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77871217I might legit be a narcissistic psychopath >I'm always the victim >feel nothing when fami…[View]
77871780Pit Bull Attacks Officer During Terrifying Rampage: Why do people own these nigger-tier dogs? https:…[View]
77872056Not ready for commitment: She wanted to see my parents and I just went on with the idea w/o a second…[View]
77868707Anyone else think its wild how we are the first generation of men expected to be okay with non-virgi…[View]
77871627It's late. I'm heading to dreamland. Good night r9k. Gonna cry myself to sleep.[View]
77871507Billions must be baptized[View]
77871236Whats a good last movie to watch before you kill yourself?: I was thinking of Falling Down, but the …[View]
77870549It finally happened: I never thought this day would come. I finally got a girls number through a rea…[View]
77870598Now that the dust has settled, what can we learn from this?[View]
77871866sweaty fembot buttcrack[View]
77871489Reddit Chads Have Ideal Penis Size For Women, Study Finds: https://www.inverse.com/science/penis-siz…[View]
77871705OTHER THAN SEX STUFF what would most (non-trans/AGP) guys do if they became a biological woman overn…[View]
77870583So where is this Lesbian cop sex tape?[View]
77871810For the anon who asked earlier, here's the ASMR you requested. https://vocaroo.com/1b3PPj2TpG7S[View]
77863457Uni in sweden produces a study relating to meIanated penii and white women https://mau.diva-portal.o…[View]
77871479>Food >Entertainment >Porn Is that what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?…[View]
77871791In my past life I was a British earl https://youtu.be/cMgugJdDoGw?si=9CTt0zZ3--pZKvYk[View]
77871258What percentage of the women population do you think enjoy headpats? How to find a headpatable gf??[View]
77871751I dont get along with women, and women dont get along with me. They are vapid and we have nothing in…[View]
77871561Which member of the Little Rock wrestling team is the most fuckable? Objectively speaking.[View]
77870934>tfw can't tell if my hairline is receding or if it's entirely in my head it doesn…[View]
77870530Just realized I dont view outwardly feminine men as men: Every male who is skinny, doesnt have chest…[View]
77870230What would you do if the fat girl you were dating found your plapjak folder and got revenge by magic…[View]
77871431>>77807980 >It's basically just a show. 'Look, your money is still safe because there …[View]
77871481Being a dicklet is absolute suifuel. How do normies even do it? The psychological effects of being d…[View]
77869769Anons, why aren't you tiddymilkmaxxing?: My hag girlfriend is 34 years old and she produces mil…[View]
77870243Is philosophy dead on /r9k/?: I hope you fellow reader will participate in my discussion, so I'…[View]
77871553retarded question but: Say - if I were to pour an entire bottle's worth of distilled white vine…[View]
77868284Be nice to women who sympathise with us.. Or else[View]
77871447I am a feral flea bitten beast consumed by rabies that was meant to have been put down a long time a…[View]
77871478Who are your favorite brown people? I like the Filipinos. They are culturally familiar, speak Englis…[View]
77869916anyone else feeling less depressed lately? i dont know what it is[View]
77869248how to deal with racism? my boss calling me pajeet and its getting on my nerves[View]
77870995Wingmen are always expecting a Simpsons or Family Guy reference. Everything has to be coloured and e…[View]
77861655i want attention: i want to get called cute. i want people to fawn over me. i want people to lust af…[View]
778711361/3 >be me >be with a cute girl from your high school that loves you obsessively >she play…[View]
77869712Why do they build all of this? Who do they think they are going to be killing? Are you going to die …[View]
77869629Thoughts on monotony?[View]
77869100I don't regret playing video games my entire childhood. I regret the situations I was put in as…[View]
77869949Today was my first time ever attempting to jerk off in my life at 19 years old but i couldn't c…[View]
77871436I'm tired of Women attempting to be femcels when all the evidence points to them just sitting a…[View]
77871424I wish I was a primordial dwarf, because I could definitely fit inside a girls butthole at that size…[View]
77864303I hate this scumbag I hope he dies choking on his own vomit. If you see anyone posting images like t…[View]
77871410I woke up 4 hours ago but didn't get much sleep at all. Im sleepy again.[View]
77868688every fembot's fantasy[View]
77871395Just found out my wife is cheating on me with an incel she met online. What did I do to deserve this…[View]
77871197Tranny porn ruined me for life.[View]
77871389I went into my gym for the second time in my life and whilst I worked out two Stacy types just looke…[View]
77870711Sometimes I think that if I post something depressing enough, that pours out my soul to a great enou…[View]
77870628Hi anons, quick question please: how much is pic rel accurate? I've seen countless American rig…[View]
77869973This board has turned to shit and i say that as someone who's only been here for a few years. W…[View]
77871107Would u ever have sex with dog[View]
77871144>have been wanting to do something productive literally all day today, in constant stress >the…[View]
77869316Sex (women are wrong): With both men and women, sex often starts with mental stimulation and leads t…[View]
77869753i really wanna get in a (preferably rock) band and get on the radio and get really rich and famous d…[View]
77870883Do robots support the second amendment?[View]
77870949Prove you belong here: Time to weed out the normalfags. Post your darkest blackpills and prove youre…[View]
77870768>tfw attractive but kind of ugly[View]
77868292NEED YOUR HELP 26yo: >be me, terminally online until last year >lived with parents, making aro…[View]
77868002I hope that one day i can be good at art one day, i know ill never have the motivation to practice t…[View]
77871113My friend rapes his relationship chatbot every night: My 57 year old male friend bought a chatbot to…[View]
77870606Do normies live a life of pure bliss?: I just find it hard to believe when normies say that life is …[View]
77870899I have never met someone crazier than the person obsessed with... the fabula[View]
77870743>give my friend the silent treatment for two weeks because he forgets to wish me a happy 19th bir…[View]
77869902can foids let us have literally anything?[View]
77871088>cute ultra-shy coworker who would give me long looks got fired >I'll never see her again…[View]
77870120The REAL reason why so many millennials and zoomers are LGBT: The most recent studies have shown tha…[View]
77870978Macerate moid murder.[View]
77870770What 'quirks' do autistic people have exactly? People say embrace your real self and quirks but what…[View]
77865436I want to do this so bad[View]
77867132what is r9k's usual outfit? mine is >graphic tee >unbuttoned shirt over tee >jeans …[View]
77870781I love it when boomers type like this Also shoutout to becca hochman and her huge jewish milkers[View]
77870923I just got my heart broken, 1 year, first everything, I hold no grudges though, It was partly my fau…[View]
77869738I was thinking about going outside today since i haven't been in weeks. I feel sleepy though. M…[View]
77869576>/r9k/ gymcel sees a picture of a non-muscular man with a woman >immediately begins seething a…[View]
77866474How do I find an Asa Mitaka gf?[View]
77869857How would you feel if you finally got a gf but she refused to indulge all your sexual curiosities an…[View]
77870685Is a large part of antinatalism just jealousy of future generations? If life for the average person …[View]
77870165each day, the national debt doubles..[View]
77866699im 20f, friendly, smart, okay looking, patient, trustworthy yet i dont have any friends or a bf, why…[View]
77869324Robot bros will the Future of AI save us? Imagine a world with android waifus or Imagine getting hoo…[View]
77869141>sph fetish since I was like 12 years old how does this even happen[View]
77870694>Me >Want to be involved in VO >Pay out the ass for sites to even be a 'premium' member and…[View]
77870678why is not everyone racist? i thought everyone was racist but there are whites that are against raci…[View]
77868902i got a surprise gift today: my dad said he wanted to show me something and took me into the garage.…[View]
77870164>pic-related Why did they lose?[View]
77869771>sexually abused by parents >schizophrenia >autism >tranny i dont have any weirdo diseas…[View]
77870585you had 2 years, now you have 6 months[View]
77869507do you likje being emasculated?: i work only with women at my workplace and they emasculate me const…[View]
77870453I love this view out my bedroom window as i drift off to sleep[View]
77870372Zoomer here: How are we so lucky that most of our relationships are turning out like this?[View]
77867162New takeout place opened want to get food but they turned online ordering off so I have to order in …[View]
77868434Why do scrotes post shit like this https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/77854298/…[View]
77870309Never say you got no bitches to the hoes: Lie to them if you must. say 'oh i really just haven'…[View]
77869291>i got scammed >out of 400 dollars >in the year of our lord 2024 >on fucking discord …[View]
77870359The culture war bullshit has went too far. Like what the fuck happened to leftists they used to know…[View]
77869964no one told me the difference between sexual harassment and flirting was wether she was interested i…[View]
77870156Kurds: Why doesn't /r9k/ hate kurds more? I'm sick of hearing about coonskin crime statist…[View]
77870273my frens don't like me :(: >invite my friends to play minecraft with me on a realms server I…[View]
77868900Why am I never attracted to men irl even thoufh I fap to so much gay sissy porn?[View]
77870197alone at home alone in public alone in nature forever alone[View]
77870208Why do women ruin everything? What the fuck is this?[View]
77869680Why do virgins hate dancing?[View]
77870204how far would you travel frustrates me and is tiresome,[View]
77870202i want a lambo just so i can kms and ppl will know it wasnt because of a money shortage[View]
77869442being a manlet is suffering[View]
77870093i'm curious to know if you can find a roleplaying partner, but it has to be to your own taste[View]
77869960Why did my sister say this?[View]
77863999Have you ever revealed your power level to a woman?[View]
77868375do guys lose interest when they see that ur talking other guys or is it the opposite and they lose i…[View]
77866761Are FtM boys valid?[View]
77869981My mom jokingly called me a hermit. I know she was just joking, but it hurt so much knowing Ive gott…[View]
77869559Thoughts on the enchanting beauty of young boys?[View]
77868323>he doesn't have anime girl asmr on in the background while browsing ngmi…[View]
77858045Biofem Discussion #4: Warhammer Edition Old: >>77847786 Discuss /biofem/ without actually post…[View]
77862968What is a dream you tried to pursue but gave up >learning how to hack and not be a script kiddie…[View]
77869254developing a hobby: what is your hobby anon, you do have a hobby don't you? i recently got into…[View]
77869548why do women post threads like this? >>77868434[View]
77867541Rapid loss of phyiscal endurance after mental breakdown: I was jogging every day, sometimes multiple…[View]
77867634>Went to a festival this weekend >inb4 normie, i'm a 31yo virgin that went solo >Met a…[View]
77867871>can't find a job for over 8 months >decide I'll go back to school >needed classe…[View]
77869957Sub 5 male: To all normies who give sub 5 males shitty advice and insult us for being depressed kill…[View]
77869683Reminder that you shouldn't take internet people seriously you are seeing a lot of ragebait and…[View]
77869437I promise I will kill myself if I ever get pumped and dumped[View]
77868424If you're musically skilled and inclined you should join a choir Not a shitty church choir, a g…[View]
77863372After looks iq is biggest factor in life satisfaction It'd feel bad anons that I'll never…[View]
77869426Norwooding: >45 year old boss has a better hairline than I do at 22. Should I just give up at th…[View]
77868728Does anyone else here have diagnosed autism? From what I read a majority of this board is just made …[View]
77869734>its 8pm and the sun is still up >she got out of work a couple hours ago >shes probably spe…[View]
77864925How the fuck do I cope: >Incel for the first 23 years of my life >Finally get a gf >Togethe…[View]
77869735Hail King Nothing only king that kills for nothing[View]
77862348why don't NEETs take the age regression pill and get themselves a daddy/mommy to take care of t…[View]
77868965I....: Am going to renew my ffxiv subscription... Feels like i am buying heroin or sumn after a clea…[View]
77869234i'm desperate for a job, but i absolutely HATE interviews and can't drive this the worst f…[View]
77869635You wake up in Phuket What do?[View]
77869131ESL rights thoughever[View]
77869117just got into my first apartment and got wifi for it. feeling like im moving up in the world[View]
77867304I want to live in a post apocalistic world: I want to live in an apocalitpical world where I'll…[View]
77869654Hey Anon what would you do?: Ok so imagine you finally got with that 10/10 qt.pi. >youre sitting …[View]
77869177r8 the vid: https://youtu.be/wUmFulBAO9E?si=fMvR2Yiw9oG1RX0r[View]
77867779Since i've been reading a lot of guys here complaining about their looks and how they envy chad…[View]
77866680Did you grow up with an older sister? How did it affect you?[View]
77868241>Help! the video game art is woke! >Help! the TOURISTS are making yoghurt woke!!! >Help! ni…[View]
77867855Lonely day, missing people. Sitting here doing some writing. Nothing feels like it's going righ…[View]
77867569Women are naturally dominant: Except society tells them to give up their power. It's a beautifu…[View]
77869420Gonna start going to the gym soon to feel a little better about myself. If this board still has gymc…[View]
77863692Why do pornstars look like psychopaths?: Their facial expression doesn't differ from a maniac e…[View]
77869537theres a 75% chance of me killing myself in the next 10 years. used to be closer to 80-85% but thing…[View]
77869436the trauma is winning[View]
77869126I am gonna keep it real with you. I am 25 and I work in the events industry, so I meet dozens of peo…[View]
77869296My family wanted to go boating. I have a bad sleep schedule, tried to fix it for days because they r…[View]
77869311wait a second.... you like rape?! join dis shit nigga!!! RAPE CLAN!!!!! JOIN HERE ---> /FUbgYwbej…[View]
77868173Hello robots, I am trying to get a more popular instagram account so that I don't give girls th…[View]
77867437what should I put on the wall anons I'll do pretty much whatever y'all say but obviously I…[View]
77869127do you think artists are cool or losers[View]
77864977>be 24 y/o virgin >start talking to some qt twink on grindr >i go to his place and am liter…[View]
77867290>Segzes you with my pengus and makes you preggerz Hehe, nothing personal femcel…[View]
77865926Genuine question for femanons: what's stopping you from dressing like this?[View]
77867764my dry ass 27 year old virgin dick needs that six flags waterpark vagina to bum rush my head, shaft …[View]
77868990does anyone else browse the women on those mail order bride sites ? or is it just me[View]
77867526find new music, this is amazing, time to show it to my friend >oh i know this song its from that …[View]
77869093Why are zoomers obsessed with Frutiger Aero?: ITS LITERALLY JUST: green + blue + clouds + lens flare…[View]
77868506To my wives of my omniscience A demon mod deleted our thread then tried banning me again as we have …[View]
77868005how do I attract teenage girls?[View]
77868988How many interiors are there perhaps: you wouldn't copy a performance[View]
77868325Would you consider a suicide attempt if someone drinks 15-20 pills? Or is my brother an attention wh…[View]
77868583That pesto pizza went in one end and out the other. Reminds us of how short life is. Though on the t…[View]
77868888What's wrong with girls preferring tall guys? This is ideal.[View]
77857863How are incels/anons always right about women despite rarely interacting with them?[View]
77853741/r9g/ #2341: Pencil Sharpener edition Old: >>77833994[View]
77867134anyone have any youtube video ideas?: i make cooking/baking vids usually but i made slime in one and…[View]
77868839My dad just said he could take me to strawberry fields[View]
77868866kill yourself obsessed esl beaner mexicanbspic brapziallian shittoko spammer nigger latinX shitskin …[View]
77868240>'Racers don't need girls' r-right bros?!...[View]
77868800im happy but at what cost[View]
77868719>just taking care of yourself and your things like basic hygiene, styling, folding and taking car…[View]
77867590Complete guide to ascend into a 9/10 for men.: Since i've been reading a lot of guys here compl…[View]
77865742How's your relationship with your mother, ar9kay?[View]
77867509Work my ass off every day for what? I'll never have pussy of this caliber so what's the po…[View]
77868610> be me > first date ever in my life > turns out it's a tranny FML. It's over.…[View]
77868639Anyone else look like a massive fucking retard when you smile in pictures?[View]
77867692Anime girls do this when they see me.[View]
77868616In fictional movies /books there's the guy that knows everything that you can buy info from Ar…[View]
77859092/Biofem/ General #113: Parasocial edition Previous : >>77848233 https://desuarchive.org/r9k/th…[View]
77866856Try to be grateful: I grew up in a household with just my 50 year old mom and nobody else[View]
77866606I killed my dad and got convicted of manslaughter, when will a yandere hybristophile girl try to fix…[View]
77868247is it TOO LATE to start a career? this sounds like the most complicated thing i can possibly do[View]
77868569Der Riese trailer project: I wanted to post this on /v/. But i'm banned there because tranny ja…[View]
77866823>He thinks audiobooks are the same as reading books[View]
77866937The official human gender ratio across the world is 105 males to 100 females. No matter what million…[View]
77865261Femanons, do you agree with this?[View]
77866884Dear: Fembot you are a weirdo fuckup but you live with trauma and have a good soul. You don't d…[View]
77868480Ciel if he were Latino[View]
77868276There is an alternate reality very close to ours where instead of going to the gym I became a femboy…[View]
77866333Vocaloid thread: Let's talk about vocaloid! I am a pretty new vocaloid fan and have just discov…[View]
77867528How realistic is that?: Should I consider getting a guk[View]
77867416i'm pretty sure i'm dying or something. maybe i just need to leave my room[View]
77860131Simping: Is simping a natural state of being for lower value males? I find it takes a lot of will po…[View]
77868066I've been trying to practice my social skills but everywhere I go, nobody seems to be intereste…[View]
77868246life is easy anons i really don't understand you >think less, act more >become good frien…[View]
77866397Are kigs exclusively troons? Have you been with a kig or worn one?[View]
77867765datamining thread: post your stats: >height >weight >iq >face/looks rating from 1 to 10…[View]
77867953I just realised I dress exactly like the virgin its over, isnt it?[View]
77867431why not start an online business?: theres a shitload of content on the internet about how to do it a…[View]
77867849Everything women do in life is to chase Chad. They go to the gym and spam their glutes exercises to …[View]
77865726How would you react if a woman tried to rape you?[View]
77868016whoIesome af[View]
77867076>no attention span to read anymore >no attention span to play video games >can barely liste…[View]
77867772Am I an asshole?: Idk if im a asshole or if it's just all the other people who play a role But …[View]
77867730opinion: circumcised cocks look weird, something about them just makes me feel sick, maybe the big f…[View]
77867736How do I become less of a neet?: >be me >living with grandparents >aspiring artist >fini…[View]
77867402What are the exact requirements as a male to get a 7/10 girl in America your age and ethnicity who i…[View]
77868048>only ever had one long term girlfriend in my life 17 years ago Was it a fucking fluke?…[View]
77867911I want to do something but I don't know what, arghh I'm so bored anons[View]
77867939When~ your mom fucks your brother Chadson, does she usually have wild sex with him or slow lovemakin…[View]
77867407I'm 30 and I've been on Discord only a handful of times. Why is everybody always quiet on …[View]
77866759Maybe I actually do need friends. I've been starting to feel affectionate lately.[View]
77867946Imitation, distant, tired of longing, clean my teeth Stay the course, hold the wheel, steer on to fr…[View]
77867867Do any fembots feel the exact opposite of what this screencap expresses and look at robots talking a…[View]
77866834Robot in Highschool to Chad in College to 27 year old Boomer normalfag settling down with my humble …[View]
77866920Do you have potential?: How many robots on here still hold on hope that one day you will become a fu…[View]
77867573qweschun: Who exactly hurt you so much in your childhood that you feel so much hatred and distrust t…[View]
77866573Day 13 of trying to find desperate 30 yo women to manipulate[View]
77866521How do I fight brain fog and low IQ?[View]
77866671Am I unable to love?: Ive been seeing this girl for about 5 months now. We started off casual and ne…[View]
77816635/drugfeel/: tenstrip edition >Community-driven substance encyclopedia. psychonautwiki.org >Vir…[View]
77867521This happened to me, kinda[View]
77866263> Yeah, I don't really have a type...[View]
77860795I keep listening to bambi sleep. I enjoy it just as a larp but have genuinely had a few moments wher…[View]
