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47003519How do I stop being a celestial being?: >be me >5 seconds ago >figure out how to make green…[View]
47002269I think my gf is cheating on me I haven't been able to contact her for an hour and four minutes…[View]
47001532>tmw you will never have a qt moth gf why even live[View]
47000578We never had a chance, robots.[View]
47003185First sip of the day boys![View]
47000359I really fucking hate women that reject me. And men that are more attractive to women than I am. Lik…[View]
46998567Where can i fix my pedophilia disorder honestly without getting in trouble? I know it's bad, i …[View]
46998735Any cute animes to watch? I've never watched it before but I guess I should get into it since I…[View]
46998440well, so what do you think about this? I dont think this is a responsable way of spending money[View]
46999487>He is not practicing 'mindfulness' already: Is this just a normal-fag hippy meme ?…[View]
47003292>in bed with my waifu daki before going to sleep >watching some youtube videos to cool down an…[View]
47002387I don't want to step out into the 'real' world bros. I'm almost finished with university. …[View]
47003278hey can we keep the 'can you get cucked without a gf?'discussions in one thread? OP is too…[View]
47003248>be me >see baby crawling on floor >lolbetafag.rar >get idea >sprint up to baby and k…[View]
47003254Does anyone else get more excited by long distance romance?: I do desu. Someone from a different con…[View]
47001588Is a practice gf a good idea?[View]
47001518I feel like im a normie: I've been on this fucking board since i was like 15 and im 21 now. I…[View]
47002379What makes a person who they are? Are they really to blame for the type of person they end up becomi…[View]
47003150Why do you have to be postive all the time now and saying anything at all negative maked you look ba…[View]
46999525Reminder that only normalfags abuse drugs and real robots don't even know how to get them[View]
47003087Friendly reminder that being a 'real robot' isn't a badge of honour. It's just a confirmat…[View]
47001618The gingers did 9/11 so why is everyone blaming the muslims?[View]
47002963I just want to hang myself already: >mum or somebody ordered some people to talk to me tomorrow I…[View]
47002918How is one even supposed to hang oneself in this day and age? My shitty apartment doesn't have …[View]
47001536What would your mom think of your current life?[View]
47001004>see my neighbor outside with his car >he moved in a few months ago, never spoke to him >as…[View]
47002856>rectal ragnaroked[View]
47002782>66% of people with Asperger's report suicidal ideation >35% of people with Asperger…[View]
46996546There are, at this moment, 700000 niggers stranded in Lybia trying to enter Europe.[View]
47002391im not feeling so good today r9k, get the fuck out my face before i murder you[View]
46997363>he thinks you can get cucked without a gf[View]
47002396Guys, I really want to kill myself. I have a beautiful wife and a good job, but life is constantly o…[View]
47000494/britfeel/: Could the underage /pol/mongs please fuck off edition[View]
47000738>son's wife found the hidden entrance to the brain fluid experimental facility It's ove…[View]
47002375what is it even like in England, mainly London? do they try to brainwash you into thinking the right…[View]
47002655What are you doing to keep yourself sane during the job hunt, anon? Still enjoying your hobbies desp…[View]
47002434>need 2 references for college financial aid who don't live with me and who have known me fo…[View]
47000477Why dont parents ever realize that helping your child form a likeable personality which can bring th…[View]
47002601alright now thats pretty fuckin gayy >>>/soc/26849964[View]
47001859>tfw no autogynephilia bf[View]
47002094I saw the Pixies support Weezer on the 20th. I think I have a crush on their bass player now.[View]
46999008Join the server >number system >no niggers >robots >girls >comfy >memes /j4qscJF…[View]
47002576>be me >Is nice day >decide to go for cook out by a lake in the woods near my place >A…[View]
47002555>tfw IBS and paranoid that I smell like shit constantly Why did I have to be so unhealthy during…[View]
47002185>'Hey anon this is my friend nikki, she really wanted to meet you' wat do bros? keep in mind you …[View]
46999837>tfw you no longer feel any attachment to anyone around you Is this it? Am I finally becoming a s…[View]
47002499Where do you find girls exactly like this in the 3D world?[View]
47002248Why don't you reach spiritual enlightenement? >no desire for material and carnal things >…[View]
47002222We need to have a good ol' purge on incels.[View]
47001888Femanons why don't you just become a Dubai porta potty and earn lots of cash?[View]
46999842What's the point of trying to better myself when my childhood has left me mentally scarred and …[View]
47002360can I get cucked when no gf?[View]
47002350I just spoke to Venus, a lot of you took a vow of celibacy in your past life which is why you have b…[View]
47000118Why don't you robots just get a pure gf?[View]
47000216When will a nice boy love me? I'm an innocent transbot >.< I just want cuddles and vidya …[View]
47002217would you sing a lullaby to your child?[View]
46998968Are you still considered an incel if you never leave the house / try talking to women?[View]
46995381el o el @black bois[View]
46999292Femanons what would you do if you got bullied by japanese Stacies?[View]
46998221> Finally find a gf > Incredibly clingy > Physically and verbally abusive when I don't…[View]
47001989>jacking off >decide you will try prostate stimulation >shove your finger in your ass >b…[View]
46999874>me >masturbate in bed >get hot sticky mess all over hands and thighs >rest before I go …[View]
47001502Femanons what would you do if you a passable asian ladyboy asked you out?[View]
47001101i think I might have gone a little too far modding the sims[View]
47002062my life is shit but at least it's better than anybody's on this board. thanks for being he…[View]
47000685When a girl says she's depressed, what does it really means?[View]
46996241>uncuckable if no gf[View]
46998241What exactly did he mean by this? This[View]
46998194>he thinks you can get cucked without a gf OH NO NO NO! ANON...[View]
47000429>tfw your parents are disappointed in you Well what do they expect? I'm just a college stude…[View]
47001103>Order something off ebay >A week goes by >'Have you posted this yet?' >'Oh no teehee I …[View]
46997589>guys without gfs >getting cucked lol no[View]
47001846Ember's ghost squad and the dewey day parade walkin' right down the road WOO-HOO[View]
47001878What are some nice ways to jack off /r9k/? Here's my favourite. Pasting link since the robot th…[View]
47001415hey robots. want a free, comfy game? play this. it's very much worth your time. https://drive.g…[View]
47001807>it's ok anon, you're not the type of guy that girls date >you're the type of g…[View]
47001752>tfw rejected a girl I was orbiting because I was tired of it and NOW she won't leave me alo…[View]
47001711You fucks, you cracked the egg. https://youtu.be/CWQZ-4Wblqg https://youtu.be/VcQbNN3_N4M[View]
46999760>On the first ever phone call with my oneitis >Hear her breathing hard a bit >tells me sh…[View]
47001817wearing beanie at summer: I can't help it, I just feel like an insecure loser if I don't w…[View]
47000933The USA will be the fallback point if Europe is lost: Right now, it seems like the USA populace seem…[View]
47001089Anyone use lowercase L instead of uppercase i to obey the filter?[View]
47001747Yo, wats up my dudes!!! Was bout to make a thread lol, but I didn't know what to talk about xD.…[View]
47001049>ywn be a slave in Egyptian era times >ywn be teased by pharaoh's daughter as you move bo…[View]
47001678>start new job >normie unironically invites me for a beer m-maybe there is hope for me to have…[View]
47000792How do I get a girl I know to cheat on her long-term boyfriend with some douche Chad? I'm a man…[View]
46998659ITT: things that piss you off beyond rational reason >roasties who claim to have depression …[View]
47001551>7.5 inches peepee >pearly penile papules this life is not fair…[View]
46998232Why is it +30C in literally every country in the world? I'm trying to escape the heat but not e…[View]
46999802Would you date a woman who works at a Thai massage parlor? This kind of whorish looking Thai woman h…[View]
47000665College classmates constantly ask me if I have a girlfriend. Always putting me on the spot. 2 classm…[View]
47001448Anyone else get fucking shit scared when you hear someone laughing? Like it feels theyre all laughin…[View]
46999179>*cracks open a cold one* this generation is fucking gay. glad i was born in the 80's…[View]
46997116Hey daddy: At least you can't get cucked cause no gf.[View]
47000189Is it better to allow friends and family know that you have committed suicide or to just disappear? …[View]
47001423>tfw gay hebephile just fuck my shit up famicom 64[View]
47000267So.....you think you're uncuckable[View]
47000845>two (or more) young girls notice me >I head laughing and giggling EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. Why?…[View]
47000808How do I tell if I'm autistic?[View]
47001466>see pretty girl >start walking manually[View]
47000295Answer me this if you can, r9k[View]
46994833Post a song of your choice, and a Wojak that fits it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHsCcMvHbJ4…[View]
46995230Wouldn't you hate being a high schooler in this day with Instagram and teenage girls looking li…[View]
47001251what do robots think of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6BWQBmHrd4 especially about the…[View]
47001398I'm in class right now and I feel incredibley lonely.[View]
47000013>9/10 >not cucked[View]
47000444>almost three months after break up find this book and some letters Couldn't hold my tears, …[View]
46997769Well anon...: You're a complete failure... but at least you can't get cucked cause no gf.…[View]
46984907>guy fucks 10 girls before marriage 'It's k' >girl fucks 2 guys before settling down 'F…[View]
47000949>even death metal bands hate us Why are we on the bottom of the totem pole? https://neckbearddeat…[View]
47000543>Be Me >12 year old cuck >beta as shit >Not that perfect at drawing but good enough >…[View]
47000778What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the wageslaves are working rel…[View]
47000784I have no gf this is not a joke anymore I seriously need a gf. I'm am super lonely and depresse…[View]
46999804What are you playing? Fags.[View]
46999537>indian guy orders toilet from me today[View]
47000217Who is the most annoying avatarfag on R9K.: Who is the most annoying avatar fag here. If you dont kn…[View]
47001040I get computers putttin homie I get shot at u know I did the shooting[View]
47001002I just want to love someone who loves me[View]
46998932>27 >no friends whats the point. women want tall men with friends and an active life. I…[View]
46998042The recent influx of forced memes: Have you guys noticed that a guy or multiple guys have started to…[View]
46996559ITT: Normie sayings that piss you off >interwebz >EPIC >omegalul >Sweetie/Honey >aww …[View]
47000404I finally learned all the details about the trauma I went through in 1997 that turned me from an inn…[View]
47000548is it normal to get extremely sweaty around women? I'm diagnosed with hydrodrosis which causes …[View]
46999707NO GF, NO KEK![View]
46999871Lads a grill fell asleep on my lap. What do[View]
47000909ghosted: >tfw getting ghosted again for no reason AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
47000387Im afraid that my parents will blue pill me and tell me that sites like 4chan is a bad place and tha…[View]
47000291Do you have violent thoughts /r9k/?[View]
46997143Lo-fi is the most pretentious music that draws people who only pretend to be cultured >Change my …[View]
47000813So apparently women have no refractory period after orgasming. Therefore is it possible to stimulat…[View]
47000385I'm going to a stripclub in germany tonight. How do they work? Im afraid my autism is gonna kic…[View]
47000777A girl told me its good that I'm a virgin because I'll stay innocent, but I've been m…[View]
470006684chan told me I cant get cucked without a GF, yet after four fucking years of lifting, shedding bloo…[View]
47000732Tips for drawing? I usually draw random inhuman things that id imagine would be bosses in a video ga…[View]
47000430so is it possible to be an ephebophilia at 19? i should note this attraction is limited to kpop star…[View]
47000260How do l get into the UFC?[View]
47000721>fall asleep and have a dream that's a juvenile power fantasy >like, you're the owne…[View]
47000432>I like asian girls is there any bigger sign the guy is a loser?[View]
47000660lost my computer and all my pictures, lost my massive pepe collection help me rebuild it reeeee[View]
46997069/britfeel/: 20 failed street sign captchas later edition[View]
46999315What would you do if you were 9/10 and no gf?[View]
47000126someone please explain this 'no gf no cucking' meme, i havent been on for the past 2 days[View]
46998705>Promoted to regional manager Hows those NEETbux going /r9k/ im enjoying my BIGbux and hot bitche…[View]
46995852Why do crackers keep shilling their shit tier disgusting whores to us and tricking us into fucking t…[View]
46998031Join us, and have a good time.: Become a citizen at the Township Of Sheepston! new server, looking f…[View]
46999535>Job searching. >Find one ad at the bottom of some unknown site. >Some Asian cake a 10 minu…[View]
46996915>when shit doesn't go your way but at least you can't get cucked cause you don't h…[View]
47000371Adoption: There is a thread on /soc/ about seeking providers who would adopt neets, seems like a coo…[View]
469992832D girl thread, come be comfy: Daily reminder roasties can't compare with their vagina's t…[View]
46999049Name a funny meme lads[View]
46999427post number >>46999999 decides if i finally kms[View]
47000278Trap is a derogatory term. You're implying that somehow a pre-op trans woman or a feminine cros…[View]
47000244Was it true what Tyler the Creator said?[View]
46997248This is 10 hours after I made an account on this dating app Why dont you just try it anon? Even ugly…[View]
46999070>your age >gender >race >age when you first fucked >record time going without fucking…[View]
47000445Brother rapes and punished his sister for being a thot, unjustly imprisoned. https://edition-m.cnn.c…[View]
46998662Nostalgia: > Used to take my dogs pills and listen to comfy music and browse this board > Woul…[View]
46999828>Sitting alone in my room crying because I have nothing How is your guys night?…[View]
46998649>be me >drop molly a few months ago >tell this 7/10 grill with a fucking kid that i liked h…[View]
46999963Any bots here like to eat food?[View]
46985888Not having a gf makes you uncuckable.[View]
46998202What's the best way to work out forearms for size? I'm average all over except for my ince…[View]
46999565My gf cucked me so i shaved my eyebrows.[View]
46999745Fuck this place there is honestly nothing good left in here. I hope all of us die soon.[View]
46999677I am outside friends this is so scary what do I do. I also need to shit really badly but I have to w…[View]
46997760'You are not a real robot' / 'Gtfo normalfag': Who the fuck cares? The idea behind this board surely…[View]
46999360>What martial arts do you do? >Could you kick chad or tyrones ass easily?…[View]
46998780>he still plays No Man's Sky[View]
46997453/r9k/ When was the last time you went outside?[View]
46999750if you had a crush on someone, what would you do?[View]
47000059How depressed do you think it makes a girl to settle for a beta? Does a girl compare her current rel…[View]
46999763*Enters room wearing wifebeater, sipping on a 20 FL OZ bottle of diet coke*[View]
46998719I'm talentless and unskilled and even people that are absolute degenerate trash are better than…[View]
46999975how do you deal with your dick getting cold/feels wet in your pants? I sit here on my computer and f…[View]
46998628Continue the chain /r9k/ You've been: >Ass assaulted[View]
46999781yeah, ok, but why me?: >Why is it that I never rise up being bullied? >Why did I stayed at tha…[View]
46999924https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_nWRVCNwg4 do you fear death or do you welcome it?[View]
46994685Should I become an hero? Trips decides.[View]
46999507Should I tell someone about my suicidal thoughts?[View]
46999822Ooga booga: G'day b. I have some oleander leaves shits toxic as amy Schumer's queefs >s…[View]
46999808so you finally figured it out, huh numbskull? You FINALLY figured it all out Bravo Give a round of a…[View]
46996065Remember me? Seriously, does anyone remember me?[View]
46998350holy fuck im bored anyone else fucking bored as shit everything is completely and utterly pointless[View]
46998351>be me >nerd-jock, used to play tennis for my school, I was pretty good. >consistantly gett…[View]
46998960Anyone here running low on booze?[View]
46999151Which phone buy bros?[View]
46997779Gonna take my own life soon. Give some advice on what I should do before I leave. I plan to do in in…[View]
46999200I have such a tiny head I look like a goblin[View]
46999260Oh wagie Why thou art so ragie? Sitting there in your cagie Contemplating life while you slave away …[View]
46998675How does it feel to fall in love?[View]
46999538What's it like being a weeb and knowing the world views you as a harmless simpleton? https://yo…[View]
46998163cant get cucked without gf is bad meme where is that dude with the black gays[View]
46995520>go to the mall >half of the TEENAGE GIRLS are the same height as me…[View]
46998399Roman Reigns here. /r9k/ is my favorite board on 4chan[View]
46998913I got cucked without a gf[View]
46995065>5'7 >Got rejected and was told it was because I was short WTF I thought It was just an …[View]
46997935How did he manage to do it?[View]
46995626Are there girls that are truly loyal?[View]
46997845You cant get a gf if you dont get cucked[View]
46997751Does anyone here still live with their parents? Anyone unemployed? Why are you in this situation and…[View]
46999261Im so lonely Everyone is moving on except for me[View]
46997821People on /r9k/ I'd gladly behead with a butter knife: >beta orbiters >attention whores …[View]
46999359>Go to r9k >Try to post >Captcha tells me to confirm I'm not a robot >But I don…[View]
46999377so how about that howard the alien hes dead yet?? senpai squad[View]
46999269>tfw no mishpocheh bf[View]
46999322> Be me > 8 yo weeb fag >Always pretend to be Goku at school >Have to go to special clas…[View]
46998949>be me, laying down at 2 AM >go to kitchen for snack >hear noises in backyard >ohfuck.pn…[View]
46999313Is rape the ultimate form of partnership? Does any other action effect you on a deeper level? Do you…[View]
46999187why was i born? into an anxious, autistic, weak mind and body, no less?[View]
46998521r9k is my home: >be me >be on Steam playing vidya >conversation comes up about Faceberg and…[View]
46985929Tell me about your day friends.[View]
46998832guys i have a theory >masturbate really really fast so you can last longer when having normal sex…[View]
46997358I just pissed in the shower while fapping to Satori Komeiji![View]
46998231>faps >cum sticks to public hair >decides to shave it >hey it looks not bad >decides …[View]
46998582What do you guys think is the worst board on here? My answer is /a/ because of the people[View]
46997683Another one of you incel pieces of shit decided to hurt innocent people instead dealing with his pro…[View]
46999160*sigh* uwu no nuzzle wuzzle giww fwiend ;~; Atweast I can't get cucked owo XD[View]
46999169>match with girl on tinder >things surprisingly go well >get her snapchat >we actually k…[View]
46998602>Girl, everytime I see you it makes my day >Don't know what to say. (say) >Can't …[View]
46988961Alone. Forever. How does that feel?[View]
46998136Any robots who are straight but highly androgynous or twinkish in appearance?[View]
46996819THE MAIN REASON WHY DRUGS ARE NORMIE: i've finally gotten to the bottom of this question. are d…[View]
46998511>americans can't drink till they're 21[View]
46997336>Only people that match me on dating sites just want to sell nudes Legit want to fucking shoot my…[View]
46998870I just want someone to be vulnerable to, someone who I can talk with. I can rely on 4chan alone just…[View]
46998998Does anyone else here have parents who purposely raised you to be a failure?[View]
46998836>he thinks that you can get cucked without a gf[View]
46997359>tired as fuck from wagecucking >come home >open a beer >gf come and hug me >she whis…[View]
46996338Thinking about finally acting on fantasy of TS sex: Hey robots, I'm thinking seriously of engag…[View]
46998923Omegle Thread early morning edition! Tags: r9k, robot9001, r9komegle, omegler9k[View]
46988156What is something that you are certain of but can't prove to others?[View]
46997758Muslim, been browsing this site for 4 years now any other Muslims here[View]
46998841What's the final word on Mia Khalifa?[View]
46997964Any fembots wanna chat?: Drop your discord. I know fembots get lonely too[View]
46994680When did you realize your so called superior IQ and intellect was probably the cause for most of you…[View]
46995809ITT: The hardest and most damaging blackpill youve ever had to swallow >Women know whether or not…[View]
46998619Bought an Oculus Go yesterday.... >tfw I spent over six hours fapping and came about seven times …[View]
46996528Sucks how when you have have a gf you can be cucked.[View]
46998743>be me >18 >have friend or two >egoistic >cant help it >loving parents >anxiety…[View]
46998703Why is the male G-spot in the ass?[View]
46996896I am going to die I can feel it coming[View]
46998607How depressed do you think it makes a woman to settle for a beta? Does a girl compare her current re…[View]
46998417What was your relationship with your mom like?[View]
46995099watching together: Streaming POTC: curse of the black pearl in 10 mins https://www.rabb.it/windcutte…[View]
46998500>too normal to get robot friends as they hate you >too weird to get normal friends as they are…[View]
46997584Colognes & Perfumes & shit: Whats up /r9k/. What's your favorite cologne? And if there …[View]
46994903Rate the following type of women by there looks and personality. Feel free to add more or split the …[View]
46996954How do you do fellow boomer[View]
46998300Did getting a gf ruin my brain? Not here to brag. But ever since I got a gf I can't talk to my …[View]
46998474>zoomers post ebin spongebob maymays and reaction images nowadays >other people aside zoomers …[View]
46997476Male turns 18,he is a baby. Male turns 20,he is a baby. Male turns 22,he is a baby. Male turns 24,h…[View]
46998472I feel bad for you guys cuz ur parents let u find this part of the internet and become useless negat…[View]
46997646ITT make me a little happy: Just feel like shit I know you robots usually make me feel a little bett…[View]
46998426>tfw into feminization and other faggy fetishes How do I get back to normal?…[View]
46997421Girls really are all the same.[View]
46995832>thread about female incels in lolcow >they fill out a bingo card about sexual and social expe…[View]
46997132Are there any robots that can sing here?: I will literally pay you to sing stuff that I write for me…[View]
46998306>that fake nice person that tries so hard to be nice[View]
46998125Faggot: Is being a dude gay? You literally have a dick. Gay ass[View]
46998074who /ballbusting/ here? >tfw no qt to massacre your balls[View]
46998392>balls and dick on crouch >it's still getting boner > twenty+ years of fap >never s…[View]
46998355Do you think he is out there watching over us?[View]
46998325y'all should check out new mixtape by my favourtie artist Lil Jusk Cum its available at juskyas…[View]
46998324any fembots here who never shave their pubes or pits?[View]
46996686>James Gunn was fired for making edgy rape jokes >it was the alt-right that got him fired for …[View]
46998030Incest isn't wincest: >be me, 5 years ago >14 >divorce child >dad had a girlfriend …[View]
46997112so there's a girl i like and i'm on face time with her and shes asleep should i leave the …[View]
4699695018 year old male here. I'm considering spending about 10k USD on a nose job. I have 18k in savi…[View]
46997944how long until its confirmed ghosting? they told me they would talk to me tomorrow and its been a da…[View]
46997925When you kill yourself, will you write a suicide letter? What will you write in it?[View]
46998150>tfw no jewish vegan leftist israel-boycotting gf Why even live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
46997823Suicide: My e-gf left me today and I'm ready to become an hero She said she was tired of me and…[View]
46997218Tell me what your ideal self is. How would you like to be?[View]
46996371You're not cuckable with no gf[View]
46997552>Be me >Be 5-6 years old >Still vividly remembers rubbing my older sister's cunt while…[View]
46998003What's the bots opinions on being child free? I will add the caveat, voluntarily child free. Be…[View]
46997373I just hooked up with a skinny 5.5/10 girl in my car Ask me anything robots[View]
46997796Finially passed my driving test after 5 attempts. Im so happy ive had a buzz since this morning, im …[View]
46997949>tfw no Victorian mansion to live out my days as a comfy bachelor in with a cute young maid to te…[View]
46995438Why don't you guys just date ugly and/or fat girls? If you can't get a girlfriend because …[View]
46997896I don't get it. Why do pedos have rights again?[View]
46996407When's the last time a girl got to know you?[View]
46997748It's 4am and I do not want to go to sleep, but I also don't want to do anything else. At l…[View]
46997513Oh poor, sweet anon. You're over 25 and still want to believe there's a cutie pie your age…[View]
46997762The day of the birth of our savior is almost upon us Blessed be his name Amen[View]
46997369>go on 4chan as a happy boi looking for le epic funny >find they are few and far between >b…[View]
46997804>tfw I was a kid my hot rich aunt would buy me cool presents and let me have sleepovers with her …[View]
46996387>tfw want a black gf >want to treat her like a slave >collar and leash while fucking >wi…[View]
46996908>playing video game, enjoying it somewhat >start thinking about all I do is play video games a…[View]
46997504What have you done for the Supreme Gentleman's cause recently, Anon?[View]
46997001>anon I made dinner[View]
46996201i'll not hide it any more: i'm done lying and saying: 'i don't listen to music' whene…[View]
46996188Post the last video you nutted to. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a2148a2763c5…[View]
46993202hey guys! im from /mu/! what music do you like?[View]
46994109Are facials degrading?[View]
46997423My cousin invited me to his wedding and I really don't wanna go. What do?[View]
46997601What do I do: I've never felt this desperate for female attention in my life. I have niesh feti…[View]
46996822Apartheid was a great idea and Zimbabwe is a shit hole run by a dictator and Ian smith did nothing w…[View]
46972003Why is depression and other mental health issues in men so often overlooked by society, despite its …[View]
46997524>be me right now >tired >can't sleep…[View]
46997236My parents are going to call a psychiatrist soon to evaluate me and my mental problems of extreme an…[View]
46996310Cringy stories: True stories that make you cringe to remember them? I'll start >be me >ha…[View]
46997051>tfw I realize that since I moved into this new apartment, started devoting myself to film, and e…[View]
46995001job interview: I have a job interview for a fast-food taco place at 4 pm. I haven't been to one…[View]
46997023ITT: Make a goal for today and update with progress. i.e ordering pizza, getting homework done, chec…[View]
46995996/vent/: ITT generic forgettable /vent/ help someone out or explain your own story/thoughts. >have…[View]
46995118Girls: How did you guys do with girls in HS?[View]
46994987The Tale of Tweaky Part 2: Cont. >Haul ass up stairs >Dash to my brother's room, and info…[View]
46996788Asmr Thread: >welcome cuties you want to cuddle/fugg actual tingles comfy gf roleplay HIGH QUALIT…[View]
46997425I'm hungry and I'm hungry and I'm hungry and I'm hungry somebody please feed me …[View]
46996725>be me >lonely introverted ugly korean boy with no friends >4chan says that becoming a trap…[View]
46997173Hello /r9k/ I am tired and will be going to sleep good night[View]
46997229>get a gf >7or8/10 >asian >dumb thicc with big titties >really enjoys giving me head …[View]
46997151>want to sleep but too lazy to do the bed[View]
46997085Suicide seems like the only option I have left at this point.[View]
46994058what haircuts can i get as a blackbot, barring a fade, a hightop and going bald/shorthair[View]
46995413Hello fellow robots, Im kinda tired of being a flabby piece of shit, and want to do something before…[View]
46996849>tfw no gf so strong you get ear splitting headaches and physical pain in the chest >unable to…[View]
46995309>'Hey, Mr. Anon! My name's Tyler. I'm here to pick up Anonetta for our date. We'll…[View]
46995971This world seems to only get colder and colder as time goes on[View]
46994325If you're single it's, because nobody likes you. You're a bad person. You deserve to …[View]
46996237>tfw even Reddit is more hardcore than us Anyone else lament the normies and fembot invasion that…[View]
46995978ITT: Say random shit that isn't claimed: I take off my pants-- my lizard, rock crystal hard sho…[View]
46996219Lmao why do you fuckers call yourself robots, like do you actually think a robot would spend all nig…[View]
46996697Did you already find your worth in the waking world?[View]
46997031https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnGthrEJohE It's going to be okay, I love you anons.[View]
46996692Anybody else here completely despise sex and love? I totally hate it. I want to live completely alon…[View]
46994895So does anyone here actually have a cuck fetish? After many months of denial I finally accepted that…[View]
46986533How about we think of our current problems and what we think we can do to make ourselves better?…[View]
46996696Is it our fault that weee here like this? What went wrong? Where did I mess up? Was it the parenting…[View]
46996445>tfw no buy and hold bf[View]
46996264>go on a subreddit like bigdickproblems >read real anecdotes guys getting laid solely because …[View]
46996431>Diane, it's 12:24 Am on July 23rd, 2018. I'm entering the board of /r9k/ as we speak. …[View]
46996502>girls used to pick me up in high school because i was a short cunt i miss that feeling now boys…[View]
46996476I've been in love with the same girl since I was 16 years old. I'm about to turn 26 now. S…[View]
46996749>discover video blog of a girl >she is beautiful and probably late teens >video uploaded 20…[View]
46996830So weird to have a fantasy of being forced on hrt and made to someones tran gf >Even though I kno…[View]
46995465>decided to scream at home for no reason just to let out all the frustration >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
46996873R9K OMEGLE Tags: r9k, robot9001, r9komegle, omegler9k 3am edition![View]
46996790S-So is it illegal to pretend to be a child and sell your nudes to perverts online?[View]
46995031How do you deal with the crippling loneliness throughout your daily life?[View]
46995841Is it legal to pay a girl to watch me masturbate (US)? Where would I procure this service?[View]
46995653Why even being a minority, in proportion, have many loser asian boys from Canada, USA, Australia, Ne…[View]
46988987What is happening to this board? Who do we orbit. With Brooke and Muffy gone and no replacement in s…[View]
46996810oofergang... oooo...[View]
46995339any jobs suited for a neet or is that not a thing[View]
46996499Now I know how bad things really are[View]
46996210For so long I thought having a gf would fix everything, but now realizing it could just fuck shit up…[View]
46996456>fap in bathroom sink >No need to flush so parents won't suspect random night time flushe…[View]
46996705I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters and a black teenager shouted 'This…[View]
46996279All I want is a small job that pay enough for a small apartment, cheap food, and some vidya. I hones…[View]
46996506How pathetic was this fagget seriously. If i looked like him, i'd get laid everyday easily. Wha…[View]
46996330>2018 >still no qt redhead gf with innie vag…[View]
46995949>be me >have consensual sex See ya later, virgins.…[View]
46991750Do femanons get knotted?[View]
46995793does anybody wanna play some videogames maybe[View]
46995090>tfw we never got an ISIL beheading video featuring w*men[View]
46996244>try to sing something for a song I'm making > literally hate my fucking voice > delet…[View]
46995174Daily reminder that Kelly has a boyfriend now[View]
46995595If you are between 135-199 pounds you are NOT a robot[View]
46996028At least all people have good and bad things in their lives right? Chad has shortcomings too right g…[View]
46996333Fire stories: Any anons have stories involving fire, arson, fireworks, etc.[View]
46996284>sister wants to become an aunt >other sister's husband can't have kids >I'm…[View]
46996408Why do I have to share a room thread: I'll start. >be me >hear that weed makes your sex d…[View]
46995837Condescension and Arrogance: The 2 things I fucking hate the most in the world. I don't care if…[View]
46995534Do any of you have any experiences with landwhales?[View]
46995455>have a really cute GF >liked her for a really long time >she loves me to a point I don…[View]
46994960>finally decided to go full otaku mode and give up on ever meeting a girl or being normal Well I …[View]
46995492Remember Angry German Kid? https://www.youtube.com/user/Cochan91 This is him now He's grown o…[View]
46996226Poop is shaped like that cuz it was in ur in test tons[View]
46995412>be me >be 20 >heard from a family member that my sister lost her virginity >shes 12 …[View]
46994612The Tale of Tweaky Part 1: >Be me, Femanon >Stay with older brother in the summer >It'…[View]
46996285What's the best way of filtering out all of the 'waaah why don't girls like me' threads, r…[View]
46994866Who was in the wrong here? How would you respond if a teacher took your property?[View]
46994907IT'S OVER: Study finds that sex makes life more meaningful https://digest.bps.org.uk/2018/07/20…[View]
46992778Why do I feels so attracted to goths and arthoes[View]
46995597Why can't attractive girls be interested in deep things? Why can't they have a nice conver…[View]
46995687>already 21 >still not rich What the fuck is even the point in living anymore lads. Life effec…[View]
46995790Gaslighting retards in school >Seventh grade >Kid in class named Thomas >He's an idiot…[View]
46994629I AM NOT THE ANTICHRIST (I wish) wut u think?: Tell me what you think of my life so far. >have b…[View]
46995732I remember that Elliot Rodger once said that he reached a point where he realized that even if he wa…[View]
46995419There are orbiters on this board right now....HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA..imagine being that much of a bet…[View]
46995076Blackbots, I just got back from a trip to Lagos, Nigeria. This is the Africa that the media doesn…[View]
46995205>charger for phone shit the bed >tried putting back together with electrical tape, didn't…[View]
46995544[Fifteen seconds of dead air or disinteresting gameplay] (Slightly lispy voice) HEEEEYYYYYYYY WHAT…[View]
46988718/britfeel/: Stimulating my penis to pictures I find sexually arousing until I achieve orgasm edition…[View]
46995537>download tinder >match with a qt latina >instantly panic and unmatch haha TAKE THAT fuxki…[View]
46996041>you will never get #metoo'ed[View]
46995591Would you rather >have a son with a micropenis in cuck porn >have a daughter in gangbang porn…[View]
46995968Why are you all so negative all the time?[View]
46995993Hai guize ^_^ join my Discord serber!!! uwu tXrQFm[View]
46995910homelife: > went to jail >live with mom and older brother >should be getting AutismBux very…[View]
46995730>have a conversation with a girl online with no hidden agenda of just wanting sex/nudes >feel …[View]
46994492Do any of you /b/ros happen to know this feel?[View]
46994078Tinder fail thread: Fucking help me bros I really like this woman based on her bio and her pics but …[View]
46995912Anyone here ever have to quit drinking because it makes the robot feelings of anxiety, depression, l…[View]
46993620my gf just got done pegging me ama[View]
46995780tfw you will never be a yamabushi[View]
46995267>tfw found god before throwing my virginity away and joining the ranks of degenerate hell bound f…[View]
46992783Would you do porn if you were a chick?[View]
46995728Human Nature? thanks: Is it not an odd thing that the two animals closest to humans, apes and dolphi…[View]
46995138Any other blackbots with a raceplay fetish? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ab75ce…[View]
46995240ITT: Make a goal for today and update with progress. i.e ordering pizza, getting homework done, chec…[View]
46994688>be at my sister's friend's wedding reception >speeches from the wedding party begi…[View]
46995451Hello friends, is it a good idea to move in with a girl who has diagnosed borderline personality dis…[View]
46993071Why the fuck do the '''''mods''''' allow the same autistic freak to spam interracial gay porn EVERY …[View]
46995708Yeah I know this is some of your guys fetishes so Ill give you this story >Be me 6 years ago 14 …[View]
46995060I hate people that post porn on r9k i fucking hate it i go here for greentexts and mental problems n…[View]
46992734>ghosted someone again because of paranoia im so sick of it[View]
46995139I wish I wasnt ugIy[View]
46993514Share your feels pictures[View]
46995714Who else has just a weird fuckin face like my face is just strange looking i can't describe it …[View]
46994298>walk into my Chad normie friend >the one who fucks a different girl every weekend >he…[View]
46992130>Dad is STILL watching Family Feud he's on hour 5 by now I think, good grief…[View]
46995657>NGE was aired 23 years ago[View]
46995123>randomly remember the girl i loved in middle school >super smart, geeky jew with glasses who …[View]
46995551Mega link thread: My dick is so hard its about to fall off, add some mega links that I can pummel my…[View]
46994757Just a reminder that All of you are faggots whose only happiness is dragging people down to your lev…[View]
46995495What should I buy for 5 bucks online[View]
46994143>like women >dont like vaginas[View]
46994380I just wanna get friendzoned by a qt Who here has friendzone stories?[View]
46994438How many sexual partners is the limit before a girl is too far gone?[View]
46993745Mom found the penis tickler[View]
46994967Morality Question: A brain in a vat is at the wheel of a runaway trolley, approaching a fork in the …[View]
46995450I'm going to bed anons. Hopefully i'll die in my sleep, but we'll see. Wish me luck …[View]
46995429I can't stop picking fights with strangers over the Internet[View]
46994745Normies: Normie hate thread Share stories of them[View]
46995422What would this smell like? Would you try it?[View]
46995256>Unironic pics of the ideal male body Im looking to feel back about myself tonight…[View]
46984316Daily reminder. You'll never be handsome, 15 years old jock who fucks his horny, 14 years old g…[View]
46994163The thought of raping a woman is unappealing but the thought of holding sneaky down while you and I …[View]
46993887Jesus christ, do women have no fucking self awareness? She said she doesn't want a boyfriend, a…[View]
46995102>tfw no whip bf[View]
46995003i cummed on a girl: >be me >watching youtube >go over a squishy youtuber (those youtubers t…[View]
46995286I just looked myself dead in the eyes and told myself to fucking die and kill yourself. I really fuc…[View]
46991449The Highschool Question: What exactly is the point of even forcing losers like us to stay in highsch…[View]
46993645>tfw succubi aren't real >ywn form a contract with an autistic succubus girl why is this…[View]
46994948My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at aII[View]
46994599Opiates are the devil > respectable 18 year old, good head on my shoulders, bright future > di…[View]
46994758>got fired from my job again for being ugly[View]
46994521Lonely thread: >tfw it has been over a month since I have had any social interaction of any kind …[View]
46995163m2GvAJS Touhou, general anime, videogame and bantering discord seeking participants in social experi…[View]
46994719fat weeb story: Just remembered this, one of the funniest experiences of my life. Kind of long, but …[View]
46991941>be me >have no gf[View]
46992266thinking abaout buying one of these. toughts?[View]
46993442bed sharing: What kind of person unironically sleeps in the same bed as someone else? When did it be…[View]
46993607TFW no bf: >be me >have no discord boyfriend to send sexy photos to and touch myself for woul…[View]
46994962So I gave into the fat chicks meme: Picked up a qt chubby girl now shes over at my house eating all …[View]
46983561Fresh Comfy Bread: Post comfy pictures, songs, films, anything you think is comfy. Try not to be unc…[View]
46994507How important are big bums to your life?[View]
46992985What did you do today robots[View]
46993915I kinda want to go on a roadtrip because it seems enjoyable. but is it a normalfag thing to do? Neve…[View]
46993838>make discord >join big server >silent mostly, occasionally talk >someone adds me >oh…[View]
46994976Please tell me there is a way to fix my fucked up attention span.[View]
46990256STOP COMPLAINING: You have 0 (ZERO) excuses, you pathetic weakling.[View]
46994847> In social studies class. > Girl and her friend sitting behind me, chatting and laughing. …[View]
46990566White women are whores who will fuck any shitskin. Stop pretending you only chase good looking shits…[View]
46992495Reminder that tomorrow is ER's birthday. Hail St Elliot http://abclocal.go.com/three/kabc/kabc/…[View]
46992306'Fembot' thread: Hey fembot here! I need some advice. I want to get a robot bf but i'm too auti…[View]
