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49402514>he's 18 and still a virgin[View]
49393153Convert to Catholicism right now or else![View]
49405541>be me >28 year old former NEET who got his first job this year >haven't talked to a g…[View]
49403968>throat has been getting hard like a rock over the past couple hours >started with itchiness a…[View]
49405274Official Good Boy Discount®: >you will never be as good a boy as me that Jack-In-The-Box gives yo…[View]
49405484MovieTheaterFucker: >be me >solid 6.5/10 so not bad >has egirl gf thats lives in cali …[View]
49405530> finally make new friend at school > goes to his house to play some fortnight > brought d…[View]
49405049So when was the last time you had sex huh? are you bleeding internally yet from withdrawal?[View]
49405317Women would rather fuck dogs and horses than you. How does this make you feel?[View]
49405448This is my favourate anime. Deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!-!![View]
49405492Anyone else constantly fearing they might have some illness or disease thats under their nose? I…[View]
49405477>predictions for the shrek reboot >shreks new look now is the sfm version from memes but witho…[View]
49403889Who has better feet, Indian girls or Mexican girls? Which would you rather sniff?[View]
49403705if you manage to live through your entire 20s without being sexually successful its bascially over f…[View]
49403759Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the South. Fuck the flyover states. Fuck a third of Maine. 2/3rds Nebrask…[View]
49404051How to msaaturbate: How do I murturbate? How to mtsasturbates? Iam boy[View]
49405401Local 7/11: So I went to the local 7/11 and there was this cashier he was a major dickhead and he wo…[View]
49404820Guise do you have the nudes of this Ashley/nadeshiko slut that you beta weebs used to orbit?[View]
49404389ok. jungian psych and shit does anyone else see the same numbers everywhere, and are numbers associa…[View]
49404880There's no reason for me to respect females when technology has made them obsolete.[View]
49405198why is most of the threads about how shit everyones lives are? (no gf, shit job, kys, ect...) the bo…[View]
49399719sexual abuse/rape/molestation thread: >sexual abuse I received from my uncle as a child has essen…[View]
49404738> parent takes you to thanksgiving at their friend's house > sees pic related > 'hi th…[View]
49403967My great great grandpa was a nigger, I hate the spaniards for taking niggers to mexico[View]
49404290is it weird I had a couple of mancrushes while growing up? I mean kids (usually older than me) that …[View]
49405298>tfw you been reduced to fucking fat girls off tinder. I miss my hoe.[View]
49405063You guys ever get small poopy chunks entwined in your ass hair that is annoying and virtually imposs…[View]
49404999Someone is cyber bullying me. What do I do? >He posted insane pictures of himself on b The image…[View]
49405217>be me >newfag >Dont know how arrows work >pleas dont hurt my feelinfs >this is the o…[View]
49405175>experiences with black girls thread good or bad[View]
49402505Congratulations, I've granted you the powers of a god! What's the first step of your maste…[View]
49405194>when you find a masochist tinder thot and dont have to deal with thots who need constant complim…[View]
49403988How did you manage to get over her and move on with your life?[View]
49404325Having a psychotic break: What do I do to calm down? Please help.[View]
49405146>studying philosophy >in ethics class >prof talking about virtues >talks about virtues o…[View]
49404817Well /r9k/ I tried. I really did >stay off 4chan for the last year >get license and car >pr…[View]
49402390PLEASE HELP R9K: TLDR: How do I hold conversations with a kind girl? There's a nice girl in my …[View]
49400345Let's decide once and for all: Which race/ ethnicity has the best women?[View]
49405029Hikki/NEET thread: Has Misaki come for you yet or are we all still waiting?[View]
49405056REBECCA AND CHAD VS ANON: hello there /b/ et me tell you the tale of the time i was cucked the chara…[View]
49404773I just found out that this guy was just an actor, how do I stop being so gullible?[View]
49402379Opinions on women in tech?[View]
49402646What will happen if I down some ibuprofens with a beer? I'm experimenting[View]
49402095Sachie finds nigger dicks to be very delicious[View]
49404110FACT: If you're a guy and moan during sex then you're indeed a homosexual[View]
49401524/creativegeneral/: Hey lads time for another creative general. Please post anything you've made…[View]
49404916>tfw sharing this board with a bunch of minority fetishists[View]
49403680>angry as fuck >drink some alcohol >not as angry and more calm Thank you alcohol…[View]
49404623Whenever i talk to a girl i get the sudden urge to shit. What the fuck is this, is it normal?[View]
49404835Who georgiafag here wanna meet up? Honestly I wouldnt mind meeting a robot/fembot in person[View]
49404272Big sis Kathy You have the right to remain awesome[View]
49403803Hey robots, I wanted to share my both depression and happiness with you I'm in a foreign countr…[View]
49404157>got e. coli again[View]
49403997>Be me >Normalfag with decent amount of friends and decent reputation >Weather is shit out…[View]
49403527What do you think about the domain switch for SFW boards? I personally think it'll be great. It…[View]
49404438experiencing 'brain lapses': I've had a lot today. Moments where I'm just driving or somet…[View]
49404327I can't get hard anymore: I used to get a boner for just looking at naked girls but now it take…[View]
49404750>Thought it would be funny to myself to pretend dial 911 >dial 91 before i realise >MFW the…[View]
49404620Hey R9K I'm try to get out of my Families thank giving by not falling asleep for 48 hours any t…[View]
49404470kaffy oneechan sleep tight please[View]
49401660LGBT: Why does a small portion of /r9k/ want those who are not heterosexual to leave this board? I v…[View]
49403758>12:45 am >just popped an adderall, got plenty left >gonna stay up all night and work tomor…[View]
49403426Are vegan women a red flag or a green flag, generally?[View]
49404478>I must have sex[View]
49404489that feel when I can't stop hitting my gf[View]
49403419'Slave to a broken order... dare you look upon the truth?' 'I have seen the scattering of countless …[View]
49404223>Just get a job haha >Just 'volunteer' haha >Just get friends haha >Just go outside haha…[View]
49399805comfy obscure music thread: cmon robros post good obscure music with the vibes of stuff like: Tulsa-…[View]
49401945> Anon, I will need you to come in on Thanksgiving and do the closing shift. > Your time off …[View]
49404321Well I'm ready to give up on getting help for mental health. I work as a carer for people with …[View]
49404429ITT: Tard stories, I'll start: >be me >19 year old Mericanfag >Decide to hit up a smal…[View]
49403298The NEETs were right.: The NEETs were right, getting a job doesn't change a fucking thing. >…[View]
49404229what the fuck I think I just heard someone knock on my window[View]
49403241should we make it a crime to be a male virgin? it is really problematic to have you losers walking a…[View]
49404356Have you ever been in a psychiatric hospital?: They will probably put me there and I'm scared. …[View]
49403077Elliot Rodger Pics, Facts, and Quotes Thread: Post what you got on Elliot Rodger[View]
49402631Will you really let Chad take her virginity, robots? This is your moment. Fight back. We are all go…[View]
49399627Lets talk about yu-gi-oh! /r9k/. Post decks, anime, nostalgia and other yu-gi-oh! stuff. No duel lin…[View]
49403959100,000 dollars to be a girls personal slave for a month.: So let's just say there was this fat…[View]
49403049>Be me >22 3 yrs ago >working as an accountant, fireman and finishing some barman classes …[View]
49403754what are your thoughts on illegal immigration?[View]
49402851anorexia/bulimia/ general eating disorders thread: Hey, diagnosed anorexic/binge eater here. When di…[View]
49404175It says here you haven't touched a vagina in 20 years, can you explain this gap in your resume?[View]
49403509Daily reminder: you can only have white children if you are white.[View]
49402214who here like gummie wormies? you wanna gummie?[View]
49400550ITT shit people have said to your face. >You embarrass us Anon >You look like the unibomber …[View]
49398858Grindr for traps/femboys: Is Grindr a good option to find femboys and traps? I'm only into femi…[View]
49403353>stop watching cuckold shit and femdom/pegging stuff to improve myself >automatically start se…[View]
49402028Why do they hate conservatives so much? >inb4 T_D Literally the most maligned and hated sub on t…[View]
49402728dont mind me and just keep scrolling[View]
49403428>tfw no gun control gf >she'd accept my 9mm cock and choose it over assault rifle cocks…[View]
49403501i just cant imagine myself being intimate with a human male seeing how far gone I am[View]
49402901They say that he will return in 2020, what will he do?[View]
49397810For the robots that play visual novels, I have a few questions to ask: 1. What do you play them for/…[View]
49403969>be me >be shitting >diarrhea because of lousy dinner composed of vegetable-free bean dip a…[View]
49403866How do I talk to women online? Some of you guys claim to be depressed NEETs with no gf but somehow,…[View]
49403297Have you ever been bullied by women?[View]
49402218going alone to watch a movie: a stigma: Why is it such a big offense and stigma going to the cinema …[View]
49402529>*carries you to heaven*[View]
49402980Believe it or mot, but I promise this story is true. >be my dad >mid 20s or so >have abusiv…[View]
49403853Times you've gotten mad over stupid shit and acted petty: >be me a few minutes ago >need …[View]
49403416You'd marry a non-virgin, right anon?[View]
49403721>People exist whose entire job is to entertain people on twitch >Ugly, average, or handsome, t…[View]
49401791Why are open relationships gaining popularity? Are they a good alternative to traditional relationsh…[View]
49402203so how do i score some acid? none of my weed/coke/pp dealers sell that shit[View]
49402047>I DON'T FUCK WITH NO OLD HOES ONLY NEW HOES what did he mean by this?…[View]
49403690I unironically masturbated for the 8th time today. Yesterday was 7 faps. I will forever be a virgin[View]
49403334Fucking hell, I almost forgot about the worst moment in my life and today I have a dream about it. …[View]
49403744>Be me >Live in a small town >Literally all my friends have died, or moved away >I'…[View]
49399046Why is being a gay faggot queer okay while being attracted to young developed girls demonized?[View]
49403557Fuck I wish I could just live in Japan. Been visiting the country twice, and I just love it so much[View]
49403309I need help with obscure art: First time I've asked for help. I know you guys hate normies but …[View]
49402468I can't wait for the store to open, so I can buy fish sticks!!!!!!!! :D Are you guys having a n…[View]
49403489real conversation with the only girl I ever fucked: >her: your dick is pretty small >me: what …[View]
49403602>wake up >day off >wait til I'm sleepy >go to bed Sick of this 24-hour day shit. I …[View]
49403285I know it's a common question here but I need dating advice. There are a few femanons that are …[View]
49403332What 3D modeled CG character would you print a life-size version of? >Mein.…[View]
49401973Would you date a girl that was uglier than you?[View]
49398934>be 6'2 >Talk to female >Feel 5'14…[View]
49401443Is it a good idea to hire a prostitute to teach you how to have sex properly?[View]
49403519dakki is great to sleep with: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick …[View]
49402289Why do you guys beg for relationships? Why not just go out enjoy what little life has to offer and t…[View]
49403385What are some ways you save money? I'll start with ones I do: >When you go to a fast food re…[View]
49403011>the cluster headaches are back I am in so much fucking pain.[View]
49403421How autistic is it that I literally fantisise about becoming a God?[View]
49402154I saved this picture the other day and I've used it like 12 times since. I've saved other …[View]
49403458Is there any self help book for not being a loveshy beta male robot? Sick of being a 24 yo GFless vi…[View]
49403444A Girl: A fellow robot needs your help >Be me pleb >Really like this girl that im good friend…[View]
49403358>be me >living with parents >still a grown ass man >fuck it >purchase haruhi body pil…[View]
49401198>j-just take the pink pill /r9k/ you'll definitely find love then >you won't turn in…[View]
49403126im currently saving up money for a nose job. is $600 enough?[View]
49396746>He abandoned God >He wonders why his life is so shit…[View]
49402948I want to stick my hard pulsating cock in a black girl help.[View]
49402546Dated for a few weeks. Made out few times and some touching but that was it. I wasn't that into…[View]
49403250ROBOT THANKSGIVING: What are you doing for Thanksgiving? >going to make sausages, a big waffle w…[View]
49403289Why is my cat so fucking retarded?[View]
49399099Lets make robot haikus! Ill start >stuck on this website >bound by the chains of 4Chan >i a…[View]
49402746alright fags tell me a single reason why you all haven't killed yourselves yet, you all are sad…[View]
49402270My performance at work would legitimately increase by like 200% if people would pay my head and call…[View]
49403223meme dumb: Anons put all your decent memes in here[View]
49402008Hey robots, I'm sick of women, you guys probably are too. If we combine our energy, we might be…[View]
49401735help pls: >Be me >nerd beta fag. >anti-social and has social anxiety. >bored one day whi…[View]
49400741How do white fembots feel about asian girls replacing white women?[View]
49402166>be me >be 6ix9ine's cell m8 >push his head down and hold his ass up >inject estrog…[View]
49403005Hello robots. I'm doing a survey on 4chan, Reddit, and a few other sites to see how people live…[View]
49399989When did you quit the music jew?[View]
49398670I fucking hate women. I tell you anons, I am on the other side, I am chad. But I'm a complete p…[View]
49403151hey. FUCK HAPAS, purebloods run this city[View]
49403147The HABBO raids return: We're gonna go fuck up HABBO again anons, there's the discord(pic …[View]
49402591>your parents will die in your lifetime this life is fucking gay[View]
49402940spines look like millipedes: Imagine actually having a millipede for a spine. Like, it serves as you…[View]
49401647So what's the next step for a person when therapy and psychiatry doesn't work? The psych w…[View]
49403112Hookers: Reeeeeee where the fuck do I find hookers ever since Trump shut down Backpage reeee[View]
49402342Big sis Kathy! Have a nice night again. I hope everything is well for you[View]
49402587Music thread: WHEN YOU RUN! THEY'LL FOLLOW YOU![View]
49403000>be me >20 yo virgin neet >always thought Im ugly and have no chance >get fucked up on …[View]
49402883>gf starting to talk to her ex again[View]
49401219>Tfw no runescape gf to train agility with[View]
49400824Robert de niro got JUSTed: Press F to pay respects my dudes[View]
49402367make /r9k/ sfw: with the upcoming 4channel change it's time to finally make /r9k/ sfw, being ns…[View]
49402723How do the wagies survive: Since becoming a wagie recently ive been very frustrated trying to figure…[View]
49398415Post dark, atmospheric music.: I'm in the right mood for it. Post music/ambience that gives you…[View]
49402551Started fantasizing about black cock again last night: I haven't had this craving in months. I …[View]
49399721What is it like to get your first GF after 25?[View]
49402309Tonight, onii chan[View]
49401915>tfw no financial analyst bf[View]
49402856shit that makes you want to give up? > single mum has old mental issues and lazy af > has 2yr …[View]
49402277For a bunch of friendless losers you are all certainly incredibly picky. Like, wouldn't you wa…[View]
49401889HOTD waifu: Who was your HOTD waifu, anons?see pic relate[View]
49401517Where do I find a cute girl who enjoys killing men to kill me?[View]
49401551>28 f >tfw aging by the day >wrinkles, shitty uneven skin tone, sagging midface >tfw avo…[View]
49402872Is it true that all I gotta do is be a /comfy boi/ to get a gf. If So can I have a cutie pls[View]
49402400sometimes when i stand up my knees crack real loud[View]
49402541>be me >fall in love with this qt3.14 i met on ig >we meet in a local party and sit togethe…[View]
49402353i literally dont have any responsibilities I could go live in the forest for 6 months and come back…[View]
49402807Neeko Neeko Nice server here /mVNmDQa[View]
49401911He was unironically hot as fuck[View]
49402176Why do people here hate other people so much? Black people, women, gay people, etc. I'm not som…[View]
49402703How do dumb roasties produce intelligent sons?[View]
49402663Can anyone even take a crack at refuting this?[View]
49402662A lot of people on this board are very sweet and kind. I come here to read posts from the sweeties. …[View]
49401921Just started my diet. How does it feel to know that you missed your chance with a soon to be 7/10? Y…[View]
49402672I think my dog is a footfag. What do[View]
49401316Comfy Thread: What are you >Watching >reading >Listening to >Thinking about And most im…[View]
49402613>'Plus sized' You're not plus sized, you're fucking fat.[View]
49400391ITT Post something nice that happened to you today, or that you did for someone else[View]
49401063>anime about 'losers' >goes on dates >gets to hold hands with a girl while they watch firew…[View]
49402574hey robots i saw something today worth posting , has anyone seen this article floating around on fac…[View]
49401635So Hey r9k I'm ready to leave 4chan forever and take the next step in life Guys I'm done …[View]
49402543>couple years ago >was trying to get with a girl for a while >drove around at night with he…[View]
49400448>be me, lonely guy at college >meet nice qt3.14 girl in my genetics class, which is at a neigh…[View]
49402500Everytime i'm too lazy to get up from bed to just grab something on my deck I just hope it…[View]
49402022This was like 2 years ago but here it goes >be me >playing w/ friends online >was playing o…[View]
49402414What does pussyfucking feel like to a fellow male?[View]
49401879>Come and get your dinner my little Anonnie! >Mommy's been cooking this all day in her sp…[View]
49402024>your turn now bro[View]
49402436>always need 11-12 hours of sleep >never sleep past 12 hours or under 8 hours >still feel I…[View]
49402422Is taxation theft? Should we all just go NEET to avoid this cuckoldry?[View]
49400724Life is so boring and empty.[View]
49398058self-hate and /suicide/ thread: Are you depressed, tired of life, know that you're unfixable, n…[View]
49400315You are not a special snowflake. You have more in common with others than you think or are unwilling…[View]
49402219whats the point of being a good person if bad people get away with bad things[View]
49401957>*various Bix nood about bringing her another pizza*[View]
49402079Give me somthing fun to do im bored at home with my family[View]
49402314>white >Clear skin >Blue eyes >Compatible and accommodating personality But >5'9…[View]
49402329>my senior year of HS >had a oneitis who was a junior, she rejects me for a sophomore >ffwd…[View]
49401427WHITE WOMAN APPRECIATION THREAD Where were you when you realized that white women are the best breed…[View]
49399285wtf mods are banning all orbit3r threads. why? they are harmless maybe a little annying[View]
49401478Goys, I was looking through the internet to find out what happend to bonbibonkers and saw this. Is t…[View]
49399239Mixed race couples: Why are WMAF couples so common in wealthy areas and BMWF couples are common in p…[View]
49401714Why are guys so fake and boring?: Men are usually pretty normal with other men, it depends on a pers…[View]
49366638Waifu thread: Surprise, it's not GLaDOSfag making the thread this time. Post your waifu, discus…[View]
49401772what do you think its like to have real friends and live a normal life?[View]
49400767>made a catfish using pic related >100+ matched within the hour even with me saying i have a …[View]
49402169it's hipster cover band night at the bar across the street from me. I live in a residential are…[View]
49401975I grew up in the same town as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dennis Rodman and blues musician, T-Bone Walker. W…[View]
49401586>tfw no fembot to financially take care of >tfw no fembot interested in a long distance relati…[View]
49401137>workout every day with boy I knew from childhood >he was texting a group chat the whole time …[View]
49402107MONGOLS ARE THE MASTER RACE: >We have the highest visiospatial IQ >We have the greatest crania…[View]
49402074itt robots stop being mean and apologize to fembots right now[View]
49402100Yeah legit I can not take all th normies triggering me with their romantic optimism. Fuck off all of…[View]
49401039Are Cholo weeaboos a thing? I have seen black weeaboos, white weeaboos and asian weeaboos, but no hi…[View]
49402073Uncle Anon are you gonna eat thanksgiving dinner with us? Pretty please, I want to sit on your lap[View]
49401436>see waifu dream on the background of a meme video >google it >spend half an hour finding c…[View]
49401226rude: Did you take down my thread because it made your peepees feel bad? It didn't break any ru…[View]
49401882>be me >landmine has taken my sight taken my speech taken my hearing taken my arms taken my le…[View]
49401873>he lives in the inland empire[View]
49401910Quick reminder that all the-rapists are snake oil sails people and u are wasting ur shekels supporti…[View]
49401976Seriously, how big of a loser are you? No need to exaggerate, just be honest. A few key points will …[View]
49401725Does anyone else ever feel jealous of female sexual pleasure? I don't think I want to be a woma…[View]
49399704how do I force myself to go into jail? I have to force myself to go into jail to live my shitty smal…[View]
49400973This is what you tranny fetishists have created[View]
49400926>tfw everyone around you is just pretending to be a loser because being a loser is cool now >t…[View]
49395542This will never be your reality.[View]
49399435Why do girls only rub their clit when they masturbate? Doesn't this disprove the big dick meme?[View]
49401624hey faggots how do you feel that i still have my whole life ahead and you all ruined your lives.[View]
49400746So what are the risks involved, when seminal fluids touch the body of a blood relative? Not go insid…[View]
49401118>tfw I am a fucking creep Why does it have to be this way anons. I want friends, I want mates and…[View]
49400740>tfw your only friend has moved up in his corporate job and is slowly acting more and more elitis…[View]
49396904Used Panty/Sock/Shoe Enthusiasts: I don't know where else to ask, I've seen more than a fe…[View]
49400847tfw /r9k/ manages to be the worst board of them all and the mods keep deleting the cool threads[View]
49400749its probably fair to say a lot of people on this board are suicidal. whats keeping you guys from doi…[View]
49401746This board can be good at times, it utmostly sucks. Sometimes it feels like you're standing nex…[View]
49400992We are the jannies who browse the chan for free We eat hot pockets and delete threads and if you ask…[View]
49401697>tfw no petite gf who dresses in comfy flannels and doesn't wear makeup how can I go on livi…[View]
49394260What's the most degenerate thing you've ever done? Don't skip on the details.greentex…[View]
49401671I can't make e-friends. Even shut-ins can make e-friends. But I can't. I can't make r…[View]
49401444>thinking about le memes of the internets in the future >are they epic?! >build time machin…[View]
49401352Hey, I think I just e-fucked an underage girl I met on an anime discord server, it was just a voice …[View]
49399055How much time till we have qts with fur tails? I need this. is my ultimate fetish. I want to marry t…[View]
49401602Does anyone have any 'Yeah we gay, keep scrolling' pics? I need them for a collection[View]
49401597>be me, well hated and depressed femanon >also be on period with messed up digestive system …[View]
49401536Touched air that has touched women Later, virgins[View]
49400806>Another night alone in my room The worst thing is there is nothing to look forward to. Not tomor…[View]
49401589>knock at door >freeze like statue >stand their for 10 minutes trembling and heart pounding…[View]
49401424https://youtu.be/zd5M5K5QtrM Tfw this is literally what I ended up doing for a living. Tfw Im kind o…[View]
49399448robot turned norman: hello again niggers. 3 years ago i was a full fledged robot, now i have a gf, g…[View]
49401072mod is a half gook/chink female mutt. like all mutts, she has it out for White females. the race bai…[View]
49400658I don't give a fuck about finding a girlfriend anymore and have given up on the love meme (and …[View]
49400644How do the Asian guys do it? Is it the strict parenting that just breeds winners or are they really …[View]
494014542D is purity. 2D is innocence. 2D is perfection. Our waifus are waiting for us in the afterlife robo…[View]
49400409How many of you are underaged? https://strawpoll.com/pbykdfb6 >Pic unrelated…[View]
49401475who here actually successfully committed suicide and didn't just attempt it and failed? Is your…[View]
49400730Alright bots, whats your side hustle besides NEETbux?[View]
49401379Gone bad, cholera?: I bought some of these (not the actual picture, obviously, just some Wendy'…[View]
49398278has gaming made you gain weight?[View]
49401255ITT : 4chan slang you hate I'll start Girl (male)[View]
49399460I'm 37 and stuck in a sexless, loveless marriage with a woman who just wants to drain my bank a…[View]
49400004>attractive guy pretends to be the ultimate autist >still gets a fat drunk bitch to tell him s…[View]
49396008You're probably schizotypal: Schizoid is an extremely rare disorder. You almost certainly do no…[View]
49397813hey guys what do you think of this little thing I wrote?[View]
49399300>tfw no femanon to verbally and physically abuse me while I worship her like a goddess where…[View]
49401228people in house have realized im a depressed piece of shit. they ask daily 'you okay? you promise yo…[View]
49399247why not just do kratom if you're under scuintity by the whites or just too stupid to find anyon…[View]
49401177Why the fuck do we even have this holiday? It's like the most miserable time of year. >Only …[View]
49399292kathy oneechan kathy oneechan! have a good evening okay![View]
49401168my armpits smell like oniomns[View]
49401153Hugged a girl today :)[View]
49401133Woman Hate Thread: >He killed the roastie for no reason lmao[View]
49394666/britfeel/: late night lidl shopping for cheap scrumpy, edition[View]
49399152NEET HIKKI thread: Thread for Hikki feels. Anyone else sick of being trapped in their home? are my N…[View]
49401043The NPC meme is just an edgier, more derivative version of the basic meme that has been circulating …[View]
49401076My sheets turned yellow after I washed them[View]
49399367how 2 be moral?: hi r9k its been a while, ive been getting a bit healthier mentally. still a bad per…[View]
49401041you gay: Anime pussy An-anime pussy Anime pussy An-anime pussy Anime pussy An-anime pussy Anime puss…[View]
49400722I look white but im probably around 5% nigger, should I still have kids?[View]
49400769So any of you mongoliods take clonazepam? My Dr just prescribed me 2mg 3 times a day. It's got …[View]
49400209Baptism: I want to get baptised so I can marry my Catholic gf in a Catholic service. I have already …[View]
49400459big sis you deserve to rest after long day[View]
49397640What is your opinion on this whole thing?[View]
49400032How the absolute fuck do so many women have perfect hourglass figures but if I even think about not …[View]
49400306How goes it, friends and strangers? What's on your mind this evening?[View]
49400921>always need 11-12 hours of sleep >used to sleep after coming home from work (for 12 hours) on…[View]
49400611>meet girl >spend two days partying with her >get her name and address and life story and e…[View]
49393860why are asian girls so attractive? (and why are white girls not?)[View]
49399396its finally happening my grades are slipping my family doesnt care about me remotely ive finally ali…[View]
49400269i find myself coming back to this fucking board. i cant escape it my life is shit and i want to be a…[View]
49399445What race of female is most likely to be a virgin at 18?[View]
49400779Why do girls like being spanked?[View]
49400826day of torment: I want to be alone so I can scream and do damage, inconsiderate to myself But there …[View]
49399929Why do women hate gay and bisexual men? They seem to have some innate repulsion and hatred for them.[View]
49400798How many legs does the sheep have if you call its tail a leg?[View]
49400394>started talking to god in my head >atheist my whole life T-this is it My subconsciousness is …[View]
49400713https://youtu.be/KRTI-R6GyOI Guess who's live guys? Fucking whire tahlia, fucking hate this roa…[View]
49400442Ok I haven't posted in a while. It's 3 a.m. here and I feel like telling you a story. …[View]
49395799Why do you guys think you're the only ones with problems? >25, F, virgin >never had a boy…[View]
49396512How the fuck does modelling work? This is one of the most famous models in the world, and she's…[View]
49397953Are you going to come out of your room this Thursday or are you staying in?[View]
49399118What do you feel when you see this, anon?[View]
49400412would you date a girl who writes and speaks with poor grammar? ive always been pretty insecure about…[View]
49400453cancer: >be me >2008 >like 15 >be playing outside >family goes outside and gives news…[View]
49400173I'm a pilot. Does anybody need to fly anywhere? I'll take you where you want to go for the…[View]
49400670>qt with a cuter butt at the hostel >she knows she has the butt >keeps trying to set me u…[View]
49399067What the FUCK do I do when a major depressive episode hits? I'm not bipolar but I will have abo…[View]
49400273Posting turkey apu everyday Day 113[View]
49400460Depressing meal thread? Post your depressing robot meals. I can't be the only one who eats this…[View]
49400568>be 2025 >rumors of Fallout 5 circulate. Todd Howard appears at e3 >'Fallout 5... is unlike…[View]
49400100Who Else Trolls Crystal Cafe?: https://crystal.cafe/b/ Embrace the stupid and post your efforts to d…[View]
49399175you see taking it in the butt for millions doesn't pay these gentlemen have been hoodwinked an…[View]
49400474>she doesn't even know my name[View]
49400483I hate the disgusting, primitive animal instincts that make me feel the need to orgasm. I wish I cou…[View]
49399480Despair: When did you realize youve hit rock bottom?[View]
49400392Work? Why not just steal?[View]
49400465When you realize 4chan is nothing more than a digital agony aunt[View]
49396878gummie worm for you?[View]
49399672I'm not sure this is the right board for this but /biz/ is a flaming heap right now and /adv/ i…[View]
49399060W-what does a... pozzed load feel like?[View]
49399146wtf is wrong with me: >become close friends with people >screw them over on purpose/turn peopl…[View]
49399271Would you take pic related to your prom if you didn't have a date and this transexual dude was …[View]
49400378white girls love bbc anons: now sorry for the bait but this thread is so fucking shit that this is a…[View]
49399641>you will never meet your online friends irl and watch anime and cuddle and kiss each other…[View]
49400178what the fuck is with women and pimples they all seem obsessed with picking at them and popping them…[View]
49400132Why are people on this website such degenerates? When did 4chan become like this?[View]
49400322So you guys actually think that black women are not sub~human?[View]
49397913Bro why are teenagers so fucking hot? The smooth skin, soft features and innocence are awesome[View]
49400278Just ignore your urges and try to be happy. Not everyone can live the conventional life, so get crea…[View]
49399988>18 years have passed by in my life and I still dont know the anatomy of my vagina…[View]
49400149Have you ever considered moving abroad to find a wife?[View]
49399057White women betrayed you and stomped your heart into the dust, so why do you still want them?[View]
49400203I'll never date a gold digger because I have no money[View]
49400225How do white people stay out of prison? You guys are clearly not better behaved. Do whites have a ge…[View]
49397727>be raised by incompetent parents who insist they did a good job despite me failing to launch …[View]
49400131Someone I know is actually hooking up with people from 4chan: >only I know and no one will believ…[View]
49399253>brother self-harming in the other room again[View]
49397375How do I get money from pervy desperate anons?: How do I even find these people. I took the pinkpill…[View]
49398389I want a guy to let me ride over his shoulders[View]
49398774they did surgery on a grape: they did surgery on a grape[View]
49399615I just need one friend who cares about me like I care about them. I'm invisible to everyone I k…[View]
49399740How long can you be a cougar's boytoy?: Is there an expiration date even before you age out and…[View]
49399813Anyone else here only alive out of spite? There are hundreds of people who despise me and want me de…[View]
49393498If you get this wrong you're an NPC. No using a calculator either.[View]
49398834>a hearing aid can cost $1,500-$3,200[View]
49396991Want to make an album, to expensive to make, put it in a game as the music, now its just some meme s…[View]
4939853619 small and still a virgin: I think i am done growing and my cock is still smaller than average. I …[View]
49399858>tfw unironically started dreaming about being a family man What is this, some kind of natural in…[View]
49399894What do women feel when you stick it inside? Is it different from rubbing their clit? When I rub her…[View]
49399675>hiroshimoot is splitting 4chan into nsfw and sfw websites >hiroshimoot is a stupid fucking go…[View]
49399388>found anti-depressants in dads medicine cabinet Fucking hell, depressed myself but am fucking wo…[View]
49399836What's your problem with self help? .. You can get the things you want, you can die with money …[View]
49398977Hi /r9k/, I'm here to vent a bit and because I need my gratification in order to continue. Sim…[View]
49399710do blackbots still believe in a god, knowing that he made you the lowest of the low in society?[View]
49394842what do you call this bodytype?[View]
49396855who else /nose picker/ here? just got the biggest piece of gold ever and I ate it too[View]
49399423sup robits. Should I get fucking drunk tonight?[View]
49399338Lemme tell u about my cousin >be me at the time >about to do homework >carrying bag upstair…[View]
49399446I have fought my battle for far too long, because I know that when I achieve my goals, I will never …[View]
49398766I have a bad yeast infection in my cock but the pills require a prescription from a doctor and cost …[View]
49392375If the perf height for guys is 6 feet tall, what's it for girls? How about weight?[View]
49399191How do I stop being so paranoid all the time ?[View]
49399438why havent you got your dakki yet: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up qu…[View]
49399479Brainlet Thread?: All brainlets posted by me were made by yourgoodfriend on funnyjunk https://funnyj…[View]
49399442I just got a new chair for my computer, one of those gaming chairs. I feel, however, remorse for get…[View]
49399179Anyone else here have a much easier time enjoying themselves while drunk? I don't just mean lik…[View]
49399429>around 60 deaths and disappearances >not one rape or incidents involving filipino slave child…[View]
49399427Everything you 'know' is wrong until you can prove it right.[View]
49399232mixed femanon here. where can I find fellow mixed guys to make more mixed babies with?[View]
49397751psyched out: >21, stoner, take acid, shrooms and mdma occasionally >take break from drugs >…[View]
49398522>tfw went blind for about 3 hours today Look after your eyes, guys[View]
49399370a friend of my mommy said i'm a very smart boi But seriously this shit made my days, first tim…[View]
49368395MBTI general - NT's losing all their money in crypto edition: let's try this again alright…[View]
49399231You ever just wanna leave behind everything you hate and confine yourself in a hedonistic lifestyle?…[View]
49398638White fembots, why do you prefer asian guys over your own race?[View]
49399240>be at school >walk into gymnasium >it's a school dance >it is about to start >…[View]
49392093whats with all the race baiting? I thought this was a ROBOT9001 board? not a /pol/ board?[View]
49395531>she tells you you're just a friend >tonight Chad will penetrate her rear end…[View]
49399134Why are white girls so pretty?[View]
49397348CHAD TUNES: Hey beta virgin cucks, listen to this everyday and you'll get some tight vagina. Yo…[View]
49399157>Anon... What are all these 'mom and Chadson' threads about?[View]
49399047when did you realize depression and anxiety were memes?[View]
49399135Some internet person accused me of posting pictures of my genitals: I think they were serious which …[View]
49398779big sis enjoy your evening[View]
49394256How short are you, Anonymous?[View]
49399032Never fucking assume.. right? FUCKKKK: >'Never assume she likes you Anon, never' >Constantly g…[View]
49396582Most annoying fetish: You wanna know the most annoying fetish to have? It's a fur fetish, and l…[View]
49396580Im so ugly If i can never be exceptionally pretty to the point people think im beautiful or above av…[View]
