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64709763Society is a strange amalgamation of dependency and competition. The result is that humans seek to d…[View]
64709776i have my driving exam tomorrow robros. it's my first try and I hope I'll pass. my city…[View]
64708778>hanging out with group of nerd friends in college dorm >women across the hall comes around an…[View]
64707730I'm going to sleep. If this thread is still up when I wake up. We all get gf's.[View]
64709612hasan at 30 mogs the fuck out of all of you robots, enjoy that fact[View]
64707893I hate how meta dating has become. I know it's selfish to ask someone to like me for me, but it…[View]
64709195>Girl ghosts me after I perform a social fuck up >I've resorted to stalking her social me…[View]
64709587Coming here makes me feel much better about my life. Thank you for the ego boost, Robots.[View]
64709198>send money to cute girl on twitch >masturbate >regret it i do this almost every single day…[View]
64709573take that rubber off fuck that hoe meat to meat[View]
64709563if i'm cursed and going to kms, how am i supposed to not fear that i'll mess something up …[View]
64709554I've put down at least 4 girls this year. One of them is still sending me nudes and asks weird …[View]
64709509Wish we could shoot road ragers on the spot, robots, I really do. Had some faggot almost drive me of…[View]
64708913This 14-year old boy soon-to-become-Chad died recently during a motorbike accident. How does this ma…[View]
64709455Reminder that /pol/niggers are wannabe normalfags. Anyone who encourages /pol/-like views here shoul…[View]
64709204Can you turn from cyborg to normie after 3 months of reading social skills books and working out?[View]
64706706you finally get a fembot gf, where do you grope her first? ass, tits, stomach, hips, thighs[View]
64709396I'm going to jack my big dick off to this picture and if I can't I'm gay[View]
64709186Suicide by seppuku. Bad or good idea? I want to end my life like a samurai.[View]
64707802Did you realize... that you were a champion?[View]
64708537What if you have a mentally stable alpha man to tell exactly what to text to girls? How much would i…[View]
64706810>use tinder in my hometown of Chicago suburbs >hardly get matched with anyone >set region t…[View]
64709031If the mattress delivery people arrive in half an hour and I masturbate now and cum in 10 minutes wi…[View]
64709182If you found out your highschool crush had an onlyfans would you sub? I generally look down on peop…[View]
64708719Every night a woman sneaks her way into my dreams and ruins my life, then I wake up and live in the …[View]
64708872Are they really?[View]
64709300Daily Posture Thread: get that shit of the aux edition posture improving exercises >https://www.h…[View]
64709100Anyone got any incel servers to add me to? If not I might make my own because I haven't found a…[View]
64709059i wish i was a psychopath, i am tired of having feelings[View]
64708353Getting my chinese food in a few minutes thanks to my wonderful Doordash driver. I thanked him with …[View]
64708774My existence is a complete waste of time and money. This existence, which I did not choose to live i…[View]
64708589Arisa Vurr owes me sex.[View]
64708848Swedish bottoms: What is their problem? Why do they all sound like the same person?[View]
64707567Are there any fembots at all that don't have a million discord orbiters? I don't want to t…[View]
64709167>speak pedant >find vast majority of others redunant >do not feel alienated so i do not lea…[View]
64704051Arisa Vurr: Has there ever been an alt babe as fire as Arissa Vurr?[View]
64707887What is Real in Terms of the Paranormal/Supernatural?: I've been consuming a lot of media theme…[View]
64707924Y'all Chuds.[View]
64709171Curing my onitis: I've started deleting everything I possess relating to a female I was chasing…[View]
64706100Fugg, trying to make a game sucks. Its really unenjoyable and frustrating. Hats off to the guys who …[View]
64708144Are pills worth it? Currently i have severe anxiety issues and i was offered pills by my psychiatris…[View]
64707447If you're unsure whether someone is a woman or a tranny, then always be sure to check if the pe…[View]
64708004I've taken to completely isolating myself and hiding away from literally everyone else. I simpl…[View]
64708350>had to reject a girl i liked because i felt she was too good for me how to cope…[View]
64709062I used to hate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc. Now I realize I don't hate them, I hate …[View]
64708502The consept of Tulpas: I just found out about this consept that apparently has been known for quite …[View]
64707610This is a guy from my discord server, he is 6ft 4 and a khv, how does this even happen?[View]
64704747/r9k/ sucks now: >The real Robot Thread got derailed by normalfags >HAAAAAA look at me i am a …[View]
64708999Man, FUCK fembots Imagine having a Stacy gf, who bullies you, calls you 'nerd' and 'loser', gives yo…[View]
64708960>be female >have male friend >they troon out >tell them I'll help them transition …[View]
64708527How far can you shot your sperms?[View]
64706004$60 is all it takes to lose your virginity: sixty dollars and you can get a life and quit whining ab…[View]
64707626>24 next month >still a NEET since 15 >still a kissless virgin >still hurt by a online g…[View]
64708861I'm too much of a jerk to be around people in real life. I am also too violent to maintain a jo…[View]
64708194i want to satisfy a man so badly and to be used by a lonely robot;-;[View]
64702691IT IS HAPPENING milo yiannopoulos transitioned nto a girl[View]
64702830One chance at life, born British. Why even live guys.[View]
64708404I don't understand how anyone can be depressed[View]
64705933Any ex-poltards here? I used to be so obsessed with 'white genocide' that it turned to a fetish. It …[View]
64708727That feeling when you want to have a gf but you don't have one. inb4 incel shit[View]
64708611I've been doing some light reading on philosophy, mainly about Stoicism and Bushido. Not only r…[View]
64707129I never get a gf Why should I work?[View]
64706132my brother is constantly browsing /pol/, leddit and laughing at it once every 5 seconds then telling…[View]
64705147Everyone I know hates me. They see me as a monster. They think all my love and smiles is an act. I j…[View]
64708613Any robots here with multiple personality disorder?[View]
64706964Can someone please give me hope: I'm an unironic weeb and i 've been watching a lot of ani…[View]
64704248Does higher intelligence make you suffer?[View]
64708580I need new material to make the bbc cucks seethe[View]
64708008>wake up >still alive Fuck man I hate being a nigger…[View]
64705262>tfw no qt Olympian girlfriend[View]
64706442If you want a girlfriend so badly anon why don't you just hypnotize a cute boy and turn him int…[View]
64706922My life is a normie purgatory: >Live life as a mega virgin, decide thats cringe >Lose weight, …[View]
64708140Be warned; a lot of fembots have trouble with keeping their private parts clean.[View]
64696642post rooms[View]
64705590Is there anything more depressing than turning 30?[View]
64708492Do you think Raven is actually dead?[View]
64707229How the FUCK do so many people live life? I mean, they all have to do all this goddamn shit on a con…[View]
64707467Why does my brain hurt me with dreams: Today I had a beautiful dream and was really fucking depresse…[View]
64708477>This song makes me think of someone with severe depression faking happiness in front of their fa…[View]
64706595What the worst mistake of your life that you regret every single day??[View]
64708042Why do people like facesitting? You're literally her toilet.[View]
64708311Anyone know any boards where actual robots hang out? I've been here since 2015 and the board qu…[View]
64707739What are you going to eat today r9k, you big fatso whale, you giant hambeast[View]
64691375/25+/ and aspiring oldbots: Late night in the US edition.[View]
64707904Am I destined to be a loser? Even after trying all sorta of adhd medicine, and getting Vyvanse (and …[View]
64707028Jesus christ, I fucking hate people who glorify LGBT.: What's so great about it? I hate these d…[View]
64706764Why do women make this expression when I talk to them? What emotion does this express? Very wide eye…[View]
64708238This guy has a receding hairline and no limbs and he still has a 10/10 wife and 4 kids. What's…[View]
64707484I want an Azula GF[View]
64708346>Would you help cool her down?[View]
64706751How does it feel to impregnate a woman?[View]
64708312Sos, robit, are you a ribit or a robot?[View]
64704992I love the Tokyo Olympics Google logo game[View]
64703668HAVING AN ONLYFANS DOES NOT MAKE ME A 'WHORE' OR A 'PROSTITUE': Ok kids, listen up: OnlyFans is NOT …[View]
64706503How can we be equal when us guys have to pay sex, for dinners, make money? But if you want to be equ…[View]
64707962I know you tried I know you tried your best And now it's time to put this all to rest https://w…[View]
64706791>friend's birthday dinner >get slightly drunk >party ends >sobering up but still fe…[View]
64708142>tfw no middle eastern gf[View]
64704445>tfw no 'the asset' or 'the sunshine'[View]
64707132Does it bother you that slightly younger people mock you because you are older than them? I have a g…[View]
64708082>order $75 worth of sushi >they call me back to confirm me getting only one set of chopsticks…[View]
64707722Hello r9k my pronounces are she/her[View]
64703638How many times has a girl blatantly implied or offered to have sex with you? My personal count is tw…[View]
64708051Count up, the bands is stickin' out No rubber band is big enough Chain is so heavy, can't …[View]
64708050You guys suck: I'm looking for new wojacks all I find are you cringe peepee the frog posters. Y…[View]
64707987What am I supposed to do if the only thing my parents expect from me is find a boyfriend, create a f…[View]
64705603>can't date cute straight boys because they like girls >can't date cute gay boys bec…[View]
64707973I dare you to try this yourself: Open the catalog and look at every single thread one by one and cou…[View]
64705143Why is it that on dating sites etc, every girl that seems to have an interesting personality and not…[View]
64706573I'm not sure what her endgame is or why she does the things she does.[View]
64707182how often do you get approached in public?: >at a bar with some friends >drinking and just hav…[View]
64704316A Poem: O Felicity Rose Hadley 'Bunny Bum' Jones, Your pretty green eyes frickin ownz. I love your c…[View]
64707782>and these 'fembots', are they in the room with us right now?[View]
64706625Fantasy vs irl: What fetish do you have that you wouldn't actually do but think is hot as a fan…[View]
64707788What if the rape dwarf and the molestation gnome got into a fist fight with each other?[View]
64707338I kinda want a leopard gecko[View]
64706825Whomever told you 'game' or 'approaching women' is a good way to get laid was lying piece of shit. W…[View]
64706254Anon please be still be here I want to know your age and location, I think I'll be able to know…[View]
64705437I'm a mortuary cosmetologist. Rate my first job.[View]
64707584>why yes I try to ruin other robots e-relationships. How could you tell?…[View]
64707649Pain, so much pain: How do I deal with rejection? Why must it be so eternally painful? I will never …[View]
64706295If 130+ IQ people are so smart, why don't they fix climate change?[View]
64706768So I had my first kiss to a stripper, and she was telling me rates about sex workers in strip clubs …[View]
64707556Story of Yu: >be me >15, highschool >one day we got this new Asian student >his name was…[View]
64707075>Finally got my paycheck >I only play lewd/adult games and would like to buy oaholes/anime fig…[View]
64706864Wojak collection: I'm starting a wojak collection. I need the basic wojaks please post them her…[View]
64707380That chubby homely femanon you ghosted? Shes a skinny Stacy now.[View]
64705904hey, it's me. i wanted to post again sooner than this but r9k is kinda divided on how they feel…[View]
64706644Have you known anyone who committed suicide? What were they like?[View]
64707376How do you learn to love your gf[View]
64707299PSA: If you don't hide at least 20 threads every day, you ain't doing it right.[View]
64706992Ladies, how often do you itch the ditch?[View]
64707206Look softtt[View]
64706483I become friends with depressed and lonely friendless people and give them tons of affection and emo…[View]
64707307Damn, sometimes I just wish I didn't exist at all. Life is pain and there is no meaning to any …[View]
64707135makeup should be considered rape. >meet this cute-ish girl online >we chat for a few days then…[View]
64706978I threw out my Xbox. Step 1 to becoming less of a manchild[View]
64706690Do people really make sure their asses are completely clean after a shit? I mean, the Europeans use …[View]
64707108So what the FUCK should a person even be doing? I mean, I'm a neet because of severe anger issu…[View]
64707256>finally get a job >Drug test I'm already a miserable wagie, now I can't even smoke …[View]
64707126>non-problem >anime girl >dramatic statement >snarky pussy man response if anyone calls…[View]
64707136Don't take your friends for granted robots. Especially if they share your niche interests and h…[View]
64706916>live life >infinite pain >everyone's better off than me >envy.jpeg >go on 4chan…[View]
64704275>girl waves and says hello out of nowhere >say hello back and keep walking what is wrong with …[View]
64707092Why do only women find me attractive??? I hate this life.i dont want anything to do with them,let al…[View]
64705623Being average, or just slightly above or below average, is actually worse than being straight up ugl…[View]
64707068>starving >About to go downstairs and get some food >Hear dad's fiance talking to my c…[View]
64707062>be short stack >K 10 of diamonds >flop gives 2 more diamonds >bet on flush >chip lea…[View]
64707020>giant callus grew on the bottom of my foot all of a sudden It's the little things that trul…[View]
64706769college is just proto-waveslaving and i cant into this shit anymore. Im quitting college even if i b…[View]
64706947I want to lick pussy but I refuse to do it with a girl who is not a virgin, I am not putting my mout…[View]
64706933I let a friend borrow my weights, but now I am beginning to feel low mood from not working out for t…[View]
64706842Picrew thread: Make your ideal waifu and share with us a dark secret of hers. >Pretends to tolera…[View]
64706166>go to the same summer camp every year >there was a girl with that I was unbelievably in love …[View]
64706799hairlines don't grow back[View]
64704583>man up >you're a man how do you not know this What do women mean by this? I remember tha…[View]
64706045https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6EPlDbuVWI nsfwtube and websites to download youtube vids ain'…[View]
64706605my dad gave me a shitty haircut years ago and fucked up my hairline so now it looks like I'm ba…[View]
64705072How to win at life: 1. Be a female 2. Congratulations I hate women so much. Fucking attention whores…[View]
64706641Is this where all the philosophy people on 4chan are? Like peoplev who read camus and nietzsche and …[View]
64704755>the boy I have a crush on got a girlfriend >she's Asian God I hate Asian girls with thei…[View]
64705796Online friends dont care about you unless you got something they want. Specially here on the chan wh…[View]
64705878/fat - Alpha edition: Time to pull excalibur out of the stone and start a /fat thread. Any lurkers m…[View]
64690883Does femanon like being fat? Would femanon want a guy who likes her fat body?[View]
64705737Consider famemaxxing.: >only 5ft8, undateable in today's west according to women. >famema…[View]
64705422>even if could get a girl she would laugh at me because my dick is small and bent downwards…[View]
64705981Would you have sex with you clone? I think I would kiss and cuddle with mine but even with myself I …[View]
64706154How do you cope with being the family loser?: >'why the fuck dont you ever smile? You ungrateful …[View]
64705952intelligent anons please describe your thought process in detail[View]
64706349why do women always give me this look?[View]
64706578do u masturbate with other anons?[View]
64706597Is there a meaning to life: >wake up >go to work >come back home >play a video game >…[View]
64705287It's dawning on me that I'm a loser who doesn't deserve a gf. I've said I'm…[View]
64706221I have been isolated for years, there is no one to talk to about anything. I feel my life must come …[View]
64706220all i want is one chance with somebody. any woman. but i can't even have that.[View]
64706038I may be single, but at least I was born a straight white male.[View]
64706375My high school crush (Im 18) looks like the junkiest druggy alt-whore ever, but she actually tries t…[View]
64705669is it easier to hook up in a bar rather then tinder or bumble?[View]
64706210Whenever I have sex with my boyfriend, I make sure it is only oral and anal. I dont deserve to be br…[View]
64705154MBTI Hate Thread: ITT: We expose MBTI for being fake and gay >Be me >Takes MBTI test >INTJ …[View]
64706467My mother is blonde haired blue eyed, my father had brown hair (now has grey hair) and green eyes an…[View]
64706266wasted 300$ on hooker: so i wasted 300 dollars on an old ugly asian lady she didnt understand i have…[View]
64705816Say, why do I want to be a cute feminine boy and have a man who's tall and really muscly fuck m…[View]
64706410She merely wanted someone to replace him. What's the big deal? the comments are praising her[View]
64704098Why do gay guys go crazy over me? There's literally over a hundred gay people that follow me on…[View]
64702994What's your opinion on cute boys?[View]
64705647I start college in exactly 2 months as a 20yo male. I took a year off due to work and then another d…[View]
64706151im convinced im actually a demon, i do not feel human at all[View]
64704898Are there any robots here whose desire for tits is way greater than desire for pussy? I could worshi…[View]
64706248How do I become a sigma male?[View]
64706258Women are unbelievable. I can't even have a conversation with her without an emotional outburst…[View]
64706065I have few questions to women: >have you ever helped an ugly man? >have you ever bullied ugly …[View]
64705609What music does /r9k/ listen to when they have the 'you wish you were a social butterfly in hig…[View]
64704979Short stack gfs: I saw a guy say he wanted one because they look thiqq, but what if they're tal…[View]
64704984Can I shave my pubic hair with the same shaving cream and razor I use for my beard? Also is it true …[View]
64706187I've been here for 12 years and it has truly ruined me. If you're of weak mind I advise yo…[View]
64703096why don't fembots just feminize robots? uwu[View]
64704327Literally get strong or die I didnt ask for this[View]
64706178Her name is dong nguyen[View]
64704274Have you ever gone on an actual, bona fide date?[View]
64706145>when you finally get off your bucket list to learn Japanese enough to be able to decently read a…[View]
64705772Where are the best places to hire escorts for 'legal' purposes?[View]
64706055just had a driving lesson where I brought another student, female and around 18 yo, home and my driv…[View]
64705263>Give hooker money then have sex with her >That's ok >Rape hooker then give her the mo…[View]
64703518drunk thread get in here 18+ poggers what y'all sipping on I'm doing rum and coke and abou…[View]
64705720>Putting off doing new thins (getting a job) because i feel like i'm incompetent >people …[View]
64705551this is life as a non-psychopath male.[View]
64705395Is it wrong to think that girls get into certain hobbies for attention or because their bf does that…[View]
64705978Stephen Hawking is just somebody who minmaxed life so hard he crippled himself[View]
64684597MBTI: >Your mbti type >what you score in pic related Consideration of Future Consequences Scal…[View]
64705404I feel like everything occurring in my life right now is making me bisexual. I'm very lonely ri…[View]
64703214>ywn a stupid moid bf who cant resist his dumb caveman instincts and tries to cum in you…[View]
64705340Runescape: Any of your robots remember the comfy olden days of runescape? Any of yall still play?…[View]
64705279They got me bros. Serves me right I suppose. I thought I was in the clear when I asked if they were …[View]
64705339I hate that transgender people make it so that I have to second-guess if the women on porn sites are…[View]
64705620>Used to always have a crush on some girl or another when I was under 21 >Since then never had…[View]
64705382Thread to have a discussion about psychopaths and their brain[View]
64705759>Got programming as job so 0 chance of meeting women >Cant drive so going to town or clubs isn…[View]
64705242my life is plagued by obsessive behavior and neurosis, diagnosed with c-ptsd bpd and generalized anx…[View]
64705688Do not violate your body with the impurity of sex, incel.[View]
64704444what the hell is this? it came out of my nose[View]
64705275>tfw no woman to turn into my beautiful titcow wife >will never pump baby after baby in her …[View]
64705534>Skanderbeg detaches from the main army stack[View]
64705479Deleted thread fer nothin: Bruh why'd this thread get ninja'd fer nothin[View]
64704705what are some food you always wanted to try if you were able to leave your house?[View]
64703786Anyone like Jav with white guys?[View]
64705604How many of you realise the r9k filter is case-sensitive?[View]
64704678Which countries are you supporting in the Tokyo Olympics?[View]
64704966If i had a robo hand, id start jacking off uncontrollably, atleast 8 times a day[View]
64705304Guys am I broken?: >go outside >McDonalds nugget time >see the spitting image of the base…[View]
64703991Neapolitan ice cream...[View]
64705232I'm going to the store solely to hit on the cute cashier girl yes I'm only buying one item…[View]
64704225I like to pick at my ass and roll the little pieces of poop around and smell, I'd give it all t…[View]
64705471I used to go by 'Nicholas fedorov' and 'aeromatic' but I'm returning to /r9k/ now as well as th…[View]
64703718Robots can generally agree that girls care about looks, personality, money, and status. Most robots …[View]
64705133Chocolate femboys turn me on so much, I'd dye them white all over with my cum and plow their bu…[View]
64703124I love being a girl with a dick uwu[View]
64704173Autistic way to life: How to cope with being poor?[View]
64704196Fake Robots: What is your opinion on fake robots (Normalfags who larp as robots) /r9k/? For the unin…[View]
64704762>quit 4chan and other stupid shit >try to be outgoing 24/7 >get zero matches on tinder …[View]
64703920I love watching porn of crackhead street whores(The real ones) It shows that some women don't d…[View]
64703510The real black pill is that girls only care about what you offer them. 'Love' as a romanti…[View]
64704108>read self-help page >'Ask friends for help' >pic related noted…[View]
64704293>maybe if you weren't so bitter people would like you more[View]
64703562Asian, Black, White and Latina women: Asian women are the cutest White women are the most beautiful …[View]
64705250>ahahaha anon you look so cute as a bug!!! >but taking care of you just seems like such a hass…[View]
64705152literal slavery. Why is this allowed?[View]
64702614/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 722 Runnin' /Rei/bel[View]
64705234I've decided that I'm not a looser. I just don't fit in. I'm happy to do my own …[View]
64705219Here's an idea. Convince why suicide is a good idea and why i should do it.[View]
64705183>look at r/teenagers >basically toned down version of here Oh god guys I didn't think it …[View]
64704527anyone else have/had skin bridges on their penis from a fucked up circumcision? I did, but I fixed i…[View]
64704623Mom and Dad just got into a big fight right now when my dad just woke up and threw all my moms lugga…[View]
64704146I'm not a tranny but I want to wake up as a 19 year old e-girl with a huge instagram and tiktok…[View]
64695898/britfeel/: How much we won on the saturday scratch cards?[View]
64704938I just don't want to live anymore. Shit job. Shit pay. All anyone ever talks with me about is m…[View]
64704003Robot General Thread: Robot General Thread Lets have a thread for real robots. You must be a over 18…[View]
64704474I wish I had a fat neckbeard nerd friend to discuss nerd stuff with. I want someone who also collect…[View]
64705029How do I stop the memories from coming back? Thinking about what could have been if I was neurotypic…[View]
64704334I'm thinking of getting into the space industry, in our lifetimes we may become a space faring …[View]
64704964friend is an actual wagie: >be me >be chilling at friends place, talking about life >subjec…[View]
64704968I want to get a girlfriend just so I can break up with her.[View]
64704958>middle school a few years ago >boys start asking girls out >girls create a trend to agree …[View]
64703666I wonder if any allied soldiers in the pacific theatre fucked Japanese bussy?[View]
64704959>go to party >sit in the basement to get drunk >jewish woman walks downstairs and comes u…[View]
64703340I really need a girl like this so I can push her head and back onto the side of my bed while I throa…[View]
64704646I really want a girl to bully my pp right now, this is such a sad feeling.[View]
64704893anyone else feel like[View]
64704754This is such an obvious bait[View]
64704306this site is my primary source of social interaction[View]
64704775Has anybody else here ever had sex with a large (giant) standard poodle? I got to sleep for two whol…[View]
64704567>5'7 >120 lbs >Same height and 5 pounds above where I was when I was 16 (am 23)…[View]
64704791What's bipo?[View]
64704695Ive just been waving and saying high to random people when I go outside. Just a nice greeting and a …[View]
64704737Alright, so music is a big part of my life. I'm not some big artist, but I'm pretty damn g…[View]
64704699The bad things happening to me aren't my fault[View]
64703226When are you going to fix your life?: 22 year old NEET here. I plan on having it mostly fixed by the…[View]
64704500>'Hi, pleased to meet you. I'm your state assigned bf.' wwyd?[View]
64703275Why is MGTOW considered a hate movement? What's wrong with deciding you don't want your he…[View]
64703776Do robots care about the Olympics?[View]
64702126Any robots here have long hair? I've been growing my hair out since covid started and I really …[View]
64704671>too autistic to be normal >too normal to be autistic anyone else know this feel?…[View]
64702552Can your penis grow at a later age?: I'm 29 and my penis went from 4.5 at 25 yrs old to 5.5 inc…[View]
647039863/10 but only attracted to 8+/10. It's over isn't it?[View]
64704388Not content to simply ruin my own lungs, Ive gotten a couple of my friends addicted too[View]
64704441my mom walked in on me cooming in my socks one saturday morning, and that's why I've been …[View]