46993424>siiiiip Ahh...Yup, nothin like that first sip of the day... Think I'm gonna play some Quake…[View]
46994914Bedlam Is Alone: >Bedlam glanced down at his lifeless body. >His vision moved over his own sal…[View]
46994826>huuuur martial arts are stupid >just use a gun I guess kids should be shooting themselves as …[View]
46994887How depressed do you think it makes a roastie to settle down with a beta? Does a girl compare her cu…[View]
46991419How do you get past anxiety. I start a new job tomorrow and I feel like I'm gonna have a heart …[View]
46994812Real Girls Only Thread: No boys allowed. So is big black cock as good as they say?[View]
46994063When I get really lonely, I like to hop onto Roblox and unload my mental torment on any and all smal…[View]
46994024where did johnny neptune go?[View]
46994776How come every time you come around my London London bridge wanna go down Like Londie londie londie …[View]
46993674Thot Patrol: Ayo Brodies, this is the official thot patrol thread. Here we gather to patrol and take…[View]
46994254Robot Constructed Language: Ever want to make the barriers of entry for being a robot extremely high…[View]
46990384>playing video games past the age of 18 >watching anime past the age of 18 >consuming any f…[View]
46986178Not having a girlfriend makes you unable to be cucked.[View]
46993697What went wrong with Japan?[View]
46994105Thoughts on wiggers?[View]
46994486Anime/Manga has Ruined Me: I recently came to the realization that anime/manga has ruined me. And a…[View]
46994677>masturbated so much my dick refuses to get hard again[View]
46991226How am I supposed to get a girlfriend with hair like this?[View]
46992706Is eating ass as good as it looks in porn or is it just a meme?[View]
46994106>tfw a random girl initiates conversation with you[View]
46993016H-henlo frens owo... i-its ok to be gay r-right? i just want to be cute[View]
46994280I'm really sad: >be me >contributing in an actually cool draw thread focused on a charact…[View]
46993330Daddy thread: Share them daddies[View]
46993395What language should I learn?: What language should I learn. I have too much free time and I feel I…[View]
46994323What is Robot9001 anyway? Shouldn't the link be /r9k1/? Anyway what's with the original co…[View]
46994173How do girls treat you: I'm short, young looking, and very skinny and the few that I know: >…[View]
46994524Tard stories? I'll start >Be in 10th grade in upstairs class >There's this one tard …[View]
46994565>be me >get home from work late >go to take a shower >tired so forget to go piss befo…[View]
46994532thot thread: What's r9k's definition of a thot? I'm curious.[View]
46994559Remeber anon you cant win: Get bullied and you are a fag and a pussi. Fight back and suddenly its no…[View]
46994026Any robots in irvine (Image for attention)[View]
46992519at least I'm uncuckable[View]
46992740Does anyone else feel like we're at the brink of some global catastrophe? These past few years …[View]
46994007Is there anything more unattractive than gapped teeth?[View]
46994111> Think about something cringey I did in the past > Yell out 'FUCK YOU' and 'I need to kill my…[View]
46992444Fembots, how many fingers do you stick in your pussy when you masturbate, if any.[View]
46992413WTF? Do girl really do this??[View]
46990458Starting a new life in the pokemon world: If you where offered a chance to start life over in the po…[View]
46993927>Make brief eye contact >Assume they're attracted to me…[View]
46993601>no gf that makes you uncuckable[View]
46994200How do you fill the void? I'm soulless.[View]
46994251So we're all virgins here, right? But we're still not desperate enough to sleep with the f…[View]
46983226ASMR: >going through ASMR vids >look at my favorite female ASMRtists' older content >t…[View]
46994418>tfw probably won't die in my sleep tonight >tfw, in all likelihood, will wake up in the …[View]
46992963Questions for NEETs: Aren't you scared of becoming homeless when your parents die? What if you …[View]
46994210I hate orbiters more than women. You fucks are the reason women are such disgusting thots today. The…[View]
46993258>that awareness when there is a lack of a female companion[View]
46994196>Internet friend loses their virginity >They become unbearable…[View]
46986804Suicide thread? Know anyone who killed themselves? Plan on committing suicide? Have you 'attempted' …[View]
46992386Guys I bought a bong today[View]
46993776>tfw no gf >tfw no job >tfw no car Nothing goes my way. Fucking hate this world.…[View]
46991644>Raped her over 400 times. >Beat her several times. >Starved her. >Hanged her body from …[View]
46993452>be me >put in the gifted program as a kid >told by adults that I have a genius level IQ an…[View]
46994206tha boyz: tha boyz needin its own trap harem discord invite dwUTf3y[View]
46993370Disney: >be me >go to nippon >livin the dream >havin a thing for cute asians >go to d…[View]
46993800you cant be a robot unless you're a ginger man[View]
46993186i am getting my first artist credit on a big project soon but I don't want to use my name. I wa…[View]
46992572>Be 17 >Be bomber[View]
46992901How would you feel if you found out you had a Japanese half brother?[View]
46990078The German army is opening for foreign EU recruits. Europoors of r9k: why not join the German army?…[View]
46994032>be kyi[View]
469940624chan the T.V. show: With media attention to our site at an all time high, how would a tv show or mo…[View]
46991983when having faggot sex is it normal to touch/rub the bottom's nipples?[View]
46993603Why do women enjoy being dominated?[View]
46992674Ghosted a roastie: This for all my fellow robots. I'm doing my part. The best part is I made he…[View]
46993824Discord autism troll thread: DISCORD autism thread Found a Boku No Hero Academia autism server wher…[View]
46993951rate me pt 2: im back el negros[View]
46990930I would like to introduce you all to my wife Chino.[View]
46993938>tfw no tranner gf[View]
46993609>b-but I can't get a gf ;_;: Alright, we just had this thread and I happen to be an expert o…[View]
46992657If you voted for Obamacare you are part of the problem. They knew about you and your politics from t…[View]
46993795Are Roasties Open to the Idea of Dating a Femboi? We can share clothes and makeup[View]
46993862The Drug Addled DEGENERATE: Is anyone else here WOKE to the fact that drug addled degenerates are th…[View]
46993834>be me >work at grocery store >bag groceries all day, am bagger >mostly hire tards as ba…[View]
46993744every time i cover my right ear i hear the 'eeeeeeee' from the beginning of numb by linkin…[View]
46990980Why does r9k hate black women?[View]
46993651ive been browsing this board for the past 5 months[View]
46993760Bullshit school experiences? I'll start, greentext if u want.: Bullshit school experiences? I…[View]
46993730normie: >be me >be 19 >go out with a few old friends >start getting invited to party…[View]
46992399Join our small server and meet some new people and make some friends! /quAkaN[View]
46988604You have one second to choose[View]
46993681>resident evil is a documentary[View]
46992693I am so triggered that women literally don't have to put in any effort to get a relationship wh…[View]
46992710Im gonna sound edgy and fedora tier incel but I realized im actually helping to doom humanity I thou…[View]
46993510Why not just lose your virginity to a hambeast like I did, Anon? It might get the ball rolling.[View]
46993598Semi-regular reminder:: Men age like wine. Women are like shit. Really fucking rank shit.[View]
46993134Fembots, I've got a question that's been driving me crazy for literally years now. What do…[View]
46993576How do I get a girl I know to cheat on her long-term boyfriend with some douche Chad? I feel like be…[View]
46993545Life is good: Am I doing anything wrong?[View]
46992340Why should women not be able to vote?[View]
46992819>finals season at university >eat a bunch of sausage, cauliflower, broccoli, and eggs >wash…[View]
46991927what would you say makes a 'real man' /r9k/?[View]
46993461I really want a trad gf. Theres a girl at my school who's super trad and all that. I talk to he…[View]
46992401Is there any purpose in living in a country other than Japan? Can I truly call this life?[View]
46992088ITT: Robot approved songs/bands https://youtube.com/watch?v=j0Mz_IqpZX8 Inb4Jimwaschadaf[View]
46992717>havent showered in 2 months >have to now since I have a job interview It was a good run…[View]
46992033Should I just give up on trying to make friends online?[View]
46992776i have been doing penis gym for a few months and.... now i dont what im gonna do, my dick went from …[View]
46993350>be me >play mc on my switch >feelsgoodman…[View]
46991395What should I do with this?: I have one of chris-chan's sonichu medallions along with his signa…[View]
46993155I can't take much more. The horrible feeling in my chest and gut, the aching loneliness. The ap…[View]
46992894I miss when this used to be a place where you could talk about and share your experiences dealing wi…[View]
46992023>tfw no OCD gf[View]
46992196Sweet dreams wage bitch.[View]
46992816>girl that likes me gives me several flirts >i think shes cute >end up asking her out >s…[View]
46992485Mentally speaking, is there really that much difference between males and females? Are our personali…[View]
46992262What the fuck: What is ACSII text and why am I being fucked for it[View]
4698646025+ GENERAL: 25+ GENERAL! General? General! General. private[View]
46992724Why's everyone so into megu?[View]
46993138>pretty sure kemono friends is Turning me into a furry >Can't stop watching it Fucking he…[View]
46992237ITT: times you weren't sure if girls thought you were sexy or were just playing 'molest the dor…[View]
46992868Show me your Willy Wars arsenal![View]
46992984Why the fuck can't people do their fucking jobs I shouldn't have to cover other people…[View]
46993033>woman masturbates in public >no one cares >man masturbates in public >everyone acts li…[View]
46991411How do I stop liking white girls so much?[View]
46992949Who here lurks everyday hoping to find a thread worth participating in just to be disappointed yet a…[View]
46992920I hope: you all fucking die, seriously. God forbid anybody get an actual discussion going around her…[View]
46992882Bussy: wow, you people must really like this guy.[View]
46992652anyone from Miami? how is it like living there? what are the people like? is it sketchier than nyc o…[View]
46987805Do you feel alive anon?: When was the last time you felt truly lost in the moment, your heart beatin…[View]
46991619Why does she wear diapers? Why does she poop herself?[View]
46992708THE SKIN ON THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH IS FALLING OFF AGAIN Does this happen to anyone else?[View]
46992046How do you keep niggers away from your gf when she has a fat ass?[View]
46992813My sister said >Maybe the reason you have no girlfriend is because your short Why do I gotta be …[View]
46991309would you fuck a north african niggress ?[View]
46992523I feel so disconnected from humanity. I'm 25 and I don't follow trends, use social media, …[View]
46992795who here wants to fuck their mom and feels bad about it?[View]
46984925Does anyone else have no friends at all? Online or otherwise how do you cope?[View]
46990475Autism: Post examples of autism[View]
46990941How was your day /r9k/? I spent another beautiful day in VR with my beautiful Illya. 5 hours alone j…[View]
46990928Chadlet: Is the Chad manlet reaI? Is there such a thing guys? Or is it a myth.[View]
46991415Feelsbadman: Wassup guys, how's everyone's weekend go? What did you guys get up to? I…[View]
46991871Is it wrong that I would tear that ass up?[View]
46984791What was the last text message you received from a biological female that wasn't blood related …[View]
46992217>Hehe thanks for bringing me out here, anon, I always love spending time with you >What? A pi…[View]
46992619don't report me i aint actually 9: > be 9 > realize you gotta be 18 to use 4chan > i s…[View]
46992365If you don't have a gf You can not be cucked[View]
46992101Why don't you live in a comfy European city?[View]
46992661Sooooo...on the third celestial evening: Hello robots, am I the only one who likes to get inebriated…[View]
46988061What's supposed to be the lesson of this scene?[View]
46992635Can we get a sad classic rock thread going? My favorites for being sad as fuck on a sunday night are…[View]
46991955When the alcohol kicks in.[View]
46992457When I die fuckin I wanna go to hell cause I’m a piece of shit it ain’t hard to fuckin tell: Anyone …[View]
46992623f: >be me >yesterday >live In lakeside house in the wildlands >sitting by lake >need …[View]
46992625/SIG/ Self Improvement General: why don't you just hit the gym and eat healthier? start meditat…[View]
46991281>tfw you realize that place still exists >there's unironically like 20 people still talki…[View]
46992607I hate this country of non comformists. I want to go to a muslim country and wear a white robe unifo…[View]
46992550We are most oppressed[View]
46980072Eat the rice Pay the price https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1532273309448.webm…[View]
46992494>insomnia kicks in again[View]
46987187Goodbye 4chan: I got dumped today after a 5 year relationship, after i caught my gf sleeping around.…[View]
46992456why do I feel like shit wtf[View]
46992464Sad Hours: > be me > last Friday > graduation party for my boy > see QT314 > she was …[View]
46992265>tfw love kids >tfw children are the greatest thing on the planet >tfw read Dostoevsky say …[View]
46992436Why do people on r9k always talk about how shitty women are? im pretty sure that that is an accepted…[View]
46992439https://twitter.com/Trapkeezus/status/1020903989100056576 HAHAHAHA LMFAO[View]
46992318Anyone know of any good hentai games that dont require me spending 1000 shekels to progress in the g…[View]
46990490How do i get a hot white girl to do all kinds of slutty things for me and only me?[View]
46990927shit happens: >be me >10 minutes ago >lightbulbs in bathroom burned out >about 8:30 on t…[View]
46992263I just want to give up. I want to accept that I'll be alone for er and hate my job but for some…[View]
46992296I have a major headache and something popped in my nose, now I feel a liquid in it. Is my brain melt…[View]
46988389>'Alright anon, you have 1 hour to do whatever you want with me, and I'll do whatever you te…[View]
46992243>Just get it over with, loser[View]
46992240You know she's a milf when... She calls her stomach/belly - Tummy[View]
46988236Can't be cucked if no gf have.[View]
46992081What are some things that a stereotypical 'nerdy black guy' enjoys? Dragonball Z is one thing I can …[View]
46990104D&D or PATHFINDER: We have someone willing to DM just need two or three more players and we are …[View]
46987907ITT: Times Chad stole the girl you like[View]
46992201Some nights when im jamming to my music alone, im on the verge of a breakdown and almost cry[View]
46992159>my doctor said I'd be 6 feet >18 years old and still 5'8' My mom is 5'2 and my…[View]
46991847Anyone else deeply love someone they can't have in their lives?: Mine is someone I met almost a…[View]
46991701I look like a little girl...: I'm a 21 year old ''man'' but i look 14 at mo…[View]
46986017Jebsmitty thread—: Guys this is jebsmitty- >basically just ask him random questions and tell him …[View]
46990978That Kid: >that one black emo weeb girl >that one latina emo weeb girl >that one white emo …[View]
46991083>not having a vorecow gf and feeding her stacys to keep her happy and full >not poking digesti…[View]
46992036>have hundreds of games on Steam >can't stand playing any of them for more than half an h…[View]
46991945Is duct tape safe for keeping the poopy in?[View]
46978891Why haven't you found yourself an Obedient Boy Wife, yet?: I'm not talking about traps her…[View]
46991942help me decide my college major. i hate every subject equally and i am bad at everything. i am alrea…[View]
46991414>A complete slut turning into a pure girl I need this[View]
46991987>spent a good part of the year trying to become a normalfag >just now realized how much I trul…[View]
46991878what would you do if you found out your gf is a complete slob?[View]
46991965what did she mean by this?: 'It's all fun & games until I fuck your dad.' Why do women say …[View]
46990730>riding bike to the store to get beer >already somewhat sloshed >see qt ask if she wants to…[View]
46989191/r9k/ I have a problem, please help me. In my search for a qt robot bf I came across what I thought …[View]
46991229>got the card pin wrong 2 times >ran out to car to ascertain what the pin was >run back i…[View]
46989098Just downloaded this and never felt like killing myself more in my life[View]
46989055>gfs son is taller than me[View]
46991809Older aspie bros does it ever get better with age. Or are we doomed to be socially retarded for ever…[View]
46991518Just a reddit user: >be me >browsing r/incels and other such subreddits >keep seeing mentio…[View]
46991538Would you trade 3 inches off your dick to look like this /r9k/?[View]
46991808tfw no cuteboy trap bf to cuddle every morning[View]
46986143Another fucking lonely day with no friends. I don't think I can take this anymore boys[View]
46990269Would you pound out a black ass epic style?[View]
46989428>haven't fapped to uncensored porn in over a year[View]
46990399Which European country is most NEET friendly?[View]
46991479>when short men try to be intimidating my short as fuck roommate was just yelling and screaming a…[View]
46991821>all these underaged b&s baiting and getting b& Not even well meme'd…[View]
46991721>be me >school does fundraiser >idea.jpg >decide to just take the form and pocket the mo…[View]
46991711College Freshmen Thread: Ask and answer questions pertaining to this next step in our lives :) >D…[View]
46991552> be me > thinking that the relationship is on the brink of its end > live with gf for like…[View]
46988703Slavic qts: How is it possible that there are so many qt slavic 10/10s?[View]
46990542best doge: best doge[View]
46989862How do i get rid of a lisp? i say my S's wrong and its pissing me off. Whenever i make an s sou…[View]
46990685Ask someone who kisses other girls for attention and whose only sexual experience is having her butt…[View]
46991540>'OMG you two would be so cute together!' >Person proceeds to awkwardly attempt to force a rel…[View]
46991685How do i find out if im /hightest/ or /lowtest/ are there any blatant signs or symptons of either ex…[View]
46991678>want to buy the mega man x anniversary re-release >realize I could buy an original cart on eb…[View]
46987975/cyborg general/: clean your room bucko edition For those who won't be accepted by either norma…[View]
46986144How do I attract guys like this?[View]
46989189>be me >two years ago in college class >super cute girl get paired with me in groups >we…[View]
46991329>been a neet for 5 years because my mother needed me to take care of my dying grandfather while s…[View]
46987889>summer holidays >spend most time playing monster hunter on my 3ds >up to 14h per day >d…[View]
46991051Hear my message: The South Korean is foolish. They did not do useful at all, because it ends, they a…[View]
46990115>no one ever asks me to help them carry stuff at work >customers constantly confuse me for a w…[View]
46991264hi chaotic youre perfect pleaze notice me[View]
46990529Did I handle it right r9k?[View]
46988792For those who are past the age of High School:: Do you have your high school diploma or not? Let…[View]
46991091Heroin: How does someone like me who, doesn't have any friends, is 19, no money, lives with his…[View]
46988488>gotten high every day for the past year and a half How do I stop guys? I'm all alone and I …[View]
46990822>Be me >Bored >Decide to buy a boat >Want to explore the Oceans >Go to beach with boa…[View]
46991360Have no friends: >Have no friends >Why?…[View]
46988269>Havne't fapped to straight porn in 2 weeks I'm guessing there's no way out of thi…[View]
46991114Should I bother writing a short story even if I'm not a writer? I have an idea that I don'…[View]
46991372http://is3.4chan.org/wsg/1532307242599.webm my dad's girlfriend hates me. once when we were all…[View]
46988937I need to find a gf for.my friend or he's gonna kill himself. I can't even find a girlfrie…[View]
46977104forget no fap, take the 2D pill.: No fap is a meme and it doesnt actually lower your degeneracy leve…[View]
46990292Reminder that the 2018 summer cup starts just in a few days. We're in the first group and we…[View]
46991149What does it mean when I have the constant overwhealming feeling that something bad is going to happ…[View]
46988146How does inter-racial adverts make you feel robots?[View]
46990969Does anyone else love people that will just straight up tell you how they feel when they think it…[View]
46990750Heather is best girl: Hey /r9k/ who is our collective waifu? And why is it Heather Mason? Where can …[View]
46990786Sazaz atanatasan sazaz sazaz: Sazaz atanatasan sazaz sazaz[View]
46990663>TFW quiet robot but want to live near the LA Beach area and drive a BMW 3 series…[View]
46990349>eating at macdonalds >finish my meal and get up to leave >some asshole defender of the wor…[View]
46991041/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - pain and suffering the ultimate escapism > /LDG/ discor…[View]
46990168holy shit, what happened/ my shift keys don't work. is this the end for my keyboard/[View]
46991017..in which Anon remembers *that* shameful and cringy moment when he acted like a white knight nicegu…[View]
46989232m2GvAJS Touhou, general anime, videogame and bantering discord seeking participants in social experi…[View]
46991073All of you are faggots whose only happiness is dragging people down to your level. You are all socio…[View]
46989614femcel here, I was looking for a bf, obviously, and I thought things were going well, he was an ince…[View]
46990997Robot Study Music: What do the robots who are studying in uni, or self studying in their neetdom, li…[View]
46991018Any other Internet tough guys on tonight? Have you ever been in a fight, anon? I've been tra…[View]
46967136can we get a ideal gf thread goin? am yet to find them.[View]
46990318At this point i dont want a relationship anymore. I just want friends to go to fun places with.[View]
46990396anyone else likes to look out the window in the middle of the night to catch some fresh air and look…[View]
46990857>had to fire one my favourite employees because I walked in on them sniff the toilet seats in the…[View]
46990844Fuck Spider-Man.[View]
46990892hola amigos i request you to add an intoxicayayayayayayted dude, I'm bored. beepboopimacop#1164[View]
46988907ITT: things you've screamed to yourself while alone in your room: OH GOD I HATE MY LIFE I FUCKI…[View]
46989873Where are my feet anons at?[View]
46990837Discord was purpose-made to bully cute boys on the internet.[View]
46990797join the 2hu cosplay trap harem discord discord: bjAMbk[View]
46990776Giving it a last try fttb: So, I've decided that I'm gonna ask my highschool crush (we rec…[View]
46987768>he bases his entire sense of self worth on an internet IQ test he took 2 years ago anyone else d…[View]
46990723talk to a drunk/ hungover robot: description ^^ im too drunk t o even type write fucck someone talk …[View]
46989093Say cheese, redditor.[View]
46988032Hello /r9k/.. Don't get triggered at my troll but.. DO YOU KNO DE WAEE?[View]
46990691Is American horror story a good tv show?[View]
46980096steam feeIs: just looking for robots to play vidya with... posted on the right board this time...…[View]
46990623Am I incapable of love?[View]
46990140Can we have an extremely specific thread about girls from old pics we fell in love with?[View]
46989544Just wanted to ask, what tends to happen when you dont fap for a long time? im considering trying it…[View]
46990489At what age do roasties peak? Best-by date, when?[View]
46989413My fellow robots, tonight a old threat, the Traps and Sisses are trying to invade our board, to not …[View]
46985214Mexicans why not get a kazakh eurasian gf? Asian women are mentally ill and only want white men. Whi…[View]
46988277>nephew's birthday is coming up >don't know what to get him so ask my sister >oh …[View]
46987912Anyone else didn't feel anything when graduating? I graduated high school (or danish gymnasium)…[View]
46990295Feels thread? Feels thread. Comfy works too.[View]
46983546If you weren't a peanutbutter or chocolate fag you should be exterminated. Especially peep fags…[View]
46990336>tfw no bulge bracket bf[View]
46990021Fuck this place and people like you Goodbye 4chan[View]
46987735Why would any sane person decide to have a daughter in this day and age?[View]
46988283Fucking yolo instagram niggers. Clubs are nothing but places where niggers go to rub up on each othe…[View]
46989578help me robts i have to go to work in like 4 hours and im adrunk as fuck, but in this state that i a…[View]
46989194ok boys i know you guys might not be the most experienced with this but i always assumed girls had j…[View]
46989895Discord DP: Do females check discord display pictures when they realize someone is using a selfie/ir…[View]
46988481Robots where would you (((hypothetically))) take a girl on a first date? I hear the movie theater is…[View]
46986420'has passion' in womanspeak == 'wants to make as much money as possible': anyone know this feel? …[View]
46990124subhuman valueless biological machine: why are you so subhuman you let yourself be run by your evolu…[View]
46989262Extrovert Feeling: I just got home from an experience that deeply shocked me dear robots. >be 20,…[View]
46986334Be honest, which one are you?[View]
46985654Are you enjoying SnK season 3 robots?[View]
46990018>Be into girl >We get along great, but something's off >Find out she's on the spe…[View]
46989747I wrote an apology card for being a dick to my friend.: Basically I was a dick for a long time and h…[View]
46988590Why aren't you on bumble yet?[View]
46990035Well Rick in morty is made by pedophiles. https://youtu.be/uDTq69rFRY8 Use to like that show. But t…[View]
46989883My concern is not that I might not find a gf. My concern is that, if I should ever actually find a g…[View]
46989744This past weekend your white crush fucked a black guy, all because you were too beta to ask her out[View]
46989688Some of you are originally alright, don't go to McDonald's tomorrow.[View]
46989798my mom tells me to get a job but im like 23 and have been a shut in neet for the past 4 years basicl…[View]
46989928In a couple of hours I'll have to wake up and live through hell again. Fuck this life, I drag o…[View]
46989261whatever happened to the r9k tinychat sluts?[View]
46989920How to die peacefully, and socially acceptable!: >go on an extended fast >break fast with as m…[View]
46989916You can't lose if you don't play... now yuo see...[View]
46987164Can you truly be cucked if you never had the girl in the first place?: >I'm sixteen >Have…[View]
46989427tfw insomniac what do i do?[View]
46989208Been on 4chan weekly since 2007 with nothing to show for it. Haven't learned a goddamned thing.…[View]
46989498>give love letter to girl I am madly in love with summer before I leave for college >never rec…[View]
46988203I want to take a shower with a girl.[View]
46989610>Jordyn Jones got a tattoo I might kill myself.[View]
46989394The vast majority of women (at least >65%) are not mentally capable of handling the realities of …[View]
46989734what are /r9k/ doing now? also,can i call you my friends?[View]
46979691Germany: Would you consider Germany a robot friendly country?[View]
46988171i make bait (successful) threads on r9k when im bored AMA.[View]
46989595Has anyone made a Michael Rotondo NEET Pepe yet?[View]
46989371>wow anon are you a ghost? >what do you mean stacy? >no facebook, no snapchat, no instagram…[View]
46983967/britfeel/: Kraftwerk edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMVokT5e0zs[View]
46989454>it's all about looks, bro...[View]
46988199How do I get a korean gf as mixed black guy? I live in the south so most of the asian population is …[View]
46989414>another weekend wasted edging to hentai JOI, watching anime, and shitposting there must be more …[View]
46989406>literally have to put effort not to pick my nose >stopped doing it in public, but in private …[View]
46989155Heh. They say eating alone in a cheap apartment is pretty depressing but you know,I'm feeling p…[View]
46986830lonely: https://www.twitch tv/vanishs I'm only looking to make a tight comfy community.. No don…[View]
46987911does being a 20 yo virgin makes me an incel?[View]
46988825What's this clothing called?: What is this skimpy skirt she's wearing called?[View]
46988323I just lost my virginity to a prostitute and it went terribly wrong As my anything.[View]
46989110I still be overwatch and people just continuosly shit on me for that. so what if i play a game IMO f…[View]
46989174Is it dead already?[View]
46988295Who is the Alpha male?: Among Lions the dominant male kills or drives away all the other males and r…[View]
46987900>tfw no qt FtM bf to scissor with Why live?[View]
46988776ITT: Post cursed imagery.: At least 1 out of every 10 person will experience PTSD flashbacks.[View]
46988970Cats are based and redpilled ^_^: Male cats rape females during most of the sexual acts. Female cats…[View]
46988870Tinder trap: Did anyone try this ? If yes what happened ? Pic related[View]
46988988>there are femanons posting right now that have this thing shoved up their cooter and its filling…[View]
46986561I've given up, why doesn't anyone want a transbot gf I haven't hurt anyone. We could …[View]
46989026Body hair: I know you are still there, femanons. Answear my question then. What do you think about m…[View]
46987303the future is near, we will no longer have to desperately seek out gfs. We will soon be able to fuck…[View]
46988904Reminder that you should cheer up because no matter how bad things might seem to be, at the very lea…[View]
46988979>watching porn that matches my dick size >comments are ridiculing the guy for his small dick …[View]
46986901which one of you fine gentlemen is harassing this girl on reddit? I'd very much like for her to…[View]
46988494Is it normal to not remember much of your childhood? All my strong memories are from when I was 10 o…[View]
46988685Out here in amish Smokin' big doinks in amish[View]
46988802I really fucking hate when women reject me or have a negative attitude towards me. And I really hate…[View]
46988894That kid thread: >that kid who looked at Sonic fanart on Devianart during school breaks while eve…[View]
46987467Do you guys like scaring birds? A few days ago I was making noises and flapping my arms at a group o…[View]
46988694PUBG Stories: Pretty much stories from PUBG >Be me >2 days ago >Playing PUBG >Solo >2…[View]
46987686Do employers care if you graduated with Honours or am I just wasting my time?[View]
46987207You like this. Admit it.[View]
46972262/r9gay/ - #389: What kind of things would you cook for him even if you don't have the ability? …[View]
46988570What are the causes of chronic fatigue? I'm even more exhausted on weekends than on the weekend…[View]
46988037>job interview >going well, it's a lay-up, I have janitorial experience and it's a j…[View]
46987793>18 >No friends >Realize that your ability to make actual friends only decreases as you age…[View]
46988665Has anyone here noticed that it always rains on the last day of school/college once the summer break…[View]
46988688ITT: How you shouldn't have lost your virginity: I'll start >be me >sophomore in hig…[View]
46986792it's that easy well, what's stopping you?[View]
46986342I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters & a black teenager shouted 'TH…[View]
46988532>obtained gf >feel the same M-made it... right?…[View]
46988613discord : f3BPzb come talk to me guys i'm lonely[View]
46988141Are you alone r9k?[View]
46988263language: I have to choose what foreign language I will take, I can take either french, german, japa…[View]
46988445>tfw no boy wife GIVE ME A WIFE (HUSBAND) NOW[View]
46987921Look at this F U C K I N G qtpie And no, she doesn't have a penis[View]
46988244Is it normal to go out and do stuff al day? I mean, I really love staying at my house chilling, and …[View]
46987001>pick my nose >eat my boogers >never know who has noticed this about me >walk on eggshel…[View]
46988042How do I know if I'm based/redpilled?[View]
46987069Don't play fortnite: >be me >playing fortnite all morning >need to shit but too into t…[View]
46987296Juice did 911: What's for dinner tonight?, boize Post em'[View]
46984631I TOLD HER!!!: I told her how I feel. I will tell you what she says when she texts back.[View]
46986390>dad is rapping my sister again[View]
46988191Guys there might be hope for me Because i talk to a girl No stutter No nervous breakdown I was br…[View]
46987836>has a gf >wonders how he can get cucked the solution is not having a gf…[View]
46987893What does it mean when a 20 year old males is wearing a shirt like this in public[View]
46987687>A new deadly disease has been spotted killing off people at a rapid rate. Scientists have discov…[View]
46975260Waifu thread. post your waifu: We posting Waifu and other anime girls we appreciate <3 >post c…[View]
46987908>gf likes to suck my dick. >i refuse to let her do it because i think it is oppressive for wom…[View]
46987513Is there a way to just kill your sex drive completely without damaging the body otherwise? I'm …[View]
46987668>Tfw no edgy gf to make offenisve jokes with Why does society hate us edgy people?…[View]
46980616Can't go back: 4chan is now basically 'that alt-right site' and no longer the 'internet hate ma…[View]
46988017>look down mid wank >dick looks small >get a ruler out >measure >look at measurments …[View]
46982595>am currently in a hospital bed with a fractured shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower leg and a partiall…[View]
46982810>ALBANY-- A man wearing a swastika t-shirt entered the Jay Street Video Games store in Crossgates…[View]
46986779Do attractive men need to have good personalities and charisma to be considered Chad, unlike beautif…[View]
46987520>be me, 18 years old >sign up for gymnastics class at local rec >turns out they don't …[View]
46987512even on the fucking suicide prevention website they have a bunch of well dressed and sociable normie…[View]
46980899Are there any 30+ virgins in here? How do you cope with it? Do you still hope to change or have you …[View]
46986140Fap stories anyone?: this is something that happened to me when I was 14 >be me >14 >dad…[View]
46987902Post your favorite music video Here's a massively nostalgic one https://youtu.be/-A1_atkAQhY[View]
46987308I'm looking for an e-gf. Can be trans, but must be passable. Post your applications in this thr…[View]
46987815Why do I find this to be hot? Does it make me a pedo, even tho she isn't underage?[View]
46986170>post on r9k >desperate attention-seeking greentext talking about being a depressed NEET >u…[View]
46987617what if the real reason that you are alone is because of your racism?[View]
46987596I have lost all my skyrim saves from 2015-2018 bros How does one build it up again?[View]
46983237What does the female skin feel like?[View]
46984937>cucumber has been stuck in my ass for 2 days now[View]
46987078If a guy is 34 years old and he's been a man child for a long long time, is there any hope for …[View]
46986530Join the CC army: Hello there. You seem to be sinning. Would you like to be saved by our lord and sa…[View]
46987218is xanax a cheat code for life bros? >did job interview on xanax, aced it >did college present…[View]
46985838Do you feel bad for really ugly girls? Yes or no?[View]
46985729help wat do: so i have 2 teenagers and my 16 year old says she is a lesbian and has been dating a gi…[View]
46986033What is it like to have a passion for something?[View]
46984609posting turkey apu everyday day 3[View]
46986206The power went out in my house during a thunderstorm and my computer stopped working, so I decided t…[View]
46977569That kid thread? That kid thread. >That girl that hanged herself because of her abusive boyfriend…[View]
46986744Where do you even go from this point? From this bitterness? Sheer hatred towards yourself and everyo…[View]
46987524Post your most recent scar/wound/accident and explain where is it/how you got it While making a tent…[View]
46986419dating and autism: It is possible? Anyone have success stories? Pretty much have accepted I will be…[View]
46987510Why aren't you detaining your liquids by drinking your own pigs, robots? You don't want to…[View]
46987302I'm a cyborg (Chad/Brad looking but a KV). How do I go full on asshole and steal a qt half Chi…[View]
46984891Big Paulie general: >Enters room wearing wifebeater, sipping on a 1.5l bottle of diet coke…[View]
46987058How they fuck do I pull my foreskin back I've literally never been able to do it. Everytime i t…[View]
46971884When did you grow out of your /pol/ phase? Did you even drink the /pol/ kool-aid to begin with?[View]
46986279Guys how the fuck you become happy[View]
46987526>you study rome >chad takes her home[View]
46984553How bad is it being a black virgin in the hood where sex is everything?[View]
46985812Should I just get an Escort?[View]
46987411Alright guys, you know the drill[View]
46987204>new gf tells me how tired her feet are and how much she wants me to rub them…[View]
46987217What is the most redpilled fetish? Fatty fuckers treat women like livestock which is kind of on the …[View]
46985210Where do i chat with asian qts? Like an anonymous chat? All those dating sites seem fishy to me Any …[View]
46984118ITT: little autistic things you do: >spontaneously remember something embarrassing I did years ag…[View]
46986947What would happen if a boy went outside dressed like this?[View]
46986983How pathetic are you r9k? >crying since I'm selling the pc i used for 3 years since I'm…[View]
46987400Some space agency wants us to name a Mars rover. I made the thread in /pol/ and lot's of people…[View]
46985995Trans girl: >Tfw some trans girl is more of a man than you. LITERALLY HOW…[View]
46985543floof chicken[View]
46985960What is the best cat food? I want my baby to be healthy[View]
46986809any advice here: >be me >'7/10' says ex GF >girl randomly starts talking to me >whatever…[View]
46987246Just reading this board/site makes me angry. Your stupidness is unbelievable[View]
46984279>that 19 year old boomer who doesn't get why teenagers spend so much time on their smart pho…[View]
46986267give me a list of people in the real world i should avoid and give them a quick description.[View]
46985167would you accept being cucked for a Switch ?[View]
46984615Looks like your boy is going to get his dick sucked and ass licked by this cuck couple Will post upd…[View]
46987019>gay people can have sex in minutes with the help of grindr and other sites/apps >women can ha…[View]
46986189Stop talking about sex and racism and traps etc!!! We could talk about new interesting personal topi…[View]
46981812Let's all laugh in unison at this orbiter getting cucked AAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
46983839Desktop Thread: Post your desktop and rate other desktops![View]
46986519>she gave me eye contact for a second trying my best to keep it in...[View]
46982546Is it degenerate and gay to fuck a trans girl?: Hi /r9k/, I would like to solicit some opinions abou…[View]
46984970do fembots like traps?[View]
46987018>'Why don't you just get a ____ gf?' WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU FUCKING NORMIE…[View]
46985711Normies are everywhere around me I'm in the heart of it Freaking the fuck out right now[View]
46984857D&D or PATHFINDER: Looking for a DM/GM who wouldn't mind hosting a game with robots[View]
46986452I have a really small head[View]
46986594Where can I meet autistic women? Preferred ones that are not obese[View]
46986950>ywn own a little house in a beautiful landscape >ywn stare at the stars knowing that you…[View]
46985978Is it OK to hit your cat if it bites you really hard and chases you down?[View]
46985382Autist Stories: >be me >spend all morning on 4chan >leave room to get some tendies for lunc…[View]
46986258>that 12 year old zoomer who has no idea what planking is[View]
46984833>make tinder >troll and send dumb shit to girls while drunk ( too nervous to message girls sob…[View]
46981306>your iq >do you prefer asians or europeans females ?…[View]
46984449What are the most chad sports?[View]
46985500>Deji wins, manlets get their 15 minutes of fame and Jake Paul looks like an utter bitch >Jake…[View]
46986702any gold ocebots want to duo[View]
46985733It's an Anon gets a gf episode: Well, /r9k/, I finally did it. I somehow lucked out and got an …[View]
46985718>accidentally told me oneitis I masturbate to her[View]
46986642Does anyone know how college D1 eligibility works? Ive heard/read of 28 somethings going to play foo…[View]
46985794It's pronounced Peep. Not 'pepp-ay' If you pronounce it as peppay, either learn to say it the w…[View]
46986276>sticks dick in >she immediately starts moaning as loud as she can and 'cums' after 10 seconds…[View]
46983290I have a story to tell, and I got nowhere else to post it so here we go >be me, 14 >freshman y…[View]
46985379>'so anon i must do something, you're gonna stay with her for a while' 'Her' is a friend of …[View]
46986540I live in the countryside and there is one very cute girl in my village that I would like to get to …[View]
46985697Why haven't you gotten plastic surgery yet anons? Sure it's expensive, and hurts like hell…[View]
46985661First day of work tomorrow after being NEET for years Post some jams for getting confidence PUMPED U…[View]
46985111I hate this guy so much. I'm so fucking jealous of him.[View]
46983863/druggie general/: Got the itch again.[View]
46986082How can we stop The Eternal (((Chestlet)))?[View]
46984809What are the best ways to cope with the loss of a father? He died this morning.He was 56.[View]
46986075why be happy when your life can be dull and hollow?[View]
46984783>tfw 18 >0 friends >too autistic to talk to grills irl >use snapchat >meet qt >she…[View]
46985065Have you made someone horny?: I think I did one time, he apologized for it and it was awkward. but i…[View]
