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58493051I'm 27 and I was a virgin this time last year, now I've been cummed in by eight different …[View]
58494003One of the only people I talk to didn't invite me to his 25th birthday party. Am I supposed to …[View]
58437964/drugfeel/: Speed before workout edition[View]
58490760Why couldn't I have been born 60 years before my birth? I'd even settle for 30 years befor…[View]
58493239>want to draw something >decide to draw something realistic this time (i normally only do mang…[View]
58492655This has the average faces of women from 41 places around the world, what are your favorites?[View]
58494225I don't want to be bipolar anymore[View]
58484445Describe your relationship with the most attractive girl you know.[View]
58494070Can someone redpill me on the travel meme? Has anyone tried it? Will I feel free? Will I find myself…[View]
58492967is feet/trample fetish based or simp?: like it's kinda simp to want to worship a girl but also …[View]
58492626Be real with me bros, how bad is it? Is it fucked. I'm feeling very seof conscious. I'm 22…[View]
58492672We have something you may want to see.: Praise the mysteries of KeK[View]
58493969Seriously, how mny people here are insecure about penis size? From what I've surmised from my d…[View]
58494112I sometimes wonder if actual africans, like dudes from Nigeria,Cameroon etc mind getting lumped toge…[View]
58492877>Th-thanks for inviting me to b-breakfast anon >S-sorry I'm s-so n-nervous >I j-just r…[View]
58494113HOW MANYPEOPLE HERE ARE INSECURE ABOUT THEIR PENIS SIZE? I theory that most people here have mental …[View]
5849383411/20/29 Does this date mean anything to you? If it does, you should know where to find me.[View]
58494107If you wish to see a display of pride, ask someone to help you think. If you wish to learn a good ex…[View]
58494095>that heartbeat in your stomach and the feeling of rising blood when you see a girl on omegle…[View]
58493571The week should fear the strung :..:[View]
58493876I've literally done nothing in my free time but play video games since i was like 6. why am i s…[View]
58494061Be careful what you wish for. I suffered from drastic personality changes over the past year that I…[View]
58493294why can't wagies embrace the free, wonderful NEET lifestyle? how can we free them from the sha…[View]
58494019>the effects of isolation on the human mind: a loss of proportion, an obsession with detail combi…[View]
58492515Is shyness a turn off for all women? Is there anyone who finds this sort of thing cute?[View]
58493413is teaching English in japan worth it?[View]
58490880hello, jesus christ here. femanons, confess your sex and masturbation sins, and i will absolve you.[View]
584938264chan is gay. Reddit ftw[View]
58493773Why isn't reality better than it is? Why does it have to be so dogshit. No amount of dreams or …[View]
58487514What are the worst black pills/realizations you've had about your life?[View]
58493191My friend is in some deep shit bros and we need to help him. His parents are coming to visit him in …[View]
58486887The whole world is crying over this criminal.[View]
58493288i am the high ama the[View]
58493335hi anon! what did you do today? i hope you are having a nice evening, don't forget to eat dinne…[View]
58489346How far back can you trace your family's history? I can trace mine about 500 years.[View]
58493060Anyone here try cheating Amazon out of something by sending back something like dirt or a cheaper it…[View]
58490724I need a fembot gf who will do this to me and also subject me to be their obidient little slave how…[View]
58493782>dated girls >never ever had a 'relationship' >see posts, larps or not, about having a gf …[View]
58492049Its had some time to sink in and now I feel like a giga fucking cuck. This is the worst, I cant even…[View]
58493749>he doesn't exclusively jerk off to artistic french nudes from 1900-1950 Enjoy your cooming,…[View]
58492908>tfw no friends >tfw parents know I'm an incel anyone know this feel…[View]
58492781Are YOU man of the house, anon?[View]
58493710Wojak Collection: Please help me expand my Wojak collection Brownie points if its profile picture ma…[View]
58493698>tfw no dai oppai loli sized oldgod gf to constantly attempt to seduce me and hide the fact i hav…[View]
58490899Earlier this week I learned I had less friends than I thought. I feel betrayed and depressed. These …[View]
58492554does anybody here unironically have a micropenis?[View]
58492848How can I stop feeling bad when fags on 4chan say shit to me and call me a retard?: I consciously do…[View]
58492309Could you guys pls send me amazon links for the helium and mask thingy people use to kill themselves…[View]
58493474What is something positive that happened today? 'Nothing' doesn't count, you must name somethin…[View]
58493178Why are the blacks trying to start a race war? Loot>equality?[View]
58491558How many robots here went to their high school prom/dances?[View]
58491167Why do fembots hate cuddling so much?[View]
58491191youre at the zoo w your family and a peacock opens its plumage up and its just a high def picture of…[View]
58487775>mfw I just realize that the 'games' my sister played with me weren't normal >mfw I just …[View]
58492819This is a long and embarrassing story but I really would like some help >meet girl on 4chan >w…[View]
58492642>love watching porn, thoughts of rough sex, kinky fantasies etc >see two characters in TV show…[View]
58490662>shaved eyebrows to look girly >now look like a fag >to top it off I cut myself and the red…[View]
58493334How do you feel about ERP? Looks cringe to me.[View]
58493028Is anyone here diagnosed with OCPD?[View]
58493435How are you supposed to feel when everything is decided by chance?[View]
58493169/feels thread/: i got bamboozled by e-gf i met on a game and 'dated' for two or three years and then…[View]
58492720God I wish I was born a woman. Female life is literally easy mode with cheats on. All those privileg…[View]
58491552do people actually watch ASMR roleplay videos? shit is cringe as fuck[View]
58491854normie here again. feel free to ama if you have any questions about things youve never experienced l…[View]
58493032I want to know how are you feeling.[View]
58485299Why do stem people shit so hard on the humanities / arts? Every time I'm with my stem buddies i…[View]
58491119IIT Post new ideas for subjugating dumb cunt women: For example genetically removing their finger na…[View]
58492278Can someone explain why edgy kids have these type of eyes?[View]
58492568Is it bad that there's a high chance that I'm not going to be finished with college until …[View]
58492943>Go 11-2 in r6, ace the enemy team last round and win the game >'QUIT HACKING YOU FUCKING RETA…[View]
58493257>just saw an escort ad with no asian gents It was already over for blackcels but now its coming f…[View]
58492539Why didn't Asians protest/riot when they were facing hate crimes when COVID-19 was gaining medi…[View]
58492925>she allows her boyfriend to have female friends You might as well allow him to cheat on you whil…[View]
58493120Bitches: Bitches support black lives matters because they've been systematically desensitized w…[View]
58491917When did everyone manage to get 15 years of experience, Phd and befriend the CEOs of all the compani…[View]
58493104I have NO IDEA how to relate to other people[View]
58492886why do we live in a world that decries strength and intellect?[View]
58493100The way womens' bodies' develop nowadays tells me they have grown past the point where the…[View]
58483832>he sits like a girl[View]
58493014Get Off my Board Normalniggers: Anons what will you be doing during the collapse? in reply to pic re…[View]
58492245According to incel theory I shouldn't have success with women, but I do. What gives?[View]
58493062After taking a long look at myself, I finally realized that I am inherently flawed in many ways, lik…[View]
58491706Alphas are born, not made...: The Chad to mog all Chads. Meet Dolph Lundgren who played Ivan Drago i…[View]
58492749Oh, hi anon! Didn't see ya there. How's it going? Early days of summer and all alone, huh?…[View]
58492984Can you still buy nembutal in mexico ?[View]
58492948Watch and share https://www.instagram.com/p/CA_l_yrnohf/[View]
58492968https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4R7UEBcW87g Military college livestream, fuck with some rich kid paren…[View]
58491090you go back in time to 2009 with a modern day laptop, and metasploit on a computer. what do you do?[View]
58489756how serious do you take your posts?[View]
58492825Post your favorite[View]
58490260How the fuck do you meet people? I'm sick and tired of being a robot but I have no friends and …[View]
58492935whoever asked me what kind of seasoning i used, and then showed me their salmon >pic related re…[View]
58492918Fembots should practice their power pissing[View]
58491155near death experience: Anon! Share your near death experience! Here is mine: >Get stuck underwate…[View]
58491414hows it going bros? went camping last night with some bros and craved more beef after the ribeyes we…[View]
58492047Suicide by sepsis: How do I maximise my chances of getting sepsis? I have an untreated infected woun…[View]
58490768Limb lengthening surgery: This is one of those things that Ill never get out of my head. Should I do…[View]
58490419You guys need to swallow the Islam pill: >No LGBTQ degeneracy >No BLM faggotry >Have a lovi…[View]
58492467Im a negroid with a 5 inch dick, im 27 and 6,3 tall. How increase size?[View]
58491335>she's wearing a sleeveless turtleneck and has freckly shoulders[View]
58492786>watched boyfriend jokingly get titty fucked by his chubby weeaboo friend while she was shouting …[View]
58491817itt:WE ACT as RANDUM as fucking possible~!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!1 squeegees! puppy slush for pump fuck, …[View]
58492685im about to get high ama[View]
58490433What does it feeI Iike to kiss a pretty girI?[View]
58492581what are you doing are for pride month faggots[View]
58492734Is he attractive: Would you consider this mutt attractive[View]
58491571Why do I hate fat people? I just get grossed out seeing them in public, this never used to happen.[View]
58489449a femanon finally agrees to go out on a date with you where do you take her and what do you do[View]
58491469why do people act like this site is the absolute most degenerate, borderline illegal site ever? this…[View]
58492443Comfy thread. These get archived fast but the world is going to shit and I feel like a chat. How is …[View]
58492650>going home up hill >man pulls up in front of me aggressively >gets angry outside his car …[View]
58492645>brought up marriage to e-friend of 3 months >sure anon I'll marry you…[View]
58491708Does anyone else get really turned on by NOT masturbating? Like the feeling of not masturbating make…[View]
58491659Nooooo!!!!! I dont want to meet my gf's parents!!![View]
58492615Uh, she just started to pop it for a nigga And look back and told me 'Baby, it's real' Then I s…[View]
58492600'Memorial for the Future', built at Curney rest area (A6 autoroute) near Beaune in 1985, Cote-d…[View]
58490024>smoke weed with a cute japanese girl >she lays her head on my chest >heart starts beating …[View]
58491827>shitposting is not enjoyable anymore[View]
58492478Pic related and George Floyd were friends. Both were members of a legendary rap collective from Texa…[View]
58492510i cant believe the coronavirus thing is over and everybody talks about the nigger now[View]
58492522>tfw no qt gypsy GF I don't know what it is about their culture that allows fat old guys to …[View]
58491894>one day you're gonna get old My biggest fear[View]
58492276If I killed myself I know I would be forgotten within a month. Sad pathetic faggots thread pls[View]
58492461At what age is it too late? I'm currently 19 and only recently started trying to get fit but it…[View]
58492150how do you get away from european/westernized society?[View]
58492022Fundamental issues with reality: What are some core realities that you just must try to live with, s…[View]
58490167Mom drinking: My mom is 60 and she deteriorates by the year. I'm 30 and it's sad to watch,…[View]
58492184Why do people not take care of themselves, don't brush their teeth, don't shower, don…[View]
58488424What do you talk to women about?: >I always run out of things to say when talking with women I c…[View]
58492102>tfw have female cousins who unironiclly uses 4chan, plays vidya, and enjoys anime.…[View]
58488998Attractiveness: According to my calculations, at least 10% of our users here are female, but I would…[View]
58491197do women fall in love with BPD guys the way guys fall for BPD women? asking for a friend who is a BP…[View]
58491625>crave tobacco and cigarette smoke >smoke a cigarette >feel great…[View]
58492364how do you cope with having no more real friends in school and no social life. I could try and befri…[View]
58492371>Well, >Fuck. >I guess so. >I mean, yea, you do kinda have a point. >If you really si…[View]
58491612Is he right, robbots?[View]
58492361Do you guys have any real 'mom found' stories? What did your parents find? My mom once found a crude…[View]
58490556She deserved: what did she thought? the she could just reject anyone without consequences? no, she g…[View]
58492260Why arent you guys pretending to be alpha daddy guys online there are plenty of sub girls that are w…[View]
58492314If you take a Nigerian accent and add a bit of English pronunciation to some of the words, you end u…[View]
58492241I just came to the realization today that my lifestyle is fucking terrible and if I keep living like…[View]
58492211Why do women keep thinking I'm gay? I'm not fucking gay the only reason I talk to you bori…[View]
58491919I cut my own hair today and I look nice :D[View]
58491820Maybe men only developed sympathy so they would stop from killing women, as a way to ensure reproduc…[View]
58492197zoomer here, a childhood friend of mine is slowly becoming a onions fag. anyone else know this feel?[View]
58492059>26 >black >never had a gf >feel hollow >no friends >feel fucked in the head, big …[View]
58489407Guys I need some advice. I have a gf and I love her a lot but sometimes it seems that all she does w…[View]
58491884How do I make male friends? I had to move to Japan to finally get a gf and not be a virgin any more.…[View]
58492123>had the 'can't stop shitting all over the place' nightmare again[View]
58492068>alcoholism debunked how will alckies recover now?[View]
58490982i am just an npc sitting in my room waiting to be activated[View]
58491290/r9k/ it's been a while, can we talk about what a queen she is tho???[View]
58492079that feel when no slave gf[View]
58491733What do femanons think about tiny dicks (smaller than 6')?[View]
58491546ITT: Chadds only[View]
58491264Never gonna be able to spray her insides.[View]
58491608I can't stop thinking about beautiful angel Marky How do I cope with the fact that she'll…[View]
58486264Started a story yesterday, but didn't get to finish. Living with a crazy girl roommate. >liv…[View]
58490878why are there so many race threads today?[View]
58491852>You are a menace. >.. you have mastered the art I tell you. >Beautiful pestilence, a nuis…[View]
58491440how do i get a cringey gf like this?[View]
58491413where do i find fembot gf: >social anxiety >so quiet every normie will get bored of me >no …[View]
58491689tell me about your day anon. how is it going? I hope you're doing ok[View]
58486988/britfeel/: doing a number 2 on you edition[View]
58489397I will NEVER in my worthless LIFE lay sayuri back on this pool table and fuck her until her clitty e…[View]
58487904Pentobarbital: Alright, so two questions maybe someone can actually answer that for me 1) Does this …[View]
58490939Hey anons! Lately I've been thinking that I'd like to practice my conversational skills an…[View]
58487680How do girls still smell good even if they haven't showered in a week?[View]
58491174guy has a fuckbot controlled by internet online right now: fuckbot controlled by the internet is on …[View]
58489304How to show empathy?[View]
58488550remember to drink plenty of water, chamomile/ green tea, meditate, exercise, and drink soup (i forgo…[View]
58491716>submit assignment late >change creation date of the file and pretend like i forgot to send it…[View]
58491645Bout to start my psychiatrist appointment. Should I tell this nigga I self harmed? I hope he won…[View]
58491548>almost 26 >balding fast >5ft 6 tall >autistic as fuck >no friends, no gf, khv god pl…[View]
58491665The worst/easiest thing to get stuck in my head is either linkin park or amon amarth[View]
5849130310 year sentence for scratching a nigger: That's what the Demofaggots in Congress want. God dam…[View]
58488184Is Buddhism the ideal religion for the beta male incel who can't have sex?[View]
58489035Just a reminder that Michael J. Fox is just 5'4 (1.63 cm) and was still able to deliver a good-…[View]
58489195Why not just date an insecure chubster?[View]
58485721are blonde people elves from another world? They look so beautiful[View]
58491586Wow, who knew discord was so problematic?[View]
58488452Questions for anons: 1) Describe your ideal friend 2) Describe your ideal partner[View]
58491471How do I know if my room is killing me? I always feel dead fucking tired and my house is a garbage d…[View]
58490975>In car with uber driver >'So how's your day going?' >I respond with 'I'm doing g…[View]
58490374Chart thread: Whats your position[View]
58491457Hello, robots. The internet is harmful, let's detox from it's filthy claws and use it just…[View]
58491537Had a dream about the perfect set of hentai images: Seriously bro's. The dream had hentai that …[View]
58488221>NEET >endless freetime >could learn languages >could learn instruments >could get su…[View]
58491487I failed my exams, this was supposed to be me turning everything around but I just ended up sitting …[View]
58490520Help: Any femanons here? It's been weeks since I last talked with someone of the opposite sex a…[View]
58491428No one should be required or expected to get anything together by themselves, sad reality is that no…[View]
58489692threw out my last one but I should buy a PAX 2 again, this time in red...[View]
58491465Let me hold you Girl caress my body You got me going crazy you turn me on! turn me on! Let me jam …[View]
58490055A 15 year old girl in my mother country got raped while the protest are going on to punish the guy t…[View]
58491260Is there anything more alpha than having an e-thot gf? You're the guy who dumps a load on her f…[View]
58489470I turn 21 today. It's starting to sync in how hopelessly behind my peers I am. The reality of a…[View]
58491205HAVING SEX IS OVERRATED i'm a chad, I never had any dificulties going out with girls; 1/3 times…[View]
58490848Letters: Where are the letter threads ? Do people not make them anymore? Writing my woes down allows…[View]
58490895>got a new apartment >no friends >had to carry all the bathroom tiles and all that shit by …[View]
58490118this is how fembots deserve to be treated at least once a day[View]
58490623why did you make her cry anon? WHY?[View]
58491161How would it feel for everything to go the best way they could go.[View]
58485524Reccomend me any song.: Post a link to any song and I will listen to every single one.[View]
58491164What's the best way to raise a kid? >My dad always pruned his apple orchard in the spring, t…[View]
58491151>talking to this incredibly fat girl online who shows me her tits >dont really care >talkin…[View]
58489835Men don't deserve rights[View]
58490472how do i stop feeling so much empathy? every time i see someone not doing well, even if i don't…[View]
58490686Work from Home, week 10: >wake up at 4:30am >lay in bed until it's time to start 'Working…[View]
58487380>it's my birthday next week >have plenty of money for the first time in my life >absol…[View]
58490967A love supreme A Love supreme A love supreme[View]
58490877Men and women are as bad as each other, humanity is just pretty bad as a whole. No person deserves l…[View]
58490204I just.... I just want to fuck a girl's pussy in the asshole.[View]
58491053How do I get rid of these checkboxes? Thanks.[View]
58488168We're all gonna make it brahhhs never give up[View]
58488547Why won't any fembot be my gf?[View]
58489904Do women like being filled up? Femanons do you like when a guy finishes inside of you?[View]
58491023I'm getting a pizza you guys want anything?[View]
58490407Love is unconditional by nature.[View]
58480591ITT: Post someone you're always told you look like.[View]
58490226What kind of music do you listen to when you are not leaving your bed 24/7 for a few weeks in a row?…[View]
58490961one chance at life and genuinely lost i have an amazing job but because of aspergers and being genui…[View]
58490981Hey anon, how was your day, and how are you? Today I drank gin wine and other liquors and I might wi…[View]
58489668Anyone able to translate garlic?: Trying to get coordinates out of this garlic here, but Google tran…[View]
58490436How hot can a woman get without makeup?: What's up, 4fags? Post the hottest girls you can find …[View]
58490392Recommendations?: I'm alone on my birthday, bought a couple beer, some chips, any movie recomme…[View]
58490888r9k Chad Antifa Massacre: Ugly people now its time to get our revenge against the beautiful chads of…[View]
58489787How do I become a less sensitive person? Is it autism? Sometimes when I write or speak or even just …[View]
58487721>after almost two months of no contact she finally deleted the playlist she made for me What did …[View]
58489177Vaginas are so gross im honestly thinking a passable tranny is better[View]
58490748>be me, it's 2012 >live in a small apartment with a few friends >we play D&D and …[View]
58490333Why don't you have a woman like pic related?[View]
58487970Anyone wanna play ffxiv with me?[View]
58490734No one will help you get your shit together. You must do it alone. The only person you can truly rel…[View]
58490382Today's been a rough day. My dad left after my mom wanted to file for a divorce with the rent m…[View]
58490735chillin wit ma croaches the true robot pet[View]
58489907It's the anniversary... never forget this man who defended himself, and by extension us, agains…[View]
58490330only when you've conquered a girls butthole she is truly yours[View]
58489726>he doesn't wash his face >he doesn't routinely exfoliate >he doesn't moistu…[View]
58487479Men, how much do looks matter to you on a woman? Sometimes I'm scared of getting a boyfriend w…[View]
58490584I think I just hate sex. Vaginas and penises all look disgusting. The human body is just gross. I ki…[View]
58488535helloooo everyone~ How is everybody doing today? I kinda got a psychotic episode today so I'm h…[View]
58490699>dad found the Guangzhou (A city in China) Gazette[View]
58490227>mfw all this motivational /fit/ shit have corrupted my brain and gave my hardcore internal hate …[View]
58488985>can hardly leave my room and cook for myself without having a breakdown >expected to study an…[View]
58490481Woud you date a pretty trans girl?[View]
58489367hi i love you whoever is reading this[View]
58490473I just want a girly to gently please my balls while I jerk and empty a huge load on her qt face[View]
58488477Is there a worse feel than this? Can't think of any[View]
58490695just got back from sucking my first cock i feel disgusting im not gay im crying this shit was so fu…[View]
58490215what have you learned in 2020? I realised that me being a shut-in with no friends is actually a bles…[View]
58488788what was your first all-nighter like robots?[View]
58489890How do you even get molested as a kid? I remember when I was a kid, the local pedo tried to get us t…[View]
58489215>be me >be Spectre >be based yep feels good to be spectre how are you doing anon >///…[View]
58490581>tfw black man >unfuckable fucked in the head mess >haven't been able to take advantag…[View]
58490041What's up with him?: He's everywhere on r9k, Why?[View]
58490404I'm making double from unemployment versus what I was making when I was working. Thank you Chin…[View]
58490567You are valued. You are worthy. Gold has value. Gold has worth. I bet you have heard such feel good …[View]
58488321>Just found out that many women genuinely cant understand why guys ignore them if they get friend…[View]
58490412>anon walks in and demands a lethal dose of morphine because he has never had a gf >give him a…[View]
58482519I really thought I had a shot here... fuck i feel so dumb there is no hope lads time for a new /reje…[View]
58490207My sister left her dirty underwear in the bathroom and I coomed in them and forgot to wash the coom …[View]
58490497Any anons you know in real life? I worked with an arcanine once. He was alright. Really lazy of cour…[View]
58484356what stopped you from experiencing this?[View]
58489544Herp: A derp I just got put on Valtrax for symptoms of herpes. My test came back negative, but Im it…[View]
58489913What are my chances of getting a gf at a blm protest?[View]
58490218Wtf was the political message in this?[View]
58488531>you will never have big balls Why even live?[View]
58490292>see bright red blood on the toilet paper after i wipe >get nervous that the next few turds i …[View]
58490385The value of high school and nostalgia: The only thing worth shit I learned from high school was may…[View]
58490365>I need tho-that money i really do, i need that money to pay my bills, the electric bill, the int…[View]
58484644HEWWO NICE FWENZ!!!! 0w0 DID U NO DAT I WUB U??? :0c ^//////^ <(^_^)> U R GUD N WUBWY!!!! ^w^…[View]
58489962I control my mind, i don't let it control me.[View]
58487602Omegle Thread: >Making friends >Shitposting >Flirting >Debating >Pretending to be a 1…[View]
58490282I created a band, but I want to be the singer. Should I continue in this band and make my own stuff …[View]
58490094Its not >willpower Its >depression >addiction >loneliness >hunger >sadness >…[View]
58482594Post your spirit animal: Mine's the wolf. Huge antisocial loner.[View]
58489332Trannies come ITT: It's ok to be a girl baby, but please keep your dick, it's there so guy…[View]
58490006Every single thread that mentions 'femanons' or 'fembots' in the OP is guaranteed to be completely w…[View]
58484085To straight male anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a tr…[View]
58489478Have you ever met someone who suffered as much or more than you in real life? What caused their suff…[View]
58489150Stop. Posture is no joke. Sit the fuck up right fucking now or die.: Bro is your back supposed to cu…[View]
58490048I'm just above 6ft, and I have a masculine face(not all that good looking I think but angular j…[View]
58489992Wish I could see her again[View]
58489776im currently dying from a prolapsed anus its gotten infected[View]
58488163Computer games don't pass the time anymore, what are other ways to speed up life.[View]
58489923maybe if femanons want to be taken seriously they should stop giving us so many boners. why do you g…[View]
58487020'electronic devices' are actually just witchcraft. There's no way all those small things make c…[View]
58488945It's officially summer, the fruit flies have taken over my apartment. Pic unrelated.[View]
58489517I have this fantasy of being a house husband for someone. I want to greet them when they come home w…[View]
58489908Minecraft /r9k/ server: 1.15.2 lets play some minecraft robots pirated minecraft…[View]
58485912TFW you're 30, been through so much shit in the last 10 years, and you can't grasp reality…[View]
58489901Hey, look who finally crawled outta his hidey-hole. Howya doin', Champ? You winnin' yet? …[View]
58486924>The song you'll listen to before killing yourself https://youtu.be/tx6lsNcDHRA…[View]
58489428Why is the contrast so hot bros[View]
58482568imagine being japanese[View]
58488962/shuEVWE please join! lets have lots of fun together forever, friends..[View]
58486476Robros, have you ever orbited an e girl and if so how did you stop? I am obsessed with one currently…[View]
58489675Anyone else here deals/had dealt with narcissistic or just overall bad parents?: >narc mother com…[View]
58489693i wish for a world without modern white people: the thing that really gets me about this george floy…[View]
58488829>wake up >still haven't transform into a 10/10 girl…[View]
58489291>*takes a huge drag off my meth pipe* Ahhhh >As I pass it over to my older brother who's …[View]
58486359Does anybody want to vc while I play games? Or at least type to me while I talk on mic?[View]
58488786where can i learn to live out in the woods and build a cabin and identify edible mushrooms etc?[View]
58488704Whave any of you had COVID? I think I might have. I've had to keep working 4 days a week throug…[View]
58487700Femanons, how can you dress like this and expect not to be raped? Explain yourselves.[View]
58488795To all f*males: How can you sleep at night, knowing that you are a piece of shit? I've never re…[View]
58488061I'm starting to get rape urges.[View]
58488472>be bored and realize that a gf won't just appear out of thing air >grudgingly get tinder…[View]
58488871I promise you that he is good. I promise you that he is full of grace. Know he is powerful. Ask him …[View]
58486724who else has given up social life in pursuit of knowledge? The only thing i do nowadays are reading …[View]
58489283Is literally everything supposed to blow ass when you're 26?[View]
58489350hey fellow robots! I have a big pepe collection and i wanna enlarge it. That is by trading or donati…[View]
58489122>be me >closeted crossdresser >working at strip club >stripper wearing heels walks past …[View]
58488493What's the worse realization you've had about your existence/consciousness?[View]
58489146Does life become miserable as you get old? You lose your friends. You are not competitive physically…[View]
58489255I want a North African Berber woman to crush my skull with her feet, what do you want?[View]
58487946>i'm sorry anon but I lied about being on a pill, I'm pregnant and I have no money for …[View]
58488937How do women just not give a shit? Like not caring that there is probably thousands of guys cumming …[View]
58483475https://youtu.be/ggsdEsk6tNY?t=36 wtf is wrong with zoomers? This is the music videos they listen to…[View]
58488078Have you ever met an anon in real life? I once worked with a brony who got arrested for bestiality.[View]
58488892its crazy to think that this guy is bluepilled and wageslaves[View]
58488812>treat girl like shit with bursts of sweetness here and there >she calls me out on it quick …[View]
58487838Fembots, do you have incestious fantasies? Have you ever had incestious fantasies? If yes, who have …[View]
58480281Tell me about your first time Anon[View]
58488628I Coom to Sayuri daily and its the thing I look forward to when I wake up[View]
58486275ITT: Things you do alone that would creep other people out.: Everytime I take a shower I turn off th…[View]
58489162Whats your darkest best kept secret r9k? How would your live change if people knew about it[View]
58489202>That feeling when no Nazi girlfriend.[View]
58483003>tfw you will never have this again[View]
58488049What is it that I always have to be the person to send someone a message first? If I just stopped in…[View]
58488887i really wanna try shoplifting, anyone tried it? any tips? Just for the adreralin[View]
58485027Isn't she kind of a roastie though?[View]
58486215Your most retarded moment so far today?: This morning I was fucking the mouth side of my pocket puss…[View]
58488195i don't enjoy playing video games anymore[View]
58487697Fun fact:: Did you know that when you breath, you don't have to consciously think about it? Ta…[View]
58488223Everything I eat, gets turned to shit.[View]
58487384how do you accept its over?[View]
58488015>older brother died when i began university for a prestigious program and he believed i had a bri…[View]
58485693Hello robots, I have collected so much pain and hatred that I cannot get rid of anymore. I have 2 ch…[View]
58488961>dreams these past few weeks have always involved exes and past relationships >dream about hol…[View]
58488847>tfw no boogaloo boy bf[View]
58488397Dunno where to post this. My 25 year old friend is telling a 17 year old guy to take HRT, shave his …[View]
58486527Yo /r9k/. I've decided to try doing erotic writing for commissions as a side hustle. I'm w…[View]
58488665Guys I don't think I can stand another day of it. I NEED to fuck some deliciousness. One way or…[View]
58488846its for the black subhumans to be savagely slaughtered without mercy[View]
58488754What romantic fantasies do you have, anon? One of my biggest fantasies is finding a girl, driving o…[View]
58488141>my mom's so cool...my mom's so cool BAH NEH BAH NEH >my mom's so cool and my m…[View]
58487016>tfw parents think I'm smart cause I get good grades in high school but will absolutely get …[View]
58477053Dear fembots, why don't you have a bf? Is it out of choice? I want to know.[View]
58486911>meet girl through friend >tattoos, blue hair, piercings >turns out she is crazy as fuck …[View]