49398100I hate my fucking job and want to die: >Be NEET until age 25 >Father says I am going to be kic…[View]
49398593Anyone else sick of seeing this disgusting fat nigger getting fucked?[View]
49399063Ex-amazon wagey are you my impostor?[View]
49399052How do you white robots react when you see other races of men snatching up your women?[View]
49396506Fembots, have you ever been dick drunk? How long does the feeling last?[View]
49398150Name a better food than buffalo wings You will fail in your effort[View]
49393039I'm a property manager and last week I was called to replace a water heater in one of the apart…[View]
49399015>and then Anon said he was here for the anime![View]
49398226>that one popular numa numa video is 12 years old[View]
49397032If women have no problems according to /r9k/, why do so many young women have self-esteem issues?[View]
49398678Since there's a lot of blackbots here; does the lack of empathy and goodwill in the black commu…[View]
49398971>go to sleep at 9pm >wake up at 1:30am with what feels like renal failure >can't go ba…[View]
49398857I wanna make music.: To any creative bots who make music, how do I get started? I wanna make electro…[View]
49398682New EpicPosting discord Here, you will find the truth and the ways of goodness f4WTcP6[View]
49398379Isn't a girlfriend just a pet you can stick your dick in without it being bestiality?[View]
49397818Anon gets hurt: >be me >be in highschool >last class before break >in band >just had…[View]
49395638What a classic: What are some of your favourite raids?[View]
49398912>practice gf starts sending love hearts in her messages wtf bros /fit/ didn't prepare me for…[View]
49398002being ciaras yunga brother is hell mayn i just want2 go on omegle & meet new friends without bei…[View]
49398803>When night falls >she cloaks the world >in impenetrable darkness. >A chill rises >fr…[View]
49397820why do people have to die? it's so unfair[View]
49396553>decide to finally go to a /soc/ rate thread to see what other people think of me >literally e…[View]
49398850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRTI-R6GyOI The femcel is doing a livestream, get in here[View]
49398816You have no excuse when this fat motherfucker can score a qt.[View]
49398456Painful Realizations Thread: When's the last time you were reminded that you're a robot? I…[View]
49396292Why are white women so inferior[View]
49397672Incels are winny bitches: Fuck this self defeating shit This fat fuck makes no effort to lose weight…[View]
49397644Schizo anon here. In my own hubris of self importance I decided to make a post here, please ignore i…[View]
49398780temporary fetishes: anyone used to have fetishes or be super into some niche kink or something but t…[View]
49398118To: Anon: Hear me out anon Forget about getting a gf, forget about women, forget about chads, stacie…[View]
49398698Hey /r9k/, if you don't come in this thread and talk to me and each other then I'm going t…[View]
49397091Footfags: Does any of you have tickling fetish beside the foot thing or it is an extra portion of au…[View]
49392792Fembot Feels Thread: Misogyny-free safe space to discuss our feels >tfw qt boy at work only has e…[View]
49397132>tfw have my very first date next Friday >mfw might end up holding her hand or kissing her…[View]
49397279Greta Van Fleet: How do you guys feel about them?[View]
49395891Why is tekashi 6ix9ine so cool? He's my hero[View]
49398601Alone af: > feel alone > crave feeling loved > dont feel loved > thinking about how many…[View]
49398107Sum up school/lessons in one image >GCSE Drama[View]
49398516There sure is a lot of traffic out there thanks to the holiday rush. The commute must be terrible.[View]
49398563>be me >family has guests in house >i stay in my room, obviously >i go out of my room to…[View]
49392314is 26 too late to change it all around?[View]
49397436All I want is a qt 3.14 gf. That's all world! but I never getti woah is me. why must it be thi…[View]
49398043Farewell anons. Outstretch your arms, and reach your goals. We're all gonna make it someday.[View]
49397819I need some yandere green texts.: Don't care if they have been posted before.[View]
49397975>_______ is just a social contruct.[View]
49397985You all lied to me about having a job.: As said in the description, you all fucking lied to me. You …[View]
49396126>tfw no tomboy gf This feel's been getting stronger.[View]
49397530Do we create suffering by creating objects of desire which previously didn't exist? If you are …[View]
49398464>tfw have four dogs, and have been dying their hair periodically, so they can maul the neighborho…[View]
49396372holy fucking shit, my roommate is probably one of the most boring people I've ever. He always s…[View]
49396336I want to be a Reich Bitch: I have fantasized about being this german woman from Schindler's li…[View]
49397515what do I do robots >gf 7month pregnant >finds out I went out with a 17yo girl >gf's a…[View]
49397499>watch tinder experiment videos >notice all the girls that are less attractive are: >treate…[View]
49398212Why do i still come on here despite the fact that this place is probably the worst thing for my ment…[View]
49392806Anons, what's your idea of a perfect girlfriend? Would you settle for less than your idea of pe…[View]
49398135Pls help: How do I find a woman like this? Are there specific interests I need? Im legit clueless.…[View]
49397507Let's pretend I would have to get my leg amputated for whatever reason, if I wanted to, a docto…[View]
49397545cancer cure??? medfags explain: >exstepmom's boyfriend got diagnosed with mid-stage prostate…[View]
49397320So my roommate just told me she had a threesome, both mmf and mff. We live on a campus of a technica…[View]
49398210Is it December yet?: We all know Thanksgiving doesn't exist[View]
49396076How would I get a gf that uses and abuses me?[View]
49398187Would you buy this for your daughter to illuminate her while she slept. If I bought this would girls…[View]
49397061femlet feels: >once chance at life >5'5…[View]
49394785Anyone ever feel like they are the evil alternate timeline of how they could've ended up?[View]
49398173Goodbye frens, I gotta go for now. I had lots of fun and will probably be back in time. Please try …[View]
49398132Look at me adulting and shit. Im just adulting all over the place. This bitch can officially conside…[View]
49396593My ultimate fetish is to be brutally and slowly murdered with a sharp sword/katana or such, by a cut…[View]
49398115tfw no aoi miyazaki gf[View]
49398017>feel like getting Panda Express, its been awhile >go there, i recognize the girl thats servin…[View]
49395791Have you converted yet?: I literally won't be satisfied until I turn literally all of /r9k/ Cat…[View]
49397909Ex bf is still bottoming for everyone over at soc: I seriously miss the days when sex was a funny jo…[View]
49397997kathy oneechan. have a good early afternooon today[View]
49395588/manlet/ general: How are all my manletbros Holding up? Don't let those lanky faggots get to yo…[View]
49397401the bus: >so the chorus was call to the bus guys go into the first bus > we run into that thin…[View]
49397924>be me >in deathbed, my time is up >my kids are next to the bed, crying but they understand…[View]
49397241why is being country exclusively a white people thing? like what the fuck makes them just come out i…[View]
49397153kaffy oneechan. have a splendid afternoon[View]
49397902Why is the /wsg/ catalog suddenly filed with tiktok and ethots?[View]
49395960I geniunely hate almost everyone on this site. You are all talentless, worthless, garbage people, th…[View]
49397536im a fe mbot , i sniff my underwear regularly and get turned on by the fact that some of you are dyi…[View]
49391966Do robots eat healthy? >what was it >exactly how fucked are you >inb4 pussy, dick, cum and …[View]
49397214I have literally never talked to a girl EVER in my life. I don't have a mom. No sisters. No aun…[View]
49397792Ex bf is bottoming for everyone over on soc: >used goods isn't a meme ->he actually enjo…[View]
49396179sobriety is fucking horrible how do i keep this up[View]
49395637>tfw i'll never be able to experience to purest form of love (boy on boy) because god made m…[View]
49397765Guys, I'm actually retarded >be me >like this girl >she's a normie but I can deal…[View]
49395468Who /oldschoolrunescape/ here?[View]
49397423>tfw your biological body grew old and your mind didnt experience love[View]
49394258Trans daughter ama: Just finding out life as trane daughter ama[View]
49397367Anne frankly, I did nazi that coming. I literally came here to say this but boy, that escalated quic…[View]
49397380i do nothing but go to work and come home and smoke weed how do people do this everyday feels like t…[View]
49396952i know it sounds cheesy, but i always feel like everything is a farse. i always feel like i'm r…[View]
49397681remember the old ways: >tfw no gf >tfw no friend that is girl >tfw no girl that is friend …[View]
49396714Making friends on r9k/online: What's it like to add people from r9k? I always assumed it would …[View]
49397575>Be me, 23 year old Engineer >Working at a company with senior members >One teaching me on …[View]
49396068Fuck... at least now I know i'm straight[View]
49397477Good evening, /r9k/. How about we show each other our waifus? I'm alone and I don't have a…[View]
49395806How bad is your life? Im so poor rn im eating freezerburnt 2 year old mini corndogs[View]
49397155What do I say anons? Any chads around? She's talking about a tom and jerry pic I have[View]
49391105Why is God punishing me by making me live such a lonely, miserable life? Every day I cope by daydrea…[View]
49397411There is a man I used to work with who I have a mild obsession with. He's overall uninteresting…[View]
49395784they are too powerful[View]
49393129ITT: Funny ways to spell '4chan' >4cham[View]
49397453Who else has stupid parents here? >Romaine lettuce e coli outbreak, FDA says do not eat ANY becau…[View]
49397449>go to sleep at 10 last night despite urge to stay awake and play shitya >set alarm to 6AM …[View]
49395422>tfw no thicc black gf Is there a worse feel out there?[View]
49397051Tfw I sucked my dog's dick: Sorry... Sorry... Ehehe~[View]
49394351>pissing in the toilet and begin to remember a thread about putting your own dick up your ass …[View]
49393377hmmm: I have been using 4chan for like 4 months and I have noticed there is a lot of racism in here.…[View]
49396830>be me, 8/10 skinny long haired alt dude >have a few really good friends since middle school …[View]
49390581You have to work[View]
49397254>work cancelled because of poor air quality[View]
49397101what do you still think about: ITT: shit you still think about >be me >8th grade >sitting i…[View]
49397286>pre advertisement snapchat is dead >pre stories mashed on the same screen as messages snapcha…[View]
49395238Self Improvement/Personal Growth General: Because nothing changes when you do the same thing every d…[View]
49397223pedrone and alai mcdonalds sex[View]
49396651I'm 21 and my resume is blank[View]
49396880This will get buried but brace yourselves, some men want to watch the world burn right in the feels.…[View]
49396133robot gives you a option: How would /r9k/ commit suicide[View]
49397078I want 1 (You) every hour or I will post the n word.[View]
49393205*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *…[View]
49397064>first day of break >already lonely[View]
49396119How concerned are your parents about the fact that you never had a girlfriend?[View]
49396863Almost got caught crying in public transport today. Part of me was kind of hoping I would get caught…[View]
49396184>Zoomers born in the late 90s-early 00s who grew up in the late 00s iCarly Bieber Hannah Montana …[View]
49396774>walk out of class >qt hispanic girl thats always glancing at me is right behind me for almost…[View]
49395396This teen girl Alexia Chrissy-Marie Noble-Hazelwood had a really shitty life: > Says she was cons…[View]
49396933what do I do if I have a curse trapping me in my small town? god literally does everything to trap m…[View]
49396918There is this image about some stickman guy falling down a hill going through the pink pill phase of…[View]
49392888ur dad just wanted a son that played sports, lifted weights and chased girls. but instead he got a f…[View]
49396889gimp: gimp memes fucking create shit, even you lurkers[View]
49395730Fembots, do you let guys pee on you?[View]
49396748>receded hairline >egg shaped head so doesn't look good shaved Is there anything worse? I…[View]
49396805If men are allowed to have standards and chase after the top percentile of women, so can women ourse…[View]
49396229Join us adventurer, and have a drink. Share your stories or feelings in front of the fire. We are a…[View]
49396737Living Meaningfully: >20 years old >enrolled at a top 25 global university >3 citizenships …[View]
49396034Did Jesus jack off??[View]
49396790Just got fired from my retail job. Is not a big problem cos i had offers from other places and im st…[View]
49396778I just smoked pot and jacked off in VR for the first time and holy living fuck. What a great experie…[View]
49392499Fallout 3 story or whatever: Hey there /r9k/, i'm a newfag here, and I don't know where el…[View]
49394731As a fembot i can't believe you genuinely believe girls can't feel lonely. What's the…[View]
49377778If you are a pedophile/lolicon: You should do pic related so you mark yourself with your perversion.…[View]
49395698>tfw femanon >tfw overly emotional >tfw manipulative and borderline af robots hate me, norm…[View]
49396673One of mh girlfriends got mad because she found out that I'm dating other girls. I informed her…[View]
49396589i have no life: i have absolutly no life and cose to spend what time i have to making this pice of c…[View]
49395268Sounds: Anyone else like listening to others have sex? I used to masturbate to my mom's moans, …[View]
49396114Big sis Kathy. Have a nice afternoon today and safe drives. Still trying to cope with things[View]
49394570I want to kill myself but I'm too scared to go through with it. How can I force myself, is ther…[View]
49395805I turned 20 today. Ordered chinese takeout with my family, it was pretty comfy. For some reason I al…[View]
49396544It's just the fucking internet. Why can't I escape it?[View]
49395263I deserver being treated bad[View]
49382686/drugfeels/: Leaving a 5-star review for a vendor who doesn't deserve it because he knows where…[View]
49393392Tfw your crush/current oneitis has a crush on your closest friend instead. WTFFFFFF. I keep thinking…[View]
49391876I don't think there is anything more beta than eating a girl's ass >Licking the hole sh…[View]
49396422Worst Autist Moments: >Be Me >18yo uni beta fag >Home for thanksgiving break Cold as fuck i…[View]
49392503does anyone just wanna have a comfy chat? really bored.[View]
49396007>average looks >only want to have sex with the best looking women I literally can't lower…[View]
49393791I joyously sucked a black cock yesterday[View]
49396487wen u comfy..: do u bathrobe?[View]
49393601My mother is the biggest fucking manipulative Machiavellian whore in fucking existence. She lies out…[View]
49395653ITT: How low you've sunk: >be 2009 >have normie gf break up with me for chad >get comf…[View]
49395671Everyone is gay because you like someone who likes your gender. (Unless you hate everyone)[View]
49396194I think I tore one of my rotator cuff muscles, and I've just been chilling as recovery. Problem…[View]
49394817>be me >lurk >>>/r9k/ and screenshot greentexts 24/7 >upload to /r/4chan and /r/gr…[View]
49393745alcohol: >withdrawing from alcohol >just did a shot of vodka >suddenly feel a little better…[View]
49395725>haven't kissed anyone in months[View]
49396267>tfw no hollywood star bf[View]
49396238If free will doesn't exist, you shouldn't get butthurt about your partner cheating on you.[View]
49395994Best way to spend Thanksgiving as NEETfag: Being asked about my lack of employment and ambition by f…[View]
49396000Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?[View]
49396200>Move into this house >Get internet >Log onto 4chan >User banned from 2015 for proxy/vpn…[View]
49395908I don't really understand why r9k want a virgin girlfriend ? Its because she is 'pure'???[View]
49396018>seriously, I can't even Opinion: Discarded.[View]
49391593What do you say to her robots?[View]
49395744G...Guys if I act confident and get a shower girls will start to like me right?[View]
49394315Hi everyone. I am bored as fuck and have absolutely nobody to speak to. Do something, I dont know.[View]
49395659tips for making dollars[View]
49396006well, my journey to robotdom is almost complete, spent the last 3 months in isolation hating myself,…[View]
49395819>tfw you run into another person who's looking for someone and you have common interests wit…[View]
49394942If you could gain the power of being able to have sex with anyone you wanted, in exchange for anyone…[View]
49394170Top ten movies Make your lists Citizen Kane 2001: a Space Odyssey Lawrence of Arabia The Exorcist A…[View]
49395337Pic related just happened on /b/. Are there any robots in the house who are even bigger degenerates …[View]
49395830I want nothing but the most gruesome and spine chilling death for every goddamn human cancer living …[View]
49395944Comfy: The thread for all my comfy bois and boiettes. Post comfy shit and be comfy. Things that are …[View]
49395851Press F for me anons. >be me >spent time writing greentext story (http://boards.4chan.org/r9k…[View]
49392706>I'm a fountain of blood >In the shape of a girl…[View]
49395900>walk to the main part of the house >see grandma watching Maury >yell 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH…[View]
49394947Anyone want 50% off total war warhammer 2 on steam? It expires tomorrow[View]
49395831I am 19. I hurted myself once during mental breakdown, but never again. I had really strong suicidal…[View]
49395795>be me >going to get some lunch in Uni with two female friends > one a 7/10, the a 6/10 …[View]
49392887Can overdosing on vitamin gummies particularly deadly? If so does it hurt[View]
49394614>you will never die in a nuclear war[View]
49395353Guys! Check this shit out! Big drama live on stream! Let's make it worse! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
49395787>Crimincal court case >All charges dropped I thank God for giving me the wisdom not to talk to…[View]
49395509The Roastie: Let us identify the Roastie’s vulnerable points in order to attack her more effectively…[View]
49395180pedrone and alai little girl sex[View]
49395676Every time I try to talk to a qt girl at a film group I attend, she's either surrounded by orbi…[View]
49395606The btards: This is the issue. can you guys help me stop the fucking disgusting nudity that people p…[View]
49395743>Do you ever genuinely feel as though you should not procreate? Not out of malice towards your p…[View]
49395350I found out my mom died early this morning from a brain aneurysm. I always thought I would burst int…[View]
49395687>be me >working at a pizza place >our old GM quit >we get a new guy >looks to be abou…[View]
49395249I deserve a virgin gf[View]
49395481where are all the qt neet gfs in seattle tfw dont want to spend the holiday alone[View]
49395025>tfw wagies are literally killing themselves at work even in the first world…[View]
49395578>Mom made me go at Walmart WHAT THE FUCK BROS[View]
49394885Ok so, is it even a little normal to love the taste of blood? always have and probs always will[View]
49394069>tfw you strung along multiple girls from /r9k/ both in real life and online Chad here, keep fig…[View]
49394782Adventure: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Pt7QvgaAn1[View]
49395082Can somebody explain this whole 4channel meme to me?[View]
49393852Do you think your mother language is hard anon? I'd say defiantly.[View]
49393173spanish/hispanic thread only english pls thanks bye tfw too cute for this world, hows it going anons…[View]
49394784I can't nut the sadness away anymore I went to college and I did everything to become an englis…[View]
49393662>tfw ugliest girl at work rejected me.[View]
49395428whats with the influx of bitter whore roasties on this board? it was bad enough already, now we get …[View]
49392778Imagine being desired, being attractive. Imagine there are actually people out there that find you a…[View]
49394746Does anyone else not like Chris Hansen? Something about him just rubs me the wrong way.[View]
49394059Anyone else bored? it's early in the morning and still unable to sleep. What you up to, want to…[View]
49395390I just lost fucking everything. Dow plummeted, leaving me bankrupt. I dumped 20 grand into this, and…[View]
49393894how do i take a good picture of myself?[View]
49394428>know a girl >girls have sex with guys >im a guy >girls have sex with my gender >basi…[View]
49395402https://www.twitch.tv/blackgaygaming Join and have fun use 2 tabs/monitors whatever[View]
49394648why do girls use buttplugs?[View]
49395343Monday, you can hold your head. Tuesday, Wednesday, stay in bed. Or Thursday, watch the walls inst…[View]
49394664why are people so mean in general :([View]
49393014High school crush: >be 18 year old high school senior. >walk past a qt freshman girl every day…[View]
49395223the dab: > be me many years ago > must have been around the age of 8 or some shit > me and …[View]
49394989How does one stop being so serious about everything?[View]
49393832/r9k/:the movie nominations: Drive/Bladerunner 2049[View]
49382889/r9gay/ - #508: tfw no spellcasting bf edition Last thread: >>49372163[View]
49393799What's wrong with kids today? Just saw a viral video from Finland where some black teen guy pus…[View]
49395173Lets lighten up the board. >How was your day? >How are you feeling? >How new are you to 4ch…[View]
49395012A Robot's Life: Why do you guys brag about this kind of stuff?[View]
49394869I just want a girl to own me[View]
49395111Is life itself naturally a lie or paranormal?: Life is subjective and everything is in fact a concep…[View]
49395026Is anybody else angry all the time?[View]
49395092whats a painless way to just end it all, ive had enough of this bullshit, people have been shoving s…[View]
49394332fell for the tfwnogf meme: >be me three years ago >no self-esteem because lonely virgin >sp…[View]
49394384Nothing to give thanks for: > Anon, I will need you to come in on Thanksgiving and do the closing…[View]
49393923>tfw no big brained gf to upgrade my defective genes with[View]
49395021>at restaurant few years ago >see tiny greasy parcheesi parjeeti man courting a bloated troll …[View]
49394436>no one deserves to have his dick not sucked on a valentine's day absolutely based…[View]
49387789can't believe 2018 is almost over it was equally shity and good to me, what about you anon? how…[View]
49393732Oh boy here we go >be me >have older sister >have strict single mother to raise us both …[View]
49392984How long do you robots wear your clothes before changing? I wear the same trousers for three weeks.[View]
49394789Foreskin: Robots is it weird to have a foreskin and do girls like man with foreskin? Please tell me …[View]
49393709Sometimes I like to stay up as long as I can just so when I do go to sleep I have a really deep slee…[View]
49392282So I used to work with this dindu. Typical dindu. Fat black face, legit negroid all the way. He was …[View]
49393471My dad complimented me on how clean my room is.[View]
49394849ass: Can a ok-girl become hot as long as she displays her goods? Theory: You don't need to be t…[View]
49394873Lf asian fembot to be my gf[View]
49394868I genuinely hope the 4channel split destroys the site so I can get an excuse to never come back.[View]
49391746Female here. I have been single for too long, so I am now open to dating one of you lucky losers. G…[View]
49394846>last anon to post >tfw thread killer[View]
49393986A quale bambino lo dareste /r9k/?[View]
49394683This is WORK to me it's either this or be a hooker: Thoughts on her?[View]
49393313Is PST actually dangerous?: I just ordered 5lbs of poppy seed from sincerely nuts and all the fags o…[View]
49392860>internet addict >unmotivated and lazy except for lifting weights >zero ambitions in life …[View]
49393700>you don't have a girlfriend because you have a shit personality!!! Why is this seen as an i…[View]
49394184Feels Thread: Post any music youre listening to right now and talk about your life in general or wha…[View]
49392859/r9straight/: Imagine putting your penis in the hole where actual shit comes out of[View]
49394463>sit on your foot for years while browsing /b/ >foot suddenly starts giving off neurological v…[View]
49387671/NHK/NEET HIKKI (LOLI Edition): tell me your feels as a hikki and NEET frens. and post cute lolis. …[View]
49393204Lets make Steffan Karl Steffansson number one one more time.: So there is this music list that is ve…[View]
49394750bound: ginas a bound[View]
49394143I want to somehow develop an eating disorder. One that makes me feel like food is the most disgustin…[View]
49394544My ultimate fetish is to be brutally murdered with a sharp sword/katana or such by a cute girl.[View]
49394608What the fuck is going on with the stock market[View]
49394159is fungus the most robot of all species?[View]
49394261How do you call someone stupid in a kind and constructive manner? Sometimes the problem in a convers…[View]
49394554How can I become a beta orbiter?[View]
49392801I'm scared robots: My antidepressants has stopped working, I have not left house for over a wee…[View]
49389198I would love to date a robot/incel but I'm too scared he might murder me eventually. Are you gu…[View]
49394390Would you rather be the richest man/woman but a perma incel, or make 300k a year and be a MegaChad/M…[View]
49394293People who talk too much annoy me. Small talk feels like a waste of time? Whats wrong with us?[View]
49392469It's my birthday today. Already 28 years old.[View]
49394255>in any online community it's possible to find some girls who don't gender themselves o…[View]
49394530i look down on normies because they talk about silly things and have silly humor. that is why i can…[View]
49394395>Qt girl I know >Add each other on Facebook (inb4 Facebook) >Notice she frequently posts Wi…[View]
49393029the 10th, 15th, and 20th replies to this post will be 7s[View]
49394125OwO;;? what is this, a free ghost costume???? S-somebody must have thrown it away! a perfectly good …[View]
49394391>tfw practice gf wants me to meet her friends[View]
49394218Okay so I have no one else to tell this to. At my work, I asked this girl out on a date and she told…[View]
49392565>remaining a fucking loser in your home country >not moving to asia where you can be a winner …[View]
49394295l've been on a scary movie kick lately[View]
49394178>see myself in recent spontateous photos and video >actually like own appearance…[View]
49394070why does it feel so good to cut all ties with friend(s)? so far, each year, i get one close friend a…[View]
49392941all the other people at my dorm are throwing a party while Im sitting in my room studying and browsi…[View]
49391723What the FUCK was Mike's problem?[View]
49384843Thoughts on interracial dating??[View]
49394188>dad is watching mlg compilations >again…[View]
49393373>be me >my dad drives me home from school >we stop on a intersection >i notice that a q…[View]
49393803>he's racist against minorities, homophobic against lgbtq, misogynist against women etc Give…[View]
49390050/britfeel/: Spending bennies on 4chan pass edition[View]
49393907HOLY KEK Imagine being a virgin at 18 years old, lol[View]
49393691Reminder >tranny >incel >fag posting >underage Fuck off my board…[View]
49392102>be FA beta 21 ya virgin male >go on 4chan r9k >type out this thread mfw when…[View]
49393421is it just me or do women seem pretty much asexual. like they don't really like sex but just pu…[View]
49393843Comfy & daily, happy greentext number 4: >Be me, not that young anymore. >Decided to start…[View]
49393649>constantly stressed out and anxious >boss gave me keys to his van and told me to drive people…[View]
49392929why does everyone's cock seem so much huger than mine..? my cock's 16.5cm, yet it looks in…[View]
49393605Well niggas, this is my story. >14 yo >Coming back from school >6 PM >Got a boner >Id…[View]
49394067Why is it possible for a brain to be self-destructive? I know I want and need companionship, and I k…[View]
49391986So is everyone here excited for Christmas? Do you feel the spirit this year?[View]
49393927>Be me >find this cute girl >fast forward two weeks >dont do anything anymore except the…[View]
49389288mommy gf thread: been a while since the last one[View]
49392864/comfy/ pocket dimention edition: How's life sweethearts? It's evening here and I can…[View]
49393962>1918+100 >not eating your own cum to get superpowers…[View]
49393944>scrape the inside of my asshole with a toothbrush >start to bleed >insert of my mom's…[View]
49393621She blocks your path, and tells you to listen to her or else she will take off her belt and hit you …[View]
49363640Censored porn thread. Losers like us should never be allowed to forget our place.[View]
49393849Male here. I have been single for too long, so I am now open to dating one of you lucky losers. Giv…[View]
49392444Who here /eatingdisorder/? I am a loser piece of shit and I wanna fucking die.[View]
49393439>one shot at life >born trans and black in Mississippi Just kill me…[View]
49393719Lets face it, Yunyun is the best grill. >is young >has nice tits >no friends >socially i…[View]
49393786>Be me >18 >High school >See a cute girl >overthink about how tf I'm supposed …[View]
49393676Feels music: Music Feels thread Post music that gives you the feels Last verse always gets me https:…[View]
49393690What makes pathetic incels think that a woman would date them, when there's thousands of guys w…[View]
49393247You're a complete failure.[View]
49393200Haha, this is so true guys, lmao![View]
49391720The internet was much better back when we tricked people into seeing a man stretch his loose anus, o…[View]
49393552well, i had the abortion. i'm not sure how i feel. ultimately i'm not ready to be a mothe…[View]
49393626AHAHAHAHHAHAHA You incels will never even smell a girls fart and here is this chad creampieing bitch…[View]
49393587>tfw can't wait to put on panties and a skirt again[View]
49392663What is appeal of this particular brand of onahole?[View]
49393525I am currently 2 months away from being a father to a male heir, I want to breed the perfect son rai…[View]
49393539>27 years old >just quit my part time mc job after 2 years >gonna break the news to mummy w…[View]
49393430Girls: So, how many of you guys actually have problems with girls?[View]
49393274I want to be loved. I want to be desired. I want someone to hug me and tell me I'm cute and lov…[View]
49391573Any shops of her with a dick?[View]
49393155My lack of social skills mixed with my ability to overthink a lot of shit will get me nowhere near a…[View]
49392523/britfeel/: Wet one today, lads[View]
49392415Have you thought of buying a dakki?: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up …[View]
49392998i want a fembot shy gf i want a fembot shy gf like pic related give one please ok thanks[View]
49389566I have no one that I consider a friend :([View]
49392731wtf: >6ft3 >very broad shoulders and resting traps that look like they're flexed >almo…[View]
49391988When I started Uni this year i met a guy who was exactly the kind of guy I always thought id be into…[View]
49393314pedrone and alai hat sex[View]
49393347Why are all women sluts nowadays, every single woman I talk with said they lost virginity with less …[View]
49393237i dun goofed: >start jacking it to trap porn >try to jack it the non trap porn >cant get ha…[View]
49393250You're now aware that everything you have worked towards in life can be rendered worthless by o…[View]
49391453P-please don't shoot me in my boybutt anon... I would die...[View]
49393317ITT: Just Girly Things teehee: >boobs are sore and firm >oh no i have breast cancer >wait n…[View]
49391061Help What haircut should I ask for?[View]
49392141Fembots, you're missing out by not having a qt gf[View]
49392239>give us your lunch money anon or i'll cuck your dad again[View]
49392573My cat always jumps on my lap when I sit down and licks my face It's gross wtf is wrong with h…[View]
49391742>tfw moon[View]
49391606Podcast thread? post some neet podcasts to listen to while i waste away my life playing vidya. me n …[View]
49393094Archive of regrets: What are your biggest regtets /r9k/ ? What's the one thing you wish you go …[View]
49391922I just got unbanned but I'm too scared to post anything because jannies can ban me over the stu…[View]
49391014What kind of questions do girls ask on a first date?[View]
49393134How does one get real friends? I don't enjoy myself around people and moved away from my home t…[View]
49392099Do you like my head /r9k/?[View]
49393066Hey watch where you're going, Anon.[View]
49392304DAILY REMINDER !: that if you are tall and white you literally cannot be a robot. you are like a mal…[View]
49392770Intellectualism was a mistake. I want religious studies.[View]
49392098So lonely that I'm looking at cute anime boys on pinterest to feel good.[View]
49392927>got high with friends last night >one of them hooked up with a girl from a drama class back i…[View]
49387853what are your opinions of 8 chan? should we migrate?[View]
49393012Hello you are my fren now[View]
49392301Is there anything worse than someone who says 'let that sink in'? It's usually said after someo…[View]
49392911>be me >openly like a girl >look like a weirdo >don't get girl >be me >secret…[View]
49392958Ey lads should I come out to my high school best friend as trans[View]
49392077HI NIGGER... HOW ARE YOU? :)[View]
49392937>movies in which life isnt fair and the MC has to accept he doesnt get what he wants in the end…[View]
49391859I fucking hate it when people are wasting my time talking about stupid shit no one cares about, and …[View]
49387492Italy is the shittiest country, prove me wrong[View]
49392690Why aren't you doing what you want to in life? Personal history, financial difficulties, physic…[View]
49386564r/britfeel or r9k/Gays?: Who sucks the most?[View]
49390680Describe yourself without mentioning >Your gender >Your physical appearance Talk about anythin…[View]
49391243>be me > got a qt emo gf >love her and she loves me >just wants to be with me all the t…[View]
49390060Excuse me I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT *cough cough* Fuck Ottomans and fuck Janissaries[View]
49392387>tfw females are as anxious and alienated as you are When did you realize that inceldom is just m…[View]
49391501PSA: https://incels.is is back up[View]
49389761I am about to get kicked out from College. There goes my 2 years to waste.[View]
49391826Just gymmax bro[View]
49392828I just shit myself. Heh take that normies[View]
49392329i've been rejected from 5 colleges i've applied to its my senior year and i might not be a…[View]
49392684>Another day wasted >Another day closer to death…[View]
49386286Would any of you straight guys let a guy suck your dick to completion?[View]
49389430>Reach the conclusion that life is pointless but I don't want to die so I will soldier on re…[View]
49392758Kikes running nofap?: So I was wondering, seeing how the jews don't jerk off, did they create n…[View]
49391797What do you study in your neetlife? For me I study history and the occult despite the latter being j…[View]
49392209>why you obsess with a woman not being a virgin? because you dense motherfucker, she will never b…[View]
49392650At what age did you stopped caring anon?[View]
49392639Robots, share your youtube channels![View]
49392452Dick Size Percentile: https://calcsd.netlify.com Make sure to bone press, you aren't a dicklet,…[View]
49384189So what's the excuse today, Anon?[View]
49387098What's her name /r9k/? Who do you miss?[View]
49392617I have a Latina as my practice gf but she is so good at sex I might have to marry her. Im so sorry I…[View]
49392182ITT: When did you realize you were a robot? >be me >5 years ago, so 15 >in class >no fri…[View]
49391128>Ex wants to fuck >Don't want to Have i ascended bois?…[View]
49392516Love: Tell me about your dream gf/bf in one sentence! Ill start >depressed catholic who thinks …[View]
49390966>Send cockpost to older brother BBC MUSIC THREAD POST BBC MUSIC FINNISH ROLEPLAY hOLY s Finnish …[View]
49392206i hate myself everything is shit please make the pain stop[View]
49390102Fembots, is it a turnon or turnoff when the guy youre dating lets you fuck other men?[View]
49392236is masturbation a homossexual act?[View]
49388217Would it be possible for fart gas to enter your urethra during anal?[View]
49391464Happy holiday anons[View]
49392338Whitepill: Created Badoo profile with Stanley picture. After 1 hour already 3 girls wanted to chat w…[View]
49389655What would you do if you were of the opposite sex for one whole day?[View]
49392330>tfw a qt girl will never share her self-bondage adventures with you[View]
49391512>Am a loser >Don't want to be a loser >But also don't want to be a normie like th…[View]
49385589Quiz time R9K >Name >Age >Sex >Race >Meyers Brigg Personality type I'll start. …[View]
49391533Congratulations, you get to have your ideal gf, but there's one catch. She has posted nudes of …[View]
49392059What is it about teenage girls that older men find so appealing? Would you ever have a relationship …[View]
49392175I'm smart but lazy no, there's nothing contradictory about this, no true intellectual subj…[View]
49387549why are guys so boring? i went on a date with a guy only plays video games. like that's all he…[View]