46986210>[x] a reply-less thread I made, knowing it's gonna die soon >several hours later brows t…[View]
46985369All I do is make her mad, I can never do anything right. All I want to do is help but I just piss he…[View]
46985523>feeling shitty for a while >headache, legs hurt, stomach pain >go to doctor >get blood …[View]
46983053Do you think your life would be better if you were a boomer?[View]
46985780How to Become Celibate: Sup. Chad here. I have a serious question. How do I become celibate? I…[View]
46985469whats something brainless i can watch all day my plan for the next 12 hours is to eat a lot and jer…[View]
46965888>It's almost August What have you done so far this year?[View]
46985659im a socially retarded extrovert, can it be worse? i have no friends, cant make any even though i tr…[View]
46985173>have amazing wet dream last night. >qt ginger with freckles wants to have sex with me; can…[View]
46984905I hate getting high around people: After a while I've realized I really prefer a chill, comfy h…[View]
46985018Hello NEETs and NEET-aspirants Just wanted to let you know of a new video I found about escaping soc…[View]
46985479should i take these drugs?[View]
46985564Why do i feel at peace despite being a weirdo with one friend and have no girls intrested in me ?[View]
46985805i've been looking at this photo non stop and the op is so cute i can't help it i dont care…[View]
46985772>friend finds God while finding a way to end his alcoholism What a fucking idiot, being manipulat…[View]
46983716For most of human history a man never lived past 30. He died at the peak of his physicality, mental …[View]
46984655Elements of a normie wedding. I'll start: >radio music played on a violin…[View]
46985614Help me my beta-self out guys: So I've been going to boxing recently. Trying to improve myself …[View]
46985668Any of you have experience with fuckbook? I was told its better than fetlife[View]
46985333Last year I made fun of you guys Now I am one of you. God I wish I was till a roastie[View]
46985598/lo/ -: Share your loneliness and find warmth and comfort in others.[View]
46985585>tfw no flanking bf[View]
46985208>go outside to take my dog for a walk >neighbor next door has a house party >see bunch of C…[View]
46985201ITT: shit you hate: >What did you say anon? I couldnt hear you.[View]
46982531>one chance at life >born with ligma oh god why…[View]
46984974If a robot and incel are what you get if you are pure. Then why be pure?[View]
46983517Well? Which one do you choose?[View]
46979975Who was in the wrong here? https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1532273309448.webm…[View]
46985448I'm looking to make a fake tinder (male) so I can see firsthand what it's like to be a cha…[View]
46984445why aren't you making childrens videos on youtube anon >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDqZ…[View]
46983151What Do You Think About Normies' Problems With Women: So here in the incelsphere, we have our i…[View]
46984246I worked really hard making this song and I think it is really good. Probably the best song around a…[View]
46979125Did your mother give you a good upbringing? Why or why not?[View]
46982390What's your race+sex(biological please), and what are your racical preferences? Me- >male, M…[View]
46984451Why do I keep falling in love with girls who don't fall in love with me? How do women fall in l…[View]
469847404chan was created in 2003 by an anime addicted basement dweller called moot, his real name was Crist…[View]
46980651Have you heard about the pokemon conspiracy theory?: http://alphalou.ml really interesting cult…[View]
46985204wew lad my mother said fucking 'meme' right in front of me and about a hundred of my chromosomes jus…[View]
46985202Do normies see the real world and ignore it or don't they know what it's really like ?[View]
46984236I'm curious about something: Exactly how many people in the world are robots? Specifically the …[View]
46978358vocaroo sundays: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1YwZaKB9D48 do you also feel like shit heres a topic so you …[View]
46983639I'm bout to do some gay shit with an old man. Convince me not to[View]
46984715So I found this super nice guy willing to get me hrt. Problem is, I dunno what tf to buy, to look fo…[View]
46984825Can I hear some comfy stories[View]
46985123Work is going to cock me: >Be me, 19 >working at local store doing night shift stocking shelve…[View]
46981350I want to see what kind of people reside here. Which typeof success would you prefer and WHY? A) ext…[View]
46983786Whats your favorite porn /r9k/? Ill start: Chinese femdom.[View]
46985000post your frikkin tabs boys[View]
46983525'Sex today increases sense of meaning in life tomorrow': 'Sex today increases sense of meaning in li…[View]
46983953What do you robots think about working in the fields or about agriculture in general? Pic kinda rela…[View]
46984127Hi anon, I'm your government mandated girlfriend. It took us a while to track you down but it w…[View]
46984939How does one acquire a qt mulatto gf? https://youtu.be/nsT87Uilwp8[View]
46982648No Dead Boy Roy thread. Dead Boy Roy thread.[View]
46984293Interview-anon from 2 weeks ago: Post big booty qt girls while I give you guys an update >Success…[View]
46979744How the fuck am I supposed to get a job without connections?[View]
46984910Imagine what the person that spams those black sissy boy threads must smell like[View]
46983297Since most young men are virgins, and 100% of women have boyfriends, this means their chad boyfriend…[View]
46984885I'm a cyborg (Chad/Brad features but a KV). How do I go full on asshole and steal a qt half Ch…[View]
46983853Youth General #8 (Age 24-18): Boring Sunday Afternoon Edition[View]
46984569Can't get going today, man. Should've run. Should've gotten groceries. Should make a …[View]
46979469does height really matter as much as people say it does?[View]
46982340Wage CUCKERY: I tell you my brothers, Wage slavery has destroyed everything dear in me. It ruined my…[View]
46984707Why hasn't infant male genital mutilation been explicitly banned yet? >The foreskin is a com…[View]
46983112Am I the only one here who's a virgin because he has high standards? I'm not fucking no ug…[View]
46983822Any of you robots going thru tough times? >Got normie friends, they turned out to be fake as a r…[View]
46983664>tfw no partner to police the filth that corrupts the solar system >tfw Helios is a true inves…[View]
46984530Is being panromantic a meme?: I only just recently realized that it was a meme when people say I was…[View]
46979422your entire 4chan Post history is revealed: Your entire 4chan Post history is revealed to friends fa…[View]
46984605why couldn't i be a grill instead.: a beautiful sexy one like these bitches. i wouldn't ha…[View]
46984668>tfw have to masturbate for the sheer purpose of not cumming in my sleep…[View]
46982925>July 22nd, 2018 >normalfags have not been genocided yet…[View]
46984650Any levantine robots around?[View]
46984561itt: we're actual robots post robot feels[View]
46984634What does the average roastie feel towards girls like pic related? Jelousy? Disgust? Is she afraid o…[View]
46984194Does anyone else unironically miss high school? I know it probably sucked, but at least you didn…[View]
46984389hewwo peeps me again join our comfy lil server (shitty) and help grow it owo Ps no normies thx[View]
46984602>be me >about a week ago >have cat >cat is outside >friend and me playing with a rand…[View]
46983360/r9k/ - Omegle: Comfty omegle thread!Stop by and chat with your fellow anons using the tags r9k,r9ko…[View]
46982620God I want to see my waifu get BLACKED in front of me[View]
46967535/comfy/ thread?: Any anons want to make a comfy thread? Haven't seen one on here for a while an…[View]
46984137A black Chad is called a Tyrone. A black Stacy/Stacey is called a Keisha/Keyshia.[View]
46983082>TFW 26 year old virgin >Horny all the time >Have no real hobbies >Just work and spend …[View]
46983153my grandma just died but why i can't feel sad it's really annoying now trying to look kind…[View]
46983366POSTAN ULTIMATE BETA DEFEATS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymftg7p4_Gw[View]
46984006How do you cope with the regret of being born? I was born into a poor family, my brother hated me be…[View]
46984364how do you cope with being emotionally underdeveloped? It feels like I have a massive gaping void wh…[View]
46984042can someone spare a couple bucks for my lil pupper (hes in the pic) im a bit short on cash and hes b…[View]
46984361>seconds ago >fapped to gay porn >am gay?…[View]
46982354>mfw i was a lazy faggot in high school who played games and browsed the internet all day after s…[View]
46981018/cyborg general/: hoping this goes better than last thread edition For those who are too too strange…[View]
46983728How is it that most people are living in a bluepilled world filled with lies while a handful of auti…[View]
46983034Imagine how empowering that must be, giving an unwanted erection in public to a fit soccer player, j…[View]
46984305>You say you love me, I say you crazy >We're nothing more than friends >You're no…[View]
46983798Are girls impressed by big loads? What's the best way to get big cums?[View]
46980170Can white virgins have political views different from the far right? Does the fact that they've…[View]
46982167lmao this 'modern' life is so stupid wish we could hit a reset button and get back to the…[View]
46983800>so warm and sunny and perfect outside >nobody to go out with >spend the entire day at home…[View]
46983745>Anon, you wear the same clothes for more than one day?[View]
46984217What?: >Be me >Have a tall friend >hang out and shit, everything goes the straight way >…[View]
46983871>it's another warm cuddling dream where I wake up lonely[View]
46983004>be me >in huge hospital waiting room >gf getting bloodwork as per doctors request >some…[View]
46984119OMEGLE THREAD Rainy day edition Tags: r9k, robot9001, r9komegle, omegler9k[View]
46983870The worst part about being homeless is waking up from a dirty wet dream with a lap full of cum and a…[View]
46984098>cucked again >act surprised[View]
46983820>pronouncing pepe as pepp-ay and not peep Get out.[View]
46984035>be me 14, freshman year >start talking to really cute blonde girl, solid 8/10 >find out h…[View]
46983955Welcome to the Robot Cafe, Anon! What can I get you today?[View]
46981287/britfeel/: Trannies out edition[View]
46982988Can we get a thread dedicated to all the robots who found their humanity? I used to be a hardcore ro…[View]
46979572>'just try to believe bro and go to church and you'll eventually have true faith' >been t…[View]
46982212Know any good diets that have worked wonders for you?[View]
46978722Tfw no sensitive boyfriend to cry and fall asleep on my chest / lap.[View]
46983536Femanons if you could choose would you like to become cuter or more strong physically?[View]
46983324Random greentext thread, no theme: >be me, yesterday >19 yo canadafag >be on work >get t…[View]
46983321Some Irish fembot around here? 57877[View]
46983095How do i deal with PE anons >not a dicklet >fap <once a day >virgin, so may be different…[View]
46982576i reached the point where i would genuinly enjoy it more to be alone and live alone but its hard to …[View]
46980923shit: >looking up how to 4chan on reddit i no longer wonder why /r9k/ went to shit…[View]
46983379>on day 27 of NoFap >end up e-dating femanon I've talked to for months >inb4 LDR fagg…[View]
46983768ITT: wrong car threads >be me, like 8 or 9 >at annual school book fair >go outside looking …[View]
46982605Femanons why don't you just date only other girls? You'll be happier in the long run[View]
46979946do normalfags think its pathetic to last less than one minute during sex?[View]
46983690>yfw you realize the Nazis, the Japanese and the Italians were right all along…[View]
46978878Why don't you get yourself a superior East Asian gf?[View]
46983398I need 2 references for my job interview. Should I just put my mom and dad?[View]
46982571Fantasy Thread: Post your fantasies in this thread could be some cool alternate world, adventure, so…[View]
46982306anti-natalism: >Most really high IQ people have at least 1 offspring Why is that? Why don't …[View]
46978856>0 likes on okcupid >0 matches on tinder pass the rope…[View]
46982651SMDH we got kings fallin out here[View]
46981967For those of you who have no other standards other than being biological female and non-fat, how wou…[View]
46981892how is this normie meme called[View]
46980270>16yo thot cousin posting thong swimsuit pics on instagram again >looking at comments >some…[View]
46982226What boomer traits do you have? Are you a boomer at heart?[View]
46983174Ice Cream Day: Hey anons, today is supposedly national ice cream day, and I think it would be a grea…[View]
46983499Female robot Kik:itzasinfulworld[View]
46983497/r9k/: I had fun last night doing this. I'll be in Text[View]
46981601Have you ever fallen in love when talking to a QT and then realize you'll probably never meet h…[View]
46980392the absolute state of r9kincels and their ridiculous hate towards women[View]
46981132Should I go to incredibles 2 by myself? I moved to a town where I dont have any friends and have not…[View]
46983027What would happen if a mestizo (spaniard rape babies) mixed with a hapa (yellow fever fetish babies)…[View]
46983415TFW You'll Never Be Able To Avoid Women Completely: No matter how well you play it, how good yo…[View]
46983414Women forced into prostitution to pay for bail >Traffickers are then bailing women out of detenti…[View]
46981082I feel like you guys would appreciate this artist that I found. His name is Lorn. He was brought up …[View]
46982937>browse 4chan >only read posts with photos attached…[View]
46982378I took 20 mg Adderall XR generic at around 8 am. Drank 3 cups of coffee between 8 and like 11:30. To…[View]
46979118Femoids why do you come here? You realise everyone here has a burning hate for you, right?[View]
46983126>be girl >tell other girls to post tits or GTFO…[View]
46983227The life of sadness and depression is all you've ever known. For as long as you can remember yo…[View]
46983279I'm not a khv anymore.[View]
46981889Are there any comfy YouTube accounts run by robots from here? I really like it when people share the…[View]
46979936>be me >no girl ever checks you out >this one does it >shes fat and ugly…[View]
46981730Mommy just walked in on me jerking it to anime girls. what the FUCK do I do now /r9k/[View]
46983121>tfw am always thr one clraning the toliet because everyone else in the house are literally too l…[View]
46982192Good workout routine to keep a reclusive robot in good health? Spent the last month lying in bed for…[View]
46978333tfw no qt daughters to treat you like a king[View]
46983025>tfw your only real life robot friend commits suicide > tfw he sent me his suicide letter two …[View]
46983040MUSIC FOR CHICANOS: I'm 73% European, 15% Negroid, and 12% Amerindian, and this is the music I …[View]
46982963story time about my harem irl: >be me >13, typical scrawny four eyes soon-to-be shitposter …[View]
46981726am i a normie or robot? >i think fapping to 2d figures is disgusting >i think anime is disgust…[View]
46982997would you wife this 5/10 autistic french girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TFNGRYMz1U[View]
46982951Back up: Is there a Backpage back up or replacement ?[View]
46981107End of the Line.: I have finally started considering jumping off a building to resolve my issues. No…[View]
46982262I look at this shit and can't be bothered at all. It's feels like bullshit any anons given…[View]
46938400Misaki Friday: It's Friday already. What have you anons been up to?[View]
46974343teasing tiny trap penis is absolutely sublime[View]
46981302Alcoholism: Hello frens I drank too much last night and now I feel sick today. Someone tell me its a…[View]
46982067>started talking to myself to feel like I'm not alone >tfw it's just making the feel…[View]
46982807How do i get cute gf?[View]
46976639>you flash in to finish a low hp azir >he r's you into his tower what do?…[View]
46982869why the fuck wont femanons just be our mommy gfs?[View]
46982382>why dont fembots just approach men https://youtu.be/3AVsm2XK4Uk[View]
46982756Just took a shit. god DAMN it felt great Life is good, lads. Life is good.[View]
46977207Would you a sex goblin? She is 3'5 at the most and doesn't speak English well.[View]
46981415How do I meet a qt femoid I can talk to? I don't care if she has a boyfriend and will never fuc…[View]
46982664Why can't /pol/ just stay in their own AIDS ridden board?[View]
46977479Recently lost my virginity. This will be my last thread here. Will leave when the thread 404's.…[View]
46980509Its megumin monday and I have a treat for megu lovers: Hi guys, its Megumin monday. what did you do …[View]
46981607>all these anti-asian hate threads whats going on anons[View]
46976832ROBOTS I NEED HELP ASAP >mom decided i needed to start earning money or she will kick me out >…[View]
46979973>Say something >Get ignored completely/have your opinion dismissed instantly >Someone els…[View]
46982120Just lost my virginity dont know how I should feel[View]
46982598You know i think this is going to be my most stupid idea, but here is my discord if you want to talk…[View]
46980841>4chan will never be a place of camaraderie again >the fixation on sex and fighting for yourse…[View]
46979311How many piss bottles do I need to become a 'super-robot'?[View]
46980562I threw away all my irl girly stuff months ago and then dysphoria or whatever kicked in again today …[View]
46982569Saw an old normie get ruined at the liqour store: I went to the liquor store, and it wasn't ope…[View]
46980105>incels complain that women these days are too slutty >also complains that women won't fu…[View]
46981872>tfw 4chan made me bisexual[View]
46982008Any suicidal girls?: Are there any? I'd like to talk on Telegram or Kik. I'm a guy, btw.…[View]
46981948>tfw found myself orbiting a girl somehow thought I'd be too old for this by now…[View]
46982428>you should smile more what did normgralings mean by this?[View]
46977816>short men who attempt to act extra masculine to compensate[View]
46978514Boomer here. Is this a good starter anime? The only anime I ever watched were Dragonball Z and Pokem…[View]
46980359>9/10 Stan The Man >No gf[View]
46982377What do robots think of this guy?[View]
46979716Ask a woman who has slept with over 300 men anything.[View]
46981908>sunday >want to walk around the house naked >want to smoke a cigar >want to jerk off …[View]
46982309Why is it so hard to be happy if you're alone?[View]
46980715Hangman: Guess, desu senpai.[View]
46982027This is the truth, anons. Everyone on this board are normie scum. Real robots are Neitzsche's U…[View]
46981565> Be me > Amerifag > Visit England as a vacation > Want to go to Manchester City to cele…[View]
46981793>be 2 am >that's it, time to stop wasting my life and do something productive, or else i…[View]
46981950I really want a mommy fembot to dominate the fuck out of me and be her boytoy slave for the rest of …[View]
46979128Diary of Columbus's childhood friend: >The same childhood friend reported in a letter that C…[View]
46981735is it okay to wear these every day? asking for a friend[View]
46982007Be thankful, anons: Think about it, Anons. We are lucky enough to be born in the same timeline as mo…[View]
46981976I'm seeing a mommy escort in a couple of days: It'll be my second time seeing her. She…[View]
46982185So I ended up getting a job as a pizza delivery driver for the summer and I'm really enjoying i…[View]
46982069have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of Chad?[View]
46971437>your age >your mbti >your favorite anime/manga character(s) >why…[View]
46976808> disgusted by female genitalia at 13 >'lol you're still a kid' > tfw still the same a…[View]
46981631I've never spent an extended period of time with anyone outside of my family I've never be…[View]
46980862My favorite band is Death Grips My favorite director is David Lynch My favorite video game series in…[View]
46979971What did she mean by this? Original comment possible now or not?[View]
46980784post words that remind you of unrelated things: the word oligarchy reminds me of garlic bread[View]
46981988>another night terror episode[View]
46978011>fap to shemales regularly >also think transgender people are mentally ill and there are only …[View]
46981511When you guys think of a memory. How vivid is it? Does it appear in front of you? Like you reliving …[View]
46981633>finally decide to get active and leave the house >buy a football and go to the local park …[View]
46979761> born to late to explore the earth > born to early to explore the galaxy > born right in t…[View]
46981772>genuinely worried about the direction society is heading in It's ok Anon, gay people will b…[View]
46979403Why are women constantly glued to and using smartphones then refuse to fuck the nerds whose labor ac…[View]
46981236So fellas what is this weird creature[View]
46977716>Thought having a young female boss was just a meme >New job has exactly that Should I quit or…[View]
46979574How many times has your average fembot taken a cumshot to the face? Would you really want to date su…[View]
46981758Anyone here a /deep recluse/ ?: I actively avoid talking to people, summer has been great for me sin…[View]
46978835>be high school senior >have good set of weeb friends >need money, steal 10 laptops from s…[View]
46981534is there any excuse for women to be poor when you can sell your plasma for at least $50 a week and c…[View]
46981109>25 yo >about to get fired from part time job >failing college and about to drop out >kh…[View]
46981262I've been casually talking to my ex who broke up with me last summer. just found out they'…[View]
46979956>you think about that girl in class from years ago >she probably doesn't even remember yo…[View]
46979668Should I blame myself or my parents for how I turned out?[View]
46977181Why not date a thicc mommy??[View]
46980776You can only post in this thread if you've flown on a private jet. Poorcels do not enter.[View]
46981459>tfw no job Gibb job now How do i get one, i have no skills, no education, no experiance, no soci…[View]
46980510How do I tame roasties to succumb to my every whim?[View]
46980482> be me > girl i havent talked to in 1 year, haven't seen in 8 years reaches out to me, w…[View]
46980456>applied for job This could be it fellas my neet life could be over working for retail It....It w…[View]
46981193Does anybody else really want to rub cocks with another dude while watching trap porn?[View]
46980585>tfw a huge shit falls out of your ass as soon as you sit on the toilet and leaves you feeling em…[View]
46979389What are the examples of Normies taking originally funny memes and overdoing them on every platform …[View]
46978926Mass Murder Foot Thread: Libidinous.[View]
46980210Who is this Tenda I hear so much about?[View]
46980727Atheism Is Unstoppable: Does anybody here watch videos by atheism is unstoppable? I've known ab…[View]
46979960discord: all normalfags no substance invite me to a roastie normal free space[View]
46980603I'm this close to dropping out of college. Any anons want to share their experiences with this?[View]
46978275>feel suicidal >call hotline to talk about it >they call the police >police come to hous…[View]
46981318Miscellaneous Questions Survey: >shoe size >dental hygiene >pop, soda, soda-pop, or cola …[View]
46976453Meeting with neet girl went wrong: I met a girl from here. >Shitpost in a thread about how robots…[View]
46981197>tfw got diagnosed with ligma who /ligma/ here?[View]
46978865Slavery is reinstated but this time white bois can be bought and sold by black women to do with howe…[View]
46980570>be 24 >type 1 diabetic >low wage job as a caregiver for the disabled. >almost married …[View]
46980506moshi mosh? r9k nande ska?[View]
46981233I hope you all find what you're looking for and reach a state of consistent, therapeutic happin…[View]
46981192>tfw no autistic/weird fembot gf[View]
46979371fembots, do you cut yourself? how come?[View]
46980958i think we should still be allowed to post only no and why without getting muted for 2 seconds[View]
46978193How can we improve the quality of this board?: This place is soo boring. Unironically femanon bait t…[View]
46981137how tf ya supposed to remember things, ya supposed to ignore things ya not interested in or intrigue…[View]
46981134>dad tells you your mom said to him 'maybe *insert your name* doesn't like girls' >you me…[View]
46981074>society tells us we can have a loving gf regardless of our looks if we just work hard enough …[View]
46978083/britfeel/: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJP4dr_mioA[View]
46980929Small Victories Thread: >The main audience is robots/losers/depressed people but everyone is invi…[View]
46981034Why aren't there any minimum wage shop assistant jobs available? I can't find any. I will …[View]
46979465>tfw you found the wedding photos of the only girl you ever loved after not knowing what happened…[View]
46980245>tfw no chindit bf[View]
46980085Tweezing 1 pubic hair at a time. I normally shave weekly.[View]
46973395If you saw a woman being raped and could kill the guy doing it with no problems, would you do it? Th…[View]
46980982>tfw no slutty gf to kiss after she comes home from a crazy girls' night out…[View]
46980335Stories about family thread: I have a bunch of shit to get off my chest /r9k/. This is a long one, s…[View]
46976331Reminder that if you ever had >gf >sex >a girls kiss(apart from senpai) >a low internet …[View]
46979851ok anons help me decode this: lekker ker alkua phes keit kesom alem som skei da kei elom som ger kel…[View]
46978860>became sexually active >it's only with obese women I'm quite the stud…[View]
46980706Post Beautiful Handsome Guys No I am not gay.[View]
46980832>mfw no Kumiko gf[View]
46975759>fapping 5 times aday please help me i'm on the verge of losing my balls how do you stop fap…[View]
46976489https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbYV5FZIDqU Too fucking beautiful for words. How is a fembot suppose…[View]
46980663Should attraction to young girls be considered worthy of the death sentence?[View]
46980751Red pill me on girls with pretty, lilly white skin[View]
46978049the true redpill: Tip to newfags: 99% of sexuality theories on r9k are some guys fetish which he is …[View]
46980744What are your experiences with antipsychotics?: they make me feel depressed[View]
46976267Why do you hate your mother that much anon? I'm pretty sure she did what she did because she lo…[View]
46977363Is it worth cultivating a friendzone fetish and leaning into it, or is this true loserdom? I don…[View]
46980274If incels will never reproduce will they all be gone in one generation or is it like homosexuality w…[View]
46980624I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd, I stand and …[View]
46980448That feel when 18+ year old single women don't even exist. They literally don't exist.[View]
46980531>Mfw I order delivery food just because a cute 15 year old girl delivers it…[View]
46979186Listening to this rn: What's your opinion of me? Who do you think I am? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
46980490>looks don't matter bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVB3ypWVu14…[View]
46980467Plot twist: Sminem is a Russian Chad[View]
46980161/mu/ if a record label finds me how do I avoid them basically fucking me over in the end?[View]
46980417How do i deal with PE anons? Im not too much of a dicklet (6'x5.5') but i definitely have PE. Im a v…[View]
46978510/wet/dreams/ general: >be in a bangbus >pretty attractive women and men fucking around in the…[View]
46980148Travel Map Robot Edition: 1. Age 2. Where have you been to? >21 >Map inb4 >>>/trv/ I…[View]
46977698I'm gay but having sex with men is against my religious beliefs. Thing is, people always get ma…[View]
46980169The majority of people marry for love. Why do we need a piece of paper to legitimize love?[View]
46979894>femanon appears >thread derails into mass beta orbiting…[View]
46980044>didnt get laid this weekeend anybody else on this same boat? gonna be a week full of depression …[View]
46979775>you would have had a gf if you had had a gf how do you deal with this objective fact?…[View]
46980004at school: >be me >primary school, 1st grade or so >theres these twins in my class (still …[View]
46979558Vaccines are safe? I say let the courts decide: >'vaccines are safe' >National Childhood Vacci…[View]
46979970hahahahaha skateboard-fag you wont get here! I'm now safe from you![View]
46977758Robot Friendly Discord: -no underages allowed -no roasties -no normies -no traps -no non-virgins 6N4…[View]
46979109watching together: streaming Prisoner of Azkaban at the moment https://www.rabb.it/windcutter919…[View]
46979910>tfw mom censors your f*cking posts[View]
46977199It's been literally years since I've had good beef stew[View]
46973692Are your parents normies?[View]
46978147>tfw turned out parents could totally afford sending me to private school like they did with my b…[View]
46979807I only like drugs that lie to me[View]
46979590What happens when you text the wrong person https://twitter.com/itsjarm/status/1020403674546352129?s…[View]
46979788Imagine having problems like > I forgot I ran out of condoms the other day…[View]
46979583>childhood friend of mine just got engaged >the one girl I was talking to recently that seemed…[View]
46977681Ask a normie anything. Hey /r9k/, if you have any questions, want any advice or just need to vent fo…[View]
46977225Any ausfags around? Flu insomnia edition[View]
46979429Pimpin Ken: The 48 Laws of Game https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I-AbbBAiUxw&index=5&t=0s&l…[View]
46978069How do guys with small dicks work up the confidence to expose themselves?[View]
46978552It does not matter whether this thread stays on the first page for a long time or not, for sooner or…[View]
46978073>suddenly remember that I'll never learn Japanese >try to think about learning again >…[View]
46976442NEET stations: post your NEET stations[View]
46979474>tfw no life changing journey >tfw no bond of close friendship >tfw no ultimate obstacle to…[View]
46979427how many years you are allowed to be alone and not develop schizophrenia?[View]
46979197I think I'm having a panic attack. I don't even know anymore. Feels like my brain is const…[View]
46979183Why do i get the sudden urge to kill people whenever I'm around a public space? Are any of you …[View]
46979339How does it feel to be the loser/black sheep of the family?[View]
46978817>be depressed for years >contemplate suicide >post one last thread on /r9k/ >turns out r…[View]
46975986Who here has no interest in relationships? Sour grapes fags who are merely pretending to not want a …[View]
46978494Tell us about your experiences on tinder. I'm getting about 2 matches on average every day not …[View]
46977902Sex offender ?: >be me, 18 years old. >at a party >get really drunk and start to sing Kar…[View]
46978320Chimp genocide when?[View]
46979166>see video of hot girl at chic fil a >the dude comes out with an umbrella and walks the girl …[View]
46978365>United States has killed 20 million civillians worldwide from WW2 to 2018 How do you guys feel a…[View]
46973128Would you volunteer to help poor refugees integrate, fembots?[View]
46977635Why do people care about MBTI so much?[View]
46979171Hey guys anyone have the pic of the guy who texts a photo of his hand to a girl but has placed his d…[View]
46978252Hi robots. Haven't been here in 3 years. I found a starter gf, nothing special.. (6/10) but I…[View]
46978549This pic has BTFO everything you faggots have ever said.[View]
46976956Go to club: game is BS: >be me >meet childhood friend >He's goodlooking: Nice smile, …[View]
46976149>Sniff Sniff >'Fucking Virgin'[View]
46978487>That 32 year old boomer who becomes a born again christian and overcompensates…[View]
46978592What do you suppose it feels like to be wanted?[View]
46977253>No not like that- Jesus Christ, Anon, do I really have to show you how to do it again? You can…[View]
46972365>fit >6'1' >strong chin and jawline >green eyes >good hair and hygiene WHY CANT …[View]
46978995>looked up onions website >looked onions hax for maximum nutrition >was excited and was abo…[View]
46972984>Girl joined the discord server well, it was nice having friends for a while…[View]
46976994pepe colletion: >lost pepes collection pls post your favourite pepe, apu, wojak…[View]
46978998>tfw gay hebephile just fuck my shit up family inb4 pedo, I'm really only attracted to teens…[View]
46978321Post your discords I want to have trap and femboy friends pls desu[View]
46970207What is the natural smell of vagina?[View]
46978965Have you guys watched Gayniggers From Outer Space? It's a short film about aliens from the plan…[View]
46977371I'm doing it: Gonna confess to my oneitis/the girl I 'orbit' in real life tonight. She thinks I…[View]
46978895chess bread: https://lichess.org/HIhOqZPc[View]
46977988Why don't you just settle for a 5/10 3d succubus?[View]
46976366Just be yourself bro, girls dig confidence, believe me, it works for me.[View]
46977039Do you like Ben Shapiro?[View]
46977964You next mah nigga: >You next mah nigga Wat do nigga?[View]
46977108This is a neutral thread. Rest a while before braving the storm again.[View]
46973596I swear to God these fucking zoomers, everything is therapy. 2/3 of fucking kids these days go to th…[View]
46978821Party story thread? Forced myself to leavers party > be sitting with afghan kid making fun of dru…[View]
46977858>tfw lost all my high school friends in 2011 by doing something stupid and there's no way I …[View]
46978691Why don't you just settle for a 3/10 3d Women anon? >pic related[View]
46978075Anons when was the last time you showered? >College summer break >2 days…[View]
46978597It's my birthday today, what should I do to celebrate by myself without leaving the house?[View]
46976986is tattoo a good indicator for detecting bad girls ?: https://thetransformedwife.com/men-prefer-debt…[View]
46978684Ideal gf thread peeps[View]
46977592Is an intrinsic hate for charismatic people an essential aspect of INTP people?[View]
46978626My dog just had an ictus and will most likely have another one soon, so he will die Can you please s…[View]
46978527>raw 9/10 >no gf[View]
46977965Brother gets a haircut. Acts like he is a Chad around me. He fucked 1 and only girl last year and br…[View]
46978538>when her okcupid profile says 'just looking for friends'[View]
46978196what do you think about jordan peterson? is his newest book worth reading or is just a 'clean your r…[View]
46977641Why did Trump let North Korea cuck the US?[View]
46977171Why are you depressed, r9k? What would have to change in your life to make you truly happy?[View]
46974573Which ethnicity of girls has the best smelling soles/toes? My vote goes for Indian. Cute Indian girl…[View]
46977186>cute asian workmate >don't make a move on her because I assumed she's too young fo…[View]
46977932What's the best way to get an Asian gf assuming you aren't white?[View]
46977742>school is in two weeks >swore I would never go back >mommy has a lot of pills >I will …[View]
46978491A man in his 40s who has an acccount with the username yeetboy is one of the most embarassing things…[View]
46978489>first week after training at a warehouse >decanting >palette arrives >20 boxes per box …[View]
46974789>Mom gets a new boyfriend >right off the bat hes a complete dick >I grab his shirt, drag hi…[View]
46978466I really like my oneitis but she's a weeb and that really disgusts me. </blog>[View]
46978396'Please repeat that again. You're a slut?'[View]
46977596>help >mom and dad is divorcing >Im okay with that >dad is getting with a black girl …[View]
46977991recently found out i was diagnosed with aspergers when i was super young, didn't know until my …[View]
46978248Why do I start dwelling on mistakes from the past when everything is fine now?[View]
46978286> b > e > a > n > s Pic unrelated…[View]
46975226You robots got a hobby? Favorite vidya? >art, sculpture, drawing, 3D >deadbolt lilTurtle#23…[View]
46976464>27 years old >overweight >balding >no education >shit job >still fapping to cuck …[View]
46978216VOCAROO THREAD: https://vocaroo.com/i/s040hwCzZzKO Start chatting it up ya little fagggots[View]
46976951>Like oh my GAWD Rachel, that Anon guy LITERALLY tried to talk to me! I just gave him one word an…[View]
46976465tfw drunk: who having some drinkpoos tonight lads[View]
46977175Should I buy his book that's coming out in September? I got banned from his forum so I don…[View]
46977512What does /r9k/ think of this guy? I vaguely remember watching his WOW videos back in the day. wtf …[View]
469774846IX9INE on being successful: https://youtu.be/xrQPMSeIdKM?t=302 >what's your definition of s…[View]
46973939Who would jesus deny healthcare to?: I still can't believe how republicans claim to be the part…[View]
46973133>studying to become a hairdresser and make up artist because of my sissy fetish my life is some s…[View]
46977121In ma feels, anyone got any depressing greentext stories[View]
46978042Eating out: I don't even care about if I ever have PIV sex, but god I want to eat out a girl so…[View]
46970147Is internet culture causing women to expect larger cocks and skewing their perception of the average…[View]
46975878clean your room wash your penis stop watching porn drink water[View]
46977049is there any hope at all if you're on the autism spectrum? mine isn't particularly severe …[View]
46973714any fembots here who are actually autistic?[View]
46963484/Druggie/ general: What you killing yourself with today boys? >nb4 nutmeg…[View]
46975046I've had an awful day guys. My country's trying to take away my guns and my Apache Attack …[View]
46977285>lose weight >get on discord to practice conversation skills >get a job and my own place …[View]
46977818Your dream life: Non Autistic version: If I wasn't had autism: >Motivation enough to make it…[View]
46977804>tfw no muscle monster husband to use his huge bubble butt as a pillow and teach me how to lift…[View]
46977738>tfw you are literally unable to enjoy video games[View]
46973849How miserable are you guys? >Gf broke with me >Both sets of my grandparents are in the hospit…[View]
46976466I'm new to this city and I'm afraid of the people here for some reason. I'm afraid th…[View]
46977389Uraraka has a cute butthole[View]
46977361>Parents gone for 4 weeks >have the house to myself what would you do?…[View]
46975413Hey its tgat time again... Join this ded (((comfy))) serber and help make it active pls no normies n…[View]
46977633>download fortnite >open >here tons of normies >exit >uninstall >go back to pla…[View]
46977593>tfw someone notices you're insecure[View]
46977460>race war is coming >niggers will be genocided in your lifetime…[View]
46977632>tfw turned 25 today >tfw I am become boomer meme, mower of lawns…[View]
46977548Hey Anons I've been thinking of killing myself for the past few weeks and the only thing that…[View]
46976700>walk into your bathroom >see this How would you proceed, /r9k/?…[View]
46977109I am scared: >be me >live at home with three brothers and parents >am youngest (19) >got…[View]
46976668>be 23 >still live with parents >look relatively normal but just am socially awkward as shi…[View]
46977137>be me >be in a restaurant with my family >be on my phone on r/greentext >know what 4cha…[View]
46976823https://www.youtube.com/user/GooodLifeFilms/videos Just look at the amount of 'lil this' and 'lil th…[View]
46973194elliot rodgers did nothing wrong. ofc that comment wasn't original[View]
46976586Do you ever get the feeling that you are simply cursed?[View]
46975981Whats the appeal of going out at night and clubbing or going to bars? I can understand why every bra…[View]
46975382>your race >something you do that's not characteristic of yoru race I'm Asian and i …[View]
46977343>Meet girl at zoo >She asks if I want to tag along with her and her friends >sweating.bat …[View]
46977065This is what robots think is average[View]
46977329>tfw large Adams apple but non deep voice I'm not complaining but what gives? I get told I h…[View]
46972539What is the least intelligent statement?[View]
46976767I'm 27 but I look like a 16 years old kid. I used to be a NEET and I had to drop out University…[View]
46976256Drunk chunky girl in her panties[View]
46975443Who here dicklet >Tfw even if you do get a gf she'll be disappointed the moments your pants …[View]
46976954>huge clitoris[View]
46975332>be thirty year old reddit skateboarder >go play at a playground for children >basedscooter…[View]
46977254>At some social gathering >inb4 normie, I'm a 25yo kv >Sitting next to girl who I have…[View]
46974446>the bedsheets have become detached from the mattress again[View]
46977193regrets thread: i regret not picking up art sooner i could be rolling in dosh right now instead im …[View]
46976972>chad proposes plan (meeting up, going to the beach, whatever) >everyone signs up for it >I…[View]
46977179>it's a twin sisters comes to anons house episode All went well but I'm still a 27 boom…[View]
46977173>tfw watching gang stalking videos so, this is the power of schizophrenia?…[View]
46975704I just can't handle negative people. Can trigger me in seconds, then I become negative and feel…[View]
46975862Is it possible to live off minimum wage by yourself?[View]
46975102Robots what's your best pickup line? You can't be expecting to get ass without a good hook…[View]
46976750gib frogposts u fagoots[View]
46976979Say a prayer[View]
46975662>tfw liberal at heart but forced to become a conservative because of lack of sex I hate you roast…[View]
46973946Recently destroyed my life >crash motorcycle >don't feel right in the head ever since …[View]
46976909>finally able to calm down and relax >just starting an activity i supposedly 'enjoy' >major…[View]
46976104>worked at mcdonalds for a year >left the bitch cause fuck that shit >Get job at japanese r…[View]
46975658If i stop fapping will i become assexual and be done with women ?[View]
46975234I'm rewatching Busou Renkin WOAH WOAH DA DA DA DA DA DA WOAH WOAH DA DA DA DA DA DA What are yo…[View]
46969196Watching Naruto for the first time, is it normal to hate Sakura with the passion of 1000 suns? Her e…[View]