77867230How do robots feel knowing that the women who aren't whores hate men or have been hurt by men?[View]
77867236degradation: >I have a fetish for licking assholes >food being anally inserted into my ass …[View]
77867586Why don't we just rape incels? They serve no purpose only to demoralize (weakminded) men and th…[View]
77866358I need to get shirts that advertise that I'm absolutely open to being approached. Should I just…[View]
77867031Where can I find friends?[View]
77865027just gave my girlfriend the keys to my chastity cage and left to go back to my place. It hurts so ba…[View]
77866854WHY do womeme match on '''dating''' apps and then either not respond to the opener at all, or give 1…[View]
77867492I wish I could have sex with my therapist[View]
77864356What would you do if someone hit in your girlfriend right in front of you?[View]
77866822Kegel Exercises: Do you do kegels or any other workouts for the purpose of better orgasm? I am looki…[View]
77867067Men never approach me or talk to me, they all want Stacy[View]
77867439Two men: One reality. One fertilizes. One preps. One has sex. One is a modern day eunuch. One loves …[View]
77866357Most people arent good people. Stop caring.: I can promise that for harmless attributes you have, wh…[View]
77867389Im not an incel anymore: AMA: I finally have a girlfriend. Shes 20 yo and half-white/half-asian and …[View]
77866551https://youtu.be/F60JsBA-fjA Does Anon fuck with G59? I think I'll paint my nails today[View]
77867320I'm leaving /r9k/: This board is populated by normies making laugh of me for being a loser and …[View]
77865555It's time for..... lonely bingo!!![View]
77867282job sucks dick: so i was a neet for 10 years and honest to god, right hand on the bible i felt more …[View]
77866411>'I consented but it's still rape because I felt slitly uncomfortable for 0.000000001 second…[View]
77865699>people making $100k+ still claim to want to kill themselves And how would you feel if you were m…[View]
77855536What would you do if you found your sister like this?[View]
77867235>pay mom 1,270 a month for rent and groceries >groceries: 180 a week >rent: 550/month If …[View]
77864559Men bros, why are women like this?[View]
77867288Shigeru Miyamoto looks much, much younger in 1990 than he does now.[View]
77859852If you were a serial killer how high of a body count would you get before getting caught in your opi…[View]
77866652have you ever taken creepshots?[View]
77866601People used to be normal[View]
77867148i routinely see people spell 'human being' as 'human bean' on normie social media. these niggas actu…[View]
77867053Discord Video Call with an egirl tonight: I set up a discord call with a chick i met in a server She…[View]
77867152he eats people[View]
77866951My parents fed and gave me a home but idk if they ever actually taught me anything? like I have no f…[View]
77866932Why do robots keep mansluts as friends? I don't get it. Is this guy secretly a cuck?[View]
77866811Im 29, I feel was fine til now, I look around and I see a lot of people with girls, and I just now s…[View]
77863519camera roll gave me a throwback to when my fanny shat out this strange alien jelly two years ago it …[View]
77866876im 24m, friendly, smart, okay looking, patient, trustworthy yet i dont have any friends or a gf, why…[View]
77866957Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay[View]
77866364Why are mature women so notoriously horny?[View]
77866684>go to prison >'your boypussy is ours now, whiteboy' how do you react…[View]
77866979Im in montenegro for the summer: My aunt asked me if I had a girlfriend yet I said no and she said w…[View]
77866902Why does gender matter so much to everyone online? I'd prefer if people didn't know what m…[View]
77866497Only the first 15 minutes when youre transitioning into high state are fun. Rest is boring.[View]
77864160VOTE FOR TRUMP![View]
77866588I fucking hate black women sometimes[View]
77866410Would you date this girl if you were in the 2D world?[View]
77857475Imagine being stroked lovingly from behind by Mommy: I still hold out hope to find my Queen[View]
77864915You chuds dont actually believe the global elites meet twice a week to discuss how to demoralize you…[View]
77866293Single Moms: Reminder if you leave your son in the care of a single mother he is pretty much ruined.…[View]
77864186My gf refuses me piv: I recently met a girl and she is OK doing it in the ass or sucking me but refu…[View]
77864535'just approach women bro': >be me >be relativelly tall (5'11) >have nice but unintimi…[View]
77865860How was your first time masturbating?[View]
77865826Why do I keep thinking about dying and my family visiting my grave and being sad (they would be sad …[View]
77865887What is life in america like?[View]
77866477Autistic obsession thread: What are (You) obsessively interested in, anon? Do you have a space in wh…[View]
77866176I would have sex with a transwoman, but I can't imagine living the rest of my life with one. Th…[View]
77866541Why are there so many haters online?: >go on literally any social media >make the most fucking…[View]
77866654white dick: white dick white dick i wanna suck on some white dicks. I hate white hicks so very much …[View]
77866413Men with long hair are sus.[View]
77866365saw a cute boy at school with a my little pony shirt he also looks gay what should i say to him?[View]
77864319literally me: >TyLeR DuRdEn >PaTrIcK bAtEmAn >dOnNy DaRkO nah man glep is literally me…[View]
77866527In a few years, all Americans will be speaking Japanese[View]
77866414I want to slap a girl's boobies with my cock.[View]
77863181video games: talk about video games you've played recently or are going to play today[View]
77865897>My therapist wants to talk to me about what I want out of life, where I see my self in the futur…[View]
77865668Do you think globalism is a mistake Should people living in cold fringes of Norway have access to b…[View]
77861197Make yourself a mage or whatever other magic user and tell us your school of study https://picrew.me…[View]
77863699Why does the idea of robot girlfriends make feminists so furious if they hate the men who would use …[View]
77865334I had a dream I barely remember but in that dream I was at a meeting with multiple women and I said …[View]
77866396stop engaging with demoralization posts anons, psychotic losers with cuck fetishes want to make you …[View]
77866456stay single it is not worth it or goon your life away seek higher things idfc[View]
77865867>be ESL >spend years studying english >it turns out english speakers talk like this…[View]
77866470Thousands of normies line up to go to crowded concerts to listen to generic nigger mumble rap where …[View]
77865778hello, i am oldfag i have seen the many events of this website such as bubblegum john (see picture),…[View]
77866081How do women have a lot of sex? Where do they meet these guys? How difficult is it for me to have se…[View]
77866314Is getting upset over being given the silent treatment something reserved for girls? A friend of min…[View]
77866393LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION NOW! >dissolves the bitterness of involuntarily celibates >makes life ea…[View]
77865640I HATE MY DAD AND I WANNA DIE!1!1!1!: Ive reached every teenage girls faith , my dad now despises th…[View]
77866403how can i invoke autism: guys i will be learning a trade soon and i want to make it my life so i nee…[View]
77866302>my insecure, shy, bookworm gf left me for a 6'3 abusive chad coworker wtf the normies told …[View]
77865453What do you think would make you happy?[View]
77864193I was born with a small dick. Even if I had sex (which I never will) it wouldn't be enjoyable. …[View]
77864428The FBI is based: Be famous tranny congresswoman. People post online death threats to her. Obviously…[View]
77865891I need someone for whom I am the world so I can make myself their world too. Someone who texts me al…[View]
7786573880 years of independence is something you gay robots wish you could achieve iceland is the best coun…[View]
77864742>7/10 single mother in the gym shows interest in me >She has a little white 4 year old daughte…[View]
77865929What are you currently reading anons >japanese author excerpts on US imperial…[View]
77863069is gender equality a delusional dream? the more i look at the internet the more i realize what was a…[View]
77864144That's right, anon! Keep day drinking because you hate yourself. Take more shots.[View]
77866237Why do I repeat a random number when Im under stress?[View]
77865942femcels in media: were they the first femcels depicted in media?[View]
77832656/30+G/ — 30+ General thread MXX: Any of you fellers ever played Red Dead Redemption 2?[View]
77863969Do you find this hot or disgusting: I mean the sticker[View]
77863894Why do normalfags need alcohol to have fun?[View]
77866130Why do vegans deny the sentience of plants?[View]
77865448>gets fucked >calls men pathetic[View]
77864707>Iwn be a half-Jap, half-German Aryan princess[View]
77866013Isn't it crazy how Women cum harder than moids AND can have dozens of orgasms in a row?[View]
77861816Men are needed to:: -build the world. -invent. -further science. -measure.[View]
77865324i recently got my cds in the mail. now my vaporwave cd collection is probably complete. vinyls are c…[View]
77865979Just realized that I only love her so much because I have no actual love for myself.[View]
77866016I keep telling everyone we should be getting ready fot war[View]
77865998who here /weak brittle psyche/? >want to give up at the most minor setbacks >constantly doubt …[View]
77864967Adulthood is not realizing that your dreams are impossible, but realizing they were retarded to begi…[View]
77854624/britfeel/: England vs Serbia edition[View]
77865371In a world where bot productions is low and a fixed amount, could you accept and love a previously o…[View]
77865786You didn't actually go to university, right anon?[View]
77862565I want to find a man who fits my requirements to give my butt virginity too.[View]
77864800How long did a year feel at each age to you? What I mean is how did you perceive it? For example to …[View]
77865651Can you be both white and a pajeet r9k sisters?[View]
77864787I've been alive longer than Juice Wrld was alive and that's crazy to me idk why[View]
77864724>tfw you will never be a White American male NEET social outcast who found 4chan in the late 2000…[View]
77865788One gets to fuck: One gets to pay the bills. One has exclusive access to her pussy, one has exclusiv…[View]
77864478women: >watching porn is filthy and degenerate also women: >reads disturbing incest ao3 fanfic…[View]
77864672Why are Muslims so weird[View]
77863794Trad girls look like THAT?[View]
77864446Does narcissism exist on a spectrum? Is it possible for narcs to have a conscience or are they all o…[View]
77865716>be not me >guy I know of >fatter than me >smellier than me >arguably ugglier than me…[View]
77863294what's worse?: a fatherless man or a motherless man?[View]
77857597/r9gay/ - #2342: 'Go! Go! Go! The Crowned Clown's Triumphant Return' Edition Last Thread: >…[View]
77865494I'm the only actual virgin on this board and I'm leaving so now it will be a 100% sexhaver…[View]
77865523>squeezed my man boobs in the shower and played with my nipples made me feel like a girl hehe ^.^…[View]
77863226I have to do a test for an IT job interview but I'm not motivated because I always fail and the…[View]
77865609Imagine witnessing your wife fall in love with another man: And you have been sexless for over 4 yea…[View]
77864601Incelcore: Do any of you guys remember that whole incelcore e punk thing? Wtf happened to that it wa…[View]
77864821Gardening: One of my favorite plants, she is only 1/3 of the way into flowering but has already thic…[View]
77865643>middle school oneitis >move on but never attempt romance again >treat everyone exactly the…[View]
77864075If you don't watch porn, why? Are you just not interested, does it ever cross your mind?[View]
77865649i love writing this shit the sequel is nearly DONE t rad[View]
77864135>anti-racist leftists are whiter than modern day Nazis[View]
77863511I dont understand how whites can be fine with being race traitors. I just dont get it no matter how …[View]
77864976Find a random non-living hole and stick your penis in it. https://youtu.be/ett8Tcj2Yvs?si=XKAJ6nPzx2…[View]
77864593female humor: how do these get millions of views?!?[View]
77865439Can I use an essay my brother wrote in 2018 on the same class and university or will I get caught? D…[View]
77865479All boards should have flags shown wjen someone posts.: If im talking to a jeet or other from some s…[View]
77865090The Eternal Nofap: 11,000 Hours: I have gone over 11,000 hours without so much as a single stroke of…[View]
77862571hey brother don't give up[View]
77864311Giant fembot milkers belong to NEETs.[View]
77854298>'Moid? Moid, wait! N-no!' That's what fembots get.[View]
77863528can someone explain?: why do looksmatched couples seem to only exist in high school? I mean I saw lo…[View]
77864756>a venn diagram of my work and hobby is a perfect circle its as amazing as it sounds…[View]
77863054fuck I think I got a cold[View]
77863194Are you ashamed you are still a virgin?[View]
77864220we're just teasing anon[View]
77864994How do I find a girl in her 20s who is still a virgin? I would not be able to have a relationship wi…[View]
77864995Guys im getting sleepy gn[View]
77865344Women: Vaginal penetration isnt pleasurable. Also women:: Why do women claim that vaginal penetratio…[View]
77865366>30yo landwhale sister's bio-clock is ticking >she's engaged to an E3 she met 2 mont…[View]
77865102We can still save him.[View]
77864268Fembots, have you ever eaten a Big Mac?[View]
77863684The only thing that matters to me right now is that I must have sex with a beautiful girl and spurt …[View]
77865311I have hobbies, I have an ok job, and I exercise every day but still ultimately alone. what is the p…[View]
77865084I have the 'tisms[View]
77865267Would you be happy if your boyfriend got pregnant?[View]
77865264I miss them, bros. I tried to heal, tried to forget about them, tried to work on myself, and I am pr…[View]
77860552heres your future wife[View]
77864438Im not comfortable sympathizing with anons on this board knowing it could be a woman larping. When d…[View]
77864869is it worth driving 5 hours to lose my virginity to an obese femanon?[View]
77865054i'm tryna fuck somethin right now that lil ho, she tryna fuck somethin right now.[View]
77864540What are the realistic chances of getting so assblasted I never fully recover if I were to download …[View]
77864242>Wikipedia editors won't let you say that Brianna Wu is an obvious tranny Why?…[View]
77864081anyone know whatever happened to amilia onyx? all her socials are gone and the most recent video of …[View]
77865161what was the dating scene like before these retards got a stranglehold on everything?[View]
77862868what are easy ways to ruin mens day? (preferably online but also irl)[View]
77865016Are wars necessary?[View]
77863855For Christian anons: >Where do you find churches? Especially if you live in a small area. >Or …[View]
77863285I never wanted to be the guy who married an asian woman. But it will end up happening. I actually bu…[View]
77863632>you will never murder the surgeon who took your foreskin Think about that though. There's …[View]
77864841Existential dread: No game can make me feel dopamine hit anymore. No music can make my ear thrill an…[View]
77864856This may make me sound like a normie faggot, but it's sad I probably won't ever find my so…[View]
77864589The woman doing my magnetic therapy today is short lean and curvy with a round face and straight lon…[View]
77864292my hands shake and i stutter and mumble when im in public.. i wish i could function like a normal pe…[View]
77862046How disappointing is your reality?[View]
77864870You don't get another chance at all.[View]
77864692Fembots please talk to me.: I have a cold and am too tired to do anything so I'll use this time…[View]
77863452I am going to kill myself in three weeks because my penis is mutilated and I can't feel any sex…[View]
77863939the thing about alex jones , is he is in the shit he is because his followers went and harassed the …[View]
77864819i am snug as a bug !!!!![View]
77863380WHY ARE WOMEN SO CUTE??: They make it really hard to hate them[View]
77862870Why is she so ugly?[View]
77862826does anyone have screen shots or memories of the 4chan omegle group of people? there were quite a fe…[View]
77864176Would you ever consider seriously dating a single mother? If so, what are your stipulations?[View]
77864267How to compensate autism: I'm 6'3 6.6/10 but also an autistic neet. Is it over?[View]
77864451When women discover pussy/clit pumps + strong vibrators + VR porn what is stopping them from all bec…[View]
77864635There is no point in life because time only moves foward meaning I can't maxximize how much of …[View]
77862643>weebs say they want a Japanese GF >but they will refuse to date a Japanese girl who looks lik…[View]
77864538NPCs IRL: When I look at photos or videos of people walking outside, like crowds of people in a city…[View]
77860394Why don't desperately horny virgin guys go for desperately horny virgin girls[View]
77864532>Be patient and tough. One day this pain will be useful to you How could pain be useful to someon…[View]
77864145I'm feeling so stressed out, than my head hurts and I feel pain in my stomach.[View]
77862994I have no intention of growing up. adults are disgusting.[View]
77861364>tfw i will die a virgin because i was born in romania it feels like girls here have a visceral …[View]
77864416>get tinder >match with like 4 girls Ok now what…[View]
77864395I love getting stoned out of my mind and finding the sexiest things on Pixiv and ATFbooru to jerk my…[View]
77864063it's easy to get hooked on the adrenaline anger gives you from doomscrolling, especially if you…[View]
77863490Why does bringing up 'bodycount' make women so defensive? I thought these types of women were suppos…[View]
77863667Whenever i meet an old acquaintance i feel the need of friendships: What do i do anons, i feel i wou…[View]
77864321mfw had to report ten or so threads for being low quality[View]
77861902Anyone else fit in literally nowhere at all?[View]
77863246art and graffiti: does airing out grievances justify vandalism?! is it art? do you make art? why not…[View]
77861237Say all women are satanic parasites that are completely incapable of love whatsoever >woman: FUCK…[View]
77863640The truth is: god is real, but he does not like us or care for us, he thinks we're not good eno…[View]
77864076you see this shuffling across your floor, what do you do[View]
77863533>English as ONLY language[View]
77861023My parents are evicting me for being an old NEET with no skills or life value. I'm trying to de…[View]
77864146pretend-suicide doesn't do it for me anymore: About two years ago I figured out that if I put a…[View]
77862843talking to girls online before covid was so good it fucking sucks now because everyone is online[View]
77863141hair is life: picrel is bianca devins killer, Brandon Andrew Clark, age 23, would the media be calli…[View]
77864136post your favorite r9kino[View]
77862406Samuel The Unstoppable: Yeah i think he fucking won, robotbros.[View]
77863365Outlook on life: I am in my late 20s and while suffering from a depression I kinda lost my interest …[View]
77863388/KckuMHes sfw server no poltards, nsfw, racism transphobia etc[View]
77863774ni hao nyaggers[View]
77863957'started fapping everyday and it is completely mind numbing. I don't get why people do dru…[View]
77862381Look at Lynn's beautiful face and beautiful body and listen to her beautiful singing https://yo…[View]
77863844Ask my gf anything you want. She is 22 and hapa[View]
77863788I feel sorry for girls with no chins[View]
77863360Me reconnecting with nature after trusting a man[View]
77858914/r9k/ music thread: What have been your favorite tracks to listen to recently?[View]
77863865Lucky. I hope I'm turned into a meme when I die[View]
77863741>tfw 'friends' of nearly 7 years decide to ghost me everyone I get close to at all leaves I'…[View]
77863638biggest red flag: a woman who uses profanity is worse than a whore[View]
77863771I might be asexual and I hate it.: I'm horny all the time, so lately I've been trying out …[View]
77863646Could u settle with cute r9k bf anons[View]
77863450Can't stop touching it: I can't stop touching my penis when I'm in public, I don…[View]
77863761>want to skydive for fun >realize it's actually a death wish…[View]
77863623This is what I found on Google.[View]
77863673I am tired of being played and tricked by men. I will be becoming the manipulator this year[View]
77863525i feel like i have a lot of love to give and no one to give it to: i hope this dosnt come off as ano…[View]
77863629im cold aaaaaa[View]
77861510What's the most disturbing video you've ever seen on the internet?[View]
77863597I took the bait and got trolled, how do I deal?[View]
77863488What project are you currently working on /hobby[View]
77862849Total moid abuse[View]
77862691Any NoFap gods here? I am on currently day 5 without fapping, and it's so annoying how much pre…[View]
77863512Gay world domination: Is it possible to stop this blight?[View]
77863492Anyone else on the grindset?: I am a sigma male >Every morning I take a shit then get out of bed …[View]
77855365be. the. provider.: she literally wants you because you are a nice guy who has a stable job and who…[View]
77862094Why do people date those who they secretly despise and disrespect? Like why would you call your gf a…[View]
77862628My standards for a gf are >Not fat >Virgin waiting for marriage >Kind How unrealistic is th…[View]
77863448opinions?: i met this hot girl a while ago, shes a cosplayer on tiktok, im a dyke, and i dunno wheth…[View]
77861391Women are needed to:: -make noise when Men are trying to think. -be the sex of net tax consumers -su…[View]
77862714Anon tries retail: >be me >5 years ago >need a job because i want to buy stuff >apply to…[View]
