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51584948Where the fuck can I get that crispy New Zealand video? Everything seems to be down[View]
51585794>no girl will ever be happy to take your virginity[View]
51579407/uni/ thread: How are those meme degrees coming along, anons? Not so good here[View]
51585829Hey guys, should I clean the house a bit or sit on my ass under a blanket and watch The Umbrella Aca…[View]
51583999more than half of young people in America don't have a romantic partner: https://www.sfgate.com…[View]
51584164I don't find 'perfect' women to be attractive. Not because I find them to be too unattainable o…[View]
51585411>be black and look good >everytime I say I'm virgin people think I'm lying and joke …[View]
51585831If you try to be a Chad and initiate interactions with f*males, they won't like you no matter h…[View]
51583798i want a deaf or mute gf.[View]
51584307drinking: not one of my better plates but it tastes fine. hows it going bros?[View]
51585791>just ate two burritos and a taco from Chipotle[View]
51585264white femanon here, how do I get a handsome indian bf like pic related?[View]
51585236hello /r9k/ i have stumbled across an old journal i kept long ago in high school it contains in it t…[View]
51584531>what job do you have? >what school do you go to? >where do you live? >wait. You don…[View]
51582743>crack open a Bang's root beer >take a sip of the fizz >'ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that's th…[View]
51585663ugly: How to deal with being ugly? I'm not fat or physically deformed, I just have a really ugl…[View]
51585511>My weekend? Usual. Hooked up with mulatta chick, big tits. Told her I want a piece of her brown …[View]
51584655Anybody here ever get any nasty infections from shooting up? I used to shoot meth without filtering …[View]
51585593depression thread: hey anons, share whats been making you feel depressed/anxious/suicidal lately sui…[View]
51585585Shitty greentext: >be me >bad relationship with narcissistic mom >ok relationship with dad,…[View]
51578699SICK AND VILE: >2019 >official news sites are still this biased and projecting personal opinio…[View]
51584155Tfw white boy got VIP access to brown pussy[View]
51583754how the hell am i supposed to change?: dont have friends or family. have an horrible acne from birth…[View]
51581820I'm drinking with my NEET/robot friends, ama[View]
51583546I like math rock and cats[View]
51571823/r9gay/ - #656: Musical edition Last: >>51553089[View]
51582370After days of pondering I have come to the conclusion that pain and pleasure are in constant balance…[View]
51585107reminder that the 2020s decade is gonna be /our decade/[View]
51585450Normies will never understand what it's like to be alone: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandst…[View]
51585304>graduating highschool >wtf.sad[View]
51581301That kid thread: >that kid who in 10th grade who wrote a kill list of all the students who would …[View]
51583946I just wanted to say I think Tucker has a gorgeous family :)[View]
51584212>befriend chad through recreational ping pong >he has fucked dozens >find out he plays dota…[View]
51585420tfw no clingy gay bf who likes muscular virgin chad guys... suomynonA#4587[View]
51584310hate my fucking life so much. my dad wants me to get into university but im too dumb for engineering…[View]
51585386NEETs are you going to get your dream job? I'm trying to get an overnight job at a hotel so I c…[View]
51583726I CAN'T FUCKING STAND simps. These fucking woman worshippers infest every board on 4chan and ev…[View]
51583008coke: hello guys what type of cokee do you like.., i like cherry. thanks.[View]
51584513How do we fix the tranny/cd/degenerate problem?[View]
51583955Why don't multi billionaires have thousands of offspring?: Guys like Bezos have enough money to…[View]
51581652What will you do with your $1000 yangbucks?[View]
51584113Self-improvement feels like a meme. I can dress better, don a improved haircut, diet, skincare, and …[View]
51584618This is the cutest girl I have ever seen. I want to lose my virginity to her.[View]
51582631Anon from the thread a while ago. Going to cold approach girls in a library today instead of a mall.…[View]
51583891what do you think is the meaning of Iife?[View]
51583257>fapped to THAT again I thought you said it was supposed to be a meme[View]
51584998>parents live at home 24/7 >literally never leave >literally just by pure coindince follow…[View]
51583661Women who were raped are all normal and don't actually give two fucks about it Women only pull …[View]
51585221Start training now: Anon do this and stop being a fat piece of shit https://youtu.be/d-d5kuSFBMk…[View]
51584370Can you guys post wagie memes please[View]
51579772Was he based and redpilled or cringe and bluepilled? Only robots can answer, normaltards gtfo[View]
51584820skribbl game: https://skribbl.io/?em9ZWPvmL3 skribbl for alcoholics[View]
51584657>tfw femanon >tfw have had my way with countless guys and girls >tfw have made over 30 peop…[View]
51583863lmao chirstchurch got fucked we should do another one[View]
51585175All I want in life is a gf guys[View]
51578943Why 4chan hates Reddit and call them Redditfags?[View]
51585160lonely college boi: >be me. >first two weeks of college. >a girls hangs around me, but i do…[View]
51582251Post a wish in this thread and it'll come true. I hope my friend does great at his job he got …[View]
51576540When you walk around, do you make eye contact with people or do you look in another direction or on …[View]
51579057Wageslave General: >quit my full-time, 2nd shift job >finishing up my two weeks >going to …[View]
51583328we'll die virgin. all of us. no love, no friends, only hate and lonely. like monsters. are you…[View]
51584693Is there someone here who has had sex with a fembot or girl form here? I did with my ex and was fuck…[View]
51582202R9k philosophies: What do you believe in R9K?[View]
51572424Is it weird to ask your girlfriend how many guys she's had sex with before?[View]
51585082>tfw fapped to tranny porn again I don't even enjoy this shit, I'm forcing myself at th…[View]
51579211What will be your depression fuel tonight?[View]
51584213>you wake up at 2 am in the morning >newest iron man suit on the ground >features include s…[View]
51580456black and indian women belong to yellow men white and arab women belong to black men asian, native …[View]
51581076International NEETBUX thread: There is a disgusting amount of the lack of NEETBUX thread Please subm…[View]
51584867The fat glutton is eating all the food leaving none for anyone else and causing the extremely skinny…[View]
51564954/drugfeel/: It's /drugfeel/ not /drugfeels/ >>51548815[View]
51584972When is the last time you laughed hysterically?: I haven't laughed hysterically in years it fee…[View]
51584951I fucking hate self diagnosers My brother killed himself recently. He had been severely depressed fo…[View]
51584769Why is /soc/ more gay than /lgbt/[View]
51583504daily reminder to never trust a woman[View]
51579564BPD Feels Thread: I'm killing myself tonight and wrote a letter saying that my ex boyfriend rap…[View]
51584730Living with no real furniture: I currently live with my parents but have a shit commute and really n…[View]
51584649having autism isnt a bad thing you know I have it and im fine[View]
51584689feels thread: post some feels bros. been walking through memory lane all day >be me, senior in hi…[View]
51584734I hate feeling frustrated and wanting to punch myself.[View]
51584675Does strangling yourself count as self harm?[View]
51584690I wish agathah would come ba-[View]
51584499Take the 3D pill 3D is pure 3D is cute 3D is innocent 2D is unpure 2D is ugly 2D is bad[View]
51584783Is it gay to make fake accounts of chicks to selll their nudes and shit? I dont really get off to it…[View]
51584804do you save peoples' numbers, r9k?[View]
51584764>they cast a white actress as Ciri thank u[View]
51584727>mfw i find reddit premium. jk im not a faggot[View]
51584725Why are so many teachers fucking feminist cunts, I swear to god I always get targeted when I piss ab…[View]
51584701>be female >tell your doctor you want to be male >get unlimited steroids, get super fit, ge…[View]
51584231HOMELESS AMA: I'm going to be homeless very soon, the NEET dream is over. Ask me anything.…[View]
51584646>born in shit smalll town >literally not one thing to do >closest person away is 5 miles aw…[View]
51584263I've worked the last 2 months in an office with 8 women and no men. >day-long physical conta…[View]
51584584The poopoos: Infinite poop. >You sit on the toilet to poop but the poop never stops coming. You …[View]
51583691If society wont allow euthanasia for the mentally ill, then they deserve exactly what they get[View]
51582974HD Resolution NZ Shooting: There exists a 744p version (barely HD). I can see faces etc. Viewing it …[View]
51584543If karma and reincarnation are real, then what's the idea of giving horrible lives filled with …[View]
51584284>have spoken more to Chase bank on FB messenger than I have to my girlfriend today >she hasn…[View]
51582980>mfw finally found something I'm good at I know python was made to be easy but I might final…[View]
51583838>Just ask a girl out lol >how can you expect a gf if you haven't asked anyone out lol I f…[View]
51584442How does one escape limbo?: Do you just persevere or is there another solution?[View]
51584426im on the verge of suicide. things have been so shit. my friend just came back from a week off and …[View]
51583469what is the point anymore: you know you dont have friends you know that you will never feel true lov…[View]
51584295>talk to prostitute >she calls me cute[View]
51584363Hurry up bro or we'll be late to comic-con![View]
51583844my cute wife dokuro chan is going to kill all of you normalfags so hard that you die to death![View]
51584009This is willy. Willy doesn't bathe. Say something nice about him.[View]
51583419are eurasians the real aryans?[View]
51583740Parkland girl with some nice tits killed herself. Couldn't she have let me feel them first? Sel…[View]
51584074You are delicate like glass. You have my regard for it.[View]
51583989if you have friends irl you should stop browsing r9k[View]
51583895world: why is the world so horrifying yet I'm so powerless to fix it? what is this hell?[View]
51583500>spooning girl >arm falls asleep How do you avoid this? Just where is this thing supposed to g…[View]
51583969Yknow robots maybe one day I'll have a job that isn't a McCuck job and I'll have my o…[View]
51583965who else here /vape gang/: the ultimate zoomer trend what mg nic do you vape? what vape do you use? …[View]
51583664Carbs, Fat, and Caffeine make me happy and social.: What concoction of neuro-chemicals are released …[View]
51581607How do we elevate human consciousness to its highest potential?[View]
51583805>be me >find cool dime on the ground dime time…[View]
51583832CLOWN WORLD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjedLeVGcfE take the honk pill, do it now[View]
51583705>Go literally years without speaking to a girl >Miserable every day >Get slightest amount o…[View]
51583775>be me >rich parents that love me >get first grades >grades es E- >parents is dissapo…[View]
51583213What does it feel like when you're way too high?[View]
51582902The top of my foot itches[View]
51583735Australian media and the NEETs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82LrhF1nxyw[View]
51583459I was born in 2001 and I am legally allowed to post on 4chan[View]
51583665People born in 2001 are 18 year old adults now[View]
51582469>ditched a girl today >feel delighted I dont even know why she wants to hang ou with me. Im a …[View]
51583354>tfw flesh eating cystic acne[View]
51582401Card fortunes, card fortunes! Let me tell your future[View]
51583413she used to be somebody's son . How far do you think medical advances will take plastic surgery…[View]
51583553>tfw just got approved for jobcorps, start on Monday Before I knew it, my happy NEET life was tak…[View]
51583288Holy shit, have you guys ever listened to 'epic music' compilations on YouTube while doing chores an…[View]
51580726room thread: post rooms, rate others[View]
51579252>fuck YEAH I eat pussy >nothing better than pleasing a woman!…[View]
51583510did the stacies ever make you cry femanon?[View]
51580792People who blast loud music in public will be rounded up and eliminated once I'm in power.[View]
51582341feels like stories like these are a dime a dozen these days: Poor kid. Sounds like an average cuck t…[View]
51581047Why da fuq don't girls approach me? What is wrong with this world?[View]
51583416>girl at cashier smiled to me is it normal guys?[View]
51580482let's face it most of us really aren't that bad looking and actually have unique interests…[View]
51583062What's it like to lick a girl's pussy? How do you do it properly? Normie anons, help me ou…[View]
51583427Need help: What to do when only two emotions you feel for most of the time is either anxiety or ange…[View]
51581239Im gonna quit porn and fapping to stop being a sissy and become straight. Anyone got advice on kick…[View]
51582911>never use reddit in my life >decide to make story for 4chan >only 4chan >few days later…[View]
51581729>that feeling of always being jealous of others whether it be skills, fortune or looks >brain…[View]
515832511st world problems: When you've met death personally in your life, you start seeing life in a w…[View]
51581535>move back in with mom at 23 because I got DTs from alcohol >1 year sober >I have nothing t…[View]
51582468Black fembots,: There are robots with BWCs sitting in their pants completely unused. Why aren't…[View]
51579290Hapas are aesthetically superior to all races but are they intellectually and physically superior to…[View]
51582538Is here a robot who's unironically called chad or stacy or similar? How does it affect your lif…[View]
51583234what is like to move out of your parents house?what is like to be free from projections?[View]
51582629Do you think Pupinia Stewart is a virgin?[View]
51583177>7.6 billion people on Earth >7.6 billion creampies God damn, humans are multiplying like rabb…[View]
51577891Fembot Feels Thread: Misogyny-free safe space to discuss our feels >Tfw no qt bf to make deliciou…[View]
51583097>when the years of procrastinating, neeting and a lack of responsiblity to take care of your life…[View]
51579704ever asked yourself this? >How do I stop fapping to 3D? Let me break it down for you with this gu…[View]
51580605Good morning yall What are you guys up to today?[View]
51579776If you were in chad/stacy position you would be sharking through sea of pussy/dick yourself wouldn…[View]
51580696Has there ever been anyone more retarded than me?: I took hrt for 3 years for a dude who dumped me f…[View]
51581924Socializing with a potential fembot.: Parents just asked me if I would talk with one of my mom'…[View]
51582633/r9k/ what is your opinion on people under the age of 16 posting on this board? Do they need to fuck…[View]
51580183Any Croatians here: Are there any Croatians here? Also, are there any Croatian traps or femboys here…[View]
51580151>ex-girlfriend is texting me to complain about her new ex-boyfriend[View]
51579590How do you seduce a trap? They look and live like women, but they have male brains, so all the usual…[View]
51582888small and comfy. have fun and talk feels. gg/gjzwp82[View]
51581810>Bro all you gotta do is say yes the next time you get invited to a party.…[View]
51580682>tfw no qt quadriplegic gf feels bad man, imagine having her as a gf, knowing that she cant do an…[View]
51582826have been texting a girl for a week now she's going to hook me up with one of her friends >t…[View]
51579984>get ghosted again on tinder >try and play vidya to calm down and relax >get shit pushed i…[View]
51582601How does black pussy feel compared to white and asian?[View]
51579668im not racist or anything but I think that black peoples hair is fugly[View]
51582771fuck off neurotypical get out of 4chan forever![View]
51580860>4chan's killers Mercer and Cruz get 25 combined >this lad has 50 in total H A L F C H …[View]
51579386How the fuck am I supposed to make a random comedy skit YouTube channel for keks with out being comp…[View]
51582790what asians make the best gfs?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17658433 personally I prefer tungid girls…[View]
51578064why american rappers take xanax?[View]
51582731>lying on my bed with no pants on >feel a fart coming on >spread ass in preparation >her…[View]
51582760There any robots here who got the girlfriend experience from an escort? Did it help you get better a…[View]
51582728Fembots, >your age >have you ever done this?…[View]
51580118What's up with the fucking flood of 'Pepe's and 'Wojack's over the past few years? Anyone remem…[View]
51582105Creepy dreams: Just had a dream with my grandma crying while having me put 3 pots (full of ashes wit…[View]
51577959fuck you faggot you aren't special[View]
51582540How do I get this kind of GF? This thread is original, do not mute.[View]
51581940You don't actually have an instinct to have friends and a GF. it's a social contagion, jus…[View]
51581555ill tell you a funny story, two years ago i was complaining about my height (im 5'6 midget) and…[View]
51580851who here wants to join the asperger gang -few members -we keep our plans secret -no central leadersh…[View]
51574698Robots, would you date a female version of yourself? Same level of attractiveness, same features, sa…[View]
51582586br br deng br br deng br br deng nnngh nnnghh nnnghh NNNNNGH NNNNGH NNNNNNGH NNNNNNGH NNNNNNGH RUUUU…[View]
51582326Why do white dicks look so weird?[View]
51582367'we can go out back right fucking now' 'yeeah that's what i thought'[View]
51579576schizo general: basically all schizoids, schizotypals and schizophrenics are welcome here[View]
51580440Wtf do i do? Does my house have deadly mold or what? What the fck do i do >every day stuffed up …[View]
51578707>that one girl who is always online and you hope she will messages you even though she never does…[View]
51582544tfw no nosferatu bf...[View]
51582282Why am I supposed to entertain women all the time, they seem to expect it, yet all they have to offe…[View]
51581413I have come here to cast spells and kick ass, and I'm all out of MP. *drops on sunglasses*[View]
51582331What do you do to mess with wagies?[View]
51582499I was once a robot and this is how I got a girlfriend and a great social status.: so I was a robot s…[View]
51582191The final solution: Why you don't join a monastic order or a similar institution? You'd ge…[View]
51582410>be me >european chad >going to Masters of Hardcore next weekend >tons of white people c…[View]
51582349First time making a greentext story so here we go >be me >really young. Can't remember th…[View]
51581450>meet girl, she gives me my number >she starts messaging me randomly >sending me lots of …[View]
51580336How much painkiller is too much painkiller?: Box say only take 2, but I take 5 and want more. What d…[View]
51579259I checked my oneitis facebook today. She still has a profile picture with her boyfriend hugging each…[View]
51580325Anyone want to play some civ 5?[View]
51580248Should I update my Facebook photo? Even worse should I upload a selfie?[View]
51581046Why not spend some time outside?[View]
51581981>tfw got my cocklust under control[View]
51581019im just gonna give my betabux to White twitch streamers and theres nothing you can do about it[View]
51581673So I like this girl but she doesn't even know my name. Should I bite the bullet.[View]
51582227Any robots playing the Powerball? I bought 5 hope I win[View]
51581759is it possible to live your whole life in a ghetto apartment, working in fast food full time? would …[View]
51581161Why do incels bully other incels?[View]
51582118hold up. arab/black couples look this goo?[View]
5157801525+ Weekends here: Yet another weekend on this god forsaken place.i am 28 and never been on a date a…[View]
51582213This isnt going to end well for any of us: I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. Where…[View]
51581166Are babies actually in the girls stomach, why are they not digested[View]
51581544I want to smell a qts feet.[View]
51582169I never understood the >tfw nutted but she still suckin meme until I finally got my pp sucked. M…[View]
51582140big sis Kat how is your late morning going so far? i came down with a fever earlier[View]
51581791>be me, today >feeling empty >late at night >decide to listen to some comfy jazz music …[View]
51580131desu watching romance anime makes me extremely sad and depressed knowing that i'll never get to…[View]
51580344we should try to get r/greentext banned They have caused so much damage to the robot community that …[View]
51577108How do you guys feel that Early Zoomers who grew up on Minecraft, iPhones, Bieber are now taking ove…[View]
51582006I feel like every second I relive all moments I felt inadequate, heart broken, every time I got bull…[View]
51582001You have to rate my New Vegas build. Gotta do it.[View]
51576304/britfeel/: always use the correct image edition[View]
51577717ban abortion: Hello robots,lets ban abortion and put an end to the genocide of innocent babies by th…[View]
51582056>what have done to improve your life, anon? Nothing? Then why are you complaining? Are you fuckin…[View]
51581395am i entitled to hate my parents? they made me ugly, 5'6 and dicklet, on top of that, they trea…[View]
51580885Explain why you haven't taken the Cuck pill robots[View]
51581718>tfw no defrocked bf[View]
51582020want to go into politics when im older (uk) and potentially become prime minister, am very ambitious…[View]
51580670>1/2 >valentine's day 2019 >lonely and horny early-20ser >bummed, yet again, for no…[View]
51581883>father, why do the normies hate cheese pizza and say it's evil? >that makes no logical s…[View]
51581621>fetishes are so specific that I can only fap to my imagination Take the imagination pill anon. I…[View]
51581920Good morning goyim: What are we going to do today? well, i'll probably just browse 4chan and am…[View]
51579881i know exactly what it would take to make me dateable. i know how to have a life and 'be intere…[View]
51581039how would you explain this image to your parents? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0duxOAvrmrk[View]
51581525HOLD UP HOLD UP! quarter asians look like THAT?[View]
51580291Reminder that /r9k/ is an elf free zone and any knife ear intrusion should be purged on sight[View]
51581379I'm pretty sure I just gave up on women again and I'm going after my own dreams/destiny li…[View]
51581789Is it unironically the case that people are unironically unironical?[View]
51581238h-hold up. Hapas look like -that-?[View]
51581676AMY SCHUMER: WORST OF ALL TIME?: is she the worst 'big' comedian of all time?[View]
51581622>tfw my diet starts today[View]
51579954>finish presentation >say thank you >no one claps…[View]
51581317Is there any reason to leave your room anymore?[View]
51581479Did you wash your willy today? How about the day before?[View]
51580072stop posting porn/sex threads or i will put you 6 feet under[View]
51581410>remember baby pictures >ask dad where my long hair baby picture is >he shows me where are …[View]
51581439Loliifeels: They get taken down >reeeeeeeeeee[View]
51574874What do robots typically eat for breakfast[View]
51581380>be me >climb out onto roof to smoke a fat stright kingskin >get chonged >wind blows out…[View]
51580221Omegle: >That guy who disconnects as soon as he finds out you're a man >That guy who spam…[View]
51579890What would it be like to shrink to an inch tall haha? Then a qtpi would be like the size of a mounta…[View]
51581325>tfw have a hard time befriending people cause they just don't match my powerlevel and degre…[View]
51580930Why'd the hyena wife threads stop?[View]
51580282If you could suck yourself, would you? Femanons, what would you think of a guy who could?[View]
51581223lets discuss why bunnies are superior to cats[View]
51577572>women are still gaslighting about alpha fux beta bux[View]
51581213Brainsmatch: forget looksmatch. Wry doesnt /r9k/ date there brainsmatch? smartsmatch? I dunno. cuple…[View]
51574767Do femanons like anal?[View]
51579123Who is oppressing incels the most? Feminists, gays, Chad, or is it, in fact, the jews?[View]
51580756/cgg/ cute girl general: Post qts >Dua Lipa[View]
51579103Fembots, did you cuck your little brother?[View]
515807541999 is unironically 20 years ago.[View]
51579783Would an honorable death in the nature have been better than the lives we are living today?[View]
51579629No matter how hard I pray, signs of warning still remain, and life has become my enemy. Tell me God,…[View]
51579661What are you smoking today? >bobby brown[View]
51580913>one chance at life >born with a fast metabolism…[View]
51576429>tfw sissies only get pumped and dumped[View]
515791151) You die 2) Everyone else dies Choose[View]
51579210Have you talked to someone online and then met up irl and they are like a completely different perso…[View]
51577494>watching Oprah as a kid >interviewing a man who got molested as a child by older man >aske…[View]
51578690But who needs love? NOT ME![View]
51579246Who was the New Zealand dude trying to appeal to, the undying Hell ghost of Freddy Krueger? His shit…[View]
51580077WUT UPPP? hot new modern couple coming through, everybody say hello to the new /CurryCoco/ flavor!!![View]
51579851>Imagine being so tired of getting fucked in the ass in jail that you try to switch genders so yo…[View]
51580607>you got a match on tinder >Pic related is match What's your next move boys?…[View]
51573449How do I become a shizo? Can I even become one?[View]
51579346What would it be liked to be dragged into the darkness by an octopus/squid?[View]
51579643How can I prove anyone I talk to on the internet is real & not just some advanced A.I. pretendin…[View]
51580634Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51580088It's shower day again[View]
51578936/creative robots/: Come share your creative works in this thread I normally post my stuff in the thr…[View]
51580243Why doesn't mine glisten like this one?[View]
51580580OCD in the wild: Hi fellow OCD people. I'm wondering how you like being out in nature. What doe…[View]
51579960Never got my confidence back since I got denied: Alright so I approached 10 women like a week ago an…[View]
51580542Does anyone else go to the gym so they can jack off to their hotter body in the mirror?[View]
51580540>mfw tried acid with friends at movies and ate 3 squares[View]
51580146Why are some able-bodied individuals utterly incapable of standing up for themselves?[View]
51578379How do I become that type of autist that is really into something?[View]
51579289>hello, everyone >I'm Agatha[View]
51574956What are you supposed to be doing right now instead of browsing /r9k/? You can trust me, I won'…[View]
51578960>tfw just had to hide from gf bf in closet jesus christ, i was not ready for this.…[View]
51578694How do I leave my small town if Im on probation for being black and god is out to get me? Everythin…[View]
51579183ls it gay to make fake accounts of chicks to selll their nudes and shit? I dont really get off to it…[View]
51579623is Sam Hyde a potential chad? I mean before he got fat and let himself go absolutely, he was pretty …[View]
51580270Can you faggots imagine going a WHOLE MONTH without sex?[View]
51579862Is feminism directly responsible for climate change?[View]
51579618two weeks ago >bored Saturday >go to Normiegram to fuck with someone bc bored >find an acco…[View]
51579865>It's 2:30am in the morning >My chest is drenched in my own cum because I was too lazy to…[View]
51580199big sis kat have a patchouli. you should play the game sekiro its already cracked and i know your pc…[View]
51580196Fag fag faggidy fag fag fag[View]
51579902>this is what stacy does while u LDAR how does this make u feel?[View]
51580167Make sad girls happy a sliver and you can poke their liver. new life motto....goodbye virgin losers…[View]
51579840Anonymous: Genuinely worried I won't be able to love this girl I need help robots. Last year my…[View]
51579165>DO IT!! DO IT! DO IT!! DO IT! >bbbbrrRRRAAAAAAPPPPPPP…[View]
51560048/suicide general/ Chat about your feels regarding ending it and also think about if you really want …[View]
51577140fellow neets, social misfits, miserable buddies. BUY BITCOIN. it's as low as it's going to…[View]
51578655>25 years old incel >today I asked a girl to date >she said yes Good bye inceldom, see you …[View]
51577215welcome to a day in the life of anon(s) >wake up and realize I'm not in the hospital (again)…[View]
51579604>day 3 of NoPorn hey this isnt so hard[View]
51579639How are you been doing with women or dating lately? If a girl stops talking to you as much as before…[View]
51578674>parents screaming at me to get a job >live in the country so closest shops are 12 miles away …[View]
51579258>Aunt has been staying over at my house for a month with no end in sight because she has cancer …[View]
51577650Rule number one of being my BF you must accept nat is perfection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie…[View]
51578101actual crippling depression: i have never felt so soulless in my life i want to crawl into a hole an…[View]
51579332'Hey anon, have you found a gf yet? Now that you're studying in the big city you certainly must…[View]
51579628Would you date a retarded girl if her parents gave you permission? She likes scribbling with crayons…[View]
51578433How's your day going, /r9k/? >Pic related >Just received it from a chick I was trying to …[View]
51579649/sdg/ - Small Dick General: As a sufferer of MPS (micropenile syndrome), I wanted to create a genera…[View]
51577019>h-hey anon, i really enjoyed working with you on that group assignment in our last lecture toget…[View]
51579080so I have been up a few days just posting on discord and on here non stop. This is my life and I am …[View]
51579489Is going to the gym the only way to get exercise? Why is society designed this way[View]
51579189Wake up: You probably saw this picture and thought to yourself 'this is the reason I'm alone' y…[View]
51579284>one chance at life >be born female it fucking hurts guys…[View]
51579513>tfw scottish but don't have any freedom[View]
51577397>spent a year being a NEET after high school >was planning on looking for a job but family har…[View]
51577697where these guys alt right incels? what did they want?[View]
51578768We did it r9k! Kek is on our side![View]
51562032>hi, welcome, brother[View]
51579301Comfy pet thread[View]
51578062Blogpost: >friend who goes to university is desperate to get laid >finally meets some thot, se…[View]
51570087ROBOT PROGRAMMING DEPOT: Post in this thread if you are a programmer or want to learn how to program…[View]
51577962found a cat on my porch, and i think it just gave birth. its super cold where i live, so i want to t…[View]
51577027>make fake match.com profile >find a few qt guys that seem lonely >my type, conservative, t…[View]
51579088>good,accommodating personality >bright future >good work ethic >loyal as a dog >but …[View]
51578622>hey bro you hype for VTMB:2?[View]
51579195>Stop taking anti-depressants >Libido rises dramatically >Constant boner and persistent urg…[View]
51578742The world would be better without men.[View]
51579214While it's true that not being fat is a matter of what you do and eat, not genetics, the level …[View]
51575934-> 'He's only 5'10'[View]
51577103Bros I'm starting to feel like I'm actually a woman internally stuck in a mans body[View]
51577617Life isn't as miserable when you know your place, and your meaning.[View]
51569230mbti thread depression edition: INFJ here, just want to say fuck all the cringy narcissistic faggots…[View]
51578124>be me >home alone >be in room >door is locked >hear breathing sound outside door Wha…[View]
51579069Women pretend to be taken to repel men and pretend to be single to attract men. They also find singl…[View]
51578876Careful out there, lads. There a tendie recall.[View]
51573888Daily reminder that people with BPD deserve unconditional love and respect.[View]
51578864There is no new color. There is no new sounds, no new sensation. You have already experienced the su…[View]
51578365Good feelings thread: >randomly recall name of a childhood friend >we weren't in touch fo…[View]
51579056>boss found the cum bucket[View]
51578595anyone else just lay in bed and pluck out their pubes with their bare hands?[View]
