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63563001I miss him I'm stupid I hate myself I miss him so much it hurts[View]
63563747so anon, I'm sending you back in time anywhere you want. you cannot kill anyone but you can bri…[View]
63564128Is pic related attractive to you?[View]
63563462>meet girl online >she wants to meet >meet up >sees that I am anxious and spergy >gho…[View]
63563520Get away..GET AWAY GET AWAY ANON[View]
63564563How many achievements do you have? Do you have suggestions as to how I can improve this chart?[View]
63562999Crypto currency and stock market is stupid and for stupid people.[View]
63561551>at uni >no friends >talk to nobody in my classes >no gf what do i do anons…[View]
63562912I've been on a few dates with a girl, things seem to have gone well but she mentioned that she…[View]
63560835>everyone says women have it easy, and guys will simp for them and buy them things just for being…[View]
63561044why do men love asian girls so much nowadays? As a white fembot I don't see the appeal.[View]
63564065>be neet loser >old high school friend wants to reconnect >high school was 5 years ago how …[View]
63559212Suicide Fuel. webm and pics of love you will never have.: Share what media makes you cry knowing you…[View]
63563183Why did /r9k/ turn into the women hating central? When I started browsing 4chan this board was for p…[View]
6356446001/01/2020: The time was midnight, the date was 01/01/2020. I had just begun my eternal nofap, the b…[View]
63561242How do normies talk about boring shit for hours?: I'm dogshit at conversations and I've be…[View]
63562960>teacher with a lazy eye 'stop that or I'll send you out' >me 'who are you telling off, m…[View]
63563878im so hungry for cuddles that i can't focus on anything else HEEEEEELPPPPP[View]
63564078How can normalfags talk so much without saying anything[View]
63564316Back on my meds. I know they're working cause I can't cum anymore[View]
63564246i went to a prostitute and couldn't get hard[View]
63563141Do femanons like a guy who's mostly fit but still has some belly fat? Just a little, but when I…[View]
63562184robros, do you think youre a good person? do you think you deserve happiness?[View]
63564288Oh dear god here it cOOOOOOMES AUUUGH WHY[View]
63560214invisible to women: >my gf is the only girl to ever express any interest in me whatsoever in 25 y…[View]
63564161I just want to mail a femanon my chastity cage key and pay her to keep it and make fun of me![View]
63563928wagebros: how my fellow wagebros doing? on my lunch break just killing time. Why do you wage? I was…[View]
63563812What do you think a femanon's fart smells like?[View]
63562373HEY YOU Post 3 moderate things you would like to do >hold a girl's hand >ride on the back…[View]
63563009I seriously hate white men. absolute trash[View]
63564091Its finally warm enough to start gardening anons. I started planting yesterday but I ended up sunbu…[View]
63564062I don't know how to talk to people, not even my parents. i can't even initiate conversatio…[View]
63563969Get Mad: Im tired of feeling helpless, depressed and alone, and I know the reat of you are too. Its …[View]
63563283I have just eaten a pork rib sandwich, AMA Pic related[View]
63563107TELL ME HOW TO FIND ENTJ WOMEN RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
63563487I love working with asian girls: >always greet me when I make awkward eye contact with me or ente…[View]
63563670post your waifum[View]
63563951Big momma pleeeeeeease crush my penis.[View]
63562244You're in the club when this man smack's your girls ass. What do you do, robots?[View]
63563727I'm supposed to go out with my boys tomorrow. I've been wanting to do it for a couple mont…[View]
63563736I can't believe I spent the last 2 years acting like a clown here.[View]
63563544fren talks like an autistic retard: >be me >have friend who stutters, otherwise kinda normie …[View]
63563036Should I even be using my company's 401k program? They match up to 3% of my income. I'm ju…[View]
63562126Political Rant: Why are leftists retarded and why does most modern society defend people with walnut…[View]
63563482>professional shills 4chan/nel yayy or nay? schizo or healthy skepticism? i've always known…[View]
63561066>spend an hour writing a huge post >nobody replies >thread dies…[View]
63548110Why should men get married? I see no benefits whatsoever.[View]
63562212When was the exact point that he developed schizophrenia? It's obvious that he has it now but …[View]
63563699>Be me >Stoodyfag >poor as fuck >will graduate as a doctor at 26 >Have a pretty shit …[View]
63563430I will forever hate the thicc meme: I remember when I was 13 I tried so hard to gain weight because …[View]
63562099Help me manifest a hot gf using the Law of Attraction to end my inceldom. My boomer dad confronted m…[View]
63563629Guys......should I isolate myself again and cut ties with discord steam friends etc...?[View]
63563512If you're an incel and you don't complain, I admire you.[View]
63563105alright robots, here goes >>be me, 12 or some shit >>discover porn goodshit.ini >>…[View]
63563566How to assimilate?: Its been quite awhile since Ive gone outside, and I seem to have forgotten how t…[View]
63563555does anyone have that meme of the incel starter pack? more specifically the one that has the 'holy t…[View]
63561002being a female must suck. Imagine having to live with the fact that you will never be as attractive …[View]
63562808Have you taken the dark triad pill yet, /r9k/? I found out i can lie on dating profile and resumes a…[View]
63562669Have any robots been in the military? I've been thinking about it, is it robot-friendly? What w…[View]
63563169She's alive, I know her. >pic related[View]
63563280This kills betabuxxers and escortcels[View]
63561626>So, what did you do on the weekend anon?? How do normalfags get the energy for this shit? I…[View]
63561885Even if you get a gf she still won't be attracted to you[View]
63563489Makeup dislike: >get along with a female colleague >chat for a couple of months >summer arr…[View]
63563438>tfw it's completely unimaginable to me how people can get together…[View]
63562520FEMBOT JEALOUSY: How do fembots compete with confident, Asian women who have nice asses? You better …[View]
63563239Hey r9k, welcome to based or cringe. Tell me which one and why. First item: posting a manifesto to r…[View]
63557451Day 6 of the preferences for Girls Survey: One more day to go! Final results will be posted the day …[View]
63560333I got a gf, but she doesn't have sex with me very much. She's been drinking since Covid st…[View]
63560428I have many online friends, but 0 real life ones[View]
63562955I just realized that if I ended up growing up in California, I'd have a huge fetish for Latinas…[View]
63515928Waifu General - /waifu/: The meaning of life is waifu edition Previous thread: >>63458974…[View]
63562743jealousy: I don't usually come here, i stopped lurking because it's just unhealthy, never …[View]
63561382/feels/venting thread/: Tell us whats been bothering you anon[View]
63563078Reincarnation: Does anyone here believe in reincarnation like their life depends on it? I've al…[View]
63563329Holy fuck. Didn't know that there was this fruit.[View]
63562224>tfw small hard lump on the back of my neck This is it bros. Going to the doctors tommrow but I …[View]
63563051anyone else eat beans straight from the can[View]
63561048Thank you Doug. You remember it so we don't have to.[View]
63562961All women should eat as much as they like. There is no such thing as too fat. There is no such thing…[View]
63563191What drives a person to be happy in life?[View]
63557286It's that time again anons Another thread where we fantasize about being beaten, tortured, kill…[View]
63561687I so fucking sick of this shit. I'm just sick of suffering. >Be very close friends with a gi…[View]
63563193The kratom constipation is FIERCE today.[View]
63562149species of humans: there is so much diversity in humans that it's mind blowing we can all mate …[View]
63563094What would your perfect gf look like?: Just imagine the smelI.[View]
63560622>gf had a bit of a slutty past, with a very promiscuous phase (including gangbangs) >date her …[View]
63562910Anon, how do you truly feel about yourself deep down?[View]
63563081Eyes dilate you shake and Im high[View]
63561994how do I become funny? I am uncreative and I don't dream at night[View]
63561827>mom wakes up >day gets a little bit worse Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
63560388How do you feel about rimjobs? Would you ever give or recieve one if given the opportunity?[View]
63563000Lockdown makes me depressed while school reopening makes my social anxiety go through the roof[View]
63560496At what age does being a khhv mean it's time to give up? 19?[View]
63561358Alright fags, which one of you was this?[View]
63562674>embarrassing moment years ago pops into head >blurt 'I want to kill myself' out at varying d…[View]
63561427Can't fucking focus on ANYTHING anymore: All I do every day is sit behind my computer, play som…[View]
63561680>anon I missed my period... wat do[View]
63558705Should manlets just give up? Like how did natural selection not take over already and erase them fro…[View]
63555940What race of transwomen do robots find the most sexy?[View]
63562897>'Look what we have here'[View]
63562769hello robots, i just wanted to share some bounce. best regards, anon.[View]
63561823Why are women like this /r9k/? I just want someone who's capable of receiving love like a norma…[View]
63562470I love noun i hope i die[View]
63560524>tfw no gf turns into >tfw no BF[View]
63561836Why dont you just get a r3ddit girlfriend? R3ddit girls will drive across the country for cock[View]
63562104>check on a women's magazine >everything is about dating, sex, love life etc. >check o…[View]
63562660President James Madisons wife is the hottest first lady[View]
63562676>'they' think 4chan is anonymous[View]
63562338We're all gonna die, let that sink in anons?[View]
63562673>open twitter >same shit, just different words >become an alcoholic I hate twitter…[View]
63558592I'm going to kill myself this summer once I get my hands on a shotgun. Living is putting yourse…[View]
63562682You guys are going to make sure your son develops into the high school quarterback #1 if you get one…[View]
63562672So our store policy is only 3 rolls of toilet paper per house hold. We were told this from managemen…[View]
63562461how do i stop being a neet? im 21 never had a job i dont fucking know what to do after highschool im…[View]
63557724/country/: Cowboys get in here, post your favorite country songs, and praise the spirit of Hank Will…[View]
63561985>smoke weed >everything is smelly and shiet >why do I do this boys…[View]
63562490Asian fembots: do you actually believe asian guys have smaller dicks?[View]
63561471low iq people will really have low iq children and then be surprised when they fail[View]
63561153Fembots, would you date a racist as long as he is cute?[View]
63561470Is it always this repetitive?: >meet girl/know girl >have one really good day texting each oth…[View]
63561948*starts attacking your villagers*[View]
63562313I am SICK and TIRED of falling in love with girls I've never even spoken to or have spoken very…[View]
63561992just thought about turning myself into juice load a revolver with my bones and vandalize some stop s…[View]
63561370>tfw no trap 'friend'[View]
63561704Let's have a Randy Stair thread boys[View]
63560967>you have been banned from all boards for 'trollposting' >you have been banned from all boards…[View]
63562148>T:'If you are seated in emergency exit row, yeah. If you are feeling to be unable to perform the…[View]
63562052Why is majority of population on this thread so obsessed with having relationships? Like its some ul…[View]
63559841Did anyone else fall for the Femboy meme? I started watching shemale, twinks and femboys instead of …[View]
63561342>vivid nightmares whenever I drink >horrible anxiety whenever I smoke weed What happened to th…[View]
63561909>walk by a group of zoomers >they're all 6'5 This is truly the darkest timeline for …[View]
63561011Does anybody use these nicotine pouches? I bought some the other day because I enjoy snus but I…[View]
63561500Still finding new health issues connections: >'Mouth breathing because of nasal obstruction is li…[View]
63560128>mfw i look at my reddit account from my /pol/ phase i used to 'troll libtards'…[View]
63562262Gays are disgusting lol[View]
63559617If you ever get a gf do you think you will be able to matchup sexually to the chads who blew her bac…[View]
63559646Normalfag Hate Thread: >If you have had sex consensually while underage you're a normalfag …[View]
63562230Fembots, have ypu ever been fucked while in a Zoom class?[View]
63561093is building small pipe bombs and blowing them up for fun a normal hobby?[View]
63562034Fembots LITERALLY cannot be robots[View]
63558511Music Appreciation Class: What are you listening tonight /r9k/? For me its open.spotify.com/track/0…[View]
63562072>fall for the penis pump meme >already big (8.5x6) >tell gf to hold out >she finds thats…[View]
63562150how long does it take to sober up? i've been drinking since i woke up and i just learned i have…[View]
63562103> be me > be friday afternoon > go buy some food for weekend > suddenly see stunning bea…[View]
63560755Where do I find people who have goals beyond 'make money'?[View]
63562097A deleted YouTube video image: I'm looking for a image of a white haired girl from a video titl…[View]
63561262Required reading for robots: Have you read this book yet anons? I think a lot of you guys would bene…[View]
63561984alex jones is a man of the people[View]
63560575robots rave about eugenics but seethes when women choose to fuck superior male specimens over their …[View]
63562000I've lost track of the last time I coomed or fapped. It's getting close to a full month i…[View]
63561038Why?: Why you guys dont have sex with a prostitute? Do you prefer to stay a virgin until the age of …[View]
63561423>listen to this music it's soooooo beautiful >we should broadcast it to space so aliens k…[View]
63561971I don't wanna take my time going to work, I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag and ten or fift…[View]
63561655Would you buttfuck your own fuckbutt.. if you could?[View]
63561237>get into crypto last November >portfolio does 15x and I'm just 4x away from buying a hou…[View]
63557926Day 100!!!! of manifesting a nagatoro gf into my life (not a tulpa please stop asking) Update: I act…[View]
63559986Holy shit lads, I think she wants the dick. How do you know when a fembot is into you?[View]
63561208So im 90% sure this girl deactivated her Instagram but a 10% she blocked me. I still have her on Sna…[View]
63558903why do most trannies end up killing themselves? pic unrelated[View]
63561412Do you have anger issues, robots? Are you a monster of hate whose anger runs as hot as molten magma,…[View]
63561515how do you cope when you fall in love with a prostitute and dont earn enough cash like to drag her o…[View]
63561715>feel like crap >start drinking water instead of soda >start going outside during the day t…[View]
63560841since we are already in a living hell to begin with, what is to stop suicidal robots from overdosing…[View]
63561089It's Friday, Wagiebros. What are we going to be doing on our two days off? May way give 2 minut…[View]
63561253Posting every day until the right girl falls from heaven in my lap and decides to be my gf - Day 4 T…[View]
63561544>be me >can't take this shit anymore >cry so hard I pass out >wake up >nothing h…[View]
63561653oh god my ass is sick it won't stop fucking vomiting[View]
63558573How to treat hobbies like we treat vidya?: A lot of people on this board spend literally most of the…[View]
63561555Alright dude, show yourself I know your here. I respect the fuck out of him for being so honest ab…[View]
63560621Long term NEETs, how are you holding up? I've got 15 years under my belt and frankly I'm s…[View]
63559963Irreligious Thread: For some reason everytime I bring up the fact that I'm irreligious on this …[View]
63561659it tastes good desu[View]
63560269The fact that all women are bisexual makes me insecure.[View]
63560332what was r9ks parents like?: my parents never hugged or kissed each other. is that normal?[View]
63561618Yesterday i went to my therapist. And i told her girls liked me in elementary school. And in middle …[View]
63560134why don't fembots want to date us?[View]
63560519>Be me >/x/ tier diagnosed schizophrenic >Brother is the exact opposite of me, handsome cha…[View]
63561577I can't believe I wasted so much time here I've made no progress in life my life is fucked…[View]
63561150>150 word essay about relationships due in 3 days Bros, I think I am not gonna make it…[View]
63561160Woman realization: Just realized one annoying-as-fuck thing about women. Let's say I'm on …[View]
63561355I'm a 20 year old girl and I love having sex with strangers. I've had sex with hundreds of…[View]
63560999Leaving for my first day at my new job. Wish me luck, frens.[View]
63561447When I was in highschool I was self conscious of my hierarchical rank. I was below every nerd, loser…[View]
63559680Surplus men: Yesterday I read about men who check out from society because there's nothing in i…[View]
63561381Why are black people afraid of this man?[View]
63561366bros: what are we finna do?[View]
63561359just 6 or 7 years ago i used to be eloquent and witty but as my isolation depression and whatever el…[View]
63561234Fuck all you normies, 30 year old virgin here: No friends, no social life at all....game all day...b…[View]
63561282Why all of the nudity and sex on the catalog? I know it's always been that way, but for some re…[View]
63561337Shit show at school mail, whatda ya think? I think that blue guy must be autistic. Email was result…[View]
63560379you gon be ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjrxJqnRxp0[View]
63559991Marrying used goods: I wouldn't mind marrying a girl with a crazy sexual past. The dynamic betw…[View]
63558306Why do women accuse the Patriarchy of creating unrealistic standards for women when 90% of those sta…[View]
63561295Dating/marrying girls out of your league is always a good idea[View]
63561292Has anyone ever seen a YouTube channel called black pill 2021 do you think JBA or JBI is real? The m…[View]
63559586>be me >talking to this really hot goth girl >she is a 10/10 im so lucky >she thinks im …[View]
63560684what the fuck is wrong with the uk bank system? >cant prove identity with bank statement because …[View]
63561204I want a family one day but my current life of working 20 hours a week and browsing 4chan all day is…[View]
63561182YES I have an IQ of 131 NO I will not contribute to society in a meaningful way[View]
63560991>tfw not a full social outcast but have never been fully embraced by a social group >tfw not …[View]
63560375>We're a generation raised by women >I'm starting to wonder if another woman is the …[View]
63534715Apu/ Aspie thread: Post Aspie, Apu, and requests here The Adventures of APU n ASPIE (animation by Mo…[View]
63560699>people call you a babe, say you're hot >mother says you should be careful because you…[View]
63561151>'hey anti black racism is bad. Imagine if someone discriminated against you for being a little d…[View]
63561131Anyone else just ignore girls as if they were scenery? I couldn't be bothered to turn my head t…[View]
63560652Why do people claim alpha males don't exist in humans? There is clearly a certain subset of mal…[View]
63560229I fail at everything. No matter how hard I try I fail. No matter how many times I get back up I…[View]
63560798I zone out when my friends talk about their passions and hobbies. How do I cope with having so littl…[View]
63561034>skelly mode lanklet >still chubby babyface with puffy cheeks and pig nose At least I'm k…[View]
63560906Being an autist with ADHD is a fucking nightmare,no matter how hard you try you are doomed to suffer…[View]
63561006Dead guy covered in his own dead dicks.[View]
63561027I swear bros, I'm gonna shoot my shot with a girl I've been wanting to for months in the n…[View]
63560625Not sure if this is based or not..wat u think?[View]
63558959What is your daily schedule like? This is my Schedule 3(A), for wednesdays and thursdays between Mar…[View]
63558832Question: Newfag here, how do I access my account? I've posted something here recently and I ca…[View]
63560591>working out >spending less time on 4chan >improving clothes, hair, and hygiene >self e…[View]
63560849>small penis to the point where I find it hard to have sex Is there even a point?…[View]
63560391>It's your first day as an biochemical scientist for the Top Secret Incel Agency >'Agent,…[View]
63558535Here's your Lain fact of the day: Trans people are heckin' cute and valid![View]
63560124Are there any YouTubers rumored to have a huge cock? > pic unrelated[View]
63560854I can't believe what social media has done to people before, Brad Pitt was the top level for ha…[View]
63558107At which age should one give up on dating if they've never had a gf? My sister told me it'…[View]
63560617God I love Abby so much I'm in love with Abigail[View]
63560900spooky will find you and make you play her game. Don't make her come over there...[View]
63559196holy fucking shit, you guys are insufferable. i hate you so much[View]
63560168Post bad things about ENTPs to make them feel bad[View]
63559181I'm an actual alpha male that looks similar to this pic related but blonde hair instead, ama[View]
63556990Have you guys read Ecclesiastes?: Thoughts on Ecclesiastes?[View]
63559147do you like penguins anon? i like penguins why dont you?[View]
63560462>a guy finally shows interest in me >talkative, likes my quirks and is good looking >my des…[View]
63560345Have you ever had your tummy kissed by a girl?[View]
63559370I have the high ground anakin[View]
63548214/britfeel/: pedos of colour edition[View]
63560705Welcome to the city of Inverness, twinned with Augsburg, Germany edition[View]
63556915today was my first time going to the gym, it feels good to be improving.[View]
63559333My gf know 4chan: The worst thing is that she knew about it because of her toxic ex that let her wat…[View]
63558328Anyone else eat fast food regularly and still a skeleton? How is it even possible to get fat?[View]
63559122Incels, MGTOW, NEETs, volcels, and virgins past 21 are objectively undesirable individuals. I don…[View]
63559118I used to think men were deeper than women before I came to this board. Now I realize youre shallow …[View]
63550506This is the future we chose.... How are you preparing for the bug eating century? I'm not sure …[View]
63560467How do I outsmart this shit?[View]
63558953if there is a hell and you would burn for eternity, wouldnt that just defeat the whole purpose? we f…[View]
63560059The female mind: I wouldn't consider myself average attractive maybe allite bit above that, I s…[View]
63560525Sorry I can't reveal my real personality terrorists conspire to mimic me to defraud me[View]
63560014>lick it, incel. now[View]
63559449the final blackpill is that women don't even find men sexually attractive[View]
63560502male who grown without a man's referential: newfag here, apologies for my english, it's no…[View]
63559431I don't get it: Why exactly are women so obsessed with oversized male genitalia?[View]
63560148Nigger dance Nigger dance Do the nigger dance: fbi man you do it too[View]
63558496How mad do you get playing multiplayer games? Me I get mad enough that I scream explatives so much t…[View]
63559553'Dude that's LIFE lmao just do it': >Age 5: 'I wanna be x awesome thing when I grow up!' …[View]
63559668guns are cool and if you disagree you are a bit gay[View]
63560442I lived my entire life alone and I will die alone. There is no hope, I was doomed to suffer from the…[View]
63557196>start playing chess 2 days ago >suck at it >lose matches because 10 min it's just too…[View]
63556939>Thanks for letting me fuck your bf, fembot-chan! AHH! >Of course sis! Doesn't his cock …[View]
63560358Why is it that I find people that are coom brained fetishists who push their fetish on others as low…[View]
63560382Will dicklets ever be accepted by women?[View]
63559319Would the world be better off if you were never born? No offense.[View]
63560340I wish more adults acted like adults.[View]
63559457Why do people act like repressing your gay urges is such a bad thing? Choosing not to fuck men feels…[View]
63559966Let's hear it for the boy Let's give the boy a hand Let's hear it for my baby You kno…[View]
63559495>God, please help anon find a gf[View]
63559923If your name starts with a J, you're a cuck.[View]
63559240is there a more annoying hobby than basketballing?[View]
63560276We Demand Purity: Yes i am a virgin ....It is not because im a weeb looser with severe social retard…[View]
63560222Why do women only like big penises and hate average ones?[View]
63559239The point of life is creating matter that can willingly (and therefore easily) transfer energy to th…[View]
63559571Femanons: Would you show your boyfriend your panties if he asked for it?[View]
63558712Got a ticket for a free succulent plant: What should I pick?[View]
63559826Which one would you pick and y?[View]
63558667To the anon that posted the large clitoris picture from yesterday, I raise you this[View]
63550907Cute white women thread. I'm a minority but I prefer white women.[View]
63559959>it's been 4 years >still think about her daily, pretty much all the time >confessed, …[View]
63559345How do I actually tell if a girl likes me? I don't want to be a sperg and ruin a friendship but…[View]
63558985>be arguing with American >says he has more rights than Brits and because guns >send him pi…[View]
63559921I sliced off my foot cheese and fed it to the cat[View]
63559976ITT we describe what we would do when we capture our rape slave (webm related its my slave): If she …[View]
63559051German now: >Be me >19, second sem now >Gonna learn German to score eurochicks >Pic rel…[View]
63559810why don't they make a board like /r9k/ but the opposite? for all the alpha, sex havers out ther…[View]
63559880Attention Manlets!!!: If you are under 5'7 you can not be an incel! Women today want cute short…[View]
63559173what would you do if you were suddenly transported into a world of reversed gender morals?[View]
63558905>computer assigned bing as my search engine so that's what I use now…[View]
63559083Wish my friends would contact me. It's been ten years, and I'm too nervous to make the fir…[View]
63559787It's cold outside and I'm on r9k smoking inside[View]
63559364>Desire female attention >Confidence completely out the window because hair loss…[View]
63556271What would the 9 year old you think of the current you?[View]
63556427Why do people live in small towns? We should just keep building this shit[View]
63559709>get depressed >not depressed anymore >feeling good, start taking steps to improve my life…[View]
63558901has anyone here been evaluated for adhd? what's the process like?[View]
63559849>tfw girl >tfw boy voice >tfw get called tranny >tfw get called larper >tfw told to p…[View]
63558200Noun will hate me forever but ill never stop loving him[View]
63551399My only goal in life is to have sex with a 10/10 woman. If I don't, then my whole life will hav…[View]
63558758this is how easy even the 'loser' women have it in society. suifuel[View]
63558357I got into a car accident earlier today and killed someone.: I'm most likely going to prison fo…[View]
63559263>been applying anti fungal cream to dick for a week ever since getting rash on shaft and frenulum…[View]
63559749>tfw earning six-figures but turbovirgin >tfw no cute gf to spoil with lots of money Making mo…[View]
63557982What would you do if your previously fit older sister came back home and now looked like this?[View]
63559596What would happen if you snorted sertraline?[View]
63559346Some men spend their whole lives not wondering why their wife gives them vanilla starfish sex becaus…[View]
63557568Everyone I have ever met above a 6 or maybe 7 in appearance has been a genuinely evil person with li…[View]
63559045Did anyone here find the cure to procrastination?[View]
63556597Ask a black robot anything[View]
63559565is plastic surgery genetically dishonest?: even if the person is honest about it the lizard brain in…[View]
63556744>she mentions her boyfriend should I just insta block and forget about her or is it worth keeping…[View]
63559601So uh....anyone going to just come out and ask about the fact we exist? Like for real what the fuck.…[View]
63559515should I bother getting a gf if I dont give a fuck about other people and dont believe in romantic l…[View]
63558769do there exist females who actually want vanilla sex? i'm a virgin and all of the girls that i…[View]
63557131how come women dont understand that once men hit their 30's they just dont want to deal with wo…[View]
63556796Does having a rape fantasy make you rape proof?[View]
63558934What are anons favorite candies/snacks? I like Jolly Ranchers[View]
63555465Do robots like girls like this? What I mean is, plain girls who aren't too skinny or too curvy,…[View]
63558879>https://doi.org/10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2015.01.007 Have fembots taken the lordosispill and start…[View]
63559381Name a worse invasion of normalfags...[View]
63559444>the meaning of life[View]
63559300So what is the deal with this fandom? Why does it attract all the dregs of society and autismos out …[View]
63557593>coom >feel like shit after >don't coom >feel like shit all day until- >coom …[View]
63559205I have no idea if what i am experiencing now is real. Sure i can feel things and taste things but th…[View]
63556880literally all you need is 6'+ girth and every woman will react like this when she sees your cock[View]
63559371do 4chan retards not understand that getting pussy and friends is as easy as just speaking and movin…[View]
63557726society will grill you for being intelligent by claiming that you're being narcissistic, condes…[View]
63558303Video Games: What video games do you play /r9k/?[View]
63557519Does anyone else have the mental disorder in pic related?[View]
63558177This show gave me a lot of insight into the psyche of women and gays[View]
63558389Itadakimasu What food do robots make for themselves?[View]
63557035What a grand and intoxicating lnnocence[View]
63557420I fucking hate white people much. Literally what the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