77862930What do you feel ashamed of, robots?[View]
77862950why don't you go to a BAR?[View]
77863305Ugh why are men so pathetic? I am not asking for much.[View]
77862578The most demented bitches from 12 years ago look better (more mentally healthy, less jaded, less per…[View]
77862991normgroids are so evil its unreal. but because they vastly outnumber any other type of people they t…[View]
77863316Day 322 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
77855263Has a woman ever asked you out?[View]
77863167This is it, this schoolyear is over and done with, I will get a passing grade and diploma for my eff…[View]
77860039Escort: What are some features and traits you look for in an escort?[View]
77862797Eh? What is this?[View]
7786327117/06/2024 Lately me and Puma girl are swimming in the same lane at the pool which is really nice. T…[View]
77863240Female hate: >Never had a sister >Never had a girlfriend >Don't even talk to females …[View]
77862228what yall think of this dumb bitch[View]
77863179Nobody under the age of 40 goes to bars Nobody under the age of 40 goes to stripclubs Nobody under t…[View]
77863057Moids will click this.[View]
77862892Do nothing and be happy.: That's it. Stop grinding. Stop studying. Stop working. We are already…[View]
77862959usefulness of self help books: as a mentally ill neet trying to improve my life a little bit, are an…[View]
77861737Does it weird anyone else out that people around their age are dead? I've lost friends born in …[View]
77857876Do you like white women /r9k/? I love white women so much its unreal[View]
77863023is it worth it to stop being a NEET and getting a life? seems like the economy is cooked and AI is t…[View]
77862995What self-improvements should he do?[View]
7786190599% of you guys WISH you had a loving mother like this[View]
77862944Would you date this person if she asked you out?[View]
77862606Fat: Where does this irrational hate of fat people come from? When we're in public everyone is …[View]
77862963I just want to goon all day but I have to share a room with my little sister. What do?[View]
77862933Get in the van, femoid! You can choose to either die for your country or serve as comfort girl to th…[View]
77862860Thoughts on Fuuka?[View]
77862580Conditions for good anime: >released between 1996 to 2009 or based on source material from then …[View]
77862368>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Blessed is he that readeth, a…[View]
77862871If you guys want a girlfriend so badly why don't you do girly things like yoga, a cooking cours…[View]
77861144Self care hacking: I have been studying health and physiology, especially any parts that relate to b…[View]
77862865Conditions for good anime: >Has an equal amount of girls and guys as the MCs >The girls are al…[View]
77862851Suicide thread: What are some painless and easy forms of suicide? Also, how do you build up the cour…[View]
77862689Men and women are never really friends If your bro was a woman, would he let you hit? Of course he w…[View]
778621402024 Recap Thread: Greentext out everything that you've accomplished or has happened to you in …[View]
77862820Heatwave again: Sigh. We had 7 days of normal weather and now it's hot again I used to like sum…[View]
77861389Should I treat my partner like a princess? Being stand offish when she's unreasonable doesn…[View]
77862824>women are discovering pussy and clit pumps Will they become bigger coomers than males soon?…[View]
77862805Women more sexually forward than men: Why are women more sexually forward then men nowadays? I'…[View]
77861721You won't do feces[View]
77862435have any of you successfully quit smoking/vaping? I'm sucking on a nicotine lozenge trying my b…[View]
77859438why do NEETs rarely take responsibility for their position in life?[View]
77862178>forgets how to socialize >asks people for advice >tells me just to talk about my hobbies …[View]
77861952>Have a fap journal >Everytime I cum, I take a screenshot of what I came to at the moment of e…[View]
77862733>excuse me can you get that box off the top shelf for me? the fucking audacity. you would never c…[View]
77862479My family wants to go paddle boating today. Only issue is I woke up at midnight and it's at lik…[View]
77862402I don't care how rotten people have become, how hedonists rule the world and how ugly everythin…[View]
77860301Day 559 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests We do a little too much slacking. Alcohol is …[View]
77862449Why the FUCK do femboys and trannies have 10 inch dongs when im a 6ft wide shouldered chad with a fu…[View]
77861885Manlets, there is hope for us yet![View]
77862665I have female friends but I feel so gay every time I talk to them. Not to mention they're perfe…[View]
77862664>have coworker that everyone else says is really friendly, cheerful and kind >same coworker c…[View]
77862612i need a robot to suckle my clit like a newborn[View]
77861963To Women, I loathe you because I am, or at least should be, free to. What right do you have too impu…[View]
77861706NTR'ed at work, blackpilled to death: Haven't posted on r9k forever here goes nothing. …[View]
77862589I am so pathetic lonely I started writing letters to inmates.[View]
77861992Is there any way to actually get a smaller dick? I have 6 inches but would rather have 2 inches Ive …[View]
77862548Can I get a girlfriend as a twink?[View]
77861703You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. You can't swim, you can…[View]
77862185fagposting: I'm so fucking glad to be bi. I'm also grateful that I'm far more sexuall…[View]
77862518am i just doomed: >wake up >reasonably motivated for the day >in a great mood overall >a…[View]
77862498anons holy fucking shit I got high while in chastity and was gonna play vidya but I was throbbing so…[View]
77862040I am going to remake the der riese trailer from cod waw in gmod and it is going to be epic...[View]
77860763Bad people face no consequences: Why do it seem like people who cheat, steal, lie, harass other, etc…[View]
77862450I daydream about having a nice career, being married, having a family, all that nice stuff that make…[View]
77862403Reddit ban: I got a perma ban for evasion, I didn't post anything bad I've been banned bef…[View]
77862405>WAAAAAH MY GF BROKE UP WITH ME dont care normalfag shes already fucking another guy and I hate y…[View]
77862386What's the best sea county to find and why?[View]
77862404>be me >live in a society >old school 2016 gamer >roastietoastie.png >mfw not rising …[View]
77861893>crave for social interactions >suffer >try to communicate with people but perceived as a w…[View]
77862286she became a roastie in the end[View]
778618354Chan Level 1 grunt: this is where the suffix-maxxing is made?[View]
77860815>What's the matter? Afraid you might like it?[View]
77862318Why didn't 666 beast give out condoms instead? Now each family will pop out 10more children wit…[View]
77861140don't fall for demoralization bait, brother[View]
77862262Vore: Anyone else attracted to furry vore? Bowser's Inside Story was basically my vore awakeni…[View]
77862242Are there really guys on here that hate women? Why? Is it just some weird LARP? It's not like e…[View]
77861764what are some things to do before killing myself? should i just take out a 50k bank loan and go on a…[View]
77854925I am owed by the universe a tall gf[View]
77862217>trying to remember last time somebody hugged me[View]
77862184Does anyone else remember this: It's all kind of cringy looking back but it was awesome back th…[View]
77862007Why do zoomers keep claiming that corporations promised to make them a green utopia?: Are they reall…[View]
77860786If it wasn't just down to being lazy, NEETs would be fucking jacked. Every single one of them. …[View]
77839095/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: Would you punch a feminist for free edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR…[View]
77860222I'm 5'3. According to this place, it's over for me and I should just kill myself. And…[View]
77860742what's even the point of having sex with my useless mutilated skinned dick? I might as well che…[View]
77862051America: Is there anything greater in life than being an American? >BBQ >Guns >Baseball …[View]
77862013A girl started love bombing me a couple days ago, which I know not to take serious, but she's n…[View]
77859720I cleaned my room today When did you last clean yours?[View]
77861106It's been a slow but steady process of healing my heart. I hope I will be happier someday.[View]
77860118Invite me over and I can take you to the Heart of Love with my huge penis.[View]
77862021Just woke up Had bad dreams and feel upset :c[View]
77861987femboy: what would you do if you had a NEET hrt femboy friend?[View]
77858544Robots love black girls but you never see fembots ever post about wanting a black boyfriend. Why do …[View]
77861998me trying to project my consciousness into a fembot's so I can rape her in her dreams[View]
77861694what feels worse overall, being liked by many but desired by no one in a romantic sense, or being in…[View]
77861315I want a girlfriend that I can spoil and control how she dresses and many other things reeeeeeeeee[View]
77861941I haven't had sex in 13.7 billion years (age of the universe).[View]
77859414The harsh reality of white men dating Asian women because they are easier.[View]
77861889i'm scared how prevalent 'nudes' are: I don't want to do nudes. I don't want to make …[View]
77860722only a fat girl could truly save me[View]
77860386'Fembots' reaction when you point out how all of their boyfriends have been taller than 6'1[View]
77860221why do girls commit suicide? pic releated commited suicide[View]
77861267>I've been trying to finish a bachelors in philosophy for 9 years[View]
77855884How uncomfortable do women feel about this known fact?[View]
77861128any fellow radiohead fans in the board? hmu[View]
77861671>get angry at people online for whoring themselves out >whore myself out online >instant do…[View]
77860977At what age does the power dynamics shift from girls having the advantage in dating to guys ?[View]
77860497do you get a lot of precum? any tips to get more?[View]
77861074You're insecure, inexperienced, and immature if it bothers you that your girlfriend did this in…[View]
77860954I take religion pills[View]
77861781goon with meee horny perverts <3 i love cock, precum, bbw, milfs, gilfs, 2d, 3d, Asians, cum trib…[View]
77861765Convince me to quit porn: I enjoy porn. It's fun. Now convince me to quit[View]
77861776i dont actually enjoy existing anyone else? existence is hell most of my time is spent waiting for t…[View]
77860991satan is stealing another summer from me. hes been singing a song lyric to me on repeat for three WE…[View]
77861563realize that 65% of the normies haven't experienced a deep romantic love either. Set your stand…[View]
77859420The Feelsbar is open. What is on your mind tonight?[View]
77859225>turned 21 >have started trying dif alcoholic drinks i always wanted to >look up what other…[View]
77860403Have you ever decided to cut ties with a person, despite loving them?[View]
77861496Being retarded: >Given compliments >Feelsgood >Overhear them saying that Anon is a fucking …[View]
77860402I downloaded Hinge yesterday. All the girls are slutty LA cunts. Where can I find the nerdy art/anim…[View]
77860074If you ever have sex, are you gonna trust the girl doesn't have stds, or will you get her teste…[View]
77857547Dicksuckers: Hi, since everyone on here is basically a fag i wanted to know some of your experiences…[View]
77861584Does Pigface still lurk this board?[View]
77861566how do mfs be thinking lmao this shit make my brain hurt[View]
77860597what would a peace treaty between modern men and women be like?[View]
77861499I really really want a gf. When/if it happens, it's going to end quickly and It's going to…[View]
77860312Took my psych meds today been lying to my doctor that I was taking them so he gave me a higher dosag…[View]
77861256How can I hide my bulge better? I have big balls and 6' flaccid...[View]
77860397fuck these gay holidays. my dad didn't even care for the gifts I got him and my whole family ju…[View]
77857323now that the dust has settled, two questions >who would you pick >why don't you join club…[View]
77858917>hey, you, yeah, teenage wagie, go tell that man and his fattie fighting to leave the premise …[View]
77836191Im bored so heres a thread idea choose an rpg class from this chart then cross it out, only one pers…[View]
77859751>finally hunkering down to learn programming and linux >been much less depressed the past few …[View]
77859051What if Goku saw the way that you're living right now. What would he say? He would be disappoin…[View]
77860946>Here's a bunch of peoples that are now permanently apart of your life who you never got to …[View]
77861381Behold: the mindset of all women[View]
77861251is 24 too late for my life to begin starting from nothing? NEETIng 6 years since high school[View]
77860776What is the saddest image you've got? Aka as 'suicide fuel' >pic unrelated.…[View]
77861037Hello, anon. Good afternoon. Why did you do it? Leaving that girl, I mean. She could've been yo…[View]
77860225men need to be around men more men who grow up around women start to think that theyre women mascul…[View]
77860825Why don't you want the nuclear family anon?[View]
77860291don't lie anon, the tard gf would be kind of cute...[View]
77859148i cant remember if my r9k gf is a real female or a femboy and at this point im too afraid to ask[View]
77861301halfsleep like uhmmm: i find myself living in a fantasy world (again)[View]
77860884There is 0 reason for me to work when I don't have a gf. The reason my father and grandfather w…[View]
77860629I realized I dont actually have a masturbation addiction. I have a boredom problem. I just default t…[View]
77861261Allah turns to Mohammed >'Mohammed, my believer, I grant you this never ending sterile desert in …[View]
77859957im 23 and married to a fat 49 yo childless woman ama[View]
77859637I love my sexless relationship: You guys here are waaayyyyyy too focused on sex. You don't need…[View]
77860421What made your life the way it is now?[View]
77861223Ask not how your country can goon for you ask how you can goon for your country[View]
77860910When did you first find 4chan? How differently do you think your life would have turned out if you n…[View]
77860994>insomnia >start playing 5d chess Im already tired…[View]
77857375Anons with sisters, tell us your stories of them acting repulsive. For those of us who never had tha…[View]
77859411what's the point of dating a man when he watches porn?[View]
77859844Had my first encounter with Gen Alpha when the kids of my 1st cousin came over. These kids unironica…[View]
77861098You know, I'm a third worlder. I didn't have internet at home until 2014. I didn't ha…[View]
77860569Do you think Mike Pence is straight[View]
77858234Guys what is a cool sounding name for a necromancer or gothic knight??[View]
77856790Women need to be nerfed: It's not fair. 'weaker sex' my ass. Even the ugliest woman has more po…[View]
77861034I just finished my exam and made my pasta for dinner, are you guys proud of me? How close am I to ge…[View]
77860324how true is this anons?[View]
77856425>be me, 25yo virgin >start dating cute, quite, anime loving girl >...one month later... …[View]
77860914z: z... i miss her[View]
77860805I did not post on this forum for over 5 years but I am banned from last good imageforums for the pre…[View]
77857749It's 2024. Why are you still racist?[View]
77860208Why not just date a hung stacked tranny?[View]
77860874the new elden ring dlc looks mid af[View]
77860123Iim super fat i need to lose like fourty pounds and get a job[View]
77859121So what's your end goal in life Or do u live due to instinct of self preservation What's…[View]
77860562im slippin, im fallin, i cant get up...[View]
77860824Guys I really need some (you)s: can i get like 3 or 4 please[View]
77859437That's it. Stop grinding. We are already in a dystopia. No matter how good your new 'app' or pr…[View]
77860738Is picrel the perfect femboy?[View]
77860787New past-time: >R9k archive >Search up sister/mom found/saw >infinite keks…[View]
77860772Just my daily thoughts: Stop being selfish and consider what they have to say. Have no agendas and h…[View]
77860670l want to run away[View]
77860044>be me every year > actual twink >trying to have my twink death. I don't like being a …[View]
77858810I anglemaxxed my way into a relationship and now her sister and friends are calling me cute but irl …[View]
77860573If you have 'friends', who like to insult you, you know say weird sneaky things about you in a passi…[View]
77857308Why don't you have a cute griflrrien yet? It's literally full of women out there They want…[View]
77859820Having clear skin is baseline if your a guy: Skin is an indicator of health and hygiene, having blem…[View]
77860015Disability pride[View]
77860201>spent all day playing destiny 2 again[View]
77859167>be me >straight >question sexuality >decide to try it for once >go on Grindr and fin…[View]
77860595I found a fembot >>>/b/919968346 >pic unrelated[View]
77860550haha goofy little femcel... sit her in my lap and touch her all over... make her feel small in my ar…[View]
77860088why don't you just Leon maxx for Ada?[View]
77859282Satanic panic chads were right about everything ir[View]
77857773I am slowly starting to hate men, even though I don't want to. I don't even know, almost e…[View]
77860424I'm shallow: I want Stacy to give me the time of day but I won't give mid women the time o…[View]
77859786im cutting while high on meds and listening to goreshit am i poggers yet[View]
77860143Hypothetically you lived with an adopted black brother that does hard drugs, bad mouths your family,…[View]
77860375>spent yet another scrolling 4chan, fapping and playing gacha I'm so tired of this shitty li…[View]
77860454Is my body 9 months after taking the doctor's Vx7. They said would get me off of death row. For…[View]
77858046Why don't you have an BWC?[View]
77860194This is how you get a job: persistence and patience.[View]
77859188Do I Just Kill Myself?: >be me >go years without being able to hold a friendship with someone …[View]
77858494What's something that both young men and older women do ?[View]
77860165Why are there no classes for teaching boys raised by insane single mothers how to be normal and fit …[View]
77855337Is anyone here actually married with kids?[View]
77859378Honest question how do u stop being depressed How do u get out of a rut so bad that all u do is lay…[View]
77859923Why not just get a trans girlfriend? Men know what men need better than women[View]
77859993Have you ever flirted with or hung out with women on the beach?[View]
77857745Caught up to Chainsawman what do I read now?[View]
77860300if you give up on safety, security, and anonymity and instead take all your worst behaviors public t…[View]
77860191whats the best way to get screened for mental illness?: I'm unhappy with life, sometimes have m…[View]
77860231Hey Anon. Post ITT and get a (You) with something from my porn collection. Simple, easy process. Fee…[View]
77815677/mbti/: 1 week till midsummer edition! >Your Mbti type (Take a test if you don't know it) …[View]
77859033If anti-SJW YouTube grifters vanished overnight, what section of society would suffer?[View]
77860101Because I'm brown no girl will ever want me, not even other brown girls[View]
77860014Nothing else matters if you dont PUT. IN. THE. DAMN, WORK. Dumbass incels, get a fuckin job, a REAL …[View]
77855164Handling BPD women: How do you properly handle a BPD girl, OR what is hypothetically the best counte…[View]
77856821He will win? Right?: >Younger brother bought a ranch recently. >He's 21. >He's al…[View]
77860108most normies haven't experienced love: realize that 65% of the normies haven't experienced…[View]
77859357Ask my gf anything you want. She is 22[View]
77857761Don't date as a male autist: >Be Me >Autistic Male but girls think I'm attractive …[View]
77860082The Asian American diaspora makes me sad. They come over here to play the role of soulless white col…[View]
77858338How do I actually find a fembot gf? dating sites dont have them, and going outside is pointless beca…[View]
77858801To my wives of my omniscience We're still of our new timeline millions of years more advanced …[View]
77859768Sometimes I wish i was a girl so that i could improve how people think about women[View]
77859685Wait wait wait. So I'm a fucking loser? NOOO WAAAAAAAAY[View]
77858395I can't post this webm on blue boards because the autofilter thinks it's NSFW[View]
77859990Super controversial take: we should at least be nice to the women who come here and sympathise with …[View]
77858906>your worldview is shit and you have no understanding of politics you practically live in a carto…[View]
77859988>TFW ur a based tard and hungry for gay nigs[View]
77859946yo what's up fags[View]
77858793Consuming my daily slop. I am well fed[View]
77859826does airing out grievances justify vandalism?[View]
77858870To the anons on here that looked out for me when I was gonna end it yesterday i just wanted to say t…[View]
77856127I routinely fantasize about a scenario in which a disease that only effects men kills 85% of the mal…[View]
77859535Have you ever considered the fact that maybe the reason women have such high body counts is because …[View]
77859775I wish I looked like an anime boy. How do I turn myself into an anime character?[View]
77859766I will do witchcraft to get them back if I have to.[View]
77858475Why haven't you joined the o9a yet?[View]
77859670What black people do after George Floyd[View]
77859740I want: A femcel or at least a foid to discuss my views on sex, love and romance. I think you will f…[View]
77859615Stop trying to get a virgin: All your future wifes will be whores, all of them prob sucked at least …[View]
77857248Today a very pretty young grocery store girl smiled at me sheepishly and I returned a nasty resting …[View]