51576632I was just about to hang myself using a sturdy dog leash. Dogs noticed and started barking loudly an…[View]
51572664>fell for the throw your shit in the attic meme >tfw parents are pissed, the damage costs a fo…[View]
51575881Give me 1 (one) good reason you're not learning a foreign language right now. If you start toda…[View]
51578147Staying up robots. Lets have a true /rnk/ random thread. post anything in here and I will reply and …[View]
51578363I live in a condemned building. They're currently tearing it down. They wanted me to move out b…[View]
51575375Normalfags would rather fawn over and feel sorry for a dog that died relatively peacefully in it…[View]
51578924> ITT Emotionall damage I was 15 at the time and she was 14, it only lasted for a few months so n…[View]
51576644Is controlling what your girlfriend wears a retarded move or actually based? Pic related[View]
51571056How do you guys cope with the Inevitability of death? What do you think happens when you die?[View]
51578619How do I stop having panic attacks from any small interactions with women? They terrify me so much t…[View]
51577264I think I am autistic but I am not sure[View]
51578548I feel sad and will be going to sleep hoping to be less sad when I wake up. It is 9:18am and I will …[View]
51578783It's songtime fellow anons![View]
51578170Considering being homeless in NYC. Or maybe I'll hook up with a gay guy for $600 a month.[View]
51578487How do you get NEET bux? im sick of wage slaving and if i have to get another shit job then im proba…[View]
51576460You're not going to oppose us on the day of rope. Right, robot?[View]
51578837When are the new jannies starting out?: My blood is boiling. I'm more prepared than I ever was.…[View]
51577496>invited girl to go out on a date >she said yes fuck i thought she would say no, now im scared…[View]
51577880Sister Dressing Immodestly: My, younger, half-sister used to wear immodest clothing. Besides some sl…[View]
51578571Are incels just entitled volcels or are volcels just delusional incels?[View]
51578688New Zealand Shooter's Steam Account: video games cause violence confirmed.. guy is fucked up in…[View]
51578666big sis kathy have a nice morning. i caught a bad flu so now im stuck in bed[View]
51578256Why did God make women perfect except for their vaginas? Cute face, boobs, hips, ass, oh yes. But th…[View]
51578112Greentext thread: >be ugly >stay ugly >Hjonk in my coffin and still fucking ugly…[View]
51578638>Roommate has friend over last night >Hear them up all last night, went to bed before they did…[View]
51578187The only cure for anxiety and panic attacks is death[View]
51576469Why do I find this kind of girl so beautiful and why are there so many of them on 4chan?[View]
51578550Always dreamt of being forcefully drummed by a superior grill, see ya boios[View]
51578555I'm getting real sick of trannys and fag. It's about time I took matters into my own hands…[View]
51578223I'm so fucking bored, someone talk to me[View]
51577576Sometimes I get random anxiety attacks which cause me to shake[View]
51577774Hello, young people. I'm an older, retired gentleman and I heard about this internet address af…[View]
51578394Why dont I like sex? I find it gross. I jack off sometimes but not to porn, that is also gross. My t…[View]
51571621mom just fucking died: this is probably it. my mom got in a car crash yesterday and she didnt make i…[View]
51577973>solve psychological pain >it's replaced by physical pain >the former then comes back …[View]
51578241Why do people always want to ruin nice things? Watching pewdiepie makes me feel happy in the inside …[View]
51578388ITT post art with the same feel as pic related[View]
51578465>girl calls me dude Stop calling me dude you fucking bitches; it's condescending as fuck and…[View]
51578287>a board with forced originality to each and every post >remains the most unoriginal board of …[View]
51575980I'm going to committ suicide in a few days, i have 1000$ cash, a ps4, 800$ PC and a phone. What…[View]
51578462Me: Hey, mom I walked upstairs and a noise was coming from your room. I thought a TV mightve been le…[View]
51578393>throughout my entire life, my parents and other family tried to convince me I was cute and attra…[View]
51576486Hello. These are my friends.[View]
5157558519 year old chick who died in a car accident in my town this week.[View]
51573947if you didn't develop social skills by middle school it's game over[View]
51562012Waifu General /waifu/ #121: Social interactions edition!!![View]
51577836What gets better with age mentally for robots ?[View]
51577992GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 21:33-43, 45-46 Jesus said to the chief p…[View]
51577835Squirmy and Grubs: This creature will reproduce before you do. How does that make you feel? https://…[View]
51577561Obsessed Orbiters Organization: I'm a clingy, hovering orbiter. Nobody likes me or remembers me…[View]
51577104DAILY REMINDER: >muh personality >just be confident >get some hobbies anon >buy a nice w…[View]
51578198Did you take the SWEAT pledge yet??[View]
51578195Is it gay to compare your dick with your buddy (over the internet) ?[View]
51576379RED FLAGS FOR POTENTIAL MATES: >not a virgin(unless she is a widow) >older than 27 >uses co…[View]
51575314Why do I feel disgusted when looking at an open red vagina?: I don't know if I am the only one …[View]
51578080Is it possible to find a woman that actually wants to be with you after 30?[View]
51575818>empire bad >empire good whomst the fuck do i watch?…[View]
51578150I don't know why but I don't want to live.[View]
51573048soul crushing images: Please post images which cause feelings of despair and low self-esteem ITT…[View]
51577326Why are people that smoke more likely to be your friend than that don't? From my experience peo…[View]
51578135allow me to activate the miller-boyett center of your brain[View]
51577816>doctor prescribed some sort of accutane >ask if If I ever thought about killing myself becaus…[View]
51577472>be me >get fembot gf >feels good man >spend good times with her but also realisen that …[View]
51577928>be me >20 >hair is starting to turn grey…[View]
51577082How do u talk sexy to girl? How do I get her to have sex with me?[View]
51574404What's the cure for absolute nihilism. I don't exactly want to die but I recognize nothing…[View]
51577736>match with girl on tinder >have mutual friends, both went to same school >both moved from …[View]
51569833any other volcels here?: explain why you are a volcel, please also, how do you feel/react when someo…[View]
51577884Question to the yang gang How big is the chance of this guy actually winning the election, let alone…[View]
51573918Back for more card fortune telling. Who wants to have their future told?[View]
51576952I DID IT ! I went outside in the middle of the day to buy a coffee. It felt really awkward walking o…[View]
51577616/r9k music/ >smiths are still dope but https://youtu.be/K02aiv7jrEs?list=PL2vI_kzq2ErC2JAkk5R5Tz…[View]
51577786/Drinking/: It's Friday what are you having tonight? any plans or just getting pissed in seclus…[View]
51577882Millenials are satanic aliens that need to be holocausted. t. Angry 90 year old[View]
51576147Feels/vent thread I always feel like I've missed something very important. It's a feeling …[View]
51567390you get the newest iron man suit whats the first thing you do with it?[View]
51577789Had a dream fucking an anime girl Later virgins[View]
51577452Take the meditation pill.: Who /coping/ here? I spend a few hours a day meditating or listening to h…[View]
51576536Should U go outside and buy a coffe ? Its 10 a.m and the sun is shinning[View]
51577757It cannot be brokenn[View]
51575796MGTOW: why don't you just become a mgtow anon?[View]
51571267Sex doll: Roasties are beginning to seethe and starting to come up with new narratives[View]
51576655what were they thinking: Images on dating sites that make you question people[View]
51577731>One set a rules for white boys >Another for brown boys Thoughts?…[View]
51576791In my opinion only white and asian girls are actually women, the rest of the races are uh...'''not''…[View]
51577733Apparently whiteys hate him but negroes love him.[View]
51576350Women notice me more with a beard: Women smile and wave at me from across the street. More of them t…[View]
51577612>Sitting with a group of people >Beta guy friend who likes me is among us >'Sorry, I keep f…[View]
51577700Can you ever be certain that your future will be shit and working towards it leads to nothing? Yes, …[View]
51577646>tfw everyone want some legal loli gf who cries for no reason and is overly emotional >tfw I j…[View]
51577478Describe your teenage love /r9gay/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDTaxJxZIX0&t=2s Do you stil…[View]
51577503For my next trick: Everyone in this restaurant is banned from posting on 4chan. That's right, w…[View]
51577676Cute: this is kute[View]
51577623Women are shit. You desiring them makes you even worse. Thinking that getting that shit to be part o…[View]
51577185/r9k/ loves 'second chance' scenarios so he's one. If you could, would you bother trying to cha…[View]
51577437When was the last time you let yourself cry[View]
51577596i-is anyone there[View]
51577517>Ugly guy friend finds me attractive He's a creep >Ugly guy friend doesn't find me a…[View]
51576516Anyone else a Maladaptive Daydreamer? Any tips on how to quit? Quitting daydreaming is infinitely ha…[View]
51577050Waiting: Hey y'all. Was wondering about some constructive ideas on what to do while waiting to …[View]
51570856You've just acquired a portal gun. What do you do with it?[View]
51577043How many chocolate eggs are you going to eat this Easter? Don't worry, you have all summer to b…[View]
51574443can a non virgin be a robot[View]
51576392>tfw you think you're smart but you're not actually smart[View]
51577179got some sausages and im going for a drive until the car breaks down and then we can jump off a brid…[View]
51577164This is getting a bit extreme. I am sure we would all be on your trap server already if we wanted to…[View]
51577404Anyone still have cooties?: I can remember back to the last time I was touched by a girl, in 5th gra…[View]
51576474>Halo 2 came out 15 years ago >Halo 3 came out 12 years ago There was a fucking Halo 5 and I d…[View]
51576102am i autistic or what: >some normie says 'hi, my name is _____, blah blah blah' >immediately f…[View]
51575817My step-dad is divorcing my mom and I'm actually okay with that. Is that normal? He's been…[View]
51575398How do I fucking know if I have BPD or not? How the fuck? I'm supposed to be diagnosed but I di…[View]
51576349How does one fall in love with a 2D waifu?[View]
51577250Why do I keep looking at unatractive skinny girls? They aren't attractive yep my pee pee gets h…[View]
51574915What are some characters you find hot but you can't explain. Show pics and list them out if wan…[View]
51573253ideal woman: what your ideal woman bros. looks, personality, whatever. describe her as if she were r…[View]
51576426Is revenge the answer?: A group of people i really used to value ditched me like i was trash and nev…[View]
51575538What's the first thing that goes through your mind when you wake up in the morning?[View]
51577114Isn't it remarkable how i have have to confirm i'm not a robot while posting here?[View]
51577247>literally just had to use an age calculator because I couldnt remember how old I am Im about to…[View]
51577064>i can become a homeless at any time >it always can get worst…[View]
51576825given up: I feel that there is no hope for me and I will never turn my life around. >21 >khv …[View]
51574972is there anyone more retarded than christians[View]
51571494what's your power level, r9k? i'm 54 but probably closer to the mid 30's on average j…[View]
51573339I'm in love: Hi robots, I just wanted you all to know that I finally found my oneitis, and so I…[View]
51575354Could you imagine a world where weak, twerpy little men bossed around, bitched out, hit, and/or trie…[View]
51574291Why do some guys wear their underpants beneath their swim trunks?[View]
51577136>be me, couple days ago >have a crush on fem friend >there are signs she might like me too …[View]
51573232any robots know a fix for rounded shoulders? i look like hunchback of notre dame when i go out in pu…[View]
51574361Name one positive trait about you >GO GO GO I value the few people I see as friends a lot.…[View]
51572257/creativegeneral/: Hey anons welcome to another creative thread Post your stuff here and I'll t…[View]
51573995How do they make cars zooming around at incredible speeds so boring?[View]
51576539is there a way to un-normify someone?[View]
51574614There's only one hooker I can fuck in my small town, and I losing erection to her, because I fu…[View]
51574138/pizza/: hello sir this pizza is for you[View]
51573181Collegefags, is the meme about starting over in college true? Being a loser in high school the past…[View]
51572988Useless degree thread. I'll start with psychology[View]
51574306why do they make suicide so hard. wtf >tfw helium method doesn't work anymore…[View]
51573963What do you hate about normalfags the most? For me it is virtue signaling.[View]
51570167Imagine posting both on /r9k/ and /pol/[View]
51571653porn addict general: it never ends edition[View]
51576971blackpill: Day in, day out I hear you so-called 'robots' complain about your petty >tfw no gf pro…[View]
51572912I really hate anime. its girly and unneeded in modern society.[View]
51576881Good ways of suicide thread I'll start >drinking a liter of vodka in a jaccuzi and looking a…[View]
51572962what happens if you make it illegal to be unvaccinated: >be low IQ anti-vaxxer idiot >think va…[View]
51571905Does /r9k/ believe in reincarnation?[View]
51573621>always support others >nobody supports me FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
51576648How do you manage to be this fucking heartwarmingly cute. Tik tok keeps popping up these girls. I wa…[View]
51574197Any cute robot or fembot want to get dominated in pic related? Im on the hunt for ass[View]
51576436*ahem* what is the difference between a monkey and a nigger? The monkey knows he is not human. *lau…[View]
51572151>tfw most threads and replies are normies talking about their gfs and bfs rather than robots talk…[View]
51569883>You only listen to vidya/anime/movie soundtracks?This is not right. You're supposed to have…[View]
51576535>fall for the put objects up your rectum meme >butt sore for the rest of the day How do fags l…[View]
51568953What are some ways for me to make passive income, any robots had any success with crypto?[View]
51565985who here got a shitty /meme-degree/ also?: >no idea what sort of career i wanted (everything seem…[View]
51576235So you know how things stand. Now forget what they think of you. Be satisfied if you can live the re…[View]
51576732just lol @ my life: Nothing ever changes boyos. 32 years old this year. The only time I'm able …[View]
51575180/withdrawal general/: what are you in withdrawals from right now, anons? i quit taking my antidepres…[View]
51576623>wagecucks work ~45 weeks per year just so they can be NEETs in the other 5 truly pathetic…[View]
51576763>success is about who you know >life keeps pairing you with people as connected as you are who…[View]
51576760It's not about what you say, that will have you suceed at social interaction, but your tone of …[View]
51576726I'm going to sleep now. hopefully I dream of amouranth picture. goodnight goyim https://youtu.b…[View]
51576340>tfw no one will ever understand me as well as myself >the same goes for all people What'…[View]
51576128>be me >never go outside >decide to learn a language so I can be bilingual I speak some Spa…[View]
51576659>touch the inside of your cheek now you know what the inside of a girl's pussy feels like…[View]
51576485When did you realise that your parents weren't good people, I remember being a teenager and not…[View]
51576581I'm tired anons..: I'm tired of everything. Give me something to think about. A sliver of …[View]
51576431I have ten years maximum[View]
51576484I really wanna fuck this bitch[View]
51576571Forsen thread? Forsan thread.: >tfw you will never taste his Lidl meatballs >tfw he'll ne…[View]
51576461who else vietbot here?[View]
51576526Why is my anus kind of wet immediately after I shit? It's not wet with liquid shit, when I wipe…[View]
51576487You'll never be more fucking pathetic than you are in this moment right now, anon. https://yout…[View]
51575722meaning: did anyone manage to bring some kind of meaning to their life? I'm doing so much but I…[View]
51576333I traded my pc for kisses with my ex gf AMA[View]
51575850Woah, I just started posting on a bunch of slower boards and my (you) per reply ratio has skyrockete…[View]
51573362Can i use pepe memes as a black man ? or i'm i considered a nigger and cannot use it because pe…[View]
51576320Anti-Depression Game: Going to post a healthy habit for fellow depressed anons daily until I get bor…[View]
51576376Gamer time in here fellas gg/926Au9[View]
51576110I realized i'm bitter.: I'm bitter because of the way I was treated when I was younger by …[View]
51574891how do I stop caring about everything it hurts too much to live[View]
51576190>ywn have a busty gf I just want to play with a pair of big soapy tits in the shower, is that so …[View]
51576246https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J2fh-zlkAs Thoughts? Incels ...[View]
51575526How do I get my libido up? I haven't felt horny, or like I wanted to have sex in months. I used…[View]
51575809ITT we all live in a trailer park together[View]
51576211The nature of the 'crush'.: Are they recursive? If I were to ask a girl out, knowing that she used t…[View]
51576032you ever just sit down with a jar of peanut butter and start eating out of it[View]
51575922Internet culture doesn't matter, gtfo of the house you autist: Why do you blame people for bein…[View]
51575362Do women with a robot fetish exist?[View]
51566943/britfeel/: Only one more day of wageslavery to go edition[View]
51576114Anyone else detest existence? Like mortality isnt even enough to satisfy your discontent?[View]
51576109Neet comfy thread https://youtu.be/igVLTttJDnk[View]
51575705what's your current mood robots >tfw just wanna quit everything go lie down in a box in a ba…[View]
51576070>be me >19 >find cute girl on tinder >match >send Ewan McGregor punch line >talk f…[View]
51573917If there's nothing after death and humans just go extinct, I'm going to be really pissed.[View]
51575853What's the best recipes for fish tacos[View]
51575717whats the most amount of times youve jerked it in a day anon?[View]
51575051>don't want to sleep >don't sleep next day >don't want to sleep >probably…[View]
51575413>tfw no patreon bf[View]
51576033I hate being emotionally triggered.[View]
51575586>have a dram about a random girl I don't know >hang up with her >get along and have to…[View]
51574990Heh, Why haven't you taken the /pink pill/ yet anony? Don't you know you'll be a cute…[View]
51574941>Beating my dick to straight 3D porn >Cumming hard as fuck >I clearly hear inside my head '…[View]
51574690I haven't masturbated in two days. Not because i'm doing nofap, but because I just don…[View]
51575892It always takes me a long time to learn new things: I noticed throughout my life it takes me longer …[View]
51573310why can't normies just leave us alone? what is so fun to them about making life hell for some m…[View]
51574771>sitting next to hot girl in class >watching her play with her hair >she drops loose strand…[View]
51575928It's time I went back to my roots It's time I went back to the 36 chambers of the fist of …[View]
51574575My oneitis is frogposting on r9k right now[View]
51574772Hello. I'm making this thread to tell you to leave this board if you care about your mental hea…[View]
51575643Autism: Autistic things you did in school >ate paper in school because I was too afraid to stand …[View]
51575261tfw no black, african goddess to provide for in the bush.[View]
51575759you're gonna repeat the same day everyday until you die, you stupid fucking piece of shit normi…[View]
51574587Why aren't you working a seasonal firewatch job? If you live in a 1st world country and are nea…[View]
51575797The SJW cult is 90% people with borderline personality disorder who are trying to make up for being …[View]
51575644Have you ever had that moment where you just look at your situation and just give up? Where the wind…[View]
51574686We say what keeps us going and why we havent given up >i want to give it a try one last time…[View]
51575522/hikki/ reminder that if you are outside of Japan you cannot be a hikikomori but are merely a shut i…[View]
51574776>be me >move into a new place >it's the cheapest in town, but for a reason >there…[View]
51575682Potent Potables: Does /r9k/ ever indulge? Either with friends in s social setting or by your loneso…[View]
51573720My dick curves towards the hand I use to jerk off with if I start using my other hand, will it strai…[View]
51575610A long post about anger, and what to do with it.: Why are you guys so fucking angry all the time? I…[View]
51574232how come you dont make a list of your problems and try to fix one by one?[View]
51575664Mom found the nigger jigger[View]
51575629mc Server IP: just join faggots just lol at not playin mc to cope[View]
51571753femanon sexual fantasies: Fembots and femanons only, trannies and larpers need not apply. Do any fem…[View]
51575250>19 >Look like I'm 11[View]
51575624>mom found the smeg keg[View]
51574762>you won't do anything you nigger. what do?[View]
51574616Why would anyone become an SJW in 2019?: It seems like you're around a bunch of people who can …[View]
51575565robots with fire controlled by internet in bathroom now: this guy is purposely allowing the internet…[View]
51573749How were you fucked/blessed by the genetic lottery?: I'l start Fucked up brain. Social anxiety …[View]
51573881Should I go to osteopathic med school (just got accepted), learn to code, or commit suicide (leaning…[View]
51575549The only two feelings I have anymore are numbness and existential dread. I don't know which is …[View]
51575255I just want a girlfriend who will dress up as my favorite 2hu when we fuck. Is that really too much …[View]
51574761Untaking the pinkpill: Can we have a thread for people pinkpill psyop and regretted it? I'm rec…[View]
51575276As a child Idk the age anymore but I was in elementary school or kindergarden. I wanted to become a …[View]
51575438>ywn be uncircumcised >ywn have a smooth, moist, pretty pink, sensitive tip >ywn have a for…[View]
51574331Get on the floor and do as many pushups as you can. Report back here.[View]
51575109Is it considered gay to let a trap ejaculate inside of your anus? I'm asking for a friend.[View]
51575424>No splatoon GF God I'm so fucking lonely please AHHHH[View]
51574924>be virgin >can't get the girl >be the girl >no longer virgin Why haven't you …[View]
51575231Would some neet fembot be willing to spend time with me watching some anime movies and series on rab…[View]
51574277I'm a cumrag: Im starting to lose hope for everything. I only have my family now. I hope they d…[View]
51575106Tfw impossible for me to lose muscle definition: I have not lifted a weight in two years yet I am st…[View]
51575287Discord tranny propaganda squad is out in full swing today. Either that or one autist forgot to take…[View]
51575272non degen r9k server: tired of trannies, and faggots? Have mental issues? Join here instead. 6NGPCA…[View]
51575274>my ((personality)) matches with 90% of the autism symptoms[View]
51575167>tfw too dumb to figure out a way out of the wageslave/studyslave grind and live in simple NEETdo…[View]
51574431I got robbed at my wagecuck job AMA[View]
51574764I'm really fucking fed up with my older brother, he fucking hasn't showered in 2 months. M…[View]
51574596How to keep the frog from crying all the time? It's getting annoying[View]
51575134My ex killed herself today and I can't help but feel like it was my fault.[View]
51575146>be me >have a crush on a girl for 3 years >don't have the self confidence to tell her…[View]
51575089So how has life changed now that you discovered you're into clown girls?[View]
51575082>lmao money can't buy love bro[View]
51573861>introverted girls are easy >introverted girls are total freaks >introverted girls are play…[View]
51575028>mfw I would have been a zoomer if I was born a year later.[View]
51574506Can you stop posting this stupid fucking frog everywhere? fuck[View]
51574987>Where's the fucking money, Anon?[View]
51574843>be me >18 y/o hs senior taking dual credit college classes >2 am, working on page 5 of my …[View]
51574733>he listens to powerful jre[View]
51574878How're your periods going, fembots? Is it agony? Cramps? Extra smelliness. LOL LOL LOL LOL LO…[View]
51574467v165 Some days, some nights Some live some die In the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
51574805home alone: >be me earlier >parents decide to go visit family all day saturday >went a few …[View]
51574091i wish I was attractive SHAMONE[View]
51573589self motivation: Why havent you guys started working out? >be me in january >friend sudokus …[View]
51574021Why is my cat so fucking stupid?[View]
51573640>Hey Anon, I hardly ever see you outside your dorm room. What do you do in there all day?…[View]
51574233Would Dennis Reynolds be a robot if he were ugly?[View]
51574563>that tfw when crying and autistic and a green frog and wearing a blue shirt how do you live with…[View]
51574611The only cure to my depression is more pictures of this frog crying pls thanks[View]
51572767Checking up on anons: Hello anons! How are you tonight? Have anything you want to talk about? Feel f…[View]
51574031>someone says something passive aggressive, sarcastic and dismissive >start reinterpreting it …[View]
51574491>see interesting thread >300+ posts >keep scrolling…[View]
51574551Thinking about securing genetics for the future of my offspring. I've got a weak jawline and un…[View]
51573804>that hip gen x or millenial boomer Hiro knows the demographics[View]
51574079ITT: post stories of anytime you were touched by humanity >be me >19yo kid spending half year …[View]
51574378Having a house all to yourself sounds like a really comfy situation, but in practice it gets really …[View]
51574453Why is the frog crying[View]
51574351What the fuck is the point in trying anymore[View]
51573707YouTube Ban: Guys, they've banned my channel for hate speech. I can't help but think it wa…[View]
51573385I am a little upset. Post cats please.[View]
51573374how do people motivate themselves to maintain it all? feed self, wash self, wash bed, wash clothes, …[View]
515742084chan really shows how garbage migrants are.[View]
51574114Why doesn't r9k just buy a piece of land and start a commune? We could have our own little vill…[View]
51573432How the fuck do I memorize speeches for presentations? I forget and embarrass myself everytime.[View]
51574321How gay am I? I made fun of these guys without ever actually listening to them, so I went ahead and …[View]
51573692>we're forced to stay on a floating rock for 50-90 years[View]
51573928cats: shaney...[View]
51573764Does depression have any benefits?: For better or worse my depression has cured my insomnia. I don…[View]
51574254Why is microchimerism a blackpill?[View]
51574250anyone else have real responsibilities?: >anti-social self-absorbed autistic robot 3/4 of the yea…[View]
51573971>Up at 5AM again How do I get off /r9k/, Discord, Youtube etc. for good? I haven't gained an…[View]
51574063I wanna be a kid again Where's the retry button[View]
51563825CYOA thread: What would you pick? I'd choose wish, fly and sex appeal[View]
51574075Daily reminder that 'people' with BPD are pieces of shit and should be euthanized[View]
51573677Give me an honest answer. I've been here for a long time but why the fuck do people talk about …[View]
51574154Do any anons live in canada specifically saskatchewan or manitoba?[View]
51572971Is it just me, or: is 4chan about to get OVER 2000 times MORE EPIC since there are so many normies a…[View]
51570627What does r9k think of this album https://youtu.be/ypknY6nIDe0[View]
51573409A cutie pie offers to date you and house you. She'll provide for all of your needs. In return y…[View]
51572518Bolsonaro and Trump: PLEASE share, this has so few views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfl2kDBr3g…[View]
51572130God damn it how am I so fat I have giant pointy man tits a big gut fat and rolls leaking everywhere…[View]
51573675Afraid of dating/sex: I'm ugly and fat but for some reason girls sometimes show interest in me …[View]
51573742redditor holocaust when?[View]
51572625I just realized im old and im trying to act like a teenager by listening to all this sound cloud gar…[View]
51573193How do you hang yourself using a belt/rope and a door knob? >inb4 don't do it anon Shut the…[View]
51573891This board sucks dick[View]
51573914>woke up in the middle of the night >girlfriend is chewing on my leg again >pretend to be…[View]
51571542>'I'm not going to abandon you' >abandons me What was it he meant by this?…[View]
51573838I swear to fucking god I hate people.[View]
51573840It really amuses me that white or black people think they can be robots.[View]
51573158/aphantasia/ >Aphantasia is the suggested name for a condition where one does not possess a funct…[View]
51573915vURPxqP I fucking love cirno, and gay trannies, please have sex with me...[View]
51573800foot or hand[View]
51573880hrt: vURPxqP guys join this is a hrt group discord we allow all and hate chads so join now[View]
51572933wagecuck general - lowlife edition: >30 year old UGLY balding virgin retail wagecuck at WalCuck w…[View]
51573857big sis K? how was your night? i hope you will have a good sleep[View]
51573845the reason why you dont have friends is because you expect everyone to be as hateful towards you as …[View]
51572699Someone in my class invited everyone to a party this weekend. I'm basically a cyborg, should I …[View]
51571893I dont know what to doo: >still in school >not b8 i promise >me and this boy always pass ea…[View]
51563484Wage Dance: >Come on anon, I can't HEAR you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOkQJm_UGM4…[View]
51569396Just got rejected: I got fit, I changed my look, I started to do some martial arts (which is where I…[View]
51573777i hate work. works should stop existing.[View]
51572403Hey retards. Chad here. Just came back from a 34 minute heavy petting sesh in my 2019 Audi Q8 with S…[View]
51572983I have 140+ IQ, a 10/10 personality, and a top 5% penis size. But I am a 3/10 in appearance. How des…[View]
51571723would any sexual femanons date a crossdressimg faggot who love cock?[View]
515737404chanx is fucking up for me. thread watcher not updating and i cant post properly. anone able to hel…[View]
51572216>brain makes me depressed because i don't spend any time on hobbies >depression causes me…[View]
51569782i want fuk my aunty.: okay fellow robots, i'm a 40yo virgin, NEET, loser. so anyway, my aunty v…[View]
51573345Feeling suicidal, do I do it or not?[View]
51573626>tfw purge night[View]
51573185Whatever happened to pepes gf?[View]
51573498This scares me. A lot.[View]
51573321Dating apps make me sad.: I don't know why I swipe through them. I like to see the pretty girls…[View]
51572093I get really happy feelings in my tummy when I think about kissing boys :3[View]
51571489Incels can I ask a question? Do you think you will be happy if you have a girlfriend and why is that…[View]
51573179/ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General - do a reality check right now edition yo check this shit >https:/…[View]
51572459what are we going to do when our parents die bros[View]
51573176>tfw obese 3/10s dont even want to go out with you Fuck you, you fat fucking roasties. I bet you …[View]
51569976Favorite YouTube Channels?: Top 3 only or fewer. My #1 favorite is a tie between Marzia and Filthy F…[View]
51569598How do you cope knowing that it will never get better?[View]
51572147Hey guys. I'm really needing to get something off my chest so hopefully this does the trick :\ …[View]
51572816fuck all the normies who told me to go to community college because it would save me money. they nev…[View]
51573350I beat my dick like it owes me money! Ofiginalala[View]
51572434Thank you: >Be me >Very low time in my life, 5 am feeling like shit >Post my first post in …[View]
