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50466837It's crazy how human beings evolve, as you grow older you watch social hierarchy, even with fam…[View]
50466755Was there moment in your life when you know if the outcome had been different, you would be in a dra…[View]
50466825hi Anon i been using this dateing app called pof message girls in my look rage or lower all some thi…[View]
50465554Neo Tokyo 2094: Does anyone else feel like they for some reason live in the future? Like in some cyb…[View]
50466759Tard stories thread? >be me >out smoking a cigarette after i do a but of shopping >leaning …[View]
50466775Hey robots, I got a laptop and don't really have an image folder on my desktop pc Can I have so…[View]
50466073>tfw just waiting to die[View]
50466727You may be an autistic virgins but at least you dress well right?[View]
50466705here this post is origin ale[View]
50465840Fuck tinder Fuck gooks Fuck this country[View]
50466627Hey friends, i have a crush on a work colleague and idk how to go about it bc she's Bi and has…[View]
50466448Goodbyes: Getting into bootcamp this very moment. This is probably my last post here, it was one hel…[View]
50466508post your bad luck RNG when you were born >tfw rolled the ginger white male with aspergers trait…[View]
50466128I have a theory: Intelligence is inherited on down from your family tree's past anxieties, and …[View]
50465310Non-virgins of /r9k/, what's the fastest you've gone from meeting a total stranger to fuck…[View]
50466405Why do nazis love interracial cuck porn so much?[View]
50466473Where can I see videos of bipolar people freaking out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-eUoXeIjbg V…[View]
50465971The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding: What knowledge do you seek, pilg…[View]
50466449Ohhhh.... Tired of the Strain and the Pain Ohhhh.... Tired of the Strain and the Pain[View]
50466437Experiences with your Father: You guys have any good stories of your Father (if you had one)? I…[View]
50465022>order take out >not gonna leave a tip Who else /devilish/ tonight?…[View]
50466123>you look like Charles Manson ate Helter Skelter Thanks mom...[View]
50463133Worse experience ever. Don't go there if you want a trap gf.[View]
50466371Holy shit bros! I over heard my best friend, oneitis talking about me to her work friends! They were…[View]
50464969When was the last time you actually had to work for a living?[View]
50459708This is how actually i dress. People probably think i try to be something im not, but this is natura…[View]
50466334>start doing creative things for other people >start getting really anxious and can't foc…[View]
50466298Hey r9k, how does it feel to know that in 100 years, the lifespan of humans will likely be substanti…[View]
50464614The Great Nofap Thread: Get in, share your streaks, share your experiences, share your plans/hopes/d…[View]
50464766>That 30's years old boomer who still never had any girlfriends, kissed or held hands Well s…[View]
50465999>go to the whorehouse >try to look as dapper as ever, even though I'm a bit drunk >am …[View]
50464751The music threads suck on this board unless we're arguing about why slayer is the only good ban…[View]
50465216Who here succesful neet? >have good job >college degree >not virgin >nice apartment home…[View]
50466219any robots familiar with what kind of scam this is supposed to be?[View]
50464281Twitter blackpills are the most nutritious[View]
50465506>everyone thinks women can be doctors now[View]
50464483might not wake up tomorrow: been high since saturday, head feels like stone and my heart feels like …[View]
50466039is an ugly creep with a hot gf automatically a Chad?[View]
50465222What's for dinner /r9k/? I made random vegetable blended soup and a grilled cheese.[View]
50465063Desperation: >tfw you're so desperate for money, you're actuall considering a gofundme …[View]
50465785>when a sissy white boi finishes sucking your BBC and swallows your load thanking you for enrichi…[View]
50465671>be me >having best sex of my life >she gets on my dick >starts going up and down >nu…[View]
50465941Ask a parasitic leech anything.[View]
50465928BEHOLD!: By way of anomaly, YOU have been visited by the Japanese phallus of tyranny. It is fleeting…[View]
50464179>that tripfag that always annoys you what's his name[View]
50465886>tfw every year there are less and less femanons to orbit because the Reddit incels keep scaring …[View]
50465266What's the best way to do a cool trick[View]
50465294I found out my sister is a prostitute. She refused to let me partake in her services and called me a…[View]
50464563I'm white, wide shoulders, dark hair and beard. About 5'9. Thinking about buying some simi…[View]
50463919why the fuck are cover letters a thing? god damn I hate them so fucking much[View]
50465836>tfw i find out i'm the village estupido[View]
50465832Im a real 4channer[View]
50465777Does this turn foot fetishists on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnGtUad0VB4[View]
50465816Let's tell stories of when being a HyperAutistic dumbass probably saved your life: I'll go…[View]
50465585>see picture of qt gril >want to hold hands and be my gf >penis stays down >give it mass…[View]
50465673>go to gamestop to sell old 360 games >they offer me less than a dollar for each (one offer wa…[View]
50461059>Thought long and hard about cheating on my boyfriend with Chad >Ultimately chose not to I am …[View]
50464858Can we get a skeletons feel thread? Tell us your weight, height and maybe post a picture. What did y…[View]
50465729Can anyone recommend a real authentic AI bot to speak with? particularly one that can actually remem…[View]
50465721>manlet >dicklet >brainlet >wristlet >hairlet >beardlet >mustachelet >facele…[View]
50465707has anyone got theat once discord that got termed but is around now and was a meme idk the name ktxh…[View]
50465406making money online is so hard. Like I want to design t-shirts for redbubble but I don't know h…[View]
50465269I want to suck a robot's cock[View]
50465394Why do my balls retract and get tight when its cold[View]
50465143how come some trans-women are real qts who try hard to be feminine and others are embarrassments who…[View]
50462897this is what peak feminity looks like in 2019: Whether you like it or not, this is what a breeding m…[View]
50463833>make post on 4chan >someone replies with a mean comment >feel genuinely bothered, hurt, an…[View]
50464653You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't have a tomboy gf to play vidya with.[View]
50465443>i decide to eat a mcdonalds cheeseburger in the fridge >i put it at the microwave >i put i…[View]
50465532Being cheating on: Since degeneracy is everywhere how can you seriously build confidence, trust and …[View]
50463309>walk around work all day politely smiling trying not to step on anyones toes >on the inside a…[View]
50465495>born too ugly to ever get a chance to experience love >can be as much of an asshole to women …[View]
50464363How angry will watching this make me?: I find the trailer really annoying but not rage inducing.…[View]
50465393*ruins your neighborhood*[View]
50464375ITT: We post games you are/were GOD-tier at >Diablo II >Diablo III >Battlefield 2 >Halo …[View]
50464573Femanons, what do you think of guys with long hair and beards like pic related?[View]
50465377>woke up today >feeling really good >decide today is going to be the day >call my robot …[View]
50465418Why is it that when I'm being myself am comfortable and confident in what I like, I still am no…[View]
50465321>She was wife material >family values >wants lots of white children >Christian >Howev…[View]
50463856Anyone else here hate this freak bitch? Imagine if a robot gunned her down[View]
50465196Do these look like guys you would hangout with?[View]
50465306i found ytf0rds face and voice: trollsec is about to have its head chopped off k3k https://anonfile.…[View]
50465204BE: I do not like it when people know about my circumstance, Sam I AM I will not react to orchestrat…[View]
50465280>smash mouth playing in the background 'Welcome to Americas stinkiest pussy with your host Tom B…[View]
50465270For me, its poke[View]
50464658> hi there! what would you like? w-what do??!!!!!!!!![View]
50464882I get sick of all the porn and talk about women but I have to remind myself that it is normal for yo…[View]
50464907>Anon, will you walk me home? My Baba doesn't like me to go anywhere unescorted by a man.…[View]
50465134Which matters more in communication? Intent or impact? You've probably seen this touted in SJW/…[View]
50446912Femanons, do you have a daddy fetish?[View]
50465126>it's another told my gf im not feeling well so i could go home early and drink alone in my …[View]
50464471>tfw no light scottish accent bf[View]
50465076Where do I find a person that wants to own me in every sense of the word? Everyone is such a pussy a…[View]
50464515Have you come to any realization or truth during all your time being a robot?[View]
50463914>ywn be a monk in medieval Europe living in a monastery >ywn wake up early in the morning and …[View]
50452325If your name gets called, you have to go to the board we tell you to go to instead of /r9k/ for a wh…[View]
50463928What's your favorite color Anon? Is it blue? Purple? Red?[View]
50463397Besides Jordi, are there any professional male porn stars under 27?[View]
50463997>tfw to scared to work night shift alone at a gas station manager says it's okay nothing hap…[View]
50453944Would you have been conscripted to Vietnam?: They randomized selection for 366 birthdays in the orde…[View]
50465009Vocaroo thread Topic: Life You people go first[View]
50460723I'm a 5'2' tranny and I want a 6'2' boyfriend to carry me places![View]
50463338>type funny thread >click clack on keyboard >accidently crush one of the bugs >get distr…[View]
50462808What does r9k think of Tay Tay?[View]
50461816If I pulled that mask off will you die?[View]
50458255>one chance at Iife >parents named me booby…[View]
50464661Hello, robots. Today I finally decided to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the courage and guts t…[View]
50463399Why are guys such pussies in anime?: So many slice of life, romance, and even some more action based…[View]
50463624Hey robots post your weirdest pepes you've got either hand made or stolen.[View]
50464764>be me >work from home as an artist >used to make a point to go out regularly with friends …[View]
50463042Should I tell my therapist I want to fuck her: >big shapely tits (sizeable but not comically big)…[View]
50462524that kid: i'll start >that kid who would act retarded to be funny…[View]
50464909I've been out of the relationship world for a while. Cute blond with freckles is at my uni, but…[View]
50464776I have a science idea Can you distill highly sexualized imagery to its purest form So much so it no …[View]
50464325Are Traps Gay?: No. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbBzhqJK3bg[View]
50464788I can't sleep cause of a chick, am I retarded?[View]
50463526Im losing it guys and I dont think Im gonna be able to find it once it is gone[View]
50460942Male problems vs Female problems.[View]
50464216>wake up 7am >'well I'll play playstation for a couple hours' >it is now 7:30pm when I…[View]
50464774I'll go where the wind takes me, but the wind isn't blowing.[View]
50463435reminder of tomboychan[View]
50464752drinking: chicken corn chowder tonight. hows it going bros?[View]
50464227I'm lonely. Anyone mind keeping an anon company? We can share meme's or talk, idk.[View]
50464191How many years will go by?[View]
5046283810/10 girls in porn: Why are 10/10 girls doing porn now?[View]
50462644>Be me, 18 >Yep, fuck this gay life >Take a lot of aspirins so blood gets thin >Get razo…[View]
50464001I got released from jail today. I'm kind of happy.[View]
50463771Why don't you have a girlfriend like that, anon?[View]
50462111ITT: Discord weirdness and gems I know there some interesting stuff out the on those robot servers.…[View]
50464644>Have some sort of parental lock on internet search >Can't go on 4chan >Fuckthis.jpeg …[View]
50457523ITT: Times that made you remember what a fucking loser you are: You know when you just have those mo…[View]
50463827>step into my class 1 minute before it starts >theres only 3 people in there >professor wal…[View]
50462665>Just decide to feel happy >actually feel happy…[View]
50464570>tfw got ghosted by a catfish[View]
50463926How is it possible to cope with being a dicklet? i'm fucking 5' erect, it's literal hell, …[View]
50464530Question: In football the quarterback yells out hut while he reaches in another grown man's ass…[View]
50464435>live in literally the coldest place in the world >only way to get exercise is walking on a tr…[View]
50464527Can I text my therapist funny memes or is that out of line? I really like him[View]
50464513Dominant Women: >*She glances down at her belt buckle >'Listen to me, or I am going to have to…[View]
50464342Stoic bullshit: Lately I've been feeling lonelier than ever, but also at moments finding myself…[View]
50463739Honor: Does honor matter to you? Personally I see the idea of concerning yourself too much with 'hon…[View]
50463806Are there any good places to smoke in public? I don't like making my car smell but I don't…[View]
50460126>go to uni class >loads of qt’s >want to kill myself…[View]
50457153Why is this women overfeeding herself like this?[View]
50463983>16 days into 2019 >still worthless[View]
50464403>be me >i've shit myself regularly since i was 2 >somehow managed to lead a fairly nor…[View]
50464332I'm right here anons and I won't ever leave you[View]
50464272who else /entrepreneur/ here? i got my own bakery a couple of months ago, stress is killing me but i…[View]
50461952Would you swap lives with Jake? Spend 3 months fucking a prime teen girl and spend the rest of your …[View]
50463822I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. What is 'that' for you?[View]
50461257Tight foreskin hell: Need advice or just some fucking discussion about circumcision and tight foresk…[View]
50462996Would you say that fapping to 3D girls gives them power over you, and if that's the case would …[View]
50460058This is your average fembot ass. Would you marry this?[View]
50463963Twitch Streamer: I just donated over 20 pounds to a twitch streamer AMA[View]
50464219>fell in love with an anime girl >literally nothing i do irl will ever matter to her because s…[View]
50464186Wake up anon: Dont let movies and Tv deceive you. Every experience you have will be seen through you…[View]
50464020I want to fuck this bird's voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeHX8zbIdsw[View]
50463947Whats your longest nofap streak? >20days[View]
50463629Can therapy help me if I'm a societal reject and a loser in every aspect of life.[View]
50463306Does anyone else get more depressed at night? Right around the time the sun sets, my mood drops and…[View]
50463957I feel sadness.[View]
50463720>And finally, can you tell me what you consider your greatest accomplishment? What do you respond…[View]
50461922A Good Old Fashion Data Collection Thread: Lots Of Questions Edition Not all need to be answered. …[View]
50463830Which era of Disney shows was mostly better?[View]
50463483Are insane people and criminals the only people with a soul that are left in society?[View]
50462570Going to graduate college after eight years in school: *Rant thread* I fucking hate my school. They …[View]
50463122>tfw no fembot gf to e-date and eventually meet and live together and happy…[View]
50463684Extreme loneliness: Anyone else here is also lonely for no apparent reason? >coworkers treat me a…[View]
50463812>Barely 2 weeks into the winter semester. God, I already fucking hate everyone in my classes. Eve…[View]
50463004/tfwnogf/ general - #1: Technically a reboot of /r9straight/, get in here and fill in on why you hav…[View]
50462123Why is there no news coverage on this?[View]
50462610How do you make good money as a trap?[View]
50458587seriously procreation should be fucking illegal for anyone who makes an income under $100,000 or at …[View]
50462616https://youtu.be/c16VjpGzqoQ: There it is you incels thats how you get pussy[View]
50463686>someone agrees/likes my post >keep tab open so I can look at it everyday to feel good…[View]
50463320>be me >gay >no u…[View]
50461919choose your position /r9k/[View]
50463270Is it wrong to record everything?: I've really gained a habit for voice recording my daily life…[View]
50462136>while europeans built this africans were still in mud huts[View]
50446624/Creative Robots/ thread: >Putting the Original back into /r9k/ Creators assemble! Post your art,…[View]
50462251Ask a McDonalds manager anything[View]
50462707Please read wavetitan: >be me >want pic related to use route 113 music more Please man it sou…[View]
50463051I swear satan is controlling my house or something or I have an evil demon or something for some rea…[View]
50462920I can't get over my oneitis. We dated on and off during high school and college. We're in …[View]
50461285Who /devilish/ here? >go on /r/schizophrenia >pick out a post that talks about suffering delus…[View]
50453042#femaleboycott2019: Time to do something productive. Let's boycott everything that is female. …[View]
50463310That man who said he would fuck his daughter on ``The View'' is in hot water for spelling …[View]
50462662>haven't seen her in over a month >think about her every day >only have her facebook p…[View]
50462864Do you like my meme? Also share me a meme you made.[View]
50463524>fuck coworker >she tells everyone I have a huge dick >its actually 6.5in >set up for di…[View]
50463519Greyhound thread, I'll start >be me >on greyhound bus on way home from university for win…[View]
50463515any labor cucks?: every wage cuck thread i've seen is shit like taco bell cooks or retail worke…[View]
50462719>Haven't had a true friend irl since elementary school >Now I spend all my time lurking r…[View]
50463473Tinder Experiments Thread, Post them please I want to archive them all[View]
50463183how do I get my neighbors dogs taken away and euthanized? there's a list of like 10 rules made…[View]
50459314losing your virginity: I need your opinions bots, would you consider losing your virginity something…[View]
50461263His reign of catching incels is finally over.[View]
50463124A girl told me she loves me, i somehow managed to fuck this up. I love her... and i lost her because…[View]
50462110So what actually does happen if you tell a judge this?[View]
50463398My gf's mom under the recent discovery that she has had sex b4 with her ex's has taken her…[View]
50463149I am retarded today: >be me >19M, in college >Cute girl I know and am interested in, let…[View]
50463223>grandma found the masturbation mannequin[View]
50463276Why do islamokips always do this finger waving thing?[View]
50463000>*sniff* >*sob* >h-hey,frens >f-rens where r u?…[View]
50463232>on my way home from art classes. >i have this brilliant idea. >put dicke on speaker. >b…[View]
50463025>have mouse infestation in house >be sitting on the couch in living room >see mouse scamper…[View]
50462364>if you post 100 unoriginal comments in a row you will be block on /r9k/ for over 100 years This …[View]
50460012What's it like being white trash? Don't these people want to change? Are they aware of how…[View]
50463101am i the only one seeing the blatant influx of zoomers here lately? You can tell just by the way the…[View]
50463234why do I find this dog so cute I want to eat him up and marry him[View]
50463203my life is such a waste of everyone's time and effort yet they keep me around for no reason[View]
50457549My IQ is 163. For those of you unfamiliar with IQ, this means I have 'genius-level' intelligence. I …[View]
50463129Whatever happened to Brooke?: Haven't been active on here for a few months. Can someone get me …[View]
50462823I realised today that I have inverted Asperger's. My social senses are too fine-tuned. Other pe…[View]
50461905Music that gets you motivated / happy: I think I can-the pillows[View]
50463065I'm at my limits. Why can't I just get shipped off to fight in a war? I can't stand t…[View]
50463026How do you cope with being low iq and destined to be a peasant forever?[View]
50461521> be hurrying back home and away from this gay world > accidentally bump into pic related >…[View]
50461839>accidentally hear your neighbour scream at his wife/kids >automatically start grinning due to…[View]
50462618Does anyone else like watching couples kiss each other? I'm not a cuck because i wouldn't …[View]
50462971>Get blocked by every girl after just one message Fuck me this is bullshit.…[View]
50462846>I don't give a fuck if you don't like my shit, cuz I was high when I wrote this so suc…[View]
50462617I would be a terrible gf because I have 0 sex drive and I know sex is one of the more important thin…[View]
50461968Is there a sci-fi series/comics more dissapointing than this? I was pretty drawn into it by the set …[View]
50462158>That feel when only attracted to dominant women. >That face when they don't exist. I lit…[View]
50462368Just ran and came back from gym Gonna do this everyday almost We're gonna make it robots[View]
50462923>tfw no qt femboi to succ my stikny NEET dick[View]
50462564Today I went to my Mothers grave for the first time since she died 13 years ago and I haven't w…[View]
50462860Which Hendrix Brands genetically engineered chicken best reflects your personality type? Are you the…[View]
50462281My brother's friends are coming over. Would it be weird to not let them into my room? It's…[View]
50462176Exit plan: Okay so I get payed on Friday and I want to escape my current reality and go somewhere el…[View]
50462807>mfw the family therapist sides with me[View]
50461736Does this Aussie meme have a name? Gonna dump my collection of him anyway, feel free to join in ye c…[View]
50462718What if the after life is just this life only...after? also I've been seeing Wes Craven[View]
50461750>die >get to look at all your stats, accomplishments, and productivity…[View]
50462323Command me how to fap /r9k/[View]
50459030What's the point of femdom?: At least I submit to the superior sex you know.[View]
50459841>go to gym for 3 years >lift the same weight as when I started…[View]
50462431>mfw qt3.14 said she liked my beard[View]
50458022Rap thread: My mom's as perverted as me She was burnin the trees durin maternity leave Dad was…[View]
50462029>the top rated post of all time on every subreddit is a net neutrality link Fuckin normies…[View]
50462302The worst or best part (depends on how you want to see it) when incels finally get a gf is that thei…[View]
50460673My hairline is receding . BALDCEL: Robots is this reversible? How did it happen? Stress? Genetics? F…[View]
50452592Feels Venting Thread: I just want to know that it's all okay. It has to be okay. I'm okay …[View]
50462645There's a brewery near my house that I go to once or twice every week, mostly because it's…[View]
50461786Does the near impossibility of your lives ever bother any of you? That no matter how hard you try, …[View]
50462569I found tumblr 2 Fucking hell it never ends https://librapp.com/[View]
50462485is it possible to transform an ex art-ho into a house wife???[View]
50462507>have to put on youtube videos or music in the background while i fall asleep because otherwise i…[View]
50462389Am I a sociopath or just a stupid alcoholic? >Laughed in my mother's face when she cried bec…[View]
50460416>chatting with a girl i like >going well, she's laughing at my stupid jokes >'psh anon…[View]
50462424I think mastering every board leads to getting a girlfriend[View]
50459517Daily reminder that LOOKS = PERSONALITY It's not because you have asperger, or because you…[View]
50461771Is there a single bigger design handicap than the Adidas stripes? Every shoe has to have the same du…[View]
50460919>sleep 12-16 hours a day >still tired all the time Should I bump it up to 20 or what?…[View]
50462381Is their a future for the white race?[View]
50462460>bullies found my autism dating website profile[View]
50462393Imagine an /r9k/ without buttholes littering the catalogue. Where men support each other. Not just w…[View]
50462089First post: Hello /r9k/ people, I heard that this frog is pretty popular here, so here ya go[View]
50462223would you guys be with me if I started a petition to allow doctor assisted suicides for anyone who w…[View]
50460053How often should a bf demand sex from his gf? I'm not a normie so I can't tell how much is…[View]
50462346Well Donny I made it, despite your directions.[View]
50462215Is eating a whole bag of chips in one go degenerate? I'm at half right now and I feel like I co…[View]
50461766hewwo fwends... howw do i poft this thwead? oh hewe go *click*[View]
50461022Stop polluting my board with your shitty non fitness related threads you fucking r9k incels[View]
50462172What would your flying pose be if you could fly? Superhero like, arms extended in front, or somethin…[View]
50461546>be me >a sissy femboy >out in public >boipussy starts ovulating >run to bathroom but…[View]
50462319> be me > got a new job again > everything is going well for once > people treat me like…[View]
50459825>being able to cum from a blowjob how much of a onions do you have to be lmao…[View]
50460408/r9k/ reaction image sharing.: Sharing is caring, anons. Disgust, brainlets, pepes, wojaks, anything…[View]
50459981Why do normies find the concept of an adult virgin male so ridiculous that they make a comedy movie …[View]
50462247R9k shes qt[View]
50461514>be me >14 >discover my one and only fetish Feminization/sissy/faggot shit >for the past…[View]
50461028>ugly >low intelligence >weak body from possibly low testosterone >people tend to not li…[View]
50459494>all this anticipation about wanting to try sardines >mixed expectations since people talk abo…[View]
50461500>mfw stacy tells me she has social anxiety[View]
50461375>be me, femanon >have lots of casual sex with hot guys >robots seethe with rage just knowi…[View]
50461764Quirky: Haaaaaaaayyyllloooooww! Why yousa not just data an quirkie girl? Anono? Seems I fund the ans…[View]
50462058look who my president is with while yours asks for hamburgers[View]
50458591>grandmother signed the DNR papers All things come to an end but knowing that it is right around …[View]
50459079>birthday is coming up >gf wants to buy me a gaming chair >don't want her to because i…[View]
50459381My parents are forcing me to get married to my cousin or they will disown me from the family.[View]
50461555/r9straight/: Final Edition Due to the low respond we got in the past 2 months, this is our last thr…[View]
50458879Femanons I need your help: I know we don't always see eye to eye, but I need your help, SO what…[View]
50461517Where do I find an asexual qt? I need me an asexual gf[View]
50461921You're better off being close to women. Trust me. They're absolutely draining, tiresome, r…[View]
50461515i need a job: i can draw i like anime[View]
50461692Why are they so racist?[View]
50461976Pee story thread: >be me >feel the urge >go to the toilet >unzip >stand cuz not a bet…[View]
50461520can someone name this roastie in the ad for research purposes please[View]
50461913Is Judaism the most discriminating religion there is? Jews believe they're the chosen people on…[View]
50459672Help with roasty: A roasty keep getting near me. She keeps staring at me with a smile on her face. A…[View]
50459965T H E C Y C L E: >can't take the bottled up pain of having a lame life anymore >reduce ti…[View]
50461885I'm a lazy fuck who's absolutely horrible at getting important shit done on time that requ…[View]
50457545Fellow fembots. What do you shclick to? For me it's usually a fantasy involving a man who looks…[View]
50461191Interracial sex makes me feel insecure: My hispanic 10/10 gf makes me cum loads in bed. She is passi…[View]
50459761if you are on this site and believe in god or support god in any way you are a fucking idiot. if you…[View]
50461040How do I find a girl who is stupid enough to date me?[View]
50459661One my gfs told me I should stop being a douchebag and start caring about other peoples feelings esp…[View]
50461770Femanons, can you explain to me why girls are so put off by me? It's like l have a curse that m…[View]
50460624any french bots want to go see versailles with me this weekend? pls I'm so lonely[View]
50461331Made quick oc before going to bed, pls rate.[View]
50461685This is YouTube as a human. What do you think of my drawing?[View]
50461755>one chance at life >not an abortion anyone know this feel…[View]
50460847Please always be kind and loving to animals :)[View]
50460775Is uni really a meme? i want to get some kind of qualification behind my name to try escape poverty …[View]
50461734>be me >get gf, meet up, make out >eventually she feels up my dick >it's gonna happ…[View]
50461000Entertainment society: Why is entertainment the most important and valued thing in our society right…[View]
50461273Trying to quit smoking weed and I havent eaten in 2 days...how do I get my appetite back[View]
50461101Is it true chefs have on average multiple burns on their faces?[View]
50461678Mistakes Thread: >tempted to look for suitable mate online >remember that the last woman I con…[View]
50461536>be loser >stay in my room all day and play vidya >actually socialize for once with someone…[View]
50461558well this is fucking annoying i wonder if my server gets deleted? this is porbably because i joined …[View]
50457946/britfeel/: new thread for the lad that wants to make a post[View]
50461526Guys >define 'normie'[View]
50460937What would the love of your life disguise as on halloween?[View]
50461255Any of you like trolling normie sites? Who are your main targets? I personally like to target chestl…[View]
50459926does anyone else here feel a slight buzz off cbd? I tried cbd the oil shit thats just cbd extracted …[View]
50459917>tfw no honcho bf[View]
50461246>be qt femboy >tfw only tiny art hoes pay attention to me >tfw no slim thicc 6ft tallbrapho…[View]
50459036What is it that you like about anime? If you enjoy it more than other mediums, what exactly does it …[View]
50461089Yesterday, Furious Pete announced that his remaining testicle would have to be removed due to the pr…[View]
50460980Is it normal that it takes me 2 hours to fall asleep?[View]
50459431was that the 5th or 6th ejaculation today? at least only 3 were to trannies[View]
50461451Do you feel lonely even among people? I can't stand it, even when I'm with friends I just …[View]
50460335/absurd memes/: Post absurd, odd or otherwise just obscure memes[View]
50461411>be me >take a shit >lose 2 kg after that Taco Bell is really good for losing some of your…[View]
50458944I think we should make a small rural community for robots (only males of course, women are thrash) i…[View]
50461164>be me >28, mommy's healthy 430 pound good boy >Watched the stock exchange last night,…[View]
50461327>tfw no ruined ancient cities to explore in the regrown hercynian forest with my cultish high iq …[View]
