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48317770>take a picture of my dick >print it a 1000 times >throw the pictures into the paper trash …[View]
48318236>be me >be 21 >visited grandparents over the weekend >I masturbate every night before I …[View]
48318065>vast majority of people don't date outside their race or race mix >black anons still kee…[View]
48317726For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds. Oy.: https://www.nytimes.com/…[View]
48317944anyone here quit addicting competitive video games? how did u do it im on day 2 and its pretty depre…[View]
48317448College Dropouts: I'm not even halfway into the first semester and I'm contemplating.…[View]
48318099Bad at greentexting but whatever >be me >uni student >be in class for engineering students …[View]
48316384>be me >playing Skyrim Todd Howard you son of a bitch…[View]
48318069Boating: If you ever get the chance to go boating.... Don't. >extremely hot sun >sunbloc…[View]
48317396>tfw don't know how to have conversations about anything other than video games or anime …[View]
48316571doesn't r9k seem unusually not-depressed lately?[View]
48316740Is /r9k/ jealous of the genetically master-crafted hairline of this fine young man?[View]
48316405I'm marrying my Asian g/f, fuck off pol: After having another amazing weekend with my Asian g/f…[View]
48316538What would you do if 4chan ended forever tomorrow?[View]
48317975Post guys in history under 5'11' who woman unanimously wanted to fuck I'll start with Paul…[View]
48317938Why are quality anal toys so fucking expensive? I just want to feel good for a few goddamn seconds[View]
48314950Would you be ok with having a dominant femdom gf if it meant you being dressed up like a trap in sex…[View]
48317266>tfw cute fluffy jell free hair The wind is my greatest enemy.[View]
48317239Stop being an incel.: Whats stopping you from having sex?[View]
48315713Why am I so scared to get a job and move out?[View]
48317886Costa, get the fuck out of here, you retard.[View]
48317835STOP POSTING PORN: My grandma is right behind me watching me browse r9k thanks for obeying[View]
48316646Is there any stim like substance that's a bit stronger than modafinil? I don't know how to…[View]
48316518>mom is extremely paranoid about technology Is she autistic?[View]
48317750Big sis Kat. I hope you will have a good morning today. And if one of her friends see this please re…[View]
48317679>therapist asks me when was the last time I felt truly happy >talk about the short time I was …[View]
48317025You are here: >women shame/blame men for this[View]
48316418>portray ugly people as bad guys Why do they allow this in most media? Its not the persons fault …[View]
48316133Any other pole climbing connoisseurs that love the feeling of the prostate orgasm it produces? I use…[View]
48317390How to be emotionally manipulative: My one friend at uni is friends with some girl who is into me. N…[View]
48316485What is the worst case of mental illness you have ever seen?[View]
48316546Who are the greatest female philosophers?[View]
48317387>'He still listens to Metalcore'[View]
48316734Do you ever have intrusive thoughts of sexual nature? What are they about? >An intrusive thought …[View]
48316643Fembots, why not masturbate to bestiality hentai?[View]
48317596As an ethnic man how hard is it to obtain a white 6+ GF[View]
48316937>been in college for about a month >talked to a few different girls >went on a date with on…[View]
48315280Hey Chad here, just wanted to say that your all a bunch of faggots[View]
48317340should i leave my beard this way? should i grow out my fullbeard again? should i shave it all off? a…[View]
48316967Ask a man bursting at the seams with the rage of a thousand suns anything.[View]
48316049>moving into a new apartment soon >thunderstorms and rain forecasted the entire week starting …[View]
48317500Clay Matthews blasts NFL after controversial penalty: 'I think they're getting soft':…[View]
48312610For all you guys who think that your future is only single mothers, ugly girls and forever alones. T…[View]
48315467What is the most profound fact you know?[View]
48314696>be gay >dating pool is 1/100 of straight people >still get laid pretty often >you fucke…[View]
48317241I got friend zoned hard today: I reconnected with an old friend a couple days ago,I had feelings for…[View]
48317213You ever wanted to start a blog but realize you have nothing interesting to talk about?[View]
48314620Fembots, what do you use for your periods? Are you a tampon girl, pads perhaps, menstrual cap lady? …[View]
48316704'I-I'm so sorry I b-burned your sandwiches A-Anon..! J-just please d-don't hit me,please d…[View]
48316555It's here. Hell has arrived. My neet days after almost a decade are over. >tfw thinking of c…[View]
48314758The 'I am 15 and want to go to 4chan' Starterpack 'Hey 4chan this is my first time on this site and.…[View]
48316783Elon musk liked my post am I cool yet?[View]
48315335>be me >think I have a friend group with five people >birthday >literally no one shows u…[View]
48312522Why am I always sad? I don't want to be sad anymore. This place used to be where sad people con…[View]
48316602Best trip ever: >be me 17yr old >in italy with my art class >so hot you melt on the pavemen…[View]
48316557Is it illegal to smell a little girl's panties?[View]
48316047WHY DOES MY TUMMY HURT!!!![View]
48316808sex inequality: why do females believe they 'have it bad' when genital torture/mutilation of infant …[View]
48315974>tfw no blind gf to be her guardian[View]
48315509Will learning to draw take away the pain?[View]
48313642is there an evolutionary reason behind this?: why is getting called 'fake' or a 'poser' such a painf…[View]
48316909why: >be me >sitting in english class >boring shit as usual >suddenly the teacher walks …[View]
48316687how to lose virginity fast? (i'm 19) do you think that losing virginity to prostitute is good o…[View]
48315216does anyone have any more by this artist[View]
48315887whats the best place to stream my an hero anons? pic unrelated its my dog[View]
48316770Omegle: >Go to omegle.com >Search for r9k and ROBOT9001 >??? >Profit…[View]
48314169How do you feel about children growing up and listening to music like this? Pay attention to the ly…[View]
48305953/britfeel/: no lewds please edition[View]
48316042Bitches: I've known thing girl for a super long time and I have recently developed a crush for …[View]
48316312I am going to one of the most nothern region of the world in a week, to work there for 3 months. How…[View]
48316079>be me >sleeping[View]
48314654whos drinking?: >go to doctors >she says I need to quit drinking for treatment to continue …[View]
48315844How can I make money online as a penniless neet with no bank account or identification? All I need i…[View]
48316587The Call of Drumpfu[View]
48316352Opposite Gender: How many of you would change to the opposite gender? If I could be a hot girl, I wo…[View]
48316508Good morning r9k!: Heyo r9k how's your mornings uwu Satyrn#9721[View]
48316210>block your path >sprinkle perfume on you your move…[View]
48314206Graveyard shift squaters: Homeless lady chilling with me, I'm gonna kick her out soon but the s…[View]
48314874For fuck's sake,i've improved myself so much in the past year-i'm no longer a skelly,…[View]
48316213>Be me >Be 10. Playing soccer >We get rekt. >Sad.jpg >Mum says it's okay >She…[View]
48314468>don't have gf >depressed and think i'm ugly >girl chases me >think i'm t…[View]
48315856>day three of nofap >feels like a part of me is legitimately missing >mirrors the feeling …[View]
48315455>why does my past matter to you? >be a man and get over it. all that matters is our life after…[View]
48315588Form hopeful youth to retarded boomer: Who else here ruin their brain with drugs when they were youn…[View]
48315934I...I wanna be a girl![View]
48316300I have a big dick that no one wants[View]
48313258>be me, work at pizza place >sometimes a little girl will come in and pick up a pizza by herse…[View]
48315849>live in australia >every social place is full of white chads…[View]
48314816>tfw starting to hate the internet i'm tired of all the toxicity everywhere I go, feels like…[View]
48311015how bad did i fucked up¡: >be me >wake up in the middle of the night >balls about to explod…[View]
48315059>I will take you to explore the stars... but you must leave Earth forever Do you go with him, /r9…[View]
48316149>be cute >be modest >dont be fat WHY CANT WHITE WOMEN DO THIS? its not fucking complicated.…[View]
48315842Cunny, cunny, cunny![View]
48315265At Uni today they said we could go into groups and fill out a paper with questions. I went home did …[View]
48316091White Knight Final solution?: How to we solve White Knight problem? They are making harder for every…[View]
48316017How much time do I have to spend outside to not look like a physically ill pale fuck.[View]
48316111Are you considered beta if just being around attractive girls and talking to them is enough for you?[View]
48316080Do you sometimes just sit down and appreciate the things / life you have? Whenever I've met som…[View]
48315888>tfw i have to turn in 4 assignments in advanced calculus 2 with an average of atleast 0.875 befo…[View]
48316024I never meant to cause you any sorrow I never meant to cause you any pain[View]
48313208>be me >have online gf >saw her 2x, sexed once >getting bored >relationship not fun a…[View]
48315870People who were diagnosed with mental illnesses, how did the process go? I'm pretty sure I have…[View]
48315859>https://www.cancer.gov/about-nci/budget/fact-book/data/research-funding >Prostate cancer: $24…[View]
48315712>been in a bed with five different womans/girls >first one I was fifteen didnt fuck her becaus…[View]
48315914nigga fuck your mumma she shoulda wore a condom[View]
48315585>Have dream with anime girl(s) >Wake up[View]
48315874ausfag and tafefag here does anyone know how long a cert 3 signage course goes for[View]
48312875Robots, whats too fucked up even for you? Genuinely curious because of the stigma that 4chan users h…[View]
48312735>mom asked about the huge trunk in my closet with a padlock on it oh fuck, what do i say it'…[View]
48315854What have you anons done to bait newfags?: >post some old copypastas to /b/ >started shitposti…[View]
48314500>Walk home from store >Cat meows at me >Scratch his head >He purrs a lot and looks happy…[View]
48314658Reminder that the world doesn't owe you anything and you are not special.[View]
48315315>tfw too stupid to play HoI2, let alone 3 Should I give HoI4 a try? I'm completely new to th…[View]
48314684crystal cafe is just a reverse r9k change my mind[View]
48315298If you hate your life so much, why don't you change anything?[View]
48314524*heavenly singing* theeee s...[View]
48315009>got a gf >months later she told me that she sucked someone else dick before meeting me >fe…[View]
48314681Why has mainstream political dicussion literally become ass: Literally mainstream political discussi…[View]
48313721Just wondering how most of you got here in the first place.[View]
48315559>tfw you overhear normies talking about how they browse 4chan[View]
48308078>tfw no original black metal gf[View]
48315599>tfw romantic at heart[View]
48315726>tfw no piccaninny bf[View]
48315053>tfw want gf with abs >tfw no girl with abs would want me >tfw no gf with abs >tfw I…[View]
48315482Fucking cat brought a rat in my room what do I do ? I can't be comfy and watch my anime knowing…[View]
48315449>dad finally started referring to me as his daughter in conversations >he's gonna take me…[View]
48314804Do robot's make the best drug dealers?: As someone who has been a robot since basically leaving…[View]
48314574>family gathering with cool wine grandfather, cool wine grandmother, cool beer uncle, cool cocain…[View]
48315157how the fuck do you even get a job ive applied ro fucking 20 places for shit kicker jobs like moving…[View]
48315041Female Streamers: >2009 dudes uploading themselves playing games with their bros >2019 girls s…[View]
48315661fellow robots how do drug dealers in your areas attract new customers? I am asking because I have be…[View]
48315578Anyone else here love pissing into the bathtub? I'm not talking about pissing while in the show…[View]
48312184Jill thread? Jill thread![View]
48315273Tell me about that feeling you can't put into words[View]
48314277Holy fucking shit: If you were wondering why there's been so many retarded underage greentextin…[View]
48315533Dear Anon, I just want a friend to write each other letters (emails) and share naughty stuff with. T…[View]
48315064Go ahead, say what you think this is[View]
48307968/drugfeels/: Is everyone sober tonight or something? Running low on kpins and tried to get them refi…[View]
48315405Sometimes it feels useless to try getting into a real relationship and have sex flr the 1st time if …[View]
48314120>never talked openly with my family because they are boring and brainlets >tfw they thinks im …[View]
48315119At what age does the penis stop growing, r/9k?[View]
48314814What happens to women whos only value is sex appeal when they get older?[View]
48314647I sometimes go on chatrooms and pick out a really lonely but sweet guy and pretend to be a cute girl…[View]
48315341>If you ever had a wife, you'd beat her Why is this thing my brother said in a fight we had …[View]
48315407who here excited for the BF3 irl release AKA Gulf War IV. Any of you robots joining up to be part of…[View]
48315140Hey r9k just found this picture of my 10th grade high school classroom from like 2007 Can you guess …[View]
48315394How bold are you?[View]
48315319>handcuffed myself to the bed so I can't stuff my face I will be skinny by any means!…[View]
48315205>tfw no heavy older sister who will sit on my back[View]
48314783Do anybody find it annoying how people breed without plans for the children.like they just throw you…[View]
48314714https://youtu.be/VqoyKzgkqR4 post the music your earworm has sucked into. go go go go go /r9k/[View]
48315165>anyone that i ever add from here always turns out to be some sort of scumbag or just really ment…[View]
48312072Hey, /r9k/. Say something heartfelt or genuine. Bare your soul, in any context or way you feel.[View]
48315263Any robots have the NASA directors email address? I wanna ask him who the first man to masturbate in…[View]
48314689>go to class >qt3.14 waves at me >smile and wave back >she starts laughing >i look be…[View]
48298221/drugs/, al/ck/: there was no thread up[View]
48314799Oh people already making gay jokes about me in uni. Anon in the class was touching my hair, then pre…[View]
48314955first day of uni and-: a 2000 born girl approached me to meet me. i still cant believe it anons, thi…[View]
48314335Dark skin niggers from Africa are a million times worse than African Americans. We should team up to…[View]
48313318>pick same powerball numbers everytime >forget to buy a day or stop buying >numbers are dra…[View]
48314203Should I go shoplift another bottle of wine again? It's 9AM but I feel like getting drunk[View]
48314947I just had my first day of uni and I wanted to ask you guys if I should have done a rally?[View]
48306201Is it true that men who prefer boobs over butts are plebs?[View]
48315150>you'll go insane without social interaction >people are often selfish, malicious and ove…[View]
48314767Anons. i would like to discuss something. isn't it kind of morbid that. one day. nobody on this…[View]
48314913How does drawing cute girls compare to having a girlfriend or daughter?[View]
48314711Do pedophiIes deserve rights?[View]
48314698Fuck my life: What the fuck, what the fucking fuck I don't know why, but I just started thinkin…[View]
48310134can we have a thread to post our steam id's or discords to make friends? It could be fun![View]
48315023Why are women incapable of arguing without bringing up their sex life?[View]
48314671Monday for wagies!: Stay in the wage cage, motherfucker[View]
48313279sup r9k just found this picture of my 10th grade high school classroom from like 2011 Can you guess …[View]
48314473Tfw insufficient IQ to contribute anything to science Feels bad man[View]
48314871Why are you all being so mean to one another? You would all live better if you were a bit nicer. Ple…[View]
48314953tfw we could be best friends but there are too many racists on both sides feelsbadman[View]
48314930>go to study hall at uni >dont study SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA…[View]
48314397>finally make online friends >spend less time on the computer to avoid them…[View]
48314402I want to kill nazis.[View]
48314577Okay so a lot of you like fat girls, but the real question is if you would date a girl who stored al…[View]
48314415Diaper stories: >no diaper gf to go to sleep with Why live? ITT we share about our embarrassing d…[View]
48314435I must have shat 6 times today. Fluffy poo with diarrhea. I dont know what triggered this. The kraft…[View]
48314702anyone know a site where i can just do some retarded work like click on shit and get a quick $5 on p…[View]
48311891I tried crossdress a long time before and I liked it but I didn't tried it gain because who kno…[View]
48310520Second-hand smoke is a myth.[View]
48314690How big is /r9k/'s 'dick'. Are you a MAN (Not You)>7 or are you a boy (You)<7: So which i…[View]
48314460you know, I've been thinking about what it means to be a robot. And I think I've figured i…[View]
48313799Yo /r9k/ I fell for the LDR meme and been with this girl (female) for 9 months now and I want out of…[View]
48314570It's time to give up on white women and get yourself a 6/10 Asian girl.[View]
48314137My little cousin told me I look like Shrek.[View]
48311080who here /high metabolism/ here ? Fat fucks with shit genes will gain 5 pounds after one meal. Whil…[View]
48314638no solution: Life is fundamentally trash. The only way to fix it would be to create a time machine a…[View]
48314627/R9K/ Graduate Thread: I think it's fair to say i graduated from 4chan this month >lost my v…[View]
48314390>tfw can never be a cool wine aunt because I'm male[View]
48313082E: >be me >be jazz cat >play in local bands and whatnot >hear about this thing called th…[View]
48310484Are girls weirded out by guys who like feet? This girl im with wants to take it slow which is cool b…[View]
48311982messaging girls on tinder is a fucking nightmare i lose every single one after 1 or 2 one word repli…[View]
48309625Best Girls?: Why are girls like Rem, Hinata and others considered best girls when they do not have a…[View]
48314430>work retail >payed $300 a week >its all gone on bills and food >have $50 left over eac…[View]
48311784Buying pic related. How much nic should I start out with if I've never smoked cigs before? Keep…[View]
48314487>be me >cleaning the shithole I call my room >with a glass of water because summer hot as…[View]
48314438has anyone here ever been to jail? what was it like?[View]
48313070CONFESS: CONFESS Right. Fucking. Now.[View]
48311008Why does this place filled with people who pretend to be antisocial yet they spend all their time on…[View]
48313725Should I date a 37-year-old woman if I'm 19?[View]
48312945>Brother snuck in my room while I pretended to sleep and he touched me again…[View]
48314436>in tram >cute girl takes the seat in front of me >looks at my face >starts crying >I…[View]
48313480I don't even feel anymore sexual feelings towards women. All I wish for now is just a girl with…[View]
48314109I want a girlfriend but I'm not going to ask how because there is no secret formula to that. In…[View]
48313152>countless videos of women getting fucked by niggers >people still refuse to accept the fact t…[View]
48314310Why don't you just import a desperate negress from Africa?[View]
48311493>friend visiting >boyfriend and friend get drunk >friend cuddles next up to me and asks my …[View]
48313524Did your past really happen?: tl;dr - thinking about your past, did it really happen or was it some …[View]
48314369How do you differ being friendly and actual crush?[View]
48314388im sooo bored pls kill me[View]
48314081How do you for flirt with women?[View]
48311980It's my birthday today guys.[View]
48310150How do I unironically start believing in God with seriousness? I do my best to believe in Chrstian p…[View]
48313100>tfw no BBEG bf[View]
48313024>attempt to respond with sincere input into threads >give up on the first thread cause i don…[View]
48312704How do you feel when you are pitied?[View]
48309431/fantasy general/: Welcome to Everything is infinite and Joyous land. I am esNos. We shall be creati…[View]
48311071what percentage of this board is underage? it seems to me like most of this fucking board is still i…[View]
48312533At this point I know the only way I can truly salvage my life is to win the lottery. I have 7k in th…[View]
48314066>dream about your ex rejecting and mocking you >'you still haven't found a gf yet? what a…[View]
48313077/northeast/ general: how are we holding up lads? everyone have a comfy sunday? >tPwdWRK…[View]
48313465So what's your verdict on her?[View]
48313832Being Bi saved me Once I came out my life became so much better for a variety of reasons. I made fri…[View]
48314139>that guy who overexplains his jokes[View]
48311829Sup nerds Recommend some rpgs for me. I just finished ff6 and it rekindled my desire to play story b…[View]
48311763Why are white people so fucked up?: >willing to throw their children to the streets for whatever …[View]
48313323How do I 'move on'? I'm sure everyone has their good and bad moments but its like the bad momen…[View]
48313204>tfw eating some good ass pasta-roni[View]
48313159>balding do i just end it bros[View]
48310035Future fortune telling with cards, anyone?[View]
48313588>'Your boipussy is ours now! Pants down, white boi! How do you react?[View]
48313661Why does my penis keep leaking? No matter how long I shake or dry there is always a tiny amount that…[View]
48314060I believe anon can save the world.[View]
48314029Literally the only thing I look foward to in life is working my shift on Friday with just my qt cowo…[View]
48312592doggo: what does /r9k/ think of rottweilers? pic related my rotto doggo[View]
48313585Any sociopaths wanna talk about how they feel (a very stupid question) but mostly about what you fee…[View]
48314025>tfw have no cougar baby[View]
48312794How do Asian men in America feel about seeing their women choosing white guys?[View]
48314004Question for fembots: If there was a magic button that you could push to become a man: penis, testic…[View]
48312269>brother is out drinking with his friends AGAIN Tonight was supposed to be OUR NIGHT…[View]
48311010/junkfood/: What have you been snacking on lately? What's something you've been fiending f…[View]
48313850I like fat cocks in my asshole my mom is big gay so am i[View]
48313897How do I give myself chlamydia using only a taco and three needles?[View]
48312756brain has been developing, I been having epiphanies like everyday lately and it feels pretty intense…[View]
48313702'Inform Others.' >IN >FOR >MOTHERS MIND BLOWN…[View]
48313537Sincerity thread: 4chan means jack shit nowadays. the fun esotericism don't exist anymore and e…[View]
48313651>online friends I play vidya with go to bed what the fuck do I do now?[View]
48313507ASMR THREAD: The only ASMR i listen to is Ephemeral Rift.[View]
48313467>Not liking Coffee Thoughts?[View]
48312231I want to do something better with my time but I'm just pissing it away on the computer. What e…[View]
48313503>tfw no gf to show me the ropes of sex[View]
48311197give it to me straight should i just kill myself[View]
48313339>find myself more accepting of sluts past few years >some are even fun to talk with So am I gr…[View]
48312478Who hurt you? Can I suggest you start a private letter to them and leave it open-ended? I can tell …[View]
48310796What does it feel like to have a woman force herself onto you?[View]
48310534We've all seen this image.: Why does it hurt robots so much? I know it makes you feel feels.…[View]
48312186I have a literal BBC, what do with it?: im a 5'10 decent looking 20 year old black guy, ive mea…[View]
48313568What do you do when you can't feel anything at all?[View]
48311475I bought my rope. How do I work up the courage to use it?[View]
48313094Vote for your favorite/least favorite color: Here's a poll because I'm on addy and bored F…[View]
48308528https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/23/second-woman-assault-kavanaugh-837678 >Second woman all…[View]
48313093This board rn[View]
48310454Feet are the most patrician fetish. Most Chads are now into feet.[View]
48308206shit: Why do normies absolutely love this shit?[View]
48313289>the entire world will now be split between those who choose to be mouseboys and those who choose…[View]
48311388Reminder that the world does not owe you anything and you are not special.[View]
48312591Would you rather be physically attractive to everyone but unloved, or only be attractive to the one …[View]
48312681What do, boys?: 15 year old almost chad-lite. Same girl led me on for the 5th time and parents have …[View]
48312068Holy shit I am so fucking BORED: What the fuck do people do with their time? Life is so uninterestin…[View]
48311826Anyone else got penalscrotal webbing?[View]
48312391/tinder/: any robots having any success or non-success on tinder? wanna talk about it? post photos o…[View]
48312440>born in shitty small town >keep trying to leave >no public transportation no jobs no oppor…[View]
48309266Femdom or Yandere stories: Anybody got any interesting femdom or yandere stories? Do tell.[View]
48312691What would you do if you woke up as an actual qt girl tomorrow morning? >pic unrelated…[View]
48313315Is fucking your clone incest? also is it sex or masturbation if they're a perfect clone, who, i…[View]
48313032I'm fucking done robots. I swear I want to end it but I'm too much of a coward. You may re…[View]
48312877>I kissed a girl yesterday Guess I'm outta here losers, smell ya later…[View]
48308101Fuck Subway: I went to Subway to get a sandwich tonight and there was literally only one wagekek at …[View]
48292620I don't know. Even if he was a completely fucked up individual with a history of aggression and…[View]
48311194Please tell me about what happens during the Amazon hiring process and orientation. I heard there ar…[View]
48311291Why do women get to be 'plus-sized,' but men are overweight?[View]
48308735so I got arithtritis at 22 I'm so fucked depressed and in pain everywhere can't even brush…[View]
48312680I want to take this test. Who here has taken it? What did you score? How hard was it? I am going to …[View]
48313083Why are people in college such faggots? Everyone I meet is either gay, a communist, or a vegan. I do…[View]
48312432Is there anything worse than growing up and living in a college town, but not going to college. I se…[View]
48312942does anyone here feel like they never get good news or have anything good happen to them? every time…[View]
48313016Do you want to adopt a loli from the 3rd world?[View]
48313041let's talk about normal things that make us suicidal: >taking a shower every time i shower, …[View]
48312753I want to get angry: Can you guys dump your pics of like fake profiles and shit of extremely meh loo…[View]
48312484I am the king of r9k, all of you need to bow down to my cock[View]
48312964Vegeta is a bitch.[View]
48312099Times you were cool: Was the only kid in the whole school with a demonoid account[View]
48311199Dose never being able to get laid, or in a meaningful loving relationship effect your porn habits/fe…[View]
48312577Can Guyana be robot?[View]
48312941I never was a self-hater the way you were. I never had a big moment that brought me 'back' to being …[View]
48312332I wish I could find a Fembot to cuddle. I'm so alone.[View]
48312493>literally anyone asks 'what music do you like' >tell them that I do not listen to any music, …[View]
48311500Is university worth it? Does the suffering ever end? Please tell me it gets better.[View]
48311966Every time I see an attractive female I instantly think with my inner dialogue 'whore' or 'slut'. I …[View]
48311608>almost fell for the sex before marriage meme[View]
48312866>when youre browsing r9k and see a cute trap, but you already masturbated over the one you saw 5 …[View]
48308089Sex Dolls: Sex Doll thread part 2 Previous thread: >>48304277 Looking for the experienced sex …[View]
48312309it's a school night[View]
48312652>live in Cali >laugh at all the niggers not getting into sports due to bad grades and skipping…[View]
48312796>he's a periodposter >he thinks ending his messages online with a period makes him look s…[View]
48312679TFW you finally start dating.: >Never dated >Khhv >Suddenly meet a fembot online who pretty…[View]
48305913men only want to corrupt the innocent.[View]
48312527'You're such a cutie, Anon Joestar. It's such a shame that lord Dio wants me to kill you.'[View]
48312481I miss my first love. We never had sex or even kissed but we loved each other. We were both too shy …[View]
48310803This is the life of the average 3/10 femoid[View]
48312445>father found the futanari folder[View]
48311225All you anons have been appointed a government issued little sis to take care of. How has your life …[View]
48312650Ive written this out 3 times so im dumbing it down severely >girl ive known for 3 months gets hig…[View]
48312033Is this from all my years of being a robot?: >be me >questionable age >finally get a girlfr…[View]
48312249Where to now?: With the rapid growth and awareness of the 'incel' portion of the male population, co…[View]
48310891i miss big sister. kat. i really hate crying. everyday i think about her and want to apologize to he…[View]
48312036Life has been dull ever since kickass torrents died.[View]
48312337i have le risen [talk2me]: haven't been in this shit for a long time. this is now my new trip. …[View]
48305559I fucking hate math!: Look at this shit: f(x) = 8x^2 + 3x + 8 The answer is garbage, numbers don…[View]
48312490>yells at you for no reason >gives you impossible deadlines >forces you to work unpaid over…[View]
48312433Does anon ever get caught by coworkers for not washing their hands after taking a huge messy shit?[View]
48311417PSA: To all my other KHVs out there: try not to be a sexually repressed virgin for too long. I can o…[View]
48312455>in class about to have an exam >don't even know which subject it is >ask teacher >…[View]
48312450>be me >in class >teacher is basically a nutjob feminist commie >always talking about ma…[View]
48311678I have a weird fantasy of having sex with an anon who transformed into a sexy anime girl and starts …[View]
48312236>not a porn star >not a stacie normie >not even biologically female Is there any conceivabl…[View]
48310875>need to restock my meme folder Post memes[View]
48312258Be happy.: >be me >NEET for 3 years >every possible relationship lasted 1 month or less …[View]
48312115I clicked a video and the view count was '500,500' I thought it was really cool so I wanted to share…[View]
48310667> i mean like[View]
48310579Should I jack off to big titty asian girls or BLACKED?[View]
48312233Sexuality discussion: I feel like my entire sexual nature is based on exhibitionism/voyeruism. Does …[View]
48310994I liked letting football players have their way with me and now that I'm in college I've s…[View]
48311175>renal failure from drinking for a decade >have to pee every 10 minutes but only drops at a ti…[View]
48308568Post some examples of NPC's you found online. It's amusing.[View]
48310608Cursed Images thread: Take a break from the shittyness of life and enjoy some cursed images.[View]
48312042Anyone else think vaginas are gross? I'm not gay, I actually still want to stick my dick inside…[View]
48309778What do I have to do to jump into bed with this cutie patutie?[View]
48307769do fembots have hairy girl pits?[View]
48309513>ywn turn Chad into a girl and fuck him[View]
48308964Hooker Experiences: Ive been hanging out with a fat woman. And she seems interested in me. But shes …[View]
48311934I deleted my porn. Pics collected over 4 years All gone :([View]
48311377Should I ask out random girls on the elevator at uni?: Some background >I am senior with the tism…[View]
48297175/womanhate/: God fucking damn do I hate women. Please share news articles, opinion pieces, images an…[View]
48311881Real Estate Thread: Does anyone know where I can buy a house in a nice area with internet connection…[View]
48311390Hey, has anyone here ever gotten a zit on his dick? A few days ago, I noticed a small bump appear on…[View]
48310190> Reading science textbook > Teacher tells me to 'keep the book open' What the fuck did he mea…[View]
48311094i have a crush: >be me >be 17 >best friend is a girl >coolest girl ever >10/10 qt3.14…[View]
48311742All I want is a 2Dbunny gf[View]
48311778Lowlifes: Go eat a peepee[View]
48311723dont care for jannies if im being honest with u ;)[View]
48311745tfw have an actual cuckold fetish[View]
48307372Why is trump so red[View]
48296812Vocaroo thread: Play a song and others guess what it is: Play a song on any instrument (even just si…[View]
48309447Zoomer thread: Does being a Zoomer in the current age with you constantly being told you are a disea…[View]
48311684Sex Versus Love: Hello fellow robros I am here to ask a question. Does anyone else feel like sex is …[View]
48311411Who here is stuck in a tolerable hell? Things are not bad enough to give me the push to kill myself.…[View]
48311323my workplace (a well-known big company) just fired an ugly awkward harmless dude because of a girl w…[View]
48311589If we are to die tonight another rose will bloom[View]
48311235>never get any tinder matches >accidentally switch to men while I'm drunk one night >w…[View]
48311466Time: Do you think you'll still be browsing this place in 5 years? How about 10? Do you think t…[View]
48305252How often do you guys get banned?[View]
48310940can misanthropy be cured?[View]
48311210Why haven't you embraced suffering yet?[View]
48311420do normalfags even daydream or get lost in their thoughts? I've noticed that they get really we…[View]
48308798>Mom found the smegma suit[View]
48311418So what happened to her robots? is it true that all white women will meet a similar fate as they age…[View]
48299601how big is your dick? be honest[View]
48309891Has anyone seen Maniac yet? I just watched all of it and it's SUPER /r9k/-core. It includes bot…[View]
48309983There is absolutely nothing wrong with committing suicide. Prove me wrong.[View]
48307916/beer/: Beer thread: what's your favorite beer anon? What kind of beer are you enjoying the mos…[View]
48310754>close female who's always obviously hitting on me asks me out >politely decline her, tel…[View]
48307893This is the only thing In life im looking forward to.[View]
48311282What's with this trend? What's the appeal? I don't get it at all.[View]
48310512So my gf has locked me in chastity and I'm only able to fuck her with a strapon. She also regul…[View]
48305577How comes we hear nothing of him anymore?[View]
48311142>We argue about how great our girlfriends are My gf made me chocolate chip pancakes for my birth…[View]
48310959What should I order at Door Dash to eat?[View]
48311251does anyone else get really sleepy from being miserable[View]
48310215ITT: Saddest dreams you've ever had, I'll start >Sitting at dinner table >Family is …[View]
48310833Little epiphany I just had >be me >spend most of my time alone, by choice >find it very har…[View]
48309112>one chance at life >get into public speaking >start stuttering >JUST…[View]
48311162Well it's one more boring Thursday night in Adelaide, and it looks like everybody must have die…[View]
48310259So do people on this board have legitimate reasons for hating women or is it just calling grapes sou…[View]
48310893God I fucking love Ritalin. I wanna fucking die from it and I wanna be on it forever. There's f…[View]
48311152>my friends and i are bored in the shopping >we go to a store for children and find those swee…[View]
48308163I still have a flip phone[View]
48301798SAD: Does anyone here suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder? What experience have you had with treatme…[View]
48309564>tfw no happy memories of hanging out with friends growing up[View]
48311099texting with girls: >be me >texting with a girl >made up conflict with my dad, about how he…[View]
48310550>please don't hurt me sir What do you do?[View]
48311009>read the forums on survivinginfidelity >80% of the cheaters are women marriage is literally p…[View]
48310687Daily reminder that everyone born at any time in the 90's is a zoomer.[View]
48310933Not sure if this is worth a thread but fuck it. How much better than Adderall is cocaine?? Also does…[View]
48311000anyone feel like everyone else is on a lower form of existence compared to them? i hate how other hu…[View]
48310996Dealing with fucking hobos: >be me 23 year old normal fag >spent well over 10 years using publ…[View]
48307358>seeing a psychiatrist >gave him my journal >hope he reads it so he can better treat me …[View]
48310152Ready to go back into the wage cage in a few hours, Anon?[View]
48302521Fembot thread: Fembots, post >your race and what races of men are you will to date: >white …[View]
48310299Robots... huh They say robots don't share the same 'interests' that normal people has like goin…[View]
48310789Costa, you absolute retard, get the fuck out of here.[View]
48310290Helping my lonely white roommate get a girl: D1 Linebacker here, I made friends with my roommate who…[View]
48309058Go to bed wageslaves. You dont want to upset your boss from no being your very best wagie. I would s…[View]
48310798I have a constant stream of gibberish in my head that virtually never stops and I've never told…[View]
48310876I'm going to be 100% honest and say that Minecraft is a top tier comfy game. Any other robots t…[View]
48309852> Be me > 15 > Home alone > In my room > Scared > The rape dwarf is here > Hes …[View]
48309701thank god im not a wageslave: god made me ugly short and dicklet but thank god i can leech off my pa…[View]
48308359Are there any anti depressants that make you desire relationships less? I have heard that women who …[View]
48310823>qt girl on tinder wants to see me >feels good man >remember im an apathetic sociopath…[View]
48309550do untouchable women exist? they are so far above everyone else physically, academically, and social…[View]
48310364>want to be friends with someone >they don't want to befriend me back i hope i don…[View]
48307290Anyone successfully quit smoking? How?[View]
48310707Why dont you just go have sex? This world is 50% men 50% women. Just fuck somebody goddamnit[View]
48309707How do I ensure I die when jumping off a high bridge into water? I don't want to be one of thos…[View]
48310742Hypothetically, I want to live stream my suicide on my phone. What sites work best for that without …[View]
48310430>In a Chinese trinket shop with parents that mom used to go to all the time >Formerly owned by…[View]
48310692I remember seeing this thread posted a while ago on /b/. Any thoughts on it?[View]
48309714I am a 300 year old hikki NEET vampire mistress, looking to convert some non-virgins into ghouls so …[View]
48310018Why is the urge to mate so goddamn strong?: Seriously, why do I want to fuck a woman so bad? Why do …[View]
48302822>unironically being a Christian Cringe[View]
48310551>dog has been vomiting, not eating/drinking for 3 days straight should I be worried?…[View]
48309718tfw: I made a peanut man sitting at texas roadhouse wile I waited for my family to finish their food…[View]