51570386What is with Americans and not drinking water? I'm not memeing, I'm legitimately confused …[View]
51573270What do you guys do when you immediately enter a restaurant or a 711?[View]
51573337>tfw mom didn't abort me[View]
51571371>Tfw about to execute order 66: Traps are gay.This board is shit. Mossad and jidf are retarded.…[View]
51572944>be me >playing tf2 and carrying on dustbowl >guy named Andrew Yang 2020 starts crying abou…[View]
51571561>super cute girl moves in >After talking for a few hours she really likes me wants to make out…[View]
51572101Are trans women on the same or lower social scale as robots?[View]
51573187>mfw I get upset then realize nothing matters anyway because I'm going to an hero…[View]
51573256I've felt like shit all day and am drinking to feel better Who wants to play some video games[View]
51573246restorers who was circumcised as adults report that foreskin restoration brings back at least 50% of…[View]
51573020>be me, diagnosed schizoaffective >having a psychotic break down one night >seeing shit, he…[View]
51573235>tfw our ancient Italian pasta farmer ancestors carried down the legacy of how to make the perfec…[View]
51572649recently it was my first time trying gummies and i didnt really know how much THC was in each >tf…[View]
51573200Oh God I wish I had a mommy gf so bad! Does anybody else know that feel?[View]
51572867>'You have a duty to your ancestors to have children' we will all be dead in 4 years.…[View]
51572916ITT post what you will buy with your first $1,000[View]
51571503So she really doesnt love me back huh?[View]
51571567>'Hello Anon, Thanks for coming in. What we need you to do is real simple, just stand in front of…[View]
51557300Anon's Favorite Thread: Give rates, recs, personality guesses Don't lazypost[View]
51573126>be me, 16 >not that ugly but aspie as fuck >mom forces me out of home to go to summer spor…[View]
51573100>constantly feel restless like I want to do something other than the usual (browse 4chan, play vi…[View]
51572373tell me watchoo think of this painting[View]
51572676Lets say that the government started a program that subsidized a prostitute visit to any virgin on t…[View]
51570702my e-boyfriend just broke up with me. this is it. how do i completely destroy his life?[View]
51572876>be me >23 year old kissless virgin >mom makes me schedule a physical >receptionist as…[View]
51571575Hopelessness Thread: >post something positive about yourself >that is completly countered by s…[View]
51573069I had a dream where Omar forced me to have sex and stalked me. Been jacking off all day to pics of h…[View]
51572275LADS, do I hit the strip club tonight or not? Please assist me :-)[View]
51573050we should nuke r/greentext[View]
51570585>implying you wouldn't plunder this sissy's tight, quivering boicunt…[View]
51572928How do I get a boyfriend??? I'm so lonely I want a boyfriend...[View]
51572991doomer soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBoZwuz3cC0[View]
51572235Question for any guys willing to let me know what drives guys to ask questions like this. Any app or…[View]
51571310There are actual pedophiles posting on this board...[View]
51571528>walk into Gamestop >be behind this in line >she's buying a used copy of your favorit…[View]
51572280lets all pause what were doing to have a nice productive discussion about my cute wife dokuro chan![View]
51572561>tfw too masculine to be wagie[View]
51572543Is suicide /selfish/? I've heard my mom say that it is. Idk, I feel like it's selfish to e…[View]
51572793fuck greentexts and fuck reddit lets just write regular stories: Trees, nothing but trees everything…[View]
51571613>anons says don't date single mothers cause muh redpill >tfw single mom fetish >tfw si…[View]
51572417imagine being a NEET and not getting to go to work and flirt with girls all day[View]
51572512she doesnt like me bros...[View]
51571795>Be average person in my country >one day just for the laughs dress like a fuckboy from my cou…[View]
51572437Does anyone else watch David dobrik[View]
51571140Is there a guaranteed way of getting a gf? >inb4 be good looking >inb4 be sociable >inb4 be…[View]
51572766High school / Workplace horror stories: Sick of not seeing threads I want to see, so I'll make …[View]
51571013>be me >in class >dicking around and doing no work >some juniors have a project for Scar…[View]
51571546I think Portal is a pretty cool girl. Seh kills robots and doesn't afraid of anything.[View]
51572455Why aren't you getting a CDL and becoming a trucker?[View]
51571719Why do I get this no matter what I say on here?: And how the FUCK do I avoid it? What the fuck does …[View]
51572283A Match Made in...: Would you ever date a girl of similar intelligence? Do you want someone smarter?…[View]
51569735>be white guy dating an asian girl >eventually she leaves me >feel sad but eventually get o…[View]
51571978I just felt a huge shit in the astral realm: Schizo bots report in[View]
51572629> No 6'5'+ GF to shrink me down into a bug and step on me Why the fuck am I even alive…[View]
51571174Is there any larger waste of time than listening to music?[View]
51572589Being sedentary is unhealthy.[View]
51571991>Want a sex toy >Need a sex toy How to trick someone into buying me a sex toy?…[View]
51571907why dont girls like submissive boys?[View]
51562830Why do fat girls make my penis harder than skinny girls?[View]
51571401tfw no cute nice neet bf named chaotic[View]
51572131>tfw no yuru-chara bf[View]
51572240FUCKING CAPTCHA REEEEEEEEEE: im tempted to suck my own dick, I have the ability to for sure but i am…[View]
51572450What do you think sex with Pupinia Stewart is like?[View]
51571536>literally cant stop screaming, humming, or singing >if i do i feel a tension bubble building …[View]
51572368>When you realize your entire life has been pre-ordained to be that of an outcast with no gf or f…[View]
51572310I'm gonna make it. But you can give up.[View]
51571049big kathy i feel sad you are sharing my messages with your friends now and laughing at me. i guess i…[View]
51572268how many xans or other easy obtainable pills does a 64kg guy need to overdose?[View]
51569062SOCIAL SKILLS TEST: Hello Friends Please hover over the answer of the following four questions based…[View]
51569951>drive past high school >white kid outside dressed like a Final Fantasy Character What possess…[View]
51570728I want to be a robot like u guys: yes, I do want to be a robot because im so fucking tired of societ…[View]
51571857Why do you always have to be contrarian assholes who can never like or appreciate anything? Do you …[View]
51572179bros help: >be me >talking to 9/10 gt pie >pale, thick thighs, big ass, nice tits >say s…[View]
51571001Is there a more awesome anime character than Vegeto?[View]
51550427Why do white guys date women who openly hate them?: Seen this quite a bit on campus. Woke girls who …[View]
51572126my wife dokuro chan is so kawaii![View]
51571970you scared my waifu! apologize![View]
51572117Sometimes I say mean things on this site. I'm sorry.[View]
51571981>Tfw no gf >Tfw when an incel >Tfw under <6 feet >Tfw small penis >Tfw girls laugh…[View]
51568816I just found a gun in my moms panty drawer: What should I do, frens?[View]
51571840Nofap Help Please: >getting really fucked up Ted Bundy urges when I see attractive women on the s…[View]
51572063Panties: Would you eat your girlfriends panties if they were turned into pure protein?[View]
51557207>white people rape a whole continent >then complain about race mixing…[View]
51572085Literally why does anyone like baseball?[View]
51570721half a year later...[View]
51570860The Great Replacement: Why do whites screech about being replaced when it's clearly the Asians …[View]
51570955itt: god i wish that were me[View]
51571937Are people into weird porn just larping for attention?[View]
51571283Twatter alternatives: So I'm trying to quit Twitter as it's getting even worse, but I real…[View]
51572002Sitting in my room all day with nothing to do, nothing that I feel like doing. GET ME OUTTTTTTTTTT[View]
51569116My long time childhood friend is hung: Srsly he's fucking huge, he's basically rocking at …[View]
51567923you just know... you know what I mean right?[View]
51571391you MUST post in this thread if this applies to you: how was your day? i'm here to help, frends…[View]
51571964the love of my life dumped me years ago and is recently trying to communicate with me again i got fa…[View]
51571962I'm thinking of her again lads[View]
51571958It's impossible for white men to be incel: You can always get a shitskinned gf with little to n…[View]
51571666have you ever skipped days when i was at risk of killing myself i used to take 10-15 xanax and slee…[View]
51571630>white women keep dpgs as pets >white woman fuck dogs >white woman date outside their own r…[View]
51566829>tfw cry every time a customer yells or is mean to you[View]
51571938Well, I guess some people were just meant to suffer.[View]
51571934Post your feels here. enough said[View]
51571906If opinions are like assholes because everyone has one than mine should make me a pornstar[View]
51571701>be me >fucking autistic fembot >get irl robot bf who also uses r9k and fully understands m…[View]
51571883>Have a brother 5 years older than me >He has a super hot gf and travels the world with her wi…[View]
51571836post your shit life: i want to know how bad people have it worse off than me tell me how shitty your…[View]
51571776>made friends after almost 10 years of isolation 22yo doomer reporting in…[View]
51571729Thoughts? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c816cac9f6e7[View]
51571803White boys be cryin when they see this shit! http://blacked.com/[View]
51571628i really like traditional pagan european music that sounds something like nattfogs 'blinding fo…[View]
51570253>'Why did you want me to taste my shirt, White man? I would much rather have the you know..'…[View]
51553089/r9gay/ - #655: Tfw no bf who looks EXACTLY like this edition Last: >>51543127[View]
51570504literally told my mom i was gonna say the n-word. I said, 'hey mom, i'm going to say it. t…[View]
51571604>Substitute teacher >Day 3 of tard wrangling >Pretty much a pro at this point >Greeted a…[View]
51571482blanda teams: asians and whites blacks and latinos MENA and indians kk ty[View]
51570165I never got the phrase 'if you can't love yourself how is anyone gonna love you'[View]
51567245How do I get a gf in uni?[View]
51570900>born in shit smalll town >literally not one thing to do >closest person away is 5 miles aw…[View]
51571458.: Why is there no Humour board on 4chan(nel)?[View]
51571068LA riot thread: >the hills may have eyes but the roofs speak korean >mfw…[View]
51571434Anybody here ever just walk into a GameStop, grab a controller and just run out with it? What would …[View]
51566171>match with Chinese girl on tinder >she lives in China, just changes her location to match wit…[View]
515714932 year ago I had a shot gun in my mouth and decided to get help. Now I am not depressed Not on r9k a…[View]
51570565Any sports anons here? Im down because I had Marquette going to the final 4[View]
51570901Yes or no: Right,so I got a question! So I was at work and my colleagues sister came. Me and her met…[View]
51570967I just can't bring myself to pay for porn anymore, especially amateur porn. I'm literally …[View]
51571472Wassup teenbros??? Are you going to come suck my gay throbbing cock at ram ranch, since I'm loo…[View]
51569743wheres huskybro we lost a friend. press F[View]
51570290Father: My liberal normie dad is sending me wojack memes without knowing what it is. What should I s…[View]
51553695/Tinder/: It's that time again boys, how's tinder been treating ya? I started not to put m…[View]
51571449Trips Goes the get then[View]
51569133Hi guys! Remember me? It's been a long while but I've decided to do card fortune telling r…[View]
51570482brand nu smol serba 4 nice frens gg/FuH3HPu[View]
51571239Mother called me a dumb girl but I'm a boy [View]
51570685I hate having a super religious family. Living in a super religious place. If you say one thing wron…[View]
51571256Plant trees or this will happen to you[View]
51571329Women here would you rather date an unarmed mall cop or an armed guard?[View]
51570429Yes, I was in fact raised gender-fluid by my mother who wanted me to be a girl while my dad worked h…[View]
51571292Well that's the last time I ever add someone from r9k, damn. That bitch went nuts and blocked m…[View]
51564456>cousin went from a good christian girl to a coke whore who has a new guy every week Makes me sad…[View]
51569589Sometimes I worry about how obvious it is i'm on a cocktail of self medication but I guess it d…[View]
51571025Pewds vs. T-Series: Today is the Indian Celebration of Holi and many are at home watching T-Series r…[View]
51571171How come every time i i walk in jeans i get unbearable testicle pain? Like my left nut hurts and it …[View]
51567370Feelsgoodman I love mia khalifa[View]
51570342>need constant attention >feeding them daily is yet another chore >waste tons of money on f…[View]
51570968Sup robots. I got a 1k bonus at work, should I spend $400 of it on luxury underwear so that I can th…[View]
51569941Reviewbrah: This guy is the worst example of statusmaxxing I've ever seen. He's youtube fa…[View]
51568509>get given a shirt as a gift by a girl >has note wrapped up inside it >Sorry for not celebr…[View]
51571113Best streamer: https://www.twitch.tv/mlmdota Best STREAMER wowowowoweeeee Hahaha ha[View]
51568328Do insults on 4chan actually hurt you deep inside?[View]
51569146Im in the endgame now: wondering if i could talk to one of yall, im just about sinking into depressi…[View]
51571052Why dont they make a outcast board for losers who inhabit this board? Do the mods hate us as well? I…[View]
51568584How the fuck does this guy have a hot girlfriend? Shes hot as fuck twitch streamer with gigantic tit…[View]
51566531Question for Males: Do you have pornograkhic thoughts in day to day life about women you see, even i…[View]
51570397The /night/ is Ours: I'm departing for my /nightwalk/ soon. Been looking for some new music to …[View]
51570204>Scrolling through a thread >click on a long image to make it bigger >it's a rage comi…[View]
51569424friend?: anyone want to be my friend? i have no relationships in my life atm, no friends, no gf, and…[View]
51570925I want to marry Pupinia Stewart. She's very funny, and I think we'd get along.[View]
51569041What's your favorite animal? pallas's cat might be my current favorite, just because of ho…[View]
51570950Social anxiety: Bros I don't know what's happening to me, my social anxiety has sky rocket…[View]
51570149Give me one reason why i shouldn't ask out the cute schizophrenic girl in my class.[View]
51570838if 7 inches isn't big for you you're a disgusting whore regardless of gender[View]
51570104Rate Yourself: How do you compare to your fellow anons?[View]
51570617One of the top 3 modern rappers will pass away in the fall of 2019[View]
51569240I was recently having a conversation with my friend, and, somehow, my suicidal feelings came up. She…[View]
51569546>2018 >Doesn't fap to anime girls only Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? …[View]
51567969Some of us will never have that, some of us will never experience genuine affection, love and ultima…[View]
51564597Would u rather get $300k upfront or have all the Kardashian sisters in your personal harem from now …[View]
51570114Mi seh one bagga man mek taak but none a dem nuh mek a waak[View]
51570807girl called me scary looking today, not to my face I heard it from a mutual. Still hurts [View]
51569919>Watching Toy Story 3 ending with bf >Notice a tear on his cheek >Leave him for Chad there …[View]
51558820What is the perfect weight for your girl anon? Personally I like them a bit slim chunky- 140-170 lbs[View]
51569199How much does having money actually help with getting laid? Is it just another form of cope similar …[View]
51570822Fembot thread: Why do so many girls on the chans camwhore and what can we do about it to make them b…[View]
51570672Do you like chubby girls?[View]
51570769I found a pic of my mom Pic related, my mom.[View]
51570505Will I get in trouble for selling fake fingerprints?[View]
51567229Anybody else here feel like having a girlfriend is the most unrealistic thing ever? When I see coupl…[View]
51570018Is anyone else tired of the negativity and cynicism of 4chan?[View]
51569596It's my chad cousins birthday party this weekend. shall I go or not?[View]
51568988Schizoid General: Let's get the ball rolling. Are you a cat or a dog person? Why?[View]
51569967I quit being a robot more than a year ago and I'm currently drunk and bored. AMA[View]
51569954>turned 3 >no wizardpowers It was all a lie...…[View]
51569060Hyena wife part 11. It's gonna be even hyena-er than before. This time it's personal. Comi…[View]
51568986Any robots here play paintball? Shits fun I think I might get some gear with my neetbux[View]
51570541>there is a femanon lurking that had diarrhea today hahahaha[View]
51570540Lets make it rigth: i fucking hate democrate and the rigth is full of bush left-overs i say we shoul…[View]
51570506>he doesn't browse lipstickalley[View]
51570421Would you rather be a pro, or a con? discuss[View]
51569252>Your father reproduced, and his father before him, and his father before him going back billions…[View]
51570374How do I learn kanji? I don't know where else to ask this, so if any of you guys have learned J…[View]
51567953Love isn't true and every relationship on this earth is transactional in nature. Whoever placed…[View]
51566238What is your body count? mine is 11 soon to be 12[View]
51570321>be me >started talking normally with my family after years of ghosting >they get more exci…[View]
51569126>9 yo nephew comes to visit >she wants to play vidya in my room >mom says to keep the door …[View]
51569959I wish buying things or doing things for my own happiness didn't make me feel guilty. I'm …[View]
51569526>Oh you're just insecure anon. Never followed up with how to be secure. >You have to chan…[View]
51569939Prepping the bull: Do you believe in black magic?[View]
51570108stop being pathethic. stop visiting this board. stop hating women. strive to get better. search for …[View]
51568943love is the long game if that isn't what you're playing for you don't need standards …[View]
51570280Bisexuality just isn't real. It's telling how you'll never meet a 'bi' person over th…[View]
51569831>they wrote a serious article about the dogpill https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/social-…[View]
51570080>be me >jerk off to some porn >finish it off and clean up >head off to lunch >eat som…[View]
51569491Have you found your tradtyot wife yet ??[View]
51569317Hello, the names Jim Richardson! And you are?[View]
51570181Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2 Day 37[View]
51568990Schizophrenia: >no emotion >jumbled thoughts and can't form sentences correctly >somet…[View]
51569522Have you figured out what to do with your life? I haven't. Seems like it does not matter what y…[View]
51569844How do you interpret this drawing I made on a mushroom trip?[View]
51570115whos up for a drive?[View]
51569806I'm so tired that I feel dead.[View]
51568585age of doom?: at what age are you doomed if you're still a virgin? just curious what you all th…[View]
51569036Hold up. White girls look like ThAt?[View]
51569895>6 year old cousin is over >she wants to watch a movie in my room >mom tells me to 'leave…[View]
51570064Lele thread: Is she our new queen? https://www.instagram.com/lezmt/ https://imgur.com/gallery/GpOwec…[View]
51568136cranefags report in who here can operate heavy machinery?[View]
51569481Wired 344mg caffeine energy drink is hands down the best one on the market. you may not like it, but…[View]
51570010Am I a robot if I consciously avoid relationships with small groups of normies who go against social…[View]
51570054twitter bio >PRONOUN/PRONOUN why do people do this[View]
51568300Any other famous robots?: How do you cope? >tfw 30 year incle with virgin rage but have to preten…[View]
51568764get porn off /r9k/: The constant porn ads and lewd images littering the board are getting really dam…[View]
51569726>falling in love with the practice whore is there a worse feeling[View]
51568296Mewing newfag: So I just started my mewing jornuey today. >Is it normal to feel like the tongue …[View]
51569659Have any robots successfully stalked their oneitis? I want to find fembot that used to post regularl…[View]
51567841I am tired of being depressed and lethargic despite recieving 8 hours of sleep every night its about…[View]
51569679Do you guys know how to fake a smile? It's hard for me to do. I'm not depressed or anythin…[View]
51569853How do I unadopt my radfem daughter??[View]
51569672this is my mating song it aint very long but gauranteed to get the job done, fuck one, what the fuck…[View]
51569619Is being a salaryman better than being a wagecuck?[View]
51569765Waarom is iedereen hier zon kanker mogool???[View]
51569109What's it like to have a job?: Never had one. Always been NEET.[View]
51568951>tfw no cockmongler bf[View]
51564241Asuka or Rei? If your answer isn't Asuka you're a shit[View]
51569751big kathy how was your afternoon? i had a hard time sleeping and felt a lot sharp pains. my psychiat…[View]
51569778any robot here considered/attempted suicide? if so how, why, and how do you feel about it now.[View]
51567711My eyes are itchy as fuck FUCK SPRING AND FUCK POLLEN[View]
51569638>okay but I'm definitely getting laid this yea- >okay but I'm sure to get laid befor…[View]
51568320Why are nerds, miscreants, and outcasts usually depicted as villians in mainstream media? Why are th…[View]
51569158>mommys cold isnt going away[View]
51569677Fembots, how would you react if a boy that looks like this asked you out[View]
51562304'Anon, get out! I'm still taking a bath!'[View]
51569650LGBT absolutely BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppChsEVGGhs >3:05 Phillip calls trannies wh…[View]
51569413Why don't you brush your teeth more often, anon?[View]
51567974'Thanks for buying me lunch, anon. It's delicious! Oh, you didn't actually think you were …[View]
51568923Petty Vengeance: Hey robros, if somebody screwed you over and you had their email and phone number w…[View]
51562816How often do NEET fembots bathe?[View]
51569500Why are fart videos so funny? I don't think I'll ever be depressed again! https://youtu.be…[View]
51552882Come on incels. Perla's waitin.[View]
51569219anyone else here still feel like a kid? I'm 20 and I still feel like I'm just wandering ar…[View]
51569485>can't even muster the energy to participate in threads anymore When will it end, bros?…[View]
51568854When did you realize that this life is punishment for something you did in your past life?[View]
51569043does anyone else here find comfort in the macabre? I enjoy looking at pictures like this and being i…[View]
51569160>Be Me >Have short thick GF with huge tits 8/10 >I've never been more in love >She …[View]
51567618wonder why the price for this skin went down[View]
51568450any other sauces like tobasco sauce but cheaper? Really want some nice chilli sauce that is cheaper …[View]
51569373>be me 18 >kissless virgin >want to go iceskating >go to the nearest City >wait at in…[View]
51569381/pol/ is the true incel board[View]
51557471What is responsible for your utter lack of masculinity?[View]
51568392choker is code for choke her[View]
51569295Why do this greentexts always have open endings ? '-'[View]
51567481can femanons please just lose the goddamn weight, youd probably be half a stacy if you lost it[View]
51569204Mommies boys: Anyone else a mommies boy, laying here at a friends just wishing I was home with mom i…[View]
51569075Why not get a personal trainer?[View]
51568694Should I delete my anime art folder?[View]
51568146I feel like eating a hard boiled egg. what do you think R9K? I have 2 ready in the fridge ready to e…[View]
51569044Anonymous: how do i force myself to study? whenever i'd start i would always lose concentration…[View]
51569081Fembots you know who I am, now get it off your chest ITT if you want revenge[View]
51569168Probably the best thing about being young is being able to think you still have a future and that th…[View]
51568604In a sticky situation >be me >Guy I know does drugs >Trying to seem cool say I have done mo…[View]
51569127Any of you guys managed to find new interests or hobbies to occupy yourselves with? I haven't b…[View]
51568941What are you favorite snacks for entertaining you in the bathroom?[View]
51567998>only friend back in high school was six foot two, blonde, 4.5 GPA, football player, always had a…[View]
51569033>heard mom having sex with her boyfriend >want to get back at her the next night >start mak…[View]
51569101>That feel when someday I WILL die, and there isn't a thing anyone or anything can do about …[View]
51560950How has your life developed ever since you discovered 4chan?[View]
51566933Millennials' time in the sun is OVER. O.V.E.R. OVER. Most Millennials are well into their 30s, …[View]
51568714NEET general: gather round brothers[View]
51566401How do I become straight I dont want be a disgusting degen sissy[View]
51568765I've noticed that many girls seem to enjoy watching their bf play video games more than playing…[View]
51567345I think im in love /r9k/ how do i start talking to her?[View]
51567701Attractive, but too scared to make moves on any girl: You cannot grasp the amount of missed chances,…[View]
51560414>found out sister has fucked over 20 men[View]
51566801>throwing things and yelling 'kill yourself' and 'fucking faggot' to myself >one of the other …[View]
51567397>work in government office as inventory clerk >no sign of job going anywhere but its literally…[View]
51568656Alright, first time here. >Be me at age 16 >Wannabe artist >drawing sucks >people someh…[View]
51568913>Jealousy and sadness slowly turns into rage >Can't even justify the rage, seeing people …[View]
51565262gimme gimme gay bottom bf[View]
51568850does /r9k/ like to grow date palms? I grew a lot in my backyard from seed and I get unlimited dates …[View]
51568687Why are asian girls so much better than pathetic white roasties? Feminism was such a fucking mistake[View]
51567233>9.5/10 teen stacy runs towards me >all excited and smiling >look at her in disbelief >r…[View]
51567608>add a robot to be my friend >a month after adding him wants to use me as a hook up >delete…[View]
51567176Let's all write a song, anon. >post lyrics >post background music if you want…[View]
51567863Women are evil. If you still want them knowing this, know most are evil. If you show that she is AFF…[View]
51568622Fuck you americas with your politics.[View]
51567783Whats it like holding hands with a girl?[View]
51568179>Driving behind some car >This happens Wat do?…[View]
51568533Is there any truth in nofap? Is it a meme or is masturbation destroying me?[View]
51568649Can people please stop saying that penis size doesn't matter? That's the one spot I have a…[View]
51568743I feel like I have to know every single aspect of revolutionary history across the world just to be …[View]
51567606which one was better. late 2000s internet or early 2010s internet. before all the transgender sjw al…[View]
51568253Why are women so heartless? I just want to kiss them and love them, but they won't let me...[View]
51568587>mfw I walk into a casino with neetbux >tfw doubled my income in a week by gambling This is wh…[View]
51567594drawfag strikes back: i will draw 3 requests today first come first served[View]
51566639Post pics of ur setups. Trying to think of new ideas for myself.[View]
51568391>let's steal the plot to stand by me, it, gremlins, poltergeist, and the dark phoenix saga! …[View]
51568500Can Heisenberg successfully kill anybody from the Yakuza?[View]
51568412Why the fuck do people always say i'm creepy or weird? they always say i get into other peoples…[View]
51567592You will never tkae a teenage Stacys virginity, and you will never even fuck a used up one. How does…[View]
51551935ITT: We wait together[View]
51555812l can't top thinking about dick.[View]
51566983>23 year old virgin >everytime mom gets off the phone she asks if I've met any girls or n…[View]
51566306>be me >ugly, small dick, not the best personality, 5ft 7, late 20s >emotionally trap a 6/1…[View]
51567824>live in hillbilly town >try to get exercise >nope >no sidewalk because poor redneck shi…[View]
51567006Being a pajeet is the most horrific hell imaginable. Imagine being shat on by every race of female, …[View]
51568232I have a hospital bill and just got sent to collections I'm a NEET, what does collections mean?…[View]
51567776>ex from high school that I still love is getting married[View]
51568337Suddenly just decided to feel happier all week and it's worked. Just enjoying the little things…[View]
51567325I love depression: After years and years trying to better myself and get out of this fog, im giving …[View]
51568064>have 1tb of porn on my hard drive >don't even have a sex drive anymore >don't …[View]
51566154Why do they hate us so much brobots?[View]
51566006This morning, as I woke up, I was told that my first and only love in my life had been found dead un…[View]
51568028Why do boys masturbate to naked pictures of girls but girls don't masturbate to naked pictures …[View]
51568193>Thanks for coming with us to Chad's plane cruise, anon! You're having fun, right?…[View]
51568141holy shit this place is just like what you claim society is. A shit bunch of shallow narcissists who…[View]
51561814There are men on this board, age 30+, who... >Have never kissed a girl >Have never had sex …[View]
51565607how do i make my tits look good if they look like the drawing in pic related or is there no hope for…[View]
51568187>early 20s >pretty bad tooth cavity shows up Literally already rotting…[View]
51564692>he uses a 2 ton machine that eats barrels of petrol to move his ass from place to place >inst…[View]
51568164Shits starting to get real out here: Glad to see you dumb wagecucks are paying for my army.[View]
51568124Here's some comfy lonely music that robots can enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKhNuAUt1P…[View]
51567563Why are Americans dressing like it's the early 90s now?[View]
51563090What did you want to be as a kid?[View]
51566487tinder advice: how do you anons use tinder? how do you get group/not selfie pictures? problem for me…[View]
51567790What do you want from life?: Having an internet connection and not starving is enough for me. I…[View]
51566714pro-choice bots, speak: Why do you defend a roastie's ability to murder her unborn child becaus…[View]
51565955Incel on Norwegian national television: This self-proclaimed incel kept calling himself ugly through…[View]
51565600Unggh unghhhh unghhhhh UNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHH[View]
51567513>25 years old and hair is over 50% gray Why is this happening?[View]
51561902Be honest. Have you even tried being yourself?[View]
51567869U: I wish I was alpha enough to seduce and fuck a female cop[View]
51568002How come every time i i walk in jeans i get unbearable testicle pain? Like my left nut hurts and it …[View]
51567988discord .gg/ YAewkk[View]
51567983>go to an event with friends and a bunch of random acquaintances >several white girls there …[View]
51564773why do normies act like animals: I swear to god, I always end up in the same cycle. I am not incel f…[View]
51567962Board Grading Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo: Same rules at last time, must be a 4chan board and must g…[View]
51565413What happens here? What even is that worm thing?[View]
51561935How many pushups can you do? Self improving robots, take two minutes out of your day. Get on the flo…[View]
51567830>everyone constantly raving about how good the musical Hamilton is >finally comes to my city o…[View]
51567818'And your wife... moaned like a whore. as they ravaged her again, again, and again.'[View]
51559190Fembot question time.: let's suppose hypothetically i got your mom pregnant would you be mad?…[View]
51566461please help me: I don't have anyone to talk to I don't have anyone to talk to neither irl …[View]
51567646Schizoids, schizotypals and schizophrenics all start with 'schizo-', but do they all fall under the …[View]
51567673Is face really anything?: Why does every male model dates an ugly ass hoe pic related Also high inh…[View]
51567698I've been living in the same house since I was 7. We're going to paint the inside of the h…[View]
