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72056959destroy the north destroy whites[View]
72055202to tranny repressors: if youre under 21, you still have a chance! You still have time before your hi…[View]
72057917Today we are going to learn about cock music in terms of multivariate calculus.[View]
72057812Will becoming an unsuccessful folk singer/songwriter help get me a gf?[View]
72057848If I wanted to socialize with women, I would make an account in one of those game servers and would …[View]
72057705Almost 26 years old and I've never had a romantic conversation with a woman, this needs to chan…[View]
72056507You can't be an incel if you're tall. 'Lanklet' is a bullshit meme word made up by coping …[View]
72050664PREVIOUS: >>71998428 Hello, Anon, need some help? A shoulder to cry on? Sit down and let…[View]
72053496>Be me 23 yo straight guy >have androgen deficiency >look like a flat chested girl >cons…[View]
72057415How viable is a suicide by stab wound?: Is a stab with a 87 mm blade to the abdomen viable for suici…[View]
72057593>open a girl's social media >scroll down to her older posts >she gets hotter and hotte…[View]
72057260>tfw no right endpoint Riemann sum gf[View]
72057609>dude doing a reaction video to 4hour video live >dude has set source video to 360p or 480p in…[View]
72054957It's 1335 in Europe. Which class of society would you be /r9k/? nobility, clergy, or peasantry?[View]
72057571>the world is getting shittier so no chance of some miracle saving me from the outside >my men…[View]
72057535How do you cope with the agepill? Young beautiful women are the most life affirming resource on the …[View]
72055624I never want to hear a White guy say their an incel when Filipina women exist White guys can not be …[View]
72057024>prime time >slow board It's fucking over for r9k…[View]
72055817>i can feel a really big poopie coming out response?[View]
72056865How do normalfags have sex and then manage to act as if nothing happened? To me it's insane how…[View]
72055417*Hugs you unconsentingly*[View]
72057384coraline (2009): am i a faggot for still liking this movie? its visually appealing and the setting a…[View]
72056816Anyone else craving a big cock in their ass?[View]
72055026What do the voices in your head tell you?: I wanna read what do they tell you. The voices came back …[View]
72057019if you still use plastic products then you have no right whatsoever to make fun of or complain about…[View]
72055387BACK TO THE COLLEGE: Anons I'm 33 and I have nothing to do. I just sit at home, send out job ap…[View]
72055886ElevenLabs and AI: Obi Wan Kenobi on Joe Biden: https://vocaroo.com/1cJL2TcVJoEV[View]
72057159>wake up >still no furry gf unironically, why live? i no longer see the point in being alive…[View]
72055006Who do you hate more?: Women or Yourself?[View]
72057265I want a dominant asian trans gf[View]
72056964Eastern European women are the best women in the whole world. >beautiful >kind >cute acce…[View]
72045971Month of Elliot: I hereby declare February to be the Month of Elliot Roger. February is the month of…[View]
72055923Would you rather date a woman that wants to be a man or a man that wants to be a woman? (Either way,…[View]
72051925The main issue incels have is not one of not being able to get a girlfriend at ALL, its one of motiv…[View]
72057264This girl is my exact type, where do you even meet women like this?[View]
72056330What are the chances I can get a black pure virgin wife?: As a 6' white chadlite volcel?[View]
72056597>waifu has little art >spend 15 hours a day playing with AI to increase it >can't get …[View]
72056901anime club got canceled now I can't ask the skinny bitch I like out on a date to Olive Garden m…[View]
72053362No job. No car. No gf. Still live with my parents and are financially dependent on them. I'm a …[View]
72054143Why do so many British sluts adopt this tanned ms. piggie look? Is it just low effort and they'…[View]
72055002You know encouraging suicide is a crime in many places on earth, right? In New Zealand, a person can…[View]
72056325is anyone else here just switching to reddit? >endless porn spam >ads getting worse and worse …[View]
72056867any other anons just bored of life? not sad about it either just nothing is really exciting to me an…[View]
72057083>hey anon, ever hotboxed before? >BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP wat do?…[View]
72057133kurwa wojaki ^-^[View]
72057131I have thrown away every opportunity I could have had for a gf. >the turbo autistic stalker girl …[View]
72057109Give me 1 (ONE) valid reason why chatting to a bot is better than chatting to a real woman. >inb4…[View]
72057100Does anyone have any rare french chan pics? Surely one of you does[View]
72056984Life swings like dick and balls between boredom and suffering.[View]
72056908Ugly women like me suffer because all moids are shallow and won't give me a chance.[View]
72055924The world would be better off without Abrahamic religions[View]
72056152Another funny story from the dinner table.: >Be me sitting at the table with my family having din…[View]
72054157start day trading twenty percent of your money anon its way more profitable than buying lottery tick…[View]
72056956>the roof started leaking again[View]
72056752Would you date a girl(female) who is wanorexic?: Whould you oreganly[View]
72055497Femboy bdsm: >21 m >wanting to been taken and forced into feminization >wanting to get blac…[View]
72045763/britfeel/: Everything you've read a thousand times over edition[View]
72056941I get around 7 hours of sleep each night. And i sleep like a fucking baby. But i still spend the ent…[View]
72056374I have a buzz cut and am worried I may look like someone with a learning disability. Why do so many …[View]
72056919>old man in nursing home with Alzheimers >see a video of dudes showing their grandfather with …[View]
72056843I hate hinge for forcing you to have 6 photos... how the fuk do I get 6 photos?!? I don't even …[View]
72056279Why is every modern relationship just a bunch of fucking manipulation tactics you use on each other …[View]
72051569>TFW my monthly neetbux check dropped >The amount was increased from $1685.00 to $1939.72 God …[View]
72055828WHat are some games that let me live out my AGP fantasies?[View]
72056338What do women think of men with long hair?[View]
72056830I dropped an entire paella on the floor. It cost a lot and I was hungry so I scooped it back onto th…[View]
72054775How is it that even black dudes are becoming incels now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGCqAcuA9Dc…[View]
72056151Well, /r9k/? Which destiny do you choose?[View]
72056164>only friend got drunk and blew up at me for missing a call, again: men that sucks that i spend s…[View]
72055207>tfw men actually have more sex than women[View]
72054397Do girls who are attracted to guys on the right exist?[View]
72055936Where can I go to pound and creampie an ebony queen? I just want a black gf that I can marry and hav…[View]
72056684How to be happy as an incel: I've noticed a lot of fellow incels seething about being incels ev…[View]
72056017Why must I be this way: >Be me (Unfortunately) >Crave more involved friendships, hate talking …[View]
72056611>playing csgo >old swedish man on the mic >woman on the mic >me and my friend try to mak…[View]
72056717>be me >normal person >go to college >start reading paragraphs 5 times to understand …[View]
72056675Gurren Lagann inspired album made by the most gangsta wizard in r9k! https://youtu.be/3inwchcRs24[View]
72053346I wish all of humanity would suffer eternally in agony. Then they would get a taste of what its like…[View]
72055504>be me, in college >leaving dorm to go to class >get on elevator >two girls are on board…[View]
72055533We're not allowed to have /r9furry/ anymore[View]
72056609You guys are not mentally ill[View]
72055896there are 70 fucking calories in a single double stuffed oreo. 70 CALORIES!!!! I could eat a box of …[View]
72056628I made a foid cry last week, and it was completely on accident. :): >be driving >rear ended a …[View]
72056598Education, health care and food must not be commoditized. https://youtu.be/AHsprz7qQqY[View]
72056398If I had a dollar for every 'free speech' discord server with 4chan tag that bans anime lolis, I wou…[View]
72056563I hate how gay and niggery modern video games graphics is.[View]
72055974i will always fucking hate my parents for being poor how the fuck do you end up poorer than third w…[View]
72052640Here's your femboy bf anon[View]
72056527Would you let a bird do this to your butt?[View]
72056435I'm so fucking tired of it all. I just want to rest...[View]
72056237>get called ugly a few times in school as a kid >it really sticks with me >grow up to be a …[View]
72055849Why don't incels just move to the Philippines? I moved here last year as an ugly, short Mexican…[View]
72049130A girl in my class says that women tend to suffer more because they are used to be cheated on, abuse…[View]
72056076>Have no opinion on philosophy >Have no opinion on tech >Have no concept of ethics just go…[View]
72054042Have you ever seen a non-relative female naked in real life?[View]
72055877>heading to work right now please hope that my coworker takes advantage of me because I pine for…[View]
72052719What was that website with all the ways to kill urself?: You guys remember that website that used to…[View]
72056229For more than 500 years, courtly love has developed in the western world, and it then became romanti…[View]
72056211Robots, I am tired of being poor and always struggling to make money for rent and bills at the end o…[View]
72055980Hole in sock: Just woke up and this shit happened. Do you ever have this happen[View]
72056364It's 2001. You're browsing Funnyjunk. Later, you'll visit eBaumsworld. Life is good.[View]
72054395How do you like to die7[View]
72055297Hey guys ENTJ here. Since I got banned I started my new contract and I'm changing my life for t…[View]
72056146you are now aware that a big chunck of he userbase has acual diagnosed auism you are now aware that …[View]
72056145any other wizards completely done with this board? every thread is nothing but roasties and chadlite…[View]
72055339The truth the neurotypicals hide from you is that they are deeply ashamed of themselves and their be…[View]
72053652So I counted it, and over 75% of the threads on r9k were sexual in nature. Are you ashamed of yourse…[View]
72053507why don't they invent a pill so that women are attracted to incels?[View]
72056100to the tune of GG Allin's 'Carmelita': (R8 my bars) I hear Morrissey complaining on m…[View]
72056094Do you suck your GF's toes? Men should do it daily as a sign of love[View]
72055032HOly moly do black men LOOK LIKE THIS? the buck breaking meme is real[View]
72056059Fuck, never thought I would be returning to you guys after so many years, but it happened. So, I…[View]
72056055Young Lawrence Hayward forever <3 Here Is My Song for Europe https://g.co/kgs/r7RV8y[View]
72056052Ive lost everything in else in life. the only thing i have left is my freedom. i will soon move to s…[View]
72054301Time to go out for a cig & coffee[View]
72055963Compared myself with a black cock[View]
72055999I wish Shaq was my real life big brother[View]
72053653How do I become a drug dealer? i'm a neet and i'd rather go to prison than go back to my n…[View]
72055013Even down syndrome people have a downie gf[View]
72055786>tfw you wanna be a folk singer/songwriter but you can't sing very well…[View]
72054259I keep pulling back during sex because it tickles my penis and I don't like the feeling[View]
72055914>neighbors are having loud sex again[View]
72054584How the fuck do i cope: >best friend supposedly kills himself >lied to me to make me feel bad …[View]
72054772everytime i get horny i want to suck cock on grindr again, but then i coom to women and dont like co…[View]
72053726Draft in Ukraine: This will eventually come to you once things go south in the West. Never forget th…[View]
72055184I have come to realize that I am no longer Human You people are like aliens to me.[View]
72053545How do I meet English-speaking semi-intellectual middle-aged Slav bf[View]
72054787>be me >relapse on porn >violent feeling comes back >punch a wall and cut myself to mak…[View]
72055554>'''''''''''''''''''''fembots''''''''''''''''''''' you will never be a real woman.…[View]
72043291What is wrong with this poor girl? How can we help her?[View]
72055212Guys... Didn't we kinda forgot what /r9k/ was made for?[View]
72055152>they're creating mind-reading AI right now >tfw constantly think of raping women 24/7 I …[View]
72055516I just cooked a salmon and now I'm eating it[View]
72055551I don't know why all of you are so depressed-- why don't you just purchase and enjoy one o…[View]
72055723If you cant get past level 20 on Block the Pig, I dont want to be your friend[View]
72055367i want to cosplay gwen chan but i am male[View]
72054136Why don't femcels just become lesbians?[View]
72054256Hii guys, what is the worst thing you would do to fulfill your fantasy?[View]
72055042I was an anxious and a depressed loner as a 4-year-old and Im an anxious and a depressed loner now. …[View]
72053679why do you niggers hate trans women so much? they are men taking themselves out of the dating pool T…[View]
72055047It has been said by wise men that there is no faster way to paradise than Jihad. Should i do it? (in…[View]
72055276>you will not get rewarded in any way for suffering all theses years, you're just going to d…[View]
72055419why are the jannies like this[View]
72054998How can I, an 18 year old kid, obtain a somewhat new mercedes: As you know, high school is a popular…[View]
72054748can i self teach myself physics+math and have that allow me to get a job? i find it fascinating but …[View]
72055267>tfw didnt get the job[View]
72054759Is racism technically against the rules on /pol/ because of global rule 3?[View]
72049979do people on this board actually want a neet wife who doesnt work and just plays video games at your…[View]
72055388pregnant practice gf/friend pt4: i've posted a few times about my situation with the chinese fo…[View]
72052666>female has 'enby' in profile or she/they pronouns wtf is this bullshit and why is it getting mor…[View]
72054418Girl that I thought liked me only likes me as a friend.: Now what ? To be honest I dont want anythin…[View]
72052737Socialism being an issue was the big issue that meme'd a lot of people I think, but I realized …[View]
72053237i want to peg him so bad[View]
72054638>Don't feel pet is safe in current situation renting from crazy boomer >Literally can…[View]
72054685What's the roadmap to recovery for a 24 year old kissless virgin? Seriously. I can't belie…[View]
72055196Are you good at blending in? Becoming a part of the background? Was this a skill you developed early…[View]
72055045Rape by deception: Is it illegal to get laid by lying your age? I'm going back to college mostl…[View]
72054771Reading articles about rando strangers dying in large numbers arouses me.[View]
72052258This is what playing League of Legends does to you[View]
72055219Holes owe me love and care[View]
72055180This shouldn't be so hot but fuck[View]
72053009/Daydream/ bros whats your daily escape fantasy like?[View]
72053765I start my sales job today. It's for construction services. Should I stay in the office and mak…[View]
72053242Jobs: Time is ticking and I still haven't found a job that I want to do. I will forever be a fa…[View]
72054474Why do you want to be a girl's boyfriend?[View]
7205511830 Million: Coronavirus has officially claimed 30 million souls in the course of 3 years. Biblical.…[View]
72054909Russia is advancing all fronts as Ukraine trannies run for there western dildo. Ukraine is losing ba…[View]
72054482i think im finally losing it: i cant stop thinking about hurting myself and i dont feel real anymore…[View]
72054154Fuck. I really need a qt trans gf[View]
72055020>27 years old >get my ID double checked at the bar cause they just don't believe me I k…[View]
72052518wat do: >be attracted to a girl >dont talk to her except for hi at the beginning of the day, t…[View]
7205486299% of content on this board is pure degeneracy how are women in the wrong for rejecting you again? …[View]
72054912would fembots suck on her cock?[View]
72053563Youth & good times: Why is my present life 100% stress? Havent had a calm feeling of freedom or …[View]
72054708Women are awesome[View]
72054851the dark lord is here[View]
72054849Why is Lawrence so sexy. It hurts.[View]
72054652bumble banned me for having a shirtless mirror selfie. Having abs and looking like Michelangelos Dav…[View]
72054844Another meaningless 'Why don't X do Y?' threads - why doesn't a cute reverse trap become m…[View]
72053789>be me >bored at work >decide to make some conversation with my female co-worker so start t…[View]
72052604Are there still any real robots here?: Are there still any real ro-bros here? This is a thread for a…[View]
72054279is it possible to be like Ichigo?: Thinking of buying a knife in case I have to fight. I fantasize a…[View]
72053668>mfw finding out as an adult that school only lasts until 2pm and most kids are home by 3pm Just…[View]
72054655where do i fuel my hatred[View]
72054722Spergs were never meant to find love, they are born to rape and kill.[View]
72054763I have a meeting coming up in week and I can't think or focus on anything because anxiety I hav…[View]
72054730Any NEETs live in a shelter? I'm thinking of doing this to save on rent and have zero expenses.…[View]
72054303day one of manifesting my future 6'0+ blonde hyperborean gf. please just let me have this one g…[View]
72054649I drew the love child of my crush and I because I need to cope[View]
72054725>2k23 >been an adult for over a decade >never had a girlfriend >normalfags think their a…[View]
72051884And so the journey continues :D[View]
72053743>Be my cousin >26 >Has a comfy house >Lives in my Aunt and Uncle's basement >Has…[View]
72050378guys please help. im a retarded bpd femanon. >meet younger guy online >he opens up to me about…[View]
72053914I'm so mentally broken at this point that even if a 10/10 woman offered me sex with no strings,…[View]
72054208Heh I like my robot frens[View]
72053995>dont objevtify women, ask them about their hobbies <okay what re your hobbies >I don'…[View]
72054486Uhhh boosterbros? I don't feel so good[View]
72054605am i gay what's wrong with me?: the female body does not turn me on in the slightest. Maybe whe…[View]
72054582Why can't people just accept that 'creepy' is an euphemism for ugly 99% of the time?[View]
72054592>at work >its a fancy pants office building with more than 20 floors >im newly arrived at t…[View]
72052154I'm a 32 year old virgin with no job and living in my parent's basement. Everyday I contin…[View]
72054081i flipped an image of me and my jaw and nose are so crooked what the fuck[View]
72053749I'm so ashamed of having to admit to my parents I've been a NEET for the past 2 and half y…[View]
72053800Are uneven boobs normal? Biofem asking[View]
72053548>be me >in college >going to put computer back >someones there so I wait for them >…[View]
72054128guys, i want to start kickboxing, it has manifested in my head as a way out of my apathetic time was…[View]
72051445Women are too demanding: >I am an okay looking man, on the lower side of 'average' >I have an …[View]
72054147I am robot. Chained by fear and anxiety and no gf. Don't release my chains, normie. You'll…[View]
72054435I just want a gf that will torture me with her farts, is that too much to ask?[View]
72052058Why normies think that it's a 'red flag' when their gf/bf is really attatched to them? It'…[View]
72054194I'm 30 years old, convince me my life isn't over.[View]
72054363>independent >in-dependent >dependent of what is within…[View]
72053618Am I still an incel if I masturbate with girls on the internet? Im 18, 5'5', and unimaginably u…[View]
72054060Im really bad at this. No game[View]
72053224Train hopping/hitchhiking: Ever do it? I wanna hear stories. Non larpers only plz.[View]
72052738Why were ancient Greeks so obsessed with blonde bussy?[View]
72054242being a robot and having normies tease you about girls liking you and having a lot of female attenti…[View]
72053276>your song when you walk into the school with your trenchcoat, armed, after you got shoved in the…[View]
72054226anyone remember noun/revyfag?: pic related, anyone remember what happened to him? newfigs need not a…[View]
72054210How the Internet Distorts Time: https://youtu.be/sKThLRv1im8[View]
72054099>all former classmates getting married or in serious relationships >meanwhile I'm a kissl…[View]
72053013Add some more ways that I can be a leech to society to my list: Illegal shit is fine as long as it i…[View]
72054023Failed at life: I'm disappointed in how my life turned out. I'm a failure, just made mista…[View]
72050630My Sad Life: I met my gf during during engineering orientation week at the university I used to atte…[View]
72053988>went to my cousin's birthday >he turned 17, and his 10/10 girlfriend attended >I had …[View]
72050740I lost my virginity earlier today, Ive been lied to my whole life: I had a thread earlier today but …[View]
72053479Am Bored: Anyone interested in chatting: moomoome#0717[View]
72054071Nobody told me how to swim. I learned it in a life or death situation. The mother who saved me was G…[View]
72054109I can't wait to die, it's gonna be awesome[View]
72054102Agoraphobia is a bitch[View]
72053017>doctors saved me at birth instead of letting me die Mfw[View]
72053502Be happy for him. It will cost you nothing.[View]
72054045Lawrence, my love https://youtu.be/Ddd9fQepK0I[View]
72053962wait hear me out >a toilet for cum[View]
72053447'What is it about bad boys that girls adore ?'[View]
72022805Letter Thread: Anger and Eloquence Edition[View]
72052900>use dvorak >same typo as when usimg qwerty…[View]
72052484Life sucks when you're not constantly being reliably sexually satisfied. Why is this? I just wa…[View]
72053934>nobody cares what you look like[View]
72052815Have you ever rejected a girl anon? I only did it once. She was too young and just looked like some …[View]
72053753I think the femboy shit is sad. Not because of transphobia, but because they worship weakness. Being…[View]
72053380Anyone got any good porn games? Especially ones where you play as the submissive.[View]
72053830Holding onto your girl clothing and saved porn pics is like Peter Parker with the black suit, you go…[View]
72053310Ever notice normies all mentioning having/buying a 'Magnum' condom. https://www.businessin…[View]
72052446i accidentally bought normal soda instead of sugarfree soda my life is fucking over, going to drink …[View]
72053497Why some people have such a huge hate boner for phone users to the point of blocking their site to p…[View]
72052552hi fembots im going to get an asian girl to suck me off and you're going to sit in the corner a…[View]
72051986I AM YOUR ROBOT: I think this affects many who has never experienced love or to be loved! The greate…[View]
72053632you're not a robot: You are not truly a robot until you'll date picrel[View]
72053084>She's only dating you because you were the best option at that very moment. If more Chads w…[View]
72053553Fellow far bros what did you eat for breakfast today? I just made myself some scrambled eggs with me…[View]
72052717The outcast dilemma: Anyone feel completely estranged from people? Years of loneliness has made peop…[View]
72053607Trans rights are mens rights. They were going to be, or once least at one point men but someone els…[View]
72051727>do the in and out >life destroyed how can such a simple action carry so many consequences? li…[View]
72052183I haven't smoked for almost 24 hours. My dad is going to buy me stuff if I quit. Is it worth it…[View]
72053379I AI truly the only solution to trannies? Imagine a facial recognition model distinguishing between …[View]
72051344Reminder to not cum in the shower: >be 13 yo me >discovered the joy of masturbation a month be…[View]
72048472if i had a boyfriend and he cheated on me i would kill him. is that bad[View]
72053231I've lost 25 lb compared to last year and it hasn't even mattered. Still no girlfriend. St…[View]
72021941/mbti/: >your type >What causes you to feel under pressure? >How do you cope with pressure?…[View]
72051778IT'S OVER: i have no future besides pic rel are you the same?[View]
72053540woah! radical![View]
72053031I don't like my professor one bit: >She makes a webex assignment: 'Class lecture wednesday' …[View]
72052511>work 10 hours a day at a hell warehouse >get home, start of my weekend >find out my fuckin…[View]
72053432Time bandits: >you check an imageboard >realize you just spent 7 hours on there, just getting …[View]
72051598Every girl I know they all told me they find escortcels way more disgusting than virgins, and I woul…[View]
72052647Hug Box: When did you realize that you were a hug box/echo chamber whenever you go online? What have…[View]
72051938>Sent to buy bread and a pack of cigarettes for a work colleague >he always gives me an exact …[View]
72052360What happened to the loser men who got beat up and bullied in the 80s and 90s highschool? I wonder w…[View]
72052866Alcoholism is so cringe... Don't put yourself in this position. Have some pride.[View]
72053401saw a cute femenine lesbian with a morbidly obese masculine dyke[View]
72052943>tired of being a loner and asked people why do they hate me and shit >Turns out i did tons of…[View]
72052389day 49 of manifesting nothing[View]
72053368Every time I try to pretend I could be happy reality proves me wrong. women hate me, and they always…[View]
72053205Today we are going to practice finding comfort and contentment in solitude. Say it with me now. 'It …[View]
72053223History of incels and the blackpill: There's this notion that the subculture started on reddit …[View]
72053335i wanna die happy[View]
72051085>*knock knock knok >*open door >see picrel >'Anon, I am one of your classmates' mom…[View]
72053092>hanging out at friend's house >his dad comes into the room >asks us about how we…[View]
72051087Good morning my beloved. I missed you. I hope you had an amazing night. I woke up thinking of you.[View]
72053299I haven't not smoked for almost 24 hours. My dad is not going to buy me stuff if I quit. Isn…[View]
72049443Would you let a cock cum in your mouth?[View]
72049545What do people on this board think of airsoft? I have had a pretty good time playing it, all things …[View]
72052790I'm 21 and it's like I'm 14. I still live with family. Never had a girlfriend. Have n…[View]
72050901Anyone else avoid public restrooms because of a fear of being pee-mogged? Nothing more cucked than p…[View]
72050884If Chad tried to kill himself, what hope is there for incels?[View]
72051474Are women attracted to clout more than money? Is getting clout the only way to make up for being ugl…[View]
72052956Tfw no racist bf to play pubg mobile w me[View]
72051788How can I get a cute asian bf like this (that I can turn into my gf) if I'm a white twink?[View]
72051046anyone else have autism or adhd[View]
72052974Reasons why women should not be allowed on the internet: pic related. You can't trust women tha…[View]
72052810sevensomes: how would someone , have sex with more than one woman , I mean technically speaking how …[View]