63558439Everyone on /r9k/ has a cousin they've wanted to fuck, right?[View]
63557471The 'Women will leave you the instant you show her your true emotions' lie of the 'redpill…[View]
63557139men have little guys running asround inside their balls[View]
63559220How autistic am I?: So my mom was cooking omelette and i was thinking how many omelettes a day i sho…[View]
63559227The wheel is turning and you can't slow it down You can't let go but you can't hold o…[View]
63557436I just had a really nice date, and now I have a qt black gf. Sometimes things go alright[View]
63553867You wake up one day and the world has completely changed to suit your fetish. Societal norms, biolog…[View]
63558793global warming is fake[View]
63558673earlier today >roommates gone for 3 days >get horne >go to bedroom and jack it to porn with…[View]
63556593Cat Adventure (1998): Anyone know how to get the secret ending? I can't find a guide anywhere.…[View]
63558915>tfw scared to go outside[View]
63558646I thought my life sucked a few years ago turns out that was the best time Do I just drink a lot now[View]
63559009quick say no to drugs or they'll force you to do uwu stuff[View]
63558986>you are never not conscious from your point of view[View]
63558966I bought a new stick of deodorant a couple weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when it's antiperspir…[View]
63558161The Covid jabs are a depopulation device. Doctors are warning that they will trigger an autoimmune r…[View]
63555669This is literally the perfect male physique and you can't prove me wrong - fashionable, skelly …[View]
63556180Black female privilege: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9437615/Two-teenage-girls-accused-c…[View]
63558327I'm going to hang out and 'comfort' a girl who just got dumped and is having issues with her fa…[View]
63557482Who would use an image like this?[View]
63558337Why me love her[View]
63557977Normie doesn't exist Chad doesn't exist Incel doesn't exist All lives matter Fuck you…[View]
63558843Quit bitching cause you're in Hell. You're a man. Only men can be fucked up enough to watc…[View]
63557495I want to date an anzu[View]
63557973When would you say the average, western woman starts to look for a spouse instead of a hookup or cas…[View]
63558834Has an anime ending ever made you actually for real cry? Back when i first saw the ending of fma:b i…[View]
63556807When are you guys going to quit your narcissistic withdrawal, realize that you're not all that …[View]
63558827/Rei/ General: Rei is running late for school: Day 646 My name's Rei Ayanami. How's it han…[View]
63558812Conspiracy Theory Famalia: Robots with family members that are past the point of no return with cons…[View]
63558172Was haku the biggest faggot retard tranny ever? >waaahhhh no one saw my ability as a good thing b…[View]
63557754NNN No Nut November: What was your cope when you failed the last No Nut November? Do you play to try…[View]
63558736>have rich friend >melon musk contacts his dad about a patent >end up having to set up a ro…[View]
63558336Why don't you just stop giving a fuck?[View]
63557704Death > Thrash > Grind > Black > All other garbage[View]
63557909>https://exhentai.org/g/1900562/d7027ea8b7/ >Favorited: 14332 time What is it with normalfags …[View]
63558688This is what happens when incels try to looksmatch https://youtu.be/ChLdYkuJJ6g[View]
63558600What is the cure if you're pic related?[View]
63558230Navi... Am I real?[View]
63558317from birth i've been >anxious >shy >nerd >cry easy >shorter than my peers why?…[View]
63558613Anyone else /tickingtimebomb/ here? What will it take for you to go postal? >5 more years of tfwn…[View]
63557177What is it about fat latinas that drive me wild[View]
63555213Choose your hot waifu, robots![View]
63553811Has anyone successfully went from being sexually submissive to being dominant? I just realized domme…[View]
63557725Is anyone else kinda depressed at just how better (and generally better looking) zoomers appear to b…[View]
63557074>meet a person >they act confident and tell me about the crazy stuff they do all the time >…[View]
63558572https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St-z3WhCuSc&ab_channel=DanieleVitaleSax Do you think he gets pus…[View]
63557526Any other Americans appreciate fine British cuisine?[View]
63558552Trans rights are a bad joke.[View]
63558304Don't know where else to put this really. I've seen a sea change on 4chan's interest …[View]
63558228Girlfriend lied to me: I looked in her phone at the Uber app and something doesn't add up. 3 da…[View]
63557965Whats the best way to find sauce of an image? For example, I have this cropped hentai screenshot whe…[View]
63558311>'I love nature.'[View]
63558430>first day of waging at a new company >Walk past a Black Co-worker >Say 'So.. you're B…[View]
63557875How does r9k feel about Valentina Napi?[View]
63558472Took too much dxm and mixed with alcohol. Send help[View]
63558471Women love me so I love women.[View]
63557652when did you outgrow your Asian fetish?[View]
63552789picrew thread!!??: everyone forgot so i had to make the thread this time y'know the drill, make…[View]
63558133I went to a strip club today for the first time in my life. I had a very nice time. It was a small t…[View]
63558210I'll never be able to compete with this with my small dick[View]
63557927im bored add me on discord pls R.#8914[View]
63550632How is your day going? How are you feeling?[View]
63558045now that the dust has finally settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
63557043I've just been watching streamers all day.[View]
63556548every friend I have ever made leaves me[View]
63557867fembots and '''femcels''' need to get the fuck out of this board[View]
63556903only been on OCD medication one day and already it's harder to orgasm. Sigh. Takes like an hour…[View]
63558212What the fuck is lonny donnigan and why do americans keep referencing it[View]
63558113just realized i am an incel what do[View]
63557455no girl will ever love me because i have autism[View]
63558123What shitty things did you do during the past week? >be me >corona chan is a bitch >forced …[View]
63558094what the fuck is the point?: i cant enjoy anything. i cant be in a relationship. i cant be happy. i …[View]
63553694If you could press a button and kill all human beings (excluding yourself and people close to you if…[View]
63555561Fembot Hate Thread: Fembot Hate Thread Daily reminder fembots aren't real all women are fucking…[View]
63558072is csgo actually pogU?[View]
63557380How far can boybots pee?[View]
63558007>here, drink this glass of precum[View]
63557085I got a weird thing that happened to me a lil while ago I could share >be me >be pretty averag…[View]
63557030>copelets always tell me to get help >you know what fine >see therapist >they try to get…[View]
63555945I jerk off to my ex and BBC porn. How bad is this? Should I off myself now?[View]
63557871>Try to insult someone on here >Project my insecurities and short comings onto them Anyone els…[View]
63555640Searched 'is carbon monoxide poisoning painful' on Google: Damn Google, you're pretty good…[View]
63555384So you come to our aerobics class but you're not wearing a leotard? What the hell, Anon! Samant…[View]
63556926>wake up >realize everything we just did, the life we could've started together, will lit…[View]
63555537Is it just me or have /v/ and /a/ been completely taken over by normal fags from reddit? There'…[View]
63557748I had an idea that eventually I was gonna hit my bottom and then I was gonna go sicko mode and start…[View]
63557753>when you remember moids have weaker orgasms AND a refractory period[View]
63557331where do genuinely fucked up people reside on the internet these days? /r9k/ these days is basically…[View]
63556899https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgR3IZJ5VCY Anyone got good feels songs like this?[View]
63549228board demographics poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/45236685 Take the poll. The board feels pretty dif…[View]
63557047Believe on Jesus Christ: Going to Heaven is as easy as believing that Jesus is the Christ and puttin…[View]
63557423>wake up If there was a God I wouldn't wake up tomorrow[View]
63557323good morning, l hate women[View]
63557405New Small Discord Server: 5NBAbTGPCd Here's a server where you can just talk with randoms. Talk…[View]
63557740er how much is erm that dogy in the window ? the one with the waggly tail[View]
63554829How unhealthy is starving yourself to lose weight quickly? I'm trying to lose 100lbs in a few m…[View]
63554191One thing you'd do before death?[View]
63553967Why aren't you settling for an aspie gf?[View]
63556369Masculanity and Femininity: Why is Masculinity associated with Adulthood and Femininity with Youth?…[View]
63557050Mother says I'm not allowed to rebuild the Numidium.[View]
63557622I've barely slept all week cause I'm overcaffeinated and mentally ill. I had to take 6 ben…[View]
63553323Is height the most attractive trait to a female? It seems even more prevalent now that all these hei…[View]
63557630Zoomers: Why the fuck are zoomer normies so fucking annoying? Like holy shit I want to knock them th…[View]
63557598>when you're a woman and a man shows a slight bit of emotion[View]
63557590Where were you when The Wynn and Encore linked up?[View]
63556580Mirin': >Be me, long ago >Fast swimmer, held 2 pacific records in my prime (15-160 >FF…[View]
63556370I'm not a loser, I'm a sigma male, a lone wolf, outside the hierarchy Me and the alphas h…[View]
63556082>girls would rather suicide for chad than text you for a night[View]
63556917>be me >29 years old >literal manchild >3 am >lying in bed, have to take a shit >d…[View]
63557214Please read this because this is fucked up.... I am a sociopath, former psychopath.... On my first d…[View]
63552136Do you seriously think a WOMAN will cure your crippling depression?[View]
63557051r9k post your sock puppets[View]
63557444I fell in love with an escort /r9k/, I truly fell in love with her and I had to give her up because …[View]
63555236Settling for ugly face but good body gf?: Would you settle for good body but ugly face (3/10) gf, an…[View]
63556101Do you think moneymaxxing is the best solution for incels? Will women really do anything for money?[View]
63557021You're really starting to piss me off bros.[View]
63556945Y'all niggas ever buy a condom jUsT iN cAsE but didn't use it?[View]
63556691i want coronoavirus how do i get it i need people to stop bitching at me to get this stupid fucking …[View]
63554244Small Living Spaces: Do you currently, or have you ever lived in a very small space (under 500 sqft …[View]
63555098tfw ywn: be a cute femboy because ur 6ft2 size 12 us over range rover[View]
63556249Rape: Hello, civilized people of R9K, please inform your fellow posters what you would do to help th…[View]
63552646I guess this is how robots are made nowadays?[View]
63557233I just want a rich, money obsessed, workaholic Asian gf[View]
63556292right new approach[View]
63557033Which way, robots?[View]
63556928Why are nurses such sluts?: Anedoctal, untested evidence but they seem to take nsfw selfies at work …[View]
63554048Where do you guys find these sweet innocent Asian women who love white men? All of the Asians in my …[View]
63552454Would you still be attracted to girls if they didn't have vaginas?[View]
63556170Being 6'3 has never done anything for me to get girls. When does being tall start helping?[View]
63556831there was a manlet who tried to bully me and i laughed at all his insults as if it were a joke i was…[View]
63556736i just want to be happy for once in my god damn life[View]
63553945r9k minecrafters: scope my world, n00bs ;)[View]
63556988>Open up Anon. No, I didn't mean your mouth.[View]
63555653Times Trusting Woman Proved Terrible: I'm too angry to type right now, but fuck woman and you s…[View]
63556868Robots can't love.[View]
63556362>Be me >try to do homework >give up I hate online classes. I don't understand anything…[View]
63556026Attraction Manipulation: If you use androgyny as a baseline, can you distort sexual preferences in b…[View]
63554028Anyone else notice how tense the world has been getting? At least politically. I've literally h…[View]
63556983wow chilean protestor zoomer weeb kpop stans apparently set cops on fire. imagine doing that to anot…[View]
63556549kek physicists observing direct CP Violation: alright which one of you robots is doing particle phys…[View]
63556246I suffer as an Asian male[View]
63555497How does it feel to have functioning brain cells?[View]
63556672>tfw no strangIer bf[View]
63555840What's your most profitable skill? What have you made money doing that not just anybody can imm…[View]
63556516Bros...what if we are wrong about women? What if they actually arent heartless and evil? What if the…[View]
63556809CHRISTKEKS If God is real why am I 23 and single? I told him I would kill myself if I remained singl…[View]
63556018I want to dress like a wizard (the magical spellcasting kind) in real life. But I don't have en…[View]
63556459What does it mean to really be autistic?: What does it mean to be really autistic? Autism just seems…[View]
63556085i want covid how do i get it i need people to stop bitching at me to get this stupid fucking vaccine…[View]
63556678>would gladly swipe right on any girl in my tinder feed >don't want to be shadow banned f…[View]
63555883>Why would someone have no friends? They asked; you deliver. Go at it. https://www.reddit.com/r/A…[View]
63555143Why haven't you joined a polycule yet? >friends and lovers always available >share the sa…[View]
63554469I'm not gonna lie bros, the only reason I am against trannies is cause I could never pass as a …[View]
63556747Anyone else doesn't fit in anywhere? I can get along with most people. In every group I'm …[View]
63556025>At a party >See this Wat do?[View]
63556494I fucking hate self insert anime.[View]
63555509Who won?[View]
63556687Nobody cares about low status loser males. Everyone is genetically wired to ridicule and shame low s…[View]
63556395ITT: Best worst movies BONUS POINTS: Turn it into a drinking game[View]
63555716so a few guys at work left out of protest because i got a 35 hour contract in a few months when they…[View]
63555680spooky thinks trans people are disgusting[View]
63556626miss u alec please stop doing heroin[View]
63556525>wake up with splitting migraine >gets worse as day progresses >force myself to fap even t…[View]
63554029How often are you complimented, boys?: A girl at the store said she liked my jacket today. People co…[View]
63556033https://youtu.be/A2QpThyVL8s https://youtu.be/oOlZVdVWMck play both at the same time[View]
63556205/r9k/ comedy night: Post jokes you know or create new ones ----------------- A man call up his regul…[View]
63556498anyone else /stinky/? I've been wearing my cum stained shirt for 2 days and haven't shower…[View]
63554241Why do American police officers have a 'quota' system they need to meet? That sounds it can lead to …[View]
63555146>try summoning a succubus >accidentally summon a demon from the Third Circle of Hell >deman…[View]
63555649I know this is not an original thread but what the fuck happened here man. Been lurking on and off h…[View]
63555258>DUDE GET A HECKIN TRADE BRO No. No I will never get a fucking trade. I'm not working 12 hou…[View]
63553919Hey whats goin on crew chillin, boutta go to work, hangin out thursday morning, think I might drink …[View]
63555845Why do fat ugly females even exist?[View]
63552876>your skin makes me cry[View]
63555643does anyone else 'accidentally' out themselves as a faggot?: not as in an actual faggot, but i alway…[View]
63556299watching andy ngo's yt channel and my god is america fucked. the social contract is null and vo…[View]
63556347Go outside: Use to browse this board then I just started going outside and hanging out with people w…[View]
63555443The Wynn at night Is big and bright Deep in the heart of Vegas![View]
63555730>We're a generation raised by women, I'm starting to wonder if another woman is really …[View]
63556282>thought I was losing my hair at 20 > It's just a widow's peak >mfw…[View]
63554583how can moids even compete?: Think about it moids: why should ANY foid worth her salt choose a pathe…[View]
63555703dats raysis[View]
63555492i dont even want a gf i just want friends my age in real life[View]
63555820Lose weight: Get a haircut Wear male makeup Get new clothes Shower Get a wingman Get social media Ac…[View]
63556098Is anyone else just ill all the damn time? Every week I'm dealing with something new it feels l…[View]
63556220Since social science says we need to be less white, does that mean science says we need to be less w…[View]
63555517>almost bald at 20 years old >kissless virgin, no friends, no social circle, wasted my entire…[View]
63553575>be you >incel >probably obese, definitely not physically fit >have porn addiction >h…[View]
63556171move aside christian, im the top tranny man[View]
63555908>be >walking to work >see the first girl i ever kissed walking down the street >always r…[View]
63552828Hey Guys: So I just ate beans. You can ask me anything[View]
63554561wtf have normalfags done to our boy[View]
63556028>My favorite flower? Its cannabis. Teeheeee >The most strenuous exercise I do in a day is tou…[View]
63554660>told bf im half japanese and he believed me >im actually 100% white Any other femanons lie a…[View]
63556002I want to kill every alcoholic on this planet[View]
63556067What actually is a 'normie' and what do you have against them?[View]
63555881how many organisms do fembots have when they masterbate?[View]
63552350How am I supposed to be happy knowing that my gf was tainted by another man and I'm basically g…[View]
63554891how do people study for more than one hour? i can barely study for 30 minutes before wanting to tear…[View]
63552846Anyone else like fapping to fag porn but don't want to fuck dudes?[View]
63554307I'm retarded: >be me >have long hair >keep hair ties on wrist >i have 2 brand new o…[View]
63555790>one chance at life >born with midwit 125 iq…[View]
63554252>Off to work for another 12 hour shift Is there a drug that just sort of turns off my brain and l…[View]
63555460carlito: hi guys this is carlito please say hi and be nice to him[View]
63555670Mariebros we lost.....[View]
63555884I keep getting older but the average age of this board stays the same[View]
63554247Not gonna be active on r9k tonight. I'm meeting a girl (a real one) in half an hour (wouldn…[View]
63555530>Hello anon, I'm your new maid, if you need something, anything, feel free to call me >Yo…[View]
63554395i used to lie in bed hugging my mom for hours just playing with and smelling her hair also used to t…[View]
63547248Teenage girls will never fuck you.[View]
63555874about to finish my last pack of cigarettes i want to kill myself[View]
63555620I know this going to make some of you anons rage lol. I'm a depressed 25khv and recently I…[View]
63555413You can't tell 'cis women' to 'trans women' apart. There are chances that you might have found …[View]
63555473White men = vaginas for brown men[View]
63555626How would you kill a fembot?: For me, it's handheld garroting.[View]
63554784>be me >get a girlfriend >have sex >no longer have the urge to browse r9k is this it for…[View]
63551802There is nothing more i hate than interracial couples: There are rare but whenever i see a white gir…[View]
63554478Who here is famous on Twitter. Pic related should say hello, you're deffo scrolling right now[View]
63555725White Boy Summer: I'm on my summer break finally. The week before I was sliterally doing stuff …[View]
63555607>dont ride on a private jet >dont have a private driver in every city >dont have concierg…[View]
63555578Have sex (with an anime girl)[View]
63555701why do I have to be the one to make sure my mom isnt alone and sad I want to live my life goddammit …[View]
63555082>finally got hired 2 years of searching later bros..........i made it............................…[View]
63555250This is the future of asian and white 'men'[View]
63550148Why aren't you investing in crypto? If you're young you would benefit from starting now. T…[View]
63549152Tinder is really the ultimate blackpill. Unless you're inordinately attractive you will match w…[View]
63554514is it gay for two guys to jerk off onto an anime figure?[View]
63554233>fill ass with grapes >put buttplug in >time to start the day…[View]
63551950I am in love with Poki[View]
63554985Why are people obsessed with hating porn yet say nothing in regards to hating sex: Just think it…[View]
63552214>no friend to send texts to >no friend to play vidya with >no friend to watch tv with >b…[View]
63553372I got prescribed female hormones to treat my gender dysphoria[View]
63554275Ive reached a new low. I keep making Sasha Grey gooner captions on photoshop to cope with my own iss…[View]
63554740>you worry about leaving a better planet for our kids >how about leaving better kids for our p…[View]
63554359I guess you could say I'm a real Wynn buff.[View]
63555069Would you live in southside chicago if you got paid 75k a year for doing nothing[View]
63555439the thing with the imagination is it can get quite unironic, and so you always end up wondering what…[View]
63555354>be me >larp as a flat earther on /x/ >challenge people in the replies with my bullshit, ac…[View]
63553383Why do I hate trannies so fucking much? I'm not even memeing, I seriously hate them.[View]
63550183Question for all cis men: If someone would give you a magical potion that will turn you into a woman…[View]
63554256>had handfull of friends througgh highschool >move to college >been here almost year and …[View]
63555170My sugar baby came over and let me cuddle and play with her boobs. Only for 1000$ a month she fucks …[View]
63555273Some of the people on this board will have alzheimers some day[View]
63554282i have blown through an astounding number of socks since buying danbooru gold[View]
63554688Improving my shitting game?: Hey robots, I have a problem with my shit. I only eat once a day and us…[View]
63555285Is there any replacement for craigslist personals? That was the only time where I got laid D:[View]
63554699>bro just get a hobby! It will literally fix your life!!!![View]
63554062Is it true that people can enjoy eating food? For me it's like taking a poo-poo - unpleasant, b…[View]
63545862If a really hot girl was willing to let you eat her out, but wouldnt touch your dick or let you fuck…[View]
63552652>used to have an internal monologue/inner voice >constantly thinking and talking to myself int…[View]
63554967Here's a story about how I really tried: >be me >currently in college >been struggling…[View]
63551970all i wanted was answers for my math class..[View]
63555051>be me >18 y/o senior >start online school, opened in march >throughout year, I am the …[View]
63554653i just wanna say that i love my wife pic related[View]
63554716>my life isn't going well >I will create an open sewer where my dick once was >this wi…[View]
63554099>this made boomers squirt shit out of their cocks in 2007 Old stuff sucks. Take off the nostalgia…[View]
63554390I'm not scheme encrypting I dont like my family getting defrauded I have peace in civilians not…[View]
63548823/uni/: Who else suffering in uni here?[View]
63554944What does a clit piercing say about a woman?[View]
63554180How do you please asian grills in bed?[View]
63554642>literal part of the 41%[View]
63553953For my birthdays my mom would take me to the store but I would have to buy my own present which woul…[View]
63552111Why do women cheat once they're in a meaningful relationship? Women cheat more than men.[View]
63554656Why do I feel, Robots?: I can get past the idea that I'll be alone forever. It's just that…[View]
63538751/r9gay/ - 1354: Standing up for yourself edition. Previous: >>63520390[View]
63553672i have never posted a wojak in my life. ama[View]
63554789Being a Black Mall Goth has ruined my Life. It all started when I saw a lil peep video with gothboic…[View]
63552368>yeah, it's totally your INCONFIDENCE why women are repelled by you…[View]
63554140Describe what it would be like to receive a blow job from this heterochrome.[View]
63554677Why aren't you paying a girl to cosplay and refer to you as an anime character name?[View]
63552541Some body once toId me..[View]
63552382Having a high salary just isn't worth it..: >used to be a Fedex driver and grocery store emp…[View]
63554770>killed millions by covid >saved millions by delivering anti covid ppe…[View]
63554645I feel like everything i have or ever will witness is some kind of retarded gaslight of some sort. I…[View]
63547477Women appreciation thread: You know the grill , share your stories positive stories here. All know y…[View]
63554597Why is the body positivity movement so hostile to anorexics? We're just as hated, judged, and u…[View]
63551859Who here has also taken the wage pill? >be me >have job >10 hours a day >5 days a week …[View]
63554291I need some help bros Back when we were younger me and a bunch of my friends posted some pretty emba…[View]
63553613>make half second eye contact with cute girl in bio class today > get boner >why am i like …[View]
63552947why are vidya not fun anymore I thought this was supposed to be my thing whats happening[View]
63554479Be honest, has anyone online ever made you so mad you dreamed of beating the shit out of them irl?[View]
63554232mfw can barely communicate with people becos social retard[View]
63554214compliment: >be me >not the best looking dude, but a good 4-5 >i have a gf currently, but t…[View]
63553212I want a girlfriend who will dress me up in girl's clothes and put makeup on me[View]
63553822ATTENTION FEMBOTS: Why waste another day mindlessly browsing boring r9k threads when you can join my…[View]
63554158I am almost 27 and last night I think I felt horny for the first time. but it might have been an inc…[View]
63551600Is it still cucking if you're fucking her friend behind her back at the same time that she…[View]
63541976How are fembots helping to cure inceldom? Do you have a robot bf yet?[View]
63554051Not black.: Not attractive. Not talented.[View]
63547914Is it true that white girls prefer black guys in the US?: Bong here, Ive always wondered from seeing…[View]
63553977'Well, Anon, maybe you should reconsider who your friends really are if they have an issue with us b…[View]
63554473tfw you will never be a latino chad: >one shot at life >born a ugly white autistic manlet >…[View]
63554353Is Puella Magi Madoka Magica worth watching?[View]
63553924I'm out of the loop What going on here?[View]
63553578Hey r9k, I'm typing this thread because I don't have anyone else to talk to and nobody rea…[View]
63553477doing a self-portrait every day until im good. DAY 3. and yes, i shaved my face bar the moustache[View]
63554018why am i so at peace with the world knowing i can exit it at any moment? i could go a full day with …[View]
63553711>tfw orbiter stops initiating conversations with me after he finds a new hobby…[View]
63554374sex: bros, some fags on discord dont support chastity and say that its a 'necessity' what am i even…[View]
63538020posts interesting facts about Autism/Asperger's. I'll start: Amygdala size in general corr…[View]
63553259Anyone else grow up like this >slept in bed with mum >had bath with mum until teen >could f…[View]
63550819Hey, people' maybe a question to the older ones here, how was it to grow up without internet porn. G…[View]
63552980My gf is 18 I am 25 and she calls me daddy in bed while I fuck her. Is this normal for zoomer girls?…[View]
63550777zoomers. defend your women right now.[View]
63552178https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o76kpPXQJk I was just looking for skate videos and randomly stumble…[View]
63553796Whats your ideal afterlife, Robot?: Okay so I've seen that a lot of people are afraid of dying …[View]
63554251Korn: Something takes a part of me You and I were meant to be A cheap fuck for me to lay Something t…[View]
63554050>drug addicts need treatment, not prison[View]
63553199>discord notification >someone i haven't talked too in 3 years >/fit/ link >manlet …[View]
63554181Would you top a girlmaxxed clone of yourself? Like with everything shaved and lots of makeup and a w…[View]
63554118anyone else depressed by how no new video games have come out for liek 2 years now? or movies? I wan…[View]
63553221>tfw you look like the average turkish guy in a slavic country its a fuckin nightmare, in terms o…[View]
63553776what is there to even do other than work and lift? what exactly constitutes a 'life'?[View]
63553605Why do some people find it so unthinkable when you tell them that no one has ever showed interest in…[View]
63553639>ugly girl raised by single dad >never learned how to dress >never learned how to take care…[View]
63553300>if i couldn't find a girlfriend for the first 20 years of my life, why would i find one now…[View]
63553886>be me >eat often >gain a bit of covid weight >find old iPhone >doesnt recognize my …[View]
63552663How do you recover from this as a man? Actually, another question. Why even go to parties if you are…[View]
63552141Why does everyone like tomboys but no-one likes tomgirls?[View]
63552182>Free Tibet Dalai Lama >The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 The Tiananmen Square Massacre …[View]
63554012>Engels thought of me on his death bed.[View]
63547079How am I even supposed to compete with this?: My penis is like half the size of this thing. This is …[View]
63553122another board is calling me a consoomer boomer for wanting to fix something instead of throwing it a…[View]
63553905Would you date a virgin woman who is over 27?[View]
63551289>have literally nothing in life besides the internet >no emotional connection with parents and…[View]
63552945RICED: Shes 20, this is her first boyfriend.[View]
63549140Why do mods keep banning me and deleting my threads about possession and demonocally influenced thou…[View]
63551739Would you date a twink?[View]
63551202I'm not gay I just have a fetish for pleasing more masculine men[View]
63553097Nobody is your friend: -Rich people are not your friend -Famous people are not your friend -Women ar…[View]
63553888Thats the kind of man you want to marry one day sweetie[View]
63553661>I touched a Booba >I just woke up >I couldn't find where's the Booba >who t…[View]
63553841you are no match for my bbc, bro[View]
63553314jobs: >recruiter's name is Joe >call him John twice in an email >one of those emails w…[View]