51566010>sitting at bus stop >hear nu-rap music blasting from car >frown >look inside car >ol…[View]
51567423I have this classmate who sexually assaults girls and i just can't bear to watch. What the fuck…[View]
51566925>He doesn't use the catalog to find threads[View]
51567376>Former cyborg >Was in a friendcircle of normal people, or 'chads and stacies/normies' as some…[View]
51567584>wake up after an 11 hour sleep >been up for a couple hours and getting tired already, eyes ar…[View]
51567392Hi neckbeards[View]
51566565Most Degenerate Thing You've Heard Bragged About: >in class before teacher arrives >liste…[View]
51567665we're gonna ride the race cars we're gonna dance on fire we're girls le disko superso…[View]
51567655I desperatly cling to a complex 'core' even though it's not the real me. I'm just afraid t…[View]
51566882FUCK incels *audience chuckles*[View]
51567617There are some days where everything is great and you feel real chill, chill af had those times in s…[View]
51567449>be me, male >5'9, 8/10 pretty fit >always had a hard time with girls cause of my heig…[View]
51564736>start getting along with girl online >everything is going well >she asks for pic >send …[View]
51567354frens: How do you make friends as an adult? I'm so lonely...[View]
51567220I went to a job interview today, the job is sitting in an office all day and picking up the phone wh…[View]
51567515>watching mirror mirror on tv >dwarves come back from adventure >points to full table of be…[View]
51567512>be talking to girl at my school >just interested in who the fuck she is >says she has seen…[View]
51566505who else here /brainlet/? share your stories, I'll start: >working registry at Burger King …[View]
51567162>visiting parents >I'm there for about 3 minutes >mom asks highschool aged brother if…[View]
51566701How is article 13 bad? The internet in it's current form is one of the worst things to happen t…[View]
51567414champagne glass of blood and wine, on chocolate hearts alone i diiiine doohm doohm doohm doohm[View]
51567316>25+ yo >5'8 manlet >Memedegree in Pol.sci. >0 prospects of job >0 actual work e…[View]
51567280whats your opinion on uyghur girls, would you breed one or do you prefer an regular azn girl? I pers…[View]
51567361Robros and ladybots, I heard y'all are some sad fucks with awful luck Take a chonk of luck I wa…[View]
51564731Woman won't leave her fiance and get with me instead: He has money basically, he takes care of …[View]
51565547/r9k / today I seen two girls that are definitely not whores, and I will be able to see them again …[View]
51566236Join comfy discord if you're feeling comfy /JYEeBN[View]
51567253How much do you lads drink a week? I get through a liter of vodka easily[View]
51567166Anyone else here dip their pizza in the Papa John's garlic sauce?[View]
51566729>tfw okay at defending my points >terrible at being likable >very lonely because of this Fi…[View]
51566948Thoughts on Bjorn ?[View]
51564592>Is this what you wanted, anon sweetie? >To see how much mommy and brother Chad love each othe…[View]
51566390>110 pounds fuck i was 115 two days ago. i am dying[View]
51566981covert acts of pedophilia are all over youtube, disguised as playful family videos: how does this ma…[View]
51566643Fwend keeps calling me weird. I just made a stupid facial expression and he goes out of his to call …[View]
51565799Which board is this?: Which board would you say this represents, robots?[View]
51567001>I used to be on this board a lot 8-10 years ago >Ugly, poor, super aspie >No friends, 20 y…[View]
51567051i feel like im going insane >be me >be 18 >hanging out with girl at park, tired of being a…[View]
51567150Trap: https://discord =|+|=|7|=|+|= .gg/4vDxHGc[View]
51567148Random ass druggie lady asks for money. Give her 2 euros. Has the audacity to ask for more money. Fe…[View]
51565738/sexual anhedonia/ Fap and feel nothing when you cum. Imagine a life of no orgasms ever.[View]
51566999It's funny. The only thing I want from life is to go back 10 years. Literally. I'm 29 and…[View]
51567053be me: >be me >be be >be bee >he bee >ho bee >hol bee >holy bee >holy see…[View]
51566757How do I get friends in uni?[View]
51564740Modern politicians are all fucking garbage. Can we just resurrect Teddy and elect him again?[View]
51567015Need help: >Just had a dream where I was Mr incredible getting railed by 4 traps What the fuck wh…[View]
51566362>tfw didn't get raped today what's the fastest way to find someone to rape you?…[View]
51564355>Be me >Tall( 6'3 ), above average looks, fit, friends say I'm funny, straight A…[View]
51566552you ever just wanna grab an ethot and force her to dress modestly ?[View]
51566886>be me in highschool >about four years ago >realize I had no idea what my homework was >…[View]
51564647Why is it that black bots are constantly portrayed as lusting after white women, yet have low rates …[View]
51566574What interests i should put in my cv so it won't look like a pretentious or a boring faggot? I …[View]
51562574/britfeel/: Keep on movin' edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbWJVult-9M[View]
51566900>get asked out >fuckyeah.mp4 >go to lunch with her >she brings 3 plates of shit >star…[View]
51565552I just want to say this Anon was one of the best people whose posted on this board in half a decade.…[View]
51566733Why isn't anybody talking 'bout ks ending?!: If you read it, what are ur thoughts on the e…[View]
51566875Saint Patty’s Day Recap: What did /r9k/ do in St. Pattys day? Did ya get gud and properly trashed, …[View]
51565757what is your opinion of this board? in its current state yo you can get a love prediction by replyin…[View]
51566830>tfw retarded accent that i've never heard from anyone but me[View]
51566633Cosspurayu: Take a look a pic related and tell me again why you refuse to cosplay. Go on. I am waiti…[View]
51566787>So Chadson and I were going at it, then anon comes in without knocking. >I swear Janet, Chad…[View]
51566001Anyone else here only get laid because they have a big dick? >send dick pics to one girl >they…[View]
51563504schizoid general: whats up fellow schizoids[View]
51565167>in a small group >talk to everyone >then when more people comes and is more active i get t…[View]
51565019Where are the true robots? who here has no friends and is a khhv?[View]
51561706has a girl ever caught you staring at her ass/bobs? if yes, what was her reaction?[View]
51566283>sister is 2 years younger than me >she recently got married and left home >I am a NEET li…[View]
51566424Goblin Slayer-sama: Hey robots what kind of little shits do you consider as goblins that multiply fa…[View]
51564912I'm addicted to porn, send help thx[View]
51561614Why do these images even exist man, it's crazy how edgy these are... Every thread that this is …[View]
51559255big sis kathy. how did your night go? i feel pretty lonely[View]
51566425>be me >in 8th grade >sitting with friends at lunch >have crush on girl >girl walks b…[View]
51566537>tfw don't like food of course i don't like it if something tastes gross, but I've…[View]
51566596Had another dream I was skinny last night[View]
51566051Tell me what you think of this man and his let's play livestream.[View]
51565836>just remember anon, i love you exactly how you are[View]
51565452>tfw still no (super original) giga nipple gf[View]
51565398Song Thread: Let's all write a song, anon. I need something to do when I get home.[View]
51566343Are there parts of the dick that are more sensitive than others? Or is it the entire thing the same?…[View]
51565236White robots, what is your opinion on black people? Black robots, what is your opinion on white peop…[View]
51563114Write what is on your mind[View]
51566415Belittlement: >NEET >Met up with an Army recruiter >things go well; we get the ball moving,…[View]
51566074MGTOW: Summer is coming my fellow MGTOW brothers. Watch out, do not fall for the thot![View]
51566406Stop discussing fornication on my board you subhumans[View]
51565943Fuck tinder I met a beautiful woman on it and fucked it up shit app[View]
51564524Sometimes I wonder how many people on here arent actually completely socially fucked but are just ad…[View]
51566344Uh oh: My mom found my cum jar What do?[View]
51565382what kinda food do you like anon?[View]
51566289>Japanese journalists challenge a white supremacist >They get BTFO Based https://www.youtube.c…[View]
51564207Porn general: Vixen hires the hottest girls right?[View]
51558384>be me fembot >add friends on r9k or /soc/ asking for FRIENDS >all males completely disrega…[View]
51558785>get fucked one (1) time >knocked up I'm fully intent on strapping this asshole down and …[View]
51564831Finish the sentence: Don't be sad it's over Be happy it....[View]
51564202help: Anons... how have you coped with having a boobs fetish? advertisement and media kinda use boob…[View]
51560792post here with the reaction image of your choice and I will tell you if you're going to make it…[View]
51556614>*obstructs your route* >'You gotta pay the cum toll if you want to get by White Boy.' Wh-what…[View]
51564391>very cute Chinese girl is interested in me >can't find the courage or words to ask her o…[View]
51565895'hey chad here women like me for my intellegence keeps studying and youll find a girlfriend'[View]
51566131Robot Rooms Thread: Post and rate rooms. Make assumptions about other robots. Yes, my room is a win…[View]
51566104I have a story: >attend some classes for a semester >meet girl >never talk all that much bu…[View]
51566091I have a lot of problems but one of them is that I discovered I don't know who I am. Time ago I…[View]
51565839>penis inspection day tomorrow >shaved my ball and ma shaft perfectly…[View]
51565675Why do women have such cute butts? They look so much diffrent from man ass.[View]
51564186How to get enough confidence to start a conversation with a girl, /r9k/?[View]
51563408Normies of r9k: Share stories of how you got your gf[View]
51565618I fucked my sister again. We promised we would never do it again but we did. Fuck me I want to fucki…[View]
51565454Tell me some good rape jokes ya buncha cunts[View]
51564686Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51564602Does one take the foreskin into account when measuring his penis?: Hello /r9k/ I have an abnormally …[View]
51560318Is this the worst place in the world for a sub-chad?: >unlike US or Europe committed LTRs arent a…[View]
51565768>this guy tell you that you look cute in ur swimwear what do you do?[View]
51565400Why dogs are better the better humans compared to women: >truely loves you >will always be loy…[View]
51562630alright, robots. cut the chase. how do we actually fix our depression? think collectively.[View]
51560242/fasting/ any fatbots want to know how to lose weight in the fastest and easiest way? >just fast …[View]
51562804>tfw fembot >gets horny Am I slut[View]
51565192i hate being a mestizo rapebaby[View]
51565481I cum on my blanket and flip it over: later on ill cum on the clean side of my blanket and flip it a…[View]
51564708>run away to hitchhike across country >mom calls cops and cops find me >try to tell them I…[View]
51565708Vocaroo Thread: Vocal Jew Edition[View]
5156285110/10 women doing porn: Why are 10/10 women (ranked by looks) doing porn?[View]
51559896Art robots: yall im tryin to get into this as a hobby but i cant draw faces or a body, any tips? als…[View]
51563933please get your boobies examined femanon, we dont want you to lose them[View]
51564722Fembot Here: So, I'm gonna be seeing Us tonight, and I can't decide. Should I see it at th…[View]
51561936What are some entirely legal ways of causing mass butthurt on a town wide scale? I want to do someth…[View]
51565569When did you realize than '''friends''' and '''women''' are merely obstacles in the end, and that li…[View]
51561345help: who should I believe and why?[View]
51564554Anyone else just feel ready to move on and live an authentic life? It seems like a meme word but I…[View]
51564431dam. White girls look like dat ?[View]
51565579Would you be a fembot's 6' tall pocket boyfriend? You can't go back once you choose.[View]
51564188Incels cant catch a break lmao: Now you're all terrorist now kek[View]
51565178>talk to person everyday for hours >person goes offline >person never goes online again im …[View]
51565145Why the fuck is /r9k/ filled with fucking LARPers? Why the fuck is it filled with dumb-asses that be…[View]
51565166r9k music(s): Haven't seen this thread for quite a while so let gets started[View]
51564324Lost & Found: Is there a piece of media or something you saw online once but have never been abl…[View]
51562704Are you a virgin?: >are you a virgin? >age >ethnicity >would you marry a black girl? I…[View]
51565260Why the fuck do I need to write a motivation letter for some wagie job? Are they doing this to weed …[View]
51565240Lazy ass fucking NEETS[View]
51563922Just chilling on the sofa with my bro, what's your pet doing right now?[View]
51562243I think the fact that my parents never left the house had something to do with me being so sexually …[View]
51564333>job interview tomorrow >haven't talked to anyone in months >can feel my heart beating…[View]
51565107what do we do about this? if anything[View]
51564956Name request thread: Saw this pic on here a while ago and saved it. She is literally perfect, where …[View]
51565181Welcome to /r9k/ (Original) (Now my post is original) (Wow, this a quality post now that I'm sp…[View]
51564900Good morning friends, I just had oatmeal and am working on this coffee, what did you have for breakf…[View]
51564919Why would i want a gf when i have 4chan ?[View]
51564671ONE in THREE roasties PEES THEIR PANTS because of slutting around: Holy heck, robots! Did you think …[View]
51562658I was ever only trying to succeed in life to not dissppoint my family: Now that I don't care ab…[View]
51565135Who else /psychotic/? What was your experience with psychosis like?[View]
51564105Asian Men are the TOUGHEST People Ever! And I ain't exaggerating! It's the fucking truth! …[View]
51565163is it possible to be both long sighted and short sighted at the same time? i have been short sighted…[View]
51565111>don't even worry about it, bitch >look, i said you can have Mother's Day off bitch …[View]
51565033Yang Gang: Ugh why do women do this..?[View]
51561254We're gonna make it lads. Don't give up.[View]
51564702don't you dare to post on this thread. I double dare you! DON'T POST ON THIS THREAD[View]
51562537>live in cold shitty small town >so cold i cant even go outside half the year >literally no…[View]
51564097>used to think femcels didnt exist >then started going out and noticing all the uggos I never …[View]
51560371I want to get fucked in the butt like a girl and force my dad to watch his son get pulverized by a r…[View]
51564976>See a bad post >Urge to post a pic of my asshole in response >Never do it…[View]
51562600What happend with sue lightning, didn't she get Hiv?[View]
51562949Is Bulimia Effective and Easy: >5'8' >210 Pounds How quickly will i lose weight if I just…[View]
51562295Height can only be good in moderation. Anything over 180cm is unnecessary and uncomfortable. pic unr…[View]
51564839>take kratom thinking it will be comfy >become euphoric and sort of sedative >next day fee…[View]
51560568Boys is this what the average robot looks like?[View]
51564096How in the world do people even get poor or struggle with money? I work only part-time minimum wage …[View]
51564727>send bunch of job applications with zero experience >somehow get invited to a group interview…[View]
51564306What's the most efficient way to bait incels /r9k/?[View]
51564705Who here has /longlegs/ for a guy? >Stand next to same height friends, legs are noticeably longer…[View]
51556645Fellow robots, do you believe in reincarnation?[View]
51562143Society as we know it is dead. Create your own ideal life you are free. Me personally I approach hun…[View]
51564474Any other robots just stopped caring about getting a gf or ever having sex? IDK I'm a 24 year o…[View]
51556132It's Tuesday again, post your art and WIPs[View]
51564224>crack open a Bang's root beer >take a sip of the fizz >'ahhhhhh, that's the good…[View]
51564416relationship issue: >be me >19 yo 4/10 guy >Mildly depressed virgin, super desperate to get…[View]
51564590Hey fags join this server /pJ4wMM[View]
51561891blah blah blah im twenty something and im depressed and without purpose blah blah blah[View]
51557182Have you ever seen a robot in public? How could you tell and did you approach them?[View]
51564539Stalking a baby girl: Adda Bell, she found out about the page on instagram where i uploaded her pict…[View]
51564536see this clowny guy? This could be me holding you, you sweet little frog posting man :3 /bbkKDp[View]
51564301I'm so sad and lonely but I keep going[View]
51563923My imaginary friend told me that if I stay off the meds, I will become a genius![View]
51564453>i have basically spent a decade getting drunk or high and sitting in front of pc >nowadays i …[View]
51563495Hapacel Elliot Rodger getting cucked by Trump in front of the world: Look at this stupid beta Hapa t…[View]
51564439tfw no fembot gf with a fat messy pussy and big clit for me to nurse on[View]
51563983female neets with youtube channels links pls[View]
51556225Would You Date Me?: African American 5'1 A-Cup 120 Lbs Easy-Going Perky Gives a complimen…[View]
51562465How to I find a girlfriend? I feel like I'm really infantile and stupid and girls are too matur…[View]
51562084>order a bunch of pizzas >wait 30 min >delivery guy rings the bell >realize i dont have …[View]
51560407If onions milk and onions products causes estrogen production or whatever, why do Asian women have f…[View]
51561277Google. Buddy, Google... You can't be serious right? You're gonna put FUCKING POP UP ADS o…[View]
51561528Does /r9k/ play Mount&Blade? And why are Rhodoks such a bunch of camping pussies?[View]
51562425>this pussy aint gonna lick itself white boy what do[View]
51562069Damn, high school was like a torture chamber for me...[View]
51563078>hot female friend noticed my weight loss baby steps[View]
51562438REMINDER THAT IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT YANG GANG 2020 YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
51562050What should I do today anons? I'm just sitting here f5ing and no new threads or replies appear[View]
51564049ITT: Celebrities that look like you: I'll start. >tfw look like a young Joseph Stalin with l…[View]
51559960>be me >4-5 grade >do something bad with my sister who is one year older >something bad …[View]
51564140>only like white girls >qt 9/10 indian girl hits on me >think it's an easy prey so I d…[View]
51561033I'm so happy r9k! I can't believe it's finally going to be over soon! It's all c…[View]
51563920Just get a roblox gf and date through rabb.it It's just that easy[View]
51562560lets go for a drive anons[View]
51560658>be little me >be in middle school with big library >started reading all these books about …[View]
51562401These porn ads make sex seem really boring. Literally just people slamming their meat together.[View]
51564002How to bring up >lonely bc no gf to my counselor? I dont want her to just tell me the same bs you…[View]
51563817Quintessential robots songs: Post quintessential robots songs I'll start Neutral Milk Hotel - M…[View]
51561367Will getting drunk make you confess a major crime?: Imagine if you killed someone, will getting drun…[View]
51561459What are your inner dreams and aspirations? Is it just to become a normie?[View]
51563777To the whore fembots who lurk here. If a robot from HS messaged you on normiebook and wanted to fuck…[View]
51562493Plastic surgery.: Is there a procedure you'd like to get? Do do think it would fix your issues?…[View]
51563660For those of you waiting for robot gfs have you considered how expensive & awkward tech support …[View]
51563978Why are faggots spamming discord servers lately? They don't even post anything relevant or a qu…[View]
51563587How to stop being s pathetic fag[View]
51561652Panic attacks: >tfw starting to get panic attacks Why is this happening? I've never had thi…[View]
51563686>he hasn't forgiven God yet: BRO lmao cmon man lmao be mature lol u old enough to know by no…[View]
51563868>'Hey anon this was a lot of fun let's play again tomorrow!' >Last online: 971 days ago…[View]
51548815/drugfeels/: It's /drugfeels/, not /drugfeel/ edition. Previous thread: >>51526585[View]
51562065>i just want a femdom gf is that too much to ask for?[View]
51562382I really fucking hate neurotypicals[View]
51562458>watching TV >be sad about being alone >think about girl I used to orbit >start crying …[View]
51562059this dog has a funny face hahaa, look at him![View]
51563791Do anyone else here have the urge to commit low crimes? Like, i always find myself daydreamimg about…[View]
51561922Should I buy a 3d printer? Asking for a friend.[View]
51563787Some of.you guys are ok, why are all my so-called friends normies?[View]
51563339help finding other anons?: i was talking to an anon on this thread: >>51554226 and it was one …[View]
51562275>Be me in highschool >About to write an important class test >We get sheets handed out >…[View]
51562339>Woken up by mom telling me to apply for job at some betting company >9-5, Monday to Friday, w…[View]
51563354DONALD 2020: Chadsons edition. >'Hi I am Lily, and these are my Chadsons. Stefan's BWC is 8 …[View]
51560246Just force a girl to choke on your cock, she'll eventually enjoy it[View]
51562366how do I get a CDL without doing a 1 yr OTR contract?[View]
51563109Wife took her bull unprotected despite my objections: She used the spurious excuse that he couldn…[View]
51561294gf: >be me >have unironically wanted gf since 10 y/o >only 'gf' I've ever …[View]
51563436Alright which one of you polfags posted this?[View]
51561139I'm reaching my mid-'20s and one of my life goals has been to be accepted by a group of fr…[View]
51563636Fembots, you didnt deprive baby bro of your virginity and give it to some Chad, did you??[View]
51562131Some of us are going to make it. The rest should give up soon.[View]
51563620To all you NIGGERS: Fuck you, NIGGER. To all you fine melanin-enriched gentlemen whom regularly indu…[View]
51563601nigga smoke lsd too much blackout: crazy men in underwear runs in the school[View]
51563291Some of the 'hottest' white women, like swimsuit or lingerie models, don't turn me on. But the …[View]
51562955UK anons, what benifits can I get to become neet living alone comfortably, I can't work because…[View]
51561991Heart Ache: >>be me >>be 17 >>fall in love with girl, one of a kind qt3.14 asian w…[View]
51563016it's really hard to become NEET master race over mental problems, diagnosed, even I'm almo…[View]
51562187haha cats so silly[View]
51563521This is what a teacher fantasy is more like in RL . Not a hot milf.[View]
51563426Does anyone want to play this drawing and guessing game with me? I'm bored as hell. https://skr…[View]
51563420If anyone on this board dies soon I want you to remember this thread in your last moments Tell satan…[View]
51563276GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Luke LK 16:19-31 Jesus said to the Pharisees: 'There…[View]
51563351Cat is the best case hands down[View]
51563073Pls tell me I'm going to make it: I've stepped on a long road, ples tell me it's gonn…[View]
51563293AI memes: Enat cat ar hti mane hekl[View]
51562380>watch something that's supposed to make me cry >feel nothing >watch something that…[View]
51563327>2 ex gfs >one was fit and strong and could put up some fight, other was petite and weak Stro…[View]
51562788who here ugly: just realized that I'm ugly. idk how to feel about it, I unironically thought I …[View]
51562373>have shitty job >no one respects me >denied more people than I can count >basically a s…[View]
51562385>Add this girl on snap >We're talking for a while, I really like her >Hours turn to …[View]
51563088Looking for a greentext: Hey robots, im looking for a greentext about a guy in a DnD campaign playin…[View]
51563023I'm with my dogs and they like me[View]
51562953YANG 0202: >free $1000/ month ubi >government issued asian gfs (if youre a white male) YANG GA…[View]
51561662I'm incapable of feeling happy or content. I'm 30 and the last time I felt anything positi…[View]
51561247>tfw seeing couples cuddling when you walk outside[View]
51561213>Crawling in my skin >These wounds, they will not heal >Fear is how I fall >Confusing wh…[View]
51562907What kind of threads deter and bore normalfags? Im thinking anything to do with math will work[View]
51562667I am god: >be sitting on toilet >thinking about erect penis >penis gets hard >penis move…[View]
51562871>come in to work >kitchen is fucking dirty >write up the whole night crew >night crew ha…[View]
51562806help finding a video: so i need your help in finding a youtube video, it's my internet 'white w…[View]
51562682the daddy state caused all this if men were free from tax slavery and wage slavery, none of this wou…[View]
51562357Who here loves their mum? She is the only person in the world who I believe truly cares about me. Th…[View]
51562428you guys use an onahole? I have puni mini and virgin loop 8 long hard. Puni is better even though it…[View]
51561377I FUCKING HATE FEMALES: >walk into class >sit in first empty seat in front of me without thin…[View]
51562178Spicy christchurch meme: This spicy OC has gotten me banned from just about everywhere. Enjoy. https…[View]
51562355Fembots, if you don't let a man fuck your ass you don't truly love him.[View]
51562409i want to go to prison[View]
51562677Does anyone else not see their family as family? I'm not bitter about the pretty terrible past …[View]
51558221Why are latino women so sexy?[View]
51544851Waifu General /waifu/ #120: Growing old with waifu edition.[View]
51553469/britfeel/: poleys vendetta against cola edition[View]
51560136>tfw no chilango bf[View]
51559950/sad music/ Post sad music. >anything nearly from smiths its all so sad and full of feels. >gr…[View]
51562202Is American education being bad a meme? Do people in other countries really learn analysis in first …[View]
51562114Hey Faggots, My name is Pepe, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
51561368How do you guys survive? Do you have jobs or live on neetbux? Also share room pics if you feel like …[View]
51561893>gamers >/lit/ >underaged kids >4channers, alt right incels >now larping for kpop fag…[View]
51562150Hans Moleman: None of you have it as bad as Hans Moleman.[View]
51562076Uni Thread: >tfw my course is making us do our final dissertation/essay in groups so the English …[View]
51561731Why are you scared by strong-looking women with well-defined and rigorous facial feats? Is it becaus…[View]
51561823Anonymous: 5 fucking months down the drain. >its not you anon it's me >you'll always…[View]
51561972Just read up on Beowulf, anything like it out there that's as good?[View]
51560930Listening to the Killers in 2019[View]
51561138The larger a girl's ass is the less dick she will get. For every inch that a girl's ass ge…[View]
51561718So much conflict in the world at the moment, lets all relax, feel free to share comfy stuff and stor…[View]
51561738>anon smile more I was just standing there.[View]
51559957any posters that mention or imply they are female should get an automatic public ban this place has …[View]
51561943Can't open my porn folder aaaaaaaaaaaaah[View]
51559399Love of my life: There's this girl at my uni (different department) who is absolutely gorgeous …[View]
51561293There's a crucial moment between getting in your taxi and the driver making small talk where it…[View]
51561132>be me at 13 years old >saving money for one and a half years to buy ps4 >around Christmas …[View]
51560482Does the toaster in the bathtub suicide method still work with newer model toasters? Wanna go out in…[View]
51561734How do i cope with the fact that my gf does not want to have kids? She is 20yr old and got fucked by…[View]
51558788Hi robots i cant take this anymore i may be going to florida at the end of the month. Are there any …[View]
51558511/depression/: No bullshit thread, describe how you feel and whether or not you ever will escape it. …[View]
51561877I don't get it? Whats so bad about being no after life? Who the fuck wants to live forever? Fuc…[View]
51561302None of us are going to make it. Give up soon.[View]
51561180my nosy fucking neighbors called the cops on me and got me a 200$ parking ticket for parking facing …[View]
51560913>be 30 >have only loved one girl >she was taken at the time >you can't get her out …[View]
51559704>8 am class >still awake at 2 am >went nocturnal during springbreak so sleep cycle is fucke…[View]
51560577What's the longest you went without any internet; how did you cope, and what did you do? For me…[View]
51561267Why don't you have a girlfriend anon? are you gay?[View]
51558354>watching an attractive female get fucked by another man while you watch and masturbate how the …[View]
51561119Post the fattest chick you'd fuck: What's your maximum fat threshold? Could you slam a 400…[View]
51560037just found out a chick at my work has a crush on me....wat do?[View]
51561127>tfw you're forced to do the talking and it's not working out…[View]
51561503i met a girl at uni last week we hit it off and exchanged numbers we spent last weekend texting then…[View]
51559091Does anyone else have no memory? Been reading a ton of greentext and all these people have all these…[View]
51561658>sister is an unlovable fat cunt >no personality or skills with autistic and narcissistic beha…[View]
51561608How do I win in life?[View]
51556459hey, how are (you)? chat about anything anon, hows your day. I just woke up and chilling with my kit…[View]
51560431/Failed Normie/: I'm almost convinced this is a worse fate than being a robot. I've had se…[View]
51561037>uncle is old in his mid 60s >his father died of lung cancer when he was young. dropped out of…[View]
51561108I know asking here is probably stupid but I literally have nowhere else to turn to. I'm pretty …[View]
51561281>first date ever for me >'you've never been to a concert anon??' >'you've never h…[View]
51561610steamfeel thread: Been awhile any consideration to making a steam 'server/chatroom' for robots? no…[View]
51560417I can achieve or get anything in this life except for love and true happiness. Is there any point in…[View]
51559576>be me >want to have sex >download tinder >set age preference to 35-55 >get a match l…[View]
51560910>been getting more depressed these few past months >stayed home and missed college for 2 whole…[View]
51561335below average 89 iq: Should I just kill myself? Not even joking.[View]
51559286>have a half sister >my dad knocked up a younger lady after ditching my mom >dad croaked a …[View]
51561499why the hell does my piss reek so bad?[View]
51561415Check out this gay nigger: https://www.reddit.com/user/Yavandu[View]
51560379Alright anons, got a few questions for you to fill out since you all seem to like autistic lists and…[View]
51560905captcha tier list SSS TIER >fire hydrant A TIER >crosswalk >chimney >bridge B TIER >t…[View]
51551709Letter thread: Been a while since we had some letters written. Spill your guts with love or hate.…[View]
51560616I can only eat out virgin girls now, which I've never had the opportunity to actually do. I jus…[View]
51559864I am secretly a sissy. In a fraternity and I have a hot sorority girlfriend AMA.[View]
51561279>tfw no Iranian gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgEqlOFs56Q#t=12m30s…[View]
51561322Going to an all boys school was the worst mistake of my life. If I retrace to where everything fell…[View]
51549610Fembot feels: Bad Attempts at Flirting Edition >be me >friend wants to go to protest >sure …[View]
51561274Redditfag friend of mine introduced me to a Femcel sub. Not gonna lie, I feel bad for some of them. …[View]
51561126Who else slowly becoming more neurotic over age? Cant stand any kind of dust or dirt or messes, hav…[View]
51561264>desperately craves companionship >commitment issues and social anxiety WHY DID YOU MAKE ME TH…[View]
51560519I'm not good looking but it never takes me more than 2 weeks to get a new girlfriend started. F…[View]
51561244>tenant's daughter and her slut friends giggling loudly outside my window every single fucki…[View]
51561229>Girls don't wear Stockings and Garterbetls or Thigh-high Socks anymore End my suffering…[View]
51560968Does my jacket hide the weird smell from my armpits or can people still smell it?[View]