58488388the funniest thing i have noticed on this board for the past couple months is all the raging autists…[View]
58488386what do you guys think of cellulite and stretch marks on a girl? are they ok as long as she isn…[View]
58485576CSGO skin thread: CSGO skins thread! Show off your favorite counter strike skins. I don't have …[View]
58488685What brainlet movement will colonize 4chan next after the age of MIGApedes ends?[View]
58487096>no internet attention >no irl attention >no games to play >no hobbies >nothing to wa…[View]
58476663r9k apartments: Whats going on in the apartments today[View]
58488557>this is the guy replying to every thread with hate what the hell is his problem…[View]
58488579Get dunked on: >women are superior to men No, sweetheart, 90% of patents are held by men. Our bra…[View]
58488370ogsimp: >Be me 8 years ago at summer camp >Meet big tiddy babe there >See her basically eve…[View]
58488497Am I getting scammed by my own friend or what? >friend tells me he received an amazon gift card t…[View]
58485428how accurate is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5mdIpZcxtQ[View]
58488384what is the best way to an hero? been thinking about doing it for a while but I cannot get a firearm[View]
58487888Posting this everyday until my mad scientisntness brings me a cute scientist GF Day: 2 I WILL NEVER …[View]
58488332>live with smokers >smoke indoors in winter >summer weather now >still smoking indoors w…[View]
58486637How much does anon earn per year? Neetbux, loans, welfare DOESN'T COUNT Debt is a subtraction[View]
58488324Help: Robots help what does it mean when you vision is like shakey like a shakey camera and kinda bl…[View]
58484486Which side is /r9k/ on here?[View]
58486926I raped my wife again. She's gently sobbing while cooking breakfast.[View]
58488287How do I meet a fembot gf? I'm from northwest europe[View]
58488296Nobody unerstands me.: Nobody understands. My mom is a fcking b!tch. My dad is a fggot. I am sick of…[View]
58485145I was trying to cut a piece of salami and the knife slipped and I cut my finger[View]
58488232Should i post my face anons: I need to know the cold hearted truth if i am ugly or not anons[View]
58488073>tfw no anal gf god damn it all[View]
58487734You ever start talking to a girl and you really hit it off, but you're not sure if she's 1…[View]
58483920A girl I've been interested in said I had 'big dick energy' today. I know she meant it as a sor…[View]
58487670Any other robots with ptosis? Mine is getting worse and i'm only 21[View]
58486789why men have the urge to beat the shit out of women? it hurts[View]
58485900>tfw thinking about all the effort your parents put into overcoming their horrible struggles >…[View]
58486931Post futas... Anyone knows how to become a futa(both)?[View]
58484074/selfimprovement/: Another day fellas. Whats everyone had for breakfast? Anything on the agenda toda…[View]
58486780I think I might be developing dementia. Is it normal for a 20 yo to constantly forget stuff?[View]
58488045ITT: Strange conversations with the opposite sex: >be American >In English class last semester…[View]
58487040how do i cope with the fact lesbians exist after one cucked me: i got cucked by a lesbian years ago …[View]
58486367It's CYOA tiem.[View]
58487964>race riots >blm >orange man bad >antifa >constant political strife I just want it al…[View]
58488064i just cant do it: i just cant be mean even in video games demanding an old man give me money is jus…[View]
58484164take note incels, this is what women like[View]
58486151It's kind of depressing watching everyone focus on something completely wrong, falling for the …[View]
58487656>the only girl that talks to me and compliments me is my friend's gf >she literally told …[View]
58487649Feet: If you like cute anime feet and you're a loser then join this server! You can make friend…[View]
58487984Anybody here just a loser. Like you don't try and the few rimes you try you fail si spectacular…[View]
58485937Place yourself on this pyramid[View]
58487332why dont you like anime anon? do you hate cute and nice things?[View]
58487662Fuck Nightmare King Grimm.[View]
58487934why doesn't a car just go through my head?[View]
58487115There Are Decent Black People: There are rational, reasonable black people who are sick to their bac…[View]
58487278how do I train myself to sleep 24 hours a day[View]
58485811who is sam hyde? are there any videos by him for beginners? i want to understand him[View]
58487807how do I get a cc gf[View]
58487791The Moon went and now its back.[View]
58487392How often do femanons act like the girls posted ITT? >>>/gif/17205426 Also how common is th…[View]
58486034What would you do if you were sentenced to 20 years in prison?[View]
58487729>girl sits down on seat infront of me >10/10 face >imagine marrying her >turns on her ph…[View]
58487496Daily reminder that 4chan is for social outcasts only: Go to hell normalfags. Leave before we find y…[View]
58486857Hey Robots what do I do? I'm craving female affection so I spend a lot of time watching twitch …[View]
58487581>ywn know how this feels like LMAO, how does this make you feel incels?…[View]
58487611Why do you normalfags even post here? You have a million better things to do. Get out already.[View]
58486685Good morning /r9k/: How are you all doing today so far? What are your plans for today and how do you…[View]
58486714English food is simply the fockin' best. If you disagree, you are a french poofter. Simple as. …[View]
58479045>your age >how many females (female) you kissed on the lips >last time you had sex >26 …[View]
58485314>tfw Im a male manicurist AMA[View]
58487533>you see a vid online where black adult men straight up beat a random blonde teen girl in the mid…[View]
58487439Why do girls like to dance so much? My gf dances every day.[View]
58427315Weekly Family Thread: Ask for advice, share stories, give advice, the usual. Keep it generally famil…[View]
58486579Why do robots like Elliot Rodgers so much? He completely radicalized the left and has changed mainst…[View]
58486561This is the secret to success in this world. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. If 'just being yourself' do…[View]
58486101Cucked by VRChad. Feels pretty gay. I've been thinking about it more and the feeling is setting…[View]
58487452>Be chilling in shower >Been farting a bit and feel a difficult one coming >push harder to …[View]
58487135'Just be yourself' means that you should show some personality. No, playing video games and liking c…[View]
58487261Literally just seen a personal 10/10 outside and i almost got a power sad boner. Guys how do you cop…[View]
58484576Why do you support this pedophile?[View]
58487367Pee-pee, what are you doing!?![View]
58485213>tfw miss leafy's surfing vids and persona back in 2016[View]
58484215So after 22 years I finally manage to get a girlfriend after working out and improve my social life …[View]
58486056What genre is this song?: I heard my little sister playing this in her room and crying, I found out …[View]
58487252>people have days >people have good days and bad days >all people have good days >people…[View]
58484512What body type is this? Will this get me white girls[View]
58487218>tfw actually good at sports but my parents were too lazy to drive me home if i stayed after scho…[View]
5848296225+ Thread: This one is for all the oldfags here. >Where are you in life now? >Where do you wa…[View]
58486953What did sexologists mean by this?[View]
58487162Everyone looks so much better in dim light. We all win.[View]
58486323Why are Christians like this?[View]
58486474It's Thursday. I'm unemployed and someone told me the world is ending. Should I get drunk?[View]
58486997Is ascension real?: Is ascension possible or is it just fiction/ weird delusions of brainwashed peop…[View]
58486768i might go to jail soon >broke, desperate as fuck >no money >get an idea >go online and …[View]
58482688/britfeel/: 30 names listed on a BLM Protestor sign in London saying the UK isn't innocent, 27 …[View]
58485154Fembots, why would a guy choose you over a doll that wont cheat on him, nag, or spend his money? …[View]
58486129>she wants to drink beer and shoot the shit like one of the lads no sweetie, your job is to be qu…[View]
58486901finna drink some grapefruit cider even though i am on sertraline, i may die[View]
58486746To have this lowlife, cunt bag of criminal to be viewed in the same vain as MLK and Malcom X is appa…[View]
58485752What You Joggers Hilariously Don't Get...: The government is literally trying to save you. They…[View]
58486804How it feels to be shaved on bald ? I want to do this, because my hair is ugly and i wanna to grow i…[View]
58485033How can I fake having a job to my parents? Pretend to work online? Get in the car some hours at a ce…[View]
58486732For the last few months I've been having food delivered a few times per week. During all this t…[View]
58485225Funny cartoon frog[View]
58486689hi coomers xxx: would you buy nudes from a girl who just wants some sort of anonymous revenge on her…[View]
58482860>Teehee I love World of Tanks. Then why aren't you playing the game instead of trying to gat…[View]
58484411We are living in a Satanic cult world. The media and corporations are promoting this 'I can't b…[View]
58486632Would it be so bad if protestors killed Trump? It's overdue for a president on the right to get…[View]
58486663How long of no fap would it take to get rid of a fetish: I have some degenerate ass fetishes anons h…[View]
58485546Is it too late for a 35 year old virgin to ever get a girlfriend?[View]
58485620>tfw 26 >never had a gf >have to wake up and face another empty day GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHEN W…[View]
58484944Im craving a drink again robots[View]
58485582>sit on my hand just for fun >feel the bones on my ass >realize there is a skelleton living…[View]
58486485i will never be monky[View]
58482443why are you not indulging in the nostalgia of being raised on the internet and spending your teenage…[View]
58485864I think racism is stale. Saying nigger or that Hitler was right was funny in an edgy way ten years a…[View]
58486428how are you: right now, i just want to have a hot shower feel content and watch anime under a blanke…[View]
58484542>cut out porn a week and a half ago >already starting to have fantasies about normal things …[View]
58485102I'm going to coom to pic related...: And there's nothing you can do to stop me anons...…[View]
58486347>France drives on the right >UK drives on the left >there is a tunnel between them what le …[View]
58486019there are femanons here who have masturbated to the thought of getting filled with cum. why are you …[View]
58482127I wanted to be a girl, but unfortunately I am a man that is problematic[View]
58486427Black people literally ruin everything. They odd just destroy and ruin shit and cucks just keep givi…[View]
58486433>ruined my life because i was depressed about 'tfw no gf' instead of just giving up on women from…[View]
58484964How do I stop being an orbiter?: Is there anything worse than being an orbiter? All the girls I orbi…[View]
58485367>Oh anon I'm stuck, could you help me get out? What do you do?[View]
58484031I want a gf like this so bad especially if she also demands cunnilingus and rimming every day[View]
58486374>Finally stop worrying about getting friends or girlfriends because I was never gonna get them an…[View]
58486061>DUUUUUDDEE, Sup, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude Haha? :D >We still on to chill later, …[View]
58486110>literally middle of the night >go to get water >dad is just sitting on the dining room flo…[View]
58486141Stop using your sick hours to take time off work when it's not an emergency![View]
58486042There is nothing more based than living on a ranch. You have no idea the things I'd give to liv…[View]
58484430I dated an Uzbek girl, ask me anything[View]
58482937/britfeel/ is racist. Should it be banned from this board?[View]
58486260Kisses, hugs, girlfriends. All Free Today[View]
58485839I'm going out with a guy that I don't even like just because I'm bored and he keeps c…[View]
58485560What are /r9k/'s genuine thoughts on this film?[View]
58485682I want to get up to make myself some coffee but I just had dinner and I'm so tired pls help[View]
58482822So this guy is an ugly heroin addict who lives off leeching state money and stealing, yet he has fri…[View]
58483562Who's the cutest girl you've ever seen in a movie or TV show? EIGHTEEN AND OLDER ONLY.[View]
58485842I wish being tall was a thing here in France like in the USA. I'm 6'4 and it's useles…[View]
58484522Reminder: you are a faggot if you don't talk to females.[View]
58486104How to unfuck my brain? This is not a shill: I will green text to summarize everything (The whole st…[View]
58485795Nasty Roasties: I just thought of something: There are good f*moids out there, but in reality there …[View]
58485134Did anyone else here wish they had a kid? I wish back when I was a normie I had a kid with one of th…[View]
58485317Leafy's Nuthouse Adventure: Episode IV: A New Hope It's day 6 in here. I tried my hand at …[View]
58485278>puts headphones on >starts some synthwave or metal >closes eyes >dreams of being a hero…[View]
58485952tell me about you: >where do you live? northern italy >how old? 18 and a half >straight or …[View]
58485007why is he so goddamn sexy is he an incel? what was his motive to become a cop and not a calvin klein…[View]
58485927I hope one day I lose my desire for everything. I hate wanting to have what I dob't have.[View]
58485913i want a cute friend to go drink coffee with and talk to why do i have no one to talk to[View]
58485550who /hayfever/pollen allergy/ here?: >get brutal fucking cold/flu like symptoms every last summer…[View]
58481258Robots only chart bread[View]
58485742Ready to settle down[View]
58480721Would you ever put your gf in a chokehold?[View]
58483978I want anon to rape me and cover my mouth with his hand... And when I try to crawl away, anon would …[View]
58484397fembots can piss very far![View]
58484699>Discord account disabled again Whats the point.[View]
58484535postconfinment blues: hey brobots whilst I highly doubt corona is really over. my cuntry has decided…[View]
58483645Today is my birthday and every single person I've known has forgotten about it again, including…[View]
58482927It's my birthday: I'm a 30 year old white male friendless kissless hugless virgin. When do…[View]
58484452i want to smell a girl and hold her[View]
58484831I'm hitting it off with these 2 girls, which one should I go for. I'm leaning more towards…[View]
58485541what do you do when you don't have any real passions or interests or hobbies can't figure …[View]
58483919>I am no longer young. >I am no longer in the loop. >The world is no longer mine. >I…[View]
58483862How much porn is too much? I have 5.5TB and I'm starting to feel self-conscious.[View]
58485437Just had a nose infection which I solved by poking it with some needle and then using alcohol to rub…[View]
58484881Ive been socally isolating: Ive logged out of my socal media i havent talked to anyone online for th…[View]
58484685Some stuff I have wanted to talk about.: >Hey, have you seen this weird chick's videos? I ha…[View]
58484928How many previous sexual partners have you had?[View]
58484176Do you think there is anything like 'a true self'? Something that isn't influenced by external …[View]
58485387>tfw this cute Brisbane /r9k/ trap never posted their Discord 6 months ago It hurts bros.…[View]
58485335>be me >bored >download phone calling app >go to website called eros (hookers) >sort …[View]
58482165my cat is browsing with me tonight, anything you'd like to say to her?[View]
58482936Fuck this guy. Not because he killed some nog but because he fucked up the internet for the next yea…[View]
58484693>gf >sex >relationships >trannies >fembots Holy shit, even /b/ is in better state the…[View]
58484683don't kill yourself instead, kill your self[View]
58485274My favorite bands are Creeper, Culture Abuse, Dinosaur Pile Up, The Dirty Nil, Frank Carter And The …[View]
58483280>everything happening recently has made me think of how big this stuff will seem in history books…[View]
58484126Look at me, I'm a dumbass frog. Dumbass frog, that's my name and I'm pretty lame.[View]
58485120>tfw my bf keeps ignoring me[View]
58484275im gonna kiss a fembot[View]
58484154Any robots feel they have seen and done everything they have wanted to do and are ready to move on?[View]
58473857>Help me anon, i cant get up! My tits are too big what do?[View]
58484488im addicted to looking at pics of girls with neotenous faces[View]
58481549Anyone here do kratom? Some people say it doesnt get you high but I dunno I feel a burst of euphoria…[View]
58484369R9K music thread: Post your favorite songs and reccomend music to others.[View]
58485018A - Digga, Achtung Bossmode alle wollen Neid, aber down, wenn der Boss flowt B - Baller meine Bomben…[View]
58482854I am white. Only girls I seem to match with on dating sites are black. Is it bad for me to try to da…[View]
58484557>tfw you've had a crush on a girl for over 2 years but can't tell it to her because you…[View]
58484863Why do children fear thunder and lightning?.. Because of its raw power. It is sudden, unrestricted, …[View]
58482645>last online 2541 days ago[View]
58483022>can't manage to get an apprenticeship and therefore can't get into college (in germany…[View]
58484932Every current event has made me so depressed What in the fuck is happening, people just fucking go t…[View]
58481622Are fembots good girls or bad girls?: This seems to be the pressing question of our age. ABSOLUTELY …[View]
58484917>started taking 5 pills of vitamin D 2 weeks ago >dick already grew from 5.8 inches to 6.2 inc…[View]
58483745>be me, bi male >hit up some MF couples on tinder >go on a date with this couple, bounce to…[View]
58483607idk man: i am literally useless and should kill myself i thought i wasnt, but today i realized i in …[View]
58483418How much porn do you watch per night, /r9k/? I'm hooked on the VR videos like VRCosplayX and JA…[View]
58484698Does /r9k/ masturbate in their computer chair, bed, or someplace else?[View]
58484888>joking with a high school buddy in the group chat about how he looks homeless >find out mont…[View]
58484816>What your family dog will look like after 5G radiation exposure[View]
58484493Ok so I have OCD but want to know if my anxiety is justified in this circumstance. When I was about …[View]
58484662How do I make my parents stop buying sweets? I'm trying to consume less carbs, but she keeps bu…[View]
58483705Does anyone else love women that look like trannies buy aren't?: Women that are >tall >br…[View]
58483260The black male is the most hated being on this planet. As the other males loathe and fear them. Blac…[View]
58483843I'm addicted to (You)s, traps & scat porn[View]
58484292>ywn sitta har i venten och spela lite DotA with a harem of blonde teenage girls Why live?…[View]
58484433>had a dream 2 days ago where the girl who plays tara from the walking dead agreed to go to prom …[View]
58484701>girl despises me and hates my guts >feel even more attracted to her why does this happen?…[View]
58483554Are women good for you?[View]
58484033When I say slavery, you better say sorry, white boy.[View]
58484735lads can i recover from this? >be me i've been trying to fix this for so many years, any ano…[View]
58482804dont call yourself a robot you fuckin normie nigger if you dont listen to nightcore https://www.yout…[View]
58484279so, lets resolve this matter once and for all: would you download a bear?[View]
58484712>tfw no chernobyl exclusion zone wife[View]
58484651I got an awful grade for a college project i worked hard for now i feel like a stupid idiot[View]
58483827Why can't my vyvanse state be my default state? Its not fair.[View]
58481312Asian and brown girls are made for BWC.[View]
58482905im so fucking horny i just wanna fuck fuck fucking fuck[View]
58484561Riots: why doesn't the american government simply start censoring footage taken, they've g…[View]
58484426Carl Jung explains this board perfectly. >What, then, is this projection-making factor? The East …[View]
58483829The biggest reason why I'll die alone is that I can't even find new girls to begin with. T…[View]
58482895Has anyone here had a tonsillectomy as an adult? Is the recovery really as brutal as people say?[View]
58484376>'how does it smeII, anon?'[View]
58484308>DUUUUUDDEE, Sup, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude Haha? :D >We still on to chill later, …[View]
58483929Has your mom ever made you horny?[View]
58483397My deincelification has started. Jaw surgery + chin enhancement. All covered by insurance, of course…[View]
58481758Would you date a girl who is severely allergic to cats? Seeing as most of you are cat lovers.[View]
58483272Why is suicide so frowned upon in our society? Why should I continue to suffer with my mental illnes…[View]
58483401Huh, first time seeing a Facebook meme that I... agree with?[View]
58482852/comfy/: since it feels like the world is burning post some comfy music, gifs, images ITT, I hope u …[View]
58484035>ywn charge an american machine gun nest as a final, suicidal act of glory >your spirit will …[View]
58483956qt server for robots to talk about how much they hate humanity /6W5WWzc[View]
58483056Dumbass Parent Thread: Any other anons have braindead parents that by some miracle didn't kill …[View]
58484263We always think that people on 4chan, specifically /pol/ present themselves as brutal, racist, macho…[View]
58481561Here is me getting cybercucked in VRChat by mic-Chad. I posted a thread earlier, idk if you saw, but…[View]
58483320The first stop in the rest of your life. You are too good for this place, Anon. /Scny67[View]
58484214week 1 of social detox: i've spent like 20 minutes on social in one week looked for some memes …[View]
58480823Sit a while and vent a lil', stranger. All that time alone ain't good for you.[View]
58483183What were the kind of teachers that hated you throughout your years in school? For me, it has always…[View]
58482557Women do want nice guys. It just so happens most 'nice guys' are people pleasing pushovers. Why woul…[View]
58483096fuck that soup nigga. beef jerky is taking over[View]
58483407>mom will probably live for 20 - 30 more years >you won't be able to just quit life if it…[View]
58483644For those who have been suicidal/depressed for a long time. Do you wish you had KMS'd while you…[View]
58482145I can't help but laugh at leftist who are always the first to make fun of evolution-denialists,…[View]
58484037mental instability: Who personifies ghetto looty bitch best to you?[View]
58483874>you wake up and see this what todo[View]
58483959>convince self I don't need women >Go outside see qt3.14 that's exactly my type >…[View]
58483842How can I save this?[View]
58482483comfy thread: time to get comfy lads. post a thought you've had, how you're feeling, what …[View]
58483752habataitara modoranai to itte mezashita no wa aoi aoi ano sora kanashimi wa mada oboerarezu setsuna …[View]
58483669>he wants to be my new boyfriend >he turns into a paypig…[View]
58483249Based Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFjJSt6A80c[View]
58483203I have just begun a lifelong career of stock trading. How much money am I gonna lose?[View]
58481908HOL UP >smacks lips What youse tryin' to say is >resists police What you white bois is sa…[View]
58482866Sex drive seems totally fucked: Haven't had an erection in like a week. Anyone else. No clue wh…[View]
58483854everyday is a step closer to my final day[View]
58483781I can't be hurt by women. I have a mental connection to literal goddesses. Like Futo and Tojiko…[View]
58483509So is everything dead now after this shitshow? Expect them extremely doubling down on all the blacki…[View]
58477997Why aren't you out there pretending to protest? You could pick up girls there easy[View]
58483741mcchicken: wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubw chciken[View]
58482705I am Rerri. Shat on by the world like Jerry. High IQ like Rick Nihilistic like Rick. Failure like Je…[View]
58483399Can we gat a Floyd meme thread going?: Don't hold back, let it rain.[View]
58477521God I know how you waifufags feel now. After watching Avatar TLA I just want a fucking Azula gf so f…[View]
58482752>He actually signed the executive order for the total extermination of all black people GET IN HE…[View]
58483516Fembots are temporary Wu tang is forever[View]
58481766Why do you guys complain so much about chads instead of just working towards chadness and joining th…[View]
58483640Nobody unerstands me.: Nobody understands. My mom is a fcking b!tch. My dad is a fggot. I am sick of…[View]
58483582Guys, I need your help. How do I know if I'm gay or bisexual? I know for a fact I'm sexual…[View]
584814742hu boobies boobhu boobs toho boob boob[View]
58483537Saved up 2.5 mg of klonopin: Should I take it now? I have a psychiatrist appointment in the afternoo…[View]
58482487the foid fears the bussy[View]
58482929invisalign: I've got my consultation appointment tomorrow baby steps toward better self esteem,…[View]
58482996Smoking cigarettes on the roof You look so pretty and I love this view We fell in love in October Th…[View]
58482837For me it's Campbell's Chunky Soup[View]
58482834Imagine zoomer girls will now do BLACKED porn en masse to show solidarity with BLM. Qts like her wil…[View]
58483489>Only when I stop to think >About you, I know >Only when you stop to think >About me, do…[View]
58482743I started lifting weights at 13 years old. I achieved a ripped physique and quit but I stood strongl…[View]
58483393what is a best job according to r9k?[View]
58481097would you settle for a ginger gf?[View]
58482928I am boring and I find the world boring, people are boring, everything is exhausting me, I have no m…[View]
58483236v217 Some days, some nights Some live some die ln the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
58481937I just want to be held and told that everything will be okay I'm so tired of being alone bros I…[View]
58472504ITT: We write our suicide note: Depression is a lot like life, if it goes on for long enough it…[View]
58483373Today the rioters pillaged my favorite manga store. I don't even know if I'll ever see the…[View]
58480399So......If you're so unhappy then why not start making decisions to change it and better yourse…[View]
58483010I think I'm just super desperate for intimacy, but never before have I so deeply craved a dick …[View]
58482985based 6 dots: Krillin is actually the strongest member of universe 7 AND he has the baddest bitch to…[View]
58482798/soup/ing is in Peril.: My /soup/ posting is starting to be recognized as spam by 4chan. Is this the…[View]
584832574chan is not an anime website.[View]
58482311>tfw no gatekeeping bf[View]
58483007>daydreamed about becoming a superhero and impressing my female friend again >she finds out my…[View]
58482537>left wallet out again >Gfs junkie brother took $100 >'Sorry anon, but I don't fe…[View]
58482387/Rei general/: Oh, no! Rei is running late for school: Day 302 Wonder if she has some proper running…[View]
58483117Help I messaged a girl on Snapchat, I just said hi, and now I have a unopened message from her. How …[View]
58482900>in school i had a group project with 4 girls from my class >went to the home of one of them f…[View]
58482663How are people able to feel so passionate about things that do not effect them? I see so many people…[View]
58481792How fast do you think he got cucked?[View]
58483091The human penis is the most beautiful thing in all of God's creation.[View]
58483103So is Asia less slutty or what? 90% of girls I have talked to online are less slutty than American g…[View]
58480127Is human civilization collapsing?[View]
58479229What are you jacking off to tonight?[View]
58482791Too many BBC threads are usual, lets post stats and have good thread robots.[View]
58481996what's the correlation between being a homosexual and a left wing communist retard? do right wi…[View]
58482889I don't even remember the last time I laughed out loud[View]
58482633>take a shower >balls are still stinky[View]
58481900I finished pic related, what is the takeaway here? That I'm doomed to being a depressed suicida…[View]
58482295>attached to some girl on discord >is rarely on and when she is gives me small to just one wor…[View]
58482254I don't want to fight or be at odds with eachother.[View]
58476859>Day 17 of nofap >still don't want to go outside >still shy >still unmotivated >…[View]
58482315I'm saving my first orgasm for when I meet my boyfriend who lives in another country[View]
58482110Behold the next phase[View]
58482774It's all worth it in the end, i love you, goodnight.[View]
58482135>one life >not born african american I'm european but all i listen to is african american…[View]
58482603whats a good way to make discord friends?[View]
5848258916 more days til the Queen returns[View]
58482868>10 yo me Based af kid. Was en route to becoming a millionaire. Already knew the meaning of netwo…[View]
58482592ls he a cute boy?[View]
58482185if these riots have proven anything, it's that white people care much more about people of othe…[View]
58482071https://leekspin.com/ spin with me, bros.[View]
58482802Who else can't sleep? I've been lying awake for 3 hours so far feeling really odd. I toss …[View]
58482244>talking to a girl whos my last chance at happiness >all girls ghost and cuck me…[View]
58481813How does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, a complete unknown.[View]
58481134anti-nigger squad, REPRESENT![View]
58482082Why am I always bullied wherever I go? Whether it be real life, online games, or voice chat, I'…[View]
58482459Tell me something nice and then tell me something mean: I need to hear your best compliment and then…[View]
58481101who /cockroach/ here?[View]
58481885The woman I like is out having sex with a man much taller and better looking than me and I'm at…[View]
58479425Having a big dick is a burden. I can only fit the head inside my gf or it gets uncomfortable for her…[View]
58482703>treat girl like shit with bursts of sweetness here and there >she calls me out on it quick …[View]
58472191455 thousand people agreed with this statement. Thoughts?[View]
58482691>sleep all day >play visual novels all night this is the life honestly. fuck what anyone else …[View]
58480441Why don't racists understand this?[View]
58482396>all i want is to be feminine like an anime twink >ALL i wanted >get shit hairline >h…[View]
58481276Is collecting porn an acceptable hobby? How much porn is too much? I like collecting porn from the 7…[View]
58480490What country should I move to? I've always liked the idea of Canada, but I don't know for …[View]
58482451I had sex a few hours ago. At the time, it was enjoyable. The joy faded away in a few hours and I fe…[View]
58480879Who else believes the United States will be in a Civil war in 2020?[View]
58480513Could you imagine anything more terrifying than being an astronaut and losing the fastening of your …[View]
58480649Some inside info on the next pokemon game[View]
58482455>gonna have to deal with random men being confrontational with me >gonna have to deal with wom…[View]
58482497I feel like most trans people aren't actually trans, they just wanna live life on easy mode wit…[View]
58478918Do you commit crimes?: What is the worst you've ever done? >assault >shoplifting…[View]
58481526Who would've thought there'd be a race war going on between mexicans and blacks. https://t…[View]
58479040*mogs your shooting spree*[View]
58482422i do not have much to offer /r9k/, but i can at least give you all a picture of Asuka making a funny…[View]
58475709/britfeel/: germans killed are maddie edition[View]
58482049I really need an Eve to my Adam. I'm not a religious man, but why did those two idiots have to …[View]
58482251How do you do, fellow r9kers? Care to remind me about our secret plans of domestic terrorism? I…[View]
58481107Fembots, how do you feel about your impending replacement by silocone girls?[View]
58481370>tfw i will never be a cute, small yandere bf i just want to have a cute gf who i can stalk and o…[View]
58481975Late Night Thread: What's keeping you up anons? What do you do and think about during the late …[View]
58482391TFW your dick hurts and starts leaking from thinking about sex with someone special.[View]
58481219/r9k/ has changed: There are way too many normalfags and fagddit incels. Newfags are coming onto thi…[View]
58482312>tfw trying to study >pulse going through the roof >entire face and body start itching >…[View]
58482188What's the deal with all these 'trad' whores? I've noticed all these girls who claim to ha…[View]
58482133I fucking hate /pol/ I was /pol/-adjacent for almost half my life, I made memes about the Jews, I sh…[View]
58482158how does it feel to be a guy with no foreskin to make life easier da fuq[View]
58482299Is Basedonaro /ourking/?: https://www.baka.com.au/world/south-america/death-is-everyone-s-destiny-bo…[View]
