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68782278Some ugly middle aged fag sent me a message asking for company, (was posting tummy on leddit to find…[View]
68783355>anon calls me autistic >get tested >get IQ score of 133 and tested negative for autism ind…[View]
68783708>used to stay up til 2 or 3, sometimes pull all-nighters >now I start getting tired at 8-9pm, …[View]
68783681I'm singing in the rain just singing in the rain what a glorious feeling im happy again im lau…[View]
68778342Have you ever fallen in love? I don't think I have, it was all hormones.[View]
68783677Where do 'I' begin? Why do 'I' keep beginning at all?[View]
68782875>parents whine about going out to events and getting a gf >get a fat girl >stand in a corn…[View]
68783488Oh I'll break them down, no mercy shown. Heaven knows it's got to be this time. https://m.…[View]
68783144>decide to get /fit/ >do 2 pushups and feel a pain in my shoulder well it was worth a shot…[View]
68778997>a girl matches with me >she starts the conversation by complimenting me >I thank her and …[View]
68783654>Farted loudly into the mic by accident during gay discord e-sex I want to tear my fucking skin o…[View]
68783614Fucked up a good friendship by catching feelings: >be friends with university lab course classmat…[View]
68783594Egg: > be me > 3 am, super drunk w friends > order 20 egg > see table of Mexicans …[View]
687834452d > 3d If you ain't 2d, you ain't got me b[View]
68783570Heard you're bisexual, fuck with that girl. But boy, oh boy, fuckin wit me is a whole nother wo…[View]
68782245how do I learn to start living life again? I've been a neet for 10 years and can't even co…[View]
68783573>didn't wear my glasses for several weeks >most days are fine >headaches some days …[View]
68782629What are your impossible dreams? Mine: >tfw I will never be a sailor on a 18th-century wooden war…[View]
68783540To the robots that have female dogs, did you ever fuck them or want to fuck them? Be truthful, did y…[View]
68781038>this isnt even hell yet just fucking imagine[View]
68783450Would you rather >Experience premature baldness or >Experience premature greying HARD MODE: I…[View]
68783229Unironically Lou's greatest work and Metallica's greatest pleb filter[View]
68783466>So, Anon...it looks you've had some jobs, great. But whats with this 10 year gap in employm…[View]
68781558>just take dancing lessons bro, tons of women: >sign up for salsa dancing class >show up fi…[View]
68782996Kind of a boring board, isn't it?[View]
68782384Never think it doesn't matter, what's true and what's a lie. Goofy ass bitch.[View]
68782775i'm an alcoholic, but i'm still losing weight cause i don't eat anything, but it make…[View]
68783330>shit diet >little exercise >still not dead…[View]
68782823>I was bullied in highschool and I never murdered innocent children. Okay? Would you like an awar…[View]
68782921Bussyfags have ruined me to the point where I'm not even really attracted to foids anymore, I h…[View]
68782878soot delete this fucling board[View]
68782697what happens when 2 BPDemons date each other?[View]
68782750>shooter was a literal discord tranny I hate how right this website is sometimes…[View]
68781608'Get in!' Do you?[View]
68782322>finally got a first job as a stock boy >supposed to start tomorrow but they haven't told…[View]
68781922AOC shouted us out in her ig live. we've made it boyos[View]
68781955today, I do not have a girlfriend[View]
68782938Rate my Yu-Gi-Oh deck: Hiro's Shadow Scout Sonic Duck Dark Zebra Yomi Ship Kelbek Blue-Eyes Whi…[View]
68781086I saw a passing tranny at Pizza-Hut today. Weirdest thing ever. The voice was a blatant give-away th…[View]
68780727>tfw i'm always hated for things out of my control, no matter how nice and good of person i …[View]
68782772i can hear my 15 year old sister having sex with her boyfriend again[View]
68768151ask a woman about tf2: retard here, ask me about tf2 (nothing else is allowed)[View]
68782639>getting groceries >notice fat bald person >see what they got at checkout >it's exa…[View]
68782367>be riched spoiled woman >degrade yourself for $200 the second you turn 18 What the fuck was h…[View]
68782236Why is Portugal such a dangerous country? This poor American tourist has been attacked TWICE there i…[View]
68782945Why do some autistic boys (they can never be men) choose to be straight instead of normal?[View]
68777283>Hey Chadbro, have you seen mom anywhere?[View]
68780919How many Ausfags have got the flood gibs?. I just got $5k return home grant even though it never flo…[View]
68782765looking for kino pokemon romhacks: I beat Leafgreen which was kino, and then went to heartgold/souls…[View]
68780513Do you remember in Captains Courageous where Freddie wouldn't touch the fish? That's what …[View]
68782643How are you guys remembering St. Georgluis Floydicus on his holy day. I used a counterfeit $20 to ea…[View]
68782548operation lunar landing we are trying to make landing on the moon[View]
68782565Glow worms[View]
68781237how do you robots make friends? off discord?[View]
68780587Best home defense: >wake up to noise in kitchen >see home invader >beat unconscious >han…[View]
68779013Have you ever morbed?[View]
68782556I think of women as something that only exists in fantasy, not because I overuse porn, but because I…[View]
68782450I severely embarrassed myself on LSD and laid out my subconscious in front of my parents now I'…[View]
68782593Girlfriends: Do you think having a girlfriend is worth it? If you don't, do you think maybe at …[View]
68781976I finally had sex with a girl, I think she might be my gf soon. Her hair and skin smelled so nice an…[View]
68782466If you could have a superpower, what would you choose? I would choose being able to get high at will…[View]
68780387What does it mean when a girl gives you this look?[View]
68782564You're all volcels. None of you are banging Chantal, who has no standards.[View]
68781927I'm pretty fucking upset tonight. As usual. How does anyone deal with such a horrible world? A…[View]
68778578Recommend a movie: I feel sick and have nothing to do, recommend a movie you enjoyed in the past mon…[View]
68781821>be me >5'2 >102lbs >19 >Hispanic, more so Spanish than Mexican >Culture isn…[View]
68775975>he doesn't have this I genuinely feel sorry for you[View]
68781595Unpopular opinions thread: I think freckles are ugly[View]
68781471>its always a girl in a green jacket. Who was that Green Jacket girl who stole your heart?…[View]
68781478>find old video of me and my class mates singing Karaoke >every one is now married >I'…[View]
68780892>drink beer >have to piss every 5mins Being smol sucks…[View]
68782187So people that have a good life (have sex, family, fulfillment) end up going to heaven while people …[View]
68780646That girl from SSG is pretty hot now.[View]
68782385If you could have one of the normie experiences, what would it be? For me it would be fatherhood. T…[View]
68782312Stop posting fag shit!!!!!![View]
68778846Why do roasties love killing children?[View]
68782381does getting a job at the local hospital as a janitor lead to horny old nurses wanting to fuck anyth…[View]
68780361for me it's well done[View]
68781234Let's play poker anons! You don't need to register, you just join the table choose a name …[View]
68781966Fun Thread: https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/budget-friendly-cheap-desserts-recipes/ Ok robots…[View]
68781947Reminder that a majority of people in Western countries (like the one you probably live in) think th…[View]
68779985i fucking hate polish people.: I despise polish people with a passion, I couldn't even tell you…[View]
68781936>Tfw no femanon to stuff things up my ass[View]
68781301So im a 28 year old in college but I dont look too old, maybe with the mask on I can sort not stick …[View]
68782091This manlet has 9 wives. What's your excuse? https://nypost.com/2022/04/26/man-with-9-wives-has…[View]
68774059Mass shooter couldnt get a gf and was bullied for being poor[View]
68781912>already sad and lonely >ignored in my thread about being sad and lonely…[View]
68781698What size of eyes do you consider too big?[View]
68782140Have you ever been in a sexual situation with another person IRL?[View]
68781006i have gender dysphoria (mtf) and it's been eating away at me for my entire life. i dissociate …[View]
68782081Sexual fantasy: My ultimate sexual fantasy is to get a job as a border guard at the U.S-Mexican bord…[View]
68781868Anyone else fantasize about being a cannibal?[View]
68779940The one universal trait among incels is low social capital. Post-highschool virgins usually have ver…[View]
68773826The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Should I convert to Mormonism, robots?[View]
68779588Now that the dust has settled, does condom sex count as sex?: let's say you were lucky and had …[View]
68776934>one shot at life >born an ugly and short male in the era of tinder and social media >obses…[View]
68781275You won't listen, but I will speak: Eggs are not bad for you Vegetables are not bad for you Nut…[View]
68782007i made my own discord server, and no one else can join it[View]
68779343Can fathers stop school-shootings: Can fathers stop school-shootings? https://twitter.com/drantbradl…[View]
68781342I think people have a narrative bias when evaluating other people, often thinking they can trace all…[View]
68774099I'm a guy. Ask me anything.[View]
68780950Apologize now. Yes I'm talking to you[View]
68781908Whoever came up with the 'tranime' slang has serious mental illness, just like the trannies.[View]
68781909Imagine a world where penis got hard. There is a place where it happen. When the penises got hard i…[View]
68777984How'd he do it? Have so many girlfriends and impregnated digi's ex?[View]
68781874i need a new mode[View]
68780237Sigma male thread[View]
68780253every week there's a gig at a bar not far from where i live i see a girl almost every week at t…[View]
68778674Bone-chilling sentences thread >Do you have a girlfriend?[View]
68781702do you carry pocket stew?[View]
68779528To Women, I resent you because you try to frame feminism as normal and not weird, experimental deepl…[View]
68778858Skinny men: What do femanons think about skinny guys?[View]
68778201>another day of my sister asking for a full body massage[View]
68780810>be me >never been to starbucks >go into one >cuts in front of everyone because i dont k…[View]
68778004>tfw make $600 a week working for Walmart Any fellow Walmart Chads on? Tomorrow is payday.…[View]
68781632>This many legends under one roof Tell me that you guys made it this year.…[View]
68780003Mum found the mom porn folder[View]
68780922It's normal to have constant thoughts of hurting other people, isn't it? Enacting physica…[View]
68767232Ethnics of r9k do you unironically agree with this?: Wel? Any answers fellas[View]
68780238I have a ton of youtube comments with thousands of likes on each one[View]
68777321Good Jobs with No Degree?: Lads, in today's economy, what are some jobs that: >Pay well >…[View]
68780050It's so easy to point at incels and say that they are evil and they are the problem. Well, how …[View]
68781265Is this girl pretty? I think she's ugly as fuck[View]
68781569everyone with lungs has lungs had lungs everyone with lungs has lungs lungs lungs everyone with lung…[View]
68780506Anyone else just tired of being alone? Whenever I see people posting screenshots of their 'group cha…[View]
68780926How do I change FFS ?: >be me >24 yo >No job >Still at uni in second year and will proba…[View]
68781531>feds can just kidnap you, commit a mass shooting and then blame it on you, using your 4chan post…[View]
68779968Can I get hired as an illustrator online if I am not local?: I am a shut-in hikikomori with no degre…[View]
68779787>Be anglo quebecer >Quebec Gustapo cracking down on the english speakers >Anglo gf leaves …[View]
68779491I have been talking online to a 16 year-old for a while. I am 24. Our relationship is strictly plato…[View]
68781300I'm living with my parents and they are fighting right now. I'm 22.[View]
68781289Someday I'll fuck a girl to a Cannibal Corpse song. it's something I've wanted since…[View]
68780001>what do you mean you won't date me, anon[View]
68781434Would it not be easier to arrest the suspect?[View]
68779843There is no hope: This world is fucked. I am gonna schizomaxxing and live in my own fantasy world, w…[View]
68781242nice, another reason to sudoku[View]
68779849>go out on date with tranny from tinder >she's inviting me to her church for our second d…[View]
68781113Circumcision Hypocrisy: A law that would require adult females who advocate for male circumcision (i…[View]
68781260have sex with me or i'll hurt you[View]
68781276IVE 'LOVE DIVE' Cover (Acoustic Ver.) & MV Animation Drawing Challenge I appreciate th…[View]
68779299Dumb bitch: I wanna kick her in the teeth. Fuck your existence.[View]
68779860cont from this thread, I fell asleep almost immediately after posting this. how do I realistically g…[View]
68777030/britfeel/: Barnoldswick, Lancashire edition[View]
68781078>If you love them you let them go how true is this?[View]
68779774>delivering pizzas to 9th floor of apartments >call the elevator to go up >2 cute girls arr…[View]
68779398Renting and apartment and/or living with roomies?: I'm going back to uni and have to start look…[View]
68777487i wish my new internet computer wife would kick my tummy with her bare feet[View]
68780537Start acting like an adult already anon. There is nothing based about being a depressed neet playing…[View]
68781066>feel surge of confidence for half a day >tell everyone off rudely because of said surge >s…[View]
68779720I want to fuck pic related: the German government should make him spend the rest of his sentence in …[View]
68779206why was I happier 3 years ago even though my life was just as terrible as it is now?[View]
68780971so is bisexuality a real thing? I get that a lot from people that they are bisexual. But why do i se…[View]
68780961why didn't he just marry her, bring her over to the US and get the punnani for free?[View]
68780806But I wasn't even avatarfagging[View]
68770546Go apologize NOW bigots: When will you ever learn, incels?[View]
68780186>be me >Working as a janitor for a while now >Yesterday get a complaint about a building I …[View]
68780819your favorite minecraft mods? i be setting up my own server yo![View]
68780117Was the peak of human existence playing MMORPGs as a male gamer from 2004-2012 or so?[View]
68780132>poor >bullied >incel damn that's tough >kills innocent children in response ?????…[View]
68777429I have the adress of my school bully from 10 years ago. What should I do? I don't want to do an…[View]
68778813Passive income: Has anyone here managed to set up a liveable passive income? I work a decently high-…[View]
68780567Has anyone here learned to live with lifelong social deprivation. Personally I'm going insane t…[View]
68779155Every day the alberta hospital is open is a holocaust on people in this province[View]
68780510She might have been a mean girl, but did she really deserve to die?[View]
68779114>wasted youth on watching anime and playing video games i just hit 25 and already feel like its f…[View]
68774081There is too much whining about having no gf and no pussy on this board. Why don't we have a th…[View]
68780735Asters parents were cast from their homeland, their god had remarried, his children were no longer w…[View]
68779551Well shit this is literally me. Where do I find a bf who's willing to fuck twinks in front of m…[View]
68779995Should you ever admit your feelings to your crush? And the biggest question of all: why do men alway…[View]
68780625Would you date a non-virgin? Me? No. I've pondered the idea, but the truth is that all non-virg…[View]
68780671Watch these two videos they will enlighten you. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIKgRtmbIkM&…[View]
68779467Stupid venezuelan femboy add me back >:C[View]
68780578The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Day 4: The fourth day dawns, soldiers. Let us struggle onward.…[View]
68778587Love makes you weak. Neglect makes you strong.[View]
68778363https://www.reddit.com/r/starterpacks/comments/uxkf20/average_redditor_starter_pack/ Comment section…[View]
68780449have the mods ever doxxed anyone?[View]
68780259Anime and Touhou is messing with my mind in a bad way they make real humans look strange like aliens…[View]
68780498Every day is like 10 times worse than the previous day. This is madness.[View]
68780334I keep having dreams about a girl I used to love in high school even though ive graduated 3 years ag…[View]
68780434wow this old sport is LITERALLY me![View]
68779789close calls / near death experience thread: >be me >slacker >stoner >poor >first wee…[View]
68779502He ruined an entire generation of 20-30 year old dudes worse than Sam Hyde. Ironybros and twitter we…[View]
68774558anorexic bullimic here how do i limit my bullimia to once a week as opposed to daily?: i have a chee…[View]
68780155Would you wear this pretty outfit?[View]
68779687are you for JDPON[View]
68780256catgirl/wanko: Are you still out there, chap? just wondering[View]
68779602>one bad thing happens >entire day is ruined Why is this?…[View]
68779068Once again, I have to let men on 4chan know just how blessed us men are: >get to laugh at lesbian…[View]
68780171I don't understand how you could mistake a thread about cryptids for being one of my posts and …[View]
68778868Does jelqing really work? I'm ready to start jelqing but I wanna hear more peoples experiences …[View]
68775402/cut/: Self-harm and mental health general. Extremely scuffed OP edition. >How are you? >Are y…[View]
68778823I want to masturbate. I want to keep playing videogames. But I will trade my TIME for PRODUCTIVITY a…[View]
68780124Who /loves mallory/ here?[View]
68771108Why the fixation with incels? I don't think there has ever been a subreddit or twitter accounts…[View]
68779406Are you ready to accept my friend request yet uzi?[View]
68780055what is your most downbad moment?: >be me >15 at the time (1st year in highschool) >have cr…[View]
68780035My boy crush is enjoying his life, and I am having suicidal ideation because I will never be with hi…[View]
68779180my life has been objectively worse than 99% of people: my dad was a serial killer and that was only …[View]
68780024The Unity: The Unity is in a strong position right now. Be patient everyone[View]
68778567Alcohol makes you feel tired, which would make one think you just go to sleep when you've had a…[View]
68779069Those who have/had a girlfriend who looks like this, what does it feel like? Do you feel like the ki…[View]
68778074Wagie bros? Let's move to Finland[View]
68779991/polefeel/: futuristic pissing edition[View]
68777575One Piece is fun everyone should watch/read it[View]
68777406Single Mothers: Just got DM'd by a random single mom on Facebook. Should I just off myself now?…[View]
68778953I don't get it. Why does everyone turn into fanta?[View]
68779919Is it true all females are innately masochistic?[View]
687775404chan being targeted: Where the fuck am I supposed to go once this website is shut down this is the …[View]
68779178So about half a year ago I noticed my hair was beginning to thin and not grow as thickly as it used …[View]
68776273So my girlfriend left me for my roommate and we are all on the lease for the next 8 months How can …[View]
68778783Nightwalks: the only time I'm outside. not having to interact with anyone. just peaceful[View]
68779535>be me yesterday >trolling anons, making fun of their 'serious' threads >one of them is par…[View]
68779878I want a pet raccoon.[View]
68778903>Guantanamo Bay tier psyop is too much for everyone except me *hooooooohhhh ppppssshhhh*…[View]
68779856>have idea for an animated series taking inspiration from Abrahamic mysticism, Dark Souls, LotR, …[View]
68779286NO value males!: All this talk about not being a HIGH or MID value man and trying to bet better than…[View]
68776046Is bug consumption vegan?: I WILL eat the bugs If it is ethical though[View]
68776192Good heavens, I wonder why young men all over the country are lashing out with extreme violence[View]
68779181Has this ever happened to you robros?: >Wanna bate >find good vid >feels hot man >begin …[View]
68779273The New Generation: And here we thought millenials were fucked and produced incels such as Elliot Ro…[View]
68779737Will continuing to make bald thread get me on the registry?[View]
68777620How Can I Help?: I have a lot of money (millions) and I want to make the world a better place. I am,…[View]
68779579What's the ideal height for women in your opinion?[View]
68776235Obese men: What do femanons think about obese guys?[View]
68779704Tummies: D-does anybody else have a fetish for chubby stomachs on women? J-just me or...?[View]
68776295>dad died yesterday >tell group chat >now they call me fatherless and seething…[View]
68778347The difference between the 2 is just 1 inch of height. Closer to 0.8 inches actually So do you now r…[View]
68779617I think it will be over sooner than I expected[View]
68779631>floor temperature iq[View]
68775469New Mask Gem[View]
68779357Holes: why did you deny him a happy life?[View]
68779538My sense of chivalry awakened when I saw her.[View]
68778387You should stop using /r9k/ as a non-White man. Anti-Black, Anti-Asian blatantly racist threads sta…[View]
68779473Reddit, Twitter, or Discord: If you could ban Reddit, Twitter, or Discord threads from r9k, which on…[View]
68779453Wilma, if you still post here or anything, just know that I miss you[View]
68776001>women never pay attention to me men never respect me >decide to actually take normie advice …[View]
68778086How would you react if you arrived at uni and your roommate was a lesbian?[View]
68779472People like me should never be born[View]
68778013Mental health problems: This is a serious issue we're not focusing on. I fully expect more craz…[View]
68779389If you were to pull a minecraft where and how would you hypothetically do it?[View]
68777254They call me the brainerd buffet slayer[View]
68779059Is small dick really a death sentence? My cock is tiny and looks ridiculous, especially when soft. H…[View]
68779236Why don't girls with bad teeth date guys with bad teeth? It's not fucking fair...[View]
68775097I lift so that I can become fit and attractive enough to one day get a qt Latina gf. What do you lif…[View]
68777491Write Thread #42: This thread is to encourage robots to take the writing pill. A lot of robots sit a…[View]
68778492what do I do when my FP stops responding I want to die[View]
68776165What do you think of my bob ross painting? First time painting[View]
68779185The only solution to American mass shootings that makes sense to me is actually promoting responsibl…[View]
68772009DB Super: Broly: I cant watch this movie without fapping. I wanna fuk her[View]
68777512I fucking hate mornings https://voca.ro/1lJneo1eiohV[View]
68779229New Vinluv Gem[View]
68779222Female Trannies: To be honest, I believe female trannies are just as annoying, if not more so than t…[View]
68779115tfw 28 years old: >George Floyd and Covid started 2+ years ago >I have been in the workforce f…[View]
68779073I hope you die in hell, Marky, you bitch You're the most evil person I've ever known You h…[View]
68773002You are now the MC in a gender bender manga What happens?[View]
68778847I saw a post for someone with my first name saying they wish my first name would message them and it…[View]
68773701Volcel Thread: Share your tales here, cyborgs. Just blocked a girl I've been talking with for a…[View]
68779099/daily domik/ comfy van life adventures: Anyone watching Ken Domik? I'm currently watching his …[View]
68778660I am jealous of anyone who was born upper middle class, white and has a sane family. I drove throug…[View]
68778865Me and my mother: Our relationship is not normal, not healthy and it's completely dead. I'…[View]
68777876having gf wont solve your problems captcha: facts[View]
68778205Being in the 2020s freaks me out so much its unreal[View]
68778623Why is philosophy so cringe? As a STEM graduate I'm used to mathematical and scientific rigor. …[View]
68778978Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer Original[View]
68778982I hate having a trip coming up: There is a bunch of shit I want to buy online but I have to travel i…[View]
68777033Is being based comes with birth?: >be me >be ~10 years old >playing minecraft >know not…[View]
68778696Any robots go the military route? I've got no direction in life and am tired of having no disci…[View]
68777991Japen: >youve wanted to go to Japan since you were 6 years old >youve always wanted to leave y…[View]
68778140We require more Vespene gas.[View]
68777578I'm addicted to sweets. I don't drink energy drinks nor eat salty stuff but I eat 1 ice cr…[View]
68777989why is getting a job so difficult without connections?[View]
68778511Does the sheer insanity of the average Americans politicized mentally ill mind ever get to you at ti…[View]
68773866Are men who are into femdom shit just closet faggots? I mean, if you enjoy getting penis-shapped obj…[View]
68778717Big Edd: Why does this guy move so fast? I just watched him get ghosted by Koyori / Kayori / Coyote,…[View]
68778604anya is so cute![View]
68778116Why does everything have to cost money? For the first time in years I finally have the will and driv…[View]
68768217/britfeel/: Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire edition[View]
68778449I saw a Lithuanian man today[View]
68777011Why can't I find a cute lactose intolerant gf who is willing to drink nearly expired milk and t…[View]
68777776robots, what do you think about dua lipa would you fuck her?[View]
68778583>oh white women are fucking black men en majorite ? >You are sexless because your women have b…[View]
68778289Why do daughters always dishonour their fathers?[View]
68778601/polefeel/: Church Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary and Catherine of Alexandria in Reda …[View]
68778313Can anyone please post the exact pasta of something like 'just look thoughout history conquers comin…[View]
68777821post alliterations or whatever theyre called: Jealous jaded jannies judge jobless joes[View]
68778319hungry, champ? i got you a big boy sandwich. eat up! over[View]
68777555i have a vagina ama[View]
68772040Would you love and impregnate a nerdy girl with a massive ass?[View]
68777940Prettiest pornstars have the shittiest videos.[View]
68776452Fine wine is a style, not a gender, everyone ages like fine wine when he dresses in suits and attemp…[View]
68777202this is now your gf https://youtu.be/IjBJCrhPyXw[View]
68774011How do I ask out a girl at work? If I just go up to her desk, everyone around is going to think I…[View]
68778422I think im a coomer i haven't had sex for 2 years and right now almost anything makes me horny,…[View]
68778407Shark girl: Sorry guys I forgot to make the thread yesterday. Let's have a shark girl thread:)…[View]
68778396Stories about you or someone you know being autistic in school I'll start >be me, 7th grade …[View]
68777798Day 8 of taking Cymbalta. So far I just feel even more tired than usual.[View]
68777055Change: Why does change give me anxiety? I mean, whenever my normal daily routines change too abrupt…[View]
68776927wow: >make thread >accidently post it to /pol/ instead of /r9k/ >it goes surprisingly well,…[View]
68778281ID'd shirt[View]
68778254Now that it's been 5 years... why did he do it?[View]
68778264Dream as a kid: My dream was to become some type of scientist/photographer that travels around the w…[View]
68777433Are you into small-titty girls?[View]
68777953being a blackbot is hell mode. imagine having to live around blacks and also being stuck with the ug…[View]
