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74815315i really wish the feds would stop pushing all this incest shit doesnt incest violate law? why arent …[View]
74815940What about a Japanese gf? That seems pretty novel.[View]
74816061Every time I go to twitter to laugh with people's stupid takes I quickly regret it. And I repea…[View]
74815604so i made a subreddit for the neetbros and autists who want old r9k back. meant for frogs, wojaks, a…[View]
74813469Girls are attracted to the Joker rather than to Batman.: I'm like Batman, that's my proble…[View]
74816042I don't understand: > order delivery food frequently because im a lazy pos with some disposa…[View]
74815976I will never own anything or have anything meaningful, I am doomed to poverty and to be forgotten. I…[View]
74815662femanons you have to have sex with either walt or hank. which bald man do you have sex with[View]
74815410Is there anyone on the internet more pitiful than this pathetic loser faggot?[View]
74815854hacking: qual curso barato e bom para aprender a hackear?[View]
74815960If you hate this website. You don't stand for free speech and naive enough to think CIA never c…[View]
74815931I look in the mirror sometimes and I think I genuinely look very handsome. I genuinely don't un…[View]
74811072FUCK MY TEETH ARE SO ITCHY CAN'T STOP GRINDING THEM anyway how has your day been?[View]
74815483drawing i did it represents how it feels to work a 10 hour shift at dominos pizza[View]
74815914bro my adhd brain really does shut up and be entertained for hours watching people just play video g…[View]
74815713Just found out the bot I like is into granny porn. My trust and optimism: gone[View]
74815600What is wrong with me? Why do I think like this?: God I'm such a burden on everyone. On the peo…[View]
74812088C O L L E G E: I've never felt to alone before, I moved into my uni accommodation last week, I…[View]
74815810I just don't bathe these days, no shower no hygine I'm just not fucking bathing man what t…[View]
74815339has anyone had any experience using PAL-6 tablets? I think they have left an indelible mark on my li…[View]
74815500How would you femanons feel if you caught your bf checking out another girl? Would you do anything?[View]
74814923who rigged the dating platforms who do i blame[View]
74815790I'm the GIRL NEXT DOOR LEMME COME IN[View]
74809321Male hate thread: Misandry unlike misogyny, actually makes sense because of how shitty moids are.…[View]
74815765Favorite PSL god? I've been really into Barrett lately. How he has looked over the years seems …[View]
74814916Plenty of people in the world would kill to be in my position but I just dont want it, I dont want t…[View]
74814879Discord for retarded Autists: . gg/3tbtXTDQ Looking for other Autists with no lives to talk to over …[View]
74807931I wanna do a fuck ton of drugs and then OD on fentanyl. That would be a great end i think[View]
74815426INCEL STREAM: INCEL GO TO A NIGGER HOOD STREAM https://www.twitch.tv/indefinitesuspensionn…[View]
74814658I hate to be a wagie. I want to earn more money for fuck sake, im tired of gaining the minnium wage.[View]
74815664Homies talkin' on the phone. https://voca.ro/123wQv5qpF9u[View]
74815651I wanted to share a based Minecraft server originating from 4chan where you can basically roleplay a…[View]
74815365Tomorrow is the last day of summer[View]
74814173I'm getting addicted to weed bros jerking off high is literally divine[View]
74814564which one you putting in your mouth[View]
74814932Too poor to afford internet in a week: Farewell, 4chan. Farewell, anons. Farewell, niggers.[View]
74815042How do I get the chemical smell out of my chinese sweatshop clothes[View]
74815525>post some shitty larp >get one or two replies >thread dies >someone screenshots it and …[View]
74815553what is the solution: >can't get girls irl because i'm short and ugly >can't da…[View]
74815563if you didn't play crazy bones on one of these you didn't even live[View]
74815534cute boys hi hows ur day[View]
74808522/britfeel/: Fresh breadingham edish[View]
74814955how would you feel if a large guy of darker complexion did this to you?[View]
74814716ocd: after 5 hours I have to get up and go to the city for useless psychological help, before that I…[View]
74814919She's homeless and hungry. Why didn't you take her in, robots (and use her as your sex sla…[View]
74814449She's right you know: Dating isn't 'broken'. The playing field has just been equalized…[View]
74814845I wish I could have had the chance to give her all the love she so desperately craved.[View]
74813037How can we genetically engineer women so that big tits become more common? Theyre way too rare[View]
74814213>35 yo toxic hag blocked me because I posted anime >30 yo autistic liberal unfriended me becau…[View]
74815383The best example of Reddit faggotry is their acceptance for self diagnosis. >mildly retarded ner…[View]
74815378>sometimes daydream about wearing a maid outfit or other feminine clothes to please a woman Is th…[View]
74814794Does my anon hate me?: >barely responds >keeps responses short >rarely complimentary >ne…[View]
74815325first time stores: For those who have lost there virginity already, how was it? Tell us the story…[View]
74815152>mfw I make the connection between my incest fetish and how inbred my family tree is…[View]
74815314Epictetus on suicide: Remember that the door is open. Don't be more cowardly than children, but…[View]
74814418I fucking hate 'doing things' so much I like the idea of being skilled and productive, but even watc…[View]
74815026This is my 3rd day in Tokyo and already have a date lined up. This is the first date with a girl eve…[View]
74814939anyone else not at all depressed but actually quite happy? i spent a large portion of my life locked…[View]
74812570>nazis, racists and islamist allowed free speech on the internet >the blackpill and incel comm…[View]
74805375you don't want a smart gf: dating as a smart girl is suffering. so many guys, here included, th…[View]
74815147>never had friend >never had a girlfriend >never been to parties >never had a job >ne…[View]
74814980How do you keep a woman in line?: How do you discipline a woman who talks back to you? I need sure f…[View]
74815096Imagine being an uber eats bitch[View]
74815117who has the better tummy[View]
74815230(You) will inherit a castle with an immense dungeon from an Anonymous poster. You will torture or br…[View]
74814608Black people. That's all.[View]
74815121Why are white people so... boring? >Can't sing >Can't dance >Tasteless food >B…[View]
74815216I have never been on a date and I'm terrified of going on one because I simply don't under…[View]
74814101The biggest blackpill: For me it's listening in on two female coworkers chatting in the break r…[View]
74813612day 2 of manifesting a boyfriend that will fuel my drug addiction[View]
74814943world of darkness tabletop for neets and oldfags: If you browse Misaki Friday threads join our house…[View]
74814981How do you cope with the fact that you never experienced teen love & will never have it?[View]
74814602This board makes you insanely neurotic. Seriously, stop using it.[View]
74814497Reminder that trans girls are girls: Trans girls need love and happiness. You should date one and be…[View]
74814181>be me >6'0 asperger portuguese >pretty attractive 17yo, decently lean >like 2 year…[View]
74814779me takin a shit: >have to shit >shit >wipe ass >have to shit more >wipe ass more >…[View]
74815148>tfw no star wars prequels gf[View]
74814363Is it narcissistic that my ideal partner would be basically me but a girl[View]
74815107There are hundreds of millions of men walking around RIGHT NOW with massive tit genes and the same a…[View]
74814143>met a dude in the mental hospital >chill bloke >told me he listened to a lot of mssp >t…[View]
74815081>let youtube, college, this website, cosplay, the popularity of marvel, tiktok, twitter, and twit…[View]
74814038tomorrow i will be productive i will promise guys[View]
74811564Russians have the shittiest apartments ever[View]
74814675My boss today told me that he doesn't appreciate me coming in and taking a shit at the start of…[View]
74815003Women care more abou5 fictional characters than you, how does that make you feel[View]
74813987i miss having friends and being good looking so much >used to always drive around and hang out wi…[View]
74814179Yesterday someone posted something which in retrospect I recognize as very interesting, and I would …[View]
74814933I'm a filthy abomination[View]
74812143Have any KHHVs on /r9k/ past the age of 23 fumbled their opportunity at getting a girlfriend in the …[View]
74814814Why do people assume I have autism just because I have no friends? Sasuke is friendless and nobody t…[View]
74814832Butter Thread[View]
74813874based or cringe you think?[View]
74812315greentext me the worst flirt attempts from your life please. i want to read the most horrible disas…[View]
74814947Abusive people who don't know their abusive need to be all killed[View]
74813929>Johnny Somali finally arrested >His gay lover Jino arrested 2 hours later https://youtu.be/C_…[View]
74814795Wow. This board is truly hopeless. These days, I only ever pop in here for a couple minutes once in …[View]
74813975My cat wants to go outside but my family doesn't want her to and now I think she's depress…[View]
74814241Why do people assume you have autism just because you're not a normie?[View]
74814695>dont save her she dont wanna be saved man j cole was actually a genius with this, predicting the…[View]
74813479Drugs suck: I have a problem with cocaine, it got out of control, I used to use it every 3 months no…[View]
74814493imagine hugging a girl and letting her play with your hair.[View]
74814518What does it say about a society when even middle aged men are advising younger men to just drop out…[View]
74814487Do you feel like you are doomed??. Has society let you down, are you up to some revenge?. And if you…[View]
74813844What demographic does she stream for?[View]
74809673Going on a 5am - 6pm pub crawl with the coworkers on sunday. How the fuck do I survive? I'm an …[View]
74813689i'm 22. there's people my age that are famous or millionaires or both. they're drivin…[View]
74814375>Lost my virginity relatively late, maybe 17 or 18 and yes that was late when I was a teenager. M…[View]
74814772>she's a keeper why do i see so many blue and red pilled faggots say shit like that? every s…[View]
74814223/r9k Creative General/: Come share your stuff Sober edition[View]
74814194>one generation ago you had 5+ children >immigrate to America and fall below replacement level…[View]
74814742I don't want to go to sleep I don't want to get up and go to work in the morning I hate ev…[View]
74814645I achieved everything I thought would make me happy, but I still want to kill myself.[View]
74814704fatties at my gym: i know that we are supposed to encourage the adiposely-enriched members of our so…[View]
74814643Why do immigrant parents raise their kids to be completely autistic?[View]
74814480The Midwest: >is called the Midwest >is on the eastern side of the United States Are Americans…[View]
74814671I'm literally obsessed with the female butthole. Pussy too, but nobody cares about that. I wan…[View]
74813183People have taste in genes. If you don't have the right genes they will never have taste in you…[View]
74814624oh no, it's over? (or is it? (yes it is (not yet))): my roommate just left the flat to go fuck …[View]
74813649Why do working-class people glorify drugs?[View]
74814600>be me >khhv >at my uncle's wedding >you can clearly distinguish all the married pe…[View]
74813682I might as well throw myself from a window now[View]
74814553>happiness is nostalgic fucking lmao[View]
74812957Why do we even exist?[View]
74813396>Son can you help me tie my bra please? what do?[View]
74814221Necrophilia should be legal. The person that died no longer exists and no one is being harmed in the…[View]
74811523Demoralization Shills: Every board has 'em, and I just noticed something about how they operate…[View]
74814044>Be 23yo khv >Best friends sister starts liking me after she noticed that Ive been working on …[View]
74814481oh hello there wagie.. oh yes im just picking up dindins after a long day lounging. oh whats that w…[View]
74812875How do I stop feeling ashamed for watching mommy porn?[View]
74814433>be grade school me >share class with a girl named Rihanna (or something that sounds like tha…[View]
74813363If all the paperwork is processed successfully then in a few months I should be dead. I am honestly …[View]
74810920So I'm going on date with a girl who fits all the wickets of 'Ashbie' as in she's on the s…[View]
74813475This whole life is a never ending nightmare[View]
74809946fembot opsec thread: is it really safe to send selfies and nudes to robots?: in addition to being a …[View]
74813445I am a girl with long hair but I want to tomboymaxx since my features (tall, tan/dark skin, I might …[View]
74814365Basementmaxxing: Post some e-drama to help anons pass the time. Ideally videos that are 30 minutes t…[View]
74814350biggest truth ever told.[View]
74814336>finally get out of bed >internet is out again cause i live in a third world country…[View]
74814055>Want to eat chicken tendies >Mommy put them at 5 Good Boy points each >Currently have 30 G…[View]
74813708my bf's love makes me feel like I have superpowers[View]
74814084Why don't females just inject more estrogen to become more attractive like guys do with testost…[View]
74813549I'm going to masturbate to porn one last time. What should I masturbate to?[View]
74814154>25 >look 40[View]
74813410How do I get cute cosplayer gf? Should I try going to conventions to find girls? Or join groups onli…[View]
74814226I'm outta my mind, let's keep on sipping Let's make some babies and, make it officia…[View]
74813757Do western women have unreasonable standards?[View]
74814131Last night I saw a thread here made by a 13 year old girl. Assuming it was real, how on earth did sh…[View]
74813837Time to save the world? Game on! https://kick.com/pukara[View]
74813587>Having insomnia >staring at the wall or browsing 4chan all night >sleeping at 7am everyday…[View]
74814169Where do I start the mail order process: Damn, eastern european women look and act like this?[View]
74814103pain is improvement: come on, shove your hand back in the fire again. come on, just shove it in. it …[View]
74814126No matter how happy I become, I will never forget my decade of depression between 12 and 22 and how …[View]
74813642Sudenly i got the urge to get a female friend or gf to buy her cosplays i do like. What you think ab…[View]
74813806I wish I could be a woman in real life.: >be me >log off >it's reallife.jpg >look i…[View]
74808660do women like sex?[View]
74814047im a 26 year old khhv 26 years old lmfao[View]
74813933The nihilist will defeat the pampered man of meaning.[View]
74812126It's incredible how driving is such a low IQ activity: Considering that it's actually pret…[View]
74813995>browsing youtube >click on commentary youtuber i watch occasionally >she has noticeably ga…[View]
74813808>tfw no working class retard bf[View]
74813866>13 more days to become a wizard I really never thought I would get this far...…[View]
74813382Am I the only one who has a fetish for girls with big noses and ears[View]
74813945Let's hope they pick me up for this job with an accommodation so I won't have to see my fu…[View]
74812851Therapy experiences: I'm considering trying therapy Any of you robots actually have any good ex…[View]
74812404>Order KFC >Chicken is shit >'Maybe their other chicken is better' >Order KFC …[View]
74813811>women complain about being viewed as nothing more than their 'body count' >any man that has a…[View]
74813858does anyone just laugh when women complain about periods? yea must be hard to bleed once a month lol…[View]
74813718Am I cringe for wearing this to work?[View]
74813614I cannot eat anything Anything I eat makes me feel bloated for days yet then I try to shit it out no…[View]
74808211which side is it gayer for you to face towards?[View]
74813681Transhumanism will transcend my subhuman form so I can be reborn as not me but what the heart desire…[View]
74813684Reminder to treat your gf right or she might send you off to get dicked by your new prison bf.[View]
74813462fembots and anons: what does this image do to you? personally it makes me hornier than anything, ins…[View]
74813229Why don't you just get a black chaturbate bf?[View]
74812746So, what do we call it when people use brackets in a sentence? (Like this?) Reddit brackets? Faggot …[View]
74813425Son here Am I the asshole?[View]
74813716>bcs in computer science >just finished applying to a mall santa job…[View]
74813674Angelica has found God and quits asmr[View]
74812148I just got caught shoplifting a Dr. Pepper they wouldn't even let me pay and told me to not com…[View]
74812509Feel like a loser already? It's about to get worse.: This is the confirmed girlfriend (kissing …[View]
74813691It feels so painful. I dont have a job and I dont know what to do, my heart is beating faster and fa…[View]
74813171Holy cow... now people have their kicks watching drug addicts live over the web. https://www.youtube…[View]
74813675Relief. Attain it. It's yours.[View]
74813648>took the long way home to see the stray cats around the back >its raining so they weren'…[View]
74813440>meet a girl on discord (yes an actual girl). >shes cute, start talking to her everyday about …[View]
74810939>Regressed to having a dirty clothes pile and a clean clothes pile It's over…[View]
74812676>tfw peaked in elementary Who else here livingcorpse[View]
74813217>um actually thrembo is not a number chud[View]
74813355I despise my parents for forcing me into existence. Being alive is a hellish nightmare where you are…[View]
74813357Tthe 'help' I was given for my pedophilia (When I was 17 my mom caught me reading loli hentai) is ju…[View]
74811042How do you feel about the phrase 'I've got you under my skin'?[View]
74813085where do you find incels irl I probably am still too disgusting to date irl but there are just none …[View]
74812420fruit fruit: i love fruit! oranges, apples, kiwis, mangos, raspberries, blueberries, pineapples, pom…[View]
74813511The world is evil, fellows.[View]
74810752I'm simply supposed to find a partner that equals me, mental issues, and some weird stalky gobl…[View]
74813095Why does coding have to be such dull, off-putting, unrewarding crap? It's basically guaranteed …[View]
74813294>find a new local takeaway >food is good for about a week then turns to shit >order after 2…[View]
74813244Are fembots comfortable telling their boyfriend about the nasty sex acts they've done with othe…[View]
74812319Why are Redditors so much cooler than us? They get celebs to stop by and good porn, and all we get i…[View]
74813149I don't care if he doesn't pass, I still would.[View]
74803717/Achg/ - Anon cool hobbies general: Hello anons, mid week and haven't seen one of these myself …[View]
74813361are boys weird or cute[View]
74809272I just brewed my morning coffee. Going to browse 4chan for the next few hours. How is your morning g…[View]
74813348so anon or neets have you chosen life?: >CAPTCHA: 8TJTAH[View]
74813327destiny, fate said take them... so i took them simple as[View]
74813316Like a booger I stick 2 this[View]
74813313Nvm bros I began texting her last night and she immediately opened before I sent anything She saw th…[View]
74813203>3 months into a new job and already forced to quiet quit because of my boss outright disrespecti…[View]
74813041Place your happiness in God. He never changes.[View]
74812706if you see this, i'd like to be friends again k[View]
74813278I hate white people not because they're racist but because they're not racist (even the so…[View]
74812652this board is my only source of human interaction lol[View]
74812947you could be a total fucking trainwreck as a woman and you'd still be desired[View]
74812977Why are people who couldn't hurt a fly treated like predators. And why are real predators (nigg…[View]
74813223I just realised: It used to bother me that I'm 21 yo and a virgin, but I just realised that it…[View]
74813234Day 147 of manifesting a qt virgin black gf who will love me and have kids with me: Why don't m…[View]
74813134Negroid Females: How negro are you?[View]
74809953Femoids should go back to CC 4chan should ban them so they could fuck off already. Fucking holes. I …[View]
74812790Does anyone have any way to find a pedo (in pic he looks like the average degen)[View]
74813076>have a new Indian classmate in college >his name is Fardin What did he do to deserve his fate…[View]
74812916What job would be better for me as someone with a 85 IQ and fetal alchohol syndrome?[View]
74813077you faggots told me getting a girlfriend wouldn't make me happy but she has solved all my probl…[View]
74812470Why is the pedo community overwhelmingly white?[View]
74812986How do you do it neetbros? I don't wanna go back to wageslaving[View]
74810775need someone to abduct me, keep me tied up 24/7 and torture me is this too much to ask for[View]
74812859anyone else leave notes in public toilets with random numbers from the phonebook?[View]
74812344Anons who killed themselves: Do you guys know any anons who ended it? I know a few who did and I thi…[View]
74812567Why isn't there a caricature for incels that actually works? All of the current ones that peopl…[View]
74812587How much does a funeral cost? Asking for a friend[View]
74812786How many Americans here live in fly over country? I was incel until moving to a larger city in Texas…[View]
74812773Which one of the famous femanons do you want to beat up? Just straight up beatdown, no sexual violen…[View]
74812905>only can get off to the thought of female butthole >jack to in toilet videos of girls using t…[View]
74809075I will never have this. Real life girls only care about money and status.[View]
74812960Take a gander at this little Butters right here[View]
74811489I hate working I hate filling out applications I hate people I hate money I hate taxes I hate busine…[View]
74812888Why do boomers pressure incels / volcels to get a girlfriend in your 20s? There is nothing out there…[View]
74812909Asian Women Mogging: >Are you Azn? >Does she mog you? >Rant space!…[View]
74812705'touch grass bro': >stay inside studying and playing vidya all day >become depressed >decid…[View]
74806781if you get more than 4 youre ngmi[View]
74812564how can i tell if i have a strand of gray hair or is my hair is just going lighter. it doesnt look f…[View]
74812733comfy neetbros ive been playing an anime waifu game and smoking weed. pretty comfy.[View]
74812868this place has users and is somewhat on-topic for saying something like 'my life is boring shit' and…[View]
74812650lord help a gymcel find another mommy gf please please I'm so tired of the 'choke me abuse me' …[View]
74812598is the lonely brazilian femanon still here[View]
74811589i feel like im fucking dying bros passed out from exhaustion yesterdaty, didn't think anything …[View]
74812798Weekend plans: It's not quite here yet but do you have any plans for your weekend, anons? I pla…[View]
74809995Just lower your standards bro: You'll be so much fucking happier.[View]
74765511/drugfeel/: DXM is such a great drug when ur living like a African affordable way to up ur vril leve…[View]
74812680My observation when watching black'd: I've realized there are some black males who are mor…[View]
74812328hey femanon can you please be my wife and we can move to mongolia and live in a yurt and have a lot …[View]
74812007Why do we like circular faces again? Doesn't a tall face have more space for the brain?[View]
74812677All the laws that criminalize hard drugs like Fentanyl should apply to pornography. Porn is cancer. …[View]
74812624i am so worried about going uni. i was on a gap year being a neet and doing fuck all and now i have …[View]
74812628>be me >randomly start watching streams on Twitch >sort by lowest viewer count to highest …[View]
74812270Why not just get a petite black toy gf?[View]
74812683another lonesome night listening to Steely Dan and learning to recite hymns[View]
74812536Tfw no armless gf[View]
74809254Rate your life/10. Mine's like a 2/10[View]
74812295its my birthday: its my birthday today!! hehehohohaha[View]
74812323Anyone else get jealous of guys having casual, non-sexual interactions with girls? Like just being i…[View]
74812465Images are still loading slow huh. Seems like when I start browsing the images take several minutes …[View]
74811053Do you think he would be able to freely travel all the dangerous places he visits if he were a manle…[View]
74812611People you know, found on 4chan: Have you ever seen someone you know irl post or get posted on 4chan…[View]
74812371Do any artist femanons here draw mainly porn and lewd that isn't gay or fujo[View]
74812389>'you deserve so much better anon' >refuses to put in any effort to be better >breaks up be…[View]
74810756>eat mac n cheese >fart a lot Such is the life of a ratpilled sigma...…[View]
74812580>Its over https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/651e197c96e3fa5c2fe2f08d8adc62d661c0bdd6…[View]
74812568Seeking pleasure is like drinking sea water. You are not going to make it.[View]
74810938I think one of the most beautiful things about life, is the fact that we're all actually here. …[View]
74812547I come to this board to see ethnic incels talk about white people all day. I find it funny. Feel lik…[View]
74811160How would you cope with getting rape as a male?[View]
74809868Male bodies are hilarious and gross Such sadness that we had to evolve warped forms for the purpose…[View]
74811766What does /r9k/ think of Azula?[View]
74810872How's your day going?: Lost my job because I asked out a coworker for coffee >sexual harassm…[View]
74812112>be neet manlet >go outside midday on a weekday >notice its only other manlets outside doin…[View]
74811376i got a blowjob from a girl yesterday at this desk, university is fun[View]
74812492reverse psychology got my ass: > be me > boy from my school likes me, i heard about it from fr…[View]
74812426If Sex is so good, they should make a Sex 2[View]
74811857>tfw balding this was the final nail im not leaving my house ever again…[View]
74812473Why can't you be a weeb and lift at the same time?[View]
74812443Saw a high tier becky with a subhuman: Went to resteraunt and saw an obese subhuman eating and talki…[View]
74809332Why do women love blond men so much?[View]
74811890Good is evil and evil is good because good cannot be good without evil. Evil is only evil because ev…[View]
74811720Can yall please stop viewing us as mere sex objects? Like bro wtf is this I am concerned[View]
74812321Why do women like men who look like this so much?[View]
74810900I love how even my normalnigger friends are redpilled on women. >go for coffee with friends >s…[View]
74812146The Cluster-B Disorders girl at work is attempting to befriend me...[View]
74811991I hope transhumanism or magic can help me ascend and attain the perfect female body and soul.[View]
74812407I have $1500 saved. I will have $3000 by next week.[View]
