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65840024>tfw day by day losing my chance of having young homosexual experiences while I'm still cute…[View]
65840795>got limp dick tonight what the fuck? How embarrassing, and also I at pussy for 15 minutes with n…[View]
65839028I got a fat girlfriend. thoughts? it's the best I could do[View]
65837427I will never love anyone as much as I love my mother[View]
65841439My friend complains about how people at work think shes 33. So to make her feel worse I brag about h…[View]
65840479are you too boring or too over-the-top and cringe[View]
65841273I hate women so much I think I'm becoming prison gay[View]
65841388You're not a cuck You're a voyeur[View]
65841191Do you guys never think it's weird how hungry for sex men are? Like even the men in my own fami…[View]
65841054should boys aim to keep their chastity and only reveal their bussy to their husbands, or should they…[View]
65841248NEET here. Have never moved my ass to work nor gained my own money whatsoever. Therefore I don'…[View]
65840803This video will change your life, Robots. Embrace normality. Get a job.[View]
65840805I genuinely don't understand 90% of women. >women admit they get lots of men chasing them, b…[View]
65841227I'm in love with Sydney Harwin, even though she's a whore. How do I shake off this miserab…[View]
65841049>No one owes you anything This is true. This is why I have stopped feeling guilty when I do anyth…[View]
65840330>zinc >ashwaghanda >nofap >viagra >full balls and rock hard dick >then getting a f…[View]
65840930just ate a hamburger and two brownies send help[View]
65840496You don't get it. You really don't get it. You don't know what it's like for me,…[View]
65836989Those who have gotten blowjobs. You remember your first one?[View]
65840920I think misery is severely reduced when you realize your expectations are never going to be met.[View]
65840364>incels with left-leaning politics H-how? Isn't that, like, a contradiction?…[View]
65840928Why is every 'decent' thread fucking getting deleted but people can be posting diaper stuff non stop…[View]
65840279Women are pathetic but at the same time they are owning men in society.[View]
65840004Any wagies who actually enjoy their job like me?[View]
65839746Fembots, why dont you just bulkmaxx and pull a BF into your gravitational orbit??[View]
65841024why am I so envious of people with more attractive partners of people with more money than me who ha…[View]
65840262https://voca.ro/112n6Y3wVGrJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qPOWeA-L5I[View]
65839393if you're an incel, why not just go to war? you could probably gangrape some women with your pl…[View]
65834266'She doesn't owe you anything': Why do so many people, especially women, seem to think this way…[View]
65839131Anybody want to vc until I sleep?: Im lonely and want friends.[View]
65840705>female comes here to complain >>stand around >>no one came up to me! WELCOME TO EVER…[View]
65840908>Only one kitten, Anon? But don't cats have, like, several babies a litter? Did your kitty e…[View]
65838764trans women are better than bio women. prove me wrong. >trans women have experienced what it…[View]
65840041I need the fluffy to heal me!![View]
65840562I'd say that people don't give fishing the time of day. I always try and get friends to hi…[View]
65840886>No, Anon, I'm not going to do that. I'm your sister, not your girlfriend Fuck this gay…[View]
65840839i take a breather and sigh[View]
65839675BLACKED dot com: funded by rabbis consumed by poo skin incels[View]
65839784Did you know humans can't think without language?[View]
65840276Anguish and suffering....[View]
65840018To robots stressed about balding: if you're fugly with hair, you'll be fucked without. If …[View]
65840574OpenTTD: Come play internet trains with me. Get the game https://www.openttd.org My game is on invi…[View]
65840280new idea what if we ate food that stops the horny? do you know any?[View]
65840472Whiskey and coke, margarita, vodka cranberry, or beer?[View]
65838392Why don't incels just talk to women?: >REEEE it's impossible for me to get a gf Have yo…[View]
65840673>She tells me it's going to be another month in chastity How do I escape this toxic relation…[View]
65840153NO NORMIES OR WOMEN ALLOWED: ITT! We tell a green text story 2 lines at a time. >Be me >Feel i…[View]
65840782>name is Ian >bullied whole school life by being called Ian Peein' >known only as 'p…[View]
65840753This guy is a faggot and this show is very very bad thank you[View]
65839744>Be me >Living in an apartment complex of around 200 people >Drinking last night >Met th…[View]
65840613Women are selfish, and weird.: Why do so many married women complain that their husbands want to hav…[View]
65836582ex-homosexuals: what do you think of ex-homosexuals? is it possible to change? if you can realize la…[View]
65840533anyone have any dark secrets? When i was 15 I had homicidal thoughts Not that i would of acted on th…[View]
65840547White men belong as sissy girlfriends for Asian BVLLS.[View]
65836984any poorfags that can't activate windows?[View]
65840643hi everyone look at what im drawing desu[View]
65838446why wont any kind robots vc with me until i fall asleep?[View]
65840683I'm suicidal and I want to join a cult. Preferably one with lots of drugs. How do I do this?[View]
65832633>Is white >doesn't pick up his free Asian gf at the nearest college…[View]
65839792What's with all of the circumcision bitching threads on this board lately? I'm a cutfag my…[View]
65840543I have to wake up soon but I am so sleepy I could pass out[View]
65838603Where do I find a fat femanon who does nothing but play FFXIV and eat all day[View]
65840291>So you're the one that was talking shit about japanese people? Apologize now or i will punc…[View]
65837926Hello /r9k/: Im drinking in the woods with my buddy. How are you doing today frens. Cheers[View]
65840499You are a subhuman cuckold[View]
65840315How do i cope with only being 6'0 in height?[View]
65840487I fucking hate NFTs: the worst part is I know its gonna catch on an people making shitty monkeys are…[View]
65840482got my prostate all in a tizzy[View]
65837514Marriage and Family: Does /r9k/ want to get married some day? Does /r9k/ want a family?[View]
65838805>Got baby trapped by a fembot Don't be a retard like me, robots. The pussy isn't worth …[View]
65839713NEETs: I wish I could stay NEET forever. I don't want to work. How many of you are NEETs but d…[View]
65840003Just fapped to gay porn: Forgive me father, for I have sinned, in what I have done and what I have f…[View]
65839939Ask a neet who makes $1685 per month in neetbux anything at all bros and wagies[View]
65840378I wish i was a normalfaggot its not fair i have no friends to go drink on the weekend with[View]
65839856Dick doesn't even poke out of panties when hard. Why am I such a dicklette bros?[View]
65840322>masturbating >see a crow OH GOD OH FUCK[View]
65840220I've been so out of your reach for so long and regretting not talking to you more, I should…[View]
65840217Non virgin anon here to tell you that having a girlfriend is as good as you think, but the emotional…[View]
65839850Match with me: Unmatch a few monutes later or doesn't even send one message... Getting ghosted …[View]
65837889>going to dropout of Highschool soon[View]
65839601>you'll never bang the prime minister[View]
65839579Lonely People: If you feel lonely and you have no one to talk with this is your thread. Come here an…[View]
65839349If you won't date an overweight girl, you shouldn't complain about girls who won't da…[View]
65838031Celtic women are the only women worthy of respect.[View]
65840029Favourites Thread: Roast me all you want fags but post your own for christs sake.[View]
65838314Thank You: I don't know where to submit this, so I'll do it here. I want to thank the mode…[View]
65839575how much would you pay to take a girls virginity[View]
65840064If you have this phenotype you are FUCKED.[View]
65839556>be me >me be >goddamn >I am >I can >post and >sneed me >roll me…[View]
65837735>tired af from working extra for without fair payout >decide to quit job >boss promises a h…[View]
65840178FREE USE: Admit it ladies, you want men to fuck you without any warning.[View]
65839249Should I get into skateboarding at 23?: Or is that cringe and should I focus on making money instead…[View]
65840132about to play valorant with a friend. is this a good game lads?[View]
65840151Requirements for getting a gf. >Be in good physical condition (not obese or skinny) >Have a hi…[View]
65840146Everyone I know is successful but me, even those who I thought wouldn't make it in life are hap…[View]
65835886Imagine how shocking it is for normal people to visit 4chan: Imagine browsing 4chan for the first ti…[View]
65835846Chad Bar: Hey bots, I escaped from this place, and now I want to help fellow ro-bros escape from /r9…[View]
65839970I'm not a creative shitposter anymore[View]
65840047NEETs what are you gonna do when your parents die? Live in an autistic group home? Kek[View]
65839460Chad greentext: Greentext about the chaddest thing you've ever done. I'll start >second…[View]
65839987Fembots, did you ever experiment sexually with your brother?[View]
65839963Jesus christ, I don't fit in anywhere, do I? I get along, sure, but holy fuck, I can't fin…[View]
65839684It's all chen's gensokyo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzWv00NFyNI[View]
65839844Why are self-loathing and depression so glorified these days? Every time I go online to any website …[View]
65839529>be dysgenic middle son >older brother died months after being born due to accident >little…[View]
65839958Hey femanons: I have an important question to ask, I recently learned that girls do infact urinate a…[View]
65836049>dad works all week so i grow up with mom >randomly freaks out and yells at me over nonsense s…[View]
65837810Are there seriously people out there attracted to trannies?: Has anyone here ever personally met a g…[View]
65836713Is Feminism actually Based?: Equality for both sexes. Pro-Womens rights. What's not to like?…[View]
65838595>hate indians >they are conservative >they keep traditions >they are religious >most …[View]
65839647That hairy, stinky squish pocket has been marinating all day. And Chad gets home at night and get to…[View]
65838418I would fuck a mtf tranny but not a ftm. What does that say about me?[View]
65839830Im On the Fucking Edge: I feel on the brink of having an explosive breakdown where I hail shit all o…[View]
65838433How does it change your view on someone (male) if you learn they had sex in high school?[View]
65839683Any of you bots like to end times watch?: Who else is just enjoying work and sitting back watching t…[View]
65839768>shut the fuck up cuh >br uh you get no bitches >that's cool but i don't remember…[View]
65839594>most incels are nonwhite >most incel mass shooters are white…[View]
65839706Any robots here had a threesome before? How was it?[View]
65838522I have the whole house to myself for today. Now I can relax.[View]
65838230>tfw no revolution gf[View]
65838502Robot Trait Verification Thread: As I continue my journey of trying to understand how to characteriz…[View]
65839488The zombie apocalypse happens, but it turns out the disease can't spread in permafrost/tundra c…[View]
65839109>go on Sugarbaby.co >most of these women are actually gorgeous >I could also switch to diff…[View]
65839515This is Apu. Do you know why he's posted so often on here? Because he is the fetishization of w…[View]
65836455>be me >be lonely young adult >meet girl from this board to play vidya with >start to li…[View]
65839718>be me >be me >be me WHY?????? WHYYYYYY????…[View]
65836236I am 21 years old and I've probably had fewer meaningful life experiences than the average 15 y…[View]
65839707https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qcW0oiLKHg Darling, so share with me Your love if you have enough Y…[View]
65839470What's the point: Why even get a gf, I've never met a person who wasn't interchangeab…[View]
65837975I finally had the balls to: buy the lubricant at the self checkout lane at my local grocery store.…[View]
65838833>be baby faced twink >girls obviously not into me >get 11 tinder likes in a week >turn s…[View]
65838323evade fbi: it is that easy? huh[View]
65838540imagine getting hard to any type of 3dpd[View]
65839200https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3MMTmlL48g the new melty blood is hard. tfw no melty blood frens to…[View]
65838454Praying works God and the spiritual plane loves everyone We have been alive forever and will be, for…[View]
65839557should SSRIs and circumcision be illegal[View]
65827743What happens when robots become teachers. Bullied relentlessly by Chads again[View]
65838844We playing skribbl come join https://skribbl.io/?U07CWKifPicg[View]
65837415how do you get gaming friends[View]
65838875i passed out, like completely blacked out drunk and woke up stiff and cold. on the one hand i'm…[View]
65839402how can I cum faster? I am on ssris that make it take FOREVER to cum, I get tired of having sex with…[View]
65839311imagine the feeling of cumming in a fembot's mouth[View]
65839328How do you corrupt innocent christian boys into faggatry?[View]
65838795>tfw my grandfather is more handsome at 74 than I am at 20 I guess it's true. An old man tha…[View]
65839345How much do normalfags actually care about people being attracted to teenagers? Nowadays you'll…[View]
65839444Dental issues: Anons, should I get gum grafts once i get the money? In late 2029, I got a cavity, so…[View]
65839514Who else 178 score at the LSAT? I'm gonna make it bros, i'm gonna go to Stanford!!!!![View]
65839356>'yaaawn, hey babe whatcha lookin at? oh, my cock? well ill need to hear you beg a bit before you…[View]
65838662>when you think of the possibility that you've interacted with a female on here…[View]
65838128>chick from work ghosts my text about going out to lunch >now she wants me to pick up her work…[View]
65839382Is Chester Brown a robot? >is a balding white manlet in vancouver >gets an asian gf >she…[View]
65839052Any fembots want to vc and watch some anime?[View]
65837962Can I just get some (You)s on this gif I clipped[View]
65838656good evening r9k!!!: its 1am! my favourite time of the day. i am feeling nice today. and i think i l…[View]
65839360What determines the Smell of fart?: Lately Im more and more curious about that. Like Recently for ex…[View]
65839353II found out today that if I installed an RGB light to my desktop it would not work.[View]
65839231>be me >drunk college girl begs me to fuck her >refuse because she was too drunk…[View]
65838640How do you know that this world isn't just another world's Hell?[View]
65837906>jack off >cry what the fuck[View]
65839279are there any apps for andriod where you can have a virtual pet or something like that? especially o…[View]
65836075Male Vtubers: How hard is it to become one? I was thinking about it; not with a straight up facecam …[View]
65838779>Halloween coming soon >feeling overwhelmingly dead inside as of late and want to do something…[View]
65836253I'm going to Japan for a semester next year: During my time there, I'm going to find a chu…[View]
65839213>Be me >Get the mega red >Take it >mfw im literally redpilled…[View]
65838753misanthropy general: there's nothing i hate more than seeing normies, especially groups of wome…[View]
65838961https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/65834192/#65834738 Bros, she initiated. I am gonna make it.[View]
65835686There are white supremacists on this board.[View]
65839110I don't understand incels: Why don't you just have sex? It's not hard.[View]
65838754I want a lesbian to seduce my future gf.[View]
65838213Hobby recommendations: I want to have a hobby since I dont have one. I just coom all day everyday am…[View]
65834759What would the men's version of this be like?[View]
65837016FEMALE FORSAKEN FETISHES: >What is your most shameful fetish? >How did you develop it? >Are…[View]
65837426Can I just get some (You)s on this Webm I clipped[View]
65838510I enjoy suffering, ask me anything.[View]
65835401I want to impregnate a girl who does nothing but masturbate and stay in her room all day playing WoW…[View]
65839029they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not reall…[View]
65839013Is going to college worth it if I only want a job that will make me 40-50k a year?[View]
65838684>like boys >get accused of being prison/porn gay >get on psych meds that destroy my libido …[View]
65838870>What if Taylor Swift is the Stanley Kubrick of music? That was an actual question my daughter as…[View]
65835459FEMBOT CONCUBINAGE: How do you answer this? >Ok fembot, what do you bring to the harem?…[View]
65837879In a hole in the ground there lived a NEET. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of wo…[View]
65838612I have a really bad habit but I can't shake it what do?[View]
65838829I have enough money to go by and nothing else to do (no hobbies, no gf, no church, etc). Should I go…[View]
65837091>be me back in 8th grade >been writing and drawing on stalls like everyone else >nobody was…[View]
65838721I want to eat ass so bad Any fembots want to let me lick their ass?[View]
65838577Whats wrong with me anons?: I can`t go a minute without doing a routine that I can`t break. Go up or…[View]
65837329Day 2 of trying to turn into eugenia: since I posted, I had 394 calories yesterday but I slipped up …[View]
65837910how did you learn what a jordan was. from your parents, your siblings, your friends, or the internet…[View]
65837834Women who are fat, and get big fat breasts from it should never lose weight. If they do they will lo…[View]
65838431Would you raise an autistic diaper shitting puppy?[View]
65837981>tfw you get for an annual physical and the doctor asks how many sexual partners you've had …[View]
65838571Will 36 pills of codeine phosphate (30mg each) be enough to kill me or will l just become a vegetabl…[View]
65838704Daily Posture Thread: after the rain, capetown edition back exercises: https://www.menshealth.com/fi…[View]
65838701friends app: Is there a good app for meeting friends who don't want to go out and engage in soc…[View]
65838579>make sure to wipe down that atm, wagie![View]
65838695Take a sip. I dare you.[View]
65837141Normies are taking over the board with their sex threads and other trash. What the fuck do we do?[View]
65838568So... nobody is going to mention that society doesn't give a shit about men lives? Meanwhile th…[View]
65838659What if women were as desperate as men when it comes finding a partner? Preferably one that's t…[View]
65838141>be a loser factory wagie with no real social relationships for years post-high school >finall…[View]
65838669I'm sad: Imagine what it must be like for a girl to finally reciprocate our feelings Too bad we…[View]
65838554greentexts: just watched a greentext post get nuked cause OP managed to claw his way out of inceldom…[View]
65838374Informal marriages are real and inexpensive so why won't women just get married for free?: POO …[View]
65838558>had a nightmare where I was a large black man's rape slave[View]
65835122Are Balkan niggas really like this?[View]
65838450at some point in history some retard really said 'oh man i am so bored of being free in this giganti…[View]
65837692What are some good ways to make people at the office think you're alpha? Eg >giving yourself…[View]
65830599Black women GTOW: I just watch that video where a black women complains about how black men start da…[View]
65838064daily reminder that truly ugly women has about as many options as you robots[View]
65838380I got kidnapped by a crossdresser in his late 20s. He told me if I was nice he wouldn't hurt m…[View]
65837268Girls would forgive and fuck these guys who spike their drinks before having sex with any of us.[View]
65835298Is a girl with a similar taste in music as you a redflag?[View]
65838396stop watching e celebrities anon[View]
65836020>talking to a girl online over voice chat >she keeps saying how shes so isolated and a complet…[View]
65838354I have made the forbidden soup.[View]
65838334Late night feels bar: It's getting cold out, come inside for a drink buddy.[View]
65837331>be me >have leaky asshole >normal asshole a few days ago >wipe clear >confused >b…[View]
65837850It's weird how most sexologists and sociologists have no problem admitting that people who comm…[View]
65836133making fun of women is great and all /r9k/ros, but lets be honest here, women aren't all bad ri…[View]
65837967Why hasn't autism been sexually selected out of existence? Many things females like (or say the…[View]
65838277>tfw no funny MoonTellThat gf[View]
65838075How do i make friends outside?[View]
65838217>put in effort >get results This is the one fact of life I'll never be able to fully un…[View]
65833743Kpop, Korean movies, Korean dramas on Netflix: What's the agenda here? Why are the elite NWO ty…[View]
65837401Any other big linebacker body type meso-endo motherfuckers in here? Feels good to just be strong as…[View]
65838204>doing a job interview for a apprenticeship job >enter the almost empty room >3 female 'Psy…[View]
65838004Do you guys think it's possible to spend so much of your youth alone that you become unable to …[View]
65837757Stop posting tranny cock you guys are making me question my heterosexuality.[View]
65838200Recently like the past 6 months maybe i started meditating i have TERRIBLE anxiety to the point wher…[View]
65836743imagine being controlled by the moon[View]
65837884I desperately need a gf but I'm short as fuck and I look like a child next to other adults, wha…[View]
65836172So basically I just found out that red sprites are a thing and I am legitimately terrified. That shi…[View]
65837087>tfw troons ruin everything they touch >terfs and feminists in general are annoying as hell …[View]
65838082Shit, and although it still isn't clear if the remains are his, I think the fucker actually off…[View]
65835116this board is dead, nothing more than redditincel refugees, trannies, and /pol/fags spamming threads…[View]
65838090Sup losers It's me. The one you all look up to[View]
65835684do robots like candy?[View]
65838013you don't actually think psychologists know a damn about you or themselves, right?[View]
65837324anybody know how to animate videos? i have an idea for a youtube video[View]
65835728Why was i born ugly[View]
65835976Do you feel completely defeated at this point? On a scale of 0-5 how defeated do you feel? I am like…[View]
65838005What's sippy's discord? I have a message for her.[View]
65836921>The idea of suicide has become something of a comfort to me >Almost obsessively think about i…[View]
65837744You cannot compete unless your BIG[View]
65836080She has >anons birthday in her calendar. I am going to make it. We are all going to make it, bro…[View]
65836896We used to keep women off this board How far it has fallen any male space infiltrated by women is do…[View]
65837956I've started taking one of my mother's tranquilizers while I was really stressed with uni,…[View]
65837608Anon i miss you: Seriously bro i love you and i wish you made me laugh in person and i knew the real…[View]
65836135You have been practicing your scales, haven't you anon?[View]
65833355How do normies tell each other apart?[View]
65836868Chad lite here, I've just realised the final redpill. It's a more preferable life to be s…[View]
65835693ADHD isn't real, you just lack self-discipline[View]
65836450Backwaters shitskin looking to make fren from first world: Want to learn more about your world. Abo…[View]
65837621>buy fake followers on IG >set catfish/angle fraud profile picture >DM as many roasties as …[View]
65836807best job for robots: If you want a job with a low entry level that pays well and will leave you with…[View]
65837804i spend 30$ on chinese food and im not even full[View]
65833642>female uni friend bends over to pick something up >panties show >cute blue thong >pr…[View]
65837783old flarp[View]
65837661Is missing out on teen love really that big of a deal? Is it really that unique of an experience?[View]
65836997Literally the only thing I want is a white girl.[View]
65837203The top 20% of men are having sex with the top 80% of women. What the fuck have you done lately?[View]
65837718Why do therapists and psychologists tell ugly people to say 'I am beautiful' even when they're …[View]
65837615Generation Alpha (2010-2025): What will Gen Alpha be like? We've already seen that, despite ear…[View]
65837267>brother comes to visit from Denmark >every night he sleeps at the couch and complains at the…[View]
65835753Anyone else here in a pretty stable life (job, wife) but has no friends? I don't even have onli…[View]
65837607You're all normal: I can't identify with any of you. I'm good looking, I can act like…[View]
65833742Femcels: Why should men care about apparent 'femcels' whenever women view incels as being lower than…[View]
65837117women: >uhm actually sweaty the incel movement was started by women how do they take themselves s…[View]
65836416Not a single woman ever looked at me, not a single one ever showed interest in me. Not one gave me s…[View]
65837195Should I date my own Sister? Help me I don't know what to do.: Last night I broke down to her a…[View]
65835672so ive met the 3rd girl this month so far from a dating app, we walked a little throuhg the city and…[View]
65835390>somehow get invited to a Halloween party What do you dress up as?[View]
65836449Lost to alcohol: >drinking late at night w my friend >about 6 or 7 twisted teas deep >start…[View]
65837413>listening to Killswitch Engage >playing Everquest just boomer moments…[View]
