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61952087JUST. LOSE. THE. WEIGHT. RIGHT. NOW. https://youtu.be/8n3DGhgYY7o[View]
61949384So what's the endgame here?: To any of you who have grown largely apathetic towards life and/or…[View]
61951713R9k need some help, i have done lots of drugs in my life but stopped mostly just some cocaine on new…[View]
61952367Fembots, have you ever kissed girls for attention?[View]
61952470Why is shit like this so fucking cool?: I've played this video an embarassing amount of times n…[View]
61950086>have Chad friend >tell him not to tell me his girl problems because they piss me off >he b…[View]
61951337verbose nonsense: >the strategic level consists in the realization of diversified heterogenous su…[View]
61948417Trump Pardoned Kodak Black: holy shit the one and only project baby is coming home. more kodak is on…[View]
61950482All cute skinny boys should be raped and humiliated. They should be beaten and chained naked to the …[View]
61951580Hiring a prostitute and need help: What should I do with one? Do's and dont's? Getting one…[View]
61950586Why were we denied this kind of childhood romance? Who is it blame?[View]
61952363Youd have to be a COMPLETE retard to get into a fight / argument / bad terms with me I find it so h…[View]
61950083Thanks retard anyway you know[View]
61951769Why do young girls like guys who act retarded or weird and obnoxious[View]
61943778Why are math tests so hard >w<: Why I stupid ;-;[View]
61950662Why the fuck do so many people fake depression >Omg I can't stop stress eating hehe No you…[View]
61949488>girl cosplays and retweets doujins and fanart Would girls like these take a robot?…[View]
61951836>be me uni tall fag >classes started on zoom again >doing introductions for class >have …[View]
61951092Why has every normie started making jokes about foot fetishes? Like no one respected feet fags befor…[View]
61951227>tfw looking like a NEET while actually not being a NEET What to do?[View]
61952041>What was that, anon? >Global pandemic? Face masks? Riots? 'Capitol' building? >You're…[View]
61949427>doing the usual cooming before bed ritual >pig an impreg audio >feels really fucking good,…[View]
61951286Bots, how do you learn to draw?[View]
61950364You on any meds, anon?[View]
61952000>too autistic to work >too normie to NEET…[View]
61949947Unironically, the Trump years were the best years of my life. I couldn't stop crying when I wat…[View]
61950984I have a university entrance exam next week: Am I going to make it anons? Am I finally going to have…[View]
61949612White dudes: Can any white guys on this site tell me how you treat other white guys? I am a black gi…[View]
61951900Only blacks are the true robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReRddYVYfHU[View]
61951844>be me >live in a town with an 84% white population, 10% hispanic, 4.5% other and 1.5% black …[View]
61947120Anyone else prefers big mommy saggers over perky boobs?[View]
61951911My dad is forcing me to take medication, if I don't take it he threatens to call the police. Ca…[View]
61950518today is a pretty good day. remember to hydrate robots!![View]
61948258Believe on Him: '...to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his f…[View]
61950130We're not friends. I just tolerate you.[View]
61951668Word on the street is that blacks worship and respect redditors because they're white.[View]
61950072why do people who their profile pictures constantly always end up being mental cases?[View]
61949965Who Actually shakes their dick when their done pissing to get the extra stuff out. I always just mil…[View]
61950637Would you date a girl who smells faintly of french fries?[View]
61951804When did you realize that it's all down to luck and coincidence? It's all about being in t…[View]
61950820Now that r/trufemcels is banned, what other internet safe space are my fellow femcels heading to?[View]
61949310Why the fuck should I care?: I don't understand why I'm expected to care about things that…[View]
61951751Agony: I can't do this anymore. My life is a constant spiral of suffering. I have nobody to tal…[View]
61949342How far can the fembot here pee?[View]
61951587>24 year old virgin >never had a real relationship >every romance has been unrequited (14 …[View]
61950842When I was 10 I convinced my cousins, 7/8 year old girls, to sit on my face naked. Not even for sexu…[View]
61951335how do I shoot literal buckets of cum? I make a decent amount of cum each nut but I want to shoot RO…[View]
61951134>be me >bored, decide to play league >want to play in lower elos for fun >decide to b…[View]
61950980drop tiktok accounts of 10/10s[View]
61951553Why do men have such big fucking soles? Any males want to prove this right or wrong with photographi…[View]
61951024Media Hoarding Habit: I go through long cycles where I'm just saving whatever the fuck pictures…[View]
61950802>be on dating website >pic related strikes up a conversation >51 year old widower >after…[View]
61951200As a NEET, is Truck Driving worth it?: I'm an American with a few grand. I have no real-world c…[View]
61951549Hey Anons, I just found out that my ex girlfriend is now a trans person. She's a man with a pus…[View]
61949163Young (strict) female managers make me rock hard.[View]
61951095I think I have a porn addiction... I've jerked off 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks or more, …[View]
61951416whats gonna happen when todays trannies turn into old men?[View]
61951464>tfw no southeast asian girl neighbor to move in next to me in the middle of no where in the bibl…[View]
61939895What do robots here masturbate to?[View]
61951017havent showered in 2 weeks and Im still not itchy[View]
61950688>finally get gf after 21 years of waiting >most happy I've ever been >2 months into th…[View]
61951383>becoming a wagie makes you feel like an empty shell >playing games is a waste of time, do som…[View]
61948961k femanons be honest how many pairs of slut pants do you own[View]
61951119How do I cope with being a virgin in my 20's? I want to rope everyday.[View]
61948593Why does an anime series that can barely even sell above 1 million copies have such a massive autist…[View]
61950454>21 years old >back pain >tooth pain >tinnitus…[View]
61943827Society and Egirls: Why do egirls all want this?[View]
61951309Abomination Thread: Feels thread for hideous monstrosities. Only the biggest, ugliest, most animalis…[View]
61949827I don't know why, but I'll tell you this. This site has nothing to offer anybody. There is…[View]
61949390> If you have schizoid personality disorder, it's likely that you: > Prefer being alone a…[View]
61950140how do I get a fembot gf? im serious here[View]
61950271Why do I only attract crazy girls?: Hit it off well with a co worker and bought each other Christmas…[View]
61949149>it's another 'dream where your teeth fall out' episode[View]
61951042Life is cruel.: >Be me >Be tall >Have blue eyes Also be me >Be an autistic robot >Suc…[View]
61950290Post pictures that makes you never wanting a girlfriend[View]
61950728It it that time again anons. To share vehicles you think are....cool.[View]
61948638>be American >get injured >first thing I think about it is medical bills before I even che…[View]
61950210What's the point of dating if you have a small diq? No woman will ever respect or love you[View]
61950949>dad eats hotdogs with knife and fork is this beta?[View]
61946480/britfeel/: Amers bedsit reeks of spunky Huel farts[View]
61948048How do I talk to women?: I can't talk to them, they're like a different species[View]
6195088330,000 Years ago, I lost the world and 5 men just fuckin' watched.[View]
61950794Anarchists did nothing wrong.[View]
61950503Why does seeing other people happy make me angry?: Whenever I see others happy and loving life, I ge…[View]
61950848why alcohol make me sleepy[View]
61950858feeling good anon?: >never had a friend who's a girl, let alone a gf >Haven't talked…[View]
61950746why are you so miserable all the time? you should be happy with your life[View]
61948076>one (jedna) chance at life >born a robot in normalfagland…[View]
61950798'just bee yourself' is unironically good advice: its good advice because if you're attractive i…[View]
61949703uni thread: talk uni: >tfw community college because grades were too low for uni do your work fag…[View]
61950752I don't care what you roasties say I still don't believe I deserved a lifetime of loneline…[View]
61947923>have nothing in common with people irl >people online give 0 fucks and put in 0 effort how am…[View]
61949531>be me >last night >feel really lonely for some reason and so I decide to put on some girlf…[View]
61950274Are there benefits to having female friends as a male? Because I feel like any female I'd be wi…[View]
61950392What does it mean when she says 'you're sweet to talk to'? >inb4friendzone She said this aft…[View]
61950569>mfw she sees my gummy bear collection[View]
61950551How to stop hating self-improvement? Everytime I get into it apathy and despise makes me stop it aga…[View]
61950046>21 khhv >believes in romance >wants to be with someone for a long time >sensitive >b…[View]
61950467Anyone else scared of responsibility? >Rejected a job because it turned out they wanted me for a…[View]
61950155Please do not reply to this thread![View]
61950381What is pear bonding and why do people keep talking about it?[View]
61943023Why aren't modern men growing up mentally?[View]
61950465Why did Magic Johnson let this gay fem fuck him in the ass and give him HIV?[View]
61949321You ready for your daily dose?[View]
61950444>tfw no wiIly wars bf[View]
61950069>in a bus >2 hour long drive >reading manga >get hungry >take of my mask and start ea…[View]
61950258another day ruined by women[View]
61944584What makes you nostalgic, /r9k/? I was sort of a weeb back in 2008-2013. This sort of shit makes me …[View]
61950099>get drunk at 1pm >make chicken patty >one patty left (very nice!) >eat chicken patty …[View]
61948690Do guys really get dumped for being short or is it just a meme?[View]
61950033Post em if you got em http://dulm.blue/normie/[View]
61948230Can I make a living resetting men's testicles to their factory set position?[View]
61948718Do you guys ever wonder how many anons you've chatted with that have died?[View]
61949931Please leave me alone, I'm just a transgender woman trying to live her life in peace. I know yo…[View]
61944390Normalfags get out: >Muh gf >Muh bf >Muh ex >HHHuurr Duurr i had sex >Huuurr duur i h…[View]
61944935United States of Transmerica: Are you ready for the the mandatory estrogen injections burgers?…[View]
61949942Men have such juicy dicks...[View]
61950123Will i ever meet a gay Yang Wenli? No. People like Yang Wenli are never gay. We are stuck with fagg…[View]
61950003Take Me Out Toniigghhhhhtt...: d00mthread let's go![View]
61950063all i want is for a cute girl to playfully dominate me, to want to casually explore our sexualities …[View]
61949916fren thread pls only frens here > how is your life currently frens > whats bothering you these…[View]
61950157i typed this while getting TOPPED on GRINDR: >he is shitposting on 4chan instead of getting TOPPE…[View]
61948879robots, come play a dominoes tournament with me at playok[View]
61950109Simulating steamy sweaty sex: I do this about once a week. I can't do this on days I do a stren…[View]
61946002>japanese youtuber taking part in a 5 girl porno holy fuckin based https://adult.contents.fc2.com…[View]
61948220>get matched with super cute girl >they never reply back online dating is hard…[View]
61948865I guess it's time to join Black Lives Matter. They're the only ones capable of destroying …[View]
61947971post a frog: pepe, peepee, apu, pep, peepoo, all frogs are welcome here[View]
61949990Tinder: >Be me last night >Swipe on tinder before sleep 11pm >MATCH.jpg 8.5/10 qt 3.14 >…[View]
61948671Incels... I kneel...: Someone posted this to my college's anonymous confessions ig account. Tur…[View]
61947839What makes you get overwhelmed, /r9k/? And how do you deal with it?[View]
61949941>finally got a qt bri'ish bf feels good[View]
61949778Do wretched creatures like pic related still manage to get dick?[View]
61949208>coomed for the 4th time this day >needed to study for an exam, barely touched the review mate…[View]
61949913Troncone: Ecco Troncone[View]
61949902>so sleep soundly in your beds tonight >FOR JUDGEMENT FALLS UPON YOU AT FIRST LIGHT…[View]
61948723Why is BDSM so cringe?: Dominance and submission in general is just hyper cringe. Like, it feels so …[View]
61943463You wake up like this.[View]
61948618Why do crusty old men think they have any chance with a decently attractive female? You're emba…[View]
61949408Indians are big in Japan, it is not whites. They prefer Dravidian Bull.[View]
61949795The BLACK King is sexually & physically the superior male. This is already well known. But Biden…[View]
61949623>got into a position where i can get top tier pussy >immediately started to think like the je…[View]
61948518I Googled 'I hate fat people' and all I got was apologist buffer and a bunch of fast-food consoomer …[View]
61949640>IBS >tinnitus >chronic hemorrhoids >migranes >asthma >lordosis >flat feet >…[View]
61949058The last time i was happy was when i played Super Mario 3D World back in 2015 Ever since i have neve…[View]
61949581Uh, is this the next big thing? Fuck that shit. Keep in mind the doctor in question says one mask is…[View]
61946756Why are memes so dead? Like on 4chan in 2021 there are no new memes I can see. What made meme cultur…[View]
61949066You ever wonder if Amy Klobuchar cums like a howler monkey?[View]
61949626It's time for incels to be removed from Discord[View]
61948935Let's have a wank together boys: Post your wanking material I'll start[View]
61948504Should I go for an Asian girl, or ...[View]
61948946what if halo was a space jam[View]
61949493>don't want to die >don't want to live either…[View]
61948782>match with an actual pretty girl on Tinder >check out her profile >she unmatches within a …[View]
61948673Herpes/Cold Sores: >be me, 22 >Get oral herpes somehow despite being khv >Cat scratches fac…[View]
61948898I know this guy, he's the one that killed people on /r/anime. How many times does that go witho…[View]
61944424Women have it easy: How does it make you feel to know that women can pass med school just by sucking…[View]
61948950sex. just epic sex.[View]
61949133i'll call this one ''sad cum'[View]
61949486>'Hail to the Chief we have chosen for the nation,' >'Hail to the Chief! We salute him, one an…[View]
61949192I just want a fat, small dicked robot to ravage my boipussi. Is that too much to ask for?[View]
61949284>had some compliments from qt girls >my friends say i look like a femboy what does this mean…[View]
61948815What would you think of me if: If i assumed huge quantity of some pharmaceutic drug to attempt suici…[View]
61947169Hey, where's the guy who made these threads daily? I've been checking in every day. Did yo…[View]
61941901I reject chr*stianity and so should you[View]
61949423What is ultimate power and why do I desire it?[View]
61949412Lemon Balm Thread: To chill out after all that lime vs lemon drama.[View]
61949398>got high >payed $10 to jacked off to this queen's videos >realized why being horny m…[View]
61948927>measure dick three months ago: 4.5 inches >measure dick today : 4 inches >mfw I notice th…[View]
61949345take your time breathe[View]
61949216>want to stop cooming >find an e-gf that i can be loyal to >she lives in europe and i rarel…[View]
61949316Read some books, went for a run, smoked some weed and now i will eat curry and watch anime[View]
61949282I NEVER TRULY BELIEVED IN TRUMP: I never believed in Donald's movement to keep the country runn…[View]
61949142>nobody cares about you I think that might actually be true in my case[View]
61948812Bald and ugly at 20 years old. There really is nothing to live for.[View]
61949279Theoretically speaking, how dangerous can be my 20 years old friend's idea to start love relati…[View]
61948768I hate/love that I'm the same height as the average woman in my country. On one hand, I feel li…[View]
61943237What are you looking forward to most when the pandemic is over?[View]
61948867Where do I find God?[View]
61949040When I become God I will damn all improovers to hell for an eternity. I shall be relentless and sadi…[View]
61949243>your favorite porn girl scrubbed most of her content off the internet Welp, guess it's time…[View]
61948510Is it true that normalfags fornicate with strangers they meet at parties and then never see them aga…[View]
61947357>emotionally overbearing mother that spoiled you >a father who was either overly strict and 's…[View]
61947412Be honest anons, how many of you are cucks subhumans and fap to blacked garbage? Also, state your ag…[View]
61948649regretful memory: Hey, anon what is the most regretful thing you have ever done?[View]
61949138Considering joining tinder as it's my last semester on campus for my college and I kind of want…[View]
61945063lime thread: lime lime lime[View]
61948288I can't stand anime girl pictures. Anime is fine. Larping as anime or whatever is fine. Hell la…[View]
61948169Need just a fembot to say things will get better: Having a rough day if fembots even exist can you l…[View]
61947145music thread: what are you listening to robots ? https://youtu.be/ut90Uf4o_8o[View]
61949009>tfw no pill swallower bf[View]
61948826I just proposed to my imaginary girlfriend.[View]
61932395Pic related is why you don't have a girlfriend.[View]
61948139How do you actually release rage and anger healthily[View]
61947131the single unifying personality trait women have all around the world is manipulation. their entire …[View]
61943947>add robot >expects you to act as his personal pornstar sending him nudes from every part of y…[View]
61947006Why is sex a taboo? Why can't a person just go to another and calmly ask, 'Would you like to ha…[View]
61948372Kill myself if I don't get pussy: https://youtu.be/5DcBafO6-IE[View]
61948401>just went on my daily run in compression pants and a thong Everything was so comfy desu except f…[View]
61944340IMPROOVE2021 DAY 20: 20 days into 2020 and going strong. I firmly believe that my life trajectory ha…[View]
61948786What happens once a lifetime, but twice a day?[View]
61948511I think that I'm slowly being healed of my gayness. I can still appreciate the aesthetic of cut…[View]
61935570How fucked would you be if your parents threw you out of their house?[View]
61948186why do fat women have higher standards than fat men?: is it just because they can? probably[View]
61947937>Anon no peeking![View]
61947759No passion->no job->No Life: I don't care about programming, accounting, dancing, sports,…[View]
61947705Let's face it; real incels don't exist. Everyone can get a GF if they're just willing…[View]
61948724i pooped on ym butt mastur masturbater[View]
61947925My therapist tells me they think I'd be better off in a psychiatric hospital? Any experience wi…[View]
61948090People think that I'm a nice and gentle person, but I always think to kill or physically hurt t…[View]
61947550why is it so hard for me to make friends? what the hell is wrong with me?[View]
61946243Am I the only one who thinks having random celebrities at a political inauguration is extremely crin…[View]
61948351Remember lad when we said 'We are all gonna make it?' I do.. Don't think we will though. I wa…[View]
61948643Arab in Europe /thread/: Damn. I sometimes feel sorry for European guys. Your women love us while ou…[View]
61946503how do you cope? i find it very hard to[View]
61948477When did you realize that none of your 'friends' on social media give a shit about you[View]
61945221Just about to fail college for the second fucking time because I despise this shit and I hate it wit…[View]
61947470How many of you plan to pay for your daughter's college?[View]
61947682The incels have been defeated. We won.[View]
61947726Lemon Thread: lemon lemon thread against the Lime threat[View]
61948457I have been watching the Chris Chan series, and it is seriously damaging my mental health, as a fell…[View]
61945674does /r9k/ support TRANS RIGHTS? Youre not an incel nazi are?[View]
61948397Who else /lightsoff/: Does anyone else pretty much live in the dark? If I'm not in zoom classe…[View]
61946963Its fun for me to grab the bottom of my dick and then shaking it, do you like it too?[View]
61944188Would a robot be interested in making a transgirl into his wife?[View]
61946347NEET and Hikikomori General Thread: NEET/Hikikomori General Thread How extreme do you live? do you p…[View]
61947240He fooled you all and made everyone hate you. No one can save you now.[View]
61947500Thinking about having a girlfriend, or having a possibility of having one brings me pain and sadness…[View]
61948407Now with Biden as our President, I'm going to start a new life. Good bye 4chan, I'm not wi…[View]
61945006What causes someone to look like this?[View]
61948374Rate my life 1 out of 10: >fucked up childhood >autism >grew up in foster care >manlet …[View]
61946961If I were to read your mind what would you be thinking?[View]
61945144Why the fuck aren't you learning bushcraft anon? The world will be crumbling soon and your dick…[View]
61946541I literally haven't had a good thought in weeks, any tips to stop my brain being self sustainin…[View]
61929236What's stopping you /r9k/? No, Seriously.[View]
61948232/salute/: All salute and deliver your offerings to Emperor King Tom Nelson![View]
61947879>be me >13 >at school party >really loud music starts playing >i can genuinely feel t…[View]
61947753ITT the rest of the world laughs at burgerland: HAHAHAHAHA You have a senile pedo as your president.…[View]
61947943>trump frees kodak I haven't been this happy in years[View]
61947405>yo biden :D[View]
61941182Can you tell me the mentality some people have of being in so caught up in politics, both right/left…[View]
61946997Do you like that the riots happened?[View]
61948163How do you get over the feelings of melancholia when you finish a great work of fiction?[View]
61947611>born with a shit butt and pussy shit life really[View]
61948130>permanently deleted +60 gigs of porn yesterday it actually feels good bros...... i feel free…[View]
61943217>You'll never get to Hogwarts[View]
61946104Don't take iron pills.[View]
61948105I would pick a thick meaty juicy voluptuous black girl with curves over a bony flat straight plank l…[View]
61948059[THIS IS A TEST] Testing to see if I can still post. No idea why it won't let me on some of the…[View]
61948078>fembot come back to bed with poppa[View]
61945289Genuine question, what does non-binary even mean?[View]
61927710Women hate thread: >Girlfriend attempt number 2 failed Why are women so easily bored? So many of …[View]
61947749why do women wear makeup at work?[View]
61947618>one life >born with roastie meat flappers whats the point…[View]
61944626>finally meet the elusive 'fembot' >befriend her >express feelings >it's mutual …[View]
61947960>Have good sci fi books I enjoy to read when I read em >Have way too many books to read that w…[View]
61943351/r9k/ would you choose either a >good christian girl, bland vanilla sex-life wise, wants to settl…[View]
61947567Girls don't like me therefore I don't like them[View]
61947936What's the point of dating if you have a small dick? No woman will ever love or respect you if …[View]
61947163Chink behind Biden: No One else noticed this?[View]
61947892Sup bros. I'm Chaszi.: How are you, anon? Tell me a bit about yourself.[View]
61943717Real life sure does suck[View]
61945577I ALREADY GOT MY FIRST GREY HAIR: IM FUCKING 18 WTF I dont think theres any bigger genetic dead end …[View]
61947843Why do femanons feel so offended when a man in his 30 that they do not like starts a relationship wi…[View]
61947791>trump officially no longer the president[View]
61945895how is it possible to get a job in the uk during this pandemic?[View]
61938357It's over women. You have been found out.[View]
61942499>horny >go to watch porn >look at front page of porn site >its all cute girls acting lik…[View]
61947535Have any of you robots dropped out of high school?[View]
61947123>first african american vp LMBO @ ados blacks getting replaced by immigrants. Btfo…[View]
61946289Are 16-17 year old high schoolers really this big or is it just Hollywood casting? I remember being …[View]
61944850How do I befriend another robot?[View]
61946100When did you realize you'd rather have nobody in your life because having anyone at all even ju…[View]
61947655I CAN'T TWEEEEET[View]
61947059When did you first notice there's something very wrong with you? For me it was at 16, when I re…[View]
61947255What's her name, /r9k/? She's hot af.[View]
61946890I've been considering getting a drawing tablet since I've done a few doodles and I'm …[View]
61946266Any fembots in new england wanna let a robot get his dick wet?[View]
61946932I was thinking about spies from nations opposing the west and how likely it is theres psyops divisio…[View]
61946859Does intelligence/IQ really matter /r9k/? Why/why not?[View]
61945948when masturbating my brain is like: 5 seconds before cumming >cum all over your face 4 seconds be…[View]
61946436Whores: >there are virgins on this board who have not taken the prostitutepill yet Why? I've…[View]
61946242I bought and fucked a fleshlight and now I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. I didn't even…[View]
61945538>get a 9/10 gf and fall in love with her >some dude sends you a pic >it's your girlfri…[View]
61947581After all the time, no sense of peace achieved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neIcxpw-AnI[View]
61942113Did anybody you know go through a dramatic transformation after high school?[View]
61947507Mommy feel bad: Mommy isn't feeling well today so she's staying home from the factory. Her…[View]
61947574Another day wasted stuck in my own head. I desperately need friends.[View]
61947546>tfw no salt miner bf[View]
61947122How does this scene make you feel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0GGbHtKmobQ I dont care how you feel…[View]
61947418>Anon,Waifu....I do this for you. And yes, even you normal faggot[View]
61947328Will we be publicly executed for wrong think now that Biden is in and the democrat's control th…[View]
61947443Would you? She has kind looking eyes[View]
61947211Are you traumatized by all the BLM exposure?[View]
61946472pickup lines: you can tell this girl 1 pickup line and if it's good she'll agree to go on …[View]
61946887>No ifs and buts anon, tomorrow you start to work as a makeup artist at my friends salon, she wil…[View]
61946792>was riding gfs strapon >feeling really good soon start to leak clear fluid all over her tummy…[View]
61947309>dude I didn't touch my dick, why would I need to wash my hands?[View]
61947292misanthropy blog post: I've transcended all human connection, i don't have any friends and…[View]
61946088Why don't girls like kissing bald men?[View]
61947225One thing you may not know about Isabela is that she is a Moner.[View]
61947209just a california anon popping in to gloat about getting to experience another fun earthquake a few …[View]
61947027Some of us on here will still be alive in the year 2070. It is so obvious but the thought is crazy t…[View]
61945838Oof, yikes, that's a little bit toxic my dude. So let's unpack this: You're mad becau…[View]
61944354I made this thread because I cannot get an e-gf[View]
61946748>be me >be born with Turet Syndrome >Father dies when I am 4 >Grow up with a depressive/…[View]
61941826/Rei general/: Rei is running late for school again: Day 539 Midweek jogs[View]
61945222How's your 2021 so far?[View]
61945918>look like a chad on camera >position myself in a way that my arms appear bigger for the webca…[View]
61946605literally never understood school pride. why would you celebrate and take pride in the place you fuc…[View]
61946780Why don't you just get a nerdy anime gf?[View]
61939699How the hell did I become a 28 year old virgin? There are men who are worse than me in every way div…[View]
61944193he is coolest benten alien[View]
61933566As a last resort, would you take a bride from the Philippines or one of those SE-asian places?[View]
61945706>he would pick a tranny over a woman >he would pick a drawing over a woman >he would pick a…[View]
61944114>tfw >lifting for 3 years >lift only with my arms >still skinny fat with big belly and r…[View]
61946865Reminder that being extroverted is literally ALL that matters when it comes to finding a gf. It does…[View]
61943471my gf is fucking autistic: >met my current girlfriend on the last year of middle school >she d…[View]
61946396My team's supervisor just assigned tasks to everyone on the team but me. I'm about to get …[View]