77859611why do girls always complain about their stomach hurting?[View]
77856672>tfw it's more relevant than ever before Why didn't more young men heed its warning?…[View]
77859641my anxiety and social ineptness has ruined many opportunities for me. i want to die[View]
77859589>be me >join scouts to hang with gf more >fun at first cause new environment >6 months l…[View]
77859526>bmwf coal burning >bmbf coal burning? >wmbf coal burning? please clarify this, and introd…[View]
77850776How does one even cold approach a woman on the street?[View]
77859490>Be charming, funny, and goofy interacting with women i'm not attracted to >Be an awkward…[View]
77856753Hai Anonz! Tell me about your day!! Uso!!! Iyaaaa!!!!! >_<[View]
77855874efterlyser blackpillers: hello Im very interested in incel culture and the community and would love …[View]
77858467i think i need help: >be me >dpressed >gone to an intesive therapy thing twice >left sch…[View]
77858853Porn addicts of /r9k/, how do you not feel ashamed about your habits? I'm not addicted myself, …[View]
77859400i make shitty threads please wait before making a thread please wait before making a post please fil…[View]
77859360Why /sig/ at all?: >work 9-5 >gym 1hr 4 days a week >eat healthy >learn to socialize lik…[View]
77858536Like my desk?[View]
77858625Elvira/Cassandra peterson: Honest opinion about the original big titted bitch,??[View]
77856519It turns out that girls have buttholes. Quite interesting, isn't it? Kind of awesome?[View]
77858732How do I forgive my mom for being physically abusive and neglectful. She hugs me and tells me she lo…[View]
77858283um... nonas.... this isnt real.... right...? 0_0[View]
77857120how do I cope with the fact that I will never experience love[View]
77859089WHAT THE FUCK IS /SOC/ ACTUALLY FOR?!?!? It is just cock post thats IT. I make a genuine post lookin…[View]
77858769> asian women only exist because of full blood asian men + women Stop taking their women or else …[View]
77856592Have you ever met a good woman? How was she?[View]
77859175Thats it bros. She got the ick.[View]
77859126I wake up in the morning I got tomboys on my mind[View]
77858829Thoughts on my booty!?[View]
77859011Are certain jobs unattractive to women: If I did IT help desk would that be a turn off to women? Do …[View]
77858714if you see this creature in your house, what do you do[View]
77858225/r9k/ positivity thread[View]
77856830Real life is a porn parody?[View]
77858188Ask a guy who just fucked his uncle anything. >inb4 why? I'm desperate…[View]
77857719>see attractive girl >consider talking to her >realize she's already having sex with s…[View]
77857911What's your opinion?[View]
77858099Ngl I like it when someone goes out of their way to wrong me. Gives me something to chew on.[View]
77859055Anyone have female photosets for setting up a dating app profile? I want to see what it's like …[View]
77856798need me a busted up fembot i could buy braces for and get a tit job to be my gf[View]
77858820>social pressure was the only driving force influencing me to get a gf and have sex >social pr…[View]
77859018I am just a creep: being 6'2 makes me even creepier[View]
77858944ive been searching high and low, and i can tell you one thing: beautiful, big-titty, butt-naked wome…[View]
77848233/Biofem/ General #112: Hair Edition! Previous : >>77836098 https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/…[View]
77859012I can no longer enjoy any form of media that shows characters having a better life than me[View]
77857612Uni in sweden produces a study about BBC and white women https://mau.diva-portal.org/smash/record.js…[View]
77858979Today I was at Walmart and saw a guy who was like 6'7 tall. I cant explain it, but he looked ju…[View]
77856645GRRRRR I HATE ________[View]
77852044If i were a God i would be the God of taking it easy[View]
77856623blog thread: This is your blog thread. Blog about anything you want in here. And also reply to othe…[View]
77858751>tfw you're having a good time with online friends and suddenly remember they'd hate yo…[View]
77857390>sister (real woman) says she's bisexual >never shows sexual attraction to men >only t…[View]
77858848i'm levelling up a new league of legends account. would any cute and/or hot girls like to join …[View]
77837884/cut/ - Cutters General #364: Thread for discussions about selfharm and mutual support easy weekend …[View]
77858421i.. heh.... wheeeehoooo. hooooweee[View]
77858754my wangus doesnt dont work no more[View]
77858833I paid a woman online 30$ to call me 'Poopy pants' in a voice message. Pretty good deal desu[View]
77857575I'm buying a house and I'm saving every fucking penny.[View]
77857433Cousin trying to make me horny: Why is my cousin doing this to me? >trip to the beach >she wal…[View]
77858386It's legal to kill anyone defrauding my syntaX and their parents or relatives[View]
77857405Why is perversion higher in men?: It really seems like perversion is just way WAY higher in men. Why…[View]
77858162My dad who has fucked 50+ girls despite being average looking says it's all about confidence. W…[View]
77858406When I was first starting to ride to university by bus, I accidentally made eye contact with a girl …[View]
77858589please come back clementine: https://open.spotify.com/track/2tief4cU0VRrA3Il59U9dy?si=s4YHkh64QNKNpX…[View]
77851910does anyone else sometimes get the urge to isolate from all humans and live alone in the woods?[View]
77858448these doctors are criminal... foids reading do NOT do this to your body!![View]
77858706My job has screwed me over, so I am looking for another job. When I hand back my laptop and work pho…[View]
77858304Maybe real life isn't so bad bros: I've been watching a lot of street walking videos and r…[View]
77856485Do anons prefer chubby or skinny girls?[View]
77857049How come this man gets to have a child, but a nerdy white awkward incel gets banished to the depths …[View]
77857716Why do people hate Hunter? He looks good?[View]
77858545Why do women let themselves be recorded during sex? Don't they realize that they it could be po…[View]
77857782An activity I spent time in an enjoyed lost meaning and interest, I now remember that it was always …[View]
77857488>dad is a worthless narcissist douchebag but still try to organize something with him for fathers…[View]
77858324Fuck you 666 cum in a baby doll like its no biggie[View]
77857795Men recount being raised to WORSHIP women: Let's be real are any women being raised to WORSHIP …[View]
77854945Anybody else here wish they were raped by a girl? I read a story ages ago on /r9k/ about an anon mee…[View]
77858149Why is it so hard to find a girl who is the type of autistic i am. I fucking hate this world.[View]
77857321>fathers day >i will never be a dad[View]
77858320tfw i wanted a cool feminist gf but they just wanted to spite white guys and now its just misogynist…[View]
77855965Would they have been on /r9k/ if it existed in 1999?[View]
77857437How differently do you act in real life compared to how you act online? Would you hit rock bottom if…[View]
77858131Everyone wake up it's 6 am I've been awake all night and I'm bored[View]
77858130Jannies should word filter bbc, bwc, bxc (including all other unpopular variants), clitty, twp, tbp,…[View]
77856219A woman is nothing more than a parasite >Look up 'Women are incapable of love' somehow this isn…[View]
77857435hii this is chickn again: I had a friend make a thread about me yesterday and it just degenerated in…[View]
77857861I found a non-feminist girl: She seems normal too I might be in love[View]
77857371I wish I could take back the orgasms I gave her[View]
77856814Changing password and username: ThinkOrSwim and TDAmeritrade were bought by Schwab. Since then the T…[View]
77857679I'm 134,7 now. I barely lost weight, and it's still so triggering to see thin people I don…[View]
77857947Did people unironically believe that completely abolishing the police force was an even remotely goo…[View]
77853688Atheism is a religion. Not believing in something is a belief. Your morality is religious because th…[View]
77857054> mid-life crisis could be caused by aging itself, or aging in combination with changes, problems…[View]
77856077Just watched the most recent Rehab Room video, have to admit he makes a lot of sense. You are only o…[View]
77856922do you like big butts?[View]
77857501Oh, you solved chess?: How about solving birches? Really, someone please solve women[View]
77855119WMAF is the ultimate pairing. Asian women are the most beautiful in the world; Asian '''men''' do no…[View]
77856807id like to have an argument please[View]
77857598hey retards who think that THEIR life is bad, im going back to kurdistan soon and im scared my paren…[View]
77853834>schizo makes a completely unhinged post in a thread >everyone ignores him and continues the d…[View]
77857831She rejected me and Im going to use this event in my life to grow. I do not need her. One closed doo…[View]
77857854[Wake up F1lthy] [Ha Ha Ha] [Cold Visions] feelings that I can't explain [One] in an endless da…[View]
77857025How old is the oldest person browsing r9k right now? How old is the oldest virgin?[View]
77857804I feel like throwing up[View]
77854952Cant believe how hard women are getting bfto right now: I was listening to the news and they said so…[View]
77857194NEETS are a privileged class and im tired of pretending they arent[View]
77857078>this is what modern men look like i don't understand how it's so hard to believe that …[View]
77856368My work is done. And no, I won't read a single response ;)[View]
77856469Who do I even talk to: I can take none of the people who are at church for spiritual guidance seriou…[View]
77856793How do you get through bad times in your life?[View]
77857352just had such a massive poo. girl btw[View]
77857302Why do discord trannies always use these exact pictures as their pfps?[View]
77857611why are women such whores nowadays: & where is the sticker from?[View]
77851861Would this make you happy?[View]
77857622robot rooms: itt draw a top down view of your bedroom[View]
77847786Biofem Discussion #3: Boys Edition. Old: >>77840407 Discuss /biofem/ without actually posting …[View]
77857051god doesn't real. cope.[View]
77851603I'm a pragmatic gamer and I hope you are too[View]
77856791you would give her a chance if she came up to you, right? considering you are a virgin incel in your…[View]
77857519most normies haven't experienced love: realize that 65% of the normies haven't experienced…[View]
77856636Why is every psychology book just a coping support guide for people who achieved nothing to feel les…[View]
77857359>be black >'Normal' people do everything possible to coddle you and treat you like a child. If…[View]
77857497reminder all dick size demoralisation posts are made by closeted homosexuals[View]
77856248>pretty foid cuts my hair >endorphin overload…[View]
77856574most of the boards suck and are boring[View]
77847456Would you date a girl with BPD? If you have, what was it like?[View]
77855891Do you guys think it will ever get better for men?[View]
77857432daily blackpill: idc about my acne anymore because no matter how many filters you use, no matter how…[View]
77857088Miku says trans rights![View]
77856257Have you told about /r9k/ to your relatives? My cousin told me last night he browses this board some…[View]
77857004why are we doing this to ourselves?[View]
77856705>There have probably been girls interested in you, they just didn't tell you Is that better …[View]
77857341Hiiiiiii hiii hi hi ^_^ anons I love you all very much. You're amazing, beautiful, kind and swe…[View]
77854989A man's body count matters more than a woman's. A woman will become attached to a man she …[View]
77856581Zoomers will never understand how wild the 2000s were We went to the theater to watch guys fart in e…[View]
77856379>Be me >Have imaginary girlfriend >Get thirsty >Ask her if she wants something to drink …[View]
77855716Are dolphin shorts as hot to females as they are to males?[View]
77855114Just caught up to Konosuba and MHA. What other anime is worth watching?[View]
77857179Do you think your posts are nothing but a propaganda about yourselves?[View]
77857244Every bpd girl with daddy issues deserves a tall narcissistic slavic boy with mommy issues: Okay not…[View]
77857169I know this board is used normally to spread sadness. But i want to spend some time here talking to …[View]
77855955Is it weird that I masturbate to gay porn even though I'd never fuck a dude?[View]
77857157ive done nothing but look at pictures of attractive people for the last 2-3 hours holy crap being ug…[View]
77857002Wot makes me a gud demoman?[View]
77857072Hello, anons. Missing that girl, again? The one who stood out among the rest, the one who loved you …[View]
77856845Young fags, how was prom?[View]
77856294Would you rather have the opportunity to be present in this scene or have a million dollars?[View]
77856745When did you realize that martial arts is a bullshit scam? Fighting against a single, unarmed attack…[View]
77856542Haven't slept in couple of days The temperature in my room burns me alive[View]
77857119I could have seen her face lighting up As I walked inside the room She could have gone with me As I …[View]
77857058Has anyone ever been turned down for a hug?[View]
77857096on the stage going crazy we the new X-Japan https://youtu.be/qEyQHvvbfnU?si=zg4M8InHeGtUhHCj[View]
77856682How fucking retarded do you have to be to not only comment on a porn video, but believe the title LO…[View]
77856007Revolution in their minds The children start to march[View]
77856955Why did making my own tombstone make me feel so awful? The quote is taken from a dream I had where m…[View]
77856909is there any way to get my therapist to give me a hug? She heightmogs me and my face would be in her…[View]
77855306would you like to look like that?[View]
77856351I love incel theology: Everything people set their minds to eventually turns into a theology, and in…[View]
77855378Advice for a 19 year old wanting to get into car sales?[View]
77855995help me to stop it, I really tired (TL;DR): I wanna quit masturbation. I'm kinda young to make …[View]
77856078SMOK WED: I smoked weed for the 2nd time in my life. Again, no reaction. This time I smoked 2 full b…[View]
77856805How do I start chadfishing on tinder and grinder?: I want to do some chadfishing but I don't re…[View]
77855696>Somedays I want a chill life and take everyday as it comes. >Other days I want to be ambitiou…[View]
77855741Why do most incels typically emulate shinji rather than goku? >shinji timid whiny autistic incel …[View]
77855800I dislike women but I wish I were a woman[View]
77853815it's insane how stupid you all are falling for every single larper pretending to be a girl on t…[View]
77856740Should I get fat?: >avoid eye contact, be aloof, and expressionless >everyone hates me for it …[View]
77856719Wow. That's powerful.[View]
77852538Carnists be like 'let's keep these adorable friendly heifers in concentration camps so we can s…[View]
77855723Why are (most) women not funny?: This is a genuine question. Please answer seriously.[View]
77854845Total moid death, Im back edition: Hi stupid moids what are you doing[View]
77856670>@ditr4860 >36 minutes ago >Boy oh boy where do I even begin. Bladee.. honey, my pookie bea…[View]
77856471>tfw no girlfriend what's it like to have a girlfriend?[View]
77856439I'm still not over her. Ever been in love with a fembot how did it go?[View]
77856653>nice >Wtf >Made a microchip from scratch Jeri Ellsworth yep…[View]
77856486Anyone else sometimes struck by the absurdity of their situation? >be denied basic human need …[View]
77856602A priest has never given me helpful advice, but I have been insulted by one. I'm tired of this …[View]
77854745why are foids: why are they like this robots?[View]
77855740I wanna dick down sister sage and give her a creampie.[View]
77855734This board is hard to use because the kids here don't have any idea of how bad things are[View]
77853764I'm 21 year old shut-in with 0 skills. Should I sink time into drawing or guitar? Might as well…[View]
77856580I kinda miss my loneliness. Its been replaced with angst now and hallucinations. I'm never alon…[View]
77856048Whats with every teen girl learning Korean?[View]
77856541>be me >been obsessed with Star Wars since the third grade >kind of gave up on it recently …[View]
77854486Do you agree with them? fr fr[View]
77855433Being an incel beats being single after a relationship: I'm never going to have her in my life …[View]
77856524i have reached a point where reading or hearing about anything sex/relationship-related fills me wit…[View]
77856399does anyone else air their butthole out in front of the fan[View]
77856128Anybody else wish they could be a sweet person? Don't you want to just tackle a femcel and give…[View]
77855285I'm going to write 4chan in the Death Note[View]
77853640Daily reminder that if you're racist you don't belong here and you should go back to >…[View]
77856447making an account on duolicious and researching the people there made me realize that there are so m…[View]
77856448>want to have sex because of libido >can't engage in a relationship because i'm shit…[View]
77856412>autism >ugly >dogshit country >they still expect me to work…[View]
77856093My sexuality makes no sense: My favorite parts of my gf's body (other than boobs of course) are…[View]
77856392I really wanna die, it was just my birthday and I have no one. My girlfriend lives thousands of mile…[View]
77856366>Be US adult(20) >Have to wait another year to be able to (legally) drink smoke or do anything…[View]
77855882Sister saw: Showed a photo of a dumpster fire on my camera roll to my sister and she might have seen…[View]
77855679Have you ever in your experience known an ugly guy that gets hot girls? Seems like a mythical creatu…[View]
77852656She looks ready for you, robot. Are you?[View]
77856355There was a YouTubers girl that etched a silicone wafer with acid and made a microchip but I can…[View]
77855256I hate all of you hateful faggots. Please kill yourselves immediately[View]
77856148Girls who don't shave are always cuter because it shows that they appreciate the natural beauty…[View]
77854118I don't find the majority of women attractive at all. Whenever I bring this up, people assume I…[View]
77855666I really don't want to go to work anymore[View]
77855713Would you date a girl that's been with 170 men?[View]
77856316Why do latinas smell so good?!??: WHY DO LATINAS ALWAYS SMELL GOOD?!?!?! I will get a latina gf i h…[View]
77856220joever fr!!??!?!: I'm a femboy and my femboy boyfriend came out as trans and is now my gf. I ha…[View]
77855986being an incel has taught me some things 1. Women are ONLY good for producing an heir 2. No woman is…[View]
77855530Fembots. Why is it a red flag when a moid doesn't have social media? Isn't it reassuring t…[View]
77856204>she ran out of the room crying why are girls like this?[View]
77855581>new show/movie about zombie apocalypse >'recent reports show a new highly-infectious strain o…[View]
77856035Incredibly odd & stupid question but: Does urine ever completely 'decompose'? Or say - in the c…[View]
77856210>talk to east asian lady >keep expecting negative responses at the moments where western women…[View]
77855585Do you regret self destructing when you were young and sad?[View]
77854538Do you support incest?[View]
77855145Easy mode players, why no gf?[View]
77854437Notes from Underground: I hate how much I can relate to this book. If some guy from over a century a…[View]
77856107I know a sweet, precious, anxious girl who is terrified of hell. She was raised Baptist, so she beli…[View]
77855227HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!: We should all be proud of our fathers contributions to society!![View]
77854493I'm gonna be a 32 year old virgin in a week.[View]
77855381This is actually pretty scary[View]
77855727Tall men don't slay. Even in recent samples of young men, height has basically no association w…[View]
77851372Happiness is actually attainable when you get off the internet. Please please please just believe me…[View]
77856004I got so old I got embarrassed to be even here, you know[View]
77855441>Get tinder gold >Only get a few matches with normal looking women >Fat women keep liking m…[View]
77852042Curious about something: How many cars in the US are automatic? In my country all cars are manual Th…[View]
77855591Why not just consider dating legal teens?[View]
77855242I'm drunk and I have to wage in an hour. I don't understand why I do this to myself.[View]
77855774/r9k/'s biggest fumbles: I'll start. In 10th grade I encountered this super shy girl who r…[View]
77855932Most of you guys deserve to be banned and sent back to Discord. Simple as. If you put a button in fr…[View]
77854695How do you make peace with having a small penis[View]
77854868Any cure for autism?[View]
77855361why are you guys so nice sometimes[View]
77855080women are just sitting at home playing minecraft: women are just sitting at home playing minecraft, …[View]
77855886catskill mountains you will always have my heart[View]
77853312How do asian 'men' cope with being genetically inferior? Hairless tiny dicked manlets, don…[View]
77853835Why don't they automatically register everyone to vote?[View]
77855190How many girls would be willing to do this? Over/under 1 out of 20?[View]
77855399Is 27 too late? I have been thinking about trooning out for a while now, but I'm afraid it migh…[View]
77855271How many threads do you post daily?: Yesterday, I posted 4.[View]
77855464i hate depression[View]
77855387i just found out how easy it is to get attractive escorts. if you're not getting girlfriends, y…[View]
77855688Fat fembots, why don't you just lose weight? Is it really that hard to stop eating too much?[View]
77855220Whats the point of getting ugly matches[View]
77847377>'umm... why does a woman's bodycount matter?!' how do you respond?…[View]
77855636Yeah, its over. Originally.[View]