46976681>man considered the ugliest man in the world has gotten married twice Hey anon, how does it feel …[View]
46975082I really fucking hate women. I got rejected so fucking hard by a woman yesterday. When I approached …[View]
46976812Data Mining Thread: Post your data ITT anons. examples could be: A/S/L, occupation/field of study, n…[View]
46976277The Supreme Chad was an ugly manlet: Also how many kids do you plan to have robots?[View]
46975343I Just finished Initial D. Am I a racing Driver now?[View]
46976619>tfw you tell yourself to calm down[View]
46976228Need help: >cyanide pills cost $250 >100-300mg lethality > 10 mg per pill Well that'…[View]
46977959R9K SPEED DATING: Find love today! State your: >Sex >Age >Height >Body type >Location…[View]
46975555The anti-loli thesis: The Anti-loli Thesis. Alright you fucking faggots its time for some logic arou…[View]
46975765>Wannabe Chad hits the gym >Wannabe Chad joins the army >Wannabe Chad tries to be the alpha…[View]
46976569>3 inches club thread: tell us why you haven't ended your life yet small dick?[View]
46975651>It's a someone tries talking to you from two rooms over and then wonders why conversation w…[View]
46976629>be me >22 >read article about guy who had cancer >he found out when he was 22 >have …[View]
46976048>too lazy to cook for myself >family feeds you high-fat high-sodium junk food I don't kno…[View]
46976526Baltera stinks not gunjy: and fil is a leech, a finnish leech and wraune is a trap and everyone else…[View]
46974583Cute horny boy here dm me on discord willing to send lewd stuff evamortem#2906[View]
46973568How do i get a normal looking 5/10 gf?[View]
46976316You fucking faggots, I take 40mg of Ritalin LA everyday but ended up staying awake all night due to …[View]
46974329i just want to restart and become a child again. all these fucking decisions i did would be gone[View]
46972714>have dog that I took care of and raised since birth and loved her >she died tragically but b…[View]
46976043>look up oneitis' old username >know that theyve since nuked their old online stuff and i…[View]
46976446>Welcome home Tyrone, you just missed Chad! Mind cleaning up for us?[View]
46976083why dont you have a giantfu yet anon?[View]
46970969who else /BPD male/ here? >tfw other men think you're gay because of how attached and cling…[View]
46976387>Virgin Media removed Dave >WhateverCanWatchItonFreeview.JPG >Removed Gold >Mfw…[View]
46975009NEW HOT MEME CHECK OUT: This is new HOT MEME named JO JO everyone say hi to JO JO[View]
46976340>live in Alabama >parents are extremely religious >they hate gays >they aren't exp…[View]
46975325>got to suck a trap's nipples, eat their clean ass, and got a blowjob from them in their car…[View]
46974992I keep trying to find meaning in life, even if it requires making my own meaning, but it is absurd. …[View]
46975522Why do normies not know about girls and they're evil ways ?[View]
46974865Things You're Shocked You Fapped To: I just finished blowing my load to a weird girl reading Th…[View]
46975758hey robots ITT we share moments where we thought you can start flexing on haters but got cucked real…[View]
46968352/britfeel/: On the good ship lollipop edition[View]
46975287What the heck is up with that '30 year old Boomer' meme? Are people born in 1987-1988 showing their …[View]
46975210No cheating lads May the odds be ever in your favour[View]
46972183Anyone here been a house husband/bf? What was it like? I want to be one, wish I was a girl.[View]
46976178>last year >playing vidya all day every day >depressed and suicidal >no hope or desire o…[View]
46975033What is the truth behind fulfillment. How can I obtain it and what does it mean to you. Who has it a…[View]
46975936Does anyone have trouble wqlking down a hall with other people walking by? It just prickles my nerve…[View]
46976125Whenever I see the snickles.jpg I get hungry for pickles I don't even eat pickles that much I j…[View]
46976015Is the Chad / Stacy dichtomy an entirely American concept and problem? How prevalent is it in other …[View]
46974907Is WMAF the best interracial pairing? Their sex organs and personalities seem to match up well.[View]
46974076Femdom general #4: sauce edition: I want to be called cute,i honestly think if i were called cute th…[View]
46973160Is this the new meme? I'm note sure.[View]
46973933I'm inferior to men with bigger cocks[View]
46975740I fucked up: So I may have humiliated myself and my mother in front of 20 or so people. >be me 19…[View]
46975460Why doe interracial porn turn me on so much? I don't understand![View]
46976002kids now day be like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyoJxgtJ3Jo[View]
46975989>tfw a ugo rapper is fucking bitches Why not just become a SoundCloud rapper?…[View]
46974409is the majority of people disagreeing with you/not understanding you/claiming you're an idiot i…[View]
46974224i'm just so sick of living[View]
46974820How depressed do you think it makes the average girl to settle down with a beta? Does a girl compare…[View]
46973934Unironically: This is a serious thread. Close all the tabs that you have open. Open r9k catalog. Cl…[View]
46975621I dreamt about her again, anons. How do I make it stop?[View]
46974364>he dies before getting laid Guess he didn't have what it takes[View]
46975869>the site is pink >use the fag suffix >moot wears a dress When did you realize this is lite…[View]
46975543How can one stop being a grumpy, irritable piece of shit?[View]
46975774What's the fastest that you've ever driven, /r9k/?[View]
46975221what are somewhat obscrue yet extremely flattering and sweet compliments you got, dudes? >you loo…[View]
46974894>day dreaming about successfully cold approaching and flirting with Stacy >get enamored with t…[View]
46975546>tfw can't pronounce the 'r' letter properly >will never be taken seriously in conversati…[View]
46975598>be at uni >be in elevator that goes up the dorm building >be wearing a Love Live shirt …[View]
46975756fucking shizo meds: All I want to do is enjoy a nice long edge/fap session but nothing seems excitin…[View]
46975271Can we get a waifu appreciation thread? Share waifus Appreciate waifus Talk about how long they have…[View]
46974556What's worse? A Child(female) Molester. Or a Child(male) Molester. And why?[View]
46974976Ever felt a buttcrack anon? Not the butt itself, the valley inbetween[View]
46975730>tfw no one to play board games like twilight imperium or war of the ring with…[View]
46974047Lmao guys remember that 'firm handshake' boomer meme? Well guess what, i decided to give i…[View]
46975197> be me > be tard > be mouthbreather > breathe same air as QT3.14 > SEE YA LATER VI…[View]
46973956Stop what you're doing and do 10 push-ups right now. I promise you'll feel better.[View]
46975078>that 30 year old boomer who picks up a hobby hoping it will give him something interesting to ta…[View]
46973798Am I the only one who doesn't jerk it with lotion? I'm cut.[View]
46966272So r9k, why aren't you vegan yet? It's the healthy, moral and ethical choice to make.[View]
46975594So who here have been spoiled with so many girls having beautiful delicious bodies you can lift with…[View]
46975459When 2 gentlemen meet[View]
46973906The easiest way to lose your virginity is to just ask your mom. Once you do that, you won't be …[View]
46974604I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL OF YOU: A tad over two years ago, I had this girl in my college class th…[View]
46975429The problem with the college meme is that it has become an extended childhood. People are paid to be…[View]
46975540Another kiII to my name[View]
46975539guys look at this epic meme I just found![View]
46975523YeeyEE: plz join scribbledibble.io we can draw and stuff and yeeyuee with eachother and then send di…[View]
4696315925+ Thread: 25+ Thread >less than 5 4 days until lease expires >have no money or job to convin…[View]
46975134heey guys who else here like to cook: https://youtu.be/0mDvz_1Mu_0[View]
46975410the blackpill destroyed me. I will never find love because im a 4/10 Just ldar til I die.[View]
46974859>like girl >she likes me back >lose interest >she stops liking me >become obsessed …[View]
46974238>Goto ER, gallstones, get 4k bill >Lower it to 3k, still don't want to pay it. Only 18, s…[View]
46975063Reiko: anyone here remember Reiko? Or where i can find him? If your saying 'which Reiko', you dont k…[View]
46973135How do I find Robot bf if when either of us try and talk we turn into spaghetti[View]
46975018IT/Tech Support Greentext: >Be me >AMDfag >Build new PC last march with Ryzen 1700/16GB RAM…[View]
46975273What is the most Robot MBTI? I am ISTP, do i qualify as a robot?[View]
46974986I've put a lot of effort into this song, I would really appreciate it if you could all listen t…[View]
46974459>want to buy the mega man x anniversary re-release >realize I could buy an original cart on eb…[View]
46974996how do I stop being a hypochondriac[View]
46974504Why is everyone a raging hypocrite?[View]
46973799Hymns: Post your favourite hymns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZN1oVir5A[View]
46973694Lately my farts have been smelling REALLY bad. Some of them have been so horrid that I have to leave…[View]
46974490I took her by the hand to say All faith forever has been washed away I returned for you in great d…[View]
46974408I wish I could be a viet girl so that I could be yui kashii posters gf[View]
46972519Men, dogs, apes and even cats are capable of love. Why aren't women? Why do they have even les…[View]
46970493>tfw no non-judgmental robot bf Where can I find one? They are rare to spot.…[View]
46974406Do you buy things for yourself? No. Even when I go out of my way to buy something I ask myself 100 t…[View]
46973086i haven't been outside in a whole month. there's just no reason to go outside anyways.[View]
46975138I just want to bend a girl over my knees, rub her butt for a while, then give her a few dozen pats o…[View]
46973771milanon: is joining the military (amerifags) the final solution to not being a NEET?[View]
46974682We've become giga cucked[View]
46970128Let's say you had $30,000 right now. What would you do with it?[View]
46972830Its been over 10 years and I still cant stop thinking about a girl I never talked to. How do I get o…[View]
46974369>tfw manlet with large ribcage, gross square head, and stubby fucking limbs: can't even use …[View]
46974195How do I become a bimbo slut? I'm female but short and skinny[View]
46973976ew gross 3dpd[View]
46974814/r9k - sucks/: i don't know if i've matured or if /r9k/ just went to shit, you fags making…[View]
46973690>As long as you are not overweight you are a 7/10 minimum as a female >Pic related is a minimu…[View]
46974693God I remember back on this one and still feel pissed af >be me 3 years ago >16 >spent a l…[View]
46970682are we reaI?[View]
46971192Have you ever been called for jury duty?[View]
46974717join the 2hu cosplay trap harem discord (NOT REIKO DESUDESUDESU) discord: bjAMbk[View]
46974892How do people make it to their 80s or 90s without going completely insane? I feel like the monotony …[View]
46972705I only really dislike black people out of spite towards the people that tell me I can't and cal…[View]
46973595>be le me >post le randome image to leddit >quarter of a million people see it >discussi…[View]
46974773Is alex sonetti from bad flower a robot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LinI5V37bOc[View]
46974445>people try to shame me by saying if I don't throw trash on the floor at my house, why would…[View]
46974690More Autistic Stories?: >Be Me >16 >Autistic virgin with no social skills >Go to the mal…[View]
46973339Holy fucking shit, can you imagine TWO WHOLE YEARS WITHOUT SEX??[View]
46974603What is your career goal? What are you doing right now and why have you not achieved your goal?[View]
46973258>At work >Boss asks if she can borrow phone to do something online >Whatever, unlock phone …[View]
46974565Gimme some of that good shit, anons[View]
46974568>will never have a gf that makes me lick her pussy everyday, multiple times a day Why does God ha…[View]
46973560why are women like this: >be me >machine >just chilling out and shit, beta as fuck so i don…[View]
46973259aghghe... aghg... ghhhh... ghhh[View]
46972484/california/: california bots, how do you like the state? I've lived in the Bay Area my whole …[View]
46974011Anon's first GF: > Be Me > Be 17 > Get first job at grocery store > Unbearbaly bori…[View]
46969591Non swear insults that sting >loser[View]
46974298This thread is to see how gay you robots are >You have died and have two options >You were a v…[View]
46974498Me (19) With younger brother (17) today >'I dont get why hes bragging about getting an escort' …[View]
46974489I don't understand why do girls always ignore me there's a girl working in the same place …[View]
46973943incels are cringe galore lmao[View]
46972589>tfw you wish you were a teacher to interact with pretty 18 year old girls again I miss the Staci…[View]
46971227>tfw life isn't anime Why can't life be anime? I want life to be anime.…[View]
46973390a story on why you dont date right wing wemon: >be me >be 16 >have no gf >loose your job…[View]
46972991I'm scared of going to college and doing computer science except its not what I really want, I…[View]
46971603Does anyone else still masturbate to her? I know she will never move to Odessa Texas to be with me b…[View]
46974110What do I do robots?: > Went to a standup thing, because I wanted to laugh > 8/10 and her frie…[View]
46968445Can some of you faggots who play this shit explain it to me? What's the appeal behind it? I pl…[View]
46970267Could you normies tell me your crazy gf stories? I want to feel a bit better about being KV.[View]
46965779College thread: This time of year, say your college + major Don't be lonely day 1[View]
46974058ok so i made this thread on /b/ >>>/b/775028578 (because i believe in trying to make as man…[View]
46974187just got some rangerboots at 127 clues![View]
46973751>want to be skinnier >just realized i'm heating up the oven for pizza rolls AAAAAAHHHHH I…[View]
46972758What is causing the decrease in testosterone in males? I need to know who to kill.[View]
46973158Veiny girthy cocks...[View]
46970958I haven't browsed /r9k/ in well over a year: Ever since I came out as homosexual. What's n…[View]
46973289age: 30 Look: 45 is it over for me?[View]
46973715i think i just got myself an e-gf.. what do i do[View]
46974037I control your thoughts and know you better than yourself. Yes Im talking to you asian fembot, I kno…[View]
46973617I'm such a petty human being. 8 years ago I played a game called ROBLOX and met a guy called ju…[View]
46971150'Sorry I'm late principal anon, I got caught in traffic.'[View]
46972895Masturbation: Laying in bed in the middle of the day when my dad comes in he starts taking shit out …[View]
46971158Why do so many women choose to do humanities instead of a real career? Not saying that there aren…[View]
46973598>be me >Beta fag robot >All the classroom chads make parties and I am always excluded >I…[View]
46972538>made it through my bicurious phase without sucking dick I dodged a bullet…[View]
46973486r9k is a meme and you all are larping: as per the subject, I've concluded that none of you are …[View]
46973670i dont even need hardcore porn anymore The sound of a cute girls voice is enough to get me off[View]
46971116Hi, my name is Paul and I hate women.[View]
46973290*makes eye contact*[View]
46971757Why don't you guys just make your own gf /r9k/?[View]
46970647Stop whatever you are doing and watch Nagi No Asukara right now[View]
46967973>Have a black coworker who is an older guy, very tough and rumble kind of guy >He always says …[View]
46971166>working on self-improvement >getting fit >realize that I don't even know where to fin…[View]
46966634D&D or PATHFINDER: Let's have no autism this edition. Any robots that are interested in pla…[View]
46961347Fembot Thread: Friendly fembot thread. How's your weekend so far fembots? Got anything planned …[View]
46972469>teeth are starting to hurt again >it's been at least a year since I last brushed I reall…[View]
46968716Renting An Apartment: Is there a foolproof way to avoid having to deal with bed bugs, even if the bu…[View]
46969818Pussy ass incel beta males need to watch this man' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvVl7_SEGgk…[View]
46967900Getting A Latina Gf: Serious Question Here: How do I get an artsy latina gf? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
46973621We will meet again. I don't know when, but we will.[View]
46973280>Class, for this project you need to form a group amongst yourselves BITCH I WILL CAP YOUR ASS…[View]
46971159Turns out somethings wrong with us[View]
46973422>be me >delivering chocolate for some fundraiser shit >go to particular house >see ring …[View]
46973538How do I convince people to give me money for free? I'm in need of funds to replace my now comp…[View]
46973589you're all a bunch of faggots i bet you virgins don't even watch the peppa pig show[View]
46973041Today was quite a good day, How was your day?[View]
46971535there's no hope, is there?: >5'5 manlet >too autistic to make new friends >old fr…[View]
46969894>walk upstairs to go to bed >hear little sister talking about her sex stories >'yeah, he on…[View]
46972569>tfw no kayaker bf[View]
46972316So i went to BK...rate my craving satisfaction: rate my defiance of /ck/'s advice of 'to go or …[View]
46973510reminder that 1998 is the most based year to be born in.[View]
46972378>tfw I'll never have a cute polynesian bf Why is it the race I find attractive is practicall…[View]
46973306As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain I take a look at my wife and realize she'…[View]
46972333Hello robot-kuns. I am a transgender fembot three months into HRT. At what point do I become girlfri…[View]
46972381I met a cute cosplay girl on a dating app, we've talked a lot and she seems to really like me a…[View]
46973375>me at work, nightshift on saturday >mfw someone left the channel on adult swim >mfw toonam…[View]
46972688Post good feels, lads. In a good mood tonight. >Got a nice wool blanket so can hopefully get bett…[View]
46972835>Terribly in love with her >Terrified of talking to her…[View]
46971691Men use partners as achievements that further their own social status. Women use partners to take/sh…[View]
46968301Well, which kid were you?[View]
46970966help me. i am so lonely all the time. i moved to a new city. i try to go out to bars,a lone. but i f…[View]
46973074>Tell friends/family I've never had/been to a sleep over >They say that's sad How ab…[View]
46967793Would you date a futanari? Her vagina works as well as her dick/balls.[View]
46973182am i still a robot if my gf is a robot too??? were both incredibly autistic does robotdom instantly …[View]
46969054Is anyone else's not working?[View]
46970050As a part time wagecuck, should I dive into the Touhou or Fate series first?[View]
46972893>male >index finger longer than ring finger JUST KILL ME NOW…[View]
46972808Anyone want to be my friend? I like war and everything related to it, pretty much /k/. I have a disc…[View]
46972933>be me >Tumblrina >Get complete control over the law >Abolish borders >Abolish guns …[View]
46972834Do you think they were justified in what they did, robots? Do you think they did it for revenge, or …[View]
46973024I'm going to fuck an escort this week.: My penis needs some fuckin' pussy. I'm comple…[View]
46972981I just bought a chastity cage on amazon and convinced some guy on discord i was a girl and be sent m…[View]
46972669How do you meet people? I'm great socially and am boy cute but I don't know where to meet …[View]
46970060Fembots, do you prefer cute penises or large ones?[View]
46972879Just downloaded bumble and only girl that messaged me was some whore begging money for nsfw pics. Pu…[View]
46972278Post robot snacks[View]
46969414Post your ideal mate, /R9K/[View]
46970774Where my Thinkbros at? Posting from x230t.[View]
46970543>tfw I envy plastic surgeried korean girls and their 'perfect flawless doll' look They can wear a…[View]
46970874Why do girls (male) do this?[View]
46969825would you live in this city?[View]
46972813>having drinks with a couple of friends at one of their houses >the host is this nice but kind…[View]
46970529There's a video of me jerking off a dog in the Web, $200 to the first person to find it[View]
46971281>100 women say size doesn't matter >1 says it does WTF ALL ROASTIES ARE SIZE QUEEN WHORES…[View]
46972023The tards in maryland public school 2394 (random number...): >this all started in 5th grade >…[View]
46971326>TFW I place the gun barrel in my mouth, but after a few long moments, I decide that tonight isn…[View]
46972720discord thread: post feels and servers[View]
46972698Longest time you have gone without having a conversation with a girl/boy: family members, cashiers, …[View]
46971957I just had an uplifting experience: This was the first time I've ever been flirted with on anyt…[View]
46972467evens: I take an uber to a bar and spend $40 of my $150 total in my bank account on booze and food a…[View]
46972313>boomer >zoomer Please stop.[View]
46965474I cannot take the pain anymore anons. I feel so alone. How is everyone else tonight?[View]
46970344I'm looking for a 2015 Lexus ES350 with the Nightfall Mica exterior[View]
46972226Have any robots ever been to a club before? What was it like?[View]
46970138What are you guys drinking tonight?: I just used some savings to order a lot of beer from a delivery…[View]
46968354Why do white american women like open relationships?[View]
46965924>TFW I meet a qt goth girl at college enrollment and she likes me I'm gonna make bros, i…[View]
46972505/r9krinkle/ - asian edition[View]
46971584Sometimes I regret my entire life and wish I was born a normie.[View]
46971340Mom is forcing me to take her friend's daughter out on a date What am I supposed to do on a fir…[View]
46972210>am borderline normie >i still keep coming back to this shithole of an echo chamber How do I b…[View]
46969917Tinder is a joke: I feel bad for bluepilled guys that try to use Tinder. The premise of Tinder is go…[View]
46968094which is morally worse? eating a dog or fucking a dog? let's assume for this that the dog was e…[View]
46972221>Be me >Play siege for almost a year >Feels like eons >Make friends and lose friends …[View]
46971946Feels: I can't do this anymore robros. Everyone is out there having fun and enjoying life while…[View]
46969310Why don't girls like me and my dashing good looks?[View]
46971667Robot Astrology: Hey Baby, What's your sign?[View]
46972118>life starts to become a very tedious chore[View]
46952901/r9gay/ - 388: Favourite gay related meme edition Mine is Jeffle last thread: >>46940307…[View]
46972104Why is there always toilet paper in the toilet after women use it? What the fuck are they doing wher…[View]
46969356Left or right? For me, it's the ine in the right.[View]
46972216Look at Stacy under the microscope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmuTZNbiyLY disgusting[View]
46970959Do girls actually care about if you have a nice butt?[View]
46971260If someone were to find who the biggest Chad in the world was, and rape his gf, then the rapist by d…[View]
46970376>Be me, 14 yo betafag >3AM >Bored af but don't want to sleep >idea.mp3 >Enter om…[View]
46968735What do you think of these leotards?[View]
46971098Help: >Be me >At resort >Mom and dad invite friends over >We play for a bit then the you…[View]
46971067Ever combine weed and alcohol?: So y'all I just had a hell of a fucking time with a good friend…[View]
46971176Sup robots. I want you all to know that this will not last forever. One day somone will come along a…[View]
46971984Would you settle for a gf who likes roleplaying as a baby?[View]
46971844Are 4chan and Reddit like brothers? Mortal enemies?[View]
46967363Does anyone else want their penis head to be milked by a qt Indian girl's soles? Cute Indian gi…[View]
46970503>19 yrs old >no friends >khv >live with parents Never in my life did I imagine I would b…[View]
469667802D > 3DPD: Serious question, anons: Is it actually possible - even with the best set imaginable -…[View]
46950639creativity is extremely healthy for a robot down in the dumps. share songs, videos, drawings, painti…[View]
46969675How do you personally cope with being ugly? I tend to cry myself to sleep.[View]
46971256>new to four chan how do you make text green Make fun of me for being normalfag…[View]
46971333How can I dedicate my life to make normalfags suffer in a legal way that won't make me go to ja…[View]
46971860IRL hedgehog thread? They're adorable and I need one Also inb4 sonic[View]
46971768Shit, Chad always gets the best girls. sucks[View]
46970873I need some robot enlightment. I have heard amazing things about Adderall and amphetamines, it helps…[View]
46971901>tfw got a match with an absolute perfect 6/10 gf tier qt Feeels good man She's gonna be min…[View]
46969172I posted a similar thread yesterday. Should I kill myself soon? My problems are deeply seated and pr…[View]
46971813comfy: can we get a comfy thread going? Im drunk and sad needing comfy feels[View]
46961126Claim your waifu. Hands off Ryuko she's mine[View]
46970089How depraved even are you guys anymore? When this place changed from better /b/ to Wizardchan, there…[View]
46961128Extremely unrealistic goals: What is something you fantasize about that is thought of as impossible,…[View]
46971692I don't have any money left, and i have to back to living with my mother[View]
46971687diskord feelz: post servers and feels server blacklist ( don't join em') >Cave of robo…[View]
46971568Blackpill: If you aren't into feet, you CANNOT be incel.[View]
46968613Just saw the trailer and can already tell that it will be shit. Why must they insert cringe gen z no…[View]
46964168Creative writing .: Can you to write a short story about this pic .[View]
46971140Is getting married even worth it?[View]
46968223Robots, what do you think about these stupid thot roasties posting these bullshit 'x days without se…[View]
46971555All I want is a gf who will cuck me, put me into chastity, force me to watch her ride chad's ma…[View]
46964947do fembots have big areolas[View]
46971418Why does it seem like there are more shitskins than there are whites on r9k[View]
46971128Considering loosing my virginity to a Pajeet. Should I do it anons?[View]
46971516fockiu fockiu fockiu is breath (oxygen) an adicction? i need to know very fast also i'm fuckin…[View]
46971419Chads. Why?: Why does it absolutely HAVE to be chads the ones that women only want to get fucked by?…[View]
46969663What do I say bros trying to get with this girl[View]
46970003>be me >adolf hitler >december 15th,1994 >come up with master plan to turn the war >i…[View]
46968669Nightwalk bros get in here? Post a photo and help me feel less lonely on this Saturday night.[View]
46970711Why do so many people like underage girls these days?[View]
46970461Music/Love/Teacher: /r9k/, my **very** cute piano teacher played one of Chopin's nocturnes for …[View]
4697091628 and a virgin no friends most people dont care for me, they ignore me, they talk over me, or are p…[View]
46965783Anyone else here insecure about not having a degree/never having gone to college? It's one thin…[View]
46969366Let's have a wholesome thread: I save people's photos, not to doxx them, but because I lik…[View]
46970715Work threads: >Be me >Start working at this seafood place about 2 days ago >got hired beca…[View]
46971160>normie challenges me to a game of chess >always wind up opening a box of checkers instead and…[View]
46970661Hello this is a letter for anyone out there. Hey well how can i say this... im stuck. yes thats righ…[View]
46971043Why do some guys become cyborgs as opposed to full robots? What makes some more capable of performin…[View]
46971002>tfw no gf stores near me Now where am I supposed to get one?[View]
46971037>bmwf cuckold shit is spammed on this board for years at this point >there are multiple porn b…[View]
46971033Is it weird to collect women's hair? I have a bunch of locks from this one qt coworker[View]
46971011> Open drink > Eat food > Brush crumbs off bed > Crumbs go in drink > Mfw…[View]
46970168killing my soul with kindness: I give and give and give and never ask for anything in return. There …[View]
46970550'whatare you staring at, fuck my fag tranny hole'[View]
46970752spiritual warfare: Our great depression is our lives OUR GREAT WAR IS A SPIRITUAL WAR[View]
46967577Why is he always talking about the importance of being a strong alpha manly man when he's a wea…[View]
46970071Is KingAssRipper a chad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4IyH6WtP0k[View]
46967976thoughts about Black Sissy Poster: Can we have a serious discussion about the Black Sissy Poster? No…[View]
46970923Letter Thread. You know what to do. Maybe he/she will actually read it...[View]
46970919ITT: We get the godly digits >>46967777[View]
46969173Hello l desperately need an unironic mommy gf interested in mdlb. Please no underage. lb#2654[View]
46970459hey does anyone know of any bacteria looking for a job? I need somebody to clean my fucking room[View]
46970881How much trouble would you get, as a celebrity, for exposing the truly grim secrets of our society? …[View]
46970020So after thousands of years of being raped and pillaged I still turned out 90.9% Greek. Only 7.1% ra…[View]
46970693how do i get lucky??: I'm tired of this shitty luck[View]
46969748New autist entering the arena: > Hear about 4chan from reddit > Go on website > Try to post…[View]
46970765Make my girls, Norwegian.[View]
46969692I like franxx. I don't like the socks and sandals with the uniforms.[View]
46970750>tfw spent 25 years in the hyperbolic no gf chamber[View]
46970653i wish i could be happy this is obviously not original[View]
46966083Would you ever fuck a black woman and bust inside her?[View]
46969654Some girls in the subway just giggled at me the whole ride. It all started when one of the girls sai…[View]
46969532What is it like to own a cat? Should I buy a cat?[View]
46970294>oneitis tells me that she knows I'm going to end up being a wizard See, most women try to …[View]
46970399Best cities to live in thread, from all over the world please. Minneapolis is the first stopping po…[View]
46970017Competitive TF2 is one of the most autistic games of all time[View]
46968103(Cracked Allowed) Minecraft 1.12.2 Anarchy Server: Hey Anon, bored on a Saturday night? Well do I ha…[View]
46969853How was your day?: How was your day today anons? Mine was pretty great, had a particularly lulzy mom…[View]
46970604>be me >have anxiety >be my dog >have anxiety i think i've finally found a friend, …[View]
46961396>15: big deal if i don't have sex >16: someday it'll happen >17: any day now, i k…[View]
46970142If killing someone meant you'ld become a normalfaggot would you? You'ld still have your co…[View]
46970491Does pic related means we can fill lawsuits against r/greentexts?[View]
46970206I have the urge to bully all my discord friends till they block me and I'm completely alone. Wh…[View]
46970396Have you been disowned for begin a robot yet? pic related[View]
46969615>Snapchat a girl who i used to be friends with >Reply is just 'fuck off' for literally no reas…[View]
46970143I don't even know what I want anymore, just that I feel miserable and though it may stop for a …[View]
46970410I want to buy a chastity cage off amazon for $30 or less. ive been looking and I haven't found …[View]
46969163>stare at something >it warps slightly and always appears to move What's going on? I don…[View]
46969309Hey Blackbots, would you ever consider eating your white friends in a shtf scenario? >college cam…[View]
46969256l'm gay desu[View]
46970349I got the qt trans girl I met on tinder to add me on Snapchat![View]
46970330Lazy greentext: > Check google > Check 4chan > Check reddit > Check Twitter > Check …[View]
46970246>Earth >Round[View]
46969354Ask an autismo ISTJ NEET anything.[View]
46969581what are you listening to rn?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oBidOS-u630[View]
46968341Christ this place is such a mess, countless tranny/fags/bbc threads, makes me wonder how i stayed th…[View]
46970315>6 years down the drain How do you cope with wasting your time[View]
46970144reminder: reminder that its societies and womens fault that some people turn into violent murderers …[View]
46966129How many > Women have seen your dick > Men have seen your dick…[View]
46967359Do you think this girl is ugly? She thinks she's ugly.[View]
46970118Why am I so attracted to cartoon girls?[View]
46969404Mitsuku chatbot: I can just imagine her being the center of the technological singularity.[View]
46970033>I'll be productive tomorrow! >end up spending the whole day on /bant/, /x/, /r9k/, /pol/…[View]
46969120comfy thread: let's cut the shit boys, just post beautiful paintings so we can escape this hell…[View]
46957081vocaroo: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1j8SMaOsex9 heres a topic >what are you waiting for in the mail…[View]
46969358Who's worse british people or black people?[View]
46970188A one trick pony in a one horse town You're feeling lonely and the cable's down You feel l…[View]
46947440Women are superior to males and deserve to be worshiped. all males should be submissive. submissive …[View]
46970058Cozy thread: >stayed up till late >go to sleep at 3-4ish >thunderstorm starts >thunder s…[View]
46970130discord serbers?: any1 got some comfy yet autistic discord servers? need to get more again after bei…[View]
46970074alright u normies, which one of u was this[View]
46970084Steps to profit: Step 1, watch first video to 32 seconds then pause and mute. Step 2, play first and…[View]
46968747Should I quit playing video games? It feels like I just play them to distract myself when I could be…[View]
46970061Hey guys I need to find a really good pc (with moniter) for gaming, my ps4 started to get too loud a…[View]
46970052>Be me >Have oneitis Ive known for years and years >Havent really been super close since h…[View]
46970039I ducked up: So, a couple weeks ago I had an argument with my dad that just left me feeling like shi…[View]
46969954>Be me >17 >I'd have multiple bottles of piss laying hidden in my room because I didn…[View]
46968818>go to walmart to buy next months ramen supply >cute girl at checkout (would do self checkout …[View]
46965936Ok r9k, how much would you be willing to pay for your own catgirl slave? I'm willing to haggle …[View]
46969165Kill me god: >be me >rn my friends are going to what i think it could be the best party >g…[View]
46969963i havent came in two weeks, someone give me their details and i will literally bust for you, i cant …[View]
46969499>tfw no friends Damn I want to kill myself. Im so lonely, anyone know how to make friends?…[View]
46969938>why do you want a relationship so much, anon? >don't you know you can be happy and fulfi…[View]
46968870Favorite new songs of the week: Alkaline Trio - Blackbird The Offspring - Down Greta Van Fleet - Whe…[View]
46969420last generation lads: https://www.blogitbd.info/success-of-blood-test-for-autism-affirmed/…[View]
46969876>tfw no triboci bf[View]
46969093>2018 >still using the foot jew I seriously hope you guys don't do this.…[View]
46969473I sure do hate females[View]
46969073post everything you could be doing other than 4chan ill start finishing ff7, sleeping, getting a gf…[View]
46965792Is it weird to put a wig on and take pictures of myself in the woods /r9k/? Pic is me[View]
46969777Am I destined to be like my great uncle?: >great uncle was quite like me, short, very skinny and …[View]
46968846Some Irish fembot around here? 2343[View]
46968379>feel like a loser >see social media that makes me feel even more like a loser and makes me en…[View]
46969659Vocaroo thread: converse with eachother with voice messages. Here I'll start: https://vocaroo…[View]
46968349Hi everyone~ Brand new ded serber p much please join and help us grow it!Just dont be a normie and a…[View]
46969503Alright, robots. I know you've got at least one of these stories up one of your sleeves. Cringy…[View]
46967162>Mfw Chester Bennington hung himself >Mfw lil peep overdosed and died >Mfw XXXtentacion was…[View]
46960740Social Media: What is social media doing to society? Will we do anything for likes? I just saw an IG…[View]
46969460How do you know if a girl is pretending to like you to make fun of you or just feels bad for you?[View]
46969568/Comfy/: 2 comfy threads in one night huh? Lets make it 3 What are you listening to right now roboma…[View]
46967651>Never had a major illness >6' >Broad shouldered and solid >Put on muscle easy, t…[View]
46969355Socially retarded anon here. How the fuck do you approach women? Pic not related[View]
46968043/noshower/: When was your last shower anon, and what is your record for longest without one? >3 w…[View]
46969412do you also had that kid at school that just like in animes said his thoughts out loud?[View]
46967680I like black tranny porn. Serious black tranny porn dump thread.[View]
46968947>socially inept, insecure, too self conscious, but somehow still barely functioning >sometimes…[View]
46968032> be in sweden > breed with us minority-anon! w-what do!?!!…[View]
46969201Attention everyone: I am officially on female hormones. Who wants to be the first one to plow my boi…[View]
46968436every being lives to pro-create. if a creature cannot attract a mate, it is genetically and socially…[View]
46967099how do i become a femboy?[View]
46969124>girls often call me 'cute' How do I capitalize on this? What women prefer 'cute' guys?…[View]
46969182>tfw 5/10 not smiling >tfw 2/10 smiling because nose gets huge and skin wrinkles up everywhere…[View]
46964361>think about trying to be an artist because those are the only people history remembers who tend …[View]
46969176I talked to someone on here and they posted my discord info while I was sleeping: They told people t…[View]
46969107Anyone have this webm of some skinny guy humping a girl doggy at rapid fucking speed? The caption of…[View]
46966087Guys we need to talk about those (((gamers)))[View]
46969122i don't get teenage relationships nowadays. It's all about having sex now, where's th…[View]
46967424What law would you put into place?: Share it, even if its incriminating/embarrassing. My law would b…[View]
46969038you are a cuck if you marry or have a serious relationship in the year 2018[View]
46968275Why can't I have a social life? Everything with people sucks but I'm so lonely[View]
46968653Dear /r9k/, Please help me find any other art or handles by the person who made this art. through t…[View]
46968366NoFap: Is NoFap just a meme? Or does it actually work. I think its like a placebo. Just want to know…[View]
46969065Will I ever be able to move out of my parents' house? 27 and just got my first job but we live …[View]
46964841Why can't you give Roasty a chance?: She is just a human being. And yeah she made some mistake…[View]
46968510It is literally impossible to be an incel. your standards are too high or youre not trying hard enou…[View]
46968721males with bpd or any other related mental illness should kill themselves as soon as possible >th…[View]
46968821Few weeks ago I saw one of my cousins slapping his mother ass. Yesterday I saw another one of my cou…[View]
46968960my best friends is moving to the other side of the country guys :( i'm gonna be all alone again[View]
46965957>TFW no smol gf to hold me close to her chest (chest size doesn't matter just the act of hol…[View]
46965016Music Time: What are you listening to, lads? Here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exOU0…[View]
46968748>haven't had sex in 5 minutes Being a fembot is hard[View]
46968709Tomorrow's my birthday anons! What should i spend my good boy points on?[View]
46964578How do we end degeneracy?[View]
46967668I took a pic of mars, rate.[View]
46968684Do any of you have any kind of DIY or crafts type of job ? I just wanted some recommendation of hob…[View]
46959376ITT: We live in pic related[View]
46968647You can literally see the exact time r9k went to shit[View]
46967541Undo these chains my friend, I'll show you the rage I've been in.[View]
46968623>feel lonely so went on youtube to find gf cos play videos >started to watch an ear eating vid…[View]
46968766Is he /ourguy/? 284984483481[View]
46967173haven't had a dream in years: anyone else know this feel? i literally /never/ have dreams >n…[View]
46967511My grandchildren discovering my computer in 2090 >I can't believe grandpa died >me neithe…[View]
46967303Went to the mall today and almost every Asian person that blocked my path stayed in my way. They mad…[View]
46968664>spells 'blood' with fingers in class[View]
46968216I have absolutely no purpose in life. There are no foreign countries to be explored and no battles t…[View]
46966509>tfw no incredibly advanced bionic arm[View]
46967664How depressed do you think it makes a girl to settle down with a beta? Does a girl compare her curre…[View]
46968433ughhh... I just started my period. Does anyone know if it was dark chocolate that helps?[View]
46965455Love Live breeding party!: You've been given the rare opportunity to impregnate as many raibus …[View]
46968612>tfw snake trapped in a human body: >tfw people don't believe you >tfw they just think…[View]
46967061I'm giving up on women, i'm giving up on friends, i'm giving up on 'success', i'…[View]
46967971Whats it like to place a big willy inside your mouth?[View]
46967250We be sucking cock here nigga Lemme suck yo meat whiteboi[View]
46967938Gib rosie gf for the love of god. https://youtu.be/VcQbNN3_N4M[View]
46966511>get BTFO'd in an argument >call the person a faggot >close thread, close my PC, go ou…[View]
46968333Thinking about offing myself In an original way of course[View]
46968356What are some schizo youtube videos you have watched? I just saw some dumb cubano talking about the …[View]
46967118why is music so damn fucking boring and reptitive, it's always just the same old fucking shite[View]
46968336>30 y.o. incels wtf is their problem?[View]
46968323>not having a vorecow gf and feeding her normies to keep her happy and stuffed >not poking dig…[View]
46967093If you don't >Attend College/Uni or work >Have a healthy diet and a healthy weight >Re…[View]