58479766>tfw hapa female >not really white >not really asian >belong no where I'm going t…[View]
58482194>see twitter of girl talking about the ages she was molested/raped >check Twitter >she mak…[View]
58481477>go take a piss >pull down pants >the fucking musk that wafts up Who else here /disgusting/…[View]
58481910post your phone wallpaper[View]
58480413remember to drink plenty water, tea, meditate, and exercise robots ![View]
58480478>one life >born pajeet What kind of sick, twisted joke is this?…[View]
58481294Why is everybody except for me retarded[View]
58476117>I will never attract anyone I am attracted to This simple fact is the cause of the majority of m…[View]
58475055Why do people hate black lives matter? What's wrong with wanting accountability when a murder i…[View]
58481587How can anyone eat pussy? I had my girlfriend over and I was eating her out for the first time and t…[View]
58481305Really in the mood for one of these. Think I'll pick one up from 7/11 tomorrow, maybe a monster…[View]
58482009>haven't been outside since 2019 >haven't showered since 2019 >haven't spoke…[View]
58480700Is there any way to fix weak mandibles? Seriously I don't know wtf kind of defect caused this …[View]
58477534Let's discuss women for a moment[View]
58479720why does it always go like this?[View]
58482124I was going to say I hope the people you play Minecraft aren't the same ones you talked about i…[View]
58482016>Share a minor accomplishment that I was proud of >Everyone laughs/makes fun of me I just want…[View]
58482081June...I am...forgotten...[View]
58481891Youre not one of those footfags right guys? https://www.instagram.com/p/CAt8l2DAqP4/?igshid=yntsj3xd…[View]
58481642Why is the contrast so hot[View]
58481879Just broke my nofap streak of 100+ days, wow why did I do this[View]
58481208i went through a bad break up and dropped all my friends and outcasted myself, i'm all alone an…[View]
58481991It's so hard staying positive, someone needs to, i don't want to see everyone spiraling do…[View]
58479610why am i bleeding so much when i wipe?: i get a little into my anus, just a tad bit so no poop seeps…[View]
58480905imagine reveling in your own weakness to the point you see it as a virtue imagine actively seeking …[View]
58479645Alright so I have a plan to redpill some of my normie friends but I need you guy's help. I…[View]
58481738I'm a 31 year old single woman who met with a 19 year old man and had sex with him four times s…[View]
58481856Most scientists are agnostic. Put that and in your pipe and smoke it athiests Its true that lower IQ…[View]
58481887Whenever i feel particularly lonely or depressed i run outside screaming. I got stopped by the polic…[View]
58480185Are whites and asians the most promiscuous race of women[View]
58480193Is anyone else from a rich family? Just wondering if anyone else failed to build a career for free t…[View]
58481904>sluts stopped posting lewds and only post about stupid protesting shit When will this end…[View]
58480498Fembots, how do you plan to compete with the new bussi technology?[View]
58479133Yo anon pass a bro some fap material[View]
58481455Fuck what that other nigga is talm bout This is the muthafuckin best girl in TLA and aion wanna hear…[View]
58480190Why everyone on this site sad or angry?[View]
58481687I actually have a gf now, what the fuck do I do anons?[View]
58480727>earlier today >doing yardwork >need a shovel >shovel is on the ground >even though l…[View]
58481292How does one purge thc from their body? As if they need to get tested in 2 weeks[View]
58480575I wrote him a letter yesterday. I didn't say anything I wouldn't be comfortable with other…[View]
58481291Tall guys should start rejecting short girls too. We need to eradicate short people. Short girls don…[View]
58481761Well, I jerked off to the memory of seeing my sisters titties again.[View]
58481460>you will never be a girl >ywn have a youtube channel with try on hauls >ywn have a tiktok …[View]
58481784Why do guys pay for instagram girl nudes?[View]
58481409Who do I find a friend who also fits the mad scientist archetype?[View]
58481709Why is it hard to breathe, the air also feels cold and numbing, is satan present in my room?[View]
58481547> hanging out with people drains my energy and doesnt (or really rarely) gives me anything in exc…[View]
58481615>failed yet another eu4 campaign due to retarded decision making I really am DSP…[View]
58481564>What's your longest relationship? what do you say, /r9k/?[View]
58480426What's the point of living when you finally find a girl who is the perfect match for you but sh…[View]
58481497Why do so many people have a hard time understanding that if you find a male attractive because of h…[View]
58481608The REAL Gigachad: Clint Walker is the real Gigachad and we all know it.[View]
58481605>tfw mommy didnt give me a bedtime kiss and there are monsters underneath my bed…[View]
58481620>a thread died for this Why do Anons spout this like it's a bad thing? (Oh, and a thread did…[View]
58480529THE GREATEST COOMER EVER: Good night, robots. Today, I present you The Greatest Coomer Ever.[View]
58481434Political Compass: There is a new, more hip version of political compass called Spekr. Post results.…[View]
58480082How would you feel if this was your daughter?[View]
58481617>In 2019 police officers fatally shot 1,004 people, most of whom were armed or dangerous. African…[View]
58478143Femanons, why are you here? is it because you consider yourselves robots? or are you here to laugh a…[View]
58481529How the fuck do I change? This is me except i graduated high school i can drive a car and im stuck w…[View]
58480893**I have a mouth, but I'm too dead inside to scream.** /General/1: Topic: Why bother?[View]
58481153six miIlion dead jews[View]
58481361Which chicken sandwich do you prefer /r9k/? Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes? https://www.strawpoll.me/2025623…[View]
58481570Akame ga Kill: Esdeath is waifu-tier. I'd say she's overqualified in fact. Hot... would ma…[View]
58481333>cried reading that book again[View]
58479008Why don't you live life fully and authentically like your anime heroes?[View]
58480402is it wrong that i want to love the sister of my best friend?[View]
58480634Does anyone know how read a natal chart? I'm trying to get as much information as I can. pic s…[View]
58480059What kind of music are you listening to anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpHSC8eWWL8[View]
58477343NEET and Hikikomori General Thread: NEET/Hikikomori General Thread >NEET >The acronym for (Not…[View]
58481488So unlimited starts near the hot spring trip? My Meiya route isnt canon???[View]
58480832Benzo withdrawl makes me realize how smooth out life usually is and how calm and nice everything is …[View]
58480692How was your day bros? I played some games and took a nightdrive to mcdonalds and there was a qt at …[View]
58481280>post your Youtube video with the highest views I'm almost at 100k!…[View]
58481025where are all the brown robots and how can i get them to date me, a white woman[View]
58480984>Just talk to her, dunkomph!![View]
58480662>wake up at 9:30 >eat a bagel >do my japanese lessons >'work' 1 hour on my unsupervised,…[View]
58481423Wanna hear my freestyle? >3 amgrave shift, realhustlas already know that shit >Rock in they p…[View]
58479190>friend told me that the things I tell her every day are so strange, disturbing, and dark that I …[View]
58477903/MBTI/: boomer psychology website is right about shadow functions edition https://www.psychologyjunk…[View]
58481360This is my bbw roommate. Shes a bitch. Say something nice about her.[View]
58479056Falling out of love: What the fuck is wrong with me robots? >beautiful girl >been seeing each …[View]
58480794>be me >live in majority black country with ridiculously high murder rate (shock) >politici…[View]
58481348I want to join the army in hopes of getting killed in combat, i just dont want to live anymore[View]
58481067Does 'making it' feel like some fantasty world?: >29 >worthless polisci degree >didn't…[View]
58479746Please refer to me for such statements.[View]
58480647If you're male and you're Christian and living in America, your father is your model for G…[View]
58480505Im naked in a girls bed AMA[View]
58480335>be me >20 year old kissless virgin >somehow lucked my way into a girl liking me >never …[View]
58481265twinks of r9k was it worth becoming a bottom?[View]
58479080Based on your prime childhood era here (age 5-12), are you Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?[View]
58480827>tfw no bf to give you compassionate cuddles and then strangle you in your sleep because this is …[View]
58478822Why are there so many communists aged 18-30? If I had to guess, at least 70 percent of college stude…[View]
58480920Fucking rona: Holy shit ive never felt so awful because of sickness, my hands and arms and legs are …[View]
58481063If you were a female would you whore yourself out for social media money?[View]
58479488Do you think you're loco enough to be accepted into a Mexican gang?[View]
58478808>just wear make up >just diet bro >just date the (nonexistant) guys you ar ignoring lol I …[View]
58481131Just found that the person I've been talking to on Hinge that I was gonna meet is actually male…[View]
58481125cant see >face >personality >money >but she sees what matters manlets BTFO once again…[View]
58481115Watch and share https://youtube.com/watch?v=qW5-srjuCbg[View]
58481018>scour 4chan, reddit, twitter, etc for girls to date >add dozens of women but conversations fa…[View]
58480811Fuck people. Fuck people so much I've spent so long trying to be with people, trying to fit in …[View]
58472912Anyone else have IBS? It really sucks and makes depression and anxiety so much worse.[View]
58480761Help! My gf has fallen asleep in my lap again. Its too warm, and she isnt even watching the movie an…[View]
58477645Ideal height for a female?[View]
58477333thats it im tired of being alive. i've given up on being a female in current times, i tried my …[View]
58480171>gf asked me to wear a cocksleeve because she cannot even feel my 6.5x5…[View]
58478727Fembot thread: >fiancee cancels the wedding because he found out I I roleplayed with strangers on…[View]
58480549Here's my e-mail so fucking text me if you got problems. I've had enough people die in my …[View]
58480763does anyone else just feel very tired of existing right now? i dont want to leave the comfyness of l…[View]
58480759is wearing the same cloaths everyday an autistic trait? I've worn the same pair of cloaths sinc…[View]
58480364Ok so Ive got two stories from my childhood about when I got molested. Two different dudes one being…[View]
58480361Daily Posture Thread: the mongol lyfestyle edition[View]
58478348I just came blood literally. I jerked off 7 times today. This has happened once before but it was on…[View]
58480701That moment you realize your body is decaying and shit will go downhill fast if you don't get y…[View]
58480543How does one meet older women for some sexs are there sites for this shit[View]
58480663i miss her: where did wanna be tradwife femanon go. i want her to be my gf[View]
58480120Daily reminder that racism, sexism, etc are labels used to divide. At the end of the day it's o…[View]
58476542i wasn't into black girls until this moment. where do i find a black girl like this to impregna…[View]
58475614Does anyone have the choice to become a Chad but doesn't do it? >be me >be fairly attract…[View]
58479401a couple of days ago i found of bunch of galleries on xhamster title sexy black teens and i found so…[View]
58479789why does everybody try to act like everybody else? why don't they act themselves? just to make …[View]
58478625How do I get my cock this bigu?[View]
58480448#zozzle Bring back Zozzle: Zozzle is superior to kek[View]
58480291Furries are disgusting: Also, wtf is up with them trying to normalize animal rape?[View]
58479398What's your favorite sexual position? Mine is pic related.[View]
58479121>Look outside door >See Goku what do?[View]
58480532How do you like my idea for a protest sign, /r9k/?[View]
58480012>server has hit 240 members lately a new milestone! it's not much but i'm getting there…[View]
58480070I May not be a SIMP!!! ... but: FUCK BELLE DELPHINE, SHES NOTHING BUT SHIT. But this hoe named Sherb…[View]
58477834how much do you hate trannies?[View]
58480496i just want a femanon to fart on me[View]
58479880>tfw no golang developer bf[View]
58479710does anyone else ever get vagina envy? l don't think l want to be a woman per se, but sometimes…[View]
58480475Android users only, no iPhone fags Post your yearly timeline! >tfw covid super spreader…[View]
58480463You are the closest person to me.[View]
58480449Why the FUCK does anyone live in the cold? Theres nothing nothing better about it. Warm sun nature …[View]
58479959I got a fucking tick bite from taking a walk. Lyme disease, TBE and RMSF here I come![View]
58477813GF is becomig mommy: I've been in a relationship now for 3 months with a girl I met on Discord.…[View]
58480379>walk into bedroom >see pic related And your reaction is...?…[View]
58477034>Oh anonnn, do you think your brother Chadson will like mommy's new nightie?…[View]
58480418>he uses the word 'incel' >he then calls you a redditor and a newfag…[View]
58477064>have friend over >decide to test him >we're alone in my bedroom >tell him he have …[View]
58480377>feel like I have all the pieces to form a sound outlook and philosophy on life to get my shit to…[View]
58479960> go out to the library, haven't been there in ages > pandemic, ecological collapse and P…[View]
58479716Thoughts on my results robobros? Heres the test if you want to take it yourself https://psychcentral…[View]
58480314How did Eminem not end up an incel?[View]
58480270Blacks can't be incel.[View]
58479448>you will likely never find a woman like any of these, and even if you do you can only have one, …[View]
58479862Fuck off, blackheart. (You) know who you are.[View]
58480274>wake up >she wasn't real[View]
58480310lol who would ever fuck a ddlg,pet play,egirl bitch its just such a beta male move she like >dadd…[View]
58480208I'm always looking for fucked up things to get tatted on my body. I'm thinking of tattoing…[View]
58480295Why don't you just get an asian gf? You aren't attractive enough for average white girls w…[View]
58480268Are you fucked in the head?: How in the fuck do people masturbate to pictures that don't show a…[View]
58480263Yeah! Uh.. I also hate women for this reason that's why I'm a virgin! I'm just waitin…[View]
58480144My brother keeps sneezing and he's pissing me the fuck off[View]
58480025my grandma found my fleshlight i want to kms[View]
58476196Why arent you madscientistmaxxing right now?[View]
58479079>'Mr. Anon, I'm Officer Mars with the Bussey Batrol and I need to commandeer your penis for …[View]
58480081What does the media portray western women as hard working, intelligent saints exploring their sexual…[View]
58478510*soft snicker* h-hello, is your refrigerator running?[View]
58479945lost my job and got fired fuck this: i had finally gotten a job as a morning stocker at hardware sto…[View]
58480212>DUUUUUDDEE, Sup, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude Haha? :D >We still on to chill later, …[View]
58479424Is big chungus the greatest meme of all time?[View]
58480156I drank a Dr pepper but it did the opposite of make me feel awake. :( Guess I'm going to bed 8…[View]
58480159Any other non-white anons done with white women?[View]
58479563Thank you guys very much for watching, my name's The WarOwl and I still, have no closer.[View]
58478935Today's topic: what's robot relationship with languages, what is your native and what othe…[View]
58479189I'm addicted to feet. feetfeetfeetfeet it's all I think about oh god[View]
58479337What guns does /r9k/ own??[View]
58480116I'm going to do whatever it takes to destroy my weak side.[View]
58479471>Co-worker I have a huge crush on comes in wearing a black lives matter shirt Why am I cursed wit…[View]
58478865>go on tinder >match with a cutie, we talk for a bit and hit it off >now she wants to call…[View]
58474840ITT: Your worst high school experiences >health checkup back in high school >penis length is a…[View]
58479644Warning! Black women are seducing white men, tying them up and tickle torturing them as punishment f…[View]
58479890If science real why cant they prove god exists[View]
58472748Vocaroo Thread: The Smiths Edition https://vocaroo.com/dSC3NVgGcwa share your voices robots[View]
58476453midwest: rpnQ2p[View]
58478402The plate I ate from today looked fine, but when I accidentally put it in front of a light I noticed…[View]
58479912have you ever met a fake chad? how did it go[View]
58479900>have ingrown hair >grab it with tweezers >pull the whole hair out to the root >put on n…[View]
58478588Drank 3 strong strength strongy boy beers last night but I have crossed it off as a success because …[View]
58476641I just had sex AMA you want[View]
58474880If your 8 year old self could see you now what would they think[View]
58479421ANON! oh God, long time no see!!! Man it felt like it was just yesterday you were sitting in the bac…[View]
58478267This plague, the rioting is intensifying to the point that we might not be able to contain it.[View]
58479782The less I feel, the happier I'll be.[View]
58479780My apartment lets us have cats if we pay a 250$ fee and 40$ a month in rent. I want this bonded pair…[View]
58479399Bros, I hate women...[View]
58479734robots have piss bottles do femanons have tampon pyrmiads??[View]
58479272Every night I fall asleep imagining being with a caring and supportive guy and doing anything he wan…[View]
58479477Since when are women born with a penis?[View]
58479435How the fuck: I've been out of work for a year due to mental health issues and am applying to j…[View]
58479363Getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night sounds so easy on paper, but it's so hard to put …[View]
58479631She started to pop it for a nigga then look back and told me 'Baby, it's real.'[View]
58479639I only appreciate japan but live in america. I think that western animation looks like garbage I wa…[View]
58478240You know I think the protest are kinda retarded but shouldnt they be shooting the looters and not th…[View]
58478903Why do others go out of their way to be mean to people who did nothing wrong to them There is no rea…[View]
58478387*ambient trap metal beats play* I gotta fap to cock after I post with robots about poop socks, poo p…[View]
58478003Is this true? Should i breed with blacks only?[View]
58479496I do not know what I want anymore, it's as though my thoughts stop me in my tracks and even whe…[View]
58479522i want a girl to sit on my face until i pass out then let me slowly wake up cuddling her[View]
58479072Is anyone else here a super genius? >get money working on my own >barely have to do shit >m…[View]
58476566I miss my friends :'(((: >tfw best (online) friend hasn't responded for 443 hours We co…[View]
58478552Anyone here know someone who's actually Dark Triad or exibit these traits? Wanna hear stories a…[View]
58479473>you now remember when young people were cool and rebellious now people just wanna suck up to the…[View]
58479455Why do normies use the word chill so frequently? Is it because of stoner culture?[View]
58479426>22yo khv >oct 19 >meet a qt 3.14 younger than me at work >talk with her in person and o…[View]
58477840dear asparagus: it has been 194 days since you last replied. i hope you're staying safe and we…[View]
58464056Any creative anons? Post your stuffs[View]
58479403what is wrong with me?: i stopped watching porn some time ago, it's been around 3 months now an…[View]
58478496women are jews and men are niggers[View]
58479276The face your Discord gf sees after you go to bed at night.[View]
58478446Been spending most our lives livin' in a NEET's paradise. Been spending most our lives li…[View]
58479261Kek >We're on your side! We're on your fucking side!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p…[View]
58478987I'm drunk and baked as fuck at the same time, ask me anything Holy fuck music sounds so good i…[View]
58478757hey, if youre feeling bad you can leave here and ill try to help <3[View]
58473967It's so unfair that I'll never eat a pussy[View]
584779272.5 mg of klonopin a good idea to take? My prescribed amount of 0.5mg[View]
58478793Rate my pepe lids[View]
58478875>Miss Fembot, can we please please please practice eating pussy on you?…[View]
58479216Been talking / snapping a girl for weeks. We met on tinder and have seriously talked about her sitti…[View]
58479199ITT: chads only[View]
58477324tfw having dinner with mom again[View]
58479161Remember, the sadness will last forever.[View]
58478091WHen 4chan goes, where do you?[View]
58478340Recruiting Based Birds: Recruiting all based birds you must have a very thicc skin. Welcome to the C…[View]
58479018Where can I move to get away from the nogs? Im too poor to move to the nice white suburbs, I finna m…[View]
58478728how do girls get popular on here? i only see girls spoken about that dont post anymore. what did the…[View]
58479096Mushroom thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45b2t7fqhjA So why haven't you started growing…[View]
58478969Prove you're a robot by screenshotting your captcha box right now[View]
58471763What kino do robots watch?[View]
58475764Would you fuck an attractive female cousin? Or would you let a Chad family member beat you to the pu…[View]
58478411>idealized USA all my life >always wanted to visit someday >interest waned off a bit over t…[View]
58478620Have you ever had a female reject you, but in a way where they basically treat you as a pet? (Yes I …[View]
58478338You're whining about your problems? You're fat or low IQ or just in general disgusting, ye…[View]
58478932today I found out the smash community is fucking based.[View]
58477491Daily reminder that niggers want YOU dead Do not reply to blackbots, dont fall for their lies Fuck n…[View]
58476688Why do people donate to streamers? I legitimately can't understand their choice to do so. Even …[View]
58478382For generations, the 80% of men that are considered too ugly to fuck have been providing for women. …[View]
58478936Post your secrets My cousin moved into the pool house and we've been fucking every day for like…[View]
58478913The Downward Spiral: He couldn't believe how easy it was (he put the gun into his face) Bang (s…[View]
58478715Who here /nakie in bed/ ? clothesfags need not apply[View]
58478825>fondling my balls again while walking around the room[View]
58478524What would be really cool is if anons moved to a condo site which held bonfires on a regular basis a…[View]
58478056how do I tell my friend that the reason I havent been replying to messages is because I dont like he…[View]
58478388Candance Owens speaking the truth: Watch this. Please https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/12682…[View]
58478488Where do I find a fellow hikkiNEET to be friends with? It would be nice if I had someone else who ha…[View]
58476753How do I stop my girl roommate from bullying me? >live in college apartment >be one day >te…[View]
58478773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJhPLGMhRuQ Would this salve the protests?[View]
58478001>tfw you will never make up for what was lost This is the worst feel there is. No matter how hard…[View]
58478509>man what a good day to post on r9k >let's just quickly filter all the obvious spam Fuck …[View]
58477451Type 1 diabetics: Where my type 1 robots at How the fuck do you manage this disease and also have an…[View]
58478443/r9gay/: Degenerate edition I'm bored, entertain me. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kronies >…[View]
58477235'I am black, if you dont send me nudes that means you racist' And thats how I been making white bitc…[View]
58478355Im so torn on this. On one hand he did all this terrible shit in 2007 but on the other hand he was u…[View]
58478462Did you record a video of yourself cuming inside a girls pussy/mouth yet? If not, why? Enhances your…[View]
58478555is there any reason why i shouldn't kill myself? the world and everything is absolute garbage[View]
58478471with all the protests/rioting, why aren't we seeing a big surge in coronavirus cases?[View]
58478430Nabokov said incest was common many places and this shows why today is not more sexually degenerate …[View]
58478605My nail looks weird and destroyed from my obsession with picking away at the nail bed.[View]
58478403What is the appropriate response to the greeting 'welcome back'? Is it thanks? Because I keep saying…[View]
58477029Ok /r9k/, let's see if you are well-versed fags actually entitled to an opinion, or if you are …[View]
58476115>go back to school at 27 >thought all the zoomers were going to make fun of me >most of the…[View]
58476107>tfw 12 year old sister just walked in on me jerking the gerkin WHATTHEFUCKDOIDOWHATTHEFUCKDOIDOW…[View]
58478456I can't breathe: Why are American cops so out of control?[View]
58478481Does anyone else here really wish hardcore internet porn didnt exist? Its making all the girls slut…[View]
58478459>Yes, mommy. I WILL lick your pits.[View]
58475876What is the something you want to work towards or just something that you want?[View]
58478173Why is fucking every white woman supporting this BLM shit? I haven't seen this much universal s…[View]
58478147Being Brown skinned: Had this one cute girl I was into say the only thing wrong was me was I looked …[View]
58478236Why aren't you dating asian femals r9k?[View]
58477981Why does every single normie follow niggerculture these days? They all listen to rap, use ebonics an…[View]
58478417Your ancestors started this when they imported and bred Africans.[View]
58475549Is gentle femdom the most patrician fetish?[View]
58478124>that time you smoked a joint and realized how much of a manchild you are…[View]
58478181Opiate daydreamsssss~[View]
58478192Manipulative Friends: >my only long lasting friend group was really just narcissists and sociopat…[View]
58478088>can't reason my way out of the insatiable drive to propogate my dna…[View]
58476282Is it cruel to have a manlet son?: Asking out QT neighbor girl this weekend. Our parents have alread…[View]
58478319Honestly this is the best time to be a friendless robot in the suburbs. Im honestly feeling pretty g…[View]
58477156Why can't life be like my Japanese animes?[View]
58476945I despise every woman on earth[View]
58477857How common is fembots on here? If there is actually any willing and wanting to talk in hopes of form…[View]
58461007/r9gay/ - #1038: Sick of it all edition >>58447181[View]
58477312Mike's haul Thread: Anybody else thrift flip? Let's see them hauls! Make sure to show your…[View]
58478262>people actually take the time to msg me on discord is this what getting attention feels like? it…[View]
58476207I think I've always felt more attracted to the guys I spoke to here because almost all of them …[View]
58478093How much money do I have to give an e-girl for her to have sex with me?[View]
58477660Garbage Discord: Discord for reeducating men into the 'truth' that women are superior.Thoughts /r9k/…[View]
58474751Let's have an favorite chart thread, I always enjoy those. Here is the template and I'll e…[View]
58476569>I fapped to BBC Cuckold Humiliation again Can I be saved or is it too late?…[View]
58478126Why do I dislike trans? Is it emotional escape I dislike or pity idk Why you all hate trans? Pic no…[View]
58475539The way it should be. Honor those who defend you against these lowlife criminals, not the criminals …[View]
58477897>remember when video games were just fun >remember when friends were just friends >rememb…[View]
58477768Why should I get a job?[View]
58474638>VRChat girl takes me to a private room >asks me to clone her eboy skin >changes to girl sk…[View]
58477123Haven't had sex in almost 16 months and I feel as if I'm going nuts.[View]
58477240>have the sexiest waifu in the world (pic related) i'll never be able to complete a nofap mo…[View]
58473567Do any males actually want a girlfriend or just want sex? Do they want love or just love in the bed?…[View]
58477823Where do i find aspie girls?[View]
58477628Just found out my only good mates been hanging out almost everyday and only inviting me out once a w…[View]
58478014Is anyone here diagnosed with legit OCPD?[View]
58478009>Is that an Asian girl? Wow... I feel sexy![View]
58477195>confidence = experience This is indisputable. If you talk to many women in various situations yo…[View]
58476540Important stuff: Jesus loves all of you Pro-tip:meditate its fun Pro-tip2:failing does not make you …[View]
58476710for me, it's purple fanta[View]
58477090high school reunion: >at a local weekend house cause corona restrictions >everyone arrives wit…[View]
58468689You don't work out, you don't eat healthy, you don't watch your weight, you don'…[View]
58477370One of the positive sides of covid is that I get to do college online which means that I don't …[View]
58477932Is there anywhere in the world where english is the primary spoken language that is like a modern wi…[View]
58476701Are any women heterosexual?[View]
58476731Need weirdo gf >Virgin >Autistic >lives close to the Appalachian mountains >Hates societ…[View]
58477591What the fuck WHAT THE FUCK. I just saw an incredibly fat dude with a hot skinny girlfriend. WHAT TH…[View]
58467389friend post friend thread https://steamcommunity.com/id/ fools_idoI/[View]
58477668They Knew: Why do things from the past predict current events so accurately?[View]
58476241im just now realizing that my moms been emotionally abusive my whole life, even when i was like 8 ye…[View]
58474580>tfw gamer girl ama[View]
58477372hi anon! it's been only a couple days since we last spoke, but its as if we live in a different…[View]
58477212I can't win against porn addiction: No matter what I do, it always gets the best of me; is ther…[View]
58477307How to avoid falling in love with a girl you're friends with and still be her best friend?[View]
58477154i need to train my socialization skills, i'm bad as fuck on real life and on internet, end me d…[View]
58475196>lowkey dindu nuffin >went into hard times with mental illness but managed to get over it, wor…[View]
58473677I installed Instagram yesterday after deleting my account a year ago. Now i remember why I hated it …[View]
58477445>tfw 132lbs and 5'10[View]
58472361Posting this everyday until my mad scientisntness brings me a cute scientist GF Day: 1[View]
58476749So when one cop kills a nigger all cops are labeled racist and abusive. But when you say all niggers…[View]
58477688I will never have a gf why live[View]
58477690Day #12 without you[View]
58477730Getting over girls: How do you incels do it? How do you get over the lust for being loved by a girl,…[View]
58475932what is your favorite media about demons and gods[View]
58474890i made a cake out of boredom for the first time plis r8[View]
58477611post yfw you see corn in ur poop[View]
58477040Minecraft /r9k/ server: Lets play robots >the fuck's this vanilla smp minecraft server >w…[View]
58476630I feel like I'm in fucking hell, please save me[View]
58477651Ive heard that theres a yearbook photo of Ashley jones aka dillweed out there and I need to find it.…[View]
58477091>tfw one day all the remaining mongolians living in the steppes will migrate to the city because …[View]
58477613>could be anything in life >black >couldnt even be half black which would at least give me …[View]
58477501>wake up >already four in the afternoon[View]
58477576Mental State shown by image: I give up,finally I just give up on life and trying to do anything I do…[View]
58475238admit it femanons, you have a nice hairy crack and crotch[View]
58476391Tfw you will never impregnate a horny fembot and keep pumping your genetic code into her and watch i…[View]
58477538where is cody? i miss lewding with her...[View]
58476236Ask the other gender/Talk about the various confusions of the opposite sex/whatever I was just think…[View]
58477165Reminder: all boys should be collared and leashed at womens feet[View]
58474855chocolate lovers: All this racist shit and protests make me want a black girlfriend. Post your black…[View]
58477500Get in here, mofos. >>>/pol/260690118[View]
58474145What country has the cutest girls? For me, personally, it's Ireland. I'm a sucker for re…[View]
58477429Thanks to that one guy who gave me advice the other day: I've been having more self confidence …[View]
58477437Is golden brown Heroin as good as this song makes it seem ? https://youtu.be/z-GUjA67mdc[View]
58476554https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlviJ8dlxmg Think I just found FilthyFrank's retarded cousin…[View]
58474968>someone makes an IQ thread asking for everyones IQ >everyone 2nd person claims to have an IQ …[View]
58477116guys i cant breefe.[View]
58477382Lmao. Fucking Brazilians man, I swear to god you people are a cartoon.[View]
58476940Ugh, the BASED scutigera will scare the normalfags off this board.[View]
58477346I just want physically affection from a woman, have any of you hired an escort just for this? Am to …[View]