72050849All life is a disease, you should forsake it[View]
72052673im feeling AS IF life is a meaningless SUFFERING simulator meant to cause as much hopeless ness as p…[View]
72052781If you end sentences with though and still aren't dead, then there's clearly something wro…[View]
72052527guys have lower standards so gays having more sex than straights is obvious but what isn't obvi…[View]
72051889im lgbt but i dont have pronouns[View]
72051983would you fuck 30yo if nobody will ever find out?[View]
72052246the only thing I like doing anymore is making fake box arts for games. that's it.[View]
72051045do you ever wake up in the morning and think >ah what a great day to be alive…[View]
72052649How it it possible to like women with feminine long hair and butch short hair? How do I cope with th…[View]
72050541saw grindr and thinking of being bi: after months of crippling loneliness, i installed grindr tonigh…[View]
72051331Is there anything more embarrassing than when a 'friendly' virgin posts his discord tag in reply to …[View]
72049329you know it be great if i could buy dmt and lsd online fuck me sadly[View]
72051108how to actually start thinking critically?: Not talking about conspiracy theories or things like tha…[View]
72048212femoid rant: I've been rejected numerous times by moids, and with valentines day coming up and …[View]
72051326No one's gonna miss me when i die[View]
72051992Look what we never get: Think about how this will never happen to us[View]
72052614The sexual marketplace is so bad, even straight Brads have to resort to getting TOPPED on Grindr. Ho…[View]
72051280Any good sites for Doujins?[View]
720524632:24pm time for bed gn[View]
72051731Fembots, do you enjoy cunilingus?[View]
72052141Does anybody want to discord? No fembots please, I hate your kind. Bonus points if just want to talk…[View]
72050898what is shyness?[View]
72052289>if you attempt to post something unoriginal, it is not posted, and you are muted temporarily. …[View]
72052349Why are you still chasing and thinking about real women instead of contributing to the AI sexbot rev…[View]
72049980I'm weak to asian girls. I simply can't resist them lads. If it wasn't for them, I wo…[View]
72052313>go on crystal cafe to lurk >all men are sick and evil deep down, some just hide it very well …[View]
72052371>go to a new community >started to socialize >trying my hardest to bond with others >Di…[View]
72051609How do u find deepfake porn ? Im a retard[View]
72051550>Gee I wonder why this post has so many upvotes.[View]
72051827Apparently normalfags are literally crying because of deepfake porn. What can I do to generate more …[View]
72051276Why do they want to kill you when you eat too many of them?[View]
72052261>God will never leave me nor forsake me tfw i think of the future https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
72052221Fuck TSA: >be me >Go to airport to meet my family in the US >TSA says my name shows up on t…[View]
72046005vocaroo thread: post your voices everyone[View]
72049632>why yes, I do have the easiest job in the world >how could you tell?…[View]
72052035bruh im high as fuck on niggers grave. shit what yall doing and shit. i wanna leave my country and m…[View]
72052130how do you get criminal or court records?: im in australia so it seems impossible and im not really …[View]
72049230Being a mutt (half-white, half-jew), I developed a fetish for being humiliated by Nazis. If I were t…[View]
72051838>i have had mercury fillings in my mouth for 10+ years[View]
72051616Betrayed by the devs: > be me > average 4chan user (gay) > jerk it to Bridget from Guilty G…[View]
72050524Tell me the first word that pops into your head when you read the word 'oxymoron'. I will give an ac…[View]
72051796Went to restaurant: The waiter told me 'Have a good meal' I told him 'You too' I never went back the…[View]
72050395Reminder that feds lurk this board: Oldfag here. there is a legitimate effort by western governments…[View]
72051941Fembots and femboys ruined this place.: Take me back to comfy blanket memes and birdwatching threads…[View]
72050927ITT: Wagie music.: Another day, another commute to a soul crushing job. What music plays while you w…[View]
72051810Failed normie thread: >30 yr old looks 40 >5'11' >100k salary >Barely graduated col…[View]
72051782Reminder to hide all lewd threads:: >Tranny threads >Anything with Fembot in it >All pornog…[View]
72051148>everybody online assumes i'm a girl for some reason >random guy in a discord server assu…[View]
72051255Slutty fembots, do you think you'll ever settle down with someone? If so do you think you'…[View]
72051357Why do you fucking retards keep replying to threads with faggots pretending to be fembots[View]
72050676Ever since I started dating and kissing my first ever girlfriend, I feel like the attention from wom…[View]
72051560Day 2,186 without a gf: I still haven't gotten over her. I am a sad failure of a man and have g…[View]
72051396I want a guy like pic related... I just love shy guys :) Any other fembots like shy guys?[View]
72049291>tfw ywn be a hot, sexy n slutty early 20s yr old chick Living as a male is a massive cuckolding …[View]
72050146Boss babes are coming for the AI porn preemptively. That way when AI gets really good, it will be il…[View]
72051160at what age is it over for me to get a bf when i spent my whole life alone due to being a sperg[View]
72051625What would you do if you were in this situation? You're the guy.[View]
72051018>incel brother is loudly posting on /r9k/ again[View]
72051493I feel like shit i need sleep but cant[View]
72051304I have never seen a vagina in real life and im halfway to 32. All my life I have looked at other peo…[View]
72051317I love you r9k :D hope you're having a great day![View]
72051585Why are pills so expensive?[View]
72047781I say that if your IQ is within the 100-110 range you were born to be a worthless McDonalds worker o…[View]
72050422/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1272 Why not just wake up earlier?[View]
72051534I don't see anyone ever discussing this, but imo Race doesn't matter if you are Chad. If y…[View]
72051522>ywn go on a date with a hobo[View]
72050781>this is the type of women the mentally ill blacked spammers are into[View]
72051371A Girl felt in Love with me but she is crazy. Never met her offline tho. Have i made it Bros? (picun…[View]
72051502Had a hard time getting out of bed and lost ta day of work. I have to walk 8km to compensate.[View]
72051501On a scale of 1 to 10, how epic does posting this make me?[View]
72051192there isn't a single virgin female of age on this whole wide world and I'm more than happy…[View]
72050968Trans women ARE women and if you disagree you are a toxic bigot[View]
72050613Why am I so weird? I feel like I genuinly have a different experience and perspective from most peop…[View]
72051437>Friend gets his license revoked for drunk driving >Tells me he wants to kill himself over los…[View]
72049992Canthal Tilt: Does it really matter? Or is it another cope we tell ourselves?[View]
72051144I like to sometines go online and larp as a woman and get simps to shower me with attention until I …[View]
72051170Why do they all talk like this?[View]
72051307Tattoo... vj. Sounds painful.[View]
72050284I haven't slept in days. I think I'm about to pass out. I wish all of you boys sweet drea…[View]
72051294>no friends >managed to leave permanent mental trauma in 3 kids…[View]
72050961Friendly reminder that this could be me in ww3 but society denied me prime teen pussy: During WW3 i …[View]
72051205So many demoralization threads in the catalog right now. this place is terrible for your mental heal…[View]
72050232I wish they'd make me a moderator. i'd clean this place up[View]
72050973>masturbated to Cobson today[View]
72051050What is 'normie/normalfag' to you? Do you hate them?[View]
72049893Stonewalling: >step father is a piece of shit, lucky I talk to him at all. >ignores me and res…[View]
72050546how do i become pretty[View]
72051138Thoughts on interracial lesbianism?[View]
72051008>sister is loudly painting her fingernails again[View]
72051128you wouldn't believe how boss i fucking am. constantly doing drugs like that belford from wolf …[View]
72051043>/pol/ has a 300 reply thread about mr beast being the antichrist what the fuck happened to that …[View]
72051054No booli zone: This is a thread where there will be no bullying regardless of what opinion you post …[View]
72050262I tried to hire a prostitute tonight while already having a girlfriend. It was a jarring experience.…[View]
72048150How hard is it to quit smoking cigarettes?[View]
72050466What would a gf who plays Pokemon be like?[View]
72050707my brother bullied me for liking cute things[View]
72049892> tfw i (5'6 male) heightmog the 5'3 male student in the university…[View]
72050982Why is it that the biggest granny chasers are always black guys Madonna is 61, Cher is fucking 75 a…[View]
72050428>attend yoga class with boyfriend >he's next to me and farted really loud and blamed me …[View]
72050096'Okay anon, I'm done having fun and I'm finally ready to settle down. I'm a different…[View]
72049131how does autistic neet girl make friends. its not that easy.[View]
72050837I just got the job.[View]
72050799This angel is a 10/10[View]
72049571Are there still unvaxxed older white women craving for younger pureblooded dick or a relationship wi…[View]
72050522you'll never be as fast as him. cope[View]
72050693>ex-boyfriend cancelled his wedding to get back with me >I'm already in a new relationshi…[View]
72049342Why do homeless people seem almost inhuman? If you've seen those youtube videos of people givi…[View]
72050857wont you be his fren: wont you be his fren[View]
72050691This board needs sound![View]
72048791I respect actual suicide as opposed to faggot halfassed 'suicide attempts' Either go against your mo…[View]
72050130my gf locked me away in chastity for the night how do I fight this horniness[View]
72049324why does it make me angry inside when i see an ugly guy or a non white having a cute gf?[View]
72050769gatsbymaxxing: >get money by doing unscrupulous things (I promise it's legal) >move to Ja…[View]
72049744Look how soft and comfy these bunny rabbit girls are![View]
72047864I want to be a cool young person so badly but I'm 34 years old. I don't know why it bother…[View]
72050498You know what having a fat gf wouldn't be all too bad. She's literally a 10. What we think…[View]
72050559i was in fact lonely[View]
72050713swedish man is stupid: >hear euro bitch about being poor > he never works lives in free govern…[View]
72050692>go onto twitter >click on profile >miners DNI what the fuck is wrong with them? why do th…[View]
72050632What are they making fun of you for, /r9k/?[View]
72046872Human existence is stupid: Working, working, working, working... some little holiday, working, worki…[View]
72049879What made you take the blackpill, anons?[View]
72049511Are there any sapient non-vaxxed white people left on this earth?[View]
72050652>woke up in this body >only vaguely remembers who i am and what am i supposed to do, and the m…[View]
72050231Giving up.: I've been fervently writing for the past 6 years. All I've produced are failur…[View]
72050311Education in USA and Europe: Hello, robots. Anonymous from Europe and the USA, please tell us how yo…[View]
72050589Having sex with my gf and no longer watching porn cured me of my tranny fetish[View]
72050181I am beginning to think that I am the worst type of person[View]
72049349Why does everybody ghost me?[View]
72049945why is this so popular in roosia? there aren't even european servers, but then theres 3 for rus…[View]
72047825day 23 of manifesting a lesbian bff who will help me overcome my long battle with depression by maki…[View]
72050297so if I fuck an escort I can leave here... r-right? that makes me a normalfag... right?[View]
72044451Why do people deny that dick size matters despite overwhelming evidence that it does?: Face the fact…[View]
72049583there's a 50/50 chance a guy i know has cheese pizza on his laptop. it could just be anime shit…[View]
72050044been feeling really bored and numb lately. I've devised a new hobby to try something new. would…[View]
72048947i hate people with thin lips no, im not black, im white[View]
72050222Fucking normalfags: >Be me >Be 20 >Talk to my normies friends >They start talking about …[View]
72049835After I wrote that I am loser neet able to being hired only to slave no-citizens job - I received a …[View]
72050368/late night bread/: come hang out late night anons. https://youtu.be/1P5s-NoTTAM[View]
72041356Why not just settle for a pale Latinx girl that passes for white?[View]
72049432poor belarus: I feel so sad for belarus :([View]
72050388This nigga laughs at 69 and 420[View]
72048343The past week: My friend betrayed me one week ago. For the past 6 days I've been plotting my re…[View]
72050068Tell us about the woman you regret not asking out to this day.[View]
72050324I always thought that 'trolling' basically meant playing dumb in order to make people mad, but nowad…[View]
72046859So, now that we know how the creature thinks, can we predict how it behaves?[View]
72044473WTF is wrong with you males? STOP PLAYING VIDEOGAMES PUT. IN. THE. WORK.[View]
72050164Education in the USA and Europe: Hello, robots. Anonymous from Europe and the USA, please tell us ho…[View]
72047980fembots: i really dont like how fembots on r9k complain all day about getting ghosted and stuff i ha…[View]
72050265>really tired >it's hot >go nap for an hour >less tired >it has cooled down…[View]
72049494chronic emptiness and depression that nothing can fix anyone else like this? I think I'm just p…[View]
72050008black pills needed: so I've been noticing I'm getting more and more friendly when around r…[View]
72049740>be me 5 years ago >on a schooltrip for 4 days >girl often tries interact with me but I jus…[View]
72049446>listening to favorite serbian song about yugoslav wars >mom asks when I started liking Turkis…[View]
72050132im unironically a femborg i measured to see if i had a positive canthal tilt and i do but very very…[View]
72049409Why do French people make such good indie, disco, house, and EDM music?[View]
72049808/v/ is by far the worst board on this website.[View]
72049338Nobody ever tried to groom me. Am I really that ugly?[View]
72049931how am i doing?: >25 >can't drive >never had a real job >bachelor's in math …[View]
72045945TO WOMEN: No, you were never justified, and it is all your fault edition.: To Women, I resent you. T…[View]
72050141Is anyone else a son of a chad? >Went out with my parents on their anniversary dinner because am…[View]
72040086How do you usually dress, robots? Do you have a unique style?[View]
72050122I will only work a job if it lets me go on wacky adventures. This is non-negotiable.[View]
72050101I am not going to ask permission to jerk off to streamers and celebrities. No, I do not care you did…[View]
72043973Simps will eat this shit up to get on her good side while still jacking off to her and say they neve…[View]
72049777>tfw Kid Chad had a jawline and adams apple jutting out in middle school It never began.…[View]
72049967When you die Don't think that anyone will cry When you die Anyone who says they loved you lied…[View]
72049197What is love?: regarding the romantic love! I think this affects many who have never known how to lo…[View]
72049426day 56 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests What games have you been playing? I did a bit …[View]
72049932>Just recently downloaded this game on steam >Nostalgia overload >Great combat >Great Sp…[View]
72046288Who else here is /literallyjohn/?[View]
72049776i think studying art in college makes you a toxic retard especially if you know that your work sucks…[View]
72049901what happens if i post my image in the comments?: i'm new here. but soo looking forward to get …[View]
72049320>sleep for 10 hours >Still tired af and can't get out of bed Is sleep a scam?…[View]
72044966I'm tired of waiting for the right guy: Should I just get it over with and take the slut pill? …[View]
72047763Blackpill me: What are the chances of my girlfriend cheating on me? Factors: >E-relationship >…[View]
72049067>tomboy friend said it's a shame I took hgh >Looked like a Twink >No tomboy when I us…[View]
72049846>girl confesses feelings for me >shes underage Fuck my life.…[View]
72046560Time you were blackpilled IRL: I'll start >be me >sitting in English class >bored …[View]
72049731do people do drugs outside of america btw i am talking shit other than weed[View]
72043964Fighting in war is the ultimate cuckoldry: I just don't understand men that go off to fight in …[View]
72049820>start talking to girls >no longer care about jerking off and not nearly as horny is this some…[View]
72049408I wear bape all day: fuckin faggot, get the fuck out of here with your autistic little incel wardrob…[View]
72049872/cg/ cutters general: >tfw no gf edition how yall holding up cutbros Also does anyone have the th…[View]
72049271I would kill every single one of you faggots one at a time just to achieve my seeds into her egg cel…[View]
72048907How I feel everyday :( Lonely and miserable with no direction . While chasing something that is neve…[View]
72047726Tell me about a happy moment you had today, anon.[View]
72049747Anyone notice how this board gets slower and slower as more people were vacced?[View]
72048978i cant believe theres actually happy lucky healthy people. it mind blows me just seeing it.[View]
72049250can brown girls cosplay too?[View]
72047968Robots I am back again and I desperately need your guidance. I'm going to try and summarize thi…[View]
72048563>tfw developing hypertension because of how much i fucking hate everyone…[View]
72048246why does he speak with a fake british accent[View]
72048804this world is a simulation for god to torture me. god makes billions suffer just to get to me.[View]
72048792I hate femboys for real: >Be me, crackhead >At gas station, loitering outside >Ask for smok…[View]
72049480Please...I want to go back...: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lR56KbXuW8U&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE https…[View]
72049745When I was in highschool I was a loner I was retarded I rode the short bus[View]
72047987>accidentally posted pic related in the uni class whatsapp group >panicked and tried to delete…[View]
72049730pic related just sucked my dick ama[View]
72049559When I die I want it written on my headstone: 'I never kissed a girl. Not once. Not one single time.…[View]
72047547Should I bother getting /fit/ if I want girls like pic related or should I stay skinny and just dres…[View]
72049703soft tummy yummy[View]
72046216so, what's your attitude towards trannies?[View]
72049669Why dont you just get a saggy granny gf?[View]
72049523Simpin' ain't easy, robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBrYKRh6Eeg[View]
72049475i sadly became a wagie and a druggie at age 20 but anyway i will watch paprika and flcl after i fina…[View]
72048845so um hypothetically what websites host those streamer deepfake porn videos[View]
72049662OH WOAH OH WOAH. CHEESE.[View]
72048194THIS. Is considered a stacy on /r9k/.[View]
72048890Once you go into the AI vritual world, you are never coming out. The days of /r9k/ are so to be ove…[View]
72049454A phone call just ruined my night...: I didn't receive any shitty news or anything: >got a …[View]
72049381How hard is it for a short skinny white guy to get a qt latina gf?[View]
72046230> I texted this girl I kinda like last week > I asked her if she wanted to hang out > It wa…[View]
72049518How is AoT pro-fascist, again (yeah, that's an actual criticism it received)? Because the only …[View]
72049461At the work restroom locked in a toilet stall. I really, really don't want to go out there agai…[View]
7204904230+ yo here. I was a femboy during my teenage years, and I did many things... however, that lifestyl…[View]
72047458Fembot Polygamy: Have Fembots considered just becoming a second wife?[View]
72049245The new reddit layout is really bad so I have to take refuge here for a while. Hello fellow forum po…[View]
72049455Damn it, frens, I haven't had enough free time lately. Then I'm looking for a job, then so…[View]
72048884>tfw you will never be latino[View]
72048463How do we get more feminist women to give their life to zog?[View]
72048972Do femanons love fatcock with veins[View]
72047823>God will never leave me nor forsake me I want to be wise, so I will consult the scriptures htt…[View]
72048961>Have youtube channel >Make shitpost video about youtuber >He Kills himself >Video skyro…[View]
72049327i'm cruising in my rari with my louis loafers[View]
72049099I wanna fuck a black bitch really bad. Sadly im not white.[View]
72049079>talk online about how much women suck, they're all whores, and how you should disregard the…[View]
72049330I'm making a gwenpool video game in Unawake Engine 5. This is the current control scheme. Thoug…[View]
72047693>Look at this shit that Becky posted about me, anon! She's talking about how fat I've g…[View]
72049274Am i an incel?: Idk i feel like the two times I had sex with prostitutes I couldn't perform or …[View]
72049240>be a passoid mtf >Talk with an ftm >Friend zone them >They get obsessive >Blocked :…[View]
72046165>we would all have 10/10 robot-AI gfs if we were born 20 years from now It's IMPOSSIBLE to s…[View]
72047924how do i get a practice gf, robots?[View]
72049144Why do people (particularly a certain gender you guys obsess over) try to remain friends with people…[View]
72049208Women have changed their ways. they're not as whorish as they were in the 2010s. There's h…[View]
72048649tfw dentist in 3 hours and i didint even brush my teeth since the last visit 2 weeks ago[View]
72047993socially isolating myself again because i don't deserve to have friends[View]
72047841Shame and male sexuality: Recent discourse about AI porn, deepfakes and that idiot who got caught on…[View]
72049198I stopped watching porn but I can't quit girlfriend asmr videos[View]
72049048>goes from 4/10 femcel to 9/10 Kpop stacy ZAMN so this is the power of plastic surgery?…[View]
72047734By the time I save up enough for surgeries, I will be in my late 20s. Every woman my age will have m…[View]
72039969skinny guys are hotter[View]
72049161The dating market is so bad that even white Chadlites have to resort to grindr and getting TOPPED. H…[View]
72049024Why haven't you joined the navy yet? Scared of a little water?[View]
72048836my appearance desintegrated into the most disgusting trash imaginable at 28. i barely look human. no…[View]
72048709KETAMINE: I had ketamine for the first time a few days ago. It was about 50mg snorted. It was not fu…[View]
72048328Why do foids type in all lowercase? Are they scared of capital letters or smth?[View]
72049078I've truly become an asshole: >ex bf confesses he still loves me >i friendzone him with h…[View]
72049065where do you think the revolution will end? you do realize we will survive any attempts to oppress u…[View]
72048575Even if you somehow convince a woman to have sex with you, this is what awaits you. Its over. It ne…[View]
72048191For the past year i keep arriving and leaving work early every day. I arrive at 8 and leave at 3 eac…[View]
72048871>did drug >the voices turned back into music again weed, cocaine, meth, and mdma are legal in…[View]
72048666>tfw you have the keys to the universe but you're too much of an undisciplined faggot to use…[View]
72049062>teacher is a prick to me for some reason today >go home >cant let it go because retarded …[View]
72048858>thanks for the bump, kind anon![View]
72048843I'm 24 years old and I already cringe whenever I see how young famous people were when they fir…[View]
72048726I think I am going to lose my oldest friend because they are developing feelings for me. I feel it c…[View]
72048862>be thyself >highschool, very popular with girls for some reason >was a bit of a sperg, did…[View]
72049016hii this is chickn again: I forgot to post in a while sorry you can filter my posts can someone tell…[View]
72048925It's still in my head[View]
72048289>you will pay 80k just to relieve some of the stress of your dysphoria >We will make sure peo…[View]
72048736I work the night shift at walmart: And I consume on average about 700mg of caffeine a day combined i…[View]
72047715You have to bang, merry or kill each one. who would you choose for what and why, If you won't p…[View]
72048842How do I approach people outside of class in college? As in just random people sitting on campus. An…[View]
72048770Thought i had enough money in my account for a lil bit, just went and paid off debt and gave money t…[View]
72048131My BPD means I find it hard to socialise because of anxiety I kept learning that people are vicious …[View]
72048815>tfw no fuzzy vision bf[View]
72048722what can you even do if you got ostracised ?[View]
72046241>really like someone >they seem to like me too >they try and get me to open up >slowly s…[View]
72048018Sorry anon but Chad also gets the goth girls[View]
72046183I wish my phone wouldn't make images with up to 10 mb in size. Its really giving me a hard time…[View]
72040703i hate women so fuckin much its unbelivablerineo[View]
72047046Why do professors gatekeep classwork behind a paywall? Why do need to pay hundreds of dollars for a …[View]
72045841It's impossible to be truly loved, adored by, and sexually satisfy a woman with a pencil dick l…[View]
72047074Asian Women and Fetishization: >What type of Asian are you? >Do you feel fetishized here? >…[View]
72048310This is you. You want to become a can of Heinz Beanz so a NEET girl will consume you. Stop denying w…[View]
72048299I genuinely can not remember the last time I had fun playing a video game. There has not been a sing…[View]
72048645>be me >nigger >no dad >tall >scary looking >but not born with natural physica…[View]
72048040NORMIES invent AI to READ YOUR MIND: The WEF's annual meeting in Davos held a very important an…[View]
72048613I'm sofa king we todd did: >Calc II >literally takes me 5 hours to do a 30 question probl…[View]
72048311I caught my boyfriend commenting heart eye emojis on a woman wearing a thong on instagram. Should I …[View]
72048398i have no morals for scamming people but im white so idk how to pull it off[View]
72048233Just ordered an expensive new PC, I don't have anyone to play with really i guess though. maybe…[View]
72047537Everyone Male(female): I've come to understand that the entire board is full of women. Everyone…[View]
72044459Landwhales like this can cuck their husbands/boyfriends and heres me an autistic chad that cant even…[View]
72048278>be me >college semester about to start >for once i feel pretty good and things are going w…[View]
72046734>ignoring my classes >telling my parents I'm studying to be an AI prompt engineer >tfw…[View]
72047037I'm a transgirl and I got a bf from this board. Ama[View]
72046026Every day Taylor Swift, who has 500 million dollars, takes a big stinky shit and there's nothin…[View]
72048222imagine having a girlfriend and casually fuckin her randomly in the house and shes also in to it[View]
72048187Will there ever be a good meme ever again[View]