49392250>tfw so fucking bad at everything >tfw even bots outplay me at wows I don't deserve to li…[View]
49390809What's the easiest way to make a girl piss herself?[View]
49391382how do i get a girl to stop talking to me? without being too mean i already explained that im retard…[View]
49392197Greentext stories: How to horrify every student Be me >19 >Live in a univeristy stundent bloc…[View]
49388142oooooooo: >tfw will never have a gf >can shitpost though shitposting makes life so much bett…[View]
49391504Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
49392132>get visible positive effects on my skin everytime I eat coconut oil I'm not even sure it…[View]
49390930Imagine. Being a white adult male in 2018. The pinnacle of millions of biological evolution. All you…[View]
49391949>work two jobs just to make it through the month >always complimented by coworkers and boss …[View]
49383321>neet for 6 years now >hs dropout with no source of income other than some allowance from my m…[View]
49392096prison iffy uh semen getting sticky uh boipussy getting spiffy uh CUUM gang![View]
49386386Why are black woman the only ones willing to be honest about penis size mattering a fuck ton? https:…[View]
49390700If you can grow a beard, then you're not a real robot. You'll never know the true sufferin…[View]
49390036Are redditors who visit 4chan literally the worst people on the internet? 4chan users are massive cu…[View]
49392049Today I punched a vending machine and 3 bags of doritos and 3 bags of popcorn fell down Folks, I thi…[View]
49391824I absolutely hate it when girls on tinder just simply stop messaging me and ignore me. What do I see…[View]
49389054Why has /r9k/ become so boring? Even just a few years ago it was much more fun, and seemed to have a…[View]
49391878> outside is gloomy, misty, and rainy. > set the temp to 23.5 celsius > prepare teriyaki no…[View]
49392013Why are people so shocked by things like death, pedophiles and sadists? How is it shocking to rememb…[View]
49391855DNA test came in >99 percent white >1 percent Nigerian So basically, I am black, how dare you…[View]
49391551Roastie teaching people how to fart on command: Great braapper https://mega.nz/#!QbJykSpL!lMdWHD8wO3…[View]
49356873Letter thread. Spill your guts (with initials)[View]
49390594I hate the fact that I have this need for love, affection and belonging. Why can't I just go f…[View]
49391937What do you call a White woman walking alone through the nigger ghetto at night? a missing person…[View]
49391860>don't jerk off for a week >sit down at a weird angle >cum in pants I can't be th…[View]
49391596What's with this bullshit women push about how they're dressing slutty 'for themselves'???…[View]
49391054>be 26 >first 'real' job after graduating uni (CS) >boss is younger than me and h…[View]
49391477tfw just got out of a mental institution. It's been three months fuck[View]
49391845I was wrong to reject my delusions. Rejecting them just led to sadder thoughts. My brain was trying …[View]
49389994>first year of uni >tfw youre an outcast of the outcasts…[View]
49391485<smaaaaack> *cries* Shut up! <smaaaaaaack> *gurns* I said shut up! Disobedient girl! …[View]
49389346Why arent you in Medellin, Colombia or Bangkok, Thailand? You can feel like Chad there while being u…[View]
49391738Nothing to be done.: Is there anyone out there who has actually tried it all and still failed? How d…[View]
49390085>enter room >see mom like this what do blackbots?…[View]
49391719pedrone and alai milky sex[View]
49391406Is it me?: >be me >18 >decide to try dating apps >find plenty of fish >get a lot more…[View]
49389182Why do young people shoot op schools /r9k/? Writing an essay.[View]
49388208I know that there is an afterlife, why, and what it all means. Ask me anything.[View]
49390406Can someone be discord friend and pretend to be something they're not? I feel sad and need comp…[View]
49391597>tfw too addicted to the internet to do or pursue anything worthwhile in my life…[View]
49389910>mom found the cum kickboard[View]
49391635/biz/: Isn't /biz/ a weird board? It can be a totally normal day on literally every other board…[View]
49391618>/x/ is shilling hard drugs at an unprecedented rate >/pol/ Christians are getting more faggy …[View]
49390842Henlo any anons able to translate whats written in korean in pic related?[View]
49391607Cucks of /r9k/, post your Kik/Telegram contact info and I will get you sad pathetic losers hard in e…[View]
49391209>Orange man good >Anyone that I disagree with is a snowflake >PragerU is what smart people …[View]
49391493>Oh wow, Mr. Anon. We haven't seen you since July! How are you? >Yeah, are you finally le…[View]
49391285Thanks god my Parents didn't make me Transgender: Story Time (Sorry for my english, i try my be…[View]
49389829the masturbator: >be me >in elementary school >10yo at the time >drop my pen, go to pick…[View]
49390954>be me >3 years ago >met that cute girl in school >not 9/10 but not 3/10 either >perf…[View]
49390027>uummmmm excuse me my good sir where is my tip? what do?[View]
49390216Im really desperate for white cock but white guys always reject me once they find out im black[View]
49391314So, painless suicide, is it a thing one can feasibly do?[View]
49390227I HAVE A PROBLEM /r9k/ NA DI NEED HELP Every time someone puts their fingers in my face i imagine my…[View]
49388089Why are such beautiful women falling for this blacked meme and how can we stop this?[View]
49389073recently been 'diagnosed' with 'schizotypal PD'. after doing some reading it seems that this 'disord…[View]
49390853>pirating vidya >computer full of malware HELP…[View]
49391405No gbp: >Be me >too young to remember my age >wake up in a warm dark room >convered in a…[View]
49388154/r9k/ What is the best robot build kit for a child aged 10 nearly 11: Hi Rob here, My son is turning…[View]
49389427Hello. Taking gf (female) applications. Why do you deserve me?[View]
49389292>'open wide, sweetie!'[View]
49391041why anymore I have basically been struggling more and more to talk to my friends over the years, and…[View]
49390919Is my birthday. Just turned 19 >finished my first year of uni >started eating better >stope…[View]
49391325>ywn live in Cloghane >ywn be a shepherd and tend the sheep with your smol cheeky irish shephe…[View]
49391248dubs decides what skill gets a free blast of XP[View]
49389822I never had a gf in my life. I am 19 years old[View]
49389327Do you have any foreseeable plans in 2019? Is anything new or big going to happen?[View]
49389596/r9baldie/: how is your hairline doing anons? >age/norwood 24/II and seems like its progressing f…[View]
49390669avoiding heartbreak: Has anyone else decided that falling in love is too much of an emotional gamble…[View]
49388150Why don't you sign up for a CS major and after a few years make 6 figures to support an extreme…[View]
49388937Why don't women do anything? Why is history basically 'about' men and the deeds of men? Why ar…[View]
49390906Today I made the best decision of my life. I switched from coffee to chai tea with bourbon. Finally …[View]
49389473Buy a dakki anon <3: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick >ki…[View]
49389669shhhh....you can talk in this thread but quietly as kt is trying to sleep.[View]
49391164real Kang hours who tf up[View]
49389393moderately exciting: Hey bots, I recently heard about this site. https://ck.booru.org/index.php The …[View]
49379414Is there anything more pathetic than yellow fever fags? They look like insect children.[View]
49391092>home for thanksgiving holidays >only brought laptop and a few clothes >sister also on holi…[View]
49390008Gonna kill myself via jumping off a hotel balcony in a couple weeks time. Reservation has been set. …[View]
49391077I'M RUINED: /biz/ convinced me to invest in braphogs. I spent my life savings starting a brapho…[View]
49391059>be us >live in stupid monarchy country >cold af >king is a tard >heard some dude sho…[View]
49387162I just want to serve men and be their slave[View]
49389420>watch police interrogation videos >you didn't leave your house for a week? What do you d…[View]
49390361You sometimes watch Twitch streams to feel something or get moved right /r9k? So... i was thinking, …[View]
49390866>have a birthday coming soon >all ads are about birthday and how I should prepare for birthday…[View]
49389105You have no excuse. She's waiting for you.[View]
49389684>went to a carnival with some people >qt blonde shy nerdy girl there in a frilly dress >han…[View]
49390820>former normie >listened to hip hop >did a bunch of normie shit >now an anon with no li…[View]
49389177>every thread I create, every conversation that I spark but end up chickening out mid-way almost …[View]
49389727I want to rewatch all of Hey Arnold before I watch the Hey Arnold movie but I have a feeling i'…[View]
49389386Robots, I've got the call today. I got the job. Are you proud of me?[View]
49390493>be me >school day end early because our teacher got cancer or some shit >have some money,s…[View]
49390075Should I hold my tears back when I'm sad?[View]
49390746>go to fb >see greentext >old af >go to wardrobe >suit up >time for some gas…[View]
49390707If you don't own an ostrich pillow you literally cannot be a robot. This is the only pillow tha…[View]
49389070Who do you want to have revenge against, Anon? Who wronged you?[View]
49388682my chin looks like this guy's what should I do?[View]
49390389Fembots always say that you need to be a 9 or 10 to get an Asian dude to date outside his race. So e…[View]
49390611Anger is shit, and as unnecessary as it gets. That being said, is it necessary to have an outlet for…[View]
49388777>hate all people >think of an escape from people >'Aha! I can just kill myself!' >'Oh sh…[View]
49389546>tfw no mac demarco bf[View]
49389492Give me some small robot server invites. Normies are too narcissistic and painful to talk to.[View]
49390534>be me >just wrote an insanely good story >fagchan says, I already posted one >takes me …[View]
49390337So I uh, dont necessarily know why im posting it here. But I feel like I could possibly get some dec…[View]
49390462volcel thread: How long have you been voluntarily celibate? Why did you start? What would it take to…[View]
49388792Anon's Dilemma: Ok Anons, I'm going through a huge dilemma with something. Long story shor…[View]
49390312>still remember that stupid post I made 5 years ago that 3 people responded to making fun of me …[View]
49390196I posted this before but: How weird it is that I got called out for the sex I didn't have on r9…[View]
49390170I just quit my shitty part time job today so now I'm finally a NEET.[View]
49390118Tfw someone pretends to be me and posts pregnancy fetishes: >I'm a virgin and actually disli…[View]
49390377Don't know why I keep replying to women I know have no interest in me. I know if a girl I don…[View]
49389440Another smoking hot 'mudshark' with dark black boyfriend: So much for the stereotype that only fat l…[View]
49377358is it that time of the month fembots?[View]
49389233https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8485930/6ix9ine-facing-life-sentence-in-prison: prisons gett…[View]
49390324Black Friday Thread: So r9k what are you planning on buying for black Friday?[View]
49388414asian fembot here. I want my tight sideways pussy to be rammed by the big white cock. where do I fin…[View]
49390071What will happen to me If I sleep 5 hours every day?[View]
49390220>be me >first time trying to post a greentext to 4chan >have alot of good stories but am a …[View]
49388741i have trouble talking to people on discord. everything i say is boring and i always get ignored fas…[View]
49388747>tfw you will never look like a real man >tfw everybody always assumes you're underage i…[View]
49389617Anyone else feels that he is slowly developing a mental disease due to his inability to form a relat…[View]
49389263Just Here To realize that this board is full of retarded people[View]
49389807Explain why this guy's not incel if it's all about bones: The guy recording there, I have …[View]
49388940If I got headpats and called a good boy at work when I did a good my performance would go up by like…[View]
49390065hey what do you guys think of this thing I wrote? thnx[View]
49389584This board and the entire world has been corrupted by lewdness. It goes without saying lewd has affe…[View]
49388347secret santa: got roped into the secret santa thing at work I hardly know anything about any of my c…[View]
49389283Are there any robots on who have been diagnosed with one or more personality disorders? I suspect my…[View]
49387468It could be worse, at least you aren't a /pol/tard[View]
49389949didn't ate in 4 days diarrhea[View]
49385644As the new king of /r9k/ I command you all to be nice to eachother and behave well.[View]
49389336>wake up with sore throat Just end it already[View]
49388670Theoretically, a group of 10, perhaps less, driven and dedicated individuals could violently destabi…[View]
49389588my goal in life is just to get a nice footslut why is this so hard?[View]
49387988I think my classmate is gay for me. I don't know what to do or who to tell. I'm a 21y virg…[View]
49387696>Night 4 of being roommates with my oneitis as a virgin We talked about our first time watching p…[View]
49388370>get on plane >flight attendant tells us to put our phones on airplane mode >dont…[View]
49389746>5 AM >I'm downloading Fallout sex mods…[View]
49388169where my BASED /biz/ posters at?[View]
49389050>hears about 4chan on reddit >decides to look it up >thought greentext was in /r/ >i…[View]
49388084How long has it been since your last shower? I love the smell of my body odor. It let's me know…[View]
49385786advice for a socially underdeveloped young lady: posted a similar thread on /adv/ but they've b…[View]
49382419Robots post pictures of your shoes. Pic related.[View]
49388586>come to /r9k/ to discuss tfw no gf and tfw hhkv >porn ads all over the board WHY DO THEY MOCK…[View]
49389590Does Heterophobia exist? You better say yes[View]
49389504>mfw my daughter is a fucking thot >when I ask her to stop walking around the house in a thong…[View]
49387563This happened to me a couple years ago and I wanted to share it. Completely true story but never tol…[View]
49389361Do I take the road less travelled by and forge an exciting path for myself, even if it is uncomforta…[View]
49386344>Men shouldn't define themselves by sexual conquest and their dicks! >But also the second…[View]
49385853All I want is a femanon to break my balls and leave me forever unable to cum. Is that too much to as…[View]
49385051Lets read some rooie oortjes tonight, /r9k/[View]
49389474>mom finds my cum kickboard >steals it, gonna show it to dad first thing in the morning >sn…[View]
49389147Are hikki/NEET avengers(hikkykostaja in finnish)a thing in your country? We are an unorganized group…[View]
49389065So tell me exactly how this is wrong. Why do females think that they can be equal losers to male los…[View]
49388121Do you live at home 25+ Bros?: Been living on my own for 2 years now but as rent has gone up in my a…[View]
49389086First day of tinder 0 matches. On second day still nothing. It's over isn't it. I've …[View]
49387931help me brobots give me jav code please[View]
49388614Post your rare cat memes!: School Girl Cat Reporting In! NYA![View]
49386726>Tfw no runescape gf to train prayer with[View]
49379662/britfeel/: tripfags can fuck right off edition[View]
49388762Uh.: I got banned on /b/ for no reason help lmao[View]
49387684Am I the only one here who thinks Anne Frank was really cute? I just want a girl like her, every day…[View]
49389162Who else feels constantly humiliated and ashamed at work and in public?[View]
49387442So, what are all of you NEETs/hikkis going to do when society inevitably implodes and the welfare bu…[View]
49388129>be me >had received love letter at age 13 >had been approached by girls >never had a g…[View]
49389056Would you let yourself be swallowed by a giant girl?[View]
49387802Heh i got banned from /v/ but i can still post here. Whats currently bothering you /r9k/?[View]
49389008it'd be nice if I have[View]
49388398What ever happened to the Yandere Generals? Did they just die off or some sort?[View]
49389016>Carlos Irwin Estevez, known professionally as Charlie Sheen Wtf, I didn't know the legendar…[View]
49385884>jerking off this morning >fantasized about mdo-Guyanese milf coworker giving me a footjob …[View]
49388478There's a cute girl at the buritto bar that I go to frequently. She always packs my buritto way…[View]
49387929I don't even know what the main problem is anymore, it's an amalgamation of things that…[View]
49388871I've realized how easy it is to get a girl to actually like you, but the problem is that how yo…[View]
49387798>born in shitty small town >try to leave for years >finally get money to leave >I fuck u…[View]
49387619This nerdy loner girl you've been chatting to for 3 weeks just asked you your 4 favourite autho…[View]
49388303my breath smells like dogshit and its making me mad[View]
49388845I don't deserve everything[View]
49388409I wish an asian femanon would protect me bros[View]
49388721>be me >at the therapist's office >explain that it's hard for me to talk about my…[View]
49386841is it okay to like anime unironically? am i being a sensitive pussy over people who like it ironical…[View]
49388524Wife hates it when i have a beard, says it looks like a Muslim or a hobo: Every time i get to about …[View]
49387475Look at those beautiful things. Sardines are the true robot's food.[View]
49388775>get out of the shower >towel touches toilet by accident…[View]
49386354eating: post your today breakfast[View]
49388616>Manager looks like a dead porn star[View]
49387074I literally have no hobbies. I dont listen to music. I dont have any friends. I basically sit in my …[View]
49387056So depending on where you are right now and what time it is, you should be able to hear it. I know I…[View]
49387452All of my hope for the future is riding on something that I cannot prove to myself exists. I wish I …[View]
49388484How much do you robots relate to our Watashi from Tatami Galaxy here?[View]
49387647dropped out of uni last year Parents made me do community college Probably gonna fail all my class…[View]
49387845I've been on antidepressants for a long ass time and I tried to quit cold turkey about a week a…[View]
49386779>tfw the cocklust is too strong so you suck on the handle part of a flashlight…[View]
49387569ITT your favorite styles: pic-related for me. especially Kubo's style which is unique and subtl…[View]
49387813>Nov 20 >christmas ads on tv REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fucking faggots at least wait for 1st of d…[View]
49388578>be me >never felt stress >never felt panic >bestfriend starts loosing balance >he ha…[View]
49387124Femanon what would you do if you woke up with super strenght? Would you hide it, use it openly or ab…[View]
49388657Can chinkmoot just put this board out of it's missery already?[View]
49388624>Be me >18 >Get drafted in 2018 >Get shot by a Trap with tactical pussy >Damn…[View]
49385748BIG BLACK COCK MUSIC TODAY: best black cock shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rObnAFr4qr4 also ge…[View]
49379404>Why do NPCs...[View]
49388273>guy at work said I'm like a character from a Wes Anderson film[View]
49387878Why don't you lonely robots do something good for the world and donate to her Patreon?! https:/…[View]
49382906itt: things you can't do everyone else can: no 'losing my virginity/getting a gf' meme answers …[View]
49388449>that feeling of not having a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexua…[View]
49385854Being a 2/10 landwhale with mental issues is way worse than any perceived problems you might have. I…[View]
49388253>be me, work dumb job >hate my life and want to take others down with me >start spraying l…[View]
49388407Will I still get Tinder quetees if my profile says I'm NEET?[View]
49387261Self awareness: why the fuck am i so goddamn self aware? Literally every single thing I do or say i …[View]
49388433how are people from twitter/instagram/discord are all so good at putting on a face? they always make…[View]
49386845>I will never have pic related why live?[View]
4938796125+ NEET Thread: What's new? What's good? What's bad?[View]
49387323>Everyone has had an egf but me[View]
49387814Apple forces normies to pick the race of their skin with their emojis. Tell me how divisive you thin…[View]
49388290Hey guys, it's me. EFG, your pal. I just thought I'd drop in and see what you've bee…[View]
49386563WAKE UP, WAGEKEK! YOU ARE LATE FOR WORK! Just joking. Go back to sleep.[View]
49387542I don't know if i'm ugly or repulsive. Don't go out so don't know what people th…[View]
49385404https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIlsasmtCLk Holy shit this made me feel lonely[View]
49388109If white women want BLACK men in porn then why is this white English pornstar more popular?: This wh…[View]
49387459>make a post >never double check them >always make the same grammatical errors >jumble…[View]
49388130Why are there such annoying faggots around this hour? Someone needs to wrangle these cards damn it[View]
49379110>reddit has no meaningful pos-[View]
49387887Am I the only one who instantly loses attraction to a girl if she starts reciprocating my feelings? …[View]
49386383ITT: Dreams that are literally impossible: You will NEVER be a powerful businessman living the corpo…[View]
49386147What really went d0Wn?[View]
49388071my life is so fucked that escapism is actually perfectly healthy and necessary to keep me sane[View]
49387444I cant be happy, ive tried all the normie bullshit and nothing works. Im tossed aside by everyone fo…[View]
49387882>tfw no demon feminist gf >ywn have your cock bitten off by pic related…[View]
49388011Did you order your dakki yet?: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick …[View]
49387941HOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCK! HOOOLLYYYY FUUUCCKKK!!!! Ayahuasca is a trenonagintillion times crazier than a…[View]
49387987>tfw can't wait to put on panties, thigh highs and a skirt again this weekend…[View]
49387704I'm a female who's dating the worst kind of robot. He's abusive, clearly says, that h…[View]
49387589So how did you come to the conclusion?[View]
49385375Would you a asian gf? What would you do with her?[View]
49387125>post thread with original image a female wojak >thread is flooded with replies from thirsty w…[View]
49387917>Nerf Bastion What did she mean by this?[View]
49386879>someone makes a venting thread calling others niggers >thread gets deleted >someone litera…[View]
49385991I wish not liking Americans was a bannable offense. I'm sick of you fucking foreigners shitting…[View]
49386199My 18th birthday is today! Now I dont have to lie about my age on this site anymore![View]
49387851if you're riding your bike and a girl you pass smiles at you is it ever appropriate to stop and…[View]
49387762why are bethesda niggers so fucking delusional[View]
49386801Why can't shit just work like it's suppose to?: >toilet seat broke >check the model …[View]
49387575I'm pretty sleep deprived /r9k/, but i still have to do work. How do i stave off the dry eyes a…[View]
49387605the aching and the breaking are the making of a soul the empties that have been returned relieve us …[View]
49386767Why aren't you living your life the way you want? Don't make excuses for yourself, you…[View]
49387705Any rich fag here? Why are you a robot? Anyone who has passive income large enough that he doesn…[View]
49387651Now that the dust has settled... ...was he the good guy?[View]
49387422I'm out of drugs, and I'm so bored that all I can manage to do is sleep. I'm just sle…[View]
49387700I'm sorry everyone: >be me >wake up at 7am for part time job >shitty wage but still do…[View]
49387630>uummmm excuse me sir where is my tip? what do?[View]
49387614How long are your/your mom's/your sister's labia?[View]
49387426>Life is pointless >And yet we all have anxiety about the future anyway >Fapping, alcohol, …[View]
49378460Femanons, hug someone and say you love him/her, post results. Or text them 'I love you' and post res…[View]
49384170Post images that make you feel despair: >Title This image makes me feel nostalgia and despair bec…[View]
49387356vagina, vagina vagina vaginal vaginal rights and civil rights for citizens with vaginas and clitoris…[View]
49385459This is how my days go as a wagecuck: >0700 Wake up, gym, breakfast smoothie, shower >0830 Com…[View]
49387395Since getting circumcised I'm getting wet dreams every night and it's making a huge mess. …[View]
49384716pedrone and alai meme sex[View]
49387544Where is the proof that RealRob even has an aesthetic body from roiding?: All we see are 10 year old…[View]
49385968How true to life is this movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NJois4JMGU I don't know any i…[View]
49386694/r9k/ dick size: fembots (which don't exist) Which length and girth are needed to fall in the c…[View]
49387195>thanksgiving in 2 days Who else is ready to get bullied by their relatives for having no GF?…[View]
49386968I hurt her. I hurt the only person Ive ever wanted to protect and I cant live with myself anymore. I…[View]
49386594is it pretty much over if your poor? every girl I see on Instagram or something thats hot has a norm…[View]
49386897What are some my fellow NEETChads favorite ways to torture wagecucks? My favorite is calling them up…[View]
49387289>think it's fun to be mean to people for no reason >feel bad whenever I hurt their feelin…[View]
49386459former robot here just had my 12th sexual partner in the 2 years since i've lost my virginity j…[View]
49387070Hey, let's have a nice boobs thread here. Nothing pointing too sexual, just nice photos of boob…[View]
49387335Tonight I am going to my friends house and we are going to make tacos! I don't know how to make…[View]
49385757I will never accept you normalfags.: >trap threads >gay threads >porn threads >female th…[View]
49387341Feels good man: >raised by alcoholic, scary, religious fanatic mother >at age 14 finally deter…[View]
49387281>larped too hard for a year >now genuinely believe I am a young girl with bf issues…[View]
49387091Any robots have experience with modafinil? How is it? I'm really tired all of the time and it m…[View]
49387273>tfw no femanon gf to drive into psychosis[View]
49386655>mfw started listening to FINNISH BBC COCK MUSIC >mfw it's not too bad >mfw Cockboss i…[View]
49386521>be me >waiting at the bus stop for a friend >itsfuckingcold.jpg >random girly voice cal…[View]
49387227i wish i wasn't so afraid of being raped by some giant muscley dad that sees me on grindr and r…[View]
49386519Any skinlets here?: I've been having problem with acne since puberty does anyone have any sugge…[View]
49386196Lets Go: Eevee: any other robots been exploring kanto with the best pokemon ever made pikachu nigga…[View]
49387103*knock knock* Oh hey anon. I was bored so I made some cookies! They're part Anzac biscuit part …[View]
49386971>be me a faplet >just jacked off to a hot porno >hands full of jizz that smells like piss …[View]
49386816>Have repressed gay urges and recently end up crossdressing >Upload a cute picture of myself w…[View]
49387011I'm tired and probably won't be up for much longer but It's fucked man. As a kid I wa…[View]
49385877uhhhh... do you guys suppose this guy was a robot?[View]
49386219>tfw have to share elevator with qt grill who lives on the same floor as me >tfw stood at the …[View]
49385064I only have $100 in spare cash for the next 2 months. Should I use it to lose my virginity or buy re…[View]
49385835Id really like to listen to this again with you sometime[View]
49386467>ywn hold her as you both drift to sleep >ywn wake up to her mumbling your name in her dreams …[View]
49387046>climbing the stairs from the subway >group of stacies laugh at me WHY, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT …[View]
49347985robot art: post art you've made feeling like ass. my heart feels like a landfill. so creative …[View]
49386399how do i force myself to not play video games? I hurt my thumbs really bad from texting and playing …[View]
49386580How do you get a fucking job? Ive applied to every listing for retail jobs in my area and havent got…[View]
49382667Could pic related be applied to the bang bang vs. trannyposters battle?[View]
49385254>All those ironic 'If u remember [mountain dew dorritos era game] ur childhood was awesome!' shit…[View]
49382619/creativegeneral/: > /creativegeneral/ Hows everyone doing tonight? Post anything you've mad…[View]
49374076trap porn, post ur best: Dudes. One plus one is TWO!![View]
49386955>manically screaming in public The NPCs just cannot handle this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
49385719how do I cope knowing I am fundamentally broken?[View]
49386946'Slave to a broken order... dare you look upon the truth?' 'I have seen the scattering of countless …[View]
49386102The Tinder game is even rigged against Chads. >27% match rate >10.5% message rate While the …[View]
49383334why dont you have a dakki?: >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick …[View]
49385342Why are people still religious?[View]
49386790Why are normans so disgusting rude and mean to other people. Not to people like me because thats a g…[View]
49386146>look at the special boy[View]
49386002>6'2 and 157 pounds >still feel like a disgusting fatbody Why?…[View]
49386312>women get shamed for dating up >women get shamed for dating down >women get shamed for goi…[View]
49386604>Met girl via incel community 5-6 months ago >We hit it off instantly >Talked all the time …[View]
49386755How do I give myself the courage to message people?[View]
49385666>on night walk >get thirsty >buy and drink a quart of milk >feel sick the whole way home…[View]
49384295I want to make friends[View]
49385577What the fuck? Why can't I go back in time? My life was good when I was a kid. I just want to p…[View]
49386645Can we start a petition to ban that annoying stormfag off this site?[View]
49386082>I really liked this girl but when i found out she had the same feelings i pushed her away and go…[View]
49385908Any robots here have experience with contacting demons on the other side?[View]
49385417>incels.is is down for maintenance Why am I doomed to be here? I don't want to be with a bun…[View]
49384809I demand a fat girl sits on my face[View]
49383228*blocks your path*: >we wont let you pass unless you get on your knees and worship our feet wat d…[View]
49382272/feels/: Lets vent about our lives a bit. >How is your life at the moment? >Do you plan on end…[View]
49386532NNN: 2/3 there: Just curious if anyone else is still doing the No Nut November thing. I decided to d…[View]
49385139Why is vodka so gross. And I'm not getting buzzed anymore. Only drowsy. What's going on.[View]
49386540>mum is cleaning toilet >brushes teeth immediatly afterwards…[View]
49381090monday night that kid thread: Haven't seen a that kid thread in a while. why not start one? I…[View]
49386272In America, can you see the herbivore men and hikikomori reaching Japan levels, or are the cultural …[View]
49386370Whats the deal with that finnish cocks guy[View]
49384660This is what a real fembot looks like. When you read that word you probably imagine a plain jane or …[View]
49384962>finishing a 5 page research paper in 3 hours and submitting it 15 minutes before its due…[View]
49385807>tfw you'll never fuck assbro at his peak why live?[View]
49385844I deserve a female life companion[View]
49386164Hard time sleeping tonight, wagecuck? I understand. I would be awake all the time too if I was a sla…[View]
49384196>gf has ridiculously nice body >dudes stare and hit on her all the time how to prevent a chad …[View]
49386005Any art fags here?: Lets Draw pepe lads. Here's mine not bad I'd say Think you cam draw an…[View]
49385048>Drink tea >explosive diarrhea Is tea supposed to do this? Every time no matter if it's …[View]
49384840I'm young and new to the whole 'crippling depression' thing so share your coping strategies lad…[View]
49386314*sniff**sniff* > femoid just sat here *schlop**schlop* *schlop**schlop* *schlop**schlop* *schlop*…[View]
49382123>tfw to scared to hug dad anymore trans daughter feel thread[View]
49386270I messed up for last 2 months I have been concentrating on work and forgot about uni work Today an a…[View]
49386124/r9k/ is awesome. It has gotten me through many lonely nights. Thank you so much all anons out there…[View]
49386264For me, it is absolutely the McChicken[View]
49384580Suicide: I'm a lazy, unmotivated, ungrateful, apathetic, boring loser. If I worked hard I could…[View]
49385524I sentence anon to lick my feet every day for the rest of his life![View]
49385982how is your day so far frens[View]
49384874I want to be an alt black girls pussy slave.[View]
49385561> mfw to pagan gf[View]
49385660>parents and people online tell me to stop playing minecraft because its a kid game >ask chads…[View]
49386151Genuine Question how do people decide what they want to slave away at for the rest of their lives, I…[View]
49385862i only have money for one, therapy or guitar lessons[View]
49384982just let go: >You will never get a loving loyal GF >you will never get a job/ make a living wa…[View]
49383602Are you too serious?[View]
49385261How low are your standards, /r9k/?[View]
49384036>get banned from reddit >insult the mods over there one last time wishing their children to di…[View]
49381632ITT: post dishes you made: no need to be experts, thats why im not posting on /ck/ just post comfy m…[View]
49381846'Hey, Champ. *knock* *knock* You up? I know you're busy with your Internet friends on Four-choo…[View]
49386097Holy shit Reddit fucking sucks. It's worse than this shitboard. At least here there is real dis…[View]
49385670no mention of a husband: Interesting but of course originally[View]
49384662Thread about how a black girl can get white guys ended so...: the hard part is getting them to relax…[View]
49386052Any legal research chems that'll get me high (prefer upper but I dont really mind)[View]
49384812>be me >download the sims >decide to play around, marry my sister and fuck her >play the…[View]
49385605Would you have bareback sex with a 10/10 if she intended to keep the child if she became pregnant? A…[View]
49385735zero zero nine zero one nine zero[View]
49381770Wait a minute. This is a girl?[View]
49385277I just want my brain fog and suicidal thoughts to go away FFS[View]
493847939 out every 10 robots here would have absolutely no problem getting into a friends with benefits sit…[View]
49384870Neighbors fucking: Wanna know the most annoying sound in the world? My neighbors fucking in the midd…[View]
49382144just how fucked up are the next 20 years going to be exactly? everything seems to be rapidly going t…[View]
49384844>see someone post Botan on an ironic post >member watching Yu Yu Hakusho when I was but seven …[View]
49371023Why do people go to war when they can simply not?[View]
49385227>girl groped me >thought it was bullying >her and another girl in our 'group' show up to my…[View]
49385185Itt: that feel when youre high as fuck on that weedle-deedle-deed[View]
49384549Adventure: How can I have an adventure? I've never ventured far from home before, I want to go …[View]
49384589>accidentally fart during sex[View]
49371505Give me one super degenerate and one super pure fantasy you get off to.[View]
49377286Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread: Lets talk about yu-gi-oh! /r9k/. Post decks, anime, nostalgia and other yu-gi-oh! …[View]
49385503Why do people wonder why modern men are dropping out of society? We are witnessing technological adv…[View]
49384985Xi Jingping is probably the only competent major world leader right now. >Trump is a bumbling and…[View]
49384042Thought on this selfie my girlfriend just took?[View]
49385618Lately my sleep schedule has been bananas. >stay up for two days in a row >sleep the next day…[View]
49385636only coward hate trans daughters Are you a coward?[View]
49383295None of you will ever experience the pain of being a mexican American that doesnt like Mexican food.…[View]
49379330This pic made me realize im a centrist[View]
49385587>tfw ate 6000 calories today[View]
49385311I need to get rid of my depression right now, in this moment I have things I want achieved, I have g…[View]
49385544prip, please come back. I miss you and I'm sorry if I did something wrong[View]
49385020>subtle friendship that's battle oriented >awkward stares that were timed just right >…[View]
49384666Why does nobody want to be Mercy?[View]
49385371>you will literally never in a million years, no matter how much thought power or meme magic you …[View]
49385431Do you guys know this feel? Maybe a way to stop it?: Eyy guys. Do you ever get those surges of motiv…[View]
49384357discord thread post your best discords XGrg5w[View]
49383888are there any nootropics that work outside of phenibut and kratom? im looking for things that will m…[View]
49385130Got pushed from behind while walking, and accidentally grabbed another person's boob with my ri…[View]
49385268I have learned that focus is very important in doing anything. It's something that I lack sever…[View]
49385288>hanging out with chad friend >go to the mall and wander around >he's playing mario on…[View]
49384163>be me >have one shot at life >born gay in iran mfw…[View]
49374986Games, Guns, and... Femboys?: Are there any other Femboys on this board that still largely identify …[View]
49385047Should i take a day off work if i want to die more today than usual ?[View]