61946923Has r9k heard about snail man? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sBtIqpvEwY[View]
61945473>video game enemy dies of shock damage >'BRPBRPTGLZPRBRPRPTBRZRT' as he dies…[View]
61946422I wish porn didn't exist. It gave me all these urges that I'll never be able to fulfill.[View]
61946626>tfw irl girls call me soothing and chill >only e-girls say I'm cute/handsome…[View]
61946553Troncone: Troncone[View]
61945364And what's your excuse, virgins?[View]
61945428Become a homicide detective[View]
61945520>Literal hookers turned me down: Normally when bad shit happens and I go to sleep it gets better.…[View]
61946452The Plan >make myself look better through better clothing, better hairstyle/grooming, better skin…[View]
61946648it's going to be suicidefuel when the lockdowns end and normalfags start partying again even /r…[View]
61946710We ARE the future, whiteboy.[View]
61944738I can only get off to fat chicks now Is it all over for me?[View]
61942454If you live in a welfare state, it's your duty to pop out as many kids as you can in order to f…[View]
61945237Using a drawing tablet with a screen for learning kanji and kana: Are those artist tablets with scre…[View]
61943486Where my skinnyfags at? 6'6' (198cm) weighing 145lbs (65kg) here. I've never had a large a…[View]
61945342Americans are exceptionally stupid.[View]
61946606Are veterans autistic because of the war, or were they just born with it?[View]
61943935>'Hahaha...Oh hey anon, we're just talking about our sex lives.' >'So how about you? What…[View]
61945524I have a university degree and a high paying job. I can speak 2 languages and understand a third one…[View]
61946244>25 >Neet >No friends >Europoor >Never had a job >Best I could do was graduating h…[View]
61936961/britfeel/: Late night tea edition, what ya cooking?[View]
61946272how often do you have moments where you feel like everyone is fucking insane? like no one has common…[View]
61945852Do you think women should be beaten more to get attitudes like pic related out of them?[View]
61946043What is more important than height?[View]
61946379S: Will i ever stop missing you so much? Have been more than 2 years[View]
61943188How often do you go commando?[View]
61943776I don't wanna have kids. I have one, single reason why. I'm afraid, that my wife would pre…[View]
61938610what's your usual Monopoly piece?[View]
61942693Are Asians aliens? When I was in Korea I saw lots of people who looked like they were aliens pretend…[View]
61946278If a girl was actually attracted to me id not like her anymore, or at least not as much as if she wo…[View]
61946283Unironically I got more pussy as a 9 year old then I have in the last 2 years[View]
61946305>start having nice dream about my ex-crush >immediately get woken up by upstairs neighbour…[View]
61946260It is true that health is wealth. Dharmarthakamamokshanam arogyam moolamutthamam - Health is the fun…[View]
61943183dick size: Okay so yesterday I posted here saying that my dick was 6 centimeters and proceeded to cr…[View]
61942881fembobs, do not date a man who watches porn. he wont be able to pair bond, he will expect you to do …[View]
61946239>tfw no transvestic bf[View]
61944563Why do Southeast Asians have so much goddamn ass compared to their Northeastern counterparts? Findin…[View]
61945652>be me >be shut in neet >won't leave my house for people I see daily >will leave …[View]
61945479Voted for Trump. Wbu[View]
61946098why are thine women awkward as fuck. I walk into a building one of them said 'Hey'. WHAT MAKES THOU …[View]
61945924>thinking you're a grown man when you go shopping[View]
61942410>30 >fit and very muscular >100k eur savings >home owner >hobbies >top management …[View]
61945941>girl you had a crush on and who put you down in middleschool got married >you're a 25 y…[View]
61946175America marches on...[View]
61943767>Chadfishing my gf over facebook and she agreed to fuck him[View]
61944533femoid hate thread: >'hey anon you should try getting a gf' >she's always mentioning how …[View]
61944688https://textwall.xyz/r9k lets do this one again[View]
61942929>tfw feel empty a lot of the time I have potential but I just don't do much at all. I have …[View]
61945007I need you're help: So I've been having this dream about me saving someone from getting ru…[View]
61945111DAILY REMINDER: Pedophilic transgender genetic dead end freaks groom underage sad boys into becoming…[View]
61945496which one you'd get isekai'd and why?: You still you >World where all males naturally g…[View]
61945587If one day I mange to get a wife, hell if one day I can even mange to get a girlfriend I will do my …[View]
61944347Only best of the best fuck virgins. Used up goods are for total losers and cuckolds.[View]
61945084Chad wants to be friends: >gives good advice >encourages me to workout and gou out >friendl…[View]
61945765I'm addicted to (you)'s anons, how do I escape this hellhole?[View]
61945888Femanon, how do you justify your own shitty behavior? Do you just lie about it?[View]
61945608>be me >lonely neet >online 24/7 >start feeling guilty for not spending more time with f…[View]
61945775Murder: Is it worth to murder my family and sell their shit to keep on living the NEET lifestyle? I…[View]
61945105muh stagnating birth rates: Why exactly do populations need to grow in the west exactly? There'…[View]
61944926a girl laughed when i showed her a pic of myself again bros[View]
61945798>'anon the anti incel task force is here, they want to see your gf documents, do you have them up…[View]
61945683not going to stop self actualizing and becoming my best self until i become my ideal futa self day 1…[View]
61945476>guy I assaulted decided not to press charges because he said that my life was already enough of …[View]
61941052I just cant get over being bald and ugly. Nothing can fix this. I am so embarrassed to be in my body…[View]
61944995>boyfriend watching tomboy porn This is seriously what tomboy lovers jerk off to? https://www.xvi…[View]
61945315The Majestic Nofap: The Twentieth Day: Brothers... 19 days of struggle. 19 days of ceaseless war. 1…[View]
61941972>randomly blurt out 'I want to kill myself' or 'I hate myself so much' when a bad/cringe memory r…[View]
61945093I made this thread because I have a small cock.[View]
61945578So I've been laying on the bathroom floor on towels and been blow-drying myself, and asked myse…[View]
61945003what's my fellow neets doing? I'm just here on my PC. smoking some ciggies. drinking black…[View]
61943958What do American girls think of Russian boys?[View]
61944869convince me to play one Of these: im getting bored of Watching youtube and sitting on r9k all day bu…[View]
61944635NEETdom: What is NEETdom actually like?[View]
61944190would anyone like to join me in doing this jigsaw puzzle?[View]
61944656Without friends, how do you discover new games, films, and music?[View]
61945276>be 34 and single >am mostly a failed normie >only get matched with leftover roasties these…[View]
61945263>playing my trusty 2007 source game >female joins the server >everyone wants her attention …[View]
61944566i hit the pen too hard[View]
61941287What do you think being killed/put out of your misery by the girl who deeply loves you feels like?[View]
61945195New Gf likes to hold hands[View]
61943166Week 25 of Gadaffi-maxxing. I'm only 22 so I had to use special cremes to accelerate my facial …[View]
61941685Does anyone see themselves dying of old age? I can barely see myself reaching 35, can't even im…[View]
61945128hey r9k how you all doin this mornin, drew this earlier.[View]
61945109>mom tells me i'm too pale >i dont think i'm pale at all and am just normal white wh…[View]
61945053Can somebody food poison you just by cooking disgusting food? I walk by my roommates room and it sme…[View]
61943447Suicide: Why even bother. Not only do I have some ugly flabby body but I also have a tiny useless di…[View]
61943519How do you respond to normalfags trying to gaslight you while playing vidya[View]
61944015i didnt deserve all this pain she caused me the betrayal, being played in that way i truly loved her…[View]
61945015>job interview tomorrow >email says it'll be on zoom >no invite code i'm gonna ha…[View]
61943599Shit from childhood you're still mad at: >be at a birthday party as a 10 year old >go to …[View]
61943944I cant gain weight what the fuck. Why is making food so fucking tedious and time consuming. It liter…[View]
61944899>What vast amounts of pussy does to a mf[View]
61944367no porn: I realized I'm addicted to pornography and I want to stop jerking-off to porn I'm…[View]
61944526Were you spoiled growing up?[View]
61936983>be American >Live on east coast >Build road, designed for 55, set to 45 for 'safety reason…[View]
61940901Autism/spergbros: Share autistic things you do. Maybe share an autistic story in greentext while you…[View]
61944827Where is my aphrodite tier gf?[View]
61942332>ywn have a qt tomboy girl deliver you free pizza for helping her[View]
61944809ROCKET PUNCH!!![View]
61944697So I made a Grindr account to find femboys with and I am bombarded with tags and messages from gay m…[View]
61938579>decide to go on tinder and chadfish >match with a bunch of stacylites and alt stacies/art wh…[View]
61943921Going off the deep end: This isn't good. Each passing day I feel my contempt and anger for norm…[View]
61944469I can't get in the mindset to enjoy sex or masturbation.[View]
61944018How old were you when you started dreading each birthday instead of getting excited?[View]
61944608I remember me being a asshole until I watched XRA. It has no actual sense or plot to it, but I enjoy…[View]
61943448Have you ever lost to cock?[View]
61943222>ooh >aaah >aaaaah…[View]
61944564Just found after almost 2 months that my last irl friend moved to England. We messaged each other in…[View]
61941353Post your room, the more chaotic and filthy the better[View]
61939460a comfy place for mentally ill frens, neets and hikis especially no women or fags plox p7MfAdDm3B[View]
61944509'Of course, Champ. We're still going to Chick Fil A. I know just how much you love their sandwi…[View]
61944451>tfw no state of being bf[View]
61944443Anyone else feel like they're stuck in an endless loop? My life's been the exact same sinc…[View]
61944254>about to take an exam >chills running down my spine >hands getting heavy >start feeling…[View]
61942351are you friendless? do you lack a source of comfort in your life so you turn to alcohols? do you jus…[View]
61942915No orbit threads No self harm niggers No incel threads No desu thread No mouth breather guy thre…[View]
61943751a coworker said that at least most women desire to have sex with other women, we discussed over that…[View]
61941686Just had a meeting with my med school director: AND the dean because I refused to use proper fucking…[View]
61944060what's a better resume to get a job >zero education (not even HS), developed, operated and m…[View]
61944032rate my autism >on the oregon trail[View]
61942907based or cringe and what aesthetic does it give off?[View]
61944098Do fat black females really think like this???[View]
61942825>no one to sleep call with i feel so alone and i cant fucking sleep. fucking why…[View]
61941721What did people do before the internet and computers? Before tv entertainment? What did people do al…[View]
61943706Why is every white nationalist girl a coal burning whore? Is this how they cope with their mistakes?[View]
61940153my boyfriend started using the phrase 'jewed' recently as in 'you got jewed', 'i got jewed' i can on…[View]
61943877Are you nervous about something atm anon? What is it for you?[View]
61944008>only attracted to hard to obtain sex >lose all interest in sex when its someone I see every …[View]
61944107>go outside and low key suck some prick's dick to earn money lol no thanks…[View]
61942314guys i finally did one push up, we are all gonna make it skellybros[View]
61944038>be me >stopped watching porn for a year >got back into it >sad.jpg >realized why …[View]
61942497>have you taken your HRT pills for the day yet anons? Don't you want to be a girl? Take your…[View]
61942730PIease take me back.[View]
61943574obsessed over this girl who liked me: Just smoked a bowl and I'm feeling very emotional rn so i…[View]
61943121Anyone else been here for a while? I don't mean /r9k/ I mean 4chan in general. I only started c…[View]
61942964From zero to hero: Hey you guys I just wanted to show all my fellow improovrs my progress. Anything …[View]
61943793We're all gonna make it. Don't let life take you by the balls, do everything you can to ma…[View]
61943696>fantasizing about my qt probation officer because she's nice and gives me positive reinforc…[View]
61943283why do i still have a phone? i don't use it because i don't have anyone to contact and i b…[View]
61943765Yesterday I missed an opportunity to x3 my investment capital because I woke up exhausted and had to…[View]
61942040This is a long one anons: >Be me, 13 >meet girl on minecraft xbox one edition >get along re…[View]
61942747I turn 25 years old in 38 minutes.[View]
61942521It's a wild world out there. I've just been inside and watching for the past 20 years. I d…[View]
61940099When I listen to music I just automatically delude myself into thinking that I'm some deep and …[View]
61943549how do you feel about the balldo? would you ever wear it?[View]
61943693>after 2.5 y still havent forget her >had one serious relationship and many flirts and one nig…[View]
61942116What are you passionate about, my anon?[View]
61943626>grow up in a family where my brother and I are the only children >go to an all-boys elementar…[View]
61942419What are your thoughts on The Bronx?[View]
61943537If I didn't get piss or shit on my hands, why the fuck would I need to wash them? Even if I did…[View]
61939489>can't relate to anyone on r9k anymore >wizchan is too slow >the rest of the internet …[View]
61943479How do you even meet women after high school? I've never been to uni, isn't that more self…[View]
61943517>tfw mom has nice booba[View]
61940975Who else /poor/ here? One of my main goals in life is to not be poor.[View]
61942304what would you do if you discovered your girlfriend was a fujoshi?[View]
61942603>in uni >have a zoom class >in the middle of class a girl sends me a private message sayi…[View]
61941483>all of my friends ever where my friends since I was ten >Slowly they started fading one by on…[View]
61943067>tfw bisexual thoughts again I JUST WANT A CUTE GUY TO FUCK ME WHILE I FUCK HIS COOL GIRL AND HAN…[View]
61942955Why are normies so cringe?[View]
61943354Feeling trapped without the drive to escape? Do you feel yourself ageing, don't feel too bad. T…[View]
61943431The Coffee Cow: The Coffee Cow is from from book about programming language, it's called JavaSc…[View]
61943378what are your dreams like: >on some bus >going to a place >get there eventually >step ou…[View]
61942601>tfw the wrong brother is attracted to me I have a crush on my Chad brother who doesn't like…[View]
61943259Male BPD thread, do you guys suffer from unstable self image, constant anger, sense of betrayal whic…[View]
61941739been working at dunkin donuts for 2 years now, am 23 now, is this all there is to life? working for …[View]
61942368>dude sports lmao >throw around muh clump of leather for an hour >team x totally bounced th…[View]
61942625Hobby thread: Last one was great so let's try again. Sell others on your hobbies, look for insp…[View]
61941791>starting to think that anime femboys are kinda cute what the fuck is happening to me…[View]
61942598Anyone have that video where a girl is arguing with her boyfriend and then she tackles and pins him …[View]
61943033>He wants some blonde white girl Could you get anymore generic? White girls are fucking garbage a…[View]
61943157I am miserable with the way I'm currently living but I'm too scared to change.[View]
61942663saving someone from abusive parents: How do you help someone realize their parents are abusive?…[View]
61941641I'm going to Chelyabinsk with a large van picking up robots and taking them to Kiev and Moscow.…[View]
61942525>open 4chan in class >classmate next to me sees 4chan >'oh anon is that r/greentext?' oh go…[View]
61937522How would you run your country if you were in control of the government?[View]
61941845Why do black people have weak immune systems?[View]
61942602How to fix a late sleep schedule?: Been going to bed at 6 am now and waking up at 3 pm for a while..…[View]
61942921DYING from cringe: too many cringe memories I literally can't take it Christ almighty I was re…[View]
61938864Couldn't crack it in STEM? You'll be stuck as one of these guys for the rest of your life.…[View]
61943064>tfw no chad fish bf[View]
61941657Would a girl having a felon or two on her record be a deal breaker for you?[View]
61941969Do woman only want cute traps nowadays?[View]
61942840Could the military save me: First of all, this is not a political thread. If biden sends me off into…[View]
61942241Ask something!: Buenas tardes everyone! What are you listening lately? If you don't know how th…[View]
61942495I need viagra, or some other medicine to help me maintain an erection. Cannot go to a doctor for per…[View]
61942388*Takes a picture of your white wife and saves it[View]
61942893I've been struggling getting my degree for the last 9 and a half years. Now that I'm in th…[View]
61936889Fembots did you convert to BBC loving sluts yet?[View]
61941856>she asks why youre so mean >her face is red and shes smiling bros you all need to feel this…[View]
61940551Gerard Way: It's criminal how fucking pretty this guy used to be. I don't think I could ha…[View]
61942818Do you believe that power/wealth makes people corrupt, or that being 'corrupt' just makes you more l…[View]
61942666I wish I had an addiction for non-competitive things. I only enjoy competitive games and grow obsess…[View]
61939875I'm a kissless virgin, I say i'm waiting for marriage but the truth is I'm an awkward…[View]
61937629https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experience_machine Is 21 century a live action refutation of this expe…[View]
61942795Why's so hard to get into the rap game? My lyrics are good, my voice sounds alright. I just wan…[View]
61942221Someone just commissioned me to draw one of my OCs in this pose. Is there anything sketchy in here?[View]
61941944creative r9k: come share your shit here's a song i wrote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDuFV2…[View]
61942219something is seriously wrong with me beyond just mere looks or surface level mental problems like de…[View]
61942775Post your ex: Post ur ex[View]
61942349Imagine being 30, well guess what that's what I am. what a terrible fate, sick world.[View]
61942109My manager (a very cute, busty mid-twenties woman) always puts happy birthday whenever it's som…[View]
61941345I have a date with a girl but i still want to kill myself because my roomate fucks sexy 10/10 whores…[View]
61938685The world is getting pozzed fast. According to the pornhub statistics younger people are getting mor…[View]
61942378>backed up into a tractor trailer >guy starts shouting and yelling and all I say is 'I'm …[View]
61942635I hope my onee doesnt hate me! She is a person others can look up to.[View]
61941128Literally endless cum.: I gave up masterbating cause it made my dick itch. Now I have a problem wher…[View]
61942298>go on semi date with girl >goes okay, not too many major things >tells me of stuff she…[View]
61941411HOW THE FUCK DO I FIND WOMEN TO APPROACH, ANONS? >No local college >Not able to approach girls…[View]
61939532/uni general/: >wasted the 3 day weekend doing nothing, now scrambling to do that shit I really d…[View]
61942510>2021 >Browsing internet >shits are fucking exploding and everyone dies >everything will…[View]
61942272I was put on 50mg of remeron when I was 11 and it ruined my life. What can I do now?[View]
61942377>eating animals is wrong why[View]
61937117How do NEETs spend their free time?[View]
61941783>hit it off really well with a femanon, lots of good conversation and compliments exchanged >d…[View]
61942403i like walking around at night alone, hoping to see a monster or maybe see aliens. i have watched to…[View]
61941587>tfw just dropped med, demo and pocket soldier as roamer i got a 4k at mid :D hows ur night been,…[View]
61936923Take a deep breath.: Feel the air rush into you lungs, the life granting oxygen dissolving into your…[View]
61942302What are some careers that make a lot of money dont destroy your quality of life and allow independe…[View]
61942024My roommate is leaving overseas for a month: So im a 24 yearold living with a roommate rn to cut dow…[View]
61939647I've never shaved my balls: I'll probably shave them tomorrow, any tips?[View]
61941485Underweight bodyhair-less men aren't feminine. You're just a faggot.[View]
61939723Where is the best place on earth?: If you can be anywhere in the world where would you be?[View]
61941758You robots should start wearing cute heels! Women love it when guys express their femininity and wha…[View]
61942339beside table has been sticky for a couple weeks now, ill clean it tomorrow[View]
61941527dropping out of college next week I thought I'd be able to outrun my childhood and adolescence …[View]
61942071Out of all the successful and wealthy people in any field of the last hundred years, who's succ…[View]
61941705COCK MUSIC: does anyone remember that one COCK MUSIC poster? he would spam a wojak that looks simila…[View]
61941440penis not fully hard: my penis has never been fully harrd no matter how many time i watch desi aunty…[View]
61938380Come make kitty cats: >https://picrew.me/image_maker/47882 Come make your purr-fect kitty cat.…[View]
61940786Anime protagonists don't masturbate almost daily to porn, why should I? I don't want to be…[View]
61942316When I remember taking those big multiple choice tests in school I just remember playing guessing ga…[View]
61941553Life sucks and then you die: Been thinking of killing myself a lot lately, just really tired of it a…[View]
61941982How do I get over the undying hatred I have for people, mainly induced by me not being a socially ap…[View]
61941097would you lose your virginity to these two fine women?: assuming they are into you and not only attr…[View]
61941560>meet girl online >8/10, actually intelligent as fuck, amazing music taste, sexy accent >sh…[View]
61942002Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream…[View]
61942187DNI Ratcliffe: Intelligence Community covered up Chinese attempts to influence 2020 election: 'From …[View]
61940788If you feel down, do some cooking[View]
61941038>Came from a white dad with 171 IQ >Rolled up 9 IQ points from 167 IQ of him and my mother …[View]
61942192My first gf and crush got arrested for harassing people online[View]
61942055*unpIugs your internet router power plug*[View]
61942185What happened to Eagleboard? Will nigger site ever return?[View]
61941872>mfw i remember that something called 'Cock Hero' exists[View]
61942094What's your favorite 80s J-Pop song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfqJz3g6BOg[View]
61941924>too low iq to be a robot or a normie >not a nigger either Its over…[View]
61941614Is it possible to get a girl into bed without kissing her or touching her cunt directly? Normie girl…[View]
61941757>tfw no tired gf that just wants to cuddle all day[View]
61941862I can't wait till my cyber security degree is done this year so I can finally continue to live …[View]
61941723There's probably a 4chan janitor wearing this thread right now. What do you want to say to him …[View]
61940442>walk into bathroom >encounter pic related What do?…[View]
61942012How To Talk When There's Nothing To Talk About: I've never been shy of conversation or soc…[View]
61940859Man needs woman to be complete and whole. It is a true fact of nature, there is no shame in admittin…[View]
61941730>Forgot the lesson I learned years ago and once again tried to use dating apps as a non-Chad male…[View]
61941937Why?: Why do people so often confuse 'their', 'there' and 'they're', how can it be so difficult…[View]
61941922>moves onto a college campus >sets up pc >browses 4chan >strange error and connection is…[View]
61941836itt: robots who have done time: any robots here actually have done time? let it be small stupid shit…[View]
61941903My life is now better: It's been 10 years now since my life went to misery. Just for a backgrou…[View]
61941844Did you grow out of your weeb phase yet? I recently graduated. Proud to be western again.[View]
61941867>jacked off to gay tranny shit again[View]
61941582How do we mass produce more femboys, crossdressers, sissies and trannies? You madafackas claim the w…[View]
61938433I want to FUCK cadey mercury so bad bros[View]
61941701If you don't have big boobs you're out[View]
61940566What would their kid look like?[View]
61941451Absolute beauty. Why is she so astonishingly attractive?[View]
61941484I liked this horror short film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o236DnhU42s[View]
61941281>be me >be on instagram >see cute girl in the 'recommended for you' following section >m…[View]
61937876any femanons want to be my bloodslut? my personal fetish is period blood and would require you to fr…[View]
61939744How many of you want to teach English in Japan?[View]
61940180>bumping a zero reply thread on page 9 just to correct a typo in the OP…[View]
61940460For the anon who was looking for someone to talk: Sorry I didn't reply, I went afk since I thou…[View]
61941593>if I was born with a few more millimeters of jaw I could be chad instead of incel If I were a f…[View]
61940854>finally get a gf after years of trying at age 25 >shes fucking beautiful and perfect in ever…[View]
61941630Fembot thread: Him : I love your curves My curves :[View]
61938506Sex toys: What sex toys you do own?[View]
61940557mmm yes very interesting indeed[View]
61941566You ever make a big mistake[View]
61941561Chadfishing Tutorial?: >Need to get $10k in dental work done >Idea strikes me >Whores. >…[View]
61939752I spoke to 4 girls today. Does /r9k/ also talk to girls sometimes?[View]
61941108>me looking /pol/ and r/politics to balance out my right wing fake news with left wing fake news…[View]
61941192I'm partway through transition and can't decide on a middle name! Any recommendation?[View]
61941367>not attracted to guys faces/body >absolutely love big dicks Why?…[View]
61940719It is not gay compliment other homie's cock and balls.[View]
61941544What do f e m b ots think about sex with old perverts like hentai ugly bastards? Does it seem hot or…[View]
61940466Bros. I am constantly dissociated. When i look in the mirror i almost dont believe its me. I dont fe…[View]
61940332I miss how black girls looked in the 00s. They all look like sluts now with all of these stupid wigs…[View]
61939293dream: Had a dream where a lot of shadow hands tried to pull me down to bed while whispering give up…[View]
61939709whynot?: Need I say more? discordDOTgg/Z56HVGqput[View]
61941444>fuck 6/10 milf latina stute >instant regret and shame after the coom >2 hours later, thin…[View]
61940765when I see someone who is happy or content with life I am filled with nothing but a burning rage. Wh…[View]
61941093Am I retarded or is this normal: Just need quick clarification on something that people always criti…[View]
61939793Why is strangeaeons so hot? Explain.[View]
61941383>Spying on muscular Chadson while he's near the pool Any momanons know this feel?…[View]
61941368>took the 'learn to code' bait >tfw it worked…[View]
61941009Why does lockdown make me so depressed?[View]
61939390>finally got called mom by someone I met online from here I experienced it all…[View]
61938704Gura eating a baguette.[View]
61940772This image is insanely depressing for me to look at because I nearly went down the tranny AGP pipeli…[View]
61941003tehhhhh, hey unhappy guys, i'm the unhappy guy! my bad attitude and proclivity to stereotype ot…[View]
61941278Someone posted this picture with 'she' Just wanted to share the correct picture. The world should be…[View]
61941207It's been about 6 months since I last came here to fish for fembots to talk to, make them devel…[View]
61941264I love my girlfriend because she gives the same kind of love my mom gives. Mommy gfs are the future …[View]
61940727Is Casey the hottest decoy from to catch a predator? I've been watching the old episodes and th…[View]
61940065>tfw ywn be a real woman[View]
61939513What is one of the scariest videos you've seen?: I'll give an example first. You can give …[View]
61940665>Can't even pay for pussy: >Spend a decade trying to lose vcard >Decide fuck it and lo…[View]