63553037Jeez, where can I find a woman like this. They seem non existent in Europe[View]
63553716why the fuck are people comparing cut and uncut dicks??? why does it matter?????????????????????????…[View]
63547626All of your problems are your fault[View]
63550720NoFap copers: What exactly makes a guy that doesn't watch porn and masturbates better than one …[View]
63552054What if you could travel back in time to your childhood, would you take the opportunity? You retain …[View]
63553677Do femanons with big fat butts exist? Seems like they are either flat as a board or just all out fat…[View]
63551016How come westernized nonwhite women are constantly shitting on white men while also dating/marrying …[View]
63546346Redpill me on hapa women[View]
63553107>constantly preaching self love, body positivity, independence, confidence >constantly focuse…[View]
63553655One More Time sounds so fucking good right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGBhQbmPwH8[View]
63548533Women's intelligence is inversely proportional to their breast size. Prove me wrong.[View]
63553220it's okay anon, everyone makes mistakes[View]
63553618vocaroo thread: Fellas, I'm having a real hard time in Uni. Could you please record yourself in…[View]
63552819I belive many of the people on here who identify as incels, robots or who struggle to build or maint…[View]
63551526>tfw next fall have to commute 1 hour to on campus university and take classes in person >can…[View]
63553543Should I just give up growing facial hair? It looks like absolutely shit Excuse this article written…[View]
63553464>tfw will never be a teacher in Japan[View]
63551532>tfw shy nerdy guy respecters don't exist[View]
63551003How do I get people to stop insulting me?: It always ends the same way. I meet a new person while da…[View]
63552806If you could have one Twitch streamer sit on my face for 10 minutes without pants, who would it be?[View]
63552639This world can really be too much I can't take another day I guess that I've just had enou…[View]
63553395Yay now I have some muscle on me rather than just fat and bone. my arms and forearms are bigger now.…[View]
63552834Shes been wanting BBC since she was 12 baka no shame[View]
63553309All coomers are gay: >porn facilitates coming which produces feel good chemicals >the coomer c…[View]
63553184Women physically recoil when they look at me[View]
63551347Surplus men: The more I talk on 4chan about being outside society and never getting a career and gf,…[View]
63552633When's the last time you have written the letter 'z' on paper[View]
63552693>Watching my best friend start to like someone else more >Too sad about it to stop it wtf…[View]
63552559I cant even masturbate anymore because the thought of someone loving and desiring me is too unrealis…[View]
63552437>you see a 6'4 girl with massive tits and ass >literal goddess, insane genetics >you r…[View]
63540628Why don't women know what kind of women men find attractive?[View]
63550232Do people gain mommy fetishes from being raised by neglectful mothers or mothers that got too involv…[View]
63553218>hmm today i want tacobell >drive to tacobell >drivethru backed up all the way out to the f…[View]
63552134>see a happy normalfag who doesn't have any anxiety, doubt, self-doubt, and is free from bad…[View]
63550861Daily NEET/hikikomori thread: since the usual cunt won't post I will instead discuss NEETdom an…[View]
63553036Send me back in time just 2 months please.[View]
63550910Did you also cum your pants the first time you heard about BTS fellow azns?[View]
63552020In the future we should be able to clone: hot white women. Every man in America should be able to af…[View]
63551827How do i stop myself from running away from responsibilities? My grades are shit, i've got bare…[View]
63545581>you'll never get a gf or a career It's hard to deal with this. All I can do in life is…[View]
63553042How many of you were lucky enough to get a call from The Wynn today?[View]
63552116>paycheck arrives >it's 355.37[View]
63551245Since money can buy you anything in America what's preventing some billionaire from buying some…[View]
63547242Ever considered going trans?: Not bait, genuinely curious. Has anyone here ever considered going tra…[View]
63552850>you could just settle for your looksmatch anon AHHHHHH I FUCKING HATE THIS, I know I know you…[View]
63552123> 23 years old > NEET hermit living with parents and siblings > one bathroom between 6 of u…[View]
63551414just got vaccine #2 yeah i'm thinkin' based[View]
63552836Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me th…[View]
63552822>watch youtube videos of women reacting to the joker movie >they all sympathize with him great…[View]
63552201> Sitting at desk doing homework > Steam is open in desktop, set to offline mode > new noti…[View]
6355081631 years old, never had a relationship, could have had few, women say im nice, good looking, but eve…[View]
63546810I got my first gf at 28. She's 32, has a bodycount of 10 and I don't give a fuck, she…[View]
63550483>accidentally scheduled my MSF class, the only thing I've looked forward to in forever, for …[View]
63552780Have anyone tried grief assisted pick up? It's basically just making the girl talk about tragic…[View]
63552087Why do girls and women alike like tie a boy to a chair and start to apply make up to his face and ma…[View]
63550337Ok faggots what's the quickest way to piss off modern women that deflates thier ego. Give me so…[View]
63550562Unless your life is going well there's no reason to bother with other people. Hard times show y…[View]
63552333I love my wife Kagetsumugi[View]
63543302>bro it's about the motion of the ocean, it's all about the technique Fucking a woman i…[View]
63550976I know that size doesn't matter, so why am I looking at monster cocks all day and feeling bad a…[View]
63550874Is this considered fat? What do you think of her?[View]
63552479there is no better smell than that of my unwashed penis[View]
63547829Broken Family: After a year of alcoholism which almost tore apart my family, my mom has started her …[View]
63549827>made a profile on a dating site again >6/10 looks with good selfies >loser irl so no frien…[View]
63551720be me pain.png[View]
63551369coffee is disgusting. >'NOOOO!!! THAT'S NOT TRUE!!! YOU JUST HAVEN'T HAD GOOD, PROPERLY…[View]
63552502I'm bored play a game with me: https://lichess.org/NumKrUEG[View]
63551291The Level IQ test (Final Edition): https://pastebin.com/80Dt5Y2k Tests up to an IQ of 257-260, made …[View]
63551972I don't have any female friends, what do you talk about with a platonic female friend?[View]
63552354>click >scroll >click >click >back >scroll >click…[View]
63549462Robot Test: You know the deal anons. Easier version for lazy faggots like me - https://arfer.net/gam…[View]
63552302Survey: Hey boys and girls of /int/ Does the a in 'bag' make the a sound in 'apple', or the a sound…[View]
63551277How would women react if I got on my knees and BEGGED for pussy? Because I would 100% do it.[View]
63550795>Anon... The doctor just called with the results. I'm having quintuplets. How do you respond…[View]
63548355Fembots what would a guy have to do make you his gf?[View]
63552324>be me >have friend >friend looks like pic rel >friend is average normie guy with a dec…[View]
63552226>meet qt >shes cute and funny >chemistry >one day she shows up with ugly ass cheap fake …[View]
63551821Have you guys tried catfishing on tinder with a chad account? It's so funny to successfully pla…[View]
63549284I can't relate to anyone. I used to find 4chan pretty relatable, but now I find you people disg…[View]
63552146>260-265 IQ >Realize I am a 45 IQ point roll-up from the median of my parents It makes me wond…[View]
63550117Have you ever had a near-death experience? Tell your story, but not if it was a drug overdose, that…[View]
63550520I wish pomf would be my e-bf.[View]
63552069blew my fucking interview again.[View]
63550260>gyno >5'7 >a very short and deformed torso because of scoliosis >diagnosed with …[View]
63552092Brazilian Hot Girls _Thread_ Post any hot girl photos you have. Go![View]
63544407Should you ever under any circumstances tell your gf you're bisexual?[View]
63546979There's no such thing as an incel.: You just don't want to work to succeed[View]
63551864anyone never felt love?: my dad died a few years ago and i never feel like i miss him, and idk if i …[View]
63549142I hate New York and rural areas so much I wish I could kill my parents for this shit they are fuckin…[View]
63551971Is there a point to making new friends if all your old friends ghosted you? I had an IRL childhood f…[View]
63550479How many days in the past year have you been sober? Since March 2020 I think I've had a maximum…[View]
63551476when did you realize you were retarded robots?[View]
63551831If I'm short and ugly, why shouldn't I just kill myself? Rather reincarnation is real and …[View]
63546289Today is my birthday: Today is my birthday[View]
63550828Do you ever think about the sorts of things that you could have accomplished if you weren't men…[View]
63551582It is the fault of the system right ?: >be me >everyone thinks that i am gay >never acted g…[View]
63551816God fucking dammit man, I'm so fucking lonely. But I can't talk to people and I don't…[View]
63549910Can I get a white power? Hoo raa[View]
63550940who have you coomed to the most in your life do you recon? pic rel is mine. why are fat ass skinny l…[View]
63551534I prefer my pizza uncut[View]
63550945Why are children so fucking negative I gave my little brother and his friends compliments and they a…[View]
63551805>be me >sad >read plato's cave and about forms >realize sadness is a transient enti…[View]
63550627Please do not go in a wood. He has a sexual appetite[View]
63551643>feral fluffy herd breaks into your garden and demands you give them sketties and then leave or t…[View]
63551454Any bots play golf? I'm really enjoying it atm. Even though the range is closed, I have some of…[View]
63551653So I just sucked my friends cocked and swallowed his load after some dripped down my chin and he nev…[View]
63550195>in a bad mood >don't know what to do >didn't buy enough booze >nothing to eat…[View]
63550864Incels are Nature's mechanism of filtering the trash out of the genetic pool: Letting all men b…[View]
63551398a woman would leave you for something as minor as crying at any point in time, regardless of what yo…[View]
63551543I had a dream last night that a girl was jerking me off onto a pile of maggots and then injecting th…[View]
63548939I come to you autists with a genuine question I've dealt with depression for a long time. For m…[View]
63551403Posted on FDS. Guys how the fuck is any of that bad? >gets the best kind of attention for free …[View]
63550626Can you rate my anime styled voice acting? https://streamable.com/o3tpq5[View]
63549343AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND https://voca.ro/15lzmeLbFigc[View]
63551333Oh these?: My boobies? My massive fucking tiddies? My super stuffed up milkies? My honker wonker doi…[View]
63551496Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me th…[View]
63551489/Creative Gen/: Post any OC that you created. Music, art, writings, memes, etc. Here's a song. …[View]
63547746>the average white woman weighs 172lbs >the average woman becomes sexually active by 14-15 No…[View]
63551418Is this autism? Or just self awareness?: >A girl sits alone on a train >No other vacant seats …[View]
63536817fembots are browsing r9k like this right now[View]
63551007Why am I simultaneously disgusted and turned on by nasty old men fucking petite teens?[View]
63548615How can i become a narcissist psychopath? It seems that they get all the girls... I feel incapable o…[View]
63550675how can i be using tor/vpn to avoid a ban when I dont have either or know how to use those things!!!…[View]
63549797Edgy opinion coming through Safe family sex should be encouraged as it teaches good habits and helps…[View]
63549718shoulda killed my self years ago: >Be me >socially retarded >never had a gilfriend, but ha…[View]
63550355BOOBIES!!!! Big jiggly jumpy bulging booby boobs!!! Big booby make my boaner go up and hard and boin…[View]
63550238Should I get the covid shot?[View]
63549459Mommyfags: Why have they gotten so much traction lately? Seems like the whole mommy fetish thing has…[View]
63550436Larping as women is based I got like 100$ for free[View]
63542903>tfw no gfd mommy gf[View]
63549784Which path do you choose and why?[View]
63550724>be me >browsing OkCupid late 2020 >found a girl who seemed fucking great from her profile …[View]
63550443Freemasons and gmail: Why are these freemasons providing free advertisement for google? Do they real…[View]
63550566This day: >Be me >Take the bus to buy groceries >Everything is fine >A fucking inmigrant…[View]
63550992Does anyone have a good video where a gay twinkish guy gives his real straight friend a blowjob and …[View]
63551140>ITT pretend your penis just disappears. Like, your dick got Thanos snapped…[View]
63549979>go on grindr because I want to get TOPPED >no matches…[View]
63548733FEMBOT BIKINIS: Do fembots own bikinis? What's your favorite style?[View]
63550406>Bitter >Not at anyone in particular >Not a women or blacks >Just bitter at everything …[View]
63550606>be me >live in strip >mr house is a bit of a prick >have this awesome fuckin plan with …[View]
63549055>YEAH BRO, NOT COOL[View]
63551021>you have freewill Just believe in yourself.[View]
63550057sooooooo age gender thread? 18 m - please nobody post pics or any information other than age gender…[View]
63549824>tfw I literally cannot stop being a lazy unambitious piece of shit Im no longer depressed about…[View]
63549794>chad bullies wagie serving him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYHjD-l-Yd4 Do you ever taunt wag…[View]
63550597>parents giving me the usual monthly talk about how being a neet is unhealthy and I need to do mo…[View]
63550957>'Why yes, my room is filled with natural sunlight and I hate those faggot LED strips, how could …[View]
63550099My roommate keeps having loud sex. It's driving me insane[View]
63550921My bajinas feels weird: @ _ 0; I think I'm about to COOM[View]
63549990My father died today, suffocating in his own puke after another alcohol abuse. I don't even cr…[View]
63548230Caro-Kann or Sicilian?: The Sicilian is often preferred by GMs, but what should a regular pleb like …[View]
63550215I can't get enough of the wonderful Wynn.[View]
63545647Writing a book: I want to get a book published. Should I write a story about a pedo? In a saturated…[View]
63549974I think I better answer it, you only get so many chances to take a call from The Wynn.[View]
63550346Can somebody please link he thread this Asian girl is talking to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut…[View]
63550511Could this guy become a bouncer? https://www.reddit.com/r/fightporn/comments/n3w3q6/me_sleeveless_an…[View]
63550609crushing boredom: anyone else feel like this? what's the cause? overestimation? ADHD?[View]
63550618Bros why do men have to do the majority of the work in: >sex >work/career >any shared physi…[View]
63546812Fembots what is your absolute dirtiest raunchiest fantasy: I'm talking stuff like wanting to be…[View]
63548560>be South American How bad is it for me to say the n word?[View]
63550309>quit my job again[View]
63549444i need a ebony chocolate cake to race mix with[View]
63548697>tfw no one-sided open relationship where I get to fuck Chads and my beta bf doesn't…[View]
63550531is it weird that i say a girls name repeatedly while i fap? havent talked/fucker her in years but sh…[View]
63547052why are white people like this? White people thread. Assemble brownbros.[View]
63549875Just watched this, very comfy kino https://youtu.be/T3hRMzYGygI[View]
63550255How many concrete chances of getting some you lost for being too autistic?[View]
63550333>be at a pub, drunk with a gay friend >homosexual faggot of a friend tells me how much of a fa…[View]
63550306>tfw you're just all-round BETTER than everyone here...[View]
63548800>women can't be judged based on their sexual life >but men can be and a lack of such is d…[View]
63548124Is it gay to be more repelled by those fat 'bbw' hambeasts then guys? I've noticed that I begin…[View]
63550000'David hasslehoff would not be seen with gumby. Maybe pokey,but not gumby.'[View]
63550243I'm asking myself: Do I want to know how reality works, or do I want to know how what goes on i…[View]
63549007No one ever told me you were supposed to wash your glasses I have done it like twice in the 3 years …[View]
63540196Is there a video game you are legit super good at? For me it's CK2. I know it like the back of …[View]
63550241alcohol makes me feel like my butthole is expanded. like how it feels right after you poop or stick …[View]
63548914Why are people so fucking awful Jesus Christ >move into apartment >loud niggers all day >m…[View]
63550205there are robots reading this right now who would down a glass of trap cum and you're wondering…[View]
63549943Must fill elves with human seed[View]
63545826If you had a fluffy, what would you do to it?[View]
63550159How to stop caring?: Got an interview for a team assistant role tomorrow. Don't really want it,…[View]
63548748this made me laugh lol[View]
63549863this is what a furry looks like under its fursuit[View]
63549652I wanna go to the park with a cute boy in a frilly dress![View]
63550054Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me th…[View]
63549896>tfw you realise that physiognomy was real all along How do I deal with this? I feel like I'…[View]
63549744Robot Birthday: Happy Birthday One of these threads please[View]
63549660I am surprised I have lived this long and I am only 26 years old. I wonder what happens after you di…[View]
63546261Is there any suffering greater than having a high IQ? >be 133 IQ >the difference between me an…[View]
63548049itt: ITT: we robots select candidates for the next episode of blacked[View]
63549463How can i search for old post i have seen online in pictures? Like there are some nice threads made …[View]
63549834Seeing pictures of pretty women puts me on the verge of tears I actually can't fucking go on li…[View]
63549770>unironically still salty about being rejected in elementary school How do I let it go? It was ov…[View]
63549736Calm down robots: There is someone out there for everybody, you just haven't found the right pe…[View]
63549588>Pajeeta gf tells me that she is only attracted to tall white men Is there a worse fate than bein…[View]
63548901I dont know, my psychologist sessions arent working, i only a hikki neet that most of the time doesn…[View]
63549038Do you anons balance 'beeing urself' with saying the 'right' things?[View]
63548708>fail to make a joke >20 minute mental breakdown >refuse to speak to the person for 2 weeks…[View]
63548502Lonely People: What's up lonely people, come to this thread if you want to chat with other lone…[View]
63549563femanon here, in need of $5 badly. if you can send it (maybe in exchange for something?) add window#…[View]
63549065When will vocaroo fembot come back...[View]
63548069Men should be treated and raised as animals. Nude and on all fours.[View]
63549466in history class right now robots how is everyone 2day -_-[View]
63549725How do I cope with my Schizo bloodlust? I to kill I need to watch the blood leave somebody's bo…[View]
63549452I only have one friend in the entire world and they just ignore me 95% of the time. I wish I could …[View]
63548949Are woman attracted to Barbarian men?: I live in a small town in Central Italy. We have a small perc…[View]
63548054r9k community has really low standards[View]
63549367Just lost 12k USD. 8 years of wageslaving gone in an instant. I wasn't even chasing after easy …[View]
63548316I moved to the big city and its fucking awful I cant believe people pay these prices I cant believe …[View]
63549509I'm going to El Pollo Loco for lunch today anons. Have you ever been there? I went yesterday fo…[View]
63549533do you think your parents really love you? do they only care for us out of duty and social pressure,…[View]
63549490Virginity is strength: Remember that being a kissless virgin makes you objectively stronger than nor…[View]
63547243>already look strange to coworkers because I rarely talk to anyone at work and have greatly diffe…[View]
63545436Can a non-autist explain why she suddenly decided to show her ass? I genuinely don't understand…[View]
63547150I'm dying so hear my tale: >be me 22 year old >worked out since i was 14 >looking juic…[View]
63549506>tfw no stressfuIl bf[View]
63549141>underwear constantly smells of piss[View]
63548465Fake it till you make it: Just be normal anons Just try[View]
63549278>sitting alone >normie sits by me to make me feel less lonely Why is being alone so stigmatize…[View]
63548834>went to my local playground today to play and mingle >befriend a 6 yr old named Will >pret…[View]
63547853>see a 18-year-old 6'4 girl with amazing tits, ass and face on Tinder >literal breeding c…[View]
63548804>He only owns dark colored clothes[View]
63549371When did mcdonalds change the apple pie recipe? Last time I had it in 2009 it was fucking divine now…[View]
63549322I'd leave my girl if she got breast reduction surgery.[View]
63548020>r9k randomly sped up or unfroze Whats going on jannies, are glowniggers taking over the world. I…[View]
63546988come back when i bring you powder my nose with a sense of accomplishment stare me down when we duel …[View]
63547897Find your purpose and don't be alone[View]
63547284it's hard to cope with the fact that i will never attain my greatest desire of becoming a cute …[View]
63546461>he fell for the opening up in-front of a woman meme[View]
63549244>people who think your inceldom would be fixed if you 'just tried' >they think every incel wou…[View]
63548974/r9k/ is unusable because of brain damaged coomers who are too lazy to click on actual porn boards[View]
63548539>mfw another tranny thread[View]
63545235why do normoids need money to enjoy themselves? every time i ask someone why they care so much about…[View]
63549154>you thought this through right?[View]
63549143Salutations friends and foes, it's me AdvocateDoogy coming here from the totally rad site named…[View]
63547318Zoomer thread: Say your name and sex Lets shoot the shit I know most of R9K are zoom zoom zooms or v…[View]
63546966Why do women make such good life decisions[View]
63548361What should I talk to my therapist about today?[View]
63549092I think I'm over trannies/traps/gay shit I tried VR tranny porn and it felt disgusted[View]
63548982If you don't have a twitter, you're missing out. Run in the right circles and it's ea…[View]
63547807Time to snort amp and watch hentai all day again[View]
63547201/Rei General/: Rei is running late for school: Day 645 Toaster marathons[View]
63549035>out traveling for work for about half a year >bad connection but can still write with friends…[View]
63548500Huh?: What the hell is happening to my old friend??? What is a Kurt? It's not unimaginable for…[View]
63548933To females suicide is funny if a low value male does it, but if a high value male does it(like a cel…[View]
63548646Reminder that women act on their subconscious and speak based on their conscious.[View]
63547288>low iqs love him >normies hate him >high iqs love him why?…[View]
63548929How does a female's skin feel like[View]
63548883I have never in my life met an interesting woman that had something meaningful to say I'm not s…[View]
63548811>video games >speakers around your head >only takeout food >mountain dew >obesity …[View]
63548597/wagebots/: what are my fellow wagies up to? I'm on lunch break, just chilling near a machine b…[View]
63548637This is what's standing in-between you and getting a gf[View]
63548625I am convinced the that the only way to rid myself of porn addiction is to have a girl kill me after…[View]
63544621Just lower your standards bro, femcels are struggling too.: Here's your typical looksmatch in 2…[View]
63548469>be me >come home after nightshift >4 roommates, 2 of them female >find used menstruatio…[View]
63547412Tell me honestly Do women enjoy it when men kill themselves? Do they get off to the average 80% low …[View]
63548730>be me >khhv yada yada yada >get to visit my sis >she takes me in her arms and cuddles …[View]
63548720>'Hi. One episode of blacked, thanks.'[View]
63548750Who else thought it was based when The Wynn and Encore linked up?[View]
63548393I've been hiding inside looking at this screen for so many years now, isolated, alone. Abusing …[View]
63548712>be you >finish hanging out with your friends >open reddit to find a funny greentext! >s…[View]
63548483AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GOD KILL ME PLEASE why cant i just stop caring about a girl from over a year ago? sh…[View]
63548707Lads I know you all, many of us, hate ourselves so much. Here's my honest advice. Stop worrying…[View]
63545823>Can't post pics in /v/ due to IP rangeban >Decide to come to /r9k/ for some inspiration …[View]
63548688Feelsthread anyone? Looking to build my collection of depressing screencaps[View]
63548339>BLM about a year ago >Asian hate crimes rise by 169%; 223% in New York. Are the 'All Lives M…[View]
63548673LOVE IS NOT REAL: You need to realize that no women will ever love or care about you. The sooner you…[View]
63548505why do russians have gook eyes? this combo makes my pickle wiggle[View]
63548032Yea I have coitus. With your female parent![View]
63548545Daily Posture Thread: a look of determination, surely the future is bright edition. stand up straig…[View]
63548211Is exhentai.org down for anyone else? Just getting a white screen (yes i do have an account and i am…[View]
63548374>daily fantasies of having my pink ass pummelled by a 9' BBC >23 year old white guy who grew …[View]
63548352Reminder that women love dominate men, but also want to feel safe. This is why so many robots fail, …[View]
63548511im the angriest i've ever been today. today i woke up and just suddenly remembered every shit …[View]
63548470Finally gettinn fuckinnn laid! Later LOSERINO VERGININOs[View]
63548388>immune system so powerful didn't get any side effects from 2nd vaccine…[View]
63546037>be me >just nutted to 'Two Broke Girls VR cosplay' ....sigh....…[View]
63547547fembots put the sundress on and let me fuck you in it[View]
63546234I impregnated a fembot[View]
63548187>just made $40 wacking off for some chinese girl i met on hellotalk[View]
63548384>have the slightest disagreement with a /pol/tard or tell them to go back to their containment bo…[View]
63546505Ted K appreciation thread: Post what you love about uncle ted in this thread[View]
63547100Glorification of rape on this board needs to stop: The title. I strongly stand by it. A loud minorit…[View]
63548356I thought back to grade school and made myself sad. It was all so much simpler back then. I miss my …[View]
63548359Post your b station[View]
63548283Im 31 in 3 weeks and I had a girlfriend or gotten any coochie in all my years.The pain of never havi…[View]
63548347Help me... https://files.catbox.moe/lr862s.mp4[View]
63548346win money without effort: just refer me Hey! Ven a ver videos divertidos conmigo en ClipClaps, hay u…[View]
63547267>sucked my first dick some time ago >sucked the guy off a few more times >recently got a gf…[View]
63541049/britfeel/: Flag of the United Kingdom edition[View]
63546063It ain't gonna clean itself up, wagie[View]
63531717Picrew Thread: https://picrew.me/image_maker/625876 u kno teh deal maek waifu or u she can drive a g…[View]
63546824make me feel better bros >be me >texting qt.314 >she tells me she has a bone disorder >i…[View]
63547804What if there was a game like Wolfenstien3D or DooM2 where you had to shoot and kill lolis instead o…[View]
63548100>I'm really scared that I will die alone[View]
63547638Both of my oldest cousins have gotten pregnant this year. They're under 24. One of their boyfri…[View]
63546785What is one thing you want more than anything else in the world?[View]
63546887>no pepe or wojak >no anime >no politics >all boards are either STEM related or related …[View]
63546802What now. I don't really got much else. In the past loneliness never even bothered me, what hap…[View]
63546847Every time I am in a situation where I have to talk to a normalfag about shit other than work, they …[View]
63546341Today I hit a parked car, going about 10km/h. Since I am a complete I panicked and sped off. The car…[View]
63547745>tfw lower my standards to LVM just go get bf >turns out all incels be fucking creepy ugly ass…[View]
63547864>Have sexual and intimate experiences with many women >Still hate them anyway How do you even …[View]
63547538all woman are lesbean[View]
63546138>TFW no 8/10 Hungarian BF Feels bad[View]
63547367She's vampire[View]
63547602Why is reddit so unbelievably cucked? Used to browse the site constantly but after realising that it…[View]
63547792I look like the slavic version of GeoWizard with a roman type nose and i'm 22. I have absolutel…[View]
63546585How can they reach such a high level of delusion?[View]
63546312Cuckoldry doesn't really exist in real life, right? I mean, why would a woman want to be with a…[View]
63545237Have you ever coomed in your own mouth? If so did you regret it? Doesn't have to be in a sissy …[View]
63547690What is it about cum on a woman's face that makes her so attractive?[View]
63545889Porn addiction: >be me >19 almost 20 >full coomer >fuckedfetishesoutthewazoo >super s…[View]
63547164>Starting having sex with girl >Get on top of her and fuck her out >Then sit back up grab a…[View]
63546603>women women women Chad women women ROASTIE women incel women women Stop being like this. Literal…[View]
63547767>be an 8/10 >be a burger king frying technician >no gf I thought women loved money and good…[View]
63547637Any good threads today?: Is it all garbage today. Or has it always been that way[View]
63547665>could have been born in an era where I could have rallied a group of down-trodden people and too…[View]
63542615fellow 9+ nonvirgin robots, how do you cope with your inferiority to BBC?[View]
63547728Is reddit or fagbook down or something?[View]
63544397Day 5: Girls preferences survey: Woo, 2 days to go! Survey is here: https://forms.gle/dN9KfRRUdx2bEy…[View]
63546524Does the prospect of becoming a lolcow scare you? Are you afraid one day you'll have all your i…[View]
63547124What does arcanine think of Drakengard and its related works[View]
63547450What is this supposed to represent[View]