49385148Can I find a cute asian gf on this garbage board let's find out[View]
49385206Guess how much my shit will weigh: I have to take a fat shit. Closest guess wins a prize. Guess in p…[View]
49384687Femanons that are NEET, do you like your current situation, if you could live with a robot would you…[View]
49382885I wish I was a cute asian girl How do I fix my transgenderracial dysphoria?[View]
49385164>the fact that no girl will ever want to be with sets in >realization that it's because I…[View]
49385326Was Scar a robot?[View]
49384153Whats the most normie thing you have ever done[View]
49384978The Archive is now a dead cope server. Come join Cutegen over at: wqJJPqz[View]
49385313bring some new stuff into this no rule chat[View]
49385247>start browsing through old forum accounts and youtube videos i used to have >automatically ge…[View]
49384185Are incels just cultural appropriators of r9k culture?[View]
49385212This ma first time actually trying to make a food story so here's my first time with weed >…[View]
49383387I wish I had a nice bf who loved me: I just want to be loved and cherished for who I am. I want some…[View]
49383210/chad/ General: Only Chads are allowed to post here. > Why are you here? > Hows life? > Got…[View]
49383582Being sleep deprived is actually comfy as fuck It's like I'm dreaming but at the same time…[View]
49385128Neet day Go on cheap russian/ukraine whore c2c site bust a nut, drink a spot of whiskey and watch bo…[View]
49384799>constantly talking about a beta uprising >can't even rise out of bed in the morning to …[View]
49383733>People being picky about food >People wasting food >People throwing food out I know that n…[View]
49384535Early in the morning I wake up and burn the coffee As I'm staring out the window watching peopl…[View]
49384514I fapped three times in a row. I want to fap again, what can i eat to bring back cum[View]
49385094since middle school people been telling me to smile more often but the shit enviroment i live in and…[View]
49383731I'm a NEET but recently got a hospital bill for $1000 I have no money What happens if I don…[View]
49383390Turning 30 soon and feeling as if my life is over. The good days are gone. My youth is lost. Older …[View]
49384551who >theofaron here?: >world going to shit >years of activism behind me >constantly ston…[View]
49384368Ask a guy with a girlfriend anything you fucking losers[View]
49384052This poem will offend you because you're stupid and you only have a shallow understanding of th…[View]
49384932Vr porn + fleshlight is adequate substitute for gf And daki for cuddling[View]
49384966what would you do if you were diagnosed with psychosis?[View]
49383803Why should or shouldn't I go to school tomorrow?[View]
49384807my uncle is Elmo: >be me age dont know dad is todd howard >uncle elmo he a fag undercharges fo…[View]
49384132is it possible to even get a job with dignity if you are slightly below average? im graduating with …[View]
49384273It Never Changes: I'm a semi-famous craftsman in my field. I'm on the slightly skinny side…[View]
49384756international mens day: Today is international mens day. I checked the various sites that would be t…[View]
49384644If I got patted on my head and called a good boy at work when I did a good my performance would go u…[View]
49383294Imagine how sick in the head you'd have to be to want to fuck another guy[View]
49383885>beat my meat to trap hentai again Should I kill myself?[View]
49383572Night time routine: >Get into the clothes I'm gonna sleep in at 8:00 >Play vidya till 10:…[View]
49383271I'm going to the shops robots, anything you guys want me to get for you?[View]
49384700maybe I dont go out as much but where do girls usually get hit on? I have never persoanlly witnessed…[View]
49384169Should I just get an escort and lose my virginity? It's not happening any other way.[View]
49383525/r9k/ Music: Tired of Top 10 Shittunes. Lay down some real shit and rate each other. https://www.you…[View]
49384663Do you underrrstangggg?: >go through grueling self control to fix sleep schedule >ruin it a da…[View]
49383950Help me /r9k/ I have tons, and tons of friends. Everyone likes me, but i don't have a best frie…[View]
49383903>Black person makes an art piece that tackles racism from different prospective >Actually enjo…[View]
49384432>texted 'cyka blyat' to some russian girl I like as a joke >worried she'll take it seriou…[View]
49383083Holy fucking shit, the Jew memes are true: >Be me >Be a minority >Applying for grad school …[View]
49381144Why does socialism fail?: I try to look it up but I get this http://facultysites.vassar.edu/kennett/…[View]
49382955Confessions with the whiskerfish part 8: Confess your secrets upon the whiskerfish for guidance and …[View]
49384633Anons, I finally found the truth! I finally escaped. >was a 23yr old virgin incel loser >never…[View]
49382830would you lose your virginity to an ugly chick if you had the opportunity? >pic not related…[View]
49384607Hypothetically if someone 'signed up' for a trailer at a trailer park for someone else because that …[View]
49382193Hello, would any fembots like to be friends with me? Or maybe a group of us could become friends, I …[View]
49384548someone tell me this is a fucking joke: Theres no way people like this exist right??[View]
49379321So fellas, could an incel rebellion actually happen?[View]
49383395anyone else the only person in their extended: family who doesnt have a gf? its ridiculous, i have c…[View]
49382948parents told me they were getting a divorce. Dont really know how to feel about it because i saw it …[View]
49384482Why are women incapable of not talking at the speed of sound at all times? Why are they never done t…[View]
49382890Should pedos be allowed to have human rights like the rest of us?[View]
49384194What the hell is in chicken nuggets?[View]
49384387Your house is on fire. >This guy is blocking your exit >He's blowing spit and smoke as h…[View]
49382568What would your ideal world be like?[View]
49383914Does the pain ever go away[View]
49384050Im really gonna do it, robots. I am going on a road trip to all 50 states. I am even going to make a…[View]
49383427>tfw no top banana bf[View]
49383579>tfw no bf with zero standards[View]
49384384>go on a nsfw board >porn ad on loop in your eyes non-stop >scrolling and reading while see…[View]
49383758My conversation with my dad a few minutes ago >Champ, your mother and I are getting worried about…[View]
49383655why do people still hover hand in 2018?[View]
49384353Friendship: How difficult is it to find a friend who genuinely cares about your well-being? I'v…[View]
49383195>no personality >no interests >literally just browse 4chan or read the news all day >no …[View]
49384226How do you know when a woman loves you?[View]
49384183How does r9k feel about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GLhPuN5OYQ Pic Unrelated[View]
49384148>tfw no cool feminist gf[View]
49381759femanons, realistically if we got talking and we got along and were having fun doing things together…[View]
49383978>ywn be as handsome as this[View]
49384294Does the current climate of fear and resentment against robots remind anyone else of the satanic pan…[View]
49384299I want to stop watching incest porn[View]
49384159I'm only 21 and have been on /r9k/ since 2014, but even I feel too old for this board. I can…[View]
49382513Has anyone here tried to wean themselves off of anti-depressants/anti-psychotics? How did it go for …[View]
49382979Vocabulary: ITT: robots post your favorite word or words to use in conversation. I'll start: co…[View]
49383434How I long for the majestic vagina hills of Mars. Olympus Mons Pubis.[View]
49383831>got a match on Tinder What do I do[View]
49383100Why don't you have a qt black gf, anon?[View]
49382691>tfw mulattos are my favorite type of guys but they're known to be abusive, ghetto, and hype…[View]
49382160Would it be a mistake to talk about mental illness with your gf? Im pretty sure she knows I have no …[View]
49383784>if you want to talk about it I'll be here you know and you'll probably feel a lot bett…[View]
49381052HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Taking a single fucking Red Bull spiked my blood glucose from 98 to 142. IN A SIN…[View]
49383499>tfw knowing I won't have a girlfriend to share hot chocolate with while seeing Christmas li…[View]
49383489>rolling around a nickle in my mouth >accidentally swallow it m-mommy was right...…[View]
49383751BEN SHAPIRO: EPICLY calls his MUM to tell her that he LOVES her and hopes that LOGIC and REASONING h…[View]
49383338BRING SHIMA BACK: When is shima coming back!!! I miss her so much reeeeeeeeeeeee[View]
49380653What would you do if you woke up and became 5 inches taller? What would you do with the power of bei…[View]
49381741How does this make you feel, robots? > Teenage girl Alexia Chrissy-Marie Noble-Hazelwood, 18 year…[View]
49377628so which bits of history are 'your' history, /r9k/?[View]
49383566Nigger with a trigger Triggered nigger Nigger nigger nigger *pop* *pop* *pop* What now nigger? Dead…[View]
49383674My booby mousepad got dirty. how to clean without damaging it?[View]
49382758>I have just left a study group at university with a girl who has been in my classes since my fir…[View]
49383650>on the road to getting fit >No one(female) to walk it with Shit sucks.…[View]
49380092Does this shit ever get any better? Please tell me it does.[View]
49383049Hollywood Selling Sex: >guy sees girl in bar >girl looks back at guy >quick cut to either t…[View]
49380819why dont black men want their women?[View]
49382086Thank you Science: This is the negroid of tomorrow. Instead of being a wiley criminal miscreant the …[View]
49383423I can't wash my hair properly: I'm a fucking brainlet. The shampoo never seems to lather …[View]
49383369Cambodians are the n*gger of Asia.[View]
49382461What should I do with my first irl camp follower?: I was in such a good mood today during my first d…[View]
49382494what's it like to have friends? what do friends do together?[View]
49382998>be a nigga >take a shit >you're darker than your own shit I hate being black…[View]
49382320/rp/ - Rare Pepe General: Let's whip out those precious images Anon.[View]
49383101ask someone who makes a living selling dirty underwear to fetishists anything.[View]
49382714its really unfair that we have to see ugly people in public. I mean it just ruins my whole day.[View]
49371902Buff Girls: Would you date a girl who's buffer than you, boys?[View]
49380467Does anyone else feel empty and think a gf will fix it? I wish I was a chad[View]
49382523I hate eating. Why can't science get its shit together and create meal replacement pills?[View]
49380452Why do good looking guys settle for less, bros?[View]
49383123Big sis Kathy. You deserve to have a good day[View]
49383169>open apartment door and step inside >hands come up from behind me and slide down my pants and…[View]
49383463Why is everything reminding me of the past? About her specifically? Please stop I've had enough…[View]
49381849>the reason you can't socialize is because you're boring and have nothing interesting t…[View]
49373749does this look like a loli, will mummy know: Im getting mummy to laminate all my posters for me. I h…[View]
49383041Are cons a good place to get a gf(male)?[View]
49383411>guys start joking about queefing and sex oriented experiences Just fake laugh and say yea.…[View]
49379052I think my boyfriend is actually straight. Last night we were hanging out with a friend of mine and …[View]
49382443> Get job > Move out > Still shut-in on my computer. Just in my own apartment. And nothing …[View]
49383086Going homeless to live in my car, need ideas and information[View]
49383166what if love really is unattainable: what if it's just simply not a part of the world for love …[View]
49381955Who else here 4? I just can't do fat chicks.[View]
49383184>mom found the poopie sock[View]
49382135>there is technology that can enhance feminine features with seemingly no damage >There is no …[View]
49382929>i'm eating actual tendies right now you fuckers did this to me[View]
49383051what to do about existential dread and the fact that nothing matters? how do you force yourself to p…[View]
49383148>tfw getting drunk and watching decade old AVGN copycats again this isn't comfy at all…[View]
49382660>be me >have to commute 2 hours each way for uni >dad pays 2k a semester >have class at …[View]
49382933>bf just injected botox into my dick how fucked am i?[View]
49378525Got rejected today: Doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would We're still friends, so it…[View]
49383056I have no friends: Does anyone unironically want to be my friend? I make shitty art and comics it is…[View]
49382806who /doesn't want to sleep because they hate tomorrow/ here?[View]
49381837Met someone one on that 'perfect boyfriend' thread from last night. The thread 404's before the…[View]
49381576for gods sake someone tell me how can I leave this shithole of a website because I always comeback[View]
49380596Does fapping cause depression?: I was day 5 into nofap and I was feeling good. Always horny. Low anx…[View]
49382309How do I get a white boyfriend? Any tips and tricks?[View]
49381501She: >She's 18 years old, an adult, a grown ass woman >She has never dated anyone >She…[View]
49381476Don't know why r9komegle died out, but get on now frens! Starting this thread because of the cr…[View]
49381231im endlessly torturing myself and its only leading me closer to my suicide. there is no hope. I hav…[View]
49382898how to not boner when speak at girl?? help[View]
49381285People are becoming too rude and short tempered. I feel more and more people want to go in a war aga…[View]
49382368Osrs general. OP just hit 90m xp edition. How are my fellow scapers going this fine day?[View]
49372163/r9gay/ - #507: Chat Noir edition Last thread: >>49361162[View]
49382785does it count as sleep if you're in bed and not on your phone but your eyes aren't closed …[View]
49382787Realistically, what would I have to do for a femanon from here to consider talking to me?[View]
49382223oh my god i want to FUCK nyan. i mean i just really want to make her cum and then empty my nuts into…[View]
49382065>Trump aint no racist![View]
49382225>Be me >See all these posts about redditors stealing greentext for karma >Decide to try it …[View]
49382764me irl: >be me >40 yr old virgin >worthless KHV pos >one day have a good idea for once w…[View]
49382041I want cute chubby gf[View]
49381787This is the product of WMAF mixing.[View]
49381653how bout you guys stop bitching over useless shit like getting a gf? being respected is much better …[View]
49381905Fact: asserting white dominance by fucking a black tranny is the true redpill[View]
49381803How is your relationship with your parents anon? Do you love your parents? Do they love you back?[View]
49381479who /extremelyboring/ here? >been a NEET since 2013, no interest in working >no interest in se…[View]
49382407Just got my first vape. ask me anything[View]
49379045How do I quit my job do I just stop showing up or what? And how do I make it so my parents aren…[View]
49382597Alright that does it. Change the name of this board for LGBT2. Like fuck off already. This place is …[View]
49382627Greentext story: >be me >be 12 >on trip from nearby state >bored af in car >turn on l…[View]
49380359Femanon how tall are you and if you could grow taller at will how tall would you like to become?[View]
49381123The porn anon, stop watching it.[View]
49382090is anyone else working on plans to become a forest dwelling hermit?[View]
49381184>he doesn't even have condoms This is part of the reason you're still a Virgin. Even in…[View]
49381428>don't worry anon, I like you just the way you are[View]
49381875She found one, femanons. Why can't you?[View]
49382370my cat did a poo and it smells[View]
49382455is anyone else very sad about the news of 4channel like fuck i hate this it feels like the end[View]
49380982>Goes on and on telling everyone how depressed they are >Apparently not so depressed as to pre…[View]
49379376huehuehue you must pay off your infinite debt to be happy, you fucking 'NEETs!' prove me wrong.[View]
49381568Is hating 6ix9ine a sign of low IQ?[View]
49382227Posting turkey apu everyday Day 112[View]
49382315Roman Robot: He seems to me to be equal to a god, he, if it is permissible, seems to surpass the go…[View]
49382253Ok lads i finally did it, she just left. Greentext story time >be me >20 year old kissless hug…[View]
49382247the jolly roger has returned: also if your being bullied the first 100 request are free[View]
49380807I give up on trying to find someone: I'm giving up on trying to find a girlfriend or boyfriend …[View]
49382203Femanons, would you ever fight with other femanons on here? Us guys fight and argue with each other …[View]
49380935https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlhkjsT7lfk >while feminists and roasties hate men, asian women m…[View]
49381564Makeup, porn, hookup culture and plastic/cosmetic surgery are all strongly some of the worst things …[View]
49380805Sleep paralysis dreams Why do they always come when I take a benzo? I know it sounds silly but I was…[View]
49382039wtf, people online said cute girls don't go for cute low test boys. was I lied to?[View]
49381403My mother just got one of these totally free in the mail.... She's like what does it do? After …[View]
49382098Kimberly Guilfoyle - Womanlet?: Is she wearing that big belt because she's small in stature? To…[View]
49381683So what's the deal with Mexicans who somehow made it to middle class in America? Why do they ac…[View]
49381250what is it like putting your dink inside of a girl?: srs replies only! details of your first time an…[View]
49380091The years spent on this place have made me way too aware of my short height. I woulda been aware of …[View]
49376533vocaroo bread: can we get some words in here. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1SZChWkwrfG[View]
49382055discord raid reeeeee: Admin is a fag its slosh[View]
49382045>mild inconvenience happens >first thought is that I wouldn't have to deal with it if I w…[View]
49374569ITT we give this guy a name: Now that the dust has settled and this meme is practically dead, what i…[View]
49380105I'm sad... And scared... And afraid... And frightened... What do I do, robots? Where do I go fr…[View]
49377939Is there any way to reduce or lower the rape rate in the US? About 18% of women in the US have been …[View]
49381939At what age do females have the cutest butts?[View]
49379437It's it shameful to be with a fat bitch?: I've been single for 3 years now and I'm st…[View]
49381502Niggas iffy uh Jannies got stiffy uh[View]
49379332in retrospect what should have you done?: and is it too late to do it now?[View]
49374958NEET+HIKKI: Post here if you are a NEET or Hikki Honestly if you arent a NEET, you really should fu…[View]
49380001>not taking the pink pill Why are you doing this to yourself anon?[View]
49381191Cringe memories: ITT: Post the cringiest shit you've done.[View]
49380670>n-nooooooo plz have sex with me I am hot I am clean I promise I won't wear cheap makeup any…[View]
49381641>qt3.14 at the club is mirin me super hard >i approach her >invite her to my place >she …[View]
49380846>Tfw no 500lbs gf[View]
49381698>20 >joint pain[View]
49381751test: >be freshman >slacking off all week >essay coming up >see I have to write a life s…[View]
49381742worksafe boards are splitting off lol[View]
49380592Hot Negress at Work: >be me >at work >going to print out some statute to analyze >walk …[View]
49374401Here's your new government appointment girlfriend. Procreation is mandatory.[View]
49381508>be me >be 13 >addicted to naruto >hornier than a pedofile in a day care >download lo…[View]
49381691Are there any boards on 4chan without porn?[View]
49381249I got a reputation for being a slut when I don't have sex in real life: The reputation is on th…[View]
49381552Reminder to not mix with roasties[View]
49373031/uni/ general: Where my meme degree unicucks?[View]
49378399the absolute state of music: no cock music discrussions? cock time baby lets get a cock music thread…[View]
49380126im planning to run into busy traffic[View]
49379286>**TAP TAP TAP** >Maybe I'll be Tracer!…[View]
49381561Violet Evergarden is the official anime of /r9k/. Violet is our queen.[View]
49381553>start up ow >maybe ill be tracer >shes already tracer >tfw…[View]
49380975Cock Music Aficianado: thread for cock music, finnish cock roleplay, big black cock music investigat…[View]
49376261Any other femanons have the desire to flash your tits while on the road? Is it illegal to drive with…[View]
49381267I get nothing from this.: I can't express now how much i really hate to work. I dont get GF, i …[View]
49380038>Be me >Few hours ago >In room on computer doing shit >Alone with step dad being only ot…[View]
49381115My fat anime friend lost weight and acts like an annoying normie now. Its a weird feeling. Not like …[View]
49381434Why the FUCK do jannies not give a shit about all the race baiting bbc and tranny/gay posts. I swear…[View]
49381398Hey Anon, it's your mother here. I just want you to know that I'm very proud of you![View]
49380034>be me, slav >bored af >use end of month money to buy stalker games >get shot by rival s…[View]
49380698In my bed, planning to stay up all night even though I have a fuckton of things to do tomorrow. Anyo…[View]
49381107Back baby! I have empathy. I dreamed it, the final form of depression, having literally no will. It …[View]
49381328is group therapy a good idea? im such a sperg that i cannot hold a proper conversation with anyone m…[View]
49381216I want to start making threads but my 75 iq brain cannot think of a way to create a quality thread.[View]
49370871FATE: Post in here and ill tell ya about the love of your life. I think im gonna stop visiting this …[View]
49379746During sexual intercourse, what exactly occurs between initiation and penetration?[View]
49380396Does Anyone Else Enjoy Watching Women Getting Fucked By Animals Because They Aren't Human Anywa…[View]
49380945is kbbq good /r9k/[View]
49380955What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?: Strength Perception Endurance Charisma Intelligence Agility Luck St…[View]
49379542I don't want a girlfriend: It's not that I'd not love her, or wouldn't desire to…[View]
49377825Piss Jugs: Does anyone else have piss jugs? Have your parents ever found them? How do you feel about…[View]
49380763>be me >like a girl for a total of 1 year >tard friend goes up to her and asks 'do you like…[View]
49377124osrs 2: the bank sitting: post stats post feels no girls ALLOWED[View]
49380172/drunk/ on Monday: Lets have a drunk thread. Share the reason for your vice. What are you drinking? …[View]
49346494/drugfeels/ Binge Edition: How long you been going at it, lads? I haven't slept since Thursday.…[View]
49370538Incels: What is your opinion on Incels? Do you conaider yourself an incel?[View]
49379827Space Cat Reporting In!: We are ready for liftoff.[View]
49380904What do females really mean when they say they love to travel?[View]
49380844Guys I did it, I just had sex with a girl. Bow down before me[View]
49380850i love nyan-chan[View]
49380957What's stopping you from marrying a Japanese woman, blackbots?[View]
49380217I've decided to play some Minecraft after a couple of years of not doing it, I even installed t…[View]
49372016Fembots, have you ever dated a cuckold? Or have you ever cheated in secret?[View]
49378467Diapers are the perfect transgender bathroom.[View]
49380623Console.WriteLine('Hello fellow /robots/. Help me find pic related. It was posted a few days ago on …[View]
49380761im bored what should i do? someone else was bored before but im bored now[View]
49380145>you will NEVER get to suck on developing HRT skittles titties while you are thrusting your cock …[View]
49380301>One shot at life >Born with feminine genes >Born in the age of HRT and trap love Feels goo…[View]
49380326kaffi oneechan have a great early evening[View]
49378849>be me >live in a muslim country >prophet birthday >people buy shitload of fireworks …[View]
49380242i have forgotten what its like to be sober, i have been floating in this heavenly buzz for months wi…[View]
49380342Why do based storm druids/mini storms/storm coffees comments keep on getting deleted?[View]
49374280>be slut >dress like thot >get raped >go to court >lose >commit suicide…[View]
49378555Necrophiliacs: Would you ever fuck a dead body? Under what circumstances and if no why not?[View]
49380561>Reddit isn't base....[View]
49379846Why should I hate women just because I'm a genetic dead end? Only 40% of men throughout history…[View]
49376890Do robots want a monogamous relationship? If so, why? I was watching a youtube video about monogamy …[View]
49379723What's more effective at making you not come? >thinking about something painful or disgustin…[View]
49380442>you will never be kidnapped and shrunk down by a retarded sex-crazed trap from /r9k/ whose brain…[View]
49375281Why do asian women love white cock so much?[View]
49379598About me to start reading his manisfesto, what am I in for bros?[View]
49378644Why do normalfags rave about weed so much? The smell itself is enough to steer me away.[View]
49377648>be me >14 and stupid >At beach with cousins >Idea.shell >'Let's dig a hole' …[View]
49372807buy a dakki for christmas: Anons, why dont you have a dakki yet. >better sleeping >actual slee…[View]
49380000>first human communities >every man lost is less survival workforce >suicide becomes taboo,…[View]
49379643Hey, wanna see a monster?[View]
49380365>young stacies are bullying my mom at her new job This shit won't wash you fucking pukes…[View]
49379169Monagomy is shit: I never got close to having a relationship because everyone in my hometown was alr…[View]
49376821What do you robots think of my guitar playing? I try to play psychedelic jazz and listen to a lot of…[View]
49380291Fatcel is volcel. I am a former obese fuck and I completely sympahize with fat guys. Fat women live …[View]
49380279*repeats*: >sees everyone and basically everything is being called gay on reddit and 4chan >tr…[View]
49377371You know fellas. I think I'm done trying to get with women. People like me... well we just aren…[View]
49379980A whore with no shame gives me the strongest boners.[View]
49380215I hate my shitty job.[View]
49375353Is it true, guys? Are they really?[View]
49378759What should I buy myself for my birthday? I have $200.[View]
49378968Does anyone have good quotes to share? I dont care where they are from. I'm trying journaling f…[View]
49380094https://youtu.be/bOow1nSVhVE He's right you know[View]
49375889What makes you weird and different?[View]
49379421Being lonely comes with a price. I've always had trouble making friends online. I've done …[View]
49379957Did your parents beat you growing up? Mine sure did lole, this one time my dad slammed my face into …[View]
49379847>be me >at uni >have a class at 8:00am in the morning >its math >ohfuck.png >in th…[View]
49379834>get home from my classes >lay in bed watching youtube until 11 pm >no motivation to even p…[View]
49378681Femanons, do you want plastic surgery? If so, what?[View]
49378751>severely depressed >think about suicide 2 times per day on average >feeling increasingly m…[View]
49378208>check emails >see this What would you do?…[View]
49374293Your son brings home his first girlfriend. See this. What do?[View]
49379810>be me >neet loser >still living with parents >afraid/hate people >parents inviting a…[View]
49379208>it's another episode of me reading about serial killers and having numerous shared interest…[View]
49378474FEFE: FEFE THREAD i made this meme. hes name is fefe and its prounced a bit like 'thief', …[View]
49379440>make post >feel better >delete post anyone know this feel?…[View]
49379999>don't have to work as long as I do chores and not be on my video game all day >Haven…[View]
49378613Makeup, porn, hookup culture and plastic/cosmetic surgery are strongly some of the worst things that…[View]
49377495wheelchair balls: Got called by a girl today over the phone (a hiring company) So I guess that means…[View]
49377258>ywn be a good singer >ywn make great music >ywn create a masterpiece album Why live?…[View]
49379926Despair: Whats your rock bottom?[View]
49379210Its time for robots and incels to fully admit that men are visual creatures. They only want attracti…[View]
49377338fat puffy pussy is the best pussy[View]
49378859>parents are poor >live in broken down house >leaks when rains always cold >nothing to e…[View]
49379821Just 10 more days to go before I can go home for the XMAS break~[View]
49379808>there are '''robots''' here who are married and have children How far has this place fallen…[View]
49378522Big sis Kathy have a good afternoon today. I hope college went well for you Im still trying to cope …[View]
49379657>all those ironic 'If you remember [7th gen game], your childhood was AWESOME!!!' shitposts from …[View]
49379747how do you have sex r9k?[View]
49379766>be at a party >crush comes up to me >says something I can't remember in a really thic…[View]
49377334Yo my nigs! I wanna get into Dragon Ball. Thinking of starting with DBZ Kai. Thoughts?[View]
49379616How does it feel to spank a cute girl?[View]
49378918So what happens when thousands of young guys are not getting laid? Is the idea of a sex slave not ap…[View]
49379628Hey bros, quick question. What is crystal cafe?[View]
49379212Okay BOi's Im young but im fearful of my future >20 years old >work dead end low wage job…[View]
49379660Just want to share a nice experience I had the other day. I'm a guy that falls in love with lo…[View]
49379103How much money do you need to not work?[View]
49379409join: if you like kpop and cute korean boys join. pls dump all kpop photos here. this is not a serv…[View]
49378752Is being reclusive red flag for girls? If so, are there girls that won't mind reclusive boyfrie…[View]
49366199Do guys actually care about large labia? And do they ACTUALLY think that it means a girl is a slut??…[View]
49379557Morningchan is full of cranky liberal assfucks and nightchan is full zoomers who don't reply to…[View]
49379316Will there be an r9k 4channel edition? I would love a SFW r9k, most NSFW here are shitposts or bait.[View]
49379418What is your favourate: Food r9k? I like sushi!!!![View]
49373723/East African general/: we're all psuedo-niggers edition: Alright lads I wanna see how many of …[View]
49379476>tfw you base your whole life on the fear that someone may try to frame you Everything I do has n…[View]
49379355>everything in society is about garnering attention and sex appeal >men can't compete wit…[View]
49379470Incest is WRONG! But only for men who aren't Chad.[View]
49376379Would going to an anime convention be worth it? I wanna talk to people who like the stupid shit I li…[View]
49375243I love fucking my Asian gf >pic related I'm Asian I'm a guy…[View]
49378851Why are normies so pushy? No, means, no!: >be amongst normie friends >shy, KHHV, robot me >…[View]
49379025>me team hate you team >Dude sport lmao Why the fuck do NPCs obsess over sports so much? It…[View]
49378238>tfw 6'2 >tfw still no gf or friends…[View]
49378039> Turn 30 tomorrow Why do I even bother anymore? My life stalled 8 years ago and nothing rewardin…[View]
49379398>tfw no cosplayer bf[View]
49376330/britfeel/: INTERNATIONAL MENS DAY EDITION #justfuckingenditlads[View]
49378046So anon what's wrong with life and how are you going to fix it?[View]
49379060Lmfoa, woman should be killed.[View]
49379277you know what to do to fix your life, dont' you?[View]
49378927>eating unheated spaghettios directly out of the can is this what rock bottom feels like?…[View]
49373831The worst evil in the world is manipulative men. Violent men can be manipulated or outmaneouvred. M…[View]
49378702>mom offered to make my sister and her black bf out for dinner >didn't even invite me wel…[View]
49378312Would you date a 10/10 that has been BLACKED?[View]
49378089>be me >have crush on girl >been friends for a while >have grown close lately >in sam…[View]
49378059How viable is getting pozzed as a suicide method? I'm too much of a pussy to shoot or hang myse…[View]
49378979MFW Niggerslayer Stacy Rejects Me: Why did she have to do it??? Whyyyyy??? >mfw…[View]
49378417What are the best jobs for fucking your co-workers/customers?[View]
49377741Just lose some weight brah and be yourself ;) >>>/fit/48432372[View]
49377349Best way to learn javascript fellow robots?[View]
49378666girl don't actually masturbate, right?[View]
49378656I'm from Reddit and I spend all of my day there. I love r/4chan. AMA[View]
49377790I've got it I failed NNN miserably, and I masturbate far too often. You could call me an addict…[View]
49378826<what is pinktext even for like greentext is for quotes and events, but is there use for pinktext…[View]
49378789remember the old ways: That feel, that feely feely feel WHEN NO GF AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
49375309Serious question: Can you OD in multi-vitamins? Because I just swallowed half a bottle of them for f…[View]
49377502Would you date a misogynistic female?[View]
49378031My depression has moulded itself into my very soul. I no longer feel in turmoil. I just feel constan…[View]
49377413Why do a lot of you hate women so much?[View]
49376663This is undeniably one of her cutest looks.[View]
49378724>wake up >go on computer >don't even play any computer games or do work >just argue…[View]
49376907>millions of people die from hunger >millions of people die from diseases >nearly half of h…[View]
49378264>Measured my dick >last time it was barely 5.5 inches >Start bone pressing this time >6…[View]
49378598>virgin through teenage years >stay virgin b/c American and moralfags >the years, they pass…[View]
49376969>Nearly dated a thirteen year old on accident what the fuck is wrong with me…[View]
49378615>be me >bit skinny but tall >i like girl 1, start chatting with her >she likes me >an…[View]
49377145Meme Bank: Hello anon, welcome to the meme bank. Please post your favorite/funniest meme/picture and…[View]
49375137>one shot at life >sent to all boys school…[View]
49378578All I wanted was qt 3.14 qf that's all world, yet I never getti mmm why must it be so[View]
49378581The gun is good.: >The penis is evil![View]
49377252what are you listening to right now >tfw nostalgic depression strike, cant sleep https://youtu.be…[View]
49377706R6S: >be me >come back from a 24 hour ban >play a round of casual to get back into the game…[View]
49378226what's the point in living when i dont look like brooke or annie?[View]
49376838I enjoy being myself and away from people. I wish i didn't need to work[View]
49377635pedrone and alai down under sex[View]
49377518>[pulls out every 15 seconds] >[shoves hand inside pussy and violent shakes] >'AAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
49377658Half of me screams telling me I should put myself out there more other half screams saying I should …[View]
49377997/comfy/ thread: r9k is too full of fags nowadays, we need more /comfy/ threads.[View]
49377765>be european >friend gets prescribed legal weed >gives me some >smoke it >WOOOOW DUDE…[View]
49377883Anybody else just get visions of murder?: Does anybody here just think about murder? Like how to ge…[View]
49378289I feel like I am losing brain cells by not masturbating. It's only been 5 days since my last se…[View]
49375568HAHAHAHA HE DID IT AGAIN LOLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYbS_olCsZ0[View]
49378175do you know why feminists/white women are against the white race? because it is the race that implem…[View]
49375406I want to wife a shorty, but do they have shorty complex like men do*? *Napoleon complex[View]
49377257I objectively deserve a girl friend. >I'm young >I'm healthy >I'm not a manl…[View]
49376143who /zero ego/ here?[View]
49378126Time in bed: Hey r9k , virginanon has a question here : does the amount it takes me to fap is equal …[View]
49376258why is it that people hate anime now? i'm not even talking just normies, i'm also talking …[View]
49377962>be me >about 1 hour ago >thirsty as fuck >open fridge >half and half >down it …[View]
49375430School shootings help to thin out the herd. Yes?[View]
49378154Where can I find a Christmas cake gf? I'm too old to be single and alone now. It's time to…[View]
49372797I am legitimately afraid I'm turning into a werewolf. I know it's probably a delusion but …[View]
49378114hindi mein post karo bhosdi walo aise hi ham 4chan par aakraman karenge[View]
49377115Emotional in the inside. I could be feeling every feel. Emotionless on the outside best I can do is…[View]
49378081some shitty Spanish soccer team is selling stocks for 1.22 pounds a pop: faggots, you know what to d…[View]
49375420How do i live with my verginity knowing i'm genetic trash[View]
49374236With consoles like XBone X catching up to pc in graphical quality, the PC Master Race meme is gonna …[View]
49374948did you have penis exam at your school?[View]
49377096Why can't I post on /adv/ anymore? Every time I try I get connection error.[View]
49374026Why am I so gay?[View]
49376345letters that no one is ever going to receive thread: Fuck the CIA niggers that are going to profile …[View]
49377140Kaffi oneesama. You are ordered to take your daily creamsicle[View]
49377902Vaginas: Canadafags, why don't you become legally trans so you can go look at titties in women…[View]
49377884this is just sad: Tripfags get what they deserve dirty faggot niggers. Try to get attention and it b…[View]
49377869> be OP in thread 49300363 > decide to try hot chocolate recipe robot left in thread > it…[View]
49376038>finally listen to reason and decide I need help for my mental problems >research therapists a…[View]