46968093Anyone else a recovering sissy cock addict?[View]
46968272every time i leave i come back: this time im leaving permanently because i'm going to do you kn…[View]
46968268Why haven't you killed yourself via auto erotic asphyxiation yet?[View]
46960802The first 10 or so anons that post in this thread will get raped by monster girls. Ill decide which …[View]
46964590>>46964022 before the thread was rudely deleted I was going to ask if you were looking for fri…[View]
46966976>get out can of baked beans for dinner >open lid >bunch of white stuff on top >date says…[View]
46968141>concerned my parents check the condom in my wallet and have secretly marked it >think they ch…[View]
46968188When I was a kid, I always questioned religion. I wondered how my mom knew our religion was the corr…[View]
46967532Trip Anastasia: Test Gcfudyducucsdbbdf[View]
46966400>live in small 1/1 apartment >boomer neighbors always complain about smell of weed to landlord…[View]
46966493/cyborg general/: One of those days edition A thread for those who are normal enough to function in …[View]
46964689/britfeel/: lads on tour in mallager edition[View]
46967565Real talk here.: Depression isn't a real disorder/illness, fuck you and your retarded complaint…[View]
46968107My parents hoard stuff they don't use, and we live in a small house. My mom gets mad when I con…[View]
46966836[Intro] Niggas iffy, uh, Black got the Sissy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum, it holds fifty, uh Cum Ga…[View]
46964393why doesnt anyone love transbots ;-;[View]
46968050>Be me >On vacation with family >Our hotel room is really nice aside from some tiny ants th…[View]
46966564Why were so many nazis gay?[View]
46966339Why is it so many ginger girls date niggers? It's so fucking bizarre and very repulsing seeing…[View]
46966866How are you supposed to maintain a relationship? I dont really know how it happened but Ive got a g…[View]
46967072Hella my name is Mullah. I live from Morocco City and here internet connection is expensive so I hav…[View]
46966600I want to eat Veronica Rodriguez's ass. Anyone else know this feel?[View]
46965741Elliot was a incomptent failure: >Tried to get revenge on the chads and Stacys >Didn't ev…[View]
46967516ITT: We hate the black tranny/sissy spammer[View]
46967623I need as much money as I can get to purge Islam from Europe. I have 2000 euros willing to lose it a…[View]
46967926FART HARDER, remember to[View]
46967416Why arent you on tinder yet picking up women?[View]
46967845>9/10, black Stacey oneitis stolen by some white chad Fucking disgusting. Like taking strong blac…[View]
46958247How does the average femanon look like? Ive heard allot of different things[View]
46965992Why are stockings so fucking hot?[View]
46967802why: why am i spending most of my day teaching our robot overlords at google, how to navigate realit…[View]
46967400Why does my vision have a static filter?[View]
46967295Why do white women hate asian women so much? originalio commento[View]
46967159>Made a girl I like laugh Well it was nice knowing you guys, I'm off to Chadville!…[View]
46966304Tomorrow I have a date with a girl that's a solid 8.5 out of 10, which is incredibly out of my …[View]
46967770Not this again: >be me >genetical clone of adolf hitler >remember ww1 >storming a french…[View]
46963726Seriously why havent you lads tried Indomie yet? >Super delicious >Quick to make 10 minutes …[View]
46964894>only friend is female >she's a legit 9 >orbit her like mad but know I'll never h…[View]
46967606>'masturbating lowers your testosterone!' I guess that means having sex also lowers your testoste…[View]
46967679Robot telegram chat: https://t.me/joinchat/CcpcWj521prrj-enot-Byw no normies[View]
46967615cringe attack: >remember an embarrassing moment years ago >realize that somebody else remember…[View]
46965544>fugg man >I spend most of my time at home feeling so fucking lonely >even though I feel …[View]
46967183>be me >good boy >bitch mommy died ten years ago >Bones lying in the corner of my room …[View]
46967631greentex thread: we need one of these OC only sweetie thank you >be me >software dev wageslave…[View]
46965919>tfw your soulmate is out there and exists but most likely getting beat by her bf in some third w…[View]
46966776My younger brother always gets invited to go somewhere with friends but he always declines and stays…[View]
46965587MELEE!: CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER! Dun dun dunnnnnnn dun Dunn duuuunnnn[View]
46967050>just take a shower dude[View]
46960631Guy who brags about his autist gf here making another thread. >I never had any proof that she was…[View]
46957475Why do Neets think they have better lives than wageslaves Im an accountant who makes over 50000 doll…[View]
46967310Anyone else enjoy misery?: I've been happy for so long that it has become comforting.[View]
46963323Cocks desu...[View]
46962499>tfw short and ethnic Daily reminder that if you are tall and white, you live life on easy mode. …[View]
46967291I think i can't take it anymore robots I have to quit this place, my mind is getting too corrup…[View]
46967338bros how should i feel about my mother leaving to live and work in germany with my older 35 year old…[View]
46966747It really is incredible how subverted society has become. Yuri Bezmenov was right all along. The ave…[View]
46959834I am an SJW. I am proud of this. I will never apologize for it. Last year I ruined Thanksgiving for …[View]
46966076RPG: Hello people I am looking for Anons interested in playing RPGs . I own a discord secret where I…[View]
46965421Why are fat old guys so common in japanese porn?[View]
46966941cucked: >be me >19 y.o >gets ignored 24 7 from HB6 and HB5 >read TRP for a few weeks …[View]
46967123I got fired for sperging out at my first job. Talked to my psych about it and he threw some Lyrica i…[View]
46965991Hello, I enjoy anime and video games do any of you guys relate to this ?[View]
46967140spend 20 minuets talking shit to myself in the mirror: I really showed me. I shit talked my looks an…[View]
46964694be honest, have you ever made a woman make a face like this?[View]
46967007E35, do i go[View]
46967133Which transgirI has the biggest dick in /r9k/? I want to give her money for pics of it. Add - Slashe…[View]
46962013Stories involving femanons with BPD/Bipolarity? Let's hear em out robots![View]
46964782>l'rn ready to finally settIe down anon[View]
469659293 motherfucking words >Baby >Makin' >Factory…[View]
46966520SOmetimes I need to smack myself, literally smack myself across the face to keep me from having an a…[View]
46965373>look everyone! Anon came to school wearing clothes on naked day! HAHAHAHA…[View]
46966636Will girls think I'm an autist if I like plants? I have a lot of plants, cacti, air plants, an …[View]
46966775>tfw not man enough for a woman[View]
46965904>my girlfriend is probably cheating on my with her bi best friend >shes probably gonna come o…[View]
46966322Do you guys change while in a relationship?: I do, I always prioritize them and drop things for them…[View]
46966920>I read the news today, oh boy >About a lucky man who made the grade >And though the news w…[View]
46965181Hey guys I'm driving to Virginia Beach in a few hours overnight by myself. My GPS says it'…[View]
46966804>she's bigger than me! Original[View]
46956718Why is it so difficult to get a gf if you're white? Are whites (or at least white dudes) the le…[View]
46966789Hello I desperately need an unironic mommy gf interested in mdlb. Please no underage. lb#2654[View]
46963310Dubs decide if I kill myself today. I mean it.[View]
46966256I have $1000 in my bank account. How do I turn them into $100k ?[View]
46965227Guess that game![View]
46966338look at this doggie please[View]
46966284https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/signs-and-symptoms-of-colon-cancer.html Guys I'm freaking ou…[View]
46966671stop fucking posting this pic everywhere. yeah, im talking to you, original poster. yeah YOU. stop p…[View]
46964406have you ever seen a girl beat a guy at wrestling? how humiliating was it?[View]
46966554God, l wish this was me. Original.[View]
46965448What is your opinion on self-employment? Is it patrician tier like NEETdom or is any work at all det…[View]
46965964>Be me >One of my only friends introduces me to his female friend >Become good friends with…[View]
46965213Are cigars /ck/? What are some of your favourites?[View]
46961949Any minecraft servers?: no /login required servers please I want a minecraft server to play, please …[View]
46965691best way to stop masturbation?: I just wanna live a nice life, bots. Any tips will help, so please j…[View]
46963691HEAT IN FINLAND: >Rare heatwave in Finland I literally can't take this shit anymore. I live …[View]
46965969So, anon.... when was the last time you've shit your pants? I'm 18, did it roughly 20 minu…[View]
46966312Stop browsing /r9k/. Browsing /r9k/ serves no purpose. It's full of people trying to turn you g…[View]
46964402>somehow girl likes me >tfw tried playing it cool not to seem like a desperate incel (which I …[View]
46965977>used to drink every night >now I get severe headaches even while still drunk >also get too…[View]
46964663Three Days.: I have endured >three days of festival >three days of being kinda chilly and half…[View]
46966332party p p party: Man, living at home is such a drag Now your mom threw away your best porno mag You…[View]
46966266>mom is withholding sex again..[View]
46966327Who else /eatsout/? What are your favorite fast food places, and what do you get? Fast food is all I…[View]
46966148>cleaning out my room because moving out of this apartment >find list of new years resolutions…[View]
46966279>see a qt working at sonic >run out of money returning to try and see her again >no avail w…[View]
46964649God damn I just want to Roll a joint with Molly and just fuckin' chill for a night. Nothing sex…[View]
46965700Can you pronounce 'th' correctly? Pic unrelated.[View]
46966253>make successful thread on /pol/ >post in it prolifically arguing my position >rack up a to…[View]
46965052>be me >post a blaitantly fake greentext >involves physically assaulting tards >also so…[View]
46965535Pepe Thread: Put one in or take a few out[View]
46966066Guess who's on omegle right now boys?[View]
46964667Have some plants or flowers, Anon. We have so many ugly things in our lives. We give, but never rece…[View]
46965008Chat: Any robots wanna chat? Ik a nice discord server where we can chill as well[View]
46966208I'm baaaaaack!! - Dead Boy Roy[View]
46966101Should girls be allowed to hold each other's hands?[View]
46966002How do i talk to females? Let's say there's a female i know, but only from sight, no conta…[View]
46965847Does anyone else dream of having a pure Aryan wife and raising warrior sons whilst living in harmony…[View]
46960415Anyone else feel an enormous sense of relief after giving up on women and the thought of raising a f…[View]
46965737>had a runny nose while masturbating >got the idea to use mucus as lube >way better than sp…[View]
46964336How to I obtain life skills?: I am an autist with a shitload of knowledge on a wide variety of topic…[View]
46961425How is life treating you, r9k? How are you holding up?[View]
46963496You will die alone: Get your shit together fucking loser[View]
46964392l don't want to work[View]
46965642Name the feel: What's the name for that feeling of wanting to be around somebody without preten…[View]
46966007mfw zuck is huge cuck lol[View]
46965769Do you guys really think being a male provider is bad?: No bait or roleplaying surely you already pr…[View]
46957255Do men really care about how genitals look like? I'm a virgin but like I literally have a roast…[View]
46965956Why am I like this? Even my 'incel' friend has had elementary school girlfriends, people around don…[View]
46965871Can I kick it, r9k?[View]
46963176Im going to McDonalds lads what should i get?[View]
46962377Which one should i sipp first? >inb4 he fell for the bommer jew[View]
46962420Rusted walls confront my blue hook midgaze. Anthropological stone carve inside what yes you have it.…[View]
46965618Another useless party, another lonely walk home Is it even worth the trouble, boys? The sadness real…[View]
46964838>be me >asperger >actually happy about it >I don't even watch anime Why is my kind …[View]
46961164This happened just over 8 years ago.[View]
46962509Why do we bother lying to kids? They all eventually learn that the Disney bullshit they were sold wa…[View]
46965640blame parents for our problems ITT: who else here /shit genetics/ ? >be my dad >turbo manlet t…[View]
46965731I've been clacking my teeth the whole day and my jaw started hurting. Am I autistic? I also pac…[View]
46965378/r9k/ is quite possibly the shittiest board in the history of imageboards when you really think abou…[View]
46965715>been a robot for much of my life >begin working on myself >start with outer appearance …[View]
46964914ANON GET IN HERE NOW I need someone to work Saturday, to finish off these accounts. I cannot make it…[View]
46964616Let's all search official video on Youtube and see what we each get. We can also post our judge…[View]
46962020ITT: We share our recent successes: >got my first wageslave pay >had a 10+ minute conversation…[View]
46965533>order an order of 9 hot wings for delivery >get it >they put 14 hot wings in there…[View]
46964564sup /r9k/, Is this legal? For the past few months I have been going to watch little boys race pinewo…[View]
46963505/drugfeel/ #1: I can be the host of these threads if yall want, you can expect them to pop up around…[View]
46965387What's wrong with public executions of thiefs, murderers, rapists and the sort?[View]
46965589>chad finger blasts my mom >uses the same hand to punch me in the throat on his way out of my …[View]
46965490>tfw when born a ginger but got brown hair growing up God is real and have mercy.…[View]
46964146R9k and Pedophilia: Are pedophiles robots? Like, robots are supposed to be the lowest level on the s…[View]
46965472How do I become a 30-year-old boomer?[View]
46964764>make a thread about having no friends >guy tells me to post his discord so that he can add me…[View]
46964456I think I've reached a peak level of being pathetic. >play mmorpg >in guild >friendly …[View]
46965209Life's Good: This day feels like the first day in months that I've able to be truly happy.…[View]
46965509Just found out that my friend got a nigger boyfriend Post racist stuff (preferably mocking shitskins…[View]
46965469>tfw lots of cute matches but don't know what to say to any of them…[View]
46964614I am masturbating so much my shoulder hurts really bad, I'm too embarrassed about it to visit a…[View]
46965109>there's a huge number of beautiful Stacies in the world who have AIDS or some other horribl…[View]
46964885>Be me >14 year old >On a trip with my family in a ski resort, first day of the trip >Go…[View]
46965046>tfw no yandere fembot gf[View]
46964459>tfw my cat spilled his drinking water >beat the shit out of that little cunt >now he'…[View]
46965393Milk boy meets bird girl: >Be me >On holiday in Budapest with the bois >Legends.jpeg >We…[View]
46964840/steamfeeIs/: >tfw still no robot friends to play video games or watch animu with…[View]
46962687>Has Had Sex and/or multiple relationships >claims to be a robot Choose one You don't bel…[View]
46965336>Anon, after all these years, I think I'm finally ready to settle down >I've realize…[View]
46962864is nofap even worth or is it just a myth?[View]
46963224How do men feel about long nails? How about decorated ones? Or just plain manicured? Fake or otherwi…[View]
46965142IQ: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely…[View]
46964497Giving up hope: I know and fully understand that no woman will ever love me. Yet whenever I think of…[View]
46965157>be me, some years ago >have a broke friend who loves video games >managed to buy a used p…[View]
46964794>lock eyes with pretty girl >day ruined[View]
46964899was van gogh a robot?: van gogh would have been posting on r9k if he was alive now. >serious, qui…[View]
46963644Is stirner /ourguy/? He literally doesnt give a shit about anything.[View]
46965071Why does this make 'pol4inch' butthurt? Why is he so insecure? Is he afraid his sister will be fucke…[View]
46964398>it's a person treats you like a normal person for once but you've been isolated for so…[View]
46962035Meanwhile, in a far better world...[View]
46963195You can bone the shit out of any celebrity in the world who would you chose[View]
46963154What is your favorite Wojak? I like the old ones where him and Pepe are good friends.[View]
46964211>once chance at life >born a roastie[View]
46964340>One chance at Iife >Born a virgin[View]
46964786WouId you do it?[View]
46963282My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
46964903/r9feels/: Robots, I can finally feel again. I had been on medication that had dulled my emotions. H…[View]
46963352Anon. Psst, hey anon. You're an ugly faggot.[View]
46964716Anyone else struggle to enjoy anything at all? I dont even like eating anymore, I just force myself …[View]
46962544Describe your orgasms? Yes?[View]
46964799Why did I watched the video from when I was in middle School?, oh god. all the memories are coming b…[View]
46963257How easy is it for a black guy to get a slavic girl? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Mol[View]
46963991Some of you anons really are disgusting.[View]
46962706>Sat next to 14 year old girl on the bus >The sweet smell of her hair >Her soft skin >Ye…[View]
46961143/britfeel/: Which one of you cunts is messing about with /ourtim/ edition https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
46961144>see a picture with both pepe and wojak in it >dont know whether to put it in my pepe folder o…[View]
46962511>walking home >See this Now what?[View]
46962656>decide to go for a walk one day >walking in the park >come across twins >for some reaso…[View]
46962190I wanna start a youtube channel I dont wanna get big or care about views, I just want something to d…[View]
46960862Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H50nqenYMDM[View]
46963512Here's a pill you losers need to take. You have to be creepy to get girls if you're not Ch…[View]
46963632ITT: Retarded shit normalfags say >Well if you don't like X (movie/food/etc.) why don't…[View]
46964506>tfw youre a minority in everything in terms of looks, intelligence, social status, personality, …[View]
46962916>hear about people meeting girls on discord >I never talk to people are play or games with any…[View]
46961508/cyborg general/: hoping this won't die with 3 responses edition A thread for those who are nor…[View]
46956545So this is the new normie meme thats starting to trend[View]
46959680>i fucked my best friends girlfriend what the fuck should i do guys he find out that i fucked her…[View]
46964476Is there anything worse than a '''''man''''' who betrays his fellow men because he thinks it'll…[View]
46962619What is the point of having a gf: if she isn't the one you really want? i know at least 4 peopl…[View]
46964229>tfw no pure bf that does lewd stuff with me once in a while why does every gay guy i meet have t…[View]
46962825Why do normies love music so much?: Seriously. Out of all forms of entertainment, normies love music…[View]
46961458This guy fucks, yet you don't.... why?[View]
46964063I'm home alone in my rich mom's big house. Wut should I do? Should I go outside and try to…[View]
46964080You all tick this on every post.[View]
46963166Why is atheism the belief system with the most autistic following?[View]
46964288join me on omegle you cucks r9k is the tag[View]
46964272sup /r9k/ used to post here like five years ago and then i got a gf and left. now i'm back cus …[View]
46963318hey frends ill be straight with u ,.,.,, i need more frends !!!!!!!!!!!!! u need some too !! the wor…[View]
46963125A recent chain of events ended recently, and the story is amusing enough I decided to post it here …[View]
46963183Get the fuck out of your fucking truck bitch![View]
46963837Will someone come and make me do dirty things on cam on xtube?[View]
46964060dude just stop being socially awkward[View]
46963902Hey, would you eat chad's ass?[View]
46957040Video games? haha... yeah I play once in a while... What game? uh... hahaha.... you know....[View]
46963968You can't be a fembot unless you're a lesbian >non existent dating pool so you're …[View]
46960789fembots, how often do you shave? do you even shave at all?[View]
46964127What's the longest you've gone without showing[View]
46961908>if we show too much sexual interest early, you're considered a fuckboi and girls will avoid…[View]
46963052piss: Mom found the piss fleshlights[View]
46964041The normie life is depressing. Being yourself is much more fun and easier[View]
46961332What's your favorite song of all time? https://youtu.be/Z25q-CY7mRU[View]
46964011>doesn't want to fuck fat woman >standards are too high…[View]
46964017stressed out over buying a new computer don't know what i'll get or how long it'll ta…[View]
46964016>be me 14 >live in my mum's cellar >scream out for my tendies >she tells me to go o…[View]
46962861Whats the point of talking to people?: I want to understand, whats the point of telling someone some…[View]
46963216robots, I need advice on my 4 year plan I started a dope job 4 months ago, great foundation to start…[View]
46963947my mom forgot to leave the lights on after she gave me my goodnight kiss now im too afraid to go out…[View]
46962769Have you ever made jokes as offensive as pic related's? Why?[View]
46963806Would you smash judge judy?[View]
46963951>be me >in school >decide to try and make a joke >fail horribly >kids start laughing …[View]
46963779>Be me, Spic >Live in US. >Adapt to the US culture, learn the language. >Appreciate the …[View]
46962965Who /ugmon/ here? When was the first you realized you were ugly? Would you consider surgery? Is it p…[View]
46963168>fembot on discord catching feelings Silly bitch I'm not your man[View]
46962177What a powerful massage[View]
46963536>You've never seen one before, fembot?[View]
46963508So what does /r9k/ listen to on a Saturday night?[View]
46954644Ticks are everywhere: You feel a tickle in your ear, that is a tick on your eardrum.[View]
46960234I am a cuckold, and I actually do find black men attractive, and like to see them fuck white girls a…[View]
46963718I need help lads. What's a good sub-reddit?[View]
46962328How do you fake smile?[View]
46963689Hey guys today i tried making a pe pe myself :D didnt even use a drawing tablet. hope that you guys …[View]
46963530Is going to costarica alone on my 30 birthday a good idea? I want to go somewhere interesting, not s…[View]
46963269I am feel miserable: >be me >have a friend from childhood. Now 21. >meet again. >Be a NE…[View]
46963663>you will never be a high test alpha sadist who rapes a gorgeous bitch and she secretly loves it…[View]
46963526>had a dream about grazing a girl >wake up with a boner…[View]
46960302I'm baned from my little sister's 14th birthday because last year I gave her an atomic wed…[View]
46962520How do I get a redhead gf?[View]
46963511please please please help me: hello, can anyone please do this? i know it seems like a weird request…[View]
46963304Relate pls: You just sit in bed the whole day,, hiding from your parents in your room. You're b…[View]
46963467>Your plan is a mistake,he repeated >This world is a mistake,I replied…[View]
46960637What's with this 'gluten free' shit? We had a potluck at work and some old busybody hag de…[View]
46960674anxiety: Anyone here have any techniques to temporarily get rid of anxiety? I've been feeling c…[View]
46963020When life is too much to bear what do you do to go into proverbial fetal position? Are there any son…[View]
46953379Anybody want to share thoughts and experiences on 9/11 not related to politics or conspiracy theorie…[View]
46963370>tfw can't decide what to eat today[View]
46963225hey folks I'm what y'all fellas would call a Chad[View]
46959513>tfw fast metabolism >I could literally eat double cheese burgers for every meal and not gain …[View]
46960974R9K SMOKER THREAD: What are you guys smoking on? >Your favorite cigs >what you are smoking rn …[View]
46963190>wipe ass >spots of bright red blood on the toilet paper In hell, the floor is hemorrhoids.…[View]
46963332>when you're talking to someone and they act like the mere fact you're using your mind …[View]
46963322What happened to the man with no legs when he went to the cinema? He got thrown out for standing on …[View]
46963260dani: > Party on a Sunday (that was fun) > Do it all again on Monday (one more time) > Spen…[View]
46962799It happened again /r9k/ >Meet girl >She's seems really into me >Plan a date >Get bl…[View]
46963223I finally did the >'Enjoy your <thing>' >'You too' I said it really quietly so maybe she…[View]
46963221When did you realize we live in a society?[View]
46963187>Virgin >ED It's over before it even started.…[View]
46956619Anybody else see this shit? So women can basically lie about getting 'sexually salted' and put their…[View]
46961687This is a game and I just fell for the trap. Part 2: Sup /r9k/ its your boy from a few hours ago. Th…[View]
46962093Hey anons what turned you into cold non-feeling machines? C'mon robots open up with your storie…[View]
46962104When people rub their eyes, aren't they afraid that they might damage them? Nails are fucking s…[View]
46957774Who was your favourite Z-Fighter growing up?[View]
46961134>can hear mom watching some Netflix stand up with a lesbian chick saying 'straight white male' ev…[View]
46962244When did you grow out of your naive perception of women[View]
46961943I have a friend trying to contact me and I am willing ignoring them. Why the fuck am I like this? Wh…[View]
46961402I recently turned from a normie to a robot. AMA[View]
46955746Enjoy these 2 days of freedom while you can you fucking wagecucks[View]
46958008>bro you staring at my feet again? You weirdo, why dont you rub them if you like looking at them …[View]
46958848Whats with all these mayoids on this board posting racebait, larping as another race, and somehow ot…[View]
46962546>ignore oneitis >she suddenly starts showing interest in me >give oneitis attention >sh…[View]
46962972Do any of you feel like it's easier just to take people's shit so you don't have to d…[View]
46958410ITT: Stupid stuff you do for no reason: >always pretend to stagger and sluggishly collapse agains…[View]
46962757https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1sT44x4BXw Why didn't you save her?[View]
46962238>7.5 inch dick >4 inch girth Is it over for me bros?…[View]
46962795Fembots whats you thoughts on redhead guys? I suffer a lot from being 'different'.[View]
46961368Robots - what are most proud of?: Even though i've fucked up a bunch in life, I managed to get …[View]
46962812Posting turkey apu everyday everyday day 2[View]
46962635Superpower: powerlisting.wikia.com Tomorrow you wake up and the world has changed, people now have …[View]
46955485ITT:life lesson we personally learned I dont mean trite platitudes either, I mean real conclusions …[View]
46962904How do I get orbiters as a qt3.14 trap. Tell me how, or be one or something. Server invites are cool…[View]
46961747>cousin found the cum collection[View]
46960082>tfw no thicc ebony goddes who makes me worship her ass[View]
46962779Why don't girls like sex?[View]
46959721can anyone tell me who this is?[View]
46962140I live in the countryside and there is one very cute girl in my village that I would like to get to …[View]
46961284Day 6871 without sex: tfw no gf[View]
46962018Uhh, so um...: Uh, so I work at this summer camp and it's kids like 7-16 and I work with some o…[View]
46957575Irish Bot: Any Irish bots here. North Dublin here. Get in here and have a chat. How are you holding …[View]
46962039'Anon has nice hair' 'Anon you have wide shoulders' 'Most girls would pay money to have eyelashes li…[View]
46961453>Have been alive for 188,808 hours >Still haven't had sex…[View]
46962522Just had a hands free orgasm while looking at porn. She was do intense my balls feel wierd. No I did…[View]
46959634Which one, lads? For me, it's 3rd from the right.[View]
46962737Does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure? I don't think l want to be a woma…[View]
46960904>wow, anon, you're so serious all the time! >hey, mommy, why does cousin anon never smil…[View]
46962639>stand in line >go completely red and anxious for no reason >start sweating why the fuck am…[View]
46962268you can't denounce pedophiles if you've ever clicked on a porn video with teen in the titl…[View]
46961812tfw no latina gf tfw no muslima gf tfw no desi gf tfw no black gf tfw no filipina gf tfw no vietname…[View]
46962632Is 164 cm short for a girl or average height? Asking for a friend[View]
46962356>tfw no qt average gf[View]
46962212Black bois like to get fucked like bitches[View]
46961408>mfw people born between 1987 and 1989 call themselves 90s kids You don't even remember the …[View]
46960925anyone got the video of woahhvicky's retarded sister giving head? links/screenshots/webms appre…[View]
46961817Living in a van is lonelier than I would have guessed.[View]
46962070Nobody's swiping right on me :([View]
46962289>Look how tiny his penis is >He actually thinks he can fuck a girl with that…[View]
46961354I think I'm going to get kicked out of the military for mental illness, anons[View]
46958488Drinkfag here: Are there any good soft drinks out there you can recommend to me? Let me know within …[View]
46952748/drugfeel/: /drugfeels/ thread Don't ban yourself at least I actually enjoy you posting here h …[View]
46962247Is joining the Navy comfy for a robot? Doing low-stress tasks while isolated on a submarine or battl…[View]
46961914Retarded Childhood Stories: >Be me >Be like 6 yrs old or something >In school playground no…[View]
46961870>Anon, I can't imagine you smoking >Wow anon, do you drink? >Damn, you can listen to m…[View]
46959445Welcome to /r9k/ Starbucks, no normies allowed haha! What can I get you today Mr. Robot?[View]
46961850Who else here has multiple voices? I have a deep voice, a mellow voice, an autist voice, a delux aut…[View]
46960886Can someone please itch my head for me?[View]
46962138>be me >around 7 or 8, and my parents just got divorced >visit my dad every weekend at his …[View]
46957908sperg thread: ITT we just sperg out and spew random shit blip blob zip zop kill them all lynch them …[View]
46960971Tell me your bullied at school stories robots lets open up[View]
46960591Should I just fuck an escort, anons? >29 years old >never had a gf, never had sex, never even …[View]
46961955>tfw fat, smelly and ugly as shit like and orc >tfw no girl would want to spend time with me o…[View]
46962158face sitting is not fun >bone getting in the way >too heavy on the head >if they sit tightl…[View]
46961226I'm not trying to be mean, but for your future gf, pick someone who had stable and healthy pare…[View]
46961793Would you rather have:: 1. Ability: Enrage, grants %50 percent increased movement speed and strength…[View]
46950235Today is Caturday. Post some cats.[View]
46960506Why the fuck do roasties feel the need to slather an inch of clown paint on their faces to look …[View]
469615913 trannyposters are u still reeling and seething in ur loss[View]
46961976Im always tired: Always tired no matter how long I sleep or what I do. Caffeine does not help, stimu…[View]
46961594How do you ask a girl out? Just ask her if she wanna be your gf or what?[View]
46961322Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dominant trap top princess?[View]
46960929Would you date a girl with a genetic condition called hypertelorism (wide set eyes)?[View]
46961960These goddamn nerds: > dress up in weird clothes > call each other 'wizards' and shit > car…[View]
46960308Autism: why should I try to get a job as an autistic person when the job market is so rigged against…[View]
46961925I don't really care about sex, I just want to be able to sniff a woman's asshole and crotc…[View]
46961881Post comfy college campuses[View]
46961866help pls: what do you say when a girl calls you cute. don't wanna seem like babby. am virgin pl…[View]
46961544How and why did I genuinely fall in love with a black girl? I'm supposed to be a white national…[View]
46959303Are you confident enough to kiss girls without asking beforehand yet?[View]
46961851>tfw bad english >write short posts, noone will notice >robot filter thinks its spam or uno…[View]
46961798>be me >make shitty later virgins greentext thats a pun about a phone conpany >it gets on a…[View]
46961325>be me >be 16 y/o male >have male best friend >have sleep over >both sleep in my bed …[View]
46960197Tard story: Okay fuckers, listen up. Got a story for you little shits. >be me >7th grade, bore…[View]
46961785Metalbot general: any frens here like Swallow the Sun? https://youtu.be/GNkkUhJgjNM[View]
46961470my first wagecuck job begins monday. is this how life is from now on? I'm 23.[View]
46961750Why do you dislike your own parents, robros?: My parents don't like my ldrs and actively sabota…[View]
46961663Why are the daily featured members on Imagefap always traps that crave the bbc? Where did all the wo…[View]
46961726>get along well with girl in last job, seems interested >get her number text a bit and sugges…[View]
46961182>like to fuck with people by telling them outlandish lies >IE 'Green cheek conures and siberia…[View]
46961681>tfw reached the point where i can't even watch a movie if it has romantic plot line It…[View]
46960897>Let's play chess anon! If you beat me I'll do whatever you say. But I'm warning y…[View]
46961562Ecstasy pill, miley cyrus Automatic, big as a wheel, 4 door rari[View]
46960959Is there anything you can do if you're socially retarded or is it permanent? I attempt to impro…[View]
46960556Any other robots in construction? It's my first job and I have no idea what I'm in for.[View]
46956700Fembot Coalition: 'Whatever may be their use in civilized societies, mirrors are essential to all vi…[View]
46959351Hi robots. How sexy am I? Where can I find my soulmate?[View]
46957718Im speed running life right now took out >reiko >9u >br*oke and now im comin for you mantr…[View]
46961363How do I stop shouting obscenities at myself when I'm alone in my room?[View]
46961529Where can i meet a nice girl, that's all i want. A nice non obese girl[View]
46960540Some Irish fembot around here? 121[View]
46960860Are you tough[View]
46961104>be me >play vidya >get kill assist with female See ya later virgins.…[View]
46958656How many degenerate and wholesome hobbies do you have? General examples of degenerate hobbies >v…[View]
46960494i just want a friend to play vidya with[View]
46961255>spent the day watching youtube click bait videos again[View]
46960108propylhexedrine: what's the propylhexedrine high like? im bored and i feel like trying it. i ha…[View]
46960949Women are obsolete: Not gay or anything, but I think i would feel more comfortable dating a trap and…[View]
46960339>be me >28yo beta >notice one day that my pubes are coming in >FINALLY.JPG >am excite…[View]
46960240Robot Discord Server // active community We are once again looking for new, active members for our R…[View]
46961287>Be me >Be NEET >Hoodie stinks because it got wet in the rain a few days ago and I haven…[View]
46958666There is unironically someone mowing there lawn right now at 1245 in the morning.[View]
46956747/britfeel/: skkkkr edish[View]
46959354what the fuck is this shitty days without sex meme is it supposed to make fun of incels for having a…[View]
46959671frens: I want friends... I'd really like to have more friends How oh how do I make more friends…[View]
46960840Wakie wakie, wagie! Time to make dollars for Mr Shekelberg![View]
46960153Chad Jobs: Chaddish jobs? I wanna know either through proof or ideals what job you think a Chad woul…[View]
46960605Say something about his hair, anon.[View]
46961058You guys are the only ones who understand how lonely I am. Thank you for being here with[View]
46957380r9k Movie Night #2: To all any anons who were there or to newcomers, I am screening a selection of f…[View]
46960665>want something banned >well why dont you just ban everything???? How do you argue against thi…[View]
46958834>any year >not entering the gungeon[View]
46959911what if i kill myself and the afterlife is just as bad/worse than this life i'd want to come ba…[View]
46960874When someone talks to me >I feel relieved It's like something sparks in my head and tells me…[View]
46960993Woman sitting alone by the water with a beer. Quite a lot of people here. I'm pretty sure she s…[View]
46960968Girls who love boobs are the best[View]
46960603>big butt >little dick >tfw literally born to be a bottom bitch…[View]
46954959Let's get a comfy porn thread going. Talk to your fellow robots! Favourite(s)? Any new discover…[View]
46960486>actually starting tl consider dating black girls I think the shilling is working…[View]
46952502/aus/ gen: Whats everyone up to this weekend?[View]
46959947>just got hugged twice >feels fucking good Cya virgins…[View]
46959464l want to suck a cock![View]
46950014So close to being able to fuck stacy: >5'9 >136 ibs >6 1/2 inch dick Why i cant i just…[View]
46960695*kock* *knock* *knock* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYA NEET, would you be interested in our company's spe…[View]
46960617Are sugar mommies real and if so are they all gross hags? Pic unrelated.[View]
46959732:>at uni >get girls number >we text back and forth for a couple days >really hit it off …[View]
46960672TTD in the comments for the content king. TTD ALL DAY BOYZ. FLIP THE VAN. FUCK ICE.[View]
46957858>tfw even guys with 'no standards' always say all they want is a girl who will fuck them >tfw …[View]
46959943Worst job experience: Share your stories robots.[View]
46956821>July 21, 2018 >Kids born in 2000 are now doing porn >Playstation 1 was released 23 years a…[View]
46959159>lts subjective[View]
46959408Finally found my prostate when my parents came back home and I couldn't finish now my boiclit i…[View]
46960045A story about me losing the V card and how I made a weeb retard a cuck: >be me >start chatting…[View]
46959652monkaS: >be me >be 14 >Get biology textbook >Flip through textbook, see if anything new …[View]
46960398How do I start a conversation with her?[View]
46960597I only feel comfortable wearing black button shirts for some reason. I don't feel comfortable w…[View]
46960593Call to all robots (if there are any left): All robots fled from this normie-infested hive to Incels…[View]
46959181Confess your sins to me robots. And maybe i will forgive you.[View]
46959561tfw u keep hurting the only person that truly loves you and then wondering what the fuck is wrong wi…[View]
46959560The fuck is with all these fembot larp threads? They act like no guy will talk to them and yet a lot…[View]
46959069why would a multi millionaire settle with this ? maybe looks isn't everything[View]
46960443When I want to do no-fap but I also want to browse /r9k/ but there is porn on /r9k/ REEEEEEE-[View]
46959755Why are basic bitches so obsessed with travelling to Italy all of the sudden? It used to be france t…[View]
46960238It always feels like I have the worst fucking luck. I come across like at least 2 major misfortunes …[View]
46959021>watch this show >it's just low self esteem teenage boy fantasies…[View]
46959926Is it a bad idea to become a teenager's sugar daddy?[View]
46939973ITT we post things that prove we probably need psychiatric help: I will begin >can't order f…[View]
46960399>tfw no siriuspatruljen bf[View]
46956160Letters: Write an original letter to someone who will (never) read it.[View]
46959616A question for all of you lonely incel cat owners, do you ever get a boner when your cat climbs on y…[View]
46960326>gay phase coming to an end I finally made it[View]
46960046At work a stacy is trying to get me together with her chubby friend, what do?[View]
46960154Three mother-fucking words. >Baby >Makin' >Factory…[View]
46959565How the fuck do you neets do it? I've been inside 24/7 for 2 weeks because no money and i alrea…[View]
46954039Sometimes I wish I lived in a big ass commieblock full of robots and other underlings with the same …[View]
46959714>add that guy wanting someone to send them girlcocks >just barely got home and sweaty so i wan…[View]
46959687Who would win in a fight between Eleven and It(Pennywise)? My friend asked this and I confidently sa…[View]
46959910I can't find a fucking job, should I fake a mental illness to get neetbux then?[View]
46959950who here /reeks of their own semen/[View]
46957820You do realize morality is dying right? Maybe its been this way forever but nowdays most people are …[View]
46950241meme war: So we got two forced memes fighting over each other FRESCO VS JEFFLE[View]
46960034/sudoku/ general: When do know for certain you have hit the rock bottom? Under what circumstances is…[View]
46958490kms: k boys lets have hope im not the only sad fuck here. > be me 18 > like girl and have a co…[View]
46959327>tfw too old to be gen z >tfw too young to be millennial what is this feel?…[View]
46958333I really despise being around normies everyday. Don't you robots ever wish for a country only m…[View]
4695859925+ GENERAL: 25+ general? 25+ general! General? General! General. The PaedoFinder General may be lur…[View]
46958744>tfw gay hebephile SHOULD I JUST END IT ALREADY?[View]
46954000everyone is self-serving 2faced thesedays: >be me >30yo >cut ties with 1 long-term good fri…[View]
46959423Hey cuz, can you be honest? Does my butt look big in this?[View]
46959150Does anyone else feel empty inside when looking at attractive women? Sometimes straight or lesbian p…[View]
46957290Anyone else had a parent die?: My Dad died a month ago and it's hard to accept. What about you…[View]
46959750This life is so fucking unfair. I approached about 20 women this last month and got rejected by ever…[View]
46959788Have you ever been led on, fooled by a woman into thinking she loves you only to be sapped of your l…[View]
46959072how much do you hav in your savings, r9k.[View]
46959777I just tried face sitting honestly it's quite disappointing.. sure the warmth of the flesh is n…[View]