74810718>if I had an apartment I could easily rent out one room and earn 5.5k extra a year >but I can…[View]
74811549Ive been on this planet 29 years and Ive never seen hoeflation this bad. We have simultaneously the …[View]
74812347We talk about teh blackpill on women and all of it is true. But what we never talk about is the vant…[View]
74810992Good wife: Why do succesful people(Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg)…[View]
74812314Fataat al khairi yaa, amaalan tuniru musira da3watinna wa tu qida mish3al-imani kay tanju bi ummatin…[View]
74811044Dear diary: This year alone, I self-sabotaged three chances I had with pretty teenage girls who show…[View]
74810841Can man become something when he is nothing?: Can you change your fate? can you grasp at Divinity an…[View]
74812303I can't send nudes. I have a lot of moles and birthmarks that make me easy to recognize. I coul…[View]
74810846I have $1500 saved. I will have $3000 saved next month.[View]
74811727Incels deserve to get raped by other men[View]
74812042>be a GNC fancylad >people assume i'm NB >roll with it any reason i shouldn't be …[View]
74811576Prostitution needs to be legalized immediately[View]
74810446I have nobody to talk to and I'm starting to feel alone. what should I do?[View]
74811796Would you rather go to prison for false rape charges or agree to get your balls removed to keep the …[View]
74812075How do you soothe yourself during stressful situations? I will have to work with a total asshole all…[View]
74812164>be me >23 >have massive mommy/bbw fetish i cant rly get rid of even though its frowned upo…[View]
74811479Good news for you bros. A 40yo divorce single mother no longer sees the value of male looks. She is …[View]
74811931>use bumble for 1 month >swipe right on 80-90% of the women >0 matches I'm too ugly an…[View]
74810624i am still manifesting a lesbian bff who will save me by forcing me to talk about my feelings. 21 of…[View]
74811415It feels like the blackpill has completely subsumed any sense of personality I might have. I just re…[View]
74812106studing is retarded, im not gonna fucking do it. fuck the system for making me waste my life like th…[View]
74811142enough retarded threads. tits or ass anon?[View]
74810265/universe/ -spacefags thread[View]
74811214roast is rife: you might hate me for my fucking posts but there's nothing worse than a whore…[View]
74812045i am a manipulative psychopath: i charm and manipulate people into feeling happier and having better…[View]
74811405what is your biggest sexual fantasy: one of my biggest fantasies is to cuddle with someone after sex…[View]
74807605>'Depression isn't real' Where does this mindset come from? Do people really believe you can…[View]
74812008why does everything seem so pointless unless youre actively doing it? once i get done doing somethin…[View]
74808667I'm 22 years old and all I see is a bleak, hopeless future.[View]
74812003I wish I could talk with a lonely fembot about random things she likes. Not one of those egirls with…[View]
74810379Medoi is mentally ill and evil[View]
74811834condiments are for children. eat like an adult.[View]
74811465bee eye mogs all the new e-girls just look at those grey eyes[View]
74810730Which of the soi cartoons do you watch?[View]
74810319>watch City Morgue video >skip the cheesy corny bars coming from Zillakami >go directly to …[View]
74809722Dude I hate how people care more about 'how you carry yourself' (which is just a euphemism for no au…[View]
74810839>be me >today (kinda) >finish fixing thinkpad after 3 days >decided to put arch on it …[View]
74811412now i get it[View]
74811627/r9k Creative General/: Come share your creative works. No arguing or slander edition, we good bois …[View]
74810689How do they expect us to have kids when everything is so expensive?[View]
74811511>POV I only have to wait 2-5 more years and I can finally be eligible to rent an apartment in my …[View]
74810256uni anons, how are you feeling about starting the next academic year? am shitting my panties[View]
74810981Anyone else struggling with this disorder? Pic rel.[View]
74810675>know girl with bf who was on business trip atm >while drunk at party she comes to me to cuddl…[View]
74811650POV LAQEESHA SEES GHOST IN PSYCHWARD: https://voca.ro/1ghL2nV5Shev[View]
74811510all white boys should live to serve BBC with their plump asses[View]
74811565>go trough different types of abuse, starting as early as i can remember with my first memory of …[View]
74809721what's mean girls for guys?[View]
74811499Check em: >STRlKE RAID[View]
74810375How to shed the robot body? Orgig[View]
74811490spotify sneaky bugger, what doing?: I love this song! really recommend if you haven't heard it.…[View]
74811101fuck this shit: I dont want to live a normal human anymore I hate friends I hate everything I just w…[View]
74811477>went to sleep at 21:30 PM >woke up at 4 AM Now I have a nice long day ahead of me. https://yo…[View]
74810106this image makes me super horny[View]
74811430Thats how it is 40 more years of doing the same thing and nothing changes wow what a life[View]
74811212These are the last two GSS survey results that nobody is showing you. You can probably figure out wh…[View]
74811150there is no genuinely no other autists on the internet anymore. the khhv, wizards, the hikkis and n…[View]
74811148>God will never leave me nor forsake me The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces; ou…[View]
74810766Should I interview for a job paying double what I'm making but double the hours to cope with no…[View]
74810277How do you resist the siren call of trannism?[View]
74811193Don't stop thinking about tomorrow Don't stop, it'll soon be here It'll be here …[View]
74811177journo: > be me, 28, working as a junior editor for a small magazine > always dreamed of being…[View]
74810660See the difference between you and I is I KNOW how to socialize, but choose not to ;) Fuck normies.[View]
74811124As a man reading about women on this board, they are so god damn disgusting. I hope doing nofap make…[View]
74810945>be muslim >devoted my entire life for Allah >die a peaceful death >be at the heaven gat…[View]
74811096Ay ay I know FOSHO I betta see yall crack ass muhfuhs dropping on yo knees n kissing deese dope ass …[View]
74810220it was a trick: do you guys think the whole 'strong independent woman' thing was a ploy to get women…[View]
74810567https://la.spankbang.com/7pnab/video/pinky+fart+compilation Wife material[View]
74810520fallout: >be me, playing fallout 4 with 100 or so mods >doesnt run when i open with script ext…[View]
74810913>start talking to girl >calls me super sweet and caring >says looks are important for her i…[View]
74810720In man's laws, you commit a crime when you do something wrong. In God's laws, you commit a…[View]
74807750Why are so many here mentally broken by a lack of sex? I'm also a straight virgin guy, but I do…[View]
74809588It's beyond over for black women. I actually kind of feel bad for them. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
74810956best place to take three girls out on a date?[View]
74809774Why can't men wear dresses Some of them look cool as hell Kinda gay rule[View]
74810629Wumpagoniac B I got hep C in my Pepsi Gently in the rain the crains splain my name dawn drops a de…[View]
74810204What are you even supposed to do when your country is a small shit hole full of illiterate unlilingu…[View]
74808956Chris-chan completed his love quest before I did. Literally everyone will find love before I do. I…[View]
74810637Is any point to keep living after early 20s nothing to live more especially if u broke[View]
74809654What's your opinion on race-mixing women /r9k/? I would not forgive them if they had sex with a…[View]
74810946had a little upset had to sleep 4 hours to study for uni. d5ottbaag[View]
74810919>please madame just one crumb of pussy[View]
74810406It is economic suicide to drive a young generation into a hopeless, depressed stupor. Do rich psycho…[View]
74809001> suffer from 3- 10 years due to my bpd mother having feats and my psychotic brother bullying me …[View]
74810837the closest thing to a loving relation ship and intimacy the average man is to get now a days is a d…[View]
74809937How do I make my mothers life as miserable as possible without killing myself[View]
74809964Why do woman want a man (chad) whose dick has been in other woman's pussies and assholes. Would…[View]
74810830any time i try watching anime im disappointed.: i grew up only liking japanese video games with anim…[View]
74810783why is everything on chan sites always nsfw? its the dumbest fucking shit. what grown man wants to …[View]
74810813What made Cobson so powerful?[View]
74810155Daily Posture Thread: Dog in a cornfield, Dog in a Maize :D edition >back exercises https://www.b…[View]
74810417I'm down to establish the Rape Squad[View]
74810751Why are moids like that? Why are they so degenerate?[View]
74809034Thoughts? Comments?[View]
74795031/r9gay/ -#2110: Cursed edition Previous >>74788087[View]
74810238im going to make my own site >no captcha >no porn or coomer shit on any board >comfy only …[View]
74809462Fembot, why dont you have a body like this?[View]
74809789Anons, I have just turned 18 last month and my life never seemed so calm yet so hopeless and empty. …[View]
74810549Lame thread for venting about girls not wanting to touch you #3308497: I wish that I could feel like…[View]
74810703another academic year, still no friends[View]
74810747>you will never eat neco-arc's farts[View]
74810592you literally have to be an uncircumcised homosexual pervert to fit into either side of the culture …[View]
74809945Can we go back to a time where niggers used to be based? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GxBSyx85Kp8…[View]
74810506Stretch your legs, right now. Go![View]
74810542just want to die peacefully, is that too much to ask? why do i have to blow my brains out or hang of…[View]
74809139to femanons who like fat guys: why?[View]
74809930This is the life chad is living. It will never happen to you.[View]
74810516Would you help butter up your black gf if you had one?[View]
74809026Niggers: what is your favorite type of nigger?[View]
7480914730 seconds to mars album a beautiful lie is such an amazing piece of music holy hell its so fucking …[View]
74809757this entire website is just autistic faggots who never got laid or smoked weed and spent their life …[View]
74810559>be me >20M >chriminally into 30 year old milfs with big asses and tits >mfw they'l…[View]
74810257These guys would be incels and neets if they were born today. Our soulless environment (despite vici…[View]
74810141Post some Chad Stacy love story: Stacy, 20, flower of the youth, status of virginity: none and ready…[View]
74810513The Primordial Incel: He is more than a man, isnt he.[View]
74809812>job description has nothing to do with driving >driving licence is... le required…[View]
74810304What if a make a wish kid were to ask for head as their dying wish?[View]
74810252What if every time you'll look for naked women you will find naked men acting as women? What if…[View]
74810368If I'm not in a long term relationship by my 30 birthday I'll throw everything away and hi…[View]
74810428Does anyone have any cute family photo ideas for my sons? Thanks! :)[View]
74810414i walk this earth all by myself[View]
74809407do any femanons here draw nsfw and porn that isn't gay or fujo[View]
74808324>autoandrophile woman i want to be lean but with muscles, excess body hair and a hugeee clit but …[View]
74809994Life as a sub8 poor male is a non stop suffering....u can live good in your 20s thats bullshit if u …[View]
74808563l hate being white. White is the least desirable race for women attraction wise. We are incredibly d…[View]
74809255ITT tell us what your soul yearns for anon: I'll start >Simple life one that is down to eart…[View]
74809948I want her to strangulate me[View]
74806119/suicide general/: talk freely on here about what bothers you.[View]
74809632>finding out you're the problem[View]
74808807>sit at the computer all your life >don't learn anything to make money from it, like codi…[View]
74810007what do circumcised men feel when they having sex[View]
74810287Can you post 'guys who post :3 want to be held like this' pic :33333333[View]
74808785the dark side is too powerful[View]
74810218nothing to do all day, shit at everything talentless dont improve at anything i try no will to do an…[View]
74810249pipe down faggot[View]
74807958>turned 23 today[View]
74809666>be me >in Toronto >job hunting for warehouse jobs since I was 19 after dropping out >no…[View]
74809998White people literally got all their medicine and technology from us. The Yoruba, Moors, Ethiopians …[View]
74810212>spend months complaining online about women being whores for sexy guys >now women just act mo…[View]
74809152Enjoy life. It will end someday. Don't reach the end full of regrets.[View]
74810097I just had a smelly dirty noisy wank[View]
74809270Carousel: Ride the carousel, if you e'er wish for death, Do you hear the chiming bell? Ride the…[View]
74809744dont fall for it: if you are genetically superior to other men prepare yourself for all sorts of min…[View]
74809216Sun, you is racking disciprine.[View]
74809670I put womens soap and now i smell like a sissyfag how do i solve this predicament[View]
74810121whatever, don't care anymore.. AXKSKR[View]
74810143I just got a weed bat. I bought an ounce and I put it in a jar. Me and my brother are going to take …[View]
74809395>God will never leave me nor forsake me He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall…[View]
74810133If you're 5'7' you're not a 'chad' and never will be. Even if you 'have sex' and 'hav…[View]
74809763Power, my wife. My love. My darling[View]
74809536women will lament about wanting man who can actually hold a intelligent conversation, but then fuck …[View]
74810100How much do you cum when you cum??[View]
74810088Buttocks or forebuttocks?[View]
74808857When did you realize it was over? You could date a woman that's fat and has a body count but sh…[View]
74809052everyone is on antidepressants: Why aren't you abusing the normie-success drug? Even wealthy 10…[View]
74809960>good at math >cant stand programming unless I can physically see the results of my code Do I …[View]
74809522Help I'm stuck in 2016, what happened since then, I'm confused[View]
74809831Give up on writing. You suck at it.[View]
74809858DEAREST MOIDS: I survived.: >come home after work >burning up >must be a fever >104F …[View]
74809941hmm, do I try to get my own apartment now and lose my public queue waiting times or do I stay rentin…[View]
74809876post things that give you the ick: ill start android phones honda civics/toyota corollas white skin …[View]
74809650I just can't do it.: I've know about Shuaib for a while already but I watch it once in a w…[View]
74809902Moving into dorms tmrw, how did you guys survive that environment[View]
74809773Do femcels play Dwarf Fortress?: I've been taking by dorf mania once again, it comes and goes e…[View]
74807040Today I rule the chemicals: The chemicals do not rule me[View]
74808879Save up enough to move to a buddhist country and ordain as a monk there. You won't contribute t…[View]
74809581What's it like go feel a girl out in the theater during a movie?[View]
74805975Why did boomers tell zoomers that learning to code was a good idea?[View]
74807813where do i find a clingy girl who'll talk to me 24/7? yes, i am that lonely[View]
74809827I've never had an ounce of freedom in my life. So when I see WASPs, neurotypicals, and normies …[View]
74809725Comfy chat bread: Hi hello heyhej. how are you. did you learn anything interesting today. I'm f…[View]
74809415FUCK THESE WHORESS: >be me on Monkey (omegle type app) >talk to qt Egyptian girl >ask her t…[View]
74809369Already drinking lots of tea :( https://voca.ro/1nVJkkB5aHr9[View]
74809401am i a genius fembot?: i've only been playing chess for a little over two weeks and chess.com s…[View]
74809594nah senpai this board be bussin on god fr fr no cap im deadass serious[View]
74806271She's not opening my messages She didn't even say goodbye after classes ended It's of…[View]
74809664bros I smoked a bowl and a half and I'm on the fuckin moon lmao[View]
74809119The deseased russian soldiers should have entered /pol/ before they died to find out they would gonn…[View]
74809687white people are pathetic white men are the cuck incel race. eons of snow has made them weak.[View]
74808860How the fuck did this little virgin midget fucked her so good if he was a virgin? I would've cu…[View]
74808477>get rid of all neets >get rid of all nick gers you can only chose one to improve society…[View]
74809631l used to be a renegade[View]
74807883hellloo robots!!! if you suffer with anxiety or c-ptsd is there any good coping mechanisms you use? …[View]
74809491Would you date a fat guy if he had swag?[View]
74808944good morning day #5 with covid i feel like shit and slept for 18 hours[View]
74808010I wish old school nazi skinheads were still a thing. Not the trash fag skinheads of today but the on…[View]
74809200I'm here to brick you down[View]
74806561What would he think about all the bbc zoomer cuck posting nowadays?[View]
74809469I have $1500 saved. Next month, I am getting another $1500, so then I will have $3000. I plan to buy…[View]
74809161summer is over guys :([View]
74809003It saddens me that even male friendships are built atop domination and status seeking. Mixed gender …[View]
74806779medfags, Should i get a revision nose job?: i got botched after my first septoplasty combined with r…[View]
74809517Where does the delusion of femdom come from? How can men be that delusional?[View]
74808661i am not an incel: i identify as a goth girl[View]
74808876Would you still want to be with your ideal partner if you knew they got knotted?[View]
74809108What's your ideal home?[View]
74809480We need more booba[View]
74809355My brother is trooning out and wants everyone to call his fat ass 'Agnes' This fucking retard picks …[View]
74809472Day 23 of manifesting a bongland bf who will watch HxH and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew with me an…[View]
74809177There is something about this image that just feels......wrong. It generates a sense of disgust and …[View]
74808835I found my sister Instagram in comments of some chad saying shit like you can use me anytime, daddy …[View]
74808697Why are foids heartless like this?[View]
74809420Party Tiem[View]
74809417Pathetic: Just made an account with pictures of my crush in a dating app and I'm keep getting l…[View]
74808784Certified brain damage.[View]
74809090me every day waking up and not being obsessed with women:[View]
74808892Am Depressed: Am Feeling Like Shit All The Time Can't Get a Loving GF Can't Get a Good W…[View]
74809376yes, i plan on impregnating them also, only rich chads should be able to have multiple wives t rad[View]
74809103Why is this usually true? Do women have better support systems and can therfor heal more thoroughly?…[View]
74809121I baked cookies for my mailman and he called me cute.[View]
74807733STOP WATCHING PORN AND STOP MASTURBATING. START NOFAP. https://youtu.be/3adhnLRoxig Porn removes 80%…[View]
74806725>tfw your parents paid your college and you will graduate with 0 debt >still no gf at least I …[View]
74796608/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: Click any button from any of the sites linked to generate your very own wai…[View]
74809286The nigger lover Discord is raiding /r9k/ again[View]
74809210September is nearly over and it's still hot as fuck.[View]
74808460old age rewards manlets? I have never seen a tall, fit grandfather, if tall people lived to old age,…[View]
74809093Fembots, do you find Light Yagami attractive?[View]
74809243Femcels? Do they still exist?: What is a femcel? When is a femcel? Where is a femcel? Did you incels…[View]
74808739What is the extant of Christ's forgiveness? Does he still forgive you even when you know what y…[View]
74809019have any of you invaded female spaces and seen for yourselves what they're really like? are the…[View]
74809087I got him banned from Twitter again.[View]
74808711While this in Brazil... That's how people have fun in Brazil...[View]
74809068do you know how much cruelty gose into making Mcdonlds chicken and kfc's chicken and other anim…[View]
74809163does anyone know what happened to that horny filipina girl that would post drawings of herself here[View]
74809155gf wants me to get fucked by men again[View]
74808417Touching my penis while watching videos of naked girls feels so good, I bet if I can find a pretty g…[View]
74809081Even if you get a wife she'll be forced to work, 1 salary is not enough for a couple anymore.[View]
74808776Just found out today that 65% of students at my college are in fraternities / sororities. I literall…[View]
74808488I'm done with modern dating bros. Time to just go live in a cabin. >be me >very little s…[View]
74809110How to brush your teeth the Dr Supa's way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mhRTDBNQ-M huh, so …[View]
74808599my professor keeps giving me the 'fuck me' eyes. man she's so hot i wanna rail her bu…[View]
748089274chan starts to make more sense once you realize how big 'jeet influence is here. Whenever you…[View]
74809078Feeling like shit and just want to be a cute otaku girl instead of myself.[View]
74808648wageslavery is the epitome of cuckoldry: it is so inherently cucked to partticipate in wageslavery i…[View]
74808756/r9k/ My old friend, what is the expression to say that something seems to come from something else.…[View]
74807952As a transgirl I really want a bf who buys me cute things all the time, this would require my bf to …[View]
74808650Shitpost: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Life is long, mistakes a…[View]
74807302I want to get to know a weeb lonely femanon with similar tastes >tag hchnk1…[View]
74808849The board gets flooded around the same time every day.[View]
74808984I wish my sister wasn't such a bitch, I would like to prance around her and jump on her head an…[View]
74808968Why did getting sick cause me to get in way better shape I had a horrible cold for like 5 days. I th…[View]
74807039I saw a wayvanon: WAYV would have the most insane orgy ever, where's my man winwin tho?[View]
74808888so how do i deal with the fact that i'll never live a normal life and have friends or a gf or w…[View]
74808369When you remember that jews are using their soft pressure to turn cute little white boys into sissie…[View]
74807929what will you do when your job is taken by AI?[View]
74808218Hey white inceI, science says that sexuaIity is fIuid, so why not just accept your pIace as a bIack …[View]
74808937>people have started noticing my depression and have started asking why I look so sad all the tim…[View]
74808942>be raised on video games and anime by dad >entertain yourself all day instead of socializing …[View]
74806111Have you ever wet yourself in public?[View]
74807554Am I the attractiveness equivalent of a tall woman?: I an a ripped, good-looking 5ft8 guy. Ive alway…[View]
74808748Small dick thread My 30 years old virgin dick[View]
74806701turning 23: in a couple months. i am a loser by all reasonable metrics >havent moved out of paren…[View]
74808772robots i just had a major pooron moment and had to beg for more hours at my main store and i'm …[View]
74804577Gookmoot should ban all w*men. I am sick of their attentionehoring and them getting all the replies …[View]
74808070NCT prompt fill: I like writing fanfic, so give me prompts (with characters if you know NCT) nd with…[View]
74808764Woody Got Wood: One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood. He could no longer help himself…[View]
74808775It's over: My grandfather met my grandmother at the age of 19 At their primes And I 20(m), stud…[View]
74808683Best methods for manipulating normies?[View]
748084861) Has never had sex 2) Fap on BMWF porn everyday 3) Spy on a girl you like in order to find out if …[View]
74807405What normie lingo has been irritating you the most lately?: for me it's 'mid.' every girl is mi…[View]
74808740I believe there has been a breakthrough in science this is the basic schematic of a ceiling fan powe…[View]
74808642Anyone else considering suicide but not even because of depression? I feel like nothing in life is w…[View]
74806886I Fucking Love Women: I've had a deep resentment for women for as long as I can remember. I…[View]
74808623Does anyone else hate being a white guy in the 2020s? Even our own women hate us.... Just fucking ki…[View]
74808674I'm here to help. Allow yourself.[View]
74801447It's your fault: Society is collapsing because of you. https://nypost.com/2023/09/01/experts-w…[View]
74808603Give a foid care and attention and she'll screech at you that it's not enough Give a guy a…[View]
74808581Stop ignoring my threads.[View]
74808006Pin worms turned me gay: > Be me > Around 16 > Randomly start to get an itchy bum > Tr…[View]
74805094Demons aren't real but if they were my mother would definitely be one.[View]
74808067What do anons have for breakfast[View]
74808469Every day i wake up >In a house built by MEN >I eat food farmed and produced by MEN >I use …[View]
74806389how do thinlipped women cope with having thin lips?[View]
74807413Would you want be around your family members if they weren't your family members (and vise vers…[View]
74808224if you can't do this you don't deserve to complain[View]
74806324Apparently, Chris Chan has a gf now that isn't his mom.[View]
74808566>have no friends again because i told them all to go fuck themselves and never speak to me again …[View]
74807800is this all there is to life?[View]
74807574Fuck I just spent half an hour on the shitter blasting burning, liquid diarrhea. Anyway here is a wo…[View]
74808359Fuck: I can accept my loneliness for like 4 days max then something hits me and I fall into unaccept…[View]
74797382/britfeel/: Cromer, North Norfolk edition[View]
74808504>If I want to have sex with random girls on college parties I need to buy condoms Damn…[View]
74807380Brown Sea.: The brown sea consumes all.[View]
74808033What's the point of other people?: I was relatively nice before i wanted to connect with people…[View]
74808432>sang my 'kill all the jews' song out loud while on a call with my jewish girlfriend >luckily …[View]
74807961I don't have any murderous thoughts but I want more people to die.: I just wish there were less…[View]
74808462I used my resources to avoid letting the women I care about starve to death. What was I supposed to …[View]
74806969I just beat The Nameless King after approximately 50 tries, probably, and lots of raging. Felt fucki…[View]
74807363This is what tens of millions of dollars and fame gets you?[View]
74808288https://archiveofourown.org/works/43593366#comments Opinions on my Daphne futa & Velma story? I…[View]
74808411impregnation first meet t rad[View]
74808394>tfw no bless my life bf[View]
74806954Reddit is full of sane people.[View]
74804901do any femanons here draw nsfw and porn of female characters?[View]
74807878MMXX: Early 2020 was the greatest time in human history (my life). I still had Lara at the beginnin…[View]