61941188I hate animal print clothing. Ever since seeing several men and women wearing it in old TV, movies o…[View]
61940826How the fuck do you fake not being a virgin?: I've met this girl online and we've been mes…[View]
61940365ELECTION FRAUD CONFIRMED: https://www.oann.com/dni-ratcliffe-intelligence-community-covered-up-chine…[View]
61940562What are your least robot-like qualities or habits? >Shower daily and well groomed >Somewhat p…[View]
61936407You consider yourself lucky? Because you are lucky as fuck to be alive in this day and age. Understa…[View]
61940839>be me >26 y/o >permaNEET >playing overwatch >hear my parents' room door open an…[View]
61940157Can you even call yourself a man if you're submissive?[View]
61940705Im white, but I honestly despise white people. I seriously fucking can't take it anymore. I wan…[View]
61941053>tfw no kaworu bf It's over[View]
61939827>it's a I can hear the neighbors having sex again episode[View]
61940289>tuesday night >alone, but can blame it on covid >birthday >turning 36 >at least I ha…[View]
61929798My gf says my voice is a big part of what makes me attractive, do you have a good voice, anon?[View]
61941011Comfy looking pics: enjoy yourselves anons, no cringe anime please[View]
61940865Turned in a blank word document and still got full credit[View]
61941000>tfw no pozz pilled bf[View]
61940349Childhood experiences that fucked you up: I'll start. >be me >13 years old >prepared 7…[View]
61940989'Ni hao, Champ! Your mom and l are sending you off to Guangzhou (it's a city in China, Champ). …[View]
61936611Whats your biggest phobia? Discuss[View]
61940685>He knows less than 20 Japanese words >He still calls anime and manga by their Japanese titles…[View]
61940132>tfw no shy pudgy gamer girl to cuddle and love why live?[View]
61939224Fun idea for MBTI: Place MBTI personal on the sexual spectrum[View]
61939783>Gave my friend a ride back home on my bike because he was drunk. >He popped a boner on my bac…[View]
61939256What are the legal aspects of hiring an escort just to rub her feet? Could this be considered solici…[View]
61940284How to force myself to an hero before the 25th? I dont want to wait for things to get worse and do i…[View]
61940241Have you set your alarm for when Drumpf is finally leaving?![View]
61940699When did you realize you're not that smart and you're in over your head in your degree[View]
61940821>consistently ghosting picrelated >she's still following me around like a lost puppy tell…[View]
61940824Have you ever quit a job?: I thought I escaped the NEET hell when a trailer park hired me as a 'cler…[View]
61940762/r9k/ Quick question, I am unfortunately packing a 5.5x5 inch penis, Is this enough to have good sex…[View]
61940804do any robots get the newspaper delivered? i have a subscription to my local newspaper and get it de…[View]
61940271Thoughts on a nigga filling his body up wit tattoos of cute girls? Is it weird?[View]
61940115As much as I hate hearing the words >I have a boyfriend I really really appreciate the girls that…[View]
61940748I miss when politics was a joke: I thought 2016 and 2017 were good years and 2018 was awful. Holy fu…[View]
61940647every day this board becomes shitter. Fembot thread after fembot thread, fetish spamming, BBC or BW…[View]
61939770fellow balding bros....will the pain ever go away? :([View]
61940692Ugly people should get free plastic surgery.[View]
61940763>no matter how much I lift, how ripped I get, how much money I make, how many hoes I smash, I…[View]
61940736>Stop turning on the vacuum cleaner[View]
61939684I miss my bf so much, he's in a psych ward because I'm such a shitty abusive gf that he ha…[View]
61940649>be me >playing ping pong with a friend >niggress approaches us, asks if she can play with …[View]
61939975What was the last film you saw in a movie theatre?: Pic related was mine a year ago.[View]
61940669How do you mean you don't like the quarantaine? You have netflix, amazon, pornhub and antidepre…[View]
61940381I held open doors for her. I said please and thank you everytime she brought me my meals. Today I wo…[View]
61939132One of the worst attacks on humans is saying if you do it you become it.[View]
61939832Hey you! Femanon! Stop ghosting that nice lad that you like (but the thought of getting closer to hi…[View]
61940659What if I settle for a 7 when I could've easily settled for an 8? How do I know I've reach…[View]
61937959Reminder to ignore nog threads created by cuck incels.[View]
61940613If love is suffering I will withstand any suffering The more I suffer, the deeper my love grows The …[View]
61939568Koreans study 10 hours a day, Americans study 1 hour a day on average. They're learning 10 time…[View]
61940576Ok so I just cracked my finger and it sounded more like a back crack than a finger crack[View]
61940026FEMBOTS what is going through your mind as he unloads his balls into your disgusting hole?[View]
61940516Any1 got a gf recently?: Transcend ours of the robo dimension do tell![View]
61939551how much money could i make selling pictures of my dick as a 18 boy? i need money, im not proud but …[View]
61940385I want to make online friends but bad experiences detract me from it. I keep thinking they will rape…[View]
61936030How Does One Hire a Prostitute?: Can I just pay $100 to get my dick wet finally and also get the yea…[View]
61936740>hate asian women >can't stop cooming to tiny hapas devilish creatures they are…[View]
61939753tomorrow i have state mental examination for getting neetbucks how to win the exam and get the tendi…[View]
61940417can left wing people truly be considered human? they exhibit no discernible traits of being autonom…[View]
61940270The government can identify you by the sound of your voice: Just got off the phone with someone who …[View]
61940309last time I had sex was 2012. My V card has been renowned.[View]
61938142how i got kicked out of university in 2017: >i bump into a hot 7/10 qt in the hallways >she ha…[View]
61939241I want all the warmth and unconditional love in the world[View]
61935354What's the most elaborate fucked up immoral sexual thing to make submissive gf do?[View]
61939165Wouldn't it be great to live alone? You wouldn't hurt anyone, nor could you get hurt.[View]
61940120What do robots think of /qa/?[View]
61940204I only use this board while I poop. That's all you guys are to me. Entertainment while i shit.[View]
61938486I want to start fucking my younger sister multiple times a week: I've just given up completely …[View]
61939360/r9k/ is a socialist board now, rightoids eternally btfo[View]
61940123>he named his pet some shit like Sir Waffles Von Fluffagus[View]
61939515i can't even talk to people online. when i do, i almost immediately regret it and delete what i…[View]
61939078Er zit een staartje aan het leven, ouderdom Je bent een Duracel konijn dat niet meer trommelt op zij…[View]
61939403what is a piece of clothing that you would want back into fashion , or that you'd want introduc…[View]
61939444American women really dress like this in the winter[View]
61939971(farty poo): mfw i see a farrty poo[View]
61940035How you cure hetero??[View]
61939550This is a portrayal of my feelings towards women[View]
61939917>addicted to nyquil it puts me to sleep so nice[View]
61940005I feel like by next year I'll either be dead or in a much better place. There is no middle of t…[View]
61939238Femanons, what do you think of redheads?[View]
61938471Is Masturbation more common compared to the Past?: I feel that our society has gotten more sexual co…[View]
61939976Get the fuck away from me, we're in hell and you have demons for me I'm done with you fool[View]
61939962>dad asks me how to get on 4chan god i hate you people.[View]
61939248I am so dysphoric it is painful. I almost feel like I could panic. Being alive just feels awful righ…[View]
61937721Jelqing: I wish I had a disgustingly large dick would jelqing even help me? >https://www.thunders…[View]
61936819>Meet up with 18 year old virgin trap femboi from discord. >20 Mins later they are in knee hi…[View]
61939500>daydream about all of these interesting topics I'd talk about with my oneitis >oneitis t…[View]
61939890Can you write Mitch Hedberg tier jokes? I just came up with this. >I took a personality test....…[View]
61936973Just your daily reminder to never bump nog threads.[View]
61939860Warui yatsu da ze Itsumade mo Damashite bakari de Konnani naru made shinjiteta no de Mi mo hosoru ha…[View]
61939350Might kill myself tomorrow: >Autistic >No friends >Permavirgin >Low IQ retard >Never …[View]
61939107Any anons in here like pinball? Going to pinball bars was my favorite thing to do pre lockdown and n…[View]
61939788am i cool yet?: look what i did so am i cool yet pls pls am i good enough??!??!?!?! i did the cool!…[View]
61939741People expect a lot from me and I can't handle the pressure. this makes me feel like I'm a…[View]
61937288>wake up >browse the internet >see cute girls posted everywhere being obsessed over >rem…[View]
61938995Pick which escort I should fuck: https://scarletblue.com.au/escorts/victoria/melbourne Who should I …[View]
61939714ok fembots lets say you had to become a porn girl because reasons. you can wear a mask to hide your …[View]
61937004>Want to hire an escort to finally lose my virginity >The thought of doing so already fills me…[View]
61937451A new decade, a new internet.: Kiara - a loud arrogant jew Gura - cute, but a literal brainlet Ina …[View]
61937463How do you tell if a girl is a slut or not, /r9k/? I'm so afraid of even interacting with women…[View]
61934849>women get horny for certain guys based on their ovulation etc. Ok >birth control interferes w…[View]
61939291>tfw no Japanese RnB gf[View]
61939536Do you still remember BLM?[View]
61939426Believe on Him: Romans 4:5 '...to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ung…[View]
61939054>come on white-anon my tight asian pussy isn't going to breed itself~…[View]
61939529blogpost: It's reached the point where tfw no gf is stopping me from being a functioning member…[View]
61937878ITT: Celebrities that look like you[View]
61938132If this guy can be cute, what's stopping you /r9k/?[View]
61939398>buy new headphones >have a habit of playing with the cables >they always break after a few…[View]
61938871>'Can you tell me a little bit about white culture?'[View]
61938229RAGE OF BOOMER DAD: PART 3: RETURN OF THE IPHONE: >Be me >Make a thread about a week or two ag…[View]
61939469Escort sites so I don't die a virgin?: I don't want it to be like this but it is, I'm…[View]
61936837Why do women spend so much money on small things?: >scarves >bracelets >physical calendars…[View]
61938300ITT: post pictures of femcels[View]
61936772If Millenials and Zoomers both like BBC, does Gen Alpha like BBC too?[View]
61939391I can't stop thinking about wanting to beat up my ex, all the time. It's been two years si…[View]
61939008mouth thread: I like mouth I wanna live in one[View]
61939407Just fuck us, fembots.[View]
61937745can femanons explain what the difference is between a pocket pussy and a full female human 'being?' …[View]
61938608I am having a hard time with studies and life: I am really behind schedule with my studies, awful gr…[View]
61939358are there any large r9k servers out there? please invite me anons[View]
61938238I'm somewhat of a newfag, so can any retell me the story of some of the old raids that happened…[View]
61938477https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsfusD-HaO0 A video I made about a town that hung an elephant. Tell…[View]
61939348Ahhh finally some peace and quiet[View]
61935118How long have you felt this way anon? Why do you feel that way?[View]
61936000r9k statistics.: Let's keep the thread alive so i can get as many anwers as possible. https://…[View]
61937263Hey retards, how was your day?[View]
61938869>had girl try to hold my hands and realizing I didn't know how to hold hands She giggled and…[View]
61938788Friendly reminder to eat something healthy anon. Your body does it's best and needs it![View]
61938588I hate woman so much it's unreal.[View]
61938537>Putting 174 thousand USD on Apple stock while I wait for Suncor to drop in value >Going to ge…[View]
61935882what was your first deck like?[View]
61938769Anyone else feeling stuck in these times, I've had to move back home due to covid. Everything i…[View]
61939007how does it feel to have a true friend. I've never had one in my life. someone you can share yo…[View]
61938846Drawfag here I've got a question: What emotion would you say does this face express? Imagine it…[View]
61938306I commonly see robots claiming to have high IQ's but suffer from social autism or whatnot. I w…[View]
61939128Should I just cut my losses and fuck with guys?: Ive had no success with women and at this point im …[View]
61938410Western civilization has become garbage. It is on it's last legs, yet it still persists.[View]
61939121>21 >never had a date I've never given much thought about this but lately it starts to bo…[View]
61938949>Hi Ms. Femanon, I'm your new gynecologist. If you could please remove your panties, we can …[View]
61938727>meet girl >actually like her personality Wtf is happening anons? I've literally never …[View]
61939087Guy screams and throws chair at window: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THmc4uWr2S4&ab_channel=%…[View]
61939002Anyone know any good irc servers? I cant fucking stand discord desu[View]
61938909>non-motherly older woman fetish who else has this? one of my major fetishes and fantasies is sco…[View]
61939021do you lie and hide your true self from other people r9k? what would happen if your friends, loved o…[View]
61938547>no career path >29 >want to take an electronics class Is this a good career path to go? Or…[View]
61938965Janny anons ignored my thread again...will you hold me..no we can't date again through schizoph…[View]
61938303>Oh my..He doesn't own a sexdoll already[View]
61936357Big pp anons post their pps ITT[View]
61933936What JOI girls are you jerking to?[View]
61937640I don't want to get a job! I don't want to study anymore! I don't want to do anything…[View]
61938834ITT green text in a resume like fashion why you should be captain of /r9k/. whoever has most keyed r…[View]
61938135>son, we need to talk >you spend all day locked in your room looking at that Chinese website …[View]
61938450>tfw no failed janitor bf[View]
61937756Why has society been brainwashed to obsess over ASSHOLES? fucking Normal Faggots and supposedly Rob…[View]
61935397i punched my sister today[View]
61937471Cut Images of Apu thread: Post cute apu's. It's not hard, fren.[View]
61937229look into my eyes, anon tell me what you see[View]
61937398Anons I just had a realization. The vast demand for female love and limited supply of it is the driv…[View]
61937731Artistic/trad girl stopped talking to me because I'm too weird[View]
61937511Reject christianity. Embrace your life.[View]
61938308my grandmother told me that white people blush because the air is too spicy for them. is this true?[View]
61937262Has anyone had a typical 'uni axperience' of patrying/study abroad/living in a big city? I'm pr…[View]
61937690What sorts of exams would I need to take to have a chance of being accepted as a 4chan janitor? And …[View]
61938694Sometimes I wish something bad could happen to me so I had a right to feel depressed.[View]
61937286I will never have a life. Sigh. Most normies dream of winning the lottery and living it large. All I…[View]
61938620poop jar: if you had to have a poop jar (feces container) and you could have anyone's poop in i…[View]
61938416This has happened to so many people I know personally, friends and family. The actual politics and p…[View]
61935128gf broke up wth me: >called me a weirdo >said there was no way i could accidentally walk in on…[View]
61938575>Even the fucking escorts ignore me: What do you even do at that point? I'm at a complete fu…[View]
61938387would this help?: Would you be happy if your mom bought a fleshlight?[View]
61927611Feelings into Art: itt: create some art in mspaint or some shit as an expression for how you feel. w…[View]
61937848I fucking hate being tall aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa It fucking sucks so much. Stop staring at me you morons …[View]
61937325>You need to buy the 200$ textbook I wrote myself to pass this class! The first reading assignmen…[View]
61938482>Get DM on dating app >Not even excited anymore, just sad >Just going to trade messages for…[View]
61936055My mom texted me this today. She only knows about 4chan from the shit she sees on the news. How do I…[View]
61938066>tfw will probably take me 8 years to finish my 4-yeare bachelor's degree My despondency is …[View]
61938454>at orientation for a job >watching a video that goes over sexual harrassment >they play ou…[View]
61938457I want it all to be over.[View]
61938096Boys should be kidnapped and chained to a bed and forced to cum inside their new wives until he dies…[View]
61927183/Rei general/: Rei is running late for school again: Day 538 Tuesday runs[View]
61938383I-is nyaa down?[View]
61937508Final project is due today and I haven't started.[View]
61938185Having high standards is a fucking curse, it ruins any chance at mutual love for a robot. I'm …[View]
61936103Why aren't you just dating older women?[View]
61937185Are glasses based or am I doomed to wear contacts?[View]
61935661Turns out shit gets weird when your life is being narrated by the Opie and Anthony Show....[View]
61936945Have you ever been to a therapist? How did it go? What did you mainly talk about? Was the atmosphere…[View]
61938313Women will use you too, don't be easy and know what you are. shit even if you don't know w…[View]
61937874Young men are so special. Limitless potential to be great, I look forward to seeing all of you succe…[View]
61938170tired with ruminations: >do some jammin' >everything is fine and you feel good for a mome…[View]
61937781What was the strangest girl you ever encountered?[View]
61936862Remember, to be a fembot you have to be a virgin and single, also usually weird and an outcast too. …[View]
61938187Your mission has begun. Those are My words to you, My devotees. Each of you has a unique and valuabl…[View]
61937857Femanons, prove you exist.[View]
61937390Anyone else fear adult retards?[View]
61937313Remember: January 20, 2021 is when democracy is officially born. :)[View]
61938184Is it normal/expected to act crazy, erratic and perhaps self-destructive after receiving romantic af…[View]
61938178>it's my street[View]
61937176>21 years old >already constant backpain due to me sitting in my chair the entire day its over…[View]
61938156hello fembots and everyone else, I am looking for a man named chrishop. (chrisop if youre reading th…[View]
61937992>start talking to grill over Bumble >she really likes me >starts to text me all the time ab…[View]
61935742>haven't taken a shower in a month >my whole body feels like I've been rubbing oil a…[View]
61938146fuuuuuuuuuuuuck schoool[View]
61936514Escorts/prostitutes questions/tips/stories: Should I hire an escort to teach me how to kiss a girl/l…[View]
61938117I usually only have the equivalent of one shot of scotch per day: Is that enough to be considered al…[View]
61937504Should I leave the house?: I have a remote job and I've earned some cash for the past two month…[View]
61935294Why does every woman I've talked that has claimed being a 'weirdo', 'social outcast', 'having s…[View]
61937762>go into kitchen >mom is on her computer >hey anon did you see this >something about FCC…[View]
61937132Wake Heavy pulse Bloody eyes Sweaty clothes New routine That I've learned To understand and kno…[View]
61938004What is the last political movement you have seen on TV?[View]
61938026Show your caves, Anons.[View]
61936074Dreams thread. Talk about your dreams in here, can be anything realistic or fantasy and we discuss w…[View]
61935990>tfw you fall in love with a pornstar >coom solely to her >can't stop fapping I just c…[View]
61936971>be me, 27 >married at 22 >not a great sex life >'it's too big, it hurts' >code …[View]
61935345>scholarships won't disperse unless you take a certain amount of credit hours holy fuck it…[View]
61937944why do aliens abduct us and use anal probes?: every time i was abducted by extraterrestrials they an…[View]
61936750It's over for me I'm a fucking microdicked loser[View]
61936797>friendly acquaintance commits suicide >feel sad >bit guilty too because I felt I could hav…[View]
61937053why did i drink 4 cups of coffee[View]
61935923How would you like to die?: If you could choose how you'd die, what would it be? For me, it…[View]
61936739>one chance at life >roast beef meat flap pussy XX chromosomes btw…[View]
61936954Cat Photos: Post your favorite cat images[View]
61936197Did you expect to be where you are now like 5 years in the past? Or is it completely different?[View]
61937826i walked in on my mom having sex and i haven't been able to get horny since then. i think it br…[View]
61937233Can someone please care to enlighten me: How are the people who -rent their own space -don't ha…[View]
61935271Growing apathetic towards relationships: Has anyone else here grown completely apathetic towards int…[View]
61937790These girls have nice bossums. Femanons, how does yours compare?[View]
61931296I want to stop trying.[View]
61937608>tfw I went to the lingerie store near me (Victoria's secret) to buy some panties for myself…[View]
61937635>women are on this board Why?[View]
61936137>have a big dick >instantly a sex god Why?…[View]
61937066Does anyone else listen to girlfriend asmr videos on YouTube to feel temporary relief from their cru…[View]
61935566>tfw no mentally ill gf who will nurse you back to healthy while you nurse her back to health I j…[View]
61937386>found the coom brush before mom did[View]
61935752Rate your self-confidence/will to carry on.: 0 = I want to die. 1 = I want to die, but not without t…[View]
61937627In 13 minutes I have an interview. Then I can LDAR for the rest of the day. Feelsgoodman[View]
61937196Our problem can very easily be solved by breaking this down into managable pieces. The question: how…[View]
61936562anyone else suffer from seasonal affective disorder? if you do what do you do to cope with it?[View]
61937377robot, are you planning to write a book ?[View]
61937478I woke up like an hour ago. I had a dream that I was on top of a cold mountain, and there was snow e…[View]
61936927>change my bedsheets >shave >take a shower >dry off >get into clean bed naked >tha…[View]
61936693Is it too late for us anons? Is it any use leaving this decrepit place[View]
61937278Do you respect women? Why?[View]
61936784What happens to white women in their psyche that causes them to start having sex with blacks and lat…[View]
61933699Which hairstyle is your favorite?[View]
61937356Phimosis sucks[View]
61937308>boipecs >boinipples[View]
61936968>tfw gf became wife >tfw no gf It's been year since being out of the dating world. I dont…[View]
61934822>All boys who ate skinny should wear cute girls clothes You will help yourself stand out from ot…[View]
61937027Do you think trump will say the n word tomorrow?[View]
61933745Philosophy book general Pt 2: Hi anons, today i am interested whether you guys read any philosophy a…[View]
61935586>hmm what if i stop using the catalog and filters for today? >FEMBOTS WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL MALE …[View]
61935157chubby boi fetish: I git fetish for chubby guys cuz me discord bf is slighty chubby and he's so…[View]
61936031How long have you been alone arcanine? I have been more or less socially isolated for 5 years now.[View]
61937239Porn is better than sex prove me wrong[View]
61934148is it true women cant be funny[View]
61936891>decide to finally arrange my bag because it's filled with trash >find a paper with the p…[View]
61936529The robot reset: Will the /r9k/ robot ever reset? I mean, eventually were gonna run out of shit to s…[View]
61936397>start lifting weights and drinking weight gainer >penis gets noticeably thicker is it gonna…[View]
61936588I love going to /pol/ and seeing how sad and beaten they all are now[View]
61936574Snapchat: what does it mean when a girls bitmoji is still in the chat hours later? did she fall asle…[View]
61936974>get first job at restaurant >want to be dishwasher or bus boy >mmm we dont need those want…[View]
61936383For the first time 4chan made me cry: And this is the image that did it.[View]
61936944Can a fembot be kind enough to tell me something nice on vocaroo ? I just want to hear the voice of …[View]
61936905ya'll just perverted and horny, why can't you degenerates just admit this?[View]
61936930>women never know what they want >people let them have the same rights as men My existence is …[View]
61936892IM DEBT FREE BROS: Got nobody else to tell so I'm here to tell you fellas I FEEL LIKE A MILLION…[View]
61936325it's my birthday today and all I did was get choked unconscious[View]
61934758>That feels amazing Anon. I'm so glad you convinced me to transition and become your girl(bo…[View]
61935171Girl from work goes swimming weekly and I talked to her about it. Two days later she asks me if I wa…[View]
61936013Cyoa: Do you guys like CYOAs?[View]
61931382/britfeel/: Watch Ramy edition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramy_(TV_series)[View]
61935670Fucked a pre-op tranny yesterday. AMA.[View]
61929063I wish I had a big 6' girth cuntbuster instead of my 7x5 pencil dick[View]
61936729I go out of my way to walk past the housing project near me. I view it as a challenge. Anyone else d…[View]
61936761Where do I find a gf with smelly feet[View]
61936593Word on the street is that black people secretly suck anon's penis.[View]
61936468dis majinbu bitch transforms you into chocolate and begins to eat yo body, you are conscious but can…[View]
61936734Hey fellow robots got a question for ya Tomorrow you wake up, and you realize you have morning wood.…[View]
61936667hey fags i have a girlfriend now... so... bye?[View]
61935617so how am i doing in dick department[View]
61936087just go gay bro: turned 25 tired of women and their bs idk if anal feels good for the receiver goin…[View]
61935130How do I make cooming more pleasurable?[View]
61936434video games and anime are the only reason I exist[View]
61935472>it's a crying day why am I so cringe[View]
61934348Why don't more women try to look like this? All they have to do to be cute is eat a bit more.[View]
61936321>play lottery once >didn't win bros why god hate me…[View]
61936295Used to be one those guys that thought how stupid for someone to suicide. Now at 25 after after gett…[View]
61935042r9Chad's advice hotline.: So guys here who are actually successful with women, what legitimate,…[View]
61934633Do you remember your schooldays fondly or not?[View]
61933352welcome to the salty spitoon, how mentally ill are you?[View]
61935017>tfw mum has nice booba[View]
61935444I a girl who is a NEET extra attractive to you because of that or less so? Do you care either way?[View]
61928221How much would you pay to fuck Belle Delphine?[View]
61936269ITT: we are all reddit jannies[View]
61936437>listening to 99 luftballoons >spotify decides to autoplay 99 red balloons after >mfw…[View]
61936387Getting a gf or having sex won't solve any of your problems :)[View]
61933378I geniunely despise people who preten they care about depression. >BUT BRO D-DO YOU KNOW WHAT CAN…[View]
61934559Having an entire year of your life stolen from you makes you reevaluate your priorities. I think I…[View]
61935983*Inserts anonymous penis into black guy's butthole[View]
61936390anyone has an xbox and wanna play games together ?[View]
61936374>gets done doing pic related >steals your girl…[View]
61936053Any anons and femanons wanna have a lil chat? ;) >insta is @elliot_eizenberg >im the person on…[View]
61935950How do I meet women or make friends at university? I've been here two years now and have neithe…[View]
61936037>tfw literally shadowbanned on tinder on the second day my matches didint respond so today i insu…[View]
61936347>Someone acts like a psycho towards someone and extremely mean >Everyone calls him crazy >S…[View]
61932038>Start talking to fembot >Find out that she has a hoard of beta orbiters on discord Every. Fuc…[View]
61936049I'm surprised more robots haven't taken the whore pill. Nothing turns me on more than know…[View]
619352370 cravings: anyone else with always nothing to do? nothing makes me happy anymore, there's no d…[View]
61936202When you're in a relationship with someone, do you always need to compliment them and have sex …[View]
61936232you like rare pepes? join our server for more. we betrayed the rare pepe community by making them em…[View]