48309087What mindset do you think is needed to actually kill yourself?[View]
48310464>got a date while I was in a manic episode >it's over and I regret agreeing >promised …[View]
48310016>tfw I have absolutely no friends at all >only play kancolle, osu or re1 occasionally…[View]
48310476Post a screenshot of your desktop.[View]
48310463Discord: Dm me. Fembots welcome ;)[View]
48309626hey guys should i take up wrestling? it looks like a really fun and manly sport[View]
48308947As a brown man, how hard is it to obtain a white GF[View]
48308497>molesting my niece >mom tells me to 'keep the door open' What the fuck did she mean by this?…[View]
48306033>cant stop eating how do I sew my mouth closed?[View]
48308987Lost City of Shitpostia: Dear, fellow robots, I have not come here again looking for greentexts to s…[View]
48307847Why'd Disney make this bitch so ugly?[View]
48308406I wan to be Chad! I refuse to accept this result! I'm going to get surgery and get a fucking sh…[View]
48309436What beauty trend(s) do you dislike/hate?[View]
48308650>tfw no succubus gf to hold hands with why do i go on?[View]
48309117What is your wifes weight in beer?[View]
48310208Just found out that my 60 year old mom is going to transition into a man![View]
48308171what are you afraid of: >2018 >Doesn't fap to anime girls only Are you bullied, mentally …[View]
48308560I want to live as a hermit, anyone else on that path or already there? I'm working full time n…[View]
48310251I got 4 matches in 4 days on tinder,is it good? Will i make it?[View]
48309752>be loser for years >desperately want friends >get friends >drained from social interact…[View]
48310044Why do I have to be social and do all of this bullshit to get laid? I just want fucking sex, I don…[View]
48309458Any of you anons here have an eating disorder? Along the lines of anorexia/bulimia. How long have yo…[View]
48309984SZA looks like the type of chick you'd meet in school at 8 years old and become instant friends…[View]
48308527Hey guys. Why don't you grow psychedelic mushroom sclerotia, aka magic truffles? They're a…[View]
48310070You at least understand how pathetic you are, right? You're not under any delusions about how d…[View]
48309350Hey, I like you guys. If you live around > Latitude: 39.0338500 > Longitude: 125.7543200 DO NO…[View]
48309241>Walking around with my brother >Jump up on this low plant containment wall and balance walk a…[View]
48307539Uhhhhh... Lads? What do I say?[View]
48310109>tend to be very quiet and not show much expression when stressed out or confused >be quiet an…[View]
48308781>haven't been laid in 2 weeks fucking kill me[View]
48305281robot physique: What is your physique like robot, and how do people treat you based on it? >5…[View]
48309636What is this mystery key. I found it on the ground next to my car when I went ice skating one day. O…[View]
48309936>this will be the wagies driving to work in a couple hours[View]
48308951Check out this Japanese dick envy thread.[View]
48307826In any sort of non-4chan discord server I literally cannot stop myself from behaving like a spastic.…[View]
48308763Come on guys join! /M3rcMq[View]
48309540Catfag thread. Post your cat, talk about them, rate other peoples cats. My cat is named Scamp. I…[View]
48309530beta male outrage: I am sick of meeting and dating women. The odd chance i meet a woman the situatio…[View]
48309662>little brother has birthday party >mom orders special XXXL pizza to feed like 20 kids (he bas…[View]
48309954>It's a wake up at 3am in a cold sweat because you were just dozing off but heard someone sc…[View]
48309190Feeling of inadequacy: UK robot here, please tell me the realities of my current life situation. …[View]
48309929>hate leaving the house and talking to people, would rather stay in my room and play vidya >f…[View]
48309774>tfw hungry and no money to buy food until wednesday[View]
48309318Can any of you lads who are into fitness give me some advice?? yes i realize fit exists but no one e…[View]
48308142I think I killed my little sister: >older brother was bullied at school >tok his anger out on …[View]
48309896today will be my first day of uni anons. where should i sit in class?[View]
48309188/smug/ tomorrow: Let's sleep and wake up completely smug tomorrow. Cross the day as smuggly as …[View]
48308755do women really like penis or is it a meme?[View]
48306546have you ever smelled a girl's feet or got a footjob?[View]
48309234Am I the only one who would beat the shit out of his son if he came out as gay/trans?[View]
48309303Anyone else just tired of the never-ending struggle to get a decent life going?[View]
48309495>be me >can rarely smile or cry >have to fake it most of the time to blend in >asked to …[View]
48309367freedom fries and liberty dip[View]
48307555do anyone have experience working at a gas station overnight? I start working overnight at circle k …[View]
48309505Nothing works. I keep getting rejected by women. Nothing fucking works.: Nothing works. I keep getti…[View]
48306497chill mode: it's time to have a comfy and chill thread now that it is night! cold is finally co…[View]
48308257Have you ever felt true and genuine love or lust from a girl, even if it was fleeting? Wanna share t…[View]
48309251>be me >walking home late after 12 hr shift >tired as fuck >walk past a house with dog …[View]
48309506>went and did peyote >joined a 'church' with 82 people taking it at the same time that day …[View]
48309062Shut up Lammy: Shut up Lammy you poopy butt wiper.[View]
48309007>Buy little girl panties on amazon >Use them as fap rags I can't be the only one who doe…[View]
48309529Big sis kat is cool and rem is a pathological liar. He's an idiot and nobody should believe wha…[View]
48309283Help: >be spic >want thicc latina >she only likes white boys Wtf is up with this, i hate wh…[View]
48309339Any asexual anons here?[View]
48308499Posting turkey apu everyday everyday Day 66 :)[View]
48308597>filter out, all shit threads >there's only one left Why must it be this way?…[View]
48309135What's with all the trap shit on this board?[View]
48308357the worst part about being male is other men, they insult you, bully you, try to ruin your life, the…[View]
48308957>Penile length was found to be statistically related to both body height and foot length, but wit…[View]
48309364Hi, I just wanted to follow up after losing that Internet argument. Hope I made a good impression on…[View]
48309341>burnt out from uni >burnt out from working out all the damn time >eat a somewhat small din…[View]
48309169robots, i frequent here very often but i dont know what category i fall under i have a cute azn gf b…[View]
48308846Why do anime girls like bbc?[View]
48308065well what should i do fellow anons? I'm talking to someone and she seems uninterested one minut…[View]
48307024Am I gay if I want to fuck trannies but not regular men?[View]
48305942Women will literally kill their own child simply because it inconveniences them.[View]
48300730Is it important to you that your gf is able to take the entire length of your penis?[View]
48306171Why don't you have a gf, anon? Even moot has one. You know it's really easy to get one, ri…[View]
48308772We live in a society where normos torment us for not having jobs, then deny our applications, make f…[View]
48308160Suicide thread. All thoughts and discussions pertaining to suicide and death go here. Come sit down …[View]
48307908>Filter out 'larp', 'larper', 'larping' >Board immediately gets 200% better Seriously can we d…[View]
48307701>video games dont fill the void anymore >4chan and especially r9k is very negative and makes m…[View]
48308348A long time ago... A LONG time ago, I was dating a bunch of girls. Like 3. I pursued the most promis…[View]
48308659'You want to WHAT? Drain my girl-balls of she-cum?? Well, if you insist Anon!'[View]
48307363You have to choose one of the 4 locations + 3 of the items listed above. You have to survive for 2 …[View]
48309029I've been quite happy these days. Everything seems to be going fine for the last months. I…[View]
48308447gotta read an entire book by tomorrow...fuck...[View]
48308934>be me >introduce friend to greentexts >cool guy except he is super normie >shows me mem…[View]
48308749>get chewed out at work today >some boomer thought I was rude >completed a survey and ment…[View]
48308513White people, listen up: Hello, Pajeet here. You're probably some pathetic 4/10 beta male loser…[View]
48304828What are r9k's thoughts on gentle femdom?[View]
48308915Where do people go online to make friends[View]
48308912It's too late. You guys, we are all so fucking fucked. Is knowing the truth even worth it when …[View]
48308783>be me >admin of a discord server >girl asks for a role >tell her she has to call me dad…[View]
48308769Wageslave thread: How are my fellow wagies holding up? Have your coworkers found out you're a l…[View]
48306465>try drawing >insanely frustrating because I'm awful >get great noobgains but burn ou…[View]
48308861>girl asks me out in high school >reject her because I'm too much of a sperg >match wi…[View]
48308655Fucking Nats: Anytime I jerk off where I live and nut on my bed, a few nats show up and just sit in …[View]
48308848>just had a run in with a tard >be me > grocery shopping >Unattended tard running abo…[View]
48308840Hey femanons that work retail, qq: Do you act nice and flirtatious as a part of your customer servic…[View]
48308483What do you desire in a partner, arree nine kay?[View]
48307444Revenge of the /b/tards: time to tell you about the massive year-long revenge plot against a Stacy …[View]
48305195Why do girls bother with men when other women make better partners?[View]
48308699what type of place do you live in apartment, basement apartment, condo, townhouse or a real house( m…[View]
48308700>made my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend cry[View]
48308732Is autism a 21st century disease? Why does it make such trash people? (mass shooters, trannies, tran…[View]
48308610>watching porn >black guy fucking white girls ass >pulls out so she can suck the ass juice …[View]
48307487Post the worst regret you had in your life >be in middle school >have a female friend >she…[View]
48308157>be me >all my friends talk about pirating there favorite shows >jealous.jpg >decide to …[View]
48308028>another workweek is about to start Who here /suicidalwagie/?[View]
48308613Apparently the inside of your mouth is layered with the same structure of that from a vagina. Does t…[View]
48307681help me: Anyone ever had a girlfriend? I think I have a good shot. >8/10 >a bit on the short s…[View]
48308219Is it weird to have just one pair of jeans you wear everyday?[View]
48302792anyone here smart? what does it feel like? must be nice. i'm not very smart[View]
48307324What keeps you from ending it all, anons? What gets you out of bed in the morning? I'm at Uni s…[View]
48308501mommy wuvs u: you should go fill a bucket with warm water and soak your feet in it. put some salt an…[View]
48307814>tfw no evil vampire elf gf to kill me in my sleep[View]
48307583>pass by qt in hallway >say 'howdy' in a goofy southern accent >she looks visibly disgusted…[View]
48307874how to instantly die?[View]
48308027>teach boxing classes >students keep making Jojo references…[View]
48308052>170cm tall >recessed chin >ethnic >ugly >balding >poor >anxiety >virgin …[View]
48306476ITT: NEEThood >Is it worth it? Should I do it? >Positives? >Negatives?…[View]
48304619Can you eat like shit and still have beautiful clear skin like this or do you need to eat healthy fo…[View]
48308297Why are parents so afraid of pills: >have obvious mental issues >Get sent through 6 psychologi…[View]
48307271I fucking love that smartphone, i have a really good cam, even thermal vision, and a fucking god dam…[View]
48307569Just Turned 24...Please Help: Tell me I ain't a real adult yet. Tell me I ain't too old to…[View]
48308253No.. it's all over now![View]
48308205>Sister is 12 >Been close to her all my life >Went to pick her up at school today >She…[View]
48308271general greentext thread, i'll start >be me >be constipated >4 years old >live in s…[View]
48306500ITT: Pretend youre not an incel as convincingly as possible[View]
48308145>watching pokemon >mom tells me to 'keep the door open' What the fuck did she mean by this?…[View]
48308183eating a really good sandwich right now guys[View]
48287706/r9gay/ - #450: Autumn is here. How would you spend the impending chilly days with him? Last thread:…[View]
48308099Help me guys. All I want is an abusive mommy gf who'll dress me up cutely and rape me every day…[View]
48308004I don't give a shit about outer space. It's fucking nothing and basically just a reddit me…[View]
48306679How wide is his butthole right now? It must be like a basketball hoop.[View]
48307851Reminder that you are not special and the world does not owe you anything.[View]
48308054I've had the last three weeks off and I felt great. Tomorrow I go back to work and I hate it. I…[View]
48308105What job would you recommend to someone who's incapable of staying indoors for too long? Basica…[View]
48304518what ever happened to the discord general threads? the only server I was in got deleted by the owner…[View]
48307823A genie appears to you and offers you a 10/10 girlfriend BUT on the condition that she's super …[View]
48307942Ooh, so they think I wanna die, yeah 'Cause my doors are suicide, yeah Bet my coffin would be n…[View]
48307421Drake and Josh: Lost Episode: >Drake is playing guitar in his room >Josh bust through the door…[View]
48307917How do I become a pedophile?[View]
48307840>tfw you find porn of a girl that looks like your ex https://www.x videos.com/video13092385/cute_…[View]
48307945At what point is a girl your girlfriend?[View]
48307924>using computers is my only marketable talent >the tech industry is filled with numales, immig…[View]
48299580Generation Y: Who here has gone full /doomer/[View]
48304228Convince me to buy this game for $60.[View]
48303113manlet superiority thread: ITT: reasons why manlets are the superior race >easier to get jacked, …[View]
48307912Do any other circumfetishists here like to go on circumcision safaris?: >http://intactwiki.org/wi…[View]
48307907Men and women both have high standards but because life is unfair the ugly men end up single and the…[View]
48306619https://youtu.be/KyzroJv-K4M Who was in the wrong?[View]
48307683Microwaved pets: Ok fellas I got a story. Heard this from a friend. >I used to know this really s…[View]
48306142Im exclusively attracted to my own race because im not broken like most of you.[View]
48306427>Males raised and mated in the presence of a potential rival ejaculated more than 2.50 times as m…[View]
4830747370s and 80s tier degeneracy was better than the degeneracy we have now. We went from getting high on…[View]
48307449THIS THREAD IS FOR PEOPLE WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA: at what age did you start to experience the symptoms? …[View]
48301560In your view at what age would you guys say it would be considered creepy to sleep with a 17y/o girl…[View]
48306770>doing dishes >tries to fill pasta strainer with water >mfw What the fuck I thought I was …[View]
48306475Why don't women want children anymore? I've asked many women I know if they want kids, and…[View]
48306076i want everything to burn[View]
48307798Posting for my friend day 36: 6x6=36 day 36 original[View]
48306234Which one of you beta's bought her a gift card?[View]
48307035How many of you robots play lottery? what tickets do you buy?[View]
48307587>get mad and frustrated and sad >hit self in the head >feel better Anyone else do this? My …[View]
48307437I don't really have anyone to talk to anymore. Guess I belong here. What happens now?[View]
48307428Post things that make you want to go straight.[View]
48305560Sadboy thread: So anons, I'm pretty fuckin sad right now, so why don't we all relish in it…[View]
48307514>smart enough to dislike girls with piercings and tattoos >anime made me like girls with color…[View]
48306993this movie always make me cry, but I don't understand why[View]
48306611is this nigga more attractive than u?[View]
48305489I keep wetting the bed and the doctors don't know why. what do I do I'm not a baby damn it…[View]
48307300My roommate needs to take a drug test within a week. How do I get him to fail the test?[View]
48306824ITT your deepest fears: I'm really terrified of being in a lifeboat alone in the middle of the …[View]
48306594>Middle school kids and their fortnite these days! *sips* Now black ops II, That was a great game…[View]
48306997Do normies experience depression?[View]
48305724Anybody tried this? Seems like bullshit t b h.[View]
48307245Will moving out of my parents house to a new city improve my life ? I don't bother with girls b…[View]
48307468>tfw no ambition[View]
48306584When was the last time you smiled in a family photo t. 3 years ago[View]
48305851Pedo thread for fellows anon[View]
48301134Why haven't you taken the transpill robots?[View]
48304397Why did you kidnap me, Anon?[View]
48304625Lucid Dreaming General - /LDG/: >have a lucid dream >try to have sex with first woman I see …[View]
48307274I'm gonna take a 3000 loan and move out of my mom's within the next few weeks. I really fe…[View]
48307187What's gonna be your last album before ending it all?[View]
48306861>Be 24 >Neet who never got over flunking out of that cs degree >Think Iv'e fucked my b…[View]
48292587ITT: Most immoral thing you've ever done When I was addicted to coke I pawned my mom's je…[View]
48304181If you could alter your body to your fetish what would happen? >Tfw my boobs will never literally…[View]
48307391This is a video about the mental condition I have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxVOuCg-NG0[View]
48307380Will escorts perpetuate my manchildness? Should i try to lose my virginity with tinder thots?[View]
48301571*inhales* IF SHE BREATHES[View]
48307294>live in shitty small town >try to leave for years >try saving up doing everything to leave…[View]
48307338I have this indescribable feeling of frustration in me right now, i could burst into tears like a fa…[View]
48304154Germanbro General [GG]: We talk about where it all went wrong. We exchange means to communicate (T.S…[View]
48301653┴SƎ┴ ƆԀN: .sdrawkcab txet daer nac scpn fi ees ot yroeht ym tuo gniyrT .tset cpn eht dessap evah uoy…[View]
48306179I feel like I am about to lose it. Everytime I meet a new person I think about hurting them. I go …[View]
48306227Cute weeaboo nerd girl keeps flirting with me at church. help me bros: There's this super nerdy…[View]
48307056>there are 'people' browsing this board RIGHT NOW who dislike Project Brutality Explain yourselve…[View]
48307155sad film: i require a sad film a sad comfy film come on now[View]
48307232https://myspace.com/finethen_asshole/photos This is the old myspace profile of a woman I was station…[View]
48306891Hi everyone, this is my last day being on 4chan and I am leaving goodbye and see you later.... https…[View]
48306002>that stepdad who tries to take you fishing and play catch and pretend it's still the 50s …[View]
48307116Women's feelings are conditional and temporary. Just because she texts that she wants to meet y…[View]
48306015Would you date a woman who considers herself part of the resistance movement? Asking, as always, for…[View]
48307099>No nympho gf to deprive of sex and watch be entirely consumed by lust JUST…[View]
48306986>white women treat me like I am trash >Colored ones like being around me and somehow brighten …[View]
48307073WHY DO I FEEL SO BAD ALL OF A SUDDEN? I really liked this person and wanted to be friends despite me…[View]
48306902female = manlet: Why are females such manlets?[View]
48305787>Thank for taking me out to ice cream, anon! Where should we go next?[View]
48303983>that feeling when I am not able to acquire a girlfriend[View]
48306060Best sites for internet porn? That's it. All I want to know cause I got a huge but to blow.[View]
48306130Finally lost my virginity today[View]
48304443>walking to class >two boys walking together, both manlets and shy looking >thicc cheerlead…[View]
48306816>4 years ago >beta and ugly >had to pretend to be 'alpha' to try to get girls >it was cr…[View]
48306913Any slav robots out there? If so, hows life going for you?[View]
48306910ITT: bone-chilling things to hear as a neet >I think it's time you start looking for a job …[View]
48306878>there are losers browsing RIGHT NOW that engaged in sexual intercourse last night ......PFFFFFAA…[View]
48305673How are you supposed to react if someone banters with you but its actually pretty insulting?[View]
48306162I just noticed that i did invent Apu Apustaja with a finsih dude. It was on Krautchan a few years ag…[View]
48305717My dream girl aka the girl who ties my heart strings into knots. >pic obviously related…[View]
48306608>Date robot for a year >Find out he's a 'lolicon' How do I get out of this?…[View]
48305699I keep trying to write a story, but I can't write for shit. Every time I open word and begin to…[View]
48301735MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS THREAD: >Uses 4chan >Doesn't get triggered by people saying faggot o…[View]
48306747Jared Leto is a chad who basically rapes jailbait and has an 11inch cock: http://www.gossiprocks.com…[View]
48303937One day this will be you, anon.[View]
48306728Why does it seem to be the short girls that always have a height requirement?[View]
48306638I'm tired of being stupid and I'm too depressed about it to try[View]
48305025>live with sister and brother in law >bro-in-law a bit emotionally unstable and possibly menta…[View]
48306414>Be 24 >Cant find a stable job >Been working seasonal temp jobs >Find some local haunted…[View]
48306332I don't even masturbate for pleasure at this point, I used to do it everyday just for it but no…[View]
48306482>tfw no cute feminine slightly autistic bf who goes on and on about yu-gi-oh to me while i half-i…[View]
48305853>Remember fat girl from high school >she would hug me and make me cookies >even kissed me …[View]
48306125get on omegle talk to fellow robots tag : r9k[View]
48306392Have you ever been hit on by a grill, anons? Back in high school a 3.5/10 used to hit on me pretty h…[View]
48294196/trans/ thread: Would robots date a trans girl? Would trans girls date a robot? Tell us about yourse…[View]
48305671People are a blight on the earth. They're a mistake, they're all evil. Everyone, even myse…[View]
48305954Depression / Anxiety thread. >Fall into a routine that fucking sucks >Stuck in cubicle from 8-…[View]
48306470Stories: >be me >be at home coming dance. be doing dance with dudes where you just dance (I k…[View]
48306360do you think if a white guy can pull this off? I mean posting a pic of him with a little girl and ge…[View]
48305065At this point I just want companionship. I don't even care about sex or looks anymore, I just w…[View]
48306389How dry do girls like their willies?[View]
48306353If interracial breeding is a no-no, what about adopting an orphan from an outside race? Plenty of th…[View]
48306327Hello! Anon here, I seem to have a probably I am 18 years old and I'm in college! My parents se…[View]
48306326I need help /r9k/! How do I have sex with a woman? Please fucking tell me /r9k/, or I will eat all o…[View]
48299739are we going to be ok?[View]
48306261Show by Rock stream Pt. 9: https://www.rabb.it/loungeyplace Part 9 is here guys. Should be from 7:15…[View]
48302715>take uni writing course last year >smart, cute girl sits who sits right across from me the wh…[View]
48305496What made her fall in love with him?[View]
48303926What is the perfect height for a female?[View]
48295164>tfw no online friend to spend the weekend faping to anime feet together and watching anime betwe…[View]
48301116First day of uni tomorrow. Fuck[View]
48304969>tfw no gf to be nude and cuddle up smelly with[View]
48305830Does anybody else think about cuddling with a girl who is on her period and helping her deal with th…[View]
48306144How do I live alone and get out of bed every morning to go to work when I have no chance of experien…[View]
48305732Does anyone else act nice in real life, and have a reputation for being nice, but always have dispar…[View]
48305646Take the lime pill: If you bite down on a lime as hard as you can when you cum, it enhances your org…[View]
48306122take my test for a grade for me: so little background i do research for sociolinguistics and politic…[View]
48304636Lonely?: Join the best and comfiest r9k discord server for venting, chatting, making new friends, se…[View]
48305899>95% of 4chan is a larpfest prove me wrong lads[View]
48305475Women Abolished?: I am so high, I can hear heaven I am so high, I can hear heaven Whoa, but heaven, …[View]
48305997>from the second you were born you were destined to be alone[View]
48306043Based Manlet Genes: When did you realize that manlets are the peak of human evolution?[View]
48303870>tfw stood up all night to text with girl that friendzoned me three months ago because she was bo…[View]
48305037>tfw no gf Life just feels painful at this point, being an undesirable is painful. >tfw no fat…[View]
48306005>spent my entire day playing league of legends >still plat 3 >net loss of 30 LP so far and …[View]
48305460>tfw I'll be moving back away from America soon >tfw I'll never see another American…[View]
48305989I want you to hear me out, if you cant do it then youll at least have some jacking material. What if…[View]
48304659>Person loses interest in me >Feel depressed…[View]
48304046l am so fucking ready![View]
48305740hello, im scared: It would be good to know if someone else came to feel this way, when he was a litt…[View]
48302362/britfeel/: Wagies Thinking 'Well that weekend didn't last long' Edition[View]
48304941Who /nowipe/ here? It's been 2 weeks since I wiped my asshole after taking a shit. My ass hair …[View]
48305136>feeling horny >www.pornhub.com >this vid looks nice >click.mp3 >blacks out >awakk…[View]
48296133>are you buying it? I already did it brings me so many good memories desu…[View]
48305891Honey honey, how you thrill me, a-ha, honey honey Honey honey, nearly kill me, a-ha, honey honey I…[View]
48305327I want a girlfriend. I don't need a girlfriend. I would like to have sex with somebody who love…[View]
48305442I'm finally going to a therapist for my anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed although I'…[View]
48305839Hey, mind playing this shitty game I made when I was like 14? >https://www.scirra.com/arcade/puzz…[View]
48304565I just got the job to make memes for a shitty smartphone so people talk more about it and it gets mo…[View]
48301911That one girl at work/school you admire from a distance... what's she like, bots? Does she have…[View]
48302167As popular culture has been mostly built up on nostalgia of the 80/90s nowadays,do you think that th…[View]
48305720>chimneys now on the capcha >hit skip everytime i'm not giving you more info you fucking …[View]
48304793I need your help finding a certain woman, robots. I was reminded of her by another discussion and th…[View]
48305368God, I am so horny. I need to have sex.[View]
48305002The last song of the Kauai 'O' o bird: This song is from the last individual of this speci…[View]
48304818join very comfy serber for art: join this comfy server if you draw or produce music 9Pbm8nA <3…[View]
48302099Thinking of buying a sex doll. The only place I knew of for a long time that made quality sex dolls …[View]
48304782Why do black women like white cock so much? What is it that attracts them to it?[View]
48303376>too sad to masturbate >too horny to just lay down and cry…[View]
48305605Lain is love- Lain is Life-[View]
48301966take yer swing... go on[View]
48304891Femanons, why are you addicted to masturbation? Can't you stop masturbating just for a few days…[View]
48305466>my gay robot friend keeps sending me nudes after confessing my love to him by accident I keep bi…[View]
48305529I actually envy depressed people who don't have anyone that cares about them because they can j…[View]
48305228sunday night /comfy/: im gonna have a couple beers and some jack daniels and watch some movies tonig…[View]
48297957most anime is cucked: most feature some sort of strong female going toe to toe with males in combat,…[View]
48304963>Hey big bro, want to bounce around?[View]
48301434>just snap out of it, brah! >stop being a pussy, brah!…[View]
48305425Name?: Can anyone tell me the name of this girl? I found this pic randomly on 4chan and I think I…[View]
48305409>be me in grade 7 >have actual autist friends since nobody else except me >one of my friend…[View]
48305162>girl from uni keeps asking for notes Why won't she fuck off and study for herself? Do I loo…[View]
48301743>on discord with friend >he's my only friend and he just got home from working non-stop 2…[View]
48304201>class has 1000 points >already lost 50 just from getting upset and skipping shit What the fu…[View]
48301552You're outside when this boy starts hitting on you wat do[View]
48305218Will we ever see the common cold eradicated within our lifetimes?[View]
48301795Would you date a burn victim who was once beautiful?[View]
48304389how get jane gf pls[View]
48301835i want to impregnate as many white women as possible with my ethnic sperm doing my part to make the …[View]
48301956Fembots, why are you fat? Why aren't you on a diet?[View]
48304529JUUL thread? Post and rate your JUULs! What's your favorite flavor btw, JUULbots?[View]
48305056>born and raised in strict christian family >be talented happy girl >just doesn't unde…[View]
48304956>be me >get invited to friend's birthday party (twins so technically double party) >Ge…[View]
48294206Women are not actually into this They want needs Be a nerd[View]
48302307do you ever larp on this site?[View]
48304608Ask a German anything[View]
48305069OK, say you have a really nice body and decide to start stripping in college. What are the odds of f…[View]
48304709Does anyone else think they were smarter as a child? It's as if every faculty from reasoning to…[View]
48299944What are some memes from your country[View]
48303047is there anything worse than being in a small town/rural area besides being in Africa or in prison o…[View]
48296233>tfw had a date with a girl and she left because I showed her my penis cleaning machine What the …[View]
48304703Anarchy Discord ( No Rules ): Inv: 6sVPFZ4 Do whatever the fuck you please. You have all permissions…[View]
48304312Guys I need help pls. I have a problem with obsessing over stupid shit when i play games. For exampl…[View]
48304842Have you ever tried Sweat pants or basketball shorts for strip club? How far you can go?[View]
48305048comfy music?: First 3 Outkast albums are pretty comfy[View]
48304952haha heer: >beme >haha born in brain pan >activate porn bringer >vizit favrite frog asy…[View]
48302272>28 years old >diagnosed with asperger and adhd >completely isolated, literally no offline/…[View]
48304954Reminder Yui is best girl[View]
48303253Is there anything more NPC than referring to your girlfriend/boyfriend as 'babe'[View]
48304896How can one into investing?: I just got my first job. Nothing extraordinary though. I heard investin…[View]
48302831>infinite number of universes to be born in >have to live in one where anime isn't real i…[View]
48304865>tfw no donald duck bf[View]
48303270Why are you even here if you aren't a virgin (not including escorts) or have/had a gf?[View]
48303631Hey /r9k/, how do you avoid socializing at a party?[View]
48303514Thinking about moving and getting away from it all. Should I move to Iowa? >been an East Coast c…[View]
48295760Post a screenshot from your last text conversation with a girl[View]
48304801/tinder general/ Ok guys,heres the thing,i need to stop being a subhuman,i wanna a pratice gf so bad…[View]
48304794>McVeigh is said to have had only one girlfriend during his adolescence; he later stated to journ…[View]
48304698*new* hip and cool discord for anime posters and non anime posters, just not women and orbitbait or …[View]
48304395Big sis kat, i hope youre okay. We have 8 days to move but havent found a house yet. Our landlord is…[View]
48303279join if you're a dom sissy that wants to get rammed by black bulls, or if you're a black b…[View]
48304367>he let nihilism destroy him instead of let it create him[View]
48304644traumatize but still got payed: >be me 19 years old >anonfemale >lives in Switzerland with…[View]
48304672This was weird: > Being me > Be in secondary school > To be talking to my friends > In t…[View]
48303024How do l make freinds?[View]
48304382>Wake up at 2 PM after a night of heavy drinking with no recollection of what I did >check pho…[View]
48303483>Have an unattractive bf >Everyone tells me I can do better >Even bf's mom wants me to…[View]
48303493Looking for a discord, am german: I speak english. Need to vent some thoughts because /pol/ seems to…[View]
48304226Although I've never been diagnosed, I'm depressed. I want to die but I don't want to …[View]
48304001So yeah, i lost a drunk bet and now i'm forced to take dancing classes (long story) And there…[View]
48299491ITT: autistic things you do >meow to my parents instead of greeting them >don't take me…[View]
48304560>be 22 >all my friends are peers are getting engaged/married despite all of them being 23 or b…[View]
48304525>tfw can't escape your routine >tfw every day is the same over and over >tfw you can…[View]
48304480>a mantlet skelly walks up to me and starts smacking me on the head >do nothing for 15 minutes…[View]
48302943Anxiety is tearing me apart. What do you usually do to deal with it?[View]
48303977>tfw broke one too many promises to god and now he's punishing me severely…[View]
48304432Am I a psychopath? >Crush hits an insect, dismembering and crushing it >Think about its immens…[View]
48302958Newfags acts at a reosanible price: >r9k >newfags >underages >fags >traps >shills …[View]
48301932anons I am thinking of having a shower fap soon, what should I fap to?[View]
48304304>told my mom I want to die >'stop being dumb' She's right, isn't she. I'm gonna…[View]
48299203Gentle reminder that the top 80% of women really do go for the top 20% of men and the bottom 80% mus…[View]
48301321Does it ever get any easier?[View]
48303585>not really sexually attracted to my gf Is there any way to force myself to be? I love her so muc…[View]
48302090Why do white women love being degraded by black men so much?[View]
48302559Procrastination: >lol look at this lazy person, so funny it's not funny. my tendency to proc…[View]
48303400Hey there wagecuck. Are you ready for work tomorrow?[View]
48303997Do you know a Stacey like this? >at party >talks to two Chads >I overhear her saying 'you k…[View]
48304238> be me > go to a party with my awkward friend > after awhile Jared shows everyone his new …[View]
48302084When will men learn not to rape?[View]
48304092>tfw received a hug from a girl today It wasnt an unpleasant one either, it was really sweet and …[View]
48304193Just browsing Pinterest and saving hundreds of anime pics.[View]
48304175mental illness feels: >when the mania wears off and you realize you're just a slutty skeleto…[View]
48303832You're a pathetic faggot and all your problems are your own. Now respond and try to justify why…[View]
48300335>tfw I have to shower tomorrow night in preparation for therapy appointment on Tuesday How do I d…[View]
48302632just got diagnosed with clinical depression fuck this earth[View]
48302458Where my fellow leafs at? What you up to today? I'm in the GTA, getting high today wassup[View]
48303576>tfw you have to start forcing yourself to forget people I've lost too many friends these pa…[View]
48301538Robots, I fucked up: >be me two weeks ago >coworker at Amazon needed ride home >I offered h…[View]
48303950look what I found outside my house[View]
48303908I think my cat is dying: >have black and white norwegian forest cat >badest motherfucker I…[View]
48302443why i am like that?: >smoke weed first time >i should feel good >cry…[View]
48303913>tfw the aliens are watching me post[View]
48302257What thoughts and feelings arise inside you when looking at this picture?[View]
48302778time for: a JEETnap /QxT6mU late guys...[View]
48296080What does it mean to be an incel and why have you chosen to be one?: Not here to make fun of everyon…[View]
48302467Is finding a cute,sweet e-gf who wants nothing sexual even realistic?I only wanna see her cute face,…[View]
48295492How to become comfy?: >tfw it's fall >soon it'll be winter >I just want to live i…[View]
48302973>Be me >Friends with an alpha >He does this shit where he makes an ok sign on his knee and …[View]
48303346Anyone else tired literally all the time? I've been tracking my awake levels and I'm liter…[View]
48302979I just want a hug so bad,i want to be held tight and told it'll be okay. Is that so much to ask…[View]
48303757Punching pillows again.[View]
48302587I need to talk about myself for over 3 minutes, tomorrow Can you guys help me come up some story tha…[View]
48301817How bad is to drink a few shots of vodka everyday?[View]
48302106Do pedophiles deserve rights?[View]
48302798So, me and my gf are almost the same size in almost every regard (height, weight etc). I've sha…[View]
48303088>tfw you get heightmogged by your other grandma and female cousin[View]
48302907Was the Caller /ourguy/?[View]
48303721e-orbit a tranny i met in online game: message her on discord a few times a day for like a month, sh…[View]
48303342when does the suffering end I just wanted to be happy[View]
48303630There is no greater feel than spreading apart a girls buttcheeks to look at her asshole.[View]
48303742Daylon get the fuck off this board NOW[View]
48301881Female Appreciation Thread: This is a thread for posting things that we love and appreciate about pe…[View]
48303033Sitting at a table at a restaurant across from these niggers and I'm just looking at this entir…[View]
48303698Go fuck yourself sir thank you[View]
48303579>just remembered I can't remember the last time i had to pee with an erection, it's pro…[View]
48302966ebay pisses me off: find an item that i want, it's going cheap currently, there are more like i…[View]
48302855>just moved to uni >live in halls >roomates are fuckboys and roasties >not malicious to …[View]
48303460>oh no you wouldn't dare-oh >but he got dumped by Clairo >they'll say he was an h…[View]
48302630When did you reaIize you don't need sex or intimate relationships?[View]
48303394This is Shuaiby. Shuaiby killed himself. I admire Shuaiby. I hope to kill myself, too. Have a nice d…[View]
483025334chan characters: Post here all 4chan characters like wojak, pepe, spurdo, and more[View]
48301547>Lost my virginity after 21 years with a girl i met on tinder on friday >She keeps calling me …[View]
48303334>fall in love with high IQ physicist >she claims to be a trad nerdy girl >give her your all…[View]
48302354God I Hate Reddit: I fucking hate Reddit. >be me, gay >Already know Reddit is a shit place, d…[View]
48303133It's me second time sleeping today Should I have two slices of pizza, a beer and a Hersey bar a…[View]
48302876Pissed cause I have a crush on my friend but I'm too much of a bitch to come out the closet, al…[View]
48303281/devilish/ thread: >be me >6 >at some birthday party >pin the tail on the donkey >my …[View]
48303195shit on a penis, lmao I don't think it should be legal to promote this degeneracy[View]
48299162Why do normie girls keep screeching about 'grooming'? Why is it soooooo terrible to them? (I'm …[View]
48302160Winnie-the-Pooh thread[View]
48302965Hello from the other side robots[View]