74808095I miss having 0(zero) responsibilities and not being depressed and purposeless all the time .[View]
74808138Sometimes I take pictures of my body and get horny with it. I'm sick, but I have nice hips.[View]
74807086I cannot be the only one who finds white women unattractive, can I?[View]
74808364>he still jerks off to old yearbook photos[View]
74805864I'm online dating an Australian college student. Would he be able to move to Alabama and FULLY …[View]
74808329Why are white incels so obsessed with hetero relationship? Your pesky white pecker won't be abI…[View]
74807126The Incel King: Has he become the King of All Incels?[View]
74805698just Iower your standards bro..[View]
74808285Sleep deprivation and Autism: I slept like shit and today i am way laid back and have an easier time…[View]
74807755>send message >think it is wrong somehow >convince myself that the recipient hates me now …[View]
74807563has anyone here tried quitting videogames[View]
74808126Have you ever gotten laid by reciting copypasta IRL?[View]
74808258Donbas and Crimea are part of Ukraine. This is not part of Armenia[View]
74806424what's enjoyment exactly? what are people around me pursuing? i know a guy who 'enjoys' going t…[View]
74807991On a scale from 7 to 14, how based am I by posting this?[View]
74802838well??? whats your excuse for believing everything you read on r9k?[View]
74805245trying to meet fellow losers without being interested in games and weeb shit is like trying to lift …[View]
74806910Not interested in anything: Not anime, no Vidya, no hobbies, only porn and ruining people's gam…[View]
74806742Are religious people crazy?: Does anyone is starting to get the feeling that religious people are ac…[View]
74807317I can only cum to porn of girls getting fucked by dogs and horses Whenever I see rather 'normal' pic…[View]
74807409I am going HAVE SEX with anime girls and SOCIETY CANNOT STOP ME[View]
74806023Snapchat sexting: I've been using Snapchat to sext with random girls. And I've also been u…[View]
74806242>feeling down >go to a subreddit for libtards lamenting over the state of the world >see ho…[View]
74807325Day 288 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x64etY04Cvo…[View]
74806796I love you, anon.: I was trying to think of something I love to post about today, but I was having a…[View]
74804790>bench goes up by like 1.5lb a week despite being beginner Should I get my T levels tested?…[View]
74807740What's robot's favorite Di6 song?[View]
74808100Just had a seizure that woke me up from sleep: Will the clot shot finally finish me off?[View]
74808131Is this what mental illness looks like?[View]
74806803>talking to roommate >transgender >female to male >talk about how I was in Boy Scouts …[View]
74803379Patriarchy and feminism both enslave low value males. If you're born as a low value male it…[View]
74806948Anyone here watched Ice Poseidon in 2016-2018? I miss those days[View]
74806518Tell me a single reason why this wouldnt work.[View]
74808039'he loves me but he fucks me like he hates my guts' this is all femanons want. it's that easy, …[View]
74807469Any fat femanons want to be my cuddling partner?[View]
74807949i don't know who i am or what i like or what i want. all of my morals, opinions, thoughts, are …[View]
74807722Why does this pacifier exist?: I don't want to live on this hell we call 'earth' anymore[View]
74807768>do you browse 4chan, anon? >um no, what's that? >oh, it's nothing, you just seem…[View]
74807309A girl i have been snapping sent me a pic of her in the shower, but only her head is visible. She de…[View]
74807439Serious Question: My height cucked me, what should I do. Its like everything is fixable, like the fo…[View]
74807933TOTAL ZlGGER DEATH[View]
74807210I have a fembot GF: AMA Original Originally[View]
74806174What the fuck so women want? How is this possible?[View]
74807956How to get rid of people having sex in car at nigh: Some random sex enjoying losers are doing sus st…[View]
74807927Would it be weird to approach my friend's sister?: For reference, I've known this particul…[View]
74807678Robots, would you date a girl who is still in love with her oneitis that friendzoned her? He is a ho…[View]
74806281Leafland morale: How we holding up leafbros? I feel like im spiralin, i think ive just been takin it…[View]
74807660What if, hear me out now, I don't have a small penis, but my hands and body are big for compari…[View]
74806939I have her nudes. I could post them, I could do it. But I won't. But it's the thought that…[View]
74807786A girl faked her death to avoid me because I kept pursuing her even after getting rejected[View]
74807771The Brown Sea: The Brown Sea will take your job. Your purpose in life. Gone.[View]
74806790best moment of your life: Mine was win i scored a header in an important game in youth soccer[View]
74806002I'd like to make a comic with a realistic story about everyday life, something very naturalisti…[View]
74805092gift for boyfriend?: is this cool for artistic type bf? need help[View]
74807077The fact that my phone is a computer filled with personal data of all kinds greatly distresses me. W…[View]
74807895Take a look at this little Butters right here[View]
74806765Talking to people: I genuinely believe that talking to the average person is like talking to a wall.…[View]
74807162Can someone explain me the drama going on with Medoi and the other e-thots?[View]
74807865Woman who contradict you when you say facts should just drop dead.[View]
74807492Why is r9k so cancer. Be happy :)[View]
74806408dear femanons. Would you date a stinky m-moid like me? I'm a litttle bit of a hecking 'chonker'…[View]
74807410How does /r9k/ feel about New Age Blacks?[View]
74807650Has a little girl ever kicked your ass?[View]
74807067Slime girl supremacy: Can we get more slime girl appreciation anons let me know your thoughts on sli…[View]
74807193Fembot, how do you cope with knowing your pussy will never be this pretty?[View]
74806487my bf fixes my mental health with his love!!![View]
74806990>ask for $2 increase in pay due to life circumstances >get fired I know God hates me but for r…[View]
74806749>drugs ability to make everything feel okay isnt working anymore >nothing feels okay anymore …[View]
74807242the old guard is dying... and my takeover nears...[View]
74807508Do you think she survived 911?: https://youtu.be/V-oh_gDleTE?si=gmMJHErqYQ7WLKvS[View]
74807276>years ago >bond with family friend >she's perfect >genuinely believe we're so…[View]
74806685This looks a lot like our sweet iris, I suspect they are even the same kind of breasts[View]
74804794sad news team covid raped every underage white girl between US Israel and EU over 1600 pedophiles a…[View]
74806510God I'm thirsty for female attention. Give me that shit RIGHT NOW[View]
74805124Bros she's Just like me fr[View]
74798377Nothing ever happens kind of morning.[View]
74807106Insecurity Scale: Where does /r9k/ fall on this scale?[View]
74805885bi femboy: >be me >bi femboy >get to kiss girls >get to kiss boys >big sucess…[View]
74807483do you guys ever show someone a poem and then are saddened their response is not the same as yours? …[View]
74807460Where is peqeri/0wiez?: Does anybody remember her? Where is she now?[View]
74802522Was it worth the jail time?[View]
74806732>think I ruined my reputation with all the women in my city by being a degenerate Lol…[View]
74805956how do I quit jelqing? It hurts so bad and results in bruises. I have tried everything but I don…[View]
74807269trolled!: >be me >go on 4chin >decide to troll le funny 4chinners and redditards >type l…[View]
74807328Tbh i kinda just dont want to exist at sll. Fuck knowing.[View]
74803022How do i not faint next time i go to class?[View]
74806805they're about to have the nastiest orgy of all time[View]
74805876>Why don't men cherish and protect women anymore It seems like men don't want to put in…[View]
74806891>tfw you were the greatest civilization on earth >tfw white people came and ruined your thousa…[View]
748055512024 AD: Do you have any hopes for the upcoming leap year, robots? It'll be the 10th anniversar…[View]
74803550Lara Poopydicky123: Hey. Please talk to me for a bit. I am begging. I am on my knees grovelling. Com…[View]
74806305imagine c-CUDDLING with a girl,,,[View]
74807127Everyone who isn't me is cacca head[View]
74806638new england anons: what is northern new England like? i want to get a winter job in new hampshire th…[View]
74806731All women are demons.[View]
74805554how to get over the betrayal that shredded your soul to pieces?[View]
74806627Beware the Slenderman...: Does anyone else feel like the Slender Man/Waukesha stabbings of 2014 was …[View]
74807042you have exauhsted me of everything, I hope youre happy: Thank you for reminding me of what life is …[View]
74805874I'm sick of white women's bullshit and want to fuck a black girl: >Be me >20 >In …[View]
74806878I really wish I had a nerdy clingy trans gf to take care of but Im a wagecel and dont have time to m…[View]
74806959Taking new qt gf applications. You have to look and act like this[View]
74806953a fat girl likes me but im not attracted to her: what should i do? she's clearly into me, but s…[View]
74805855Anyone else have a bad energy drink habit? Those that did but stopped, were there any noticeable hea…[View]
74803836I'm so developmentally stunted i struggle to have conversation, my mind goes blank and i have n…[View]
74806849I wonder if the first man to type >tfw no gf Realises the irreparable damage he has done to sold…[View]
74806751How do I get a qt Special Military Operation gf?[View]
74805817I am turning 31 soon. >no gf, no wife, no children >no house, no apartment, no appreciable as…[View]
74806902This is absolutely ridiculous, getting a girlfriend should not be difficult. I have had friends in t…[View]
74806672Anxiety is ruining my life. If it's not one thing it's the other, every night I'm soa…[View]
74805621I need a lonely femanon to give me endless ammount of attention and talk to me all the time, I got a…[View]
74806199Is anyone else here black and also team #closetheborder?: It boggles my mind seeing some black peopl…[View]
74805439Why do people like to insist Jews aren't white people. Like they look white and have european a…[View]
74805966>dating app says I have 5 likes >hides them behind $35 paywall >pay to view them >all ex…[View]
74803431On a scale of 1-10 how willing are you to get a chip in your brain[View]
74805848>women complaining about how hard their life is[View]
74799372Why not just go for an Iris style girlfriend?[View]
74805862Chad life: What would life as Chad be like? During highschool, college/20s and dating life in genera…[View]
74806706austistic tards, what do?: eating is hard because of autism, i usually eat the same things on repeat…[View]
74806401You will die if you sleep with her She's so strong, will destroy your dick and entire bones[View]
74806628What do i say Next help me out guys[View]
74806090https://basedspace.world/index.php forumpilling you daily come get an identity[View]
74804900Day 1 of manifesting a gf with similar music taste (Bryter Layter is also included in this)[View]
74805310Can moids just shut the fuck up and stop being annoying? If they cannot, they should just fuck off a…[View]
74801032>mfw a woman starts talking about female supremacy and how femdom is the proper type of relations…[View]
74806445I am a lefty-presenting crypto-fascist Christian converted jew[View]
74799430For the femcels: Describe your ideal dick > Length > Girth > Color > Cut/cut > Textur…[View]
74805589>gay used to mean happy Society collapsed ever since then...[View]
74806531How many 4channers have murdered people? There's that /r9k/ dude, this guy, and of course Steph…[View]
74806153faggots ruined rainbows for me[View]
74806595https://m.youtube.com/shorts/yO1orJparno Ot's so fucking over for chinkcels. Your women are lit…[View]
74805945Some guys get to have sex, unfortunately I am not one of them.[View]
74804478I found the most perfect virgin bf from 4chan and I love him so much:3[View]
74802000delusion is sometimes adaptive: a caveman who sucks at hunting, knows he sucks at hunting and knows …[View]
74803818Dear foids, how do you decide whether you let a guy cum on your face or not? Are you influenced enou…[View]
74804995Physiognomy Thread: Can we get a physiognomy thread going? Obviously do not post yourself, but image…[View]
74805780Would you date a feeder?: How would you feel if your boyfriend (or girlfriend I suppose) wanted you …[View]
74804538I have avoidant personality disorder, and I am also an alcoholic. I wish it were different frens, bu…[View]
74805517I'm a chillmaxxed coldcel my nigga. I be sitting outside in 40 degree weather wearing shorts an…[View]
74806207Completely plastic looking bimbos that are either shopped or makeupped or A.I. generated beyond real…[View]
74806430Ive just been diagnosed: Im late stage neet. There is nothing they can do.[View]
74805642>born, 1 life >repressed tranny >pedophile >swarthy as fuck >poor >introvert iwth …[View]
74806447Day 27 of manifesting a dominant gf[View]
74806379How do I feel content despite not ever having gf? I don't know if I even really want one, I jus…[View]
74793509>my hobbies? >anime, video games, drugs do 'men' know how repulsive this is?…[View]
74805024Circumcision: So i just got in an argument with my girlfriend about circumcision vs docking a dogs e…[View]
74806349imagine the stench of a thick wet meaty fart. a girl's heart shaped ass thrust toward you hear …[View]
74805209robot datamining: normie milestone edition: >how old were you when you got your first gf >driv…[View]
74806167hi is there a website where i can access the 'pre-nuke' era of porn where it was actually …[View]
74806340There is no hope for men. At All.[View]
74806186>Go where you're appreciated, not where you're tolerated Do you agree with this?…[View]
74806308women dont even like women.[View]
74805505does money have any value after you turn 25?[View]
74803287I think I got played: I think I got played by this cute guy I really like.. I have a huge crush on h…[View]
74804865Why do 'mental health professionals' think that psych warding people will make them less fucked up i…[View]
74805233What kind of knot are you supposed to tie at the other end of a noose? I was able to figure out the …[View]
74805892Now that I've sampled it, I do not care for the female vagina. They're gooey and smelly.[View]
74803804What do women want?: Theyre so indecisive, they go back on their word and they play mind games. Wtf …[View]
74805983>3/4ths of my new bag of trail mix that I had just opened fell on the floor…[View]
74805558havent had sex in 3 weeks and already feel like kms how do you losers do it?[View]
74806107I've probably had the worst life of any robot. >mother died when I was a year old, father co…[View]
74805803ITT we play would you rather: Would you rather be able to sleep for days or be able to stay up for d…[View]
74805672>match with a woman my age on hinge >she lives with a roommate >the roommate is her ex >…[View]
74804839being neurotypical is all. youre retarded if you think its about looks. no looks get you in the door…[View]
74805999>be sitting at my computer >late night comes >suddenly resolve to make changes in my life …[View]
74803791Lara Thread: Hey guys. Samuel here. Its almost the 5th anniversary of the date I met Lara on, Septem…[View]
74805986What do we do about the tattoo problem?[View]
74803212Incels need state mandated trans girlfriends: The Incel problem would be solved within minutes…[View]
74806030I've won?: Story time. >be me >long time since last gf, she was annoying, had daddy issue…[View]
74805073Do any non-native English speakers have questions with English that I might be able to help with?[View]
74805897everything you been saying is offensive to me as a proud african american i will use my right to fre…[View]
74805824Happy Rites of Xarxes' Memory, Robots!: Hearthfire 21 >Rites of Xarxes' Memory is an an…[View]
74805729if i was white i could have her :([View]
74805376god i cant believe my ancestors left this to come to usa. why..[View]
74803936fembot here: bored avatarfag with me add me at session 05d19bbb47170db360ed12faac76b88e6ade9fb75b108…[View]
74805849Day 52 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
74805279growing up, how did people respond to your >being afraid >being sick >asking for help >i…[View]
74805538Isn't the military draft immoral?[View]
74805269I just found out glowies are actually real and post here. Companies are using our space to advertise…[View]
74805793>bust a fat nut >feel immediate shame I'm going no fap and you can't stop me…[View]
74803921Where do I find a gf who wants to live in Japan, but isn't Japanese?[View]
74805570There are a couple of femcels on the board, a lot of gay malecels, but I've never seen a lesbia…[View]
74801986Beechan thread: Post Bee pics plz I miss her posts here[View]
74805109>hair thinning at 25[View]
74803191Exploring Pinterest is an adventure, unironically really good for my mental health, it makes me feel…[View]
74804829Jewish Landlord property management company wants me to tip them $390 after I've already moved …[View]
74804965shinkflation hit my damn prerolls. baka.[View]
74804548Reminder that trans girls are girls: My gf is a perfect sweet girl and trans girls deserve love and …[View]
74805515Hello /r9k/ This is my 4th thread of the day[View]
74805316Do you have normal feet?[View]
74805280What happens if a polygamous family moves to a country that doesn't recognize polygamous marria…[View]
74805532I'm lost in a sea of emotions. My consciousness has expanded to reveal countless truths I never…[View]
74803796>tfw no fellow alcoholic dirty zoomer gf[View]
74804481What do you think about roadmen? Did they ever do anything to you?[View]
74805360Suck on it, nigger.: cmon. you know you wanna. sweet chocolate cones.[View]
74805169this board is so lonely and sad people still recognize and remember me... get a life losers![View]
74805408these are the people calling you incels....[View]
74805252The thing I want most in life.[View]
74805259Cute Butters Thread[View]
74802877Porn addict freaks (4chan) will never recover[View]
74805077Reminder that if you simp for /r9k/ egirls then you deserve to die alone[View]
74805129I will never be loved by a girl because I have a small penis.[View]
74805260Any you guy robots been raped before? >Be me, 26yo dude >have my own place >Sister gets a f…[View]
74805206>decide to have sex with a prostitute >go to hotel >she pulls down my pants >says 'oh, …[View]
74805168Is this normal?: I noticed that my sexual preferences go from 'straight as a rod' to 'I don't c…[View]
74804359>held a knife to the stomach of a pregnant female in order to find her husbands GENERAL location …[View]
74804890In the eyes of a normie what should I have accomplished by now as a 21 year old? What experiences sh…[View]
74804981Why does listening to sad music always make me feel better when I'm feeling depressed[View]
74800847/cut/ - Cutters General #191: Thread for discusion about self harm and mutual support Good evening e…[View]
74805125>get text on the way home from work saying that we're out of milk and that I should get more…[View]
748048064chan (and adjacent cultural spheres) used to vicariously hate and mock guys like these. Now everyon…[View]
74804990cars: >gives the good and healthy cars shit fuel and advertises it as good for you to make normal…[View]
74805080Why are women like this?: >be me >chit chat with a cute coworker >she's having a break…[View]
74802178>A white female has more grip strength than an Indian male Can someone explain to me why Indians …[View]
74804567why is this board such shit one new thread every half hour and every one of them are about porn or t…[View]
74804859795[1/0]: i'm making a withdrawal[View]
74804202>the privllieged gender >gets genitals mutilated right out of the womb…[View]
74804861The idea of a 'male' in animal species -- is it in 80% of cases just pure hell of an exist…[View]
74802928Women will meme themselves into thinking they're alone and oppressed when they've got alwa…[View]
74804977Where da yt wimminz at[View]
74804826>tfw a fembot will never invite me to play vidya with her[View]
74804885If you really think about it, incels and trannies have a lot in common: >no parental figure >f…[View]
74805001>things that gave women the ick just a few years ago are now the sexiest thing When did you first…[View]
74805060Day 9 of manifesting a quiet terminally online gf: Why does life need to be so complicated? We put u…[View]
74803848>parents just told me they are planning on selling our house once i finish college because they n…[View]
74803989>mfw 23 and only now going through my My Chemical Romance phase https://youtu.be/VOLHjAn0x1U…[View]
74803948everything is all so tiresome[View]
74804480Would you stay with your gf if she started taking testosterone?[View]
74804964If you had to spend 24 hours with one of them, which would it be?[View]
74804931>be me in senior year >someone in my class is dating a freshman girl >I openly make fun of …[View]
74804847>shitposters unironically believe shitting on absolutely everything and hating everything regardl…[View]
74804910Anyone else do this?: I have a full length wall mirror on the right of me when I sit at my desk that…[View]
74803561Watching regular show and adventure time on weed is awesome[View]
74802118I beat my bf in an armwrestling contest and he broke up with me?: He got super pissy and called me a…[View]
74804543Why has there been no serious scientific inquiry into which nation has the largest natural breasts w…[View]
74804823Why do autistic people smell so bad?[View]
74804775what was your earliest redpill/blackpill on women?: >be me in 8th grade >school field trip to …[View]
74793301>be me >never smoked >never drank >never done drugs Just a nice guy…[View]
74804259incels cry about not having a girlfriend and when they get one they treat them like shit there reall…[View]
74804711Foids, what do you think of the guy at work that can't talk to women at all? I'm generally…[View]
74804705What is a good job for a 26yo schizoid NEET?[View]
74803771Slowly becoming an alcoholic, how do I pull myself out of this?: I went from drinking once a week to…[View]
74804797You don't need to feel bad. There is knowledge available to help you escape whatever you want o…[View]
74804769Fumble of the day >studying with friend group that ive known since last semester, 1 man 2 women …[View]
74804757Will getting drafted to fight in Ukraine help zoomer men overcome their loneliness / inceldom crisis…[View]
74797670Men dont understand female loneliness and never will. It's not about having sexual availability…[View]
74804288They keep on floating the idea of a draft. First it was just literally who articles to warm you up t…[View]
74804710doub4e: butch coolidge isn't here right now[View]
74803777In the movie 'The Dark Knight,' the Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger, indeed claims that he doesn…[View]
74804172I also want to fuck Chad. And I'm tired of pretending I don't.[View]
74802246was anon in a mental hospital?: I was admitted to a mental hospital in Argentina, ask anything…[View]
74804617death star: don't BLAME[View]
74803579Going to graduate college a few months before my 26th birthday. How over is it robros[View]
74803932>go to my fav board (this one) >hornyposts >bbc thread >no gnomeposting What has this pl…[View]
74804682Death erection boy[View]
74804595One for the chuds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LMmXpDdXVY This goes out to the chuddies board o…[View]
74804618>Mandatory life sentence[View]
74803545Does seeing this change your mind about boomers?[View]
74796874Incels will reject this woman and then cry about being a virgin[View]
74802991i have spent the past year making my ex believe i am someone else (she has a new boyfriend now). she…[View]
74804555>when the sex haver complains about life[View]
74803517Pic related is your state issued breeding partner. The government has mandated that you must have at…[View]
74803017Would any femcels let me get them pregnant? I don't even want a gf, I just want to get a woman …[View]
74803924How come wypipo don't season they food[View]
74804564Turning 26 in 3 days robots What milestones and achievements should I have made by now[View]
74804185how did we get here what did we do wrong[View]
74804196>height surgery leaves you with awkward proportions and PERMANENT joint issues >eye surgery se…[View]
74803481is egirl serious: Is this discharge or dried cum[View]
74804243New fetish just dropped. white girls living with brown stepdads and developing sexual infatuations w…[View]
74804443When did you realize that your parents are complete retards who never should have had children?[View]
74804327Why are escorts better at therapy than actual therapists? I always feel more emotionally refreshed a…[View]
74800933>Girls want tough guys with money Why aren't you enlisting, incel bros? Being a veteran guar…[View]
74803457is this autism or anxiety disorder?: >be me >socially successful in Middle School >wanted t…[View]
74804153How does one become s beautiful man?[View]
74803660Had a comfy day flipping burgers. How's was your day?[View]
74803902What's your heaviest cope anon[View]
74803635Holy shit, you guys[View]
74804389Having male friends and male companionship isn't gay. Males bonding with males primarily is hea…[View]
74804333share your FAVORITE of your favorite BBC porn[View]
74804321Whats with women being proud of hating men nowadays[View]
74804330Would you become: >multi-millionaire but with somali genes like pic rel…[View]
74804205>feel wrath >scream >want to break things >drink >wait >calm down >now relaxed …[View]
74803720Last night I was so fucking triggered and so deeply gooned, that I could not break away to go pee. I…[View]
74802557discuss AAM (adult attracted minors): I'm starting to think this isn't just a glowie psy-o…[View]
74801824Sex Playlist: I'm making a playlist for when I have sex with an expensive escort in the coming …[View]
74803810i wanna get drunk and scream music lyrics[View]
74804292>going up apartment stairs >some college guy sleeping on the fucking stairs, his head on a ste…[View]
74804248>had a dream where a girl held my hand It will never be real.[View]
74804188What does r9k think about Gnosticism?[View]
74798069/r9k Creative General/: Morning edition. Grab a cuppa and come share some of your creative works / i…[View]
74804195> One chance at life > Born as an ugly short ethniccel…[View]
74803153Why do people claim that when somebody likes you, they'll make it clear and obvious? Even thoug…[View]
74801019r9gaming: what games do r9k bros play?? post your library!!![View]
74802834Need general manipulation advice (as a male), ideally in depth but any serious responses are appreci…[View]
74803124>applying for apartment >300+ applicants >14 ppl ahead of me in queue >average time of w…[View]
74802987Someone please leak this Stunning Goddess on OnlyFans/Fansly!: Requesting Leaked Explicit Videos (ma…[View]
74803543new basedjak material[View]
74803594Lucifer is no man, he predates the Earth. He was an archangel and is now a phantom that roams the ai…[View]