68778221Thoughts on Elon Musk being a cuck and a simp?[View]
68776973If you browse /r9k/ regularly you don't deserve happiness. Truth.[View]
68776988why hate china though[View]
68771818where did it all go wrong for you guys?[View]
68774274Jiu-Jitsu General: Knee Bump Armbar Edition www.youtube.com/watch?v=55Ux8giP_PY[View]
68777905To my sweetest Megan: >Itt we write an email to Megan Schroeder one sentence at a time. To my swe…[View]
68770885>be me >a real female >22, attractive, slim, good skin, neotenous face, and with juicy assc…[View]
68777865>have Giga Stacey Japanese-Taiwanese fren >tfw i want to send her femdom findom hentai i want …[View]
68776407this one scene proves youre literally not ryan gosling.[View]
68777740>be 5'6' >about to lose my virginity >she unzips my cock >'wow it's bigger tha…[View]
68777932>wasted 25 years of my life not accomplishing anything >no contact with women for the last 3 y…[View]
68775527Whats with people who finish college exams really early compared to everyone else and then leave? Ar…[View]
68777777why are reddit people so mean?[View]
68777899I've been trying to get any self proclaimed 'femcel'/'fembot' to talk to me for months but they…[View]
68777856Monkeypox: I have good news /r9k, this disease seems to only spread by sexual intercourse, this it y…[View]
68771744Worst person ever: Hello, I am the worst person to ever exist. I have been wrong about every major l…[View]
68776453I stepped out of my comfort zone today and it rewarded me. I'm going to do it again tomorrow, I…[View]
68777639Do you guys like Rick and Morty?![View]
68777319Im the only guy in my several friend groups who has never dated, kissed, hold hands, fingered or at …[View]
68777720Women don't like men. Take any given porn scene and it's a struggle for men to get kisses.…[View]
68776145Dear non-vegans of r9k: I dare you to watch this 7 minute video. What's the matter, you're…[View]
68777452>went to graduation practice today >haven't talked to anyone since middle school >see …[View]
68777066>Trans friend is pretending to be an anime girl again >Asks me to refer to her as such Please…[View]
68776326I am going to give $50 of USDT away: I am doing this to prove that not everyone on nu-4chan is a soc…[View]
68776087Speakers malfunctionin': My speakers are malfunctioning and I think the culprit is this cord. W…[View]
68775660The real worth of a woman is measured on how much happiness is she willing to give, by such definiti…[View]
68777483>When you do something nice and altruistic it backfires and is forgotten >When you do that is…[View]
68774536Antarctica is based. Other continents are cringe.[View]
68777481>Chocolate >Vanilla >Mint Chocolate chip >Strawberry >Lime >Mango >Cotton Can…[View]
68777411Absolutely no bullshit, I want a real genuine answer. Why the fuck is it traumatic for women to get …[View]
68777447Where is my burping big bellied babe[View]
68777250Even if you gather the courage to message her, you will be nothing more than one of the hundreds of …[View]
68777293ok so I have personality what now.[View]
68776829Screw gamers and screw gaming![View]
68777359So how does getting girls on Instagram work?: I have an insta right now, but it's just a collec…[View]
68773985>become wagie >super comfy tech support job where there's only like 1 hour of work per da…[View]
68776488>Stomp downstairs >Barge into livingroom >Point to your opened mouth while repeating 'FOOD'…[View]
68774686I hate everything: >mfw I get diagnosed with cancer >mfw I get hot streaks after my first chem…[View]
68774111whenever i go on 4chan, i make sure to have a nice, wholesome talk with my dad after to remind mysel…[View]
68774267how deep do you have to cut to not be considered a normie anymore? i'm going deeper than skin c…[View]
68774983>girls don't find roided bodies attractive[View]
68777238fucking up and knowing how bad you've fucked up is one thing, and I've experienced it many…[View]
68777156>Lost my savings in crypto and /biz/ memes >Work doesn't want to give me a raise >crus…[View]
68777102Would you kill one of your grandparents/parents to get their money? Let's face it. Zoomers and…[View]
68777207The art of masculinity: If you are starving, it is obvious what your purpose is at the moment - to e…[View]
68776679>never talk to people unless I'm explaining something[View]
68776542>Finally started balding Whelp, I had a good run. Made it to 27 years old. Guess my lifestyle fin…[View]
68762716/r9gay/ - 1765: Living the perfect life with your ~5'10', chubby twink, mathematician/physicist…[View]
68777163Matrimony: Marriage, what is in it for me? Is there any benefit for a guy to get married that I am n…[View]
68777084Tfw now Tomboy gf who allows me to lick her abs.[View]
68777128A fat woman with a ugly face can make up for it by exercising. A short, ugly man has nothing to make…[View]
68774684I make $52,482 a year as a sparkie. A salary like this is actually much worse than being a neet beca…[View]
68774868>be me >invisible to women >want attention from them >start lifting >get a little bi…[View]
68776807Why is it so hard to find escorts who are actually attractive? All of the ones advertising in my are…[View]
68770422Do I need to move out if I'll never have a gf? What are the benefits of moving out? Privacy? I …[View]
68771002Women hate thread: What made you hate women anon? Post proof that women deserve to be hated.[View]
68774764>smell awful >give you and people around you lung cancer >addictive but nowhere as effectiv…[View]
68774886I will kill 6 million people If I can get laid by someone like kelly.[View]
68776972i want to breed and cum inside lycoris princess[View]
68776469what kind of gf do you want? and what kind of gf would you settle for?[View]
68776817By Sneed I could use a drink.[View]
68775815this is what the average /r9k/ egirl looks like in 2022[View]
68775422>did you just release greenhouse gases, anon? >don't lie to me, i smell them >i heard …[View]
68776059Do women find this body type attractive? I'd love to look like this[View]
68774910It is your ethical duty to be as attractive as reasonably possible. To have anything less than a gre…[View]
68776800>got to the beach >fucked a mermaid >went home…[View]
68776850I made a homemade fleshlight today. The feel were meh and I haven't felt dirtier in years. Als…[View]
68772120He blocked me on discord. I want to kill myself.[View]
68776707Is a girl with bad skin still loveable?[View]
68776717>You are late. What's your excuse this time, jackass?[View]
68772493Is there a reason to self improve as an incel?: >be me, 3/10, 27 >earn 160k a year >still l…[View]
68774843>randomly see one of my old high school friend at the gym in a long while >he puts me down as …[View]
68776701>2013 >get a small rash on the side of my torso >a single touch would feel like acid was be…[View]
68776532>wake up and let dog out >think im home alone as I usually am at this hour >when im alone I…[View]
68774516>soo if you'd like to >an offer between friends >you can come over, we watch netflix a…[View]
68774708if you want sex and dont want to be incel anymore you can just get a gf and it would solve that... b…[View]
68776185Wud u r9k?[View]
68776549Tallfags btfo: So much for muh height[View]
68774101I hate the word ''depression'' so fucking much. People use it as an excuse to no…[View]
68774902The resemblance is uncanny ... What is this phenotype called?[View]
68776478I'm only barely more valuable than a NEET. How do I get my tranny gf?[View]
68776432Once incel, always an incel: Right? 3+ million ukrainian females came to my country and I'm sti…[View]
68776427Are there any porn sites that don't show niggers? I am so sick of even accidentally glancing at…[View]
68775479redpill me on ffs. is it worth it? asking from a cis female pov[View]
68775845why do you people care so much about sex: honestly i'm a virgin but i've never even entert…[View]
68776292>kills more people than mass shooters ever year heh, nothin personnel, kiddo…[View]
68776409Why do we force white kids to go to school with blacks and Hispanics who bully them and want them de…[View]
68772912Should a man who is a hebephile, by absolutely no choice of his own, be ashamed of his attraction?[View]
68776262how do you deal with the psychic torture of being around other people and their petty squabbles? …[View]
68776095You guys ever notice how fucking mean nerdy girls are? What's up with that? No it's not ho…[View]
68776331Annoying ass retard entity: I fucking hate this shit, I'm autistic and i hate it, I'm not …[View]
68773568Blackpill is right and wrong at the same time: I think I'm ready to admit that being fun, havin…[View]
68772038How will the news of aliens existing affect your life?[View]
68775968why are so many twitter users retarded: twitter is good sue me, but the best twitter users are the o…[View]
68774723Let's make a video game: Let's make a sexualized indie game and get it on the Nintendo eSt…[View]
68775584Porn literally makes people atheist: Ive been atheist as long as i can remember, and also porn addic…[View]
68775601as a girl who is fairly attractive, in her early 20s, and has been scouted by countless modeling com…[View]
68775570>switch between phones camera and photos app >image of my own penis appears momentarily on sc…[View]
68776047>be me >be chad >get a ton of dates effortlessly >have sex at their houses >they all …[View]
68771847Look at the little kitty[View]
68772592WTF even babies can be Chads. It's truly over for us.[View]
68771737how do i get ana der armas gf?[View]
68774110>family moms in 2022 Her son is going to commit a hero isnt he?[View]
68774583you know, anon. you really should go vegan. you know that right? if you're being honest to your…[View]
68775892Back to reading my thread comment again aren't you?[View]
68774466I feel like my balls are going to explode. What do I do.[View]
68772689What animal would you choose to have sex with: If youve had the chance to have sex with an animal of…[View]
68772468Got told I looked 30 at age 25[View]
68773345>tfw you become a wagie and this is one of your coworkers....[View]
68775846Femmorhoids are horrible not just as life partners and lazy in doing anything regarding relationship…[View]
68774804fembots... this jpg.[View]
68775798Im not looking for revenge, I just want to be happy[View]
68775464>still dreams with that busty high school chick that would sexually assault me every now and then…[View]
68774882lol is your dad this funny xD?[View]
68774564do u guys think he was a drainer[View]
68775643Incel bros, we found a cure! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/humans-infected-with-mind-alt…[View]
68775522this could be us, femanons, but you only like tall guys[View]
68771865So uh Americans, are you guys good? Why do you keep having shootings? So many kids fucking died at t…[View]
68772707Recession confirmed. Our economy is fucked.[View]
68775504I am ugly I am not very smart I am mediocre at everything I do I am unfunny I am forgettable and rep…[View]
68775610Most women are a waste of time right now. Get in shape and get into guns. We'll have our own ha…[View]
68772483Society is my second name.[View]
68775400This right here is the most well rounded individual on the whole planet. Not only is his actual head…[View]
68774950Redpill me on heightmaxxing[View]
68775487an hero: i just realized that a lot of forests have trees that you cant hang yourself from either be…[View]
68770739Girls with black hair and bangs are god teir[View]
68767821you're in nature when all of the sudden you see this, what do[View]
68774815What would you do if you got sent to a medium/max security prison in the general population? How wou…[View]
68775405Protect the internet and humanities consciousness forever![View]
68775265Do you have other hobbies besides gym /fit/ I need some new hobbies that aren't lifting[View]
68768518Do you think you'll ever get married?[View]
68774212I would rather die than work a 9 to 5, is something wrong with me?[View]
68771924Does JBW really work on Indian girls? Or is it just a meme?[View]
68774324People only think evangelion is good because of nostalgia. It is impossible to enjoy if you first ex…[View]
68774597I just woke up from a night of deep sleep with many detailed and fun dreams. It's making me smi…[View]
68773202Uzi take me back, I'm sorry. I'll talk to you everyday. I just wasn't feeling well th…[View]
68774349Dear gay-anons, vote pls https://strawpoll.com/polls/PbZqoJjGNnN[View]
68774499this bad boy is surprisingly hard to break[View]
68774690Why should I be nice and sympathetic towards a society that has never cared about me? Why should I c…[View]
68774290Is anyone else currently spiraling? Some fag is trying to hack me and steal my savings, my apartment…[View]
68769100Why do so many men hate it when women want a little love and attention? How miserable can you be?[View]
68774647Why are holes so stupid?: >Go to store. >Woman in front of me trying to put cash in self check…[View]
68774034How many people do you regularly talk to online?[View]
68774013God is Restitution: >/r9k/ claims to be anti-consumer >thinks people should be happy with what…[View]
68774296Im 7x5 inches and find that I fit magnum condoms fine, the secret being that they are for slightly a…[View]
68764741I'm tired of pretending atheism is cringy. It's not. Religion is fucking stupid and I…[View]
68774562Had a mango misty slush and two tendies with buffalo sauce for break yesterday. Was pretty good. Did…[View]
68774424How do registered sex offenders even exist and not just kill themselves (especially those who were c…[View]
68773560>finally reached the stage in life where my dating pool is desperate to settle down I will never …[View]
68772745ITT: things that remind you of elementary school[View]
68773075Anyone else get the urge to pick up their desk and throw it? And then sit there thinking that one of…[View]
68774009Why aren't you doing this?: >try to flirt with girl >she is disgusted and tells me to kms…[View]
68773244I haves self murder fetish in the cute form of a sissy fetish. Wolf in sheeps clothing. The ultimate…[View]
68773179my new internet computer wife said she will divorce me. i am literally shaking right now[View]
68774350>be girl >reject all the boys i know >go to uni >get fucked by chad and take drugs >d…[View]
68773984Surely you didn't fail college because of pure laziness right?[View]
68765290Femanons, have you ever been to a gloryhole? Why or why not? How do you feel about gloryholes? Have …[View]
68774420I WILL take an enormously fat woman as my wife and we will live on a farm in marital bliss.[View]
68774418hey vegans, plants have feelings too, you fucking hypocrites. stop eating my food's food, lol. …[View]
68774163I dont want a 10/10 gf. Even IF I was somehow able to pull a 10/10 I could never be certain to keep …[View]
68774388ANIMALS RESPOND TO GOD'S NAME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZquJNfO3h0M CHECKMATE ATHEISTS…[View]
6877327229 yr old male virgin here Why am I supposed to care? I do think women that are more pure or outrig…[View]
68773875Had a dream about a coworker that I've only met a few times(different shift). >Do you know w…[View]
68773802Question for anon (normie retards need not to apply): Considering we are not fit for love nor sex, w…[View]
68773683i'm really in a tough situation[View]
68773810Sorry clown, I'm gonna take your spaghetti.[View]
68773852Why do nerdy black girls always have white bfs?? Explain this blackbots![View]
68771770I get hit on/cat called by both women and men a lot (based off of what I know, once a month or once …[View]
68774153Does love real lads[View]
68773966No word of a lie about 99% of the women walking the Earth are trash and are in no way capable of sta…[View]
68774109Can money offset race when it comes to dating?[View]
68770883German Punter AMA: I am a German guy who, for some reason, has only ever fucked high-end Polish esco…[View]
68773969stop: Can you cumbrain retards not include porn in every post you make[View]
68773890being an introvert is probably the leading cause of virginity in the modern era even ugly extroverte…[View]
68772583>hundreds of millions of years of evolution >having a small penis wasn't bred out of the …[View]
68774047Is it still possible to get a gf from MMOs and meet up irl like it was back in the days? My brother …[View]
68767463Well anon, how do (You) answer to these crimes against humanity?[View]
68772399>was a 'good boy' my whole life because my parents told me to focus on school and get a good job …[View]
68774042Why the fuck do my downloaded videos still buffer?![View]
68774029>tfw no recession proof bf[View]
68773971I feel disgusting. Been a NEET for a few years, and dropped out of uni because i couldn't handl…[View]
68773921What is a good feeling?[View]
68774001Never use harsh words. Don't talk too much.[View]
687739974g gps tracker or camera with sim: so if i use a 4g gps tracker or camera with sim and the device ge…[View]
6877043440% of teen pregnancies involve a fathering man who is 20-29!: It's true, you know. Male hebeph…[View]
68772830Is there a way to get a hot alt girl to be your gf if you're rich but short and below average l…[View]
68773479I failed my drivers test (theory) two times now an my boss is really not keen on keeping me employed…[View]
68768905You can do the basic physics in pic rel, right r9k? C'mon r9k, math and physics are proof of hi…[View]
68772983Every day the alberta hospital is open is truly a holocaust on the people of this province[View]
68763209>go out >everyone's suddenly outdoors and in summer wear >you see a girl in pants that…[View]
68772301teeheee im so traumatized LMAO[View]
68773414I awake after drinking last night I've come to realize it's probably just over for me, had…[View]
68772037PREPARE YOURSELVES: You are about to be struck down by the mightiest magic of all in all the lands, …[View]
68772513I'm in love with pain, someone cursed me :(([View]
68773762There's nothing you can do to stop me filming you in public, foid.[View]
68773387Want to start journaling: Last night I suddenly got the urge to start writing in a journal. Writing …[View]
68773706Don't waste energy. Don't waste money. Don't waste food. Don't waste time.[View]
68772282I experienced true love. I was truly in love with this girl. She was like an angel to me. I wanted t…[View]
68772858I just ate 12 slices of bread and I think Im dying.[View]
68771394FEMDOM GENERAL Z: Hey, why are you standing in the corner all alone? Come, sit in mommy's lap. …[View]
68773481> i need some advice >roomate/friend recently got gf >shes nice enough, a lot of energy but…[View]
68772772Explain this. What is it about BLACKED porn that causes white men to consume it so much?[View]
68769585Only Robots will respond to this thread[View]
68773058She can fart on me all day.[View]
68773126do you care about how you dress?[View]
68773380Remember when you went into the basement when you were young? How do you know that the adults upstai…[View]
6877216818 y/o high school anon here. Am I a loser for attending community college? My grades are shit from …[View]
68773258>Anon, I told you you're not allowed to be browsing 4chan on the weekdays. Put your phone do…[View]
68772252Why does my partner's body count upset me so much? I have 4 bodies, including her. They were al…[View]
68771454Another shooting and I don't give a fuck, dead normalfags are not my problem[View]
68772248I am a tru mental cel been on 10+ dates. Regularly attract women. Tall athletic etc. I simply cannot…[View]
68772095Why are women ashamed of their sexual past? Every women I try to date, ends up either lying about th…[View]
68773524my neighbor is drilling and my whole fucking room is shaking. This isnt how I wanna go bros[View]
68771605Why don't these shooters ever go for important political targets anymore like they did in the 2…[View]
68733525You ever saw your mother naked? What did it feel like?[View]
68772881Any other anon out there that couldn't care less about politics ideologies and other useless st…[View]
68773477>wake up >jerk off >eat >lift >work >get home >sleep Every fucking day…[View]
68773130Anons, if you won the lottery 1.5mil ameribucks - 25mil ameribucks what would you do? Anyone here ev…[View]
68773383Is it better to be pussywhipped than an incel?[View]
68771611FEMINISM IS AMAZING: There is nothing that builds more life satisfaction than the current lifestyle …[View]
68773451g-g-guys... should l be worried??[View]
68769359What do I do with $160,000: Grandparent died, I now have pic related plus another 20k in other accou…[View]
68771753Everything becomes the same: Everything is becoming the same internet will never create a unique com…[View]
68773365>voters age <30 >still KV It's literally over no matter what if you're a sperg…[View]
68773353I've lived inside a game that looks like a world. Numbers made out of people and buttons are fo…[View]
68772975Why do American women hate their men so much? Is wanting sex occasionally really that horrible? What…[View]
68772096If I were to become a public figure is there any chance that posting my face in a rate thread on /so…[View]
68772636Whooores: Started telling girls on tinder who ask that I'm 5'8(I'm not). They ignore …[View]
68772673What unethical experiments would you do if you were a billionaire?: i would buy 10 private islands a…[View]
68770916tinder is ridiculously easy to meet up on im meeting 4 girls this week the secret is literally just…[View]
68772714Retrospection Following the Most Recent Shooting: When I was a freshman in high school, I witnessed …[View]
68772640how influential do you think /r9k/ is? how much do you think we influence the thoughts and opinions …[View]
68772954Fast food wageslave job increased my hours. Now I never have time to enjoy anything and still barely…[View]
68770304I dont know what to think about anything. How do my low IQ bros cope?[View]
68772930How do I get a niqabi GF as a black American man in the Middle East?[View]
68772381>playing apex with indian >he says nice sir after every kill i get >feels good…[View]
68771935Where did this momcest garbage being spammed 24/7 come from? Get this shit off my board[View]
68772127i wish a girl would love me the way rem loves subaru[View]
68772790>WHERE ARE YOU YEEZY?????[View]
68772685I'm tired of being fat and ugly. I'm tired of women never giving me attention. I'm ti…[View]
68772340i fucked up: i could have matched with a 4/10 chick but i waited to long and she deleted her account…[View]
68772441How does it feel to have baby-making sex? Is it any different from regular sex?[View]
68771402American Soicho[View]
68772662What tranny did I piss off to get a 30 day ban with no post attached?[View]
68771700Do you know any good alternatives to smoking? I know this will sound incredibly stupid to some, but …[View]
68772121Is lack of humor the most significant indicator of NPCs? I've never seen an NPC make an origina…[View]
68772663Any decent alternatives 4chan style imageboards that are actually active?[View]
68769421>from upper class family in canada >remember childhood >daddy would throw pool parties >…[View]
68771969>it's another 'girl blatantly leads you on for months and then plays dumb and innocent teehe…[View]
68771882Wheres my posts going[View]
68772387>me: 'I missed you!' >her: 'Me too!' instead of 'I missed you, too!' Ow, I guess she really wa…[View]
68772029I've never met anyone irl with the same sense of humour as me it must be nice for normans bein…[View]
68770797>She said it's cute that I'm a virgin. What do I make of this?…[View]
68772491>ended my relation with a hoe because I didnt like her. >8 months later Im single and had noth…[View]
68772459Sex is evil and women greater purpose is to provide sex for men, therefore women are evil by nature.[View]
68772021Hey there. How's it going stranger?[View]
68771486THIS FEELS SO GOOD: Anons holy SHIT I can feel it in my FUCKING VEINS FUCK https://voca.ro/1mWRt6sX…[View]
68772027What is with the bad stigma attached to plastic surgery? How is it different than getting braces?[View]
68769094another new margetoss[View]
68772237It kinda sucks to be someone who is just barely a zoomer by a fucking year in the late 90's. At…[View]
68771578EVERY fucking woman I talk to ends up having a 'hoe phase' and tells me about all the fucked up drug…[View]
68772283After marrying a ragdoll, woman gives birth to a baby ragdoll 37 year old Brazilian house cleaner/da…[View]
68771387I accidentally took a screenshot of a screenshot.[View]
68772149>just finished work at the mall, walking to the entrance >girl stops me and asks if I'm a…[View]
68771838Nowhere is safe: >lonely so imagine humans interactions 24/7 >only think about women >deci…[View]
68769178Does /r9k/ agree with /pol/'s view that Jews run the world and blacks have low IQs entirely due…[View]
68771926It's literally first summery day and my appartment is already too hot to be in.[View]
68768977>hips barely wider than my ribcage >weird tits >5'7 >massive hands, feet and shoul…[View]
68771995I want to lick the sweat off of a femanons juicy asscheeks[View]
68772170beautiful people only befriend beautiful people[View]
68772085>been shooting up 250mg of test e. a week >depression is getting better, feel amazing bros... …[View]
68771552Let's play poker anons! You don't need to register, you just join the table choose a name …[View]
68771972zero caffeine tolerance drinking a bunch of energy drinks and chainsmoking is it a suicide attempt?[View]
68772081>his dick's smaller than my toes >yeah yeah smaller than my toes >his dick's smal…[View]
68770695>be disabled with a sick spine >when you are 15 your parents get divorced >your mother is u…[View]
68771825>be me >wait for beard to grow > >just spotty follicles and stub on parts of chin, peach…[View]
68772042uzi this song is for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLtmmFjxSoc[View]
68770888Happy George Floyd's day, /r9k/![View]
68771873Sun: Is it just me or does the Sun feel hotter these days even though temps are the same? Today is a…[View]
68770844How old were you when you realized being sad is gay?[View]
68771182Incel is now a spectrum. If you have to sleep with escorts you are still an incel. If you are a woma…[View]
68772007At what fucking point do we put our foot down and answer the Final Solution to the eGirl Question ?[View]
68771121>The love of my life and mother of my child abruptly ended our relationship on a whim AMA…[View]
68771959Hello robots, it's me, another anon who isn't emiting light in any shape or form. Do and o…[View]
68771951When did you realize nice guys finish last? I'll never forgive my parents for teaching me such …[View]
68771429>it's another daydream of Donald Trump talking about Japan in the 1980s and how great it was…[View]
68771153Hey guys: Walmart anon here again. Enjoying break number 1. Its cool out with a light drizzle. The r…[View]
68771790Have I been cursed?: Ever since I was a small child (~6 y/o) I've had bad luck in nearly every …[View]
68771886Is it normal for one testicle to hang lower and be bigger than the other one?[View]
68771318Robots, I need your counsel. >Job 1: $100k annual salary sit on ass doing nothing 2/8 hours per d…[View]
68771411>got good grades throughout all of hs and go to a top college >got a reasonable major such as …[View]
68768236'Do you have an ideal physical type?' >TALL >TALL >TALLER THAN ME >TALL >TALL >TAL…[View]
68771738Honestly women arent bad people: The women that 4chan doesnt like are just bigoted normies. Male nor…[View]
68769839How did you lose your virginity anons >14 >dad says we are going fishing over the weekend >…[View]
68771670Let Slav(e)s lick your asshole but never marry them[View]
68771051>severe plantar fasciitis >severe carpal tunnel >severe insomnia >severe asthma >seve…[View]