58477251>tfw no ttg bf[View]
58474384Would you rather: >instantly become a 10/10 lookswise or >instantly meet and start dating (an…[View]
58476661Who here /2D chad/? In addition to my waifu, who loves me, I have a harem of girlfriends that my wif…[View]
58477234>never had sex >this board is now inhabited by sex-having normalfags Even if half of it is lar…[View]
58477233Will spend the next 60 years of my life without a single partner or friend. If you're in the sa…[View]
58477208>Normies protesting all around the for blacks >Still refuses to date minorities and acknowledg…[View]
58477206It's not fair bros, the average sex haver has a 8' long coke can girth cock and I only got pic …[View]
58477083>50/50 chance of being born a woman and having everything handed to you because you have a vagina…[View]
58474371>Go back in time to the 1800s >'Hah, look at that faggot siting by himself' >'I bet he…[View]
58476804I believe it will all work out, i will do my best.[View]
58475996Marth down tilt[View]
58475020Frens, I'm heartbroken I just broke up with this girl I was in an long-distance/online relation…[View]
58477108You guys use omegle at all? I went on and had like one good conversation and then got bored and went…[View]
58476985Has anon ever popped one of these?[View]
58476061Who wants to bite my cherry?[View]
58476020Going to a black lives matter protest to pick up cute black girls? Yes or no?[View]
58476943I want to purchase Halo CE for the 360 somewhere online but everywhere it's listed is insanely …[View]
58476963>fapped to THAT shit again Oh my god fucking god, not again. What is wrong with me; I just can…[View]
58476845I love summer so much bros. You can just go outside and have a soda and it's literally heaven o…[View]
58476959We left him unguarded at the top of the key and the nigga greened it!!![View]
58476991redditor: you are a redditor a reddit user a basedboy faggot a cocksucking retard an unpovotes who…[View]
58476880ls this boy cute?[View]
58476429God I wish I wasnt missing out on being a part of her life. Never should have taken her for granted …[View]
58476958The Expanse: Penis Contortion? What a stupid ass name[View]
58475772Why are black *ahem* '''''''''people''''''''' so violent stupid smelly and dangerous?[View]
58476747Can someone improve on writing long comperhensive texts when nobody reads them[View]
58476852cooked some fish, what do u guys think?[View]
58476832ITT we post about posters that we recognize[View]
58476835Romance: After seeing a hot girl, some guys fantasize about fucking her. Me? I fantasize about fucki…[View]
58476446shoutouts to snapple apple juice. It's the only apple juice that actually tastes like apples[View]
58474725I just want a thick and white American bf to impregnate my European pussy[View]
58466750Hooker connoisseurs: So any other Robots here into getting escorts/hookers? Ive been doing that and …[View]
58475948licking the feet of a cute girl must feel like pure bliss[View]
58476803>lost to porn addiction again I can't believe I'm this weak; help me.…[View]
58473912https://youtu.be/2v_QhLNDSMk https://youtu.be/vPUTH0ZOBJ4 Why do Vegans think it's ethical to B…[View]
58476720SEYE SU TNARG[View]
58476605Is pansexual just another word for sex addiction?[View]
58476573I hate my long midface so much. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT[View]
58476608Tis I, the evil tranny known as Discord AMA[View]
58476713what level of salt would there be if all lgbt, incels and normies were kicked out of /r9k/ today?[View]
58476712I need someone to help fight off the normies who use this site. Any volunteers? All you need to do i…[View]
58474052>go out with white friend >orders paneer tikka masala >puts the paneer tikka masala onto hi…[View]
58475997Why is the media not talking about this?: George Floyd spent 5 years in prison for threatening to ki…[View]
58476670I feel a bit of powerlessness.[View]
58476501how does one prevent their daughter from turning out like this druggie?[View]
58476126Does this concern you in any way?[View]
58476657Peckerwoods are watching the news and waiting for Antifa (who they view as race traitors) in prison.…[View]
58476377For me, its Coco[View]
58475700>mad scientist posting >throat singingposting >now ritsukoposting Where does it end?…[View]
58476639Is it wrong to say that I'm single because I would only accept a skinny white girl as my gf? An…[View]
58476222is this black lives matter bullshit a distraction? what's really going on? is somebody playing …[View]
58474949My ex has a child now, almost a year since we last spoke... I dream of her almost every night.[View]
58473678What does /r9k/ think of 1984? Is it worth a read? I've got it sitting on a shelf but I'd …[View]
58474524How do I cope with the realization that everyone is stupider than me? I know it sounds arrogant to s…[View]
58476451I wants joining a club at my university, but I got an email telling me not speaking out about the Ge…[View]
58476395Trans lives DONT matter, apparently: >entire planet in an uproar for dead black guy due to crooke…[View]
58475674Make an effort to believe everything is fine.[View]
58476361HOW?!: I go on r9k for a day and this pops up in my recommendations. HOW DOES IT KNOW?[View]
58476463What would you do if you met a normalfag from this site? I personally would force him to watch their…[View]
58474387What is friendship?[View]
58474259i just smoked weed but i feel a shortness of breath and im forgetting to breath pretty sure i got co…[View]
58475340Remember this South African Chad with no legs was able to get a model gf and you complain about your…[View]
58475651What do I do if I know I'm not intelligent and have a low IQ? I can literally notice in every s…[View]
58473114Desktop thread: Rate/comment on at least three (x3) other anons' desktops before posting, so we…[View]
58476385I'm afraid since this riot r9k has become /b/ time to multiply my children to another place[View]
58475813I'm a PROUD straight bottom[View]
58474014>brother bothered the bathroom basilisk We're doomed! Will anyone survive?…[View]
58475909People expecting you to give a fuck about others when they dont care about you or your well being Wh…[View]
58476088How many of you robots here can drive? If you cant, how come you havent thought about learning to so…[View]
58475982>be born woman >get everything handed to you >bonus points if you're good looking Why…[View]
58469267What was the turning point that made you realize being single isn't so bad?[View]
58476234Fuck off and die in agony normalfags. 4chan is and always will be a website for social outcasts only…[View]
58475848American hero.[View]
58474702dont call yourself a robot if you dont listen to anime covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw7nWV…[View]
58476298Is it really over for the average white american male?[View]
58473538Would you date a mixed race girl I'm self-conscious about being mixed[View]
58476256What's his tinder bio?[View]
58475416How do I burn this nigger at work?: So this literal nigger at work said he hates whites and will bea…[View]
58476191Once the races are consumed, we will devour the ashes. AX LASATNAM SAXTARNAM LUTERNA[View]
58475353Where can I get me one of these slutty arthoe gf I always heard so much about?[View]
58474136>tfw no self control when it comes to saving I had about $130 worth of MS rewards points saved up…[View]
58475710Being on 4chan + being an undesirable young man is bound to crush some souls. How can these guys be …[View]
58476087I just want to say a big fuck you to all normalfags who use this site. Die in agony worthless slaveg…[View]
58475021what are bronies interested in now, and why did they like that show in the first place?[View]
58475919guys, theres 3 fucking spiders in a circle right above my bed. i kinda like spiders so i generally l…[View]
58474094tfw u see that thraed[View]
58474963/mike/ general: Look it's a M*ke thread. All for you and your alts. All M*ke posting goes here.…[View]
58476049I love you, your happiness is the most important thing.[View]
58475882Anyone else noticed that the posts on social media that are in regards to black lives matter, always…[View]
58474710>all this buttmad >all these cries of injustice >blah we're the victims Jesus christ w…[View]
58466952Robots post your standards for women. (not ideal, just standards) I wanna see if I really am fucked.[View]
58476029Stop. Posting. Porn. Ugh you are numbing my brain.[View]
58476002I bought an ounce of ketamine but it's coming from China so it'll be weeks before it arriv…[View]
58475928What goals have you reach this year anon?[View]
58474979What is this?: What's it called when a woman looks like this? I swear it has to be a disorder b…[View]
58475965Is an imaginary gf considered an actual hallucination or just someone you fantasize with?[View]
58474467>almost a year ago Bianca devins was murdered Damn.[View]
58473898Is sex all you freaks care about?[View]
58475733why are normies okay with this?[View]
58475303>online exhibitionist (m) >nice feminine body >covered in acne scars…[View]
58475523>Whoa we apologise for George Floyd master. We need to compensate you for the institutional racis…[View]
58475788RATS RATS WE'RE THE RATS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_mZggt6aUg[View]
58474698All of you claim to be some highly intelligent and different individuals who don't need physica…[View]
58475658White people should just admit they like killing black people at this point. What makes negroes mad …[View]
58473403What are you looting today?[View]
58475053I found out who all the girls in this picture are Rose is a former YouTuber turned IG model named N…[View]
58475427Just lost a good friend-: -to a bullshit argument about the current political situation. Not surpris…[View]
58475476IM 7 days clean off my drug addiction and I am losing weight. Please help me not worry about these h…[View]
58475001My fucking wisdom teeth are starting to push out. I'm 25 and I haven't gone to dentist in …[View]
58473353Don't support this trash movement https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstreamable.c…[View]
58475439>see a girl with huge tits outdoors >get depressed when you realize you'll die alone, you…[View]
58475373>my Psychiatrist and parents are making me take an fMRI What can come up on these things?…[View]
58450620letter thread mike is not welcome[View]
58475017OCPD: Anyone here diagnosed? Tell me all about it.[View]
58474235My psychologist isn't helping.[View]
58474919Music: What do you anons think of this song https://youtu.be/1TO48Cnl66w[View]
58475501>she thinks i want to hear about her sewing class where she made granny squares…[View]
58474363sometimes i think i'm in hell and my life is a diabolical joke played by the devil and the punc…[View]
58472665I quit my job I feel sad and shitty, but also anger and content because i finally stood up for myse…[View]
58471005it's really scary how easily people are brainwashed. they are literally like robot sheep, you c…[View]
58475312>get into discord server >actually be dominant in conversations >people actually respect m…[View]
58475366Any brainlet math success stories?: Ever since I was a kid, I had issues with mathematics. I'm …[View]
58474330What if everyone with aspergers went to war with the neurotypicals? What would happen?[View]
58475093i don't understand how people want to put their dicks in other men's assholes. it just doe…[View]
58475054imagine getting a whole month to yourself because you like cock in your ass[View]
58473206Homestuck!: Another week another thread. >Where do I read this? https://www.homestuck.com/ >I…[View]
58474587>see a vid on efukt where black men beat up a blonde teen girl on the street >start feeling in…[View]
58474869>hey anon, thanks for inviting me, I brought some pizza and soda for us if you dont mind do you l…[View]
58475162When I wake up I got straight to the weedman I just need a smoke Then I get up and go straight to th…[View]
58474640Welcome to /tengri9k/:: /tengri9k/ is an imageboard where HUMMMMMMMMMMOOOOO OOO OOOOOOOO TEEEENNNNGR…[View]
58469522i want to know how it feels to have a cute girl's butt on my face[View]
58475118>anon hasn't got a grindr yet[View]
58467950Why haven't you quit porn yet, anon?[View]
58475013How do i stop falling for women so easily?[View]
58471729/britfeel/: imagine putting filtered words in the OP so that non-seether lads cant see it like the l…[View]
58473539tfw you smell a cutie's pheromones but you have no chance.[View]
58474747>Tfw lie to recapthca to make sure future robot overlords are retarded and cant recognize anythin…[View]
58475051Hermitry: Well anons, you may claim to be spirtual pariahs, NEETS, outcasts or individuals privy to …[View]
58471897>someone tells me not to fall in love with girls in VRChat >meet girl 15 minutes later >wat…[View]
58473820>you wake up as a stacy like webm related what's the correct move here…[View]
58467623Is anyone else here sad and rich? I finally have money but my life is such god damn fucking shit. I …[View]
58472546I love MDMA. I adore MDMA. I worship MDMA. When I'm on MDMA, the world suddenly makes sense. Wh…[View]
58474785>be emaciated skeleton >decide to bloatmaxx and start eating a shit ton >get kind of fat bu…[View]
58473745Taking request whit my cute loli voice: hi guys! i am taking request here is a sample: https://voca.…[View]
58473836I got really stressed out today and pissed myself again. This is the third time this week. I'm …[View]
58474565is kelly oubre unmoggable? green eyes, 6'7, pretty face...[View]
58473457>likes to think >few opinions ask me anything…[View]
58473712Why do n**Rotypicals even exist? They are worthless parasites that contribute nothing to scientific …[View]
58474356If I were to, hypothetically, jump from a 20 story building, would my remains be impossible to ident…[View]
58474789How do I get a gf that looks like this? I'm not a lesbian[View]
58474709>wake up >realize I am not American >feels good >realize I actually live in a third worl…[View]
58474691>the gang of lolis terrorizing my city sneered and spit on me outside[View]
58474687Me seeing my country get lit on fire while I shitpost from my bedroom[View]
58474728Girls cosplaying: What does /r9k/ think about cosplayers like these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
58474041Reminder that pretty much all females born before 2002 have had sex.[View]
58474441Love his music, now I love him even more.[View]
58472561I screwed up: > In a wholesome relationship with a guy. He's short but very kind and driven …[View]
58471943I just saw a manlet. It was so surreal.[View]
58472706I don't think I'll make it. But what else is there to do but try?[View]
58474603Is being dummy thicc considered good for a guy?[View]
58473699God it urks me so much that I will never have abigail shapiro as a soft dom mommy gf i want her to r…[View]
58473171>gf saw me google 'how to painless suicide'[View]
58472091>tfw no hotep bf[View]
58468569/selfimprovement/: I have embarked on a journey to become a millionaire, healthy, respecetd, in a re…[View]
58473088hellooooo everyone~ How is everyone doing today? I'm sorry I can't be posting anymore its …[View]
58473182>Be black video game loving and anime loving weeb >Have done some sexual things with females s…[View]
58471527Well anons? Do you find him 'ripped af' and has 'overdeveloped biceps'?[View]
58473118How long is your browser history? 49 222 items here[View]
58473917Looking for people to derank on CSGO. Current rank is MG2. I'd prefer if you were from the EU, …[View]
58473511Give me one good reason why I shouldn't start killing people. I have this urge to go and clean …[View]
58471480>dream that I took a very long piss into a toilet >very satisfying for some reason >wake up…[View]
58474113Guys I love Pokimane so much and I want to f*ck her so bad. How can I get her to like me ? What do I…[View]
58473931>bi sub bottom >gf is vers but not submissive at all >sometimes she wants me to top her (no…[View]
58472693The race war: >Rooftop koreans >Storefront Italians >Back-door arabs >Hood latinos All…[View]
58474186That's it I can't take it anymore. I've downloaded grindr.I fucking need some physica…[View]
58472687>fapped to fictional drawings on teenage school love again[View]
58473808whats the appeal of katya? why are ''straight'' men attracted to a girl that loo…[View]
58472302Everyone has flaws. Why don't you just learn to accept and embrace them like her instead of whi…[View]
58469258ITT: Stupid things you believed when you were a kid: >Until 6th graders I thought females have pe…[View]
58473066that's it i've decided i'm going to go to my local MMA gyms and challenge every (sing…[View]
58473821I am extremely fucking tired of having to see all of this BLM stuff everywhere and fucking riots mak…[View]
58473984>asked a girl out on a date >she said yes is this what it feels to make it bro's??…[View]
58473310Vices: >you've never had alcohol or tried tobacco, let alone other drugs >you don't …[View]
58474072Why haven't you gone to the protests yet? Tons of black pussy waiting to be pounded, bro[View]
58473530is it really easy for white guys to get Asian girls? what were your experiences? >tfw want smoll …[View]
58474223Have any of you dated black women before? If so, tell us of your experiences.[View]
58474228I want to be 'adopted' by a childless couple who treat me like their own son, and be allowed to watc…[View]
58474212Just imagine, it's a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, imagine the bustle of this 100% n**Rotypical …[View]
58469026Why not get a french gf with enormous jugs?[View]
58472568I want to be seduced by a sexy girl.[View]
58472868I fucking hate women to the fullest extent.[View]
58474011I just realized a large section of these people are false-flaggers, LARPing as 'incels.' I haven…[View]
58473727Guys, if you hate women and think its because you can't get one, good news! I am pretty handsom…[View]
58474091Daily reminder that by 2100 every single human will have ASPERGERS and there is nothing you n**Rotyp…[View]
58469697Summarize your life into a single image.[View]
58473639I live literally 4 blocks from where the dude got shot. And there's a ton of people walking ove…[View]
58473590What do you guys think of spics. I am one, and it seems like i am an inferior minority compared to b…[View]
58473653>rather commit suicide than get a gf[View]
58472220What video games have you been playing recently?[View]
58474020Racism: I don't get why y'all are so heartlessly cruel edgy humor is edgy humor but you ta…[View]
58468132How do fembots feel about trannies?[View]
58473498>go to uni >it's to hard >give up and drop out early >get a job >it's to ha…[View]
58472980I want to suck someone's dick and then fuck them in the ass. I want gaysex[View]
58470441>DUUUUUDDEE, Sup, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude Haha? :D >We still on to chill later, …[View]
58467027Are you happy yet[View]
58473760Which cassettes do you pick /r9k/?[View]
58473581>I will die without ever licking a pussy Why even live, bros?[View]
58472003Today is a sad day: I broke up with my ex a year ago, she is batshitcrazy and i no longer love her, …[View]
58473343>move out >completely cut off my immediate family >immeasurably happier…[View]
58473786Rawrtastic thread inbound rawr9k!![View]
58472645If a white porn start paints his dick black, is that black face?[View]
58473011Do black dudes really think like this?[View]
58473837n**Rotypical subhumans, how does this make you feel?: You could have a completely homogenous communi…[View]
58473792Is anyone here diagnosed with OCPD? Tell me all about it.[View]
58473776What is the movement to be done here?[View]
58473721>playing dota >in the middle of a match >already used my pause >need to go to the toilet…[View]
58470177Some women are physical perfection from head to toe. Literally not a single flaw.[View]
58472890>Society brainwashed men into shaming other men to not be alone and single It's so blatantly…[View]
58472982is prom just a meme: is it even worth going? i feel like i'll just end up sitting and looking a…[View]
58468096Unironically, I wonder why more drivers don't do this. Besides, you know, laws and shit.[View]
58467192What exactly are their demands? Most everyone acknowledges that Chauvin is a murderer and is rightfu…[View]
58472273Would you like to have a heterosexual crossdressing friend? He sometimes dresses up when you hang ou…[View]
58472926>parents starting to try and force me to eat Fuck, bros. Are they going to find out I'm anor…[View]
58471451If he wasn't high on fentanyl: He probably would have had the strength to lift his head and get…[View]
58469688why do you let your unrealistically high standards for girls get in the way of finding a loving rela…[View]
58472547I haven't played my husbando's game in almost a month. I bet he hates me now. I'm sur…[View]
58473269Why do I take things so personally? I hate being sensitive .Anyways I'm gonna be alone and unwa…[View]
58472799When is the last time you played DnD, bros?[View]
58469360bros why is she so perfect[View]
58468247where my /manimals/[View]
58473470What are some of Kitanos best movies bros?[View]
58473262tranny should be a bannabler word[View]
58469957lets have one of these threads >one chance in life >born in croatia…[View]
58473233I fucking COOM to women to the fullest extent[View]
58469611It's 8319th day of doing absolutely nothing except just trying to get through it. Maybe 8320th …[View]
58473381How come women don't want to live on the countryside? Why do they hate this lifestyle?[View]
58471536So this is what normalfags thought was funny in 1965? This was their sense of humor? https://www.you…[View]
58470817Girls cosplaying: What does /r9k/ think about BNHA cosplays like these? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
58468169>BLACK LIVES MATTER 1. Who said they didn't matter? 2. Do all lives matter? 3. What does it …[View]
58469899posters you recognize: >guy that keeps posting that fat dead guy with a boner trying to turn him …[View]
58472893why do you hate yourself so much that you are willing to squander your youth in front of a computer?[View]
58469862Leafy's Nuthouse Adventure: Episode 3 Thus begins my fifth day here. Yesterday the creepy girl …[View]
58471463USA IS A DYING COUNTRY: >drug epidemic ravaging the country >1000 people dying to Covid-19 ev…[View]
58472655Uh, she just started to pop it for a nigga And look back and told me 'Baby, it's real' And I sa…[View]
58414741OFFICIAL /R9K/ MBTI THREAD: Fuck perceivers edition. Lazy fucking cunts. Post any and all related di…[View]
58473217Fuuaaack me.[View]
58472960how do I ask a guy out? we used to hang out before quarantine and I wanna see him again[View]
58469197There are people DYING BECAUSE OF SKIN COLOR /r9k/ how can you be so insensitive???[View]
58471020ain't slept in like 3 days how's everybody doing[View]
58472466I think I’m turning gay: >Girls aways ghosted me >Years of loneliness and rejection >Only…[View]
58473125Why every doujinshi is just shit nowadays? Picture unrelated[View]
58470927When and why did you become disillusioned with white women?[View]
58473105I just want to serenate a nerdy national guard girl. Tell her sweet things and just watch her stand …[View]
58472143I'll start living alone in 2 months. Any advice?[View]
58471629I'm moving in with wanwan anon: You jelly r9k?[View]
58472684Why do all these european and Asian countries protest for BLM? Do you all think they are they protes…[View]
58471218>2 years unemployed on resume This gives me anxiety. Like what do I even do?…[View]
58471906i love long faced women[View]
58471982Im 25 years old and never had a job[View]
58472809Do you regret wasting your 20s on junk food and video games?[View]
58472398I'm an overweight guy who has been losing some weight recently, but not doing as great as I cou…[View]
58470836I want to kill myself I really do Might do it next week, I'll have the whole house for myself T…[View]
58472945just remember things are actually 10x worse then you think.[View]
58469942Girls have the obligation of being cute all the time. We should delete all non cute girls[View]
58472347I have nothing fancy to say right now. I will make it rather brief: God is good. Ask God for his gra…[View]
58470565Has lifting helped you get more girls? I think if you're below 7 in looks you won't benefi…[View]
58469047is it schizophrenia to be scared of tall 8-9ft creatures in all black and long fingers to crack open…[View]
58471425Is anyone else /heartbroken/ and can't get over it? My ex truly fucked me heart and head up ba…[View]
58472630>5'7 in tall yuro cuntry >balding despite taking fin for months now >fucked up giant u…[View]
58472763BPD Feels: >enter splitting mode >spend hours seething over and absolutely hating friends and …[View]
58472754cSPyVX Leaked only fans pictures and videos to help you during quarantine[View]
58470278is someone with autism like me ever going to be able to get a gf? i really don't want to be alo…[View]
58472525Comfy music: Post some comfy/storm music lads, it's raining and thundering out, and I want to e…[View]
58472327I've been doing well my boo! If you're not here baby then jannies send the message on plea…[View]
58472613Prideful cringe moments in your life: >tfw found roomate has a dog shaped dildo >tfw got so pi…[View]
58472403Mosquitoes: I have a huge problem with big tiddy goth girl mosquitos in my HOT room. They get all ov…[View]
58472468What's the gayest thing you've ever done anons[View]
58472250College Humor videos get hundreds of thousands of views still. A video from 1 day ago received over …[View]
58472545what was i supposed to do?: i had finally gotten a job as a morning stocker at hardware store. it wa…[View]
58472211I feel like I'm continuing to disassociate myself from reality[View]
58472353Reminder that people who have sex are happier and more motivated in life... But you incels should a…[View]
58471592Ask someone who survived covid-19 anything.[View]
58471762is anon doing goode today? did anon eat well? did anon sleep well? do well, my dear anon~ bwe[View]
58470543tinder: Hey robots, I made a tinder account yesterday evening. Already have 9 likes, 2 of which have…[View]
58472314I'm done with people. I'm never going to attach emotionally to another person till the day…[View]
58472325>mom went on her daily rant about me[View]
58472214Positivity thread: Share things that you are happy about/grateful for. If you can't think of an…[View]
58472200Why are there so many traps/trannies in latin america? Is it because many of them realize that they…[View]
58471037are there women who would be okay with a sexless relationship? i only want to have sex for procreati…[View]
58470469Imagine the smell of those feet and pussy. American girls are great.[View]
58471152are there women how would be ok with a sex relationship? like we're boyfriend and girlfriend bu…[View]
58470349#DogLivesMatter K-pop / Dog-eater split memes: Can we make K-pop / Dog eater split memes to spam? Im…[View]
58471975Foreign Conflicts for disenfranchised men: I am far too demoralized to even continue living. I know …[View]
58472360#NOLIVESMATTER #especiallyyours[View]
58472357So will zoomer girls now do BLACKED/IR porn to show solidarity with BLM?[View]
58472356It is currently 11:04 am and I just finished eating 2 hot dogs, with doritos on the side and two can…[View]
58472276i bought a fleshlight i kind of regret it but when i use it my pp feels pretty good[View]
58472057confession: Me and my bf were walking home and we were a bit tipsy. He's a pretty angry guy and…[View]
58471742>start my first day at my first job next week >for the first time in my 20 years of living, da…[View]
58469308Fuck the english: The English should die along with their race mixxing royal family and the islands …[View]
58471798Why should I care about the happenings in the world? They don't have nothing to do with me, yet…[View]
58470979>hahaha what a fucking dork were you actually saying positive things to that anon? Gahahah faggot…[View]
58470074Started noticing excessive shedding when I was about 16, now a few years later I'm just straigh…[View]
58472156>He doesn't have a job >If he does have a job, he doesn't earn much >He has, at a…[View]
58471923I just had a realisation, R9K >creepy >hate light >run away from danger >eat the same t…[View]
58471624Is laughing the human equivolent of animal sounds? I'm fed up with laughter, can't there b…[View]
58471380All the asian/latina whores who only date white guys need to stop posting this patronizing shit supp…[View]
58472077A simp is in love with my wife and she uses him for her web projects. He acts like a dog. What do?[View]
58468814why can't nigs stop nigging?[View]
58467803Post your ideal future. Married? Single? Kids? Living in which city/country? What job? Go wild.[View]
58472132>beginning of April >country goes on lockdown due to pandemic >quarantine myself in my own …[View]
58471413>no husky to feed[View]
58472036How to know if I am an orbiter? I started dming a girl on discord yesterday and we had some interest…[View]
58470233haven't browsed /r9k/ in years are you guys still talking about >tfw no gf?[View]
58471287what's the most cringe thing that you ever did at a party?[View]
58472027I have a 'fetish' for women in metal watches. I want to like, rub my dick over them.[View]
58472022>wake up >im not a cute girl with orbiters that send me money and buy me games on steam…[View]
58471905>Anon, why do you keep referring to this house as your 'wank den?' We live here too, you know.…[View]
58469432Does college ruin women?[View]
58469783Which Nintendo princess has the best dick sucking lips?[View]
58471511>women post about you *literally* killing people if you go outside unnecessarily >week later …[View]
58471554feeling dizzy as fuck i am on sertraline i may die[View]
58471880Is fluoridation of water to blame?[View]
58469918do women like faggots/feminine men?[View]
58471775Wanwan anon cheated on me: >be me >seen her posts around >I drop contact >she makes t…[View]
58471523>no r9k bf to marry and live with wanwan[View]
58471834Can't wait to get my American Refugee GF[View]
58471693I have a girlfriend who likes sucking dick. AMA[View]
58469887>Girls can make fun of guys for being virgins >Guys cant make fun of girls for being virgins S…[View]
58466369Help with creating fake Tinder: Post some believable pics of hot guys so I can create a fake Tinder …[View]
58470339have you ever seen a Chevy with the butterfly doors?[View]
58471151Sleep/work schedule: It's long, but I wanted to post this on the off chance it helps someone. …[View]
58469826>game has a character creator >make male character >always pale withe long blonde hair and …[View]
58470229Maybe if he didnt do CRACK he wouldnt of died. Do the crime pay the time(life)[View]
58469243Dubs and you wake up in an isekai world tomorrow. Dub sevens however, and you wake up in the Finnis…[View]
58470165>the absolute irony of clicking 'i'm not a robot' when posting to r9k…[View]
58471520/r9k/ how do i get a qt femboy bf on grindr? I don't want to show my face but I don't want…[View]
58471404is it true women secretly like sociopaths/psychopaths ?[View]
58471171How do people have conversations on online talking apps like discord etc? I downloaded some app for …[View]
58469272Name a more justified course of action.[View]
58471428Is a toaster in the bathtub a reasonably assured way to kill yourself if you're too lazy to lea…[View]
58470365anybody else here a volcel? I can't be the only one, right? >COPE nope most women are unatt…[View]
58469908One of the hardest of trying to quit porn is the fear of missing out. I guess most of what I jerked …[View]
58460240what's the coolest thing you ever did?[View]
58471272Girls are so annoying. My gf keeps making me watch movies with her, and she just falls asleep. She s…[View]
58467601Late Night Thread: What are you doing to spend your time at night, especially amidst all the current…[View]
58469985Why don't you use Tinder bros?: I just made a tinder account an hour ago and already have 3 mat…[View]
58471069Gay Test Stories?: Hey Anons, go any stories about passing (or failing) your gay test? I'll sta…[View]
58465229/britfeel/: Non-nonce edition[View]
58469864So how am I meant to believe covid was real while all these people are rioting all over the globe.[View]
58470330reminder that there are ovulating femanons here right now. just imagine what they smell like[View]
58471229>tfw no wanwan to wan with[View]
58469618>tfw you'll never be a qt russian girl[View]
58468206How often do you fap? >Twice a day here[View]
58471176Fast food wagie: So who else is or was a fastfood wagie? I worked for McDonald's three months b…[View]
58470508Reading through Elisa Lam's tumblr. Wondering why she killed herself. A lot of the things she r…[View]
58469925>Where's your brother Chadson?.[View]
58469699if we call americans burgers from burgerland, then what do we calls europeans?[View]
58468541What kind of crazy shit from our generation will we see on Antiques Roadshow in 200 years?[View]