74803987>be me >depressed and have breakdowns >Want to fall asleep and skip time >take random pi…[View]
74803883why do women hate jesus so much?[View]
74802517So what she's my waifu go KILL YOURSELF![View]
74804000Every time I try to put myself out there I feel like an outsider. Whenever I say something in a grou…[View]
74803075(they) are making movies on you now /r9k/[View]
74802410How did Konosuba get so popular?[View]
74804095i want NO BULLSHIT only the best looking sexy women here i'll start fuirst. this is my gf.[View]
74803885Friendly reminder that bitches owe me pussy and blowjobs: in case anyone forgot here this fact…[View]
74803805These women make their boyfriends suffer because they see your posts calling vaginas roast beef. It…[View]
74803535isnt it sad that babies being born right now have 1 year left to live[View]
74802532Autumn is the perfect season for autists alike.[View]
74804062What does it mean when a girl has a nose piercing?: Can you tell anything about their personlity/lif…[View]
74800639Let's talk about 'polyamorous' people People who openly date multiple people at once. On the su…[View]
74803564would you a fatmaxxing troon?[View]
74804031hot nigger bitch fat bitch dumper go BRAAAP[View]
74803850>westerners cry about no gf >meanwhile qt brown girls are being sold for $250 (for a lifetime)…[View]
74803764>meet a girl >we talk and go out on dates now but nothing too serious >she has started se…[View]
74803856everyone thinks im disgusting and ugly amdi dont know what to do with my life[View]
74801995Y'all white people are some psychopaths. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were literally jus some …[View]
74803095Say the name of your city and a positive thing about it anons. I'll start Cardiff Beautiful med…[View]
74803824>tfw smart but depressed Category theory is easier than getting out of bed every day…[View]
74803253i wanted to start a thread: this is me studying for my two tests on friday what are you doing today?…[View]
74802048These gdp videos placed serious trust issues with women in me. Half of the girls had boyfriends and …[View]
74802454I think the gooning trend in pornography is unironically fucking dangerous. I was trying to edge one…[View]
74802251the comfy 2016 era is returning can anyone else feel it?[View]
74800318its cloudy and cold today, fall is here I need someone to spend it with sometime someone tell me how…[View]
74803837What do you guys think happened to Litzi?[View]
74802105Would you let a doctor remove your balls or your dick if your life depended on it?[View]
74803220a woman approached me and gave me her number today at college. this has never happened to me before.…[View]
74803390Am I more intelligent than others or do I just have a big ego?[View]
74803250ay yall white folks betta do sum bout racism lest it's a scrap you be wanting[View]
74803283>make a thread >0 replies[View]
74803294Trust in the sacrifice of Jesus and you will be saved.[View]
74803682How does /r9k/ feel about 'progressives'?[View]
74803522I'm sick of white woman and want to fuck a black girl: >Be me >20 >In college >Over…[View]
74802714Take your nigger dick out![View]
74803254i feel so alone. im sick and i have no one to take care of me. i wanted to go to my bf's house.…[View]
74803478I DARE you to insult me: I want you to insult me the hardest that you can. This is some info on me: …[View]
74803386The fruit of pain is pleasure. There is happiness in pain. Pic unrel.[View]
74803062Greetings, /r9k/, I come at a time of great need. I need the most detailed description possible of w…[View]
74803529Alright, where do I get a woymn like this who isn't pozzed out[View]
74799845Why isn't the suicide rate in third world countries like 70%?: >barely any food >no jobs …[View]
74802204What is your most controversial trans opinion[View]
74802717Will a chad friend help me get some pussy?[View]
74801910Is dating rape?: So supposedly if you have sex with a girl under false pretenses that is rape. This …[View]
74800599Is this the average reaction asian women have when they meet a non-asian cock for the first time? ht…[View]
74803403This is like something straight out of a horror movie[View]
74803507There are way too many women on this board. You lying snakes come to our safe space and try to gasli…[View]
74802654me when i keep visiting shitholes like 4chan and discord[View]
74802915I refuse to date or marry a woman that isn't a Virgin: I have two requirements for a girlfriend…[View]
74801877My doctor gave me a needle at my appointment a couple days ago and now when I try to fap I can'…[View]
74802585I sometimes fabricate stories to post on this board to prompt discussion of a specific topic on this…[View]
74803494This board is dogshit. You are dogshit. It's all your fault.[View]
74802791Why the fuck are ads like these allowed[View]
74803025wtf do i make youtube videos on[View]
74803336What's with all the trans posting every single day on here?: Doesn't /lgbt/ exist for a re…[View]
74803050my day as a neet >wake up chilly morning >get comfy in my bed next to my heater in blankets …[View]
74800982I'm addicted to cumming for an e-girl and it's making me realize she's depleting my s…[View]
74803400Moids, will you apologize for being sexually attracted to anuses yes?: Your sexual tastes have cause…[View]
74802929OH NO MY DICK: >be me, in class >sitting near front because i liek science >the bell's…[View]
74803104Just interviewed for my first 'real' full-time job. I start next week.[View]
74801692So what was the deal with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris?: They looked pretty normie to me. Dylan lit…[View]
74800276Day 22 of manifesting a bongland bf who will watch HxH and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew with me an…[View]
74801843All it would take is a single woman to care about me at all and all my pain and suffering would be g…[View]
74802391Its imposible to be happy in this country[View]
74796970My loser, drug addicted brother somehow has a girlfriend and I don't.[View]
74799164SS uniform-wearing group ordered to leave Sheringham 1940s festival. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-eng…[View]
74803264i had a bad day today. seems like more and more days are bad days.[View]
74802237I think I was meant to be a woman: >be me >NEET because social anxiety >cook and clean for…[View]
74802938Morality does not exist. Good is evil and evil is good until evil is good and good is evil.[View]
74803141I have a learning difficulty and find it hard scialising and skills. I am tired of trying and preten…[View]
74802629>h-hey anon, was wondering if you wanted to share a bowl of ramen with me? wat do?…[View]
74799217Another example: Men cant have standards without being retaliated against[View]
74802024If free will is fake and I don't believe in it. Why am I required to treat people in a way that…[View]
74801666Cream the Rabbit This is a thread[View]
74802283GO FUCK YOURSELF, I AM GAY, AND THAT IS FINE! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!: I'm tired of you seethin…[View]
74801623medfags, Should i get a revision nose job?: i got botched after my first septoplasty combined with r…[View]
7479078130 plus: Come in, join the fun[View]
74802323I wish i was kissed by luck[View]
74801948If suicide was outlawed, would it stop males from committing it? Especially if the punishment was tr…[View]
74802525>started talking to a girl from twitter >we get extremely close for the past week >getting …[View]
74802516Revelation: Prophecy or fantasy? What's your take?[View]
74801706AI Porn: Is it currently possible to make AI porn for free with faces of girls from pics? If so, how…[View]
74802934This clown right here caught feelings[View]
74802606who needs a bf when i have fictional bfs to fawn over[View]
74802148I would feel like a badass if I lived in the Soviet union[View]
74802795Day 1 of not touching my penis.[View]
74802773How many do you play video games everyday?[View]
74801046I don't want a girlfriend because I don't want to deal with another person's problems…[View]
74802786>normalfags say its not supposed to bother you when nobody wants to be your friend, not even peop…[View]
74802763I know a fair amount of women who are extremely racist yet often hook up with black guys. Dafuq is u…[View]
74802775shout to all my lost boys shout shout shout shout shout shout to all my lost boys we rowdy[View]
74801789Anyone fembots want to chat? AMA[View]
74802115Long distance is more brutal than loneliness: I've known her for four years and we've only…[View]
748027074chan should ban all w*men They ruin everything with their presence[View]
74802154The same denial of biological determinism in human races is also responsible for the denial of biolo…[View]
74802570Lonely men are lonely because they just Incels: Every problem men have stems from them. Unlike women…[View]
74802033I am obsessed with this woman and not a day goes by where I don't think about her.[View]
74802349Is it possible at 27 to get a nice girl to take to a haunted house and have her cling to you when sh…[View]
74802584nigger guy[View]
74802603Post in this thread if you would be homeless if your parents stopped taking care of you. And I mean …[View]
74801982it's over: my antidepressants have run out, now what?[View]
74800772Why do normies love school?: School generally teaches you nothing useful. Half the stuff you learn i…[View]
74802471nightmares every night over the one piece german opening[View]
74801643Flirting with the devil: I'll keep it short: > be me > work as a photographer in free tim…[View]
74801602Will you get brain chip if it means you get a personal chat gpt in your own brain[View]
74800702The problem with society is that people aren't allowed to kill themselves anymore. Instead of a…[View]
74802474>stare off into space and zone out >woman suddenly comes into view and i quickly turn my head …[View]
74802359>it's another 'people mistake you for a trans man' incident i can't go on like this, br…[View]
74802056Contact Lenses: How the fuck do normies do this? I'm sick of glasses but how are you supposed t…[View]
74801070all, I said *ALL!* women like muscular (to the point you wonder if they're on roids) men that w…[View]
74802243>wake up after 5 years of neet fuck I feel like I wasted a lot of time[View]
74802214Is it bad that I haven't moved past vanilla hentai?[View]
74800786Why are Americans afraid of AI that could potentially be smarter than them Any American anons willi…[View]
74801126Where do i pick up girls?: Im an above avarage looking 24 KV a bit shy and sheltert from the outside…[View]
74801915Fembots who ghost: Why do you do this? Explain[View]
74802338Why is God okay with this?[View]
74802354>So why do you want to work here? >Why did you choose to apply to our company over others? How…[View]
74801382Which side do you prefer of picrel?: The before or after? And why?[View]
748020515 hour work days, 3 days a week Any more than that and I quit[View]
74802121im 5'3: should i gymmaxx or twinkmaxx[View]
74802368do you see the guy smiling in the background? he most likely thought to himself 'what a cute co…[View]
74801048I trained in the gym 10 fucking years for this[View]
74801644>mentally playing HMVs in my head again[View]
74802332>I'm instagram-famous Top kek! Gotta love this world.[View]
74799452Do any robots just want a comfy life? A life where you can just relax and even if your alone you don…[View]
74801821How self sufficient are you? How old are you?: Can you cook for yourself? Can you drive? How old are…[View]
74802225It's almost spooky season niggers[View]
74800690who is this character?: seen this before on 4chan a few times[View]
74801840Goddamn, normies are retarded[View]
74801509>2023 >women are allowed to vote, get jobs, divorce, outskill men anywhere >dominant women …[View]
74801165why is there no weeb who isnt a massive creep pedophile porn addict[View]
74801680Does r9k think this is based or cringe? The dude looks smug af[View]
74801208I'm black and I'm mostly attracted to women of color. Black women #1, latinas #2, Asians #…[View]
74801074what is the ultimate incelcore book[View]
74802052Single: After talking to a chick I thought I was interested in, I think I'm actually okay with …[View]
74802039Books are the same as television in that its entire purpose is to brainwash you, change my mind.[View]
74801435how do you cope with not being a chad[View]
74802034How do I improve my secretary bf aesthetic? Please send your support.[View]
74801786ITT: understatedly depressing/morbid towns in the US (pic related)[View]
74801452I finally got an interview for a warehouse job tomorrow. Feeling pretty comfy. Hopefully I can stay …[View]
74801866i love my four gfs and im taking them all with me[View]
74800159Nanotech is such a mind blowing tech. Anything is achievable at this point. Immortality, youth, full…[View]
74800868It's about time for us to find the solution to our problems instead of being focusing on the pr…[View]
74801927>be me >20 years old >went from 2/10 fat nerd nobody liked to 6/10 chill guy >complete f…[View]
74801129Should I join a monastery? - No women - All of the same religion - No internet - Barely any human co…[View]
74801317how does sex life of autistic women looks like[View]
74801921>fill my bio with all the interests i have, perspectives, tastes etc. >get only 1 friendly mat…[View]
74801013My female therapist got COVID and I had to reschedule my appointment to Monday. This whole week has …[View]
74801192I'm sick of white woman and want to fuck a black girl: >Be me >20 >In college >Over…[View]
74801911Nothing seems to be going my way. Life just keeps getting worse year by year. And when i do take ris…[View]
74801899>my landlord want me paying 71% of total rent cost for entire apt >split over 3 or 4 adults p…[View]
74801873>social skills too overdeveloped to converse in modern internet (>discord, shitter) without fe…[View]
74800394Which one out of the 3 strikes your fancy the most anon? Would it be the birdhouse? Or perhaps you a…[View]
74801739>quit toxic relationship >finally have some time for yourself >waste it all on jerking off…[View]
74801865I'm a sex symbol[View]
74799745reminder there is no women that find pale skins attractive white boys should just kys women prefer …[View]
74799579>look decent in mirror >look genuinely offensively ugly in camera photos taken by smartphone c…[View]
74799900Did visiting 4chan ruin your life or was it already ruined before?[View]
74801522You know all your problems start going away the moment you aknowledge that there is nothing inherent…[View]
74800906The Eternal Nofap: The Eternal Battle: The Nofap Struggle never ends. Nofap soldiers are mired in pe…[View]
74801100>wanna get circumcised >can't because cumming already takes too much time for me…[View]
74801724Greetings.: I have lost my virginity this year at age 22, had sex multiple times with multiple women…[View]
74798285You must go against your own rules: Have you ever wondered how normies do it? How even the 5/10 norm…[View]
74801785///: my life has gotten so void that I don't know where I'm going to go in later years. I…[View]
74801149The Whiteboy Pledge: >I solemnly swear to have sex with none other than my snowqueen maidens so f…[View]
74801102Which route are you taking?[View]
74801297Just nutted in my sex doll 8 times today. How are you lonely faggots doing?[View]
74798625femanons will NEVER have tits like this how do they even cope[View]
74801707>If you're so right then how come you're not winning? Checkmate incel.…[View]
74801689I hope that when liver failure inevitably takes me, I have the dignity to just die. My aunt got a li…[View]
74800744Where do you think Katy 't3h PeNgU1N oF d00m' is in life now?[View]
74801521day 4, of trying to, look like, an, anime girl (hehe), despite being a 30 year old male, keep my eye…[View]
74800907Why don't you just get a chaturbate slut gf that uses you as a dildo?[View]
74801329You fucking faggots better stop ruining this board[View]
74801594A place for more genuine conversation with minimal shitposting of the variety you see in other place…[View]
74800220why don't incels just marry a femboy?[View]
74800712>find new hot guy on tik tok >star following him >find out he's 5'10' >unfollo…[View]
74801451How come women think about different things from men?[View]
74801363You nofap retards had me worried. It's perfectly safe for a man to masturbate multiple times ev…[View]
74801479women dont understand male loneliness and never will.[View]
74801292What's your relationship with your mom like?[View]
74801395Mom and daughter fans, let's make a deal: So, I'd consider myself a pretty attractive youn…[View]
74799890>if you don't fuck women you're a failure and a pussy blah blah blah >women bring th…[View]
74800929Women should dress like in the Puritan times again. Only show the face and hands, and judge them by …[View]
74801549>go to the bathroom to take a piss >see a giant ass spider inside the toilet >pee on him to…[View]
74801511anyone want to make elsa gate content with me? Make slutty animation for youtube?[View]
74801500why does femanon have to settle down for me EWWWWWWW where was my ho phase[View]
74801160What would be a good job for people who pour 100s and 1000s of hours into grand strategy games? Shou…[View]
74801455Is it over for me?: >be me 23m eurobot at start of the pandemic >forced to switch job to be ab…[View]
74799584Why did God insist that there is a purpose when there isn't one?[View]
74801419sweaty, puking, groggy tired. shitting. god who else /sick/ here?[View]
74800802How do I get smarter and less retarded? can I ever be okay with myself at IQ 83?[View]
74797185I don't know. For once I'm sceptical of sexual assault claims made against somebody. Large…[View]
74801347Is the simulation broken or am I dead and living in a forever dream world[View]
74800228>masturbate to foot fetish porn a lot >one day especially horny >decide to order used sock…[View]
74799532How is it possible to be happy with a woman who lost her virginity to another man?[View]
74801403>big black penis in your butt? KEYED! >converting the shed in the backyard into a tiny house? …[View]
74801105What have women ever done to you personally for you to hate them so much?[View]
74799489first day at construction job: >arrive on site >expected to get yelled at because r9k told me …[View]
74801346any north carolina incels? Ive been a neet since hs here[View]
74800640there is literally no place without women anymore. there are women and normies in every single corne…[View]
74801335>Incel follows couple home & kills them: https://youtu.be/pHcJfT6I-Rg?si=HEp_ufPROmfmnj59…[View]
74800312For what reason would one faint? Asking for a friend[View]
74799555All the time I say retarded or weird shit that makes things awkward with friends. How the fuck do I…[View]
74800164I hate w*men so much. I wish they'd just fuck off back to CC forever[View]
74801094>muh wamen >muh scrotemoids >muh relationships >muh sex I don't care about any of t…[View]
74800637The world is so fucked up. Theres no rational part of it anymore. I desperately want to kill myself[View]
74801241If no girls have ever approached you it means you have been genetically filtered[View]
74800023I dont have wet dreams but sometimes I have dreams where I'm really sad and a girl hugs me like…[View]
74800262I hope that in the future I am happy with a woman that loves me, doing comfy things with one another…[View]
74800932Is it possible to cheat on someone who doesn't want to have sex with you? Asking for a friend.[View]
74800230>transmaxxed after being a forever alone incel >pass well enough that I'm never called ou…[View]
74801215>tfw no pashtun gf[View]
74800346This is selfishness. You don't want that. You want Selfishness. Aligned with the Source.[View]
74801174anyone else addicted to latina arthoes? cant stop thinking about them[View]
74801163>schizo landlord wants to increase rent because I am no longer paying for the internet and they h…[View]
74797611This is how I pick up my little brother from school.[View]
74800736has anyone ever tried asking their parents to kill them? I believe it's their moral duty since …[View]
74800467Spend a day in my shoes and i promise you'll be on your knees begging to switch back[View]
74799457Foids live on easy mode: Every excuse they post on this board is a blatant cope. There are as many k…[View]
74800567What next for us bros, it cant be over yet[View]
74800400Are you enjoying the wageslaving, anon? I spend 48 hours per week in this hospital and must admit th…[View]
74800532I miss that day[View]
74801051Samuel: So what are our thoughts on him then? I do not know where I stand on him.[View]
74801055BROKEN R O K E N -[View]
74798382My mom >fidgets her bracelet >worships fidget cube >sometimes goes outside and drives her c…[View]
74801009My dog is smarter than Americans: I trained my dog to speak and write and I'm convinced he…[View]
74799466>be Ali Wong >openly have a fetish for white guys >talk openly about how you really love …[View]
74801004I didn't know you were supposed to measure from the top with the ruler pressed firmly into your…[View]
74800968Does anyone else dip out of heated discussions, where it's just anger and nothing productive wi…[View]
74799388just had my first vanilla latte. holy shit this reminds me of when i first did coke. no wonder women…[View]
74800218Can you tell me the difference between someone with legitimate mental issues that should seek help a…[View]
74800936Being autistic, schizoid or whatever normies are calling it right now is like having to live with an…[View]
74800189>2023 >i am forgotten https://youtu.be/yjOmy9ioOlM?si=1IalEPMVw0nw3k36…[View]
74798549Where do you align on this chart /r9k/?[View]
74799329I just wanna be told by God or some greater power how much of my current situation is my fault and h…[View]
74799554>God will never leave me nor forsake me He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up th…[View]
74799341What would you do if you were vaporized in an explosion?[View]
74800865I don't know how much longer I can do this. Not that I have much of a choice in the matter. It …[View]
74797753What soap do you use to wash your penis?[View]
748008246ocean bomb ultraman a really ugly polish girl in theft of my russian friend girl stuff including bo…[View]
74800808How can I promote my business online for free???? Giveaways?[View]
74797880would you suck it?[View]
74800342Does anyobe else get enraged when someone knocks on your door and doesn't respond when asked wh…[View]
74800645The Eternal Nofap: D00Mdom: Im beginning to wonder what is the point in going on, I have achieved al…[View]
74799314Starting to hate women: I really cant get over the fact at how hypocritical they are, theyre entitle…[View]
74799910>Having sex and getting a gf aren't important >Not having sex or a gf means you're a…[View]
74799499holy shit when did people get so retarded? every day more and more retards seem to spawn. even as a …[View]
74800314New incel argument: Hey retarded incel. Your arguments make no sense, this is why when asked 'why wo…[View]
74800508All it takes to be happy is to accept God into your life. That's literally it so what are you w…[View]
74797454Rocket League devs are so fucking gay: It's not my fault my teammates don't want to forfei…[View]
74799561>be me >sick >not eating so my shit is liquid >have to shit every 15 minutes >go to s…[View]
74800466Request for help: A voyeur Pornhub channel I used to watch religiously got nuked of the platform dur…[View]
74800608i've been on hrt for a month now can i get an attaboy?[View]
74799547Why do men like tomboys but women dont like sissy males?[View]
74799019Would you a vegetarian bf that goes to therapy?[View]
74799157Japan is so fun. I can even tolerate teaching English if it means I can keep living here. Everything…[View]
74796412i have been studying ancient religions and societies and everything they say is true. you cannot ha…[View]
74800257>parents had to shoot the deathly sick elderly dog[View]
74799290Ladies of 4chan; how regularly do you masturbate?[View]
74799242>have gender dysphoria >Don't transition since I can't become a woman, I won't …[View]
74800459Now I know, robot. >>>/v/651480690[View]
74798979Hate trannies kill trannies: Trannies have gone so far that people cant separate a real woman from a…[View]
74798074i love dressing sluttily and seeing moids stare they act like i don't notice but i always do[View]
74797507WHY do guys like women wholl break their hearts: Im a Serbian female im 18, and in my highschool eve…[View]
74799213>wake up >make a meatball sub >hit bong outside >life is well Ask me anything, hate bein…[View]
74794480Every day I see shit like pic rel on the news and I think why am I even fucking trying I'm not …[View]
74799990/r9k/ gf and her past: After talking to a girl I met on this for about 3 years, we met and things ha…[View]
74800214Refine your skills, robot.[View]
74800201man why is moving to America actually so hard if youre from serbia istg i will literally fucking jus…[View]
74799542come hang out with me femanons. 3ar4gsrtdnyh[View]
74799934Ayo, rad! Are you there, son? You're one of the based ones. Keep up with the good work, son. We…[View]
74799788>be me >fall out of a trailer like picrel >feel my ankle pop as i land on it >ankle is …[View]
74799573Any other Computer Sciene anons suffering rn: I decided to actually pursue a career path for the fir…[View]
74797457It has never been more over: As a wizard I still can cope with being alone, no gf, no nothing. But w…[View]
74800143Do you really think this so-called 'sex' is real? I've never seen any evidence of anyone having…[View]
74799597my gf a virgin and urs is not hehehehhehehe[View]
74797605smokemaxxing: I've considered taking up smoking in order to make myself more attractive to wome…[View]
74799218Reminder to hide threads with anime pics.[View]
74799605Do you believe hard work will make your dreams a reality? I wish I could just work hard and be rewar…[View]
74798945Every states most popular fast food chain.[View]
74800167What thing or sentence reveals someone to be an incel[View]
74799978dont get tattoos kids they ruin your life. i should kms[View]
74800057Good morning, wagecuck. Time to wake up. You got another day of work. Another day, another dollar.[View]
74798741How's your day going so far: Took way too much Vyvanse and now it's day 2 of no sleep. Als…[View]
74798834Which country has the most beautiful women: For me it's Russia and Sweden[View]
74799988I checked my ticket, I didn't win anything in the lottery again[View]
74799905Please Fucking Help: I am 18 years old and I look like this. WTF is going on with my life??[View]
74800031I'm never going to experience sexual intercourse, it just seems impossible for someone who…[View]
74799506Why we as society are subjected so much by a bunch of numbers going up or down? I find economist a b…[View]
74799404>tfw no anime pic poster bf[View]
74799942Women are a net negative to society and should be culled once they become infertile[View]
74798509Daily Posture Thread: justice edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/10-bes…[View]
74799486>looking forward to going to school next year again >will get more money >landlord want to …[View]