49377812the fact that internet is a thing and nearly anybody can easily access it is crazy desu. it's m…[View]
49377828I wish I had a big dick Poison gf[View]
49377053Ask a guy who owns a strip club anything[View]
49377202A Game: You and 4 other people awaken in a void. it's cold. and really, REALLY dark. you hear a…[View]
49377723The only memories I have are of internet memes and posts. I should have gone outside to live my life…[View]
49374814Feels thread: ITT: post feels stories. Got a pretty horrific one to start boys so I guess I'll …[View]
49377038I'm a fairly young guy and in a few days I'm going to start my first job as a female acces…[View]
49377659>p-please disable your a-adblock 'No' >well then no content for you *install script* *dabs*…[View]
49376530I wanna write a philosophical 'ranting' kind of book How do i write one without sounding like preten…[View]
49377234>Life is pointless >Nothing is worthwhile, only food and alcohol give momentary release >So…[View]
49377312Trans daughtee: I just find out i am trans daughter ama[View]
49375188Opinions on Elliot Rodger?[View]
49353281Virgin robots, post your: >Age >Race >Sexual Orientation >Height >Weight >Hair Col…[View]
49373120has anyone here had any success growing a beard with minoxidil?[View]
49374950How do you feel when no one responds to your shit on 4chan? How many times do you refresh, anon?[View]
49377113Name some of the porn generals you frequent.: Post at least two per reply if you can. Because I want…[View]
49370577>be me >tired of the homo and relationshit/muh gf/muh sex garbage on this board >go on /pol…[View]
49376696Any bots incontinent?: How do you deal with it? How do you hide it?[View]
49375614>Im currently on day 4 of being roommates with my oneitis AMA[View]
49377182> be me > poopsterbate > wipe off cock with toilet paper and then wipe ass > cum now on …[View]
49376475ok so i finally decided that i had enough with the inceldom and i will say a big fuck you to the whi…[View]
49376228>funny comic sans dog >go haha >see comment >'dead meme' >triggered >wtfwhyareyouj…[View]
49377382Hey r9k, im making a quest discord. Come join and adventure with me![View]
49376734No Fap/Nut November Day 19: Hello, Is there anybody out there? Get in here if you haven't yet s…[View]
49377212I was sick of having no sexual experience and got a blowjob from a hooker with a condom on. Now I…[View]
49370463Why are people racist towards blacks but not towards Asians?[View]
49375181tinder is easy: i made a tinder a few nights ago and already like 1k+ guys wanna hang out. this is n…[View]
49376573whats ur best copes: i have dr pepper,wow and terraria[View]
49375802Viral Videos Shitposting: Ok robots, I need your help: So I have this project where we have to make …[View]
49376551Look at you: 'You're so worthless, how could you say that about women, don't you know that…[View]
49376524ITT: Post your absolute favourite song of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjw4VuF_Yf8[View]
49367948I'm dying boys. And there's nothing I can do to stop it. I got a year left.[View]
49376544uh no sweetie thot basic bitch yikes oof sweetie uwu princess tranny traps ironic weebs black ppl wh…[View]
49373558My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and your parents and …[View]
49376118How often should I masturbate? I know that preferably I shouldn't masturbate at all but I have …[View]
49376992Do you rember the old times? >when you still had optimism for the future >when everything was …[View]
49376835satisfaction: ITT: satisfaction stories >be me few days ago >horny teen >just updated to io…[View]
49376603look at how aesthetic this is. no other race could hope to compete. Preserve Aryan Beauty. 14/88 htt…[View]
49376937>watching Netflix with my dad >ask him he wants some popcorn >fuck up the word and end up …[View]
49376406normie high part 1a: norman: We all have those crazy high school stories. This is only one of them. …[View]
49376501Who wants a steamy, creamy log fresh from /b/?[View]
49373768Why do I suck at guitar? How do I stop sucking? I've been trying to play for over a year now an…[View]
49373024>there are women on m-muh seekrit club imageboard? reeeee if gook-moot would split /r9k/ up into …[View]
49370406ITT: Weird / gross stuff you do, let's check if somebody else does it When my buttcrack is swea…[View]
49376811A actual troll accused me of being a troll and it haunts me: Share what haunts you too I guess I…[View]
49376627Does anyone know what happened to the R9k tinychat with people like Dankenstein and Doep tranny??[View]
49376186how do you cope with balding, anons? im 24 and soon i will reach norwood 2, if im not there already.…[View]
49376096Do girls expect guys to shave their pubic hair?[View]
49376013>He's white and still a virgin You literally have no excuse when free pussy is next door.…[View]
49376689All i ever want in life is a inn keeper GF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ-G0p9bnFY[View]
49376124>be me >horrible anxiety >neet for 2 years >get offered jobs here and there >accept a…[View]
49375599>be me >24yo femanon >meet guy on tinder >he's super cute >possiblebf.jpeg >h…[View]
49373618I had sex last night but no matter how hard I went I couldn't fun. Pic definitely not related. …[View]
49376634As a woman, it's not my fault none of you robots are good enough for me or any of is really And…[View]
49375398When the Changs finish taking overt the world in a couple years, what will the scrap women they leav…[View]
49375515trigger switch: ON[View]
49376006No straightfags allowed: 'Hands where i can see them daddy!' A flamboyant voice orders you. You rais…[View]
49376438How the fuck am I supposed to force myself to do something boring? I'm doing a research paper …[View]
49376360Tfw people are obsessed with me and claim I'm a sexual deviant: >my ex bf who browses this w…[View]
49374933>tfw homeless >tfw just charged my battery at the library >tfw only thing i ate kast night …[View]
49376065Comfy Music Thread: Can we get a comfy bot music thread havent seen one in a while lets share comfy …[View]
49375710>get attracted to a girl >suspect that she is attracted to me too >waits for me to make the…[View]
49364080ITT call out people you think browse /r9k/: clay you madman, you said you'd kill yourself by 25…[View]
49374885Today I've learned that, in the US, it's considered acceptable (or even normal) for girls …[View]
49372504/britfeel/: Only angry lads allowed in here[View]
49375388so a girl immediatelly loses interest in you just for making a little joke. women think that they ar…[View]
49366290Would you date a 30 year old female virgin who looked like this?[View]
49376335Do women know who fought in world war ll?[View]
49375921Do you regret wasting your high school and college lives by you staying in your room alone playing v…[View]
49371557>tfw dying alone is a real outcome for me >tfw never in a million years did I think I would go…[View]
49375933Sex is just people putting stuff in each others holes[View]
49373583/cn/ comedy night: Good evening ladies and gentle men welcome to the r9k comedy night. itt. Post you…[View]
49371490It needs to get worse.[View]
49374650I hardcore doxxed my best friend after he said he didn't want to be friends with me anymore bec…[View]
49375112> Be chad at my school > Fucked his gf with no condom > preggo.jpg > Makes her get an ab…[View]
49375813>tfw i want to sell my overkill PC and enjoy life for a bit, go out and have fun >i am certai…[View]
49376223Can I be a robot anymore?: I failed no nut by losing my virginity Am I officially not a robot anymor…[View]
49375319Doordash/Food Delivery: Any of you niggers taken up hustling food for a living?[View]
49375609Big sith kathy. have a nice morning!!![View]
49365442>Reminder that you will never have a teenage girl who is completely in love with you say this to …[View]
49375983PARTISANS RUIN EVERYTHING: >The NPC: A meme meant to portray people without an internal monologue…[View]
49371131>'hey anon, we're from the 41st millennium and accidentally arrived on Earth in the 21st cen…[View]
49375695Robot Birthday Food: I decided to max out free birthday food -Free pastry at Panera -Free burrito at…[View]
49375703This kid killed his mom a couple of weeks ago because he god a bad grade in school. https://www.foxn…[View]
49374297>Hello, this is the 4chan Suicide Hotline. Generic Asian Name, speaking. How may I help?…[View]
49375648Women can have children whenever they want to. Either an easily acquired ONS, or just inseminate the…[View]
49373385Be real with me, Anons. Is having a gf that great? Like on a scale of 0-10.[View]
49371547self-improvement thread: today is day 39 of my diet. I'm down 20 pounds. my dick looks a little…[View]
49368625Black women are criminally underrated.[View]
49374872>listening to local hip hop radio station >goes to commercial >black man says 'we'll b…[View]
49375873>guito has stolen Carl's cars 3 the game >Carl is mad >Carl leaves a trail of blueberr…[View]
49373535I'm at church right now. AMA[View]
49375822>cleaning son's room while he's out to the cinema >found a cucumber in cling wrap un…[View]
49375789tfw no chubby happa bf to snuggle with at night while he plays video games and occasionally slaps my…[View]
49371754>acne hasn't gone away at 21 >never eat junkfood, smoke, drink or do other drugs >stil…[View]
49374167do fembots or female lurkers even exist in a shitty country like Hungary?[View]
49375217NPC PHRASES/BEHAVIOUR: GO GO GO. >yo anon, did you go to see (insert name of flick)? It was lit!…[View]
49375586I come on this board to laugh at incels. I don't laugh at them because they are virgins but bec…[View]
49375639>be me >have to drive my little brother to school everyday >little brother complains he doe…[View]
49374066Dont want any women: Iam just 20 yrs, but already focused pretty hard on longterm relationships. It…[View]
49371566Man I just want a 4/10 gf like pic related.[View]
49372294>anon, could you please answer this: >'Okay, well-' >staceys start talking EVERY. SINGLE. T…[View]
49375516Redpill me on this creature: I saw it on TV yesterday. They called it woman. It looks unreliable, wh…[View]
49375531>25kv >Balding insecure ginger >Decide to shave it off and grow beard >Girls like it and…[View]
49374116Alright, tell me your troubles: Guaranteed response[View]
49375441Religious Mom: >be me >live in religious household >mom catches me hunking the junk >say…[View]
49374653>the Chad fucks all the girls is a meme!! >be me 28 khv >not bad looking, at least I am fit…[View]
49374542>find qt gf >look forward to happiness together >wake up >realize she doesn't exist…[View]
49373896ITT Tard Stories: I'll start. >Sister is low functioning autistic >I still live with my m…[View]
49373603>its literally a social norm to be a passive aggressive prick on reddit…[View]
49374521ending it goodbye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_eR0IVSOhY think of me at your lowest point I hop…[View]
49375253Help me Robots...: <be me <5 mins ago <8/10 randomly lays her head down on my shoulder <…[View]
49374657Imagine being in a situation where you break a girls heart who deeply cares about (and you care abou…[View]
49375315>met a guy online last week and we got lunch >no contact since then, even though he said we sh…[View]
49374574I'm really struggling to find a job, any kind of job. I walk into a supermarket and see these o…[View]
49375258>tfw bi but too uncomfortable around gay men to flirt with one[View]
49375193Any robots here were forced to go through higher education? What field did you guys choose and why? …[View]
49374075>god is the creator of the universe >women literally have the power of creation in their bodie…[View]
49373322>people still think this is a girl[View]
49375159This period of ambiguity, early in a relationship with someone you're interested in, is painful…[View]
49375116My friend is just way too touchy with me. There is no way my virgin ass is getting fucked by a guy.[View]
49374903>ex gf texts you happy birthday[View]
49374349How many of the sad creatures lurking this board are victims of the japanese plague 'anime'?[View]
49373893>my top youtube comment i am the most clever man in existence its a great punchline cause it leav…[View]
49373181Anyone get this thing where if an attractive girl literally does as much as ask you a question, you …[View]
49374597Unironically wish I was gay sometimes. So fucking shit of females and their dumb bullshit, but can…[View]
49375011Are ex chads who go bald failed normies?[View]
49374990Birthday: >mom doesn't want my 5 friends in the house >'I'm too introverted anon' …[View]
49374902My sister and her pretty friends are hanging out downstairs and I am alone in my bedroom playing Min…[View]
49374728what gets you in your comfy zone? >saturday >past 1am >snuggled in blankets >nice warm d…[View]
49370342Excuse me I said excuse me HELLLLLLLOOO I have an important message *cough cough* Fuck Ottomans and …[View]
49372785How long does one wait to seek a new relationship after going through a break up with fiance? What…[View]
49373915>watches 'x reacting to y' videos on youtube unironically Why do you enable people to get money d…[View]
49372600Can we all agree this was the cutest part?[View]
49374039I just wanked to trap hentai for the first time. Am I gay now?[View]
49372725>very hungry >uncle in kitchen preparing huge meal for thanksgiving or some shit >anxiety t…[View]
49374145>milfy asian coworker comes to my cubicle, stutters my name and unconsciously unzips her jacket w…[View]
49374562My feet hurt: Anyone got the schizo version of this one?[View]
49374418degenerates softening your brains: I swear it must have been mod posting these thread and then delet…[View]
49374194Adoption: Are you adopted? Share your stories.[View]
49373130How the hell are we as men supposed to feel about this?[View]
49373715Why do capitalist/republicans hate 'communist' and reference Stalin, when they're the same type…[View]
49374635Justice: Everyone in the whole entire world should be a tranny like me. Non trannies should just be …[View]
49373035No Nut November - Day 19: I'm currently feeling a strong mix of loneliness and sadness. How are…[View]
49370780whats the ideal height and weight for a female?: hello robots, i was wondering, whats the ideal heig…[View]
49371631So the big Plot Twist of Goblin Slayer and that he's actually a girl.[View]
49374286>go to a bar >me and my neckbeard friend order drinks, don't really try to charm the fem…[View]
49373805Why is everyone on this board so obsessed with females and wanting a gf? Having a gf is a big respon…[View]
4937399825 years old here, i have no serious career, i've never finished anything in life, i'v fai…[View]
49374328Should I put in my tinder bio that I like anime, working out and gaming? I tried so many different t…[View]
49374439>tfw my BPD ex that I broke up with months ago, killed herself last week, probably because of me,…[View]
49374459DSP still exists, gets pussy on the regular, works from his home streaming, makes good money and liv…[View]
49374411>be hanging out in apartment with a roommates and a friend >another friend 'C' comes over with…[View]
49374395>tfw 6'3 who else /manlet/ here? wish I was taller.[View]
49373979Stacies: I'm a 27 year old reformed cyborg. I just ended a 5 month long fwb arrangement with a …[View]
49374434>hey Mike, you know we've been noticing you've been having a lot of problems lately…[View]
49372285I bet you faggots arent even shitting correctly, can you do ANYTHING right?[View]
49372531>be me >today is my 30 birthday >alone in home >nobody told me happy birthday >no mon…[View]
49373989Question to the blackbots: How do you feel about the fact that those of your race can get bitches an…[View]
49370543you on the left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvqQPGlzFT4[View]
49374343>be me >26-ish white male >goes to donate blood because it's the right thing to do …[View]
49372918What should I do to my bedroom to make it a comfy neet paradise?[View]
49373194Why are there so many YTers exploiting incels for our $$$? Everyone needs money, I suppose ... but w…[View]
49373682how to get rid of nose hair? without pain[View]
49374317If you are an asian guy living in the west its over.[View]
49374268Elementary School autism story. >be me >9 years old, elementary school fag >had this guy i…[View]
49373824I come to the conclusion that my life is pointless every day, but the next day I am still alive.[View]
49373880> have 5 days off work > It's day 3 and I haven't done anything productive. Just mas…[View]
49374121Anyone else ever notice that people who like traps usually have disgusting personalities and appeara…[View]
49374164>tfw I realise that 28 is too late to learn anything new[View]
49373741is my face meme good?: trying to make a new meme, Will post meme comic after I am don.[View]
49373786We have to protect LGBT folk folks we have to! it's our duty folks[View]
49373494wtf bros how do you cum from a handjob? I cant concentrate on groping her ass and kissing her at the…[View]
49373413ITT: Autistic things you do: >monologue in my room with a fake accent with my shirt off about hun…[View]
49373572>check catalog >no s***y or t**p threads for once Looks like the bang posting is working boys…[View]
49372863How are you supposed to feel confident if you haven't managed to find one single girl attracted…[View]
49370816So...what do you do when you feel lonely?[View]
49373301>oh, you can keep the pen![View]
49373801Why is universe so big, bros?[View]
49371846Attention, fembots! Picrelated is what all men want. All of them. Anything less than that is always …[View]
49373931With the split I think 4chan is dying anons Its been a good run[View]
49370715Which one would you pick? You can only fuck one.[View]
49373273How do I keep myself busy for the next 30-50 years?[View]
49371522i'm geting clingier and clingier and i'm scared i'm going to ruin a good friendship w…[View]
49371208Why don't you robots just date a well adjusted 26 year old?[View]
49372491*lights cig, inhales and exhales* >'thanks, mister.'[View]
49373522Imagine doing it for free guys[View]
49373690>tfw no hairy gf feelsbadman[View]
49372235>be me, 14, middle school fag, not robot yet >have a friend who was always up to jokes >he …[View]
49372592>got a message from my boss (McCucks) at 6am, asking if Im available at work from 10am starting t…[View]
49369446Do you prioritize looks, personality, or IQ in a potential girlfriend? And why?[View]
49371716>crashed at a friend's apartment saturday night because it was too late to go home >our l…[View]
49371985Why do I keep getting random boosts of happiness and random boosts of sadness every day. When anyone…[View]
49373010I'll protect you from the bullies, little Anon.[View]
49370580How many girls do I need to like to get a match or how long do I have to wait on tinder? It's d…[View]
49373362Why not just date a early-mid 20s retail manager?[View]
49373631Shitty tinder dates: Sad realization thread >went on a date with an American girl >Im in the m…[View]
49373530Would you date a girl with lots of male friends?[View]
49372419Feet seem like such a male dominated fetish. Are there girls with foot fetishes? Is it for male feet…[View]
49372432How would he feel about the division of 4chan and 4channel?: >moot nostalgia thread…[View]
49373568Daydream/fantasy thread: Anyone else daydream alot,like....i daydream qlmost all the time,whenever i…[View]
49373476>Ending the day at only 1,100 calories I did it![View]
49372517Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
49371401is there an anonymous board like r9k for relatively 'normal' people that aren't retar…[View]
49373234how your day goin' friends o' mine?[View]
49373140>jannies deleting f*mbot bait threads H-HAVE WE DONE IT LADS?[View]
49372540Blackpill thread: Come on anons, share your blackest ov the black pills. The growing emptiness is in…[View]
49373384I'm 7 million years old. AMA[View]
49373433>tfw live in someone's basement with two roommates >go into the kitchen area completely n…[View]
49372842Whats wrong with me?: I dont really feel quite right, i have been hanging with normies and i have no…[View]
4937327625+: Welcome to another 25+ thread I'm getting ready to go to the library to pick up some boo…[View]
49373218What am I supposed to do in life as a 4 inch dicklet?[View]
49372692incels wouldn't exist if these three things didn't exist. 1. Make up 2. High heels 3. Porn…[View]
49372584This bitch called the cops on /b/. We need to act fast.[View]
49370165What the hell is even the point?[View]
49373318pedrone and alai testing sex[View]
49373014I wanna be a little girl they're so cute and sexy[View]
49367529hooker recognized me: >went to a hooker during june >kissed her, licked her pussy, ate her ass…[View]
49370956First time posting, but it's story time: me a couple of years ago >18 y/o loser that sits in…[View]
49372886I planned out a date with a girl for 2 days. Only for me to over sleep like hell because I stayed up…[View]
49372611>only thing that makes me happy now is shitposting about my own misery and misfortune…[View]
49372717>tfw you can see the moon[View]
49373078>tfw father is working a shitty dead end job, mother is currently in the process of bankrupting h…[View]
49370796I have to get on an airplane tomorrow, how do I check a bag?[View]
49370527Sadlad General: Come tell us your woes, for we robots must stay together if we are to survive these …[View]
49373008>lie to grandma about my headache >she gives me one of her strong painkiller pills >fly awa…[View]
49370571I am Skeptical Dog. Go on, convince me of your bullshit.[View]
49370500>co-workers hosting a pot luck >boyfriend tagging along to help bring in some hotpot >manag…[View]
49369795If this was a male, he'd be a permavirgin, and you know it. No chance to ever have even a remot…[View]
49371386The feds got our boy RIP to a real one[View]
49371628>Why do you eat so much Anon? You have to take better care of yourself. >Do you know how bad t…[View]
49372317Am I the only one who doesn't care about New Years?[View]
49371256DEPRESSION & ANXIETY: Do you feel depressed, anon? Do you feel anxious all the time? Do you wan…[View]
49372128what age do men stop being fake? we all know roasties never stop it.[View]
49370376Share your phone wallpapers. Here's mine.[View]
49371478I feel kind of bad for objectifying men for their sexual organ. I wish I was just a normal bisexual …[View]
49371893Lanky boys are hard to find.: I never see any lanky boys around, they're so rare I forgot what …[View]
49370968Is being a sensitive, quiet man a death sentence?[View]
49371072>Think I got spotted by the girl I was taking creepshots of What should I expect and how should I…[View]
49371910Are our challenges in life gifts? Are some playing the game of life on 'Nightmare Mode'? Or is it ju…[View]
49372234>be me >paki >in pakistan, being a faggot is illegal and punishable by jail time bc Allah s…[View]
49370856Apparently in the state of Colorado, if you call someone a racial slur, they can legally punch you i…[View]
49372060tfw you wanna confess to him but you know it's never gonna work out because e-dating sucks and …[View]
49370146>dump my cum repeatedly in a cute girl for 1 hour in exchange for $300, basically beat her to dea…[View]
49371496I tried and i tried again, and once more, but its not enough, i cant get anywhere in life. Feel like…[View]
49371843LET'S GET COMFY IN HERE: Post the comfiest and coziest images in this thread. Best enjoyed in a…[View]
49372773>goto 4channel >'thanks for coming!' >goto r9k >'fuck off normie!' I'm out, folks. …[View]
49372723Who /schizo-xyz/ here? No normie impostors or self-diagnosing faggots please. I'm talking diag…[View]
49372537'Champ, I know you're busy kissing your Nakamoto, but there are a few places in town that need …[View]
49371979I can't find the TV remote...[View]
49372361Paranoia: Has anyone here legit suffered from paranoia ? How was It ?[View]
49372146>Talk to a girl for a while now >Amazing conversations, lots of stuff in common >Seriously …[View]
49372179Fags trannys etc: People who hates fags, why do you hate them? I mean why do you consider gayness a …[View]
49370700Is alcohol euphoria better than food euphoria? Been straight edge for 20 years but recently realized…[View]
49372091I should just kms. 4chan is growing more hostile to me and I dont have anywhere else to go and certa…[View]
49362349/britfeel/: Night gathers and now our shitposting begins It shall not end until our sleep We shall t…[View]
49372250what is the difference between racism and anti-semitism? Isn't anti-semitism just another form …[View]
49371755anger: ITT: things that makes you angry that you feel like it shouldn't >people who talk out…[View]
49371983Should i get rid of my discord server and account and abandon all the friends I've made there? …[View]
49372323Hello normals! Whats so interesting about this place to you? How come you refuse to go live your lif…[View]
49371511fuhnee rainbee sex seejge: >be me >think 'hmmm fat asian man who deafens people with a camera …[View]
49371980I accidentally didn't eat very much in the first 2 years of college (whenever I got hungry I ju…[View]
49369293>Tyrone chokes this white roastie 6 times throughout their relationship >first time he choked …[View]
49369469is it easier to get a russian wife? i just want a cutie russian housewife Also what are the chances…[View]
49372224WTF HIRO??????: >be me >go to 4chan.org >anime_grill_with_questionmark.png >where are th…[View]
49372217How are my /doomers/ holding up?[View]
49371093do any of you robots like reading? PDFs/e-books or physical copies? what kind of stuff do you read?[View]
49369905bangposting: why are bangposters and threads about them getting wiped and their posters banned? anyt…[View]
49371155Anon you are using Apple products, aren't you?[View]
49371275Tengo motherfucking hambre. I have a delivery out in Fort Worth and I think there's a taqueria …[View]
49370385>hey no offense man but you i've never seen you in another outfit >oh this outfit is just…[View]
49370424The beta uprising is growing every day[View]
49361162/r9gay/ - #506: Headpats edition Last thread: >>49350031[View]
49367677summarize your feelings on love[View]
49370705Would you date a boy if he loved you with all his heart?[View]
49371996I want to kill myself. How can I risk my life for the greater good to increase my chances of dying? …[View]
49368944Femanon would you rather be extremely short or extremely tall?[View]
49371923is it possible to be a white washed or 'white acting' ethnic, without being white worshipp…[View]
49368601So anons tell me what you think caused you to become a /robot/ and when it happened: For me I think …[View]
49366569>today is my birthday >no one apart from my parents wished me a happy birthday This is why I h…[View]
49371683Anyone else constantly forgets how old they are?[View]
49371868Has anyone else not even considered dating 3d in years? I was thinking today and there were no benef…[View]
49370888>eat 5g dried shrooms 3 times now from different sources >little to no effect, barely percepti…[View]
49371813I need the retarded pepe that slaps the ass of an anime girl pls help me[View]
49365431I owe this world nothing prove me wrong[View]
49371729hi frens how all do today?[View]
49371589>whenever I make a split second decision it's wrong >I don't have instinct >Whene…[View]
49370156>started learning kana a month ago >still get characters mixed up or write them wrong for time…[View]
49369575Adoption: Are you adopted? How has your life been? Have you adopted? How has your life been?[View]
49371677Anyone else feel extremely isolated in college? Back in school I at least recognized and remembered …[View]
49371161Most of you deserve to be where you are, and deserve to die.[View]
49371595Its 2am, i have my first job interview tomorow afternoon. Im feeling really nervous, i dont have muc…[View]
49369448>mom and dad said they'll kick me out of home this week >tfw I plan to attempt suicide if…[View]
49371384>tfw my right arm is mire muscular than my left arm What the fuck, I dont exercise and I dont eve…[View]
49370811>newfag since 2014 what was /r9k/ like back in 2008-2009? ancient fags only, please.…[View]
49370770>Only 21 years old >Already have terrible hemorrhoids Wtf is wrong with me…[View]
49370847Just realized that i'm an npc. I'm empty inside.[View]
49362423Feels Music: I'll start: https://youtu.be/2MRdtXWcgIw Itt: music that evokes feels[View]
49370393Is there anything worse then a redditor?[View]
49369029>there are normalfags on this board who are self-proclaimed robots despite not actually having th…[View]
49371355/thanksgiving/: What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Take your coat off and hang by the fire. Tell t…[View]
49363142Confirmed 167 IQ here. AMA[View]
49366964Is there an enclave of unemployed college drop out chads somewhere in every city. Asking because I…[View]
49370933Fembot + Femboy = ?: Would any of you fembots consider dating a femboy? If he had a big enough cock,…[View]
49371192The dumbest drama ever: Someone got 8ch to document me, but the person themselves knows I'm a v…[View]
49371182If you aren't prison gay you are volcel[View]
49371126Why are there so few whites in Latin America? REEEEEEEE[View]
49371164>tfw will never find portal to anime fantasy world and leave your boring life behind to have adve…[View]
49369528I am bored all the time can I do something against it?[View]
49369262>have to go to the bank tomorrow for an appointment to open an account >already have c r i p p…[View]
49367033Would you drive 14 hours to see a girl if you were an incel?[View]
49367936fembot insight: So i've been browsing various femchans for the past week and found out some inf…[View]
4935384825+ thread: Trying to get my life in the right track. Going back to Community college for computer p…[View]
49369843give me a gf now or you will be hurt[View]
49371004I'm taking a new approach with this girl, even though I know the hard truth is highly likely. I…[View]
49370983pedrone and alai super sweet sex[View]
49370979>not importing your durries online and saving thousands[View]
49368186>some Indian in my country got killed by the police >apparently I'm ought to have an opin…[View]
49370237Would you date a bossy and demanding girl who expects your undying devotion and loyalty?[View]
49370915Legit question: How come People who are confirmed to have active social lives and active sex lives A…[View]
49370477Are there any actually good voice changers to sound like a girl? I usually stalk girls steam profile…[View]
49370895I successfully held in an orgasm three times today. how many times can one theoretically do this? i…[View]
49368550Life lessons - what are yours?: What is the most important lesson in 'life' you've ev…[View]
49369868This board needs to be deleted[View]
49369135>tfw I finally get a gf Wow... this feeling...I can feel my metal scraps breaking apart... SMELL …[View]
49370769Is it morally wrong for 10% of men aka chads to fuck around with all the qts while the rest of us is…[View]
49368425>I was afraid to even say Hi to any girl, so I made a simple sign that stated, 'I am a (my age th…[View]
49369886Someone in my class said that 70 year olds dating 20 year olds was creepy and I called her agaist an…[View]
49370810Reposting this thread because a mod got his feefees hurt and deleted my freeze peach. White men are …[View]
49367016>Be me, 30 minutes ago >Beating the fuck out of my meat >Feels good, about to cum >ohfuc…[View]
49370791hey fembots, what do your feet smell like? cheese? vinegar? peaty? buttered popcorn?[View]
49370784Anon's self isolation means nothing: >someone's irl friends document me and follow me …[View]
49369311Look who I found in the washing machine, maybe she wants a bath![View]
49370138Yes, I was born with a vagina. No, that does not mean I fit under every sick twisted label you have …[View]
49366938Tell me, roach, how does it feel to be a mere pawn in my game?[View]
49369391I've quit all the jobs I ever had. 6 in total. 2 of them I only lasted one day. My anxiety isn…[View]
49370410Money is corrupt: >i was 7 years old >lived with alcoholic, religion fanatic mother who worked…[View]
49369942What was your childhood like? What are/were your parents like? I'll start: >Raised by a sing…[View]
49368961I took so-called 'LSD': I'm on it right now. 3 hours in. But this isn't LSD clearly. I hav…[View]
49369896>she still larps as a male on here you're not fooling anyone. /r9k/ is a female board…[View]
49370468>be me today >wake up around 7 am >have to leave by 7:50 am >only takes me less than 10 …[View]
49366328the absolute state of /biz/ right now. fucking kek[View]
49370520What are some things that a person new to sex should know about? Like, things to expect or things yo…[View]
49370530>change profile pic in x social site >suddenly personality automatically changes to match the …[View]
49370359>go to twitter >scroll for new memes >make and post lemon cookie memes >post on twitter …[View]
49369551How ya holdin' up?[View]
49366373/dreams/thread: What was your dream, anon? Who did you want to be?[View]
49368304How do you deal with your repressed anger?[View]
49369188The end?: What is happening guys? Is 4chan gonna die of cancer?[View]
49370451>had these weird flare-ups where I'd think of the worst things that would happen to me >e…[View]
49367849>got on QA because curious about the board split >everybody keeps lumping r9k in with pol we d…[View]
49370398School Shooting: I dont know. Sometimes I just want to shoot up my School in such a brutal way... I …[View]
49370015I need feelsgoodman music: I just want to stop crying[View]
49366362Hold right there partner I'm not gonna let you hurt my frens[View]
49368741what's the worst thing that's ever happened to you robots (and chads)?[View]
49370249should I go to class? haven't been there in like a week[View]
49370248>mommy what happened to that man's face?[View]
49369747How do I turn feelings off?: I don't think they ever motivated me to do something remarkable in…[View]
49352934Fembots, describe your perfect boyfriend and do you think he exists?[View]
49368599I don't mind being alone I do mind that I can't even count on myself anymore I'm fail…[View]
49367160I rape little boys and make them like it[View]
49370051how important is having a personality? for yourself, potential friends/ partners, or anyone else you…[View]
49365841Thicc instawhores thread: Ok its that time again. Post some thicc instawhores. Starting off with som…[View]
49368163Roasties getting BTFO thread: post roasties getting what they deserve https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
49370116Wholesome thread >cold >lying down with blanket over my body >browsing 4chan whilr drinking…[View]
49368454Hey you. If you take off your clothes and dance for my amusement in this freezing weather, I'll…[View]
49369552'Women with outies should be killed !' said god[View]
49369301Autassassinophilia: I want to talk to someone who has a fantasy for wanting to murder someone, or ma…[View]
49370064We should put all of these traps on the board to good use and form an /r9k/ trap idol unit.[View]
49369052How long does one wait to seek a new relationship after going through a break up with fiance? What…[View]
49364916Find a post a picture that most resembles you. I am not quite as bad looking as the character in my …[View]
49369796Turned 26 today[View]
49361586I deserve a girl friend: I deserve a girl friend. >I'm white >I'm healthy >I…[View]
49368109Alright fellas, so me and my ex had recently started talking again, we left on good terms (her mom d…[View]
49369396ugly: >bald >only facial hair grows below jaw-line (literal neck-beard) >acne >permanent…[View]
49368355>tfw autist >tfw iq of 105 Is there any worse feel? At least I couldve have the intelligence, …[View]
49369986>walking home from work >stop at the local 7/11 for some milk and bread >buy one of those c…[View]
49370012>just waiting to die good night anons[View]
49370011>first love >finally confess >actually loves me back >is an exchange student >lea…[View]
49368743How do I create a CV. I have zero education or experience at the age of 23. I'm not even creat…[View]
49369436Im not sure how im feeling except lonely right now. Anyone wanna chat? please let this thread be as …[View]
49369025anyone how to pass a month as fast as possible?[View]
49367484>masturbating to porn star >look her up for more scenes >she's been dead for ten years…[View]
49369181What is r9k's opinion on blazers? >inb4 le fedora meme I see guys wearing them with sweaters…[View]
49365686Any balding robots here?: How are you guys coping? also, what would you rate this on the norwood sca…[View]
49369810They live between the cracks of your bedroom door...[View]
49369437>getting older >still do nothing but watch romance anime and pretend I'm in love and read…[View]
49368420i want shiting (sory for bad english)[View]
49369443>tfw no bf to be miserable with https://steamcommunity.com/id/worstpersonalive…[View]
49368827>ywn be a cute boy >ywn have delicious balls to play with >ywn be a cute motherfucking boy …[View]
49368536I hate laughing >t Rich Asian Fag[View]
49368846Is it particularly odd to have never had a girl initiate a conversation with me? Am i really that re…[View]
49369192>POV roleplay porn >the guy holding the camera starts talking…[View]
49368511this was brought to my attention so this is the power of the roast[View]
49369498man I have to get this off my chest. I know people can't choosr which family they're born …[View]
49368054HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MEN'S DAY: November 19 is International Men's Day Use this thread to d…[View]