68770666Post the pussy you deserve and the pussy that SOYciety wants you to tolerate: the tight wet pussy on…[View]
68770590u think he's actually hot???? i seen the ads about him on /handsome man/ but is that satire. pe…[View]
68771050Do not go into the white light.: We must release ourselves from the mortol coil created by the demiu…[View]
68770174Hello, moids. I hope the night has treated you well. How are you doing?[View]
68771530piss container: I refuse to piss directly into the toilet. Standing up causes a mess, and sitting do…[View]
68771202feelin bad... (PART1): see jpeg[View]
68771038>be me >have no real ideals, convictions, or core values >change values to agree with whoev…[View]
68768041>has no legs >scores a 10/10 black women who could have any black dude she wants uhhh blackbro…[View]
68762648How the fuck do I escape this sissy hell hole. I've purged every year and no fapped for months …[View]
68771190finally catch the flu ask me anything[View]
68771570>go to Reddit >post anything that isnt just hugs and feefees or popular normie opinion >get…[View]
68769815>'Sorry, sir, but I'm going to have to detain you. We've received multiple reports from…[View]
68771623I pledge my loyalty to the Basilisk.[View]
68769279>'If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals…[View]
68770580I'm a French artist who speaks a little bit of Japanese and takes commisions. This Japanese guy…[View]
68771315Why are nice guys such scum /r9k/? >He wanted sex ALL the time. Wanted me to sleep with other peo…[View]
68771596What are some signs that you're unattractive >people say you look mean >people say you …[View]
68771591Some guy I know only dates women that are extremely average or a bit under average. Apparently when …[View]
68771574Did the school uggo or porker ever try and hit on you?[View]
68768732Anyone else here who doesnt think women have it easier?: I dont believe that either gender is advant…[View]
68769441What does getting drunk with a woman feel like?[View]
68764592Do you have a good relationship with your mom?[View]
68771522had a dream about saying you double hate me wow[View]
68771284>be me >have sex loads of times >have had dated tons of girls >dick is hard as fuck >…[View]
68771492https://youtu.be/rBZK5D4qiqM last one for the night[View]
68771327>me giving femanon a rape baby.[View]
68768084I'm no conspiracy theorist, but > Feds make sure mass shootings keep happening > People g…[View]
68770343>be me >go to the bar >see a cute girl >she's giving me the eye, seems interested i…[View]
68771383Im terrified to go to bed because i know i will get dreams of me being happy and i will have to wake…[View]
68768855What is your 20-Year-Plan?: >Keep saving money. >Keep lifting. >Start a brokerage. >find…[View]
68771436I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand. I just wanted to go to sl…[View]
68771408How do you cope with missed opportunities and regret[View]
68771294>be child, never do homework because computer is too addicting >make it all the way to 10th gr…[View]
68771086/polefeel/: Dispute edition[View]
68771367scammers: >want to buy drugs online >site says $300 >when I message the guy, he wants $400…[View]
68770031>be obese >can't walk >state pays you disability >shop on app delivery >have ppl…[View]
68770382literal gods: huge dicked guys get everything. having a huge dick (0.5%) is EVERYTHING.[View]
68770772ok r9k bros, what is the best thing that ever happened to you? Mine is >20M, university >shy, …[View]
68771072>just railed a line of cocaine, smoked a blunt laced with meth, and just got done shooting heroin…[View]
68771293FUCK i am having bad oxycotin withdraws i dont know what to do[View]
68771080Learn how to fucking dance.: That's literally all I had to do to get laid. Women fucking love m…[View]
68767700This is the epitome of what a 'chad' is. What can you say /r9k/?[View]
68770934Moving out made me appreciate a lot of things. Suddenly I find myself only buying shit I need with a…[View]
68771175>be me >female rejects me for a beefcake at work because he is rich and I am poor >years la…[View]
68771147>want to buy oakleys >theyre all locked behind active duty military membership >only other …[View]
68770488Why am I not allowed to make my own whiskey still? For what reason exactly is it legal to buy but no…[View]
68770708What steps can we take as individuals to fight back against capitalism? Unionize?[View]
68770267>men do all the work building society >women complain they dont reap the benefits >repeat …[View]
68769591So coffee is bad for you: what do we do now[View]
68770043>just founded out my iq is 70[View]
68770119If you havent drank breastmilk as an adult I feel sorry for you: Getting to drink the life giving su…[View]
68769786Do you like cute Mexican girls with big asses?[View]
68768952>Teen girls are getting their tits lopped thoughts?[View]
68771011>still haven't had my face put between a girl's breasts it hurts bros…[View]
68762721Why is it so true tho[View]
68771014This feel.: >think about all the young people who died in wars unnecessarily >think about all…[View]
68770642How would you fix sex reassignment surgery?[View]
68769813Sorry, femanon. But this is what you have to compete with.[View]
68769944i miss having friends so much >used to have 2 friends >wasn't even that great they were…[View]
68770911When are you going to grow up and stop being a pussy?[View]
68769827Everyone who wants a robot girlfriend hasn't used a dating app. The amount of absolutely disgus…[View]
68771021>farts in your face: White bois btfo[View]
68770481How exactly would you go about pulling something like this off irl? This guy in college is a real di…[View]
68770951How much pussy does Logan Paul get?[View]
68770747daily reminder to stop racemixing we don't need more mystery meat mutts in this world[View]
68769911i was only able to sleep for 2h. my brain is a big baka[View]
68765218Are Americanas The Real Master Race Hitler Talked About?: How come The USA is the richest most power…[View]
68769227What does it mean when a girl always starts her messages by referring to your name (ex.: 'Hi, Anon.'…[View]
68770874Do you ever wonder how people like picrelated or blackops2cel who became memes feel about their meme…[View]
68770298Why not settle for an alt right fascist femboy bf?[View]
68770372Hopelessness: >be me, few years ago >13yo, 8th grade >have gf bc everyone does and want to …[View]
68766095The '5.5 inches is the average' fact has to be a meme right? My dick is 7.2 inches and it still look…[View]
68770793am I just too weird to get a gf? I don't really have a hard time attracting women initially but…[View]
68770773I'm a fuckin' retard.: I didn't shave for over two years because I saw some post on t…[View]
68769718/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1021 Working in a small city in Wyoming[View]
68770537The twc won't fucking respond to my calls and they owe me $500. IM GOING TO LOSE MY APARTMENT T…[View]
68770752you really ruined my birthday with that text[View]
68769836Need a 8/10 azn gf[View]
68770691>the only weather i like is rainy and warm >everything else is depressing to me >live in n…[View]
68770503Music you can groove and jerk off to https://youtu.be/Pq5jG2U3sEg https://youtu.be/jtQ-3Pua2Ms http…[View]
68770676Be like Chadahn: >Horse is scrawny, so learns gravity magic so that he'll always remain by h…[View]
68770348Lets settle this once and for all: Brown pussy or White pussy?[View]
68768586Genuine question for females, trannys, and males larping for attention alike. What percentile of man…[View]
68770566anyone wanna play gtao and grief lobbies[View]
68770554Hello anonys from my computer screen, how are you?[View]
68770536>I'm a beautiful woman >but very depressed >online dating >travel to see me and onl…[View]
68769811>be me years ago in high school >other guy gropes my ass >tell him to never touch me again …[View]
68769800>girl says 'brb toilet' >comes back 3 minutes later what does it mean? what took her so long?…[View]
68770077Question for incels e femcels: If you could push a button to erase every interaction with the opposi…[View]
68769402>463.7 IQ >97.32 IQ >Technically 102.59 IQ human development because from a West African hi…[View]
68770385Faggot bitch cunt you are a cunt I hate you I hate your mom you don't get it yiu fucking stupid…[View]
68766803>too asian to fit in with whites >too white to fit in with asians…[View]
68750790Letter Thread: write some bullshit for that special discord friend who will never read it[View]
68769133Girth is one of the most important things in life. Watching fat hogs puts me in a stage of absolutel…[View]
68769401Does the idea of a girl sitting on your face sound appealing to you? Is it something you would like …[View]
68768949AGING WILL BE SOLVED IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS: according to this /sci/ anon thoughts?[View]
68768752Trannies are evil[View]
68769837If you're under 5'10 it's OVER[View]
68769278>Creates world that sucks so that you can beg him to save you from world that he made I don'…[View]
68769809How much puss do you think he crushes?: How much puss do you think he crushes?[View]
68768943how do i know if i'm actually depressed?[View]
68769308Do you think it's possible to be in a relationship in 2022 with someone who doesn't want t…[View]
68770233I coomed today. Now I feel like I want to kill myself[View]
68769137the liberals don't want you to know this but there's a 'lemon party' in america[View]
68769265I wiIl eat you alive I wiIl eat you alive I wiIl eat you alive I wiIl eat you alive There'll be…[View]
68769634>start working out again regularly >now im horny as fuck 24/7 again like during my teenage yea…[View]
68765035FEMDOM GENERALS: So..umm...is femdom based or fucking based as fuck?[View]
68769679Can someone explain lain to me. I've been pretending to like it so I can seem smart but it just…[View]
68768893How do I make someones last days on this earth hell? I have an old 90 year old neighbor and every da…[View]
68770016>average amount of sexual partners someone had in their life time is 4-6 >4-6 Bros its really …[View]
68769869Why should anyone settle for an ugly girl?[View]
68767603Describe your ideal gf[View]
68768829What if there were people born with just assholes? No genitalia of any kind, just a nice tight assho…[View]
68769932>silent around everybody, only communicates in gestures despite being shown to be capable of spee…[View]
68769425whats up with normies marrying used up non-virgin whores? like, how could any man love a used up who…[View]
68767251ask a man anything: normie man here who grew up on 4chan. anyone want any male advice?[View]
68768276Does anyone have experience working with nurses? I'm mostly looking at jobs that make me an RN…[View]
68767901Anyone going on those incel and far right extremists sites should all be monitored fr, they the ones…[View]
68767792>that miserable feel when you can't find your dark web site anymore Goddammit weedbros what…[View]
68769607songs thread: post the three songs that you have been listening to the most recently. mine https://…[View]
68769690how do i cope with being 5'6?[View]
68769093Post happy music: Music can completely change my entire mood. It's like a drug for me. When I…[View]
68768379The oldest tool in existence is also a weapon.[View]
68769795There is a big ass bear in my backyard and my dog is barking at it. My back door is a sliding glass …[View]
68769818Are you sliddin his logs r9k?[View]
68769303Tranny shooting in Texas: >Crazed Hispanic tranny kills white girl >Right wingers cheers for t…[View]
68769463Pop tarts are fucking shit, can't imagine anyone wanting to eat them[View]
68769456This could be you and your future gf, but you have claimed to hate transgenders so you are shooting …[View]
68768809Women owe me sexual intercourse and cuddles[View]
68768057I wet my diaper before bed are you gonna change me.[View]
68769676>hate chicanos with all my being >technically am one Fuck bros, I'd rather be a red blood…[View]
68765127Cigarettes are expensive. How do you even afford them when most of you are fat loser neets?[View]
68767364Every day that the alberta hospital remains open is a holocaust on the people of this province[View]
68769712>be euro >stay up late and shitpost during murrican hours >white people this white people t…[View]
68769680Niggers. Niggers. I never thought that I would see so many gotdamn Niggers.[View]
68769667>It's another 'ex's schizo trans gf tried to twitter cancel me for being a groomer' epi…[View]
68769657I genuinely don't like being touched.[View]
68768652/tsg/ (Touch starve gen): >I want to cuddle with e-ex :\[View]
68763642/scotfeel/: Glasgow McDonald's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GyIbBUt1IU[View]
68767401Let's play poker anons! You don't need to register, you just join the table choose a name …[View]
68769166What is it about BLACKED porn that causes white men to consume it so much?[View]
68767789>eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP I DON'T EVEN HAVE HEAR…[View]
68768641I love China and I believe in China. Please save everyone![View]
68769482Telegram Group: Be Part of the private telegram autism group. Invite is limited to 3 persons. (no a…[View]
68765674I love my foreskin. It protects my glans and keep it sensitive. When I masturbate it's as easy …[View]
68769305Thoughts on thin women?: How do you feel about petite/flat/slender women?[View]
68764776Skinnycel pill is the most brutal pill (for me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiV0oBZaiKo 05:00 T…[View]
68769287If you could go back and live one part of your life over again for the rest of your life, what would…[View]
68767291Where do I find a femanon into lolicon who isnt a slut? or any girl into it, where are all the nice …[View]
68769246Somebody recommend me a vape that isn't absolute fucking trash please. I've tried two of t…[View]
68769082why was i born with an above average sized dick if i'd never get to use it except with my own h…[View]
68764601a million dollars or become good looking?[View]
68768534you guys don't actually believe any of dating or life advice shit on here, right?[View]
68767062whats up with normies voluntarily dying to protect whores who despise them and tranny globohomo stri…[View]
68766739The Indianpill is the final pill you need to take[View]
68768398not a single woman, real or fictional character, gave me a more satisfying fap or bigger erection th…[View]
68768613Cripple tranny has a gf: This cripple tranny has a cute gf. And the tranny is poor. They also have s…[View]
68768629Going through Anki cards and grinding grammar for 3-4 hours every day makes me want to kill myself. …[View]
68769186so what is the consensus on this graph?: can you druggies break it down?[View]
68768683'UNSATURATED FATS ARE LE BAD!!!': You fags are so fucking gullible you'll believe anything! Hav…[View]
68768472Can someone draw him needing to pee while trolling Americans on the Internet? He's basically ha…[View]
68769148Based Charles what a Chad[View]
68768361need feet and butthole gf - day 20 tranitors want anyone but robots posting edition[View]
68767077sunwell time ordering taco bell[View]
68769046People who post ITT get the mark[View]
68768418I feel enlightened and able to provide peace and hope for my bros. Come here for inspired life advic…[View]
68767160How does one get a freelance job?: If it comes down to wageslaving for a living then I want to atlea…[View]
68769075I realised that my thoughts here are a bit if a rant so bear with me and ask specific questions from…[View]
68769066Tagmap question. Since a lot of /r9k/ users use it. I was viewing tagmap a bit ago. Never mad an acc…[View]
68753063do you get your nails done?: do you like my nails? picrel[View]
68769056Fembots, if the guy you liked made you a bento box (pic related) would you swoon for him?[View]
68769045Every day I desperately seek affection. I was trolling and rage baiting online for glimpse of attent…[View]
68768866Ive just been getting fucked by life lately and have nobody to talk to about it. Girl i was dating f…[View]
68768416>Thanks for asking me out on a date anon, but you should know that I only date Black guys. What d…[View]
68768116Canadian guy: Every week for half a year now he bounces between the social board trying to antagoniz…[View]
68761561What the FUCK do we do about FtM 'femboys' infesting our dating apps, gaybros?[View]
68768870It's 8:30pm going on a night stroll at the park anyone wanna come?[View]
68768895You'd be a Chad too if you hit the gym a little. Sub-5ness is a choice[View]
68767592give me something to think about[View]
68768577does it get better? nothing really seems like it'll improve ever i dont even like playing with …[View]
68767589he cheated inceldom and it actually looks good with his face[View]
68768860well?: surely r9k is smarter than a 5th grader[View]
68765621Being an alpha gay is peak masculinity: Being a non-feminine gay dude is the most manly you can be. …[View]
687688454on1 wrestling: 4 clothed friends team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky naked and …[View]
68767703>Nofap hour 22 >extremely angry and frustrated already Is it even worth? I use porn to numb ev…[View]
68768617What is the stupidest thing you've heard someone say in real life or online?[View]
68766346ask a woman anything: normie woman here who grew up on 4chan. anyone want any female advice?[View]
68768794Sometimes I think it's too late to change my ways But I'm still breathing after all so may…[View]
68767764Europeans are the threat, not Jews: It sucks that I have to remake this thread for the 50th time in …[View]
68767616Good night 4chan: Good night mods Good night jannies Good night anons And good night (you)[View]
68767935You can solve extremely basic math problems like these, right /r9k/?[View]
68757657Women hate thread: What made you hate women anon. Share any pics or stories on what made you hate wo…[View]
68768413I still remember every positive interaction with girls I had throughout high school, and I'm 23…[View]
68768181Why do women with bob cuts look so good?[View]
68768704You have tits and I have boobs, we aren't the same.[View]
68768628Its kind of surreal that girls like Amber Moore and Gabbie Carter turned 18, decided to get filmed h…[View]
68768681/polefeel/: Orlowo, Gdynia edition[View]
68768616hypothetically, if i, as an american citizen, were to travel to romania and murder a romanian NEET i…[View]
68763879Just because Bianca Devins was a sadist who made a lifestyle out of emotionally tormenting lonely, v…[View]
68766388>Another murder happened, therefore you should give up your weapons. Liberals are idiots.…[View]
68768623You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewh…[View]
68767127aaa my brain is annoying me with misanthropic thoughts, thoughts about superiority, thoughts about h…[View]
68768504no homo but i would 69 her and swallow desu[View]
68768552What does it mean if you take a week to reply, it takes her a week as well? But if you take a few da…[View]
68768592Take your meds, little one, don't forget, daughter To include the LGBTQP I tuck it in, warm wit…[View]
68767404Should 4chan get rid of more boards?: Ever since mods nuked /qa/ I've been thinking that they s…[View]
68768567Night Driving thread: Share your stories of going on long night drives whether it be for work, or ju…[View]
68768214ugh you just wouldn't get it, mom[View]
68768104I see a lot of tranny posts about mtf but not ftm. Opinion on letting a ftm tranny suck your dick? I…[View]
68768531if this was a blue board it would be 10x better, no faggot trap threads, no 'I wish I had her bros' …[View]
68768388Anyone find it easier to read facial expressions and subtle cues when they close an eye?[View]
68768502Genuinely worried she's going to take whatever house they buy and ruin this great man, she has …[View]
68768039the beta uprising is coming along well, bros[View]
68768412Warning: This boy contains John. John is your new favorite boy. This boy can give you cancer, but o…[View]
68766484Is social media addiction women's equivalent of pornography and video game addiction?[View]
68766014Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women https://m.youtube.com/w…[View]
68768422>someone posts a picture of an 'ugly guy' >mogs the shit out of me…[View]
68768326'femcels' aren't actually real. They're all females under 25 who have had partners before …[View]
68767887Why is my inner monologue full of coomer gibberish? >at the store shopping for groceries >'who…[View]
68767645I'm tired bros: >ask out a gril last week >she seems all for it >have an idea of what …[View]
68768058What do you think of the Angry Video Game Nerd/AVGN robots?[View]
68760052Smelly, hikiki girl appreciation thread: Fembots when was your last shower? Do you use deodorant/sha…[View]
68768261The Immortality War!: Given the backlog of innovation, I think work purely exists for suppression.…[View]
68768317>Friendzoned by cute asian girl >bring the girl home >make an advance >rejected.png >…[View]
68768165ITT: List Problems/Quirks Normalfags don't understand: >PTSD 'It was a long time ago br…[View]
68768282You always have been, and will always be my only friend.[View]
68768279What kind of white boy does she date?[View]
68766055why do normoids love these smelly, slobbering beasts?[View]
68758992/britfeel/: Clapham, North Yorkshire, England edition[View]
68768220Please tell me this is all an elaborate prank and that it's not actually 2022[View]
68768212>when you try to analyze her text messages, and google every sign you can derive from them, and i…[View]
68766412i really like reze and i would like to run away from society and live in a little bubble with her if…[View]
68757302Marry a monster girl.[View]
68766002why are PoC boys always so much hotter than white boys. just look at how ugly the buffalo shooter an…[View]
68768150cesira: are you still alive? it's been a minute and i miss talking to you. idk if you still pos…[View]
68767835If I wanted to fuck with someone and only had their phone number what could I do with that?[View]
68767548I know people joke about cum jars with figures but have any of you actually filled a cum jar with a …[View]
68768043cancer: theres a chance i may have cancer (doctor verified). im kinda scared myself on how fast i ju…[View]
68768074>discord weebs keep asking me to jack off to their waifus why do you people do this? am I being g…[View]
68764819>4chan >date your own race nigger >also 4chan >on a daily basis, antagonize black guys w…[View]
68766224How's your childhood treating you? Still watch old shows to live out those memories again?[View]
68766976>tfw wake up and still alive >have a bowl to smoke 0h boy wake and bake time, can't wait …[View]
68767924What are some deal-breakers for you in a relationship?: For me? Obvious ones are if my gf would let …[View]
68767947>neet life >in womb >spit out normie food, only eat tendies >fight off natural birth, fo…[View]
68762792>pic related is the ideal relationship >tfw 0 women are into it…[View]
68749591/mbti/: Retribution edition. >Your mbti type >Do you consider yourself to be an incel >Do y…[View]
68764289You are not lonely because nobody likes you. You are lonely because you don't like anyone.[View]
68767923Carol of the Bells is way too lit to be a christmas song. I shouldn't feel like armageddon is c…[View]
68766770You lose a bet and have to go to work/college for A FUCKING MONTH wearing this, or they shoot you fo…[View]
68767270Mental health: It's not the fault of guns that mass shootings happen, it's the fault of me…[View]
68767813I wanna text her so bad. Should I do it? She texted me last. 9 hours ago[View]
68766099>4chan try not to say faggot challenge *IMPOSSIBLE*[View]
68767690WouId you date a foidgun?[View]
68767354Did you enjoy this website ?[View]
68767726Just got a job and have to wake up at 2am to wageslave.[View]
68765074What happened to this board. It's all extremely low IQ, low quality and memeshit. There is zero…[View]
68765543Ahoy, Me Hearties! All Hand Hoy! Everyone get on deck! This be yerr captain speaking, and this be a …[View]
68767338Is life as a non-chad worth it?[View]
68767711WE'VE GOT BUSH[View]
68766580Only degenerates would suffer a heart attack from seeing a naked woman.[View]
68767659>be me >be britfag >think that the 2nd level of a building is the 1st floor >think that …[View]
68751018It's weird to think that for 99% of people you pass on the street this is a completely ordinary…[View]
68767124What do you have to offer?: Why the fuck you faggots complain about 'stacies' staying with 'Chads' i…[View]
68767599Is it normal to be scared to check your balls? I'm to scared to check and feel them because wha…[View]
68767334Any recommended 4chan-style imageboards alternatives that are actually active?[View]
68765812Nigbots, how was your life as a weeb?: while everyone around you expects you to be flirting with gir…[View]
68765044Behind every incel there's a strong and beautiful woman waiting to come out and flourish.[View]
68765701All women are the same: All women are the same no woman will ever be good enough except. Only lesbia…[View]
68765429Say hello to Richard Ramirez 2.0[View]
68766276I got a job at a call center and the training alone is making me want to quit[View]
68767134I love that psychedelics are being made legal everywhere.[View]
68766728It's over Anons: >Mom got intubated after getting COVID >Has no immune system so she…[View]
68766101I feel like a meteor aimlessly drifting through space[View]
68766894Is there an r9k for women?[View]
68767271hello. i am that psycho walking down the street who you make fun of.: you know, the crazy person tal…[View]
68766533uzi add me back pls. i miss talking to you. i wont go afk for too long again i promise Im a changed …[View]
68765478You enter your parent's room to find your mother sleeping alone on the bed while your father is…[View]
68767146What the fuck is wrong with her? This isn't a win, a man won't marry a slut, It doesnt mat…[View]
68766914i've never loved anyone i've had 8 girlfriends and a lot of them loved me and i said i lov…[View]
68765827Do people really get bullied for not being fat in the USA?[View]
68766180/blackbot-ethnicbot/ thread: How are we all doing today blackbots and ethnic bots? Are you taking ca…[View]
68767200>April 2021, in Sent multiple love letters with suicidal undertones to the email of this girl I h…[View]
68767172i managed to psyop myself into assuming that no girl wants me. I no longer feel attraction to cute g…[View]
68745655Escort/hooker/prostitute General Share experiences fucking whores. I'm 80% of the way there in…[View]
68767182Americans arent obnoxious, theyre drunk[View]
68766113I just pulled a fully white hair out of my head at 22. Am I about to start going grey or does that j…[View]
68765617Can you actually cum from getting your ass fucked? No dick touching.[View]
68767162We're fighting for the fate of the universe: I also forgot about the mommy handjob gf so that…[View]
68766033you can fuck 9/10 slavic 19 year old girls for $50 in eastern european shithole countries[View]
68760043Porn Addiction General: Any other addicted robots? >How long have you been addicted? >How old …[View]
68767107I feel like a Palestinian.[View]
68766661Why does these people keep assuming everyone else is a normalfag?: >'It is a worrying sign w…[View]
68766870- Suicide = go to lower astral (hell) for long time and reincarnate anyway - Staying alive = living …[View]
68766318Robros Im 30 years old and I have two options before me: >29 year old who wants to settle down af…[View]
68766950Dear ants, FUCK OFF! Get out of my house. NOW.[View]
68767058do women like submissive self-loathing losers?[View]
68760483Why is female autism this stupid?: It seems like female autism is just an excuse they use to get att…[View]
