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70393564What is stopping you from getting vasectomy??[View]
70384969Job Hunting Thread! Lets help each other seek gainful employment and get out of NEETdom and low-end…[View]
70391980/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1147 BEEN A LONG ROAD GETTIN' FROM THERE TO HERE…[View]
70393009How can someone create one of the most influential places on the internet and still be a broke ass n…[View]
70394049I just changed every voice channel, text channel and role name in my friend's discord server to…[View]
70394029>red flag he listens to Russian music instead of the top 100[View]
70393862Mandatory Reading: With the we3 statues secretly alive thanks to my image render this is disclosure …[View]
70393545I VILL torture you for all of eternity and you VILL be happy[View]
70393706was riding public transportation and there was a tall guy wearing grey sweat pants with a massive bu…[View]
70393285Drawing blood: My body doesn't tolerate drawing blood very much and I get a slight dizzy feelin…[View]
70386010>above average guy swiped 16k times >out of 16k swipes, he gets 3 dates This is so brutal it m…[View]
70393810>Life fucking me in the ass again I hate this episode.[View]
70392070Mom left me at home with nothing but beans to eat.[View]
70388214>>70367041 continuing this thread[View]
70392366We need to talk about kids' channels on Youtube.[View]
70387940The Worst Blackpill You Ever Heard?: There was a study of women's brains when looking at attrac…[View]
70378078Who's your favorite porn mommy robots? Mine is Bettie Bondage.[View]
70393129Did you ever think about joining the Amish or Menonites or something like that? Traditional lifestyl…[View]
70393044>God will never leave me nor forsake me i don't think you understand the extent to this ht…[View]
70393217>Crushing on a girl >Unsure where to go from here because of multiple complications >Don…[View]
70392162i started HRT today. i don't really have anyone else to tell that will give a shit and my famil…[View]
70392741wtf are blues? from seattle washington, everybody be smoking these things called 'blue dreamers' an…[View]
70391527how and when are you going to kill yourself? don't want to live past 30[View]
70393558Three letter agent gIow so bright[View]
70393177>born different >people mock and reject him for it >tries to fit in despite going against h…[View]
70393499>not eligible for neetbux cuz not retarded or disabled still not getting a job, I got robbed of s…[View]
70393447I can only keep it up and cum to black women now. My brain has been forever trained >#broken >…[View]
70393363A boy, removes the sticker from any bottle he wants to drink, whether it was a water bottle or a jui…[View]
70392980/evil/: Anyone else legitimately evil? Personally I don't want to be evil. I would rather be go…[View]
70392891fuck porn posters >you'll never be loved >you're sick >you're a miserable pi…[View]
70393303>have to tidy my room and take a shower because I have litler patches of dirt on my skin…[View]
70393215>shitposting on 4chan >get told 'have sex' >automatically get btfo and lose the argument as…[View]
70390547What are some places that are Anti Incels? that only High Status Chads and Stacys visit those places…[View]
70393277Why was sending messages to random gamers so fun? sometimes i would just send messages to people in …[View]
70392747I need headphone recommendations. My last ones broke after I threw them on the floor.[View]
70392426Would you pit her entire roast in your mouth? Be honest now, /r9k/[View]
70392355>We, um, ran into a little trouble at the lab today, anon. The adipose modification machine we we…[View]
70392634Schizo: >your father had schizophrenia >you fuck up your entire life but think everything…[View]
70392380A robot who has this pic where it mixes this album cover and the french revolutionaries? I remember …[View]
70393060IOSposter: NO IPHONE APPLICATION for 4chan for fuck sake fuck me fuck off scrollig in a webpage fuck…[View]
70393085Why do you come on a board predominantly used for whinning and venting then get mad at individuals w…[View]
70392801I'm looking for a Discord ERP partner willing to act as Sonic (aka my prison bitch), as well as…[View]
70392798NEW POKEMON This Pokemon made you mouth-watering, huh, /r9k/????[View]
70392932Name a worse physical characteristic than having a pencil dick. I'll wait.[View]
70391819>He was a Levi's 501 kid Did a single one of us escape virginity?…[View]
70392989when ur pastor tells you its ok to suck penis and asks if u wanna suck his but u decline and he star…[View]
70392293Do you guys go to the beach?: Have you ever seen naked girls there? I saw titties twice about 10 and…[View]
70392896Trans rights = Mens rights: Hear me out. 1. If there is ever an event where men have to undergo som…[View]
70392971ldar view: show me your rot dens[View]
70391864why didn't this trend continue if the meme narrative about chads monopolizing the women is corr…[View]
70391457what exactly is it that causes people to be sexually attracted to fictional cartoon characters and j…[View]
70392785I'm a reasoonable man get off my case[View]
70391609Share suicide fuel stories: >I can't find anything to complain about fuck bros I need writin…[View]
70392911Say his name. Say the name of your king.[View]
70391536I'm looking for a Discord ERP partner willing to act as Sonic (aka my prison bitch), as well as…[View]
70391208Jesus the internet is currently persecuting this guy non stop and treating him like he is worse than…[View]
70392368i like this album >Verification not required[View]
70390543How did you react to the queen dying?[View]
70390662I'm gonna have two frozen pizzas and a 1.5L coke for breakfast, it's 8am[View]
70391390Why do you always get people at the workplace that shame you for not working hard even when everyone…[View]
70392755God I miss the queen of england so much bros it hurts[View]
70392581I hate having eye floaters[View]
70389763Under what conditions is sexing a tranny gay and when is sexing a tranny not gay.[View]
70392731have you ever gotten nauseous from frustration?[View]
70392723doing drugs and posting on 4chan is cool.[View]
70390979>friend got me into a video game series >we used to play all the time at his apartment >a …[View]
70390861Just got fired from an internship that relates to what i want to do and what ive been studying since…[View]
70392708tough timez edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/10-best-muscle-building…[View]
70392361if you were a futanari how big would you want your futa cock to be?[View]
70390975>r9k: we hate women so fucking much! >femanon: femanon here- >Thread gets 400+ replies You …[View]
70392418Mental illness: I'm a 30yo balding virgin incel with no friends and no career. As if that wasn…[View]
70391397Would you let Emiru groom you?[View]
70386053At least one girl has given you this look.[View]
70391798Why not get a custom jaw implant? This dude literally when from chud face to gigachad with one proce…[View]
70392219Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then i…[View]
70388166Why are so many of you in the blackpill seethe stage? Constantly making threads about chad this chad…[View]
70392538why is asia so clean and empty[View]
70392454Is it okay to kill yourself if you have a good reason for doing it?[View]
70392383Knowing: What emotion would omniscience elicit?[View]
70391920I'm a straight, masculine, attractive, fit and very hung man but i love to surround myself with…[View]
70392536I have some sort of reverse anxiety where I'm convinced that everyone is scared of me. I can…[View]
70392462>onlyfans femboy puts his prices up AND makes collab videos pay per view with just a discount if …[View]
70392195Rate my girlfriend anonbros[View]
70391824What i wrote on tinder. Its really over now.[View]
70380645/britfeel/: Saddington, Leicestershire edition[View]
70391698What's the worst country to live as an incel?[View]
70392421when someone cant say where they work, where might it be?[View]
70392353>be me about 15 years ago >in year 2 in some muslim school >have this one kid that i was fr…[View]
70391031Do you have trouble maintaining eye contact with others, attractive people in particular?[View]
70392236>be me >crushing on good friend >she is on dating apps, but not happy on them >she is ha…[View]
70390936take me break me hate me make me feels like i die in all my dreams why can't you see my love is…[View]
70390648>Got my license >Still terrified of driving >I don't trust myself alone behind the whe…[View]
70392297Grill cute: Rowboats I'm dating this girl and she's so cute it's absurd, I don't…[View]
70392160New crime stats just dropped, moids are just as violent as ever.[View]
70391850>live in Finland >highest paycheck anyone can have in Finland is about 10k a month >talk to…[View]
70391360unbanned bitches wtw huh[View]
70391203Do you care about fashion anymore? i no longer care about them and i'd wear bin bags if i could…[View]
70391934>took xanax because I was having alcohol withdrawal and anxiety >entire night went by in the …[View]
70391944I thought I could leave this place, for a few months I was really happy anon I swear. I was working …[View]
70392117bros I'm in love with a whore there is no coming back from this anymore[View]
70391962I have never felt loneliness despite always being alone. It frustrates me because 90% of you fucks d…[View]
7039114920th birthday: I'm turning 20 in a week. I'm a university student studying a science. I ha…[View]
70392158in the future, there will be big cars on tracks that carry people from place to place within the cit…[View]
70391881Has anyone here been homeless?[View]
70391918>I'm a recovering alcoholic >My contract gives me two days off a week, Sunday and a seemi…[View]
70391183why do people threath manlets so badly just because of our heights?[View]
70391408How are my r9k Asian brothers and sisters doing on this fine day? Here's a thread for Asian bot…[View]
70392017be me: >be chronic e-dater >invite e-bf to server >he gets me banned >Server demonizes …[View]
70390038Ask A East African Anything: Ask what you would ask an east african in real life.[View]
70391326Do you stop caring about body count as you get older? I'm currently 21 and even thinking about …[View]
70391193Anons.... I starting to seeing it, no intention to sound pedantic. Something is growing on me, an ov…[View]
70392054>thumbnail of porn video looks good >click on it >it's puretaboo shit I'm getting…[View]
70389506All you need is love. Without love, everything is futile and life is meangless.[View]
70391854>work remote >my nuts smell >people on call dont even know they are breathing in my digital…[View]
70392036>want to fuck a girl for years >she has a kid >dont want to fuck her anymore Why does sex f…[View]
70390026>dual monitor setup >ukraine war youtube videos on left monitor >r/Ukraine, r/UkraineWarRep…[View]
70388130>join hikki/NEET discord server >Tell them I'm a NEET with no friends and spend all my ti…[View]
70391994what am i supposed to do: hes always so unhappy and it makes me sad, i just want him to be happy…[View]
70389744You have to use the pic below your post as ur steam profile pic for at least a week[View]
70389301What do I do when someone pulls the im a minor trap card? The conversation at hand could be somethin…[View]
70391062Are there any Balkanbots? I have never met a guy here that struggles with getting girls. Do they ju…[View]
70391718Just got dumped. Been together 6 years. Have a kid together. Still love her.[View]
70391866What are you going to do on Halloween?[View]
70388452https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6vvho1bDDg Holy shit is all this true? Wow 4Chan is full of asshole…[View]
70391115>girl cheats on her bf >guy gets comforted by saying she wasnt worth it and amongst other thin…[View]
70391813IT'S HAPPENING: >Gavin Newsom just signed a bill to lower the age of consent to 15 from 18 i…[View]
70388115>tfw no polygynous marriage I just want threesomes with my wives, it's not fair.…[View]
70389643why do zoomers seethe so hard when they're told the past was better than today? >NOO BUT THE…[View]
70391394Wherever there is cute, there are flowers, and boys.[View]
70391508I seriously think that the character in beige should have a French accent. There is just something a…[View]
70391427I went out today and found the complete dvds for Mad Men, season 1 of The Wire, season 1 and 2 of Tw…[View]
70391707Who else is drunk here?[View]
70391530i no longer want to be safe in a world that doesnt have him in it. i want him to kidnap me and take …[View]
70385117>got a Monster Mule and some Spaghetti dis is okies I guess[View]
70390799I want to frot penises with another man until cummies come out.[View]
70391534As a NEET, what kind of gift can you get for a normalfag friend that is of any significance? They ha…[View]
70391592I like this game. Is this what parties are really like? I like to explore the house and play with th…[View]
70391595Tonight I dreamed I was watching a porn video where a shemale was fucking a female dwarf with a thum…[View]
70390575anyone else literally lived in the same fucking room in the the same house in the same town their en…[View]
70390586>i decide that i want to cosplay as an scp guard for a local con >splurge on a shitton of rand…[View]
70391377Look in the mirror: Almost all of you love to call people normies, npcs, etc meanwhile you are the o…[View]
70391216Anybody else stuck in a suffering cycle? I'm always trying to think but I can never think strai…[View]
70390661can we get a manlet hate thread[View]
70389833The proper way to eat cheez its is with a bowl and spoon[View]
70390289I do not wish to be black any longer.[View]
70391171daily reminder that you're going to die[View]
70391275>be russian >women at work openly laugh about guys they fucked getting sent to war…[View]
70391353To Women, I resent you because you genuinely believe women just don't commit crimes like it…[View]
70391059Post music only you listen to. https://youtu.be/-WrUckyIals https://youtu.be/UxA36oAqdW8 https://yo…[View]
70391344how do i get a daddy?[View]
70391187>emotional bf found the leaked dms with the financial bf and now he's mad should I make him …[View]
70389203Anon do u want to get married. To. me[View]
70389598I just had a random idea to decorate the perimeter of the upper walls of my studio with tarot cards.…[View]
70391277Witching Hour: It's that time. Are you with me?[View]
70388563Do you regret buying your gaming pc Be honest[View]
70390687Im done with all of you This place is full of Faggots keep being Freaks abomination of Nature im don…[View]
70391199Life: People who don't know about it, talk about it. People who know about it, don't talk …[View]
70391186Take me back...... TAKE ME BAAAAACK https://youtu.be/8zNf17seIOM[View]
70389108The time I bought a pc: >be me >buy an expensive family pc with dad >put it in study room f…[View]
70390923i fucking hate sleeping: why do we have to sleep its boring i want to stay up on r9k and jack off i…[View]
70388485Our king has fallen! >https://youtu.be/M1612L2FMHo[View]
70389314I just deleted discord after using it for 4 years... what now?[View]
70390984alcohol pill: why shouldnt i drink alcohol every day in solitude if it makes me feel good and my lif…[View]
70384124Secret Service: I like /ss/ because: 1. I have been cuddled and sheltered my entire life. 2.I am sta…[View]
70390702James Huberty - Why did he do it?: >On July 18th 1984 Huberty told his wife that 'society had its…[View]
70390834I finally made it bros. I've been talking to this beautiful Russian girl online on interpals fo…[View]
70384883I'm reaching the point where maybe I'll settle for a bf. Starting to become prison gay.[View]
70391032A rolling stone gathers no moss[View]
70391007I will be happy. I see light on the horizon. I'll chase the setting sun and catch it.[View]
70389116>tfw fapped to THAT again kill me[View]
70389983I have a dark lipstick fetish but I can't explain WHY it turns me on so fucking much. Like, ins…[View]
70390928The (you) watcher grows even longer, but despite that, I never get any replies. Shit fuckin sucks ma…[View]
70390544Magnus' unironically autistic, isn't he?[View]
70390940This broadcast has been brought to you from Time Lens Corporation.[View]
70387041>claims to be a fem'''bot''' >doesn't just work out to get a hot body to attract Brad and…[View]
70379781Is the 'societal collapse' just a meme?: I think the bad times are behind us[View]
70390856>walking down the street minding my own business >women in group see me and just start busting…[View]
70390561>took 2 advil pm >took 10 mg of melatonin Gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Goodnight lads.…[View]
70390402I've reached a point where I just naturally jerk off at minimum 4 times a day Once in the morni…[View]
70390277I shouldve died a long time ago, i curse everyone i cone into contact with. I wish i was actually ni…[View]
70390709Leafy wins again: >IDubbz is a cuck >Boyinaband is a pedo >He may be banned but all these p…[View]
70389139>neetbux secured for 6 months I just can't stop winning can I?[View]
70390559it never goes away does it?: the autism and social ineptitude? even answering greetings is complicat…[View]
70385688Bording during the day and lonely. Just wanna spend some time with a weeabo femanon in a similar sit…[View]
70390624>hanging out at aunt's because of family reasons >Browsing on my phone. >Little girl c…[View]
70389773How to seek help? Whether to seek help?: Help me out here, anons. I am horribly cruel to others and …[View]
70390231>just be confident bro >women arent visual at all, they are are turned on by confidence alone…[View]
70390017im so lonely aha[View]
7039077414,000 humans are bitten by dogs in the USA everyday, if this was reported in the mainstream corpora…[View]
70388826i want this hurricane to kill me i fucking hate living in America and i hate living in general[View]
70389092The Eternal Nofap: Day 1003: It has been 1002 days since I first swore the Oath of Eternal Nofap at …[View]
70390012>Be 16 >pizzafaced, prescribed accutane >after treatment, become incredibly neurotic >B…[View]
70390732Last Normal Man: I'm the last normal man in a world that's anything but normal[View]
70388173Japan virginity is on the rise https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h01440/[View]
70390349I think I've become an alchoholic[View]
70389637I'm going to tell you a story, /r9k/: >be me >in college >no gf >meet a cute girl a…[View]
70389008>women think it's okay to come dressed to the office like this >rapebait in the workplace…[View]
70388903If you have any social disorder like agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, or autism, suicide is the…[View]
70388442This is a place for boys to play, a world where boys and only boys get to live out their fantasies. …[View]
70390564how the hell are you supposed to figure out what you wanna do with your life?[View]
70387092Psycho behavior: >be me >on a bus >practice eye contact by staring into peoples eyes >st…[View]
70390496Alright guys help stupid schizo fembot decide on another computer Is water cooled really that good …[View]
70390169>'Just go to the gym and you'll meet someone' >'Just go to cafes and read' >'Just take…[View]
70386682Femanons how often do you fantasize about being taken by a group of wealthy ugly old men?[View]
70389606Futa Thread: Anons, if any of you like femdom perhaps you would like futas as well. Its simply like …[View]
70388006Is it possible for two hikkis to live together?[View]
70390510Anyone else look like this?: - super pale - large purple bags under eyes He looks like a ghoul.…[View]
70389991any fembots that like girls? i just want a cute retarded girl to hold hands with.[View]
70390033>turn 30 >Never have real gf, not good with women >meet cute girl at the bar >we hit it …[View]
70390014Do you think it is ever acceptable to go on reddit? I started posting because of some very specific …[View]
70390150I hate how testosterone makes me unable to vent feelings. It's like a pressure bomb with a stuc…[View]
70390093Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with me? >diagnosed with 'major depressive disorder' ye…[View]
70390415You've crossed the line for the last time. I'm going to need your badge and gun[View]
70388698>I was browsing 4chan since i was 14[View]
70389911>About to turn 30 >Still as socially anxious as I was ten years ago, if not more Fuck anyone w…[View]
70389875Did you see any women you would have sex with today? I only saw one, wearing all black like she was …[View]
70390256trans rights are human rights protect trans kids transmaps are valid give kids gender affirming care…[View]
70387529Are you afraid you'll die a virgin? Picrel[View]
70384352Jordan Peterson ANNOUNCES he is willing to be a 'hero' to the INCEL community: https://youtu.be/M161…[View]
70388350Post things that made you happy today /r9k/: >driving home from work today >sad because I forg…[View]
70389950Bad dream thread: >walking down path past people >See my old highschool crush >Have had cou…[View]
70387446I made a discord but its new and has no members so keep that in mind if you join, im usually active …[View]
70390266>you are more likely to win a lottery than getting a hot hypno domme gf. life is so fucking unfa…[View]
70389866how do you remove a razor blade from a shitty blue plastic gillette razor[View]
70388644Be honest anon. Would you murder, rape, steal, kidnap, etc. If you could get away with it?[View]
70389233Is it possible to have a normal life after 25 after years of hikkiness and crippling social anxiety.…[View]
70389290Any sweatys wanna run warzone? Theres a new update but i dont have friends to play with and im tired…[View]
70389215>start playing a game >make it to the middle of the story >can't bring myself to finis…[View]
70386094>stood up 3rd guy in 2 weeks for a date >insta block them so i wont see their response, trigge…[View]
70389749Why am l like this?[View]
70388528This is my profile pic (First frame). I need to choose a name, need some ideas. What names would sui…[View]
70390109if you could mind control a socially awkward nerd type to get in front of their class or their work …[View]
70389997i love pretty women i love ugly women i love plain women i love women and women are so kind and emot…[View]
70388918>tfw on night shift So uhhhh, what's up guys?[View]
70389655My brother yelled at me so I'll starve myself tonight.[View]
70386821why aren't you musicmaxxing? women love music pic related man gets some during jim crow[View]
70389684Is it true that testosterone cures social anxiety, turn you into a chad and make you more confident.…[View]
70389855larping as male to have an outlet for my hatred for other woman is really something else, never chan…[View]
70388920A confession to no one: >be me, incelly shitskin >completely obsessed with white girls >obs…[View]
70388793>6'2 tall >will never get to experience being towered over by a taller girl fml…[View]
70389659To Women, I resent you. I shouldn't be treated like a thing. Anon >Last Thread: >>703…[View]
70389001How are people able to cheat on their partner or have sex with someone else's partner and think…[View]
70389905Did the seasons change already? It's 06:09 and the sun is still not up.[View]
70389759>be me, girl wagie working at a restaurant adjoined to an apartment complex >wait outside afte…[View]
70389135I'm tired of getting fucked over with e-dating, even when I end up putting in the most effort. …[View]
70389426>the realization that i will never have a thick filipino gf is setting in.…[View]
70389645Just woke up after having a dream of watching a movie and cuddling with my (female) friend, one of t…[View]
70389456I'm concerned with whats going on with Russia/Ukraine. Both sides keep escalating. Russia clear…[View]
70389892I can't even fucking drink water without throwing it up[View]
70389918Anyone wanna hang out in vrchat? We can talk about stuff[View]
70389594>CWCki is dead >He won[View]
70389037>come home late at night >walk through parking lot >two zoomers chilling and watching somet…[View]
70388036How much pussy would Griffith get if he was real? Don't lie fembots, you would fuck him.[View]
70388179Vanilla porn is the most confusing thing on the planet to me: >talking to guy friend >shows me…[View]
70389650I've never been to a party in my life[View]
70389790my body is pure and divine, no other being may touch it[View]
70388051>19 years old > all my classmates smoke weed >want to smoke too >have to socialize with …[View]
70389392Does anyone have any idea how to entertain a girl? I'm taking care of my sister and I want her …[View]
70389758Why dont you guys stalk girls?[View]
70389725Feel free to make fun of me, but I don't know where else to go to complain about this. Why the …[View]
70387608Lucid dreamed last night: Transformed myself into a good looking, fit, 6'4 white guy with green…[View]
70388195I'm tired of juggling 20 online personalities. None of them are the real me, they're all p…[View]
70389480She wants me to say I love you even though she has a boyfriend. She keeps pestering me about it. Wha…[View]
70389489it's fucking OVER. der krieg est veloren[View]
70389536Why are so many young men so miserable on here: It is 2022, you have got it made. Learn a trade. You…[View]
70387688The world hasn't been the same since the Saint left us. When will Saint Hamoudi make his return…[View]
70389559Is it cringe to call a girl a little cutie?[View]
70389425aaaahhhh: its 4am and i cant sleep and i have school tomorrow. now im gonna be like a zombie for the…[View]
70389663Best of Goyslop?Throw Your Recommendations.: Ali starts with growing ballsmI learned I have to stand…[View]
70389464>write out long, detailed post >'Sorry, you have mistyped the captcha! (return)' >it delete…[View]
70389482communism is just the worst version of capitalism: under communism, there's the wealthy and the…[View]
70389612>older brother suggests a weekend chat to discuss how i can fix my shit and get laid…[View]
70389494Confession thread: Okay bros. I'm gonna spill the beans. So, I found a gf and we been together…[View]
70384174What's it like to be bald? Knowing that women don't even consider you must suck lol[View]
70386652>when you walk into his apartment and you see this RED FLAG[View]
70388054This drug ruined my life and stunted my development. I will never be able to mentally repair from 4 …[View]
70389192Today I lost my best friend. I feel so lonely. Does anyone want to vc or watch a comfy movie with me…[View]
70389516Any of you degenerates have any luck sexting with THOTs on soc? I kind of want to try it out but obv…[View]
70388641Is this show actually funny or is everything else on television so painfully unfunny that this just …[View]
70388713How the fuck do hot women have such good fucking lives? >constant attention >they all have lif…[View]
70387823Do unattractive males really depend on capitalism to get laid?[View]
70388201>having anxiety attack >try a few of the usual tricks to get rid of it >not working >thi…[View]
70389365Tick tock... Tick tock foids...[View]
70389300the thing I want most on planet earth right now is a fucking pan pizza[View]
70380721Why is it so difficult to make female friends?[View]
70389238welcome to my house[View]
70389128Anyone else comfy watching this hurricane hit normalfags[View]