50461230Story time guys. 2013 >new guy in class >become friends because reasons >is an asshole to e…[View]
50460434Shitty relationship thread: Hop on the shitty relationships train /r9k/ it's story time >be …[View]
50459140>Like Women >Masturbate >Hate women How do you call this…[View]
50461145How the fuck are you suppose to read womens body language ?[View]
50460754Do you automatically grow up to become a freak when you're raised by a single mom?[View]
50460546Classy women: I've been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra tonight. In a lot of his songs he s…[View]
50461178Show me your collections[View]
50460579How am I supposed to succeed in life when I have feet like these? I got a bogus ass deal in life, I…[View]
50459921WTF IS HAPPENING. I feel completely hollow but 100x more than usual over the past few days. Nothing …[View]
50461024Are all women whores or nah? http://www.strawpoll.me/17244765[View]
50458987Should l text my therapist funny memes or is that out of line[View]
50458637>have gf >Invite her >She leans in >firstkiss.mp4 >She did it >Tells me to do it o…[View]
50461055What percentage of adults have casual sex on a regular basis? Every month? Every 3 months? Every 6 m…[View]
50461018is living in a small town literally the worst thing that can happen to you? yes it is. I talk to th…[View]
50461088>whitebois think its their country to tell us to go back to our own countries.…[View]
50461080this is a thread about my high school crush >be me >15 y/o >go to high school >NewScho…[View]
50458593Can lack of confidence make you dumber? Back when I was like 16 I thought I was like the smartest ki…[View]
50459129Anyone got that reaction image of that fed up looking anime grill with real eyes? I need it.[View]
50457778How does someone become a known tripfag?: Im jealous of Thalia. I have tough skin unlike that whore.…[View]
50460580How can I trick a cute teenage girl into having sex with me? I'm an 18 year old KHV but I'…[View]
50459769enjoy the daily 2 hr unpaid commute, wagie :) thx for your taxes.[View]
50460596Most autistic moment of life: >Some girl in math class lookin at me >Ignore her >She keeps …[View]
50459159hey anon, want to cheer up? sadly it wont happen but you can join a shitcord for fun??? come see gg/…[View]
50460950Is 21 considered young?: Is there still hope for me or am I a hopeless autistic oldfag?[View]
50460961>'Hey do you want to go ou.....*delete* >'Hey......'*delete*…[View]
50458842So I'm all like should I open this? and anon is like yeah brah What do?[View]
50460668Talk about why THICC Latinas are the best wives on the planet.[View]
50460932>be me on instagram >see a post saying something along the lines of dont make offensive jokes …[View]
50460916Did Homura do the right thing? What do you guys think?[View]
50460915Don't worry he knows.: Found her robots. On facebook What do?[View]
50456866/black pill/ (not incel one): It never gets better. it only gets worse. nihilist is the best way to …[View]
50460444is it true anti dandruff shampoo is actually horrible for you hair and scalp? it would seem so to me[View]
50459808Help me anons >meet girl at writers group I plucked up the courage to attend >she's a rea…[View]
50459777do i really need to shower every day? i'm trying to ease back into the world after an intensive…[View]
50460699we're gonna make it fellas[View]
50459978>be me taking game design class at community college >first two classes are with same exact te…[View]
50460868Genetics are everything, fuck this planet. Just skimmed Normiebook again, guy 1: 200 friends, IQ aro…[View]
50459453Is there any way to force yourself into becoming a devout Christian? I honestly really want to live …[View]
50458871I'm making tacos Come sit down robots[View]
50459327Are you gonna tell her this year or will you keep it inside until it starts burning a hole?[View]
50460800Anyone else here /work for dad/? how's it going lads[View]
50455870>there are people on r9k who graduated high school after 2006[View]
50457758I always do this to myself: >Always be a whore >Insecure >4/10 without makeup >7/10 with…[View]
50460770You realize that suffering is an option, right? Through modest self-inquiry, you can gain insight in…[View]
50459045Any anons ever try to do the chade stride whenever they see someone they like & fail miserably? …[View]
50459396>psst did you hear? anon is gay >ewww really? i knew it that why he's so creepy well, wha…[View]
50458663Brit appreciation thread: bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit bwit…[View]
50459861>2019 >Being a uncutfag GET OFF THE BOARD FAGGOT…[View]
50460054I honestly just have a fucking question to ask. Across all boards, why the fuck does reddit spacing …[View]
50460659Time for a sad tale >be me, 2nd grade >Transferred to a normal class after several years of be…[View]
50457330I keep thinking of taking 5000 euro from my bank account and spending it on some worn down house in …[View]
50460502>walking down street >lock eyes with girl >she looks down and then adjusts her hair Should …[View]
50458667Have you ever met your doppelgangers?[View]
50459293Is it weird to spit on your dick when you jerk off?[View]
50459749>NEED to get blacked >don't want HIV Is there a worse fucking feel bros…[View]
50457737Childhood sexual experiences thread anyone? Preferably hetero.[View]
50459481story time: >be me >3 year old beta >super intelligent boy >bored in class >decides t…[View]
50458361Guys there is hope..[View]
50450920Write letters to people. Just don't be that weird diety-poser faggot.[View]
50456926What the fuck does this picture mean?[View]
50459107>left pc open with hentai on it >dad saw it as he was laving room while i was in bathroom >…[View]
50460449>be me >half black >raised super white >african dad and russian mom >mfw black people…[View]
50458789I'm unironically a gay anime-loving basedboy that tries to act like a moe anime girl Tell me wh…[View]
50459100I feel super empty right now Had a hookup with a tinder date last sunday, only time I've ever h…[View]
50460426Lots of people claim to hear Jesus: And Ive been praying and trying to hear Jesus forever but instea…[View]
50457533>you will never ever ever ever ever ever have a loving girlfriend[View]
50459809>mom thinks I'm having the time of my life in college Can't see she my facial expressio…[View]
50460028If you have Asperger's you need to stop browsing here[View]
50459996>be me >black autistic nerd How fucked am I?…[View]
50460324Have you ever thought that maybe there are genes related to being single? > My maternal grandpare…[View]
50460120>Phone three surgeon offices asking for a pair of breasts >None of them asked any questions, w…[View]
50458868They say to find work you need to be both the best at what you do and the most well-liked. I am neit…[View]
50458883Is it weird to watch porn with your gf (assuming you had one)?[View]
50459504Why are the sisters always so hot and well adjusted?[View]
50459383>rich family offers to let me stay with them for free so i dont have to live with my extremely ab…[View]
50431769/DRUGFEELS/: Blue Monday anons what you doing / feeling?[View]
50457505>just made this account >3+ likes before I even finished the bio FUCKING KEK…[View]
50459871>Buying me and my mom chinese food >they give me my food >wait for all of 5 minutes for the…[View]
50459606Doe s anyone else prefer anime movies to series? Lately I've been binging them >Ghost in the…[View]
50459152Why is incel the worst insult in the world now ?[View]
50459539I want a romantic relationship with another male[View]
50459851Feels thread: Pee on the seat edition[View]
50459827>want to use tinder but it's full of normalfags where could one find non-normies to date? pi…[View]
50457044The duality of woman.[View]
50456854brownons, what are your experiences with racism? >be in class >get assignment >have to do i…[View]
50456685> Just because I fucked you last night doesn't mean we're in a relationship kid. Stop s…[View]
50458632So at what age does it become extremely difficult for a decent looking and wealthy guy to attract a …[View]
50459158I just came all over my sleeping mom. I'm a bad guy. Really bad guy.[View]
50459666who else here is way too lazy??[View]
50459312>Rich people say money doesnt make you happy ShutupshutupshutupShutupshutupshutupShutupshutupshut…[View]
50458824<be me (Reddit fag \never posted on 4 chan before ) decide to make greentext I put Pepe in there …[View]
50459352All of you lost oh my gosh: All of you will eventually get married to the whores you detest so much …[View]
50453799words normies don't know: >troglodyte >neanderthal >dyson sphere >chemical shock …[View]
50458191hey guys,wahddya think about my Original content[View]
50453775Why do you people hate tattoos , dyed hair and other such: Idk, I am a game artist and a painter on …[View]
50459640Pure torture: I keep biting the inside of my fucking cheek while trying to eat. So fucking painful, …[View]
50459534Welp I graduated college without ever making a friend or going out, havent had one or hanged in 10 y…[View]
50459584>at the bank today >roastie flirting with male teller >she mention she has a kid >he sta…[View]
50459245>i daydreamed about being born as a girl instead of a guy and dating/marrying a friend again why …[View]
50457762>'ready for our date, anon?' how does one respond?[View]
50455475I'm meeting my online friend for the first time today and I'm spending the day with her. I…[View]
50459495I'm 20 and about to go on the first date of my life Not really expecting anything out of it, he…[View]
50456879jannies can see every post you made[View]
50458851Having children is immoral. Consciousness is a nightmare. Stop breeding.[View]
50454921WAAAAH women want to have sex with attractive men WAAAAH[View]
50459209>mfw fembots run this board now We did it ladies[View]
50458644You know what Pac stands for? PAC. Program and Control. He's Program and Control Man. The whole…[View]
50456371Femanons: When you pull up your leggings, is it because they dont fit right or because you want the …[View]
50459300/DoomTunes/: >Where are you , my mother? >Sweet and lovely, I fervently seek your motherly lov…[View]
50458033>tfw fapping to non lewd plain face pic of e-gf is this what being in love is like?…[View]
50459223I've come to the realization that anxiety is a spook. For literally any action you take, and wo…[View]
50456426do you have any stories about people getting hit in the balls? what are they?[View]
50458418Does anyone else get vagina envy? I don't think I want to be a woman, but I look at my dick and…[View]
50459181If nobody cares about my interests why should I care about theirs? Why be such a faggot and continue…[View]
50458422>Put the cummy in the jar w-what do!??![View]
50458681>be 30 >sleep with a plushie Anyone here does this?…[View]
50459087unconventional virgin vs chad memes: post any virgin vs chad memes you have that are originally draw…[View]
50455546apparently if you get to stick your penis inside a vagina even for a split second, some kind of scie…[View]
50459060>masturbate 3-4 times a day when it's a wageslave day >masturbate 7-8 times a day when I …[View]
50454053Just cummed twice in the pussy with no rubber, how fucked am i?[View]
50459054does anyone else fantasize about getting murdered? i picture myself walking home and being abducted …[View]
50459034How do I deal with the fact that the reality I would be happy in is not real nor will ever be real? …[View]
50459031>23 year old man >already hit the wall[View]
50457994Why do married men seem to get off on stringing innocent young girls along and playing with their he…[View]
50458332>born in the middle of fucking nowhere >literally nothing to do >everyone around me is a fa…[View]
50458366opinion on memes like this?[View]
50458193What the fuck do I do with my life lmao?[View]
50458862WHAT ARE THEY PUTTING IN AMERICAN FOOD? >15 YEARS OLD >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-0E3N5…[View]
50458923>be me >3 months old >suck on my mom's tities >basicaly had foreplay >which impl…[View]
50458706How can I turn myself into a strong man and a father figure if I had none growing up?[View]
50458860>be me >have qt3.14 gf >gf goes under blanket >gf doesn't come out >cry…[View]
50458543>molest a girl >she sends me a letter to stop molesting her Hahaha thats not all >i don…[View]
50458406i feel like I've completely changed as a person. it just happened over night and i don't k…[View]
50454303>boyfriend talks to his dead sister[View]
50455901Lyrics that resonate with you: >Don't do drugs, sell them, make it rain umbrellas >Go and…[View]
50457990>tfw my net worth is 0$[View]
50458642Of all the people on the board, it's the zoomers who do nothing but post bait all day. Someone …[View]
50457964post a cool pic[View]
50458061>weird flex but ok don't say this[View]
50457299Would you be in a relationship with a dark elf in real life?[View]
50458399How can you improve your behavior to be nicer? I constantly insult people, even people I actually li…[View]
50458646Is /r9k/ dying? haven't been here for a while and looks dead.[View]
50454974Femcel feels thread: >TFW you will never be a qt retail slave at a big box store and get hit on b…[View]
50456351Reminder >fuck incels >fuck normies >fuck LARPfags this board has gotten worse and worse, b…[View]
50458615have a job interview in just under 1 hour: i fucking hate wagslaving i have been NEET only 6 months …[View]
50458323How are you good to women: I can't be good to women im always mean to them idk why im not even …[View]
50458254I keep crying like a pathetic girl[View]
50458573Greentext autism: >be me >be 12 >Not the coolest kid back then >Got invited to a birth d…[View]
50457108There has to be a way to scam normies and or thots. Any ideas?[View]
50458467>on SSRIs >feel no different to when I wasn't on them Shit…[View]
50458324Overhead on class today >I am so scared to go to PE anymore because a guy keeps making of fun of …[View]
50458488I would like to feel the warm embrace of another human.[View]
50458534>tfw no lycanthropy bf[View]
50457258Man, I sure do fucking hate black people.[View]
50457612add me on MAL bros https://myanimelist.net/profile/kurokona[View]
50458501>mfw the brain fog comes back hurrheheheh aheh... AHEHdungfuir[View]
50458468Seriously lads, How do I get a bf like this?[View]
50457879I swear satan is controlling my house or something or I have an evil demon or something for some rea…[View]
50458415Send me ur most awkward moments when u were in school. I'll start off. >be me >4th grade …[View]
50455221smug noodel[View]
50458368Why has the internet and the world turned to shit? I mean it was always bad, don't get me wrong…[View]
50458280>no longer khv Now what[View]
50458327hi originalIAISL[View]
50457399would you fuck a girl?[View]
50456881>in class >sit alone behind chad >he's on his phone during lecture >gets text >f…[View]
50458277Fembots, if you arent bleaching and lasering your asshole, how do you expect to beat out a qtboi for…[View]
50458095Do bullies vote Republican or Democrat? I think they vote Democrat since most bullies are sexually p…[View]
50458103Posting Gwen Stacy everyday until i get a fembot gf who looks similar >Day 2…[View]
50456494Newfags: What boards did you used to enjoy before newfags ruined them? >/r9k/ Filled with faggots…[View]
50452036Even ex-cons have jobs anon. What's your excuse?[View]
50458093Why won't my parents listen to me? Why won't they acknowledge me when I talk about me fina…[View]
50457532>be me >have amnesia >can't remember the greentext i was about to write just 1 minute …[View]
50457820Oh hey anon, I didn't hear you come in. Care to give me a foot rub?[View]
50458102I fucked up lads... it's my last semester and I decided to take a creative writing class becaus…[View]
504580412nd(?) rekt thread-not OP edition: A second(?) rekt thread, post all you got. Or not.[View]
50458048I quite literally hugged God[View]
50455562>mom wakes me up >forgot to cover myself with my blanket before I slept >she saw my dried …[View]
50457813Whats a good comeback to >you're a friendless virgin who spends all his time in his room wi…[View]
50455895Would you be happier if you wasn't a virgin?[View]
50457877Any diagnosed schizoids on this board who managed to find and maintain a relationship? What kind of …[View]
50458028Why are women so fucking unstable these days?: Among the highlights, people in the 50-plus age brack…[View]
50456208>W-what was the sound? Is someone out there?[View]
50458009oi mates! thanks for the bux wagies :D comfy life[View]
50457842Akechi Anon: Hey Anon who posted Akechi the other day, do you have discord? I don't know if you…[View]
50456091>just travel to Asia bro, it's easy pussy bro Fuck anyone who says this garbage. Fuck this s…[View]
50452919MATH VS ART: >math is the most important thing in life >99% of people prefer art, entertainmen…[View]
50457969>leave country; go overseas >no problems (everything is logical and normal) >stay in countr…[View]
50457496>trying to sleep >thinking about death again and how we will be nothing and stop breathing to …[View]
50457406Is being competitive about happiness a healthy mindset?[View]
50455883>put in a genuine effort to try and be outgoing and social >only people who want to talk at al…[View]
50457942the girl I've started dating is not not kinky, and I am very kinky (and submissive). She is sti…[View]
50456988It repulses me whenever I see an unattractive guy in a relationship. They don't deserve that pr…[View]
50456844>you post photo of girl I kill u hurr[View]
50457911BiBi and Alai needle sex[View]
50457594Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
50457524You know you're not okay when you no longer like your taste in music[View]
50457231what do fembots think of pick related?[View]
50456581I have unironically believed that the Jews pull the strings in our world since I was at least 14 yea…[View]
50456843what is r9k's stance of bananas?[View]
50457564Call me captain obvious but, Incel and Robot are two things that overlap but, are not the same thin…[View]
50457479>be me >find 4chan and learn that r9k is for people like me >ask robots how not to be a fag…[View]
50456990Incels: >You literally have no excuse now[View]
50455247Is 14 old enough to know what you want out of a relationship?[View]
50453686>Day 0110001 00110100 of black gf quest >still don have black gf GIB NOW…[View]
50457674It's 2019 and you can still get killed for saying the 'n' word.[View]
50457171>virgin for 19 years >already gave women up for trannies when i was 14 How do you meet up with…[View]
50456800Is some fembot here looking for an e-bf?[View]
50457136>School starting up again >Don't want to have to talk to people >Want to make friends …[View]
50457672>not looking in the mirror episode is back I spend hours looking at my reflection. Now I'm a…[View]
50457374>tfw spent 7 hours lurking and refreshing multiple boards again and will spend another 9 before g…[View]
50452007Camwhore hate thread: Press S to spit on this cockslut[View]
50457395There is real hope for you yet anon https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/man-set-worlds-first-he…[View]
50454205/britfeel/: comfy rainy morning edition[View]
50457161What was the cutest thing a girl has ever said to you? >'Oh wow, I never would have expected this…[View]
50456885I just took a massive shit. Fuck, it was huge. And ROCK HARD. I wiped my ass after and there was blo…[View]
50457466>literal faggot from work killed himself >he fucked and sucked dick on the daily >everyone …[View]
50457506>blew a hernia >job invoves lifting heavy stone >too stubborn to go to doctor because work …[View]
50456513>hahaha someone stabbing themselves and dying from it is funny XD lmao lol ikr Reminder that the …[View]
50456802Penis Care general?: Hello /fa, recently I have grown dissatisfied with the way I clean and maintain…[View]
50456422Pic related was my snot after railing addy. Looked funny so I thought I would post[View]
50457248>tfw you got nowhere to ve[View]
50457362>tfw a girl is genuinely nice and caring towards you STOP IT! I'M TRYING TO BE AN APATHETIC,…[View]
50455930What would you do if you were stuck in this situation?[View]
50456388what's the probability to survive by tie hanging?[View]
50436787/r9gay/ - #584 Repentage edition: I am so disappointed in this gen. I fought for this before it exis…[View]
50454817Why did they leave us ?[View]
50457296It's not too late, sort yourself out[View]
50457310I'm here. That's about all i can say in regards to myself and my life. I barely exist, i n…[View]
50457328Pastebin thread: Because why the fuck not edition. https://pastebin.com/[View]
50457199Daily reminder to supplement your diet with D3 vitamin.[View]
50457239>mfw trannies did a psyop over many years to instill hate towards women here >they created all…[View]
50457236>in class >horny >see a Chad walk in >crotch bulge gets bigger…[View]
50456780>last week boss told me to go to work today >tfw I'm off according to the official update…[View]
50456341I like to argue or post things on 4chan that I don't necessarily agree with so I'll get re…[View]
50455732Anyone else too much of a normie to be a full on robot but too much of a robot to be apart of societ…[View]
50457285>be me 2 days ago >driving home from uni >forget to put seat belt on >ten minutes in rea…[View]
50455752Comfy Times: Post some comfy or happy memories.[View]
50453092Why does this image anger white women so much?[View]
50456549I gave it my all, got a degree, wenz to the gym 3 times a week, got some 'friends' and I'm stil…[View]
50456307Friendly reminder that this is 100% heterosexual.[View]
50456673Well I'm too fucking poor to afford anymore cigarettes, how miserable am I going to be for 6 da…[View]
50457126greentext: >Be me a 20 year old girl, has had this fart fetish for as long as I can remember. …[View]
50457146>tfw 185cm (6') >tfw used to be 143kg (315 lbs) >tfw started pescetarian clean eating …[View]
50453679/r9k/craft: join the chad of minecraft servers chadcraft.apexmc.co[View]
50456468/pol/ and /r9k/ both simultaneously BTFO by @seanyboydraws. How do you feel about this?[View]
50456731NOOOO I can't believe it b/ros!!! anon is quit the rap game Its impossible noooooo! he said he…[View]
50455141>tfw no fembot gf to ride my dick[View]
50456894Why does everyone always make fun of me? :(: My friends, my family, strangers. It just hurts U_U…[View]
50457074foreigners: so this romana THOT in the uk is try to take are NEET money, she is soo bad and English …[View]
50456538Any scotty bots on the line this today ?[View]
50455750wtf happened to this sub: it used to be full of virgin incels cracking jokes and venting. Now people…[View]
50456382should I just kill myself? does it really get better?[View]
50452340>'I'm just looking for friends, not interested in relationships' >add a person >he eit…[View]
50455758bad feels thread: >can't sober up to save my life >try to sober up for the umpteenth time…[View]
50456773>Housewarming party in 4 hours for my new apartment >All my friends coming with beer, and food…[View]
50456923>He knows all the hip reddit memes and is up to date on them which lets him know who is a reddite…[View]
50456662can i eat dis?[View]
50456518Did they actually ban the sissy threads? Did something good actually happen on this board?[View]
50450073Have you femanons ever thought 'My life would be so much better if I were prettier'?[View]
50456544>when he has no job or education but he just got out of jail[View]
50453256All 'people' who dont have aspergers need to leave[View]
50456717Females are so fucking disgusting, their boobs , tits butts pussies , woah fuck I really hate them ,…[View]
50456575>be me 5min ago >home alone so decided to fap >I take som of my moms long socks to wear whi…[View]
50456459I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK I'm gonna cry. I don't wanna.[View]
50456753can't argue with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tY58VfZl1Y[View]
50456734When you get rejected by a fat retard because you are a fat retard.[View]
50456498What's the closest, legal scenario you can think of to owning a slave girl IRL?[View]
50455185I'M GOING TO DO IT I'M GOING TO FALL FOR THE UNI MEME. I have no qualifications and nothin…[View]
50456658I have a serious gf I might have children with someday, and I really gotta say if I have a daughter,…[View]
50455421gay paypigs: Is it possible to use gay dating apps to find some homo for bux? I'm not doing any…[View]
50448293I sometimes feel bad about talking to women using facts and logic, because I know they can't ha…[View]
50456419I left the rap game b/ros and here's why it matters-[View]
50454919Test UwU[View]
50456156>birthday coming up soon in a few days >don't even feel happy or excited about it >mai…[View]
50456547Was he right? Are we all prisoners of our own selves? I have thought a lot about this Despite the b…[View]
50455955I did absolutely nothing of value today 14 hours and 17 minutes my computer has been continuously ru…[View]
50456069what are your thoughts on this guy? is what he says true? did he help you/is he helping you?[View]
50456482This is what Wagies have to put up with for minimum wage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPRFz31d7p…[View]
50456514hey anon, want to cheer up? sadly it wont happen but you can join a shitcord for fun gg/QzfbUUE gg/G…[View]
50456485if your grandparents are from italy, tell me what they're like something about italian grandpar…[View]
50456395Win an argument no one's making[View]
50456447>tfWHEN gf[View]
50456228Self impovement general: >What is your current situation? >What is the situation you want to b…[View]
50456315It's first first evening of college today and I'm nervous. Should I go to the pub first fo…[View]
50456387Mushrooms and what to do: So I dont know if I want to grow mushrooms or just buy them, only problem …[View]
50454006What are your earliest memories on the internet? What did you do before discovering 4chan?[View]
50451696can femanons fucking explain how we can tell if a girl likes us, or if she likes us likes us? what d…[View]
50453590>2010 was 9 years ago original post[View]
50447632I miss him every day /b/ros...Why did they kill him? What the FUCK did he know?[View]
50455477*walks into job interview* >Hai, Im John, Im 22. I like hugs and coffee and bands. :3c…[View]
50455639I hate the fact that i was born at a wrong time. >Not born just in time to fight in WW2 >Not b…[View]
50455114So with all the spam of femcel threads that are going on here, I guess this is the new /r9k/ unfortu…[View]
50456274>i want to rub my penis inside a woman's vagina[View]
50456268>tfw she is neither ugly nor attractive[View]
50456185Go hold hands with your crush Come back with results![View]
50455231>the mom won't ever agree to kiss you on the lips before bed and in the morning Is that too …[View]
50454308Why can't I turn off my desires? I know I'm a useless neet who lives with his parents, and…[View]
50454397Waiting for employers to respond to my applications, if i dont get an interview soon ill end my fuck…[View]
50453466how autistic are you? how mentally ill are you?[View]
50455731>just want a gf to cuddle with, hold hands, go on dates together and be with every day >to pro…[View]
50456195>tfw you're slowing yourself down[View]
50454541>talk to a smart girl that reads shit ton of books >is uninteresting >no Bantz or witty rem…[View]
50453685Do fembots have stinky butts and feet?[View]
50456190The white race is the master race.[View]
50453334Ephebephilia and hebephilia are perfectly natural and normal male behaviour.[View]
50453789>tfw there was a time where you only masturbated because you were horny and not because you neede…[View]
50455649Is the dark web even a real thing? Whats there to do on the dark web?[View]
50455493Spent my whole day alone in college >Class in cancelled I don't even know why I bother.…[View]
50456097>Accidentally made eye contact with the woman that works at the front desk when I came in for wor…[View]
50456025>Girls don't like me because they're all whores[View]
50454287Ever been to a 4chan meetup?[View]
50455670Why do you still browse this board despite there being no original content, ever?[View]
50450471Aiko didn't deserve any of the shit Punpun put her through.[View]
50455727i still live with my parents,my little brother has diyslexia (they didnt take it well at all).I alwa…[View]
50455544> cant understand the concept of love > begin to think of everyone and everything as a part of…[View]
50455715One of these dias you'll see![View]
50455877whats his end game?: Psycho eyes. Lizard stare due to lack of mammalian limbic system[View]
50454036>tfw you're friendly but not friendly enough I lose hope in our friendship the first moment …[View]
50454539Didnt eat today, again.[View]
50455417Any fembots who are in good physical and mental shape want an Aryan qt bf? Well look no further. I …[View]
50455836READING OF THE DAY: A Reading from the Letter to the Hebrews HEB 2:14-18 Since the children share in…[View]
50455561FUCK FUCK FUUUUCK >24yo khv >crushing loneliness and depression >suddenly oneitis >by so…[View]
50455799>tries to post on /r9k/ multiple times >succeeds but wants to edit post >deletes post …[View]
50453596Anybody ever have some completely inexplicable shit happen to them? Like right now, some parts of m…[View]
50455712Lul. Women are literally deprived of actual masculinity and not tryhard tier muh masculinity or crin…[View]
50454438I was doxxed yes. I drank a bottle of bleach yes. But Im still alive. You probably all know who I am…[View]
50453599what's the most disgusting dirty depraved degenerate desperate things you've done ? what a…[View]
50454814Why is it so fun to mentally abuse my girlfriend? I love to play with her feelings, ignore her, get …[View]
50455669Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50453274Stop using my pics you unfunny faggot.[View]
50455063dont be a pussy, you know this is true gamers rise up we will no longer be seen as the most opressed…[View]
50447338What does /r9k/ think of Crystal Cafe/femcels?[View]
50455623>'I hate girls, I hate happy people, I hate relationships, it's stupid!' >'fuck women I w…[View]
50451376Femanons: What's the greatest number of men you have attracted to yourself at once?: Did you ev…[View]
50451127Toe: Spotted this weird shit on my toe a couple years ago. What the fuck is this? Am I going to die,…[View]
50455021what are some romantic ways to die >ship wreck >motorcycle accident >shotgun suicide in th…[View]
50454790I just want to hear a female voice say nice things to me: I'm so lonely now I just want to hear…[View]
50454032insomnia squad: anyone else insomnia right now? >10 min ago >finally feeling tired to try to s…[View]
50452209who here /stuck in limbo/? >normies hate you and shun you for not living life like them, not bein…[View]
50452133Genetics/Luck > Effort: Sexuality aside, would you commit suicide for being a 5'5' male? Ki…[View]
50454699Favorite Food?: What's your guys' favorite food/snack, preferably one you can make yoursel…[View]