778552453 people were going to visit me this summer and 2 just cancelled today[View]
77855604I know this board is used normally to spread sadness. But i want to spend some time here talking to …[View]
77855265stop bullying pajeets or in the next life you'll be born pajeet yourself[View]
77854796Last night I had sex: Without her permission Alcohol ownz Luuuuuuulz[View]
77855550When he's hitting it from behind and you can feel his balls slap against your clit[View]
77855541>saying the quiet part out loud[View]
77854353how do I select and shit-test for long term commitment?[View]
77854800People don't actually change their underwear every day, right?[View]
77855003Who is this guy?: I keep seeing him on /b/ and occasionally /r9k/ just sort of shitposting. I know t…[View]
77855510Is there anyone who has come close to a girl/boy without showing your picture and has had an experie…[View]
77855453Why aren't politicians or the govt addressing AI?: We hear so much rambling about stupid shit l…[View]
77854717This cover story legit makes me hard.[View]
77855447Do you think mental hospital doctors have a right to life?[View]
77855153Incel trait: You ran out of people on all somewhat popular dating apps: Incel trait: You ran out of …[View]
77855175People always describe what a femcel looks like but I always end up picturing a Filipino[View]
77854412Racist people who hate blacks for the way they act are not true racist. A true racist hates blacks f…[View]
77855204Check out this Anya cosplayer[View]
77851330How do we Make 4chan Great Again?[View]
77855299Mass immigration is karma on whites for slavery and colonialism.[View]
77855181I'm on my way to Wawa.[View]
77853931Black bros we won. It's officially black boy summer.[View]
77855334just started crying a broke me glasses from anger i cant fucking take this shit anymore[View]
77855338I'll never be the man of the house again: Her boyfriend has made sure of it. I haven't had…[View]
77853957Why are all the good men single and the unappealing men in relationships? Like I see posts on here a…[View]
77855274As it turns out, bears are just as disgusting as men.[View]
77854116>Moid is willing to completely give up in a marriage after 20 years because he wasn't the fi…[View]
77855091>haven't hada job in a year >terrified of getting one again How do I prepare?…[View]
77855223Butt implants[View]
77855180>read news >see this UWU[View]
77855109Why does noone know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' anymore? Everyone always writes …[View]
77855040Oh my god. This is it.[View]
77853971Explain female attraction to me: From my understand theres two types of female attraction. Theres th…[View]
77855126Your honest thoughts on me?[View]
778542684chan height incelity rank: >5'5- Mage territory, get famous or die as incel >5'6 Ca…[View]
77854770Hello? Is this the leetle boy? How is your head today?[View]
77853442>one chance in life >born with a facesitting fetish it's over for me…[View]
77854709does anyone here play mahjong?[View]
77854519The last time l had sex was October of 2012[View]
77854511How much do you think it would be worth to pump inside a girl?[View]
77845678Female NEETs: Would you date a female Hikikomori/Neet /r9k/?[View]
77853750The most beautiful relationship imaginable: I couldn't be more happy. We don't have to get…[View]
77854244I don't get it. If women are sluttier and sleeping around more than ever, how can men find it h…[View]
77854922I tried to clean this 50 year old carpet but it just accentuated the stains[View]
77854641If you aren't supposed to date gooks: why are their asses so tight?[View]
77854843There has been an eyelash stuck in my eye for 3 days. It'll come out eventually, right?[View]
77853567Sex with women is unethical. Since women have the intelligence of children, they cannot consent to s…[View]
77854878I puked up a tim hortons bagel and a large ice cap. was I food poisoned? that's all I ate all d…[View]
77854867Everyone happier than me should die. This is an irrefutable fact.[View]
77854855evolved incel: going back to being an incel is infinitely harder after you've been in a relatio…[View]
77845805Femanons what constitutes a pretty dick to you? Even if you don't find dicks attractive at all,…[View]
77852333I just got done nutting to massive twink cocks[View]
77854684Did consuming straight porn turn you gay?[View]
77854821i summon trish to post webms of her anus[View]
77854731>Hey OP! I'm(22M) a creative writing graudate and I think that- Why do redditors type like t…[View]
77853666I deserve a tomboy gf It's not fair[View]
77854579i've hit a wall in my life and i've tried to go back to my regularly scheduled routine of …[View]
77854454>Thanks for giving us ride mister! Umm but isn't the mall in the other direction?…[View]
77854335Time for some positivity thread, something really important in a world full with negativity and mise…[View]
77854284Loneliness is going to kill me and I know a lot of you feel the same. Every time I try to start rela…[View]
77854281You suburban Americans don't suffer. In 'Walkable City' Europe, It's impossible to escape …[View]
77854700Being an only child doesn't necessarily mean you were a mistake, but it does likely mean you we…[View]
77854313/b/ is actually pretty good[View]
77853496>/r9k/ trying to geomaxx[View]
77849684>couldn't pass high school >cant drive car >never had a job and could not work one any…[View]
77852273What type of girl Leia Saez is in Spanish society? Is she generally mistreated by a conservative maj…[View]
77852641Alt or roastie?[View]
77851968/britfeel/: Morecambe edition[View]
77852784You did at least scrap together a gift for your dad on Father's day, right, anon?[View]
77854450>Women reward actions. Not genes.[View]
77854568I deserve an Azn waifu. If God didn't want me to have one, he wouldn't have made them.[View]
77851186>be me, racist >go online to my niche interests (metaethics, various philosophy debates, etc) …[View]
77852002You will STEP UP and financially provide for tyrone's shitskin baby while it's mother has …[View]
77853121God damn it feels good to be mid 30's and have full thick long dark hair and beard. I basically…[View]
77851477Since /sci/ won't help me let's try here: >A ladder of mass m = 8kg and length l = 10m …[View]
77854540>return to mp game I play >guy steals item >get demoralized I wanna quit don't even en…[View]
77853540girls honestly kinda gross me out: I think im just gonna die alone[View]
77853197>youtuber has successful channel >hundreds of thousands of views >thousands of positive com…[View]
77854491/EID General /: >what are your plans >are you going out to eat >how much eid money did yo…[View]
77851298Describe yourself: >next to no social skills, unable to maintain relationships >low impulse co…[View]
77854212>AI, filter anything politics related >AI, filter all cuck threads >AI, filter all gay po…[View]
77853145When do women stop regressing?[View]
77853605Don't you dare defy 4chan[View]
77853731Nobody commits any more: Male OR Female, the overwhelming majority of people are addicted to the hon…[View]
77852145Could you eat all this food in one sitting?[View]
77851506Anybody here write? What inspires you to keep writing even when you don't want to? What do you …[View]
77851776So how do you guys explain all the people here claiming to be 6 figure stem grads that workout, and …[View]
77854302You WILL be desperate You WILL cold approach You will risk going to jail for sexual harassment for …[View]
77853656I dont get it: Women will shame men for being pathetic or not living up to their own imagined standa…[View]
77853068>mindlessly scroll excel sheets for 8 hours >walk out to parking lot >get in car >load u…[View]
77849739This is why being virgin rules No STDs[View]
77850453What type of guys do Japanese thots / pornstars date? Who is getting to enjoy this? No bait genuine …[View]
77854169What do you say to someone that worships money and sex. Logically there is no flaw but it doesn…[View]
77854031I recently bought a sexdoll(just a cheap $300 model) and even though it's still not the real de…[View]
77852854If you met him what would you do to him? Hard mode: no rape.[View]
77853600You do have a literal meme folder, right anon?[View]
77853170Have you thought about getting a motorcycle? It's a solo hobby that can carry over into a socia…[View]
77850566I have really bad bacne[View]
77850649When did men stop asking women to be their girlfriends with flowers, posters, 'nd gifts or spec…[View]
77854069I gained weight and lost hair off this damn stress man fuck being depressed, asbestos[View]
77853894How come White men love their women but White women worship Black and Brown men?[View]
77854019Bros, I think I have a chance to lose my v-card, but I need your help. I have a female friend that I…[View]
77852367If you are white I learned every other race hates us and instead of treating them like we should we …[View]
77853234Give it to me straight: Is it over? Is there any hope for me left?[View]
77853996the most sublime aim for a man in the current century is to become a pretty lady[View]
77853064Essex Lane[View]
77845382Are women really delaying motherhood for their careers?: There's a claim that women are intenti…[View]
77853280Don't get mad at the puppets. Get mad at the puppet masters. Free will is fake and gay btw.[View]
77851915It's IMPOSSIBLE to fail life as pretty girl. Men will literally PAY you to eat your shit if you…[View]
77853876Fiat is a county's currency, but precious metals are the world's currency. International e…[View]
77849634all i wanted was a black gf and i can't even have that[View]
77852014Anyone else feel like they were born too late? I always feel like I should've been born in the …[View]
77852063>get dick enlargement surgery >get a monster cock It's that easy bros. We should do it…[View]
77853695Happy father's day r9k, what are you guys doing to celebrate!?[View]
77852873There are pictures like this. And the only cope r9k has is >SHE'S PROSTITUTE. PAID ACTOR. Ve…[View]
77851966Getting a gf is easy: Apparently I didn't need all the looksmaxing and gymcelling. All I had to…[View]
77853594I dont blame women for not settling with one man: When so many of us 'men' are so wimpy and pathetic…[View]
77853647I can't stop drinking my parents always buy tons of beer so it's just always there staring…[View]
77853633/art/ - Art General: Can we have an art thread? Let's discuss this fascinating piece right here…[View]
77853624I'm a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partly fiction. A walking contradiction.[View]
77853306why do boomers never update their music playlists?[View]
77853506The absolute state: Imagine being so absolutely pathetic that not only do you not get to fuck 'your'…[View]
77853354I only sage when I feel like it[View]
77853509Beef with me? Please, I'm the high seas Caesar My cold heart is many degrees beneath the deep …[View]
77852849If i get sugar on my tooth where i had a filling it hurts so fucking bad bro[View]
77852604>b...but I taught you how to code! why won't you see me as more than a platonic friend?…[View]
77837611Women in the US can now be drafted: https://www.armed-services.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/fy25_ndaa_ex…[View]
77853459Lmao what the fuck is this? Is this who's posting on this site?[View]
77852615i lost my virginity today: hi robots! i used to be like you, scrolling through this endless feed of …[View]
77853366How do you increase your libido and sexual desire as a man? I've always struggled with this sin…[View]
77850594Any of you guys been to Bangkok or Thailand in general?[View]
77853360In the end we're not going to make it, it's already over.[View]
77851949Do you like reliving the same life over and over knowing desolation is near, you think technological…[View]
77851761Why do women like characters like these? Like seriously what's the appeal with these characters…[View]
77852836You were right r9k. You were right. I am sorry. Women are soulless succubi who only take and never g…[View]
77853019>lamptrigine 100 mg >omeprazol >bupropion 150 mg >clonazepam 0.5 mg >methylphenidate …[View]
77850794guys should i kill myself? yes or no! pls reply :([View]
77843475>wingman is a backstabbing cunt woah what a shocker[View]
77852112Bros...how do you break the cycle of self-sabotage?[View]
77853216>tfw spent another whole day sleeping in bed[View]
77851695Who do you blame for your misery?: Be honest, no need to be shy on an anonymous imageboard.[View]
77846652what's the problem with being seen as the provider? it literally means she wants a family with …[View]
77853205Is 'human trafficking' just the new word for prostitution? Why doesn't PornHub ever get accused…[View]
77853186Does a vasectomy really have no side effects? I find that hard to believe. My mom says she'll g…[View]
77852861>once I finish this assignments I will have time to play gaymes in peace >finish assignment b…[View]
77849888Humiliation ritual. Disgusting.[View]
77853132miau miau bitch pspspspspspspsps[View]
77850034How do I stop being lonely and horny all the time? I want to have sex but I am still a virgin at 22[View]
77850783Would you ever date a girl who had to wear diapers?[View]
77851683why should I care?: >Killed 12,000 innocent citizens at a concert >Kidnapped and raped 230 of …[View]
77852111Well? Would you do it anon?[View]
77851232NEET thread: >used to make 30yo boomer memes >30 is literally right around the corner If you a…[View]
77852805Sex: Which board on 4chan do you believe has the best? There has to be a board filled with players t…[View]
77852478Are you loyal to the Tsar, anon?[View]
77851818I sold my phone on eBay and forgot to empty it It's currently being shipped and I just remember…[View]
77853012What the hell is a 'throat barrier'?[View]
77850600Can't believe it's been 5 years already[View]
77851800>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. To him that overcometh will I…[View]
77852721EID MUBARAK >arab femboy[View]
77852882There are two kinds of men: The plowhorse, and the breeding male. The captive, and the wild stallion…[View]
77852354If you incels are so desperate then why don't you just settle for a Nubian fertility goddess?[View]
77852932This is the guy![View]
77852289should i buy dis hoodie desu ne.[View]
77852619Any Robots here fish by themselves? why do you do it ? https://youtu.be/y0qxwsHLRE8?si=XGbGDzHA8uuX6…[View]
77848150Can a fembot voice act this for me please? I need fap material er I mean meme material for my youtub…[View]
77852649You might as well turn yourself into a street fighter character. You have nothing to lose.[View]
77852890either i find another autistic volcel woman to defend and look out for and form a partnership with o…[View]
77852888/r9gay/ - #2341: All is vanity until death itself undoes itself. Death you aren't your own mast…[View]
77852716Bro I'm high on light bulb vaped pure AM-2201 listening to ODB yell yallllllll don't want …[View]
77850914How was you Sunday morning r9k? My sleepy girlfriend was snuggling to me before we had romantic sex,…[View]
77852243>most women over the age of 25 in my country are fat, have tattoos, are single moms, or are at le…[View]
77850844Experience is sexy: If the thought of a woman enthusiastically fucking you doesn't turn you on …[View]
77851111Have you ever had an astral projection?[View]
77852769/DOOM/: I'm just trying to live my life, but these mouth breathing, clock watching morons make …[View]
77850650what's your sleeping position? Naturally mine is the master chief death pose, but I'm forc…[View]
77849334Why do people hate us fat folk Were humans at end of day too[View]
77851153My 10 year old brother is watching the OG 1997 Pokemon[View]
77851494Cars: Girls care what you drive. What do you drive /r9k/?[View]
77852559The path you travel alone is the journey straight to hell. Even if you're alone anon always ima…[View]
77851223>you start to smell the alcohol on your own breath[View]
77851960>why don't men ever ask for help? >wow ick he asked for help and expressed himself? now h…[View]
77852091should i become a streamer?: i'm a shut-in neet with a ton of free time on my hands so i though…[View]
77852382Every singular day I have to deal with white trash niggers smoking indoors, the mental burden that w…[View]
77852358ASMR and alcohol are the only things that make my life bearable. I think tomorrow I'm going to …[View]
77833994/r9gay/ - #2340: what!? edition last: >>77825613[View]
77851285Why don't spics get affected by the heightpill?: Everyone's seen some 5'2 spic who st…[View]
77852150Is there such thing as too much thigh gap?[View]
77852262>touch girl >immediate recoil cool, I didn't know I had that effect on women…[View]
77852256JBI: >Be Indian >Win Bros its so easy. Just Be Indian…[View]
77852206None of us will ever have this...whats the point?[View]
77852199W: Good internet[View]
77850331>it literally only takes 2 more weeks to fix everything. Are the normies right or out of touch? …[View]
77849219Not even trying due to a phoia of getting an STD: Is sex really worth it with the potential of STDs?…[View]
77852127Phtofeeler faceless: Post your phtotfeeler results but not the photos and explain why you are still …[View]
77848935theres a thousand yous theres only one a me[View]
77851940my life was actually less painful when i was not trying to be a normie. i wish i never changed. i w…[View]
77845286/britfeel/:: Waturday night edition[View]
77851255>They never stay, never stay small >and The Boomers don't like em at all >But that…[View]
77851952>female friend cancels our get together again I'm going back to being alone forever. Goodbye…[View]
77848113PAWGs: >You're about to have sex with a PAWG What is your gameplan to having the best sex wh…[View]
77851931the future of every lonely incel loser[View]
77851595How to become a chill guy?[View]
77851881greenlight it already you know you want to[View]
77850970I'm gonna jerk off to Indian porn.[View]
77851782Passport bros, beware: Reminder that Elliot Rodger's dad was a blue eyed chad (pic). >but mu…[View]
77849426What's stopping you from living your myth in Thailand?[View]
77850418Going Monk Mode: >Realize I'm not in the top 20% percentile of Men >Engaging with Women i…[View]
77850619>Long Battle with Chad Withdrawal Reminder: Women would rather commit suicide than settle for any…[View]
77851749figuring out what goes on in the mind of a foid is the hardest puzzle in existence, think about it, …[View]
77851583banned on reddit: >make post on r/rape >get banned in under half an hour >didn't know …[View]
77851383Why are nightclub women walking alone? Don't guys approach them?[View]
77850360I was going to preorder this Paul Heyman action figure, but I was waiting until a couple other wrest…[View]
77851646freudian slip: >be me >living with sister for a bit >she calls me fuck ugly at basically ev…[View]
77851736>no girlfriend like saya why live[View]
77849171Why do non-whites hate quiet?[View]
77850951foids have it so easy. just lay around all day eating chips and get a sexy voluptuous soft body[View]
77848361how do i, as a male of east asian descent, acquire a well-adjusted normie white gf?[View]
77850748>be indian[View]
77851045i want cvnka to give me a reach around while whispering in my ear and occasionally kissing my neck[View]
77850738Angry: I'm angry at the world, low effort whores[View]
77851269Hey white kid, I am from Malaysia and I have to say that you are the gayest guy in the world.[View]
77851571>tfw no cosmic goddess gf who is obsessed with me[View]
77851557How to cut women out of your life: Rules & goals: 1- Improve yourself 2- Stop caring about women…[View]
77850729Uk police are cucked beyond repair. I swear to god, if I had a pride flag on my car, the police woul…[View]
77850889ITT post songs you like for some reason I'll start. https://youtu.be/rJkllAQY7ik?si=69pILVuKkSE…[View]
77851545I present myself as a normal, talkative and approachable person but it bothers how I have pretty tho…[View]
77850593i just matched with a super cute 18 year on Bumble as a mids 32 year old guy. why cant i match peopl…[View]
77850759If a famous person refuses to let someone use their likeness for profit, what's stopping that s…[View]
77850976I have this thing where people will be nice to me for a while then immediately turn on me Its like …[View]
77851347If you are brown and don't support putin you are a traitor: Putin is literally a hero to us bro…[View]
77851038My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard, and they're like oh yeah give it to me baby.[View]
77848914Day 558 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests Photos acquired. Late night alcohol brewing s…[View]
77851032Short Guys Discussion: All men below 5 foot 8 GTFIH. How is heightism affecting your inceldom and ho…[View]
77848812tfw discord bf turns out to be a piece of shit, groomed a 13-14 yr old into fucking herself on vc, a…[View]
77850785I am an average White guy. Why am i invisible to White girls but attract Fat Brown girls like a Magn…[View]
77851267You like boys and cookies don't you[View]
77851309If all girls are submissive by nature wont they be attracted to boys who are the opposite? Someone w…[View]
77850022Can you guess the pedo?: I got 25. why is it so easy to tell? https://pedoguessr.com[View]
77834796/mbti/: Tame Duck Hunt edition. thread questions >your type >What do you like about the games …[View]
77851126>Tfw I wanna buy all my buddies cool christmas gifts but I know they'd never reciprocate and…[View]
77850290Would /r9k/ make jack-o'-lanturns with other kinds of squash since pumpkins are out of season a…[View]
77850757What if I never ever get to 'do it' with a sexy girl :/[View]
77850469Fuck you biden, I don't want to die over a meaningless war that I don't care about.[View]
77851143Women and white men are the same exact thing[View]
77851119Yuri good[View]
77849595Soviet sinks[View]
77851123Off the record but Jesus has been speaking to me lately. He says that though I make some mistakes he…[View]
77848837Why havent you found a girlfriend yet?[View]