65835230i wish i lived in siberia man its much nicer there i could be living my dream house dream wife kill…[View]
65837131>get a minimum wage job >save some money(8k) >last for at least 8 months >quit without s…[View]
65834634>6ft isn't incel height bro, because it's higher than average b-: C O P E T O T H E M A…[View]
65835572I hate porn: I seriously cant get hard to it anymore. Everything seems so fake and forced. Over time…[View]
65836904Got left on seen again, why can't girls just reply with a no, it would be so much simpler[View]
65836957Who the fuck looks at this world and goes like yeah, I'll force another human to meaningless ex…[View]
65836593NEETbros I don't feel so good. I'm working on a novel but can't find the right words.[View]
65836661>tfw 6'5 manlet It's over isn't it? I will never ever feel a woman's warmth.…[View]
65835233What's the best way to die without actually dying? Sleep?[View]
65837358why can't i just shut the fuck up sometimes?: >be me >at the time 16 >history class …[View]
65837217How successful do you believe yourself to be on a scale of ten?[View]
65836970i want a crystal cafe gf who calls me a stupid moid and makes me send her money and constantly remin…[View]
65837085I'm the hottest guy on Howlr[View]
65837258Applying to jobs: I have not applied to jobs in years and I am super anxious and sweating bullets ju…[View]
65835266Anybody like the new androind update? Now my boss can reach me no matter how I fuck up my phone in c…[View]
65836952>dental hygienist leaned against me again today >felt her pussy twitch Another appointment in …[View]
65836155I'm gonna kms. I have no future being terminally 5'8.[View]
65836353Assuming you could live in the UK, which path would you take?[View]
65836821You will be harvested by Martians. You will be eaten by Martians, and you will be happy.[View]
65836368heightism is far, far worse than racism short kings, rise up![View]
65837020You're walking down an isolated street and you encounter this person. He starts talking to you …[View]
65836846can you explain to me what based means[View]
65815248/MBTI/: Hate is a source of strength edition. If you don't know: >Test: https://sakinorva.ne…[View]
65836369what boards do you use besides r9k: for me it's /pol/ and /x/. I also like trolling trannies on…[View]
65830728Reminder that you just need to lose weight to escape inceldom[View]
65836663There are shy, fat femanons with gigantic titties and a hairy pussy among us on this very board. Fu…[View]
65836525What is your highest aspiration, anon?[View]
65834962When I cum, for a brief few seconds, I feel like I can rule the world. What drug emulates this?[View]
65836867There are two different types of trannies in modern era: 1. Trannies who were set on puberty blocker…[View]
65836822>be me >around 8 years old >used to think my perants tried to posin me with rat posion or w…[View]
65836691Covid and cons: There haven't been anime conventions in Finland for almost 2 years because of c…[View]
65835000>be me, depressed, paranoid, and self hating for several months >bored >onions jak good goy…[View]
65835529Which of your relatives do you like the least?[View]
65836664When I was in elementary school a girl told me her family came to the US from Romania and I thought …[View]
65836257Robots in college, how's it going so far? >be male in large american public university >w…[View]
65831623Anyone else not attracted to their race? I'm a Latino and i grew up in a small town where the L…[View]
65836777I'm a 25 year old guy with no direction in life. I've done some jobs and sometimes I work …[View]
65834917Why do robots see women as completely interchangeable? If I try to talk and make a connection with a…[View]
65836357>women like sensitive men The word for such women is lesbian. Discuss.[View]
65835879there is no way you are supposed to raise a child. your 'helping' and 'lessons' …[View]
65836265>Grug wants to commit unlive >Shaman give Grug happy berries >Grug better but still no reas…[View]
65836232>there are fembots here who want to rub bald robot heads well what are you waiting for you headin…[View]
65836040>be me >in honors english class >teacher always praises my vocab >i thank thesaurus.com …[View]
65833834What does it mean when a girl wants to peg you? Does it mean that you're cute in a beta way? Th…[View]
65834798Women and laughter: Why do women laugh nonstop? I've realized this just now. When I go out, the…[View]
65835977Am i the only one who is freaked out that the only thing that holds your upper half of your body to …[View]
65836275I'm a 6'0 manlet. No woman will ever love me.[View]
65835852Hey anon! You're smelly.[View]
65835166>white women want non-white men only >non-white women want white men only I'm still havin…[View]
65832389my penis didnt work again last night and I'm only 24. are there any other ways besides viagra? …[View]
65836318>tfw I used to feel a sense of accomplishment through learning through study, or through physical…[View]
65835223>be me >jerk off before going to class >teacher calls me 'angel' >seems distracted >s…[View]
65834966https://tagmap.io/browse Why aren't you using this? Don't you want to make friends?[View]
65836442My father abandonned me and my gf didn't know what to say: >Be me >normal day with my gf,…[View]
65835713fellow anon does anybody knows how can I download any video from internet for example :Microsoft tea…[View]
65836487Sydney harwin is my mommy!!! Do you like her stuff?[View]
65833958should I buy a fleshlight? im kinda curious[View]
65836103Would this feel good to a girl?: > put girl in doggy style position > insert thumb into her v…[View]
65835698>anon you gotta be more extroverted and less angry at job, here in the construction site we gotta…[View]
65836445Don't you just looooooove mommy Sydney?[View]
65834606>sit at a bus stop a few weeks ago >see some girl eagerly chat with some guy, laughing at what…[View]
65834735There are lonely virgin fembots on this board that need to get bent over and manhandled.[View]
65836341I'm gonna kms. I have no future being terminally 6'0.[View]
65836294high and need to talk to people: If misery loves company then tell me yours[View]
65836333Imagine not getting any ass in the slut big butt era: Almodt a week ago I have an interview with thi…[View]
65835829Greetings from math class, AMA.[View]
65835932Will You Get A GF This Year? (0% or less required to be a robot): The person with the lowest percent…[View]
65836085How does r9k feel about Nora from Queens?[View]
65835898What happened to all the actual robots?[View]
65835934How do I stop self sabotage?[View]
65836115Just scaped from the psych ward and there's something that I want to ask you guys: >How does…[View]
65832731am fembot, how do i make myself cute so i can get friends who dont pity me and an average boyfriend …[View]
65835873Why are girls suddenly hitting on me? One even texted my name with a heart today. I even stopped tr…[View]
65834314*starts pushing your head towards girlpenis*[View]
65835449>tfw johnny depp was the good guy[View]
65836002I am the smartest person in the world AMA[View]
65834784>*watches you*[View]
65835687>staring at girl >eye contact[View]
65835986What's the toughest situation you've had to face? How did you manage to pull yourself out …[View]
65834741so, what do I say to a girl when she approaches me due to my looks, but I'm a retard loser with…[View]
65834725We are done for: Are... are you guys really believing the anti-vaxx shills? You do realize they…[View]
65834481>Download Dating App because fuck it >Finally get a match >try to ease into conversation …[View]
65835216Is it really over or nah[View]
65835702But what does the Bible *actually* say about defecating on your mother in the middle of the night?[View]
65835895random greentext out of boredom, just popped into my mind >be me >autist >live in the UK …[View]
65835536Day 12 semen retention: Bros I feel like I have so much energy. But the urges are so strong it is cr…[View]
65835859>son brings home frog >it literally rees like the meme >not old enough to have pets, so yan…[View]
65835834Have you ever stalked anybody/were you ever stalked? Why?[View]
65834668What does /r9k/ think of speed dating?[View]
65835770This is the most offensive thing I've read in some time: >How does it feel to know that wome…[View]
65832864Any older zoomers hate the younger tik-tok generation of zoomers? >Be 23 >culturally closer to…[View]
65835600>tfw you eat a whole pan of hamburger helper for lunch again[View]
65835050I have no idea what physical intimacy feels like I have no idea what physical intimacy feels like I …[View]
65835748tfw comfy rain and thunder overhead[View]
65835077I did it. I defeated a penguin.[View]
65835228>desperately want to be loved and adored and appreciated for my creative work >don't want…[View]
65835755>be me >in hs (18 yr old senior) >in drama club because clubs were mandatory and I like act…[View]
65832767what's on your mind, anonymous[View]
65835633Anyone just gaslight yourself to hate people that open up to you because you cant be bothered to dea…[View]
65835356Anybody know the backstory with her?[View]
65835557i don't fit in with gay/female 'yassss slay' 'it's giving' 'that's a mood periodt' 'i…[View]
65835481Whenever I look at a woman I can't help but think how over it would be for her if she was born …[View]
65832373What's the point in me liking girls with big boobs if I won't ever have a gf with them[View]
65835352Anyone here watch Ken Domik?[View]
65835101>most mass shooters are autists Why don't normies treat them better instead of going after i…[View]
65828597What are your honest thoughts on Chris-Chan, /r9k/? Do you see any similarities between yourself and…[View]
65835530I signed up to Hinge and all the girls I'm seeing are way out of my league. What dating app let…[View]
65835503Are you really a robot if you've never made a sex pillow before?[View]
65835381should i just kill myself? has the world gone mad? should all of this be allowed? we are we headed? …[View]
65819252/r9gay/ - #1538: boys hugging edition. Just kidding, it's actually an anti-gay thread. Reminder…[View]
65833253R.I.P.: REST IN POWER Colonel, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya Muammar Muhamma…[View]
65835427anyone else notice how fat people waddle like penguins? now that I've noticed it I can't u…[View]
65835497im not even gay but Azn girldongs get me hard.[View]
65835447>when she forgets to take her ADHD medication[View]
65834538>Be America >Be the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah >Muslims were right >It is the great S…[View]
65835413Hey would you like to go out sometime? Like on a date?[View]
65833308>mid-20s >thought I had my life figured out with owning a house my own and having a well paid …[View]
65834846What the fuck happened to this board I left for a few months and come back to see a bunch of posts m…[View]
65834163Why do I have to be ugly[View]
65833312I jacked off to gender bent elliot Rodger: Can I come back from this?[View]
65832784christ thread: >was institutionalized in the deep of the mental ward for psychosis >story shor…[View]
65834672i cant help but think im really fucking ugly. i only see imperfections and how much i dont look like…[View]
65834905POC WOMEN OF R9K: How often do you mog white women? Do you remind them that they can't compete?…[View]
65834132How was sex in 1850?[View]
65832858Guys I think I'm starting to like demon slayer[View]
65834745hollywood superstars brad pitt and tom cruise would be incels today because they're both manlet…[View]
65833733Everyone who is not a defeatist: How do you cope with life and the illusion that you are going to ma…[View]
65835277Do you regret having spent so much time on the internet?[View]
65835264Why are black woman so nice to me aleays? Not trying to hate blame or bait but the only woman treati…[View]
65834850is it a good idea to get a fat girlfriend and then try to get her to lose weight? I met this girl of…[View]
65834806What kind of manga do you guys read?[View]
65835098Wtf is this shit?: >be me >just had colonoscopy >in hospital bed recovering >doctor won…[View]
65834947I see a lot of weird and sometimes I suspect only half joking homoerotic type stuff on this forum. I…[View]
65834673do you guys tell your friends about your weird interests i genuinely love yuri (i write fanfics too…[View]
65833114robot doctor checking in: >age >height >weight >what are you doing for your health right…[View]
65834870why is r9k so boring this year[View]
65834345wat if neets are actually elevated and some form of modern day buddhists who secretly feel disgust a…[View]
65834739kitsune flavored marriage should it be legal?[View]
65832606incels: >why are women so mean to ugly men! grr im going to commit mass shootings because i get t…[View]
65835028I want everyone who isnt me to stop existing.[View]
65834828anon is an aggressive sub[View]
65834278I want an incel to empty is balls into my throat[View]
65835020why you coming home at five in the morn somethings going on let me smell your dick https://www.yout…[View]
65835005>can only be awake 8 hours a day or so or else I go into a mental breakdown…[View]
65833430Are... are you guys really getting expiremental gene treatment vaccines? Please tell me none of you …[View]
65830481Any Sydney Harwin fans here? She's my favorite Incest porn actress.[View]
65832695>a fembot will never shoot you for refusing to kiss her[View]
65834835Simp culture is love of Womyn: Simp culture is celebrating and rewarding the cultural importance of …[View]
65834071Remind me again why white women aren't a religion already? I just want to go to church every Su…[View]
65834494how do u get game[View]
65834558FEMBUTTS: Fembutts, when did you first realize that you needed to be sodomized? Be honest now.…[View]
65832874I'm almost 30 and my 19 year old coworker seems to be hitting on me. Should I? Would you?[View]
65833690I want a dommy mommy. Not the gfd kind that will baby and pamper me and is always nice like a fantas…[View]
65830869>a girl adds you from 4chan >talks actively for a couple of days >after that never talks to…[View]
65834816sleep paralysis is comfy and I never saw scary things while having it, I'm just awake but unabl…[View]
65834736It finally happened... I dont like videogames and my new hobby is cooming all things related to it t…[View]
65834686If I'm going to be homeless by the end of the year, what's a good way to find someone who …[View]
65834788>tfw no lactating gf[View]
65830735OK robots listen up, here's how to leave this board and get yourself a GF. >first, you need …[View]
65834192>she never initiates, but when I text her she replies very punctually, and when I talk to her irl…[View]
65831729Would you let a fat ugly depressed fembot live with you in exchange for a relationship, sex, cooking…[View]
65834662Do you have any relatives or friends that are or were in prison? My cousin is doing time because he …[View]
65830613>Like niche game/hobby >game/hobby stays bellow the radar for years >Sudenly surges in popu…[View]
65833837Chatbots that mimic real people you know?: Are there any chatbots that can trawl your chat history w…[View]
65833022soft fembot boobs[View]
65833155>be me, autistic, sensitive to loud/unfamiliar noises >sitting in class, girl next to me whose…[View]
65832064My autogynophilia is so bad it's unreal. Being a pregnant woman seems amazing desu, just waddli…[View]
65832359I'm not a tranny but I'm ok with them[View]
65831798*Yaaaawn* Ah, good morning wagies, how are you this fine day?[View]
65833511>tell us 3 words that describe you[View]
65829549i fucking hate you, you despicable disgusting liar. you're worth nothing and you'll never …[View]
65834466Clean it up wagie. Don't expect me to do your job.[View]
65834532>expectations surpassed >expectations met >expectations missed You must be deprived first b…[View]
65834546Yuropoor here, what's the best country to buy a shotgun as a tourist? legal or not[View]
65834561>come and read to me a while would you, dear boy >with my husband in the Cape Colony the nigh…[View]
65834390The more I think about it, the more I realize that humanity is evil. What can we even do in the face…[View]
65831200The foreskin is the greatest pleasure that god intended male mammals to know. I can't wait to …[View]
65834496listen to song and look at giffe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21ybhqRE60[View]
65834482>ugly >adhd >depression >anxiety >bpd >and im a tranny What can you even do with p…[View]
65834322I had a brilliant idea for a thread but I forgot[View]
65834488>mid 20s >working shit job, live with parents, generally a faggot >decide to get my shit to…[View]
65834445Clean room, clean self, clean soul.[View]
65834260>constant diarrhea >afraid to leave the house…[View]
65832328Do you believe in life after love?[View]
65833902my boss wants to fuck me and I'm not gay and he's kinda gross: but I got this job only bec…[View]
65833874Just tried the Papa John's garlic sauce for the first time due to the anon who used to spam her…[View]
65834384So I'm on the bus in alexandria alone as usual and I see a kind of pretty girl sitting next to …[View]
65831914I just want a relationship where I am a cute girl (male) with a tall, handsome boyfriend (female). I…[View]
65831877>I really NEED a Celtic daddy t. anglo boi[View]
65834335Anybody else here feel tired as fuck all the time? I'm only 18 and I have the energy of an old …[View]
65830117/britfeel/: Nathan Barley Edition[View]
65834348when normies get made fun of do they take it in stride or do they change the thing they got made fun…[View]
65833759I think at this point at 25 I'm sufficiently brain damaged from being alone and absent parentin…[View]
65834337>when he treats you like shit (both mentally and physically) but he's hot and good at sex so…[View]
65832284Why do normies love trannies so much?: Literally every normalfag I know from school or uni is absolu…[View]
65833146My disgust, and contempt for neo nazis and chuds has reached unbelievable levels. I think part of it…[View]
65834309well ive applied to 203 minimum wage jobs and nobody wants me how fucked am i?[View]
65832460>tfw my normalfag brother and mother are 'worried because I smoke too much weed' >Fucking norm…[View]
65834140this is how most of you walked into class, this is why you had no friends[View]
65834007i want female attention despite being too mentally ill and socially retarded to have anything to off…[View]
65833367Diversity is our strength: Why would people want to fight against our strength by intervening in a r…[View]
65834234>girl who developed feelings for me online got mad at me and removed me for meeting a girl irl ed…[View]
65832456>tfw don't matter >tfw nobody cares that I'm sad >tfw tried to reminisce about b…[View]
65834201Car permanently broke down: Can't go to uni, can't go to work, can't afford a new car…[View]
65829367Any other brown zoomer here obsessed with white milfs? White boys where yo moms at?[View]
65833979>oneitis is offering sugar baby services just so she can pay her rent Should I?…[View]
65832838do you hold the door open for people, anon? i think it's one of the easiest ways to present you…[View]
65831485>... Let me guess, I've been an asshole once again, right?[View]
65834156Should I become religious to cope with lifes meaninglessness? Allah or Christ?[View]
65832600I mean I should probably wait until noon to start drinking an entire box of Franzia. I dunno.[View]
65831152Spoonfeeding IT help: >you wanna set up a physical server and get an Internet connection for it …[View]
65833840Anime figurine: Anime figurine thrad. I just bought this but I don't know how the hell ur suppo…[View]
65834100Jesus Christ Reddit is pathetic: >be me >decide to go on r/greentext because /r9k/ and /b/ hav…[View]
65834064Incel Discord, just starting up, we promise this will be the best one so far: 7AH73DCm3s[View]
65834027>telI us 2 words that describe you[View]
65832609Are you a big softie femanon?[View]
65832541I swear i hate People. I hate my parents, more often than not i want to kill them. Especially my mot…[View]
65833174I strongly go out of my way to ignore pop culture[View]
65833953>deep dive into media that I enjoy so I avoid normalfaggotry >find gem >buy, download, ins…[View]
65832811They want you and they need you.[View]
65833930Next year, I want to go to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, SeaWorld, and Busch…[View]
65830280ITT: People who did nothing wrong[View]
65832712Why haven't you gotten your shot, Mr. Afraid?[View]
65833626How do you robots feel knowing every women, even the quiet, modest stay at home types will fuck ever…[View]
65827299What the fuck? I thought you guys told me all women were sluts who can fuck anytime they want[View]
65832474MIYOKO THREAD. thread for all miyoko lovers. all hail the new queen of /r9k/[View]
65833828>be in elevator with cute girl >door opens so i wait for her to leave first out of courtesy …[View]
65832953For me it's dark skinned girls.[View]
65833687Men are disgusting pigs[View]
65832207passive income: is this shit just a meme if you're a poorfag? shitcoins and the stock market ha…[View]
65831609So guys, what's the plan? Tell me your age, gender and what your big plan is? Personally I…[View]
65833494>I will never be a famous rapper why live?[View]
65833373I'm a manlet and yet i don't think manlets i have it so hard: I'm only 6'0, so a…[View]
65833524>middle class anglo >average looks >5'11 labourer Are my stats viable to get a spain…[View]
65833489Never take Lexapro, sisters.. I stopped taking it almost 2 weeks ago. I still am struggling to sleep…[View]
65832197I feel like a wild animal driven by instinct to hoard food but I don't know why[View]
65832296I have noticed that strong jawlines are more common on women than men. What is happening?[View]
65832038‘Incel’ forums should be tackled like terrorist activity: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/plymo…[View]
65830031/crew/ - post your picrews: https://picrew.me/image_maker/260357[View]
65817112What is the cringiest thing you've ever done?[View]
65833481/locktober/: Anyone else still in on day 20?[View]
65833243I'm going out of the house today! I'm not going to spend an entire day browsing 4chan and …[View]
65829243You've never posted your face on the internet for validation from strangers, right anon?[View]
65832977How do I know if I have ADD?[View]
65831703I can't fucking believe Miyoko is actually just a BPD slut. She got banned on here for this shi…[View]
65832535>The sexiest anglo 'man' is literally a swarthy mutt with a micro penis. Why do women find these…[View]
65833399i made it - you will too: we kissed yesterday, i was laying on her bed as she was chainsmoking while…[View]
65832512All women have to do is exercise enough to not be morbidly obese. That's still asking for too m…[View]
65832546CHAD ALWAYS WINS: Reminder that Chad literally has women lining up for him to fuck. He has his own p…[View]
65832061For all bitter, lonely anons I really recommend 'Love on the spectrum'. It really restored…[View]
65832015I am not racist But damn it you all will not stop me from fucking white girls They are the best and …[View]
65832694Bitcoin is about to reach 70k[View]
65832180>tfw discovered Bakky real rape and torture porn[View]
65832802>27 >neet since 7 years >virgin >fat >4 different chronic illnesses including autism …[View]
65832080Did you ever have a chance and blew it? Tell me about the one that got away.[View]
65831014When did 4chan peak? Anyone on /r9k/ ever go to a scientology protest or Anonymous event?[View]
65829805>bpd male >losing job, almost zero $ in bank account >intense suicidal & self-destructi…[View]
65833182Remember to clip your fingernails before you goon.[View]
65832123Is there a way to give myself schizophrenia (without drinking or eating weird shit) I really want a …[View]
65832246Anyone else having a hard time keeping their brain active? I just exist, I don't even do stuff …[View]
65832104Is it just me or its getting crazier out there[View]
65831675Halloween/Fall: Did you celebrate Halloween when you grew up? If so do you have an fond memories? Te…[View]
65833034Does coffee give you a rush of peace like it does to me?[View]
65831618why do burgertards on this board love trannies and cock so much?[View]
65833014i would rather be alone than lower my standards[View]
65832703Sweet little Lexi Belle had tit surgery? Who knew[View]
65828888would you ever date a girl who was into cars and owned a really cool car?[View]
65830494Do women consider Vince Vaughn attractive? fembots what's your opinion?[View]
65831863Would you date a single mom? (kids are white)[View]
65830087What's the point of Vtubers? They're women so they're not funny They're not good…[View]
65832863i dont know which one is the bluepill to continue to be apart of a website where you have had your r…[View]
65831939Hi there frens[View]
65832587>be low-level midwit me >complete BSc in biochem after 4 years of strenuous work >no time f…[View]
65832853All the shitty jobs and houses should go to sex havers: If you're in a relationship it doesn…[View]
65832650Music Recommendations: >Filtered threads: 68 Board's gone to shit again. Let's fix that…[View]
65832599> be me > 19 years old > last year in highschool > notice that there is a new goth tombo…[View]
65831276yesterday i went outside and i walked and also runned a bit. i wanted to do it and i did it. i know …[View]
65822756crazy chicks: anybody into crazy/mentally ill/edgy women? its been like this for as long as I can re…[View]
65832698Nothing is more painful then waking up in the morning, bros.[View]
65829991Why do you think you're so unpopular with women?[View]