70388433so hard being the the most mentally ill histrionic person in the world[View]
70389054thank god im not circumcised pic unreleated[View]
70388126Trying to donate sperm: >tfw 5 foot 8 Im going to eat the barrel of a shotgun bros.…[View]
70388949If being tall is associated with a higher iq why are Asians the smartest on average while also being…[View]
70388531I am convinced there's a conspiracy against me and that my entire reality is fabricated. Tomorr…[View]
70387429What's the most onions book you've ever read?[View]
70389028>joined coed soccer team >only know two people on the team >organizer makes a group chat o…[View]
70388916should i make mashed potatoes, hash browns, or roasted potatoes. i'm drunk[View]
70388967Is it wrong to be fascinated by dark and morbid things from a long time ago? I've been on a Sal…[View]
70388704how do i become neet?? neet! yes![View]
70388862how to cope with being ugly: i just got photos back from a family party and I realized that I'm…[View]
70388900ITT we pay our respects to this hoe who used to give me the best $25 BJ's. She died of a fentan…[View]
70388786My neighbor drives a 50k euros BMW while still being a student living in a 20m2. What would be a log…[View]
70388726>tell her a joke >she laughs >'you'd make great boyfriend, anon' >she gets in her b…[View]
70388735How do I identify what I want in life?[View]
70387149I know a Lithuanian twink that is built like (pic rel) and even dresses like it in secret. He lives …[View]
70388465I love Patchy's feet[View]
70388631How do you Cope with every Woman that you will meet in your Adult Life is not longer a Virgin?person…[View]
70388765Overrated Cities: London is a shitty city, most overrated.[View]
70387425Encrypted my hentai and thumbnails folder with fscrypt (nothing illegal just find it embarrassing an…[View]
70388376What is your opinion on this scene?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-blLBxE72Pc[View]
70388779This hurricane reminds me of that time me and my brother evacuated a hurricane and he made me have s…[View]
70388876I have been diagnosed with cotards syndrome, I am already dead bros help[View]
70388330Coolio has died: Rest in power Coolio, the robots will never forget you[View]
70388520how do i get a robot mommy gf as a pretty attractive 18 year old i have no idea where to find them …[View]
70388338deNEETing: I'm almost 2 weeks in uni but still a NEET at heart. I haven't studied by mysel…[View]
70388725Step family is not real family. They'll never except you or view you as one of their own.[View]
70387228Have any of you watched old Slice of Life anime you used to enjoy as a kid and couldn't wait to…[View]
70388570Working at a grocery store is a perfect job for a robot >stock shelves all day doing very little …[View]
70388710Women should be confined to designated breeding and rape centers where they are kept in physical sta…[View]
70388635dva :D[View]
70388336Why is his name Wings Of Redemption though?[View]
70388401Why would someone use SoulSeek over torrenting?[View]
70388676How do I get a fembot to facedox to me?[View]
70386165Latinas are the best Women of the World Why you cant get a Latina Girlfriend yet?[View]
70381457Describe ONE decent woman in your life that isn't your mother[View]
70388647>tfw no battIe pass bf[View]
70388388Anyone else feel like they've gotten so much conflicting feedback from and advice about women t…[View]
70387687anyone else get high and pretend you're at a party in your room[View]
70388309We tell a story one sentance at a time: >Stop the train![View]
70387124Reminder that women do not have original tastes, and cannot like anything unless chad is in it. And …[View]
70388539Being a miserable blackpill junkie makes you uglier. Take the white pill and smile more, it will do …[View]
70388168My life became a hell I never thought possible: >women humanity and culture have gone down the dr…[View]
70387341How to get an intelligent GF, by David Foster Wallace: >You say you would only love a woman who i…[View]
70388462I heard that all baby boys born in america get circumcised without consent, they dont even ask the p…[View]
70388037>lost virginity without paying >kinda liked her too >still feel like shit afterwards Im g…[View]
70388492ice spice is so cute https://youtu.be/15gsn0bVJX4[View]
70388498What causes insomnia? What level does it have to be before it is considered insomnia and not just a …[View]
70388446i just smoked a joint and i dont feel like shit anymore[View]
70388361>started hearing an incomprehensible woman's voice at random Should I see a doctor?…[View]
70388357how often does this happen to you?[View]
70387948Coomer lifestyle thread: Have you ever done cum tribute for one of the E-girls in discord robots?…[View]
70388431oppression olympics -> how bad do you have it?: write your situation lets see which anon has it t…[View]
70387565Thinking of moving off porn back to pictures for mental health reasons. Where do I find still pictur…[View]
70388332mourning the loss of not being a hyper feminine lolita coquette teen girl anymore is the saddest mou…[View]
70388409>Men having more sex with the lower percentage of women according to studies This is such a lie,…[View]
70388389How to tell if girl likes you: my sister knows I'm an incel so she tried getting me with her ro…[View]
70388375Being an ugly woman is an actual death sentence. It never even began.[View]
70388339Kangaroo pussy: How far are monstergirls from bestiality really?[View]
70388096Just another day of not talking to anyone and tfw no gf. Guess it's back to /r9k/[View]
70388218>male dominant website >has a 'random' board >it's just pages and pages of either pict…[View]
70387192Virgin attire: For the love of god, please don't wear these.[View]
70388112>worked the overnight shift last night >got off at 6AM, took a shower, sets alarm for 1:30 PM…[View]
70387968i'm gonna try to get a higher paying job so that i can send more money to cute girls on the int…[View]
70385550How come the incel movement just conveniently ignores that men cheat more than women? >women don…[View]
70387847just withdrew from one of my college classes bros. I feel shitty for doing it because my parents wil…[View]
70387787My life might be pretty shit right now, but at least I'm not in prison[View]
70387154>551 IQ >98.0 Genetic IQ >Mixed-raced >Really 99.0 IQ genetically due to gray-matter boo…[View]
70387980I wish I was born in a stand your ground state or something similar and was raised around guns. It …[View]
70384589my lovely Lady[View]
70387369I have forced myself to be a smart ascocial feminine guy: I made myself study a lot, trained my brai…[View]
70388104what is sex to you.[View]
70374964/r9gay/ - #1870: HES A FAAAAAAG Previous: >>70359865[View]
70388063I don't even fit in with other 'autists' unless I force my way in, and then if they become my f…[View]
70386897So hypothetically if somone lived in a country where you go to jail for smoking and was an asocial f…[View]
70387730i love to see women wageslaving[View]
70388028A poll for all incel identified people who browse this board: are you mentally ill/disabled? ADHD do…[View]
70386646You know, looking back on it I think he was actually right...[View]
70387769I wish I was born a midwit and a psuedo-intellectual. It's a curse being only smart enough to r…[View]
70387965I'm looking for a Discord ERP partner willing to act as Sonic (aka my prison bitch), as well as…[View]
70387575>it's another 'femanon's overprotective father projects his sexual assault capabilities…[View]
70387097>tfw realize people can smell cum on you after you jack off into toilet…[View]
70386709Intelligence: I still can't wrap my head around the fact they created Google & Youtube …[View]
70387733Do you use this to chat with all the girls in your vicinity? Its pretty useful if you dont want to g…[View]
70387229>tfw women like being called whores and degraded[View]
70386632are any girls actually into stuff like this?[View]
70387811Am I a faggot if I am a man and self-harm?[View]
70384549How the fuck do people these days even meet other people to have kids with? Do people really marry p…[View]
70387445Do you have any places that you can't go to anymore because being there makes you sad?[View]
70384275no pussy no work simple as[View]
70381216Would you forgive your girlfriend if she cheated on you?[View]
70387362Anyone else just extremely average and forgettable? >3 years ago at highschool reunion >no one…[View]
70384756The absolute state of white women: This cant be a sentient human beibg[View]
70387639The worst thing about being a non-chad is that you are forced to be dishonest to get what you want o…[View]
70385985Chicken mushroom[View]
70387186Why do I think everyone is stupid but me? I've felt this way for a long time. I don't like…[View]
70387904I seem to process things at an alarmingly slow rate at school. Is there Any way to fix this?[View]
70387376>got doordash 3 times today[View]
70387901How can I find a femdom girl who would keyhold me in a chastity cage and ask me to send pictures of …[View]
70387475>got tinder chadfishing thinking I would see old class mates so I could creep on them and try to …[View]
70385412I'm going to be honest. If you are one of those guys who are like 100% sub. You are fucked. The…[View]
70387802>wear skinny jeans for years for looks and comfort >just now realize that all my jeans have st…[View]
70387552ebony twerking. twerking ebony[View]
70387418Andrew Dobson: One of the best lolcows ever. Which are your favorite lolcows?[View]
70384410Gen Z is not yet lost: Years ago, I met someone on a discord server when I was young, 14 or 15. We b…[View]
70387370Northern Irish females are probably the worst in Western Europe. >She's a 4/10 >Way too …[View]
70387368i've been watching porn stars interview and a lot of parents seem to be proud of their daughter…[View]
70387231/r9k/ so about world war 3.....[View]
70387322Biggest cope: Heard a co worker say >yea me and her are basically dating even though its unoffici…[View]
70387794I used to think that these suicide threads are a tragedy But now I realize it's comedy[View]
70387387Just watched Fight Club I will watch Taxi Driver next[View]
70387406Are there aliens in Hualien City?[View]
70387773Never having been intimate with another person is the ultimate form of torture. I can deal with havi…[View]
70386303why do i only get turned on romantically with somebody if i can constantly discuss and be challenged…[View]
70387551How can I boost my T levels without drugs?[View]
70387745>see hot girl in the street >not giga-stacy, just a sorta pretty face with a fat ass or milky …[View]
70386723What immediately comes to mind when you think of the 2000s?[View]
70386808>1st day of waging after years of NEETdom >Already feel like a zombie Help…[View]
70386295Atlas and the Hesperides by John Singer Sargent (1925)[View]
70387152At least twice a month there ends up being a 1-3 day period where I'm just walking around my ap…[View]
70377660is it time to ban makeup?[View]
70386710Why won't it stop torturing me?[View]
70386336I've been rejected 4 times in a row in 2 years. You faggots told me all I had to do was be tall…[View]
70383907Will 18-20 year old girls match with you on tinder when you're 27[View]
70387485I accidentally texted my PE teacher to fuck my yummy butt. I meant to text my bf. What do?[View]
70387111Usually articles on indymedia get deleted withhin mintues if they are right wing or troll (I tried t…[View]
70383126Is she correct? I think she might have a point because I have never seen a guy simp for an ugly girl…[View]
70387199Why Normal People cant accept that Incels are Right? we spoke the Truth Women only Care about Looks …[View]
70386696How can you tell if a girl can be saved or not?[View]
70387547I LUB MY WAIF[View]
70384677Dropped out of College because of social anxiety, is my life over? What are some jobs that are socia…[View]
70384942Why is it so hard hard for men to not cheat? It really is not that hard.[View]
70382207Um.. you don't have a crush on a family member, do you?[View]
70387463green flags for dating: (all femanons will agree with me edition) >When he's been to jail …[View]
70386495>the 5'8 girl starts giving me attention i'm 5'9 btw[View]
70387262The amount of hatred you have is a big determiner of success, and to be hateful of others is only to…[View]
70387227Jesus Christ, why are women like this?[View]
70384380how much would you pay to take a 23yo KHHV fembot's virginity?[View]
70387382Everytime a woman talks to me or is nice to me I just get suspicious and slightly pissed. I'm r…[View]
70387160question for robots whove cuddled: whats it like to fall asleep in a girls arms?[View]
70387025I-i-it's okay, anon.[View]
70387309'I'm sorry anon, I'm afraid I cant share my stash of copypastas with you'[View]
70387130can someone record a producer tag for me???[View]
70386563>>70383029 bitch what are you talking about women are not abused LMFAO we are the most privile…[View]
70386934>doesn't have to wait in traffic >goes twice as fast as your car is allowed to >carrie…[View]
70387238i just shit myself it got on my shirt[View]
70386913>dont have any booze (my only happiness) >trapped alone its getting dark earlier now >no c…[View]
70384224What are red flags for dating?: I start: - he has no active social media, no tiktok challenges etc. …[View]
70387208Chen: Unlocks at virgin level 38[View]
70386462True equality would be sending women off to die in the next war! Bigoted incels like us cannot be tr…[View]
70386351why does it feel like nobody is allowed to enjoy anything anymore??[View]
70386619I am friends with a Scottish guy that is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and German. He used t…[View]
70386433The order from easy to hard mode: >Attractive women >Average women >Attractive men POWER GA…[View]
70387119Every girl is exactly the fucking same now >tattoos everywhere people can see >usually the stu…[View]
70386689Ever run into someone who thinks they know what you're thinking all the time? And you feel like…[View]
70387062i'm feeling sad. gonna go take out the trash so leave me something nice to read when i get back…[View]
70387112Any physics geniuses here? I had a 1 liter yoghurt tilted on the side in my fridge, such that the bo…[View]
70386499>studying law at college >decided I want to get a law degree after college I'm literally …[View]
70387084I have realized I am a monster and will have to spend whatever time remains to me protecting everyon…[View]
70386407>'wait, so your a 25+ year old virgin, you dont haver a job, you're out of shape, you'r…[View]
70387051>H-hey guys. I am a tranny femanon. D-do you want to be my baebae bferino?…[View]
70383982Is this t-shirt too retarded to wear in public? I'm 31 khv btw[View]
70384208this board really does suck ass ~_~ please go outside r9k[View]
70385974how do i tell if an older woman is grooming me? im being serious[View]
70386923NO FEMCEL, YOU DON'T EXIST. QUIT TRYING TO TAKE THE ONE THING WE HAVE: you can get laid easily …[View]
70385392If people are maturing earlier then why aren't we allowing 16 year olds to have sex?[View]
70385287Is economics as an academic subject a scam?[View]
70386648Has anyone else lost interest in having male friends? Sometimes a guy will add me when I post my co…[View]
70385128make an image that shows your style (anything) and post it in this thread pic rel is mine[View]
70386874Murder Suicide: What makes you want to turn your suicide into a murder suicide?[View]
70386572Can someone draw this faggot as a basedjak?[View]
70386896why do old people insist on staring into my soul while the card reader is beeping for them to remove…[View]
70386422Do you plan to raid the bases of richfags after WW3? Those bunkers will have supplies to last multip…[View]
70385356My ranking: My ranking of all the European countries.[View]
70384225I'm 27 years old. Somehow I am employed in a high paying job, but I have no friends and have ne…[View]
70385739me when hot sexy fembot lady[View]
70386819When I stop drinking alcohol for a few days my teeth go back to being white the problem is it's…[View]
70385672>if a person bullies you so badly that you kill your self, they just committed a crime and can go…[View]
70386754How would your life be different if you were a woman?[View]
70386042does anyone here actually enjoy life? if you do, how? im starting to think that its not possible to …[View]
70386491How the fuck do alcoholics do it?: How the fuck do alcoholics do it man? I don't drink alcohol …[View]
70384871i just come out of a 2 hour mastsurbation session i masturbated to Patchouli Knowledge from the touh…[View]
70386746I want to penetrate his ass[View]
70385956i just saw a 9/10 strawberry blonde QT with the most grotesque brown neckbeard leaving the grocery s…[View]
70385593i'm 24 years old and i can't remember my childhood and no, i wasnt abused or anything[View]
70385283Anyone have any good ways to make women feel insecure for existing? For example, when I go to the ba…[View]
70385780The first blackpillis that a majority of people are only kind to others because it makes them feel g…[View]
70386694>jerking off >lost my breath and got winded ... I think I need to lose some weight…[View]
70386550will someone photoshop a smiling pepe petting this dog for me?[View]
70386663I feel like actually I would have alot in common with a stacy despite being an incel >obsessing o…[View]
70386589>she doesn't get maintenance spankings at least once a week[View]
70385943Robots what's the right move here? Which one would you personally go for?[View]
70386516Are rainbow parties real?[View]
70382881Your parents don't think you're gay. Right?[View]
70385984>be me >drop out of uni >khhv at 21 >no job >no qualifications >unironicly retard…[View]
70386296femoids..... It's over.[View]
70386578I'm looking for a Discord ERP partner willing to act as Sonic (aka my prison bitch), as well as…[View]
70383275Who is your favorite identifiable /r9k/ poster?[View]
70385430just messed my diaper in public for the first time it was exhilarating[View]
70386288Unf! Finally, a 30 year old virgin cock.[View]
70386554In order to interact with normalfags you have to be a constant source of entertainment for them. Oth…[View]
70386528How will Reddit die?[View]
70386073Unironically could a jaw implant save him and boost his attractiveness level to a 6/10 or above?[View]
70386263Gosh, anon! I can't believe I'm doing this after all this time. All someone had to do was …[View]
70385613,,..ayo.. ,,what the FUCK did you say about my puffle?...,,,....,[View]
70385667During China's century of shame the British had 'BUMMING' Squads that forced Chinese males to c…[View]
70383765>open plebbit to coom >see this first thing What the hell the memes are real…[View]
70386201God made a mistake. I was supposed to be a cat.[View]
70385656Blackbots why the fuck aren't you in Southeast Asia? It's a dirt cheap region to go to and…[View]
70386359Northern Irish women are probably the worst in Western Europe. >She's a 4/10 >Way too fr…[View]
70385546I tried salsa dance classes to meet women but it's pretty much all older, fat women. It seems l…[View]
70385143>Single handedly BLACKS r9k[View]
70385387I wish people here were into drugs instead of just being retarded useless coomers. Why couldnt you g…[View]
70385818Why not just settle for an androgynous exhibitionist gf who you have to bail out from the county jai…[View]
70377939femdom findom![View]
70386318(Rare): Blue umbrella girl with huge knockers. Spawn conditions: - virgin - 30 years old - multiple …[View]
70386308what happaned to monster poster, did he finally do it? im worried about this little guy. ive tried t…[View]
70386272Things can be cute in town, sometimes even very cute, but sometimes they can also be not cute. But h…[View]
70385402My girlfriend left me when she found out I grew up in foster care?: >Be me 20 yo normie living ou…[View]
70386258which mod should I use robotbros[View]
70385539what is the cure for balding? there has to be a cure AAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
70386025What text to speech voice and software does chass use to make his videos?[View]
70385841Stay based, robots. You are literally the last remaining bastion of sanity on this planet.[View]
70386098Should sex dolls be legal?[View]
70385859My gf has taken loads: My gf has never used a condom with her exes. This means she's taken hund…[View]
70385904Wouldn't a man be put on the sex offender registry for public urination? You can tell the thoug…[View]
70385491fuck it time to post about my shitty turned good rave experience >be me >djing hard techno for…[View]
70386127/SoCalfeel/: Does anyone else here live in one of those cities that is intentionally designed to be …[View]
70383382APOLOGISE you made him like this[View]
70386009>feeling bad >get steel reserve >take 3 drinks off steel reserve >feeling ok now Thank …[View]
70386078>closest internet friend gets gf >he disappears from the internet completely >have no frien…[View]
70383647500mg of Testosterone Enanthate The drug of the gods >stopped being depressed >stopped being…[View]
70386048I always find that women are terrible workers and cause conflict in the workplace. The system has al…[View]
70386047There are stains on my stainless steel cutlery.[View]
70383273I am 28 years old today. I'm off work today so I've been drinking all day. My parents call…[View]
70384944What can I do to be financially self-sufficient that doesn't involve working for another person…[View]
70386002Pic related has uploaded politically based and redpilled YouTube videos.[View]
70385122This guy has autism and can now at least pretend to be chad because he got /fit/, so why arent you w…[View]
70385898How can I stop wanting it: I hate how much I like attention I hate how my face looks I hate how much…[View]
70385965>what is knowledge hereto epistemology? Empirical or rational. Neither which can be ordained fro…[View]
70385846What compels someone to wear this? Is it like when druggies wear DARE shirts? It makes me sad.[View]
70385873I shouldn't be allowed to drive: >recieve license 1 month ago >10 near misses >take my…[View]
70382808this thread put as many into each box as you want[View]
70385913Finally retired...[View]
70385862>Haven't had sex since May It's like a curse. You reach your 30s and finally get to hav…[View]
70385702Why are humans all so god damn stupid I mean it literally feels like im the only person who isnt a …[View]
70382746Anyone else disgusted by breeders? Men really want to stick a piece of their body in a mucus hole th…[View]
70385790I want female[View]
70385766>be me >work at a McDonald's >Karen comes in >asks for a refund for something she a…[View]
70385553How do I become chad like Ukrainians, example Zelensky and pic related? I larp as Zelensky irl, wear…[View]
70380347male privilige thread: refer to subject field[View]
70385080Everytime a girl has a crush on me she looks like a femcel caricature (the ugly ones). Anyone else h…[View]
70385578I'm always thinking of love, so I went and made a skull out of a heart[View]
70385653One ACK a day keeps the troon away: One ACK a day keeps the troon away. >Inb4 A-ACK!…[View]
70382056what race of human being is this? I really can't tell[View]
70385545You know those mediocre looking girls you sometimes notice in real life, they have like plain long h…[View]
70385579if people call you ugly, it's because they are jealous. proof: i have a chad bf and people call…[View]
70379867Cyberpunk: I'm disappointed in this anime. I only started watching it because I heard there…[View]
70383855My gf sheepy will see me and speak to me: The fact that people keep pretending to be me and posting …[View]
70384325Is anyone else here tired of ghetto/rap culture being mainstream?: I am done with it. It is absolute…[View]
70384765Why is every girl a chad sexual? You would think there would at least be a percentage of girls with …[View]
70384599Why do robot(ie fakecels) refuse to date down when women want to date up? No, your dream stacy is no…[View]
70384981Bong: I started using a bong. Is it normal that I cough like hell and it hurts my lungs? I've …[View]
70385265Here we go again: It happened again After months of moving on from my previous crush, I managed to a…[View]
70385442my younger sisters bed is sqeaking again[View]
70385421Just shave it bro. You'll look like *insert celebrity here*[View]
70383437I'm officially insane: I finally decided to get mental help, as opposed to killing myself. It…[View]
70385399Trannies have buttholes that look, smell, and taste delicious.[View]
70384390Could I experience this with the average zoomer girl? Do they all have straight up pornstar sex?[View]
70385330>tfw magic actually exists[View]
70384773Did gamergate lose the culture war? Cant think of any recent non-Japanese games that have any fan se…[View]
70384188How are people able to go through with suicide? Self preservation should kick in before they do anyt…[View]
70384750finally got my dream job but i hate it and now all i do is eat poop sleep work and wish for death[View]
70385315>walking on street >look through the window of a random store that is one ugly ass dude and hi…[View]
70384862I have dated so many mentally fucked girls. I used to crave dating and now I don't want to even…[View]
70383028Having the characters that actually get developed get instantly killed isnt fun for me. Ainz needs t…[View]
70384177>be me >low sexual stamina, always coom in like 1min >strange since I'm a porn addict …[View]
70384548Being Chad literally isnt even enough anymore >make 2 chadfish tinder profiles >one with a Cha…[View]
70385000lot of iphoneposters here lately[View]
70384419my sister is taking me to the mall. What kind of clothes should i buy? i dress like an autistic impo…[View]
70382711>Lesbians couples have higher rates of domestic violence than gay couples >Lesbians couples di…[View]
70383889How do I get citizenship in America from Haiti?[View]
70381170I don't understand why so many people love Jeffree Star. The guy is ugly, rude and arrogant. I…[View]
70380156What would you do on a 24 hour flight?[View]
70385115How come every fucking girl is as tall or taller than me? I'm 5'8'. That's supposed …[View]
70384916Where are the autistic r9k girls at?[View]
70380193Now that the dust has settled... Was it blue and black, or was it white and gold?[View]
70384572>you're NOT anyone's crush How are you gonna deal with this truth?…[View]
70384463Wassup guys it dead, I'm bored as fuck. What yall up to, how's everyone's day going?[View]
70385088Anon got a girls number: So long /r9k/, a girl has asked for my number.No more lonely nights crying …[View]
70383293>26 got new jobby job 2 months ago after 10 years neet >have to go to bar with collyigues in …[View]
70385063Seymour general: Seymour thread you know that old fuck who orbits teenagers what is up with that guy…[View]
70383603demons man, voices[View]
70384923You were born either because your parents speculated on your future success or because they didn…[View]
70384972Maybe I just had a shitty personality all along. If looks were the most important thing then fat guy…[View]
70384893>didnt learn to code as a kid and teen I wish I would die in my sleep[View]
70385032HOW DO I COPE WITH HAVING A WIDE RIBCAGE?!! I wanted to be thin so much for the past months. Ive los…[View]
70385028I was so tempted to asking this shy asian girl student in the back of the bus if I could massage her…[View]