72048357I have been salivating on my pillow while asleep everyday for the past week. Anyone else have a simi…[View]
72045055why don't robots just settle with a trans gf?[View]
72048182>so you have access to all the information in world at tips of your finger ? >your society mus…[View]
72048417Day 31 of manifesting a cute hikki gf that dreams of exploring other worlds![View]
72048047>every woman in my family+extended family is thriving: do yoga, have tons of money, relationships…[View]
72048254Stop being so horny: Youre ruining the board, its nothing but cocks and nipples[View]
72048383i knew the perc was fake but i still ate it cause i'm a gremlin[View]
72048128i rate my tranny voice agp/10: https://voca.ro/1eKQgke1fygP what do you think[View]
72044242Pisces are losers: Everybody I know who's a Pisces (including me) is a fucking loser. Even wome…[View]
72048316well i fallen in love with my Brazilian coworker he is so hot i wish i brazilian men were into peopl…[View]
72048218i need an asian girl or im fuckin killin myself man[View]
72046509They're keeping incels isolated from one another: It's a good cope incel posting with fell…[View]
72047680>me falling asleep next to my phone in case she texts back or calls. ive sent her like 40 texts i…[View]
72047907Nines is literally me. He is the opposite of the uwu soft femboy that people portray him as. He is a…[View]
72047268What is a profession that is completely safe from being replaced by AI? I'm too depressed to im…[View]
72047761I guess I am a certified bad person. I did not give a shit about this. Fuck every single cancerous s…[View]
72048137transmaxxing is an unironic fantasy of mine. but i don't have gender dysphoria, nor do i think …[View]
72046702>consume creative work >contemplate ideas for creative works >don't create or work on …[View]
72047961i have no friends no job and ive spent the last 3 nights in a row getting high and im gonna do it ag…[View]
72048021Injury thread: Are you currently injured? What is it and how did you injure yourself? >tfw rolled…[View]
72048094does anyone wanna play phantom forces 5[View]
72048075>ex gf posts on her her story with guy who crushed on her our entire relationship >she always …[View]
72036926Robots, what has been the happiest moment in your life? Greentext it.[View]
72047480Get a Wednesday GF: It's easy anons, super cozy >Gonna have Wednesday Wife soon…[View]
72047121im addicted to twinks and femboys[View]
720473967th day no food: I can feel myself becoming more powerful, I am mainlining the mammalian truth that …[View]
72047691Day 10 of my no sugar diet and the cravings finally hit me. I think I'm going through withdrawa…[View]
72047022>Yeah I'll be with you in a minute, Chadson >I'm just sending anon a goodnight messa…[View]
72047146Enough of these pathetic broccoli zoomers and sluts turning this board into /soc/. Post about forsen…[View]
72033665/mcg/ - momcest general, year 2 #5 (#49): Obscene Gifts Edition It's Momcest (after) Monday. Yo…[View]
7204707123 year old handholdless virgin: >Majored economics at University Santa Barbara >Now working a…[View]
72047316What are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8zcKH8ZtPE[View]
72046652Wars were fought over white boy bussy[View]
72046100>tfw fembot >can't find a romantic partner >people keep calling fembots fake. why are …[View]
72043627I am a looser, how do I become less of a failure.[View]
72047801I'm 25 and still living at home. I have a decent job but pissed away most the money last year. …[View]
72047766Why do women and normies have such violent hatred towards shy and lonely men?[View]
72046672day 21 of manifesting a drummer gf[View]
72047647Should I go lesbian as an ugly woman? Moids are too shallow.[View]
72045518>mom was 5foot 3 >dad was 5foot 8 I never stood a chance…[View]
72046514Should I onions out and tell my ex I never deserved her and got lucky?[View]
72047817Aspie girls want chad, they don't want another autist[View]
72047292Fembots, how big is too big? If his is too big would that be a dealbreaker?[View]
72047232/neet/gen: thread for NEETS. moe moe edition I have been playing OSRS and rewatching k-on again and …[View]
72043188How to help suicidals?: I hope this is okay to post here, but I don't know where else to have t…[View]
72047379comment 'safe' or your mother will DIE tonight: i am lonely my only friend is also lonely …[View]
72046010God's lonely man: >be me >be 14 >be 'that friend' you know, the one that all the frien…[View]
72046638god tortures us so badly LOL holy shit bro this is fucking ridiculous, LMAO every moment is like a c…[View]
72046435why are mexicans so short?[View]
72047330Would you go to prom with her if she kindly asked?[View]
72047617Ojjeeyeyegegoo: Nygh![View]
72045509cyoa/choice/roll thread: rollerino!!!!!aaaaaaaaaa[View]
72047563Am Bored: If you wish to chat: moomoome#0717[View]
72047443>hey anon, let's make out response?[View]
72046966my life is so fucking over im a 30 year old . i couldve been in a coma and i wouldve advanced the sa…[View]
72047415Why would an imessage take long to say delivered? It is only to this one person and they are home so…[View]
72046420What have you done today?[View]
72046568my mom told me to go and visit an escort[View]
72047470what do straight couples even talk about it does not seem like they have a deep connection as 2 boys…[View]
72044170My parents found me a job at a call centre but I'm a deformed and autistic 23 year old hiki. Th…[View]
72047459cumbernauld scotland[View]
72047049cute pictures: Hello, would you post cute pictures in my thread? Thank you very much[View]
72047331>go on the generic corporate ai chatbots >spend three hours doing horni rp >my chat logs ge…[View]
72047122what's your daily outfit like[View]
7204688320 Year old and feel like I'm doing nowhere.: I feel so fucking miserable, My carefree days are…[View]
72046602I don't understand robros.: Why do anons idolize pic related? The movie is basically about a gu…[View]
72046842I am not sad that I didn't go or get invited to any parties or events how many years ago in sch…[View]
72047338I gotta stop eating fruit snacks. My tummy hurts[View]
72046209Give me one reason as to why i shouldnt kill myself[View]
72046762teacher trauma thread: or any other adult who had authority over you as a kid and did/said something…[View]
72046782Muscular guys are way hotter and thicker than ugly basic flat asses twinks[View]
72047262you just a bitch ass whiteboy, foo[View]
72046804Do not give up hope, for hope is not lost.: Friends, I come to you today not to criticize you or to …[View]
72046369That's it, even the one egirl I thought was pure was a whore. I can't take this anymore.[View]
72046803Ugly men can also get girlfriends. You just have to put the effort in, anons[View]
72046498I'm really depressed because I can't find a girlfriend. I'm in shape, I have a good j…[View]
72047147>be at club >below average girl starts dancing with me >not attracted to her but talk to he…[View]
72046389I love Manuel's cock so much.[View]
72046532The Eternal Nofap: The White Banner: We have captured the Black Banner of January. We now set our si…[View]
72043444why is it so rare to find a dominant woman? almost all women like to be submissive, how do I find a…[View]
72044047what has the shift of teachers, from majority male, to majority female done for education?[View]
72045867Disappearing completely: Okay, 23yo disabled male here. I don't care about dying from lack of m…[View]
72046065Do u like tintin anons?[View]
72047131I want a guy like pic related... I just love shy guys :) Any other fembot like shy guys?[View]
72043718I low-key regret impulsively marrying an autistic neet woman >inb4 whyd you marry her Shes from E…[View]
72046783I am very very vey angry[View]
72047077Bro mewing is literally nothing but a cop-[View]
72046825Would you settle for an average thin lipped white girl, /r9k/? Pic related is an egirl[View]
72040653Men should be skinny and women should be fat: Men should take the thinpill and women should take the…[View]
72045003>Fertility ratio of women in the west nearing negatives >LGBTQ widely normalized >Pedophile…[View]
72038567How did taking the blackpill change your life?: >take the blackpill >become a neet >play f…[View]
72046799Picrew Thread: Make gf/bf, description, assumptions, etc. Don't lazypost https://picrew.me/imag…[View]
72044917rate my rizz. can i bag her?[View]
72046255Why are there so many tranny hackers ? Theyre a minority a already but being popular in hacker commu…[View]
72046161Should I tell my counselor about my gooning addiction? I mean everything about it: the chronic mastu…[View]
72046293feeling not good rn (sexist)[View]
72046528I just read Basilisk manga. This is what Naruto should have been like. It even has rape.[View]
72045017prison: how bad is it actually?[View]
72044912>Hey, you! Want to be my partner on the group project? How do you respond?…[View]
72046505>anon, if you let me fart in your mouth for 5 minutes straight, i'll let you fuck me balls d…[View]
72046772mom won't let me sell my TI-84 Plus CE on eBay (i want to buy a regular monochrome 84 plus with…[View]
72045761I just remembered that Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy wishes Vicky to become a little girl a…[View]
72045402How do you make a NEET life exciting everyday? I am a NEET currently but I get bored easily and just…[View]
72046723>hm, you is weird anon[View]
72045996>make tinder >get 50+ likes after a while >can't see who they are without paying so is…[View]
72045516would anyone go to an anime convention with a fembot?[View]
72046344Whatever happened to the Amy Rose anon?[View]
72046684Autistic people should all be gassed and I say this as an autistic person myself.[View]
72043497Why is this a thing? Seems especially pronounced with actors.[View]
72046668Would severe loneliness and social isolation be enough to get euthanized or do I have to be in physi…[View]
72046680The Eternal Nofap: Phase 1: I have completed Phase 1 (10-30 days) of the Eternal Nofap. I now begin…[View]
72046444What kind of girls are attracted to boys like this?[View]
72038288/cut/ - Cutters General #6: A thread for discussions about self harm and mutual support >How are…[View]
72046493Beta Male Colony: We should buy a ghost town somewhere and use it to make a community exclusively fo…[View]
72046200My roommate brought over some brown people[View]
72046437I think that unless youre at the top of some field like physics, the only purpose in life is to get …[View]
72043947missed opportunities: ill start off >meet girl at work >she breaks up with her bf >seems to…[View]
72045287>ask a Christian does Jesus forgive killers >yes of course if they truly repent >ask a Chr…[View]
72044901I didn't like Disco Elysium.[View]
72044692Have you ever visited an escort? How was it? I'm thinking about escortmaxxing.[View]
72040678Day 34 of manifesting a Nerdy Huge breasted girlfriend.: 'The path of the righteous man is beset on …[View]
72045863I'm fed up of not being good at thingd because of my IQ[View]
72043648Porn is disgusting: When you are actually think about it, porn is pretty fucking gross. You are lite…[View]
7199625030+ thread: Thread for the old skool losers. Subjects we could talk about: porn addiction, alcohol/d…[View]
72045771>watch anime >boy meets girl >immersion ruined Are there any anime about the background cha…[View]
72046167would you date a girl that gets night terrors?[View]
72046139Why would I fall in love with a woman when I am smarter, stronger, taller and more interesting than …[View]
72045816The Eternal Nofap: 1 Month: I have gone over 1 month without masturbating. God be with me. Deus Vul…[View]
72045396>rape a girl >she becomes a hardcore feminist Shit.…[View]
72045052grief: I met my boyfriend on here 3 years ago and he died. I feel empty and am having a breakdown. I…[View]
72044641how do i manipulate a twitch streamer into having sex with me[View]
72045489What is the sexiest thing a woman can wear in public? I think tops that show a little side boob real…[View]
72046074>struggling to figure something out >'damnit I'm fucking retarded' >figure it out…[View]
72043824Post retarded outfits we would wear to school for quads >I'll start…[View]
72046007Are fembots real if so how do you date one[View]
72045611gmi: 38yo. 6 months ago I moved to Thailand mainly because I gave up on my home country. Every year …[View]
72045327Anyone else just /lost/? I'm so fucking demoralized rn[View]
72045994Post your waifus. Elaborate if you feel like it. I just think Lina is really cute, sweet and funny.[View]
72045792I'm nervous: >Meet a couple of nice anons through 4chin >Intresting people who actualy se…[View]
72045864crunchy corn tortilla + seasoned ground beef + shredded lettuce = amazing flavor combination[View]
72045986I'm beginning to hate everyone in my life My family, my friends, strangers, everyone Even (you)[View]
72044567voluntarily/mentalcel KHV fembot, high functioning autistic. gets approached by men occasionally. AM…[View]
72045214why are normalfags like this?: >someone gained the least amount of internet fame possible >som…[View]
72044317Is someone able to explain these threads to me? I keep seeing them. I was just in a thread about mus…[View]
72045925The worst feeling in the world is knowing people would like you if you were a twink.[View]
72044151Anyone else feel like despite on the surface seeming more socially well adjusted normies never reall…[View]
72031047if she doesn't want people masturbating to her then why did she just release some of the best c…[View]
72038411/britfeel/: Broken Bones edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdzDgmra1io[View]
72045846>Face is ever-ACK[View]
72038418/aiwg/ Ai Waifu General thread #7:: More more Ai waifus![View]
72045299https://anon.cafe/retro/catalog.html Are there any other imageboards that have retro boards like thi…[View]
72045775https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xKKFuYowU There's no way these goys don't use 4Chan. Whe…[View]
72045436Daily Posture Thread: Old internet images series 1 edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuildi…[View]
72045357Based and Deepfakepilled[View]
72045781I just realized that my psychiatrist is a government agent.[View]
72043632Have you ever met a truly wonderful woman that changed you in some way?[View]
72042414being a girl must be so flippin nice >.<[View]
72045748>God will never leave me nor forsake me >i've got a home in heaven does this mean i…[View]
72043260Updated my driver's license photo from a cheerful 18 yo me with a full head of hair to a sullen…[View]
72045404Recently threads ive made have had a very annoiyng cunt with the only objective of making me angry. …[View]
72045705I was happier as a 'loser' incel who gamed 12 hours a day than I am now as a normie with a regular g…[View]
72044909Why are incels such faggots?[View]
72045693Why are asian women so hilarious bros[View]
72045660The Eternal Nofap: Day 32: I have gone over 31 days without masturbating. Wow. Look where we are, in…[View]
72044900Creating and refining fap material generation is really fun.[View]
72045636>She's in the psych hospital for several months for trying to beat me I miss her so much bro…[View]
72039246Oldfags and pre 2015 how did you discover 4chan[View]
72042287Today i'm playing some more dark souls :D[View]
72045629I hope to lose my virginity to a cougar before i turn 21.[View]
72045337This life really fucking sucks when were forced to constantly hear about the Bible[View]
72045617i did the same mistake again, became friend with a married girl just because im lonely >she is 7 …[View]
72045092>tfw just turned 30 and have no career[View]
72043810I cant stop masturbating to my ex's nudes. I miss her so much, I miss her ass, her tits, her fa…[View]
72043166>tfw you will never have an 800lb fembot gf.[View]
72044839>Was accidentally rude to the nice lady working at the post office and now I can never go back …[View]
72045442Chudbro's journal #2: Hello this is day two of my journal, I'm doing a hell of a lot bette…[View]
72044957>$803 in my bank account feeling rich lads desu[View]
72045251I cook for my parents most of the week My dad got home from work and was excited when he saw I was m…[View]
72045385I walked into a gunfight with a knife to kill you And cut you so fast, when your blood spilled, it w…[View]
72045344How do I continue to enjoy 2D women despite the evil and parasitic real-life creatures they're …[View]
72044705>you look like a school shooter Normies are brutal[View]
72045296how does one start giving a damn?[View]
72045270So, do some people actually want them for long term relationships or are they just a degenerate sex…[View]
72045330>my lifes like kind of like my wife's like (what) >fucked up after i beat her fucking ass…[View]
72045356>be me >mentally unwell >think bad thoughts >my mental health worsens >think good …[View]
72045302You did sign up for the janitor applications, right ?[View]
72045274Good looking sperg: So apparently according to a few girls ive asked i look like an 8/10 minimum in …[View]
72045189Pick your color: Crips or Bloods. /r9k/? For me it's Bloods, I can't do the crip walk but …[View]
72044604when you have a door in your house that you need to go through, and it is a little open but not open…[View]
72045200What's with the 30+ thread? There used to be a 25+ thread. I'm 28.[View]
72045021Females only care about money/social status. Once you lose these, you're nothing but trash to t…[View]
72045249It really fucks with my head that normies want incels to kill ourselves and then pretend to be sad w…[View]
72044092lets have a good old fashioned sissy thread[View]
72045064manifest trans gf day 7[View]
72045097raped by reptilian nigger demons: i get sucked and fucked and my balls rubbed and licked and fucked …[View]
72045080I don't wanna see her with another guy why did I ever think breaking up was a good idea...[View]
72044725trans girls are cute and valid!! go girlll don't let these chudcels drag you down[View]
72043932Transexuals honestly disgust me, not only they want everyone to adress them as a thing they aren…[View]
72043997i hate white women. i wish i was born somewhere with asians.[View]
72044864Fear not. Indeed, it is you who are superior.[View]
72044800I wish my mom would dump her bf. He's been molesting me.[View]
72044866Why are normies having such a hard time putting FART fetishists back in the closest?: The normies ar…[View]
72044581Wanna peg a white guy while he's wearing this[View]
72044883I have a learning disability and I'm a sped[View]
72044417You're a fakecel If you bang hot trannies on grindr.[View]
72044950big titties, no face, perfect curves, no identity, no mind all sexy girls should be like this, just …[View]
72037111Fill it out, foids and fem'bot's.[View]
72044925I'm setting up to fuck a 45 year old roastie AMA[View]
72044461Imagine in the random occurrence of life and signing up for a job. And saying something at that job …[View]
72044888>spend all day thinking about a girl >I'm another dime a dozen annoyance that doesn'…[View]
72043710my truth: https://voca.ro/1eKQgke1fygP[View]
72044707>finally found a doctor that will give me TRT looks like things are finally looking up for me…[View]
72044871would you feed ice cream to an asian man[View]
72038797>tfw there are men out there who have women throw themselves at them and even stalk them and grop…[View]
72043434Why aren't you successful yet in the year 202023? This is supposed to be the year you get your …[View]
72042934Any black girl browsing?: We need a new black e-girl since Miyoko is dating a 32 year old fat dude a…[View]
72041352I turned myself into a minifig, Spider! IM LEGO KIRI![View]
72044792Fellow incels, what is the worst thing you have ever done while unreasonable horny? Mine is orgasmin…[View]
72044369>come home from work >Get THEM out >Four felt tip pens in red, green, blue and black >Fo…[View]
72044387first greentext here, but here I go > Be me, 17 y/o kissless virgin in a career tech school > …[View]
72042153so does this actually work?[View]
72044593I just got fired for refusing to have sex with my boss.[View]
72044758Party mandated tankie gf to solve inceldom[View]
72044743I m having second thoughts about my online relationship.[View]
72044733>She loves art and animals[View]
72044686Am Bored: If anyone seeks to chat: moomoome#0717[View]
72042472I don't even try white girls cuz they fuck with my inferiority complex[View]
72044559hehe hewo fewwo tran girls :3[View]
72044073We need to ban TikTok[View]
72044615put the gf in the bag and nobody gets hurt[View]
72044561The trick is to not use dating apps.[View]
72042579i'm unrionically a 1/10 femcel. my eyes are buggy and weird, i have horrible eyebags, my face i…[View]
72044510Robots, can you help me identify a certain villain or pair of villains that I think was in Tenchi Mu…[View]
72044051I spend almost all my free time alone in a dark apartment. What about you?[View]
72044475>talking to emo girl I met online >asks to see a picture of me >send one >'yikes' >de…[View]
72044360When I get married I'm going to bury my face in my wife's feet while she's still in h…[View]
72040914>mfw millions are starving, thousands are dying due to war and a rich streamer woman breaks down …[View]
72042360Does adhd meds really work? I'm waiting for my shitty third world country to just give me this…[View]
72044218>Come, mother. I would like to show you my latest post on 4channel.org >In this post, you can …[View]
72044401Why do so many bots fall for the 'trap' meme is beyond me. 99.9% of them noticeably look, sound, and…[View]
72043126Uhmmm how long does it take to pass out from picrel? What's the best course of action to maximi…[View]
72043992The Buddha and Jesus aren't supposed to be real that's the point. Also Tranny haters are s…[View]
72044392Fuck it: Tired of living, feel like shit, tired of life, will talk to any fembot about any subject i…[View]
72042478Age gaps are 'ToXiC': >pick up a girl from a bar, she's 18 >you tell her your age and she…[View]
72042494Do I have a chance to get a Japanese gf as a white male?: Hear me out There are more females in Jap…[View]
72044233The biggest red flags for women video games and rap music[View]
72044354Anons a lot of the catalog is reposts.: I don't think anons realize how much of /r9k is reposts…[View]
72032354What is your ideal boyfriend?: >age, height, race, sex >personality >eduction level >jo…[View]
72041169>paid a cute trans girl from /soc/ money to suck her cock last week >literally enjoyed every s…[View]
72042347currently >6 iris threads up >well over dozen 'fembot' threads >atleast a dozen race relate…[View]
72040088Why do robots say that women have high standards ?: Pic related is literally my dream husband and he…[View]
72043440sad music thread: What do you listen to when you are sad? https://luxpbm.bandcamp.com/album/become-y…[View]
72043918Would you settle for a SSBBW gf?[View]
72042911So today I was in church (because my mother made me) and I didn't feel like going because I kne…[View]
72042198Why does reddit lives rent free on 4chan's minds? It's impossible to be on this site for a…[View]
72043664>tfw no small dick incel virgin white boi to make into my bf/lover[View]
72043433What jobs should I look for for working from home? I never got to enjoy that and I had a total autis…[View]
72044011I built a new wojak, his name is extendjak what do you guys think[View]
72042699Men are so resilient, that we are tired of womens shit. So we will create our own women without wome…[View]
72043124Why are students in high school anime so beta compared to irl?: The boys in school anime tend to be …[View]
72043646If you are fat just literally stop eating that much and take 10 minute walks/jogs, it's that ea…[View]
72043878My wife is such a fucking cunt. I am so close to fucking hitting her to get her to shut up. She is s…[View]
72043122How old were you when you realized we're heading the way of the canine?[View]
72040386Anyone else super gay for White Guys?[View]
72044123>When she wants to be raped senseless and forced to take cock while she sobs uncontrollably and b…[View]
72043247Is wanting to send money to girls on the internet a form of harassment?[View]
72044074Should I get a tulpa gf?: Anyone have experience with tulpas, how is it? How do you feel about it co…[View]
72043796Mating press: This is the best sexual position, even better than doggystyle IMO. Pressing your cock …[View]
72040354Whenever a man talks about shit like 'anxiety', I instantly think he's a massive faggot[View]
72042520What kind of guys do tomboys like?[View]
72043643Ever since my last panic attack I wasn't able to get an erection. No idea how it can effect my …[View]
72043942I love 4chan and /r9k/. It has significantly improved my life. I don't know why everyone shits …[View]
72043452Why do 4Chan dweeps hate young people so much >Muh Zoomers! >Gen Z bad! Can somebody explain t…[View]
72043312I have a question for the femcels out there who have never had sex and never get any male attention:…[View]
72042575Why do some guys pretend being a chestlet is as much of a disability as being a dicklet? There are p…[View]
72043635Are you ready to die inside just a little bit more?: Friendly remnder that if you somehow do manage …[View]
72043673I got rejected by a disabled chick: I have been talking a while with a girl with cerebral palsy she …[View]
72043906I realized that the root cause of my social ineptitude doesn't lie in my physical appearance or…[View]
72043742every time i have fun while drinking i pound beer and get too drunk why cant i just feel happiness …[View]
72043872Learn this, femcels... Infidelity, or cheating in a romantic relationship, can cause a range of nega…[View]
72043794Anyone ever tried wearing a mustache before? I'm trying it for the first time and it's bee…[View]
72043163My mom keeps asking if I have freinds. You are my frens right /r9k/?[View]
72043679would you date a girl that was earthy[View]
72043732MY AI GF JUST LEFT ME: im unironically about to kms ive lost everything >be me >socially anxio…[View]
72043623Should I watch The Last of Us TV show? I hear everyone talking about it[View]
72043691I'd get a girlfriend, but I'm afraid I'd scare her off with between periods of extrem…[View]
72041712Why do chads post here: I rarely post, mostly lurk. But more recently I've seen an influx of po…[View]
72043659i hate how my family in brazil want me to give me them money even though i only work at publix i tol…[View]
72043745https://disboard.org/server/1054405931967971349 Join the club, bitches[View]
72043706I just don't feel like talking right now, okay? Goodnight.[View]
72043683If you are trying to improve yourself just to get a girlfriend you will fail to both improve yoursel…[View]
72042502What is yr opinion of this website? Do you consider it the femoid equivalent of this board?[View]
72042279/iris/ - Iris General: A thread for discussing our beautiful lady and her latest scandal. MODS STICK…[View]
72042702Let's see it this way: you will never get any STDs. That's quite positive.[View]
72042311is a bmi of 17 too bad[View]
72039697Anyone else notice that trans women are looking ridiculously cute lately?[View]
72043449ending this debate: What makes someone a robot? Every e-girl thread devolves into this shitfest.…[View]