65832705i could not concentrate in burger king holy shit, drumpf 'phobes were talking again jesus chris…[View]
65832118Just got myself some outer-space bed sheets for my single bed. I'm 30 years old ;_;[View]
65831814NEET advice: I don't want to work or get a job. How do I NEET? My country doesn't have NEE…[View]
65832653How do I fake my death?: Do you guys have any tips or legal loopholes on how to fake your death and …[View]
65829779actually crying emoticon right now, where is my uk flag emoticon girl emoticon so that we can go out…[View]
65832435Any other deskjob wagecucks like to play with fire and live on the edge with your professional reput…[View]
65832492Burn in hell, Colin[View]
65831545What's the longest time you could wait to text a girl you had a great connection with? Let…[View]
65830064Why don't you just be a confident assert male? Women love that shit[View]
65830316Saw female therapist's face change to one of disgust when I mentioned that I am 5'5.5' and…[View]
65832613Foreskin Club: all welcome. no bragging allowed.[View]
65832603How do I become a narcissist? How do I feel a constant high regarding a sense of superiority?[View]
65827136Share your Sojak variations thread The purpose for this? I unironically laugh every time I look at t…[View]
65832545Daily reminder that you can get away with anything if you're an attractive female.[View]
65832310>be me >be black >be in middle school band class in a mostly black school >Don't re…[View]
65830672All men with small cocks should be slaves: This guy leaked his nudes and now me and some friends are…[View]
65831558What's the biggest object you can put into your foreskin, /r9k/?[View]
65832499I'm so lucky i have a tremendous foreskin and a big penis that's shaped perfectly straight…[View]
65830592shit tier parents: anyone else here living with shit tier parents? mine are restricting way too much…[View]
65832484Things did not turn out well for me.[View]
65831846>hairline gone at 25 it was already over wasn't it[View]
65832342>why don't you just get a job anon? >dozens of games to play >dozens of movies to watc…[View]
65831482I don't wanna go to work. I don't wanna go to work I don't wanna go to work I don…[View]
65832371I have a pregnant fetish: But I dont ever want kids of my own. This is eternal suffering. I also lik…[View]
65831526>there's already dicks in the catalog Guess the Americans woke up...…[View]
65831135Non White Fembot thread (I'm sorry for the name it's I couldn't think of anything els…[View]
65832023Imagine if he became mayor of NYC[View]
65832031Imagine being (((alt right))): Why did Hitler write favorably of the Jesuits? Why did the British ro…[View]
65829151Society spends huge pile of money on drug and alcohol rehabilation and after two days the people are…[View]
65832170I want a beautiful long-haired brunette to give me all her love[View]
65830961You guys really love your mommy?[View]
65832226Why don't you just get a 5head gf anons?[View]
65830619Dear robots, If I was a hypothetical woman, what would your advice be to get a bf?[View]
65832141Now that I'm failing out of school I realize I don't want to be rich. Having lots of dispo…[View]
65832166How do I know I haven't been eating boneless bananas my whole life?[View]
65829478>Be me why do zoomers always start their stories with this? Of course you're you. Who else w…[View]
65831047>Be me >Live in the north of England >Have a low responsibility office job (19k/yr) at 21. …[View]
65828641What do you think about Nihon (Japan)?[View]
65832153>most females get perverse dopamine rush from drama >drama within a male circles start when a …[View]
65832137Neet fembots, would you ever consider a life in situation with a provider if he asked you to slack o…[View]
65827890>I will never be a physicist cause im 27 and it takes 10 years of study if u actually wanna do ph…[View]
65831707what kind of car will anon drive after the collapse?[View]
65829614>I dont wanna study in college because i hate it >I dont wanna do something meaningless Litera…[View]
65830877>there is no God and morality is all just made up and nothing matters >but don't be an ad…[View]
65831867I'm starting to think girls with smelly feet don't exist All I want is a girl that has sw…[View]
65831552>they broke up love is dead[View]
65832067>robots want qt virgin gf who loves them for who they are and fucks like a pornstar >normies t…[View]
65830375>accomplished nothing at age thirty one I'm supposed to kill myself now, right?…[View]
65831548>In high school >Normalfags always joke I am a school shooter because I was quiet, pale, depre…[View]
65831862Why don't you just get strong? Don't you want to be intimidating at least?[View]
65831218orbicularis oculi: Have you trained your orbicularis oculi today for those hunter eyes? This isn…[View]
65830778Friendly reminder: You are a DUMB FUCK. You are a DUMB FUCK. Everything about you is disgusting. You…[View]
65830772one day I will become a big shot[View]
65829953why don't NEETs just join the military? it pays and it teaches you valuable life lessons and ev…[View]
65831850Why do asians keep complaining about media representation? You have a whole continent with billions …[View]
65831191wish I was a virgin: I'm a male. I would give anything to be a virgin again. I hate the fact th…[View]
65829949Why don't you look like this?[View]
65831687I owe women 30 years worth of sex.[View]
65831295Literally all I want is a woman >my age >lives less than 30 minutes away >white, latina, o…[View]
65831462'cause I'm an island boy, And I've been trying to make. Oh, I'm an island boy! (…[View]
65831514do any of you actually have plans to kill yourself? even if you doubt you will ever go through with …[View]
65829732>female coworker, late 30s, married. 10 years older than me >BBW, Chubby in all the right plac…[View]
65831717Humans: build stressful depressing and hyper competitive societies of consumption Also humans: hmm w…[View]
65831820> see someone new on dating app, they have nice pictures > message them and they reply and ca…[View]
65831773Black male migration into Asia will be worse for us. Asian women are bigger race traitors than white…[View]
65831785If you cant even get the only positive thing in life shouldnt you just kill yourself? There really i…[View]
65831185tomboys are the absolute best[View]
65831635Remember when OP used to mean 'original poster' instead of 'man who eats bowls of dicks for breakfas…[View]
65831330>walk behind group of med students >they start talking about age >one goes 'someone 25 aske…[View]
65831343I wonder what it's like to have a girl be horny for you[View]
65830292how do you ask for help?[View]
65831718>bathing >too lazy to finish it wow life sure is grand i love every second…[View]
65831041Start treating women more like crap. They'll love you more for it.[View]
65830582>Boyslut urges are returning Have you ever had boyslut urges r9k?[View]
65830862I'm buckbroken by feels.: I hate my stupid nose, I hate my stupid fat lips, god I hate it. I ha…[View]
65830264DO IT FAGGOT. I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT: I am so sick and tired of hearing zoomers threaten suicide…[View]
65829917it is time for me to be depressed. anons give me your best depressing words. i hate this world[View]
65831537Schizo thread: How do I escape the negative symptoms? I managed to get away from the positive sympto…[View]
65830002Secrets thread: >christian, /fit/, pretty beta though >during social isolation, get hooked on …[View]
65831556How does society expect us to subjugate women without using violence?[View]
65827524why not just settle for a formerIy career oriented professional woman who never had time to get invo…[View]
65831531Spread your wings, don't be afraid to try The world can be hard, you gotta live a little '…[View]
65831103Why are humans so goddamn stupid ? im honestly starting to believe whatever happens in 20 years with…[View]
65829632>Neetbux gets approved >Make $1685.00 per month >No job AMA bros…[View]
65829615All I want is to cuddle with a loving fat woman.[View]
65831427Got a hooker in gta Sa and pretended it's my gf. Drove around and talked to her for hours. Got …[View]
65828883>there are an estimated 2000 serial killers in the United States today how the fuck do you get aw…[View]
65831022Job Interview: What are the questions that make you cringe? My new favorite is: >What made you ch…[View]
65828947So does the price of housing just keep going up forever? How does that make sense?[View]
65830941>kindergarten >teacher asks me to write my name on the board >non-phonetic name so get it w…[View]
65831036/devilish/: What kind of evil shenanigans have you been up to lately, Anon?[View]
65830119Every, single, TIME!!!!: >this time is different, am sure!!! I've chose my words very carefu…[View]
65827416Do women ever just come out and say, 'Hey, I find you really attractive, would you like to date?'[View]
65830807>The freedom of one ends where the freedom of the other begins. How to counter-argument this?…[View]
65829125Literally just measured and found out I have a 3 incher: >tfw almost every single anon here has a…[View]
65829869>living in university dormitory >have a roommate >he acts like an autist, a real one >he…[View]
65828207Why are modern men like this?[View]
65830932>Grow up on 4chan seeing tons of right wingers >Use normalfag social media much later, see ton…[View]
65830878Good morning, wagecuck. You look exhausted. Did you have nightmares all night over your day of slave…[View]
65829790I've decided I want to be nothing. I want to eke out an existing doing nothing and playing vide…[View]
65831207>stop right there anon >you've been posting to much bait recently and need to be punished…[View]
65830861Who's your favorite porn actress? For me, it's Sydney Harwin.[View]
65830879>nobodies good enough >i only love myself >but i hate myself…[View]
65831069I really appreciate that this is a board where, for the most part, one can simply talk about what on…[View]
65830531>pretend I'm a woman online on national craigslist variant >people offer to buy clothes f…[View]
65830252Are you morning horny or night horny? I'm morning horny[View]
65829345what are you guys drinking tonight?[View]
65829402how do i find someone to dom and groom me and buy me girl clothes and hrt[View]
65826664Why do people play csgo when tf2 exists?[View]
65830679>No anon you can't leave work early for 'fap time'[View]
65831018How do you admit you were wrong?[View]
65830632Reasons why I'll never get a robot bf: >Born female >Want robot bf >Born mute I can…[View]
65827265comfort me in some way shape or form. tell me an interesting fact, or tell me some things i should d…[View]
65830088When I get frustrated my dick starts getting bigger?![View]
65829875What's the Robot's fruit of choice? For me it's the pear.[View]
65829204>Get 1 month ban from all boards >People always say quitting 4chan improves your life, decide …[View]
65830656I give up on women. Either I'm 'too nice' or I'm too sexually aggressive and come off as a…[View]
65830915I don't get it. Men are second class citizens. Lots of Laws apply to them and not to women. We …[View]
65830664Guys with low confidence will waste your time and ghost you. This is why I only go for high confiden…[View]
65830741>be me >wake up >mentally prepare myself for work, hate it even tho its a decent job >si…[View]
65830568Are there any good jobs you can get with an undergraduate math degree?[View]
65829044why are trannies also so obsessed with anime? is the tranime meme true?[View]
65830175Thank you frens for being there for me all these years. I appreciate it. Goodnight sleep tight.[View]
65830713>can't get gf, almost 30 >at least I'm not married to an ugly chick >r-right?…[View]
65829937Strange fetish: Most people do shitty racebaiting threads and racebaiting fantasies about races they…[View]
65829954i have no future no family no friends no one who cares about me no one who wants me no home no money…[View]
65830291whats the biggest secre youe neer told anyone do you do drugs?[View]
65830367all girls are pedophillia want sucking 13yrs old boys dick true[View]
65830042>the only reason I am alive right now is that I'm deluded on a deep level that I'll get…[View]
65830552Imagine being sexually attracted to THIS. God, homo sapiens are absolutely disgusting. Existence is …[View]
65830126Wagies mad: I will never work. I will never get a job. I will keep leeching off my parents and there…[View]
65829010Blow big loads in fembots. Big loads and snuggle.[View]
65829240Any short kings willing to destroy some roastie egos?[View]
65830512Hey anon, what are you currently doing right now?[View]
65830504>stop being completionist about breadtuber subscriptions >life improves…[View]
65830013Why do furries exist?[View]
65830383Even if i changed my life now, i am 23yo, nothing will give me back those lost moments. I will never…[View]
65830485>I've waited so long for a nice guy like you to take my virginity, Anon…[View]
65829694White Mothers are the embodiment of fertility: No other race of women gets so thick after pregnancy.…[View]
65830146I have a unquenchable thirst that can only be satisfied by creative expression and yet I lack the wi…[View]
65827262>'Girls, you remember my brother, the porn addicted, chronic masturbating friendless virgin.' Ooo…[View]
65829777>get a job as a supermarket nightfill >Everyone arguing with each other how to do the job >…[View]
65830323why not just settle for a cute and loving giantess girlfriend?[View]
65828707There's this italian/jewish girl who keeps flirting with me at work. By flirting, I mean she pl…[View]
65829537Paying for the woman - every time: Female privilige is right. I have been dating an Aspie girl for 2…[View]
65829797Do I still have the right to call myself a man if I take female hormones?[View]
65829634Horror media somehow makes me question the point of living. Somehow the awful experiences remind me …[View]
65830077i'm not a schizo but i believe the glowies are able to inject people with cancer[View]
65828932>no gf in 9 years >no friends in years >only person i talk to is my dad >unemployed for …[View]
65828961>be me >get through another day >am one day closer to death >mfw…[View]
65829903Femanons who come here like to be degraded, choked and snuggled by a big Mann baby. This board is ou…[View]
65830098https://youtu.be/-XlFmponAgg find a more quintessential 2000s video[View]
65827112How does female horniness feel? What gets women horny?[View]
65830047>Girl I've known since before we were teens >She asked me out once before but I rejected …[View]
65821344/britfeel/: Pint of bitter and a bag of pork scratchings edition[View]
65828523>hearing bed squeaks from other rooms past quiet hours in college dormitory This is pure hell U…[View]
65829561>Come on anon, youre always so soft-spoken so you need to speak up!! >soft-spoken no... I…[View]
65829708im difficult when i dont listen but theres nothing wrong with my mind or my ears you made me feel ba…[View]
65829066I just wanna take a ugly fembot and fuck the shit out of her with my huge cock and cum buckets in he…[View]
65829956I'm almost a wizard and just realized that I've been led to believe that I'm unworthy…[View]
65829583guys what do you think of my horny fantasy and thought experiment, basically do you think it would b…[View]
65826742Have you ever wanted to unknow someone you used to have romantic feelings for?[View]
65829689eFWB blocked me on everything today back to having no one to talk to but y'all[View]
65829935Can people really improve their social situation or is it all just lore? >mfw reflecting on my gr…[View]
65829166Why do people keep telling me to lower my standards if I want to lose my virginity? Do they think my…[View]
65829909>kibes up my ass since the neighbors tipped off the IMF >flush 400 eft worth of illegal tropes…[View]
65829747Are you ready for Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Are you gonna spend the upcoming holidays wit…[View]
65829435Jobless with abusive mom: I put in my two weeks at my part time job. I couldn't take it anymore…[View]
65827927why not just settle for a psycho yandere girlfriend?[View]
65829462i have question, with mental illness and all, do you take responsibility for your actions? I like t…[View]
65826815Can you be a 5'10 bald 29 year old night guard and have a qt 20 year old alt gf?[View]
65829704Is there any one here have the road map of getting a girl friend and how to maintain the relationshi…[View]
65829324The most important man in humanity never had sex. Just think about that, normans.[View]
65827373I wish someone would die with me.[View]
65829169has anyone here updated this image yet?[View]
65829356> extremely high neuroticism > extremely low conscientious is there a way to switch these aro…[View]
65828078>Mouth breathe as a child >Get retractive orthodontics with no attention to mouth posture >…[View]
65829034My life would literally be so much better if I just lost weight but I'm too much of an undiscip…[View]
65829412Reminder that madthad was a bigger Chad than you, and he spent most of his time jerking off to anime…[View]
65829680'Getting a job is all about being persistent, CONFIDENT, and putting your game face on, Champ. You…[View]
65825854What's it like being Chad and Stacy?[View]
65828421Do you have white stress hair?[View]
65828997I'm gonna buy some heels and get fucked tomorrow! The guy I'm seeing is into boys wearing …[View]
65828531I'm a 28 year old guy, and I listen to mostly indie / alternative rock. But I just played this …[View]
65829603Good evening, hope you do a backflip next time you browse his phone[View]
65829602Is it true all the majority of men in Europe/Canada/Australia get to bang college age attractive wom…[View]
65828951>tfw cut a name into my thigh almost a year ago >the scar is raised now so cant cut over it …[View]
65829551>refuses to date you when you're both in your 20's because there are hotter guys >wh…[View]
65828903STAND UP TO THE VICTORY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTYPjcrB9l8[View]
65829482What exactly did nature mean by this?[View]
65828598i have decided to make it my life goal to take as many robots virginities as possible to cure incels…[View]
65829201A man being obsessed or even interested in footwear like Jordans and nikes is the most unattractive …[View]
65827700I have a tiny penis. Im seriously thinking about getting the surgery to fix it. I feel like if my pe…[View]
65826595Skribbl.io: Lonely night? Come play, anon. https://skribbl.io/?IA69MP3hlimQ BONUS: custom words!…[View]
65829442I miss the pre-2006 internet, before smart phones came along and face fucked the internet 8 websites…[View]
65829303>lost my last friendship simply because he had a baby recently According to my therapist, this is…[View]
65829489>finally accepted I will be forever alone >chat up some random women on chatroulette to see ho…[View]
65829149I have spent $40K on my camgirl, it has left my future housing situation hopeless once my dad kicks …[View]
65829028Anyone know why females seem to hate the idea of older men having young women as their girlfriends o…[View]
65824494Hispanicbots: Hispanic latinobot thread How does it go amigos? Why are you on this shitty board?…[View]
65824992I am just a non degenerate 18 year old girl. I saw this image on /b/ and immediately saved it, I am…[View]
65828420How to play fight: When a woman play fights with you, should just let her win after a while or domin…[View]
65827522This shit app only shows me fat chicks[View]
65827349why do so many robots say they'll 'do anything for a gf' but they never have tried treating wom…[View]
65828808no one cares no one wants to care no one understands no one wants to understand im unlovable humans …[View]
65829343To feel those tits on my big cock while she sucks the head of my dick would be a dream come true[View]
65828215ITT: we make fun of people with terminal cancer possibly including some of you anons friends and fam…[View]
65829152>be me >be in first grade >there's this really hot (at least for 6 year old me) girl …[View]
65829214I wrote a song with sadness in it.: This is a dream You've tried to live a lifetime In what You…[View]
65829085I've never met a person who uses this shit that isn't a massive fucking loser. The most un…[View]
65828377hey femanon, whisper something hot in my ear[View]
65828660I understand all you piece of shit people now all I want to do is rip other humans in shreads and gr…[View]
65829113How creepy would it be to ask a girl out through a Facebook Marketplace listing?[View]
65828968This is the proper way to orient your toilet paper. Anyone who disagrees is a fucking moron and they…[View]
65816819All boys should practice playing with their butts so that they can get accustomed to having a peggin…[View]
65829074Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.[View]
65828146>I am such a failure >I just drink and do drugs >I have no future >I failed out of unive…[View]
65829013I didn't eat anything all day, then I just ate a bunch of spicy ramen with bread. I can't…[View]
65828689Homosexuality should be outlawed because otherwise boys will only marry boys and the population will…[View]
65829009I am universally undesirable[View]
65827624Tinder: Put this as your tinder bio.[View]
65828948I can't stop thinking about tranny tits, they're so hot[View]
65828249Why aren't you getting a vasectomy?: Do you really want to risk getting a girl pregnant? Do you…[View]
65826154How do I get what they have: https://twitter.com/grandmas_butt[View]
65827395Just got my paycheck. What should I spend it on?[View]
65827707It never began...: Could things possibly get any worse for pajeets?[View]
65828931holy fuck negev is so hot[View]
65828423Seroquel makes it difficult to feel normal after waking up. Like, it can take hours to be remotely f…[View]
65827227Moving out from parents thread: How old are you? Are you going to move out soon? I will after i pay …[View]
65827785Is there a way to cheese a college math class? I'm too retarded to do precalculus algebra, I…[View]
65828506>be in late 20s >work from home >make over 100k a year How the fuck do I meet women who are…[View]
65828862I think gingers are massive faggots[View]
65821818>Size doesn't matter >The motion of the ocean. > I love you the way you are. Why they…[View]
65828832Every girl who's been interested in me has instantly mentioned wanting to have babies. Does thi…[View]
65827209How's it going tonight robots Any one have any good alcoholic root beer recommendations? Or an…[View]
65828690>the long island killer[View]
65827004do you guys seriously use lubricant to jack off? my pre-cum is enough to keep my dick wet for the re…[View]
65826572EX-GAY: what do you think of ex-homosexuals? is it possible to change? if you can realize later in l…[View]
65828821Is there even a point in using dating sites/apps if you don't want a normal girlfriend that you…[View]
65828595>childhood friend i hadnt seen in years came to my place and apparently she was horny so i actual…[View]
65826463my mental illness ensures i will never live a normal life without constant suffering[View]
65826691explain anon is cute[View]
65827669i cant stop being cool[View]
65826604I'm bored: anyone doing anything interesting? please share.[View]
65825494Just booked a hooker for 2 hrs from now to lose my virginity at the ripe age of 23. Figure this will…[View]
65827030FEMSUB: >Fembots, how submissive are you? >What is the worst treatment you want? >Should yo…[View]
65826540Daily Posture Thread: A Winters Tale edition back exercises: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a256…[View]
65827025why do people make such a big deal about having a small little penis? they look incredibly cute.[View]
65827045>be me, a police officer in prison >washing myself in communal showers >drop the soap >b…[View]
65828323Just got diagnosed with autism, now I don't have to work!: Recently, I got fired from my decent…[View]
65828261If I can't be with a woman like this I want nothing.[View]
65828292BLACK CHICKS OF R9K: Easy question, do you want to be BLEACHED?[View]
65826640Whites are the only race where the women are having more sex than the men: What the hell is going on…[View]
65828407>...and this is our son's room[View]
6582843220 years old, autistic, adhd, lowlife, underachiver, sober, partially estrogenized male. what should…[View]
65828352What does he have going for him that all you incels (including blackcels) don't?[View]
65828596What if 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' is misogynistic garbage?[View]
65828608/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 807 G/Rei/veyard shift shamming edition.[View]
65815457Is this very sexy?[View]
65827776why not just settle for a strong girlfriend who will love and protect you?[View]
65828567Why not just settle for a cat?[View]
65827777While I was helping to pack up my aunt's house and belongings after she died last week, I found…[View]
65827474fuck i work with some weird druggy lady and each time i say something that can be interpreted sexual…[View]
65828051Got normies good: >House party hosted by single mother and her troons friends >Girl is old chi…[View]
65823545>global elites have convinced millions of young men that NEETing and accomplishing nothing in the…[View]
65828483>all morality is based around women, sex, and procreation >if women like you, you're good…[View]
65828342Is it normal to be only able to cum once?: Like, I can only do it once, then I'm only able to d…[View]
65828496What is with the prevalence of incels into mountain biking? I myself am an incel and love mountain b…[View]
65828498How do people live with/deal with >wiping your ass for a million years after taking a shid >ac…[View]