70384797Instead of me not ever being man enough for a woman. I think its women that never let me have a chan…[View]
70385003Is being low IQ/retarded a good excuse to give up on life?[View]
70384117Why does 4chan want me to believe a black woman is what I need? Why is this a thing ?[View]
70383121it might seem weird but for my birthday all I want is some rain[View]
70384713This is the ideal relationship for ethnicbots.[View]
70384985anon you dont make women horny with lust uh whats up with that you know women are hornier than men r…[View]
70384696>wake up for work >I'm a bit late >rush and skip my morning pee >at work for a whil…[View]
70382927How good is it, Brazilanons? Is it worth it?[View]
70381918Asian males are doomed: Me when I realize that I will never get a decent gf because I am an Asian ma…[View]
70383004I want to ask out this gorgeous 10/10 Latina in my class but there are multiple instances in the Bib…[View]
70384857I post Rei regularly on here and it has come to my attention that banners with her in it appear in a…[View]
70384803>egirl said I was sweet and that she worries about me everyday I love her bros…[View]
70384625>my face after scrubbing 5 years worth of scum off my computer screen and desk…[View]
70384694we got >NEET Not in Education Employment and Training we got >Hikikomori shut in people that d…[View]
70384751Bros, sitting in bed all day everyday at your laptop, does things to you. I am struggling to find th…[View]
70384044why do germans, swedish and other nordick tourist always lose a fight? they dont know how to take or…[View]
70378981>your 5'6 wife, pic related, has gone from 150 lbs to 242 after two pregnancies >her weig…[View]
70383327I burned my tongue yesterday and it still hurts a lot[View]
70384471>Be me >Go to college because it's suppose to give me better life >Go to first of clas…[View]
70382944did you listen to his advice, anon?[View]
70383759Would your future SO approve of your dietary habits, anon?[View]
70384330hurricane is above me right now and i wish it would drown me so i could die i am tired of life and i…[View]
70384481Social Fear: I feel like everyone hates me. It makes me too scared to reach out and talk unless I…[View]
70381469Casual Conversation?: This is a thread to simply.. well.. talk! soo.. >How are you feeling? >I…[View]
70381565How has the 'incels.is' website not gotten raided by Feds yet?: https://en.incelwiki.org/Incels.is#P…[View]
70382964Jesus buttfucking Christ why can't women be funny: Literally not one woman is funny. Not one.…[View]
70384416i am jealous of older people i mean i wish i was born in the 80s 90s or the 40s like my grandpa. my …[View]
70384448Why are redditers like this??[View]
70383645I don't have friends anymore: All my friends have always been rude as fuck to me all the time a…[View]
70384249Is it fair that incels should be hated because of the action of incel extremists? It's not any …[View]
70384429chaos brings order[View]
70382664Eat your onions, boy[View]
70384400if i had a mother that murdered a sibling of mine with 'abortion' i would actually kill her with my …[View]
70384375Girls were so much better 10-20 years ago >every girl has more tattoos than a yakuza member now …[View]
70383200>dont feel the need for friendship or love anymore. If I was alone for the rest of my life I woul…[View]
70384309If you hate brown people so much why dont you move to an all white gated community?[View]
70320961Waifu telling you she loves you edition Rules: 1. Talk about your waifu! 2. Be devoted to your one w…[View]
70384313I shaved my hair and now I look like an autistic retard: I look like a cancer patient or Auschwitz p…[View]
70384304What vitamins is cunny juice a good source of?[View]
70384298https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aadhaar Good morning sirs. How many social credit points did you col…[View]
70384013I'm not sure if this e-chad is just manipulating and love bombing me, or is really so obsessed …[View]
70383862>put yourself out there >no one reciprocates vineboom.mp3 >go outside >nothing happen…[View]
70381912I need affection: I'm a pathetic and desperate I need affection and I'll do anything to be…[View]
70383536>be me yesterday >riding bike in the dark >almost hit a guy taking out his trash 'Turn your…[View]
70384166I'm a French guy that's suffering from panic attacks and general anxiety disorder. My pani…[View]
70382566im 24 and iv never watched an ad and wanted to buy a product. what a waste of fucking money and time…[View]
70384179does anyone wants to play stardew valley with me add my discord XxXbussydestroyer69420#0450[View]
70383779>be average looking black man in America >use tinder >match with fat bitches >switch loc…[View]
70382714Luce thread: Luce thread for all her vocaroos or pictures. Does anyone have any pictures of her. I s…[View]
70382791Daily Posture Thread: the undoinging edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuilding.com/conten…[View]
70383415>walk through Toronto >see this everywhere Why do Leafmen love Curry pussy so much?…[View]
70383704Why are you gonna try it if you know you won't like it?[View]
70384043What does someone famous or influential people do for a living once they are cancelled? I mean, no n…[View]
70383718As a shitskin coper I humbly yield that blond foids are disgusting pigs: Now I can finally stop bein…[View]
70383681I am going to try phenibut for the first time.[View]
70383395Attractive people should be kept as sex slaves and not participate in society.[View]
70383848Post funny or mood pictures: Post funny or mood pictures[View]
70382143Shit, never thought I would go look for the military[View]
70383659So...why don't you just remove your testicles then if you aren't ever going to use them? T…[View]
70380175Are you wearing your hijab like a proper woman, fembot?[View]
70382851I love watching videos of breakups/people getting caught cheating I love them vids[View]
70382058>in kindergarten >the school is ran by freemasons or atleast my teacher in particular was one …[View]
70381887Greetings 4chan I come to you today to reveal the project you were waiting on the most that is my EE…[View]
70381344>be op >mentalcel/gymcel mixed martial arts >go to a therapist for the first time >mid 2…[View]
70383166Picrew Thread: Picrew thread, make gf and rate others https://picrew.me/image_maker/932818 https://p…[View]
70381881Not having a fren whos there for you all day hurts.[View]
70382549>Postal service car shows up >Remember the Amazon packages I order >Door opens >The fat…[View]
70380067I'm 31 years old and I have never seen a naked vagina in real life. Your move.[View]
70382385I honestly don't know if I'm decent looking or ugly. How do you know if you're attrac…[View]
70383580what does it feel like to have a white girl grind on your penis (but no penetration)[View]
70383605r9k, teach me that hate speech and shit posting is real and unironical. I cannot take offensive spee…[View]
70383735/7ZaMSmqUNy Asian girl chat[View]
70383692humiliation only makes me stronger[View]
70383250I want to have a lot of money very fast. Can meme magic help me?[View]
70380882Unrequited love is pure memtal torture even more you're rejected by the person you desire. How …[View]
70383464I collect e-girls like Pokemon: How big is your e-girl collection, r9k?[View]
70382201What hobbies do you guys have? For me it's playing piano.[View]
70380880I just want a slim, petite, light skinned mulatto gf like pic related to cuddle with and impregnate …[View]
70383528why is the world so full of retarded faggots these days? i swear to fucking god everywhere i go i se…[View]
70381466If you are 6'4 and 176 lbs, is pic related (not me) too skinny? What is an ideal body weight fo…[View]
70383458Did you watch the last episode of S2 Made in Abyss yet?[View]
70382432Females are more than half of the human population but not a single one of them lurk on /r9k/. Why?[View]
70383147ITALY RULES: Celebrate! UwU[View]
70383369r9k how do i cope with not being female[View]
70382708Update on my previous thread: My job interview is tomorrow...[View]
70383413hi r9k, please advise me on what to bake[View]
70382517Why don't we ever talk about York, the black man who traveled with Lewis and Clark and smashed …[View]
70383385The indomitable human spirit has won again.[View]
70382820Getting KFC for lunch. Thoughts?[View]
70383374post this to scare a fake anime fan[View]
70382345whats up with black people?: i actually had to leave the house yesterday and i retardedly waited unt…[View]
70382602I'm starting to despise my family >My dad misinterprets every conversation we have and ever…[View]
70380394Why does r9k hate coomers: surely you guys are hypocrites[View]
70382526Does Brak just never get embarrassed by the things he says? There was this episode of Space Ghost Co…[View]
70383204roasties will be priced out of the reproductive market in your lifetime; permanently popping the pus…[View]
70378330>Yo Anon, Stacy's on her period, so it looks I'm fucking you tonight. Uh oh. Wh-what do…[View]
70383146How does it makes you feel that anime/manga normalizing cuckoldery?[View]
70383266Men want women who don't fit in women want men who fit in indicates that the females behavior r…[View]
70382307Fot your information: Like MPB, you inherit your penis size from your mother's dna. So if you h…[View]
70383118i enjoy lipstickalley more than 4chan.[View]
70382870Just woke up and I'm gonna do so many drugs today heh heh heh...[View]
70378155Male Expiration Date: What age is this for men?[View]
70382762I want to eat out a fembot just like this. I'm not exaggerating l, I want them to fuck my face.[View]
70381782>coworker rates people >mostly harsh, average below 5 >rates me a 5 >other coworker asks…[View]
70382878List your good and bad features: Dislike >sweaty hands >anxious >manlet 5'9 >pencil…[View]
70383103This site will taint your mental repository. I find myself thinking of shitty memes from here and th…[View]
70382764Why am I a slave for pretty female feet?[View]
70381167A Hypothetical Opportunity: Would you take it just to lose your virginity?[View]
70381764When you know too much: Last week I learned that every adult carries parasites on our skin. They bre…[View]
70382641I hate having a penis and testicles. I feel so vulnerable[View]
70382349So how do I get a thicker cock? The kind where a girl's fingers can't even wrap around it.…[View]
70377402i think i might be a sociopath because i see most people around me as dumb puppets especially when i…[View]
70382146>go to a soccer match with my brother and his 3 friends (all women) >argentina vs jamaica …[View]
70383037Happening!!!: This id happening right now as I type this[View]
70381488How do I find a paypig to buy me a VR headset? I need like $600 and that's $600 more then I hav…[View]
70380622Gingers: Thoughts on gingers? would you date/marry one?[View]
70383017What's a Good Job To Work While on Bennies?: You can only work 40hrs/mo and earn less than $130…[View]
70378597Realized my feminisation fetish wont make me happy but im too scared and stubborn to seek friendship…[View]
70381637The power went out I'm going to fucking die it's already been 40 minutes. How do people su…[View]
70381367>never got a match on Tinder in Germany >matched with this qt after 20 minutes in Ghana…[View]
70381876>haven't viewed /r9k/ for months >decide to view it while taking a shit >mfw guys.. ge…[View]
70382736Why do normies struggle so hard with basic morals?: Normies literally form angry persecution mobs an…[View]
70382726Yes, I'll continue to poison any yapping dogs in the neighborhood: The same way my comfort matt…[View]
70381852>get job interview offer >HR lady is pretty >Shave my pubes You never know what's goi…[View]
70382896Over 90% of matricides perpetrated by a male occur in the family home. 70% of the perpetrators live …[View]
70382889I'll take the shit on the floor![View]
70380516Hey r9k: Today is my birthday and I have no one to spend the day with. No friends or a girlfriend. S…[View]
70382246Yo, based department? I always wanted a full size meal but in the little happy meal box with a toy.[View]
70373254>talk to incel >thought that most incels are just having a dryspell >he tells me about how …[View]
703826272015's throwback: All white people are racist[View]
70382406Who was in the wrong here?: Let's see what the robots think[View]
70382732Anyone been to Japan? What did the flight attendants look like and how was the entire plane flight e…[View]
70382639I wish I could personally abort every kicking and screaming mentally ill adult, there's literal…[View]
70378868Tarot reading and numerology: I'm able to decipher someone's personality by using the nume…[View]
70379251Why dont fuck a Chubby/Fat Girl? They had Good Tits Big Ass and they are very Angry for Dick i think…[View]
70380889I finally got the super sweet Asian qt gf, why am I still so unfulfilled. Why have I not achieved ha…[View]
70382474Existential Dread: Sometimes... reality is more horrifying than any horror movie ever could be. Any …[View]
70382027How do you talk to normalfrens?: I'm currently sitting in VC with 3 of them. They seem like nic…[View]
70375808Post suicide fuel, let's suffer[View]
70382548>removes all black people from products >keep all the white people Do they even realize how ra…[View]
70381238>tfw you will never go fast[View]
70382185hey robots anyone got any tips for drug withdrawal i am trying to quit coke[View]
70381626>don't shower for a week >balls and dick start to smell horrid >rub money on my balls …[View]
70370169How do you get good at sex without actually having practice sex? I want to impress the girl in my fi…[View]
70382446the bee's kneez[View]
70382007>THOUSANDS of posts every day >each time less posts available >worry robot will start blo…[View]
70381868Upon reaching puberty every boy should be assigned an older woman to teach him about sex. Do you thi…[View]
70382339ero guro: ITT post eroguro[View]
70381305Why are white men literally the only straight men who do things like this?[View]
70382328>be manlet >you can never compensate enough…[View]
70382263He should've married Emily what the fuck[View]
703814384Chan seems like a bunch of radical feminists: You faggots promoted the 'groomer' meme whi…[View]
70381799Should I make up some story about getting molested at summer camp so that people will stop seeing th…[View]
70380830Northern Ireland is probably one of the most demoralising and loneliest places. >Be in medium siz…[View]
70381250Pornstars are cleaner than normal girls: If you think about it, the average pornstar does maybe a co…[View]
70379327>be me >have extreme phimosis all your life >red area on my illustration is how bad it is …[View]
70381923I want a MILF Mommy Girlfriend? How i can find a Woman like this?[View]
70380768You either die an incel or you live long enough to see yourself become the groomer[View]
70380658Anyone else can get sex but can't get a relationship? >inrom :\[View]
70381134I wang to start a yt channel where I review threads on 4chan, wdt?[View]
70382099How do I become sexually normal: I'm a 20 year old male. I masturbate very infrequently. I don…[View]
70380190We deserve dominant Ork wives![View]
70382033I always thought that /pol/ was a stupid board filled with low IQ chuds but i just went there to fin…[View]
70380478Rate my girlfriend anon[View]
70379482Asian bros, be honest, do you prefer white or asian girls?[View]
70380447Praying to the trucking gods: I want to drive a truck I want to make a decent salary I want to get…[View]
70381096schizo fembot is back I am deathly sick and will probably die tomorrow What did you all do today[View]
70381886>tfw gaslighting my roommate holy shit if only I knew how funny this is before I'd have done…[View]
70380030Dear fembots on this board, I'm a moid who wishes to understand why you hate me so that I can m…[View]
70378771I loved Brak in Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show. Should I watch his ear…[View]
70381793My exgf sent me this momo pic she made of herself 3 weeks after we broke up in 2016. She ended up dy…[View]
70379844>'online dating isn't trying' Why?[View]
70381685Help me on my looksmaxx journey. I lost 30lbs but technically still slightly obese by BMI, I got gl…[View]
70381748Yeah, im sorry but i will never work[View]
70381772>TFW the girl you like has rick&morty tatoo on the sideboob[View]
70380821I just want a girl to call me a good boy. I want to be told that I am good. I am broken. I wish my m…[View]
70381404>look at gay furry femboy porn. >Start to have intrusive gay thoughts like wanting a boyfriend…[View]
70381732/r9k/ Music?: So, I've been going through 5+ years of bookmarks, and I just rediscovered these …[View]
70380568>she has a boyfriend >she asked me if i love her >she says she will never cheat on her bf …[View]
70375001I'm looking for a discord ERP partner willing to act as Sonic (aka my prison bitch), as well as…[View]
70379547Thinking about harming myself: I feel alone and I'm having thoughts of hurting myself. I don…[View]
70379991>normies ostracise me in my younger years, causing me to have stunted social skills and anxiety …[View]
70380273Can I compensate for a 5'x5' dick by being very violent during sex?[View]
70381291How good does masturbating with one of these feels for a male? Somehow when I fap no matter how care…[View]
70381551Is it possible to be average (5/10) and also somehow get a lot of stares on the street by the opposi…[View]
70381544Had a girlfriend dream again[View]
70380738Of scrotes think they are perfect and believe to support them go to a men's prison and give int…[View]
70380637Have you anons ever met an unhinged kid in grade school who was close to turning into a shooter? I m…[View]
70380585>get PS5 >offer my PS4 Pro for free in this neighbourhood app >give it to a single mom >…[View]
70380480i hate the female voice so fucking much bros women always sound whiny and it makes me want to stick …[View]
70378908Map of female sex tourism. Thoughts?[View]
70379320Empty World.: Almost 8 billion people, none worth knowing. How is this possible?[View]
70380561>be me >30 years old >severe depression since I was 10 >finally start seeing a therapist…[View]
70380159>Almost 30 >Brain damage from suicide attempts >Never had a car >No friends >Live in …[View]
70381391Slavery was the best thing to happen to black people.: Did the African slaves really have it that ba…[View]
70379839It's officiial. I hate him. I will no longer be the Alex poster. I'm disowning him, and I …[View]
70380132do girls really like the whole guys wearing rings and necklaces and braclets and shit? seems incredi…[View]
70380421>girl may be showing interest in me >dick is broken and dead >have to choke it to cum >w…[View]
70381161Having pizza today again, gonna play some Fallout 4, got most of the DLC's are they any good? B…[View]
70381266Let me hit you with a bunch of facts:: Half of you have completely normal lives and only a minimum a…[View]
70381304I love bussy (boypussy [man ass])[View]
70380633Just get a qt bf, if's not hard.[View]
70381263>Heckin Chad only[View]
70379765Hello robros what is your financial situation? What can a dumb person do to make a living?[View]
70377636bros, are they making fun of us? https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1664332075348100.webm…[View]
70363969/letter/ thread - comfy edition: initials not required... write a letter to a dear fren... or let ou…[View]
70379987Hair on face: I was sitting on the computer and against the monitor's light I noticed I had a h…[View]
70381128All I can think about is sex. I'm 25, when will it go away? I know sex doesn't make make y…[View]
70380555Playing mmorpgs I've began to appreciate communism >Boss is grinded by high level players …[View]
70381109>She has had 'casual sex' Into the trash she goes.[View]
70381033Do any of you flex your calf muscles when yer jerkin it?[View]
70380465I havent had a drink in over 2 days and the boredom is killing me. How the fuck do people do this sh…[View]
70380759Why are Indian girls so obsessed with White guys?[View]
70380953Post some humanities losers stories who mocked nerds because they were hot shit in college doing dru…[View]
70381071would you live in your current dreams?[View]
70380427fort lauderdale, greatest city in the world baby[View]
70380657>gay people are nothing but pedophiles and groomers >we want to be able to marry 10 year old g…[View]
70380934Who here /neverwipe/? it's always amusing to get on a bus or something and sit right near some …[View]
70379963Did you will Date a Black or Ugly Girl? why and why not? I prefer to Die Virgin than Fuck a Ugly Gir…[View]
70380470Why do large groups of people look smelly? I hate it[View]
70380369Would You Date A Girl Who Is A Targeted Individual?[View]
70379970Online dating thread: >match with QT on bumble >she has a post grad degree >sends me though…[View]
70380913French engineering...[View]
70380954I need to get diagnosed with tourettes somewhat quickly. I think I have it but it's not so bad …[View]
70380611Where do you go to talk to girls online?: I'm back here after a five year relationship and the …[View]
70380812Trans9K: How does it feel to know our entire existence makes bioholes seethe[View]
70379567autistsbros. help me.: I have an autistic friend who sometimes falls asleep while speaking to me and…[View]
70379825anyone else have no sense of humor? I never make jokes, I never watch comedy. I feel like the least …[View]
70379964how do I stop having such psychotic thoughts about doing bad things?[View]
70378751How do you bully people? I'm so timid and soft, I can only bully people online and that's …[View]
70379796>someone grabs my boyfriend from behind and tries robbing him >boyfriend shouts 'Decisive Stri…[View]
70380761Good morning! What are your plans for the day?[View]
70379858>get matched with woman on tinder >has pics of herself showing off her body and hips and shit …[View]
70380743>wake up >sad cuz im a 5'6 ugly dicklet incel >but happy cuz i'm a neet…[View]
70369743/britfeel/: Fren pub edition[View]
70380458>I'm 40 years old >I have a college degree and I write for a big news site I'M A 10/…[View]
70380569>had a dream >in it an attractive woman openly hit on me >I respond letting her know she w…[View]
70380671The lukewarm treatment you get from women when you are average looking is so painful, it's lite…[View]
70380404What is their real endgame with transgenderism? >To normalise paedophilia/sexual deviancy? >To…[View]
70380616My plan: I love Asians. I am a white male and maybe ill just get cosmetic surgery to be identical to…[View]
70380651How do we make all ever more soulful/autistic?[View]
70380221Holy: Shit guyss[View]
70380632All should be way better for aboriginals.[View]
70380606Northern Ireland is probably one of the most demoralising and loneliest places on Earth if you don…[View]
70378957>have unironic autism >decide to give dating another try and get on all the big dating apps …[View]
70379933My mom is forcing me to have my cat spayed: even though I think it's wrong[View]
70379860What are your thoughts on a religious girl who will nevertheless sleep with you for no apparent reas…[View]
70379694Tiktok destroyed rk9: Rk9 would be better off without Tinder and tiktok, I hate the newfag that eval…[View]
70379073How do I fix my dopamine problem?: I cant do anything for longer than 30 seconds. I dont have a mobi…[View]
70380491>be me >NEET >apply for NEET-bux >'neet-bux may be paid out after a successful applicati…[View]
70379536CAN'T RELATE TO PEOPLE MY AGE: >Don't have Facebook >Don't have instagram >D…[View]
703803643 weeks into a new job and I still spend every moment petrified that my employers and coworkers will…[View]
70379376Rekt videos saved my life.: >be me >try to avoid rekt threads but get sucked in occasionally …[View]
70378182Isnt it crazy how the sluts 10-20 years dont even look slutty compared to todays average girls? Fuck…[View]
70379140>tfw no teIltale bf[View]
70380056i started using discord again today and i already regret it. why can't i just stop talking to p…[View]
70378977Would you have a bisexual experience with George Kusunoki Miller?[View]
70380095Why does baldness repulse women so much? Women go out with short guys and any other guy but they hat…[View]
70379976Describe your ideal gf daydream: >it's Saturday >10am >I'm waking up >she…[View]
70379962Coomer Man[View]
70380313>So, Anon. How can we help you?[View]
70380222>be me >lonely loser in my mid 20s >been going on dates for a while, no luck yet >actual…[View]
70377353To Women, I resent you because you actually don't care about effort people make for you. You…[View]
70375954Who is mogging in this picture?[View]
70379949Quick. A discord girl accepted me and she jumped straight into sexting? Am I messaging a male? She s…[View]
70379695What's with all those native English speakers on YouTube that speak French with perfect pronunc…[View]
70380198I'm thinking of going to the Chicken Ranch in Vegas to lose my virginity. Has any other robot d…[View]
70380237Once some girl on discord had a crush on me She was younger than me but legal We actually got into …[View]
70379584heh u aight, wite boi![View]
70379294l'm a creep.[View]
70380157Yanny vs Laurel is a joke right?: Those words are nothing alike.[View]
70378042How do I convince a girl to send me videos of her farting[View]
70380140What is the point of Living as a Older Incel? Killing Yourself if the best option Living with Pain s…[View]
70379571/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1146 Running around the Wynn, the best resort in Las Vega…[View]
70379497Im thinking something like this, Organized camps for NEETS. Away from government away from the normi…[View]
70375775When was the last time you had group sex?[View]
70378247what's the easiest way to get rich if you're a poorly educated autist?[View]
70378032Who is the most attractive male to ever live in your opinion? For me it's still prime Leo[View]
70378949is it bad that i desire a female version of myself >someone to play vidya with >someone who wi…[View]
70379910>was content with being lonely again >get gf dream again my unconscious is bullying me and now…[View]
70378802Keep in mind that as an outcast, as a useless freak, your life constitutes a big fuck you against th…[View]
70379697Misleading thumbnails thread[View]
70379785It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It really hurts[View]
70379853the caffeine stopped working and I can't stop maladaptive daydreaming at work again. it's …[View]
70379367Sometimes I feel bad for making bad threads on here, please forgive me for making this thread anonym…[View]
70374216Is it a good idea to cold approach at the gym? Seems like literally the only place to see in shape y…[View]
70379524i want to kill myself. but the bit of hope that remains does not let me. i dont know how to speak it…[View]
70379460>be me >fucking loser >home life sucks >wanting to kill myself for a long time but this …[View]
70378617Fellow robots, I had a grim realization this weekend: I can't get horny without porn. Something…[View]
70379329Women look better fat. Not all obviously. Some have cursed genetics. But most.[View]
70379476I wish Asians and Native Americans and other non-black people didn't have to feel ashamed of th…[View]
70379120How's it day anons[View]
70378735How do I stop being in love with a man who hates me?: I'm in love with a 6'5 man who hates…[View]