61935508tfw no tomboy gf: tfw no tomboy gf that >is cute >likes to hunt >unashamedly farts whenever…[View]
61936062ITT: autistic things about yourself >I can artificially spike my self confidence by shit talking …[View]
61936122I wake up, take my medicine, and waste time for an hour until I can drink my first cup of coffee. I…[View]
61935840/r9gay/ #1264: Cute Polish boys edition Meow pls come back <3 Cozy refuge for our kind:https://…[View]
61935131if a girl made you this as a present would you like it or think that it is stupid?[View]
61936065What language should you learn?[View]
61935231>He gives off such a bad vibe >I don't like his energy >I really don't vibe with …[View]
6193551866 Threads hidden and this place is now kinda browsable but not really[View]
61936048>one chance at life >parents named you Jon >why even try…[View]
61933903i just want someone to want to talk to me[View]
61934543do people really still think voting does anything? i lied to my mom and told her i voted for biden b…[View]
61935963>get zero financial aid or grand because parents make too much money >but if I move out I woul…[View]
61934785>tfw no discordian bf[View]
61935999I wish I had a friend A real genuine friend https://youtu.be/oH7UuRrrz44[View]
61935926>tfw call from Chad[View]
61935597NEET here. How do I meet holes to fuck them?: How do you just 'meet' people? I wouldn't know wh…[View]
61935620>be blackbot >all the qt black girls only want white men >finally get a black gf anyway …[View]
61934716>dad always on my case about getting a job >get offered one >dad still mad at me because it…[View]
61935026I ruined my life with iron pills I was capable, fit, smart, handsome. Now I can't sleep without…[View]
61935618Holy shit! Make up should be outlawed. This is straight up false pretense,it should only be fair to …[View]
61934068Does being an incel make you gay?: Does prolonged inceldom make you gay or a tranny? I'm 21 and…[View]
61933786Is it normal to be that thin?[View]
61935576Do you trust this guy with your kids?[View]
61935176Why not just go gay and get a bear bf /r9k/? Pic related is unbelievably pleasurable for the bottom[View]
61933787>watch pic related >instantly sympathize with the rapist soldiers Anyone know this feel…[View]
61933400An urgent dopamine question: Hello fellow brobots, I've been seeing so much stuff about porn be…[View]
61935393Why do you even want a girl in your life?[View]
61934739The meaning of life is fighting for what you believe is true and just. No need to thank me.[View]
61931937chick arrested for stealing pelosi's laptop: this girl was arrested for stealing nancy pelosi…[View]
61929765I literally cannot stop thinking of huge tits and it's becoming a problem in my life.[View]
61922839/r9gay/ #1263: Shirtless edition. Previous: >>61910457[View]
61935295White 'people' really think like this[View]
61935703How can I contact a girl I don't see since elementary school? She has a really cute face now an…[View]
61934882how do you dress: do you dress like an autist anoni?[View]
61934713Anyone else feel extreme panic when they see like >old minimum wage workers >homeless people …[View]
61932564Trades are a Meme: you can make 100k with your blue collar job I guess but you will be on some freez…[View]
61935004People who've dated normies, what is it like? Is it tiresome? Is it a nice change of pace? Aski…[View]
61933719>born with a shit ass and pussy what a humiliating life[View]
61935553how do you cook your wienies? microwave? in a pan? boiled? baked? i bake my wienies in the oven.[View]
61935306not sure if i would rather give or receive it[View]
61933008>talking with friend about Japanese politics >mention that they are pretty right wing >he…[View]
61933865What's your biggest flaw? For me it's avoiding all work and problems. It's the reason…[View]
61935585>you've had misophonia for 10 years >you just move from one apartment to the next >ge…[View]
61935155>born with a shitty butt and pussy what a humiliaating life[View]
61933377>date 7 last sunday >feel ready to bring up becoming gf/bf >be excited and date is going we…[View]
61934655Would you rather date Belle Delphine or Ivanka Trump?[View]
61934672My anon left me. I will never talk to him again. I'm tired of losing people. I'm tired of …[View]
61931347America is the joke of the world.[View]
61934151Leaving 4chan, bye fags: Im officially an oldfag now, this is my last day in 4chan, i really cant de…[View]
61935040My boss makes sexual hints and harass me at work. Should I quit the job or give up? He's very r…[View]
61934391options: I'm out of options, parents want to get rid of me, their religion does not tolerate bi…[View]
61935440>the last thing you'ld want to hear as a confession from your dying mother…[View]
61934525I'm 27 years old and have never attempted to get a gf in my life. Where do I start? I have neve…[View]
61935403If you just worked for a couple years and put all your money into shit like apple and amazon you cou…[View]
61935110>6'2' >handsome >fit >poor Women use me for sex but won't date me. Every ster…[View]
61935250What does it mean when you ask a woman if she's in a relationship and she says 'it's compl…[View]
61933897WHAT THE FUCK: >be me >only child, coming from a medium income household >parents always t…[View]
61934874I hate the threads about gf/bf, why do you need one? are you stupid?[View]
61935405How to stop being boring without putting in any effort? Effort's a big no no desu but i hate be…[View]
61935380https://vimeo.com/132992952 >13:58 Jesus didn't died in the cross. The Vatican knows it. And…[View]
61935307How do you sleep anons? My bed is up against the wall so I stack up pillows to 'press' me against it…[View]
61935340i would care more about my girlfriend or wife then my own mother, fuck that old bitch what about you…[View]
61933652>be horny >buy fleshlight online >masturbate before it arriving >regret the purchase bef…[View]
61932125sneaker thread: any sneakerfags in here? ik this is pretty normie but honestly i like wearing/having…[View]
61931564why do cute girls do this and why did none of us ever gotten it[View]
61934673can someone join my discord server im feeling lonley and need people to talk to sc2zMcux[View]
61935218Anyone else into erotic asmr? Bit of a vice of mine. Post some perhaps https://www.pornhub.com/view_…[View]
61934282Looking back, was the Last Jedi reallly that bad? Any way unrelated but uh Ive been drinking onions …[View]
61935033How do you pronounce /r9k/? I pronounce it like this: Air nine kay[View]
61932820i want to die tell me the best and cheapest suicide method, i dont have access to guns[View]
61934651Do you think a black guy from the streets can get with an Ivy League girl?[View]
61934948What are you nerds cooking?I have Stage 2 Hypertension and fuck it all let's go anyways. This i…[View]
61935111Our smiles are the light of hope[View]
61927858>women sexual attractiveness takes much more effort to attain than for men how is this hard to un…[View]
61934489>'hey hows it going/ how are you' I had this fucking greeting so much. Have to lie every time…[View]
61934254Which path should I take?[View]
61934756normalfaggotry socialization and stuff: >'rona >lockdown hits >suddenly, normalfags c…[View]
61934702Opinions? R9k? I think his character is oddly currently relevant.[View]
61934598r/relationship_advice is fucking hilarious comedy gold mine, maybe the grass isn't so green rob…[View]
61934440>Oh hey anon I'm your new government assigned hispanic bf as part of the Biden admin's …[View]
61935006porn is so goofy, kek. Cant believe I was addicted to that shit[View]
61933988>I'll kill myself What a waste.[View]
61932215Weedbots help me: >addictive personality >have to keep myself away from all drugs because I…[View]
61934253Do you smell like vanilla or piss?: I smelled my armpits. Smells like piss to me. Basically, this me…[View]
61934974PSA to all the women here. men wear jeans because jeans are durable and comfortable, we do not wear …[View]
61934927Can girls on tinder match with you even if you didnt like them?: Im 100 percent sure i didnt swipe r…[View]
61929937I fucking hate studying. I managed to enter a college last year, but i have absolutely no desire to …[View]
61926396The bleached latina[View]
61934892what are your opinions of this pretty cool image yadda yadda[View]
61934923>tfw ywn get to have a daughter and take her on an impromptu field trip…[View]
61934023>Be born a girl >Genetics dictate you will grow up to be a woman >But you really want to be…[View]
61934910Anyone in the New York area know how to properly escortcell without risking jailtime and or going br…[View]
61933655Youtube comments: Anyone else really fucking annoyed by youtube comments being the same 10 fucking p…[View]
61934830Do you trust a black guy to have dinner with you and your family?[View]
61934891'Got a job? Good. Then get a second one, Champ. Your job doesn't give you enough hours or pay a…[View]
61930934got beaten up while trying to protect my best friend and he thanks me by being an asshole ama pic is…[View]
61932184Do pale white men like bespectacled shortstacks?[View]
61934764Are there any chatrooms or servers for actual adults? Everywhere I go is just teenagers regurgitatin…[View]
61931500>get up for classes >take out phone while shitting to browse 4chan >realize how hopeless my…[View]
61934427How do I get someone to fuck off a room?[View]
61934682/sneedfeels/ - I would hate to be you edition: Talk about what kinda sneedfeelings you're exper…[View]
61933319https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuHTTxtp8uY it's really sad how these celebrities feel the need…[View]
61931546I want to cuddle with a anon and wake up next to him in the morning, no long distance because we met…[View]
61934471>i won't say anything at all,maybe he'll get the message if I don't say anything a…[View]
61934621hearing cute anime song make me even more depressed[View]
61934623do robots have cooties or do fembots have cooties?[View]
61932759how many things have you gotten done this year?: we're 19 days into 2021 and i have accomplishe…[View]
61934392You guys remember boonk?: He was the guy who got famous for stealing things and this is him now. Tur…[View]
61933532Thoughts on these crockpot ribs?[View]
61933726I'm 32, and I'm still living at home because I'm a dipshit who never got it together …[View]
61931617/scotfeel/: Watch Limmy edition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limmy%27s_Show[View]
61934540Is there a better feeling than taking a really big, really DENSE shit? Like when you can really feel…[View]
61932366Do any robots enjoy hyper-specific little things in life? I really, really like putting my hot cup o…[View]
61931561>sense of grief becoming so strong i can feel my heart physically ache literally crying myself a…[View]
61932236Should i fuck my best friends mom? Known the guy for ages and he's the only person i would call…[View]
61933591Its all a cruel fucked up joke. It is all meant to fuck with your head. Dont believe anything that t…[View]
61934003are femanons who like hair pulling pure or sluts? im undecided on this issue[View]
61929138It would be really nice to have someone to cuddle with at night. To feel cared for and to care for s…[View]
61933307The Majestic Nofap: Day 19: Feeling fine, boys, feeling fine. How are we all getting along? Are you…[View]
61933838What are some memorable interactions you had with women? Ones that you still think fondly off, or pe…[View]
61934106Can a white guy ever recover from having sex with an Indian girl?[View]
61933419Imagine being a woman. They are natural subs, and unironically get off on making men feel good and g…[View]
61932727>finally get isekai'd into fantasy world with magic and adventure >you quickly learn magi…[View]
61934107Anybody know the medical term for this condition?[View]
61934255Daily reminder that you are an incel because you don't MAKHHHANNNNMIRRRAKKKKKKKAGHHHHHHHHCHINNN…[View]
61933595>Feel extra degenerate because no job for a bit >Interview tomorrow >Sad that doing nothing…[View]
61931291Redpill me on using steroids, do you really not have to even work out to maintain muscles? If coma p…[View]
61933947>You only [insert self-destructive behavior or lifestyle] because you choose to. If that's …[View]
61932696>get help where tho?[View]
61934109>read American history >realize we're doomed to repeat the same cycles of violence and ex…[View]
61928335what do bots think of the 2003 Toyota Tacoma?[View]
61933049Never recovered from 01-08-18[View]
61933041What is your worst physical trait? Mine are my teeth. They are crooked and my front two teeth have r…[View]
61933241>going through gallery while phoneposting >They see this shit there >'I didn't realize…[View]
61925153>23 >Married >Home owner >Bachelor's Now what?…[View]
61933445My best friend is a cute lesbian who likes to watch me crush opponents on Starcraft II It's bet…[View]
61934039Does Robots ever wish he lived in a world populated by anthro beastmen rather than boring humans? Be…[View]
61927966Old /r9k/: Do you miss the old /r9k/? If yes what do you miss the most about it? I miss when. >Tr…[View]
61933677Normiebots help me: >be me, 19 and have had social anxiety my whole life, especially around girls…[View]
61933942I: I love anime and anthro furry girls. They are the best thing that have happened to the world and …[View]
61933329I actually feel bad for him https://youtu.be/uOHtBb8ibqc[View]
61932421Some bitch told me to kill myself so now i'm putting her house on fire ( in minecraft )[View]
61933278There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. Th…[View]
61933780The person in the stall next to me won't stop their aggressive shitting and farting, there are …[View]
61933639Birthday sex: turning 24 next week, yes I'm KHHV. how would I go about getting 'birthday sex', …[View]
61932747women in jail: what happens in jail when all the women prisoners have their periods[View]
61932084if democracy is so good how come only pedophiles get at the top[View]
61933114server NOT FOR gay porn: the owner is jewish he says there is no gay porn allowed in the gc (guild c…[View]
61933790would anyone like to do a jigsaw puzzle with me?[View]
61927584>New to Discord >Find a few servers to join online >This one server is about chatting, the…[View]
61931429itchy balls: i havent showered in like a month and my balls are itchy on one side and kind of red ho…[View]
61933291Is Chief Keef autistic?: https://youtu.be/p5LmDlzExlU Look at the way he answers questions. Being q…[View]
61933717l cannot take this anymore[View]
61933649Can someone suggest me a study plan for chess newfag? Books, courses etc. Regards, Anon[View]
61933708Mongers/Hobbyists Get In Here!: So I live in Burgerland and I'm starting to wonder if this is o…[View]
61930800>vacation >3 hookers per day >use Cialis and litres of energy drinks to not die Is it a goo…[View]
61933684does snacks actually come here to post about his shitty radio show still?[View]
61930868I'm looking for my friend called Liki.[View]
61933619>perma incel >try to meet girls online >sign up for discord >talk to them a bit, just ab…[View]
61933306You should hate asian women for racemixing too: Those women racemix like no one else, you should hol…[View]
61933664I know it's not right to wish damnation on others, but it's hard not to see this and hope …[View]
61933334monkey in hotspring[View]
61933138autism stories thread or something: retarded stories from childhood ill start >be me back when mi…[View]
61933238It's long past time for states to start seceding.[View]
61931783>cant run without pretending i am being chased by zombies >cant clean my room without pretend…[View]
61932833Why do white women fuck their dogs?[View]
61932476POV you finally find out what happens in John podesta's pizza basement, but you're drugged…[View]
61933455https://9gag.com/gag/axMNr7b#comment The kid has got style[View]
61932620ITT: only shut in neet feels: >tfw you pretend you're not available when your parents call b…[View]
61933239>tfw 6/10 >tfw retarded and can't read women at all >get called cute and handsome by f…[View]
61933380Life has been so good recently I can barely think straight. I spent the weekend and Monday working a…[View]
61932801gave my trumpbucks to a twink findom on twitter[View]
61933376jocko's lifestyle management kbeSbJ2P: kbeSbJ2P do OMAD shower at -30c have sex only for reprod…[View]
61933354Free cunnilingus: I don't want to be incel anymore If I offer free cunnilingus you think it can…[View]
61933321What is the best premium or debrid website? I checked over 30 of them and xubster is not working on …[View]
61933304Girl I'm into said her friend would make a good match for me even though her friend has a boyfr…[View]
61933248All these posts about casual sex REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Get off my board!!!…[View]
61931077what does early morning hairy wet fembot pussy taste like?[View]
61933163How does one lose weight fast? Yes I am a tubby fat waste, and please insult me to the highest degre…[View]
61931904>browse /r9k/ >not many women hate threads >incel,virgin,etc. are used as an insults now …[View]
61931981Give this dying guy a name[View]
61932166>too lazy and stupid for improovement fuck[View]
61932985What kind of flowers do girls like[View]
61933112Why not take the pinkpill? Even though you will never be a woman, r3dditors will simp for you and do…[View]
61933080Why am I supposed to contribute to society again ?[View]
61927553How come there are almost no artworks created that depict the isolation and depression that comes fr…[View]
61930112Gentle sex is better than hardcore. Change my mind.[View]
61933039>31 year old male >ugly as shit compared to when I was 20 Is this normal?…[View]
61932715LOOKING FOR someone to love me: has to; -> love me -> agree to hug me whenever i want all gend…[View]
61930337Is it even possible to be happy again?[View]
61931916Policemen swear to God Love's seeping from the guns I know my friends and I Would probably turn…[View]
61932770un-circumsized bros whats it like having a normal penor?[View]
61932823I was sad, depressed, and horny[View]
61932599Sweet release of death: I'm 150/95~105 right now. Spontaneous development of Stage 2 Hypertensi…[View]
61932903How many hours do you spend on here and how much has it affected you? >Fluctuates between 6-8 hou…[View]
61929530am I morally obliged to seed torrents?[View]
61932090Anyone other NEETs like me give up the perfect gf cause she was plain? She loved me for who I am. I …[View]
61930086I have a presentation in 2 hours and I am extremely nervous[View]
61932836>open a fresh browser Heh didn't know that normies care about this so much…[View]
61924057Female NEETs: Hey female NEETs how attractive are you? how big are your boobs? would you let a male …[View]
61932917I'm thinking of moving to a new country just so I can build a friend group from scratch and hav…[View]
61932969/gif/: What are some good gifs you have on hand?[View]
61930143>hate tiktok relatable comedy >hate tiktok dances >wonder why this type of entertainment is…[View]
61930542Why do women feel so threatend by women who do not agree with their consensus?[View]
61932605Do any femanons here like indian guys, as in the curry type of indian? Im half indian half white and…[View]
61928333My BMI is higher then my IQ[View]
61931293What are my chances of making it if I'm a 19 year old friendless kissless virgin?[View]
61931042Is it gay to fuck a dude? Be honest.[View]
61931578>be khhv >anons online troll me and tell me I deserve to be alone >be sad >dog wakes up …[View]
61931441My mother believes in qanon and it's literally all she talks about. I'm hoping by next wee…[View]
61932799MoeFoes BTFO[View]
61930734the allies must pay: The allies of WWI should pay reperations for Hungary.[View]
61932775>can't even get online friends because I live in a bungalow.[View]
61932157not going to stop self actualizing and becoming my best self until i become my ideal futa self day 1…[View]
61932624My gf is trying to fuck me over isn't she >Been fucking her raw since late November >Alwa…[View]
61930523IMPROOVE 2021 DAY 19: IM FEELING GOOOD!!!! Now I know how normies feel. Days are not long slogs of d…[View]
61932469Would you take up smoking if a cute girl forced you into it?[View]
61932701Its werid. It seems like the only girls i could get along with would be asian[View]
61929915I always see you claiming are all cheating whores, so I have a question for /r9k/ When is it accepta…[View]
61931107opinions on ENFJ my ex was an infp, i miss her[View]
61931534>finally get a gf as a khv schizo >Her body count is 34 >she's had many threesomes wit…[View]
61930541anyone here not have any frens? graduated HS 4 years ago and pretty much everyone vanished. went to …[View]
61932670Don't waste your time on girls from here, even the bottom of the barrel ones have their pick of…[View]
61932094JEEEEEESUS CHRIIIIST deny your maker[View]
61930822hey BasedTomboy: so you like shotas huh.[View]
61931858Does anyone else just lay on the floor for hours? I usually browse this board from my phone. It…[View]
61932015>STRchad slaps your GFs ass What do?[View]
61932497I wonder what my life is going to be like in 30s or 40s Sure i can take this solitude and boredom n…[View]
61932473>'just go to salsa dancing classes bro, it's a great way to meet women!' >actually go to …[View]
61931910Mi manchi porcocazzo[View]
61931953will going to an anime convention get me a gf, friends, and a ticket out of robothood?[View]
61932403why some white people sell their souls to jews?[View]
61922219Describe how you are feeling right now using pictures.[View]
61932229when are american men finally going to wake up? I NEED my daily attention waggies are the worst sinc…[View]
61932162fembots if your boobs had a voice what would it sound like? deep, high pitched, squeaky? would they …[View]
61930958Do you go for walks often? Is your area comfy to walk in if so? What is your routine usually like? L…[View]
61931708>Mother screams at me to get a job >Starts tearing down all my anime posters and throwing my a…[View]
61932185How many of you have bipolar disorder?[View]
61931918How does a robot survive in a workplace: I've been a chornic schizoid for a while now. Not tota…[View]
61931432>30F, him 27M My boyfriend wants to settle down with me, and I don't know how to tell him th…[View]
61932181Hello everybody. I'm Magic Johnson, and I have HIV. Uh, definitely from a woman. Yeah.[View]
61931670>Geordi >Would you agree that the instinct for reproduction is shared by most live forms?…[View]
61932138>fell for the weed meme/drugs Anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks are now a known thing by me. Consi…[View]
61930280Hi :): Kitty says Hi :)[View]
61931815where do you store your bananas?[View]
61930787I feel like for me life is mostly a HAVE to do than WANT to do. Of course we life in a very modern p…[View]
61931720Why do women have standards[View]
61929926>be me >born to irish catholic family in most pro independence part of scotland >all friend…[View]
61931845>try to fap >cant even imagine a woman actually wanting to fuck me it's too unrealistic …[View]
61931015theres a girl that wants to fuck me a lot but she lives in brazil fuck[View]
61930944I am definitely some derivative of mentally ill. I don't know exactly what is wrong with me, bu…[View]
61931207What is an item(s) that you have in your possession that you plan to keep with you for the rest of y…[View]
61930178I looked at myself real close in the mirror and realized that I wouldn't kiss me either. I wond…[View]
61931126Has anyone on here ever done the casino heist on GTA 5 online? I need competent players who've …[View]
61931372i keep getting optimist thoughts today, that everythings gonna be alright and so on how do i rid out…[View]
61929612would you be embarrassed to have a girlfriend that dressed up like pic related every single day?[View]
61930400If you could talk to your childhood friends now what would you even tell them? Would you be an open …[View]
61931651There's nothing left to look forwards to once you make it into uni. Each year of uni gets worse…[View]
61931305My 27th birthday is slowly creeping up on me and I feel like the most important part of my life is c…[View]
61931425>tfw fell for the SSD meme[View]
61929155What's your plans for Valentine's Day?[View]
61931756was there ever a time in your life when you started noticing black people behaved horribly? even in …[View]
61931234Supermodel Stephanie Seymour's son dies aged 24 after accidental overdose[View]
61931599>tfw no ideaIistic bf[View]
61930268If you think you have it bad atleast you don't have white people live rent free in your head.[View]
61931634Fuck living in rural nowhere: for the third time this week a company I applied to called to tell me …[View]
61931647Ideal gf(male) Fagbots describe your ideal bf and how high are your chances are of getting one why …[View]
61929358What do you think about big hanging mommy milkers?[View]
61926631I'm scared of the future. Blacked and cuck shit is getting more popular in every country, the w…[View]
61930784Thoughts?: What do you think about this? Is it true? Or it is just some philosophical position? Eith…[View]
61931568>tfw dysphoria acting up again[View]
61930987I'm gonna regret making this thread I know it.: I want to post my discord here to talk to a fe…[View]
61930993Have you ever killed anyone?: I shot someone trying to break into my house via the dinning room wind…[View]
61930552I need cock forced down my throat.[View]
61931431Haha look! Anon has failed to attract a lover! He must be severely lacking in excellence.[View]
61931309>'Anon is so fucking clingy, holy shit. Whenever we were at a party, which was rare, but still, h…[View]
61929084I never knew Islam had cucks[View]
61931386>Wake up >Life is still shit What else did I expect?…[View]
61928954Post the song you listen to when you are having one of your episodes[View]
61931412>jerking off on SW Twitter >giving money to various sellers and findoms >random guy message…[View]
61930059in about 25 min I have my online classes and I consider skipping since I'm behind with my proje…[View]
61930590>he isn't at least in the 30% category Never going to make it.[View]
61931378Post whatever thing you feel is neat or looks badass. We are just monkeys on a rock in space, let…[View]
61930841Got a short fit japanese gf that calls me daddy: where do I go from here? I've peaked as a blac…[View]
61929751Whenever I think deeply, I see the occult structures that drive this world forward, very uncomfortab…[View]
61930911What movies do you watch on sort of dates? This is the first time I will ever watch a movie with som…[View]
61930969How do you even open up enough emotionally and trust someone enough to even have a relationship. The…[View]
61931321/r9k/ is a board for failed normalfags /soc/ but for retards[View]
61931027>always repeat my posts out loud to myself after posting >always chuckle a little bit reading …[View]
61931281>What was way harder in life than you expected it to be >What was far easier?…[View]
61930592Death to Homo Sapiens Sapiens: These disgusting subhumans exist since 300000 years. Their existence …[View]
61931329>be me >normal lookin ass teen >like dancing on social media for fun >start wearing back…[View]
61930216vtubers are the most autistic thing in the universe. You guys don't actually watch them? Right?[View]
61929909if i care about her and im no good for her i should just STFU and go on with my life but if that is…[View]
61930373If you had your own 4chan, what features would you add?[View]
61929330How the fuck does one get a gf? I'm autistic and have 0 experience with dating and asking anyon…[View]
61930616friendly reminder us bots to claim your 1800$ from the government if you didnt receive either of the…[View]
61930815>muh problems. I have to kill myself because of muh problems Grow up.[View]
61929894Why do Right wingers Lead better more successful lives? They have more sex They have more children L…[View]
61929060how come /r9k/ complains about not being able to get a gf when they could literally hit the gym for …[View]
61930847>'Hey anon you're cute. want to come to my 18th birthday party tonight? we're gonna pla…[View]
61929283I have a GF AMA: LItteraly ask me anything[View]
61931035Is suicide by hanging too painful? Im afraid becoming regretful after starting it and making a mess[View]
61929208Am I really not going to get to enjoy the benefits of UBI soon? Is it really 20 years away?Why wait …[View]
61931141POO POO PEElPEE[View]
61929541Why are discord users so cringe: They asked me to post my trap ass, I posted trap ass and was banned…[View]