63546711I'm starting to go numb in my left hand and leg. I think all of these years only sitting and br…[View]
63547108/m9k/ - music9001: ultimate rockstar edition faq >what instrument do you play >how long have y…[View]
63545568How painful is suicide via slitting your wrists in a bathtub?[View]
63547582Curious if anyone else experiences this. After you coom to porn do you get this sort of sweaty creep…[View]
63546914Fuck, shes getting old, shes losing her charm.[View]
63546536BLM Chicken: Black Lives Matter Chicken fast food restaurant in France. Is this epic?[View]
63545381Does anyone know how to lure out hamsters? Jerimiah has been lost for 12 hours I need to find him so…[View]
63547530Is a normalfag's ignorance and lack of bad experiences in life what keeps them going and capabl…[View]
63545513Why 4chan attracts so many mentally ill weirdos? Im sure is not the anonymity, its something else[View]
63543642What happened the last time you went outside?[View]
63545696george floyd anime https://files.catbox.moe/fn53za.mp4[View]
63547453setting yourself up for disappointment thread: >be me >19 and just over my previous ex that to…[View]
63546609I'm very afraid that I will cheat on my girlfriend. Ive prayed on it, I've slept on it, I …[View]
63545607You need to stop cooming and face your mommy issues.[View]
63547186>Brains in a vat, trapped in a holographic prison for ten centuries[View]
63547390I answered some ad from a chinese lady who offered massages (50$ for a Korean massage), said yes to …[View]
63547352Who else here has noitis? It's similar to oneitis, but instead of becoming obsessed with the id…[View]
63545971What does r9k think of quantum mechanics?[View]
63546948Can universities check if you got the vaccine?: I live in Washington state and a university in Calif…[View]
63546929monsters vs aliens: did anyone else see this movie when they were a kid and want to be crushed betwe…[View]
63545500What happens when incels get married[View]
63547265I need ironic quotes gimme your best shot[View]
63545933reminder to not have sex with vax-chicks aka. chicks who have taken the vax cuz then u get the vax. …[View]
63546841i need a poo[View]
63546950hey wite boi: herd you like watching your women get blacked. bbc dude[View]
63546110The only women who are not superficial are unattainable for you: Women are all attracted by the soci…[View]
63546308MFW not having a shotgun to blow my brains out.: I give up, I fucking give up. 20 years of miserable…[View]
63546930Why do e-girls in particular hit the wall like a fucking freight train?[View]
63545461I hate how boring this world is. I wish real life was like an mmorpg where the Jewish cabal is expo…[View]
63546648im a huge slut but im not a girl so that means i basically just sit around and jerk off[View]
63547015this guy is a retard lol[View]
63536106Why don't girls wear skirts anymore?[View]
63545824would you suck girl wiener?[View]
63546535Rope I bought from Amazon arrived today. Not going to use it but it's strangely comforting havi…[View]
63546838At every job Ive ever had Ive been >overworked >underpaid >had an asshole boss with a pers…[View]
63542899I'm just going to dump 2d girl pics and see which ones robots think are the cutest. I think mo…[View]
63546656>im not getting old, im going to kill myself before i hit my 30s whos with me anons?…[View]
63546931Anyone else lost a significant amount of weight and managed to have a flat fupa? I'm currently …[View]
63545661I just came and there is blood in my ejaculations, am I in any real danger?[View]
63546256Do women with large heads have large vaginas so they can fit their large headed offspring during chi…[View]
63545408Ever had the police called on you? From petty shit to serious shit, what you got For me >be me 16…[View]
63545075Asian guys are better at competitive videogames then whites because white people have lower IQ and d…[View]
63546352I love spooky a lot. does anyone else love spooky? she is very cute. if you think so too, you should…[View]
63546767Gigavirgin: I think if a girl showed herself naked in front of me then my head would just explode.…[View]
63544503does r9k help you feel less alone?[View]
63546176Do you ever sabotage yourself (intentionally or not) because you feel like your life should always s…[View]
63546778I've been crushing on kstew so hard bros, i even feel the need to get one of her haircuts >t…[View]
63546752my ISP has been out for 2 days i cant take it anymore boys fuck spectrum and fuck the jews who run i…[View]
63546687Where do you find girls that still want to get married?[View]
63546252Posting every day until the right girl falls from heaven in my lap and decides to be my gf - Day 3 Y…[View]
63544548>working fast food >Run out of bananas >Manager send me to walmart 'buy five bananas' >B…[View]
63543304For some reason my body only works at night but the world will never let that be. For some reason in…[View]
63543641Trans people are heckin' cute and valid![View]
63545277What type of phones do anons have?[View]
63546381Thank you for making me feel a lot less alone in this world. When I want to scream or cry or run aw…[View]
63546626Yoghurt: >Be me >Be 2 years ago >Hungry >Go to fridge >Pull out yoghurt >Don'…[View]
63543455Are you willing to risk experiencing rejection, disappointment, betrayal, and heartbreak for love?[View]
63545328Anyone else refuse to socialize because you hate gossip?[View]
63546579Would Sneed support trans rights?[View]
63546151just have a fat cock[View]
63545374>Only 21 >Already balding Well I guess I can totally give up on women now…[View]
63546348If you have the physical ability to go outside and look normal, then you CHOOSE to suffer. Stop pret…[View]
63546556This is it. This is my big day. If I don't make it, I'll be seeing you in hell eventually …[View]
63546111>be me >meet a cute girl on Tinder >move to Snapchat and chat every day for two weeks >m…[View]
63545134now when the dust has settled... is he an ISTJ or an ISFP?[View]
63545576>nofap day 27 >loose all interest in traps >realize they are disgusting man-ass >mfw…[View]
63546439Seen alot of odd things on fb and IG is she actually dead Ciara[View]
63546272this board is long dead[View]
63546330Hey man: Fuck people that make you feel like your opinion is stupid and invalid, even if your opinio…[View]
63546370It's all a fucking ruse anons, you never had the chance to begin with[View]
63545845>retard using a word incorrectly >someone tells him that he is using that word incorrectly …[View]
63545441Are moobs like this just plain ole disgusting?[View]
6354478727 years old: All I ever think about is how old I am and how I've wasted my life .[View]
63546305I just want to be safe and warm. Is it really that much to ask?[View]
63545086would you date a girl who spends six hours a day doing puzzles?[View]
63537052It's pretty brutal out there for males in the modern world. Zoomer generation is by far the mos…[View]
63545846This board is actually dead. I've been here about a decade and I know a sunset when I see it. B…[View]
63546244I wish I was born 100 years later >born after the race war >be young during the days of space …[View]
63546188Ey yo bros how do i get fake number ? That works?[View]
63545905Dead inside: The girl I'm about to start dating in a couple of months is starting an onlyfans b…[View]
63545968Omegle: >be me >yesterday >got bored in online class so i go on omegle >Connect with ran…[View]
63544690Fetish problem: >have a masochistic fetish >working on life and getting better >nothing see…[View]
63546136> be me > meet british person > ask > are you gay? > 'no' ?????…[View]
63545035what an interesting combination of threads, in the catalog at the same time, really makes me think[View]
63542895>grew my hair to be a trap >look like pic related Life is trash.…[View]
63545543>be Stanley >rated 8/10 >good job at burger king >no gf…[View]
63541888I finally got desperate enough to try Tinder and I'm starting to believe the whole 'the top 80%…[View]
63545992>never feel good after completing a challenge in life >tried the generic self-improvement thin…[View]
63546064>started having oneitis again wtf bros, will this ever stop?[View]
63546038i like the feeling of being drunk. but tomorrow i wont like myself for being a drunk. rinse repeat.[View]
63545126Slavs are the ugliest man I have ever seen and yet they still manage to fuck 10/10 Slavic and Armeni…[View]
63545515>be me >26 yo robot with bad luck >see family pictures with mom >remind the old times …[View]
63544153Porn makes me feel weird: When I wank to degenerate fetish BDSM, and other weirdo shit I feel immedi…[View]
63542321How often do you stare at boobs/ass in public? Have you ever been called out?[View]
63545973Why won't roasties ever act in a way that's endearing and relatable to show robots that no…[View]
63544830any other brobots taking CS at uni? how is it?[View]
63545016Reminder that if you can afford a hooker, and choose not to have sex with her you're a volcel. …[View]
63545765Why when I take risks I always fuck up? Why is it that everyone around me is successful and all I do…[View]
63545831Music like this.: Can anyone please share more music like this? https://youtu.be/3m9VMxkXNAc https:…[View]
63545888I got covid at work and had to quarantine for 2 weeks I was not paid anything for those 2 weeks. I h…[View]
63545875You are not a robot unless you would date a fembot who tortured animals as a child[View]
63544610Too smart for 4chan and humanity: >most adults have completely naive and black and white ideas of…[View]
63545621>overfed my pet housespider 'roomy' >fed him every fly I ever killed in my room over…[View]
63545547Anons I'm in need of immediate help >Be me, autistic, and stupid >Group study >More ta…[View]
63545797Launch the SCUDS[View]
63544919I think I'm fucked bros. A few hours ago this 'girl' added me on my snap, said she wanted to do…[View]
63545725Scientist say that's it's all on us: Science says scientist are right. Right is what is go…[View]
63543559Just like my MommyKinos: Ever fuck a woman twice your age before??[View]
63544903why is race mixing bad?[View]
63545334I can't do it the hard way.[View]
63545348>you'll never be a pornstar because you have a 5 inch dik Why live.…[View]
63543599what are your dreams like: >in some tunnel >barely high enough to crouch >has tracks all ov…[View]
63545042>tfw you realize that you are the infinite shithole version of bob saget…[View]
63545602what happened to that webm of the girl getting fucked by that giant dick?[View]
63545256Had the airport dream again[View]
63544567Woken up: I fucking hate being woken up randomly like this stupid fucking shit i fucking hate it jfc…[View]
63544582we are strong no one can tell us we're wrong[View]
63544633When did you realize that being a virgin, neet, loser, incel, depressed, outcast, or whatever, was n…[View]
63545586How come everyone is an ancap these days? I had no idea that so many people were chimping out over h…[View]
63545585> Work at restaurant with normies > about to finish for the day > alone in locker room >…[View]
63544365What message do I send?[View]
63534789What is the most /devilish/ thing you have ever done?[View]
63541420How do I woo a tranny?[View]
63545444They TOOK this from us All of us[View]
63545311thinking about an heroing but want to cause my parents as little pain as possible, what's the b…[View]
63545169ULTIMATE AUSCHWITZ TOUR VIDEO: This is a video produced by a jewish guy of the ultimate and most acc…[View]
63545084I lirerally cannot stop brapping, I have been brapping all fucking day please help anons it stinks s…[View]
63543847Would you want a relationship with a girl who was 9 years older than you but perfect in every other …[View]
63545396Is a girlfriend really a cure for hate/ depression?[View]
63545430I think I gave myself a UTI from jerking off[View]
63544149I would like to go back to the time when the people behind the anime girl posting were depressed rob…[View]
63542939>be an overweight woman >On birth control >Still get pregnant somehow >Don't realiz…[View]
63544167Has a girl ever given you this look? If you say yes, you don't belong here.[View]
63545018Things that trigger your autism: >people in a theater laughing at shitty jokes in movies…[View]
63545380slink: hello everyone, good morning, hope today all of you are well, try and do something you like t…[View]
63545145Pepe: my mom deleted my pepe folder, pls help me rebuild robots[View]
63544111So, i want to start this by saying im a 23 yr old hispanic khv male and i have been torn on what to …[View]
63543780Are other robots kind to animals? My cat caught a mouse and I'm going to keep it for a couple o…[View]
63544983i hate my life: not usually a basement dweller but here goes >good friends with chad >chad kee…[View]
63544184i'm 26 years old and just felt horny for the first time ama i just got out of bed to make this …[View]
63544818I cant believe my only friend died. I had no other friends and once in awhile he would message me a…[View]
63542830>tfw this is literally my sister[View]
63544672*drip* *drip* *drip*[View]
63545209What's your daydream?: I'm beginning to realise I spend a lot of time day dreaming. For th…[View]
63544518>Start supplementing the highest quality vitamin D3, K2 and Zinc/Selenium >After a few weeks n…[View]
63545168I miss having friends and getting high and watching conspiracy theory videos or playing video games …[View]
63544826Would it be too autistic to wear one of these sun protection hats in the summer? I'm in Canada …[View]
63543683I ate 650 calories a day the past two weeks How long until I die? Because I don't want to live …[View]
63544726How do I know if humans are actually people?[View]
63544335Am I the only one who gets really happy for some reason when I get outperformed by a girl?[View]
63545007Anyone else become an insomniac to avoid the blue doctors? They don't bother me if I sleep all …[View]
63543907Fact List: 1. Your girlfriend/partner will never admit she likes bigger dicks. 2. All women are size…[View]
63544964>Haven't masturbated in 4 days RAPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA RAPEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
63545060>tfw next fall have to commute 1 hour to on campus university and take classes in person >can…[View]
63544902what are you guys doing for mothers' day? i bought my mom a vacuum cleaner because she said she…[View]
63545040I had a really hot South American girl that wanted to sext me for some reason. She was like skinny …[View]
63544649The birth rate in the United States is now lower than in Japan. The West ist dying and it's a g…[View]
63545022>only able to get off to BBC on white girls[View]
63544979Any other LG chads here?[View]
63544319How much would you like to escape? Where to?[View]
63544428just had this recently happen to me. people with bpd are so hard to be around, especially women with…[View]
63543373Uncut vs cut: Being uncircumsized and browsing a lot of American Social Media has really made me kin…[View]
63538575why do i interrupt myself id rather roll the dice to aim myself wind me up fill my head with helium …[View]
63544622I just read a story about someone who goes to alternative school and its literally like 2 days a wee…[View]
63544855>tfw no parenthesis gf[View]
63542770You CANNOT be an incel if you are white.[View]
63544805>tfw spent all day watching streamers[View]
63543822Femanon make my penis 9 inches or more. Thanks[View]
63544638Avoid any woman who self-identifies as a 'brat' like the plague.[View]
63544203>didn't invest in dogecoin last summer[View]
63544776I'm 25 and feel I'm quite glad to be only this pathetic so far.[View]
63544735why are people with divorced parents so successful? Everyone with divorced parents I feel like becom…[View]
63535138r9k virgins, why not just hire an escort?: what do you have to lose except the time you spend pissin…[View]
63544204>match with cute girl on tinder >she's an anime cosplayer >follow her instagram and dm…[View]
63544744TAKE A HIT BRO! youtube.com/watch?v=fMUqhaZoxFk[View]
63542429Time for bed.: You know the drill, you see your name you must go to sleep. To make it more interest…[View]
63543310Just buy a suit, bro It works, trust me ;)[View]
63541575YOU WANT A BLOWJOB?[View]
63541456>260-265 IQ >Buying Suncor energy stock just gave me 8k >Now own 114k in SU stock I'm …[View]
63544308Does anyone else miss the past? >I miss Brooke posting on here >I miss this place being funni…[View]
63543706why do I want to be fucked up on drugs or alcohol 24/7? I didn't even have a bad childhood[View]
63543826>got hit on by a wagecuck today at the store >have to hide visible disgust a respectable lady …[View]
63543990this is the only place that cheers me up: oddly, thank you you fucking autists[View]
63543019draw yourself in paint pic rel is me[View]
63543914how far do fembot go peepee?[View]
63544008Why literally all threads in this place smell like normalfag?[View]
63544508Is there anyone here who is legitimately planning on killing themselves sometime within the decade? …[View]
63544379I'm faking all my emotions and forcing my face to make the expressions that I think are expecte…[View]
63542999What's the point of dating if my submissive bitchass is just gonna get abused again? Why do peo…[View]
63544469Another morning spent hoping Another day spent longing Another lonely walk home without a lady under…[View]
63542090Please admire the greatest casino hotel of all time.[View]
63543686>tfw started wearing gold >People especially woman pay more attention to me Feels good man…[View]
63543817How to get back into society when your whole personality is based on being a NEET outcast, your sens…[View]
63544058I would let other men ejaculate on my girlfriend's body (I have a bukake fetish) but penetratin…[View]
63543132>getting tender from the lender for the wendy's tendie vendor[View]
63544346>Smart enough to be aware of their own mediocrity and the pointlessness of life >Too stupid to…[View]
63543322Post the most brutal heart wrenching cuck porn you have. Preferable if it is real not acting[View]
63543555Whats the point in living if you're a male with aspergers? >7x higher risk of suicide, bulli…[View]
63544169I fap more times a day than I brush my teeth AMA[View]
63542366Why did SJWs infiltrate all the shit I love? Especially anime. Liking anime used to be such a niche …[View]
63544168Anyone wanna play Code Vein? Drop your tag[View]
63544254hope that everyone that doesnt love me dies a painful death[View]
63544134Why is fucking a 13 yo as a 400 pound black man wrong?[View]
63544063Being a loser on the internet in the past: making memes and having fun with other losers Being a los…[View]
63541046Were not looking to be cured: R9K is a place full of mentally ill loners who are dredges to society.…[View]
63543807I started having dreams about having a family, like every single day for a week now. Why? I never de…[View]
63544188I give up trying to have a happy life for myself. im just going to be everyones yesman bitch to suck…[View]
63542879Why yes I have restored my foreskin[View]
63544143something has to end for something new to begin F[View]
63543234Gone. Is there an archive of the videos somewhere?[View]
63544110Is it a redflag if a girl wants to fuck within like a month of dating? Every girl I've been rom…[View]
63543928It's one of those nights where I can't stop tossing and turning. Any tips on getting to sl…[View]
63543480I feel like kanna[View]
63543622I feel a darkness I must go now anons[View]
63543039>tfw no oversized t-shirt fembot[View]
63543968Am I immortal? I survived a pretty bad car crash when I was a teen. Almost completely unscathed. Eve…[View]
63543154why did God create woman? Adam's life was fine before Eve showed up.[View]
63544012>nigger neighbors are screaming at each other at 2am again Why are they like this?…[View]
63542418True Isolation: Imagine an island, larger and more varied geographically than the one in this pictur…[View]
63543100v264 Some days, some nights Some Iive some die ln the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
63543977It's gonna be a long summer.[View]
63543306Why haven't you found a mate yet, anon? It's the circle if life.[View]
63543956>tfw you will never get your dick sucked by a cute girl for free[View]
63543931>do well at school >be a good boy >do worthwhile extra curricular activities >do an inte…[View]
63541618>Hey, anon! Whose belly do you like better? How do you respond?[View]
63543616>someone does something nice for you >'all good man' >offer to pay it back >'nah it…[View]
63543246>tfw all these ugly subhuman women having kids i feel bad for the future incels…[View]
63543130uk heads are probably asleep but I just wanted to say that id be quite happy if all of this part of …[View]
63534549Femanons with brothers, how does it make you feel that you've very likely been the subject of …[View]
63543080At what point do I just challenge this guy to a fight? I recently started dating this stacey from wo…[View]
63540070>found a girl online I really like >she's in Canada…[View]
63542309my 28yo sister lives in a small apartment with her 2 medium sized dogs and her chad boyfriend really…[View]
63543636My younger brother is a solid 5 inches taller than me. When we were younger, he refused to eat or dr…[View]
63542448How the fuck do you take a shit at university when you live in a dorm with other people?[View]
63543735Any other robots really like interracial porn? I wish I didn't but the shit gets me harder than…[View]
63543490What are your guys' thoughts on serial killers?[View]
63543707It was a big feel.: >be me >fat anon >have recently gotten even fatter so now I need new pa…[View]
63542334hey guys wasnt sure weather to post this but why havent you taken the paramilitarily/ military surpl…[View]
63543685Anyone else is also tired of constant failing at everything? Every time I try to change something in…[View]
63542827>about to head over to gfs house and most likely have sex multiple times again Please make it sto…[View]
63540946Youtube Poop Thread: Anything goes, just gimme[View]
63542397>Flirt with a cute coworker at company Christmas party >Year later, she is dating a guy from o…[View]
63540604>tfw 24 year old lesbian virgin and incels think they have it hard[View]
63540541Hola, como estas?[View]
63543268>mom forces me to go with her to her friends house >one of my moms friends daughters is there …[View]
63542363Minecraft: Is there an established r9k server? I remember seeing some posts about it but I just rec…[View]
63543588>jerked off too much now my balls are sore[View]
63543506>tfw no IoveIess bf[View]
63541168I got addicted to sending findoms my savings. The ride is almost over boys. Wish I could say I enjoy…[View]
63543091Guys wtf is the sheep village discord server? I heard about it in a thread and looked it up and didn…[View]
63541226I really hope 5 inches is enough to please a woman...[View]
63543227The hallucinations are coming more frequently. I wonder how long I have until I start being unable t…[View]
63542642What do: About 2 years ago, I was raped, and that was my first experience with anything sexual. Is i…[View]
63543063>have an objectively better life than 95% of all humans to have ever lived >still a mentally …[View]
63543323news n social media full of hot takes: extremes in their position. this was the domain of outcasts o…[View]
63539243Is she still on here?: I followed a thread last night about some anon figuring out a way to go out. …[View]
63543038unironically close to killing myself I'm a 27 year old neet virgin high school dropout who has …[View]
63543262I think I'm a hypochondriac. One week I think, 'I have anxiety,' then I spend that entire week …[View]
63543250The girl I wanted to come over isnt coming over so I had to invite another girl instead and I am sti…[View]
63542511Anyone else fucked in the head and can't settle with one girl? I get anxious about opportunity …[View]
63541670>wah wah there's no new e-girls blah blah blah Behold, r9k's latest legal Loli Quick do…[View]
63540679I bought a dumbbell. Will I get ripped?[View]
63542234Anyone else graduating college this month? Feels really bittersweet since I was a shut-in and didn…[View]
63538943I'm really starting to wish I was born a girl.[View]
63542693Anoooon!! can we go to a musick room please!!!![View]
63536144Any femanons ever pay for sex? There has to be at least one[View]
63535092What was the strangest time of your life?[View]
63542857>choosing to be gay[View]
63542664>chickpeas SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP[View]
63542673Guys, please follow this line of logic. A lucid dream is just a dream you're conscious of. Not …[View]
63542238job: >be me >doomer in high school >could not give a fuck about anything >dadfag comes i…[View]
63542059Post your homescreen wallpapers robots here's mine[View]
63542580How many guys have fembots let get away because they were too afraid to take the initiative?[View]
63543057Do you have what is takes to be a card captor r9k[View]
63540582> Be paying attention at a class youre struggling with. > Stacy decides to have sex, while eve…[View]
63541161>wants a boyfriend >gets scared the moment a boy talks to me >ends up either ghosting or sh…[View]
63542994>you will never sign for the keys to a big house while young and be surrounded by friends having …[View]
63542500Have you ever been manipulated before? How did you react when you became aware?[View]
63542395what the fuck happened to this board I used to lurk here when I was underage b& in high school 9…[View]
63540707Anon. Why do you treat some mental disorders with respect/care (sociopathy/autism) but others with h…[View]
63536152I cant stop jerking off to Amouranth.[View]
63542775>tfw don't give a fuck about girls anymore All I wanted was for a girl to like me when it w…[View]
63540165nearly fucking died trying to pass a massive shit: >be me 30 minutes ago >have to take a shit …[View]
63542510Fuck the police: >be me >small town fag >astronomical twilight >walking home; thinking a…[View]
63542451I want a nice tight tummy like Aya[View]
63541641Is there anything out there in the market that's like a cock plug? I'm big into CBT and BD…[View]
63542489this guy turns lesbians straight.[View]
63542582Suicide thread: I want to fucking kill myself Has any anon ever killed himself? What's life lik…[View]
63542696Incels, this is your mindset[View]
63540011are you having a good week anon if no at least its wednesday[View]
63541647Every load you blow to an anime girl is bringing down the value of real pussy. Keep at it.[View]
63541318What made you give on social interaction? I hate talking to people now I trust nobody anymore after …[View]
63542663You're a soitard and by being one you're also a normie.[View]
63542325Are you a boy or a girl?: https://www.strawpoll.me/45234414 well?[View]
63542247My girlfriend has had sex with over 200 guys (she worked on an army base as a civilian). How do I co…[View]
63542378>there's nothing wrong with adults enjoying anime and video games[View]
63540347minecraft serb: who wants 2 play sum mineman ip is 1.16.5 lets play blockmine…[View]
63541191Dear Trannies, there is still a way up.[View]
63542547Do all schizoids have a serious personality?[View]
63542540About 5 years ago Moot posted this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pOV0oNAUU8 It's an earsore …[View]
63541860You ever just get brutally honest with people on bumble or tinder?[View]
63541402Anybody else not want a normal gf? I dont think I could ever put up with or mary a normie. I honestl…[View]
63542426i cant ever make friends or find love because i am both ugly and uncharismatic, so why do i still no…[View]
63542359>tfw had to strip down infront of airport security because i had a metal chasity cage on…[View]
63541922Attempt to be Alpha made me look like a Cuck: I'm in a relationship and I've been followin…[View]
63541655haven't eaten anything all day and chewing gum to suppress appetite. So hungry. No food[View]
63542393>'get a job' >'ok' >'actually you need to have had a job to get one' >'ok I guess I…[View]
63542054I can't find anything good enough to cum to.[View]
63542129What if we went bald from the sides of our head and the middle stayed on, instead of the horseshoe b…[View]
63542311Why isn't it possible for happiness to last.[View]
63541966I am so fucking tired of all the tranny and gay shit. I dont wanna hear it. Its wrong and gross. Yes…[View]
63540995I spil my juice mods help[View]
63542110>finally go on dating app >swipe through hundred of women >literally all but 2 of them have…[View]
63541967Behold, r9ks newest legal loli e-girl.[View]
63540980>be me >20 years old >haven't been on a date or in any sort of close relations for 4 y…[View]
63540815>fat poo on the left is dating the girl in the chair >muh lookism…[View]
63541289Things which are more than coincidence.: >Be me >shitty college student >into amine and VNs…[View]
63542080Help I'm scared of having sex. I get a queasy feeling like I killed an animal or witnessed a de…[View]
63542198>Nothing gets me wetter the better than a nice shiny scalp to lick[View]
63542016>your first day on the job as a mortician and this body arrives what do?…[View]
63542219It's literally never been easier to have sex... I'm a total robot with autism but even I k…[View]
63536297Is there any fucking hope for black people?: I mean seriously, our race is like watching a snake eat…[View]
63542052Mom walked in on me shoving a floodlight up my ass. How was your day?[View]
63539829Do guys who dont whine and bitch and moan all the time even exist anymore?[View]
63535510WMAF THREAD: WMAF THREAD WMAF THREAD Share your best, couples, memes, everything you have for white …[View]
63540823Believe on Jesus Christ: Going to Heaven is as easy as believing that Jesus is the Christ and puttin…[View]
63542134>talking to potential gf (male) >Get Drunk and video call her >Comments on my weight and ha…[View]
63542135Live stream failed but still waiting here https://youtu.be/-H3Ea-qOPOI[View]
63540867>go to donut shop >buy a single donut >leave…[View]
63542100How can I meet girls my age over the summer? I was thinking on hanging out at the local uni's c…[View]
63541955I neither want to go through the hustle to get a girlfriend nor do i feel like i got my shit togethe…[View]
63540225Too NPC for NPCs: >no favorite video game just play them out of habit now >no favorite anime j…[View]
63541996we should all live in a monastery or farm or something[View]
63540353Help.: >Usually talk to myself in the mirror >Mirror talked back just now Should I go to a hos…[View]