77849722my wife chickn wants attention go give it to her. shes only a little crazy.[View]
77850580I can't get over how ugly most women are IRL, even the young ones. I've been on imageboard…[View]
77851053There are eight genders[View]
77850027If chads have it so easy, how come this Chad model can't get a GF??: I guess your 'blackpill' t…[View]
77849630Being attracted to this is absolutely and obviously NOT gay and you won't gaslight me into beli…[View]
77850108>birth month in June >on the 27th >is now pride month >am porngay now what did god mean …[View]
77850520How to effectively make people hate you/ lose interest in you?: PRETTY SURE YOU GUYS PISS PEOPLE OFF…[View]
77850945Hang in there motherfuckers[View]
77850786I have no outstanding skills or abilities, I will never be someone special or exceptional, and I can…[View]
77850924Day 321 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
77850893it's supposed to make you more tired[View]
77849461I think I'm finally going to transition. Being a short male is too fucking cruel, at least as a…[View]
77850474I am an average 20 year old white male and this is my ideal woman.[View]
77850856Fat: I'm fat. Do you have a problem with that?[View]
77850253Whenever I drink I make sure to put my keys nice and tight into my jar of castor beans on my poison …[View]
77850224Let's do math: I start: c equals square root of a squared plus b squared[View]
77850798Why cant people just b nice to me: Why do they habe to be so mean all the time when I'm not mea…[View]
77849971Seeing animals have sex made me realize how pathetic my desire is Idc about love anymore after seei…[View]
77850855how do i not be nervous during sex? taking the initiative and taking control is incredibly hard and …[View]
77848787To be honest, I kinda understand why some women would want to be guys: To be honest, I kinda underst…[View]
77847268How bad's your porn addiction been lately?[View]
77849996fix urself first bro: You need to feel loved before you can have an ounce of self-esteem, much less …[View]
77850536My sister and I worked out a little deal for her to spend some time with me showing her how Linux wo…[View]
77850701>tfw will never be a White American male NEET who found 4chan in the late 2000s / early 2010s…[View]
77850742Lazy boy done[View]
77850637Just woke up My teeth hurt really bad[View]
77847758Why dont they do something about the crime in brazil? Like at least nuke it or something.[View]
77849619Is PA a good state for a robot?[View]
77841911And some gays wonder why I don't associate with pride or the lgbt community as a bisexual man.[View]
77850561what do you think you did in a past life that caused you to be where you are today?[View]
77785688/mcg/ momcest general, year 3 #24 (#123): Summertime romance Edition. It's Momcest Monday. You …[View]
77849318Is there any hope for me as a 5'3 male? Or am I destined to die alone?[View]
77847688Can you believe this is the sole influence of 300,000 years of human history?[View]
77850575>complete mentalcel >come from a long lineage of mentally ill >the seldom woman or gay man…[View]
77848957How do I get girly fat distribution without growing boobs or messing with my hormones systemically?:…[View]
77849874How are women after 30 supposed to get married?: I went to a bar, and noticed a lot of millennial wo…[View]
77850105Is 5.5 girth big: Apparently it's like top 5% but in my hands it feels tiny I've never had…[View]
77848332>all my younger siblings started dating girls in middle school >I'm the 27 year old cree…[View]
77850505you never have to go to the actual location[View]
77849422Why Islam biggest no fun religion[View]
77850318How do I explain to my younger brother that having a rag sticking out his back pocket is a gay thing…[View]
77849596Define a good person to me. a morally good person.[View]
77850430Why is prostitution illegal when the standard relationship between a man and a woman is also simply …[View]
77850320>mom's side has OCD and anxiety >dad's side has depression and ADHD >i have all f…[View]
77847662Why are men so selfish as to not see they've created the femcel problem by extending their adol…[View]
77848439I am soo high right now I smoked megaaaa on the bowl[View]
77847954How much has world changed since 2020 in your opinion? Imo it just doesnt have that juice anymore. A…[View]
77850377>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Oh how great is thy goodness,…[View]
77850370Nation patchnotes: Throw together some changes you'd like to see. Doesn't have to be speci…[View]
77849319Where did you meet your college friends?[View]
77849614I'm going to the beach with my qt trans gf: What should we do while we're there? Any cute …[View]
77848843I found this cool Batman figure placed at this stone for some reason. Im taking it. Pretty dope.[View]
77849591Some third world jungle monkey mutt is making out with his childhood love right now in a shitty cock…[View]
77850258how much do you have to spend on being able to only work for half of you life?[View]
77850210I just got my visa to america: How do I get some white pussy now[View]
77849663I can't wait to see my bf again. He's adorable. We're gonna do a lot of cute outings.…[View]
77847333Give me something good to listen to while i play vidya. I was going to enjoy AFPAC but that's c…[View]
77849472Another day wasted laying around Mother's house and still no belly gf[View]
77848747Lots of froggies on the catalog tonight. Hell yeah son that's that shit I do like[View]
77849307>in an 8 years month relationship with 14 years of difference >she starts speaking in brainrot…[View]
778455362024 is your LAST CHANCE to experience abundant tight Asian pussy. Vietnam is all the hots right now…[View]
77849414How many hours in a day would you say you think about females? The male brain is wired up to think a…[View]
77849934Reminder if you're a coomer sex doesn't even feel good. Stop being depressed over not havi…[View]
77848883>started working new job in april >saved 2.6k since then I'm trying to buy a car. it…[View]
77850127would femanons date a hikki neet who is extremely clingy and would spend all day with you?[View]
77848818How do I get pretty women to smile at me (bald, ugly, mentally ill, repulsive posture, offputting bo…[View]
77849530have you ever gained weight and not been able to fit in your clothes?[View]
77848137Today I feel quite empty...[View]
77850120I hate that it's going to be Father's Day, because that means Texas Roadhouse is going to …[View]
77850107How many people doing humiliation rituals does it take to change a light bulb? None because they wou…[View]
77848849my sister's bf is so fucking lucky. I wish they'd let me watch[View]
77850020>be me >playing game with voicechat >guy runs buy a group of people im with yelling 'if the…[View]
77849983wikimedia google meta[View]
77849550You ever find a bitch with a body so impossibly good that her sexiness level goes so high it just lo…[View]
77847302daily dose of whitepill: connecting with nature and healing i choose peace and i am grateful that m…[View]
77849326Can't study, can't focus, can't do nothin. I think I am going to get fat my body is s…[View]
77849513I just want a gf to travel around with me but most American women I come across have too much going …[View]
77849865hey r9k hope u guys are having a good saturday night[View]
77849280You are clinging on to what will destroy you in the end[View]
77848727This realization changes everything.[View]
77849520Well, boys, we had a good run, we gave it our all. Unfortunately not every battle report has the out…[View]
77845977What is this? The biggest boobs pageant?[View]
77847914The involuntary nofap where you're too depressed to be aroused[View]
77849158I'm 24: and I've never had a girlfriend. What hope is there for me?[View]
77849811every relationship between adolescence and old age is spiritually corrupted by Ahrimanic forces that…[View]
77849797I love him so much he is just so wonderful[View]
77847062where's the vrchat thread?[View]
77849629Why haven't u tried ur luck with being male Vtuber All pussy u need https://x.com/m1das_ow2/st…[View]
77849260my life fucking sucks and is lame as fuck, all day every day for the past 7 years since i got out of…[View]
77849547Just redneckmaxx bros. I wanna move to the rural south some day with a trailer and just be a retard …[View]
77849707>oneitis caught me flirting with her little sister (legal) >gets angry WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUP…[View]
77849686Nah man I dont think its time for Tik-Tok Does a human approve these ads?[View]
77849465How much have (you) guys make from (you) farming?[View]
77848008How do I make money fast as a 22 year old woman? I am trying to buy a $800 plane ticket to see my bf…[View]
77849635I love WWE. I watch seven hours of WWE a week. More if there's a PLE on the weekend. Nothing be…[View]
77849631>Stepdad didn't invite me to his Father's Day dinner Should I kill myself to spite them…[View]
77847328who goes to these type of things?[View]
77848166>tfw 25 years old and still hate vegetables how do people eat them? they taste so fucking bad…[View]
77848695is there any greater cucking then being forced to exist? >want to rest, nope you cant, got to be …[View]
77847092Age gap relationships: What makes them so taboo?[View]
77849247>why you ain't finna hit me up? Is you be racist? Well?[View]
77849525Pareidolia is getting worse.[View]
77849430How far would you go to obtain a young virginal female?[View]
77849070G I F T G A S ! *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff*[View]
77849453do you have to be attractive to make it fit?[View]
77849040What's the quickest way to end yourself? I can't get a firearm where i am at.[View]
77848421why do loser NEETs often hold extreme and idealistic views on how society should function even thoug…[View]
77845462What is the average IQ of our nine KAY?[View]
77847601I am so down bad. Went on a long bike ride and saw way too many attractive girls. From fat Latina b…[View]
77848235Anons that have been in relationships, are women as evil as they're portrayed on this board?[View]
77849350>Herniated disc >Can't work abs/core or legs Should I even bother or will I look retarded…[View]
77849063ITT embarrassing sex stories: So this one time I was having a threesome with these two hot women and…[View]
77849109hi anon bye anon[View]
77849227well i just turned 30 yesterday and i'm a virgin not handholdless, because i've held hands…[View]
77846014I think it should be okay to mock someone for being gay.[View]
77848567Honestly I am so so depressed I just want to end it all. I was at the cemetery walking around and jo…[View]
77848214Why do normies do what they do?: Like just everything they do, what is their reasoning behind taking…[View]
77849257i believe that almost 95% of modern couples make sex pictures and sex videos so what would you do if…[View]
77849273Feminists Believe That Incels are triggered by this: Feminists Believe That this triggers Incels. Th…[View]
77848766I'm meeting my girlfriend soon and neither of us have had sex. I might've lied to her and …[View]
77848156I cried at work today after a customer became very angry with me. now several of my coworkers know w…[View]
77847200Robots of television and film thread[View]
77847816What would you do if your 15 year old daughter became a single mother to a negroid baby?[View]
77847192This a woman: Now ask her out[View]
77847260There could literally be femanons with unlicked feet reading this atm. It does not make any sense.[View]
77845718Vocaroo thread: Spaghetti Western Edition https://voca.ro/14WOfbpikBqR[View]
77849124how do i make friends online if i dont use discord and i dont play video games[View]
77849057Every time I think I'm retarded autistic I encounter one of those autist who talk and behave li…[View]
77848136As an incel chud, this is kinda based[View]
77848714>just got my ged at 28 is it too late to become an engineer? I pretty much had to learn math from…[View]
77849021what meds will make me have a drive and not be a schizoid even when im not depressed i have no insti…[View]
77849010Where does one find Asian women like this? Where do they hang out?[View]
77848589So apparently women don't like being dominant? That's some fucking bs. I thought finding a…[View]
77848768How does one date a girl like pic related?[View]
77845282Why do normies complain about cost of living when it's so easy to save money?: >be me >fu…[View]
77847829>incel, addicted to catfishing and sexting women because it's the closest I'll ever get…[View]
77848412Modern Women: Omfg the next time i hear that porn is the reason men arnt dating im gonna commit a ma…[View]
77848884anyone other autist on here just likes to start punching their own head when they're stressed o…[View]
77848428Why is it so difficult to make friends?[View]
77848055i think im doomed: (it should be worth noting that all of this should be read from a positive point …[View]
77847683Literally how low do you have to be to partake in a polygamous relationship? And not only that, but …[View]
77848869the new kind of haunted house: for a man it's probably his parent's for a woman it's …[View]
77848212she is literally my 10/10 dream girl and unless God steps in, I will die alone in my bedroom.[View]
77848763>be me >go to quirk chungus high (everyone is a quirk chungus, even the guys) >we are given…[View]
77848086For me it's Shizuku[View]
77846548Paid $800 for kitty: Messaged her on IG Probably the best kitty I had in a while. She was tighter t…[View]
77848507Society owes me a big titty tomboyish emo goth gf.[View]
77844098you are now in the body of the average indian male: What steps to you take to fix this? Besides not …[View]
77847611Could you ever be with a girl that has pegged and licked another man's asshole before? >pic …[View]
77847496Escort made me come fast: She got on top, fixed her hair and a couple thrusts in I already nutted. …[View]
77848664How do I get over the constant rumination and just kill myself?[View]
77848505Should I get into Welding school as a 22 year old robot or should I not even bother?[View]
77848534What do young people even do in the US these days? I turn 30 next month and have spent the last deca…[View]
77848181So did anyone go to the address?[View]
77844503/feelsbar/: The Saturday night feels bar is open. Come sit down and relax.[View]
77848574>be 35 >i dont want a woman who is 35 i want a younger one >look up dating site >search …[View]
77847471I'm never going to have sex again[View]
77848600As a gay faggot, I just cannot understand why you guys are always in such sexual despair. I mean, co…[View]
77848481I just had a dream about this strange remaster of GTA SA on ps3. Should I get it? Its a port of the …[View]
77848075Please post more examples of epic myth buster wins.[View]
77848545cool picrew i found do it! https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/1319781[View]
77843109If you wanted to convert to Judaism, should you convert to Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism …[View]
77847992any femanons here either looking to lose weight or gain muscle? i know so much about personal traini…[View]
77847134Proud eugenicist: What a horrible system. These people should be given a quick and painless death, b…[View]
77848487Plastic Surgery: What's stopping you from getting plastic surgery? Incels whine a lot, but they…[View]
77848536this is a thread for comfy drunk anons only[View]
77834020Would you wear diapers if there wasn't a stigma attached?[View]
77843864have you ever been scammed? what happened?[View]
77848476How do I get out of this situation? I'm kinda depressed to do it[View]
77847541I got scammed by being borne white[View]
77846822>go on a date with a robot >im way stronger than him please stop rotting ur body away with gam…[View]
77848016OK, I give up. I'm done trying to meet women and date, and I'm done being single. Recommen…[View]
77843145People being so mean on 4chan: Why are people so mean here? Are they just psychopaths or what? I…[View]
77846103Made a grinder account to tell trannies to kill themselves and now im banned. Where can I get workin…[View]
77848354I'm going to a Living Tombstone concert to find a gf, I don't care anymore. Tired of tunne…[View]
77847813>Sir, a second Chad cock has hit the femcel pussy[View]
77848190I would give anything, EVERYTHING, for so much as a 4/10 girl who will love me no matter what. To ha…[View]
77847357soiboy un perdator[View]
77847299tfw no cute big butted latina to be my gf[View]
77847284Should a person feel any guilt, if, they know of a person that is being bullied in the workplace but…[View]
77840085taking it easy after a bicycle exercise[View]
77845074what are your core memories?[View]
77848215>graduated high school so I can no longer fap in the girls washroom and changeroom What the fuck …[View]
77845871How do some boys have really cute voices[View]
77847732>posting from your ip range has been blocked due to abuse >banned for no reason for one year …[View]
77847906My mom is 43 and on her 5th marriage. She keeps cheating on her husbands and leaving them for the ne…[View]
77847616I saw this cat I chill with walking around with his owner the other day. He made eye contact and lif…[View]
77846222Why do people who don't get money from porn post it in the first place? What do they gain from …[View]
77847165What is the male equivalent of pic rel?[View]
77848041I am on my way to Wawa.[View]
77847488Is martial arts and fighting a good masculine alternative to sex?[View]
77847989fuck i forgot all of yesterday, I had a lot of fun on /v/ though[View]
77846263how would (You) feel if everyone who makes /biofem/ threads got brutally murdered?[View]
77845392Why dont women whoremaxx?: I unironically would respect women more if they whoremaxxed. I define wh…[View]
77842214Work: Someone explain to me why the fuck should I work in demolition when there are internet whores …[View]
77836098/Biofem/ General #111: Fandom edition Previous : >>77829205 https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread…[View]
77847840I'm in love with a woman 10 years older than me. I'm 23 and she is 33. I'm in a fucke…[View]
77847606I still need to buy a car, I've been using my mom's and her uncle loaned her one to use wh…[View]
77846978what is the highest of all high art? the single greatest piece of work ever created, something deepe…[View]
77846214Warm melk. Bout to sleep what should I dream about- I keep dreaming about things that upset me, make…[View]
77847585How often do alt girls turn into trad?: How rare is thar occurance?[View]
77845394Smug femcel when the cute r9k incel she likes agrees to go on a date with her[View]
77847378Im never gonna manage to do anything productive im just gonna be an iron 4 lol player forever[View]
77847505going out and having fat and unattractive woman try to make eye contact with me is fucking depressin…[View]
77847766Flamingos do this[View]
77847637Why don't you just get a male gf? You'll have more in common.[View]
77845594Why would a 10/10 woman like this do porn? She could easily get a respectable well paying job based …[View]
77847245>the AI modified picture of you gets way more likes when your real picture only gets 2 likes That…[View]
77847188honestly there's 0 point in gymcelling if you're shorter than 6'2 you'll just lo…[View]
77845429>this is what a 21 year old looked like in 1930 what went wrong?[View]
77846983My family got pizza and I wanted pepperoni so they asked for it on the side but when the pizza arriv…[View]
77847649I hate being english, I wish I was scottish[View]
77845071Are you actually hoping to get your gf pregnant?[View]
77847466Do robots keep up with the kino casino? Whats your favorite segment? I love the idubbbz feltening PP…[View]
77847550The longer you sit infront the screen, the less you will have when you look away from it. This is yo…[View]
77846495Whores be Whoreing: >College Fembot who's every label on TikTok sells feet and panties to pe…[View]
77846781Do you think that the internet was a positieve invention for humanity overall? Would you let it diss…[View]
77843984Let this be the definitive thread, was Elliot handsome or nah?[View]
77846284Where can I meet women that are like pic related? Every woman I encountered is some jolly so filled …[View]
77847463what is an adult?[View]
77844906is it gay to wear these shoes if im not a skater? i have similar ones (black and white instead of al…[View]
77844794Do you like Wawa?[View]
77846326My mom can be such a huge cunt. One day she's super nice the other she tells me to shut up. An…[View]
77846855how can I kick my 4chan addiction?[View]
77846570I'm really pissed off with my phone company and their bullshit. Any advice to relief my anger s…[View]
77847356Should I go to the gym?: I'm 6'2 and mid face, would gymcelling help me?[View]
77847291Anons, I don't think there's a god out there. I think that's not so bad. I think it a…[View]
77847305>See old man walking very slowly with each bag in hand >Think to myself what kind of life he h…[View]
77845654>$1000 for 4 hours with an escort with fat tits Is this a good rate or no. I would cum in like 10…[View]
77846873i just got a cum tribute[View]
77846961I think being a space trucker in the far future would be pretty comfy.[View]
77847254im about to record myself fucking my onahole and then im gonna send it to a bitch on discord[View]
77843553Games that no biological woman has ever played before: Hi /r9k/, I'm in the process of trying t…[View]
77842679imagining myself having tea right now and being happy[View]
77846461I am in huge distress, and I am tired of pretending that I'm not.[View]
77846536Are these services that check your id card safe? Can I just take a photo of a deceased persons id? H…[View]
77847116>one chance at life >born with aspergers >ugly on top of that so no being carried by looks…[View]
77844766I can't even lie, I derive a strange, odd pleasure from making fun of troons, especially when t…[View]
77844233Black folk: >were so selfless and busy building civilizations for other people that they forgot t…[View]