64704635>feel stressed out >smoke weed >realize it's because I had this urgent, 'I have to do …[View]
64704078IRL Mikasa gf 3: Femanons, how similar to Mikasa are you? Are you: >East Asian+Caucasian mixed …[View]
64704136Bros I am so high I am fuming I feel good I am questioning shiet[View]
64704534I don't know what I want from life. Have zero passion for anything, have no special talents to …[View]
64703709anoher miserable saturday night in this shithole. what are up to anon? what are you doing here toni…[View]
64703761>big forehead >horrible hairline for as long as i can remember >can't even tell if im …[View]
64703574You now remember Kid Icarus Uprising.[View]
64703651Foxgirls are old news Who here is team /wolfgirls/? The are more bestial than others, while still be…[View]
64704304Literally every single female I know has instagram[View]
64703931How long to soak the dishes for: I'm new to cleaning and stuff anons. help pls[View]
64704122> friend counts decreased today Wonder what state it will be in few weeks.…[View]
64704449Fembots, i am lonely. I want to fuck the shit out of you, i dont care if you hate moids, i want to p…[View]
64704438so i was going with my mom to pick up some food and some asshole behind us hollered from his car and…[View]
64704393>may I stand unshaken >amidst, amidst a crash of worlds >may I stand unshaken >amidst, a…[View]
64704414>tfw no hyper ticklish gf[View]
64704387Sylphyn Sunday: It's another wonderful morning. Keep your chin up, frens. Hope you have a great…[View]
64704390the cycle: >go out with people i meet >afterwards spend the whole time thinking about how they…[View]
64703605i get in to fights on purpose even when the guy is way bigger than me, i do it so i know im real and…[View]
64704076Jason I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never realized how wonderful you are. I used you, neglect…[View]
64702973Do not fall in love with them. They CANNOT see men as a romantic thing anymore. They are broken insi…[View]
64704235https://highability.org/466/weed-girl-numbing-her-%E2%80%9Crage-to-achieve%E2%80%9D/ anyone else wee…[View]
64704272Could someone please explain why incel is such a common insult now, why is it so bad to not have had…[View]
64703751Is spreading 'consensual non-consent' content (Simulated, roleplayed, or fictional rape, abuse and t…[View]
64704183choice A >suffer for 60 more years >have to deal with wageslaving most of that time >have t…[View]
64703871got called up to the idf :/[View]
64703327Any robots living in NYC? Do you like it?[View]
64703264It’s Sunday anon, confess: Whats on your mind anon? You look troubled. No judgement here confess you…[View]
64703213Is it possible to make friends if I'm 21 years old, depressed, and a boring person?[View]
64700552How do you escape false rape accusations as an ugly, fat man? Also, how do you avoid jail time if yo…[View]
64702338>wake up >still neet >still mentally ill >almost 30…[View]
64703683>you think you are a strong individual >your pet aka your best friend dies How do you react? w…[View]
64703630So this board is essentially dead now, right?[View]
64688927You wanted a big titty gf?: Well to bad loser https://www.tiktok.com/music/original-sound-6716317850…[View]
64704096https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh4s78Db5OQ B-BUT MY PROBLEMS ARE STILL VALID! (whatever the fuck th…[View]
64703031Mods deleted architecture thread, post architecture.[View]
64701495god I want a baby so bad[View]
64702998Has anyone here ever done heroin? Tell me exactly what it feels like. Did you inject it? Snort it? S…[View]
64703552i want to hug a girl (biological female) (no dick) (also no balls) however, i am 26 (i.e. old) and a…[View]
64703371would it weird a gf out if I wanted to eat her pussy/ ass like 3 times a day and sometimes in the mi…[View]
64702391aint finna beef about no hoe dawg she mine too[View]
64704002You are aware that this is what reading your little crybaby faggot kid posts feels like right? POV o…[View]
64703447How utterly hideous, abhorrent of a personality, lacking in any redeeming qualities whatsoever do yo…[View]
64704030this is how I want to spend my days[View]
64702542>one shot at life >5'6 '''male''' how can ''…[View]
64703985>got hooked on xanax again I fucking hate it, it's not even for fun, I need it be able to sl…[View]
64703416l am an lesbian[View]
64703551I set a uBlock cosmetic filter to hide the post teasers in the catalog. I have to decide what post t…[View]
64703111Another night of drinking and cross-dressing.[View]
64703904I unironically wish I was ugly sometimes so people would just leave me alone.[View]
64703691They call inceldom a 'cult' but in reality it's faggotry what turned into an evil cul…[View]
64703773>tfw no eviI bastard bf[View]
64703836Don't be sad, being sad is gay[View]
64702604You want to wear cute panties and a dress.[View]
64703075Assmogging: How many of you have been assmogged and recorded while being assmogged? Does it hurt?…[View]
64703838Sad I see sneeds trying to roll up on me: To my wives of my storefront Sad I see sneeds trying to ro…[View]
64687817r9gay/ - #1439: Pink colored dreams edition. Last thread: >>64675185[View]
64703241Is anyone else irritated and burnt out on day to day interactions with people in real life and onlin…[View]
64703196i was gonna make a post about being a virgin but then i got this post rare captchas[View]
64703351Do you have an exciting adventurous life[View]
64703636Tfw no short stack gf. She'd be like 3-4 feet tall and filled out more since all that lost heig…[View]
64701613how do I get schizophrenia/psychosis? asking for a friend :)))[View]
64703745I just realized that raids are pretty much digital buck-breaking.[View]
64703535You guys ever accidentally make eye contact with a beautiful woman, and you instantly fall in love?[View]
64702396>family doesn't believe mental illness exists[View]
64703693>tfw ywn take a fembot's butt prone bone sad[View]
64703572how tf do i deal with stuttering: recently my stutter has gotten bad lmao. it used to be bareable bu…[View]
64703406Is it possible to get a hot gf if you're 24 with acne, receding hairline, and a 3/10 face? My b…[View]
64703468Are girls who blow bubbles every few seconds while chewing gum annoying?[View]
64703585>looksmaxxed 4/10 but still want a hot gf Is it even possible? Idk what else to do since I alrea…[View]
64701008like it or not, this is peak male performance right here[View]
64702970Mum bought me a fleshlight for my birthday. I'm 20. What does it mean[View]
64702341is it normal for parents to let boys sleep over at their daughters house, and let them like close th…[View]
64703505I'm gonna say something and it's not my fault if someone were to turn it into a naughty wo…[View]
64703529I'vegot some things to work out in my life like my current lack of a vehicle, but other than th…[View]
64703287Does anyone else have an abnormal sleeping situation? I have a tent in my apartment. My apartment ha…[View]
64701539What are your niche hobbies? I like building arcade cabinets. Here's a bartop I'm working …[View]
64703168>think of a thought i wanna share >feel something i need to vent >no friends to share them …[View]
64703516Any fembots hard stuck in Overwatch? I'm bored and feel like boosting someone[View]
64703188Are any other fembots tortured by guilt over all the hearts they've broken? So many friends tha…[View]
64703398I love sending money to cute girls on Twitch[View]
64702851Alright wagie! Time to do the wagie waggle! You don't want to get written up AGAIN, now do you?[View]
64703508Elliot birthday. (7-24-2021)[View]
64703507Mexicans are the real ebemy: Hello I'm the 'incel' of this board, I just went to two different …[View]
64702935Dont die of depression or loneliness: Make frens instead :) fren server /2fnspJfG[View]
64702184dolls are love dolls are life. I love silicone girls![View]
64702886I want an abusive yandere gf who hurts me for my own good. I want to give up my free will for her an…[View]
64703206MED SCHOOLS LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Sincerely, -Anon, /r9k/ class of '21[View]
64703415Does 'touch grass' mean touch pubic hair? I was never clear on that.[View]
64696588>Guys say they like bigger asses and boobs >This is okay >Girls say they like taller men an…[View]
64703073i dont think i'll ever be truly happy unless im better than everyone else[View]
64702819>Her face when she sees you get fatally wounded trying to protect her[View]
64703113What kind of job, if any, would you want if you didn't have to worry about financial or societa…[View]
64702763if you know the future you desire is unobtainable or you will never be able to see the person you lo…[View]
64702307Why do brits consistently have such massive ears? Every time I see a big eared person they are eithe…[View]
64703372>tfw otherwise /fit/ male with a gigantic diaper butt[View]
64703342Picrew Appreciation Thread: Post your favorite creations you've made in the past and why it…[View]
64702801>Sex is described as between a man and a woman >Man on man isnt considered sex >All gay men…[View]
64703324whats your favorite minecraft texture pack? i tried a bunch and couldn't decide on which one i …[View]
64703119press F for how trannies could have been cool[View]
64702502Anyone else manage to turn their lives around? Im no longer a neet khhv but I enjoy the nostalgia th…[View]
64703184need help finding a hentai game: hi anons, im in need of help finding an RPG hentai game that i foun…[View]
64702777>black >addicted to IR porn How do I cope?…[View]
64700148To my wives of my omniscience Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not sche…[View]
64702931The ultimate blackpill is the realization that you are everything you hate in the world, and it…[View]
64703273What would it take to get with a man of this caliber?[View]
64703052ominous cozy: post related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJeeA_O88Zw https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
64702551>California will be giving ubi to black people, single mothers and artists We fucking did it bros…[View]
64701357Let's have a rate my mom's ass thread[View]
64703120Fuck you all you fucking dumbasses Truly, I don't like you at all[View]
64702590Do women even want sex? What is the biological take on this? If they did we wouldn't all be vir…[View]
64702513>Muh cows >Muh islands[View]
64701835>can't even fart in peace How would you survive, robots?[View]
64703044How were some humans able to turn their lives and offspring into royal dynasties?[View]
64701377>dick hurts when I pee its all over bros[View]
64702260>finally get hit on by a female >she is african american…[View]
64702733>sister mentioned how she's going to a party today >day ruined…[View]
64690617Women Hate Thread: Classic Women Hate Thread Daily reminder all women are whores and i hate roastie …[View]
64703081If you were 10% as obsessed with Jesus as you are with women, you would be a saint.[View]
64703034Wish the little man luck[View]
64703078Can't wait to take my fembots virginity with this big brown cock lol[View]
64702611This memory recently resurfaced for me and I just want any kind of explanation of what the intention…[View]
64702483I wasted my youth. I am an old man now. I must admit it never felt like an option. Even at this very…[View]
64702696>be me >get phone call from unknown number >ignores it >unknown caller leaves voicemail …[View]
64700618Now that the dust has settled, was Peterson just another charlatan who scammed diet-nazies?[View]
64701263What the fuck is men's problem and how can they have such disgusting awful fetishes I'm so…[View]
64702430i shouldve went numb by now but im still suffering[View]
64702305>talking with receptionist who gives me my check >known her for years professionally >i men…[View]
64702979I haven't showered in 2 months. Trips decide if I take a shower today or not.[View]
64702530are you lonely? original x9JSdvhK[View]
64702943Girlfriend is legit mad at me because I called her cat ugly as a joke.[View]
64698218>Females are incapable of developing their own views and beliefs[View]
64702902Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH_6n6Vf1bc[View]
64702185tried to make a vent post but it was too long and I couldn't be arsed to cut and follow up. In …[View]
64701370I went out to the bar, something I have not done in a long time, not since I failed out of college. …[View]
64702049tfw Based BBCposting killed Ciarasimping[View]
64700373To be alone is to be damaged. There is no greater suffering for the soul than to simply sit and stew…[View]
64702807How do I stop getting crushes? I get crushes wayy too easily. But when there are chances that it ca…[View]
64702903Why even bother talking about politics, economics, utopianism and all its various systems when they …[View]
64701606>04:20am >still alive welp time to smoke and hope my lungs collapse desu…[View]
64702899women: >'wahhhh male privilege this, male privilege that' also women: >settle down with Chad,…[View]
64702363Is fucking an escort cheating?: Is it cheating[View]
64702222>parents pressuring me to get a job Why are they trying to ruin my NEETdom? If they didn't w…[View]
64702544You are useless. You only know how to sow alt-right propaganda, probably on Putin's request. Yo…[View]
64701065if FORCED, which one would you rather fuck and why? A) post-op asian transsexual woman B) black twin…[View]
64701551You love you lose thread: ITT: post qts that make you feel like love is real[View]
64701508>this pussy boy gets more pussy than you thoughts?[View]
647020374chan words: ITT: words related to 4chan. Examples: thread sage OP sneed autism Moot archive board…[View]
64701500How can whities even compete?[View]
64701070>be me >incel >turn gay over the span of a decade since no women showed any interest >do…[View]
64698560Just done showering my doll and doing the carestuff (skin oiling and powdering).. feels like taking …[View]
64702785I coomed on my usual spot on the carpet again, and (as usual) I accidentally stepped on that part of…[View]
64698463>too scared of herpes to hookup I'm never going to get my pp sucked am i…[View]
64702755Can women orgasm https://www.strawpoll.me/45519603[View]
64701972What is swordpunk? Its like Fantasy, but without magic or guns. Anyway, what sword are you using?[View]
64700586Was Karl Marx actually based? Are neo-marxists simply just faggots? Or is all it simply just gay and…[View]
64702118who else /cuckpilled/[View]
64702713>tfw haven't jacked off for two weeks and not even on nofap[View]
64702580please post bottomless girls I need it. and no meme shit, im talking girls with no pants and underwe…[View]
64702702Those who are in their 30s, how is the dating scene?[View]
64702053Why does findom appeal me so?[View]
64700863/obsessed/: Any anons have someone that is too special to them? Someone they follow or admire too mu…[View]
64702678I have been talking to my gym crush for a couple of weeks now. Things were going good I suppose, we …[View]
64702576Why is vulva considered X-rated when penis only considered R-rated? Shouldn't there be equality…[View]
64702663I wish I had an ugly fembot gf roommate that would help pay the rent and I'd abusechad her >…[View]
64702464>tfw depression doesn't even let you jerk off anymore It ain't fair, I don't even …[View]
64701699I've officially gone to crystal cafe and i don't understand why everyone here hates them o…[View]
64702572I'm posting every day until I find you or kill myself. Day #27[View]
64702539I cant stop..... BIG DIARRHEA..... TONIGHT ![View]
64700955>talking to girl for a couple of days > it's actually going good >says something suspi…[View]
64701709A huge misunderstanding many robots have is that women emotionally support men. The reality is the e…[View]
64701966the year is 2011[View]
64702124I'm drunk. give me what u think u got fools[View]
64699891Have you know someone who has committed suicide? What was he or she like?[View]
64700314Jews ruined my life.[View]
64701886Nice thread: I'm having a good Saturday. Sup fags?[View]
64701435>tried to talk to my dad about suicide >he just called me a lazy selfish pussy I just need to …[View]
64700548so I have been collecting unemployment for the last 2 years I applied for a crazy check and I think …[View]
64697836The Galactic Nofap: Birth of the Prophet: It is the 30th anniversary of the Birth of the Prophet. El…[View]
64702421videogame characters you can beat up[View]
64701755>lover of all people >the only race is the human race >$15 minimum wage >i respect women…[View]
64702058How many days in a row can normalniggers deprive you of sleep before you're legally allowed to …[View]
64702335is there anyone who would be attracted to me if i'm 20 but look 13, besides gays[View]
64701786>almost 23 >still asthmatic is god sadistic? why did he felt the need to give me such shitty g…[View]
64701777All your women. Even the half ones.[View]
64701916Are we living the lives we deserve?: >Shot at and harassed by stalkers when I try to leave abusiv…[View]
64702298>allergic to alcohol Feels good bros. Always feelin' good. Peak performance. It's easy …[View]
64702264One of my 'woman' friends. randomly asked me the other day if i'm on tinder. Why do you ask? …[View]
64702275I think expressed here is a huge amount of positive, happy, friendly energy that's uselessly bl…[View]
64702083why didn't you just try to blow up your high school with propane bombs, anon?[View]
64699680I shaved my legs and they look SO FUCKING GOOD! Beautiful. Aesthetic. I've been staring at them…[View]
64661871/drugfeel/: >Previous thread OD'd How's life drugbots?…[View]
64701896Im so fucking drunk right noe btos[View]
64701951https://3d-marketing.captur3d.io/view/keller-williams-louisville-east/8800-blue-lick-rd# Alright rob…[View]
64702176Henceforth, I renounce pornography.[View]
64701819I'm reading Punpun and half of the pages are just shitposts.[View]
64701476I'm straight but I've NEVER fapped to a woman in my life, nor had the desire to do so. Is …[View]
64702111Gamingman1025: Hello My name is Gamingman1025 I have something to say It's my birthday I know y…[View]
64702081i have officially stopped caring has anyone else lost the energy to be mad at the world? i just dont…[View]
64701922>he lives in a city without a bridge[View]
64701688Why are there so many voluntary celibates in today's 1st world countries? Especially men but no…[View]
64702052oh anon woke up[View]
64701752What do femboys want?: Ok so we know that women chase money, looks, height. But what about femboys/t…[View]
64695698For those of you desperate enough to date a BPD woman: Come into this thread so I can shoot you, may…[View]
64700657Anyone else jealous of women/fembots? Not a tranny, not talking about looks. Im fine with being male…[View]
64698558me and my robot bf 5 minutes into talking about what games he likes:[View]
64701120good evening r9k!!!: its 2am!! still quite early for me. although i am tired so i will go to sleep s…[View]
64701981anyone else never owned or driven a car in their life despite being late 20s? 27 and never driven he…[View]
64701990i feel like the captchas trying to tell me something bros but i just cant quite put my finger on it.…[View]
64700735Why is /r9k/ the most inferior of all other boards?[View]
64700239>dumped my ex because he was an abusive piece of shit >it's been two years since we saw e…[View]
64700654ITT: post your autism: When i was a younger kid (like, really young) i used to fiddle my dick around…[View]
64700686Do robots like pinball?[View]
64701965If I can't take anything posted here seriously then how am I supposed to have a genuine convers…[View]
64701961>google is starting to autocomplete the username of my ex that i obsessively stalk in the searchb…[View]
64701934>tfw banned from /v/ I didn't even do anything[View]
64698675>Be straight efeminate pretty boi >chad friend says I'm cute >call him a faggot and bo…[View]
64701101the name's norm. norm macdonald[View]
64701599You are now imagining a fish hook being inserted into your penis, and it being yanked up hard.[View]
64701240Fembot lied to me about her age WTF! GODDAMMIT![View]
64701657How to stop being a LOW VALUE MAN ?: I recently start Wage Slaving after Losing my Business & re…[View]
64699990>no girl will ever want to make you feel happy[View]
64701631Is it reasonable to be mad at your parents for not raising you to be self-sufficient? And for not ge…[View]
64699504Why can't redditors handle 4chan?[View]
64700922Left out by best friends...: I have a few friends, most of them casual. Two from this group however …[View]
64700225Britney Spears' Blackout is still a good party album in 2021[View]
64700486>no gf to play TF2 with Alright, I get it[View]
64701265Columbia, SC Council Pushing the Jab!: Columbians! Tell the city council to back off on their Jab sh…[View]
64701716my 28yo sister broke up with her chad bf and moved back in and cant take it anymore shes so annoying…[View]
64700488This was honestly considered a 10/10 in the 90s[View]
64701524Just tried this workout and couldn't get past 10 min, what about you robots? You ARE exercising…[View]
64701087>invited to a sweet 16 >25 >They're okay with it ....help?…[View]
64698763I'm here to shill the military to you guys. I am not a recruiter, I am just trying to help some…[View]
64700821Why are people like that?[View]
64679709Picrew Thread: The same old picrew everyone's probably familiar with, but this time: 1. Make yo…[View]
64698755> what are you waiting for anon? Lick me out already![View]
646991887/31/2021 that's the date[View]
64701373Got a prostitute for the first time, $100 wasn't that bad.[View]
64701260Faggot culture must be perished Boy must act like man. Femboy and tranny, numale is joke.[View]
64701385anyone else attracted to ALL biological women? There is not a single biological woman on the planet …[View]
64701361what am I supposed to do when I'm lonely and have no one to talk to?[View]
64701550wtf, I just looked at /soc/ and everyone is so fucking attractive. I really am gonna be alone for th…[View]
64701556>fembot gf says she wants a baby >I don't want her to have a kid because I know that she …[View]
64701491I don't understand why people watch the Olympics? Its just an excuse for Chad and Stacey to fle…[View]
64698433>ordering my door dash meal for today >'How much would you like to tip?' >'$0' chop chop wa…[View]
64701341>I'm >Afraid >Of >Driving…[View]
64701226I have no one I can trust an no place I can turn to I cant express my emotions and thoughts they are…[View]
64700827I had a dream last night where I sucked my own dick. Am I gay now?[View]
64701497>fembot did this >fembot did that WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU MEET FEMBOTS??????…[View]
64701504I have been here all day and every weekend for the past 6 months. r9k is now my new home[View]
64698301>convinced my brother to masturbate in front of me >bullied him all week for it >now he…[View]
64701061>date a fembot >she has anorgasmia DROPPED. If you can't make your gf coom then you will …[View]
64694995>babe i know i told you i loved you but I met some guy and INSTANTLY fell for him so i dont need …[View]
64701447Is it true guys that look like this are banging hot girls? Like 8/10 college age girls. Not 25-29 ye…[View]
64701436>We don't know when, but the days will come again >When their courts can't hold us …[View]
64701112Imagine being born and your only purpose is being put infront of a nuke[View]
64701378My diary: >sober for 4 days >see a cute girl cashier >start thinking about life and stuff …[View]
64701337>go on /fit/ >give advice >have no idea what I'm talking about, just parroting shit th…[View]
64701325Im sorry whoever reads this: Putting my thoughts down here really helps get them off my mind. Its li…[View]
64698330>realizing I'm turning into pic related It's over for me bros…[View]
64701331how do you cope with feeling like shit bc your bf is watching the olympics for all these beautiful a…[View]
64701313I will never know what love feels like, and I'm fine with that.[View]
64701168>be me >Need to shit >Go to bathroom >Open door >Sit on toilet >Shit GOD FUCK I FO…[View]
64701257Anyone else rocking the michael moore fit these days? Too lazy to chop my hair and it's just ea…[View]
64701039Gentlemen Gentlemen I have an announcement to make[View]
64700430>talk to fembot >ghosted in three (3) replies That's an new record low for me. How many r…[View]
64700491I'm bored: ask me existential questions or something, and I will try to answer them. Also incel…[View]
64700348What the fuck happened to old anons, 2003-2010? Did they all kill themselves or move on with their l…[View]
64700986How is your Saturday night going anon? I hope its going well[View]
64700556i want to make a tsugu shes so cute[View]
64700941I need to draw to get good and make money but I'm so lazy, exhaustion washes over me when I thi…[View]
64700412>$300 for the ultimate fap[View]
64700954Where do you live: >Your Cunt >Would you be happy if you lived elsewhere >Fun fact about th…[View]
64700331What is the best way to receive money from crooked people anonymously, besides with crypto?[View]
64699196Just lost a female friend: >Be me >Found a girl from this board to talk > Talk to her on di…[View]
64700149Saa... wasuremashou, Sono mirai ga...[View]
64700887Out of my way nerd I'm gaming right now[View]
64701035Paying for sex is worse than being a virgin[View]
64700424I live for fembots and mental cases even though they're such low quality, but I can't love…[View]
64701050There lives a lady with her daughter and son in an expensive house and they jerk off together all da…[View]
64700977If you're having a bad day I hope things turn out okay. If you're feeling down I hope it m…[View]
64697220>walking my retarded dog >hes a 110 lb black lab >some cutie walks past me with her tiny do…[View]
64700906I don't hate women. I hate how they always remind me of her[View]
64699818Is it weird I'm a straight guy who doesn't like being around other straight men? I exclusi…[View]
64700370tfw no sassy baka ciara gf[View]
64700778I want to have sex with a pornstar. Instead of Instead of having men watch OTHER MEN sleep with gorg…[View]
64700956Anyone else here a consoomer of material goods? Pic related apple stuff I just bought.[View]
64700584>complain about your old friends never talking to you >take no action to approach your old fri…[View]
64694296do moids still like goths? how hard did troomers kill the genre?[View]
64698997>tfw born too early to escape this capitalist hellhole of an existence that breeds isolation and …[View]
64700781Brought this coat for my husband and it fit nicely. The material is great and very stylish for any o…[View]
64700361>mom just brought bologna and bread Is this heaven?[View]
64699601>teacher tells us to split into pairs >ask someone if they want to work with me >they alway…[View]
64700389planning on babytrapping my future bf how goes your day robots?[View]
64700194i miss you please come back i love you why did you leave me?[View]
64700861A black guy stole my drone camera today. I needed that for hovering outside my ex bfs window so I co…[View]
