76561475what's jordan's problem with slimey?[View]
76561501Anyone else literally do nothing? after graduating high school I have spent the last 5 years getting…[View]
76560079What type of girl would she be into, I mean, sexually and romantically and otherwise?[View]
76560013/SIG/ - self improvement general: This is a thread for discussing self improvement. Post about your …[View]
76561623Please tell me I'm not the only one who wasted 4 years of my life like this: When I was in high…[View]
76561684Perma Incel: >was actually going on dates Autumn of last year until I met my ex girlfriend >si…[View]
76555684Wouldn't be a virgin if I wasn't a racist: I have a lot of baggage. My biggest issues are …[View]
765614571 dick on the log 2 dicks in the log 3 dicks in the log there are 4 dicks 5 dicks on the log can w…[View]
76561307good evening, every1 ![View]
76560456Are there any places on the internet that is majority female without being exclusively female ot fem…[View]
76560502any ethnicels here got turned because muh religion and the girl turned out to be getting ran down by…[View]
76561605>he doesn't lucid dream[View]
76560567What's stopping young horny teens from raping older women, their teachers and their mom's …[View]
76561560>BBC spammers finally disappear from this board >BWC autist does his best to make them come ba…[View]
76560407if all lgbtq all died how much of you would be left? https://strawpoll.com/LVyK8J8L5n0[View]
76561536The Factual Frog: Fact: any woman that I'm attracted to and doesn't wanna date me is a who…[View]
76559827I am on my way to play bowling with some strangers. Wish me luck anons.[View]
76561165you cannot survive if you don't consume the prey[View]
76559664i feel like when i don't shower for days, people can tell that i've masturbated soley base…[View]
76561482I didn't commit all those rapes[View]
76560530I cannot do anything without a degree. No one wants to hire me without a degree. I need a degree to …[View]
76559935Catalog filter updoot: boards.4chan.org##div[id^='thread-'].thread:has-text(/(ass|attract|brutal|ces…[View]
76561378What is wrong with me: I've had a weird on/off thing with a girl for like 6 years where we…[View]
76560642Regular (weekly) sex and a faithful gym routine is all a man truly needs. If he is lacking in these …[View]
76560732isn't it weird that women don't have dicks? could you imagine not having a dick? I can…[View]
76555347where do i find girls with a cuckquean fetish on the internet? what are the best communities to try …[View]
76560857Has /r9k/ improved with the spam filters? I was away.[View]
76561338Even if you managed to ever get a girl to fuck you >Just know that the whole time she would be th…[View]
76560258Why do you hate women?: I get it when someone is frustrated because they are undesirable, belittled …[View]
76559871Porn addiction is impossible to cure[View]
76556850>be an incel schizo >forced into an arranged marriage kms…[View]
76559971That webm is a blackpill: https://twitter.com/lovlydyke/status/1760903213107077173[View]
76559354What are the implications if an incel married her and gave British citizenship kek[View]
76561227It is such a kawaii morning[View]
76559141How to move to latam: How do i escape shitrope and emigrate to latin america ? Can i even move there…[View]
76559818any smoking robots here? i'm going to get a new pack of cigarettes later tonight, but- i kind o…[View]
76561184All i want in life is to be blinded and have my limbs amputated and kept as the retarded dog of a su…[View]
76561153I just realized rape is only a crime against the men a woman belongs to. If she doesnt belong to a m…[View]
76559335You're low T or gay if you don't think that belly is sexy[View]
76559493Brutal webm: She's on roid now. Sad![View]
76560721What is happening to women?: Why are they all fat disgusting pigs now?[View]
76557922Which one fits the femanons here?[View]
76561061I feel short as a 5'9 zoomer. They tell me it's an average height but I certainly don…[View]
76560932Why is it so hard to talk about the difficulty in making friends, without people (particularly men) …[View]
76558629Order something from this menu[View]
76556006I only come back here when I get knocked down. So here I am again.[View]
76560661What's his sexual value on the giraffe dating market?: Suggest a viable self-improvement strate…[View]
76561038I have the worst baldness for my age and I don't care.: I don't care because I knew I…[View]
76561033>had a date scheduled for wednesday with a french chick >date scheduled for tonight with an as…[View]
76556686i sold my pokemon collection i had been collecting since i was 4 years old and only got a measly $25…[View]
76560008Anyone want to play ARAM? I've drank a bit but I'll still give it my best, also haven…[View]
76559512Balding women will never settle for a balding man[View]
76560703I’m an almost 23 year old man: who only had sex with prostitutes. I kissed, hugged and held hands wi…[View]
76560770>tfw take the escort pill to finally loose my virginity >her pussy was so tight and wet that I…[View]
76559538I see 4chan shill every type of woman under the sun but latinas are rarely mentioned. Why is that? I…[View]