61926062>no robot bf with a lego collection >no robot bf with a model airplane collection >no robot…[View]
61930842why did she went from that to this? she had like the perfect body, and standed out from other latina…[View]
61930503So let me get this 'straight'. Say I am skinny and I have very long hair. Straight men are not going…[View]
61921702/britfeel/: Amers bedsit smells like mango chutney and spunk farts[View]
61930116dating discord server: tD7tsn3FJT Join and maybe you'll meet your ideal bf/gf :[] :llll))))…[View]
61929223Why haven't you taken the islamic pill yet, robots?[View]
61929196Why shouldnt i kill myself?: The world is sick. I don't see it getting better. I could live a h…[View]
61930881Every time I start to become comfortable with where I am in life, I get sucker punched by fate or wh…[View]
61929416Is porn really that bad for you?[View]
61930391What's the best way to simp for girls online?: Preferably with some lewd content, but I want so…[View]
61924423Why are females so irredeemably evil towards unattractive men?[View]
61928521No one will remember you or your story[View]
61928483I fucking hate Tuesdays man. I have so much shit to do. I just want to sleep.[View]
61930251How do I convince my gf to have her fucked by a black man? I dont really feel comfortable having sex…[View]
61930513you're an egirl and want to be simped for? join this server and milk some desperate losers: hJX…[View]
61929009Racist n gei n degenerate: I am a bisexual white nationlist ama[View]
61929409Just got a photo taken for my license. For the first time in years I had a picture taken in good lig…[View]
61925968Which one you picking and why? I choose the wheelbarrow, a symbol of the toil and labour that is lif…[View]
61930680>be 8 years old boy >costume party at school >decide to disguise as a woman >at school g…[View]
61930392>You type a message in the chat >everyone goes quiet…[View]
61930257four~! four scoops~![View]
61929323>be me >be femanon >offer hook ups to other anons >they offer birth control and offer…[View]
61930526kill all trannies: trannies, tranny enablers, tranny fetishists, and tranny ironybros are going to b…[View]
61930377I have a constant tickling feeling deep in my left ear and also hearing crunchy noises. Is at a fuck…[View]
61929570why are leftists so ugly?[View]
61930082VHS Era.: >be me >old anon >ex-coomer >have box full of VHS porn under the bed >haven…[View]
61928778Let's take a moment to recognize the efforts of the grandstanding, virtue signaling faggots tha…[View]
61930394why are LGBT 'people' like this?: very degenerate[View]
61927162Bitcoin: Time for another bitcoin thread, non-/biz/ edition. Last one was pretty good >>618513…[View]
61928206FOR THE DISCERNING POSTERS: **V2K transmission incoming - Paul from CIA** hello to tha gritty.. tha …[View]
61923720/weed/ thread: Dear weed smokers of /r9k/ I'm considering trying weed soon, any advice? and how…[View]
61929620>yesterday girl breaks up with me after six weeks dating >'it's me, not you' >for some…[View]
61929201i feel like i'm always messing up. like i can never get it right.[View]
61930186Imagine being ruled by her![View]
61929434so I finally found a way to cope with my Corona fueled loneliness. we all love shitposting right? so…[View]
61929750>he fantasized himself saving the school from an ultimate threat[View]
61929723Those of you at uni: What is your major?[View]
61929337Reminder there are now GRANDPARENTS who were born in 1990. And you've yet to get your dick wet.[View]
61930201Beta male thread: Post webms, pics, of beta males being awkward and beta, bonus points if around wom…[View]
61926899Why don't you wear panties anon? The benefits over boy underwear includes: >cuter and more v…[View]
61927491>174 IQ on Mathema at 23, so at least 176 IQ >Bought Paul Cooijman's Test for Genius for …[View]
61930067I was the shortest (5'4 then and now) guy in my high school class. i have crush on smolest gril…[View]
61929451I just finished marathoning through naruto (no fillers) and had a cozy time. hadn't watched it …[View]
61929011What kind of relationship would you like to have with a girl? pic related[View]
61928546>tfw no female rapist feminist gf.: Why is life so cruel bros??[View]
61928195>browse computer all day >browse computer in all my dreams Theres no escape. Ill probably brow…[View]
61926868Anyone else have I a slow brain? I need a lot of time to think things over to solve a problem, and I…[View]
61930047AM I GETTING THROUGH TO YOU?!: https://youtu.be/B1lNhNHdoPI >manic episode again AIN'T NOTHI…[View]
61929614>sent a girl $400 on onlyfans for pics of her socks >2 weeks later and she still hasn't r…[View]
61927416>I get paranoid about my phone sharing shit on its own to others, like it's gonna send porn …[View]
61928648Would you date a girl who spends hundreds of dollars a month on onlyfans?[View]
61929471Trans Predicament: >Get Trans GF >Really like her personality and how wholesome she is, but no…[View]
61929365Most people are slaves: Slaves to their phones. Slaves to technology. Slaves to corporations and the…[View]
61919931Female are vile scum: This image perfectly describes the female population today. Vile, selfish and …[View]
61923778What is the average age of 4channers? Can we have a poll?[View]
61928084Freud Theory: Thoughts on penis nepotism?[View]
61929893The Saga continues. In the story of Jacoby Winesmith, his battle with the King of England, and his a…[View]
61929458Anyone else happy student loans are ruining peoples lives? Hope partying and having fun was worth th…[View]
61929833Whenever I think of somethin like committing suicide I always picture no one or some cute 2d boy but…[View]
61925989Latinas the moment they see blacks[View]
61928733Who /vocel with body dysphoria here/ >get decent amount of tinder matches >have had 20 plus …[View]
61928124>90% of you will never have a girl text you this Suck to be you lmao[View]
61929761>had to excuse myself from work to take a big diarrhea shit because I didnt want to stink up the …[View]
61929678>never gonna have a relationship like this Not gonna make it what's the point…[View]
61929673>mfw the only reason I haven't done it yet is because of my dog[View]
61929700Do you think there is a high correlation between being obssesed with anime girls and trooning out? I…[View]
61927341where is she bros: does anyone know if she has discord https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/61892009/#…[View]
61929107at heart I'm a timid unambitious little boy who's scared of discomfort. but I also have an…[View]
61927496Word Filters: Which word filter on 4chan is the most annoying?[View]
61929631i can't figure out tetris. is that the game where i yell 'tetris!' and someone has to come lick…[View]
61929025Do you own a dildo to satisfy your cock cravings?[View]
61923698>women were just pretending to be retarded incelbros... how do we cope now???…[View]
61929583Fembots, would you marry a guy with kids? [] yes [] no [] maybe [] I dont know [] can you repeat the…[View]
61929518I don't want to die, but I don't have the will to live[View]
61928939>wake up Today I will spend the entire day with games and anime. >just end up shitposting, you…[View]
61929235Just realized I'm never going to be shit. Truly never going to be anything impressive or of wor…[View]
61929241ITT: Celebrities you can't stand[View]
61925068Any male anons want me to: >keep them on a strict diet to make them thin and frail >give them …[View]
61927647When did you start using this board? Be honest. started using r9k 2 months ago, before that I lurke…[View]
61927887I've learned something about myself from the past decade. I am nothing. One person can ask me a…[View]
61928859Anime Openings: Put me on some good shit anons, I've been relistening to Connect by Claris over…[View]
61929428Any of you out there?[View]
61929305>tfw no motivation to do anything i cant even watch anime anymore is this the end for me?…[View]
61929024Looking for competent individuals to do the casino heist in GTA 5 with. Barnabas#3715[View]
61929167>imagine what it would be like if my mom died >immediately start sobbing and heaving in despai…[View]
61927593have you ever had an escort? im looking into getting one, where did you get one? i googled it but i…[View]
61928472>it's a scroll through log of a heated conversation from years ago, opening old wounds and d…[View]
61929304Wagie wagie wake up for cagie: A few more hours wagecuck anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJE1…[View]
61928617After years and years of making fun of transpeople on this site, I ended up falling in love and sust…[View]
61927347Does anyone have any tips for cyber stalking people? I'm trying to find my older sister who I…[View]
61928958>it's another 'wake up earlier than usual and get hit with a wave of >tfw no gf' episode…[View]
61929151I got a question for you folks about women and dating, you all say that women are brash and cold on …[View]
61929076We as a society are heading towards the utter collapse of humanity. This is because of the slow degr…[View]
61929122i dont know what to think,feel and believe anymore[View]
61928875/ugly bastard/: Who else is taking the ugly bastard pill and becoming an old pervert who makes hot, …[View]
619262994chan is leaking into reality: Otaku culture and vidya and anime are taking off this decade the same…[View]
61924931Imagine being a man in the Soviet Union in 1946 Villages everywhere full of horny women because a hu…[View]
61928757>have girlfriend that lives with me >and also a mistress nobody knew about >friend discover…[View]
61928945how do i get a qt goth latino bf?[View]
61928631>just be urself bro!!! Bitches enjoy confidence[View]
61926890Will simping become a socially acceptable alternative to relationships over the next few years due t…[View]
61928976>be me >Mucho autismo >Pretty much have always had a really bad monotone voice my whole li…[View]
61928680I hate modern life. I hate having to go outside and seeing people just to live comfortably. I hate h…[View]
61928818>tfw nobody will pay you to take hormones and get feminized why even live its just suffering…[View]
61928806Alright, boys, you know what to do![View]
61927843>be wagie stuck at home >wanna get laid and mom is actually cool with it >be today >get …[View]
61927839Are you a hopeless kid or your mother still has some hopes for you?[View]
61928650I lost my virginity 35 minutes ago and I'm currently on Xanax AMA[View]
61928918Is it truely impossible: The loneiness gets to me and drives me insain by I hate technology and want…[View]
61928797Why did millions of Germans fight and die under Hitler if he was evil?[View]
61927724>they have a discord server dedicated to mocking you. feels bad. How do I be normal? My autism is…[View]
61928688>tfw you will never have adorable Lux gf to love you, brighten your day and cure the darkness in …[View]
61928319>90% of all contents of my hard drives is porn related >games, videos, pics, etc When did it a…[View]
61928398what are you doing in life? what are your hobbies and goals? do you have a gf? are you happy?[View]
61927923>be neet for seven years >afraid to even go outside >spend all day moping and getting drunk…[View]
61928803where are you? i want to talk[View]
61928292wow this girl makes me very happy whenever i talk to her what do bros...[View]
61924403Suicide: This will probably get filtered because everyone on r9k wants to do the same thing. I am go…[View]
61926078Fuck the Police!: THIS IS A TRUE STORY (just happened) >be me >walking home from the store …[View]
61928766have you ever had sex in a karate dojo?[View]
61927634Antidepressants: Did any medication even worked for you, anon?[View]
61923451Getting a job: It's literally impossible without connections, not to mention the anxiety of bei…[View]
61925078Starve to lose weight?: Any former fatties here have tried this and have been successful? I'm g…[View]
61927895While no apparent suicide note was left behind, Jeong had posted her thoughts on her personal blog o…[View]
61904532>ywn be a househusband to a gentle femdom mommy gf Why live?[View]
61928742Okay look, despite using 4chan, Im not gay BUUUUUUUUUUT[View]
61925252stop messaging her. she's busy.[View]
61927247>make girl cry by making fun of her flat ass[View]
61926697A girlfriend is too much trouble[View]
61928383Anyone else feel old for their age? I'm 20 and I feel like a fossil, I was already old at 17. I…[View]
61928321>'fembot' removes you from discord Yeah, I get it. You have tons of other dudes to entertain you …[View]
61928638Can being sad/melancholic,or pretending to be, make people assume there's depth to you and thus…[View]
61927638i'm such a fucking loser, i've always been this way and i'll never change[View]
61926620Do Americans seriously think that if a 19yo guy dates a 17yo girl then he's a pedo?[View]
61926193I got my first girlfriend: It's not the way I imagined it all in my mind.[View]
61923234Did you know that most people in here are lurkers? Lurkers, introduce yourselves[View]
61926189why not just gets abs from home?[View]
61928496>be me, 10 minutes ago >falling asleep >stary feeling a certain feeling >God no, please …[View]
61928259What does /r9k/ think of my genetics?[View]
61925915>job application got auto rejected at Krispy Kreme It's fucking over for me, isn't it?…[View]
61927194Anyone Remember this?: I'm telling you this scene messed me up. I'm blaming it for my vari…[View]
61928471>You're exactly what women are looking for >You're so handsome Anon >Your pecs fe…[View]
61925451Not having a gf has made me have a poor self image: When I was a late teenager, I could see that oth…[View]
61928372kill yourself tranny: trannies, tranny enablers, tranny fetishists, and tranny ironybros are going t…[View]
61927102What are your religious beliefs? Do you believe in God?[View]
61927715Is there any day more comfy than Martin Luther King Day?: What did you guys do for MLK Day? Tell us …[View]
61928425Where can I find an art hoe? They seem to like me online I think I could get with one irl.[View]
61926678gay men of /r9k/, would you date a guy who was on hrt if he was open to doing p much anything you as…[View]
61928337Did you have a magician phase when you were a teen?[View]
61927946Always lived my life alone Been searching for a place called home. I know that I've been cold a…[View]
61926935FACT: the human body has never desired carbs. Wheat is poisonous and is equivilent to eating cement.…[View]
61925537What are some /r9k/ tier books like pic related?[View]
61927953Which other boards do you use, fellow robots?[View]
61927009Why aren't girls as weirdly sexual as guys? Yes they can be whores and pornstars but almost alw…[View]
61921133We should unironically defund, and privatize the police. It literally could not be any worse than it…[View]
61926093Are we too hard on Jannies? It must be hard using a computer when youre braindead[View]
61928065Hey roachie, yes (You).. little roach come over here.. ..get close.. *spits in your face*[View]
61928228>tfw i'm addicted to jerking off to female genital mutilation videos…[View]
61927958Anyone know where I can make friends online? I've been lurking on /soc/ for a few days but it a…[View]
61928089Why are females allowed to look like this?[View]
61927190How to deal with having no friends? I recently lost almost all my friends and I now trust no one. It…[View]
61928052Imagine having to live with this trashy piece of garbage. Still want a gf now? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
61925779CYOA thread: In the span of two years I somehow went from being a diligent student to losing it all …[View]
61927103let's have a sip of cola[View]
61927718I got stood up again. I'm not even mad anymore though, just disappointed in myself for thinking…[View]
61925505>he stills wants a gf >he still thinks it will make him happy you clearly havent ascended yet.…[View]
61927857What do you guys think of Arthur Schopenhauer?[View]
61927785AAAAAAAAAAAA I'm so fucking horny someone give me a gf now![View]
61927813What should I get my egf to do for me sexually? I have already seen every part of her body and we ha…[View]
61926989Brown girls: >Be me >Racist as fuck white guy >Hate indians because they are taking over my…[View]
61927626I am the cuck killer. Please, call me when you see a subhuman cuck.[View]
61925394>spent all day puking I have all these spots around my eyes this shit hurts so bad…[View]
61926731>She approaches wat do?[View]
61925702If some random madman somehow discovered magic and started summoning demons and raining fire on citi…[View]
61927628THE FAILURE MINDSET: Frustration Aggressiveness Insecurity Loneliness Uncertainty Resentment Emptin…[View]
61926760Online dating and pick up at bars is soulless: Does anyone else miss being around girls your own age…[View]
61926589>just turned 21 >people still think I'm in the middle of my teens >nobody takes me ser…[View]
61927324How long do you think it'd last?: How long anon? How long do you think it'd take from desi…[View]
61924557Sister has first kid at 39: >crooked foot >autistic >can only reuse phrases he heard and si…[View]
61927286>Have a complete mental breakdown after stress piling up for months >Friend/roommate thwarts m…[View]
61927446do any of you wear contacts? if so do they change the color of your eyes[View]
61925876>always see people talking about 'missed opportunities'/people liking them when they were younger…[View]
61906944What are vehicles you think are extremely cool looking?[View]
61927455>be me >in line at walmart >see qt with red hair >she asks me if i eat pasta >say abl…[View]
61926725Fuck having a girlfriend. I want superpowers. I want to be able to kill with my mind, to fly, telepo…[View]
61926327>tfw no proud garbageman bf[View]
61925902What is it with bratty sissies running their big mouths and then running away crying with their clit…[View]
61927396/depression general/: >feeling like shit again >Tfw your brain will never stop torturing you …[View]
61927353>woke up at 5:50AM (eu) good morning[View]
61927311Virgin At 28 Wut Do?: Virgin At 28 Wut Do?[View]
61925424>his '''''country'''''' doesnt have monkeys? how do you cope?[View]
61925435why can't robots just realize that plump girls are hot? why is your standards so high guys?[View]
61922221the image that blackpilled me[View]
61927121>want a gf >don't like talking to people Anyone else crave physical intimacy but dislik…[View]
61926063Whats something that brings you joy?[View]
61926702asian men are better looking than white men on average. there is some really poor looking white men[View]
61926629degenerate culture is a side effect of a bigger problem: People would not be nearly as degenerate if…[View]
61924503I'm like 350 pounds, if I eat 0 calories for 7 days will that make a dent in it or am I wasting…[View]
61927248>146 filtered threads https://youtu.be/WiUjG9fF3zw[View]
61926985Set me down Lay me down On the ground Facing down[View]
61909864Fembots, what are your BARE MINIMUM requirements to date somebody (preferably off of r9k or 4chan in…[View]
61926060Is it wrong to get turned in my the smell of your own cock? I shower every day and wash my pp every …[View]
61925654Reminder that the more you idealize women, the less likely you are to get a gf. It's a trap I f…[View]
61926950How do you stop being a brainlet?: There is so much that I should probably know but I don't. Ev…[View]
61927204How do you guys get rid of cum smell from your cum socks[View]
61926931>start school tomorrow to learn a trade >mega terrified of leaving the house after living as a…[View]
61926444I was raped when I was 10 to a neighbor. I feel so disgusting. He told me to suck his cock and I kep…[View]
61927149Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me th…[View]
61927003What is the fastest way I could make enough money to be a NEET forever?[View]
61926234At 20, I finally moved out of my abusive parents' home. On one half, I'm so glad.. but on …[View]
61926983Do you think you'd make a good high school guidance councilor?[View]
61926895I hate you all. You all calling yourself robots, but in facts you are just failed normies. You speak…[View]
61925516i can't stop cumming on my sheets and walls and even my ceiling. i am developing death grips an…[View]
61926649Incels are idiots.: If life were actually a competition based on money, looks or fame then I'd …[View]
61926004[Explosives 24/25] Hello, Easy Pete, I am going into battle and I want your strongest explosives.[View]
61926176FEMBOT GROPE: Do fembots want to be squeezed by men? If so do you want us to ask or just go for it?…[View]
61926216>get dating app >have to spend hours filtering out the booblets manually because there's …[View]
61925682I wonder what it's like to have giant boobs shaking around all the time and knowing that men ar…[View]
61926963Are crunches worth it? I just started working out yesterday, and was planning on doing 100 crunches …[View]
61926914YLYL - /r9k/ edition: ITT: Refer to title[View]
61926400I'm becoming more and more leftist as I grow older. Anyone else? Was really right wing as a tee…[View]
61926046How do you talk to cute girls?[View]
61926830I used to post a lot on /r9k/, like 2009-2011, before /soc/ and it was 98% aim/msn threads. I wonder…[View]
61926839How does Kennedi stay so thin?[View]
61925942I'd be willing to give away all my material posession if that made me get a gf. Hell, I would b…[View]
61926336Why does OCD exist? It is literally just mental torture that ruins your entire life[View]
61924883>invite black friend over >things start disappearing from the house…[View]
61926523Would you rather be 4 feet tall or 7 feet tall?[View]
61925685>every married man I know tells me to never get married >every unmarried man I know wishes he …[View]
61926835Sexual Attractiveness Gap?: Does it feel like this to anyone else? Where you're not attractive …[View]
61925755I don't remember anything I learned in high school[View]
61925310>Go to get a hair cut >woman attends me and explain what I want (Simple undercut without cutti…[View]
61924877Death: I randomly have an intense fear of death at the moment. I feel very vulnerable. It's fu…[View]
61926750I've ascended. Sex means nothing to me anymore.: >have eaten out copious amounts of pussy …[View]
61926749Asian bitches love me My dick inside her tummy[View]
61925532How did you figure out how you wanted to spend your life?[View]
61921001Ideal gf Thread: Post what you look for on a girl. For me it's simple: I want a girl that is cu…[View]
61926712Sometimes I stumble on an internet weirdo and feel bad for them. Like those turboautists that draw s…[View]
61924444all black women belong to white men.[View]
61926644Public service announcement: >roommate can't stop cooming >he comes to dinner in his coom…[View]
61926588Nelos are you still alive? :((((([View]
61925465my dad forced me to shave my head when i had a perfectly nice hairstyle that people complimented me …[View]
61924268What scares you the most about life? That which might be the thing that makes you go on here for esc…[View]
61925618>tfw my black dog responds to 'Nigger' now. Myyyy niggah.[View]
61926535I dropped some yogurt on my bed sheets and now it looks like cum stains.[View]
61925592>use fleshlight in shower >absentmindedly leave it there >don't think I cleaned it out…[View]
61923733Who else /Menace/ here? >tfw 6'4 and 220 lbs >Bald, look like a neonazi (even though im a…[View]
61922572BWC inside brown bois.[View]
61926267Sorry, men. But you're just going to have to live with how you're shit simply because the …[View]
61925964how to gain this physique?[View]
61925400>People take the time to know me and judge me fairly >They hate me anyway why…[View]
61924371Has anyone else been so starved of positive attention that compliments now make them uncomfortable?[View]
61926513What do femanons think about robots with one dimple?[View]
61925549Cal: Are there any negative health effects of LSD/acid? I hear you can suffer flash backs but is tha…[View]
61925901uni thread: >tfw so stupid I'm getting filtered by introductory CS fuck fuck fuck fuck…[View]
61920384Fembots, do you think God exists?: What do think of the various religions as well?[View]
61925010>meet girl here in some fetish thread >have sexy fun for a couple days >we hit it off, real…[View]
61926302Believe on Him: Acts 16:31 '...Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy ho…[View]
61922669Philosophy book general: Hi anons, today i am interested whether you guys read any philosophy and wh…[View]
61923835i have a pelvic floor dysfuction and scar tissue in my hoo ha what now[View]
61926337>Trying to impress qt with my best fortnite dances >Floss, dab the works etc >She tells me …[View]
61926143>exposes herself to you >'hey anon' what uh do robots?…[View]
61926227Is being a neoliberal multiculturalist the most unpopular opinion you could have on 4chan?[View]
61925387Lost connections: Are you looking for someone you used to talk to? What happened? How long has it be…[View]
61924406Would taking several hydrocodone pills make slitting my wrist less painful? I plan on preparing a wa…[View]
61923488hey anons. drinking and kind of bored. add me and vent or talk, tell me your current troubles or lif…[View]
61925931>tfw 5'6 male >also straight[View]
61925210Hey sleepers. Got home from wagecucking so I'm gonna jump into bed for 12 hours. See you on the…[View]
61926197just came in a pair of socks so what[View]
61925046i love white men: as a latina, i love and serve only white men. i want a white man to inseminate me …[View]
61924368What's The Deal With TJ Kirk?: He seems to be the embodiment of a basedboy, with interests like…[View]
61925019blackpilled server for neets and hikis, and the mentally ill to hang out, no degenerate shit so keep…[View]
61925472Anyone here ever make a tulpa successfully? Ideally of an anime girl.[View]
61922747i have these permanent dark cirlces under my eyes, is there anyway to get rid of them?[View]
61925778Alright, which one of you fuckers just catfished me on tinder? I ask for so little. >Finally get …[View]
61925950>get depressed and shit about being behind for my age and not having a gf >cum >don't …[View]
61925655Yep, you definitely all finna pay for what you did.[View]
61925455I just dropped out of college, I'm living with my parents, I can't find a fucking job in t…[View]
61924618What would you do if your female coworker sent you an image of herself like this?[View]
61925716Dude, pass the lotion[View]
61925883I FUCKING HATE HUMANITY, FUCK ALL OF YOU.: So many evil motherfuckers out there. All these fucking p…[View]
61918954What is the best book you have ever read? Want to read more and would love some suggestions for late…[View]
61922122Why are non-autistic normie retard sheep so pathetic?: >Yeah I'd like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…[View]
61925669I wanna fill up a fembot's pussy with cum after NoFap when my balls are full and the cum is thi…[View]
61925646I work in the healthcare field, in an LTAC specifically these past 10 years have been utterly hilari…[View]
61924537Why do humans experience uncanny valley? Do you think we were invaded by autons before?[View]
61925880>be 24 yo >I'm actually not that bad looking, low body fat, lift, play sports, just a lit…[View]
61924288Anyone know what these edits are called? I like those.[View]
61925828listen up robro. the bitch youre scared to talk to or the bitch who ignored you when you manned up,…[View]
61925788But, is it really murder if I consent?[View]
61923811A fairy appears before you and says she can teleport you to any world you desire. What type of world…[View]
61924843>tfw no demeaning legal loli gf who is disappointed in your small dick why are mean girls so fuc…[View]
61921849How do you cope? Hard mode: no self abuse[View]
61925794/sneedfeels/ - Fuck you ugly edition: Talk about what kinda sneedfeelings you're experiencing, …[View]
61925427Why are Anglos so corny?[View]
61925689Earlier today at my work I witnessed a cuban? puerto rican? piece of shit ~60 year old punch some ~7…[View]
61925428im going to rape every white robot[View]
61921296>/r9k/ finally leaves the sewer and goes a grand quest for glory & tendies What's your c…[View]
61925700I'm stealing my roommates used condoms and eating them. I know its fucking disgusting but im ho…[View]
61923922Who here have a savior complex?: I just can't help it, when i see someone weak or struggling, i…[View]
61924556I don't think I'll donate any money to the Chinese. My Life isn't bad at all, and it…[View]
61925605Where the FUCK is my New England Aspie gf at? t. Aspie[View]
61924996Reminder that if you have ever blamed someone for the way the outside world treats them then you are…[View]