63540952Could you travel to Africa and get away with rape?[View]
63541233Is it really so wrong to exploit the loneliness and desperation of men for money? It's a fair t…[View]
63539349There is NO excuse to STILL be single: This... thing has a girlfriend. It doesn't have limbs, a…[View]
63541644how do you deal with the unstoppable march of time? every day my jaw gets rounder, my hair gets thin…[View]
63541994>no femanon to forcefully cum inside every orifice of her body[View]
63541872Have you ever looked at a baby and gone, 'I wanna blow that lil motherfucker up.' YEAH, ME TOO. This…[View]
63541610human society is a nasty thing and it will end badly. shouldn't i shun it and focus on my own i…[View]
63541611Fembots, would you ever drink a boys piss in public?[View]
63541198Need help with drainage clog: I've already posted this on /adv/ >>24101454 and the fags t…[View]
63541901>billions of dead people are spectating right now[View]
63540482Imagine not being an incel in 2021[View]
63539932When did you reach the end of the road?: I did a couple of months ago. I had an abusive, schizophren…[View]
63541022Narcissists KYS: >1. I am an incel, which means women reject me because there is something wrong …[View]
63541851don't fall for the relationship meme bros if you're desperate and you get a gf the only th…[View]
63540681I just want a girl to hold my hand[View]
63541826>tfw deleted nudes of my ex on whatsapp because i wanted to do nofap I dont get it, if you can st…[View]
63539734But what perhaps hurts me the most is that >No girl will ever daydream about a guy like me >No…[View]
63541648Hey robots I've discovered a most likely 3 day old bird corpse. I want it's bones. How can…[View]
63538804Robots into technology: Anyone here into technology/computers/programming? What have you made? Is th…[View]
63541607Madonna Whore Complex: Why is it that if a woman is not a virgin she is categorized as a whore? Why …[View]
63539599>she will never be your gf unironically pisses me off[View]
63541592Why do people find this attractive?: >puts piece of metal where bacteria builds up in the nose …[View]
63540168is r9k pro or anti vaxx? https://www.strawpoll.me/45233882[View]
63538851>Being an asian 'man' in 2021 >Not transitioning >Not being a White Mans cute housewife Th…[View]
63539964If the stomach dissolve food with acid then why doesn't the food disappear? Why don't it b…[View]
63539364>hate weakness >work on becoming stronger >still has a femdom fetish How to I cute my desir…[View]
63540294Is it me? Or are a lot of younger men, particular in Gen-Z, who were initially on the side of femini…[View]
63541563How is /b/ zomg random! when it's all just porn?[View]
63541148Have any robots paid for an escort before? I've think how I might do it if I'm still a KHV…[View]
63541539DAILY NEET/HIKKI/LOSER THREAD: just ate a bunch of chips straight out of the air fryer. full up! wat…[View]
63541553Was it really oipu that bianca kissed the night she was killed? Can anyone provide a source for this…[View]
63540965hey there, mister! have you seen my parents? i got lost and need to find them.[View]
63541360How do you cope with being mediocre?: I have a job that i dislike, I girlfriend who don't have …[View]
63540549How to stop being an envious asshole when people outperform you?[View]
63541513>always get a friend for a little bit, but are then left in the dust or ostracized >'y-you can…[View]
63541171>anon, what's your favorite restaurant condiment? Why are normalfags so obsessed with small …[View]
63541187>another day >no cute asian girls bullying me to death…[View]
63541473why did my mom have to be born a woman? living with her literally makes me want to get a rope[View]
63540228Absolute state of R*publican 'Americans'[View]
63540950No fucking clue what this is from but this is my new favorite meme.[View]
63541313I have so much love to give if I could[View]
63541108my past self's dumb idea: Hoo boy, this thread is probably going to be a mistake in a day'…[View]
63539873Skelly/Fatfuck Feels: I have the absolute worst most demonic body. Aggressively skinnyfat, and no no…[View]
63535723Do you guys think being White is a disadvantage in getting a girlfriend today?: I see all the anti w…[View]
63540263>white women rather die childless than settle down with a non chad really makes me think…[View]
63540816woohoo! another day of zero productivity[View]
63534546Fembots, have you ever been naked around your female friends m[View]
63540540Which one of the two is better? Neymar or Cris?[View]
63538256Sobbing simps /general/:dead whore edition: Another one. Throwback[View]
63537207I work full time. 27 years old. I sleep on my mom's futon. All I want to do is drink all day. I…[View]
63541094>get the courage to talk to a girl >she makes some genuinely fun small talk with you >some …[View]
63541038How do i cure my alzheimers?[View]
63536232Hypothetically, what would happen if your Yandere girlfriend pregnant? Do they make good mothers?[View]
63539710>dad puking, AGAIN he doesnt drink, is he dying?[View]
63540723Battletoads... I'm gonna hit you in the face with my big ass fists, 'cause we're the …[View]
63532492Opinions on Jordan Peterson?[View]
63540009We must craete robot anarchist commune[View]
63540483R9k Loli thread: Fat lolis need love too[View]
63539253>Anon, are you spying on mommy? Get out![View]
63540551Niggas think black pussy is the best thing on earth until they fuck a latina. If you think latina pu…[View]
63538175When girls say that size doesn't matter.: Do they really mean it or they are lying to make you …[View]
63538513I've been on 4chan for roughly 15 years on and off. Rate my 4chan progression. >/b/ >/pol…[View]
63540487If you see this thread, I want you to know that you are unique, fascinating and on par with a newly …[View]
63540673>he screenshoted it > he tries to play it off as a fake picture…[View]
63539681>tfw no cute dyke to make me expand[View]
63540062white girls including autists, fatties, convention spergs and weebs only like the stereotypical athl…[View]
63539588Why are humans so interested in cuckholding? Im not even trying to start a cuck thread, nor am i int…[View]
63538278Any other robots molested when they were a kid? >Sister forced me to finger her >Parents find …[View]
63540741Nostalgia: >Be Me >Normalfag >one day wake up and realise how little time I have left in my…[View]
63540533why doesnt anyone hate women here anymore? i swear every thread some girl confesses shes a girl 10 d…[View]
63540788How do i play ash arms???[View]
63538949how do I change?: >gf talks about ex >she talks about how she enjoys being a sub >she tells…[View]
63539201I can't believe I grew up to be a 26 year old kissless virgin loser[View]
63540032Why are there so many trannies here? I cant wait to Gay Panic murder you and get off scot-free[View]
63540647looks like you wandered into the wrong hotsprings[View]
63539762Local/Beta sympathy thread: >Be me, 18-year-old Local >Live in an Orphantown, but near the bor…[View]
63540461What is with people sending nudes?: What is the reason people send nudes? I am a dude and I would ne…[View]
63537580>Finally get a crush after feeling numb around people for the last two years. >he leaves me o…[View]
63540614Bad Kisser: Kissed my gf for the first time today and she is actually terrible at kissing. Not sure …[View]
63540260I just saw some feminist empowering ad on yt that started with a woman saying 'I can have a child wi…[View]
63538322Hard work aint a myth: >1 year ago >330 pounds >Fat >out of shape >Zero confidence …[View]
63540621reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/n53r59/manbabys_reaction_to_rival_football_team_getting/ guys like…[View]
63540002>getting 500 viewers streaming now but family still making fun of my streaming career they will s…[View]
63539419robots, whats your skincare like?[View]
63539936today I managed to lucid dream here's the story in green text for those interested >I live i…[View]
63537852>Tfw think I am either an incel or a robot >Then consider the fact that Ive slept with four gi…[View]
63540444You will not be a woman's first choice. You will not be a woman's best choice. You will be…[View]
63540523name a more degenerate time on the internet[View]
63540471I like fat girls. What's wrong with me?[View]
63538607Why do so many women pretend to be lonely, ironically or unironically?[View]
63539758god i feel so fucking stupid whenever i'm browsing 4chan >mindlessly refresh >mindlessly …[View]
63540448Kind of interested in Mai Chan's daily life: I want to read it all online.[View]
63538410>mom asks when I'm going to get my covid vaccine >I say never >little sister says 'I d…[View]
63538176this is how much ketamine i have left. what i expect from just doing it as a line?[View]
63540097i had a so called panic/anxiety attack at work yesterday and i do not know what to do >working at…[View]
63538694What sites or apps have you guys used for sexting or doing sexual shit online with girls? Why does i…[View]
63539958How do I start a successful youtube channel tired of seeing these fuckers my age and younger living …[View]
63540136The crab.: Deep in the ocean there once lived a crab. Like all the other crabs he was considered a v…[View]
63540337I just got a hold of the number of the girl I like, what do I do now, bros, I'm fucking sweatin…[View]
63539161How big do you estimate his cock is?[View]
63538924I just got my vaccine today robots[View]
63539600My dubious, trashy looking female upstairs neighbor approached me earlier today in our apartment blo…[View]
63540234Show me your neckbeard nests, anons. Sorry I don't have a pic of my own, I'm to lazy to ta…[View]
63539366What does this country want from us? What is it willing to give us in return? I don't understan…[View]
63540008>started learning chess >lose matches because i take 10 minutes to do my plays >still missp…[View]
63540304Elves: Made for breeding[View]
63538506Look at this woman. >Ideal hips >EXTREME hourglass shape >GOD-TIER fat distribution >mas…[View]
63539738NEET Thread. Im fucked and scared of life just like Louis. https://youtu.be/H2dm4_cIxFQ[View]
63539871>be a grocery store clerk >second day working there >be placing oranges and clementines …[View]
63539189Aspie Chads, you are midgets amoung insects. Why aren't you ready for settle for less?[View]
63539772it's over for me: >25 >make $13.00 an hour…[View]
63540114Another day of fruitlessly applying to minimum wage jobs. >We are currently looking for a communi…[View]
63539883OMG anon! what are you doing? that's naughty..[View]
63540024I'm not much of a thinker[View]
63539935A girl smiled at me today: Total cutie like pic related. I was high and eating timbits straight from…[View]
63540026imagine giving a femanon a back massage[View]
63539686when is the last time you had a steak dinner anon?[View]
63539158I returned a pouch of nothing but atleast $200 of cash and a store receipt I found while pushing aro…[View]
63534086>*blocks your path* >diagnoses you with '''''''personality disorder''''''' >initiates court…[View]
63538857You fuckers are full of shit: Fuck this circlejerk hellhole. Fuck you all black pilled faggots. I ca…[View]
63540069>you're so smart! why can't you just do your work? >you don't need tutoring! do…[View]
63538392>hey boss, can i get 5-7 breaks a day on company time? >what? fuck no. >i smoke >oh, th…[View]
63539896/m9k/ - music9001: subgenre special edition faq >favorite subgenre (post-rock, math rock, punk-po…[View]
63539603>deeeep conspiracy[View]
63536374What did you think would happen if /pol/ was deleted with absolutely no hope of a reincarnation?[View]
63536670>you get doxxed to shit, you fear for your life >this was 7 years ago, the Google results are …[View]
63539646so i just made an alt account for google. i want to turn it into a literal public account (CHAOS) bu…[View]
63537945>study theoretical physics >a friend of yours posts your criminal record online and it's …[View]
63539539WIth lockdown ending soon here in the UK, I'm thinking about where I should move to and what I …[View]
63539678Any cutemobb rememberers[View]
63537116/britfeel/: its the wybird stop edition[View]
63538665post unpopular opinions to have on 4chan: can be from any board, not just /r9k/ >I like The Big B…[View]
63539847i thought this was just a normal thing that everyone had but no, its more hereditary shit that my pa…[View]
63538099All the threads on this board now are just sex shit and bait. Can we have a serious and candid discu…[View]
63538814>be me >go on 4chan in search of amusing greentexts >mfw all I see are furries and femtard…[View]
63539857Had a dream last night where I was at my old high school sitting in class. I opened my backpack to g…[View]
63539441I only use this board while I shit. That's all you guys are to me. Entertainment while I drop a…[View]
63539473Are you above or below your national average length?: I can gladly say, Im above it, 17cm, living in…[View]
63539297what's your issue babby?[View]
63535449>I'm glad you love to cook for me, anon, but I have a question. Why do you have so many pict…[View]
63534176wow, imagine going a YEAR without hugs, how could anybody even do that?[View]
63539751>enslave me again, Nofre[View]
63538522I am not Filipino[View]
63539577>hes a virgin I cant imagine failing my one biological imperative, especially in an age when wome…[View]
63539379Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me th…[View]
63539559my only female friend i met like 3 months ago and we walked and talked through the city for hours ju…[View]
63539526can I have some reaction images? I need some..[View]
63536900Be honest. Are you ACTUALLY hopeless? Like have a legitimate ailment/condition/deformity or somethin…[View]
63536479>expandable storage up to 1tb >headphone jack >21:9 4k display >Tooless sim tray >Ama…[View]
63538655>having a girlfriend won't fix your problems bro![View]
63539259Im so unlikable i cant even get along with other robots, is this the end?[View]
63539506I haven't been on campus for over a year because of COVID. I planned on asking out this cute gi…[View]
63539453Do male virgins value their own virginity? Why don't they just have sex with a prostitute to cu…[View]
63539411guns couldn't kill could they?[View]
63539294Congrats, you're now a harem protagonist, but what kind of harem protagonist and what kind of h…[View]
63538896Did you ever meet up with somebody from an image board in real life? How did it go?[View]
63538926I don't even think about real women anymore. All I dream and think about is anime girls.[View]
63537303opinion on religion anons?[View]
63539409/GG/ Growing General - kazinschi edition: Growing general post what your growing in greenhouses or o…[View]
63534515How do we fix this?[View]
63536489>white bois would pay to watch her get blacked while they chase their yellow fever…[View]
63539336>have one chance at life > be born with foot fetish its a curse…[View]
63536913What do robots think about older women?[View]
63539292I'm finaly free from uni (temporarily) I can do art now hahahaha Also post what you're hap…[View]
63538824If you aren't a Wynnchad, you don't know SHIT about hotel casinos.[View]
63539170Should I fast for full days? Like every other day, or do intermittent fasting where I only eat once …[View]
63534604I exclusivelly only date and fuck girls that are 18-20 and virgins. Then I get bored because they…[View]
63538768Oh my god! This stupid noob is making my game laaaag! Come rub my belly for good luck for this kills…[View]
63539213I love konata posters so much, it is the highest purest form of posting[View]
63537326We need to make a new Internet where it's not possible to doxx others or post anything offensiv…[View]
63539220I'm killing the average German >Ok bro?[View]
63538411FTDDTOT: Feels that don't deserve their own thread. >tfw no ftddtot…[View]
63539163Would you be too embarrassed to walk around in public with a girl like her? Asking for a friend.[View]
63538208is it possible to change your accent? i want a texas accent desu[View]
63538044>Best friend clearly likes someone else more now wow. this feels very bad.…[View]
63539094i just want her to die so i can kill myself[View]
63538254>he thinks having sex will fix his problems[View]
63538975Is a man who can't satisfy a woman sexually worthwhile?[View]
63539045>be me > in english >friend sends me pic rel. > I open it in chrome to zoom in on the fa…[View]
63536891JW bros?: Did anybody else grow up as a witness? Have you been able to break away from the mindset? …[View]
63536719>You either have to date an ugly girl you're not attracted to or not date at all How do I co…[View]
63539055>Claim to be a robot. >Yet agree they're not with every post they make. Why are anons suc…[View]
63536850SCG, Sister complex general. Let loose all your emotions about little sisters (or older ones if that…[View]
63537854My brother was screaming at me and I tried to ignore him but I couldn't take it so I starte to …[View]
63538971So here it is. A few years ago I was dating this woman. She was in an abusive relationship and I was…[View]
63538304Should I leave a note?[View]
63538855I only find joy in buying and playing new video games. I'm only motivated to watch anime when i…[View]
63538204If you had a gf and her face got mangled, would you still love and stay with her?[View]
63538837Women don't browse here. Stop making retarded threads directed at them. So fucking cringe. Kill…[View]
63537521I feel nothing for anyone but noun.[View]
63537045Can someone post that webm of that split screen tik tok with the white girl on the left and the blac…[View]
63537716one of the worst things about being ugly is that every girl treats you like shit so you think it…[View]
63538673Fembots only want us for our bodies[View]
63538809Sex with anime girls[View]
63538119literally all i want is to cuddle with a girl who likes me but nope im too ugly to experience the th…[View]
63535070What if all men quit their work after 6 months without having sex, how would that change society? I…[View]
63538565So anon, are you going to watch the Demon Slayer movie with me?[View]
63538146Why do women come here if they hate us so much?: Why pretend to be robots? what do they get from lar…[View]
63536928Emotional screeching: Is there any discussion site where people are not mental babies like they are …[View]
63537720I can't even contemplate having sex as a dicklet[View]
63538663anon's lament: my oneitis was almost apart of my life. why didn't i do anything, bros? sh…[View]
63538608Asian bois see this and can't decide between seething and getting hard.[View]
63537439I was in a state of schiozophrenia mania I wasnt getting the proper meds I was freaking out about so…[View]
63536260Fembots, Why not just settle for a beta self-hating misandrist bf?[View]
63538603Tranny: heh, you will NEVER be a woman[View]
63538592i ordered a few things from otonajp and it said 1 to 5 days shipping? does that mean it gets here in…[View]
63538589Wash it, fembots. Be shamed and was that stink pocket.[View]
63520390/r9gay/ - 1353: game over edition old >>63511833[View]
63536666Shit: > have gay older brother > he starts a pointless argument > I'm hungry and angry…[View]
635384714 u <3[View]
63537039Just coomed inside of a fleshlight while watching vr porn. Have I reached peak coomer?[View]
63537828why cant i just get a chubby/fat fetishist bf WHY WHY WHY why do they always choose a skinny girl WH…[View]
63536617Why are normies so fucking obsessed with cars[View]
63538345>unhandsome >always being told I'm handsome >dumb >always being told I'm smart…[View]
63537976Have you ever had a girl telling you to stop obsessing with your idea of her, or even go as far as t…[View]
63538426And I wont suck blacks at night. To be shaman king[View]
63532235Online School Thread: Did anyone else give up? Second semester and not a single bit of work is compl…[View]
63534923>You WILL follow the speed limit >You WILL be respectful >You WILL drive safe >You WILL …[View]
63534802I fell for the Uni meme: >3rd world, small town(only chainstore is for groceries) >smart kid i…[View]
63534551Bitter: >you're an out of touch guy who will never have his place in society >you look at…[View]
63537285For me it's the hot dog + soda combo from /costco/[View]
63535584How would R9K clean a REALLY disgusting bathtub?: Like, massively disgusting? I have a mask, some vi…[View]
63531884Thoughts on guys who paint their nails? I just did mine and they are black :3[View]
63536420Half a bottle doen still not buzzed , fuck alchohol tolerance[View]
63537006What in the goddamn fuck does 'entitled' actually mean and how does this relate to the contexts I se…[View]
63532146this nigga could have gotten laid so easily[View]
63538299Can women become a wizard ?[View]
63538107At the end of the day, nothing is more important when it comes to getting girls than asking them out…[View]
63538274I probably see 20 different dicks a day just being on this board.[View]
63538120white boys disgust me[View]
63537999>cut my hair >immediately go from a 3 to a 5 I'm never growing my hair out again…[View]
63536984>BRIOSH BUNS[View]
63538084I'm aspie and a aspie girl blocked me weeks ago, why are the aspie girl so different to aspie m…[View]
63537983It's so cold. I can't even articulate my feelings and thoughts. All I hear is a ringing an…[View]
63537840Decided to bring my dog to the dog park for once. Met a cute dog trainer girl there. Her dog was als…[View]
63538023Post your thoughts upon encountering the Other and realizing your own finitude 'They're just l…[View]
63538118Threatening me cancels peace it's US Law to hunt insurgents they're going to rot in prison[View]
63538080Guys I need your help... I cant find one specific webm and im sad...[View]
63537829Do anti autism meds work?[View]
63537531Imagine being so much of a dumb ass that you became a weeb for money knowing it turned girls off the…[View]
63537835> be me > in highschool > classmate im not even friends with suddenly texts me about how he…[View]
63537775We all know ugly guys dont wanna date ugly women and ugly women dont wanna date ugly guys. So why ca…[View]
63537971i'm waking up a 5pm now: sleep shedule is fucked, by the time i wake up the day is damn near ov…[View]
63536054Anyone else here watch asmr to alleviate their loneliness by pretending that asmr artist is your gf?[View]
63537969fembots why won't you let a robot be your slave?[View]
63533401Being beaten doesn't help the child. All it does is give them a screwed up idea of justice. Bea…[View]
63537838>go outside >feel like an emotional train wreck >go back inside >feel stable Why am I li…[View]
63537405How did your exams go?[View]
63536897You've got this, anon.[View]
63537952Any Pilot robots who have their commercial license wanna give me advice on what book is the best for…[View]
63536995robots in the military is it disqualifying to only have one testicle? asking for a friend.[View]
63535505/m9k/ - music9001: any robots play instruments? i play bass. planning on making this a recurring thr…[View]
63537898Why did Destiny do this[View]
63535976Why do women who smoke or sport tattoos trigger incels?[View]
63534800Why do men never commit anymore?: Femanon here. Every guy I have ever dated never wanted a serious l…[View]
63530603I am completely demoralized by the financial success of other people[View]
63536976Are Dom women really just a meme created by our coomer brains and internet?[View]
63535461There's nothing better in life than cumming to anime girls[View]
63534356posting a self-portrait every day until im good. DAY 2[View]
63534358If I were to make a bingo for robot hobbies/interests, what would go on it?[View]
63533431is there anything more ridiculous than the feigned anti smoking campaigns in the uk and europe? >…[View]
63537586I spend most of my time having baths because I have nothing better todo :([View]
6353757525k+ upboats for this. the cock carousel is normalized and no one looks twice[View]
63533044Why do wagecucks suck so bad >move into big ass building >everything is dead and quiet start…[View]
63533524Recommend me an anime that will make me want to anhero immediately: Something sad, angsty, whatever …[View]
63535368Why was he sad?: Good looking guy, financially well-off, plenty of friends, talented and with an art…[View]
63536889>talking to a femoid over snapchat >she asks me what I like to do for fun >tell her I love …[View]
63536654I feel like I have to pee and that my penis is burning all the time now[View]
63536954>hour 17 of fast coming up in 13 mins Any other fastchads up in here?[View]
63533816Does /r9k/ game?[View]
63534989He was suffering[View]
63536934Trans rights are a joke.[View]
63535129Why do all rap music sound the same?[View]
63537445Mods, ban this fuck from /r9k/ right now!!! DO IT THIS IS TROLLING /b/ TIER GARBAGE BAN HIM BAN HIM …[View]
63535237Is this a new era for civility at 4chan?[View]
63537404wimin r ghey fuck you[View]
63536923>read all these inspiring threads full of game techniques >'just talk to her anon' >okay th…[View]
63537331got a 4-page paper due tn. send some music retards https://youtu.be/d2mb6U1CiTU[View]
63537337>erectile dysfunction at 21 I never even got to use it[View]
63525558Having a child is inherently selfish and immoral. This can be proven with a simple thought experimen…[View]
63537032You ever just wish you were a monkey in the woods eating banana[View]
63536975What does R9k think about Kevin Samuels: I think he is great.[View]
63537057So what do you do to make sure you're a person of worth to others? What sets you apart from muc…[View]
63537203wite boi, dont try to forget about your blacked addiction by making yellow fever threads[View]
63536537Catalog's full of goddamn frogs once again[View]
63530186Sigh: Why does it have to be like this?[View]
63530741It never even began for me...: I took this this test out of pure boredom: https://www.idrlabs.com/pe…[View]
63537200omfg i almost just vomited when i saw pictures of trannies dialating and tranny stuff. i literally a…[View]
63535289You guys eat vegetables and fruit right?[View]
63537160Just cut your balls off and no more constantly thinking about sex and women[View]
63536604>bro, women don't care about looks very much fucking lying pieces of shit…[View]
63536759Hey you guys wanna see a magic trick? I'm gonna make a bunch of spergs come out of the woodwork…[View]
63527131/britfeel/: Swearing at customer services edition[View]
63535300Anons, I... I've been orphaned by teenage love.[View]
63536906The result of racemixing is often the same. A confused brown guy with no place to call home.[View]
63534850Why do so many girls put she/her in their bios? It's literally just she/her. What's the po…[View]
63536527>come home from 9 hour shift >mom doesn't even say hello >just stares at her stupid fu…[View]
63535264>be me >tripping balls on shrooms one night >see video of cockatoo >beautiful majestic c…[View]
63534291Less imagination: How do I become less imaginative? It's hard to explain but I have this writer…[View]
63535286>every woman is a slut >every woman has an ex >every woman is shallow it's over…[View]
63535358Just convinced tranny sibling to revert back into being human. Ask me anything. Women not welcome bt…[View]
63536810>you have high standards >you wouldnt want to date a loser like you either Both these argumen…[View]
63536515are you good at tricking people?[View]
63536779Top Trolling Stories Thread: >be me >use portable radios at work >when you need to reach so…[View]
63534307I want to go to the mall with a cute boy in a frilly dress![View]
63536491im so unlikable even /r9k/ mogs me[View]
63535753Thoughts on this comic? I think it accurately represents the life of the average normie male in 2021[View]
63536472it is literally impossible for women to feel love[View]
63532889How old is to old to date a 18 year old?[View]
63533370Which outfit is cuter: left or right[View]
63536636Wiping of the ass is unnecessary[View]
63536705Why are women like this?: >be me several years ago >travel by bus to school >meet a girl th…[View]
63536099Just got perma banned for posting this image from the disgaea game on the play store. Came back to a…[View]
63535740How the fuck do I get energy back I was always tired but I used to at least be able to go out hang …[View]
63536671Food. But Better[View]
63534285Hello /r9k/ I have no reason to live or to explain why i don't have a reason to live. Please pr…[View]
63536287>I deleted every single internet contact 'friend' I ever meet in the last years last night at 3am…[View]
63536480>literally want only one (1) thing from a woman i.e. loyalty >they can't provide even tha…[View]
63536601I fucked a girl in my (USA) Military Squadron while we were both drunk. It's been a few weeks, …[View]
63536562Black man is the most hated ethno-gender group on the face of the earth! Everyone truly hates us. Ev…[View]
63536429I recently lost the people i would talk with all the time I'm now completely alone and i don…[View]
63530013Would you deepthroat it?[View]
63536336I belong under white femanon feet. This is not up for debate.[View]
63536392Do not fall for the femboy/topped/tranny meme Anon. Lift weights and hate females. You can make it.[View]
63535859What was the final nail in the coffin for you? When did you realize you definitely wouldn't mak…[View]
63534436>NOOO you can't have a couple drinks and drive >you deserve a DUI…[View]
63536274Why is 4chan still around? It had it's time as a center for Internet culture. Now it's jus…[View]
63534276>Be femanon >Kinda like guy at work >He's taller than me by quite a bit as i'm 5…[View]
63525906>tfw girls don't want to date femboys[View]
63536154>too dumb to become a nerd nigga >too smart to become a thug How do you cope?…[View]
63535163how the fuck do office wagies/computer wagies sit at a pc for 8 hours just to go home and stare at m…[View]
63532344My gf let her previous boyfriends creampie her. She says she was young and stupid and regrets being …[View]
63536101>go to bros place >start to leave >'don't you want to wait, your friend is coming :)' …[View]
63535954there's nothing i fucking hate more than weddings. every time i think i'm free from ever h…[View]
63535201>no sax >too risk averse, socially awkward, and poor to get an escort…[View]
63536234>in public >normal >by myself at home >make random noises, shake my hands and legs uncon…[View]
63535054The only thing I live for is the vague hope that at some point in the future we have the technology …[View]
63536192Fucking nobody ever wants to play co-op games casually anymore. Everywhere I look I either run into …[View]