48303053>tfw I grew another 3 cm (went from being 5ft4.567 to 5ft5.748) How long until I reach 5ft6?…[View]
48300888How often do you swear in conversation?[View]
48302796>meet woman at cafe >black hair, around 5'5, nice ass >she must be in her early 30s …[View]
48286501Dick size anxiety thread? For all the robots who let their small members effect their mental state w…[View]
48302567OMFG LIFE IS SO FUCKING BORING i hate this my life is so meaningless i have nothing to do all day bu…[View]
48302898Does anyone have that greentext of someone saying no one has thought about you before they went to s…[View]
48302503This is my first greentext so i may fuck this up >be me >at airport in security checkpoint lin…[View]
48302464First post boiss: >be me >15 >get called whale because fat >around 16 >lose weight …[View]
48301961Curing depression is as simple as increasing your dopamine and serotonin levels. These two chemicals…[View]
48300350>do nothing in my spare time Alright fellas, how the FUCK do you overcome ADD? i actually can…[View]
48302342Malebots, how do you cope with the fact that you'll be alone for the rest of your life and die …[View]
48301923searching for quality water vapor friends https://steamcommunity.com/id/aaahhrealmonsters/[View]
48301955PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Daily reminder that if you don't look exactly like this guy and ar…[View]
48302214I just called my dad a normalfag in an email for keks. he is like 70, I should have sent the boomer …[View]
48296679>walking along your uni >see this sad, lonely girl, all alone Do you go up and try to cheer he…[View]
48301762>tfw a dollar store opened right near your house so you can get cheap shitty snacks everyday Obes…[View]
48301727ITT: Normie Cringe: >That guy who walks down the street blasting his coon tunes from a shitty spe…[View]
48298180>mom found my piss drawer[View]
48302654bObo: thsi am my pet his name bObo HE SO CYUOTE pictuee od him is ther he have canser[View]
48301794>ywn bury your tongue in a Stacys sweet jiggly ass The robot life is suffering...…[View]
48301485>have another terrible day >go here to alleviate my problems and get it out of my system with…[View]
48302562Anyone wanna start a club for guys with small dicks? It'll be like a gang but we all got lil di…[View]
48300362Would you inseminate a women that was a different race than you?[View]
48302075>have social anxiety and depression >have a shitty job that pays awful, but atleast my coworke…[View]
48300981>Tfw no 3rd Worlder to talk to[View]
48301717ask someone whos probably going to jail for taking a few hits of weed on probation anything yes my l…[View]
48301774i really want toast should i eat some guys[View]
48300678ITT: Red Flag Phrases >This is not ok[View]
48302442>went grocery shopping with gf >in produce isle picking out veggies >see ex-gf walk by >…[View]
48297865Saggy boobs: Do guys really hate saggy boobs? I'm 18 and my boobs are already saggy because of …[View]
48301914>Tummy rubs[View]
48302420reminder that you will never get laid as long as female standards remain at this absurd all-time hig…[View]
48299161Who wants to watch Anime with me?: Lets make an Anime watching group! Does someone have a discord or…[View]
48302158>mom found out I like to put buttplugs up in me >while I was wearing one And my parents are ha…[View]
48302290Reminder that having sex on the regular is as important as drinking water[View]
48302356>tfw you realize everyone is lonely and lacks meaningful relationships but NPCs are too stupid to…[View]
48302355>you will never get a full ride to college[View]
48301468>Hey big bro, let's wrestle... betcha can't pin me down[View]
48302322Do you guys ever go thrifting?[View]
48302310Every day that passes I'm more and more getting off of my mind. I'm afraid about the day I…[View]
48298448/britfeel/: anon wants to suck a nonce hunters cock edition[View]
48299898Lowering your standards is not worth it. I had sex with a fat chick yesterday and I feel like shit. …[View]
48299019>BUT MY PUSSY >MY PUSSY >AHHHHHHH >IT'S SPECIAL(But still the same as every other g…[View]
48297207Tomorrow is Monday, folks! It's the start of a wonderful week you're going to spend with y…[View]
48302153Is this legitimate autism?[View]
483013144chan - Cards Against humanity game: Cards Against Humanity Game - 4chan https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.…[View]
48302045>be me >go to sleep >meet girl of my dreams >later virgins…[View]
48302143>men are designed to mate with different women >all women are the same >women are designed …[View]
48300264currycels and ricecels, how are you coping?[View]
48302128>no one understands and no one cares anyway[View]
48300347Tell guys seek out short girls. Effectively risking the height if their sons, right? Do you think a …[View]
48301182>tfw went to a bar to drink alone It's surprisingly comfy and depressing at the same time. A…[View]
483004694chan - Cards Against humanity game: Cards Against Humanity Game - 4chan https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.…[View]
48301970Can't find a woman? Just be gay, anon. It's simple really.[View]
48300893>destroy someone in an argument on 4chan >instead of conceding and learning something, they do…[View]
48301990wiki raid: hey I want to start a wiki raid so make a fake wiki acount get on this board and troll ed…[View]
48301957What if all trannies suddenly became passable?[View]
48300385I'm so alone, bros. It's not even funny anymore. I'm burnt out from rotting away alon…[View]
48301841Tell me about the emptiness[View]
48299489Post times you were banned[View]
48299561please help me /r9k/ (sorry if i suck at greentexts): >be me >almost 19, still virgin only ha…[View]
48300942Will we be able to a high technology future, or will society collapse in on itself and die before th…[View]
48301834Any thoughts?: Okay, so imagine that global warming can kill us all via viruses. There could be a vi…[View]
48300460what do you think about homeownership?[View]
48299895how are you suppose to not unironically shit yourself when interacting with a cute girl?[View]
48301225>typical /pol/ poster[View]
48299810>Turned out bf has a wife and 3 kids and i was just the side girl It was all going so well. Shoul…[View]
48301745Big Kathy, have a good day okie[View]
48301660plastic surgery: can plastic surgery help a 2/10?[View]
48301187Relationship Tips: I really like this femanon. I don't know if she likes me back because I don…[View]
48299640i feel like crying today[View]
48301607Since the US is owned by kikes, when will Europe stop being pussies and instill fascism?[View]
48301343ABBA is the greatest musical act of all time, no one else put out the insane amount of 10/10 songs t…[View]
48301261how does it feel having a big dick? I can't relate since I have a small asian penis[View]
48301107What should I make a youtube video about?[View]
48300682Dream thread: Post comfy dreams you can remember. I'll post the one I just woke up from. >c…[View]
48299794ITT I talk to myself. Again.: I see all the beef and cheese hasn't disappeared overnight so onc…[View]
48301588>mania is starting to fade away This really sucks, tell me sad stories and give me pity…[View]
48301062>one shot at live >born with high neroticism, low conscientiousness this is the recipe for mal…[View]
48298054ok so my sister has down syndrome and shes constantly screaming and yelling out 'POOP' for no fuckin…[View]
48299948thugmaxxing is the best thing you can do I simply stopped giving a fuck physically and socially, I h…[View]
48287586/NHK/ NEET hikki thread: >what is a hikki? someone who doesn't go outside for long periods o…[View]
48299172>shaved my pubes for the first time Now women will actually want me, right?…[View]
48293957>going to take a NEETnap so I dont have to talk to mummy when she gets home anyone else NEETnap?…[View]
48297864I'm 26 and went to get a blood test earlier this year. They told me my cholesterol was a little…[View]
48300240Women “Trying” Comedy: Are women incapable of being funny or something? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
48301467>reading about something repulsive and degenerate >idly start masturbating am i the only one w…[View]
48301329how bad did I btfo her with my high IQ and wit[View]
48301217>you're not passionate about anything anymore >you missed the teenage window to grow and …[View]
48300735Girls are fucking pathetic. They'll get hurt by some giga Chad then claim they hate all men (be…[View]
48300449>it's another anon who hates incels[View]
48300067I'm terrified all the time. I keep thinking that I've done things I haven't, that thi…[View]
48299100Anyone else pursuing a comfy NEET life? >What is your plan? >How far are you along? >When …[View]
48301344Okay this is the SHIT: Dudes I know im cool and all but this shit is way cooler than I can ever be.…[View]
48301332>you will never be put into an arranged marriage at 18 with the cute girl the next village over b…[View]
48300860Do girls love sissies ?[View]
48298760>he thinks that if he moved to japan, all his problems will melt away like his precious little Ch…[View]
48301256Any robots in Alabama?[View]
48300219A good week?: That moment when you find a 7/10 fembot who hasn't even kissed at the age of 22. …[View]
48300731Friendzone Thread: post your best stories from the friendzone. It really is the best place for us be…[View]
48301249He pretty much just confirmed what we've been saying forever. Go to 3:50 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
48299825Robot Colony General: Most of us know a robot colony would actually never be formed, but it's f…[View]
48300996front page of reddit: I'm leaving. It was nice 5 years ago but the normies and degenerates ruin…[View]
48301175You can only post in this thread if you have had sex within the past 6 months.[View]
48300919Is it weird that I have a want to be a single dad?[View]
48301144>get on discord >join game general chat >drop red pill and black pill real quick about wome…[View]
48301138I am currently on a study trip in Spain with my class and see a lot of scarcely dressed pretty women…[View]
48295441>Invite girl to my place >Serve her toast balls as a snack >She leaves and calls me a weird…[View]
48297370Why haven't you got a gf(self) yet anons?[View]
48299583Let's do it. Let's have an actual discussion. This is the board for it. No other board rea…[View]
48300690>The following day, Presley reflected that the interview had been a disaster; she had hoped the c…[View]
48301021>get up this morning >go make my breakfast >share a kitchen with my neighbors >my neigh…[View]
48300635ITT women (female) can apply as my fuck buddy. Only females can write in this thread. No traps[View]
48300886>Be me >at a Denny's in Burbank >Emma Stone walks by >sees I have a grandslam break…[View]
48297613never had a bf: >tfw 5'6 >cute face >black hair >blue eyes (I look like pic related…[View]
48300970Question for my South East Asian anons. How are you guys treated by your fellow Asians I would love …[View]
48300884cute waifus[View]
48300928>tfw never had to embarras myself buying a pack of condoms[View]
48300858I dont know who or what to trust. Everyone is either stupid or full of deceit.[View]
48300005>get bullied by my peers in school >literally not a single friend because nobody wants to be a…[View]
48300077Anons how do I develop a taste for music? I enjoy listening to music, but I just don't know wha…[View]
48300277Where did you go, cute latinanon?[View]
48300064How do I make an ugly girl that felt in love with me to friendzone me so I can keep her as a friend?[View]
48299337Does anyone want to be my friend on osu? I'm pretty bad at the game and looking to improve. Rec…[View]
48300443Whats with all the autists larping as females lately its not fooling anyone just go away trannys[View]
48299149/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - Hazy dreams edition the ultimate escapism >Tons of the …[View]
48289920Anyone know what happened to Jill? I heard she overdosed?[View]
48300323or perhaps I'm just lazy: >wake up >getting out of the bed feels mundane >taking a sho…[View]
48300725Drunk stories thread: ill start yesterday i went to the bar becous a friend turned 18 now im pretty…[View]
48300707girl is in my bed I was in my bed basically was in a bed with a girl see ya later virgins pic unre…[View]
48299790help physics niggas: i know how to do the other parts but i don't understand the 2nd part about…[View]
48299894>girl kisses me and says she likes me >can't get her out of my head AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH…[View]
48300399Why do kids upload stupid videos to youtube: I was surfing youtube and kids posted stupid videos lik…[View]
48296687I'm anorexic and trying to gain fake weight for my doctors visit by waterloading and developing…[View]
48300502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH658lrUv_o Why don't you settle for a little person, /r9k/? Ar…[View]
48299497Wagekek Horrors: >be wagekek >get new job at grocery store >only get a 15 minute break ever…[View]
48299052How does it make you feel, roasties? To know that in a couple of decades we'll have artificial …[View]
48298224I'm curious, how do you guys pronounce the words 'pls' and 'lmao' in your head? pic not related[View]
48300190I have absolutely no idea what I am doing in my life. I am failing college and about to get dropped …[View]
48299957Why are you all obsessed with t r a p s? Theyre literally men, manly features, manly voice, if you g…[View]
48300515join if you're a innocent white boy that wants to get rammed by black bulls, or if you're …[View]
48300389Someone at work drew a bunch of Halloween shit on the whiteboard at work and one of the pictures was…[View]
48299024>you can go to jail for animal cruelty Americucks are so pathetic[View]
48299082Good Morning: You're only allowed to post ITT if you woke up in bed next to someone this mornin…[View]
48296621what's your fondest childhood memory? how does it compare to your fondest memory as an adult?[View]
48299838>full year without having a gf >two months since last time had sex hold me /r9k/…[View]
48299194>mfw my dick is smaller than all of yours >mfw I'm about to smash and you're a virgi…[View]
48299630>your age >how have you managed to change/overcome that negative personality trait you used to…[View]
48300408>meeting someone you havent seen in years >you still remember their name >they don't r…[View]
48299822I made an instagram five minutes ago[View]
48299578Femanon here. What is the best way to get back at a girl who bullied me, make her jelous or defeat h…[View]
48299758>have a crush on a girl >she rejects me >I tell her it's okay but feel absolutely terr…[View]
48298489>27 >really shredded and muscular >girls eyefuck me everywhere I go >girls keep asking m…[View]
48299485This board would dramatically improve if we actually enforced the 'no racism' rule. Prove me wrong i…[View]
48300149So why is phone posting a bad thing?[View]
48299577Where is the girl who made that thread? I want to talk to you please >>48181816[View]
48300275>that fill wun no GEE-EFF[View]
48300168Thanks r9k, this is by far the most respectful board. I feel like I can talk about anything with you…[View]
48300076>sitting in uni common area >people talking about social media >someone asks someone else i…[View]
48300217This is cool.: Okay, now this is some cool Scheisse[View]
48299315>Tfw you will never be a Keter SCP What live?[View]
48299365Redpill me on leg lengthening to increase height[View]
48297084Roasties age like milk: I walked past an old roastie that I used to know a few days back, she turned…[View]
48300112>not realizing girls don't want you to have a good job because of jewelry and designer cloth…[View]
48299392Foot fetish thread: Fembots tell us about your experiences with foot fetish guys. Post your favorit…[View]
48297568Why are modern young adults so afraid of an honest day's work?[View]
48299248>he thinks his gf is just going to appear out of thin air and love him and he doesn't have t…[View]
48300006>Called place yesterday for issue >Girl picks up, claims she is manager, doesn't help wit…[View]
48300041>just woke up from a vivid dream where I was sucking dick Woah that was awesome…[View]
48300043>texted my ex again[View]
48294202>tfw fell in hard love with a this extreme qtpie She wants to come over to my place today and I…[View]
48299147>have online friend 7 years ago, grow up through our tweens and teenage years together >both h…[View]
48299901>be me >get a 60 in my test >it was a pretty good exam, didn't get why they give me a …[View]
48299792Normans in a mostly left-winged normiebook group actually liked this comment. All of you told me tha…[View]
48299905Why tf are some people that dumb?: >Be me >Couple of weeks ago >Go to grocery store >Ge…[View]
48298875So why are you here? For me it's just boredom.[View]
48299313My gf has double D boobies, works out, plays video games, and finds it funny to fart in front of/on …[View]
48299981>be me >messing with my hair >fuck it up. Now the front is really big and puffy. >look …[View]
48296058/nostalgia/: Post anything that makes you reminisce. >pic related I will find a seller who can ma…[View]
48299418'Morning Fembot. Before we drive you to the pharmacy to pick up a Morning After pill, how about some…[View]
48299263Would you enjoy having your head crushed between a girl's thighs, /r9k/?[View]
48298406As a Man,who do you consider a great Rolemodel for other Men?[View]
48298913Umm are these okay, Anon?[View]
48299514Weird Situation: >be virgin >everyone at your college thinks you are sex god with large penis …[View]
48298687Why do you want to die anons?[View]
48298150middle school memories: >Hey Stacy, anon likes you! >Ha ha, eewww!…[View]
48299805>Went to sleep at 10 am >Woke up at 5pm >Still in bed, it's 8pm >Haven't eaten…[View]
48299806Time for life Time to live, time for life Time to live, time for life Time to live, time for life Ti…[View]
48299788HELP: My relationship just ended and i feel really sad and hopeless. How do i cope such extreme pain…[View]
48299769https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGqFC8NuPv4 looks like i'm going to burger king today robros…[View]
48298735why do female NPCs insist there is nothing wrong with having had past sexual partners yet act all as…[View]
48299382Yesterday was the greatest and the worst day of my life: >be me >drinking with friends >sup…[View]
48299449whats the point: I recently started working and i have to say it really hasn't made my life any…[View]
48299431>be me >go outside >walk >7 mins later >vomit Fuck whiskey Good thing cops didnt see …[View]
48298437>be me >KHHV >at college football game with roommate >get moved by security because we a…[View]
48299608What's the last text you sent to your parents, anon?[View]
48296748>guy spends 5 years in a relationship with a girl >wants to propose in a fancy way via an east…[View]
48299446Who else /fuckingawfulatvideogames/ here? >play PUBG >notice someone else is parachuting into …[View]
48298084infested with worms: >take a shit >its sloppy and not formed as usual because alcohol >look…[View]
48297427>work at shitty warehouse >have been working there for 3 years now and never any promotions an…[View]
48299209Linux thread: Hello fellow robots i turned to 4chan today to ask for help as i turrned to linux and …[View]
48299186If you had a painless suicide pill now, a pill that kills you by making you fall asleep peacefully t…[View]
48295664Is it worth continuing to live if you aren't 6ft 3in? This is the perfect height for attracting…[View]
48299249How do you cope with being an incel? It makes me fucking depressed I cannot find a decent woman, the…[View]
48297817How can such a fat, old Jew be so horny, that he takes what he wants with little regard for others?[View]
48298403hjgte: only friend from hs just got a gf he met at work >im glad your life is looking up you dese…[View]
48299293When I was a little kid, I always ranted about how I would never want/need a gf because I could hand…[View]
48299353>Waiting for autism bucks >None come through >Realise bank holiday in UK >Mfw fuckers do…[View]
48298148>try to meditate because it's good for you >get bored 1 minute in and do something else i…[View]
48299342Imagine your son find out your 4chan posts.All of them. How would you respond?[View]
48295462How do we stop this shitty avatarfag?[View]
48294259Stop. going. for. girls. above. your. attractiveness. level.[View]
48298512Why is being a normie so hard?: >Be me >Senior in high school >Haven't ever had a qt3.…[View]
48298866have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? what was the story?[View]
48299239Fact: Edd is being called 'double D' because there's an extra penis growing on his head underne…[View]
48296042>he ACTUALLY thinks it's UNIRONICALLY a good idea to end sentences online with a period >…[View]
48299073>Goes to Psychnigger >'Weed is bad there is no way you can ever convince me its got anything g…[View]
48299075>momny is yelling at me because I stank up the house with my farts[View]
48298740>one of my TAs is a middle aged man with a Satania background on his phone…[View]
48298500who here goes through extreme changes in mood/dispositions every once in a while? it completely chan…[View]
48299103What are some good jobs that require very little social interaction?: >18yo NEET with no real int…[View]
48297101WTF: >It's socially accepted to mock, ridicule and bully the men who are struggling to find …[View]
48297038I'm a 7/10 blonde white girl and yet nobody wants to talk to me. I'm living proof that fem…[View]
48298336(No longer) Homeless Anon Update: Have been staying with a friend of mine for the past two weeks and…[View]
48297885What are dreams? It's so weird that we dream, what reason do we have them?[View]
48296725Bluepill: everything is fine, just be yourself Redpill: reality is tougher than what we are made to …[View]
48298978I had a wet dream involving my sister again[View]
48293195I'm a virgin high school teacher. Ask me anything.[View]
48293245/AUS/ thread 2: electric boogaloo Newcastle fag here again, headed out to dinner. Any other ausfags …[View]
48299013Why is there suddenly homofaggots everywhere? The fact that there are so many incel Zoomers/millenni…[View]
48298989What's your drunk confession story?[View]
48297856I'm white, 5'10 150lbs with a 7x6 dick. Am i capable of making it?[View]
48297478Femanons, what's your opinion on this kind of hentai?[View]
48298968freashers week: >be me >18 >last week >1st week at uni >nows the time annon to get ov…[View]
48298017>Look for first job >Go to interview >Tell me to come to orientation >Do that, fill out …[View]
48297169PC fags get in here: Haven't had a PC for 5 years now. I want get back into having a PC again, …[View]
48298263Why are black women so vindictive?: >be multiracial, two light skinned racially ambiguous mixed p…[View]
48296548I don't really get how you guys can hate woman so much. Woman don't like me either so I re…[View]
48298267LIFE IS A MEME: I need to die. Okulu[View]
48296660>tfw almost got into a fight today Im a little shaken still and still in a bad mood. I was at the…[View]
48298825did the mandela effect happen again or have I been spelling 'worshipping' incorrectly my entire life…[View]
48295006What are some neet hoobies besides anime manga and video gaqmes to waste me time on?[View]
48297838>calling people NPCs will slowly trickle it's way up into popular internet culture until NPC…[View]
48298784do they?: do men like women with 'nerdy' interests?[View]
48292512If you're bored, then why don't you chat with other robots on Omegle? Don't forget to…[View]
48295799When did you realise that you'd never have the balls to kill yourself?[View]
48297501ITT: Greentext thread: >be me >sitting on bus >its filling up, nearly every seats been take…[View]
48298766nothing hurts anymore i feel kinda free[View]
48298598The general consensus on this site is that /pol/ is the worst board but I think it's /adv/. If …[View]
48296989>hey big bro, you just missed Jamal >btw can you get me some tissues :)…[View]
48294706>wake up >see this >'hey anon, Im your government mandated girlfriend' :) wat do?…[View]
48298674>get a gf >cant see her nearly as much as I want to I feel exactly the same as when I was a ro…[View]
48297195Have they gotten to anime: >Be on danboor >Go to interrcial tag >Looking for some wmbf acti…[View]
48297371ontario feels general: how you spending your sunday ontariobots?[View]
48298103Why doesn't Hollywood make a sequel to 'The Social Network' about Moot and 4chan? The…[View]
48298247My NPC brother hasn't played Fortnite in awhile, is it over now?[View]
48298164So now that one of the forefronts of the #MeToo movements (pic related) turns out to have raped an u…[View]
48297148I've been feeling really shit for a while now. I have this feeling, this anxiety that's st…[View]
48298488>'hey' >'oh hey anon! Haven't talked to you in awhile! What's goin on?' >'sorry n…[View]
48298369The world looks like its shaking. Did I do something wrong?[View]
48298431Life is shit: >dad gets mad at my mom and beats her >dad gets mad at me for no reason and kick…[View]
48298256>work is for stupid idiots >uni is for pretentious cocksuckers >neetdom is the way…[View]
48298356I've finally come to the realization that I cannot overcome my social anxiety I know pills for …[View]
48297917women and gay people are NOT welcome here :3[View]
48297622>24 years old >finally get a decent job >mom is now pushing me to save all my money for a h…[View]
48297992why is it wrong to be a robot?: why do we want to become normies? having gfs, going to parties, hav…[View]
48296997Hey Anon. I wanted (You) to know that I hope you're feeling well and happy today. If not, then …[View]
48297227How am I supposed to deal with the fact I'll always be pathetic to a woman like this?: I'v…[View]
48297586Sex is a fucking meme At 28 I finally lost my virginity with an escort. I was waiting it like the se…[View]
48298172>I want to feel warm in the inside What do?[View]
48295598In this thread we talk about how amazing Jill is.: sweetheart[View]
48297815phrases that stiffen your bone marrow with dread: >alright class let's pick teams…[View]
48289925So what ever happened to him?[View]
48297532>tfw when I die I'll go to heaven for being pure and chaste >mfw Chad and Stacy will be s…[View]
48296735Is anyone else just unable to even contemplate the idea of being in a situation of emotional or phys…[View]
48298146LoL is shit: any robots on OCE wanna play some ranked? just got d5[View]
48295241Name something more fulfilling than having a girlfriend[View]
48288193>quit jew media TV >start reading comics instead >white girls get BLACKED here too…[View]
48292362Why do you hate black people, robots? Do you have any reason to hate them legitimately besides memes…[View]
48295705you have no right to complain about not having a gf[View]
48295079How do i stop being obese? 6'1 300lbs Women dont want to sit next to me in the bus cause i take too …[View]
48296490Hey /r9k/, it's me the austrian retard anon. I have been off for some time now but am back with…[View]
48296110Reminder: >The ANIME girl is the epitome of female beauty and attractiveness Let's start by …[View]
48296005Is /r9k/ jealous of the genetically mastered hairline of this fine young man?[View]
48296274tell me about your romantic fantasies anon[View]
48297944Ben 10 Thread! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2uZgmedE-E[View]
48294640>Your reaction to the orange shirt guy in Texas being shot by those two neighbors https://www.you…[View]
48296894Hey robots, I need tips on a healthy way of dealing with loneliness.[View]
48296837Most people have subhuman reasoning skills and are completely unable to argue about anything intelle…[View]
48293430Do you robots play Minecraft? If not, you should give it a chance. It's popularity with childre…[View]
48296019We'd like you all to enlist in our glorious plan for Halloween this year! How can you join us? …[View]
48297847I miss big sister kaffy[View]
48295527ivee figured out how to purr on command.. is this bad or good? im talking about me, not my cat.[View]
48296048Me and my ex broke up over a month ago after she took 7 months of my life. I still sometimes get my …[View]
48297179>he thinks getting a gf will fix all his problems[View]
48297338Why don't women really get along with each other? They form different cliques and start passive…[View]
48296450>Anon...? Why did I find a dead nigger when cleaning your room today?[View]
48297645>mom bought the divorce cake >it was delicious…[View]
48297755>lady on Facebook was selling a jolly nigger bank like pic related >report it for sale of an a…[View]
48297248>tfw 27 y.o. and renting room living with random people[View]
48294755Is this really the game of the decade?: Or is it overrated? Played it for 10 hours now it's cle…[View]
48296689>the Chad bellyflop[View]
48297054Her smile is the only thing that keeps me going. I have come to terms with celibacy. I understand t…[View]
48297150how to get a beaner bf? im done trying with white guys[View]
48296501Masturbation: Robots, stop touching your dicks to masturbate. I just tried prostate masturbation and…[View]
48297605>22 years old >body already falling apart >new pain every fucking month (tailbone, back, …[View]
48297657Being a chestlet sucks. I wanna make everyone lose their minds over my huge boobs like the other gir…[View]
48297618>when the only girl to show interest in you looks exactly like your mother when she was younger…[View]
48297426No such thing as a Iife that's better than yours.[View]
48296438>tfw nice guy FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK[View]
48296356Why do people keep asking me if I have a GF?[View]
48292854WTF DISNEY????[View]
48297168Why do animes such as Midori Days and Welcome to the N.H.K. that are supposed to cater to lonely mal…[View]
48295379I'm forever on a quest to find a >girlfriend >apartment for rent >a job I search for …[View]
48297333You Wake up at September 23th at out Lord's year of 1718. You wake in an desert island of Pitca…[View]
48297316Is anyone else beyond caring that they are ugly, fat and balding in their early 20's? Cause I a…[View]
48297220Whats the equivalent of being tall for girls in dating? sense guys dont care that much about height[View]
48297211Tfw no big sister gf who thinks I'm a precious little boy who needs to be protected from the wo…[View]
48294965>Be me >Talking with fem friend >She's kinda bookworm >She confess she's in lo…[View]
48295522>woman cant find a place in the world Doubt [X][View]
48296499FUCK: I really want to fuck a jewess so badly[View]
48295697>call escorts over to motel >Fap before they get here so I don't cum in a minute >Imme…[View]
48297057hypnosis: Consider this: Is the NPC more susceptible to hypnosis? I was wondering about it. The NPC…[View]
48297115Remember that all important changes and improvements in history were started through force. If you w…[View]
48297015Have you taken the pinkpill yet, mateys? it's a tasty pill to swallow! The pinkpill was founded…[View]
48296877How do robots deal with depersonalization?[View]
48296942>Tfw I will never be a black guy It hurts, man.[View]
48296941You are now breathing manually out of one lung[View]
48296737>be me >lucid dream as kid >idk how to do it properly >only now realise the possibilitie…[View]
48292226Dream Thread: Post your most recent or notable dream, robots >walking with two dudes, one I know …[View]
48295836Mum said she was a loving mother compared to her female workmates mothers who abandoned them so she …[View]
48295737I hate having clinical depression[View]
48296799>be at work >Smoke a bit of weed >Go to start my work on the sales floor >Think about lo…[View]
48296911Hey, anon-chan, why did you try to kill yourself yesterday?[View]
48296913>one shot at life >born a moron[View]
48296914>Be me >Life is shit >Gonna end it all >Take a walk to find food because too poor for ca…[View]
48296884>'Normalfags have discovered Inceldom' I think this guy could've fucked this reporter if he …[View]
48295433Feeling scared right now. I went to a party last night and had a bit of alcohol (about 1 full drink …[View]
48295258Robots dating: I've been using Tinder lately. One thing that I noticed is that when looking for…[View]
48296868>still think about her even though we broke up a year ago >will never experienced that first r…[View]
48296371How do I motivate myself to fix my shitty life?[View]
48296578If you have sex with a guy who is crossplaying your waifu, does that make you gay? Asking for a frie…[View]
48294902Minecraft on a Sunday Morning with /r9k/: Brobots, this server is for you. No stacies. No Chads. No …[View]
48291577All a guy needs to get a gf is - A job, his own place, a car (can maybe even do without a car in som…[View]
48295647Why don't you just create art to relax yourself and wash away your anxiety?[View]
48288531The traditional letter thread. Letters written by robots. Letters for everyone.[View]
48287782>7 year old cousin is over >She wants to play the PS4 in my room >Mom tells me to 'keep the…[View]
48296348Is there a bigger faggot on earth than Kurt Cobain?[View]
48295231FUCK I'm on the verge of a panic attack. Please help me[View]
48296721Why the FUCK is prostitution illegal in the US? I understand shit like sex trafficking and not wanti…[View]
48296520>Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stoo…[View]
48296623Do you think that women know the allure of their feet?[View]
48287022/runescape/: The game for true robots. What are you training right now?[View]
48296550What are you studying at university, anon? And do you do it to get a job, or to pursue a career in a…[View]
48296186>closing in on my 30's >soon to be wizard >still lusting for the that sweet teenage lo…[View]
48296626KMS?: >be me >great life, great job, great marriage >lose wife, lose job because downward s…[View]
48291066Who /nightwalk/ here? Share your stories and pictures[View]
48295700FML. I'm so cold!: Hi, Robots. I'm gonna vent a little. >be me >live in northern US…[View]
48294628How do you cope with the fact that you'll never have a girl gag on your cock? I can hardly cope…[View]
48295500Physics help needed. If I have a bowl of water (+22C) and I throw ice (-5C), aluminum (+120C) and co…[View]
48294149Your favorite NPC memes: >Diversity is our greatest strength[View]
48296037>4:00 pm PST >American posters derailing threads with skin color hatred >4:00 am PST >Eu…[View]
48291996>I'm a hardline conservative ethnonationalist white supremacist who thinks fags are degenera…[View]
48296324. MVD BVLL . vs wh*toid p.s i am med[View]
48295565Stop being obsessed about having sex. Its way too overrated.[View]
48295865Can someone explain to me normalfags and their obsession with (American) football?[View]
48294810How to fix /r9k/ >Make it a SFW board >Start banning anime and all that gay shit…[View]
48293299So, wagies. Last day of the weekend.[View]
48295297>Alright class, now everyone get a partner![View]
48295107Fuck Remicade and all of the medications for Crohn's. My hair is falling out thanks to this awf…[View]
48296204I wanna stick my dick between a nice pair of feet more than I actually want sex.[View]
48295796I don't feel like there's a place I belong. Where is my West Virginia? Where is my country…[View]
48295590Question Thread: Do you hate yourself? Do you think you don't deserve things? Do you think you …[View]
48294682I finally cuddled a girl >Be me >18 >Obviously never had a gf or even talked to a girl unle…[View]
48294589Femanons, who hurt you more, men wor women?[View]
48295212>move out of parents house a week before hs graduation >only have $400 >cross country >f…[View]
48295964>there is nothing stopping you from holding your breath until you pass out…[View]
48296174>boss told me off for catching flies during my wagecuckery again[View]
48296129Cute pussy thread[View]
48296143https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dYxwP7zck4 Thomas & The Magic Railroad Chase Scene[View]
48295948Who can relate with /OurGuy/ Patrick Bateman?: I have no other distinguishable feelings or emotions …[View]
48295233>lab report due tomorrow morning >work, so only have about 4.5 hours to do it it >can'…[View]
48295947>go thru drivethru for tendies >qt college girl is there >pull up to the window >she say…[View]
48295335>tfw I self-insert as the bull[View]
48292360/creative/: post things you made and want others to see. can be music, art, a meme, a video, a tweet…[View]
48295490>tfw realising you are probably genuinely on the autism spectrum[View]
48274531ITT: specific posters you recognize starting this thread to see if anyone recognizes me yet or if i …[View]
48292678What is r9k's dream job? I'll start >cargo pilot >huge pay >big dick job >no p…[View]
48278771get to know r9k: post your chart but don't post your contacts please, this isn't soc.…[View]
48293203any ex robots on here who kinda made a life for themselves like getting fit or a job or gf who find …[View]
48280308Fembots, why the aversion against anal?[View]
48295671Any of you anons had any luck containing your autism? I've become a great deal more self aware …[View]
48295396>not sure if balding or just paranoid[View]
48295553Tripping through time: Less than 100 days left in 2018 lads...the iPhone 4 was released 8 years ago.…[View]
48295768Who else here masturbates lying on your stomach while fantasizing about having sex with a cutie? Bon…[View]
48295415/bad luck thread/: >be me >be black It was over before it even began.…[View]
48295848Ahh, another glorious day of wageslaving...[View]
48293768Hikikomori General Thread: This thread is for people who are withdrawn from society and don't l…[View]
48295446How to not get horny when drawing my own lewd waifu?[View]
48293267drug/sad thread: >nothing makes me happy >zero motivation or will to live >zero motivation …[View]
48295762>going outside for a smoke >hear the cackle of a molestation midget not far off >rush insid…[View]
48295679Which one of you fuckers did this? Original original post[View]
48293740Take HRT robots, I'm sure you won't end up like pic related? Don't you want to be a q…[View]
48290253Comfy: Comfy thread time, it's one of those nights. How was your day anons? How are you spendin…[View]
48294689NoFap general: >day 34 I can feel the devil's breath on my dick. I feel more energetic, more…[View]
48293422Have you ever met a legal loli, /r9k/?[View]
48293012Do you anons never listen to the radio anymore? It brings me back to when I was young listening blis…[View]
48295523Depressing but kinda funny images, continuing from last time.[View]
48295305Parents Appretiation Thread: >be me 5 Minutes ago >constructively explain mistake my mom made …[View]
48295010So have you gone out this year and created any fun stories to tell your future girlfriend?[View]
48295591BPD hate thread.: I haven't seen one in a while. Post your horror stories of children trapped i…[View]
48294243tfw no kristen lindsmith autism gf in her 20s she literally made like 10 videos and did interviews e…[View]
48294165What would the highest version of yourself be doing right now? Why aren't you behaving in ways …[View]
48295546>go to launch an ass rocket: >blows up on launch pad >mfw…[View]
48295482>tfw your female teacher was the one to teach you how to jerk off >tfw she used to make you do…[View]
48295504What are some brain hacks to how do you improve at something without effort?[View]
48295220Love a girl, she wants to be friends: >I love a girl >we become friends. Get even closer >r…[View]