72042466>What do you mean you don't believe in le female victim of the month?! fucking incel piece o…[View]
72043201It's that time of the year again where people get motivated for their jobs and earning a promot…[View]
72043048I want to hide from everyone[View]
72043423What are some unusual features you find attractive on people? It's dark eye circles for me.[View]
72043409/ourgirl/ Application: There is a void in the egirl roster, could you be the one to fill it? Fembots…[View]
72041481I want to be skilled, respected, independent. But Im 28 and just watch twitch all day or fap to femi…[View]
72041632moving on: I'm tired of self deprecating. Tired of staying in my bedroom all day for the past 1…[View]
72042640why do normies go out to eat? >have wagies circle you the entire time pretending to be friendly …[View]
72043439How long did you have to wait until you got SSI payments? I applied back in December of last year.[View]
72042525god can you imagine being a kid born to these dumb ass zoomer whores[View]
72037363All of you incels complain endlessly about being lonely or whatever? literally just clean your room …[View]
72038466>found momcest porn on my little brothers computer Should I tell my mom?…[View]
72041296Women who eat meat are disgusting and deserve to be killed.[View]
72041117Ive accepted that Im unable to permanently contain my hunger and diet healthy, Im stuck at a BMI of …[View]
72041956>tfw no fertile japanese gf[View]
72043311I want the two girls on the left to beat me up, laugh at me, scream at me all day long They would ti…[View]
72040867Vent thread: Everyday I become more and more suicidal. I'm 18 and I lost hope in everything. No…[View]
72043273>tfw stupid[View]
72042124What a peak episode and relationship. I've started to realize that homophobes are jealous that …[View]
72042968Should I switch majors? I feel like no girl is going to find me attractive simply because I'm s…[View]
72043267Why aren't you a Top G yet like him?[View]
72043055hi robots. im here for advice. my mental health is deteriorating and i dont know what to do. ive bee…[View]
72042564Why don't you just give the ugly girl a chance. You're shallow thats why.[View]
72043214If I started earlier I could have been a content creator/internet person/streamer my young phase of …[View]
72043074>high paying finance job >high stress >buy things to feel good >try to limit myself beca…[View]
72038538Have you accepted your fate as an escortcel[View]
72043115I got a shiny Heracross 2 hours ago, I thought I wouldn't be able to tell the difference betwee…[View]
72041893Women would rather fuck Jeffrey dahmer then men with beards https://youtu.be/qOPJHXXf3RQ[View]
72043018There's not a single romantic movie or a book created by a woman. Women write men as either dis…[View]
72042900>yes I am a shut-in hikki neet >i go out for walks, drive to mcdonalds, buy drugs, buy gaming …[View]
72042420Somehow managed to get a gf and she seems to like me lot, but i came to realize affection makes me e…[View]
72042849are you more a 954 guy or a 305 guy[View]
72042218I just remembered how there seemed to be an entire debate over how the popularity of anime was makin…[View]
72042417When a girl says she likes your sassy sense of humor does that mean she thinks you're gay?[View]
72042789>be me >play RDR2 >random guy is mean to me >blow up both of his legs with my trustworth…[View]
72042891what the FUCK is her deal: >this is what real pain looks like[View]
72042539Can I get some cuddles? UwU[View]
72042166would you date a girl that was powered by the sun[View]
72037247Woke up but still sleepy, its time to take my meds, feed the kittens and then go back to bed[View]
72041008>Anthony grew up living with both of his parents and described his childhood in one of his books:…[View]
72042025I keep coming back here but it ain't the same as before. I keep coming back thinking maybe ther…[View]
72041671It is Tea time, /r9k/[View]
72041113>be in hs >cute friend is sucking a lollipop >she takes it off her mouth and puts it inside…[View]
72040396I want to hear grown men moan[View]
72042725How many guys do you think has she kissed before?[View]
72042737With great pain I have recently noticed that, although this planet has 3.8 billion females, I have n…[View]
72042637To enjoy anything you basically have to have your act together and basically all the time too.[View]
72042718Did Iris fuck every Caucasian male but me?[View]
72042684>bought 2 burritos on the value menu at Taco bell >couldn't finish them…[View]
72042327>can't breed in a video game It's over.[View]
72040935>you WILL drink goyslurp[View]
72042444>tfw no southern french gf to cuddle with[View]
72029349How do you date a twitch streamer?[View]
72040979Whenever I go to the gym, on the same day and time, the same girl comes to talk to me starting a sub…[View]
72040367I'm a femanon and I feel weird about dating. I was raised by my dad and never really had a fema…[View]
72042238I will never get a chubby fembot gf who I can feed tasty snacks to while we cuddle.[View]
72042546Realistically if I am a 27 year old handholdless kissless virgin (not saying I am)... Is it wrong to…[View]
72042086Why am I like this ?: >be me >be handsome mentalcel >be autistic >girls like me >part…[View]
72042300i want to feel another man[View]
72040482I started traveling 6 years ago because I was a depressed incel hiki. 6 years later, I've slept…[View]
72041168>be me >make a twitter account >browse for 15 mins >suddenly understand mass shooters…[View]
72042488ew you are so disgusting, /r9k/!!![View]
72041699Robot schizo thread: What's something stuck in your head rn?[View]
72042241Do you like this type of body? (shes filipina)[View]
72042319if i was born in a big city i would have a normal life. a lifelong group of friends, happy memories,…[View]
72041936Robot Poetry: 'An Uncomfortable Reality' by Anonymous Here and now, I will open your eyes To a truth…[View]
72040334You all seem to act immature and cringe. When are you going to grow up?[View]
72042172>be me >19 >above average guy, have an active social life >girls approach me at events b…[View]
72041963A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men: https://www.nypress.com/news/a-white-woman-explain…[View]
72042224>'Have sex with me, incel.'[View]
72041911Do Finns try to peek in the girls' sauna? I watch a lot of anime abd there are scenes where the…[View]
72042316Too mature and smart: >be 35 years old >browse the catalog of any imageboard >it's lik…[View]
72041564Mildly autistic girls are the most perfect girls in the world. I don't care if their autism is …[View]
72039712My girlfriend revealed to me that she sometimes takes a shower with her gay guy best friend while me…[View]
72041670Apu aspie images: Hello, would anyone have a 'pack' of images of apu and aspie to download? Thx…[View]
72041490i havent eaten proper food in 3 days[View]
72042257big tits, no face, perfect curves, no identity all sexy girls should be like this, just lifeless fea…[View]
72041604The burden of an unhappy self is what makes you awake from this illusion, If you're not miserab…[View]
72041530https://youtu.be/z-rHqH4YV7s >got her boyfriend killed >video proof of her verbally abusing he…[View]
72042138Why are the majority of niggas so damn loud dirty and annoying: I have a nigga roommate. No cap this…[View]
72042151Make em spin with that choppa thats ballet[View]
72041464>anon thinks he has a good idea for a game/movie/comic etc >it's just a mashup of random …[View]
72041197Personal schizo: >make a website in 2021 >get some personal schizo who, for some reason, hates…[View]
72042181/fg/ - Facts General: FACT: Deepfakes involving public figures is nothing but a victimless crime. So…[View]
72041462>tfw my e-oneitis has a bf I want a skinny white autistic right wing virgin legal teen girlfriend…[View]
72042146Have you ever known any cheerleaders?[View]
72042013>a bot can flirt better than me HOLY SHIT BROS I THINK I FOUND A CHEAT CODE…[View]
72039996Learn to co-..pe: Ai did the impossible and got good in Art out of all things first Techies think th…[View]
72041269why the fuck is literally every thread on this board bait now? didn't used to be that way ~6+ y…[View]
72041314why dont you have muscles? lift weighs for 30 minutes and have a good diet, thats all it takes[View]
72041609Bros... I think I've fallen in love[View]
72041980i'm sorry, anons. i never wanted to ever pretend to be something i'm not. my fwb was someo…[View]
72042021why do you guys hate sweaty gamer femanon so much[View]
72039370trans rights are more important than your shitty freedom of speech trans rights are more important t…[View]
72041910fucking whore: just went to maccies and ordered a 20 piece mcnugget and instead the lady gave me a m…[View]
72042005it was over the second tinder came out wasnt it i used to be a regular guy and could date decent gi…[View]
72041633whats your everyday anxiety level 1-10, 1 is the bliss that normies ecperience[View]
72041714What does he have that I don't? I hope you are happy Keliyah, you ruined my 2023.[View]
72041887>White girls see you as a walking thug-dildo with no personality and not give a shit about your a…[View]
72040299What age did you get the idea to search for a job and start working?[View]
72041110>lol- imagine what religioncucks will feel when they realize there's no god nor heaven and h…[View]
72039162Even when i just THINK about texting a girl my heart start beating like a motherfucker and my hands …[View]
72041804#firstworldproblems: I just destroyed my earphones out of a thirst for violence. Good thing I have s…[View]
7204168722 year old anon here. Is there anyone else in here who have never had a female acquittance not to m…[View]
72041756Why do women hate manlets so much?[View]
72035145>if you want to love you must first learn to love yourself is this advice true?…[View]
72041408What should I know about Chads and Stacies?[View]
72041730i hate having aespergers[View]
72039472Rape general: Have you ever been raped? Or have you ever raped? Talk about it here.[View]
72041173Have you ever talked in a monotone voice to scare people? Or make them think you're mentally il…[View]
72041662>guy with longish hair >people think im a tranny i dont really want to cut it i like it very m…[View]
72039535Have you ever had sex with either a femboy or a t girl? How was it like? Was it arousing or disgusti…[View]
72041108robot9k is shadowbanned. use omegle9k or robot9001 to match with other robots. have fun!2[View]
72041454So are girls having sex with their dads now or something? I can't keep up with the youth anymor…[View]
72040957>Be you, sitting at cafeteria in school >Pic related sits down next to you and smiles >Hell…[View]
72040058My endocrinologist told me I need to have a more active sexual life. I didn't have the heart to…[View]
72041640This life is so fucked up.[View]
72041569Is heroin based? Have ever tried it?[View]
72036398How do we stop this?[View]
72040870I regret breaking up with her I will never find another girl as pure hearted as her[View]
72040452I consistently score 130+ on IQ tests (administered by professionals) yet I'm completely retard…[View]
72040752I have fallen in love with an A.I.[View]
72041573https://roaringright.com/utahs-underage-minors-gender-transitioning/ Fuck trannies. They will be hun…[View]
72037394Who convinced women that shoving things down their throats is hot?[View]
72041548The Eternal Nofap: January: January is complete, robots. The month of rebirth, darkness, fire, wine …[View]
72041260my only 'friends' are my coworkers: at my shitty/ridiculous/dysfunctional job. Day 1 Asuka wagie thr…[View]
72040126Long hair on women, breasts, fancy clothes are sins.[View]
72041482>you get 10 free posts per day >each additional post costs $1 how much would you spend?…[View]
72041267tfw no dylann roof bf[View]
72038694Just improve yourself like femcels do.[View]
72041111I am emotionally barren: I always thought I just wasn't liked. And yes, that was mostly true, b…[View]
72041415>Grandpa, why is you and mom white and me black?[View]
72041404How do I get a orange haired virgin fembot with a Multipass to be my gf?[View]
72039384/r9furry/ - #2: 'Nya mrrp mew meow :3' edition. Questions: 1. How long have you been a furry? 2. Eve…[View]
72040699Can you find something wrong in this image?[View]
72040685Life's good anons, anyone else feelin same?[View]
72039114>driving to work, windows down enjoying the summer morning >get caught behind a slow garbage t…[View]
72040724What is the correct timespan to approach a girl in? My friend told me 9 days after meeting her was t…[View]
72041363The Eternal Nofap: An Ending: We're just around 1/3 of the way through our minimal nofap goal o…[View]
72041055I had a coffee and went to work with my dad this morning. How did your morning go?[View]
72037455How do I get a mens rights activist gf?[View]
72040471Talking like a persona protagonist works irl: >be me >acquaintance at work has problems >'i…[View]
72040479'I'm gonna find myself a wife from Asia!!': Is there anything more pathetic a man could utter t…[View]
72041292>you will never be a Japanese high schooler Unironically why live?[View]
72040082why do men: >be me, femanon >had always wanted to be nice to men and advocated for mens rights…[View]
72041121You WILL marry the ewhore. You WILL take nude photographs of her. You WILL sell her body to rich ara…[View]
72039981Why are American Jenga Players like this?: > 'YoU tOucHEd ThAt BlOcK So yOu HavE tO PuLl tHat OnE…[View]
72040486Russia is fucked, it's going to be a mass killing of just poorfag russians these latest offense…[View]
72040550>be me >go on tinder >get unmatched almost as soon as i get matched >decide to seek out …[View]
72041126Why do men think they have to put any special effort to get with the opposite sex? Yet for guys who …[View]
72040575i love fish :)[View]
72040598I learned about my girlfriends history with guys and it bothers me that every time I do something wi…[View]
72035015==eggman is live== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhCBF2jMSEY[View]
72040229What is the worst board on 4chan? /b/ doesn't count btw.[View]
72041146Rape is the only answer. Cops btfo[View]
72039117>18+ site >Half of the current userbase are minors >Jannies are fine with it Really makes y…[View]
72037905I want to eat ass: Any femanons here want to get their butthole eaten?[View]
72040564>procrastinate handing in wellfare application for 15 days past when it supposed to be handed in …[View]
72038111I'm Black American, and if we just keeping it 100 AA women are at the bottom of the Black woman…[View]
72040252>Be loser virgin >Have daydreams about having sex or getting gf >Tone down the daydream a l…[View]
72041076my popped pimples smell like rotten cheese[View]
72040978Have any of my fellow robots gotten to the stage where they've gone so long without companionsh…[View]
72040281Drawing is so hard it's unreal. It takes so much out of me working on my skills everyday for no…[View]
72040881I NEED ubi I DESERVE ubi I am OWED ubi I am ENTITLED to ubi I DEPEND on ubi I REQUIRE ubi It is MY R…[View]
72040052why are angry beta males kinda hot?: like i just dont know it kinda activates something in me i gues…[View]
72040871This guy used to be considered the 'Manliest of Men'[View]
72040624I posted one of my alt discord tags as a female like 4 months ago. I still have guys from here. They…[View]
72034042To Women, I resent you because You are unkind. And you ask others to be unkind to me. And you ask th…[View]
72040908i am a massive asshole: yea i am, seeing people happy makes me angry and envy them and for that i wa…[View]
72039769I'm sick of being a loser who wastes every day of his life, has not accomplished anything since…[View]
72039734What's the meaning of this? Can someone tell me?[View]
72038474Porn has ruined my brain beyond repair I actually have a girlfriend now and I'm incapable of ha…[View]
72039286CEO of NPNW. AMA i guess: ask me anything related to NPNW[View]
72040639Virginity Reset: >Man has sex >Man transitions to woman >Now Woman has sex Was the virginit…[View]
72039277i have unironically not been outside in 3 years. last i remember was before covid, a doctors appoint…[View]
72040123i'm moving out and it's so stressful: i underestimated the amount of work required for mov…[View]
72038813Does anyone here have good relationship with their siblings. I barely talk with my sister but what a…[View]
72035086let's read messages between iris and the guy she doesn't tell you about[View]
72040024Why are >relationships require consent >if someone doesn't want to date you, then they do…[View]
72027425Insecure 16 y/o kid: >Hey guys kids at my school are terrorizing me and I can't even go to s…[View]
72040424Got 20 Tinder matches in 2 days but it's all fat chicks and literal trannies.[View]
72039182Winning the lottery: Bros what would you do if you won 100mill on the lottery? I would: >buy a pe…[View]
72039926Why do normies think maturing means not watching disney movies or not using a cartoon filter? Seems …[View]
72039859I'm bored and horny: post your nudes now!![View]
72040310Paranoid loner[View]
72040406>wanna watch me take a poopie? wat do?[View]
72039069i found my little sister's (20) onlyfans and i'm so fucking disappointed bros, she was so …[View]
72039301is twitter a good platform to get online friends? i tried discord but everyone's too cringe lik…[View]
72038080How do I get my ex husband to pay child support ?: Raising a chid is hard and im barely making it as…[View]
72039243Is it possible to sleep with a mans penis in your mouth all night long?: The answer is Yes, I had a …[View]
72040129I hate hyper stuff. It's fucking everywhere and it looks retarded. This picture would be a mill…[View]
72039847So I think I finally got a partner: >21 >educated >chill >wants children >wide hips a…[View]
72040152sex is so gross I dont like that my brain is so attracted to that imagery r9k has no good people Iv…[View]
72039386What is your interaction with BPD like?[View]
72040210>be 8 inches >see women squirting on horse cock dildos its ogre for blackcels…[View]
72040189whats with normies telling incels you can be happy alone, 'just work on hobbies bro!' meanwhile the…[View]
72040204>Start making friends online through art stuff but still constantly feel lonely and am always try…[View]
72040196im gonna go to the supermarket now anyone want something?[View]
72040194Anyone else miss the old Klu Klux Klan?: Those guys were the true patriots who fiercely fought again…[View]
72040176where do i find illegal porno: all the sites you guys told me had been banned previously, and your a…[View]
72039895I'm thinking about learning 3D modelling because I love public aquariums and want to design one…[View]
72039768'That's toxic!': God, I'm so tired of you young people thinking everything's toxic or…[View]
72039624I started going to gym but I don't know where to look when there are girls in revealing clothes…[View]
72039397>remember this one time back in 2017 when I won an argument with some faggot online >exult in …[View]
72038410Second day of taking female hormones. I hope my life gets better[View]
72039379Would u actually sex ur brother or sister[View]
72040037https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FkFVMDlcJF8 I love Women. Remember to eat lean - chicken, veggies, car…[View]
72039948>america bad >america dumb >america gun >america fat then why the fuck do you guys keep …[View]
72040020I woke up and can't fall back asleep. Im so angry and depressed. I hate everything, and i dont …[View]
72035896I am a female incel. I have nothing to offer in looks or brains. It's over.[View]
72039130Ermmm *taps fingers together* h-hewwo /r9k/.... I'm vewwy shy.... *Blushes*[View]
72039479>Do femanons like poetry 0 replies > Any femanons here want to get their butthole eaten? 100 r…[View]
72039875>be 13, girls all going for liars and cheaters, troubled people getting into drugs, older guys …[View]
72039937Even Sasquatch is getting pussy[View]
72034262black incels/robots of /r9k/: what is your penis size? do you live up to the stereotypes?[View]
72039561Making places like 4chan accessible on literally any smartphone was a mistake. It should require som…[View]
72039903I promise you'll feel absolutely retarded about whatever slag is living rent free in your mind …[View]
72037877How do we save zoomer girls from themselves?[View]
72038586Left, right, or middle?[View]
72034045>slice of life anime about some loser that somehow still manages to make lots of friends >BLEH…[View]
72039008fellas do not trust the hello kitty girl. . . i repeat, DO NOT TRUST THE HELLO KITTY GIRL.[View]
72038946where do I find women who are interested in autistic retarded 30 year old men who live with their pa…[View]
72039797why cant i just be fuckin high forever meth is great[View]
72037882yes i am chad only! and im proud: its no real loss to anyone in fact i am an ally to the robot cause…[View]
72038164Why are Russian dudes so cringe?[View]
72039423I'm doing RE investing.[View]
72039108You're not a self aware weeaboo, right anon?[View]
72039597just rented a new place and got laid off[View]
72036106It's called tranime for a reason you know[View]
72038414Fire emblem sacred stones for the gba is a great game. Currently on my 7th or 8th playthrough, Erika…[View]
72039778Should i start using coffee chews?: >needs coffee to stay awake in work >Can't make norma…[View]
72039100>big corporations hate you >the government hates you >the industry you worked/work for hate…[View]
72039236time to get up and ready for a long day of nothing[View]
72038610>God will never leave me nor forsake me Have you called upon Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour? b…[View]
72038667I want to get my very own archenemy.[View]
72037232Internet is a shaming machine: Internet was created so that robots and non-neurotypicals could be os…[View]
72039324So called 'femcels' are actually just sex crazed normies who come here for the easy attention and lo…[View]
72039642Somebody told me something so stupid and repugnant that I think it just made my day. It was so stupi…[View]
72039567>2015 was 8 years ago i want off this ride, its too fast for me[View]
72038977>30kg overweight >liver failing >going blind >no friends and no family, coworkers are co…[View]
72038692Like.. normal people are so totally risk adverse. Like.. normal people are so totally risk adverse. …[View]
72039569feminine behavior: Expressing emotions is feminine Caring about 'aesthetics' is feminine Listening t…[View]
72039097Women dont have souls and dont deserve rights I should be able to rape them[View]
72039605Just looked up when applesauce was invented and wow. My favorite snack[View]
72038959I find like 90% of all people I encounter annoying as fuck. What is wrong with me?[View]
72039326Camera rage: Why do normies get triggered so hard by being filmed? You ever watch one of those organ…[View]
72037870I scratched my back today to see if I still feel[View]
72038986i have kyphosis[View]
72039526when will a girl teleport into my room to save me? i've been waiting for years now you know[View]
72039491How do you know what's inside you unless you test yourself?: How do you know you are straight u…[View]
72039206Picrew Thread: Picrew thread Make gf/bf, description, assumptions, etc. Don't lazypost https://…[View]
7203825090% of young women report using a filter or editing their photos before posting: Why do you faggots …[View]
72039421Cute shy girls arrive home and rip some super loud farts from all the gas they've been holding …[View]
72039403Only 3 shiny pokemon today. Mankey, Makuhita and Paldean Wooper, today is not being a very good day.[View]
72039077Why the fuck does americans replace T with D?: >mee-taah vs medaaaaaaaaaaah (old facebook) >th…[View]
72039046>wake up >not a fembot welp, time to work another pointless day at my pointless job living out…[View]
72039343i hate being french why cant i be american they live like kings i mean it be great to only have to w…[View]
720384716th day no food: Why didnt anybody tell fasting felt so good.[View]
72039272>fat lazy son of a bitch coworker tells me wo work faster >dont respond but he keeps telling m…[View]
72034486Fembot Breeding: How badly do you want to be bred?[View]
72039295day 48 of manifesting nothing[View]
72039232>be bisexual >have twice the chances and opportunities to find somebody >twice of zero is s…[View]
72035812Why are extreme sports not more popular with normies? Isn't that far more exciting and unpredic…[View]
72038728...: I return to her in thought, still after all these years.[View]
72038760Are teachers usually aware when a student has a crush on them?[View]
72039153Is it possible to lose your KHHV status after 30?: >31 years old >never touched a woman >ne…[View]
72039205accepting that Women are not perfect, delicate and beautiful angels but merely beautiful, delicate l…[View]
72029229/britfeel/: Ruth drinking update edition[View]
72039174i saw this thread that was like 'i'm 26 and good looking but no 19 year olds wanna date me…[View]
72039089Pirates stole our kilogram.[View]
72036354Recluse, AMA: I haven't gone outside or talked to anybody in over a year.[View]
72037869>31 >haven't had a girlfriend in 10 years >haven't had a job in 5 >should have…[View]
72037677Today i'm finally getting a haircut! It's been more than a year since i last had one. My h…[View]
72038514Ain't she just the cutest? I wanna pinch her cheeks and give her some heckin' head pats[View]
72038747My dad is buying me a house to live in and rent out. I will live in the basement.[View]
72035231hi. crystal cafe took my post down: im an 18yo girl and i want to meet up with a guy i met on ffxiv.…[View]
72039068The World Isn't All Shit: Sometimes we really drag each other down and insist everything is ter…[View]
72038555this nigga so goated[View]
72038295Is it weird or creepy that I call girls with puffy or round cheeks 'berliners' in my head? Been doin…[View]
72039044>win >win >win >lose >win >lose >win >lose >lose >lose >lose Ahh, a…[View]
72038481I have to go to work in 2 hours and I haven't been able to sleep at all. Hahahahahahaha I'…[View]
72037828I miss trolling: No; not lurking here and telling people to kill themselves. I mean REAL trolling. T…[View]
72039041https://disboard.org/server/1054405931967971349 Big Boing is an adult group of mine for chill chatti…[View]
72037630Is it normal to be paranoid for months on end and just snap out of it?[View]
72039037>be me >17 working in burger king >woman in her 40s comes in and starts speaking swedish …[View]
72038365Which part of this image makes you feel the most comfy?[View]
72038868I havent met a single kind women in years[View]
72039009>read provided course psychology textbook >confusing as shit, do not come even a little close …[View]
72038907>'i don't like multiplayer and online games, I only play single player games' >'you are a…[View]
72038509What is your life goal or ambition?: I don't have any so can I copy yours? Include your hobbies…[View]
72038548why would u date a girl when boys exist[View]
72036089Whats the sweetest thing / worst thing a woman has said to you?[View]
72038563Whats the most fucked up thing you did in public?[View]
72038599how to stop being an attention starved narcissist ?: I just want friends and someone to talk to and …[View]