68765475Black anon here, who loves his own race and is not a coon. BUT I admire whites and their brilliance…[View]
68766344Would you marry for a Visa?: just like Vlad did?[View]
68763154whats the point of doing anything if we are going to die eventually and there's eternal nothing…[View]
68765288Does anyone else think the idea of the planet being wiped clean of humanity sounds really nice? Ever…[View]
68766920Hemorrhoids aren't very fun to be honest[View]
68766802What is this game called?[View]
68766856Funny time: Funny time?[View]
68764992Why is it so find hard to find a gf as a below average looking guy? I've asked out obese women,…[View]
68766226God damnit, why does this always happen? Every time you give girl advice to a guy, they take it the …[View]
68766754Sour Punks: Sour Punks[View]
68766155how do you cope with being envious of women? i've been obsessed with this for like several mont…[View]
68766719redpill: people dont care if ur a virgin when ur good looking if u look good u can get away with lit…[View]
68766684Stop moping about being virgins or being single since birth. Take the single pill unless your intent…[View]
68766545autism creature: thoughts on the autism creature?[View]
68766621i look like gigachad sex machine from the front but from my side profile i look like the final boss …[View]
68766664My demons must be gay the way they fucking me: Your ass clap when you fart or no?[View]
68766648Guys, I think I ate too many...[View]
68765672Do your parents physically shame you?[View]
68765933I love Jews!: Jews are heroes![View]
68766003Got fucked by a bbc yesterday, AMA.[View]
68766624Latinas, before they hit the wall, are direct upgrades of white women.[View]
68763636>driving test tomorrow what do[View]
68765622>Obsess over an obscure singer who's part Lebanese for the better part of 10 years >Worki…[View]
68766243What's making people so fat? And why every time I ask this on pol I get banned?[View]
68763690>too retarded to lie on a CV How do I do it? I swear I'm too much of a good willed person to…[View]
68766352If one were to hypothetically commit suicide, would lying your head on railroad tracks and getting y…[View]
68765111Going for a lower body wax tomorrow for the first time. The salon place workers who do it for you is…[View]
68765549>has a cultural hegemony over the world Thank you Paracelsus.[View]
68765978>Exam in 8 hours >I haven't even started my assignments yet Oh God. I don't even kno…[View]
68765196/polefeel/: Korwin political compass edition[View]
68766159the chemicals turned this frog gay,,,,or something: >violently against trannies and fags first 28…[View]
68764795There's a severe lack of hot Asian pornstars[View]
68765187Holy shit it's Richard Ramirez's son.[View]
68764208if i live a life completely devoid of ambition as a NEET living off my parents, then i don't th…[View]
68759903Im an actual sperg, can a normie here tell me what exactly you are supposed to do to get laid? Im sr…[View]
68765406/r9homosexual eradictors/ - grand land for the mighty killers of fags #19: fags persephone swims on …[View]
68766456Question for parents:: What's the point of having a no-locked-doors rule in your household? If …[View]
68766147I have a bad relationship with both my parents, I know mommy/daddy issues are a thing, but what happ…[View]
68766366Nice jeans, they'll look great lying next to you thong on my bed.[View]
68765053>be black >walking down the street to work >approaching someone >they cross street haha …[View]
68764437Iceland: I hate summer heat so I realized I could spend all my summers in Iceland. Ireland is a good…[View]
68766334The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Day 3: Well, lads, the third day dawns. I'm feeling a lot bet…[View]
68765981>wake up >looks into the mirror >not white why…[View]
68765673>had a crossdressing for years >bought some feminine clothes to actually try on >spend 2 ho…[View]
68766299>you MUST have recreational sex and you WILL feel terrible because you cant: >EVERYONE is enjo…[View]
68765877How exactly were you going to celebrate Africa Day??[View]
68763647jail / prison: has anyone here ever been to jail or prison? what was it like[View]
68763828I fell in love with a cartoon character[View]
68765748https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/05/24/us/shooting-robb-elementary-uvalde imagine you're a lit…[View]
68766232Its not that I hate when bad things happen to me, I just hate that nothing good happens[View]
68765104opera vpn: does the free opera vpn only work on the browser when you hve it turned off or would it a…[View]
68762166did I fuck up? tee hee hee[View]
68764799i will never get a husband because im an idiot. I'll read something and it takes me like an hou…[View]
68766145>'man, it sucks being worth less, hated, and being fundamentally denied happiness and the human e…[View]
68759472Would you betray your race for monstergirl futa cock and pussy?[View]
68765368To Women, I resent you because you all assume that you're worthy of love and respect, and in th…[View]
68765768>jews brainwashing young women to sell their eggs Looks like strong and powerful career women are…[View]
68766060Only love wins.: Avoid all made by the media monopoly. Stop using the internet. Unite everyone.…[View]
68766088>Try to sit down and watch something >Keep trying to not reach for my mouse when sitting still…[View]
68763609I volunteered for RASP and I'm starting to get second thoughts... Help me silence the inner bit…[View]
68766072I stole this girl this nerd guy in my college liked and shes ugly and annoying. She talks non stop a…[View]
68763928JBW IS LAW: White guys literally have it all. as long as you're not short and stay relatively /…[View]
68764154The Summer of Samson is on. No zoomer pussy is safe[View]
68763613Whatever (1999): This is /OUR/ kino... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zYL-XylC74…[View]
68765428Don't do it: Shaved balls first time Feels clean and kinda nice Now I want to fap 6 times a day…[View]
68765608>some people are crazy and unable to function >treatment for being crazy is so expensive even …[View]
68763534>Wario-esque laughter[View]
68765149Whats the best way to enact vengeance upon someone without killing them?[View]
68763495What's life like in a small, poor rural town?[View]
68763440Video games really arent fun at this point. Im 22 years old and it just sucks[View]
68765975Hey Anons, Insurance Question: > Be me, this morning > Drive small 2D Miata > heavy rain on…[View]
68761786Is being a womanlet a desirable trait?[View]
68765882>most of the time I am happy/content with my weird hermit life >except whenever I hear music f…[View]
68765100>join official discord server for fairly popular game >see self introduction channel >decid…[View]
68763484Women don't exist: >WHEN DID YOU LAST TALK TO A WOMAN? Not sure how to put this, but there a…[View]
68763988Is it true that kpop has made Asian men very popular among Gen Z women? Are any robots currently in …[View]
68765077there's a new gem in town[View]
68765809notice that the femcels advocating for abortions are landwhales.[View]
68764018Whenever you think women don't like you, remember this pic.[View]
68764257Live sex[View]
68764760>Anon, be useful and wash the dishes. I won't ask you again.[View]
68765613It doesn't matter if these hoes even get their white boi. He still needs to make through her fa…[View]
68761310Three simple criteria: >dont be a slut >be interesting and have interests >dont be obese Ye…[View]
68765712There is no purer expression of love than a girl spanking her girlfriend because she did something b…[View]
68765504lol xdxdxdxd! Emos are gay xd[View]
68764704head fog: i keep looking back at what i said and it's not how i remembered and often filled wit…[View]
68765671>6'1 (185 cm) >have a femdom fetish my life sucks so hard...…[View]
68765184You excitedly arrive at the trains convention happening in your city only for you to realize that yo…[View]
68765626tfw no ride or die ninja goth gf[View]
68765612Lonely incel: I'm a zero friend incel 27 year old virgin, any girls want to talk? I will give y…[View]
68762593Why do so many women saying they hate white men when they have a white boyfriend?: Whats going on ou…[View]
68765217I have destroyed almost every social connection I have ever had. I rely on material and working out …[View]
68765555i wish i was a rich businessman in 1980s america driving around in my countach and yelling at my wag…[View]
687654522005 was good.: Life was somehow more fun and exciting when the supply of entertainment and technolo…[View]
68765243I thought life was supposed to get better: How does this even happen bros ?[View]
68763956Tradeslave Life: I make $52,482 a year as a sparkie. A salary like this is actually much worse than …[View]
68764926Has anyone completely stopped desiring sex even though they're still a virgin? I literally just…[View]
68765416When I take a nap or when I wake up I am always clutching my pillow and I feel intense anxiety[View]
68764530Over for sex havers & FAGS. Incels rejoice!: Monkey Pox was manufactured by the Trump government…[View]
68760798Welcome to ba/r9k/. Pull up a seat. What'll it be? And feel free to tell me what's eating …[View]
68764679why cant those fuckin attention whores keep their fuckin hole shut?[View]
68764884were we wrong all along? is the whole incel thinking just projection and insecurities?[View]
68765202>start dating black girl >she has only ever been with black guys >i'm her first white …[View]
68763788Why do I constantly go from really liking someone to not liking them and then really liking them aga…[View]
68765168>be me >too ugly to ever be loved >to autistic to ever find friends >not particulary …[View]
68764733Seeing sharp looking white men with these black women with nappy hair, triggers the hell out of me.[View]
68764752Anyone else waste college? My health was terrible during school so I was a shut in the whole time. …[View]
68764417>women have smaller brains >women can't compete against men in sports…[View]
68763834How do I learn to be happy alone for good? I am very sick of feeling lonely, and being distressed an…[View]
68764893I hate porn. I don't look at it to coom. It's the closest I can ever come to even a close …[View]
68764419>post includes the word kek is there anything that prevents you from laughing more than this?…[View]
68764423Do you take your life seriously?: I'm starting to literally have to come to terms that it'…[View]
68765098How to beat bureaucracy: >be me >fail drivers exam for lisence (Tho in my country has highest …[View]
68764605Why do I still feel like an incel even after finding a girlfriend? Is it cause I think I'm stil…[View]
68765058I am a zero value male and I want either a MTF gf or a non-HRT FTM bf who still has tits and pussy[View]
68765014D&D heightcel homebrew rule: Here's my idea: Exactly like D&D except height is your on…[View]
68762888I often hear people say 'he has trustworthy eyes'. What does that even mean? Are people really able …[View]
68764841>Black women making posts where they're larping as white men >White men larping as Asian…[View]
68763039>be me >Be tranny Latinx >Develop crushes on some white guy >Avoid telling them >Inst…[View]
687647422 million incels live in this city: yet no incel protests/parades ever happened. Yorkcels what'…[View]
68764976A woman started running away from me as soon as she looked at me. How is everyone elses sigma grinds…[View]
68764941>cry uncontrollably when people yell at me >laugh uncontrollably when people poor their hearts…[View]
68763843>be me, extremely /fit/ and shredded incel with below average looking face >start posting body…[View]
68764832What other boards do you go to and why?[View]
68764948Is it easier to ascend in Thailand or Colombia for a white American robot?[View]
68764896You wanna get stupid?[View]
68764555>have to take a shot of whiskey with each beer I have just to be able to feel alcohol again…[View]
68762281I like her best when she wears her nigger hair.[View]
68764193I always feel like, somebody's watchin' me[View]
68764516I was extremely anxious today for something but it's over now. However, I still feel that resid…[View]
68764054>what is better - to be born based, or to overcome your cringe nature through great effort?…[View]
68763441I guess that mf in high school had a good relation with god.[View]
68764394why not go full female hormone course and dress like a princess?[View]
68761319i dont want to date black girls. i really dont want to do it. why couldn't i be white so i coul…[View]
68761208I am hoping that they take down 4chan soon. I wanna see how it affects these smaller chans. What do …[View]
68761635What were the times before iPhones and social media like?[View]
68762351forced to get jab or else lose my job what do i do?[View]
68723522/drugfeel/: take it easy edition. >psychonautwiki.org >erowid.org Previously: >>68683791…[View]
68764693Yep 4chan was right about everything[View]
68764538i have a 7.25 inch penis[View]
68763936why do the most beautiful Black Women ONLY date white guys? It doesn't even seem like they care…[View]
68763738>got drunk with gf two nights ago >I started asking her questions about her sexual past >sh…[View]
68764515Why are frog posters always both the funniest and the most insightful? It's like Pepe and Apu c…[View]
68763623/r9k/ is trying to save you, but you turned on AD blockers, didn't you Anon?[View]
68763036>Chop up tomatos >Chop up cucumbers >chop up unions >open a can of tuna >take some sa…[View]
68762330Mum yelled at me to 'talk to a girl': I am 22, at uni, finishing all exams on time. No drugs, no alc…[View]
68763046Why are psychiatric staff members so abusive?[View]
68764162>do the bare minimum to survive >all the time in the day to do things but feel like I have non…[View]
68764396I luv axe wound![View]
68763148I used to jerk off to girls' exposed lower backs in school. Anyone else?[View]
68764433I saw a Latvian man today[View]
68763526> ywn be a street raver in japan during the 90s why even live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx…[View]
68763824>cat dies >think I see her everywhere >think i hear her all the time >know she's no…[View]
68762555>i just played mahjong like an anime protagonist i am happy[View]
68764450Normies can't relate to this[View]
68763751Comdoms: Do you have a go-to condom brand? Which out of this selection should I go for?[View]
68761517>at one point we had over 10 times more nukes than the USSR Should we have glasses them?…[View]
68764243The number of times I've been hanging out with a friend in VRChat and some randomass guy walks …[View]
68764189Black robots, we are in a State of Emergency. The time is now. Stop forgiving and hugging these oppr…[View]
68762679what has working out done for you?: Are the redpillers correct? All I need to do is go to the gym an…[View]
68763652How do I make my girlfriend less cheery and less chirpy? She is annoying.[View]
68763486Jiu-Jitsu General: Vitor Belfort's Armbar Edition www.youtube.com/watch?v=55Ux8giP_PY…[View]
68763707'Idea guys are useless': Anons, give me career counseling. Where do I go from here? I call myself a …[View]
68764093Honestly, being an incel is great. Knowing that I will never ever hurt anyone, and that the only per…[View]
68764301whasts up with alll those weird sexual fetishes you guys have like i just wanna be cuddled man :([View]
68762831Do you have it worse than me?: >HS drop out >28 years old >no education of any kind beyond …[View]
68763420i refuse to participate in society: no, i will not get social skills no, i will not get a girlfriend…[View]
68762832tattoos: based or cringe? let the eternal debate begin again for the nth time.[View]
68762456sigh no good threads on r9k today, how am i supposed to waste my time now[View]
68763892>Go to the gym >hot girls and chads are there >meanwhile I'm a manlet dyel despite lif…[View]
68761143Have you ever spied on your parents having sex?[View]
68760204>Going to another state with the knowing 0 people there So Lonely.....[View]
68764125i have a jolly ranchaer fusing my teeth together of god help: what do i do i cant open my mouth…[View]
68764138>my stepmother just asked for a full body massage after dad left the house I think I'm in. C…[View]
68763671Have you ever met a female who is interesting and not completely fucking boring?: did she have any i…[View]
68762247Why aren't you a teacher?: >just finished my first year as a teacher >uniformly praised b…[View]
68763092what should i do to ease my boredom? i've been refreshing the board all morning and it's b…[View]
68764078Nightwalk thread: Post your recent nightwalk pics.[View]
68763717>used to think people stopped being friends with me cause I was boring >turns out I am just ex…[View]
68763264This trial is being called the Gamergate of our time by feminists. Do you agree?[View]
68757731Why don't you have two girlfriends, anon?[View]
68763873What has my life become? It's nothing but eggs >Cook 8 eggs >Eat eggs with english muffin…[View]
68763724loosely speaking, what is the ideal jaw angle? i hate using the word ideal but the jaw angle on aver…[View]
68763757JBP: Why was he looking at Sports Illustrated in the first place?[View]
68759671Lets list all the names for womens breasts. I start with milkers.[View]
68763865Incels Who Have Given Up: What made you give up? Why did you give up? When did you give up? All disc…[View]
68763859i'm sick and tired of it you know. i'm 'fed up' like an angsty teen[View]
68762949>election is happening in my province >conservatives leading literally every poll, headed for…[View]
68763482flirt practice: i'll play the woman. this is to practice flirting with brutal honesty from me l…[View]
687627824chan ideas thread: Lets say i am your new leader. here are my changes >/lgbt/ posts strictly con…[View]
68762632>got called for a job >when they ask me question i forgot about words >couldn't say co…[View]
68763785I have a good job. I live in the beautiful italian countryside. I have friends who genuinely give a …[View]
68763688Do you also sometimes think about the way that you are as a person? Sometimes I feel like my life wo…[View]
68762107I pee in the sink and I don't have a penis I use a stool. I am jealous of the male[View]
68761897If someone was assembling a special operations team, what skills that you have irl would you be able…[View]
68763354Girlfriend wants a Tattoo: How do i convince my GF that tattoos are TRASHY AS FUCK and that if she d…[View]
68763524>be me 8 months earlier >incel,Khv,no social media >jerking off to degenerate shit >vid…[View]
68757351Your '''''friends''''' don't care about you, theyre fake, '''''frendship'''' is not real a…[View]
68759807god help me: >be me >lil bro trooned almost 2.5 years ago >is actually hot, 8/10 on normal …[View]
68762659>Obviously autistic retarded NEET makes a comfy thread about pretending to larp stalker IRL >j…[View]
68762579>Go on a date >The girl is a massive normie but still alright >after an hour of talking sh…[View]
68763296When my dad leaves to do his regular mountaineering/bar drinking drinking stuff with his friends in …[View]
68763429So, like, you guys are just joking around, right?[View]
68763238>mom found the shrunken heads[View]
68762545Eating a banan from Walmart :)[View]
68763312I hate you so fucking much. Why can't I stop coming here. I've been ''addicted…[View]
68759600>mom told me to do 'it' quieter[View]
68763361Yes sir may I take your order sir? Of course I'm working hard, I'm on that grind, haha...Y…[View]
68763228I'm mentally retarded and will never amount to anything. I can't hold down a job for the l…[View]
68759881Its really hot finding a onlyfans girl on truthsocial, the fact that they are openly pro trump and p…[View]
68760149Why are robots obsessed with black women[View]
68763234Once I become sufficient in moon runes I am going to curse whoever keeps posting about buttcrack gir…[View]
68762671GWAR Hatefuck: Saw GWAR a couple times growing up. Disliked a huge sum of the girls I had sex with. …[View]
68763155>500kb image >takes 30 seconds to load >40mb internet…[View]
68763167>Mr Depp's frontal lobe is toast and completely controlled by limbic system, with cognitive …[View]
68763165do you use lipstick alley[View]
68763142Imaginary qt's thread again. Get yourself an imaginary gf, and stop being so miserable. Feel fr…[View]
68762673That's it I'm going full coomer and none of you can stop me[View]
68762029I am so fucking lonely. I've been crying and punching my face for the last few weeks every day.…[View]
68760563>cannabis is bad for your health[View]
68762594I'm on the verge of selling my soul to the devil aka using drugs to fix my fucking life situati…[View]
68761113>accordion intro plays >YOLOLILOLILOLILOLILOLILOLI >YOLOLOLILOLILOLILOO What batshit insane…[View]
68762967>drunk family members arguing[View]
68762608is this shit real? do women actually think like this? why is this phenomenon so common[View]
68762863Alright anons Tits or armpits?[View]
68762865Why didn't you take a shower today?[View]
68762893Trans rights are incel rights[View]
68762550>made bf a turkey sandwich for lunch >asked him how he liked it >he just stares at me and f…[View]
68760210Stop Condoning Prostitution: I've struggled with women too but prostitution is immoral and expl…[View]
68762959I long for the day where technology desteoys privacy so much that we will all know every womens sexu…[View]
68762922It really does appear to be that way[View]
68759970>tfw literal 40 year old virgin ask me anything[View]
68762021Summer: Summer came in one day as usual. No time for your body to adapt, after 9 months of cold. Whe…[View]
68762598What books and videos will help me have a girlfriend?[View]
68761404why couldn't god have just been fair?[View]
68761711/fit/ btfo[View]
68762872Everyone hates israel. Including all israelis. It is a pile of wrongness. All love destroys it. And …[View]
68751911I am 23 and never kissed a girl. The absurdity of this is really sinking in now. Im like a MASSIVE f…[View]
68762849wait, do people own fire alarms for real? it's not just a the sims thing?[View]
68762689Has anyone experienced women approaching you only during job training when you first get a job and y…[View]
68762810the ACKED SHIT spam seems to be an attempt to harm those who oppose the monopolies by attacking a ba…[View]
68762780imf losing it over here[View]
68759424I'm feeling down bots, Please just reply with something to make me happy. a funny meme or somet…[View]
68762760Ban the torah: Everyone is aware that all of the wealth of the world that is stolen is going to Isra…[View]
68761939Managed to build a social life in the last 6 months after being a lonely loser all my life. All the …[View]
68762061Write Thread #41: This thread is to encourage robots to take the writing pill. A lot of robots sit a…[View]
68762282Uh oh, LDAR bros... we got too cocky.[View]
68762677How do you know when your gf is planning on breaking up with you? This is my first time and I'm…[View]
68762629Advice for U: Why can incels not understand this?[View]
68762655ACKED SHIT makes everyone only feel it is time for a second american revolution.[View]
68752634/r9gay/ - #1764: Never getting warm edition. Last thread: >>68737487[View]
68762078will therapy teach me how to make frens?[View]
68762443Is janny really a tranny?[View]
68760837for me, it's the megalodon[View]
68762607Stop the raiding of 4chan and protect free speech. The monopolies in the USA are a force of wrongnes…[View]
68762562>get lonely and bored, join a discord server >see that the convo is something interesting and …[View]
68762553I simply am not going to work. Ever. God end the monopolies. I miss society existing. All media has …[View]
68762254>not smelling like rotting fish in 2022[View]
68761563It is important to downplay how hard you work for your gains at all costs. Always be gaslighting and…[View]
68762283>too neurodivergent to fit in with normalfags >too ugly to fit in with the cool depressed sex …[View]
68760641What happened to waifu friend threads? I don't see them anywhere.[View]
68761394Complete the sentence: Built for ___ Complete the sentence with the first thing that pops into your …[View]
68761422Every day that the alberta hospital is open is genuinely a holocaust on the people of this province[View]
68761214>gasping for air after walking up two sets of stairs Is it over?[View]
68762088>Mom comes into my room today >Says she booked an appointment with a psychologist for me >W…[View]
68761326Is there any hope for a guy with a 5 incher when my competion is pic related?[View]
68762044Having a weak, narrow chin is so embarrassing. I will never be found attractive by any girl. Even if…[View]
68760100I have a video game idea: Hear me out. An action game where if you lose to a boss, the game isn…[View]
68762349Hey bros, still looking for my alien wife here. Thought I would have wrapped up by today but guess n…[View]
68762236Why do I keep fucking up?: Every single Job I've had I've constantly made mistakes for som…[View]
68762311I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a psychiatrist and discovered I've been living with some …[View]
68757183Short General /sg/: >When did you realize you were short? At 15 >What's your height? 5…[View]
68760533I really want to fight with someone, I want to destroy someone that deserves it. Like a rapist bully…[View]
68759241so here's a suggestion i heard someone say how come if incels have an issue getting women that …[View]
68759821Is there anything more evil and sadistic than a brown Stacy? Imagine looking worse than a 5/10 white…[View]
68758734It is over , robotbros[View]
68761520Balding is a death sentence[View]
68761166Newfound transphobe here, why aren't there any anti-trans threads right now[View]
68762124What are you going to do when you're mom gets threatened to be sent to labor camp because you…[View]
68761991You used to think that it was so easy You used to say that it was so easy But you're tryin…[View]
68761925Im so FUCKING MAD: I love Puppet Combo games so much but I could never ever play them without watchi…[View]
68757321Male hypergamy: Why are 99% of men chasing the top 12% of women?[View]
68761543From both a sexual and personal health POV, is it better to be born as either a...: Man who is 6…[View]
68762008How was your day, clown?[View]
68762003Old habits die hard: >renovate room >install bathroom (shower, sink, and toilet) >still pis…[View]
68760727Where do I find a TERF gf?[View]
68761595what's the point of lifting if i'm 5'8? i'll just get mogged by a taller dude wh…[View]
68761551Have you wasted more of your life on Porn or on 4chan?[View]
68761785I just realized you can refresh the catalog just by pressing the 'r' key.[View]
68759147The obsession with 'making it': This idea that the 'making it' is synonymous with satisfying one car…[View]
68761896>current year and the main way of dating is have an online social media resume with bullshit shop…[View]
68760281I'm really sick and tired of modern zoomer humor. I try to keep up with the shit on TikTok and …[View]
68761638>boards that approve of frogposting like /fit/, /lit/, /tv/ >chill people, fun shitposting and…[View]
68761621/CG/ Chad General[View]
68761615The other day I suggested you to write a list with your flaws. You thought it was for you to write t…[View]
68760523Anon, of course we can go out! I'm seeing Requis and Jose already but its ok! I'm poly! Yo…[View]
68761589I've been browsing this place too long: >Finally worked up the courage to ask her out >S…[View]
68759722Why are black women so underrated? Many black women are attractive.[View]
68761054I'm an asian boy and I think all asian girls belong to BWC.[View]
68759741Are you a cringe BTS fan or a based BTK enjoyer?[View]