48295381These are Northeast Indians: They're regularly oppressed by the majority brown Indian populatio…[View]
48295403>Desperately want to buy a whole tub of sweets and gorge them all How do I stop this feeling or s…[View]
48293583Am i a boring person for not wanting to smoke weed or drink?The only drug that i can see any value i…[View]
48295043Is footfaggotry innately beta? Is liking feet the first step on the road to Cucksville?[View]
48295268>wake up >there's still half a bottle of Chablis left >mfw morning drinking…[View]
48292534Are you enjoying adulthood?[View]
48295148Can you pay a prostitute to cuddle and comfort you? Paying for sex sounds icky. I just want her to c…[View]
48294909how to stop being addicted to dxm?[View]
48293241>normies try to defend the cuck the got killed[View]
48294478ITT: bone freezing sentences: >have you found a job yet anon?[View]
48295132Im fucking this girl, ama[View]
48295100hello fellow robots, recommend movies to an edgelord who loves inception,fight club,seven,heathers,c…[View]
48290666Pegging: Has anyone meet women or a man or possibly you have done this. Not gonna lie I really wanna…[View]
48295063I figured it out. Wagies aren't like NPCs. They're like the civilian unit in an RTS. There…[View]
48290269Well /r9k/, pick your characters.[View]
48294584>be me 18 yo cyborg/failed normie >live in a rural area in eastern europe >my family is kin…[View]
48295216do you guys ever forget that compared to the masses our interests and tastes are pretty niche? I don…[View]
48293287>white men taking our asian women I guess i'll 'settle' for latinas then…[View]
48295158Why do women have such a capricious moral code? Couldn't they just pretend to act like humans f…[View]
48294750>tfw nigger >tfw only like white girls what went wrong?…[View]
48293608Daily reminder that females cant be robots. Every fem'''bot''' here is either a fat neckbeard or so…[View]
48294001>qt3.14 blonde girl in booty shorts approaches me outside of a gas station >'hey can you buy s…[View]
48294084>masturbating not for enjoyment, but to cull sexual urges so you won't make mistakes >not…[View]
48295027You guys wanna help me spam a whatsapp group? https://chat.whatsapp.com/5gZQM4ixfRJ80VIUVaZwlJ[View]
48293512Can I find love as an ugly girl?[View]
48294888Comfy Minecraft Server: Hey Robots, come join me on my comfy Minecraft Server >IP:…[View]
48293143Is anyone here unironically named Chad? Does anyone here know someone unironically named Chad? Are t…[View]
48294787Mommy just came back from store with food![View]
48289279tfw my type is a shy robot virgin that just wants love and a clingy gf: I'm a normie and I come…[View]
48293088Women who take alimony literally deserve to be murdered: They are robbing men and potentially ruinin…[View]
48294069>Brain demands I seek out a mate and breed >Girl looks at me >Brain has panic attack and wa…[View]
48293316Kiss me Anan![View]
48294696Women and fidelity: Is fidelity a concept alien to women? At least in this time?[View]
48294009Everything is so tiring and confusing. It seems hopeless[View]
48288689Could we be in a simulation? For the past week I have dreamed I am talking to the same guy who says …[View]
48293022daily reminder: its all in your head: >have godlike face and muscles, not cut by any means but fi…[View]
48292652>tfw 26 year old undergrad student Life is suffering, lads. So many circles of freshmen and junio…[View]
48289971ITT: Movies where the main character is clearly a robot[View]
48291965Fembots: Fembots how much of a typical 4chan girl are you? Pic related[View]
48294118>tfw I fell in love with a thicc thot I feel like a total cuck, but goddamn I guess I just can…[View]
48294570Furries rape puppies with baseball bats and fuck roadkill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbzUOajs2…[View]
48290836MAKE ME A MOD HERE I WILL CLEANSE /R9K/ OF THE FOLLOWING >Normie threads >Blacked threads >…[View]
48294136What if the only reason suicide is frowned upon is because our rulers can only profit from our exist…[View]
48294490I think you guys are pretty cool.[View]
48293883Why doesn't JLH post anymore?[View]
48292465>be me >18 male >find an old picture of me when I was 11 and had long hair >use faceapp …[View]
48293036Well, got blackout drunk for the second time in my life, retracing the steps is not fun. Anyone wan…[View]
48294004Stuff: Yo, make your graphs.[View]
48291336Anyone up for some card fortune telling?[View]
48293751Im like really drunk, Anyone want to talk/flirt on discord?[View]
48294093>hey how you doin' :-))[View]
48294048It's the slowest time of the day on /r9k/[View]
48292103How is the beta uprising progressing? I haven't been here in a long time. What are the latest d…[View]
48293695Back Acne: Anyone else have issues with bacne? How the fuck do I get rid of it anons... my scars are…[View]
48293893>no longer have enough energy to pretend to not be severely depressed around people…[View]
48291083Is this really what having a female roommate is like?[View]
48294324Weed Nerves: Evening Robots. I was wondering how I could possibly get over being extremely nervous w…[View]
48293062I told my only friend about how I want to kill myself. They just told me to get help. Always get hel…[View]
48291608What's going to happen to us? We're all young adults aged 18 - 23. We're going to get…[View]
482942602D aprecciation thread: I'm bored horny and want to jack off and i really like hentai[View]
48292408>tfw to skeptical to get good grades in history and science class[View]
48292893So r9k let me spin you a tale > be me 32, (fuck you I can be a oldfag) > be on tinder > mee…[View]
48294213>tfw you want to lick a girl's neck[View]
48288594YOU: >Age >Job >Savings >Debt >Tips >Hobbies >Social life…[View]
48294128After talking to a girl that I liked and it becoming obvious that she's not into me and that we…[View]
48292921I'm sick of society and the people of it. I hate having strangers insult me condescendingly bec…[View]
48293103Girlfriend Kissed Anothdr Girl: I've been feeling like a total loser for a little while now. Ab…[View]
48294060Sleeping as a hobby: Sleep is the ultimate rejection of this corrupt world full of stacys and chads.…[View]
48293121Just a warning to robots who have people around them who uses chromecasts, bluetooth speakers, amazo…[View]
48290320Robot Quest Thread: A robot is sitting on his computer in his dorm room on a Saturday night. Dubs de…[View]
48293224why dont you just date a degenerate tranny? its not like ur ever gonna get a real girl![View]
48293843All i want is a girl i love on a emotional level to call me cute while she pets/rubs me. Why dont i …[View]
48294065But... but... I am jealous... ;_;[View]
48294035Which part of my head do I hit to become a psychopath?: Seriously I've had it with emotions. Wh…[View]
48291262Ricebot thread: What can you do to improve your dating game as an asian man living in the US?[View]
48292712Females do not belong on /r9k/.[View]
48291803ADVICE FROM A ROBOT WITH ZERO FRIENDS ON HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS: @2:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
48293226When did grow out of your white women phase?[View]
48293123How do we help f*moids, also known as 'women', to evolve and become complete human beings?…[View]
48292979>me 12 years old playing lego in my room >mummy knocks on door and says bedtime >tidy up le…[View]
48293690>tfw I woke up with so many feels to make 10 different threads >tfw they would still haunt me …[View]
48292122My girlfriend put my dinner into her freshly used tennis shoes. God I love her so much.[View]
48289978Are you afraid of your inevitable death?[View]
48288645About 80% of men are shorter than 6 ft. About 90% of men are shorter than 6'1. Only 6% of men a…[View]
48293688there we go, that took 5 hours to make.[View]
48292400Why do anime girls make my cock harder than real girls?[View]
48292377anyone here ever met a girl that was perfect and everything was right including the setting and the …[View]
48293683Any femanons here? Have you guys had sex before? I just lost my virginity for the first time. The gu…[View]
48293432How come in Canada it's legal to get your daughters to fuck your dog?[View]
48293170How do i figure out if a girl who apperently had a huge crush on (i never knew at the time) me is st…[View]
48293144I just got a 4TB HDD today. what games/albums/movies/porn should i install on it?[View]
48293220>this where the magic happens Post your desks and rooms[View]
48289686What's r9k's favorite kind of chocolate?[View]
48293542Anxiety Meds: Anybody tried these before? A few weeks ago I started collapsing, I got sent to a doct…[View]
48290818>all these adults working McJobs What went so horribly wrong?[View]
48293529I wish space travel was real so I could become a cool space pirate.[View]
48292289Lonely weeked? Join this new comfy discord server: This is the place for robots to vent, chat, make …[View]
48293237>Gets invited to party, first week of Uni >Stand around awkwardly and drinks though it >Not…[View]
48292220>why should i stop being an entitled whore when i can just denigrate asian women instead? white w…[View]
4829069010/10 thread: I gave up all my responsibilities for today and not in the mood to anything, can we ha…[View]
48291932do you fags actually have professionally diagnosed mental issues? if not, why do you willingly choo…[View]
48293429>the world is your oyster, you just have to be Chad[View]
48293402kill me pliz: be me be innocent watch this https://twist.moe/a/bokunopico/1 kill ur self post compl…[View]
48293440What's wrong with me?: I constantly think all of my friends think I'm an asshole when I…[View]
48293383Why can i never find love, all i get is slutty Stacy's, Femanons do exist but don't like g…[View]
48291228Asking a girl out on Monday wish me luck[View]
48293406Why is it so hard to not procrastinate? I put stuff in front of me here so I can't forget about…[View]
48293138Fuck. I just want to fuck a cute femboy. I don't care if it's gay. They're just too c…[View]
48292221Why do men have such shallow taste in women? You can't complain about loneliness when you'…[View]
48293260Hey robots, I went to a stripclub for the first time had like 8 private dances it was amazing. Why a…[View]
48293146>went to a party and tried to talk to people >nobody liked me W-why though :(…[View]
48293255Does anyone else here work for doordash? I've been doing it for three weeks now and I like it b…[View]
48293246>haha this is fucking stupid >I would know because I am a professional…[View]
48293126cumed on my boywife while she slept. feels like I just left an icky mess and its not attractive anym…[View]
48293228>people avoid me due to my atypical autism and looking like I want to kms >want to kms even mo…[View]
48291461Wat do breasts feel like /r8k/?[View]
48293141In your cardboard houses and your tin-can cars You sit there and you wonder, you wonder where you ar…[View]
48292619Why wasn't I cool in school?[View]
48292819h: Im still a kid but im using 4chan. is my life a downwards spiral from here on?[View]
48283289/britfeel/: Waiting with baited breath to see if anon's Indian has arrived edition[View]
48292419Every day older I get, the more anxious I get about my non existent children being hurt or killed. A…[View]
48290718Anon, it's time for bed. >Yes mommy. Please tuck me in? Oh alright. anything for my little m…[View]
48290743How are you supposed to be confident when you've literally never had anything to be confident a…[View]
48292988>tfw you live in a weak country[View]
48292986>grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and investors >all my friends around me's parent…[View]
48291780Is fapping to anime healthy?[View]
48292923Hey is tap water actually bad for you or is that just like a meme?[View]
48292924>'it's okay for a girl to be slutty, as long as she's only slutty with me'…[View]
48290858>join overwatch club at college >everyone automatically assumes I'm going to play mercy …[View]
48291029Robot Private Military Corporation: The RPMC is now hiring! You have a variety of roles you can choo…[View]
48292895selll shore: eeeeeek QxT6mU nice post fren[View]
48292866/comfy/ thread: Let's get a comfy thread going anons. Post comfy pictures, comfy music, whateve…[View]
48291174>sister is over 30 years old >has been delaying renting/buying an apartment for over a year no…[View]
48292535I know this is not the right site to ask at all, and I'm not asking this as a white knight, but…[View]
48290404Saturday night men hate thread[View]
48289363Did I win, straight bots? Am I a gay chad?[View]
48291484Is he /ourbot/? ive always loved this movie and donnie darko is pretty much the closest character we…[View]
48292551Another fembot thread: Fembots, what do you desire in a partner? Describe your perfect partner Also …[View]
48290264I want to bully incels.[View]
48292531Dear diary, So yesterday I went to see a hooker. I read reviews about her before and there was susp…[View]
48292738Does anyone have any more?: Interested in similar please help[View]
48289722Choking game: Has anyone tried this shit? >put a belt on your neck >hyperventilate for a few …[View]
48287474Huffpost 'Brutally Redpills' Females on Twitter: Is huffpost /ourguy/?[View]
48290410We got this pedofag to eat shit! Serves him right![View]
48292457Can someone explain this meme image to me? I was with a girl friend and she said this out loud to a …[View]
48290914what is /r9k/'s opinion on this? Is it anything we should give a shit about?[View]
48287805/saturdaynight/: how's it going guys? express your loneliness here[View]
48291601>dad hit me again >ran away to my aunt's house like planned >supposed to crash on her …[View]
48292472since i belong to an inferior race of women and spend my worthless existence on a board made for dep…[View]
48292533Manlets have it the worst and receive the most discrimination.[View]
48291281Think I'm having an existential crisis, r9k. there really is no point to anything, right? no ma…[View]
48292386See ya Later Virgins: >be me >be 20 year old college student >be the most socially inept pe…[View]
48292526WAGECUCK THREAD: I'm probably going to be giving in my week's notice to my shitty fast foo…[View]
48291516I will never have a bf. It hurts[View]
48279681Congratulations anon! You have the opportunity to be one of the first people to enter the new fully …[View]
48289129'Hey principal Anon I got you a gift. It's the gift of appreciation for all you do for our scho…[View]
48291615>mfw incapable of love >never even loved my parents This goes away, right? It's been 23 y…[View]
48292499Just came back from a date: Wow it was amazing. She and I connected so much, after a couple of beers…[View]
48291633Stop smoking weed. It's a nigger drug. Use white person drugs instead.[View]
48292254Its my birthday niggas[View]
48292458when no frienda[View]
48292463> When i realize all the girls i know are either retarded art thots or retarded rednecks…[View]
48288609Fembot fetishes: Tell us your fetishes fembots. We are curious.[View]
48291632How long does it usually take for the floor to fall from under your feet all over again once you…[View]
48292425anyone else getting connection issues?: my adblock is off and im still getting connection issues. wh…[View]
48290263Weed decriminalised in my country! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_in_South_Africa Pic rela…[View]
48292346Regrets thread >be me, fall 2011 >first year of college >live with 3 other roommates who ar…[View]
48289624It seems females have ruined R9K, where can i go to escape attention seeking females on the internet…[View]
48291897I'm turning into a piece of shit.: I can't take it anymore robots. I used to have a reason…[View]
48292370to anybody who is unironically diagnosed with autism, i got a question for you how do you feel about…[View]
48288863I never even hugged a guy[View]
48287742>people starving >countries economically destroyed >some 4/10 grill streamer makes $1000 fo…[View]
48292306How do you have a conversation where you connect to another person? My conversations usually revolve…[View]
48292301Oh hi, Paul![View]
48291551Why don't you get a Roblox gf? they're easy to talk to[View]
48290861>Are you ready for your bath?[View]
48292040Normalization of heartbreak: Has anyone thought about how much of a high-risk gamble a loving relati…[View]
48290283imagine that you are this moose. you have the intelligence of a human and you can speak nobody knows…[View]
48290850My conversation with my mom minutes ago >anon we spoke to your half-uncle, Kim Jong-un, and he sa…[View]
48289010bout to go break shit don't report me[View]
48283504AMA: I am a child psychologist that specializes in autism. ask me anything.[View]
48290828Why do so many incels hate black women so much? Are you seriously so racist that you would rather be…[View]
48287995People who have let you down: Post stories of people who let you down, ill start >be friends with…[View]
48291480>Dead inside, be me >Out on a walk with two of my homies >'You walk around this area, anon?…[View]
48291471>Trump proposes the Space Force >Is defined as a branch of the military, so it's certain …[View]
48292067Too long for 4chan read pic[View]
48292071old ewhores: why not? you're on 4shit on a sat/sun[View]
48291881Why are my posts archived always?: Every time I get a post out, within like 20 hours it gets archive…[View]
48290501Fembot gfs: any of you ever met a girl(female) on here? have you met any girls from another website?…[View]
48291525ITT. we think of names for fictional towns/cities in the USA i'll start >Catawba City. South…[View]
48291794You guys realize theres no such thing as a femebot right? A female can get a bf/dick no matter what.…[View]
48291486I'm retraining my dick to be attracted to heterosexual things. Who should I add to my fap fanta…[View]
48291079I fucking ruined myself: Okay, so I was talking to one of my friends and she is a nice girl and im a…[View]
48288624Problems with this place: Most of you are fine except these : - normies (my gf left me, I am now one…[View]
48291929>be me >be shopping >see qt grill >start checking her out somewhat sneakily >realize …[View]
48289981It's not about 'that feel when no boyfriend', it's more like another year of having no one…[View]
48290801i wanna book a hotel in vegas but im not sure which one. dubs decides[View]
48291628Taking AP classes rn 90% of the people in them are normie fucking trash. Hard to find a girl to purs…[View]
48290754ITT: Describe another dimension/planet/universe. You can include activities, enviroment, magic, demo…[View]
48227583/drugfeels/ what you guys on today? debating taking 354mg dxm but dont know if I should nap first. O…[View]
48278805Who else Fighting Dreamer ?[View]
48291735Every college party/event i go to is 5:3 ratio boys:girls, plus like half of them have boyfriends. A…[View]
48291378Help robots, how to make money fast[View]
48291186What are some minimum wage jobs for a brainlet? (pls dont reccomend jobs that involves strength or a…[View]
48290936Is this Advanced?: the famous incel?[View]
48289141/uni/ general: Last one died What tf should I do bros? I literally can't find an internship or …[View]
48290865/r9k/ how do I live life without having to leave my house? I'd assume most of the experts are o…[View]
48288870Can any weed people here help me? Backstory, I became college friends with a dude in my class, I don…[View]
48291684Tu madre guasta chuba mi pito[View]
48291161Yo im down yo human centipede some freshmen in the quad if you're buying bro[View]
48290463I THINK /R9K/ SUCKS >might as well be facebook at this point or reddit[View]
48290669I just lost my virginity. AMA[View]
48291371>20 days nofap streak >15 minutes of hard dick what to do?…[View]
48291590Spooky picture thread: too early edition![View]
48290106Would you ffuck her (him)?[View]
48291494relaxing: Lately anxiety has made it difficult to get any relief. Any suggestions for how to be chil…[View]
48291478im on probation and I took a few hits off marijuana and about 6 days later I had a piss test that wa…[View]
48288994so we're okay with pedos here again huh[View]
48290460Guy is acting differently: A guy from work and I were kind of talking and hung out outside of work a…[View]
48289133Sad pics thread: Life is really shit right now. How about a sad pics thread.[View]
48290632>live in a condo complex >in the building across from me, there's a family with a girl wh…[View]
48291197If there were no chads and normies then there would be no robots and cyborgs. Think about it. How w…[View]
48290383Best dream Ive ever had is slowly losing its potency in my head[View]
48290367Is there anything worse than being a manlet? Because it feels pretty bad now.[View]
48291294>Anon (takes puff), you sure you want to put your penis is that light socket there?…[View]
48290614Tell me everything you know about the Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook group. Give me dirt on the mem…[View]
48290466>get home from a hectic day from work >shower >get dressed >warm up some leftover Boncho…[View]
48291221Im hopeless. Nothing to live for, and I hate everything. I hate being around literally anyone. I don…[View]
48290832I will touch your children! Fear me! Oh the horror![View]
48289644>ty so much for helping me with my homework anon. I just hope there's some way I can pay you…[View]
48291205>be me >freshman at uni >live in the south-east US, bible belt area >walking to class on…[View]
48288445just loss my kiss virginity at 19 AMA: title. i dont feel any different, just a little more confiden…[View]
48290277Clean Sheets General: I just washed my pillow and comforter. They are warm and so is my heart for th…[View]
48288170How will you hide when they start building the incel deathcamps?[View]
48285823>sugar daddy found a younger, prettier, kinkier sugar babe and dumped me like a used condom What …[View]
48289611Reminder: Reminder to be very nice to all our robot frens and try nice post. Reminder to be very mea…[View]
48291169I really want a girl to love, I just wish they loved me. I wish I actually knew the reason they don…[View]
48289642What's the problem with everyone on this Bulgarian ostrich riding forum? Why are we all so drab…[View]
48289526>Look 6/10 >Own 2 cars >Have a full time job >Have own apartment >Moved to one of the…[View]
48290218>be me when i was 8 >me and my friends be nice to this one kid because hes an outcast >he i…[View]
48290942Where do blind girls hang out, they're my only hope to have a gf[View]
48288749I just got the news that my childhood friend committed suicide. We had not spoken since I moved away…[View]
48291087All men are fundamentally alone.[View]
48291008well guys this is really it. saturday night at uni, roommates are out partying and have been avoidin…[View]
48290830>go to weed store >buy hash >Qt girl is smiling at me the whole time >try not to drop…[View]
48289888>'hey anon! do you wanna make some serious cash with me?' what do you do?…[View]
48291034Someone finally phoned me! but they were from an insurance company I recorded it. John is my friend …[View]
48291021Im so fucking drunk i talked to my roomates drunk fuck i feel bad[View]
48287809BPD thread: >tfwnobpdgf you know the drill[View]
48290346Why don't women WANT to interact to you?[View]
48290920How do i make friends in uni if i have no good clubs?[View]
48290882death is not to be feared death is not to be welcomed it is natural we need to die to evolve[View]
48290262Does anyone else deal with weird shit on their tongue? >Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash tw…[View]
48289640Who else knows of the great Zech Strumsky[View]
48290590Need help for one time you fuckers: I want to know how Propranolol works and for what do I use it,do…[View]
48289776Big 5 thread >tfw hate interacting with other people no matter how hard I try to be comfortable…[View]
48290809do you ever just want to scream 'don't be happy around me'? im starting to get jealous of peopl…[View]
48290762gonna ask a girl out tommorow wish me look[View]
48290772Girl: What's the point of being on Omegle if you have a black camera? That's fucking stupi…[View]
48290093>tfw 22yo khv Its over,right? Already lost my youth[View]
48290562reminder, that unless you truly feel out of place you will never kys[View]
48285762Creative Robot Thread: You know the drill robots. Post something you have made or want to make. Pict…[View]
48289165ITT I talk to myself: since all you roasties and normals won't get off my board I guess I'…[View]
48287842>sad lonely beautiful angel Do you approach her to say hi?[View]
48288873>tfw will never brutally rape jennifer lawrences butthole[View]
48289372/aus/ thead where are discordfags?: any /aus/ discord servers? Tell roko to give sans an invite. So …[View]
48290569>urge to devour grilled cheese is increasing >urge to devour sugary sweets and empty carbs is …[View]
48279455What can you offer a woman? This is a serious thread - be honest and tell us what exactly can you gi…[View]
48290618a little advice: Hey robots, I need a little help here I have an internet girlfriend of about 1.5 ye…[View]
48290333>be me >be yesterday >strike up conversation with cute girl, first time ever doing this …[View]
48290142Vocaroo Thread: I play music and I have a shitty mic. What do you do? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1eMPbkz…[View]
48290521need advis fren? jus B (bee) urselv buzz buzz[View]
48290167>match with girl on tinder >try to start a conversation >literally only receive one word an…[View]
48290518Are there any bastards or orphans on /r9k/?[View]
48290112wat do: finally worked up the courage and I was going to ask one of my friends out, but today she ju…[View]
48287726>be me >6ft 1in, relatively happy with my height >some 7.5/10 at work I'm not even int…[View]
48289441Hmmmm: 'Sit down right there, anon. I need to tell you something.' WWYD?[View]
48290252Why are black people more statistically likely to commit rape?[View]
48289280>0 matches, 3 likes after 2 weeks i don't understand how people get matches.…[View]
48286714Drinking Thread: >age >sex >drink of choice >reason for drinking >post music you list…[View]
48288987>tfw got a gf It's really fun you guys should try it[View]
48290354I love my best friend but she had many bfs I think this time she will marry her current bf fuck. wha…[View]
48288831How did you get diagnosed with your mental illness/disorder?[View]
48290045Animal Abuse: Is it just me or do a lot of people sorta unintentionally abuse their pets? Or maybe a…[View]
48288149>just ask a girl out on a date bro does anyone else not understand what this means? I have never …[View]
48289671ITT: post your wojaks and pepes[View]
48289847Wait, before we get started anon...are you really a virgin?[View]
48289226>Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Atheists BTFO…[View]
48290359I have to prepare a presentation and write a report for next monday but have no will to do anything,…[View]
48290350>tfw when rape dwarf escaped the basment and is hiding somewhere in my pantry i have a knife and …[View]
48290171hi we have a small server with a comfy community we rarely invite people in but we're bored ton…[View]
48289898Why is anime porn one of the only things that make me happy[View]
48289586Something shitty I thought of: Dating fucking sucks now because they can just say you raped them and…[View]
48290250He was a boy She was a girl Can I make it any more obvious He was a punk She did ballet What more ca…[View]
48287210Friends: How do you go about making friends when you do not have an existing friend circle? It seem…[View]
48289098> Be me, newfag > 30 seconds ago > Work up the courage to make a post because I am a autist…[View]
48288958>Tfw am such a social outcast Ive been picking up all the trash at homecoming >Tfw have intera…[View]
48288993where can i find a california fembot that enjoys the same kind of anime i do?[View]
48290189>be me >Year 5 or 4th grade >Make myspace account >had worms at time so posted picture o…[View]
48288686Why do you guys hate fembots so much? What's so bad about them?[View]
48289662Which drug is better to get high on before shooting yourself? Cocaine or Heroin? I want to make sure…[View]
48289688I don't even want a gf for sex. If sex comes it comes. I want to experience a romantic bond wit…[View]
48287049>browsing 4chan and jacking it to a wee bit of dodgy shit for years now >Folders full of react…[View]
48290096>family friends come over for lunch help[View]
48289953>tfw had 10/10 qt innocent virgin filpina freshman girl who liked me in high school, but I never …[View]
48288894Danganronpa V3 pls: I am a (femanon) named Acebot. I am bored and need someone to play Danganronpa …[View]
48290023Minimum jaw required for an Indian to not be an incel[View]
48288896>ate a whole pizza for dinner AMA[View]
48290026Punisher tard: I'll go first >be me >just finished the punisher on netflix >decide to …[View]
48290020Sorry if I sound like some 13 year old pseudo philosopher but is it me but is the popularity of nost…[View]
48289582/LDG/ - Lucid FEELS edition the ultimate escapism >Tons of the best Lucid dreaming tutorials …[View]
48288179I am trying so fucking hard: I asked out 200 girls in the past 3 years and i have been rejected ever…[View]
48289761So how many rape dwarf cases have you guys dealt with: was a day like any other >get a call about…[View]
48289285If you ever feel bad about single remember that they are people who are this cucked in real life.[View]
48289289Posting for my friend day 35: blogpost day 35: original text[View]
48289449Does it infuriate when normies talk about their youth and call themselves 'losers'? >L…[View]
48273786Currycel tries to pull a Sky King: and fails miserably. >Nishal Sankat, 22, was charged with tres…[View]
48288061get yourselves some knuckles, guys.[View]
48289627Need advice please: How can I tell my ex's mom that I'm worried about her mental health? S…[View]
48284839>joined a support group for rape victims >obviously looked down upon by the other members beca…[View]
48289649Dreamed about cuddling my bestfriend's gf again bros. Am I a bad friend?[View]
48289826howe can i suck me own dick[View]
48289816>make a thread >the text is JUST long enough to wrap around the image I CAN'T DO ANYTHING…[View]
48286453Alright r9k I've decided to give up on women because of how undesirable I am, but how can I get…[View]
48289753>lowering your standards when it comes to selecting the person you will spend most of your person…[View]
48289804>See, what you two don't know, or actually, you probably do, is that you are like the same p…[View]
48289620Money really is everything: So the cloest gorcery store next to me is in a pretty bad part of town. …[View]
48289364>I'm a grower not a shower. yeah sure you are little guy. I didn't even care about your…[View]
48289378scrolling through this place will only make your insecurities root deeper within yourself, I can gua…[View]
48289287hey guys, I made my first OC sissy caption. Thoughts?[View]
48288344If you are good looking, YOU WILL KNOW IT. Look at this video, go to 1:20 then look at the comments…[View]
48289723>be me >1 minute ago >open /b/ because why not >first thread >cartoon futa >why ev…[View]
48289257Being a robot used to mean something[View]
48289675Well Anon? Would that drive you mad?[View]
48289663Hello, l am looking for a fembot gf to play WoW (NA) or MHW. About WoW preferabIy from scratch, but …[View]
48289096ITT: Driving Stories: >be me >driving between towns >end up behind a semi truck >heard t…[View]
48289612I started training in muay thai and bbj about three months ago. This is probably the happiest I…[View]
48288922>little sister gets off the couch >once she leaves the room I sniff the spot where her butt w…[View]
48289570>Be me >Piece of shit goody goody >Usually don't make offensive jokes, ever >Decide…[View]
48289359hey r9k I need help, a really good friend of mine just came over and he's tripping really hard …[View]
48288324Hookah bar.: Hookah bar is pretty fun robot, I was pretty nervous since it my first time but the nic…[View]
48289049i can't remember the last time i went through an entire day without crying[View]
48286740What's the most Normie thing about you?[View]
48288522ITT: Post wojaks and pepes[View]
48289117>friend knows I'm an alcoholic[View]
48288809Introverts: Be honest how much of you just like spending time by yourselves. It's nothing to be…[View]
48287763Another Saturday night where I'm envious of everyone having a good time when it's my fault…[View]
48288491Please someone help me: I don't know how a relationship happens. Like, I have female friends, t…[View]
48289365sad threads: Sad threads? Sad threads. > Be me > A while back > Playing Minecraft > Find…[View]
48289277I'm diagnosed with autism, depression at age eight, and I will have a baby: Do you have any opi…[View]
48288479If you had to become a woman with no other options, including suicide, would you rather >A: Get t…[View]
48287711> tfw girl of my dreams is my first cousin[View]
48289126>be me >watch anime >friendship that is able to withstand anything appears >ohfuckimsolo…[View]
48288046Reminder that Yui is best girl[View]
48288601Does anyone else feel like they're honestly trying their hardest at life and girls still don…[View]
48288486why do you niggers not take a shower everyday you sickfucks, this is why you cannot get pussy like i…[View]
48288102>be me >17 >make my first fembot friend >8/10 qt3.14 >she comes out of a long, abusiv…[View]
48289184I won't be answering a single question. AMA[View]
48288995Listen here fembot retards. You were born in western world. You got all kind of luxury from feminism…[View]
48288783What movie should I watch tonite?[View]
48289047How to not have a bland personality? I feel like I am just a boring person; I don't have much t…[View]
48288203Day 594 without a gf: There was statistically a 40.8% chance of me getting gf today, yet I didn…[View]
48289097Have a lot of money, but still a fucking loser: I thought that, when I 'made it' in life, everything…[View]
48289044>mfw I realize there are girls posting on 4chan[View]
48286991It was my Birthday yesterday (22nd. It's 1am here in the UK now.) No one really cared (oh boo …[View]
48288984>White girls arent the best looking wom- ?[View]
48289039>supportive women are only supportive of Chad,who honestly doesn't even need the support at …[View]
48288656I have a tomboy/revere trap fetish ama[View]
48288961What do I do?: >>My ex best friend is trying to date my sister What do?…[View]
48288481positivity thread, frens: You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words cant bring you down, you…[View]
48288630beastiality general/ Did you ever put your dog to lick your dick?[View]
48278382Why can't girls control their sexuality?[View]
48288085So you get the chance to finally have girlfriend. There's a catch. as always. You're 10 y…[View]
48288459>be me >26 year old virgin >fuck it, I want to know what it feels like >go to Asian rub …[View]
48288727new to /r9k/: so what is the subject of this board? the pinned post says >/r9k/ is an imageboard …[View]
48288789>she'll never find someone as good as me feels fantastic[View]
48288443>just improve your looks by lifting bro[View]
48288040Posting turkey apu everyday Day 65[View]
48288565Do women realize that men only interact socially with them for the chance to get their dick wet?[View]
48285707Is there a way to cut yourself without leaving scars?[View]
48288778>live in shitty small town >no girls jobs way around stores or anything >only have one craz…[View]
48288181Chad Neighbors: I moved this summer and didn't realize I live across from a student bar and nex…[View]
48288757Alright boys my crush of 1 year just refused to fucking dance with me fuck my ass. I am actually nev…[View]
48288109Complete beta loser here: how do I get a 10/10 Asian mommy wife who will bear my children?[View]
48288693>post in multiple thread on multiple boards at the same time >everyone stops posting and the t…[View]
48285642DMT: I wanted to know what this reality really was but I didn't anticipate that the answer woul…[View]
48288185REEEEEEEEEEE: FUCKING HELL ROBLOX >be me >trying to make character animations on roblox >an…[View]
48288175It Saturday night /r9k/! Do you know what this means? You're right! It's time to crack ope…[View]
48285546Fembots, at what point in a relationship will you let a guy cum on your face?[View]
48288683I think a little moped would be fun to have. Something I can still pedal on. I don't like cars …[View]
48288236Lies we tell people: Itt we share the depressing white lies that we tell people to try to seem norma…[View]
48288653I Need Help: Hey lads. I've been trying to start NoFap for the past six months but i can't…[View]
48288329Hi I'm new to 4chan I'm having trouble making a account can some one help mem please xd[View]
48287145I'm going to die alone and unsuccessful. It's my destiny as an INTP. My big brain gets use…[View]
48287520Help me r9k: I'm an 18 y/o high school senior and i'm gonna ask this gril to homecoming. H…[View]
48288532Sadist?: Robots, is it called being a sadist when you intentionally bring to your self grief and mis…[View]
48277344Have you ever seen Chad steal someone's girl at a club? What happened?[View]
48287569This is the best foot fetish position. Heel in your mouth while other foot crossed over while she r…[View]
48288602twitch got banned in china: AHHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAHHHHAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!! loooollllll there were thirsty chi…[View]
48287500am I gay: so this guy I became friends with is rly chill n shit it turns out it ain't a guy the…[View]
48287188Weird fetish thread: My gf got me into ddlg, post stuff you robots are into. Has a gf ever gotten yo…[View]
48288570>be me >American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar and necrophile >assaulted and m…[View]
48284691Does anyone here have experience commissioning art from people? I need someone to be my wingman for …[View]
48287656Lost my virginity yesterday. It's been real guys. This will be my last thread. I will talk abou…[View]
48288380>I heard your father wants this drink called 'Monster Zero Ultra'. Is this the right one anon?…[View]
48288427I feel like I don't truly fit in with anyone at my school, and that I'll never find a grou…[View]
48288201How do I feel adequate?: UK robot here, please tell me the realities of my current life situation. …[View]
48287380>social media and tinder are a playground for womens hypergamy >women's nature to only fu…[View]
48288501Drinking shit: >be me >be 16 Year old fag >be smoker >i was looking for alternatives to …[View]
48288487If I go back to work I'm going to kill myself. I don't care about life. I hate my family. …[View]
48288225>You were born just in time to watch mankind burn itself to death[View]
48286789daily reminder that this could be your sister, mother or brother (male). how does it make you feel t…[View]
48286953Why don't you have an asian gf yet, robots? It's the easiest shit ever if you're whit…[View]
48288422>turning 27 >officially too old for pre wall girls in their prime…[View]
48287421Reminder that you are not special and the world doesn't owe you anything.[View]
48281832/insecurities general/ ITT we discuss whats making us not having confidence >/fit/ but ugly >w…[View]
48286218Suicide thread. All thoughts and discussions pertaining to suicide go here. I'm 26 and already …[View]
48286085>'Omg anon, just because you're ugly and literally no girl in her right mind would ever give…[View]