70377615damn i am a sociopath like had a doctor tell me that i am not even smart i am average across the boa…[View]
70379720Does anyone else here hate main stream games and only plays obscure games[View]
70370819new twox toss: 80/20 rule has been debunked. Checkmate, incels.[View]
70378834when my bf is asleep all i think about is shooting myself[View]
70379115You guys do realize the word 'incel' was invented by a woman to describe herself, right?[View]
70378808I don't get the 'hate women' thing you guys peddle. I mean, how can you hate women when they lo…[View]
70378235Which incel character should I be for Halloween? >Travis Bickle >Joker (Arthur Fleck) >Patr…[View]
70379335Why do normies make such a big deal out of being born before 9/11? I don't understand[View]
70379163Every night when I struggle to sleep, it's like torture, because my mind runs wild with the rea…[View]
70379550The cute boy, befriended the owner of the flowers shop, he spends most of his days in her shop, help…[View]
70378210can we think of a cuter name for fast food. instead of goyslop how about goytreats.[View]
70379539I tried looking at stories of the very few people who lose their virginity in their 30's for in…[View]
70379435Is it so much to ask: I just want a comfy slice of life where I can snort gasoline and sleep in my g…[View]
70379449What exactly is the psychology behind a woman saying she will call/text or add you on social media? …[View]
70379538Best ai chat: Given up on love just going to find the most advanced ai chat possible and pray androi…[View]
70378297ADHD: >start taking 54 mgs of concerta >still feel like nothing has improved >heart starts …[View]
70379245Rei forgot to take her ADHD medication today[View]
70379464i have no friends and nobody takes what i say seriously. chubby, no job, no gf, and never will. how …[View]
70377666where can i find high-valuable foids? both in real life and online >real, niche internet interest…[View]
70378728Imagine the internet never took off, 07-today, How different would your life be? Would anything be …[View]
70379372There are 86 cities with over 3 million people. That's 86 personas in the hyperspace.[View]
70378702it really makes you contemplate[View]
70375515Question for fembots: Be completely honest If the average robot, or average man with average genetic…[View]
70378795Would you date a girl who's a fujoshi? Like one who writes gay fanfiction and draws anime boys …[View]
70377856tattoo: im gonna be getting this as my first tattoo, what do you guys think?[View]
70372002Do you like BishoujoMom?[View]
70377657been without internet since Friday what I miss?[View]
70379354>feel depressed for long as time >keep having to help with shit for family members >never a…[View]
70377413Absolute black pill https://ifstudies.org/blog/male-sexlessness-is-rising-but-not-for-the-reasons-in…[View]
70379178This doesn't make any sense >Shitting ok, sometimes a lil pain because of mild hemorrhoids …[View]
70379307I got physically tired from existing[View]
70378933who even am i why am i so fucked up why do i have these weird fucjed up fetishes?? i feel so disgust…[View]
70377834Question for fembots: Are there any of you that don't suck?[View]
70378716Real nigga hours: Whos up smash that mothafuckin post button[View]
70378993>this is the state of western civilization[View]
70374883The Eternal Nofap: Day 1002: It has been 1001 days since I first swore the Oath of Eternal Nofap at …[View]
70377425>waiting to find out if it's gonna be a sleep peacefully kind of night or a dad sneaks into …[View]
70378457>Talk to femanon who lives far away >She either ghosts within a matter of weeks, stops putting…[View]
70379095Remember to eat your daily raw onion[View]
70379098miyoko is cute in bed[View]
70379185New meme just dropped.[View]
70378477Femanons how would you feel if a foreign army invaded and used rape as a tactic?[View]
70377172Battles with the psychiatric industry: The psychiatric industry, at least in America, dictates who g…[View]
70377037how to be an 'incel' 2022 guide: 1. put absolutely no effort into yourself 2. deep down be a simp at…[View]
70378910Do autists make eye contact with animals?[View]
70378408Robot bops: Let's have a good thread with some boppin' robot songs. I'll start https:…[View]
70378468I had no idea the sands of Ozymandias would wash away my life. That I was never able to be anything …[View]
70378726timelines: >all timelines of existence >tfw on timeline where I masturbate to bbc cuck porn an…[View]
70378216I had my first date last Sunday. I'd never actually asked a girl out until then, and I'm a…[View]
70378775how do you cope with loneliness? i want to enjoy being lonely, most of attempts at socializing were…[View]
70375883What would be a fair price for a fat fembot to smother me with her belly?[View]
70376961How white are you?: What is your score?[View]
70378783I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE: >quit wageslave customer service job in april >cant find other wor…[View]
70378999This dude has ambiguous genitalia.[View]
70375367I feel this odd dejection from other people, I am found of a lot of people and would say I care abou…[View]
70378848Does anyone else feel like times are just getting harder with no end in sight? The last time I had a…[View]
70378683Ever seen a loser in a Nicks shirt?[View]
70378417Uoh! Uoh! If I were a creature, that's the sound I would always make. The girls on the shorelin…[View]
70377791Lets say hypothetically, you meet this qt girl who is pretty cool and likes anime, but she has tatto…[View]
70376841Okay, fess up! which one of you chuds go by 'Thrax'!?![View]
70377527What the fuck happened to the internet? There was a time when everyone online was doing sketchy shi…[View]
70378724Fuck a hurricane, I'm tryna get my meat sucked!![View]
70378668Phones have made people such fucking narcissists Could you imagine if someone in the 90s ran around …[View]
70377944I've been thinking about leaving gifts on the sidewalk for the kids that walk to the school dow…[View]
70378303>Talking to relative about her past sexual abuse >why didn't you tell anyone? >I don…[View]
70378632porn is bad, but is it ok to masturbate to pictures of cute girls?[View]
70378787>tfw you didn't find Forrest Fenn's treasure: we could have made it, bros. Was it rigge…[View]
70378503The power of fakeup[View]
70376826I don't care about looks I don't care about weight I don't care about race I don…[View]
70377836I want a cosplay gf so bad, bros...[View]
70378435Having bad thoughts again: Starting thinking about loneliness, I don't like where my head is go…[View]
70378505>finally ordered a game I wanted for awhile because its on sale >shipping is taking 10 days…[View]
70378091Any girls here wanna be my friend?? I'm a somewhat attractive single never married guy who won…[View]
70377933do any europoor fembots want to move to the US and live with me and get married so you don't st…[View]
70378508Who hurt you anon? Be specific[View]
70377691i was nice to the new girl at work and new she is constantly next to me. she doesn't ask anyone…[View]
70378587where is my basedjak femcel gf?[View]
70375955When will the nukes fall? I'm ready for the collapse[View]
70378540Just a spoonful :)[View]
70377854whats the point in working or doing anything if i cant even afford to rent a apt or own a house no m…[View]
70376837Heres your state-mandated trans gfuckmeat bro[View]
70378309Sex: I hate sex and anything that has to do with sex. Especially women.[View]
70376935im 19 female and just put on a push up bra to jerk off while touching my own fake tits what does thi…[View]
70377439>she's pagan >worships both norse and greek gods >has an altar >not even white Red …[View]
70378139If You're Over 25 and Own a Computer, This Game Is a Must-Have: Best game under 20 counterfeit …[View]
70378207should i as a man ever be sorry to a woman?: i ignored this girl for days until she asked me what th…[View]
70377021I am drowning in my suicidal thoughts and ideations. For a few weeks I was forming a plan, slowly be…[View]
70376328if women stopped hating incels i think incels would stop hating women this includes women beginning …[View]
70374697Why are asian bois like this?[View]
70376803the more i think about it the more i realize i was haunted by my dead mother when i was a child were…[View]
70376226Wut do you think of my build so far? (work in progress)[View]
70377815>found random catchy japanese song on yt >cant understand it but its really kino >play it t…[View]
70378053how can i find a white supremacist bf to have kinky sex with?: into race play>>>[View]
70373131Post your age and if you are balding: >Age 25 >balding No https://youtu.be/eF1HXO1yTA4…[View]
70375093if you had accurate dnd5e stats what would they be? for me >STR 7 >DEX 14 >CON 9 >WIS 1…[View]
70378331i watched drive for the first time and the real human being song is making me incredibly sad god dam…[View]
70378311Going to fall asleep to 'how it's made' on youtube because I've never had a girlfriend all…[View]
70377923i am so close to losing it i can feel it but the schizo never fully manifests[View]
70378289Wassup guys: Can't sleep, wassup[View]
70378202I cant get erect anymore[View]
70377462It's insane how literally the only straight men who do this are white.[View]
70376185>fix dating app profile >took better photos all summer according to a online photography cours…[View]
70375466Do women watch motivational videos? I can't imagine a woman watching one.[View]
70378177How to get bitches: Hey guys, Hey guys, I'm a low tier normie and I figured out the game to get…[View]
70354507Hi anons, this is another daily reminder but: If you're a guy and you havent already, switch yo…[View]
70377882do you have the zoomer cut? Literally every young guy at my jim (gym) has it. because I'm a boo…[View]
70378180The camp of the incels how very nice Perhaps they'd be willing to pay my price I'll have t…[View]
70378010Never been into body toned women just something about segments freak me out making me enter sperg pa…[View]
70377616>sea creature breaks pipeline >humans blame eachother >they all die in ww3 >fish populat…[View]
70376743passionate sex with iris[View]
70378072God dont make me live this life anymore. I am literally always in pain.[View]
70377447Women have officially gone too far.[View]
70378122How is this supposed to be a frog?[View]
70370303Would you fuck a fat bitch, bots?[View]
70377708>when you're accused of treating a guy like shit just because you don't return his feel…[View]
70378066After 4 years.: 'Raven. You're the only furry I will never hate. But for the rest of that godfo…[View]
70377752>uhhh no that's crazy talk, man >they just come from hardened mucus there is no little ma…[View]
70377247I want to die really bad but I can't and don't know how to do it. God it feels horrible, I…[View]
70375805what the actual fuck is wrong with jav women?[View]
70376865Looking for frens to joins my private Minecraft server Umpsquematic peel#7255[View]
70377585Bros what the fuck is my problem >22 years old >have had a couple of relationships at this p…[View]
70376913The concept of love isn't real. It's all just based on looks and lust. Especially for men.[View]
70377144i'm depressed, i can't sleep, i don't want to exist[View]
70377914Life is so boring and pointless and it goes on forever. I might have to get into drugs just so I don…[View]
70377092Omegle Thread: go on /r9k/ tag so we can spend this tuesday talking with fellow humans and not mastu…[View]
70377389A request to my robros: can you pretend to be a woman and talk to me in this thread? I'm lonely…[View]
70377763Is anyone else here poor? Like poor parents and everything[View]
70377835nice (adj.) >late 13c., 'foolish, ignorant, frivolous, senseless,' from Old French nice (12c.) 'c…[View]
70377850tfw when you hate white people[View]
70375998>about to turn 30 >not even single mothers and fat women are interested in me >missed my op…[View]
70377537You guys need to stop being massive crybabies about trans people. Trans people are some of the nices…[View]
70373698Hello all I hope your having a wonderful day! Its me the femboy again! AMA as usual![View]
70376441why does pol think they are superior to these people? they are unhealthy, masturbate to pornography,…[View]
70376861I hate always feeling like I have to conceal and downplay my interest in order to avoid appearing cl…[View]
70377090Sometimes when I feel extremely frustrated at how alone I am and how impossible it is to feel wanted…[View]
70377130>have a very close childhood friend >our families are basically actual family at this point …[View]
70377583I finally worked out the courage to buy a couple of condoms from my local store. What am I supposed …[View]
70377466>you will never kiss dozens of hot girls at a club[View]
70377513>stalking former childhood best friend on instagram >he grey up to be taller than me (6'1…[View]
70377659>pant size is 32w 28h I have to shop in the plus size child section if I want a good fit.…[View]
70377676what is the truth, this guy is impersonating ciara[View]
70376751Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just gave into my instincts and started giving free money …[View]
70377160yeah im thinking basedd[View]
70377587Robots, have you ever had someone you were close with pass away? What happened and how has life been…[View]
70377643My mom walks me home from college.[View]
70376263i hate living with anger so much man it eats me up alive my life isnt even that bad other than the f…[View]
70376735I threw an old cumsock into a little garbage fire I made and the smell was probably one of the worst…[View]
70377390Wake the fuck up, anon. We're all gonna make it. You coming with?[View]
70377396Women hate thread, originally for the jannies[View]
70377568>if he dont talk dat means he dont like nuffin.[View]
70376312>wake up yeah I am not in the mood for that today[View]
70376909what do you think of girls with fat asses anons?[View]
70376416Why do you hate women? They're beautiful They're delicate They're soft They smell nic…[View]
70375918Is suicide rational?[View]
70377180>order pizza hut >*knock knock* >expect old guy as usual >open the door >it's a …[View]
70376877I wish I had a mommy. My life would be complete.[View]
70377436I just watched the new Macross movie, Macross Delta Zetai Live. It's really fucking good. https…[View]
70375895Do women actually masturbate? No (real) woman I have talked to ever admitted to masturbating[View]
70377404At first I thought i was a desperate incel loser like you /r9k/ But when I see all the threads based…[View]
70377354If I feel horny I can just jerk off. What can I do if I'm lonely?[View]
70376078Why are men so against apologizing to women? Women want you to apologize so they can forgive you and…[View]
70376995My favorite anime fight is Goku vs Vegeta[View]
70376061what is she pondering?[View]
70376815anyone else would be a normal adjusted normie if they didn't suffer from rejection sensitivity?…[View]
70377287i have a really bad habit of making fatalistic jokes about mass death, suicide, corpses etc and i do…[View]
70376512Anyone else /sleep with the windows open/? It drops down to about 50 degrees and I just bundle up in…[View]
70376388I've started posting my cock in /soc/ threads and masturbating to what people say about it Is i…[View]
70377303Why were we so attracted to our friend's mothers as a young kid? I never had any school crushes…[View]
70377046I threw a hamboigor on the road when i was driving.[View]
70376076I dont see the point of using Social Media as an Incel/Robot is just pain in the ass seeing Happy No…[View]
70377055Would you date a SEA monkey?[View]
70376454>dude, bro, it's just water. it ain't that great.[View]
70376695Should it be illegal to own a dog over 10 pounds? I think so[View]
70374984Sgt. Peppercel: APPREHENDED[View]
70377029You'll never find peace until you learn to let go.[View]
70377030please talk to me please be my friend[View]
70376764Am I Circumsised: >be me >have my foreskin still >can pull it up above the head of my dick …[View]
70376994Wagies don't work to live, they live to work. Never forget that NEETchads.[View]
70377002Deleted discord: Deleted discord got off all r9k discord servers now I cant be sad I dont fit in wit…[View]
70376146Is vaping a good supplement for weight loss?[View]
70377124I cherish the thought - of always having you - here by my side ! (anon) I perish the thought - of ev…[View]
70377064i Love my Lady i don't know what i would do without Her[View]
70376552If you don't have sex with at least 50 people throughout your lifetime, you wasted your time on…[View]
70375230/feels thread/ Come on in anon grab a seat. Ill get you a drink.[View]
70376810How do I grow my hair out as a man without my fucking mom throwing a tantrum and making me cut it? I…[View]
70376978A red apple Fell from the sky Across the clouds A gentle sun shines On the ones we're waiting f…[View]
70376035/r9celebs/: Is any of you a (micro or big) celebrity of some sort? Or at least well known in some ni…[View]
70375504The ultimate revenge is killing yourself in front of the person you dislike not only will people bla…[View]
70376667My male friend can't drive so I have to drive him around. Its actually really embarrassing..[View]
70376926be me: >flirt with someone online meet up and have a sexual encounter >he pushes me down on hi…[View]
70376802>going vegetarian for the sake of animal welfare Cringe. >going vegetarian for the sake of tak…[View]
70376116/BCG/ BODY COUNT GENERAL: Let's see your stats: >m or f >age >age you lost your virgin…[View]
70376716Behold. A special mutated tranny has appeared[View]
70376181How do I get a low inhibition party girl? I'm so tired and annoyed by how high-inhibition all …[View]
70376250Got a job in a trade hate it and myself not being trained, but expected to know shit already. then g…[View]
70375563Background Characters: What is it like to not be part of the story but as an extra . Chad will alway…[View]
70376855>tfw no gf who love-hates you within an inch of your life[View]
70376753I am still alive Hatred is all you are to me: Dear Jhon, You raped me at my swing You raped me at th…[View]
70376519what are your experiences with fasting, if any[View]
70376513New incel personality is about to drop bros I already bought my hair bleach[View]
70376792appreciate you, love[View]
70376775What's that? Sorry, I was too busy being Asian[View]
70376442WHY IS EVERY GIRL EITHER FAT OR TRASHY: I s2g I've swiped past hundreds and I can count the num…[View]
70375342what are your thoughts on your mom?[View]
70374669>Robot has a daughter >Ends up molesting her How do we avoid this?…[View]
70376306I am only at my college because of affirmative action. How should I cope?[View]
70376071Everyday i feel like the days where im happy are being fewer and further apart, im either down or ve…[View]
70376195I just want to love other people, ya know? Wish I was able to love them[View]
70376307Thoughts that freak you out: Every day, you are basically deciding the kind of person you want to be…[View]
70376575hey guys, been a few months since I've been on here. just typing cause I'm feeling lonely,…[View]
70376212he has a point https://youtu.be/yH3LY5cF5lQ[View]
70375065I need a goyslop addicted chubby femcel gf[View]
70375522Regular reminder: It will only get worse from here.[View]
70375755test bitches sex.[View]
70375496i want an incel to kidnap me and make me his sex slave. im a tranny btw[View]
70375693Trannies being science-denying, mentally ill freaks aside, what's so wrong with being LGBT? I s…[View]
70376594Remind that every single government on this planet that participated in the covid tyranny has proven…[View]
70376597Post your cats. This is a cat thread. I got banned for posting cats because mods are anti-cat asshol…[View]
70376603Can you guys answer me this?: So I was looking at back at all my past friendships that I wanted to t…[View]
70375317I'm fugly beyond belief[View]
70376544Been without power since early morning Saturday. Won't have power for another week or longer. E…[View]
70376539Isnt it funny how this girl would be another ugly incel if she was a guy? But because she won the R…[View]
70376414nick (the groomer guy): does anyone have a photo of nick? fucking random but i wanna see if my boyfr…[View]
70374716Does anyone else think it's a total turn off when a woman calls someone 'daddy' during sex? I c…[View]
70375131>Anon, can be your secret femboifren pleeeease?[View]
70374957Man I Love Frogs.[View]
70372996Self Improvement: I know we like to self loathe on here about how our lives suck but have any of you…[View]
70376182Have you accepted the fact that you'll never feel the warmth of a woman and that you'll ne…[View]
70373747the plan: >lose 30lb >looksmaxx (not sure how yet) >get a job >get my ex back/get over m…[View]
70376422As more women take up positions of power and become more dominant in our world I do believe the gene…[View]
70376418Chubby women should predominantly be chubby due to sweet tasting foods.: Fuck salty, savory or spicy…[View]
70375832Why do normies say this game is good? It is hands down one of the worst games Ive ever played. I kep…[View]
70376133tech major andies?: Are you anons in STEM? Im majoring in information technology (cheat way of being…[View]
70375936How would you merge your favorite fictional waifus to create the perfect woman? For me it's …[View]
70376277>Be 23 YO KHV >Have dream of laying in bed cuddling with a girl It felt so real....so real…[View]
70376062Can I get some real-life advice? I am a 22-year-old woman in school. I joined the Army after high sc…[View]
70375886ahem... DESPITE MAKING UP ONLY ...[View]
70375631Did you see any women you would have sex with today? I did, a couple bitches I saw while driving aro…[View]
70376284You get the girl of your dreams but there is one caveat. You will have to be vegan for the rest of y…[View]
70374698Update: Im that anon who said I was going to be homeless I manage to work things over or clear up a…[View]
70376254is it really true that gifs are only for boomers now?[View]
70375887The Nazi government of Italy is saving the world.[View]
70375013I don't get why incels blame women and not God, he's the one who made you look like and un…[View]
70376048The part that makes the whole[View]
70375916Honest to gracious goodness I can't get enough of goyslop. Wish I had a McCrispy rn ngl. Cooked…[View]
70374968I dont want to be a big strong man, I want to be a cute weak boy, whats so wrong with that??[View]
70375328why are women so fucking repulsive /r9k/? >been going out with this girl for a while >full on …[View]
70376168All boomers are weak: >Be me >Veteran Grandpa dying >Go to hospital >See him hooked up …[View]
70376157I don't practice Sangerita[View]
70376136There is a secret government organization that is actively working to control the world's popul…[View]
70375582goyslop addicted chubby gf thread[View]
70375164Would you kiss this girl despite her having oily skin?[View]
70374249i have no online frens to talk to[View]
70375152I am like a badly programmed chatbot.[View]
70375803Freedom: >be me 4 years ago 11th grade HS >0 friends, just sleeping all time in class >Sinc…[View]
70375213How long do i have to workout until i look like God Harrel?[View]
70376090:-): A woman touched me today, out of her own free will. (she looked like picrel) >be me >stan…[View]
70375671Space: No living organism will ever conquer the stars. Not us, not some alien life form billions of …[View]
70367553>Meet a girl via a gamedesign course >Only girl in group >Chubby, nerdy, with a masculine t…[View]
70374539Don't Reproduce....: >be me >5'8 >fucking hideous (virgin chin/jaw, bad skin, and…[View]
70375846>be skinnyfat manlet >gain 20 pounds since early 2020 because got laid off from wagie job and…[View]
70375084>welcome home anon! >who are you going to fuck first?…[View]
70374076>6'1 dad >I'm 5'9 It's not fucking fair bros…[View]
70375370Just Stop Drinking and You’ll Be Happy: Its so easy, anyone can do it![View]
70375381what's it like being a 30+ year old loser? i'm a 24 yo neet and hardly want to change but …[View]
70375994117 days of no rain, there would be no greater birthday gift than having rain again[View]
70373720>oh my gosh, anon, what's that over there?? >*steals your french fry*…[View]
70375620tfw no fembot to cuddle after a hard day's work[View]
70375933Hello /r9k/, is coffee good for you?[View]
70372682Democracy isn't so great[View]
70374617What are you racing towards, anon?[View]
70375733That little dot in the middle is *jew*piter[View]
70375828Is porn allowed in /r9k/ like in /b/? I dont really see the see the difference between the two[View]
70371591'Self improvement' is female supremacy. No one EVER tells women to self-improve, they are told they …[View]
70375546technology will be able to make hell real[View]
70375077Have you ever met a pornstar? I'm obsessed with porn, Ive always wanted to meet pornstars in re…[View]
70375634>banned from /pol/ for some reason Wut.[View]
70373366why will my gf not have sex with me: >virgins >horny >long distance but see eachother often…[View]
70375526I deserve a hot nigger gf. I put in the work. Now give me what I'm owed.[View]
70374574>weather says its going to rain >it does not rain Rain is the only time normies fuck off and I…[View]
70375700I have no sympathy for ugly fembots. Ugly girls denied me happiness because I'm ugly and they h…[View]
70375727>trying to listen to gothy synth music while night driving >Spotify only plays the first song …[View]
70375717I'm an incel and I hate women[View]
70375701How to get a grill: >Be bisexual >Get a dating app >Taget Transmasc, prefferably just start…[View]
70375322> mfw I remember that characteristic smell that reminds me of early 2000's Christmas > mf…[View]
70375670All US debt is owed to Japan. And the USA has no economy. And the monopolies have no value, and only…[View]
70375653Is Costco based?[View]
70375295God, I am so over the of the gross sexualization of women in media. I am so over watching movies and…[View]
70375020Society denied me love, therefore I will deny society work and taxes. There is no point in earning l…[View]
70375587Should I give up and embrace globohomo? If you can't win it why fight it, no?[View]
70374838Perseverance is key, the human body can take a lot[View]
70374523Is it possible for a man to be happy alone?[View]
70375440Should I learn Japanese oregano[View]
70374193Brown girls: Are brown girls nice girlfriends? What are they like in relationships? Anons with Brown…[View]
70374333Why do people settle for less? Is that not cope? I would rather die than get a gf that is not at lea…[View]
70374692I have social anxiety. Can I be part of the autistic kids club? I think you guys are really cool and…[View]
70372203Im losing my fricking mind. Look what my mum just texted me. Where the hell would she have even seen…[View]
70375021Vent Thread: If you're a worthless piece of shit, this thread is for you. Tell us why you'…[View]
70372519Anons is there anyone you want to cuddle?[View]
70375478How do i make friends (male)? Since it's impossible to get any girlfriend. I don't underst…[View]
70374743I feel like I should kill myself to punish the people who've hurt me in life. I want them to fe…[View]
70375310Yesterday wasn't a cute day, but it ended in a very cute way. Today started very cute and ended…[View]