76558659How do I quit being a wagie please I beg you neet fags give me your wisdom[View]
76559343WTF is wrong with incels?: When I was a 5'9' scrawny 16 year old with acne and buck teeth I fuc…[View]
76560430Women are superior sex. As an inferior male, my objective in life is to serve and adore my mistress …[View]
76560819the only issue with school shootings is that there's too little of them and very few people in …[View]
76560776femanons im drunk after 2 beers lol[View]
76560812Human 0 Robots 1[View]
76557613im a 30 year old boomer with a house and two cars i want a r9k gf where are you[View]
76560646is it over? should i kms or get a fade?[View]
76560252>dick is just barely 5 inches it never even began[View]
76560469Bros why lyrica is so comfy?, think i will replace ssri for this drug.[View]
76560685>ugly face >nice body You think she would enjoy getting grabbed by the chin and told straight …[View]
76560093What exactly is anon's problem?[View]
76560366How do you make women genuinely fall in love with you based on only just personality alone?[View]
76559112Thought experiment: Every incel robot is turned into a perfect looks version of himself. >perfect…[View]
76560149>19 >in my last year of school 5 popular chads recorded beating up and defecating/pissing on …[View]
76560589What do girls talk about when they're with other girls?[View]
76560242That webm is sad: The virgin watching the chad[View]
76560673Who will buy Joe Persico's Hot Dogs now?: https://youtu.be/cRZxtXyvv4k?feature=shared&t=542…[View]
76559181recently I've started drifting to sleep while jacking off and passing out in little 5 second sp…[View]
76560278I cannot listen to my favorite music or watch my favorite movies without thinking im the artist how …[View]
76560096Who else here is homeless/living in a shelter or has been homeless? How did you get out of it and ar…[View]
76560421I can barely function or do anything I'm so sleepy all the time[View]
76560108What fictional world would you like to live in most? Why? Who would you like to be in said world? Do…[View]
76560448Women smiled at me today when they saw me but I did nothing. I need to be able to relax around other…[View]
76559263Anyone else have parents who didnt encourage you?: Like I remember one time I visited my aunt and un…[View]
76558724There are no femanons online right now because they are all out with their friends and Chad on a fri…[View]
76548049Would you accept being turned into a little girl to have a second chance at life?[View]
76560418>14 hour shift[View]
76557766Racebaiter Exposed!: Pic rel is the jeet obsessed with posting asian women and niggers. He's i…[View]
76560410Charlie Munger was right getting over the mental hump of your first 100k is the hardest and it gets …[View]
76560134There are so many single, mid, autistic, Asian fembots like picrel out there, why arent you dating o…[View]
76558472I'm so fucking done with being fat. But junk food is all that gives me pleasure in life. The ro…[View]
76560166Wishing I was 6'5 kind of day.[View]
76559217I think I might be a malignant narcissist. Sometimes the shit I read you fuckers write on 4chan make…[View]
76560360Why cant i see the images on 8ch? whats going on[View]
76559332/comfy/: it's 5:30, just got back home from work. today i'm doing nothing. i'm litera…[View]
76560268i can't get myself to sympathize or feel bad for normal people or even people in decent social …[View]
76560014I'd rather go to hell than live with corny ass christian niggas for all of eternity[View]
76560145what does it mean when life gives you shit for free?[View]
76559924Being at the mercy of circumstances outside your control. There is no plan.[View]
76559381i need to see a psychiatrist but im too anxious to call[View]
76558330Men here need to be ballbusted then castrated and force-fed their own testicles.[View]
76558729internet reclamation: why have we not collectively decided to utilize existing sites that better ref…[View]
76558758Your dream wife[View]
76559302How come women tend to live life in the moment a lot more than men?[View]
76560123You're a volcel if you wouldn't date her.[View]
76556959why is being fat as a male seen as okay and normal but having disordered eating that makes you thin …[View]
76558993I really hate humans[View]
76560119Why do females pour themselves several glasses of wine while browsing the internet?[View]
76560118just found these epic mini posters. i love walking. dae just find things a lot?[View]
76560117Where do I find a femanon who I can wake up ever morning by bringing her coffee and eating her out? …[View]
76558638I was so close: In the past years I decided to try to escape the robot life. For a brief moment of a…[View]
76560099how do i learn to speak more clearly?: whenever i'm out with people i just get stressed out and…[View]
76558923I might be the biggest people pleaser on this board. I literally agreed on a relationship out of fe…[View]
76559991Tfw you have a regular size dick not the pussy destroyer 9000 dick. I want women to literally not ha…[View]
76555468Take the REAL redpill: Have you considered communism today, anons? >From each according to his a…[View]
76560042Thinking about how when at my current age (25) my grandparents and parents were already married, had…[View]