48287495you ever think about the way you are and feel sorry for everyone that you've ever talked to?[View]
48286500So, why do YOU think you're unable to find a partner? What do you think is the major flaw that …[View]
48287315Will a fembot please be my friend. I don't have much to offer but I can voice chat[View]
48288081well i got a few messages and didn't reply first on tinder...i'm autistic as all fuck robo…[View]
48288128Any of you robots scared of having kids?[View]
48287838drinking: hows it going saturday night anons[View]
48287059>Haha yeah bro, I swear one of these nights we are going to go out and finally get you laid…[View]
48286884rate my waifu original ctenoid[View]
48287329You realize this helps you get laid easier, right?[View]
48287580I just started having ibs like symptoms an hour ago and it's making me really anxious. Also I h…[View]
48284414Ask if you Want: Hi Friends, Long. long time 4chan lurker occasional poster. Answering questions abo…[View]
48287079Childhood Stuff: First post anons, felt the need to get this off my chest after I came to the realiz…[View]
48288103>people are out there making friends, advancing their lives, having fun encounters, creating stor…[View]
48288178gonna rant here because everyone else is a fucking normie >be me >genuinely hate niggers >f…[View]
48288195Have you ever hired an escort or prostitute? How was it?[View]
48287290Wouldn't it be easier if we all just became shadows?[View]
48288182>no robots live here but me >tfw born in California but couldn't be assed to be in any of…[View]
48287178I miss my childhood so fucking much: I miss my fucking childhood bros When I remember when I was a k…[View]
48287060Are you actually falling for the prank? We're all waiting for you to commit suicide so you real…[View]
48287674jewish werewolves: any other jewish werewolves here? its a full moon, im about to turn into a werewo…[View]
48284505What's stopping you from joining a military group? You'll feel alive for once.[View]
48287943Why is it when a roastie see's a guy with one of these they instantly want to fuck them[View]
48288030>Go on /o/ >Talk about cars like a rational person >Go on /lit/ >Talk about books like a…[View]
48288004B): just got my first kiss, fuckin rocks what's goin on, nerds?[View]
48287891I ruin every fucking meaningful relationship I have. I'm so obnoxious and overwhelming to every…[View]
48287913I'm a girl and I was molested by my aunt. Now I have a passionate hatred for women. I've c…[View]
48287220>be me >desperately want a gf >not doing a very good job >only reason I desperately want…[View]
48287426If youre 6'1 why havent you killed yourself already. Anyone 6' and down should just take t…[View]
48287795>Be me >26 year old friendless virgin >Never had a girlfriend >Sign up for Tinder >U…[View]
48286355What is your opinion on Hispanic women's asses that are round and medium sized?[View]
48282309ITT: Hottest Things We've Seen: Anything welcome, femdom encouraged edition We have likely all …[View]
48287875Suicide: What is the most painless way to kill yourself that doesn't involve a firearm?[View]
48287268is there any site we should migrate to since we obviously don't belong on a female board like /…[View]
48286801Ideal Partners: Has anyone noticed the dudes in ideal partner threads are usually really ugly or ave…[View]
48284041This gorgeous, 11/10 18 year old girl has already been BLACKED in only her second scene. We really …[View]
48282522/uni/ General: How you holding up, robots? Did you study today?[View]
48287876Just got fired from gas stop: Sometimes i dont know if its just me or im just that unlucky. Being a …[View]
48287596My own family re-traumatizes me as a funny and cute joke: I guess only in my fantasies everything wi…[View]
48287707is there anything worse than living in a small town besides prison or Africa or something? theres no…[View]
48284008that kid: >that kid who knew the IT admin's login and accidentally wiped all the computers i…[View]
48287755Oddly true facts that are applicable to life thread? I'll start. If you dislike olives, eat 7 i…[View]
48287168I wish I was a cute girl so fucking bad I'd be such a slut and fuck every guy I see anyone els…[View]
48287810MFW Thread: Robot Edition: MFW thread. I'll start. >interviewing for a job >full spaghett…[View]
48287634fuck i need advice: >/b/ me >5/10 with bomb personality, easily 7/10 if i could lose some fuck…[View]
48286927Big Female Feet: Literally the only thing i can jerk off too. Why is it so amazing bros?[View]
48287270>DON'T KISS ME, ANON![View]
48287709So how's your night going, anons? I'm just sitting alone in the dark drowning out my emoti…[View]
48287156Redpill on society: >society, feminists, mainstream media, reddit accuses incels of being violent…[View]
48285222>don't be too fat That's literally it. That's all a woman needs to have the affect…[View]
48287678My family failed me[View]
48287619Don't ever experiment with H motherfuckers. No amount can be used safely. It's a level of …[View]
48287681>go to weed store >buy hash >Qt girl is smiling at me the whole time >try not to drop sp…[View]
48287670>be hysterical suicidal teenager >dad's relentless love cures me >become a full-time w…[View]
48286574why can't more men be understanding?[View]
48287194>be full natty brah >Have 8/10 when gf >Have stem grant So how's life going robots…[View]
48282261I came up with my own interpretation of this meme: the virgin and the Chad are the same person inter…[View]
48287621'There's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot'[View]
48287617Tfw no big sister gf who thinks I'm a precious little boy who needs to be protected from the wo…[View]
48260338/r9gay/ - #449: Cuddles help in cold weather edition. Last thread: >>48224018[View]
48278408..Are any of you former SJW's/feminists .[View]
48286546Do you think reality might just be a simulation? Could we be hooked up matrix style or are we actual…[View]
48284972Hey guys. 24 year old robot here. My parents force fed me the wagecuck pill. I've been living w…[View]
48287438How bad are Nu-males in your area?[View]
48286397Oh hello big boy. What are you saying? You are not even 6'? You are 5'11'? Where is your a…[View]
48286495Am trying to hook up with this girl but she's admitted to me she has daddy issues and she seems…[View]
48282854ITT: Something good that happened to you this week: Got my first mechanical keyboard for osu. It has…[View]
48286869I have some sort of weird good fortune. Whenever I'm in a bad situation, I always end up gettin…[View]
48287363>mfw I watched ecchi compilations with my friends again You haven't really lived until you g…[View]
48287383>tfw ywn have a 2D imouto to love and take of why must anime give me this feel, if i had a perfe…[View]
48287308Is my big brother literally doing weed?: He's a lot more successful than me so I think he'…[View]
48287141>get superliked >messenge hello >doesn't respond…[View]
48287431Miss Papaya: Super Girl!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OVA3PkqUT0[View]
48286962>tfw look like a 40 year old at 19 JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP SENPAI[View]
48286034Is there a single f2p mmo that isn' t absolute shit?[View]
48287185Vocaroo thread: I need to communicate this to someone https://vocaroo.com/i/s08VUiRBuoqR[View]
48284614Reality Check: 1. You are free to make your choice, you are not free of the consequences. 2. Life …[View]
48287015NPC? No, we are all connecting to an experience but your thoughts are not your own you are just obse…[View]
48287365Reeve Carney Penny Dreadful[View]
48287355RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY (waaaahh aaahhh) DO YA DO YA DO YA DO YA (waaaaaaahhh ahaaahhh)[View]
48286848mom invited some friends to the house because it's her birthday, and now they're downstair…[View]
48286677Best day of wageslaving ever: >Be me >Deliver flowers >Get shitty delivery to the edge of t…[View]
48286600>heard people at a place I used to work say I'm 'innocent' >people I used to play online …[View]
48286241Starting my new job tonight but I'd rather just go back to bed. I hate being near new people.[View]
48287072who /footy/ here[View]
48286738Femdom Porn: Male Perversion, or Feminist Conspiracy?: Is anyone else here redpilled on the fact tha…[View]
48286212>Laying in bed >Whispering to girlfriend >I love you, everything is going to be okay foreve…[View]
48286950Is there really anything wrong with girls marrying at 14 to 18 year old husbands? It's been bee…[View]
48286435Posting here because /mu/ is fake and gay. Someone gave me a a free keyboard just as I came into an …[View]
48286135>1 point away from being normal It was over before it began.[View]
48287125If you went on Jeopardy, what would be your anecdote you share with Trebek after the first commercia…[View]
48285415How can a women's love for a man change on a dime? Why is it so cruel, aren't you supposed…[View]
48286857How do I go from skelly to slim thiccc anons? Im currently under a 100 lbs and I really want to gain…[View]
48284853Was there any truth to Bratty Brooke liking Asian guys, or was she larping the whole time?[View]
48287180>be me at friends house >be friend >at the bathroom >be phone >left at the couch >…[View]
48287048Looks like i've killed all of my imposters, time to make r9k great again[View]
48287061>girls younger than me are legally doing porn[View]
48287165>powered speakers >headphones amp >audio mixer >sound interface…[View]
48287155/boomer thread/ >The earth is polluted beyond belief, probably dystopia by 2070 >The left is r…[View]
48287147Anyone else do these things?: When I am doing or seeing something that I find pleasing or exciting, …[View]
48287078Justice served.: >be me >work at mcdonalds >newcook.jpeg >betafag coworker works cashier…[View]
48285754Monday couldn't come soon enough. I need to distract myself with manual labor asap.[View]
48287000/amerifeel/: Fuck the brits we'll make our own edition.[View]
48287026>take online course >can't discuss stuff in the forums because I'm afraid my mistake…[View]
48286093>Haha, fucking normies. Homecoming is fucking stupid. >unironically having a date to a school …[View]
48286505Self-love is a joke: If nobody is able to take a liking to you unless you're at your very best …[View]
48287019well i'm about to give pof another shot at looking for a gf robots >advice welcome…[View]
48286604When I'm on a date, I'm relaxed and funny but when I ask a girl out for the first time my …[View]
48285803>learned how to drive in a small town >test was easy as fuck >family is now moving back to …[View]
48283621I have a crush on my manager and the only thing that keeps me happy at work is when she smiles at me…[View]
48284635What do: Got a date with a tinder slut later. We gonna see a movie. What should i do. She is qt but …[View]
48282282BREAK THE MATRIX: That voice in your head that sounds like you? He ain't you. You are not your …[View]
48285841Just a virgin?: I have normie habits, normie friends, go to a normie college and am getting a degree…[View]
48284778>tfw 6'10 >everyone gave me looks again when i went grocery shopping AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
48286023Actual dating sites: So what are some actual dating sites , not hookup or one night stands. Actual c…[View]
48286522how to get whatever you want: >be me, at the end of my senior year in high school >18 khhv …[View]
48286532You remember this very special night exit, high school or college prom, some righ girl's birthd…[View]
48285776I actually want to move to texas now[View]
4826659625+ thread: I can't fit into other internet communities anymore[View]
48286055Im so sick of being a slave to my emotions[View]
48284754How the FRICK do I get LSD off the internet? I need psychedelics and nobody in my area sells it.[View]
48285910Is masturbation a homosexual act?[View]
48286741DAILY REMINDER: you'll never experience this in your lifetime. why even live?[View]
48286799>be me >be 23 year old student >gay >maybe bi >nevertried.gif >go to club with new…[View]
48286465>2018/Nearly 2019 >Smoking cigarettes and using drugs Are you bullied, mentally handicapped, …[View]
48286833I feel more comfortable around damaged/dumb/and even unsuccessful people: 'alpha' people who are onl…[View]
48286791>tfw no fat gf with smelly feet[View]
48286819drinking: waiting for my dominos to come in so i can crack open a cold miller lite and drop some soj…[View]
48286479how do i quit league of legends, this game is killing me with depression playing fucking ranked and …[View]
48286088does facebook send a notification to the person who's profile you are viewing?[View]
48286614U mad white boy?: We steal yo Womyn n shiet[View]
48286725help me please I can't see myself doing any job in the future, let alone a career in law enforc…[View]
48286722>notice someone quoted you in their forum signature[View]
48286184>spend 2000$ building a gaming PC for 4k gaming >use it for shitposting and minecraft…[View]
48282880Eastern Euro General: Haven't seen one in a while. What are you guys up to? Me? Well, I want to…[View]
48285257'Look! Anon laughed!' origigi[View]
48286686how could this happen: >Be me >doing community day on pokemon go >notice in the group of pe…[View]
48286166Daily reminder that vagina jew fembots dont exist. The reason you dont have a bf is because youre ei…[View]
48286663Any info on William Lupinacci? Stumbled across him on Youtube months ago but he seems really fuckin …[View]
48286629pie: >be me >be 20 >school's done >go out with bros for pie >realize i have no m…[View]
48281711I don't understand why people like music: I don't enjoy music and I cannot understand why…[View]
48285806>be me >be 20 >play bass guitar > > Why tf can I never get a gf goddammit…[View]
48282639I still cry over her every night[View]
48286002Why don't you low your standards to the absolute bottom and settle for black single mothers?[View]
48285046comfy tranner/trappy thread: hi guys uwu[View]
48286201another 'fem'anon height thread ladies how tall are you? fellas feel free to hit on girls taller tha…[View]
48285441Does anyone else feel like European grapes (the regular longish red/green ones) have no taste? I can…[View]
48285456Free will is the ultimate victim blaming conspiracy.[View]
48280860Do bisexual people really exist? Would you date one?[View]
48286485Can you bots imagine?[View]
48281559why didnt elliot just looksmax?[View]
48286005Never asked to be born, but I've asked to die. Never asked for this shit, now I'm asking w…[View]
48284123I keep making threads about getting a job on r9k and you know what? I don't think it's hel…[View]
48280918Where were you in life in the year 2006?[View]
48285724All I want to be is intelligent why can't I be intelligent[View]
48282984What is your favorite and least favorite board?[View]
48280678no girl will come and save you, nobody will lift you out of your well of misery. no girl will ever h…[View]
48283554>2018 >Not smoking cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped, or both? >b-but it wil…[View]
48278275Things associated with low IQ, how many apply to you?: Things that have been scientifically proven t…[View]
48284093who /kratom/ here? How much are you taking and how often?[View]
48286249A Tale of Thots and Cars: >be me >start working for a local ride share company >Not a wagie…[View]
48281700How the fuck do you anons fucking read books? Physical or digital? >pic unrelated…[View]
48285179Hoe often do you shave robots?[View]
48286288I've never had a girlfriend because I'm socially awkward and I get nervous around women! B…[View]
48285051Traps and Futanari are gay Change my view[View]
48284690Another job, another girl whose career gets derailed because of my stupidity[View]
48285622Are Ausfag threads a thing here? Newcastle area reporting in, slow day at work[View]
48285964>anon, if you're that upset about being a virgin come around to mine tonight How do you res…[View]
48286243It's gotten to the point where I don't even want sex, I just want cuddles. If I'm hor…[View]
48286198Ask someone who's actually different from everyone else and self-aware anything: Ask me anythin…[View]
48285677>When an NPC is shocked that you didn't remember them from somewhere…[View]
48286165>Go to sleep at 4 am >it's pretty cold >have a dream about me sitting near a fireplace…[View]
48285646Feels good waking up on a saturaday morning not seeing those shitty misaki friday posts[View]
48286225No longer a kissless virgin, just a virgin: I was at a nightclub with a friend for a uni party and s…[View]
48286018My ex-boyfriend was more sexually desirable than me and also made me feel okay with sex: I know the …[View]
48285862>weekend >home alone what am i suposed to do?…[View]
48285858Who took the black pill?: Black pill is where you just give up on life completely and stop caring ab…[View]
48286147What is the point of all these porn and '>why don't you just fuck me, anon?' threads on r9k.…[View]
48285914What is your talent if you have any?: As the title suggests, what is your talent rowboats? What are …[View]
48285309reminder that long manicured nails are super cute.[View]
48284481Twitter backlash as tweet promoting FGM is seen 30,000 times: >Twitter has been slammed after a t…[View]
48286079If a girl has sucked dick or jacked off another dude but has never taken it up her cunt or ass, is s…[View]
48286024>tfw life is bad enough that you hate every second of it >buuuuuuuut not quite bad enough that…[View]
48283426Masculinity and Feminism: When women say they are against masculinity do they mean that they are aga…[View]
48286006Why can't all the faggots use their containment board and containment threads? Why do they have…[View]
48284655just jacked off and cummed with my male wife, I have officially reached tier 3 of pic related and I …[View]
48283187>Hey big bro, my feet are killing me. I'd do anything if you gave my stinky soles a massage…[View]
48285628>people born in 1998 are or will be 20 years old this year WHAT THE FUCK, WHY IS EVERYTHING GOING…[View]
48279038vocaroo: https://clyp.it/ulqcnprt what has been bugging you lately anon[View]
48285969HARD: Life is hard but my dick is harder for {insert}[View]
48284871When did you realize white women are the problem with the West?[View]
48285525As much as I hate using the word red pilled,I miss admit after rewatching this movie that this has g…[View]
48283398Post phrases that makes your heart sink. I'll start: >Why are you so annoying/obnoxious >…[View]
48285447is anyone else here transracial? im black (white) but only identify as a black man. I am continually…[View]
48285889Unironically, I just realized I'm an NPC. I realized this today when my internet was down for s…[View]
48285888Life is about having ego,right? Make good friends/gfs and a prosperous career[View]
48285876Assburger IS /ourguy/: Assburger is ourguy and if anyone dissagrees they dont belong here. >alcoh…[View]
48282391>My bf raped me again[View]
48285857>realizing the part of your life worth actually living ends age 25[View]
48283179r9k mixtape/neet podcast: Resident r9k rapper here again. Just letting you guys know the latest epis…[View]
48285831>she down for da long black dong n shiet SHIT IS LIT[View]
48282357THAT UNI GUY/GIRL: >that 18yold, first semester, uni guy that is already balding…[View]
48285825HEIL ARYAN RACE 14/88[View]
48282068>parents always protect me and buy me everything I want >only condition is that I need to keep…[View]
48285605>have a crush on this one super cute and interesting girl that's way put of my league >tr…[View]
48284736What would happen if one inbred man and one inbred woman had sex?[View]
48284140>'I-I love you anon' >wake up[View]
48285695Tips for Robots: You start to feel stress you see it as thoughts going by and then you focus on some…[View]
48285632Last thread maxed, making a new one /Goomber/ general What is a goomber? Somewhere in between Millen…[View]
48283550Is sitting like this a sigh of autism? I can never sit normally because keeping a straight posture i…[View]
48285627i will never have a dubu gf: why even live? my life has been rendered useless. if i cant get dubu, …[View]
48285598Do you actually love your siblings? Im an only child and when i see my mom worry about her brothers,…[View]
48284465you guys ever jerk off to strange shit and wonder what my mom would think of me doing this, instead …[View]
48283826They're getting past the filters boys. They're in every fucking thread. I can tell by thei…[View]
48285595Robot bonding: >give this to current gf in high school >I made it robots…[View]
48284869The NEET life: How do you manage to live like a NEET /r9k/?[View]
48285251>tfw dog is dying before my eyes[View]
48285551Are internet chads/stacies the real threat?: think about it. the internet is full of hate, so if som…[View]
48282397>start eating more and counting calories >went from 1800 calories to 2600 >this went on for…[View]
48285344>package tracker says out for delivery and to expect it today >it's already 6:18pm and no…[View]
48285526is player auctions safe? i want to sell my overwatch account because overwatch sucks but i dont wann…[View]
48284234im a sick fuck i like a quick fuck WHOOP im a sick fuck i like a quick fuck WHOOP im a sick fuck i l…[View]
48285517Fembots, would you help your male to torture, rape and kill children?[View]
48285492jacked off to a picture of chaotic's silhouette from 2016 again[View]
48284907Will quitting weed make me a happier person? I certainly feel dumb as shit as a daily vaper[View]
48281461Does /r9k/ like this game? I like it[View]
48284558I wanna cum inside tyrande desu https://www.wowhead.com/news=287342/patch-8-1-new-tyrande-and-malfur…[View]
48285431My mother is a fucking Dictator: She's like a sword up your ass, it's not only painful but…[View]
48284099Where do you find married men? My search came up dry today.[View]
48285403I'm 26 and I'm realizing that altho I am similar to the ideal robot, I am nothing like wha…[View]
48285399I feel like a nobody (empty shell): Anyone else empty? >Try to be social >Talk to girls >Ge…[View]
48285358>he doesn't have snow outside pathetic desu[View]
48285217>Feeling add, depressed, unmotivated >cant focus enough to read, write, or do anything >can…[View]
48282141graduating with a degree in accounting in December but still no job offers what do I do I've ap…[View]
48284851I just quit my job yesterday, broke up with my should've-been wife earlier today, am crying for…[View]
48285235SuperTed to the Rescue!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqAksFdiKzo[View]
48285089Motivation: How do I get motivated? Are there any meds that make people motivated? pic is only to ge…[View]
48280896Its not a meme anymore. I see this daily walking around california.[View]
48284409>nothing to do on weekends between work >alone with my thoughts all day Fuck I need to find a …[View]
48283797My 18 year old step-daughter is pregnant I'm gonna move out with her to raise it I've been…[View]
48283516Daily reminder this the only thing women understand. If you don't beat them they will find some…[View]
48285008>once chance at life >born ugly and low IQ god!!! why hadnt anything good come out of my exist…[View]
48285192>23rd September 2018[View]
48277877>Being a cute girl with mediocre make-up skills, a camera, and no self-respect; is valued more by…[View]
48285175This shooting is obviously the result of the incel virgin loser menace. If you don't lose your …[View]
48284767TRANNIES READ THIS: fucking sick and tired of you delusional freaks READ THIS FUCKING IMAGE YOU DELU…[View]
48282498When did you realize racism/natsoc wasn't edgy or intimidating or unique at all, and was actual…[View]
48285133How do I alter my willy into a boomerang?[View]
48282477Lonely weeked? Join this new comfy r9k discord server: This is the place for robots to vent, chat, m…[View]
48284229valid??: Ayy yo i think im asexual. What are your thoughts on asexuality, is it valid?[View]
48284389>women from all ages are recently smiling/miring at me >tfw confident 22yo khv…[View]
48284850>tfw the only accomplishment in my life is having good taste in the type of media I consume…[View]
48284967>blocks your path >yo loser, meet me outside, I gotta talk to you about something, if you don…[View]
48284364Anyone else have a gloryhole fetish? I wish they were real outside of porn and not only gays and tra…[View]
48276041>I drink tap water[View]
48284955How do I deal with travel anxiety?[View]
48284821What would you do/how would you act with a potential gf?[View]
48284619Same guy who made the thread about putting his dog down earlier. The dark deed is done ): RIP Wiggy[View]
48284827>tfw 18 and got homeschooled >never had a friend irl >developed AVPD and agoraphobia becaus…[View]
48284938>second monitor dies[View]
48284876>GF invites you to dinner to meet her family >Boomer Dad starts asking you questions about the…[View]
48284930Podcast on the death of the porn industry: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUtgcOsSVSA Jon Ronso…[View]
48284878You idiots: You ARE the NPCs, why can't you realize this? The NPC has to find what to say with …[View]
48284443No one will ever love me. Will I feel better if I buy a onahole?[View]
48284496Making friends: How do I make friends with people when it wouldn't make sense to just walk up a…[View]
48284321What does it mean if pic related gives me a hard peepee??[View]
48282264What's your opinion of Queens? Thinking of moving there soon.[View]
48282331>fapping on bed >cum >dick facing towards me and it's a big load >some of it gets o…[View]
48280293Why don't robots just date each other? Shy autist boy x shy autist boy love is pure[View]
48282755Oldfag (32) here. It doesn't get better. Quit while you're ahead in my humble opinion.[View]
48283591chad marco you are the man idk if you are asleep but if you see this you the man[View]
48280751Will you be my friend for the night?[View]
48284377>see a thread >think of posting a reply >can't properly articulate my thoughts >thi…[View]
48277729How many of us come from damaged families?[View]
48282801Reminder that the world doesn't owe you anything and you aren't special.[View]
48283209How does it make you feel that an asian guy can get a hot white woman but you can't?[View]
48284028>be me >stupid fukn cunt >find 4chan >now even more stupid THANK YOU 4CHAN if this land…[View]
48284538Anyone keeps bleeding during anal?[View]
48283635Why is he so cool /r9k/?[View]
48284477>performed fellatio on banana again[View]
48283020for me, it's hot indian boys get yourself an indian bf today[View]
48283241Do women establish hierarchies by breast size?[View]
48282781No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study: >Governments should consider advising …[View]
48283567What do you consider to be chubby/fat?[View]
48283622I'm too nervous around girls to ever get a girlfriend ;_;[View]
48282077ask an alpha anything: hello robots. i am an alpha male who has kissed and had sexual relations with…[View]
48283237It's okay to be on the autism spectrum: It may seem that you are worse than normal people for y…[View]
48283798Can the conflicts of the middle-east ever be resolved or is it destined to remain the puckered butth…[View]
48283824why is it the norm for men who aren't gigachads to be 'niceguys'? think about it, if …[View]
48282618Thread about times when you just couldn't win: >be me, 15 >constantly picked on by friend…[View]
48284167>be 13 years old >decide to walk to corner store >can't find shoes, so go barefoot …[View]
48284210>I will never be black It hurts senpai[View]
48281980>tfw never been touched by a guy before[View]
48284023Glum. Cheer me up you fucking double niggers[View]
48281805Rate my set up /r9k/[View]
48281958Is giftedness a disorder?: I seriously gain nothing from it aside from some moments of brilliance an…[View]
48283650Overprotective parents: I finally asked a girl out but her overprotective parents won't let her…[View]
48277405What's the closest thing you got to a gf anon? I want to hear some stories.[View]
48283600herbivore men, once you turn 30 and women start noticing you, would you marry one of them if she sle…[View]
48282063>tfw did fucking MRI with Gadolinium >a few hours later took a Ritalin Should I have done that…[View]
48283687Psychedelic Trips: What have you experienced while in this state have you awoken to new realities yo…[View]
48281136Unclefuck: >Before my time, future gf is a serving maid at a family party. >She gets tipsy on …[View]
48283636Penis lengthening surgery: I've always had a small dick, a meager inch unerect and like 3 inche…[View]
48281655Why are female movie characters worse than ever despite living in an er's of female empowerment…[View]
48282554Greek mythology is insane >Poseidon, a greek god, is angry at a king >Poseidon makes the kings…[View]
4828020630+ Thread: 30+ Thread - No More Nerds (or Anons) >I guess this is aimed at older anons late 20s …[View]
48283713ask a failed normie anything: hello robots. i am a failed normie who has kissed and had sexual relat…[View]
48282209Was Autism Spread by the Germans during the Barbarian Invasions?: Have any other robots that love le…[View]
48281587Are you silent or do you grunt/moan/scream/whatever when cumming?[View]
48283204>tfw no gf to cuddle with is there a worse feel? i just want to feel her warmth while she feels s…[View]
48283294>tfw no alex gf from hotline miami to murder russians mobsters with[View]
48283840new chill discord 8DZWhg no girls no traps no underagers no pedos only cool dudes please[View]
48283837>break up with gf >Mom repeatedly turns it into a lecture about how to treat people FUCK YOU Y…[View]
48281963I'm dying slowly anons: >almost 19 >Haven't finished high school yet >Don't …[View]
48283816waifu thread: post your waifu in this thread (pic related)[View]
48282343Is it crazy to talk to yourself? I do it all the time[View]
48282416Reminder that /r9k/ is a tea board. Filthy coffee niggers must leave the premises immediately.[View]
48282071What would you do if your bf or gf hit you /r9k/?[View]
48281668>autistic things you did as a kid i would unironically make friends with inanimate objects in my …[View]
48281782It's time to swallow your pride and settle for a 6/10.[View]
48281616times you stuck up for yourself: >be me >find out coworkers are making 1.5-2x more than i am …[View]
48283261>tfw every man adds a few inches to their height >tfw people think I'm over 6 ft tall bec…[View]
48280636I'm tired of living. I'm tired of people. I'm tired of it all. I don't belong an…[View]
48280408Give me an honest answer here straight guys: How does this make your dick feel? What kind of sensati…[View]
48281925Eccentric = intelligent[View]
48283496Why do we even live day after day? It's all shit. Everything sucks so fucking much. It doesn…[View]
48283558>20 more minutes of wagecucking[View]
48282417'hey femcel, what did you want to talk about?'[View]
48282698I watch everything on 2X speed using a browser plugin, but sometimes the youtube player doesn't…[View]
48283148Most women, are in such a way that, they will only be attracted to you if you are gaming them 100% o…[View]
48283367guys wtf is happening >be me minding my own business >browsing instagram like a normie >ran…[View]
48282610I understand now. The whold idea of heaven and hell. People always say that your whole life will fl…[View]
48283361as long as sweet kind crunchy Matilda arrives, nothing matters anymore.[View]
48283345What r9k is: - A group wishing they had a big dick because that's what society values - A group…[View]
48283303Just be yourself bro. If she doesn't like the real you, would you even want her anyway?[View]
48282560>be me >virgin femanon >Pharmacy Manager >Paycheck in 6 digits >sign up for a datin…[View]
48280350Comfy Minecraft Server: Hello Robots, anyone up for a comfy Minecraft Server? >Version 1.12.2 …[View]
48282849I'm the footfag girl from a few days ago. I just wanted to thank the person who told me to visi…[View]
48280473The Wall Is A Myth: >My division at work is mostly female. Occasionally we go out to lunch. Yeste…[View]
48283065If you could comeback to your 14s with your todays mind what would you do? Me >lift >be edgy/a…[View]
48283206>study hard >get a good job >still no gf as trophy Why even go to work if you're gonna…[View]
48282837My name is Not Important; what is important is what I'm going to do. I just fucking hate this w…[View]
48281943>Mom found the boifeet licking folder[View]
48281902Is anyone else afraid, that when you die, your consciousness will end up in someplace truly terrifyi…[View]
48283070>tfw no assistant us attorney bf[View]
48279520/britfeel/: Gis Us A Bite Of That Sosig Role Lad Edition[View]
48281929What's the thing a woman could say to you that would get you hard instantly? >Fucking Christ…[View]
48283054Just broke up with my 10/10 gf cause I was too self conscious that I wasn't good enough. How do…[View]
48282526Why do Gen Xers hate the Star Wars prequels so much?[View]
48282829Is the new trendy shitpost on r9k is to make a thread pretending to be a femanon and complaining and…[View]
48282985parents not being morally allowed to have a favorite child is unfair for the child that is objective…[View]
48283006I have the ultimate insult: I have the ultimate insult that will make the female gods wet for you if…[View]
48282914Why do people hate me just for being alive and will go through extreme measure not to talk to me or …[View]
48281780Why do females gotta be so unforgiving of their partners?I get it when it comes to cheating or reall…[View]
48282445What's the biggest problem with your body anons? My is having phimosis and small gynecomastia o…[View]
48282931https://www.strawpoll.me/16507481 Here anons. Do me a solid and give some data to me.[View]
48279030Is there a dumber food that cheese? >people literally pay top dollar to eat moldy curdled milk…[View]
48282709>trapped in shitty small town >hellish winters almost all year long freezing cold blizzards da…[View]
48280656Will we ever be able to experience VR MMORPG's for maximum escapism?[View]
48282780Post a pic of the room or place where you are now. Any piss bottles around here? Don't be a fa…[View]
48282475>be me >typing this now >kinda hungry…[View]
48282136Were you ever mugged or attacked on the street?[View]
48282212>Family tree has unironically been well off chads, war heros or celebrities >Everyone currentl…[View]
48282496Why aren't there more black traps?[View]
48279763Today is my 33rd birthday and I have not grabbed or seen any tits in all those years. It is nor goin…[View]
48282664>realizing that modern day society is completely degenerate and unfulfilling and certain races ar…[View]
48280792Can we start a comfy thread?[View]
48282144What the fuck is wrong with furrys?: I just watched a video by mister metokur about this furry Youtu…[View]
48282478>tfw you can paychically feel depression and autism slowly degrading your sanity >tfw can feel…[View]
48282120fembots, would you date this prime beef of a man?[View]
48277960Haha: https://rentafriend.com/[View]
48281568Ban me idc Freedom of speech my ass[View]
48280347Why do so many kids lack 'streetsmarts' today? 10 years ago it was different. Now kids think 1 cigar…[View]
48279777What does MDMA feel like? Just curious to know haha[View]
48282173Right now I'm in my cousins wedding, before yesterday I didn't know even my cousin name M…[View]
48280520Who here /papapilled/?|[View]
48278590BBC Porn Discussion: I'll start by saying I'm a blackbot, and I've fapped to interrac…[View]
48282409Pussydestroyer-doggo: >be me >Taking the doggo out >Doggo sniffs a girls' pussy >ff…[View]
48281683Any help?: I used to enjoy setting things on fire and watching it burn as a way to relax and calm do…[View]
48282422>driving through a poorer area >see a tall, pretty fit ginger dude in a hipster pony tail wear…[View]
48282369My mom asked me to stop singing Wonderwall. I said maybe.[View]
48281843Is Jenny /ourgal/?[View]
48282311>Get on dating sites >Get to date a 8/10 trap >Pussy out inmediately Couldnt get hard. Pain…[View]
48279869You want friends? You tired of >no gf? Then listen up. Looks or personality alone won't get …[View]
48282206Britbongs, did you ever get told about the story of Purple Aki as a kid? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
48282247>take L-arginine >take lecithin >take vitamin C supplements >take celery and soak them i…[View]
48281338My dad loves to blame others for his own mistakes. >tfw no nice dad I'm surprised I grew up …[View]
48282227>a reclusive,socially inept,autistic,0 personality,pedophile neet managed to stir r9k and discord…[View]
48282200>accidentally streamed a YouTube candid feet video from my phone to the living room TV…[View]
48281370are there any lesbian fembots originiallo[View]
48282168>get high on pot >feel like you're more lucid >realize your life is a great big piece …[View]
48281739Fembot thread: Why do so many girls these days get nipple piercings? Especially nerdy chicks. Like, …[View]
482812141/1 Green Squirrel Token[View]
48282128>mfw drinking cappuccino while my girlfriend is snapping me videos of her fingering herself…[View]
48280690Are there women who actually enjoy the idea of taking a guy's virginity?[View]
48282067I literally don't feel anything. I have become devoid of emotions[View]
48281013At What Point Did You Realize You Can't Escape Your Predetermined Fate?: My future ends soon an…[View]
48282052Good ol' fashion spaghetti: It's my birthday today robots. I didn't do anything for i…[View]
48281944What's got you down, robots? Let it out, so you don't blow a gasket.[View]
48281652How am I supposed to find the perfect gf if they all wear shoes where I live?[View]
48280564I think I'm in love with a tranny what do?[View]
48281728Tfw born without telephatic/telekinetic powers[View]
48281775>diagnosed with asperger and adhd >everything just falls appart >LITERALLY no friends >t…[View]
48280679The government should put every weaboo under heavy surveillance for CP. This is disgusting those car…[View]
48280432Xenoestrogens: Lads, is this just a meme or is this shit real? Are there oestrogen mimicking compoun…[View]
48281201woeful: Here's a heartbreaking tale for you lads >be me >orbiting some girl over discord …[View]
48279498What do?: >be me >been /fit/ for like three months >miss being a neet >stop working out…[View]
48280766/r9k/ just isn't what it used to be. fuck you normies and fuck you femanons for ruining this pl…[View]
48280205This thread was fun last time. Talk about your states and shit on other ones. Of course, Michigan is…[View]
48280312Guys my ex-boyfriend is being a stereotypical alpha: I thought he wasn't baiting me, but it tur…[View]
48281577Why are white bois so emasculated? Fembot here even among nerds of ther races can be chady within th…[View]
48281023>get fit >get chicks it's literally that easy so why have you not started?…[View]
48281440>Just moved into a new apartment >Roommate is an absolute qt >She was putting a cosplay out…[View]
48281432https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DZJkRS6b5lE Has anybody watched Thomas the tank engine and friends bef…[View]
48281712first interracial kiss on television what an amazing moment for humanity[View]
48281623Why don't I have a girlfriend?? I just want a female friend but they always prefer Chad over me…[View]
48281622Hey, anon... Please save me someday, okay?[View]
48280675Has a cute doctor ever touched your penis?[View]
48280616'Good grief, Anon! Your dick is hanging out of your underwear!'[View]
48281037>mfw I realize the k stands for kissless Ahahaha wtf???[View]
48281197do racist fembots exist?[View]