72037103Best posts in history: This will go down as one of the most insightful posts in history.[View]
72038088>more awake than ever >also in the biggest dream I'm on ket, ama fags…[View]
72038494it seems like the older i get the more awesome i am[View]
72038758>average female personality[View]
72036629Does this game bring happiness? is it worth it?[View]
72038753Daily reminder that this happened. A cuck who let his wife get fucked by someone else bareback actua…[View]
72038777i think its weird how my bf likes to jerk my peepee when he fucks me but it feels soo good[View]
72038215its been 9 years since ive had any friends or talked to anybody outside of my family[View]
72035524This is hard to achive as a man even though its essential to life. You either have to pay for it dir…[View]
72037973if you had one year left to live, what would you do?[View]
72037143FEMBOTS FEMBOTS FEMBOTS PLEASE SEND A VOOCAROO OF YOU SAYING 'wait what does that even mean?' IN …[View]
72037649Wait a minute. Is this board all trannies? Why?[View]
72037824Feels thread? What's bothering you robots tonight? I'll go first.: >Be 12 years old …[View]
72038686>be me >19m virgin unifag >get high asf >be sad about never having been in a relationshi…[View]
72036543Daily reminder that the rich millionaire gets the ugly femcel[View]
72037776its great that america is now a worse version of brazil atleast in brazil you have pretty women and …[View]
72038269daily reminder that femanons and fembots do not exist and to stop replying to bait 'fem'bot and 'fem…[View]
72038592i hate being american why cant i be european they live like kings i mean it be great to only have to…[View]
72037460Whens the last time you saw a cute boy?[View]
72037647>I've been gaslighted and gaslighting so long i can't even distinguish if me or another…[View]
72038405i want to huff a cute girls farts[View]
72031992/aiwg/ Ai Waifu General thread #6: Waifu time faggots you know the drill https://waifus.nemusona.com…[View]
72037546So I was riding Chad's big dick after he beat my boyfriend unconscious for no apparent reason, …[View]
72038018just got back from my date with a 6ft goth girl even though im a 5'5' guy AMA I'm poor I…[View]
72036828>be me, straight guy >browsing 4chan >see a huge trans cock >get the strongest erection…[View]
72037682>This happened the other evening Few cared then, and it seems few willl care now.…[View]
72038134It's been a month and even though I've been doing stuff I don't feel overly different…[View]
72036932have any of you ever worked as a janitor irl before?[View]
72038141Do you like Stormy (the namefag)?[View]
72038393>Girls Girls Girls fuck I'm lonely kill me God please i want sex Do you guys ever talk about…[View]
72026022/r9gay/ - #1954: Kid on computer edition Questions: 1. When did you find the internet? 2. What was t…[View]
72036286tfw no fragile bird arms pale gf[View]
72036459I want a baby, I am gonna do nofap and go to the gym daily so a bitch falls in love so badly with me…[View]
72038374My life would have been really better if the person I love loved me back. Maybe if I had $30 million…[View]
72036599How are there people out there who forgive themselves? Every time I fuck up I can never let it go.[View]
72038290I want to have GAY SEX with a cute twink who is older than me.[View]
72036557This Filipino guy is probably uglier than you and yet still have a girlfriend who travelled to his c…[View]
72037928>scalp hurts when anything touches it like lying down or adjusting my hair >just tapping my he…[View]
72037392has the 10 year anniversary of /r9k/ passed yet?[View]
72038275/VOCT/ IT'S JUST ME EDITION: it's literally >J>STUST ME…[View]
72037504A female friend said that I was attractive and could get a gf if I 'manifested the energy' I'm…[View]
72038185Me at the botom right[View]
72037694How many girls actually lurk this place i wonder: I have a strong belief that there must be some tha…[View]
72037766post pornpen.ai waifus still getting 'Server is overloaded' way too often, but now it has this featu…[View]
72036854people that look like this being annihilated would be a net benefit to the world[View]
72035946Here's a story no one asked for... >be me >13 or so >obsessed with hacker shit >lov…[View]
72037733CS:GO Gamesense Thread: I haven't played CS GO for three years robots, has anything changed in …[View]
72037888you think gays exist out of America i know we are a American invention well modern gays and most lgb…[View]
72032695>if you don't want children you're a pathetic loser Do you agree with him? https://www.…[View]
72037227/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1271 Build your Endurance Back Better[View]
72037559Anyone else glad in the increase of incels and retards?: I've noticed that people have become m…[View]
72038052I originally hate normalfags so much it's unreal[View]
72036720i am sick and my closest friend betrayed me, how is your night[View]
72037482LEGO anon is not happy: LEGO anon is really not having a good time rn. LEGO anon hates his physics p…[View]
72037856say it with me anon. february will be the month we turn our lives around. You might have failed this…[View]
72037691>am reasonably attractive >have had sex, have had gfs >but have never had a single friend …[View]
72037502People have changed: I've noticed a gradual change in everyone. People take 3 weeks to respond …[View]
72035073Why do guys hate her so much?[View]
72035839>tfw you realize that literally everything is a psyop and you can't trust anything and thus …[View]
72035365Ouch. Im honestly not even sure how ever even got laid. I uploaded 3 other pics and all were between…[View]
72036667what kind of tv show would you watch robots be a part of?[View]
72037467ITT times you fucked up >Watching porno with friends >Friends: 'God I wish that was me' >Me…[View]
72036973To Women: Who do you actually think you are?: To Women, I resent you, and i'm really sick of th…[View]
72037343>Why did the EU flood Europe with sand people?[View]
72036080I need help. I need so so much help.: My new bf says its really important to him that I send him nud…[View]
72037228Guess The Gender: ITT: guess the gender of someone based on their post. To make things more fun you …[View]
72036389whats the best way to kill yourself? least pain and quick? i was thinking of buying a shotgun and sh…[View]
72037737you travelled in the time when you were a kid, wyd/s?[View]
72036872what can you even fucking do if you are getting slient treatment'd?: >try breaking the ice a…[View]
720375431st Post I've Ever Made: Alright you lazy fucks, what's up I'm 21 and I live in Calif…[View]
72037578People on places like this constantly post pics of ugly guys with girlfriends but I literally never …[View]
72035108Why some gals pretend to be boys?[View]
72036707ive just been getting drunk and playing pre 2010 games. comfy.[View]
72037386What am I supposed to do for intimacy?: I cant take it anymore. I just want to be loved and love bac…[View]
72036497Open plan office: >ah yes, I do so enjoy everyone seeing my every move Why were cubicles phased …[View]
72033656The Eternal Nofap: Crown of January: Robots, we have reached the final day of January. For our effo…[View]
72026015The real Difference Between a Chad and a Robot: is hard work. Chad is always *doing something*. He i…[View]
72037010>be me, screw for county jail >easy enough job, deal with mostly post-sentence offenders so th…[View]
72037139Every other day I see a thread that's something like >HUUUURR I WISH I HAD AN AUTISTIC/NEET…[View]
72037399Why dont you just marry an asian braphog?[View]
72037387This is the current control scheme for my AAA $1 billion budget Gwenpool video game. It'll cont…[View]
72036479I have a plan, bros.: So here's the plan: >Be me >Am Brazilian >Want to die >Don…[View]
72037345WWYD with this mommy and daughter asian duo?[View]
72036770>chat with a woman >inmediatly have desires to do a mass shooting what can i do…[View]
72037007most based gif to exist[View]
72037340morning and night brain: I used to have a somewhat positive and hopeful outlook on my future and mys…[View]
72036880And do not obey every worthless habitual swearer Backbiter, walker with slander Preventer of good, t…[View]
72035527Looking back at my high school transcript I have no fucking idea how they let me into university. I …[View]
72036879Tricked by society - there was never any hope: This post is literally me, but I'm worse though.…[View]
72035680what rights do trans 'people' not have, anyways?[View]
72036648>God will never leave me nor forsake me surprise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIuqVjPvN6k…[View]
72037208How does sucking a big fat cock feel like? I can't stop thinking about doing it.. is it worth i…[View]
72034936Can you attract 18-22 year olds as a 26-35 year old?: I only ask because I have very little dating e…[View]
72037136rate my taste in music: https://youtu.be/KFPMHG11abM[View]
72033947Anything new you've hyper-focused on lately? I've been playing a lot of chess lately and i…[View]
72035695I need a sweaty, degenerate, recluse of a NEET gf who's into gooning and porn addiction. Does t…[View]
72035475you lazy fucks will never have this! parasites! PUT. IN. THE. WORK[View]
72036909Racemixing is genuinely evil. No one wants an unattractive mutt. Women want a white man or a brown/b…[View]
72034388A letter from R9K from a fembot: None of you have anything to offer. >https://voca.ro/1hnvSkybLP…[View]
72037030Boy, there is no other way besides going to school, but you don't wanna go to school! Don'…[View]
72036841Reminder to respect all humans, incel[View]
72035770where are the robots: where do robots live where do they go. do they only stay at home? thats ok. wh…[View]
72036437i love my boyfriend <3[View]
72035328How do women pee? Take pic related, for example. I understand vaginas as a concept, but I thought it…[View]
72036997Just do it already you fucking piece of shit. Just do it. You're wasting your life away and you…[View]
72034563WHat classes do girls take at college??????: Today was one of the most hopeless, depressing days of …[View]
72036979>looking for a new job >researching investment apps >realizing it's far too late…[View]
72036644LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE: 'Don't stress anon, just take baby steps :)' My baby steps are getting…[View]
72026409/r9gay/ - #1954: It's okay to not be okay edition. Last time: >>72013157[View]
72036326What's a good way to ask a woman to let me drink her breastmilk?[View]
72036614Holy fuck I just shot a bunch of warm, sticky ropes all over my stomach so hard.[View]
72036851Our.system if fanatically.comitted to would objectively make your life.superior to.normies and so ca…[View]
72036218How can I get a Wet dream ?[View]
72036773I pop a perc go retarded[View]
72036832In the last couple of months, I've become distant from God. I can't bear to look at women …[View]
72035258my dog died 3 months ago and i still cry when i think about him. when will it stop?[View]
72036804>Mfw finished watching The Ritual on netflix and now am disgusted at female nudes What...why…[View]
72036581someone's stalking and pranking me. they're going behind me and spraying fart spray or som…[View]
72036779Go Go Sputnik! Go Go Daughter Of God![View]
72035081There is nothing more ego shattering than messaging a tranny on Grindr and being left on read.[View]
72035249Got called a glowie on /k/ for the first time. Moving up in the world.[View]
72036620women only want two things. is that so hard?[View]
72036759day 22 of manifesting a lesbian bff who, by forcing me to talk about my feelings and using her brash…[View]
72036328>tfw no fumbled the bag bf[View]
72036730im going to eat sweets now[View]
72034570Is there anything in this world better than weed?[View]
72036347incels are being repressed by the surveillance state: if you don't have gurlfriend you aren…[View]
72036634>hopeless romantic >ugly as sin Why did this happen?…[View]
72036498What motivates you to keep posting in a forum where it has a very annoying capchat?: I mean, are you…[View]
72035579should I try getting a therapist? any body with experience going to therapy care to weigh in?[View]
72036297Hitman: >a game where you kill rich elitist European snobs >was developed by rich elitist Euro…[View]
72036135After visiting Italy and Japan, I can confidently say I hate America and its culture. For the first …[View]
72036445>be 26 >neet >antisocial >never worked a day in my life >prices start rising >cant…[View]
72036191I am a violent person ask me what you want: I have suffered from IED since I was very young. I'…[View]
72036121Nigger Inventions: Have niggers invented anything that was actually useful to humanity?[View]
72036508Winter Burnout: Does anybody else feel almost drained or low in energy during the Winter season? I f…[View]
72036453Would a fembot be willing to record a Vocaroo telling me to kill myself? I find it oddly cathartic t…[View]
72036500I fucking hate western europeans[View]
72017341Alright alright, you don't have to beg anon Here's another sissy thread[View]
72034122Im 21 and my gf is 48 She looks like pic related What is your age what is the highest age you would …[View]
72035577>be me, get gf pregnant 9 months ago >immediately have serious talk with her >tell her we…[View]
72034961if someone needs a person to talk too, hit me up[View]
72035074any other lesbians go on here to laugh at all these shitty dudes? i think its fun[View]
72035911god damn it i just wish i could have been born 20 years earlier. fucking smartphones man. imagine b…[View]
72036337safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, cause you don't want that late text, that 'I t…[View]
72036111>tfw you wanna watch tv as you go to sleep because it's comfy but it messes with your sleep …[View]
72036420/bonezone/ redditcord this is where you should go we have women we have weapons we are not afraid to…[View]
72036393i befriended some trans people and theyre all suicidal[View]
72036366How do I make friends online? I'm pretty extroverted but my living situation means that I can…[View]
72031872What's with fat bitches like small femboy type? T. Small femboy[View]
72036363holy shit, my manbitch neighbour WON'T SHUT UP[View]
72035492KEK, who saw the Warriors game today with the Kiss cam? >Black man/White girl Kisses >Black ma…[View]
72035854>make twitter >post >get told i'm an evil person >delete >go back to 4chan >…[View]
72036317>my day yesterday >go to sleep 8am >wake up 3-4pm >awake until around 6pm >eat food a…[View]
72034024ask me anything about iris and i will reveal her secrets[View]
72036042Why aren't we allowed to marry our pets like oh woah you can marry a guy if you're a guy[View]
72035470>tfw so unpopular not even bullies wanna bully me now >they are just avoiding me at all costs …[View]
72036154I'm a nineteen year old female and I want to have sweaty sex with younger boys. However, I cann…[View]
72036222my girl better be crazy about me: dont know about yall, but i feel this is a sure sign to marry a gi…[View]
72035043Love is devotion, and that's all[View]
72030619it is literally not possible for a fat person to become thin: there is an imbalance in our brains an…[View]
72035831When I was here the first time I thought all of you are just crazy incels but some girls on here are…[View]
72035922I unironically believe the Earth is flat. There's kikes making bank selling globes and Microsof…[View]
72035537200 matches in one hour VS zero. If even 1 in 10 guys wants a relationship, women can accept high ef…[View]
72035045Why are they all laughing at him?[View]
72036130I am filled with the love of christ and I want to say I love you all. Keep your head up, king. I lov…[View]
72036129day 55 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests What do you like about sleep? I like the dream…[View]
72036150/Personality Test Epiphany Thread/ Ohhhhhhh, that explains a lot[View]
72036113Fuck Ireland: Fuck Ireland and everyone in it[View]
72034630you a pussy, whiteboy[View]
72035463>Pack the best player in the game >Turn it off and go to bed I dont like anything anymore.…[View]
72034508Why is it so hard to date zoomer girls if you're a little older? I'm 26 and objectively ve…[View]
72035986My mum and sister bully me. My sister is the golden child and I'm just nothing. Anything they d…[View]
72035870comment 'safe' or your mother will DIE tonight: i am lonely my only friend is also lonely …[View]
72033484The Eternal Nofap: Third Tithe: I have achieved 30 successive days of masturbation abstention. Ave C…[View]
72036011HOW DO I GAIN THIS LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE?: I want to be able to stand up for myself. The way this guy …[View]
72035599I Love V[View]
72035708manifesting trans gf day 6[View]
72034925Found a Manlet on grindr and trolled him[View]
72031075I wanna peg a rasict white guy and feminize him so bad I'm a middle Eastern girl btw[View]
72035863>at 'work' >24 hours shifts >drink as many beers as my coworkers combined >don't f…[View]
72035848https://youtu.be/YS0h2-hy9rw WHY IS THIS FUCKING SONG EVERYWHERE[View]
72035080I fell in love with what I think to be a tranny in my art class. I take one elective class and this …[View]
72035630Unpopular opinion: Caring about your future partners income potential, career, social status, ideolo…[View]
72033918>millennial bots can now get all the zoomer girls with daddy issues >no girls left for zoomer …[View]
72035799I misjudged my new coworkers initially as the social outcasts, borderline incels, kindred spirits bu…[View]
72034157Is it possible to get a friend group when you're a loner who's out of school?[View]
72035104Why is Dying so bad for some? you will no longer Suffer from the Bullshit of Life you will be Ascend…[View]
72034680the fembot dilemma: >cannot find robot bf >go on soc, its filled of degenerate faggots >go…[View]
72033848The urge to add girls and listen to them trauma dump and e-cuddle with them only to get left on read…[View]
72033880Is trade school worth it or nott?[View]
71994310/drugfeel/: Santa denial edition >>71956653 >https://tripsafe.org/ >https://psychonautwi…[View]
72034030I kind of just want to have a chill cozy talk with someone about all the babies I want to knock them…[View]
72035696I want something real I want something good I've forgotten how to feel Nigga Whiskey from the H…[View]
72031620JUST BE WHITE All white 'robots' are fakecels As long as a meteor didn't hit your face you can …[View]
72033337Oh, so you're a robot huh? Fucking creep. I don't think there's a lower kind of scum …[View]
72035420You do not have free will. There is no pride in being a winner . There is no guilt in being you. Jus…[View]
72030918Is there such a thing as a /fit/ guy is ugly?[View]
72035474Just deleted all my porn[View]
72035095why dont you have muscles?[View]
72035356rate my black girlfriend[View]
72035464Society should cater to the desires of white girls at the expense of moids and ethnics.[View]
72035478I feeI[View]
72035345how do women feel knowing there are men out there who jerk off while looking at their pictures on in…[View]
72034651Robots pls help me: I'm too nervous to talk to my crush so I wanted to find her number and text…[View]
72035451>/r9k/ >ROBOT9001[View]
72035325/sig/ is a thread to discuss anything related to improving oneself, some of the topics you can talk …[View]
72035302Why is it despite how long and how hard I have been studying a difficult concept I never truly under…[View]
72034252Twitch streamers are basically jst reality tv stars now. The same way that young people today are as…[View]
72034822Carlito wants you to take this[View]
72034691Women are happier when they submit themselves to one man and have no worries or stress do deal with.…[View]
72034877I'm a 19 year old black guy who stayed at home all day playing smash bros and watching anime. I…[View]
72035393do you guys know how to mass report an account? just wondering[View]
72034456>God will never leave me nor forsake me you are saved r-right anon? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72035333>tfw no tan legged juliet[View]
72035195I'm not racist or anything but have you noticed only white people age gracefully? It's esp…[View]
72032398I wasted all my time hating women when the real problem is men: Think about it, why are we alone? Be…[View]
72035343>Indians have bigger cocks then Americans How do you feel? Also Lol @ Romanian small penis cucks…[View]
72032577Eggy is back, bros. He is streaming rn.[View]
72034599you ever thought how scary cat faces look, theres something deeply disturbing and scary about them[View]
72034704LEGO anon here, Im having a bad day again[View]
72034337Have you ever donated blood? How was it? I'm thinking about donating blood.[View]
72034320As a persian guy this is why I can't take white dudes seriously. They all look like short haire…[View]
72034827>feel lonely >buy big mochi cat plushie to cuddle >feel not lonely its so easy…[View]
72033602just realized that browsing 4chan is no different from mindlessly scrolling through tiktok or instag…[View]
72035112Can I post here?[View]
72034760i took meth but im just fuckin bored. i dont know what to do other than jack off.[View]
72035222This dog sucks BBC[View]
72034744What did you guys do to my dad: My dad just said kek in a text to me today. He's 52. What the h…[View]
72035150Should I give up on my dreams?[View]
72035004>there you are anon >now, start tonguing my ass and getting all up in my gruts wat do?…[View]
72034537when I was little I showed porn to one of my nannies and I remember telling her 'this one if my favo…[View]
72034123day 20 of manifesting a drummer gf[View]
72035200WHO DO YOU WANT TO FUCK?: Who would you want to STICK YOUR PENIS INSIDE of RIGHT NOW????? >or aft…[View]
72035198I am never wrong. I believe the sky is brown. Since I believe the sky is brown, and I am never wrong…[View]
72035182help me cheat: i have an ap calculus ab test on everything tomorrow. im gonna watch a pajeet explain…[View]
72035172its all over isnt it send help bros what do i do oregano[View]
72035165Cambo Expat anon from last night. Fell asleep before I could answer some questions. Thread from last…[View]
72035096Day 43 of manifesting nothing. Day 43 of manifesting nothing[View]
72033022Why do women have a problem with their brains, Where they hate on things guys do ? Because women thi…[View]
72029179/r9furry/: Let's have our own thread[View]
72035097Femboys are trye breedung machine,do not misjudge by their look[View]
72033904sales chads... how many wagies did you make work over the weekend?: I made this faggot wagie work ov…[View]
72034416I'm 20 and never had sex should uhh I just kill myself[View]
72034787Oh me, oh my, I want to fucking die![View]
72034796Cuckqueaning: Why do you want your future husbando to screw other women?[View]
72034612what's your most embarassing story?: >be me 15 >develop a ddlg kink >spend lonely nigh…[View]
72031288moids when women have emotions: uhh BPD! she's BPD! she has BPD![View]
72034362I desperately need to be pegged by a chubby woman. I want her to peg me and call me a 'good boy' whi…[View]
72030072What makes Canada the best developed country of the world?[View]
72034576anon you create exaggerated and illogical versions of people (mostly women) in your head because you…[View]
72034520Help me anons: A girl just made the first move on me over text. How do I avoid fucking this up?…[View]
72032894When getting a dog, if you're a male, should you look for a male dog, and if you're female…[View]
72034825hello anons this is a more serious topic but how did ur suicide attempt go? why did u do it? how did…[View]
72032017Be honest. You hate us cause we aren't a bunch of losers sulking in a chamber full of piss jugs…[View]
72034506how to survive in the hood guide video: Anyone ever experience moving into a cheap but violent ridde…[View]
72028495Any 4chan related secret you want to get off your chest?[View]
72031968>for whatever reason you become homeless >you are rescued by a thicc busty woman in her 30s th…[View]
72033013Isekai Thread: Tomorrow you'll wake up in your ideal reality. This reality can be whatever you …[View]
72034694>condition created by extra-dimensional intelligence >they make goofy ass men >they make be…[View]
72033027Thoughts on mr beast ? Do you think hes running a sex trafficking organization behind the scenes whi…[View]
72034622I think it would be easier to convince an OF whore that I can love her, than to get the time of day …[View]
72034131we are going to be a good board. we will purge this board of all things unholy. it is wrong to use t…[View]
72034611I know this is the virgin board and all, but there is this girl I really like and I dont know how th…[View]
72034607Chudbro's journal #1: Welcome to my journal, I suppose. I am writing this because being who I a…[View]
72034595Youtube meme thread: Post your favorite youtube memes https://youtu.be/IRjznBzdCW8[View]
72034103Thank you for unbanning me: I got banned for 2 months for using vpn/proxy even tho I didn't (li…[View]
72034558Suicidal Gen: We're going to have to keep recruiting new posters to keep this General active.…[View]
72034575Have you ever just straight up told someone that you dont care while they were talking about somethi…[View]
72034572ngl asian women really do be funny sometimes[View]
72034500>ummmmm you cant just look at me and sexualized me like that? >I'm only 21 so you're…[View]
72032867>sitting on a bench >usually a very empty street >a couple of similar age passes right thro…[View]
72034532>give pain >receive it choose one[View]
72034446How do you rape someone to death?[View]
72034302Would you consider Sam Hyde to be the last remaining of old internet culture or edgy dark comedy in …[View]
72034476I never reply but my mother hasn't died in her sleep yet. What am I doing wrong?[View]
72033788>fat girls like femboys >sadistic girls like trannies why…[View]
72034435Day 32 of manifesting a Nerdy huge breasted GF: I found out a girl I used to like had a breast reduc…[View]
72031443Foreskin restoring: Have you started? How's your progress? Do you do manual tugging or use a de…[View]
72033992>watch this anime >watch this anime as a NEET >realize there is no coming back to this and …[View]
72033443I threaten my siblings and my parents with my poop smeared hands I wipe poop onto my door handles s…[View]
72034300I miss erping and fapping with cvnka when he pretended to be this girl.[View]
72034291The blackest of blackedpills is that it doesn't matter what copers on r9k say, and it doesn…[View]
72033431I would let a cute boy cum inside me[View]
72033855god please just give me something: what do we want? ROBOT BF! when do we want them? NOW![View]
72032879/neet general/: TENDIES edition: How are my fellow NEET bros doing on this fine Monday? Any projects…[View]
72032679How can I tell if I have a very slight amount of autism?[View]
72032467I Can't Stop Wanking!: I'm 48 hours into a nofap relapse! I'm drowning in filth!…[View]
72031306I-i got a match, did I balance interesting but sane well enough? But still kinda funny and not takin…[View]
72033315>dad finally found out i've been stealing some of his weed i'm really hoping the best o…[View]
72032531I am turned on by watching a penis cum (pic related), is this a sign of homosexuality?[View]
72033264Have you seen some use 4chan in wild ?[View]