64699198how did 9/11 successfully happen? there was an alternative plane crash in the empire state building …[View]
64699490>tfw shaved balls shaving my balls and pubes makes my dick look a whole inch longer, it's st…[View]
64695533FUTURE OF THE WORLD MAP: my prediction of the future of the world, what do u think? also map thread.…[View]
64700707Change all my friends Only 'cause you asked me twice Change all my clothes That don't make…[View]
64699563Is a harder life a worse one? Yes, living in a post-apocalyptic swordpunk hellscape would be uncomfo…[View]
64700767>wakes up >first feeling is incredible hatred and malice towards women >its gonna be a goo…[View]
64700384Just posted some real big bait. I'm counting up the (you)s right now. I'll never read the …[View]
64700243These ladies won't accept anything less than a 9/10. It's over for moids[View]
64699097I see a lot of these threads, but here's mine. I'm sad and have failed attempts, one which…[View]
64699372Why /g/fags won't tell me how to see a private instagram[View]
64698921>tfw no milf to fill up with love juice. why bother? ;_;[View]
64698943It's not worth it...: All of that which we call happiness comes from a mixture of dopamine/plea…[View]
64700076Normies enjoy their free time. I enjoy a free life.[View]
64700385I'm forever trapped in the mkultra, every person I get to know late turn the back when I need, …[View]
64699521Aspie girl now has a backstory: https://imgur.com/a/ehVIsaG[View]
64699905do you listen to breakcore? post any u listen to[View]
64700288All the peeps I played with are now playing the weebshit game that is FFXIV. I refuse to play it bec…[View]
64700603Sorry Ladies but.... >https://voca.ro/1ox3SJtUHk2H[View]
64699422My gf has slowly become more relaxed in bed and now she is trying her kinks. She has recently discov…[View]
64699186Why are mass shooters, serial killers, etc. seen as 'cowards' by a lot of people? Doesn't it ta…[View]
64699882>have yellow fever >don't get called racist for it because I'm not white…[View]
64699921>Suicide Bad: Why do normies twist their tits when someone wants to kill themselves? Hell, even …[View]
64700490Anyone else here think that white women look like men? How do we know that Adele isn't trans?[View]
64700103/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Beer edition: <3 u Recent news: >anon announces presidency of her…[View]
64699894>be me >match with 8/10 brunette on tinder >invites me to come over to her apartment to wat…[View]
64699548this that hood rap thread: last thread was deleted by racist ass internet cops (choke on a dick, fag…[View]
64700442Would you give up a testicle to have your hair back for a year?[View]
64699851>doing my daily stalking of my ex gf >she updated her interests to learning Ukrainian why woul…[View]
64700137Waifu Compliment Thread: Post a picture of your waifu, and then say something nice about the robot a…[View]
64700372Story about my experience seeing a mommy dom escort as a transbian: I'll probably never tell th…[View]
64699875how can someone possibly want an unspoiled virgin after they've jerked off to DP tentacle impre…[View]
64698674you save you lose[View]
64698732>when they start out pretty nice but get more disrespectful towards you as they get more comforta…[View]
64699599The Galactic Nofap: Day 25: 'Now you just stay at your peak as long as you can. There's no one …[View]
64700203Give me one good reason why incest is bad other than >ewww incest haha[View]
64700165really felling like shooting a bullet through my head but remembering that suicide lead straight to…[View]
64698874How does a fembot even compete with something like picrel?[View]
64698317Would you go out with a girl who has been blacked?[View]
64699030My avoidant tendencies are debilitating and I can't see any way to improve things. The things I…[View]
64700224im too scared to try to OD again because in might seize or have a stroke and become a veggie but eve…[View]
64699069Why are the lefties and elites pushing for the feminization of men? We see them pushing estrogen to …[View]
64700216Big fluffy eared foxgirls---!!!!![View]
64700163Is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z1zCjg6d4E[View]
64700132People are inherently evil, some of us choose too hide or deny this, a few will overcome this, but a…[View]
64696700Every time I see an attractive alt looking girl in public I literally want to cry. I want them to fi…[View]
64700150Show us your bussy r9k[View]
64681609/fbg/ - Fembot general: Success edition TQ: what goals do you have in life, if any, and how close a…[View]
64698113what's a good relaxing video game to play while I listen to ASMR or streamers?[View]
64700118for me, its girls with stretched ears[View]
64699406>foid thinks I still fantasizing about her and doesn't realize I'm literally too jaded …[View]
64699073Adolf satan hitler atheist retard christ AAMENNNNN.[View]
64699671> I'm feeling so heckin' amazing and I hope you had a great day too anon!…[View]
64698682Recommend me anime and mango: I'm depressed need something to fill time so my brain doesn'…[View]
64699444fembots are not for fucking, they are for making sweet love to in lotus position trying to get them …[View]
64698673>wasted the entirety of my teens and early adulthood playing wow and shitposting on 4chan I have …[View]
64698233>get called out >use ad hominem with a shitty cope strawman You newfags will never learn.…[View]
64699682Just deleted Tinder, Bumble, and Badoo boys. Haven't used them weeks prior. It's always hi…[View]
64699994catfishing on t*nder: I tried tinder a few years ago and got no real matches. I'm curious about…[View]
64697927Boys with ego issues are in this season.[View]
64698606>cousin asked what my fetishes are What do?[View]
64698847I'm a femboy and I need tomboy.[View]
64699787hair: Look up diffuse thinning, it might happen to you![View]
64697991Oh hello there wagie. Enjoying your 'free time' this weekend? Good for you! You have so li…[View]
64699748Have you ever been lucky enough to smell a big Latina booty?[View]
64699639why can I only cum to small penis humiliation? low self esteem?[View]
64699854I've touched one. Now I have to touch another. It was gooey, squishy, slightly smelly (though …[View]
64698754Has anyone here had a therapist that has ever helped them?[View]
64699524this board is getting to me[View]
64699337how come fat women are so in fashion? it's 100 percent some kind of change in mainstream societ…[View]
64698935>just finished first year of university >met back up with a girl I knew since junior high >…[View]
64699775I've used whores about 3 times so far. Some are actually not bad looking but you must always re…[View]
64695450Why do Latinos assimilate to black American culture instead of white American culture? https://www.y…[View]
64698593Poison in my head. God, love hurts.[View]
64698638This is my girlfriend, Azula. I love her very much. Please say something nice about her.[View]
64698833Greentext the ways that you've tried to get girls anons. I think most of you just haven't …[View]
64699459>c-ching chonguuu You wake up and see this. WWYD?[View]
64699650I wish Anon used my mouth to masturbate while watching porn... Sleep time Sorry for posting...[View]
64697332>girl tells me that I have pretty eyes and eyelashes Is this some new form of Female flirting? Is…[View]
64699426dog pill thread: how do you cope with knowing women would rather fuck dogs than you? https://youtu.b…[View]
64699350I don't want to live past 30[View]
64699539Why do most lesbians look like this in real life? Are they settling for less, or do they just prefer…[View]
64698419Why is talking to women so fucking exhausting?[View]
64696507Confessions thread. Get your deepest, darkest secrets off your chest. Blow off some steam.[View]
64698510>youtube ad pops up >start yelling 'YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY MONEY OR MY TIME BITCH' >hit…[View]
64699427>tfw no punk rock stoner sasha gf to cuddle with[View]
64699421Does anyone have a convincing argument or proof that love is a human need? I would think a grown ass…[View]
64699401what does jenkem feel like robots?[View]
64695233Is your mom sex positive?[View]
64699141Is the pinkpill the final solution to the incel question?[View]
64699299literally nothing of value would be lost if all white women up and disappeared. the world would be a…[View]
64699321Your resident Ogre Magi here. My plans: Go for a Jog -> Do SkinCare -> Draw for 4 hours. Q Q …[View]
64693689cringe as fuck when people whiteknight r9k,if you've lurked long enough you would realize it is…[View]
64698925So I was an incel for a while but a few months ago I hooked up with a girl. She's 24 im 23). Th…[View]
64698698>Bullied by group of girls in school. >they held me down and made me look up their skirts. …[View]
64698918Fembots, you've been on this board for a while now and I'm lonely asf, when are we gonna s…[View]
64698468>punish my girlfriend with no alcohol since she cant handle it and has emotional breakdowns >h…[View]
64699216https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3p5GRErAnM Vibe with me anons.[View]
64698520Wat: Storytime of how I accidently infested my relationship with cuckfetish > be me 2 years ago …[View]
64697972i was too sperg to even realise how sperg i am: It's really over, isn't it? (picrel) My ab…[View]
64690392Old /r9k/: Are there any real robots from the 2012-2015/Early2016 era of /r9k/ left on here? I have …[View]
64698706I like avril lavigne, she is cool :): I just wanted to say this i like the song Complicated, it…[View]
64698182How do I turn myself into a vegetable? I don't want to die, I just want 'me' to die. Just take …[View]
64697723>Aunt is staying home for a few days >family of 5, 6 with her total >parents be like 'don…[View]
64699079Told my one date crush i love you[View]
64697896An age of vigilantism with cameras: Think that channels like D.A.P. will start becoming the norm as …[View]
64697877Can any Ameribros explain to a Eurobro why you're all so antisemitic? I'm from Northern Ir…[View]
64696735What are your thoughts on this project I made? What do you think of the pics?[View]
64695039happy birthday Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger!: He would have turned 30 today.[View]
64698850ITT we convince femoids to leave and never come back[View]
64697357Yo Anon, after eating with the senpai, would you like to go chill with me and my niggas? We gone be …[View]
64698143My cat sleeps at least 22 hours a day[View]
64698940>Lonely >Become friends with a woman >Start dating >Make love to her for the first time …[View]
64697663I dread the day when alphas are going to be old enough to start posting on 4chan.[View]
64698033>girlfriend stops taking birth control >she was already DDD sized boobs >suddenly goes to a…[View]
64698431It is finally over: The girl that I pinned for 7 years finally got herself a boyfriend. I feel sad a…[View]
64695393How old are you /r9k[View]
64698316destroying the biggest copes of moids: >there are no women on /r9k/ it has been confirmed that /r…[View]
64698240Earliest memories are from when I was 6 years old at at school wondering why the other kids didn…[View]
64698142man I really dont like having to live on my own[View]
64698930Do you think the allied soldiers in ww2 ever scored any Nippon bussy?[View]
64698913Is kimchi good for cock gains?[View]
64696987Self improvement: Any robots here ever self improve and become better? I think I have what it takes.…[View]
64698871I wasn't supposed to drink and I was doing so fine for a week but for some stupid reason I didn…[View]
64697938>autistic fembot gf confesses to me that she fantasizes about fucking some of her online male 'fr…[View]
64698836My earliest memory is sitting on the floor at my grandmas house and shitting myself.[View]
64698046Why are zoomers such spergs when it comes to politics and religion?[View]
64696597Do other people actually make friends online?: Maybe it's because I'm got some major trust…[View]
64698844Imagine if they were sniffing and licking all over your... It would feel so warm and good.[View]
64698239Someone be my mommy gf pls[View]
64698786Therapy: Can therapy help a 21 kissless virgin with 0 friends, no dreams and no social skills or is …[View]
64698361>bruh >no cap >LET'S GOOO why are zoomers like this?…[View]
64697647Hey, look who finally crawled outta his hidey-hole for the three-day! How's it going, Champ? Yo…[View]
64698623I am sick of life being meaningless... I'm sick of living in a postmodern world! I want meaning…[View]
64692656Is this true? Do women secretly want to be treated like sex objects?[View]
64698581do i have OCD?: i have never been to a psychologist in my entire life, parents didnt believe in it a…[View]
64698536>Im NOT gay and my dick is small Feels bad man[View]
64697770>all his PC monitors are 8-bit, 60 FPS, and 1080p or less[View]
64698408what's wrong with the outfit, i don't get it[View]
64697048pick one robots: pick one and explain your reason why. dont woman hate in this thread though; you ha…[View]
64694646If you at any point supported lockdowns, I have nothing but contempt for you and I wish you nothing …[View]
64698466Is infected bussy quality bussy?[View]
64697514>How much has passed since the last time you felt genuine happiness? >What made you so happy? …[View]
64698383Any rich nigga from a northern europe(germany and up) lonely and wants to rent me as a friend? >I…[View]
64697970What was the best and worst job you ever had anons? Working in a warehouse atm and it could be worse…[View]
64697889I wish I'd been born a girl. I'm not trans or anything, I don't feel like I'm a …[View]
64684384ITT: The strangest image you downloaded recently[View]
64697583>Read this book >It's an old book full of anonymously submitted sexual fantasies of women…[View]
64698367why are people so annoying? its 'small' things like my coworker offering me a ride home and then co…[View]
64698379>dating sites don't work if you're autistic or schizo >dating doesn't work if y…[View]
64698124Thoughts on Emily Rinaudo ?[View]
64697640Why do normies like this crap so much? There's barely a flavor, and the balls just make the tex…[View]
64698014OnlyFans: It will slowly get to a point when every woman you know and their mothers and sisters are …[View]
64697205>tfw just go outside and sit on public benches in order to be around people because i have no fri…[View]
64697596just had an interview at chick fil la fast food is so depressing.[View]
64696100Fembots what's your favorite position when fucking Chad? Mine's cowgirl so I can place my …[View]
64698377I play with my balls from sunrise to sunset. I love playing with my balls[View]
64698038Would you want to dominate the boy wearing the frilly dress or be dominated by him?[View]
646969821 gf like this, please.[View]
64695886Fear of doom: How do I cope with the fear of impending doom? I try not to think about the slow decay…[View]
64689932What are your religious views?: ITT: post your religion (or lack of), branch, denomination, and how …[View]
64698266Do you think I could find someone dumb enough to punch me to death? Like, could I realistically stan…[View]
64698121Anxiety is insurpassable issue: >22KHV >used to be raging robot on here every day, cannot get …[View]
64697963My wife Yuri Isn't she perfect?[View]
64697666Life just isn't worth living if you're not Chad[View]
64696623Fembot here, I've fucked multiple guys at anime cons but can't get a bf. Men literally onl…[View]
64697094I almost exclusively fap to yaoi because I hate women. Watching porn with women unironically makes m…[View]
64697051can i get a single solitary crumb of intimacy mam?[View]
64698206There's so much to do, so much to learn, so little time. One minute I'm learning hashcat, …[View]
64698200I don't relate to any of you: If being a virgin is your #1 problem in life you are honestly fuc…[View]
64696244I find myself in the mental state of being ready to buy a shotgun today. I've been putting it o…[View]
64697558>inb4 they falsely accuse me of being a tranny, jew or bunkerchan shill The /pol/fag spamming is …[View]
64698108I need to fuck booba[View]
64695248Life hacks[View]
64698091Is love real or is it just a meme? I can't imagine liking another person that much, seems kind …[View]
64697990Just because the lord makes your life hell and brings your health bar all the way down to 1 hp you m…[View]
64698012When's all this COVID shit gonna end?: >lockdowns leading to people becoming poor and lonely…[View]
64697707>tfw 30 and am not a virgin(Had sexual experience a bit before even trying whores)but have used p…[View]
64697038Are black girls fun to have sex with?[View]
64696619Bathing Fetish: Bathing and washing a cute ainme girl is the best fetish[View]
64698018Have you updated your flags yet? Folx can't know for certain you're not a fascist femboy i…[View]
64695416>I just realized most of r9k are undiagnosed aspies Lmao[View]
64696917why don't you just like, have sex with a girl? are you a faggot or something?[View]
64696707>random person adds me on discord >don't know how they got my id >instantly think i ha…[View]
64697125This is your date tonight.[View]
64697430Why do women care so much about status and achievement in a partner? I feel like men basically don…[View]
64694374/hikineet/: Hikikomori/NEET general thread. This thread is for discussion of topics related to the H…[View]
64697695Would you rather spend the rest of your life in your own comfy personal simulation or instantly grow…[View]
64697904>be me >working wagecuck job at fast food joint >im on the fryers, other people working inc…[View]
64696462So let me write something here A month ago I was in a forest with poison cups prepared to drink (I w…[View]
64696802Why have there been so many nazis here since the past year[View]
64697359i dont know how to make friends[View]
64694311/r9k/ is a /pol/ board: Daily reminder that /r9k/ is a /pol/ board and faggot commie trannies aren…[View]
64697833you don't use twitter do you anon?[View]
64697092Tiktok: I finally got a tiktok account today. What am I in for?[View]
64696183Haha I am objectively ugly and there is literally no reason to not kill myself. Nobody will ever lov…[View]
64697635Is Max.G ourguy /R9K/? https://youtu.be/H285s4HYv3c?t=148[View]
64696482Just stop being so angry all the time anons, really has no benefit.[View]
64697785Reddit is retarded: > use reddit > constantly post asian hate shit on r/4chan > nothing hap…[View]
64697589Guys, how many times do we have to go over this? JUST BE CHAD[View]
64697529Ladies, what is the shortest height you would be happy to date. Not the height that you would settle…[View]
64695858What video game should I play anons?[View]
64691072What do aspie girls offer that regular girls don't?[View]
64697298How many cringe compilations do you think you're in?[View]
64697693i'm addicted to femdom porn and i can't stop cooming i hate it[View]
64693284Piercings: What piercings do you like and what would you get if you were to become a woman[View]
64697456Anyone else love eating themselves into a coma?[View]
64693404>wake up >dark realizations ensue >guess you just accept it and keep going >other can …[View]
64697587>'I want kids so I can eat junk food and play video games' Someone actually posted this.…[View]
64696664STUFF YOU DONT REGRET DOING THREAD: >Be me >Step-moms cousin had marriage like 6 years ago …[View]
64697393do you wish you had a black fembot gf?[View]
64697364anyone else get put in special education classes despite not being retarded? spent the first half o…[View]
64696213Fuck therapy: >finally try therapy >'Anon just take these pills' >Gets upset when I tell hi…[View]
64697522Oh my... it seems I dropped something https://files.catbox.moe/hqrrmr.mp4 https://files.catbox.moe/y…[View]
64691745Daily routine general: Post your routines lads. >be me >wake up at 10am >have a breakfast …[View]
64697415please come back i miss you so much please[View]
64695349I just matched with a cutie, Ill see you guys. Bye now.[View]
64697228How do I stop feeling like a loser and failure? I tried doing a lot of different stuff but it seems …[View]
64696996How would you deal with a bipolar person?[View]
64696875how do i tell my girlfriend about my blacked fetish?[View]
64697099I want to be someone women like but Im a socially crippled coward freak whos never even initiated a …[View]
64697219manifesting yandere day 4[View]
64697397Tfw 19 and you know you are doomed: Im doomed to be a virgin. I had no friends in highschool. Am men…[View]
64697372>half the board are normoids complain they can't go to parties and raves because of covid Wh…[View]
64697221>cumming while watching a hentai then sitting there til the end to see how the plot finishes…[View]
64697211Whats a good job to have while going to college? Parents are making me wagie while I go to school ev…[View]
64696179Mormon Fundamentalism: I've seen several here claim to be current or former members of fundie s…[View]
64695985mum is making me go to an interview today. how do I purposely fuck it up so they don't hire me?…[View]
64696913Do you guys ever just daydream about wish-fulfillment fantasies? Just zoning out and imagining a hap…[View]
64697187Guys I need your help. I'm a chad. How do I stop being a chad?[View]
64696984Daily Posture Thread: early morning /Uni/ thread edition, what are you studying? do you think you…[View]
64697176women now have to register for the draft: >https://twitter.com/peeanofreek/status/141831929115022…[View]
64696045Hi /r9k/, what should I do today? Lock my penis in chastity for the entire day or wear panties?[View]
64696545Fap achievement list for u robots to have fun with[View]
64695355>have dream im back in high school >in group with friends >i have to leave for a second …[View]
64696814Is toilet paper(cost, availability) a benchmark of living standards in a country? I'm thinking …[View]
64695166he finally rejected me. i really thought he would be the one, he made me so happy. im really just no…[View]
64696927How old are /r9k/ anons?: If I had to guess the majority of you are 17-20 >Just turned 26 today…[View]
64696780>talking with friend of my crush >hear a story about my crush's boyfriend >didn't…[View]
64696915recently went thru a weeklong phase where i couldnt stop jackin it to porn of girls getting fucked b…[View]
64696884Which is more gay?: >Wanting to fuck an FtM or >Wanting to fuck a MtF If MtF is a girl with a …[View]
64696203so how many friends did you lose to suicide... my dear anons?[View]
64695232>be me >22 >Have a cute gf for 4 years now >accidentally read a text that she sent to …[View]
64696893Hey Anon, when would you say that your life as turn out for the worst? Where did it all go down hill…[View]
64695991>normoid comes here to cope >face up with people that doesn't want him/her >cries peop…[View]
64694741Socialism is an inevitability. Scientists predicted the collapse of society by 2040 and we're r…[View]
64695327you save you lose POST images and webms you dare people to not save[View]
64696905Well lads I am just out of luck, every time something good happens I get hit by bad luck. All diagn…[View]
64696891Alright, so music is a big part of my life. I'm not some big artist, but I'm pretty damn g…[View]
64696744How do I lose weight as an alcoholic?[View]
64695559alright, so i'm not a troon but i really fucking hate testosterone and what it's doing to …[View]
64695852Worship female asshole.[View]
64696641>chilling on the sofa with a beautiful woman resting her head on my chest, us watching some bulls…[View]
64696797Connection to others: Do you guys also feel like you can't connect with other people? Even thou…[View]
64695911>he didn't make it It's over bro! Just be yourself next time!…[View]
64694216Daily Reminder you will never have this[View]
64696070>just got out of doctors with bf >want to have a baby so i got a full check up memtal annd ph…[View]
64696557>this song is 7 years old Ahahaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK[View]
64696192hair loss: Whatever you do, do NOT look at the top of your head in direct sunlight you might see som…[View]
64696755In this post I cure your depression[View]
64696708money can really destroy a family. if you somehow get into money and your family doesn't comple…[View]
64696433>We are all gonna make it! >We are all gonna make it! >We are all gonna make it! >We are…[View]
64694840why has /pol/ invaded our board?[View]
64696563Posting loona everyday until you guys accept trans people as heckin cute and valid[View]
64696439I fucking hate living with my cousins: The other day my uncle comes up to us bitching about chores a…[View]
64696172Its up to you.[View]
64694463Have you looped around and started hating 4chan more than you hate the things 4chan wants you to hat…[View]
64696260>ex messages me >Haven't touched my phone in almost a day >When I see the notification…[View]
64696376When is it to late to change? can I fix my self, fellow anons?[View]
64695769What do I do if im just ugly? I have a nice conversation with a girl by a miracle and it goes good i…[View]
64695540I wonder - how easy exactly would life be if you were beautiful?[View]
64692800If size doesn't matter why do every woman marry a guy with a big dick?[View]
64695455i've just watched the film 'Raw'... now i want a cannibale girlfriend...[View]
64695003Why are white men the tallest people in the world? https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-ranking…[View]
64694802If you aren't of high value then there isn't any point in trying[View]
64695838clock ticks, future recedes, possiblities decrease and past increases and regrets mount up.: It…[View]
64696313>people making fun of me at work today cause I thought I was being fired and asked my boss about …[View]
64696113FE*BOT BOOBA[View]
64696317Columbia, SC! Tell the city council to stop pushing the vax!: Columbia, SC! The city council keeps t…[View]
64696272shit is gonna hit the senpai in my house my sister moved back in this morning because she broke up w…[View]
64692275Justin/JT, if you are reading this, im sorry, i love you, I wont bother you again, you dont have to …[View]
64696162>go to fap >wanna pee >pee >not horny anymore…[View]
64695505A i L O F i music vid: freshly mixed nightmare fuel got any science or philosophy lectures you want …[View]
64696145I'm going to sleep now.[View]
64695890I think I have a friend ... but he's gay and he always wants to suck my penis I do not know wha…[View]
64696034I can't stop eating fast food[View]
64692794Why do women never hate women like incels?: During the whole life of a woman she will be considered …[View]
64696106I assure you sisters that the only love &:company you need in life is from a dog. Go and get a d…[View]
64696068Why did it get so bad? I have the worst life of anyone I have ever met and the chads I know still ge…[View]
64696090TFW you will never live in a cool fantasy world with ninja goth girls[View]
64695054can women be lonely/be incels?[View]
64694452Is it better to wank with precision or wank with passion?[View]
64695077>tfw no gf that will listen to me ramble about ancient rome[View]
64693776finna fuck a tight and petite asian baby girl[View]