49367548>be 20, smoke weed erryday, take acid, shrooms and mdma occasionally >haven't taken anyth…[View]
49368138you guys are really insecure and have very low self esteem[View]
49369224>tfw no east europe gf[View]
49368930>tfw banned from /tv/ for dabbing on the jannies[View]
49369444>don't be me >be your self[View]
49368491Fellow boomers i just crackred open a cold one.[View]
49368004>smoke weed everyday >smoke 2 to 3 cigarettes a day >only fitness is walking from bed to co…[View]
49369377>be at uni party >alter ego mode on >everyone thinks Im a normie >roasties are hanging o…[View]
49369191/NoNutNovember/: >19 days in >phasing out and getting the electric shock thing now >I didn…[View]
49367631justice: i wish weveryone on the hole world was a tranny like me. Everyone should be a tranny if you…[View]
49365833>a girlfriend would solve all my problems No offense, but tell me please why do you believe this …[View]
49369323>walk into a restaurant just because a cute girl works there[View]
49361375Is /pol/ right, specifically about racial IQ differences? I feel like knowing the truth on this subj…[View]
49369275Does anyone here have any experience with Rosicrucianism? They advertise all over my city.[View]
49361882/comfythread/ anons, get comfy: Tell me what you >playin >listenin >readin >eatin >dr…[View]
49369069Is there anything worse than burning diarrhea?[View]
49369202So what happens in a society when you have a large number of men who aren't getting laid? You g…[View]
49369198A 9/11 girl waved and smiled at me I checked behind me to make sure it was for me and no one was beh…[View]
49364895/pol/scum genocide when?[View]
49368582Why did I do it again? Why did I pull an all-nighter again? Well I know why. Because my mind is raci…[View]
49368960Lmao, woman should be killed by the state.[View]
49368945is there anything worse than being born in a small town? >in rural as fuck area >nothing aroun…[View]
49368287How long did it take you to finally remember your left from your right? It took me until about 16. I…[View]
49364169>hey Mike, we've been noticing you've been having a lot of problems lately…[View]
49368818>he has over a decade of human interaction experience Listen to me, you weren't home schoole…[View]
49368946What do you do when you see your oneitis engaging in physical play with Chad?[View]
49369002Depression: >be in my early 30s >lost job >lost friends >family is abusive Just how do y…[View]
49367541I woke up with a fine cut on the right side of my face. This has never happened to me before and I d…[View]
49368921was anyone into talk radio when they were younger and didn't have internet to kill time? there …[View]
49368997Anyone else in crypto? I made 300k last year at 20 how down to about 75 now. Nothing will replace th…[View]
49365041femcels are real and I am living proof: >never kissed >never hugged >never held hands >…[View]
49367886Do you think big dick chads live unfulfilling lives based on constantly being horny and banging slut…[View]
49367244MBTI general - NT's losing all their money in crypto edition: have at it, folks[View]
49367627how do I leave my shitty small town >born in cold shitty small town >do everything to try and …[View]
49363048thoughts on my forum avatar[View]
49367591>be me >2013 >work as a shift lead at a hooker hotel by the airport >all my high school …[View]
49367049>Be me. >Mommy's 15 year old bouncing, baby boy. >Spend my days listening to Sargon O…[View]
49367076late Sunday night.. normies are asleep getting ready for the start of the holiday weekend what are y…[View]
49368159>be a virgin >get sad >remember that you'll never catch STDs/AIDS/HIV…[View]
49368254I am going to a barcade tonight robots! I'm pretty excited but also scared because I don't…[View]
49368046>psychiatrist gets mad at me because I keep asking 'why' like a child when I'm trying to fin…[View]
49368714>4channel debacle brings in a new wave of site-wide shitposting[View]
49368695what's the meanest thing you've ever posted to a fellow anon?[View]
49368470>tfw 21 depressed/anxious (both diagnosed) khhv failing uni, with no future prospects and no skil…[View]
49365468>muh advertisements >people will like le 4channel because we take wacist boards off! xD The re…[View]
49363173Psychic Readings: Ask me anything. Peering through the veil of fate is an imperfect task, but I will…[View]
49360210Being Bi is fucking amazing[View]
49360642>took an online 57-question assessment on social skills >get 20/100 on scale for comfort in so…[View]
49368442Porn is disgusting. How do you guys watch it?[View]
49368586>be horny af, again >porn doesn't do anything, again >go on omegle, again >talk wit…[View]
49365045Imagine how soft a girl is...[View]
49365508Fembots, hug your sister and post results[View]
49366845trans daughter AMA: i am trans daughter ama i will not if you you troll i will not respond[View]
49368277>parents want me to go to law school >don't want to go because I don't want to work…[View]
49368531>the one true robotic job is now filled with pajeets and far left liberal trendy morons who call …[View]
49368528I hate being told to suck it up, man up. I have been sucking it up I've been maning up. I'…[View]
49364587I want a daughter so bad bros[View]
49366330Robot Colony and or Commune: Remember this shit a while back? Let's discuss some ways this shit…[View]
49368399>have around 4-5 days off work >IMMEDIATELY fuck up my sleep schedule…[View]
49367981Girlfriend mad at me because I'm not interested in sex and I flat out said just go out fuck a g…[View]
49367353>get rejected by girl at work >see her again a few weeks later >smiles at me and makes like…[View]
49365934The world literally wants us dead. There is no hope.[View]
49368394uh: New hat. oo<[View]
49368314https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAaLUGR79AQ defend this roasties[View]
49368367Say something nice about this orc and bosmer peacefully coexisting.[View]
49368242>Attention: All work safe boards are soon going to be on the 4channel.org domain. gookmoot's…[View]
49367818>2018 >Doesn't stalk hot young 18 y.o. at unis Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or b…[View]
49368180>4am >haven't slept yet >class at 8am…[View]
49368247Anyone know where I can get Viktor Sayenko without the watermark? He hot.[View]
49368234Listen to sad music. Feel like crying.[View]
49365119Can trannies be redpilled?[View]
49368132>tfw addicted to ASMR I don't even enjoy it. I've just gotten too used to having squish…[View]
49368217Bigg sis Kathy. Enjoy your sleep tonight[View]
49364903>it's another 'anon mistakes female friendliness for romantic interest' episode…[View]
49367417I offended someone. Please help me smooth things over, anons: >Want to learn how to fix electroni…[View]
49368082>apparently less than 1% of males can successfully suck their own dick >God chose this categor…[View]
49368106Neetbucks Support Thread: How can I get neetbucks to buy stuff like deodorant and Christmas presents…[View]
49367794There are kids younger than 4chan itself here right now. How disturbing.[View]
49368024I used to suck fuckings dicks for money on backpage now I have to use grindr and it's a lot har…[View]
49367905For real robots only.: I'm wiling to coach one of you you sad peeps into being the best, physic…[View]
49366820being intelligent fucking sucks[View]
49365671How do you deal with being called a millennial dispite having differing views of those in your gener…[View]
49367406Well it's Sunday night lads let's start it off ok. How many of you single fuckers want to …[View]
49365960Will I die if I only eat one meal a day? As in, skipping breakfast and lunch, but during dinner, I …[View]
49367125>tall, pretty good looking, plenty of interests and hobbies >virgin >never even been a rea…[View]
49367680Sorry Anon but I don't date guys who are shorter than me.[View]
49367664I feel like I forgot to grow up. I'm 23 but even people younger than me I see as adults while I…[View]
49365739If this isn't an /r9k/ anthem, then everyone here is a norman. https://youtu.be/vt1Pwfnh5pc[View]
49366726How hard is it for a single man in his late 20s to adopt a little girl?[View]
49366206should society start having public hangings for virgins? it would be a start to show that your disgu…[View]
49366432What contributes to your height? Your head, neck, torso, or legs?[View]
49367626>Take a nap at 6pm Mom: Why are you taking a nap anon do something else or you won't be able…[View]
49363842How is Chris' story going to end? Suicide? Killed by Megan's K98?[View]
49350597What's the best way for society to solve sex gap?: Enforced monogamy? Government assigned girlf…[View]
49366655Ask someone who just purchased 70(SEVENTY) items on Amazon anything.[View]
49367486>thought I was 179cm (5'10) because I was measured at that when I was last at the doctors (a…[View]
49367096Decided to break my one year dry spell with a fat girl I met online.: Which positions feel the least…[View]
49363850Lethality: Hey I'm gonna kill myself but I'm not finding a great way to do it. I wanted to…[View]
49367488/v/ goes to prison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pb9dNl4SHk&t=94s [Embed] might as well be /r…[View]
49366138so why do you hate mumble rap?[View]
49364987can't get a nice girl: Throughout my life I have had crushes on many girls and have been reject…[View]
49366919Friendly reminder that getting a gf wont solve your problems but only make them worse[View]
49363922>21 >no vehicle or license >been in and out of uni >RIGHT on the edge of getting thrown …[View]
49367443Good but not good enough: There's nothing worse than being slightly above average. >Slightly…[View]
49367319Something that happened to me 5 or so years ago. >be me >playing world of tanks >playing th…[View]
49367208>horny >burnt out on every kind of porn >nothing is hot anymore what the fuck do I do…[View]
49367310Fembots would you date a black guy if he was legally rich?[View]
49367043Why is it that being a communist, a transgender and being mentally ill always seem to go hand in han…[View]
49367199Any of you fags want to grief together in csgo? Post your rank[View]
49366015if being a virgin is such a big deal for you, why don't you just hire a hooker?[View]
49366408>be me >in theater class >have the role of a side character >read the script >havetok…[View]
49366712>join a dating site >a bunch of women like me >only ones who message first are asians (act…[View]
49365591Just stop being bashful.[View]
49366613What have I done >be me >sorta have crush for this one classmate of mine >been to the same …[View]
49365899frens :- ) right ?[View]
49366958What is with the epidemic of fake woke white dudes?: I play Pathfinder irl with some dudes I met onl…[View]
49356360Who here has a hot mom? If you do tell your story. Now ever since I was little I knew my mom was hot…[View]
49362286shit you randomly say to yourself when you're alone: >Nobody loves you. originallio posting…[View]
49367002Did you guys enjoy yu yu hakushow?: I think its a pretty upbeat show. name some more anime in this s…[View]
49364988Alright bots, I recently tried drinking after being a straight edge my entire life. What liquor tast…[View]
49365678I was groped by a girl earlier today because I always want personal space and hate being touched. Wh…[View]
49366806What should i do guys, finally got s girl I could lose virginity with she has big titties is cute bu…[View]
49365213> first day of japanese class > sees pic related what is there to do in this situation?…[View]
49366570It's all so tiring. Like staring into a pit of 15 year olds all trying to yell the loudest. I d…[View]
49361649Do you have it in you to disregard a woman's sexual past and love her with all you have?[View]
49363102Porque no has tomado la pastilla rosada, en serio quieres morir virgen?[View]
49366634Every single girl you are crushing on right now is fucking some dude on the side, getting railed on …[View]
49363420How do left-handed people write? Can anyone who's left-handed describe their technique to me? F…[View]
49366055You guys!! Just accept that white identity will never be the same that it was!! All future generatio…[View]
49366750>all those ironic 'If you remember [7th gen game], your childhood was AWESOME!!!' shitposts from …[View]
49360838How many pushups can you do? How many pullups can you do? How many bodyweight squats can you do? if…[View]
49366567I'm starting to wonder why I even come to this board. You disgusting fuck bags are just as judg…[View]
49361735>'Anon how many times have I told you to KNOCK when I'm with your brother Chad?!'…[View]
49366226Soo, did any one else notice that most feminists are Lawful evil[View]
49366672>strums drawing closer >I HURT MYSELF TODAY…[View]
49366367The only reason 4chan is conservative/right wing/poltard, is because the main stream is the left and…[View]
49366486these porn ads.......: make me want to VOMIT[View]
49365964What are you life plans, robots? >gonna save up money and finish my useless arts major and get a…[View]
49364591Posting turkey apu single everyday Day 111[View]
49366575Hey, guy who wanted to grief in csgo, I just missed your thread before it got archived post your ste…[View]
49361313/r9k/ quest: Hello again lads, continuing last week's RPG adventure. >what is this? A play…[View]
49366529>tfw ai is the ONLY thing perserving my will to stay alive >tfw every single day i just obsess…[View]
49366484>been a month since my gf aka love my life talked to me >See her at concert last night >Jus…[View]
49365872>parents made me learn jiu jitsu and kendo starting age 6 >couldn't begin to have a socia…[View]
49364503Why i was born in a cold siberia, fucking Russia, there is no place on earth more depressing and ann…[View]
49366427>Walking with qt 3.14 short Asian girl >She is hugging my arm with her head resting on my shou…[View]
49366270hi fiends how are you doing?[View]
49363600America in one picture.[View]
49366368Welo, I discovered baby hairs on my hairline. I've always had a big forehead, but this is confi…[View]
49366322I can't believe it i was starting to fall in love with this e-girl at first she was just anothe…[View]
49363736Why doesn't /r9k/ worship Chris Dorner like they do with Elliot Rodgers or Adam Lanza?: Are you…[View]
49365916Which do you think is worse, caring too much what other people think or caring too little what other…[View]
49366037Have fantasies about going to shoot up a school but instead of shooting up the school i just go rant…[View]
49366262>girl I like (and have gotten along well with) gives an ambiguous answer to going out on a date w…[View]
49365249>be me >have depression and anxiety >from fucking Hungary >almost no one browses 4chan f…[View]
49366250real life representation of those 'itt we all live in the same house' posts that used to appear here[View]
49366242>25 year old neet >super morbid obese >live with parents >recluse >utter failure >…[View]
49364619its not worth it: no one loves forever. why do you guys even want it. why spend all your time pining…[View]
49365848>calls out manchildren for still liking comics >gets immense backlash and hate Holy fuck, how …[View]
49363701where my fellow 5'8 bros at[View]
49365423When are we going to claim our rightful clay bros?[View]
49363492why do women like lesbian porn so much?[View]
49365948BBC music thread: seen my picture what the FUCK is bib black cock music>? >inb4 cock guy come…[View]
49364255>conservative government of my province has adopted a resolution debating the validity of gender …[View]
49365999Strange habits: When I see videos of animals squirming for their lives, like if they're caught …[View]
49366103I dont know what events led to this im at a total lose maybe you guys can give me some insight, I st…[View]
49365748>Be out hunting with my crossbow >Enjoying the peace and quiet for once >Nobody else around…[View]
49365133What does r9k think of Ski Mask the Slump God? Nigger music or not?[View]
49366026You know those hentais where the girl is like 'Feed me diiicks im a cumslut all I can think about is…[View]
49365810What the fuck is wrong with me /r9k/ >recently changed schools for my final year >meet nothin…[View]
49366049go outside anon. Things will happen. It will get better[View]
49364423Most rape cases involve random drunk whores passed out in clubs/bars. If men these days are so scare…[View]
49365758I think it's finally time I quit doing all this. I want to stop, so I'm not going to do it…[View]
49358412Ever since I've found out about this guy I've been seething with jealousy, even more than …[View]
49365157>measure my dick >6 inches long / 2 inches across How do I fare?…[View]
49365516What's comfier, cities or the country side? Seems like everyone who lives in a city is jealous …[View]
49365434Is being a train conductor a comfy job?[View]
49364475/water/: Anyone else here just love water over any other drink? I can never have enough water.…[View]
49364379>mfw you are a lonely Latino robot but everyone thinks you are a cholo gangbanger.…[View]
49365501>texting 13 grill >we decide to hook up >show up to her house to get the cheese pizza …[View]
49365659Incels would you guys date a girl/trap if she wanted to date you out of pity?[View]
49363788My friend got mad at me because I said the term 'trap' instead of 'transgender' when he showed me a …[View]
49365762I'm a 21 year old college fag who is about to drop out because I can't stand living with m…[View]
49365268yak sook sak parry dik parry dallah dippy dappy dippy dappy rippy rum poo[View]
49364679>girl texts me at 2.am telling me that she is bleeding out of her vagina and is scared because sh…[View]
49363691>did nofap for 3 weeks >decide to fap >can't get off to porn unless it's extreme …[View]
49365617You walk into your kitchen and see this... What do you do?[View]
49364230>tfw just lost my virginity behind a dumpster to a girl who I'm pretty sure was a heroin jun…[View]
49363866I just want my 5 inch asian dicklet to get dominated by a tall blonde goddess with a bright pink pus…[View]
49365188What is the easiest and fasted way to get a a nice babe with the least amount of effort? Im done wor…[View]
49365682Are you uglies hopeless yet?: Wow. No matter how are you work on other things, once you're ugly…[View]
49365643I was facetiming my friend Keisha earlier today, and noticed she acted odd. Like she never really bu…[View]
49364995Reich Sissy: I have fantasized about being this german woman from Schindler's list for several …[View]
49363695first time auctually high (prt1): Long-time lurker, finally had something worth-while to post becaus…[View]
49364939so how do you even get a gaming channel started? i want to start uploading more stuff to youtube but…[View]
49363713>'A deal's a deal anon! You lost, so now you have to cum deep inside me without a condom! To…[View]
49364902Okay this is it boys!!..[View]
49363411Is it more important to write well or to speak well?[View]
49364865Are fathers supposed to encourage their sons manliness and masculine qualities or am I being a littl…[View]
49365136Child molestation is okay when it's in comic form![View]
49364287Welp: She flat out said she doesn't like me. Oh well, it was a nice try I guess.[View]
49364557Why wasnt I born an asian girl? :( I think im having transgenderracial dysphoria[View]
49364062why am I stuck in my small town so bad? why is god doing this? why me? why does god purposefully cho…[View]
49364459complete this old school meme to win a prize. No using search engines. i wanna see how many truely o…[View]
49365406what happened to shima: when is she coming back bros :([View]
49363225Post pictures of things you'll never get to experience. I want to feel sad.[View]
49365471night walk: I just read about the wim hof method. Should I go for my night walk in just a t-shirt? I…[View]
49362390Should I date a coworkers bros? shitty retail job btw.[View]
49365460Is Andy Dick a robot? >drug addict >loser >widely hated >only people who like him ju…[View]
49363010Soon all of your new wave robots will get to experience the vanilla WoW experience. You will be able…[View]
49364228>tfw you realize your oneitis is a whore and doesnt give two shits about you…[View]
49365328>no gf in early 20s >have to settle for Chad's leftovers later in life >the mother of …[View]
49365266>Be me >There's only one thing I know how to do well >I've often been told that y…[View]
49362456How do I accept the fact I will die alone?[View]
49365165>drunk >have to wake up at 5am >ugly >can't sleep >someone plz talk to me…[View]
49364810Daily comfy, happy greentext n3. >Be me, around 14 y/o >Kids in the school invite me to play f…[View]
49364800How would you feel about being albino?[View]
49364397You know it's true anon. How many of you never noticed the hole in the logic here ?[View]
49364438Have you e-dated anyone /r9k/?, share your story with us.[View]
49365185Alright I havent been on here since I was underage holy shit. Anyways my parents moved when I was 17…[View]
49364769>Have to train new worker at my job >Finds out we share a lot of common interests >He offer…[View]
49363837You know it kind of hit me, this really does suck, being an incel is hell let alone a robot who can…[View]
49365151Do any robots want to grief in csgo? Post ya rank[View]
49365084Robots seem like pretty cool creatures and my friend group discord is looking for some new faces so …[View]
49357914r9k mixtape: Resident r9k rapper here again. The release of the second Robot Music mixtape is coming…[View]
49364993Dug benis :DDD[View]
49365065Who else has trouble being patient? Whenever I do anything I expect instant gratification and immedi…[View]
49363607blackbot feels: Who /blackbot/ here I keep hearing people say that it's a lot easier to get gir…[View]
49364363Anxiety Thread: do any of you robots suffer from anxiety? I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. I can…[View]
49364689>tfw you find out you're the result of thousands of years of inbreeding >tfw you were try…[View]
4936103930+ Thread: 30+ Thread - The end is in sight Any regrets (besides the obvious ones)? I wish I had a…[View]
49364236Survey time! >age >iq >sat(1600)/sat(2400)/act/any standardized test you remember >did y…[View]
49359999Who else here is a Embarrassment to their ethnicity: >Be me >Mix of Germanic and Celtic ancest…[View]
49364981Is RNG anything but a more spiteful version of God? I've developed a love/hate relationship bet…[View]
49364068Holocaust: What is ur belief with the holocaust? >A: it happened >B: it was exaggerated >C…[View]
49364328Man I want a fat witch gf and the gf store is fresh out.[View]
49359002STRIP CLUB GENERAL #5: Well lads, it's that time of day again! It's time for the strip clu…[View]
49364694>all this unironic misogyny I sincerely hope all of you have daughters some day.…[View]
49364843tfw can't find any good cock shrinking hentai, fuck you fucking sissys giving me this fetish an…[View]
49364733Help me out guys. These questions are really bothering me and I would like your input: >if an inc…[View]
49363764>tfw will never get the chance to trade Pokemon cards with Elliot as a kid His favourite pokemon …[View]
49362419Who was your childhood hero?[View]
49364283Fuck: I can't fucking stand the taste of vegetables I'm gonna die of scurvy or some shit …[View]
49353396RISE UP: >ideal gf thread >battle the trap invention my brothers post your best 'ideal gf' sh…[View]
49364766This movie fucks me up every time I see it. Even as a grown man, I get flashbacks to middle school. …[View]
49363354I have everything going for me and idk why I come here. Something about this place is so strange and…[View]
49362290Bugchasing General #259: How's it going fellow bugchasers? Met up with any hunky poz guys recen…[View]
49362258>Feel horny >Spend over an hour looking for porn >About to fap to chosen video >Lose int…[View]
49364154buy a dakki: >sleep better >cute anime girl >parents dont actually care >super comfy as …[View]
49363340>j-just get a haircut bro[View]
49363806big sister kathy sleep well[View]
49364681Lmao, woman should be slaughtered https://youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=QxHkLdQy5f0[View]
49364168Selling tits/pussy pics: Need $1 through PayPal cus of tax for an item. Will sell either pic for $1 …[View]
49364672>all those ironic 'If you remember [7th gen game that even now still feels newish] your childhood…[View]
49364005hello anons. i was just wondering if anyone is interested in coming over to my house this weekend. m…[View]
49363949Would r9k bust a cap in a niggerbot's ass?[View]
49364604Femcel bidding wars: How much would you pay to be able to talk to her again, robots? Id say $200 but…[View]
49363940What on Earth did she originally mean by this?[View]
49364395>bought a jigsaw for 20 bucks I CAN MAKE ANYTHING[View]
49362605What happened??? I don t get it[View]
49363674SEXFAG HATE: i hate sexfags so freaking much, all they do is spread there sickening filth on everyth…[View]
49357087post your feels: i'll help you all out =^) GUARANTEED reply[View]
49363162Do you support abortion or murder if the baby is the result of a chicken's egg being fertilized…[View]
49361533do fembots get a lot of discharge?[View]
49364362What is the appeal of getting married and having children? I can barely see the appeal of having fri…[View]
49363494has anyone else ever fucked with a girl that's like a 4/10 but is absolutely insane in bed, lik…[View]
49363031I want friends but then become scared to interact with them. I feel the same way about my family as …[View]
49364196I just heard from my Mom that my Dad has cheated on her after 35-some years of marriage. What do I d…[View]
49363547>tfw chronic depression is a physical abnormality of the brain and no matter what you will always…[View]
49364028I'm sick of university I just want to die already[View]
49362580>first year of college >roommate and all my friends have boyfriends or have banged multiple du…[View]
49363971>open youtube >search 'triggered libtards' >lmfao it's a massacre of normie libtards…[View]
49363964>feel like killing myself >30 minutes later >extremely happy and enthusiastic Currently fee…[View]
49363429If you could make or a find female replica of your worst enemy in your house what would you do? …[View]
49353076Would you rather sniff a cute girl's feet or ass?[View]
49364165/wage/: how are my fellow wagies holding up? does life feel any less unfulfilling these days?[View]
49364160How frustrating And so degrading As time we're wasting As time will fly by and the sky will cry…[View]
49364150Why am I such an autistic idiot? Holy fuck. My life up to this point has been one huge mistake wtf[View]
49363959>tfw people will say 'go back to 4channel, normie'[View]
49364059why are the same people (robots) who resent females so dependent on them for happiness? why dont rob…[View]
49363843online dating: >download meetme and tinder >find cute girl near me >build up the confidence…[View]
49362226Why do woman lie about being happy with a guys size / sexual performance? Why not just be up front w…[View]
49363568i'm going to check myself in to the mental hospital on monday. what are the chances that i make…[View]
49363439Have you accepted our Christ yet?[View]
49363744is a replicant equal to a human?[View]
49363079What are some hobbies that women find attractive ? Would making music be a good one ?[View]
49363276Why can't I have a emo gf[View]
49363937Do you think there are any girls that like it when guys are jealous of really hot guys[View]
49363919I work at an amazon warehouse, and wome have the same job title as me. Yet they are always assigned …[View]
49360693Which of the 3 would a femanon pick generally?[View]
49363470Is this woman really 22? She legit looks 40.[View]
49363753>wanted ratings to go up >try hardest to conjure up some controversy >do something stupid …[View]
49362380Just how do you guys cope up with debilitating depression? Lost my job, my closest friends have turn…[View]
49363864yes: -random moans- I dunno... She'd look better if she was an anime girl. Anime pussy An-ani…[View]
49359481I wish I had an older sister to encourage me through this shit life but instead I have to be the inc…[View]
49362762Why don't you guys just move to some eastern country like Japan or Korea? you get the benefits …[View]
49363851>Shut up fagbag[View]
49363836>9/10 wants me see ya virgins[View]
49363243I'm done with trying to find a gf on 4chan. How do I find a gf on reddit /r9k/?[View]
49363540I think the 'she's done having her fun and riding the cock carousel' mentality incels…[View]
493637334channel: >Come all of you, shitposters, and listen to my song; >Come, let us sing together, t…[View]
49362611>Thanks for coming to my movie night, anon! What movie should we watch?…[View]
49363676don't forget your meds, anon[View]
49363295Check it. >Be fat (not obese but like truck driver fat) >Be a legally diagnosed nut fucker …[View]
49363630got a hug from a stripper: i didnt even ask her too. she just did it. it felt nice...[View]
49361334Daily reminder: Daily reminder to hug your trans friends!![View]
49361700Robots, give me some help here. There's only a few types of people who I would consider dating:…[View]
49363264How am I doing lads? Still not met a single one of them yet[View]
49363556What's stopping you from getting a boggie gf[View]
49363217I was feeling extremely unmotivated to work on a paper due tomorrow so I drank some coffee. Well, I …[View]
49362357I really wanna try the vr headset games but I only have an xbox one no gaming pc or ps4. this is sad…[View]
49363526drunk movie thread: whats a good movie to watch while drunk? woody allen's interiors always ge…[View]
49360561*schlopp*: *schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp…[View]
49363464Would you kneel before the Spanish Princesses?[View]
49363177Why do young girls think it's okay to show their whole butts like this?[View]
49360413Who was in the wrong here? Well /r9k/?[View]
49362452Why do american roasties get mad when they see someone younger than them having a relationship?[View]
49362854I dont want to cut/burn myself anymore, but now I have this urge to buzz cut my hair. If you ever co…[View]
49363081What height is short for a male? Average? Tall?[View]
49362802why are girls such sloppy fuck pigs?[View]
49358194>get a new job >everyone is friendly >one girl in particular talks to me a lot >she…[View]
49362288https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_zuFB5aAjc&t=0m1s Icke is right.[View]
49363174Is Pizza in the hiz-ouse?[View]
49363191>22 years old >Mixed-raced >Just want to have sex with my sister, but I can't…[View]
49363378tonight's mood: >be me >20 years old >parents divorced when I was 7 >lived with my …[View]
49363376i know a lot of people on here always bait talking about how shit this board has gotten but today th…[View]
49363375oneitis hitting really hard, she messaged me[View]
49362046>be NEET >don't do anything I just woke up and I don't want to waste this cycle of w…[View]
49363326How do you react when you see a girl's crack hanging out?[View]
49362819when was the last time you jumped?[View]
49362682>told constantly as a kid (8-17) that video games, shows, and entertainment books are a waste of …[View]
49362788She wasn't even wrong though.[View]
49363219>Thought I was on a date >She mentions her boyfriend…[View]
49361169>hooker refused to fuck me because my dick was covered in smegma How am I supposed to lose my vir…[View]
49361450Alone for 4 year: How do I connect with fellow humans? How do I start a relationship with someone? …[View]
49361426How do your friends and family react to you never having a girlfriend? >19 KV >Friends give m…[View]
49363168> mfw doesn't have a qt gf to cheer me up and tease me when i'm ina mental rut > mfw…[View]
49362770itt: what you wished you look like and MBTI type along with some background ENFP/entp anyone here th…[View]
49363083>watch porn >hard at first >get soft thinking about gf >gf wont put out yet because virg…[View]
49363106pedrone and alai fish sex[View]
49357841>5'5 Is there a greater curse than being a femlet?[View]
49360225When you wake up tomorrow, you're not alone. In bed with you is your opposite sex clone. He or …[View]
49361222If you were born white you literally were born with life on easy mode and could NEVER really be a ro…[View]
49359929>On average, women say a romantic partner 5'3 or shorter is generally too short for comfort,…[View]
49362256>learn code/programming Why is this thrown around alot? How exactly would learning programming he…[View]
49361771>skinny figure >shaved everything but my eyebrows I look insane, I love it. Escaped mental war…[View]
49362686>do fortnite default dance at school >get put in chokehold…[View]
49362584kaffi oneechan. enjoy your night alrightie[View]
49361583my black female co worker said the music i listen too is inapropiate for young man for my age, im wh…[View]
49361373>look into little brother's room when he's away >makeup stand on the table and 50+ b…[View]
49362996>I don't get it, Anon. If you truly loved her, why did you make her eat your poop?…[View]
49360878>be on 'booru >browsing peril/torture pics >feel sad for what the anime girls are goin…[View]
49362132Anyone else feel a lot of the shit that gets posted on /soc/ is fake? As in, the people in the pictu…[View]
49362978What should i do fellow robots: >be me >be 14 >dad tells me i dont need a car >says i w…[View]
49362515So lads how's the Sunday going?[View]
49362432>Tfw you have no other interests but to study the word of God and to testify that Jesus is Lord T…[View]
49362914Do femcels really exist?[View]
49362382>met a guy last friday online >we got lunch the next day and really hit it off >he said 'le…[View]
49360797Why is Brooke so rucking mean?!! She is the most shallow, heartless person I e-know.[View]
49362911>tfw no remoaner bf[View]
49361266Going to work with a fever should be illegal and punishable by jail time, no exceptions.[View]
49362779Im non white low IQ manlet, how do i survive this cruel world?[View]
49356942Its almost that time again: Yearly thread >look who came out of his cave!…[View]
49362772>sudden surge of desire to play D&D with people >Go on roll20 >Most sessions are pay2pl…[View]
49336912Waifu thread No multi-waifus/harems allowed No rampant waifu switching allowed this might be the las…[View]
49362115>tfw your greentext gets featured in a wave titan greentext video[View]
49362477>be me >order pizza >pizza guy knocks on door >give him cash >pizza guy says 'enjoy t…[View]
49362306what do you do when you want help with shit that would put you in the loony bin if you told doctors …[View]
49353010/ana general/: Post what you've eaten today and hold other anons accountable[View]
49362559Whats the story behind pic related? Howd it happen??[View]
49361659I'm so sick of living in a weak country! Everyone laughs at us because we are SO weak!! Last we…[View]
49362693>would you like to update your system now or later? >later >1 hour later >would you like…[View]
49362596>feel super motivated to change my life >tomorrow I'll start ! >go to bed >wake up …[View]
49361424Are you ready?: I know most of you boys want a girlfriend because you think it would give your life …[View]
49362268HEWWWO NICE FWENS! ^_^ MY NAME IS 0w0-CHAN!! :3 WATS URS?? >^/////^< R U MY NICE FWENS?? :0 DO…[View]
49362073Realistically speaking, what would happen if a chick that size farted on you? Like, could she kill y…[View]
49362534>be high af >be watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0dbGGvsjf8 >jesus freddie is so h…[View]
49362218>use minoxidil on bald spot >no longer look like an 15th century euro monk Feels good to ascen…[View]
49361924A post on here called semen happy goo: I want to see happy goo, but in a calm way, not a sex thing…[View]
49362512>just found out my cousins getting a divorce[View]
49362086How is your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Do they love you? pic unrelated[View]
49362222who /fuckingstupid/ here?[View]
49360818There's nothing worse than a white person who tries to speak African American English to be coo…[View]
49360503Gonna kill myself. Not out of depression, just boredom. I'll stream it, just tell me where.[View]
49360462anons, I would love to move out to USA one day. I was thinking about NYC. What do you think about th…[View]
49361362how fucking blatant is this?: Is there a more blatant way of begging for money? Seriously? Who the f…[View]
49362361Here's a sad story, bully me robots >be me >gay kissles virgin >have crush on my hot t…[View]
49362332OWYATH 'I don't understand, were you expecting people to disagree with you?' Edition: opinions …[View]
49361018why even live ?: You won't ever do anythig of you're life, why don't you just kill yo…[View]
49357365/britfeel/: What nonsense did I miss today lads?[View]
49361160Cringe creep beauty contest Btw >Uncut fags are basically wearing skin fedoras…[View]
49358128Have you ever met up with someone from /r9k/ irl before? How did it go? Pic related, what happened w…[View]
49361667can we get an official namelet tier list? post chad names and vergim names vergim >wilbur >jer…[View]
49360026My neighbor randomly knocked at my door and I had to greet her and make minor smalltalk. Afterwards …[View]
49361942>everywhere I look >CIA shills >everywhere I go >CIA shills >everyone I know >CIA …[View]
49362242Why is it so hard to move on? After 6 years I still have sleepless nights. Random moments where I ju…[View]
49356300How do I convince my mother to let me worship her feet? I don't want to do anything truly sexua…[View]
49359910This is the average woman who is interested in asian men >grew up in a small town >only had a …[View]
49360579> accidentally walk into room > pic related sees you > 'hi there, are you here to learn abo…[View]