68760984do any of you have any long term plans? I don't, I just exist.[View]
68760377I'm bored of dildos I want a real dick for once but I'm too scared to get one[View]
68760475Where is your God now? [Original][View]
68758433>got a GF finally at 26 years old >been 'dating' for like a month >have sex 2-3 times a wee…[View]
68761420They say it takes 10 000 hours to master a craft Guess what faggots. Im a master 4channer/masterbato…[View]
68759438>be former 'femcel' >as in i was khhv for a long time >didn't have any friends in high…[View]
68760335I know life is not a game but what are some cheat codes for winning in life?[View]
68761392i finished reading 'american psycho'[View]
68755988would you date the antisemite of the week[View]
68761129What are the centers for online culture in 2022? 2010 I was in the Tomska WebToon bubble, 2016 in th…[View]
68759163I 'mastered' hiragana today frens, next step is katakana and kanji What did you learn / do today ano…[View]
68761221What would it be like to have two bigger, stronger, dominant, masculine guys spitroast me on their c…[View]
68760568>moves to japan >barely understands the language Is this retarded weeb behaviour? What drew hi…[View]
68760346Lost all my friends: 3 went to live abroad one moved to town on other side of country with gf and 2 …[View]
68761157Just because I'm a 28 year old virgin man, doesn't mean I'm gay.[View]
68759133>the end of the current Better Call Saul episode H0ly N0 its going to be a long week til the next…[View]
68760542Sometimes, I wish I was a different race.[View]
68760399i have no ideas. i'm always bored and uncreative. my head feels hollow. how do i fix this?[View]
68760661misogyny kind of gets to me sometimes[View]
68760927if i create, lets saaaay 150 fake female bumble profiles, and use all of them to only like really at…[View]
68760726>When that anime song hits[View]
68728883dickmogging is the ultimate mogging: [FROM QUORA, A REAL HONEST WOMAN] Honestly in the sexual side o…[View]
68759867How do I get rid of cum stains?[View]
68760974>TFW no slutty Stacy mom for my friends to use as a cum rag Feels bad man…[View]
68760212I've been experimenting with Tinder in Thailand: Basically I've come to the conclusion tha…[View]
68760389>winning at mahjong >someone rons me with 8 han i am literally shaking right now. that baka pr…[View]
68760829Gonna order some fast food in a while what do you bros recommend? I was thinking maybe Wendys[View]
68761091I never really cared before: But it's really starting to hit me as to how much of a fucking dea…[View]
68760109I'm gonna lose my virginity to a Filipino lady boy I met on okcupid here in the US. She's …[View]
68761073best era of music https://youtu.be/AhkDnZo2EAM[View]
68761064TIL I make up the below .2% (NAUGHT TWO) percent of people that both took acid and are life-long str…[View]
68760500>tfw no footfag gf[View]
68759673No one replies to my threads[View]
68760215Is it a turn off to have posters in your room: When I was in my teens I had Kick-Ass posters in my r…[View]
68757975Poker: Anyone wanna play poker? You don't need to register. This isn't an ad, I'm jus…[View]
68757770It's a bit sad to see people doing these kind of surgeries because they always looked so cool b…[View]
68754842this is NOT a vagina it is a VULVA. i am so sick of men not understanding this. the vagina is INSIDE…[View]
68760218is therapy a good idea?[View]
68760497birthday: another year of living, thanks for making it less painful you insufferable faggots[View]
68760793Is Johnny /ourguy/?[View]
68759774Why do men always think they need to be forward to win a woman's heart? That's a predator…[View]
68760700/skizz/: How do you know what to believe? Why do we do anything except based on lies or misguided re…[View]
68760369what's the point in trying to improve your physical health if you'll still be a friendless…[View]
68760355Look at this picture /r9k/ and tell me how hypergamy is real[View]
68759343Always impotent after going to the gym: I can never fuck my wife sufficiently after going to the gym…[View]
68759670Why is this country so full of normies?[View]
68760589anyone wanna come on a bike ride on the countryside?[View]
68760660You may not like it, but this is how high quality posting looks like[View]
68759805>work with Chinese fob (foreign) girls in university >they refuse to work >set up a date …[View]
68759128why do you guys hate black people? what the fuck did we do to yall.[View]
68760530>The horns of the devil.[View]
68760511Use whatever you want and do anything you wish, just don't put any more of it in our water. I c…[View]
68760198Why are gay men usually very good looking?[View]
68756712your lowest moment: Mine was puking and passing out in front of a bunch of families in a park after …[View]
68760416i am recovering from the chink flu i been having mild fever for a few days now, lost appetite and sl…[View]
68759546>my new internet computer wife said she will not beat me up today i am happy…[View]
68759827mental illness rollcall thread: i'm a repressing tranny and i have depression as well what abou…[View]
68760446official onions money[View]
68760366What are some good youtube channels that put out long form content? Something I can have playing in …[View]
68759836Life is over after university: College/university is your last chance to make it, after that its don…[View]
68760352>goes to mostly male-dominated website >it's a bad experience >goes to mostly female-…[View]
68759763post tits that make you go like this[View]
68758873What if you are reincarnated as your children when you die? Obviously there would be overlap in time…[View]
68759164>used 4chan for a long time >start browsing /pol on the regular >start agreeing >coworke…[View]
68758118if incels are the biggest danger to society then why aren't women dating them? i thought women …[View]
68758451whats the response to this?[View]
68758914Is music production as cool to girls as playing an instrument? Asking for a friend[View]
68759792>bro just go to the gym >bro just shave your head >bro just take a shower >bro just grow…[View]
68760309NEED HELP FINDING SONG: it was an instrumental song with a red album cover. the cover was a triangle…[View]
68760051Tfw you were right about everything: >Get a house/mortgage together with a girl you met in highsc…[View]
68757587I don't care what the haters say: I am 23 years old and I want to date girls in their late teen…[View]
68760256i'm bored. did anything interesting happen to you recently that i can live vicariously though?[View]
68759170>overhear little brother in his room accidentally play porn through the speakers for a moment …[View]
68759286How do I find, date, and marry a girl with Aisaka Taigas body type?[View]
68759378Why cant you guys just find a virgin trad girl and be her personal jester so she likes you and event…[View]
68758671There's like 170,000,000 women in the United States. Half of the population is female. Why do p…[View]
68758889would you date a 30 year old woman?[View]
68760169I just started my first post uni job, a low tier tech job. It's pretty chill[View]
68759403Name 5 positive changes women have caused in society since getting the right to vote in 1920[View]
68748181/britfeel/: Blakeney, Norfolk, England edition[View]
68759758Hey fembot!: Can I tickle you?[View]
68759525If this was real, would there be a certain demographic of customers?: I could imagine that certain p…[View]
68760050why do black women LOVE white men so much?[View]
68759584most of my problems would be solved if i stopped caring about wanting to be a girl and wanting to ta…[View]
68759996hallucinations, deprivation, infatuation...Im going insane[View]
68759500I just friendzoned the girl I like[View]
68758372Hey fembot!: Can I bound and gag you?[View]
68759971Bodybuilder? More like gym junkie.[View]
68759248does smiling really help deter bullying?[View]
68759608whats it like to be a black man?[View]
68759011>be painfully shy incel >give up on women and turn gay >download Grindr >only interested…[View]
68754371what's the most fucked up thing you have ever seen on the internet?[View]
68759892>waited too long to reapply so might not get money in time this month because I spent the last fe…[View]
68758874Why dont you take the indianpill anon?[View]
68759861I honestly thought women pissed out their asses till I was like 19, and didnt know vaginas existed t…[View]
68759859>meet girl >shes as autistic as me, maybe even more >after a month of pleasant interactions…[View]
68759198Do cis people become furries because they're ugly, or is becoming a furry directly caused by th…[View]
68759533>Be in my 30s >Realize that men are now pretty free to do as they please for the most part as …[View]
68759824>be me >chad like and fit >go get some groceries at the store >its not busy at all at th…[View]
68759535wtf happened lol: turning 21 in 2 months, kissless virgin like most people on this board. i looked a…[View]
68757442we discuss ways to respond to these common phrases: how do you respond when someone says 'You'r…[View]
68759713To think there was an actual dog fucker in this board: I don't want to live in this planet, I…[View]
68759300>when anon called me a cock sleeve[View]
68757186How do you stop jerking off anon?[View]
68759725I'm 32, at this point I can't shake off the feeling that i will die alone[View]
68758750Let's make a video game?: I browsed Nintendo eShop last night and realized there are hundreds o…[View]
68759628>greentext situation that is entirely possible and could happen to any of us >'bait' why are y…[View]
68759631Fembots: Would you use plastic surgery for a better dating life? You could get high quality men this…[View]
68758338I lost my virginity to the Spiderman theme tune. I had 'mood music' up on Spotify and for some reaso…[View]
68759619Digivolve to 30 khv wizard soon: Future seems bleak. Live with parents despite netting 50k a year. C…[View]
68758859>eat once a day >still fat how[View]
68757158The internet is a big cult: >Useless boomer parents watch tv all day >Naturally they let the c…[View]
68757312Greetings: Night shift walmart anon here, yet again. How are you fellas tonight?[View]
68759498>be me, 20yo virgincel >only ever kissed 1 girl when I was 14 >she was ugly & so preten…[View]
68759475White women are[View]
68758571>2000 hours in crusader kings 2[View]
68759461Only real men can make crackwhores orgasm.[View]
68758778Gamer soap[View]
68758613>you're required to have a job if you want a relationship with a woman >cant get a fuckin…[View]
68757589>stop watching porn >go outside >women walking around with their boobs hanging out of low c…[View]
68759196What does it mean when she always ends her texts with hugs (like actually typing it out, not xoxo or…[View]
68757973To Women, I resent you because you get insecure and try to make it everyone else's problem. An…[View]
68758675Ghost poops and their implications are being censored and covered up.[View]
68759349We live in an era where phones can run triple A games and take 4k60fps video Is anyone else here a b…[View]
68758063Film skool: I was in film school for a year and everyone there was a pretentious asshole who talked …[View]
68759046I still havent even tried to ever approach a woman therefore Im not an incel but a volcel[View]
68757059ITT: Music for intense drug use.: Share music you'd listen to while cooking hard drugs like spe…[View]
68759132I am utterly terrified of microplastics and hope there is none in me or my families blood, though th…[View]
68759004If Hercule Poirot was real could he solve why are armpits so sexy?[View]
68759130>Today ice cream for lunch![View]
68757368do you browse any imageboards or textboards other than this one?[View]
68759025>White privilege How exactly are these people 'privileged'? Literally every aspect of our society…[View]
68758569anyone dealt with dysphagia before? how did you cope?[View]
68759188>tfw got infected with the superautism[View]
68758643i am going to have this changing what i put in my mouth and a lot of lifting and dropping heavy obje…[View]
68758938Datura: There's a plant called 'Datura'. It's the little white flower you see in…[View]
68758769Why do we lie to struggling young men and tell them if they complete some list of tasks girls will s…[View]
68758422Really activates one's thinking glands[View]
68758850Short little green texts from your life: I'll start >Kindergarten >Read a lot of comic bo…[View]
68756933Have you ever tried cold approaching a girl?[View]
68758984Why do parents literally never teach their children tenacity, courage and rational approach? Even th…[View]
68759108MY AUTISM!!: My autism is active again. I've had the sudden urge to come here and announce to e…[View]
68758957We're fucked bros. How are we supposed to keep up with this shit?[View]
68757409Well, time to go get some tendies at the gas station at 4am and try to make it through the gas stati…[View]
68758777Just got fucked by a bbc, ask me anything[View]
68759047>67 filtered threads >would probably be triple digits if every woman/tranny thread included a …[View]
68759044Remember .hack?[View]
68757648the internet sucks: Why are people so abrasive? Not just on 4chan but across the internet in general…[View]
68758601How do you feel about TikTok anons?[View]
68757569I wonder when I will get fired. During my old job my performance was weak, they were happy with me a…[View]
68757948what did he mean by this (highlighted parts)?[View]
68758477FUCK THIS JEW TECHNOLOGY: >create tinder >day 1, 30 matches >day 2, 10~ matches >day 3, …[View]
68758471>age you started browsing 4chan >your age now >how did this affect you I'll go first: …[View]
68758933Does sonic have a one big eyeball with two irises?[View]
68758919Lenin sucked[View]
68758907Newsflash normies. Even if you somehow arrested and detained every single 'weird guy with red flags'…[View]
68758846I haven't been here in a while. How is everyone doing[View]
68755106>coworker sends me pics of herself trying out underwear at a store >ask her out >nooo I do…[View]
68757116These guys are spinning plates. What's your excuse?: Find a hobby. Get fit. Make bank >but m…[View]
68757296What music or podcasts do you niggas play in the background while you browse the chan ?[View]
68758702>favorite place to eat is small restaurant owned by Russian woman >stop going there in solidar…[View]
68758737I realised that my thoughts here are a bit if a rant so bear with me and ask specific questions or f…[View]
68758682>be me last night >try to jerk it >no boner when looking at porn or hentai, not even a half…[View]
68753363Oh? You're an incel? But you would never sleep with picrel?[View]
68756156whats the point in getting a girlfriend if she's a non-virgin whore? ?????????????? i just dont…[View]
68749495This book has ruined my life: It made me realize that you can never be free of pain; besides the obv…[View]
68758576Pure virgin: Why seethe because you want a pure girl yet you know all women are whores? Why dont you…[View]
68758579QUIZ NIGHT: https://t.me/+MeLa_yjVnpZkM2Y0 Enjoy Quizzes? Come and join us over at Tony's Kingd…[View]
68757718The best thing about having a foreskin is that you can piss in any bottle without any problem.[View]
68758306>be at school >walk hallway >stare at girl >she stares back >continue for a few secon…[View]
68757419>posted some things online years ago when I was a dumb teenager that could be traced back to my r…[View]
68757642Is Lady Dimitrescu supposed to be Romanian? She doesn't have any kind of Eastern European accen…[View]
68756191Why dont you incels date lonely virgin e girls with daddy issues who would fall for you if you gave …[View]
68755307what do you wish you looked like? post a picture of it or describe[View]
68758493That feel when no big boobs gf[View]
68756031I'm missing out on this and instead im here with you retards talking about nonsense.[View]
68758479>three in the morning >log off after a night of playing Dying Light 1 >see single cockroach…[View]
68758420/scotfeel/: A Scottish thread For Scottish People and wee dugs.[View]
68757051I hate summer: >summer has started again >it's super hot in your apartment and knowing th…[View]
68754629>Dude, Do you have a microwave? >Sweeettt!!!!! Pizza pockets all dayy!!!!!!! ALL DDAAAAYYYY, B…[View]
68757647Imagine you're a hung sexually active dude: >looks in the mirror: my cock is huge, I'm …[View]
68757635Mind's been playing a scenario for a while now >cuddling with a girl on a couch >starts s…[View]
68757567I feel like 90% of you could be fixed if 2-3 people just showed up and took time out of their lives …[View]
68757278It takes only one person to make a fetish mainstream: >Quinten Tarantino made foot fetish mainstr…[View]
68758227I wanna die but i also dont want to become just another suicide statistic. Should i bomb the embassy…[View]
68757950>be early 30s >still cry whenever friendzoned I've had straight-up rejections that never …[View]
68758055What compels people to seek out an enemy? Everywhere I go it's they, them, liberals, alt-right,…[View]
68758120I never am defeated: My love is heaven-for-all. My love is humanity becoming immortal, all powerful,…[View]
68757008I would really like a small, pretty girl to hold and cuddle. I want to take care of her, provide for…[View]
68758232I wish for everyone to only ever have good dreams forever and always no-matter-what! Even if someone…[View]
68750351Explain to me why black men that don't follow the stereotypes suffer more than black men that d…[View]
68758182Thank you sneed hat advert person and all other ad buyers that bought ads and protected people from …[View]
68758043Is there really anything wrong with catfishing discord pedos then extorting them for money?[View]
68757399House and ambience: Share some house music or ambient tracks, or just post whatever as long as it so…[View]
68757274why are incels so obsessed with big, fat cocks? it's literally insane.[View]
68756682My incel cat fucked his mother and sister. Why won't you do the same?[View]
68757976i am going to kill you now[View]
68757382do guys actually like chubby girls, or is it just a weird fetish thing?[View]
68757507Blaire White: >Pass as a woman >Right-wing >Hates groomers >Hates BLM >Againsnt genit…[View]
68757559Another Year, Another Anniversary: Time is bleeding. Thank God this will be the final anniversary I …[View]
68757643>be me >early teens >didn't realize at the time but I have a girthy penis >got teas…[View]
68756378Why do people still like to perpetuate the myth that the average man still has a decent dating/sex l…[View]
68757963I HATE SHREK: >be 5 years old >teacher ask whay shrek is about >i say politics for some rea…[View]
687575116'1 is a perfect male height![View]
68756102Tell me your worst secret, or else I kill your mother.[View]
68757701Think about how crazy and evil the turd burglar is and then consider the average woman is even more …[View]
68757084>yeah, send him down to the wage caves, he's just not the kind of man I like to see up here …[View]
68757938Lied about not caring about sex: >be me, senior in high school >start staying after school to …[View]
68757913gorilla penis[View]
68755496I am 28 years old and I really want a much younger gf. Like younger than 22.[View]
68757899https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flLtrnxBseQ Holy kekking hell, this dude's hopeless.[View]
68757288male said he loved me, wanted me to have his babies, shared details with me on raising them, said th…[View]
68757097I have a weird story to tell... >be me yesterday >went to university >felt an urge to fart …[View]
68757210>be 30 years old, no gf, blah blah >literally not a virgin only because I paid for it the last…[View]
68757781Did he ever escape? Did someone go and help him out?[View]
68757162Autism: >be me in the 4th grade >summer, cleaning the school yard >there's big nut-tre…[View]
68754460Its literally impossible to be an incel. You just have high standards or youre just avoiding women[View]
68757797I got something pretty original robots...: For some unknown reason I decided to make a youtube video…[View]
68757536is there a way to stop feeling ashamed at everything? i can't stop feeling shame for everything…[View]
68755855do you prefer watching streams or youtube playthroughs of games?[View]
68757689Why are so many girls into cosplaying boys that play minecraft? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAga…[View]
68757591Didnt get job: Sigh. Once again I get the familiar call/email that I didnt get the job. I'm an …[View]
68755507>have had a crush on a coworker for the last year or so >she is probably the most beautiful wo…[View]
68757468Imagine femanenome wrapping her arms and legs around you and pulling you in close while you cum insi…[View]
68757518only 2 more 5 star quests on MH left. finally. i hate volvidon and his mustard gas.[View]
68757284What is the end-game for a robot or incel? I assume it's not just suicide. Do they just move on…[View]
68757151tfw no alternate universe CWC gf[View]
68757523I seriously hope every woman who uses men for free drinks gets their drink spiked and raped afterwar…[View]
68756472I haven't texted my e-gf in over a week because I'm waiting for something interesting to h…[View]
68757457Whenever Im sleep deprived I mean post and instigate reply chains ill never look at. Otherwise I nev…[View]
68756803Why do men today feel entitled to a virgin traditional younger woman? Your ancestors probably mated …[View]
68755761Almost on day 10 of nofap. Getting into spirituality and looking into how god possibly had a ego-dea…[View]
68756258Why do so many men act like women watching porn is taboo?[View]
68752747Robots, what are some ways to an hero without ending up in the hospital or similar if I fail? I…[View]
68757395They love to tell you 'Stay inside the lines' But something's better on the other side[View]
68756593Does anyone know if Japanese men like dumb aspie trans girls. Asking for a fren.[View]
68756246If you could actually make your own waifu what would she look? Here's a prototype I made on art…[View]
68757342I think learning English by playing vidya was a bad idea. I've forgotten all the grammar over t…[View]
68756886Why am I seen as a bad guy for wanting attention & sympathy from people online because I don…[View]
68754875Vocaroo Thread: have fun edition[View]
68757064Guys, after extensive research I... I think I have found out that this site is actually racist. What…[View]
68757326A whitepill for Asian anons. I am a white guy who generally prefers dating Asian girls. Before you h…[View]
68756868What are your thoughts on this story that I wrote. Just so you know, English is not my first languag…[View]
68756981How do Japanese women dress compared to American women?[View]
68757109My brother is browsing this board right now, he doesn't know I do too and for the past year our…[View]
68751516>me >dirty old man >finally have a chance to talk to the cute latina girl that lives on the…[View]
68757175Wagie General: What do you do for work, anon? How's it going? Have plans to change careers, go …[View]
68756322Cure for robot disease: Why dont robots just live women's lives? why dont you just copy what wo…[View]
68754822HELP R9K, IM GOING TO PRISON: I'm going to be serving a prison sentence soon and in my shithole…[View]
68756895Anon, you know this place is rubish, right? Why not just leave?[View]
68757222https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h2N7VSUelb8 Why do I get so much enjoyment out of watching black peopl…[View]
68756559Is saying womanfriend instead of girlfriend creepy? You'd think it'd be the other way arou…[View]
68757185Love: A homeless Palestinian girl has sex with A peaceful loving Nazi. And has his baby in secret. S…[View]
68756973>drawing gets worse the more I stare at it not like this...[View]
68754168>tfw no bf who encourages me to get or stay skelly So many vocal fat fetishists on here, what hap…[View]
68757140Why you don't get a gf: Girls don't like you bc ur particularly bad looking, it's pro…[View]
68756037Are you detail oriented?[View]
68756250>Friend is using my Steam library again >Told him I was going to go to bed >Can't find…[View]
68756811i have been on 4chan since 2009: that isn't oldfag status or even as long as some of you. but d…[View]
68756953getting ur dick sucked doesn't actually feel that great wtf[View]
68748690What's you SPECIAL stats /r9k/? Be completely honest. I'll start: Strength: 2 Perception: …[View]
68757003what type of clothes do you order off taobao?[View]
68757004I hate who I am, and I want to die.[View]
68756920i thought this was a meme, are women really???[View]
68756823Oneitis with a guy: 5 years ago, I met a guy on the internet (not romantically) Within a year of bei…[View]
68755622The Summer of Samson begins[View]
68756161I'm creating an algorithm that sorts faces into Chad-tier and trash-tier using the golden ratio…[View]
68756840>Virgin, incel, robot board >Supposedly highly autistic individuals >60 active threads abou…[View]
68757076just be a cat bro: I wish I was a cat >be cat >get adopted >get unconditional love, expensi…[View]
68756619>Oh, the gender? >Well this person was clearly a man before they died >Just look at the ske…[View]
68756234Are you intoxicated on any drugs or alcohol?[View]
68756627Why do spergs love this character?[View]
68756732we're in the cool zone now[View]
68756806I Need Assignment Ideas for 20 days of Summer School: Any ideas? I'm teaching 6th/7th & 8th…[View]
68755968>start taking a sloppy shit >it sounds and feels like a bubbling cauldron is erupting from my …[View]
68756266anyone else hate moids? they're evil and mean and shallow and ugly and disgusting and violent a…[View]
68756856The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Day 2: The second day dawns, brothers. How are we all holding up, o…[View]
68754918For a place supposed to be inhabited by 'robots', you lot are very obsessed with sexuality…[View]
68756829If sex makes the vagina flappy then why do I see so many gaped out whores with short labia?[View]
68756626There's nothing more amazing than living in a world where you are the only man, and your only p…[View]
68756901Even landwhales are having lean tallfag bfs.: It's fucking over. I hate this fucking clown worl…[View]
68753640>get a buzzcut >full grown beard already >just got home from the gym >got mired by 3 cut…[View]
68756680>finally meet a mommy domme >not just a girl who likes being called mommy ironically, an actua…[View]
68756387Do normies really have spontaneous sex without waiting for the STD test results to come out to confi…[View]
68756851I'm at a high risk for dementia. The day I get diagnosed, I might just have to kill myself. I d…[View]
68756838I went from Chad to n33t. It will happen to you too. AMA. Also, what you the fuck up to /b/? This th…[View]
68754600I turn 20 in 2 hours: My youth is officially over. I am an adult now. Its all downhill from here. Im…[View]
68755251Leftists waking up to the tranny menace: How long till schools teach it was the right pushing tranny…[View]
68755906Emotionally Attracted to My Friend: I'm not gay but I'm emotionally attracted to my male f…[View]
68756618/r9Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1020 I miss Spartanposter[View]
68756696>have oral fetish, always wanted to shove my dick inside a girl's throat >got a small and…[View]
68756606How dead is your soul, /r9k/?: https://vocaroo.com/1fGOPXXhYDns Enjoy the sonorous singing you loser…[View]
68756790Thoughts on father-daughter porn?[View]
68756788I couldn't resist 2d devil's temptations... I fell into the pit of the hentai coom[View]
68755573Sup motherfuckers? I need your asses to get in here; I found a youtube clone but this one basically …[View]
68756771I just want to get back to the good times, when I was part of a family with a mommy and daddy.[View]