63536017The bottom has been reached. For some reason I find the thought of having a skinny girl, very import…[View]
63535701Are male escorts real? Fucking looked everywhere not one in sight[View]
63536127>'i fight for your rights so you can make more episodes of blacked!'[View]
63533698I wish I could eat tuna fish all the time. I love tuna fish.[View]
63536043what do we do about the social media grooming problem?[View]
63533933>femoids pretending to be robots again can you please not? this thread is for males only. Women n…[View]
63531549I took hrt because I wanted attention from men but I have not got any and now I am just a sad lonely…[View]
63532776Post starter packs.[View]
63535957I'm never gonna lose my virginity because I'm always jerking off to anime girls[View]
63536027when did you realize it was okay to like 2d women over 3d roasties?[View]
63535439>you are shitting in a public bathroom >the splashback hits your dick and goes up the urethra …[View]
63535211How do I stop wanting a gf?: I feel like everything would be easier if I stopped craving for foid lo…[View]
63528590/picrew/: https://picrew.me/image_maker/549603 https://picrew.me/image_maker/701767 https://picrew.m…[View]
63533993>be me >29 y/o >had what I thought was a very good boss >he treated me well, paid me goo…[View]
63534981Why does /r9k hate women? What is the rational behind it? I don't understand the blanket hate.[View]
63532466>tfw 5'11' >most women are now minimum 5'10' Did anybody else notice this as well? I…[View]
63535639How do you guys deal with jelousy ? So im meeting with this girl ,and shes nice,we go on walks,she …[View]
63534059I browse the female to male tranny general on /lgbt/ despite being biologically male[View]
63535876>be me, 34 years old >wake up bright and early this morning at 3PM >145GBP in the bank for …[View]
63533315Did they suicide him yet?: For those who are uninformed, Altiyan Childs was a man who posted a 5 hou…[View]
63535802>keep having dreams where I crash my car >always either upside down or down a ravine or into …[View]
63535846anyone got the vid of a lady making a horrible lasagna with chocolate and sausage?[View]
63533118where do you guys find such high quality lewd images like pic related? I have a hard time finding an…[View]
63535759I'm 2 shy/awkward to make a tinder/okcupid what do? Pls halp[View]
63535798I wish I had a fembot gf. I feel like I could never get along with a normie girl at this point, I ha…[View]
63534678Have you ever considered dating older women instead of chasing after girls of your own age?[View]
63533188How do other black people afford to live in my city? I have to like steal get lucky with crypto but …[View]
63535099Ive become a simp, let me tell you faggots, I was a volcel, than I got into my feelings for some pus…[View]
63529196Have you ever been bullied? Tell your story anon.[View]
63533138Hey guys! CrystalCafe poster here, you incels should just lower your standards and date someone. Eve…[View]
63535309>think im ok >just tired >get into bed >immediately curl up into a ball and cry oops hah…[View]
63535502I'm too much of a chad and proud to chase after women, so I will become one instead.[View]
63535553>feel super positive earlier and happy, elevated from my normal mood >now completely crashed d…[View]
63535123That one freshman high school girl dating that one freshman in college guy. Somehow videos of him fu…[View]
63534490what's the point of joining 90 percent of public discord servers? Everyone already knows each o…[View]
63535059How would you best describe your feelings for the female gender?[View]
63534692Woah, I got a great idea! I need to exercise a lot and looking for new ideas to keep myself busy men…[View]
63535473>Is that cum? What the fuck anon, why did you bring your cumstained laptop into class?…[View]
63534141I used to hate you guys. You incels. But now I only feel sorry for you, there is a broken soul behin…[View]
63534623hi r9k. if you could eat anything right now, what would it be? mine would be a big and fat well done…[View]
63534331How do you deal with seeing cute girls in the street?[View]
63532841What would incels actually do if they got a gf like this? How would they feel walking in public with…[View]
63534172I think I'm making it and so can you: >be 26 y/o virgin >always been a social outcast …[View]
63535277I tried moving out on my own. I didnt listen. People told me getting roommates was hell and I said …[View]
63528973lost my virginity to a whale from tinder 2 hours ago, cya later virgins[View]
63534420What's the purpose of life[View]
63531182The egirl who made r9k seethe: QRD on this insane ewhore?[View]
63534840how do I stop lust?[View]
63532994Just give up and drink yourself to death[View]
63535194Always hated my birthday: > Be me >Be living in rural colorado, family lives in Hawaii mostly …[View]
63532322>managed to get a date with a qt on Friday >we want to go for a walk >23 yo loser NEET with…[View]
63534491What are your stats? Strength:9 Dexterity:12 Constitution:10 Wisdom:8 Intelligence:12 Charisma:8[View]
63531200how is she so pretty lads[View]
63532315If you only ever sleep with prostitutes, does that make you a buy-sexual?[View]
63534738Nobody cares about trans rights. Period.[View]
63534312coffee giving me full body shakes again[View]
63535056Is testosterone a cure for laziness/procrastination?[View]
63534975Drink Drank Drunk: I think its time to get drunk again[View]
63534974Why not just hack into the mainframe?[View]
63534757I like watching videos of dogs being rescued, but I always skip over the sad parts and just watch th…[View]
63533608How worried should i be about this? Only hurts sometimes and makes my mouth smell and taste like shi…[View]
63533642Anyone that works in the medical field falls under the sociopath spectrum and are some of t he most …[View]
63534563>he values mathematics >not religion ngmi…[View]
63534611I absolutely peaked in highschool > Graduate HS in 2004 > I was your average sk8er punk >Da…[View]
63533815Which crystal do you use for this scenario?[View]
63533846I am the Anti-Christ.[View]
63534566> be me 18yo depressed > at a bar with friends for NYE > night's going okay, starting …[View]
63531737/drugfeel/: Menthols Permabanned Edition Previous thread OD'd: >>63498930 When will gove…[View]
63534669R9k is vietcong board now[View]
63534746Every man is prone to commit mistakes either wittingly or unwittingly. But one mistake he should not…[View]
63534739can anyone post that picture with a comparison between a younger and older woman with the younger be…[View]
63533847Requesting defective anon's testimonials: >effexor This shit just sounds like its going to …[View]
63532617>hikki for over a year (thanks to pandemic) >Get a call from the dole office about a forklift …[View]
63534651Who is you?[View]
63534296Whats poggin 4chan?[View]
63534210When you forget to apply minoxidil in the back of the head. lmao[View]
63532673If you care about women and getting a gf then youre not a robot, just a failed normalfag. Real robot…[View]
63534569Lurker question: How do you define a Robot? And, who can be a Robot and who don't?[View]
63531860I don't know how to cope anymore, my misery level has reached its peak due to a certain event t…[View]
63533791why do nofappers and porn addicts keep fighting? just fap 3-4 times a week using only your imaginati…[View]
63533381Post the tenth last picture you saved.[View]
63534521how much of a loser do you have to be to turn gay. especially if you are being topped, just think ab…[View]
63533586So fembots I've had two girlfriends in my life and a couple of ons, but I have no fucking idea …[View]
63529804what is genuinely keeping you from having a life like pic related?[View]
63534441I have been living life in such a haze. It doesn't seem real for me.[View]
63533724Fembots pls, can we do the iCarly roleplay? I'll be Freddie, and you, Sam.[View]
63532762itt we post pics of cats with funny faces[View]
63528597>so many fat positive threads Do you guys actually like skinny girls or no?…[View]
63532788Robots I need you to add songs to this playlist. I wanna make a huge ass playlist with over 1000 hou…[View]
63534359>be me >redditfag >find le epic tranny hate post on 4chan >upload it to r/greentext >…[View]
63530868Why haven't more anons from 4Chan streamed their suicide?[View]
63534095>be born in shit country >be born in shit family >be born with shit genes >reproduce …[View]
63532916Would you marry a blind girl?[View]
63533821Imagine you are living in this tower of power when king kong comes by and sticks the whole thing int…[View]
63534286>tfw no qt proportional dwarf bodybuilder gf[View]
63533807genuine questions to people that identify as trans on this board. what brings you here? why? im sure…[View]
63531895It feels like something is missing I can't seem to put a ring on it[View]
63534175im so stupid and everyone hates me[View]
63534148I know this might sound like I'm trying to be edgy, but I'm not. There is a strong part in…[View]
63530599Asian grills: I wonder... is 'wmaf' a meme or not? Do we really have a higher win rate with them?…[View]
63531817>Anon, why aren't my breasts bigger? You said they'd get bigger if I gained all this we…[View]
63531158ITT we talk about our gfs/waifus: What do you like the most about your gf/bf?[View]
63534052>I don't have a TV because if I have a TV I will watch it all the time. Do you watch TV or b…[View]
63526357Any benzo frens out there? I love benzos because they make me feel less of a piece of trash for bein…[View]
63530988Staying beautiful: This is a picture of a man who spent 20 years with sunlight on the left side of h…[View]
63533790>scammed another simp out of a 50 euro amazon gift card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfMUVMPvz…[View]
63533452ive never been invited to a party what do I do to get invited to one[View]
63532835Image editing: How do i make image like this ?[View]
63533930at least 10 to 20 percent of males will never have a relationship with a women[View]
63533417so i'm thinking about joining a boxing gym because i started watching pic related and boxing se…[View]
63533451where the fuck do you find female spergs[View]
63533310its not too bad just browsing r9k on your work break. when I was NEET I'd just f5 all day. now …[View]
63534081>He wasn't a CHAD in the WOMB Not gonna make it[View]
63533980Why do people watch family youtubers? There's literally nothing interesting about watching some…[View]
63533936tfw when you squeeze a big shit out: The shape of the rock stretches your asshole, slips out and the…[View]
63531187Women appreciation thread: Share any positive stories/ encounters with girls. Or just how much you l…[View]
63533863being stupid should be considered a disability[View]
63533792Post rare pepes whatever you got[View]
63531992>woke up to a call from a girl >talked for 35 mins Who else /based/?…[View]
63530820Benefiting humanity: What really benefits humanity? What does humanity really need? Person A: >wo…[View]
63532947Why do people obsess over masks? seriously... >be me eat out >end up with bad fever and stomac…[View]
63533226Do you guys think being White is a disadvantage in getting a girlfriend these days?: I see all the a…[View]
63532974Being me fuckin sucks, people resent me not even my family likes me and i can't blame them I wi…[View]
63532317I know he has become irrelevant but after looking at his YouTube channel it's obvious he's…[View]
63533664>>63528273 If you have a mortgage on that house then it isn't yours.[View]
63533233Use the Law of Attraction and build the life of your dreams.[View]
63533761I just had the most wonderful dream in a long time bros. I was on some kind of field trip with a lar…[View]
63532877my dog is old and he's not doing too well[View]
63533313>tell a girl that I had a dream my ex was sucking my dick >'ur pissing me off! Why would you t…[View]
63527997Would you guys explain to me what the blackpill is? In your own words.[View]
63531837What do you hate most about yourself?: 19 6ft0. >huge broken nose >yellow, chipped and crooke…[View]
63530276Why would anyone choose to become a homosexual?[View]
63530181You're not missing out on the greatest bullrun in the history of crypto, are you anon? You want…[View]
63530155I need tips for raising my son from you guys. I don't want him to turn out like you guys or bec…[View]
63532374I legit think my brother has undiagnosed autism or something. I'm 18 and he's 21 and he ke…[View]
63533341What do you guys think of fetlife?: Well robots?[View]
63529655Can you guys give me some feedback on my outfit?[View]
63533529I have been watching incest porn for like ten years already and I guess it has fucked up my brain so…[View]
63533207Got call about accommodation. Shared with a few other lads in their thirties. Apartment 10 mins away…[View]
63529887What kind of videos do you watch on youtube anon? Also do you make any? What kind?[View]
63532333All I can think about is fapping and cooming to thicc anime tiddy it's ruining my life and I ca…[View]
63530054Your gf is coming to kill you anon. What will you do?[View]
63533346The real bugmen are guys who constantly complain about 'wokeism' and frame everything in the context…[View]
63533414>tfw back on my OCD pills hopefully they work[View]
63533404I literally just want a tall bbw gf that will sit on my face, is that really asking for too much? An…[View]
63533224I would like to thank the traditional owners of the land we are gathered on today, the Noongar peopl…[View]
63532176How do you have have long conversations with women: I can't do it. idk how normalfags can just …[View]
63532932I'm going to fucking kill myself: I'm fucking tired of this constant tranny posting. Every…[View]
63533269It feels like the only thing I look forward to everyday is jerking off to a sexy picture I have a bu…[View]
63533184>move to Japan they said >it'll be fun they said…[View]
63533261just a friendly reminder that fat people are subhumans and ought to be put out of their misery…[View]
63533174This is on vice now[View]
63533294But how DOES one correctly upload an image to the fourchannel?[View]
63529980Men and women of /r9k/, ITT men say 1 thing they like about women, and women say 1 thing they like a…[View]
63531673This is the kind of messages that average women receive randomly on instagram everyday.[View]
63531440I haven't showered for 2 months. When was the last time you have showered?[View]
63532433>be me 6/10 >finally meet girl though friend 7.5/10 tall as fuck like 6,3 I'm 5,5 >Sta…[View]
63532681>be me finally get girlfriend >Be in first loving relationship In my 23 years of life >Gf h…[View]
63531049anybody know who this girl is?[View]
63533149Why do you retards hate gays so much when society would be so much better off if men stayed with men…[View]
63532998>last year >could've had sex >could've had a gf >turned it down why am I like…[View]
63533099Girlboss: Sweetgreen smoothie juice cleanse all for naught Eyes betray a sole barren as my womb Les…[View]
63531842What would you guys wear in public if anything, and I mean ANYTHING is socially acceptable, like eve…[View]
63533011Why do women have an insatiable need to imtrude into whatever male-only space they discover? Excludi…[View]
63533060Why do they hate to see a girlboss winning?[View]
63532914when you are feeling down just remember that spooky cares about you and the doors to her mansion are…[View]
63530623>be me >redditfag roommate tells me to check out r/4chan thinking I will like it >go there …[View]
63532958When did you first read pic related book? How much did it change your life? And the last and most im…[View]
63532028What happened to dead erection guy?[View]
63530043Come talk fembots. >depressed and eating oatmeal to comfort me again at night There's too ma…[View]
63532187>want to get drunk >don't want to go to the store to buy drinks…[View]
63532382The only reason I got out of bed today is because someone made me mad while I was phoneposting so I …[View]
63529171What is the Final Solution to the Female Question?[View]
63531596It is time for your dilatation trannie, don't forget or your open wound is gonna close[View]
63532243>look normal, perhaps even borderline handsome, in the mirror >look like a freakish bridge tro…[View]
63532844>tfw no hotIine bf[View]
63530329is there a mature social media for mature people like myself?[View]
63532313Posting every day until the right girl falls from heaven in my lap and becomes my gf[View]
63532533>Getting a gf is not a competition meanwhile >My chad brother gets a gf and makes fun of me …[View]
63532676I feel the everly increasingly desire to take the bus to the nearest city, get drunk and ask random …[View]
63532706>you were sorta well known on your country's imageboard in 2010 >in 2021 you still spot y…[View]
63532696You are at some event and see a group of girls chatting. You think that one of the girl is pretty. W…[View]
63532500>put all my time and energy into one single person >again >they leave >again >left co…[View]
63528855Yume nikki thread![View]
63532349I watched porn recently and as the guy screws chick he asks her to tell him 'I love you' but she sta…[View]
63530066this is my rat helmut he woke me up this morning with his loud drinking[View]
63532211Prices on xans/molly where youre from?Nyc based here[View]
63532614Sleepy time: >be me >can't sleep >watch Joe Pera talks you to sleep >get tired Than…[View]
63532208The following is completely true. Unlike the rest of you idiots I actually live the dream! >29 ye…[View]
63529640>Sword fighting gym in town >Sign up >Virgin >realize I'm literally the 'While you …[View]
63532565I used to think I cared too little about this life but I realize now that people just care about lif…[View]
63527621cause im jello when you say hello i dont give a fuck when im dusted i got no sense of gravity busted…[View]
63531378>get notification >'7 incels have recently viewed your profile' gross. why do you nerd virgins…[View]
63532523I'm getting older and not getting richer. My chances are slim at finding a gf.[View]
63527797Favorite rapper?: Who is your favorite rapper /r9k/?[View]
63532289Being weak: Am I a faggot if women are stonger than me and could beat the fuck out of me ? Like in u…[View]
63531224have you ever met a girl from glendale[View]
63530961just say what you mean[View]
63530499CWC: I told Geno online that he should actually arrange a meetup with Chris but he wasn't fond …[View]
63531344>NOOO! YOU CAN'T JUST HATE WOMEN! >ONLY INCELS HATE WOMEN!! Fuck you, you pile of dead sk…[View]
63532404Practical Misogyny: Misogyny thread! What acts of misogyny have you committed recently and how much …[View]
63531911>youtube forcing the newest flavor of the month minecraft retard 99999# into my recomendations (w…[View]
63529901Fuck I think I need to start doing something in life. 21 yo hikki and being a total fucking loser wh…[View]
63532356>come up with funny idea for a meme >make meme >post meme to a 4chan thread >see image g…[View]
63528393Free $10000 dollars for being a tranny freak and causing a bunch of problems and humiliating its fam…[View]
63531329Day 99 of manifesting a nagatoro gf into my life (not a tulpa please stop asking) Update: What if th…[View]
63531706ATTENTION FEMBOTS: Fembots, you belong back in diapers. You are too irresponsible to look after your…[View]
63532247How can I stop wanting to get beat up? Everytime I get topped on grindr I want to get beat up by som…[View]
63527565how do you wanna an-hero R9k? i wanna do it in a public place so others are traumatized by my death …[View]
63530287I'm getting a crush on my neet bucks guardian. Her name's Sophie and she's really nic…[View]
63520780need to get a hairy gf and have sex with her[View]
63532166>meet ugly fat girl on tinder >After second date she asks to come home >I say no because 'I…[View]
63529542Japanese so cool! Me like it![View]
63532161Having depression and an anxiety disorder as a male hell. I'm too afraid to talk to women. I ha…[View]
63531887Sobbing simps /general/:dead whore edition: You know what time it is. Break out them tears, cuckboi…[View]
63532052>when you arent horny but you are desperately trying to coom anyway because you are seeking that …[View]
63529524Is this Johnny Knoxville?[View]
63529251Do women prefer men with muscular physiques? Tell me in your experience. I know many of you are gymc…[View]
63532119>just be more confident! >show a little bit of confidence in self >WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN OBNO…[View]
63529532Whats the point of this board?[View]
63527492What does 'died of old age' really mean?[View]
63531839How do I stop being shy fucking loser?[View]
63531845>it's another fucking 'wah I wanna commit suicide but it's literally impossible' thread…[View]
63530220You are all nigger faggots[View]
63530409Imagine being employed for a split 2.5 seconds. In Bye Then's America. For what reason? At ever…[View]
63531530Why aren't you doing creepy calls to qt girls every night?[View]
63531924how do you bums even find the energy to seethe and cry about so much stupid rubbish? wageslavery tak…[View]
63531749Smoking weed makes my temples relax a lot, feels weird since I never notice myself feeling tense unt…[View]
63531394I think if there's one thing I regret it's supporting trump and going along with conservat…[View]
63531100Old women: I have a distant relative, a woman in her 60's. She irritates me to no end, and I…[View]
63527727A new day, same old heckin' cuteness and validity of trans people! Lain is here to remind you o…[View]
63531620Please tell me that /r9k/ is all satire and trolls: Yesterday I discovered this board and I was real…[View]
63531239Please Help: Girl has been sending me messages that end like >that's too baddd ;((( >I…[View]
63529748was vincent van gogh a gamma male?[View]
63530490Its so cold... I dont want it to be so cold...[View]
63531836who else wishes they had more misfortune in their lives so they'd actually be forced to get up …[View]
63530717>'in order for equality to exist, blacked must also exist!'[View]
63531414The sun rises so early this time of year. It makes it harder to go to sleep at 6 am.[View]
63531332>be me >outsider of the normies >normie of the outsiders what do? every side rejects me…[View]
63531658Shitposting galore. https://www.guilded.gg/i/aEAowJ5k[View]
63530398>when someone is talking about georgia the country but you think they're talking about georg…[View]
63531651Have you ever fallen in love with camgirl?[View]
63530877I'd rather be homeless than a wagie.[View]
63531244>r9k randomly sped up or unfroze Whats going on jannies, are glowniggers taking over the world.…[View]
63530129Thinking of blowing my brians out during my next online class. Would that be funny, or is there a be…[View]
63531495>use discord fort the first time >after I am done playing with old friends and relatives decid…[View]
63529948>Match girl on dating app >Say something nice but basic to start a conversation >She almost…[View]
63531666For 10 long years, the leaves to rake upppppppp. Slow suicide's no way to go, uhhhhhhh.[View]
63531505>5 ft 6 >0 social skill >0 friends >face of a meth addict >actually a opiate and benz…[View]
63530824>be fembot >dicklet anon asks what I think his size is >Be generous with him, add a few ext…[View]
63529283I injected a bunch of alcohol into my balls and I don't really know why.: I injected a bunch of…[View]
63531080>be me >no longer feel sad when thinking about my mom after I kill myself does this mean it is…[View]
63531496I'm a great listener, really good with empathy vs sympathy and all that, but I hate people.[View]
63528708Why is it so impossible to get a girlfriend these days?[View]
63530915do you think the prevalence of porn causes people to have more or less casual sex?[View]
63530759>5'3 so.. what are my options here? troon out and become someones fucktoy or gym max?…[View]
63528185Going to be starting no fap and avoiding all forms of porn, it is possible this can cure my faggotry…[View]
63529942Howbdo i stop thinking like this?: I get my feelings hurt too easily and can never improve. Pls help…[View]
63528196ADHD: Is it really that bad? I hear it's not real.[View]
63530486why is my brain so fucked: I'm a living contradiction, I hate my brain. >I eat a decent size…[View]
63530261which one of you guys did this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_w2dnae3YE[View]
63531352>Aunt asks me to teach her daughter Spanish via Skype, says she's good at it but needs some …[View]
63529920>tfw balding is finally bad enough that I can't pull off long hair…[View]
63530196I wonder what /ourgirl/ is playing.[View]
63530682Unironically only married or in relationship women are interested in me, why is that? I have never b…[View]
63529963I am a retard and I want to die. Pic unrelated[View]
63531275I exclusively jack off to /ss/, how do I cure this shit?[View]
63528601Day 4 of Girls preference Survey: Day 4, Google form here: https://forms.gle/szYeMyvYFkEJrQ7FA If y…[View]
63527817Pppppp.... post em? https://voca.ro/15EebFYHY8nb[View]
63519908As a black femcel, I have sympathy for incels, but I dont understand why incels have zero sympathy f…[View]
63530150>masturbate >still love her and want to be with her It's over for me isn't it…[View]
63528586>Let's tie anon to our bed and tickle him until he cries! what do you do r9k?…[View]
63521053Antifa looks like fucking retards: why the fuck do all the Antifa cunts look like this? They all hav…[View]
63529990>live in abusive household >somehow manage to get family to stop being so abusive >all is g…[View]
63531122>go to clean the bathroom after changing water in my fish tank >see a toilet brush looking thi…[View]
63529824I know it isn't the norm but why the fuck hasn't anyone made a doll with the butthole in t…[View]
63530399How do you control your anxiety and fears? breath exercises do jack shit for me.[View]
63528495>girl at work said my haircut is nice[View]
63530391>'it's been over 12 HOURS stop reminding us of our blacked needs!'…[View]
63529984Tfw you'll be overtly depressive forever[View]
63531172>tfw no big titty darth gf[View]
63518323High school is the best time of life. Having a community, a huge cast of characters that you grew up…[View]
63528115would you live in this isolated cabin in a middle of nowhere?: Assume you get: >1 pet (say a dogg…[View]
63530533>be a girl >whore out to dozens of men >get money and free lodging >settle down with a d…[View]
63529704So I just snapped my second keyboard for this week because reasons. gif very much related. Ples prov…[View]
63531145I wouldn't mind having a job, but its always been the application process that stops me, that a…[View]
63529206Doja Cat gave an incel a bj[View]
63523735Official /r9k/ Height Chart: Under 5': Are you a man or a twelve year old girl? 5'-5'…[View]
63527494what phone should i buy? android only[View]
63529771What do you think about my comfy house?[View]
63529395Every thread on /r9k/ in a nutshell: >DUUUUUUUUURRRRRR! DURR HURR! HURR DURR! DERP DERP DERP! HUR…[View]
63524755the answer is obvious. It is easy to see. Life is a fucking NIGHTMARE. Consciousness is a freakish e…[View]
63530747every second roastoid I see in her car is staring down at her phone while driving what is wrong with…[View]
63528729'Alright, Anon, you're going to feel a puff of air. Do your best to not blink.'[View]
63530919>lifting for 6 years >done a fair share of roid cycles as well >easily the biggest guy in t…[View]
63526647>Woah dude you finally had sex for the first time >Well how was it?…[View]
63530703If a girl has shown interest in you, you are a normanigger.[View]
63530829>have a shower >wash my ass >need to take a shit afterwards is there no greater tragedy?…[View]
63530614kino to watch while playing magic: I've been playing MTG Arena on my PC, I like to watch stuff …[View]
63527038FEMCUCKS AND CUCKQUEANS: Tell us what you want out of being cucked. Would you marry a man who wouldn…[View]
63529626smug STEM gf: >you will never have a smug science gf I've always wanted a smug science girl …[View]
63525171Billie Eilish: Sexual misconduct is everywhere: >Singer Billie Eilish has spoken about the pervas…[View]
63528490What the FUCK is the point to life if I cant get myself a girl with massive hooters? I might as well…[View]
63530537officially homeless: That's it, they're throwing my NEET ass out of the psychiatric ward, …[View]
63529547Prolly single for life: Hello /r9k, femanon here. I wouldn't consider myself conventionally pre…[View]
63527180Draw your posture: Draw what your posture looks like while you brose r9k[View]
63530778If you turn the love heart upside down its a pair of saggy balls[View]
63529552thoughts about peepees smaller than little kid peepees, but on adult 'men's bodies?[View]
63530456> You WILL be caught > You WILL serve your time in prison…[View]
63530678>tfw just coomed hard as fuck to a video of some tranny taking a shit in a bowl is this it? is th…[View]
63486081mbti: >your type >This is the mbti type composition of the female image boards. What do you th…[View]
63528319https://www.16personalities.com/ Take the test as the OPPOSITE of who you are, and see what you get.[View]
63530596>Here is your government mandated korean GF you asked for bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM…[View]
63530481Testing test test[View]
63530280Imagine being a chinklet ricel and coping non stop all day for over 12 hours: Just because a white g…[View]
63530663MBTI: Is it possible to establish a relationship between mbti and how passionate and loving a person…[View]
63530607I still don't have a Chun-li gf[View]
63529220neet brother: >be me, 19 as of april >brother is 23 >mom killed herself in 2017 >dad die…[View]
63529146Is wagecucking and school realy the only way to meet people[View]
63528958my thots on kEANU REEEEEVES[View]
63511696Ideal GF thread: Fill out a few prompts and pray today is your lucky day and your perfect gf gives y…[View]
63530633I'm in boss mode right now: >spoke to this girl yesterday that I'm kind of friends with…[View]
63528665>Used to never watch porn that wasn't solo because I found it gross…[View]
63498930/drugfeel/: DMT Demons Edition Previous thread OD'd >>63469406 Have you tried to make/sm…[View]
63512690letter thread: letter thread for letters[View]
63442287Aspie/ Apu thread.: Post Aspie, Apu, and requests here Mox's animation of Aspie and Apu: https…[View]
63529646>tfw Started wearing a crucifix to work >Fellow Christian coworkers became really go good work…[View]