74799384>videogames aren't fun anymore Time to grow up and watch television like the boomer generati…[View]
74799773Any other old school /b/tards? After years of on and off posting since 05, it's been nothing bu…[View]
74799814Even though he kept stopping to ask if I was ok with it, and I kept saying yes it's fine and to…[View]
74799891women nowadays are so fucking bitchy that its ruined my sex drive. i literally get horny when that b…[View]
74798897NEETs are more common than you think: >unemployment rate is 3.4% This has always been a flawed st…[View]
74799580i think what's played a significant role in why I'm so content with being alone and a virg…[View]
74795243I want to party. I want to have sex with girls (and guys). I want to do drugs. I want to listen to m…[View]
74798935BIG WHITE COCK ALWAYS WIN. Get your BBC shit out of your head, it only exists on the internet. In r…[View]
74799608High intelligence quotient people are physically incapable of interfacing with and connecting on a d…[View]
74799706why am i overly sensitive to touching i almost pissed myself when we were practicing putting on ecg …[View]
74798958FUCK YOU, JANNIES! I didn't posted any porn! Not even lewd![View]
74799339What's the technical term for this medical condition?[View]
74799701>be me >live in a shithole >gotten used to it, though >one day realise it stinks >lik…[View]
74799371Born too late to beat woman and torture people born too late to find bitcoin early (iam 20ish btw) b…[View]
74798968>women are noclipping around on god mode, while youre playing on legendary difficulty…[View]
74799689>gf has been missing for 3 days >can't message her or I'll look like a simp hope she…[View]
74799032In the old days if you weren't a successful millionaire. No one blamed you. 'Oh you're jus…[View]
74799666Whenever I am upset I turn evil: I want to stop, but I cant get over the feeling of wanting to destr…[View]
74799672i cant believe my ancestors lived in places like this and they moved to fucking america >no publi…[View]
74797774Do you ever wake up and immediately wish you could go back to sleep and never wake up?: That would b…[View]
74798962Gaslit by normies and femcels: They also say that being a tall woman is hard but thats not the truth…[View]
74799611Things lonely internet d00ds on /r9k/ romantize endlessly because they know nothing about: >Being…[View]
74799145Some incel tried verbally harassing a woman and Chad promptly choked him out until police arrived. T…[View]
74799484Brainwash girls at a young age to become sluts. I think we can do it. We can do the elsa gate method…[View]
74799417Colleague talks about 4chan to co workers: >me 9/5 wage slave in the office >listens to conver…[View]
74795259ITT we larp as normies: Just had some great SEX with this girl I hooked up with at the bar. What did…[View]
74799393My old piano teacher just complimented me. I feel like I did a really good job, kinda feel like a ki…[View]
74799403Ive been awake 24 hours but not tired yet. Is that weird guys[View]
74796171anyone else experiencing extreme levels of depression? like completely unable or unwilling to even s…[View]
74797311how much fentanyl to OD and how much would it cost? made this fucking thread like 6 times without it…[View]
74799153If you had a button to make any 500 people you want completely vanish. Would it fix the world. Or is…[View]
74794512black femanon here. im gonna change my hair soon, the braids are getting messy. what hairstyle shoul…[View]
74795475What is happening to me?: I'm 18 years old and I feel like there's no hope for me. I am af…[View]
74799141They would rather invent fake jobs then tell people there is no need for their labour anymore[View]
74798902why did you choose to become a incel? etrghtjygvh,jkm[View]
74799373I missed you so much, femcel. You won't believe how much I missed your pretty eyes and beautifu…[View]
74791663How come guys are so willing to accept girls with high body counts? Is the dating market THAT desper…[View]
74796008Why is this true[View]
74799159all the women who were ever interested in me, are women that I met via 4chan. And they all live on a…[View]
74799300I am a babyfur uwu ama[View]
74799183Losing: >Decide to pick up gaming again >Kind of get shit on >Cant seem to care about KD o…[View]
74798144Daily reminder this guy lost his virginity and had a long term girlfriend What's you're e…[View]
74799249Chris is out in public with a qt and you aren't. What are you doing with your life? https://www…[View]
74796918how does it feel to be a part of the 4% anon?[View]
74798169anons with friends, do people actually give a shit when you use slurs? hollywood's been doing t…[View]
74799043I broke up with my boyfriend after I found out he prefers middle aged women and old women[View]
74798011Where will you be 5 years from now?[View]
74799179Are femanons ovulating right now, what happens when you do, what does it feel like?[View]
74798912Should I just give into to degeneracy, and all my hedonistic desires, or should I actually try to be…[View]
74797870In 2018 I tried to commit suicide: It's been a few years since I tried to kill myself but was u…[View]
74798122Allow me to tell you the story of my childhood friend. >he meets a girl when she's 18 and he…[View]
74799020be my friend again or else faggot[View]
74797697I'm in a pathetic situation. I liked a girl for about ten years, since high school, and soon af…[View]
74798174>tfw no girl to watch cartoons with and stream games to i had this with someone i met here a few…[View]
74798921Time is running and we didn't experience shit ...wr cant escape our genetics we are sentenced t…[View]
74799047i will be the new ruler of hollywood and i will rule with HATRED, for that is in my heart[View]
74799008my gf is so pretty she makes all the other girls look like shit[View]
74798789think about making an episode of a kids show, but I edit it to be more sexy and slutty, but only a b…[View]
74796175I'm in the Miami Beach area. Anyone know places that don't ID for cigarettes or what would…[View]
74798952I want a girl that don't even fucking need a boy[View]
74796100You do not deserve this. This is not for you. You will die an ugly virgin. Fuck you[View]
74796865girl you're on a date with asks you about your views on porn how do you respond?[View]
74797419What are the biggest tits you've ever seen in public[View]
74797315Women are pretty and sexy[View]
74798870>tfw keep jerking off to drawn bestiality[View]
74794273Osaka is Detroit: my friend (from Nagoya) just said that Osaka is like Detroit. tr: ah, alice-chan,…[View]
74798757King of kek: Have you met the sacred toad, they name it as the kek, Like a mirror's surface, wh…[View]
74796066>Historically speaking, 40% of men reproduced while 80% of women reproduced >At one time 8000 …[View]
74798873Mom found the cum bucket.[View]
74798862I've been in a semi-decent job(still soulless) for 2 years before, have an uni degree, and I mu…[View]
74797164love my two wivses[View]
74797103if only you knew how bad things really are: whenever i see a passoid i want to brutally kill them an…[View]
74798310My penis is covered in hard 2-3mm white bumpy glands that come to a point and can be squeezed out, t…[View]
74792111>this is what a decade of looks, status, frame, wealth maxxing gets you imagine that after all of…[View]
74796335Post physical features, personality traits, mannerisms, or other attractive things that slay you sin…[View]
74796958I don't care about love, I just want to have sex with many girls while living NEET comfy in my …[View]
74798356Successful ways to lower my inhib so I can perform public acts like this without sperging out?[View]
74797916whens the last time you worked?[View]
74798556>depression turned me into a truant back in high-school >DMing with some girl who asked if I w…[View]
74796907Summer is almost over :(: Only a few days left. Go outside and smell flowers, touch grass, look at …[View]
74798745Day 146 of manifesting a qt virgin black gf who will love me and have kids with me: Why are women so…[View]
74797578Sonic goes to fucking prison: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13888341/1/Prison-Island-Inmate And gets fu…[View]
74798407I need a femanon to give me endless ammount of attention and talk to me all the time, I got a lot of…[View]
74798668Are you weary of posting your real opinions online? on some level i don't care but it is comfor…[View]
74798087Hypothetically, let's say that I was about to go back to the year 2000 in a Western European co…[View]
74798674This is what every fembot thinks - even if they don't say it outloud. White boy summer bitch.[View]
74797227>tfw you were never born in the greatest country >tfw you will never be able to celebrate 4th …[View]
74798288I ate a 2000mg edible a couple hours ago.: When I get really high, my hearing goes nearly supersonic…[View]
74798631This guy is the ultimate whitepiller, robots have NO excuse to be miserable: >didnt go to college…[View]
74797027How do robots cope knowing that you will never be some girl's first love and they're settl…[View]
74797724>relationships pretty much only work if the guy is more in love with the girl than she is with hi…[View]
74798296Is this really the only option some people have? There's not one fucking place the same price t…[View]
74797630who even was the nobody?[View]
74796271/drugfeel/: OwU UwO OwU UwO[View]
74798568>got all gold symbols in emerald To be fair I did it on an emulator. I could have sunk at least 1…[View]
74796929Should I try to date before I lose weight?: I'm a fat fuck, 6' 330lbs, I really want to me…[View]
74798292If you had ti choose would you rather have: 1) an hikki incel NEET son that never leaves his room an…[View]
74796983Its funny how white people literally import BBCs. They don't even want the women, just bucks an…[View]
74798457Women used to have responsibilities in the past but with third wave feminism they have been brainwas…[View]
74798178Fembots would you be jarred if a male friend suddenly gave you a compliment like saying 'You're…[View]
74798521is new world fun still? like i want to play something like skyrim but with actual people but ESO loo…[View]
74798044What do you think about dark skinned twinks[View]
74797822>be bpd (male) >have random onset mental breakdown >immediately go into bathroom to do clas…[View]
74797674Kill all women: Women destroy every society they gain the upper hand in Women can't lead Women …[View]
74798415>computer died >can watch wwf, tlc, or NHK on my ps4…[View]
74797961Women of /r9k/ I dont care if you're a femcel or whatever just give it to me straight. I'm…[View]
74798404Make me gay cock love of the generation[View]
74798392Skincels: It's so over for skincels[View]
74797425>she expects me to be emotionally attracted to her when she's literally been tainted by anot…[View]
74790819men who get a lot of female attention, why: why do girls like you and try to have sex with you…[View]
74798364So that's it. Without any sexual experience by your 30s there is no hope to finding a faithful …[View]
74797733What's the feeling of penetrating young untouched intact pussy? Do you feel resistance? Do you …[View]
74798343Goodbye /r9k/. I'm no longer a robot. I'm a man now.[View]
74798156>29 >younger cousin throwing a party at her parents house for her 19 birthday >go >get t…[View]
74798057>No bro, you don't get it. I'm literally Diogenes the Cynic, Timon of Athens, Judas Isc…[View]
74797134today the emptiness strikes me violently, without rest. I am still manifesting my lesbian bff who wi…[View]
74798259Cars 2: >is super smart secret spy >uses basic car knowledge as dogwhistle to identify fellow …[View]
74796392do you guys exercise?: I used to exercise everyday but I stopped and I feel like nothing has changed…[View]
74798235Zyzz tists its over boyos[View]
74797445You finally got the cute girl that you were pining for. She's really into you. You never though…[View]
74798202>God will never leave me nor forsake me The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, a…[View]
74798165Just came from the doctor She basically told me that there's no cure for my tinnitus 'do e…[View]
74797128Why did you decide to drop out of society anon? Why not work or go to school?[View]
74798042How do normies even find this meme template to be funny[View]
74798138I can't shit IRL so I'm gonna shit on your board[View]
74797962going into college this year to get a bfa in fucking animation of all things and despite this i can…[View]
74797570On a scale from 1 to 10, how based am I for posting this?[View]
74796084Ive always laughed at the gooner memes. Ive edged before but only for 2 hours max >today, 3pm …[View]
74798026Alright, it isn't funny anymore. I was supposed to meet my discord NEET closet-bi bff by now H…[View]
74796005i open up to my friend about a really personal fetish of mine (we've been friends for years atp…[View]
74797133any fembot here like cuddling?[View]
74797549Cognitive Dissonance: Why do you think cognitive dissonance is so prevalent in the human species? Ho…[View]
74796267How do I find a single Japanese milf mama to let me stay in her apartment for a month and have her s…[View]
74797861got 2 crowns in a row im going crazy today[View]
74796996This is a nice thread >Gender >Do you shave/trim your pubes? >How do you prefer your partne…[View]
74795726What is this body type? I need to cum pls reply[View]
74796972>one shot at life >born in Eastern Europe…[View]
74796046Alright I need new internet friends where the fuck do I find them It's so hard to find people t…[View]
74797474Anyone else notice most adult virgins never tried to lose it? Most of them haven't even asked o…[View]
74797953>My dream is to be raped by a hung ladyboy >It will never happen, the best I can do is pay som…[View]
74797192I FUCKING HATE WOMEN: Women are such vile, disgusting evil creatures. They love it when incels are s…[View]
74797432im going to bed: goodnight bros, see you tomorrow[View]
74797930look at his little fat tummy and dangly legs :3[View]
74797577Is there any group that has it worse in the sexual market than normal, cis straight men? >Women h…[View]
74796869i dont love you and i never did i dont love you and i never will[View]
74796566I have literally nothing going on. The only thing I could call an interest or hobby is reading SoL m…[View]
74797465Daily reminder that foids can't suffer when they have an army of simps ready to give them anyth…[View]
74797892bruh... if i had a mom like that... lets just say incest would be our religion.[View]
74797859i want to kill myself doe[View]
74797025This is my cope[View]
74797841WUMPAGONIAC LODGE: Mr. Cool Ice edition[View]
74797314normies really love star wars and superheroes like spiderman and batman[View]
74797317Do you think he is actually going to go through with his promise?[View]
74797814>ex got a new bf the very next day >remember thinking 'enjoy having a gf who doesnt fuck you' …[View]
74796134Nobody likes Tsukasa![View]
74797294I got a problem /r9k/ as a guy.... My heart, my body it aches. My SOUL tells me I need to love someo…[View]
74796468NO FAP TEHNIQUE THAT WORKS so ive been on hrt (climara estrogen patches and androcur anti androgen p…[View]
74796854Apparently my personality is called schizoid, what do I do with this information[View]
74797401ever thought of snapchatmaxxing?[View]
74797696I just masturbated to the sound of a woman fucking her throat with a dildo[View]
74797514I don't understand it, I don't know why I always want to kill myself. I don't know wh…[View]
74797379Post unique deadly combinations: >Tall, high IQ, ugly, small dick First ever (only) gf cheated an…[View]
74797523I just brewed my morning coffee. Going to browse 4chan for the next few hours. It's 4am here. H…[View]
74797644>decent face, height, frame >autism[View]
74797602>start eating a lot of fast food and sugary drinks >start getting acne all over WHAT THE FUCK?…[View]
74797033who else remembers this?[View]
74797581>Experience minor inconvenience >Write on r9k about how horrible your life is and wanting to k…[View]
74796744to any anon seeing this this is your sign to kill yourself[View]
74796818You have found yourself in a scenario where you could choose one of the following lifestyles 1. Live…[View]
74797517>be me >die >come back to life as a skeleton >bones are valuable to me, i need to get b…[View]
74794375Elon: Everyone hates him and obviously he has his flaws but of all the ultra rich people that have b…[View]
74796734Do girls really live life as interesting as they portray on their instagram? All of their pictures a…[View]
74796669What's your snap score, anons? You aren't a loser, right?[View]
74796496Im a robot incel from Kenya anons I wanted to do an AMA for those who are interested to know about …[View]
74795677My dog is getting surgery and might die, it's only 5 years old and doesn't deserve this. P…[View]
74796433Im happy being single and probably dying alone.. But some part of me wants something to protect. Gue…[View]
74797452>running up credit cards on dating apps for a gf I wont find and wouldnt be able to spend money t…[View]
74794731Femanons share your story about the time you got your first period[View]
74797428If I become dictator: All women will require a legal guardian who will have full power over her with…[View]
74797295this shit is getting out of control. im committing sexual assualt for some fuckin jack off prompt. i…[View]
74794351Why do blacks only eat this crap?: How are they not DYING from malnutrition?[View]
74796627I feel like I'm in the truman show[View]
74794291how does an autist get a job?[View]
74796731Do you like mixed (mulatta) chicks? I've always found them super attractive >curly or wavy h…[View]
74796518they're... they're sending me to guangzhou- i mean gimhae (a city in korea) i've neve…[View]
74797259Robot sisters our response to climate change caused by transphobia bigots to contribute to the co2 e…[View]
74797180The ex that I spent 6 years with just got engaged the other day I sit in my parents basement jerking…[View]
74796342Free will is God for atheists. Even the arguments they use to defend it are the same arguments theis…[View]
74794784>me thinking about Chinese women(they make me happy)[View]
74796834did anyone else like these for the look of it?: i dont even believe in the ideology but they look so…[View]
74796315Is killing your entire family after lying about attending college for 4 years based? https://globaln…[View]
74797111Thinfags are completely fucking mentally ill: Pic related is what thinfags find attractive and want …[View]
74797162Day 51 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
74796650digital footprint mapping: So I have a pretty serious and (recently) committed gf who I suspect has …[View]
74797188>God will never leave me nor forsake me The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to t…[View]
74792597I wish I had a more attractive penis so I could fag out with other hot cocks, maybe even get straigh…[View]
74794875I don't want to exist. I want to be nothing. I don't want to wake up. Everything is foggy …[View]
74782632/britfeel/: Hillman Imp edition[View]
74795962I deserve a virgin fembot gf![View]
74792189How do I last longer while jerking off?: I'm a young 20 year old single guy whose sexually frus…[View]
74796831I cheat on my girlfriend with fat women[View]
74794204Can you imagine being Chad, thinking you got the perfect girl to match you, and after a few years sh…[View]
74795386As a black American, if I had to live in a communist country, I'd choose Cuba over any other co…[View]
74796450I hate being so hairy. I don't even shave for other people I just like having smooth skin I lik…[View]
74795473My god this board sucks.[View]
74786686/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: flower edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR https://rentry dot co/waifu-…[View]
74796774are you desperate for self actualization? do you want to be screamed at? yWNvQarg[View]
74796688I don't care if a policeman dies. The death of any policeman means nothing to me. Nothing.[View]
74796905You know what the hardest thing about being an ass man who's into skinny chicks with pixie cuts…[View]
74795738How do I override my survival instinct and get the courage to rope? I got drunk, loaded shotgun barr…[View]
74795214Which is more annoying?: An OP who immediately fucks off to God knows where, or an OP who makes bori…[View]
74796782Autistic fixations threar: I'm autisticly fixated on taking PNGs from Google images and making …[View]
74796784the people who hold the most power and strength on this earth are young sexy beautiful girls[View]
74796115i just need a young sexy beautiful girl to tell me that its all gonna be okay[View]
74796721how do i meet a clingy girl that'll give me her undivided attention all day every day?[View]
74793635/comfy/ gc: Hello, Anons of /r9k/. I've decided to gather a few friendly faces to create a smal…[View]
74796693made a mistake touching my boss...: >female boss is this old woman who's kind of hot actuall…[View]
747968085914: rip it[View]
74796675I have an appointment with my doctor for my tinnitus wish me luck lads[View]
74796769I've never loved anyone. I don't even love my parents, I just respect them but that's…[View]
74796728>the random 1am depression spike hitting[View]
74795199Hi my pronouns are they/them[View]
74796668My life is still just as shit as it was in 2014 when I saved this image, and for the same reasons. I…[View]
74796644Anyone else in the post-AI twinkification waiting room[View]
74796601>kill yourself, eight times[View]
74795377Femanon here, I hope everyone is having a good day![View]
74796444How do I shed the robot body Or1g3[View]
74796526This board is garbage: /r9k/ is just /b/ now, only more homosexual porn There is no true robot essen…[View]
74796536Imagine being in your 30s and having your mom drive you to meet a girl (14) year old girl https://ru…[View]
74796407they just had an orgy[View]
74796424Why is Gen Z so perverted?: We all know gen z girls are very slutty and like whoring themselves out …[View]
74794085anons please post wholesome or productive coping methods[View]
74796254The duality of womankind[View]
74795222ages? how old are you all? i feel old here: i feel old compared to you guys and i turn 26 in 4 month…[View]
74796185why dont you become christian and stop being heathens and worshippers of the flesh? you must realize…[View]
74796213is deepthroat sex satanic?[View]
74796009Any trans girls that want to date a bio girl?: Are there any trans girls that are lesbians thats onl…[View]
74795891I'm 22 and feel like I'm 30 with the maturity of someone 16. I feel like those dads that e…[View]
74795711Every time I mention that I am basically a loser with girls the older guys in my life just tell me t…[View]
74796035When did you realize 'grass is always greener' is a massive cope?[View]
74796326caught oneitis for an escort i haven't fucked. currently in a three-way relationship with two w…[View]
74795116why are we self-aware?[View]
74796288store brand products are so good. they are much cheaper, and are most likely made with newer equipme…[View]
74795306if you watch any anime besides the cool 90s ones you are going to end up a faggot tranny[View]
74796224I love psychedelics: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N7ZHzbOxYXM[View]
74796188Sheboon: Are these women serous[View]
74794071Friend lost all his respect for me overnight: >be me >hang out late at night at friend's …[View]
74796060I think reality is unironically luxurious for anyone not in a third world country. Everything is ava…[View]
74795346Inceldom escaping technique #441: FRAGRANCES Brothers of r9k, this is how I managed to get my first …[View]
74795661female advice: alright robots, we found a fucking gem fr she got the common interests and shit like …[View]
74794312would you date a NEET girl?[View]
74795506Are you still a Nintendo fan?[View]
74794489Can moids stop being so fucking annoying? I'm tired of their stupid shit and they need to just …[View]
74795434Reminder that trans girls are girls: My gf is such a sweet girl and she's the most amazing girl…[View]
74795816listen up r9k, little birdie told me you are the best board on 4chan. i dont believe it. i am skepti…[View]
74795048You guys ever meet someone that felt like a meme from incel forums come to life? I remember a 5…[View]
74795254im unmotivated because no matter how much you try in life you will never be that isekaid hero with e…[View]
74793112>not immediately born smart, attractive or to a rich family why live? It's like i'm not…[View]
74794563Corruption solutions: >Kidnap corrupt officials >Livestream their torture >Message sent …[View]
74795145I'm a massive pussy.: How do I tell the army national guard that I'm going with the reserv…[View]
74795691i think i have adhd what do i do[View]
74794856I tried to eat an underripe banana because I was too lazy to wait for it to ripen. It was like chew…[View]
74795576The sea of endless evil will consume you. Truth is endless though. You get what you ask for, you wil…[View]
74795715I just want a cute trans girl gf. Please God. I'll treat her right I'm so close to roping[View]
74795194I'm going to lose my job because I am underperforming. How do I overperform to show them who th…[View]
74795720>Be me >Fall in love with a girl I met last year >We start dating and it's fucking awe…[View]
74795996Day 287 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB1hTJktOag…[View]
74795860Dirty Talk: I have a online girlfriend who I video call and sext with . I need new ideas for things …[View]
74793380This man is 5'11 135lbs and has clown hair, and he would knock you out with ease. How do you co…[View]
74793595we demand a apology for slavery[View]
74794887You can't be an incel if you're a scorpio: Women are literally obsessed with scorpio men. …[View]
74795964Why not try doing pic related irl, for easy money or just a cheap laugh?[View]
74795617I'm in my room trying to read manga and my neighbor is blasting her fucking church music or wha…[View]
74795155I quit veganism 3 days ago. I only lasted 4 months. I choose not to reject to my body in favour of …[View]
74795923will having sex with a man teach me how to be more attractive to women?[View]
74795451made a friend in class today: get it?? cuz i MADE him[View]
74794724I'm 23 and I miss my loving caring soft mommy alt ex girlfriend, I'm never going to find o…[View]
74795807Drawfrens: I drew something like pic related back when I was in like 4th or 5th grade during classes…[View]
74795842>Not Chinese >Have Chinese facial hair pattern shaving that patchy shit off makes me look even…[View]
74795556faked death gone wrong: I'm just a depressed american zoomer. I felt lonely and wanted to know …[View]
74795641AHHHHHHHHHHHH: Hello guys. How is life?[View]
74793658I don't think femanons appreciate how happy they could make robots. Imagine if you could make s…[View]
74795827Its been over 10 years when is r10k coming out?[View]
74792529Why is it wrong to have sex with someone under 18?.: I do not understand why it is wrong to have sex…[View]
74795752I want a Linda Ronstadt GF[View]
74795597The thought of what anime and kpop have done to white men is horrifying to me. I never thoughts medi…[View]