61921731>one shot at life >born with a roast beef curtain pussy ok…[View]
61925453In 20 years how will she be remembered on /r9k/ ?[View]
61925550>had a dream I was interesting >be me in dream >at dominos standing in their lobby >i gu…[View]
61923113Why is she growing bigger and bigger bros?[View]
61924700>check my phone >get a text >think it's from my bf >get excited >it's actua…[View]
61924213You DID cuff and secure the weird girl in middle school before she turned into a total Stacy, right?…[View]
61925431>addicted to wacky internet fetish porn for years, completely desensitized to everything >jus…[View]
61925429Appreciation: Thank you guys for being such bros. Despite all of your retardations im glad you use t…[View]
61918835Would you date a femboy, anon?[View]
61925402>tfw you just want a NEET rock/metal chick but you keep running into upbeat cunts and normies to …[View]
61925391Gods, do I know that I'll never have this[View]
61925378>trying to think of a solution to mfw no gf >realize that I am attracted to and relatively com…[View]
61924354just jumped into my freezing cold pool anons im still fucking numb[View]
61922230What chance do you have of finding a girlfriend this month Anon?[View]
61925025I just don't care anymore, I am going to be unemployed with no license till my mum dies and I k…[View]
61924787>lurk terf and radfem forums/blogs for months >determine that they're right about pretty …[View]
61925312What are the essential Robot Requirements? >no gf/bf? >no job? >muh depression? >bad hig…[View]
61925080I am the evil that is born, not naturally, but from a sick society. people like me exist to remind s…[View]
61916400Happy birthday General! Seung-hui Cho. January 18th[View]
61924061Stop obsessing over women: All women are pretty much the same person. Their only value is based on t…[View]
61925137Dev collab: Anons Building a payment processor, if someone wants to collab, msg me. Python JS would …[View]
61922678How do I know if I have autism or not? Someone asked me if I have it.[View]
61924446why arent chicken nuggets healthy?[View]
61924980*flashes you* >wanna suck?[View]
61925104>sexted former ebf who has a real girlfriend >he sent me censored lewd pics Umm is digital i…[View]
61924318here's your lewd. this is the only way to get replies on this coomer site[View]
61922898What JOI girl are you fapping to? Eva De Vil[View]
61924337I don't even have the commitment to be an alcoholic. I tried really hard[View]
61925040Wave at people, get drunk if you have too, Wave at people, insert yourself into the physical instead…[View]
61923747>just finished filling out my gf application and sending it out I can't wait! When she gets …[View]
61924703A black girl called me a coon because I only listen to jpop[View]
61924101How much money have you made off of unemployment/other covid free money? I've made like $18K a…[View]
61925012>tfw >trying to extract some love and affection from hookers >have to fuck at least 3 a wee…[View]
61921826i am fucking losing it FUCK OFF NORMIES[View]
61924657Drinking 2 cans of energy drinks a day for years was a bad idea. Insides hurts.[View]
61920697Do robots play roblox?[View]
61924211I want anon to use me as his stresstoy... I want anon to cover my mouth while using me in middle of …[View]
61920733Bf/Gf thread. Post your boyfriends and girlfriends and why you love them. Here's mine, we'…[View]
61924973What's Erin Corwin look like now?[View]
61923982>lack of gf makes me depressed >depression makes me lash out at other people >taking my ang…[View]
61924295so its the end of the day, how much discharge did you leak out today fembots?[View]
61923847you can't spell 'schizofrenic' without 'fren'.[View]
61924036Can we can an Adolf Hitler Support Group thread going? How did he fuck up your life?[View]
61923662>dude here's how women are, you gotta do this and this >nah they're like this, you h…[View]
61914828IMPROOVE2021 DAY 18: EIGHTEEN DAYS. The days of IMPROOVING are flying by. Only 348 days left of the …[View]
61923689/movie/ thread: Hello anons. This thread is for robots to discuss about movies. Get in here, get com…[View]
61923985I just can't settle for anything less[View]
61919993when it comes down to it, the main problem with us robots is that we're lazy. most of you are v…[View]
61923352Any fembots on here with a huge ass they would smother me with?[View]
61924755when did adventures stop? i want to tomorrow go outside find an adventure group and slay monsters un…[View]
61924712just cumtributed for the first time to a pic of my highschool crush when she was in highschool. idk …[View]
61924621I'm fucking sick of this. My life is a fucking of loop of this bullshit: >yearn for some com…[View]
61923541Why are you all obsessed with sex? At this point, sex is secondary to me. I just want to love and be…[View]
61920477Would you use a gloryhole pussy if cheap and easily available? Would this improve your life?[View]
61924363I think I'm a misanthrope. I genuinely hate every single person in the world who have achieved …[View]
61924668I'm thinking about making an alt to get nudes from a girl I went to high school with. She doesn…[View]
61923155Would you see the day of your death if you could?: I would me scared to see it. It would say: suicid…[View]
61923912>this man is roaming free in society[View]
61924204what's the last thing r9k ate?: i just ate some spicy italian sausage mmm[View]
61918769Ask an actual 'TERF' anything.[View]
61924487Are Hispanics one of the biggest assets when it comes to provoking a race war?[View]
61923427I can only give uni presentations after drinking alcohol Are there better ways to manage massive soc…[View]
61924483story time robots: >am with normie group currently >the fuckers talking about weed, trap music…[View]
61924479giving up: I think it's time that I give up. I'm a 27 year old neet virgin and I've s…[View]
61924052Did you know that on Martin Luther King Jr day all white men are legally required to suck a black ma…[View]
61923262So what did you and your friends do during recess back in the day?[View]
61923760Do you like girls with hollow cheeks, r9k?[View]
61922790How do I join the illuminati if Im cursed by god? Im a demon. I will sit by the seat of Lucifer. I n…[View]
61923271>Mfw woke up at 8am so I could finish a group assignment >told my group mates I'd finish …[View]
61924359>mom gets drunk and hits my dad >I try and stop her >she calls me an incel then goes on ab…[View]
61924367it is a fembots job to protect shotas[View]
61923305datamining or something: question time: >your height >the height you want >favorite song or…[View]
61921550Since I can't find a gf should I kill myself?[View]
61922041>Robot9001 Discords[View]
61922696How many black people have you apologized to on this MLK Day?[View]
61923672How do i get south american gf??[View]
61923656milf i just jerked off to comitted suicide: i was on xvideos and found a video of a reality show of …[View]
61924178>Be me just now >Brother is 300 pounds with tard strength, older then me >He gets really an…[View]
61923474I just want somebody to see me, is that so much to ask?[View]
61923679Robot again: Haven't browsed here in like two years but looks like I'm back. >got what …[View]
61924122What's something you just feel like talking about or just want to briefly tell people but did n…[View]
61923719Worthless Life General: >severely balding in early twenties >shorter than most people I encoun…[View]
61924079>been at my job for close to two months >no high turnover >still don't feel a sense of…[View]
61920028I got ghosted 2 months ago by my first girlfriend and I can't get her out of my mind. I don…[View]
61923498Squirmy and grubs anger and completely negate the incel.[View]
61923279are there any POCs who make good youtube videos? It seems like everything I watch is from white peop…[View]
61923993>All the women are either ugly, fat, brown midgets or braindead super models that only know how t…[View]
61923483Just bought picrel and 18+ DLC. Is it over for me?[View]
61923171why are girls with eye bags so based. Is it because they stay up late looking at something autistic …[View]
61923257IT'S. TIME. TO. LOSE. THE. WEIGHT. https://youtu.be/8n3DGhgYY7o[View]
61923084ive never had a crush. ive never had tfw no gf. i always want to be alone and i never experience lon…[View]
61923004I can either shoot myself with 5.56x45 fmj or 9mm hollow point. I don't know shit about guns, w…[View]
61921399Why arent leftists having sex? whats wrong with them bros?[View]
61923564>born with a shitty ass and pussy what a horrible life[View]
61922661>be brazilian gamer >hate playing with other brazilians because they are toxic favela monkeys …[View]
61921417love is impossible: how do we cope with women being whores? I've read so many fucking women hat…[View]
61923777>Be me >Zoom meet and greet for new semester >Chat a little with very QT 3.14 ginger girl, …[View]
61921431I'm actually genuinely the worst girlfriend in the entire world.[View]
61923544>realize I would have been a cute (biological) girl >have no interest in being a girl though …[View]
61923529>so touch starved that even hugging my pillow makes me tense up[View]
61923769138+ breads automatically filtered new hi-score[View]
61922526What is actually wrong with me?: >actually managed to have sex >real thing is plain and disapp…[View]
61923235I'm 21, completely aimless and nobody likes/talks to me besides my family. My mom told me today…[View]
61923695>parents tell me they're sick of me and my neet lifestyle. >tell me they're going to…[View]
61923802wish i had a different life: do you robots ever wish that your life was different? being a normie ev…[View]
61923782We are on pace to surpass 1 million suicides as a species this year through the first 18 days!!! And…[View]
61923753Robot Wives: ive been thinking recently could we solve the incel problem with Robot Wives? with the …[View]
61923737Anyone in the NYC area know how to properly escortcell without risking jailtime?[View]
61922235I CANT DO THIS: >have homework >14 days till deadline >spend my time procrastinating >7 …[View]
61923692question for russian robots: i've been living in spain for most of my life now and consider mys…[View]
61919475Why do Asian faggot males spam black penises 24/7?[View]
61923554REJOICE: Incels Chads Stacies Normalfags Underage fags Suicidal people browse this board what a BOAR…[View]
61916602Why am I such a romantic at heart? My chances as a guy to find a girl are very low this way. Its ha…[View]
61923545Am i too old for this cesspool? Seems like everyone here is a teen zoomer, is reddit my only alterna…[View]
61922140>tfw you were never out going enough to be someone's bro friend[View]
61921704Why do Asian parents always insist on the buzz cut? This garbage destroyed my confidence as a kid.[View]
61919604Does anyone actually find a gf on this godforsaken board or is it all just a meme?[View]
61923344My family forgot my birthday..[View]
61921158How can I make it clear to BIPOC, LGBTQ, womens groups and other marginalised folks that I am an all…[View]
61923345Whites are worse than the Jews and responsible for destroying everything. Both whites and Jews are t…[View]
61922356Its time to team up: the jews are not our enemy the devil is, black men, we are not your enemy lets …[View]
61917295Alice's Room: who is this crazy bitch and why do you guys shill her on here? her streams are ho…[View]
61922997Am I being gangstalked because I did something to deserve it?[View]
61922342Could a parallel world without STDs exist? Would you like to live in it? What could change in societ…[View]
61920014is it true that women like sex just as much as men do?[View]
61923240>it's our wedding night anon, I'm still a virgin[View]
61923348I hate feeling happy for a period of time and then going back to being depressed for no reason at al…[View]
61923304Two more days, chud. Two more days.[View]
61923336my workplace says i cant wear sneakers anymore, what goes well with this?[View]
61920186my definition of left wing and right wing: right wing = survival survival of your race/nation/cultur…[View]
61920269I love coffee. Black, no sugar. Do robots like coffee?[View]
61921979Seriously what is it like to be loved? Does your gf text or call you often? What do you talk about?…[View]
61923263>wake up >pop an addy >drink a monster >still tired and fall asleep a few hours later…[View]
61919843How badly do you hate yourself?[View]
61921991You'd all have better luck with women if you started going after the ugly ones[View]
61923231>Error: you mistyped the captcha or captcha malfunctioned[View]
61922428>Anon! Have you got those papers for me? Don't make me get the boss involved again! How do y…[View]
61922040How tall would you like your girls to be, robots?[View]
61922672I don't hate women, I'm just scared of them[View]
61923099I prefer white women but all the good looking ones are giga roasties. It's kind of depressing.[View]
61917289Black girls are so easy, why haven't you gotten some easy pussy by now?[View]
61921808>Why do I hate women? Because they don't invest in a man. They just wait at the finish line.…[View]
61919994What will he do once Barb dies?[View]
61923102>shadow government[View]
61922578Just got a haircut from mom. Despite her age she is still very good at cutting hair. Today was a goo…[View]
61910937how is this physiologically possible? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fdf87faacf79…[View]
61922632>I want you to take on more responsibility so you can start managing the shop, son I'm never…[View]
61922739Im 23, only studied art but couldnt learn anything from it, i never had any kind of job. I never lik…[View]
61922945https://www.reddit.com/poll/kzw85p VOTE TLOU2 IF YOU'RE BASED >https://www.reddit.com/poll/k…[View]
61922435I'm so starved, I'll pay a femanon to talk to me on discord.[View]
61922702I don't understand your sex and porn addiction I was bottom once but it was because I wanted to…[View]
61922093What is the most r9k thing about you? I'l start >No gf...[View]
61921987Are tranny's mentally ill?[View]
61922738big sis is finally out of the hospital[View]
61922648Recently been interested in true crime shit for some reason. What about you guys ?[View]
61922983I think I just got through winter in hibernation mode. It's like I blinked and three months pas…[View]
6192285872 archetypes: reply if you have information on the 72 archetypes, how to apply them, or who to cont…[View]
61921090Why havent you taken the insanepill anons??? Whenever something bad happens just laugh your fucking …[View]
61920210Just came to a conclusion that for 25 years in my life that I don't have any skills. And I…[View]
61921335Hey guys, come up with a creative pseudonym for me, please bros[View]
61922667Anons, I have stretch marks on my hips and ass. Am I done for? Should I just give up and start chewi…[View]
61920997I don't care that much about money. I just want to know if I should bother at all with Economic…[View]
61920129How do you feel about this fact?[View]
61922911>tfw no local disk jockey bf[View]
61922283What is your mother like anon? Do you have a good relationship with her?[View]
61922728Really hate blacked garbage and it seems to be spreading everywhere even to 2d porn. Soon there will…[View]
61921693>leave this board if you're 18/19 bro!!!! Genuinely why do people say this shit? Maybe 1% o…[View]
61920388Do blacks have weaker immune systems?[View]
61919711I know you're out there so come say hi you autist[View]
61921780tfw no light dominant bitchy puma gf why even live, bros?[View]
61922701Meaningful Friends: Have any of you ever had a meaningful friendship ? The friends I've made ar…[View]
61921405How to disappear completely ? i dont want anyone to know ive done this. i just want disappear from t…[View]
61922698Would you date an abbo?[View]
61921632i refuse to believe anyone over the age of 18 obesses so fucking much over getting a girlfriend and …[View]
61922391If god intended for a man and a woman to marry and procreate while not ever having been sexually dev…[View]
61922406How has dating been for you, /r9k/? >grill dumped me yesterday after dating for 6 weeks >actua…[View]
61922364anyone here beat social anxiety? how?[View]
61909800Good ofd fashioned woman hate thread[View]
61921027>came 3 times already today >dick hurts and is red >still horny I thought it would get bett…[View]
61920599/r9gay #1261 Intestinal parasites Edition.: Daily reminder that Homosexuality is caused by Extreme a…[View]
61921887Hard Truths: Talent will always outweigh practice and effort. If you are not born with the 'artisti…[View]
61922489>be 31, at a dead end >your life has been increasingly harder every year >for 7 years you…[View]
61922485I'm so tired of my life and my dysfunctional family. I need to vent. I'm 22 and have been …[View]
61922470why do twitter liberals hate autistic people and mentally ill people so much[View]
61921631I haven't masturbated or watched porn in 7 days. I did have a wet dream on day 3 but it doesn…[View]
61922320>Be me >Average looking guy, 6'5 and 160 pounds >Match with 6/10 girl in tinder >Li…[View]
61914286Roasties hate him, because he tells the truth.[View]
61922108>dump crazy ex >been stalking ever since >has caught her parked in front of my house at nig…[View]
61920923are there any robots who know Japanese?: I need a conversation partner, either text or VC will do. I…[View]
61921538>another day of making myself gay by looking at yaoi[View]
61920270Vtuber shit: I require your assistance. My small smooth NPC brain is unable to comprehend the fact t…[View]
61922338Fembots, why not just become a sloppy titcow and masturbate on webcam for a living?[View]
61922167Why the fuck should I do anything if one day I'll die just like everyone else? Could be literal…[View]
61922061>beat my dick so much that I lost the ability to feel orgasms[View]
61922193femanons post the girl you kinda want to do gay stuff with p-pic unrelated[View]
61922035tfw you will never escape from that feel until you're dead[View]
61920323Bullying and rejection in childhood fucked up for good, I think. I got bullied from very young age a…[View]
61921591>be me >have monster cock >packing a 7 incher if you push the ruler all the way in >not …[View]
61910457/r9gay/ #1262: Smooth is justice edition. Previously: >>61902388[View]
61920480why do incels think they are robots?[View]
61920429Thank you for the free day off school Mr.Negro[View]
61921241TFW you will never go on a pokemon adventure with your cute childhood friend collecting gym badges a…[View]
61920687I fucking hate college I just want to study engineering Why the fuck do I have to take english and …[View]
61920841any robots wanna fuck an escort with my money? let me watch[View]
61917918Take the black pill chuds, it will set you free.[View]
61920204How do you get a girl pregnant?[View]
61921312if bisexuality is so good: then why is trisexuality not a thing yet[View]
61921909I am afraid of living my entire life without ever finding happiness[View]
61916640Do you like the more dominant girls anon?[View]
61920844is there anything i can do to get taller im 21 and 5'10.[View]
61921020Depression memes: Post depression shit, faggots. I haven't to /r9k/ for a long time, I know you…[View]
61920354Hey robots, Who here got their GED and how hard was it? Life got complicated in school and I had to …[View]
61920325Why can't I change even when I want to?[View]
61921010what are femanons opinions on the hairy pp[View]
61919358come and play with me! https://textwall.xyz/robot[View]
61918694'''Beauty''' cut circumcision: Anyone here circumcised like this?[View]
61917021*jumps onto keyboard and blocks your screen*[View]
61920146do you like womens products? i'm going to take a shower using this one these scents are much co…[View]
61915666All incels should be send in a mass battle royale the only one that survives shall spend his life be…[View]
61919630Fuck it, I'm taking the neet pill: In commiefornia and according to my job, as of recently anxi…[View]
61921378The nobodies discord server: /f7ExDUpt Join or not who cares[View]
61921606>only 21 years old >look at the modern trends like tiktok stuff, youtubes trending page and mo…[View]
61921164why do i prefer ass-maxxing chicks opposed to slim women?: chick in pic is 180lbs minimum, likely 21…[View]
61921395Of all the strangers you meet, what percentage of them do you consider 'attractive'? For me, it…[View]
61920664>'down on your knees anon, its time for your feeding.' wat do?[View]
61921203>be me month ago >had second date with this girl >it was a sunday evening and had work the …[View]
61921054what the fuck is wrong with my heart bros I'm worried[View]
61919236Anyone else want to be a femboy but with muscles I just think it's the ideal male form[View]
61919369... you would, wouldnt you? Anon ...[View]
61921180I'm so done and fed up with humanity - I might become a serial killer. Some people just don…[View]
61921480Went for a office admin interview today.. The woman who interviewed me is only 23, and would be my m…[View]
61921459What's the point of having a gf if she doesn't have large tits?[View]
61921413>have crush on childhood best friend's older sister >8 years go by >she has kid and s…[View]
61921118Why the hell does everything have to revolve around race with you people?[View]
61918701'I'm here to give you your vaccine anon, you're getting one like it or not'[View]
61921149What's the last time you felt proud of yourself anon? for me it has to be this giant shit i to…[View]
61917444/britfeel/: Imagine having a girlfriend edition[View]
61921167>post about any aesthetic problem >hurr just lift bro This is the worst advice possible. You …[View]
61921354Anglos created the black single motherhood problem: You impregnated black slaves and left them witho…[View]
61918834Hey sexy robot,: Hey sexy robot, do you want to kill all humans?[View]
61920736Do men like shortstacks who wear glasses? I'm short so I would only be able to handle and satis…[View]
61920938post cringe that people say that triggers you for whatever reason, i start: >oh my sweet summer c…[View]
61919066>tfw no niqabi girl who would uncover only for me[View]
61921210Just think about it originally.[View]
61919773Escorts in the US: what are the best escort websites in the US[View]
61920456Life is over if you arent born rich. There is the story of Nigerians being the top of their class an…[View]
61921094What the hell is my problem?[View]
61920562hello robots, have a nice day! i am baking a cake today[View]
61920257>skinny twink body, girls have told me I have a nice ass >but masculine face and tall >stra…[View]
61921093Fembots love misogyny. The fact that they hang around on this board is proof.[View]
61921083Why don't femanons like me?[View]
61920600It's Tuesday May 11, 2004. The Nintendo DS has just been revealed for the first time. Where are…[View]
61920876>when her pussy is making your dick all slick and shiny What a feeling[View]
61920293Haha, what is Apu up to this time? This little rascal is going places, I tell you.[View]
61920977I have two choices. Either I keep my hobo hair or I let my mom cut it which might end up looking awf…[View]
61915944/Rei general/: Rei is running late for school again: Day 537[View]
61916495I don't know why but I want to date an ugly, unsuccessful, insecure motherfucker and think that…[View]
61917096How close are you to making it? >tfw 22 year old virgin[View]
61920949Why cant leftists have sex? https://metro.co.uk/2016/09/02/very-right-wing-people-are-more-satisfied…[View]
61920890living on in others, in memories and dreams Is not enough and it never is You always want so much mo…[View]
61920530https://art.duckgroup.xyz/r9k come and draw[View]
61920341Dead End: >Be me >23 >5'6 >no friends, zero experience with women >Have anxiety …[View]
61920897just an idea for you to think about, having an average or slightly boring life isn't bad at all…[View]
61920208Is it too late at age thirty if you haven't achieved or experienced anything?[View]
61920861pick up artist voice chat, tell me pick up lines to say... virtual dating/ virtual game https://stea…[View]
61920507I need a gf please I just need one[View]
61918672What does she mean by that? She obviously likes me, but refused to go on a date with me a few weeks …[View]
61920750Anyone else love being around bottom of the barrel, low IQ, inbred retards? Makes me feel like gigac…[View]
61920739Virginity isn't worth the worry: I think finding and establishing meaningful friendships and re…[View]
61919053should i smash a 27 year old single mom from my job? Will her pussy be fucked up after 2 babies? im…[View]
61920663I did it guys I fucking did it a woman slapped my butt today when I was leaving a restaurant after m…[View]
61920289Probably at least once a week I wake up with pretty bad stomach pain, i have to rush to get to the b…[View]
61916883horror thread: Trying to impress a cute, kinky goth chick at my job. What are some good horror films…[View]
61918674I'm not funny or cool, and this makes me bepression these weeks, and I don't stop comparin…[View]
61916477The Majestic Nofap: Day 18: 17 days under my belt, soldiers. We march onward, always onward, never b…[View]
61918781Its sosa robot? >Looks autistic >Introverted >Withdrawn >Huge videogame collection >L…[View]
61920553Where is this picture from? An album? Saw another anon posting it, and i think i have seen it before…[View]
61917382why do some people say 'i believe science'? isn't the point of science that it doesn't mat…[View]
61917843I just found the strength to open her facebook after 1.5 years, She's gotten married. I don…[View]
61920502God I wish I was British. Everyone looks so happy in their webcomics.[View]
61920406>tfw qt co-worker invites me to a normie party and is clearly into me and wants me to go >can…[View]
61915418masturbation is a giant waste of time only charged by our basic biology to need2breed imagine all th…[View]
61918721I'm Indian and I had sex with a white girl. She will always know she had sex with an Indian.[View]
61918269I'm looking for someone I've lost contact with on r9k. His name is Liki. I will make this …[View]
61920150I have just lost the game![View]
61919802I don't perceive w*men as human beings.[View]
61920072>dumb,sub 80 iq >never funny,not even once >age badly >doesn't have a dick >real…[View]
61920213Is there anything more abominable than a gaslighter in a high position to authority?[View]
61919065>no chubby asian gf what's even the point[View]
61920116I just looked up people from high school and wtf nothing makes any sense. The girls that were hot a…[View]
61919782These lesbians want to have a four-some with you, anon. Do you accept? If so, what would you do with…[View]
61919753Hypothetically speaking, in which third world country would it be easier to get away with rape?[View]
61919812Africans have some street smarts: Africans may have low iq, but they have at least some booksmarts. …[View]
61919964I'm going to college next fall but I'm going to a completely different school than the res…[View]
61919952GIF pepe thread[View]
61918508Do you have a vice? Are you trying to lessen it and have you been successful so far?[View]
61917723is being a jawlet the worst possible trait?[View]
61920097Why bother?: Anyone else feels like they are, at best, mediocre at everything they do. To exemplify,…[View]
61919980Why have I not heard anyone use the word 'chordee' in context here? It's a perfect fit, no pun …[View]
61920068Is it true that younger men give off 'rapey vibes'? I'm in my early-30s, and getting laid more …[View]
61920107>write a massive reply btfo an anon >thread gets 404ed by jannies cause it was off topic…[View]
61920065>well endowed and tall but too awkward and weird to capitalize on it anyone else blessed in some …[View]
61913645Anyone here have any experience with brain damage? I would love to do something like boxing but I ha…[View]
61920021Recipe for disaster: >love fasting >always look fat on the mirror This is going to kill me is…[View]
61918359Fembot's 0 is made for Robot's 1.[View]
61919088I have a lot of cringy memories from high school and every time I remember them I want to kill mysel…[View]
61917036Biggest sexual fantasy? Tfw not playing with an anime girl's asshole atm.[View]
61918229Girl's 'defects' that you find charming: >stupid/dumb stupid girls tend to be good natured a…[View]
61919981Iraqi Iraqi[View]
61919651I can't see myself becoming boyfriend material no matter how much self improvement I would do, …[View]
61919944Purple nerple Squirtle[View]
61918464Everything on this godforsaken website is beginning to lose meaning. I probably need to find somethi…[View]
61918699I just started growing redish silver hair in my stubble. I am freaked out. I only have black hair un…[View]