64694791So will they finally start hiring actual robots? I don't even have anyone for an employer to ca…[View]
64694325We need to bring back chaperoned dating and paternal consent: It used to be single women couldn…[View]
64692758Fembots, tell me why YOU are unable to get a boyfriend.[View]
64695414I just want to live. I don't want to live like a bug. I want to use my senses: live, love &…[View]
64689331you dropped your dogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CBwmcWSJjI&list=PLLcjNP4nqBFFOBgjN6dqZFkF…[View]
64692736What's stopping you from having a social life? Why don't you have irl friends?[View]
64695845>tfw no cute gothic gf who works in a morgue why even bother living at this point…[View]
64695824If you want a woman then you must stop thinking about women. Think about your goals and aspirations.…[View]
64694416the only good anime ever made[View]
64695006ITT we discuss the sons we are never gonna raise. What advice would you give him to prevent his suf…[View]
64694329fembots why don't just let yourself get pissed and shitted on by some saudi prince and make mil…[View]
64695807my slut sister broke up with her chad bf and moved back in with two big dogs she adopted my parents …[View]
64695390If robots hate women so much why dont you guys get jobs (betabuck), get girlfriends and beat on them…[View]
64695922Mugshots: Post funny/scary/cringe mugshots Found this gem in my local just now[View]
64695318>live in prosperous, democratic western world >'SHIT THIS MODERN WORLD IS SO HORRIBLE I HAVE T…[View]
64695907When I talk to older black women (born in the 1980s and before) about sex, I kinda begin to see why …[View]
64695685Actually going crazy?: I might be on spectrum, was in special ed in school,ect Always been a mommies…[View]
64694302Getting married at 24 and upwards has always been the norm. What's your excuse for losing your …[View]
64694998Should you reconcile with abusive parents?: I've been no contact with my parents since 2013 bec…[View]
64685693/britfeel/: Rain on the way edition[View]
64695667>owner getting beat up in front of me >'ayo get that nigga dog too'…[View]
64695724I kinda want to make some carrot cake muffins, but what's the point if I don't have anyone…[View]
64694703I don't even want a girlfriend, I just want a person of the opposite gender that I can ramble t…[View]
64694152I'm scared of COVID and I'm scared of the vaccine. Next week the office is going back to b…[View]
64688953Go to thispersondoesnotexist.com and find your wife, anons[View]
64692848>women are more emphatic gender many girls from my class laughed and bullied me including my crus…[View]
64694919OM SAI RAM I offer my Humble Pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of Our Beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai…[View]
64689350WTF is with sudden resurgence of 'trad' teens nowadays. I say 'trad' in quotations because i feel l…[View]
64695489What do you think about the cross between a white American man and a brown Brazilian woman?[View]
64695569To answer an anon who asked how women are supposed to find love if they truly can't be lonely: …[View]
64694181Whitecels, why don't you just get a black gf?[View]
64695164fetish thread you know what to do robots and fembots[View]
64694753Why do people mock me for wanting to e date? I hate the idea of someone being dependent and physical…[View]
64695345I love you all: Each of you robots is more family to me than my real family i hope each of you weird…[View]
64693092How the fuck do I thrill my Rs properly? I am not even autistic, aspergers or anything i just live i…[View]
64688332QUESTION: Why don't men enjoy orgasms?: Men: >Grunts quietly >Pees a few squirts of stick…[View]
64694881Why does my ass hurts if i use shampoo as lube?Asking for a friend of course[View]
64694401Have any of you guys actually truly felt romantic love for someone? I'm almost 24 and i've…[View]
64694129Women are too low-IQ for instrumental or ambient music. They only listen to bullshit with vocals and…[View]
64694999why dont girls ever want something long term with me only short term flings[View]
64694868Has anyone ever actually seen a woman do something selfness, dignified, or courageous?[View]
64694675True Crime: Does /r9k/ like true crime? A lot of it is normie bait for some reason but there's …[View]
64695375>tfw no gf who tickles me until I cum everywhere[View]
64694970what causes (((them))) to be like this?[View]
64695216So what happens after we invent matrix like vr? Will humanity change? And the most important questio…[View]
64684974tried my best please no bully[View]
64694169Who does mail belong to?: Aus law Does mail belong strictly to the person it is addressed to? Or doe…[View]
64690401We live in a world where a nobel prize winning virologist gets dismissed as a conspiracy theorist fo…[View]
64695202gold greentexts: Does anyone have the gt of the autistic coworker that watched/listened to Rudolph e…[View]
64692474Do americans really spend more money on a gf than they would on some hookers? Do they really think s…[View]
64694865i found out my neighbour is a witch doctor[View]
64694044I hate being an adult... FUCK!: WHY THE FUCK IS PILOTING THE ROBOT THE ONLY WAY TO BE HAPPY!? FUCK! …[View]
64694981>just want a life partner in normal woman that I can talk to and that won't actively try to …[View]
64693879>tfw jewish gf[View]
64690962Femcel thread: Pic related, just your average 'femcel'. Turns down and ghosts numerous sui…[View]
64694701I am in your house.[View]
64694239Why do you guys accuse all fembot posts of being LARP? I've larped as a man way more than I…[View]
64691654i wish you were here[View]
64693991Normies and Music: When it was my turn to use the bluetooth speakers, I played this song for people …[View]
64694790I've edged to porn for 2 days and haven't came. Does this count as losing my nofap streak?[View]
64694879>tfw Australian Aboriginals were based anprims >Then Anglo colonizers ruined everything Why a…[View]
64694036>roomate wont stop getting angry and start screaming like crazy throughout the entire apartment 1…[View]
64693678friendly reminder to all the schizo robots: everyone can tell when you've used the toilet beca…[View]
64690901How could he have prevented this?[View]
64694856https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/reikos-trap-harem I love literally everything about this page.…[View]
64693460im addicted to weed again[View]
64693581what you up to on this fine saturday bruddas?[View]
64694499Ladies I'm 5'5, live with my parents, don't have a job, and I'm ugly af I have a…[View]
64693940all fembots have a demonic slut inside them and it only comes out when she gets her ass spanked red[View]
64694798i want a boring fembot i can sit on the phone with for hours without uttering a word[View]
64693032Why are women so gross and hypersexual these days? Any excuse for your gross behavior fembots?[View]
64694376>older brother had another PTSD episode and put the house on 'lockdown' >had to wait for two d…[View]
64694027tfw no rich fashionable highskill tf2 boyfriend to play tf2 with[View]
64694783>I have ADHD Imagine believing this shit. Just man up and face your amphetamine addiction, faggot…[View]
64694206this is reality. this is what real life looks like you fucking retards. stop consooooming[View]
64693999how 2 become gay i don't want to jump trough the hoops to get a bitchy bimbo gf[View]
64694619>Coping means to invest one's own conscious effort, to solve personal and interpersonal prob…[View]
64693787should i start taking prozac again? ive tried everything but the depression wont go away[View]
64693266Arisa Vurr: I think im in love /r9k/bros[View]
64694583>no matter how lonely or miserable or suicidal I feel, nobody is ever coming to help me or make m…[View]
64694603All living things produce cock music.[View]
64691045>Can a fembot actually tell my why women get so autistically mad when it's implied they don…[View]
64692446Doesn't get much comfier than this.[View]
64694364Are there some anime for schizos?[View]
64693606>ACTUALLY, THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL NAZI'S!!!! Why do people still recommend this drivel?…[View]
64694113Robots, give me your thoughts on the medieval peasant look. Going to make myself an 11th century tun…[View]
64693113Loving Thy Enemies and Shit: sometimes a little love can go a longer way in destroying your enemies …[View]
64691982When did you realize that youre no different and basically do the same thing as boomers like pic rel…[View]
64694417>he thinks federal taxes pay for federal spending was banned earlier and couldn't reply to a…[View]
64692944>want to be abused by pretty girls >pretty girls want to be abused by chad it was over before…[View]
64693596Anyone else find computers/internet stuff extremely overwhelming?: By that, I mean that I find it ve…[View]
64694288Today is Guru Poornima, sirs. Our mind is 1000 times better to achieve the Lord. According to Swami …[View]
64694260The whole 'trad' thing online is just a cope for loser zoomers.[View]
64691364Vocaroo thread: Bread time: record yourself saying something, try not to be a faggot about it, etc..…[View]
64694394i fucking hate bananas[View]
64693148It's another 'I'm tired, but somehow my thoughts drifted to the topic of genial mutilation…[View]
64693461I fucking hate faggots more so than straights hate them. I fucking hate their promiscuity, their cul…[View]
64693476Shitty neighbors: Do any of you have shitty neighbors? >Used to live on busy street >Move to q…[View]
64694202I'm converting to Islam. You should too. Muslims believe in all the prophets. From Adam to Noah…[View]
64694259what are you looking forward to?[View]
64692588>100 page paper for master's degree due in three weeks >still haven't started it…[View]
64693888Cis women are a fucking meme and I can't find a tranny anywhere[View]
64693842Fuck its hard to play solo in Kenshi.[View]
64692662The more I interact with women, the more I realize how vile and inferior they are. Even when I meet …[View]
64692348is it true or just a meme: is the trans suicide joke actually honest and real or just a meme? do the…[View]
64691788My girlfriend had sex with 14 men before me (even more including oral). I was a virgin before her.[View]
64693021I have a degree and took low paying job job because I'm desperate for the money. My co-workers …[View]
64690732ITT: Why you are here: Pick one repressed memory/cringe flashback from your life to share here as gr…[View]
64693770>gf wants me to be verbally abusive >not even during sex, just randomly doing it >can…[View]
64693599Daily reminder that public education for sub-130-IQ midwits produces picrels, and harms society. Mos…[View]
64692949Boomer thread: Why do teenagers make Youtube vids with such fast edits? I hate how they cut their vi…[View]
64694107Decades of isolation and shame await me if I don't build up the courage to kill myself and the …[View]
64694098We need feminism guys. Women only fuck Chad, so the more we encourage that, the less genetic subhuma…[View]
64692920OCD: It's fucked. I did ERT and removed the main ocd factors in my life but then instead of hav…[View]
64693631How many of Max's reasons for girls not liking him are you guys? I'd say the only exceptio…[View]
64693735Learn to love yourself. >except if you are too ugly[View]
64694071>not strong enough for the whitepill[View]
64692737I want to take advantage of my time as a neet and learn a new language. Which one do you lads recomm…[View]
64693955>girl at my high school was in love with me and wanted to get married and have tons of kids and l…[View]
64694025> check friends count after sometimes its still the same How? are all these retards ok with me?…[View]
64693979>you will never have a conversation that isn't awkward and uncomfortable.…[View]
64692467i wish i could catch frens in real life i am playing gen 3, xd and gen 4 right now i want to ride a …[View]
64693859i had the greatest dream of my life last night. i was rubbing toes with a qt who i loved and loved m…[View]
64693647Married at First Sight: I've been binging this show for a few days. The premise: Single men an…[View]
64693906>finally find a girl that i like >she makes fun of me for liking her She is a fembot too, mayb…[View]
64693857Shouldn't getting a girlfriend actually be easy?: Considering that the videogame as well as por…[View]
64693618>be muslim woman >accidentally bump into another man >get stoned to death…[View]
64693821This is the essential robot ocd film.[View]
64693800I feel free at last. Like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I have finally reali…[View]
64693146>Jesus loves (you) >(you) have friends here there's no reason to be depressed…[View]
64691854Genuine things that make life hopeless?: Everytime someone on here doomposts about how their life is…[View]
64693748CONTENT: I'm gonna make a service that pays people for content regardless of its popularity. Yo…[View]
64693173I made out with a girl bros but then she stopped right before we fugged because shed fugged my fren …[View]
64692363>life sucks try doing this thing >no, life sucks and you suck Maybe you're the one that s…[View]
64691622SEX SUCKS: i just had sex and it was disgusting her pussy was so smelly and icky and her flaps were …[View]
64689093I thought getting on neetbux and fully dropping out of society would make me feel happy and free. B…[View]
64687786Wage Slave: Why don't you have a job anon. You want to be a ((productive member society)) right…[View]
64693558You would be happier if you weren't fighting women. Know this.[View]
64692181All who walk the blessed path will find salvation, even in death. Out of darkness, these blades will…[View]
64691483One of my coworkers never shuts the fuck up about shit I dont care about. Im a nice guy but I have t…[View]
64693310When did you first consider suicide? for me it was when i was 14 and got into a fight at school and …[View]
64693423This is not for you. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you never had sex, good for you. You s…[View]
64693559Psychoticdepression/mentallpsychosis and insanity sotries: cant even read strieght anymore[View]
64693333Why do i literally have no motivation in live? I've been living like a neet after college liter…[View]
64691945What does /r9k/ think of Reggae music?: I know it's not a very popular genre nowadays, neverthe…[View]
64692952Romantic love being real is one of the worst bullshits society pulls over you. Women are incapable o…[View]
64691937>tfw smoking a cig and accidentally rip the burning ember off mid drag and burn my fingy…[View]
64693441I feel like if I go tonight The illuminati will free my soul and i wont be in hell forever. holy shi…[View]
64693058I don't want to be this way anymore[View]
64692145Why exactly do you want a gf?: How naive do you have to be to want a girlfriend in todays age are yo…[View]
64693079What's your favorite way to wallow in melancholy?[View]
64693323Why don't you guys on /r9k/ just stop lusting after 3D and go full 2D already? It's less s…[View]
64692112My high school crush (Im 18) looks like the junkiest druggie alt-whore ever, but she actually tries …[View]
64693280>just be creative bro! >just be yourself bro!…[View]
64693189My oneitis has banged every single one of her male friends including a deformed manlet with an actua…[View]
64691761How are you today?[View]
64691522I wanna be someones yandere gf[View]
64693166>dreamed about lying next to a girl in bed >could feel her breath and hair on my body >hy…[View]
64692256Why do all zoomer women call their boyfriends 'daddy'?: It's universal among them, has to be si…[View]
64691841>go on reddit >see post about ww2 >specifically about how all german soldiers were horrible…[View]
64690925Im not working or contributing to society in any way unless I get a gf. In fact, Im going out of my …[View]
64691642why am i embarrassing myself like this, frens? why can't women just make me feel whole again? w…[View]
64693088Why do girls dislike so much that you talk to them a lot on Whatsapp? They assume if I send many mes…[View]
64691866Why are normies obsessed with the Olympics?[View]
64691589Bunnyfu: >anon, it's me, your dream bunny girl gf, Felicity Rose Hadley 'Bunny Bum' Jones …[View]
64690859How do you make friends in your late 20s: >be me >be 28 >be on dole and basically sit in 24…[View]
64691882Why are people concerned about there being too little people reproducing?: Ok, so I'm not an Am…[View]
64691785I thought about hiring a prostitute tomorrow, im 19 and shes 20 I don't even know if I'm t…[View]
64693009Which country do you think will get the most medals at the end of the Tokyo Olympics?[View]
64692967Cynicism is bad. Picture unrelated.[View]
64690633Which Olympic sport is your favourite?[View]
64692025how do i stop jacking to weird degenerate porn? or porn in general? before anyone confuses me with a…[View]
64692620>its OK to be white[View]
64690816>i post my hand with timestamp >i get free (you)s So what was the hard part about being black …[View]
64692669When Fallout 3 came out, it was my entire life for years. It was nothing like I'd ever seen bef…[View]
64691759You ever think about how crazy reality is?: Like, shit like computers, the Internet, video games, et…[View]
64692884>week into no fap feeling good and energetic >keep getting random erections tempting me to bre…[View]
64691724If you DM someone on social media and ask for drugs, is it possible the other person would get in tr…[View]
64691574>jacked off to this i want to kill myself so badly[View]
64691046Is the inceldom thing on a decline? what year was the peak of the incel craze?[View]
64692525How does getting your weenus sucked and the girl playfully swallowing your juice feels like? Asking …[View]
64692505Tranny hate thread? Tranny hate thread![View]
64692743Times you fucked up: >meet someone online >we build a very very strong connection >this las…[View]
64691541take tha 2d pill >How do I stop fapping to 3D? Let me break it down for you with this guide I mad…[View]
64692578I dont cook i dont clean. But i do take big shits.[View]
64692524What are my fellow neet robots listening to and what are you doing? I'm listening to this and w…[View]
64691889>be me >24 years old kissless virgin >apply to be a sperm donor at local fertility center …[View]
64692433>400 word essay due Wednesday >still haven't started it…[View]
64691240Should i go to a prostitute or a pshychiatrist?[View]
64691538hi robots, have any of you taken >tricyclic antidepressant and/or >thioxanthene antipsychotic …[View]
64691879Day 179! of manifesting a nagatoro gf into my life (not a tulpa please stop asking) Update: >i h…[View]
64692184whats the cure for loneliness in a dark desolate world?[View]
64688854Even though i knew robots were misogynistic and hostile to women, i were surprised by how vitriolic …[View]
64692166The average Indian loses their virginity at age 22.[View]
64691135Prove /r9k/ can still be funny: Caption this meme I made.[View]
64690254would you date a girl who supports BLM?[View]
64691965I miss the old Captcha[View]
64688595Have you learned by now that these depraved monsters have no intention of letting you live free? It…[View]
64688805What class do you belong to robot Low class here[View]
64691214Is this a cool tattoo idea? Might get it on my shoulder. Also thinking of getting st basils cathedra…[View]
64691033anon goes to a strip club: first club >it's a small, ghetto like club >get on gambling ma…[View]
64690632would you date a girl who has rimmed multiple men (including black guys) on camera before? pic rel[View]
64692274Man, women experience such pleasure during sex, it's not even fair. I will literally never be a…[View]
64690467Look at HER PENIS WOMEN HAVE PENISES save this .webm ... it's rare[View]
64691920i just want a brown gf[View]
64691529Tonight I wrote down all my ideas for a sequel to chess Would anyone like to hear them. In the long …[View]
64692106Anyone else around here actually normal but still browse here to see how pathetic people are?[View]
64691465Most of the things people view as immature are signs of mental illness. Yet normies say there is not…[View]
64691855I hate cis women. I want a trans gf. They are so rare and picky though. I love the girls at /bmg/. T…[View]
64691791the single female in my wow guild complimented my name, my love, im feeling connected to her now[View]
64690989Do you also love it when people that are prettier and more successful than you fail?: I love it. Eve…[View]
64692027Name pending The average bottle cap dynamo can produce up to 6v 2amps (12watts) ac You hook up the o…[View]
64691917>in vc with classmates >say tfw no big tiddie tall goth gf >the girl in the group giggles …[View]
64690800What is an alternative to this board? I want a board that hates women like this one does, but yknow,…[View]
64689572Being truly incel, like actually bottom 5 percentile ugly is so fucking brutal. 22 years old and tim…[View]
64691096picrel me and my robot bf after he finds me posting on crystalcafe in the middle of the night[View]
64687499Is it possible to experience a girl having a crush on you if you are a non-Chad male? It must feel b…[View]
64691684Dead robots: I miss all the dead robots that I talked to in the suicide threads from over the years,…[View]
64690870what the fuck is going on with this board?: Who's posting all this cringe, low effort, copy pas…[View]
64688726Half of all humans who exist have seen gangnam style.[View]
64686409To my wives of my omniscience Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not sch…[View]
64690044i feel washed up at 25 and liking younger girls and guys im a milf body type but no kids and i just…[View]
64691209Hi, plz be my friend plzplzplzpxozlzplzzp[View]
64689207GF haver here again. AMA about dating relationships or whatever you may be curious about. I can…[View]
64690660>therapist: >the rapist[View]
64690724Recently engaged. Landed a Parks service job. Bought a e9 bmw. Why do I still yearn to disappear and…[View]
64691491Are you still friends or at least keeping in touch with your high school friends or college friends?…[View]
64691579Why is everyone here a 'useless autist'? Why don't you find something to study 10 hours a day, …[View]
64690700kill all feds[View]
64691731Women dont exist anymore: >years ago you could just talk to a girl online and set up a date >y…[View]
64690848I'm about to be engaged soon to a girl, but I'm closet bisexual and no one knows, I'v…[View]
64691276Why doesn't /r9k/ just let a Japanese girl shit in their mouth?[View]
64691155How exactly does someone have a waifu? What commitment and activities are involved?[View]
64691607I think I just irreparably broke my dick from years of death grip masturbating. The base of my shaft…[View]
64691621It's not possible for a femoid to be an incel, please stop spreading this fake femcel meme[View]
64691449Why are there so many femposters posts on r9k?: What draws you here? More importantly, how can I get…[View]
64690911The job market: Maybe the reason wage cucks can't find employees is because they don't pay…[View]
64691539Post your favorite dad joke[View]
64691535tfw no vampire gf: She witnessed the fall of Constantinople[View]
64691502I'm so tired of society and its restrictions and expectations.: STONE FREE TO DO WHAT I PLEASE …[View]
64689365Konata is my wife.[View]
64690723>'''''''''''femcels''''''''''' do not exist and any whore who claims to be one needs to fuck off …[View]
64691444Can someone answer me why everything is seen as manipulation to women? yes, every and any form of co…[View]
64690067>man up and shoot my shot with a girl >rejects me and blocks me on social media >she was fu…[View]
64691247anyone else hate normalfag speak? I am 20 but the way normals my age talk is so homosexual >bet …[View]
64685462i think im gonna fuckin burugghhhhhhhhhh[View]
64690768>touch grass what does this even mean, when was the last time a normalfag went outside and kneele…[View]
64691176The government is gonna make me work again bros. I literally can't work with other people i…[View]
64691263>sister came back home crying because her cokehead bf cheated on her so annoying…[View]
64689440Video games are all FUCKING trash now holy shit they fucking suck and there's NOTHING else to d…[View]
64690986Any other night owl chads here? I typically go to bed at 6AM and wake up at around 4PM which still …[View]
64690641>tfw constantly told I look like a drug dealer This is worse than being ugly…[View]
64688678daily reminder https://vocaroo.com/14HP8dCa8eEE[View]
64689537School Shooter/Mass Murderer Thread: Mass shooters are based and are the heroes of society. Not the …[View]
64688707>feel like I have to poop >go to poop >feel poop come out >no splash >no poop What th…[View]
64690339Maybe it's undeserved but I'm so worried about you I can't sleep. Did I do something …[View]
64691130>see countless fuckers end up hating women >figure out a system so that'll never happen t…[View]
64689877/Rei/ General: Rei is running late for school: Day 721 I'm /Rei/dy to go tonight There's a…[View]
64689910Soft power: Are white people becoming irrelevant? Seems like our influence over the world has decrea…[View]
64690125bump good threads you coomer fags: 99% of threads are coomer bullshit or tranny fembot attention who…[View]
64690908Fembots, would you date a guy that looked like this?. Or would you feel too intimidated. a-asking fo…[View]
64690379Is it normal to fall in love with a female coworker who keeps up inside jokes with you, calls you by…[View]
64689986>can you come in to work on saturday anon? Is this even supposed to be a question or is it just a…[View]
64688265pig is my spirit animal[View]
6469090254m50n: When is this fag finally gonna off himself?[View]
64690968just dranmk a 750ml bottle of rum give mE ATTENTION any netherwind gamers here? loneley[View]
64689675Going to kill myself tonight Bye, robots.[View]
64690875I need to hide my blood: I've lost the thread by leaving the page and couldn't find it any…[View]
64689823The correspondence between one's value and their sexual activity: What's the point of havi…[View]
64689984>be me an hour ago >fell while riding pennyboard because of shitty sidewalk >can't ful…[View]
64690506>393 IQ >Waiting for Suncor stock to run-up to $30 USD a share after the 28th >Made this IQ…[View]
64690965If there was G-d who judged mankind and their lives eternally do you think it would be able to judge…[View]
64619582Weekly Family Thread: Ask for advice, share some stories, give advice, the usual. Keep it generally …[View]
64687854Why is it considered cringe to care about the environment? What's so wrong about wanting a bett…[View]
64690669Somone drove by my house and honked. Got scared and cried[View]
64690776ITT: Post every girl you noticed and day-dreamed about ending up with today. I'll start: >Gi…[View]
64690446does anyone else do this??: does anyone else like hug their dog? like stand them up on their hind le…[View]
64690199What are Indian women like?[View]
64689134i think you virgins should get a life[View]
64689751/r9kot/: >12 years old >spent 5 years as a stray >fathered 6 litters in that time >chill…[View]