77847049Impressive, very nice. Check these digits.[View]
77847043After watching hours of walking tours of different European city centers my observation is >West…[View]
77842948>message someone >they stop replying and leave you on read >three days later replies 'sorry…[View]
77845552why don't you just get a hard femdom gf anon? in my first year of college I got close to a girl…[View]
77846963Every white girls dream is here: Deep inside the jungle The biggest Blackest BBC Is ready[View]
77840613you will never be that random chad she had a fling with in her 20s that she thinks about while on he…[View]
77846377>you're making a big deal out of it bro no one cares if you're bald…[View]
77846893Brainwashing yourself on purpose?: >always finishing tasks right before the deadline >always a…[View]
77845786No one deserves nor is entitled to anything.[View]
77846697Would police be able to get fingerprints off of broken eggshells? And is it actually true that insur…[View]
77846922I just realized I'm not handsome enough that women will threw themselves at me, but I'm ha…[View]
77845902be my based bassist gf, based bass playing bassist femanon![View]
77846777Certified Robot Kino: Pic very much related to the topic[View]
77845152I love americans: Russian girl here, I got a story you all might enjoy. Im mainly used to Dvach, so …[View]
77846429Anyone started using drugs in childhood (like 13 and under) or knows people who did? Tell me your st…[View]
77846504I want to fuck a fat woman while grabbing her huge belly[View]
77846094I have made a mistake therefore I will starve. Simple as[View]
77846760How to grow your balls back 101: Instead of leaving the seating seat down[View]
77845318I basically gave up and messaged a filipino chubby girl. My goal is a relationship (with sex include…[View]
77845197Why do normies think that enlisting and becoming a bitch of some guy in a dumbass hat whose only job…[View]
77846408Have you ever groomed a minor on discord?[View]
77845776i dunno about you fuckers but women with large tits are fucking overrated[View]
77846453My little sister just entered her first year of college and she sometimes brings her friends over an…[View]
77845673>go to my backyard and sit by the pool in the sun >happy >go back to my room >filled wit…[View]
77845820what is the random noise of mental health[View]
77840407Biofem Discussion #2: Discussing the crimes of nonas edition. Old: >>77836250 Discuss /biofem/…[View]
77845304Why are jannies fine with boards like /r9k/ and /pol/ being spammed with porn, gore, scat etc but th…[View]
77846379Is it possible to get shadow banned on 4chan?[View]
77838043NEET Saturday: That's right! It's another Saturday, another NEET day. What are you guys up…[View]
77844576spent two years of my life building up a femcel and she left me[View]
77842793if i can't get the courage to take a few fucking hormones then truly iwnbaw but what am i even …[View]
77844967>I fell in love with the discord kitten again Why am I like this?[View]
77846204This is the most erotic part of a woman's legs.: Nothing more arousing than standing behind a w…[View]
77845816Why do the best pleasures in life (Getting high, drunk, etc.) have to come with the worst downsides?[View]
77838249Why do girls say they hate big dicks when it's obvious they love them? If girls find out a guy …[View]
77845572I think today is gonna be a boring one unless I do something about it. My head's empty and my b…[View]
77844943Remember to always choose yourself, anon, because everyone else in your life will fail you.[View]
77844353>I just realized I applied for housing wrong too >did not press the button that said I am inte…[View]
77845555>watch a 15 minute programming tutorial >reward myself with a 4 hour edging session Feels good…[View]
77842512The body of the average woman. Girls rarely looks like they do online, the average girl has such a …[View]
77838780>Prescribed ADHD meds >Lose appetite >End up underweight Docs ever fucked you over?…[View]
77846144How do you identify where the bad neighborhoods are in your city? I don't go out too much and w…[View]
77845987let's be honest, we're just poor.[View]
77845979Going to the nightclub solo tonight for the first time. What should I expect? Will I be disappoint…[View]
77845908How long does it take to get over someone: She threw everything away just because I was too inexperi…[View]
77845936Is there any way to chemically castrate myself without a doctor? I dont want to enjoy seeing naked w…[View]
77846080uncle had a 8 page pop culture+mobile phone tech news magazine he printed from his own bedroom and i…[View]
77845981What did club penguin mean by this?[View]
77844961Why not go to Japan and get laid We can even start a Japanese travel group[View]
77844211How do troons feel when seeing real women on social media or outside?[View]
77845799How to forgive a woman for sucking a man's ass?[View]
77845931I just posted my penis and I realized it looks disgusting I'm sorry for anyone who has seen it[View]
77845927On the subject of ecelebmaxxing (and due to the recent appearance of the griftmaxxer guy who posts t…[View]
77845680what causes pooners to believe that they'll most definitely become some hot gay 6 psl 6'3 …[View]
77845852Fades look faggy and stupid and make you look like a penis[View]
77845290So average females just have casual pump n dump sex with Chads in their 20s, and then get Chad semen…[View]
77844288Any other Japanese Image Video addicts? I barely even watch hardcore anymore, I just want to see cut…[View]
77845372I couple weeks ago I pooped blood and today I pooped blood again I'm scared that I have cancer[View]
77845764Found myself being very bored this past year, even working full time and ocd cleaning the house ever…[View]
77845416Literarily who is paying for this dog shit. It's not funny. Use that money to get a mail order …[View]
77845738You are a niggerbaby. You are crying because TND has started and you keep seeing dead niggers everyw…[View]
77845563Is it gay to jack off to guys' dicks on my computer if I'm otherwise straight?[View]
77844988>the u.s sends millions to fight a proxy war with russians >the u.s supports illegal immigrant…[View]
77845628>10 years ago the supreme gentleman made inceldom mainstream[View]
77844335free wifi anywhere you go![View]
77845690fembots what would you think of a guy if you saw him playing healer?[View]
77843660For no reason at all women have starting throwing themselves at me. It's like a switch was flip…[View]
77843805Why would you marry a woman with a past: In my country the marriage will be cancelled but in America…[View]
77845624Have you lost your virginity?[View]
77845607If Porn is psychological warfare, then I am a non-partisan militia shooting at every side[View]
77845527Stop Being Obsessed With Women: It's starting to become cringe.[View]
77845553hey if I never get a gf I never have to get insecure over her liking someone else better than me, th…[View]
77845549Do any of you know how to join a cartel? Asking for a friend.[View]
77844560Are there any risks to regularly hitting my head?[View]
77845175My gf and I are about to have our first fight in 30 mins when she gets here. Is it weird that I…[View]
77845476who would win a match between humans and aliens?[View]
77845450It should be punishable under threat of death to be a waitress while fat. No I dont want to tip you …[View]
77845352Dunno who started that 'online isn't real' bullshit but it's fucking retarded.[View]
77845238>wash sheets >eat on bed because I'm a fucking loser >spill sauce on my sheets…[View]
77843684Women should feel ashamed and actively be shamed for having noticeably large breasts[View]
77844680If a man loves you, does he care about small insecurities? I have self harm scars and also am anorex…[View]
77844356>weekend off work >worked the night shift Friday >come back late Friday evening around 11:3…[View]
77845316Is it a bad thing to not be born?[View]
77845347How do I get people to stop ignoring me, unironically?[View]
77845288I'm sitting on my balcony drinking alchol alone naked on a saturday night while everyone is out…[View]
77845042>be me >just graduated high school >go to middle school reunion >everyone stands in fron…[View]
77841867/britfeel/:: Getting steaming as rocket edition[View]
77845213Typical Japanese women[View]
77845215I'm sad because no gf[View]
77844525Could you have a been a great athlete if you actually tried?[View]
77843269Now why would China see #metoo as foreign subversion? That's odd.[View]
77843300female pedophiles: why are female pedophiles always so fat and ugly? do ugly chicks just get so hope…[View]
77845087There are 12,495 votes cast in Richmond, Virginia in the 1876 United States Presidential Election. T…[View]
77845127>go onto /gif/ >ignore all of the blacked threads >click a random thread >there's n…[View]
77842894To my wives of my omniscience We're still of our new timeline somewhere in our omnifuture havi…[View]
77844738Would you date a girl with a BBL?[View]
77845120I never want to have kids and am afraid of accidentally getting a girl pregnant. Which is why I only…[View]
77845051i got a new job! it is my first job since 4 years ago. I'm so happy i could jump through the ro…[View]
77844548Why don't you just love yourself since women won't? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap3v2R…[View]
778450034chaniel thread: post anything and everything related to /r9k/'s official mascot 4chaniel…[View]
77843219I think that black people live different lives than the ones the media leads us to believe and stone…[View]
77843730>honey, why is your phone filled with dozens of memes of sad men having sex with fat women? Is th…[View]
77844955TFW no GF to go to anime conventions with and weeb and nerd out. It is sometimes a lot to bear broth…[View]
77844913Nani desu[View]
77844487They literally made a kino about robots.[View]
77844430>mfw Americans are making YouTube videos about saving money by not buying grubhub…[View]
77844691>feel extremely tired and exhausted >take a two hour nap >feel much better ...?…[View]
77844926I can take you to the heart of love https://youtu.be/B3PGiWGX2VI?si=OUUhyozoltraTKqL[View]
77844183I think some women deserve rape. Do you agree with me?[View]
77844649What is your favorite Pixar film?[View]
77844398The best way to live[View]
77842947The ick. The fucking ick![View]
77844832>go to favorite chinese food place >indians working there >already know the food is going t…[View]
77844584Do you see yourself as a smart individual, anon?[View]
77844466you question others but not what you believe[View]
77842451Ever wish you could get married?: I was just thinking about my old high school crush, and for the fi…[View]
77843354You get a loving gf that unconditionally loves you and would never leave/cheat on you nor intentiona…[View]
77844693>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. And God created great whales,…[View]
77842779is it just me or everyone's mentally ill now?[View]
77842269saturday vrchat thread, anyone up for some chatting with fellow robots? its free on steam and you do…[View]
77844787Becoming paparazzi: Could becoming paparazzi be the key to our problems? We'll get to >Trave…[View]
77844128You have to poop today![View]
77841906I'm a banana[View]
77843309What are robots reading right now? I'm in the middle of On Heroes by Thomas Carlyle. Interestin…[View]
77843195Hai Anonz! Is there something you want to tell me? eheee!! honto?!?![View]
77843113Is transmaxxing as viable a strategy for a better life for lonely fembots as it is for regular malec…[View]
77843087I don't think it's very funny when you guys say the n-word.[View]
77842142Biggest bluepill copes you've seen: For me it's pic related. Part of me feels bad for the …[View]
77844642>come here and sit on my face mfw[View]
77839217>5 to 6 times more iron/vitamin C/calcium than spinach. >grows where people rarely tread, lik…[View]
77843763I don't understand why they left me so easily when I would've died for them, literally. I …[View]
77844415How come you don't hang out with your bros anymore anon, what went wrong?[View]
77844588Why is thickness a word but not brapness?: You can describe a woman's body with the term brapne…[View]
77843489shes always shining cause its always night and ur always dancing the songs so right[View]
77844539Why did god create me for the purpose of eating fembot pussy, but then didn't give me any to ea…[View]
77841641>pic related was about an AI created to fight in WW3 that ended up exterminating humanity So, how…[View]
77844519It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the overwhelmingly most common fetish among straigh…[View]
77842897If i was cute id have been molested by now.[View]
77844511I forgot to paint my nails and bit them and now the tips of my fingers hurt[View]
77844434Let's talk linguistics: Did you ever wonder what rhymes with 'bigger'?Yes, there are some obvio…[View]
77843099I'm unironically 6'7 and have 400 women in my Discord DMs right now. No, not with the assi…[View]
77842164>get banned for some stupid shit >switch the mobile data off and on and I'm back on my g…[View]
77843486I am in public, and im only wearing a jacket, pants, socks and shoes right now (with no underwear or…[View]
77843828I feel bad for everyone who has been subjected to talking to me.[View]
77839756Why are people saying this is autism?: There's a lot of people in this thread saying the son ha…[View]
77840380Is hairy pussy getting trendy again? Recently I've been seeing more porn stars and OF thots wit…[View]
77844371>Saturday night Alright i'll jerk off alone in my room[View]
77840632Am I the only one who sits like this?[View]
77842329You blame onlyfans gis: But I bet you would do the same if you owned their body.[View]
77841861My brother is shorter and uglier than me and has a hot gf and I have no one. It's not fucking f…[View]
77841960How do you cope with your inferiority to east asians?[View]
77843600>banned from an discord server for being indian i cant take it no more[View]
77844218Eye contact is kinda creepy. It sort of resembles a reptilian devouring you alive while staring at y…[View]
77844281>wake up as a 30 year old male >see my wrinkled up fugly face >want to kill myself…[View]
77843751help me I need a new life help[View]
77844257I could never love a Woman that's been with another man[View]
77839553Is kms an option?: I'm 19m neet. Crippling agoraphobia + OCD. Wanna drop out of therapy and jus…[View]
77843088Post some music about fighting. I'll start https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CjSDA1NIIDY&t=147s…[View]
77839995Femanon: Do you find slavic men attractive? Or do you prefer white ones?[View]
77843780Do you like sting cheese?[View]
77843697It doesn't matter if women can consent or not; those decisions are ultimately left up to their …[View]
77844012chill music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njwto4B3UaY[View]
77843578When did you officially stop caring? What made you stop caring?[View]
77844099Believing your own lie: I always wondered why people always judge me inaccurately, they always talk …[View]
77844107Clipboard https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1718406374150531.png https://i.4cdn.org/r9k/1718447737625657.jpg ht…[View]
77844092>be me, resident of utopia >my daughterperson brings home her boyfriend (male) that she, a sov…[View]
77842976what's like living as indian?[View]
77844024Good night anons sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite[View]
77840719>have class >class is supposed to teach about several different things and how they function …[View]
77843326Do dreams have meaning? I dreamt of running into a giant serpent while hiking, and when it stopped e…[View]
77840074You are idiots.: I've been on this board for some years, probably not enough to be considered a…[View]
77842889My dads such a fat nigger worshipping oaf and is also a neutered goy I want to choke him sometimes. …[View]
77839486What's stopping you from going pussyfree for Iife?[View]
77843485Unattractive females should accept less: If you are an unattractive female who has racial and height…[View]
77842007Why is teasing girls and making them laugh so addicting?[View]
77843298is being fatherless that bad? all the criminals and whores i know are fatherless[View]
77842517>be attractive, extremely gifted, athletic, successful >perfect bf material >but also schiz…[View]
77842879tfw I will never get a cute gf for puking[View]
77843522I would unironically accept any level of abuse if she would just give me another chance. I dont care…[View]
77843708/g/ is Reddit[View]
77843444should i beat my future wife?[View]
77842762How's your Saturday going, anons?[View]
77843549Latest redesign of white women is borderline unusable: >designed to be most beautiful and attract…[View]
77842391You need money? Money for what[View]
77843302I coomed and it was as thick as gell[View]
77843363You have to poop!!!![View]
77842887>starting a job later this month >once i get comfy working and stop being tired after the firs…[View]
77843062>its 2024 >the blackpill still hasnt been debunked…[View]
77843297I should really have applied for that short term contract apartment, even tho I wouldn't have g…[View]
77843026Wow... you guys are so cute[View]
77842708Keeping in touch with people is so hard even though I do miss them. I am always stuck in a loop of t…[View]
77841490UK bros how do you cope?: This place is so shit and miserable and every day it only gets worse and w…[View]
77842950Laser Hair Removal: Should I remove all the hair on my face? I'm tired of shaving almost everyd…[View]
77843255Thread to discuss young boys and all their mysteries. What do they like to eat? What do they smell l…[View]
77843201I dont get how people enjoy not havin any friends, i just play lol all day and my only social intera…[View]
77842711See? It's not that bad.[View]
77842891What can some in his mid twenties even do to get a gf? Take testosterone, get surgery? Im not even s…[View]
77842506Should I punch my wife? I wrestled with her but never shown her the true extent of my power.[View]
77841137How many leaders in history brought a country back from total empire collapse to challenging the wor…[View]
77842279>The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, e…[View]
77842173pacific ocean, i wanna go there.[View]
77842997I wasn't supposed to masturbate today[View]
77839169the brain is weird. consider this:: >watching tv show you watched 5 years ago >you have no ide…[View]
77841026Am I autistic?: Autistbros do you think I have autism? Let me explain why I suspect so Obviously I a…[View]
77842985Rejection doesn't even hurt anymore. Your insults don't even hurt anymore. Life just keeps…[View]
77840726Why does the world reward evil retards more than anything else?[View]
77842954>At the bar >These men buy you a drink and wink at you What do you do?…[View]
77842706Why dont the elites organize counselors and programs for young men who are incels? To help them find…[View]
77842912I will forever be doomed to be an autistic laughing stock reply guy. People lie to me about the role…[View]
77842817What do girls get from not letting guys hit?: I am aware that this is a stupid question, however I t…[View]
77842797>enter discord server supposedly for incels >stay for weeks >e girls are flirting with serv…[View]
77842481Unnamed poem I wrote Bound in a chair The child Shall choke on honey and leather As his innocence is…[View]
77842809>move out of parents house at 21 in 2017 >live with roommate for 5 years >COVID ruins my li…[View]
77842664Just pure anger at this point desu[View]
77840054Living with my dad is fucking awful. >entire living room and kitchen is strewn with rubbish and h…[View]
77842735>be 22 year old femcel in ultra feminist country >date a 29 year old jobless guy from uni >…[View]
77842403I combine wellbutrin with fluoxetine and now i have triple reuptake inhibitor, if this dont make my …[View]
77842746how do i neet? bear in mind i'm not asking on how to get a neetbux, because i'm a neet wit…[View]
77842772If a cute girl who is much younger than me has dated me, I cant be disgustingly ugly, right? There h…[View]
77842438can u put single cream in milkshake to make it thicker anons. or vanilla yogurt. will it work. and t…[View]
77842134if youre planning a pc build make it an itx build, im moving and wish i didnt have a big chungus[View]
77841180why does this keep happening to young women?[View]
77834844/britfeel/: lt Saturday edition[View]
77841608>oregano >originalio >not original Stop bypassing the robot ffs, it's there for a rea…[View]
77842299i was talking to an egirl on discord and she told me she made 3k a week i dont even make that in a y…[View]
77842683Food is God. Do not waste food.[View]
77842670I have trouble getting borner unless I'm poking my penis in a vagina or seeing sex happen does …[View]
77839505Dead bedrooms gen: Hi! I have been married for almost ten years and i can finally relate to all the …[View]
77841827All incels are volcels, no exceptions: Incels focus on the sort of things EVERY adult man should be …[View]
77842369what do girls think about boysmell my sister tells me i smell bad even tho i take 3 showers a day im…[View]
77840593if I get a gf with a fat belly will she let me fondle and cuddle it?[View]
77839661What makes girls roll their eyes back?: Are they about to faint or are they just pretending?[View]
77842507what type of girls are these ?[View]
77842532>well adjusted Why is it a compliment to admit you removed some of your individuality and changed…[View]
77841623Ropemaxers: Share your experience[View]
77842157what's the point of having a girlfriend in this day? anyway, if a guy who is more handsome or h…[View]
77841458No one hates women more than Chads who see firsthand how much girls are willing to debase themselves…[View]
77841200>be me >has a decent life >can't get gf (volcel) >even neets can get a gf I really …[View]
77841281What's the point of having a gf if I can't get hard?: I cannot get hard if I don't th…[View]