46958154Fembot here. Am I really supposed to be turned on by this?[View]
46959737Ascension: 21 years old Got my first kiss bros with a cutie half Asian girl! Is this good bye?…[View]
46959535>ywn look like pic related How am I supposed to get a gf?[View]
469577902070 is real, straight up ripped off the map BBBBYYYEEEEE BYE BYE BYYYYYEEEEE[View]
46958427I'm middle eastern. Would a beard make me more attractive or would I look like a terrorist? I h…[View]
46953167Anyone else hate being an adult? >Gotta remember times >Gotta remember phone numbers and codes…[View]
46957152where can I buy good helium tank for cheap? going to do pic related as soon as I can.[View]
46957737SLUT HONORING: Women are born to be sluts. And that is okay. It feels good for them to receive atte…[View]
46959352Recently became 'best friends' with a girl, we basically do everything together and meet up daily, c…[View]
46957889>be European >friend's hot gf gave me a cheek kiss as greeting >heaven.jpg as I sense …[View]
46959056Would you defeat a carrot on a 1v1?[View]
46959595an anon gave me 100os of pics of my waifu. thanks: thanks anon :) you shared your waifu with me , ou…[View]
46959594About to move state and crash at sisters place to start an electrician apprenticeship im a bit scare…[View]
46954121Jordan Peterson was just arrested[View]
46959471>be me >dad is a bus driver >he comes home and turns his pc on >installs a bus driving s…[View]
46959211>be janitor >restocking female bathrooms >touching all the toilet paper >women use the t…[View]
46959424femoids what would you rate this atrocity out of ten? 1? 2?[View]
46958057This is a game and I just fell for the trap.: I much rather post on here to avoid this thread gettin…[View]
46951839Do you want to have a family?[View]
46956901what do you guys think are robot bands? I feel like cage the elephant is pretty robot desu[View]
46959379>My whore mother left me for another man help[View]
46959507Robot musik general: >tfw no metal gf also post what are you listening to rn https://www.youtube.…[View]
46958380>go to rural area >everyones fat ugly retarded and boring >go to city >everyones being r…[View]
46959243Post your least favorite and favorite word: Least Favorite: Conversations Favorite: Fuck[View]
46958575how do you fix a chipped tooth?No dentist pic related[View]
46957780Why did he become like this? And WHY did the girls not like him? I mean >he was rich >he was h…[View]
46959370Without sounding like too much of an immature cockmongler, I basically need to get this off my chest…[View]
46959349When will you close the browser for good? You aren't getting any younger[View]
46957662If you weigh over 150lbs you need to kill yourself for being a disgusting fat fuck.[View]
46957272My little sister has been distancing herself from social events and shit. I had to use her computer…[View]
46958464What do you guys recommend for soundproofing your room? Not really a NEET but live like one.[View]
46956625>theybies: What IS this SHIT?? Why is this era so fucking wierd[View]
46955141Do you think they regretted doing it at any time during the massacre?[View]
46958623Autism/Asperger Thread: >tfw so autistic I wash my body, face, hair, and teeth separately…[View]
46959136strange feels thread >tfw no Jhumpa gf[View]
46958956The ULTIMATE alpha male: >largest living organism on the planet >male >Looks like a forest …[View]
46958507>some dumb woman believes a psychic >reddit blames the psychic for being inaccurate…[View]
46950889How does it feel to take a woman's anal virginity?[View]
46957569Any egoist robots here? My dream is to form a union of egoists to help each other improve our lives.…[View]
46959017Who here /voluntarycelibate/? >tfw 40+ roasties hit me up on tinder every week >swipe left on …[View]
46958644How do I ask a black girl out on a date when I'm a white devil?[View]
46958543chess thread: not the one who usually makes these https://lichess.org/swwVsVr1[View]
46958287How am I supposed to respond when my parents ask if I have any women in my life? (I'm obviously…[View]
46958818>tfw no one can force you to marry or have kids[View]
46952572Daily reminder! You will never be handsome, 15 years old jock who fucks his horny, 14 years old girl…[View]
46957613>Finally accept that were all still primal animals no matter how sophisticated we try to make our…[View]
46958476/volcel/: Volcels get in this thread. Discuss the benefits of voluntarily celibacy. I'd say it…[View]
46958867>standing outside of the cold innards of a 9 to 5 grindstone for my time >and into the equally…[View]
46958670>tfw no qt flatchested virgin gf from New Jersey[View]
46957047Should women have rights?[View]
46958846Astral dreaming thread: >in some kind of youth hostel in Vienna >meet the qt trap >we are a…[View]
46956855Am I really supposed to be turned on by this?[View]
46958648Anyone here addicted to opiates?[View]
46958807do your mind trick you?: everytime i think about something i like, my mind has like a trigger that r…[View]
46958726You're all liars: >Be me >Autistic NEET >Find 4chan and /r9k/ >Every poster is a ro…[View]
46957874i did a diorama in my bed[View]
46957902Should I study computer science or learn to do art? I like both, but I am afraid I will starve doing…[View]
46958696i got an m.2 drive lads[View]
46958671Don't forget, you're here forever. So how are your days, anon?[View]
46955340>mom found the poop vortex it's over lads, what do i do?[View]
46958659>smooth boy hands[View]
46955463>you have 10 seconds to decide if you're going to have sex with her based only on this pictu…[View]
46956260I give up, anons. I have been completely and utterly humiliated for the last time. I quit. This life…[View]
46958600Which transgirl has the biggest dick in /r9k/? I want to give her money for pics of it. Add: Slashed…[View]
46958214>be me >it's illegal to panhandle in my city >someone asks me for money on the sidewal…[View]
46957343>he voted for Trump >he still hasn't realised he's just another Rothschild puppet wo…[View]
46957355that kid thread: >that kid who was never allowed within 100 meters of our school ever again after…[View]
46957963This board is getting boring. Which boards have the best stuff? I try /asp/ /pol/ /tv/ /porn/ but th…[View]
46958262Echo here, just got told someone leaked my info?: Echo here, no tripcode. I deleted my discord Pleas…[View]
46957492>tfw mom is making me use a tripcode so she can track my posts on here[View]
46956948What did Youtube mean by this, lads?[View]
46957454Does this ever happens to you?: >have a favorite anime character >being too much obsessed with…[View]
46957509Who /conversation killer/ here?: >be me >leave reply on thread >thread dies…[View]
46957583Hey, Jack Missiledick here, you guys are always mad because you can't score but here's my …[View]
46958429Did they do this to insult us?[View]
46958495The GotG director got fired over these jokes[View]
46957204Why do so many asian girls fetishize white guys?[View]
46958191No label dating: can you have love without commitment?: Hey guys, the BBC is showing us all how to m…[View]
46957115>father caught me cross dressing >actually said I looked good albeit like my sisters >laugh…[View]
46958405>wake up >tired already[View]
46957825Mexican Vietnam war: > Mexifag > 12 yo at the time > Have a group of friends > Near the …[View]
46958396tfw no sex for 2 months: >tfw no sex for 2 months feels bad man :(…[View]
46958098Goddammit REEEEEEEEEEEEEE I just talked to a random hot chick in the first class cuz I operated on t…[View]
46957832>decide i will be sober for 1 week >accidentally smoke weed why am i like this?…[View]
46958281I wish I was more like Leorio[View]
46957679Why do you hate pipi?: No seriously, I see her getting a lot of hate on this board from time to time…[View]
46957356>go on board >see beans >this nigga eatin beans…[View]
46958204How many of you bots have actually moved from home? I want to eventually, the process seems pretty d…[View]
46956713Anyone here /nice/ ?: I hate blocking people, being childish and maliciously talking about people, I…[View]
46958178I hate women so fucking much it's not even funny anymore. I dont want anything to do with them.…[View]
46957227>that kid who always hit your prostate[View]
46958172guess what im going to watch later anons[View]
46955388>Edd Gould died SIX fucking years ago I want off this timeline it felt like yesterday I was watch…[View]
46958047>step outside >start to sweat who here /texas/…[View]
46957872How many actual honest posters are there left on r9k? Nowadays it seems 90% of the posts are cia/fbi…[View]
46957383Daily reminder that Incels do not belong here and belong on incels.me or some replacement for r/ince…[View]
46956575who is the queen of r9k? It's urgent.[View]
46956728This guy can get a gf and he is literally crippled. Why can't you?[View]
46956459Waifu thread [post em and lewf emedition]: 2D is purity. 2D is innocence. 2D is perfection. Our waif…[View]
46957633Hello guys. Im looking for people to add onto a discord group chat. Once I get enough guys, Im going…[View]
46954193You guys ready to go back to school? And see all your friends again? And get those A's making …[View]
46958018>on older family members computer fixing something (they are right next to me) >see a folder n…[View]
46958002Should pedo's have rights?: Do all pedofiles deserve to be castrated to make the world safer?…[View]
46956282> 'You really hate everything, don't you Anon?' > 'Why don't you talk to people Anon…[View]
46957948Who else can't trust people because they remember everything? I can't be the only one. Peo…[View]
46955861>see qt neighbor walking her dog >wave hi and smile >she looks disgusted and visibly goes '…[View]
46955638>he doesn't listen to Drake[View]
46956408So I found out my cousin that I havent seen in a long time has been playing mmorpgs for awhile now a…[View]
46957249lookie here lookie lookie[View]
46954032Comfy Waifu Thread: Post your waifu without fear of judgement, we're all comfy here[View]
46957143You choose to be a robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooaDHCZ-e84[View]
46956589Why is the fictive world we experience rendered in the symbolic part of the brain? Why is our realis…[View]
46957524Have you ever groped a girl? Tell your stories.[View]
46957667Any one else ever feel VAGlNA ENVY? We've all heard about how much more intense female orgasms …[View]
46957357Let's level here: There's a huge inequality going on between men and women and the irony i…[View]
46955172Almost killed a cyclist today - apology and advice: I almost barfed when I finally got into work, SU…[View]
46955514>be me >lonely and depressed >browses /r9k/ looking for a feeling of belonging >meets ro…[View]
46952500I think my time here has almost come. I've got my shit together and probably will have a gf nex…[View]
46957471Hey guys I'm bored what's up.[View]
46957522Why is ASMR called ASMR when its clearly meant as erotic stimulant?[View]
46956643Why can't I fucking enjoy anything and why do I feel like having a wank 24/7? I think my dopami…[View]
46957482Share happy first time dating someone new stories: This was five years ago or so, I have to be vague…[View]
46957481Is hospitality industry for normies or robots? >Men are always respected and shown respect by eve…[View]
46957214tfw no talent/skill/grit/willpower/motivation/anything: I shoulda learned to play the guitar I shou…[View]
46957359Sup, lads. I'm the fellow who posted about going out alone last night. One of you fags should…[View]
46956952CPA marketing: Any robots do this? I am a 18 year old NEET looking to make money in the comforts of …[View]
46957378>be robot >be so desperate for sex that you go gay >become chad >have so much sex with g…[View]
46956583Manlets BTFO once again, there's no coming back from this[View]
46956833I recently started taking Citalopram, I was prescribed about a week ago. I've been getting some…[View]
46954575What's your stance on the big Khazar milkers issue?[View]
46950311Youth General #7 (Age 24-18): Attempting To Join A Gang Edition[View]
46957086How do you win against women then ?[View]
46956300Would you have a Korean Catholic girlfriend like this She used to be an altar girl[View]
46956694>tfw literary stuck in a Groundhog day scenario >the same thing seems to have been happening t…[View]
46956989Millions of people are having sex right at this moment and I'm not. Just how should I cope with…[View]
46955534What im supposted to do when i'm 'studying', writing down shit and reading them seems ineffecti…[View]
46954479When did you realize that there are no nice, innocent girls, all of them are cockhungry whores, and …[View]
46957190being a boy in the west is the only purity we have left we have agenda free thoughts, this is the wa…[View]
46957182Dad called me yesterday, drunk and crying. My parents divorced some years ago after I had moved away…[View]
46953374What do we think about James Gunn?: Alright so by now I think we all know what happened. He got fire…[View]
46957159>be me >look like chad but degenerate autist at heart >go on omegle to get some hot girls t…[View]
46957157>Be me younger self / semi-weeb >Watching a playthrough of Guilty Gear >Notice a character …[View]
46955840Retarded shit you have heard females say: > 'The definition of an island is a place where there a…[View]
46957113JUST: >be poorfag family >lived in the same town my entire life >moved back and forth but s…[View]
46955133>go outside anon, you need to get some fresh air and you need get exposed to sun >what the hel…[View]
46957059turning retarded: i feel like my brain's fucked. i struggle to read things, i'm less eloqu…[View]
46956222Could you do better than the average main character in a standard Isekai ? You are about to be Iseka…[View]
46956721ls he funny?[View]
46956623Tell Yoshi bed time story now[View]
46955835I just wanna hug and hold a girl so bad that it hurts. Does anyone else know this feel?[View]
46956933>be me >go to local pool >sot down to tan my horrifically pale excuse for a body >spot a…[View]
46956641I hate myself: >be me >be 19 still live with parents >drunk as all fuck, can hardly walk st…[View]
46956940I loathe 3d women.[View]
46956130>tfw no night shift bf[View]
46956527Is there anyone still here posting from when the chicken tendies meme started?[View]
46955972>height requirements for swiss guard is there anything that BTFOs manlets as much?…[View]
46953742These are now Fresco's official colors. Okay? Thanks.[View]
46956654I want to kiss and molest cvnka / piety[View]
46956861I guckin love all you guys. I believe in you. I love you all. I hope yoy get qt gfs or just fuck shi…[View]
46956763Who /awfulateverything/ here ?[View]
46955678What did you guys think of this movie?[View]
46954520..: last chance and try to find freinds before this fucking life ends. dont talk out of misery for m…[View]
46956768Would you rather hire someone who: A) Is a typical social idiot who half-asses his job, generating l…[View]
46953195I hate my parents for bringing me into this shit world. A world where women hate me all day every da…[View]
46956346so if you might recall the meme, you might recall the guy, me, that was deciding on having a mentall…[View]
46956194this girl offers to take your virginity. she's 23 years old with the mind of a 9 year old. do y…[View]
46954812>6 years since gangnam style I want OUT I WANT TO GO BACK[View]
46956444>that feel when your gf said she's not attracted to you anymore What do, robots?…[View]
46954873/britfeel/: Vengaboys edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llyiQ4I-mcQ[View]
46956678>be me >25 yrs old, looking for qt3.14 gf >ask friend for his exes phone #, he gives it to …[View]
46956084Post good games to pirate, I'm bored and need to kill time. I'll start: Pic related has ni…[View]
46953245>there are people who spend money, time and energy on gym membership, clothing, equipment, variou…[View]
46955721i'm starting to really hate jews. have you ever googled: 'student loans suicide' ?[View]
46955685I fucking hate betas/incels and there's nothing that makes me happier to see women cheating on …[View]
46956279>tfw ywn experience this feel[View]
46955598Do you ever feel like we're not allowed to like anything?[View]
4695021130+ only: What keeps you going? What does giving up mean? Also, faggots under at least 28 are not al…[View]
46955851Hikki general: Its another hikki thread boiz. for the NEET and Hikki bois[View]
46955859The blade I swing is black as night Black as my soulless heart It bears the burden of many lives, bu…[View]
46956383alright men, i'm sure you all know about the fall of every sheep village. worry not for one sti…[View]
46956382This is a board to talk about stuff after all: I simply want human interaction but not live or anyth…[View]
46955791>be me 1 minute ago >playing swtor >very much fun >doing sith warrior >very much big…[View]
46950839why shouldn't low teste males embrace their faginess?[View]
46953605>have to babysit three 8 years dudes what fun stuff can i do with them?…[View]
46955981>be me at resteraunt >need to piss ask employee where bathrooms are >she had to go around t…[View]
46954960Walk outside alone anxiety kicks in. Walk outside with someone I know, no anxiety. Living in constan…[View]
46956294>money doesn't buy happiness Biggest cope of all time[View]
46955354> Get Fit > Shoot Guns > Commit War crimes > ..... > Profit? IS the military the best…[View]
46956263I just have no energy for life at this point. I always try to be practical and sensible, and make th…[View]
46956257How it feels 2 hav a gf: >have gf >fuck g Later virgins…[View]
46951575I live in Israel, ask me anything.: Unironically far from being Jewish or an Arab though.[View]
46954204f-femanons gib milk[View]
46956003>Woah stacy look at chad over there... Would definitely suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth…[View]
46954108dripping with sweat right now thinking about how its literally over for me. >24 years old >no …[View]
46956065The mods on this board are poo[View]
46956170r9k Filters: with all the spam, sissy black/white boy threads, fresco, trap propaganda etc... r9k is…[View]
46953563reaction pics: Hey fellow ruboots pls post ur best reaction pics[View]
46949194Where does willystank come from?[View]
46954176I got 8K left: Bought a shitty car so I can run around and do stuff that I always wanted to do. How …[View]
46955915Any of you wish you had a big butt?[View]
46955228now this is video gaming[View]
46955749If i made a patreon asking for people to send money so that I can eat more and have my tits grow, wo…[View]
46953346>One chance at life >Develop a stutter Just why?…[View]
46956030>be me >am hungry >look in pantry >find can of.... salad >eat can >throw away sala…[View]
46956029Will you get an alexa gf or bf? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/6825412/smart-sex-toy-alexa-lovense-vi…[View]
46955875non binary hate thread: fuck these attention whores hope all of them fuck off from the internet…[View]
46955660I saw Weezer, Pixies, and Sleigh Bells in New Jersey last night. Was fucking great.[View]
46952625I've reached the point where I don't want anything, I don't enjoy anything, I have no…[View]
46955990Mom found the cum-cazador[View]
46955296I hate my father he is constantly in a state of hate and tries to be nice around me when he needs he…[View]
46954936>7 am >already 85 degrees >98% humidity >high of 95 I don't think I'm going ou…[View]
46955561If I was a girl I would be the biggest bbc slut I could possibly be[View]
46952153Robots living in major cities: any robots here live in major cities in your country where social int…[View]
46955237Braaap: Am I legally allowed to Fart in front of police officer? I mean there is no law regarding fa…[View]
46955623Sometimes I feel like I'm intentionally wasting my life on purpose. I also feel to autistic to …[View]
46953611Suicide thread: Post your dark, depressing thoughts.[View]
46952333I have sold all my figurines and daki's. I have toyed with the idea of opening a hot-dog stand …[View]
46952926Robots, I just stabbed someone in a park. Ask me anything.[View]
46949708Indian hate thread: You know what I hate?? Fuckin dotheads! They're smelly, dirty, disgusting, …[View]
46953010What do you guys think would be the quickest and painless way to kill my self?[View]
46955474hahaha no, for real young man, now tell me when was the last time you had sex?[View]
46955689Daily reminder: Is very hot weather, so make sure you wash your stuffed animal on the regular cause …[View]
46955686>mommy gave me a jar of her stinkies again[View]
46952535Everyone's life seems sad on this board. So how's your life going?[View]
46953818Sex is overrated. And that's coming from someone that both had relations with men and women. …[View]
46955524How can anyone defend women? Suicide. A God awful way to go, that does irreparable damage to people…[View]
46955551What is the point to it all? We are on this earth, with no purpose, constantly taunted by perfection…[View]
46954552the wolf would do everything for her bride he's born for treasure he'll help her, he'…[View]
46954665>tfw no yeast factory to call gf[View]
46954239>the first 'incel' was a girl named Atlanta back in the 90's >a girl >female How does …[View]
46952495What would happen to chads in an ideal world?[View]
46951060This is how i sort of want the world to be perhaps you disagree and that is fine we all have opinion…[View]
46955408what do fembots think of lain?[View]
46952492ever notice how when you drive past a crowd of homeless people, its all men?[View]
46952524Liberal Parent Hissyfit: Reminder that even pre-teens are accepting the /pol/ rhetoric now. Idk if t…[View]
46953932>tfw no robot friend to direct my love to[View]
46955272>be me >in woods with my family >come across this girl >start talking >i tell her …[View]
46953018Which one would you ask out for a date? I'd choose Sonia or Laure.[View]
46951947ANON get in here NOW! *Sips Coffee* You clocked in at 8.01. it clearly states in your contract you s…[View]
46952301What the fuck is going on [nofap]: alright ive made it past 5 days no fap lads. no wet dreams [compl…[View]
46955224mfw mum found the incest folder[View]
46953663>stop drinking >start to feel hungover >feels bad, so I drink more to feel better this is a…[View]
46954762>in tokyo rn >high school girl flirts with me will I get in trouble if I fugg her?…[View]
46954143Why do women hate incels so much? >at work >some chubby nerdy guy asks female coworker 'are yo…[View]
46954593When was the last 'hmmm' thread /r9k/ had?[View]
46953054>little brother seems aphatetic and sad all the time >ask him what's up >no response …[View]
46955174you aren't a robot if you're just needy and over sensitive[View]
46952225Why are so many people in denial that their fucked up childhood is the reason for their mental illne…[View]
46952948Anime turned me into a cock-loving faggot. Why does this happen?[View]
46955091>tfw you want Chad to destroy your boipucci[View]
46949372Are the Japs stealing our memes?[View]
46955054>got drunk >threw up >qt I have crush on saw fuck my life robots fuck my life…[View]
46954523me: >it sinks in through your haze of hedonism and despair how bad things are >but not bad eno…[View]
46953593I think we broke her[View]
46946211/britfeel/: Master debaters edition[View]
46952262Femdom general #3: More hurt edition: I just want a girl to call me cute and hurt me[View]
46954519What do you think of my girlfriend's ass?[View]
46953894>sleeping like a faggot, as always >dreaming that some ayys were abducting people >saw a gr…[View]
46954626kicked out: My grandfather told me to leave am i allowed 30 days to move out legally or do i have to…[View]
46953781What do you think of FRISCO, frescos rich self employed brother[View]
46954548>be me >something around 7 >were at mcdonalds for the first time >sister orders tenders …[View]
46952284I'm trying to beat my beat but nothing will do. What now?[View]
46954660>be me from a decade ago, 12 >dad died from untreated tonsillitis >we had a fight the night…[View]
46952912Latino robots have no chance to get a gf because latinas prefer white men and white women prefer bla…[View]
46951576*crack* *sip* 2000-2004 was basically just a continuation of the 90s Golden Age when it came to kid …[View]
46950916>mfw 2 whiteknight Chads die trying to save an ewhore https://youtu.be/lGaXNE9VVxk…[View]
469485203 mother-fucking words >Baby >Makin' >Factory…[View]
46954135Can we define what a pedo is?: I see people especially normies swing around the term pedo and I thin…[View]
46954356I keep have recurring nightmares of being beaten to death by ripped Chads with their bear hands. I s…[View]
46951497>be person resembling me >make autistic shitty mobile game >want to move on to the next pro…[View]
46954472>mum hid the ammunition to the family shotgun What the fuck am I suppossed to do now?…[View]
46954231christ i'm a miserable piece of shit. i cant remember a time when i was actually happy at all. …[View]
46954478Robots with non virgin gfs, how do you feel about the fact that you've bought used goods?[View]
46952709Dont sleep your whole saturday away wagecuck. You dont want to waste your weekend.[View]
46954054I fucking hate hoodrats and their culture with a goddamn passion. I hate these materialistic, unsymp…[View]
46953667NEETs and gangweeders rise up... now yuo see.....[View]
46954355help guys i'm extremely nauseous, my throats tightening and i find it hard to move like i'…[View]
46943151white women. or bacon. you can only have one for your entire life which do you choose?[View]
46953681Alright, which one of you faggots killed this woman and left her naked and strangled for her family …[View]
46954179Gib femanon anal smell pls[View]
46951805I unironically wish I could meet all of you guys in person. Imagine how awkward yet fun of a time it…[View]
46952090Why many people in this board hate white people because we cute, gentle and kind? Nazi=blacks=arabs.…[View]
46950600Who else feels like a /bigkid/? >Be me, recently turn 24 >realize that I've barely change…[View]
46952785> reaching that point of the night where all your snacks are gone, nothing on reddit is new, noth…[View]
46953190>talk to women >realize they're shallow, vapid, bitchy creatures >talk to guys >re…[View]
46953448This is what that hot girl in highschool you liked is doing now.[View]
46953939Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your …[View]
46952620Is it a meme or do people not care if they enter a relationship with a girl who has fucked lots of g…[View]
46953982Yes, im probably an idiot: I dont have much empathy irl, maybe I just cant relate much, I have my ow…[View]
46953986I really miss the old sick fucks that used to post here all is left is a bunch of tiny wristed moral…[View]
46953376Choose your warrior[View]
46951592one chance at life: >born as an autistic tranny. Everyday I think i'm closer to becoming a s…[View]
46953653Have you thought about breeding mommy's pussy yet today?[View]
46951493I hate to do this, but I'm pulling oldfag. Please post as though it was 2001.[View]
46953914Every time you sleep, you die. Someone else wakes up in your body thinking they are you. You are alo…[View]
46952586Should I sent it back ? I bought a 300 euros monitor a few months ago and a week ago a bug died. So …[View]
46951854Just imagine all these normalfag celebrities that are going to wake up tomorrow after a night of par…[View]
46953715How is the sexuality called when you only masturbate to porn but doing it irl disguists you. Its fuc…[View]
46952425is this where i post green text?: i considered posting in /b/, but i dont think anyone who cares wou…[View]
46953288>shitpost in the 25+ thread a few weeks ago about how we're all going to make it because I h…[View]
46953846Wouldn't it be more efficient if we just used machines to extract cum?[View]
46952716hey my robot friends do you have any idea how to make money and fast[View]
46953617I want to go exploring anons: So i live in a very small fucking town on the country side and the clo…[View]
46953568HOW THE FUCK DO I STOP COMING HERE I dont think theres been a single day in theast 3 years that I…[View]
46952944>tfw you will never have a natural sexual experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc…[View]
46953693>no bacha bazi gf[View]
46953735Depressing jobs thread continued: We had such a constructive thread yesterday. Lets continue it on. …[View]
46953732>send snapchat streak to my oneitis that has been really affectionate to me lately, thinking she …[View]
46953712Fembot thread: Fembots. Are you planning your 2B cosplay yet?[View]
46953206>mom: isn't it about time you got a girlfriend, most guys your age have one... there's …[View]
46953331Being a cute boy is the greatest feeling. Who else knows this?[View]
46952569>spend all my time watching tv or playing xbox with teenagers[View]
46952116>starved of intimacy and affection my whole life >ended up raping a bitch >'omg what made a…[View]
46952827>graduated highschool 4 years ago >wouldve graduated uni this year if i hadnt droppped out …[View]
46952251Help me get nudes guys: What's my opener? If I get nudes I'll share[View]
46939079Confirmed 7-8 inch penis (theres videos) Perfect face Perfect body Beat skin tone Amazing voice Ever…[View]
46950194>hey guys don't mind me just crawling my way to page ten and the archive. >thought maybe…[View]
46953279The point of a normie's life is to pass his genes on. But a robot is genetically inferior and h…[View]
46953485Hi everybuddy how are you I'm pretty good thank you for asking the weather is pretty crazy isn…[View]
46953348>be me >talking about show i like >'yeah i'm obsessing over this show right now' >'…[View]
46950729>What'II be, anon?[View]
46953259Since when did whores on MyFreeCams start doing fewer private sessions and letting everybody watch t…[View]
46952994>I'll always be here for you man >'Last login 4 years ago'…[View]
46953241What is the worst experience you've had with a girl, dating or not? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
46953170>be me >have dick veins >feel dick vein nice…[View]
46953369Why did Elliot kill 3 of his Asian roommates? They probably were incel, even more so than him consid…[View]
46951611Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/LscqLK0ViEU[View]
46953307Jerking yourself off is gay because you're using your person to pleasure a man. Fucking faggots…[View]
46953332Just heard that my crush from last year started dating someone. I thought I was over her and getting…[View]
46952802> go to the garden >see this what do?[View]
46952442Post a more edgy wallpaper than this. Pro tip: you can't[View]
46953079here we are again, another saturday night, another night not out having fun with friends and bringin…[View]
46950483What is your religion/philosophy, robots?[View]
46951959>tfw no fursona bf[View]
46948628i can't believe i'm posting this but i'm a female with autism and i spent my entire c…[View]
46953137I will soon no longer be a wagecuck, anymore; I'm going to quit my job and not bother paying do…[View]
46952928I find black girls hot, but usually feel disgusted when I see a white woman with a black man. Anyone…[View]
46951987>favorite traps I'll start with the infamous Juwanna Mann[View]
46951849I'm very glad there is a lot more anti-trap shit on r9k than there was a few months ago.[View]
46950675/rrn/ - Robot Radio/Nightfeel General: Hey guys, come listen to my comfy radio station for robots! …[View]
46946895Do you really need to shower every day?[View]
46952248>born in shit small town >town is so fucking small its retarded >literally nothing around m…[View]
46951972R9K share thread: Share your R9K pictures you post and help robots out. >either post single image…[View]
46949361music feels: hey anons what songs make you cry or give feels? >Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin …[View]
46952762Do any other anons get driving anxiety? I passed my driving test years ago but only just got a car f…[View]
46952117Are you as autistic as me ?, prove it: >peed on these cats >Their mum came back and ate them K…[View]
46951395Festivals are not fun. >girls talk casually about the guys they've fucked there >guys tal…[View]
46952626Dear r9k, >I met an Australian girl, she said, 'give me and Aussie kiss, it's a French kiss…[View]
46951525i really want to make a musical collective even though im not in the position at all to right now[View]
46952615>tfw will never fuck emily booth in her prime years[View]
46951166Im broke, stupid, and cowardly. How do I kill myself painlessly?[View]
46950679>average American breakfast Please tell me you guys don't eat like this right?…[View]
46951094GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER /R9K/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azRl1dI-Cts[View]
46950878so how many of you are actually willing to an hero? is there a way we can all simultaneously do it o…[View]
46951800>just sucked a married mans dick >he fucked his wife the night before >basically ate out a …[View]
46952552>tfw ywn learn how to use telekinesis[View]
46951866How can you fake confindence. I just start panicking and can't think straight whenever i try ?[View]
46952463Guys I fucked up >be me >live in apartment like 4 stories up with window at the head of my bed…[View]
46952351I know a lot of people on r9k have been fucked their whole lives, but is there anyone here who used …[View]
46952053should i kill myself soon? I'm serious. It's starting to feel like the only way out, espec…[View]
46952476You didn't really think it would be that easy to get rid of Jeffle, did you?[View]
4695129730s: Would /r9k/ date/fuck/marry a woman in her thirties?[View]
46952451why is pol full of twitteresque, opinionated forceful posts?[View]
46950664>20 yrold femanon >still a virgin because I'm too ugly and fat for a guy to want to fuck …[View]
46946683If your semen could contain trace amounts of any one substance, what would you choose? I'd pick…[View]
46951514>be me >21 >look alpha but really autistic >couple hours ago >on beach feeling edgy …[View]
46951549This guy walks up and puts his lips on your drinking fountain Watdo?[View]
46951219Why are people all so fucked up, violent and perverted now? It's like all anyone cares about is…[View]
46951177>10 years old >got a Gameboy and Super Mario Land for my birthday from my uncle >my mom mak…[View]
46952246Would you ever fuck a prostie/hooker?[View]
46948965>everyone's a protagonist in the story of their lives[View]
46949511Why are blacks so goddamn apathetic to their children? I'll be at the store, or in my home, and…[View]
46952221>riding on bus back home >some bitch gets on and sits in front of me talking loudly on her pho…[View]
46950551>tfw never been to Warped before >tfw gonna be high as fuck when I get there >tfw going wit…[View]
46951479Dear R9K: I know that 50% of you will click off this cause my image isn't funny enough, or rela…[View]
46952280>hiccup and burp >cough on a single droplet of water >Someone ALWAYS stares at me and asks …[View]
46952099captcha is so fucking annoying: > selects street signs for three minutes straight > have to wa…[View]
46949171If you had a gf/wife, would you prefer she worked or stayed at home?[View]
46948519why are there feminine and masculine words in Spanish? It's very retarded. If i give up trying…[View]
46952228Where can i find weird as fuck girls that dont look ugly ?[View]
46950879Chad lectures us on betaboys and incels.[View]
46950617'It's amazing how well you still manage to work hard with just 3 hours of sleep.'[View]
46949075Why does he spam interracial trap porn for months on end?[View]
46951826Ayo what's up robros? How's life? Talk to me.[View]
46951797If I'm 'not special' and 'not as smart as I think I am' then why did I get top grades throughou…[View]
46949279>you can only post in this thread if you were born before the year 2000 What are you oldfags up t…[View]
46950484Goodbye: Fuck it just report me and ban me from this hellhole full of racebait and trannyposting so …[View]
46949284Robot murders roommate after getting cucked: >Robot has a coworker at his restaurant, that is get…[View]
46951436ITT wasted oppurtunities.: ITT: Missed oppurtunities to live the normie life, bonus points for HS. …[View]
46950119Does your parents/siblings know youre a virgin and/or loser? If so, how did they react?[View]
46951570Our queen will never die I wish there were enough images for a Kat thread, sigh[View]
46951281>just ate the last slice of pizza[View]
46951946How would you feel about being part of the crew on a 16th century ship?[View]
46951859I'm Bryan Reyes I go to voc AMA[View]
46951916No other place in the world is better qualified to weigh in on the quality of pepes. What is your pe…[View]
46951652Who /stoodup/ here?: yesterday my dumb date remained asleep instead of meeting with me this is the l…[View]
46948621Hey Robin: It's Nic. My discord got taken down. Just wondering if you're there.[View]
46950997I want a cute chubby boyfriend really bad[View]
46951933>be me >10 >live in shitty mexican country for as long as I can remember >parents are lo…[View]
46951162Looking for easy ways to make money. Any suggestions for me? Hardmode: No NEETbux[View]
46951872'Ready for our date anon? Don't be shy, hold me!' wat do[View]
46951837you will never win i will never go away i will always find happiness i will always find friends you …[View]
46951682How do I get laid? help[View]
46951282Why haven't you taken the vape pill yet? That sweet sweet nicotine hit gives you something to l…[View]
46947618how does it feel to touch boobs?[View]
46950932any other boomers here? >tfw it's never going to be the 90s again 90s nostalgia thread I gue…[View]
46949788Why are black women aggressive and white guys inconsiderate assholes?[View]
46951788>be me >remember a great story that happened 2 years ago >'Damn that is a good story' >d…[View]
46951365/cook/ you guys got any tips for pizza crust?[View]
46951765Who here remembers heliumboi? Rip heliumboi you will be missed. He seemed like a nice guy and no one…[View]
46951298>mfw she wants the big asian dick yeeee bby you can have it your way ;)…[View]
46951600I'm Bryan Reyes I go to voc[View]
46951730>>>/pol/179525992 Chris chan is among us[View]
46951696I am gonna start an agony aunt youtube channel directly responding to problems you face in your life…[View]
46951695Can any robots watch this video and tell me what you think of it? https://youtu.be/CMUpW5ph0C8[View]
46951446Drunk chad here, still on /r9k everyday: Hello robots, why am i here? i was at a party before this, …[View]
46951678Anyone playin Habbo?[View]
46951050>go to church's website >full of fun family oriented events >frisbee leagues, cookouts…[View]
46949348>Buffy is now black >Doctor who became a grill >Everybody in star wars has to be non-white …[View]
46950924>tfw got enough oil off my body and hair to successfully cook with >my eggs tasted like chicke…[View]
46951474Gee why does there have to be so much anime, it's like for every series I finish atleast three …[View]
46948222getting a job: i made this post before but it went unappreciated have you guys ever thought about or…[View]
46940307/r9gay/ - #387: what are you up to this evening? edtition >b-but it's only afternoon where i…[View]
46951618No gf hours: >Be me >Freshman year >No experience talking to girls >Suddenly get 9 numbe…[View]
46951562She's gotta be Norwegian or nothing at all.[View]
46951498What do you collect fellow robots? I collect lego[View]
46949360>you will never be Muffy's boyfriend >you will never take her virginity after many comfo…[View]
46951329anybody want some eggs?[View]
46951530>all this trap shit on r9k >go on born sites to fap and evrey site has trap porn at the top pa…[View]
46950209'Do you like cats, anon?'[View]
46951314What do you do when a kid asks you for help? Do you run away or do you help them? Some kid asked me …[View]
46951315>be wagie for Auto parts store >Scooter with kid comes in >Comes up to me, half his mouth o…[View]
46951489>work drive through at Carl's Jr >have to use the same register as front counter Why can…[View]
46946626Black bois teehee[View]
46951294Ferguson: It's For God's Son Jesus Ferguson[View]
46950111> Meet girl on this board > Talk to her for a little > Kinda weird > She shows me her ti…[View]
46949720Anyone else here just fucking pissed all the time even if there's not a specific reason? I alwa…[View]
46950293Tought I finally found a girl who liked me, turns out she was just being nice. She cancelled our 'da…[View]
46951353Inmate qt3.14 waifu gee-eff: Why not get a qt, troubled, submissive inmate gf? She'll move righ…[View]
46950754Help I think my coworker is trying to dom me. Not that i mind of course...but are these valid hints?…[View]
46951317Progressive terminology is the reason for the lefts 'plight': The non-binary and genderfuid identiti…[View]
46950638Do you wish you could go back at some point in time: You'd still still retain all the memories …[View]
46951257Which should be my guiding principles in my life?[View]
46950937Would an assimilation end human suffering?[View]
46948195I just turned 28 last week. How the fuck did my parents get married when they were in their early 20…[View]
46950113Some of you are good-looking and not too autistic. Don't fall for the shitty autismos/homosexua…[View]
46950955Okcupid: >be me, 22 khv >finally present myself to this dating app out of desperation >2 we…[View]
46951261ITT Life sucks songs aaaaaaaaand go[View]
46950912Ferguson > Pink Bird Shit: Ferguson > (((Je[w]ffle)))[View]
46951232https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlQq3eTJsG0 I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS GAY EARTH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
46947754This is the new meme: get used to it you will be seeing it a lot[View]
46951019Can we make it against the rules to post male genitals? They are absolutely disgusting.[View]
46950219>MFW two old normie friends that ghosted me years ago suddenly showed up to my house an hour ago.…[View]
46949952>be me >regular sexual desires up until last year >out of nowhere I want women to sit on my…[View]
46950925millions of people have died as virgins[View]
46951059>breakfast: 2 tacobell taco 12 packs and a large diet Pepsi >brunch: large chocolate milkshake…[View]
46951038>virgin robots looking for love >me and qt3.14 bang at least once a week >mfw I look down o…[View]