65827863I Hate Being Alive: Every waking moment is pure agony and torment. I have no future. I have no past.…[View]
65827297Write a story with me anons?: >Dwight put down his cup and sighed in contentment. >'That was …[View]
65828450Why do people fear being openly gay?: Do they not want people to picture them taking dick in the ass…[View]
65825995Is dating a boy from r9k worth it?[View]
65828449why do I want a normie gf who's not into anything that I'm into?[View]
65828455I like open clearings in the forest, I think it would be nice to spend an afternoon having a picnic …[View]
65827701>guzzle a giant cup of coffee >caffeine hits about half an hour later >I feel similar to be…[View]
65827760TFW no purpose: It's not perma-virginity, okay? You normie fuck. To my dear brobots, It's…[View]
65827790Is it worth self improving if you are legitimately autistic? I've gone well out of my comfort z…[View]
65827854How can I raise my powerlevel? 4chan no longer 'does it' for me. What can be done to ascend to the n…[View]
65827906Would /r9k/ let their Basedson get beat up so you could fuck Chadon's white trash mom? I would.…[View]
65822095>be black >come from a race with an abundance of women who look like pic related >they have…[View]
65828226I don't feel like I'm a real person until I see myself in the mirror is it autism?[View]
65827940This board is fucking trash. Same useless threads everyday, over and over, zero value in any of them…[View]
65827086name their band[View]
65827304Being fetishized is the worst. Whitebros how can you like being fetishized by asian girls? A white g…[View]
65827534I need some kind of paradigm shift in my entire way of thinking and worldview if anything is going t…[View]
65827713Normies calling for him to be put in prison for life saying he's guilty when there's no ev…[View]
65827816I'm staying a virgin to save my bussy for my future husband. Like a good christian boy.[View]
65828267C'mon anon, teII me about the last time you got ghosted: and how you are currentIy feeling abou…[View]
65828238Is this an adequate severance package for a normal wagie?[View]
65827907How degenerate are Asian women?[View]
65824952Why are nationalist men afraid of intelligent White women: Most of you are eugenicists (or believe i…[View]
65828129Are latinas just lightskinned niggers? They always have such nasty attitude.[View]
65826539>tfw no fat chick to flirt with[View]
65828227Does getting kicked in the vag hurt similar to getting kicked in the balls? If a man and woman playe…[View]
65827958Quitting drinking is actually impossible.[View]
65825774Why do I actually think Joe Rogan is kinda funny? Am I retarded?[View]
65828119Does it make me a simp if I subbed to Rae lil black on Onlyfans and Twitch? I'm really into asi…[View]
65828170do girls exist?: im beginning to think girls dont exist. its like i am being teased by a higher bein…[View]
65828149Is everyone a fetishfag here?[View]
65828038I don't understand why you guys want to be around girls so much. Honestly the sight of any geni…[View]
65827699Advice for funny NEETs: >be me 5 months ago >NEET loser, ready to end it all >Always had an…[View]
65827509>found out little brother fucked my 18 year old gf when they were still in high school No wonder …[View]
65821093>be me, zoomerfag >born in 2003 >according to siblings I've been playing video games s…[View]
65825694Cults are comfy. The sense of belonging and unity are the best parts. It takes little to no effort t…[View]
65823882>Ok Anon. Open up.[View]
65827877me when you open my thread hi: me when you open my thread hi[View]
65825235I just came back from Subway and while I was waiting to make my order, there was this 9/10 qt girl w…[View]
65815168Why is it that men who are into asian women, will find even 3-5/10 asian women attractive, want to t…[View]
65827800How would you react if your apparently innocent gf or wife went down on you for the first time and d…[View]
65824516What should we normalize next?: I think we should normalize satisfying violent urges.[View]
65827931ladies, just know i want to have sex with you. and also cuddle with you[View]
65824076>be me >wake up >no bf How do you cope with this? t.ranny…[View]
65826048Energy Drinks: What's your favorite energy drink? I would have to say redbull, but it sucks dic…[View]
65797277/drugfeel/: A thread with a view Useful resources: >erowid.org >psychonautwiki.org >tripsaf…[View]
65820983if i ever want to be pretty i just have to fucking starve myself, until im skin and bones, then ever…[View]
65827487>balding WITH big forehead give me 1 reason not to do it[View]
65823231>tfw no Zelda obsessed otaku gf[View]
65826601How would anon tell a girl her pussy is too sweet?[View]
65826635What do you guys think of my political ideology? it's called national futaism[View]
65827747>message a bitch online and ask her a question about her bio >She answers. >I don't r…[View]
65823569Femcels: Man is lonely and isn't having sex >You pathetic incel women don't owe you sex…[View]
65827630Where have all the good women gone?: Why do they all have quadrobazillion instagram posts of their f…[View]
65826043Total degeneracy.[View]
65823524grudge general: Do you have anyone from your past you absolutely fucking despise? I met this dickhe…[View]
65827631>made thread on the wrong board again it keeps happening[View]
65827263Dark Souls: Trading Figures $124.99 for a box set of 6 figures[View]
65825393Suicide thread: What do you bros think of dying of a heroin overdose?[View]
65826982Giving up at the 11th hour: >2am >Have a job interview at KFC at 10am >It's in a town …[View]
65824567As a girl, what's the point of holding out your virginity until 18? It's not like you…[View]
65823763How do you guys deal with clown world and crippling loneliness as young men?: >All my friends are…[View]
65826332is sex even real?: No seriously, I'm practically being driven to solipsism over this. It's…[View]
65827490>white guys going to a black barbershop for the first time Experiencing a new culture can be over…[View]
65826975>spic with broken english >start dating white girl >assume it'll go nowhere because of…[View]
65827443If it's any comfort for you Gen Z guys, zoomers are all socially retarded. Spending your day in…[View]
65827381Gigachad is only 7/10. Can you explain this, incels?[View]
65824590Imagine still staying an ugly 'fem'bot when you could just become Chad in a matter of months[View]
65827200>tfw no average korean gf Living in fucking New Jersey sucks, I wish I lived in California where …[View]
65826969boards in a nutshell: /a/ - retards upon more retards /c/ - /a/ but for pedophiles /w/ - need i say …[View]
65827322Enjoy your state mandated cuckoldry, western man. And remember to keep on slurping, frens.[View]
65827319Kunta Kinte[View]
65825848how do you get past adblock blockers?[View]
65827191Guys help i actually ordered a couple of custom anime shirts how the fuck do i explain it to my pare…[View]
65827164How do robots make a living to support themselves without interacting with people? I'm consider…[View]
65826180Where can I find those wonderful women?[View]
65827119> physically/emotionally bullied by a girl 3 years ago > suddenly find it really hot and jerk …[View]
65827143There are millions of people subscribing to this content[View]
65826570I'm going to take the self improov pill. Should I leave this website forever?[View]
65826338ive been peeing in the sink lately theres a perfectly good bathroom and toilet within 10 feet but th…[View]
65826872If you cant get laid, why dont you just fuck a goat anon?[View]
65824895What is the stupidest thing you have ever heard someone say on 4chan?[View]
65826302how can I make women with nose rings and tattoos feel bad about themselves?[View]
65826293Does anyone else add all the 2FA phone numbers to their contacts and send them texts to effect the i…[View]
65827100Do you think about me now and then Do you think about me now and then Cuz I'm coming home again[View]
65827080is it possible we're living in a Matrix and we robots are closer to being unplugged? would expl…[View]
65824586My 'gf' keeps blocking me after every small and meaningless argument we have, she usually unblocks m…[View]
65825427Want to kill autistic brother, should I?: >Every time I talk he has to hum >He powerwalks to h…[View]
65824835Bros.. Would one of you wear this costume for me?[View]
65826978for all my fellow incels who have dicks above 6 inches here, would you like yo be in his place? >…[View]
65826355I have been in a good relationship with my ex whom I always assumed was autistic by the way she beha…[View]
65826984Why is taking to people around my age (17-25) so fucking hard? It's like I'm an alien.[View]
65826795>the meds aren't working I'll probably be dead by year end[View]
65825495*controls your whole fucking life*[View]
65826940Salvation: >be me >5'4 >super cute Korean girl recently got hired at work as a recepti…[View]
65826090Guess whos making $1685 in neetbux now wagies[View]
65825993I wanna bully somebody into suicide[View]
65826943Daily Mommy Misato Thread #2: Mommy Misato is best girl as always![View]
65826828You have no excuse, robots. No excuse.[View]
65825728Do you have someone who gives you a reason to keep lifting even when it gets hard?[View]
65826732>tfw no Khmer femboy gf[View]
65826827I'm tired, my eyes hurt, yet I can't sleep. Good thing I'm a NEET, if I had a job thi…[View]
65824201Thoughts on my dogjak? No criticism, I've been going through a rough patch in life...[View]
65826750discuss: i m just wondering if this thread has been posted before, but loss.jpg is the greatest meme…[View]
65826829/drugfeel/ - paranoid to die on coke edition: What's up you fuckin degenerates? Post tips, stor…[View]
65826683>start visitng this discord server >majority of the people there know one another irl >I…[View]
65826516am I autistic: > talking to friends on discord > we're talking about someone we all know …[View]
65825770Just lost my virginity: It's literally so fucking easy dude. Shit was fire. Get the fuck off 4c…[View]
65826240ITT: we make fun of people with anger problems[View]
65822869Im being forced to get the vaccine tomorrow and im scared, im 21 and i feel like i dont need it but …[View]
65826471Sayakas big soft tiddies[View]
65825716panicking: >jobcentre needs me to bring cv in tomorrow or they cut my benefits >midnight and i…[View]
65819686It's reallu just this easy.[View]
65826186>Be me >Single 20 year old anon in college >6 foot white looking, tho really generic lookin…[View]
65826561Im so fucking depressed its unreal[View]
65826315>that kid who ran like naruto >that kid who played his guitar infront of the girls >that k…[View]
65826533Why are there so many predatory faggots on this board? It's like every other thread is gay tran…[View]
65823847Watching shit like this just make me sad, this guy is some lame tranner and gets to experience heave…[View]
65826453Can a femboy be Chad-like or he is destined to be a sissy beta male.[View]
65826052What does /r9k/'s portfolio look like? Mine is pic related.[View]
65825657Why are girl buttholes so damn hot?[View]
65826271why not just settle for a standard royal girIfriend?[View]
65825981What does fucking feel like?: What does it feel like to stick your dick into this warm, wet hole cal…[View]
65824134Stop chasing online relationships, stop falling for someone you've never physically met. Stop t…[View]
65825820is having a practice gf actually a good idea?[View]
65826510>zero hour contract >minimum wage >coworkers are mostly middle age and dumb what the fuck e…[View]
65826364Hey robots does it look like I'm balding?[View]
65825741>try to answer a question in class >Uh anon, can you speak up? Your mic is muffled >speak l…[View]
65824094>have you ever seen a girl's tits? >yeah >in real life? >...…[View]
65825390I hate the current state of society: I can't be fucking moderate and not take a side. (by defau…[View]
65824709What compels normie couples to lick each other's faces in public? I'm sitting on a park be…[View]
65825101music: You guys got any good music to share. Something along the lines of this: https://youtu.be/0J0…[View]
65825566So is coffee good for you?[View]
65824796It feels refreshing to see modern women become trads.[View]
65825974Daily reminder that being a manwhore is only seen as cool by incels. You don't need to be much …[View]
65826041>furry chatting with me >I want to be left alone >ask for face pic >it works…[View]
65826304i came in my last pair of clean socks and i cant do laundry[View]
65825404Imagine being from Luxembourg.. It's a friendless hell.. It's all my fault, so I don'…[View]
65825896Overprotective parents: >parents took care of everything for me, so i never learned to be indepen…[View]
65826078>learn how to flirt with girls >become addicted You guys gotta get on this shit…[View]
65825868It is a common belief in our society that the most intelligent people are the nerds, the geeks, the …[View]
65825348Hi friends, I really like Lain and I would be very thankful if you dropped some Lain images What ani…[View]
65825914So is weed good for you?[View]
65823494>be me today >drinking coffee with friend >we are talking about how it's okay to have …[View]
65825280Do you have any regrets about that time you got molested?[View]
65825828At this point I'm willing to pay for hugs.[View]
65823379What is the point of the right chamber? Wouldn't one fill the same purpose. and yes, I didn…[View]
65823490How do I stop drinking? Stupid question, yeah. Been drinking everyday for 2-3 years, been in rehab a…[View]
65826200>pretty tired >decide its time to go to sleep >go to the toilet, brush teeth etc >no lon…[View]
65826167new world feels like runescape and dark souls[View]
65823219how do i learn programming?[View]
65823095/feels/: >doing laundry >Mom asks when I'll be done because she wants to set her laundry …[View]
65825403god I wanna eat another mans cum out of a pussy so bad[View]
65822864how long do i need to wait for this to uhhhh clear up or is this permanent shit[View]
65821967Guys are kinda cute...[View]
65821111My girlfriend sucks black cock[View]
65825964heres something im curious about if you can indulge me >play song >mentally play a different …[View]
65825921no man could ever love a skeleton[View]
65823127>he wants a girlfriend >he doesn't even talk to girls why are you like this r9k?…[View]
65825556Why does this man strike fear into the hearts of all who browse 4chan?[View]
65825628>wake up >find out that i peed, shit, and had a wet dream in the same night >drenched in s…[View]
65825861Female barbers and dentists: Is it normal for them to bump and rub their boobs on your head? I was a…[View]
65821651Is there a single thing that incels got right at all?[View]
65825123What does /r9k/ think of shadman?[View]
65825928>tfw no serial murderer gf[View]
65822683Why do you hate ugly people[View]
65823983Anyone else feel anxious and nervous when near trains? or in a city/town that has alot of train trac…[View]
65824872Hey robots, what are y'all doing for Halloween/Christmas/New Years? If you're like me, you…[View]
65805284picrew thread: try to make your dream girl https://picrew.me/image_maker/597326[View]
65825223limp-wristed nerds and fat old windbags want to lecture you on what it means to be a man while makin…[View]
65825373So if shadman does die of a heroin overdose.....[View]
65825452fembots please get on your knees and apologize to robots for not having an hour glass body[View]
65825748how to make use of having a massively big dick: >8 inches long 'straightened' >9 inches using …[View]
65825841I'm studying for a midterm right now trying to understand some concepts before the test tomorro…[View]
65825434'Fem'bot lurkers, if you don't even look like the 7/10 in pic related at minimum, can you even …[View]
65822634Am I the only one here who doesn't care anymore and just embraced the spirit of gambling? I no …[View]
65820029I will be single for 90 years, doing shit jobs. I'm already in my 30's and I'm moppi…[View]
65825805I have a wild desire to smell the ocean. I have a sense that God is unfair and preferentially punish…[View]
65825787Please answer questions: What is the female equivalent of a Thad?[View]
65825760I'm thinking of driving to my ex's house and shooting myself in front of her. How much wou…[View]
65824964You know what sucks?: Being handsome and not being able to get any girl. My anxiety and my fear are …[View]
65825211Succubi want me to consume illegal content, WSID?: So, this morning I was having a dream, which I do…[View]
65825695Failed Chad thread.: Failed Chad thread. >around 6'9 and built >24% body fat counters wha…[View]
65820559Robots, what do you say after sex? 'Thank you'????[View]
65823648I want friends and a bf so bad. I hate being unlikeable, unfriendly, and unattractive. the only pers…[View]
65821805Why don't we legalize and regulate prostitution if casual sex is such an issue these days?[View]
65822943How many of you have had egirls on say discord send you lewds frequently and how did it end or do yo…[View]
65825636The secret to success is simple, isn't it? You just need to get stronger![View]
65825634>Just got accepted for NEETbux So long wagies[View]
65825457A perky ass matters more than size.[View]
65825573Fuck you bitches! America is lost. I will migrate to mexico, still not know how to do it and become …[View]
65822910How does anon handle his willy itch?[View]
65825548>femanons >fembots It's almost the year 2022 and we're still saying this?…[View]
65825019NATIVE GENOCIDE INCOMING - In their ignorance, Natives lost - Biden/Pfizer will kill us all: Did any…[View]
65823005good evening r9k!!!: its 8pm! i am thirsty. really thirsty. really really thirsty. i am going to mak…[View]
65825179I would pay good money to watch a robot and fembot breed. Imagine watching their sexual frustration …[View]
65825304>time for your covid booster, incel[View]
65825096What's the point? Why should I continue to suffer? Why shouldn't I just end it?[View]
65821810Today Will Be the Day: A time to live, and a time to die[View]
65825252This board is not for females! I hope all women have their vaginas rot from the inside. This board i…[View]
65823260do chads know they're actually chads? or is it a non-existent class created by the lower class …[View]
65823542why, when I post and reveal my gender, anons always insult me and act angry, but when other femanons…[View]
65825232Is an autism diagnosis an excuse to give up?[View]
65823790>drink >be happy >feel like poopoocacapeepee next day >don't drink >feel like po…[View]
65817394It's over, femcels.[View]
65823704This girl was very mean[View]
65822816Going bald young is one of the most nightmarish things I can imagine. You will never feel young and …[View]
65819411>You get a smoking hot gf >She has a graphic onlyfans Would you accept this? She doesn't …[View]
65822110Who else is TERF team here in this board? https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2021/oct/07/dave-chappel…[View]
65823726>Be me last month >a lonely virgin now I got a girlfriend I get to see her naked all the tim…[View]
65825133If you are a woman get off this board. Women cant have social or relationship issues. And women cant…[View]
65823323>listen to high-energy music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Dof_c3d3E&list=RDMM…[View]
65821846Another round of meaningless sex...: Met a prostitute, about one hour of benis in bagina, fantastic …[View]
65825139I realized that I do not do communication right. I'm always kind of lost in conversations, beca…[View]
65824190If I get the shot will I stop hearing about covid?[View]
65824362Why do the autistic do this shit?[View]
65822276Should America have more states?[View]
65824758I know my mind have become a God engine. I dream that I'm in a dream and I am.[View]
65824917>mental health episode interrupts uni, it's now in limbo for potentially a couple of years …[View]
65821142what do you think happens after death? what do you wish would happen after death?[View]
65824989Started getting the big dick cravings again: I'm going to start doing a study of myself to see …[View]
65824348Just downloaded eharmony. Havent opened it yet What am I in for fren? This is my hail mary move[View]
65813028How thermonuclear is this blackpill actually?[View]
65824950I don't remember any pleasant experience with a female. Never had a normal conversation in my l…[View]
65823383faggot nigger gay[View]
65823008>spent my whole life believing that I'm a fast typist >take a test >80 wpm…[View]
65822728A shrink made a video on the rodge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfzFRauXlqQ[View]
65824724Friendly reminder: If you are unable to have sex, Mother Nature has seemed you less valuable than th…[View]
65824502Are you still a NEET if you have an internship?[View]
65824816i fucking hate incels: They drove my favorite tiktoker off the platform[View]
65823566How do I get a wyverian gf? Asking for me.[View]
65823899Angry feminists (TERFs) are trying to take our traps and the ability for men to self express as femi…[View]
65823168Based foid: A woman being based for once. Fuck breeders[View]
65821466Would you date a girl who has ugly, disgusting hip dips?[View]
65822695'Hey trouble' sent a month ago - no reply ... I've matched with her before and she li…[View]
65824216Hey 4chan, I want to stop being depressed. Life feels like a dream thats passing me by. I want to li…[View]
65823781i cant sleep with my girlfriend and i dont like having sex with her. am i gay or just low t? the sle…[View]
65823947How to navigate life without having wit?: How am I supposed to stand up for myself if I am witless? …[View]
65824172Why is /adv/ such a useless board?[View]
65824304Do you think amazon women should be allowed in women's bathrooms?[View]
65823737>so you're telling me your entire hobby is just watching foreign cartoons for teenagers, mas…[View]
65824564I feel immense guilt. Guilt for having a good life and I barely manage to cope with it day to day. I…[View]
65823057>heard a voice in my mind Well it's actually over isn't it[View]
65824470Another great day!: >Wake up >Drive to labor factory >Walk past random older gentleman, say…[View]
65822394Prove you're not a virgin with your insane sex knowledge: I'll start >babies come out f…[View]
65824468help w/ neetbux: bong robots, how do i go about getting neetbux in this rat-infested country? im abo…[View]
65822682>Parents come to visit during holidays >Main hobby is 3D printing and I'm great at it …[View]
65822713Circumcision. >>65815431 (OP) I can only speak from a 'restored' perspective, what …[View]
65824395>tfw only speak text[View]
65822136I used to be bright but now I'm retarded. It feels like my brain can't do anything anymore…[View]
65824218why do many christian robots believe god will make things better? he wont. if you didnt have a wife …[View]
65822821did you watch her new movie anons? say something nice about her[View]
65823982Where tf do I find hookers in the US? Lots of people on here are saying to just get one but I don…[View]
65823275I want fighting game waifus to be real[View]
65823522>make a reddit account posing as a girl >repost nudes i got from /b/ >invite redditors to …[View]
65823913>gf impulse bought card captor sakura staff >gets buyers remorse >I say I'll keep it…[View]
65823833It's hard being an autistic man. Should I troon out?[View]
65821488I don't understand how fags find men attractive. There's literally nothing objectively att…[View]
65824002Why was Mary so contrary?[View]
65824102How does Onlyfans even have any business? I can barely get erect without 4k JAV office ballbusting v…[View]
65822850>Reminder that Farrah Abraham, who got famous for being a single teen mom, leveraged it to get pa…[View]
65822298i will never experience this. anyone else experience this? how does it feel?[View]
65824110There's so many gays all of a sudden because most of them are actually proto-trannies or prison…[View]
65823400Dicks in porno: I just can't think of anything wierder and I could never relate to it. I'm…[View]
65824046What books help me have a girlfriend?[View]
65822976Are there any normal people (heterosexuals) left here?: If yes: >open webm related >right clic…[View]
65823451Quarantine is over, and COVID will be soon. What changes did they bring to your life? I'll star…[View]
65822903Controversial opinion thread: I will start All anti-natalists should be rounded up, tortured to deat…[View]
65823405Come hither boy, let me get a look at you: >tfw no wan Edwardian gf…[View]
65823677I've got $50,000 in cash buried in my garden. Should I buy a $3,000 metal shed or is that too e…[View]
65820630How do you cope with the shit in your life? >pic related[View]
65823129Anti-depressants: >starting high dose SSRIs today What should I expect in the next few weeks? Wil…[View]
65823872What if I just take a quick cut at the side of my neck where i can feel my veins? Sometimes I get a …[View]
65821470She literally compared herself to Ramona Flowers. How big of a red flag is it? Should I run? Is she …[View]
65823841>if I had a four-day workweek, could go on vacation twice per year and made at least 4000 per mon…[View]
65821652The sex bot research should be considered so important as Cure cancer or end world hunger[View]
65821584has taking the 'blackpill' made your life better in any way? if so how?[View]
65823683She won't exist.: You will never have Solar Flare as a gf. She is a flower from a video game. S…[View]
65820266>tfw discovered Bakky real rape & torture porn[View]
65822554>moved out a week ago >was feeling good about it >spent a couple nights in my new place and…[View]