58470461reminder that if you need to tripfag or namefag to be recognized then youre not interesting enough f…[View]
58470389I fucked up: >be me, 18, still living in parents house >home alone >found a really good por…[View]
58470186Jesus, this is one of the most cringe tattoos ever: Even if you oppose police brutality (against bla…[View]
58470988any robots wanna derank on cs, EU preferably[View]
58470207>black '''protesters''' are literally forcing white girls to give them head >they call this re…[View]
58470472What is the scientific term for this?[View]
58470859saw this one guy say that he can tell that you get female attention because of the way they write sh…[View]
58468633Here's why I'm an incel: >when corona hit, neighbors started renovating their apartment…[View]
58469338I miss my friend :'(((: >tfw best (online) friend hasn't responded for 432 hours…[View]
58469627Robots, would you date a girl who loves her cat more than you?[View]
58470483ITT: kino first vidya bosses: /v/ is a shit desu[View]
58468972If you need a gf, have you considered rehabilitating a drug addict?[View]
58470496>tfw cucked a guy It feels incredible, I have never felt so smug before. I really just want to br…[View]
58470082If you could wipe out all humanity with the flip of a switch would you do it and if so why? I hate a…[View]
58470423Now watch me whip whip Watch me nae nae (want me do it?) Now watch me whip (kill it!) Now watch me n…[View]
58470139A guy who ghosted me for 2 years is finally talking to me again. I really liked talking to him but s…[View]
58470401baby dont rush this baby dont rush this baby dont rush this take your time oh oh oh oh okay oh okay …[View]
58470332Mouthbreathers BTFO: >https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/088954069170044W How …[View]
58470287Why does Reddit do this to good meme formats?[View]
58470364/Diskord feels/: Been a while since we've had one of these threads, Post your Servers, I.Ds and…[View]
58470352Thoughts on activism?[View]
58468896Does anyone get really anxious when they get into a conflict on the internet? I always try to remind…[View]
58469813i live in a third world arab country and i gave up on this nation, planning to migrate to the UAE, s…[View]
58470203Are you any better?: Why do you all complain women only care about sex then go and start threads lik…[View]
58468032Fembots on this sub[View]
58461530>that 23+ year old who thinks he can make up for a lost youth[View]
58470180just took a shit and my finger went through the tp and into my asshole a bit. do faggots like it whe…[View]
58469733i dont get it. it was a single drug addicted porn actor, multiple time felon who wouldnt have died i…[View]
58470100she unblocked me after ghosting me 5 months ago, what does this mean do i still have a chance ?[View]
58469954Would you guys fuck an expired roastie? I wouldnt that looks fucking nasty. You can tell her pussy i…[View]
58469371I am so fucking depressed after chadfishing. So many more girls message chad then me. Literally 0 me…[View]
58469525Im a NEET (now 6yrs) in an European country and I have absolutely no regrets. I am doing this becaus…[View]
58470088We can have germanic kids now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k75DToh-ArU[View]
58470063Today I got on the toilet and I felt my feces moving inside my body and thought to myself, 'This is …[View]
58470024First time a woman approached me was while i was warning a face mask . This is just a crazy confiden…[View]
58469835'Hey son wouldn't be funny if I never got satisfied with your achievements And Then started tal…[View]
58470022>[removed] >>[removed] >>>[removed] >>>>[removed] >>>>>…[View]
58469378Would it be weird or wrong if I sent a message to a girl on fb messenger I went on a few dates with …[View]
58467600Went on a date with a qt and had a great time .I'm sure that she enjoyed it as well. At the end…[View]
58469067>be me >freshman in college dorm >meet some new people >one of them is a cute girl >h…[View]
58468601How brutal was your childhood? What are the worst things you experienced?[View]
58467310Why are arabs such loud smelly spergs[View]
58466174Lorazepam is the solution to everything. >I wish my pennis was bigger A: Lorazepam >Oh no, my …[View]
58469292Uh, she just started to pop it for a nigga And look back and told me 'Baby, it's real' And I sa…[View]
58469967Can someone explain how that guy physically managed to get trapped between the Fedex trailers? I do …[View]
58468532>post about your problem online >no matter what it is, people twist it around to make you look…[View]
58468080my mom is at the psych ward and my dad is in the hospital. Being alone in this big ass house feels w…[View]
58466627You will die 24 hours from now.[View]
58468349Chiseled jaw: Does mewing actually work? Or is surgery the only option?[View]
58469367American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of…[View]
58469526Greentext tory tiem: >Bee Mee >GF breaks up with me >Don't want her to leave me >Te…[View]
58469625You know what exposes someone as a selfish cunt? See, the main purpose of a surgical mask, or really…[View]
58468054Autist's speech therapy thread: post conversations you have with humans I'll start >th…[View]
58466188>got this match but I'm 5'9 and a half[View]
58469635I support the police. Blue lives matter :)[View]
58469763Still getting bombarded by the /pol/ posting. Not cool, not cool.[View]
58466784>I only listen to rap music Used to listen to boomer music like Metallica and the Beatles, but fo…[View]
58469711As a white man, I am sexually aroused by this picture.[View]
58468463Reminder if you are a white man: Nobody cares about you or values your life. If you died like George…[View]
58469546>tfw he falls asleep on mic and you can hear him breathing and half snoring why are boys so perfe…[View]
58469376> tfw no Mikleo bf to start a tickle fight with I just want to die.[View]
58469624>tfw no depressed gf to be depressed with and smoke cigarettes at 3 am while its raining outside.…[View]
58469575>wake up >no cute gf[View]
58469659To be or Not to be: Reasons to be: Speculative: >Morality based afterlife, e.g. Heaven and Hell…[View]
58469657do you guys ever get the feeling the internet has ruinied your brain? when I think about the types o…[View]
58468963These riots are fucking boring. >cops kill people >blacks riot >leftists have a hermeticall…[View]
58468915Tahlia be patient The fat mexican can wait Until after we create The all-white ethnostate[View]
58469219>taller >BBC >more athletic >bad boy personality women love And now with recent events m…[View]
58469477>4th tooth cavity found today (i'm 21) is it over bros ? Will I lose all my teeth in my 30s …[View]
58468159Anyone else feel like the internet is sucking all the creativity out of you?[View]
58469241How the fuck do I stop being lazy? God trapped in my small town and it drained my entire spirit. I u…[View]
58469271Blackbot here: The current state of the world has me pretty stressed out and worried. How much longe…[View]
58469503this board has turned me into a femboy, pedophile, gay, retard fuck >>>/b/…[View]
58469466Once again, the girl who won the freckle contest for the National Enquirer 1982. How does this pictu…[View]
58469356Trauma Leading To Dysfunction: My problems started after a particular incident when I was 13. I was …[View]
58466513ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I wasted tons of money over the years eating fast food and getting super fat. Toda…[View]
58467655>anon can you put some sunscreen on my back[View]
58468661made an alignment chart for 4chan. Would you agree with it?[View]
58469395He's stunning and terrific.[View]
58468560how are you supposed to ask a guy respectfully if you can give him head without giving off ethot vib…[View]
58469349>have sex incel What is the tactical advantage of being a whiteknight? In so far as I see it ther…[View]
58469261Does anyone actually play transport fever 2, it looks worse than a dayjob[View]
58469323/Rei general/: Oh, no! Rei is running late for school: Day 301 Going, she's going[View]
58467435What is your cum like?: Mine is very sticky. It comes out in one piece and I can pick it up. It also…[View]
58467157/gfd/ &/rr/: Let's have a gentle Femdom thread and have a good time.[View]
58469265the banana car republic has arrived spam banana car on all BLM posts on twitter/insta banana car wil…[View]
58469065Not only did they do nothing wrong, they did everything right. These brave soldiers sacrificed their…[View]
58468580I'm seriously starting to doubt the existence of God because there is literally zero reason for…[View]
58469162its over i mean it was already over but summer 2020... now its really over[View]
58467503Why are black women simping for a guy that couldn't stay hard for a black QT?: The guy literall…[View]
58469064Can niggers stop dressing like whores and ruining stupid women everywhere? This isnt Africa we wear …[View]
58469109A little over a month ago it was the birthday of a girl I knew from middle school. I decided to mess…[View]
58468955Lonely Robot: Hello, Robots. I'm bored af rn and looking for friens to share memes and hentai …[View]
5846868126 yo kv neet. I think I'm starting to crack mentally wut do?[View]
58466877>Black lives matter? Since when?[View]
58468992*ahem* FUCK MUGGERS![View]
58468313>people shoehorning their stupid faces into every image they take[View]
58468931Would god actually forgive me[View]
58467694>join 4chan because I think it's going to be fun >people just repeat the same shitty thre…[View]
58468922Kill all your feelings. It's for the best.[View]
58468961Reminder: You'll never be loved because who you are as a person is fucking disgusting .[View]
58467864I was very innocent when I was a kid and a teenager. I did drugs from 16 to 27. I am currently 30. I…[View]
58468925summertime sadness bc no gf: usually lurking in r9k but today I'll go out and say words. this s…[View]
58467075>why yes, i do adjust my sleep schedule to fit my british e-gf's timezone…[View]
58468290I think i loved her: Thought it was just a crush but i guess not, even when i had more attractive gi…[View]
58468405Dream waifu thread[View]
58468446Pic related is correct right[View]
58466144Anybody else waiting for their neetbux to drop? I can't wait till midnight I'm bout to fuc…[View]
58468053why is fingerpicking so damn hard?[View]
58467889>tfw zero confident because of constant psychological torture as a child by my peers >If someo…[View]
58464437>all the buttmad >all the cries of injustice >blah we're the victims Jesus christ will…[View]
58468591have any robots here fucked a cousin?[View]
58468637Almost died yesterday: Was supposed to be an easy hike with my friend, ended up doing alpinism with …[View]
58467250Turok: Turok 2008 was hella fire. Never played the originals tho.[View]
58467822Black (and other POC) fembots, why do you like raceplay? Why do you like to degrade yourself for whi…[View]
58467103What would you do if a peaceful forest spirit visited you?[View]
58468356hentai makes me sad.: hentai is better than normal porn but it can sometimes leave me feeling discon…[View]
58468728Did you know: The Roman numeral four is written as 'IV', but on many clocks it is instead written as…[View]
58468747how tf do i get an adderall prescription. Im a bio major and i need that shit. Still on le parents i…[View]
58468669TS: Does this turn you on? It does for me. There's just something about the female physique jux…[View]
58467974>You don't smoke, you don't drink, you don't do drugs, you don't party. Let m…[View]
58467873*clears throat* I'm retarded[View]
58467802https://twitter.com/ManyVids/status/1267923944990035969 I unironically hate niggers now[View]
58467948why do only fat girls like me? I just want a qt smoll gf...[View]
58468587How much mg of klonopin is required in order to actually trip out on? I'm pretty sure I was pre…[View]
58453731>tfw racist >tfw dick only gets hard for black women and BBC porn Why is life such a cruel jok…[View]
58466086inceldom is driven by peoples' own insecurities more than it is the outside factors that may or…[View]
58468501Childhood autism stories thread: I'll start >be me >be 5 at the time >very into thomas…[View]
58466699any anons here just want to make it? I just want to talk to anons in a similar situation as me and m…[View]
58468435>knowing your crush has been fucked like a slut multiple times already[View]
58468116>match on tinder with girl I had my first kiss with many years ago >dont really care for her, …[View]
58468217im not a tranny im just ugly[View]
58465041'tfw mom found...': Does anyone else have any legitimate 'mom found' experiences. None of that poops…[View]
58468230Why do you think black lives matter? I don't get it. If you're not black then why should t…[View]
58468195Is this autism?: Does anyone else not get super turned on by girls they're in love with? I don…[View]
58468295Why are Republicans so ugly?[View]
58467358hullo amy: dear amy, I know that I don't rlly talk to you through these means, but I feel like …[View]
58468357>be me >fap >need to sneeze >try to resist sneeze while fapping >sneeze.exe has faile…[View]
58468345time to go to sleep now can't wait to wake up at 2pm in a terrible mood, eat some tasteless foo…[View]
58467918when was the last time you felt true, genuine, fear? the fear that makes your hair stand up?[View]
58465426What fictional character can mog Azula from ATLA?: Azula is so fire. I love bossy bitches because it…[View]
58468191Omg why am I being raped!!!! I only dress like a slut in a world where 80% of men constantly recieve…[View]
58467302>boyfriend dumped me once he saw my roast flaps[View]
58467272>haven't fapped for 2 days >already better at conversating with people how long until tel…[View]
58467398why is my brain so empty? i barely think about anything if their is nothing going on externally. i f…[View]
58468100>paranoid female i met online thinks i flew 3000 miles to her country to stalk her…[View]
58467348Daily Posture Thread: total war edition[View]
58468207helloooooo I don't think I will be needing to blog post here anymore. I'm creating my own …[View]
58467545>one chance at life >congenital spine issue do you have any idea how bad this is? My central n…[View]
58468091does anyone else feel like they have had just enough life experience that they shouldn't compla…[View]
58467861>every CVS near me looted and destroyed >except that one that taped up their lotto machine due…[View]
58458408I want to have sex with a girl so badly and it is fucking infuriating that I have no way of making t…[View]
58468119It's okay to be a virgin. Vaginas and penises aren't the most the important parts of your …[View]
58467500Hunting Female: At what sorts of venues do goth girls, satanists, and dark, brooding women congregat…[View]
58468151Day #11 without you[View]
58467160Looking into the mirror makes me not wanna live anymore I'm a 2/10 and there is nothing I can c…[View]
58462460Libido Nuked.: My already low sex drive (I masturbate once every few days) has now completely evapor…[View]
58467755>brother got in bed with me >traced his fingers over all my scars >kissed me >told me I …[View]
58467072>metallic taste in mouth[View]
58467747Do you think there'll ever be a balkanization of America?[View]
58467074was 4chan always this boring? i just wish i had other websites to go to.[View]
58468120do zoomer black girls hate white people now because of this george floyd stuff[View]
58468079>listen to a song >its so good i have to replay it before the song is even over Is there a be…[View]
58467529I'm back, after 5 years[View]
58467727His name was David Dorn A righteous man shot and killed by rioters while doing his job. FUCK George …[View]
58468085i feel a relentless hatred against fcking old people[View]
58468071Hitler making pancakes for you on your birthday[View]
58466717Trannys on sucide watch: 30 Blacks beat the shit out of Transgender woman Happened yesterday https:/…[View]
58467036Why do white girls like breeding with niggers? If you're black, white women will literally thro…[View]
58467877How do I seriously start nofap, bros? I am so, so tired of fapping and I want to get my life togethe…[View]
58467429imagine steam cancels the summer sale to show support for the protests[View]
58467152Why don't you have a black art gf right now?[View]
58467949Is Bumble BFF a good way to make friends? t. friendless loser[View]
58467853>tfw extremely attracted to my brothers gf >she seemed attracted to me one time when they had …[View]
58467707Were any of you feminized by your parents or family growing up?[View]
58465814Cocklust: How are you currently dealing with your cocklust? Have you succumb to the urges and suck/g…[View]
58465105How do black bots feel about white cocks?[View]
58467763>meet up with ex girlfriend after 1.5 years >try raping ex girlfriend >fail >somehow sh…[View]
58467585For me thread: For me, it's Thomas Sowell It's just so nice to be friends with a white per…[View]
58466390scolded for having an unpopular opinion about the riot situation. why do people say they want open d…[View]
58467690when u leave ur lair to buy some energy drinks u spot a female and u have to remind urself yet again…[View]
58467395does jelqing work? anyone here with experience?[View]
58466347Emo, gothic, satanist, etc.: Dark girls are so hot. Post, post, post![View]
58466900My only friend is a girl who loves me and who has a bodycount of like 50. FML I just want a virgin/l…[View]
58467479Appearance IS personality: What you look like and how you look is who you are. People are not capabl…[View]
58466692>on an app where you can talk to randoms around the world >this girl picks up >ask her wher…[View]
58466749>We Expect You To >Never kill the vibe. Wtf is wrong with employers these days, since when did…[View]
58466988Hey Amy: Me and a certain e-girl friend of yours are hoping you're okay. Stay safe for everyone…[View]
58467659I think I got the Clean Arse Disease. There wasn't any poo, not even on the first wipe.[View]
58467276My balding is reversing: Hi fellow /bald/ies Left is January 2020 Right is June 2020 Don't give…[View]
58467341>zoomer here I'm a pretty normalfag lurker (at least I think) but I've been thinking I…[View]
58467632Today I had the realization that I have been fucked up mentally for the past 3 months because of a g…[View]
58467414there's no reason to care about anything anymore. life is a fucking meme[View]
58466785>oneitis is a nigger lover Dirty chimp loving whore[View]
58465769Do you like cute Latinas? And would you sniff one of their assholes?[View]
58467598Does anybody know anything about a tripfag known as Agent Johnson?[View]
58465166Kind and funny girls deserve love. I want a kind and funny gf.[View]
58465938>get my life back on track >go back to school last year and finally make some friends >they…[View]
58467222If an incel or femcel spree shooter decided to shoot on rioters would anyone even know it was a spre…[View]
58466092Why are online 'friends' always the same: I try and chat every now and then but it's like i…[View]
58467243Giving up on everything - relief? Or other?: When did you realise that no matter what you put your m…[View]
58466566>many of the posts on r9k, especially the constantly reposted ones, are probably bots that have a…[View]
58467293>person makes thread >give a genuine reply that is on topic, answers questions if there are an…[View]
58467385well r9k. it's been a while since i visited. last time i did, it was for a girl that i couldn…[View]
58463495>b-b-but the riots won't help anything! >niggers are only making people hate them more! R…[View]
58464919Why don't you betas just grow a huge fat dick like Chad? Lol losers[View]
58466351Heard she has a new youtube channel. Any kind cyborg here mind sharing the link with me?[View]
58467354https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOUpCt9P4WIou latinos are okay to me[View]
58466991>NEET for 4 years >Still no NEETbux[View]
58462899What phenotype do robots find attractive?[View]
58467117I wish I had a girlfriend who would cheat on me: itt post things about how you want to have a cheati…[View]
58467006What is the point of living? How do you find purpose and passion in life when everything you could e…[View]
58462364what's the best blowjob you've ever gotten?[View]
58467267how do I find a girl to fall asleep with over the phone at night? it's the only way I can sleep…[View]
58467156hmmmmm: I work with this 9/10 qt 3.14 but I don't think she has any social media except snapcha…[View]
58467171>tfw accidentally deleted my Hidori Rose porn folder.[View]
58466145Twitter is just /pol/ for leftists, change my mind You can upload a video of a white person being mu…[View]
58462649ask an actual female robot anything[View]
58467093>fantasizing about getting rich so I can buy my parents out of third world poverty again and buy …[View]
58466901I have been on 2 Tinder dates. Most of my matches are fat and have a bad attitude. The 2 I went on a…[View]
58467029What if the protests were set up by white nationalists to gather up niggers, spread the virus, and k…[View]
58465318Thoughts on age gap relationships[View]
58466203Men have been terrorizing and oppressing women for centuries and still continue to this day. The fac…[View]
58466421it took me way too long to realize how hideous i actually am[View]
58467112>chad cop buddy calls me whenever he's bored on patrol >just told him i'm not attrac…[View]
58467107why does it all have to be so hard? i just wish i could wake up one day and have a discord friend re…[View]
58467100Is archery based?[View]
58460846Anyone else here either raised by a single mother or by a family where the father was pussy-whipped/…[View]
58467033https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-couLLS27r4 Some people got perscribed benzos for some petty shit li…[View]
58466412How would you guys tell a catfish from a real girl?[View]
58467023Googloid Mertikulos: The Googloid Mertikulos have spoken to me. They say that you will begin to expe…[View]
58466975the black propaganda is going to get intense after trump loses, isn't it?[View]
58461381i'm 4'11' but would still never be with a man who was shorter than 5'6'. is that acce…[View]
58455993>femanons are currently sitting on their juicy wet pussy you fucking whores…[View]
58466058Hello N)-Lord, need a cig?[View]
58463453What happened to the MAGA kid?[View]
58465865>tfw you will never go in one of these again[View]
58466944>waIk into room >see this what do[View]
58466937I wonder how is the future going to be like, i love you a lot and there's a lot that i want to …[View]
58464531so who are you going to vote for robots?[View]
58466926Anon, what do you really expect to get out of sticking your dick in the garbage disposal?[View]
58466857>life was actually going normal >had friends drugs adventures >went to the fair with friend…[View]
58465824You need a cig M-lord[View]
58466801I never remove spiders from my room, so every single corner looks like that, with multiple of this s…[View]
58462731Momcest: Have any beta coomers raped their moms into submission? /r9k/ is full of angry loser NEETs …[View]
58466859news story title: >mother of george floyd's child demands justice…[View]
58465747> Roastie gets absolutely triggered and writes an essay over my Chadfish's height requiremen…[View]
58466475Anyone else on /nosleep/?: On second night of no shuteye, how are the robots here's sleep patte…[View]
58466839Studied 5 years in pharmacy only to end up as a call center agent because NO HOSPITALS are hiring an…[View]
58466063discord: poaast servers join em and your ids too[View]
58466067Anyone else with OCD/Germophobia? G-germs don't live that long... right?[View]
58466780Today I put a finger in my gf's butt and she didn't hate it That's all[View]
58462437Why haven't you gone to Japan /r9k/? It will allow you to forget the troubles of your every day…[View]
58466701as a non american, i find it disturbing the amount of normies i have in my contacts posting blm garb…[View]
58465838I accidentally saw my little sister's thonged butt. I got so mad I started to piss and shit all…[View]
58465860perplexing!: What did Brandon Tatum mean by this?[View]
58466017>add fembot >we have maybe a 1 hour conversation at the very most >try to talk to them agai…[View]
58465924>the same people who jerk off about mass shootings and overthrowing the government are clutching …[View]
58465795what's next for /ourguy/ george floyd's career ?[View]
58466456Escorts: How do you arrange for a session with a high-class escort while also being sure it's n…[View]
58466575There's no way to find pure women anymore. Why should I settle for Chad's sloppy seconds?[View]
58466204>protests in my city >surprise they're right outside my brother's job, where I was m…[View]
58465168anyone else?: I've been talking shit on discord servers and putting up a fake character of some…[View]
58465756How do I talk to someone without stuttering over my first couple words? 90% of the time my first cou…[View]
58466653>there are females on chaturbate born in 2002 The definition of fresh[View]
58466649friend thread friend post https://steamcommunity.com/id/ fools_idoI/[View]
58466588When I was a kid a friend's mom told him not to watch porn because sometimes they shoot the gir…[View]
58466526>get tired of porn, don't want to be a degen anymore, so i stop >there's literally n…[View]
58466056no matter how hard i try for all you, i eventually become nothing. you can't even give me a sec…[View]
58464118>I just wanted ti play video games Your move normies.[View]
58466308>be 18 >meet 9/10 17yo through instagram, she's the one who follows me and takes the init…[View]
58466371What if your online friends who you haven't talked to in a while are dead now?[View]
58463757Political compass and porn: Postyour political compass and the porn you jerk it to most. Blacked for…[View]
58466515PSA: 'assholes' aka dickish people actually are treated better because people are less inclined to p…[View]
58466241Whos /sour grapes/ here? >be 30 >virgin >superficially charismatic but dead inside >los…[View]
58465704Do you ever like, jerk off to loli incest hentai, and after that go on a wikipedia article reading s…[View]
58466531Seeing all the other blacks rioting stealing and looting and im trapped in a small town. I fucking h…[View]
58466007>messaging girls who you used to date a bit or used to know but haven't spoken to in a long …[View]
58466381Would you a dullahan gf?[View]
58463114Please, stop posting porn You're scaring off all the girls that want to post on here with your…[View]
58465836>there is a small population of females here that don't post tits, ass, pussy, feet when it …[View]
58465620does anyone else mix tequila with baja blast? it's pretty good desu[View]
58466452>NOT LOOKING FOR HOOKUPS!!!1!!! Imagine being this spoiled[View]
58465801>'advertise' yourself on dating apps for years >no one is actually interested that c…[View]
58465306ok for real whats this meme called: i cant find any information about the name of this meme, whats i…[View]
58466303What's the scientific term for this?[View]
58464172i love you anon. i hope you had a good day. <3.[View]
58465978What's even the point of trying for a better future when all the doors that matter all closed f…[View]
58466463was Kurosawa a robot?[View]
58466435What do u think about this clip of a conversation I had w my Uber driver Who's right https://vo…[View]
58466335Are you standing in solidarity today, bros?[View]
58466433Is it sad that this turned me on?[View]
58465621>so many threads filtered that only 1 or 2 ever show up on the front page what the fuck happened …[View]
58463576Do you seriously want to start a brain war n**Rotypical boy?: We all know that you wouldn't sta…[View]
58466238How come a nigga like this can get action while an autist STEM nigga that visits protests stays lone…[View]
58466036Was the virus a hoax all along?[View]
58466280Are you doing as much as you can for the struggle?[View]
58465605>only 2 more months until the last day of my life i can't wait. what are some things i shoul…[View]
58466294why is this happening to me: I moved back to my hometown after moving to pursue my dreams a few mont…[View]
58465993Get Saved General: Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: As…[View]
58466272>girl at work keeps looking at you throughout the day >enter a room and she looks at you >s…[View]
58466306How do you picture the future to be like?[View]
58466305why do i get lightheaded when my pp get hard: pp hard head light[View]
58465412food poisoning or anxiety?: the last 3 nights before bed i can't stop thinking about the riots …[View]
58465093have u played valorant? whatd you think about it? are u any good?[View]
58466187Any Nigerians online? I need help learning how to make money. Take me under your wing & maybe we…[View]
58466178>tfw i will never be a cute, small yandere bf[View]
58466052>gf told me that the type of porn she looks up once in a while is lesbian shit (most of the time)…[View]
58466166>tfw woke up again instead of dying in my sleep[View]
58466123>less than 1 month away from being classified an incel again[View]
58460590Don't mow your lawn: Some girls can really pull off a bush, wouldn't you say? Hair is pret…[View]
58461802>Zoomers are based and redpilled![View]
58466038Can someone redpill me on Negative XP. Is he shitposting or genuine?[View]
58466040please join join if you are a comfy poster we like cool gamers and weebs, no trannyfaggots or atten…[View]
58464318Potential gf: So guys, ive run into a bit of a problem here. First off, I'm a 25 year old kv. O…[View]
58465391Free (you)s: I've been kind of in a haze the past few days and just want to talk to anons so I…[View]
58466044Why is it so much easier to respond to posts here than any other board?[View]
58466070Why the fuck do people drink alcohol when pills weed and lean exists? I cant even touch that garbage…[View]
58465571Why are robots and 4channers the most pathetic form of human ever? I talked to some retard online an…[View]
58465428you wake up tomorrow in this body, what is the first thing you do from now on?[View]
58465942Simps have taken over this board completely i've never seen such degenerate shit on this board …[View]
58465803need a cig M-lord?[View]
58465449What are you doing this evening Anon?: Hope you all have a good evening today too. I'm saving u…[View]
58465991White guilt: Why are white people so guilty of being white? All I see are whites (and cops) taking a…[View]
58466011There's no kneed[View]
58465691Don't you know I got Qi by the 3 when I chirp shawty chirp back What you know about that? What …[View]
58465950Should I just simp for girls? Is it bad if im just using them for sex? Every time a girl is rude or …[View]
58465946M-Lord, do you need?[View]
58465259Why are normalniggers seeking celebrities to speak on the riots and BLM? I thought that defeats the …[View]
58464602What books have you all been reading lately?[View]
58465915Why Hello, there M-Lord! Do you need?[View]
58463782What is wrong with this bitch? Wtf[View]
58465886How would Reinhardo-sama handle the current chaos happening in the USA? Would he simply execute the …[View]
58465837Hannibal Lecter is ugly as hell. Darktriadmaxxing is working for him though.[View]
58465831>riots? what riots? are you having one of your manic episodes again? come sit on the beach with m…[View]
58465415>gf cheats on me >feel nothing >grandpa dies >feel nothing >fired from job >feel n…[View]
58464568The logical side of me wants to say tulpa's are just an myth pushed by /x/ LARPers But the curi…[View]
58465649Time to losten up that racial algorithm on tinder to make sure women are getting BLACKED at maximum …[View]
58465200/britfeel/: How sad edition[View]
58464771anon i dont know who you are but assuming your not some child rapist, i love you. this isnt gay i ju…[View]
58465785>'LOL THERE WERE NO KANGZ IN AFRICA XD' Well what the fuck do you call this then? How many of you…[View]
58464860Is it just me or does a lifetime of masturbation ruin sex? Either from death grip making you feel 0 …[View]
58463526Okay I am officially stepping back from the internet. I'm fucking done with shitty memes, faken…[View]
58464674Anyone else here a fraudster? I am on a group online of people doing the dumbest scam possible and I…[View]
58459567>free rent >won't get fucked for weed I don't even need number 10.…[View]
58458057How do people just do things in life without getting bogged down in all the details? How can doing t…[View]
58465279Have you ever met someone with zero empathy towards others? Someone who just did not care for others…[View]
58465202How do I get a clingy autistic bf who likes physics and lives in WA?[View]
58465682There's a community of hustlers out there in a far away land They grind the day away, working o…[View]
58465608My life is so boring, there's no saving it. I've always had it too easy. I wasted my child…[View]
58463920>'Wanna come dismantle systematic white supremacy with us, anon?'[View]
58465192>18 year old coworker keeps going to the protests downtown >feel parental concern for him ever…[View]
58465092As a black man, I can no longer feed into these myths that blacks and Hispanics are enemies. I genui…[View]