63529803>'my ancestors died to free you so i can watch blacked in my room'[View]
63529940LIFE IS A SCAM: How the fuck do normalfags even exist who enjoy doing anything or living etc. Life …[View]
63529353PSA: all animeposters are shills determined to degenerate this place: They might or might not be pai…[View]
63529871>be me, 25 >family gets together >havent seen cousin in years >have common interests, v…[View]
63529905>tfw no wholesome marriage with a girl you genuinely love[View]
63529848>coom 4x a day >alternate hands each time >gainsmaxx upper body without going to the gym…[View]
63528829/DFG/ dicklet feels general: tfw my dick is only 5.1 inches long and 4.3 girth >i will never ple…[View]
63528369>tinder girl about to meet me >'Well, maybe I should confess I'm dating another guy and I…[View]
63529723Would you rather: >perform cunnulingus with a mouthful of Pringles >feast on her Turkish Deli…[View]
63528757What's the point in contributing to society if you're never going to get a nice virgin wif…[View]
63527851What's the most autistic thing you've ever done? Do you regret doing it?[View]
63529773Reminder that if you attract a girl's interest by 'beeing urself', once you realize s…[View]
63529539Anyone else fucked by life and given up? >had cystic acne during teens and early 20s >starte…[View]
63529487ant: > put bag on the grass > few minutes later go back to my dorm and put it on my bed > …[View]
63528948Why did I suddenly lose my appetite?: I was a very heavy eater, but for whatever reason in the past …[View]
63526653How can I stop waking up super early after like 4 or 5 hours of sleep?[View]
63529685walked around the prison yard just trying to hide the past there were fountains, all around me now …[View]
63529403Is there anybody OUT there?[View]
63529075Schizoid Thread: The Schizoid continues to have some of the lowest quality of life out all all the d…[View]
63529602i start sweating, get anxious, get excited when i have an online argument i am broken[View]
63518183How would you react if you walked in the living room and found your mom like this?[View]
63528809>about to write a exam in physics >haven't understood a single part of the topic…[View]
63528989Why aren't you dating a girl with borderline and be her favorite person? Literally a fix to all…[View]
63527934>lost all friends >lost job >lost gf >lost dad >lost eyesight on right eye >lost l…[View]
63525731>be 28 >wind up talking with a girl who's 19 because we got involved in the same voluntee…[View]
63528205Billie eyelash said that women are being empowered by being whores and men are weak for touching wom…[View]
63529346now what: >get brown 2/10 landwhale gf >starting warehouse job next week >about to get a 6…[View]
635277923D women are better than 2D women since, you know, they're actually real[View]
63526580did you ever get gay with friends growing up?[View]
63529419>femoids get replaced by gynoids sigh... if only[View]
63529022My top teeth almost completely overlap my bottom teeth, is that abnormal/bad? Is it giving me an ov…[View]
63527227I accepted a fake bill: >Work in a convenience store >Two weeks in >Start doing cashier wor…[View]
63525743>no sex the last three times I asked >She 'hasn't been in the mood lately' Is there any …[View]
63527836Picrew Thread: maek u or waifu i'll start with me, more fat and brown than this tho https://p…[View]
63526496drunk thread.: drink drank drunk thread. post your poison and why you're drinking. cheers.…[View]
63529202Smoker's Corner Feel free to discuss your favorite smokes/nicotine products in general, why you…[View]
63529312All relationships are transient and transactional: it's always use and be used. You are needed …[View]
63526602Post your phone lockscreens[View]
63528782Coom inhaling: Any of u fags know anything about coom inhaling? Basically you coom into a thin rag t…[View]
63527804Genetic Freak Thread: I start: >5'7 >scoliosis, torso of a 5'2, legs of a 6'2 m…[View]
63528474How many people on r9k like to draw? I want friends to share art with and draw together[View]
63528683all this because of gamergate[View]
63528502This picture accurately describes the mindset of 99.9% of /r9k/.[View]
63527443I have never approached a girl I will never be able to approach a girl I very seriously doubt a gir…[View]
63529086>20 >not able to work properly >not able to keep my place clean >increasing alcoholism (…[View]
63529150One day I read a post that said the difference between normal people and autistic is that the later …[View]
63529108Clock in jannies.: What the hell happened to this board. Pink pilling, trannies, larpers; holy god d…[View]
63528263Dream thread: Describe your dream life over the past few days. >mauled by a duck >planets 10 t…[View]
63526836Yume nikki /rpg maker general/: Any other anons play kikiyama's yume nikki or fangames like yum…[View]
63528641Sometimes I feel like this place is the only place where I can be my true self. I don't know a…[View]
63529050Have over 50+ assignments I need to finish in 8 days or fail the semester, wish me luck robots, I…[View]
63528324I love Fumos but im too much of a loser to beat a touhou game (I have tried a lot). Any other Fumo o…[View]
63526423>tfw still sick >tfw also sober[View]
63528881>tfw haven't slept in over 40 hours and still not tired why can't my sleeping habits ju…[View]
63510502the wagies are rebelling[View]
63527898I keep telling myself that visiting this board and being an immature insufferable faggot is just a p…[View]
63527857so of course orthodontists just forgot to mention that mouth breathing would ruin my life[View]
63528270This person called me dumb and laughed at me. Find them and elimate then[View]
63519380How will my life improve in Japan as a 6'1 white guy?[View]
63526462If reality is the collapse of probability into occurrence, shouldn't every point of occurrence …[View]
63528840bruh: Ok I really need to rant about something that I have been seeing more and more lately, most pr…[View]
63527571fembots what's the best way to spot and befriend a woman who is secretly an autist[View]
63526258Be honest: what would you actually say if a girl like this asked you out?[View]
63527889Is a schizoid just a depressed introvert?[View]
63528883Dude just become honkler My quality of life increased In news and website, shits are exploding and h…[View]
63528864Serious question femanons - why aren't you lesbian? I mean I know, you can't choose, it…[View]
63528071why did WE get stuck in the shitty world where nothing fucking exists: In this shit world you cant d…[View]
63528817Back in the days no one cared about being a Manley, or not having a huge penis, or not being 7/10 an…[View]
63527663Why do men mock women for following their hearts when men are slaves to their dicks?[View]
63528416>Get drunk to the point of feeling sick >Complete a writing intensive university assignment …[View]
63527852>2021 >playing fallout 4 again who else? holy fuck i forgot how much the leveling sucks in thi…[View]
63528328How can I find a chubby girl online that'll sit on my face while she watches her shows for hour…[View]
63527963Any robots wish they were pushed harder when they were younger? I never gave a fuck for a lot of shi…[View]
63528154There is hope anon.: Isaac Newton was 5'6 and yet he is often ranked among the top 3 most influ…[View]
63524305>you now remember your cringe pol/incel phase[View]
63528667Even in my dreams women hate me.[View]
63528382What are some good hobbies? I literally have no hobbies outside of browsing the internet[View]
63528614>trying to sleep >start to node off >thing pops into my minds that gets me back awake >3…[View]
63528566I have a penpal I've been writing to for 7ish years. >Shes about 21, same age as me >I le…[View]
63528362>the degree to which ... >to the degree that you ... >in so far as... >and so i dont thi…[View]
63521875In all the years you've been here, who was your favorite poster?[View]
63526519Are human beings really designed to endure 27 years with no intimacy?[View]
63528497Is it bad that I sleep in broken glass? I'm trying to not be such a slob but it's hard.[View]
63527527Fuck all Apu posters[View]
63526173There's just no value in being a kind person.[View]
63526927im running out of mtn dew. I am going to drive to the store tomorrow for more. i've only been d…[View]
63525909Who else here is brappilled?: Just imagine her blasting a big stinky brap all in your face.[View]
63527332Hey baby, I love you Hey baby, I need you Hey baby, you ain't got to prove to me you're so…[View]
63527765/co/ tourist here we have many mascots such as >Man who has tulpa'd both gwen-poole and zone…[View]
6352622518 year olds of this board,please leave. Don't waste your youth talking to mentally ill loners …[View]
63528157Pro tip: If you coom in your pants a couple times and don't shower then the next day run your f…[View]
63527010Name a more forced meme, I shall wait[View]
63524605Day 98 of manifesting a nagatoro gf into my life (not a tulpa please stop asking) Update: I wish I h…[View]
63528197find the strength within yourself[View]
63527055Who /Seattle/ here?: Post this pic as your Tinder profile, say you're 'recently single' and pos…[View]
63526490Draw thread, go!!! Get in here drawfags we have work to get done[View]
63527925Any /r9k/ servers or chatrooms that accept trans folk?[View]
63526611How have you been affected by the labor shortage, r9k? I work in a restaurant (everywhere is short s…[View]
63526873would you let your wife eat as much as she wanted if it made her happy and more affectionate?[View]
63527402*drools heavily while crunching Takis* Nyyyegggghhh... :DD[View]
63528054Candy: Big Hunk is underrated. Very tasty.[View]
63526336>tfw nhentai doesnt upload often enough for me to have new fap material every day >only like a…[View]
63526148>tfw no gf(female) to control when I can fap[View]
63528145Take the black pill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tuf59ex-U0[View]
63528103How do i ask a girl out? Shes really cute and nice and shes from slovaika. i really like her guys[View]
63525789>tfw no Rem gf It hurts so much bros ;_;[View]
63528034>7am its time for me to sleep, goobnight /r9k/[View]
63528089It's over bros: >have to write a 10 word paper by 2050 >haven't even started yet…[View]
63525586>you will never get to experience going to these every month, building relationships, and having …[View]
63526524People who are picky about food are subhuman troglodytes. 'Waaahhh I don't like seafood; the te…[View]
63524854>come home >see your son and his friend playing video games wat do???…[View]
63527506First Job: About to be getting my first job as a dishwasher in the coming weeks at a decent restaura…[View]
63527736whats the point of living, when we are all going to expire?[View]
63518650this is how fembots browse r9k[View]
63527500Oh, you ordered a no contact delivery? >walks up to your door and knocks on it >rings the door…[View]
63526464The average asian poster on 4chan[View]
63527258why is it so hard to find fembot friends? I'm a total outcast from the normy girls from my scho…[View]
63527545>tfw >real life name is actually anon[View]
63526880Fembots with low test: What is your life like?[View]
63527415/Rei General/: Rei is running late for school: Day 644 Toast, run, mahjong[View]
63527261living is overrated[View]
63523782Why are there so many chadfish accounts on dating apps?: It just baffles me just how many chadfish a…[View]
63527631>the 2nd oldest person ever, Sarah Knauss, was born on September 24, 1880, and died on December 3…[View]
63526655my life has no purpose or goals, nothing to give i basically live on this website when im not fuckin…[View]
63527389The day is over and I don't even remember what I did[View]
63526458>driver's license expires soon >can't renew online in my state >id required for d…[View]
63527720Help: Why do I always feel so shit? >get over 7 hours of sleep >eat relatively healthy (avoidi…[View]
63524100I'm listening to GRN with Three Dog bits and I'm feeling so homesick for the Capitol Waste…[View]
63527456I am only able to enjoy my night off work when drunk and miserable, this really says a lot about soc…[View]
63527673People=shit 99.99% of the time[View]
63527666If I can't get high then ill just sleep deprive myself so I feel drowsy and then I can be alrig…[View]
63527628I love Aiste so much![View]
63526329why is a man's job to make sure a woman orgasms? men can nut just fine on there own by just goi…[View]
63526521I felt like posting this picture, so here it is[View]
63525499sexual substitute and you: Hello gentlemen, do you use a sexual substitute? most women are sexually …[View]
63527209Is anyone else here self-employed? Feels good to be your own boss[View]
63524686Fembots would rather hump pillows than a robot.[View]
63526884why the fuck are prostitutes so expensive? whores where I live are now trying to get 400 an hour whe…[View]
63527398hi frens. Is it possible for something to effect your life greatly, as in giving you severe depress…[View]
63527502Chad here: Chad here, just wanted to post a quick story about what it's like to be me >be me…[View]
63527496>Be me >chubby autistic gf of many years dumps me >Says I'm a failure, unattractive an…[View]
63527377>150lbs since I was 17 (24 now) >don't work out, eat whenever I'm hungry >start l…[View]
63525626how do we get rid of the women on this board? why can't they go to instagram or something? wome…[View]
63526633My molars are so fucked I'm running out of places where I can chew my food.[View]
63527370it only took an idea for her to agree: This may go nowhere but here we go >In Hs 3 years ago >…[View]
63526882Hi /r9k/. I decided to stop going to therapy today. Soon Ill stop taking my pills too. I hate being …[View]
63526828What do I do with my life?: >19yo >finished first year of BA with extremely low GPA >thinki…[View]
63527275>dieting has caused me to not be suicidal anymore I FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!! AND ITS ONLY DAY 10…[View]
63519132Is sex really the ultimate goal in life?[View]
63524353>theres too many people on earth, not enough space left, we have to go to mars well is seems like…[View]
63527279i used to wipe the pee off the underside of the toilet lid but lately i havent[View]
63527152For the normies on here that used to be robots, how did you find out how to be social? How did you f…[View]
63526695>friend is gone >everyone is gone >nobody was ever really here…[View]
63527199For me, it's the Ye-152.[View]
63526741>tfw no hotline bf[View]
63526609I wish I could donate my life: I remember when my mom was dying of cancer she used to cry how much s…[View]
63526369I wish noun liked me i love him desu[View]
63527154(((Grant Meysenburg)))[View]
63527030any of these pills for an overdose?: I only want it to be painless while I sleep I also have 2 bottl…[View]
63526750Why can't I have a harem? It isn't fucking fair[View]
63525403he was too based for this world. RIP king[View]
63526641self improvement fags and femoids literally can't refute this >inb4 'durr self fullfilling p…[View]
63527022If I dont get a friend soon I may die. Literally[View]
63526797>Want to coom >Don't want to deal with the post-orgasm cleanup and depression Anyone else…[View]
63526949The rhetoric that is shilled by losers on this board is shameful. You make threads along the lines o…[View]
63526997Daily Posture Thread: we out here edition (we out here) >exercise of the day: 20 pushups daily b…[View]
63526344Here in my garaage, just bought this uh, new lanbourghini here. It's fun to drive up here in th…[View]
63526161you are going outside this summer right, anon? you're not some weird shut-in, incel-freak are y…[View]
63526866>4 years later >Still fantasize about killing the people who bullied me in high school Does it…[View]
63526281You just know this baboon attended a BLM rally[View]
63526811Prison: Will he be a prag in prison since he's 17 and wealthy and a soft dude[View]
63526769Life doesn't feel worth it anymore anons I'm genuinely autistic, high functioning so only …[View]
63525649at the end of the day nobody give a fuck about 4chan[View]
63526694Imagine since the start of the year spending countless hours studying researching, trading low cap s…[View]
63526226wierd stories thread: weird stories thread, I'll start: >be me, currently at uni >always …[View]
63526658I won't eat anything for a week no matter what. Hour 5: Thought about food once or twice but no…[View]
63526169Hobbies: Does r9k have hobbies? How do you feel about them? I am bad at painting but I'm sure I…[View]
63526621That feel when: >tfw females wanna be bots in here post a thread about why they don't like m…[View]
63526630Why the hero of this video, fat, aggressive, toxic, miserable man, have more friends that I had any …[View]
63525523>boi butt >boi cock >boi cum >boi bussy why are bois so cute…[View]
63526570I'm high so I cleaned up this cursed image so I can share it on my social. What should I say wh…[View]
63524993Why don't you just learn shogi and get a shogi gf?[View]
63525769i have an 8.5 inch cock but is into sph, fuck why am i so unlucky[View]
63526536Being a failed normie is honestly hell. Knowing that if my mental issues were simply treated right w…[View]
63526124>trying to get over this girl >been more than a year since we stopped talking >think I…[View]
63526039Is there any way one could survive a shotgun blast to the head? Asking for a friend of course. >…[View]
63526512Deep-sea Anons: >Brains connect to WiFi >They're lonely because they're in the deep-…[View]
63526108You niggers come to /b/ to see what crazy bullshit is happening right now[View]
63525419>260 IQ >Suncor Energy stock posted positive EPS, going to slide-up in value in the coming day…[View]
63526469>be me >havent eaten just long enough for everything to taste amazing >but not so long that…[View]
63526375being able to give up is actually a great gift[View]
63526459DONT GO POOP ON THE ROAD!!![View]
63521147CWC: Internet people doxxed me and turned me into a Chris Chan type of person. It's weird, know…[View]
63526322Im just gonna try and be a good person from here on out. Im accepting sex is not my ultimate goal an…[View]
63522058>girl i met online keeps calling me everyday >sends me pics of herself all the time >slim a…[View]
63526411>misses ult after flashing[View]
63525282why are weebs always such annoying, unfunny, unlikable chuds?[View]
63524457Obscure feels >I am terrified of eating in front of women[View]
63525827What do women think of moustaches: Ive always heard the meme about moustaches being pedoish but what…[View]
63526121> Hanging out with girl I have a crush on > 'So what social medias do you have anon?' > 'Ma…[View]
63524555I CAN be a woman I CAN be a woman I CAN be a woman I CAN be a woman I WILL BE A WOMAN!!!!![View]
63525698>therapist asked me to think of my ultimate ideal life >immediately imagine myself as a bombsh…[View]
63525699>just go to school, wageslave and die![View]
63523875Post romantic blackpills. >whoever cares less about a relationship has the power…[View]
63526323What are your weird kinks and fetishes anon? What do you think caused you to develop them?[View]
63525991I recently had a dream that there was a Gwyndolin thread on /r9k/[View]
63526310Would transition have saved her from her fate?[View]
63525792Low empathy: Anyone else here has low empathy? I don't think I've ever felt happy for some…[View]
63519066Is there really anything wrong with wanting to fuck your cousin?[View]
63526253>jerk off in slow motion >fap to own vids…[View]
63525323I want to buy land in Canada and live in an off-the-grid commune. anybody else share my aspirations?[View]
63525240What should I do if I don't enjoy anything anymore? I don't even feel sad, I just don…[View]
63525936imagine not worshipping mommy gf Sophia[View]
63525641fucking fat retarded idiot faggot why would anything good ever happen[View]
63524954>thought that maybe making a radical change like being a foreign student in china or something mi…[View]
63526041R9j becones foxgirl: ehat would r9j do if it became foxgirl? >pic related Its r9k waking up as fo…[View]
63525670Soulcrushing Clips Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZXR7dpA7AA I guess I'll go first.…[View]
63526125Cars but its sung by a mexican man: anyone have a cover of gary numans 'cars' but sung by a mexican …[View]
63525533>Another fake robot thread full with normies acting as if they belong here. >Chads keep callin…[View]
63525393MY PENIS IS SMALL[View]
63523349How do I avoid becoming the 7 dates guy? I feel like there's only so much you can know about a …[View]
63524637help me: i made a gf off of here a while ago and she seems to love me but i dont know how to recipro…[View]
63525100>want to move out >cant afford rent >dont want to pay rent either because its a huge fuckin…[View]
63520580寂しい: Hello anons, Japan here again. Life in America has gotten a little better for me. Anyway, ask m…[View]
63524087Is this true /r9k/? Are women the only sex capable of introspection and taking responsibility for th…[View]
63524851Gettin swol: >Be me, 22 YO KHV >At the gym >Catch gym crush mirin from afar >Its go tim…[View]
63525953Believe on Jesus Christ: Going to Heaven is as easy as believing that Jesus is the Christ and puttin…[View]
63524690I got banned from /r9k/ a few days ago for talking to robots who don't smoke or drink. Why the …[View]
63525965balding is a death sentence >muh jason statham and the rock cope[View]
63525538>spent almost the whole day in my chair in front of my computer again[View]
63525815It's like living in a dying world isn't it? I don't mean that in the reactionary sens…[View]
63525942Soundboarding thread: Does anyone here still listen to or make soundboard calls anymore?[View]
63525710the only enjoyment i get now comes from expanding my hentai folder[View]
63525858nobody ever told me that reality hurts why do people lie to children why do they feed them these dis…[View]
63521013diaper fetish is based >why? putting a submissive woman back in diapers is the perfect combinatio…[View]
63524611I'm just gonna say it. penis is more asthetically pleasing than vagina.[View]
63525410Got evaluated as potentially assburger. What does that mean? I mean, we all joke around about callin…[View]
63525900w*men: do nonfeminist sjw whatever girls exist? gettin real tired of this shit for real nigga i came…[View]
63519629Sad Eric is here I have in speaking the insurgents defrauding me have no right to live I recommend s…[View]
63525344Smoking Schedule: I have two smoking options: >smoke 1 black&mild with a sandwich everyday or…[View]
63525382>hello guys i bought something off of ebay but it didnt do what i wanted it to do but the manufac…[View]
63521764Whats your type when it comes to anime girls?[View]
63525592I literally just want a tall bbw gf that will sit on my face, is that really asking for too much?[View]
63524149How do i stop thinking about suicide all the time.[View]
63524794I'm going for a night drive with my brother tonight. I'm getting a latte to sip on. We…[View]
63525122All I want to do in life before I die is cum inside of a woman. Not even for procreation. I'd e…[View]
63525404How to stop having sperg outs: Got fired at my job today for getting mad at a customer. Customer was…[View]
63525629man I was a mess without vitamin D because there's no sun here and it's been that way for …[View]
63520853Draw yourself in mspaint and post This is for science[View]
63525511I'm going to hide in your toilet, and then go up your ass once you sit down.[View]
63524882Going to uni as a freshman at 25, what am I in for?[View]
63500851Femanons what does your ideal boyfriend look like?: >Height >Build >Race and ethnicity …[View]
63524822When did you realize the Aspie gf meme was astroturfed by turbo sluts and fucking retards from cryst…[View]
63518243/britfeel/: Anime edition[View]
63523971If Sephy was just being controlled by Jenova like some people say, why did he have a vendetta agains…[View]
63525381What's up with Pepe's peepee?[View]
63522939https://youtu.be/CcSQVwvsTi8 You just know[View]
63525369>Yo, yo, yo!!!! Haahhhhaa, like, .......... ........ wuss good, my dudicle duudddeee, hahahhhahha…[View]
63525563how do you deal with your family getting old and dying while you're a dependent manchild[View]
63525199i know my girlfriend has lost her feelings for me.[View]
6352548599 percent of 20 year old men reach the age of 30. 98 percent of 30 year old men reach the age of 40…[View]
63524883how do I stop feeling attracted to women?: Roasties are a pain to deal with on top of none of them l…[View]
63525355SSRI stands for Super Sexy Rhode Islander[View]
63525379>Sent her pic of my dick >She didn't respond…[View]
63525386Why does zoloft make me feel an odd pressure in the back of my head when it wears off. Almost as if …[View]
63525422> Was 14 >hornymf with friends telling me how great having a girlfriend is >go to summercam…[View]
63524691People are detached from reality, then they get attached to reality and then they want to get detach…[View]
63525097>what do you hate? >why do you hate it? I hate trannies because they wreck perfectly good tomb…[View]
63524018>Just want to find a wife to have kids and start a family with >Men look like this Science has…[View]
63523341Not getting vaccine. 'My body my choice.' Don't trust it. Simple as.[View]
63524210Why am I so weak willed.[View]
63524395Anyone go to Wawa? Their lattes taste good and are inexpensive.[View]
63525218>'broo! i prepped the bull and coomed so hard to bbc'[View]
63524756Do people wear masks in your country How often do they[View]
63525261Stereotyping Men: >Be Me, long time ago >Swimfag >15 >On any meet, our team (nationally …[View]
63523942It is not gay to be into twinks unless you are also a twink. As a big masculine guy there is enough …[View]
63520408>Can't communicate with normies because not one >Can't communicate with other bots b…[View]
63525136How do I beef up my cock? What's your cock training routine? Supplements?[View]
63522123Why not just settle for a Ukrainian titcow gf?[View]
63524694This board is a fucking joke[View]
63525206Kong ripping off Mechagodzilla's head is a representation of Ted Kaczynski's goals to dest…[View]
63519143How much would I have to pay you to breed pic related on the right?[View]
63525084why is life[View]
63515641Red pill me on anal sex.[View]
63523366>friend sends me really old news article >omg isnt that crazy?? How sick are some people? >…[View]
63525017>remote working ends >tfw have to do real work now >tfw cant fuck around and play games for…[View]
63524743I just want to manifest a girlfriend. Help me with the Law of Attraction.[View]
63524212All you believed in is fucked up shit.[View]
6352488401/01/2020: Oh blessed January 1, how I mourn you. Oh sacred January 1, how I miss you. You were my…[View]
63524749One question: https://voca.ro/1doesXXgouHn[View]
63523213When will men realize that women aren't for them?[View]
63523848How the fuck did people live before technology I moved to a new city and its like Uber eats if im st…[View]
63524601>apparently hating women makes me a misogynist.[View]
63521654>everybody tells me i am schizo for having a tulpa >even though she is a good frend and is bru…[View]
63523663To the able bodied robots of r9k: >start working out again after a long break >Lose a little w…[View]
63524881Holy fuck women can go from supposedly loving you to being absolutely disgusted by you in an instant…[View]
63524473How do you deal with the horiness?: Im horny all the time. I cant afford to pay hookers all the time…[View]
63524479attentioniggers: Pomfers is a manipulative faggot. That is all.[View]
63523570Who else /toofargone/? I feel like I have reached a point where everything I've done in life a…[View]
63521275Why are Asian girls the same as western whores now[View]
63523830my mom and dad are third cousins. I'm not an incest baby right? third cousins are very distant.[View]
63523609Would you let two sisters share you as their bf? Femanons, would youand your sister ever share a bf?[View]
63520729faggotzone: i go to work in 20 minutes and im bored as hell, ill answer any questions i get until th…[View]
63523765how do you scientifically grow taller other than developing naturally?[View]
63524826Is Vyvanse abuse anon still posting or lurking on r9k I miss ya bro![View]
63523771>Tfw no autistic brown gf that matches her outfit with her bunny[View]
63524759>Likes women-simp >doesn't like women-incel Well where is the middle ground ?…[View]
63524373Im scared of women.[View]
63524213Yes, I will take the vaccine. How do you know?[View]
63521540Picrew Thread: Make your ideal gf, and at midnight she will appear in your room https://picrew.me/im…[View]
63524698>match with a girl on tinder >she's like a 5 without makeup, 6 or 7 with makeup >but i…[View]
63524784What's a good idea for a custom number plate? It can be 6 characters long. hitler,1488, kilnig,…[View]
63524143I wish my parents just left me outside to die at birth. would have saved us all a ton of trouble[View]
63524396>apartment / condo neighbors will just sit and have talks right outside your door / window What t…[View]
63524614Just how much would you be willing to lower your standards to get a gf or even just a FWB?[View]
63523476I got discharged from the psych ward today. Ask me anything.[View]
63521340My parents have threatened to disown me if I move in with my girlfriend. Two years ago I met girl on…[View]
63522506About a month ago I came home from work an hour early and found my older married sister in the proce…[View]
63523857>Hey, anon. Want to go see the Demon Slayer movie with me? How do you respond?…[View]
63522818How to cope?: How do you cope with the fact that no matter how hard you try you'll never be nor…[View]
63524486>looking for webcam porn video i remember watching all the time on mainstream sites 10+ years ago…[View]
63523149retard professors thread: >writing project >minimum 2 sources >find a homicide case to summ…[View]
63523808what if i told you i was a rap genius?[View]
63523348Given the amount of lonely people in this board, we should come up with a way or find another websit…[View]
63518893Would you use the toilet in front of a girl?[View]
63523046Hi I am Amish and I am currently on my Rumschpringe AMA I am bored[View]
63519761Why not just settle for a 5/10 girl next door, anon?[View]
63521775>here's your Stacy girlfriend, bro[View]
63522428Vaxxed anons, what reactions did you have to the shot, if any? > Retard coworker didn't take…[View]
63523842prime women: whats it like being with a woman in her prime (18-21)?[View]