50454453What are the best teas for nighttime sipping?[View]
50454749Internet Archaeology: 1. Go to https://wiby.me/surprise/ 2. Post results Or post something else that…[View]
504552904chan was right: >be me >be 17 >have a female cousin >she has a black boyfriend >they…[View]
50453157But..... Steel is heavier than feathers..... I dont get it.[View]
50455209I feel like I want to try bangin a nig nog... I know I could cause I'm a white guy, but I would…[View]
50455142Well anons been a tough few days, I lost my job, my health seems to be declining badly (I have perio…[View]
50453378I NEED a fat blonde gf so bad.[View]
50415436OFFICIAL /R9K/ MBTI THREAD: MBTI TIME BOYZ >your mbti >your age >the mbti of your oneitis/c…[View]
50454427Is writing iCarly fanfiction gay?[View]
50453509Fuck pewdiepie: Personally i think an aspergers diagnosis should be requires to browse this board…[View]
50455087>be me >8 year old child >go through unexpected asthma attack >a mixture of type two br…[View]
50449561>mfw another 6 months and I'll be passable[View]
50453326Fun Thread: Okay /r9k/ I woke up at 4 in the afternoon yesterday, and I need to stay awake until 10:…[View]
50453493Who am I?: >has at least 5 different hobbies for her whole life >drops almost all of them grow…[View]
50454830guys don't leave me, i feel so depressed and lonely.[View]
50453734im gunna fap muh bepis HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG[View]
50453205Boomer vs zoomer: The battle of taste Post your favorite girls from tv shows,cartoons,videogames,an…[View]
50454299Learned anything useful from this board? Why do you come here every day?[View]
50453473Female reporting in. Just want to say I feel really unsafe in this world. Especially when you look o…[View]
50452505is robotripping worth it? i'm thinking about buying a couple bottles of robotussin when i get a…[View]
50452918/mischief/: >go on /r/schizophrenia >pick out a post that talks about suffering delusions >…[View]
50454697>overqualified for most min wage wagecuck jobs >lack the experience to get a better job than t…[View]
50454812>tfw exclusivly masturbating to skinny grannies as a 25 year old gentleman…[View]
50451788This is literally the ultimate proof women are shallow as fuck and have no sense of art whatsoever. …[View]
50453702Let's say I don't want to be a robot anymore. I'm a neet with no friends but I work o…[View]
50454445>tfw you will never, literally never, be exceptionally good at something…[View]
50453198Post r9k approved manga Dumping chapter cause I like this manga.[View]
50454627opinion on frogposting in >current year?[View]
50454077>Tfw the poop knife trick actually worked Thanks, guys.[View]
50452843I know that it won't really become law for about another 5-10 years, but I really feel that I s…[View]
50453966>single unisex toilet at work >take MASSIVE dump >it won't flush >fuckfuckfuckfuck …[View]
50452674post your squarecash and I will send you $15 first come first serve[View]
50454544>be actress in a premium channel tv show >whenever I'm out in public with crew buddies an…[View]
50453683How would you feel about a gf who was really into bugs?[View]
50454353You think there is any solution to this? We are all ignorant. You can spend your entire life dedicat…[View]
50453946Why don't more of you try investing in the stock market? If you put a few grand in there you ca…[View]
50454484all the 'step' sibling porn is triggering me, why are they all 'step' and not just roleplaying actua…[View]
50453226How much of a loser do you have to be to care about Bill Maher in 2019? lol at incel being such a ma…[View]
50448994Who did this...?: Which one of you incels is responsible? Asking for a friend in marketing.[View]
50437813Waifu General - /waifu/ #32: No edition edition Previous thread: >>50403263[View]
50452257Anyone else feel insulted when they get referred to as 'not a true spider'?[View]
50451868Longest you've gone without showering?: Would you believe me if I told you I haven't showe…[View]
50454222I just signed up for an accounting diploma in my mid-twenties after being a NEET for years (crashed …[View]
50454155How do I take a qt tomboy lesbian and make her straight? For scientific purposes of course...[View]
50454136>can't get gf >incels so much can't even be gf >get best Bro >Give HRT to Bro…[View]
50450629happiness: Serious question, is happiness a real thing? I hear people talking about it all the time,…[View]
50451299Why is it so hard to make friends? I try hard talk with people and hoping they'll like me, but …[View]
50452482>You used to get excited to this[View]
50453883>older sister used to train me how to fight and how to survive the elements…[View]
50452730what should i watch on crunchyroll my dudes?[View]
50452989how do we get rid of all the women in this board[View]
50453948Dreams: I had this dream that my cousin was shaving my head right and then there was a knock at the …[View]
50453897World's 'loneliest' frog gets a date: He's an inspiration to all of us https://w…[View]
50452399Question: Does sleeping with plushes/stuffed animals like pic related make you autistic?[View]
50453364no girls allowed: ITT: never date anyone please >be me >11yo >rly lonely for a kid >have…[View]
50444710/britfeel/: have we a current night image?, edition[View]
50453895FUCK: >be me >in competition on county level >don't attend, because mix up dates and d…[View]
50443364/NHK/ Hikikomori(shut in) thread: >what is a hikikomori This thread is for western hikkis or shu…[View]
50453082More proof Baldos are not to be trusted[View]
50451518Is it worth two thousand bucks, guys? https://sexdollcanada.com/collections/premium-doll/products/16…[View]
50453735>tfw no GPU gf[View]
50447188> you can time travel > you can't go back to the present what do you do?…[View]
50452214>co-worker tells me she has a boyfriend >stop talking to her completely >avoid making eye c…[View]
50453488>keep losing weight and getting weaker >hungry but don't want to eat anything >genuine…[View]
50453701>tfw you close your eyes while speaking to someone and they're gone once you open them again…[View]
50453397do you think magic could potentially be real? or do you think it's all just a product of the im…[View]
50453715HALT! show me that you are autistic Show me your aspergers card. Aspergers only here[View]
50450413Who else /fragilemasculinity/ here? I'm a very fragile boy :o[View]
50445949>Sent guy friend winking emoji >He starts sexting Why do guys think if girls dont text in a …[View]
50453170Can someone explain to me why females come to this board when they hate incels and wouldnt fuck any …[View]
50452856hi friends i am russian please talk to me :)[View]
50449936Why don't you just spank roasties if you hate them so much?[View]
50453510Us robots are getting tired of your shit sluts, get the fuck off of our board and make your way over…[View]
50453438I want to get this tattooed on my pelvic area. What do you guys think? It has a lot of meaning to me…[View]
50452873I got banned from /v/ for posting THICC Latinas. Wanna talk about video games /r9k/?[View]
50453369If you dont have aspergers you need to stop browsing here[View]
50453217>tfw no gf: But I only want gf for sex tho t b h[View]
50450730Women in Vidya: Why does /r9k/ and celibates in general dislike women in their video games? Misogyn…[View]
50452518Thete is only one race The white race[View]
50451800In all seriousness, if you could turn invisible who is the first person you would beat the everlivin…[View]
50451381Daily reminder: God doesn't exist.[View]
50453372>tfw no achaean bf[View]
50453252>Finally get a job a few months ago >Try to be more talkative and 'be myself' more >Co-Work…[View]
50453195Help: I can't choose either killing myself or getting adopt by my aunt. My aunt is great and r…[View]
50452052How do I tell the girl I'm talking to that I've lost my job and am in a psych ward receivi…[View]
50446582ITT: What are you listening to I'll start $uicideboy$ - I NO LONGER FEAR THE RAZOR GUARDING MY …[View]
50453182How do I beat the liquid jew?[View]
50453185I think I am beginning to like the martyr aesthetic. I don't enjoy my suffering, but it somehow…[View]
50452801>just sent multiple videos of me humping a pillow to a girl on kik >ghosts me after what have …[View]
50450737>he thinks this is the semester that the love of his life is gonna be in one of his classes…[View]
50439989What would you rate this girl out of ten and would you eat her pussy?[View]
50453025I had sexual intercouse with my hand[View]
50453059Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that if you're like me and you think maybe extolling your v…[View]
50452932>push away all camwhores and femanons >their place is taken up by mentally ill trannies that a…[View]
50452121I have accepted that I am just a boring person, without a lot going on, what about you, /r9k/?[View]
50451288>balding >no morning wood >premature ejaculation >terrible sleep >terrible concentrat…[View]
50452772>26 >balding soon >heredity >there is no cure for hereditary hair loss JUST U S T…[View]
50452998>get a heart transplant >eat unhealthy[View]
50451304>my father was a serial cheater >tfw turns out I am too I'm trying to curb it because I h…[View]
50452979> Graduate uni > Become NEET > Care for grandparent > They pass away > Live in house …[View]
50451086>unironically me after starting hrt[View]
50450531Girls cannot be lonely. Getting rejected by chad when you have guys circling you does not qualify fo…[View]
50451956Anyone else feel like a clown?[View]
50452913If females hate incels so much then why they post on r9k?[View]
50452678Greetings, fellow incel. I too am a man who has nary stuck his penile in the inner woman. Gosh, does…[View]
50452845Israelis are just now finding out about weebs. https://mobile.twitter.com/rayyinday/status/108492395…[View]
50452821Are women inferior or equal?: So this past couple of hours I let my friend come over with a girl tha…[View]
50452680Its been 1 year. I still miss her. I can't function anymore. I Miss her so goddamn much. I thin…[View]
50448097RIP: Rest in peace Tahlia, your blood is on the hands of whoever doxxed you and said all those horri…[View]
50452019With 8 billion or so people,is all life really that sacred?[View]
50450003Is there one woman in this show who isn't a complete whore?[View]
50449946unless you're a literal 9-10/10 personality IS more important than looks a 5/10 with an extreme…[View]
50445074>most of /r9k/ was born after the year 2000[View]
50452383>roastie won't dare you unless you buy her pics >roastie won't even talk to you unle…[View]
50452729Neurotypical purge: All low iq neurotypicals will be removed in 5[View]
50449078Im ugly. And im convinced that ill never find love. Im 20 and still a virgin and never had a boyfri…[View]
50451555>be 15 >playing skyrim >chilling w/ mom & daughter in the living room >kill a frost …[View]
50450888How do normalfags make friends, do they just go up and talk to strangers?[View]
50451700>don't want kids >like solitude >minimalist >financially conscious (e.g. follow a b…[View]
50451595So /r9k/ pic related is a tranny I fucked many years ago, before she got into doing hardcore porn. S…[View]
50452567>guy friend jealous that I never visit him or get him gifts when he occasionally takes the time t…[View]
50452649>tfw no runaway Saudi gf[View]
50450245Is it illegal to pay a 14 year old girl to sleep with me? I don't mean sex, I mean just sleep i…[View]
50452276If I go on NEETbux, can I still be a Republican?[View]
50452564>thought i wanted friends >i didn't i actually can't stand people irl >can only…[View]
50450416Anyone here not care about dying alone? I love who I love and nothing can ever change that. I will l…[View]
50452166Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50452087>what gets you out of bed each morning? Hunger. >what excites you? Porn. >what are you pass…[View]
50452028Females need to leave this board. They contrubute nothing, theyre just a bunch of attention whoring …[View]
50452181What happened to chucky?? Also when was the last time you went to an arcade ???[View]
50452463literally the current state of r9k: the faggots should really leave[View]
50452331I finally found a book about a reali life neet . So far the guy is super fat , awkaward , and relies…[View]
50451991I heard a camwhore has become an hero so i came back to post this and tell normalniggers to fuck off…[View]
50448813If you had the ability to create your ideal gf through the use of CRISPR and wouldn't get into …[View]
50451740Is there anything more comfy than eating a lot of salty greasy food?[View]
50450842why won't you admit it's your mothers fault you're an effeminate beta anon?[View]
50451491>there will never be another Grand Theft Auto game that's this good Kino.…[View]
50451599Every girl I'll ever think about dating, and every girl i meet, I'll compare her to you. I…[View]
50451425What era of Cartoon Network was overall superior?[View]
50452401does anyone else want to kill themselves because they're not a rapper? >born with full hairl…[View]
50447669Are there any communities for friendless losers like me that are less bitter and more supportive/pos…[View]
50451292The man who said he would fuck his daughter on ``The View'' is in hot water for spelling h…[View]
50452296R9k is a Nana B's spaghetti board[View]
50452250trollsec and ytf0rd hacking target pol: anybody want to vote to see who gets pwned next keep in min…[View]
50451182Who is your favorite mass shooter?[View]
50451864Femanons, can you explain to me why girls are so put off by me? It's like I have a curse that m…[View]
50446065Halp. I don't know what to say.[View]
50437313Any /footfags/?: >be me >always hated the idea of shoes in terms of fashion >who the fuck c…[View]
50449677Doodle thread: Hi, guys. Doodling again like last night. I finished the ones from yesterday if you g…[View]
50448949Cut vs Uncut Cock: What age did your parents stop washing your penis? Mine did at age 8. They'd…[View]
50451750atheism is unstopables twitter has been hacked by yt and trollsec: lol i wonder how much cp and gore…[View]
50451569if you have had a gf or are a virgin, you don't belong here: This board has always been a place…[View]
50452002>looking through backed up files on external drive of now dead PC >photos and videos from ten …[View]
50451746Anyone want to try living out in the Australian desert with me? We can live underground and use sola…[View]
50447580SERIOUS QUESTION FOR ANYONE WHO WORKS AT SUBWAY How do I get those pickles? I want to buy like an en…[View]
50449310I've lost my 7 years of my internet friend just because of being condescedent fella by accident…[View]
50451660Guys, I got my gf pregnant. Totally unexpected. I'm a lawyer with 80k in student debt. What do?[View]
50451637You have an incest fetish porn because you crave some kind of connection and closeness with another …[View]
50451632god damn it im so god damn angry all I wanted to do was smoke weed on a beach. I dont ask for much. …[View]
50451302I'm starting to forget what >she sounds like.[View]
50451579What motive is there to do anything? >women are more trouble than they're worth >work is …[View]
50451060what up dudes just sitting here naked playing with my slinky. it's one of those metal ones.[View]
50451196>boyfriend's friend forgot her jacket at his house while she was visiting my boyfriend…[View]
50451842>tfw no flaccid bf[View]
50451547Trap Phase: Does /r9k/ expect to grow out of their trap phase? Pic related, drawing of most bestest …[View]
50449917Post encouraging words people have said to you.: >You're a really great guy. A girl would be…[View]
50451808Anyone else /always positive/ here? >tfw everyone is always angry >feel happy and positive abo…[View]
50451029>phone plan is supposed to be $50 >just got charged $73…[View]
50451544SHAVING JUST GOT #METOO'ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0 http://archive.is/JmDSh …[View]
50451712'Dude, just get a slinky. They provide hours worth of entertainment.'[View]
50448620Anyone else here happiest when they're doing basically nothing? I've been observing my moo…[View]
50450349I am becoming a chad: >Be me >super manlet >shortest in class >start wearing boots and i…[View]
50451133How do you stop being a fragile bitch in real life and online? Someone says something bad to me onl…[View]
50450893Quality of this board is killing me, literally: This was the last place of the refuge for me, since …[View]
50451225Who else here /nolifegoals/, there is literally nothing attainable in life that I strive to achieve.…[View]
50450431No one's slick as Gaston No one's quick as Gaston[View]
50451497BiBi and Alai revolutionary sex[View]
50451488Im okay with Ftm trannies but mtf trannies make me uncomfortable. Anyone else relate?[View]
50451433>get a plant >think alright got some new life in my room getting some fresh air in my room a p…[View]
50451414Would you rather be evil and strong or good and weak?[View]
50450272Are outie vaginas caused because of genetics and not becasue women take miles of cocks and innies ar…[View]
50447808I fucked a tranny on accident in Taiwan. Tell me it wasn't that bad. Please...[View]
50451056anyone feel a relation to this[View]
50451396What's up men? Let's play some board game online to have one more reason not to die tonigh…[View]
50451280>be sick >joints hurt >stomach hurts >take bath >vomit uncontrollably in bath…[View]
50451257Does a man become more attractive to a woman if he is willing to eat out her ass? Is it a good selli…[View]
50450519hey everyone whats up how are you guys any one have any plans or did anything interesting today[View]
50450845She doesn't love me. I love her so much. No matter what I do. No matter what I say. She just do…[View]
50451200why didn't any of you tell me that having an actual irl gf would be lonelier than not having on…[View]
50450820Anon Has One Of 'Those' Days: >at work today >scooping ice >realize that every time I see a…[View]
50451045Are these the official autism shoes?[View]
50450990Dragon Ball Super: Broly: Any Robots going to watch saiyan kino tomorrow or later on?[View]
50451222what do we do about the world, everyone is too busy working to raise kids and I believe it negativel…[View]
504507581 bad physical trait can decrease your dating options by 3/4, and people wonder why we have incels.[View]
50449538Will antidepressants fix me? Im going to college away from home next year and I am already anxious e…[View]
50451126>grug on cabebux >grug not hunt >grug not pick berry >clan chief give grug shiny stones…[View]
50450868Are there any girls that would be into the idea of having a feminine mostly gay twink bf?[View]
50450788> girl wilfully hugs me while watching a movie > Wake up > Feel very alone How does being l…[View]
50450538Hey /r9k/ I've been away for a while. Redpill me on the newest e-whores you all are orbiting.[View]
50450029Bitch, you are nothing but a funky zero. Before me you had one chili chump with no rep. Nobody excep…[View]
50450652I've been on 4chan for years but I have never held a conversation for more than 4~ replies Any …[View]
50449243posting about life right now[View]
50451002you fucking a girl from behind, mid fuck she turns her head to look you straight in the eyes and say…[View]
50451031>have had really bad anxiety for as long as I can remember >something clicks in my brain like…[View]
50450514/app review/ Whats up with these cringey apps? What are their goal? Who DOWNLOADS these?[View]
50449199Plant more trees its more important than your lowly aninalistic impulses. If you cannot resist them …[View]
50450581Does rubbing your peepee against another peepee feel really good? I'm not gay but I really want…[View]
50450986Robot City 3.0: Is it time, friends, for a new era to dawn? GTCwB7S[View]
50450302>be me today >have huge crush on girl freshman and sophomore of high school >she gave me th…[View]
50449905>sportscaster here wearing a magic belt with two powers: can make her grow to giant size or shrin…[View]
50450569Do you guys think I can hire a prostitute to cuddle with me and hold hands and watch a movie togethe…[View]
50449153anybody else proud of there package: anybody else proud of there package brag or cry if dicklet…[View]
50447620We are all a loser-family here. We will never be worthy of breeding.[View]
50449242How the fuck do i stay asleep at night??: So i take unisom and i STILL wake up 4-5 times every night…[View]
50446046gay blackbot here, why dont white guys want to date me?[View]
50449613Welcome my fellow robots! Post your sinful questions here and let the Tarot deck decide your fate! …[View]
50450885Sitting in a fucking dennys parking lot at 2 am trying to find a trap porn video i saw on a pornhub …[View]
50440206to the femanons: https://desuarchive. org/r9k/thread/2685539/#2686907 Look at that r9k thread from 2…[View]
50449834>get Ds in math in highschool >Fs on all test copy other students honework >math teachers s…[View]
50450036Ask a KV who just fingered a girl anything.[View]
50450707If nonwhites and whites were the same then the distinction would not exist. Men and and women are no…[View]
50449713Stop browsing 4chan, underages. Come back when you're 18.[View]
50450789Femanons with small tits, would you get upset if your bf frequently teased you about them?[View]
50450224Hello people of /r9k/, just a reminder that trannies aren't really human, they mutilate their b…[View]
50450015WOMEN OUT: IM SICK OF THIS! Why the fuck couldnt you cunts jyst leave us alone! We built a goof thin…[View]
50450739>tfw slowly stop reading a Light Novel because the best girl reminds me too much of an irl girl I…[View]
50449273>tfw you can never be this relaxed and carefree because you are a man[View]
50450733why dont you just become a girl and get a bf anon its easy, just go see a doctor and tell them you w…[View]
50450213>realize I'm bisexual >still only want to have sex with woman This is the most overwhelmi…[View]
50450706>tfw you're not in 1999 surrounded by CRTs while you download illegal warez from usenet and …[View]
50449782You must plant tall trees to block out the sun to make the world more kvlt See this guy? He got his …[View]
50449772is life completely over if your born poor? >parents are born poor >live in a shitty broken dow…[View]
50446964how do I become more self-aware[View]
50449791>coworker calls me funny and cute >can't tell if she actually likes me or is just being f…[View]
50446339if you're still around.... i love you... forever...[View]
50449333psychopath general: >see a kid fall over and start crying >dont care…[View]
50450552My dick made a cum bubble today, what about you ? Fellow obsessively masturbating anons ? Have you e…[View]
50450441>tfw no friends left only r9k It hurts Too much[View]
50446949>well anon. the problem is that you're too self-aware. You think too much. You aren't f…[View]
50445828I genuinely don't understand, what's wrong with his apartment?[View]
50450473>on a diet >just laying in my bad wanting to sleep but cant >just thinking of food >cant…[View]
50450527That feel when have a bear bf and I get to sniff his musky butt on a regular basis. It smells so fuc…[View]
50450359I am only attacked to flat chested women both irl and in amine. Anyone feel the same?[View]
50450490Go be me: >Be me >Ur autistic now[View]
50446774idk where to post this so yeet: >be me >cute lil' femanon, freshly 18 >not really an i…[View]
50450469Don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky We gonna move down to the next ya jockey now https:/…[View]
50450309Cerrunnos is the celtic god of the for3st, fertility, wealth and the underworld. (((Christians))) t…[View]
50449046What would you do if a boy asked you out?[View]
50448899How long have you gone without pissing in a toilet?[View]
50450040today was a snow day so I sat around, ate food, and talked to friends on discord all day. It was a g…[View]
50448155Comfy & feels /Comfeels/: You know what it is anons, get your dose of comfiness here, post some …[View]
50446807>day XIV of black gf quest >black gf status negative GIB BLACK GF…[View]
50448808>be me >have the crystal clear idea that i will never whiteknight any girl >based coworker …[View]
50450376night-night, /r9k/. sleep tight, and do not let the bed bugs bite.[View]
50450338Why is it so difficult to find women that share the same hobbies/interests as me?[View]
50450287OwO Roleplay: hey gwuys you wanna arrpee x3 OwO[View]
50450093Can we start a thread with sad mood images?[View]
50450221>Chad just told me he isn't going to be there to help raise our child Part of me is complete…[View]
50449015> make a greentext about an egg being more popular than my youtube channel > people call me a …[View]
50450228Who is a fictional character you wanted to be as a kid?: >hank moody >fucks up too much but i…[View]
50449118What are your thoughts on pic related?[View]
50450076I wish i lived in a land of infinite dense comfy dark forests where no humans were for hundreds of m…[View]
50449967Hi /r9k/, how was your day? Mine was pretty stressful since I had four other people shout at me for …[View]
50449987>Just had a tea bath >Going to bed at an early time so i'm not tired tomorrow >Tum tum…[View]
50449915Let's just chat. Anything you need to say, robots?[View]
50449648here, have an old CYOA i made.[View]
50448918Was gonna absolutely beat he fuck out of some ugly ass ginger kid today who was talking shit until h…[View]
50449630So I met this slightly retarded woman(not sure how retarded, she smiles at everything and talks like…[View]
50449195Small Dick Vent Thread: I wanted to make a thread for anons with small dicks who want to rage agains…[View]
50449374>be me >watch The Ballad of Buster Scruggs >get nostalgic for the days of the wild west …[View]
50450027big sis kat how is your late evening going so far? have a good night too[View]
50449105Anti-trap propaganda: Everyone go into MS Paint and make some shittily drawn anti-trap drawings.…[View]
50450002Nana B's spaghetti thread[View]
50449862Is it okay to date an ugly Asian girl if she is skinny and has real nice thighs?[View]
50449928I truly hate 'pure acting' whores. I hate them the most because they have no other way to get attent…[View]
50449760Wagie Thread: No NEETs allowed. Based wagemen only. Are you thankful that you did your best today?…[View]
50448223>Anon, your argument is...that people on the bottom should never try to better themselves? What g…[View]
50449929THE GOVERNMENT: DOESNT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS!!! Planting trees absolutely everywhere until they bloc…[View]
50449555>mother and father show me love and affection growing up >it means nothing to me because they…[View]
50449566You think he will ever return?[View]
50449798>discovered that girls find me pretty attractive since I lost weight >considered second behind…[View]
50449843Does bisexuality actually exist? Or am I just a closeted homo? I'm getting older, but I'm …[View]
50449826>mfw I'm pic related This is figuratively hell.[View]
50449821I genuinely hate being alive. I wish nothing more than being a cute anime girl who can have a happy …[View]
50449801Just remembered this. Fuck man, memories: >be me >5th grade >no friends >spend my summer…[View]
50445128>best friend ever since elementary school abandoned two years ago because I was 'too toxic' >s…[View]
50448769What is the best thing for a girl to say to you and why is it 'good boy~'?[View]
50446650You guys know that feel when you've fucked up big time, and there's no fixing it the same …[View]
50449614>be me >sad and frustrated because have paper due tomorrow >dog comes, lets me pet her >…[View]
50449230Why are females the most prolific pornographers in existence? Nearly all the pornographic images are…[View]
50448632I'm a guy who has never ejaculated while awake. Ask me anything.[View]
50445653Anyone else wanna throat fuck the shit out of these girls?[View]
50449662>a cute vietnamese girl touched my hair today >says its silky and beautiful gimme a viet gf no…[View]
50449658>be me >10 at time >at lunch Kid throws cheese wrapper at me >get a week of community se…[View]
50447791Prison City: So...your dumb faggot ass gots sent to this fuck large island prison complex ehh. Compl…[View]
50449337I thought he was cool[View]
50449621>tfw no bicycle repairman bf[View]
50449298What does r9k think about guys with longer hair? Is it more normie than other haircuts? I'm not…[View]
50449637Unique Pain: Tell us your Unique Pain story, anon. Here's mine. >Fall deeply in love with gi…[View]
50449580I met a qt robot I really like and we've been talking like every day. How do I know if he likes…[View]
50447651College: I am missing all my lectures robots. How fucked am I?[View]
50449444I didn't get any affection growing up. I wish someone would love me.[View]
50449232I'm fairly certain that 90% of you are neckbeards and no one can tell me otherwise.[View]
50449532Someone get /x/to send a team quick oh god[View]
50448821Based Japan imports dirty land asians to clean up radiation spills. This is why we need immigration[View]
50449450How do i stop being shy and loserish?: I got everything else it takes to be a confident alpha man, b…[View]
50449477Has a girl sucked your dick /r9k/?[View]
50449512He loves me he loves me he loves me he loves me he loves me he loves m he loves me[View]
50448589So I have a marketing degree and about to finish my BS in Math with Data science concentration. How …[View]
50446176self-improvement thread: >day 96 330lbs to 290lbs i can see my lap again while taking a shit. ho…[View]
50448681Just got paid autism: >got paid today >it's my day off >went out to get new shoes, as …[View]
50448221Feeling lonely as shit bros. Good feels or distraction thread?[View]
50448689Why do I crave cock even though I'm not attracted to guys?[View]
50449347my plan >keep wagecucking for now >meanwhile buy a cover for my truck bed >learn how to fis…[View]
50449328>getting hugs from my little sister after taking her to ice skating practice…[View]
50449402Mental Health Issues: What Mental health issues plagues r9k? Or at least what crazy thoughts run thr…[View]
50449329>be phoneposter >spend 25 minutes trying to upload an image to 4channel board >captcha afte…[View]
50447457AMA: Ask me anything My life's almost been ended by both of my siblings multiple times, I…[View]
50447783what is /r9k/ listening to tonight?[View]
50448842I'm on a shitposting frenzy and no janitor can stop me[View]
50448968>tfw have posted on this board for 5 years >tfw constantly post of my hatred of roasties >t…[View]
50447676>finally got a girlfriend >she nags and complains literally 24/7 >she throws a fit if even …[View]
50448984Make a story: Alright here's the drill: >I get the ball rolling and you add a sentence or tw…[View]
50448772Hey, anyone else feeling sad?: Social life going bad, I thought I was making progress then it all cr…[View]
50447270am i ugly or do i just have a shit personality or am i not interesting? why cant i get bitches?[View]
50449246BiBi and Alai true sex[View]
50448952How do we solve the libtard question?[View]
50449234>be me, sophomore year highschool >me and the boys have a stoner frat group >HitThatwackyTo…[View]