48276305Suicide general: Reminder that there's nothing wrong, weak, or shameful about killing yourself …[View]
48277136Holy fucking shit, why are women so boring? >talk to a Stacy >get bored because she's a v…[View]
48281435>Have fleeting thought >Want to tell someone about a new thing I enjoy >No longer have frie…[View]
48281394Fuck the freemasons, who here /merchantsguild/[View]
48279169Why do men only want sex: I mean I'm not a crazy sjw I just don't enjoy sex. When I tell a…[View]
48280498>he hasn't been chemically castrated yet Lmao, enjoy being a slave to the pussy.…[View]
48280771Hey anons. How you holding up this Friday? What have you been doing?[View]
48281535Is it weird to think we'll never experience life as a girl? It's not like you're rebo…[View]
48281443>tfw no Phoenician city states[View]
48279810Have you ever insulted a girl anon? >Why did you do it? >Do you regret it? Pic unrelated…[View]
48280701Was he too rough?[View]
48281057Trannies of r9k, why aren't you wearing diapers right this second? It's where little girl…[View]
48281198You see all. You hear all. I hope you were on this board. I hope you knew who I am, I hope you knew …[View]
48281488>tfw daily imagining myself with a girlfriend I dont watch porn anymore,i just jerk off thinking …[View]
48280433neet opressed by normies: i hate my female roommate i know she talks shit behind my back with her no…[View]
48280960when was the last time you talked to a girl that's not related to you? how did it go?[View]
48280178I can acquire live fucktoy but I cannot somehow manage securing gf. This robot is malfunctioning, ch…[View]
48280247Beta thread: How do i stop being afraid of opinions and people in general?[View]
48280302I am not a 'slut', a 'whore' or a 'roastie'. I am a complex multi-layered woman. I feel joy and sorr…[View]
48281416mum's gonna find the blood jar any day lads. I can sense it.[View]
48278334https://youtu.be/5ibt6C6a_Bg Is SBSK the perfect human being? >Extremely good looking >Has a s…[View]
48281068>open a song I want to listen to on youtube >keep it playing in the background and do other st…[View]
48278321Why do girls wear this sort of shit? Seriously, they DO fucking want to tease us, right? Nobody woul…[View]
48281368>There is nothing wrong curretly but i still want to kill myself. what the fuck is going on…[View]
48275599Fembot Thread: Fembots, can we settle this once and for all? Why do you pretend you don't like …[View]
48279915All I need is a girlfriend: I have nothing in my life and I am contempt with nothing. I have no car,…[View]
48276640China's 'Leftover Women': What does /r9k/ think about this video? https://www.youtube…[View]
48281035Anyone else jealous of people who can unconditionally enjoy sex with their peers?: Me desu, I don…[View]
48280516could an incel rebellion unironically happen in China?[View]
48280430>tinder match wants to hang out Literally what to do im 22yo khv[View]
48281234first day in my new accommodation and there is a girl in the kitchen cooking, what do I say? I just …[View]
48281043I had to ask around 9 girls on a date for every 1 success.: This was 5 years ago. Current numbers ar…[View]
48281229The ANIME girl is the epitome of female beauty and attractiveness Let's start by looking at her…[View]
48279947What is the thing that's keeping you alive for so long, anon?[View]
48281204>narcisstic af but ugly one day have the confidence to talk to the girl I like then spend the nex…[View]
48280093continue an anime plot with only 30 or less words per post: title says it all i will start >kajiu…[View]
48280980This board is full of degeneracy. How many times have you seen some sort of sexual image and get the…[View]
48280402Chinas celibate women: How could China possibly ever have any 'left over women' who are ce…[View]
48281090Why has technological advancement stagnated?[View]
48280251ITT post your favorite vidya OST: What is your favorite vidya track anon? https://youtu.be/SALcnafOZ…[View]
48278318Well I have applied at every job im qualified for in my town. This my last chance or I'm homele…[View]
48281056I thought I had cracked the system with the Uber Eats first time ordering system codes (-10 eurodoll…[View]
48280317Who here /misanthrope/ doomer? I honestly feel like 90% of the people I interact with are NPCs. Some…[View]
48281020>post mlp shit got banned for 3 days >immediately after that get banned for posting furry porn…[View]
48279919>only 2 episodes left of Season 7[View]
48280785Rabbi describes jealously towards breastfed son as motivation for cirucmcision: http://archive.is/99…[View]
48280595Youre just an NPC that realized you are an NPC? Tgis why you lack true free will to change. Go on do…[View]
48277878Robots are the absolute dregs of humanity. It's not because you're ugly. It's not bec…[View]
48280963>hate my own race >can't even move back to my own country to get away from white people…[View]
48280477Leaves from the vine Falling so slow Like fragile tiny shells Driftingbin the foam[View]
48279759How am I supposed to pay off my student loan debt for the 'responsible major choice' degree that was…[View]
48278996Have you ever been beaten by a gang of chads ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVPvzX-AeSM[View]
48278627Would you rather have a gf who loves you unconditionally but you can't touch or a gf who doesn…[View]
48280042What have you achieved today thread I still can't believe I'm able to run 10 km/h for almo…[View]
48280808>Start a thread on a personal subject >Everyone ends up fighting each other in my thread…[View]
48280812I dont know what the circumstances will be, but there is a lot of embarrassment, humiliation and des…[View]
48278525who here cheats on their girlfiend/boyfriend? >;-) I've been going out with my girlfriend fo…[View]
48280740>one chance in this universe >born abroad >sandnigger name >only actually 1/4 sandnigger…[View]
48280699Women Hate Thread Dump: Where can I find a dump of images like pic related? I've gone through t…[View]
48280218how can a 3/10 rice get a qt brunette white gf but I can't? this literally makes no logical sen…[View]
48280039any coffee addictt man in?[View]
48278768>wow,walking alone on a Saturday night. Pathetic.[View]
48279069>'sorry I broke your ps4 anon, I will be a good gf from now on just please dont hit me anymore'…[View]
48280176Why don't you just rape a woman? Most of them secretly desire it. You'd probably get away …[View]
48280160How do I talk: Last night I really hit it off with a girl from my uni. We talked all night, held han…[View]
48280631>Ladies and gentlemen....we got him What did he mean by this?[View]
48280031Don't just hate the fact that there are young people who are enjoying the shit of their lives r…[View]
48279355Why did the incel crusade stop? We finally got some steam a while back with several school shootings…[View]
48278225>asked a girl out yesterday evening by text >out of panic immediately disabled notifications o…[View]
48277955>pull down his pants >uncircumcised[View]
48278653>psst, hey bucko, women stop being attractive at age 25, get a gf fast[View]
48280488>tfw someone talks to me Stop talking to me It makes my day worse because I get my hopes up that…[View]
48280599>tfw fear rejection from other people so much that I don't even try part of me knows I can…[View]
48280579Before I start, I know that many of you suffer more than I and will probably hate me for talking abo…[View]
48280556You people are exhausting. How do you do it? I want to learn to be an affliction on everyone I know.[View]
48280524>be me >fap >cum >realize that I'm not even hard >I wasn't hard when I tapp…[View]
48279111Going out for coffee and wanting to go on a hike together means she likes me as more than a friend, …[View]
48280463greentext thread: greentext thread i'll start >new gf >you decide to introduce her to yo…[View]
48279396Can anyone here with experience in the field tell me what Asian pussy smells/tastes/feels like?[View]
48279128Should i fuck an ugly girl (not fat or anything, just her face is a bit off) and get laughed at by m…[View]
48280497>ywn die or disappear under mysterious or dramatic circumstances[View]
48279326>There are people who only defining characteristic is their race >There are people who value r…[View]
48278567Drawings of little girls getting FUCKED[View]
48280227>called hideous by a girl >in my own dream…[View]
48280394What are your plans for this Saturday night lads? I'm probably gonna get drunk on a nearby benc…[View]
48280381What did /r9k/ last get banned for? >broke GR15 The thing is I didn't, it was just Barneyfag…[View]
48279143Who else here /freemason/[View]
48280377Houston meet up: hello /soc/ I am a handsome man of 54 years, athletic physique.I am a pedophile, es…[View]
48280118Insert stories about your first time being high[View]
48280108Be me virgin >AKA STD FREE[View]
48280292Would you guys rather live in some dystopian future where everyone is a depressed NPC constantly bei…[View]
48280266Why you Robots never leave your room?[View]
48280331memes and discussion about memes: and pictures with text which convey a joke better than stand alone…[View]
48280328Wholesome Pepe's And Wojak: I love these, anyone have more?[View]
48280094Fembots, would you let people pay you to be your friend?[View]
48279445Anyone else here an outcast among outcasts? Even among the people that I'm supposed to get alon…[View]
48278582commit oof: >Be me 15 minutes ago >be looking at good meme in discord (Normie I know) >scro…[View]
48275197Femanons, why not say 'Yes'? Are you afraid of what comes afterwards?[View]
48272291The Most Depressing Music You will ever listen to: Every time I listen it makes me cry https://youtu…[View]
48280212>another birthday alone gonna eat breakfast then slip into an alcoholic stupor. how did this happ…[View]
48275110I'm so fucking happy right now: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/controversy-surrounds-r…[View]
48279241I felt a bunch of things (maybe demons/hallucinations/invisible cats/idfk ) grabbing me last night a…[View]
48278997I just can't bring myself to have any interest in thots/roasties/Stacies. It's not about '…[View]
48278051>tfw your nipples are more sensitive than your penis >not even a girl (male) I blame this for …[View]
48277770Anons who grew up in an orphanage, what was it like? Be as detailed as possible.[View]
48280198I can't browse /fit/ anymore because everyone talks about sex and other normie stuff[View]
48278673>Parents confront me about being a /chunchunmaroomer/ >Floss and then dab on them >They lea…[View]
48279161Does anyone else feel that being ugly is a blessing in the skies?[View]
48278742>install tinder >delete tinder >reinstall tinder >delete tinder >reinstall tinder …[View]
48279788Any of you idiots own a slow cooker and never use it? Time to make dinner faggots: >2 pounds of c…[View]
48280048'Anon, you were talking in your sleep again. Something about being a virgin way, way past the social…[View]
48280081ITT:Things that BTFO the eternal redditor: >free will existing[View]
48279488So anons how are you preparing for the recession of 2020?[View]
48272626Things you'll never do: >You'll never hold hands with a woman who loves you.…[View]
48279301why nobody posts in my threads? i post interesting stuff but nobody gives a single fuck, what did i …[View]
48275429Do you femanons find men with gfs/wives more attractive than single men?[View]
48280014do girls know that most dudes only pretend to care about them bc they have a wet hole inbetween thei…[View]
48278668if all you could eat was food from takeout places restaurants food courts etc on a budget ($7-$10/da…[View]
48279775I have enough internet fame now, can someone tell me my ex boyfriend to email me his music now?: Tha…[View]
48278714Inceldom: I find unnatractive that women get their periods. I usally try to get a blowjob most won…[View]
48279519I've been married for 2 years now. My mom bought me a bunch of baby clothes and wants me to hav…[View]
48279884Do you have good posture?[View]
48279094Emojis: Why do normies use them? What does it mean when girls send you emojis in a conversation and …[View]
48275658pls post aiko reacts[View]
48279320Any robots regularly attend church?[View]
48278605i really want to fuck my cousin bros wut do[View]
48278228Why don't you robots just get a low IQ gf?[View]
48277652Why are normies so obsessed with (((success))) and (((accomplishments)))? I want none of this bullsh…[View]
48279096I dont want to be on meds anymore. I want to be able to function without them.[View]
48279794how do i stop being horny 24/7? it's destroying my life[View]
48279769I'm not using my dick anyway, so what would happen if I just chopped mine off? I don't mea…[View]
48279596If your vag could speak, what would it say?[View]
48277649Femanon, do you consider yourself worthless?[View]
48278325>visit mental illness forum to read about people with similar conditions to mine and how they cop…[View]
48279610Just found out my university has something called 'Diversity officers'. What the fuck is that?[View]
48277183Have you guys been enjoying her videos so far?[View]
48279708Does guys who have gfs live in a parallel reality? Everything is so fucked up,how come these couples…[View]
48277880>be me >using /r9k/ in public >stop scrolling for a sec to take a sip of coffee >porn ad…[View]
48278289Feels thread I guess: Its been a year and two month since my grandmother and my father passed away. …[View]
48278447>Lost virginity at 16 >Thought I had finally made it out, I was now a normalfag finally >Ha…[View]
48278097What did you think his first thought was?[View]
48279659Who here /bully/?: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/02/27/meek-mill-reportedly-tells-homele…[View]
48279618Energy Drinks: Just how bad are they? If they are killing me, by what mechanism exactly? All studies…[View]
48279048Any of you lads go to the flogging molly concert last night in Eugene Oregon?[View]
48275144/britfeel/: CUNT MONG edition[View]
48279229I want 18 to bully me and punch me until I'm unconscious[View]
48277711When I was 12 I used to think that 4 Chan was filled with hackers and cool people... Now that I…[View]
48277631>I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight M's in my bank account, yeah (oh God) …[View]
48279483feels thread kinda?: my step mother is an evil cunt and keeps threatening to leave my father who has…[View]
48278890Would /r9k/ date an asexual girl?[View]
48276572Bros, I almost made it. In the past year I met a girl. She and I got on straight away and I knew she…[View]
48275973famous people you've met: Which famous people have you met in your life? I was visiting the cha…[View]
48277391I could never figure out on my own that working for free is a bad idea.[View]
48279019How do I become creative? I have a desperate desire to become an artist but I have no ideas, talent,…[View]
48279285im done: >be me >stupid reddit fag >try to post meme i thought of while at work >pic r…[View]
48275190If you are good looking, YOU WILL KNOW IT. Look at this video, go to 1:20 then look at the comments…[View]
48279202Challenge me on 8 ball pool, my name is attempt2 and im level 33[View]
48274696I wish my ex boyfriend baited me: But he's not, he's actually living his life free from me…[View]
48277671Why do homosexuals think that homosexuality is funny? It's like their entire personality revolv…[View]
48276866>tfw Asian but only attracted to white girls >Parents do not approve of race mixing Anyone ide…[View]
48278938i have never had a girlfriend before....[View]
48276318what are some harsh realities about the world you've come to realise and accept[View]
48278219I've got the opertunity to purchase some opium 'tar' for the first time..... robots w…[View]
48278823>Never luck with tinder after 10 different accounts >start new without telling height in descr…[View]
48279086> Be me, yesterday > 12th grade, doing group work > 10/10 sitting next to me > Try to th…[View]
48278395Weekend Minecraft Server: Come have some fun, explore a mega dungeon, make some friends, and hangout…[View]
48279013This little girl was abandoned by her mother. She's was left in the middle of the street, all a…[View]
48278880give sadgirl gf[View]
48278914>tfw your parents think you're crazy Beat my mom in an argument she started. Ask her to def…[View]
48276179>took the advice on here, started adding fruits and vegetables to my diet >push through all th…[View]
48278357anyone here getting drunk?[View]
48278452You have to come to terms with it eventually.: Women like big dicks, regardless of what they let on.…[View]
48278248Anybody want a comfy discord fren? please break my lonliness Scalliotto#0343[View]
48277372>be me >today >at work >first time on 4chan >enter r9k >mistake >scrolling >…[View]
48278485>be 207cm, broad shouldered guy >have no friends offline and online >no gf (ever) >no se…[View]
4827876918 year old zoomer here: I get chronic leg pain and stiffness. It leaves me out of breath sometimes.…[View]
48278177post pictures that makes you want to die.[View]
48278865Just failed 2 weeks of nofap, help me out to get rid of the feels.[View]
48278837>my oneitis is probably getting railed right now >it's not me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
48278812Don't look at the cock!: Don't think about it, don't look at it and you should certia…[View]
48278661Do you ever wish you were a cute girl with a lesbian harem of other cute girls?[View]
48276839Losing weight: I lost 40kg in 2 months. Water fast for 3 days but no more because metabolism slows d…[View]
48278376>someone asks you the name of your uni teachers >someone asks you the name of your classmates…[View]
48278464It just fucking hit me bros. After months of trying to be normie (got new clothes, haircut, learned …[View]
48278707STOP.WATCHING.PORN. NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXOJlAxzgiw[View]
48274713>'chad told me you didn't have a girlfriend, anon. how about I take you out sometime? don…[View]
48278531Black Skinny Jeans are so Comfy. >28x32 Cant believe I used to wear 32x32. I was swimming in my …[View]
48272330/trans/ thread: How does your family feel about you being trans?[View]
48278487Alright /r9k/, so I'm going to be shipping out to basic in the coming weeks and I wanted some a…[View]
48278465Anybody want a comfy discord fren? please break my lonliness Scalliotto#0343 Reposting for more fren…[View]
48277823TFW You feel really sexy but no else agrees: I just want to feel love. I want to hold a woman close …[View]
48276342Would you suck a girl (male)'s feminine penis?[View]
48277875Let's all be honest. Tall girls can't have all the privileges that the short girls have an…[View]
48278107I need some perspective on something, preferably from a girl I was lying head to toe on her bed talk…[View]
48277523>ywn have a girl tie you up and tickle you until you cry Why is life so full of unfulfillable des…[View]
48277997People say robots are just tumblrinas but boys instead of girls. Is this true?[View]
48278351There is literally NOTHING wrong with phoneposting. Why would you get up and sit at a computer when …[View]
48277991God, I wish that were me-[View]
48278333To robots with flaccid big dicks. How does your mom react to your big bulge?[View]
48276876/r9k/ have you every killed someone? I get the feeling sometimes that I want to end someones life, b…[View]
48278217>already slept 4 times >it's still saturday How do NEETs do this? I just want to go back …[View]
48278068>neighborhood middle schoolers keep biking into my garden >destroy my susans and tulips >th…[View]
48275328Be me: Raoh of hokuto no ken >210 cm >145 kg of muscles >Successful dictator >master of…[View]
48271030What's your job and income?: Let's get a good thread going. I'll start: Student $0.…[View]
48278265cozy saturday morning: it's about 50 degrees about, sunny, breezy cozy bois ww@?[View]
48276903Does anyone else study while wearing a full body latex suit?[View]
48274946How shit is your computer, /r9k/?[View]
48278207TFW You're a cuck father with a mulatto daughter with autism and gets bleached by a white boy: …[View]
48278194GM robots, I think it's time for another >PIG - passive income general We haven't had o…[View]
48278131You are given the horn of abraxas, who is the first on the list?[View]
48275835I was mean poster: I made a mean post, and I kinda wish I didnt. I am not sorry, but I think I went …[View]
48278174When people dont flush after they took a giant shit. I like to take their poop masterpiece out of th…[View]
48275240>be me >be memer >had computer to make memes >shitty one but it did the job > gets sl…[View]
48278125>Be me >At work on break >Hungry.png >Look at vending machine. >See donuts about to f…[View]
48276094How often do you fap to anime feet on average?[View]
48278044>you will never be a vampire What's the point bros?[View]
48277681Why is understanding human emotions so hard, why can't people just say how they feel about thin…[View]
48277600Can someone tell me something to do? I've been napping out of boredom all day but it won't…[View]
48276015Why do white men get mad when we mix with their women?: Do they not realise how hard it is? Like, fo…[View]
48278014>Nigga what'cha really know about me? >I'm on yo bitch like clothes, no closet >W…[View]
48277679I got woken up early in the morning by a pressure change. Do you guys feel it when this happens, or …[View]
48276909>tfw going to eventually pass on my vastly inferior genes just so i can spite sciencefags who…[View]
48277758>why don't you just lose your virginity to a prostitute if it's that important to you? …[View]
48272591Virginbots post the following: >Age >Race >Sexual Orientation >Location >Height >W…[View]
48276766That’s it! I’ve had it with this dump!: R9k was ruined a long time ago and I kept coming here out of…[View]
48275169How has 2018 treated you so far anon?[View]
48277930>no online mommy[View]
48277861This girl enters your bathroom while you're fapping and tells you to cum all over her bullies, …[View]
48277739>mom found the hummingbird cage FUCK[View]
48276149Do girls like policemen? Inb4 just go to the army Too much commitment for me[View]
48277781>tfw no maniac gf[View]
48277793>can't decide what to do >end up sitting on my ass all day…[View]
48277836Post 10 out of 10[View]
48276732there are fembots brapping right now on R9K >maybe if I sniff hard enough I can smell it…[View]
48277797Say I wanted to steal a married man away from his wife, how would I go about that? Just being a 'sid…[View]
48277795>I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, you come around, yeah >You ease my mind, you make ev…[View]
48277792R9k,just want to say thanks for reminding me that women are trash and that I will never make it. I w…[View]
48277338>Hey, incel! Get over here and lick my asshole right now![View]
48273528Did this simpleton really die over some trash mattress?[View]
48277735Cultures tend to depict Satan as the worst thing they could imagine. Europeans got their depiction o…[View]
48277747>Ayy, plug walk (plug walk, plug, plug) >I don't even understand how the fuck my plug tal…[View]
48277003how do I cure my NTR fetish? my waifu doesn't deserve this[View]
48277611Girlfriend: I've been trying really hard to not even try having a girlfriend because I'm b…[View]
48274969>Filipino-American >above average face, tanned, short, fit >bit slutty >white American m…[View]
48276812i'm so fucking bored, woke up 2h ago and already want to sleep... i guess i'll go buy beer…[View]
48277724>take picture of the back of my head >massive fucking bald spot this ins't fair. i'm…[View]
48277676>Just start a hobby or go to gym What else i can do than those?[View]
48278796ITT: We rate each others eye area's. Eye area is a very important part of attracting fuck holes…[View]
48277574>I don't really care if you cry >On the real you should've never lied >Should…[View]
48274318What literally goes through your mind when by chance you have encounter dudes like this IRL. Would l…[View]
48277259Did I do the right thing?: Alright so few hours ago I was at my rugby teams end of season party, nat…[View]
48277512>handsome >get lots of IOI's from random women on street >too beta to approach them yo…[View]
48277115how can i tell if i'm an NPC or not[View]
48277399Phenibut General: Anyone else building up tolerance? I have not taken more than 900mg and I dont fee…[View]
48276538I'm so fucking horny and I refuse to masturbate I WANT SEX I NEED SEX RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAASAAS…[View]
48277507Reminder this is and rising are the only good metal gear games.[View]
48277368>I came, I saw, I came, I saw >I praise the Lord, then break the law >I take what's mi…[View]
48276980Collecting anime pictures just feels like a chore now.. Their are an endless amount[View]
48277617What games do people play to make friends on?[View]
48277196Man, I can't think of anything really new that has happened since Chuck Norris jokes.[View]
48277474>make tinder >have it show my top artists on spotify >match with girl who literally just as…[View]
48277384You have now taken the 2D pill, cease your fapping to 3D at once[View]
48277478I hate being near people and talking to them so fucking much, Im not weird or ugly, I just dislike b…[View]
48277423Why don't you just date an average girl? If you demand perfection you will never get anything.[View]
48277542Tell me about your most shameful kinks, reddi9k.[View]
48276145There is nothing truly pleasurable in life. I've been reading dramas and emotional novels last …[View]
48268086Post human beings you hate, any reason. I hate this dipshit so fucking much. It's not because …[View]
48276358To the cutest obviusly.[View]
48277413thats it lads, ive been diagnosed with autism at the age of 21 what do i do now?[View]
48277341Getting /fit/, /r9k/ 5'10 60kg. >Ill make it >We will all make it Summer made me lose 4kg…[View]
48273285I am pretty sure I just heard someone on a motorcycle speeding out front of my house and killing the…[View]
48274884>l smoke[View]
48275480Why do basic bitches like SUVs?[View]
48277406>tfw no cave to live in[View]
48275458Which drugs can make an enotionless NPC: I want to stop feel the feels and just be a buratino I want…[View]
48276008Women literally just have to take their phones out of their pockets, open tinder, and choose which d…[View]
48277299so i got banned from discord: >be me >wake up doing dumb shit >1 hour later grab laptop …[View]
48277321>tfw the biggest neet in history,also known to be a fucking asshole and also thought to be a cp s…[View]
48277116It's just Americans that are inherently evil,r-right?[View]
48276484Why are you showing that to me, Anon?[View]
48277250Femanons, would you date Bill Nighy in full vampire mode?[View]
48276830Can a man talk about his insecurities,anxiety, issue with a woman? Be it a partner or a potential pa…[View]
48274783>'Anon, you're invited to the wedding and can bring a guest.' >they know you don't a…[View]
48277070>be me >fembot >5/10 at best >won't settle for any guy less than a 8/10 >lonley …[View]
48277171>tfw not born with beautiful bird wings[View]
48276018There is a lot of talk about feminism and anti-racism. But what about the inherent injustice in shal…[View]
48275938>born too late to own women like property >born too early to replace women with superior andro…[View]
48275632This board is a fucking psyop, holy fucking shit. Every thread is up only to force something, why ca…[View]
48277065It's officially Fall and spookytime. Let's be topical and examine why women like vampires.…[View]
48276530>tfw I have to get my pupper put down today Hold me /r9k/[View]
48276740>hello cheeky scrubs Is he our guy?[View]
48276779Why do boys pretend to be involuntarily celibate when there are women who can't find love?[View]
48266883You're given the choice to be any protagonist from any existing anime or manga. Who do you choo…[View]
48273842I heard from somebody that this is the type of girl you guys most prefer. Is that correct?[View]
48276476Why do so many femanons want to have sex with their biological father?[View]
48277104>be me yesterday >last day of uni fresher's >go out with new friends but lose them wh…[View]
48274805How do you escape the blackpill?[View]
48276574What's your favourite song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTP2RUD_cL0[View]
48276962>Like girl >Too beta to ask her out >She gets a boyfriend >Back off completely >Few m…[View]
48277052>be me >take a shit >bathroom smells like shit >take air refreshener >spray up >lo…[View]
48271469>unironically believes roast is caused by large amount of sexual partners >masturbates constan…[View]
48276583How actualized are you?[View]
48274509What is it with Brits and mental illness? I just moved here and in a week I've met more mentall…[View]
48272986What do i do now Am i in there[View]
48276786https://variety.com/2018/music/news/spotify-strip-club-lawsuit-1202947692/ When will these sluts jus…[View]
48276743>my crush next door is home alone >her parents are on vacation >notice her leaving the hous…[View]
48275309haven't seen a friend since last year, only girls i talk to are the cashiers, they don't s…[View]
48276433WAKE UP WAGIE, YOU'RE LATE FOR WORK!!! Just kidding, it's Saturday. Enjoy your two (2) day…[View]
48276829Devilish thread >be me >about 14 at the time >german 'dark' humor accounts on instagram are…[View]
48276075You have about 25550 days in your life, from birth until you're 70. >If you're 20, you…[View]
48275794>vanilla hentai >characters don't kiss…[View]
48276162Fembot Idea: I just had this genius idea. Why aren't femanons called Shanon? She + Anon= Shanon…[View]
48276738Its one of thosw days[View]
48276411Another Chicken Tendie Greentext: This is a real story so I hope you guys enjoy >Be me >Be 16 …[View]
48276212>tfw in love 30 yr old coworker, 10 yrs older than me >Shes sweet, quiet, basically a perfect …[View]
48276311why not join a biker gang? get yourselves money, women and a reputation.[View]
48276666>Don't own a facebook >reconnect with a guy I went to high school with >apparently a k…[View]
48276650>Plays game >Gets bored of game >'Hey, maybe I should look into finding an actual internet'…[View]
48273134>want to commit suicide >fear of death and afterlife…[View]
48276562My first time: Here's the story of my horrible first time robots >be me >21 y old virgin …[View]
48276199I just drank three shots of straight bitters and a litre of listerine just to get buzzed.[View]
48276602Miss my best friend: i recently broke up with my friend and i already regret it, i miss them a lot. …[View]
48275523How to an hero thread Challenge: no second amendment mode Best painless fast method wins[View]
48274712Anyone wanna play the classic DOOM games?: Even if you have a crappy old computer and no money you c…[View]
48276446Why is it that nothing I've accomplished or experienced so far in real life came close to the f…[View]
48276511Oldfag. Been here since 2010. Can someone explain to me what a 'Zoomer' is? Also, how come posters c…[View]
48274692I have a tiny scroll. What should I write on it?[View]
48276428Which would be more PTSD inducing? WW1, WW2 or 'nam?[View]
48276239Does anyone else have an apartment like Satou's obasan?[View]
48274153I made it lads: I actually cant believe it... It was on a usual friday night, started with cold gree…[View]
48274949>I put at least the same amount of effort (probably more) into my life as my friends >They…[View]
48273801>ywn follow her down the dorm hallway as she leads you into her room to experience the greatest p…[View]
48273242Throwback to when a roastie killed her chad: Can we all have a good Laugh at how stupid Roasties tru…[View]
48274951>mfw it's officially autumn now summer the realm of normies is over, now the comfy times of …[View]
48276473If ghosts are real would you like to become a ghost when you die?[View]
48276155will to live restore: >be me >lonely as fuck, loner as fuck >work is a drag, only upside is…[View]
48275772Fembots I need to know what you hate about yourself the most? I want to see if theres a common threa…[View]
48276154My family is getting me to have gastric sleeve surgery. I weigh 180kg.[View]
48275455>meet a good christian girl >actually acts like a christian and not some thot >think she ac…[View]
48275752With the average human life-span being roughly 70, you only have to endure another 40 years of excru…[View]
48276330>finally got the courage to talk to oneitis >realize I have nothing to talk to about with her …[View]
48276143>tfw femanons have countless side betas/orbiters to comfort them and assure them everything is go…[View]
48275123Why don't you guys just settle for a 6/10 until you have the confidence to find something bette…[View]
48276301Shitposting Addicts: Since many of you have poor impulse control, should 4chan introduce a feature w…[View]
48274312Would you want to snuggle with a girl like this after she came back home from a double anal gangbang…[View]
48276215BPD isn't that.. bad?: Anyone else dated a BPD girl and found that while it was shitty, it wasn…[View]
48275047>mfw i will die a virgin[View]
48275976drugs: New Zealand drug thread, anyone know where to get DMT? pic related my spin[View]
48275681>Happy birthday to me >Happy birthday to me >Happy birthday you fucking loser >Happy bir…[View]
48274979convo with the meatdonor last logout >anon we vidded your development stakeholders and they'…[View]
48274907Are teenagers social live hive minds?: Maybe its just just where I'm currently living. But I…[View]
48272527>guy asks me out >two months into the relationship it turns out that he ended a 6 year old rel…[View]
48274502What does she think in this exact moment?[View]
48274147If your best friend had a crush on you and looked like this, how would you react?[View]
48276080>the only reason i memorize my card numbers is because of paying for obscure porn online incels b…[View]
48275745name thread: >your name >what it means >how accurate it is I'll start: >Nick >vi…[View]
48275946How do you feel when you're the only person around who is single?[View]
48275904Is it gay if i prefer a male prostitute once? I want to experience the dominating part of it, its no…[View]
48275129Halloween spooks: Anyone want to pull some shit for Halloween? I remember we had those clown gangs a…[View]
48275457Have you ever seen Chad cuck someone, even you, in real life? What happened?[View]
48275936Why don't you robots go work in a bar in Vegas? You can make money shaking those hips. Most rob…[View]
48274349Chess thread. https://lichess.org/IHhGWKS2[View]
48275918TFW my gps (4-5) neglect the parasite: that I have over ttrying to bully me out of having ADD. I nee…[View]
48272431I am excited for red dead redemption 2! Are any other robots excited for a comfy outlaw adventure? W…[View]
48266677What fast food you buy when going out?[View]
48275747What is antidote for Cucks (c-cuks/onionsboys)that enable women to do whatever hell they want today?[View]
48274305BE WARNED THIS IS NOT A JOKE You will be playing with dark forces in this thread. We are making a de…[View]
48275883anytime i sleep with a phone or computer when I wake up I'm always laying on it and its super h…[View]
48275880Just when you thought you were doing okay, actually living life, everything that happened before com…[View]
48273448Hookups: Anyone else here disgusted by hookups? I don't give 2 fucks what other people do but I…[View]
48274621>Born in USA >23 year old virgin man >125 IQ, .950 digit ratio >Mixed-raced >Already …[View]
48274484how do you guys keep going, what's your drive in life? rn all i'm doing is being a sad fu…[View]
48274555What will be the next thing that is socially acceptable for women to do that would have previously b…[View]
48274269Do you care about anything /r9k/? Do you love anything? Even yourself?[View]
48275613Death waifu: >always there for you >shielding you from the pain of life >finally giving you…[View]
48275544Lmao wtf is wrong with America?! Like get it together guys haha[View]
48274449why do white people pretend like they can have loneliness problems?[View]
48274069>have a friend group online >these are the most toxic, shit talking motherfuckers ive known …[View]
48275718As much as I wish I could fall into complete robotdom, I just can't. I love my family too much …[View]
48274668Is it really true that women evaluate male attractiveness almost entirely based on physical appearan…[View]
48275086how's the japanese coming along, anons?[View]
48275332i just watched hereditary and it was the most horrifying movie i've ever seen in my whole life …[View]
48274929my sister.: Yesterday My sister and I went to watch the new Predator movie. It was OK. Being late sh…[View]
48274912Hot girls with Mexicans.: REEEEEE. Doesnt anybody know this feel? I started uber and see this every …[View]
48275311>parents and family tell me I look handsome >everytime I look at myself in the camera I look l…[View]
48270224Femcel feels: Tfw all robots want a pale cute stacey. Tfw men are garbage. Tfw I'll never get a…[View]
48274603Who is Chad?: What are his most prominent traits? Im interested because >Im 188 cm which is like …[View]
48273145If you found this would you use it? If so, then on who and why? Would you use it to gain power or li…[View]
48273201What do you have to look forward to in your lives robots? for me it's >Getting a bigger hous…[View]
48275298Your oppinion on 6ix9ine?[View]
48275291normie friend from hs wants to meet me up. why[View]
48275490u are all biutiful, and deserve hapines. if u all keep do ur best, u will find hpaines![View]
48274283Isn't it about time you stopped thinking depression is an acceptable substitute for a personali…[View]
48275092why are people mean? why can't people be nice and not mean[View]
482749037 inches is all you need to hit a white woman cervix, potentially hurting her Even less for Asians. …[View]
48274870how to be a normie: dont say everything on your mind. everything you say should serve yourself…[View]
48273252What are you haunted by /r9k/?: >tfw haunted by memories of beauty and kindness…[View]
48267257Misaki Friday: >I have a sneaking suspicion that this thread was already made today edition How a…[View]
48274813>fapped to my FaceApp female filter self again[View]
48272188You and your father: How good is your relationship with him? Does he hate you for being a useless ro…[View]
48275261Are /r9k/ group chats fun?: Have you ever been in one? Anyways I made one so lets try it out. Join…[View]
48274365>mum bought me take away for dinner last night >i didnt want to eat it and she seemed mad >…[View]
48272580I almost didn't bother testing this. These are three positive results for fentanyl... Call me …[View]
48274927> I kissed a girl at a party last night Help give me the confidence to add her on fb, im too nerv…[View]
48274278What do you guys think of this album I made?[View]
48274962If your boyfriend hangs up pictures of female cosplayers or has framed pictures of girls that aren…[View]
48273532reminder to not reply to bait posters claiming to be male[View]
48274925>Mom got diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. >Tremor in right arm is getting noticeably worse e…[View]
48274058>in room with roommate >now >3 am >hes asleep >he's moaning really loud What do…[View]
48275209>first day of first semester at a college >Pretend to be a film student >Show up dressedlik…[View]
48272524>see dataminer thread asking for my age, income, etc >reply with false information…[View]
48275175Nofap Thread: It happened again, lads, 4th consecutive sleep filled with dreams, and what's mor…[View]