74795248Any anons used to stare at other dudes dicks in locker rooms?: My parents sent me to something every…[View]
74794948Hi /r9k/ I have no one or nowhere else to share this with so I will post it here. I have been addict…[View]
74794343The South is a funny place. The whites are deathly afraid of the blacks in the big cities and the bl…[View]
74795543This board is trash.[View]
74795127currently going through lexapro withdrawal, this shit fucking sucks[View]
74795639Why aren't you militarymaxxing, incel bros? In a blackpilled chad only hypergamy like today…[View]
74793277george 14 (sketchys very own thread 2): this is sketchy. i drew him on ms paint. he currently stands…[View]
74795081Jack off all trades: What would happen if I become a jack off all trades? Thinking of learning: >…[View]
74794118you all miserabel fucks should read this book, it really helps you understand this reality we live i…[View]
74794963You thoughts matter a lot. Don't think thoughts that hurts you.[View]
74794841You animals will pay: I am the most brutal trucel known to my world. Potential exceeding mountains, …[View]
74794505How do subhumans not rope?: I wanna feel bad for them but then I see these same people with lots of …[View]
74792653Explain dating to me as if I was your son[View]
74792590when do people start losing their humanity?[View]
74794248Hi r9k!!! Fembot here, AMA!![View]
74795178I hate white people but i want to be raped by a white chad ughhh[View]
74795200Mom leave me alone I want to be famous I want to be famous My therapist said I have ADHD I don…[View]
74795488faq u: i have almost overcome my last few barriers to suicide the day draws near thats all thats my …[View]
74795075Women digest the cum they swallow and the protein literally becomes part of their bodies. They are l…[View]
74794864I think this entire revealing tomboy look with baggy clothes and bared midriff is pretty cool to e h…[View]
74794116Been a year since I stopped talking to my Oneitis: She was my best friend for since I was 15. Had a …[View]
74793364I try not to interact with women because they despise me. I only interact with female co-workers whe…[View]
74795226Why should I start a family and contribute to society? The juice isn't worth the squeeze anymor…[View]
74793822Would you like to see all the mighty of God?[View]
747932884chan should ban women. Bitches and whores should go back to CC[View]
74791323my 17 year old girlfriend's dad found out we're dating and is seizing her phone records fr…[View]
74795360Post your favorite characters from anime and manga. Mine is this asshole.[View]
74795179Do you know any artists (personally) who used to only get very little attention some years ago, but …[View]
74795058zoomers are retarded because they gave women too much power. zoomers can easily be rejected by thei…[View]
74794443>you have a coworker who says she's pregnant, and will need paid time off >it's been…[View]
74790883Why do so many women play league of legends?[View]
74788402Why I'm far right.: There is a lot of important right wing thought I believe in nowadays but fu…[View]
74795295ok pornhub, please show me ebony twerking[View]
74794680my gf is the prettiest girl in the world and its not even close[View]
74795084Do-Do time for you wagie[View]
74795195Did you shower with all the Chad's after gym class, anon?[View]
74794897My female friend changed clothes with me in her room[View]
74795063I'm butthurt: I take a poo and afterwards my anus hurts for the ENTIRE day. Moids/foids have ne…[View]
74794418it's crazy to think I'm close to being a wizard now. where has the time gone?[View]
74792890Anyone else hates 'robots' that come from loving, normal families? Why do people like that come here…[View]
74794550How low can you go?: >damn I'm lonely >maybe I should find other lonely people near me th…[View]
74793107relapsing into cutting anyone else?[View]
74785635Are you a gooner?[View]
74795077I came here to help you.[View]
74793549life advice: gf left me drugs and alcohol not helping anymore depressed af and just wanna forget sen…[View]
74794822Should I ask out this black girl?: >Be me >20 >In college >Know this cute black chick …[View]
74794687what race of women has the best vagoo?[View]
74788087/r9gay/ -#2109: purple is a superior color edition previous: >>74768729 >>74768729 >…[View]
74793623Are video games ultimately just a waste of time?[View]
74794861I'm confident I would have a fulfilling productive life with lots of money and friends If I was…[View]
74794466Hey incels. Have you ever thought of maybe just being hot and confident? Maybe you wouldn't hat…[View]
74794057Opensource. Collaboration: >>106427>>106427 >Oh cool I think I still have UT 97 in on…[View]
74794713s-l-u-t slut i'm a sIut. don't bang my line til you know you wanna fuck[View]
74794890>5 AM already I am so fucked i need to wake up at 8...[View]
74794804Do you think dating trannys openly will become more normalized?[View]
74794767This is probably the wrong place to post this, considering everyone wants to kill themselves. But ma…[View]
74794708>tfw no cute asian gf who likes watching anime and takes care of herself with diet+exercise…[View]
74794848Would you fuck this average Polish male?[View]
74794952Do any of y'all listen to rebzyyx?[View]
74794774why do people like weed so much? it smells bad and genuinely melts your brain. my mom smokes it and …[View]
74794297why: >log onto 4chan >want to post a greentext but can't find a place to do it >go on …[View]
74794825>grab some pics of some generic blonde white girl with a big ass from Instagram >use pics on T…[View]
74794906can anyone identify this women's beauty product on the right pretty sure it's coconut deod…[View]
74794889I don't stand a chance in the dating market: >22M >Overweight >5'9 >No degree …[View]
74788161This is the truth of what women's preferences are today. You're just too blind to realize …[View]
74794398can someone teach me Cantonese?: Cantonese or Chinese, I'll give you my discord if you're …[View]
74794793>make this facial expression so often that it makes people i interact with mad huh?…[View]
74794645depression and stuck in a simulation: im convinced life is a torture simulation. i've seen thin…[View]
74794178What's the worst fandom you've ever seen?: IMO, a hobby sucks if it gets too many: Fags an…[View]
74794288I got my feelings hurt by my parents. I think they thought they were joking, but I feel bad. They sa…[View]
74794797Stretch your arms and torso right now, robot. Go![View]
74793119The problem isn't what you want, it is how you want. 'What's the difference?' Another pers…[View]
74794646>date a chubby girl >have to pretend i don't wish she was fatter it's kafkaesque suf…[View]
74794779>16cm handlet >15cm circumference wristlet >179cm tall manlet >14cm pencil dicklet >b…[View]
74794771The Pest[View]
74794760do you think we live in a simulation?: according to science, the odds are 50/50. discuss your friend…[View]
74794209>ctrl f 'fem' >19 results >ctrl f 'wom' >27 results >ctrl f 'girl' >14 results…[View]
74793026SMOKING THREAD: Why haven't you taken the pipe pill yet, bots? >cheaper than cigs >real t…[View]
74794427>cat meows at me for attention >told him to seethe the imageboard brainrot is real…[View]
74793547finally saved for a cheap jeep on craigslist do you guys think the stickers i just slapped on are go…[View]
74794730>Simon_says.mp3 >Slow zoom in on the If castle >Ali smokes a cigar from a balcony >Hayde…[View]
74793851you are most likely the aids virus taken on form as a human at birth placenta aids egg hatched as th…[View]
74794526Bro I'm just fucking broken. I don't even know what to do anymore. Literally everything is…[View]
74790226/cut/ - Cutters General #190: Thread for discusion about self harm and mutual support Rainy day edit…[View]
74789989TRANS RlGHTS![View]
74794399I want to talk more with that femanon with leukemia, she was nice :)[View]
74790562how important is race science: how important to humanity is the study of racial iq differences and s…[View]
74791043Chud showed his power level to normies: Chuds have to understand that if you aren't Chad you wi…[View]
74793264I transitioned at 18 as I realized I don't want to invade upon the lives of women cause my gene…[View]
74794164>I wish black gods would stop beating me up in front of the whole school for being a twp piss bab…[View]
74793502Who would you hatefuck /r9k/?: For me its Ice Spice. The whole smug arrogant >bitch im a baddie I…[View]
74791119>men will literally school up kindergartens because they can't stick their dicks inside this…[View]
74794536>susist off pb and j for 2 weeks >decide to make something tasty >make potato leek soup …[View]
74794529Maybe this is for you. https://youtu.be/T0v-Vl-hEzo[View]
74788363Breezy morning kind of morning.[View]
74793647How do I exert power and force over someone in person that would sue me if I punched them[View]
74794222What is the best Halloween costume for a 20 year old virgin?[View]
74794496People who have only paid escorts for sex are still virgins change my mind.[View]
74793256What does r9k think of mexicans? What are you experiences with Mexicans?[View]
74793766What would you do if your son grew boobs because his dealer put estrogen in his xannies?[View]
74794426*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN* Oh hey there wagecuck. Halfway through the week, hopefully you don't have…[View]
74792465I've hidden 20 threads from the catalog and the board is still shit.[View]
74794365I just wanted to call all of you a faggot before I go to sleep. Goodnight faggots.[View]
74794378Day 26 of manifesting a dominant gf[View]
74793241>walk into walmart >this blocks your path wat do…[View]
74793981stop invading my dreams where you follow me around and hold onto my arm stop it t rad[View]
74793074I wish i could just take it easy all the time[View]
74793769Is this fucking Isabelle Janke?: Quick question I just found this as a selfie of someone on Reddit.…[View]
74794283shes starting to believe... based[View]
74794095Day 8 of manifesting a quiet terminally online gf: I think it would nice to live in the country like…[View]
74794074I am getting so depressed it's becoming physically hard to move. This isn't my first rodeo…[View]
74793989Life could have been very different for me if I had met a submissive bottom.[View]
74794173I keep day dreaming about helping Russia win the war.[View]
74794175I'm the biggest lolcow on r9k: The letter threads literally revolve around me, and they fucked …[View]
74793940I just refunded my PC back to Amazon after removing the GPU: Got a free 4090 out of it[View]
74794144how stinky are your vaginas, fembots[View]
74793871Is something wrong with me, or have I been sold a dream?: I've seen so many people obsess over …[View]
74794141>crush who rejected me now orbiting me after I got fit and she saw other women start giving me at…[View]
74792180Why are ugly men allowed to exist? Should they be euthanized from birth?[View]
747916731984: Grad School: >be me >in grad program >click pen >some woman gets offended >clic…[View]
74794094no guillotine can take away the head I would give this man: I love NCT so much[View]
74793886Can the psychological trick of detachment actually work to defend yourself against internalizing neg…[View]
74793922I wonder what it's like to hear I love you from the girl you like[View]
74793971I got a job offer but need 3 'personal references'... This is on top of professional references like…[View]
74792603Dear femanon: This could be us but you don't let me PLAP[View]
74792703why is it my balls that are sore when the doctor injected the lupron in my ass?[View]
74790381>Daddy's home! >Hi, anon. You must be starving after all that work you put in at the offi…[View]
74793844Circumcision is Based: >Be me 27 >Phimosis >For 26 years cannot roll back foreskin >1 ye…[View]
74793596>Game with monkeys >Have rap in it What did Nintendo mean?…[View]
74793002Do you still live with your parents, /r9k/? Do you plan to move out in the near future?[View]
74793990Life is too painful to truly enjoy, yet it's too pleasant to justify suicide. I'm trapped.[View]
74793935Adam Lanza quotes: Adam Lanza quotes >This dynamic applies to its fullest extent when pertaining …[View]
74792755whats a good razor brand? mine are shit and barely cut my thick skin[View]
74792625Imagine being an archangel and squandering it.[View]
74793964>be me >be retardedly white >see my veins white >see my pulse white >overload camera …[View]
74792492WMAF: I love seeing shit like this. Any other Asian losers here accepted theyll never procreate with…[View]
74793946How do I get a job where I do jack shit and talk to no one?: title night day weekend doesn't ma…[View]
74793950How is your day doing today[View]
74792675Women should all be whores. We should make women only sex objects. No rights. No autonomy. Just sexd…[View]
74792883How often do you guys cry? Probably a solid once per year for me.[View]
74793089>see tranner cock in >>74792597 >notice shaft is long enough to have 2 hands grip it …[View]
74793390Is it cute/hot/attractive when a girl is nerdy and really perverted?[View]
74792769Would you ever kiss a tranny on the lips?[View]
74791986>rapidly approach the age where your only options are either giving up on ever having kids, or be…[View]
74792000I raped my boyfriend last night (not a larp, am female as well). I had a kidney infection and was t…[View]
74793516you're nobody till somebody loves you: why are people who i've never met, and who don…[View]
74793503>tfw peak of my musicality >tfw also worst point in my life and peak of my depression why?…[View]
74792858>pour heart out to girl saying how much i love her >cheats on me laughs about it then plays vi…[View]
74791788>23 >5'8' >ED >chinlet >dumb >wagie There is no way to save this situation or…[View]
74793706I can't cum anymore without putting something up my ass, does this mean I'm gay now?[View]
74793254>just go to a club bro! If you aren't Chad, you aren't welcome in any sexual contexts.…[View]
74793820I don't want to be gay please don't let me be gay[View]
74793360How you were like in high school robots? >be black >be emo as shit, still virgin, got called a…[View]
74783196GET BACK TO FUCKING WORK!!!: Society NEEDS young men to WORK, so it can FUCKING. FUNCTION. Do you ha…[View]
74793599>look myself in the mirror >sexiest beast known to man >try take a picture >ugliest fuck…[View]
74792609I am in an earthquake.[View]
74793453I really just want to meet a virgin woman who will love me...: I mean that's like the only goal…[View]
74793142I am a vampire before I'm a God.[View]
74792515There's probably someone here who been through way worse pain than any other anon here. I just …[View]
74793620>just thought about how I've been on autopilot mode since 2014 and almost nothing has change…[View]
74792991Women dont ask me out: Why dont women ask me out. This is so fucking unfair. I am above average in e…[View]
74793284I talked to her again and sat next to her during the lecture. Her friend also came to class, but I a…[View]
74792661Hey, could you guys, like, stop with all the misogyny. I know that women are scary. I know you have …[View]
74792916i feel like i would've had a chance in high school if i had asymmetrical eyes, i fucking hate h…[View]
74792484why do robots walk so much? every robot i have talked to goes on walks or night walks 'for fun', why…[View]
74793144Does it mean you have an ugly face if people tells you to grow a beard?[View]
74793344what the fuck is the king of r9k doing now?!?![View]
74793455>tfw no batman for the nes gf[View]
74793039Why do robot incels act like hypergamy is a modern thing? In every era of human history a giant chu…[View]
74793481Kaka. The game.[View]
74793160Is current Western mating strategy a result of human/animal nature?: We see in places like the Unite…[View]
74792900You are all very stupid[View]
74793463The average fembot looks a lot like this[View]
74792910Is marriage and children worth it?[View]
74793422I'm genuinely happy with myself. I love myself. But when I start getting a little attention I g…[View]
74793164White folks aint ready for alkebulan resurrection and celestial power struggle. Dis aint finna be a …[View]
74791945I feel like I have all the warning signs/red flags of a potential mass shooter. For the most part I …[View]
74792195>do mensa's iq test >105iq fucking kill me i can excuse it by the fact im tired, out of n…[View]
74793340I'm crushing on a girl who's flaky and doesn't text back. Not just to me, I legitimat…[View]
74793331Which one would you be more likely to fap to?[View]
74786640face it. most of you are incels by choice. you all could EASILY get a gf if you'd settle for a …[View]
74793280I love being in the 1st world. I get to smoke weed all day and listen to music for free because I ge…[View]
74792106this guy has a job and a wife: whats your excuse? huh? bitch boi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gr…[View]
74792474Evolution requires losers[View]
74792549Would I be able to make friends if I moved to America?: I'm from Switzerland and it feels impos…[View]
74789591Why do asian women racemix more than any other group of women?[View]
74793246>ywn hold hands with a cute girl on a zipline it's beyond over[View]
74792722Daily reminder that alcohol is a devastating drug and you should stop drinking[View]
74793068>Spend 4+ years getting a degree >Still end up as a khv NEET How common is this?…[View]
74793232>Thank you for being a beta wage worker, anon. Your tax money keeps me going when times are tough…[View]
74792475anyone else been waking up at 4pm recently. life just fucking sucks and i dont care anymore.[View]
74792786Someone recommend me a good knife on Amazon for cutting myself budget is 20-30 dollars.[View]
74792421Femcels femcels femcels: Ever wondered if femcels exist? They do we have femcels, incels, chads and …[View]
74793207>hey sweetie would you like to buy some blueberry pies? Money proceeds goes to autistic kids…[View]
74793181>tfw my boyfriend who grew up in a violent home and a violent town says that he was a jaded, worl…[View]
74792820I got ghosted by a girl again fr[View]
74790741>buy 7 pieces of Tilapia for $12 >rub 1 in a bowl of flour >garlic powder, salt, pepper and…[View]
74792127God what I wouldn't give for any women to be interested in me. ANY woman. My only gf was obese,…[View]
74792140Do you wish to be the baller? Or are you a hater?[View]
74792968What makes you think you're above a post Wall single mom roastie, anyway?[View]
74791805Fuck.: >Be me, 20 years old >Grew up in subsidized housing >Surrounded by filthy rich frien…[View]
74793057You've tried the garden piss, but have you tried the garden shit? Or the garden wank?[View]
74793018>have the flu >off work for a week >coming out of it >decide watch porn and masturbate …[View]
74792992Is paying findommes really all that bad when you'll always be a lonely loser anyways?[View]
74792917If it is God's creation, it can never be a problem for you. The problem is in your mind.[View]
74792134My skin literally looks like this and I'm a woman How over is it bros[View]
74790944Should I take a construction job? I've been NEET for a year but I think I'm too much of a …[View]
74791891Sometines i get sad for being a 25 years old KV but then i remember i have never had a job and i get…[View]
74792311Is there anyone here who's an actual adult and not some edgy teenager from discord[View]
74792728>why is number 4 schizophrenic? >because it sees 4 when it looks in the mirror anons, what do …[View]
74791098i accidentally normie-fied myself: >fasting to become femboy >go cut hair b/c uneven, get shor…[View]
74791033will a women respect you if you don't have a driving license?: what are the reactions do you kn…[View]
74792438The girls from my HS/college group turned out better than the guys: My social circle in those days w…[View]
74792842life would be easy if you looked like this[View]
74789257I made eye contact with a real life loli today[View]
74792187what the fuck happened to /r9k/?: why are there constant incest and sissy threads? fembot and tranny…[View]
74792451If we were to make a r9k themed gacha waifu game, what would the waifu lineup look like?[View]
74791800>suddenly remember when i made a cringe visual novel and shared it with people i know IRL ahhhhhh…[View]
74792587I love night time so much. I think everyone reading this should go outside after dark, Close your ey…[View]
74791795Benzos just made me sleepy wtf[View]
74792487I just stopped giving a fuck Holy shit it feels so good[View]
74792391I'm 60 years younger than my late grandpa but I feel every day as dead as he felt before dying …[View]
74791220the government has given me 20k euros in the past 3 years i lowkey want to spend it all on hookers a…[View]
74790762What you incels fail to understand is that sex is a basic need. You can't live without. Grow a …[View]
74792724>found a new way to crack every joint in my body at the same time >my body sounds like a boili…[View]
74792721Despite getting reassured that there's nothing outwardly wrong with me for most of my life, and…[View]
74788681alright boys let's see how I fuck this one up[View]
74792452why have white women replaced children and marriage with dogs? i notice this with every white woman …[View]
74792639I got jacked but I just look like one of these guys now. Still get ZERO attention from females.[View]
74792562A woman just approached me to ask me out: Am I doing something right, frens?[View]
74791610anyone else feel like life is too hard and there should be an easy mode for the losers like us like …[View]
74790691Is this guy the ultimate whitepiller?: >didnt go to college >worked retail from 18-30 years ol…[View]
74792458We live in such a perfect world yet fight so hard[View]
74792337Aryan Space Colony: In America, whites are oppressed, in Asia, whites are being discriminated agains…[View]
74792142Men being horribly thirsty?: What are your thoughts on extremely thirsty men? As in men thirsting fo…[View]
74791372/r9k Creative General/: Come share your creative works and ideas. You know the drill.[View]
74792483Why do 19-year-old guys look literally 35 nowadays?[View]
74792453Genuinely the only time I feel good or feel pleasure or enjoy myself in my day to day life is when I…[View]
74792541>its another 'everyone has a foreskin but me' episode i hate america[View]
74791728Ebony models: When I see these type of whores I seethe, anyone else fgxnptjeel the same[View]
74791775I need a job but I'm too autistic to go outside and have no marketable skills what do?[View]
74792317Am I asexual?: I don't know if I'm asexual. I get disgusted at sex both online and IRL. I …[View]
74791524A bad habit: I have a confession to make. For a few years now, I'll go to parties, bars, clubs,…[View]
74791737I just told a woman on the Badoo app that I just got out of prison for aggravated battery and money …[View]
74792467I'm a man on my word. When I reach the jackpot I'll give half for that fren who abandoned …[View]
74792405What happens if a social reject gets socially rejected from other social rejects?[View]
74791267'Streamer' isn't a real job.[View]
74791287Any anorexic bullimic here?how do I go back to loosing weight again?: I am going thru a failed purgi…[View]
74792315ENOUGH: Women be like: >'I want a man who can drive me places!' get a car >'OK, bye' >'I wa…[View]
74791235endless darkness death loss of innocence[View]
74792235>you now remember your cringe anti-feminist phase[View]
74791122When I see a normal woman I keep thinking how much Chad dick she has taken, how many strangers cocks…[View]
74789501Would you rather be a 140 iq guy with an average cock or 80 iq guy with a huge mega cock?[View]
74792346another night of waiting for images to load[View]
74790722I told my therapist today that i'm a virgin and I feel like i'm stuck in a prison where th…[View]
74791979friendly reminder: you need to make sure to properly gag your fembot gf[View]
74789490Normies are getting lonely too: High tier normies who can dress and dance still have no social life.…[View]
74792322there are no cute threads up right now so I'm making one![View]
74789108The Mormon Materialization: Samuel. A Mormon? WTH. When did that happen???[View]
74792217>exercise >testosterone raises causing libido to rise >get the feels can't win in Sata…[View]
74792066How we holding up, robots? I relapsed on amphetamines and now the ppl at my assisted living place ar…[View]
74792287I am 30 and a minimum wage worker I will never breed and have a family[View]
74792225Why does it feel like other men fucking hate me? I know I am autistic, spergy, overthinker, anxious,…[View]
74791462Day 3 of trying my hardest to reverse my age and gender to look like an anime girl.[View]
74791821You niggers what have you done. Look at this place.[View]
74790518How does one meet early 20s nerdy virgin girls: They're very quiet, and isolated, so you can…[View]
74790028Why do females here pretend they arent normalfags and live in easy mode? Most girls I know that use…[View]
74791555should i kms: im 18, depressed, avpd, got cheated on, 0 friends, working a job i hate[View]
74791784Why don't we found Roman Empire again?: Honestly whenever i think about Roman Empire i get sad,…[View]
74791729Would becoming a pro smash bros player help me get a gf?[View]
74790886>she expects me to put in all this effort when she's literally another man's discarded …[View]
74791011Has anyone noticed the meme of older brothers basically abusing their younger siblings? I'm an …[View]
74790844do fembots like to get stoned and jerk off all day?[View]
74791551Why does no one shill for finance degrees? They're basically 0 math, retarded shit for normies …[View]
74791136Gotta let this out, Mexico it's a wild ride >be me >24 beta males >any sex experience…[View]
74791670What happened to him?: He used to be so cool when he did creepypastas and dark web browsing. Now he…[View]
74791968>have to do a video call interview for a minimum wage job today I would honestly rather kill myse…[View]
74792078why is the white race taking so long to die god i hate them so much[View]
74791539Does genuine romantic love still exist? I think at one point it did, but today it increasingly seems…[View]
74791142all i do all day is play cataclysm: day days ahead and browse 4chan[View]
74789749>18-20: high school's over and you don't feel like doing shit, That's okay though,…[View]
74791982Space is a UN jew shill: Space is a UN jew shill. >But America landed on the moon first! No, that…[View]
74791978>how to get a gf >step 1) kidnap and blindfold her >step 2) take her to a dark and scary …[View]
74786775is this girl flirting with me?: >work with cute shy girl >be nice and polite to her >she as…[View]
74790563My Instagram feed just went from being exclusively rock climbing and skiing videos to random thots m…[View]
74791924I always laugh whenever trannies complain about 'chasers'. Chasers and porn addicts are the best you…[View]
74791393another day dealing with homo lust. I want to lick that shaft clean.[View]
74790313This cute little street shitter works 12 hour days in a sweat shop for $100 a month. kek. Think abou…[View]