50448683Crazy Roastie Cunt: So guys, my health teacher is a crazy ,roastie, feminist, liberal cunt, that hat…[View]
50445515I caught my bf jerking off to porn the other day for the first time and its not like I wouldnt allow…[View]
50448802/r9k/ seems rather dead lately, where did everyone go?[View]
50449181> girl who rejected me is somehow a femcel > heard her say she might have to being a dakimakur…[View]
50448788i am a female. i have issues making friends. no matter what i try no one orbits me online or in real…[View]
50448020Why are games so good when I come back after suffering in uni but the week after I drop out I don…[View]
50448619God please help me: I just asked out a girl and she said that i was her 'bestfriend' and that she do…[View]
50448810What keeps 30+ anons going? Im only 24 but I don't see myself going for much longer. It's …[View]
50447792I'm in too deep: >be me >1 year ago, roleplaying sonic characters for the meme >end up…[View]
50448628socially retarded parents: it's likely that a large part of my problems come from being raised …[View]
50447902any medfags here, got a question[View]
50449041My Soliloquy: Dear Robots, You can do it. Dont let any faggotry take you down to the dumps. Over the…[View]
50448404i constantly bully my incel friend into submission. i finally got him to accept since he hasn't…[View]
50447027Word on the street is that Youtube has been manipulating the gillette ad's like/dislike ratio. …[View]
50447975Random acts of autism thread: I'll start. >once pissed in a bottle and drunk my own piss …[View]
50442994God doesn't exist, why haven't you accepted it yet?[View]
50442247ART VS SCIENCE: >be career scientist >'artists' think they're the shit and science is jus…[View]
50448950Stop caring about your lowly animalistic desires and go out to plant trees.[View]
50446713>no woman will ever love me How do I swallow this[View]
50448983Whats your fap rotation? You all have one right? In my mind its like having my own little harem, eac…[View]
50447085if you had children, how would you deal with raising a daughter in the current year?[View]
50445349What was the last good era in this pic?[View]
50447947Hey robots, I've had just about all I can take (No, I'm not going to commit suicide, so do…[View]
50448692big sis how was your afternoon today? hopefully your evening will be better. i feel a lot of pain ri…[View]
50447915>hot goth girl in class keeps eyeing me[View]
50448686Why haven't you transitioned yet anon? You could from being a faggy, effeminate guy to a cute g…[View]
50448110Any scott bots on the line tonight?[View]
50448385Some retard I know wants to get a tatoo in Hebrew saying hail Hitler. On a scale of 1 to you how ret…[View]
50447299>be me >last night >parents tell me im not related by blood to my grandpa >turns out my …[View]
50448439Old Friend: Alright bros, here's a homage to an old friend if it would ever reach him. >Be m…[View]
50447798if I lost 20 pounds to unlock skelly mode will my oneitis like me? ;_;[View]
50448625I got confronted because I drove without a license: I've gone to this government program where …[View]
50448622give me gf pls i want one right now: also post qt girls[View]
50448547Reasons 4 Suicide: What are good reasons to kill yourself and what are bad reasons to kill yourself?…[View]
50446407>tfw magic doesn't exist REEEEE I WANNA CAST SPELLS[View]
50444242>tfw you 11 year old sister is already growing into a basic thot[View]
50447689Who are you?: >22 yearold failure >nuclear engineering dropout >khhv >5'10 165lbs f…[View]
50448463>watch a movie after eating weed >start over analyzing everything about it in between question…[View]
50448546>be me >leave house in the country and venture in to the big city >see women >see bulgin…[View]
50445878Anons are trad women the most desirable type of women?[View]
50448490Fight thread: Post greentexts of times you've fist-fought someone of someones[View]
50448491here anon, take this, i think you deserve it[View]
50447417what is this new trend/cult where zoomers mindlessly echo boomers saying that everyone in this gener…[View]
50446726Why I shut myself off from the world: This is going to be a long one robots, but it is the story of …[View]
50447474*somebody talks to me* >leave me the fuck alone *nobody talks to me* >why does nobody want to …[View]
50443808What do hot sorority girls do after graduating college?[View]
50443927What the fuck do neet do? I've been at home doing nothing for a month and I'm already tire…[View]
50447402Comfy thread brothas, I missed the last one :([View]
50443810All hail St Elliot. The true alpha male. http://mumkeyjones.tv/category/videos/elliot-rodger/[View]
50446186I feel like shit. I've been in love with this girl for 5 years and she hits me with this[View]
50447776R9K Plays Dragon Quest III: Hello hello, /r9k/. Some of you may remember me from yesterday's th…[View]
50447428I've been with more than 20 escorts[View]
50448296>had to do jury duty >somehow 3 young mothers all got the same duty as me >just sitting aro…[View]
50447716I may or may not be an engineer at a certain company that has been been in the news lately. Ever sin…[View]
50448062Being alive is so strange. What is this? How is any of this happening? How is consciousness even pos…[View]
50448202>'this is anon, he's a little shy' Why? For the love of god just why?…[View]
50447823virgin feelz tread: >jack off to thing >must want to do thing why are normies so obtuse?…[View]
50444395If you could break Stacy's heart, would you?: Say you could snap your fingers and a Stacy of yo…[View]
50448149I got a story that isn't super interesting but made me chuckle >scrolling through snapchat …[View]
50448096Which is hotter, her really tall or her really small?[View]
50448109Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50447713>perffection doesnt exi-[View]
50448069>tfw so fucking intelligent I'm in awe of myself I can solve algebra equations in my head, a…[View]
50446222Unpopular opinions: Some women can be robots by sheer ugliness.[View]
50446921Everyone hates me. They all yell at me or call me stupid when I try to show them something cool I di…[View]
50448090>tfw no rustacean bf[View]
50448091>its a people are overly helpful/nice because they think im autistic episode…[View]
50448040>Be me >Be beta robot >Jerking off like usual on bed >Accidently cum on face >Real…[View]
50445239Anyone else read through their medical records? I just did and I remembered some things. I found out…[View]
50444962should i settle for my average not-entirely-shit job or seek better? I'm 25, it's a dead e…[View]
50447935Anyone ever see a cute girl and get jealous of the fact that youll never date her? It literally ruin…[View]
50446609I just went on a date with a real life female for the first time in my life AMA[View]
50447661>Its another episode of anon embarrasses himself on normalcord and doesnt check the server for 10…[View]
50447110>'anon, why are you always so quiet?' LEE ME ALON[View]
50447928>there are people on this board right now who don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Sav…[View]
50447889>Be me >In hallways >Girl has nice ass >Day better…[View]
50447882Why do women love the bathroom smell right after their boyfriend took a shit and a hot shower?[View]
50447799>cousin do shit all day but play games >i bring back food >can i have some? >my shampoo …[View]
50447893do femanons get jealous when they see a girl with a nice buttox[View]
50447886Fuck you boomers. Le epic gamer 450 here. I just wanted to say. GOD ISN'T REAL. Also XD :P =D I…[View]
50446512The Conquistador, the Imperialist, and the Crusader: >Be Me >Half Asian Half White >Proud O…[View]
50447866True happiness is NEETdom, my friends. Everything outside is absolutely disgusting. There's no …[View]
50447482>have degree and steady work >live with close and supportive friends >moderately /fit/ …[View]
50443568BiBi and Alai euphoric sex[View]
50441032Why are women like this? What's their problem?[View]
50447463god I wish I was a fucking rapper so god damn bad they all have cool as fuck ghetto lives risking al…[View]
50447751Ahem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TSZTGwQjV0 [Embed][View]
50447747>That guy who pretends to be someone else in the internet and ends up falling in love with the pe…[View]
50445687Am I fucked?: My mom found my stash of her, my older sister, and my younger sister's panties. S…[View]
50447262>Girl I like >She does cutesy shit like flick things at me playfully, drop her hairs on me, an…[View]
50447664Moved from mostly-conservative/white suburban Ohio town to a liberal city outside Columbus with a si…[View]
50447582Parents crippled my personality: My mother's psychological abuse and my father's absense r…[View]
50446983is 2019 the year of holding incels accountable?: We all see beyond your woah is me syndrome. you guy…[View]
50446622>dont even want pussy >just want people to think i get pussy >actually like men more…[View]
50447498Gays(who top) are just straight people with extremely low standards. Gays(who bottom) are just strai…[View]
50445102>tell myself all the time that I am ok being alone >Pizza girl was ok looking >Start feelin…[View]
50446967Join our comfy chill server Only nice posters allowed No meanheads First comment link to server[View]
50447520Would you rather see her grow to an 8ft talk giantess or shrink down to a 3ft tall pipsqueak?[View]
50447040Every new food I eat brings me disgust. No matter what food that is. Why? Am I just not a food perso…[View]
50447353It's mike still. I would like to continue this discourse. Your words have helped. For referen…[View]
50446475Faggot pheromones?: I've been having some of the most satisfying faps in the last month or so b…[View]
50446733ITT: Autistic moments you've had I'll start >Outside taking dogs out >One dog has sh…[View]
50446887>people born after 9/11 will become legal adults and start browsing 4chan this year…[View]
50447112What's your opinion on eating ass? Do you feel like doing it? Also would you prefer totally cle…[View]
50447387Addicted to porn and fapping. Most of the time Im not even horny, I just do it out of habit. Try to …[View]
50446874>girl in class compliments my shirt >going to propose to her tomorrow…[View]
50444673Image Discussion: Hey robots, Please discuss this little grey cat.[View]
50447071How do norms handle this?[View]
50447333How do you explain to an interviewer that you're 23 and never had a job? My mom is making me ge…[View]
50447171Why can't all roasties just look like this and not be ugly gross hags?[View]
50445961ITT retired actresses you miss[View]
50447253big sis kat. i keep having bad dreams everyday about you. i wake up with this feeling in me like im …[View]
50446715is there something wrong with wearing shoes with a hole in them? does it make me look autistic?[View]
50446922Any anons who did some criminal shit in the past? care to share your story?[View]
50447143i never smoked/drinked alcohol in my life but im obese and a diet coca cola addict. if i drop the co…[View]
50446936I got out of the rap game and why it matters-[View]
50445974why is everyday the same: >smoke cigarette >try not to think about it >go to work >smok…[View]
50446545>Learn long ago that being nice gets you no where >Starting being an asshole to people >Jus…[View]
50447150>Be 26 >Volunteer in shitty charity shop >Forced to go or else no NEETbux >Manager from …[View]
50447303Daily reminder in case you guys were becoming simps[View]
50446773TINDER: 28 Roasties talk about their best Tinder Dates https://youtu.be/qt7k4rEqBWU[View]
50446477How to tell if a girl is losing interest?[View]
50447257Hey guys can the non robots, or helpful people please post successful relationship stories. Mostly l…[View]
50444353You ARE drinking kefir arent you Anon?[View]
50442280What serial killer or mass murderer do you sympathize with the most? For me it's John Wayne Gac…[View]
50445149First 4chan post so I don't know what I'm doing: >be me 18 >Friends with 9/10 qt 3.1…[View]
50447159I like booty, man[View]
50447106why am i so horny: god im so fucking horny and im tired of jacking off. what do i even do[View]
50446044Autism power go: >Be me >Small town so things are slow, people generally get to know each othe…[View]
50447126feeling like shit: I fucking hate my current situation anons. This fucking winter is making me feel …[View]
50446078A hot girl is going to be staying my place for some time and I was thinking about getting some lewd …[View]
50445322COLORS WEAVE INTO A SPIRE OF FLAME ;..-~~~~-. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhgDibw7vB4[View]
50432017Why are women okay with be used and abused and tossed around by attractive guys and Chads, but absol…[View]
50447055Anyone else have this experience? Get no matches on Tinder in your home state, put yourself in anoth…[View]
50447019What are the downsides to masturbating to traps. Other then it being degenerate ofc.[View]
50447038Where can i get a dandere anime gf[View]
50445218>be me, 23 years old >taking summer classes at community college >beautiful girl sits next …[View]
50445605any of you work from home whats it like[View]
50446919whats the best way to reject a girl?[View]
50446188>get a panic attack every time i go into the big city >am pretty much eternally confined to my…[View]
50446159>tfw he's one of the most nonjudgmental people yer ever gon' meet…[View]
50443143I'm SICK of women being DISRESPECTED on this site!: To all you rape-apologist, misogynist, knuc…[View]
50438655Tell us your story anon, that one moment in your life that changed everything, your doomsday.[View]
50446721>be me >circa around 3 years ago >hear about 4chan trolling shia lebuff protests >never …[View]
50446793How bad is your internet, /r9k/? >Pic related is mine, rural internet on spectrums lowest/cheapes…[View]
50446130Very self-conscious about my acne scars. Do girls care ?[View]
50446610>wake up at 3am >peel the skin off my lips and place them under my pillow >wake up and insp…[View]
50440996Can anyone be my father figure, i dont even shower im just a worthless neet girl who plays mmorpgs a…[View]
50445730Why is this place so slow and dead these days? It feels like /r9k/ is barely populated, and threads …[View]
50446289started talking to an e-girl: did i fuck up originally?[View]
50446568>tfw no celebrity to impregnate me[View]
50446722BBC News - World's 'loneliest' frog gets a date http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-env…[View]
50443701You, sad posting on this board; Chad, pic related: Leave this place, it is not good for you.[View]
50446668ANDROID CAMERA: Pic related. I change the options and notice no difference. What exactly do they do …[View]
50443224I made this graph. Do you think it's true?[View]
50446630I swear satan is controlling my house or something or I have an evil demon or something for some rea…[View]
50443386To help you guys out, get waves .[View]
50446542My little brother came from Russia two months ago. He's 5 and he isn't getting off my new …[View]
50445219Fucking hell: I am so tired of women. I've been in two relationships, one 6 months, the other 8…[View]
50445996What do you guys tell people when they ask about school and work? I'm running out of excuses.[View]
50446561I hung out again with the prostitute girl I met on tinder. When we met I didn't know she was on…[View]
50446608I talked to her again. I told her about an obscure scene in Supernatural Seen the signs. Is it the …[View]
50444730Posting nofap counter every day untill I get a gf: Day 19, neighbours had loud sex yesterday. For so…[View]
50443926i'm sad, /r9k/ one of my closest childhood friends just passed away in a car accident. i was ju…[View]
50444562Reminder: if all you want is a qt gf you will never make it.[View]
50446539Honestly, I'm sick and tired of this board and this constant war between fembots and robots. If…[View]
50446317>ywn reach the highest level in a classic strategic board game with another enlightened being and…[View]
50445478How the fuck do you even flirt with a coworker? Here's my situation: >work >group of 7 co…[View]
50443872I made some steamed hams for you[View]
50446381>fap 4 times >still horny >cant stop thinking about tfw no gf I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE ! PLEA…[View]
50445991Normally I don't give a shit about this, but recently a friend casually brought up in a convers…[View]
50445662why dont you get an asian gf like me its easy[View]
50445296Name 5 autistic things that you do/about you >scared of dogs to the point screaming whenever i se…[View]
5043320030+ thread: >Be 30+ year old boomer who is still stuck at my parents and unemployed for 5 years. …[View]
50446334This board changed hard Damn, this is like this board for relationship advice now[View]
50447290dunno where else to post but i could use some help so you guys will need to know the story behind th…[View]
50443445>average fembot pussy[View]
50445701How do I get a fembot gf in Australia?[View]
50446199for real how hard is it to get welfare in America? I have severe legit OCD so that helps my chances,…[View]
50446026why don't you dress better, /r9k/? girls like fashion[View]
50446276I see banter as a deadly offense. Anyone else like this?[View]
50445435Got a toothache lads. Help me.[View]
50445546What's /r9k/ for?: So what's this board supposed to be for now? I've been here for li…[View]
50445299my life is so god damn bad >born poor as fuck >parents born out in the middle of nowhere >n…[View]
50446233Sadpepe.jpg: I feel sad bots. >be me >18 y/o >have crush on girl at school for a few months…[View]
50444430Braincel: Is it f?[View]
50446183Swimming in granni pucci: >mature coworker says I should hook up with mature that I work with …[View]
50446097I feel like making a Facebook account, adding everyone I know, and start hanging out with my old fri…[View]
50445573Anyone know any comfy chill minecraft servers that are like casual building or fantasy (with mods)? …[View]
504451264chan memes[View]
50446140How do you post gif here anons?[View]
50446057>Local sex shop hiring >$13.00/hr Ughhh any one have any experience in this field Im obvious…[View]
50446110My college is on lockdown due to a suspected shooter AMA[View]
50446024What is the ultimate brainlet litmus test? My suggestion: Having ever been outsmarted by a female.[View]
50446069Don't you hate it when your 6y/o talks your 4y/o and 1 y/o into climbing into a freezer and the…[View]
50444732If he can do it, why can you not?[View]
50446075>be me >18y old first semester at a uni >have the first presentation in your life in 3 hour…[View]
50443087Is everyone racist behind closed doors?[View]
50445668Can never get a break every single year its something 2 years back I finally felt free for a long ti…[View]
50445064i need to make $20 online asap what do[View]
50444966>tfw can't fuck my 9/10 milf cousin These are bad feelins[View]
50445528Okay /robots/ have i got a story to tell you, i never post here but imm drunk of my ass and i want …[View]
50445957Repeat after me: Repeat after me >Whites are inferior to blacks in every single way. Good job, r…[View]
50445274Tried to be a normie and hang out with people offline and i'm not gonna lie, basically my night…[View]
50445908>be me 24 >lonely alcoholic >get black out drunk >keep waking up on this small grassy hi…[View]
50445566I should have taken Differntial Equations, Calculus and Calc 2 Life gave me a foreshadowing I took A…[View]
50445343drinking: tried to fancy up a sandwich today. usually have a ham and cheese on white bread but a loc…[View]
50442230my gf is a kitty ama: >convince trap gf to try pet play >takes her a few days to decide to let…[View]
50429401>wahhhh i'm socially awkward/depressed You could resolve every ''''issue…[View]
50445121I keep saying I don't know. I don't even know why.[View]
50442713What kind of fantasies did you have as a kid?[View]
50445101>be me, 22 y/o eurofag >last gf tried to kill herself >been single for the last 2 and a hal…[View]
50444193I had a dream where every one was telling me all my faults. Comparing me to better people. How every…[View]
50441949Why does everyone hate america? Is it jealousy?[View]
50445867itt anons post the name of someone they're interested in, & why they're not with them …[View]
50444818big sis kat, do you think we'll ever talk again? ive gotten less paranoid and ive been taking m…[View]
50443949>one chance at life >mom hangs the dishcloth on the doorknob, turns the chair around on one le…[View]
50444654>yfw the ISP ban over uploading pictures is finally lifted Thank you mods and jannies you're…[View]
50445762>you will never walk through neon light tokyocity when its snowing and a cute manageress will loo…[View]
50444211Daily reminder that there are no feminists actively against you trying to ensure you stay loveless f…[View]
50444457my head hurts so fucking bad man. it's like a permanent depressive migraine. im watching this g…[View]
50445788that feeling when you have family over the house and they think you are 'soo handsome' and say 'I ca…[View]
50445749/NEET DIET/: filling out for the normal anon since i don't see his posts anymore - edition anon…[View]
50444826>out for a walk to get away from my parents house >stop by some picnic benches at the nearby m…[View]
50437301>see qt girl at bus stop >approach her >'hi, i'm anon. how are you?' >'oh hi anon. …[View]
50439729Does weed make you hallucinate?[View]
50444745I really really really want a girlfriend this semester.[View]
50445346why the fuck is every interesting thread getting deleted: why the fuck is every single thread that i…[View]
50445531who else /hedonic threadmill/ here?[View]
50445398How do you manage rage fits?[View]
50445588If this picture describes you i am going to hunt every single one of you down and crucify you upside…[View]
50438620>tfw 5'8 Why does god punish his own creations[View]
50445512Be me Be Mexican Trying to cross the border between USA and mexico Suddenly get hit from behind Fall…[View]
50445414>fap to straight porn (self insert as sub, usually female) >people say it's gay…[View]
50445628>tfw undeserving of attention or praise or love[View]
50445597>About to go on date with a girl >Trying to get some pussy >Tell myself: 'Yeah if I end up …[View]
50445416god I wish I was a NEET[View]
50443734>blocks your path Move or I will take off my belt and hit you with it. What do?…[View]
50441176You enter your home, and this women is in your chair. What do you do?[View]
50442514What crimes could one commit before killing themselves[View]
50443093What games does /r9k/ play to cope with depression?[View]
50444606Reading recommendations: I have been having arguments with myself about the meaning of life and if I…[View]
50440965What will be your final thought?[View]
50444057self discipline: Procrastination is a NEET's worse enemy so how do you get stuff done with no G…[View]
50445348NEET guy here, aging, batshit mother.: so i'm 36 now, i gave up 20 years ago for being mentally…[View]
50445263Why is it illegal to ruthlessly slaughter a disgusting vile nonwhite subhuman vermin mercilessly?[View]
50443137Can i text smiley emoticons to other guys? What would they think?[View]
50444554whats for dinner bots[View]
50443936>'You never truly know a person until you see him take a photo' - Luke Jimmenhal Once y…[View]
50444281l just want to hear her voice again[View]
50441923>wahhhh why do women act like sluts and aren't pure virgin waifus >it's okay if they…[View]
50440899I'm a 5'9 230lb obese spic manlet who's slept with many white women like pic related …[View]
50441773Why are people mean? I don't get it I always instinctively am nice to people. I don't get…[View]
50443931>be me >have a few days off from work >got my work done for online classes >friends are …[View]
50444398>tfw my favorite part of life now is laying in bed listening to Ephemeral Rift ASMR videos…[View]
50445165Any one have experience selling on etsy?specifically using docuprint for manufacturing and shipping.…[View]
50444853what season is october month? look me in the eye and say[View]
50445122RIP eggman: >streammas is over >have no social interaction anymore How can I cope bros?…[View]
50444162hi everyone im a pretty princess![View]
50441208have you ever done to?: >i was did fuck my cousin >she 14 when i was did be 12 >she did hav…[View]
50443082>it's YOUR fault your life is falling apart why do you losers childishly refuse to accept th…[View]
50444037I just had butt sex with a girl.[View]
50444976>Hey anon, wanna help me find my clitoris? What do you say?[View]
50444750The only access to art where I live is through the internet. There are no museums nor anything worth…[View]
50444595Awful dream sequence: some time ago i had a bad dream that left me feeling paranoid and desperate …[View]
50444831Let's pretend you weren't a shut in for a second. How would you react in this situation?[View]
50444899robot bands? pic heavily related attic abasement [View]
50444963>tfw friend called me weird I really think I'm more normal than most people from a physical …[View]
50443854Proof that we can all make it.: Theres a chad in all of us and we just need the confidence to find i…[View]
50444835>tfw no angela gf[View]
50444547a girl smiled at me. again do you think I have a chance next time round?!![View]
50442932Purpose: What does a man wake up for these days?[View]
50444598HAPPENING: Braincels just went private. They can't keep getting away with it![View]
50444671Big-Dicked Problems: My dick is so big, I can't wear loose underwear, otherwise my dick will ju…[View]
50444346Love life thread?: Love life thread? >Be me >Antisocial, slightly awkward anon >Be in love …[View]
50444774I got 10 matches in tinder in 6 days and two of them lead in phone exchange. Am I a normie?[View]
50443658hello guys imagine if bowser was in ur room with you and he was sitting next to you on your bed and …[View]
50444563is there any other way to do a paper other than doing an all-nighter the day before?[View]
50443207>be me >In 3rd grade >recess.gif >find cool ice rock >hide ice rock under clothes and…[View]
50441792/britfeel/: Comfy nightpost edition[View]
50437379What makes you a robot?: >5'5' manlet >Moderate stutter >Acne scars and redness >Lo…[View]
50443348halp: >tfw no fembot gf to e-date and eventually meet and be together why even…[View]
50444641>tfw started being enemies with a nicd kid I got along with because some other kid started badmou…[View]
50443133Ok guys story time, >be me >friends with this guy cause he's the only other guy in the s…[View]
50442133Im not a fembot because of ugliness or because I want chad. Im a fembot because I want a guy that th…[View]
50444192Well, well well Satan/Aizen/Madara/Lucy How bad are things REALLY? you know hitting reset won't…[View]
50441955You're saving yourself for the right woman, aren't you anon?[View]
50444509>>50442639 >>miss an important stage in your ascent into adulthood >>forever attra…[View]
50441855can i have some tips on getting a girlfren? > im a khv and going to turn 20 soon. >when i was …[View]
50443442>tomboy but have big boobs[View]
50444191>be me >gay basedboy, browse reddit daily >i want to post greentext to get sweet internet p…[View]
50442832Would you date a 10/10 if her fetish was for you to eat her ass clean? That is, every time she took …[View]
50444361>be me >doing homework suddenly cat walks in >small, 7-8months cute and well groomed >ve…[View]
50432729Hey frens, can we get an apu pepe thread going?[View]
50444442I honestly think about boiler every day[View]
50441737the hiv test came back pozitive[View]
50443032chaotic a cute tfw no chaotic bf[View]
50443741Okay, so I've just recently migrated from /b/ to /x/, from /x/ to /pol/ and finally from /pol/ …[View]
50444147Any other paintings with this feel?[View]
50442842I'm playing Kingdom Hearts and having a really nice time.[View]
50443288I don't get it. Robots complain how women have high standards for good looking men, and then ro…[View]
50443709Nip Tuck is the most unsatisfying tv show ever. The bad guys never have to face what's coming t…[View]
50442898The future is not worth seeing[View]
50443502I've decided to finally try reddit out and even post there probably. I actually only visited it…[View]
50444240Are FBIs and CIAs generally good people, or do they come onto /r9k/ and shitpost in the hopes of get…[View]
50444128I am not sure 100% but I suspect that telepathy may exist. Whenever I stare at a person I wonder if …[View]
50443684>tfw starting to reach the breaking point[View]
50444169Feeling so serene, I dance within a shadow's caress. It who sees me, dancing within its only em…[View]
50442296>tfw ywn experience cumming on gina gerson's feet why live?[View]
50443917Hello, I just wanted to tell you that things can get better if you try. We are not doomed, only if w…[View]
50443444>thank God I still my optimism left Tomorrow will be a good day.[View]
50443744Have any of you Robots ever gone out with someone you don't like out of sheer desperation/lonel…[View]
50443895>tfw no conspicuous consumer bf[View]
50443904>Turn 30 >Suddenly become invisible to the world >Kids used to laugh behind my back, adults…[View]
50442944Don't go to Cape Town Tomorrow at 12pm UTC -2 Some of you guys are alright[View]
50443887>For weeks now I have been thinking of one girl I use to talk with in Highschool >Thinks I mig…[View]
50443211Faggot pewdiepie promoting unhealthy products.[View]
50443383Anyone else had a reverse pedo thing when they were a kid? Like they wanted to have sex with older w…[View]
50443232Why doesn't life feel natural? If this was a deterministic universe we wouldn't need to be…[View]
50443821>Having thoughts about this girl I work with tying me down and pissing in my mouth while holding …[View]
50437918INTP thread > tfw smart but lazy[View]
50437340ADHD: Anyone here have ADD/ADHD? How do you deal with it? What kind of experiences have you had with…[View]
50439807You haven't done anything today anon? How sad... /tzEX2 let's be sad together[View]
50443441guys you just need more confidence[View]
50441744I'M FUCKING GAY THANKS TO Y'ALL: >be me >Fap to porn and hentai all day, very hetero…[View]
50443057Friend just posted this generic normie fake inspirational bs in discord. What do anons?[View]
50441897Why does time pass slowlier when in new places?[View]
50443723Isn't it kind of gay to have crushes/oneitis?[View]
50442392>Avoided so much I want to kill. Is this the normal feeling, have I snapped all the way?…[View]
50443652What's it feel like having your dick inside a girls asshole and pussy?: How would compare the t…[View]
50442982>be me >having a decent life >make a medium-sized fuckup >nothing that can't be fix…[View]
50443698>just start being more confident bro, it works for me[View]
50439267ask your crush out post results itt and leave this place for good[View]
50443068i chose to be this way it's all my fault[View]
50443390have you ever dated a robot (or former robot depending on your definition)? not necessarily someone …[View]