76558747are you a 'ebony twerk', 'asian solo', or 'milf pov' guy[View]
76559695>realize inceldom is rooted in left-wing thought and most are crypto-feminists or even flat out f…[View]
76558348Did your parents feed you well growing up? Avg height's been shrinking even when excluding immi…[View]
76557981>just edate bro[View]
76559564>meet a new girl every week >treat her like a queen, romance her, fuck her as deep as I can an…[View]
76557765It's the year 2044, Artificial general intelligence has revolutionized human relationships, rep…[View]
76556651I'm so far removed from reality, I can't even believe people actually have sex; it seems l…[View]
76557847Can I become intimidating as a 5'10 guy?[View]
76558135Anons if r9k im doing a survey and would appreciate to pick one of the two people in picture you wou…[View]
76558332Even normies have relationship difficulties; divorce, infidelity, abuse, etc. So why does it matter …[View]
76559692Why is Tinder filled with 8/10 who I have no chance with? I know Tinder is made to maximise misery f…[View]
76559796ive been alone for so long ive became bisexual. formerly gay. is this common for hermitcels?[View]
76559611I don't know if I can keep going on like this robots.[View]
76559630The way my parents talk about 1970s/80s NYC and how they grew up during that time makes me nostalgic…[View]
76559676That webm ruined my life: She's dead now... Prray for her[View]
76558645i'm addicted to seeing prostitutes, and it's taking a toll on my finances and i'm afr…[View]
76559578This is a very politically polarized time in the united states where everyone is obsessed with race …[View]
76557933How to motivate oneself?: I've always thought I wasnt motivated by external validation, not tha…[View]
76556882>20 and neet >dropped out of STEM degree >'surely i will find a job!' >every job offerin…[View]
76559645I am intensely attracted to my biological father. I want to fuck my dad more than anyone else. I am …[View]
76558663he ride the dick like a carnival[View]
76559301>dumb random literal who whore asking for like $15 on snapchat so she can buy something >tell …[View]
76558680hlep me mr 4chan :c[View]
76559358why the fuck does every single mod dev have to be a FAGGOT[View]
76558278Even attractive men have to do 99% of the work when it comes to dating. women make it marginally eas…[View]
76559560If war is not murder does that justify war rape?[View]
76558834I was socially stunted for the longest time. Just the way I grew up, not a lot of other kids in the …[View]
76559118>went to oil painting lessons >h8ted every second of it. I need to plot a new way to make mone…[View]
76558950I realized that i love being a round people but i don't quite have the social skills nor life e…[View]
76557443Advice someone with a average to small penis is tired of hearing and counter arguements: >>It…[View]
76559155Do haughty ojou types ever exist IRL? I have to suspect that at least one fembot out there at least …[View]
76558209>Yo Massa dat slave trahed ta rape me but he could not make aht past mah cheeks so could ya gahve…[View]
76559267>mfw posting on 4chan[View]
76557306Anyone here raised Catholic? Are you mad at God for your lot in life?[View]
76558858HELP: how the FUCK do I get rid of this shit? i tried drugs, porn, fast food, vidya, going outside, …[View]
76551668Why do so many Asian women feel the need to humiliate us Asian men? Ok, we get it: you prefer white …[View]
76557712Women and minorities have gotten more rights and more freedom than ever before and yet they still co…[View]
76556484Heard normies say the most brootal shit i've ever witnessed: I'm a first year engineering …[View]
76558443What should I do in my freetime? I just lay on the bed and wait for the night to go to sleep. Rece…[View]
76557789ricels rise up: rise up and give me your sisters number so i can save your bloodline[View]
76555592rate this argument between me and my boyfriend[View]
76557822How often do you think about suicide? I think about it daily[View]
76524040/r9gay/ - #2220: Bf store has closed edition Previous:>>76487196[View]
76554104Morals/morality: I spent the last few days laying in bed in opiate withdrawal and have been watching…[View]
76558976I took Adderall once and it gave me depression and didn't help with ADHD, now I realize that th…[View]
76558787How come pic related never happens? There are literal 10/10 guys with fat fetishes that will date to…[View]
76558970Turns out 'Married Men make 20% more money' is fake: It's on the level of the 20% male-female w…[View]
76555555Do you think there is a way to reset your mind once it has become too much deranged?[View]
76558873Reminder: Every day you choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.[View]
76558990'Rizz' is height and face. It is also another nigger word.[View]
76558723Regarding Germany's weed laws...: In 2021, Germany decided to indiscriminately illegalize loli …[View]
76557020>robot waifus will take over you femoids and we wont need you!!! oh no anon please dont replace m…[View]
76558931feminine faces give me uncanny valley and fight or flight responses no i don't like men either,…[View]