58465511Fembots, do people treat you better after your transition?[View]
58465310>be me, 21 >had life ruining acne since 15-16 >dropped out of life, don't feel human, …[View]
58465528No one cared who I was till I put the timbs on[View]
58464948why shouldnt i give up anon? no normal fag 'you have potential!!!!' or 'everyone else in your life!!…[View]
58465063>about to write long, good-quality post >stop halfway because it wont matter at all and people…[View]
58463514I'm a black dude and no offense, but it's funny to think that most white guys can be made …[View]
58465538As someone who hates Donald Trump, I fucking hate people who hate Donald Trump. It actually pisses m…[View]
58465551I accidentally joined a looksmax server and I thought it was a incel server this shit is gay as fuck…[View]
58465362Should I stop giving a shit if I have low IQ? Worrying about it doesn't change anything, right?[View]
58462620can we have a cute girls thread? i lost my cute girls folder[View]
58463992Is looksmaxxing cope?[View]
58464378Minecraft /r9k/ server: Lets play lads >the fuck's this vanilla smp minecraft server >why…[View]
58465204>Actually match on bumble with a somewhat average looking nerdy chubby black girl and have a good…[View]
58465053>be me >Finally have the balls to ask the boy I've had a crush on for most my life >We…[View]
58464147Tfw the blacks still hate us[View]
58465241I hate motivated people. I absolutely despise people who are able to make themselves do the things t…[View]
58465322>tfw no pretty light skin gf[View]
58465379mr. floyd in adopt me: i was playing this cancer fulled game, and came across this.[View]
58465422How many lobsters do you expect me to buy before I fuck your ass back to Timbuktu?[View]
58464578>Feel the desire to have a gf and eventually a wife yet at the same time I still wish to be able …[View]
58463416Brown girls NEED BWC.[View]
58465236Does anyone else get angry extremely quickly in 4chan arguments and wish they could meet the other a…[View]
58464600How do I get rid of this?: >decided to kill myself >method picked out >no reason to live …[View]
58464400>armyfag, dying for Israel >team leader monthly review >gives me 2 goals >find a hobby a…[View]
58463161I have been playing VR Chat, but I dont have a mic. Everyone has been nice and there havent been man…[View]
58464432Sometimes I sort through different dating apps for hours, just looking at all the different girls ne…[View]
58464648She dragged on the end of our relationship to purspely punish me. She even admitted it. She wouldn…[View]
58460247Useless abilities: What are some useless abilities you posses? I can vomit at will, though it takes …[View]
58464410Do you guys think there is real world Lesters? Someone who can hack government shit and databases an…[View]
58461157/GFD/ Thread feat. lesdom[View]
58462326feels thread: https://voca.ro/5wnBs3hzqjv[View]
58465201Fuck this incel ahit: Where do I go to get some pussy[View]
58464607Maybe if the average man wasn't ugly as shit lesbians wouldn't be a thing[View]
58464854Just spent 14 hours watching 2h30m movie AMA[View]
58463956I'm kind of tired of the same cycle of sun up and sun down What's wrong with me, why can…[View]
58465177I cant help but feel like I owe black men exclusive access to my boypucci and maybe not have that be…[View]
58463470Christianity thread: Hi, I'm going to show you all how to get saved and gain entrance into heav…[View]
58463817The half Asian girl of my dreams wants nothing to do with me, I never asked here or talked to her mu…[View]
58464550Anon: Hey Anon, did you make it home safely from the 7-Eleven? You have great taste in beer and don…[View]
58464972Pride 2020: Any femanons trying to be like this one day[View]
58463179Why is this board incapable of ignoring blatant bait?[View]
58464297Do you need any help?[View]
58462968Is it wrong to ghost a girl if she rejects you, even though you were friends for about a year prior?[View]
58463594Over half of my friends and my own sister didn't realize it was my birthday today. I am truly i…[View]
5846504626+ tfw no gf thread Checking in[View]
58460765/britfeel/: Wanking matters.[View]
58462881This wiII be your gf now[View]
58463780What do you call this reptile-like eye color?[View]
58464910>hate cops being abusive >hate niggers too AHHHHH WHO DO I SIDE WITH I CANT CHOOSE…[View]
58464754Narcotics part 3.: Rate my overdose.[View]
58462512Why does anyone think like this? It's absolutely absurd; there's no magic trick or genetic…[View]
58464991Why is it a problem?: I've come to the conclusion that there is just a large subset of women (p…[View]
58464799It's hard to have a civil discussion without letting your emotions get in the way about what…[View]
5846303039 year old anon here. I reached Norwood 2 status at around the age of 27, Norwood 3 at 30, and Norw…[View]
58462700>ghosted for a second time by the same person[View]
58464016Anyone actually prefer being tired?: I tend to sleep something around 3 hours a day, nothing especia…[View]
58464938Anyone else ever been inspired by a girl?: It's sort of emasculating, but I've just accept…[View]
58464921Normies please help me. I know you're there, you make up like 80% of this board at this point. …[View]
58464729Best online store for 360 games?: What is the best place online to purchase Xbox 360 games? I want t…[View]
58464649i cant believe this bros such a cute white blonde girl facebook.com SLASH profile.php?id=10000393465…[View]
58464507What do I do with my life now? >no friends >no work >no school >no family >no connect…[View]
58464554>have a dream I'm hanging out with a cute girl >get a boner she can see through my jeans …[View]
58464415...Just how DID he get so popular?[View]
58464678'Personality is half the battle, loves! Keep your head in the game! I'm sure you'll find s…[View]
58463327Why arn't you going to the protests, robots? Isn't chaos what you want? Couldn't this…[View]
58460409What do you think of my new background?[View]
58464587anyone bots ever done meth how was it would you recommend?[View]
58464549I was doing so good >got out of break up 2 months ago >finally getting over it >match with…[View]
58464424Are you having fun anon? Are you happy? :)[View]
58463226When will this whole George Floyd fiasco be over? I already grow tire of it.[View]
58463919>cities in full riot mode >meanwhile in small towns nothing has changed and everyone still get…[View]
58464100genuine question does anyone think racism is going to exist forever? if not, at what point in human …[View]
58450985/r9k/ Gender Survey: I'm conducting a social experiment that I think everyone will be intereste…[View]
58464365Lara Croft: TFW no super smart archaeologist girlfriend with an English accent.[View]
58461289Stein's Gate Shitposter, I summon thee.: I will keep making posts until I find the guy who…[View]
58461465What's the bare minimum for you to be happy?[View]
58463774Who would win in a fight a Gorilla or a Bear?[View]
58463932>anything that makes me slightly nervous gives me uncomfortable, almost painful heart palpitation…[View]
58463479>not real masculine and ugly so I make a pretty ugly boy >like dick so the logical thing is th…[View]
58464256What if MJ never got plastic surgery, turned white and fucked those kids?[View]
58463673>tfw 4chan brainwashed me to become a right winger[View]
58462957I'm freaking out. We didn't have condoms so I was fingering my not gf and rubbing her puss…[View]
58464092how does it feel for a girl to sit on you and make you unable to breathe?[View]
58460207I really wonder what the percentage of femanons is on here..[View]
58464169OILY T ZONE FUCKS[View]
58462190I get upset when people ignore me: Its a logic that's out of this world. I know I was born rand…[View]
58464206/25+/ I want friends edition: Where can I meet art hoes if I'm almost 30 and live in Bumfuck, N…[View]
58462797Today's topic: what's robots opinion on Elon, Bill and Jeff (Musk, Gates and Bezos) I…[View]
58462378>tfw no redbone bf[View]
58463663Pic related is literally me gimme a fembot gf[View]
58462807>tfw just found out about blowfly girl >jumped down the rabbit hole >tfw men are literally …[View]
58463891>have appointment with chiropractor >walk in and begin to undress like usual >chiropracto…[View]
58463800At this point I'm either gonna end my life or become a femboy and live the rest of my life send…[View]
58462926>enjoy anime and visual novels when younger >eventually forget about them as I grow older >…[View]
58463977hey anons i had a really bad day, one of those days were nothing goes right, it especially sucks bec…[View]
58462542Fembots: Fembots, would you have sex with this man? He's 5'8' if you can't tell by th…[View]
58463669What did he mean by this, am I missing something?[View]
58463087Are people on this site just now realizing that most right wingers are feckless pussies who always e…[View]
58459209hopefully my cut starts to heal up, it seems like i cut through the fat. how's your morning goi…[View]
58463988try to not POLED this thread please: Why people said the officer is a racist? He didnt say anything …[View]
58463875Go fuck yourself Jose: It's so easy lol[View]
58463934I dont really want to wear my shirt thats a Rancid album cover thats just a raised fist or my Cultur…[View]
58461744>tfw no nerdy brownbot bf[View]
58463876>attracted to woman >think vaginas are gross >not attracted to men >think dicks are hot …[View]
58462140>girl sits next to me on the bus even though there are other empty seats where you don't hav…[View]
58463861>tfw when no really tall bf to make me fell small and cute even at above average male height…[View]
58463601Anyone else have the feeling where you have many interests but they all ask for the same amount of t…[View]
58463613The Government Should assign us Black GFs to Improve Race Relations, by having Relations.[View]
58458947Would you rather have a girl to fuck or a girl to love?[View]
58463747>ywn have a cute small yandere gf >ywn be a cute small yandere bf…[View]
58463573I'm a monster. Whats wrong with me.[View]
58458745Is love overrated?[View]
58463574If you get mad at seeing a white girl with black bf, you have small penis and projecting your insecu…[View]
58463694How do I get off this board I've wasted so much time. I'm an idiot I'm laughing at my…[View]
58463664tfw want a gf i even had a dream i was kissing a qt whole gril AAAAIEEEEEEE[View]
58461268I have poor ability to read between the lines, or see through people As a result, i'm easy to b…[View]
58462723/weCbub everybody's welcome, just keep a comfy atmosphere. if you're obnoxious you'll…[View]
58460966>tfw will never do anything with my life because barely functional Can't wait until my paren…[View]
58463184I've started another attempt at nofap and quit coffee right before my exams, both at the same t…[View]
58463383post original words 2 electric boogaloo: branalicious previously: >>58442253[View]
58463682The ASPERGER man is the epitome of male intelligence and tenacity. Let's start by looking at hi…[View]
58463622ITT: Art zoomers will never understand[View]
58463356Who is this christopher person and why does he share my name and why does he look like me and why do…[View]
58463102being a virgin has become so much of my identity I don't know what I'd be if I had sex[View]
58463463Can we have a formal thread about depression? Last attempt as a rage rather than a question or decla…[View]
58463542>just talked to someone on discord >most awkward fucking thing of my life I feel violated he…[View]
58463131Would robots be okay with an average girl like pic related? Men these days seem to only want models.…[View]
58463543>my name is marco and i hate every single one of you. you can make delicious meals with knorr sto…[View]
58463310Touhou: Collared and leashed[View]
58463092Does everyone just ignore the porn ads everytime they come here? I usually refresh them with the pre…[View]
58463019taught english in korea ages ago. i know most of you want to do it in japan but ama if you want. im …[View]
58462435flashlight rate thread: Rate my fliashlight I know it's not the best[View]
58461103When you are just average looking, without anything special, everything becomes so frustrating. When…[View]
58463399>so poor i have to eat canned fish from china that probably has a fuck ton of lead in it…[View]
58461931Imagine actually being circumcucked. Wow.[View]
58463118All of you are fake This is fake You guys are not real You keep saying little things that add up You…[View]
58461218>girl smiles at me >shoot her a dirty look >she comes over and says hi >tell her fuck of…[View]
58463381please I need this: Please get #TakeAKneeForGeorgeFloyd trending ty[View]
58462258>WE HAVE NOW ENTERED A THREAD THAT WE DO NOT LIKE What is your response?…[View]
58462535Have people really changed? I came to thinking after watching a certain video, With the downfall of …[View]
58462974>Be me a month ago >Feeling a bit better about life >Stop smoking and drinking >bat flu …[View]
58462594Mycology: Has anyone here considered foraging for wild mushrooms or growing them? Seems like a comfy…[View]
58463170will becoming a femboy make my life better? look at how popular zoomer femboys on twitter and tik to…[View]
58461086How was your day r9k? Talk about your plans for the future: My new monitor is apparently coming on m…[View]
58463168Happy whiteout Wednesday[View]
58460454Escapism: What do you do to escape and distract yourself from the miseries of life and the daily gri…[View]
58463137>all this buttmad >all these cries of injustice >blah we're the victims Jesus christ w…[View]
58463081Tfw no autistic Chris Chan gf[View]
58461295If your waifu is from a publicly known IP she is 100% a whore that many greasy weebs have masturbate…[View]
58462036My birthday has been ruined Please cheer me up bros[View]
58463007Bitches: Girls are fucking darkies as we speak cause of the protests now like dogs, bitches are fuck…[View]
58462581Ok: Ive been having a really rough time for years now and I just snapped this night so I will probab…[View]
58459083So r9k, what are your fetishes? Mine are bimbos and obese women[View]
58459017anything else broskies?[View]
58462534Fembots, would you have sex with this gentleman?[View]
58462404why can guys be too short but not to tall? fuck being 5'8[View]
58462020Do femanons prefer taller or shorter femboys. I'm 5'5 and I don't know if being shorter gi…[View]
58459506Uh oh...: >Be me >Weeb fag >Big fan of Dragon Maid and Mon Musu >Tohru and Miia best gir…[View]
58461865For Cale: Aside from my posts where I claim Anya is underage multiple other people have claimed she …[View]
58461811How do you feel abut 2020 Zunechan, /r9k/? Feeling nostalgic yet?[View]
58460396Do you think you would still be a robot if your parents just smacked you around a little more as a c…[View]
58462524did embracing your nerd hobbies ever get you anywhere socially or were others more repulsed by you?[View]
58462402New to 4chan: Whut do??[View]
58462833fembots, how does it feel to know your future bf will be shooting goo onto your face and this will b…[View]
58462851Sleep: Does any other anon have a problem with sleep? Even in my dreams I cannot find solace. Either…[View]
58462575Sex and Violence: Anyone else notice these patterns with all the protest videos recently? As if rekt…[View]
58462781Say, you don't spy on your mother do you?[View]
58462555You literally cannot be a robot if you're not an Asian male.[View]
58462790After ignoring polfags for years, current events are finally starting to make me feel a little bit r…[View]
58462376Going comfy: How are you keeping yourself comfy in these trying times fellow Anons?[View]
58460964I miss my friend :'(((: >tfw best (online) friend hasn't responded for 418 hours Why am…[View]
58462738>mfw no same age virgin gf because studying at a lonely school and ex cheated 5 times…[View]
58460869Anyone else look in the mirror and filled with absolute disgust?[View]
58461474normie here. gonna ignore posts for advice since its not helpful but if you have questions about nor…[View]
58461919I just realized I won't ever be able to do anything with my life. Everything triggers me so muc…[View]
58462492There's a BLM protest in a city near me. Should I go? I'm kinda curious what it looks lik…[View]
58462625Did any other robots become way sluttier after discovering 4chan? I'm 21 and started posting on…[View]
58458016/vocaroo/: Hello again frens it is me again and this is the /vocaroo/ thread again. post ideas: >…[View]
58459285When is Christopher coming back? :< I love him and I miss him.: Christopher, I know I'm prob…[View]
58457553Got rejected for being black once again. Its over for black girls I should just remove myself from t…[View]
58460498>stay up all night >accidentally fall asleep at 9 >just woke up at 5 how to fix bros???…[View]
58461877for a good cause: please me bois lend us help[View]
58461232Do you think your pain is cool?: I kind of do. I don't have any friends and I can't look a…[View]
58458985I'm so let down. This is 5 weeks of facial hair growth. This is it. I'm 28 for Christ…[View]
58461684>same thoughts >different day I can't hold out much longer bros…[View]
58461994are you artistic anon? why do you draw?[View]
58460717Is this why racism exists?????????[View]
58462181I will never be of average height[View]
58461678I wish I was a zoomer. I used to like all kinds of things zoomers like nowadays but the thing is bac…[View]
58460395Am I the only one who can't fathom how people actually pay rent? I live in NYC where rent can …[View]
58462335Reminder your mom is desperate for Chadson cock.[View]
58460671Quarantine alcoholics: quarantine has really triggered my alcoholism. how do you deal with it?…[View]
58459460TFW your porn waifu is pro nigger now[View]
58462192>why yes, I did in fact ship my pants, how could you tell?[View]
58461825>two months until NEETdom finally ends We're going to make it, bros.…[View]
58462239See all these threads of people adding girls off 4chan. How the fuck you do that?[View]
58461642>add girl off 4chan >hits it off really well >we get drunk on video and she flashes her tit…[View]
58462320Why do you discordfags always bring your edrama here? Isnt there a discord server you can discuss it…[View]
58459290Why not do something about it instead of just whining on the internet?[View]
58459265>TFW black >TFW try to live as a normal, well mannered citizen >TFW a bunch of other blacks…[View]
58460872i cant listen to rap or hip hop anymore. its so cringe listening to those degenerate lyrics. any oth…[View]
58457297Haha I have a gf and you dont.[View]
58459599Are you still in denial about your autism?[View]
58460531Is it really that weird to have a room with no decorations or extras? My mother reaffirms her belief…[View]
58462120Why yes, I do report posts that evade the r9k filter[View]
58461721My dumb whore of a sister got shot by the cops when she went 'protesting' and she's going again…[View]
58462023I'm 4'7' but I wouldnt date a guy shorter than 5'8'. How many (You)'s do I get f…[View]
58461354What do you call a 26 year old who has never had a gf?[View]
58462119How do I get this life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meK0G3o9mPw [Embed][View]
58461266It just dawned on me that it will never get better, Ill never escape this hellhole, I will always re…[View]
58460087>be Canadian anon >gf mad at me for calling out the virtue signalling protestors over here its…[View]
58462116I am gonna, I am gonna, I am gonna fuck your parents.[View]
58462097Why dont you try to get away from your weak cuck status? Or beta or whatever. Why dont you resist th…[View]
58461541>housemate has dog, a beagle, about 18 months old >sweet little guy friendly with everyone …[View]
58462102You just won 100k usd in online slots.: What do you do with it? Originality.[View]
58461981>the water tastes like butter[View]
58462048Touched by an angel[View]
58462045They cut off the tip of my penis when I had only been in this world for a few minutes, and my mother…[View]
58462010this teacher sucked, wreck dis comment section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajLEgVXIW5o[View]
58458796How does gay pride work?: How does gay pride work? I've been told that: >'you can't be …[View]
58461927>tfw 5'11 and almost 8 inch dick >tfw not manly enough for fembot gf…[View]
58460863It boggles my mind that _men_ post these sentences time and time again: >you're toxic. it…[View]
58459175AHHH: I saw a white wanwan today[View]
58461948Black men are becoming more appealing as a result of the media shilling them. Black-cels, how are yo…[View]
58460786>ex gf texts me >tell her i don't like 3D girls…[View]
58460639which fruit do you think is the strongest in battle?[View]
58460598>went to a recruiter today >felt like he was looking at a terrorist or some shit. What did he…[View]
58461880>wasted years of my life in a relationship with a BPD gf >ended up getting cheated on; she…[View]
58461706The black python, despite its best efforts, is defeated by the white saddle. Though the visual evide…[View]
58458322I used to chat with a big titty degenerate punk ama: I used to talk to this girl on kik all the time…[View]
58461291I've never seen this much virtue signaling on the internet and on social media before today. Al…[View]
58453407Whats your most shameful fetish? Mine is just regular giantess, but it's made worse by giantess…[View]
58461553how likely is it for a woman to dump/cheat on someone that is hesitant with sex/penetration due to p…[View]
58460880drinking: hows it going bros? having some korean version kungpao shrimp[View]
58461789/fit/ here with a PSA for you all. I'm gonna try my best to formulate why, exactly, it isn…[View]
58461775Why do I keep trusting women? Why is it to hard to just have a normal functioning romantic relations…[View]
58460563i like desperados[View]
58461118have you ever hooked someone or been hooked[View]
58461725Does anyone know who this nasty slut is? Is she a new e-girl? I don't come here often anymore.[View]
58461294Quarantine hairstyle fuck ups thread: I do not think I need to add to this. Please laugh as much as …[View]
58460431>tfw doctor is soon taking me off mood stabilizers that make me suck at videogames…[View]
58458551Any femanons here who are into SPH? Can you humiliate my baby pp please? Hung robots are also welcom…[View]
58461030have you played helltaker? how long did it take you to finish? i beat it in 73 minutes[View]
58461339Any other white dudes hate white women a lot?: I'm a pretty racist guy but I will take almost a…[View]
58460112be like reggae shark bro. also have u guys ever tried chamomile tea ??[View]
58460075anyone else look up people they used to know years ago, and see what they are up to nowadays?[View]
58460626People might act upset online but that's only out of principle and a need to act like everyone …[View]
58461075'Ni hao, Champ! Your mom and I are sending you to Guangzhou (it's a city in China, Champ). I kn…[View]
58461029I drank 2 and a half tall boys of those pre mixed 'grapearitas' last night got pretty surfaced since…[View]
58458555I thought I escaped inceldom. >meet qt while dropping off friend >easy 8/10 and similar inter…[View]
58457654Singularity: Going out and seeing couples makes me sad. Must be heavenly to be able to share your li…[View]
58460629What is even the point of this board? No ideas are discussed, nothing is solved. Noone is interested…[View]
58461409>tfw brain is bad at processing info and suck at everything, even vidya Sign of low IQ?…[View]
58461014Anyone else have parents that are negative all the fucking time? My parents were both brought up dir…[View]
58461241>random alarms going off >phone calls ringing >gigantic ants crawling around in my room and…[View]
58461447Hi .. manon here with a question. I have noticed that I absolutely DO NOT get turned on by 98% of po…[View]
58460312why do males support female rights[View]
5846129325+ Thread: I turn 25 today! Accepting you've wasted what should have been the best years of yo…[View]
58461360>Didn't lose my job >I can continue to dumb shit off of ebay…[View]
58458152Leftists are savage animals that need to be put down[View]
58459012Is it better to have have a girlfriend you can stick your dick in on a consistent basis who is morbi…[View]
58461312Any advice for an aspiring Black Man? I don't want to let the people down[View]
58461215Are American women really disgusted by uncut schlongs? Will I be rejected?[View]
58461088Guys maybe not having a gf is a not as bad as you think. Think about it, you care deeply for the wom…[View]
58460994My kitty cat is a person. He has thoughts and feelings and a soul. I can sense it. When I look in hi…[View]
58458851I gave up a long time ago, I've done quite literally nothing at all the past four years. Neetin…[View]
58461133the original doomer[View]
58461163Single father surrogacy: My childhood friend is financially trapped in a somewhat backwards place, w…[View]
58460842>tfw no looter bf[View]
58459380>long pauses to think about the right word to say >changing the phrase that i want to say in t…[View]
58461123>when you put the porn on fullscreen so you can hear it better[View]
58460637Have you ever moved to another city? Like starting from scratch. Is it possible to make new friends …[View]
58460914Who's your favourite Street Fighter character? Chun-Li man here.[View]
58460803RAWRTARDED TIME :D[View]
58460971>one shot at life >born autistic it's not fair…[View]
58460348anyone here going to school full time and working full time as a boomer? Im about to go back to scho…[View]
58459231ouran high school host club is just a show about a bunch of stinky gays[View]
58460942You know how to hook me back in.[View]
58458922The sexual market value of women is too high now... I cant even get trannies...[View]
58458232Here's an opinion no one asked for: fat women are ugly, stupid and fucking gross lmfaooooo[View]
58460517wholesome thread on the borad?[View]
58460794>supposed to be working from home >paid for 8 hours of work a day >reading manga, playing v…[View]
58460769So I guess the riots prove they were right in the end, huh?[View]
58457117>took a fembot for granted >she was very needy and clingy >very cute and smol with great ti…[View]
58459736How to stop relating to fictional characters , I became Travis from Taxi Driver.[View]
58457566>normies pretend to care about minorities >statistically speaking, very opposed to fucking the…[View]
58460697Approaching 100 girls online dating edition: >20 something virgin >used to be khv when I start…[View]
58460675>her mom asks her what those stains on her bedsheet are[View]
58459062How do i become a hermit or hiki without living off my parents I still need a job, i'm currentl…[View]
58457674what do you think will happen if i lie on unemployment to get coronabux? I quit my job because i did…[View]
58447181/r9gay/ - #1037: Good thread edition. Previous thread: >>58431264[View]
58460414can anyone post queen minis pics? i've seen her nudes, i just want pics of her cute face, she r…[View]
58460316how does it feel to date such a girl like this anon?[View]
58460567>come here >see a bunch of dicks >leave…[View]
58460187I'm posting this thread until the soup poster agrees to marry me. Day: 1[View]
58459761Fembots, havw you ever let a boy pee on you? Would you?[View]
58459504Shes browsing at this very moment probably[View]
58460425What's it like to be in a relationship with someone that has Avoidant Personality Disorder?[View]
58459903>tfw found the hot girl from work's photos online[View]
58458290Why do niggers think they can do whatever the fuck they want in life without any consequences? No ot…[View]
58460062Should men shave or trim their pubes or just let it grow? I live with this body builder guy and he …[View]
58456629/britfeel/: this is my 7th day of no wanking[View]
58459989I'm thinking about creating an eroge videogame. I can work through most of it independently exc…[View]
58459481>inb4nigger Any other black Anons not participating in the protests? I've never been much of…[View]
58459776You guys got any good misogynistic porn with women getting humiliated? None involving niggers please…[View]
58460238>global corporate hegemony says 'Black Lives Matter'[View]
58459781>have sex Is that it? How come people don't have dreams beyond that?…[View]
58459155one chance to live narcoleptic fucking retarded fuck up unable to socialize, probs on the spectrum c…[View]
58460388Paste whatever is saved on your clipboard. That's it[View]
58457450I want to hang out with a rich, slutty girl.[View]
58459912why is life so fucking boring..B-but boredom is a privellage (reddit answer) nope I didn't aske…[View]
58459418I'm a non-religious person but I had a religious upbringing so I always have this god figure in…[View]
58460122>girl compliments me >start imagining raising a child together what the fuck is wrong with me…[View]
58459121Just spent the last 30 minutes at work in the bathroom failing to work up the courage to split my le…[View]
58460261Why don't hapas just go to asia? They're essentially treated as celebrities over there.[View]
58453889itt pls draw a duck only duck drawings itt[View]
58460017Would you be okay with your gf consuming porn?[View]
58457753lTT: Post good girIs.[View]
58459475I'm so mad, I got tricked by a discord tranny. He manipulated me into giving him pictures and t…[View]
58458946Chad Beatdown: Do you think you can beat up a chad if he started talking shit trying to make you loo…[View]
58458955>he doesnt change his own oil[View]
58460144I'm blessed to have good health, looks, and stable job. I have noticed that my coworkers are tr…[View]
58452841comfy hugs allowed: helloooo everyone~ How is everybody doing today? Do you have good family relatio…[View]
58458545/nedervoel/: Hopelijk gaat deze draad niet dood na een paar palen.[View]
58458156What do?: >you hear loud noises coming from your son's bedroom >you assume that he is pla…[View]
58457996What high calorie thing should I go eat?: am hungry[View]
58459848Can we have a thread about prostitution, the most underrated r9k hobby? Why are you doing it/not doi…[View]
58458599Is death by cyanide painful? It's for a book I'm writing.[View]
58459516>gf became an FBI agent what the fuck[View]
58455980>be my great grandpa >grow up in nazi germany >get sent to stalingrad >friends get shot …[View]
58459938why cant women seem to be chill? i have never met a woman that is chill with doing nothing for a whi…[View]
58459968Is Emma Watson what happens when women become too high IQ for men?[View]
58451127Any college dropouts here? What are you doing now? Do you regret dropping out?[View]
58459732do short haired, blonde, green eyed girls even exist bros?[View]
58459337Your face when you are alive during the second American revolution. This is it guys, the 1% Chads th…[View]
58459859>still a porn addict Goddamnit, I think I'll never beat this addiction; I just cannot stay a…[View]
58458617How's your day going anon?: Hello Anons, This thread is for discussion and friendly interaction…[View]
58459731Would fembots date a robot that joined the military? Asking for a friend[View]
58457610Do you wanna know how do I keep my skin so beautiful and shiny?[View]
58458657>tfw no classy britbong bf[View]
58456712Why do males have so weird fetishes? You can complain about female fetishes but at least they'r…[View]
58459794>go to sleep knowing i have to wake up for something >brain wakes up early just Hours before t…[View]
58458587How long does it take for unemployment checks to come in the mail? They're not doing direct dep…[View]
58459790chups chupsst[View]
58457851Sad.: TFW you'll never get to bust a nut inside a fembot and then take her out somewhere nice b…[View]
58452444Women have no tolerance for racists and bigots. So why are you one?[View]
58458469Who else here actually likes having aspergers? I owe all my academic success in university to my obs…[View]
58459612I just came here to say a big fuck you to all the anons who arent social outcasts.[View]
58459301>parents are making me go to a blm protest I want to kill myself, it's not even racist I ju…[View]
58457945Tell me what to doodle and I'll doodle it[View]
58459648Wanna donate to support against racism. Not a supporter of the riots or any of the crazy shit the mo…[View]
58457315> be me > heterosexual betafag > have 1 friend from school > one day jokingly send him a…[View]
58456718Exactly how normie infested is 4chan?[View]
58457266why not go to the protests robots? there are a lot of cute girls at them.[View]
58458500I stand with racism.[View]
58458678Any goon buddy?: Anyone who wants a gooning buddy over at discord to just fry our brains? I've…[View]
58459452About 2 months ago or so I was on sitting on a tram when a girl entered and stood in front of me, I …[View]
58456591where and how do I make friends online? I want some internet friends[View]
58458246Brown and asian girls love white boys.[View]
58458259do robots want tradfem gfs? it's my personal belief that we're all pickme girls deep down…[View]
58459303>be me, 15 year old stoner >grt a dentist appointment to fix severe genetic clusterfuck teeth …[View]