50439258Smoking Adderall: I have 20mg instant release Adderall crushable tablets and I want to know if it…[View]
50441860>be me >hairy as a sirian guy >shave ass and benor >toomuchfur.mkv >FUCK NIGGERS AND …[View]
50443501>be me >drinking soup from cup of noodles >tip cup back really fast to get the soup >sou…[View]
50443493Manlet anthem: Does this song give hope to the 5' 7' manlets out there? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
50441783Shitposting discord server with minimal rules, active daily, come say hi libtards /JWS4ePF[View]
50443171Discord 204: Looking for friends. Server dedicated to making friends. Bullies will be shot and kille…[View]
50442238How do I get over the fear of talking to people in VC?[View]
50442381>that average-looking nerd girl in high school who had an inflated ego because of her orbiters…[View]
50443292Traps?: why are traps such a huge thing on 4chan or on this board i just don't get it probs cau…[View]
50443410big sister kat. your afternoon will be better today than the last. im here if you ever need me[View]
50442324Who was in the wrong here? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4770297/pembrokeshire-man-suicide-borderlin…[View]
50441246Is all you really care about the smile of a pretty girl?[View]
50443350i have been on a group chat and everyone i was among them was bantering on this girl,she didn't…[View]
50440764What job can I get with the least amount of stress and least amount of interaction as possible?[View]
50443331I just want to be the emperor of the world and have a cute witch gf who likes pizza. Am I really ask…[View]
50443319At what age do women really expire? I know a lot of people say 30 but i've seen a lot of qt 30-…[View]
50443314im bored join my server /gXDDzkJ[View]
50443254>Be me >Freshman at high school >There was a service where you could help out the special …[View]
50428521Any Europeans on /r9k/? I'm from Luxembourg myself. What's it like where you're at?[View]
50443220Whether all narcissists are normies or it's all normies are narcissists , it's a reason to…[View]
50443020PechaTimathyzN@mail.ru He hacked my mom's credit card, and now I'm upset.[View]
50443072Posting Gwen Stacy everyday until I get a fembot gf who looks similar Day 1[View]
50442986>be me on my way back home from school >waiting for the light to turn green >a voice appear…[View]
50443127Reminder to not give up on yourself Anon, Kumiko commands you[View]
50439636want to hang out guys? gg/QzfbUUE[View]
50442787what is dead body worth? is there way to sell my own dead body with full discretion?[View]
50442585Guys i just smoked some weed and grandpajust got home, wtff do i do??[View]
50438779'You got a problem, bro?' Do you dare fight?[View]
50441538Help us save Yotsuba, robots. 'Someone killed our Pixel Canvas Yotsuba http://pixelcanvas.io/@182,-1…[View]
50441518I'm starved of human warmth and affection[View]
50441677So theres this girl I've been interested in for some months now. 7/10. Sameish interests and pe…[View]
50442525>be me >virgin weirdo >somehow part of a group of friends with the most beautiful girl in c…[View]
50442773>tfw no hotwife gf big sad[View]
50442849Incel Standards: >incel >will not date less than a 10/10 That is not how involuntary-status wo…[View]
50426724Why don't you femanons just nurture robots? >robots are like seeds that have yet grown >f…[View]
50442619What kind of food should I order?[View]
50442320talk me out of texting my therapist robots[View]
50442720Anyone else get really pissed off by people who try to make you seem like the bad guy for living you…[View]
50441249Why are 25+ women so boring? They don't wear skintight pants anymore, they don't arch thei…[View]
50441913oh boy oh boy: >be me >femanon >really bored, and don't like to read normal books so I…[View]
50441627Whens the last time you went to the dentist? At least 5 years for me and I'm scared to find ou…[View]
50442372Help maths niggas: what do i do here? please ....[View]
50442667I need a gf, please talk to me fembots tacticalwater#8363[View]
50442211how to make friends online? for example I want to play games with someone but I have noone all forum…[View]
50441932could i earn some shit for drawing hentai[View]
50441064how do i leave my small town if im on probation for being black? i live in the middle of nowhere and…[View]
50441752white girls: ITT: rant about stereotypical 14 year old, white tumblr girls with a ddlg fetish who we…[View]
50442145hey guys free (you): >any plans for the week any plans at all for anything? maybe waiting for a n…[View]
50440224So Robots... When did you accept that you will die alone?[View]
50442461Two days ago a girl friend of mine told me I was 6.5 >tfw I believed that scores was only some in…[View]
50442279When Parents are sick of you ...: anybody getting scolded bc of your neet behavior or other quirks y…[View]
50438433I don't understand the appeal of anal sex[View]
50442123I made it: This is it. I've finally done it. I can leave this godawful place behind. I don…[View]
50442414Lets list norms: Simple thread list things we want to do/avoid to get a healthier social life. >n…[View]
50436487Autistic suicide note: I got mad and wrote this and I feel like such a fucking incel, please someone…[View]
50441291> 28 > still live with parent > never had stable employment > no particular education, n…[View]
50432212rip eggy: if you dont have sex and make music you will be arrested as a terrorist Eggy can no longer…[View]
50441984>hey buddy, wake up[View]
50441279>tfw want to be in a relationship with a boy and a girl at the same time…[View]
50441766>move to a new city >get a high-paying job >rent a place in a brand-new high-rise building …[View]
50440869oopsie: > Be me > Pick out a retarded Indian book from the library in school as a joke > id…[View]
50440255An art hoe/trash gf please, how does a robot get one of these beauties?[View]
50442257PIZZA TIME?: Dudes, I'm sick as fuck at the moment. It's only cold but I feel like I'…[View]
50440949ITT: Post the most ridiculous or weird wikipedia articles you know of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
50441426Does anyone else here save all images on social media of cute girls he knows irl? Pic unrelated[View]
50441170>Started casually fucking a QT grill multiple times on the weekends for the past month or so …[View]
50438115Did he browse this board?[View]
50439761Do any of you have a criminal record?[View]
50437868'I'd love any girl, unless she's ugly or fat' t. every 'robot': 'I just want to find a gir…[View]
50441767I have cancelled date with a girl I have a crush on because I have to study Why am I this retarded[View]
50439767Which country has the best cuisine of all?[View]
50438639What have you been doing to improve yourself, robots?[View]
50441912get rekt thread: i never saw a get rekt thread on /r9k. lets be the first anons.post your best rekt …[View]
50442023Would you accept having a girlfriend if she never shaved down there?[View]
50441165The Bachelor: So apparently this guy is a virgin, you guys.[View]
50441799How many of you guys relate to this image, or at least parts of it?[View]
50442039Just got a Plebbit Girl to do some Audios for me: You should try it, bots. Just write a decent scrip…[View]
50441419Hey guys, what kind of bf would you be?[View]
50440038Is trying to look better with makeup good or bad?: I don't wear makeup, and I leave my hair nat…[View]
50441746HEY: Elliot Rodgers here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0N88Lqg8Wc[View]
50441985big kat your day will be better. remember that if you feel down. theres always something in a day th…[View]
50435083Just had my first boiperiod. I'm so excited I can now get boipregnant[View]
50441890help me decipher this. release in jan 2013, could lead to a thousand bitcoins.[View]
50441856Hello r9k I have a problem which is my job. I work constructions and go to school at night. The main…[View]
50441831>sit in my room everyday for a year contemplated why i don't try to get a gf. >dont under…[View]
50441656Prom: Classmates wanted me to go to prom, multiple girls asked me to go. I don't care about my …[View]
50441771Lost the last friendship i had keeping me sane. What am i in for if i don't manage to distract …[View]
50441659Thanks for taking me hiking anon[View]
50439787>been sold the college meme my whole life >ended up dropping out of college because I wanted t…[View]
50441579I fucked up: > be me > degenerate weed smoker > live with my mom, shit isnt bad > mom h…[View]
50441769thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5q_GXDQ6k8 is Necro /ourguy?[View]
50441722I'm starting to think that the problem isn't women but the fucking desperate beta faggots …[View]
50441156>he has a gf and you don't explain yourself[View]
50441565I want to mend your fractured heart. To heal you from what the world had done to you. But I am a guy…[View]
50441688>have to go to class at college with my sister Holy fuck please just don't let me sperg out …[View]
50438609/britfeel/: nearly halloween lads, cannot fucking wait[View]
50434793fembots help: is it normal to masturbate to your crush as a girl? i cant help but think about him ta…[View]
50441428pls respond: Can you help a robot out? I just need follows. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes…[View]
50439947job interview tomorrow - kill me: I DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO BEING A FUCKING WAGEKEK. I WAS FINALLY H…[View]
50441566Phat: Concerning fatasses lime this specimen right here, I'm wondering what would happen if we …[View]
50438321Tell us your daily routine: What do you everyday? >Quit my part time job >University wont star…[View]
50439427i came from the holly le epic r/dank4chan >cant forget the double plebbit space can you kind gent…[View]
50441258Powerful stuff[View]
50439503We always talk about what women do wrong, but in this thread we talk about how women would behave if…[View]
50441497All memes aside, can you actually be a robot if you have a gf? In what scenario would it be possible…[View]
50441448I read that in Brazil, it's controversial to have black couples on television. White/white and …[View]
50440484There's no such thing as addiction. There was never a war on drugs. The real answer is to make …[View]
50440612You know,I'm starting to think ben Shapiro is pretty ok for a Jew. I'm not easily tricked …[View]
50441447>no we don't use hands boi[View]
50439488What do Russians eat?[View]
50441340Thoughts? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6583137/With-devastating-honesty-courage-JAMES-MI…[View]
50438622Is anyone here aroused by preggo cuckolding?: If you are a guy, your wife gets pregnant by another m…[View]
50437890Is Drakengard/NieR the most /r9k/ vidya?[View]
50441304Am I the only one who thinks calling everything autistic is kind of cringeworthy?[View]
50440116How can Chads approach females? How can they gather so much self confidense? I am 27 khv, and there …[View]
50438909my boiperiod! looks like it's that time of the month again... hope i don't get boipregnant…[View]
50439775why are manlets so fucking annoying and passive aggressive? is there an annoying manlet syndrome whe…[View]
50441290i love how you see people posting about things that happened to them years ago, or even today, thing…[View]
50439494officially disabled: >have mental health issues as a kid >be 19 and get broken into and beat u…[View]
50439358>be me >at college >have a short and skinny but confident chad type guy whos my friend…[View]
50441000>be me >birthdayboy.jpeg >nintendo wishes me a happy birthday Thank you nintendo…[View]
50437825>find out that a girl in my town attempted suicide yesterday by jumping off the train yard bridge…[View]
50439304Why aren't you reading _Worth the Candle_ yet, /r9k/? It's an ongoing fantasy novel in the…[View]
50440553fembots hate thread: can we all take a moment to think on just how awful fembots are they are all ju…[View]
50440892what are the minimum requirements to have sex with a 5/10 roastie in 2019[View]
50440221Why are you not a Frugivore?[View]
50441113can you imagine going on a kanto massacre style purge of the normies with your robot brethren?[View]
50440489is there any hope for fat people? besides chubby chasers, is there anyone who'd date/fuck a fat…[View]
50438751Suicide approaching: I'm a 23yo friendless virgin. Haven't had friends in over 10 years. H…[View]
50440968I may be a loser but at least I will never get skin cancer.[View]
50440755>the n-word is profanity against black people >black people can call each other using the n-wo…[View]
50441013Should I join a bible study club to 'socialise'? I get no IRL interaction and pretty much …[View]
50440709I punched my ex-gf's boyfriend, who happened to also be one of my best friends, in the face AMA…[View]
50439384Why does every self harming person cut? I've only ever met one who didn't, instead he…[View]
50440564>Be me >First day of secondary school >See this polish looking guy and his black friend lau…[View]
50440671This world is meaningless. It's a cruel, cruel World. It absolutely fucking sucks. I think us r…[View]
50439437I just signed up for a college course that starts tomorrow, being a NEET was driving me insane. Will…[View]
50439891It's my bday, but i feel more miserable, sad and alone then ever.Can't take it anymore.[View]
50439928I want to fucking float away[View]
50440973>he spends all day shitposting on a frog image board >he hates women and thinks they're u…[View]
50440454Good news: What's something you've learned or heard recently that has lowered your anxiety…[View]
50439019>be me >have a pronounced chin >makes me ugly >plus I have crooked teeth >get called …[View]
50440493Your great depression.: Is in your mind. What have you done since 2019 besides complain about your i…[View]
50440147>so starved of fatherly affection that I instantly fall for any boy that takes care of me in any …[View]
50440823I don't get why so many people shit on this board. Holy fucking shit. This is the best, if not …[View]
50440825*Gordon talking about your life* >'Unbelievable, he's completely given up.'…[View]
50440811Cult Leader: You're a cult leader now. What are your religions beliefs? Uniform? How will you g…[View]
50440404Maladaptive Daydreaming: > extremely vivid daydreams with their own characters, settings, plots, …[View]
5044051721 year old virgin: >5'8'' >no face >chubby middle age man body >no money…[View]
50440751>talk to a girl for thirty seconds >take a nap afterwards >dream about her >she holds me…[View]
50439837>random girl: 'Hey, Anon! Does the carpet match the drapes?' >me: shaved my head the previous …[View]
50439558finally know what marxism is. I like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSQgCy_iIcc[View]
50440728BiBi and Alai pale sex[View]
50439919>tfw brown but want a racist nazi bf to save the white race with[View]
50439247thinking about the future is suicide fuel. I feel myself getting older, all the missed opportunities…[View]
50440298tfw you''re a spineless bastard[View]
50440592>me >come back home from college >mom made lentil soup and mexican style beans >whole fa…[View]
50436755Hey guys, am Femanon and my boyfriend keeps bringing up his threesome fantasy. Most of the time it…[View]
50438940Did actual doctors, over many years, diagnose your mental illness or do you just 'feel 'that you hav…[View]
50431313Halp: What do? Madly in love with girl for 5+years. Texting today, this happens. What do?[View]
50435856The incident: What was your school's 'incident'(s) anons? I'll start >in grade 8 >sc…[View]
50440120>ask cute guy out >get rejected[View]
50435723I got a new co-worker (mature woman) and I jerked off thinking about her. Last Monday we were talkin…[View]
50440426done: I'm done with myself im a piece of shit and can't do anything my mom died 3 months a…[View]
50437110Anyone else feel doomed to only consume and never produce I enjoy the idea of creating something a l…[View]
50439726>just want a 3.5-4/10 messy tired looking no-makeup on gf in pijamas to spoon cuddle take bubble …[View]
50440369>be me (pic related) >snap half of the world >couldn't snap Veronica >see her pictu…[View]
50437791Porn: What sites do yous get your porn off[View]
50439444What is entertaining about watching football?[View]
50439446>Do you want to FOCK tonaaht? I want to.[View]
50440270>neighbor is an unemployed ex con, steals shit from other people and has a tendency to violence …[View]
50439976Why do some women see money as a characteristic of attractiveness in men? All I want in women are po…[View]
50439050I feel like everyone is constantly staring at me I just go to buy groceries and when I turn to someo…[View]
50439270Why shouldn’t I kys myself?: >30 >hundreds of thousands in debt >can't get rid of it w…[View]
50438533>doesn't feel anything around old people >doesn't feel anything around adults >do…[View]
50433642What's it like to hold a girl's hand? > unironically of course…[View]
50438359>have friend and we talk about how all women are disgusting sluts and parasites >he gets a gf …[View]
50439990Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
50438237hit or miss 'girl' interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKXLQTOc-s Is she still ou…[View]
50439725>tfw you have an attractive sister[View]
50438628Why isn't life anime People joke about this like it's fucking funny but I want to know the…[View]
50439854A picture is starting to take form here... I wonder if it's accurate. Some pieces don't qu…[View]
50439893>roommate is asian >has really small delicate feet >always barefoot and has her feet up on…[View]
50439872Someone is having sweet, romantic sex with his girlfriend and experiencing the beautiful, reassuring…[View]
50439839let's talk about that first fap after taking a shower something about having a freshly washed d…[View]
50439598i am a 22yr old friendless broke unemployed autistic loser. i did not even register for classes even…[View]
50439134>gf calls me and says she masturbated too roughly and is now bleeding from her vagina what do?…[View]
50438429How to get a Japanese girl? I heard they aren't into dating and similar stuff. I also heard tha…[View]
50439683I keep losing my fucking erection and im only 20 yrs old, normally i would push through it to nut an…[View]
50436906ECT treatment for depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcmarVpo2xE[View]
50439752Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europeans, and since Europeans were unable to follo…[View]
50439667big kathy. hope your early morning is nice so far. i met another person who has the same name as you…[View]
50439549>Turn 30 >Kids are too scared of me to even look at me >Adults recognise the 'kill me' star…[View]
50439704When will we stand up to this propaganda? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0[View]
50439694Loneliness is next to godliness. When we find ourselves in loneliness we find ourselves in a place …[View]
50438231How do I do this no fap thing meme fellow kids? It's been fifth day and I can barely restrain m…[View]
50439657Long stick. Goes boom[View]
50439551>be hapa >literally want to kill myself everday…[View]
50437792Who is this faggot and why do I keep seeing him everywhere in youtube comments? This is actually ann…[View]
50439492My life is pretty much over.: So pretty much in school I'm not exactly the kind of person to st…[View]
50437473>have the great value chicken tenders >have the jasmine white rice >cook the chicken tender…[View]
50439085I just had a session with my therapist while under the influence of ayahuasca. Shit was life-changin…[View]
50439634>Have to go for a 10km death march tomorrow morning to go to the bank and take shekelstein's…[View]
50439609>there is a femanon lurking this board right now that has a puddle of discharge in her panties…[View]
50438438Why do a lot of people say that the economic system where you only get paid if you produce goods or …[View]
50438322any actual mentally ill people here want to chat? chat in thread or join server g/QzfbUUE[View]
50439552Shitposting discord server with minimal rules, active daily with lots of egrils, come say hi nigrs …[View]
50439566>'These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration'…[View]
50439538>1/24th through 2019 already[View]
50438992If anyone wants to play some minecraft please do join chadcraft.apexmc.co[View]
50438422>oh really, you're an incel? >eww that's actually like disgusting >well then why …[View]
50439336Why have the past few years been literal hell for everyone? Bar rich people/celebrities, 2015-2018 h…[View]
50439507Tard story thread?: >be me >2 years ago >senior year of high school >in maths class >…[View]
50439433Can I get all the 'ready to settle down memes' my dear robot friends?[View]
50439273Why havent you taken the Russianpill?[View]
50434491Have you ever been pantsed before?: This was literally me today at school desu.[View]
50438477Ask someone who came inside a girl with 5000 intagram followers last night anything[View]
50438182Art tard here >Been feeling like shit lately to the point that stopped enjoying drawing. >Lyi…[View]
50437421I dont know why women marry For women, marriage >Lowers life expectancy >Increases stress >…[View]
50439360>be me >2nd day of new semester >sitting outside my lab an hour early >tfw time managem…[View]
50439025>tfw found an adderall pill under my seat cushion. I was gonna snap, bros…[View]
50439357Some day I will get a gf, and I'll love her. And she's going to break my heart. This I kno…[View]
50439346>tfw no aetherius society bf[View]
50439186guys im dehydrated can i please have a drink[View]
50439298Hello frens, sincie the last 15 years (more or less) i studied the human psichology, sociology, antr…[View]
50429350I never asked out a girl in my life[View]
50437924Who /wholesome/ here?: Just because I am a depressed self-loathing robot doesn't mean I have to…[View]
50437024How do I start to change my life after doing nothing for so long? Like start trying to date and work…[View]
50439172Is pegging/prostate stimulation healthy in a relationship or does it just lead to cuckoldery?[View]
50439164When a girl sees you as 'just a friend', it means there's something PHYSICALLY wrong with you. …[View]
50437459>Dad yelled at me when he saw me flirting with a blackbot on snapchat[View]
50439118one of these days you'll see![View]
50437079this used to be my house[View]
50439096I really hate to admit it... I actually enjoy country music. I'm just never going to have it in…[View]
50438884>that feeling when no Joker bf[View]
50424506Letter thread: Haven't seen one in a while and am tired of waiting for someone else to create o…[View]
50438982Why are normaIfags obssessed with us?[View]
50438216>try to hang myself >can't tie a good enough knot >tfw can't even succeed at suic…[View]
50439049>be me, 16 year old >pretty beta, virgin >meet cute israeli girl at political debate >we…[View]
50437339where to find jojo bf?[View]
50438419Your oneitis gives you a cup of her pussy juice. Do you drink it?[View]
50438395do you have a small penis? are you a trap? are you a **man? too bad. no **men, no faggotry, only lar…[View]
50437523Why don't you have a junglebunny fucktoy cumdump yet?[View]
50437966>eat pack of ramen >tastes really good >feel like I didn't even eat anything >it…[View]
50438891>2 am >bigsad.jpg >time to download some hentai >captcha…[View]
50438890if i lay down on my right side i start hearing subtle voices,theyre not too intrusive and they dont …[View]
50438281C. U. Chads United: ITT: Chads posting latest Chad report. >7:30am >already having to reject r…[View]
50438739Is there a woman you consider beautiful but have no sexual feelings towards? For me it's the gi…[View]
50438859/amerifeel/: fuck brits, amerifeel will crush /britshill/[View]
50438848>be a manager >tfw it's 'unethical' to fire your ugly employees because they could file a…[View]
50436592BPD Feels: Reminder that people with Borderline Personality Disorder are NOT all monsters. We are me…[View]
50438658How do i get out of this?: How do i escape the npc-zone? >be me with male friends >fun, very t…[View]
50436526I know 4chan hates reddit but are there any subreddits you approve of?[View]
50437351Are you going to be sleeping alone tonight?[View]
50438745How is /r9k/ prepping for the SHTF?[View]
50436674Why do females want equality, but at the same time they become super horny when they are dominated a…[View]
50436371Please fix me: Why are images like pic related the only thing that can make my dick hard?[View]
50438742greentext: >be like me >13 years old >have autistic friends >tells joke about gay porn …[View]
50437292Has your life turned out like you thought it would? What did you hope would be better?[View]
50438500WHY IS MY WEINER ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVEN'T HAD SEX[View]
50435489>Say I like lolicon outside of 4chan >Get told to kill myself or turn myself into the police W…[View]
50434850How do I become a massive workaholic (end goal being to sleep only 3 hours a day) without killing my…[View]
50438067My life is darkness. The only times I am not depressed, is when I am bloodthirsty. And that feels li…[View]
50438601>Can only find girls that I have anything in common with online >Can't take online relati…[View]
50438193READING OF THE DAY: A Reading from the Letter to the Hebrews HEB 2:5-12 It was not to angels that Go…[View]
50438445What have you done to me?: >be me 1.5 years ago >be a plebbitor >browsing leddit, see a gre…[View]
50435004Is anyone surprised by how easy it is to get away with murder? Like just don't be a fucking idi…[View]
50431600>things you told her that probably kept her up at night[View]
50437993What is having an IRL friend like? Does it feel noticeably different from online friends? More 'real…[View]
50436764>crazy and want to die >voice in my head keeps telling me not to kill myself and gives me enco…[View]
50436218how do people react to someone they know killing themselves? has anyone experienced this? i'll …[View]
50436387No alcohol No porn No junk food Have a job Where's my gf now ?[View]
50434662/britfeel/: Rise and shine wagies edition[View]
50438406>tfw no gf to beat up in my sleep feelsbadman.jpg[View]
50438346any other fembots who found the NXIVM sex slavery cult incredibly hot?[View]
50438363what would you curse an incel if you fembots see my terrible body and still have to get in a relatio…[View]
50438355have a good early morning big kat. i woke up feeling pretty bad today[View]
50436146>boyfriend about $200 worth of Copic Markers for another girl[View]
50438332Help: Hi fags I need your help. I have to do an assignment worth 5000 words and it can be on anythin…[View]
50436996anyone else tired of seeing threads about the same fucking shit daily? women, suicide, Chad, normies…[View]
50437295Does anyone else here listen to atmospheric black metal? Its been my favorite metal genre since i wa…[View]
50430810harhar: who's your favorite webcomic creator and why is your answer hehesilly[View]
50436485>all of my bottom teeth and half of my upper teeth have cavities >at least 3 have already reac…[View]
50437090Why don't you just go out and get a sad menhera GF?[View]
50437435Who here /comfy NEET/?[View]
50437633Don't you wish you didn't have to wagecuck your entire life and could just sit and watch a…[View]
50434626Why are Mexican girls so adorable? I feel so empty not having a Mexican/Mexican-American gf to be cu…[View]
50436803Would you be with a girl who had to wear special gear like pic related all the time? I mean all the …[View]
50437842women of this board look here: https://desuarchive. org/r9k/thread/2685539/#2686907 Look at that r9k…[View]
50433451How do you robots hold the steering wheel?[View]
50437372I was visited by the MIB: alright robots, this just happened like 8 minutes ago, im fucking terrifie…[View]
50436483hi frens free (you)'s: I jus woke up. what you guys doing, I was cuddle my dakki and in happy l…[View]
50433604I wish I could feel the way I felt at 14. Remember those intense crushes. That excitement playing vi…[View]
50437060I just lost my virginity. I'm still a loser. I had a one night and stand I feel like my life is…[View]
50438036I cant feel gf type of love. Help anons (pic unrelated)[View]
50437956A girl who's house i visit for parties caught me smelling her shoes. She yelled wtf but diddnt …[View]
50437780what do you do when you have an awful yellow fever at a dominantly white country?[View]
50437911Currently in taiwan, have had sex with two girls so far in the past week. Is this enough? My goal wa…[View]
50436264>you will never find a cute, small virgin girl who studies STEM to form a romantic bond with and …[View]
50437277Is schadenfreude the problem with this world? What would a world without schadenfreude be like?[View]
50437521>tfw you return home to find your cum tissue drawer completely empty >it's in MY room …[View]
50436123The evolution of my destruction: >2014: the beginning of the end. >2015: the beginning of the …[View]
50437701Reminder that women hate guys who lose. Even if you're in a loving relationship and some rand…[View]
50434197Welcome to the bottleneck.[View]
50403263Waifu General - /waifu/ #31: Happy Early Birthday to Mio Edition previous: >>50379429[View]
50433686What a your opinion on roll threads?[View]
50435877Every whore who has had her photo taken with an erect cock should be named and shamed[View]
50437703>tfw no best girl of all manga and anime gf[View]
50430407Alcohol/Alcoholism thread. /r9gaycriticism/ thread: Once there were regular drinking threads. Now, n…[View]
50437689As we all know by now leftist news sites are an utter embarrassment and will believe and post anythi…[View]
50437575Rant #20593: Why are 25+ women so boring? They don't wear skintight pants anymore, they don…[View]
50437729I'm the opposite of OK Cancel[View]
50426503itt femanons give us proof they belong on this board by posting autismo stories[View]
50437593>laying in bed browsing internet on phone, very early morning so still dark >mom opens door to…[View]
50437574I was thinking of buying one of those sex dolls Anyone have any experience with them?[View]
50437611So, anon, when are you asking that 50yo coworker friend of yours to take your virginity?[View]
50437555I'm so sick of seeing wojaks and pepes it's literally just the modern rage face at this po…[View]
50436880>tfw no fembot gf in europe why live[View]
50437195Are all women bi by default? It's not rare that I see women doing more... dunno... flirty thing…[View]
50435858British Royals are Nazis. Sound retarded? Well, it's true.: How deep does the rabbit hole go? h…[View]
50435817Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50437240half a girls DNA is from a man thus fucking a girl is gay[View]
50435656*walks into a job interview* >Hai, Im John, Im 22. I like hugs and coffee and bands. :3c…[View]
50436885reminder that if you repress your feminine side you will become a crossdresser you cant repress some…[View]
50437198I have been a shut-in NEET for 15 years now (I'm 31) How come nobody here is surprised by that?…[View]