70375278When exactly did Know Your Meme become more based than 4chan? Seriously. This place is cucksville co…[View]
70375477Just stop giving a fuck. That's literally all it takes. Stop caring what people think about you…[View]
70373083What do you usually eat every day robots? So far today I have eaten 4 candy bars but I seldom get sw…[View]
70375076>kinda look like the polface meme its over isnt it[View]
70375442>constantly hear about the benefits of working out and how it turns peoples lives around >sta…[View]
70374818>Be me >Swear off onlyfans, paypigging, cucking all that degen shit >Meet girl on app >O…[View]
70369615i miss brooke so much bros..[View]
70373799Should I leave NEETdom and work at my uncle's coffee shop?[View]
70374443why?: I want to die in a war or sacrifice my life for something bigger, but I remember nothing will …[View]
70374139Fucking insanity. Thank you to the anon who made >>70364562 this thread yesterday. I got curi…[View]
70373424She's pregnant: So I posted here a few months ago about hooking up with my oneitis and her accu…[View]
703734154-5/10 beckies have the sex life of a male model: Its devastating seeing those potato faced girls ge…[View]
70373342Chris Chan and Virtue Signaling: >watch any Chris Chan documentary vid >comment section is ful…[View]
70374217Post your stats and then post your ideal GF/BF/HUSBAND/WIFE.[View]
70374757Fembots are for hot sweaty and stinky love making cuddles and headpats[View]
70375270>like girl >she's out of my league >like girl >she has a boyfriend >like girl …[View]
70375271What's your age + your skin care regime?: >24M >Apply moisturiser and 50 SPF sunscreen be…[View]
70374917/r9gay/ - #1870: Raincoat edition. Before: >>70359865[View]
70373592reaction images: Why is it that 90% of you robots almost always have the right reaction image to any…[View]
70374302gonna kms today just wanna say good bye bcs i spent a part of the last years here fav boards: /g/ /0…[View]
70375241Does the quality of attraction (in the highest sense of the word) that girls possess give them some …[View]
70375256i dont understand why people think incels are complaining about nothing or they just need to try har…[View]
70372362We are *this* close to nuclear annihilation. Are you ready for the great equalizer, normalfags?[View]
70374992spider thread: do you like my tarantula, /r9k/?[View]
70374763Question.: Okay, since all of you are starving for affection and love I have a question for you.....…[View]
70370765Do unacceptably ugly women suffer just as much or even more than unacceptably ugly men? there's…[View]
70375019Comfy kobeni thread? Comfy kobeni thread[View]
70361726>so those kids bullied you, and that's why you killed them, and if they didn't bully yo…[View]
70375069I am so sick of all these social games, sucking up every day for a job that I don't like just t…[View]
70374986Posters on this website are mostly very retarted normies who like to think they are somehow differen…[View]
70375066>you will never live in Westeros How THE FUCK do I cope with this?[View]
70375112i exist therefore femcels do not exist[View]
70372721>muh stress tolerance >muh adversity builds character >muh man up through hard times do any…[View]
70373561ill end it before my current gf gives me sex: im cutting my wristsand eating away at my self every d…[View]
70368366Femcoomers: How often do you masturbate ladies? What do you use to get horny?[View]
70368487Being born cancer is a fate worse then death. Cancer is literally the virgin symbol, it's the s…[View]
70373919>little brother has his girlfriend over just fucking shoot me in the fucking head…[View]
70374759>Netflix is making a show called Lookism Oh no bros...we're going mainstream Lookism - KOREA…[View]
70374832I just found out one of my close friends, is a literal troon... taking hrt and all. I knew he was fe…[View]
70372622I can't stand being 27. All I want to do is fuck a bunch of hot 19 year old goth girls raw. I h…[View]
70373074>Interesting history fact During China's century of shame the British had 'BUMMING' Squads t…[View]
70372671>*asks you if you'd like some refreshments*[View]
70373844i would value a relationship with a girl who asked me out about two thousand times more than if i ha…[View]
70371313Blackbots over 25, why do you still dress like a teenager? Follow some men's fashion pages on I…[View]
70374813Trap thread. Women are obsolete.[View]
70373491red pill me on gay bots[View]
70373323saw Roz at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday.: I told her how cool it was to meet him in pers…[View]
70373990how can ethnic femanons compete against the average WHITE girl?[View]
70374842My best friend and pet passed recently. I keep trying to throw out his toys but I cant I dont want t…[View]
70374654I'm about to get rich off the pipeline shenanigan >The yanks and Ivan are busy blowing up ga…[View]
70372465Synthetic girlfriends would fix the incel problem >Females would no longer have a monolopy on sex…[View]
70370657Blackpill me: Chad tourist, friend sent me some incel wiki shit and I thought Id be looking for some…[View]
70373584I like it when girls use their sex appeal to get beta boys to buy stuff for them. I wish it happened…[View]
70372511can any christcuck here tell me why they believe in god? i want to do so, but all of my life experie…[View]
70373460Any form of border restriction is facism.[View]
70374766holy shit im a vampire! It just dawned on me that I regularly eat duck blood soup huh its my favouri…[View]
70371795What's stopping trannies from looking like THIS[View]
70371706Is this the most effective way to make women seethe?[View]
70373187>be autistic >parents choose to push the problem under the rug >instead of listening to edu…[View]
70373931I didnt do anything today. The day isnt over yet, but I already wasted most of it, just layed in bed…[View]
70374737My based bros, why do femboys/traps think they can top when they've already shown the greatest …[View]
70373809>be me >average-looking maleanon (tall, lean, not balding, decent-looking face) >refuse to …[View]
70374718>no discord I dodge a bullet phew![View]
70373982Do you think he got raped by a priest?[View]
70373334What job fields have the worst /most annoying/asshole people on average? The worst that I've se…[View]
70374220Another incel BTFOd. Did you hear about him getting arrested? Every incel terrorist since Minassian …[View]
70374486Ready to die in war for your jewish overlords, Anon? I hope the anime and tendies were worth it.[View]
70369260Best way to jerk off?[View]
70374619i was cleaning my computer with ccleaner and it deleted my browser cookies so i lost all the threads…[View]
70373552We give this hooligan butthurt clown race-cult money to shirk diplomacy and bomb children while we s…[View]
70374478They got our guy: Another oppressed incel has been wrongfully persecuted. When will the injustice en…[View]
70374522>finish tea >go put teh kettle on >go back to pc >after a bit get up to get tea >grab…[View]
70374013your looksmatch, anon.[View]
70364879ITT: post ur current bans[View]
70374163This is the only place I will ever fit in, among losers and the mentally ill.[View]
70373848Every now and then, one of my threads is completely ignored. I get irrationally pissed off when a th…[View]
70374519Not allow: Bn are destroy China broken branch grandparent cry[View]
70373499original thread: post greentexts of things that happened to you[View]
70373786Pokimane: Which streamers has she fucked and sucked?[View]
70374524>take a shid >nipples get hard what does it mean bros…[View]
70374518Just stop giving a fuck. That's literally all it takes. Stop caring what people think about you…[View]
70374276Consume kratom[View]
70372473which goyslop should I go pick up /r9k/? Fried chicken or 'za?[View]
70374504Get rid of your desires, or you'll need to be reborn in this world. https://imgur.com/user/Rean…[View]
70374454I'm not gonna date someone I'm not attracted to, it's as simple as that. Just because…[View]
70373911get me horny[View]
70370903Well anon does she have the answers? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/social-instincts/202209…[View]
70373856Made someones gf of 2 years leave her partner for me because Im unvaccinated AMA[View]
70359865/r9gay/ - #1869: You lazy boys don't want to make new threads anymore tsk tsk tsk edition Quond…[View]
70372926Everything you hate about women is caused by the behavior of moids.[View]
70369322Penis.: I just saw a guy who had a penis 3 times longer than mine. It was like a wobbly firehose eve…[View]
70373674I want my first kiss to be with a girl's butthole![View]
70362619Do you think you could beat a female mma fighter?[View]
7037425326 and got my very first jobby-job after neeting since 16. The point about having no time to better …[View]
70370883Where were you when the based incel warrior splashed on these hoes?: Where were you when the based i…[View]
70374144Why is everything a fucking general with rules on all these boards now? Why are discords obsessed wi…[View]
70373213I've just turned 32 and i'm getting way more attention than i wasn't getting in my tw…[View]
70372427I literally can not comprehend how easy it is for some people to have casual sex. Like how can two p…[View]
70370396Robots, do you have your own YT channel?[View]
70373443I am a god/diety. I am the closest thing to a god on this earth I am smarter than 99% of people. I …[View]
70374201End all sanctions: I hate sanctions. What a moronic thing to do. It only hurts everyone and I see th…[View]
70373888How can I value something if my value judgments are made from previous values ad infinitum?[View]
70374168>bathtub still smells like weed despite not smoking for months[View]
70373157I twerked in my boyfriends dad's face.: My boyfriend went out with my mom to buy groceries and …[View]
70374124Literally what they fuck is stopping everyone in this circle from just uniting into one country. Mos…[View]
70373978>last $16 >need to get to work for the rest of the week Do i buy a pack of cigarettes and beg …[View]
70374045I turned 25 recently and the skin around my eyes has become dry and the small wrinkles under the eye…[View]
70374031I wish I was black.: Black men are winners. >god tier bodybuilding genetics >culture that enco…[View]
70371890My brother stays up until 3am every night playing online games with his friends but he has to wake e…[View]
70372812Walking into the night now.[View]
70373290Paranoia: Guy I haven't talked with since 2017 texted me on skype and wanted to talk with me. I…[View]
70373732what should i have done?: >be in athens >smile at a cute blonde tourist looking guy >he smi…[View]
70372909If sexuality was a choice, why wouldn't incels just choose to be gay? Inceldom wouldn't ex…[View]
70369700I'm waiting for you to talk with me, nothing else matters cus I know it will make us both happi…[View]
70373416I cant wait for the winter I will freeze and be free of this hell[View]
70373168>girl in my class has a Haruhi shirt what are the odds she actually watched the show?…[View]
70373386Fuck yeah I party. If by party you mean playing video games alone in my room while getting wasted on…[View]
70372889My Arab father and Turkish mother have found my BWC worship folder. >Mum has been crying for hour…[View]
70373164What does it mean if a girl says 'I'm here if you need to talk BTW'? Does she want me to put my…[View]
70373017russian incels are getting kicked in the head nad imprisoned by cops for refusing to be cannonfodder…[View]
70370251Embrace the analpill: Ever since I started my anal journey I have >Ignored roasties and their bul…[View]
70373880>the baby dematerializer thoughts are back[View]
70367041Blackcel in thailand: Its kind of crazy how i went from a incel to a non incel simply by moving to t…[View]
70373670just broke my 190 days nofap streak. ama[View]
70373531>your father didn't know how to/care enough to raise you This describes many people here.…[View]
70373734I hate how big corporations are taking over the internet I miss Craigslist it was easy to use and p…[View]
70373741Another sunset and another night to have discussions with people having shitty takes...[View]
70372238How to tell if I'm circumsised or uncircumsised?: >be me >still have foreskin that I can …[View]
70372955Benefits of using a bedpan >Piss in bed >Shit in bed >No mess Why haven't you taken th…[View]
70372617I'm searching for a female capable of love to hold me forever come and be loved 9PJV2qRv7X[View]
70371511I need cuddles: I wrapped a spine inside a blanket and listen to heartbeats while cuddling with it. …[View]
70371463Asian man beaten and robbed by blacks: How do we fix violent youth?[View]
70371571I only had sex with one 6'5 e-boy I met online and he's the only one I would have sex with…[View]
70372030God Thread: What really is God and why is He the greatest thing in existence worthy of all worship?…[View]
70372945i'm older than most of you yet i feel the same age as all of you, this sucks balls.[View]
70372882Porn vs Sex: Which has given you your upmost wildest and intense orgasm Porn or Sex?[View]
70373378have you tried your cum? what did it make you feel? did you like it? what does it taste like?[View]
70372283Is getting yourself an aspie gf worth it? I mean aspie gf where its mild enough they aren't tot…[View]
70373169>Hmmm >It seems you have taken more than 10 minutes to reply to me despite your status saying …[View]
70373445How do i cope with having a pizza face at 22? it makes me look like a 16 yo boy that just hitted pu…[View]
70373311GAHHHHH I FUCKING HATE /V/ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT >Error: Our system thinks your post is spam…[View]
70372144How can I go back to the blissful ignorance of the bluepill?[View]
70372949bad at existing: >be me >start a new college course >make friends, dont mind that they ar…[View]
70373208Thoughts on Vincent van Gogh?[View]
70372763this is the only fast food place where the food doesn't taste mid[View]
70373070Who /asshole/ here? >Neighborhood kids kick their football in my yard >Stab it with a knife be…[View]
70373189GmGuCVYrWX time to die GmGuCVYrWX[View]
70373079what are the best suicide methods i hate life and wanna go through it but cant pick a option i tried…[View]
70372580I want to dom the fuck out of a girl while I wear a maid costume, heels and cute underwear[View]
70373204>want to use reddit because im not a coomer and actually half normal >every subreddit is just …[View]
70372406I don't know how I can stop being a loser I might be one forever[View]
70372259How old is a 26 year old single woman really? Still got time or is it time to panic?[View]
70372154i hate the moid for his spite. i, not without strife, not without plight hate the moid for his life …[View]
70372948How many clients does a prostitute have in a day? I want to go to one but what if she still has cum…[View]
70372506what are they ways that you are gaining power, Anon? Humour me.[View]
70373030I made some videos providing a logical explanation for why we as /r9k/ users despise certain groups …[View]
70372508Gigachad sighting: I live in the UK and our public broadcasting channel has this long running series…[View]
70370271What do we want? Blue /r9k/! When do we want it? Right away![View]
70373005>be me >work at a trout farm >taking water quality >supposed to sanitize equipment betwe…[View]
70371429Why do people get so mad when you say that you prefer how things were in the past?: Has anyone else …[View]
70372887Be honest, what really fucks you over in life? I'm 6'2 and /fit/, yeah I'm no Chad be…[View]
70372913It hurts.: >Been in a relationship the past 6 years. >She is 5 years older than me >She is …[View]
70372566>work on myself >lose weight >been practicing skin care, fashion, and hair care for years …[View]
70373002Gonna get high and play anime games[View]
70369987why does the word goyslop make me want to eat goyslop.[View]
70372967>Have a thought >Have another thought that contradicts the later >Repeat step one >Feel …[View]
70372963i want to fap so bad but both of my cats fell asleep on my bed and their too cute to wake up but i c…[View]
70372754I'm a French that loves tea parties and would especially love to have a nice tea party alongsid…[View]
70372769Theres 8 fucking billion people on this planet, stop and think about that for a second. Am i the onl…[View]
70372738i hate living in this shitty dystopia i hate everyone here do you feel the same whenever i go outsid…[View]
70372919Do you shave your pubes? Why or why not? I shave them right now because it feels better for fucking …[View]
70371290>don't want to be a loser shut-in anymore >change my hobbies and interests >get a job …[View]
70372885>When you realize 'Nigger' works as an insult because black people are insecure about t…[View]
70371681Can you guys not post your dicks? It's incredebly emasculating seeing a twice your size brag ab…[View]
70372848can someone summary the manga for me, what is happening now?[View]
70371172what are some sites like mturk that a neet can make money with? or an easy way to sell art commissio…[View]
70372825your day: Hello again anons or robots How has your day been Today i've mostly lazed around afte…[View]
70372647This is capitalism: Jeff Bezos has 121 BILLION dollars. The population of earth is 7 billion people.…[View]
70372775Would you fall in love with a sexy slave owner if he treated you well and was gentle? >He doesn…[View]
70372307Hi robots, has lit ever really helped? What about stoicism? I've seen this book somewhere on he…[View]
703724021965-1976: Gen X 1977-1981: Xennials 1982-1986: Millennials 1987+: Zoomers[View]
70370489Cold Approach: I'm over 30 and I don't meet women anywhere, I'm coding from home etc.…[View]
70372581I want to get brutally bullied by women.[View]
70370547Why the FUCK do women ask so many questions? It feels like im being interrogated. You do not need to…[View]
70368957Almost 1/3 of Gen Z American women engaged in threesomes: >Our study focused specifically on inte…[View]
70372062If you've never gad a girlfriend, what do you say when your parents or siblings ask why you…[View]
70372415It's absolutely crazy to me that Ned Fulmer's youtube persona, that he stuck with for 10 y…[View]
70372005Would you rather have a premature 2 inch uncut penis or a cut 7 incher with slight ed?[View]
70371232Incels deserve reparations for these last 15 years.[View]
70372429Semen Retention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUEtnPKWQds They want you to be routinely jabbed an…[View]
70371492Does anyone here just want to die? I really dont care about anything but sleep, playing vidya for an…[View]
70372577All the 'fem' posters deserved to be raped.[View]
70372574I'm such a fool, I know, but seeing that it is the only thing that I have, that I've ever …[View]
70372152I swear to fucking god if I hear the gay ass theme song or whatever the fuck of this board play one …[View]
70372127why are black men so gay? even the hung 'alpha' ones?[View]
70369776Do you guys have to deal with noise or is it always quiet where you live. Im always being woken up …[View]
70372463The nature of reality: I cant shake the feeling that the skanky banal Los-Angeles type golem troglod…[View]
70372462Do dykes shittest each other? The rates of domestic violence make me think they do.[View]
70372173Did the US finish the job in Iraq?[View]
70372426Is it just me or does the lack of gf and years of khhvdom affect your overall intelligence?: This mi…[View]
70370857a lot of people seem to be under the impression that laws of physics apply differently depending on …[View]
70371914What shift do you work anons? I'm tempted to try and find a easy job on a graveyard shift.[View]
70370175How have your tastes in women changed over the years? I dont even really look at girls in public any…[View]
70371516hard times: >be femcel >be poor >tired of living inside all day and shutting myself out, in…[View]
70372373it sucks being poor man i am stuck at home and my mom hates me but i get to be comfy during a tropic…[View]
70371962you can choose to be born in any year and place, the drawback being you dont have memories from your…[View]
70370880It's over for retardcels: >was walking on campus >randomly run into girl I like from a c…[View]
70372156I want a girl to laugh at my small dick![View]
70371943Liminal people: Fun places have fun people. Liminal places have liminal people. What is your experie…[View]
70372312My bodies air pores releases cheesey smells, When i masturbate. Would girls like that?[View]
70372241I fucking need to punch something so fucking bad[View]
70372286Okay, which one of you just shit in my pants? Step forward.[View]
70371095is this a fr or ong moment? wyd in this situation??[View]
70370304Netflix Dahmer: God, it's so fucking good... this is the most intense piece of incel kino since…[View]
70372010Why can't I post anything on reddit without those prudish uptight fucks deleting it? No Fun All…[View]
70371580an incels gotta do what an incels gotta do.[View]
70372141St. clubcel: What would you have done in his situation? Honestly, this is why clubs should be avoide…[View]
70369360>own 10 guns >haven't shot any of them because I'm afraid I'll shoot myself…[View]
70371667i'm fat and ugly but i'm kinda cute sometimes so someone will love me eventually, right?[View]
70371219I want a woman to hold and pet me no i will never ask one to do it but still i'm a neet anyway …[View]
70365718Hasan Kiker: Literally just the 'TheAmazingAthiest' of the 2020s[View]
70371346Almost 25 and never been hugged by a woman outside of my family i wonder if that impacts my mental h…[View]
70371976just started university: I'm a friendless loser and barely even see my flat mates. I asked one …[View]
70372169Thank goodness I am an incel: God saves me from what I might to do to my whorish thicc daughter!…[View]
70371085Former incel turned turbo chad AMA: sup dweebs. i will be passing on my knowledge to help you in any…[View]
70370352Zoomers were right about 2012: Looking back on movies/TV shows from 2009-2012 (Obama's first te…[View]
70371001Anyone else shocked at how retarded porn titles are sometimes? >fucking my friends boyfriend in h…[View]
70364712depression thread: how many of you people here are truly depressed? what does it feel like and how d…[View]
70368939How can I stop fantasizing about tall, white men? Pls bros I cant be gay I have to make my family pr…[View]
70371488This new Game looks nice, what do you guys think? (Scratchin Melodii)[View]
70370740Do you regret your above average cock[View]
70371684/NEET/hiki/ feels: japanese snacks edition[View]
70370986>It's doubtful that Britney Spears would have read this book when she was your age. And look…[View]
70371083dear women: i resent you for not realising that my dry food goes into the dry food bowl not the wet …[View]
70372012I hate dreams: >had a dream where i was in back in school >talking to girls i never had the ch…[View]
70363816You won't have sex any time soon, so why not switch to a superior method of masturbation like b…[View]
70370198i have masturbated to bbc for 5 hours straight today do any anons have big cocks?[View]
70371659God I fucking love fashion so much. I like to dress up nice and go out in the world to LARP as a pri…[View]
70371905When I look at an image like this, I want to be her, I want to be female and be corrupted into a slu…[View]
70370609ever notice that pecans look like brains? they got, a brain stem, the two hemispheres, wrinkly, even…[View]
70371544>go outside >get ran over by the Michelin man It's over.…[View]
70371621Is it based or cringe to sell your body for money?[View]
70371431You people are insufferable.[View]
70370783i hate bullies like a fucking bullet HATES being inside my body, the bullets of all hell, paramore t…[View]
70371302Are you excited for Tesla's reveal of 'Optimus' on the 30th? This could be big. If wh…[View]
70371304What if your pet turned human?: What do you think they'd do irl? Talk about their interests, ho…[View]
70370909Would you let your gf check your internet history?[View]
70371629how do you avoid being bullied as a schizo?[View]
70365843Do femcels exist in real life? I want a depressed waifu that hates the world desu[View]
70369057>Finally have sex >Girl calls my dick small >I tell her I love her while she's sucking…[View]
70371474Did gamergate lose the culture war? Cant think of any recent non Japanese game that had much if any …[View]
70371464You are forced at gun point to marry the first women you see on the street. See this what do?[View]
70367580This is a form of sexual assault. Only someone brainwashed could see it any differently. Children ar…[View]
70370081the nukes or ww3 or something else can break out soon, what would be your music of choice as you wat…[View]
70371494I dont know whats happening to me... Now only gangbang/rape/orgy porn is arousing to me. Vanilla por…[View]
70371491what where you like when you where little, have you changed much? i mean little little, like when yo…[View]
70371489Lady Remilia, my Beloved[View]
70367234I just want a girlfriend with a fat ass and who will be willing to watch anime with me Is that so mu…[View]
70365914What would you do if your Mexican homie send you a pic like this?[View]
70370649How do we ban dogs from society? These fucking piece of shit need to be culled. I want every dog to …[View]
70369271>'Spanking your kid is fine if handled appropriately--' >'Erm, as someone who was severely phy…[View]
70370069The Eternal Nofap: Blood and Iron: Anons, our Eternal Nofap has resumed. As the gods are our witness…[View]
70371383ya'll don't know what lifelong self-loathing actually looks like. half ya'll have it …[View]
70370348Do you have the autism face r9k???[View]
70370784do you read chainsaw man? what do you think of part 2[View]
70371364I really dont like people. I would be so fucking happy if I could have a rural trailer with no one a…[View]
70371218I'm going to the QuikTrip to pick up some Bangs. Anyone want anything?[View]
70370188This is the most perfect, beautiful specimen of the female body I have ever seen. I don't even …[View]
70371286What was up with the 2000s and girls with flowers in their hair? Should we return to that?[View]
70358793What's it feel like to be intelligent?[View]
70371132Being Chad isnt even good enough anymore. I made a tinder one with a giga chad and one with a chad …[View]
70370585what was Netflix's use again: just got a Netflix account from someone i know. how can i benefit…[View]
70370483Is it normal that I don't feel any particular way about my mom? Alot of anons here seem to have…[View]
70370384Why do lazy fucks not enjoy subtitled movies or series? Why do you starve yourself of some good non-…[View]
70370247Muslim bros how do we cope[View]
70370808why is this board so insanely horny today? anyways, has anyone tried OMAD for losing weight?[View]
70370861I'm not gay but whenever I'm near an effeminate flamboyant gay guy or femboy I do get nerv…[View]
70369707Are you looking forward to the end of the world? I never thought I would get to experience it in my …[View]
70368904rate her body cuddle material? would lewd, yes/no?[View]
70369939Dick Cock: https://www.xvideos.com/video24288329/megan_vaughn_gives_blowjob_to_strangers_at_gloryhol…[View]
70370109is it fucked up that im going to nursing because i wanna be depended on[View]