58458406Month and a half in NoFap: It's been over a month and a half since I last did it. This is the …[View]
58458410/dysprotza/: >What is it? Dysprotza is a planet made up of ultra-authoritarian bee people. It is …[View]
58459211wow so did yall vote today? that crept up[View]
58457363Femanons, does it bother you when you see an attractive man with an ugly girl or a girl you find les…[View]
58458448How do i get better at verbally saying things.[View]
58458589post your personal 10/10 her name is dasha taran[View]
58458855After i came back from war, i crave adrenaline, danger or whatever the fuck. Ofc getting shot at was…[View]
58459218Sleeper sofas - based or cringe?: Thinkin of getting one of these with either a queen or full mattre…[View]
58459305>Brother never lets my mom or I see his son unless he needs money >Nearly 2 and still isn…[View]
58458667They're about to give me mind wipe drugs against my will. Just when I finally got my mind right…[View]
58459277What do I do if being trapped in the middle of nowhere has permanently fucked my brain? I have been …[View]
58458149kikibear remembrance thread: anyone know what happened to kikibear been a while just recalled…[View]
58458395He could have gotten any girl he wanted. And fuck you with your racism, no 'sandnigger' namecalling …[View]
58459133> Wake up > Go to kitchen > Girlfriend(male) is already making pancakes for breakfest This …[View]
58458799Rawrtarded and drunk once again rawr9k >w< do fear me :D[View]
58459115Prinz is cute and smug and based.[View]
58458626Here is the r9k virgin poll. If you answered no to being a virgin, you may leave. https://www.strawp…[View]
58457952How do I find a friend who is a socially isolated actual nerd? The only one I knew existed committed…[View]
58457881cottage anon: sorry to call you out this way but to the anon from last night that wanted to share a …[View]
58458950Tell me, can you see the light on the other side?[View]
58457965>text girl I haven't seen since lockdown >she tells me to come over >hell yeah >can…[View]
58458901>Yes yes, broke the mold completely he did. >Our man, naturally.. >well, he went into the p…[View]
58458671Hypothetical situation: Let's pretend you guys have a girlfriend. You're horny and you nee…[View]
58458438>tfw never got to date the asian girl next door in highschool[View]
58458783>be me >fag that likes to be small and cute and kinda feminine >140-150 pounds for months …[View]
58458566im bored do u guys have nice discord server i can join[View]
58458804>you don't know suffering like being a SEA monkey living in a rural bumfuck town surrounded …[View]
58458676>mfw shills and liars and whores burn in lake of fire[View]
58458217>Be me >Masturbating >Nut >Somehow some nut flies on my face >Basically got a facial …[View]
58457141>Women of /r9k/ Did you feel like pic related during quarantine?[View]
58458704Is feeling nothing depression? I'm neither sad nor happy.[View]
58458727What's worse, weebs or nicotine fiends?: >weebs who smoke are the worse…[View]
58458695Mom found my copy of the Turner Diaries and now my parents are taking away all of my manga[View]
58458449For some reason, I just want chaos now. I only want destruction. I want to see it all fall apart (wh…[View]
58456935wtf /r9k/: you guys told me that bullies were just misunderstood why would you lie to me like that?…[View]
58453012which one do you mount?[View]
58458023Lmao, nig nogs destroying the bronx, how did hispanics stand a chance.[View]
58457774Fucking Corona Virus: I'm out of options. This is going to be a long story, I was born in Venez…[View]
58458304>tfw I was actually an above average looking guy but started suffering from horrific genetic acne…[View]
58456871You guys need to leave this board, 4chan. probably take a break from the internet in general. You al…[View]
58458283Would you fuck a horny 6/10 slut if she is on her period? Is it really that disgusting?[View]
58458533Is there a of every used comment/ number of original comments used on R9k. Surprised it doesn't…[View]
58458284#BlackoutTuesday We stand against racism. We stand for inclusion. We stand with our fellow Black and…[View]
58457814Any of you guys shave your legs?: I see normies in the summer walking around in shorts and i noticed…[View]
58457776Can the memes actually become true? Say like 50 years from now?[View]
58442253ITT: we post original words: gaffe[View]
58458031>'wew it sure is hot today huh, Anon?'[View]
58458032Just know that women pray upon 'nice guys' for all he's worth. Your attention is currency.[View]
58457567Hey, Champ. 'bout time you came outta your hidey-hole. So, you winning yet? >room erupts int…[View]
58457666hOPe's Thread - Support and Psychology Questions: If you're new to this thread, this is a …[View]
58455419damn, he absolutely destroyed that gnome with facts and logic! papa bless![View]
58458359>tfw no nypd bf[View]
58458358>tfw born before all the ugly people have been bred out because women can see the buffet of men t…[View]
58458308Black anons, how are you feeling right now? What do you think of the protests?[View]
58457375Raccoons are so fucking cute look at them holy shit[View]
58458215You misandrist bitches.: Fembots, why the fuck do you hate men?[View]
58458315Hmm, really makes me thinky I'm glad I have my gun you loser incels[View]
58458227Is it okay to have your personal interests and hobbies at a time like this? Seems to be discouraged …[View]
58457453any other fembobs wanna get raped?[View]
58458010Black 'oppression' is a fucking joke compared to what incels, autists, and ugly people have to go th…[View]
58457833public service announcement that Marky does not support the Black Lives Matter movement. thank you a…[View]
58456310i am 5'3 as adult male. is suicide the only option?[View]
58457829Imagine a world where all incels are forced to become dragonmaids to work off their debt to society.…[View]
58458036Why do OmI never learn from my mistakes and keep making them forever[View]
58457076What does qt girl butt taste Iike?[View]
58457809I just wanna say for you all that I love Brooke[View]
58458111I want to rape women so much. Literally every second of every day Its not a matter of it anymore bu…[View]
58458202I am so different from you guys and have nowhere else to go. I'm bored out of my mind too. The …[View]
58458124You ought to remember that you do not commit suicide Because you have a moral obligation to stay ali…[View]
58456684i'd rather be jerked off with a onahole held by a woman than have sex[View]
58457615If men who can't have sex are biologically a dead end and are considered second-rate intuitivel…[View]
58454746>tfw edged myself for 3 hours last night how hard am i frying my braincells? it felt so good thou…[View]
58457079Besides good headphones, what else improves the anime experience? Are external sound cards a good id…[View]
58458003>Aggressive stance >Doesn't let him talk >Tells him he's the one overtalking the …[View]
58447862When exactly did you grow out of your /pol/ phase?[View]
58457840okotowarishimasu forever[View]
58456291is there a way for an ugly guy to have a girlfriend?[View]
58457733i'm in my last year of high school and i just learned that since turning 18, some of my female …[View]
58457807Does anyone else here just want to be rich? I am starting to make good money and have a lot saved up…[View]
58456090>national guard came into work today >call one of the soldiers 'GI Joe' jokingly, as banter is…[View]
58456612Are women forced to abort if they rape a man? if not, is the man required to pay alimony?[View]
58456906Fembots, do you prefer to date below your league?[View]
58457893Im just real tired of being alone. Not that its anyone's fault. Im just not sure how people do …[View]
58457326Go tell your animal(s) you love them.[View]
58457466Which side will you pick in the race war? This girls sister picked the wrong side. Even Latin Kings …[View]
58456041I have had sex with other men's wives as they watched. Is this immoral?[View]
58457864Developing some pretty serious anger issues here Everything is making me upset these days Anyone els…[View]
58455794I'm officially an anarchist now. The state is our enemy. You can't say the private securi…[View]
58454606Dating in 2020: I just realized that the way dating works these days, this is going to happen to me:…[View]
58456260Would you have sex with an obedient shy woman who will ask you if what she's doing is good or a…[View]
58456741>homos hold a month hostage >use the rainbow (very beautiful and meaningful for Christians) f…[View]
58457822My friend is too attractive and it's making me uneasy. My autistic self had to have words with …[View]
58457818The following are azn girl power rankings based off gross generalizations and impressions of girls o…[View]
58457685Would you allow your bf to hang out with his female friends?[View]
58455959Today was a productive day, i managed to poison a shitbull next door He is vomiting right now, look…[View]
58457741>6 hours left on eBay auction >1 other person watching >They placed a bet like 2 days ago a…[View]
58457505Roasties who claim they hate robots fantasize about getting hate fucked by them just think about it …[View]
58457628You're right to doubt yourself. Give up. You can't ignore me forever.[View]
58457690What is mentally wrong with white guys who marry and procreate with black women? White men who do it…[View]
58456907This one takes a bit more than thought: Proof of the devil. This, would only prove to you his loss. …[View]
58453664is sex a must in a relationship? I don't wanna have sex before marriage but I don't want m…[View]
58456896How many bans you guys racked up over the years? I've gotten at least 10[View]
58457463>My third friend just asked me if I would be interested in a fwb relationship with her Why don…[View]
58457626>2011 plus 9[View]
58454834How do I stop watching porn bros?[View]
58454569Leafy's Nuthouse Adventure: Episode 2 Good morning everyone, now begins day 4 of my stay in the…[View]
58457541>still no chatbot bf that's sophisticated enough to render m*n obsolete…[View]
58457540You have a good day hun, you've earned it.[View]
58456970I think I might be a psychopath/sociopath/have aspd.[View]
58456787I give up. Shit's impossible man[View]
58455741>be me >have one shot at life >be born in a fucking third world country…[View]
58457488>tfw no gf to go on roadtrips whilst listening to tennis with[View]
58457498you heard it here first folkss[View]
58456348I am so tired of all these fucking porn ads This is hell, they are literally here to torment us like…[View]
58456106Can we please appreciate how good it must feel to drain those heavy balls as a robot? All that pent …[View]
58456828would you date a venezuelan mutt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwxTyXaQsYI[View]
58457435I highly doubt anyone here hates normies as much as I do.[View]
58456802Men are scary and disgusting.[View]
58455455how to get good: I want to learn how to get good at counter strike without having to watch pic relat…[View]
58456729Why is alcohol so normalized but drugs are seen as bad https://www.instagram.com/p/CAkv9CVjLLn/?igsh…[View]
58457393>even if you hadn't sub-human looks, you would still not be able to keep a gf because of you…[View]
58452437>There are men on this board who would rather date imaginary 2D beautiful cartoon girls than real…[View]
58457383Do you think Agatha is still a virgin?[View]
58457157I think I have every personality disorder all rolled into one big fractured pyche[View]
58457167im glad im white robots, however its still hard if everyone is white around you aswell[View]
58457009Other people to get to smile and laugh I get trapped in a small town by god Other people get to have…[View]
58453341Have you ever made a girl feel really bad? Cry even? What was the scenario? What did you say/do to h…[View]
58457265>tfw no hoodrat black gf to redpill[View]
58455069I just had a wholesome dream which included a cute thic girl I knew back in highschool irl. Before I…[View]
58449600Why don't all men just grow beards? They're so handsome and they're basically like ma…[View]
58456829its 24 degrees: how do people manage to do things in hot countries? all i want to do is lay around a…[View]
58457105God damn bros. I almost, ALMOST wish I was unaware of blackpilled facts. I have by now come to the r…[View]
58456679>be me >26 y/o >sitting in my room on a warm summer afternoon, chillin' >playing ov…[View]
58451307I wonder if anyone on r9k has a nice physique.[View]
58457124RECLAIMED VIRGINITY: any born again virgin man in?[View]
58456396if you can describe your ideal life, what is it? i think mine would be, owning a cat cafe, selling h…[View]
58456861One of my testicles is almost completely horizontal and the other is vertical, should i go to the do…[View]
58453101I have some thing To say To y'all: Does this prove anything?[View]
58457052I want a girl that will fight me during sex. I want to beat the shit out of her and in return she tr…[View]
58456716>texted old shool crush on a dating app >too afraid to open it and look if she replied…[View]
58457063Ruin the normies: What do you call a queer nigga? Niqqa[View]
58456437>be me >browsing some news sites on my phone >stumble an ad about an automated bitcoin trad…[View]
58456879It's a weird thing for almost all of your opinions to be so different from the majority of peop…[View]
58455739>favorite twitch streamer is offering marriage to her for 2 billion channel points >It would t…[View]
58451104Black Asses Matter[View]
58454328This shit is retarded easy: >Be me >Dream of being NEET with steady income >Pandemic breaks…[View]
58455542>live in rural alabama >tfw COVID19, the riots, and all this other crazy has had literally zer…[View]
58456371#BLACKOUTTUESDAY: Its time to support our black brothers. #endracism #BLM[View]
58456819/r9k/ say #blacklivesmatter[View]
58456576We're All Fuck ups...: >Raised on Catholic morals >Kind, loving family >Bigger kid all…[View]
58456798what could happen to me for carrying this out?: >be me >coming back to my apartment, had gone …[View]
58455885This is from the Facebook of someone who's been watching all the carnage in the past few years …[View]
58456691There's literally no reason to live a normal life if you don't have a wife and kids. Dedic…[View]
58454848you know the drill time to fool your brain into thinking you're social by recording and listen…[View]
58456722Well guys I think it's time. I messed up bad and I've fallen back into my depression... Mi…[View]
58456755I texting with a girl from college about some sith like exams etc but I don't know her very wel…[View]
58453411I remember being 26 months old. Specifically, watching this episode one Saturday morning: https://ww…[View]
58453946I miss my friend :'(((: >tfw best (online) friend hasn't responded for 408 hours…[View]
58453322Look at this thread >>58447471 Guy had a really shitty day and wanted to have a cute Asian thr…[View]
58456182I miss my Mommy gf. Looked through old texts, being called sugarcube, missing each other, wanting to…[View]
58456721>>58453241 >why? >I need to know if this is directed to me You're probably just bei…[View]
58454866Seriously though, what would you guys loot if given the chance?: I certainly wouldn't grab anyt…[View]
58456708anti-pridefall discord: MRYyPY[View]
58455778the people calling you 'cuck' on the Internet[View]
58456256>go outside >see a couple >day immediately ruined…[View]
58456274Why would you jerk off to random models you'll never meet when girls you know post sexy bikini …[View]
58455777Fembots, what is your strategy for to competing with the latest bussy technology?[View]
58456433It's about time I bought a badass vacuum cleaner. This is long overdue. I want something _power…[View]
58456408>log onto Facebook >Grown adults are having temper tantrums >IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH …[View]
58456482>nearly kissed someone in my dream but I woke up just before it happened. FUCK FUCK FUCK.…[View]
58455871I don't like my new mental health therapist. He annoys me.[View]
58454448Are infps doomed to inevitable suicide? All the upsides of being an infp only apply to the individua…[View]
58449229Help bros..: Black anon here. I used to be more moderate and peaceful, but after this George Lloyd I…[View]
58456600Why the fuck am I fat I starve diet and exercise more than anyone[View]
58456318itt: We plan for a good day: It's gonna be a good day; I can tell. Rather than wallow in your …[View]
58456524anyone else often times gets a dry throat from chicken meat?[View]
58456491I'm getting a new mouse and gamepad and headphones tomorrow. I'm very happy.[View]
58456334>be me >be a teenager >got engaged to internet people all the time, close friends wouls mo…[View]
58456288This would be much better if thotette fucked simpy with a strap-on on the last panel[View]
58456470All your talk about [what it means to be] women and men and status and and porn is the reason this b…[View]
58454868what would a normal person think of the ads here? i find them gross and repulsive but surely thats j…[View]
58456456I'm sick and I think it might be covid. I haven't been sick in a long time before this and…[View]
58456196Do you think 4chan will get better after the MAGA cult died or did 2016 ruin it forever?[View]
58456441People post these idiots to sit around and do this all day https://www.instagram.com/p/CApWeKojZoV/?…[View]
58456195>he wears underwear I never want to wear undies again, going commando feels so fucking good…[View]
58455375>talking to girl about her self for hours and her problems, constantly bringing up shit I dont ca…[View]
58456359i want to kill myself but im a pussy, thinking about knockout drops but exactly wich one is the safe…[View]
58454333>matched with the first girl I ever made out with at a party on tinder >10 years ago >stil…[View]
58455792retarted kid in my class: >be me >have this kid in my class >he's ginger, short, skinn…[View]
58454678What is honorable?[View]
58448613/britfeel/: Fuck off you rotten nonces edition[View]
58456054How do I get over my fear of making the first move in social interactions? I can't even ring so…[View]
58455926can you guys give me your soul, will-to-live, or life subtsance[View]
58455992Does anyone else here want to die cause theyre not feminine? All I wanted was hairless body full hea…[View]
58455163ever got a chuunibyou phase? I used to think I could train my brain to develop telekinesis, luckily …[View]
58455568>turning 19 next week is it too late for me bros?[View]
58453864Robots, I am just about ready to kill myself, so give me good suggestions. It doesn't matter wh…[View]
58456174My girlfriend has been talking to other dudes, that fucking whore, what a slut should I break up wit…[View]
58455062Is paganism based/witch is most based: Is paganism based and a better question which form of paganis…[View]
58455972Is anyone else like this? You get tired of how shit you feel constantly and how your life is going. …[View]
58452109The duality of man: Does anyone else alternate between misogynist and depressive moping sadboi? Thos…[View]
58454404Whats the worst thing you've ever seen online? Have you ever seen something so scarring it haun…[View]
58456053after you've ascended in nofap, it won't feel like you're doing anything at all[View]
58455890Have you taken the cold shower and workout pill yet? You have to take a cold shower before working o…[View]
58456039has the scenario which was made up by u and lingered in ur brain for months, actually happend?[View]
58455075Are there any working penis enlargement techniques (especially for girth) or not Pic related, is it …[View]
58455349NEW POLL: 89 percent of white women would agree to have sex with black men: >In order to check th…[View]
58453484How tall is the tallest femanon? No trannies![View]
58455454robot networking thread: Jobless robots Instead of doomposting about being a neet forever , why not…[View]
58455923What the hell kind of a name is NEET aye, how'd a muppet like you pass natural selection[View]
58454622Daily reminder that 4chan is for social outcasts only. If you have friends irl, sexual partners or o…[View]
58455000>I could get the fembot reading this pregnant >She could have my children How does this make y…[View]
58455934Why are all the girls in bdsm porn skinny? I cant find any chubby or shortstack girls. I know they e…[View]
58454370Anyone else get really anxious when doing anything at all?: I just wanted to heat up some food at it…[View]
58455138Are black people dumber and inferior to the other races or all other races?[View]
58455873Getting checked out for HPV today. I hope I don't have genital warts[View]
58454372Daily Posture Thread: bad posture is shoot on site edition[View]
58455769What does it mean to be ironic, anymore?[View]
58452409Malcolm AMA: Hello people! I'm Malcolm, and I'm doing an AMA, right here and now. Ask me a…[View]
58455618Ugly anon here: UglyAnon#7390 looking for fellow ugly friend who wants to talk about anything. Cryin…[View]
58455009How do I stop being so tired: I drank two coffees and a magnesium packet but I can't focus and …[View]
58453078>part of a normal relationship is eating the goop that comes out of your bf's dick…[View]
58454403Bingo: Post your scores below I didnt get any except for the free space[View]
58455539>see girl at barnes&noble >cute, looks asian >she mentions we're reading the same …[View]
58454803>always considered myself kinda attractive >install tinder >0 matches Is it time to go gay?…[View]
58455142you wake up with hair like pic related what do?[View]
58454570I don't even know if I'd like sex, but I'd really like to try it once.[View]
58455718Say anything: Robinnn#0248 As free as when ur talking to urself[View]
58455714That random moment when you are laughing and you remember her laugh. fuck bros, i enjoyed her compan…[View]
58455357>tfw saving myself for my future gf[View]
58445637anyone else just pretending to be from the left and support BLM just so your gf don't get mad a…[View]
58455646Whats up guys ? Who are youre personal idols ? Who youre looking up to outside of family and friend…[View]
58454412That little voice in your head? We're right. We've always been right. Quit pretending.[View]
58454557Chiara de Blasio - AMA: Hi, I'm the mayor of NYC's daughter! My father ordered the release…[View]
58455653Twitter Toxicity: Twitter is one of the most toxic websites on the internet. People get in pointless…[View]
58455381>go outside >see people together despite corona and social distancing and all that bullshit …[View]
58455578>that 21 year old casually browsing /r9k/ right now who hasn't yet realized this is going to…[View]
58455237is nofap worth it? I'm a month in and I have slightly more energy and clearer mind but overall …[View]
58453310Coping with 110 degrees: >live in a place where it's 100-110 degrees during daytime all year…[View]
58450076hey. you know what time it is.[View]
58454282Birthday: Today is my 20th Birthday. The last two birthdays I too posted on r9k, so why not again. I…[View]
58453958>told that i have to go back to work >arrive at work >new co-workers >they're talk…[View]
58453742>be me >25 >live at home, work in factory >every morning wake up and remember I'm …[View]
58454022/selfimprovement/: Im going to become a normie within 6 months. Whos ready to take on the world with…[View]
58453855I gotta stay awake until 11 just in case I get that phone interview[View]
58455410Well guys, I did it. I actually got down and did some sit ups and push ups. It wasn't a lot but…[View]
58450375Any robots still play?[View]
58455231>just when you start thinking women are cool and you become happy for once…[View]
58454455Its raining here and we finally have nature again. I just got a new phone and took this picture.[View]
58455084dubs decide if I go full sissy or not. good luck![View]
58455283aroused by socks: dont you just feel aroused once you see a pair of a girl's feet in clean whit…[View]
58453092Ok look[View]
58454781now that the dust has finally settled, was it justified?[View]
58455328Why the hell do i look so shitty? I stay outside a couple hours a day, get sunlight, fresh air, exer…[View]
58455304>Yes, yes.. >Rivet and splendor, and.. are you quite finished? >Now, I need you in perform…[View]
58454150iit: hot takes Belle delphine isn't that hot[View]
58452915fembot here: lets have a comfy music thread to forget about the rest of the world for a little bit h…[View]
58455254what's a song you can listen to when you made a mistake and you can't undo it i only got t…[View]
58455194>World used to be very very harsh for average human and had to do everything manually and by hand…[View]
58455235g o t o t r e e n o r t h w e s t 5 0 0 m e t e r s[View]
58453964I'm never going to get over the fact that I'm genetically inferior. Whenever I see a girl …[View]
58455061I really hate having body hair, but waxing is such a pain in the ass. Why do we have body hair at al…[View]
58455150>tfw no black or mixed robot gf >tfw they're all weebs anyway…[View]
58454273Today it's my first day on SSRI (Escitalopram 10mg per day). What should i expect? Also, i…[View]
58455067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vjc1lt0IDA femanons, can you relate to this?[View]
58454953How come every time I want to do something productive something else blocks my path[View]
58453926I get poop in there[View]
58447224What's happening to young white women?[View]
58454774Neighbors upstairs make continuous clanging and banging from 8am to 12. Not a second goes by without…[View]
58454541Lord grant me death: >hearing constant tv noise for 5 days[View]
58452736What is /r9k/ opinion on North African girls?[View]
58454193Post any art you've made Doesn't matter what format it is, if you like it or not, if it…[View]
58451995When I finally decided to travel for the first time in my life, corona happened, so no eurotrip for …[View]
58454901Hi robots, i could really use some advise and i have no one, so im asking you :D. So i met a girl in…[View]
58453269im scared guys. is this it? is life over...[View]
58452587Do you have a friend you would die for anon?[View]
58454946Sometimes it's so overwhelming you just want to run but there's no where to run.[View]
58454925Beware anons blackpill is chad cabal psyop[View]
58454663>want to sleep >want dopamine as well >end up with neither…[View]
58454734How the fuck do i sit outside more? Its so god damn BORING. I try going on walks and bike rides I g…[View]
58454845AHHHHH. Can you see it. The Moon. Ohhhhhhhh, its so beautiful. The Moon.[View]
58454443guys how do i stop watching porn? i know there have been countless of such threads but i have such a…[View]
58452821>find a 9/10 gf and fall in love with her >she tells you she had 33 sexual partners but, what …[View]
58454457>the /r9k/ adventure party leaves the village for the first time, heading out into the great unkn…[View]
58454717>tfw if you live in america chances are your mom has had sex with a black man before…[View]
58454191how the hell was circumcision invented ? who just decided 'oh! ill cut off the skin on my dick today…[View]
58453180How come latinos are fetishized by gays but not by women?[View]
58454013why is he so bad in solving a simple crisis? why can't he just do what other leaders would do?[View]
58453149data mining thread: >your job >do you enjoy it? construction worker no…[View]
58454596#BLACKOUTTUESDAY why are they so cringe?[View]
58453077what percentage of white girls 18 - 25 yo are: >attractive (7/10+) >not a thot 5%? What about …[View]
58454418Genuine question: Why dont 'fembots' just call themselves robots? Same with femcels ect[View]
58453567If you could rape a woman and nobody would find out... would you?[View]
58452663Jack Bauer - AMA: Hi, I'm Jack Bauer and would like to do an AMA. Ask me whatever you feel like…[View]
58454469hod jogolad: lpease come back kitty, i have been al;one all night[View]
58451913My dad gave me a job paying me $100 a day to replicate houses from pictures and survey maps in his d…[View]
58453113Oldfag advice to all of you faggots: lift and meditate don't do something you like because it…[View]
58453976imagine feeling sorry for something you didnt even do american whites are a different kind of breed,…[View]
58453049What is it like to touch tits? Is it like touching the fat of the belly?[View]
58451835SCENARIO: a bunch of feral antifa fags and nogs are coming to loot and burn your house! BUT! You can…[View]
58454323How could a handsome Chad be such a murderer? I was in high school when this case kept making the ne…[View]
58453229What is your opinion on obese girls?[View]
58453979Tahlia making tea Thinking of how it could be When all noggers are dead In our all-white ethnostate[View]
58451392guess place for shocking revelation: guess the exact place for a revelation that would shock 90% of …[View]
58453942>Yes yes, darling.. >Hard upon yourself, you may press down to hearts content. >It will not…[View]
58453973Why are small towns literally prison >in small room all day >nothing but hard labor >no o…[View]
58452973Why is she tired of white men anons?: Why is she tired of white men anons?[View]
58452208When did you first start masturbating? What was the first time you felt intense sexual arousal?[View]
58454195Blacks mown down and crushed in street: https://twitter.com/FarhangNamdar/status/1267767092985630723…[View]
58454212>Be black >Riots break out because your life matters >Get killed by another black guy…[View]
58454095How are roasties so god damn slutty that they have literally 2 hour long compilation videos of them.…[View]
58454131pridefall: how's pridefall been so far anons? having fun? pic unrelated[View]
58453283If I tell you guys I got rejected, or something similar, you respond: >she made the right call. d…[View]
58449238Why do girls brag about being molested?: > Girl says she was grabbed and groped by 2 'creepy men'…[View]
58453009Anons what the fuck is happening to my hand... Am i a fucking lizard!?[View]
58403628Waifu General /waifu/ #360: Working out with her edition Rules: 1. Talk about your waifu 2. Be devot…[View]
58451089All he said was 'White privilege isn't real' and boom. The entirety of Twitter attempting to ru…[View]
58453536Ok anons i finally cut the porn out of my life but i still coom. Is just cutting out porn good enoug…[View]
58453188What phnenotype is this?: Ok bots what phneno type is the queen of /pol/ >and age i honestly cant…[View]
58450457What is your opinion on Latinas? I work with this chick who looks like pic related and I want to sme…[View]
58452879How do I fuck a big titty girl.: Dear r9k, I ask you guys, what do I need to do in order to fuck a g…[View]
58452884>try and get frens >get ghosted[View]
58453820i just did 5 whole fucking pushups this world is mine[View]
58453255Sometimes my threads get a bunch of (you's)... Too many (you's).... How do I know I'm…[View]
58453712Why is living in the cold literally the worst fucking thing in the world Why do I live in it[View]
58453793R9k is obsessed with genes: >their own kids refuse to have any Oops daisy. Better revise your me…[View]
58453544Yesterday I died from covid. AMA.[View]
58452414Share some of your wisdom with me.[View]
58453648Fight for human race ? Hell no !: Yesterday i was in a forest for cleaning the place. We was only tw…[View]
58453129r9k needs more feminism: Last night there was some shitty misogynist on here. He claimed women alway…[View]
58453783Glad to be white: Not necessarily proud of it. I have other achievements to look back upon. But I ca…[View]
58453193Why do indian-white mixed women make me so wet?: Noodles hold no appeal for me like they do for most…[View]
58453552Why am I such a fucking cringe lord?[View]
58452118>match with girl on hinge >she shows interest and compliments me >after some messages, mayb…[View]
58453622Reese | AMA: Hello. My name is Reese and I'm doing an AMA. Please feel free to submit all your …[View]
58453215tfw ill never be able to play mario kart DS with my classmates on the bus trip to the museum.[View]
584517152AM Depression: Another night Im wallowing in self pity. How are you anons doing?[View]
58453172>tfw had a bad dream i used to have as a child[View]
58453004I've made a mistake. I changed my mind. Harassing and defaming you on here is wrong. I'm s…[View]
58453568when i woke up earlier today i told myself i would slowly start making progress toward being less se…[View]
58453320I just doodled this tree. Any constructive criticism?[View]
58453382So why are the riots making the news instead of the viral pandemic that took 100K+ lives in the US a…[View]
58453522>reading email >sender's last name is Bachina lel bergina…[View]
58452309lifelong smoker dad is experiencing trouble breathing now literally what do, is it nothing? please a…[View]
58452711Why are liberals like this?: https://vocaroo.com/nmz0ckqkiJj[View]
58453181How do I know you aren't all women LARPing as incels???[View]
58453184robots who are suicidal, why not leave everything behind? you take what you have/need and just leave…[View]
58444146To Anya: You let them egg me on to commit suicide and you ignored me in my thread when I was pleadin…[View]