50437319Nigganon Feels: >Tfw too afraid to say nigga out loud[View]
50436316>parents think Im literally autistic >parents too old to understand memes so I cant explain t…[View]
50437000Just finished my 90 day Nofap reboot. AMA.: The title says it all I guess. It was sometimes very har…[View]
50437084Daily reminder that planting trees is the only way to save yourself and your people. The normalfags …[View]
50437155>parents kick me out of house >but they give me money to cover rent >need a job to make mon…[View]
50432080What things are you addicted to frens? 1. Porn 2. Caffeine 3. Runescape 4. Junk food[View]
50436059Is it weird that I often think less of a guy if he seems romantically into me? Because like... lolwu…[View]
50431094/nightwalk/: Give it a shot. late night, early morning, midday doesnt matter. go get some fresh air.…[View]
50437236Anyone can relate to this?: >be me >khv >in school >summer >sit at the table with 'fi…[View]
50436699>you will never have an English gf >you will never be a perfect chad ive been in this room for…[View]
50436940Women's deceitful tactics: Name them. First thing that comes to mind is the pushup bra. How man…[View]
50436286>far right >finally get gf >she is unironically a hapa who browses pol and is more racist t…[View]
50437177Normalfags hate him!: Find out how one hyperintellectual man triggered so many animalistic sex obses…[View]
50434884>Working with LYFT Any robots got any experience with them? Boomer parents want me to help out a …[View]
50436351Why do all robots act like having a normal sized dick (5-6 inches) is the end of the world. Sex with…[View]
50437154Penis size: Sorry if this is a duplicate. How big is too big when it comes to penis size? How much c…[View]
50429103>be me >be robot >be addicted to Buckethead >he is robot >decide to spread word of …[View]
50437135>be in love with a girl (we're never dating though) >she leaves the country permanently …[View]
50433187>this is considered rich people food in america[View]
50437078Do green text: >be me >be 20 >in kitchen with mum >mum makes me a toastie >thanks mum…[View]
50435994Whats the point of the head covering?[View]
50436004one of us >one of us one of us >one of us one of us >one of us one of us >one of us one …[View]
50436997Fuck off fbi man: Dear Mr fbi man, I know you're watching me make this thread on r9k, I'm …[View]
50436840The Tumblr War stories: I wasn't around back then, tell me your war legacy annons.[View]
50435558Big titty drop, am I right?[View]
50435455Is it possible for a Beta to become a Chad? is it all genetic and nothing can significantly be done …[View]
50434275For those of you who go into trap and gay threads just call everyone gay or spam scat and gore, why …[View]
50436615Pull me out of the aircrash Pull me out of the lake 'Cause I'm your superhero We are stand…[View]
50436873Revenge thread: >be me 2 years ago >16yo chad with first qt3.14 gf >her aunt is very sick …[View]
50436669Why gay men are attractive to women: Wondering so I can learn something from them, I arrived at some…[View]
50435300You should only behave socially in ways that you are able to repeat regularly. If you are quiet, the…[View]
50436801Painful yet funny?: >be me earlier >got some new ballons for science >play with them(blowin…[View]
50436541I find it quite ironic how normalshits that visit this board for the shits and giggles are slowly be…[View]
50432633Why are some boys like me so shy and submissive?[View]
50435096What is the point of life for guys like us? Women have realised that they no longer have to interact…[View]
50432644/Minecraft feels/: >Minecraft beta 1.5 >Not many friends >Do as the game's tiles inst…[View]
50436594This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no…[View]
50433408How do I obtain a mommy gf with a small penis fetish?[View]
50435293anybody wanna make a suicide pact with me? it can be online[View]
50432966>have two beer bottles full of piss by my bed >too scared to dump them out because mummy or si…[View]
50435079I want out of the waggie lifestyle, i live the same repetitive day ever single fucking day. fuck you…[View]
50432142/creativegeneral/: Hello welcome to another creative thread post any creations here Here's my f…[View]
50435744>post my snap on soc hoping for some interaction with a female >get hit up >talk to her f…[View]
50436335How the fuck do I become Chad: Not looking to be fake or anything, just a path to betterment in adop…[View]
50435915>be me >a few years ago back in highschool >feeling like shit as usual >just want to KO …[View]
50436194Whats it like being black and having a small dick?[View]
50435234who do females on the internet have so many fucking personal issues[View]
50434992How do I get a cute asian bf like pic related?[View]
50421517My sister killed herself, leaving her 4 year old daughter behind. My mother and my sister had a bad …[View]
50435903Need some wage cuck help and advice.: I gotta ask whats a good wage cuck job if I live in the united…[View]
50435986Why as most people get older do most people become self righteous fuck faces that do whatever the me…[View]
50435470>the no crazy damaged gf[View]
50436355ian, i hope youre out there: ian, if youre out there, please reach out to me. this is the only place…[View]
50413175What things did she say about you?: Post the crushing things girls have said to you or about you whe…[View]
50435072I need to expand my spurdo collection. Can you robots help me out? Post all you got.[View]
50436229Idiot reflects on past of being an idiot: >start getting into self-help dating videos earlier in …[View]
50436278>fingers smell like shit again[View]
50435962What is it that we need? Are all people just unhappy and looking for something? What would make us t…[View]
50433638Why do so many robots die?[View]
50436262childhood autism stories? childhood autism stories.: >be me in 2nd or 3rd grade >always see a …[View]
50434282Why haven't you adopted a pet yet, /r9k/?[View]
50433622anyone want to play chess with me on coolmathgames? I'm not that good but I'm fucking bore…[View]
50436162> the last people who used all the body wash do not dispose of the empty bottle > as a result,…[View]
50434766Wish me luck cunts[View]
50434054>kept calling my alcoholic brother 'drinky' until he yelled at me[View]
50434730tfw no edward elric bf (again)[View]
50434763I know that you robots know some things. ITT info thread.[View]
50434637Posting nofap counter every day untill I get a gf: Day 18 for me today, I'm waiting exitedly to…[View]
50433987/music and feels/ thread: Just post some comfy music and vent about your problems. https://www.youtu…[View]
50435902I feel too sick to say thanks.[View]
50434326ONEITIS : Who uses it and why: I think this mating strategy is used with the idea that affection for…[View]
50435777I hate having sad eyes.[View]
50435490Are shy, socially awkward 2nd generation immigrant asian girls that are heavily into anime and japan…[View]
50435243i am seeing a counselor weekly and it looks like i may have some form of antisocial personality diso…[View]
50435736is it retarded that one of the things holding me back from killing myself is people making fun of me…[View]
50419726/r9gay/ - #583: Hamburger edition! Last: >>50409893[View]
50433934>3 years ago >23 and kissless virgin >realise that I'll only have love for 2d >pic…[View]
50435556Boys I need your spiciest memes. like. right now. Old and new, I don't care.[View]
50435219I was ridin' number Nine....headin' south from caroline...I heard that lonesome whistle bl…[View]
50432638>Things she said that kept you up at night[View]
50434453why cant i just have an online/real girlfriend who likes similar things to me, isnt a landwhale, and…[View]
50434955>ywn take a romantic walk along the pier/through a nice park with a cute girl >ywn hold hands …[View]
50435255the worst feels: that mostly all women have someone in their life already before you show up. they a…[View]
50429260How do you get omegle tits? >inb4'just look good bro' protip: this does not get you as far as you…[View]
50434451Why does nobody like me? I don't feel like I'm that much of an asshole or an autist and ye…[View]
50434960Image feels: Any images that hit you like a ton of bricks?[View]
50434820>think of all these great shitposts at work >get home >can't remember any of them …[View]
50434242>raised by 3 females >follow their advice to treat a women >kv 19 Dont listen to women anon…[View]
50434689Is STEM really that bad?: I'm cosidering going into computer science[View]
50435001>tfw literally all I want to do in life is sleep and play video games >tfw work and go to coll…[View]
50434507>tfw no unrequited love bf[View]
50435016Ask someone who just drank and drove anything. I drove to the bottleshop to buy more booze.[View]
50433220>tfw you will never be a long hair German/Scandi in the 90s >you will never live a comfy low s…[View]
50434301>get a plant >think alright got some new life in my room getting some fresh air in my room a p…[View]
50432463Why do boys take so long to respond messages?[View]
50435443>be me this morning after sleeping through my alarm and missing morning classes >'ok its fine …[View]
50434110Daily reminder that women ultimately control and have power over men, regardless of who would win or…[View]
50434059When did you lose your optimism?: Delusional, optimistic whatever you call it when did you stop cari…[View]
50434805Do femanons like to be fed by hand? I've always wanted to do that with a girl.[View]
50429641comfy thread: rebuilding my folder edition[View]
50435353Semen inside fembot: Would ejaculating inside (mouth/pussy) a fembot be able to damage it? How does …[View]
50433755>tfw a petite senior sat on my lap and kissed me on the cheek then asked me 'Did you like that? :…[View]
50434903I am 19,5 year old incel (in june my birthday, i will be 20 years old). I didn't kiss, i didn…[View]
50434785How do I get a regular nurturing mommy gf?[View]
50433123>have to watch another shitty show to make my friends happy/for them to stop bugging me to watch …[View]
50434828>be me working at a shitty co-working office >people are talking around the water cooler over …[View]
50435112rnk you dogs, give me some advice. im a little fat, but losing weight slowly, im pretty smart but ha…[View]
50433804When did you realize that for the crime of rejecting you, your purpose is to destroy western civiliz…[View]
50435095>Be me, fat and ugly >Go to Wal-Mart to get groceries >The people there are far more obese …[View]
50433623Well annons This is the worst friendzoning Ive encountered For context weve been talking for a mon…[View]
50433693Gonna play pic related in the school play. Wish me luck anons![View]
50434380>mummy is a libtard[View]
50434624What if you find out ur trans[View]
50434249Eggman got spooked by the FBI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhKdcHMWZG8[View]
50432165Quick Doodles: Does anyone want some quick doodles? Not the most talented and I'm pretty groggy…[View]
50434061being alive sucks. looking forward to death[View]
50432677>be me >9/10 chad looking >diagnosed sociopath with no personality or hope of getting a rel…[View]
50434790http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ fun game: stroke yo dick each time the death counter …[View]
50434534/drunk/: Drunk thread guys. Who can't talk to any normals? Who too toasted to talk to family? T…[View]
50434753Zoomer Feels: >be 18 >had two girlfriends but neither let me do anal wish i was an older bot, …[View]
50434549Sociopaths of /r9k/, when did you realize that was what you were? What are your jobs/ NEET hobbies?[View]
50430503To those of you who think life is hard or complicated https://youtu.be/QHpalGUoqqA[View]
50431315I am 19 and I'll be 20 soon. I have an extreme 'midlife crisis'. I've often thought about …[View]
50433890How are you killing yourself anon? I'm making it as messy as possible. Leave an imprint of my …[View]
50434360Banned from /pol/: Redpill me on the Italian futurist party. I went on wiki and it says their ideolo…[View]
50433717So what's your story anon? Why are you not happy?[View]
50434656Ever feel this feel?: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck im so autistic[View]
50434339Hi anon. Would you like some candy?[View]
50434555>tfw unironically a paypig[View]
50432314Arbys commercial: Is this the guy's natural speaking voice and manner? It sounds like an attemp…[View]
50433055>always see long hair bf walking around town Why wont this rare breed acknowledge us?…[View]
50433993>be me, 18 >recently dropped out of HS >mom is convinced there is something wrong with me …[View]
50433435'Hi, anon! You won't be buying any condoms': >'I used the facial recognition surveillance ca…[View]
50432775anon do you like the rain?: It haven been rain in my city for 3 days now and I'm likeing and th…[View]
50434091big sis kathy. sorry for being late but have a good night. i feel a lot of pain right now[View]
50421443>go to gas station several times a week >owner starts getting friendly with me >notices tha…[View]
50434471>1v1's you AOE[View]
50434436Traps and sissies, what the worst you ever got caught or exposed? Room mates just found my butt plug[View]
50434413It is impossible to change for the better. I hate who I am.[View]
50426320/britfeel/: don't tune in and learn to filter edition[View]
50434195/r9k/'s Trip to 711: Alright guys im goin to go get a Dr. Pepper, anybody need anything?[View]
50433234Manlet love thread: 5'3 Manlet here making a manlet love thread because we are the future we ar…[View]
50431652What caused women like this to die out?[View]
50434135can you trust woman? I have only had two relationships in my life, and in everyone I have always fea…[View]
50433969if you really think that being shot is a disability. I'm just gonna drop this.[View]
50433810/Sleep/: ITT: Everything related to sleeping. >Anons, I can't sleep, what do I do to sleep?…[View]
50433006>should i lucid dream tonight or fap and black out morning[View]
50434085Taking a nap..... say something nice for me to read when I wake up[View]
50434208/feels/ general: >staying at my parent's house until march because holidays >toxic atmosp…[View]
50432953How do I get my own place My parents are retarded[View]
50433992I refuse to believe this is real. Not that I don't think these women exist, quite the contrary …[View]
50433263THE TUMBLR EXODUS IS RUINING EVERYTHING: FIRST they took over /co/ now they're taking over my p…[View]
50434157Fill my mug with a nice fresco thread[View]
50434041walking in on bj: (first time don't bully me) >be me >11 >in some shitty catholic scho…[View]
50433101>be me >be in love Fuck[View]
50434040was laying in bed with my gf. and i happened to look over at her and i caught her smelling my armpit…[View]
50434036i want a milf to piss on me[View]
50433822Should I get into dance, /r9k/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyinATSEKMY[View]
50433493>Sorry anon. I really like you, but I only date white guys and you aren't white. How do you…[View]
50432794Do you guys even still feel loneliness anymore?[View]
50433624hey guys i've got 5 tabs of acid and im debating taking 1 right now and then taking the other 4…[View]
50422622>New shaving ad by Gillette calls on men to 'check their toxic male behaviour' www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
50433865>coworkers found the camera I put in the bathrooms Am I fucked? I don't think they can trace…[View]
50433941first tinychat/r9k ama[View]
50430509Cwc represents an opportunity for a layman to insert themselves into the annals of modern history …[View]
50433572do women like to see big fat cocks?[View]
50433389What are the realistic risks of asking your older sister to teach you how to kiss? I think it can be…[View]
50433762wash bobs and vagen[View]
50433569>feeling fine if abet a bit tired >suddenly overwhelming feelings of loneliness wash over me l…[View]
50433384Real Trap Pill, but not what you think: /r9k/ needs to take the Real Trap Pill. >pic related rea…[View]
50432843Guys need advice I legit hate doing lab for science classes but love the math aspect of science but …[View]
50433699fembot, do you have lesbian fantasies/desires?[View]
50433363can someone post cute pictures of gay furries cuddling[View]
50433211>first time interacting with normalfags outside groupwork in years >just 'chilling' for a bit …[View]
50433436Squirting fetishes are just piss fetishes in disguise Pic related[View]
50433663My life is completely pointless. If I never existed, the changes to the world would not be noticeabl…[View]
50431654The girl on the left is inviting you to something: What does she invite you to? She is really earnes…[View]
50433585anyone else here accepted the fact that theyre going to be alone for the rest of their lives?[View]
50433478I have $1000 and a truck. How do live a life where I rarely have to interact with people, work, or g…[View]
50429561The dissapointment in the mans face is always immeasurable, but the wife never cares. Why are women …[View]
50429791How much of a robot can you get away with being to be in the armed forces? I want to enlist and not …[View]
50432960>be 25 year old fat beta loser virgin >you know the drill >big crush on first girl that eve…[View]
50431280Can people of different races be friends?[View]
50433481>A grill will never spill her spaghetti around you Do girls ever get embarrassed at all or are th…[View]
50432446>Mum comes home from work >Mum:'I was reading about a violent group of men called Incels who h…[View]
50431404Have you ever found out a woman you care about or at least have some ties to is a whore? EX: Finding…[View]
50431817A reminder to all trannies, this is the best you'll be able to look. No amount of HRT and chopp…[View]
50426715ttfw boipuss is ovulating again[View]
50432664Good News Bad News: Ok so I I'm in a situation and idk what to feel. Good news is I lost my vir…[View]
50429066How do you break porn addiction?[View]
50432340Day 24 since I last wiped. The smell keeps getting better everyday[View]
50432324Starting a thread about aimple things from childhood that have a lot of memories attached. First is …[View]
50432940>be me, introverted weirdo but with a lot of confidence from growing up in a broken home and deal…[View]
50432646I got caught stealing alcohol from work and drinking it. I'm fired and may be sent to court[View]
50432600Someone play League with me on NA, I'm level 8 by the way.[View]
50432193God I despise /pol/. I used to be a genuine hardcore /pol/tard because I liked secrets and conspirac…[View]
50433348>i normally join discords and leave within 5 minutes >join 2 tonight, decide to actually try t…[View]
50431828>29 >incel for 7 years >bout to an hero >perfect wholesome woman comes into my life >…[View]
50433112Hello fellow retards, i'm bored of porn. i jerk off for at least an hour every single day witho…[View]
50432504the person i stalk is going to kill themselves what should i do /r9k/? i won't be able to see a…[View]
50433166why haven't you embraced the glory that is taquitos? better than tendies, in beef or pork or ch…[View]
50430595I have a wife and let me tell you that the female body is absolutely fucking disgusting. It's a…[View]
50431662HOLY SHIT IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Efcotev_TU https://www.youtu…[View]
50433198have you ever seen females good at trolling? not just here but anywhere. (other than using their cu…[View]
50432067I just want to be happy and healthy...[View]
50431927My cat was watching me tie the noose. i just fucking cant.[View]
50420913this is the fate that awaits any asian ''''man''' that attempts to show any sliver of masculinity ht…[View]
50432369> be me > taking a shower > there are starburst wrappers on the little shampoo shelf > e…[View]
50428005Your manager calls you over >'Anon we were just looking at your 'hobbies and interests'…[View]
50433034Does love even exist for women? I'm just saying, my only first hand experience with groups of …[View]
50433029>Be me >Ur sad now[View]
50432987did you know girls can pee really far?[View]
50429939You realize that feminizing more cute bois takes power away from roasties, right? >in b4 hurrr du…[View]
50432651I'm not Mexican but their music makes me feel really masculine for some reason. I feel like I c…[View]
50431197MEANWHILE in 17th century Japan....[View]
50432733>be me >be cute androgynous enby >meet kinky dom big titty gf on tinder >her tastes matc…[View]
50430497Anyone else tired of this loser?: I can't go a day without youtube promoting his shitty channel…[View]
50429390Name a video game that is worse than Runescape. Pro tip: You cant.[View]
50432764free money: hey r9k. i literally just need money for more art supplies, how do you guys reckon i can…[View]
50431971How the fuck is a person who doesn't leave his house supposed to get a girlfriend? Am i just fu…[View]
50432835If you could understand crazy it wouldnt be crazy.[View]
50430855bowser: one question if bowser was real and in ur room what would u do? i think playing video games …[View]
50429775why do you guys shit on Reddit when most of you guys use it i do too[View]
50432824How do you prepare for a new semester?[View]
50426288Censored porn thread? Someone in the last thread suggested only doing these once or twice a week and…[View]
50430998Who else here /trapped in limbo/: >Don't see myself being alive by this time next year >A…[View]
50411374My parents had six kids but are getting no grandkids: So my very religious Catholic parents had six …[View]
50431673I feel I'm just pissing away my time and I hate it. I genuinely fear for my future. I don'…[View]
50432715Just learned how to be myself around people at age 23. How should I divide up my 'social time'? >…[View]
50432625Am male just got a corset. Pills and makeup on the way ama[View]
50430931Haiku time boys: Terrible nighttime A normal, awful, daily thing that needs to end[View]
50432604>'it is a point often made by poets and biologists: a human being deprived of a community and a c…[View]
50431991i just want out i can't i can't run fast enough[View]
50431824>manage to fall asleep at 10 o clock >wake up 45 minutes later for no reason why does my body …[View]
50432492do you think there's really poor people living in some shitty basement in Europe or some shit i…[View]
50432538Holy shit someone validated my thoughts. That hasnt happened in years.[View]
50432282Anyone know Lu#1001 >pic related[View]
50426525Hey R9k, what's your honest opinion about pic related This isnt about his manifesto reading, bu…[View]
50431766Adam Savage got a ruler tattoo: and he's posting it with a cold sore on his lip and a tee shirt…[View]
50432480>shit myself a little at work while closing FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK[View]
50431199/minecraft/ Would anyone like to get together and maybe play a old version of minecraft? Bant and ch…[View]
50432029>Spend 45 mins making greentext >Forget to attach pic >Mfw entire post erased >Pic relat…[View]
50432015uni thread: I Have to take a liturature class at my uni, so I took one, but it ended up being really…[View]
50432444Loneliness is ass robros, i just want a qt femboi gf, im goodlooking, chill and /fit/... my only two…[View]
50431375ITT: > Vidya characteres that were robots[View]
50432196>Occupation: Stay at home mommy![View]
50431030sad pictures thread: Post pictures that make you sad[View]
50432332Chill discord that I want to get more people into. no trannies or underage because they ruin everyth…[View]
50432022>You'll never get to date a goth girl from 1996 >you'll never get to share a cigaret…[View]
50432269I'm straight answer: >>50414984 (Thread) >>50416060 (Question) I watched masculine …[View]
50431567does the world have a self-correcting mechanism? discuss. i already regret posting this on r9k inste…[View]
50430360My friend is turning into leftypol, is starting to browse chapotraphouse and supports cortez for pre…[View]
50432167>Paying for groceries >Weird guy in line behind me has his eyes totally locked on my wallet fr…[View]
50431179Are nonwhites even conscious? Can they feel pain?[View]
50431782i completely lost at life. nothing i do means anything anymore[View]
50427604Tell me how badly you'd like to fuck me. I want to feel extremely desired and know that you wan…[View]
50431545Okay, look: there's no better way to put this; so I'm going to be honest with you all. I r…[View]
50430515Cringe at school: ITT post the cringiest shit you did in school >called a black kid 'nigger' in m…[View]
50430408>mfw fell for the coffee meme[View]
50431212Robots, did you ever have a gay experience with your friends as a kid? Pic related, my fantasy frien…[View]
50429705If an attractive biological female had a penis, would you suck it?[View]
50431237How does the bitter, angry, virgin incel respond?[View]
50430466>2019 >still isn't Tedpilled what the fuck are you doing…[View]
50430779Cool cape-shit things you can make again.: I let the last thread I made of this die sohe is another …[View]
50423290I'm a latina fembot(female): What would you do to me, r9k? >Hairy pussy (Shaving hurts xP) …[View]
50430047>boyfriend wants to get /fit/ >now im worried once he does and stacey flirts with him he'…[View]
50431526Confused: Hey robots, gotta ask for advice.. Started dating this 6/10 girl for about five months..we…[View]
50430435What is justice? Does it exist in this world?[View]
50431911THE VIRGIN CRADLE ROBBER >intimidated by adults >level of intellect that can hardly impress a …[View]
50429072ITT: girls you'd eat out: pic-lated I mean eating pussy is a beta thing to do unless it's …[View]
50431610>go on nofap >so I can get better at writing porn for other people…[View]
50431395robots if you want a real legal high I mean a real legal high (especially one thats completely healt…[View]
50431357I think I forgot how to socialize: I can't even come up with witty comebacks for internet fight…[View]
50430923What's up space Robots? Feeling pretty sad lately. I feel like my sanity is eroding. It makes s…[View]
50431799why is my life so bad? I just want to leave my shitty small town. why is no one elses life as bad as…[View]
50431752I want to have a night of passionate gay love with one of the inexperienced shy boys here. Make them…[View]
50431786the big bang theory is one of the most insuferable and at the same time succesful show ever created.…[View]
5043146015th January already[View]
50431773If I could shut the gate against my thoughts And keep out sorrow from within: Or memory could cancel…[View]
50431501>y es por tiiiii >queee late mi corazoooon…[View]
50430330Sakaki is the best girl of all anime[View]
50431575> anonymous image board full of sad retards > Even you retards try and gatekeep If you retards…[View]
50431653BiBi and Alai unfortunate sex[View]
50431111Daily niceposting thread: I know it's a kind of quintissential part of robot mythology that the…[View]
50429306>tfw zoomer >tfw will never get to experience pre-2006 internet The way people talk about it, …[View]
50431595I don't feel like coding I don't feel like playing vidya All I can do right now is sit her…[View]
50430634anyone else come to this board just to get angry? ever since this place became flooded with normalfa…[View]
50429353youtube.exe: >be me >be on youtube for 4 years >consistently put out quality videos >gai…[View]
50431546>guy sent me duck pic >reverse image search it >google comes up is mortadella >large sa…[View]
50431564Newretrowave thread: Share your favorites and rate others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHFkw-bR4…[View]
50431131Sprained ankle: Hey robots, think I sprained my ankle, shit hurts and idk if I should go to the doct…[View]
50431500hi anons im drunk and brain has a very deep pain right now hows night?[View]
50431253Any other blackpilled cartoons or series?[View]
50426099Teenage years are the only time a person can truly experience love. Everything after that is just ro…[View]
50429593Time Travel: Do you think this is a sign? What are your thoughts on time travel? How would you do it…[View]
50422377do you like tomboychan more because she is lithe or because she is nubile?[View]
50431408>be me >sad fag >go on /r9k/ >read some posts >laugh >not sad anymore thank you /r…[View]
50429598If you had the chance to join a wealthy family and live on their compound would you take the offer? …[View]
50431317where is this little shithead from: Only remember him being annoying as fuck and loosely connected t…[View]
50430338>'hey, anon. I think you're a really cool guy. you wanna hang out sometime?' well?…[View]
50428783Cigarette feels thread: No vape pussies and no lectures about cancer. Let's just talk about so…[View]
50430902Why doesn't being a nice guy, white knight, feminist, or sub guarantee you pussy? Women say the…[View]
50429051>Anon, I'm changing! G-get out![View]
50428416Someone tell me to go to fucking sleep[View]
50428907Bumble Thread: Has anyone used Bumble before? Success stories? Profile tips?[View]
50428635>be me >take gap year to apply to cambridge after getting way better results than expected …[View]
50430158Why don't you just get yourself an Indian girlfriend?[View]
50430532>'Hey Fembot! It's Chad, from high school! You know, you're one of the few girls I didn…[View]
50430115How do I get over that my one true love, Edward Elric, will never come save me in this life. How doe…[View]
50430386Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50431079FELLAS (pic related): the backstory is that she has a bf who is 'asexual' so she is allowed to have …[View]
50431142>be faggot trap fapping incel >got motivated through /fit/ >been working out consistently f…[View]
50431072>femanon claims to be a robot >my boyfri- *BLAM*…[View]
50430450Goodbye. After this thread is posted, I'll be gone. You don't need to reply. God bless eve…[View]
50430040What did it cost? Everything: >Okay, anons, you get your dream girl but you have to give up inter…[View]
50430263Good stuff happened this Monday anons. >be me >18, virgin w/ some vague goals into uni >fi…[View]
50431049>be me >in fourth grade >PE class, gym teacher is playing basic Y2K pop while we run laps …[View]
50426226>You're minding your own business at a bar >you see her, looks good >you approach her,…[View]
50430189A girl i liked for almost an year, invited me tonight to go out for drinks cos is her last night in …[View]
50430886I want to sniff Bratass[View]
50427110r9plays?: How many of you would be on board for a 'r9k plays' kinda thread where the posters in the …[View]
50430852Feels for reals: Tfw no 6/10 qt Finnish gf. Tfw when no gf at all, ever. Dying alone cannot be as ba…[View]
50430868>movie theatre found the camera I hid in the bathroom Am I fucked? I don't know if they can …[View]
50430854Tomorrow i'll apply to my last chances to get in college, wish me luck robots![View]
50429637/dakki general #2 edition/ >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick …[View]
50430560Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl![View]
50430620Why is the list of inventions and discoveries by women so short? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List…[View]