70369548Why does society assume that just because a man can't laid that he's automatically worthle…[View]
70370210Greetings from /mu/. Tell me [r9k], what kind of music do you enjoy?[View]
70370242What's your flat like? Do Ameribots have sexy posters on their walls? Are you messy?[View]
70368590>32 year old virgin >Get first gf >Haven't felt depressed since >Haven't felt…[View]
70368864I am nobody: >neet >no socmeds >no friends irl >no online friends >no hobbies >no …[View]
70370752Tomboy Tuesday!!! post som tomboys[View]
70370714just IMAGINE there're people out there who seriously would reject being turned into a girl LOL[View]
70370970Evenings are fucking rough[View]
70370682why is sadness so comfy: what is it about sadness, depression, hopelessness and not giving a fuck ab…[View]
70369316What is a non-threatening way to ask a girl if she is virgin without her feeling the need to lie? I …[View]
70369944Why the fuck was my electricity bill $200? >Only have LED lights >Have 1 AC unit that's n…[View]
70369748>newbie gym goer for a month now >workout >body looks swole and toned >go home >ffw t…[View]
70370277Where can I go to pump and dump my load all over illegal immigrant women?[View]
703707741st thing that comes to mind?[View]
70370267Most women have sex with 2-3 different guys every weekend[View]
703703576 out of 10 likes are Trannies: It's simply fucking over, the trannies won the dating game…[View]
70369644>God will never leave me nor forsake me through joy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0y_toNT0zQ…[View]
70370454If all men collectively raised their standards at the same time to female level high and refused to …[View]
70368468Fubuki!: I can't believe there was a special episode with Fubsy in it.[View]
70370431bros: why aren't you cockmaxxing? i use around 6 ounces in fishing sinkers as my weights. shit …[View]
70369699You guys would probably see girls differently for once if you remembered they poop too. They poop an…[View]
70370586Do any of you autists slur when overstimulated?: Do any other autists say nigger, faggot, etc, when …[View]
70369809Could you even handle a 9 or 10 woman ?: Even normies and high tier normies sometimes struggle, do y…[View]
70370494when and how do i ask a girl out? what do i do if i'm successful?[View]
70369027Trans people of /r9k/, you are heckin' cute and valid and all the chuds in the world can't…[View]
70369138Literally all you have to do is a black man is learn some dances and some songs and a few Spanish wo…[View]
70370164The Eternal Nofap: Day 1001: It has been 1000 days since I first swore the Oath of Eternal Nofap at …[View]
70370230My Black Pill Journey: https://youtu.be/JRiqN7OSWAk[View]
70370529EVERY FUCKING THING is going bad, I have NO fucking money to fix anything myself, NONE of my relativ…[View]
70369415>'Hey, Femcel! Your fathda paid me to take ya virginity, so stop bitching!'…[View]
70370146The fact that someone 5+ years younger than me is an adult unnerves me im not ready for this feel[View]
70369638How do you cope with the fact that happy successful aroace people exist and DESTROY your sex centric…[View]
70366229femanon: I will sleep in a bit but I don't want to end my night like usual can I make an ama po…[View]
70370411>Find it really hard to feel anything about anybody. >Even though I 'care' about my friends an…[View]
70370387I find my older half sister physically attractive. I'd never ever act on it or do anything with…[View]
70370297day off: >be me >carless fag >get day off for doctors appointment >have to travel 50km t…[View]
70369438Blackbots: Just watched pornography with 1 Black man and two white girls, he had them both on leashe…[View]
70370091Today I've fapped a total of 8 times. And I don't regret it. No post-cap depression, nothi…[View]
70368877As a black person, the only racists I respect are latino racists. They have no reason to hate black …[View]
70370235I have become a abyss of pure evil not even for the benefit of myself but only fear destructive to e…[View]
70369549I really think /r9k/ should have its own rekt/gore thread (daily)[View]
70369435How do I find a girlfriend who doesn't have any friends?[View]
70368984how sad are you right now, anon?[View]
70369965water nigga: >be me >real og water nigga >buy a lot of water because i am real og water nig…[View]
70370187/acvg/ - apple cider vinegar general: I just had my daily shot of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice a…[View]
70370057Sug the dig /r9k/ SUGG THE DIGG[View]
70370166A dude going through anorexia on and off things like this make me laugh, they always like to use ill…[View]
70368395Give it too me straight, if I lose my virginity will I finally stop being a suicidal depressed faggo…[View]
70368522Each year you go without a gf, it's more than 5 years added to your age. That is how fast smoki…[View]
70370110>other people actually have this I want a gf so fucking bad bros[View]
70368881>haven't slept since yesterday with the help of one monster energy and ice coffes >start…[View]
70370090You know that there are some decent people out there[View]
70369532Collecting cartoon depictions of females: Just started a new set of folders for my new computer. Am …[View]
70369897my long distance gf said she won't show me her pussy she's a virgin but has had a man lick…[View]
70369733She's turning 19 soon, do you think this site will still be around in another 19? what about 50…[View]
70368894why won't woman have sex with me :([View]
70369658I had been a NEET for 3 years now and I can't see a way of escape from this[View]
70369656My only option is to get neetbux at this point. I have constant anxiety, no friends, insomnia, depr…[View]
70369921Is there anything as feminine, childish and barbaric as liking k*Tchup over MVSTARD? What type of jo…[View]
70369314My brain is so deteriorated that I could spend all day watching random YouTube videos and if I get u…[View]
70369975I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lose it a…[View]
70369310I need to cum: I just woke up and my dick won't get hard. I jack off 85 times a day. My balls h…[View]
70367332I woke up today and had the biggest wave of disgust roll over me when I thought about how I gave tha…[View]
70369569Need help with femoid: A female friend of mine recently came out as trans. I was kinda interested in…[View]
70369845Dog Whistles: >nihilism and the will to power[View]
70369933never forget that fembots want to be put in their place and told to shut their slut whore mouths. th…[View]
70369823what are you currently looking forward to?: I have just revisited my childhood dream of becoming an …[View]
70366827There is nothing in this world so widely appealing as little girls. All people, in one way or anothe…[View]
70369905>practice gf wants to have sex[View]
70369887>fembot messaged me after a couple days without talking we're so fucking back…[View]
70369565I start my first day of waging tomorrow after years of NEETdom and im nervous as fuck.[View]
70369576Does this tranny pass as a woman to you?[View]
70359881/britfeel/: Down the pub with all his mates edition. (Picture related)[View]
70366405Why don't more old people just load a shit ton of debt onto credit cards and buy new cars befor…[View]
70365435Where you can meet friends?: I am currently on my third year of university and I don't really h…[View]
70368210>in german bakery getting coffee >ask for 'ice kaffee' because I don't know how to say 'i…[View]
70369766And it's occasionally like this...: Thurston Blort loved to play with himself. His spikey mous…[View]
70366493Why do femoids do this shit? They say they're starving themselves to be attractive but no man w…[View]
70369720I feel like think eyebrow gfs are more rare than tit cows.[View]
70369694I for so long have wanted just to feel stability. I hug a pillow trying to pretend its some kind of …[View]
70369337feels like i got hit by a truck[View]
70367688What is it with women and murdering their own children?[View]
70366634Welcome to 2022 dating.[View]
70369669Dear 4chan X Developers: Please hide all the threads before the filters are applied. I love reading …[View]
70369198Outta the way, robots.[View]
70368736Is this it?: >Be me >Be 5 minutes ago >Have the best nut Ive ever had in my entire life, fe…[View]
70369352I'm sick of being in my house. I wanna go outside, where should I go?[View]
70369635>'trad' friend ive known for awhile is virgin >dumped his gf and called her a whore for not ha…[View]
70361942deadbeat parents are the easiest life ruiner: >not getting enough/proper attention as a child can…[View]
70364535>found girl to talk to from here >got ghosted but didn't lose hope >wait a week to sen…[View]
70368544Are black and white people both humans?[View]
70369627i just had farts that smell like broccoli, but i haven't had any broccoli[View]
70369556Winter is getting closer. Soon I will be able to lay down in the comfy white snow and fall asleep.[View]
70369455Being a tranny makes you innevatably gay. Let's say you're a 'MTF'.and date a woman > G…[View]
70369547blowin out some fog[View]
70369468I download, sign up, then delete Grindr almost every single day. I haven't seen anyone from the…[View]
70369070Do any anons smoke cigarettes hoping to get cancer and die?[View]
70368595Vaginas stink[View]
70368912>wrap around jaw implant >canthoplasty Not to get a gf. I do not want anything to do with wo…[View]
70368699joining a society at uni how to make frens?[View]
70368711What the fuck: >decide to stop using youtube for music >decide to use spotify >already inst…[View]
70368743Has the war made you contemplate your life? What do you think will happen until new years? Will we s…[View]
70369324>be me, 19 >get into state college about a year and a half ago, get full scholarship due to SA…[View]
70369421I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down[View]
70369425thoughts on the biological clock for females? no matter how upset i can get from getting no bitches,…[View]
70369101low key i've always wanted to fuck a praying mantis[View]
70369344Does anyone else here fucking hate dogs? Dogs have completely ruined my neet life and made it hell. …[View]
70369066You call yourself autistic and say you like hairy women? Choose a narrative[View]
70369340We should throw women in the meat grinder since they want to eat meat so much. More men go vegan unl…[View]
70369023All people are mostly a homogenous mass with most of the outliers being either maladaptive or suited…[View]
70369279hey robros, today i thought i'd share you all one of my favourite low-effort recipes as it tast…[View]
70364172Your Youth is Over.: 25 is when people don't think you are cool anymore. Iike 18-24 year olds w…[View]
70368284Transphobia isnt real: The idea of transphobia being real is nonsense If I get freaked out by a schi…[View]
70368914Synthetic girlfriends would fix the incel crisis. I know we're a long way from creating synthet…[View]
70368860making small little baby steps on fixing my life bros, woke up at 3pm today instead of the usual 7-8…[View]
70363726I'm trying so fucking hard to think of a cool internet username / gamertag and I can't thi…[View]
70368908>Talking a religious woman into throwing all her beliefs of over 30 years overboard in just three…[View]
70369172What's up with Brak? His design doesn't match his voice and personality at all. Based on t…[View]
70368193I refuse to believe there are women who are alone I refuse to believe females can be rejected I refu…[View]
70368814Just got my first real actual 'why have you never had any friends, why have you never had a girlfrie…[View]
70368174Ok, time to kms: >Photofeeler >48 votes >pic related is results I am oficially ugly. If you…[View]
70369133How do we fix race relations in America?[View]
70368143It's so hard to get a (non-transphobic) bf.[View]
70369123Female Orks can become more powerful by taking the virginities of human males. >In Orkish lore Or…[View]
70367181there's a cockatiel in the room next to me. what do they like[View]
70355745Based or cringe?: I got officially diagnosed with ADHD today and will be starting meds tomorrow…[View]
70366784>4chan is 30% female[View]
70367921autism is a curse upon this life a curse that literally everyone else sees but the sufferer and they…[View]
70367592Sind hier noch andere Kameraden anwesend?[View]
70365317>gf has been calling me Fagtard for about a week now >it just started with a funny conversatio…[View]
70366596Men are utterly batshit crazy by design. No moid on this Earth would be able to survive the kind of …[View]
70368858Pro tip: need to lose a bone fast?: Since you are presumably sitting down, you'll want to raise…[View]
70368961In the city of cute...[View]
70368551>feeling like shit with life >come to this board >reminds myself i'm doing better than…[View]
70368972How long have you not wanted to live for? Why?[View]
70367889Can depressed people be loved?: I've been up all night, I feel lonely. All everyone has done is…[View]
70365093If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?[View]
70368536Energy Drink Review Report: I have now tried the gold zero ultra whatever its called. Its pineapple …[View]
70368945>stop trying to make good horchata happen it's not funny No. The real rice drinkers know wha…[View]
70368625why did blacks stop saying diggity?[View]
70367525I'm bleeding from my ass and have excessive gas for a few weeks now, god I hope it's not c…[View]
70368603i want to blow my load on and in my gf but shes so frigid. i fucking hate frigid women become a whor…[View]
7036885623 f Doing anything for help. No limits.... Kik: pinklemonade2222[View]
70368853HAHAHAHAHAHA imagine if we just lynched all White Male Brown Female couples HAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
70367415Do you know any girls who are 11/10 for you? How do you deal with them and knowing they're out …[View]
70368796Where exactly do people go to make friends it seems like most people just keep their high school fri…[View]
70368693Every Rick and Morty episode is always based around so and so random character gets self aware, star…[View]
70367776if it wasnt for the tranny stuff id probably be a liberal[View]
70368171One Plain Jane regular girl next door unexceptional 5/10 gf, please[View]
70364847there's some kid out there suffering that same shit you did what do you say to him?[View]
70368784what's the official r9k discord? how come no one ever bothered posting it here?[View]
70367942My parents want me to pay board: How to i stop or slow this process?[View]
70368467If no exact reposts are allowed, does that mean every post on this board is permanently stored?[View]
70366361does anyone unironically breathe through mouth ? you have to be extremaly retarded[View]
70368555have you ever talked to a femoid from this board? what was it like?[View]
70368631How do you release your stress?[View]
70367596If you could, what music would be playing in your head that nobody else can hear while you stroll do…[View]
70367288>people seem to not understand that I am perfectly able to live isolated and by myself without al…[View]
70366640>Look at what I bought, little bro! This is so everyone knows we're Americans when we go on …[View]
70368633It's like this...: 'I saw it Googling 'primitive rites'. It's some sort of Gaia Earth Moth…[View]
70368629Monica has a massive obsession with Brak. She often jerks off at night while thinking about him. She…[View]
70368387>express romantic interest in a woman, as is expected of men >most likely outcome is humiliati…[View]
70368403https://www.quora.com/What-does-sexual-intercourse-feel-like The more you know![View]
70368131>I'm ugly And just like that, I'm never going to try to do anything with my life. What…[View]
70368560hamster: hello im from SMP pangudiluhur, i love niggas and im a retarted degenerate[View]
70368219I don't understand what keeps people going. I've had a job for a month now and every day I…[View]
70367843>join random discord server >check if they have a #venting channel >everytime someone talks…[View]
70368435>Fembot, I believe you dropped this.[View]
70368406How do you feel about feminists not wanting to date sub 666 male?[View]
70368140Is James Pearson a racist chud? Is that why he desperately wanted to fuck those asian girls and be r…[View]
70367988If you were in a car crash tomorrow and disabled for life, would anyone be there to take care of you…[View]
70367627You didn't forget me, did you anon? I was supposed to be remembered as a hero forever.[View]
70368429WTF incelbros.. I think we've been lied to[View]
70368045anybody else hate high fantasy?[View]
70368257>treated like shit the only 2 girls that have ever noticed me this gonna bite me forever right?…[View]
70365098What's your daily driver? Do you recommend it?[View]
70367881The normie button: >a red button appears >if you click it, you will wake up as a normie >yo…[View]
70363718At what age did webm related hit you?: When did you realize the hope was all gone?[View]
70367542I should have listened to my instinct and not tried to ask my coworker out. We had planned for a dat…[View]
70361261what goyslop we eating today /v/ros?[View]
70368199Expirement time: I'm doing an experiment, I'm gonna wrap a spine in a blanket and listen t…[View]
70368316>be me >Rando female touches me at school >Sperg out and cry panicking >She laughs and s…[View]
70368304how do I overcome the overwhelming feeling of dread and despair I get when I see happy, loving coupl…[View]
70368206How can I lower my sex drive?: I don't like constantly feeling horny[View]
70367764What was the last compliment you've gotten from a woman?[View]
70368156AMERICA FUCK YEAH! https://youtu.be/KtJJC0nWs9s[View]
70367868how do average femanons feel when a white girl walks in the room?[View]
70368190>calculate all the xrays (8+) and CT scans (4) ive had >two of those CTs were unnecessary beca…[View]
70367880>be autistic in a first world country >no one seems qualified or interested in helping, despit…[View]
70368147today, man: >be me >today >had to wake up early becuase doctor >had to piss in little cu…[View]
70368039I just want an alt mulatto gf that listens to punk/emo and likes photography and will trespass with …[View]
70367399When did you first realize that innocent face and cute smol body had evils you could never wrap your…[View]
70367138>finaIly get gf >somehow other women now want to fuck me >decided to cuck her before she cu…[View]
70368112literally all day every day at work all I dream of is living a hunter gatherer lifestyle in a tribe[View]
70368097I legitimately like the taste of Diet Coke I hate that it's getting phased out for No Sugar eve…[View]
70368106Update on my thread from last week: Job interview is in two days. I've been preparing for ~8 ho…[View]
70345284/mbti/ Astrology for pseuds edition:: gus posting is for fags, real chads post navarro Tekken rapid …[View]
70368051>have childhood friend >Both of us have the same autistic humour, id say im more retarded >…[View]
70366285WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF DOING DRUGS?: 420chan is inactive. Where the hell else am I goin…[View]
70366917racemix bros...: racemix bros..[View]
70368020you are creepy: only creepy when tricked by normie lies >try harder anon! you can do it! dont be …[View]
70363274How do I get a 4or 5/10 femboy bf I'm not a catch myself. Is it true they're all chadsexua…[View]
70368016>be actual nazi >commit war crimes >surrender >get successful football career in England…[View]
70367953Why do Brits say toilet or loo instead of bathroom or restroom? I'm French but when it comes to…[View]
70367759>wake up at 4am >8 hours alreasy passed >you did absolutely nothing I simply cannot do shit…[View]
70365345>just turned 18 less than 5 minutes ago what is the first thing I should do with my newfound powe…[View]
70367978>buy over the counter anxiety pills >chug 5 at once to see how much it works heh, that'll…[View]
70367929>high school girl on the bus talking about her bf fucking her last night…[View]
70366851Am I the only one who's planning to travel to Evrope to fulfill my fantasies of fucking hot whi…[View]
70366775what's the point in doing anything when i cant afford a house or rent for an apt i can hardly a…[View]
70367962>nice weather outside >could be hiking and enjoying one of the few sun days i have left before…[View]
70367798how to relearn being happy alone?: 20 year old fitcel here, due to childhood social anxiety I droppe…[View]
70367906sometimes i honestly think nukes falling wouldnt be bad[View]
70367847Here's your pure trade virgin gf, bro[View]
70366540>listen to what girl says she wants >be nice, attentive, and supportive for girl >treat gir…[View]
70367807Yes, I'm 5'10. You mind? >nooooo, you are cuute let's go grab a coffee >sure ^…[View]
70366932I had the opportunity to get the Virginity of a Young Stacy in my Teen years but she prefered Chad i…[View]
70367835Should I be worried ?: Hey guys, so basically im friends with a guy and his gf. 4 days ago we got in…[View]
70367648State of Western men in 2022.[View]
70367129I'm new to 4chan and I am confused: I just got here but I already love this site and the people…[View]
70363259I'm a 23 kissless virgin and the only way I will not be dead by suicide by 30 is if I manage to…[View]
70364923All the egirls have once again abandoned us. Girls stopped coming here. We are alone.[View]
70367218>Managing the closing shift in my retaiI wageslave job >Some cute girls walk by me, 'Hey isn…[View]
70366769/comfyfeel/: take a load off and relax[View]
70367731Sincere Question: Why should any woman deserve respect when she willingly took a man's cum on h…[View]
70366854I can help you anons.: A lot of anons think Chad gets 80-95% of the women because he has the looks, …[View]
70365212which is the worse outcome for a person: being raped or being murdered?[View]
70366582You can have it all >Chad looks >Large sums of wealth >Status >A legacy that will nev…[View]
70367723i see no point in trying in life things will get worse especially in the us when shit is a neo liber…[View]
70367473My depression prevents me from showering, brushing my teeth and feeding myself, I don't know wh…[View]
70367540why can't girls be tomboys? they're all nonbinary, asexual, or trans nowadays whats wrong …[View]
70367305why is it that you dont engage in anal play even if it means mind blowing orgasms?[View]
70366129I have been up all night browsing this board. It's half six now and I have a job interview in t…[View]
70367266Chuck Norris is not a godlike being: You guys better stop If he really is so good why doesn't h…[View]
70366574I'm a fembot who's catgender! ama[View]
70367661Do you remember when being woke ment being aware of corruption, and not about guys wanting to be gir…[View]
70367534Agender thread[View]
70364888I want to have a drink with a woman[View]
70366938How cute would a boy have to be before you would consider fucking him[View]
70366090tfw you will never get tied up and abused[View]
70366627Why would someone object to letting a big dick rest on their face? Imagine the warmth of it. You are…[View]
70365250Are you genuinely willing and able to open your heart to someone and let them into your life?[View]
70366460wtf is wrong w these ehoes? they dont take no for an answer![View]
70367541Okay, here's my retarded story Background info: I have ear problems, have to wear earplugs …[View]
70367164How aware are you guys: That you're in your own little world? Outside, in the real world, in pe…[View]
70367523This stuff is found in the Terran continent Asia good stuff real iunom[View]
70366920I'm curious if any women can see through the hypocrisy of their empowerment' movements.[View]
70367454Why do people on the Internet immediately assume I must be American? I've often had them ask me…[View]
70366802how do I get a cute asian trap femboy bf?[View]
70367398Reminder you're not a true robot if you're not getting gang stalked by normies[View]
70361986Why are homosexuals so much more openly and unashamedly degenerate than the average heterosexual? Wh…[View]
70366105>decide to read my local paper's obituaries for fun >it's all 80-90 years old farts …[View]
70357822Mom, why do you go for young, gym obsessed douchebags when there are plenty of decent guys your own …[View]
70366143>go to school >go to college >get degree >get a job >get a gf/wife >buy a house …[View]
70367411Ascending high, shall all the cute be visible.[View]
70364183The Eternal Nofap: Of the Moon and Of the Stars: >Hear my words and bear witness to my vow. Night…[View]
70366967>Be you >Femanon >Ghost me Why? :(…[View]
70367275>facial cumshot finish on face Wont your eyes get sore from this shit?[View]
70367316Think of all the people in existence and then think of how many got full recon. >tfw I'm on…[View]
70366658Would you a social anxiety boyfriend?[View]
70366791I wish I had a comfy basement to rot in but I live in texas where there are no basements cause of th…[View]
70365805I have 2213 tabs right now.[View]
70363478I got my first job at 28, 9 months ago and just got a gf this week. After 12 years of being a neet a…[View]
70366235Did you know in Oklahoma the penalty for forced oral sodomy is up to 20 years? If you pull down a gi…[View]
70366664>meet girl >seems interested >finds out i have no car >slow curve ahead.png >rinse a…[View]
70366223Can native English speakers have accents too?[View]
70365728Would you be able to date a relatively cute girl with an extremely deep voice? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
70366882i am poor as fuck and still living at home at 19 and i am a fitcel why am i a failure at 19 i cant e…[View]
70366817>you will never be a young teen again >you will never have relaxing summer afternoons with yo…[View]
70366926The order from easy to hard mode: >Attractive women >Average women >Attractive men >Aver…[View]
70366279I am so fucking ugly: I just went outside for the first time in weeks of isolation and saw my own re…[View]
70367077you and i would make the finest, smartest, most attractive children i will never leave you as long a…[View]
70367055Does anon feel the world is so overwhelmingly fucked up that is even difficult to pinpoint how fucke…[View]
70366570How many times a day do you guys masturbate?[View]
70367029If I were to hypothetically have a voice in my head that I very much enjoyed talking to out loud cou…[View]
70366617haha, i woke up like this[View]
70366024asian girls only want white chad. none of them want white femboys[View]
70365741ITT:: Countries where living as a woman in is actually nightmare mode[View]
70365041If im sitting at a table with a guy and he presses his legs into mine undet the table, is he into me…[View]
70366638why do i keep lactating when i cant even get pregnant? how do i get it to stop[View]
70366875We are just space dust floating around, insignificant, we live a short life in ignorance and then we…[View]
70366332Why aren't you neets buying the dip?[View]
70363164tumblr: nature is healing. they are returning to there natural environment :D[View]
70364440my mom likes my friend better than my boyfriend despite my boyfriend making more money, being presen…[View]
70366121do you like hazel eyes? whats your favorite eye color? pic rel i really like my eyes[View]
70365946the only place I can get hired is fast food[View]
70366480now that the dust has settled, is he really a punk[View]
70366758Still grinding on the self-improvement. Still on that grindset. Everyday.[View]