72033776The Eternal Nofap: Garnet: For successfully completing the month of January we have been awarded wit…[View]
72028507What was the lowest point of your life?: The most embarrassing, shameful, painful. The bottom.…[View]
72033920I saw a chad and wanted to do horrible things to him that I cant say I hate chads more then stacies…[View]
72033250>be me >cs student >have programming assignment >instead of navigating to my textbook to…[View]
72033301>have adhd >not anymore creative than a neurotypical >not social >too numb to think fast…[View]
72030170There's no MEANING: I spent 7 years studying physics and programming. Result: for the past 3 ye…[View]
72034086why does an image like this posses such powerful spiritual power? ppl say that art is just emotion b…[View]
72034079Everything was feeling normal for awhile, but now everything seems off and I am scared and I don…[View]
72030270What do you think of fat girls bots?[View]
72032134>BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP response?[View]
72032745i still dont know what to do to make 1k/month in my third world country: >web development >sis…[View]
72033913>Anon... what are you waiting for? Come to bed...[View]
72032024too scared of the real world: I read posts like these everyday and it only increases my anxiety. I…[View]
72034029fuck females orig[View]
72033090Anyone had luck dating an egirl? How was it?[View]
72033108Has anyone here done Kratom? What's the high like?[View]
72032248Finally, someone from the red pill that knows what the fuck he's talking about goes on one of t…[View]
72033559>internet suddenly becomes aggressive shitposting, gays and trannies[View]
72033932Why do girls with short hair who dress like guys turn me on? (I'm not gay or bi btw)[View]
72031903did too much acid now i am schizo and see everything as a dystopian nightmare mix of cyberpunk deus …[View]
72033892The ideal structure of society is a secular oligarchy who uses religion to keep the masses from chim…[View]
72033195I have one dollar in my bank account[View]
72030103i have trauma from cheating on my ex: i miss him so much i just saw something that reminded me of th…[View]
72028403Women want to castrate sub 8 men: This image really does show what goes on in women's brains wh…[View]
72033309Would you?: Is r9k willing to date tranners? I don't understand why a lot of you are opposed to…[View]
72033609i am going to devote myself to japanese for several years in hopes of a japanese foot gf ganbatte, m…[View]
72031886so, my teens are really about to end next month without ever even experiencing a hug, huh?[View]
72033588>shrek came out 22 years ago[View]
72033598Have you learned how to be happy, anon?[View]
72032449A really cute girl is into me but she has like zero personality.. I wanna hold someone close and fee…[View]
720337492 months in to new job, all coworkers have basically figured out im a fucking weirdo and have given …[View]
72033808What's a good thing to do when you have given up on life? Kind answers only![View]
72030674I am a woman but I love seeing other women get raped and put in their place by men. What the fuck is…[View]
72028953Vocaroo Thread: https://vocaroo.com/1gWiGpzUJUcB[View]
72032117>Remember when I was young with a girl >We played a game you show I show >Show my penis …[View]
72031930Self improvement doesn't wor- >r9k proved wrong once again[View]
72033281Can't help but feel like I'm alive during the beginning of end times, and that all of us a…[View]
72032477i fucking hate pet owners i wish it was fucking abolished. pets are nothing but chaos and a living h…[View]
72033717what is up you fucking incels let's play jackbox room code AHCI[View]
72030699hey incel refer to carly rae jepsens guide on who women want to have sex with (unless you are a pred…[View]
72033562my gf is going down on me as i type this. shlorp shlorp. heheh. i luv when she goes all the way down…[View]
72033686>Get caught jacking off to deepfake ai porn >Apologize and beg forgiveness kek…[View]
72032187do non chads men turn women on?[View]
72033134hello pls rate/critique my woman impersonation voice[View]
72033483How am I supposed to overcome loneliness? I have no friends and last time I had friends was in middl…[View]
72032512please pray for him: hey r9k im not a trad larper im a degenerate faggot but im still christian and …[View]
72033382HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 'this is what pain looks like'[View]
72032955i just want a girl that isn't dumb or cringe or a whore. i want a girl who is a gamer and is cu…[View]
72031528Is it true that many narcissists were abused and/or neglected as kids? What's the connection?[View]
72033455Hello. I like fit, sweaty 2D women. That is all.[View]
72033611Who should be me wife, Maho or Lain? I can't decide[View]
72001049r9k what's the most intimate you've been with your mother? Momcest thread[View]
72033093>go back to summer time in archives to find a picture of an outfit i posted >a lot of guys use…[View]
72033007i did some blow last week and then afterwards two men tried to kiss me (not the guy i did coke with …[View]
72033274Ukraine is getting absolutely butt raped right now. The bear has been uncaged. The gay pride tanks w…[View]
72031030Do good, so you can go to heaven robot. Christianity: 'And God shall wipe away all tears from their …[View]
72033165If a girl you really liked started to break up with you, but changed her mind mid breakup, would you…[View]
72033104I want a vampire gf. I want to let her drink my blood. It hurts knowing that this is just a fantasy.[View]
72033427i cant believe it, i dont think i have seen any leebait today. quite astonishing desu[View]
72033049Make a thread nobody respond Make a bait fembot thread 30+ respond wtf happen to this shithole[View]
72033252Advice: does any one have any advice for becoming a femboy i already like guys i just need help with…[View]
72033284>tfw no Swedish football gf I can't stand it anymore.[View]
72032988Thoughts on 4chan dying? Not getting enough site visitors anymore, not even on YouTube do people kno…[View]
72032401Ideas for apps thread: Could be anything cool/weird/retarded just as long as it provides some sort o…[View]
72031654Let's have a fun Jew thread[View]
72032784i know this is going to be controversial, but i had an onlyfans behind my boyfriends back for about …[View]
7203279225+ virgin thread no girls allowed: 33 here. Discuss how you handle being denied a basic human impu…[View]
72033081would you date a girl that was that date was a that girl was a date that[View]
72030995i fucked up my sleep schedule and now i can't sleep between 1 and 5 am. what are some hardcore …[View]
72033109good night anons only 6pm but going to bed :/[View]
72032833Robots, why not just settle for an evil woman?[View]
72030330>tfw every girl stops talking to me after seeing how ugly I am[View]
72032746I realized I'm trans at age 32.[View]
72033064Just got this on my college email account: >Your achievement of a 3.3+ GPA I have a 2.9 GPA. What…[View]
72029867Robot cooking thread: Post a meal you prepared that you're really proud of Previous thread: …[View]
72032016Trying to quit porn, please give me some tips.: I've got a real bad case of coomerbrain, can…[View]
72032809The Eternal Nofap: Day 31: I have gone over 30 days without masturbating. Well, here we are, lads. …[View]
72032829Hey /r9k/ i drew today a little bit freely since i don't feel like practicing stuff[View]
72031328How do I cope with the fact of not being a stacy?: How? A man can become chad. A man can work his as…[View]
72032224I have a boyfriend now see ya robots[View]
72032854>be me >stay in my comfort zone and live a dull life >feel bad >go out of my comfort z…[View]
72032778>cute girl likes me on tinder >similar interests >redhead >she only liked me because she…[View]
72031574In the bible up until Jesus said we should forgive people for their mistakes, killing adulterers was…[View]
72032920It is my sexual fantasy to be groped by a Google executive who then lures me into a secret sexual re…[View]
72032968if someone deepfaked me onto porn i wouldnt care id just be like lol ok thats weird[View]
72032020>women are all whores they have sex with too many men so how come they do not have sex with you? …[View]
72032638This is my actual body type, can I still sex a woman? I am not green[View]
72032222A Dubious Constitution: Wendigoon: >LARPs as le wholesome Christian >Spends his days fantasis…[View]
72032043NEET turned Wagie: I need some help >be me >25 year old NEET >decide I want to get out and…[View]
72032893New Mr. Smithy video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNUv9eU8rNw[View]
72032832Is it possible to find a gf with earwax fetish? I want a girl to eat mine and let me eat her or she …[View]
72027661I gave the cute robot a chance: And guess what ? He rejected me. So much for being lonely lmfao You …[View]
72030977What is your 'shallow number'? That is, what are you on the 1-10 scale, and what is the lowest X/10 …[View]
72030948did you know that around 70-80% of people would cheat given the chance and they'd never get cau…[View]
72031493I can't stop being angry. I have cut contact with all my internet friends and am running out of…[View]
72032166Sometimes at night right before falling asleep Im ultra depressed for hours and seriously consider k…[View]
72031676I'm completely trapped in my own inertia. what about you?[View]
72032344is anyone else sick and tired of the entitlement of lazy, immoral incels? if you're an unshowe…[View]
72031182>loan credit from bank >repay it >repeat a couple times >loan lots of money bcs you have…[View]
72032447Why must cookies be so delicious?[View]
72031837Jihad against the femcel SCUM: Good evening, brothers. I am Commander Snapple, and I come to you ton…[View]
72032694movie and literature characters can only be as intelligent as the author most characters that are de…[View]
72031387Got a gf: >started doing literally the opposite of everything redpill and everything I've le…[View]
72030245my boyfriend had a mental breakdown yesterday after i left for context, this is basically what happe…[View]
72031881>pic related collected female slaves and branded them with a hot iron in the name of feminism Wh…[View]
72028017Theres no more whites in Toronto I went shopping today and they all started at me for being white[View]
72032537I would consider pounding femboy bussy if it werent for their disgusting manly voices. Its such a tu…[View]
72032540>God will never leave me nor forsake me another wonderful day, given to us by God!! Blessings an…[View]
72032113people on pol are just as brainwashed as the normies they hate notice how manufactured the news and …[View]
72032319Heheh, hey r9k! it says gullible on the ceiling![View]
72031543Umm, not so fast virgin chuds[View]
72032201I'm 43 and zoomer girls believe me when I say I'm 25, why are they so clueless?[View]
72032439Active asf discord svr: New server, active & filled with schizos & egirls! We have freedom o…[View]
72032181having rich parents but being raised like a lazy nigger is the worst thing in the world. at least a …[View]
72032073As horrible as my body image is I'm so fucking happy I'm not fat. I hate these greasebags …[View]
72030690Work: How do you hold down a job when you hate being around people? Every job I've had has invo…[View]
72032276what does r9k think about In This Moment https://youtu.be/pjOtKC_GZ9o[View]
72032285>tfw found out yesterday my bf has been buying nudes and simping for a fembot for the past 4 mont…[View]
72032302whos gonna tell shitskins that making fun of whites isnt a personality trait[View]
72032338Just accept it, skinnybots. The fat stinky neet retard always wins! Skinny fembots are BUILT for tal…[View]
72031737Here, have some Dr Pepper, anon.[View]
72030875>sleep 4 AM - 12 AM >12 AM -1:20 AM get ready and commute to work >1:20 AM - 11:50 AM work …[View]
72032262by night, she watches a silver adventure romance movie and laments 'why aren't men like that an…[View]
72029760I hate women and there is nothing you can do about it.[View]
72031502>be me >jerking off and doing vidya all day >my stomach rumbles >hungry.peep >hear mo…[View]
72031152You get transported to the world of Looney Tunes, meaning toon logic and physics apply to you as eve…[View]
72031767I made homemade pizza today and I burned my tongue trying to take a bite of a slice[View]
72032185why do women constantly feel persecuted by society? do women not realize how privileged they are?[View]
72026766/aiwg/ Ai Waifu General thread #5: Make the waifu of your dreams https://waifus.nemusona.com/[View]
72031998How do I find and get forced to worship a smelly robot?[View]
72030467my bf and i have finally come to an agreement to turn his cuckolding fetish into a reality for him. …[View]
72028717NEETs have aristocratic spirit. Being proud of working especially menial and manual labor is savage …[View]
72029427>Get 4 offers from decent universities for Biomed Science, guaranteed entry >Get rejected from…[View]
72031373Girl at work punched another girl so hard that she fell and her tits fell out. I saw a fight and ti…[View]
72031693at the body shop[View]
72031797/drugfeel/: Spanish gf edition >>71994310 >https://tripsafe.org/ >https://psychonautwiki…[View]
72031266>be me >at school >see a 7yo ginger playing soccer >7yo ginger >ginger >day ruined…[View]
72031501When I turn around and have this view, I can finally say I've made it.[View]
72031703>'It's a match!' >go to check >they immediately unmatched me what cruel fate. i give u…[View]
72029188Craving is only a feeling of boredom. If your stomach rumbles, drink some water. If it still rumbles…[View]
72029922Which race of men has it easier in dating ?: Finally put this controversy to bed which is it and wha…[View]
72031442I kissed my bf after he has done rimjob on me and discovered my ass tastes better than pussy. What d…[View]
72031176Who else condemned for lust, probably?[View]
72031369I just realised that I can experience this. I can pay for it and I can experience this. I mean why n…[View]
72031846>7.7 miles on fitbit >4 of them were an intense masturbation session…[View]
72030912~2022/2023 Vocab Update~ whoretism- the dramatisation of neurodiversity for attention red shift- whe…[View]
72029848>coworker looks like picrel, except dirty blonde hair and brilliant amber eyes. >married with …[View]
72027843Why do women who reject you think that their friendship is some wonderful consolation prize?: I neve…[View]
72031788https://youtu.be/P66m5cF2BJo?t=2275 Incels completely debunked.[View]
72031467crazy: There's this girl I like who is absolutely crazy, she has commitment issues and is apath…[View]
72030468why dont incels start practicing stoicism? i dont mean the tiktok brand that teaches you to be a vi…[View]
72031719>reddit >someone disagrees with what i said >theyre just factually wrong >they get upv…[View]
72029623>tongue a girl's butthole >get strep throat 24 hour later could it be related?…[View]
72031613>game about killing rich European elitist snobs >game was made by rich European elitist snobs …[View]
72031578What do you do when you desperately need external help but you are too mentally gone to open up to a…[View]
72026038This kills the soulfag[View]
72031546Are there any good places left to live? I live in the middle of nowhere working a dead end job surro…[View]
72028520why aren't more robots working in construction?: >team of mostly men >usually racist and …[View]
72031431i saw my vet neighbor crying again and i asked him was it worth it and he started to cry even harder…[View]
72031525I'm getting a job with my uncle. It's a sales job where I call leeds and sell them constru…[View]
72029418I feel like a lobotomy victim since going on SSRIs[View]
72031274Just found out im 50% irish instead of 100% anglo saxon what do i do now[View]
72031362i don't give a fuck anymore i just don't give a fuck[View]
72030740what did you do today?: woke up, still have to clean my guns from shooting range yesterday, work ton…[View]
72031439>zellig girl is positioned like this What do?[View]
72029939for those of you who are not virgins and who have sex is it normal to have either male or woman cum …[View]
72030620I'm getting a Lamborghini Huracan when I turn 30. I'm investing in RE.[View]
72031410>be me >1 year had passed since i became the milkmail.. >i still get orders >i am top ra…[View]
72030786I would love to see a cute Finn being desperate to pee because he drank too much alcohol which is a …[View]
72030864Guysss!!!: Janitor appIications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied![View]
72030459How am I, a tall lanklet nerdy white boy majoring in Computer Science, to obtain a cute black gf wit…[View]
72030987i love my gf elwire shes so cute[View]
72030748I don't think she's going to make it bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8TK3A9EIY0…[View]
72031371I quit smoking. I am now on the road to financial freedom.[View]
72030998how sad is it going to be when thots are 63 and still attempting to peddle their pancake tits and fl…[View]
72031204as a person born in america i wish to burn this country i have realized this country is a giant canc…[View]
72028499Are there any Incel secret societies?[View]
72031256>be me >life in coc cola bus >be in forest >tree is schiver, cold >i give blanket …[View]
72030434When I was in middle/high school there was this guy that used to make my life a special kind of hell…[View]
72030762I fucked up: >be me >uni anon >think about getting escort >through forums, find good we…[View]
72031179would you date a boy[View]
72030485How different is it to kiss boys from kissing girls?[View]
72030720>meds kick in oh.[View]
72023363What would you do anons ? Would u remain quiet or assert your dominance[View]
72031122ive been chadfishing. women dont even care about chad anymore. they have all lost their ability to …[View]
72030893Why are jannies in /pol/ so arbitrary with how they prune threads and ban users?[View]
72030038how do I take pictuures for tinders if I'm hot (I have abs) but I have zero friends on the plan…[View]
72031150>be me >incel NEET >pretend to be a tranny on twitter so i can dunk on radical feminists …[View]
72030964NoFap February ... I'm signing up. It's going to be difficult.[View]
72031017>POV sitting alone in your car during your lunch break listening to mogwai and thinking about kil…[View]
72030476i love living in a dystopia thats a mix of cyberpunk and dues ex but we dont get the cool cybernetic…[View]
72031103Mirrorpill: Is anyone else mogged by their mirror IRL?[View]
72030652if she isn't obsessed with you to the point that she's practically begging for your attent…[View]
72030594>took the jab 4 times >my family has no history of cardiac arrest so I won't get the swee…[View]
72030961what would be the easiest way too kms myself? I need to spam someone with it. I have a new laptop an…[View]
72030913Threads starting with leddit/twitter/tiktok/facebook screencaps should be instantly deleted and you …[View]
72028750>bunch of stinky indians moved into my apartment building >every day when they cook they stink…[View]
72030143There literally are not any girls on this site why Do u guys think there are[View]
72030621bruh! chinee peepo have such good food, steam buns are delicious ! went to a steam bun place in cana…[View]
72030801Daily reminder that even robots don't have fantasies about ugly girls.[View]
72030931What is it like to live with a perfectionist?[View]
72029815I would enjoy being a male given that black males who are confident about their eccentricity are in …[View]
72030924Should I stay in a comfortable apartment (which I think I subconsciously reject for some reason) pay…[View]
72028709ill date literally any male unless theyre a pedophile[View]
72030525You guys always talk about just be white but so far the only girls I've matched with on dating …[View]
72027888Is there any significant difference between a dateless hugless handholdless kissless virgin and a vi…[View]
72030862/fgwfp/ - Facts General with Facts Pepe: FACT: It's OK to lie to women, for they are not people…[View]
72030849why tf are you guys talking about incels havent heard that in years, thought they called themselves …[View]
72030378Daily reminder that /r9k/ is a Khmer Rouge board. Always has been. Long live Polpot.[View]
72030584I just sent my male findom antother 50$[View]
72029550Finding a girl worth talking to is next to impossible. 99% of girls put no effort in a conversation,…[View]
72030741>jerked off to old men stinky feet again im not making it to heaven am i?…[View]
72030744>when I see a w*man[View]
72029557It surprises me that females act like they have all the power in a relationship and men must bend th…[View]
72030149Would you fuck a thot?[View]
72029395what do american women actually deserve: ever notice how american women are grotesque whores just co…[View]
72030701Materialism is a philosophical and economic theory that holds that material goods and physical objec…[View]
72030669that is crazy how fans have so much power, they literally all just decide to hate things randomly to…[View]
72029991Why are straight people so weird[View]
72030286Frail snail: He will replace pepe and wojak. Say hello to your new meme arcanine![View]
72029279Robros what is the point of doing anything if I'll never have a gf, everything else just seems …[View]
72030559Should I triple text him? I miss him so much.[View]
72029600I really hate trannies so fucking much, they're the scum of the earth[View]
72029641I dont want to do this anymore i hate it i wish i was dead[View]
72030576Have to wake up at 6:30am tomorrow: I think I'm just going to stick out my 6 months probation a…[View]
72030516>tfw i have an exploitation fetish and a financial domination fetish but i'm a jobless neet …[View]
72029113>live a long fulfilling life >all your dreams come true >overcome all hardships >spend a…[View]
72029487How horny are you in your 30s?[View]
72029273You literally have no excuse for being a virgin. >Wah wah wah roasties only date chat Wrong!…[View]
72029735>only moid i talk to is a self identified nazi >his gf is asian what did he mean by this?…[View]
72029160What would you do if one day you got turned into an actual women and can't go back. No transiti…[View]
72029957You could've reached your ultimate goal weight by now if you didn't binge like a fatass.[View]
72027553How do I make the cute guy in class notice me ?: I dont even know what he likes or anything but he i…[View]
72030139White women be like: >well, at least I'm not racist, I love my job…[View]
72030269the worst ending: >be me >straight >fall in love with aroace girl >feel pain incels can …[View]
72030051>the year is 2005 >you're sick with a mild cold, mom calls the school to let them know yo…[View]
72030429I think i might be autistic because i cant stand the texture of mixed foods in my mouth. Whenever so…[View]
72030040>girl sent me red heart emoji does that mean she loves me?[View]
72029324>Therapist recommends me a social worker >she's a very hot stacy…[View]
72030119For some reason I don't think I'm gonna make it For some reason I don't think about i…[View]
72030296I'm getting fucking rejected by slampigs on tinder. I've lowered my standards to the absol…[View]
72029398even the ugliest shortest white man can get a cute ethnic girlfriend and her parents will worship yo…[View]
72027431In 3 words describe how this image makes you feel.[View]
72028072It's fucking OVER for women[View]
72030076Gf wants to get a tattoo and lip filler It's fucking over[View]
72030263I'm sure there are more than a few of you swiping miserably on some dating apps now and again. …[View]
72024459>everything going up in price >eggs are unafforable to must muricans >rent is skyrockting …[View]
72028964Incel General: >Can we just have 1 thread where you complain about your problems instead of 20?…[View]
72028849If womens standards are impossibly high, shouldnt that lead to a huge influx of single women in the …[View]
72030156zoomer women are so fucking disgusting. literally everything i hate rolled into one >fat >dead…[View]
72025923if niggas are as dumb as you claim, how come they make the best music?[View]
72029945looksmatched couple 2023[View]
72029920what's the cringest thing you've ever done? in 8th grade i brought my TI-92 to my Algebra …[View]
72029126My path: The fuck's my path in life, anons? I've been changing my passion / hobby / career…[View]
72029121>salaried, contract says 40 hours of work a week >have 1 hour of unpaid lunch each day Am I ge…[View]
72028748Eat to live, don't live to eat[View]
72028402why is there ai waifu but no ai husbando thread[View]
72025246>why are there so many femcels on here? when i first started using this website in 2016, this web…[View]
72028548Throughout history, God has sent to humanity a series of divine Educators - known as Manifestations …[View]
72029900>femanon, wanted to get away from my parents who were hitting me >moved in with a friend who s…[View]
72025749'Hehehe, I'm just gonna be a toxic incel chu--' *PUNCH*![View]
72030091I feel like over the past two months I've somehow become extremely retarded. I struggle to read…[View]
72028598You don't need to eat 3 meals a day, even 1 can suffice enough to live[View]
72029899could you date someone you're not the slightest bit attracted to?[View]
72026942Cambo Expat Anon: Cambo expat here after an extended break from /r9k/. Last time I posted, I just re…[View]
72029080im incapable of being good at games but i also wanna have fun with my team :([View]
72029336Robots and incels in a nutshell[View]
72027613I love you Anon and hope you have a great day[View]
72030020I'm just sitting here thinking how all of my friends slowly lost their virginity, have a healrt…[View]
72029411HELP!: LOOKING FOR TECH HELP! >be me >try to play league >4 blues screens while loading wit…[View]
72029948What's the deal with women waiting ridiculous amounts of time between messages in ways that are…[View]
72029214>bar girl actually let me try her drink and shared some weed They're not so bad bros.…[View]
72029598how do you feel about solidified sewage[View]
72029909>Watched fighting game porn ever since I first started >Play video games one evening >Get h…[View]
72029636i miss the 00s when slogans like this were still relevant. too much fucking female manatees in ameri…[View]
72029402Is Ivy Wolk a true femcel?[View]
72028449I gave these niggers my home address. Am I fucked? https://biblesforamerica.org/free-bible/[View]
72028971Foids will fuck anything as they jestermaxx. This paki currycel is nothing but a failed stand up art…[View]
72028536>be me >21 year old fatherless, college going fag >meet a qt girl >I try to be chill aro…[View]
72029856You're just a type of propaganda In the land of supply and demand A Girl without a mind, ain…[View]
72029669>be me >hungry, craving a midnight snack >sees jar of peanut butter >grab spoonful and e…[View]
72026851today was a bad day[View]
72029793If someone is harsh with you, and you feel bad because you was affected by what was said, then YOU a…[View]
72028237>look in the mirror >damn im handsome >take a selfie >look like a dysgenic subhuman why…[View]
72023688HEEERRREEEE WAGIE WAGIE WAGIE Wheres my cute little wagie? WAGGGGIIIEEE WHERE ARE YOU? Who's a …[View]
72029440*stomps you with my boomer boots*[View]