65823172>that cute girl you were too shy to say hi to[View]
65823698Is this a good severance package?[View]
65823258>Coping faggots here ACTUALLY think that 6'0 isn't manlet tier: Levels of cope off the …[View]
65823658Why do things my friends talk about appear here the same day we talk about it? They say it's no…[View]
65819639Twinkle, twinkle Little star! How I wonder, Despite making up 13% of the population, Blacks commit 5…[View]
65822657A message: No anon, being high for months on end while looking into 'conspiracy theories' 24/7 is no…[View]
65823331Do you think the constant nigger baiting is done by: 1. Russian agents trying to sow racial tension …[View]
65823539Me but like socialized properly and charismatic and outgoing with go-getter attitude haha[View]
65823023I did it. I defeated moot.[View]
65822716Nothing in life is under our control. Isn't that crazy?[View]
65823473it's just all so tiresome bros I wish I actually was competent but there is always a mental ba…[View]
65823179I crashed my dads car today this is not good[View]
65822573why is life so unfair anons? why are some people given everything and some of us are given nothing? …[View]
65821314Why do people post fetish stuff on the Internet? They're ruining so many fandoms with it. Pract…[View]
65823414I got scammed by a therapist today.[View]
65821278>don't have sex >still have to masturbate every day >if i don't masturbate i leak…[View]
65823398>be me getting high on my day off >get random call from a private number and pick it up becaus…[View]
65823316some kids across the street just screamed 'fatass' to my 85 year old grandma[View]
65822048Happy OSTs: Recommend relaxing OSTs from animes. I've been listening to Card Captor Sacura and …[View]
65823315cumming while on SSRIs is completely impossible isn't it[View]
65822795I gave up on life, women aren't worth chasing. Eliminating internal suffering and breaking free…[View]
65823286I'm so ready for sex bros if only I my mouth and eyes didn't water up so much when any fem…[View]
65822735Our precious: I talk to myself constantly, and I often use the pronoun 'we', as in >'oh shit we…[View]
65816853How can I stop being attracted to women who are 20-30 years older than me? I know I need a young gir…[View]
65821987w-what am i? where am i? what is this thing you call 'society'? what is this thing you call 'sexuali…[View]
65823189>be me >with this very religious girl >hanging out in my room >ask her if she wants to…[View]
65823178>entry level position >5 years experience required…[View]
65822947nth times the charm uk fembot gf where are you? no ecunts no landwhales nolimanere#2356[View]
65822777Is there any light torture methods that involve the anus that wont cause damage to it? I'm aski…[View]
65822847>sit alone in a pub listening to music >some girl walks forward to me and tell me i have been…[View]
65822359ITT: post women who have ghosted you and other anons will judge your taste, I'll go first[View]
65821457The only truly great anime ever made[View]
65822165When is the U.S. going to give this insanity up?[View]
65822447>know anime is Masonic >think shota is degenerate >still browse the threads on /cm/ Whats w…[View]
65822038>Talk to really hot girl, think she is cute, she also has no slutty pics on her social media, zer…[View]
65822336I think I may be on the spectrum: 21 f, always have difficulty talking to people, never really made …[View]
65822977Anyone else an overthinker here? I felt like I needed to improve myself but probably was just lazy a…[View]
65822459>I don't hear you sniffing anon![View]
65821793Why hair grows so slow I want my long hair back. Not tranny or gay btw.[View]
65822332Thoughts on Ecclesiastes?: Thoughts on this book in the Bible? This is /r9k/'s book desu. My pe…[View]
65821816Cure for anxiety: I have been shittalking annoying twats on the buses and trains when I commute to w…[View]
65822844>someone asks me to cover their shift >ALWAYS say no I won't work more just so some roast…[View]
65819967beta names >cole >lucas >elliot >ashton >dayton >skipper >chandler…[View]
65822219I should've settled for that tomboy girl in HS that had a crush on me :/[View]
65822866No :enemies, arch rivals, villains...wooooo, nothing , i got 0 here or anywhere nobody hates me , th…[View]
65821663Quick help. Girl wants to know how big my dick is but i have no idea. How much should i tell her?[View]
65822684I caught Covid-19 and Norovirus within 1 week of each other. Please anons. Help. I've lost so m…[View]
65822306did you follow through with your threat?: I feel urged to post my reply here but I'd rather spa…[View]
65816105Would you have sex with Shadman?[View]
65822363What would you do if every internet scam was real?[View]
65822658How do I initiate sex with my girlfriend?[View]
65818647>saw a picture of my great-grandfather >literally looks like captain america, a blonde square …[View]
65822673Is there any disease you could get from doing like picrel[View]
65822575>refuses to date you when you're both in your 20's because there are hotter guys >wh…[View]
65817104Madonna/Whore complex is real: I know this is mostly a male board but when I think about it from the…[View]
65818836>'Yeah my son is such a fucking loser. Should've aborted him when I had the chanc-..' >'O…[View]
65821918>match with girl on tinder >talk for a bit, then ask if she wants to get coffee >she says '…[View]
658223522022: Let this be our final year. Let this be our final suffering. I'm serious this time. I…[View]
65819384anyone else like these guys? they are v cute and are not known to spread any disease[View]
65818949>B-B-BUT MUH CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY!!! I cannot get enough of the things wagecucks say.…[View]
65822072Who else here is feeling a bit /lucky/ today?: >be me >Two days ago >Wake up >Phone blas…[View]
65816491This is all I desire as a fembot[View]
65822399>turned 18, recently >Failed maths, so I'm currently in college, trying to fix that >…[View]
65820262fitness: what is stopping robots from getting fit?[View]
65819413has a woman ever approached you?[View]
65822254You should just stop caring what people think about you and just be yourself worst thing that can ha…[View]
65822088>You enter a room >See this What do?[View]
65818121How do we stop this hatred?[View]
65822384>Be me >18 >crazy >Pulled up in your daddy's car >You wanna move in with me >…[View]
65822118How do i softskinmaxx my skin is shit and littered with cuts can i heal it[View]
65821830The moderators killed 4chan[View]
65821930Is /r9k/ simply the edgy r/AskReddit? >incels >trannies >women (sex) >niggers >depres…[View]
65822268Anons... onas are hard to clean... I just got a solution! I buy like 20 diffrent ones so I can use 1…[View]
65821238Using your hand or getting a slut? Which way western man?[View]
65819765>I need you to buy me new work clothes, anon. I gained weight after my last job and can't go…[View]
65819921He owed me money so I got his girl pregnant.[View]
65822087There is only one human sexuality: It is rather silly to say women are sexually attracted to men whe…[View]
65820741What grade would u give them?[View]
65820179Reminder that there are fembots out there that would love to have a loyal boyfriend to COLLAR[View]
65820588Is his chin recessed?: My incel friend sent me a video and I managed to snag this profile shot…[View]
65821233This is a conspiracy. Everyone is onto me. People are plotting against me[View]
65822086>noo stacy wont fuck me :(( Have you tried not being an ugly incel freak?…[View]
65822015>I have a larger member than most robots here. My only insecurity is that I am unable to fuck lik…[View]
65822108literally the only woman who has ever given me attention is this fat, bipolar, cutter chick. Like sh…[View]
65821916I have a job interview today through phone, bros. I'm scared. How can I not fuck this up?[View]
65822100>matched with this rich cougar divorcee from Hong Kong living with her family the next state over…[View]
65822029Dude, you're not high right now. You could be rolling a fat k2 joint[View]
65817333this is the worst country for people like us: i'll explain why this is the worst country for ro…[View]
65821117what the FUCK is wrong with zoomers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIWSEa5U9_U[View]
65822032Commit suicide at a nigger[View]
65820828whatever happened to this guy? He used to post so frequently[View]
65819778>lol i will just stare at you and not talk hehe Why do roastoids do this? If even 1 bitch asked m…[View]
65821209So apparently chads can struggle too. Maybe even worse us incels https://youtu.be/BDfDzWScfVc[View]
65821974What is with feminist authors and BTFOing trannies?[View]
65821879damn my mom called me about how my lunch meeting went and she definetly noticed how drunk i was[View]
65821004rare lonely extrovert: >be a loner in primary school >find friends in highschool >be an abr…[View]
65820373Should I get a cat? It seems like a cool robot pet[View]
65820121meeting new people: I'm a neet and almost haven't seen anyone besides my family in the las…[View]
65821903Reached the point of loneliness where I send my boss at 7pm a message asking what time I start to to…[View]
65821289How long have the fembots on here been on estrogen? When did you lose the right to call yourselves m…[View]
65820931Why do men hate it when you compare them to anyone else BUT them? They always have such hostile reac…[View]
65818349Do you think Elliot Rodger would be an incel if he was born female?[View]
65821746Reminder that if you look to god all of it will get better You have nothing to lose and everything …[View]
65818837Why do nerdy black girls always have white bfs?[View]
65818726ITT: Losers who accomplished nothing in life: What a loser amirite fellas[View]
65819896>Therapist told me the first time I saw him that no girl is gonna want me with the way I am right…[View]
65819626Arisa Vurr, the hottest alt girl[View]
65818231Am I the only one who never got the whole 'rivals fall in love' schtick? Like, how do you fall in lo…[View]
65820730Life may be tough but at least you're not balding[View]
65813596If you were a girl, would you be a slut? Honest answers only.[View]
65821539Living in Mario's world?: When we talk about living in another world in video games, we often t…[View]
65820773>Dude sex is like so overrated it doesn't mean anything stop caring about it Then stop havin…[View]
65821516found a glitch in the matrix on google maps[View]
65821473>trimmed my beard >cut my hair >made no difference, women still treat me like a criminal or…[View]
65821468ITT: we post our favourite porn movie: Fembots and trannies can't post because I despise them.…[View]
65820879>See a new girl in high school. >A few days later I get transfered and end up never getting a …[View]
65821404Why is it that women are always getting pedicures, painting their nails, slipping off their shoes in…[View]
65820480thoughts on Tradfems ?[View]
65816973Serious question for fembots: would you ever consider escorting or working in a brothel? its super d…[View]
65820206What the FUCK is wrong with anorexics?? I know some of you fuckers are on here right now. I'd l…[View]
65817173is haircut maxxing actually legjt? >be me >get chad haircut like pic re >3 male coworkers c…[View]
65820702What did you want to be when you were a kid?: I wanted to be a gangster[View]
65821383https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsazqTzZZaw Do you know or have you ever known just a damn confident…[View]
65810674/britfeel/: Personality lets pretend and ERP, with added extra drivel edition[View]
65820586>Anon (unrobes), did you say 'poo-poo, pee-pee? :D'[View]
65820082I can't do my German hw because this dude fucking terrifies me[View]
65812942Can you be alone with a woman without making her feel uncomfortable?[View]
65821262>Prime Michelle will never straddle you It's not fair.[View]
65821246ugh i didn't want to become one of these posters but MARIYA why did you unfriend me[View]
65820992How would you feel if you got a fembot gf and you saw her farting on her hand and sniffing the hand …[View]
65821206https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaDMYqUbOPU >And I'll drink myself to death >Or at least,…[View]
65817922my uk fembot gf... where is she?[View]
65820695Are trannies our enemies or allies?[View]
65817946ive only been physically close to a woman once, 14 years ago, the first and last time the closest th…[View]
65821138>no gf in 8.5 years >spent entire 20s without gf >should have been living with gf the whole…[View]
65821153All I want is a chubby, smelly, disgusting gamer girl to force me to eat her out as she plays games …[View]
65817127Femoids are LITERALLY irrelevant now. I'll gladly wife a trans person if it means I don't …[View]
65820767What is this phenotype called? I need to know. Petite, hooked nose, round face, thin lips, light eye…[View]
65821039shes my wife[View]
65818891This is really, really misguided advice. Your older teenage years are crucial when it comes to being…[View]
65820574I want to make a movie about a young communist girl living through China's 1949 revolution. In …[View]
65821025Not only are repeated bad experiences with women already making me think less of them, my mother as …[View]
65819965why are you here: each and every one of you will die, lonely and cold. i mean.. you know that right.…[View]
65819186Guys it's not fair. It's not fuckin heckin fair at all bros[View]
65819271its a great day to die[View]
65817236>When I was 15 my parents died in a car crash >Me and my brothers were taken to a house by pol…[View]
65819173why not just settle for a dumbass girlfriend who at least tries her best?[View]
65819533Does anyone else just love girls?: Like not even in a sexual way, just adoring them as people. Their…[View]
65820738you're not ugly you just need orthodontic treatment[View]
65816370Becoming bisexual: I think I've discovered repressed memories of childhood molestation, I don…[View]
65820780I would very much like to take a trip to Universal Orlando next year, and also visit SeaWorld and po…[View]
65820218Im ready to bless you with another abstract art creation 'Partidario de la Presencia multinacional.p…[View]
65818688Literally why doesn't every robot just become a mormon? >guaranteed huge friendcircle >yo…[View]
65820602Ooooh: Too many ciggies give this wittle kitten sicky belly x33 gguuhhh.. Tummy need milkies naowwww…[View]
65820727owo girlfriend gibs me plastic: >I wish I had a gf >Their minds…[View]
65818926absolutely brutal. how will changs ever recover from this?[View]
65820685It is time for my dextroamphetamine prescription to arrive: This is it. All I have to do is get asse…[View]
65817139Vaccine bullshit: Lefty retards > GET THE VAX YOU STUPID RACIST! YOU'RE PUTTING US ALL IN DA…[View]
65820626I have eaten only chicken and rice this whole year, I produce zero food waste because I always finis…[View]
65819703>want to buy a gun for self defense from niggers but don't want to get the urge to kill myse…[View]
65820594>first day of college >im wearing tights and navy blue shorts that resemble a skirt, a burgund…[View]
65818713Good morning, wagecuck. You are looking pretty rough this morning. Couldn't skeep due to the dr…[View]
65819450Show me better woman incels[View]
65817605why does he always rant about women? he used to be pretty entertaining, but now all he talks about i…[View]
65820450You are the most pathetic losers I have come across: Everyone here whines about how they cannot get …[View]
65818797>don't body shame! >main insult is 'neckbeard' and calling people fat or bald >don…[View]
65820452Why are moids so entitled?[View]
65818543I just ate a bag of candy for breakfast lmao[View]
65820496Confession: I admit ai would be ok with race mixing if black men didnt exist They are the whole reas…[View]
65820389Beating normies with their own rules: >be me >ugly pajeet immigrant in UK >work shitty fact…[View]
65820351.gg/Qj66Ybt2Zd Good server. Join only if vaxxed(2 boosters+).[View]
65820394>ask r_ddit thread about what women find attractive >answers are all variations on the same t…[View]
65819970if you were fairly good-looking and women were pretty attracted to you, and you were tall, would you…[View]
65820381haha: haha shit post more liek I shit my pants :')[View]
65820401good morning fembots, its that time of the month ago, its breeding time. please assume the position[View]
65819873Honestly wondering if I had any female admirers during the school years and I was too autistic to no…[View]
65820342i am pissing as i post this[View]
65820356THERE IS HELP: If you have an unhealthy attraction to children that you are uncomfortable living wit…[View]
65819274this is me irl how do I get a girl to love me for who I am[View]
65819066How does Faceapp shape societal perception of beauty? What does it do to the mental health of people…[View]
65818427Coombrain retards: 80% of posters here are coomer faggots who do nothing but think and talk about se…[View]
65820297Ciara Horan aka Eliza. Nice.[View]
65819259>Been without sex for so long i forgot what it feels like[View]
65820273i wanna get pegged so bad bros[View]
65818063>Be me >Like beer >Most beer tastes the same >See all the normal people being beer nerds…[View]
65818504The danger of being a quiet person.[View]
65818383I cry watching and listening to anything and idk why[View]
65819831>FAGGOT >FAGGOT[View]
65819735I wanna tickle torture a girls big ticklish ass[View]
65820194I love paying black women to sniff their feet and let them tell me that the white race is going exti…[View]
65816828Genuine Question: How can anyone even capable of following in love with a woman who has had another …[View]
65820178>devalue women >send them to workhouses >??? >profit and cheap labour It's the onl…[View]
65798931Going bald young is the worst thing that can happen to an otherwise healthy young man. It RUINS your…[View]
65819614What does /r9k/ think of the new MacBook Pro?[View]
65819391Psychedelic experiences: 1P-LSD - 100ug 1P-LSD - 400ug 1P-LSD - 300ug 1P-LSD - 300ug LSD-25 - 160ug …[View]
65820048>little brother redditor >posts art and 3d models (not porn you retards) >secretly create r…[View]
65819158Everybody is a man until proven a woman That is the rationale that the epidemic of trannies has forc…[View]
65819538>roasties are developing symptoms of tourettes because of tiktok videos fucking kek…[View]
65817942no cap, this shit bussin[View]
65818350>5'3' whos you're favorite role model fellow manlets? For me it's wolverine from t…[View]
65816380Raiders lose 20 to 9 against the Chicago bears My game reaction: Very frustrating game. I mean, do t…[View]
65819697/britfeel/ - 'What do you even care about, anon?' edition: >How do you want to live? >What do …[View]
65818177Tfw overseer just called me to the breaking barn for the first time. I knew I shouldn't have we…[View]
65818028Incels are a mass virgin sacrifice to Satan.[View]
65819824My room smells like cum. Masturbation feels good but also makes you sad, a gf would fix this problem…[View]
65819267Guys a pimp sent me pictures of his girls but they are all not super attractive. Should I save up mo…[View]
65819013I have made several girlfriends in my dreams.[View]
65817041why not just settle for[View]
65813923Why are so many heterosexual men fapping to futa porn?[View]
65818181Whatre you doing at the moment[View]
65819659IIts the same thing every day, every week. Is this all there is to fucking life Work, sleep work sle…[View]
65816544I think intelligent chubby otaku girls are the best kind of woman a man could get.[View]
65819804Is it really THAT hard for you? Man up[View]
65818442There is no such thing as a 'femcel', you are just upset you can't fuck Chad.[View]
65817669>always thought you had to be respectful and kind to women for them to like you >26 year old v…[View]
65818104should bipolar girls be engaged with? or should I stay away? this girl I'm talking about is on …[View]
65816866gf treating me badly lately: >1 month ago >have several really bad days in a row >i vent to…[View]
65819717I put a spell on him[View]
65818406This is your new Co-worker. Say something nice about her.[View]
65819727>tfw hemorrhoids ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE EDGE AND I'M ABOUT TO BREAK i fucking miss the days …[View]
65817754Just got rejected for the first time at 20 years old. It stings because she's the cutest woman …[View]
65819497>reality? never heard of it.[View]
65819566I like to grab a dick, that's sweet[View]
65819193I am going to a psychologist. My goal is to get a dextroamphetamine prescription. Any advice?: Okie …[View]
65819552Why are all the hot Black women marrying White men?[View]
65817271MUTE AUTISM: Is anyone else almost always mute during social interactions aside from superficial stu…[View]
65819079how delusional are my standards? >white >face that isn't deformed >not fat >my age …[View]
65818179Is there a point in living if you are not at least 6'3?[View]
65819151I want a friend who doesnt have any other friends and is as sad as I am. Post discord if interested.[View]
65819484>why yes, i have never been interested in approaching women or social acceptance and am focussed …[View]
65819480What do I do when nobody is replying to my meme degree learn to code job applications and when I…[View]
65818825Let's fix this board: Let's start a revolution. First, we need more threads with frog imag…[View]
65818317Just to be done with you, I love you so much.[View]
65817761I got a 'happy ending': Like many robots here, I'm into the latter half of my twentie…[View]
65819137miyoko is my best friend and i think you guys should all know that. shes the sweetest person on this…[View]
65819270My life is worthless and sucks because of women. Every problem i have ever experienced or any bad fe…[View]
65819328Daydreaming: Anyone else just spends most of their time awake daydreaming? If so, what do you guys u…[View]
65817950>driving at 95 mph >someone passes me[View]
65819069to women who hate men, what made you like that? there's probably some bad experiences you'…[View]
65819238I wish I had a friend who is as sad as I am but enjoys it.[View]
65815431> see thread about circumcision > hide it I know it's fucked up and I know I'm miss…[View]
65818045can someone help me direct and define this peculiar feeling of wanting to throw a fit, go into a rag…[View]
65816999>Incels are not worthy of human touch, btw[View]
65819044For the first time in 10 years I've accidentally shat my pants. All because I ate that high fib…[View]
65817805I'm not like you guys. I don't think a girlfriend is the solution to my problems[View]
65818969WEBM Creation: WEBM Creation Requests. Can you turn this, https://youtu.be/tygbw5wz9-s and this, htt…[View]
65816767I like to identify myself as a maneater. Nothing gives me more of a kick than making men obsessed wi…[View]
65815842FEMBOTS: SECOND PLACE WOMEN?: Fembots, why don't you just become a second woman in a relationsh…[View]
65818741Is it bad that I desire more than anything else in the world to be a female prostitute?[View]
65818103I hate most of you: This fucking board is full of gf- and sex-having normalfags it feels like Reddit…[View]
65818935>tfw can't fap to porn with men in it because I get jealous[View]
65818953>men >want a loving wife to give everything to and raise a family together >women >want …[View]
65818841>mom tells shes coming to visit >clean for 4 hours >everything is literally spotless >sh…[View]
65803168>God made your little slut button deep inside your anus >God gave other males the perfect tool…[View]
65818923is there something wrong with my poop? its been wet like this for days now.[View]
65818848make a post with a frog step one step two i forgot what to do[View]
65817784I've been thinking about ending it all since mid grade school and was diagnosed as clinically d…[View]
65817769living the dream, folks... living the dream...[View]
65817804How the fuck do you hero with rope?: Tried it this morning and nothing happened. I just hung from th…[View]
65818129>There's people in this world that can get off to like bikini pics and don't have to wa…[View]
65818171>utterly fucking hate my apartment >kitchen is filled with roaches >carpet is utterly disgu…[View]
65818813Are straight male exclusive bottoms valid?[View]
65818733>Why should we hire you? God, employers can go choke on a dick. Fucking assholes with their retar…[View]
65817373>Neet in to my early 20s >Need to get job >Decide to get a 9 to 9 because its only four on …[View]
65817791What the fuck guys?: https://amp.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/oct/18/i-feel-hurt-that-my-life-h…[View]
65818443Why do sex dreams have to be so goddamn vivid? I just want to live and be happy[View]
65800370/r9gay/ - #1537: we're going to make it weird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQOLqhJgOxw prev …[View]
65816988How would one go about getting a stalker? My brother had one in the past and it sounds nice.[View]
65818730Just found the naruto hentai images website on the waybackmachine I used to jerk off to in 2009 (zoo…[View]
65817303Dear diary, I think isolation made me stupid[View]
65816269Ghosts?: Help bros. I'm leaving my room, locking my room, and when I return a random board or t…[View]
65815648do you want a black gf?[View]
65817307What feeling does this picture illicit in you?[View]
65818356It's her birthday today[View]
65817279I completly agree with feminists on the matter of women not having to wear bikini tops because free …[View]
65817742I ate 2 big bowls of chilli and I can't stop farting.[View]
65817213I'm so mentally ill now[View]
65815614I'm a 25 year old adult that doesn't have a sex life.: Exactly like a 10 year old fucking …[View]