70366523>tfw no schlemiel bf[View]
70366726>chat with cute coworker at the office >'So anon, what did you do this weekend?' >had a pre…[View]
70366578One last thing we'd like to say: 39 to beam up; thank you.[View]
70362385Do you drink alcohol every day?[View]
70363180why do boys do this: boys do this, why?[View]
70366515>the fried chicken restaurant job didn't call me back It's all over.…[View]
70366632Reminder tomboys don't exist, they will show signs of femininity to Tyrone or Chad. They may ch…[View]
70365675The Waifu Laifu: Why haven't you gotten a doll yet, anon? As someone who has had a lot of sex i…[View]
70364249Evil Fembot Moments: >bf asked me to peg him so I told all his friends at Friday Night Magic abou…[View]
70366436I'm a fujoshi and I made my bf into a good cocksucker[View]
70363540Why not just settle for a centipede-girl gf?[View]
70365410Good flippin' razzleberry cute early morning. Need to get some air in here.[View]
70366514How do I get a trailer park drug whore gf?[View]
70366315Gimmickmaxxxing: Have you guys thought about developing a gimmick to get women? like dressing up in …[View]
70364902Do black wizards exist? Anecdotally I've heard of black witches (religious types), but never wi…[View]
70366403>finally find out that brain problem I've been dealing with my entire life is something call…[View]
70365952I am contemplating taking Antidepressants for a depressive slump I just cannot pull myself out of. H…[View]
70366496anyone know femcel youtube channels?[View]
70363337would you?: >you have a bro that works at an insane asylum for women >$100, you get 2 hours wi…[View]
70365969IT'S SO UNREAL: >joined the 'great resignation' meme in april >can't find a new job …[View]
70364405Are white trash girls a bad idea? There's this really cute but trashy girl that likes to flirt…[View]
70362947The Eternal Nofap: On January 1, 2020, at 00:00:00, I swore an Oath of Eternal Nofap. Tonight, on th…[View]
70366053What does it mean bros?: >be bummed out since pretty young >get apartment >get friends >…[View]
70366432Why does my spine decompress and pop when someone touches me?: My whole ribcage feels different afte…[View]
70363708If you vape over smoking a cigarette you're not a true robot.[View]
70366005>no cis womanhood why continue?[View]
70359782Hey, Anon. Do you like Steely Dan? >What do you tell her?[View]
70365922I'm too ugly for my boyfriend: He means the world to me, I think he's so beautiful and cha…[View]
70365724Let's have cybersex[View]
70366351opinions on limp pumpo?[View]
70366089Have you ever murdered someone?: No pussy manslaughter or anime torture bullshit. >Be me >4 ye…[View]
70366057Why is it so hard for women to admit they hate virgins They always make up some excuse like how its …[View]
70365380Should I jerk off, play video games, or watch anime?[View]
70365412Why do women do this?: Aren't glasses supposed to be shameful? They pick on nerds relentlessly …[View]
70366088Reminder that every time you post a shit thread, you make a good thread 404.[View]
70365971I'm a Nigger: I just learned that my great great grandfather was a mulatto[View]
70366275>wake up >still stuck in self-destructing and empty routine…[View]
70364975Is torture a justifiable punishment for a crime?[View]
70366119ITT: Relationships: What was the reasoning behind your breakup? What happened after[View]
70364901My Dad died yesterday. Don't really know what to do. Just feel numb at this point. Don't k…[View]
70364961/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1145 Mongolian throatsinging is the highest form of music…[View]
70365124What are you suppose to do if you're so mentally damaged that being normal isn't possible?…[View]
70365590Has a girl ever caught you staring at her?[View]
70366094>listening to 90s and early 2000s country love songs[View]
70364115fuck i cant do this im so damn pathetic i have no friends no boyfriend no job im not in school what …[View]
70366163i am NOT going to prison. you aren't taking me alive coppers!!!!!![View]
70366118More than half of men with diabetes will get ED. Men who have diabetes are more than 3 times more li…[View]
70365844Will I die?: >be me >finish middle school in Romania >in Romania, you take an exam and depe…[View]
70366084Why is so Hard to Get Sex with a Woman? Why Chads dont want Average Man to get Sex too?[View]
70365909Suppose you have irreversibly destroyed your body and brain through meds you took due to being young…[View]
70364874i just ate some edibles and whenever im high i freak out or get all sad. can someone talk to me befo…[View]
70365458>Have worked customer service jobs for ten years >Still can't look people in the eyes or …[View]
70365507Honkey Donkey[View]
70365436Hurt or Save: Eva Tender is a young Russian porn actress. She stars in degrading pornographic films …[View]
70364769making porn: anyone here ever hired models to make porn? I have like 50k cash and thinking of hiring…[View]
70364659FBI: as a femcel i have to say god i fucking federal agents so much lol. they are a deranged type of…[View]
70365687There's a girl I used to hang out with that turned out to be a retard I genuinely hate her. She…[View]
70365430Looking for inspiration: im looking to try out some new hobbies or foods or literally anything to ju…[View]
70362662>toenail clippers can easily be used as fingernail clippers >fingernail clippers cannot be use…[View]
70365767All Saints Day: Hallowmass is almost here! Hallowmass is almost here! I am so excited about this inf…[View]
70365032I'm 24 and already developing symptoms of alzheimer's disease. Bros can I claim my neetbux…[View]
70365762What do you do when you're walking down a sidewalk or other walkway (by yourself) and then comi…[View]
70365420i live by the tesla megafagtory: i wanna tweet elon a picture of me in his facility but i don't…[View]
70363496frankenstein whyd you delete me, is it because I have 3 friends?[View]
70364562Why haven't you taken the pocketpill?: I just busted my nut in one of these. Unequivocally bett…[View]
70360336What were your go-to Flash animations/games in the 2000s?[View]
70365261>tall >big penis ok r9k where is my gf? why am i still a virgin?…[View]
70364578Suicide is on my mind tonight the only one that has ever loved me and checked up on me is out of my …[View]
70365646anyone else have a giga-oneitis? I've had a few oneitises but there is one oneitis who stands o…[View]
70365471these types of women make me lose it desu[View]
70365056All I want is a nice girl that I can take to the county fair and walk through pumpkin patches with. …[View]
70364763Why do so many women resort to whoring themselves these days?[View]
70365286I fucking did it I spent literally all day today, 12ish hours, cleaning off my fucking desk stacks o…[View]
70365617KEK Richter loses Jeopardy on purpose (RIGGED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9Z5xtGQRc[View]
70364647I'm going to a concert and want to take alcohol with me, since I don't want to spend $10 f…[View]
70356976Why does the existence of homosexual males causes heterosexual males to become incredibly enraged? W…[View]
70365486isn't it funny how by posting the jaks, you have become the jaks?[View]
70363377Be grateful: >got called I'll soon be investigated by charges of owning up to 6 months of re…[View]
70364532My personal blog: Hey is this the place where I can randomly post shit about my life. I need a place…[View]
70364529>mom and dad finally got over it and started talking to each other again after a month Bout time.…[View]
70365416>lie in bed all day >feel tired >exercise and walk 20k steps in a day >feel full of tire…[View]
70362414What do you think is the probability that there is a fembot that has breasts just like these?[View]
70364616Oldfag here, I want to know your thoughts: >Company launches vagina-flavored chips so millennials…[View]
70360598I love Mama Ran only and no one else i wish she would make me comfy in her tails[View]
70364600Even if you have confidence, you are still the same person.[View]
70365342i be suckin yo dick, anon[View]
70365385Dem rocks bruh: >Avenganiggas jumped me on mah planet dog. Dey tryn take my rocks off my bling gl…[View]
70364512We're not mentally ill The world is just fucked up[View]
70365118You know what is worse than being outright rejected by women? A woman showing interest in YOU first …[View]
70365330Nofap contract.: Dear Robots, Hop aboard. Your posting on this thread seals your contract with me an…[View]
70364263I love my girlfriend, just wanted to share this with you[View]
70365323Bobs and vagene.: It's getting harder and harder to spot a mtf trans online. A mtf that doesn…[View]
70365217>you will never be an english native >you will always post everything manually and will be afr…[View]
70365128Why american porn is superior: Japanese porn: >fat ugly old guy >average/unattractive looking …[View]
70365088robot analysis prediction: the robots aged 16 - 22 use the pepe the frog picture more often. the rob…[View]
70363800how is it going robots i am gonna get drunk on the beach[View]
70365053How has your luck been with lottery tickets?[View]
70361501>mfw cute girl insults me while i send her money[View]
70365121>be me >20yo, homeschooled, still living with parents >never learned to drive, attention sp…[View]
70363433I'm scared to grow up, I don't want to lose my freedom.[View]
70365065I cant stop thinking about her chalynne come back to mee[View]
70355527Femsubs: How submissive are your fantasies? Would you ever do it?[View]
70364737what's even the point of chasing girls if it's not permitted to continuously sniff their h…[View]
70362160being bpd makes me literally unloveable, the only moral choice for me would be to withdraw from soci…[View]
70363421No Man's Land: Anyone else stuck between the worlds of robots and normalfags?[View]
70364087where is god and why doesnt he help a man in despairs desperate cries for help[View]
70365007Do you prefer cunny juice with or without pulp?[View]
70364279Women are pure unadulterated evil.: Outlier men are evil but almost all women are the sociopathic ca…[View]
70364339Come home: https://onlyu.me[View]
70364938Anyone have any genuine online friends? I mean people you get along with, hang out with, and talk to…[View]
70364935How do I get a fucking life? I don't go anywhere besides work/school, the grocery/liquor store,…[View]
70364604Would you kill a pregnant woman for 2 billion dollars?[View]
70364725I'm fucking terrified I was putting it off cause I was nervous. What the fuck am I gonna do. Sh…[View]
70363703How long has it been since you had a hug anon?: who was it from?[View]
70364354>Approached by 6/10 grill >'I like your hair anon!' >Thanks, y-you too >'Yeah, you look …[View]
70363128Daily Posture Thread: myssstery mansion edition >back exercises https://www.bodybuilding.com/con…[View]
70362986I need to unalive myself so that the body is never found. I also need to rid my home of all traces …[View]
70361122septum piercings: whats your opinion on girls with septum piercings? would you date one? i have one …[View]
70360859Guys, what did I do wrong? Was finally going to lose my virginity[View]
70364750Whyyyyy: I dont have autism, theres nothing wrong with my looks, im just an insecure childish idiot …[View]
70364679I had to let go of a dream tonight, robots. It's just not possible. I think some of you know wh…[View]
70364423Literally all I wanna do is impregnate a female. Fuck. I hate being a 5'8 autist.[View]
70357416Life is fucking meaningless if you can't get a gf Being an incel is the cruelest fate a man can…[View]
70364399>He hasn't taken the fuck machine pill: Ignore roasties. Embrace mindbreaking anal orgasms.…[View]
70364268what do you think his life is like?[View]
70364053>scammer blocked me[View]
70364587I need a cute girlfriend that counts with her fingers.[View]
70363429I want to fight one of my 'friends.' He's a narcissistic asshole who puts me down to make himse…[View]
70364533Why did Sudden Adult Death Syndrome become a thing in 2021? Did something change in that year? Did p…[View]
70364330GmGuCVYrWX It's over anon... don't come to r9k tmr... GmGuCVYrWX[View]
70363637Why does God hate me? I try so hard.[View]
70362859I'm thinking of getting this tattoo. What do you think? I honestly think it's pretty decen…[View]
70363615How do i obtain a deranged fembot friend to play fortnite with? I'm terrible at the game btw.[View]
70364040How do I become gay? I already jerk off to gay (real men) porn, traps, femboys, It's just that …[View]
70364287Uhhm so wait... Chad is your YOUNGER brother?[View]
70361928>in my 30s >fat >bald >5'8' >lazy eye >live with my parents >unemployed rn…[View]
70363867garloid 34: did garloid ever exist, or is this some sort of manbella affect[View]
70364018Finally fit enough to jerk off to myself[View]
70363028Apparently a 'federal agent' took down some post on the DPH subreddit https://old.reddit.com/r/DPH/…[View]
70363850Just think if Jesus doesn't come back then life is the cruelest joke ever.[View]
70360207>going for a walk >suddenly >*barks at you* It's your move... how do you react anon?…[View]
70362962The cute girl you introduced yourself to in your class is being fucked by chad this very minute afte…[View]
70363667Uni mega thread: Do u think cold approaching girls in university actually work or will I just get pe…[View]
70361327It’s over for escortmaxxers: Picrel got blood on my condom?[View]
70364299>Happiness is a Warm Handprint Across My Wife's Face[View]
70363617To women, I resent you because you expect me to care about your problems as a woman. You don't …[View]
70364112i feel bad for women who dont date robots. i finally found my robot bf and hes so loving and affecti…[View]
70363595when did you realize it was over? how long did it take you? I've been thinking about killing m…[View]
70363507I love my boyfriend! originalissimo[View]
70364106>tfw can't even have the friendzone relationship I just need to be hugged every now and the…[View]
70363201My dream is to make a Mom/Son The Blue Lagoon film. I have no experience and background in film maki…[View]
70363436Fembrown Love: Why don't you just get a white man to fuck you already?[View]
70363444i deleted all the datingapps. I give up[View]
70363277How many black incels/ethnic incels do you think exist out there? Surely they are getting mogged by …[View]
70364213How to cope with dying alone? I have another 40 years of this misery.[View]
70363361Height pill: Does being tall really help . Im 6 feet and 2 inches but have never had any sexual inte…[View]
70363560Should I give up? I've made a bunch of goals, time is running out and it's extremely unlik…[View]
70362240Im super super super SUPER bored pls takk to me[View]
70361526Do you consider yourself a Trans ally?[View]
70363842How would I pick her up at the parking club?[View]
70363313a male won't date me. should i try to hurt him?[View]
70359342>I'm a chubby >date a cute guy >8 month relationship >I left him after a fight …[View]
70364081fembots imagine i'm eating your pussy and you look down and see me looking at you like this wha…[View]
70360448why dont schools teach you about the effects of loneliness? they teach you to fear drugs, gangs, etc…[View]
70364101What do the other boards think of /r9k/? I dont really venture out very often[View]
70364092Should I be worried?: Hey guys, so basically im friends with a guy and his gf. 4 days ago we got int…[View]
70363074>on a date with my boyfriend >in a silly mood >point at bald guy with heard and about 'holy…[View]
70360038how do i know if normies secretly hate me?: >be autistic >stopped being a hikki and entered th…[View]
70362816>finally start taking lifting serious after years of waffling in the gym doing nothing >start …[View]
70360251am i a neet if i attend preuni lessons ?: i have to pass an exam to enter but i don't think i w…[View]
70364032>Creates duo-personas for the purpose of both arguing and having a normal exchange with another p…[View]
70362226I need to get this off my chest... >be me >early 20s >young, dumb, and full of cum >deci…[View]
70360245>Makes the Eva niggers seethe[View]
70363961Hey robots, I need jewelry or some sort of symbol help. I want either a physical or visual reminder …[View]
70363870I'm sick and tired of seeing codependent retards post about their 'problems' on this board. The…[View]
70363933She rejected me. I really thought I was going to make it this time. How do I move on from this pain?[View]
70363770Did you see any women you would have sex with today? I didn't. I did yesterday. That was cool.[View]
70363169Has fiction ever inspired you to be a better person?: I want to be more like her. To stop being so p…[View]
70362636Im going to talk to the girl that sits next to me in my lecture tomorrow. Im going to talk to the gi…[View]
70362156Music Thread: https://youtu.be/fHoZnP9vfP4 Post music ya cunts. https://youtu.be/6pXU7JumV_Y https:/…[View]
70363018sending dick pics is illegal now in california: lol bbc posters btfo now you losers can't bitch…[View]
70363756>playing video games with friend >in discord call with her >randomly get this dm from a gir…[View]
70363722>leggings >short shorts >tight jeans >crop tops and exposed tummies galore Every second …[View]
70363562>life only gets better[View]
70358143Do women date NEETs?: I don't have to work because I get monthly checks. Why'll I have mor…[View]
70359557Minecraft server: Come play on comfy minecraft server, you can join with pirated or legit account, w…[View]
70363572im a programmer and my life is such as its logic >if i had better opportunities >if i had a be…[View]
70362199i dont like anyone: >try joining random discorbs and talk to people >play on random games and …[View]
70361110I have a solution to both the immigrant crisis and incel problem in the Western world. Every Slavic,…[View]
70363152what do you do if you have a headache thats so bad it makes you seriously consider suicide[View]
70362478Is producing art the best way for robots to realistically find meaning?[View]
70363226This is an organized attack on masculinity.[View]
70363378A woman showed interest in me today but she was dressed like a slut so I didn't act on it but m…[View]
70363024Honestly, are you mentally ill?[View]
70362839I really want a latina girlfriend[View]
70362723>be talking to girls in group setting >they all casually mention their boyfriends in passing w…[View]
70363376Do any depressed tranime clones want to talk to a fellow depressed tranime?[View]
70362955This girl could have been something: What a sad example of wasted potential.[View]
70363279any good money making apps for a neet?[View]
70354080Is this true? Will I get punched for trying to talk to a girl?[View]
70363026Can a bald man pull a qt this qt?[View]
70363317do fleshlights/pocket pussies actually feel good? i just want to know what it feels like to put my d…[View]
70363159>Be 21 y.o sheltered gamer boy >Khv and anxiety driven wimp >Suddenly gain a lot of confide…[View]
70362566Do JAV actresses actually enjoy their scenes with European men? The scenes with the French and Germa…[View]
70362288Universe LAUGHS at me: >be me >studying in university public library >reserved a room so I …[View]
70362258Femdoms: How dominate are your fantasies? Would you ever do it?[View]
70362633This hack isn't even a real doctor (chubby emu youtuber) he's a PharmD, which... wtf do th…[View]
70363105why are pakistani girls so cute? i need a paki gf so bad bros[View]
70363264Drunk AMA: This is the first time Ive been drunk in months and Im the most important person on this …[View]
70362765> have a wife > my body count is 14 altogether > have always preferred watching porn to hav…[View]
70360328Thread for hating women. I'll start: I hate women. Tell me if and why you hate women.[View]
70361430>be me >talked to this 9/10 girl for about a whole fucking year >we both liked each other b…[View]
70360032What drives you, robots? What keeps the engine turning?[View]
70362022Anyone here speak japanese? I have this friend who I am 99% sure is pretending to know how to speak …[View]
70363148Synthetic girlfriends are the only solution to the growing incel problem.[View]
70362664I havent showered in a month. Lol[View]
70362457Why do I suffer this way ?: I lift, and from recordings I have decent muscle, a degree, slight Manle…[View]
70362570Come home, Asian man. Harems of Slavic girls are waiting for you in Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo.[View]
70360456>never trust men Women say this all the time, even jokingly, but it's crazy how deep the exi…[View]
70363017>be me >foolishly decide to go on reddit for fun >get r/amiugly post in my notifications …[View]
70361375>gf comes home sick from work >make her soup >'aww anon, you're so sweet, you should g…[View]
70362870Got caught jacking: I live with my 2 brothers. To cut a long story short, felt like shit and i decid…[View]
70362377I'm an incel but I've intimidationmaxxed. I'm 6'1 and brawny and people say I ha…[View]
70362533>specifically avoid going outside when school days end so I don't see any teen couples which…[View]
70362394any anons know any based neet youtubers?[View]
70362926I can't wait for this faggy haircut to go out of style.[View]
70359120Fuck I just want to marry an autistic loser so bad. Imagine hugging her all weekend[View]
70362674Bangmaid/sexual servant: Has anyone here gotten one? I have a house i live in rent free and a consta…[View]
70362631When I'm at the point where I'm getting anxious because after this beer I only have one be…[View]
70362733>Pizza fell toppings first onto the ground And just like that my day is completely ruined…[View]
70362444How do I get a semi passing trans girlfriend. Idc if they still have boyish qualities, It's kin…[View]
70362309why is styx playing[View]
70361586Anyone buzz cut their hair here? I'm kinda jelly that blacks can get away with doing it, it…[View]
70357570I want to be a girl with a big butt![View]
70360045Nigger story time. Add one sentence to the story each post, but it MUST contain the word nigger.[View]
70360243What do you think about declining public safety?[View]
70360623your worst, most awkward interaction with a woman?: Tell your story[View]
70356518>manage to fall asleep but wake up again >feel even more miserable than before the nap why is …[View]
70361793how many job interviews should I fail before I kill myself[View]
70362132How honest are you with your parents? I have weekly phone calls with my mother. I don't have th…[View]
70358499I overestimated /h/ on this one. https://nhentai.net/g/421731/ What did he lose? Why did she do it?…[View]
70360736I need a hypersexual needy nympho loser girl to fuck the pain away with[View]
70360428Where were you when the blackpill went mainstream?: https://youtu.be/W8o9f4TWh4w >TLDW Fat ugly l…[View]
70362487Severe coomer: >bad porn addiction >coom 7 times a week minimum >have a GF and keep thinkin…[View]
70362003I'm 25 but my mom still treats me like a baby[View]
70361361Why is it so fucking hard to be normal enough to not get excluded from an event when your invited by…[View]
70362072Why are all incels Nazis?[View]
70356378Would you settle for a girl who's not a virgin?: Does it make a difference if you had sex befor…[View]
70362233Have any of you ever killed somebody and gotten away with it?[View]
70362314fat 'people' should be forced to do hard physical labour: they should be screamed at and humiliated …[View]
70357919Femcels, what would your ideal penis look like? Describe it.[View]
70361682Me stretching during Gym class.[View]
70361867What do you think of this old yuri anime? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8cnig1[View]
70361972/RNG/ Robot Nostalgia General-Favorite Pokemon Edition: >ITT we discuss and post nostalgic kino W…[View]
70361584On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you experiencing right now?[View]
70359931is it true that at some point you always get bored in a relationship?[View]
70359011why don't girls like you for being good at video games?[View]
70362237What do you think about these kind of girls?[View]
70361817Twenty year old American pilot dies in plane crash. Pay your respects here.[View]
70361996how come like every woman moves out at like 18? meanwhile tons of guys live with parents well into t…[View]
70361399Imagine being in the same room as this goddess.[View]
70362025Last compliment I got from a (non-related) woman was 2 years ago that I smelled nice[View]
70362055Is it true that the only way to get a girl obsessed with me is to get her addicted to drugs?[View]
70361981I WANT TO KISS BOYS![View]
70361979>be me in train nyc >beautiful girl sits in front of me >can't stop looking at me >…[View]
70362115>feel shitty for 3 days like im dying >take 20 mg of adderall 20 mg of klonopin >feel gold…[View]
70360287females fuck hung chads, bad boys, bullies, drug dealers and criminals in their teens and early 20…[View]
70359547Story Time Thread: Have you ever seen a woman's bare breasts with your own two eyes?[View]
70360515You have 5 seconds to explain why you're not Lanzamaxxing.[View]
70361197Was at a welfare office meeting today, told them I essentially don't expect to be back in work …[View]
70361093>be me >having bad day cuz period cramps >feelsbadman.jpg >bf comes home >tells me he…[View]
70361036I watch gore to relieve stress Is that fucked?[View]
70361309>mom keeps trying to set me up with girls >don't know how to tell her i'm asexual an…[View]
70361378I made a post earlier lamenting the fact I spend my days alone. Basically stating that my college ex…[View]
70354433lol just found out im 4 weeks pregnant what should i name it, for both sexes[View]
70361156no sex: >20 >in a relationship >still a fucking virgin why are girls so fucking picky with…[View]
70361848>above average cock >can get gfs >still a sissy bbc cuck why am I cursed to this mental…[View]
70361332>People who met me while I was drunk are visibly disappointed when they talk to me when I'm …[View]
70359525>The vast majority of women don't pay taxes >The vast majority of women don't do phy…[View]
70360949I asked a girl out today and she said 'let me think about it'. I'm going to blow my fucking hea…[View]
70361009Reminder that the Dutch were planning to build this in South Africa until the British ruined South A…[View]
70361557>it's a 'girl falls asleep in my arms with her head on my chest' dream again…[View]
70360973Have any robots ever lost their virginity to an escort? Was it worth it or did you regret it?[View]
70358305How do I escape the nihilism cesspit? None of this stuff makes sense... But I believe in it. And it …[View]
70359490anyone else depressed by being average?: >average face >average height 5'9 >average IQ…[View]
70361004jbw: why do these 3 letters trigger white people so much?[View]
70361635Women, how do you feel about your sexual attraction only making you attracted to abusive psychopaths…[View]
70358583Even MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS know roastie = whore. How are those flaps, femanons? All stretched and ma…[View]
70360020I'm starting to realize I'm gonna have to come to terms with the fact that I'm gonna …[View]
70360676She showed me more of her face What do we think bros? She reminds me of Vamp if she was older or may…[View]
70360845Imagine the 4chan there should be.[View]
70360982I hate how females say they like sad guys but then go after picrel instead of real sad guys.[View]