51561200Feels: >Get several opportunities to put myself out there and play music live for people to liste…[View]
51560252>no job >no money >can't go on without money anymore >no even half-decent job offer…[View]
51560533/hikki/ social anxiety thread A thread for people who suffer from Agoraphobia or Social Anxiety. Rem…[View]
51559677>tfw 5'4' Any Robots could beat my low score?[View]
51557608you'll be getting $1,000 anyways, $10 won't make a difference in the long run[View]
51560671Everybody knows that no matter how many times they kick you down you're going to keep trying. W…[View]
51559874>Tfw no Japanese biker gang boyfriend[View]
51560976I literally hate reddit so much >be me >post to DnD boards my DM stories >No upvotes NoGood…[View]
51561047Who else /don't give a fuck/ because they're killing themselves anyway/[View]
51559651My school is having this 'Unity against Intolerance' rally tomorrow, it's really fucking gay. T…[View]
51559788Brand new and no social circle jerk. Maybe some people can come be frens? it gets pretty lonely guys…[View]
51560842>mfw dick bleed[View]
51559721>I want to go somewhere >I want to be with someone, not even romantically >I want to leave …[View]
51560965>Had a girlfriend that anon thought he was in love with >Anon was molested by his brother so h…[View]
51560796Penis average conspiracy: I've had an ex start small penis rumours about me and every man I…[View]
51560888>two years ago >high school culinary arts teacher >finish cleaning up my classroom >on m…[View]
51555355male gingers = only true robots: once you are born a ginger male there are only 2 scenarios: 1. you…[View]
51555280>'Hey, you, you wouldn't mind letting me free? I really, really need to pee.'…[View]
51559752Help me bros >mommy drinks a fuck ton of diet coke a day, she is basically addicted. Recently she…[View]
51560752>i found out about r9k through discord... umm this is awkward..[View]
51559375BPD THREAD post pics and chat with fellow crazy bots[View]
51559185>gf of 4 months dumped me >not sad am i a sociopath…[View]
51559828>'Son, I'm ready to take the tranny pill' what do?[View]
51560276What kind of games does /r9k/ find the most enjoyable? Do you value gameplay/skill, atmosphere/story…[View]
51560706ASMR: /ASMR/ general because while you can't get a gf at least you can imagine it. https://www.…[View]
51560729I fucking hate fweebs, faggots trannies, and especially the jannies[View]
51560481Whats the point robots: poorly written >be me 6 years ago >4/10 autist grade 9 >no real fri…[View]
51559625>best friend intentionally keeps me on back burner. >Treats me like shit BC knows I'll co…[View]
51560229Friendly reminder you idiots[View]
51560751Anyone else a findom paypig and absolutely hate themselves over it?[View]
51560164>tfw no splatoon gf to play the demo with[View]
51558768Stoic: Was there ever a third Stoic thread?[View]
51560678Steroids vs suicide: I just read a thread about suicide and everytime i do so i ask myself: why don…[View]
51560623>ask a girl out to dinner in December >she says yes >stops responding mid-conversation >…[View]
51558232>everyone can notice the stale cum smell in your room and on your clothes 24/7 but doesn't s…[View]
51560551>trying to get this girl go on a date with me. >was suspecting she was using me for the atten…[View]
51560630https://m.twitch.tv/nikkibreanne/profile >this is the sort of thing that people watch and what is…[View]
51560631>he actually thinks girls exist >doesnt realize theyre a cia psyops campaign to keep us distra…[View]
51558109Where will you be when Asians become the master race?[View]
51559142hey want come chill, no gays... no underage fags pls gg/Dx2wTY[View]
51559594(((They))) run this board[View]
51560399i feel like such a disappointment to everyone. im so scared of being an adult i dont know why. my so…[View]
51560532Yall should add me on discord so you can give me ideas on how not to hate my life, thanks. I tried j…[View]
51559341HAPPI BIRTHDAY: pick your favorite cake[View]
51560461How long to get a beard like this?: How long to grow it for?[View]
51559790Have you ever raped someone? Have you ever considered it?[View]
51560366Post yfw you'II never have a girlfriend Iike nagatoro[View]
51560083are Asian woman into hispanics at all? or are they cursed for all of eternity[View]
51560162>anon, do you think I'm getting fat? Maybe I should go on a diet, I'll never find a boy…[View]
51560472>Be me. >21 yo dominant, physically looks like a cigarette, hetero 99%. >Some guy asks on J…[View]
51559716Decisions: I dated this 9/10 (both for personality and for looks, she's honestly a great person…[View]
51559884I have a psychologist appointment in 1 month. Should I confess my attraction to 'tadpoles'? Are they…[View]
51559128Why is it that black men are constantly portrayed as lusting after white women, yet have low rates o…[View]
51560400Everyone I know thinks I'm 'the funny guy' but I just cover my anxiety and sadness behind a wal…[View]
51559580before I came on here I had already given up on girls and dating. I'd given up long ago. It was…[View]
51560341How are you R9K, it's been a tough week. tell me about your life~[View]
51560365Mfw: >be me >Young and energetic >Hungry for adventure and fortune >Desides to join an e…[View]
51556370What song is getting you through the night /r9k/? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGBhQbmPwH8…[View]
51558746Has anything good happened to you in the last month or more?: I've been pretty depressed and lo…[View]
51558089I'm drunk, ask me anything. And I do mean anything.[View]
51556289I'm in love guys. The cute girl at the Dairy Queen drive-thru is literally perfect. I've a…[View]
51526069let's have an escapism threads guys[View]
51557789/self harm/ share your stories and why you do it. >how long since you last did it >how do you …[View]
51560309drowning is when ocean vores you it's very sexy[View]
51560064pls hep me hepl me pls[View]
51560141Does a cold approach work?[View]
51559622I found a 30mg mirtazapine in my backpack. Very happy about this. Gonna be apathetic for 24hrs. I…[View]
51558334That kid thread: Alright robots, you know what time is? That kid thread time. I'll start, since…[View]
51560069> be me > Arcane Spaghettimancer of the Cringelands > work in bakery at walmart > have e…[View]
51559766Humans have teeth that chew and eat things[View]
51559512Why are discord weebs so toxic[View]
51558824Uncomfortable pics of bush baked beans: Normie topic but post pics that really scour the inner depth…[View]
51560156>tfw bad memory[View]
51559620It will never get better robots...[View]
51559575Any of you got any good fight stories? I once beat some kid up with a rake when he tried to hurt me.[View]
51560120god i need to move out of my parents house so badly[View]
51558977whats a good game to play with my e-boy?[View]
51558777Gunjy: so i didnt know what to make a thread about. someone else made a thread asking what i should …[View]
51559222am lonely anyone wanna watch some dirk gently's holistic detective agency on discord screenshar…[View]
51559830It's been a week since my job interview. No response.[View]
51559214Ok so how many robots here are engineering students or workers??? The more I think about it the more…[View]
51557747Why is art encouraged and supported by our society? Autist challenge: What is art?[View]
51559158>be me, elementary school >get shit done twice as fast as the rest of class >teacher asks m…[View]
51555207Would any femanons consider dating outside their race? >tfw spic with no qt huwhite gf…[View]
51559147Schizobots, how many imaginary friends do you have?[View]
51558570What are the odds of an Asian getting a cute white girl? Oneitis in development with this cute Ameri…[View]
51558328how do i accept that i am never going to be physically beautiful? i just want to not care for once. …[View]
51558259Ciara leaked?: a friend told me to check HLB, but the site is down. Do any of you downloaded her set…[View]
51558493If you couldn't make girls laugh by the time you were 12 years old, it was over for you. Just g…[View]
51559829> grew up in rural midwest > really rural > rarely-see-your neighbor rural > come across…[View]
51559629I love Rianne van Rompaey![View]
51559413How does this video makes you feel robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kses856gYV0[View]
51559308Little Things That Made Your Day: >girl I kinda-sorta have a thing for asked if I like folk punk …[View]
51559737just make the switch already[View]
5155692830+ Thread: 30+ Thread - 27+ Edition Any oldfags still alive? I need to ask you guys something: Got…[View]
51559524new zealand shooting: Anons please link me the video of the New zealand shooting. I am curious and h…[View]
51559598>start exercising >get muscle cramps all over >give up…[View]
51559412>The Great Attractor[View]
51559473-Im so lonely that I don't mind hanging out with normalfags anymore, what are some rules to fol…[View]
51559532who /schizoid/ here?: Who has schizoid here? Is it just a meme, or is it real? There is no cure >…[View]
51556217Hi. What have you done today? Any cool stuff?[View]
51558899>tfw no lonely non binary gf(female)[View]
51554226What identifies you: Tell us your >race >gender >nationality >Ethnicity >class >ed…[View]
51558495why the fuck can none of you find a significant other?: new here to invade your community. I browse …[View]
51559458I'm blitzed atm: High asf and have possibilities to end up loosing virginity. I'm saying g…[View]
51558481Is the helium tank sucide method legit?: where can I order the supplies, thanks.[View]
51559355phrases that make your heart sink: >'Anon, why are your hands shaking?' >'Are you nervous?'…[View]
51559184>You can pass the toilet roll test right anon?[View]
51558858Have something more depressed and disgusting for every kid who born white and men around the world h…[View]
51557764Hairy legs: do you shave your legs as a man?[View]
51557923You would sniff it, wouldn't you?[View]
51558376two guys, surrogate mother problems: >me (25 dom) and my husband (23 sub) have a surrogate mother…[View]
51557573I have never had girlfriend[View]
51559391>Only have fun jerking off with other people online, otherwise I can't…[View]
51558401Are NEETs the new ruling class?[View]
51558572plant 10 trees from seed and you will get a loyal girlfriend I promise[View]
51558662Im really bad at drawing, but i like it anyway Ask me to draw something :) (sfw plz)[View]
51558857do any people here have veiny forearms?[View]
51559141I haven't masturbated in 24 hours. It's finally working, I've regained control of my …[View]
51556612Would you feel bad if someone you dumped commited suicide?: Assuming the breakup wasn't their f…[View]
51559294>tfw no average looking East Asian gf that has never had a boyfriend and is lonely…[View]
51558868If people knew your entire browsing and posting history how screwed would you be?[View]
51557913>Be a fat shit >Zero tits Is there a more cursed body type?…[View]
51559167finally start posting instead of just lurking >captcha every time I want to say something…[View]
51558278Is it true that every woman likes having her asshole licked? God, I want to eat a woman's ass …[View]
51559069Why is it that in mostly every political and social view im very right wing, but when it comes to ab…[View]
51559100>tfw antinatalist >tfw[View]
51558556>Anon! Come over here and have sex with your 13 year old sister![View]
51558222About to head over to a girls house to (hopefully) end my two and a half year dryspell, fuck its bee…[View]
51552460Is anyone else here a /empty person/? I don't have goals, ambitions, talents, or motivation. I…[View]
51554801confession thread: I sleep with a pacifier every night and fantasize about being in an mdlb relation…[View]
51559051all life lives to die and everything that dies is mine there is no death only pain enslavement of th…[View]
51554865How do I find mini so I can help her?Are there any RObots who know anything about her?All I know so …[View]
51558842>mom had me when she was 16 was she retarded or responsible? I mean, I don't have any crippl…[View]
51558311Hey there anon, do women not like you because of your penis small? Do they turn in disgust because y…[View]
51558831Why is indie music the best music?[View]
51557095>here's your order, sir![View]
51558940>Currently sleeping with a girl Later virgins[View]
51558930i like politics but im not good with people nor real life i want to do computer science but that shi…[View]
51558914>tfw you're a genetically inferior and could never hope to satisfy a female How do I cope wi…[View]
51557641Alright guys, a little word of advice for you I don't usually mind trans people--in fact, I…[View]
51557023How do i get my neighbors dogs taken away kiIled whatever the fuck they need to die They literally l…[View]
51543209post your pets bros[View]
51558684are women impressed by a big load of cum?[View]
51558659THREAD SUGGESTIONS: so this stupid ass beta faggot ass lookin pile of garbage shit flaming aids just…[View]
51557846This alone could fix your life, anon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=087WmQVkd9E[View]
51558715So my gf desperately wants me to suck her pussy I find it disgusting and humiliating, I would feel l…[View]
51558538I have no plans for the future and I'm going to be living on the streets in a few weeks Ama[View]
51558735>be 21 yo self improver self improving >finally start going outside >still timid, polite, b…[View]
51558600Has any couple on here actually had a lasting relationship? I'm talking that you've met ei…[View]
51557997holy fu- get on omegle fanlet did a face reveal[View]
51558453Post yfw you'll NEVER EVER have a gf like Nagatoro[View]
51558233>took normie advice. got fit, got new hairstyle, new fashion, etc. >girls still treat me like …[View]
51558646*no guards*[View]
51558402Any suggestions on good free VPNs? OR would it just be best to pay?[View]
51558270University: >Is enrolled into Criminology >Can't really do anything with that other than …[View]
51558055Would you let your face be her seat?[View]
51558654Anyone here enjoy listening to/reading Terence McKenna s lectures and books? Dude had a lot of inter…[View]
51557418This is my default board. I go on other boards but there are none like /r9k/ I've gathered so …[View]
51557090>it's another wake up screaming help episode[View]
51558058I'm gonna say the N-word! You ready? the N-word[View]
51558564Trying to make greentext: >try to make greentext >succeed >hopefully…[View]
51557941>Try to edge >Get 2 ruined orgasms in a row…[View]
51557528bisexuality can't be real. why? everyone has to pick a side eventually.[View]
51558442What was in the suitcase? Pics for proof.[View]
51556790is there anything wrong with an incel giving a women money for nothing in return?[View]
51558447I did it, I had sex with a girl, fast forward next night, I call her, she's fucking someone els…[View]
51558502>tfw Favorite pornstar blocked me[View]
51557189>*engulfs your cock* >'Ha! Gotcha Anon, Traps actually ARE gay! You're a fag now!'…[View]
51548989i suck at drawing but ill will draw for you today[View]
51558057Why don't robots just take the junglepill?[View]
51558450Any robots want to nomad through Europe?: Normally don't post, just lurk. I only post because I…[View]
51558468Cozy Thread: Post cozy music, images, and words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N4Nd0Ct5yU…[View]
51556976No basket case gf to lay around and sleep with all day[View]
51558421in the name of wothanaz you must plant more trees[View]
51557154tfw even a manlet even dumps you: i miss my asian manlet ex because im not a shallow roastie and i o…[View]
51558357>get surgery on my penis because the foreskin is blocking my peehole >have to wear cute little…[View]
51558350Anyone else experience delayed ejaculation? Its fucking hell but ive never heard about any other guy…[View]
51558138how do i get so excited about such little things?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlkV_iuuus liste…[View]
51558101>try to fix my life >look into mirror >reminded that I'm a ugly subhuman >all motiv…[View]
51557366>kicked a guy out of a raid less than a minute after accepting him in order to make room for a gu…[View]
51558301normalfag variations: i'll start the /r/iamverysmart normalfag >uses a bunch of big words th…[View]
51557047Why does sex terrify me?: I've been a virgin for the 20 years I've lived on this planet an…[View]
51558297Hey robots, this may sound like a dumb request but I need some sort of encouragement. Could u send m…[View]
51556993goobnight /r9k/ you are my only friends[View]
51558286any other robots (real robots not greentext zoomers) play hatred?[View]
51557135How has your transition been coming along, anon?[View]
51556312>Know I'm severly depressed >Been told that I need a therapist by my doctor, my mother an…[View]
51557530So pink So beautiful So tasty[View]
51558203anons i'm currently studying criminal justice and hope to be a crime scene investigator later o…[View]
51558190Smell between my toes, pervert![View]
51555584Why haven't you tried to find yourself a paraplegic gf? They can be just as cute as normal walk…[View]
51558145how do I stop being boring in text?[View]
51557245>be me >femanon >kinda busty >have couple of male friends >hug them as friends >oh…[View]
51558120Does anyone else's dick burn after masturbaiting? My penis always feels like it's on fire …[View]
51558080If someone never feel loved his whole life (not even by his parents) does that mean that person is n…[View]
51556841its getting hotter out once again and now all the thots are going to be prancing around with their t…[View]
51548987>TFW a girl makes you smell her feet and you cum[View]
51557483It gets better: >Be Me >19, depressed, kinda ugly, out of shape >parents hate me >still …[View]
51558022Don't worry robots One day we will each die and be free of this cruel cruel world https://www.y…[View]
51556409I just realized that I'm the token autist in a group of high status party girls. I feel like a …[View]
51557998Tell me about yourself anon.: I'm not gonna bore you with my problems but I hope you can tell m…[View]
51557560how about a cursed images thread? Im talkin actual cursed images that send chills down my spine and …[View]
51557990>tfw finally had sex Later virgins, I'm literally Chad now[View]
51557519Suicide encouragement: Can someone encourage me to kill myself please? I want to do it but Im too mu…[View]
51557452STOP: Stop jerking off to imaginary women, loser.[View]
51557958Normies really need labels like this to survive, don't they? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ince…[View]
51557591This board is not my home anymore.[View]
51556027/neet/: The normalfags are starting to catch on to what we always knew.[View]
51557934Asian males are but 1% of Americas population. Think about it, WE are only 1% of this population. An…[View]
51557921>that memory you just remembered and wont let you sleep what is it, boys…[View]
51556850big sis kat how do you deal with anxiety? i never feel too well[View]
51557907Why do I feel like going back?: I've improved quite a lot, to the point where I dont want to ki…[View]
51557642Why is AMWF the best couple?[View]
51557572>tfw you're gotten so low that you switch to 'looking for men' on tinder for an ego boost…[View]
51557378How can I produce more hot boi milk for my cum loving gf?[View]
51557594Poor nip thought he was getting a 10/10 Aryan waifu[View]
51557771at least 6 doctors. many medical tests and checks. 9 years sufferring from this. all to be solved by…[View]
51557046Suicide General: How are you planning on doing it? When are you planning on doing it? Why do you wan…[View]
51556664Imagine thinking life has anything to offer[View]
51557043Post yfw you'll never have a girlfriend like nagatoro[View]
51554948>The Y chromosome has degenerated rapidly, leaving females with two perfectly normal X chromosome…[View]
51557375Is Yang the only candidate for NEETs?[View]
51557674I've got a genuine question to ask about non-binary people. just to clarify I'm not trying…[View]
51557666Why are white cucks so fragile? When you point out how much easier their life is for being their fir…[View]
51557630>Be yourself >Don't say things that might make people not want to be around you If I…[View]
51557051>be me, 19 y/o virgin autist >playing stupid game, klunker.io >full of squeakers but i…[View]
51554500>Measure my penis in highschool 2.75 inches >Always tell people who complain about having a 5 …[View]
51557387>going to a convention >tfw will never be chad and get to hook up with qt con girls How can I …[View]
51556884ever try to become friends with someone who wants nothing to do with you? may be the most awkward cr…[View]
51555768Nice knowing you, slut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-ogx54G2rI[View]
51557449why dont you talk with everyone ironically? its working for me[View]
51557532I work the front counter at a shitty fast food place. Whenever a stuttering autist asks for a job I …[View]
51556722Its a bluepilled world after all: Look through the net for films where the 'bad guy' wins People po…[View]
51557138What is the top 3 people from the internet that passed away that you guys would love to have a chat …[View]
51557510>'This art piece creates a space for dialogue'[View]
51556867Tfw you have literally nothing to look forward to.: Now that I turned 24, I just realized I won…[View]
51555981Do you sometimes wish a 2d character was real? >pic related, it's my long time waifu and bes…[View]
51557249Tell a sad story from your life, robot. Old or recent, long or short. Share in the feels of the boar…[View]
51557015There is literally no point in living if you are unattractive[View]
51556982>you're so quiet are you okay? y-yeah im fine haha[View]
51556143Lmao I have a girlfriend nerds. If this post is taken down prematurely then jannies are gays and vir…[View]
51554423teachers are overpaid: The average teacher salary in the U.S.A is $58,000 a year They make almost 60…[View]
51557401There are mesquite trees all over my college campus, and when it gets windy, they shed leaves that a…[View]
51557389Me: Hey, mom I walked upstairs and a noise was coming from your room. I thought a TV might have been…[View]
51557361>crack open an icy cold Bang's root beer >take a sip of the fizz >'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, th…[View]
51556902I don't like my life, /r9k/ >Be me >HS senior fag >All my friends are going off to uni…[View]
51557332>tfw you look down at your penis and realize it's basically a vestigial organ It was designe…[View]
51557329>tfw no strictly bottom qt femboy bf or mtf gf i always see posts everywhere about them but they …[View]
51557253>make delicious pb&j sandwich >pour big glass of milk >go to cabinet and look for chi…[View]
51556420>Girls doesn't want to date twinks. guys what the fuck. is this an actual thing?…[View]
51555557Tell me anon, what's your work? What's your payment per hour? Mine: Cook, AR$63,00 (US$ 3,…[View]
51557272have you done your squats today /r9k/?[View]
51557164Why is there porn at the top of r9k of all places? Do they do this to taunt us?[View]
51557171I don't even deserve a gf[View]
51556662One Life: You only get one chance at life. >Chooses to let other guys fuck your ass What the fuc…[View]
51557029>be me >couple years ago playing LoL >getting stomped by some niggers in ranked >decide …[View]
51556568Why are right wing authoritarians such bootlickers? >one day I will be the boot social mobility i…[View]
51556633Socializing with people your age: I know this is probably the worst board to ask for social advice o…[View]
51556383>Twisted my testicle while beating my meat I think this is a sign that I need to stop.…[View]
51556392how does it feel to be the ugly friend, /r9k/?[View]
51557039>mfw when I realized people have actual conversations through text I reread every message on my l…[View]
51557071>In the matrix when neo takes the red pill he turns into a hero who can fly >In real life when…[View]
51556561I need something cute to text my gf please. I know this is a normie thing but a lot of you guys are …[View]
51557108why don't indian, asian, and hapa guys go gay for each other. it would fix the rice and curryce…[View]
51556704I mobilized everything to overcome my robot affliction. I mobilized every reserve I had. And I broke…[View]
51555026>be me 24 >White bread family i'm talking 6+ generations in America >Am NEET but not …[View]
51555867what would you do if you woke up and you were an indian?[View]
51555652Comfy Pre-Internet Thread: Post images from the good ol boomer days[View]
51554382I feel like a fucking gigachad right now:: So today i totally mogged some ricecels at university, i …[View]
51556946>baah baah >baah baah baah baah (baah) >baah baah baah baah baah baah baah baah >baah ba…[View]
51555835Homemade sex toys: What's the best thing you ever used to jerk off? Mine was a squid. >Take…[View]
51557000When you have sex with your communist atheist bigger penis dog like fat boi named joey from friends:…[View]
51556990you know the drill comfy place to chill and make friends with the actually decent regulars. just abo…[View]
51556746Question for femanons: What do girls mean when they keep leading guys on? Like have any of your ever…[View]
51554388>seriously try nofap >fail for weeks >unable to go a single day without masturbating to por…[View]
51556475>I want to be raped by hot women I know how kurt cobain feels now[View]
51556960Would some fembot be up to watch animes/series or listen to music on rabbit like everyday or at leas…[View]
51556197Fuck me: >be me >sophomore in college >research paper due tomorrow >didnt start fuckme.g…[View]
51556479>some douche says something mean to me in an online game >feel extreme deep seething rage like…[View]
51556111Do femanons scratch or bite?[View]
51556787Been getting chest pains with a family history of heart issues for years and disappointed I ain…[View]
51555716How does one get over approach anxiety. Online dating doesnt work and unless I want to have less sex…[View]
51556789>Don't do it, Anon! Jumping's not the way to fix your problems! You have so much to liv…[View]
51556102>tfw society pretends to think that you're depressed solely due to mental illness and not pr…[View]
51556880>25 yo >think me eyes are fine >get eyes tested week ago >mild astigmatism >get glas…[View]
51555841A pLaNt ThAt GrOwS sOdIuM mEtAl !!!: Hi all. What I'm about to say will make history!!! For yea…[View]
51556840> be me, 30, redditfag > follow r/tendies for shit and giggles > after years in character t…[View]
51556596Please share your Pepes with the other children: I want to expand my collection :^)[View]
51556224i just saw a grill on my omegle? i would very much like to pay for her bill[View]
51556776Lil wagging in lil bitch Maggin waddup nigga ZEEEEEEEEEE!! yup yup been mooring Allah and shite mela…[View]
51555012I don't really know what to say right now, Im scared. I need money, my life is fucked, I'm…[View]
51555436looking for apex legends gf[View]
51556736Change your name all you want, aero, you fucked up tranny. You'll always be a biological man a…[View]
51556445Why do I drink so much lately? I was sober most of my life. I should have started this shit when I w…[View]
51556545Do you like this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJoMqYumxmA[View]
51555885yo bots i need a nickname gimme a nickname?[View]
5155652425+: >tfw you get reminded you're 28, neet, fat, virgin and still living with your mom by th…[View]
51553549whats the general consensus on goofy girls?[View]
51556548Why are normies so hell bent on preventing us from finding love and getting laid? It's like the…[View]
51554890>article 13 is going to be in effect soon >mfw all the twitch and jewtube fags can't make…[View]
51556659Defacto Rejection = Autoresentment: Just wanted to tell every girl who gives me looks like they are …[View]
51553155>do good in a match >respawn timer increases Fucking why…[View]
51556283Would you fuck her if it meant death?[View]
51556052Does taking a shit feel good when you are high?[View]
51556280How do twitch thots get away with this shit? do they realize they're doing this for 11 year old…[View]
51556328>Tfw dont even feel like main character in your own life[View]
51556369>Omigawd, why is he taking so long? >Seriously, just choose already. >Look how weird he…[View]
51556531>be me >having a bad day >girl smiles at me >instantly feel better How do they have this…[View]
51555314Your eyes so wet, that I see- my reflection. I'm already dead, and I've reached- perfec…[View]
51555400>what is the longest relationship you’ve been in?: >bite bullet >I'm going to go gf hu…[View]
51556186>'I'm not going to abandon you' >abandons me What is it that men mean by this?…[View]
51556501Do you ever feel like the universe is against you? All this has happened in the last 6 months. First…[View]
51556322Where can I find the real r9k?: Where did all the REAL fuckin robot migrate to? I'm talking the…[View]
51555149Autistic things you enjoy doing: I like boiling water, just for the fun of it, either by just pourin…[View]
51555237Is there a more based politician? I'm not even sure what most of her political views are. But I…[View]
51556384Time: >r9k I have a message for you It's not too late to become a normal person(If you'…[View]
51555124All I do on my days off is lay in bed and be on my computer. The only physical activity I get is at …[View]
51556062I beat my dick like it owes me money[View]
51551514If you woke up tomorrow with this body and a ginormous cock n' balls, how would you feel? What …[View]
51555581why do you care about what your life is like? you have a computer so you probably can fill all your …[View]
51556274Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2 Day 36[View]
51556220>be playing tf2 >community server, casual is unbalanced and comp is dead >rocket jumping to…[View]
51556023When did you realize that psychosis was a direct link to the Gods?[View]
51555733Every time we fall in love, we get it right sometimes.[View]
51555793Is he right? https://youtu.be/p7Orf0nciPk[View]
51550875Would you move to a deserted island to live if there was a girl into you there? No internet ever aga…[View]
51554588Race: should i be ashamed of north african?? and muslim by birth[View]
51553542Hey guys, it's FUCKING Leafy here, I'm just checking in to see if you guys remember me.[View]
51549875>tfw IQ is only 128 who else /brainlet/?[View]
51556213>tfw no kiwi bf[View]
51555710Had several hour conversation with my 'oneitis', 'crush'/whatever you want to call it. Realized it …[View]
51555530Reminder that this is what the average white man would look like if Germany had won the war[View]
51556167australians can fuck off, same with faggots and roasts gg/Dx2wTY[View]
51556094>fell for the reverse-tsundere[View]
51555897>met a cute dorky Turkish girl >we hit it off >we're dating now >mfw I made it…[View]
51555554What did the voices tell you today schizobots[View]
51556131Looking for a job: about to get my computer science degree.what is the LOWEST effort job that I coul…[View]
51556039Send me your addresses so I can find you[View]
51556095how could I produce more boi milk for my gf?[View]
51556121You guys! I am gonna leave for good! Blocking unproductive websites on all my devices. Recently qu…[View]
51550462What would you even do once you have your boy wife?[View]
51555995>'creampie' >guy puts the tip and then cums on vagene, 99.5% of cum is out…[View]
51554620ITT things you are proud of. >I have never worked a day in my life.[View]
51555647>be me >chilling with girl I've known for a couple years not interested in dating her, bu…[View]
51553523would you date a girl (boy) who licks toilet seats?[View]
51554566Why are there so many schizos on 4chan? Seriously it's like every schizo who uses the internet …[View]
51555978>tfw I'm a cringe Lord who needs to neck himself I can't talk to women, and my latest …[View]
51556021Finally got a girlfriend not too long ago. Pretty sure she's unhappy with me now. Just waiting …[View]
51555833Are there any femanons around who would be willing to do some audio requests for /r9k/'s robots…[View]
51555943>tfw just gave a handshake to a qtp2t nurse[View]
51551579I wish I was white. No one likes me here, no friends.[View]
51552957>don't study >feel guilty if i play vidya or draw because is should be studying >end u…[View]
51555953>tfw big brain causes constant headaches from the high intellect thinking i do all day just die i…[View]