50430853>be me >18 years old >be virgin >got a crush on a girl for 3 years >9/10 qt3.14 >t…[View]
50430837Have you guys ever smelled a girl's asshole? Is it true they smell good?[View]
50430739How do I feminize myself as much as humanly possible?[View]
50430827>Tfw no split tongue gf I've always wanted a grill with this, but I've never met someon…[View]
50429790>slimy toes and big nose >in the basement singing >fetish one has but other does not >b…[View]
50429930stories of vidya helping in real life situations >be me >be 11 >5th grade >have problem …[View]
50423863Have you ever been told you that you smell? How did it make you feel?[View]
50430692what do you see when you look at this[View]
50430774>I don't got love for no thot nigga, give me top I might kill her if she's an opp nigga…[View]
50430770>27 years old >still a virgin >mostly by choice the rest is because im pretty ugly but that…[View]
50430764How do I find an Asian massage parlor to get a happy ending at? How do I discretely enter and exit w…[View]
50430697back off: how do u guis like my interpretive artwork? do you think it means anything? my vagiina sme…[View]
50430679>be me >birthday coming up >grandmother sends me some money in the mail >find the envelo…[View]
50429458anyone have any luck shroom hunting? i want to do shrooms again but i'm broke as fuck and don…[View]
50430696Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Better get to bed, wagies![View]
50430649Have you realised that having fun experiences with friends and someone who loves you intimately is t…[View]
50430144Goals: Came up with a list. What do you guys think? Daily -Write 1x essay of more than 500 words on …[View]
50427740inescapable self destruction (please help I'm actually going to fucking kill myself): hey guys …[View]
50426185Eggy/EggWhite/EggMan - The End?: The feds got him and im starting to wonder if he soon will commit '…[View]
50429983lovely ciara poet: goddes ciara becuse of whom i can fall a sleep. if not for ciara i would have sta…[View]
50430416I never left my house: When I was a kid, I never got a friend so I never learned how to socialize an…[View]
50428511Should I go to the strip club tonight lads? My favorite stripper is working.[View]
50430087What do you even do once you get a gf?[View]
50429162What does the sex riddler NPC ask?[View]
50428018'Beta Male': Buzzfeed attempted to explain what robots are, what do you think? Obviously the languag…[View]
50430253>can you sign my year book?...[View]
50430470>tfw no unimportant bf[View]
50429609apu joined isis and is holding this board hostage, wyd?[View]
50403612/drugfeel/ Psychedelic Sunday Edition: Last Thread: >>50363833 Previous thread OD'd. What…[View]
50429618PSA - Reminder: NEVER TRUST ROASTIES WITH MAKEUP ON! NEVER TRUST MAKEUP. That garbage does not trans…[View]
50429422Let's make a progress thread. Talk about positive things you did to increase the quality of you…[View]
50430388Why can't we say the word negro any more? Even MLK Jr. used it[View]
50430346pst...pst..i have a secret to tell you... women aren't that important and you fags put too much…[View]
50430398Sorry to interrupt your make out session with your brand new out of the box boy toy, but I'll h…[View]
50429684thinking of making a grindr, im a decently attractive guy but I don't want to be raped and I…[View]
50429074Is it too late to learn hardcore about computer science and programming if I'm 25 and not very …[View]
50429596itt anon shares the name of a girl they're interested in[View]
50429876IT IS MA'AM: Tranny goes crazy in game stop. Discuss Shit like this really makes me think we sh…[View]
50428010Would you rather have... >the most perfect female gf imaginable precisely according to your taste…[View]
50427369I'm a 21 year old khv who also works as a male model (and decently popular on instagram). AMA. …[View]
50430201Why is everyone on here such extreme normalfags? I have some friends and they have gfs and even none…[View]
50429720It's been 9 years since 2010. Have you gotten your life back on track yet?[View]
50429391Reason you aren't getting any pussy: You don't approach life with a Cool Jimmy ethos https…[View]
50430058How do you guys feel about the fact that Felipe's boypussy is getting pounded by his black boyf…[View]
50430112YOU WILL NEVER BE JAPANESE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHvsy7FWKn8[View]
50429048When did you realize that you weren't worth saving?[View]
50429861Ah yes... those were the good old days. Everything is awful now.[View]
50422891gay autistic post: I fantasize about onlyafro in a sailor moon costume, a choker with a metal heart …[View]
50429669Cute Girl at Cookie Store: Which one of you guys came up to my girlfriend came up to my girlfriend a…[View]
50430038My posts are funnier, more interesting, and more original than yours, even with a shitty frog image.[View]
50429976Has going on this website changed who you are/how you act? Yesterday I caught myself calling my litt…[View]
50427235>got an std >still a virgin how the fuck does this even happen? ive literally done nothing to…[View]
50429678Hi /r9k/, im trying to get support. Can you guys vote for me? It would really mean a lot. https://ww…[View]
50427992>be bipolar >Desperately crave a relationship when I'm depressed but can't get one d…[View]
50429854Sexual reproduction is scary: Has anybody here thought about how creepy and sc-fi-movie like sexual …[View]
50414961How tall are you?: Anon's post your heights and tell stories of how it has affected your life? …[View]
50429077>day 11 in the eternal search for a black gf >still no black gf GIVE BLACK GF…[View]
50429415hear this one out robros any advice besides memes is appreciated >inb4 larp >be me >be mi…[View]
50428621ITT: Post robot music. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfsYSPCNWCw[View]
50428974The 3rd Meeting: Hello again. We have met twice before, as the name suggests. Ask me anything, I wil…[View]
50429829Can I join the Beta Uprising if I'm a chad? I'm kinda bored with life as it is, I want to …[View]
50429514>be me >have 8.67/10 friend >enjoy talking to her >mostly talk about music and bands …[View]
50429821How does one start a life of crime?[View]
50429820anyone else notice how much the robot in this movie looks like elliot?[View]
50429407Now is the best time to buy a Wii u[View]
50427783how would you react if a girl rejected you?[View]
50429793Libtard Documentaries and my Skandinavian GF: >Be Me >Am Half Asian Half White >GF is Swedi…[View]
50429699I didnt know women could be born with penis.[View]
50428952Why don't women like being next to you?[View]
50428169I don't fucking like house parties. It's usually these types of fucking parties in where p…[View]
50428991>He doesn't reply to himself to pretend he's popular until people actually believe it …[View]
50428476Does anyone have to poo but they are way too invested in their anime/game and they hold it off for a…[View]
50429538>be me >playing halo 3 one night and flub the mission to high hell >get a lot of typical ha…[View]
50426647Are scooters the robot vehicle of choice?[View]
50427307>'two towers' > released in 2002 How'd they get away with that?…[View]
50427910Tinder thread: It's over for you edition[View]
50429612working for 8 hours is grueling how do normies do it?[View]
50428586>feeling sad >could watch pewdiepie's new video and feel good >but know I will just fe…[View]
50429554If you don't change the filename when downloading pictures from 4chan, how do you know where to…[View]
50428352Know a 5'3' guy who is 20 years old and has had multiple gfs and now has a child. What is your …[View]
50429321Can you lose the chance to become a wizard if you've only had non-penetrative sex like blowjobs…[View]
50429453Who else /depressionphase/ here? I hate rapid cycling, yesterday I almost asked for a girl's ph…[View]
50428412Does anyone have tips on how to keep a conversation going when talking to a qt?[View]
50429005am i gay ?? i got mega harda at pic related[View]
50429300Minimum wage jobs: How do I keep getting rejected at fucking minimum wage jobs?[View]
50428443I wish we had some sort of robot match making service where you could meet friends and partners with…[View]
50424414Tell me who ruined your life, my dear rob.[View]
50429450Zoomers are claiming Allstar as their anthem even though they were 0-2 when the music video came out…[View]
50427216I want to get into crossdressing. Any tips for clothing or skin care products ?[View]
50426393French Cereales: Here are cereals we have in France, do you have the same thing in your country? (I …[View]
50428712Cool cape-shit things you can make.: I found pic related online and I started to wonder if r9k has m…[View]
50429494>tfw no fembot gf to e-date and eventually meet and live together Why even live…[View]
50428925Fallout: Is anyone playing the new fallout game? Didnt these idiots just get out of the vault? They…[View]
50428134Its so crazy to think that the only thing stopping me from killing myself is that it would make my p…[View]
50428315itt femanons try to justify why they deserve to be on this board because females can't be robot…[View]
50428333>women are fine but different >black people arent even different >the left vs the right is …[View]
50428933>anon calm down just get in there, taste the ice so he doesn't get any funny ideas, hand him…[View]
50426459idk: anyone here a real NEET or are we all just failed normies[View]
50429209why is it that everything that's enjoyable becomes addicting and eventually turns on you[View]
50428340>ITS OVA YT BOI![View]
50428746Ever since I saw pic related I've desperately wanted a cute girl to blend my dick into paste. I…[View]
50426240Gib me a chubby gf NOW[View]
50428493You lonely?[View]
50429073>A stupid frog and a fucking wrinkled man unironically help me from committing suicide WHAT THE …[View]
50429292how can i convince myself i look good enough? i've been flirted with before so it's obviou…[View]
50429255how come people who get famous just have everything? like they have perfect hairlines never go bald …[View]
50429009>one chance at life >mom named me jeffrey…[View]
50429249BiBi and Alai compassionate sex[View]
50427275About GFs: I have literally never tried to approach women. I never thought I had a chance to get a g…[View]
50421086your day might not be going very well and you might feel sad but i just want to tell you that bowser…[View]
50428708Are we living inside a machine?[View]
50413739Reincarnation Requests: I am one of the gods of this universe. You are lucky, human, for reincarnati…[View]
50428850Is the shame of living with our parents at a very old age a thing? or it's just a media thing? …[View]
50427321how do i measure girth? pic not related[View]
50429002Any other bots with hyperhidrosis?[View]
50428967>went out drinking with a friend last night >he drank two pints of vodka >havent heard from…[View]
50428904Anybody got some hands free orgasm subliminals for a lonely guy tonight?[View]
50415674Femanons: tell us what the fuck you REALLY want! Redpill us!: Don't say any idealized stuff as …[View]
50424945Why some white people see black guys as rivals or a threat in the dating game ? I feel like most bla…[View]
50428156>Fell for the tinder hook up meme >Got 2 STDs AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
50428890how can I stop being scared of being cucked by one of my friends if I ever get a gf? I see zero rea…[View]
50427339lol poltard NPCs btfo[View]
50427261>whenever I'm alone and a BAD THOUGHT pops into my head I say 'I want to be dead' quietly …[View]
50428364>just smiles at you what do you assume she's thinking?[View]
50428872This board is awfully full of beta threads obsessing over women today. When are you guys going to st…[View]
50426362Receding hairline acceptance: It's happening guys, I don't know the reason why or how but …[View]
50428736Why don't women ever have anything interesting to say?[View]
50424029Incel from youtube: This guy's a retard. Look at his skin. I wondered, before, how he could pos…[View]
50427785Why do less intelligent races have better shaped bodies?[View]
50428725How the fuck do you stop being tired all the time and gain motivation? I've pretty much done ab…[View]
50422663A lot of people liked this yesterday, and I upgraded the server a bit to handle all the players that…[View]
50425638Even if you're a NEET, you're at least smart, aren't you anon? http://test.mensa.no/[View]
50428044Ive doe it now guys But Im a fucking pussy and dont wanna get her preggo If that happens Im fucked b…[View]
50425816How many virginities were you able to take up until now? >be 28 >5 girls…[View]
50428779God I want a beautiful white family.[View]
50427850tired of being a beta that suppressed my voice and opinions until i break and do something irrationa…[View]
50425819Anyone else glad you're not a woman despite how easy they have it? It must suck hating 90% of m…[View]
50422952/UNI/ General It's the first day of spring semester and I'll already managed to skip my fi…[View]
50428717How do I find a girl like Morticia Addams?[View]
50428743>work as security for grocery store >put up pictures of shoplifters that have been caught >…[View]
50421186I want to have sex with an 18-19yo girl. I am willing to pay for it, I live in the USA. how do?[View]
50428735suicide any australians looking to kill themselves? drop your discord[View]
50421530Bobby Fischer dropping redpills.: Women are absolutely thrash everywhere. Prove me wrong.[View]
50423672>this girl starts flirting with you how do u proceed?[View]
50427841Femanons, describe your school crush. I'll start. >white with pale skin >long dark blond…[View]
50427241Drink less normalfag juice to die faster faggots.[View]
50428433Serial podcast: Has anyone here ever listened to serial? I'm considering checking it out but do…[View]
50428569Supermarket Adventures.: >be me >in store with family >cashier talking about shit >hear …[View]
50428390>If you disobey me, I am going to take off, my belt, and whip you with it! Do you steal her belt …[View]
50428554>elementary school has a school play for 1st and 3rd graders >1st grade, get cast as farmer #2…[View]
50427843Funny how I wasn't able to really give a shit about anyone except her now that I think about it…[View]
50427805>turn on the news >abothet filthy nonwhite child is killed again…[View]
50427524someone posted a picture of danielle bregoli on here yesterday and i did right click >search goog…[View]
50427316What happens if you fuck a virgin during a blood moon?[View]
50428081>'Your eyelashes look beautiful' >'Your girlfriend won't get mad?' I fuck whores on the r…[View]
50428265Guys I think I've done it. I think I've officially become the ultrafag. My mom just brough…[View]
50426685'And if a double-decker bus Crashes into us To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die An…[View]
50424224do you ever think how compatible you are with females: once you think about it you realize there are…[View]
50427887>mom found the ______ folder[View]
50426253Fuck this country. Period.[View]
50428289Why does everyone I meet assume I have a gf, when I'm a fucking 5'4 manlet with autism?? A…[View]
50428281>teacher tells the kids to buddy up for a pairs exercise >odd number of kids in the class >…[View]
50427228People say they dislike Muslims and Islam but are Muslims the problem or are Arabs the problem? Most…[View]
50426694I think my co-worker might be a fembot: >30-something >womanlet >ugly (big nose and caveman…[View]
50428212This will be the last time that i will go after my ex. I am at mcdonalds waiting for 22:40(when she …[View]
50428073>I'm one of the most nonjudgmental people yer ever gon' meet.…[View]
50426805>walking home, about a mile >immediately go to the bathroom when i get there >realize that …[View]
50428141>complete lack of romantic and sexual life is the cause for my mental issues >'b-but getting a…[View]
50428130>thinking you need love >not realizing love is a contest >been fed your whole life to belie…[View]
50427454Can manlets become chads?: Can manlets become chads asking for erm ... a 5'2 friend and how wou…[View]
50421594Did you play any good games today, anon? Still hanging in there, man?[View]
50427959>Be me >Be 25 >Hypocrite weeb (cringes about weeb shit while being a weeb shit) >attempt…[View]
50422472AH FUCK. I've already jerked it once a couple hours ago, so my cock is extra sensitive. I'…[View]
50425708mfw when im actually loosing weight[View]
50427892Do people actually find women's faces attractive? They're always slathered in paint and ei…[View]
50427853Anyone bored of absolutely everything they do, but they just do it for the hell of it and never get …[View]
50427512What if only passable trannies were allowed to live?[View]
50427736good ol days(great days in japanese) >>>/wsr/616449[View]
50425894my doggo gone: >be me >have 2 doggos and 1 neko >love all of them >they love me >olde…[View]
50427921>ywn have a $3000 dollar PC >ywn have a $1000 phone >only own the shittiest things that can…[View]
50415940draw yourself in mspaint, here's all the robots we've got so far[View]
50427935Aesthetics of America: I feel like America is about ghetto niggers and whites, the interaction and j…[View]
50427171big kat how is your mid afternoon so far? ive been feeling really down a lot. its hard to talk to pe…[View]
50427846>be at uni >sitting in the corner of an L shaped couch >taking notes on topological spaces …[View]
50426926/stupid/ general >tfw hurts my brain if i try to actually think >tfw i almost always forget ev…[View]
50427836COME LETS the rain as its falling down, sunlight on your skin when im not around. shit dont feel the…[View]
50427685why don't women ever put in any effort?[View]
50425991>you will NEVER live in a world without the Internet EVER AGAIN[View]
50427781he bird chungus. he legit.[View]
50425599The girl I'm currently seeing doesn't want to be my gf, she says she would love to stay fw…[View]
50427277ITT post an album cover that conveys your current mood[View]
50423339If you HAD to impregnate a girl before the year ends or you will be tortured for a thousand years, h…[View]
50427242You live in a world where adults happily lie to children everyday, you are most likely a young adult…[View]
50427345If eugenics were accepted in current times, would you live?[View]
50419880Fembots, how can you compete when there are literally boys with butts like this?[View]
50427288Presentation in class: I have to create a fucking meme, and present it in class tomorrow. I think im…[View]
50424565give me a reason why female-on-male rape shouldn't be legalized.[View]
50427258what can I do that's fun and mindless high when I'm alone watching movies/youtube/playing …[View]
50427055Eggman, famous 'incel', has been unironically labelled as a domestic terrorist by YouTube.: https://…[View]
50427509your daily reminder that 99% of this board is VOLUNTARILY celibate[View]
50426352I know my boyfriend cheats on me, but it's okay because I'm the woman he chooses to live w…[View]
50426300>tfw feds forced eggy to terminate his twitter. I'm outta copes now bois.…[View]
50426072>tfw i stopped studying anything since elementary school and did absolutely nothing since i…[View]
50424809>20 yo NEET >never had a job >make $400 daily from home >have to pay no taxes >all le…[View]
50427064plug.dj/the-groove-room Let's get sad.[View]
50426076Why does my luck do this to me: >walking towards my aerospace class at ASU today >Casually ta…[View]
50427405>someone found the camera I planted in the toilets at work how fucked am I?…[View]
50422666Dont I deserve to have at least one girl to love me?[View]
5042384930+ Thread: 30+ Thread Thinking about getting a cat. Are there any cat ladies around? Does having a…[View]
50424156tell your crush that you love them post results itt and leave this place while you still can[View]
50426475>Be me 19 >Femanon >Autistic and kinda pedobear >Trying to reform due to family hating m…[View]
50427035Autismo rants: Listen up fuck faces, the woman hate some of you actual uglies hold is kind of justif…[View]
50427229So lads, how do I become successful at this life? I mean financially, I don't give a damn about…[View]
50427129femanons, do you like being carried around by a boy?[View]
50426457stupid shit you believed as a child >everyone has sex, even people with down syndrome eventually …[View]
50426814I can't stop thinking about a girl I barely know: >be me, 18 >6/10 - not too bad looking …[View]
50424339If Person A is in a relationship with Person B, but cheats on them with Person C (who knows Person A…[View]
50427141Story time: So Anons, what is your most awkward moment involving a girl? Mine would have to be when …[View]
50426113i've got a green text, what board should i post it to?[View]
50426402BEAMER: back on the grind! going back to college. life is great robots I could get my degree in a ye…[View]
50424395depresed pepe trolls fembot in teamspeak: heres the audio i recorded the otherday https://vocaroo.c…[View]
50427039please speak softly, for they will hear us. and they'll find out why we dont trust them. speak …[View]
50426298I feel like giving up fellow robots, all my life I have ran away from social interactions, I'm …[View]
50426453Wtf god: >Be me >18 >tiny hands and feet >skinny asf >pale asf >5'3 >annoy…[View]
50424971What percentage of adult men die as virgins?[View]
50424447What does anon think of himself? Rating /10 and why?[View]
50426052tfw because i'm shy, awkward and weird, I seem to only attract betas... but I really want Chad…[View]
50426600Late night drinks alone are fun How are other peoples nights going?[View]
50426444How to end a bloodline[View]
50424874Why do some men prefer brown nips over pink? Why are some men attracted to brown nips at all?[View]
50423195>'anon, you fucking loser' how do you respond?[View]
50425224What is a comfy game to play on xbox ,kpin: on klonopin. prescribed 1.00 a day. what is a good game …[View]
50425714Why are fembots such bitches? >confess to a really cool fembot on Discord that I've been tal…[View]
50422908women retain male dna: Is this really true? If so no wonder why the world seems so fucked up. No won…[View]
50425966When I see a beautiful woman, my first thought is not anything lewd, rather it's ways I can des…[View]
50425684A girl hugged me for the first time in my entire life and I started crying. Now she thinks I have me…[View]
50426560>tfw no gf Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about being alone? Decades of isolation…[View]
50425828is there any cool discord servers where i can find loosers like me?[View]
50426093Whats the best and/or worst interaction youve had with the opposite sex?[View]
50426800Can somebody please tab the bass for this track?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqNwYiRgHi8 It…[View]
50426058How long do long-distance relationships last?: There's this girl at my colleague from Vietnam w…[View]
50423140What are your fetishes? Have you ever acted them out in real life?[View]
50416250What are your thoughts on femdom and is it good?[View]
50426406Is there any thing more attractive than a woman who shuts the fuck up?[View]
50426740for too long have i been looked down upon this society. enough is enough fuckheads! seeya at school …[View]
50425677What's it like to be 30? Is it as bad as they say?[View]
50424467Anons I don't know why I am feeling sad. I don't know why I'm being mean to everyone,…[View]
50421300Why do girls not find you attractive anon? Anything you can improve on?[View]
50426282That moment when you realize, that most of 'active' porn actors and actress are way younge…[View]
50426145Anyone noticed old threads, some from years ago, being dug up from the archives and posted fresh? Is…[View]
50426634>tfw you got rejected out of a friend's group 3 different times in high-school I don't …[View]
50426344Fasting High: Did anyone else ever go for 24 hours without eating and get high from it? Yesterday my…[View]
50426431Holy fuck it's all hit me at once. I've been a NEET for a bit over 2 years, coping relativ…[View]
50426220the only reason we are robots is because we perceive the social hierarchy that is chads, tyrones and…[View]
50426505>a girl sent me nudes on snapchat See you losers I'm out of here[View]
50423424>mfw I have never touched a vagina, even when being born >mfw I wasn't really even born a…[View]
50426182Race Realism btw: https://bigthink.com/politics-current-affairs/racial-purity-is-scientifically-mean…[View]
50425823It's time for an horrifying story: >be me >living in peace my life >start to understan…[View]
50425441virginity protected: >be me >hop on a bus >see qt classmate seating alone >say hi and si…[View]
50426005I hate college so fucking much. I have working so fucking much. I will kill myself by August.[View]
50426169I have never tried cannabis, and now I am wondering what it's like, any of you guys know how it…[View]
50425688>Had barely any suicidal thoughts in the past month >Still don't see myself being alive i…[View]
50425891>americans move out when they turn 18 But why?[View]
50426286sex is evil: You are a foolish surface lifer if you really believe you NEED companionship and sex. T…[View]
50426364how do I leave my small town if im on probation for being black? >live in the middle of nowhere …[View]
50422575Well anon, are you such?[View]
50425380>tfw constantly bullied in an online game[View]
50424443A French forum similar to / r9k /: I was walking on youtube and I came across this video by chance h…[View]
50423583boomer or not: I'm the perfect age for a zoomer but the only problem is I want to be a boomer …[View]
50426238Cultural satire: aka an original meme straight out the oven[View]
50425575I take every someone says to me to heart.[View]
50422713/britfeel/: Crash and Burn edition[View]
50423572Would you guys watch an autismo stream in an attempt to cultivate internet friends because I have no…[View]
50412064late night no gf / DOOMERFEELS thread >noone cares about me >don't care about anyone >…[View]
50425448Guys I found out there's a smash bros tournament every Monday nearby where i live and it's…[View]
50423579>2016 = Pokemon GO >2017 = Fidget Spinners >2018 = ????????…[View]
50424093Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint?[View]
50426046Stop wasting your life on the internet[View]
50426049I might be a loser NEET virgin but at least I'm not fat.[View]
50426014nigga cheese: >be me >Fuck the boss baby Epic…[View]
50425493Robots, do you like boys with flippy hair? Do you think they're cute? Do you want to play with …[View]
50425696Guess what Fatcels[View]
50426023>Be me >Live with roommate >roommate's mom comes to see his son the day before exams …[View]
50425649>tfw no big protective bf to motivate me[View]
50425102Sacrificial Thread: This is a sacrificial thread. I make it for the thread I was not able to reply t…[View]
50425844What’s your biggest turn off?: For me chandelier tattoos between her tits Close second nose rings…[View]
50425521Has a girl ever revealed that she's been your secret admirer?[View]
50423945this is where i get off[View]
50424727What are the chances of me (an incel) getting a stacy pregnant? I really like stacy to be the mother…[View]
50425154Hey fags give me some of your Christmas stories I'll start >Christmas 2012 >Have a nice h…[View]
50425718Banned off /fit/ for shitposting: Ask me anything bros, I went from 310 to 170 within six months lif…[View]
50425768every time i let the guard down,every time i reassure myself everything is going to be ok and that i…[View]
50423966This image does have a point though right? Im starting to think basedboys are the new ALPHA males of…[View]
50418846If makeup was banned or did not exist, do you think the dating dynamic would change drastically?[View]
50416829Today I saw a really fat cat. Here he is. Trips get to name him.[View]
50423765Where you ever bullied or abused ? How severe and how do you deal with it ?[View]
50423567>'don't worry anon your acne will clear up in your 20s' >'don't worry anon your acne…[View]
50424938Hey what do you guys think of these paintings I made today?[View]
50425486FUCK WHY DID I TRUST HER? ALL GIRLS ARE FAKE FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I'm done, i'm never trust…[View]
50423661have you ever fallen in love with a camgirl? I just want to masturbate why are they so cute[View]
50425297Be Me: >be me >no happy meal[View]
50425437> Why yes, Personality is the only key to a womans heart. How did you know that's how I got …[View]
50425498Are incels vulnerable to populism?[View]
50424916who here /still has a blankie/? i can't sleep unless i wrap myself up head-to-toe in it like a …[View]
50424208Expulsion/suspension thread: >be me, 2013 >been in trouble due to fights/drugs/bad attitude si…[View]
50424659White supremacy is the last stand of implicit asian identity[View]
50425379we laugh at you in our WhatsApp group chat[View]
50425064Boys.. I found a new use for our belly buttons. I was jacking of and came in there AND IT STAYED use…[View]
50425423>tfw no horsemaster bf[View]
50425287I am high right now and i think that everything has a deeper meaning, please tell me what you see in…[View]
50420109Is it degenerate to do drugs?[View]
50420930>'you like the beach, anon?' how do you respond[View]
50423618I'm tired of being alone... i hate being told how colorful the world is when you feel love. No …[View]
50424232Today on R9k: >tfw losing at vidya makes you so mad that you trash your apartment >broken bott…[View]
50424452>'If you're attractive you're allowed to treat me like shit and I'll still work fo…[View]
50423548Is Scandinavia really as great as everyone says? Seems like the perfect place to live as a hikkikomo…[View]
50425249Every night I feel like just killing my 20 yrs old NEET myself, but then I realise that I'd mis…[View]
50423515Would you rather painlessly die and be forgotten instantly or be happy right now?[View]
50425218I've started developing tonsil stones daily[View]
50423568How do I stop fapping without ripping the skin hint I have phimosis and will never give up my foresk…[View]
50424955>tfw on my boiperiod ugh this sucks so much.[View]
50422890>have children >create incels/wageslaves why do people do this?…[View]
50424805Let's have a Pokemon battle I choose charizard[View]
50425113What do you do when videogames and media arent appealing anymore? What is there even to do outside?[View]
50425100I'm an obese virgin mid 20s neet, and have as much debt as my parent's did, but with nothi…[View]
50424704big sis kat how is your afternoon going so far.[View]
50423853Do malaysian Han chinese minority girls make good gfs? asking for a friend[View]
50424788dropping studyslaving, starting wagecucking. exciting.[View]
50424709Any 25+ virgins here? At what point did it become clear that nothing would change?[View]
50424381How do you guys cope with developing crushes on people you'll literally never talk to?[View]
50424654how the fuck do you guys end up as wagies for companies like McDonald's? i live in the most rur…[View]