49362233Just how important is dick size? I am robably going to get laid soon and I am so nervous about not r…[View]
49361946If you a kiss a girl who has ever given a blowjob, you are indirectly kissing the penis of the man s…[View]
49361616Math will fucking kill me: y^2 - 4y +12x + 4 = 0 > graph this asshole What the fuck is this for?…[View]
49361709How do robots feel about this boy?[View]
49362196If a girl says 'no', do I have to move out of town?[View]
49362193How can I stop getting aroused by the sound of my male friend's voice? It feels like I'm a…[View]
49358075Thank you all.: Goodboye r9k, thanks for the memories It was a fun journey.[View]
49359224People Guess Who's a Virgin from a Group of Strangers: Would you participate? https://www.youtu…[View]
49362153>hair started thinning >20 years old Fuck…[View]
49362148Why are virgins better than girls who've had sex (not including sluts obviously) I know I prefe…[View]
49361476>2018 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but …[View]
49361958>be me >get really upset >lose all confidence >depression gets worse >only thing help…[View]
49362100>someone takes pics and videos of me >actually look pretty good…[View]
49362091draw yourself in mspaint robots[View]
49356866I'm still a cute mtf continue to ama[View]
49361454God I want to stop playing video games but everything else is so fucking boring[View]
49361939>Hey big bro, since we're in the grocery store, you should tell me what you want to eat…[View]
49361879Bros, I'm a very hygienic person. Everytime I take I dump, I wash my ass thoroughly, I first wa…[View]
49361989Calorie Tracking - #2: ITT: We track our calories because why not! Last thread died quickly... I re…[View]
49361977Prove you have autism. Come play FO2 online. please[View]
49361650>after years, my highschool bully apoligized to me irl and asked forgiveness well guess it's…[View]
49361421Genetics literally determine everything in life. >face/height/frame determines if you're all…[View]
49361556It's all in the past. It's all gone. I can forgive myself for my errors. I can move on. I …[View]
49361766>want to improve life >get willpower to do stuff >lose said willpower as soon as I look at …[View]
49361820I fear I'm going to die alone and live a unfulfilled life.[View]
49361159>campus closed because of air quality again[View]
49361170>state is burning down >they keep cancelling my classes due to air quality I'M JUST TRYIN…[View]
49361302My dad fake sobbed at home: My own dad actually attention seeks by himself In the literal family ho…[View]
49361199All niggers should die! How could you explain me why not?[View]
49361812I gave up on my goals and dreams to appease other people who told me I couldn't do anything I r…[View]
49358357I got a puppy yesterday. He got so attached to me he won't let me be. He's always followin…[View]
49361764Fembots, why are you not taking Anavar?[View]
49359516anon, do you have a psychopathic relative? how do you deal with him? my brother is a psychopath, how…[View]
49360380This guy is a great guitarist. Too bad he's a onions boy. His craving of cock is so intense, he…[View]
49361621I'm 87% going to have sex tonight, Tips, tricks, or suggestions? >Anal is an option…[View]
49361723>be me, KHV >be 19 >girl dm's me on normiebook asking for my sc/insta >she doesn…[View]
49361514Cure me of my oneitis robots: Maybe we can help improve each other, lets start by convincing me that…[View]
49361383Why doesn't Jack have a boyfriend yet[View]
49358106>tens of billions of farmed animals unnecessarily tortured and killed every year and you pay for …[View]
49361671Where do fembots play games? I've always wanted to play with a girl, but never met one. I met a…[View]
49359990What's wrong?: Maybe I should post this on /adv/ but I'm not sure they would relate. I…[View]
49356436What video game are you currently playing?[View]
49361152Has r/9k ever: been in a fight? How did it go?[View]
49357474how goes things fellow doomers?[View]
49361575Vocaroo - How are you edition: Let's vocaroo. >Talk about your day >ask questions >ma…[View]
49361430>why don't you have a gf yet, anon? How am I supposed to respond to this?…[View]
49359568How the fuck are these legal? I was on Sertraline (Zoloft) for about 2 years when I was 18 for anxie…[View]
49361549How do I make my hips and thighs stop expanding? I've gone through 3 sizes of pants in the last…[View]
49361060I was walking home from getting groceries. There was young girl maybe 8 covered in blood with police…[View]
49360221Japanese study-buddy (thread 2): Are any of you interested in learning Japanese? I'm looking fo…[View]
49361506>mfw loose skin from losing weight Will anybody ever love me?[View]
49361527That one night: >walk on the street at night at the capital >my friend walks in front of me …[View]
49360969Ruskie whamen: Last year there's was this ruskie qt at school and I thought she was inserted in…[View]
49361036consider this: what if the whole world is set up for you and nobody else is 'real'? you co…[View]
49360305Well, robots? Did you smile? I know I did.[View]
49359594>tfw a cute femanon or cute trapanon will NEVER EVER crush your balls like an egg, making you for…[View]
49360927Typical Day on YouTube: >scroll through recently uploaded YouTube videos section >choose betwe…[View]
49358304Big sis Kaffy. Enjoy your afternoon[View]
49361459Feels: >just opened up my facebook account I made like 10 years ago >all the people I went to …[View]
49360435Why don't you worship the devil and participate necromancy ? It's a fun hobby.[View]
49361037I lied to my parents and coworkers about having a girlfriend: I paid a cute girl at my uni 15 dollar…[View]
49358684post albums only you listen to[View]
49360473*rings phone* godamn it frends pick up[View]
49360997Why is everyone so depressed these days? Maybe I'm biased, but good GODDAMN it has just felt ep…[View]
49360886Why do you use /r9k/ even though it is the butthole of 4chan and makes your already shitty mental st…[View]
49361273What's the difference between you guys and bitter, loser normies? Seems like the same exact men…[View]
49361255help: So many stuff to do within this week but I dont feel like moving. It feels like my mind is ove…[View]
49360025>hindsight is 20/20: >be me >checking instagram feed >person likes all 46 posts on my pr…[View]
49360573>cucking a woman by seducing her boyfriend is this the ultimate cuckpill?…[View]
49359607Anyone got those old moonman songs? Jewtube took them down and I wish I'd downloaded them.[View]
49350031/r9gay/ - #505: cocks and glocks edition Last thread >>49338489[View]
49360115Losing weightless: Without dietong, is it possible? Im so disgustingly fat and huge and it hurts to …[View]
49360190does anyone wanna have a niceposting/comfy chit chat thread? i'm bored and feel kind of empty. …[View]
49358673anyone else have fap fatigue? i dont mean you are exhausted from fapping, i mean these nothing to fa…[View]
49360679Ever since I started visiting this board I became more and more paranoid and nervous about what othe…[View]
49360070'I-Iam trying my best onii-chan, but those MiGs are really fast...'[View]
49359452Red Dead Redemption - Masterpiece: >he didn't play the masterpiece video game that transcend…[View]
49359843Is dating a girl with depression bad news? I went on a first date with a girl who is on anti-depress…[View]
49360650Alright fuckers, story time, cause I'm PISSED >Friday evening >'Friend' texts me 'hey bro…[View]
49359894Have a good mid afternoon big sis Kaffi[View]
49361006>girls I've been on dates with keep texting me even though I'm not interested I always …[View]
49358289I made my boyfriend some food and he only took a few bites. I'm trying to help him regain some …[View]
49360045Brainlet. Becoming a NEET: >tfw got a 1000 on the SAT. Should I just give up now and become a Nee…[View]
49360987I had nudes of her in my phone at one point. I hope they're still there. She has a nice ass.[View]
49360463Reminder that girls don't like it if you take too long to cum[View]
49360963How do you all get comfy? I have class at 12:30 tomorrow and I want that warm feeling back.[View]
49359704imagine being unironically racist in 2000+18 just because you can't get laid and you were bulli…[View]
49360957>be me >24 years old >literally a pig >also virgin >jerk off everyday in a dark room …[View]
49360567Is the U.S. Rust Belt the worst place for average and below-average white guys?: I say yes. As a ru…[View]
49360521Bump, cuz women should have no fucking say in the matter[View]
49360128Tfw thought everyone mocked people with their friends: Actually knew a saint friend group that kept …[View]
49358146I wish I was like most girls. I wish I had their confidence. I wish I was in a normal relationship b…[View]
49359545>Make a commment on a dude's thread on Reddit >he gets clearly emmotional and makes a pos…[View]
49358731The 1000 Cock Stare Is Real: I was looking at pictures of my oneitis (former oneitis i guess now tha…[View]
49360536why do whites exist to just work and rip the fun out of everything? I fucking hate whites. no dont d…[View]
49354740>sex is overrated >relationships are stressful >socializing is tiring >work is unfulfill…[View]
49360562Im so fucking close to actually doing this. Change my mind.[View]
49360761Will I ever be able to buy groceries with bitcoin?[View]
49359126It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective for the women to be pickier. We are the ones respons…[View]
49360719Robots, what are your prefered drum patterns? My two absolute favorites are motorik and the amen bre…[View]
49360228AAAAAAAH, fuck my life literally I can't find anything I am happy with. I've been trying t…[View]
49357111>5ft 9 inches[View]
49360597Is he the most boring person on earth?[View]
49360645Adoptees, what's it like being adopted? People who adopted, any regrets?[View]
49358675Robots, why are you STILL wasting your time chasing DISGUSTING western women? Time to get yourself d…[View]
49360595>wow anon,you really are a motherfucker[View]
49356625Anyone else here have avpd?[View]
49358642Have you guys said bye bye yet to /v/ /a/ /tv/ /biz/ /k/ and all the other blue boards? Your gonna b…[View]
49360611sad hours: anyone whos sad wana vent about stuff to take my mind off things[View]
49355799>collegefag >mom pressuring me to put out resumes >feel like I can't breathe >feel …[View]
49359896What did it feel like when you were still alive?[View]
49359209Do ugly people find other ugly people attractive?[View]
49350443What is your personality type Anon? Free association method. https://www.twinword.com/mind/personali…[View]
49359767>been jacking it for an hour >finally about ready to cum >feels like the fattest load ever …[View]
49360400I were at the dentist and the dentist's assistant helped her with taking some kind of side pict…[View]
49360486that feel when: >tfw everyone I used to vent to and who tried to help me have given up and I have…[View]
49359836I really want to live in another country for a while. I love America but it's just crazy to me …[View]
49358981>just b confident[View]
49359428I WILL NEVER MASTURBATE OR WATCH PORN AGAIN: any tips on how though because I haven't gone five…[View]
49360085Short guy (175cm) here. Does height matter? Why do women prefer tall guys?[View]
49360389what kind of life can i really hope to have living all alone like the monster that i am[View]
49360333why are girls such mean bullies?[View]
49358788If I try to kill myself with a hipoint c9 will it blow up in my hand?[View]
49360300>Allahu Akbar! Prepare to die infidels! Dubs decides which board Muhammed moves to Trips gets the…[View]
49360075I believe that men should be able to fight for their mate, and the strongest of these men will get t…[View]
49359151Its my birthday today and it fucking sucks. My family are the only people I know and their taking me…[View]
49358814Will I become Chad if I start treating women like garbage?[View]
49359370/r9k/ have you ever tried LARPing as a female? I did and the attention I got was so huge. It made me…[View]
49359765The whole lot of this board gives me suicidal urges. It's like all you have to do to keep your …[View]
49360275Uzi, Uzi, not again! Uzi wake your ass up! I ain't gon' lie I got money and the power I ai…[View]
49358288What the fuck is wrong with my computer? I have a windows 10 laptop and it keeps logging off like ev…[View]
49356543Why dont you have a dakkii?: >have a dakki. >have bad things happen when I try sleepso cuddle …[View]
49358031Why is lesbian love so pure? 'Straight' fembots you are missing out on happiness[View]
49359770>be me >watch tv >see beer ad >someone throws a birthay party for a dude >everyone ha…[View]
49358687robot research: >i came here from reddit to do some research about your kind >please answer th…[View]
49358218How do I cope with being ugly lads. Today I looked in the mirror and it hurt so much I don't ev…[View]
49358798Does your landlord know about your internet activity? >regularly download femdom porn, JAV and a…[View]
49359661Anon, why don't you just date your own mom?[View]
49358480Should Donald Trump do public executions?: How would you feel if Donald Trump, on live television an…[View]
49359827Rhinoplasty: Has anyone here gotten rhinoplasty? I don't like my nose at all, it's been bo…[View]
49359212anon, do you have a psychopathic relative? how do you deal with him? I have a sychopathic brother, h…[View]
49358801I really fucking hate this board. The people, the '''culture''', the somehow more abundant stupidity…[View]
49359197Should I feel bad: I annoyed my ex on purpose for him to break up with me[View]
49359577the end of the fucking world as we know it: what will happen when machines take over the world?…[View]
49359334>Mom wont have sex with you because she already knows your penis is small.…[View]
49358978Has anyone ever been hurt or betrayed by someone you thought as a friend? I know two guys that I con…[View]
49358862I never understood what's the deal with people who flat out despise school shooters. I may agre…[View]
49358148CODE MONKEY SAY IT LOUD! CODE MONKEY SAY IT PROUD! He's my friend ! He's my BUDDY!!!![View]
49359737>6ft 4inches[View]
49359563Can we please have a female hate thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLWuADfyq7E&feature=you…[View]
49357811ITT : normie advices that ACTUALLY improved something > 'Stop talking with a monotonous voice. Pu…[View]
49359054Living in a trailer: Would you consider living in a cheap used trailer or RV on your or your parents…[View]
49359747how do I play one of those virtual reality games? like what do I buy for it? I saw the one where peo…[View]
49359377Sad Slav: >Be me a Slav >Go on a date a few months ago with a solid 7/10 >Shit was going pr…[View]
49359683>dad tells me he doesn't really care about birthdays and feels awkward when people bring it …[View]
49359383>meet cute trap on grindr >seem to be hitting it off >get ghosted WHY SHE CALLED ME CUTE I …[View]
49356715Was this an official marketing campaign?[View]
49358328>Hey big bro, thanks for letting me bring Chad over to your apartment. Oh, the couch? Sorry, we g…[View]
49359558Ok so just fyi I am a cis male, so first things first, I do not intend to come off as transphobic, b…[View]
49358163would you date a 10/10 that dated black guys?[View]
49359487What kind of boomer do you want to be when you grow up?: I hope im as creative as this guy. Such a c…[View]
49357286>most teenagers / millenials don't own a computer, they think smartphones are better I can…[View]
49358899What does it mean if I touch my own butthole while masturbating? What does this say about me on a su…[View]
49359044I dont even know how to name this: >be me >back in high school >loads of people are normi…[View]
49357480Daily reminder, lads. Pack that lip in memoriam.[View]
49359429Tick tock you stupid faggots, get to bed and go earn more welfare bucks for all the niggers, women a…[View]
49359450>be me >a few minutes ago >Im living with my parents for while cuz job sucks ass + thanksgi…[View]
49356928>Born into a conservative, catholic family >Grew up, disgusted with gays most of my adolescenc…[View]
49356140Why do people voluntarily have kids? They are a tremendous drain on your time, energy, and resources…[View]
49358751why: why do people beat off to lolis it's literally a kid unless its a shota x legal age female…[View]
49359364>people that beat their kids[View]
49354871I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really …[View]
49359306anyone has the video?[View]
49355865GIOYC: Get it off your chest, Anon. We're here to listen.[View]
49358046Adoption: Adoption thread Adoptees, adopters, adopter hopefuls, share your stories.[View]
49358522don't you hate when you say hi to someone and then they don't say hi back.[View]
49358910Can someone explain to me the cutification of orcs? Just 10 years ago orc were usually depicted as s…[View]
49358092Who do you self-insert as in this?[View]
49358499its almost nye!!!: worst time of the year is coming, what to do??[View]
49359279>Bra feeling tighter >Too embarrassed to go get fitted again Thanks for the risperdal mom...…[View]
49353487The truth about white boys: pol seems to push this idea that white guys are popular because theyre m…[View]
49359077why can't i just stop being a betafag and buy some helium to end it? if any of you say cope i…[View]
49353219Ironic Weebs: Has anyone else noticed far more girls fit the 'ironic weeb' stereotype than guys do?…[View]
49357950Tfw I got a call out as a slut: And it's actually my ex boyfriend who's having sex activel…[View]
49359198Been lurking for a while. It really seems like the majority of you are just shut-in normalfags wallo…[View]
49359203This is why you aren't chad[View]
49358699I think I'm addicted to pornography[View]
49339578What do fembots think of other fembots? God they must be pathetic women to come to an online commun…[View]
49359102is there anything worse than being born in a small town >no point in living >you will never be…[View]
49357220how do i grow shrooms? i want off the robot experience[View]
49359166I just want to be bluepilled again, and never have been introduced to computer and the internet at s…[View]
49357752http://inspirobot.me bring back an image/quote that resonates with you[View]
49357536behind tesco uck: yo babes anyone from this weirdooo board want some easy quick uck come buck me beh…[View]
49358885Should i look for a girl to have a family with or are they fucked and I should just not try at all ?[View]
49358508Are white people just irredeemable?[View]
49356568What's so bad about being nice?: >be me >simply polite to people just because >even if…[View]
49358872>want to start working out >can't bring myself to run outside because of bystanders and p…[View]
49358507Who here /weekend robot/? >normie monday through friday >Weekends are all about getting high, …[View]
49355829I'm a 21 year old virgin that's in his third year of college and feel like I've been …[View]
49358955>70% of the threads are about discussing women and sex When did r9k become so sex obsessed? You a…[View]
49358903big city: i fucking hate this place > be me, smalltownfag > move to the big city > the coun…[View]
49357018I use to drink like 7 liters of liquid per day. Is this normal? How much do you use to drink a day?[View]
49358107Why are normies so obsessed with money? they want to have as much expensive shit as they can but wha…[View]
49358914Tfw no one actually needs a man: >the don't need no man meme isn't a memes >people …[View]
49358540I can't stop wearing pantyhose and masturbating in them. Help me out bros, how do I shake this?…[View]
49356785>older 4 year old phone still works & runs strong. >features are kind of dated though >…[View]
49357276I'll never work a 9 to 5 job. I'd honestly rather roam the world challenging people to str…[View]
49357261Does your sister or mother have a roastie? How did you find out? How do you feel about it?[View]
49358616Do you think he was a robot in his youth?[View]
49357885what are your least favourite /r9k/ threads, and why?[View]
49358829I still think about you a lot, i really hope you're doing okay~[View]
49358196I have started using Reddit and I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE. I can't make two posts wi…[View]
49358112anyone read the Kamasutra, and has it changed anything about you?[View]
49358759pedrone and alai blind sex[View]
49355747Roomspiration: Today I finally moved and decorated my room! Post your apartments/bedrooms for inspir…[View]
49357707Big sister Kat have another great morning. Stay safe[View]
49358720why: >be me >new girl gets a job at my workplace >let's call her Morgan >she's…[View]
49358711>wait, anon. why are you having sex with your dad?[View]
49358520Any other dump lovers here? I'm straight but the gender of the dump doesn't matter to me, …[View]
49358550Will we always be unmotivated and unsatisfied?[View]
49358647>be me >be rabies survivor >be trauma from month in and out of hospital during treatment …[View]
49356728things normies say that really grind your gears: >wait, you're 25 and you still haven't…[View]
49358518>one more day spent talking to absolutely no one >still be proud of not having killed myself y…[View]
49357644>Tell me about your support network anon? Do you have friends or family when you're feeling …[View]
49358627>be me >in love with a girl, I think she likes me back but she's ignoring my messages …[View]
49358483Girls often sexualize me because my penis is extremely large and jeans my size can't hide the b…[View]
49358570uwu whats this code mean A secret entry to a fun place? maybe? qrWCqP[View]
493584272008: I feel like time stopped in 2008 on this board IS r9k some kind of shelter ?[View]
49356152Will feminists eventually advocate ending male suffrage?[View]
49357662Be me sad. Overcome my sadness. 1 week later be me sad. Overcome my sadness. 1 week later be me sad.…[View]
49358311TROLL TIME, FUCKERS: Tommorow is international men's day. Let's all go to the feminism tag…[View]
49357566your thoughts on this image and its message?[View]
49358360How has /r9k/ been? Haven't really browsed here at all since around the time the whole 'some of…[View]
49358441What does it mean when a girl hugs you and says she likes your cologne? I wasnt even wearing cologne…[View]
49356006>Be me >19 >Nice incomes >Lovely gf >lots of females friends (i almost always hang ar…[View]
49358450hello you silly clowns come join this funny server we have lots of funny silly people of all skin co…[View]
49358423>be me >today >eating tendies from safeway >muydelicioso.wav >unwittingly put my righ…[View]
49358153should virgins be put into prisons so we don't have to see your ugly faces?[View]
49357751are sad people brainlet? i mean ,its easier to feel sorry for yourself than being happy[View]
49358126ughuu~~ anon are you trying to take a-advantage of my innocence?[View]
49358132The worst thing in your life: >working That's it. Having no GF sure sucks but working is 10 …[View]
49358351Should I just heart someone on tinder now? I'm afraid.[View]
49357595Be honest do you hate niggers?[View]
49358333how to get benefits?: Hey I'm 20 years old and I have been medically diagnosed with aspergers a…[View]
49356605Life Story Thread: Post your personal life story and help others who do the same >18 >Male …[View]
49358303anyone got link to archive chat?: pm to torfisk#4633[View]
49358178Who here was a robot since you were little? >extremely shy since I can remember >had a few fri…[View]
49358292How does one ascent from robot to deity?[View]
49356357I did it. My dick is the right shape and length so that, when the balls are pushed out of the way, I…[View]
49358047People these days are more depressed and anxious than ever and let's face it, it's because…[View]
49357500Anyone else in northern VA that has FiOS internet down? Feelsbadman[View]
49357316Why do young girls wear such distasteful bathing suits these days?[View]
49357483just a friendly reminder that woman are the mental equivalent of children[View]
49358158Her smiles and optimism: gone[View]
49358071>had a dream about kissing someone it was pretty cute I haven't thought about kissing girls …[View]
49355403Why do you all want gfs? I've never had a gf but I'm not angry about it. I never bothered …[View]
49354071what kind of person is your dad like?: my dad died soon after I was born so i have no memories of hi…[View]
49354943Please take care of yourself, OK? I just want you to be safe.[View]
49356753>tfw fell in love with practice gf NO NO NO NO WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SO SWEET…[View]
49356567>Anon why do you eat so little? >Do you know how unhealthy this is? You're destroying you…[View]
49356772Have you ever sold your blood/plasma/platelets? I tried it out for the first time a month ago and go…[View]
49351559Why are so many people obsessed with feet?[View]
49357930Does anyone else see the normie life as a life of mediocrity and absolutely despise that? I never un…[View]
49358019drunkposting really is the one good thing about 4chan it feels like it was made for it[View]
493569192 months and a text is all I get. Didn't even fucking call me[View]
49357984who here /autistic dad/[View]
49357983Can I just die and be reborn as a cute lesbian?: I'm sick of being an ugly virgin guy even afte…[View]
49357864I need help. >be me >recently got diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and possible PTSD >ye…[View]
49357964I want to die, I don't want to feel love anymore, I don't want to feel anymore, the feelin…[View]
49357444>order scale off of amazon >finally, I can prove to the world that I'm not *that* fat …[View]
49357642I missed: >be me >17 >khv >get invited to a party >all of my chad friends are there …[View]
49357954>technicality See ya later virgins[View]
49355382Fembots what do you think of Middle Eastern guys[View]
49357927Anyone know what happened to sniffjizzer?[View]
49357272When did you realize that you were a loser?[View]
49357854cant get https://bdsmtest.org/ to work. just shows up as pic related what do[View]
49355821>be 16 >walk in the street/schoolyard >'blablabla...he's ugly blablabla' >'have you…[View]
49357839If i look back how unlucky i was. I think god want's see me dead. I soon be with him.[View]
49354536Whats something that haunts you to this day? No jokes or fakes: What haunts me is someone tweeting m…[View]
49354021>tfw no qt gf to make me smell her stinky feet[View]
49357567JUST RUINED ANOTHER FUCKING FAMILY GATHERING!!!: **********PTSD thread************ its bad enough i …[View]
49357544Here's your vagina brah[View]
49357741Story of my weird life: >grew up with very strict, Christian Catholic maniac, alcoholic mother …[View]
49357731Anon is fooled: I thought the whole feminization thing was for actually Trans girls, not random or j…[View]
49357692I have a feeling that my life is going to shit. I've always been chill with all things in place…[View]
49356124We would already colonized apace and explore galaxies if it werent for Niggers aka black people and …[View]
49357553>tfw you will never have a QT3.14 asian gf >tfw you will never taste the delicous asian pussie…[View]
49357632>go for someone who's not a stacy/becky anon mfw no stacy/becky women…[View]
49356681Is life completely pointless or deeply meaningful?[View]
49357647>tfw internet addiction is holding me back from doing something with my life…[View]
49356107I miss you so so so much[View]
49357570I long for people Then again I loathe them[View]
49355730Why don't you just ask your mommy to take your virginity?[View]
49357478>give me attention please :) >no not like that!…[View]
49357458why google maps give me this?: https://www.google.com/maps/place/25th+%26+Welton+Station/@39.7537748…[View]
49357325Hey robots I just failed no nut and now I feel like absolute shit I was the only one of my friends t…[View]
49357560weed for my 20th: hey, i smoked weed for my 20th birthday and i had an experience that was really in…[View]
49357315>finished fma:b for the tenth time >Still feel satifyed with it but now I'm burnt out Any…[View]
49357556Can anyone explain to me what is the big 5 personality test? How does it work?[View]
49356828why not just settle for a fat girl? if you havent got a gf yet its not like you can get anything bet…[View]
49356626Why do I want to stick my face between a womans ass cheeks so badly? It disgusting[View]
49357492R9K MOVIE NIGHT: BENNY AND JOON: Come on and join faggots, watching Benny and Joon. https://www.rab…[View]
49356705Do you live in an area with hot girls? Does it make your life worse when you go outside?[View]
49357427>tfw no Penny Barber gf[View]
49357139Has anyone ever been to jail? What was it like?[View]
49354504Why can't us robots just have a dating thread? Wouldn't that just solve the problem? Robot…[View]
49354717>see anon talking about catfishing boomers on seekingarrangement >be broke asf eastern euro sc…[View]
49352990>apart from severe assburgers / autism, schizophrenia and psychosis, mental illness doesn't …[View]
49355881I dide a little test(http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/49353674#p49355481) too see if there are as …[View]
49356698When's the last time you masturbated to something that wasn't bizarre[View]
49357306daily beta male thread: daily beta male thread, come complain about being a beta male[View]
49356440looking for cheap ways to cope that don't involve alcohol or drugs. ive not completely given up…[View]
49357265>be me >have gf >be walking one afternoon >gf turns to me >'anon, im ready to stop b…[View]
49357263>tfw no loving mummy to cuddle up to and touch my willy[View]
49355290Ideal GF Aesthetics: Can we get one these going? Post cute grils[View]
49356380People ask me why I got no confidence and why I'm depressed. Well, I can't imagine a worse…[View]
49357110how do i stop having borderline personality disorder bonus points for answers that aren't 'kill…[View]
49357066what the fuck do i do? i've never come this far and i don't want to lose this[View]
49355145Logistics of a first date?: Alright dudes. It's finally happening. There's a girl I'v…[View]
49357154I wish I was never born. It's painful and hopeless.[View]
49357204UBI-core NEETdom of smoking weed and playing video games all day long when?[View]
49353896Can duct tape really fix a relationship?[View]
49356471I feel so pathetic. I don't even have any online friends. How do you make friends around here? …[View]
49356982>start looking for a house for yourself >never had a gf and never will, shit sux >realtors …[View]
49357104> go to uni library to read up on viking history for essay > sees this qt who is expert on the…[View]
49355937Are you guys ready for the dimensional merge? Will you gather up your waifus and oc's and battl…[View]
49357128>tfw no bully fembot gf[View]
49357069Trans daughter ama: Just just found out i am trans daughter... I havent told dad yet until mom says …[View]
49357095Just realised that if i was a girl i would fuck the shit out of myself, fuck it, i would turn homo j…[View]
49356966Sometimes I pretend to be a mute so I don't have to talk to strangers[View]
49356171>lost virginity with the person i actually loved >feel even more depressed realizing sex and l…[View]
49355979When did you realize that your parents are filth? I mean morally.[View]
49354918The biggest lie ever told: It gets better It fucking doesn't. It actually just gets worse and w…[View]
49356944>tfw im afraid it will become better because that means i was wrong, and all my hate for the cold…[View]
49356930>female took interest in me >haven't been able to masturbate in a week because I feel lik…[View]
49354289lM SO FUCKlNG LONELY[View]
49356746I am a cringy person. It's a trait that has been following me my entire life.[View]
49353128/britfeel/: Stop being stupid nonces and ruining the thread edition[View]
49353793OSRS: Post what you're working on right now, recent achievements etc. Just fishing, got Pheonix…[View]
49353674Wanna do a lil test, a poll sort of. Wanna see the ratio between men and woman(IK that woman dont ex…[View]
49355925Y-you're not a disgusting faplet are you anon? Please say you aren't...[View]
49356639Should it be considered justifiable homicide if you get cucked and you kill the guy?[View]
49354194What does a bj feels like, lads?[View]
49355986>be me >have gf 10/10 brown hair down to her shoulders >cousin lives down the road from me,…[View]
49355247WHY is my chip Green??[View]
49355178People seems to have a misconception of NEETs or simply people who dont work for someone else. I…[View]
49355866As someone with 2 autistic siblings, I can tell you that autists are in fact not human.[View]
49350772ITT: rage fuel[View]
49354964I’VE NEVER BEEN SO MAD IN MY LIFE: What to do when super angry? I've just been angrily pacing a…[View]
49351503I just want a loving bf. I don't want him to be a doormat, I just want a guy who's kind, c…[View]
49356650>tfw the only girl that has ever liked me found out what a train wreck i am a few days later and …[View]
49356541been depressed for almost 14 long years and still counting[View]
49356444Have mastercard giftcards and I dont know how to empty them. I have a dollar or less left on each of…[View]
49356601Why is 4chan an ugly website ?? Ever heard of CSS ???[View]
49356024>tfw eventually I'll escape the torment of existence[View]
49354013Reminder that you're not a true robot unless you're genetic trash >be me, 23 years old …[View]
49354629Downer hour: Who else is still alive only because of their family? Found out two days ago I can…[View]
49354093What do you do when you're really lonely? When every minute feels like 5 and your chest is heav…[View]
49356484>autism >that's autistic[View]
49355194>This is anon's room he's quiet the anime enthusiast[View]
49355187Just turned 23 and my computer is my only friend. How are you computer?[View]
49354363I'm trying to move onto Reddit and not come back to this shithole so much. I am sure many of yo…[View]
49356353how do I get a 10/10 stacy gf?[View]
49356029How do you make friends on the internet? I have a job, gf, no major issues but no internet friends. …[View]
49356281>nearly drowned in the bath once trying to suck myself off[View]
49349731Femanon wouId prefer the uncut one[View]
49354680People blame me for starting my uni studies at 29. 'Why the fuck didnt you start earlier you FUCK!?…[View]
49356075>if it's a hole, you can put your dick in it Even the bottles under the kitchen sink?…[View]
49353768Anyone else here who despises himself? I'm an unlikeable faggot, especially when I've been…[View]
49355672What have you been convicted for?[View]
49356280Is Jessica from FvF /our/ girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdU6Fb5YXxg[View]
49356164>talking about sex with my girlfriend >girlfriend randomly tells me it is ok if I sleep with …[View]
49355904Why do some brainlets say quote I know a plumber/welder/mechanic that makes 130 per hour end quote? …[View]
49356248My mind is a fucking mess. >when really relaxed I can mostly think clearly >when slightly stre…[View]
49354785I feel like my bf is too good for me[View]
49353027Abortion is a victimless crim-[View]
49356175pedrone and alai acidic sex[View]
49356076Dating is just chilling out with somebody til you figure out what is wrong with them?[View]
49355275Am i cute enough to be anyones boyfriend?[View]
49355698>Post on Reddit for a few days out of simple curiosity >Get banned from the subreddit I was on…[View]
49355694/r9k/ when are you going to start taking rape seriously??[View]
49355921Should I just become gay Origanolologiostamaremamamia[View]
49355994Happy Shit: Comment shit that makes you happy. Even if it is the slightest, most insignificant thing…[View]
49356068Chad here. I've fucked every hot girl out there, but now I'm bored with Stacy and want so…[View]
49353239I've read all this stuff on Chad and honestly, he seems like a total bro. How could you not lik…[View]
49356012Anon gets cock blocked by karma: >be me >meet a qt 3.14 in english class >let's call h…[View]
49355714Would it hurt?[View]
49355259I fucking love Power Electronics. It's despair: the genre. Nothing else compares in how fucked …[View]
49353422How do you imagine angels to look like?[View]
49355636>ywn this lucky in life[View]
49355266>27 year old khv >started working out 6~ months ago >gone from skinny fat loser to somewhat…[View]
49355437OK guys, this is gonna whitepill you. First some introductionary lines. I rather enjoyed image board…[View]
49355883I've suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for so long I think I've started to get suici…[View]
49352541Gucci overdooz it, does it, the boy's perfect Neck piece flooded, it's color scattered and…[View]
49355880i dissapointed my uncle: >be me >it's 2014, 14 yo >parents divorced so i live with my …[View]
49354784campfire: hey anon! joine me by the fire, we can share a joint and talk about life.[View]
49350990/cyborg/: welcome: if you have kissed girls before but haven't had sex not welcome: kissless vi…[View]
49355783That feel when no cool gril to chill with who is cool and chill[View]
49355758>this will never happen to me Give me the bullet desu[View]
49352082*snaps fingers* You now have stage 4 cancer. What do you do?[View]
49353245Roasties don't underst- >Sexual freedom, sexual liberation. A modern delusion. We are hierar…[View]
49354592>ywn pick her up with your motorcycle and simply drive away from the city/people/job you hate…[View]
49355708> she ghosts after you send the dick pic[View]
49355713>born in SE asian shithole >adopted by nice family >5'1' brown asian skinny boy >e…[View]
49353354When will we get the first First Lady (male)?[View]
49355673>Be me >18 >Get drafted in 2018 >Get shot by a Trap with tactical pussy…[View]