68756484>your looks are the reason youve never had sex >no, its your personality. Thats reason youve n…[View]
68756730Do you have what it takes to step up and be the step father that cute lil cub deserves? Can you hand…[View]
68755965im gonna kill myself: well here it is the final straw i literally cant move past this i have to kill…[View]
68756549Please someone tell me I'm not the only retard who's been clenching their teeth their enti…[View]
68755449You are a volcel: If you have no standards or get a prostitute you can get laid. If you dont want to…[View]
68756496I want a girlfriend just to gaslight her[View]
68754885>*leglocks you during missionary*[View]
68755407I had 110g of protein today. My farts are rancid. But in a really pleasing way. I like smelling them…[View]
68751226I'm gonna give you a house and there's nothing you can do to stop it. I made this thread l…[View]
68755840I still listen to Lil Peep. This is the ick at this point, right?[View]
68754642I haven't coomed for four days and it's just made me realize how fucking horny and alone I…[View]
68750864Femanons into lolis Why are so many your kind very slutty enough to have only fans and lewd selfies …[View]
68755316>tfw no freakishly tall GF goddamn how long am I gonna have to wait for my 6'0 queen? These …[View]
68756318Remember unconditional love?[View]
68756032Women: Every time a woman laughs hard she pees herself. That's why women are so unfunny.[View]
68754919Pre nut clarity: >jerking off to tranny porn >realize how vile it is right before i finish …[View]
687559824chan has been my social life since 2009: Hello, my 4chan friends! Nice seeing you again today. Than…[View]
68755466The Christian 'God' is actually a fake/cover-up situation: I'm serious about this, the figure t…[View]
68755643Why are you not instigating drama on furry discords? It's so easy[View]
68754855If I post here enough, will I eventually find a friend? Will I eventually find a true companion?[View]
68755709How's your night going? https://youtu.be/8faZW06HYus[View]
68754963Is there any hope? I was raised by a divorced mother/stepdad, had no community growing up (of any ki…[View]
68754698Is it rude to post in English on 2chan? Though the site is unavailable outside of Japan and you will…[View]
68756465But it all really doesn't matter at all No it all really doesn't matter at all Life's…[View]
68752417Why do I love reading Sonamy fanfic?: Ever since I was a little boy, I have enjoyed reading Sonamy f…[View]
68749204How do you answer someone who asks you 'You don't talk much'?[View]
68756317Boyfriend came downstairs while my friends and I were all playing VideoGames and he said to me and r…[View]
68754048Redpill me on taking the escortpill[View]
68756393Abolish capitalism. Eat the rich![View]
68754476>almost gets serious about killing myself >sudden fear instinct that instantly makes you recon…[View]
68754100>5.5 inches length and 4.2 inches girth penis How the fuck do I cope. I feel so mindbroken by the…[View]
68756085im not happy and i probably never will be. I dont know why, my life is okay right now. i dont unders…[View]
68756231I have about a months worth of concerta: do people take this shit like they do xanax? how would I go…[View]
68756309I broke it off with my bumble hookup who wanted to date long term after we just fucked because i tho…[View]
68753797Globalized Fetish: You can make one of your fetishes or kinks a reality. You can, for example, make …[View]
68756038It's over. I'm too ugly to get a girlfriend[View]
68754824I just want to fuck the week away with a cute alt girl while we blast metal music non stop IS THIS T…[View]
68755746/zoom/ #7: Zoomer general, Vas edition Previous bread >>68749908[View]
68755553I desperately need BBW therapy.[View]
68754338What's the problem with a nice person?: He looks ugly[View]
68747925Why not just settle for a songle mom?[View]
68756097my friends have been misspelling my name ever since i met them, ive never corrected them on purpose …[View]
68754424>finally get contact details of a f*manon >voice chatting with her >she actually sounds pre…[View]
68754017I don't need it... I don't need it... I DEFINITY DON'T NEED lT[View]
68756088>'Metric - Lost Kitten' comments section[View]
68756082How would society improve if all rape was replaced by non-consensual spanking?[View]
68755460>tfw you miss that one person who doesn't think about you anymore He just said he missed his…[View]
68755808Asiatic femanons: EA fembots, do you speak japanese?[View]
68755491How can people watch porn? All I can think about is the Jews owning it and making you all goyim with…[View]
68754281Walgreens hate thread: I hate them. I go to their pharmacy at the time they tell me to come and then…[View]
68755171Hey wifey I still miss you. Could we talk again sometime soon? I super duper miss you lots. Also you…[View]
68755958>An individual opened fire during an altercation between two groups of teenagers, killing two and…[View]
68755436ITT: Describe your dream girl >black with white facial features >kinky hair >skinny with a …[View]
68755571I start arguments on the internet for fun by saying opinions that I don't actually agree with[View]
68755915Seymor 2019: Ever since 2019 my life has never been the same i long for a asthetic of nostalgia that…[View]
68753887Anyone else feel a sense of extreme foreboding and horror today?[View]
68755386>mom found the NFT ape collection[View]
68754412>be toddler >have an uncle with a huge ass dog >like the size of a human >me = loved tha…[View]
68755581the day of reckoning will come, white boy[View]
68755745I admit it. 1) I dont like women 2) I resent women for not being attracted to me 3) I resent women f…[View]
68754343Do females enjoy getting their ass eaten like in porn or it's just a show for coomers?[View]
68752678Why do normoids and women always make fun of you for being short and consider it an unattractive and…[View]
68755747>le male delusion: >>68753429 Here you go, thread archived before I could post. The average…[View]
687557216 more weeks until Brooke returns to /r9k/[View]
68754714Celebs that hit the wall...: ...hard Why do these celebrities hit the wall so damn hard? Are they dr…[View]
68754847Pic rel is not an impossible feat: You just lack the desire to seek a goal. Youre not even allowing …[View]
68755703This. So much this. It's almost as if, maybe just maybe y'all.[View]
68753884>all the anons on /r9k/ over the years saying they have 7'+ length with 6'+ girth. I call bullshi…[View]
68755689https://youtu.be/Qp3-NqM3YhA I like listening to this kind of music and pretending I'm a Russia…[View]
687556864on1 wrestling: 4 clothed friends team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky naked and …[View]
68754400Gezebelle so fucking hot[View]
68755345Will alcohol help me socialize with people? I feel like i look pretty good and often get mired but i…[View]
68755417I need a femanon's belly to hold at night. You don't understand how good it feels to grab…[View]
68755258how long has it been since the last feels bar thread?[View]
68754569Dating apps here are empty and online girls consider me as far away as some Indian. What do? How can…[View]
68754802Why don't rich people just spend their money and stimulate the economy instead of hoarding it?[View]
68755250What is the best meta build for this world? I want to be the best and rule over everyone else. Is it…[View]
68755088>be me, several years ago, 14 year old femoid on discord >in group chat with two other people:…[View]
68754970>463.7 IQ >DMT I took is still somewhat present, but has largely worn off >Feel sad that I …[View]
68754420How are you supposed to get an apartment these days? I decided enough is enough and I need to get ou…[View]
68754240Is there a viable alternative to capitalism?[View]
68755486I'm beyond speechless, how shameless can a person that the first thing that pops into their hea…[View]
68754098Christianity sucks: And so are old people. I've had suspicions of this since my grandmother mar…[View]
68754968Polish Wife AMA: I am German and my wife is Polish. AMA[View]
68755373Can anyone explain why he did it?: https://youtu.be/wljpvltb43s what's the story?[View]
68755262>be me >seeking self improvement >start listening to Jordan 'The King' Peterson >decide …[View]
68755068Kerboni messed up me order[View]
68755397Trannies hate God: What's with the God-hating trend among Twitter trannies?[View]
68755434>7x5.5 inch cock Feels good bros. I look in the mirror and feel like a god…[View]
68754334He's a sweetie, mmh, kiss it when he eat it[View]
68755286whats wrong with me? my thoughts are literally being forced to visions of me being violently raped b…[View]
68753910How true is it that of you cant get a gf you become the gf?[View]
68753147hullo r9k, it's been 4ever since i've posted.. i'd like to know ur favorite color!! p…[View]
68752929why cant real men be like him[View]
68752026how do you morally justify eating meat? lets say you were in a courtroom in the afterlife, and you w…[View]
68755161It's not my word or yours, but it's the word of god that women are inferior to men.[View]
68754480need feet and butthole gf - day 19, i think, fuck if i know since the archives are down tranitors co…[View]
68754780>tfw youll never be an alpha class arc Why even live[View]
68754406is 12,000 usd enough to stay in japan for 3 months?[View]
68753194is it possible for a bi effeminate small dick short brown guy to get a gf like this i dont see a poi…[View]
68753952I come here so you all can vicariously live through me. I have another date on wednesday. I have no …[View]
68752759>You are guaranteed sex if you perform 'What's Up?' by 4 Non Blondes to an at-capacity karao…[View]
68755151Ascended Incels Threat: I am trying to ascend and leave inceldom by this year, and as a result I wan…[View]
68755038Comparing tit sizes doesn't work on women.[View]
68754014>start new job as delivery driver in March >immediately start doing whatever I can to stack mo…[View]
68752064I installed Imperator: Rome but I'm not having an enjoyable time playing it. Why does this seem…[View]
68754674the first step towards leading a normal fullfilling life (normie) is to... stop being racist you nee…[View]
68754718i've been denied all the best ultra sex[View]
68753936>one chance at life >born in a small town This world is pure darkness…[View]
68753639>30 more days until I become a wizard[View]
68753561Your latest opinion on sex?[View]
68754953Sonic shitposts: >be me >have a cousin who is obsessed with sonic the hedgehog >he always s…[View]
68751592I had another dream about my teeth falling out[View]
68754784How do you decide on a diet? My stomach has been killing me lately since I moved out and stopped eat…[View]
68754634This is me in a anime convention last saturday. I'm a winner in life.[View]
68753822>I'm actually ugly and poor and sick and living a constant nightmare pffftahahaha hoyl shit…[View]
68753531>be femoid >no truly strong opinions, not radicalized, not easily offended, etc. >find my w…[View]
68753422Why do you demonize women with high body counts? They're just trying to enjoy life.[View]
68753532I'm German and I have this fantasy about doing enslaving anglo women in order to hurt and abuse…[View]
68754489Mental Health Mondays: Still two hours left for mental health mondays![View]
68754676Why not go SEA?[View]
68754741men will literally avenge their father, save their mother and kill fjolnir before going to therapy[View]
68754108Why is /v/ so uncomfy and hostile compared to any other board on this website, bros?[View]
68754736How are you fellow anti-social NEETs going to handle the monkeypox? I almost never go outside anyway…[View]
68754428Why should I get a girlfriend when I can just fap and play video games instead?[View]
68754733I kind of want a girlfriend but I'm not really sure. Every girl I've ever met was either d…[View]
68754724Does penis enlargement surgery really exist? How much does it cost?[View]
68754627assholemaxing: >decide to apply myself professionally >>basically means being an asshole/be…[View]
68753539Well /fit/, I “made it”: I finally got a decent body but I still feel like shit because of how long …[View]
68749834I'm a 30 years old virgin and I'll never experience this. Is life even worth living at thi…[View]
68753212>My face only looks decent with split lighting, otherwise it looks ugly It never even began for m…[View]
68754354>anon are you sure you want me to wear this? idk it feels kinda slutty[View]
68754659[Verse] All I hang around is steppers when I'm in that field (Steppers) I got that .30 on me, t…[View]
68754357I genuinely think the world would be so much better if 95% of men disappeared.[View]
68753977Pseudo-nomadic Lifestyle: What do you guys think of moving to a drastically different location every…[View]
68753543/bookclub/: >what books are you currently reading? >what books have you read throughout the wh…[View]
68754598WW3 DEATH CULT GENERAL: All humans have a natural innate thirst for war and chaos. The long peace si…[View]
68752413>you're using windows 11 anon?[View]
68754373Let's say you could grow to 6'2 but your left leg will be 4 inches shorter than the right …[View]
68753230What are the stupidest reasons for why people hate anime? I've known folks who claim that they …[View]
68749301>Local homeless crackhead regularly has sex with decent looking women >I'm still here stu…[View]
68754430Discord: >be me >own a pretty cool discord server, invite some people I know >ban some peop…[View]
68753429male delusion test: male robots, post a picture of what you think an average woman looks like who…[View]
68753807>Be me, autistic >refuse to see anyone for it as a child, already in the SPED program for ADH…[View]
68754379there are so-called 'robots' on this board endlessly interacting with roasties instead of hiding the…[View]
68753755blue skys... blue skys! blue... skys, blue skys, blue SKYS BLUE SKYS BLUE SKYS BLUE SKYS[View]
68754301>be god >find some dude whose about to be born >'hey guys what if I gave this dude the body…[View]
68753208How many of you have or live with people with hoarding disorders? How do you cope? Digital hoarding …[View]
68753037I've done therapy for a few months now. I'm doing loads better now, at least from where I …[View]
68754253femcels are just mentally ill women that refuse to talk to men except through attention-seeking mean…[View]
68754183>non ascii text is not allowed WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN IM TYPING WITH AN ORDINARY KEYBOARD…[View]
68754248I haven't jerked off in three days. Friday night, I was too tired. Saturday night, I went to ja…[View]
68754205>claims to be right-wing. >doesn't support Israel Don't be that guy.…[View]
68731563Post your profile pic: it's that time again! post your pfp and rate and make assumptions. i…[View]
68751462Can a high status/paying job get you pussy? I'm 4/10 and slightly awkward, but not totally aut…[View]
68753608>suddenly the words don't make sense anymore >stupid mistakes start to happen more often …[View]
68753251>22 year old boomer >brain and body physically decaying >IQ in decline >neuroplasticity …[View]
68754138how the fuck do i get a data entry clerk job online? i have hand tattoos so i can't go to an ac…[View]
68752942Thofus please I don't know what I did please respond...[View]
68752657I'm a boy who loves onions. A basedboy, if you will.[View]
68751029I'm 25 years old. I've been ghosting my one and only friend for about 2-3 years now. He ju…[View]
68753086when you when when when you when when when when you you when when[View]
68753722>spic >shitty hair >can't grow a beard >very small dick >too tall to be a twink,…[View]
68754027the cutoff point for zoomers is the blowfly girl story.[View]
68752885Random shit I just felt like I had to post: I thought it'd be fun to get my little brother to p…[View]
68753016>dressing white is cringe (polo shirt, khakis. trust fund kid) >dressing black is cringe (dura…[View]
6875226017 years ago today. RIP Elliott.[View]
68753993>dad's friends show up at our house unannounced >now have to hide on my room or Else the…[View]
68753992Sussy gangsta, enemy[View]
68752798Cum on Poo give me some honey[View]
68753967What are UFOs?[View]
68753975if only you knew how happy you could have been if you had just tried one more time.[View]
68753472anybody else wearing virgin armor atm?[View]
68753838Can a man choose to be happy, or are we slaves to circumstances and surroundings?[View]
68753264Is it true that everyone is just Avril Lavigne in disguise?[View]
68753760>girl has an IUD What does this mean? Does this mean she fucks a lot?[View]
68753893>21 year old femcel here >been really self conscious about my looks, is it over? Op be like …[View]
68751736I got criticized on discord.[View]
68753184Drinking wine and smoking weed alone because I'm bored and lonely and want to feel some buzz. A…[View]
68752425How do I move to Canada whilst being a retard? Everything I see online tells me I either need to be …[View]
68753630Do you ever wish you could just restore a previous save of your life and start over from a certain p…[View]
68753825doja cat has a big brapper[View]
68753817These comics were shit[View]
68753775I want to blow my best friend's girlfriend who is into me but the moral dilemma is 100% stoppin…[View]
68753329Drugs Thread: Discuss your favorite drugs. I am about to snort a few lines of cocaine and get all tw…[View]
68753538anyone else hate finding out that people who look or live way better than you are the same age or yo…[View]
68753804Modern women are more trouble than it's worth. While good women exist, they are exceedingly rar…[View]
68753784Anon, maybe if you try really hard to do well in life you might be able to have a nice girl step on …[View]
68753380why do I still come on here why do any of us still come on here no one here is happy but at least mo…[View]
68752861Is it worth traveling all the way to the Philippines just to get your dick sucked? I don't real…[View]
68751048UC Berkeley Study - Over 50% of STEM majors are virgins: >https://www.dailycal.org/2014/02/07/res…[View]
68752730I wanted was to be less lonely and make friend because I just cant socialize for the life of me I wa…[View]
68753036I've always wanted a career that I can enjoy and be passionate about. What I've realized t…[View]
68753283To Women, I resent you because you don't love me. >Last Thread: >>68670192 >Song o…[View]
68751277I wish I was a attractive guy and I could put my penis in the mouth of cute girls[View]
68752627shotamaxxing: anyone else have this desire? >severely underweight, barely eat a meal a day >ca…[View]
68753595kissless virgin here. what would be the physical and mental effects/benefits/downsides of absolute c…[View]
68752406>tfw no center-left lesbian gf[View]
68753379find someone >that you can be friends with >that you can live in the same house with >that …[View]
68753138Why don't you just buy a brand new pickup truck, put a bunch of cute stuff on it, and drive it …[View]
68753463Every single time I try to befriend someone they either ghost me or become 'busy' every single time …[View]
68753368How do I make my girlfriend less cheery and chirpy? She is annoying[View]
68753291This is what happens when a incel asian boi thinks he can just hit on asian women like he back home.…[View]
68751422>ask bf what he thinks of my new dress >he stares at me and lets out a loud fart >says 'doe…[View]
68753374If you're gonna die the way sinners deserve, then make sure to sin before this happens.[View]
68753362Lanny Poffo has a huge long dick he was able to suck on it[View]
68752982>went to the gym >worked on a hobby >meditated >am still suicidal what the fuck am I eve…[View]
68752710the only person who ever managed to make the pain of existence bearable for me now hates me[View]
68753206Would you date a fat girl who's an endurance runner/swimmer? She's intentionally fat becau…[View]
68752899reddit wasnt always like this[View]
68753278Gosh this place is so much better when you can feel your fantasies as real.[View]
68750096>be germany >have to fight france and UK again >france has on paper better military >las…[View]
68753032What are your thoughts on this characer design? He's a man btw. I love his fluffy hair and his…[View]
68752986WHY DID HE DO IT?: https://youtu.be/wljpvltb43s WHY THE FUCK DID THAT KID DO THAT?!?!??!?[View]
68749292>be me >5'8 manlet >finally get a match on a dating app >tell her my height >she…[View]
68753020is this a scam bros? https://donate.n-halev.org/.2zus[View]
68752149Genetic engineering and robots: Do you think that in the future, a future with normalized gene edite…[View]
68753158Why haven't mass shooters targeted golf courses?[View]
68753183>get all excited when a new plague is officially dropped a few days ago >checking the news exc…[View]
68753019My ideal gf is literally me in a female body.[View]
68751156Zoomer here. How do I clear my brain fog? I already tried meds and they just made my heart race with…[View]
68752500i would like to pour one out... for all the unchecked trips and dubs all the holy based GETS left lo…[View]
68752169women are the superior gender: men had all the power for all of history and they failed to ever inve…[View]
68752708>tfw 6'3 >dig bick >but born a pajeet And no not one of those iranian looking lightski…[View]
68748277>Whites are now fleeing to Japan after they've ruined their home countries Absolute kek.…[View]
68750281What do girls REALLY do on sleepovers and pyjama parties?[View]
687496368 Years ago today. RIP Elliot.[View]
68753087what would we do if we were friends?[View]
68753081>The only thing holding you back is yourself. The only difference between you and Chad is your co…[View]
68752258Suicide: Basically just waiting for my parents to die before I commit sudoku. I couldn't do it …[View]
68753066I think I've just figured something out, Beavis. >W-w-what? Mm mm, heh... If we identify as …[View]
68751529>fap >'I'm tired of doing this. I'll quit.' >don't fap for a week or two …[View]
68750939>Y-You said I don't look like an actual police officer...? What's that supposed to mean…[View]
68752997rejection experinces: >just got rejected by another femboy twink down bad lads. When was the la…[View]
68751286fuck sleep paralysis. i can't sleep because of tis shit. its getting worse. should i consult a …[View]
68752547/r9gay/ - #1764: >tfw no twink femboy 5'3 uwu tranny hairless shaved gf (male) https://youtu…[View]
68750757How long would it take to build a fizeek like this as a 6'1' who weighs 165 lbs and is somewhat…[View]
68752950Im not gay but I genuinely want to breed reviewbrah's ass. I wonder if its fat. He looks like a…[View]
68752786How bad do your feet/socks smell robots? Men only[View]
68752767631 makes me: Now, I don't do apologies, we gon' get you back Turn your town to white tees…[View]
68752868I no longer wish to experience this feel.: >be me >oldfag >think back to when I was a teen …[View]
68752938Do you see a therapist? Do you actually tell them everything (not hide anything)? How did they react…[View]
68752934Death battle is now advertising mental help therapy. Is this a a sign?[View]
68752367What would you do to this ugly filthy asian bitch? I used to have a crush on her and I need to imagi…[View]
68743785/scotfeel/: A Scottish Thread For Scottish People and Scottish Feels.[View]
68743706>Almost 75% of abortions is unjustified[View]
68752896What’s the point?: Is there any point to getting fit if I have a small penis? Having a buff body wou…[View]
68752389>be me >horny >find website to meet girls / sex workers >find a 27 year old girl nearby …[View]
68752255I fucked up: > be Greek-American > have personal trainer I go to thrice a week > see qt 3.1…[View]
68752440I wanna brutallt kill those avatars so bad: And yes, this is a formal death threat against that webs…[View]
68751709Why do black men convince black women to do fucked up unnatural stuff with their hair when their nat…[View]
68752131Why do no meeting apps never works ? I only sometimes have the interest of very old women. I hate my…[View]
68751317Good evening /r9k/. That time again. Offering conversation or advice to those needing it.[View]
68745790I have literally never found a thin woman attractive.[View]
68752458I would like an incel to creampie me.[View]
68751542If futa were to become real, would you go out with one?[View]
68751897Content Creation: Anyone here do content creation (blogs, Youtube, twitch, etc.)? >What got you …[View]
68752301>tfw bought her shoes from her amazon wishlist so its come to this I'm an absolute fucking j…[View]
68752575>licking my gf's pussy in 69 position >open mouth and breathe out on her taint >she fa…[View]
68752638This is the ID'd Vinluv thread[View]
68751498Can't he just kill himself at home? Why does he have to be such a faggot that he plans to jump …[View]
68752607Do any robots have smegma issues here? If so how's the smell?[View]
68752612my left ball is somewhat detached and it hangs far lower than it should. it is mildly inconvenient a…[View]
68752250What do women even look out for?/What kind of porn do women even watch? Do they watch the man (as op…[View]
68751406I'm retarded, i can only retain informations for a day, then it goes poof Is there any way of l…[View]
68751888I'm an introvert, yet society expects me to have to fake being a social butterfly in order to m…[View]
68751371Choose a grill, robots[View]
68752560I get a lot of attention on omegle from hot girls purely off my looks, and since I can mask my autis…[View]
68752554Sleep is my only hobby anymore aside from browsing 4chan. Who else here lost interest in everything …[View]
68752559>watch porn on reddit >see pic from one of the subreddits I subscribed to (shorthairCHICKS) …[View]
68750554Is there any reason to seek a diagnosis for depression? Or is it just a legal liability down the lin…[View]
68751935Roommate was having a schizo episode. Told me he knew who I was and that he can work for me. Begged …[View]
68751742i like joe biden[View]
68751496It's over for imagination-cels: I think I hit a wall as a guy. I'm nearing 30 and I hit a …[View]
68751660You're chilling with your femboy gf when suddenly he asks: >honey when are you gonna introdu…[View]
68752385Is anyone else incapable of creating music in their head? i can only clearly remember songs i'v…[View]
68752403I have a very powerful, very specific fantasy I fear will never be fulfilled. I want a normal, prett…[View]
68749575What job/career do you have and how did you choose it?[View]
68751801Why do The Jews want me to watch this faggy anime so badly?[View]
68752377>feel lonely >sit with a bunch of coworkers at lunch >they all talk about girls or wacky th…[View]
68746953Making it general: Year's halfway over. How close are you fuckers?[View]
68752286>you gotta listen to other people and appease to them as much as you can in order to succeed why …[View]
68750503ITT Words You Wish You Heard Once in Your Life: >its ok anon mommy can't hurt you here >y…[View]
68751980What's your answer to this?[View]
68752217How would you feel about a semi-masculine young skinny man crossdressing in sexy clothes out in publ…[View]
68751004what's holding you back?: >terrible stutter >live in the middle of nowhere people who can…[View]
68751398Do you like milk?[View]
68751531I'm tired. I think I'm always going to be tired. If I learned that I had some kind of term…[View]
68752235>tfw at a point where i genuinely believe that if i were to have sex with a girl (who is attracte…[View]
68752225Post chudjak[View]
68751986Open your ass and monkeypox will follow.[View]
68751292fuck futuristic bathrooms: >in store >need to take shit >go into bathroom >handle replac…[View]
68737487/r9gay/ - #1763: The hero we need edition. Previous: >>68718385[View]
68752073It's 2003.[View]
68751668Would you recommend me some /r9k/ books?[View]