6469029901101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110110 01101111 01100011 0…[View]
64689255I can no longer coom. Masturbation is pointless. What am I supposed to do now? What is this limbo I …[View]
64690426I love Ran[View]
64690666I'm pretty sure that the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality is simply a matt…[View]
64689672Have you ever got to smell a big Latina booty?[View]
64690191>AMT 1911 'Hardballer'[View]
64688732please come back please stop hating me i miss you so much i forgive you for everything please just c…[View]
64690659hold me close in this field of twisted alabaster to embrace you a million times and then some for i …[View]
64689163Why does 'smart' and 'formal' clothing look like absolute shit[View]
64689842Just realized that most of most of the worthless lazy NEETs on this board will never know how good i…[View]
64690406i dont even care who they are i just want them to not be obese and love me for who i am as a person.…[View]
64690242Are robots watching the Tokyo Olympics?[View]
64689890Maybe an unusual question but anyone ever stuck a bullet inside their PP and if yes, how did you get…[View]
64690471What will you do when /r9k/ inevitably becomes the containment board for femanons?[View]
64689913Non GF haver here. AMA about not dating, not having relationships or whatever you may be curious abo…[View]
64690464that could be us if my nose wasnt bleeding rn[View]
64689844Make me mad: I want something that would genuinely make me (and probably other people here) seething…[View]
64690245Any commies on here tonight? Could you please explain to me why on earth you believe taxing the rich…[View]
64690502Is using a fleshlight just like having sex? Like do they feel the same. I just got done using my fri…[View]
64687738Stimulants: Is it possible to quickly regain tolerance to stimulants from where you left off? When i…[View]
64690343Follow your heart, not your balls.[View]
64690387>tfw mom is crying because I keep showing her liveleak cartel videos anyone else torment their mo…[View]
64689837This is my wife Yuri :D[View]
64685938/Misaki Friday/: How are my fellow NEETs doing this friday? Ive been having some minor health issues…[View]
64690358Just found out that bianca devins killer has been sentenced to life without parole or bail. I know …[View]
64690013I got my first manicure today, ask me anything[View]
64690433I'm going to kill myself to find out if quantum immortality is a meme or not. See ya faggots.[View]
64690149Scroll and refresh Scroll and refresh Scroll and refresh Scroll and refresh Scroll and refresh .....…[View]
64690267Is it possible to lose weight /fit/ without sacrificing your manboobs?[View]
64689351How do you not be a coomer in today's age of readily available, free masturbation material?[View]
64689709Hey frens Please dislike this roast beefs video NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU EAT STUPID WHORE https://www.y…[View]
64688797drinking: hows it going bros? just got off work about to have some yukhoe[View]
64689557>finally make friends >Think we're really close and consider them my best friends >One…[View]
64687650Now that 'fembots' have a containment thread, let's discuss more important thing >How much h…[View]
64689900all i do in my boring ass life is bully trannies on tf2, AMA[View]
64689963Who else here is /mentally weak/? >can't handle competition >can't handle loss >…[View]
64688609what hurts the most is that my complete lack of experience will be met by someone that has felt it a…[View]
64690229has ketamine microdosing worked for any anons with ptsd? my therapist recommended it to me.[View]
64689818>saturday >12:30 a.m. >sitting outside >listening to Led Zeppelin IV for the thousandt…[View]
64688993What did you guy from Spencers?[View]
64690196i miss you so much please come back i love you so much[View]
64688555Yo cain homie it's me I'm sorry for removing you from discord please come back I want you …[View]
64689678Just stop being fat. Exercise daily, don't eat over 1500 calories a day. Keep it up for more th…[View]
64689602>actually taking a gun and killing an animal is fine, it's sport and cool and justified >…[View]
64689917Why do women hate dressing modesty? >Woman calls out stranger for his sign asking beachgoers to d…[View]
64689964When was the first time you got drunk? I got drunk recently by drinking 8 rum and cokes in the space…[View]
64689522>tfw no robot bf to hold me like a bowling ball[View]
64690033>walked in on my sister snorting coke off the ass-crack of a stripper This was apparently mom…[View]
64689497were all gonna make it robros, we have to. i dont care if its cope, dont even let the idea that we a…[View]
64689826I can't take the loneliness anymore[View]
64689577Is getting a phd even worth it?[View]
64689495why would you ever be afraid to speak to a woman?[View]
64689660I've become so jaded that I can no longer enjoy romance manga and vanilla without getting irrat…[View]
64689642is there anything you can do to prove to me that i'm not cursed[View]
64688918To my husbands of my ignorance Happy I see schemes trying to beguile me cissy's heaven I'm…[View]
64689864>brand new gaming channel where a chill guy commentates an early but difficult game >he goes o…[View]
64689869I'm posting every day until I find you or kill myself. Day #26[View]
64689421For every robot out there feeling down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_akpbZFU_4[View]
64689860Literally zero care about getting a girlfriend after I cum. Nothing. Am I just born to be a loner. I…[View]
64688878>be me >like qt neet >dated qt neet irl for 7 months >break up because im too unstable …[View]
64689810I'm not funny[View]
64688138Hello r9k, would you drink my piss? I'm just a drunk gal having a nice friday night!![View]
64689474Thoughts on Jordyn Jones?[View]
64686257This is the vagina for a trans white male. Leave your comments below and discuss.[View]
64689636Why don't you give it up and move onto better days?[View]
64689685Daily Posture Thread: der hydra edition posture improving exercises >https://www.healthline.com/h…[View]
64689574Do you sometimes feel that you're too poor to do anything? What do you usually do/buy when you …[View]
64689461>tfw no qt latina lesbo bunnies to smother you with their juices why even live bros Also I realiz…[View]
646896311,000,000 Subscribers Celebration and Appreciation: https://youtu.be/SLb8aDIaeG8 Only the positive p…[View]
64688530old women (35yo+) shouldnt have kids, im tired of seeing aspie kids, fucking whores you could have h…[View]
64686033Any other black people absolutely despise African-American culture? I'm Kenyan and I'm sic…[View]
64688471Would you rather be bald or have gray hair?[View]
64689569I want a cute girl to hold onto my arm so bad bros...[View]
64689229>you only exist to consume and make others rich >you will never be loved, or have a family …[View]
64689416>just had my first kiss at 27[View]
64689345are all women mentally retarded or are just all the women in my life mentally retarded?[View]
64689195I think /pol/ would be better at answering this, but it isn't political, so... Is submissive ma…[View]
64687226Why is /r9k/ in such denial of the fact Latinas hate white boys? >inb4 muh okcupid from 2009…[View]
64687169Imagine having a foxgirl gf /r9k/[View]
64688291>be me >be best friends with this guy since i can remember, he's a total chad - fit, tall…[View]
64689362>23 >want to go to college, but don't know what to do anyone else still lost? I just don…[View]
64689426i wish i could hold you in my arms at night and know deep down that everything will be ok i wish i c…[View]
64689289Schizo kino thread: Post schizo kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeUf6S_b-_U& https://www.yo…[View]
64687024Hapa Thread: What does /r9k/ think of hapas? Based or cringe? Chads or virgins? High or low breed? F…[View]
64689287Is it even possible to make it at this point? I feel so far behind. >hopelessly addicted to vidy…[View]
64688369I finally got a woman to tell me she belongs to me we're all gona make it bros[View]
64688239History of r9k: At what point did this become a de-facto incel board? At its origin, it was just sup…[View]
64688668You ever look at a fat person and you can tell that under all the adipose tissue is a gorgeous face …[View]
64688699Music to disassociate: When the dark thoughts creep into your head what music do you listen to to he…[View]
64688128>18 >the feelz when actively wasting my youth away slowly…[View]
64688481as much as I hate women I actually hate simps more. say what you want 2 genders blabla bla. but nah …[View]
64688988If you ever had to read or watch PUA, you already failed. Normies who get girlfriends just instincti…[View]
64688504>book hotel with gf >she wants wine >i dont drink myself >paid for both >i always pay…[View]
64689286>only good thing about my life is having a place to live >the thought 'I'll be able to en…[View]
64686740Anyone extremely secretive? I feel exposed when someone knows something about me as if they will use…[View]
64688347Why do only black women find me attractive?[View]
64688351to awl ma bichis and hoes Shiiiett a see CRACKAS trynna kiw ma chicken water hell da popo on the cou…[View]
64688785talk about your favorite mask[View]
64687980My GF lurks here all day: idk what this board is, can someone explain it to me? it seems very confus…[View]
64688958normies read this shit and see nothing wrong with it at all. >le wacky homo man having orgies and…[View]
64687608How can I make myself into a cute trap that looks like a girl?[View]
64689202>start nofap >about to succeed >It's porn season again for fucks sake…[View]
64687363My high school crush (Im 18) looks like the junkiest junkie alt-whore ever, but shes actually an inn…[View]
64688671>be me >get a message >'anon Chad raped me again and I had to tell someone' >'Sort of li…[View]
64674850What games did you play and how good did you get at them during your gamer phase? You did get good a…[View]
64686709This board sucks fucking ass now. I feel like I just live in some tranny's bathroom. Fuck you s…[View]
64688991I wish I had the courage to off myself. I have a gun and all it takes is a simple squeeze[View]
64688849I can't enjoy hanging out with my friends cause I'm the shortest one[View]
64689023To my robot brethren I'm sad[View]
64688532Robot fake-bingo anyone? Watched Max's latest video and basically tick all boxes except the cr…[View]
64688591>find young pic of my mom >she's cute That's it I'm killing myself…[View]
64673313whats your fetish fembots? dont be shy[View]
64689027How you deal with the fact that you soulmate is getting her back blown out by someone else?[View]
64688230where can I go to see girls this weekend? I won't go to a bar[View]
64688077>get pinged on discord >go look where >it was @here/@role/@all Close one, for a second I th…[View]
64688957Uni project: >wrong board Yeah I know, but it's still better than i have no gfs and racebait…[View]
64687447to my alternate reality omnipotent femanon gfs sad is see no chance of acquiring the femanon gf i so…[View]
64688943fuck off top[View]
64688923making myself laugh at the idea of a tinder bio that is just totally deranged, for example these are…[View]
64688281this pandemic started 1 year and 4 months ago time flies...[View]
64688676There isn't and hasn't been any human being born after 1850 that is or was ballsy enough t…[View]
64687997Ok, but seriously How do I acquire a better personality?[View]
64687853>But anon, I don't want to get a job. I want to be your housewife and take care of the child…[View]
64688894It's weird that Einstein was young once. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I honestly thought until…[View]
64688683Anon don't you love me[View]
64687431Give me good reasons to kill myself.[View]
64686547what's the point of doing anything if you can't be the best at it?[View]
64686410I love big anime boobs so much[View]
64685943It's so funny to me when Americans try to convince me that China is some authoritarian hellhole…[View]
64686947Happy Birthday, KING: I want to be Forever Young.[View]
64688757>22 yo NEET >Back to school commercials start…[View]
64688813https://youtu.be/ktXm7CRXbsE I have matched with 70 women, and gone on 5 dates, never had sex, only …[View]
64687898I have never loved a woman, but I really want to.[View]
64688765I wish for all men to feel genuine joy at the same time at least for a day, that might be enough to …[View]
64686435I am so sick of having these weird unfulfillable fetishes[View]
64685308>be driving in the morning >Pass near someone >Show my hand like 'sorry' >He thinks I wa…[View]
64683867Have you ever seen your mom naked before /r9k/?[View]
64687837i want a dominant, strong, foul mouthed girlfriend thats puts me in my place and loves me in a tsund…[View]
64688718my trad christian latina waifus are livestreaming! they told us to share the link with atheists! enj…[View]
64685890Im so pathetic to the point where I literally paid a girl $50 to collect her pussy juice for the nex…[View]
64688626anyone else likes to spit in the toiled before you flush?[View]
64679522Is this chart accurate?: Is it? I can't find much info about this?[View]
64688661Accidentally hung out with my girlfriends exboyfriend. He told me that she treated him like absolute…[View]
64688473Is Mr. Captcha trying to tell me something?[View]
64688387If youre on read for 2 days after a first date does that mean its over[View]
64687769Can r9k make monstergirls real with meme magic? It would be fun I promise[View]
64688393If I dance myself forward everywhere instead of walking, then maybe I'll be happier and lose we…[View]
64688594watch hotdiggedydemon's new video: https://youtu.be/H285s4HYv3c what do you think of it? pic no…[View]
64688039When the girl from school/work leaves, so going there isn't fun anymore...[View]
64678817>want to change your life bro? >just lose weight bro Here's your reward bro…[View]
64688566>watching girlsdoporn >become depressed mid-fap watching these 9/10 girls next door types so e…[View]
64686001What do robots eat?[View]
64687377having a big dick is ez mode when getting sex[View]
64688124So other than no-fap, how do I fix my dopamine burnout bros.[View]
64688431haha don't you think girl feet are actually really sexy? I bet I could cum just from sniffing t…[View]
64688440to give you endless hugs millions and millions of hugs let's stop being lonely together?[View]
64688283it's not just wh*te women, all women are like this the thing that you have to remember is that …[View]
64687526Getting olive garden stuffed mushrooms tomorrow and chocolate milk. gonna shoot my pellet guns with …[View]
64681911Reminder that you're not introverted, you're ugly. If you looked like chad you would have …[View]
64687586what do I do if I have a big ass and hips as a guy? how do I make it go away?[View]
64688245>only around women 24/7 >make them hate me on purpose >hang out with men >finally happy …[View]
64688257You guys wanna gang bang Arisa Vurr? All of us at the same time.[View]
64687994When are you too far down the R9K path: >20 yrs old > Never had 'official employment…[View]
64688403I recently asked a friend of mine a hypothetical if we lived closer together and she was ready, woul…[View]
64687307OH NO NO NO: a r9k robot was spotted outdoors and recorded https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…[View]
64688209Who needs a gf when you have a ball sack[View]
64687733I'm tired of being crazy, it's fun when it's super powers but not when it's like…[View]
64683584my boyfriend beat me the hardest he's ever today. I can't stop crying.[View]
64688143I am so fallen and sinful in God's eyes. The delusion, the sexual confusion from porn, and wors…[View]
64687450> Be me > Surprisingly not a massive degenerate > Really like Transformers and other robot …[View]
64687982There's people on 4chan who deeply identify with certain highly unrealistic fictional character…[View]
64686536>ALL women are whores >including my mom![View]
64687908I love you Ran[View]
64687778>estimated download time is getting longer every minute[View]
64685507Things that make a Guy Undateable: >NEET >have no real interests except 'entertainment' (not o…[View]
64686767I've been a wagie for five days now, working 9 hour days. When do I begin to hate it and wish I…[View]
64687434White women are fucking evil[View]
64687728Trouble with HR: Boss pulled me aside last week and said that 'I've heard that some of the comm…[View]
64688012how do I stop being beta around young men my age? I find guys even harder to be around than pretty g…[View]
64687916>> trannie hate thread <<: i hate trannies so much its unreal I know I should be suppose…[View]
64687096The Galactic Nofap: Day 24: 'Today you wake up, full of energy and ideas, and you know, somehow, tha…[View]
64684834>lift for several years >still no bbw femdom gf It's never gonna happen, is it bros…[View]
6467245830+ Thread: Where are my oldbots at? How you doing? How is life treating you?[View]
64678030/r9k/ is a /pol/ Board: Just a daily reminder that /r9k/ is /pol/ board. That means that faggots, tr…[View]
64687081Hey Ontario anon, you hanging around tonight? How's things?[View]
64687570>desperately need to cut myself >cant find my knife please. I've looked everywhere. I can…[View]
64688019My wife Yuri :D[View]
64687876>age 30 >erectile dysfunction, sometimes incontinent and just piss myself and can't seem …[View]
64687794my only friend doesn't want to talk to me anymore[View]
64688058The great thing about being a democrat is you can shit on women, so long as you frame it as being ag…[View]
64687967i really regreat having been born into my life instead of being bill o riley and banging fox news an…[View]
64687840>be c00mer >waiting until I kill the last mousquito in my room >kills mousquito with bug sp…[View]
64683970>yummy fertile fembots getting virile robot seeds planted deep in their ovens…[View]
64687215these whores always talking about how beautiful natural bodies are but u never see them dating fat o…[View]
64686906Tell me about the worst timing you ever got an erection[View]
64687751I have a chipped front tooth from falling on my face as a kid.[View]
64687755Anime girls are built for wearing glasses[View]
64686638>I get it, this is another possible world. A possibility that's inside me. The me that I am …[View]
64687423my assains are gonna kill me but im not leaving the house to make it more difficult. i guess they ha…[View]
64687736having minty fresh breath feels good, why aren't you brushing your teeth[View]
64687239How do you truly know when you're on the schizoid spectrum?: I don't like doctors so...…[View]
64687538listen and carry your confusion sickness and why do i feel weaker headache of death made your words …[View]
64684450picrel me and my robot bf but he can't resist his stupid dumb moid caveman instincts and is try…[View]
64687658My mum took me to her hairdresser because my father is out of town at the moment. The hairdresser ca…[View]
64687721All elements of the normalnigger scourge deserve to die in the worst agony a normalscum meatsack can…[View]
64687110I have to pretend to be a girl online so that people give me attention. Its all so tiresome.[View]
64686266How does Europe cram so many people into such a tiny continent?[View]
64684358Blackpills: Quality of life is determined only by genetics. There is no hope. Just give up.[View]
64687516I want a femoid to perform this on me: https://youtu.be/tPTtbGIVu1M [Open] 3:02[View]
64686710I will be posting loona everyday until you accept trans people as heckin cute and valid[View]
64685504Call of 33 yrs old virgin neet: I just played with 12 and16 year old kids in call of 4 zombie mode w…[View]
64686747Anon what the hell do I do with my life[View]
64687580Why is this board too shallow now?: When did it get flooded with twitter and reddit faggots? Why are…[View]
64687581>work with girl >i naturally make her uncomfortable by just existing >tells me i never talk…[View]
64686807>be incel >not so hideous, pretty average looking >only fat women show interest in me Why m…[View]
64687401Sexually competent people are out there having threesomes, group sex, orgies, trading partners and e…[View]
64687614Pegging thread How can I get someone to do it with me?[View]
64675185/r9gay/ - #1438: Slip into something more comfortable edition. Previously: >>64656720[View]
64687546Autistics are the god of gods: Autistics rule everything forever.[View]
64686077> tfw you were unfuckable at 17 and swore you'd change. then you end up having many girlfrie…[View]
64687505Dear diary, I cant wait for today to end so i can go back to my comfy room[View]
64687334I could totally pull off the Hitler look. What would happen if I dressed like this, shaved myself a …[View]
64682090Folks getting vaccinated be like 'I did my research'... Senpai, you ARE the research.[View]
64686769do you ever bring 4chan humor into other websties or real-life? today I spent some time calling peop…[View]
64686164Why does this website hate minorities so much?: People of colour, different sexuality, etc. Why thou…[View]
64684390>tfw you realize you are never going to be accepted as a respectable human being because your nam…[View]
64687371this is at a nightclub. No women wanted to join them[View]
64687458I am pretty convinced that Science as normies and libtards would understand it is a false doctrine t…[View]
64686490How do I let go of misanthropy?: I don't want to look at someone and fantasize how I can kill t…[View]
64685690/britfeel/: my dream thread don't exist edition[View]
64687108Do you ever wish you born a different race?[View]
64686616I just casually cracked a joke to a girl I have a crush on and she ended up laughing so hard she had…[View]
64677495>femcel >know guy from local comic shop who has shown interest but he's not my type >i…[View]
64686391>Why won't fembots just date ro-[View]
64686652>bf is watching the simpsons again god i hate this show so fucking much…[View]
64684276Has anyone ever been to a nightclub/houseparty/rave?: I'm not a big fan of the music there but …[View]
64687320an artist i really like got cancelled because she vented to someone in DMs about black people and tr…[View]
64686690Heads or Tails?: Take your pick, friend.[View]
64686499Why don't you just get a spicy latin tranny gf?[View]
64686649>tfw no ftm pre-op bf[View]
64685964Why does society oppress us beta femdom faggots?: It's not my fault I was born a submissive fem…[View]
64686905My ex gf used to be able to squirt from her butthole, not vagina.[View]
64686945What is yer fantasy?: Can be sexual or not. What do you lust for?[View]
64685731Filmmaker Lars Von Trier's mom. Was she morally justified?[View]
64685663Breaking out of neetdom or reclusiveness: Any stories of hikikomori/NEET success? Any path counts.…[View]
64680158Imagine this: >You become a young Japanese soldier at the start of ww2 >If you survive the ent…[View]
64681696>He who despises himself, nevertheless esteems himself thereby, as a despiser.…[View]
64684404robots, if you had 6 months to live, what would you do?[View]
64687106https://youtu.be/z4Dck7J4Ks0?t=1920 This guy killed about ten people. He used to browse this board.…[View]
64685758Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unre…[View]
64686146how do i commit suicide if im too scared?[View]
64686726Fuvk dduckc fuck: Bros im in a vc with a girl and dont know ehat to talk about ggive ideas fuck ficl…[View]
64686989>women can find love being submissive and passive >you can't Women want you to be a man. …[View]
64682322Recommend me some manga to read.: I've run out of ones I know of that I'm immediately inte…[View]
64686367Do chads get all the girls?: https://youtu.be/ZqqfnSy1dQ8 Do 10% of men really get 80% of the women?…[View]
64686974I want a femanon gf who is this fat![View]
64685897Is this really egg man?[View]
64686861>men be like ' yeah i met this used up 30 year old whore last year, i think im gonna have a …[View]
64686848Women dont exist: Back in the day I could just send a message to a girl online and pick her up immed…[View]
64686487>hard week of retail wageslaving >whole two days of wanking off to females raping young boys m…[View]
64686458>tfw good looking guy with erectile dysfunction why did god have to curse me like this? fuck ever…[View]
64686768Lets talk to the dearly departed. Who are you missing today, /r9k/?[View]
64686064you fucking disgusting sex crazed fiends ruin it for all of us normal robots who just crave companio…[View]
64686085Hi robot guys! Why do you blame your virginity and everything that's wrong with society on us w…[View]
64685026>landed a tech job >I'll be making 180k a year with prospects of making way more in the f…[View]
64686066https://ok.ru/video/93732407894 just watched 'L'extension du domaine de la lutte'. It was going…[View]
64685544Isn't it funny how people who are attracted to women have different tastes and can find all sha…[View]
64686715Scorchlander girls are cute! CUTE![View]
64686680I'm about to go to my cousins birthday lunch: Where I'll meet my aunty that I haven't…[View]
64686223Do you ever feel like this civilization is slowly turning you into a monster, anon? Slowly beating a…[View]
64686671ugjgjdsfhjk i want a puppy bf that i can destroy with a strap on and watch as his face melts with pl…[View]
64686488Come On Come on, someone please give me attention![View]
64686217This is your cousing and she(he) hits on you: At a family gathering, after your meal he takes you to…[View]
64686632I got the vaccine because I wanted to due my duty upon the rest of society, and upfulfill its standa…[View]
64686645Is there any escaping sexuality? even if you were to chemically castrate yourself could you still lo…[View]
64686531Hello everyone, Ive been trying to plan my suicide for a lil while now, I dont care how much of a pu…[View]
64686323Sion Sono - Incel movie: I would like to share my love of the director Sion sono with you ... Cold F…[View]
64684553>going on an OKcupid date with a possible troomer in a few hours Its either a very good tranny or…[View]
64686579>tell kid happy birthday >get called a pedo…[View]
64684393Balding and being ugly has completely ruined my life. I am 21 year old NEET and I cannot even get a …[View]
64686480I'm addicted to gambling I just spent 200 neetbux and got only 80 in return somebody stop me[View]
64686270How I stop being jealous of women because they have such an easier time dating?[View]
64685115Anyone else never loved? I'm 21 years old. I've been exposed to plenty of women, had sex w…[View]
64686431Incel to femboy: Incel here, if I become a femboy, will I really be guaranteed to get a bf at least?…[View]
64686265fuck bro, im suffering[View]
64686424I'm done trying to convince myself otherwise and suffering needlessly as the result. From now o…[View]
64686382How do I explain to a therapist that I have violent and suicidal thoughts without being locked up?[View]
64686324I haven't eaten anything but mac and cheese for the past week.[View]
64684649Is there anything worse then being poor here. It s like an immediate game over for most of us.[View]