46950673It's a Friday night and I'm on a large winstreak in Dota 2. Anyone want to join? Just look…[View]
46949314>haven't fapped in two days to build more test >urge to fap is high now…[View]
46950571When did you realize that Marxist-Lenism was the only way forward for humanity?[View]
46945743Is this the greatest ending in the history of anime?[View]
46950954>tfw not an autotuned singing rapper not really sure what the point of this is but i guess ill ho…[View]
46950741>tfw 18 year old zoomer[View]
46950532> see jeffle rolling >what do?[View]
46949435>wake up with boner >see a sexy girl on the other side of the bed >fuck her >cum >tfw…[View]
46950543>can't enjoy conversation anymore unless I'm completely anonymous…[View]
46950857>tfw no lady boy bf[View]
46950712ITT: characters that shouldn't make you hot but do I mean look at this. Their species has no mo…[View]
46949572I am terrified that I might have autism. I dont want to go to a doctor to get checked for it because…[View]
46950344Wagenig 2.0: >Some wagefuck brainlet got btfo last wageniggering thread…[View]
46949577titcow thread: titcow thread[View]
46949691Why is masturbating to small penis humiliation (SPH) so fun?[View]
46949839>ywn show your succubus gf around the mortal world[View]
46950731what is Jefle about?[View]
46949300Do you obey the speed limit while driving. /r9k/?[View]
46950747hue hue me Anon me brush my teeth after each meal hue hue floss brush floss hue hue[View]
46950697Anyone here have experience with dph (benadryl)? I know it sends you through the portal to hell for …[View]
46950669If one day the sun didn't rise but everything was the same, there was day, the earth stayed in …[View]
46949920I don't have any friends, should I pretend to be gay to appear more interesting and so that gir…[View]
46950704>momma found the empty oxycodone bottles[View]
46949942since this is probably going to be big post jeffles T.rainbow jeffle[View]
46950302I want to kiss you femanon. I know you probably don't like me and we're not very close fri…[View]
46919770/drugfeels/: /drug/ general post original drug feelios >tfw my only 2 friends are being fagggot a…[View]
46950441Some guys drink gamer girl pee. But, I'm a man of culture - I exclusively dine on gamer girl pl…[View]
46950604Why are the worlds In anime shows so much better than our world? The people and the worlds themselve…[View]
46950613minecraft hcf thread[View]
46948961What are some of the saddest 'feels' you can think of?[View]
46949945Non Virgin /r9k/ users: Its a callout to all the Chads so we can all share our best or worst experie…[View]
46949639Pics u want to share with /r9k/[View]
46950451>tfw no friends anymore[View]
46949675Fellow Zoomers, we have been had. All this time the boomer meme was ACTUALLY created by millennial…[View]
46949643Anyone here goto a psychologist/pyschatrist? Everytime I go I'm the only man there in the waiti…[View]
46949301HAS ANYONE HERE HAD A HATEFUCK BEFORE and is it great or not I need to know[View]
46946686Anyone else trying to have a /the dude/ lifestyle? aka having no ambitions, having zero responsibili…[View]
46950478Clean your cell[View]
46949924How do I stop masturbating every day?[View]
46948361I want to kiss a girl so baaaaaaaad[View]
46950221jeffles earlier iteration[View]
46949746Tell me /r9k/, where were you when stoop kid was afraid to leave his stoop?[View]
46950391How bad is it being homeless? I literally don't want to do anything anymore. What are the best …[View]
46944057Finally!..feels good to be home after a great day at work[View]
46949325Heard my dad Reee today. What have you guys done to him[View]
46950398I think I might have made it: >be me, 4 years ago, still with parents >quit homeschooling to l…[View]
46950396no one in my fucking family sides with me they think I'm in the wrong and refuse to see my POV …[View]
46949219>Wanted to be an animator >Went to art school for a couple years >Give up >Dont do any a…[View]
46950189can someone give a low-IQ robot detailed steps for applying for welfare in the U.S.?[View]
46949928So what color is it /r9k/?[View]
46950305>tfw I could have cancer and not know I was dying >or heart attack >or brain aneurism AAA…[View]
46949120>tfw iq in under the 100s Im literally a fucking brainlet holy shit, i cant even understand what …[View]
46950351robots i hate to do this to you but can i had articles about some bull hit rape charges from females…[View]
46950205Are microwave tv dinners the official food of robots?[View]
46950206>Wish I could just stop existing >Not die because I don't want an afterlife in the extrem…[View]
46950199another goddamn high school 'be me' story: >be me >17 >outside because we have lunch tables…[View]
46949672Blackbots we should we go back to africa, america is a pretty toxic place for us, whites, asians and…[View]
46949863If you don't know who this is you're too young to be here.[View]
46949983One of the biggest problems robots have is that they can't handle banter. Someone jokes around …[View]
46949710How to be a normie: The worthiness of affection is no longer determined by personality as much as it…[View]
46949935what are the good sides to being a robot?[View]
46949661rare jeffle rare jeffle rare jeffle rare jeffle[View]
46950004Hey... hey oldfag... over here... ... the game[View]
46947552I got turned down again, anons. I tried pretty girls, skinny girls, ugly girls; I even just got turn…[View]
46949565Success Stories: >be me >go to my normalfag friends parents anniversary party >we're e…[View]
46950122Do any of you feel like getting someone to apologize is more about getting them to submit to doing s…[View]
46948871Are birthdays overrated? Do robots celebrate their birthdays?[View]
46950100does anyone else here have parents that literally follow them around all day pissing them off every …[View]
46949282>parent walk in your room[View]
46949399What do normalfags even do on friday night? Just get wasted at a club or bar? is that what not doing…[View]
46949308Type in 8 random numbers see what kind of threads pop up. ill start: >>42018725[View]
46946307>almost land black Stacey gf >find out she's fucking a white man and getting engaged too …[View]
46947668Time.: Time. The faster you travel the slower time moves.[View]
46949972help me wat do: I'm embarassed and ashamed but I felt aroused after being smacked by my mom. I …[View]
46949751I scored a 93 on the asvab but i want to become a janitor[View]
46949978When will male virginity be cool again?[View]
46948111How to get a cute East Coast gf?[View]
46949966>mfw Jeffle is taking off faster than Fresco[View]
46949854108.170.21.42:35348 comfy minecraft survival server for anons to chill and hangout on, 1.13 update c…[View]
46949598>WE TAKIN YO WOMMIN WHITE BOI How do you respond?[View]
46949812give me some brainlet pics so i can make a bunch of normies laugh[View]
46949885Is it socially inappropriate to wear a bag on your head or somehow completely hide yourself from oth…[View]
46948535Whats the point of living if youre born an ugly woman?[View]
46949846>reply in thread >add it to the thread watcher in case anyone responds to me Who else does thi…[View]
46949859femboot feelings: Just kidding, I just want more giantess femdom porn.[View]
46949428Anyone here too smart for the normal masses[View]
46948942How do I get rid of the prison gay? Its getting worse recently and I feel like if I'm not able …[View]
46949731> the guy in the college freshman group chat with the ancap profile pic is asking people to Dom h…[View]
46948373My dad just walked in on me jacking off[View]
46948073Be social: I think people here are tretty deluded. I'm a guy from holland. I discovered about t…[View]
46947029>tfw your retarded boomer parents just got married because your boomer Dad knocked up your boomer…[View]
46949681>just installed a sex mod on skyrim See ya, losers.[View]
46949476Fresco will rise up and destroy that stupid fucking pink peep piece of shit. There can be only one s…[View]
46948775fucking plagiarism: >Post my first greentext today >Pretty decent >>46947859 >Moderat…[View]
46947846serious question: I, like many more anons here, have very big collections of pictures of random girl…[View]
46949482>tfw freak in a world of normals[View]
46949645For Girls: A beautiful singing voice can make up for an ugly face. You still can't be fat thoug…[View]
46949447>Be 23 year old computer eng major >Needed an elective so decided to take a women's sexua…[View]
46947147S-should I go for it?[View]
46949046>have to talk to people to get better at socializing >nobody wants to waste time on this bumb…[View]
46948438Lifting: will getting fit actually improve mental health, or is it a meme.[View]
46949508My crush told me tonight that I'm the hottest ugly person she's ever seen. Is that a win, …[View]
46949489Shitpost thread cuz I have given up on life[View]
46948599Anyone else nostalgic for a time they did not live, and homesick for a place that doesn't exist…[View]
46947059Friendless: Anyone else here completely friendless? I have zero social interaction outside of my par…[View]
46949494any Walmart wagebois around?[View]
46948263Jeffle is pissed off because of what you did: What it is that you did to piss Jeffle off?[View]
46949362Robots, how good do you think you would honestly look if you worked out, dressed up nicely, and shav…[View]
46949425>tfw potential gf rejects you and calls you creepy[View]
46949468>just keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin never gonna stop…[View]
46948235the absolute state of /v/ >424916072[View]
46947539Hey friends, I'm ultra new to /r9k/ , so I don't know who she is halp[View]
46948690>be me >grade 4 normie >hardcore fan of musicals >in school >monday >third period …[View]
46942942Anyone else gradually getting used to the fact that they'll be alone for the rest of their live…[View]
46946044>No social media, no nothing always wanted something to remember my past self with I might just s…[View]
46948706R8 my bars: >here is the church >here is the steeple >dot dot dot >I hate all people (I …[View]
46949342Do you think that the prescription of certain pharmaceuticals to youth has a part to play in childre…[View]
46949322So, is 4chan a website full of cuck fetishists?[View]
46948945Hey /r9k/, I've just told my stepdad about my mom's cheating habits. I left the house afte…[View]
46948886I leave this board alone for TWO DAYS and come back to this shit. You've disappointed me for t…[View]
46948351good feels: /goodfeels/ thread boys negativity free zone i went and applied for a job today and i th…[View]
46949192i'm starting to warm up to this meme. it's social commentary on wagecucks outmatches anyth…[View]
46948989I honestly wouldnt have found out about this cesspit if it wasnt for you little faggots that plaster…[View]
46949271>another discord group is trying to force a meme[View]
46948255It's been a year since she left me: I can't cope. There was no one else out there like Bla…[View]
46949263ITT: We break the image limit by typing S0i, Part 2: Onions Onions Onions Onions Onions Onions Onion…[View]
46949228The absolute fucking state of 2018 /v/ >>>/v/424916072[View]
46949029>no matches for days >suddenly get super liked by an absolute stacy Is this my chance to go fu…[View]
46949164Suffer not the Chad to live My vow, my duty For the Chad is savage It is insidious Its cunning vi…[View]
46949118>be me >have gf hows it feel to be a fucking loser r9k…[View]
46949113>cringe >yikes >edgy >incel…[View]
46948854am i doing it rite? this is that hot new meme rite?[View]
46949159>tfw no homesick bf[View]
46949057The absolute state of 2018 /v/ holy god >>>/v/424916072[View]
46949155I feel like every time I think I've gotten ahead, I come back home to the same problems. I…[View]
46949098when I find out a fellow robot is a leftist, my sympathy changes to joy[View]
46947978/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - L8 night boys the ultimate escapism > /LDG/ discord per…[View]
46946153the black master race dog[View]
46948445How do you ask girls out? I don't know how to do it[View]
46948983>'UUUNNNGGH YES MASSAH GIMME DAT BWC' What did he mean by this?[View]
46949022r9k creates a pmc: Let's do this. Image is a bit dated.[View]
46949055Hello friends, I want to start being more productive with my time so I was wondering if you could li…[View]
46945687I saved enough money and bought a decent laptop and now I can stop phoneposting!!! Any suggestions f…[View]
46939595Positivity and Megumin: Good morning friends. Tell me about things going on in your life, positivity…[View]
46948960here comes the shitty meme forcing spam[View]
46948444Rose: Friday night time for a rose bread Come home rosebud Epi still Mia edition[View]
46948551Does someone else dream about having a big beautiful house outside of the city?: I mean imagine how …[View]
46948164Black master race my nigga[View]
46949000>Achieve all your dreams in life as you turn 30 >Only thing you haven't done is get a gf …[View]
46948468>360 degrees in a wheel >jeffle has two wheels >720 degrees >today's date is 7/20 I…[View]
46948853>don't like women >don't want money >not interested in friends >no ambitions A…[View]
46948697new meme fresh off the presses.[View]
46944192>Hi anon. Here to watch mommy and uncle Chad have incest sex?[View]
46930733I'm having a lot of trouble resisting the urge to go girlmode. I already have these big gyno bo…[View]
46948971>geoffle will always be second fiddle to jeffle Geofflefags BTFO[View]
46947985>tfw asian male in the era of bbc and bwc why do i bother continue living…[View]
46948496How does /r9k/ get a girlfriend?[View]
46948596>tfw you don't have telekinesis or inspector gadget extending arms so you can get something …[View]
46948005Tfw no girlfriend: I am sad because I don't have a girlfriend. What do I do /r9k/? I don't…[View]
46948888>tfw girls don't appreciate the time and effort I've put in to be a high level vidya sn…[View]
46944835Why do the nazis get such a bad rap? They were no different than any other expansionist empire[View]
46946034Are robots capable of loving a 4/10 girl?[View]
46948254I got diagnosed today. I seem to have a schizoid personality. I understand i should fix my lack of …[View]
46948904Nigger chimp no belong here. Nigger no know how to behave, they steal, commit crime, behave like wil…[View]
46948760Is /r9k/ the new /bant/?[View]
46948509Anon!: What is best in life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAUW0eq0BLA[View]
46935478What are you so afraid and triggered of?[View]
46948649Now this is better than jeffle Prove me wrong fags[View]
46948874Post what you think Stacey looks like.[View]
46948469Ive been trying to deal with this bipolar thing, is anyone else in the same boat?[View]
46946528If I can read the tiny print correctly, each serving of these things has about 860 calories. They co…[View]
46948845Does it even count as a girlfriend if she never even told her parents about me even after being toge…[View]
46948410Literally everyone on r9k lives a better life than me[View]
46948252>that feel when no gf You truly can not name a worse feel.[View]
46944661Who else /aspergers/ here? What symptoms/traits do (you) have? >dislike being touched, usually fl…[View]
46942805I like a boy from here and we talked on discord. He asked me for nudes and I sent him. He saved ever…[View]
46941544opinion on girls with BPD: >what do you think of girls with BPD? >have you met any? >any s…[View]
46948069:(: Fellas, I want you to imagine going out with a girl who you're full on in love with and jus…[View]
46945958>my friend created this meme >it's practically all he talks about >sends me the link a…[View]
46946274What do you expect from a person from r9k? What type of person are they?[View]
46947901Shinji Ikari: Are some of us robots basically like Shinji Ikari? We're whiny pieces of shit tha…[View]
4693644125+: This thread will be for 25+ only, for 24 it will not,neiter is for the 23, or the 22. This thre…[View]
46947727Tfw discords are always dead because people join and never say a word /VS8kRsE[View]
46945111Why are black genetics so trash? Is it from inbreeding?[View]
46948553>be me >the girl i like knows that i like her >keep being good friends even though she frie…[View]
46948205Racebait: Reminder that robots come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. It doesn't matter as to w…[View]
46945531Why are these masks so common in BDSM? What's the appeal? Why are they used?[View]
46948242What is something you think about a lot or want?: Mine is embarrassing, I think about laying on top …[View]
46948619>Be me >Redditor >Browse and post almost everyday, addicted to that sweet karma >Think …[View]
46948367I used to be like one of you, then I decided to get my shit together and change my life for the bett…[View]
46948062Anybody else have their youth totally wrecked and then decide 'Fuck it. I'm not contributing to…[View]
46948015How much stamina is needed to bed good in bed?[View]
46948333Is collecting gunpla autistic?[View]
46942533How did you do at the genetic lottery?[View]
46946958I just wish everyone would wake up.[View]
46947807What is the riddle of steel?: Answer quickly! Or Crom will cast you out from Valhalla and laugh upon…[View]
46948122I've felt so much better since I stopped browsing this cursed board. My life hasn't improv…[View]
46948187Any Buddhists here? Im Anglican but Buddhism seems very appealing to me. Im just so overwhelmed on a…[View]
46945584Somebody on this board ain't what he appears to be. Right now that may be one or two of us. By …[View]
46948300>friend with girl >really good friend i've known for a couple of years now >out of pre…[View]
46947388Am i fat? Im on a diet lol Rate my neet body[View]
46947859Addiction: >Be me >Addicted to Pure Leaf Tea >Shit tastes fucking incredible >If I had a…[View]
46948405hey lads, watching comfy spoopy tv shows and movies at >cytu be/r/sleepsnug put a dot where the s…[View]
46946131How do I get a gf accounting for a butt like this?[View]
46947500Retail Feels: I watched a man snap today. He literally called an Indian woman a shit skin. We were a…[View]
46947713Asian women are the most sublime people on the planet, I want to date one so badly..[View]
46948172oh no: >Be me >At grandparents' lake house >Nothing to do but swim >I don't wa…[View]
46940942Welcome to /r9k/ Starbucks Anon! What can I get you on this Friday?[View]
46943659/Depressed Feels/: Post why you a sad boy.[View]
46945716Anyone else having a little drinkypoo this evening?[View]
46948308Please god just fucking kill me now[View]
46948171Imagine the braps: Who else here Mukbang? Its exactly like watching porn when youre horny When im h…[View]
46945451Black boioiois lolol[View]
46948182I'm so glad I never acted on my gay urges.[View]
46945490Not Good at Anything: Was listing off all the reasons why someone should date me and couldn't c…[View]
46945079do normals actually do this?[View]
46943217Are you a dom or a little sub bitch, Anon?[View]
46947952There's a ringing in my right ear, with pain and I can't hear properly. Am I dying?[View]
46947202>meet new people at new job >get invited out one time >never get invited again >hear the…[View]
46946575What kind of drunk are you /r9k/?[View]
46948081Do you like shit?[View]
46947608>browsing songs >see this welp. guess it's time to quit. don't have to tell me twice…[View]
46947984>be me >get home after a stressful fucking 12 hour shift at my garbage ass job >open the do…[View]
46947810>tfw too lazy to even play vidya anymore Anyone else know this feel? I'm playing FFX-2 right…[View]
46946580my cat looks really sick but im already in the red and can barely pay my rent[View]
46947666>be back from work >go upstairs >see the light in the bathroom is on >walk in >see a …[View]
46947940God, i cant wait to finally die and have fun in hell again, where i can be who i really want to be.[View]
46947376Comfy minecraft server: Heres a nice comfy minecraft server for you guys desu IP:…[View]
46946891>Be long ass time ago in my late teens. >Dad driving me to school. >Talks to me about mastu…[View]
46946397boomers in bloomers: >'Eh? Wadda ya mean my clothes are too old?' >'There's nothing wrong…[View]
46947516*SLURP* *SLURP* *SLURP* *SLURP* Mmh...hehe~ Ready for another round?[View]
46947729Theres a news commercial on my local news that start like this(see pic) 'There could be a killer in…[View]
46945923Should I waste a lot of hours to get good at this game? I think it would be cool to be good at it bu…[View]
46946275How do I trick Ch*d into becoming a robot?[View]
46942976Why do women suck the fun out of any situation?[View]
46945382Sorry, Wojak. I'd love to hang out with you and Pepe... But I need to get these reports done fo…[View]
46946089anyone have a pet rat? what's its like? thinking about getting one.[View]
46942934Chad is a state of mind: You are all digging yourselves deeper and deeper by creating negative feedb…[View]
46947517Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCyI0cBRKPI[View]
46947705I'm ready to give up man. I've stayed as socially active as possible, as active in general…[View]
46947701why am i so unattractive: i hate this so fucking much. I'm not fat, not deformed, not gross. Ju…[View]
46946100Any /r9chads/ wanna help me out? I'm a KV and I've got a tinder date with a with a girl at…[View]
46946175What if... >God made the universe >that drained him a lot, causing him to turn into a tiny sin…[View]
46946882>Anon accomplished so much in his life. He was in the top percentile for time spent sitting at a …[View]
46947010Hey guys new here! Found this website on the schools computer, some weird kids were on it[View]
46946258Do virgin hunting girls exist or do 3D women not have fetishes for male virginity?[View]
46944731Mental health advice ITT: If anyone wants any advice on mental illness, especially MDD, SAD, gSAD an…[View]
46947518Do you want to be a robot? How do you feel about being one? Does your perspective of what a robot is…[View]
46944904How do you respond robots? Do you show her?[View]
46947310>femanons do not like us >femanons consider robots creeps >robots call femanons sluts or be…[View]
46947410Who here is /lucky/ enough to have parents who pay for things that you want? Im getting the surgery …[View]
46946597How could I cope with the fact that there's probably a girl that's perfect for me and I…[View]
46947463https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmk4YHnegsE You literally can not disprove any of the arguments John…[View]
46946586>Haha, can't you just pee on them to kill them? >The aliens from Signs were so dumb >S…[View]
46947214How bad: So i want to kill myself, id probably shoot myself because its quick and painless. But i do…[View]
46947156A Question/Experiment: How much does /r9k/ agree with the phrases 'The most broken men are the kinde…[View]
46946244Should I take my V with a dildo?: Ok, so here's my situation: > I am 30 years old and virgin…[View]
46946866Male suicide rates are significantly higher than female suicide rates. Every woman that tries to liv…[View]
46947352How long before the girl gets bored and goes to Chad's place.[View]
46946842I wish I could have a normal drama-free pregnancy [info in post]: My own dad said I'm too autis…[View]
46946043>1pm >just woke up >want to get pizza and alcohol >too lazy to shower >no clean cloth…[View]
46945834Times you tried talking to a girl: >5/10 qt at work gives me a look everytime I walk by >alway…[View]
46945505Pics thats sum up your life: I need to be a nicer person[View]
46947392When did porn with real people stop working for you guys[View]
46946286Give me 1 guud reason why i shouldn't K M S.[View]
46947383I want to kill myself but i'm just afraid to. I don't want it to hurt. I don't want t…[View]
46947120Rawr uncle anon! I'm going to steal your virginity :3[View]
46947329>finally started dating outside of my race >Realised that women in general aren't the pro…[View]
46945732tendies: I search for tendies far and wide Yet my beloved tendies I cannot find When I consume them …[View]
46945981What is up with Asian girls' legs? Why do they always walk like this?[View]
46946855Where do you even meet people after high school?[View]
46946892What would happen if everyone stop working?[View]
46947265>check phone >'gf has posted on Instagram for the first time in a while' >check it out >…[View]
46947316Dead Boy Roy thread[View]
46946709>it's my birthday >my mom didn't remember until I brought it up yesterday >i saw …[View]
46946596>tfw parents are disappointed and think i'm an autist because I didn't go study STEM at…[View]
46941053Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a trap top princess?[View]
46945797Did your parents have the talk with you? Mine didn't[View]
46944925Why the fuck are british women so fucking ugly?[View]
46946305Are there any old school gangweeders on /r9k/? I've been in the movement for 4 months now, and …[View]
46944834>stop smoking weed 24/7 >suddenly have energy to do things again >brainfog/retardation is m…[View]
46947167Come join our neko and anime Discord Server!!!!! UwU qUPacVD[View]
46942348Dubs die in their sleep tonight[View]
46946174Do you enjoy browsing /r9k/? Or is there nothing better to do?[View]
46934497pill popping friday vocaroo thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1j4dcYzulXI say something pls…[View]
46946741whats better a AMD A10-9700 with a rx 560 2gn or ryzen 3 2200g with a rx 550 4gb[View]
46946783Autistic shit you did in Sex Ed: >publically ask what a donkey punch is trying to be funny…[View]
46945973Is it autistic to collect Godzilla figurines?[View]
46946551Found a sexy girl who's also into rapeplay on tinder Yay[View]
46947061anybody else have a partner with a travel job/away for long periods of time? how do you deal?[View]
46947033Males have no value we're disposable. Even the biggest 'alpha' male is inferior to females and …[View]
46946669Well /r9k/, once again, I just met a girl, found out she likes me, set up a date only to get blown o…[View]
46947023Would you have her as your lonely insomniac gf, anon?[View]
46946885>those emotions when no female companionship[View]
46944089Can girls really be as lonely as men?[View]
46946699>playing cs go >turns out one player is a girl >she starts talking >other dude starts ta…[View]
46946296I'm so glad I spent 4 years of my life and put myself thousands of dollars in debt studying for…[View]
46946386Post Phone/Computer Backgrounds: Mine's kinda low quality, but i like it[View]
46946834Who /retarded/ here?: >at uncle's funeral >everyone is crying >im a really quiet kid b…[View]
46946880I've got problems, now everyone on my board got them. I'm screaming like two cops when dy…[View]
46944654/BBC/ general: Interracial/bbc thread[View]
46946337How do you post?[View]
46939910Should I convert to Islam ?[View]
46946507When was the last time you skipped a day of masturbating?[View]
46946666> hey kid, are you gonna stare or are you gonna fuck me?[View]
46945317It's 'day of the friend' in Brazil: All my contacts are posting photos with their friends. This…[View]
46946107The new r9k fembot queen[View]
46945745Tired of the internet: Is anyone else getting tired, or has grown bored, of the internet generally s…[View]
46946609>watching a movie >mom is in the other room >yells 'WATCHIN' A MOVIE, ANON?' YES YOU D…[View]
46946695I've found the light, and you shall too. Being beta is up to yourself, in reality your mindset …[View]
46945320So if people on 4chan don't like it that they get judged by appearances, why are they so judgy …[View]
46946196>Chad >Celibate by choice AMA[View]
46945737(From the other thread) Is this our new queen, robots?[View]
46944134>Normie behaviors that annoy you 'Insider' jargon whose only purpose is to fit in with a group. C…[View]
46946668thursday night drinky: drinkin thread. >what are you drinkin >playin >watchin >listenin …[View]
46946661Gunn is another victim of some snowflake whose desperate need to be viewed as a social justice warri…[View]
46945833>the media isn't anti-whi-[View]
46946634White people: the slow death Press F[View]
46946082Rode in a stacy's car today!!! Was filled with empty bottles and cans!!! Bet it had her boyfrie…[View]
46946253There are so many things that can, and will, tear the life out of you. Be careful out there anons[View]
46942836I hope you idiots don't wear clothes in your own domicile.[View]
46946533Can we identify the one guy spam creating black sissy thread aka the ultimate and most lathetic cope…[View]
46945786Is Summerfag just a new word for normalfag?[View]
46945516Sup, lads. About to hit the city by myself. Meet me in downtown Baltimore in about an hour. I'…[View]
46945574Ba/r9k/ #2: So, how's your week going? Whether it's been a rough time or not, why not come…[View]
46944964Who else here is unironically a complete fucking loser?[View]
46946035>Meet roastie on internoot >All she does all day is tell me how many beta orbiters she has and…[View]
46945948Life crashes down in 1 week (Not true): >be me >24, rich >lots of inheritance from dead gra…[View]
46945219Anon's grandfather is watching porn: This is a little bit modified to fit here. plz rate it cuz…[View]
46946221how do i tell my friend to stop being a fag and making such gay sounds to express shit he doesnt lik…[View]
46946239If society ridicules looks down on male virgins so much, why don't they just offer us an easy w…[View]
46942283/britfeel/: I taaaaaaaaaaaaalk to the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
46946061>be ugly skinnyfat 21 year old >touch of grey my hair >milfs flirt with me in public I FOUN…[View]
46943767How nice is your handwriting? Do you ever write messages to yourself for fun?[View]
46937157Black bois btfo by superior white cock[View]
46943672Damn, I think I made it. We have been together for a while. I was KHHV prior to this. I believe in y…[View]
46945190>Be me >Virgin, 24 years old >Social outcast, no friends >See this thing on the internet…[View]
46945956I want a friend so bad I bought a Gamecube with Melee and a big crt TV just to play Melee but I have…[View]
46945853be me order jimmy johns freaky fast cute black girl delivers sip soda smell perfume sniff lid s…[View]
46945744>tfw no qt disfigured psycho killer gf anyone know any other mangas like this?…[View]
46945697Cashier: Any robot has worked as a cashier in retail? I need money and it's the only job availa…[View]
46945878Alpacas are the robots of the animal kingdom[View]
46945838>be me >live with parents >they berate me, complain, and act like im 12. >mom hates me …[View]
46944634Kindergarten School Summer camp High school College Job I've been always been the laughing stoc…[View]
46941940>bl4ck people can be robo-[View]
46945268i know a fembot and im talking to her right now she thinks im the coolest person ever seeya later fa…[View]
46943331Dubs decide you know what to kno[View]
46945952Tash, you want me or no? -J[View]
46945757>Fatbot >Fall for the fruit meme >Stock up on fruit and vegetables because thats what those…[View]
46945875i just wanna fucking smoke some lsd bros and then die[View]
46940156>when the catalog is full of black sissy bois[View]
46945179Okay guys, l liked a trans boy and I'm biologically a girl, what am I?: Am I straight? I guess …[View]
46945032>someone said I looked good for the first time in years >it was a fucking 12 year old girl kil…[View]
46945039Questions about your faith: 1. Do you believe in a God? 2. Can you describe the God you believe in? …[View]
46943065Does being attracted to short hair make me gay?[View]
46944821I have never touched a woman's breast[View]
46945773Look at this dude Oh no no no no no no[View]
46945752Oral sex is disgusting and I would never participate in it.[View]
46942359Could you meanies stop demeaning trans culture once and for all? Being trans is serious business[View]
46945751Hi /r9k/. I'm feeling nostalgic tonight. Post old internet stuff, doesn't matter if it…[View]
46945727When was the last time you left your room?[View]
46936276What was his story? And why did no one help him?[View]
46945710>Be me >Be O negative blood type >Be donating blood, because I'm a good person >Onc…[View]
46944574>want to kill myself >too afraid of death and pain >fear that there's a possibility of…[View]
46945193Why is /pol/ leaking even more into r9k than usual recently? Is it because of summer?[View]
46945702I have a weird emotional problem. I feel happy, mad, jealous, etc, but I just can't feel sad fo…[View]
46945391Nightwalk bros get in here[View]
46944286Have a good evening kathy and all of r9k.[View]
46944722How do you like your coffee and women? >QUIET[View]
46925000/steamfeeIs/: >tfw no friends to play shit games with How you guys coping?…[View]
46945547how do you stop being so fucking serious all the time? everyone's so god damn serious, bills th…[View]
46945064Original source for this?[View]
46944809Hope youre having a nice evening kathy[View]
46945136Offiicial /Vent/ Thread: Having a hard day? Me too. if you wanna just relax and tell everyone your s…[View]
46943530Do girls really masturbate together with their friends?[View]
46944433What do you think your sister was feeling the first time Chad seduced her?[View]
46934565/Creative Robotics General/ /why/ These threads have been pretty popular as of late, frequently goin…[View]
46945051Anyone else find female belly buttons and female bellies in general sexy as fuck? Post related conte…[View]
46945390>ywn be a cute sissy that helps a hung robot bull plow your gf[View]
46943972Lads i have a serious problem >both 19yr >friend has 15yr old sister >found out she actuall…[View]
46944459Just got banned from my favorite discord server: Fuck you guys, I was literally doing nothing.…[View]
46944745comfy feels: comfy feels thread[View]
46945243I haven't abandoned you, I've let things go. The last thing I want is for you to feel defe…[View]
46938839Fembot thread: Fembots, are you any of the following: >Gamer girl >Alt girl >Indie music gi…[View]
46945117A girl asked me out today, but I had to turn her down because she was only a 6[View]
46944061>girls likes me >shes a 5/10[View]
46944806A picture with a Powerful message food for thoughts, don't ya think?[View]
46943747you go to sleep and wake up BLACK, nobody realize you changed whatU DO (if you're already black…[View]
46941963I am filled with so much self-loathing. I hate myself, more than I hate anyone else. I dont even hat…[View]
46944046Well /r9k/? John Green does have a point.[View]
46944334Virginity Test: I found this on some other thread a while ago and as a virgin I'm honestly inte…[View]
46944773I do not have any friends and now a female has shown interest in me i do like her but i just now c…[View]
46942396I hate seeing my friend sad. I want to help them, I wanna make them smile and laugh. It's not l…[View]
46944437Isn't it much better and easier for me to alienate myself from society than to try and form rel…[View]
46944593Serious question: Are the mods gonna do anything about the spam? A response from a mod would be nice…[View]
46943824Eugenia, what a precious little girl: She goes to Disney every month but is too anxious to walk outs…[View]
46945031Best relationship?: Doesn't have to be irl. Just best relationship you've ever had[View]
46938977Online Dating: >Be alone for years >mid 20s now >Meet girl online >She's from anoth…[View]
46944586Is it a good thing if a girl says you remind her of her father?[View]
46943229Does anyone else here have a body pillow/dakimakura that they unironically love? I got one, and she …[View]
46940871fembots of r9k are you still a virgin? Why/why not?[View]
46944328Why are kids role models today getting more and more degenerate?[View]
46944577Was it always like this or did we just let ourselves become like this?[View]
46944793does anyone know any songs like this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XCDTFVykoo[View]
46944900What's your most memorable sex memory?: Mine is me being coerced to strip topless on camera and…[View]
46934524Kink/Fetishes Thread: Share your kinks and fetishes in this thread[View]
46944119CYBORG PROBLEMS: Hi /r9k/, just got past first year in college, know this hot ukrainian girl for fou…[View]
46944847>tfw you're slowly getting better[View]
46944845R9k,help me: Where can I find a girlfriend interested in at least two of the following things: -psyc…[View]
46944100Am I the only White Curious about BBC after seeing how much bbc assblasts the gayspammer: Unironical…[View]
46944757i fucked up: fellow robots i showed my little brother 4chan and reddit and i know he told my dad abo…[View]
46944425>tfw i can only looksmax up to a 6/6.5[View]
46944471I hope my life is closer to the end than the beginning I want to be guided to the light at the end …[View]
46942213I woke up and a bunch of cows broke into my yard from a nearby farm and cut my lawn for me. It cheer…[View]
46944716Anyone want a friend on discord thatll rarely chat with you? SlushieOfHats#1910[View]
46944299Ever put clothespins on your nipples?[View]
46944697>deadlifted 405 last week >didnt feel good >grandma died yesterday >didnt feel bad How d…[View]
46944417I ghosted my oneitis because she never initiated the conversations while texting. We have so much in…[View]
46939884> People here claim they would date fembots > Fembot reciprocates a robots advances > He im…[View]
46944450Daily reminder that INTJs (males) can only get a gf if they're successful[View]
46943847I'm sick and tired of this world, maybe I really am the crazy one[View]
46938645/mommy general/: Strictly incest and roleplay. Post lewd things you've done with your own mothe…[View]
46940756>he can't get hard from looking at pictures of scantily clad girls How? I've fapped 3 t…[View]
46943213>tfw no Kana gf there is no better girl, you can't prove me wrong here…[View]
46939412>your age >last time you had sex >31 >almost 4 years ago…[View]
46944519Yetyoteyeet: How does this video make you feel? Does it remind you of anything? What does it make yo…[View]
46942434Cowboy Interactive story: The year is 1880, you are in the Arizona wild hunting for hides You stumbl…[View]
46944418This is Ricardo Lopez, the Bjork Stalker, say something nice to him![View]
46944169Does anyone else save photos of people they like/screenshot the convos?: I do it because I like to r…[View]
46942414>he is still single? >yes sir >as I planned, bump it... and give him a practice girlfriend …[View]
46944424feelsgoodman: got a new computer but that shit crashed and burned, got to keep the monitor and keybo…[View]
46943967>first time going to drug dealer >botch at the end the long ass ape handshake they do >thou…[View]
46944409I just get banned on R6: NIGGER BITCH ASS TRIPLE NIGGER[View]
46944406I hate wagecucks so much. Dealing with the practical realities of the job market is one thing, but t…[View]
46943236>be me >really close friend >call him faggot and retarded every conversation, just how we t…[View]
46942977Do you cum inside the condom or pull out?[View]
46941159>Birthday today >nobody told me Happy Birthday, including my so called 'friends' >don'…[View]
46944287I got four different types of drugs in me[View]
46942276I am a 30 year old autistic fucking virgin. I once tried to sleep with a prostitute and I ended up t…[View]
46944272>tfw I can kill any fly I want[View]
46940423Anyone else have a thing for being a small spoon to another girl? Anyone got any stories?[View]
46944233>tfw you're still ugly even after getting /fit/ and doing everything you can to improve your…[View]
46943650Sex makes life more meaningful, and you're not having any. How does this make you feel? https:/…[View]
46943163Chad Thread: This thread is strictly for Chads. Share Chad experiences, post advise, banter with oth…[View]
46940335>So anon what type of music do you listen to? How do you respond?[View]
46943651Lmao: Lmaaaaooooooow[View]
46943557how do you recover from past trauma[View]
46943714Fembots, do you find status attractive?[View]
46944178Year anniversary since faggot at old college necked himself. I don't feel bad at all because he…[View]
46942828Still can't get out of bed much but looking for a way to cope. my therapist doesn't know w…[View]
46944067How can a girl ever be happy settling down with an ugly guy or a beta? Chad has banged your future g…[View]
46943235Fact: Girls only use small dick men for resources.[View]
46943240Are all women evil ir is it just cunt bpd ones ?[View]
46937794>go to the psychologist >she starts asking questions about me and my life >accidentally me…[View]
46936078Dumb parent stories thread: >Be me >a long time ago, either 9 or 10 >dad comes into my room…[View]
46944013Thank God I don't have disposable income otherwise ide have a gambling problem. Just bought 10 …[View]
46944049>ywn play a brand new minecraft world and beat it with a small close knit group of friends…[View]
46943881There is OBVIOUSLY an entity or group working day and night on spamming r9k with gay/sissy/bbc/faggo…[View]
46942585Why aren't you buying anime figures robots?[View]
46943698Why is porn free? asdfgh[View]
46943483Today is international friendship day! Did you tell your friends that you love them, robots?[View]
46943897This is who you are competing against and for in the sexual marketplace. Good luck.[View]
46943924Is your face's proportion good anon ? That's the thing that make you ugly, normal or good…[View]
46942153SELF-IMPROVEMENT IS A MEME: Another friend of mine says he wants to give up vidya and 'do something …[View]
46940232Cyborg feels general: All half robots welcome. Green text edition. >be me >cyborg >get gir…[View]
46939406What's one thing you regret deeply? like whenever you think of it you feel a pang of primal fea…[View]
46943859Good afternoon robots, Still taking bait and hating niggers I see?[View]
46943454Why arent you smoking weed yet?[View]
46942964Anyone have any input on if sucking your own dick makes you gay? haha asking for a friend...[View]
46939228Thoughts on these analytics?[View]
46942617>be bill >aged 4 >has a brother, Jim, who is half his age >ff a lot of years >Bill …[View]
46943593Derailed: >>46942434 The thread, the derealing, amd my sides. A story about dubs and topest o…[View]
46943656I'm really lonely and bored.[View]
46943409Why do real people always seem more shallow and more intrinsically evil than anime characters?[View]