68750981I want a painless death, how should I kill myself?[View]
68752113What are your spiritual beliefs, anon? Is everything connected by something outside of our material …[View]
68751214I must have seen this image a thousand times from all those 'dirty mind test' memes, but I had no id…[View]
68751576tfw my high school crush is in her late 20's and still giving me fap material[View]
68751940what are some small things I can do every day to make peoples lives actively worse? I'm thinkin…[View]
68752080Should I play Godhand again or get back into Factorio?[View]
68752049i've been on a (nearly) finished construction site lately, and all of the flooring on the upper…[View]
68752013I hate how unapproachable everyone is these days.: Not that any of you teenagers know how things use…[View]
68752008Step one to have sex is to literally go outside and not be glued to a screen. it's literally th…[View]
68752005i was 7 when i first saw 'jimmy neutron boy genius'. in the beginning act of the film, the plot obta…[View]
68750839Just got divorced how do I rid any evidence of me online before killing myself. I'm visiting my…[View]
68750960I sometimes listen to Clairo and cry, does this make me a tranny, faggot, or both?[View]
68749630Loser incels won't marry me any more because my hymen got torn, I read so on the internet What …[View]
68750795Why do fat girls swim so well?[View]
68750685What does r9k think of this scene in watamote?[View]
68751877Dance on the dick, now, you been served I like a dick with a little bit of curve Hit this pussy with…[View]
68750935I can't enjoy media anymore. All I see is propaganda. I can't un-realize it. I can't …[View]
68751410A woman can be diagnosed with autism, but a woman can't really have autism[View]
68750086Fembots, have you ever taken a cum selfie?[View]
68743024Fuck, marry, kill: /int/ boys edition[View]
68751147>anon which outfit do you think looks best on me[View]
68751199Bro Feels Man: I am going to watch these reaction videos. I enjoy them. There is nothing you can do …[View]
68751392It was stupid of me to think that anyone would ever like me or that my future would ever hold any ha…[View]
68751684Stress & Strain: Objectivist[View]
68751123/uni/: How are you fags holding up?[View]
68750463well I can't enjoy anything, there is no point pretty sure it's a psyche war of some kind …[View]
68751028imagines you speak during exam and tell miss that you vant to see her boobs. jva chungi radadaa[View]
68751066>tfw food shortages are affecting you now I'm hungry.[View]
68745621>set my name to 'dick sucker' on grindr >use some dark crystal shit as my pfp >respond to e…[View]
68752422I wish I was a cute anthro girl[View]
68751464>tfw never ever creampied a pussy I always pulled out at last second because of fear of baby. Am …[View]
68750862Fuck you, incel: Yes that's right Eat shit and choke on a carrot You are ngmi, never going to h…[View]
68750598This is the girl that into you, bro[View]
68751128>No hymen >No diamond Basically any woman with a body count >0 can fuck off.…[View]
68750799Women who are into Pokemon: I want to befriend women who are passionate about Pokemon. Where do I fi…[View]
68745361>am femanon >getting chubby for the first time in my life >not as concerned about it as I s…[View]
68751209>Be me horny office worker >Decide to go get a rub down at a massage parlor >When I get the…[View]
68750215even models are using filters: its fucking over isnt it jfc[View]
68748366Reddit gangstalking schizos are something else[View]
68750548I miss u guyz :([View]
68751077God I really wanna punch Nujak in the face[View]
68751179Time to pay my respects. Rest in Peace, Saint Elliot. You were taken from us too soon. God bless you…[View]
68751259Would you violently murder a complete stranger if you could get away with it?[View]
68748935Do you think being white a disadvantage when it comes to getting a girlfriend/ partner?!?: Girls the…[View]
68748947I don't know why I still try with women. I spend countless hours on dating apps with absolutely…[View]
68750619Reminder that women have no standards for women (as shown by LGBT community). They only have standar…[View]
68751013I watch romance animes and it hurts. But I keep watching them anyway.[View]
68750883Hey /r9k/, I am working on a small game based loosely off a soviet movie Kin-dza-dza. It is a first …[View]
68750128>female suicide is on the rise Interesting... Mongs, I need your imput on this issue.…[View]
68750851I did it /r9k/ I finally stood up for myself.[View]
68751133>a young couple moved next door >their bedroom is right next to my living room >I heard the…[View]
68751229please take me back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0h09RpeMSY&ab_channel=AddictionRetro[View]
68751208how come all the girls i get with are anti social sociopathic?[View]
68749820The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Taking the Black: >Hear my words and bear witness to my vow. Nig…[View]
68747316You DID buy a vanilla latte today, right? RIGHT?: This piece of shit is overpriced af but it is wort…[View]
68751176>be me >be fat as fuck like one step to fucking obesety >have ashtray glasses >start los…[View]
68751164Opinions on conlan mcdreejery?: Opinions on conlan mcdreejery?[View]
68750457Link to news article with video: https://breaking911.com/raw-video-florida-man-attacks-driver-with-k…[View]
68749794DONT use drugs that make you more confident when you're a sperg. I had a bout of using adderall…[View]
68751109the spiral keeps spinning: i dont think ill keep doing this shit for very much longer. i knew i woul…[View]
68750911anyone else think about negative stuff so much you get angry and start sweating and become exhausted…[View]
68745246I want to be male[View]
68750330Anons, any good movie recommendations?[View]
68749908/zoom/ #6: Zoomer general, Dynamite edition Previous bread >>68741190[View]
68750767>mfw I didn't pay rent for last 5 months and my landlord is evicting me by force tonight Any…[View]
68750962Any anons been in the air force, already applied and probablt will meet a recruit this week. Is it r…[View]
68744942I can't tell if there is genuine growing sexual tension between me and my sister or the psy-ops…[View]
68749069my new internet computer wife said she will beat me up if i dont memorize all the mahjong yaku in a …[View]
68750886I think the real problem is that I like women far more than Chad does. This is my downfall. He is al…[View]
68750726Alcoholism: I am an alcoholic. What should I do?[View]
68749954What do femanons think about men who die in battle? And do you feel bad that you will never share th…[View]
68749571What is this bitch's story[View]
68748570Why would someone want to be a recluse?[View]
68749529I see shit like this and it's no wonder masculinity is dead. This is their basis for masculinit…[View]
68747796Have you ever been to the kowloon walled city?[View]
6874977440% of Americans believe in creationism.[View]
68748394>some NEET in murica gets 1080$ for being a disabled NEET >meanwhile I, 3dworld shitter, get l…[View]
68750018How do i acquire Jewess gf?[View]
68750758Now that the dust has settled, is sin good or bad?[View]
68750327I either feel anger or absolutely nothing. How do I feel happiness?[View]
68750274Remember to properly mace femoids, it prevents their eggs from drying[View]
68750735>Is this it? Is that what it's all about, Manny? Eating, drinking, snorting, fucking? Then w…[View]
68749124I want to have the vibe and energy pic rel gives. How do I do that.[View]
68748674Why robots so racist towards one another? Shouldn't we be one race, the robot race?[View]
68749903if you were granted a wish, the problem that money solves the first half of problems in life but not…[View]
68749518>ywn suck dick with your gf why even live bros? i'm not even a cuck but the idea is just so …[View]
68750647>most people have a 90% 'sleep efficiency'(basically recover for 90% of their sleep) >had an e…[View]
68750675>Your driver is 1 min away[View]
68750608the thought of killing myself doesnt even leave my mind anymore. not an hour passes where i dont thi…[View]
68750634I'm pretty sure I'm a bad person: I am DEFINITELY a bad person. How were your weekends, An…[View]
68749692Anons I want to start lose weight and go lifting, but I fear that under all this masses of fat hides…[View]
68750123Why tf do white guys complain about BLACKED when literally all minority pornstars fuck white guys[View]
68749780Fembots be like: >Uh Im just heavy boned No youre NOT. Lose some weight NOW, fatty…[View]
68747233do you work for reasons besides survival?: sometimes i think about the possibility of making my mark…[View]
68750407>'go to bed' >'5 more minutes' >'go to bed' >'5 more minutes' 'go to bed' 'I need to go …[View]
68750415Hi retards, how do I set life on happy mode? I see people able to do so regardless of how shitty the…[View]
68749832Why are men so hated just for being inadequate? Is it not punishment enough to know you are worthles…[View]
68750447How do I accept the fact that I'm forever a low tier normie?: I'm not ugly or fucked up en…[View]
68745648>be German >unironically only wants to date Jewish people My ancestors cry…[View]
68749771Pokemon: I sold my Switch and Sword&Shield and today I bought them back. I guess it's a pre…[View]
68749111ever just work for a shit salary[View]
68750326I wanna kiss a fembots neck[View]
68749898Is there anything more annoying than 'suicidal' people? I'm talking attention whores with 20 's…[View]
68750314you're being datamined on the sharty[View]
68743264dear straight robots would you be friends with a homosexual or would their sexual orientation bother…[View]
68749142Newly settled science just dropped. Get it while it's hot.[View]
68750214>be me 24m kv at the gym >ask a qt3.14 gym instructor to create an exercise program for me …[View]
68749252The use of computers and the access to the web should never have been democratized, with a low barri…[View]
68749560Are tummies sexual organs?[View]
68745915>It's my birthday >The only messages I get are emails from internet shops wishing me a ha…[View]
68749878I have the sense of humor of a retarded 12 year old: >in class >desk mates friend walks over t…[View]
68748865Shikata ga nai... yo[View]
68748862Happy Retribution day: Happy Retribution day everyone, definitely been missing Elliot lots. Here is …[View]
68748700Write Thread #40: This thread is to encourage robots to take the writing pill. A lot of robots sit a…[View]
68746361Can I eat at a restaurant by myself, or do I have to have a friend/gf?[View]
68748781Hellooo, It might sound little random but but I can crack my penis. You know, how can you can crack …[View]
68748891I'm like Chad but ugly and not interesting.[View]
68749169> be me > autistic > studying medicine > sad and demotivated > watch The Good Doctor …[View]
68749707anyone else hate the idea of working? i dont think im lazy i just cant imagine being a mindless dron…[View]
68748765this picture is what we all thought life was going to be like when we grew up in the 2000s[View]
68748514boys i finally got a short hair sporty tomboy gf IRL! ive graduated homies[View]
68750171The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Day 1: Our journey begins, anons. It is the first day of our nofap…[View]
68743773how are you an incel in 2022 just download tinder[View]
68749853>Make tinder again >Get a like >Oh boy oh boy >Come across obvious tranny that you can t…[View]
68749905>having gf wont solve your problems but thats literally my only problem…[View]
68748526Best affordable suicide methods with high probability of death that isn't jumping, guns, or dro…[View]
68741594How often does the average normalfag really have sex? What is considered a long dry spell?[View]
68748811It really does feel very good cuddling in bed with a person you love. It is worthy bettering yoursel…[View]
68748980Why be pansexual? Why not just say 'Im desperate and will fuck the first thing that says hi'[View]
68749865My money making life hack for losers like myself. >sign up for open settlements, search this ter…[View]
68746066Have you ever seen a girl get bullied because of her boobs before?[View]
68749537Why not just settle for an American girl?[View]
68749951I iz real sorreh massuh[View]
68749029For couples, kissing on the mouth is a way of expressing love, but what you may not be aware of is t…[View]
68749290ROMANIA: Amazing food, hospitable locals, 'Tolkienesque' landscape. Many are quick to judg…[View]
68748887is this fine gentleman, dare i say it, /ourguy/?[View]
68748964How do I find a hooker? There are none near me on any sites I go to like tna or skipthegames[View]
68749567>Bill Gate's newest pandemic unleashed upon the world >he announced it (again) >nobody…[View]
68749266Is it based to hate women simply because they won't have sex with you and give you affection?[View]
68749754Hey little Jimmy, are you a boy or a girl? >What the frick kind of question is that? Obviously I…[View]
68748403Is this an accurate portrayal of a childless white woman in her 30s?[View]
68749014Why do women want to talk about feelings all the time? It's so fucking gay[View]
68749428Almost touched a woman today: The train was crowded today so some cute chick had to sit directly acr…[View]
68749533Reminder that most men come home to a homecooked meal made by their attractive girlfriend who will l…[View]
68749573I'm getting tired of r9k. It's the same thing over and over.[View]
68749328IMAGINE loving on a used up whore IMAGINE flexing that your in a relationship with a girl who had cu…[View]
68749666where my filipino boys at. i'm white btw[View]
68748624how old are you and how long have you been neet? do you think there's still hope for you to hav…[View]
68749634>In culinary class >Working on scooping out a large amount of cookie dough onto sheet trays …[View]
68749349Femaons, why don't you live out your public nudity fantasies? What's stopping you?[View]
68748994If a girl likes you, she will touch you: >be me >virgin extraordinaire >work as a bartender…[View]
68747621Fix your life. Write two lists, one next to the other. On the first list, write each of your flaws. …[View]
68744594>be 9 years old >by then have had 2 girls come to me saying that they would marry me forever W…[View]
68749198I unironically came here from reddit and I don't understand why are you all so miserable and to…[View]
68749488Does life get easier when you accept that you will never know the touch of a woman or does the feeli…[View]
68748223Poker: Anyone wanna play poker? You don't need to register. This isn't an ad, I'm jus…[View]
68749522Literally every thread is sex themed. Why tf do i come here lmao? Its so tiresome.[View]
68749239what is more annoying than someone who interrupts to finish your sentence and gets it completely wro…[View]
68748572>calculus ii teacher asked me why i was wearing a princess dress to a match class if i was a boy …[View]
68749507>be me >close friends with a guy >deep platonic love for him, want to be one of his closest…[View]
68746283>travel to the first world >go to some random village in the mountains >check the store …[View]
68749490Why are you so FAT and UGLY, fembot. Yuck! Nobody wants a FAT and UGLY woman, just as much as nobody…[View]
68749483SIMPS DIE: I hope simps go extinct. You embarrassing human being over flood women with validation th…[View]
68748790You either genetically have it or you don't.[View]
68749373>be me >put on a ski mask >wait till 11pm >lurk outside of a house having a party >w…[View]
68748373do you think we'll get to meet st. elliot and st. blackops2cel in incelhalla?[View]
68749056Any tips from ex-incels/ex-friendcels: So I'm a friendless virgin and trying to correct that. I…[View]
68749309I don't wear headphones at the gym in case a cute girl wants to come up and talk to me. It…[View]
68749299>work dogshit factory job for 19 an hour >spend half the day in the bathroom on 4chan or whate…[View]
68746271when he saw that the door was closed do you think he remembered the moment he heard his sister havin…[View]
68749152American robots, why not get a job with the Military Sealift Command? >you get your own room …[View]
68748507I'm at medical place right now I'm here because on saturday my piss was a fluctuating brig…[View]
68746439>with cute filipina virgin gf for over a year, never have sex >get dumped over text >she im…[View]
68748470why not just walkbyeverynighttalkingsweetandlookingfinemaxx?[View]
68749197Tsuki has been found bros, he was doing NFTs and a bunch of other stuff https://twitter.com/web3isgr…[View]
68749195My looks arent too bad apparently, I occassionally manage to get dates. However, I fuck them all up …[View]
68746128once you die, everything from there on is pure predetermined perfection, this was revealed to me in …[View]
68748480Why do whites chimp out over 'Be less white'? Why would they let 3 little words control them so easi…[View]
68748872XY individual here. I wish I met a person with ovaries so I can become a biological life transmitter…[View]
68749043Hello r/4chan. Are you having fun stealing my posts for updoods?[View]
68748247Literally and figuratively just get an Indian girl, bro.[View]
68744949All women need to have breasts like this.[View]
68748749>Bunga, wake up, looks like you hit your head bone pretty hard >Perrmanent settlements? Bronze…[View]
68749059>i am becoming emotionally attached to my lost ark character I think I need some help.…[View]
68746364how do I get a goth-gf as a reasonably well-adjusted man.[View]
68749032>crime rates would drop by over 50% if all blacks were preemptively imprisoned >despite…[View]
68748681ITT post an image that shows how vile or charming your personality is.[View]
68738938As communists we're trying to give you ownership of your house. We're trying to make it so…[View]
68748606Any of you fuckers here managed to get casual sex? And I don't mean a relationship, I just mean…[View]
68748283I'll never fully avoid facing discrimination. I'll always be a minority.[View]
68748847>longtime steam friend (2012) tells me he's been working to become a teacher and may finally…[View]
68748439How do you open your beer?[View]
68748474If you are not having much luck in terms of relationship, do you think it's time to move[View]
68747509How do I stop getting into long distance digital relationships and focus on irl women?[View]
68747975What does ladyboy cock tastes like?[View]
68748262Fr bruv! Wanna know what would be straigh up lit af no cap? If I wasnt so lonely god so lonely man t…[View]
68746204I just got my braces and I'm so scared bros.[View]
68748706I had to leave a message and I started sweating and stuttering, I'm so pathetic. They're p…[View]
68748427fuck japs, fuck anime, fuck vtoobers, and fuck everyone that watches that shit[View]
68748273If you had to choose one of my shitty flash tattoos, what would you pick?: Also I don't tattoo …[View]
68747942Why do religions condemn suicide sirs?[View]
68748699Jacking off with a condom on has to be the best way to jack off. I recently bought some condoms for …[View]
68747320Being a human is cool: >Be me >Go take out the trash in the rain >Carry an umbrelle >Rea…[View]
68748006I go to a special needs school and have autism + other mental illnesses[View]
6874802020 years old. Facial hair or no facial hair?: It's like one degree less than picrel looking at …[View]
68747981Remember all the incels said they were gonna get Ukrainian refugee gfs? What happened to that plan?[View]
68747657I don't think I like nerdy girls They're really mean to normies as if they don't excl…[View]
68748571>remembering the time when a girl I liked asked me out after getting rejected by some other guy s…[View]
68720446/mbti/: Fe and FI edition >Your type >Do you tend to relate more with descriptions of Fe or Fi…[View]
68748541Tfw no slightly inbred big titty qt3.14 redneck country girl gf[View]
68745852I wanna start explorting my agp: I'm gonna get some skimpy fem clothes, make-up, then masturbat…[View]
68747790>The Fag Slayer[View]
68747705Is life for an Asian male in a western country just 100% suffering?[View]
68748346All I want is love: Zoomer here. I recently moved out from my parents house. I have been on semen re…[View]
68746652why haven't you taking the Wimp-pill yet?[View]
68747631Why don't you just get a SEA gf if you're really so lonely?[View]
68745913Are you ugly, r9k? Do you think your looks are really holding you back?[View]
68746618>6'4': How is he an incel at 31 with zero sex in 13 years? He's 6'4' he should jus…[View]
68748330Negative CHA modifier: I'm so uncharismatic that even the middle-aged, fat female cashiers at t…[View]
68744675Family thread: I want a family. Where do I start?[View]
68748302>uggh what was your name again bitch uggggghh what is your name! >I'm pop pop aaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
68748318what's the consensus on this jawshape? Chad or Brad?[View]
68748296Hollywood routinely makes celebrity model replicas for stunts. They could be making billions selling…[View]
68747427Not a life Enjoyer: Alright, this is a bit of a schizo rant, but not really. But I am not a life enj…[View]
68748225>so anon, you're basically telling me... >if you inhale all of my farts, then the greenho…[View]
68746053what should you do if you can't find a hobby?[View]
68745091>dont want a job >dont want a education >dont want to get married >dont want a girlfr…[View]
68748263>had sleep study >my sleep efficiency was of 70% >for each 7:30 hours of sleep I get 5:06 h…[View]
68747830>it's not about looks. it's not about sex. it's about the romantic connection if t…[View]
68738414Do you care that white people are going extinct?[View]
6874824660% of threads on here are about sexual stuff. Great way to spend your time bros.[View]
68746326>getting trapped in a relationshit with a woman ngmi[View]
68743373It is literally all height. The taller you are the less you have to compensate. I have seen it. A 6…[View]
68745594god i wish i was white so i could date an asian girl.[View]
68747979Incelocalypse: Anon... Although you may be a kissless handholdless virgin now, it is said that the n…[View]
68745428Is there anything more disgusting than a 'fembot' and her simps?: A lot of these disgusting cretins …[View]
68748168>what do you propose? >it's simple: we genocide the simps…[View]
68747480my new internet computer wife showed me hentai mahjong vidya. she is such a weirdo[View]
68748204Um, incelbros?!?!?![View]
68748201Why has the notion of civilization disappeared from mainstream discourse by mid XX century?[View]
68747333tfw asexual so no girl will love me[View]
68748115When you read his name in your head, do you pronounce it as Peh-peh, Pee-pee, or Pipi?[View]
68748125how do i resist the urge to go to an escort again? ive wasted way too mauch money on them already an…[View]
68748104If your gf revealed to (you) that she had a big meaty fat juicy cock she wanted to destroy and loose…[View]
68747596Is this the most based (You) you can get?[View]
68744110I remember watching this guy 5 years ago, what the fuck happened to him?[View]
68746424>Accidently deleted an important file Well fuck[View]
68748068The fucking buck broke[View]
68748029Is your sister hot? >not original[View]
68747959Life is a constant curse. Humans are horrible, they destroy the wonders of nature, hurt each other a…[View]
68748008Take the /mature/ pill. There are literally horny, lonely mature women out there cruising for young …[View]
687478949K gang: If you fucking with my 9k gang you fucking with me, I'm the realest to do it can'…[View]
68744735How cringe are you?[View]
68747760why though?: >be nothing >Suddenly be universe Who did it? Why did he do it? Was it gay?…[View]
68747680/burgerfeel/: Saw this thread posted over a year ago. Thought I'd revive it once again. Greetin…[View]
68743057What you're self improving for: It just hit me that I'm self improving for middle aged roa…[View]
68747690You will never know what it's like to be a normal god.[View]
68738295feelies thred: Share what's on your mind, or hear what's on mine[View]
68744973>dreamt about sissy hypno and dicks It's ACTUALLY over. Should I just accept that I'm a…[View]
68747862nwonknU: I've always found the best of success with those who've known me less; true thoug…[View]
68746498Do you pray to god /r9k/?[View]
68747838Is the tummy a sexual organ?[View]
68746585https://soundgasm.net/u/confessions/Extreme-Raceplay I just jerked my pathetic brown cock lifeless t…[View]
68746197The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): Dread the Lord: Robots, I kneel. In oath, In pledge. No longer sha…[View]
68745936Making WebMs: Do I have to be a fucking computer scientist to figure this shit out? I don't kno…[View]
68743320I kinda feel sorry for East Asian men. Why do they have such a big disadvantage in online dating? Ye…[View]
68745202fragrance suggestions?[View]
68747421Who here lives in or around NYC? I'm taking in new friends.[View]
68741901i am 22. eggs are drying up. the males i pursue won't settle down with me.[View]
68747317how do i get trannies to join my server and be whores there?[View]
68746120Why don't women understand that when a guy takes them home and/or invites them over to his plac…[View]
68747558How do I forget shameful and degenerate moments? A few months back I was in a relationship with a fa…[View]
68747442>weak as fuck immune system >am healthy otherwise, not obese or even chubby, nor underweight,…[View]
68746328lamb sauce: <does anyone know where the fucking lamb sauce is?![View]
68747352>just helped a blind man enter the bus and told him where it goes you know, you may be a fucking …[View]
68746590>late 20s >prime reproduction age >high T af >incel genetics the eternal seethe, this is…[View]
68746819>you finally lose all hope and decide to just settle for a fat girl >Take one out on a nice lu…[View]
68747361>talk to women into lolis, specially from 4chan >shes always posting her tits and ass on twitt…[View]
68746341Summers here boys: You're ready for the summer, right bros?[View]
68743831Armbar from guard edition www.youtube.com/watch?v=55Ux8giP_PY[View]
68747492Post neat or cute stories that make you happy https://www.childrensmn.org/2020/12/23/baby-richard-bo…[View]
68743578>you start chatting with a femanon >you both really like each other >you meet her irl >s…[View]
68747441Instagram/Facebook style memes[View]
68747435Any other students stopped caring about pass and fail and just care about trying ..[View]
68746038It's a pain having to take shit every day, you constipated bots don't now how good you hav…[View]
68742962I struggle with finding a purpose[View]
68740763Don't deny it, this is what every man wants...[View]
68747356this is what real humans look like[View]
68745356>twf no dilapidating bf[View]
68745879Why is it called 'height dysphoria' when a FTM transgender expresses that they hate their height but…[View]
68744708>mom tells me that 21 is too YOUNG to give up on life >mom tells me that I am to OLD to not w…[View]
68747265>Le good life?!?!?![View]
68745628does anyone else think games are too hard? everything is insanely fucking hard. even games meant f…[View]
68739852No matter how much your life sucks: Atleast you will not end up like this guy. His life is not gonna…[View]
68743684How do you expect to go?[View]
68746579The best fucking guide you'll find on how to improve your sex life: This right here will revolu…[View]
68745847>you have been stranded on a desert island with plenty of food, freshwater, flora, and huntable g…[View]
68742036How to fix desire to be loved?[View]
68746896Well /fit/, what kind of coomer are you?: What do you think about your consumption of porn?[View]
68746322>quiet beta asian male how do i stop being this bros. i just want to be an extroverted normie.…[View]