77835160The type of women a real man likes[View]
77841155How do I escape gays?: >Go on 4chan >See gay shit >Go on reddit >See gay shit >Go on …[View]
77840013The pastor of the atheists.[View]
77842361I refuse to work or pay taxes until I get a gf[View]
77841334/vent/: Good morning and good day to you Anon. Please, join me on this thread, lay off your worries …[View]
77842127Will porn every go away, or are moids to coombrained to every want it gone.[View]
77842239What do you think of the architecture of this house?[View]
77840943Why do strangers harass me on the street in a random city on the other side of the country when I ha…[View]
77841763Have you ever lost a friend due to them finding a girlfriend?[View]
77842292Some dude came into my store and bought one slice of pizza and my coworker kissed his wiener.[View]
77840265>'I want a muscle mommy GF'[View]
77840877The World Economic Forum is Against This: If it leads to babies[View]
77841993Don't wanna fall for the trans psyop: but I also don't wanna be a straight guy full of ins…[View]
77840562>wasted 3 years of my life because my only friend ghosted me lmao[View]
77841206emp*th chan: she literally spits on people and assaults men on the street how the fuck does she get …[View]
77841989>pretty sure my mum knows about my onahole haha....ha.....[View]
77842170Now what: I've been with my current gf for two years never cheated on her. But a few months ago…[View]
77839059my favorite foods are >pan seared salmon >lasagna >mexican style seviche what about you ano…[View]
77841810is it true that if you sing a sweet love song while playing a piano or acoustic guitar a pretty girl…[View]
77833352Misaki Friday: Misaki as a cat girl edition. How was your week, Hikki-robots?[View]
77842128-yeah okay Chad[View]
77839033Do women really share CHADS?[View]
77842109>ghosted yet again >one of the last things she said to me was that shed be very upset if we di…[View]
77841284sex sex sex sex sex sex sex WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SEX FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND?!?!?!?!? touc…[View]
77841767I never understood the point of life insurance. If you're dead you won't care.[View]
77816742Cold water for my face. Everyone should have some.[View]
77841552>top Women that like me in real life. >bottom Women that like me on Tinder. Fuck dating apps…[View]
77842021Ban Narcissists from Life? Evil, Deceitful, Shallow, Pathetic.: I'm so sick of (certain) people…[View]
77840592why is it that most anime,music,tv shows, movies,YouTubers, and media tell you to have community and…[View]
77841927Stories about brothers or sisters: >be me >be 26, straight >love getting naked and playing …[View]
77841956Handsome nerds: Thread to post geniuses/historical figures who looked unexpectedly chad[View]
77834216There's a guy that's literally making a Jew list website where you can look up if someone…[View]
77840874I like boobs on boobs[View]
77839552i'm not a femcel, but i'm sad: im having terrible experiences with men right now, my crush…[View]
77841858Get in the van, femoid. You need to die for your country![View]
77841783Sometimes i buzz, sometimes i keep it long, sometimes medium-short. I've did it on and off with…[View]
77838835Well well well? What do you choose[View]
77840956I fucking hate women so fucking much. Dumb fucking foids cry about inequality and then do shit like …[View]
77841629Anyone else just love laughing? I'm a little obnoxious about it but It feels so good. Any cheap…[View]
77841702Fucking troon Jannie faggot ban me just for bypass the stupid filter.[View]
77841391i really dont want to go to work today....i just wanted to play oldschool runescape and sit with my …[View]
77841558Would you take an aboriginal gf?[View]
77841072Are FtM trannies just females that didn't wanna shave their legs or armpits anymore?[View]
77840975What's the term for this man's medical condition?[View]
77841150what is the 4chan for girls site called again[View]
77841049>be in high-school in 2019 >lockers work with keys >sick on the day we're supposed to …[View]
77841441Who remember this one arab femanon with wide hips ? I don't know if she still lurks here[View]
77838004>For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. For I the Lord thy God will h…[View]
77841387Fembots, what's stopping you from eating this?[View]
77841323I hate smugness I can tolerate almost anything else But smug people make my piss absolutely boil[View]
77834862Luckily I'm 27yo. That was close. Anyway, all these bills, the shit going on abroad, I think so…[View]
77840660Is there any way to be a truecel again after having sex with a woman. I was with 3 women in my late …[View]
77841106Check and Mate: MFW my mother unironically asks if I know how to use a hammer MFW I realize my mothe…[View]
77841244>try online therapy >tell him i want a gf and maybe some friends >he says that the first st…[View]
77841086I've decided to become neurotypical out of frustration. I'll get a job, fold my laundry, g…[View]
77839949Why do women suck dick?: What is their motivation?[View]
77838237Currycels don't rope they r*pe: Why are currycels so sexually deranged? Do they just lack the s…[View]
77840461i miss him.: i miss him. i still can't tell if he was an archangel that descended to earth to o…[View]
77840052>removes anxiety but feel empty and lifeless not sure if I should keep going. it doesn't fee…[View]
77841144>tfw coomed to alinity again >https://www.instagram.com/alinitydivine/reel/C3anlwbrF-z/ I don…[View]
77839415Why would a 10/10 woman like this do porn? She could easily marry some rich guy or get a well paying…[View]
77837835You mad, wagie?[View]
77840686Femcels have it really hard. Have some empathy[View]
77840945>hardcore fasted for so long that I cant stop myself despite hitting goal weight a month ago >…[View]
77839720My dad fucking pisses me off >WHY DONT YOU SPEAK? YOU SHOULD TALK MORE ITS GOOD FOR YOU >IS SO…[View]
77834755What's the hardest you ever simped for a person you liked[View]
77840584What would you do if you had eggs laid up your ass?[View]
77840938The rapist https://youtube.com/shorts/u0lMpeYymZs[View]
77840765Anon I love you. I love you so much. You may not even know me or remember me, but I love you because…[View]
77840868Do you find nuns to be sexy?[View]
77840844Do gays hate women[View]
77840830Adobe can look at your private images. https://youtube.com/shorts/rEbgh-q7RCc https://youtube.com/sh…[View]
77840835Reminder that le sexlessness epidemic is a MEME. The next two surveys didn't show a continuatio…[View]
77834483>youtubemaxxing doesn't w-or ACK! The path to ascension is to literally reveal your power le…[View]
77839863Why did the barista at my local Starbucks get up on the counter and dump a grande shit in an empty c…[View]
77840069>talk to a right wing blackcel autist on discord >he complains about how women hate blacks …[View]
77838496I think i've finally got it figured out. It's not zoomers, or jews or globohomo or whateve…[View]
77837887my high standards be like: >must believe in true soul love; not mechanical transitionary love …[View]
77834842Chads are getting black pilled too and they are waking up to the truth.[View]
77840104wtf where did all the nerdy, easy babes from the 2000s go?[View]
77840762slick talkin[View]
77840126what would you do if you shit yourself: Imagine you decide to enjoy a hot summer day at an outlet ma…[View]
77839872Can I get a hug?: All out of sudden I feel extreme disgust and nausea at any audiovisual media portr…[View]
77838968Is being born a good thing?[View]
77839957sage: This is ideal female body RX2VT8[View]
77840673Since the dawn of time there have always been thousands of true stories of females cheating on their…[View]
77840438I knew I was cooked when I accidentally bought magnums size condoms. How can people have schlongs th…[View]
77840025>I dress for me![View]
77840421'the wall' dosent exist pussy inflation has made it so that even a 30+ yo can retain her relative wo…[View]
77839464I finally fucking did it bros I finally lost my virginity at the age of 23 I didn't cum and I l…[View]
77840525Hearing their name makes me want to vomit omg I hate myself so much. Im killing my self tomorrow[View]
77839202>Day 1238 of manifesting a nagatoro gf: >Day 1238 of manifesting a nagatoro gf This week was …[View]
77839737If she calls you gringo, farang, wumaeo,white boy, gaejin that should clue you in that she won'…[View]
77838225I saw the giving tree in real life today: I was at a random ass Wendy's parking lot on my lunch…[View]
77833641I wonder what fembots rooms look like?[View]
77839466>suddenly smell a bad smell >seconds later it's gone…[View]
77822272The feels bar is open. Come have a sit. What are we having tonight?[View]
77839653>started unpaid internship 2 weeks ago >sleep routine fixed automatically >stopped eating…[View]
77836716Unblocked my ex and had a very pleasant conversation, thought I'd share[View]
77839870Jewish GF: >Be me in 2021> >19> >Albanian Muslim so I can pass as white> >Go to…[View]
77840341i would make so many babies with this bitch anons. so many.[View]
77839426Something within me has died Dont know what it was But I know what it wasn't: My enthuasim for …[View]
77834167Why do indians got teased for their apperance?: When most have caucasian facial features but east as…[View]
77837186Why do people fall for 'not like the others' meme that harms them more than it helps?[View]
77839700How to rizz up a gril: I need to be able to do it while not on drugs/ethanol[View]
77838964if I don't do it >I'll never show a girl my penis because I'm a girthlet If I do…[View]
77836250Biofem Discussion #1: A place to discuss /biofem/ without actually posting in /biofem/.[View]
77839122aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my belly/........... so big anfd fat oughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh[View]
77839959Desu this board is slowly turning into /b/ brocels. I miss the old days skibidi bop bop yes no cap b…[View]
77840041This brutal blackpill went viral. Thoughts?[View]
77839181Idk what I even want in life I don't really care much for relationships, I don't have pas…[View]
77839942I just want an Asian gf, that's all I ask for.[View]
77839485Why do I cum immediately when I'm jerking off? I don't even last 10 seconds.[View]
77839323You know what I am starting to realize? Doing well in life becomes exponentially easier when you hav…[View]
77839980>3 days left of handing in assignment >I should have locked in yesterday but I procrastinated …[View]
77837668>is addicting as fuck in your path[View]
77838932it's over: reddit is taking over 4chan, it was good while it lasted. shitty threads is in every…[View]
77839883imagine this is your dad[View]
77837872Vietnam is all the hots right now!! Don't miss the train. Girls are still unaffected by the glo…[View]
77839773>go outside >move lower jaw forward to look more Chad…[View]
77839046To Women, I loathe you. It's really easy to make men like you, but you keep choosing to be an i…[View]
77839805God damn it, the new season of the boys is making me antisemitic, and I am israeli[View]
77838017What you most want to find will be found where you least want to look. There's this old story f…[View]
77839895Races and sax: Which race of men is the most attractive? >extra white (nordic) >syberian slave…[View]
778393742 years of gym maxing and can't even get a good physique Mom spent thousands of dollars on tut…[View]
77834093How did it happen so fast that we went from gay sex being criminalized two decades ago and now we ar…[View]
77837375I'll get to see my bf again in 2 weeks[View]
77839840Where is my harem?: I'm a tall white lean man. Where is the army of asian girls competing for m…[View]
77839841The song that shall play when I save the city with my huge penis. https://youtu.be/0pqqLh--bPM?si=hs…[View]
77839800OMG! It's THE sex![View]
77839721How come men are so preoccupied by age nowadays? >NOOO IM CLOSE TO TURNING 30 You are a male. Tha…[View]
77838418She laughs at losers like you: Thinking that you could ever deserve to penetrate her. Fucking laugha…[View]
77838844>6/10 girl is kind to me and laughs at my jokes >immediately fall in love >see she is that…[View]
77839668i was dying and nobody was there[View]
77839634News: >Talking with normies >They bring up 'The News' >Said something wrong one time >La…[View]
77837845Any man would take the option of being a girl (tutorial mode) if possible.[View]
77839686I have hit a new low in loneliness and signed up for that 4chan dating app where the male to female …[View]
77839604Anyone else dream of just hiding out somewhere and never seeing/contacting anyone again? I just want…[View]
77838883Has anyone taken dance classes? Seems to be a girl magnet.[View]
77838412>Look up a dorky chubby kid you were friendly with >Went to elementary, middle and high school…[View]
77839544Should people understand their own limitations and abilities and work on something suitable for thei…[View]
77839622Help Even Hurt Never[View]
77838168im reading gay emo fanfiction on quotev while im high and im drinking iced coffee and listening to b…[View]
77834234This shit and every other CNS stimulant is fucking poison. Do not take it.[View]
77839267>Women don't like me because of my looks, not because of my awful personality…[View]
77838252Do you live in a stinky den or are your quarters clean?[View]
77837524>so this weird creepy guy walked into the gas station and made eye contact with me for half a sec…[View]
77837023Browsing indeed and linkedin trying to find a local shit garbage minimum wage type job after 700 fai…[View]
77839384I edged for a few hours without cooming and now my dick is on fire and my balls hurt. What do?[View]
77837716Fuck you, dad.: >Freshman year. 2015-2016. >Was bullying a kid through the year and my dad fou…[View]
77839430>stressed and lonely >low energy levels >can only lay down on couch and eat left overs in…[View]
77838877my whole 'family' is basically 'i'm too prideful to admit i'm actually lonely and have no …[View]
77838752I used to constantly hit up girls on Instagram hoping they would respond and want to meet up. God, I…[View]
77838591I had a dream: >be me >dreaming >seems like im in a classroom from highschool >filled wi…[View]
77839392Why can I masturbate to tranny porn but when I see a tranny or a femboy in real life I'm immedi…[View]
77837394THIS IS A THREAD FOR DRUNK robots who else /drunk/[View]
77836943life is hard sometimes.[View]
77839351summer: what's the plan for this summer, Fembot? unlike robots i know you gals at least go to e…[View]
77839297Day 320 of manifesting TOTAL CLUSTER B DEATH[View]
77837384>What did I ever get being nice? Get me out this lame-ass situation Bladee is too real for this. …[View]
77833736Men NEED sex. It is LITERALLY a need. How the fuck incels deal with it?[View]
77837874Why settled for used goods? If he/she is used into the dumpster they go. Make virginity count again.[View]
77838773/r9straight/: the fuck do we do with all of these faggots ruining western society[View]
77837018Men, if the girl that you're dating is not a virgin, she doesn't truly love you. When a w…[View]
77837123Where are the Virgins?: Where can a man find his future virgin bride?[View]
77839129Glory to Mankind: Please go to /b/. FNF is near.[View]
77838202>graduated >never went to college >4 years into neetdom How do I start?…[View]
77837738>mfw some chinese are putting bounties on the streetcam cats Why?[View]
77838445r9k sucks today.[View]
77838367When you get fast food do you eat your fries or your burger first?[View]
77811545/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: truck nuts & butt chugs, hearts and kisses, live laugh love live editio…[View]
77837387My penis doesn't bend forward. When I get a boner it just sticks straight up and hurts if I try…[View]
77839014My women folk lament for me. My Sires scold me. Woe onto me![View]
77838920I worked really hard my entire life at school/employment. All I ever got was a middle class salary a…[View]
77837694What has your experience been with CBD oil?[View]
77838953My retard brother is banging on shit and it's bothering me[View]
77835575Maturity culture: Ive noticed that a lot of people (generally Americans) have an unhealthy obsession…[View]
77836630You just got mogged by an eighth grader. How do you feel?[View]
77838801why can't we ever feel fulfilled?[View]
77838907Being a short man is life on hell mode. Women and normies are too retarded to even comprehend how it…[View]
77837710how do you act around attractive women?[View]
77838725>went to stripclub >dropped $20 for door fee >$300 for a 20 minute lap dance >tuched boo…[View]
77838759The world is full of stupid people. Especially you people who *need* discussion in your lives. Go fu…[View]
77838776i have no one to talk with i have no one to tell my problems to ive lost interest in everything, eve…[View]
77838800Am I spanish?: My mom is portuguese and my dad is romanian but I was born and raised in Spain[View]
77837206where are the cute males?[View]
77837530if u see this i hope u fucking die honestly like why waste my time why waste all those lies WHY TF T…[View]
77838719Women are not capable of love. Love to females is a craving of Chad's cock and alpha sperm. Wom…[View]
77834961why is it that most anime,music,tv shows, movies,YouTubers, and media in general tell you to have co…[View]
77837453do I have autism hands? never met anyone with hands like me[View]
77836612Should I be a stay at home boyfriend: My girl offered to provide for both of us since she is a docto…[View]
77836889Day 557 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests Chilling. Need to look fresh af tomorrow. htt…[View]
77835792Another day of being bad at my job. I don't think I make a very good wagie.[View]
77837149Have you guys made any headway in developing homosexuality yet?[View]
77836820It's a smelly thread. Let's share stories. Surely some of us have experienced the female v…[View]
77836620Why do women let us nut in their face[View]
77836695Should future lawyers post these types of photos online? I don't know about you, but I don…[View]
77834104What if I told you that there is a small, rootless international clique that is deliberately using e…[View]
77838397/vent/: Dear Anon, what worries you I wonder...please do tell. I'm here and will always be here…[View]
77838094i need some love[View]
77837567Be honest. Would you? Ff[View]
77828009personality >> looks: Bluepilled normies are fundamentally more correct than incels about what…[View]
77835542Why is maximilianmus genuinely the only funny youtuber? I can't stop laughing at this cunts shi…[View]
77838196It is so over anons AHHH[View]
77837570misandrist fembots, do you ever go on /adultgif/ and shlick to rekt threads? watching men be turned …[View]
77837676>white women are fucking blacks without any remorse or recreation while I sit at home and jerk of…[View]
77837729I need companionship to live, and yet, I feel like everything is working to deny me of this. I have …[View]
77837994Pc got fucked, tried restoring it by using terminal but ultimately couldn't so I had to delete …[View]
77837811how do you not be awkward or nervous during sex? i lost my virginity and had no clue wtf i was doing…[View]
77838045Is it just me or is it there are less people going out on the weekends now? Every time a friend and …[View]
77836037intelligence is the trait with the highest selective pressure[View]
77837935>2024 >'Get a job.' >2090 >'Heh, get a job'. Who here waiting to scorn the normies afte…[View]
77837161what are you doing today? having fun? i'm listening to music, maybe drink later[View]
77837903Man these drugs are good[View]
77837970Having a father with schizophrenia and an incompetent mother contributing to her own cognitive decli…[View]
77836856>be me, 26yo khhv >work at dead-end office job >no friends, socially awkward >coworkers …[View]
77833213Be honest, have you ever hired an escort/prostitute? What was it like?[View]
77837574Proofs that we live in a prison planet cattle slave plantation: They steal 1 hour of everyone's…[View]
77837849Is stevie nicks african american descended?[View]
77837594Imagine having a boyfriend bruh[View]
77837529im so into pedophiles i wish i was groomed as a kid i wanna be taken advantage of older men and wome…[View]
77837758>Trans women can still cum and impregnate biological females[View]
77837757>2007 >guys wore all black with black eyeliner >rail thin Guys were so hot back then I want…[View]
77837675Why am I empty inside?[View]
77833295Why do you see so many tallfags getting stretchered by manlets all of a sudden[View]
77837167A man in an mmo once said this to me >don't answer this, do you think this is a game?…[View]
77837702I hate when that happens: >Be me >Society: Just be yourself!…[View]
77837592I know a lot of you young bucks won't believe it, but you will think totally differently about …[View]
77834440Is there any good reason not to cut?: I really really really want to cut myself again. I haven'…[View]
77833164I think Asian men are more handsome than black men. Is it normal for a foid to think that? I say thi…[View]
77836710you are not the problem. your location is the problem.Women in Asia are women in their natural state…[View]
77837585It was the last day of highschool today.[View]
77834643which anime should I watch tonight?? >attack on titan >that time i got reincarnated as a slime…[View]
77837319i'm not going to report cp in the archives i know... yes, I KNOW, but i'm not going to rep…[View]
77837182What were other watershed moments in Wojak consciousness?[View]
77837513https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t0FGyhB6C8 I still dress like this. I still act like this. I still …[View]
77836518I am going to sex a fembot (in her vaginer)[View]
77835167i want a slut to clean my asshole after days of not washing it then after she cleans me up I start t…[View]
77837126Bruh look at this dude lmaho[View]

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