48274881Do any aussie robots here own their own home? I make 50k a year before taxes and it seems impossible…[View]
48274632>Be me >18 yrs old >Collegefag >Have a big crush on a qt >A friend invites me to his…[View]
48272244>Age >Job >Savings >Debt…[View]
48275127u guys like undertale?[View]
48275042Fuck you: >Two years ago >In grade 12 >Most of my friend's vape >school has smoke p…[View]
48271908Any fellow doomers here that drink Monster Energy?[View]
48274192People who aren't afraid of the dark have nothing to live for, and don't care if they die.[View]
48275010>live in shitty small town >nothing around me nothing fun at all >job options are really li…[View]
48274097There are teenagers who actually cry over having a breakup, can you believe the nerve of these normi…[View]
48274944>go to bed with .950 digit ratio >but have 125 IQ >my incessant thoughts keep me from falli…[View]
48274462>mfw trying to watch anime are weebs brain damaged? these cartoons are all terrible! how do they …[View]
48273368Is a heroin overdose a painless way to kill yourself? I've been looking but all I'm gettin…[View]
48274564what do you think about killers? What kind of people do you think kill? If you met someone who you k…[View]
48273432I see qt asian grils being posted here every now and then but would you any of you date an ugly asia…[View]
48274179Would you date a girl who cuts?[View]
48273882help:: >lightweight a hoarder >step dad wants me to clean my room this weekend i cant do it br…[View]
48274337>tfw all my role models are fictional characters from movies and tv[View]
48274061I microwaved my cup of noodles even though it's forbidden, how much cancer do I have now?[View]
48273910>work as a cashier >some middle aged man tells me to smile more why?…[View]
48272221What does r9k think of the new generation of people coming to adulthood? How do you think they will …[View]
48270381>Hop in, dude! what would you do[View]
48267484Fembots, how tall are you and are you happy with your height?[View]
48274440Older anons, does the loneliness goes away with time ?[View]
48274258Hey dudes add me on discord so we can play league or town of salem or maybe even DIVINITY 2 Kongou#2…[View]
48273028I'm sick and tired of being a wall on the fly: I don't want to be a fucking invisible huma…[View]
48273575what are your hobbies, friend? what do you like to do to pass the time?[View]
48272084ITT We write an anime plot, one sentence (<20 words) per post.: >The hero, a thin and normal c…[View]
48274620Fapped with lube: Just fapped with lube for first time was good I was going to my moms and I brough…[View]
48274056>finally go through the hurdles of getting a gf >she is sweet and kind and is a female version…[View]
48273759>stuck gum in some teenage roasties hair while on the train today god I wish I could have seen he…[View]
48274511True Story Tho: >be me (17 yo, male focken loser) >get into new class with black Humor >eve…[View]
48274519Would any fembot be interested in locking me in a Chastity? They have these ones that can be locked/…[View]
48269928Why the fuck is this site so slow now. It's like all the users died. Threads I'm watching …[View]
48274381unironically, if you're not a virgin, you're not allowed to post here, GET OUT REEEEEEEEEE…[View]
48273937>delete porn folder >still jack off at least once a day…[View]
48273718itt: post music that gives you the tingles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGV16t6p1cc 'Frisson (Fr…[View]
48274399I joined the marines.[View]
48274500It's my 21st birthday next month. Tell me I'll lose my virginity. Should I just go nightcl…[View]
48273356>sleep over with my qt big tiddy gf >fuck 3 times before we sleep >1 time in the morning …[View]
48274444/Goomber General/: Talk about your hatred of Koopers and bomb boys here, and share the feels of bein…[View]
48265011/britfeel/: mummy cut my hair editon[View]
48273782Redpill me on having a girlfriend,is it overated? Will a girl ever give love to a nonNPC?[View]
48274355> be me > a month ago > be on holidays > grandmother reading news > she tells us that…[View]
48272921>Thanks again for getting me my Smirnoff and Bacardi, Anon >Yeah, I need a double order this w…[View]
48273665Why are you depressed? You have all the material comforts you need. You had every opportunity to suc…[View]
48269521MMXVIII Anno Domini: >don't call it a grave. it's the future you chose.…[View]
48273326anyone else have bag they spit into?[View]
48274309New Chad Marco NEET vid!: >https://www.youtube.com/embed/ar2Yri8UK8Q Very comfy.…[View]
48274306>Digit ratio of .950, but IQ of 125 >This means I can kill myself whenever I feel like it and …[View]
48273455what if you had a gf and she told you she also wanted to have a gf at the same time she had you as a…[View]
48274152just got unbanned. Has this board changed for the better yet?[View]
48274173Is it possible to someone like me, someone that i can share my life to, a woman that can give me a r…[View]
48272495>tfw no rich cuckquean gf willing to let you live as a neet king while she organizes you having s…[View]
48272957how often do you sage? About 50% of the time for me[View]
48263518Waifu thread: feel free to talk about any related feelings or thoughts you have, and ask questions i…[View]
48273354/nightwalk/: Went for a nightwalk. Was legit comfy (when faggots at my uni weren't randomly app…[View]
48273413>Don't stick your dick in crazy. Fuck normalfags, I'll stick my dick in whomever I want…[View]
48274027>want to be a slut >decide to try out a one night stand >run into a boy from my childhood …[View]
48273655robotic discord: i'm making a comfy discord for robot bros. any suggestions? link v9CDMyU also …[View]
48263136What is a girlfriend supposed to do in this situation?[View]
48273119I'm having a shitty night can we post really depressing stuff[View]
48272801Who here lives with annoying family? How do you deal with it?[View]
48271296Japanese girls are the best girls compared to any other Asians. Change my mind.[View]
48266757Asianbots, how do we reclaim our women back from whites?[View]
48273981Recent observation: normies don't look both ways when they cross the road. How true is this? ar…[View]
48274042Any of you bots have any weird fetishes? I have a rapid age progression fetish[View]
48274063Is this /ourgal/?[View]
48270816>you will never cuddle on the couch with your oneitis while its raining outside. >you will nev…[View]
48274049The 90s and 00s were great decades for black movies. On Saturdays on the WB, after cartoons went off…[View]
48274021>tfw no 5'9 elf gf yeah I want it to be elf gf but not the elf (elf).…[View]
48272485>be me >faggot >researching spotted hyenas for school >find out that females have elonga…[View]
48271877Fembots how do you actually feel about guys that just want you to overpower them, that just want to …[View]
48273940Friendly reminder that we're all worthless on the inside.[View]
48271826Comfy Thread: Can we have a /comfy/ thread? It's raining right now and I've got some beat…[View]
48273905Is it just me or is every social outcast loner like pic related a white male with black hair?[View]
48271499how does it feel being white?[View]
48273411What is the fucking point in going on with this fucking hell called life after you lost your ideal p…[View]
48272585Will you ever be this desperate,and just marry a tranny?[View]
48273418>tfw she blocks you on facebook and messenger >tfw you didn't even speak to her for mont…[View]
48273805>tfw they tell you that you would be a good father but, you're a loner virgin Anybody else h…[View]
48272774parents are making me go to a doctor for depression/anxiety. robots that have gone to a doctor for t…[View]
48270394Fembots, how many dudes have you cheated on?[View]
48273832Females cannot be robots: Females are lonely by choice. All girls have choices and its their fault i…[View]
48273808Z Gen: >>48269084 Old as Walkman here. This is how gen z would sound: >Incomprehensible gam…[View]
48271526>Thanks for agreeing to go out with me, anon! I was nervous, but now I'm just happy to be sp…[View]
48273458>mom is still scared of the dark at 50 Who here /slightlyimmatureparents/?…[View]
48271509>150 iq >once called a girl mexican while on a date >she was actually white am i autistic o…[View]
48272871>match with girl on dating site >get excited >hype self up >no response WHY…[View]
48273496>tfw fapped again, after 3 or 4 days >was happy about my self control until I got bored today …[View]
48273684>mfw posting a late night Apu thread[View]
48270428Doomer general: hey everyone just wanted to have a place to check what are you guys currently doing?…[View]
48273564Anybody else kinda wish that they got a terminally ill sickness? I just want it all to end, but I…[View]
48273527Hi I know this is not my personal diary but.... I just want to hear opinions from strangers. It turn…[View]
48271355I hate discord drama why can't yall just chill out Chgj4U don't orbit and/or start shit it…[View]
48273193>Want to fap to real rape videos >Scared of clicking something illegal and getting fucked over…[View]
48273220I'm only attracted to black women Being a white boy with jungle fever is hard since black girls…[View]
48272848Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Light Yagami. What's your name?[View]
48271605Why would any woman degrade herself like this?[View]
48273588Tale of the grammar nazi: >be me >forced to go to school national day celebration >my frien…[View]
48273161I want a horny gf but also a virgin gf. So maybe I just need a girl that masturbates a lot to keep h…[View]
48266464>tfw spent 14 months in mommy's womb What's your 'this explains a lot' fact about your …[View]
48270278Is it childish to think a girlfriend would improve my mental health alot: It would be a nice reason …[View]
48271294Can someone red pill me on Jehovah's Witnesses?[View]
48272839>mfw I found out 4 chads from high school that I hated got in a head on car collision with a drun…[View]
48272827ughh.. guys I really need some help here. I went for a jog last night and I fell and hurt my ankle p…[View]
48272897Anyone else here talk to Rosemarie at some point?[View]
48273467>tfw all your attempts at smooth social interactions fall flat >keep coming across as anxious,…[View]
48273430>pedophiles >deserving human rights >ever Surely you don't think pedos deserve to have…[View]
48271850You cannot become chad: But you can become an Alfa male. Why don't you own an Alfa Romeo anon? …[View]
48272837>fuck a trap >dad finds out[View]
48272472Hello guys, i accidentaly showed 4chan to my gf, she surprising liked it and start browsing it. How …[View]
48272649Tfw no big sister gf who thinks Im precious and wants to make me feel safe and thinks I need to be p…[View]
48272633I only go on here when I'm high. This is the last form of contact I have with humans. I am beco…[View]
48273168So there this nigga named Kero who is in the furry community and recently him and and all of his orb…[View]
48273316Tinder red flags: Matched with this aight girl on tinder. We actually have a lot in common and i got…[View]
48273196/r9k/, how do I kill myself and disappear at the same time? A few years ago I told my parents about …[View]
48272351What are you drinking tonight?: It is Saturday and almost October. What are you all drinking tonight…[View]
48271843Is college the last chance to 'make it'?: I only have 2 years of college and I have not made any fri…[View]
48272762I'm so fucking scared about the prospects of going bald. I keep thinking I see possible signs b…[View]
48273207who /devilish/ here?: >see the homeless on a daily basis >live in an area that gets very cold …[View]
48272705If the shitty AI wasn't piled in the road would I need to stop or go?[View]
48272456>go to art exhibit with a girl today >for some reason she invited me, think she might actually…[View]
48272443>People are nothing more than a game to me. >Spend months at a time strategically planting ide…[View]
48273023I think i'm about to get a qt gf and she's doing all the work while i let it happen[View]
48273186i've been thinking lately /r9k/, shouldn't we be grateful? this is a truly special time to…[View]
48273140>Be year 2025 >Every movie and TV Show that has been released in the past few years, has been …[View]
48272526Thanos car is dead[View]
48271298Why does my ass hurt when I wake up from sleep?[View]
48271266Rose: Friday night? No rosemary bread? Let's change that! Come home rosebud. Happy belated birt…[View]
48272647Robots, do you have any experience with commissioning artwork from people? I want to get something d…[View]
48272395Guy acting different: Hi robots, A guy from work and I were kind of talking and hung out outside of …[View]
48272683> hi there, what would like today? ww-what do!!?[View]
48273106Cashier here I just want you guys to know that if you mess up and say 'You too' or say something aut…[View]
48272146Prove her wrong[View]
482730150h no, not me.[View]
48271077In regards to PeeWeeToms, Why do people feel the need to broadcast them dying?: Is it out of hope? O…[View]
48273010Be an EXTROVERT or else!: Seriously if you aren't an extrovert on this Earth you are already pl…[View]
48272976How can I have sex with white girls?[View]
48272783Going out for coffee and wanting to go on a hike together means she likes me as more than a friend, …[View]
48272270Femanons, would you date a 23 year old who only had one gf when he was 16[View]
48272868What happened to r9k? > I have a bf/gf post REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
48272962Continuing this thread in case anyone's curious or has any questions Every night for the past w…[View]
48266931why is everybody so 'sad' nowadays?[View]
48271960Hello Robots, I want to share something with you. Sex is not the ultimate goal of this life. Pleasur…[View]
48272002Abandon real life relationships. Just play RPGs. I've never been happier.[View]
48269966post your face when you realized people get a notification when you save their facebook pics[View]
48272096could someone post that pic of the virgin age meter?[View]
48272603>Thanks for taking me out to lunch today anon![View]
48272030Do weebish/introvert girls like muscly guys or do they tend to go with skinny beta boys?[View]
48272254Post Cuddle pics: Real life, anime, what ever I'm lonely[View]
48272445anyone else have low self esteem but at the same time terrified of girls liking you more than you li…[View]
48271191I fucking hate you all: only 10% at most are true loser. fucking hate you faggits. Im sicj of the …[View]
48271237Feels Thread: >'Anon is one rejection away from shooting himself' edition…[View]
48271520It Finally Happened: I dreamt that I was in a relationship with the girl of my fucking dreams. Imagi…[View]
48270245Jesus Christ tinder is a joke. How can it be this skewed for women that even trannies are getting 10…[View]
48272767Would you agree that rubbing your tired feet on the carpet, after a long day, is just as (or even mo…[View]
48271712what are 'tumblr glasses': i have heard a kind of specs that quirky girls wear be referred to like t…[View]
48272573>very passionate about things >don't pursue them because that'd help the world and …[View]
48260431chad thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0j52NLm0Mvv what was your highlight of the day[View]
48267251spit some bars anons even if they suck i'm bored: r9k hasn't been the same for days or is …[View]
48271653>girl says hi to me at work >hold onto that scenario in my head all day >make it home and i…[View]
48271811>women can have all kinds of exclusive clubs to bitch and moan about men who treat them like quee…[View]
48271768Officially the first day of Fall in New England. First comfy thread of the year robots, get in here.…[View]
48272134Average girth?: When I measure, my girth is 5.5' and mine doesn't seem thick I don't think…[View]
48272473why not just join a biker gang?[View]
48269233>gf does nothing but sleep all day and never wants to fuck[View]
48246341/uni/ just failed the Exam edition: How are things going faggots? Made friends, not hating your life…[View]
48272444any robots make music? https://soundcloud.com/user-644214965/2-2-2 https://soundcloud.com/user-64421…[View]
48271685Who here loves women?: I'm a volcel who adores women. I couldn't ever see myself defiling …[View]
48271053What will you do when American society collapses? Will you join a gang and run amok? Will you try an…[View]
48271010Anyone want to talk on discord? Im bored and lonely[View]
48271905>losing an internet argument >opponent makes a typo Better luck next time retard…[View]
48271231tfw no cheetah gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlGfi2ofzFc[View]
482709004chan addiction: What is it about this site/imageboards that makes it so addicting? I don't eve…[View]
48272285Who else /mom already died doomer/here?[View]
48270613I have to present in a month and im really scared[View]
48271101please do not steal this normie meme. i worked vry hard on it[View]
48270803>tfw you look at old photos and see what could have been if you took hrt earlier I want to kill m…[View]
48271275Shyness is a fraud,you guys are narcissists piece of shit[View]
48268432Why is most porn sites catered towards women?: Almost every porn site is catered sexually towards wo…[View]
48272279Do people on facebook know when you check their profile or something? just got blocked by my friend …[View]
48266674why not date an asian girl?[View]
48271945My DAD is a FAG: my dad is a fucking homo. he has no social skills or social life, hes so awkward an…[View]
48271708>finally bought the manga and vidya I wanted >still sad >just want to sleep It wasn't …[View]
48272212Me and my brother put our money together to buy some weed, (he was the one that bought it) when i we…[View]
48267165>normies and women are all shallow, vapid and boring What's interesting about you, then?…[View]
48269895Any other /Goomber/s here? This shit is suffering, man...[View]
48272184What scares the shit out of you anon?[View]
48272148Why the fuck is it that no matter how far gone you are no matter how brain damage you become no mat…[View]
48272072hello, i am socially awkward yet somehow have friends despite my severe autism. i think i've fo…[View]
48269649>Tfw you realize women were whoring themselves out and selling sex for money since the beginning …[View]
48271680any Ottawafags around? when is the power coming back on it has been 6 hours Im fucking bored[View]
48272109Gravity bong: >smoke geebs >play csgo with roommate >loss every match >smoke geebs to go…[View]
48272105Does anyone else have reverse oneitis?: Obviously a lot of people talk about having oneitis and it r…[View]
48271963Fuck: >Completely fucked sleep schedule, wake up at 6pm >Machine gun my daily right swipes on …[View]
48271063Have you ever stopped to think you might be wrong about things? That you are feeding on your misery …[View]
48267671Suicide thread. All thoughts and discussions pertaining to suicide and death go here. Honouring Shua…[View]
48270740>Get out of shower. >Immediately have to take a shit. NOOOOOOOOOO I WAS CLEAN…[View]
48267986>be incel >kill someone >suddenly girls are all over you why don't you kill someone an…[View]
48272016Za: When the founding fathers gathered and said 'WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT' They meant…[View]
48271396Explain to me why I shouldn't marry a beautiful Lebanese girl[View]
48270321Press F to pay respects he got dead l0l[View]
48271181I'm scared: I sometimes see demons that haunt me (and yes the hospital said my brain is functio…[View]
48271534Feels good man: Do you have any wholesome/uplifting memes?[View]
48269743Alright fuckers I asked the gril i like to school dance using every ounce of willpower in my beta bo…[View]
48271757Doomer Bingo: Are you a doomer? This is the only way to know for sure.[View]
48271576How many xanax would one have to take in order to overdose and die in combination with heavy drinkin…[View]
48271922How do you get better luck? It seems literally everything goes wrong for me these days, every little…[View]
48270781Black fembots (if there are any), Would you have enjoyed having your large ass inspected by cute 19t…[View]
48269589any early gen xers here?[View]
48271522Tfw at the bar with pretty young woman Tfw sitting beside boomers Tfw the women really suck The meme…[View]
48269775i am at a bar how do i human with the normies pls help i am drunk[View]
48269903How many of you would seriously lower your standards to a butterface?[View]
48271833Hows your night going? >at dorm in uni >scroll on phone >see girl I used to like >she wo…[View]
48271448>thinking about random circumstances of my life >mind drifts to how fucked up my sleep schedul…[View]
48271112>be me a few hours ago >going to a bar to catch up with an old high school friend I haven…[View]
48271814>using jeans pants >wants to shit >unzip pants, sit on toilet AMA?…[View]
48271800>girl I was hanging out with kisses me at club >half an hour later she then kisses Chad right …[View]
48271206OCD General: ITT we discuss how OCD and neurological tisms affect our daily lives. Me: >at comput…[View]
48270498Does /r9k/ like cigars? Which ones do you prefer?[View]
48271050Your mode of transport crashes onto an uncharted island. You're stranded on an island with a 'f…[View]
48269992>turns 20 years old >looks up average autistic male life expectancy >40 years Shit.…[View]
48270691I seem to lack the empathy or ability to be personable around wamen or anyone for that matter, is th…[View]
48269053Anyone up for a bit of fortune telling with cards? Might be fun, even if you're a skeptic.[View]
48271450https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbApGqCsWvQ&t=1318s you guys seen this shit[View]
48271617Cute Girls Thread: I wanna Hug her 2.0 edition[View]
48270876worst tf2 experiences you’ve had: hit me up r9k[View]
48271506>be me >family wants me to take therapy >ff 1 week >finally meet therapist >qt3.14…[View]
48271563new discord server C84jVj come hang out and make frends : ^ )[View]
48270792>born in shitty small town >no one around me but crazy rednecks >everyones poor has no oppr…[View]
48270543Who here ordering /papas/ tonight?[View]
48271514robots pls ddos pokemonshowdown: tired of the fagit normie mods[View]
48271293i know life is something to be grateful for but, i can't stop wondering why i'm alive. wha…[View]
48271462Look at this original post! cool[View]
48269578>Thanks again for getting me my Smirnoff and Bacardi, Anon >Yeah, I need a double order this w…[View]
48271278>Have dream last night >I'm with Hitler and other high ranking nazi's on the day of …[View]
48269956General anxieties thread Post your anxieties so I can know that I'm not an alien freak[View]
48271393Anyone here feel like they just don't fit in with the incels or the normies? Tired of shitty no…[View]
48270961Why do Christians and other relgious folk deny the contradictions, historical inaccuracies, illogica…[View]
48269494Did you know atheist tr&nny JewTuber Zinnia Jones does porn as 'Satana Kennedy?': Shoves giant h…[View]
48270344Train To Busan: SPOILERS AHEAD would you die with her? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2iVb8UOSAPA …[View]
48269142what the least faggy way to off yourself?[View]
48269674Asian guy here, if you had the opportunity to punch an asian guy in the face, no strings attached (y…[View]
48271325This movie was a trip and a half.[View]
48271292tfw you realize after all this time at 20 years old >it's not that your autistic it's j…[View]
48269995why are Mediterranean men so unbelievably top tier?[View]
48270414>don't know, when to put, commas >Just put em ,randomly…[View]
48267404How do you anons deal with the boredom without getting high? What the fuck is there to do? What do y…[View]
48270854Anyone have any good beceldog memes?[View]
48271269I wanna be a girl so bad how do I become talented so I dont wanna be a girl so bad[View]
48269757So /r9k/, are dildos gay? I got one that is only 5.5 inches long and 1.5 around but it looks intimid…[View]
48270419Fuck off: I have seen the threads and the complaints, and I have decided to single-handedly save thi…[View]
48271217another day, another raw egg. I haven't reached the hunger threshhold to eat it yet, that'…[View]
48268877>join discord server >actually talk and not just lurk and leave >get accused of being ecele…[View]
48271210i just deleted almost half of my image folder i have been working on for 2 years, just fuck my shit …[View]
48271151mr rogers: >mfw the new google doodle about mr rogers made me cry for about 10 minutes…[View]
48270151>be in class >talking to some normies >some girl comes up to me and asks me 'your name…[View]
48270575The Beta Uprising: Can you feel it? It started lads.[View]
48270773>put hamper with all my dirty clothes on ground ready to go home for break >finish loading car…[View]
48270679>daddy kil himself >find out his daddy kill himself >find out his daddy (my great granddadd…[View]
48269829is george /ourguy/ or is ringo /ourguy/[View]
48269090Movie Night: Tonight we're starting with fightclub at more or less exactly 9pm, rabb.it/perviou…[View]
48270971>have literally one female friend >pretty sure she has a crush on me >gets kind of touchy, …[View]
48268880Has anyone ever been 'contacted by someone' in a dream before? For the past week I have dr…[View]
48270944>'You'll be there for me when I get out, won't you anon? I love you!' What do you do?…[View]
48269671I still love her. I want to tell her that I love her but I know it won't change anything. If I …[View]
48270824I left my house with food in the vessels in the sink. There's worms everywhere now in the sink…[View]
48270265>I hope I cross her mind once in a while[View]
48269203Ask a loving couple anything about your normal.married life Been together since we were pre teens. …[View]
48270725Girls, how does it feel knowing that there are lots of guys on here who want nothing more than to lo…[View]
48270217Hey /r9k hows your Youtube Channel going just uploaded my first video feels pretty good. You guys ha…[View]
48266679Fembots, do you believe in premarital sex?: I personally think its fucking degrading. Been searching…[View]
48269131Posting turkey apu everyday Day 64 :)[View]
48267932Aspie GF application thread: looking for aspie gf dont care about anything else Bonus points for vir…[View]
48270768Comfy YouTube channels to listen to? Particularly asmr videos, most of them don't do it for me …[View]
48261313>literally had to beg to a guy to cum in my face because he kept saying it was degrading and miso…[View]
48269810This song is for you, us, those that arent quite made to live.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hGS…[View]
48270767Hi /R9K/ need your help with an issue that's driving me insane. I've had a few long distan…[View]
48269339we /drinkin/ what you Bros drinking tonight? pic related[View]
48270652/schooner/ general: Who else here 25 year old schooner?[View]
482699021/6 people in my class are traps[View]
48269227what do I do if my parents are negative and want me to fail. every time I find a way to improve my l…[View]
48270660Whats up with all the avatarfagging lately?: Lately Ive been seeing a lot of avatarfagging with entr…[View]
48270580>want to get fit >have what might be chronic fatigue syndrome, not sure if it could be conside…[View]
48267048>be Australian >alarm goes off at 6.30am >still wearing hivis from yesterde >three diffe…[View]
48269647how do fellow robots fall asleep fast i need something to get me to sleep preferably a method not a …[View]
48270324My school had everyone in the gym for some event today. They let some normie fag pick music. Out of …[View]
48257497I've never seen such a relatable meme before. It's like this was purposefully crafted to f…[View]
48266745Question for fembots: What do you think about foot fetishism? Is it a really wtf fetish to you or i…[View]
48268201What keeps you living in this world? For me I just don't have the courage to commit suicide.[View]
48269996is it bad? i got a blowjob from some dude and that spot kinda hurt while he was giving me a blowjob …[View]
48270238I don't like blowjobs because I feel like hey are just going to bite down as hard as they can a…[View]
48268908Reminder that you aren't special and the world doesn't owe you anything.[View]
48269395he would rather smoke all the time than raise a family with me and grow old together[View]
48269844Weird music tastes: Can you guys talk about your weird taste of music and post an example? Would lov…[View]
48240194/doomer/ general: Lets go. Girls banned from this thread[View]
48269549Does losing your virginity count if you were only catching?[View]
48255808ITT: Post a fetish you're proud to NOT have. I'll start >feet…[View]
48269456Earlier in the week I made a thread about being rejected by my best friend(female). Haven't tal…[View]
48270395Is constantly biting (with my lips) shirt neck a sign of autisms?[View]
48270388Daily reminder that Marky Jane Thompson had her ANUS pulverized by Sam Hyde.[View]
48269987Fellas, I need advice. My friend, just lost his v-card (can confirm, I asked the female that he did …[View]
48269390How do you cope with being alone on a Friday night every week?[View]
48269830Baby Boomers began in 1946 due to the G.I.s coming home after WWII and fucking a lot. The boom held …[View]
48270338ongion: >ongion >ongion >ongion >ongion >ongion ongion…[View]
48269440tfw gf is taller[View]
48270160shes getting married now apparently theres really no hope left for us bros[View]
48269522Does anyone wanna talk? It's 3:30 AM and sad[View]
48267730>qt gives me mixed as fuck signals >text her that I like her >she replies 10 hours later wi…[View]
48269760I wish /r9k/ would be more creative, least that way the creative threads would die as fast.[View]
48270305just Gurf'd my first girl, I am no longer a virgin. seeya losers[View]
48269900Me sad: Me sad how fix[View]
48269399>finally stop being suicidal >constantly tormented by fear of dying which spirals into crippli…[View]
48270242i'm stuck in the middle. your twenties are just endless periods of being in between the panels.…[View]
48270071>be me >15 years old in middle school >sit next to really hot qt 3.14 solid 9/10 >during…[View]
48269758I don't know a group of 'Friends' names: Robots, how do I get a large group of girls names. The…[View]
48270141batshit crazy dms from 'friend': Should i skip monday or some shit?[View]
48268559Girls can be born with a penis?[View]
48270173Can I pay for women to accompany me to bars?: So here's my problem. I live alone. Make good mon…[View]
48269850>lack passion, creativity, AND intelligence whew looks like it was over before it began boys…[View]
48270126Looking for weird gf Any race. Any size. Goodboy points if ur into anime.[View]
48270066Congratulations anon! You have the opportunity to be one of the first people to enter the new fully …[View]
48269932Are you with the zoomer or the boomer?[View]
48270010DAMN.: >be me >back in highschool >qt3.14 latina chick sits across from me >i kind of kn…[View]
48268909Is there anything more embarrassing than being tackled, overpowered and beaten by a girl?[View]
48269169Anyone here enjoy drinking absinthe?: It's not bad, gives a very relaxing body feeling. I like …[View]
48269942>mfw gf asks me to check under her belly for rashes and blisters because its too big for her to s…[View]
48269929Where are you right now, or where is your favorite place to go?[View]
48269909>tfw no programmierer bf[View]
48267649My herpes results came back positive Thanks random Thot on Tinder[View]
48268793What makes r9k happy?: >be me, Canada fag >recently moved away from my friends >working lon…[View]
48269865Please help me.: So im stuck in a discord call with someone and its just akward silence. How do I ge…[View]
48269197To scared to ask girls out in fear of rejection: I really struggle to understand if a girl finds me …[View]
48260436If you emphasize the importance of social skills and 'social intelligence', you do it because you do…[View]
48269857It didn't happened for a long time, say month But it happened again, last night, actually today…[View]
48269121r9k movies: Whats you favorite movies robots? Mine are Breaking Away Trainspotting K- On! Movie…[View]
48269694>friend set me up with a girl he knows that I met before >we have a date tomorrow >I don…[View]
48268896>tfw 5ft4 and still tower over half the girls and guys at my high school California is the land o…[View]
48269659>9:30, finally tired enough to sleep >Phone rings for first time in weeks >Unrecognized num…[View]
48266825So femanons, how tall are you? I myself would be a giraffe if I was a woman[View]
48269488This thread's for every Anon without a gf to cuddle with tonight. Hold me bros. Also post wojac…[View]
48269523hey guys, would you watch the irl stream of a doomer spending all day in his room? Im planing of doi…[View]
48269728ITT : Things you have to fix to acquire a GeeEff Physical >height >gyno >5 incher >brown…[View]
48269606>be me >20 something virgin >self esteem issues >no one loves me >go on weeb forums …[View]
48269719suicide fuel: itt post pics that make you want to end your life[View]
48268464Do women actually enjoy being tittyfucked or is it just a porn meme?[View]
48268739This thread is meant for people that want to change and want to become normies or even Chads. It…[View]
48269677how do i meet women?: i am 25 years old, live alone in an apartment. how do i meet women? my concern…[View]
48269618>watching movie with some hot actress >research her wiki >mfw she has no children…[View]
48269586>chad P.M who gets the POTUS's daughter >big ass country with lots of space >everyone …[View]
48269159Anon here is a virgin. Recently I've been talking to a girl online. It lead to sexting and she …[View]
48261339/Sloomer/ general: Any sloomers awake right now? Just woke up at noon after a nice long slumber. Mig…[View]
48265777Have you ever seen a girl nude in real life? Tell us your experiences.[View]
48269518Wank-free: I've been doing NoFap for almost a week now unintentionally because I've been s…[View]
48268100I think I'm going crazy >be me >uni student, business major >heard about lucid dreamin…[View]
48268058all i wanted was a nice gf[View]
48268989>tfw you find out your girlfriend is a male[View]
48269153why are girls so obsessed with this fucking haircut[View]
48268059I am sorry for posting pictures of inappropriate images on 4chan on June 28th, 2018, I will not do t…[View]
48267175Do girls actually touch their boobs while they masturbate, or is that just a porn thing?[View]
48268927ITT: Guilty Pleasures: I really like those Buzzfeed Unsolved vids. Both the guys on the show are pre…[View]
48268353Nardil (chemical name phenelzine). This medication is amazing. It came out in the 1960s but is FAR m…[View]
48268667Posting for my friend day 34: nothing to tell today, but i got a new (((merchant))) wallpaper[View]
48267338>Of course I'll be your girlfriend Anon! But you'll need to prove that you love me and …[View]
48269416where did everyone go ?: > be me > be here for 4+ years now > everything has shifted here…[View]
48267965> dont know what to do with my hands so I put them in my pockets >hands get sweaty and warm …[View]
48268934>tfw the only girl to give me attention is thr gyaru super slut at work I don't want the tow…[View]
48269246ITT: post your pepes[View]
48266510xSTP robot crew report in. Not doing so well tbqhwyf. Civilized society is no place for xSTPs.[View]
48269381Ask Me Some “Lul Random” Questions?: Hey guys Im gonna make a piece of shit JewTube video that no on…[View]
48267864I refuse to believe that people have actually met on this board, let alone had an LTR and gotten mar…[View]
48269374I'm going to get a big booby Oriental mommy gf. Visualization of my goal is an important step o…[View]
48267803Things that should be banned from 4chan >leftist posts >making fun of Trump >memes that are…[View]
48258386any other fembots given up on trying to date someone from here[View]
48265728>'hurry up anon, we don't have all day'[View]
48269348>need to have a good education to be accepted into the college that wont get you any jobs because…[View]
48269346RESUME FiX: Talking about Brett Kavanuagh and my moms drunk Starts by saying 'As a woman...' Basical…[View]
48269091I wish I had milkers. Instead I was born like a flat ironing board.[View]
48269290>he needs a dick in porn to get off[View]
48269101What the fuck happened here?!: To make a long story short, the last time I visited this board was in…[View]
48267948Reminder to racist ethnics/people of color: Heres a reminder for any racist ethnics/minorities who t…[View]
48266388'Nice guys' like to think the world is being unfair to them. 'I'm such a great guy! I treat wom…[View]
48269211You guys ever wonder what it's like to be a Lobotomite?[View]
48267416I believe in your robros: Robros, you've helped me and now I want to help you, comment somethin…[View]
48268724>meet up with friends from irc because I've recently moved to a new city >haven't se…[View]
48268165Hey, anon! Do you wanna see a magic trick? Wat do?[View]
48268392>Friday night >powers out in most of my city >nothing to do but shitpost on my phone in the…[View]
48269157Now that the dust has settled What's the deal with germans and scat? What makes them engage in …[View]
48261152Are they villains or misunderstood heroes?[View]
48269071who married boomer here? It's almost 3 am, my pregnant wife is sleeping while I'm sitting …[View]
48262310I have really shitty taste in music. can you robots link me your absolute favorite songs of all time…[View]
48268504>she's already moved on and found someone else How's your day going so far?…[View]
48267439How fucking ugly am I?: be honest guys[View]
48268365Anyone here feel like they just don't fit in with the incels or the normies? Tired of shitty no…[View]
48268862/tyrone/ >be me >6ft gorrila faced black guy >grew up in semi ghetto philly and befriended …[View]
48268837People around me are fucking dumb.[View]
48266293Anyone else get this particular visual when they close their eyes? I've been trying to find ou…[View]
48268956I am a very bad person.[View]
48269074it's another night sitting alone pretending my problems don't exist while wishing they wer…[View]
48269061http://pixelcanvas.io/@7,10 Get in here and fight the good fight lads.[View]
48268386Why do people always try to insert politics and shit into memes? it makes the internet not fun like …[View]
48268646What does /r9k/ think of vigilantes? not gay shit like Antiffa like going out in the streets at nigh…[View]
48268332autism story thread what was the most autistic thing you've ever done? best replies will go on …[View]
48262612What was this guy's problem? Why couldn't he just put his mattress in his own fucking tras…[View]
48267968Why do women purposely show cleavage if you aren't supposed to look at it?[View]
48266916Could shrinking be the solution to humanities problems? I mean let's really think about this he…[View]
48268514'What's a handsome guy like you doing all alone on a Friday night? How about you buy me a drink…[View]
48268580Japanese Aunt Story: Looking for anyone who knows if the anon ever finished his story: >>48257…[View]
48268645Female NPCs: Why is the 'basic female' mentality so rampant? I know there's girls going out and…[View]
48265621>You will never have a cute elf gf to lay in your arms when it's stormy It hurts.…[View]
48268848If I stop watching all tv/movies will it make it harder to get a gf[View]
48260322Women hate thread: Women are subhuman parasites that ruin everything[View]
48268859I grew up in gang territory, the gang was (is) called OCTX3, meaning Oak Cliff Texas X3. Sometimes t…[View]