51552488>killing myself if I don't get a gf by the time I turn 22[View]
51555519gave life another try: It was a fucking disaster, of course. Just like all the other times I tried. …[View]
51554164Being a virgin in your 20s: Okay, I can understand having a dry spell after high school/college and …[View]
51555255negris nudes thread: send negris nudes you cucks[View]
51555869i get to go to a comfy job and flirt with girls all day long while you sit here all day. must suck b…[View]
51553172The demons are giving me hallucinations again: I was seeing eyes in class today and last night I was…[View]
51554993Anyone else gets these urges to drink sometimes? I want to drink so fucking bad right now, just drin…[View]
51555860>be me >download bunch of my favourite porn vids >watch the first video, amateur anal pawg …[View]
51555306open blinds[View]
51554946mlem post feet[View]
51555118I'm highly considering not going to university, is uni a scam. I want to move out of the US and…[View]
51555290Acorns: Ive been looking to make a little money on the side and i saw the acorns app. Do you lot thi…[View]
51555659>Be me >Severe Beta male kid >countless hours spent with people on Halo 3 >Made some gre…[View]
51551401ricecels why not get a black gf?[View]
51554904>be me >be on train >sit next to qt 3.14 >fall asleep >mfw when technically slept wit…[View]
51555681George Conway III is just an Elliot Rodger Hapacel who betabux's a blonde: r/Hapas has his back…[View]
51555784First time doing green text: >be me >be at university >have no friends >teacher seats m…[View]
51555239In all honesty, have you ever bought a premium snapchat or nudes from a woman off the internet? Did …[View]
51553851>Haven't fapped to straight BBC all year How fucked am I? I thought maybe I was just bicurio…[View]
51553802>yikes >oof stop[View]
51554497what keeps you guys going? genuinely interested at what keeps people here from killing themselves wh…[View]
51555550What does /R9K/ do for work, getting my first job soon after I get my licence[View]
51552603im 5'4' and my IQ is only 120, am I fit to reproduce or should I just become a tranny?[View]
51555409imagine your favorite anime growing up was sailor moon and now you have to deal with being lumped in…[View]
51554519>tfw no thicc mommy gf to distract me from my OCD compulsions[View]
51549092Open Relationship General: Would you allow your gf to fuck other guys? It might be better than being…[View]
51555576>feeling nauseous >lie down >browse on phone >see tranny propaganda for the millionth ti…[View]
51551220schizoid general: hows it going for you fellas[View]
51555561I didn't know how sad I was Until I felt a little joy[View]
51554703>tfw yo greasy ass smell like ass[View]
51555529dont believe their brexit lies anons[View]
51553064Dear r9k I've been doing nothing with my life but doing drugs. I've wasted almost two year…[View]
51554831lanklets when will they learn?: >m-manlets c-can't fight look at this manlet destroy this la…[View]
51553919What is your biggest regret in life, anon?[View]
51552700should I run? she seems crazy.[View]
51555127Are we cool guys or we gay[View]
51555349>be me >autism.mp4 >go on 4chan >my brethren…[View]
51554873any advice on jumping off a bridge to kill myself? there are no high buildings in my town, guns are …[View]
51553681I have spent 100000000000000 hours on the internet I have spent 100000000000000 hours watching tv I …[View]
51555322>discharged from hospital >felt like shit the entire day >have been making plans to go to g…[View]
51554613142.44.191.73:56013 join this r9k minecraft server or miss out on the epic r9k minecraft server, …[View]
51555267ZYPREXA ( Olanzapine ): How did Zyprexa make you feel? I am tired of being afraid. Im tired of looki…[View]
51555203When I'm alone I dream about having a family but when I go outside and see obese moms with thei…[View]
51554842How are you doing ricebots?[View]
51555283>>51553562 i'm tired of finding promising threads with 0 replies so here's what i…[View]
51554828>tfw 5'8' turbo manlet >tfw school girls are taller than me…[View]
51554158Tfw after you autistically greet the attractive Doordash girl that lives near you.[View]
51555227>Be me. >Horny teenager. >Go on Pornhub one day. >See video of Asian chick taking bbc. …[View]
51554947>acne >skinny >premature ejaculation or ed how u realized u will never be loved?…[View]
51554919How long have yall been on 4chan?: Howdy hoes, how long have yall been on this shit show of a site?…[View]
51551633I'm a normal straight boy I swear: >think about a big strong man pinning me down and breedin…[View]
51548937Ive developed a coloniser fetish from /pol/: Unlike many of the anons on /pol/ who have developed a …[View]
51555029Why do pretty people always have the worst personality[View]
51553879>tfw possible borderline gf[View]
51554680Vent thread: I'm about to fucking break Anger has slowly been building up in me the last five …[View]
51555133A vent: Im doing pretty good in my classes, but I need to find a co-op job this summer. I've ap…[View]
51554971how much makeup do femanons put on[View]
51555120>it's another laugh gets interupted by troubled thoughts episode[View]
51552650Summer: It is almost here peoples[View]
51551000Hyena wife. Every day until you like it (or until I get one and have better things to do than post o…[View]
51553370when will you stop being the creepy guy, /r9k/? get fit[View]
51544978is this really the kind of relationship women want now?: i mean do you literally have to agree to ac…[View]
51554113>arguing with a woman >she starts screaming and crying loudly out of nowhere What the fuck…[View]
51554753Just had my grandfathers funeral and got drunk and got in a fight with my brother's after it, w…[View]
51555056hhhhhhhhhh gregg hhhhhhhh[View]
51554996Day1 invoking ancestors' blood's wisdom: It worked. Had a meaningful dream, communicating …[View]
51554716They keep harrasingand haunting me i am so tired of this. Im tired of being scared. I pretend im hap…[View]
51553494How do you make friends in college? I dont use social media nor follow pop culture and Im kind of a …[View]
51554040yesterday I was blocked by my australian ISP from coming to domain 4chan but now I'm not. what…[View]
51554283>be one of the first people to post in a thread that eventually gets 250+ responses >no (You)s…[View]
51554329What are you robots listening to? https://youtu.be/YitVQuOBuLc[View]
51552783What do you think of this album I wrote and recorded? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_…[View]
51552136>girl looks at me then looks down and smiles Femanons does this mean anything…[View]
51553682>Muh le edgy witty funny racist yanggang meme meme >Trump train redditing lulz >I'm a…[View]
51554745Will Andrew Yang make WMAF illegal?[View]
51553426Can someone explain me how this fucking ugly instagram random got a gf and we cant? what does he hav…[View]
51553566You losers are going to be playing SEKIRO right?[View]
51550987>Worldwide about 1 percent of the population is diagnosed with schizophrenia >1 percent D-Did …[View]
51552539Full Doomer: Everything is going wrong and nothing is going right. I can't get a fucking job, m…[View]
51554557Noko: Right, so um you there, no uh you I think...give me uh lots of those ok, yeah don't do th…[View]
51554578>On trip with parents >get to hotel >group of niggers are there coming from a white van …[View]
51554144Why do poor kids still play outside?: I've noticed that kids who live in the suburbs never go o…[View]
51553016If you unironically refer to yourself as a 'doomer,' 'bloomer,' 'zoomer…[View]
51554540>Substitute teacher >Day 2 of tard wrangling >Check in and make my journey to the tard cave…[View]
51554518Step the fuck up, Kyle!: What the FUCK is up KylE?[View]
51548484Spring Breaks Death: Hows /uni going fellow fucktard?[View]
51553918ITT: Irrational Hatreds: What are some seemingly normal things that really piss you off? Maybe its a…[View]
51553937Why I don't have a gf:: I deeply crave a girl that will love me. This is why I don't have …[View]
51554338>even cucks have wives and girlfriends and you don't How does this make you feel?…[View]
51554360Are you repressing something?[View]
51553190>boyfriend says does not find me attractive anymore i was this unattractive the whole time and he…[View]
51554364>be me >be sad >notice that i'm sad when i do nothing >start doing shit >i'…[View]
51551826This feels good and I hope you get to experience it one day[View]
51545784Are you a manly man or a girly boy, r9k?[View]
51554152How make cock bigger? Want as least 8 inches currently like 6.5 Is surgery a viable option[View]
51550989anyone here try tenga eggs? onholes are just to messy and to much of a hassle.[View]
51554276You haven't reallllly settled down in here and /pol/... riiight anon?[View]
51553778I was talking with my friend about his new gf and (I don't remember how it came up) he told me …[View]
51553880She can't even write a fucking book anymore so she relies on fanfiction[View]
51552878Question to all suicidal anons: Do you think your parents will feel some form of relief or freedom w…[View]
51554217spent another afternoon with the girl I like without telling her how much I like her. why am I like …[View]
51553459Kill self.: It feels like i don't know who i am. What i should do or watch or like. I don'…[View]
51552834I just can't make this fucking pain go away. How do i make it go away[View]
51553465Does r9k like organic chemistry? Yes or no?[View]
51554129Is reference humor a sign of being a brainlet? I really like throwing references in there but it fee…[View]
51548123>touched a girl hand[View]
51552905When did this board become a tranny board?[View]
51554074hey robots how do you find a weed dealer. i have no friends to refer me to one and i only work with …[View]
51554063https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5ebAvks9ig YGYL thread boios, get it going[View]
51552302tfw ill never suck on big saggy femanon boobs[View]
51553733>boyfriend left me for another girl[View]
51552366Why do you still have ridiculous high standards for women? Why a little loser like you has to be lik…[View]
51552611Post the pictures and names of girls you legit give your money to online >nastassia ponomarenko S…[View]
51553788Why do you still come here anons? This board is full of self loathing losers who try to make you fee…[View]
51553942I need to get the fuck outta here[View]
51553528>black clothes >heavy metal and hass >acting out in the school hallways If you weren't…[View]
51553927Can we all take a minute to laugh at all the people who applied to be a janitor. I may be a virmgen …[View]
51553718Where are introverts supposed to meet each other for relationships? Im about to try church and am ch…[View]
51551834I hate white people and I work as a geneticist. Im making it my lifes goal to create a virus that wi…[View]
51546658Greetings 4chan, it is I, the genie man Post your wish and it may come true dubs- in the coming mon…[View]
51553859may god curse, betray and crucify you the same way god has cursed, betrayed and crucified me[View]
51552955mine visage when: >be me in 1350 after our lord jesus christ >father make fun of me because no…[View]
51553838Has anyone here done an online degree? I'm sick of my shitty wagie job, but I don't want t…[View]
51552968>spent my entire life being physically fit >go to college, eat nothing but garbage for a year …[View]
51552424>studying medicine in Transilvania >5th year of medical studies, one year left to be a physici…[View]
51553442WTF HAPPENED TO THIS BOARD? It's 100% trannies and roasties now. I used to come here for hero s…[View]
51553724Are AMWF relationships the best type of interracial relationship?[View]
51553168I wish I was capable of having a platonic girl friend. I have met girls who I like and get along wit…[View]
51552984Why can Chads get away with everything?! I'M MAD[View]
51553140>introduce yourself to new people I can't.[View]
51553709How hard is it to an hero by self stabbing? Asking for a friend[View]
51553558My friend never messages me first, it's always me first.[View]
51548257This is the perfect new mother's body. You may not like it, but this is peak wife looks like[View]
51553662>tfw no deaf/mute gf[View]
51553648>be me >betafag >cries watching porn 'cause reminds of no gf I think I've hit a n…[View]
51552699>she called you 'bud'[View]
51553484My only friend has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer given a few months to live at best ama[View]
51553562draw gondola: r9k feels so soulless, so draw gondola and mention how you're doing today for a f…[View]
51553415Daily Fuck Normalfags Thread #19 Maybe not always daily Edition: Is it time, again? Can you feel it?…[View]
51552759Gen X are the literal scum of the earth. >Be me >walk dog >see a german shepherd in the dis…[View]
51553095went to a black barber shop, had a big fat bald black guy come out of the back room because everyone…[View]
51550769How come finding a gf with the following hobbies is such an issue comparing to almost anything else?…[View]
51553211Shit Brobots, I literally nearly died at work. A very sharp tool nearly pierced my artery. It missed…[View]
51553394Today I got a new haircut becouse i decided that the one I had before was fucking annoying me so i s…[View]
51553048>2010 was more than 9 years ago[View]
51553393>browse imageboards for more than 10 years >get banned for one month in finnish imageboard …[View]
51552936>got some tendies drive thru >drove to empty big park >just sat there eating my tendies …[View]
51548144>be asian 'male' >pp too smol >my women will nevr succ my pp like this…[View]
51549833Images youd put on your wall[View]
51552008Redditors are getting all the fame: Be me Go to r/greentext Sort by top all time Find post Repost it…[View]
51553210ITT: We're on the Apollo 13 together[View]
51551542I have never held girls hand[View]
51553209I'm gonna be praying for you transchild.[View]
51552371>tfw overthinking about overthinking Send help lads, the anxiety is killing me…[View]
51553121Is talking about a story with your ex-crush a fun thing to talk about when heading towards home with…[View]
51553181>check the instagram accounts of all the popular white girls I went to highschool with >they…[View]
51551998why dont we just get vampire gfs?[View]
51552397Do you guys ever do that thing where you sneeze straight up in the air above you and feel it rain ba…[View]
51552017ITT: ITT jojos bizzare adventure meme thread >We are the three 4chan men. We are REE,PEPE, and fe…[View]
51552890I have been living in a haze of 4chan, porn, anime and video games for almost two years[View]
51553037When a gender likes another gender: Society: Awweee she has designs on him, so cutie!!! Also society…[View]
51551416So, there is this girl I have a crush on and I'm pretty sure she knows that I like her. Thing i…[View]
51543127/r9gay/ - #654: Emotional support twink edition Last thread: >>51522387[View]
51552977>live near a town >go into town and see asses >sometimes see titties under shirts >just …[View]
51547919/britfeel/: gay ming and mary jane edition[View]
51552387incels are pussies[View]
51552932Whats worse about knowing the root of all your problems? That you can't go to the hospitals or …[View]
51552850https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthias_Buchinger >29 inches tall >hands like fins >magician…[View]
51551251There's someone out there that loves you, anon.[View]
51550680What the fuck is this thing?: It was on the ceiling. When I sprayed it with Raid, it started floppin…[View]
51551289>Presentation in 6 hours I know I'm going to bomb hard >so nervous I feel like puking …[View]
51552171>Be me >Needs to shit at school >Since the bathrooms are disgusting I never go in them >…[View]
51552830>be 11yr old me >in the shower >gottatakeashit.jpg (the bathroom is seperate from the toile…[View]
51551311Who is the most genius person you've ever met?[View]
51551912Earth: Thoughts on it?[View]
51552368Is playing the lottery the ultimate NEET activity? If I won the jackpot, I'd buy a penthouse in…[View]
51552485when are people finally going to admit that no one likes being a slave in unfulfilling jobs for mone…[View]
51552735>try to drink coffee >burn tongue >later >new cup of coffee >wait 5 minutes before dr…[View]
51552418>come home after college >no food[View]
51550886Always wondered how does it feel to take LSD Is it all trippy like pic related, or something else? A…[View]
51552736Now that Barron is 13, is he old enough to go on 4chan?[View]
51552688just cut ties With all of my e-friends. i Guess it was out of some kind of fucked up love. im fuckin…[View]
51552727What are some stories about this feel? I want a family like this.[View]
51551034Should I quit the caffeinated jew?[View]
51552103porn: peter griffin thread[View]
51552415by how things are going I predict that in the future all the americas will be euro mestizo, africa w…[View]
51551460There are people that would introduce themselves to you and say hello tomorrow. Then there is you t…[View]
51550707Someone on reddit posted the mission in Cod MW2 where you kill a bunch of civilians and the comments…[View]
51551357Let me fucking love you: >be me > not a chad but not a fag either > ask crush if she need h…[View]
51542829Why do trans MtF's exist? I cannot understand why anybody would want to be the physically weake…[View]
51552635>Its only been warm for 3 days >already desperately wanting it to be cold again FUCK SPRING AN…[View]
51551115I have a social anxiety and I'm going to live on campus starting this fall. What should I be ex…[View]
51552478>be me >working on a research paper on nanotech >working for hours >finish multiple para…[View]
51550261What do?: >Be me >19 college undergrad, working for a degree in business. >been really depr…[View]
51550642Sex is overrated, if you haven't had it, don't stress over it, it's better to stave o…[View]
51552591>>51550652 I'm trying to read at the moment. I have a few hundred kanji down. Grammar is …[View]
51552571Would you fuck him? Look at this stud.[View]
51552559The only gf I can have is the one that I'll love forever: Are there women capable of loving som…[View]
51552470Need help bros: I just started a new job and coworkers want me to go with them. What shall i do? Wha…[View]
51539888>People over the age of 25 on 4chan and Discord Why are you still here?…[View]
51552106Anyone else here who recently lost their virginity and were disappointed by ow underwhelming it was?[View]
51551829my cat came into my room and laid on my lap for its daily mid day lap and it BIT me so hard i starte…[View]
51547065I have 2500 euro left in account. I'll buy a gun for 1000 to shoot myself with. What should I d…[View]
51550279Does CBD actually do anything for you?[View]
51552221I've been talking to myself to much recently.[View]
51551527how bad is college really? what's the most robot friendly major?[View]
51552174I have an idea that could help poor hopeless robots, let's make it happen!: What place better t…[View]
51551566How are we doing today /depressed/ bots?[View]
51551351Is there anywhere I can post without low IQ monkeys barking up my threads?[View]
51546255How does /r9k/ feel about self harm scars on both male and females?[View]
51552312>tfw I just wrecked my month old Crysler 200 All because some retarded boomer forgot to put her …[View]
51551016Who is this anons? Any info on her? As far as I know she browses and posts here? Any info? Is she so…[View]
51552310>feels like I am having a heart attack every time I am in public How the fuck can I get this to …[View]
51552332Would you like to be dominated and physically hurt by a woman? Does the thought turn you on?[View]
51550161I have given up on trying to get a girlfriend. If she comes one day then good, but i won't be t…[View]
51550346Ross Interview in an hour: Anything I should know? I'm interviewing for the Retail Associate po…[View]
51551973How much longer do you think this site has?[View]
51552163There was an anon here who was raised by a single mom and, since she wanted a daughter instead of a …[View]
51552170How do you ask a girl if she's 18 without being weird?[View]
51551855>tfw no comfy boomer gf[View]
51551662im not gay: >be me >one evening get drunk with best friend >talk about sex >be kissless …[View]
51550855tfw so powerful[View]
51552156Fembobs, would you date a boy that looks liek this?[View]
51550381as a 5'4 male am I inferior: as a 5'4 white male am I inferior to other males I've st…[View]
51551005Alex Clark: This beautiful goddess is mentally ill, a SJW, a feminist, and a known literal prostitut…[View]
51550369>sister is 2 years younger than me >she recently got married and left home >I am a NEET li…[View]
51551344Made a song, thoughts?: I need to get a mic and fruityloops to make this a song, anyways >My only…[View]
51552042dam, shawty looks like -that-?[View]
51548515'shy' and 'quiet' are code words for 'ugly'[View]
51552131>I told 3 different girls they were my girl today[View]
51551949>Im out of liquor again and I dont get pod until tomorrow Guess I kill myself today…[View]
51552073>want to die cause I miss my ex cause I'm a fag >have a good stand up set Ok not bad >…[View]
51551978The point of cleaning isn't to achieve a pristine, perfect ivory color but to turn what's …[View]
51498568Weekly Family Thread: Post stories or talk about your family. Previous threads https://pastebin.com/…[View]
5154718125+ It is too late now edition: >work and go home >lift >eat >pass out >so tired on…[View]
51551437ITT call out the worst posters from other boards I'll start with this faggot on /a/ who posts t…[View]
51550759How /chad/ are you guys ? Only recently became chadish. >virgin till 18 >many dry spells St…[View]
51551498>that anon who was forced into crossdressing by his mommy until he was 15 and masturbated in fron…[View]
51551356/CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING/ is this the best way to commit suicide? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pub…[View]
51549709Big black breeds an instathot and predicts her single motherhood: https://xhamster.com/videos/is-she…[View]
51551582Did all the fun people run to reddit?: This site is nothing but grumpy low IQ assholes now. Did the …[View]
51551504What the fuck do you do if your best isn't enough? I work out religiously, shower every day, c…[View]
51550608Why are all of you such whiny faggots[View]
51551467>put my friend's photos on my tinder account >so many matches black pilled…[View]
51551217have you taken the magapill yet, r9k?[View]
51551779Why do human moms bitch so much?: My dad has been with us all our life and my mom forever has been a…[View]
51551735>tfw she likes the video of you playing an instrument and also calls you handsome…[View]
51550746>younger brother has a better job, a gf, and friends i feel bad for not just being happy for him …[View]
51550555List of people I hate: God[View]
51550758How do you cope with the thought that things will never get better?[View]
51551724>live in poverty house >always tired >pretty sure its killing me >probably has mold lead…[View]
51551560Tfw no gay friendless yandere sciencelover bf... suomynonA#4587[View]
51551255>wake up >still alive Is there a worse feel?…[View]
51551663Achievement Hunters: Make up some Achievements for a game based around: One Night Stands! The format…[View]
51540325What is your most messed up / most perverted sexual fantasy?[View]
51548434being a pajeet on tinder is cruel: How the FUCK can this ape demand a Christian white boyfriend with…[View]
51550784Why do normies degrade you for not having a 'cool' life, but when you tell them going into the club …[View]
51549924If you could erase this world, would you do it?[View]
51551380Was 4chan ever good? Do we just come here because we have nothing better to do with our pathetic liv…[View]
51551478What do you do when you finally get a relationship but you find yourself trapped in it and too autis…[View]
51550134Does anyone else go into no-emotion zone sometimes?[View]
51551468I'm like, such a cute boy. Like actually, literally gorgeous, the cutest one here. When girls s…[View]
51550757Asian Men are the TOUGHEST People Everr! And I ain't exaggerating! It's the fucking truth!…[View]
51546691The Hypocrisy of Degenerate Men: Watch this video beta faggots and chad normalfag retards. https://w…[View]
51550986>girls don't like me because I'm an anime loving rob- well robots what's your excu…[View]
51550828now the frog is ready to begin his experiments in safety.[View]
51551361>suicidal >going to get a haircut saturday >decide if i don't like it i'm gonna k…[View]
51550887comfy gaming robot discord: zMUNBTW[View]
51551341Sex drive completely dead when stressed: Whenever i have even the smallest bit of stress in my life …[View]
51551329Free Italian Ice at your local Rita's for the spring equinox. Come be regular customers, fellow…[View]
51551275i want to pay the bills for a sexy white girl[View]
51550419How are all these, fat, old, and ugly guys doing porn? A lot of them don't even have big dicks …[View]
51551299How do i recover from being hated by all of my peers anon? Or do i just accept my degeneracy and emb…[View]
51551288>girl offered me candy and I said no thanks when will these dumb roasties learn…[View]
51549509Alcohol is shit: I don't like being drunk. It's like -30IQ in liquid. I prefer to take a t…[View]
51551257I have been indoctrinated: >be me >not complete retard, does ok in school >meet three compl…[View]
51548779>walk into coffee shop >10/10 I know from a group project a year ago waves at me Think I have …[View]
51550956>tfw starting to realize the bible is right about everything[View]
51550368The Final Blackpill: I don't come on 4chan anymore but I thought I'd post this since I cam…[View]
51549378any canadian bots took the GED test? Was it easy?[View]
51551131Girls Everywhere: Plot Twist - There are ONLY girls online. And you are one of them![View]
51549726Just realized I'll never be happy. What a horrible realization. So, what will I do? Death isn…[View]
51550633Is he proof that whites can't be robots?[View]
51550027>be me, about 9 or 10ish >start a youtube channel where i do vlogs n stopmotion shit >goes …[View]
51548635>Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fuck…[View]
51550556>be me >listen to d4nny >it's good >thank you d4nny…[View]
51550605looks like all the real robots an hero'd. r9k is wasteland. rip[View]
51550316Tfw when like yaoi but not gay: Anyone else know this particular feel?[View]
51546074Why do females have wound that never heals?[View]
51549962excuses me. but why is it that, um, that White people have the best music about romantic love, with …[View]
51548477>Meet girl on here >Talk for the next 3 months, we have a ton in common >She starts taking …[View]
51550132how the fuck do you study, im 19 and in first year of uni in a course i dont really like but is simi…[View]
51550936>mfw Inimbly escape a romantic connection with a girl he met online because I found out she is a …[View]
51550524I hate being an incel loser so much, please God change me into an alpha male so I don't have to…[View]
51550826Anyone gifted but lazy? I am incredibly good at making money. Everything I have done works. I have a…[View]
51550591Anyone know any legit sites to find escorts? I have the money but I need a site where I actually mee…[View]
51549469Why did I only find teenagers attractive later in life?: When I was in my sexual prime in my early t…[View]
51550574I just want to be able to like girls without having to exert the mental effort into researching whet…[View]
51549785Femanons what would you do if you woke up one day and found you turned into a petite cute asian girl…[View]
51545076>gf got a vibrator >swears it has nothing to do with me god fuck offffff…[View]
51549929No one told me that college is infuriatingly awful. No one told me that's it's 99% busy wo…[View]
51550783Hey guys join my discord. Its geared towards self improvement gg/p2SV2vA[View]
51550003Man I really wish I had friends[View]
51549609What do robots think of the recent terror attack?[View]
51550688Today is the first day of the beginning of my life. I'm not going to die like this.[View]
51550309Why do we fail at whatever we try?[View]
51550641those were good timess[View]
51549937>closet ghost is screaming again[View]
51550664Skribbl game: https://skribbl.io/?rWBXzcQN4t Come play skribbl with fellow zoomers[View]
515504324chan is like an uneducated alcoholic clique that fucks your life up when you're involved but y…[View]
51550557Being a teacher is such a shit job: Today I heard a girl talking about how she doesn't do missi…[View]
51549867>take 70mg vyvanse >take 15mg adderall >extremely skinny >can't gain weight god thi…[View]
51549781>finally come out that I'm learning Japanese >family laughs at me and calls me a weeb…[View]
51550638>can't come up with anything to say in the moment >think of 3 perfect rebuttals immediate…[View]
51550630blog: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1i53uESI2Ng :)[View]
51549593First ever 4chan post: >be me normie, Reddit fag >only know 4chan from r/greentext, which I s…[View]
51550567>those chubby li'l hips[View]
51543976Autistic fem-bot with no family or friends here, anyone ever tried meeting up with another bot here?…[View]
51546089Is this accurate of people and their political compass?[View]
51550006List of people I hate: *Kikes *Mexicans *Niggers *Muslims *Sand niggers *Pajeets *Gooks *Japs *Fags …[View]
51550166If your child is born with multiple physical and mental disabilities and you had the choice to eutha…[View]
51550412>/tv/ tells me to have sex >also had enough of being a virgin at 28 so book an appointment wit…[View]
51547329Is there anything more beautiful than the bond between a mother and her child?[View]
51549700Hannah oHayo ^_^: hey /retard9000/! your favorite retard just released a new video for (You) pls no…[View]
51550393Let's say you die in 10 minutes. Who will organize your funeral? Who is going to be present?[View]
51547839>look in the mirror >I'm Handsome and I'm Ugly Look at the left side. Look cute as f…[View]
51550453>tfw no bende van Nijvel bf[View]
51550181Is it ever too late for someone to redeem themselves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_hzvkFi4JU…[View]
51549237>turned 20 >still virgin Holy shit, am I actually going to become a wizard? How could this hap…[View]
51550320dude! I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! WOAH!! ok, so. you know how we chat on discord? like, strangers join discor…[View]
51549140Alright robots, it's my first time making a greentext, so bear with me. (lelz I'm deff not…[View]
51550312Anyone remember her? http://imgur.com/faOGsNc[View]
51548053>too autistic for reddit >not edgy enough for 4chan How do I proceed?…[View]
51547483how do we ruin the world for women more[View]
51550225One day we are all going to make it r-right guys?[View]
51545283What happened to passionate guys? What happened guys being able to pick up on a girls body language …[View]
51549910There's absolutely no reason for any of you to be virgins.[View]
51547397Fuck you, I'm smart.[View]
51550081Incels don't exist. You are just too lazy to learn from your mistakes.[View]
51550093>people born in 1999 will eventually come to be accepted as boomers >people born in 2000 will …[View]
51549815Hey guys. I just too a massive shit. My god I feel like a new person. My stomach was hurting but now…[View]
51549957>done with school >hate clubs >no way to meet a gf It's over at this point isn't …[View]
51549772Anyone else really craving affection and attention from girls? Met multiple mentally ill females on …[View]
51547167It's time for the kind of thread where you open paint and show how much you love your waifu by …[View]
51550028but why not? what if I accidentally posted my personal information?[View]
51550071Why do people drink coffee to stay awake? Have they not even tried waiting til nighttime then gettin…[View]
51549731shower routine thread motherfuckers >wet washcloth and rinse armpits, privates, and buttcrack …[View]
51549179Janny are you Honky? Janny are you Honky? Are you Honky Janny?[View]
51549834Uni thread: >Finishing up Uni indoctrination camp >Since next fall will be the start of my fin…[View]
51547441why does being an inferior sex object feel so good?[View]
51549888I have to go to some orientation before registering for classes? What the heck is orientation like?[View]
51548856>the year is 2145 >it has been 200 years since the last world war >the zucc has finally bee…[View]