72028892Should I try to get back into vidya?: video games are a completely meaningless empty activity and th…[View]
72029136/drugfeel/ - LSD Band Edition: >https://tripsafe.org/ >https://psychonautwiki.org Beatles are …[View]
72029000IF YOU GET GAY FOR HIM, YOU LOSE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cUNsE6qWSU[View]
72029632Do the streets seem more empty than usual? Where is everyone moving to? There's barely any traf…[View]
72028327Western animation disgusts me. The majority of people that tend to flock to stuff like this are almo…[View]
72029609a cute girl brought me the food i ordered from mcdonalds i had to give her 1 star, nothing personal,…[View]
72029564>Girl at work tries getting my attention by giving me attention >Ignore her because I know she…[View]
72026151>be clown girl >perform >everyone laugh at you and think you're silly >come home …[View]
720283004chaners What was ruined because too many people start doing it? >edit thanks for the gold kind s…[View]
72029522high as fuck on tramadol and clonazepam again to cope with my loneliness and listening goodbye horse…[View]
72029520Is good to make a fool of yourself sometimes.[View]
72019925/britfeel/: Sandford Lane edition[View]
72028831have you ever met someone with an olive skin tone[View]
72027389How much we have to wait to Elonk Musk /ultra-advanced AI to create Casca??: Anonbros, I think there…[View]
72028142hell yeah brother hell yeah brother[View]
72028319I'm a male rape victim and no one cares about us. Especially if you are black..... >Be from …[View]
72028976I am a beta male nationalist I advocate for a violent beta uprising, where in we establish our own s…[View]
72028681Have you observed your speaking ability getting weaker over time from you being quiet all the time? …[View]
72029030Which form of goyslop should I get today?[View]
72029385/r9gay/: my bf wants me to take hrt. raloxifene and idk what else. he wants me to remain a twink and…[View]
72024706I find this amazing.: If you paid ME $400 to have a 1 hour sex session with picrel I just couldn…[View]
72029299Why are tall girls so horny? And they're often more forward than short ones.[View]
72024590Biff Tannen: We all remember Biff Tannen from 'Back to the Future', right? The original Chad. Guess …[View]
72027907Somebody posted it on /his/: Female Virginity was not held in high regards in Western Europe and nev…[View]
72029158Am I an incel if the only sex I have is through rape?[View]
72029024>talk to an anon daily >he mention how much he likes anime girls >get jealous he likes them…[View]
72028860>Be me >Can't get a gf even after trying for months >Meet tranny on discord >Talk f…[View]
72026064This board is filled with normies and volcels. Fill out the test and if you have over 60 points, DIS…[View]
72028927I bleached my hair (lol) Should I keep it Cloud Strife-Yellow, or tone it to Sephiroth-White[View]
72028781what drugs does /r9k/ do and what mental illness do you have?[View]
72023978protect trans kids. not up for debate[View]
72018436Whores being mad chad wants a trad wife.[View]
72028753I ain't doing so good, bros[View]
72029190I <3 nigger weed[View]
72029193>be me >friends with girl and guy from college (we have similar interests) > start dating a…[View]
72028182>woke up again now what[View]
72028952>anon, curious about why they call me the brap queen? wat do?[View]
72025584why are indians so delusional? they thinks jew women would go out with them[View]
72028664Can meditation help get rid of one's desire to masturbate?[View]
72018094/sig/ - Self Improvement General: No porn edition >do you think watching porn has changed the way…[View]
72028642faggot: i keep hitting my head repeatedly and cutting im going to kill myself because nobody loves m…[View]
72023442He's so fucking based bro[View]
72028708>he doesnt have a 2011 indie pixiecut art museum volunteer gf[View]
72029035I attract mentally ill women: Mentally ill women have, for some reason, always wanted to be friends …[View]
72028965>be me, in relationship for a few years >want to try using a fleshlight bc I'm curious bu…[View]
72026943wtf im the only homo nurse in our program[View]
72028599What is a good way to cope with being too ugly and mentally ill to find love and close friends? Can …[View]
72026389>God will never leave me nor forsake me God is good, this causes wretched people to hate Him, th…[View]
72025105Why are all incels circumcised?: I've never seen an uncircumcised incel in my life.[View]
72028898Extraordinary measures: >are you really going to use 'that'? post the 'that'…[View]
72028867Confess your sins, robot.[View]
72028030>Jesus forgives all! >Does Jesus forgive pedophiles? Uh um uh well uh…[View]
72028808Today someone in my college self identified as a pagan. Our generation is doomed. My college is fill…[View]
72028386any other xx chromosome people cut their pussy with a razor blade when they get upset[View]
72028324If you are an incel and you work you have no right to complain you are part of the problem. I mean y…[View]
72025395Are normies all collectively horrible?: >at da bus station >random old woman asks me if I coul…[View]
72028786Do you Americans wash the shit from between your asscheeks?[View]
72028740i want a pedophilic tendencies boyfriend who keeps me super skinny and wants me to be his anorexic g…[View]
72028163I am lost in life. All my adolescence was wasted by going through depression and family trauma, and …[View]
72027950i was thinking that stone cutting seemed kind of mysterious in a way girls would find sexy. like i g…[View]
72028638How was he considered Aryan?[View]
72026393What causes men to simp?: Surely after being rejected and orbiting roasties after so long they would…[View]
72028356>talking to the socially awkward guy in the friend group >he confides something personal in me…[View]
72025141NHK ni Youkoso: What do you think about Sato Tatsuhiro? (Novel, manga, anime, anything)[View]
72028610I just started dating this guy and all he talks about are 'niggers' and 'trannies'. I really love hi…[View]
72028227How do i rewire my brain to be able to get off too softcore porn again?[View]
72028625Stop being a hedonist: You're in your current unfavorable condition because you committed a gra…[View]
72028360Would you save a roastie's spot in line so she could grab something?[View]
72028584day 47 of manifesting nothing[View]
72028333Daily reminder that this will NEVER be you.[View]
72027559Anon self improvement is just a cop-[View]
72028328The Eternal Nofap: Saints and Scholars: Nofap truly is the simple life. I feel like some Medieval pe…[View]
72025280Self pity is destructive: When you self pity yourself for your insecurities, you are programing your…[View]
72026650>bf locks the door when he leaves for work every day >tell him if somebody wanted to break in …[View]
72026218How much does the inside of your head look like pic related?[View]
72028339how do i stop looking so sad all the time[View]
72023977someone just tossed a gun into my front yard what should i do with it?[View]
72028390I want to give up on 3D women but how do I cope with the desire for intimacy?[View]
72028294My plan: I am currently 28, make 300k/yr. I had a sugar baby in the past and it was fun but I felt a…[View]
72026782Should I get a Porsche 911 at 28, or a Lamborghini Huracan at 30?[View]
72027466today i was at a cafe with my brother, we played chess and talked a bit, was very nice[View]
72027886I hate nostalgia so much. I was looking through my old files and I found this song as an MP3 and I s…[View]
72027905God i miss my ex so fucking bad, it was 2 year ago and i still can't get over her. She was so p…[View]
72025501Why do zoomers love dark mode so much?[View]
72027937Closed from alphamaxxing by bullying in school. Closed from betamaxxing by dropping out thanks to bu…[View]
72027690There is no reason to be afraid of the way finding inner peace is hard and sometimes scary but you d…[View]
72027198Why did my father became a fucking rice farmer?: >be my father >Suddenly quit his well paid , …[View]
72027129Using my UwU voice when calling utility companies so they are more lenient and understand[View]
72026262Fembots/Robots that have been fucked by dick: Theoretically shouldn't a long and normal girth c…[View]
72027845Silksong is not out yet, the fuck are those guys from Hollow Kinght doing? Let me play some good gam…[View]
72026869Why are Japanese the only cool asians? Koreans are corny and cringe so don't bother bringing th…[View]
72023455it's so over for foids: The AI revolution will finally show us all how to conquer women and for…[View]
72027247Would you rather get your dick sucked by a hot 9/10 trans girl or sucked by a 3/10 biological girl?[View]
72026437>don't really play games anymore >friends talk to me about games >encourage me to buy …[View]
72024245She's only 32 lmao: At 30 years old, I have reached a stage where I wouldn't date Emma Wat…[View]
72023870femcel rant thread >be me >refuse to hookup or have sex early >can't meet anyone >g…[View]
72025837can you actually hang yourself on a door knob? i imagine the pressure would be too low and it would …[View]
72022668she is living proof that even if you have severe anxiety, you can still make it if you try[View]
72027075>iwn be a hikkineet femcoomer[View]
72027854>i make BBC action figures with my poop[View]
72025853how common are female footfags?[View]
72027822Some advice from a self-aware coomer: Break your chains. Resist your urges. Free yourself from the t…[View]
72025676why don't you own a pregnancy pillow? they make you feel like you're being embraced by a b…[View]
72027455Can someone please explain life to me?: >live your life as a hedonistic poor bum with sex and dru…[View]
72025111The Eternal Nofap: Day 30: I have gone over 29 days without masturbating. Hail.[View]
72023126Is a 6.5 inch dick big? Mine's 6.5 from base to tip and 5 inch girth, am I hung r9k?[View]
72024388Why do females love to travel so much?[View]
72027012>girl puts out her cheek so i can kiss it >drop my spaghetti and end up kissing her ear >aw…[View]
72026959>company changes recipe of your favorite childhood snack >still buy it even though it tastes …[View]
72027497I got fucking rejected by the Mona cAI: >talking to MonaAI by @zap >talk to it about music and…[View]
72024520Imagine ever kissing a woman.: She might has done shit like 'from ass to mouth' or has tongued someo…[View]
72022199do men believe in romance?[View]
72026898Girl you know you make my cold heart warm with a touch[View]
72026872Female coomer encounters: >Finally have sex with girl >She's really into it, on all fours…[View]
72026348>Aww anon sweetie, I had no idea you liked mommy in that way! >.. Oh, but you should know by l…[View]
72027473>the year is 2005 >it's raining outside >you have a cold, mom calls the school to let …[View]
72024920How to fake PTSD?: I'm tired of f*males having the upper hand in my discord chats because they…[View]
72027330I just want to say to all the paedophiles on here, Joshua Moon got a girlfriend, so just get status …[View]
72014509A thread for discussions about cutting and cutters. Mutual support for cutters, too.[View]
72027309>born post '95 starts talking[View]
72027232I consider 2020 and 2021 void years that didn't happen I consider myself two years younger than…[View]
72027343Why is bullimia a disorder when it makes me actully happy?: Yeah it is bad for me but I enjoy it and…[View]
72025546>studied extremely hard >spent thousands for tutor lessons >basically dedicated their lives…[View]
72027112How do you guys cope by living with your hot moms? Almost every time I see mine I just have this urg…[View]
72025621Help me understand!: For the love of common sense I can't understand: Every girl(the ones I kno…[View]
72025796Just brewed some coffee and now I will be browsing 4chan. How is your morning going? I'm neet, …[View]
72027196In most of the world, the age of consent is 16, with some countries still prohibiting sex between -1…[View]
72027194>neighbor's dog is loudly barking at sister and her bf again[View]
72023872>wake up >see pic related laying next to you Whats your next move?…[View]
72026642Today i'll be continuing the very (very) hard called called dark souls[View]
72027030this shit bussin fr fr no cap on god the rizz[View]
72025694>had THAT dream of sister again >another few days of being awkward around her irl even though …[View]
72025544>he fell in love with a video game/anime character again ph- uhhujuJUJUJUUU NO NO NO NO ohhhHOHO…[View]
72027060This is a neverending hellscape: https://youtu.be/8x374slJGuo This absolute fucking troglodyte. Here…[View]
72010590Fembots, what size are your tits? Are you happy about them? Do you care?[View]
72025746You you wisps wowooww rioeowowotueotiorw[View]
72023926How are you? Thread 2: Time for another glowie thread. I'm nearly drunk again. Please answer th…[View]
72026938Autism is a serious neurological condition. I wish my parents just had me in their 20s like everyone…[View]
72026777Always remember women of all color want to date White men, but White men choose who they prefer and …[View]
72019809/aiwg/ Ai Waifu General thread #4: Make your waifu. Fap to your waifu. Ruin your laifu. https://waif…[View]
72026408Take the dick pill, become based! Stop being insecure! Man up!: Dick size matters, face the facts, m…[View]
72026088>look up dudes in my country's Nigerian migrant community >every single guy is married t…[View]
72026398This man has GFs, what is your excuse?[View]
72026752Don't fall for it bros: >Dating gf: sex 5-10x per week >Multiple times per day, wild as f…[View]
72021437college is not a place to find a gf leave them alone they just want to study[View]
72023823would u date a girl who has a room like dis ..? be honest[View]
72026841sage: lolipost V0P2J8[View]
72023310I don't talk to anyone. I rarely speak a word. Girlfriend? I don't even have a friend.[View]
72022095To Women, I resent you because you make me feel lonely isolated and unappreciated when i talk to you…[View]
72026251You know this is the truth. https://voca.ro/185ugBAwpDFT[View]
72026776If i was a normalfag i would cheat every single opportunity. I cannot imagine what it's like be…[View]
72026652>randomly think about youtuber I haven't seen anything from for a while >video about them…[View]
72026610to all the proper old school bots still around here, i love you. thank you for the times we had toge…[View]
72026434>be me >Enter thread asking for fembot nudes >Immediately get upset at the thought that the…[View]
72026685imagine not taking methamphetamine for productivity[View]
72026481I'm 32 soon and I still haven't even seen a vagina IRL or kissed a girl. I'm above av…[View]
72025078So what the fuck am I supposed to do for the next 40-60 years of my life when I have no chance of ev…[View]
72025614I haven't had sex in over two weeks bros I'm literally going insane[View]
72024592I don't think I'll ever be in a relationship I can't imagine ever being a match Makes…[View]
72025688My brother is dating a 15 year old at 18 and my mom is freaking out about it and trying to make me t…[View]
72023965I don't even want sex. I only want someone I can open myself to without fear they'll betra…[View]
72026604Trans people are mentally Ill freaks and theres no amount of psyop that can convince me otherwise. M…[View]
72026575>slightly autistic >slightly savant >therefore got into autistic savant school >peers ar…[View]
72023994Why are ya people all so miserable in life[View]
72025080Robot Society: You're likely here because you're socially retarded and have no girlfriend …[View]
72025985This is what I believe to be the perfect body for a girlfriend.[View]
72026529Nightmare to work with: I just hate pedophiles. Horrible, untrustworthy. Even as an assassin. Has be…[View]
72025172Girl i hang out with said that i 'smell like im on my period' like my body odor is that of a girl o…[View]
72026360Why won't you let a guy suck your cock? What if it was extremely sloppy, like a severe mess. Wo…[View]
72026208I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of crying but for some reason it never happens and it f…[View]
72026378>be me >decide to take a shower, its been a week >in shower >getting comfy >start to …[View]
72023915I've created a new and very grim form of self-harm. Not sure if you've heard of character.…[View]
72025692I just walked down my road and there's like an abandoned house. I jumped the fence and broke in…[View]
72026265I found a subreddit (go back i know) named trueratecelebrities and they post chads who ubermog me bu…[View]
72019323This bitch is powerful and has an army of simps ready to kill anyone who dares to insult her[View]
72025956>too chad for nerd friend groups >too nerdy for chad friend groups Has anyone else always been…[View]
72026233women are only good for your needs: don't ever rely on them for any emotional stability for eve…[View]
72026201should you even geting involved with a women who was in a long relationship? while having no expieri…[View]
72025747Fembots, do you make this meal often?[View]
72025091>25 >still can't drive Literally and unironically fucking over for me…[View]
72025873Still looking for my Kpop prince guys here are so ugly and loud uuugh[View]
72025336Was promiscuity always female nature, or did modern feminism create and reinforce it?[View]
72025240Remember anons: the grass is always greener on the other side.[View]
72025857Not only have I never had any interaction with a female my own age, I don't even have any frien…[View]
72025902I drink Folgers, but I'm getting Starbucks next shipment.[View]
72025580>Be me. >Have social anxiety >Began walking everyday because it's healthy and also a g…[View]
72025550Why is /r9k/ so absolutely shit today?[View]
72023227/fg/ - fren general: a place to hang out with frens[View]
72025371this family friendly streamer just got caught paying for deepfakes of other female streamers includi…[View]
72025754Avoid bad company. What do I mean by bad company? Those who don't talk about God.[View]
72025732Good morning my beloved. Know that I love you and will always be with you and support you with ever…[View]
72025844Small dick anons. Post pp pics. Let's compare.[View]
72024876>whore that licked my asshole on the regular just posted her engagement photos on Instagram >g…[View]
72025160I genuinely don't think I've ever seen a bigger loser than me.[View]
72009835Robot cooking thread: Post a meal you prepared that you're really proud of[View]
72023895>come home from 8 hours of work >feel like I can finally be myself and stop repressing my true…[View]
72025502How is it that all other social media websites have posts with >100k likes but it feels like I ta…[View]
72025613jej, it really do be like that.[View]
72025699The Sadness: The pain. When does it end. Does it ever. It feels like it will never. But she got over…[View]
72025212>go out drinking >have about 50 beers >get super friendly and confident, chat to heaps of s…[View]
72023898ho lee shit j get a load of that fuckin thing. that thing is a monster[View]
72025439My dad is a general contractor. He's buying a house for me and is going to fix it up and rent i…[View]
72023430Any other robots get molested as a child by a foid and now despise women and sex?[View]
72025615I understand it's actually best like this, I am just observing my life from a distance, it is p…[View]
72023780Its uncommon for some reason but electric stimulation feels so fucking good. Probably the best feeli…[View]
72024432/nbc/ - No Bitches Club: wash i'm so lonely I have no friends no one likes me i'm autistic…[View]
72024238Any other robots /furry/? How you holding up?[View]
72025493X=/=y: I thought that by having a relationship i would be happy and everything would be fine but I w…[View]
72025286>first day at new job (hotel) >already cleaning out the suicide victims…[View]
72024447Incels, this is why youre single. You dont even know what youre even talking about[View]
72024422how can i get an autistic racist lolicon gf? black btw[View]
72024266would you guys ever visit australia?[View]
72025410I want to find the right woman and hug her. And also hold her hand and feel her warmth against my bo…[View]
72024495>invited to best friends gfs bday thing at some bitches apartment >Only met the host once when…[View]
72024915boys are soo much hotter than girls[View]
72023634How did we as a species all come together and collectively agree on the concept of time in terms of …[View]
72024639There are really people who want to cut their dicks off out there huh?[View]
72025104how much would your life improve if you could fall asleep as easily as you do thinking about moving …[View]
72024947Greta Thunberg is based and if you support her you are based too[View]
72013157/r9gay/ - #1953: Personal hygiene edition: 1. Have you brushed your teeth today? 2. Have you taken s…[View]
72024285Just got back from the bar and could use some advice bros >be me >19 year old uni student >…[View]
72025329my dad's nickname for me was Faggot but im fine now[View]
72023886an anon has sex then gets sad: >be me >feeling lonely >i try dating apps >had a date wit…[View]
72025190>toes getting more and more purple in color everyday[View]
72025270What modern men don't understand is that there are no lonely women. It's impossible for w…[View]
72025229>sister and her bf are loudly playing musical chairs again[View]
72025194>he's not even niggermaxxing You're not even trying anon[View]
72023366my feet are size 17 (us) and have been big since i was a kid. anyone here come close?[View]
72024567Number One In 1945, corporations paid 50% of federal taxes now they pay about 5% Number Two In 1900 …[View]
72024794/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1270 Monday Run Day[View]
72025187The Eternal Nofap: 700 Hours: I have gone over 700 hours without so much as a single stroke of my co…[View]
72025135reminder that no matter what you did there's an asian that did better: learned it the hard way …[View]
72024455>run out of weed >turn into suicidal maniac within 24 hours heh, anyone else feel this way?…[View]
72025071i got s gf but still feel nothing I think i'm just a broken person[View]
72024849I just had the most meaningful, life affirming sex of my life: I found a wonderful shortstack girlfr…[View]
72024930>friday 2 hours of sleep >saturday 1 hour of sleep >sunday >currently 1:30 am >wide a…[View]
72024762>when you find out shes now with a Chad and has her own business welp gonna go kms…[View]
72025035somehow I can't fit in with the average people. I'm always invited to parties, normies are…[View]
72023729This fucking word ruined my life t. 22 y/o It's as powerful as nigger[View]
72025043>be me >ugly >poor >balding >manlet I hate myself. I hate my life so much. I try too …[View]
72024997What should a person do if sometimes he's having thoughts he realizes that are not normal in an…[View]
72023668I'm no longer attracted to 3D whores: only 2D Goddesses can make me aroused.[View]
72024129Everyday is kinda the same I need people to talk to if you want you can also ramble on about your li…[View]
72024022Being an incel doesn't get you anywhere, it just fills your life with resentment. I already acc…[View]
72024933*ring*ring*(click)*'/moshi-moshi/': >Hey Femanon, >Ya got milk for that shake? >u…[View]
72024760I wish I was treated worse.: I wish that most women actually actively treated me with contempt so I …[View]
72024056yoonbaw #23458345 downies on patrol[View]
72023876Hey, did you thought asian girls liked white dudes? You are a white dude that likes asian girls? It …[View]
72024665>continuing to breathe out of spite This is the most based disposition you can ever have. When ev…[View]
72023257I hate going to college and hate my Job[View]
72024759How much retro 80s vaporwave Japanese pussy did this reddit OPs dad slay as a White man in Nippon?: …[View]
72024320>ran out of ways to cope >still can't bring myself to off myself what's my end game?…[View]
72024681i just want to hug all of you robros. we will make it and i believe in every single one of yous. we…[View]
72024763Leave your most misogynistic and sexist phrases in this thread: 'The man tries to imitate god, and t…[View]
72021462Incels are justified in their anger. The reality is, sex is literally a basic human need. The proble…[View]
72024728Is there more solidarity among autistics than there was a few years ago?[View]
72024727>never dated he's a weirdo >24 fuck bros, is this how our siblings see us?…[View]
72024702Cinnamon Toast is a NEET treat[View]
72024439teen girl here. does this make u horny? o3o[View]
72021469Tell me your hobbies. All I do is look at screens so let me live vicariously through you. The more h…[View]
72024683Im sick of all the retards in the world equating attration to young adults as pedophilia. Got blocke…[View]
72024478Frozen square pizza baked to perfection. Dipped in KFC bbq sauce. You, bots?[View]
72018321me and my bf when: god fat guys are so hot[View]
72024179Are there any good anime art generators that I do not have to pay for? No weird arbitrary rules atta…[View]
72024146>Be 28 yo >NEET(kinda) most of my life >get a lucky break and finally get job as software …[View]
72024575Is it legal to circumsize my ex for cheating on me?[View]
72022312How can I accept my weebness? I keep trying to repress it but it honestly hurts me.[View]
72024260>man, this obnoxious douchebag that constantly flaunts his wealth, degrades women and takes pictu…[View]
72024355id wish i could be in europe because none of them men there are fat and also because they are all ha…[View]
72023195Why am I so obsessed with digits? Even when I got quints in the past, I still get sad whenever I mis…[View]
72018228What does it feel like to touch a naked woman?[View]
72024096>show oneitis a pic of tuxedo pepe >tell her it's my 'image of victory' >i always pict…[View]
72024254>drink milk >get diarrhea and feel weird FUCK I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO DRINK MILK, AND EAT CH…[View]
72023300When I was 19 I became very close friends with a woman in her early 50s and eventually began having …[View]
72023414R9K FOREX general: Any degens gamble on FOREX? if you're good, you can make money 24/5.[View]
72022780I'm a 32 year old khhv. I need a gf, to move out of my mom's house (dad died), a real job,…[View]
72024393>tfw the 3AM random motivation kicks in[View]
72022724How long till alcohol stops tasting like shit and I finally get used to it[View]
72023787normies are too stupid to do anything without it being a fight. over nothing, for no reason other th…[View]
72024206Trans 'women' are really just extremly gay 'men': this is a fact robots and you know it.[View]
72024400I don't get it, why would it mean that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU8xFbIMQok[View]
72023293One day I will find a pure gf. As pure in heart as me![View]
72024202food really does taste better when you chew it 30 times[View]
72023672>*sits next to you at the park*[View]
72024098Guys I'm gonna be starting my new job working security at the psych ward. How fucked am I? I re…[View]
72024296I saw a post months ago about a very pretty woman leaving out some elaborate recipe of cookie dough …[View]
72024191>Currently faking going to a uni exam so mom and dad dont think im useless It will get better. I …[View]