64685420Me and the imouto are anxiously waiting for our uber eats order, didn't eat anything at work an…[View]
64685817Is it better to be an anxious self-aware autist or an oblivious lolcow autist?[View]
64686182duolingo: how do i get a duolingo plus account for free? i remember this forum site that i found a l…[View]
64685765>tfw not particularly smart or talented >tfw you will never contribute anything to humanity c…[View]
64686121Pain is just a window: sincerely, you don't have the impression that the human condition is bea…[View]
64684934How would you feel if a fembot stalked you, tracked you down, came into your house in the middle of …[View]
64686283Imagine dying with this tiny boner[View]
64684841how to stop myself from ERPing?: i know that tonight when i get drunk im going to find myself logged…[View]
64686040Why not just become an idol(male)?[View]
64685926explain: >improooving >no gf ???[View]
64684501I bough some almond soap and it smells really good[View]
64686171Is 25 too old?[View]
64685309>mfw 5'11' >smug hehe[View]
64684134I need a reason: I have enough heroin and benzos to kms, should i do it? >if yes why? >if no w…[View]
64683927Over for Asian males: >make 9 fig >still have to be humiliated on tinder Brutal…[View]
64685607hey r9k hru[View]
64685991>group project in high school >get paired up with cutie >we talk about the assignment >'…[View]
64681598Why is it bad for girls to cosplay as their favorite characters, but okay for guys?[View]
64685779>coworker says 'do you know about joe' >think it's a joe mama joke and go along with it …[View]
64684568So, what is an ugly person even supposed to do? How do my friends on here find it within themselves …[View]
64685988schizo friend: >at subway >run into schizo 'friend' I haven't seen in a year …[View]
64680393What is r9k's political ideology?[View]
64685869Gen Z: whoaaaa cringe. bruh. *stares vacantly* hahaaaaaaa awkward Gen Z: i'm so depressed i wa…[View]
64685866True happiness comes from expressing love towards others. My serotonin and dopamine peak when I make…[View]
64685131Today is my last day as a neet. Tomorrow my mom is making me go to an interview at chick fil la. I d…[View]
64685207wimmenz part 32690: I message foreign women online. They reply for a while and then stop responding.…[View]
64682611Terrible Sex Stories: >Be 16 year old femcel >Was deep into my scene phase (2008) >Recently…[View]
64684598How do you stop watching porn? >delete everything and just stop dude lmao easy The thing is I kno…[View]
64681910Am I fat or does this challenge seem extremely easy? I could do it alone as a 5'5 female[View]
64683392Here is a bishounen playing the piano. I love how tight his suit his on his body. What do you think …[View]
64685505How is it fair that such a qt aspie girl like Alexa is a lesbian?[View]
64684679and whats wrong with an ego?[View]
64685584blackbot thread: How are we all doing today blackbots? I am bored. What's your favorite video g…[View]
64685334Tell me, why as a straight male, I only fap to /ss/... why? nothing else gets me hard besides /ss/[View]
64685252Anyone else have a strong urge to dress like a woman and pay reparations after getting vaxxed?[View]
64685560unless youre the fastest human on Earth, having hair like this is the first and final nail in the co…[View]
64684186>go to bus station >see this >'PLEASE MISTER, HELP ME' >what do…[View]
64685648>wake up in this predicament wat do?[View]
64684616Im a neet who has sex with his own mother on a regular basis. Ama[View]
64684131Life is a lot easier if you don't pursue women: It kind of amazes me how most men are willing t…[View]
64685599Juche idea kinda makes sense: It was made specifically for the conditions of North Korea. Apparently…[View]
64683149>just hit the gym bro Kill yourself bluepilled scum[View]
64684514What would you do if you were the white guy in this situation?[View]
64682516> tfw I can literally see the biological machine attempting to attract me and entrap me into 'lov…[View]
64673486/britfeel/: Sticky hot nights edition[View]
64683322Nofap Day 4: Any tip to reduce ball pain? They've been aching like hell and it's seriously…[View]
64685454I swear, I hate going outside. I'm never going outside during the day again. Fuck you gay Earth…[View]
64684259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyZNLOHPk2E Maul me Great beast of the North. Make your teeth appear…[View]
64685487Having a beer hell yeah[View]
64677094my mom caught me sniffing my sister's panties and fapping like an animal. she told me i need to…[View]
64681340Daily Reminder /r9k/: Mass shooters are based and are the heroes of society.[View]
64684035I wish I was a female so bad(not a tranny) I'm such a pathetic attention whore. I would do anyt…[View]
64684179Why don't you like coleslaw? Cabbage is healthy for you and it's included with fried food …[View]
64684540I've lost all motivation[View]
64685455sniffed my dads boxers once on a camping tripped an vomited[View]
64684491Suggest me something to fap to[View]
64685202>3 days ago >see an ad for this hooker thats really pretty >call her up, shes expensive but…[View]
64684001If you could kill someone in any way you'd like without any issues who would it be? >inb4 my…[View]
64684855Why do people say mike tyson is smart? Name one smart thing he's ever said. Watch it be some co…[View]
64684265What do you want to happen to your body once you die?[View]
64684084>fix up my old ps3 >decide to browse the store >see a game I like >it's $10 because…[View]
64682902>marries a black guy >gets all sorts of racist comments from black women Are women more raci…[View]
64683582Does anyone else find that peeing feels a lot better after a few days of not fapping?[View]
64684095How do you become a NEET? Like, for real[View]
64684928Is it true that youre sexist if you cant make eye contact with women?[View]
64684622Idea for an anime: wholesome generic rom-com but the characters will randomly get into knife fights …[View]
64682735i hate to search for them like this, but is the sickly Cowboy Bebop/BOOST anon that posted in the id…[View]
64685363>tfw spineless[View]
64685237bro...you haven't played spooky's jumpscare mansion (HD Renovation)...? That is so cringe.…[View]
64683856Friday r9k drawing - gartic phone thread: You don't really need to know how to draw edition. I…[View]
64685296Sleazepill General: A thread devoted to fat ugly bastards and scum-MAXing[View]
64685295I can't believe Poki would do this. I've donated thousands of dollars to her, bought every…[View]
64682409Why do girls dislike so much that you talk to them a lot on Whatsapp? They assume if I send many mes…[View]
64682106People don't believe me when say i don't have success with women. It sucks to be a good lo…[View]
64685283Any youtube channels of people doing good things?[View]
64684801I hate this fucking twat so much[View]
64684684/neet/: another day spent sitting in front of a computer for 16 hours[View]
64684784what do i do? what do i do? 10pm on a friday. no friends. barely any money. i dont feel like watchin…[View]
64684106When did you realized all your hate for trannies is purely because they're hideous? All other r…[View]
64685146waiting for my 136 gb borderlands 3 download to finish[View]
64685171SEX with Darjeeling![View]
64683736>change my behaviour depending on the situation >that includes how much effort i put into my w…[View]
64685102>Got Job interview at Costco >Interviewer was two middle-aged women >Interview was going we…[View]
64685017Fres, help me find the source of this rap. Shazam doesn't work https://voca.ro/1gbw63x3GYlh[View]
64683329>meet a fembot, she seems nice, and seems interested in me >instantly fall in love >think a…[View]
64684660How do I learn to dress like a normal person? My entire life I dressed like the guy in the original …[View]
64684602how are you: hey guys, are you doing good? brushed your teeth? showered? ate? there is no right answ…[View]
64682904>only one more month of uni >time to thrust myself into the world of wagecucking >tfw appli…[View]
64685019It sure is easy to not give a crap when you hold no stakes.[View]
64684460What does /r9k/ think of the Olympics opening ceremony?[View]
64682366this is my cat. she is overweight. she is 14 yo and likes to sleep and eat. Say something nice about…[View]
64684535>finish masturbating >nobody to cuddle and silently enjoy afterglow with…[View]
64684927>No, anon! You're not entitled to my body! My pussy is for chad! Know your station!!…[View]
64684990How do i make webms that are 4mb for /gif/ and /wsg/?[View]
64684525Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-aaah Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah-ah-…[View]
64684740Is living in a commune a good way to avoid being a wagie?[View]
64684906>CEO said we're permanent work from home now >tfw I had gotten a real office with a door …[View]
64684850I can't think of something as cucked as getting married. A man is designed to fuck as many wome…[View]
64679154Gigamilk: Mati Marroni thread[View]
64682624>feel sad, depressed, lonely >start getting motivation to fix my life so I can maybe get a gf…[View]
64684827>tfw first time ever having a gf with huge tits Its nice. Dont think I'll be going back to f…[View]
64684315I'm just so tired I'm tired of playing this dating game where I keep losing, no matter ho…[View]
64684029Imagine being such a pussy that you are afraid of travelling yet here I am[View]
64683140Quite the 'vaccine' you've got there, sweetie: Seems like the only thing it prevents is normal-…[View]
64684670I fucked a fat chick recently. I don't feel bad but I don't feel good either.[View]
64684720few will ever know the true musk of a woman[View]
64681271Have you ever eaten a girls butthole? I have ;)[View]
64684444>got kicked out of my local library for telling a girl who was trying to read about the dogpill a…[View]
64683472I'm twenty six (26) years old and I do not know how to convince a woman to have sex with me[View]
64683556Dear diary, Theyre forcing me to go out with them today. Why cant i just rot in peace[View]
64684081is there anything you can do to convince me that i'm not cursed[View]
64680928Hey /r9k/ I hear you have messy neet/hikki girls here. Fembots who haven't showered in a coupl…[View]
64678206Do femcoomers exist? I sure hope that femcoomer does not mean furry though because I once met this w…[View]
64683724Dungeons & Dragons: Do you play D&D, Anon? It's the perfect hobby for nerds, especially…[View]
64682965I need to have my blood drawn soon, but I have an extreme fear of phlebotomy. The last time I saw it…[View]
64680909I love chubby pussy mounds. They look so soft and inviting. Fucking one would probably swallow your …[View]
64681653How will summerchilds recover?[View]
64681485I had a dream that I fucked my chubby 'long lost' mom[View]
64684070>talking to friend the other day >he's been a bit more hostile to me lately >asking hi…[View]
64684326Post pussy repellent.[View]
64684163>avoid sleep for 30 hours to fix nocturnal bedtime >it works >go to sleep at 2130 >wake …[View]
64684273>Drop everything you are doing right now >Grab some money if possible >Leave your house and…[View]
64683566So whats your plan to escape wage slavery? You're not simply gonna accept a fate of slavery fo…[View]
64683942>Girl tells me I have a 'right-wing' face What does that even mean?[View]
64683401Why does everyone here have some weird fetish. What's wrong with regular sex?[View]
64684160SOMEEBODDY SAVEEEEEEEEEEM EEEEEEEEEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2YIx1CTW10[View]
64682138Masturbation is gift from god[View]
64684007holy shit clamp can't fucking draw[View]
64681648Feet are the ultimate give-away of knowing if a woman is worth it or not. Think about it, when a wom…[View]
6468404824 years a kissless virgin, until today! That's right, I'm finally gonna kill myself[View]
64680249Mean women that insult horribly: Is it normal for women to insult men? As in, is it some kind of tes…[View]
64683995Regret and disappointment: Ive said and done things i shouldnt have, but it doesnt matter since im u…[View]
64683578Conclusion: Findings suggest preference-for-solitude has closer ties to maladjustment in early adole…[View]
64680287Women Hate Thread: FEMALE BRAIN It's the inherent inferiority of the female brain. Women cannot…[View]
64683585>just turned 18 a few months back >slightly skinny and slightly chubby >parents think im a …[View]
64683893what the FUCK am I even supposed to do all day? I mean, I go to work, okay. Then what? Sit around? D…[View]
64683958Does anyone else hit on onlyfans noob girls and make friends with them before they set up a paywall …[View]
64681898What does /r9k/ think of the advice 'just be yourself?[View]
64683217>woman ghosts me for 2days >apologizes for it >proceeds to do it again Jesus Christ its g…[View]
64683822Is there anything hotter than girls who are jealous of how much sex their friends are getting?[View]
64683029Checked out old classmates on normiebook. I shouldn't have. The difference 6 years can make.[View]
64683834/r9k/ is an Autism Positive Zone!: Welcome, my neurodivergent frens. Tell us of your lives and share…[View]
64683743Bring back corporal punishment for low level (male) employees. Any femanagers agree?[View]
64682892>ywn get hugged[View]
64683786the 'friendzone': Every time I see a faggot complaining about 'ThE fRiENdZOnE' I facepalm so hard m…[View]
64682707Sperm mixing: What would happen if you mix two sperm samples from two different men? This would be a…[View]
64682502has anyone here read this? is it actually as good as everyone is saying or is it just overrated?[View]
64683601what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was stealing food at night, trying to not be sp…[View]
64683702tekken 7 is hard to learn[View]
64683709>outside >see a young child wearing a snapback, walking with his mother >think 'Why yes, I…[View]
64682613I just found out about cologne. My ascension from inceldom is near.[View]
64681099chronic mouth breather here. i have a deviated septum and it's hard to always breathe through m…[View]
64683609>be me >hate trannies >also have tranny fetish…[View]
64682997anyone here have any foolproof methods on getting a brown, slightly dumb doughball gf who loves baki…[View]
64672460Red flags on guys: >unemployed >have no real interests except 'entertainment' (not only videog…[View]
64664728MBTI: Who is your /mbti/ Crush Edition: If you don't know your mbti type you should take one of…[View]
64683672>sitting at a bar outside just drinking and talking shit >black dude walks up and has a mask o…[View]
64678925why are you like this r9k?[View]
64683647>going to get really inshape >will no longer feel insecure >will get girls even though Im …[View]
64683336Is literally everything in this damn series a reference to something? Literally every single charact…[View]
64682480>sign up for okcupid because i'm desperate >get 7 likes on my profile but can't see …[View]
64683008Why don't you have a cat?[View]
64683054would a girl forgive me for acting like an asshole? im going to confront her today that im sorry for…[View]
64682422I want to taste a girls asshole so fucking bad bro's.[View]
64682112>no friends >no money >no beer >just me alone dang it. now i really don't know what…[View]
64683428Would you date someone with extreme flatulence? My farts didn't smell like much, but then I got…[View]
64683497>told a girl to sneedilate out loud in public today[View]
64683509mfw thread: >My alarm for work goes off and snooze it for 5 minutes of jacking off and finish. …[View]
64683498Janny...don't worry about the half moon grass this time. I got this. I don't care if it ki…[View]
64683474My big penis tip reaches just ever so slightly higher than my belly button[View]
64682939I wanna go to the arcade with a cute boy in a frilly dress![View]
64682633Trying figure out what movie im going to watch one last time before this mourning[View]
64682041>tfw have to accept being a midwit to truly be free[View]
64683314what fallout boy best represents you? for me it's this one[View]
64681962I hope that my future gf doesn't mind that my pp is small and that I wear panties instead of bo…[View]
64682471Daily Posture Thread: DOXED YOU LMAO edition posture improving exercises >https://www.healthline.…[View]
64683308Whose mouth would you allow on your anus?[View]
64682744>Forced to pick up the habit of biking 100km a week >been doing it for 4 months >Also stopp…[View]
64683280>spend 4 days making a mod for a game >it doesn't even work…[View]
64679562>femcels actually believe we have a choice lmao, just open your legs you dumb retard. There, you…[View]
64682077Looks and status are the only thing that matter in life. No ugly loser who lives with his parents is…[View]
64682310>it's such an automatic thing that women are even attempting to infilitrate and subvert the …[View]
64683094>drop acid on some red bull, and give it to a friend as part of an experiment >he disappears w…[View]
64681038Describe your facial features, and whether you really think its stopping you getting women >blond…[View]
64681639If you see this and you ARE an overweight guy you must post tummy!!!![View]
64677178If you see this and are a not overweight guy you MUST post tummy!!![View]
64682307job search thread: >'Wow anon, I'm really impressed with your background, wanna job?' >'N…[View]
64682442What are the actual signs of schizophrenia?[View]
64680371Bullying Stories Thread: Question for the beta males of /r9k/ have you ever been bullied by chad? D…[View]
64682667I have decided that no woman is worthy of my dick.[View]
64682159>be level 30 >missed out of the most important quests/events This game fucking sucks ass.…[View]
64683066God damn i feel so useless. I know very well that it's all because I could never give life the …[View]
64683101i did hold hands with a girl recently for the first time they are so soft and warm, they feel like m…[View]
64682486Porn addiction & gaming.: How can some of you still remain addicted to porn and gaming in your 2…[View]
64683039How do I make a friend less uptight? He's sensitive to the point of literally crying and lashin…[View]
64679911How do I become him?[View]
64682869I hate how female humans make my dick fucking huge and hurt in my pants and my balls to increase in …[View]
64681875I can't fucking cope anymore: I hate the typical habits of most girls. I hate it when girls don…[View]
64682897>you will never tar and tampon incels and misogynists in the street while they are then forced to…[View]
64681766You are all a bunch of losers with the most fucked up fetishes. Please leave 4chan and try to be nor…[View]
64682896why does abusechad live a perfect life? >unemployed, his fembots give him money on cashapp and he…[View]
64682794>slave your life away so you can have a roof over your head, food, and fleeting luxurys. >You …[View]
64680715I want a German nerd gf. I want to cook food together. I want to talk walks while holding hands. I w…[View]
64681326my parents are really mad at me because I won't take the vaccine[View]
64682829its been a while since my last post, now i am reopening the application process for the position of …[View]
64682692Anyone else a big Fifth Harmony fan? Well they broke up in 2018 but still.[View]
64682745>any fiction >main character meets another same-aged character of the opposite sex who happens…[View]
64682676Sex truly is overrated guys especially if you have death grip syndrome which most of you probably do…[View]
64682606>be me >want to lose weight but cant find motivation >idea.jpg >ill get into sissy hypno…[View]
64682368I want to start 'The Terry Davis Center for Unhirable Retards that Can't Act Normal But Want To…[View]
64682479>get sad >I see the cat >become happy >I save the pic The eternal quest for more pics…[View]
64682497I am obsessed with this man. How did he do it?[View]
64682541>try to go downstairs in family house >three infants running around, sisters and parents movin…[View]
64679860why do noir movies have the theme of protagonist-saved-by-whore and what does this exactly convey? y…[View]
64681259which women would you empty your entire bank account and assets to see them get bl4cked?[View]
64680676Is the recent (last few years) anti-weed backlash on 4chan caused by loser zoomies who can't fi…[View]
64682500Why yes I do give money to a cutie on Patreon.[View]
64681437>you need to be approaching girls, bro[View]
64682092my biggest dream is to have a super horny fembot sit on my face as i'm all tied up and at her m…[View]
64681942I'm so fucking lonely: What some some good heterosexual dating sims currently available on stea…[View]
64682370whats the appeal of fortnite?[View]
64681452>my friend hears that I'm looking for a job and sets me up with an interview at the shitty f…[View]
64676091>Put on ten pounds so far this month! Say, anon, when do you want me to stop gaining? How do you …[View]
64680892Is 20 to old to make it in life? I havent worked since I was 16, have no drivers licence and still l…[View]
64681235How to get gf who does this?[View]
64682008a girl from belarus friendzoned me because i was not white enough[View]
64682279Which of the GTA girls would you bang?: My top three are: 1. Vice City 2. IV 3. V Although 1 and 2 a…[View]
64679073How do I keep talking to people after 'exhausting' all topics? So let's say I've been on a…[View]
64682346>dreamed about her again >its been 6 years why does my fucking brain do this…[View]
64682028>be me >in restaurant with a girl (a) >other girls walks by, knows girl (a) >they start …[View]
64681852Why so many faggots simping and white knighting when a male shows valid reasons to hate women?[View]
64682281Is there anything more pathetic than people with ptsd?[View]
64681940>tfw so lonely I fantasize about saving people from horrible circumstances as to form a trauma bo…[View]
64682245There are no more female cats in my home and my 3 other cats keep trying fucking each other and my l…[View]
64682124>go to the store >feel really confident for some reason >I even joked with the cute cashier…[View]
64681356I just fingered my ass while jerking off it felt a little too good.[View]
64680577Castle: Castle[View]
64680582How is it even possible that we live in a world where this actually happens? Our species is so stupi…[View]
64679468Dear diary, Im exhausted. What a day (of doing nothing but what a day nonetheless)[View]
64681237>tfw no wog bf[View]
64681096Femcel thread: Pic related, just your average 'femcel'. Turns down and ghosts numerous sui…[View]
64681630/r9k/'s thoughts on Hypnosis?: What do you all think about Hypnosis? Is it real? Has anyone had…[View]
64681970Its fucked isnt it?: i am fucked...[View]
64680965If there are no such thing as femcels, why do they clearly exist? I swear there are more femcels tha…[View]
64681821>mfw hearing about normies I know that have caught covid There is a god.…[View]
64681870>cried myself to sleep out of loneliness again[View]
64680184Maybe I should do a farmer play through where I just live on a farm with my wife, kids, and dog.[View]
64681661>Silent Hill manifests the inner demons and fears of its visitors What would happen if an average…[View]
64681518Anyone else do this? >Talk to a fembot >Visualize myself as a space ship flying towards a big …[View]
64680021Dreamer thread #1: What was a dream/life goal you had that failed or didn't work out?[View]
64681808How old were you when you realized statism is akin to cuckoldry?[View]
64679412Who else here likes girls who are meanies towards them: Not actually evil but just either a meanie t…[View]
64681383Why can I only attract fat girls and occasional lunatics[View]
64681604> Be me > Broke up with ex > 'Just keep yourself busy and you'll get over her' > It…[View]
64681749>tfw no cocktease crystalcafe gf that shakes her ass and calls you a stupid horny moid every time…[View]
64679726I'm too much of a brainlet to get good at chess. I've been moving up and down 1000 and 120…[View]
64681734Why do women never like a man?: Why can't a girl be nice to a man why can't she love a man…[View]
64681654I'm a Zoomer born in 1987![View]
64679662Daily reminder that all women are soulless parasites. They rather date a violent psycho than a man w…[View]
64681508There's a pink slug living in your mouth.[View]
64678518Females don't care about attractiveness after high school, after that it's free game.[View]
64677966>you are the boy in the corner of pic-related >group of female classmates corners you after cl…[View]
64680895if you could forget about your failure of a past, wouldn't you keep trying?[View]
64678289One day all the memories, life experiences, all the lows and highs in your life, everything you have…[View]
64680131I'm thinking of working at a strip club: Here me out, I don't have nearly the charisma or …[View]
64680228Fembobs, how would you feel if you found out your boyfriend's ex had much bigger boobas than yo…[View]
64681529Oh you think water is a right? Why don't you just take it then?[View]
64679975>Pol Pot was a hero >Fuck urbanites[View]
64679824Just by providing food I have several stray cats following me and letting me touch and cuddle them. …[View]
64680576Does there really exist girls that are into spanking their men?: Not talking about a few swats, actu…[View]
64680481Robot Thread: Robot General Thread Lets have a thread for real robots. You must be a over 18 sociall…[View]
64680528Why is it that girls and gays who constantly complain about white men end up dating them?: Why is th…[View]
64679199The Great Debate[View]
64681382daily reminder that if you were born with a wet hole between your legs you will never know what it…[View]
64681357Drifter here, any other robots into altertive living?[View]
64661361/fbg/ - Fembot general: So lately, I've noticed WAY more females posting here than usual, so I …[View]
64680497>looking for : friends (females only) Why do you guys do this? It's cringe and stupid.…[View]
64679723why am i alive just to be hated by everyone. even outcasts hate me i cant take this nobody will unde…[View]
64680417>you get to live here, no internet, no electricity. >stormy weather every other day. >your…[View]
64679197my faggot cat triggers my allergies and hinders my studying but shes too cute to kick out of my room…[View]
64680250>Trying to unclog the toilet with a plunger because of a fat shit >Plunger breaks…[View]
64681298Before embarking on important undertakings sit quietly calm your senses and thoughts and meditate de…[View]
64680743comfy anime: What are some comfy anime to watch, like Doraemon or Detective Conan?[View]
64680252>he stopped listening to his favorite genre of music due to peer pressure…[View]
64681258Am I the only one who is baffled about the ridiculous prices of construction workers? Take for insta…[View]
64679163Melancholic Sad Music.: Post sad songs that have a melancholic feel to them, especially songs like l…[View]
64679313Same dream: >be me >Just woke up >Whenever I dream, I'm always with the friends I mad…[View]
64680472all you fucking care about is your petty little frame of reference so just let me stretch open your …[View]