61919878https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Hapmm9YiY&t I feel like I fell in love with this girl. I don…[View]
61916888Have you guys seen that movie eyes wide shut its a really good movie but it really pissed me off whe…[View]
61919038Public vs private healthcare: Do you support public or private healthcare? Consider it both from a m…[View]
61917689What is most precious to you?[View]
61917925>gf plays video games >shes bad >have to watch her die to her lack of skill >have to th…[View]
61917277AUSSIE GENERAL: How is your summer going?[View]
61917227Why not just settle for a jewish gf anon? You're not a neonazi right?[View]
61916287So what do we think about Daniel Lord of the Hiding in my room Youtube channel? Could we possibly em…[View]
61918228How would you feel wearing soft white tights under your clothes?[View]
61916104Dopamine desensitization and oxytocin deficiency are the root of most of your problems.[View]
61912512What's that thing you did or said that keeps you up at night? That social or career mistake tha…[View]
61918868No chinamen ever called me white boy or cracker.[View]
61915880>go to Six Flags with my boyfriend of two years >my boyfriend goes to the bathroom >while I…[View]
61919477Is there really anything wrong with Israel winning the planetbowl?[View]
61919663>be on home office >everyday we have an online meeting >5 min there is just banter where no…[View]
61919092Femanons do you have big mommy hangers? Are you proud of your hangers or ashamed of them? Me persona…[View]
61916134How do I end my craving for women? Should I start hating them so I can be happy of never being able …[View]
61918306Time to shimmy out of your personal quick sand.[View]
61918527Che schifo che schifo che schifo Pocodi[View]
61919336I pretend to be my oneitis on crystal cafe and I talk about myself in the third person so I can get …[View]
61919347I want to stroke it so originally[View]
61918607Are females actually able to feel and give love or they are just pretending?[View]
61919558I want to make friends with the frog martians[View]
61915924I swear to god, someday I'm going to cut myself with a kitchen knife, I can't take this an…[View]
61919507>mom found the /tv/ folder[View]
61917981Im a married woman and got pregnant by another man, should i tell my husband? Has it happened to any…[View]
61919224>get myself a box of matches in case I need them >burn through all of them in a day >set th…[View]
61916876What's the saddest thing that you were a part of but not directly?: >be in college, look lik…[View]
61918334Are you a true oldfag? If so, identify this image.[View]
61919129>Forcibly fapped 14 times in a single day 3 weeks ago and couldn't get hard ever since What …[View]
61919414>still whining that you can't find love or a girlfriend Unconditional love doesn't exis…[View]
61918658Why don't you just settle for a little person, guys?[View]
61919339>wageslaving >pumped up kicks plays on the radio >walk by the guy whos gone nowhere and sti…[View]
61918146I started licking my cat because i figured thats how in the cat world they tell eachother how they l…[View]
61918598The cleaning bitch won't stop spraying her fucking Lysol. I can't breath. Covid doesn…[View]
61919248Are young white girls really that easy if you have a BBC? All the black guys i know who are just ave…[View]
61918473TRUST NO ONNE[View]
61918615How common is this? Have you ever seen such a couple in public?[View]
61919253I'm really interested in the podcast business. If anyone knows anything about it I'd like …[View]
61908663Is Tinder really the worst place to try and finding a girlfriend?[View]
61918010Is anyone who can't get sex whenever they want an incel?: Technically you're involuntarily…[View]
61917784twitch: Do you have a twitch? I need help setting one up, i'm traveling around the states on a …[View]
61891440/mbti/ very serious edition: Keeping it real with the mbti thread you've all been lusting over.…[View]
61917033All femanons deserve to be worshipped[View]
61918706inceldom is a state of mind: you can still get pusy if you are ugly as long as you are confident and…[View]
61918826Mayocels on suicide watch https://videopress.com/v/zAidDT9L[View]
61918786I never laughed so hard looking at this shit.[View]
61918726Believe on Him: Galatians 2:16 'Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by …[View]
61917908There are no people who act like your shitty anime girl cartoon poses. get shit[View]
61918949>live with parents >whenever they talk to me, they almost always treat me like a child >alw…[View]
61917252>tfw keep having dreams of a girl that doesn't exist >tfw she will never be real >tfw …[View]
61916907I hate British people >fags[View]
61917088esfand pops a boner on jinny live stream: anyone watch this twitch streamers he got boner on live st…[View]
61917529Have any of you ever had a stalker before? What was it like?[View]
61918570>2021 >Jeffle is forgotten[View]
61918874How do I learn English, I'm tired of having a bad English dick[View]
61917853i've enlisted in the military to finally fix depression was this a good move?[View]
61916972i wish this happens to me. i wish i become ahri[View]
61918725>culture becomes feminized as women take over universities, education, jobs, journalism, politics…[View]
61917381>tfw no ugly gf It hurts bros[View]
61918340If i just lay away my phone and pc I'll be bored enough to start doing shit at some point, righ…[View]
61918033I really can't take it anymore: Yeap, that's more like it. I can't go on anymore anon…[View]
61918747Shit Eggs Say: >I just wear girls clothes because its my fetish!!…[View]
61917613>she calls herself a webcam-model what exactly is the difference to a whore?…[View]
61916455anyone else have the opportunity/means to have sex, but usually opt not to cause of nerves? it gives…[View]
61914890>white >handsome >6'0' >skinny >virgin at 24 /r9k/ told me all I had to do was b…[View]
61917625Americans are, quite literally, the enemy of mankind.[View]
61917639>1 chance at life > born 99% central european / anglo > Still a fucking manlet > mfw…[View]
61918341i only watch films and shows in which i wish to bone the actress[View]
61918307Comb your beard, brush your teeth Beat your wife, go to sleep[View]
61918583My porn addiction is getting darker and darker. It was always incredibly vanilla. But now it's …[View]
61917346Any hapa femanons want to be my gf?[View]
61916830>get along fine with girl at work >get her number >switch jobs >she hugs and kisses me o…[View]
61917816Fuck your problems, you little bitch. Whatever you're passing through, there are people living …[View]
61918486You will never be a mommy: now fuck off femoid, you are not a robot either, and you'll never be…[View]
61917314Hypothetically what disability would be the best to fake for social security payments?[View]
61915093How does a straight guy get rid of his homosexual thoughts? >Ibb4 ur gay lol Not in a million yea…[View]
61917617is there a way to meet new people (that are actually interested in making friends/relationships) wit…[View]
61918171>Crush has a psychotic episode and apologizes for a bunch of meaningless things Wow... I thought …[View]
61918352What's with these online report forms? How much of a pussy do you have to be to not only not be…[View]
61918325Let's get a drunk thread going[View]
61917606why didnt my dad ever teach me anything? he could have taught me >how to surf >how to play gui…[View]
61917144>tfw 22 and no woman has ever shown any interest in me at all I'm dying alone aren't I?…[View]
61918207>Masturbate and coom >do it again and again >no longer can get erect, start anal play and f…[View]
61918080>when i make friends online i always take on the role of the girl[View]
61916993BlG DICK TUNNEL[View]
61915677How the fuck am I supposed to get a gf if I'm a neurotic, socially anxious, 5'8' manlet wi…[View]
61917786Zanzibar Arabs: I don't like neither Arabs nor Muslims but the fate of the Zanzibar Arabs makes…[View]
61916878How the fuck do you even obtain a shitty personality? Just be nice. What do you gain from being rude…[View]
61917704I just want a wife that looks like a librarian...[View]
61917231Hoity toity[View]
61917828The wagecuck paradox: Will I stop feeling worthless once I start making my own money? Or am I destin…[View]
61917584How do i reverse-indoctornate people into thinking homosexuality is bad?[View]
61918001do femanons want to sit on their bfs face pls say yes[View]
61916565>be me >edate Europeans >they're always six foot and above >get personal photos f…[View]
61917539Do anons here like Pokemon?[View]
61917294I probably need someone with a Wendy syndrome at this point[View]
61917897Thank you witch femanons[View]
61914743I really want someone to take care of me. I want to completely devote myself and do anything for tha…[View]
61914719Most girls having small boring breasts is really depressing.[View]
61917804I wish I had corona it's not fair how others can get it but I don't[View]
61917366I stopped using 4chan[View]
61917090'Yes, Champ. We're still going to Chick Fil A. I know just how much you love their sandwiches a…[View]
61916030What's the point in life if I can't have me a werewolf gf?[View]
61917390Why don't we eat niggers?: Really, I think everyone on 4chan knows that niggers (and with that …[View]
61912264NEET and Hikikomori General Thread: NEET/Hikikomori Thread Why are you a NEET/Hikikomori? >NEET …[View]
61916049i made this truly and originally[View]
61917514>take English course online >the entire course is just classmates judging your writing constan…[View]
61917474Literally have been on anti-depressants for months and people still take an immediate disliking to m…[View]
61916961Do you ventilate your room regularly? According to this video stale indoors air can decrease your co…[View]
61917354>go outside to a park >everyone is already talking to each other >go to a bar >same as a…[View]
61915964why does online school have to fuck me so much? each week, we get a shit ton of assignments, about 3…[View]
61917500Did you experiment with your friends growing up?[View]
61916774I just got banned off reddit for no reason and now im sadder than before[View]
61914567how to cope?: fuck this >first achieve something, and then you'll have a queue of girls wait…[View]
61916272Vocaroo thread: Vocaroo thread? I'm not sure if we've had one recently but post whatever. …[View]
61916269Does following orders no matter what really make you a good soldier? Her dad told her to clean out t…[View]
61917375tfw you're the nice and quiet guy[View]
61917171Dear pretty femanons, why did you always bully the ugly girls in school? We never did anything to yo…[View]
61917379>you have been warned >reason: racism kek, and you retards make fun of reddit thinking 4chan i…[View]
61909383What made it so good according to you anons?[View]
61917062>body shave >one day later >skin feels like sand paper…[View]
61916481It's my birthday and I'm alone with my mother[View]
61917282Being a Slavbot is suffering. Imagine not only being born genetic trash but being born in this hellh…[View]
61905229/britfeel/: tiny scottish lassy that britfeel is obsessed with edition[View]
61914631What's stopping people from going to a ghost town and turning it into a regular town?[View]
61913968I ate the whole thing[View]
61916226the current state of /qa/ is astounding. Do you realize that as you are reading this thread there ar…[View]
61915269Do blacks have weak immune systems?[View]
61914629Whenever my friend gets a gf, he no longer has any time to hang out with me. He just disappears, bec…[View]
61916250If I'm still single by age 30 I'm going to go to the Philippines and find a wife[View]
61915740how to get cute nerdy gf if autistic?[View]
61917173>such a big loser and virgin that even bots don't add me to their instagram sex groups i fuc…[View]
61913989Can't wait to get home, sleep, order some Thai food, and drink some beer. I fucking hate workin…[View]
61917066Brekky: eating choco chip banana oatmeal with cinnamon. looks like a fat shit with cavier but it tas…[View]
61914196holy shit why am i so superior to everyone[View]
61915427Can long term loneliness physically damage you long term? I feel like it has taken a huge toll on my…[View]
61916642not going to stop self actualizing and becoming my best self until i become my ideal futa self day 1…[View]
61915731Our lives would be better, if we just abandon pc and went outside. But its too scary. I should throw…[View]
61916504How can women compete with these?: Seriously. Why go to a woman when you can get one of these.…[View]
61915109>high inhibition >unconfrontational >overthinker Is there a worse trifecta of traits? Liter…[View]
61916367>that kid that grabbed your deck and threw it in the air and told you to go play '52 pick up' aft…[View]
61916161I might jerk off later[View]
61916924Fuuuuck guys I've been in quarantine since new years eve and I have to start work again this we…[View]
61916814How did you deal with the realization that the 'special event' that would reveal something to you in…[View]
61916881>be me >have a half sister (same father) >shes older than me does god like to make fun of m…[View]
61916669I'm a talking black bird, for I am the Druid, the dumb fuck tranny anime girl is my master, ask…[View]
61916047With Minds being probably deleted this or next year, there is an even better alternative. >Gab I …[View]
61916613Society and Egirls: why are all attention whores righties?[View]
61915616https://textwall.xyz/r9k come and play[View]
61915290>old friend message me at FB: >asks some stuff >answers >gets 'haha ok', 'yeah nice' as …[View]
61916683Here's your state mandated bf, femanon!: What would you do, if put in this situation?[View]
61915440Boom boom boom boom: I want you in my room Let's spend the night together From now until foreve…[View]
61915637Lime: Lime Are u here lime?[View]
61916633I'm streaming a lot, but no one is following me.. at first it was not a problem for me, but now…[View]
61916179>you will never get Lina Inverse, the perfect female[View]
61915728https://myboyinchastityblog.wordpress.com >tfw no keyholder gf[View]
61916465I'm at a point that I'm okay to fuck a femboy Just to raise my chances of getting laid[View]
61916315Whatcha smokin on /r9k/? Also, what are your plans for the day? >Smoke all morning >Write a co…[View]
61914725>attempt nofap >start to feel schizophrenic 3 days in What? What is happening? I thought this …[View]
61912438The longer you stay alone, the longer your future wife is fucking other men.[View]
61916347Come on in, guys! There's candy and video games![View]
61916473I just want to be a beta simp it's all I want from live[View]
61916404do woman exist that like beer?[View]
61906091ITT: NOSTALGIA: post things that make you nostalgic or something[View]
61914912anyone got any porn of the grub hub dancers?[View]
61916372How do I load /f/ embedded flashes on chrome again?[View]
61916351/r9krinkle/: Who got diapered up over the weekend?[View]
61914769I found out that my 12 year old kid sister's google account autofills her search results for so…[View]
61914174I thought nofap was a meme. I haven't coomed in 10 days and already feeling better, energetic. …[View]
61915809Rare items: I often run into mass-produced plastic items like special edition video game consoles th…[View]
61915979i have become so mentally retarded i don't think i would even to cry if my parents died[View]
61915273Just reminding you that farmers gets most sex Take the horsepill and make your wife having sex with …[View]
61916192Stone problem: What if stones are hard only if they touch the stuff, but are spongey when they fly t…[View]
61911822Life is just one long NPD moment.[View]
61916081>decide to have my weekly fap >open up pic related >thing is such a buggy piece of shit …[View]
61915025>tfw no female that is actually above average at the game to duo with why live?…[View]
61913342Successfully snuck out of my house at 1AM, walked to 7/11, got alcohol, and returned without alertin…[View]
61915439>Feel Depressed >Listen to After Dark by Mr. Kitty What the fuck.…[View]
61916063WTF robot bros: what went wrong i'm 194 cm towering bitches like pic rep and im a virgin WTF we…[View]
61915405How common is momcest?[View]
61916082>so, anon, you wanted to talk about something?[View]
61916117had that highschool dream again >gym class >entire class has to shower before gym >girls lo…[View]
61915678Inositol & inositol monophosphatase were measured in brain samples from 10 suicide victims, 8 pa…[View]
61916016Day 4 - no nutting: 4 days ago I stopped masturbating. The first and second days I literally suffere…[View]
61914871This is a cute thread. Post cute things.[View]
61915858Is economics a meme degree? What degrees do you or do you want to pursue?[View]
61914974Apathy: Any robots here have personal experience with overcoming apathy? I know this is one of the w…[View]
61915130>I can't let you go. You belong to me >You will let me go. I need to improve.…[View]
61916023Is she correct or nah??[View]
61915933Femanon here I wish there were virgin neets I could have sex with[View]
61914942Do you think mixing cultures is a good idea[View]
61914521i don't smoke weed because I get terrible anxiety from it although it's not as bad as when…[View]
61914884>la casa de papel[View]
61914586>only match with titless girls on tinder/bumble >am only attracted to milk trucc girls >sti…[View]
61915098Last November a date pulled the plug after 3 dates. Stung a little, but I managed. Yesterday, a girl…[View]
61914438One day I will watch this movie with a girl[View]
61915676Why are Americans so obsessed with trannies? Transsexuals are literally all they talk about these da…[View]
61914657Why is porn literally everywhere? Im doing a challange where i allow myself to masturbate but i have…[View]
61909973Writing fiction and hiking is the only thing keeping me sane. Maybe if I write well I will be rememb…[View]
61915857>tfw shit's so fucked[View]
61874049Anyone else here not want to have sex because it would be too complicated? Feels like I would have t…[View]
61915799Irrefutable Confutation of Efilism: Hello. Efilism is yet another subjective philosophy selling itse…[View]
61914260I should shower but I don't feel like it[View]
61911462Anyone tried NoFap and saw any differences? I'm not talking about the high and mighty bullshit …[View]
61915766>3 years behind in college >just want to drop out and NEET and play video games all day >ca…[View]
61914475The Majestic Nofap: 400 Hours: Over 400 hours of nofap, of unbroken masturbation abstention, lads. I…[View]
61915615Women are wonderful people that want the best for you. They belong here no matter how high their bod…[View]
61915674fuck it, heres a friend application: hey so i know i sound like a troll but im actually just lonely …[View]
61915735was he based, r9k? did his whore sister want his cock? did they fuck after he made the video? I MUST…[View]
61915345Could you find at least 10 people to turn up to your wedding?: If by some miracle you met someone an…[View]
61915482How does /r9k/ work: Does /r9k/ store all comments and posts ever made? This seems like the only rea…[View]
61915033'Looks don't matter' is the biggest meme I've ever heard. No matter how interesting, or ho…[View]
61913725is ai dungeon healthier than porn? instead of watching naked woman gets banged for few minutes and c…[View]
61914951What does /r9k/ think of my underwear. Btw Im a boy[View]
61915183>live at home >wanna cope with being a faplet >want to buy small cigars to smoke alone at n…[View]
61914796So it finally happened. The girl I once crushed on is now getting porked by someone else. I cant rea…[View]
61915608I'm gonna crazy !!!!!: >put too much effort in cooming for little payout due to unstimulatin…[View]
61915361What should I use, glock g-17 or drain-o? The gun would be quicker, but I could theoretically puke t…[View]
61915527Why am i so embarrassed if people see the soles of meet? Its doesnt matter to me when people see my…[View]
61915506A friend got with a old acquaintance of mine This girl is super toxic, in both the relationship she …[View]
61912913I can type 200WPM and multiple girls have asked me to finger them just out of curiosity of what it w…[View]
61915436discord thread? aha: heyy, everyone i know irl are really fucking annoying, i was hoping to make fri…[View]
61915248I hate when people try to gatekeep being depressed. like acting like I dont understand when they kno…[View]
61915047What's the easiest and most painless way to KMS myself? (kill myself)[View]
61915420Your life is your life Don't let it be clubbed into dank submission Be on the watch There are …[View]
6191190325+ thread: Any neets around? What will you do once your parents die and you have no income left?…[View]
61914353>be alone for years >even lonelier during corona >hang out with friends for a few hours onc…[View]
61913799crispy is a BOY!? :o: CRISPY HAS BULGEY WOLGEY?!! :o MEGA OWO[View]
61913643Why do fat girls want skinny boys?[View]
61913404I'm turning 30 tonight alone in the room I've always lived in: Virgin, no friends, getting…[View]
61915236>tfw no lit fuse bf[View]
61915008accepting I an incel: for a long time I thought that I just didn't try hard enough or I simply …[View]
61911586If you were offered the opportunity to advance science by going through an irreversible procedure th…[View]
61914977if had fucking enough how the fuck do i get outta here[View]
61914693>tfw too intelligent to talk to women I wish I was dumber and closer to their level of pathetic w…[View]
61909628Who's your favorite ASMRtist?[View]
61914531So I've been told girls like older men. I'm in my third year of college and i'm takin…[View]
61914139>gf #1 after 2 years: 'I'm not in love with you anymore' >gf #2 after 2 months: 'don…[View]
61914805Coomer question: If me and a foid masturbated together over discord, am I an incel anymore? (btw she…[View]
61913418> mfw I find out they are a tranny How the fuck do I get better at spotting online trannies? What…[View]
61914375sleep deprivation: What is the longest amount of time you've been without sleep?[View]
61913890Have you guys ever jerked off standing up? It's better than jerking off laying/sitting down, tr…[View]
61915044Another night listening to music loudly as to drown out my own thoughts. Hows your night arninekay?[View]
61907153Why is everyone turning into a dog whistling conservative? I dont get what attracts you to an idea t…[View]
61914377>Go to a party >'oh man I never get invited to these this is great!' >Overhead crush making…[View]
61914898>tfw you find out that female neets hump pillows[View]
61913991how do i learn to be assertive in pursuit of women? feminist propaganda when I was a kid and lack o…[View]
61914510What are your aspiritations/ambitions in life: Are you actively persuing said aspirations/ambitions …[View]
61914670>be chad lite sperg coomer me >used to occasionally masturbate to normal porn >used to act …[View]
61914368This is the 'great' country of America...[View]
61914858>tfw 27 years old but still a Chinese peckerwood damn douglas left his mushrooms out again. feast…[View]
61914842>no friends loser in a technical college in italy >failed a year after being removed from my c…[View]
61912848women hate thread: when did you start hating women? and I mean truly hating women.[View]
61913804>despite being 12% of the US population: blacks make up 16% of the trannies[View]
61912126First ever post here. 19 yo autist from Morocco ask me what you want[View]
61914458>tfw high[View]
61914560Just out of curiosity those of you that consider themselves as ugly bastards, where do you live? And…[View]
61914133post internet speeds in dis thread[View]
61914754why didn't you take the r eddit pill yet?[View]
61914787was bukowski /our guy/?[View]
61914739>Use my beta guy friend's (who likes me) bedroom to fuck Chad so my (also pretty beta) boyfr…[View]
61914734I can't tell if normalfags treat me like I'm a slow retard trying to make it in this world…[View]
61914676i want someone to verbally abuse me and kick the shit out of me and make me realize what a pathetic …[View]
61913876Why do a lot of people even consider traps and femboys to be gay? Stop lumping femboys with muscular…[View]
61914666Every robot secretly wishes they were in this position. Don't even try to lie.[View]
61914707Sometimes I lament some of the life affirming moments you can only experience when your young but I …[View]
61914476>take hrt >super smooth, acne btfo, hairline will never recede literally what is the downside…[View]
61913679when you make an onlyfans account, you have to add a card even if you're only making one to fol…[View]
61914685Fuck Fruit Cake: >share room with brother as a kid >he had asthma so made noises in his sleep …[View]
61906385Fembots, what's the sluttist thing you've ever done?: Robots, answer this as well.[View]
61913637>be me >eating quesadilla >take bite >cheese string appears >push my teeth into to sn…[View]
61914660I just realized I would never be truly loved by any woman no matter what, so I give up. For some rea…[View]
61914583little bro and i get into a scrap and he pulls out a fucking kitchen knife. i know he didnt have the…[View]
61913228/r9k/, all jokes aside, why is it so hot to me when a girl/woman cuts herself? Self-harm scars are m…[View]
61914448>be me >in uni >in a fb chat with classmates >establish contact with some bloke >we d…[View]
61912659$46,618.05 between savings and investments. Feels good boys.[View]
61910850>father located the cock compressor it's fucking over[View]
61914064Honest question /r9k/. Can being an incel for so long give you autogynephilia? Why are there no long…[View]
61911734>tfw pigeon chested I never stood a god damn chance. Although in my case it isn't that bad o…[View]
61914597Even if she will come back Nothing would ever be as good Its all ruined forever[View]
61914457Why waking up? Every morning the same shit Porcocane[View]
61912148:(: why is making/keeping frens so hard?[View]
61911216All men are fucking pigs: >finally start dating a guy for the first time ever >met him on an /…[View]
61913300I would like to talk to a girl (female).[View]
61911056PGT: Welcome to the Pale Girls Thread Please post pale girls. That is all.[View]
61914553>parents forced me in an IB school >fucking up all my classes >realize I'm stupid and…[View]
61912440>try to see a psych >they clearly doesn't take me serious >they give me the same advic…[View]
61910315Misato is the best Eva girl. Asuka and Rei and Kaworu can't compete.[View]
61912896>have to pay 20% of my monthly wage every week to fuck a hooker >can't refuse as I am fal…[View]
61914422>think about approaching girl >remember I have a small dick >forget about approaching girl…[View]
61912675Reddit experiences thread: Me on /r/unpopularopinion: >'People who get murdered for cheating on t…[View]
61913479vocaroo thread.: https://voca.ro/1jF6nGj4RLyTM[View]
61914223the DS version of graze the roof is the best piece of music to ever exist and always will be[View]
61914499Are egirls needed in a server???[View]
61914488>haha bro did you see anon's face when I slapped his gfs ass right in front of him? He didn…[View]
61912653We taught y'all everything crakkka: We gave y'all all y'alls technology[View]
61913733I think I might kill myself soon. I keep pushing people away even though I care about them. Is it b…[View]
61914418What do you think is wrong with society today? How can we fix it?[View]
61912703I have found peace in Jesus Christ.: I am soon to be chrismated into the Orthodox Church. I have fin…[View]
61913681Older femanon here: I have no experience sexuality so I am unironically entitled to a zoomer virgin.…[View]
61914373I quite like women even in spite of their flaws[View]
61913324Do you ever just feel bad, man?[View]
61914245I've realised that i've talked to females before: If you think about all the comments you …[View]
61913245Hi CCP enjoyed the cruise?[View]
61911542>tfw infp feels bad man[View]
61912298>teacher assigns you a female partner >coom pants in excitement…[View]
61914282Provided you possess the skills to do so, would you hunt down serial killers and 'beat' them at thei…[View]
61911372Blackbots, do you really like black women?: Or do you just say you do to protect our egos?[View]
61914290>be NEET >get to be nude all day in the comfort of my room >walk to the bathroom bare ass …[View]
61914242INFP Males: How do we deal with INFP males? They contribute nothing to society. They make the least …[View]
61913728Dear nigger women,: What do you think about your nigger males doing this?[View]
61914199Guys seem to be more fascinated with cocks than girls are[View]