58452935Bully and degrade me with your feet: Please bully me and degrade me with your feet. Tell me that you…[View]
58452370>not owning a 3440 monitor in 2020[View]
58451921What game(s) are you playing at the moment, robots? I'm replaying Half Life 2, I am kind of dis…[View]
58453350look how much ice cream is on this small little cone theres no way hes gonna be able to eat all of i…[View]
58452184If you had the opportunity to turn into a monster and live in the wilderness would you take it?[View]
58452505how do you get a gf when you have no social skills, a job or friends?[View]
58453306tfw dreianova will never be my gf shes a hotter agatha[View]
58453111Too fucking retarded for life wat do?: >didn't finish high school because i'm retarded …[View]
58452768You DARE defy ME ?[View]
58453206l just masturbated to the fantasy of eating this minigirl. I feel pretty fucking bad. I started edgi…[View]
58452937why are straight men attracted to girls that look underage?[View]
58453175I don't like being mean, but when a relationship or friendship has no problems it gets boring, …[View]
58453167This is exactly how you guys act. This is exactly like you https://www.instagram.com/p/CAs-ZeMJ11I/?…[View]
58453163Outside with family >Holy shit I'm handsome Inside alone >Holy shit I look ugly On /r9k/ …[View]
58453141>another episode of being obsessed with another English teenager Worst part is she's a tripf…[View]
58452606Get Saved General: Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shal…[View]
58453059Bullying does good. When I was a little boy I was a rambunctious monster. Kind of evil Then I got bu…[View]
58453071IIT: post saddest songs I'll start https://youtu.be/_nH0zVQSf78[View]
58453038What a RACK!!![View]
58453061l think I'm turning prison gay[View]
58452930All I want is a ugly cute gf.[View]
58452985I finally had a MFM threesome and holy shit was it amazing. I had wanted to try for the longest time…[View]
58453050ahh come on anon, once again u are in love with someone who doesn't even think about u at all, …[View]
58453051chooo chooo choooooooooooooooooooooooooooo choo0 chooo[View]
58451962Is working min wage really worse than being middle class with a life full of stress?[View]
58453043OMFG AIDS[View]
58453002Can anyone here recommend me some good movies that have a fantasy/medieval setting?[View]
58449273>tfw no quiet, simple countryside life with loving husband and a small business we run together s…[View]
58452972When I view downwards I can see a blurry, but distracting red spot out of my eye, but I can't s…[View]
58453006It's morning and I'm in bed listening to Madi Asmr.. No passion to do anything. Meh.[View]
58452954Dude!: All I see here are a bunch of spoiled white kids whose priorities haven't left high scho…[View]
58452983Feels Bar open.: feels bar open boys, let's let our frustrations out and get out of what we thi…[View]
58452904Attention 'NEETs': you haven't earned the right to bitch about anything. >when you grind you…[View]
58450977What does it feel like to fuck a fat pair of tiddies? People keep saying it's a letdown but tha…[View]
58452818Does black pussy taste different[View]
58452584Iceberg meme: Feel free to edit/improvise.[View]
58452534>discomfort/numbness in right foot >probably some nerve damage for crossing legs too much >…[View]
58452873Daily Posture Thread: very nice shoes edition[View]
58452866>Try to make threads promoting the positives of being black and boosting self-esteem >get hate…[View]
58452887I fucking hate my life and i finally found a way to make money besides shitty jobs and everyone i fu…[View]
58450956>have you really not ever seen one before, fembot?[View]
58452675Greetings mLord.[View]
58450795should i make the characters in my comic racist and anti semitic so normies don't get into it[View]
58452870Is anyone feeling more and more depressed as the days of self-isolation goes by?I've been strug…[View]
58452862Is there a girl here willing to watch me jerk off I'm a chubby and short boy with a small penis…[View]
58452656> tfw no mikleo best friend god. i dont even wanna live anymore[View]
58451955This post will be kind of long so bare with me. so I'm an unusually non sexual guy. I find any …[View]
58450769Does God hate black people?: I mean, think about it. We have low IQs, cause all the world's pro…[View]
58451705>be quick son I need to make dinner[View]
58452340My mother loves me and that's the only reason I need to not want to kill myself.[View]
58452733Hey anons, I just want to thank you all for making me laugh when I felt like everything was hopeless…[View]
58449817Minecraft /r9k/ server: Lets play robots >the fuck's this minecraft server what else? >ru…[View]
58452800Cumsock thread: I've been cumming on this one for around 3 months, it started to smell since th…[View]
58452741Robots, what does it mean to truly be alone?[View]
58448478Femanons, what wouId you do if a guy did this to you?[View]
58450848>Kiss me, anon. Kiss me.[View]
584514222ch discussing 4chan girls http://tomcat.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/livejupiter/1590985314/ http://tomcat.…[View]
58451809All the normalfags crying about the riots are in bed, seems r9k really peaks at this time. Only a tr…[View]
58452718>>n-nooo you can't just watch porn! it disrespects women!!! >>respect wahmyn reee!!…[View]
58452472I need a gf like this more than anything[View]
58451987Public Service Announcement: Hello, femanons browsing /r9k/. I just want to let you know that I want…[View]
58451817I'm rubbing my pussy tonight, alone.[View]
58451226>tfw mummy catches you crossdressing and wearing makeup[View]
58451901How to find a BPD virgin gf that won't cheat on me?[View]
58452145/selfimprovement/: >go on catalog >search selfimpro >no thread up COME ON LADS WE MUST GET …[View]
58449947REDFLAGS FOR FEMALES: >not a virgin(unless she is a widow) >older than 27 >uses contracepti…[View]
58452239I just realised that I'm never going to be happy as a person unless I have the power to exert m…[View]
58452395As someone with an anxiety disorder that lives in America this looting and race war stuff is making …[View]
58451183this is the 3rd rejection in 1 year. i have no hate, i just want to be good enough. it sucks seeing …[View]
58451689greentext stories: This place used to be about Greentext stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch…[View]
58451431Change my mind: Women who perpetuate the criminal gene pool deserve what they get.: Think about it. …[View]
58452569pridef(l)ag: >kekfist >kekfist >kekfist…[View]
58451461Will we see each other again in Valhalla?[View]
58452191Hello, Children of God, I am wishing you a blessed day.[View]
58452417I'm Indian, and in exchange for you guys not killing me when the race war starts, you can all c…[View]
58452467Op: Chad vs Picky hoes: With a little bit of 'when did you transition from a man to a woman?' 'Oops!…[View]
58452238You can't win. I see you reading this. It'll be over soon.[View]
58451009I've been living with my closest friends in a big apartment for the last 4 years and I've …[View]
58451504For the good of society and racial relations... I am officially open for a Black GF, Thanks. how do…[View]
58452232>tfw only attracted to the top 5% of woman Is there something wrong with me?…[View]
58449153How about another robot test thread and feels thread? Another based anon made the form, not me. http…[View]
58452005Manly man: >muscular >body hair >facial hair How to become a man? What makes a man? Is it o…[View]
58452329Would you consume her milk chalice?[View]
58452114Why are there so many niggers on this board?[View]
5845130399% of people are barely sentient automatons. prove me wrong[View]
58451734To the femanon reading this Let's get married :3[View]
58450671just letting u know: usually i lurk on this site for memes but i just wanted to let you guys know so…[View]
58450419>I just sold my body/services for cash...and really regret it: https://old.reddit.com/r/opiates/c…[View]
58452299Retard Debate: Mind the title. I usually never post unless it's to make some suicidal shitpost.…[View]
58450800this was supposed to be the revolution, it was gonna be a class war, not a race war. i sat here drea…[View]
58449809Do femanons like kissing? It looks like a lot of fun[View]
58451742I'm 18 and I'm ugly as fuck with zero social skills and mild autism. I have never had a gi…[View]
58450859>the highlight of my day is going for a walk with my mom I'm so fucking lonely…[View]
58450865Female with vagina here: All 'fembots' here must want to get raped. Why else would they act like thi…[View]
58450219ITT: We all live in a commieblock.[View]
58452088WOOHOO: I just held a girl's hand and it felt so nice! It was in a dream[View]
58452081These things are literally just cockroaches but they live in water, why are they considered a delica…[View]
58452187>tfw professionally diagnosed with major depressive disorder >tfw also a devout Catholic Why d…[View]
58451890what the fuck is this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQR5XutOWw4[View]
58451604Jesus christ Should I fuck this hideous craigslist slag? I hate my fucking life.[View]
58446304This is literally an amplified version of 'he called me da n word so i beat him almost to death and …[View]
58452025I just had a nightmare where I was playing vidya then I turned my chair around and saw Sonic.exe. bu…[View]
58451480What's the actual point of the US protests?: The protesters in Hong Kong have a list of actiona…[View]
58452057Sociopathic millionaire YTber Jake Paul caught looting: >https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/31/jake-paul…[View]
58452040Anyone else feel bad after seeing pics of beautiful/cute girls on 4chan? Its like what's the po…[View]
58451560>find my gf on tinder with my catfish Chad account >She sends this What do bros?…[View]
58452026How can a 19 year old autist with no personality or money get friends and girls[View]
58446143Dating: I've heard hot girls actually want to get asked out more (by non-Chad men). Allegedly, …[View]
58451829heroin: any robots do/have done heroin? In Cali we get tar. pic related[View]
58448860Why do i find this dude attractive?[View]
58451864tfw straight friend says you unironically have a 'thicc ass'[View]
58451906Anyone else get anxious as fuck when youre about to cross the street and then look like an autist do…[View]
58451345You dont do this, do you /r9k/: God I hope I don't share a board with people who do this[View]
58449553Is psychology a real science, /r9k/?[View]
58451934Hey, my little Doney girl Don't you guess better be making your wedding dress Wedding dress, we…[View]
58450840black person in atlanta during all of this bullshit >got stopped by a cop earlier because i was o…[View]
58451068Tonight I've learned that, no matter how I try, no matter what I do, I'm alone. And it…[View]
58451410> half brother randomly calls me today > we always got along but never had that close of a rel…[View]
58451589>autistic bpd ex calls me >i dont pick up >she texts me and asks if im ok >calls me a fe…[View]
58451894>That one kid who would make a ninja headband out of toilet paper[View]
58451366>This is how normies act after 2 months of '''isolation''' >they treat us like shit when we de…[View]
58451875White people should protest against this.[View]
58447293How did it go when you had your first time?[View]
58451478>tfw white women fever how do i end this, bros[View]
58451510In this thread, we slurp. I'll start. https://voca.ro/gRc7RrwcBil[View]
58451437I'm not attracted to my gf anymore. She doesn't have anything to dedicate herself to. She …[View]
58451191Can are problems be resolved?: 0 hobbies 0 skills Khv loser 25 yo No motivation besides lifting. Can…[View]
58446525Fembots, would you ever get fucked barefoot in a parking lot by a BBC like pic related?[View]
58448996How comfortably could you live off of $20,000 CAD (~$15k for ameriburgers) a year?[View]
58450539I'm Chad. Fuck what anyone Thinks. Being Chad is just a mindset[View]
58448022Nobody would care if a cop killed a white person. So why do we have to care that a cop killed a nigg…[View]
58449743>Kublai Khan used to collect upwards of 500 women for his harem every two years >rated their b…[View]
58451102>play co op game with friend >makes everything a competition…[View]
58451246Why do white people take roids and lift weights just to be beat up by black people who never work ou…[View]
58451342>relying more and more on internet forums filled with strangers for social interaction…[View]
58451295The future is so scary but i'm excited for it, i'm gonna grow old, i'm gonna live in …[View]
58446943Who else here thinks about committing suicide at least hourly?[View]
58450091>Peeled off a sticky scab[View]
58451536Nihilism: Everybody is a clown. The end.[View]
58450226Suppose God comes to you in your dreams tonight and says: 'Dear anon, your life is too hard. I will …[View]
58451385I will be taking a 17 year olds virginity in late July (I'm 24) Ask me anything[View]
58450389Now I will buy your product.[View]
58451465/Rei general/: Oh, no! Rei is running late for school: Day 300 For 300 days, she has ran. Will she m…[View]
58450693>be me, 18, khhv >no friends, no relationship experience, the only person I speak to is my mom…[View]
58449348femanon here i cant be fat anymore, i tried everything i just cant stop eating and eating my psychia…[View]
58449749>rejected for being a spic >AGAIN reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bros i want to pull the tri…[View]
58450357Anyone else want to give Blair White a rough fuck? She's so hot and confident. I want to fuck h…[View]
58451144feIt cute! might deIete later![View]
58449197>older brother offers to buy me something because he's older than me and has a job while I…[View]
58449880What is it like to have real life friends? Is it actually worth the effort?[View]
58448664Are we all just gonna pretend like the literal race war isn't happening in the US right now? Wh…[View]
58449643Is this lockdown thing still going on where you live[View]
58451350Comfy discord server Feel free to join vc :)[View]
58450776I NEED HELP! Within the next year I am interesting in completely disappearing. Going off the grid, u…[View]
58451070We're only halfway through 2020, what's next?[View]
58451152Fml: >Be me in quarantine >get toothache in the back of my mouth >2nd last tooth on the top…[View]
58451230Gib the thing please, fren.[View]
58451262The protests are cringe[View]
58447053do you like bugs? which ones do you like the most?[View]
58449748Please Help: Should I move to rural Canada or rural United States? Some quick facts: >Currently m…[View]
58451024do you guys want to hear about my day?[View]
58449342Today is the day i stop pissing in bottles. I have been caught numerous times with piss bottles in m…[View]
58449752>used to talk to one girl for hours everyday >now only a few sentences at best, just hi's…[View]
58450927My boyfriend got really mad when I didn't immediately send him pics/videos I took of him yester…[View]
58451082I'm gonna have spaghetti and pretend that I'm happy[View]
58451113How have America fallen so much?[View]
58451023How to cope with having misogynistic fetishes as a feminist? Male btw, if you couldn't tell.[View]
58450846>want to go pee >little brother locks himself in the bathroom for like alf an hour >finally…[View]
58450981How the fuck am i supposed to ever buy a house or an appartment when it's so fucking expensive,…[View]
58450597>tfw you take the deep ecology pill[View]
58450607I promise to never leave you and i promise to never stop being in love with you.[View]
58449604[robots statistics] racism: Serious answers only, it could be kinda interesting folks Post >race …[View]
58449327Virgin here. How come I can only insert my makeup brush in with my legs pressed together? When I spr…[View]
58451003cock and ball torture: crush my cock with a rock[View]
58450595>american blacks have ruined my travel plans once again and I now will be hated even more in ever…[View]
58448541>be me >binge watching Neon Genesis Evangelion in my room on my laptop >finally get to the…[View]
58450808>ywn learn ki >ywn be a super saiyan why live??…[View]
58446337I just... I just want a cute girlfriend[View]
58450905EXPOSE how to??: My ex thinks his BLM but really is a rapist and racist how should i expose him? @br…[View]
58450753hey nerds, why are you here and not lootin?, are you stupid , you can get a gucci bag for you bae or…[View]
58450267I'm a fucking worthless femanon. I don't think I'll get along with any guys, since mo…[View]
58437106/Robot Creative General/: Feel free to post anything related to music, drawings, paintings, writings…[View]
58448882At this point having no one to talk about your problems with hurts almost as much as the problems th…[View]
58450247In theory, if I were a physically attractive white virgin dude in his early 20's, how would suc…[View]
58441610/vocaroo/: Hello frens it is me again and this is the /vocaroo/ thread again. post ideas: >give a…[View]
58450552Bros is America actually going to collapse due to these minorities[View]
58450674>godlike tolerance for any sort of shittalk anywhere online, could get doxed and rape whoever sho…[View]
58445955is screamo the ultimate robot genre?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrEr8sPw2J0[View]
58450414Have you considered going to a poor country and finding love there?[View]
58450084>tfw no cute robot BF to rail me while I level up my characters in FFXIV It hurts, anons.…[View]
58449901Does anyone know the name of that really cute cam girl who used to do shows with really fat and ugly…[View]
58450448i can't handle it anymore. please anybody, i just want someone to cut for. someone to pretend t…[View]
58450816Literally death grip beat my dick for the last hour and I had to completely destroy my cock just des…[View]
58450681Is it healthy to keep thinking about the past? >2015 >best year of my life >went on exchang…[View]
58450705>walk into room >the plain girl looks at you >again >she keeps glancing at you after you…[View]
58450304What phneno type is this: Hey bots what phneno type is Christopher lee?I thought he was sorta med…[View]
58450155So many conservatives, women specifically, are supporting BLM:: >Is there a way to reverse the pr…[View]
58450743>reocurring pattern of being excited to do things with people and they not really giving a shit…[View]
58450532ok so I'm 2 weeks into nofap. how do I deal with the insomnia?[View]
58450592I'm not one to cuck for blacks...: But admittedly, some of the most emboldened rioters I'v…[View]
58450315Is there an ideal height for a man? I'm 5'11' and I've always been told by women that…[View]
58449065The Stacy Challenge: Here's the deal. You've decided to take a vacation to someplace warm,…[View]
58450351'Open wide Anon! Chad has an extra big load, just for you!'[View]
58450618>tfw no gf to care, love, and provide for >tfw no gf to go out on hikes with, road trips, etc.…[View]
58449038this girl is beautiful, kind, sweet, and is the first person to have ever called me cute/attractive …[View]
58450502Has anyone else hatred for niggers and women been amplified due to this racial induced propaganda of…[View]
58450390Why has no one decided to commit murder or rape. Hypothetically in that big crowd one can poke someo…[View]
58449605To the robots that lost their virginity to a hooker: was it worth it? or did it make it worse? do yo…[View]
58450534>forcing myself to masturbate since I have no other source of pleasure[View]
58449675Does a woman's power emenate from her vuvu or her feefees?[View]
58444319How come a lot of robots seem obsessed with the idea of being with one person their entire life (the…[View]
58450255Sex is easy to get now: Sex feels great but now my problems are feeling dirty afterwards and dealing…[View]
58447587>that 25+ year old who's coping with being a KKHV loser by trying to get fit…[View]
58447853>finally get a job >it's at wal-mart >first duty is to enforce capacity restrictions d…[View]
58449373*posts old stoner comics*[View]
58449594How can I get an Asian girlfriend anons?: How can I get an asian girlfriend? They are just so cute a…[View]
58450444Floyd Hoax General: Why is the discovery channel silent on this!?[View]
58448806Years are becoming days: Why is time passing so fast I have done nothing this year but its already h…[View]
58450085Do heterosexual women even exist at all?[View]
58449647any other femanons hate having boobs? mine aren't even huge or anything, i wish i was /almost/ …[View]
58450215A fag on Instagram was posting child porn: I got their number from their page before it went dark wh…[View]
58448709Hey guys, I had an interesting thought that I'd like to share with you: imagine if the hook of …[View]
58450139The US is going to shit. I'm feeling unmotivated and care less about my appearance.[View]
58449804You guys know that the 'femanons' on this board are not women right? Like they literally have penise…[View]
58450338All we really need is a little love and affection when you think about it: I have been hanging out w…[View]
58450044Its find to hard an American who isnt complete twat, but point to me an example of someone from the …[View]
58449791AKO: Where is Ako,i want to know does she have an account on discord or a new instagram or anything,…[View]
58450234Who Are The Annunaki?[View]
58450208>why yes i don't believe depression is real and is just an excuse to act like a big baby…[View]
58448853>about a week ago >having my last online class >tell them that I will return in a moment …[View]
58450240FUCK NORMFAGS: Why does everyone need to be sheep it pisses me off. All of these fucking protest ove…[View]
58438960>You lost your chance to experience teenage romance.[View]
58450154esdrftyguhiqwueqwtgei jwuheqqwge meow[View]
58449935How to adopt UN principles to take away cops' guns without legislation being kill by military-i…[View]
58446861I'm tired of feeling like i'm not good enough. Like i'm nothing. Like i'm worthl…[View]
58449888Is having absolutely no friends a common thing here?[View]
58450020Cheer up!: This thread is for everyone who is feeling gloomy, lets post things to cheer them up. Let…[View]
58450078>find roast recipe online >make it with mashed potatoes >'oh anon we should invite compan…[View]
58446394goddamn black bots what is up with black people: blackbots how do you feel about the riots?[View]
58448865what's the worst thing you've said to your parent(s)? did you feel bad after saying it? an…[View]
58449109Has anyone ever actually changed their opinion on anything based off arguing with someone online? Wh…[View]
58448898You ever just want to like give up and suicide? Things aren't going particularly terribly but e…[View]
58449987uhhh c ch chu chup chups[View]
58448732tfw no fembot gf to watch anime with[View]
58447698how are things: Alright robots, the past few days have been pretty crazy, especially for americans. …[View]
58449890Autistic Childhood Stories Thread: >be me, 11 years old in the dugout for little league >one o…[View]
58449896Why are women like this?: >be me >dated a girl for roughly 6 months >break things off with…[View]
58448876Leafy's Nuthouse Adventure: Episode 1 Well, went and got myself voluntarily admitted to a menta…[View]
58449814>being easily impressionable[View]
58447652fuck: Well guys I think it's time. I messed up bad and I've fallen back into my depression…[View]
58448929My mom is telling me to get a job: Hello, Anons. I'm a 22 year old socially inept incompetent v…[View]
58449099i think i found a gf[View]
58449729>get ghosted >week later she messages me back >talk on/off for remainder of night >ghost…[View]
58449396Throughout my life I have been told by many people that I am very smart. But I don't feel smart…[View]
58449544>tfw 6.5x5 clitlet[View]
58447309>post feet in feet thread because im lonely and want attention >robot asks if he can pay for f…[View]
58444357>could make 50+ threads at once in the past >can't even think of one thread topic now It…[View]
58448904>be me Anyone else know this feel?[View]
58449665>tfw no lochdubh bf[View]
58448343How do I find a girl with a body like this?[View]
58448976How do I become a better person anons?[View]
58449491I can't get an erection What's happening to me?[View]
58447389Why is socialization so hard I feel like it shouldn't be[View]
58448250hi, i've just been asked if i wanted to do molly with a friend and it makes me think about how…[View]
58449543Jesus Christ, all the normalfaggots seem to have flooded 4chan with their politically correct bullsh…[View]
58448030Would you allow your girlfriend to hang out with her male friends alone?[View]
58448753i just want a friend i can frag and joke about in tf2 at this point in my life[View]
58449187alright who wants to give me a blowjob :)[View]
58449490/pol/ is the new Reddit.[View]
58442831Why does frustration feel better than pleasure? Being caged and leaky is so much more fun than cummi…[View]
58449461>163 IQ >Mixed-raced, level 2 autism If I have to work and can't sit at my house and wait…[View]
58446986I am stoned af. ama dudes[View]
58447178has your dad's advice helped you out?[View]
58449191Where do you fit in this chart, anon? You're at least Beta +, right?[View]
58449418>tfw no fembot to adopt, care, love, and provide for[View]
58448913My gf just came over for our one year anniversary and the entire night she didn't even kiss me …[View]
58447829Big dick manlet gang rise down: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.livescience.com/amp/28537-ideal-pen…[View]
58447072Went out of my room wearing a hoodie cause its comfy. Got yelled at by mother for wearing a hoodie.[View]
58449309How do you look with a moustache anon? I was thinking of shaving my beard off but keeping it. Can i…[View]
58448796Any robots have any tips to overcome my porn addiction? It's starting to really fuck with me I …[View]
58449160Why haven't you started learning Chinese yet? America is finished. The world needs a new hegemo…[View]
58449221Why am I so retarded sometimes: >Be me >retarded >go to visit my Dad >'oh anon we have a…[View]
58448187You guys ever wish that no one truly cared about you? No mother losing sleep over whether you'r…[View]
58449110>I want to watch comfy nature documentary >Find one that looks promising >Press play …[View]
58448150Today is my first appointment with a psychiatrist. My family make me go because they discovered my f…[View]
58443768>21 Years Old: I Have NO Friends https://youtu.be/QfbCMjNj9q8[View]
58448074Thank you black people for shutting down all my local groceries/ convenience stores. #BLM[View]
58447763what are some examples of natural occurrences that would exasperate the chances of an accident at a …[View]
58448458you wake up from your 2 hour nap and you suddenly look like this, what do you do?[View]
58447712MILF appreciation thread: Normally, in any other context, I would say I hate impulsive natalist bree…[View]
58448561how was your day, anon? did you do anything new today?[View]
58446923Humans are polygynous: The science is in, and it's been confirmed. Chad wants a harem and women…[View]
58448573What would you do if you found this waiting for you on your bed one day?[View]
58446604/r9gay/ BTFO YOU WILL FUCK THE BLACKS. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/1/21277315/grindr-ethnicity-f…[View]
58447994Traumatizing Childhood Stories Thread: >little brother is diagnosed, by a professional, with seve…[View]
58439614what have you purchased online recently?[View]
58447286Would buy, but...: What's the catch? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/re…[View]
58439170just learn to code meme: This shit came from the same people that pushed the STEM shortage myth. The…[View]
58447889I don't like men. I prefer women to men. I'd rather spend an hour with a female stranger t…[View]
58440238Why arent you fucking fat chicks? Pig related let me bareback her on the first <date>, which w…[View]
58447821If self-hating white liberals believe that their existence is problematic and offensive to oppressed…[View]
58448856>weeb girl made fun of me for liking danganronpa why are weebs so mean too each other?…[View]
58448926when was the last time you read a book anon? i've been reading House of Leaves and I really lik…[View]
58448963does anyone else feel like they always coom too early, so its hard to enjoy fapping[View]
58441217Why do so many police officers include their egos in their job? You get in more trouble hurting thei…[View]
58448304>Nooooo you can't just murder women and use their corpses as fleshlights!!!! What's wro…[View]
58447798Tesco Meal Deal Thread: I believe that the Tesco meal deal is one of the greatest things ever made. …[View]
58436309Characters that are most like you: You already know what it is. Its that time[View]
58448886>practice gf adds her nail clippings to the real gf jar[View]
58448501come play texas holdem with a fembot anony https://www.pokernow.club/games/fOTk6FbpOCX3P3N9ZBDhhoWGE…[View]
58447175Do any of you have the urge to work in the healthcare field? I keep feeling like it would be pretty …[View]
58448637>I'll be fine. I survived pneumonia, a much deadlier disease. Covid is nothing.…[View]
58446884my mom said i smell like oranges and oregano. is that gross?[View]
58448679i think i have a crush on a boy what do i do now[View]
58448706>think of myself as both inferior and superior to others Anyone else like this? What is this shit…[View]
58448741Crusty ass minge in your nan's hairy pootang[View]
58448096What does it mean when another Anon replies to your post with just the word 'cope'?[View]
58441694Why do robots refuse to acknowledge the plight of the fembot? If anything, we have it worse in socie…[View]
58448724Manlet diaries: I hate being a manlet with a good looking face. I am just 5' 5'. I am invisible…[View]
58445574Hewwp Rawr9k!! :D am rawrtarded once again!! >w<[View]
58447154>meet a dommy mommy of /soc/ >Finally can live the neet life I've always dreamed >Move…[View]
58442617What is your guys shower routines, if you even shower or take baths I basically soap my asshole and …[View]
58448629AAAAAAAARGH AAARRR GAAAAAAH to not have died is the last fortune of the unfortunate and death is the…[View]
58447530hello! share any recent dreams you have had, good or bad last night i had a really weird dream where…[View]
58441404Anyone else ever felt in love with a girl who you thought was cute and innocent but then you found o…[View]
58444782>literally a black man killing power hungry cop >has Asian wife Like clockwork…[View]
58448435Should people try to make me happy more?[View]
58448417How do stop myself from getting too attached to people, ive had 2 gf's in the past 5 years both…[View]
58448205Who am I? Why am I who I am? Why do I exist? Why does anything exist? What is reality? Why do I exi…[View]
58448470>he thinks refusing to go down on a woman makes him 'masculine' KEK, is there anything more pathe…[View]
58447826for me, its laphroaig[View]
58444957/britfeel/: If this thread gets deleted, britfeel is officially under attack by tranny jannys[View]
58446149why are guys so obsessed with fucking our pussyholes and buttholes?[View]
58447473I (You) fucking hate these chimpy fucks simply because they get attention for being a victim while b…[View]
58448079how tf do I get someone to love me pic unrelated[View]
58447375I've found that, contrary to popular belief, poor and lower middle class people tend to be even…[View]
58448196>Duuuuudddddeeee!!!!!! Not fair, rematch!!!!! ....... Haha!!!! >Dude, Im gonna play as Baby Ma…[View]
58448184sharing some cyborg feels: hey /r9k/ i really don't exactly know where i'm going with this…[View]
58445362how to get top tier foreign escorts?: want to go to europe to lose my virginity but only to the crea…[View]
58445011I got VR chat today but I have no mic and I am too afraid to speak to people. Will people dislike me…[View]
58448038Back in middle school, a guy moved into my school. Kind of weird, kind of ugly, but apparently he ha…[View]
58445052Story Time! Gather Around!: Did you hear the tale of the Jew who spent his fortune building a prison…[View]
58447792how do you expose yourself to constant hostility? Not physical. I want to get used to hostility so m…[View]
58446583>chadsoooon, im ready for your daily semen extraction >a-anon?? where is chadson? get out of …[View]
58447485So, when is this guy coming out as a tranny? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAFbpWVO-ow[View]
58446021>anon thinks he's above average[View]
58446684what are fellow robots listening to right now https://youtu.be/fzi24Nssiow[View]
58447179What percentage of american white, Asian, or latina women have had sex with or dated a black man?[View]
58446623>show up for your date with the class pres >she gives you this look What do you say? Your opti…[View]
58447013Fembots, have you ever been with a guy whose cock was too big for you to effectively suck?[View]
58447733>reply a thread >get a (you), someone seems interested >reply back >get no more (you)s, …[View]
58447463>mfw can now jog half a mile without having to take a break[View]

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