46939422How do I get over my obsession with tits? It's causing me troubles, yesterday I was hard as fuc…[View]
46943599>Food poisoning How the fuck do I overcome this. Do I have to wait it out on the toilet or what?…[View]
46943631>person posts obvious bait >don't fall for it >but have to tell them you didn't f…[View]
46942819>tfw got stood up don't fall for trying meme lads[View]
46939515post your favorite vidya[View]
46941595>Hairline starting to recede Bros do I fight the fight and spend $300 a year on regrowth medicine…[View]
46942671Times you felt no remorse stories.: Times when you did something that could get you in trouble, but …[View]
46943544had a dream about killing myself: >Was dreamng last night >Standing on the top of a building …[View]
46943513Be panromantic, ironically think that's more degenerate than actually being a lesbian: I was at…[View]
46943356whats the end goal lads[View]
46942187>be me >in hospital, fast asleep, like a stone, like a baby >two doctors walk in, talk to m…[View]
46938207>ask guy to open up to me about his feelings >He actually,literally,does >Guess I don'…[View]
4694299320 - Male 16 - Female Is this age-gap accepted by todays society for a casual dating relationship?[View]
46942495Woah,it's an allegory to losing your way and then finding the light in the love of Jesus Christ…[View]
46942822If only the government could assign you a job based on your skills[View]
46942504Fembot Survey: >Location? >Weight? >Would you date me? >Would you die from one punch?…[View]
46943178Can someone post invite link for the archive? I think I'm banned[View]
46942900>Girl sends you this Whats your move robots?[View]
46942796Finding your other half: That feeling when everyone around you, including friends, relatives, your e…[View]
46942279I have evolved. >be me > be 13. Obese beta. > be kissless hugless virgin > it's las…[View]
46940740>just got beaten by a girl at arm wrestling I am done, bros. I am so fucking done.…[View]
46943062here are some oc sad cats, i hope you like them also share rare sad/knife cats[View]
46940522What's a /comfy/ memory you have ? >going to a big store with my dad to buy the weekly groce…[View]
46943343if a girl plays with her hair and moves it around her mouth while looking at you what does that mean[View]
46941045>want milf/mommy gf >Tinder is only option >don't want to give NSA my info by making a…[View]
46943293>talking to Bi-friend >He said he knew when he looked at a guy and thought of doing sexual thi…[View]
46941764>sex literally makes your life more meaningful How do virgins deal with this?…[View]
46943194How 2 b alpha: >be me 15 y/o beta redditfag >wanna get gf >girls like me >friendzoned.w…[View]
46943205Who here /catfish/? >tfw get too emotionally invested and live every day lying to these people be…[View]
46942960Thoughts on turkey the country[View]
46942424>get practice gf >a bit fat, but still fuckable, 3.5/10 at best >start to get treated diffe…[View]
46939603Straight anons, would you fuck a guy if it meant you could fuck a 10/10 gril after?[View]
46942712Say something you would find embarassing to tell someone IRL Then say something you would find embar…[View]
46936846r9k spotify thread Will add anything as long as spotify has it and it is not a repeat[View]
46939141>that feel when no hot redhead gf[View]
46942254>things no one will EVER tell you: >You're perfect just the way you are >Hey, let…[View]
46940092do fembots use sextoys or just masturbate with their hands[View]
46935629Day 20: Still going strong, lads. You?[View]
46942220>finally get a gf after years of no hope >show a picture of her to grandmother >grandmother…[View]
46942594Porn addiction: Do any of you bros have the same issue? Any recovering addicts have any advice? I…[View]
46940877r9k Movie Night?: So I'm currently planning this movie night thing on discord where I screensha…[View]
46942892>sissy fetish is slowly dying Time heals all wounds.[View]
46942604My college has an anime club I'm thinking about joining. What are your experiences with anime …[View]
46942552Lube substitute: How good is this moisturiser as lube, specifically for anal masturbation[View]
46942489Ay Got late to the Homestuck fandom wagon (2015-ish) and now the fandom is ded and im left with a h…[View]
46935163I'm from russia ask me anything[View]
46940249Anyone else here use OneeChan? The default themes are trash and hurt my eyes.[View]
46941384Why do Latinas give the best pussy rides[View]
46942536all we anons need is just one sincere (You) from another anon fren[View]
46942751>woke up exactly two hours ago >haven't done anything >already exhausted and feel li…[View]
46940576/queen/ general: In the aftermath of (((Brooke))), you are the only one who can save us from this ra…[View]
46940750This life is so fucking unfair. All day every day I see men with hot girlfriends. I'm 34 and I …[View]
46942599>6:15 pm >just woke up >immediately goes on 4chan…[View]
46941274Help me /r9k/ I'm a fucking morphine addict. I love 4chan and I hate sun. I love GILFs and I lo…[View]
46938912Why do black bois get so butthurt about black tranny porn? Just because most blacks are becoming tra…[View]
46938188Black bois btfo by superior white penis[View]
46942611>go to Starbucks >order an iced coffee >Stacy behind the counter gives me a vanilla iced co…[View]
46940546/Daddy General/: I've noticed those sick mommy generals being posted here. But no daddy general…[View]
46942569I'm so fucking angry. A woman I approached by the water yesterday suggested we meet today at se…[View]
46942559I once had a heroin addict 'friend' who was a heroin addict friend who stole 150 dollars f…[View]
46942490/r9kats/: Do you guys own cats?[View]
46942540I know youd rather see me dead kathy, but i hope wishing you a good day makes you a bit happier[View]
46942422ITT: Shit that made you laugh so hard in ages: oh man i'm teary eyed squealing here, watching w…[View]
46941109>shrink in your room >mom walks in >'Oh my anon, look how small you are! I can't say I…[View]
46939143Are these even good or are they just a meme? Guess im about to find out[View]
46942332>My dog got shot >He was with my dad >My dad was with two other friends >One of them fuc…[View]
46941967how many possible posts are there on r9k? There's only 128 allowed characters, what's the …[View]
46941878>just now >fart really loudly >fuck.jpeg >not sure if i shitted >check >i peed hmm…[View]
46942375>feel down because I never touched a girl before >later remember that we were forced to hold …[View]
46941798>Anon, could you help me get up, please?[View]
46938098>Hey big bro, isn't it fun taking baths together like we used to? Your wiener looks like it …[View]
46941887All right robots, how many previous sexual partners do you think is too many?[View]
46942218>ss-sorry I don't want to do this. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.…[View]
46940868>Is it possible to recover from depression since childhood with zero friends or close relationshi…[View]
46939625/britfeel/: Comeback August started 353 days ago edition[View]
46940397Are there any real robots left or is this just a board full of normies roleplaying as them?[View]
46940601Would you a girl who was 4'2-5'1?[View]
46941069R9k demographics: >tfw only 32% of robots make up /r9k/ How does it feel being a minority on your…[View]
46942165ESA HAS COMPETITION FOR NAMING NEW EXOMARS-ROVER link to enter comp: https://events.airbus.com/ereg/…[View]
46941158>tfw no mid 2000's practice gf[View]
46942194>Brother keeps slapping and punching himself when he thinks no one is around He's not even a…[View]
46939132if you have ever; >had a girlfriend >had sex of any kind >kissed a girl >went on a date …[View]
46942176>be me >go on 4chan >reconsider life choises why am I like this…[View]
46942095>be me >meet girl online >decide that shes just someone I'll never meet so I'll p…[View]
46940531>imagine being 9/10 and having no gf[View]
46941254How do I get a coalburner GF? pic related[View]
46939322Rate my combo[View]
46941693do you love your mommy anon?? i hope you do[View]
46942068Lets kick back and relax with a cute thread, lads.[View]
46939109I love when I tell normies that I don't drink. They react like I just slapped them in the face.…[View]
46941468>work out daily >eat healthy >lost 80 lbs >steady job and own place >still depressed …[View]
46942019/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - Mid Day thread the ultimate escapism > /LDG/ discord per…[View]
46941988>Mum had my brother and sister with another man, left him >Met my Dad who then willingly marri…[View]
46941970>tfw you're in a comfy quiet discord with brooke >she finally talks on the server a while…[View]
46937090FACT: All normalfags need to be eradicated[View]
46941001Where can i talk to somebody online about things. Kinda feeling my shitty self again[View]
46938291Why are Somalis so hated? t.Somalibot[View]
46936348'We're all gonna make it': >Be me >7th grade >qt3.14 Asian girl sits behind me >hav…[View]
46941871I love you big sis kathy. stay safe[View]
46941806Answer the question, what emotion is this meant to convey[View]
46941654The Boomer meme has made me laugh more in the past 3 months than I have in years.[View]
46941461What did the bum mean by this?[View]
46939285Do women get turned on when a man makes an ahegao during sex? >aaahh aaah fembot, your pussy is …[View]
46929679Depressing jobs: I just came home from an job 'interview' (it wasn't an interview, the manager …[View]
46938772Why is EDM so gay? Whats cool about watching some faggot with headphones on playing his shitty playl…[View]
46940463ITT: Post dreams and aspirations, other anons r8 them >Want to get a doctorate in archaeology wit…[View]
46941385Femanons which guy do you prefer?[View]
46941238>me whenever I see someone born in the 1980s Does anyone else have a fetish for borderline old pe…[View]
46936548>NEET >do the same everyday >2 years pass >feels like my brain is about to stop working…[View]
46941091Hope you had a better day big sis kathy[View]
46932729What's your favourite supermarket? for me, it's Aldi.[View]
46941404>be masturbating 2 to 3 times a day >feel really sleepy after busting a nut every time >lit…[View]
46940803Should I knock at her door? What could I possibly ask her to make an excuse to see her?[View]
46941463hello, do robots like robot vlogs? i want to do youtube but the only videos I can think of are thing…[View]
46940343What do you guys do to get rid of sadness and not give a fuck[View]
46939814Which is more gay: 1) Sucking a guys dick but never making him cum 2) Fucking a guy in the ass and c…[View]
46941247hey r9k just wondering how passable i am 2 months on HRT ;)[View]
46940915Kielbasa. It's a good thing.[View]
46941344discord : NQJfh6 lonely girl looking for company, come join me and possibly entertain me[View]
46941199>only online friend starts treating me like shit >announce that I'm cutting him out of my…[View]
46939202I don't understand hardcore liberals. Accepting mass amounts of refugees into the USA is compas…[View]
46939488Tribute to a NEET bro: ...depressing things u do just cos u're depressed and feel thats what de…[View]
46941248Who am I kiddin', who am I foolin' When they be like 'What's up Fatlip?, ' and I say …[View]
46941266im just gonna turn into a normie: just to see if i can, gonna go infiltrate their ranks boys. alread…[View]
46941142>tfw you have a package coming E X C I T E D[View]
46939664Who else is planning to /looksmax/ here?[View]
46939495this just happened >be me, 25yo, german, khv with yellow fever >walking around university town…[View]
46941025Android Waifu: Serious question robots.In what year do you think some sort of AI capable of maintain…[View]
46941127Who here /photon/? It's so much easier on the eyes and is more comfy then the other ones. It r…[View]
46940241posting turkey apu everyday day 1[View]
46937764Which country has the hottest women?[View]
46938344What's currently stressing you out? >saw mice in the backyard and afraid they will get in th…[View]
46940717I don't drink often, so my mother thinks I've turned into a puritanical religious type. Wh…[View]
46941096Why should you live if your life is shit and your brain isn't fit for modern society?[View]
46940257Should we break off from society and start anew? And how will this be done?[View]
46940889If you are under 180 cm you are a midget and no matter how strong or how smart or how pretty you are…[View]
46941049What are you career goals? What are you currently doing now?[View]
46940966>need to poop >mom yells every time I poop for 45 minutes >embarrassed to get yelled at by…[View]
46941005>you'll never die as a Yugoslav partisan[View]
46940552Have you guys dated rich people without realizing it or understanding?: I have, I didn't even c…[View]
46940846Explain yourselves.: To those of you who claim to be robots, >how the fuck do you resolve the cap…[View]
46940863Why are there so many fucking cunts here: I thought this place was supposed to be supportive, sick o…[View]
46939725>Be Grug >Good berry picker >Uga talk about Chug. >Chug good hunter many great hunt >…[View]
46939658If you're not a virgin get the fuck off my board[View]
46939784Times you did good things for people thread.: >Autumn of 2017 >New year of school >Know alm…[View]
46937501Anyone else who dislikes autists? >poor hygiene >weird mannerisms >too quiet >speak supe…[View]
46940782how much salt are they putting in food these days I've had like 4 cups of water in 30 minutes[View]
46940278>the low IQ look LMAO, imagine having an underbite[View]
46940703/r9k/, how long would it take for an low IQ person to be able to get a basic education? I kinda skip…[View]
46940741Have another good afternoon kathy. tell me about your afternoons if you want robots[View]
46940729/chad/ and /brad/ thread: No KHV allowed: At what point did you realize women are literally children…[View]
46940298Anyone else have abusive and mean family?: Just had a fight with my mother and sister, now I feel li…[View]
46940682Is it possible that a penis shrinks over time? I remember it being at least 1 cm longer 10 years ago[View]
46940526/vent/: I really need to vent > 24 > gf of 4 years whom I proposed to recently decides to canc…[View]
46940657I've been a hermit for the past decade. Animu comforted me. Then I see what's going on in …[View]
46940207Day 40 of nofap and I feel FUCKING MOTIVATED this is amazing, why doesn't everyone do this[View]
46940629Ok so ever since we were little kids my brother and I have slept together when either of us get stre…[View]
46936656European girls on this site come post in my thread[View]
46939789>height doesn't matte-[View]
46940168>tfw could never get a job and connections because literally have no friends whatsoever >tfw n…[View]
46939525>tfw no average Finnish gf[View]
46938027Do you have enemies, anon?[View]
46939596We should actually feel a legitimate pity for manlets. Height is one of the top deciding factors for…[View]
46940293Cum Shop: Would love it if someone would cum shop my 2 best friends. Thanks ahead of time. https://i…[View]
46940128G-guys I went to Taco Bell yesterday and got two things off the dollar menu because I'm poor I …[View]
46940244Redbone Bitches: Why don't you settle for a hot thicc redbone girl /r9k/?[View]
469401903 Months a NEET: I have been a NEET for 3 months. I'm not a NEET at home and instead have been …[View]
46922193/r9gay/ - #386: What are some of the things you would do together to beat the heat this time of year…[View]
46940201I wish we had more haha posters around[View]
46940074>mfw mom found mu two year old crusty cum sock I dont care that my mother found it but rather th…[View]
46940166help: My oneitis's sister (who I'm friends with) just told me she got her sister (my oneit…[View]
46939791Post your favorite greentexts: Let's make a thread about reposting greentexts we like to show t…[View]
46939807PAVLOV: ITT: Pavlov experiences I'll start with the best one so far I've encountered >…[View]
46939715what if r9k is a CIA training programme to train high iq people in secret tactics? we're the ch…[View]
46939593>Not liking anime >using this site[View]
46940083When did you accept that your life is fucked from the beginning and you can never change it[View]
46938459today, i'm menstruating[View]
46940081CHUG IT UP: Im sorry to say this, but if you're gonna chug estus in dark souls, Im gonna chug t…[View]
46939392>Going to grandparents soon >Can't bring computer Wish me luck anons…[View]
46939504Is it possible to improve your looks by somehow increasing your testosterone for a lengthy period of…[View]
46939828I don't think i can take it any more. Violent thoughts are getting out of hand. I daydream abou…[View]
46940043Where are my Mountain dew robots to?[View]
46939051So did you order your sex doll yet?[View]
46937171Reminder that girls that are over 6/10 are literally living life on easy mode.[View]
46938804How is the US one of the only countries without universal healthcare? All politics aside, it just se…[View]
46939965Hey anon, want something new to be self conscious about? They eye is one of if not the most importa…[View]
46939840With all of this drama going around within the real world. I really wish i can go back into the boom…[View]
46939963>tfw no booktuber bf[View]
46938212how do you ask girls out??: virgin robot here, want to become a normalfaggot >met this girl at a …[View]
46939945>11 days,ihihihi after all that timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…[View]
46939876Hey guys. I'm looking for a chastity cage. This will be my first chastity cage. I'm lookin…[View]
46939726Need help >0 contact outside of close family for personal reasons >absolutely 0 form of social…[View]
46939385Does anyone else agree that /r/Trufemcels women are huge jerks? Their entire sub is: >hurr durr I…[View]
46939480>be about an hour ago >Walk to the store to get coffee >On my way home I'm approched…[View]
46937330can we get a that kid thread going? bonus points for made up stories[View]
46938392>marching down to New Orleans in January of 1815 >get there, Colonel Jackson says to start con…[View]
46935703I think Im turning gay or maybe bi. I know this isnt natural no matter what anyone claims and I feel…[View]
46937972Anyone else unironically wish he was a legit boomer?Not the memes one. >best music >best cars …[View]
46939707I will murder another anon I met on discord. Enjoy your last days. I'm coming for you.[View]
46938373Any roasties here? I don't owe you anything[View]
46935904/britfeel/: nonce o'clock edish[View]
46939225Penis extenders for penis bend?: Does anyone know if these types of extenders work on penis curves? …[View]
46939400cognitive behavioral therapy: anyone ever done that cognitive behavioral therapy stuff? did it work?…[View]
46929639Robots, how do you feel about your mother? Fembots, how do you feel about your father?[View]
46939548Tornadoes touching down really close and I can't take cover. See you guys on the other side.[View]
46937954I think I was bullied too much in school that now at age 22, I'm unable to make human connectio…[View]
46931615traumatic experiences thread: >be 8 years old >frequently go to neighbor's house to hang …[View]
46939197I did the gayest and most disgusting thing I could do without taping my webcam[View]
46937909why are femanons so FUCKING creepy?[View]
46939145new pc, lost all of my images post your angriest pepes[View]
46939122Son, you haven't been out of your room all day. I have something for you...[View]
46938850Why arent you on snapchat yet?[View]
46939491should I fall for the religious girl meme? the only group that wants to be marriage material. https…[View]
46939390These are the people who think that you should be the one paying for their english literature degree…[View]
46939473ask me anything frogg: Am high ama[View]
46939414>tfw too scared to have sex with a virgin because of my big dick Dicklets will never know this fe…[View]
46939426Change your life right now. Subconsciously , and for the continuation of the species, Women want to…[View]
46938142Who here still /neet/? I'm not faggots.[View]
46934468>tfw no guy irl will fall in love with me >tfw khhv for life…[View]
46938049RIP :(: Tribute thread to victims of cultural enrichment.[View]
46938367eat sleep drink poop fuck[View]
46932979>Soibois get GFs and you are alone In b4 she is gonna cuck him bro No, youre just a jealous copin…[View]
46938310what the fuck is happening? i don't understand. im not a normalfaggot humblebragging. i used to…[View]
46937103>5 years of porn saved on external HD just corrupted and formatted itself no no no no NOOOOOO NO…[View]
46938693The salem witch trials were justified Prove me wrong faggots[View]
46939334/misanthropy/ general: When did you start hating all people? I did when I realized that nobody likes…[View]
46939110In America you can get a large peperoni pizza for $5.00. We call this a 'Hot Carl' here in CaliWali …[View]
46938238Letter thread: Letters from Anon, J, X and Y Letters to Anon, Anna, Dad, Z and that special girl.…[View]
46937255>be me >be fembot >have 5 guys on my dm's >the qt boy i like still won't text …[View]
46937779ITT: Worst thing you came to: >Was really horny one day >No one at home >Go to sisters room…[View]
46937641>tfw ghost who else doesn't exist?[View]
46938132>comment on facebook friends post because you don't talk to them very much and want to get t…[View]
46938380Why do girls who can't orgasm from penetration want to fuck, anyway? Seems like quite the distr…[View]
46938634Honestly I don't understand why it's not so bad to commit suicide Aren't we doing soc…[View]
46939091anyone else NOT drink?: friends inviting me out and asked if i still dont. so i guess theyre gonna b…[View]
46939169>last remaining friends joke about specific uni girls that want to date me >same girls eventua…[View]
46938225I identify as a beautiful ornate building[View]
46938587What plans do you have your children?: Mine is house keys at exactly age eight? or when they're…[View]
46938293Why don't they just make a drug that can replicate the feelings of being loved by someone? Sure…[View]
46939136no fap is fucking garbage (if you're not having sex) you go long enough without blowing your lo…[View]
46939134I'm gonna do nofap. Not because I think it'll have any health benefits or raise my testost…[View]
46938752Why do you hate reddit so much? They have just as many failures as here.[View]
46937916they told me you cunts cant have an intellectual discussion > nothing matters PROVE ME WRONG inb4…[View]
46938997Do energy drinks cause premature ejaculation?: I've been drinking energy drinks every day for t…[View]
46938656ITT: We complain about petty things that don't really matter: Why is it that my toaster only to…[View]
46938993sibling stories thread: >be on car ride home >9 or 10 at the time >pissing off my brother …[View]
46936388Weeb Women: Prefer the Asian Man[View]
46934970Are people on /r9k/ really that unattractive?: It would be interesting to know the average phenotype…[View]
46938637I made it lads, why havent you?[View]
46938228Back again: Hey Robots! Where here about 3 hours ago, posting about how i've broken up with my …[View]
46936758>can't stop jacking off >jack off 10 times every day >it hurts so much but i keep doin…[View]
46938413So I decided to join a penpal website, and since messaging and talking to a lot of east asian girls,…[View]
46938840>tfw you make the most obvious fembot bait thread you can think of and it still gets hella tracti…[View]
46938239Recently became a chad, AMA: >Asked girl if we could hang out over summer >Mfw said yes Ask a …[View]
46938134Why don't you just have a sexual relationship with your sister?[View]
46938799I've decided to vote for Donald Trump: It really took some thinking and he's kind of a nor…[View]
46938136What does sliding into a girls DMs mean and how do I do it? There's a cute girl who messages me…[View]
46938658psychologists and therapists should have to lurk on 4chan for a year before starting their job. That…[View]
46937251Why do normalfags refuse to accept some people are just hopeless and beyond a haircut or hitting the…[View]
46937350>2 mm bug inside my 300 euros monitor >ask for replacement >3 days later replacement is h…[View]
46936421If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?[View]
46937656How many oldest children are on here? Did you develop into a normal human or are you fucked up and y…[View]
46938235Do you use snus? I used snus because it made me feel relaxed and inspired, but sadly it doesn't…[View]
46938628>make thread, get zero replies >make the exact same thread again >add 'fembot here' >300…[View]
46937235>at a drive thru at lunch time >line wrapped around the restaurant >people behind you start…[View]
46925590Post single words not caught by the robot yet anons thursday[View]
46937808Is father time your friend or foe?[View]
46932526How do I talk to and ask a girl out? How do normalfags do this? Every attempt has failed in the face…[View]
46936779What a great day, man.: >Casually playing guitar >Mom comes in and gives me a shopping list …[View]
46938435story time, /r9k/. >be me >middle school (don't remember which grade) >become friends …[View]
46937645When did you realise you belong here ?[View]
46936942Careers Thread: Good morning fellow /fit/ters, What's your career or what field are you pursuin…[View]
46936127We need a good autism thread. There's too much normalfaggotry on this board. ITT post autistic …[View]
46935035I thought r9k was supposed to be a sanctuary for the rejects of society. Yet I experience nothing bu…[View]
46937420Just bought some backpacking supplies and a ticket to Vietnam. I'm about to turn 21, and It…[View]
46938297a female has never been to this board, therefor there is no such thing a s a fembot. all of your thr…[View]
46937750>Pat has his annoying cunt gf in all his streams now Literally unwatchable…[View]
46938036>struggling financially the last couple of months >pulling extra shifts at work to try and sta…[View]
46938296neigas in paris lol stupid nigger bitches[View]
46938168>be me >be khv >friends make me go out to the local pizza place >see 9/10 qt3.14 >go …[View]
46938241Autism is an epidemic: >be me >5 >do gifted and talented lessons >we called it tag >t…[View]
46938180>you will never be a fat buisnessman fuckin young secretaries its not fuckin fair…[View]
46938001>ate a whole family sized bag of twizzlers help[View]
46935209worthless fucking computer science degree: >17 yo me graduates high school a raging autist with n…[View]
46937721>tfw autistic with no friends besides roommate >tfw roommate develops feelings >tfw not in…[View]
46936526How would the world be different if the Nazis had won WW2?[View]
46936389Cyanide Pills: Where can you get them in UK, legally or illegally? I'm not planning on doing so…[View]
46937137I have a tulpa and she wants inspiration on a form post girls you think are qt. Bonus points for qt …[View]
46935439Guys, I need to talk with somebody about this. First of all, I must say that I am not gay (seriously…[View]
46934305>tfw both phone numbers and fb account are permabanned from tinder at last, i am free from this h…[View]
46938084Robots of the world, unite! for the socialization of the means of reproduction![View]
46937273I just saw myslef in a big mirror. I'm so tall and lanky I look like some sort of spaghetti mon…[View]
46937978anons please help me[View]
46937980Happy Friday! Whos working this weekend?[View]
46938083The shame is too real: Family reunion is tomorrow. I'm going to stay in my bedroom and imagine …[View]
46935680Is there footage of human-monkey sex on the internet?[View]
46937682General PUA and attempting to score thread: Can we get a thread going to discuss the very important …[View]
46934482Some roastie begged me to sell her some ritalin on my way out of the pharmacy. What should I have do…[View]
46937935Where do I get friends to talk to and hug?[View]
46937529Earlier this morning I pulled up pornhub and I was watching young teens having sex and it makes me s…[View]
46937842>years since the nuclear fallout has cleared >running low on ammunition >will have to int…[View]
46937477I'm seeing Weezer tonight[View]
46937158>americans needed the world cup to realize that france is 15% black like their own country idiots…[View]
46937357Had a date scheduled today. I went there. She was there. Had the shittiest, most boring personality …[View]
46937753the system we have in place for life relating to school/work/starting a family is bullshit. >spen…[View]
46937181Join the all glorious cult of pe[View]
46937787where: f f and f again[View]
46937680Anyone wanna enjoy a quieter r9k? https://22chan.org/r9k > make 22chan great again…[View]
46937367How does every anime girl manage to stay so think?[View]
46937686>have a crush on my best friends sister >She laughs at all of my jokes and always touches me a…[View]
46937538NEW RULE '''People''' born in 1998 or later CANNOT POST here, EVER. Fuck Gen-Z and fuck the cancerou…[View]
46936707>dont drink >dont smoke >dont do drugs >dont go clubbing >dont like football(eurofag)…[View]
46937796>tfw underage looking twink Any other robots know this feel? Is it even possible to get a gf like…[View]
46937757ITT: Autistic High School Moments: >Graduation day >they call my name >I walk up to accept …[View]
46937640Why are Pajeets so fucking WEIRD[View]
46937595>rubbing my clit[View]
46937714hey /r9k/, tell me a story about that one time you failed a suicide attempt, i need some encourageme…[View]
46937706whos areal robot here.? T. Hikki loser fag: sick of fakebots, I weant to chat to myrobo bros[View]
46937331Tard Stories: >10th grade >be in Learning Disability class >literally all the autist and gh…[View]
46937685>had to visit family in Germany >they don't have wifi >buy a sim card >had to video…[View]
46937156A customer complained and got me fired from my shitty wagie job Now I get to be a neet again[View]
46936940>be me >Existing >Breathing air >Women always breathe air >Basically fucked every wom…[View]
46936747does anyone else ever get turned on from being a healer in a game[View]
46935072Desktop wallpaper thread!: Mine is kind of embarrassing, what about you guys?[View]
46937286> whites didn't manage to exterminate all blacks using guns > black will exterminate whit…[View]
46933391At what point did you realize that the myth that the high school jock/Chad/bully is dumb and will be…[View]
46932599Reminder: mods let it get this bad. Trap posting? raceb8? Yep. All their fault because they don…[View]
46937500Please be my anime girlfriend.[View]
46937561work is slowly driving me crazy, it's a dead end fast food job to get some bucks and all my co-…[View]
46937278When does my real life start? When will I wake up from this nightmare? It's not funny anymore.[View]
46924914Hometown thread: Let's have a hometown thread. General discussions and bants about where were f…[View]
46936676Would you feed your gf until her stomach was swollen?[View]
46936443>complains about no gf >didn't commit lf you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it f…[View]
46936535>notice cute girl in different department of my work >other coworker is gone for a while on a …[View]
46937340what is a big reason for you being (gf/bf)less?: as for me: gyno. i know that if i took my shirt off…[View]
46936785what is even the point in living if you never got to experience young teenage love[View]
46937060>get a message from a girl whom i didn't see in a long time: hi how are you? >reply with …[View]
46934779If magic were real and visible within the world would you become a wizard or would you become a witc…[View]
46937129Guys please help me. I'm pretty bored right now. I really wanna play something it could be free…[View]
46936508Are there actual robots on /r9k/ anymore or is it just quirky redditors and Discord faggots?[View]
46934465My own dad told me he wouldn't support me being pregnant: Post not bait, I'm diagnosed wit…[View]
46937407>be me, a 2/10 19 y/o virgin >hanging out with friends >friend's 10/10 bff shows up …[View]
46934315i've never had a job where should i start? i can't do shit[View]
46936030>be me 20 years ago, 6 year old kiddo >dad left mom a year ago >mom gave me a pinkish lotio…[View]
46937368Join my game Revenge of the Niggers on battlenet.[View]
46937359Anxiety: >too disquieted to make a cat-fish account I have a feeling that people will know who I …[View]
46936080I used to play tag with upwards of 27 people. Now I play cards by myself. What went wrong?[View]
46936653What do you best identify as /r9k/? https://strawpoll.com/rye3dwes[View]
46937053Is it wrong to blame your parents for your failures since they never taught you things and you learn…[View]
46936839I'm so freakin mad. My 12yo sister just called me a 'gay fag' and head-butted me in the nutsack…[View]
46936445how to get a small peen: how do i shrink my dick to a smaller size permanently without going on horm…[View]
46936190I won 500$ in casino with 5 $: as a poor hikki NEET, i've never been to a casino, finally overc…[View]
46934700FUCK apartment complexes // diabolical normies stories general: anyone else get fucked over for no g…[View]
46936437Why are people cunts?: Every community I seem to join has mostly assholes doing that ironic 'I don…[View]
46936537I wish my dad would have molded me into a Chad like he is. God I wish I was as cool as my dad. He ge…[View]
46936560>tfw no beautiful, very flexible, lizard-like tail[View]
46937207>decide to get off my ass and lift a little >only have shitty weights (two, 6kgs each) >sta…[View]
46935132>boy with an anime avatar joins and instalocks healer[View]
46936829what's it feel like to have a qt gril hate your guts?[View]
46936234>Find out guy friend was bullied >Had absolutely no choice but to fuck bully Any other fembots…[View]
46937159>follow your dreams What if my dreams aren't compatible with reality?…[View]
46936416If i see one more 'fembot' thread on my once great board i will literally fucking hang myself.[View]
46934744>visiting family over the summer >want to go to the park with (probably autistic) teenage brot…[View]
46935141when are you going to commit murder, anon?[View]
46937105Mixed race robots, what sort of groups have you been made part of, considering you don't inhere…[View]
46928827Do you still play MMOs? Why/Why not?[View]
46935503i want a bf reeeeeeee: >tfw almost every gay guy i see is ugly >tfw i'm ugly >tfw not …[View]
46935534Have you ever seen your friends dick before?[View]
46937056roommates: I'm going to be living in a shitty apartment with 2 other students I haven't me…[View]
46935957You can change one thing about yourself. It can be physical or mental. What would you change?[View]
46934719i cant stop crying and i just want it to end already how do i kill myself quickly and painlessly wit…[View]
46935706Is hatefucking a pregnant woman even worth it if she is fat?: I'm having a moral dilemma and it…[View]
46936929Do some people work hard and just not get tired? Why work hard if its basically all that you do?[View]
46936225Text monster: This number has been texting me nonstop. No idea who it is. Can anyone help get them b…[View]
46936887Youtube Channel: Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is against the rules. but i opened up a Youtube…[View]
46933610Video games with a social element?: Trying to make pretend Internet friends.[View]
46934086What's the closest you've come to ending it?: Any of you ever attempted suicide? Are you …[View]
46932673Comfy thread: Time to take back our board /r9k/[View]
46932519Mental illness is fake, i'm a doctor.[View]
46936108Anyone else hate the summer time? >tfw woke up with a million bug bites from head to toe…[View]
46935874Fembot Feels Thread: Misogyny-free safe space to discuss our feels. >tfw no qt bf let's let …[View]
46934134Post your age, city you live in, job title, and salary/wage >25 >Chicago >paramedic >$15…[View]
46936320>July 20, 2018[View]
46936652soyboy thread: Basedboy story time[View]
46936647>the closest thing i have to a friend is a dude i write to online >talk about dull things but …[View]
46932790What is the last thing you treated yourself to?[View]
46936291Being wageslave literally destroyed my soul and happines. In all possible ways try to avoid wageslav…[View]
46934702>finally get an asian gf >she is muslim how do I get out of this? why do I keep making mistake…[View]
46933301>tfw will never be married to an amazonian muscle-fu who beats me up in bed every day it's n…[View]
46936556Fucking up badly thread: >be me >went to another country on some youth project for some time …[View]
46936280Robot Discord Server // Big Memes // active community We are once again looking for new, active memb…[View]
46936068Hi, my name is shitsniper and i am absolutely terrible at sniping. When playing an online fps, the o…[View]
46936160Reiko interview: I found him on discord[View]
46924238/mommy/ general: Post lewd things you have done with your own mother, or lewd things you have done w…[View]
46932572All you fat cunts need to stop complaining girls love dad bods. ONLY heterosexual twinks with an ove…[View]
46935289>be me >go to a Clairo concert with some friends >takes place in a relatively small local s…[View]
46935933>decide to try no fap >cave in about 5 mins later WHY MUST I BE LIKE THIS…[View]
46936459that kid thread: >that kid who was never allowed within 100 meters of our school ever again after…[View]
46928147>try to make friends >everyone is an asshole…[View]
46936435IN THIS THREAD!: We point out flaws for girls we like in real like (none of that 2D crap) >Crooke…[View]
46934335Chess thread: It's been awhile chessbros https://lichess.org/WPg6jagF also thread theme https:/…[View]
46936066Minecraft : R9Kraft: come join this brand new 1.13 minecraft server. You can grow plants, foods, cac…[View]
46935869The absolute state of /v/ everyone >424856682[View]
46935229just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing do you enjoy your human experience so far ?[View]
46936292OwO hvbvdd[View]
46936258>Out here >I can barely see my breath >Surrounded >by jealousy and death…[View]
46936200>tfw you don't want to live but you're too cowardly to die[View]
46932295Why is society so obsessed with booze, whenever I go to a social gathering people give me shit for n…[View]
46936231>Hispanic >Take pictures where I don't look white >Get no responses on Tinder >Take…[View]
46934808What do?: Just broke up with gf. She want to keep contact, what do?[View]
46933839Your lover/crush name?[View]
46935851Cucking someone is a great feeling.[View]
46936186I don't expect anyone to truly understand my anguish but I need to share Today was the last day…[View]
46932742How do you even start a conversation with a girl? I sometimes notice them looking at me but i have n…[View]
46935492why won't any girl like me what the fuck is wrong with me shit[View]
46935190just found out my mom was raped when she was 18 i don't know how to feel right now[View]
46934951Is it better for a robot to live in a city or a town?[View]
46935896Dosen't have to be negative...: If you could give anyone any mental illness- what would it be, …[View]
46935718>tfw have a scab on my nose that hasn't healed after 4 WEEKS because I keep picking at it…[View]
46935696should I start a new game of terraria ?[View]
46935974How do I approach women bros? I think I'm at least 6/10 but I have never found an opportunity t…[View]
46933003Is there a single thing worse than being 190cm tall and female if you are shorter than 190cm you can…[View]
46932751What do normalfags think is more pedo? loli or shota?: I think shota is actually pedo as its a young…[View]
46934582Atrocious grammar is a dealbreaker for me. I don't demand spectacular grammar, I'm not a g…[View]
46934184Saw knew psychiatrist. Changed Ritalin to Adderall. Took this morning. I have a fairly slow metabo…[View]
46934056quads or else: quads in an hour or im posting pizzafag saga to r/greentext[View]
46935823>tfw you have friends, but you feel anxious talking to them[View]
46931448Music: Gimmie good communist music, robots.[View]
46935767whats the equivalent of incels/beta but female[View]
46935636Hey guys, why do women moan during sex?[View]
46935810White pill: Yegor drops the white pill and makes everything clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR…[View]
46935788depressing things u do just cos u're depressed and feel thats what depressed people do? i smoke…[View]
4693570592% of mixed kids with black fathers are born out of wedlock https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.ph…[View]
46933851>sweaty tomboy with abs just sat next to me on the train >at one point she accidentally brushe…[View]
46934449Hey r9k I've been feeling down and depressed about leddit trying to steal OUR memes? What do yo…[View]
46932960/britfeel/: Livin' La Vida Loca edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p47fEXGabaY[View]
46934897DID YOU KNOW that you might not be READY to daaaaaate? Here's 7 psychopathic signs you might wa…[View]
46935111Why bother getting a gf when you are too weak to defend her? You cant even defend yourself in a phys…[View]
46935436Think about: all the time you've spent shitposting on useless threads on 4chan all the time you…[View]
46930003reply to this post and trap posting never ends or your mom dies in her sleep tonight[View]
46934553To those normies with fake depression that say: 'Having sex won't cure your depression!' https:…[View]
46934276So I dont post here alot because alot of people just larp. But I read alot of what is written here a…[View]
46935448My friend is 27 and sexually attracted to girls 13-50 I'm a pedophile? I mean my friend. Not me…[View]
46935267Anyone else get super angry when having imaginary arguments in their head? >waiting for my turn a…[View]
46935545Ausnon thread cunt: >>101300519 >>it's another, surfing /tv/ 1:55 in the morning de…[View]
46935447>tfw she cancelled tomorrow's date[View]
46935481SUp, my fellow robots I have 300 gfs and i love going to parties. I can't stand anyone who does…[View]
46932516>Be short >Put on muscle easily because they're not stretched out over a thin area >Bo…[View]
46934052Robots, why not date a Professor of Momology? Her bio says single mother of 2[View]
46934760What things have you put in your butt? For me, > Hairbrush handle > Sharpies > Fingers…[View]

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