64680775My wife caught me sniffing her used panties and fapping like an animal. She told me she's gonna…[View]
64680525Dio was a retard: >Has ability to stop time >Crusaders come to fight >has multiple opportun…[View]
64680956femanon would you date pic related?[View]
64680674Who the fuck shoots at firefighters trying to save a mother from a burning building? NEVER RELAX.[View]
64679936Self isolation is driving me crazy I haven't left my room in months[View]
64680585Sorry robros, I can't take it anymore. I may know little to nothing about nature and most likel…[View]
64680877>be mii >surrounded by eldritch horrors >stuck in whiteness >picked up by the face regul…[View]
64681053I give money to a girl on Patreon, and it is largely because she is pretty. And I don't feel ba…[View]
64680796What would fembots do with a guy that looks like this?[View]
64680973Just found out my parents have an onlyfans: i was checking out their laptop when they left, they hav…[View]
64680628>Wubba Wubba Wubba Wubba Woo Woo Woo Have you seen a monster in your mirror?…[View]
64679292asking for a friend suppose you find a widow woman with a daughter and she dies but the daughter com…[View]
64679238>sweet gf turns into turbocunt after moving in: how do I fix this? She has never had another part…[View]
64681004To white females Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encryptin…[View]
64680332/sig/ - Self-improvement general #1: Running edition. Post ITT about your goals to become an objecti…[View]
64679853how do i stop being a coomer, doing 2-3x everyday is tiresome, i dont wanna be horny anymore, i get …[View]
64679165imagine having a child. You are forcing a new sapient being into existence for no other reason than …[View]
64680338Why is there such a difference?[View]
64679563Why aren't android gfs with artifial wombs a thing yet? I want a robot gf to grow up with and h…[View]
64680330Would you fuck a ghoulette?[View]
64676115How does r/9k feel about male nipples? There's nothing sexual about this picture don't get…[View]
64680746Women are images. They obstruct the knowledge and expierence with others as objective truth and gene…[View]
64678712why are lain posters on this board so whiny. why can't they become a haibane renmei chad. https…[View]
64680701Therapy is a scam and if you pay for it you deserve to be suicidal[View]
64680742Do girls really pick each other up from hookups? Also, obvious douchebag Chad getting laid with Stac…[View]
64679387/bbl/ - Brazilian Butt Lift General: Why are females ruining the shape of their body to look like th…[View]
64675123Why do wh*te ''men'' suck so hard at decorating? Please tell me you're not like this /r9k/...[View]
64679448Fromega Male: I Proudly present to you. The one and only FROMEGA MALE[View]
64680014>the hunger pains are back shut the fuck up, we literally just ate like 6 hrs ago…[View]
64680687would u fuck your sister?[View]
64680783How far can the girls of r9k pee?[View]
64680234I met a girl on discord who was interested in me and liked talking to me up until the point we went …[View]
64680724Parents trying to sell the only business we have to buy a new house because we live in a ghetto ass …[View]
64680752why is this world so fucking empty its like ive already done everything and things i used to enjoy a…[View]
64676155I wish with every ounce of my body that I was born a man. I hate my body and every part of being a w…[View]
64679050Explain yourself whiteboy why arent you locked and plugged right now?[View]
64679831I don't even want a relationship with a girl, I just want daily access to a girls asshole that …[View]
64679236Why should I help myself when others don't care about me?[View]
64680683Anyone save the greentext of Steve, the guy that was trying to 'get good enough' for his o…[View]
64680664what animes relate to you or block out your existence for awhile[View]
64680156How are you Anon? Any Plans for toooooooday?[View]
64677618>be one of the greatest philosophers of all time >btfo by own mother…[View]
64680017I love bladee so much bros[View]
64680502Post anime girls eating food :3[View]
64678091Today I became a wizard, I have gained NO powers(I actively saved it for the last year!). But have 1…[View]
64680551>be me >want to coom >have an idea >grab the peanut butter jar and put it in the microwa…[View]
64680183>girl I'm texting with starts babbling about seemingly random shit every time something make…[View]
64680533The face she makes at the thought of intercourse with your average robot: RP2MM[View]
64679090good morning robobros what are we up to today?[View]
64678626Femanon, how terrified are you of robots?[View]
64679945>roommate is going to a dinner party >bursts into my room >'does this make me look fat' …[View]
64680369tfw no Outremer gf[View]
64679396>Ended up eating twice today I'm never gonna lose weight[View]
64680325>get too high to be able to solve the captcha right and have to spend 8 minute trying just to pos…[View]
64680241What should you do if the prison bubba asks you top him? If the situation is reversed and he wants t…[View]
64680289I was always hardworking and somewhat smart I couldve been successful with a good family I couldve r…[View]
64680328/biz/ jannies keep banning me[View]
64679519I'm turning 25 tomorrow, still a virgin, never been in a relationship before my mom said she wo…[View]
64677009I cried and beat myself in the face in the back of my car in a parking lot and now I'm probably…[View]
64680144I need winter back: I hate summer so fucking much I hate the heat I hate needing to leave my door op…[View]
64678985I'm 18 and I've gone into social isolation since 9th grade so I can focus on my studies. N…[View]
64679592Fucking birds: >Be me >Chilling on discord, messaging friends >Suddenly hear knocking on my…[View]
64680224scientific discussion: Do any of you have the files of the scientific experiments that whent like th…[View]
64679922Why is coping seen as bad?[View]
64679434I need help: >be me staying at host house for a month >take a shit >clog the toilet somehow…[View]
64679275>ugly >have had cute girls attracted to me >reject them because they're not my dream g…[View]
64677982Fat fetishes are cool: Feederism is awesome[View]
64679016How difficult is it to find a gf how likes tanks?[View]
64676913hello anons, i saw a describe ur ideal gf/bf thread so here is me deciding to post my own! feel free…[View]
64679817Holy fuck existing is so weird and the impermanence freaks me out. one day we were in the void, then…[View]
64679615>mfw 5'11'[View]
64679193why do you torture me when i love you holy fuck i want to die why are you so cruel[View]
64679888Reminder that the blackpill is jewish poison and you have to reject it.[View]
64679626I've tried to pass this stupid exam twice, and I'm afraid i failed again. I'm going t…[View]
64679813Hey babe, you should get bigger boobs, also your chin needs a little work, nose could be a little sm…[View]
64678136I've heard the chances of having a retarded baby with a sibling is 75%, but what about with cou…[View]
64679738I ordered $30 worth of food to the wrong address[View]
64679746>caught simping in 2021[View]
64679125Me and a friend of mine are going to a sex shop a month from now. His a dude and I'm worried th…[View]
64679774https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPBGEZDahVI anyone else grow up in the hood? please no racism. i…[View]
64679303there is no escape: you can literally go from a loser incel autist 2/10 male to an attractive, succe…[View]
64675534What are your most degenerate desires?[View]
64679509A Letter To My Father: should i forgive my father before he dies?[View]
64679324a girl i've been speaking to intimately has told me she finds it 'hot' when another male is 'me…[View]
64678680Just found out the girl I thought was kinda cute is a fucking animal jam twitch streamer. Fml[View]
64678748Why did my mom have to give me deep set eyes Holy fuck I'm sick of getting called asian everyti…[View]
64679365Women have no aspirations, opinions, or critical thinking. They are a hivemind, albeit they tend to …[View]
64679492I fucking hate you, people. I really do.[View]
64679314>he hates women sweaty, why are you such a massage therapist?[View]
64679483manifesting yandere dday 3[View]
64679460I hate my wall staged mother.[View]
64679114You know, I sometimes wonder who makes posts like >>64679050 or >>64678030. What kind of…[View]
64678126h3h3 and hassan were talking about how their hates are basically white supremacists. Hassan bragging…[View]
64678861I know the original Korean movie is the prized masterpiece, but I like this one too: FULL MOVIE http…[View]
64679404/r9k/ what is your thoughts on showing hardcore gay porn to old people?[View]
64676460Who here /canes/? For me: caniac combo, extra toast, extra sauce and a large sweet tea[View]
64678906Is There Hope For Me?: I look like this guy, especially in this picture. He's some musician tho…[View]
64679333Yknow, post-fap shame hits real hard after 4 hours straight of jerking off[View]
64679041Hop in femanon[View]
64679272I accapted blackpill. I embrace it. People bullied me because of my stutter, looks and social anxiet…[View]
64677842its hard being like this: >sees someone leaning on bridge >he looks tired >'RISE AND SHINE …[View]
64675954538 'Big Five' Test: How do you measure up, /r9k/? I anticipate some interesting results, pic relate…[View]
64676489>'Jeez anon, it's pretty hot in your apartment.'[View]
64676605tight anime girl boob pussy[View]
64678592What is the perk of being White?[View]
64678493I wish men would stop helping women all the time. They really don't deserve it.[View]
64679096>i'm sad my gf left me my dick is small and im gay mememememememememe SHUT THE FUCK UP AND …[View]
64679140>see qa's about breaking up with their boyfriend bc of their small dick >people are shami…[View]
64679052>the first thing he does when he spots another guy is to look at their hairline Please tell me th…[View]
64678871there's so many obvious paid shills on this fucking chan, it's scary. How bad they are at …[View]
64679046we've been friends for how long, for over a year now, R9K? I've been meaning to ask you th…[View]
64678736Guys we got it all wrong, girls don't care about height at all. This short dude married Holly V…[View]
64678052Tenten from Naruto is the best girl[View]
64678952Just a reminder to all troons YWNBAW[View]
64679003Word came from up top. jannies want this a meme[View]
64676736What would happen to us men if all women in the world were the size of a skyscraper?[View]
64678679imagine trusting someone hahahashahahahfahhshhsa[View]
64678101>go on jewtube >find a channel remotely related to 4chan >open the comments >it's …[View]
64678659Conspiracy theory memes.: Share conspiracy images like pic related.[View]
64677866bros rainbow six siege is kinda fun, tfw no siege fren to play with. BLACKPILLED.[View]
64678882You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way But we are two worlds apart Can…[View]
64674916It's working! It's working!: The vaccines are working![View]
64678774Yall weren't lying about fapping to this AI dungeon bullshit. Pretty good in my opinion.[View]
64678661I stopped talking to a girl after she didnt respond back to me for a day. after she responded i stil…[View]
64677703everybody hates black people should I just sudoku? Its getting tiring[View]
64676731/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 720 What a beautiful myste/Rei/[View]
64678826She never even fucking loved me, we shouldn't have even dated. I can't stop thinking about…[View]
64678344i hate bald people[View]
64678818Its not fair, you made a promise to me. I won't let you break your word that easily. I know wh…[View]
64677844everyone tells me to do something with my life everyone tells me at some point im going to go out in…[View]
64676695robots, did you workout today?[View]
64678795>look for wagie job >start wageslaving >be awkward sperg >coworkers and boss gossip abou…[View]
64678066Oh girl browse this website too? Have you ever saw them? What for?[View]
64676528Rate my singing voice https://voca.ro/1kCwjSmXHH6F[View]
64678754Y'know, these past couple years have been very lonely for most of us. But I just want to remind…[View]
64678420I used to go to a therapist. I spilled my guts out to him. And gradually he started saying it's…[View]
64617449Waifu General - /waifu/ #501: Rapping with waifu edition Previous: >>64554181[View]
64678549Are you wisdompilled yet, Robot?[View]
64677726Does anyone else experience this? There's this girl that goes jogging on the same track as me a…[View]
64676716I am free: I met a girl in January 2020 and I have to say she changed me for the better. I can'…[View]
64678523FEMBOTS - are men really datable at this size[View]
64678625i wannu kill myself i wannu kill myself i wannu kill myself i wannu kill myself[View]
64677192Why do transphobes only focus on the cons and never mention the benefits?[View]
64678279Is it a good idea to send a girl a cute good morning picture first thing in the morning? And by firs…[View]
64677934POV: Your parents want to kick you out of the house so you stop being a NEET, but they you can stay …[View]
64678331Swinging heavy sticks around outside is immensely pleasurable. I can't explain it, but it'…[View]
64678045Non trannies with tranny tenedencies. Let's talk: Basically I had tranny tendencies before and …[View]
64678623If you view this image she will rape you before you go to bed.[View]
64645008The Letter Thread General /TLTG/ Reading edition. In this letter and channeling thread, we all agree…[View]
64678351>watching egirls on twitch all day gave me female speech patterns and mannerisms…[View]
64678524>that feel when I meet an amazing new girl that I think I have potential with (day 1, met her a f…[View]
64676983>normies when someone talks about suicide >NOOOOOOOOO STOP YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR LIFE I…[View]
64678244I accidently nutted on my tv remote[View]
64678357are most men who choose to be gay because they're women haters? are they bitter over being reje…[View]
64678374Looks: Is anyone else disgusted by the fact that getting a gf is all about looks? If a girl ever ge…[View]
64678043i really want a gf that has schizoaffective disorder so i can beat her up when shes having a manic e…[View]
64678414WTF. r9k thinks every post I try is spam. help?[View]
64678071I am so fucking done with my little sister. She's nearly 18 and has stolen my car twice. She ha…[View]
64677828we live in hell: I am unbelievably fucking lonely[View]
64678395i just won another game in siege then everyone on the enemy team started screaming at me teehee. the…[View]
64678329Anyone know any successful methods to get a sweet and loving brown slightly ditzy doughball gf who l…[View]
64678155Everyone is playing this stupid pokemon unite game tonight who am I supposed to watch???[View]
64678334>he didn't buy extra at /costco/ foodcourt for a midnight piggy session…[View]
64678358I'll only ever date a small breasted woman if I'm also dating her two hottest friends at t…[View]
64678353Any other gorilla-cels here?: Guys, I'm incel, and I'm convinced it's solely because …[View]
64676820*mic drop*[View]
64677596haha its ok that no one wants me its ok that no one likes me its ok[View]
64678321I am 100% sick of you faggots complaining. Here is some anime: SAD? DEPRESSED? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
64678307One time, I made a thread about a suicide pact and couldn't delete it, so I shat my pants the w…[View]
64677430Should fox girl's tails and ears be censored?[View]
64678234Why are all the women i know massive wallflowers? Like they really just sit around and wait for fun …[View]
64677000>not a magical thinker >get a 'the fool' tarot card t-shirt off a site >just thought it was…[View]
64678220>a girl texts you pics of no makeup fembots.. is this it? is it happening? i need to know this ti…[View]
64677386Why can't I be good enough for someone? It hurts so bad bros, all I've ever wanted is to s…[View]
64676978>Typed out a page of impassioned prose. >To many words, not accepted. >Deleted forever. Whe…[View]
64678193>tfw no bacha bazi bf[View]
64678218I just want the mental misery to end bros.[View]
64678011>12:30am >Want some food >Decide to go to Taco Bell >Arrive at speaker >'Uhh sorry ou…[View]
64678133Help: This girl is hitting on me so fucking hard, saying all the sexual things she wants to do with …[View]
64677817I will never stop being autistic: Just got home from a local young adults even, first event like thi…[View]
64677576What is it about being an asian girl that makes people like mr so attracted to beta white incels?[View]
64676352Anime reccomendations: I like harem romance rom com type of shows. I've seen Toradora Lovely Co…[View]
64671979Where is the most fucked up place you have wanked: Where is the most fucked up place you have wanked…[View]
64677008Just jerked off with olive oil as lubricant. Feels good man.[View]
64678117Whenever I see a kitty cat on the street I get happy. It's like finding treasure. I drove past …[View]
64677614>new job >flush my shit paper down the toilets there >get used to it >start doing it at…[View]
64677867does it hurt to overdose on opiods? i want to overdose and im thinking this is the best way to kill …[View]
64677606Why do femoids always try to fit in groups they themselves feel unmeasurable hate for?[View]
64676001fembots reply to my thread reply to my thread reply reply reply: fembots reply to my thread fembots …[View]
64677836Would you date hideri?[View]
64677380Would you go on a sketchy nightlong bender with Edward Furlong[View]
64676485Don't look now, but there is a demon behind you.[View]
64677976Thoughts on Jennie from BLACKPINK?[View]
64676806My first time here what to expect[View]
64677960Good place to put up a personal ad?: Need something to reach a bunch of strangers cheap, because I h…[View]
64671521What hobbies do r9k fags have[View]
64677852What makes a good abusechad and how do I train to become one?[View]
64677893A woman's life has literally no value to me anymore. Is there any real reason men need women be…[View]
64677617picrel me and my robot bf as I'm planning to babytrap him and his stupid moid brain wanting to …[View]
64677808Why did God make me so ugly and short?[View]
64676634Should I get a hot female Minecraft therapist to talk about my inceldom with in Minecraft?: I just g…[View]
64677885Music Thread: The shitheads are asleep now so let's post some music Anything goes, just make su…[View]
64677880>Parents expect me to get married someday >Have been friemdless and girlfriendless my entire l…[View]
64677475Are Stacy girlfriends really all they're cut out to be?[View]
64675994is it better to be alone than have a gf you don't find sexually attractive just for the emotion…[View]
64677646>fembot tells me she's been abused and she always attracts bad guys >Expects me to feel …[View]
64677188im going to kill myself soon and it's comforting im glad it will finally be over.[View]
64677271What if fembots don't exist and it's all a psyop to make us hate women[View]
64674929Penis length: The average penis length is 13 cm apparently. I straight up don't believe that pe…[View]
64677378Violins make me sad.[View]
64677770Fembots are for throwing with all your might! ^_^[View]
64675279Dear diary, I didn't think I liked artichokes, but I do[View]
64677569you give the best hugs in the world i love you tfw you know she has said this before to other guys[View]
64677349>tfw virgin girls over 16 don't exist Perhaps I should just embrace being a manwhore and jus…[View]
64675226>AC broke the other day >house temperature went to mid-80s for most of the day >get it fixe…[View]
64677325Is there any video diary type YouTube channels where the uploader is robot/incel tier? Leave links[View]
64677590Hoejabis: >tfw exclusivley attracted to hoejabis[View]
64677544>Make a tinder to check out the competition >Most of the local men are as ugly or uglier than…[View]
64677160picrel me and my robot bf when he comes home and realized i was a lazy sack of shit and didn't …[View]
64677176Hey, I don't have anyone I can confess this too, so I'ma just say it here. I've been …[View]
64674387>mom finds out i have a feminization and incest fetish for her >hope that she makes me her toy…[View]
64677482why do the normie tourists here are so obsessed with being accepted as robots? are they brain damage…[View]
64677436why are you doing this i trusted you[View]
64676663It's yet another case of femanon slowly ghosting me after seeing my face[View]
64677172I wish covid part 2 electric boogaloo gets released or that it evolves into something deadlier so th…[View]
64676074please come back the pain is indescribable[View]
64676225Fembots are beautiful angels and I would be proud and honored to date one I'm looking for love,…[View]
64677369there are no private places to kms near me other than mangroves, can i die in a mangrove[View]
64671968>your gf reveals that she lied to you about getting a night shift job, she's really going ou…[View]
64677496Hi Jack[View]
64677278>want to show women love through some other form that isn't material >women just reject i…[View]
64675289>'the hell are you looking at, incel?'[View]
64677465incel youtube channels: what are some of your favorite incel channels? I'm specifically interes…[View]
64677249I rlly wish I wasnt addicted to porn.[View]
64677197I'll just warn you now, Mr fbi agent assigned to me. If you brick my phone again we're go…[View]
64677464>get up at 7am for a few weeks >go to sleep past one 1am >turn off the alarm >still wake…[View]
64676696Why there's too many faggots nowdays? Back in my day. If boys act like girl or post pale dick …[View]
64676359Should I take it?: So I'm 26 years old already, khhv. I met a girl, she's 19. I asked the …[View]
64677186I'm posting every day until I find you or kill myself. Day #25[View]
64676776Nobody would like Touhou if the girls didn't look white/asian. If they had dark skin the series…[View]
64677226watch industry baby by lil nas x: watch industry baby by lil nas x[View]
64677110guys.. the psyop is working. i hope you're all happy with yourselves. i come here everyday and …[View]
64672623Man the fuck up incel. It's all you after all.[View]
64676690anons.. will the world ever go back to the way it was precovid scare? I cant take this shit anymore.…[View]
64676481Anyone else here look back on their middle school and teen years and realize they basically has no c…[View]
64675332Why is it that girls who constantly complain about white men end up dating them?: Why is this such a…[View]
64676645Lack of interesting threads: Let's help each other kill time Anons. Post memes, send comfy pics…[View]
64664165Being an incel as you get older is extremely painful. It was in some niche way almost funny when I w…[View]
64674536why do females demand the right to EXPOSE themselves in public?: It's not OK for women because …[View]
64675272i miss my brother but he shuns me because he is superior.: for most of my life, all of the kids i wa…[View]
64676882discord mod looking dude: me and my boyfriend saw a dude wearing a 'proud to be gamer' t-shirt, fedo…[View]
64676902I think i may just end up jumping off the roof of the hospital.[View]
64676685What does someone have to do to get a femanon gf who lets me eat there pussy?[View]
64676925Is it simping if it's your fiance: TL;DR Subject[View]
64676322Pizza crust: >Be me >Eat some slightly burnt pizza >Some crust left on plate afterwards …[View]
64675616Any good violent rap recommendations? No bragging about bitches or the club, just guns, fighting, et…[View]
64676963why do you torment me i love you[View]
64674787Remember Robots, when beginning a new job. Ensure that you are friends with management and that you …[View]
64676551>mfw someone looks at me don't ever look at me[View]
64675519>Be me working out today >Notice qt has been kinda following me around, getting on machines ne…[View]
64676768Does anyone else miss how things were last year? I genuinely miss all the tight restrictions because…[View]
64675962Anons, join our /r9k/ support group server. Rules: - No NSFW - No normieposting or shitposting. - No…[View]
64676644older stacys hate it when younger girls flirt with older guys and thats partly because its competiti…[View]
64676758>Start new job >Mixed race coworker looks like pic >Friendly, qt and easy to talk to >Ad…[View]
64670301anons, describe your ideal gf/bf[View]
64673857I was raped last night.[View]
64676803>bisexual male feminist turns out to be a sex fiend Why are people surprised about this shit?…[View]
64676814please stop doing this its so cruel[View]
64675323>tfw fat gf Pussy isn't worth it. Why can't I have pic related?…[View]
64676810I love girls' bodies very much.[View]
64676229God memed me: My neighbors are literally a chad and stacy couple and only fat girls like me.[View]
64672723Femdom General: >tfw no dominant Fujin gf from FF8[View]
64676749just be tall is legit this ugly basedboy is banging that big tittied soon to be millonaire brutal[View]
64675317>'Go on, little bro. It doesn't bite. You can touch it if you want.'…[View]
64676351Im drunk and feeling bad about my time in Iraq.We had a local dog asa pet and i let him eat brian fr…[View]
64676490Say something nice about this female night elf[View]
64676401I wish I had a gf who would let me squeeze her butt a little.[View]
64672178When do 'cute' guys hit the wall? When will these guys stop being able to fuck prime pussy?[View]
64676271This is whats wrong with the internet.[View]
64676682>'Why don't you get a gf, anon?' >'Yeah, what are you, gay?' >Get gf >She has borde…[View]
64675205Can you imagine dying at a young age like 15 or 18 like someone you know must have? That terrifies m…[View]
64676616I want to watch a few Netflix exclusive movies but I don't want to give Netflix money since the…[View]
64675987Your politics: Dont trust non-populists. Too many countries have been ruined. Protect europe from hu…[View]
64676423>society rejects people who reject society after society rejected them[View]
64676376Stoopid board.[View]
64676559what would you do if you came across a boymoder that lunged at you, pinned you down, began to bite a…[View]
64675642I wish I could have a girl smile at me genuinely. Have her be happy to see me, and want me to hug he…[View]
64676094>wake up >remember I'm not an anime girl >day ruined…[View]
64675744What's more attractive, speaking fast or slowly?[View]
64676125Was he a Chad, a cyborg or a robot?[View]
64676304>tfw therapist told me basically i alternate between autistically obessing over minor insignifica…[View]
64675990I'm thinking of getting a massage, not the sexual way, has anyone experienced one before?[View]
64676541I just realized that everything is NTR. Holo wants Laurence, not you and Laurence is better looking …[View]
64671781>nobody cares about height bro >it's all in your head bro >I know 5000 manlets that pu…[View]
64674848Her body is so perfect bros...[View]
64675630Ok whoever was that anon who wanted to hear more of my shit, i put together album of the 'better' so…[View]