48268825'>tfw no gf' psting, and those posting it, are so pathetic. It disgusts me. Not only do…[View]
48268758>my colleagues at work made fun of findom again >'lol who wants to get dominated by women? I c…[View]
48268838Why do women who are already in relationships love to flirt and touch more than single women do?[View]
48268781Friendly reminder that you are still a virgin if the girl was less than 7/10: and prostitutes don…[View]
48268007I hope you last longer than my previous husbands, Anon.[View]
48266838>still cant bring myself to hate every woman even when most interactions are the same and have ca…[View]
48267339Any dicklets out there have experience using a cock sleeve? l'm small down here and my gf seems…[View]
48268769Only you can make this world seem right Only you can make the darkness bright Only you and you alone…[View]
48268748>finally found guy I can rwlate to and enjoy talking with online >find out we live in same cit…[View]
48267099There are underaged users on this board how does that make you feel?[View]
48267726>tfw no dom bf to defeat in bed and turn into a sub[View]
48266844>got promoted to an engineering position >applied for it but didn't expect to actually ge…[View]
48267865What infuriates you most about niggers? >them fucking all our white women >aggressive dominant…[View]
48268194Fembots, why do you hate your father so much?[View]
48268682Traps are worse than women in every way. Women will eventually settle for you. Even if you aren…[View]
48268628I just jerked off, but it didn't 'take'. Should I just do it again?[View]
48267771>Be me >Be in school >In a class at the moment >This one girl touches my face >She …[View]
48268282Npc(normalfag) fetishes I start with three of the most normalfag fetishes >redheads >big boobs…[View]
48268395How much do you think a girl would regret it if she had her first kiss and first sex with a loser ro…[View]
48268009>be me >live in Kansas, where lolicon and shotacon is illegal >isp on phone (tmobile), isp …[View]
48262263online relationships are greater are more real than irl relationships and if you disagree you'r…[View]
48263855when was the last time you went outside?: >when >why >when is next time you have to I went …[View]
48268471>mom please let me have more food >no mom i only had two bites i'm still hungry >no mo…[View]
48268426>talking to girl >seems to be going well >she mentions she has a best friend / boyfriend …[View]
48268124Late night music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyIDAzXoliA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
48268295Okay, I'm probably only going to ask this once, but why are all these fake femanon posts sudden…[View]
48268306What would you give her?[View]
48259472I want to feminize my best friend and make him my boywife![View]
48267925aesthetic thread: share stuff that you'd consider aesthetic I'll start https://www.youtube…[View]
48267371Friday night Cat pic thread: Post some pretty kitties let's get some good fuzzy feels going on …[View]
48267694>ask girl to hang it Friday >she says yes >text her an hour ago >still hasnt responded …[View]
48266406This hot redhead comes up to you and says: >you do have plans for the weekend, right anon? You ar…[View]
48267240short people thread: 5'4' male anon how do i get girls pic unrelated[View]
48267074/HH/: >be me >at Hentai Haven >head over to comment section for a quick laugh >mentions …[View]
48268166>73% European, 15% Negroid, 12% Amerindian >Hate living with other races >Hate working in U…[View]
48268142Why did the cross street cross the street? >So the chicken could fuck your momma.…[View]
48267863The trick to life: A guide to guiding: The trick to life is tricking the suckers who're looking…[View]
48267893Why WHY the fuck are white women not attracted to me im in good shape im strong im CLEAN and they do…[View]
48265039>'Hello anon, I work for the IRP, Incel Reassimilation Program, I'm your government assigned…[View]
48267750>watching porn >fapping because I have nothing better to do >watching qt being plowed in mi…[View]
48268039we're never getting nudes from this tiny little sexy slut are we[View]
48267873hey everybody, its jakes showcase. i do videos on wendesday! ask me anything, but no mean comments p…[View]
48267196>tfw disgusted by biological matter: So tired of being organic, when will i be capable of transit…[View]
48268036>tfw ywn be as alpha as this 12 year old kid filpping off the Afghan cricket players in front of …[View]
48267654What's wrong with me?: >Be me >From the start of this week a, friend of mine invited me t…[View]
48265864Does anyone else think that everybody looks a little goofy? I really do mean everybody. Even me. I…[View]
48267149masturbation problem: so i basically masturbate once every day and i have not had any problems until…[View]
48265938>Sorry anon, I only like CHAD cock... :/[View]
48267829metal dick: revengeance: >several years of continuous rejection >women definitely don't w…[View]
48266165>ywn be full black White genes are a curse no offense[View]
48267900Thoughts on self-aware people who cause drama and purpose and know what they're doing?: I don…[View]
48266912I don't feel depressed anymore, but now I hate people/humans/whatever. Is there a way out of th…[View]
48267848Hey, you! I know you're feeling bad lately, and maybe have been for a long time, but I'm h…[View]
48266384How do I convince my good friend to let me blow him without him feeling gay?[View]
48267577I know, this is not right. But, i feel no pleasure in fapping by myself... any fem wants to? E-even…[View]
48266991Socially retarded anon here. KHV at 18. If a girl invites invites me to her dorm to watch wet hot am…[View]
48267781>get job at call center >40h per week contract >expected to be available from 7am to 10pm …[View]
48264386My friend has a huge cock and mogs the shit out me: Yesterday I went to the gym with my friend, I al…[View]
48265908/Feelings/: Post your feelings here. Good or bad.[View]
48266885>be me >19 yo monotone CS college student that has resting bitch face due to my disdain for ev…[View]
48265918It's honestly impressive how much of a waste of space I am. It amazes me how I'm bad at LI…[View]
48266984can a 5/10 be a chad?[View]
48266949I took all my never met LDRs seriously, ask me anything: ask me anything, I took all my never met LD…[View]
48267710>tfw no natural haired, short cut, sexy and curvy milk chocolate gf[View]
48266835>get bullied in school >girls rejected me >parents didn't give me enough attention …[View]
48263656>have never spent a friday night doing anything besides sitting alone in my dark room and playing…[View]
48266987what kind of job will let me visit Antartica?[View]
48267358You know, like, for real? For real?[View]
48267585DAILY REMINDER: The Millers did Nothing Wrong: I also have made a steam group dedicated to them and …[View]
48267589is the reason r9k so shitty because it's populated almost entirely by underage b&? i swear …[View]
48267400Please post all skelly feels here.[View]
48266861anyone ever been contacted in a dream? for the past week the same person has been talking to me and …[View]
48267458>h-hi anon I'm the new boy in class wat do[View]
48266162I see alot of people calling themselves schizoid. You cannot be schizoid if you want relationships o…[View]
48264455zoomer here any boomers out there got any advice/mistakes they'd like share? kinda lost in life…[View]
48267418>tfw today I called my boss mom send me cool places to neck on[View]
48266855Would you chop your dick off and have your fingers crushed in a vice for a trillion dollars?[View]
48267451>spent almost my entire friday night binge watching porn[View]
48266602I just got out of jail/ICE custody on Monday. I spent a total of 138 days spread across three differ…[View]
48266333Deodorant thread: What deodorant do you use? Most deodorants irritate the bajeebers out of my armpit…[View]
48267348Apu what are you doing under that rug?[View]
48264741Yesterday when I was in my casual /nightwalk/ I found an asshole who was screaming and pushing at hi…[View]
48266395i turned 18 today boiz >be me >kissles hugless virgin >have b day today > qt3.14 schoolm…[View]
48267382>two girls sitting next to me in subway >one is Asian >they're talking about their boy…[View]
48266471Be honest, how many of you are into cuckold porn and/or fetishes?[View]
48267118>femanons from lolcow make trash threads saying that they are ugly so therefore they are equal to…[View]
48266907I don't want to do nothing and I don't want to do anything. I've been stuck like thi…[View]
48267194I'm gonna be spending most of tomorrow with a girl I've met at uni. If I lose my virginity…[View]
48264855>be incel >hate woman >want to actually be with woman at same time why are incels so dumb? …[View]
48267225>watching a game show >some guy comes on >immediately can tell from the way he talks/his bo…[View]
48267302Hung out with couple female friends, started feeling like they dont want me around despite them star…[View]
48265874Short thread, oof >5'3 >too shorts to be considered manly >face too ugly to be cute I …[View]
48234304/creative/ thread? Haven't seen one of these in a while, show us what you're working on.[View]
48266429>a week or so ago, a normie said there is no side effects for smoking weed. >today: 'dude I h…[View]
48266993How do I obtain a female stalker? It's my fetish. Do you guys at least got any stories?[View]
48267252>Get talked into coming to a college house party with some people I know >No drinking or anyth…[View]
48267216am I the only one who unironically likes country music? I don't know why I like it, but my fam…[View]
48259961Shaving: How do you shave your dick and dick area?[View]
48265476Tropes you hate: >horror movie >woman or kid singing a nursery song in a very weird way…[View]
48266783Do you have dreams from which you just wake up crying, robots? Last night I dreamt I was stabbed bot…[View]
48267140I Love Exposing Online: I LOVE TO BE EXPOSED ONLINE! 27 Wife Los Angeles https://temporarily.exposed…[View]
48266682Each time she hits you you get 10000$. How often do you tell her to hit you?[View]
48265665>the very few guys that tries to talk to me/stare at me are incel-tier uggos >tfw uggo myself …[View]
48265593Ok so if you google 'analog alarm clock' and go to images pretty much every result has the clock at …[View]
48266306r9k in 20 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSmrEm6yQbI[View]
48267059We will ascend, robots: >anti-aging treatments >stem cell medicine >gene editing >human …[View]
48266152Furry thread? I'll start. >be me >13 >horny as shit >decide to cut hole in pillow p…[View]
48264794plastic surgery general: When you're 'blackpilled' on how much looks matter yet don't do s…[View]
48266686Rare/Favorite Pepe thread?: >Post your pepes faggots[View]
48266191ITT: anons share their experiences with playing with others feelings: Part 1: The Start >be me, 1…[View]
48266849>3 matches when i swipe women (obese females that dont respond back >over 600 matches when i s…[View]
48266859>Doctor says I will never be prescribed Effexor again because I acted out from a bipolar manic ep…[View]
48265898post only reaction images you made[View]
48264942NPCs spend thousands on a trading card game: Then justify it as an 'investment,' which is arguably m…[View]
48266024Robot discord E3fStYz No f*mbots plz[View]
48265860Daily reminder that the only safe communist is a dead one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KOddPQc7h…[View]
48266221Holy shit I am so alone I want to die[View]
48266728If you have never puked in the shower then pissed onto the puke you are not a robot[View]
48265865I want a cute trap bf I can have casual sex with and play ps2 games with afterwards.[View]
48265420>blasting porn MAX volume in the house >thought my dad was away for work >he wasn't…[View]
48266494>day 5 of nofap >all these qt petite asian girls are walking around my college campus with big…[View]
48263813Fondling? Molestation?: I've been thinking about something lately...I have this friend who clea…[View]
48263791Tell me lads and lasses, what's the story behind your first kiss?[View]
48263641Are all white people NPCs? If so, do you think it's always been like this or is it just a moder…[View]
48261846asian guys can't get cute white gil-[View]
48266508today is my last day of being a shut-in uni starts tomorrow[View]
48265615me and my grandma are doing are weekend anime binge, this week it's evangelion and she made us …[View]
482614105'9 white male. It was over before it even began.[View]
48264727Whenever I quit porn for a few months all my fetishes go away and the only thing that gets me hard i…[View]
48260394Never had sleep paralysis. How does it feel[View]
48265882would you a jew girl to escape inceldom, goy? or a jew boy for you /r9gay/ degens https://www.youtub…[View]
48266585Women love taken men. Why haven't you paid a woman to pretend to be your girlfriend?[View]
48266562Anyone have realistic paranoia?: Since we all have to talk to people and trust them, I'm scared…[View]
48264332Manlets have no chance with wo- https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/three-foot-porn-star-who-10…[View]
48266321>Not alpha enough to be a chad >Not autistic enough to be a robot Is there a place in this wor…[View]
48266467>ywn have a majin gf why live?[View]
48266497No matter what you do, you will never find a person who shares your values. How do you feel with tha…[View]
48263971>tfw no beautiful, majestic angel wings[View]
48264533All because someone has schizophrenia it doesn't mean they're incapable of caring for them…[View]
48263052>tfw the education system tricks you into thinking that you're not a brainlet by giving you …[View]
48264406Communism is good: Communism is great. Try to find something bad about it. I bet you can't. I h…[View]
48266400Story of my first time blacking out due to being drunk >be me >15 >plan getting drunk at fr…[View]
48266274What gives robros: Im almost 25, Im khv, but i'm 6'2, 158 lbs, and about 5/10 (some girls …[View]
48265358It seems from most women's experiences, ugly/average guys have really shitty personalities, and…[View]
48263858I want to be a NEET I want to be a NEET I want to be a NEET I already went ouside enough, it's …[View]
48266219Even though I am an occultist, anarchist,6'0, and white I still get laid consistently. What is …[View]
48265753I hate myself and I wish I was born a cute girl instead[View]
48266192>oneitis got a tattoo[View]
48263801Femanons, are you aware that most if not all guys you know have fapped to you at least once? How do …[View]
48264473How do I turn my height insecurity around and make being 5'6 cute?[View]
48266313>tfw just took a huge shit I feel so rejuvenated. Why does it feel good to take a dump?…[View]
48266148i've been away from 4chan for a while.. why is everybody calling everybody else NPCs[View]
48266262>be me >in school >teacher tells me to share >everyone shares >I turn into Stalin …[View]
48262558Weekly father hate thread Why do you hate him, what has he done to you this week, how are you coping…[View]
48264971this guy literally got starved by his 80lb gf >beaten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeGVpMPAwuw…[View]
48249274APOLOGIZE: >Thousands of autistic girls and women 'going undiagnosed' due to gender bia…[View]
48265557Does this mean im a normieo?[View]
48265233I don't want to work with my girlfriend: >be me >20 >never worked >NEET for 3 years…[View]
48266203Hello brodurs and sisters of rich black american mixed muslim decent. Serious question for the docto…[View]
48265324How the fuck do people still use boards like /v/? Legit 80% of the posts there are /pol/tards spammi…[View]
48265628Waifus: In theory, what would happen if I mentioned my waifu to my therapist/doctor? Its not just a …[View]
48263882The universe hates me bros >be me >meet pretty girl >ask on date >she says yes >she g…[View]
48265390Do you remember the 21st night of September, robots?[View]
48264541Do you guys think asking girls from my college for paid sex via instagram DMs from an anonymous acco…[View]
48260345You fags do realize FB sends a notification to the person you stalk[View]
48265293This is Nabuto Satomi. She likes to race drones. Say something nice about her.[View]
48265876How do you get no anxiety around girls? Thinking happy thoughts dont work because i cant reason with…[View]
48264814Hold me /r9k/ My car is ded She was the only thing I loved in this world...[View]
48265919Badoo Experience: >Be me >Wizard >Get fucked up gf >Get fucked up by (ex)gf >3 months…[View]
48265815>got scared because bee in my room >have to stay in living room with mom >she wants me to g…[View]
48265875>born just in time to inherit the blame for something even my ancestors were never apart of Why w…[View]
48265866>meet perfect girl >she's already taken >they say 'other fish in the sea' >look aro…[View]
48265639>tfw not born with telepathic powers[View]
48263915Lets say I'm theoretically stationed in Japan. Would it be possible for me to marry a local by …[View]
48263049I bet if you tried really hard you could get laid within a week.[View]
48263683why are women so boring and have no personalities[View]
48263720>be with my coworker >visting some rich dude to make some business >dudes fucking loaded …[View]
4826255230+ Thread: 30+ Thread - Cope >>48261771 >This is cope that holds you back, you'll jus…[View]
48264235FOR-R.. QUEL' THALAS[View]
48265161Your heart will give out on the 21st of September, 2063 at 4:33:21 PM UTC, Jason.[View]
48265713Anti-Furry Memes.: Post all you've got, anons.[View]
48264530is emo music and culture the purest form of love?[View]
48265673Anon worse than Hitler and Stalin combined: >be me >broke but want to study at the university…[View]
48265581Here is a code for Destiny 2 Collector Edition set 4 of 4: HH84VV K8P3N9[View]
48264202Is horse meat good, euro anons?[View]
48263219>scrape the inside of my rectum with a toothbrush >start to bleed >insert one of mom's…[View]
48259656Who is this retarded degenerate?[View]
48258470Don't ever experiment with H motherfuckers. No amount can be used safely. It's a level of …[View]
48265163Why THE FUCK am I getting Grindr ads on facebook?[View]
48265563>TFW I always wanted just one son but I need to have a woman in my life to do it. >Can't …[View]
48263541How do I stop shitting my pants when I see a spider and just fucking kill it? I can't take it a…[View]
48265533Is Joaquin Phoenix a robot?[View]
48262752How you are holding up? I like oregano[View]
48260615Feels Thread Bots? Havent had a good feels thread in a while[View]
48263485ReviewBrah: I just learned that his real name is John Jurasek and he's of Czech descent. I hone…[View]
48265183If Im interested in a girl and shes near me trying to get my attention I basically ignore her to try…[View]
48265205fuck this life game: i fu8cking hate this shit, i did not choose to ben born but i have to suffer an…[View]
48265146Like girl, but not sure if she likes me Predicament.: So, i am 20, and last year I was at university…[View]
48264397my boywife just got poopoo on my penis while we were trying out sex im very very angry. What should …[View]
48261671How difficult is it to get a girl to suck your cock?[View]
48259442Why the fuck can't white women compete with this?[View]
48265438How much until ragefaces start making a comeback? Our current memes are pretty much the same shit af…[View]
48265432ITT: tendies: >be mommy's bouncy happy healthy 35yr old 300lb baby boy >decide i want ten…[View]
48263358This probably gets asked a lot, but I want to know how destroyed will my life be if I live it alone …[View]
48262532Reminder: If you are 'incel' or call yourself that or any variation of the term you do not belong he…[View]
48263382i woke up with a excruciating neck pain. i can barely even move how do i get it to go away!![View]
48258790BPD containment thread: I think my therapist won't tell me I'm BPD. I guess I'm thank…[View]
48263272>Be me >at a Denny's in Burbank >Emma Stone walks by >sees I have a grandslam break…[View]
48257103Virgin here, don't lie to me /r9k/. Does sex really feel that good?[View]
48261246>be american >eat raw meat >wonder why jewish parasites allocate in your brain and control …[View]
48264273So last week I went to a party where everybody, including myself got wasted and stoned to the point …[View]
48263891SERVERS GENERAL: Lets compile as many servers as we can, whether it is discord, minecraft, or anythi…[View]
48265213Well I've started basing my reality around my experiences alone and opposing peer pressure. Sur…[View]
48265188>Go on Reddit asking *how* to stop liking a girl I have 0 chance with >Responses are 'Just sto…[View]
48265179I farted in front of crush all day, everytime she was next to me or walked past me but I got her num…[View]
48265101Where were you when Solid Snake got revealed for Super Smash Brothers Brawl?[View]
48265025So are boomers cool now?[View]
48264319>Tfw it's raining and thundering >No girl to cuddle with Is there a worse feel?…[View]
48257048feels thread for tonight what's getting you down? if you're not feeling down, what's …[View]
48263860Why do incels use screenshots from Reddit as proof that their beliefs about society are true?[View]
48264909Just woke up with a big boner and about to masturbate whild still in bed[View]
48263473>tfw you gay but still get cucked[View]
48265055Anybody else here feel their mind caving to pressure? >TFW parents pay for college >Lazy as sh…[View]
48264616I look up a lot of rape porn. It's just easy to get into a mindset like that to get off. It…[View]
48264471>live in shitty small town >7 hours from anything >all I have around me is other shitty sma…[View]
48263063Should women who have been raped be executed? They won't be able to function normally afterward…[View]
48264898Today is my 30th Birthday. Say something nice. Please respond.[View]
48260816I can't believe I'm finally old enough to make a /25+/ thread edition What are some positi…[View]
48264241How fast can you type?: If you type under 100 WPM you aren't a robot.[View]
48264809Does anyone else feel bad people care about them and just wish they'd leave you alone so you st…[View]
48261328/britfeel/: This William edition[View]
48264148I dont get why normies love joking about this shit so much. >Hahahaaha I get it. Hes better than…[View]
48264815Hello, BPD-anon. I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL[View]
48264739Fuck you, Incel loser.[View]
48264216>tfw played chicken with her and won she admitted she likes me[View]
48264630My erections aren't as hard as they used to be. Is this the first sign of aging? Am I going to …[View]
48262349It's nearly 11am. This is the hour I hang in the bathroom and get paid to actually shit post. W…[View]
48264572>YUUUU original[View]
48264462Leaked trap/edm song completely vanished 5 years ago(recovered via deep web): This is a robokid remi…[View]
48262307Is marriage the greatest scam in mankinds history?[View]
48264394Why not become a Strigoi, anon? >don't have to worry about going outside during the day >…[View]
48264375>tfw cant get out of bed without smoking weed and having at least a breakfast beer waiting in the…[View]
48264120What is your life like in your dreams? Here's a record of mine. >I visit a shop owned by a m…[View]
48262847How does this make you feel? Particularly the sympathy for the sister[View]
48263013Is anyone else getting too old for memes? The bomgo cat and loops cat and the deepfried shit... how …[View]
48263800How do i stop being a subhuman and have friends and gfs like everyone?[View]
48264253It's another delete tinder mid conversation episode I will be alone forever and I deserve it[View]
48253500I like playing games on my pc[View]
48261663>BF takes hours to respond to my messages even though he's online[View]
48264226/Comfy/ Season General: /Comfy/ Season starts tomorrow, your daily reminder to change your wallpaper…[View]
48262282>be me >3 years old >coloring in some stupid drawing of a dog >finish, manage to color i…[View]
48264080Visited a freind and successfully defused awkward silence and held down a conversation sometimes lif…[View]
48263531>have been loser fattie my whole life >no friends because of my looks so I never got properly …[View]
48263555Biocunts will soon be obsolete: China and Japan are working to create advanced AI robowives, they wi…[View]
48264164>tfw no gf GENERAL: Part of the general cleanup initiative. Here we make >tfw no gf posts and …[View]
48262798This is it, boys. I'm going to ask a girl out next week. She's in one of my college classe…[View]
48263816>girl holds open the door for me >say thank you >she says no problem Just Chad things…[View]
48262823What happened to that anon looking for someone to play Divinity with? Did he find anyone?[View]
48261880I just created an instagram account: I've never seen a place so shallow, So empty, so devoid of…[View]
48264151>>48261011 >bonefire happened for around 30 minutes in designated fire spot. >friend thr…[View]
48263684Please, stop, think, reconsider, and then post: Why is everything on this board SO unoriginal and lo…[View]
48254574fembot feels: >a bunch of guys start messaging me on steam >most male attention I've ever…[View]
48261441Should Professional Athletes Be Imprisoned?: They contribute nothing to humanity. All of them should…[View]
48263967what chemical floods your brain when you cum it has to be known[View]
48262807Why are trannies so unbearable?: Out of the LGBT Community they seem to be the most whiny, spoiled, …[View]
48263668Is there a good film which reflects the misery of living as an ugly male?[View]
48262002>sister doing my laundry >she notices blood stains on the leg part of my boxer briefs >she…[View]
48263979>he doesn't know how to kiss[View]
48257147It is a tragedy that your quality of life is determined by physical traits you cannot control and th…[View]
48263427Is Harley Quinn the strongest super villain ever?[View]
48263122I can hear my neighbor having sex all day long. One day I counted 8 times he had sex in one day. Eac…[View]
48261724>mom thinks I'm eating less because I hate her and not because I want to lose weight >hav…[View]
48263605What are your thoughts about being very privileged compared to people living in shithole countries? …[View]
48262706>Be me >Destroy the lives and ideals of feminists daily >The SJWs hate me to the core of t…[View]
48263655I just don't fucking get it, why do I keep coming back to this place? Nothing about this place …[View]
48256145Asianmasculinity and aznidentity: What does /r9k/ think of Asian American male activism? They belie…[View]
48263601'The 90s were the best decade ever!'[View]
48261885What do you think of girls who self harm and post it online?[View]
48263126ITT: Things that put you in a bad mood and possibly even ruin your day when you see, experience or t…[View]
48263567Now dig on this: Now dig on this[View]
48263416List ALL the things you have to fix before getting a GeeEff Physical >height >gyno >5 inche…[View]
48263315Here's a great way to determine whether you're desirable. If you rarely, if ever, see a co…[View]
48260903What if azaelia banks asked you to be her boyfriend? What would you do?[View]
48261529>Therapist says if I want a girlfriend just say hi to cute girls in the hall >Says hi to cute …[View]
482628462013 oldfag here. Why did this board go to shit these last couple years?[View]
48262476Fucking just got suspended for 5 days for having my pants slip.[View]
48261229Do women like men who lack the ability to display affection? It seems they're more into the end…[View]
48261322/feels/: >it is one of those days were I just want to be held by a woman Why cant I just remain n…[View]
48260128Can't fit in with normies Post on /r9k/ Get insulted Where do I belong?[View]
48263301I'm going out to Denny's soon. What should I order robots?[View]
48258382If all trannies looked like the Brazilian ones, I don't think I would find them as annoying.[View]
48263292Would it be possible to Sky King with a rocket? I want to die in outer space.[View]
48261638You see, anon, the only reason you have problems socializing is because you don't try hard enou…[View]
48259661Is New York City the greatest city on earth?[View]
48258808What do robots think of online relationships?[View]
48262703>only one friend in the world >he knows this and tries to help >takes me out with some of h…[View]
48260753whats your favorite food robits? pic related with coke for me[View]
48260575Femanons, why not satisfy your craving for sexual humiliation on the internet?[View]
48263025Type out the dark and depressing thoughts you have. I'll start. >'I'm never good enough…[View]
48262624>guy friend is way too comfortable talking about his masturbation habits I opened up to him about…[View]
48261384Typical white/black woman >I hate babies, they'll ruin my life! If I get pregnant with your …[View]
48261434>americans When exactly did The United States of America go down the toilet?…[View]
48261413>tfw scared of technology becoming more and more advanced while reducing humanity to its most bas…[View]
48261011>going out soon to have a bonfire with some friends in the local woods with some beers Wish me l…[View]
48262964>be me, haven't masturbated for a couple weeks >go to bed incredibly horny >imagine my…[View]
48261895So I bought a new laptop and I put Windows 10 on it because I couldn't get Win7 to work on it. …[View]
48258070Can any femanon relate to this? Wondering if there's a 30 year old wine aunt on /r9k/.[View]
48262917Stick creature: Is it possible to construct a working mechanical prototype of this and exploit it as…[View]
48262843How do I get sex with my therapist?[View]
48262726sluts and in denial sluts should be put down in the least humane way possible and before any other d…[View]
48262878Guys simple question but one with many dimensions. HOW TO NOT BE AWKWARD ? I can speak confidently b…[View]
48261267What makes someone a robot /fembot and what makes someone a normie and what makes someone a chad/sta…[View]
48262430Server: idfk. just trash the place. GZRmtDS[View]
48261302Not sure if this is the right place to ask but: So I knew this girl, she is 16-17 (I can't reme…[View]
48256704Someone vagued me my entire fucking life in the most indirect way: I know the title sounds stupid, b…[View]
48262391Who else /gotdrunkandpukedintheshowerlastnight/??[View]
48262436What do people mean when they talk about having a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment? The only t…[View]
48261906Can I use one of you guys' phone number to make a new Tinder account? It won't take mine a…[View]
48262577What age do you think classifies as a shota?[View]
48262361What should I name my porn folder? I don't live with my mommy or anything, but I feel like just…[View]
48262516>mfw it's almost 11 >mfw 11 for more people >mfw relatable Am I real?…[View]
48261839Alright class quiet down. Today we'll be discussing Bogdanoff theory and the Tertiary Chad/Virg…[View]
48261635What is the point of losing weight if being skinny just makes you look even more sickly and unhealth…[View]
48262518Reee: Mom forced me to go to her friends house... I'd rather be at home playing vidya[View]
48262578wholesome and monogamous > being a slut of any kind forever and always being an in denial slut is…[View]
48262522what are you actually supposed to do in life if you do not enjoy consumeming and normie lifestyle[View]
48260960Where can I find a nice quiet cave to live in?[View]
48261489With a high enough IQ, a person can get away with almost anything. Do you think it's true robot…[View]
48261650>boyfriend started watching Jojo >he won't stop doing Jojo poses…[View]
48261355Anyone have answers to these problems >too unfit/no energy to follow plans make for better life …[View]
48261185I left this board around January of this year. Migrated exclusively to /lit/. Stayed off 4chan all s…[View]
48259050I moved into a new apartment on the top floor and it's full of these spiders. They own the plac…[View]
48260761Is it true that women live through their men?[View]
48261957Am I going to crash down after a few weeks of being extremely happy 24/7? Been Happy for a while now…[View]
48259734>teeneaged girls who say they listen to lots of old music I don't believe roasties can have …[View]
48262294>See people kiss >See people hug >See people hold hands >See people connected Insta j…[View]
48243391https://youtu.be/SF2ROKpLYiY which one of you was responsible for this?[View]
48261523saw it coming, right?: >have this old, ancient geezer of a professor; most self-centred, obstinat…[View]
48261653Where do I find a fembot gf?: So basically I've been seeing lots of people saying that they…[View]
48261218I don't even care about the sex, I just want a gf to have someone to come home to and to do thi…[View]
48262245Would you have fucked young Barbara?[View]
48261750One of my good friends wants to become a girl. I really don't want him to. I've seen how i…[View]
48261915>no ascii shit not allowed Wtf does that mean Fucking retarded board[View]
48261824>tfw no snailfu[View]
48261788>precumming just from sending lewd texts back and forth with a girl How many seconds am I likely …[View]
48261919So, what are the chances of losing your virginity after crossing the 20 year old line?[View]
48260580anyone know where original of pic related is?[View]
48261964Are identical posts locked out forever?, will we someday run out of stuff to post?[View]
48262158go sleep drunk: >wake up sober fuck this shit man. how you faggots doing…[View]
48261949Howcome nothing beats a PAWG?[View]
48250356Dear robots, I guarantee you that if you are in your 20s, or 30s there were at least a dozen women i…[View]
48262077Women aren't shit. Men aren't pigs. Women HERE are shit. Men HERE are pigs. Women here=man…[View]
48261963Uhh I'll have one ugly fembot gf that I can love forever to go please. Bonus points if she…[View]
48258519Is it normal for psych wards to turn people into sluts? Before I got in I was pretty shut off and un…[View]
48261876>be me >Be 24 >Get job in fancy IT company >See your super hot HR > Hearts.jpeg …[View]
48261914Do your online friends know that I'm only pretending to be your girlfriend?[View]
48260445>give up caffeine for a week >within a day getting headaches, but drink water and live with it…[View]
48261832Trying to keep a straight face in an awkward situation. >Break character and starts laughing lik…[View]
48254421Which level have you reached, anon? Are you close to leveling up?[View]
48261423>tfw I have to leave to head to my 15 minute panel job interview in 25 minutes FUCK! Im so fuckin…[View]
48261125>get BTFO in a thread >close tab and go to a completely different board…[View]
48258478Femanons, how do you liek the idea of a guy loving you so much/finding you so hot that he wants to d…[View]
48259830>Hey, Anon, you know the women here are staring at your window at all hours of the day, right? Th…[View]
48260563Do you glow in the dark?: Answer the question (((anon))) or else[View]
48261335Boomer Hate Thread: Boomers created this late capitalist shithole we live in yet wonder why you…[View]
48261732>mom calling me to say hello to a girl and her mother I didn't saw in 10 years I thought it …[View]
48260358Vydia are for kids[View]
48257336/britfeel/: heating on for the lads, wahey comfy autumn is nearly upon us[View]
48260435>2 bongdollars minimum to pay by card Why do you even own a shop you subhuman cunt?…[View]
48260989>that girl that kept undressing infront of her big window because she knew the neighbours teenage…[View]
48261624Who here's a borderline virgin? >fingered a girl >eaten out a girl >gotten a handy …[View]
48260751Daily reminder that ejaculating inside Pussy every day would cure your depression[View]
48261499I have over fifty stalkers and I live life unbothered: They're all online, it's usually a …[View]
48256779Is Gen Z as retarded as Instagram makes them out to be, or is it just the blacks and hispanics?[View]
48261450I wish I could be with her.....forever[View]
48260961>tfw mummy will never hug and kiss you while telling you its okay to have feelings for her…[View]
48261213people always say good looking people have life easier than the rest of us but do we ever talk about…[View]
48258426So anon, aren't you willing to give up your video games for me?[View]
48258731What's that video game recentlyish that triggered the SJWs? I want to play it but can't re…[View]
48261294/normie/ feels: /normie/ - normalfag feels thread NORMALFAGS get in here >tfw got reddit gold tod…[View]
48259900Fembots why?: >tfw 6'2 >Decent Looks >Not a neet, have a college degree >Willing t…[View]
48260955Why are black people such posers? I swear all the niggers I know adopt new styles/lifestyles constan…[View]
48261314All I want in life is for the dreams about her to stop...[View]
48259539>moot and all my old 4chan 'friends' moved on in life >still I here am browsing the same board…[View]
48261214Is it true that past a certain age without a significant other that you will have a hard time gettin…[View]
48261265Why is banter with girls so easy but bantering with guys so hard?[View]
48260471Thoughts on bloomers?[View]
48256947OFFENSIVE: Post the most offensive pics you can find. Something that would piss You off. Let's …[View]
48259934So even porn and drugs have stopped being enjoyable, with the last bit of good feels in life gone th…[View]
48259893Why don't incels just convert to Islam?[View]
48257977Reminder that as an intelligent male you're genetic trash. There is literally no reason for wom…[View]
48260824What does the term, 'lion in a pack of wolves mean'? I went out with my brother's friends tryin…[View]
48258600>old enough to have owned an xbox when it launched >saw 9/11 as it happened >saw the fall o…[View]
48260859You have no control or influence over how another person chooses to treat you. People have their min…[View]
48260963This place plays some dope music, I don't even come for the titties.[View]
48259427>just finished a 6 hour long fap This session was life changing. not even a joke. I feel like I r…[View]
48251138Is having a big dick a meme? Do women really prefer big dicks? What is the minimum to satisfy?[View]
48259763why do i always second guess myself[View]
48257876how do I become a Christian?[View]
48260187How come dogs can understand human concepts like friendship, loyalty, bravery, and selflessness, yet…[View]
48259825> the girl of my dreams is my cousin[View]
48256595Called ugly by literally everybody: >Called ugly by literally everybody, parents, random people, …[View]
48260154List ALL the things you have to fix before getting a GeeEff Physical >height >gyno >5 inche…[View]
48259274>That kid who wanted to drink a girl's drool[View]
48260677>Communistic teachers really butthurt when you don't have your lab coat in the lab. >Shit…[View]
48259962>mfw the local grocery store has no self checkout[View]
48260249My PC makes a very ugly scratchy noise every now and then wat do?[View]
48257302any australian roberts here?[View]
48260931No one sent me nudes before who can relate?[View]
48228487/WAGESLAVE 2018/: How are those jobs going anons? Tell us about how shit your week is going and why …[View]
48260879I saw a girl at phys ed and liked her. I started going to phys ed more often. But today I straight u…[View]
48258342Meeting an escort today, getting very nervous: > Be me > Total Robot, NEET, skelly > Hav…[View]
48258680chill threads: >raining outside >warm inside >got a homemade lasagna in the oven lyfs good …[View]

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