76558716I'm getting too much attention from women. Hear me out. Although I'm happily married with …[View]
76558788Is 50 balloons enough to throw a party?[View]
76555893Does semen retention help with willpower and reducing anxiety?[View]
76558009How do I become famous overnight? It seems like the only way to get women nowadays is to have either…[View]
76557949I've been fucking my big booty retarded mutt half sister So when I was 7 my mom married a nigge…[View]
76555502>tfw no gf(f) to play CK2 all day with and get married to after a year of that It's so fucki…[View]
76558757>Tyler ciche is guilty of a:: >Capitol crime[View]
76558725So I called my friend and he's alive yay thumbs up But I think his parents might have been tell…[View]
76551509Do you believe in some sort of afterlife brobots?[View]
76558688How Hard is It To Reach Power Seeker Tier?: Imagine what you'd be capable of if you conditioned…[View]
76555206I first watched anime 20+ years ago, now I think it's stupid. I think there's a reason car…[View]
76557546I just learned that it's apparently racist to keep hairstyles like dreadlocks and beaver tails …[View]
76557697Choose a plushie friend Do it now[View]
76558233hahahahaha look at all these DUMB IDIOT BAKAS. so many stupid bakas. doing stupid baka stuff. hahaha…[View]
76557004>taking a shower >hop out >drying assho- pause >'I forgot to wash my asshole, didn'…[View]
76558347I'm 31 and still afraid of women.[View]
76551676I was raped by a homosexual and I feel like a complete failure as a male[View]
76548606Quickly, name three reasons you haven't killed yourself yet![View]
76558498I won't let a woman take advantage of me. I won't let them trick or fool me. I will have n…[View]
76552979Have any of you ever gone on 4chan while within public view? Purposefully or otherwise? I once accid…[View]
76545702/britfeel/: Steven Morrissey edition[View]
76557692Why is the world so uneventful? 8 billion people and barely much happens . I think this is definite …[View]
76558354good morning i had weird dreams again and im sad[View]
76553712Where can I meet brapbeasts?[View]
76550896DO. THE. WORK.: That's all fun and all, but you should quit whining and: DO. THE. WORK.[View]
76558021If you don't have a job and I message you, I should not be getting one reply a day[View]
76558115sometimes it's best just to invite some frens over and play vidya[View]
76558051We're gonna delete sex from this board[View]
76557907Crack is just crack you haven't paid for[View]
76557733Hey faggots, if you're hoping to become a martyr for your cause, please don't choose a jok…[View]
76557737i used to cope as an early teen with not having an aesthetic face by saying >At least i look like…[View]
76556216cant draw blood when i cut: am i just a coward? using a flip knife. it just leaves red lines of infl…[View]
76556856I want to be a dad so badly. I wanna have a beautiful, healthy family. I'll wageslave as rigoro…[View]
76557669Whatever happened to Deus vult Caw remember that guy That still a thing[View]
76557170help: me again i dowloaded bumble a few hours ago and got matched with this really cute black girl i…[View]
76555632I feel very disconnected reading about people desiring love, relationships, sex. I have no desire fo…[View]
76556259make sure to brush your teeth daily or you'll get cavities[View]
76557377im tired of being a hater. do i need to try empathy and love?[View]
76557713society is more divided than ever before, I think this will have dire consequences.[View]
76558044There's something missing in my life and this world: I can never be happy in this world, it…[View]
76556155What is the good life?[View]
76555131Ok femanons I went and had a shower, haircut, shaved, cleaned my pp, bunghole and I even put on some…[View]
76557954I am introducing my gf to my parents today[View]
76556820I WISH TO BE BALLS DEEP IN A PUSSY: GODDMAN fUCKIN HELL i just cant take it anymore I just to fuck a…[View]
76557636i am still manifesting my lesbian bff who will save me by forcing me to talk about my feelings. /fit…[View]
76557851SUCCESS in life: Success and accomplishment is relative. This is what you fag-fags dont understand. …[View]
76557656Anonymity is over: The Internet wont be anonymous in 2040 At least people will stop talking shit abo…[View]
76555754New feminist hobby: Lately a lot of misandrist hate has been building up in me and I've had a l…[View]
76555493>That time an Asian woman's BWC fetish changed the course of Japanese history forever…[View]
76557758I walk up in the club right? (yeeh) I got patron in my cup right? (yeeh) I see a hoe on the dance fl…[View]
76557594Incel Uprising, Day One: [SCENE: a suburban house on a Monday afternoon] Pretty Blonde Girl >Chad…[View]
76557644>reguarly say 'i want to stab and eat girls' >bio is 'i eat girls' >tell a friend about my…[View]
76557671>hahaha look at him, autism hahaha so cute and funny like a little dog[View]
76555319Are (You) immune to online propaganda and psyop efforts?[View]
76557331Oftentimes lately i have the most powerful feelings of nostalgia for when i was a child. its like wh…[View]
76555972I am 27 and have never had a job, finished highschool, and have no drivers license. I feel like my l…[View]

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