74791906Hey robot, pay attention: Do not look at the Moon or its reflex today. If you do, you'll probab…[View]
74791792eternally lonely but to stupid and dull to connect to other humans or change it[View]
74791079>20 >haven't had irl friends in 7 years…[View]
74791700What are the cheapest, quickest, and most painless suicide methods?[View]
74790857Foids can't suffer: No, you aren't lonely because if you say you're a female at least…[View]
74790948you cannot live without human connection otherwise you'll feel like you're stuck in a void…[View]
74788701>3 years since last video >has become a gay furry Vtuber >Kiwifarms has created a new threa…[View]
74789873Femanons what are some massive red flags you notice when you evaluate scrotes[View]
74790802research chemicals and mephistofeles only things i live for.[View]
74791669so i just watched shindler's list for the first time >thoughts?[View]
74790464>Hey Vsauce, Michael here! >Im going to rape you.. Someone continue with interesting facts pai…[View]
74791724wow 50$ for greek?: i'd say, yes pls[View]
74790988how do i as a man look like this real answers only please[View]
74790247What is the best way for me to increase my inteligence?[View]
74791403did you improoove yourself yet, off the mark virgin?[View]
74791654Incel rumination/brooding music: Made my first song specifically for the incel community, I decided …[View]
74790593So you're telling me that men don't hit the wall?[View]
74791641Why do you hate modern world so much? I have autism and in the past I would have to work on a farm o…[View]
74791540how do you cope with not being a tyrone?[View]
74789646Now being an incel can get you fired from your job![View]
74791370Elliot Rodger had a better social life than me[View]
74791432There was always that one kid in special ed class with the ramones bowl cut and that stare with the …[View]
74790292What's the coolest mental illness to have? I personally feel very cool and mysterious living wi…[View]
74791533Do any of you guys like this image?[View]
74791253What the HELL is going on 2backpage's escorts?[View]
74767408/Sissy/ SUNDAY: From crossdressing to anal, chastity to cum eating, discuss all things sissy here to…[View]
74790325>almost 2024 >still no cure for schizoid personality disorder…[View]
74790709ice spice has ass and feet[View]
74789344The evolution of tomboys: It's business wear i hate it always gotta carry change cloth for afte…[View]
74788634I can't stop fantasizing about being blackmailed: I read a bit about consensual and non consens…[View]
74791416>Thanks for giving us a ride Anon. We don't have any money for gas, is there another way we …[View]
74791456fembot, it's time[View]
74790609how do I explain to my therapist that millimeters of bone determine your entire life[View]
74790962How can I learn to be a man? Ive never had a proper male figure. My father is absent. My mother is a…[View]
74791256>be me >in college >former social outcast >talking with family >they ask about my cla…[View]
74791279Everyday is a new humiliation: >28 yo virgin >can't get matches on dating apps >don…[View]
74790344I wish hard work was enough to get what you want. I wish it were just possible that if I grinded cou…[View]
74790038>not born tall >not born 8/10 >not born dark triad it's over…[View]
74790206How do i force myself to like working?[View]
74790631I need a femanon to give me endless ammount of attention and talk to me all the time, I got a lot of…[View]
74790085Having a girlfriend that loves you is the best therapy for depression[View]
74790262I spent more than 12 hours on this website and Discord six days out of seven. My only real life soci…[View]
74791222the post that silenced femoids forever.[View]
74791163>be white >become travel vlogger >profit Seriously, I don't know why more of you are n…[View]
74790928Self improvement really is just an illusion. I realized I have way less control over myself than I t…[View]
74791174Come here anon. Surrender your virginity.[View]
74789398i wish i didn't like bad people[View]
74791186I could go and hire a prostitute right now, i just don't give a shit but i regurarly goon to th…[View]
74789348What did this poor Mexican drug lord do to anyone?[View]
74791113>69.9 the bust was taken down[View]
74777842post your charts anons! https://topsters.org/[View]
74791158What build has the best meta in guild wars 2[View]
74789070Just brewed my morning coffee. Going to browse 4chan for the next few hours. How is your morning goi…[View]
74791115Having a gf would solve most of my problems, and I'm tired of pretending it wouldn't[View]
74790807Why do white boys have such cute and breedable butts?I swear they're my downfalldownfall[View]
74789899I should kill myself for being an unlovable self obsessed csa victim who now makes others suffer due…[View]
74790141Something smells like shit in here...[View]
74790951I had a mental breakdown at work and now I'm permanently banned from the building[View]
74790983I heard you like boys[View]
74790355I know a female to male (pre-operation) tranny that goes here frequently just to get mad at people b…[View]
74790233Better to be an escortcel than a gooner. Just think about the faces a gooner makes or the sounds, or…[View]
74791022Shes a doctor Im an engineer She was smiling and laughing the whole date, she was genuinely enjoying…[View]
74790718How rich do I have to be as a 2/10 fembot to get a man like picrel?[View]
74790768I know that it was just hopium, but my female friends found out I have been banging a farmboy in sec…[View]
74790835Cum: When I smell my cum, it smells so weird, like an alien smell[View]
74790692To the femanon that wanted to talk about stuff get in here[View]
74788696NEETBUX: My SSI Disability was approved on medical grounds. Now they have to just clear non-medical …[View]
74790156So I'm the genius of a generation. Ama[View]
74790542>feel sad >drink coffee >feel happy thanks coffee…[View]
74790621My favourite dynamic. Art is OC[View]
74788602Do you watch or follow any youtubers?[View]
74790711I now have a fetish for white girls living with brown stepdads and developing sexual infatuations wi…[View]
74789733>mfw femanon I'm talking to pulls the 'my sister is so slutty you know what she did yesterda…[View]
74789310Nofap Love: Any other anons love nofap and practice it religiously? I have gone 261 days without mas…[View]
74789640Why do girls even come here Why would you come to a place of people that mostly hates and insults yo…[View]
74789055forgiveness is so powerful: reminder to forgive people[View]
74789189How can I save some money as a NEET?[View]
74790388>watching the cute tomboy at work slowly become a trans man is there any worse feeling…[View]
74790575we autistic people are just failed ex[periment[View]
74790553So today I saw and old freind of mine and gave him my number. But now im thinking I should block him…[View]
74787454Therapy thread: Let's have a therapy thread. Who here is in therapy, and what did you learn so …[View]
7479006222 with a brutally receding hairline but also having the face and body of a 12 y/o is fucking suicid…[View]
74788484Do you relate to pic rel?[View]
74787162>tfw no gf to watch cartoons with[View]
74789283Is being on the verge of homelessness a good reason to commit suicide?[View]
74790527Happy Children's Day, Robots!: Hearthfire 19 >Children's Day in Betony is a festive occ…[View]
74790100Any spoder weebs in here? What kind of spider is this? Its on my screen door, should I kill it? This…[View]
74787997If you saw someone with this tattoo what would your impression be? I'm thinking about getting t…[View]
74789086Most politically incorrect comment wins the gold coin she dropped.[View]
74789458caught mom watching femboy porn[View]
74786555It's over: I'm only 6'3' and 185 pounds... I never stood a chance, did I?[View]
74788400Let's say Russell Brand raped me. Who do I contact? How does this shit even work? How does a pe…[View]
74789677ban anybody that says they have adblock[View]
74790489Need a straight guy that will cum a big load and let me (also straight) watch[View]
74790347Zzzz... they speak Portuguese in Brazil.[View]
74789153Is suicide by cop based?[View]
74790221i unironically am entitled to sex though[View]
74788836/idiot teen/ feel: post stupid mistakes you've made as a teenager >be me when I was 17 >a…[View]
74789968>Woman talks to me >Autistic urges take over >Fumble normie interaction Many of such cases…[View]
74790108I hope my therapist appointment goes good tomorrow. This week has been awful and I really need it to…[View]
74787181Having a hobby is so much fun. Makes me forget about the loneliness[View]
74790030Have you ever had a crush on a cute cashier and lowkey stalked her during her shifts?[View]
74790302>mfw haven't talk to a female in 3 weeks Feels good man.[View]
74790116i need a sexy beautiful girl to tell me that its all gonna be okay[View]
74790182What if you uglymaxx so hard something akin to a negative integer overflow happens and you become ch…[View]
74787496it's over: Imagine having thinning hair like this in your early 20s.[View]
74785927Is there a bigger redflag than women who watch this faggy trans loving eceleb?[View]
74790195I'm becoming uglier in a impressive rate, in a way that I'm starting to think that only a …[View]
74790205is there a reason some incel is downloading pictures of balding guys from r/tressless and larping as…[View]
74789931I got catcalled (i think) going into work today by a group of teen girls? The fuck is a zaddy?[View]
74785885How do I stop fixating on height all the time?: I took too high of a dose of ritalin an ADHD med as …[View]
74790181Just like the buffalo Blindly following the herd We try to justify All the things that have occurred…[View]
74789556Day 21 of manifesting a bongland bf who will watch HxH and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew with me an…[View]
74788870i want to chat and share hentai with a femanon, the more degenerate the better karorin_[View]
74787363Layers of linen muffle the screams. I'm sorry my love... Dinner is served...[View]
74789612>Been working out, doing combat sports and eating like a maniac for months now >Feeling better…[View]
74790036R9K is so much better when you dont go into the 'le fembot' and 'le tomboy' threads. I recommend it …[View]
74790040Hunger Games hits different after Jennifer Lawrence sex tape[View]
74789418Why couldn't the chameleon change color? He had reptile disfunction![View]
74789907Your worst sin is that you've destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing. Sad![View]
74789906i give you my word.[View]
74789384pic related are two dorks t rad[View]
74789844>be me >order food online >driver comes >don't open door >ignore calls Mfw…[View]
74789941My little bro got asked out to a dance by a cute girl. Maybe there is hope for the younger generatio…[View]
74789505My theory about the incel community: *Incel community is secretly a cult and is plotting to take ove…[View]
74787334I wish talking to real people was like talking to you guys I cant survive normal socialization at th…[View]
74788500I noticed in The Comments Section she doesn't stop talking. You could place Brett in front of a…[View]
74788925There is an unbelievable number of women in HR. Strangely enough, every time I were applying for a j…[View]
74789671Take the monkpill out of your inceldom https://files.catbox.moe/mt5795.pdf[View]
74789116Hillbilly neckbeard found gf through the internet: this smelly truecel with a literal neckbeard is l…[View]
74789357I think porn turned me gay. I only liked girls before I discovered porn.[View]
74789818.: >What's stopping you from dating a black woman? For me, it's because of my precious …[View]
74789805Why do you think you deserve a girlfriend? Go full delusion mode and just get yourself an AI gf.[View]
74789107is female socialization evil or do i just hate normies? i started touching grass and talking to more…[View]
74784124Why can't I search for asmr without seeing weird fetish garbage?[View]
74789751Am I a moron?: >be me >work with guy who always seems nervous around me, cant make eye contact…[View]
74789276Why do brown femanons love colonizers so much? Is it mental illness?[View]
74789715Is there anything more to life than be born/ study/ get a job in a field and stay there for 40 years…[View]
74789543Modern dating[View]
74789728moids meet foids looking to raise $5M from venture capital funds[View]
74789246>be me >got rejected by the cute bartender girl last night >feel sad and angry >call pol…[View]
74789714Is Richmond a good town to move to? Can I leave the house and make friends there?[View]
74788883>mfw since love does not exist i can just continue with a carefree life…[View]
74789487>TFW you are a literal prince >TFW you actually want to marry a commoner like in the movies …[View]
74789386Is being born a white woman in the West the best possible roll you can get? Think about it, all most…[View]
74787983Should I kiss prostitutes?[View]
74789301What's so fun about talking to the girls who post here? They're mostly normielite 18-19 ye…[View]
74789324We live in a world where the dumb are always confident and cock-sure of themselves, while the intell…[View]
74789588Does it mean i have ED if i can't keep a full erection for more than 10 seconds?[View]
74789159why is every fucking indie game just a rip-off of a better classic game?: are indie devs creatively …[View]
74788326robots would you date a woman that looks like this?[View]
74789510Has a girl ever broke your heart /r9k/? Tell me the story[View]
74789412>be me >straight male >go to the gym regularly with gym bro >start taking anadrol >st…[View]
74787282what would you think if your girlfriend made you wear this?[View]
74783802So moids, tell me. Why is it worth being chaste and getting married and having children again?[View]
74789385I smell like shit lol[View]
74788648Does breast envy exist? What flat chested women feel looking at pic related woman?[View]
74787383>Be me >Goes to afghanistan >While in afghanistan loses 5 family members >come back home…[View]
74789439I wish I was a girl, but I refuse to become a tranny. I only wish I was a girl because girls are pre…[View]
74788310Do you still believe in true love? Is there a soulmate for everyone? I need some hope[View]
74789311thinking about joining a church or something maybe religious girls see my short height and my small …[View]
74782327When will the world care about the plight of the common man?[View]
74789479hes bouncing off my booty cheeks i luv the way he rides[View]
74788737Looks only matter: tell me the true, girls. Only looks are what matter? I've never seen any wom…[View]
74788754Just hear me out , what if they were blacked[View]
74788708I dropped out of college because AI would've replaced my job 5 years from now.[View]
74788957Why don't fembots wear stuff like this for their boyfriends?[View]
74789364>even dark currybots are getting high tier scandi girls just have some semblance of rizz you weak…[View]
74788349well. it's settled. I'm going to a mental hospital. where I belong. fuck me.[View]
74788196>'Humans are le social creatures, you can't be alone forever' >'Akshually if you think yo…[View]
74788428>tfw when no gf kicks in >Download dating app >Match with a few girls >Exchange a handfu…[View]
74789014>*burrp* >*typing noises* >Fucking stupid moids... >*baaarrp*…[View]
74734287Letter thread: No schizoes allowed edition[View]
74789186Lead boomer brain: >rent room from and live with this boomer >extremely hard to speak with and…[View]
74788546What exactly goes on in public schools?[View]
74789284there's a little Butters right there[View]
74789259what does r8k think of black people, knam sayin? you feel me?[View]
74787398How come the world has changed so fast? The new generation of kids are so woke and gay as shit. I we…[View]
74786463How big are hand grenades? Can you kill yourself by exploding one in your mouth?[View]
74789220Please explain the zoomer obsession with things being low-key phenomenon to me, pls.[View]
74789132Do you prefer sprite-based games over 3D ones?[View]
74789206Cheated on my autistic bf with his coworker. he made a bunch of girls friends so it's only fair…[View]
74788975>God will never leave me nor forsake me They that were full have hired out themselves for bread; …[View]
74787072Which boy would you rather be in this picture?[View]
74789217This is a 10/10 to Spanish colonists[View]
74789215hello just woke up day #4 with covid[View]
74788253Society won't change.: Women are fucking with zero consequences. They will never give this free…[View]
74789211is Philza the ultimate whitepiller?: >didnt go to college >worked retail from 18-30 years old …[View]
74789172sorry but i dont care about the white race dying out why should i care about a race that rejects me[View]
74788986IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAND!!![View]
74788640>high school romances don't last anyway, anon >i don't see why you're so worked…[View]
74787388>go on date with me oneitis >we get a bit too tipsy >she says she likes smoking weed >i …[View]
74784261ANTI-GARBAGE REFUGE: Come to this thread if you are sick of all the pornographic, ragebait, and low …[View]
74789147>be me, swiping on dating apps So there I was, swiping through Hinge, thinking I might find some …[View]
74789039can you bend your dick downwards willingly? I heard they are rather painful for women and i want to …[View]
74788966Why am I so bad at drawing?[View]
74789058I miss having a girlfriend that would send me things she found interesting and then we'd have h…[View]
74788711I honestly feel bad for this kid: He literally let reddit gas light him into keep the relationship…[View]
74787290man: man I love rotting away in my bedroom, it's so fun not having a reason to live, I just lov…[View]
74789031Day 145 of manifesting a qt virgin black gf who will love me and have kids with me: Would you fight …[View]
74789012I'm convinced that single girls my age don't leave the house alone. Whenever I'm out …[View]
74789007It is the multicultural capital of the United States and one of the leading multicultural destinatio…[View]
74788976Acnebots, is Accutane worth it? For reference, I'm a 20 year old male with very mild acne but i…[View]
74787613Haiku Thread: Write a haiku, anon![View]
74788627cuckolds are actually extremely alpha, red blooded men you'll know this if you have met any IRL…[View]
74788418is the weed really stronger how than it was back in the day?: any oldheads or those whove talked to …[View]
74788671>the masseuse was impressed with how much I came[View]
74788940i need a fembot like this[View]
74788808(experience from talking to my girl friends, not incel that is just assuming based on fake internet …[View]
74788895By these quints I shall bless /r9k/[View]
74788192when do people start losing their humanity? also, there's a prince valiant dump/storytime >…[View]
74788405Unraveling the truth: The hell you refer to as the matrix and you all try to escape it. >It'…[View]
74786824How do I acquire a virgin wife?: No I'm not willing to settle for a non-virgin.[View]
74788835heres my theory as to why suburban people suck so much 1. their life has such little struggle and t…[View]
74788247I don't understand how normal heterosexual man can hate women. We should worship they and their…[View]
74788751Why are people so addicted to twitter despite the fact that it's getting worse and worse and th…[View]
74787824men are truly evil. I hope in the distant future scientists will have forged a powerful weapon that …[View]
74788826I scream, you scream We all scream for Cream[View]
74788492Hear ye hear ye, heavy winds in these United Kingdoms today[View]
74787718All I do in my freetime is code and cum buckets to paizuri.[View]
74788782One of my favorites: Any other anons love this movie, it brings back so many memories from when i wa…[View]
74788344>be low iq average modern western male >want a woman with high libido who wants sex several ti…[View]
74787491>ha stupid insecure moid Yes I am insecure. Why is it acceptable to bully men for being insecure?…[View]
74786062>Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei is almost over and I will have to wait a long ass time for next seaso…[View]
74787894Is it possible for an ugly girl to get a cute bf that looks like Nikola Tesla?[View]
74788655Hi, guys. I found this image and thought of you.[View]
74787667This event was a major moment in my life[View]
74788676i am manifesting a lesbian bff who will save me by forcing me to talk about my feelings.[View]
74788082Why are black people allowed to be black, Jewish people allowed to be Jewish, Mexicans allowed to be…[View]
74788610I have a lot of money and I want power. What party should I run for office as? >cut business regu…[View]
74786669How do you guys cope with knowing you will never have a normal life.[View]
74788294>bwc and bbc spammers mysteriously seize to post at the same time so it was one person? interesti…[View]
74788477everybody is a coomer but don't want to have real sex with another person? why young people hav…[View]
74788311I'm past the deadline to lose virginity and having a girlfriend. Going to spend the rest of my …[View]
74788274where are the TRVE cute femcels at?[View]
74787867Im 22 and just had my fat 49 year old fiancee with no kids pee on my face again[View]
74788315Electrician anons.... why didn't you get idol eyes yet? I need 14000 volts in my eyes RIGHT NOW[View]
74788587>a homeless man is stabbing a dog as I type this but I just stomped out a huge rat and am watchin…[View]
74788226i hate niggers. enough[View]
74787688I can't believe that porn is something that is funded. I believe myself to be a coomer but neve…[View]
74788452barely got any sleep, 4 hours only i think, i need to get ready and shower before my morning jog, i …[View]
74787790Is it morally or spiritually wrong to be NEET?[View]
74788544I want to travel to Asia to train Muay Thai[View]
74787795Why do countries continue to push their population to have children if we are already overpopulated?[View]
74786709I was put on this earth to make my boyfriend happy. He is my life.[View]
74788275welp my old man has officially lost it. he has lost a lot of his memory and shit. and im the only on…[View]
74788170hi r9k hello r9k how are u doing 2day or 2night, r9k? hello, anon hi, anon how are you doing tonigh…[View]
74788038tonight my mother tried to kill herself i came home from work and she was having a big crying meltdo…[View]
74785986Men working down to 66% from 88%: >Labor force participation rate for US-born men (16 to 64) with…[View]
74786816TICK TOCK, ROASTOID: You can hate on jeets all you want, but you gotta admit, they're pretty GO…[View]
74786168Sadly, I am incompatible with qt japanese grils[View]
74785967How the fuck do you zoomers phonepost? My computer died and I have nothing but my phone for using th…[View]
74787841Its 2:40 and i cant sleep how do you robots catch some Z's[View]
74787485How to compliment a cute non binary girl?: I matched with a non binary (girl) on badoo and want to m…[View]
74788015Why do whites like to act like they're gifted ? like nigga you're genetically predisposed …[View]
74787227you all fucking suck: men fucking suck and should all be put to death. I'm as nice as fucking p…[View]
74787912I got raped and impregnated in a dream last night.[View]
74788339>I saw obnoxious slobs who dressed in basketball shorts and T-shirts walking with hot girls. And …[View]
74787348Do we even raise boys anymore? It seems like we just metaphorically kick them to the curb, and expec…[View]
74787720I sometimes wish I was uglier then I'm. I was cursed with being autistic alongside being averag…[View]
74784832weird dumb story idea: After days of stalking and spying on each other, two rapists try to rape each…[View]
74784814I am genuinely curious. Is there anyone here who is anti porn or goes nofap but plays gacha with cut…[View]
74786818Have you ever blackmailed someone /r9k/?[View]
74783714Anime is problematic: Seriously Japan, reel it in. You're scaring the normal people.[View]
74788037Incels = their fault or not ?: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Incel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inc…[View]
74788236Why not try getting your dick jerked underwater?[View]
74787700>You're alone because you hate women. Why do the normies and shills keep repeating this?…[View]
74781135how does one acquire a low-maintenance schizoid/autistic bf with a cool hobby asking for a friend[View]
74787942why is it weird and repulsive when males are gross neets but cute and mysterious when females are?[View]
74784769how would you run an army?[View]
74786977Rocket League.: I'm honestly toxic as fuck I just give up if the enemy team is 2+ goals ahead a…[View]
74787414Have you ever sniffed a girl's asshole?[View]
74786717>1 month of paid vacation >don't know where to or what to do I remember back in my teens …[View]
74787956How to get bro's ?: IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME, NOT HIM! IT'S NOT FAIR![View]
74788003When is 4chan going to have naval board where we can talk about boats and the sea?[View]
74786148I made $200 helping a family member today. 52k a year 'after taxes' if I made this much 5 days a wee…[View]
74787351The guy that gave women rights must be feeling pretty stupid right about now[View]
74787975I want to marry a virgin woman I want to I want to: I want to kiss I want to hug I want to cuddle I …[View]
74787780>chad beats woman up >'I HATE MEN. I HATE INCELS!!!' >has sex with the same chads who beats…[View]
74786747>'*ahem* and you may now kiss the bride!'[View]
74761871/mbti/ Internet enclaves: >your type >What other boards do you browse on 4chan? >What is yo…[View]
74787933>Life is too short Why the fuck do people keep saying this. It isn't short. at all. In fact …[View]
74787083Have you ever been attracted to a man?[View]
74787593Checking in :3: I made some ensaymadas today. I'm super happy because of how it turned out! It …[View]
74787159I hate women. 4chan should ban all women. Go back to crystal cafe please and thank you[View]
7478729129 is still young, r-right bros?[View]
74787918fuck that my culture says i can marry all four at the same time and thats what im gonna do[View]
74787916get rekt retard LOL[View]
74787635I've managed to have a gf for about a year now and we're pretty great together, we really …[View]
74787859>usually start my relapse by visiting /r9k/ >was gonna relapse >first posts in the catalog …[View]
74784800Is VRChat a good way to make friends? I'm so lonely...[View]
74787586>tfw you were never born in the greatest country >tfw you will never be able to celebrate the …[View]
74786810Blackedcucks have been spamming /v/, /tv/, /pol/, /r9k/ and a few other boards for at least a decade…[View]
74786660nympho milf at work said I am cute and wants to fuck (told my coworkers) but I am unironically afrai…[View]
74787695Oh my god he is so gemmy[View]
74787339>be 25 years old >work at dead end, minimal skill job >can't drive >no friends >…[View]
74785819>Wake up at 5am without even needing an alarm >Gonna eat and practice some piano soon >Afte…[View]
74787639Yesterday I stayed up until 4am because I was searching for a specific porn video. So long to trying…[View]