61911503Do you remember your first heartbreak? What was your worst one?[View]
61913659I feel completely abnormal not because I'm a lonely hermit and can't get a girlfriend, but…[View]
61900003Have any of you actually found a relationship through 4chan? I see so many anons going on about >…[View]
61909526>tfw a fren probably stole my guitar picks >tfw they are too cheap to mention it but another s…[View]
61914115Will Trump pardon her?[View]
61914172kek: just found this funny new wojak based[View]
61913021So lets say that there is only one way to succeed in life. >The 'best' way to be healthy - for a …[View]
61911050uni thread: >discuss uni any /EE/ anons here? Is it worth to go into or should I stick to CS?…[View]
61913593How do normal people make friends in college?[View]
61913986I shave my balls with a double edged blade razor. The razors are the cheapest possible $6 for 100, t…[View]
61914009>Be me > fapping everything's going good >decide to grab my pocket pussy open it up …[View]
61912660I basically determined if a woman exists she already has a boyfriend. Every time. Single women don…[View]
61912346>it's another drinking at nearly 6 AM episode[View]
61914056Mfw I recently discovered repressed childhood memories I'm still kind of in shock. Although I d…[View]
61912630Roastie Rage: >be me >be 20 year old cyborg >not too bad looking, dont eat shit 24/7, lift …[View]
61913148So say if one of us bought a 30 foot sailboat, and filled it with supplies. A crew of able bodied me…[View]
61913232Tfw happily married, life is together: I'm gonna blooooommmm[View]
61913598he just loved his brother and wanted to protect him[View]
61913251>spending 30 minutes thinking about what thread you should make >realize that you have no idea…[View]
61913916Each week is 1.92 percent of a year? That sounds like a lot[View]
61913532Having a gf isn't all it's cracked up to be, robots. It's a LOT of fucking work for l…[View]
61912619What are some principals you'll teach your future kids? (assuming you find partner and make bab…[View]
61913216>Hands up, hand over the fembot gf now![View]
61908669Broke check: Are you broke? Post your age and bank balance in this thread. >23 >Dollarydoos…[View]
61912834Feelz: Give me something to be sad about, /r9k/. Just watched 5 centimeters per second and I'm …[View]
61913455Come play OpenArena with me: https://openarena.ws OpenArena is a free shooter from the late 2000s th…[View]
61913819am i the only one that wants mickey mouse to tie me down and rail me until my vagina rips to become …[View]
61913723I won.: I got a qt Italian pick me girl whose genuinely funny and interesting and has slight conserv…[View]
61913068When you are a person as blank and boring and uninteresting as me then they trust you. They dont cer…[View]
61913699>government declares racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism a mental disorder >gets put i…[View]
61910706Why am I the friend who always calls to check up on people? What the fuck is wrong with everybody. I…[View]
61913592If you could say something to (a) Chad or ask him a question, what would it be robo friends?[View]
61911960Do you look at archived threads on Desuarchive?[View]
61911108Looking for friends to play GTA 5 and study science with. Post steam if interested.[View]
61912890returned from another night of aimlessly walking the streets of england, hoping something happens to…[View]
61913090You've been lied to about asian women. They are functionally identical to white women. Any prob…[View]
61912652i hate my mom. hopefully she kicks the bucket in her sleep tonight.[View]
61912857any fellow bots wanna play some portal 2? https://steamcommunity.com/id/SyndromeSamurai/ just add me…[View]
61913631sad: >be me >haven't made physical contact with another person in a year >only play vi…[View]
61912942Is being an autistic turbomanlet a valid reason to kill myself[View]
61913428lost my khv status: made out and sex with an older woman almost a week ago. now my ear and throat hu…[View]
61912243what the actual fuck is wrong with BLACKED posters?[View]
61913030I admire the people who can cut themselves. They at least have balls. I can only drink.[View]
61913165Almost everyone on this website is dumber than me, even on /lit/ and /sci/. All other websites are n…[View]
61913388how to thugmaxx?: Being black outside of america is hell. People are attracted to that which they gr…[View]
61913115What should I do with my life? I feel so hopeless[View]
61912157Any (fem)anons want to play vidya sometime? nohomo or anything creepy, just looking for a female vid…[View]
61911598Why are Asian gfs so fucking demanding and controlling? Holy fuck they can be cruel with their words…[View]
61912882>be me >chillin w normie irl friend >make jew joke >he doesn't get it >explainev…[View]
61912080How much would you pay to fuck the Kardashians?[View]
61913359The new '''normal''': I'M SICK OF IT! I REALLY AM. I am sick of all of all of these basement dw…[View]
61912975Only game that ive enjoyed since about 2010 when CoD Black Ops 1 came out. Specifically Shadow of Ch…[View]
61913339guy from eve 6, i know you come on /r9k/. how are you doing tonight buddy[View]
61913327I had a dream last night that I was holding hands with a girl loved. It felt so real I was so happy.…[View]
61913202Women in relationships actually think their boyfriends care about their personality, when 99% of men…[View]
61913274>listening to twitch stream in background to hear a cute girl's voice and imagine life toget…[View]
61913203>'Meme_Slayer23 thanks for the 27 months!'[View]
61909898what's the proper alpha male redpilled response to this?[View]
61912124sexuality is disgusting and often reflects depravity. specfically taking pleasure in said depravity.…[View]
61913266See all these KHHV posts, let me correct it for you >I'm a k..... If you're kissless i …[View]
61911399had a dream: woke up from quite possibly the best dream ive ever had. met up with this 8/10 decent b…[View]
61913045What am I even supposed to put on a tinder profile My friend says I should try it out but I never un…[View]
61912692>sit down at computer to do work >work for 5 minutes >tired out from stress and get distrac…[View]
61913208/Creative/: You know the drill, share your music, paintings, statues, ideas, 3D models, games, whate…[View]
61912970Fembots, do you have Chad brother? Robots, do you have a Stacy sister? How is your relationship with…[View]
61913057Are liking fat girl nigger culture?[View]
61912584I hate how it's nearly impossible to get a doctor's appointment these days. >tell clini…[View]
61913024Thinking of getting my GED: How can a bellow average intellect guy get his GED? What are some tips I…[View]
61913076>seriously considering having my testicles removed to stop my incessant sex drive and constant ur…[View]
61910826reddit: Anons which subreddits do you visit?[View]
61911268>hang out with friends and have a good time >immediately after driving home have depression a…[View]
61912960 sneed but also chuck[View]
61912614>If you're lonely just go out and find someone to kiss lol https://youtu.be/XKBfmjoDNtw?t=41…[View]
61911648Believe on Him: '...whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' John 3…[View]
61911596Can anyone tell me what I should remove from this to make it more intriguing?[View]
61912762Vocaroo Thread: Good morning /r9k/, it is time for a new vocaroo thread. loosen up those vocal cords…[View]
61912958>woman says something sexual towards me >Start getting shivers from my anxiety >Voice star…[View]
61912345Well friends, its over. I hate my grandma so i texted her saying im moving out and blocked her so in…[View]
61912799I have no passion for anything whatsoever.[View]
61912361>go on trip to Germany >this was 2 years ago, before the virus >the girls there are just as…[View]
61912140Should I buy programming socks, /r9k/?[View]
61912030I'm a cute autistic girl who wants someone to play GTA 5 online with. Post discord if intereste…[View]
61909802Rural feels thread: >own comfy off grid cabin >lots of land to raise whatever animals >spen…[View]
61912573Are there people that really love themselves?[View]
61900152/Rei general/: Rei is running late for school again: Day 536[View]
61912378What does /r9k/ think of Victoria's Secret models?[View]
61912751What happened to knooper?[View]
61911944Is this what fembots are into? Or is this normie taste?[View]
61912729>saving image for thread >computer doesn't give it name >type in random string of numb…[View]
61909400how are you coping with lockdown bros? Do any of you have any fun things you do to keep your mind an…[View]
61911501Hi r9k. I'm looking for unbiased advice on something. If I am unable to attract anybody to be i…[View]
61910430how do i give myself phychosis: i want to have psychosis but i dont Know how to get it[View]
61912303>see hot guy in the street >automatically think to myself 'how can i even compete?' anyone els…[View]
61910817>Trevor Philips Was he based or cringe, /r9k/?[View]
61908083Hey femanons, would you live with a guy rent-free under the condition that you have to walk around n…[View]
61912342How do I find intelligent people to play GTA 5 and study the applied sciences with?[View]
61912527Is coffee good for your skin?[View]
61910712You didn't let the kikes ruin what little chance you have at a satisfying sex life, did you, an…[View]
61911736Is this type of housing exclusive to Britain? Every media about Britain shows people living in whole…[View]
61912090Why is it so hard to find a gf? This is grinding me down.[View]
61911341>work in 3 hours >on 2 hours of sleep so far >can't get back to sleep Argh, what do …[View]
61912484would you give her an anchor baby, anon?[View]
61912020>be me >average looking dude >decide to try tinder >use my best pictures >try a good …[View]
61912465Every few months I have the epiphang that I need to get my shit together. The next days and weeks af…[View]
61912444I've started to enjoy the feeling of making women disgusted and scared of me. The fear in their…[View]
61912434>have talked to 3 fembots from nearly 8 years in this god forsaken board >they all seem to be …[View]
61911138NEET days coming to a close: My family bothered me enough. today i went and filled out an applicatio…[View]
61912320>You will never know love, silly incel[View]
61912369>Keeps forgeting things of the animes i see >Can't remember names of characters >Can…[View]
61910675I get off on being called a faggot/ being degraded by bigger stronger men: >tfw every time someon…[View]
61911676https://archive.is/1fQKd Why are normies unable to think?[View]
61911856Would you let your wife have a personal trainer?[View]
61911970an ape[View]
61909420/discordfeels/: >every time you join a new discord it already has a clique and you are always lef…[View]
61903371How you robots respond ton this quandary?[View]
61903356early art thread: it's very early and i'm sleepy but i wanted to doodle for a little while…[View]
61911679In the 21st century, this whore has a higher sexual market value than caucasian Chad lite and top ti…[View]
61908676Don't forgive your bullies; make them pay for what they did.: >if you can't forgive you…[View]
61909819when was the last time femanons got a big creampie[View]
61912203I was rewatching Futurama and forgot about the Jurassic Bark ending: >watch Jurassic Bark >rel…[View]
61911072Would you allow a respectable rich old gent to fuck your ass for a night if he was std-free, had a 5…[View]
61912021What do you with yourself when you realize that you're shit at literally everything? When you f…[View]
61912141I am fucked in the head and completely incapable of feeling or giving love. I have no idea how normi…[View]
61911043Fellas, why do I care about a woman who was abusive and manipulative towards me for 2 and a half yea…[View]
61912017Hypothetical: >you dress like a drag queen and go to a party as a joke and look really hot >th…[View]
61912129Realistically what skills should I work on if I want a future proof job where I don't have to i…[View]
61910066Just rewatched Fairly Odd Parents, and now I know why I'm a virgin. Cartoons set a really high …[View]
61906143Ideal Woman: Without discussing appearance at all, what is the ideal woman like?[View]
61912019What was the moment you realised you hated women? >at friends house drinking and smoking >dad …[View]
61912085>tfw no fairly odd bf[View]
61911544Would you rather date Shirogane Sama or Belle Delphine?[View]
61910271incel containment thread #1: Anyone else wants to have sex more than anything but can't? I…[View]
61910747ITT: Autistic things you do while masturbating >when I jerk off to pictures, I'll say what I…[View]
61911548Tfw no bpd gf with a long tongue. I'm a good man why has God not rewarded me with the one thing…[View]
61911991Share your results, gay bois: Didn't think I'd get that high of a homosexual score, honest…[View]
61911355Black Pill: Demoralize me. Black Pill me. I can take it all. Any black pill info you have, please se…[View]
61912036Dude pass me the root beer[View]
61910543i just want to become ahri[View]
61911689>fast 16 hours a day and workout to get low bf% >got straight A's and bachelors degree …[View]
61911650Why do women hate virgins? Why is the idea of teaching a guy to fuck so repulsive to them?[View]
61909494I am a Pay Pig, AMA. Pic related, my domme.[View]
61911973FEMBOT ANAL: Do fembots want to get buttfucked? It seems like it sometimes.[View]
61911963I hate having irl friends but whenever I make online freinds I just get too clingy and attached due …[View]
61911866The media coverage on the Capitol Hill attack by whites show that they have white privilege.[View]
61911434You know what we need to do r9k? We need to run our cocks together. Come here, let's rub our co…[View]
61910734>girl tries to flirt with me and ask me out >tell her to shut up >stays quiet the whole tim…[View]
61907057What is the most commonly held political beliefs of r9k? are Robots mostly left-wing, right-wing or …[View]
61910345Weird things you do: >have crystal ball eye >lick its secretions >when infected it tastes s…[View]
61911229i lost my virginity at 19 today boys how's /r9k/ tonight[View]
61908386OCD is literally turning my brain into mush. I had to spend an hour rereading the definition of trap…[View]
61910519Lets say you had a girlfriend do you think your father or brother would ever cuck you are they garba…[View]
61911729>Back in HS, took creep shots of girls feet >Deleted them in senior year for moral reasons …[View]
61911722Here's that chick who died from a fentanyl overdose. If someone sets up a dating profile for he…[View]
61911104https://youtu.be/qCq6DLwHCWk Share songs you vibe too anon.[View]
61910985>social interaction with anyone I don't know or am really close friends with makes me uncomf…[View]
61911686>tfw 10+ years of clinical depression not sure how much longer I have[View]
61911384I just found out that my first and only love I dated through High school and my first year of colleg…[View]
61911398I was really hoping to visit some amusement parks last year, but I wasn't going to wear a fucki…[View]
61911578>practice gf asks me to marry her while sobbing[View]
61911324Is there any worse feeling than liking someone and you tlhought you're his friend until you rea…[View]
61910987Any introverts here struggle with speech and having troubles articulating it?[View]
61908801What the fuck is wrong with pornhub: 10 years ago when I was still in highschool I used to jerk off …[View]
61907120mommy gf: what is stopping you from finding your mommy gf/femdom today anon? go find her, she is wai…[View]
61909136will abs get me a gf?[View]
61911168So when's the last time you cried, Anon? Haven't been able to cry myself in months, but la…[View]
61903789Picrew Thread: Make yourself and your ideal gf, rate others ideal gfs, you know the drill. https://p…[View]
61911389>adhd >no cares for human connection >always chasing that next rush >mind all over the p…[View]
61911183I'm having sex right now, ama[View]
61911334any good suicide methods, preferebly painless ones, if that makes any sense...[View]
61910863Do you guys still live with your parents?[View]
61911428https://youtu.be/7azfrbx9YfQ Tfw another episode of intense loneliness, crying and self harm.[View]
61908276>no girlfriend for years. Off and on jobs >ex faked loved me and dropped me for a guy she is …[View]
61911351I have big balls. Everytime I need to sit down it's like a mini-game[View]
61911315A wish and a waifu: Rules: You can make one wish You can have your dream waifu but you have to descr…[View]
61911095Maybe I'll meet a lonely autistic girl someday[View]
61911295Maybe I'll just.....think happy thoughts[View]
61909975>signed up for some generic dating website >get notifications that women have viewed my profil…[View]
61910246a femanon decides to sit down in your lap. what do you do with your hands?[View]
61910671Hypothetical question: If I get so fed up with a coworker constantly running his mouth that I punch …[View]
61911275She can kill with a smile She can wound with her eyes She can ruin your faith with her casual lies A…[View]
61909952Would you date or waifu this girl? She is really nice and cute but they have a ugly mans face wrappe…[View]
61909570henlo anon! i've just given you one billion dollars! what shall you spend your freedom bucks on…[View]
61911253robots, why the fuck have my emotions been all over the place lately? I'm a 25(almost 26) year …[View]
61911182Has a good ever bought a ball gag on Amazon they would recommend? I'm a degenerate and want to …[View]
61910258r9k is just the same 10 posters[View]
61910724I came inside of a latina today. Ask me anything r9k.[View]
61910609>try to get close to cute fembot(male) >theyre disgustingly whorish or an alcoholic every time…[View]
61909831i'm gonna go grab a drink please watch over my gamecube controller for me thanks[View]
61910458I read that 1 in 7 people have fantasizes about feet at some point in their lives? Why isn't it…[View]
61911117is familial love better than no love from the person you desire? or is it better to just move on and…[View]
61910072>friend is depressed >kills himself >school holds seminar about depression for two weeks …[View]
61911063>tfw 26 >still look like I am 17[View]
61910982Am I the only one who hates chinks, and hate their face, no tits or ass, and pussy slit eyes?[View]
61910683Hey fellow wagies. Are you looking forward to going to work tomorrow as much as I am? How much of yo…[View]
61910690Hey /r9k/ - I'm a cuckold AMA[View]
61910978Decide not to beat my meat for a few days. ff to a couple of minutes ago, secure to beat my meat be…[View]
61910613> be me > pre corona > at cafe with friend > qt 8/10 walks up to me and says hi > I l…[View]
61910089what wouId you do if you were in this situation?[View]
61910876I guess you weren't dead. But then why didn't you texted me? Fuck you. Fuck this gay Earth…[View]
61909671ITT: We post PEPEs to add to OP's collection[View]
61906326is BPD male + BPD female a good relationship foundation?[View]
61910777what do you do when you realise your problems have no solutions?[View]
61910290Starting to feel alienated from the internet... The places where I used to lurk on, the videos that …[View]
61909756>teacher gives me 20 bucks to get haircut fuck you whores, leave my hair alone…[View]
61910212Anyone else have like zero self esteem?[View]
61908264What movies have the most realistic death scenes? movies that use footage of real people dying don…[View]
61909493Song+Picture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyoYf7rZVGI[View]
61910386>tfw can't go a week without fapping[View]
61910682>incel among the beautiful >volcel among the ugly i just dont fit in anywhere…[View]
61910436>Talk to gf about my interests alot >Tells me today she started watching my favourite TV show …[View]
61909855I think alcohol is ruining my chances at a twink bod[View]
61909475How should a man respond if he finds out his son is dating an E-whore (camgirl) that cuckolds him?[View]
61909643If you can't solve this you're an npc.[View]
61908602nice, ruined my fucking life by mouth breathing. obviously no adult, doctor or orthodontist couldn…[View]
61909843I literally can't stop daydreaming about seducing my nazi friend He is not even the first radic…[View]
61909446i think the constant reading of scary stories and creepypasta as a kid may have given me some sort o…[View]
61908928Do Communists know that the global yearly income is around 10k?: I hear them talk about that we alre…[View]
61910427Anyone have experience with finasteride? My hairline has gotten to the point where it's now or …[View]
61909357Was he a robot? Is he one of us?[View]
61909652Anyone else know/been friends with/even dated any furries at all - mostly IRL? What are your genuine…[View]
61909469What are some robot-friendly and approved youtube channels? >The Wolfe Pit >Fisherman's L…[View]
61909886this board is bad so i'm making it better with a femdom thread[View]
61909380why is my body always sore[View]
61902388/r9gay/ #1261: Abs of Steel Edition >>61889955[View]
61909257Would you fuck a horse pussy if it was a centaur gf?[View]
61910369That feeling when you would like to have a girlfriend but you do not have one[View]
61909094What do you think above all else unites the types of people who come to this board? Memes aside plen…[View]
61905503>female coworker told me my hands are small >asked me to compare hands with hers >same si…[View]
61905034Do women like the act of sucking dick or is it just something they do because they get stuff out of …[View]
61907832has anyone here turned prisongay because of no attention from girls? what was your experience?[View]
61910346Cuckold is even worse than loli yes I said it fuck you[View]
6191018721+ Sex Disc: hey I'am a female and don't believe in OF join to see nudes and maybe more? …[View]
61909480>mom take away my car because I raised by voice at her >been trapped in my room for the past m…[View]
61910296>college boi simp >gf says she will throw out dog if he barks >tell her I will throw somet…[View]
61909288hey sleepers. any good dreams last night? Heading back in for another 12 hour[View]
61910265Why are gamer boys always like this?[View]
61910254Guys, I can't help it, I'm in LOVE with Emmylou Harris, I can't stop thinking about h…[View]
61910243>be me >be femanon >add desperate for gf anons >don't share screenshots and don…[View]
61909436Even the scenarios in my head aren't happy anymore[View]
61906599What do fembots do for a living/study in school?[View]
619095464chin boards: Thread to talk about boards you frequent and what you think of their communities. >…[View]
61909999is caffeine+nicotine a good combo to study?[View]
61909945literally nothing at all seems worth pursing since i'm going to be 0.0001% of the impact at bes…[View]
61908544No love life coping.: You aren't delusional. Good. So you've learned that you have no chan…[View]
61909872>covid-19 survivor I can go see my girlfriend now, bros.[View]
61909618NEET and Hikikomori General Thread: NEET/Hikikomori Thread Why are you a NEET/Hiki? >NEET >Th…[View]
61906505https://textwall.xyz/rob Let's be creative, robots[View]
61909711God I'm so lonely... I need a gf And the worst part is all the girls in my class on social medi…[View]
61910099Do hits in my Nike Airs Got a 30 on me I don't fight fair Yeah my shooter with me and he right …[View]
61910037anyone else have the opportunity/means to have sex, but usually opt not to cause of nerves? it gives…[View]
61909649Lorazepam is literally the answer to everything.[View]
61909068>governor tells you you have to close your gym because he's scared of the air >stay open …[View]
61908336Am I an incel because I am white?[View]
61908552Fuck anime: Anime has ruined my life. I have completely escaped into anime world because I was alway…[View]
61909990>>61909872 Please shut the fuck up you don't belong here[View]
61908635- [ ] If something (X) equals itself then every other thing must be different from it. If every othe…[View]
61908677Post your type of girl, real or not does not matter.[View]
61908820I was paid $15,000 by a 'POC Support and Empowerment' charity AMA[View]
61909703cant stop thinking about cute asian girls, is something wrong with me?[View]
61909789This is the first time i feel bad for being a male virgin. Im 22 and never felt bad for being a khhv…[View]
61909667you ever wish you were a monster living in some desolate place?[View]
61908849I don't know how to use this HaHa: Sorry I don't know how to use this, but how are you guy…[View]
61908242>be me >white guy >get first girlfriend ever >she's a brown qt >great relationsh…[View]
61909795she won miss poland tournament today whatcha think about her? https://www.instagram.com/aniajaromin/…[View]
61909353What other boards do you visit, my dear anons?[View]
61909132Listening to most people discuss things or reading peoples' arguments about things makes me rea…[View]
61899266What kind of fantasy world would you like to live in?[View]
61909776>tfw not artistic[View]
61909733how do you deal with losing all your internet friends at once and having them hate you due to being …[View]
61909247how tf do you study history? It's just so many boring ass facts[View]
61907155Have you ever shared a fetish with a significant other?[View]
61909597poverty thread: Were you poor growing up, robot? Are you still poor? Yes and yes[View]
61909715>just want to go to bed and sleep >cunts next door make an amount of noise that's way too…[View]
61909739>feeling alright and having a decent day >see a pretty girl and wish I was her instead of me …[View]
61909729One of these days the distractions of anime, walking and video games will wear off, then I will take…[View]
61909588Robot needs security clearance: >Finally Finished grad school >Get offered really good positio…[View]
61909666I just took a nap and dreamt that I performed analingus on some girl[View]
61908427>hate living with my parents >have no motivation to work towards moving out…[View]
61909323you guys go any..... >greentexts[View]
61908881We all know how women point to coomers as an excuse to hate on men. But what do femanons think of fe…[View]
61908348>one shot at life >born a robot in this shithole JUST…[View]
61907798Am I incel worthy? I don't understand. I want precise knowledge. What is wrong with my face? W…[View]
61909566>tfw no cute brown[View]
61909558Why did I look at fat twinks, this is a new low, perhaps after ebony SSBBW and shota. Oh god the por…[View]
61909338This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. Ifhelives, a…[View]
61906956Hello, are there any eurobots here? I wish i could meet some people[View]
61908961Do you feel it? You are getting older every second. Yes, you may not feel it now, but as we speak yo…[View]
61909487BIG DICK TUNNEL[View]
61909473>be me >no thats getting boring this time im not me…[View]
61908567what wig color/style would go best with this r9k?[View]
61909284Zoom stories: >in class, professor makes breakout rooms for a 'group exam' >get put with my br…[View]
61891898Tell me about your fetishes /r9k/. How deeply are you into it?[View]
61909203How do I type five 1200 word essays in a 4 exam without actually knowing the stuff by heart? I have …[View]
61907863Name a bigger scam[View]
61907022Ok Anon, if you want that hundred bucks you better start sucking.[View]
61909265I'm brown and I can afford to finance an Escalade.[View]
61909331>almost done with my degree >just have to pass pre-calc, calc, and calc II >last time i too…[View]
61908918I had sex for the first time and nothing's changed. I still feel empty inside. And before anyon…[View]
61908268Panic: I can't do it much longer bros. I'm so full of dread and despair all day. I think a…[View]
61908977Why don't white girls like anime?: Seriously every single group likes anime except white women.…[View]
61909300Boys should be forcefed sedative food and drink by their girlfriends in order to get them in a weak …[View]
61909220Enough of k-pop it's gay and for girls (eww), the real deal now is T-POP!! Only chads allowed h…[View]
61908597Big Five: My extroversion and agreeableness are near rock bottom. Is this why I have no friends and …[View]
61909255i wanna slit your throat and fug the wound i wanna push my face in and feel the swoon wanna dig insi…[View]
61904633Im an anorexic. Motivate me to torture myself even more. Since guys here hate females, you can use f…[View]
61909175Bros, give it to me honest here. Is it worth it to try to date a femboy? I saw a thread saying that …[View]
61907964at what point are you irreversibly fucked?[View]
61906954none of my tinder matches are even responding do those msgs even reach them?[View]

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