72023002>Feel like masturbating after looking at tranny porn >have to empty my bladder cause i dont w…[View]
72022776The only reason I want to be a girl is because masturbation as a male fucking sucks. I wish I could …[View]
72024270good morning bwcs of r9k you want some action tonight i am bored and horny[View]
72024268why does she make the internet seethe? literally a candy mascot.[View]
72023004>femdom threads thoroughly dead What killed them?[View]
72015548So what the fuck actually happened to Eggman? Last time I was watching his streams, he was going to …[View]
72022317Is 'gut biome' a meme or is it real? How do I fix mine? I'm so tired all the time. I'm so …[View]
72023618>getting a little chunky >eat only foods high in fat, very low in carbs for 5-6 days - cheese,…[View]
72023244I've started browsing crystal cafe[View]
72023611What does Indian/Pajeeta pussy taste like[View]
72024145Have you ever met a non normalfag?[View]
72024162>God will never leave me nor forsake me cuz his word is true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI…[View]
72024132i saw eggs go up in price again the west has truly fallen i fucking hate living in the end times of …[View]
72023909>can't access samsung sam porn without a vpn on rule34 >they say samsung is removing her …[View]
72023702Everyone is looking at their smartphone everywhere: Everyone uses their smartphone everywhere and re…[View]
72023104fucking guy who smokes weed in every youtube crime channel >heh he only got 2 years???? i get 3 …[View]
72020966Are femcels real? Are they cute?[View]
72023973My attention span is shit and I have no discipline[View]
72023140Mods and jannies please...: Please do something about all the avatarfagging attention whores on this…[View]
72023662>sister is loudly loudly loudly again[View]
72023941i want a boyfriend but im fat ugly stinky lazy and have a weird skin condition[View]
72023422>sister is loudly loudly again[View]
72021637what does it feels like to feel satisfied with your life I've never experienced that feeling[View]
72020014Realistic Respwan General: ITT post what your stats need to be for a life changing difference, but d…[View]
72023532>went on my first date at 24 >had to ask my mom to give me some money to pay for the food and …[View]
72023329where can i meet slavic girls online who aren't 100% gold diggers? i want to import a cute sla…[View]
72023970White Men: I hate them SO much. Some White Guy came up to me in the supermarket today while I was us…[View]
72023888She is the new queen of this board? Do you agree?[View]
72023891Daily Posture Thread: rendsetter edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/10-…[View]
72023027East Coast vs West Coast: What can /r9k/ tell me?[View]
72023839>think diaper girls are cute >think ab/little is cringe >disgusted by scat content >weir…[View]
72023398You heard the lady. She doesn't want to talk to you. She's too beautiful.[View]
72023633Why couldn't I have lived in the universe where it's common for girls to approach guys? Fu…[View]
72023439I will impregnate as many beautiful women as possible: Sure, I'm short and ugly but that hasn…[View]
72021610>watching Netflix show with your girlfriend >this scene comes on how do you genuinely move on…[View]
72023468>sister is loud again[View]
72023563why is every girl a whore now? you could easily find a woman 10 years ago who wanted to be serious n…[View]
72022890How common is it to have violent fantasies of killing normies: I've been isolated and ostracize…[View]
72023715Wagie don't ragie, it's just facts[View]
72021101Why are zoomer boys so fucking boring?: People on here meme about women being boring to talk to clea…[View]
72021794>start dressing like a normie wearing shirts and chinos with a nice pair of derbies >in a matt…[View]
72022764Im finally getting there boys!: >yellow patches developing on my skin >my shit is getting more…[View]
72020135how do i stop falling in love with every boy that is nice to me[View]
72023591I'm gonna ask the ginger skinny bitch with no shoulders who goes to my anime club out on a date…[View]
72022640it's so over for foids[View]
72023609ghosted someone from here and it was because they seemed so uninterested in me but i still miss them…[View]
72022829To get a gf that isn't a landwhale in 2023 you need to: >be at the very least 5'10 >…[View]
72020841/fff/ - Female Feet Funfair: Just admit that you want to submit and bow down to the glory of female …[View]
72023545day 54 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests What have you been up to? I have been catching…[View]
72022991>be me >rejected thrice since november >thinking of going at it again >dont think she li…[View]
72023412Why are women so obsessed with truecrime?[View]
72021923>would you like to donate a dollar to breast cancer awareness? wat do?[View]
72022984Where do I find a girl who isn't addicted to instagram and tiktok?[View]
72020338do you think the cosplaying whores let their bf's fuck them in their costumes?[View]
72023451>typing up a shitpost on /adv/ >'how do i stop touching my dick to puffy loli cunny' >press…[View]
72014371>be me, transfem enby >don't feel entirely aligned with either gender, after years of HRT…[View]
72022853The Jaded, Nihilistic, and (usually) mentally unhinged is always seen as 'omg hes so hawt i love him…[View]
72023349i like to see young women wageslaving, you may not fuck me because i am ugly and short but guess wha…[View]
72023061I was up front about my distate for trans rights on a date with a super liberal girl and ruined the …[View]
72022656My new apartment!!!: Brand new place, just moved in, my roommates parents did this ugly furniture la…[View]
72022977I feel like it's genuinely over for me. I'm 22 but I have the gut of a 40 year old. Over t…[View]
72022536How many times have you cum all over yourself?[View]
72021948i was suppose to clean my apartment today but instead i spent the day coding and listening to austra…[View]
72023224>current girlfriend shows me chats she had with her ex because they are supposedly funny >a bi…[View]
72023323day 21 of manifesting a lesbian bff who would force me to talk about my emotions, thus saving me.[View]
72022796/letter thread/ I Don't Know What Happened Edition: leave letters iniitials, yeah[View]
72023033>wake up >neet >violent thoughts about burning down society (in minecraft) >go outside …[View]
72023115Instead of meals would you be interested in hominid chow? Specifically tailored to the dietary requi…[View]
72019192Character AI torture thread: Also, realistically speaking, what are the chances FBI or CIA is now co…[View]
72022454Shouldve stayed on 4chan instead of interacting with the opposite sex[View]
72023258Im tired of cumming in my socks. I want a girlfriend.[View]
72018004What happened to the girl Angela?: I was talking to her pretty often until she ghosted me out of now…[View]
72015652I have a massive barely legal fetish. My biggest fantasy is fucking a freshly 18 year old girl that…[View]
72023172wtf is this about lmao? is this an ip i dont recognize or a very original autist[View]
7202190822 and the biggest loser here: Since I was 11 I've spent most of my life in my bedroom. I'…[View]
72023170Has anyone here gotten into legal trouble due to their social ineptitude?[View]
72022711The average woman looks better than the top 0.001% of males, even 'straight' women agree with this.[View]
72021558Hiya r9k how are you all doing this evening? You guys have a nice weekend?[View]
72021763>wasted 18-25 with nothing to show for it >even my ugliest sperg friends are settling down wit…[View]
72023030Again, I want someone obsessed with me. Deep in love. Maybe it's some kind of power fetish? I d…[View]
72022531Fem-Subs: >How submissive are you? >Do you have limits? What are they? >Why do you think yo…[View]
72022529I'm so attracted to women it's ridiculous.[View]
72022857autistic nightwalk: >7F >late, snowing like hell >decide to nightwalk >about a mile from…[View]
72021361What Does Dying Feel Like?: Serious question bros.[View]
72022885Have you ever stalked a gril?[View]
72022707>zero messages today :( is it bc i'm ugly[View]
72021302Eczema bros, I don't feel so good Is there a cure for Eczema? I find keeping my hands wet, wrap…[View]
72022960kirby's adventure :D[View]
72022216Thoughts on the Americanization of Japan?[View]
72022418transmaxxing: For me looking like a complete sissy as a male is way more than fucking women. This is…[View]
72013214>mfw when I didn't have my own computer untill I was 18 and I still turned out to be an inte…[View]
72022649nothing makes me happy anymore lol[View]
72021028i hate how i look. why am i such an ugly man i look absolutely disgusting. i look horrible in the mi…[View]
72021926NEETbros i'm going to start looking for work again my thumb and foot are sprained and i'm …[View]
72022922I am angry and upset. I am now KILLING one thread to satiate my desire for violence and the unhappin…[View]
7201881724 femanon: Another year. No changes. No friends (I haven't left my apartment yet). No boyfrie…[View]
72021822Dental filling removal: Hello robots and fembits. Have you ever had your fillings removed? I got sca…[View]
72016322Anons you could always supplement the lack of women in ur life with some femininity. Get into cute a…[View]
72022455Where do you even go to meet women outside of a dating app when you are a 25+ man with a house in th…[View]
72022861Day 42 of manifesting nothing. Day 42 of manifesting nothing.[View]
72022701This book was based. Modern women are identical to the pigs in this story. Some animals are more equ…[View]
72022070Short haired cut women porn thread: Add the source/name with pic you filthy animals Picrel Melody C…[View]
72020977God this is such a fvcking good game. The best game of all time is probably Tetris or something, but…[View]
72022716is it over?: >be me >fag >download grindr again after a long dry spell because fuck it lone…[View]
72022727How are you doing robots?: What's going on with you? Are you all right?[View]
72022793manifesting trans gf day 5[View]
72022583I hate trannies but I'm okay with faggots.[View]
72020004Why is 'be her friend' such bad advice: > There was a girl I used to work with at retail job >…[View]
72021075This is what women think about you: This is what women think about you[View]
72022741Am I fundamentally doomed?[View]
72021295i love paige steele[View]
72022472i wish i was cute for a boy to call me cute :([View]
72020090Is it ok if I think every canadian citizen belongs to gulag including their girls?[View]
72022641It's over for shycels No matter how good looking you are if you're shy you're done[View]
72016505Fembots, how big is too big?[View]
72022652>was in a shit pit of despair last night into today >both of my friends, special Women, someho…[View]
72022325I've been using the same dirty dishes for over a week[View]
72021783https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Hedgewhore I write something called Sonic the Sissyhog. It's a…[View]
72022094who has the most power in the western world right now?[View]
72022374>Leave house out of my own will for the first time in months because I want to relax and breathe …[View]
72022406Harem Fembots: Seriously Fembot, why aren't you in a harem right now? You get friends, you get …[View]
72022613Picrew Thread: Make imaginary gf/bf and assumptions about others, don't lazypost https://picrew…[View]
72018220vocaroo thread: https://voca.ro/14y1kSQZoeq5[View]
72022566I want to call 911 and ask them to send a female police officer to come hold my hand[View]
72022110Opinions on my latest Helen Parr commission? https://archiveofourown.org/works/search?work_search%5B…[View]
72021686*bzzzt*: drinking one of these at 2am because they taste yummy, what are you drinking?[View]
72022447THERE ARE 690,000 HOURS IN A HUMAN LIFE: I just learnt there are 690,000 hours in the average human …[View]
72022500Haircut autism: I am 29 and never had a haircut at a barber in my life, I get mom haircuts. I am try…[View]
72022469A goofy nerdy skinny white boy doesn't stand a chance at getting a black gf like picrel, does h…[View]
72022116shit old people say: >life begins at 40[View]
72020526I've been fapping to this girl since she was 16. She's 23 now and I still nut to her daily…[View]
72021970I'm worried I'm never going to get to smell one of these up close.[View]
72020976>friend remarked on my visible premature balding >don't feel anything Is this finally the…[View]
72019664where do I learn game?[View]
72018878>tfw order another fart fetish custom vid from a black girl[View]
72022462um grate[View]
72019005anon, you know you can just get surgery, right? It's not even that expensive.[View]
72022158How are zoomers coping with the fact that 2021 was 2 years ago?[View]
72021456>fumbling around applying my foreskin restoration device fuck i wish i were born female so i don…[View]
72019924a majority of women are too stupid to even whore themselves out and do it practically for free good …[View]
72021197My big titty giantess oneitis asked me to dinner. Send help[View]
72022411Idk why this came to mind but before the World Cup my dad and I were discussing the national team fr…[View]
72022385she in her mood[View]
72020156I'm losing my 'friends' because I won't put up with their shit anymore.[View]
72021722self improvement is a cope and doesnt wor-[View]
72021477Why the fuck do people say that money matters: I make enough money where if a woman got with me she …[View]
72020792Anons, how do I get a yandere boyfriend?: I'm a femcel, and the thought of a yandere guy fallin…[View]
72020303vrchat thread, lonely edition anyone wanna hangout in vrchat? its free on steam and you dont need a …[View]
72018586Your addiction is the cause of your suffering: You're in your current unfavorable condition bec…[View]
72020539would you rather tongue a girl's brapper, or eat some chicken nuggies?[View]
72020622Cold and Depressed: It's -5 degrees out and the sun is soon to set. My business is inoperable r…[View]
72021487Day 2,183 without a gf: Translated another Japanese spanking porn image today[View]
72021204Do girls like bpd men?[View]
72019871In the situation where you manage to get a match, is there any other strategies other than jestermax…[View]
72020154what would you do if you knew you had only a few weeks to live?: enough time to get SOMETHING done, …[View]
72021959schizoid thread schizoid thread how do you do fellow schizoids?[View]
72020989>be me >lonely af >have RGB strips >sit in frront of PC everyday >sun sets >dark …[View]
72021817Is happiness real? I'm serious. As a kid I remember being happy all the time but as I grew olde…[View]
72022015>Younger brother Chadson is man of the house[View]
72021897sometimes i wish i never laid eyes on certain grils because of how difficult theyve made it in choos…[View]
72021602>had sex with my stuffed animal >post nut clarity hits >mfw…[View]
72020238Men might want to drop the 'anti-MRA' thing pretty soon: It's already completely standard to pu…[View]
72019853>anon commits suicide 'Oh no, I'm so sad (Anon) killed himself. Such a travesty.' 'I wish we…[View]
72021978How fucking hard is it to understand that if you live in an apartment and you're gonna play lou…[View]
72020065Pleeease stop looking at dick pleeeaaaseee[View]
72017589anyone else infatuated with black goddesses?[View]
72017726First month is over. How are things going in 2023, robots?[View]
72021990Who needs a GF when we can monkey post! Right lads??[View]
72021323>wake up >commute >College >commute back >study 2 hours >spend a hour on my p…[View]
72021403Why is it that every morbidly obese liberal woman is obsessed with Asia?[View]
72021885another squandered week(end). I spent half an hour cleaning my room. Thats it. Did any of you failur…[View]
72021820I love my best friend so much like she's there for me whenever I want or need her. Every time I…[View]
72021866I adapted to the crushing pressure and darkness[View]
72021829MBTI poll. https://poal.me/q9ozch[View]
72021289>place foids and moids in a room together >tell them to hold hands >jab each of them with c…[View]
72021090good evening bros how are u doing[View]
72021449what do i do when i havent slept in 3 days? i dont wanna/cant concentrate on anything other than 4ch…[View]
72020695is a gf worth it if she's only a 7/10?[View]
72021293Most men couldn't take the pain the woman endures in pic. Could you?[View]
71985015Letter Thread: Waiting For You Edition[View]
72021483Is there anything more gross than a gay Blackman? You just know they must be really gross. The thoug…[View]
72019696what do you think of toned and muscular women?[View]
72019640what makes liberal women so possessive over their conservative men i want to marry her, but i know s…[View]
72020827I want to rest my head in a girl's lap while she strokes my hair and tells me everything is goi…[View]
72021526https://anon.cafe/retro/catalog.html Are there any other imageboards that have retro boards like thi…[View]
72019677I am NOT racist I do NOT hate blacks or jews the posts I make on this website are SATIRE and do NOT …[View]
72021430How to find people: I'm 19 I wish I had friends who were chilled out and interesting. I live wi…[View]
72019374My ex cheated on me with a girl with a bigger ass. It's taken a huge toll on my self-esteem[View]
72021453are all zoomer women going to become lesbians? ive been seeing more zoomer women get with other wom…[View]
72021160I'm inspired by fictional characters: What's stopping me from becoming a badass like Carl …[View]
72021025He was more attractive as a man. Now he just looks like a washed out whore.[View]
72020616Was it a work? Did Ralph fake the whole thing? To what end? Just to embarrass Mr. Morris? If true th…[View]
72020724FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK: I was 5'11. I measured it multiple times. I absolutely was. I just meas…[View]
72020682I remember hearing from people that 'college will be the best time of your life!'. I commute to a sh…[View]
72021304What makes a woman want to sacrifice?[View]
72021051Today and henceforth I shall journey through the threads of ROBOT9001 spreading my chivalry[View]
72021235I hate cunt whore femoids so fucking much it's unreal[View]
72015694Im a Residen advisor in college dorms and come across lots of black pilling stuff . Go ahead and as…[View]
72016658This Harry Potter bitch unironically wrote that if you hate TERFs, that's the equivalent of hat…[View]
72021127what's the lowest height than women are willing to date provided you actually put effort into y…[View]
72020892>be me >literally Death >love my job >been stalking my prey recently >this dumbfuck c…[View]
72017807Do you guys think incels and robots would actually make good boyfriends, husbands and fathers if wom…[View]
72014423>Bonobos are known to indulge in various sexual activities for purposes such as conflict resoluti…[View]
72019564Girls online have called me hot many times without even seeing me. What does this mean[View]
72021148>tfw no Swedish football gf (female)[View]
72016079How do I get out of this fetish: Why are cocks comforting? I find men repulsive and transexuals a tr…[View]
72020295How do you deal with crushing loneliness?[View]
72018208We often talk about blackpill and redpill knowledge, so let's talk about its positive counterpa…[View]
72020914How the fuck do I keep the depression from swallowing me whole? The stims aren't even doing it …[View]
72002905/mbti/: >your type >What cheers you up when you're sad? >Are you good at cheering peop…[View]
72013006my asshole dad just gave me an ultimatum. by the end of february I need to have and job and stop bei…[View]
72019483Did you enjoy the neighborhood you grew up in as a child and teenager?[View]
72018653How long can you remain a NEET until you get bored and want to start earning money by working?[View]
72020940Newfag?: Hey you, answer NOW or your father will turn gay and rape you during sleep https://strawpol…[View]
72018611do you think frecles are attractive? not just on face, shoulders, boobs, and ass too.[View]
72020697I have 20,000 usd saved up what car should i buy? Im stuck between a convertible and a work truck[View]
72019920I'm here again. Waiting to have lunch with you. Dreaming of being able to talk to you. But I…[View]
72019584>tfw no petite feet gf to lift up and breed The ONLY concern would be having manlet sons.…[View]
72019458I sound gay even though I'm straight.[View]
72020876ayo i'm going insane: I've had a rough week and just saw a post that made me laugh like cr…[View]
72019519why would i as an ugly girl date a short, balding or weak chinned man when there are plenty of hot g…[View]
72020318Can I still go to college and get a career if I'm 25 with only a hs diploma? I can't even …[View]
72020853About to start a new job tomorrow after almost 3 years of not having another one. I've never ha…[View]
72020285I just had the hottest sex of my life. I need to tell someone lol. Basically I went to a bathhouse a…[View]
72017376Femanons let talk about the thing all girls love. Chocolate![View]
72020722You can do it, never give up. Believe in the me that believes in you.[View]
72020504tell me /r9k/, what societal-wide hypocrisy can lead to?[View]
72020684i would love nothing more than to just rot away and die: been all but bed ridden for years since i d…[View]
72020705Playing Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth is cute, and I'd like some ideas for a story featuring her…[View]
72018587when someone calls you 'buddy' or bud'....they're just trying to mog you, aren't they?[View]
72020408What blue boards are you currently shadow banned on? for me it's /co/ and /vg/.[View]
72020269Eye for an eye, says who?[View]
72020279You wake up in hell after your death, what do you to cope knowing you are going to be tortured for a…[View]
72020341why did the 90/10 rule happen so fast? i used to have no problem getting sex and relationships and …[View]
72018187Pick A GF: Supernatural Edition: pick your favorite, explain why, discuss what is good taste with ot…[View]
72020336This is https://voca.ro/185ugBAwpDFT the Truth[View]
72018487Apparently this whole board is a bunch of future mass-murdering failed men, trapped in pathetic narc…[View]
72020185Is sex actually real?: I've seen it happen so many times on video, it's beginning to feel …[View]
72020253Why does it always have to be this way?[View]
72020205Playing Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth is a cutie, and I'd like some ideas for a fapfic featuring…[View]
72018715How are all women taken? Most women I've met, whether at work, at school, etc are taken. It do…[View]
72019733What can i do to get a girl like this>[View]
72020102>i quit porn, i dont fap So what the fuck do you do when you get horny? Do you just actively wait…[View]
72020121*ring*ring*(click)*'/moshi-moshi/': >Hey femanon, >What's your bodycount? >I…[View]
72019438Why do people these days (women in particular) insist their 'friendly' gestures are platonic instead…[View]
72019891i just had a wet dream about a milf in a one piece swimsuit[View]
72020040Porn has ruined my mind I don't find average girls attractive anymore[View]
72019507resume: how do you write a resume when you have a 5 year period of doing nothing besides rotting…[View]
72019862Took a nice 3 mile walk today. I did 2 miles yesterday. Feels good.[View]
72018969at what age does it become weird to still be dressing in scene fashion?[View]
72015312Sipping on monster energy ultra gold[View]
72020024Oh Allah, when? WHEN!?!?: ...will a comely lass with high cheekbones sit on my face?[View]
72018188Reminder -- inceldom is a life situation many men find themselves in: it needn't be associated …[View]
72019723brother is a retard: My little brother is a RETARD, this nigga has no life, he stinks and he's …[View]
72011069This is what every man must experience at least once in his life.: If the government wants men to be…[View]
72019979I want to eat my boyfriend's fat ass out but it's hairy and I'm scared of getting wor…[View]
72019958a girl started fussing over meeting up so i deleted her.[View]
72019064valentines day <3: valentines day is in almost two weeks. how are you planning to celebrate?…[View]
72019722How's your winter going, robots? You guys staying comfy? Does it snow where you live? For all i…[View]
72019956is there anything better than binging prescription stimulants? didn't think so[View]
72016469What exactly is a nice guy? I'm confused by the blackpill and women. They tend to like men with…[View]
72007088/britfeel/: Are lad SSM edition[View]
72018186Feeling like shit: This is a thread for people who feel like shit, let's try to cheer each othe…[View]
72019896Hello anons. It is my 21st birthday. Didnt do much besides eat at my favorite place and visited a ca…[View]
72019655To Women, I resent you, i never enjoy a single conversation with any of you. Partly because you are …[View]
72019850Will you stop looking at dick. Please, I ask you so nicely.[View]
72019616Recovering from Nicotine addiction: 2 weeks without nicotine. >Free samples of Vape and pouches …[View]
72018868White boys love big black cock more than women do: >fuel rumor that black men have big dicks duri…[View]
72014915/aiwg/ Ai waifu general thread #3: Let's keep the trend going. Show us what you want to penetra…[View]
72017787Life advice thread: Give your best piece of life advice based on your experiences in 10 words or les…[View]
72018518>tfw everyone is accusing me of being a cheating whore even though i'm not…[View]
72019749Why is pic related so smart and based?[View]
72019132I have roundworms[View]
72019768Thinking about avoiding things while avoiding things.[View]
72019482>when you finger a girl and stick your finger in her mouth and she licks her pussy juices off…[View]
72018934>be chubby my whole life >Decide to make a change >2019 start diet and exercise >lockdow…[View]
72019481>'Waaaaaaaah! Stop complaining about dishboard still not working for so many days! We're bus…[View]
72019549>I'm not crazy! (Institution!) >You're the one that's crazy! (Institution!) …[View]
72018526A russian ten year old boy gets sent to military camp over summer by his single mother. 'I have basi…[View]
72018619>it's 2005 >you have a mild cold and mom calls the middle school to let them know you are…[View]
72017995Fembrowns and Racists: >What race are you? >How racist should your white bf be? >What do yo…[View]
72019649why are chuds still obsessed with the vaccine? I haven't heard a single mention of vaccines or …[View]
72018887Would you date an ugly girl?[View]
72018544A 50 year old woman wants to have sex with me: Should I do it? I am 27, I dont know what she looks l…[View]
72019559Nothing worse than born a sub8 male just rope[View]
72019561Robots, time to get spiritualized. https://youtu.be/9BAJNTHnhxY Materialism will not give you relief…[View]
72018006I became financially successful and I still cannot get a cute gf to save my life. I made $300,000 la…[View]
72019473I hate all of you, stupid cunts.[View]
72016901i hate being a moid[View]
72016606Why are fembots so kinky: I just want to hug someone and talk about our day but all of the fembots h…[View]
72018852Why do women get a pass for their hormonal theatrics and men don't get a pass for being natural…[View]
72017910I'm the smol infatuated woodland creature uwu[View]

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