51549419I cant get hard for long enough to fuck my girlfriend. But I can jerk off to porn 9 times a day with…[View]
51549595very fnny: >be me >meet qt3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307…[View]
51549546Take it easy, man. That's you too, /r9k/.[View]
51548836gettin a game PC: What's r9k's advice for buying a game pc as cheap as possible but good e…[View]
51549878Cute animals: We need a little heartwarming thread today[View]
51547956I've been noticing a trend in the past few years and that's normies/robot shamers shitting…[View]
51549544White people have a difficult time taking dictation from a black man.[View]
51549799Hitler was black[View]
51548845have a gf. coming up on 3 years. also fair share of sexual experience in the past. AMA[View]
51548320Life could've been so much better if I were born a girl.[View]
51546199MALE RED FLAGS THREAD: I saw a fembot thread the other day and I thought i'd share what I think…[View]
51549602This man is a hero. Help spread the video and manifesto![View]
51549723https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTdrYaHzSQA sorry no one told you before anon...[View]
51546435ITT: memes that makes females laugh[View]
51548658I just want nagataro to be my gf[View]
51548287Are you jealous of women? be honest why does it threaten you when other men feel their own way about…[View]
51549740theres nothing more niggardly than being a trans person[View]
51549733You don't deserve to be able to make decisions about how to spend your time: You are a loser wi…[View]
51549718>Wake up from THAT dream again I wish someone loved me, then maybe I could have purpose…[View]
51547489Small victories edition: Got hugged at work a few months ago. First time a girl hugged me since 8th …[View]
51549727Tfw you autistically greet the attractive Doordash girl that lives near you.[View]
51549666a predator's heart knows no remorse, it lives for the hunt. a natural force[View]
51549617How many people don't have friends?: I haven't had friends since I was a kid and assumed a…[View]
51547940>sleep for 10 hours >wake up >eat breakfast >3 hours pass >tired as fuck again, seri…[View]
51547356Why doesn't mine look like this?[View]
51549473>He went to uni but never got laid LMFAO[View]
51547702any romanian neets lurking around here?[View]
51549653Falling in love is fucking terrifying[View]
51548392Do you think that the alt right subculture is basically just a mirror of the bugmen phenomenon? Bugm…[View]
51547801I know a girl that looks exactly like this dude how do I deal with this?[View]
51549615First week at uni i'm just getting ignored by the girls Does that mean...[View]
51549530noones wanted here we just tolerate each other but theres no allegiances or friendships on this boat…[View]
51549586>Gotta shit >Go into stall >Ok shit gotta sneeze >Sneeze >Biggest turd ever rockets o…[View]
51546542Hi, Anon! I'm just an egocentric shallow thot, but you'd still date me, right?[View]
51548687we need to talk about death really, we need to[View]
51548070>tfw opened window first time this year forgot how comfy fresh air is[View]
51549068Who is cooler, T-800 or T-1000?[View]
51547418honestly the only thing i want in life is a big fucking schlong.[View]
51549422>tfw fat >tfw spotty >tfw unironic aspergers >tfw I ask for a girls phone number >tf…[View]
51549248How big do you estimate her areolas and nipples are?[View]
51549247asian 'women' are you even trying?[View]
51548036Do you want to be remembers after your death?[View]
51548634>live in smal town >all I want is to leave >god literally follows me around 24/7 striking m…[View]
51549204>dad just walks into my room and forces me to listen to this ''funny dude'' t…[View]
51549069>tfw you're emotionally repressed how do I escape this faith? it's one of the biggest r…[View]
51547388What's your opinion of seeing normies play your favorite videogames.[View]
51549395The girl I am pursuing now and the girl I've fucked for some time before and ghosted are going …[View]
51547417How do I stop being dead inside? Is suicide the only solution to stop suffering?[View]
51547239>tfw male but born with wide hips and a plump girl-like ass[View]
51547830>calling friends who recently moved to california >in the middle of conversation, accidentally…[View]
51542411how fat do you like your fat chicks, r9k?[View]
51547512>TFW your watching an anime and you relate to a character so much post some of them feels you hav…[View]
51548737>Have gained a lot of weight >Currently 214lbs at 5'11 (with clothes) >obese according…[View]
51548958/drugfeels/: Anti-Opisquad Coalition edition Including sexy anime girls get in nerds…[View]
51548358*sniff* *sniff* I smell rotting crotch meat[View]
51545829I built this. Does anyone else here build things?[View]
51547755Tell me that things are going to be alright robots[View]
51549197death grips thread: how long till my dick completely dies down? im cut and i have no idea how to do …[View]
51549244Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51548242tfw ill never paint my gfs nails[View]
51547386does anyone else find comfort in knowing that they have their suicide method figured out?[View]
51548922Yo, volcel! Would you trade places with that Chad?[View]
51546762Why do white people repeatedly set their car alarm 50 times when a black person is walking past thei…[View]
51546206>Been wiping my ass so hard that I consistently draw blood now from my anus when wiping after a s…[View]
51548959Why don't femcels just get a boob job if they want more male attention?[View]
51547997loneliness: how long has it been since you talked to someone that you considered a good friend?…[View]
51548784>4 days til my klonopin refill is authorized god dammit why'd I take them all in two days Wh…[View]
51548793Work!: Men and women shouldn't be allowed in the same workplace. Women always cause trash dram…[View]
51548424Why do people make the same threads on multiple boards? Are they keeping track of how much replies t…[View]
51547948Echo fucks random men from soc: She's desperate lol[View]
51547432How did you get to 4chan? I personally read that you can ddos people just by posting an ip on /b/. D…[View]
51544885Why don't normal people care about dating single moms?: I mean outside of /r9k/, /pol/, mgtow, …[View]
51549005wow even asian 'men' are victims of the BWC.[View]
51548667Tfw you will never get a fat girlfriend: Sumo women[View]
51548782Your thoughts on caves please.[View]
51546279/SadBoyAssociation/: The only dream i really have is it to start something like a group for robotlik…[View]
51548770>End up communicating with a fembot >Worried that she's messaging someone else off here…[View]
51548688how do i learn to care about things again?[View]
51548662ITT I will post roman graffiti. The Lupinare: I screwed a lot of girls here The Lupinare: On June 15…[View]
51548132I have a 250 word essay due in college in 2 weeks and I can't get off r9k. After I fail college…[View]
51547873Incels LMAO[View]
51544667Even if you managed get a girlfriend, what then? What is there to talk about? She won't care ab…[View]
51547823Hit or pound? I bet you love to pound huh? Your little dicks hard I bet you wanna cum Ill jerk your …[View]
51548939Why are anime fans so disgusting and sickening?[View]
51547605Venting Space | Part 3: You know the drill by now anons, your regular thread dedicated to venting yo…[View]
51548365How do I become a NEET >stats: >live in america >male >only around $2000…[View]
51548873Have a good day anon~ you've earned it![View]
51547777I moved into brothers house, am neet denied social security with mental illnesses and 25 years old. …[View]
51546077Do you consider yourself a good person, robots?[View]
51548509Boomers: Why are they so annoying[View]
51548162I'd like to help Mini: She's an angel living in Romania impoverished in squalid conditions…[View]
51526585/Drugfeel/ Youre coming with me edition[View]
51548712University student comfy: >tfw uni student >tfw getting paid over 6k USD per year just to go …[View]
51547194>live in isolation for years >can't get upvotes on my YouTube comments anymore >can…[View]
51547954when do we wake up[View]
51548126You fucking people. Just shut the fuck up for once[View]
51548582If something feels wrong or uncomfy to you, take note. don't force yourself to do things that a…[View]
51547453How do you cope with being a brainlet?: I just avoid anything that requires 100+ iq like a plague le…[View]
51548418i miss being a dumb teenager why do you hate your life teenposter? tell me, i want to know.[View]
51547856>try to look for porn on Bing just for a little dopamine hit >Bing doesn't bring up any r…[View]
51548214Loser feels.: I was unhappy as a NEET. I needed something to balance out all the idle time. I…[View]
51547277How often do you guys browse r9k? I have been going on every day for the past 3 years since I was 15…[View]
51546880What makes a 2D anime girl cute?[View]
51547153Guys, help me get over my english: Dudes, I can't really speak english. I may understand it yet…[View]
51547961Fembots, have you ever had more than one dick inside you? How did it feel?[View]
51547905Is suffering a good thing? Do you enjoy suffering? Suffering either creates growth or misery. Misery…[View]
51547478>tfw you will never trash the mall with 2002 avril lavigne[View]
51546771GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 20:17-28 As Jesus was going up to Jerusal…[View]
51548362how to get beter eye sight: Went today to doctor so that he can check if i meet the requirements for…[View]
51548340I stuck my dick in some whore and found she had some greenish fluid inside her pussy, is this normal…[View]
51548234What's the best platform to stream my suicide?[View]
51544960>have days when I couldn't give less of a fuck about tfw no gf >have days when it's …[View]
51547630>tfw 23rd birthday is 5 days away >virgin >used to not care, now kinda bugging me >haven…[View]
51548231I was a little too tall Could've used a few pounds Tight pants points hardly reknown She was a …[View]
51547748am I depressed: I've had a solid sleeping routine for a while now. I'm in bed by 11pm and …[View]
51547598>be hapacel >rejected by white people >rejected by Asians >can't fit in with Indian…[View]
51548108na na na na na na na: baby give it up give it up baby give it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ieq…[View]
51547663Drugs/ trips thread v2. Keep it going bois Best or worst trips, favorite drugs to use, or drugs you …[View]
51547122I just got into nes games for the first time, loving Megaman 2 what's your favourite anon?[View]
51545428Post doggos.: Come closer fren. I need some hugs.[View]
51547990>had a dream about my waifu >she rejected me Why can't I at least be happy in my dreams…[View]
51544903>tfw no asian rapper gf[View]
51547427>he puts sugar in his coffee[View]
51547395Hey robots Im 2 hours away from a final interview for a job and im sitting in my dark room. >I…[View]
51546526/Creative Robots/: That time again. Post artwork, music, videos, literature or whatever kind of stuf…[View]
51547000>did you know that the degeneracy of modern society will not go unpunished, anon? all fags, trann…[View]
51547922What is your favorite anime: And why is it girls und panzer[View]
51547902>tfw remembering all the times I ranted crazily at my friend or got blackout drunk and was told I…[View]
51545719>Jobcentre advisor is fully convinced I'm just a down on my luck guy stuck in a rut who just…[View]
51545123used to come to r9k to relate to other robots now get depressed reading about how awesome normies li…[View]
51545434Shane Dawson: I'm convinced that Shane Dawson browses 4chan. He is obviously an incel and was a…[View]
51547336I am a black nigga from a nigger: Nige bor in .e nugger[View]
51547759>he doesn't make a pact of posting at least 100 times a day on /r9k/ Are you gay, retarded,…[View]
51547844ow: >be me >write love letters to grill >talk to her over school trip >actually communic…[View]
51546804>tfw scared her away with my autism fuck, this is way I stay to myself, nothing good ever comes f…[View]
51547635INTJ-T: How good is this for employment?[View]
51547651>first day at amazon fulfillment center >mfw the wagecage is a real thing, you stand in a cage…[View]
51542306>be me >total fucking autist fembot >pretty clueless in life >a bit autistic, cant hold …[View]
51547782>tfw trauma bonding in my dreams again GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT…[View]
51539448>he graduated college without losing his virginity How? Seriously...how??…[View]
51540106/britfeel/: whenever you breathe out, i breathe in edition[View]
51544634Shouldn't you be going to sleep[View]
51547625Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HydvceA1PAI[View]
51545131Imagine force to grow up trans but you didnt know then you find out what would you do[View]
51545089This is what normalfags actually believe btw[View]
51543435I have never eaten pussy[View]
51546862>goes on r9k >doesnt have aspergers Explain…[View]
51547529OVERWAT: >come up with the idea that OW should have a strong male healer instead of Lucio >he …[View]
51547175There are more girls alive today than at any other point in history[View]
51546610Does anyone have the T-72 loader version of this meme?[View]
51547036Yes, the production of sex dolls is a valid solution to the incel issue. But if you still yearn to f…[View]
51547382i can feel the need for a hug radiating around my body snd shivering in the parts i want someones ar…[View]
51538192>'I'm not going to abandon you' >abandons me What is it that guys mean by this?…[View]
51544783If you had a thicc gf where would you sleep on? On her breasts? On her butt? Or ON HER BELLY?[View]
51546993who else despises the fact that we grow tired of things, i find a food i like, i could eat it for th…[View]
51547359hello blackbots im offering a caucasian pass whats up my Caucasians[View]
51546559Femanons who meet robots should tie them up and then just tickle torture them and not even give them…[View]
51547253Anyone got experience with either being in a relationship with female feminists, or at the least hav…[View]
51547201Post random opposite words.[View]
51547380I had sex with a donkey and he sported out nigger: But why the penis[View]
51547367Internet was a mistake: All I want is for the Internet to disappear. Let's go back to better ti…[View]
51543178Good food you've had recently: I'm not talking about tendies, anon.[View]
51547196I'm thinking of becoming a heroin addict. It will add a fun new component to my life, and a goa…[View]
51547173>drop redpill in thread >autistic shreeks >thread 404s immedietly >kek…[View]
51547183How many of you refrain from saying bad words in front of women? How many of you watch your mouths a…[View]
51546778>had a dream where I just hugged with a girl in bed >woke up to wet pants…[View]
51546912have you done you part in the extermination of all fags, trannies and degenerates?[View]
51545010do you have any plan to get your shit together or will just complain until its gets really too late?[View]
51546836>parents think I'm a computer wiz because I installed windows on the family PC when I was a …[View]
51546381I don't have the focus. I don't have the concentration. I don't have the motivation. …[View]
51546437>mfw I imagine having to work[View]
5154708528 yr old incel here, A girl likes me and wants to be my friend ect, I never escalate cuz autism. An…[View]
51544951>told by family & friends I'm smart starting from age 5 >boosted ego for 13 years …[View]
51547015can I not get hired if I'm too ugly or weird looking anons?[View]
51547047Anyone else take a shit in the toilet and dont flush and just sit there smelling it?[View]
51546820>Dream me and my gf finally forgive each other for stupid shit and get back together >Wake up …[View]
51544749Why haven't you taken the white nationalism pill yet, r9k?[View]
51547029Fembots would you date a guy with big scars on the arms due to self harm? Asking for a friend[View]
51545346Nocolime: If you see this thread please write me, i really want to talk with you. there is so much s…[View]
51546703Has anon ever been mutually in love?[View]
51546423Why is racism not allowed on r9k? Does hiromoot want to keep the normalfag greentext zoomers here or…[View]
51546948>ITT characters you relate too but hate relating too and cant seemingly change to not relate to t…[View]
51546522>be me >socially awkward as fuck >whenever i see people i know walking down the street i tr…[View]
51546855It's 1am and I'm drunk and have work in 7 hours what should I do?[View]
51546893ITT: 4chan immortality. What OC or contributions have you made that stuck around? I'll start s…[View]
51545601just finished shaving my pubes with a double-edged razor.[View]
51545783This is the dream. This is what's going to make it all worth it one day. General escape thread[View]
51546263>movie is about a 16 year old kid who checks into a mental hospital for adults >'Oh cool, this…[View]
51546429> Fixing my roommate's guitar for him > Has an insanely bowed neck. Need to adjust it …[View]
51542381cursged thread dump everything[View]
51546916Premium aesthetics https://youtu.be/OWcDNVDsIJw[View]
51545485IT guy in the morgue (was gonna post on /x/ but fuck them): >Be me >Be IT guy apprentice for t…[View]
51544440Who is this weird feminist cunt referring to as a pedophile gaslighter?[View]
51546649Why does every girl I fall in love with end up either being a sympathizer for gays, being gay hersel…[View]
51546466>be me >always feeling like a sick fat fuck who can't accomplish anything >sleep sched…[View]
51546175>still trying to grasp the meaning of it all[View]
51546641tfw you can't trust nobody in this world: >download pizza images from tor >take snaps of …[View]
51546316Would a girlfriend be okay with me masturbating to gay porn? I'm don't want to fuck guys o…[View]
51545850REMINDER THAT WOMEN ARE LOYAL: Nearly 10 years later and this 4/10 NPC still has his 8/10 girlfriend…[View]
51546497Why call them normalx's when we could just call them neurotypicals[View]
51545232Why are so many robots suicidal?[View]
51546037What's with all the normies suddenly topping themselves out of nowhere ? Do normies realise the…[View]
51546353>have 15 minute presentation on electrochemistry and double layer capacitance with a 5 min QnA to…[View]
51545027Shane Dawson had sex with a cat: >I didn't fuck my cat, You see, social media stars are just…[View]
51543115>So you're not a capitalist right? How do you respond?[View]
51546455Many of you guys will get colorectal cancer from sitting around on the computer all day eating terri…[View]
51546368>agree to go to club with norman dormmates >they meet a group of girls >eventually everyone…[View]
51546421Friend (female) has recently started sending me lewd/semi-nude pics but needs me to send her poses. …[View]
51544811Why you don't want a gf: >always on your mind, you can't get joy from looking at the sk…[View]
51546329Hey robros, anon here. it's 4:46am and it's the closest i've come to crying in a whi…[View]
51546085I wanna take this opportunity to say thank you to all the pretty white girls out there for having su…[View]
51545605Just found out I don't have herpes after 3.5 years of thinking I did[View]
51546187I make thread!!!![View]
51546242>Nom, nom, nom. Anon, I must say that this is some of the best horse semen I've ever tasted.…[View]
51546373why is it always the sweet looking faggots that trap me. is this m or f[View]
51545043UK Growbots: General UK growing thread. Why not become a Growbot? >no mates to rat you out >no…[View]
51546209Long hair and beard.: Do girls like guys with long hair and untrimmed full beards? I rarely see any …[View]
51545996I never thought it would happen but I don't want to masturbate anymore. It's been a few da…[View]
51545910>qt girl at shop actually says something to me when she didn't have to >respond with one …[View]
51544976Who here /poor hygiene/[View]
51546309Hello there robots: I've decided that i do not want to die. I am alive. Its not because my par…[View]
51546005Why do I feel like my IQ has literally doubled during my 20's? And it's not all just from …[View]
51546254>Go through school hallway >See some guy >We stare at each other for a bit >He pulls out…[View]
51545274How do I become a better man,bros?[View]
51545987If you could go back in time to segments of your life where people let you down and change your reac…[View]
51545415how are my smokerbots doing tonight? also, smoke thread i guess.[View]
51546053>enjoy being dominated >try to get bf to rape me >he always stops when i say no What am I n…[View]
51543358Was it cheating that I had a guy friend over and he ended up taking a shower then changing his cloth…[View]
51545426women are fucking cruel, they use your insecurities against you. A gril Im infatuated with calls me …[View]
51545951Anyone else really want to beat up a tranny? Sucks that they're always hiding on discord or on …[View]
51545207How come my dog won't cum when I jerk him off?: He has nuts. He gets a boner but doesn't c…[View]
51544062Any Jews here wanna play some League on NA? My IGN is Assbringer, I just wanna hit 30 so I can play …[View]
51545881>do some part time wageslaving >boss is out of the country >be at work Monday >she sends…[View]
51546093Stories n' stuff: >>be me >>college guy 24 year old >> decide one night 'fuc…[View]
51546080Nothing like an early Morning Fap to help forget about the ills of society ![View]
51545685>tfw I got 3 thirsty thirsty girls texting me constantly and a 4th at work that wont stop staring…[View]
51545982>walking >look at all the beautiful women >imagine what it would be like to talk to them an…[View]
51545280what would you do if you had a tranny stalker that was obsessed with you?[View]
51545584Am I a lost cause of a human beeing? >in uni, a girl sits next to me >very close, sometimes nu…[View]
51545117/r9straight/ (Reboot): #2 Thread Come in fellow straightbros[View]
51545323Another sleepless night behind me. At least I fixed my phone charger cable. I haven't been to u…[View]
51537666Seattle Thread: What non-manual labor jobs can you get in Seattle with only a GED that pay over $15 …[View]
51542871I want to sexually destroy my pure girlfriend but Im worried that Ill scare her off. How do I intro…[View]
51545883>girl talks to me >instantly fall in love with her Why am I like this?…[View]
51544547Dubs the universe shifts so that you never existed please [View]
51536229Cute vs hot: What the fuck do girls mean when referring to a boy as 'cute' and what the fuck do they…[View]
51545156Willing to trade my gf who likes anime and video games for your NEET lifestyle. What do you think an…[View]
51535076You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a hyena wife. You may ask yourself, 'Well, how did …[View]
51545807It never gets better, does it robots[View]
51545404>tfw at perfect level of beer buzz Feels good bros. I'm goldilocks.…[View]
51545805>boyfriend made a female friend who is also convinced that they can stop time…[View]
51545794I was wondering, do normies can CHOOSE a girl to be with!? And I am NOT talking about chads here, ju…[View]
51545498i'll stop making threads to you big sis kat. whenever i get blocked i'll gift someone what…[View]
51544895Would you ever use an emoji?[View]
51545764aestheticfeet films at Arizona State University / ASU: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2XF4b5S…[View]
51543989Who else ****ing hates the word 'sir'. Being a male sucks. It's pathetic, humiliating, subhuman…[View]
51545729/OC reacts/ do You guys make your own reacts and crop them from anime as you watch? Initial D has a …[View]
51543749Anyone know this girl Shes an insane bpd rape victim who posts all over vg and a she was a child pro…[View]
51541261why are moms so hot?[View]
51544509I'm not gay: >watch porn for mor than 15 years >mostly lesbian and anal >than tranny s…[View]
51543822what are robot-tier jobs that require no experience or degrees? i have like 2 years of experience as…[View]
51545542When and why did you stop living and start dying? For me it was 2 years ago, finished high school w…[View]
51544530>want a gun >can't get one normally because of mental issues >too nervous to go alone …[View]
51545609Was this the first depiction of space and rockets?: I can't find any earlier on film? https://w…[View]
51545135There's this girl I was FWB with (wanted to make her my gf but it didn't work) she's …[View]
51545493I am bisexual and I really want a trans girl. They are the ideal embodiment of the masculine and the…[View]
51545205I don't think Jesus saved me. I'm damned. Anyone else know what I mean?[View]
51543097Am I stupid or smart or average. I've never taken an IQ test. I got a 30 on the ACT in 4 tries.…[View]
51545111daily reminder: >the worst autistics don't know they have autism >thinking you are redpil…[View]
515419002019 and I am forgotten[View]
51545228I pooped my pants again[View]
51545093I turn 25 soon. Lasy year I had a major mid-mid-life crisis. It led to me getting friends, getting a…[View]
51544663/badfeels/: >sick for days, throat hurts from coughing >long 12 hour day day at uni, so many n…[View]
51543095Realistically is there anywhere in the world you can be useless and still live a normal life? I kno…[View]
51545077This fucking guy SURFED A 30-FOOT WAVE ON ON A MOTORCYCLE. And I waste my time shitposting on this …[View]
51544705is 4chan acting fucky for any other americunts?[View]
51545137>tfw you just want to suck on a girl's toes I haven't jerked off in a couple days and r…[View]
51543866Anyone else basically a 11-13 year old? >Missed out on teenage love >handholdless >hugless…[View]
51544331/cook/ I cooked a lamb shoulder (four quarter) chop and im having some of my defrosted beef stew wit…[View]
51544897Lack of sex has prohibited me from progressing in life: If I could lose my virginity I'm sure I…[View]
51545258>lose a lot of weight >get a good job >new car >bathe and have good hygiene >dres…[View]
51544035>Finally got offered a job >It's part time with only 5 hours a week Kill me…[View]
51544044>tfw I had to get over so many crushes throughout my life that I can finally get over them in a w…[View]
51544615Just started a new reddit thread: What's your favorite breakfast cereal? https://www.reddit.co…[View]
51544367>muh night walks >muh drugs >muh fictional wife >what does fembot think about x y z >…[View]
51544412proof that discord ruins your life and will turn you into a fucking faggot https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
51544083We are nothing but apes and our desire to continue living and achieve goals, our very hope for life …[View]
51544942Comfy Thread/Vent Thread: What's on your mind anon? Let me know and post a comfy pic while you…[View]
51545072Why am I like this /r9k/?: This is a short one but I still think about it nonetheless. >be me in …[View]
51544714/AMG/ - Asian Masculinity General: We need to kill the negative Asian men stereotypes.[View]
51544737>buy new earbuds >right side is almost mute…[View]
51541772what good choices did you guys make today?: ill start. i fasted for around 20 hours and i did 6 mil…[View]
51543815How is your life unraveling right now?: What's driven you closer to suicide recently? Any NEETs…[View]
51544717>went to store >looked at girl >she smiles We're all going to make it robots…[View]
51533281i am a neet and i have just been summoned to jury duty. how can i get out of this or something.[View]
51545039Anyone got the link to the Christchurch shooting video? Need some fapping material[View]
51544578Do you love your mom /r9k/? How bout your daddy?[View]
51544649>instantly fall in love when I hear a girl's voice ingame JUST[View]
51543738>be me >18 >have a crush on 8/10 qt3.14 >dream.exe >i'm going to her place >w…[View]
51544944Why dont you drink tea anon?: Textless posts are not allowed. Why dont you put the title in the text…[View]
51540341itt: weird dreams: post greentexts about really obnoxious dreams you had[View]
51545054How to stop smoking weed and watching porn? Originalio[View]
51544894>got drunk as hell >took a lot of painkillers and sleeping medication >laying in bed hoping…[View]
51544762>moved out of mom's house into brothers >didn't get social security for my mental il…[View]
51544994A slutty cat stole my bf, what do?[View]
51543896>people tell you you're a bad person for long enough and soon you'll start doing bad th…[View]
51527182Waifu General /waifu/ #119: 2D Love edition prev >>51512814[View]
51541390>you will never be a kamikaze What a shit feel. Those bastards were so lucky they had the chance…[View]
51522744I thought a roastie was my 'friend', and ended up paying the price.: I thought a roastie was my 'fri…[View]
51543742Really wish I had more mirtazapine so I could sleep soundly, have more vivid dreams than you could e…[View]
51544807I just dreamt of being a girl in a porno movie. I was being fucked/fingered by some guy(very weird),…[View]
51544413normies only: this is the normalfag only thread all robots and fags are NOT ALLOWED you must have ha…[View]
51544338>Tfw throughout your life you were easily disposable to people[View]
51544165I'm majoring in philosophy and psychology. Will I regret it? I'm not a brainlet (34 ACT, 5…[View]
51544609>tfw love nipple play but hate lactating suddenly It's suffering. I don't wanna drain m…[View]
51544838A slutty frog stole my bf, what do?[View]
51542740Turns out that your punishment for committing suicide is eternal life: I shot myself in the head. I …[View]
51544598A slutty skeleton stole my BF, what do[View]
51544678My chest is bigger than my gfs and god in heaven I love it so much. I love to play her chest like a …[View]
51544469Existence is cold right now. Everyone and everything feels hostile.[View]
51544716A slutty sexy bird stole my bf, what do?[View]
51544687>finally bored of tranny porn (thank god) >try watching straight porn >it's all gay as…[View]
51544520I hate this I hate it so fucking much. In the past I would've been some dipshit peasant that go…[View]
51541605My mother is taking me to the barber shop tomorrow. How do I avoid small talk with the barber? Last …[View]
51541905Omegle thread: YOU'RE SHOWING UP WITH A BIG DICK AND A NEW ATTITUDE! use the tag 'r9k'[View]
51544583i'm lonely. what else is there to say?[View]
51544282How do I stop the anxiety: just woke up from an alcohol nap feeling like I'm slipping turning …[View]
51544574The Church of The Rice: Come to the Church of The Rice Praise his Holy Name and all his divine provi…[View]
51544203>tfw not only circumcised but also botched[View]
51544569Don't forget to put sage in options when replying to a normie's thread. Let's make r9…[View]
51544397>stop staring, perv! go back to your own room![View]
51543713Where does one get a 100% helium tank? Any links? I heard some are mixing with regular air now?[View]
51544145>make a thread >waiting on (you)s >go to the catalog and see if the thread has another repl…[View]
51544473Relationships: > be me > going through existential crisis > gf by my side so some stress is…[View]
51543600How do i eat my own cum? i've been trying to do this forever but as soon as i cum i lose all in…[View]
51544515would you smell her finger?[View]
51541660big kathy enjoy the night. i dont know if you read these anymore since you hate me[View]
51543977God I want to touch a thicc girl's plump soft belly. How does it feel guys?[View]
51544351I thought you people were a bunch of sick bastards until I visited /pol. Holy shit. They make you gu…[View]
51544456Am I dying, going crazy or am I just retarded??? Recently I noticed that I have been getting mad an…[View]
51542326>mfw 6'3 >8.5 inch dick >be a sub bottom with a tiny cock humiliation fetish >into …[View]
51543066I notice how society is completely flawed and destined to destruction because i am a super genius. I…[View]
51543297Will i die if I masturbate til im about to finish and just stop 3 times a day?[View]
51544347Why do i masturbate?: >Goes to watch Luna Star get ass eaten >Cums in cozy pants while her ass…[View]
51541716I want a boy to shrink me and make me his foot slave[View]
51543994Why do my girlfriend's family mock me and refuse to help me even after I try to make it up to t…[View]
51543138Why are uncut cocks so erotic? I can't help but get hard thinking about the pleasure they get t…[View]
51544139>best friend started dating a single mom 3-4 months ago >already moved in an apartment with he…[View]
51544113I can't believe he's gone: he's actually fucking gone. my cat that i had for 12 years…[View]