70360252I recently started hooking up with this Trans chick and the other day she asked if I would be down t…[View]
70361546Literally all i want in life is a big booty latina gf. If i got one i would literally die in peace, …[View]
70360869Normal people are all superhuman compared to me. Im not stupid, but I spend so much more time thinki…[View]
70361353>be me >browse the tube >weird electronic bell goes off - video pauses >huh.jpg >look…[View]
70361419There can't be anything worse then being named Timmy, like that probably one the worst names yo…[View]
70359516Life is pointless, you are all just pawns to me, none of you are real, I can end this entire dimensi…[View]
70361381im drunk and i wanna vc but everywhere is boring wtf[View]
70359993What fictional characters would you have a threesome with?[View]
70361080r9k, post weird desk pet/terrarium/etc. ideas for someone who's bored and wants to expand from …[View]
70361459Andy Richter loses Jeopardy on purpose (RIGGED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9Z5xtGQRc[View]
70361314Sorry that I destroyed 420chan Please make it again and ever better -a nazi[View]
70361131I'm new here from reddit! How does voting work on this site? Should I make an account?[View]
70357858Name my pet rat, /b/[View]
70360793would you clap the little mermaid's cheeks[View]
70357271Hello I want to be loved please don't hurt me any longer. I just want to be able to talk and tr…[View]
70361302I'm addicted to going into off-topic threads and posting [board topic]? I rarely get (You)s but…[View]
70360790Which way, white robo?[View]
70358888You cannot be a real robot unless you hate minorities, this is not up to debate.[View]
70361255This is forever Israels true soul.[View]
70361200Why do robots hate PUAs? They're only trying to help their fellow man. You're not a bunch …[View]
70361218bros: >do this for length gains >gain slight length but more girth girth is best for pleasuri…[View]
70360283Is that blood in my shit?[View]
70361128how comes, outside of new york, corner stores aren't on the corner of anything, they're th…[View]
70357497Hedonism: If given the chance to live out your hedonistic fantasies in any country that you wished. …[View]
70360611I don't think I've reached alcoholic status yet, but I'm starting to drink far more a…[View]
70359650Why are women held accountable when they drive drunk but not when they have drunk sex?[View]
70361157help: hello robots i need help with my autism i have incredibly bad game with women and the only way…[View]
70360861have an interview with chick fil la should I work there[View]
70355771I wish I was born in japan: I want to live in japan[View]
70360734I don't know what the fuck I'm doing: I'm 33yo no job, no college, no skill yada yada…[View]
70358944What the fuck, just found out there really is a guy who makes fucking wojak animations with synthesi…[View]
70360411>be me, 19yo second year college student >cs major, havent taken a computer related class sinc…[View]
70356039Massive change in societal values between 2012 and 2022: Imagine going back in time and showing this…[View]
70359941I'm slowly killing myself and there is nothing I can do to stop it.[View]
70358745go to the dentist phaggot you know you fucking should[View]
70360841>look in the mirror >day ruined I know i'll die alone…[View]
70360633Cowardice: Are you a coward? I've been trying to ask out my crush for over a week and I keep ch…[View]
70360229>day two of nofap this shit is hard, man[View]
70359895My ideal gf looks like picrel[View]
70360399Depressing music thread: Depressing music thread please anons, I'll start https://youtu.be/75P0…[View]
70355695I was told that texting 'fren' is girly. So why do you use it then?[View]
70356795Emiru: She sucks a penis.[View]
70360618how many of you true crime posting niggas are there??[View]
70360049>be me >in class for the first time >feel overwhelmed >pull SA-9 P out of backpack >K…[View]
70360319If you throw something in the air while walking it will move with you fucking explain this.[View]
70360432my town is full of old people and there's no one nearby to hangout/share my interests with, I…[View]
70359353Bandera is the best. I love Bandera. Wish him much success! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp81-Vbp…[View]
70360622I have no friends. Who wants to be my special robot 4chan internet friend?[View]
70360405Any PA robots go here?[View]
70360271How would you rate my gf?[View]
70360161>Weeks without a single good thread on /gif/. >Front page of every porn site is nothing but ga…[View]
70360609Quilt: This app popped up a few months ago, promising to be an 'app for kind people'. Did anyone dow…[View]
70360526Raw meat tastes good better than cooked why is that raw meat bros[View]
70360578ATTENTION ALL ETHNIC FEMBOTS/FEMCELS: Hop on here so that I can see you talk about stuff, REPLY NOW!…[View]
70354618>dad found the ziploc bag full of my pubes its over[View]
70360301>be me >woke up on Sunday morning >browsed internet >did chores >browsed internet whi…[View]
70360524Maybe I need some rehab[View]
70360485Fem-Kinks: What turns you on ladies?[View]
70359757hi all, i'm currently working on a geocities esque website that will be updated in real time. s…[View]
70358809What's your opinion on the world population reaching 8 billion next year? 1804 - 1 billion 1927…[View]
70357419He wants to grab your soul[View]
70351120/britfeel/: Economic collapse edition[View]
70357787My dream is to become a dictator, tear down all of Americas ugly ass strip malls and parking lots, a…[View]
70360359Soooo, it seems like my neighbor invited a girl in tonight. I'll be waiting here patiently unti…[View]
70359152Would I look good with long hair as a 6'1 300lb guy? I look like pic-related, but fatter. My hair wh…[View]
70360046>be at library >go to rando anime porn gooru site since usual sites are blocked by its interne…[View]
70360326Is it possible to get a gf if you live with your parents as a 23 year old adult?: How forgiving are …[View]
70359607men will claim to hate women but drop everything and everyone the second that a foid comes along...[View]
70360226only black women seem to take relationships seriously[View]
70359792>be me >ww3 starts >nukes start flying >quickly run to the closest bathroom to die in a …[View]
70360100I'm going to the club in like two hours but I really wanna jerk off like I wanna jerk off so ba…[View]
70358622i have a good feeling about today[View]
70360194Are your siblings embarrassed because of you?: Me and my brother used to be tight, now he works for …[View]
70360104help: started first quarter of uni and there is cute asian grill in my english class what do[View]
70356872Is anyone else defective or deformed in some way?: I am double jointed in my arms and my fingers Cuz…[View]
70334428Letter Thread: Scent that envelope with a dash of cinnamon oil, spin three times, and send it off wi…[View]
70360134> Yes Mom! I WILL get Straight A's! I WILL become the best corpo in the world! I WILL stop b…[View]
70359841mother refuses therapy/doctors deny me neetbux type beat[View]
70360094how get girl touch daddy place how 2 sex wit her[View]
70359779I like everything about Gravity Rush, except the controls, it is so fucking hard to move on air, so …[View]
70358591Mushroom chicken[View]
70360014the only time i'd consider a man to be superior to me (or even let get near me for that matter)…[View]
70358981If Tyrone is black Chad then what is black Stacy? I would say Shaniqua but she seems too ratchet to …[View]
70359592How do I tell if my crush is autistic or just Polish?[View]
70359994laputan machine[View]
70357880Did you ever see a girl doing a handstand, cartwheel, hanging upside down, etc and accidentally flas…[View]
70358366most people say my chad bf is ugly due to jealousy if people call you ugly, they hate you because th…[View]
70359636Its me of the PS5[View]
70359508How do I get a gf guys? I need tips Me: >Uni student >Massive autist >Never had an irl rela…[View]
70359620Hey guys, anyone get the final update on that girl with a boyfriend who's never cum before? Did…[View]
70359055>tfw no patronizing skintellectual bf[View]
70358955my pain is sharp and constant, and i do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact, i want my p…[View]
70359209This board sure is a lot slower. Significantly less race bait, porn, and ewhore related threads. Sum…[View]
70358016hot sex with cute fembots i am HORNY HORNY HORNY[View]
70359431New lookism anime just dropped: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W8o9f4TWh4w[View]
70357370Kek, Canadians are such a silly people[View]
70359822Puerto Rico thread: Are there femanons in Puerto Rico? I'm 22/M, my Discord: fish e#1329 I got …[View]
70359501Your town's black girl asks you to teach her how to read How do you respond?[View]
70359065your future wife is still hungover from partying this entire weekend. she snorted lines of coke, suc…[View]
70358427Teeth hurt like hell: I've been pretty sick for 3 days and I didn't brush my teeth at all …[View]
70358451I cant deal with that burning pain feeling, feeling empty, lonely, and hurt I just lost someone very…[View]
70359628'Go outside': >'just GO OUT' I go out 3 times a day. I've started, what, 9 schools? I'v…[View]
70359690Today I talked to the girl, who I jerked off to yesterday. The whole time I want to laugh so fucking…[View]
70359387Many of you were molested as children[View]
70359732I met a girl online a few months ago. It went well for the first month but then I began fucking up. …[View]
70355544Any stories of groups that were destroyed after the inclusion of women? It seems like they cant just…[View]
70359482it's weird satan is reported as a light (morning star) while Good is also represented by illumi…[View]
70359077My meds wore off and I'm not feeling okay[View]
70357156Don’t worry bro!: It will be all worth it in the end[View]
70355273Every generation has experienced war. Each more deadly and great than the one before it. Don't …[View]
70359561Therapy hasn't worked for me at all, all he does is right shit down and agree with me. I tell t…[View]
70342332/r9gay/ - #1868: Strong dork gamer bf edition Previous: >>70318687[View]
70358285>you can barely go to school once a week >years of nonstop stress and pain has ground you down…[View]
70359444Did the guy that voiced Brak in the original series ever expect that Brak will get his own show and …[View]
70359464Andrew Tate and his brother: They didn't discover anything new. Most of their wealth comes from…[View]
70353495how do you store enough water for a 3 week nuclear fallout scenario?[View]
70358402Dream: I had a dream that one of my co-workers was making fun of me for watching 'Doug' at work…[View]
70358424That girl you just met is doing coke lines with her besties and then proceeds to have a threesome wi…[View]
70357476You will NEVER cuddle with a cute lonely fembot[View]
70359346Knowing that many relationships won't end well: Why are you so desperate to find your other hal…[View]
70357015Question about doxxing: What is the easiest way to ensure that anons cannot reverse image search con…[View]
70358941>tfw back fetish >tfw can't find good porn because nobody else has this fetish apparently…[View]
70359392The proud Jewish girl that only loves other Jews. Yes there are many those. That is ok. Along with c…[View]
70358799Who is more aesthetic?[View]
70358151>willing to spend thousands on a high end PC and VR setup so i can spend all of my free time away…[View]
70357924Is quietness creepy?[View]
70359338I can't tell if a girl I had romantic interactions with in high school actually happened or not…[View]
70356715Anime: Anime is Japanese MK-Ultra to destroy the West, is a revenge for their lost in WW2. >be me…[View]
70358510Bros im quite in a pickle. I dated this girl and went out with her. During the date her phone sudden…[View]
70359294We are not going to make it, are we?[View]
70359237>cute asian girl on bus makes eye contact with me and smiles[View]
70358996The girl who likes me >sexy, athletic, pretty smile >smells good >strong foot game >VIRG…[View]
70359270I once beat up a boomer bitch at a bar. She was this fat gross slut, a mid-life crisis hags that try…[View]
70357932any late bloomer incel to volcels?: I don't mean to humblebrag in any form, but has anyone else…[View]
70357877Some married Japanese lady wants too be my girlfriend what shoud I do[View]
70359041I don't have a smartphone. I also do not use Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Di…[View]
70358664Is it a problem that all women are whores? Or is it only a problem because they're whores for c…[View]
70357669Femanons, where do you date (or attempt to)? There is this weird problem, where I fail to understand…[View]
70358307Does anyone on here have friends? Like in real life not online only? I have one 'friend'. He is an a…[View]
70358911Why didn't you listen to Dr. Paul?[View]
70358933Never relax around blacks: AVOID ALL SPEAKING AND INTERACTING WITH THEM. Niggers will kill you. Save…[View]
70358203Are cookies a based way to get nutrition's?[View]
70358901Fruit Loops PopTarts: This is the only 'goyslop' I will go nuts for. No shame. No apologie…[View]
70357789When was your rock bottom, anons? Mine is right now.[View]
70357717What makes a man attractive to you?: Be honest ladies. We won't freak out too much.[View]
70358974I want to swallow a nuke before it is detonated[View]
70357948How underage were you when you found this place? I was 13. If I could send a message to my past self…[View]
70357533i am starting to side with incels: some women will only date chads with horrible personalities, (due…[View]
70356819Can we fix Generation Z? Is there any hope at all...[View]
70358355This is the end of me it was a good run[View]
70358889i accidentally turned one of my females dogs into a sex addict how do i reverse it?[View]
70358743I like slutty girls and I am not going to pretend I don't anymore. You guys can keep chasing af…[View]
70358751Hello anons: >be me >kiss men >no gag reflex mwahahah…[View]
70357531would robots bust nuts in Dwyane Wade's son? what would you do to him?[View]
70356398Do you start your day choking the chicken? Why?[View]
70357302>dating option was strictly limited to white women >completely ignored by all white women …[View]
70358349>Be me >Watch as some lady walks her dog >Dog starts taking shit >Lady picks up poo with…[View]
70358724Be quiet pl0x, my cat gf is napping nyahh[View]
70357246My dream is to own one of these.[View]
70358713You have the train, anon: I've never liked Alex because she's such an edgy gamer girl. But…[View]
70351108Fuck, marry, or kill thread[View]
70358461>tfw no man-hating crystal cafe gf[View]
70358187Furry genocide when?[View]
70357748What percentage (%) of Fatties got Chad potential?[View]
70358696YFW the eating ass is a meme meme is the real meme.[View]
70356859Did you know that if you join the US Airforce right now that you could get a $20k sign on bonus just…[View]
70358691i'm sorry newfag, i'm afraid I can't give you my stash of copypastas.[View]
70352683tall men make me really horny lol ...[View]
70357462Your government-assigned bf, femcel.[View]
70358606I finally made a real life friend, someone who wants to hang out and chill. Is this it lads? Is this…[View]
70358332No matter what they do, it's never their fault.[View]
70357078Have you ever told a girl her buttcrack was out. How did it go?[View]
70357881Slavic Girls: I thank God everyday for the existence of Slavic girls. Without Slavic girls, I wouldn…[View]
70358537Feels like a friday night with all the suicide related posts[View]
70356221Reminder that women are >incapable of thinking for themselves >incapable of having their own o…[View]
70358092Incelus totalus!: What would you do if you could curse people with romancelessness? The cursed victi…[View]
70358344quite frankly i just wanna meet more people who cut and since this is a hive of mental illness maybe…[View]
70357612Psychologist: Things are only getting worse day by day and now I even consider going to a psychologi…[View]
70356753Would fembots date an unemployed NEET, or do even they expect you to be successful in a job? Why has…[View]
70357935What are your short term goals? How do you plan on making it? >1 save up $2000 by the end of the …[View]
70357960>Drank 9 cans of soda again today I feel unhealthy, but don't want to change. How long can I…[View]
70357826would drinking booze make me feel hapy[View]
70358039What does r9k think of this lad?[View]
70358375Personality IS Appearance.: Peoples personalities change when they get surgery...[View]
70357467Hey guys, so basically im friends with a guy and his gf. 4 days ago we got into a huge argument. btw…[View]
70357514Are robots into cryptozoology? What are your favorite cryptids?[View]
70358297Youre all out here trying to get a gf. Im just trying to function as a normal human being. How the f…[View]
70356297>Been NEETing 3 and a half years >Dad makes me get job where he works >Was supposed to sta…[View]
70357702I'm a bush man[View]
70357179no woman could ever love a skelly like me, the only way i could ever get a gf is by betabuxxing. she…[View]
70357972>read about the Russian position weapon >Live in a hilly area just beyond the affected zones I…[View]
70356283Would you date pic related, going by the following criteria? >36 years old but basically hasn…[View]
70357165only talk to me if you have something important to say i dont have time for trite behavior[View]
70358127Today was my first day at the gym and I felt like a fucking idiot out of place. I've never been…[View]
70358118Dark skinned women are so pretty. I wish I could date me a cutie like her.[View]
70357417>women with body counts in the double digits desire men who don't watch porn…[View]
70358157Today isn't a cute day...[View]
70358153>1 hour journey to the campus >shit library >nothing but pajeet chavs and sheboons >lect…[View]
70356571>Esther Vilar - The Manipulated Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2687RHEhGI…[View]
70356630Introverts are actually narcissists. They don't care about other people, and so they spend thei…[View]
70357443I was so tempted to asking this shy asian girl student in the back of the bus if I could massage her…[View]
70356330I used to be a cam whore on Omegle r9k back in 2013-2015 hows the nerds[View]
70356013Who in the world says they hate me but won't even be able to say a reason, is it an opposite ki…[View]
70354243What is /r9k/'s opinion on the PKA Podcast?: I really enjoy this Podcast for once, which is rar…[View]
70357768>every cope we tell ourselves incurs a debt to the blackpill >sooner or later that debt is pai…[View]
70357539I've been catching myself before I say mean things to people on here :) I really am gettin nice…[View]
70357809>never try >never fail Life is so easy if you know how to play it…[View]
70357795i have a cold my nose is sore[View]
70357773I have daddy issues but a very strong mommy kink. I never had issues with my mom other than being ma…[View]
70357249With bad sleep, extreme stress, and energy drinks, I experience psychosis and schizophrenia symptoms…[View]
70355511Quilt: This app popped up a few months ago, and the creators advertised it as a hangout for kind peo…[View]
70357016Was music the downfall of the west? I noticed everything started going downhill when rock music bec…[View]
70357694Anyone not care about prices of anything anymore?: I make exactly $573.74 a week, and I originally u…[View]
70356262trying to feminize my features, estradiol or cyproterone. No I'm not being a trannie[View]
70357158I'm not the best at anything despite how much I try, everywhere I see people more successful th…[View]
70357715why does pol think they are superior to these people? they are unhealthy, masturabte daily to intern…[View]
70357578Why is America like this? Specifically California[View]
70357629>whore regularly have body counts in the dozens if not hundreds >exactly none of those are you…[View]
70357461Everything is fine. Use your mind to see the Truth.[View]
70357287>Every cute girl I see always has a boyfriend who is taller than her by at least a head Its over…[View]
70356626>God will never leave me nor forsake me through wet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0y_toNT0zQ…[View]
70357602imagine being an Orc: >one chance at life >born mixed race >genetically fucked with loads o…[View]
70356072Bad breakups: Anyone else ended a multi year relationship here? My heart feels numb and I don't…[View]
70356047>wake up in the middle of the night >horribly groggy from codeine >waddle to the kitchen to…[View]
70352406Bonbibonkers became a fat whore when she turned 18/19 and has onlyfans explain yourself[View]
70356902>finally make discord friends >I'm already messing it up Well I guess it wasn't me…[View]
70357470So your life really went downhill after breaking up with me how fun is that LOL[View]
70356917which name sounds better Nucica or Sundara[View]
70354581> Failing uni, year 7 of a 5 year degree > About to lose housing in 3 months, can't find …[View]
70357455come join this wacky cool server if you're a fembot /6wxuG8rg[View]
70356843imagine being some ugly russian incel who was laughing at by girls and told he's not entitled t…[View]
70357421I am literally so happy with people starting to realize how dangerous covid vaccines are. All of my …[View]
70355609I kinda figured out why there are so many loser neet virgins on this board. 4chan attracts autistic …[View]
70357315How can I stop being impatient while I’m improving my appearance?: I've started going to the gy…[View]
70355182Headpat the femoid[View]
70357297exit bag helium: Does anyone know where to source pure helium for an exit bag. From the reading I…[View]
70357294When do girls mentally turn into women (whores)?[View]
70357331Do you guys think that Afro Latinas can be good horchata or is that label exclusive to racially ambi…[View]
70356739This place is my only way to interact with other people other than my family. I dont have any socmed…[View]
70353941Do you like mashed potatoes and gravy?[View]
70357326Femcuck Fun: How many girlfriends should your husband have? Do you have any specific fantasies about…[View]
70356182Bros... we're literally unwanted[View]
70355400Fembots and Older Men: How old would you date? Is that a lot older than you?[View]
70356955This platform is the containment zone for all the most subhuman degenerate creatures of the modern w…[View]
70356259Rate my Monday morning[View]
70356055>be dictator in 20th or 21st ce >gain a total power over millions of people >establish syst…[View]
70356802An orange cat came into my house today, we don't know how or when. But he got in. My dog starte…[View]
70356726Iris: I have been taking a liking to Iris after watching her videos. How do I proceed?[View]
70357258Will bigu pp really make me happu?[View]
70356885Why is dahmer hot: I just watched the new dahmer series on Netflix and I thought it was really well …[View]
70356152>depressed NEET for 8th year now >sitting in room as usual bored of everything >see bottle …[View]
70357177Redditors make a lot more sense when you think of it as an extension of twitter. Because thats basic…[View]
70355221Yasss queen slayyyy: Do they know or is this their coping mechanism?[View]
70355877do you hate stupid women[View]
70355655>tfw no gf who would fist fight me for fun untill we're both both bloody beaten and exhauste…[View]
70355748Why are they so rare, bros? Is this not the peek robot gf?[View]
70355153Duality: Why does R9K idealises 3-4 dumbass women, like that Iris nigger ? We hate on women and sudd…[View]
70357118I understand how the parasocial twitch fags feel now, watching a streamer gives you the feeling of h…[View]
70357102>played Soul Calibur VI Practice Mode w/ hardcore settings for 4 hours and 30 minutes straight I …[View]
70356869Just realized i'm closer to 30 than to 20. Crazy shit. I wasted all my youth[View]
70356833Cosplayer GF: So my goal is simple, I want a cute girlfriend that cosplays Vanilla from Nekopara. I…[View]
70357043Girls are unironically really scary. They have cooties and hide their true faces and their voices ma…[View]
70351797my 14 year old sister and her bf want me out of the house so they can have loud sex telling me 'i sh…[View]
70355841what does it mean when someone calls you fake?[View]
70356589Should ((people)) like this get thrown in a ward[View]
70348122POC Fems and Racist Bfs: Why don't you have a racist bf already?[View]
70356994i need tip on how to stay distracted and move on from my ex. all tips are appreciated.[View]
70356978If taller girls (5'9+) have a 6' requirement it doesn't really bother me but if short…[View]
70355790The world didn't COLLAPSE in 2001 The world didn't COLLAPSE in 2007 The world didn't …[View]
70355916I love weed! I don't need friends! I don't need a girlfriend! all I need is weed! weed is …[View]
70356760>be me >Pepe >guys look my text is green…[View]
70355725i am 26 years old and just lost my virginity this weekend from PIV sex with a girl i met on tinder b…[View]
70356899I been working my whole life from 16 until I graduated college, now I'm unemployed with nothing…[View]
70353260>graduate from school >cool >staying at parent's house just using my pc, talking to pa…[View]
70356294>ywn be a fembot[View]
70356264>be me >look feminine due to hair and genetics >don't attract many people because of t…[View]
70355893I don't go out except to buy cigarettes and alcohol. Is this hikikomori?[View]
70352954>I AM NOT BLUFFING[View]
70355904I don't talk to my family, I'm just doing schoolwork in my room all day[View]
70355959>bonbibonkers without makeup mogs all the fembot e-girls lmao[View]
70356690>woman >stretches in class >absolutely no attempt to hide completely exposed tummy Why do w…[View]
70354386>doesn't text for days >texts at 3 am as usual >oops anon haha totally forgot to text …[View]
70355274i wish i never felt for the lifting pill the true is that most women specially teens/early twenties …[View]
70353363Fuck NEETs, they are losers: ITT celebrate all the things you can do now that you arent living with …[View]
70355518Inceldom = skills deficit: it's just a skills deficit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/…[View]
70356633i will NEVER get this girl: fuck my life. ive been interested in this same girl for the past year. Y…[View]
70326230/drugfeel/: spongebob edition >>psychonautwiki.org >>tripsafe.org >>rollsafe.org …[View]
70355420kawaii :3[View]
70356714Why does losing in a video game make me sad but losing in real life doesnt make me sad[View]
70356750henlo?? is this fren?[View]
70356356Why should I support my country in World War 3 If I cant get any pussy?[View]
70355684my friends are constantly videoing and taking pictures of our daily lives, i hate it so much when th…[View]
70356590If you have listened to any of Hitler's speech (I have listened to most of them) she really is …[View]
70356651slaps, bussin and a vibe no cap fr[View]
70356622>a year ago >pour my heart out to my friend that I've never experienced love, likely neve…[View]
70356618How were the guys at Cartoon Network brave enough to do what they did to Brak? They had him be as st…[View]
70356582I think lolcow farm owners/jannies have BPD ngl[View]
70355343>internet on christianity and catholicism: FUCK JESUS AND FUCK GOD AND FUCK ALL RELIGION THAT SHI…[View]

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