65810587>Girls are walking around with delicious and attractive feet all day >They wont let you suck t…[View]
65818157I want to go back in the early 00s although it's probably nostalgia but my situation was better[View]
65816656ok dud so what if we like take adept, and clap her cheeks all night long like the slampiggy she is[View]
65817956goddamit fuck you tranny posters now I want to suck a cock FUCK any bros know how to overcome these …[View]
65816759What would you do if you won the biggest lottery?[View]
65818270I'm an employer's worst nightmare[View]
65818132Fembots, I just bought these earrings for my girlfriend. Would you wear them if your boyfriend bough…[View]
65818229How old were you when you realized monke is the only true religion?[View]
65817595Lost in Life: >25 years old >Realize there's no way to get married and enjoy life at all,…[View]
65816481>be me, pro-capitalist /pol/-type >see women make loads of money for simply having a vagina …[View]
65818118How many of you here have to keep reminding yourselves of your bad experiences, along with your horr…[View]
65816344>its another episode of browsing 4chan and about to fap and the wife rolls over to see what I…[View]
65818114>New episode of my favorite TV show comes out >Keep re-watching clips of the episode until the…[View]
65817762>though I liked boobs >get girl with boobs >realize I only like really big boobs with an at…[View]
65816806I'd love to just cuddle for hours and not even have sex.[View]
658156075'7'' to 6' after surgery. Why haven't you taken the leg lengthening pill?[View]
65817147>life was relatively always below average >hit early to mid 20s and I was finally decently ha…[View]
65817874>Woman gets 100k for free. >Also women : 'We're not living on tutorial mode sweaty!!!' Si…[View]
65813444If you saw a chick getting abused would you do something? I got off the bus behind some girl and imm…[View]
65816802Are you a sissy faggot?: 1 point for each: >I care about my hygiene >I clean my teeth regularl…[View]
65817941I'm nude on a towel And I fart on it. My towel really smells ... Someone finish it, I just fell…[View]
65817889>Implying this isn't a post Post content is right here.[View]
65817037> finally find a girl thats into me > I feel nothing from talking to her what the fuck? were …[View]
65816921I did absolutely jack shit from age 10 to 20.[View]
65817920Predict How My Relationship Will End Up (warning: faggotry): >Be me, a straight teenager with a L…[View]
65817770'Welcome back home, Anon! How was your game of Russian Roulette? Did you win?'[View]
65817154> have assignment due tomorrow morning > solved all the problems around 5pm on my whiteboard …[View]
65817200Why don't have a bunnyfu like Felicity Rose Hadley 'Bunny Bum' Jones in your life, anon?[View]
65817629I love big fat anime tits so much. Oh my god, nothing makes me cum harder.[View]
65817146>play rock paper scissors with gf to decide who will fuck who >she wins >picks big dildo o…[View]
65817603Is it me? Or do people who try to support a claim by emphasizing the science side of it (ex.: 'studi…[View]
65817708What if I told you I started a situation that made an ass out of literally everybody involved[View]
65817668Once you get to the afterlife, what will you want from God as an apology? I don't need much per…[View]
65817667Creatures of Nishi: Mason is samemaxxing[View]
65816707Any robots here have experiences with valium? I just got prescribed this shit. What am I in for?[View]
65815916/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 806 I'VE KNOWN THE WIND SO COLD, I'VE SEEN THE …[View]
65817382>Get told everyday I look tired or miserable at work when I'm totally fine Starting to piss…[View]
65817387Is It Normal: That every night before bed I pray with all my might that I die in my sleep?[View]
65817312WHy are conspiracy theorists always right?[View]
65815164Being fat is based. Clogging up public toilets, hospital beds and living fat on Uncle Sams dime. Tha…[View]
65815911Is my phimosis that bad if I can fully pull it back when completely flaccid but not when erect? Also…[View]
65817028>cringing remembering when i was in love with a girl on discord and would just stare at pictures …[View]
65813588>there are fembot gamers likd this who post here Thoughts?[View]
65817054All women should be raped at least once in their life: It helps build character. You can always tell…[View]
65815488why is being demisexual and a robot so hard: Add being a enby and you can't get anyone :p…[View]
65817277Holy shit robros, China is trying to destroy its NEETs.: Check out the video, they are doing whateve…[View]
65817372Anyone who calls themselves 'demisexual', 'enby', or 'pansexual' is a retarded pampered white girl w…[View]
65817135what youtubers do robots watch?[View]
65817352i wanna go to heaven[View]
65816684As a middle eastern man, the only serious relationship I've had (lasting a few years) was with …[View]
65814991Here's that Latinx girlfriend you've always wanted bro[View]
65817036>I work hard at my minimum wage job and have a strong work ethic even though the boss doesn'…[View]
65816624Where are some good places to go to find ERP partners? Where do girls tend to go to ERP? I want to c…[View]
65813225Can you be a bald and ugly 26 year old and have an 18 year old punk gf?[View]
65816095Are asians good in bed? Is the rape acting just exaggerated for porn?[View]
65814402>tfw had my bussy pounded >Tfw felt way better than when I was the one pounding…[View]
65816713I bought the gun anons. I'm gonna kill myself when I finish selling and giving away my shit. Go…[View]
65817100Why do you faggots relate to Holden so much?[View]
65816987furries are just juggalos for nerds[View]
65817234>all boys shou... I'm sorry but I'm a STRAIGHT MAN I may be socially inept but I prefer…[View]
65815662Alpha is alpha because he is first. Only used up goods for betas.[View]
65815997What kind of things are actually unique to dating and sex in high school vs things that are just uni…[View]
65813962What the fuck do you do when someone buys you an expensive gift that you don't want? How the fu…[View]
65817124>You're not shy, you're BORING..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6zjZBiMs74…[View]
65815767ANYONE FANCY A GAME OF CHESS?: >https://lichess.org/EtzcMKOk[View]
65813448Lonely People: If you feel lonely and you have no one to talk with this is your thread. Come here an…[View]
65816662I keep hearing it, r9k. A voice that calls my name. I live alone, but it keeps calling me. Every nig…[View]
65816878What is having a girlfriend like? How does it start, what is it all about, what are the ups and down…[View]
65816997I have never been touched out of love[View]
65816041Daily Posture Thread: he loved her edition back exercises: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a25620…[View]
65817016when did you realize the American dream was dead? I almost guarantee the lives these countries immig…[View]
65816617I'm a perfect candidate for UBI the government spends more resources trying to get me employed …[View]
65816469Who else here obsessed with women's ASSHOLES?: Me personally I have always been obsessed with w…[View]
65816966Life is very boring. It's like living in mafia 1 game. World is completely not interactive, all…[View]
65816628are incels basically inverse feminists?[View]
65816986why am i so different[View]
65816562lol thats hilarious[View]
65815974>at work >have a crush on this one guy >he's like the classic 'short king' type of guy…[View]
65816770*ring ringring * henlo fren hows it going[View]
65816883I want to end the world by killing everyone on it.. I hate everyone on earth. This isn't a joke…[View]
65814321how come this board never talks about AznFemininity?[View]
65816922For a couple of months now my life has been falling apart pretty hard and it seems too far gone to p…[View]
65815925What do girl farts smell like?[View]
65816814what if your girIfriend[View]
65816897My dream is to live on an island with the few people that I care about. It would be a nice island, w…[View]
65816858i have great desires to lick a vagina, especially a hairy one[View]
65816310How true is this? Let me know if you've had any similar experiences.[View]
65814894> finish assignment/test with ease > check in with my classmates > they're struggling …[View]
65812007Robot Hobbies?: what do other robots do in the evenings / at night? looking for inspiration as video…[View]
65816567give me one good reason not to shoot my smartphone: >avg 6.5 hours per day of screen time, mostly…[View]
65815127Follow her advice, fembots.[View]
65816102Fags: /r9k/ is pretty shit tonight, lads[View]
65815572how do you cope with the loneliness? vidya and jacking off arent doing it for me tonight[View]
65816410My threads about wanting to be cucked by a lesbian keep archiving.[View]
65815631Here's an interesting question: Are women hypergamous when it comes to lesbian relationships?[View]
65814721I haven't been able to cry for months. I'm drunk and sad, can you force my eyes to water? …[View]
65815369I just came four times under a minute masturbating to the idea of getting a robot BF and forcing him…[View]
65815930What does asking a girl out for some drinks feel like?[View]
65815815Connect 4 thread: https://buddyboardgames.com/connect4?room=Z0lzbk85[View]
65816623i think i figured it out niggas ..[View]
65815046fembot hurting[View]
65816425One of these guys just bite me in the arm i'm extremely anxious now, what is going to happen to…[View]
65816028once you have a kid then your life is over. You will never have time to pursue any of your dreams or…[View]
65815887Film Appreciation Class: I have to take this course as part of my general education requirements, an…[View]
65815568Would you an Arab protester gf?[View]
65814490Drink Combos: What are your favorite and least favorite drink combos? I like sprike and coke the bes…[View]
65812696Is r9k's jungle fever phase over?[View]
65816228do girls like sucking dick?[View]
65815467I WANT TO BE ABUSED BY A FEMBOT AND USED I WILL BE YOUR SLAVE: I literally just want a fembot to sex…[View]
65816401Does anyone else just love girls?: Like not even in a sexual way, just adoring them as people. Their…[View]
65816307>that retard fembot with the art boyfriend who finally got pregnant and now has disappeared what …[View]
65816200Now What?: >married >homeowner >dream job that I excel at >still miserable…[View]
65805061Try not to get angry: I have never been more infuriated than after reading this foid's shitty a…[View]
65816300i am alone with absolutely nothing left on this earth the apocalypse has already begun for me[View]
65816291how do I go to bed earlier? I have so much energy at night and I love the tranquillity and peace of …[View]
65815548>neck and shoulder stiffness and tension headaches for the past week >literally cannot find a …[View]
65816013Ebony poster here, I've found something else that interests me, you will see a decline in jungl…[View]
65816195Any of yall had an obsession with a nice girl that you never even had a decent conversation with?[View]
65816399>black hair on head >brown hair on armpits and pubes Mutt genetics are cool…[View]
65804864black girls should date weird white guys[View]
65816106Just reported a bunch of faggots for having a party during lockdown. I wouldn't have done it be…[View]
65816392I am going to stab everyone in the world in the anus, unless they have painted a cock on their front…[View]
65815201What's your drink of choice? I like a nice whiskey myself, or 805s if im drinking beer.[View]
65815589>Good morning, class! I want you to meet the new girl, Amy. She has been taking virtual school si…[View]
65815282how did you get your fetish?: how did you guys get your weird fetishes? I'll start the thread w…[View]
65815536Diaphragm: Any femanons use a diaphragm before? I recently got one because I dont want a hormone bas…[View]
65815748Does anyone else say their posts out loud before posting them?[View]
65816313When different races have different outcomes. There's two explanations. (1) There's some s…[View]
65815423No excuse Chin surgery + gym + haircut = gf[View]
65813814Circumcision: >tfw people act like this is normal[View]
65809077Abilated pleasure: Just a reminder to all c(ope)ut fags that unmutilated penises look like cut dicks…[View]
65815569Do you regret having such a large penis?[View]
65815746Run from your feels: When I'm feeling particularly bored or sad, I'll throw on my sneakers…[View]
65816204good night thread: good night /r9k/ can someone please say good night to me? it would really help me…[View]
65816186I am obsessed with hair products.[View]
65816068>practice gf dumps me How am I supposed to practice breaking up now?[View]
65816202It may concern you that the time is coming near They have begun their work, and soon its effects wil…[View]
65812436Why do some women feel like they are unworthy to be loved?[View]
65815540>approach women during challenges >almost get laid several times by saying or doing the most e…[View]
65814881>femcels don't exist Yeah, thousands of women just happened to have never received positive …[View]
65814502My mom is financially breaking me. Not only that, but she constantly degrades me for not giving her …[View]
65816128>Hey is Melissa here? >Who? Iant 'eva heard'a da bih >'Meeks! I'm getting co…[View]
65816111I think my mom ruined women for me. My mom seems to embody all the negative aspects of women. For th…[View]
65815146Comfy Feels Thread: I don't know about you anons, but I need a comfy thread. Comfy frogs and fe…[View]
65816044What is with all the threads about black women today?[View]
65815452He is smarter than half this site.[View]
65815914>nooo you can't keep orbiters that's mean and cruel and evil Did none of you consider t…[View]
65815315What is with women and having sex with dogs?[View]
65815218why is it that everytime i touch any of my doorknobs in my apartment; it leaves a metallic smell on …[View]
65815707I feel sad: I mean, yeah. We all do. I dont know why im posting here, i kinda just wanna be able to …[View]
65813474Do you think there's a direct correlation between being on the spectrum and having/developing w…[View]
65815968It happened like this anons.: >be me >on camgirl site trolling for thots >camgirl hits her …[View]
65814452Do robots like women with dark features? Tan, medium olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair? Regardless…[View]
65815677Divorced mom vs Widowed mom: Who would you rather date and why? More detailed the better. Do you fee…[View]
65815936depression is hitting me time for drugs and fapping[View]
65814324Does anyone else despise matter as well?: Hello /r9k/. Does anyone else hate matter and its properti…[View]
65815869LMAO, the blackpill is a real as it's get. The saddest part when normies and above normal fucke…[View]
65815810I don't mind hanging with fat recluses I meet on Howlr except the power dynamic makes me uncomf…[View]
65815281>be a white phrenologist >proud of the white race and colonization >white brothers are expl…[View]
65811625Is there seriously any way to get over being average when pretty women are worshipped more than ever…[View]
65814165Why do people feel so entitled to each others' time? My normalfag ''friends'…[View]
65815371>wake up >check mental status >'oh i still hate life' >smoke weed >drink >'oh i wa…[View]
65815801>last night >walking home from corner store >find phone in a parking lot >the owners cal…[View]
65815763>autistic antivax father keeps adding me to group texts >see every seething reply from the doz…[View]
65815758>be me 5'11 >230ish lb >insert covid >make it up to 280lb because I can't go …[View]
65814764Have you taken the cannibal-pill yet, anon? It's pretty simple and effective, you just need a w…[View]
65815744nipp: ignore kek lmfao masturbation[View]
65815738THERE IS HELP: If you have an attraction to children that you are uncomfortable living with/you don…[View]
65814381took the hydration pill: holy fuck water is actually an addictive drug >rarely ever drink water …[View]
65815340CHAD WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?: chad keeps creating false narratives and pushing his luck by creating f…[View]
65814280Is jumping in a river with weights attached an effective method of suicide?[View]
65815233CALLING ALL ROBOTS: come play a fun game of skribblio with us. you have nothing better to do skribbl…[View]
65809196what are you waitin for lads?[View]
65815426>tfw small tuper it never even began for us dubcels[View]
65814692Which one has the most attractive prostitutes: Amsterdam or Dubai?[View]
65789976Do you feel lonely on discord?[View]
65815448What do you think of girls with cheeks this chubby? Cute or ugly?[View]
65815351I get it already, my cock is tiny, please stop degrading me for it[View]
65814033Tell me one good reason why you are not fucking black women. It's literally free pussy[View]
65814641>tfw you don't wanna kill ys but don't mind dying Anyone else relate? I need some sympa…[View]
65815143is there anything to do in your town/city? i feel like ive seen and done everything and i live in th…[View]
65814920>tfw no Tomoko to shrink me and tease and bully me with her cute feet[View]
65815004I was broken up with after I have this guy my virginity because he says it upsets him that I am over…[View]
65814843I hate college, I hate my roommates, everyone around me is plastic. I just do my work and go back to…[View]
65815069So basically, if I want people to agree with men, I go to reddit? And if I want people to disagree w…[View]
65815130how do you deal with broken people? My mother clearly had a bad childhood but is in denial about it.…[View]
65813937>tfw 28 >insanely low value male >mom still loves me Based mom. ty…[View]
65815320My friend was laid off and this is what they received as a severance package[View]
65815232>tfw highly competitive but bad at everything[View]
65815214the question: alright how many of you fucks are actually not even virgins but still come to this boa…[View]
65811351>There are people in the world who like to go to clubs and hang out with people Can you understan…[View]
65813568Praise the new queen of /r9k/[View]
65813772How hard would it be to go to Africa and seduce a tribal woman like the Himba? That is, after COVID …[View]
65815235>had a dream where i blew up my old high school cafeteria with propane tanks is this normal…[View]
65814348I don't understand how women like this can look at themselves in the mirror and think 'this is …[View]
65815226>tfw out of booze >didn't drink fast enough to get wasted…[View]
65814339>dont text her today to see if she will text me >she hasn't…[View]
65815125>be neet happy and healthy for years >fall for the job meme >don't really have anythin…[View]
65815134Bonan tagon mia amikoj![View]
65815149https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpNZ-yRmCao >tfw you will never have this…[View]
65814997it's been 10 years since I felt alive. I desperately just want to feel something real again[View]
65813846'Men' over the age of 15 who can't grow a good beard should honestly just become trannies.[View]
65814996>dude i'm a wacky boomer lmao I hate this faggot so much[View]
65814866Would you buy a transbot cute clothes if she sent you sent you pictures of herself wearing them?[View]
65814075Just take the blue collar pill and get a job working with your hands. Shit's easy and you can m…[View]
65810996>be me >28, live in parents basement >have shitty warehouse job but good savings because no…[View]
65814562been here intermittently since high school. i just realized at 22 that i'm a fakecel. i'm …[View]
65814674Promise me you'll masturbate soon[View]
65813948any other anons here who have such a miserable life they cant help but laugh ? this has to be some s…[View]
65814364This is a man, believe it or not.[View]
65815064>Pickle jar says 'baby dill' >they're all bigger than my dick…[View]
65814989how does anyone have sex? it's disgusting[View]
65813083is kratom just a meme?[View]
65815018mutt moment...[View]
65814984After Ali, there is me. Wait for it. I was punished for 8 years. Those who were punishers, shall be …[View]
65814510>13C/55F inside >boiler is broken and we can't afford calling the repair guy…[View]
65814884why does everyone feel so entitled to breathing?[View]
65808274Whats the most degenerate thing you have fapped to this week?[View]
65814181BUTTHOLE MANIA STARTS UP AGAIN: Butthole is my goal I feel it in my soul My tongue up in her ass Thi…[View]
65814711Stop bragging about your huge dicks: I don't care if your cocks are all bigger than mine, stop …[View]
65808106Stop the Internet: We need a revolution. I'm trying to gather a group of high IQ people who str…[View]
65814559When I was young, I though that I will get a girl like this if I work hard and sacrifice myself for …[View]
65814195what the fuck youtube: if you search up a singular period on youtube you get a bunch of weird search…[View]
65814827I kind of wish I were gay, most people who've ever hit on me have been twinks. Gay men seem to …[View]
65813493Reminder that this is a very long, overly verbose post that spans the length of a master thesis. Tha…[View]
65811564He officially did nothing wrong SHAMONE[View]
65814821I just want to stargaze with a kyoot girl.[View]
65812938How do I become like her?: I seriously want to become like her,please tell exactly me how[View]
65814786god, met this girl online and we were in text and i called her a nigger and she told me she was a wh…[View]
65813536>You're under arrest for refusing to date transgirls[View]
65814356Have you ever talked to a girl at the library?[View]
65811660I have stretch marks on my tummy, hips, butt, thighs. How can I get rid of them. I need to lose weig…[View]
65813408How do you stand up to people who are ruthless?: This is just me rambling about things I think about…[View]
65813637why do 'men' expect us to prefer them over tiktok twinks?[View]
65814686your bf: *wraps his arms around you and squeezes tightly* you: >>0w0 oi!! Teeheee :3 your bf: …[View]
65813445Genuinely so confused by women: This is a very long rambling post but just my anonymous thoughts I…[View]
65814433Why do therapists tell ugly and fat people to say 'I am beautiful' even when they're not? Aren…[View]
65814062Autist-Chad Horseshoe Theory: Is there any credence to this theory? Have you ever seen it in action?…[View]
65814391I wish this happened to me, except I'm not a jock but a short twink. Pic related[View]
65801015/MBTI/: XNTP shenanigans edition New here? Take one of these and call me in the morning https://saki…[View]
65814669Calling MEDBOTS: Ok, fell out of wheelchair today and landed on my right leg in the most horrific un…[View]
65813808i am going to obsess over a cute boy and send letters to his home with my blood as handwriting and y…[View]
65812926>get gf >still feel just as empty, alone, and lost as ever What do now? Now I'm thinking …[View]
65812014/r9k/ datable bingo: Are you datable, Anon? I'll post template.[View]
65814617how do you guys deal with being young and already squandered all of your potential[View]
65813620In a crazy discovery scientists have discovered a substance that actually causes r9k users to become…[View]
65811079Almost every woman today has had another man's cum on her face. Are you ok with that?[View]
65805398>wake up >no texts[View]
65813503What happened?: >got drunk 5 months ago >blacked out and woke up in the middle of a field in S…[View]
65814225>cousin is engaged to a blonde white woman >entire family hates her especially the black wome…[View]
65813877I don't understand how literal retards can get a gf but someone like me can't. I'm ne…[View]
65814273What is the most straight-forward way out of wage-slavery? Not trying to get rich. I'm flat out…[View]
65806839what would you do if you had a girlfriend who was a cuckqueen?[View]
65813848if a girl is too scared to want children of her own, is she a failed woman?[View]
65814034I'm an adult man, how do you meet somebody, or go out and do something fun? It's honestly …[View]
65814281just read a nice yt comment about someone's childhood story. made me want to cry, so much secon…[View]
65814311U guys are mean[View]
65814371Which do you prefer, whale tails or see-through leggings?[View]
65813283BLEACHING BLACK BABES: Black fembots, tell us about your BLEACHING fantasies. We won't judge yo…[View]
65813538>women can't be inc- R9K BTFO >https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/oct/18/i-fee…[View]
65813353i would bury my cock so deep in her ass (5.4 inches)[View]
65813623'Innocent' girls are a meme and dont exist: Im a sensitive emo boi, and many times I have gotten a g…[View]
65814279>met some fat chick off tinder >met twice and we got to second base >now she is obsessed wi…[View]
65814259Ok this might now be news to any of you people but I realized that the US fucking sucks. So to get t…[View]
65809130I feel incredibly insecure about my dick size. I take videos of my self masturbating almost every si…[View]
65812923Any good tips for growing a masculine thick beard? I have a pretty weak jawline and this is my only …[View]
65813285Is it over for me? >Asian manlet 5'7 >Gyno, not even fat at 130 lbs Forever incel…[View]
65814242I hate this fucking era: Knew a girl in middle school / early higschool. She was super upbeat and po…[View]
65814210Depressed fembot puss is tighter than deathgrip.[View]
65814176There's too much media to consume.[View]
65811273Would you rather have gray hair or be baId?[View]
65814099>experience life and discover myself What does women mean by this?[View]
65813582>Wake up at 1:00 am >Take a 10 minute shower >Drink one 12 oz Red Bull and take two 500mg V…[View]