64676424Sometimes my memory goes back to the time I was asked out by a girl in the 7th grade and said no bec…[View]
64676403My clothes are always stained with blood because of how much I pick at my fingers[View]
64676321>start a thread >gets replies >too scared to reply to those anons, so the thread dies…[View]
64675491>do poorly at work >future employers call past job and past job badmouths you so you don'…[View]
64676342Would wearing something like this 'ironically' make you attractive to women? Would they gravitate to…[View]
64676145>consider going to a meetup group and socializing after being vaccinated >delta variant exists…[View]
64676276sorry for blogposting, i understand if you dont want to read this: nothing's going right bros. …[View]
64675712>Wake up after a well rest 7hours sleep: >INTP >Wake full night get 0 hrs sleep : >ENTP…[View]
64676231How do I stop picking my nose? How else am I supposed to get dry caked on mucus out of my nose?[View]
64675452I'm starting to whole-heartedly believe that I'm cursed. The whole world seems evil to me,…[View]
64675882Why aren't more robots talking about this? This is huge, it means we can get neetbux easy[View]
64676031>be me >active 4chan user >use this site everyday >Install a dating app >Cute roastie…[View]
64675155>bending fembots over a table and claiming their booties Give fembot gf to bend over.…[View]
64675437Fucking a tranny: Just had sex with a trans girl for the first time tonight. What does this mean bro…[View]
64675117what job has the most amount of young people (especially young girls) and least amount of old people…[View]
64673949>about to hit 20 >achieved about nothing yet >failed uni (might still get back in though, w…[View]
64675864Enough blah blah blah I'm sad I'm horny no gf whatever faggot shit. Do you guys remember t…[View]
64676128Sadboyism: I have been fascinated with miserable authors introspecting to the audience. I tried back…[View]
64676106I might have fucked up real big >be me >meet group of guys >they're kinda fascist >…[View]
64675412Normalfags GTFO: Daily reminder if you had sex while underage you are automatically a normalfag by d…[View]
64676161Why is it that only fat women cry about fatphobia is it because us fat men know we are unhealthy and…[View]
64675980single mothers fuck up everyone's lives especially, ESPECIALLY those of their kids no matter wh…[View]
64675550There is a kitty in my garage[View]
64676092Fuck red pills. Of course people are shit. Of course men and women are shit, and better looking peop…[View]
64675247About to beat my dick, niggas is horny[View]
64675436Share your darkest moments Robots.: >tfw almost went full troid mode in the great 2016 sissy hypn…[View]
64676040I just stole your money.[View]
64675788what am i supposed to say to him?? >be me >guy irl asks to hang out >had to reschedule pl…[View]
64675122fuck you americans, i want air conditioning too[View]
64672639Is it gay to have a gf who is more buff than you?[View]
64675870Atheism? More like gaytheism.[View]
64675800I want to stop caring. I know nobody can ever love me, but I can't stop feeling like shit about…[View]
64674807>girl i've been talking to on discord finds out i'm russian slavshit >instantly lose…[View]
64675691> tfw when you autistically excel at some interest and a social group forms around you as a defac…[View]
64675948I convinced my grandpa that this website is actually a Mongolian basket weaving forum. Do I earn any…[View]
64673876Would you date a girl way taller than you? And she is submissive.[View]
64672577Do you think most women would prefer a black boyfriend over a white one?: Do you think most women fe…[View]
64675924>somebody puts the word 'society' in chat >I respond with 'jokr society ayyyy lmao'…[View]
64672705I hate women: I finally understand, fucking femoids ruin everything[View]
64675943>he has learned to live with the suffering >neither overcoming it nor succumbing to it >pi…[View]
64674880Time travel: >you're transported back to your 10-year-old body, but with your current brain …[View]
64675860>tfw turned 20 >now I'm older than all the tiktok girls I masturbate to I wasn't rea…[View]
64675721how does he keep BTFOing us /chud/bros?[View]
64674797>he is ghosting me again why do I even bother?[View]
64674942You wanted a schizo thread. So here it is fren. ALL THE NIGGERS ARE DEAD. Only the banned can know p…[View]
64674931>18 year old adult >old enough to vote >old enough to drive >old enough to join the mili…[View]
64675513>millions of years of evolution created me >a weak anxious faggot what was the point?…[View]
64674333If the antivaxxers are right then why are all doctors, nurses and medicaal workers getting vaccinate…[View]
64672360Smelly. Very very almost unspeakably smelly. But I still like them.[View]
64671570If I still believe in the love fairytale, where do I find it (as a girl)?[View]
6467583818th birthday, fuck the summerfags.: Oh don't mind me... I just turned the big one eight. Yup. …[View]
64675196I'm sorry to whoever I called ugly in Kindergarten: >Be me in kindergarten >Loner kid jus…[View]
64675340Holly shit guys i have sharingan ! Sasuke BTFO , nigger beware[View]
64675433>never drink alcohol >still have a 'beer belly' that I can't get rid of…[View]
64675757'amogus.' haha[View]
64675774>tfw 6'1 and 150lbs >hands extremely veiny someone likes this right i feel disgusting loo…[View]
64675035for the first time in years i had someone who said they'd stay for my birthday and i was so exc…[View]
64675716I just put a blanket over my blinds because I could still feel eyes watching me through the blinds. …[View]
64675128Music Thread: Getting Drunk On a Thursday Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWnB1YUlgwI[View]
64675474Red Flags In Women: >tattoos >hair dyed unnatural colors >piercings in places other than ea…[View]
64675496If fast food starts offering $20 I will get a job at one. The work isn't that hard and there…[View]
64675426Sex is a natural consequence of a healthy life, trying to go straight to sex while skipping all the …[View]
64673463To my wives of my omniscience Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not sch…[View]
64672546I'm hiding in your anus right now.[View]
64675661>leave my goblin cave >go to store >everyone there is chubby Holy shit I thought I was fat …[View]
64675414Can I, as a Christian, own a dakimakura? I don't want a lewd daki. I don't want to make lo…[View]
64672385Why do you want an Aspie girlfren?[View]
64674736we got too cocky whitebros... we will be a minority soon...[View]
64674875if you disagree with this statement, kill yourself: >Women live life on easy mode. They cannot be…[View]
64674864Anyone know of any good videos of people interacting with random people? These seem to be the only t…[View]
64674860can a fembot pls send a vocaroo of them saying 'hows this' preferably deep voice that would fit picr…[View]
64674908Holy fuck why does it feel like everyone hates me[View]
64672640Why do women hate us bisexual men so much?[View]
64675043>have chronic health issues >can't get a doctor's appointment because my country…[View]
64674010are all fembots masochists im beginning to think all fembots are masochists[View]
64675214lifehack: >have Incredibles theme song on >no longer feel depressed https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
64675154you can literally do anything on the internet. get any game, watch and movie or tv show and yet the …[View]
64673738>Generally speaking, Bushido is the resolute acceptance of death -Miyamoto Musashi Men like him d…[View]
64668053what if /pol/ was never created?[View]
64674269Who is Pokimane? In math: my solution In history: my Queen In art: my canvas In science: my oxyg…[View]
64675054I used to drink max 1 to 2 drinks a day, now it's 2 to 3 Also I'm losing hope that I'…[View]
64673595I'd like to get dominated and worship feet so bad bros[View]
64673493>hookup with a shy neet virgin >he couldn't get it up and had to masturbate most of the t…[View]
64675187>I really hate urbanophiles[View]
64675016Blackpill: Shut the fuck up zoomers[View]
64675216talking to this girl everyday for about 2 weeks. we begin talking with the explicit notion that we m…[View]
64675210White woman: >start dating a girl 3.5 years younger than me >shes wasnt legal so we had our f…[View]
64674817tu fui ego eris[View]
64667439Another soldier has fallen[View]
64673322>only guy in my friend group who gets casual sex >I'm a 7/10 >some friends are over 6…[View]
64670250Music thread :)))): I'll start !!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAMgQQMZ9Lk&ab_cha…[View]
64656720/r9gay/ - #1437: Bathtime edition. Previous: >>64643355[View]
64675036Rate: This is my mcdonalds order >double hamburger >junior chicken >10 BTS macnugget >sm…[View]
64673465>work for company literally scamming lonely men out of money by faking chats with non-existent fo…[View]
64675111Based Nova Scotia: Expresses herself through OnlyFans[View]
64675082>Zoomers espouse beliefs that they aren't truly dedicated to >We make the hedonistic boom…[View]
64675034Incel, stay pure.[View]
64673565What was the most based thing you've ever done? Me, I cucked a guy.[View]
64674508>Thanks for inviting me over Anon! So what do you want to do?[View]
64673798a letter to my robot bf lol: It all started as a meme when i posted my discord here on r9k a few wee…[View]
64674053The Galactic Nofap: Day 23: 'It's the most amazing thing. Yesterday it was hard, and today it i…[View]
64673678Oh god guys I really don't know what I'm doing with my life. >Still trying to learn en…[View]
64674514How do you think he's holding up in prison?[View]
64674613/r9k/, do you like pro wrestling?[View]
64674972Chillin in a hotel room rn, shitposting using their WiFi feels good to be unbanned for a hot minute[View]
64674938>This board has an Anglo infestation[View]
64674063Would you leave 4chan if there was a non racist/sexist/anti lgbt option (no, that isn't Reddit)…[View]
64672938ITT we give thoughts to eachothers images.: What are your personal thoughts on this image? Post an i…[View]
64669417Kraut Bot: Are there any Kraut Bots from Germany on /r9k/? I am not sure if I even qualify as a robo…[View]
64674912if youre a cute skinny blonde girl i'll date you, i'll love you, spoil you, make you feel …[View]
64674059I feel so bad all the fucking time. I have legitimately no energy at all, fatigued. Feels like i…[View]
64674369Reminder that you will never be truly happy until you date a pink haired Asian e-girl[View]
64674874One post ITT=one dab at the jannies[View]
64674870one day i was on my way to therapy with my dad and he basically told me 'all you need is a hot …[View]
64674851It's there somekind of incel to body building pipeline?[View]
64674664Martin, im in love with you. Please open up your friend requests on discord. I will buy you any stea…[View]
64674778How do I stop my friend from becoming fat.. He isn't huge right now but lately he has been obse…[View]
64674558I guess this is why so many anglo bros are gay....[View]
64673813why would you steal everything from me and abandon me when you were already rich and i was always po…[View]
6467394120 years old: According to you normals, 'getting a gf' in 2021/2022 is absurdly easy and can assured…[View]
64674435>Goth subculture Full of effeminate faggots >Emos Full of effeminate faggots >Skater cultur…[View]
64658850Picrew Thread: Make an ideal gf, rate ideal gfs https://picrew.me/image_maker/1171011[View]
64674707I'm so tired. All I want to do is lay down in bed and cuddle with a cute chubby girl and watch …[View]
64674212me when the big brown cock anon can't post his big brown cock anymore[View]
64674605It's amazing how far down you can go and nobody will even give a shit It really says something …[View]
64673656>Tfw so close to becoming a neet I can taste it[View]
64674148why do women hate sex so much? women are always refusing to have sex with men. the subreddit deadbed…[View]
64673382>5'11, 124 lbs >still feel fat[View]
64673541ABDL Thread: Welcome to the /b/aby and /r9k/rinkle playpen! I hope everyone is doing well today. Che…[View]
64673435>I'm nice >I'm quiet >I'm shy You're a covert narcissist.…[View]
64673979>talk to a fembot >she's a NEET, never goes outside >she says she's attracted to …[View]
64674555Anons, how do stupid people move up in the world? I'm legitimately just an incompetent drunkard…[View]
64674272>change my tinder location to moscow >match with one of the prettiest women ive ever seen >…[View]
64674450Would your rather have a: Ebony bbw Pretty boy You have to choose one[View]
64673574What are the chances of finding a cute virgin gf by playing an MMORPG or some other method online? S…[View]
64672584Bro, you just gotta put yourself put there. Approach girls and talk about your hobbies, you'll …[View]
64673113I like having longer hair but it gets messy real quick. It also gets in my eyes when working out. Sh…[View]
64674286NEET with SO: Realistically, how can some one borderline NEET-like go about in making connections. A…[View]
64670756Incel terrorism - the data: Had some free time so I collected all the information about past anti-wo…[View]
64673872lets say you are this guy what do you do[View]
64673223Is sucking cock as fun as it looks? I'm straight but want to try it out.[View]
64674445I'm convinced women don't have feelings, or much brain function past eating hot chip and l…[View]
64673057>stalking a robot from here who ghosted me gonna rape him when I find him in minecraft of course…[View]
64673346>be me >marry a woman >find out she went to edm raves >dont think anything of it >mee…[View]
64673350Someone wake me from this nightmare[View]
64670730>it's a 5'10 guy complains about being short post[View]
64674417I'm a femboy, where do I find a tomboy?[View]
64673373>Not good in teams >literally every job application requires you to be 'good in teams' now wha…[View]
64672731>meet a girl on Omegle >be talking on Snapchat for a few days, really get a long well >she…[View]
64674294If windmales take electricity from wind then how come I don't get electrocuted on windy days?[View]
64674353Are artifical wombs even possible anons. Pls dont destory my hope, idk if it will take 50 years to d…[View]
64673201go on anon say my name[View]
64673235Femanons would you date a guy younger than you if he looked like pic?[View]
64674103Do we really need to larp as abusechad just to get a gf?[View]
64673026I don't see how to date/ have a relationship given the knowledge that one person will love the …[View]
64671990so what was the moral of the story?[View]
64673692Spicbot here Tired of living in hellish Mexico and I want to live in the US Pic rel currently in a v…[View]
64672496AMA about dating, relationships, or things you may be curious about regarding girls. I'm no exp…[View]
64674122itt things you wish were in your country: starting off with a hard desire[View]
64674155She's gone, I had my one chance, it came and went. Time to move on I guess...[View]
64672474Ask a female to male trans person anything[View]
64674133red flags for homosapiens: >human/not human >does something that I don't like(literally a…[View]
64673014do you guys know this feel when a girl rejects you but you have nowhere else to move on? where do yo…[View]
64673548I want a big sis...: ...someone to cuddle me, care about me, and say that everything will be alright…[View]
64673777>school dropout shut-in >neet for 7years afterward >get a job >enjoy my new life and mov…[View]
64673615Lies youre too smart to get caught in: > Be me > Hooking up with qt ive known since high schoo…[View]
64674054W-what if the real redditors were us all along?[View]
64671213Objectively and in all honesty, are you a looser?[View]
64674052Does anyone else get uncanny valley vibes from East Asian people? I have nothing against them, it…[View]
64670931A fembot will awake to this sight.[View]
64669381How do people react when they find out that you are still a (kissless) virgin?[View]
64672345>second most hated race behind black people (Nafri) >have neurodevelopmental disorder which ba…[View]
64671923College: Anyone else in college here? What are you majoring in? How old are you? What year are you i…[View]
64672206Autism nullifies good appearence.[View]
64673957All the worst people I know are liberals.[View]
64672273>soon 24 >still a virgin >been close to loose my virginity two times (one when i was 20 and…[View]
64672839could a 5'6' guy get a cute gf if he was cute himself[View]
64672053I am going to quit this website and delete my 22,800 saved images ... ... ... ... tomorrow[View]
64671564Hey bros can you explain in detail what a vajayjay feels like? I bought a fleshlight the other day a…[View]
64672515name a worse feeling then when a girl rejects you because you are not her type, despite trying your …[View]
64673060>meet girl >we like each other >she repeatedly asks me to do gay shit >says I'm a c…[View]
64673752If I had a girlfriend, I would feel more integrated with society.[View]
64672653my flaps hang lower than your balls do[View]
64672638my mom is trying to make me be a chick fil la wagie[View]
64672969Sometimes when you're in a relationship you and gf wake up in the middle of the night and inste…[View]
64672485Dear diary, I guess i am not quitting nicotine anymore[View]
64673354How do I get a fembot to say this to me? Give cheat codes please[View]
64673790>This Steam profile is private[View]
64673762>white boy summer almost over >no black gf…[View]
64672185someone just pissed me off real bad im gonna put a pipebomb under their car. the blood lust is too m…[View]
64672190Tinder should display BMI to help users filter profiles: pic related shows a healthy BMI. 1. Body M…[View]
64673330>Be me >Forced to go to a social gathering with coworkers. >Casual atmosphere where beer an…[View]
64671961>join a religious cult online cuz i'm lonely as fuck >start to befriend someone from ther…[View]
64672797Why can't women just be good people?[View]
64673673I can just pretend whatever I want is true.[View]
64673343>I can just post someone else's discord on this board while pretending to be something(perha…[View]
64672110>Be me >Working at Burger King >I add an extra chicken nuggets to bags when they're f…[View]
64672169BIG... FAT... stinky... poop balls.[View]
64673664Why are internet autists so fucking delusional?[View]
64672528>Anon, please let me stop eating. This is my third burger. My stomach's starting to feel rea…[View]
64673281so basically a bunch of jewish mystics get together and succeed in their attempt to bring about the …[View]
64673101In this influencer obsessed world: Too many are choosing to live through others instead of having th…[View]
64671046RED FLAGS FOR FEMALES: >not a virgin(Unless she is a widow) >takes birth control >plans to …[View]
64671952Another day of playing videos games and masturbating to anime girls[View]
64672435Would you date a guy who always looks grumpy and scowling but actually he's just squinting to s…[View]
64672997>board created to foster originality >every thread is some stale variation of womanhating, tra…[View]
64671949Im going to sleep now I hope I will dream about fucking lolis Goodbye :)[View]
64671336haven't tried to socialize online for 2 days now. only friends I got that would reply to me usu…[View]
64673394women get away with everything, this is the hardest blackpill, single mothers of 3 find betabuxes, p…[View]
64673007Who would've thought an Indian guy would be the face of frat life in 2021[View]
64672501>be me >overpay for an item I dont have time in my schedule to look for a better price so I …[View]
64671661Were humans meant to enjoy their time on earth or to suffer?[View]
64672873what do priti patel's farts smell like?[View]
64670106Hello, I'm a chubby virgin robot who showers and work hard but also sweats easy because it…[View]
64671522>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 gets announced >pretty hyped >preorders come out >weapon and character…[View]
64673339Well...whats stopping her, r9k????[View]
64667507/britfeel/: Hassina 'Death before Dishonour' Ahmed[View]
64672814>get told I look like a downie So what now? Suicide?[View]
64673296Gonna start programming so I can get paid to NEET.[View]
64673046Fembot: do you read FDS?: If so, have you gotten anything useful out of it?[View]
64672628>be me >talking to girl over kik >she asks for my real name >tell her >instantly get…[View]
64672272Don't use grindr and get topped Coom to futa instead[View]
64672745why do i look 13 when i am 20. i'm also very skinny even though i eat plenty of unhealthy food.…[View]
64672317I feel bad for her TBH: Im screwed anons. I had sex with my sister today. She had about one week wit…[View]
64673143day Seven of semen retention for waifu!![View]
64673087How do I restart a convo with a girl on tinder who is looking for a fwb? We talked yesterday, but I …[View]
64672923anon i want to go to Mauritius, what do[View]
64672746Are names of objects made to fit the object or does the object 'grow into' the name? Think of the wo…[View]
64672604Anon, if the Jews are responsible for all your shortcomings, then why not become a Jew yourself? If …[View]
64672880I've been trying to think of an online username / gamertag for almost 3 months now. I have like…[View]
64671339Who here was raised white trash? I don't care how gay and spoiled it sounds. I'm legit mil…[View]
64672856the pmos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW4uYKWiv3U[View]
64672803I need an average japanese gf bros[View]
64672647My two-year-old nephew was just over and he was the only person that I spent time with all this week…[View]
64672300Do females ever get crushes on non-chad men?[View]
64671993>robots spend all day complaining about how they are lonely and depressed >robots wonder why t…[View]
64672607there's nothing better than taking incel virgin robot~ I want everyone's cock on this boar…[View]
64672481>meet femoid >she was raped >thinks she has a chance at a normal life how come women are so…[View]
64670998> You meet the perfect woman and you date for a while, she's sexy and your type etc. marriag…[View]
64671332Why can't incels refute this statement? It truly destroyed years of /r9k/ theory.[View]
64672525>Riding in car while mom drives >See a squirrel dart out into the road and get hit by us >L…[View]
64670402Ugly people should not have children: my neighbor is one of the ugliest creatures i have ever seen h…[View]
64671155If you hate women then why do you pick the female avatar when playing vidya?[View]
64672514I have a very important question. Should I go get chicken tendies for dinner?[View]
64672475>no friends, no gf, you feel like you're literally not made for this world >years of isol…[View]
64672560how do I tell if a online pharmacy is legit? I dont want to get honeypotted by some LE. reddit censo…[View]
64672186Hi grandson! Nice to see you! Do you have a girlfriend yet?[View]
64672431>feel attracted to a cute girl >realize she has been used sexually by other men >instantly …[View]
64670900>tfw when psych told me he would help sign me up for neetbux So long wagies…[View]
64672344I am in love with an anime girl I unironically want to die[View]
64672304dont read if u value your time: i thought i was on to something. moved out of my abusive mothers hou…[View]
64671907What would cause a black man to sink this low? A fucking slavery themed marriage. Now to keep shit a…[View]
64671915There is no God for anything supernatural.: When you and everything else dies you will either be cre…[View]
64671317My fetish is watching women get brutally beaten in public while their clothes come off. Anyone else?[View]
64670936Reminder that all women are subhuman and they need makeup to not look disgusting[View]
64670372Get TOPPED: Download Grindr and get TOPPED! Download Grindr and get TOPPED! Download Grindr and get …[View]
64672203ITT Post Harsh Truths: Try to keep them more original and interesting and not just stuff everyone ha…[View]
64672324>early 30s >several girls from high school getting BOGGED already Holy shit, I'm so happy…[View]
64671166why are fembots so uppity? there are tons of good, kind guys here and they won't even give you …[View]
64672201Vegan Gains trying to argue looks don't matter!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh944GOYvwA…[View]
64672351>i accidentally posted it on my snapchat story why didnt i just use the camera THE NORMAL PHONE C…[View]
64670843Is self hatred based? My psychologist says I shouldn't perceive myself as kc-tier and let peop…[View]
64672331imageboards make me have a lot of thoughts I didn't want to have does this happen to you? I thi…[View]
64671174The year is 2005.[View]
64671173I read the chat logs I have with my old e gf every once in a while to remind myself that at one poin…[View]
64672140>tfw finally accepted that i'll never find love or be happy with life Now what do i do?…[View]
64667745How well do you handle your money? Are you sinking, swimming or gliding across the water financially…[View]
64670805All gays have aids.[View]
64670179The Aspie girl is real all along[View]
64672274>All trannies can now biologically change their sex for real, but the process shrinks them to a f…[View]
64668925You're welcome Jeff. What do you think about the Billionaire space race?[View]
64672168Is it okay if I don't like performing oral sex to women?[View]
64671849guess what's going into the cumjar pic related[View]
64671845>zoom freshmen orientation[View]
64670917Why is this board so fucking GAY? Are you cruising for AIDS?[View]
64672020Im sorry whoever reads this: There is always so much on my mind. Its so hard to even get a sentence …[View]
64671864everybody asks what's anon doing, never how's anon doing[View]
64670346Read this faggot's manifesto out of boredome. Holy autism, Batman.[View]
64672095I used to be friends with the most narcissistic, manipulative incel you could imagine. Sometimes I …[View]
64669593>you will never abuse a fembot >you will never soft ghost her so she obsesses over you and sen…[View]
64671883I just sneeded ALL OVER a nigger hoo boy you should have seen his face /r9k/[View]
64672094I think I hate humanity. There's no point in bothering caring about anyone. It'd be better…[View]
64671711Michael offered me the first hit from the pipe. 'It's called Slutweed,' he said, watching me in…[View]
64669643'Anon, why do you keep staring at me? Is everything ok?'[View]
64671271What's the point? Really.[View]
64669240why do so few girls consider their anus a sexual orifice?[View]
64670641>apply 'don't speak unless spoken to' on a daily basis >on a train ride >sitting face …[View]
64672029How can people be this cuck?[View]
64671955They took my dreams away.[View]
64669509Why did doctors prescribe me ADHD medication for 15 years instead of teaching me how to meditate, re…[View]
64671939>be me >go to public place >all the women start to leave…[View]
64671509missed opportunities: do you guys ever hear about tragedies and feel regret & remorse over misse…[View]
64670746Having a normal size penis fucking sucks. If you have a big cock you will never get cheated on and y…[View]

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