49355652Feeling lonely lads I need a gf[View]
49355404Why do most white girls use black slang?[View]
49354889Who else /uses spit for lube when jacking off/ here? Truly the most based way to fap >easy to cle…[View]
49354487I'm a High Schooler in the USA (Senior, 18 years old). AMA. Pic related[View]
49354596how feasible woulds it be to buy a horse for transportation? I am too lazy to pedal a bike and can…[View]
49355509Who am i supposed to settle with ?[View]
49353557/Megumin monday/alive 4eva edition: Post cute Megumins and tell me about your plans for the week you…[View]
49355317/comfy thread now! Go![View]
49355384TIK TOK: oh look another app for women and normies to attention whore[View]
49355407Why does Pepe still trigger everyone so hard?[View]
49355323>be playing minecraft >annoying 9 year-old joins the server >really annonying but ok >he…[View]
49354683Holy shit guys! A cute woomy is streaming RIGHT NOW and is draw cute [but shitty] art! You guys gott…[View]
49355170/K/ekistan has obtained a ferry (not the pictured ferry) to transport whatever they cannot fit on th…[View]
49353478Soon: The end is nigh. I succesfully shifted all socio-economic power from Israel onto myself. I…[View]
49354814I have masturbated exclusively to anime girls for nearly 10 years. I don't get aroused by real …[View]
49355360>dont swallow saliva for 20 minutes >spit or rather pour out the mouthful of saliva on the gro…[View]
49355359>20 yo NEET >khv >ugly I'm so bored I'm about to go insane…[View]
49355334>make joke about raping a little girl in the most violent, brutal fashion. even include gory deta…[View]
49353806When I was a kid my favorite character from toy story was Wheezy the penguin. I just now realized wh…[View]
49352342Does Modafinil help you stay focused and sharp for study sessions?: Long story short i'm a lazy…[View]
49355197I'm waiting in a hospital and I'm bored and hungry. Should I go to the cafeteria anon? I…[View]
49354096>all women do is send hi or hey nothing else >from there the man is expected to lead Whats the…[View]
49352332>tfw the guy you're interested in turns out to be a pajeet[View]
49348729Who else here /inner world completely comprised of patterns, imagery and a stream of consciousness/?…[View]
49355005>cut all contact with oneitis >still think about her like a madman y tho?…[View]
49355293why havent you asked her out yet? either she says yes or your life remains the same miserable track …[View]
49354555>tfw around christmas and when its snowing i have the urge to ask her out >never do why am i s…[View]
49352557>Hey big bro, I'm going to grill some wieners, what do you want?[View]
49354297You're single because you're unwanted. Accept it Pic unrelated[View]
49353476/r9k humor thread: Laughter is the best medicine or something gay like that. Anyone have that 'cyber…[View]
49353313I constantly feel like I want something or should be doing something, but I don't know what. Is…[View]
49355218Do you remember your first orgasm?: Tell me about the first time you masturbated, anons. >10 yea…[View]
49354932This happened a week ago. >be me >24 >bored af >idea.jpg >pee in a balloon and wait f…[View]
49353459What is your opinion on alt-Latinas?[View]
49355032>feel like a beta >come to /r9k/ >virtual manifestation of that one table in the cafeteria …[View]
49355045I just realized how to be normal! ok so you know how when you furst got on 4chan you didn't fit…[View]
49350983Any Indian robots here? How are you surviving?[View]
49354969/K/ekistan has acquired an Intercity 125. A train that can go nearly anywhere in the world. We start…[View]
49353992How alone are you /r9k/?: >Be me >23 >No friends >No Internet friends >No gf >Not …[View]
49353797>aye femanon, wanna come with me back to the outback and convince the brothers and sisters to put…[View]
49355154Having a cold is nice because you can cry in your room and nobody suspect a thing.[View]
49351003If you were to identify yourself with an animal, which one would you be? Komodo dragon here.[View]
49355138Yikes! Sis, you're CANCELLED. And that's that on that![View]
49355054Is 'love yourself' just a meme? It's a thing that normies spout all the time but I just can…[View]
49354227Spooky stories: Do you guys have any spooky stories to share ? I'll start first >be me >b…[View]
49352634Depression / Self Improvement General (Day 1): Thread to post about our struggles with depression or…[View]
49355064>made tomato soup and a multi-cheese grilled cheese >comfy din-din >now in my recliner, und…[View]
49354317>be me >always sleep with left side of head against the pillow >hair and pillow are constan…[View]
49354440why is everyone on /r9k/ gay all of a sudden? did you guys just find girls too hard to get and gave …[View]
49353596Just finished aimlessly drunkdriving around without a seatbelt listening to david bowie. rate.[View]
49353687>Uhh like I was born in 84 and I DO NOT consider myself a Millennial, no effing way. I'm a X…[View]
49354947>tfw Tyrone finally cums in my wife[View]
49354962>ff13 gets remastered on Xbox and not PS4 Fucking fuck that is stupid what the hell. It wasn…[View]
49354392Does /r9k/ play any MUDs (multi user dungeon s)? Seems like a robot type activity.[View]
49354951If you are ugly or socially retarded you have 0 chance of living a good life. Prove me wrong[View]
49354937>be me, hackman (still britfag even years later sadly) >get call from school i used to go to …[View]
49354788ban porn threads on r9k.: i dont want to see r9k turn into another porn board like /b/[View]
49352518What were you doing 12 years ago today, when 'Zoomer childhood culture' as we know it began?[View]
49354140Its snowing outside and im sitting inside drinking apple cider, sometimes life aint that bad[View]
49354780Embarrassing moments thread: I'll start. I was at a friend's party yesterday. All is good …[View]
49354274is there any way to turn off the obnoxious shitty porn ads I just want to shitpost in peace[View]
49353681After all these years of fapping to different types of women, I've finally figured out that lig…[View]
49352894I'M FUCKING OVER IT: I'm fucking over it, when the fuck did women suddenly get these HUGE …[View]
49352713Why don't you guys just ask your moms how to get girls? Theyre girls too after all[View]
49354369>there is nothing phisically preventing you to kill your family[View]
49353712>be me >masturbate on the webcam >mom comes in, spots you >doesn't leave >asks '…[View]
49352169>there are people on this board right now who don't know what 'an hero' means…[View]
49345591>asian girls instinctively know when you have yellow fever Please tell me this isn't true…[View]
49334150INTJ Thread: Any robots with the robot personality? MEGA ROBOT[View]
49354654How in the world do I meet girls?: So I've decided to change up my life and I can't help b…[View]
49354413Why are women so ungrateful? Why are incels so cringe?[View]
49353725>watching prank videos at college campuses >guys asking girls numbers and they literally alway…[View]
49354307lol call him based[View]
49352703Reminder the women on this board have all been pumped and dumped and now sit around being emo about …[View]
49351458What is your favorite Nirvana song? I really like these two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLrBhH27…[View]
49353997Just woke up to the realization that my self esteem is zero and I think I'm shit. Ever since my…[View]
49354468I had another dream where we were living happily together for the 4th night in a row and it hurts[View]
49353014if you cant make a girl laugh your screwed[View]
49354158Literally what is this bitch's fucking problem? >hurr I'm never uploading videos again!…[View]
49352794Why does /pol/ say that I'm not white because of my southern Italian heritage? It makes me want…[View]
49352974>What on God's Green Earth did I do to deserve a song like you?[View]
49352721Who's your favorite League champion /r9k/?[View]
49353080>Sad Chad won't notice me >5/10 talks to me >Ew how disgusting Any other fembots know …[View]
49354301My good buddy's gf just went travelling to tropical countries with her bestie and they'll …[View]
49354295>you'll never cuddle with her while the snow keeps piling up outside what are we even living…[View]
49354365How do I become less self-centered?: I'm concerned that most of my negative worldview is due to…[View]
49352776>mom asked if I have a gf again WHEN WILL SHE REALIZE THIS HURTS MY SOUL…[View]
49353290>going to sleep soon >gonna dream maybe possibly i hope hahaa, bet you'll never get to ex…[View]
49344902Japanese study-buddy: Are any of you interested in learning Japanese? I'm looking for a partner…[View]
49352964>programming >'are you hacking nasa?'[View]
49353526Mogged by younger brother: Admittedly im jealous of my younger brother, he's a solid 8/10 compa…[View]
49352996>mayo >cheese >doritos >bagel >microwave 30 seconds How disgusting am i?…[View]
49350300I'm so fucking pissed off right now. HIRO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?? WHY CAN'T WE ALL B…[View]
49353931Let's celebrate the simple things in life.[View]
49352863>be me >virgin >girl asks teacher to use bathroom >touch bathroom pass >prob masturba…[View]
49354131>just came in my nose again It's like shooting warm pool water open there. But only thicker …[View]
49352853Make a monkey's paw wish: Saw someone make this thread sometime last week and then they didn…[View]
49352127I legitimately almost race mixed: We hit it off but it didn't work out and this was years ago …[View]
49353639>Hey big bro, I need you to change my dipey[View]
49353240Why don't we put Enforced monogamy into action?: People as a whole already have too much freedo…[View]
49352679Do you support white sharia?[View]
49350979Whats the perfect ability for an robot (any series) I think Hey Ya! from JoJo would be somewhat usef…[View]
49353918High school experiences thread I always find these top comfy. Post greentexts, regrets, your social …[View]
49352573>at airport >see qt 8/10 >she notices i was staring >oops.jpeg >she SMILED at me …[View]
49349716Please stop *BLAM* posting... I just had to stop my friend who just started hrt from slitting her fu…[View]
49353882Why do I feel like shit when I see my peers achievements in life? I know I am not supposed to compar…[View]
49352937>All other social animals are in frequent physical contact with one another >tfw you can'…[View]
49351306Gonna make a tinder account now with just selfies. I'm scared. Bio will probably say I'm s…[View]
49352981How do people eat so much? One meal is usually enough to get me through the rest of the day...[View]
49352088Uhh... Melvin Doo?[View]
49353655I never had gay sex. I only put Benis in bagina. What is gay sex like?[View]
49353373>tfw boy comments on how he sees that you shave your arms even though I wear oversized sweaters t…[View]
49352347>banks in Finland have gone to shit, just like every other basic service that used to work >ba…[View]
49353421>'alright anon, I will be your swimming teacher for today' wha- oh boy... what do lads?…[View]
49353424characterism: man who have 'bad' character are far more disadvantaged by the mating process then man…[View]
49350560does /r9k/ like Freddie?[View]
49353269Saw one of my posts on /r/4chan for the first time today lads. Not sure how I should feel.[View]
49351142Have you read the Quran?[View]
49353075We need a new term: /ROBOT/ Is a term I find is used up and lost any meaning of what it really means…[View]
49350722>Chad >Big jaw >high IQ >charismatic >confident What the fuck is wrong with this Worl…[View]
49351372>long face syndrome It's like I'm not even human. I can't breathe…[View]
49351102sunday morning /comfy/ thread: How are my fellow anons doing? Anyone just relaxing on this quiet mor…[View]
49353468whats r9k opnion on law of attraction? i have been depressed for 10 years and im tired[View]
49353477femanon feels: >be femanon >not noticed by most guys >sometimes get approached by some guys…[View]
49352417This sign has not granted me a girlfriend yet. It has been up outside of my house for 3 weeks now. P…[View]
49353275insight into the life of a chad >Can get nearly any girl i want >Except for the ones that migh…[View]
49350149I'm thinking of dropping 4chan for good and instead going onto to Reddit. What subreddit are th…[View]
49351928'Anon looks like a sad Hulk Hogan' 'Hulk Hogan is already sad' 'Anon is like a Sadder Hulk Hogan' 'A…[View]
49352123>NPCs already have pre-programmed responses from the moment of creation >NPCs don't have …[View]
49352278Sex hurts, I don't wanna do it anons[View]
49353259>Chad hobbies and interests,a.k.a hobbies that gove you pussy Sports(outdoors) Bullying Music Bo…[View]
49353243>'fembot' approaches me *POWPROW*POW*POW*POW*POW*POW*[View]
49353234Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
49353224That feel when no cool gurl to chill with who is cool and chill[View]
49353201for fuck sake my anons. just saw 7 threads about femanons wanting a bf and you actually responded. I…[View]
49353013The self improvement meme: Why do people always try to pop ush the 'if you don't have a girlfri…[View]
49353083How does one not become bitter, knowing he's more deserving to reproduce than most people who r…[View]
49353001Chad Mctastic here Just stopping by to tell you guys to 'Just be ur self :^)'[View]
49352291>roastie little sister has friends over >they're all streaming and downloading shit on th…[View]
49351735message to all gamer girls, sexy NEET babes egirls, etc.: i hate you bitch[View]
49351981>be me (khv but its not too late) >be introverted >have a few friends >cant make more, d…[View]
49352898>hate fembot threads >still are the most popular threads why don't you just admit it r9k…[View]
49352723How do I let the past go and live in the present? I just can't stop thinking 'What if I had don…[View]
49352695Language Barrier: Who else here deals with a language barrier? I know just enough to get by on a dai…[View]
49351948What do you guys think sex with a tard is like?[View]
49352935>find a site where I can fit in with the other weirdos and neets >it gets nuked after 2 years …[View]
49352288who else here /dramaalert/[View]
49349868I dreamt about sucking a bbc today. I mean there was a lot of things going on but at some part i was…[View]
49351452This is the power of a black male.[View]
49351572Has an image ever summed up the nature of the woman better?[View]
49351829>be me >in highschool, 2014, graduating >My little cousin finds minecraft >He loves it …[View]
49349290Women would rather fuck a dog, horse, even an elephant or pig, but not you. How does this make you …[View]
49350858unironically feels better than the real pussy, why don't you get one anons?[View]
49351376Why does this guy literally get more love mail and more women wanting to have sex and literally MARR…[View]
49352162Lmao, women should be violently executed.[View]
49352650if an autist like shirou can become a mega chad why can't you?[View]
49352798how do i even into waifuism? is just imagination and x reader fanfics? thisisntevenoriginal[View]
49348780Femboy reporting in. Ask me anything.[View]
49351602what does it mean when a girl says 'oof' after you compliment her?[View]
49352749money is the issue: if I had money I would be happier. Because I could buy a flight ticket to escape…[View]
49352115>genuinely beginning to question whether women are actually human[View]
49344336NEET nests: Post your nest, NEETs. It's not like you have anything better to do tonight.[View]
49352639>there are people on this board right now who believe giraffes exist[View]
49352312I demand a (you) now or you get shot[View]
49352143what did hiromoot mean with this?[View]
49351153Can you cut your own hair? I don't want to go to a haircutter.[View]
49352409Hehe...frog. FROG. Heheh...haha. Frooog *ribbit*. Frogs...heheh. Heh.[View]
49348289>Wake up anony. It's time for your daily milkies[View]
49351237Fembots, what kinds of rules do you usually put on boyfriends?[View]
49350463hi r9k, should i kms for having an outie piece of shit[View]
49352592Signs she's a whore >she poll 'dances' >celebrates with big balloon numbers >says bae …[View]
49352335>be staying with family in us for holidays >asked to walk 7y/o niece to school >kind of con…[View]
49350955>Absolutely hate women >ALL WOMEN SHOULD DIE >WOMEN ARE SLUTS >faps upwards of 3 times a…[View]
49350588Right now, roughly 420000 people are having an orgasm. In fact, since there are so many people havin…[View]
49350853What is the difference between religion and fantasy?[View]
49348354What happens in a society when you have a large number of men who aren't getting laid? You get …[View]
49351931/r9dump/: Is the toilet the ultimate comfy station? I sat on the toilet for the whole day with my la…[View]
49348476Why girls are obsessed with this daddy stuff[View]
49352160>talking with cougar about anal sex. >she says it feels great taking a shit after because the …[View]
49349692>um, how dare you expect me to take responsibility for my own personal safety?!…[View]
49352240Are there seriously people out there who don't wish they were dead every waking second?[View]
49350573Oh dayum: Saw my gf's mom's nude one /s/ Great fap Been tapping to it for past 10 days Mfw…[View]
49352247>uh I don't know but I'll see what I can do I blew my chance. I thought asking her out …[View]
49349064is this face attractive to you?[View]
49352006For fucks sake. The moment we have a hosting female professor from the US we have to include homosex…[View]
49351753NEET and Hikikomori general Thread: How are you fellow neets and hikis today? >Neet >The acron…[View]
49351885>tfw your penis was 6.5 inches when you were 13 but it stopped growing after that…[View]
49351985>try to sleep >brain starts shitposting cringy memories Why…[View]
49352175robot roommate thread: Its hard for robots to find roommates in a world of normies so im making a ro…[View]
49351988I hate the state of the world and consequentially my life[View]
49349054>tfw need a benzo to go to the supermarket[View]
49351574>go to work >see back door is pried open >see safe is broken open and the money's gone…[View]
49351728>1 chance in life >born on earth i really hate this fucking planet and the shitty species, cal…[View]
49351699>it was me and my fiance's annie yesterday >his boss made him work instead >made the a…[View]
49351661Are any other robots made fun of for having overly full lips? This one girl at my college calls me '…[View]
49351348Why does /mu/ even exist? /r9k/ is unironically a much better board in terms of music taste. The onl…[View]
49350874Attention fembots: Fembots. How unhappy are you and why do you channel your feelings of low self wor…[View]
49350188Anyone else gonna die a virgin because you refuse to approach ask out woman? it seems so belittling.[View]
49347267Are you happy when school shootings happen? Are you sad? Do you care? What is your reaction when you…[View]
49346232>And this our son's room, he's kind of the shy type...[View]
49350679How do I tell my dad my dad I'm not doing the degree that I initially told him I was doing >…[View]
49349682Daily reminder that incels belong on reddit, not on /r9k/. This is a robot board incels >hate cha…[View]
49350585pedrone and alai chili sex[View]
49350478would you wear an animal suit?[View]
49351761>be me >in choir >literally every tenor is a basedboy or gay you aren't a tenor are yo…[View]
49351577https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT2ehE4LDBA&feature=youtu.be LOOK HOW EASY IT IS. WHY ARE YOU NO…[View]
49351635>do nofap in hopes of weaning myself off degenerate sissy porn >my cock is throbbing and leaki…[View]
49348493Why are French Canadian disgusting garbage people? This guy was in my discord group and would obsess…[View]
49351364Had sex with my boyfriend for the first time in weeks and I just noticed he lost a lot of weight. He…[View]
49351922WouId you a dark chick?[View]
49349688Who here /holds grudges forever and ever/ I think it's cute when people think they can get a se…[View]
49351865What do you guys think of Enforced monogamy?: It will actually help people as a whole, since Enforce…[View]
49350891I think everything is gonna be ok Robots: >be me >19 yo Robot that unlocked Normie skin for av…[View]
49350298Devilish thread: >be me >from le Reddit >make up retarded greentext stories >immediately…[View]
49351743Someone with their gf and irl friends on their Twitter thought I was a troll: Is this it for me lads…[View]
49349728Do you believe in heaven? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTJt2t9kIMs[View]
49350631/Elliot/: In this thread we pay tribute and respect to the now deceased Elliot 'supreme gentleman' R…[View]
49351272Just talk about the people who hurt u, who u hate and want to see burn to death[View]
49351407What are my changes to get away if i make a gofundme and ask to sjw for money? I have all the minori…[View]
49348760If evolution is true, then why are there still so many ugly people? Shouldn't they have been se…[View]
49347797When was the last time you were naked with the opposite sex?[View]
49345215anyone got any good metal recommendations?[View]
49351194sigh... Iooks Iike it's time for my boiperiod again :([View]
49351619>be me >2008 >newfag >only go on /b/ >degenerate >pedophile >13 y.o. >shady …[View]
49351534>tfw severe case of outie vagina >see thread about outie vagina, people saying it's nasty…[View]
49351604how come everyone wanna have relationships? thats gay,i just wanna get laid[View]
49351293I was straight before but lately I've started craving affection and love from men. What is happ…[View]
49351174why did i go to an engineering college i haven't talked to a girl in 3 months and i'm terr…[View]
49350885>231 days without fapping Psychic powers any day now.[View]
49350380Iick it.[View]
49348420friendly reminder to sage and hide threads pertaining to any of the following: >fembots >r9ga…[View]
49351504Less than 24 hours left of freedom wagie, and then it's back to the grind earning master Naselb…[View]
49351463Heartaches, heartaches My loving you meant only heartaches Your kiss was such a sacred thing to me I…[View]
49350608how do you deal with anxiety? I'm constantly on edge even though I'm not in any immediate …[View]
49351275How do I tell if I'm white or not?[View]
49351023Is this guy chad? https://youtu.be/0Ye99bBfv40[View]
49351399make your gf a clone of you[View]
49350907Is there any research on being a social isolation and decrease in reaction time? Feels like I'm…[View]
49345949/britfeel/: /britfeel/ wilI never die edition[View]
49350894I have very bad mommy issues. AMA[View]
49351202Today is gonna be one of the bad ones boys. I woke up with my mood at rock bottom low and anxiety so…[View]
49351327How the fuck are we supposed to save the white race when white women are only attracted to faggots l…[View]
49350468https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VjT864m3Go Are you a meme nazi or a real nazi?[View]
49351345Are women all whores under all those layers they'll show you after all? There's this girl …[View]
49351326Who else fell for SNRI bait? It's been 3 weeks since I took first venlafaxine pill and the only…[View]
49351206W-What did you do to me, Anon?[View]
49350000you begin to take the responses of faggots here less seriously if youve ever went into a vocaroo thr…[View]
49349156>ywn have this how does it make you feel anon?[View]
49351269isn't >>>/aco/ just the same as >>>/h/ there is no western style cartoon porn…[View]
49351083>be me >european nig >see funny greentexts >try to make some and not steal >post to /…[View]
49349489That kid thread: >that kid that would bring porn to the school >that kid that played with his …[View]
49351196Discuss: Using the term NPC is an NPC thing to do[View]
49351150/r9sissy/ - #5: Keep the Sabbath Hole-y edition Previous thread >>49320361[View]
49349961Fembots, have you ever had any personal interactions with Chad? What happened?[View]
49351052What do robots think of this turbo Chad?[View]
49350488asap rocky is proof that if people think you're cool enough, you can legit meme something into …[View]
49351074I remember this creepy old dude used to live in my street and he stole my dammed cat. Was that one o…[View]
49351056Are you based and redpilled anon?[View]
49351021every time a shooting happened, I always thought what could I do to stop it? well, pic related was j…[View]
49351058does anyone watch cut?[View]
49350940is this a female frog or something?[View]
49350348Brit feels are bad feels: >Be born >Be British >part of the shittiest, ugliest, most cucked…[View]
49349045Are guys that look a little off or dumb meant to be with girls like pic-related? are two dumb dumbs …[View]
49350811yooo. yooooo. yo why the fuck are girlfeet so hot? yooooooo.[View]
49350441>when I try watching porn I start imagining my ex gf getting fucked by some chad and just give up…[View]
49350970<3: Tee hee i am girl i was raised in a happy family I am daddy little princess and live a happ…[View]
49350084I want to have loving snuggles with a cute girl![View]
49349557>be straight male >want to be dressed and forced to live like a little girl to experience comp…[View]
49350945In this ITT we post only the most based and blackpilled people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_SL…[View]
49350550>play one hour one life >be smol kid >become grampa smith's apprentice >teaches me …[View]
49350877>31 filtered fag threads why do i even bother coming here?[View]
49350871>be me >live in alabama >see lots of ppl say that ppl from alabama make love to their sibli…[View]
49350652>tfw bought a vr headset >tfw just fapped to 4K vr porn for the first time Feels good, can…[View]
49350284In what fantasy world would you like to life, given the possibility to do so?[View]
49350774>tfw tall and attractive >been called cute and handsome a few times >even been told I shoul…[View]
49347616what happened to all the racist anime twitter profiles? all anime profiles on twitter are gay progre…[View]
49348944Just found out Gal Gadot is a jew wtf robots help me cope[View]
49350701Friends think I might be depressed, too scared to go to a doctor to get diagnosis, since I can just …[View]
49350491General improvement / feels thread. I'm not here to neither cry about how unlucky I am nor sta…[View]
49350369>all I want in life is to be cute and girly >I'm a big, hairy masculine dude Why is life …[View]
49350308Anyone else /no privacy/? I live in a small apartment with parents and siblings, and lately my fucki…[View]
49349501this is an actual fucking robot. that looks exactly like a human. does this mean they're going …[View]
49349343I fucking hate Brooke![View]
49350275Hi /adv/, I hope you can give me some advice on how to improve my life, or at least some aspects of …[View]
49350687Why is it that over 18-year-old female virgins don't even exist but it's pretty easy to fi…[View]
49346723>had sex for the first time since middle school last night >took my clothes off and got on my …[View]
49348334How are you working to improve yourself, /r9k/? unemployed and withdrew from college this semester s…[View]
49350317How do people on this site get drug dealers and connections, I'm too antisocial and awkward to …[View]
49349824>caught mom sleeping on the toilet again[View]
49349227why does everyone think that they're sigmund Freud online? lmao what the fuck, ive never seen t…[View]
49347968Why do you think so many outcasts are into anime? I find it comfy myself.[View]
49349883Furry Discord s73qG3u: Does someone know how to improve a discord server on the 'users' part[View]
49350604its muffin time r9k[View]
49348058Fembot, could you handle this ass?[View]
49348898>animals take drugs in nature >human takes drug >OH FUCKING DEGENERATE >SCUM CRIMINAL …[View]
49350506Why haven't you joined the inner circle yet, anon? :)[View]
49346326>all the Stacies at my school have had bfs ever since middle school >a friend told me about h…[View]
49350448Meet your perfect robot thread: I am drunk and its 6 am so let's go. Here we post description …[View]
49347241Does your mother or sister have a roastie? How did you find out? How do you feel about it?[View]
49350464Freeze SVU! You're under arrest incel! For assault on Chad and rape of Stacy[View]
49344575I want to cry and scream like an autistic kid, but its 4:40 am. Never really considered suicide up …[View]
49349585big sis kat. i hope i havent faded from your memory forever[View]
49350199why do i feel like dying all the time?[View]
49350431What percentage of men are chads? I don't mean just guys who get a lot of sex , true chads, sma…[View]
49350426Post good euphoria music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEjdwhVuW74[View]
49349780Is college as difficult as some people claim?? Originall[View]
49349103Im 31 years old now. When I was 11 in elementary school this kid named Anthony would bully me almost…[View]
49348625I turned 20 today. My celebration is sitting in a dark room smoking Canadian classics and drinking P…[View]
49348454Lmao, woman should be executed.[View]
49350326This is what an average contacts app looks like.[View]
49349382Why was the world such a wonderful and magical place when I was younger, but is now such a dull and …[View]
49347296>outgoing girls only want to fuck minorit-[View]
49350287My life philosophy is to minimize negative emotions by avoiding situations that could trigger them o…[View]
49350172You will never date a cute Ojou-Sama: TFW no qt3.14 GF with drills[View]
49350028Does anyone else cope with their loneliness by pretending that life is one big MMORPG? >grinding …[View]
49347100Well robots, I fucked up. >develop crush on 8/10 Korean girl from HS >mull it over for 2-3 wee…[View]
49350208What happened to this Youtuber?[View]
49349878>tfw no gammon bf[View]
49350109why does facebook think that i want to see my ex's posts?[View]
49349123how do you appeal a /pol/ ban?[View]
49350142pic unrelated > be me > regular faggot > scrolling around facebook > come across normie …[View]
49348813Bros, how do you deal with not having any friends and spending every living moment in ur room? I hon…[View]
49350079>spilled soda on my keyboard again >mom just bought me a new one…[View]
49350111What if robots are a new, experimental phase of humanity, specially designed for highly intellectual…[View]
49349970Fapped to a girl with a dick again. I don't even consider myself as gaym[View]
49349859I think I have 6/10 (maybe 7/10 if I close my mouth) face Do you think I have a chance with this gir…[View]
49349336I can't even go to shower because I don't want to. I'm degenerate. All I do is procra…[View]
49349444I was watching two older guys from my window. One was waiting for the other one next to his car and …[View]
49350049>mom found the foreskin tugger >she's making me get recircumcised She says that it's…[View]
49342433> Oi. fancy 'avin a go m8? w-what do?!!![View]
49349033>mom found the smegma cup[View]
49338489/r9gay/ - #504: Domestic life with your bf edition Last thread: >>49324176[View]
49347481Makeup meme: Makeup is a meme. Do guys actually fall for it?[View]
49348503This still sort of fucks me up, but figured I'd post it here... >Be wagecuck >Hire 16 yea…[View]
49349956>that awkward moment when you wake up and see yet another antifa protest in your town, but one of…[View]
49349478GO TO REDDIT AND GET OFF 4CHAN YOU FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
49348365I think I might kill myself because of my oneitis. >be me, 24 virgin >somehow meet a fembot at…[View]
49349483Calorie Tracking - #1: ITT: What we ate and how many calories Lets document our meals together robo…[View]
49348588>go to sleep early for work on Monday >wake up earlier than 5 AM alarm >check phone >'3:…[View]
49349773I'm only good at taking pictures of myself where I look gay.[View]
49349344Do you have a job /r9k/? What do you do? Would you recommend it to another robot?[View]
49348825>Attention: All work safe boards are soon going to be on the 4channel.org domain…[View]
49349715>be me >At casino the other day >Playing poker >meet dude at the tables >his name…[View]
49349066How often do female cashiers get hit on by thirsty creeps?[View]
49349308i got a kiss from my crush, cya losers.[View]
49349242Help me make sense of this bros I have this female friend, she has dabbled in /r9k/ and whilst she i…[View]
49321554ITT: Worst things people have said to your face: >anon, you have dead eyes >I feel like you…[View]
49348798What's that thing called where you've learned a lot of new things but when you try to conv…[View]
49349598What's so bad about reddit?[View]
49348587>tfw too old for 4chan but nowhere else to go[View]
49349526>'Yugen is an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics. The exact translation of the …[View]
49349566Favorite deformed cartoon character: What is your favorite picture of cartoon character that is shap…[View]
49348199>'Oh, hello, Anon! You don't mind if we sit here, do you? Our feet are tired from walking al…[View]
49347064Lil b is posting some chicken pizza on his twitter.com right now. Go and download them before he del…[View]
49348532I really missed my waifu I hope you are in good health, brooke.[View]
49343650That answers that question.: You cannot change chromosomes, nor can gays reproduce. Traps are just f…[View]
49341388Should I reveal my money and power to Brooke so she can love me? >t. Rich Asian fag…[View]
49346812>be me >living with my sister after my mom moved in with her boyfriend and started renting the…[View]
49347279>be me >fat neet >no gf obviously >have a oneitis type crush >would literally do anyt…[View]
49348955weII? wouId you?[View]
49348593Why do women so seldom have any actual interests beyond superficiality, social events, social status…[View]
49346921What can a INFP-T do well in the society? I'm really going to suicide? I spend my days having d…[View]
49348605Holy shit I just heard my neighbors have sex. Moaning, bed creaking, the whole works. I thought this…[View]
49349163now onto today's news 4chan is kill[View]
49349322Absolutely fucked ipip300 scores: Any other robots broken so much to the point they dont feel anythi…[View]
4934920010-40 vehicles spotted requesting open fire[View]
49349238>20 years old >already feel like I wasted my life…[View]
49348883you think if i keep posting asking anon to unblock me on discord he will? its worth a shot[View]
49349158Any other robots avoiding sleep, because you feel like you haven't done anything with your day …[View]
49349098soooo i got rejected by my 7 month crush 2 days ago, and i have nothing to get off to but i wanna ge…[View]
49349232Anyone else here realize that their personality makes them undateable? >don't do anything f…[View]
49349155My theory is that the split will turn all board on here red. 4channel will get rid of the porn board…[View]
493460144chan oldfag thread: hey 4channelers! Anyone here browsed when this site was called 4chan? XDDDDD M…[View]
49347470>hungry af >gf horny af >ask her to make me oatmeal >says she will make it but only if I…[View]
49349203*BLAM*: *SHHHHHHHHHNGGGGGGG* *slice* *slice* *slice* *glug* *glug* *glug* *glug* *stab* *stab* *gurg…[View]
49348981I was all bright and sunny last night until the effects of loneliness started to close in again out …[View]
49349188So I'm 30 now and people are fucking weird!!! >All my friends have families and suck >New…[View]
49348195why can't I attract a functional girl: throughout my life I have had crushes on many girls and …[View]
49347614>Eat 8 tablespoons of sugar >Lose all energy and fall into depression >Apathy >Feel tire…[View]
49347676Yellow fever: Is it possible for a white guy to have a preference for Asian girls that isn't th…[View]
49344239Groupie redpill: https://youtu.be/DXyYvSxqYMA ^John Lennon, the famous musician, clearly reveals the…[View]
49348786What are telltale signs that someone is losing interest in you?[View]
49349009Anyone else get recurring suicide dreams here? I've been having them for the past two years, so…[View]
49348991Does anyone here unironically believe that men are better than women?[View]
49349110Hey dere, I am in desparate need for some anon to give me a call. For a friendly chat. The number is…[View]
49349085>tfw unironically use owo and uwu feels good man[View]
49346661i want to be comfy tonight and to have a comfy thread. please join me, anons, in being comfy. what…[View]
49346889>opportunity arises >avoid it like its the plague Guess I just want to be a failure…[View]
49348295>be me >2007 >10 years old >I have two older siblings, 13 year old sister and 15 year ol…[View]
49348265OBEY gookmoot and do not post nsfw on sfw boards protip: ain't gonna happen lmao[View]
49348612>coworker is a greek girl >writes down wrong abbreviation for earl grey tea >tell her 'ear…[View]
49348453All I want is a woman like this who is Christian but wants to be my slave[View]
49347140Why am I such a weak crybaby?[View]
49348896>could never call my friends 'friends' >chose to call them my acquaintances >hav…[View]
49347259>think of her for a while >listen to the album she told me she liked a lot >head starts hur…[View]
49347493>be me >21 m >living in apartment complex >be good friends with hot milf neighbor >sh…[View]
49347487Anon, you would be a perfect man if you were just taller[View]
49348669>no fap november >zero luck getting any pussy >get insanely horny and feel violent what do…[View]
49348121>finish game >three more added to the backlog Even as a neet it's impossible to get throu…[View]
49348789Why do people throw all their money to female streamers who show a bit of cleavage? I'm trying …[View]
49347622How many of these do you guys check out on?[View]
49344977>2013 >tfw NEET with no gf >anon you have no gf cause you're a jobless loser >get a…[View]

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