65812260>been doing cum tributes with my phone to Jordyn Jones the other day >today boss calls me on m…[View]
65813431Do you guys think the scientists of the next generation will be able to create this?[View]
65814073>be me >on probation for next 4 years >get tested by hair >learn about kratom Are there…[View]
65813131This is why I am trying to relieve myself of all sexual desires. It is just not worth the emotional …[View]
65813075Fembots How much money would it take for you to give a client or customer your used undies?[View]
65813324Doawk: Is it just me or is fregley a fucking creepy[View]
65812443What do, robots? What is the better option here?[View]
65813284Are attractiveness gaps more problematic than age gaps?[View]
65812000Post comfy stuff: >currently stuck in traffic while my boomer coworker screams and curses every c…[View]
65813977Breeder hate thread: >have kids >expect them to work when they grow up Why are parents like th…[View]
65812594whore question?: i'm 27 but i'm asian, 5'1 with a high pitched voice do you think i c…[View]
65812823>in my opinion can people stop hiding behind this, fuck off[View]
65813920>show my dad a video game >has absolutely fuck all to say other than 'good picture' Are video …[View]
65813396how do you deal with anxiety and procrastination?: I myself need to get vaxxed (due to work requirin…[View]
65811213>women only want Chad! >Chad is abusive! Ugly men are the nice guys! Incels btfo.…[View]
65812756the more I grow up the more I realize my parents are objectively lazy, immature, stupid and violent …[View]
65813807i'm giving you a gift right now. Your thoughts and feelings.... mostly are bullshit the things …[View]
65812495THE AUTISM TEST: I have a challenge for robots. You are at the gym and you have to ask this Stacy fo…[View]
65813037Can nofap cure fetishes?: I've been nofap for about a month and it hasn't shown any signs …[View]
65813830Is this a bad thing?: I used to blast 3 times everyday, but this week i literally couldn't 3 da…[View]
65813463I live in Wisconsin where it's legal to own a Caracal. I also live out in the country side next…[View]
65811702'Hey anon, what's that purple website you're always on? It must be funny because that…[View]
65812259Name your ideal woman[View]
65811180Fembot bought cute expensive clothes for $300, but she is too fat and her clothes are too small and …[View]
65813435If this dorky looking 5/10 guy can get laid, why can't you? Genuine question. Either you'r…[View]
65813018I think I'm beyond horniness now, I reached the point where even simply touching the other sex …[View]
65809082A lot of black women look like men if you just shave their head[View]
65813109how do we save wagies[View]
65812499My hatred against women is really strong again today[View]
65813727fembots i just have one question. do i make you horny baby?[View]
65812224Where can I download Koikatsu for free?[View]
65813651Do you regret going to school?: Science is just made up garbage and you learn languages faster witho…[View]
65812165all i want is an unvaccinated mommy gf[View]
65812748stop posting this gay shit.[View]
658131734chan needs a /feet/ board.[View]
65813507why did god create hypergamy? it seems so cruel to men. even in animals you see the male suffer beca…[View]
65813496So apparently no one wants to work. Are wagies finally waking up and realizing Mr. Noseberg has been…[View]
65813518>tfw you realize that you are the only really conscious person in a world of p-zombies but they s…[View]
65812918>ban all third worlders >prohibit phoneposting (you can still lurk from your phone though) …[View]
65813218having a gf is optional lads, you dont need that shit in your life, it will probably make you more m…[View]
65810965Cringe Vocaroo Thread: Cringe only. If you're not going to post cringe don't participate. …[View]
65812115FEMBOT SHAME: >What are fembots most ashamed of? >Does it effect your sexuality? >What do y…[View]
65812229Not dead yet.: >'I could be Jeff fucking Bezos but if I knew for a fact I would die alone and nev…[View]
65813553>tfw parents are stupid and I am stupid >tfw mother is smarter than father but I come out dumb…[View]
65812316Bf wants a threesome with a femboy. How do I stop him[View]
65809674Why don't white men get girls pregnant in the years they are together but ethnic men do it no t…[View]
65812967>suddenly lost all libido for the past 2 weeks >im only 19 has porn destroyed my brain…[View]
65810725Someone told me living off interest from investments is a neoliberal sham and living below your mean…[View]
65813305do you have irl friends and what are they like?[View]
65812931Niggatron is real. The black descenders today hail from the results of panniggatronic spermiozaic ni…[View]
65812206>my father died yesterday >instead of sadness I'm ecstatic that once I get his house sold…[View]
65811503ITT: Weird lonely shit you do >Wear my ex-gf's perfume >Go to movies alone but pretend I…[View]
65812689>look up girl I had a crush on in elementary school on Instagram and twitter >she has a boyfri…[View]
65811877I thought bbc was just a meme: >went to a concert for the first time >by myself ofc, mom told …[View]
65811635So I'm failing out of college. Do I just spend all my savings on an cozy airbnb then off myself…[View]
65812485>chores >chores >eat >chores >chores >chores >sleep >chores >chores >c…[View]
65809242What else is there to do on the internet besides video games and forums?[View]
65812937the idea of seeking pleasure and consuming until i die is so depressing to me please tell me theres …[View]
65802753do American men really sleep on disgusting sweat-filled yellow pillows?[View]
65811033>convinced a 8/10 girl to let me lick her pussy FUCK YOU FOREVER YOU FUCKING FAGS I AM KING I CAN…[View]
65810027I would fuck these two characters and they are my waivu's. Then I realized there's somethi…[View]
65810844Who is your role model?[View]
65813151Why are lanklets so weak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1M7Bw6-6IU[View]
65812901Some serious shit is wrong: I'm a 23 year old failing normalfag >diagnosed sperg >lapsed …[View]
65810279I just need a girl like this again in my life bros I promise I won't fuck up this time I just n…[View]
65809954Is this what robots look like irl? Pic related[View]
65812515My favorite thing in the world is watching big strong men get BTFO'd by someone small and cute.…[View]
65812030LOL: this guy literally fucks feminism[View]
65810967Russia Bans Incels: Wtf bros I thought you said Russia was based? >Russia Outlaws Anti-Feminist M…[View]
65812494>never in my life i have been able to make the first move with a woman >whenever some girl sho…[View]
65812104daily reminder you deserve this. you are unfuckable. you have no redeeming qualities. there is nothi…[View]
65810991What would you do if you found your gf cheating with a hentai tier ugly fuck?[View]
65811371INCEL CHESS TOURNAMENT: https://lichess.org/slHKK6Vu[View]
65812759I honestly can't even wrap my head around what it would be like to be in a relationship with so…[View]
65809985why do I hope that I can fuck lolis in the afterlife? hwo can I be so pathetic? like first it was a …[View]
65810782Is it possible to cure antisemitism? 4chan is full of antisemitic bile. Something must be done abou…[View]
65812719Hi, I came to share something that bothers me a lot, my name is Ink hell and I bring something that …[View]
65812672actual dream I just had last night >going to a party at some mega mansion in the hills with frien…[View]
65810454>want to experience what relationship is like >lose interest in every girl I talk to after mer…[View]
65812558You cannot, CANNOT have standards and call yourself an incel. If you wouldn't date a 0/10 you a…[View]
65812642>be me >jerkoff starved >not used to any other boards than /b/ for porn >mods are shitti…[View]
65811701>Chad fucks your crush[View]
65811521Do you think your parents would have aborted you if they knew what you turned out to be? Do you thin…[View]
65811142>morning breath How do normies deal with it? Is it something they get used to affer being togeth…[View]
65807962Why are Slavic moms such huge turbo whores?[View]
65810741Content creators wanted: I created an online content platform as a school project, now it just needs…[View]
65812363join for gartic phone https://garticphone.com/en/?c=0040822d50[View]
65812216Why does it have to be this way?[View]
65809720Really on my last legs: I'm 23 and my almost total deprivation of female intimacy and affection…[View]
65811677>tfw you spend years secretly transitioning >make it to the college you dreamed of >it has …[View]
65810827I've been going on pol again lately and holy shit the board is dead. Just shitposts and the sam…[View]
65812391'Fuck Women' from a dream: I had a dream, and I can't remember the details, but it centered aro…[View]
65811618When did you realize that wife-sharing or hotwife (or cuckold, as some haters might call it) is the …[View]
65812349>Be me >Exist Revenge, absolute, genocidal revenge against the country that caused my existenc…[View]
65811736Did you post on Facepunch in its heyday?[View]
65810904Why do men tend to have much more autistic fetishes than girls?[View]
65811361i think i'm going to buy 4chan pass[View]
65810264All boys should be pegged within their lifetime so that they can better empathize with being the rec…[View]
65810711I'm falling out of love with my r9k boyfriend. I used to be obsessed with him and so attracted …[View]
65807821It's finally working: >23 >still a virgin >take the improov pill >lose a bunch of w…[View]
65811494>She hurt me first! All women must pay! Why are moids so childish?[View]
65811462I feel like if I post a pic on soc I will get an unrealistic rating from the other deluded men and h…[View]
65811937>413 IQ >Wish I ran down 13 IQ points from the facial average in estrogen for my race (135) so…[View]
65810843I did it. I defeated the urge to be straight.[View]
65811090dear mods: Why did you ban me forever just for that one stupid thread? Come on man. Be a bro. It…[View]
65812054>be no gf citizen >government assigned gf has dates with me every week for a month To continue…[View]
65811985Now that we have had a Fembot desire thread could we get a male bot desire thread[View]
65810772Where are all the hot nudist sites? It seems like its all old creeps and 1 or 2 old whales in there[View]
65809857Fembots, why aren't you helping getting people vaccinated?[View]
65808930good afternoon r9k!!: it is 4pm! time for afternoon tea. it is very cozy today. it has been raining …[View]
65810982could a fembot with a russian/eastern european accent please make me a vocaroo I'm sad and lone…[View]
65809521I am 30 and I just peed myself.I had a dream about going to the toilet and I peed in real life in th…[View]
65810853I plan on killing myself today by bleeding myself out in my bathtub. Is there any advice on how to m…[View]
65807548why are people so preoccupied with trying to make 'losers' feel bad about themselves? You see this k…[View]
65810355oh well: accepted the fact that i'll be alone forever since im a midget with no personality wha…[View]
65811963Anyone notice how direct communication is more likely to offend/piss people off? But indirect commun…[View]
65810734https://www.dollter.com/product/aotume-doll-155f35/ should I do it?[View]
65811944I thought once I smoked weed and made out with a girl Id be complete but im not Do i need to fuck fo…[View]
65811828Why do you bore women?[View]
658111862022: It's really just going to be the same thing all over again isn't it. And the year fo…[View]
65811939Reduce, reuse, recycle.: I took a shower, dried my butt and crotch with my towel, now I am wiping my…[View]
65811933did i just find the eggman on grindr[View]
65808686Would you hug the sad girl?[View]
65811469You could have saved him, fembots. All he needed was a hug.[View]
65808052Are you seeing a psychiatrist?[View]
65810845How is violence towards women justified?[View]
65811261Do you know how misery and pain I endured today? I just realized that I can buy my best and most wis…[View]
65810487Finally got a gf, I love her so much and she is so beautiful yet all I can think about is the girl w…[View]
65811598>best bud goes on trip to third world country with his gf >she decides now is the time to tell…[View]
65811372asian girl tries to talk to me: >be me >at university >got 3 hour wait till next lecture …[View]
65811569You're incel because you want it to be that way. You're a volcel. https://youtu.be/y2M6Qob…[View]
65808194A moment of silence for all those moms who can only admire their stud Chadsons from afar due to the …[View]
65805876Tfw gf says she is really attracted to Trans girls Tfw I am already bi and like being cute. I am som…[View]
65811060What would you do if you found out your bf wore panties?[View]
65811047>Heyyyy!!, duuudddeeee, ... guess what?? Hahhahhh????? >you know that lame ass job that like, …[View]
65811173Just made out and had my first kiss at 21. So all of you 20 year old robots should quit whining abou…[View]
65811522Male lactation: How do I induce lactation as a male? I want to adopt a harem of scrawny robots and b…[View]
65811474Genuinely starting to believe that women have no value outside of their vagina, someone please pull …[View]
65809474>be black >grow up in a Mexican community >all of my friends are Mexican >all the girls …[View]
65809735Chad had to self improve right? While we were watching Teletubbies and eating apple slices he was re…[View]
65811052Am I retarded: Personally, I refuse to wear clothes with branding on them unless it's an artist…[View]
65808941Why aren't involuntarily celibate men ever allowed to be right about anything in the eyes of no…[View]
65811323How do you make friends after graduating?[View]
65811259I wonder what the suicide rate among incels must be[View]
65810014Does anyone else have pretty much zero goals or ambitions?[View]
65810828>Ask girl to hang out twice >Nahhh, I told you, my boyfriend doesn't like it when I hang …[View]
65810590Black Fembots: >How did you find out about 4chan >How do you feel about the racism on this sit…[View]
65811041i really fucked up my social skills by not talking to or hanging out with anyone outside of school.[View]
65811272am i genetic abominaiton and yet at the same time i'm the god of this world, everything belongs…[View]
65811107Why is real life porn so shit compared to ecchi/hentai?[View]
6580965431 year old and forever alone looked like that before roids >5'11 >says he has no problem…[View]
65811203I did it. I defeated the veggie bald poster.[View]
65811122comfy: Yeah bitch, you like this fucking chair dont you? It looks really comfortable doesnt it? I ra…[View]
65811020My dad just made fun of me for balding. Do I have a moral license to murder him in his sleep?[View]
65810281What is a facial impression meant to convey? In context Ingrid has just been betrayed and captured, …[View]
65810747when you guys talk to yourself are you mentally imaging it as talking to someone else or just with y…[View]
65809881When did you grew out of JesterMaxxxing?[View]
65811110Is there a way I can make a fake tinder profile without using my number. I want to check if any badd…[View]
65811023>get new match on tinder >howdy >sends me her snapchat >i don't have snap lol >u…[View]
65809908Edit your posts: I hate how you can't edit your posts after posting them. I often have a need f…[View]
65810451/meditate/: Anyone meditate for hours daily, or meditated for years? What do you experience while me…[View]
65810343i will go out with any fembot in the uk please dont be obese because my ribs will shatter nolimanere…[View]
65809211Are the tranny shills making all the fembot threads[View]
65810573A friend of mine can wake up, at 5am, and go to work. After work, they go to the gym, and do other s…[View]
65809933just jerked off to the thought of fucking a female version of myself how down bad am i rn?[View]
65810212Can an ASIAN guy be a chad? Or a chang? How is this acquired?[View]
6581100401/01/2022: 75 days to go, anons. Are you ready? Are you with me?[View]
65810910Is it normal that I'm sitting on my chair every day for 12h per day for the last 2 years studyi…[View]
65810896https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWJYRRrH8HI This is how normies see 90% of men on this planet[View]
65810227>you wake up tomorrow >there's noise outside >you see a big car with an antenna >mi…[View]
65810820the reason people's lives are so bad is because people from the future are trying to alter them…[View]
65810816>Get depressed if I see my reflection >Get depressed if I see my name written out I think I kn…[View]
65810718Femanon meets a robot circa 1888[View]
65810760>feel bad because no one cares about me >feel bad about feeling like an angsty teenager…[View]
65810085Miss me chud[View]
65810634Why are doctors so fucking useless? Every single issue I have there is no cure for. >high bp …[View]
65810435>download movie >bring an entire assortment of snacks >start playing movie >gobble up ev…[View]
65810616>tfw no average looking korean gf[View]
65810482does anyone really believe that hard work matters?[View]
65809971every night I get stoned, fap for 3 hours and then eat doritos and cake until 5am[View]
65802721/britfeel/: Dostoevsky edition[View]
65809905I hate going to the barber and buzzcut is not an option, growing out takes to long and is messy I ju…[View]
65810546How do I overcome inferiority complex when talking to good looking people? I had this feeling for a …[View]
65810426what happened? everything has become either completely corporatized or just devoid of anything tangi…[View]
65806119I am honestly surprised: Do you think it would be better if bella's plan actually came to fruit…[View]
65809627I wish Plump would replay Pokemon Sword/Shield with me, i bet he love the new pokegirls and DLC Play…[View]
65809014Just been prescribed Mirtazapine, what am I in for?[View]
65810402>first time a girl is interested in me >she has a scat fetish Guess this whole women thing isn…[View]
65810356What is it that one think you could wish for to change your life ?[View]
65810168Would you let noa vaccinate you?[View]
65810230Jesus: Anyone here experienced the presence of Jesus? What was it like?[View]
65806647I hope I die soon[View]
65810463Is it worth having a fat bipolar cutter gf if she's all I can get? no other female has ever giv…[View]
65810421>remember a thread yesterday >ask a girl if women have buttholes >she says yes >she says…[View]
65809358le epic prank: >be me >the boiz invites me to come over >can't because stoopid family …[View]
65809580I really want to rude a robots pp right now :3 I'm a boy btw[View]
65810266>tfw no big tit russian gf[View]
65809593Don't kill yourselves robots, you have to outlive Warwick Davis[View]
65808814i love being a whore in school nd wearing the shortest skirts ^^[View]
65810138Is it true even Chads are struggling to get laid right now? Is there something actually wrong with w…[View]
65810312>snagged some adderall from my dad because he doesn't have adhd and hasn't taken his pi…[View]
65810313Is the Judeo-autism theory plausible or are the neo-nazis high off their ass again?: It's the t…[View]
65810154i've done evil things. i fear my time is short. I will end my life if they come for me. if, in…[View]
65808834What a fate. To ruin your face and life by mouth breathing and bad tongue posture. Orthodontists nev…[View]
65809975>you won't get to see your families reaction when you commit suicide should i do fentanyl ju…[View]
65809967Not only does she make good music but she also has great thighs.[View]
65808255Just found out about foids and their massive menstrual cups how the fuck am I supposed to compete wi…[View]
65809825Behold, your average modern feminist young woman with daddy issues[View]
65806581Which ideology is the right one[View]
65807535Post images, why don't you?[View]
65810046Fembots, remember to treat your good boy like he deserves it: >fondle his butt >tease his nipp…[View]
65808671My e-gf likes me being fat This bothers me a lot. She's thin, she's cute. I'm a fat a…[View]
65810197Bros I was hanging out with new college friends I made this year and I felt comfortable enough to ta…[View]
65808897What brand was your first phone?[View]
65809743Do you care about how normies perceive you?[View]
65808492suicide: How do you tie the rope to a branch, staircase, bar, etc? I know how to tie a noose, but no…[View]
65809579Niggers....fuck off[View]
65810075Fuck this shit every time I install it I waste hours swiping (mostly left) and getting no likes back…[View]
65809672>you will never have a cute hairy arm gf >you will never fall asleep while stroking her arm h…[View]
65809997If she takes selfies like this that's a redflag.[View]
65809932Okay, I officially am finished with dating, more specifically, the online kind. >Rarely any match…[View]
65810067>6 years old >year is 2005 >live with my teenage cousin's family in the city >cousi…[View]
65809965>family has a cat >goes into my room to sleep >door closes from wind >cat stuck in room …[View]
65809722Why are people impersonating me? For anyone wondering this is my real trip code[View]
65809101I feel bad for trans people. Why dont they understand that they are just making themselves into bigg…[View]
65809837i was right all along. my greatest fears all came true. i knew they would. i hate being right.[View]
65806477>be me >have younger brother >fucker got the genetic lottery >chad looking and socially …[View]
65809977Let's say you're a 40 year old incel, would you accept being settled for and being a provi…[View]
65809681Are you a failure in your cunt[View]
65807274How the fuck is a social retard with no friends supposed to get weed?[View]
65807430I fucking hate people with higher IQ than mine.: Why can't humanity just consist of retards I c…[View]
65809739Twitch streamer popularity for what is essentially a daycare for kids and young adults with no real …[View]
65809404Why do people unironically enjoy porn? That stuff is no good for you. You're better off reading…[View]
65807903My mom just told me that food and stuff is going to become more expensive the coming years because o…[View]
65809148depressed anons with guns: depressed anons with access to weapons, why do you not make a last impres…[View]
65807266Becoming Smarter: Hello frens, Often on r9k, especially IQ threads we see many robots showing off t…[View]
65809897>every prince gets his princess bro :) >also heres your cultural representation btw https://ww…[View]
65809677I cheat on my physics exams at uni with zero studying and make 80s. My peers study hard and the majo…[View]
65806098what would you do if you had a girlfriend, but you discovered she owned a cooler car than you?[View]
65808799When was the last time you trolled someone?[View]
65809596She's all prettied up for a date with you. WWYD?[View]
65809072NoFap: Anyone else going cold turkey? Only now that I've decided to quit have I realized how mu…[View]
65808616Hello fellow incels. I dont have much to say. Im sitting at a gas station with a wax pen im trying t…[View]
65805805>I can't believe I bought this skirt! Anon, don't I look disgusting in it? How do you r…[View]
65809671>friend breaks up gf >friend's ex now watches all my insta stories even tho she never did…[View]
65808923There are girls with A cups browsing this board right now[View]
65809651why do fembots hate civility?[View]
65808588Being short is no longer a crutch Short men who actually take care of themselves are more desirable …[View]
65808704Never again: I am never drinking again[View]
65808508Why are Jews so upset about this labor shortage ? less people they have to give money to you know.[View]
65808526How's your luck been lately bros? This morning, my car wouldn't even attempt to turn over …[View]
65809534>donated money to a twitch e-girl again[View]
65808960Do you want a gf? Think again.[View]
65803390Why dont you just get a cute Indian GF? They all love white guys, nothing else.[View]
65809518How do we weaponize the willy?[View]
65800192You have an IQ of 130, but you can't figure out how to get a girlfriend?[View]
65808110>'Hey do you see this guy' >-'yeah' >'He came here alone. All by himself.' >-'doesn…[View]
65809426I need only 200 dolars a month to stay alive in my country, how do I get that without going out of m…[View]
65809153It's better to have never loved than to have loved and lost[View]
65808285Being friends with a woman is impossible because we hate them all: We don't want to be friends …[View]
65809460where do you guys look when standing at line I was waiting in a line in a store yesterday and just h…[View]
65808335Fembots, have you ever met anyone from this site that you'd consider actually pure of heart. Wh…[View]
65802770This should be a crime. She went from a 7 to a 4. Never lose weight femanons.[View]
65809310The black fetishization like cucks and BLACKED among liberals shows their subconscious racism: If yo…[View]
65809403>Like girl >She texts me on WhatsApp and Snap >Don't know how to answer and ghost her …[View]
65808367Yeah I've finally made it brahs[View]
65808838do you guys think the avocado guy's due death will be tragic?[View]
65808620I lived a NEET life for 6 months last year. Now that I'm back in education, I miss living that …[View]
65807462Do people seriously think vaginas are attractive or are they just meming? They look like the roastbe…[View]
65809093Why do therapists tell ugly people to say 'I am beautiful' even when they're not? Aren't t…[View]
65808120I want a guy with a lot of smegma, uncut guys how do I find you and will you have smegma you'd …[View]
65809340I'm nearly certain that someone I know logged into one of my online accounts last week and saw …[View]