74786232In a moment of clarity I realized that I am literally insane. Never did I think that it would happen…[View]
74787588Why arent you going for Gigachud mode yet? Do you prefer being weak?[View]
74786102>shut up, incel how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
74785837Tattoo hate thread: Why do so many women ruin themselves with tattoos? https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/0…[View]
74786091Misogynist incels and misandrist incels should be forced to hug each other until they can say one th…[View]
74787244Never date a moid who uses porn! https://youtu.be/4Ny_PaUopys[View]
74787408ok, i think it's finally time to unsub now[View]
74787537Take the monkpill https://files.catbox.moe/mt5795.pdf[View]
74768729/r9gay/ -#2108: feels like i'm drowning edition last: >>74754131 qott: what are you liste…[View]
74784633The more moids that fuck off and die, the better.[View]
74786166is it immoral to date a mentally ill 18 year old as a somewhat less mentally ill 24 year old?[View]
74787430Day 50 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
74786794Donating blood >You must not donate for 3 months: >Following oral or anal sex with or without …[View]
74786631How is dating in America going to be effected by the incoming hordes of brown horny men who aren…[View]
74786546Imagine how good this would feel. Holy fuck, I will never have a girl like that.[View]
74786557Chewsday is today, innit?[View]
74785520Never give up, incel-kuns. You're all gonna make it.[View]
74786598I don't want to go into details, but I'm really manic about starting an online business. I…[View]
74786963Looking for a fembot to let me pimp her out online for a 40/60 revenue split. You get 60% I get 40%.…[View]
74787241I'm gonna start making YouTube videos of me talking to myself[View]
74785969Where do I go from here, robots?: Here's the long/short of it: >last year biology major (Eco…[View]
74787327university stabbing: tell me this guy doesn't browse this board and i'll say you're f…[View]
74786402Day 286 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0pu-LY85R8…[View]
74787308i love you nat and im gonna marry you but if you say no, then imma marry bryn and if bryn says no, t…[View]
74787071whatever syndrome this nigga has that makes him look like a young teenager despite being in his 20s,…[View]
74787267>God will never leave me nor forsake me The bows of the mighty men are broken, and they that stum…[View]
74786893Id never settle for a guy under 5ft11 desu[View]
74782790were any of the metal gear solid games good? i dont really remember much about them. any anons ever …[View]
74784878Confession: Dearest Anon, If you wish to share a story, a worry, a dream, a feeling... share it with…[View]
74786562I passed what I thought was my suicide threshold 3 major life problems ago, but I'm still here …[View]
74785749Thoughts on Kojima's breakfast?[View]
74787114How do dicklets feel about the hung trannies?[View]
74786772what is it actually being pretty[View]
74786050what do you look forward to when you're old?: one thing I'm looking forward to in old age …[View]
74786632Find The Shrine: Can someone help me find this shrine? It is somewhere in either the Bunkyo or Toshi…[View]
74787110. it to me raw . me raw is beautiful is beautiful are we beautiful b eauty is my dru i'm the pu…[View]
74786452Everything is determined by our genetics and the family we born why we still keep living and hustlin…[View]
74786320Have you ever tried PUA routines in real life?[View]
74785926Having a girlfriend sounds like such a hassle Unironically how do you cope with being observed and j…[View]
74785869There's a feeling that hits me around 10 PM. Especially during the fall when it starts getting …[View]
74786854>be me >walking towards my cat >he moves out of my way for the first time ever >as i wal…[View]
74786892dubs determines my reply[View]
74786130Tfw no femoid to watch the world burn to ashes.[View]
74786046I wanna become a truck driver. Life is hard and it's my one and only dream to be on the road al…[View]
74784277So, what are you feeling, /r9k/?[View]
74786414Hello. Is this worth the money? Are there any better ones on Aliexpress? Thank you[View]
74786244No work no pussy: No male slaves to provides for us, no pussy, no breeding, no new tax payers. Simpl…[View]
74785262Dont take escortpill: Im so addicted to touching girls bodies and fucking and getting my dick sucked…[View]
74785329I want to be a dragon girl.[View]
74785846I find it harder to fit into places online: I don't fit in with moralfags but I also cannot sta…[View]
74785392Nigger ruins his life: He let his gf peg him and this happened https://files.catbox.moe/0lm529.webm …[View]
74784292Is it better to serve in heaven or to rule in hell?[View]
74786843whiteboys btfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtN_CAfcYVo[View]
74784229>Gave my mom a hug before she left for work on the day I was planning on checking the fuck out an…[View]
74784689picrel is tfw: >no robot bf to masturbate with after studying mathematics for 8 hours every day. …[View]
74785844why do i keep on getting hiccups[View]
74785795I am not a being that was designed to have endless sexually stimulating material and ignore it throu…[View]
74786745Holly Fuck: DINOSAURS have been spotted on an island off the coast of Brazil recently[View]
74786700Why are positive emotions not as strong as negative ones?: It probably depends on the person but for…[View]
74786773Lari White was 34 in this scene in the movie Cast Away.... She would later sadly pass away when she …[View]
74785240One step closer to robot gf[View]
74786242ENJOYMENT: what's enjoyment exactly? what are people around me pursuing? i know a guy who 'enjo…[View]
74786483>pursuing a college degree and try to immerse myself in learning and education >trying to purs…[View]
74786517hello ama[View]
74785855What are your irl special stats?[View]
74777003/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: I'll let you duck me for a few pieces of bread, isn't that quack …[View]
74786500Most of the symptoms of pregnancy are akin to literal poisoning or just general inflammatory intoxic…[View]
74786652Banana and Vyvanse: Why am i buzzing hard from having a banana with my 20mg vyvanse for breakfast?…[View]
74786564To Women, I resent you for trying to gaslight me my entire life. Anon Last Thread: >>74777970[View]
74785809>It spots you from the cover of the bushes...[View]
74786277I wish I had a girlfriend to kiss and hold hands while Bylgbryda satisfies her.[View]
74785942What is the point of men like this? >repulsive to women >come off as weird to other men >li…[View]
74786638it is mothers obligations to have sex with their incel sons[View]
74784346A girl I used to flirt with back and forth regularly ghosted me. Should I send a message telling her…[View]
74786594Scenes of ANIME/MANGA female's seduction or post images of ANIME/MANGA female characters who yo…[View]
74785227from stealing my hair getting up in the morning to all my underage wives how desperate are you goin…[View]
74786416>Be me >Be unga >Be bunga >Life good.…[View]
74785576>been sick lately >decide I'm just gonna take an hour long nap >fall asleep >dream …[View]
74780997Anyone else here collect dolls or figures??? C':[View]
74786076Today I saw ducks at the park, browsed this board, watched some YouTube videos, talked to my mom, di…[View]
74786374fembots is it weird for a guy to have a playlist on spotify for songs to have sex to before even los…[View]
74786537if you're going to show up on my feed as a woman, at least try to look like one. jesus fucking …[View]
74784031How???: How do I get a femcel gf??? I'm like a bull the way I furiously lunge at red flags. I d…[View]
74786333hmmm: do any other anons or nonas here listen to kpop boy groups? I'm so lonely :([View]
74786491How do people make those realistic AI images of people? I see them everywhere but I have no clue how…[View]
74785578CALLING ALL WOMEN OF /R9K/: here in this thread I am summoning the presence of all females of the in…[View]
74786449>recently moved out >kind of live in the ghetto, but its ok because of cheap rent >lots of …[View]
74786429>sniff fembot's feet >they don't stink explain…[View]
74786485Anyone else here manchild maxxing and acts like a little kid at home? My mother treats me as if I wa…[View]
74785756is it weird if i think it's really funny when people get irrationally upset over stupid shit? l…[View]
74783753/r9k Creative General/: Come share your creative shit in this thread I'm on space cakes lets tr…[View]
74785634photos that evoke feelings: what photos make you feel sad happy nostalgic ect. and how do you feel a…[View]
74786394I'm not sorry for hornyposting in your thread.[View]
74778472Would you settle for a girl with brown colored eyes?[View]
74784724Do you ask for permission before masturbating?[View]
74783482I'm sick of obnoxious Amber Alerts.: Divorcees fucking with each other, nigger baby-daddy drama…[View]
74786296I love my adorable trans gf!: What do we watch after Better Call Saul, dough?[View]
74784987Sad Dead noises....: Nuthin feels right bros...I don't feel so good[View]
74786171Day 105 of manifesting a titcow mommy gf[View]
74784762where did my innocence go.: listening to 14-16 year olds talk in roblox vc hurts my soul so badly. i…[View]
74786211Now that the dust has settled, we can all safely say that Chitwood was based?[View]
74786178what will this era of the internet be remembered/known for?[View]
74786027i can barely feel my bf's 6 incher because it's so skinny what do? i miss my ex's coc…[View]
74785310I'm going back to my therapist tomorrow to bitch about how i'm a lonely pathetic virgin so…[View]
74785956Do I have body/facial dysmorphia: I am mentally ill OCD and possibly bipolar everytime I look in the…[View]
74786077r/aznidentity talking about East Asians vs South Asians[View]
74785538I refuse to marry any woman that's a roastie.[View]
74784582What leads to an interest in BBWs? Is it true that men become more interested in fatties as they get…[View]
74785525I got 100$ for just larping as a girl and another simp ready to give me even more. no wonder men wan…[View]
74785729How are you?: Stinky scared depressed[View]
74783313outsmarting moids in chess is very satisfyng[View]
74785937daily mine thread theyre mine t rad[View]
74783810I CANT ESCAPE: POV Its 2018 and finally got a normal fucking life. Towards the end of high school i …[View]
74782883>you get the chance to fuck this 10/10 (picrel) >there is a catch >it must be in a 3some wi…[View]
74785283the ways i regularly end up debasing myself for porn are truly unspeakable may god have mercy of my …[View]
74785504Any of you anons talking to a girl from here? how is it going so far?[View]
74784931Post nut clarity: Thinking about sexuality right now. Recently started indulging masochism. It'…[View]
74785063Howdy all. Left or right? Not sure. Thank you[View]
74784634why does everyone here fall for the jews tricks so easily? you guys are text book slaves and going t…[View]
74785494Covid or some other flu is literally tryna kill me rn I feel like I'm dying it hurts so bad I j…[View]
74785783Do you think my brother Tristan is dead, is Luxembourg no longer a future superpower?[View]
74784535madoka magica is my special interest, what's urs anon?[View]
74785726You resist like porn but even this board is like corruption, you'll never be free potentially. …[View]
74785533>gf of 2.5 years breaks up with me after uni graduation >says we are not compatible for a long…[View]
74785378I think I want to fuck my roommate >moving to the main city area for a new job >pay is good bu…[View]
74783850>got in trouble at school bc i said something 'transphobic' i'm so tired of these fags…[View]
74784887bf and i have a cuckold relationship: ama: faq: >it was his idea >we were each other's fi…[View]
74782006What is a computer?[View]
74784440>all these white men killing each other in ukraine sad, considering that their countries have shi…[View]
74785629(Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto) Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto) For doing the …[View]
74785531oh.: 'oh, Juliette, ur so pretty!!!' 'ur so smarttt' 'ur music taste is so cute' but he doesn't…[View]
74785395Havent eaten in 24hr only be drinking energy :3[View]
74785615i'm the first lady of juicy couture[View]
74784972Fembots how can you even compete with queens like sinisterdarling[View]
74782968Why do women demand so much despite offering so little?[View]
74784872> be fast food worker > phone ring > 'hi how can i he-' > *sound effect plays* 'can i ge…[View]
74785584Imaginary Knives: When I am stressed out, or I notice negative thoughts about porn, or despair at th…[View]
74785566fembot confession: yes i make bait threads and posts: hi it's me, the most honest fembot on r9k…[View]
74783548Robot Feels is an /r9k/ server for feelsposting. No NSFW, shitposting, drama, and most importantly n…[View]
74785097I want a gf that is possessive of me and I am possessive of her.[View]
74784557>say random curse words routinely to myself, usually when thinking something cringe I've don…[View]
74784703>Just talk to girls Ok what happens if you do this?[View]
74785404For lunch today I am having a butter sandwich and a cup of black coffee to stave off hunger. What ar…[View]
74785440just lost my virginity to a chick i met today AMA[View]
74784521I can't cope anymore, bros. Vidya and porn don't work anymore[View]
74785144Is Ole' Virginny still based and southern?[View]
74784190How do I get these demonic entities out of my room, lol.[View]
74784771>25yo >no education >still working a menial job anyone else seeking a way out? i;ve been up…[View]
74783222how I will fix 4chan >/kr/ - Korean Culture A board for anything korean and also containment for …[View]
74785216>getting filtered by 2nd year engineering coursework Am I stupid?[View]
74779850Imagine self improving for 2 years and it finally paying off. A 4/10 girl finally agrees to give you…[View]
74785295>finally get a job >boss actually expects me to do work what the fuck bros?…[View]
74785375eek: > like a boy > bffs > I become obsessive > threaten to beat him to death with a bat…[View]
74784583Reminder that trans girls are girls: My gf is a cute sweet girl and nobody can convince me otherwise…[View]
74785346I hate women so fucking much: >be ugly 19 year old manlet at work >have to scan alcohol for s…[View]
74784875If incels were to give into the pinkpill and troon out for a chance at a better life as a trans girl…[View]
74784154>5 fucking threads with moid in the title Is crystalcafe down for maintenance or something?…[View]
74785320When I have a bad day, I remind myself that at least I'm not Ukrainian and I feel better.[View]
74785181>Get paid millions to eat your favorite food >Ruin everything by deciding to be a pedo I still…[View]
74785078would femanons fuck a prettyboy autist who plays guitar. i reiterate pretty not handsome.(theres a d…[View]
74784062Trannies prove that males suffer more.: TRANNY MEN >Be stupid roastie >I'm gonna become a…[View]
74785174does face even matter if you have good hair?[View]
74785115It's over: Followup to my previous thread >>74773813 An officer came by today explaining …[View]
74785198i hate replying in my own post[View]
74785028Dead since 2015 https://politicahora1-blogspot-com.translate.goog/2015/03/adolescencia-interrompida-…[View]
74785230I...... WILL. NOT. DIE. WILL. NOT. DIE![View]
74785109Can someone do something with this thing please[View]
74785101If you don't get laid within 1 week I will come over to your house and eat your limbs[View]
74785151The world is a shit. I am a loser. Booze is mine only friend[View]
74785085I just want a r9k cutter gf to love and provide for and make happy. She can even be trans![View]
74785179whos gonna win prime or zherka??[View]
74785103i can't masturbate anymore: ever since I had sex for the first time, I have had no desire to ma…[View]
74782942>leave 4chan for a month >start immediately feeling better, setting routines, and reconnecting…[View]
74783908Starfield: Im really enjoying this game. Its peak robot. I just deliver cargo all over the Galaxy fo…[View]
74783590It seems I'm going to stay poor forever, 'money isn't everything' they say but we all know…[View]
74780639Obsessive spending shopping thoughts: I am poor and after buying an expensive dress I am now develop…[View]
74784684>wake up >slowly develop headache after 30 minutes >'What the hell.' >starts to hurt, dr…[View]
74782417I have once again stayed in bed whole day How do i force myself to attend classes?[View]
74784789>relationship ended with wife, haven't got divorced yet >wife is demanding I pay for all …[View]
74783468>'Hi Anon, I'm your new systematically appointed government issued trad girlfriend from proj…[View]
74785025idk how i stayed up 18 hours but i did[View]
74781370Why won't God just end my miserable life already?[View]
74784465Samuel the Mormon: Have you started the process of converting to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latte…[View]
74784614The only reason you are an incel is cause you have not mastered concept mind over matter . You are i…[View]
74783801A Shallow Perception of Me: Hey based r9k kiwi pedo anon of the A Shallow Perception of Me amateur 4…[View]
74780703Retarded Scrotes.: You are all the SAME. Scrotium Sacks can't even hold a civil conversation. A…[View]
74784950i love cute boys they are really cute[View]
74784677Does alcohol actually help with the pain, or does it ultimately just bring more pain[View]
74784983Every time I get a credit card, I start looking at the credit limit and think its free money. I rea…[View]
74784787any fembots here have breasts like this and want to be my practice gf? leave a like and comment belo…[View]
74784423Does anyone want a past future present tarot reading[View]
74784893That PETA campaign of the semi-nude woman crying in pain is hot as fuck.[View]
74784879Is it hypocritical: That i overall dislike white people and am anti-white but want to suck off guys …[View]
74782928Would you eat at Goku's?[View]
74781856I'm the only reason a woman hasn't starved to death and yet I received nothing in return[View]
74784353Day 7 of manifesting a quiet terminally online gf: Can you guys tell me if my described relationship…[View]
74781434>'and this is femanon's room, she's been stuck in there all weekend writing blogs on so…[View]
74783924The new thing now is to attack what they deem as our culture, so they can still claim they aren…[View]
74784284should moids be drafted and send to fight in ukraine in order to fix our society?[View]
74783549Being born as a woman in a 1st world country is one of the most privileged positions a person can ha…[View]
74777414Two more days kind of morning.[View]
74783737Why dont you just become a trucker? You sit at home doing jack shit and talking to no one anyways. y…[View]
74784430femcels of r9k, are you into INDIAN CHADJEETS ???[View]
74783698Is there an underlying reason why most Women lack intellectual interests and hobbies?[View]
74784622everyone is such a faggot. im a faggot. youre a faggot. everything is so over[View]
74784029You're with us: Dr. Gandalf says 'Don't worry, you're with Frodo Baggins.' :3[View]
74783201why are white people so bitter and rotten now[View]
74784662Should I go into a trade or stick it out with my college degree, robobros?[View]
74784612It'd be nice to be an incel where you just live a comfy life alone and not harassed doing usefu…[View]
74780546Am I out of touch?: I've known about the MAP meme for a while, I think it was some kind of /pol…[View]
74784085How many of you fucking losers come on r9k to drool at r9k girl attention whores. It seems way more …[View]
74784581catharsis is such a nice feeling[View]
74784024How do you cope with bad thoughts?: Hello! Today I was hanging out with some friends when very sudde…[View]
74784498>So you're telling me, that humanity is divided into two body types, man and woman >And t…[View]
74784368I don't believe I will have an autumn gf in time for Halloween. I shall cope with alcohol[View]
74783884>Moid Any female who uses that word deserves to be brutally beaten into submission. Women for far…[View]
74783546Daily reminder normies are your enemies and it is your duty to lie and cheat against them for your b…[View]
74784095This hate makes no sense. https://youtu.be/VzonTHZSaq0[View]
74783397Day 25 of manifesting a dominant gf[View]
74784379>250$ billion in financial/military aid for Ukraine so far >Ukraine still needs more weapons s…[View]
74784420Should I get a vr headset so I can finally fuck Spock?: Plan is as follows; >buy vr headset >f…[View]
74780079/cut/ - Cutters General #189: Thread for discusion about self harm and mutual support Stick 'em…[View]
74784338My productive tally today: >1.5 hours of python with angela yu Wish I had of done more....…[View]
74782870>Men only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting The men:[View]
74784322I genuinely, truly, honestly will never understand the urge and desire to larp a woman on here. Ever…[View]
74784017Im watching Halloween movies[View]
74783784how does one should go about protecting themselves from wall hitters?[View]
74783491>19 >hate people by default since i was around 14 >no irl friends, haven't really had …[View]
74784226>born >want to die fuck yes exactly what i wanted…[View]
74784218Im so fucking confused: Im not gay but i really want a guy stronger and taller than me to fuck me ti…[View]
74781649i WANT to fall asleep in a girls arms while she carresses the back of my hair, i dont even want sex …[View]
74783760We can all agree that girl's racest from easiest to kidnap to hardest are. Native American, Ill…[View]
74784150Is it true that being into anime makes one prone to steal girls clothes to sniff?[View]
74776571he's the kind of guy that tells you 'it only takes confident to score women'[View]
74784140I think I just got fired. I'm a wagecel and I have nothing to do outside of work. If I don…[View]
74784137Any /consumer/ here? Just checked amazon and sudenly i bought a xbox controller (52% offer), a misat…[View]
74784003>I'm soooo insecure about my looks I feel ugly all the time fr >has an instagram account …[View]
74784130Just by seem a photo like this I feel a pleaseant tingling on the entire base of my dick and my glan…[View]
74782918I bought a new smartphone. My only use of a phone is watching porn and scrolling twitter in bed for…[View]
74783702>Sometimes get horrible thoughts when holding a knife or in general about doing something dangero…[View]
747817124chan should enforce a 'no women allowed' rule and ban every single poster who announces themselves …[View]
74781614do robots mind if i've had a ho phase or what i want a khhv incel bf[View]
74784033How will lifting and mma help me get connections, clients and start a business? Being the broke sper…[View]
74784027If you could pick would you rather go to Brown or Dartmouth and why?[View]
74784016whos hotter B or Frankie or both[View]
74781256>Dad divorced Mom because Mom was cheating on him with a nigger >Just got a call that Mom is i…[View]
74783887how do I date a fembot like her? I feel like Alisa Chung even goes on /r9k/[View]
74783993Notice Eddie's character flow. https://youtu.be/YY6CHXEqFys That's a beauty.[View]
74780350NO VIRGIN PUSSY NO WORK!: Dear fembot, you're a whore, and due to the consequences of your acti…[View]
74783166am I overthinking it?: When someone says 'you're overthinking things' that's just them try…[View]
74783770As a real MANLY MAN (5'5, 125 lbs) of Athens, I believe in the only true form of love there is;…[View]
74783925will she come back to me[View]
74783128I'm addicted to reading chat gpt stories: I tell chatgpt to write me stories of black Jesus, wh…[View]
74782973Farewell 4chan..: I've come to the conclusion after 7 years, lol, that I'm not wanted by c…[View]
74783696Thoughts on the new super big pleading eyes with little smile emoji? I love it.[View]
74783918going to mcdonalds for soda and pokemon time again.[View]
74783364Which girl is better? Liberal White Girl or Black Girl: So I'm young white guy in college Maybe…[View]
74782028How come black peepo never get autism?[View]
74783615>grandma's over >asks if i'm dating/seeing anyone >tell her i don't have fri…[View]
74783181I FUCKING HATE NEPOTISM: A 24 year old at our company just became the vice president. And by coincid…[View]
74783890Youtube: Time to release more sloppy slop slop![View]
74779717Friendly reminder that women enjoy being harrassed. Harrass a woman today, it makes them feel good. …[View]
74783851I've been comatose for the last week and a half thanks to my recent weed habit[View]
74781414Normal fucks don't understand.: >Just stop being a victim >Just touch grass >You need …[View]
74783744>open youtube >video with a really interesting premise pop out in my recommendations tab, *cli…[View]
74783767should i order more kratom im poor it will probably be like sixty dollars[View]
74783742unironically though, i literally am entitled to sex[View]
74783743>be me >racist incel >meet the prettiest black girl I have ever seen >ask her out >sh…[View]
74781228Why are men judged based on their jawlines so much when in nature they would have a beard covering i…[View]
74782766Old games really were better[View]
74783108I will never be happy until I have a black gf[View]
74783682I want some weird hooded man to approach me at night and offer to make me no longer exist. I don…[View]
74783567I love Japanese it's so comforting to listen to ASMR artists who speak it[View]
74782775Youre hanging out with your lesbian friend when she says >Anon, I think my parents are starting t…[View]
74783142Femanons are you interested in balls?[View]
74783169My little bro keeps posting shit like this on his story. Any thoughts on what this means?[View]
74781318Hello to my thread. How is your life going? Did you had any philosophical insights recently? What is…[View]
74781622Women are not physically attracted to men.[View]
74778234Are there any moids here who actually _ENJOY_ licking pussy, and not just who are all like, 'FINE, I…[View]
74782409This isn't normal, right?: After every argument with my mother I feel like killing myself. She …[View]
74783386TFW no gf to watch scary movies with so you dont watch any :'([View]
74782866>r/ftm ywnbam[View]
74781678What happened to r9k omegle?[View]
74783569>be me >decide to give college another shot >but first, i must work on myself >start lea…[View]
74782728Serious Question: Is it weird if after jerking off i drink my own cum? i do it everytime i jerk off …[View]
74780494What do straight guys think[View]
74781539Can you describe your ideal gf or bf?[View]
74781967what is this shit? what the fuck happened?[View]
74782838how do I be happy like this guy?: >didnt go to college >worked retail from 18-30 years old …[View]
74783474We need to make more AAM's. Propanda, Elsa gate, Boarding school, Grro ming, Rape. We can make …[View]
74783276why aren't you fasting anon[View]
74781955look at what they automatically created for me[View]
74781770Is it wrong that this is my ideal girl? Trad but not too trad, tall, and full lips.[View]

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