68746569>weird country >weird place >weird family…[View]
68746792Humanity has literally cured balding so give me one good reason why are you not saving your hairline…[View]
68744079Dragonball Faps: Why do DB faps feel so good? Is it because I watched this as a kid so this art styl…[View]
68745041No friends at all: I have nobody in my life not one friend. I had a friend online but I scared them …[View]
68745827Fembot here. I got married about two years ago and am itching for some new guys to date. How do I go…[View]
68723168The purest form of sex is that between a mother and her son. Every boy should be losing his virginit…[View]
68746345Everything here is just a meme, right?: Men are more promiscuous than women, right? I just been savi…[View]
68741309What if you were sexing a gril and she said this to you?[View]
68746388What do normalfags mean when they say that they have anxiety?[View]
68742997Incompetent Parents General: Did your parents prepare you for the world? from elementary school thro…[View]
68745288What's with women in their 20s who purged their 800+ friends until there are only 250? Why do t…[View]
68745384OMG this just happend >roll out of bed >knock my head on the cupboard >blood everywhere …[View]
68746483r9k Chadfinding thread: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the Chaddest robot of them all? >5/…[View]
68745040asian qt thread: post 'em asian qts[View]
68745497I always see threads about how women love height. Height this, height that. 6 foot 5 etc etc...but I…[View]
68745699I'm re-polishing my japanese as we speak. Maybe I'll actually make it this time[View]
68745687Supportive and positive posts and comments are cringe.[View]
68745104Is this what BPD looks like?[View]
68745284I wish i was a cute femboy that had straight sex... Why did I waste my life with video games and vap…[View]
68746277Sealanon here back with an update: Maybe a few of you will recognise picrel. I posted here a bit ove…[View]
68743581Why are some people pretend to be weak while they are very strong? I've met a lot of them.[View]
68746259BIDEN DECLARES WAR ON CHINA: a lot of you have been anxious because Biden has basically declared war…[View]
68745520Definitely not a cult[View]
68745531Old friend wants to meet up: On one hand I don't wanna he an asshole and say no because he…[View]
68745932How to avoid microplastics: I actually can't think of a way out[View]
68746085Would you rather: Would you rather have >the body and the face and the behavior of a Chad, but a …[View]
68745394Would you date the official class butt crack girl?[View]
68746163are roasties gonna get anti immigration now[View]
68744745Face is everything: Not height, not dick size, not personality, but face. Nothing else matters in co…[View]
68744680https://picrew.me/image_maker/216971 You know the drill faggots. Comment, judge, describe, ignore la…[View]
68743001you should go vegan for the animals: if theres a afterlife judgement, or if aliens invade earth and …[View]
68745090Anyone wanna play poker? You don't need to register. This isn't an ad, I'm just lonel…[View]
68745300The Eternal Nofap (Retribution): The Virginal Knight: Fellow virgins, incels and volcels. Sex has b…[View]
68741606>girls are getting ghosted like crazy these days Is this true? Why? This is the first I'm he…[View]
68736788Your life will not get any better if you've missed out.: You start school and instantly and sub…[View]
68744793Your view of women has been completely warped by spending so much time online. Here, on dating apps,…[View]
68744249Anybody notice the flood of Normie's happening rn? Ive been up all night and like just now, ppl…[View]
68744369I would let an incel creampie me desu[View]
68746070When was the last time you watched baseball? How was the game?[View]
68745496'femcels' aren't actually real. They're all females under 25 (some are even underage) who …[View]
68743656>fembots have life on easy mo- ACK[View]
68745870i am edicted to education, if you'll pardon the pun. i'm grinding and self improving so mu…[View]
68745691Definition of incel: >before 2015 Never been romantically involved with a woman before and can…[View]
68741750Im debating whether or not to kill myself. I want to, I dont see any reason to continue living yet w…[View]
68744077Chad is literally getting raped by desperate fembots. Holy shit[View]
68745717What does it feel like to have friends? I can't imagine being in a group of people who like me[View]
68745464Jews: Just opened three random 'Forrest Gump racism' articles: >(((Kohn))) >(((Kleyman))) >…[View]
68745744redpill me on this trick/lick e-girl[View]
68745644Males are based Females are shit and should kill themselves as penance for their sex[View]
68742974>wake up in the middle of the night >still alive…[View]
68744637>10 days into nofap[View]
68745249I want to hang myself but I'm too much of a pussy, help me[View]
68745281My ex gf completely ruined me on anything lewd or pornographic. I can't feel arousal to anythin…[View]
68745557>The furniture movers saw me boiling coca cola[View]
68741201Just waiting on the end times, how about you friend of friends?[View]
68744944>Getting used as a cumdumpster by Chad is something normal almost every girl experiences and neve…[View]
68744872If a girl like this who looked 13 or 14 at most asked you out, how would you react/respond?[View]
68742255If you feel angry when reading anything on 4chan, then you're most likely a newfag.[View]
68744918I'm a 5'11 hapa. If my family stayed in Indonesia where the average height is 5'6 for…[View]
68739674Why dont you just fuck some femboys?[View]
68745238>my boomer neighbours are having gardeners out cutting their grass and committing ecocide…[View]
68744154It's insane how much more pervasive the racemixing, demoralization, agitation, and marxist prop…[View]
68743660She's just responding to me, isn't she?[View]
68742865The Indianpill is the final stage of humanity[View]
68745242its popular to assume that virgin men are not by choice but they always forget to factor that HOLY F…[View]
68741161Why do we all pretend like black women are not the superior women? I mean I do it too but only becau…[View]
68743791here we theorize what it is like to have a gf[View]
68744260>tfw crush keeps talking about some milf gigastacy from his work I never had a chance I guess…[View]
68744889Behold my ARMY[View]
68742180Sex would've saved lives[View]
68745008How can people live?: Most people are surprised and angry when they realise they are not the only pe…[View]
68744811My uni is like 80% males but it looks like 3/4 of those are just nerds. The women all look like cuti…[View]
68745110Help me negotiate plz: I'm transferring to another location for work, only one shift a week whi…[View]
68742958Why is everyone on this board talking about BMWF relationships like ArabMWF relationships havent bec…[View]
68744589What if your best friend(male) told you he is in love with you, but since you are straight he will t…[View]
68744955>boyfriend tells me his sister told him to be careful with me in case I'm using him I am mak…[View]
68745066No creo que los caballeros de Colon tengan la culpa, creo que solo estoy siendo enganado en mis suen…[View]
68745054>cinematic multiverse[View]
68743196Virtual reality is used to assess like pedos: Welp, guess lolicons are screwed Keep in mind loli is …[View]
68744978I want to learn japanese. Not fluent level or live-in-japan level, mainly just to read and write pos…[View]
68744647i FUCKING HATE my parents, i pleaded with them to get me tested for ADHD when I was 15, and they ref…[View]
68744426Dick scars. got any?: >be me >be horny >decide to take a shower since it's only plac…[View]
68744135What is he wrong about?[View]
68744967Pissy penis: if i dont waste up to 15 pieces of paper wiping my dick after pissing my dick feels pis…[View]
68743690What will happen if I drink the whole bottle? trips and I do it and post what happens[View]
68744909I'm done with 4chan. I'm moving to normie land. If there's even a 5% chance I can esc…[View]
68742465Life is good. I just finished DMing my first ever D&D campaign. We played for hundreds of hours …[View]
68743774how do i tell my parents that i've failed university in a way that will make them not angry at …[View]
68740216What are some soi phrases/words? For example >lots to unpack here >I got chills >Problemati…[View]
68744830ur a furry[View]
68743652I have a harem of 10+ cute girls in love with me and I don't know which one to choose! They…[View]
68742943I lurked a tranny discord and one of the troons on there said they're the ones who make woman h…[View]
68744759You're not part of the equation?[View]
68744725What the fuck is wrong with this board?: Did reddit just opened an embassy here? It feels like touri…[View]
68742931>reddit is way more interesting than this shithols What happened, bros?…[View]
68744753>tfw looking for wifey is cringe >tfw don't want to be cringe >tfw don't want to …[View]
68744728>tfw have been trying to restore my foreskin for 11 years >still not CI3 i literally cannot do…[View]
68744591Why are you all so butthurt about being virgins past 25? That's still young. You all squander w…[View]
68743605agency in acquiring sex and intimacy: Hi, I made this rough little drawing to illustrate what is goi…[View]
68743029Has anyone here tried turning an online friendship into a real, irl one? How did it go? I have been …[View]
68744654I can't figure out if I'm gay. I want to date non-HRT FTM femboys who still have tits and …[View]
68744585what a horrible existence[View]
68744562Realized my life is an endless cycle of >work for 8hrs M-F, sit in traffic for 2hrs every day …[View]
68744230Every day I put on the hard self reliant facade but every day all I crave is female affection. Im tu…[View]
68744146Antidepressants: Started taking them recently (SSRI) and now it takes me upwards of 90 minutes to cl…[View]
68743592>i am able to sleep for 8 hours again i am happy[View]
68744526How is the thong doin in yo bussy?[View]
68744244Bodybuilder Manlets: It is time for manlets to start raping women.[View]
68744254I'm 20 years old and I have never done any drugs or drank alcohol outside of the supervision of…[View]
68744478wheel button on my 6 year old 5 dollar gaming mouse has stopped working[View]
68729310/britfeel/: Heckington, Lincolnshire, England edition[View]
68743640>guro porn[View]
68743532Where can you ask out a girl that doesn't have a life? I'm trying to as out that asian gir…[View]
68743125>mom is taking me to cambodia and told me she will pay for everything >only condition is that…[View]
68742754What's the largest number of threads you've ever posted in one day? I'll start >20…[View]
68744305>Life Is Like a Like[View]
68744211I've realized my dick feels better when I haven't masturbated. Smooth, soft, yet strong an…[View]
68744303I've fapped so much over the past month to forget my feelings for her. I dont even enjoy fappin…[View]
68744239Is there anything worse than being a 5'10 son of a 6'4 father?: 180cm and 193cm[View]
68736559What's the appeal of hiphop?: It has no melody[View]
68743452Good afternoon sirs. I wish to inquire about self harm methods that do not cause visible scarring or…[View]
68744326>Fucks every female in the game[View]
68741190/zoom/ #5: Zoomer general containment thread. Zoomers, tell us what a stupid bitch your mom is and r…[View]
68743586Female incels are an oxymoron. Femcels and fembots cannot exist except through extreme self sabotage…[View]
68743904Behind the thin veneer of civlization is natural human behavior. Man is a cruel and vicious animal. …[View]
68744141Alastor was hunting in the woods with Lady Dimitrescu. Alcina has had three glasses of her famous wi…[View]
68743965>diagnosed depression, ptsd, anxiety >mommy buys me a weighted blanket for my birthday >doe…[View]
68743751I have no friends because no one likes me.[View]
68743520has any incel missed their chance before? >be me few years ago in highschool >close with 6/10 …[View]
68743207>muh bantz[View]
68743758>Get really fucking mad again >Dad comes to be snarky about it >Explain that I might as wel…[View]
68742874dont post what you are listening to right now post what you would consider the best pieces of music …[View]
68743115I ain't happy bros[View]
68740920What is math?[View]
68743722I fucking hate working out everyday I fucking hate it I fucking hatei t is this whaT I have to do fo…[View]
68741490What do you want out of life anons?[View]
68743147>Nice guys are actually all creepy evil incels and not nice >This is why I'm not to blame…[View]
68742828I'm pretty sure this stuff is illegal. Not to mention, this character is canonically fourteen.[View]
68741743What celebrities have you been compared to? >Shaggy >Jerry Garcia >Ron Jeremy…[View]
68741734How many years until I'm going to stop being called a newfag? >t. 2 years…[View]
68739324what do robots sound like??: im curious heres me :) https://voca.ro/19JCMjnFvU65[View]
68743627>I have a dream >That one day people are no longer judged by the content of their character …[View]
68742771Hello again frens: It is walmart anon here once again. Im feeling incredibly depressed for some reas…[View]
68742445how can you people talk dirty without being disgusted at what your saying I am genuinely astonished …[View]
68743648are your parents retarded?[View]
68741945Happy day of retribution everyone.[View]
68743609Schizoid anons: How do you cope with your illness? How does your average day go? Is there anything s…[View]
68741434I drank 600mg of caffeine today.[View]
68743570HOLY SHIT this finally explains why we're here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97fnoSqwo-0…[View]
68743554itt: when both nas and ias are gems[View]
68743556Women who usually have darker hair, often on the curlier, kinkier, or frizzier side, often tied back…[View]
68743507>discord mods have stopped giving me sympathy and now just tell me 'work on yourself instead of p…[View]
68742668Hello. I am a 24 year old man looking for friends.[View]
68742989women are >becoming more college educated >higher earning what will happen?…[View]
68743503Sage: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sZhwU55ln_8&list=RDsZhwU55ln_8&start_radio=1…[View]
68743405search on google 'happy white woman' kek[View]
68743161>be me >having a dream >i'm finally subscribing to forsen >he pronounces my nicknam…[View]
68743071>be me 17 >incel, ugly, cant pull girls >get close to one 10/10 slut >insta friendzoned …[View]
68742684I sang a song for u guyz x3 https://voca.ro/16JC8ZP28e5n[View]
68743419I will never forget meeting this hot alt black girl in 9th grade and thinking she was the coolest th…[View]
68743340Recent years I've been feeling only rage, disappointment, frustration and desire to not exist. …[View]
68743417>women still think they can be 'lonely' sick of this shit[View]
68743407>post pic related >at least 100 posters have found a gf because of it Feels good man.…[View]
68743203Do any 'real' females think kissing with eyes open isn't weird. I think of it as romantic but i…[View]
68734359I don't want to date black women because of this: A few months ago this video called 'I see whi…[View]
68741874tell me your deepest and darkest desires and will illustrate them[View]
68743101>New coworker. >Damn she looks hot! >Fantasize about her all week and over the weekend. …[View]
68742011>my oneitis posted a new picture to her social media[View]
68740703I hate porn so fucking much. I feel so fucking ruined. I'm a fucking gross whore. I went to a …[View]
68742979They knew...: >'Women are apt to seduce men into making irrational political decisions' -Spinoza …[View]
68743236>scrooling instagram as usual >get an ad for some faggot called banksy some show in my coty …[View]
68741760Anyone else rap?: https://voca.ro/16Pk3UZ851Gb Short freestyle while driving[View]
68743183https://soundgasm.net/u/confessions/Extreme-Raceplay I just jerked my pathetic brown cock lifeless …[View]
68739677How do I use my girl powers to make losers buy me things?[View]
68742595This image makes no sense. If she used condoms every time she's practically a virgin.[View]
68741991There was once this artist named Pentagrin that was very popular. She had a couple of OCs that were …[View]
68741590Is Sneako right about the black pill?: https://youtu.be/p6j-YezFcJU?t=6013 Sneako,youtuber famed for…[View]
68742417Am I retarded?: >be me >school year ending >girl from pe class sees me in the hallways and …[View]
68743059Has anyone else noticed the amount of completely wrong claims about basic biology and mental functio…[View]
68743089How come that fembots are always from some 3rd world shithole (or the US)? Theres none from France/G…[View]
68742488Why are men predatory towards other men? Say what you want about men preying on women (and there…[View]
68742867>be me >19 >realizing i have nostalgic memories of participating in rekt/gore threads as fa…[View]
68743046hello i am coming down her as i am looking for a sex i am searchig for sex Please, and thank you. it…[View]
68743043Music: Do any of you listed to slowed and reverb songs? If so, share some.[View]
68739758I'm extremely good looking.[View]
68742836/Rei/: Rei is running late for school: Day 1019 Raining in a small city in Wyoming[View]
68742998I want cosmetic surgery to be identical to belle delphine (while being a man) and to leave society a…[View]
68742379I don't remember what my dreams were when I was a kid or if I even had any, all I wanted to do …[View]
68740762people are mean to me on discord: people are mean to me on discord[View]
68742109>Can you clap your hands, hands >Need you to clap your hands, hands >Need you to clap your …[View]
68742937I saw a cute girl with a shirt that said: I have a feederism kink. God is good.[View]
68741288>'Basically' >'Essentially' >'Probably' >'Kind of' >'Should' >'In my opinion' >…[View]
68740125Queens Engineering: Im an autist whos going to be studying engineering at Queens U (at Kingston) thi…[View]
68742745To any anons with psychosis or schizophrenia What are some of the things you see/hear that people te…[View]
68742527Fat people logic when it comes to diet > IMMA EAT HEALTHY FOOD BUT DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT I DRINK …[View]
68742604spending your formative years diluting yourself to fit in with others, creates an adult with no real…[View]
68737595Why do racists say that Black women are ugly? Many Black women are 10/10s.[View]
68742778>playing minecraft >no gf to play ps4 splitscreen minecraft with >eating frozen mexican cup…[View]
68742080Holy shit I want to be loved ffs.[View]
68742762Goodbye for a while /r9k/, I'm going to the employment agency in 10 minutes with zero intention…[View]
68742665What is the safest party drug ?: Some people say mushrooms but although it's as safe as water p…[View]
68741501I've heard images like this tend to elicit responses from the male-specimen. Is this true?[View]
68742721how are you, emily? i have been listening to pink floyd since we last spoke. have you kissed a girl …[View]
68742649>'Myeh, Irish people aren't white!' >bonk >'Only Nordics are white!' >has swarthy/o…[View]
68742064>Nooo, anon. I got too fat for my cosplay from before the pandemic. What should I wear to the con…[View]
68740701one day you VILL sneed!!![View]
68740902Can someone explain xQc to me? I watched his stream for the first time yesterday (always just seen h…[View]
68742032I'm bored and looking to get high on legal OTC drugs... Any fellow anons know any good ones fro…[View]
68737295the world is aggressively anti-autistic: i just love when normalfags drop the mask and finally admit…[View]
68741558The crippled walmart employee named Harold when he sees me walking out with 28 bottles of of store b…[View]
68742572I'm good, but not good enough.[View]
68740905'well basically i was inspired by the /r9k/ board on 4chan' what did richard ramirez mean by this?[View]
68742448You may not like it but a real loser is someone who interact with girls but can't succeed. This…[View]
68741809There are microplastics floating around inside of your bloodstream. Right now.[View]
68741094I could quit 4chan right now if i wanted, but i wont for now.[View]
68741703world economic forum[View]
68741725I have never been invited to a party by friends[View]
68742411Fembots, do you shave your armpits?[View]
68742444reminder that ''''friends'''' dont exist, most ''''friends'''' hang out with each other so they wont…[View]
68742480>yea so actually height doesnt matter that much its all about personality and how fit you are …[View]
68741422>Be me, in school >In abusive relationship with best friend, hate them but feel like I have no…[View]
68739400I'm 25 years old and I legitimately still get shy and nervous/anxious as fuck around cute girls…[View]
68741987Spanking + incest is the best fetish[View]
68735926>No Hymen >No diamond Why is that so hard to understand? What's there to be upset about?…[View]
68741216i'm an 18 y/o zoomer and my school is holding a 'graduation ball' in about a month. i…[View]
68741220>'i hate women' >'i want a girlfriend' Oh my god just make your decision about your views on w…[View]
68738691/r9k/ queup is ready for spins Won't you play a song tonight, Robot-kun? a very special one ple…[View]
68742402How do I find a MILF gf who would let me watch her pee?[View]
68742254Is 24 too late to change?: Personality I mean. I've done a lot of work on my self-image in the …[View]
68740802dont waste youre time on me[View]
68741852Based Charles[View]
68740974Why are porn sites stuffed so full of gross stuff? I want to see some sensuality, not cum and vomit …[View]
68742236Planning on moving out without telling my parents.[View]
68742358ITT: Post ASMR kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN1MhR0xFjA[View]
68741758Which to use first? https://strawpoll.com/polls/ajnEN4A5NgW[View]
68742359Right now millions of people are watching family guy compilations[View]
68740913I jerked off twice tonight and now I have heavy feels that i'm wasting my life away[View]
68742337>Anon I need you to take me to Torrid they have a sale on Torrid Size 7 clothing!…[View]
68741989Whitebros, have you gotten your Asian qt for white boy summer yet?[View]
68742186What are your thoughts on Jesus Christ? Cool?[View]
68741174Give it to me straight bros: am I a faggot for wearing polka dot socks I feel so feminine right now.…[View]
68742077This is my wife, Illya.[View]
68739395Post an image and I'll judge your 'Coolness'[View]
68742211You will never be. You have no qualia, you have no properties, you have no ontological status. You '…[View]
68741992Imagine being under 6 feet tall. Imagine not being atleast a full head taller than most girls.[View]
68739607suicide is actually the best thing you can do because you'll end the bloodline of the assholes …[View]
68738404I cant do more than 10 pushups and I've never been able to increase that number. Every time I t…[View]
68742195Do millennial girls like zoomer guys?[View]
68742176The sleep of reason produces monsters.: Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: un…[View]
68737986>internet provider blocks streaming site where I watch all my movies for free…[View]
68740419Go monk mode. Increased happiness and fulfillment.: Step 1 >No masturbating. No edging. No playin…[View]
68741170i am unironically considering dedicating myself to a minimalist and agrarian lifestyle[View]
68737519What are your experience with SSRIs? How hard are they to get? I was thinking about taking them to r…[View]
68741451improve speak[View]
68742058>Do bad at school academically >Do bad at socializing the entire time and don't even make…[View]
68739055>be a high schooler >never have been with a girl before >some cute girl with big tits give …[View]
68742038I hate sleep state misperception. I go to sleep but it doesn't feel like I am asleep. I wake up…[View]
68742021What wud you do if I accidentally cumed in you? 88w88[View]
68740809What is a good sex toy for men? Dont want a typical onahole, I have one but its pretty boring. I wan…[View]
68740169Take the challenge: If you think you're an incel, spend a winter in the frozen north where ther…[View]
68740801Question for older bachelors. Is it normal for your autistic hobbies to become increasingly more nic…[View]
68741587What are weird and unusual things you guys do for fun? I message hookers with weird demands and incr…[View]
68738846Those who are the hardest to love need it the most.[View]
68741584restraunt idea: >BBQ steakhouse >menu mostly of BBQ ribs and BBQ/hot wings >food you have …[View]
68741524I fucking hate this lust I've enslaved myself to and I hate this woman I can't get over. I…[View]
68738301I would be more than happy with a woman (provided she wears makeup and isn't obese) who is belo…[View]
68741829I have realized that even when I become successful and relatively attractive (career, get back into …[View]
68741397Teeth: Man. My teeth are so fucked. I can never remember to brush them. I've already had so muc…[View]
68741005These niggas mad, cuz I fuck with Durk and these shots for my opps[View]
68741675I've never seen a penis I didn't think was cute but I see ugly vaginas constantly. Does th…[View]
68741016what is culture?[View]
68740093>co-worker is Russian >start giving passive-aggressive responses to her at work in solidarity …[View]
68740991Nothing works as it's supposed to.[View]
68741632Why is everyone on the internet a sexual degenerate?[View]
68741712I just cried my eyes out for 1 hour for no reason and now I feel like I snorted a line of cocaine. W…[View]
68741428i wish i weren't such a sack of shit that can't take control of my own life. i just feel l…[View]
68741103Would you creampie a Filipino?[View]
68739698Why is it that certain white people argue with other white people on who is or isn't white? :p[View]
68741630God forbid a man have fantasies about raping women. Fantasies I say, that he's able to control.…[View]
68741552Weed Paranoia: Weed makes me paranoid.[View]
68741401Judge Judy Facebook: I am imploring you motherfuckers, add Judge Judy on Facebook and watch the epis…[View]
68740973I need to wake up at 7 but I can't sleep :([View]
68741591I'm probably cute enough to do gay things with because some fags on /lgbt/ told me I was good l…[View]
68740604>get invited by my sister and her bf to watch a movie yesterday >we go and see the movie …[View]
68738771Would becoming stylish and wearing expensive designer clothes help me with attracting women? t. 5…[View]
68740060I am a female. Ask me literally anything and I will answer unless it's a low effort shitpost or…[View]
68740679>26 >just found my first few grey hairs >still a virgin b-bros... It's actually over, …[View]
68741330Sex isnt really that hard. Big whitepill for me. All I had to do was lie about being a virgin, then …[View]
68740349why do white people hate white people so much i seriously feel like my filipino genes make me white …[View]
68741173would you date a girl with a creepy face[View]
68738518Do you have any synth pussy/onaholes/dolls? When did you start buying sex toys? Are you ashamed of t…[View]
68741280Do any of you believe in anything supernatural? Spirit realms, demons, ghosts, or ghouls? Any experi…[View]
68739484Just got a job and am starting tomorrow. I haven't worked in about 4yrs. I love being a neet. I…[View]
68739251Post what you're listening to, /r9k/. https://youtu.be/w6EswJkZrvA[View]
68741390Do you agree or disagree with the following? And why, if you care to share? >by leaving the marke…[View]
68741150I piss in the sink because I'm too lazy to open the toilet then flush[View]
68741214If I were a cop and I pulled over a woman wearing flip flops I would be really tempted to make her g…[View]
68741107The two biggest dystopian shitholes in the west.[View]

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