65807334This show is the epitome of 'you're here for a fun time, not a long time.' They actually live t…[View]
65807785guess the vax doesnt work if youre black[View]
65809053>racebait >Sissy stuff spam >/Pol/ shit If it wasn't for these three things this place…[View]
65808328The absolute state of American Conservatism. This woman has both Blacked and TPUSA speaker on her r…[View]
65808926I am dull and boring in bed.[View]
65806369Women: How the fuck do I talk to women? I think I'm decent at the whole conversations thing, I …[View]
65806852Hard work doesn't off: >job seeking is basically my full time job >CS degree over a year …[View]
65808855This picture is so nostalgic and comforting to me. It gives me butterflies in my stomach. I just fee…[View]
65807934>been on 4chan for so long I can tell someone is underage by the way they type And let me tell yo…[View]
65808915I am 28 yo khv pajeet and I am about to get arranged married. Problem is my lun is 3 inches. Should …[View]
65806295>talking to friend >'i gtg, i'll be back!' >perfectly normal, i guess they have work …[View]
65808865How would even approach a girl like that robots?[View]
65808608Nice girls: >1-4/10 >get treated like shit >lets the guy walk all over her >no standar…[View]
65807485i actually love this website. its kinda fascinating and it makes me think plus common interests[View]
65807622my mom gives my brother money for a new jacket then she looks at me and says >I would give it to …[View]
65809074I remember when she was actually hot but unfortunately she hit the wall fast[View]
65807598>first strand of gray hair >still no gf in sight…[View]
65808929what is the best way to kill yourself anons? I was thinking on using pills but I'm not really s…[View]
65808638Is Chad really all that great? There are women out there willing to die alone and miserable at 40 su…[View]
65807283i'm way too scared to have sex[View]
65806987Should I feel okay about this?: >23 >never had gf even though tried to get one and did the imp…[View]
65806506Can someone simplify Rule 268 for me , please? I read it, but I don't quite understand what it …[View]
65808651What is BPD like?[View]
65808450Solely i should dictate what is and what isn't allowed to be posted on 4chan.org your lives are…[View]
65807921She just measured my dick: And boy do i feel bad. I only gained half an inch on bonepressing. For th…[View]
65782863/mbti/: no circlejerking edition If you don't know: >Test https://sakinorva.net/functions …[View]
65807364Am I autistic? >Be me >Sit at table >Normies talk about horror movies not being scary >'…[View]
65807976we got too cocky vampire bros...[View]
65807079Hey, what are you up to right now[View]
65808489Read my erotica r9k: Its about a boy who lives in a post apocalyptic 1903 who travels the landscape …[View]
65807688I asked a female friend who sketches to draw me and they drew this what does this mean, and yes it d…[View]
65808759>meanwhile in /r9k/ 90s Japanese neighbourhood[View]
65808825Are Japanese people inbred? What gives so many of them exaggerated features?[View]
65807878Anyone with similar experiences? My life isn't awful, but feels like it. I have a pretty face,…[View]
65808279I installed Tinder yesterday and i already have 4 likes, see you later virgins[View]
65808168Basedboys of Reddit did your parents make you eat onions?[View]
65808641Daily Posture Thread: female coworkers were complaining about this lmao edition back exercises: http…[View]
65808768>Be lonely >Start improving my personality to make more friends >Even do shit like download…[View]
65806792got measuring tape today. I can confirm exactly 6 inches in girth. wbu you guys?[View]
65806780>be me >be here 12-14 hours a day for years >eyes burn at the end of each night >vision …[View]
65808241Is it worth having a fat bipolar cutter gf if she's all I can get?[View]
65808576>Mom found the humiliation folder[View]
65808446Why don't incels just get a cripple gf? They're dependent and have low standards.[View]
65808554If you were given a mirror that instead of showing a reflection of your physical form your flaws and…[View]
65807399Suicide: Is drowning a good way to kill oneself? Weights would be put in a backpack to make it easie…[View]
65807516>27 year old >touchless virgin >subhuman 5'8' manlet >subhuman face How much longer…[View]
65808587>incel >women >porn >fembot >erotica >femcel >tfw no qt3.14 gf >erp >gf …[View]
65808683If girls don't care about looks, then why they laughed at my short height, face and clothes (po…[View]
65808636so when you get a fembot gf how red are you gonna spank her cheeks?[View]
65807221When RP goes too far: Did you ever play as a girl in an online game? Did you do it so well you had a…[View]
65806700Why short women go after tall guys? They looks more like a daughter and father, not like girlfriend …[View]
65806943QT in bed next to me asleep: I have to fart but don't wanna go to the bathroom. Should I risk i…[View]
65807963Look who's under construction...[View]
65808245Christ I'm so fucking sick of going to r/gentle femdom and seeing nothing but pretty boys, pegg…[View]
65807995How do I have sexual intercourse as an ugly and fat 27 year old male?[View]
65806998i will go out with any uk fembot no matter how grim you think you are please just dont be obese, tha…[View]
65807198It's Monday again: >didn't die in my sleep again... Guess it's back to work for an…[View]
65808418> be me > 31 years old > ogre > bisexual > inherit house after father dies > germa…[View]
65808063>Woke up 8 hours ago >Spent the whole day clicking around a remote Russian city on street view…[View]
65806007Bros why are men so evil and lazy? I can't believe women put up with their shit[View]
65808487Why am i so paranoid and awkward when going outside or interacting with people Even just riding arou…[View]
65808060I weigh 49kg and cute girls want to peg me[View]
65806957It's weird how American sports teams have the option to just up and leave if they don't ge…[View]
65808351why doesn't anything make me happy anymore[View]
65806439can i do my 6 months in conscription in finland if i have ADHD? i heard of a guy on this board doing…[View]
65807567some people want you dead some peopel just want the head[View]
65805984Making friends is impossible, i'm a full blown normie as of now yet the closest thing i ever ha…[View]
65808293Daily reminder that women rely on you to believe in their superficial looks and loving caring demean…[View]
65808055shoenice22 is alive and on tik tok right now. iykyn[View]
65808175Hi friends, Which do you prefer out of these options? I am knitting a throw/blanket as a gift for …[View]
65808054Awful place to ask for advice, but I've got no one else >be reasonably introverted, stay-at-…[View]
65807608>out alone, drunk >lesbian couple feeds me more shots. >take me to their flat. >smoke ta…[View]
65808184I'm so tired of everything bros[View]
65808123My girlfriend wants to breed me. What should I do?[View]
65804844Sunday night fetish thread >age >gender >what gets you off?…[View]
65807434what are some strats to stay awake anons?[View]
65806879Anyone else realised men are just as shitty as women in a lot of ways? I've been sickened by ma…[View]
65808059>make him lick his mess off my tummy. >never reply or message again.…[View]
65806786Women settle for less: >just had a dream about being back in school >Felt exactly like relivin…[View]
65807930>20 >in phukket >drinking with girls >tell me they aren't girls >2 bottoms and a…[View]
65807596Vocaroo Wild West: https://voca.ro/12yqyDdRaS52[View]
65808079picture of a man with a fine taste[View]
65807093i am the literal definition of an egirl i hate this so fuckign much[View]
65807894anyone here ever fuck a chicken from the grocery store? how was it? it's been a fantasy of mine…[View]
65808023What would you assume is Kim Jong Un's dick size?[View]
65808019sorry not sorry anon the goth girls are ruby territory[View]
65807502What are the bots aiming to achieve?: It is well known by all schizos and some robots that this boar…[View]
65806067Meeting a girl: >be me >21 yrs old neet >3/10 >all of the other family members have succ…[View]
65807793woman vs woman: https://odysee.com/@theralphretort:1/corinne-vs-rachel-wilson-on-womens-suffrage-kil…[View]
65798318Weekly Family Thread: Tell stories, ask for advice, all that jazz Previous: https://desuarchive.org/…[View]
65806195Fembots cannot be that ugly. This is the level of looks I imagine every fembot to be at.[View]
65806464>Women are more emphatic gender. Many girls from my class, including my crush who knew about my f…[View]
65807126I'm 30 I have never achieved anything I will never achieve anything I'm sick of it all See…[View]
65807018>Give women more chance and freedom to experience this earth in many ways(Sex,travel,hobbies,occu…[View]
65807820>thinking about how time passed and how it will keep passing >Soon, you will have forgotten ev…[View]
65807678Why do women become middle managers only to become so fucking miserable and stressed out in that pos…[View]
65806962Why are women so comfortable with humiliating Asian men online? I thought normalfags were against ra…[View]
65804880white women appreciation thread: There is a lot of hate against white women on /r9k/. Lets make a lo…[View]
65804225I want a girlfriend so fucking badly but I am bald and ugly. God fucking damnit.[View]
65806856god, that moment when a girl told me she had been with 35 guys and i told her that made me nauseous …[View]
65807747I love you anons: Check title[View]
65807673What happens to you when you fap without porn?[View]
65807425>born with average genetics >lift >get girl well below him aesthetically >start family w…[View]
65806418>Never had a gf >Use tinder for months >Very rarely get matches when I do they are fatties …[View]
65806367I've been thinking about the normality rate of 4chan even in the present day, that is the amoun…[View]
65807584You guys ever open your asshole really wide and then a ghost comes up and starts fucking it with its…[View]
65806554Unmedicated bipolar disorder is shit. I have absolutely no reason to continue living, yet my mind is…[View]
65807407I'm roughly a 7.5/10 and have a nice personality, and yet dating sites/apps are impossible now.…[View]
65807575The cucks are rising up.[View]
65807421I'm a bisexual virgin incel: Should I try to be a subservient pussy and ass eating servant for …[View]
65807504I just resigned from my job. simply didn't go in this morning and texted my boss that I was fin…[View]
65807539>Look at this weirdo! He is so awkward and creepy.Let's bully him so hard that he develop PT…[View]
65807340>wake up and feel dizzy, nauseous and tummy turning and horny AAAAAA BEING PREGNANT IS HARD!!!! I…[View]
65807406it's over but I can't accept it's over[View]
65807297>still think of my college oneitis from 7 years ago Anyone else as pathetic as me lmoa…[View]
65805533THIS DUMB BITCH WOKE WRONG SIDE OF BED: https://science.slashdot.org/story/21/10/17/2338223/a-meteor…[View]
65807426>the average white relationship in America in 2021[View]
65807456my life is completely in pieces but day to day I feel mostly fine even good. it's like I just l…[View]
65807148>qt double D Asian girl was into me in high school >dont do anything because autistic >go t…[View]
65805995I hate the existence of the public internet so fucking much![View]
65806611Has anyone here ever bought a sex doll? I'm thinking of buying one. How much do they cost? What…[View]
65806935Imagine if instead of shooting seeds, the male penis grabbed an egg from inside the female and sucke…[View]
65806883haiku thread: make haikus and add a nice picture to suit it[View]
65807006hm he's like batman with that blade[View]
65807135When did you realize how much face and height matters? For me it was when I started hanging out with…[View]
65807320fuck everything tbh: all i did in the last 3 days was to drink and sleep. i don't enjoy anythin…[View]
65807302Hey anon. Let me tell you a secret. post 'made for BBC' for guaranteed (you)s Do what you want wi…[View]
65807137>masturbated so much my frenulum bleed fuck fuck fuck it hurts so much but my appetite still isn…[View]
65807244A cute borderline autistic girl wants to have sex with me. She is normal enough, but you can tell so…[View]
65805997It's ok to be weak[View]
65806569Hey guys, this is my band! What should we call ourselves?[View]
65807248>can't fart, burp and piss as loud as my dad I'll never be able to attract a female…[View]
65805921Anyone else just like the wrong combination of personality type for relationships? I latch on to peo…[View]
65807188>5'6 manlet virgin >get asked out by a cute girl >reject her >tfw…[View]
65807032my dad is fucking dying[View]
65807147storytime: > be me > take bus to school for first time in a year > approaching bus stop …[View]
65806634What if sociopathic tendencies is better suited for kids? And empathy is for adults?[View]
65806410>day 13 of nofap I feel like breaking, give it to me straight, does it work or I am wasting my ti…[View]
65806423I really miss the school days before puberty >forced to go to school but it wasn't a bad thi…[View]
65806980Lost: Anyone else feel lost? I'm 24 and just feel like I don't know who I am or what I lik…[View]
65806656>Tfw came out to my sister as bi years ago >Wasn't hard, just wanted her to know since sh…[View]
65806111There's a class of people in the west that have high paying tech jobs but outside of work live …[View]
65801813Is it possible to get PTSD from working? Certain words or images straight up trigger me now that nev…[View]
65804985Your life isn't any worse than anyone else's: All of the things you guys complain about ar…[View]
65806778Ya ever dump air out yor ass? I mean like not farting but full on air-shitting.[View]
65806089does anyone have the original of this image? i can only find ones with shit all over them like picre…[View]
65806758I'm gonna transition[View]
65806379How do I know which part of the vaginas the penis goes in[View]
65806791Does anyone here have much experience with penis extenders? This one device i've got my eye on,…[View]
65805967Robot (male) here, a colleague (male) hugged me while drunk and if felt kinda nice, am I gay or just…[View]
65806640Serious Question: Why is there so much porn?: It seems like porn is just perpetually being made and …[View]
65806749Fembots, how would you feel if I said I wasn't going to pull out halfway during sex because I n…[View]
65806767>ay Tone I'll uh be fuckin dead uh soon ay >79 years old muthafucka get tha fuck outa her…[View]
65805664Why do fat women dislike their size being seen as attractive. So what! I like her bigger softer body…[View]
65806064TIL women actually like it if you say you're done fucking other women and want to settle down w…[View]
65805994a wild adept appears on your bed[View]
65806633came home today, and almost as if in a daze, I took apart a razor and relapsed on cutting. when I 'c…[View]
65805460In China the incels commit 'revenge against society attacks' where they horrifically kill random peo…[View]
65806381>413 IQ >Wish I ran down 13 IQ points from the facial average in estrogen for my race (135) so…[View]
65806690Tyrones, Chads and Changs: What's considered a Tyrone? I notice we don't hold black men to…[View]
65806530Ok so I did some gay stuff in a moment of weakness, that doesn't define me[View]
65806344stop azn hayte[View]
65805497>mumble all my words[View]
65806339This is the best candy.[View]
65806552>Be me >In college >The one trans guy is suddently crying in class >Won't tell anyo…[View]
65806559why am I so cold? I feel nothing for anyone. I had a girl over last night and we made out and stuff …[View]
65805661So, I've been thinking of a great idea. What if we all got a 2nd set of plumbing that delivers …[View]
65806461I actually need an Esdeath gf to give me a kick in the ass and lead my life.[View]
65805276I've tried to be more like schizoid-chan. My life has never been better[View]
65806445>be me >always thought I was 5ft7 >manlet but there's hope right >just got my hei…[View]
65805187Why do white people pretend that Black people commit more crime?: White people commit just as much o…[View]
65806518sup incels: I got banned from /lit which is the only board I usually go on. I've had sex with 3…[View]
65806259Today is going to be my first day in high school... And i am 22 years old i guess i don't care …[View]
65805783Male sexuality disgusting and female sexuality doesnt exist: As men the curse of sexuality is placed…[View]
65806284God, please, help me: I barely eat nowadays, don't supplement, don't move and my sleep sch…[View]
65806481I thought this was a board to scream at robo-callers. But you guys are way worse.[View]
65804953How did your parents make sure you turned out to be an incel?: What did they do to you to ruin your …[View]
65803795SKIRBBL.IO THREAD: https://skribbl.io/?cvPWx50GH9em CUSTOM WORDS Get in here[View]
65806184Did you ever have your parents point out losers to you?: Or talk about losers/virgins/creepy guys, e…[View]
65804424are women even attracted to men: i literally cannot imagine how anyone could be attracted to men. me…[View]
65806186I'm feeling really depressed tonight...[View]
65806002tonight i broke a personal record. 5 cooms in one sitting. i still haven't stood up, and JUST b…[View]
65806082hypothetically speaking:: what would happen to a human if they had to endure picrel for 20 years but…[View]
65803929Snapped a picture of my co-worker's daughter in her casket at the funeral.[View]
65806350>Tfw no bf: Le sigh... That feel when no boy friend[View]
65801957>robots adds me from a religion thread >says he doesnt believe in witchcraft, calls me idiot …[View]
65805759Tell me your shower routine: > bathe in hot water > rub soap on body > wash hair > get o…[View]
65803742Whats the highest round you ever got to, and what map was it?[View]
65806009hi how do i become a femboy[View]
65804613I just got beaten up by a woman, bros.[View]
65806212do you find girls who dress like pic related attractive ?[View]
65806270Hey, look femanon! It's future you![View]
65805996Well guys, I've successfully alienated myself from everybody who ever cared about me. What now?[View]
65804960Well anon? Which do you choose?[View]
65804563i hung out with someone in person for the first time in a year and it made me realize how much of a …[View]
65806249Anyone find it odd how many tranny pornstars used to post on or browse 4chan many years ago? Why is …[View]
65805316The ego on women now is fucking insufferable. Every woman treats others as subhuman because social m…[View]
65805428Do you find learned helplessness cute?[View]
65805658jsut yelled at my friend over vc about how useless i am. should i stop talking to him?[View]
65804139What the actual fuck is wrong with me: OK guys, so hear me out: I'm 20 years old and I've …[View]
65806175Rape would be a natural reproduction strategy for low value men.Nothing about our lives is natural a…[View]
65805766I hate my parents so much for letting the doctor cut off my foreskin, and all that is left of my fre…[View]
65805808>be me >had the most rancid shit of all time >so how is your day going, fellow anons…[View]
65805896I just nutted to a pornstar who looks like my Oneitis in order to sleep. I love you Olive Glass, goo…[View]
65806125How do I get a job based on my degree when there are 50 other people applying. I feel like hitting m…[View]
65804576>want to become a teacher >majority of my coworkers are going to be middle aged moms >hav…[View]
65805352/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 805 Coast to Coast Rei AM[View]
65804140anyone else find straight people to be so boring? at this point my whole friend group is lesbians an…[View]
65806046just popped a lot of xanies, and painkillers, this shit boutta get wild bros[View]
65806032How much did your parents care about your social life and dating life? All mine seemed to care about…[View]
65805727>18 >don't even enjoy vidya anymore Wtf am I supposed to do now? Have I ascended too ear…[View]
65806018why do i want so badly to impress every girl i like? i always prefer that she thinks i'm cool, …[View]
65805791there's a 0.79% chance I'll kill myself if Miedema doesn't win the ballon d'or t…[View]
65805269is there anything more wonderful than being like 30 and rolling around like a retard wasting all you…[View]
65805278How to talk with girls? I never tried it, despite having matches on tinder. It feels like I have not…[View]
65805954Beautiful people look all the same[View]
65804395What fucked you up?: >Went to 3 different high schools >All chances of having a friend group r…[View]
65805459how do i deal with being a yandere i hate the fucking cards ive been dealt. i dont want to hurt peop…[View]
65805696how do i talk about wanting to die now that my friend's dad committed suicide: title. my best f…[View]
65803181Describe your perfect GF you desire[View]
65804630Despite it being the beginning of autumn, it still feels like summer in here, hope the summerfags le…[View]
65805465>feeling festive >go to small store >walk around looking for my favorite eggnog >somethi…[View]
65805927how fast should you drive on a long two-way street at night that passes through a neighborhood when …[View]
65802812Stepfordization thread: Can you name a more based fetish than turning some ugly post modern thot int…[View]
65805684I want to be the servant of a young rich lesbian couple![View]
65805351why are girls so bad at controlling their bladder?[View]
65802526I wish a girl would stalk me 24/7[View]
65805631Zoomers have ruined the word 'yikes' and 'cringe' for me: I can't even use …[View]
65802242hello /r9k/ can you tell me >your religion >why you believe your religion…[View]
65804446would you rather play white or black, pic related. white to move[View]
65805790>24 next month Brehs[View]
65805899you will never know what it feels like to watch the sunset with the love of your life[View]
65803977if I made a server dedicated to mecha, would anyone join?[View]
65803314How is inceldom even a real thing? Whenever i go outside i see so many disgusting ugly manlets with …[View]
65804837its all my fault[View]
65805602this is awful[View]
65805555I'm gonna steal mom's car tonight.[View]
65805580Eastern European girls - yes or no: There are Ukrainian girls who literally only make 50 bucks a wee…[View]
65803605>26 >still exclusively jerk off to teen porn I will never experience prime pussy, all I'l…[View]
65805208Fembots, what's holding you back from becoming the most loved person in society, aka Chad? You …[View]
65803658relentlessly mocked and abused by humanity for being quiet and vulnerable furtherly ostracized and …[View]
65805259What proves a man is a Chad?[View]
65804640tell me robro, what is your dream?[View]
65805066women aren't worth the time and effort prove me wrong[View]
65805715All I want out of my life is to find someone to genuinely give my love to. I'm not feeling that…[View]
65805716What's up? Just wanna shoot the shit. I'll try to reply everyone. What's been on you…[View]
65805019>the perfect woman doesn't ex...[View]
65804999hydradgen reminer haf u hyderated enov 2day anyawn? do you like to add anything to your water? what …[View]
65805593Fembots how do you feel about guys that are into farts? Would you indulge a fart fetish?[View]
65804359This is a message to all the reddit faggots and ther troon faggots: You lost. You tried and you lost…[View]
65804528My cock is 6 inches big. Is it enough?[View]
65805395I'm afraid of real women. Fuck them. I'm sticking with anime girls forever.[View]
6580551501/01/2022: 75 days to go, brothers. Are you ready? Are you with me?[View]
65805495holy fuck please stop posting gay boys and trannies, you're starting to fuck with my head disco…[View]
65804821I don't even believe 95% of the shit I say here.[View]
65805244Sleep well, pumpkin.[View]
65802953I'm sorry for making Tranny Hate Threads: For months I've been making Tranny Hate Threads,…[View]
65805357ill never know how it feels to fit in somewhere, ill never find 'my people'[View]
65805102Look how cold these balls are[View]
65805070Honestly it's surprising how few incels attempt rape. Going outside and seeing stuff like this …[View]
65805391You have to do yourself a favor and read Os Lusiadas in the original[View]
65805212I read every single reply to every thread i click on[View]
65805254I wanna bang Nancy Pelosi[View]
65802488A girl at my university caught me staring at girls' bra straps in class and told everyone. Now …[View]
65804218Virgins and incels you're rotting at home feeling like shit because you can't get girls wh…[View]
65803928>ywn be a trust fund chad like Dan Bilzerian[View]
65805229>start working at pub >finish my last shift for this month before pay >out on smoke break f…[View]
65804855I find out that my crush is my distant cousin, we even look alike I don't know how I didn'…[View]
65804600r*dditors scowering this place for greentexts can you answer me something? you probably don't h…[View]
65803473You don't want a clingy gf[View]
65805204I read words: I read them.[View]
65798367its over: actual SUI FUEL, watch at your own risk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_66meW_cB8…[View]
65801719i'm pathetic: back in high school i had a female friend who always used to be pretty flirty wit…[View]
65802392>This is what women think about when you bump into them Just bump into women thats all it takes…[View]
65800932God I hate nu-zoomers so fucking much: I literally just can't anymore[View]
65804144If you fuck a girl in the ass and she has a big ass will it feel better because it's big?Like w…[View]

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