51543568I keep getting a feeling that I'm going to die soon, nothing comes of it, it's been lastin…[View]
51543485I am losing it and nobody understands. They can't it just wouldn't make sense. I'm a …[View]
51543391prepping?: shitty weather every day for weeks now except weird sun for a few minutes sometimes and h…[View]
51544098>High school history teacher in California >Got email from boss: 'Students have complained tha…[View]
51542604How much better is sex for uncircumcised men: im so fucking angry that I was circumcised as a baby. …[View]
51544214Hey /r9k/, just wanted to make a wholesome thread to make everybody feel happy. Always remember that…[View]
51543792when did you realize that people are not inherently good?[View]
51544199Is it possible that the trans movement is a psy op to remove people with a pre disposition to mental…[View]
51543670why are girls so obsessed with BTS? I hear my younger sister and her friends watching their music vi…[View]
51540795Anyone else refuse to use dating apps?: The concept of hooking up with people on looks alone just se…[View]
51543467Rate my incoming waifu order.[View]
51543855My butt is super squishy, it jiggles a lot when I smack it even though I'm almost underweight[View]
51544067>wrist hurts whenever you use your drawing tablet for more than a few hours why must everything b…[View]
51544090>He didn't make the journal thread >I stayed up past 5AM I don't like this ending…[View]
51544036Does anyone know some methods for getting rid of a cold quickly? Am not comfy right now[View]
51544003>sit down >be quiet >be still >behave >listen to me >shut up >stop nagging >…[View]
51541617Why are women like this?: Whats going through their minds while doing this?[View]
51542991I want /r/aznmasculinity to get out. This board is for incels and incels only[View]
51543300What does it mean when girls like anal?[View]
51543526is it even worth it to apply for a job online? how in the absolute fuck are you supposed to get a jo…[View]
51543623Post cringy autistic things you have done, that now give you daily flashbacks and social anxiety and…[View]
51543826>be me >rolling a blunt using my therapist's card…[View]
51543845if you're gonna carpet bomb depressing redpills and blackpills about circumcision, you should b…[View]
51543693>coach tells other guys they are doing great >Learning fast, gives them a pat on the back …[View]
51543229Adderall: I've always been a fidgety person, in elementary school a bunch of teachers had spoke…[View]
51543668I see a few threads about anons wanting friends. I met a friend on here by accident last year so do …[View]
51543790>be me >second week of my new job >travel 4 hours to return items back to owner >arrive …[View]
51542900If I chemically castrate myself will I stop feeling loneliness? Currently I only feel lonely til I j…[View]
51542290I have never eaten a girls ass[View]
51543643Yeah I know you're fishing for compliments you're welcome[View]
51543662a robot is a guy that think hes fine, also known as an incel. hes always talkin about what he deserv…[View]
51542507>Never had kids of his own >Raised his widowed wife's kids >Lanklet >Dad died when …[View]
51543652Oh fuck here we go lads: Idk wtf to do anymore. I'm depressed and haven't worked for a goo…[View]
51543413How do I get a girl's number in class tomorrow?[View]
51541952>look kid, it's ok to feel bad. It's your body's way of saying you need to change.…[View]
51539916Why do grown men like sucking on boobs?[View]
51543028Everytime I put my trust into someone I'm always betrayed. I want to get better. I want to lear…[View]
51542940Why do asian girls chose white men over asian men so often? there is almost no race mixing propagand…[View]
51543608CIA niggers they glow in the daark but not me though I glow in the park[View]
51539146Liking cock is perfectly straight. You have to be attracted to male faces to be gay.: There is liter…[View]
51543262I'm new to 4chan and I'm kinda confused. What's stopping everyone from being rude and…[View]
51542112So I've never made a 4chan post in my life, but I've lurked here for a while too beta to a…[View]
51542407Thoughts on female dogs?[View]
51543591Green eyes: >me >a programmer that is 6/10 >play a game of minecraft for fun >play on se…[View]
51540282tfw no chaotic threads[View]
51543078/r9gay/ - #654: Shirtless boys edition Last thread: >>51522387[View]
51543540> me wooga > you ooga > ooga do thing wooga no like > wooga tell ooga do thing wooga lik…[View]
51543536https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neuagt_9NEo acording to science (video in spanish) It would take a m…[View]
51543136The feels won't go away[View]
51543199Lol this board is fucking dead. What killed it?[View]
51542116How do I stop visiting 4chan? Im addicted to this place. Help me stop. :([View]
51540212I am really deppressed: Please cheer me up[View]
51542601>ex keeps texting me Femanons, please explain this phenomena[View]
51543493>Be me >6'2, generally attractive >Failed normie >Bullying destroyed my self confid…[View]
51542993Every human being, even the most beautiful of women, has fecal matter inside their body at all times…[View]
51542705What are some clear signs a girl is into you? Chads and femanons only please[View]
51541342alright boys, do we take our balls out when we go to piss? Why or why not? does being in public usin…[View]
51539333which femanons have ugly pussies? i have an ugly dick tbqh[View]
51542261any other fat bots have to deal with this uncomfortable bullshit?[View]
51543384Plz help: I have 2 friends that were total ass holes to me.I had one friend that would just always y…[View]
51543109the frog is doing playing with action figurines. he makes the sheriff catch the robber frogger. the …[View]
51541277Just realized I still have romantic feelings for my friend. How do I get rid of this and move on? I …[View]
51543333some girls just have penises anon, it's just the way it is[View]
51542752Has pretending to be a nice guy gotten you pussy? No moralizing, stories are fine.[View]
51542193Why doesn't any girl like emotionally vulnerable and insecure guys? That's bullshit. Whate…[View]
51543338the blood will drip the blood will fall we will make a purpose for it all haha[View]
51542139AHAHAHAHA Why do they even fucking try[View]
51542500did self improvement a long time ago and got to see what life was like for someone decently attracti…[View]
51543188>imagine being a cute girl and having everything for free and in easy life mode >you could jus…[View]
51543284hold up. white girls lookin' like THAT, ?[View]
51542707'Have a Jolly Rancher, Anon!'[View]
51541847Who is this old lady[View]
51543172Modern day girls: Do girls wash themselves after having sex? I've just seen a girl who doesn…[View]
51542375catalog stopped updating on this board only. what is this shit.[View]
51543045Just a heads up, for the very very select few of you who will get the chance to have sex with a girl…[View]
51543116/Boomer/ General: Hi robots, This thread is for robots who are exactly 31 (thirty one) years old. Te…[View]
51542929>L-L-Look what you made me do, anon[View]
51542652>mom made tuna hamburgers[View]
51542358I'll never meet any of you fucks, but goddamn you've guys have helped me more in my time o…[View]
51542701how old were you when you realized it never gets better[View]
51542113>'See how Google is teaching Latino students how to code'[View]
51542885do you think producing lots of cum can compensate for finishing super quick or having a small dick?[View]
51542977>imaginary friend is tickling me again[View]
51542704why does society reject me?: Every time I attempt to discuss a topic that I'm actually interest…[View]
5154297323 chimm chimm chimeee twenty twenty three hee hee hee soon o soon o soon willl mee drip with bloo…[View]
51539598Fact: If you don't swallow your boyfriends semen he will think you don't love him[View]
51540493I LOVE asian women: Asian women are goddesses. I want to procreate with one so badly. I so very much…[View]
51542631I think I'm falling in love robots. I've met this girl lately, and she's really aweso…[View]
51542925Why is being in a small town okay? How the fuck is this not considered a crime against humanity or c…[View]
51542843>tfw no goodnightmoon gf how is it possible for one woman to be so perfect? I want to kiss her…[View]
51542898>look up word origin for 'ban' >'to summon or proclaim' >ban means to summon you somewhere …[View]
51541718Asian males are but 1% of Americas population. Think about it, WE are only 1% of this population. An…[View]
51541807Would a buttplug be a nice birthday gift for a female friend of mine? Femanons, would you be offende…[View]
51542756>eat tuna once >get mercury poisoning[View]
51542587404 is best girl. prove me wrong >you cant :)[View]
51542778Why do all the qt3.14’s wanna just be friends?: How do chads do it?[View]
51541997drinking: first time cooking salmon. eating pic rel with some red wine. hows it going bros?[View]
51541317How about a more wholesome thread, instead of worrying about all the troubles and things out side ou…[View]
51540572Why is this Chad allowed on this board?[View]
51542582Why are men so overly protective of the women in their lives (mothers, sisters, gfs, wives, daughter…[View]
51542770>photography student in college >we get a slideshow project that has to be themed around a son…[View]
51542767Hi, i'm OP, i have an extremely complex background but basically i'll be in florida in a f…[View]
51542764i should go to bed but i'm getting drunk and listening to metalcore and don't want to stop[View]
51541255hello frens i had a omegle conversation with some anon two days ago he liked minecraft and he was a…[View]
51542758>buy new earbuds >right side is almost mute Why can't I do anything right…[View]
51540634At what point is a brother sisterly relationship inappropriate?[View]
51542576Does anyone else became gay/bi due to being a manlet? Until I was 16, I liked girls only. I never ev…[View]
51541929>tfw didn't eat all day because don't want to interact with family who will inevitably …[View]
51522387/r9gay/ - #653: bf goals edition Last thread: >>51509205[View]
51542662>be me >get rejected by Stacy >she starts dating Chad FeelsBadMan.jpg.... but wait >don…[View]
51541906they say be yourself but tell you to be somebody else entirely, then they tell you to be the 'best v…[View]
51542603>be me >tries to go to bed early for once >closes eyes >instant flash of fuckups i'…[View]
51542401Why are newfags even allowed to post?[View]
51540877r9k how do I get a 15 year old gf?[View]
51541397>tfw you accept that you are dying a virgin Anyone else reach this stage of elightment?…[View]
51540851>tfw not going to the strip club tonight How do I cope with this lads?[View]
51542588Take the shot when you can Anon. It may make things weird but at least you'll know how she feel…[View]
51538811Back for another audio thread! https://clyp.it/2cgwppe1?token=3f7f084db5ef6411f605d903b9adeef3 Give …[View]
51541354things that haven't been said on this site before on this board thread: try to post things that…[View]
51542080Cucked Clown World: Ok guys, first time at Hooters and I just got kicked out for 'staring hungrily' …[View]
51541340>you will never go back to the innocence of childhood nights >you will never stay up late on a…[View]
51542263Ever have to watch the person you love be happy and fall in love with someone else while she tells y…[View]
51542013classic WoW shadow priest yay or nay retard for yay or faggot for nay[View]
51542393Cooked Panties: If your non-blood related demon sister could use magic to turn her panties and your …[View]
51539324give me a non religious reason for not becoming a trap[View]
51541553The saddest part of the eternal cope going on right now is that all you pathetic beta male limp dick…[View]
51541944Daily reminder that average penis size is 5.75 inches (14.5 cm).[View]
51538564Rate Yourself: Post your results here and let the bonding / bashing begin.[View]
51541016What is fucking a fat woman actually like?[View]
51541612How often do you think about your own death? You won't live forever, you know?[View]
51541576Which fetishes are objectively the most based? I'll start: >Body hair >Armpits >Feet …[View]
51542136I need to do something other than mindlessly scrolling through 4chan. I can't even tell you abo…[View]
51541372>chubby girl at work is being very friendly with me Should I???[View]
51541471>Excuse me miss, i lost my phone could you call it for me? >Phone number acquired…[View]
51541960Why are asian girls so hot?: I cant go more than 5 seconds without thinking about them. Asian girls …[View]
51538190Gf & Wife legs and ass thread: Gf/Wife legs & ass appreciation thread. Sharing is caring.…[View]
51541125LittleBigPlanet: Anon, did you play LittleBigPlanet? Do you still play it sometimes?[View]
51540919I like women that eat a lot. not necessarily fat chicks, just ones who can eat a lot. There is this …[View]
51541198Share your political compass and what policies you'd enact if you had absolute power[View]
51541374Hey! This is my waifu, Rianne. Say something nice about her![View]
51541731Im going to therapy soon for depression. What should I expect?[View]
51542083Can somebody help me decode these code accounts[View]
51533209Why do non white and mixed girls avoid white boys so rigorously?: All through my years Ive seen that…[View]
51541939An Asian girl is messaging me nonstop lads What do? I'm not used to this at all[View]
51538348Men having to make the first move is such bullshit.[View]
51539237Looks or Personality?: Would you choosea woman who is a 10 but does not have anything in common with…[View]
51541943Have you ever talked to a really, and I mean, REALLY beautiful woman (co-worker, teacher, friend, ac…[View]
51541701Question for fembots (particularly nonwhite fembots). How exactly did you end up here? What keeps yo…[View]
51541953tfw he has a fresh haircut[View]
51541883Isn't it crazy we can picture something in our heads but not actually see it[View]
51541871ITT: Men begging to be fucked like girls.[View]
51541931Daily reminder that Sailor Mercury is not a tomboy.[View]
51541866To that anon who told me to helicopter my boyfriends dick to get him hard after sex, he just came al…[View]
51541894How are people so happy all the time?[View]
51541915Anyone here read webtoons? Which ones do you like?[View]
51541867Is there a better feel in the whole world than just clearing your throat and shouting FUCK NIGGERS r…[View]
51541855post your desktop if you want. i just got this computer so its still pretty clean[View]
51541845Robot Safety Announcement: Is there anything more cucked than being friends read: orbiting with a gi…[View]
51538595Alright, how the fuck do I get laid here?[View]
51541777Close Call: > Be me > At restaurant with family > Gotta take a piss > Go to bathroom, it…[View]
51536315>look in the mirror >make Lewd face >got so horny i almost..... >tfw no GF to face lick…[View]
51541585Little clittys make me hard, do little clittys make you hard too, anons?[View]
51541779sometimes i just want to take all my money go to work one night and never return home so i can live …[View]
51541280I have a job interview tomorrow wish me luck please bots. I am going to be a rich capitalist one day[View]
51541639>got an electric razor from my father from Christmas >finally break it out >decide to shave…[View]
51540683Sex is not a commodity stop using the nigger phrase 'get pussy'[View]
51541705Good or bad idea: DM a girl something she wrote on tumblr when she was 11 or 12 out of the blue[View]
51541505Anyone else find it hilarious how the mainstream media now just casually calls online edgelords ince…[View]
51541680My sister is baned from 7th grade graduation for mooning PLEASE HELP ME what thef uck do i do??[View]
51540712Story time >be me, social autist >freshman year at uni >first week of school normie faggots…[View]
51539128If you haven't fapped to Liz Vicious while growing up you're gay[View]
51541224Can anyone tell me who she is please ?[View]
51540753Hi there, anon. I'm just here to let you know that there are still people out there that care d…[View]
51537281Is fapping physically addictive?[View]
51541315What do I say to my mom when she gets all emotional over me drinking her bottle of wine? She's …[View]
51538901I get it, Brenton...[View]
51534869Size matters. You know how I know? >having dinner with gf last night >browsing cuckbook >so…[View]
51541587Ruined: City destroyed lets ruin it[View]
51525662What frustrates you most about your current life situation?[View]
51540618I think i needto be black pilled once more, im starting to bloom, and it's not as good as it se…[View]
51541520>mfw my cousin my age who I played with as a kid had her second kid a month or two ago >Mfw my…[View]
51540290Asian Men are the TOUGHEST People Ever!: And I ain't exaggerating! It's the fucking truth!…[View]
51540544I'm going to live on campus starting in fall. Any tips? What should and shouldn't I bring,…[View]
51540099Why are you a fatfag anon?[View]
51539195I have come to say goodbye to this place for now, I actually found someone who likes me. He are just…[View]
51541423I'm tired of having sex with girls I don't find attractive[View]
51536591Job Hunting thread: Any luck, robots? Share your stories.[View]
51540583Have you guys ever tried to go to one of those Asian massage places? Did you get jerked off by a qt/…[View]
51540418What drugs can i use to make my hair grow out faster?[View]
51541513>physically a chad >mentally and socially a robot How does this happen?…[View]
51541483why are the majority of white people so fucking gay?[View]
51541492Cringyaoba is almost 18[View]
51541187Would pic related make the average robot cry?[View]
51540798>start reading Marx >think to myself 'yeah, that was shit' after finish capital >over the c…[View]
51540085My boyfriend can't seem to orgasm during sex or oral. How to fix this?[View]
51538396Lactating teets: If what wikipedia says is 'true' then we should all be injesting womans breastmilk,…[View]
51541357>26 year old khhv >father already had two kids at that age >older sister married at that ag…[View]
51541053>born in cold shitty small town >actually have potential to be a normal person >used to hav…[View]
51540248Namelet Thread: ITT namelets with stories. >Born in south america >Great great grandfather is …[View]
51538494Every day I want to die because of being circumcised I CANNOT handle the fact that I am deprived of …[View]
51540652I've been vaping cannabis 5-6 days a week since january since around January and from February …[View]
51541061should i feel bad?: >be me >really high at a friends house, about 17 years old at the time …[View]
51541293>>51539100 Definitely take the business. College is >go into debt >spend 4 years wasting…[View]
51539611God dammit /r9K/ when are you going to start taking rape seriously??[View]
51540224assembling a doomer playlist post your nightwalk tunes >The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored http…[View]
51541068How am I supposed to deal with being a manlet. I know people say >if you're even worrying a…[View]
51540569is it normal to be an ethno nationalist but also be obssesed with interracial gay sex?[View]
51540389'Champ, I hate to interrupt your 'Danang' thread, but we've got several stops to make…[View]
51539139Femanons do you like skinny guys that have absolutely no muscle and no abs? Ive seen some say they I…[View]
51540257>girl blocked me on my main account when I opened up with a normal greeting >shes double messa…[View]
51541313>tfw got cucked by a NEET it hurts robros[View]
51538783Parents found my suicide not. I didn't right down names, so I just played it off as a short sto…[View]
51541253Is female asshole fetishism the future of the human race? Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/176424…[View]
51536157Femanon here. Change your fucking sheets before you invite me in. I am sick and tired of having sex …[View]
51540241Times are volatile and the future looks dark.. This calls for a YLYL thread[View]
51538602What is it called when someone is like an incel (craves female attention, gets jealous when others h…[View]
51539769>Substitute teacher >Looking for a position to fill today >See one marked as 'Teacher'…[View]
51539485This is the best flavor of instant noodles. Everything else may a swell be tasteless by comparison![View]
51540178Size matters: Size matters. No matter how badly less endowed boys want these two words to be false, …[View]
51540736This place ruined my mental health.I loathe this place and I was stupid enough to stay long enough i…[View]
51541182>poo poo pee pee cum the poo Poo cum pee[View]
51540490Guys, I'm not going to be on my dad's insurance soon and I have very costly diabetic suppl…[View]
51539695I fucked up, lads. I got her messager and I'm not ready for this at fucking all. I know I'…[View]
51541144God i fucking Hate r/greentext[View]
51540077Why is kiwi farms such a festering pile of shit? Literally the entire site is filled with troons, lo…[View]
51539996If I had a time machine I'd just prevent myself from being born, fuck killing hitler.[View]
51541085Who are we? Are we counter cultural? Think back to when you discovered memes, did they really disass…[View]
51540829take my poll you niggers: https://www.strawpoll.me/17642287[View]
51541035>Hey anon, where will you be driving us for our date? >We're not including you, silly! Th…[View]
51539765tfw ur bf doesnt like vagina: he doesnt like the way they look or taste or smell and he refuses to a…[View]
51540022Alright /r9k/ i have a confession to make. I'm 24 years old and STILL haven't learned how …[View]
51540909i think im turning into a bloomer,see you laters boys,remember being a 24yo doomer is way more painf…[View]
51540770comfy r9k minecraft server vanilla surivial only rule is no hacking[View]
51538484How come girls never give short guys a chance? Im 5'7 and not even that short but whenever I tr…[View]
51538139Fifty Shades of Gray femdom: How wouild you feel about dating a female Christian Gray?[View]
51538083Redraw Wojak from memory using only a mouse[View]
51540739at what age am i supposed to stop liking highschool juniors[View]
51540171I want to cuddle an anon >.<[View]
51541028>in lecture >professor brings up a news story where a guy in our city was arrested for lickin…[View]
51539551I have been lied to. Some anon told me I should tell someone I trust my problems. Sounded like horse…[View]
51539035Facebook: I go on Facebook and spend about 3 to 5 hours shitposting on random peoples' posts. I…[View]
51540715>born non white >pretty much lost dating and sex game instantly Women think literal 4/10 whit…[View]
51540075and now...in what is soon to be 2020, two-thousand-and-twenty, being 6 foot 1 and a quarter is not e…[View]
51540558How tragic it must be for someone to live there life all alone. Why were we born humans? We obviousl…[View]
51540442ITT: People who have never had threads with over 50 replies What is it about us, bots? Are we retard…[View]
51540841If Elliot Rodger was in your shoes, would he just stand there and take it like a bitch?[View]
51540314>Found out my employee has a reddit account where she posts bdsm and anal gaping pics/videos Huh …[View]
51540603i'll take one cute anime girlfriend please[View]
51540746mouth open[View]
51540651>'You sure you're not gay, Anon? Because that's a pretty big bulge in your pants.'…[View]
51540687I fapped 4 times to This email was sent from my IPad[View]
51540361So I am not sure what kind of bullshit I have just encountered. I work for my uncle's campsite,…[View]
51540481Don't do it anons. Losing weight and doing NoFap isn't worth it. Making a normiebook accou…[View]
51539858fuck roasties: >'please don't abandon me' >proceeds to lower their emotional output towar…[View]
51540081Japanese girls when I ask them out[View]
51540588In the unlikely event that some of you have dating experience on here. I understand how to ask out a…[View]
51539492I fil lvery weird guys wjats wjrong? Witj me[View]
51540330>Let's compare anon, loser has to throat the whole thing and press their nose into the other…[View]
51540576this is my future wife desu[View]
51540252just read his book. anybody else feel pity for this guy? he's obviously immature and short sigh…[View]
51533927Remember the seduction community? For any underagefags here, it was this community of incels who tri…[View]
51540539big kat have a nice evening. still trying to cope with the trauma.my family hasnt been able to affor…[View]
51540438Hey, if you're black or gay, fuck you.[View]
51540412>just do what you love anon, money isn't everything[View]
51540414I want to have sex with a cute girl so bad[View]
51538180Is there anything more enjoyable than fag-bashing? I hate these subhuman pieces of shit so much.[View]
51540390Normalfags teach women to hate white men: There I said it, and yet the world turns.[View]
51538247My boyfriend is cute but he is TERRIBLE in bed. Im not going to leave him or cuck him but WHYYY. He …[View]
51539233Fuck The Hedonic Set Point: You probably all know it and hate it. The hedonic set point (hedonic tre…[View]
51538581Anyone able to interpret shit for me? Right now, there are three different girls, all of which have …[View]
51539914>take 60mg of adderall >cocklust comes screaming back full throttle despite the fact that I th…[View]
51539377Anyone else notice how the board is now 90% porn, sex, relationship threads? Feels like there is no…[View]
51537821A slutty mermaid stole my bf, what do?[View]
51539626>wake up >fucking wake up I'm still disappointed the world is still functioning and Put…[View]
51538984>be me >kissless virgin >remember ex gf from elementary years >sort of remember kissi…[View]
51540156>girl messages me first >have absolutely no drive to message her back >can't even thin…[View]
51539956I ate the whole ass[View]
51539743>the world cant be fixed >no one cares about your depression get a job,improve yourself,make f…[View]
51540058>tfw will never live in fantasy medieval era, cutting wood and caring for my family, singing laug…[View]
51537652One time I got catcalled by girls: One time I was walking home at night by myself when two girls on …[View]
51539962>stopped jerking off to porn >started looking at pictures of cute girls >girls are so beaut…[View]
51539794I've accomplished nothing today.[View]
51540141>say something about how immigrants from Mexico will accept lower wages because they are more des…[View]
51537525How do you make the pain go away?[View]
51540128>I really want a cozy apartment down town with a girl that cares about me and a nice motorcycle t…[View]
51537179Women should not shave. Period.[View]
51539100>tfw 18 >can either move in with my grandpa and help him with his business and eventually take…[View]
51537901JUST KILL ME ALREADY Is the world unfair?[View]
51540068robert is dreaming... shhhh[View]
51539414life cycle: >bullied & humiliated throughout school years >no longer bullied but find noth…[View]
51539474Post Green text: Post some new Green texts you NiGgEr GaY (Pic not related)[View]
51539707>32 yo >never kissed a girl >never held hands with a girl >never hugged a girl >never…[View]
51539683What keeps you lying awake in thought at night? >There are massive amounts of knowledge from the …[View]
51538453When's the last time you left the house? Was it fun? What was it like?[View]
51539890Why do my girlfriend and her family treat me so unkindly even after I try tkmake things better? I do…[View]
51539136Does anyone else ironically hate black people and other minorities? I, like our forefathers, believe…[View]
51539149Anyone else thinnk they're too far gone to be a normal human being anymore? I've avoided p…[View]
51539819a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag[View]
51537536Board grading thread: Rules are that it must be a board from 4chan and must give it a school grade. …[View]
51538506Isn't it crazy how the media has convinced white girls they are an oppressed minority. Literall…[View]
51539922:): https://skribbl.io/?46QdhfxC7w[View]
51537746Does anyone here want to get a haircut, but becouse of social anxiety doesnt get it?[View]
51539852That pale journey: Murder. Is there anything as transcendent as the act of sending someone off on th…[View]
51529936Venting Space | Part 2: Just the same as yesterday. Let all your troubles out anon. Get all the pain…[View]
51539724going to the cinema with my crush tomorrow. We hang out a lot recently mostly with common friends, a…[View]
51537736Why do women have such an irresistible urge to show off their asshole? I mean like, a man has an urg…[View]
51538859>Barber starts to cut your hair >'So anon, what do you like to do with your free time?' Whats …[View]
51536288TINDER ALGORITHM CHANGES 2019 edition: >Tinder has revealed that it no longer relies on its top-s…[View]
51538820Who is this suppose to be? this looks like Mo Gonzo my waifu[View]
51538357Instead of bitching and moaning about how much life sucks, why don't you fags just go outside, …[View]
51536214>girl asked me to come with her to a movie through Facebook (had never talked to this girl) >a…[View]
51539356O my ancestors, I summon your old glory from the depths of my lineage Your energy renewed, so in thi…[View]
51538195Is there any discord servers posted here that isn't a normie honeypot to lure in Autists so the…[View]
51539292what would you do if you saw this happening in front of you?[View]
51539480So guys... This happened > be me > go to a party > meet some friends > talk to a girl …[View]
51539456Why are people suprised when people who they bullied, ostracized, and socially isolated turn to extr…[View]
51539728If u buy ground beef in bulk and freeze it, repackage it in serving-sized plastic bags and completel…[View]
51528204What are the political and societal implications if monstergirls were real?[View]
51538603Feels you cant tell anyone. Does anyone have these feels? You keep them to yourself, maybe even scar…[View]
51539708youtube is rigged: anyway let's not worry about that illuminati pedophile cesspool of a mass tr…[View]
51539599Suicide: What is the most painless and fastest form of suicide.any tips?[View]
515396344chan is suffering.[View]
51538403What is it like to have a female best friend?[View]
51536098What happened to the /escort general/ threads? There is innumerable pussy available you just have to…[View]
51538027Is it gay to make fake accounts of chicks to selll their nudes and shit? I dont really get off to it…[View]
51539393What does it feel like hanging out with friends?[View]
51539421Seriously, how the fuck... Should we all just pinkpill?[View]
51538208good afternoon big kathy it hurts that you wish i didnt exist.[View]
51537755Ideal BF & GF: >tfw no anime dorky bff :^([View]
51539586bros im only 24 and people call me sir all the time[View]
51539049Describe your life in one pic Not an original thread[View]
51539345>tfw no gf that is seriously interested in crime mysteries[View]
51534157I made a 14yo white boy cry today, what did you do?: >Be me, forced to spend time with zoomer cou…[View]
51539352I'm a guy and I just shaved my legs: Is this a gay thing to do, or is it ordinary for guys who …[View]
51539549creeperthejack please my dude if your reading this remove the lava so i wont get trapped in fire for…[View]
51536916/escort/ general: I've had sex with several escorts and some hookers. AMA Also /escort general/…[View]
51539504How I became a 27 yo virgin: >be me a 11 year old reserved kid circa 2003 >a 12/13 yo 8/10 Sen…[View]
51537159What's the point in raising a daughter?: You'll feed her, clothe her, help her in every wa…[View]
51537995Who else think he would be a great and loving father but unfortunately you will never experience the…[View]
51538987>tfw no bf to play vidya with >tfw you suck at vidya…[View]
51538335So if creatures like this can get sex, what is the excuse of incels?[View]
51538644I hate all of you Originally[View]
51538826Anybody feeling out of place?[View]
51539375>remember cringe /pol/ phase >remember that luckily no one I know ever found out thank god…[View]
51538810'That kid' thread: >the girl who drew really good but was antisocial because she reeked and made …[View]
51539362remember those stupid r9k chatrooms with webcams and such? like tinychat and others but i forgot th…[View]
51539296This board is fucking trash lmao[View]
51538429people think there's something wrong with me because i casually drink black coffee and white mi…[View]

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