63524381>playing vidya >mom comes in my room >mom found the poop loop >try to explain the physi…[View]
63521047Any robots doing foreskin restoration?[View]
63522405>tfw no early 10's cluster b squad and gf[View]
63523587>bullshitted my way through my Comp 1 final I hope I didnt fail[View]
63522323fuck you guys: >day one million of being a lonely fuck >horny af coomer because lonely >go …[View]
63524026Do girls actually enjoy dating streamers? Spending time with someone who just plays videogames all d…[View]
63523219>spearmint tea >chocolate bourbon biscuits >blanket at desk a feast fit for a king, its gon…[View]
63523974Is post-nut clarity the proof that free will doesn't exist? There's no other explanation f…[View]
63523629How well do you anons cope with living? Every second of my existence is nothing but either pure apat…[View]
63520372You will be DOXXED: While viewing my friends Instagram story (similar to a snapchat story) I saw thi…[View]
63522264anons favorite artists: what do anons of r9k listen to? post your favorite artists and albums[View]
63521454First official sister complex general thread, since I noticed a lot of interaction with these sister…[View]
63523529You guys should watch porn without jerking off and cum without touching your dick its the best. It…[View]
63523622Are we just a bunch of crybabies?: >If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before s…[View]
63523698Uni: >2 page essay due tomorrow morning >haven't even started unibros...…[View]
63523966>be me, in other room >mom is talking about how stressed she is me: 'maybe you shouldn't …[View]
63523169how come we stopped making fun of gingers?[View]
63523455>Be me >That 6'4 155 (152lbs now) anon >People actually care about me >People seem …[View]
63521482Jim Carry: How Chad is Jim Carrey? I think he qualifies as an elusive 'turbochad'. I want to be him.…[View]
63521364>it's possible to have ethics without religion[View]
63523241Would you suck a girl's toes? Have you sucked a girl's toes?[View]
63521831What are your thoughts on the future of ur life u filthy incels? Please reply to my thread or your m…[View]
63522960opening up 1000 of these wish me luck[View]
63523967I hate my bodyyyy My head is throbbingggg Illuminatiiiiii I wanna be a hottieee[View]
63520939Anyone else getting old with nothing to show for their youth? >recently turned 24 >never had…[View]
63522934I'm getting the jab tomorrow[View]
63522890Bros, sorry for the bragging. But I'm so happy. I met this girl online and I hit the jackpot. …[View]
63523777Anyone up for a chat?: Disc Danubecel#8438[View]
63523443>tfw 112k people watching a god damn sexy fuckin babe to be honest in her swim suit outfit on a v…[View]
63523420what is your favorite snack i wanna drop 4-10 dollars[View]
63523922Having been a neet for so long has scarred me. I've been working while living with parents, acc…[View]
63520875Haven't been on here in years. I'm 22 now and not a teen anymore. My life is still a joke …[View]
63523087>Friday > Saturday > Thursday > Sunday > Wednesday > Tuesday > Monday…[View]
63523819Smells that make you horny: Post your age, gender, and what smells make you horny. >female sweat …[View]
63523187>tfw you will never be friend in real life with your r9k friend because he doesn't care abou…[View]
63523835do you get better at singing by singing more or do you have to get lessons?: I cant afford lessons b…[View]
63522262>18 I can die alone[View]
63522700Cutie gives interview of how cute she is[View]
63523269Hey /r9k/ I don't really have a big dick, but I do have literally big balls, does that play int…[View]
63523589Post ONE (1) (uno) (single) single interesting thread or I'm leaving forever. And I am a valuab…[View]
63523218I really love noun so much[View]
63523671Just honour the moment zu verraten die deutsche Medienlandschaft.[View]
63523630>mfw whitey faps and cooms to watching his women get blacked, unironically…[View]
63522797If I get an escort, will the loneliness go away?[View]
63522013>just spilled one of my pee bottles on the floor[View]
63522298got a drawing tablet today. posting a self-portrait every day until im good. DAY 1[View]
63522926ignore it: does the anon who posted this wants to talk to me?[View]
63523465Everytime i see a gay brainwashing thread or whatever the fuck. i proudly reply to their OP with 'ki…[View]
63523402> be me > bisexual > in hetrosexual relationship > 'oh anon is straight' > be in homo…[View]
63523352>be me >try to show some fag at school a 4chan post >can't find it, must've got 4…[View]
63523571just do stretches it will make you feel so much better i promise[View]
63523150I accidentally called my own father 'Mijo' (abbreviation for 'Mi hijo', which means 'my son'.) It…[View]
63523209why do we even put in effort? Over 100 billion in networth and they'll still leave you eventual…[View]
63523493How do you split the week and the TV when you have a girl-friend? Mine just moved in with me and she…[View]
63523527why is this new generation so obsessed with becoming sex offenders.. all i see online are 14-19 year…[View]
63522631>order 2 tacos and some cookies from burrito place on uber eats >its an hr late and they give …[View]
63522448Would this be a cool way to kill myself: I was thinking about going sky diving and jumping out of a …[View]
63522721u mad incel boi??[View]
63520998>neo-nazi freaks are the only people who will socially interact with me >4chan negatively impa…[View]
63523375I have a feet in grass fetish I just want a barefoot outdoorsy gf so badly[View]
63523353Female Sexuality Exposed: Women only find one thing attractive in a man, which is pride. Pride comes…[View]
63523271>Checked your family tree, Quants?[View]
63521810hey /r9k/ i'm a guy, but i look really feminine and get mistaken for a girl a lot i honestly fi…[View]
63522576Alai thread: the newest egirl of r9k has found a new e-boy, nothing like hoxworth[View]
63518885>wake up, wagie >take a shower, wagie >brush your teeth, wagie >wash your hands, wagie k…[View]
63522503I want my foreskin back.: Holy fucking shit why did Jews need to make foreskin cereal with my foresk…[View]
63521580Is anyone irrationally scared of becoming a lolcow? I'm scared my Steam profile has a bunch of …[View]
63522589Can you die from food poisoning? I think i cook my shrimp wrong.[View]
63520387>one of the only people at my school to not be invited to a prom afterparty >meanwhile all my …[View]
63521809>Missed my window to get high today[View]
63517878I got a boner from my transgender friend, am I gay?: I didn't mean to get a boner bros, what th…[View]
63523033Why do I get nervous when my gf is around other guys e.g. her coworkers, when we're at a party …[View]
63523116Whythe fuck did so many tech companies come here: Can califags explain?[View]
63523111Assuming you're schizo >eve the first ever woman was made from a rib from adam >every wom…[View]
63520643Vocaroo Thread: High and Slavic edition. https://voca.ro/17PhwFRxXngn[View]
63523052How to obtain this?[View]
63522360Space horny: This scene turned me on for some reason lol. Btw it's funny how the woman in the r…[View]
63522191How are my fellow wagelsaves holding up?[View]
63522946At what age do girls usually start looking for a husband instead of hookups?[View]
63521696>horrific racist online >get along better with black people IRL than white people Who else kno…[View]
63521967The incel problem is caused by the lack of women, not by women wanting chad. Think about it logicall…[View]
63522982Women share chads: The reason why you will never get laid is because women are perfectly okay with s…[View]
63522956>Wished I would die in my sleep yesterday >tfw it didn't come true…[View]
63521892get my hopes up when i reach a high but it just looks like the roof of a parking garage i want to si…[View]
63522817The ying and the yang. A multiethnic future for the United States[View]
63520935>female anxiety/depression/body dysmorphia: Tiktok, instagram, Twitter, streaming, posting const…[View]
63522669>norwood 2 halfway to becoming norwood 3 >mid 20s >virgin It's over isn't it, …[View]
63522257fuck cops: >grow up with a cop dad, always thought cops were cool and nice >become an adult, f…[View]
63522197>March 2020 >pretty outgoing, could hold a conversation reasonably well with people >not so…[View]
63522624>shy male >attracted to outgoing extroverted girls Damn this shit sucks…[View]
63522419since when are asian people hated[View]
63519600>be a freemason >worship a transgender goat >worship lucifer an arrogant fallen angel >…[View]
63522726i just love spooky (platonically). that is all.[View]
63522805i can touch my nuts to my forehead[View]
63522790In all honesty, what do you have against normal people?[View]
63522515I want to get on testosterone but I worry I'll unironically just become a rapist. I've alr…[View]
63521704i'm pretty sure that weed helps to develop my so far hidden schizophrenia. i can feel my mind g…[View]
63520667I love Raven's beautiful slender thighs![View]
63518964>teacher assigns this girl as your group project member What would you do?…[View]
63521253Ladies and gentlemen, the female gender[View]
63519320i know i posted this before, but i want to say it again. i love cats. cats are great. i have a cat, …[View]
63522610If I tell a random girl that I want to cum inside her, you think she will let me?[View]
63518401>be attractive 6'1 female >don't leave my house so no bf >autism is my superpower…[View]
63521613Rate the beginning of my story. Would you keep reading if there was more?: The room was dark. Water …[View]
63522526You will never have misato gf[View]
63522226hey guys. white guy, woohoo #whiteboysummer! i was wondering where the next BLACKED watch party is g…[View]
63518709>shave pubes >dick looks much cleaner >looks bigger too…[View]
63521335One meal a day. I can do this. I can control myself.[View]
63522242>That one cute, shy girl in hs that you never had an excuse to talk to >That you desperately s…[View]
63521823>boyfriend suggest we share secrets we never told anyone since we've been dating for almost …[View]
63522435At what age does it become creepy to go out to clubs?[View]
63521697Women don't love assholes, they just love dominant men. This is the hierarchy for most women...…[View]
63522131>writing a girl i barely got to know that i think i love her cringe or based? if she asks if im c…[View]
63520957>I'll just get a nice job >then with money I can get a girlfriend >There's still…[View]
63522451>been eating like shit >couldn't sleep last night, sweating all night in bed >haven…[View]
63522072I'm gay for my teacher[View]
63520314>so lonely i now want a trans gf kill me[View]
63522319The guy on the left has a better personality. I can tell by his 'body language'.[View]
63521263Choose your waifu, robots![View]
63521859i have an insatiable need to creampie and impregnate a lonely insecure fembot and make her feel good[View]
63521853little bitch, i figured you out. yellow fevered white cucks worship blacks and only shit talk azns. …[View]
63521776I thought about donating sperm to spread my genes, but it looks scary as fuck the more I think about…[View]
63521910I'm really having a hard time not being good at things. I'm not very good at anything and …[View]
63522193The elderly are a problem: The elderly are a fucking menace. I am aware that if we live long enough …[View]
63522240i need to buy more almonds[View]
63522124If I asked you to kill me painlessly: Would you do that for me? Can you please make it really quick …[View]
63522107When was the last time you literally ripped ass?[View]
63521372Is anyone else irritated by how calm and normal everything is in society? like my whole town is dead…[View]
63521433I wish i was a pretty cat and not an ugly little rat[View]
63520116I am a 6 foot pajeet who works out everyday. Still no 3/10 gf. Should I just rope?[View]
63520800mannnn you guys suck[View]
63520525what can we do about the tiny peepee epidemic? feels like more and more 'men' are born with incredib…[View]
6352204230: >be over 30 >you eat less than you did 10 years ago, but you just keep slowly ballooning …[View]
63521293i want to die already: i started lexapro for 14 days, then switched to prozac the next day for 14 da…[View]
63521190>Girls aren't attracted to me >This breaks my heart >I'm supposed to just lie dow…[View]
63521881I think I just made two friends for the first time. What the fuck do I do with them to get them to n…[View]
63520668How do I find out that God is all loving?[View]
63521090Does sex feel good for girls?: Im talking to a girl, pretty sure shes my girlfriend, and somrtimes s…[View]
63520457Be honest bros.... would you?[View]
63521930I GOT WILLY FEVER[View]
63521251Do women actually use porn sites?: Do women actually use porn sites as viewers? Sometimes I'll …[View]
63519817She got her booba removed... :([View]
63520284>use 4chan >talk to lunatic neo nazis all day >use reddit >some gamer retard is an ass h…[View]
63519311I got on grindr and TOPPED someone. AMA[View]
63521811Just to remind everyone, this is what all women secretly fantasize about.[View]
63521388Random thought I had while reading through the r/Prison subreddit, how does a man live with being ra…[View]
63521826rambling: With detraditionalization of the family structure, the hyperfocus on the individual throug…[View]
63521094Any other long-term unemployed here? It's been a year since I've been collecting neetbux …[View]
63521496this it what women do when no one is looking[View]
63521188>being ambitious is genetic sad[View]
63519845Where are all the male virgins in real life?: Khhv femanon here. I have been saving myself for the r…[View]
63521120>Fridge is empty >You're starving Do you eat it, anon?…[View]
63520169yup I think I'm cutting tonight[View]
63521670>go into a new discord server that centers around a fandom I like >instantly see that minors a…[View]
63521163I GOT ASKED OUT ON A DATE BY A GIRL LADS I am fucking shitting it[View]
63521596Fembot Feels: >my boyfriend is hobbling around like an old man because he has an anal rash right …[View]
63521517I don't understand why everybody is obsessed with having a big dick or dating someone with a bi…[View]
63521520Love doesn't exist, does it? All that romance shit you see online is either larp from neuros in…[View]
63520505Happiness: >first time in months I'm genuinely in a good mood What makes you happy in life a…[View]
63520771Why is there a disdain for Asian men on 4chan?[View]
63521296>be me >teenage boy hormones kick in >go on /h/ and go on some thread >have coomed to a …[View]
63520109Would you drink her pee and eat her poo?[View]
63519239Is there anything to know before trying to seduce an asian girl? Have you ever tried? Tell me everyt…[View]
63520182>be me, clueless naive aspie girl desperate to get a bf >ready to settle for basically anyone …[View]
63520400>he's not learning to draw for commissions[View]
63521210Welcome to my sad thread: This is the thread where I will talk about why I'm sad please feel fr…[View]
63512054Where do you find girls who would want to be a housewife?[View]
63521058trainspotting 2 is shit[View]
63512343What were you known for in highschool?[View]
63518737/pol/ is sustained only by its anonymity. If you had accounts you could see the post history of the …[View]
63521272>Wake up in the middle of the night >See a man's pale face staring at my from my closet …[View]
63521179Where do I get myself a latex fetish gf?[View]
63520833I am so lonely, i know it's sad cringe how and where do i find help or friends?[View]
63521205>Sorry for seeming cold and distant lately, fembot. I really but like you and want to get close t…[View]
63521132>be me >Buy shit on amazon >Go to check website to see where my order is >Someone ordere…[View]
63520307This is it anons. I got friendzoned for the 5th fucking time. I fucking can't anymore, she didn…[View]
63519140Why do you keep going?[View]
63517823im sick of sharing a board with brown people![View]
63521074>be me >21 yo cyborg >tired of being lonely >got a job >even more lonely what do…[View]
63521154Lately, I've been seeing lots of women post on social media talking about how they are gonna so…[View]
63521111I will become stronger senpai[View]
63519569Do any other fembots want a gf to call mommy? So you can finally replace the one you actually have.[View]
63520466Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up…[View]
63520558>University is a $1000/month subscription[View]
63520289hey Iisten[View]
63520954> be at school. > Stacy randomly gets fucked.…[View]
63520152Women shit and fart just as much as you. They do this everyday, multiple times a day. It smells just…[View]
63520872So i have a bit of a problem. I found out i love being bullied by women. It was my first week worki…[View]
63518198https://www.playboy.com/read/the-infernal-inner-lives-of-incels-1 We are monsters >They are the m…[View]
63520838Why do liberals do this?[View]
63520860Sex with fembots...[View]
63520920>Hey kid, why do you care about getting laid so much? Why not turn into my puppet and help me kil…[View]
63519828why do we tell incels to 'do this' 'do that' 'fix your life' when there's unemployed guys who s…[View]
63520865I'm a bald 35 year old man. I had a full head of bushy hair at 20, first noticed hair loss at 2…[View]
63520730>be me >want to get any activity/hobby et cetera since I was doing pretty much nothing as of m…[View]
63519185Mental illness / drugs thread: Interesting or funny stuff you've experienced. Well, I've g…[View]
63520277/britfeel/: Edition for normal people who have no interest in degenerate Japanese cartoons[View]
63520203Give me some good (maybe obscure) twitch streamers that I can watch to make me feel less lonely. Mal…[View]
63519319How to not be mentally ill anymore? I hate therapy and pills[View]
63519556>there are femanons who are into & would eat manbutt on this board RIGHT NOW…[View]
63518199>the trannies have successfully demoralised me AHAHAHAHAHA WELL done well done discord trannys, …[View]
63518346you guys ever just go fishing to take your mind off shit?[View]
63519946I bought an onlyfans account to see what it was like: Now I bought 10. I don't think i can stop…[View]
63520616>at work >bored >start talking to myself >think of funny pic related 'I hate the antichr…[View]
63519866The lockdown made me start drinking heavily by myself[View]
63520440>husband won't get the vaccine for covid because of dumb online conspiracy theories Why are…[View]
63518582The internet has made me so evil. How do I purify my mind again?[View]
63516626What do you think when you see this?[View]
63520517How do i deal with anger? Everything i do to calm me down seems to frustrate me even more. Is this …[View]
63520515>Tfw ywn lose your v card to one another[View]
63520434>cleaning up closet >find boyfriend's Death Note with a bunch of names written in it…[View]
63520469If you wanna know if a girl loves you, all you have to do is make her cry[View]
63518124You are going to achieve your dreams no matter the cost, right Anon?[View]
63512825>literally one of the highest status males >female was still unsatisfied…[View]
63520444>r9k in a nutty nutshell[View]
63519766Woman hate thread, truth edition[View]
63520365i can't remember the last time I talked to a woman that wasn't related to me.[View]
63519318Could a woman like this ever love you for who you are? Or would she only be after superficial status…[View]
63519478seeing that thread yesterday of the woman who blew her face off when she tried to commit suicide jus…[View]
63520225what do you talk to yourself about in your head? i pretend that i'm talking to one of my friend…[View]
63520238Noa says: eh?! N-nani! How do you respond[View]
63520283Femanons are the best at deepthroating![View]
63518146done meth only once so far how fucked am I?[View]
63519324Why do w*men do this to themselves?[View]
63518038mineman: Do you guys play video games to help take your mind off things? Lot of shit's been goi…[View]
63519056>Be me >6'4 155lbs >Unknowingly lose another 3lbs until I get on scale again >God f…[View]
63519887Why do people since few years tend to have the mentality of 'using' other people for their enjoyment…[View]
63518501idk man: I'm so tired school isn't fun anymore, i wanna go home see my cats and play some …[View]
63519474Hey GRINDER GET TOPPED anon, how come you don't post on pol: it would be funnier. Hats off to y…[View]
63513582imagine how good this feels, and she can have multiples... woman are so lucky[View]
63519824Should I >Surprise my bf by tying myself up and writing him a note pretending I am a kidnapped s…[View]
63520118>go on discord servers >find lonely virgins or pedophiles >pretend to be based underage fem…[View]
63516548Found my dad's weed stash: So just recently I found out the hard way that my dad is a hardcore …[View]
63519461Tfw Reddit still exist[View]
63516282/r9k/ groupchat? Add me: Anyone want to join a /r9k/ groupchat? Just need some robots to talk to. Le…[View]
63519374Why don't you stop being a simp and become a pimp?[View]
63519717Am I autistic?: >be me >Go do some volounteering stuff to help the poor or whatever >Have t…[View]
63513461Why don't more femanons exploit lonely men for money?[View]
63518671beary beary pink gril cum 2 say hewwo maybe sumday ican finally let uk now bearybeary pink gril let …[View]
63512479Bill Gates is getting a divorce: Once again, cringe redpill copers are proven wrong. Money doesn…[View]
63517850has anyone seen this girl around i need to tell her to hmu[View]
63516927>mfw I can make my gf cum with penetration Why does everyone online refuse to believe me when I s…[View]
63515190Feeling too conservative for this generation: I don't want to date a girl who has an OnlyFans, …[View]
63511209I don't get the misogyny here. Time and time again you have proven that the majority of you are…[View]
63519640Say what you want. But theres one thing you can't deny. He is based. He's probably not goi…[View]
63518535I weigh 330 pounds and currently have 10+ tinder matches. What's your excuse?[View]
63519352tfw: >short manlet >dumb looking, stocky round facial features >IQ is bordering on midwit…[View]
63518704I have a note from a doctor telling me to smoke weed every time I get sad. Fuck anti weed non smokin…[View]
63519216>met a girl a few years back from work >Claims she might be BPD >After a few months of not …[View]
63516077>be me >love chastity >lock myself in chastity before bed >leave key on desk >sleep …[View]
63519795>Busy being a wagie then come home wash some dishes after I eat then relax with some gaming >G…[View]
63518005Just stop watching porn. When you open the website close it and jerk off to your imagination. Keep d…[View]
63519510Fluffy abuse thread[View]
63517637I wish IRC was still kicking. >server irc.atw-inter.net (IRCNet) >channels #r9k #soc #4chan…[View]
63514835Dating Apps: Thinking about finally stop being a pussy and try it. All I need is some good photos an…[View]
63511833/r9gay/ - 1352: Musical talent bf edition Previous thread: >>63498508[View]
63518845Blackpill me on success[View]
63518981Black men are really like this[View]
63519539All I want in life is a boyfriend who is EXACTLY like my best guy friend... but hotter. Any fembot k…[View]
63519097>Haha look at the application this anon guy submitted![View]
63518973i just moved to a new city where i don't know anyone for the first time since university and re…[View]
63519618>tfw the virgin walk is not a meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIOWEcwhZlI[View]
63519200What having an asian wife is like[View]
63518754who else looks away from mirrors?: I don't like my reflection[View]
63518237Why don't you have a qt Latina gf yet? >not feminist >usually conservative or right-win…[View]
63519662>be black >no big cock not fair[View]
63518406>tfw reading an old letter my american friend sent me 4 years ago i miss having an international …[View]
63518777>big part of vision in lwft eye distorted >hard to read >am i going to die?…[View]
63512875How much of your current situation is your own fault?[View]
63519626Unconventional ways to get sex: Tinder and online dating is a dead-end - what about all the undergro…[View]
63519533Single and desperate to mingle: How does a socially awkward Incel neet get a discord tranny to fuck…[View]
63514005>save up all my adult life >finally buy myself a luxury watch (for around $6k) >meet a girl…[View]
63519258Rationality is conforming to a materialist framework. Irrationality is conforming to a superstitious…[View]
63515955Arisa owns your coomies[View]
63519430>got diagnosed with aspergers, doc hands me medical certificate that elaborate the diagnosis >…[View]
63518852It's impossible for me to meet someone irl, I'll never find someone even when it's be…[View]
63519329If you start your posts replying to someone else with >Correct. Kill yourself.…[View]
63514122Abby Shapiro had a Miscarriage: abby had a miscarriage. her husband is onions incarnate though so I…[View]
63519064Should I man up now and ask her to meet up: I matched a tinder girl a week ago then managed to get h…[View]
63518935>be me >download Twitter >read a thread >delete Twitter…[View]
63518409Hope for dicklets: Remember that there are girls who would be ok with a small to average sized penis…[View]
63518794whats the logic behind fit prettyboys marrying pornstars?[View]
63519383Practical Sex Ed: I genuinely think that prostitutes offering 'educative' sessions alongside regular…[View]
63516908What would you do if you had a fluffy?[View]
63519163>be me >never gotten drunk cause I'm afraid what I'd do >friend tells me we could…[View]
63519175Anons who want to fuck their mom post pics of her and be judged >you first faggot I don't w…[View]
63519069>She's my ideal woman >She's literally perfect in every way How perfect can she be, …[View]
63519323YFW no text back: Nothing makes me more mad when a girl doesn't text or message you back after …[View]
63518128>ass is bleeding >multiple other symptoms >probably dying of colon cancer >dogecoin at 5…[View]
63518776How many years has it been since you were genuinely happy (if you ever were), robots?[View]
63516249NON-WHITE WOMEN: Should white men impregnate them? Why or why not?[View]
63518898Apu no aspie: In this thread we post apus. I love this little guy like you wouldn't believe.…[View]
63517444found the solution: Hey robots i finally found a way out of your misery >be me a week ago >wat…[View]
63519157My gf is extremely sexually submissive, enjoys being stepped on etc. What are fun ways to take advan…[View]
63518756Everytime I see these sexy influencers on instagram I keep thinking, how does anyone ever have sex w…[View]
63518548shit: >have online friend I basically know nothing about >they're hardly a person, and mo…[View]
63497459EBONY WOMEN: Why are there two types of black women? >confident mega slut >awkward permavirgin…[View]
63519117How are you supposed to know the difference between whether you are engaging in sunk cost fallacy, o…[View]
63518745Help im having the urge to do a bunch of drugs and have tons of sex what do?![View]
63517619>rejected again 'Im bi, but you are too androgynous, not a man nor a woman, and that confuse me' …[View]
63518162zooming shit: The way that technology progressed fucked anyone born after 92' dumb whores have …[View]
63513171PICREW THREAD: Time for some new variation, found this interesting picrew > Make a picrew, post a…[View]
63518350Do you think you can fall in love? Specifically if you never have before. I can't, my attachmen…[View]
63515623>Chad was a great team leader >Good job Stacy for being a fantastic team player >Woah Becky…[View]
63518546Dad bought me the new airtag (as a gift), little did he know I never leave the house so it's pr…[View]
63512314why do some people have a blind hate of women[View]
63518553I'm so sick of people taking it when I say I like big girls to mean I like fatasses. No, I want…[View]
63513724As an atheist, I love laughing at the claims of all religions and their various myths. I especially …[View]
63515862>best fren ghosted me forever >again[View]
63515566why don't you just work hard and make a lot of money, whores will follow you then, all incels a…[View]
63517211How do you guys feel about having casual sex? Such as hookups or having a fuck buddy?[View]
63517339Woe is me: Do you guys still have your hopes up that you will ever get a girlfriend or maybe even go…[View]
63517207Why are so many zoomers communists?[View]
63518228Person said thank you to me Today was a good day[View]
63518143>just stop drinking bro >just stop sleeping bro >just stop going to the bathroom bro >ju…[View]
63517078how do i get heroin (item in terraria)[View]
63516127I'm a widdel tea cup short and stout[View]
63515927>not a single day goes by where I don't think about BBC This place has ruined me…[View]
63518368Enough: Ive fucking had enough Im gonna try and make something of my life Will record daily here Wis…[View]
63516276>POV you're a 10yo boy coming home from school alone on a friday evening…[View]
63518388wonkness monster[View]
63517517>be fat retard >lose a shit ton of weight because rona' boredom and to maybe get better w…[View]
63518371All I wanted was a gf to treat like a princess and cuddle with[View]
63518345>be me >make a thread on 4chungus >some ANON tells me to eat shit and die >take a shit …[View]
63518310Too much SSRI?: A little over a month ago I was prescribed 50mg Zoloft for anxiety. I already have a…[View]
63517962i got prescribed small doses of olanzapine, is it good or are the side effects actually that bad its…[View]
63513016>be me >living alone on NEETbux >happy with myself, calm and comfy in life What's your…[View]
63517959Is there any known method for getting through to a pseudo-rational midwit 'intellectual'? Peer-revie…[View]
63515709Fuck it all: Mankind is fucking disgusting Only thing we do is being selfish and hurt others There i…[View]
63517176>ugly = evil how accurate is this in real life?[View]
63518085Well, /r9k/? Do you know?[View]
63517885How do your parents feel about you: What's your relationship with your parents like? Needs, how…[View]
63505479/britfeel/: go shit in your hat edition[View]
63518083how do you deal with anon's begging for (you)s i generally just ignore them[View]
63515626>be bullied by chad throughout highschool >think it's okay because I spent time studying …[View]
63517737What's that embarrassing memory that keeps coming back to you every night, robots? We all have …[View]
63517659Don't cheat others in any way.[View]

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