50424389What's the point of living? I have a pretty good job, some good friends and i've had a few…[View]
50424807>Woman never show interest in me >30yo virgin >People know I am moving to Thailand. >Sud…[View]
50423347>>50222542 Did you try strattera in the end? How did it work out with you?[View]
50423573German food sucks lmao[View]
50422762Rate this fine specimen[View]
50424931Guys it I look like pewdiepie does that by association mean that I'm one of the hottest men ali…[View]
50423205Behold the product of my autism /r9k/[View]
50424401Help me out bros, I need money to pay for school but I've never held a former job before. Never…[View]
50423326/our song/: This is literally /our song/ we are all zeroes and nothing is really real as we try to e…[View]
50424196>mfw I just crashed my dad's car Honestly I feel like I'm the biggest piece of shit ali…[View]
50424671I use this room like a disease uses a body. I corrupt it, eat away at it, mar the walls with my hand…[View]
50424397>tfw horrible personality but i look good so it doesn't matter[View]
50423356broken goods: >Can't stop thinking of myself as broken, defected, used goods >Sexually, p…[View]
50424775>cum all over hand and finish into toilet >tfw my genetic seed is worth less than piss and shi…[View]
50413448okay are there any normalfags willing to share their knowledge of how to get a girlfriend?[View]
50423554have you ever had something you enjoyed by bad experiences? I can't stand to listen to my favor…[View]
50420858faggot dad says im unsuccessful and says i can talk all this shit only when im successful, when i ca…[View]
50423389Elders, please help me. Do you get to keep your Wizard powers if you do this before 30: >You fond…[View]
50424623Why did dad never try to rape me? Did he not love his son? Am I not good enough for him?[View]
50424705Have you ever fall for the brap meme?[View]
50422278>be me >2 years ago, depressed and suicidal >be in a abusive relationship for 6 months …[View]
50423656Hello. I am a fucking wagie currently working at McDonalds. Is working at a pizza place like Papa Jo…[View]
50424257>tfw no insecure rape victim gf with an impurity complex who deep down hates the entire world exc…[View]
50422596Am I retarded?: Does anyone feel like college is just draining your whole life energy away? I always…[View]
50424384Why does Asia idolize western culture so much? Currently in Taiwan as a Mexican. Shits weird over he…[View]
50424357Feel like crying. Friends said something stupid. Laughed like an idiot. I'm not sure if I was c…[View]
50419623>Walking through the woods >See this in the snow Wat do?…[View]
50424205Have you ever gotten a involuntary orgasm in a situation or place where it was innapropiate? Again.[View]
50420146Kek, the absolute state of this place...[View]
50423226>you will never not have acne[View]
50424293Why havent I kms yet. My dad died recently and hallucinations i had in the form of voices and things…[View]
50422958>How do I get a girlfriend? Just be confident, and be yourself, bro. when will people realize tha…[View]
50423793All the people say i am a solid 8/10 chad and still can't find a gf What the fuck do i do wrong…[View]
50422535>have a crush on someone who looks/acts just like this >found out he likes me too >ever sin…[View]
50424004If any of you niggers want to visit the zoo, save the trip and just log into tinder in scotland and …[View]
50424102post your shitty rooms[View]
50422732Why am I so scared of getting a job? I just want money reeeeeee[View]
50420777more images like this: how do you feel anon? any image that depicts you[View]
50423795After watching a shit-ton of true crime, I've decided that when I die I want to donate all my m…[View]
50422059How do couples initiate sex?[View]
50424112Women are complete shit: This is the ULTIMATE redpill. What angers me the most is that they have abs…[View]
50423050Obscure websites. http://gunsandsand.com[View]
50422289rise and shine, wagies! another day another dollar![View]
50423498>some 40+ olds whine about ageism >in 20s and nearly every job requires 2+ of experience…[View]
50423762>what the fuck is this damn egg people are talking about?[View]
50420631If you had be born Chad, would you dare become Stacy?[View]
50423014Any tips on being more than a passive class attendee at uni? I mean, not IN class, but outside of cl…[View]
50421382>'You don't have to take all those extra shifts anon. If you aren't scheduled it's…[View]
50421144So I managed to hang myself an hour ago without snapping my neck, started passing out and got really…[View]
50423323I don't have a GF because...: ...I hate people. I don't want to sound edgy but I just can…[View]
50423492>be me >college student of fall 2018 >I have a dorm with a boring woman whom I will call Al…[View]
50423781>dating a girl for a long time >supporting porn industry and sex workers >not finding anyth…[View]
50422800How old were you when you realized boomers are the snowflake generation?[View]
50420325who is the best r9k waifu and why is it natalie?[View]
50422730>you're not my type is just a code word for you're ugly but women are the ones who hide…[View]
50421527Why are Mexican girls so adorable? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmCLLTjI6dw[View]
50423651Just want to cook some fucking food but my normie flatmates are throwing a party in the kitchen gett…[View]
50422784How do we stop the insecurity meme ? Why if you are angry or don't like something its said that…[View]
50423070Hello. I am a fucking wagie currently working at McDonalds. Is working at a pizza place, not as a dr…[View]
50423441>mom starts talking again about how much she would love having grandchildren >tfw I'm her…[View]
50423243>Father thinks I am faggot because I never had GF[View]
50422847I gave up eating. I realized I am addicted to food and need to quit cold turkey. How long until the …[View]
50419151>just put yourself out there bro! i've been 'putting myself out there, bro' for the past six…[View]
50423081gamergate 2.0 - false accusation: >be whore going to some event >a guy going to the same event…[View]
50422807For me it's Mitsuki Koyama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igeYwGslD-M[View]
50423443This Happened Today: >feel like i need to piss every night for the last three days >no piss co…[View]
50421462Schizotypality: This morning the psychiatrist decided to remove my autism diagnosis and diagnose me …[View]
50421011How do I tell if my pussy is trash?[View]
50422334Why do I love these little girls so much?[View]
50423031Why do women do this?: What the fuck? What drives a woman to do this?[View]
50419609r9k is granted one T-1000 model terminator. It may be sent back to any point in time, or remain with…[View]
50423150holy fuck im so alone,,, i have nothing anymore[View]
50421183Rare pepe thread: Rare pepe thread, ill start. Space marine pepe, ive only seen 1 of these. Take a p…[View]
50422809Fembots, is a large diluted cumload or a small tangy load of sperm preferable?[View]
50423080>bf of almost 2 years breaks up with me over a small inconvenience >tests me to see if i will …[View]
50423121>'I woke up at 5.15, made breakfast and spent 12 hours in front of my computer. On weekdays, I ha…[View]
50422413No real happiness outside of fiction and specific people, increasing cynicism and hopelessness, work…[View]
50422642>be me >accomplished nothing in my life >hugless kissless virgin >had no friends. Just a…[View]
50423052>female shrink said I am handsome later virgins[View]
50422468brown bricks: the thread on saturday was rubbish, so here we are again i opened a minecraft serber f…[View]
50422525big sis are you enjoying your day so far? ive been down as usual. i wonder if when you said you put …[View]
50421982Fuck me /r9k/, just had my second practical driving lesson today, and I'm just so sad about it.…[View]
50422164how do I leave my small town if im on probation for being black? I want to leave my small town. its …[View]
50420041>Goverment has the legal right to lock you up if you want to commit suicide But why?…[View]
50420608>be me >Be 24 >Just lost my fucking job >Also battling depression and disconnection from…[View]
50421568Meaning in life: Any comments on pic related?[View]
50421070Am I a normie, if I got weeaboo gf in discord?[View]
50421213Does anyone else get vagina envy? I don't think I want to be a woman, but I look at my dick and…[View]
50422595unbanned finally boys: just been unbanned finally because a post i created made it look like i was 1…[View]
50420809Boomers and Parenting: How does one avoid becoming a liberal boomer dad? >broken family structure…[View]
50408360Do femanons like neck kisses?[View]
50420549what is the best way to discuss your foot fetish with a girl[View]
50421353How do I be happy on my own?: Any robots successfully become wizards? I dont even care about not hav…[View]
50420119Being a male incel must literally be the hardest role to play in human society. I'm serious, it…[View]
50422756How do you guys deal with the loneliness? I don't mind being an introvert, but I wish I was jus…[View]
50422244>mfw people ask me why I look so angry all of the time >I say it's just a resting bitch f…[View]
50422467does the God Emperor of Mankind have a big dick? Is it natural or circumcised?[View]
50421957I cant believe I used to buy into all the bullshit of this board. You all have a very warped perspec…[View]
50421100>look at call history >mom >mom >mom >mom >dad >mom >mom >dad >dad …[View]
50421395Enough of this girl.: I don't what you guys have been up to, but I keep seeing this Jill girl a…[View]
50422266>'why are so boring, anon?' try not to stutter[View]
50420371I made a Growth Hormone test and the result literally was the lowest possible. 0,1 ng/dl. What the f…[View]
50422262I wonder what it's like having a girl interested in you.[View]
50421133First day of college after holidays. Already feel like the odd one out.[View]
50421989Were you ever forcibly feminized as a kid, anon?[View]
50422139ultimate virgin story: >Family is hiding the milk away from me because im a bit overweight >st…[View]
50420643Femanons would you like to try out what's it like having a dick? What kind of dick would you wi…[View]
50422427Tips for godfather?: So by circumstance of life I`ve been entrusted with role of godfather by one ve…[View]
50422041That feel when you didn't spend your youth with a qt.[View]
50422075There is a criminal who lives in the same street as me. For over a year now he has been stealing peo…[View]
50418400/britfeel/: still tired after 12 hours of sleep edition[View]
50421367YouTube's internal death: How long until we get another YouTube shooter? Do you think it'l…[View]
50422426that feel when your girlfriend will never grow a real penis and blast her hot cum deep into your col…[View]
50421985Relationship with my cat: So I was petting my cat (pic related) and he started acting shifty. I look…[View]
50420831>tfw still no longhaired black metal bf[View]
50415339Post the most humiliating things that happened to you: Post the stories that gave you the thousand y…[View]
50420693Would you eat another human being?[View]
50422331>work in place where you See thousands of tourists from all over the world daily >majority of…[View]
50422233Do you still think that things will get better anon?[View]
50421539i genuinely hate the pople around me with 3 exceptions. Everyone else is just such a fake miserable …[View]
50421430Robots, maybe you would feel better if you acknowledged the good things in your life! ITT post what …[View]
50421501Would you robots like to participate in a psychology experiment? Please fill out this form seriousl…[View]
50422124Anyone whose smoking weed right now come into this thread, let's burn together and shoot the sh…[View]
50421583>You will die one day, slipping into an infinite void of non existence for eternity What feel do…[View]
50419668>you work your ass off every day in horrible weather, snowstorms etc. >when you finally get ba…[View]
50421054help: Whats the quickest and easiest way to kill yourself with a knife?[View]
50421540Dudes I'm chucklin at how insane women are: M8's they'd rather work a job then do hou…[View]
50420210>go to restaurant >c this what do u do?[View]
50422095Why are alt-righters so fucking hideous? Just look at their leader, he looks like genetic garbage[View]
50417712>'So anon, what qualities do you have over, say, the hot guy outside waiting to be interviewed?'…[View]
50420634My sister recommended that I read 'Plus-Sized Elf' .[View]
50422103I hate my family: If we were not related, almost all of them are the type I'd look at with disd…[View]
50419666Strawpoll: Trannies VS TERFs: WHICH SIDE should ultimately control the definition of 'woman…[View]
50422044>Be me >gets horny >look at bed >Cat.exe >can't fap becus cat in my room fuck …[View]
50420053Remember this /r9k/?: Remember when we raised to believe that women had it tough? Remember when men …[View]
50421485I think I'm falling in love with my boss (a woman 40 years old) She is 15 years older than me a…[View]
50420466Fembots: Since we all know women like tall guys so much, and even have requirements for height. Wome…[View]
50420425>slept for 12h, skipped school >woke up at 2pm >it's 4pm and i'm already tired fu…[View]
50420745>not particularly mean or unlikable but a weakling, quiet, and tend to keep to myself >try to …[View]
50418251>hop in dude!!! wwyd?[View]
50420445ITT: Autistic Shit you did when you were horny: I dont normally post here but figured id share >b…[View]
50421484Fembots, do you have female friends? Why not just fuck their boyfriends friends?[View]
50421507eggman is officially the biggest chad ever[View]
50420433> be me > decides to share a sad robot story about how life is shit > spend like 15 minutes…[View]
50420115>can't adhere to a schedule Goddamnit.[View]
50421354>Hey anon, try and beat this![View]
50420563what do the cutest pair of panties you own look like femoids[View]
50410834Self Improvement. You are trying to better yourself, right anon? To get a gf, a job, learn skills, d…[View]
50419879>tfw no deaf gf to take care of[View]
50420876Should a girlfriend be your bestfriend?[View]
50421088I just got like evaluated for my first like 30 days at this retail store I got like 15 points when I…[View]
50420356i want to take the cutest girl in the world and inflict maximum pain on her[View]
50418634Why does the concept of some people not wanting children make people on 4chan seethe so hard?[View]
50421337How do I get a gf like Morticia Addams?[View]
50421027- top 10 countries all Asian - bottom 10 countries all shitskin What does this mean?[View]
50421167what's more important for you: personality or looks? and why?[View]
50418790So what happened to her? She admitted to getting of from posting her pussy online, so its weird she …[View]
50420077This is what college is like for Chad. Let that sink in.[View]
50421134i wanna fuck my therapist so badly: she's a petite qt3.14 azn and is so nice and so smart that …[View]
50421067you guys are pathetic, get your head out of your ass and quit being obsessed with Chad's cock, …[View]
50418836Name a worse fate than being a dicklet You have no authority. At any moment you can be exposed and t…[View]
50421250fembots do you prefer being the big spoon or the little spoon?[View]
50420770>jerking it doesnt provide enough dopamine and drinking makes me feel like absolute shit for a we…[View]
50421232>It's been a year to the day ya wer' freed from prison and we've fookin got multip…[View]
50420758Post Black QT3.14S: >Whites think they can compete with black goddesses…[View]
50420926Dilemma: In Starbucks and want to read a Lawrence Krauss book I just bought but don't want to l…[View]
50421171>In gym class >last one to be picked >fat cunt on team that gets me goes 'oh no not anon!' …[View]
50420976>be me >18 >Have been kind depressed and sick lately >Feel like dying, not the sick 'I…[View]
50421145'And if a double-decker bus Crashes into us To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die An…[View]
50420490I unironically want to fuck a stacy. I am weak anons.[View]
50419642How does it feel a woman could easily beat you in a fight?[View]
50420358When is it too late to improve yourself and have a chance to enjoy life?[View]
50421032Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day untiI I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
50421019Aw yeah blow my diiiiick Aw yeah oooh baby suck my cock baby yeaaaaaah ooh yeah bloooooow my dick bl…[View]
50419484i failed 2 semesters of community college. i only want my associates for IT, so how do i make a com…[View]
50420051My favorite anime girls have brown hair and brown eyes and white skin.[View]
50417751Holy shit they found ANOTHER illegal buttplug. What are the fucking ODDS wew lads[View]
50420703Being a late bloomer: How do you feel about being a late bloomer? Not realizing what you have to do …[View]
50419368work cancelled today because of snow, post pictures outside your window/backyard let's get /com…[View]
50405356Internet archaeology: 1. Go to https://wiby.me/surprise/ 2. Post results Or post something else that…[View]
50420796What are you fellow robots eating?[View]
50419652Oh mister Cuck! Cuck! Mister Wagie Cuck! One mocha coffee! Oh Mister Cuck! Cuck! Mister Wagie Cuck! …[View]
50415844> the world is a playground kid, if you want to have fun, you're gonna get bruised what…[View]
50420751>when ever I play guitar people often compare me to August rush >Finally decide to watch the …[View]
50420537Kathy oneechan? hows your morning going. i drew a picture of you today and i still have the shirt yo…[View]
50420000Be recognizable 4chan trap how do I date chicks and hrt?: >be hanging out with ex-gf >be best …[View]
50419597drug discussion: Hello anuses. I want to buy drug recipes from online supplier. Can you advise me so…[View]
50419404Sup fellow zoomers I just failed my driving test, whats going wrong in your life?[View]
50418763ITT: The last girl that showed any interest in you.: The only girl that's shown interest in me …[View]
50419596Kik: How do you robots find girls on kik? I have a few that like to help me fap but I wanna find som…[View]
50420585What's happening?: This morning I woke up hating everything (due to lack of sleep prior to toda…[View]
50420132>No pants on Subway What the fuck is wrong with normies?[View]
50420665Even though I have friends I feel like I have no friends[View]
50416164There is: nothing wrong with wanting a virgin girlfriend.[View]
50419750Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50419874Have you guys ever experienced this problem? Once a few years ago when I lost my virginity at 22 or…[View]
50419599frequently tired robots read this: I always thought this was bullshit PE teachers in High School and…[View]
50419907So I'm pretty much 110 pert guaranteed the option to fuck my ex girlfriend who is married She…[View]
50420076theres a window next to me and im on the 4th floor, the ground is concrete,could i die? pic half rel…[View]
50417914>tfw r9k is full of shy nerdy virginal twinks ready to be given love[View]
50420586>be me >happy.jpeg >vapping >fapping while watching vanilla porn with some eurobeat song…[View]
50420233Normies make me hate them even more: >be me >islamic country(BAN PORN AND HENTAI SHITS) >pl…[View]
50417427Boomers are ruining this board. What can we do to drive them away?[View]
50419995>tfw you will never get a east european gf[View]
50419045Girls, have you ever had a crush on older family members? Describe the experience. Would you go thro…[View]
50420449I'm hornyy Iads[View]
50420459Conflicting or Hypocritical Beliefs: What are some beliefs you hold that fall under this category? I…[View]
50419619Man Awakens After 12 Years in a “Vegetative State,” Says “I Was Aware of Everything”: https://www.li…[View]
50420450music feels the best when youre a little depressed[View]
50420422post some good femdom hentai (preferably ones with a lot of footjob domination)[View]
50418742>a bunch of normies casually talk about sex >mfw…[View]
50420055>literally near perfect genetics >genius iq tested >very wealthy parents >barely have th…[View]
50420258>ce sentiment quand tu n'as pas de petite amie francaise[View]
50418954I wake up every evening, with a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place And you're…[View]
50420273This is cringe. What white man would do this to two malnourished african women wow[View]
50420065How do you feel about fact that you'll be terrible father?[View]
50419695>chilling out watching akira at a friends house >girl is upset no ones paying attention to he…[View]
50419965how do you feel about big thick uncut cocks?[View]
50419183Show me ur rarest pepes to add to my collection[View]
50419803/adv/ aint giving me shit the fucking bastards. What do you guys think? I keep going on interviews g…[View]
50419440You can't be a robot if you're White, simple as that. All the evidence points towards this…[View]
50420208>Ywn watch a girl put on her socks[View]
50418731Fucking a trans: >famous porn star tranny in my city >he/she is posted all over /gif/ all the …[View]
50419676Who here dropped out of high school? Reasoning? Horror stories?[View]
50415641Anybody else feel like nothing really matters anymore? I mean, I'm not talking about life itsel…[View]
50419956>tfw college student living alone in garbage apartment >Tfw depressed asf and want to live wi…[View]
50420100lighten up your life anon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upeEim0zP9U[View]
50419661I have this weird fetish. I like messaging random guys on tinder and offering to suck their dicks fo…[View]
50420085I feel like doing something social, but >I cut off contact with my main group of friends a year a…[View]
50419284Read this book right now. It's the ultimate redpilled on women and Jews.[View]
50418997I will never be cool enough to hang out with her to take drugs with her to get drunk with her to cud…[View]
50418317>tfw no clingy OBSESSIVE bf Where do I meet guys like this IRL? I don't go outside but I wou…[View]
50419547Why the fuck can't just I get a tall gentle femdom gf? I'm literally shorter than the aver…[View]
50419924>Fembot braps, sweat, pubes and boob sweat[View]
50419990>be me >at school >staring at my crush >suddendly the fire alarm goes off >everyone e…[View]
50418794>take a shower because my asshole is extremely dirty >shit right after shower >asshole gets…[View]
50419981Walked into a student chill area. I just felt negative energy crushing me into a small ball.[View]
50419219noporn thread: How are you guys holding up? Anybody been successful?[View]
50418816>tfw you fall in love to every girl you see I've fallen so low.[View]
50419180Fembot Feels Thread: Misogyny free safe space to discuss our feels >tfw chad won't let me ea…[View]
50419753>scrape the inside of my asshole with a toothbrush >start to bleed >insert tampon >like …[View]
50418705how do you talk to women? I don't mean even anything to initiate anything sexual or romantic. …[View]
50419836oyasuminasai r9k-san[View]
50419858At the school cafeteria I saw a beautiful big-titted girl staring at guy non-stop and smiling. It wa…[View]
50419859Le torle feis. He comes to torle ur face.[View]
50419335I just came up with the best political ideology ever but I cant talk about it here because one of th…[View]
50419354*Breaks open new can of monster* >Lads do ya fancy *SLLLLLUURRRRPPPPP* >a Boomer thread…[View]
50419771>feel the need to shitpost on 4chan(((nel))) >connection error >you forgot to solve the cap…[View]
50419732>come out to parents as gay >they're cool with it and still love me >tell them I'…[View]
50419776>be faggot >be attracted to another man >call that man a faggot Why do so many straight guy…[View]
50419751This will make me a normie I know it[View]
50419460READING OF THE DAY A Reading from the Letter to the Hebrews HEB 1:1-6 Brothers and sisters: In times…[View]
50409893/r9gay/ - #582: hard edition last: >>50393831[View]
50419670This is the Robot's offspring. Say something nice to them.[View]
50419558Am a real human being why can't i get a gf[View]
50419519how 2 stop meltdowns[View]
50418777>thanks for my protein shake, uncle anon[View]
50418982Gay women of r9k: Just wanted to make a thread for gay women, it's a bit general I know. >ho…[View]
50416885>installed a bitcoin miner virus onto my computer like a fucking retard how could i be so fucking…[View]
50418558>finally fall for the bandersnatch meme >Recovering from a psychotic episode >Keep having p…[View]
50417956Kamilia orbiting thread: He is so qt >tfw you will never have a kamilia bf…[View]
50419614what if i told you Black stars Big night You were runnin' fast All of your life I know that fe…[View]
50419555>dad makes me go bowling with his friends >try my hardest but get gutterball every time >hi…[View]
50419165I dont want any fake sympathy. What is the best way to kill your self painlessly?[View]
50419333I have a mental breakdown everyday. I think Ill go insane soon. what is this world?[View]
50417709I would give up anything to live as a 12 year old boy again in the 2007-09 or a 10 year old in the 9…[View]
50419456>tfw extrovert friend told me to be more social[View]
50419479>lying in the grass on a summer night with her in your arms listening to the crickets >taking…[View]
50419136*gets pregnant with your kids*[View]
50419449Bad Braaaaap: >Be me seven years ago >13, massive fart fetish >Have a big brother >One d…[View]
5041777980/20 rule in action... I'm losing hope more and more every day. Women have no reason to talk t…[View]
50419424>be me >feel a little sick >get an idea >want to sug ma own dick for the good healthy sm…[View]
50418487why was I made to suffer so greatly with no rhyme or reason?[View]
50419369Dear short guys There is hope for us >https://youtu.be/7wOTrhy5Noc[View]
50418553I am mildly retarded. what am I supposed to do during my life? I saw a youtube video. it was a man…[View]
50417278Anybody has any problems not related to women, girlfriends, sex or your genitals?[View]
50418561Who is this dude? Is he one of us? It seems he is trying to redpill his audience at the same time he…[View]
50416285i know most of you guys are normies here but is turning 18 as a robot one of the most difficult iden…[View]
50419328The pain of the world makes me feel physically ill. The lack of empathy is hellish. Why was I cursed…[View]
50418420any other robots like to sit on the toilet for long periods of time?[View]
50418449Why are ugly losers like us allowed to exist?[View]
50418570Why are women so entitled? No, why do men spoil women so much? Hell, robots act misogynistic but mos…[View]
50416086>tfw no gf(male) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Worstpersonalive/[View]
50418822Name a better mommy than Kanga >Has a pouch for her son to sit in >Very loving- even for a mom…[View]
50418191Anyone else lack people to talk to? Other than my parents and the occasional chat on discord I don…[View]
50417996free (you)'s: anyone want to chat at all? is there a name for that feeling of dread when you wa…[View]
50418527>want to make discord friends >can't go 10 minutes after entering a server without mentio…[View]
50418020Does anyone have the Nicolas cage nude leaks?[View]
50418643>be loser >get job >make money >want to talk to girls >spend money on chaturbate >…[View]
50418074Alcoholic thread: >Been drinking all day >no longer get numbing effect just get sick >was o…[View]
50418039can't sleep and crying at 5am, good morning all: >years ago, when i was 6 or 7 >mom worke…[View]
50416887weird wanking spots: post the weirdest spots you've jerked off before, ill start >an airplan…[View]
50418229Scrolling through threads >A lonely robot pouring his heart out talking about extreme depression …[View]
50418950Hey robots, did you know someone or have you ever been involved in an MLM?[View]
50418492is death the cure to ugliness?[View]
50419201are the people around you who decide if youre not normal or is it an innate thing?ive always been to…[View]
50416954Bam Magera: >failed chad or >one of us[View]
50410766why don't you have a girlfriend, anon? it's easy[View]
50416391Thoughts on my situation? Betrayed by Chad friend: >Have had a Chad best friend for almost ten ye…[View]
50418821So I've got this married bf. I'm not naive, I know he won't leave his wife. But I enj…[View]
50408285HERE'S YOUR CHANCE: Bully a femanon into sui. I wanna do it (sever femoral artery), but I'…[View]
50408683ITT: We discuss interesting things we experienced on /nightwalks/: I'll start: >walking thro…[View]
50419158Atheism: This meme single handedly destroyed atheism online. How do we counteract this?[View]
50418499Would you sniff a Hispanic girl's feet and boobs?[View]
50418759Men are suck.[View]
50418715Banned from /pol/. Maybe you guys will appreciate this.: Have you taken the Estulinpill? Makes much …[View]
50418657>sitting still >not doing anything at all >randomly my brain tells me to kms…[View]
50418394Why am i attracted more to fat and chubby girls[View]
50417910Which do you choose? >a successful life in a top tier profession. You make an incredible amount o…[View]
50412742Get out of your chair and do 20 pushups and situps Start improving yourself. It takes 5 minutes and…[View]
50418929NEEDdom here we come: >mfw I probably am getting fired by the second day working How's your …[View]
50418949>lying down >fart >real fucking stinker too >scratch side of thigh >hand smells like …[View]
50418948>tfw she makes you watch while she sucks Chad anyone know this feel?[View]
50418939wtf I love femoids now[View]
50418908Embarrassing stories: >be me >one year ago >summer time >go to carnival thing with frien…[View]
50418009Nonwhite feels thread: Welcoming all: >spics >niggers >kikes >gooks >chinks >etc …[View]
50418893>tfw no faeculent fembot fucktoy for furious fertilizing[View]
50416309Does /r9k/ care about politics?[View]
50418640Why did my roommate put an empty egg carton in the bathroom?[View]
50417532soc is lame: where do i find a shut in robot gf to call at 3 AM? Asking for a friend[View]
50418446>He thinks his 'e-gf' is a legitimate relationship Is there anything more tragic?…[View]
50418362buy a dakki: /dakki general/ >cuddle with pillow >tuck it in next to you >warms up quick …[View]
50418563If hell exists I'll certainly end up there. I've never felt anything but joy at the death …[View]
50418697Why do you want a gf when you know robots are incapable of truly loving and appreciating anyone, inc…[View]
50418609>Have the chad hairline >Have the chad jawline >Have the chad height >Have the chad look…[View]
50416240Do you ever fantasize about comitting suicide? Have you planned anything already? How would you do …[View]
50418725I wonder what this woman is doing with her life now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pot0hqxMWag…[View]
50405162What is it with Girls never wanting to start a conversation? Its so boring I decided to see how many…[View]
50416381I am LITERALLY the cute anime girls I post and nothing you say will make that not true. pic related,…[View]
50417590alone anon: I am going to be alone forever i tryed dateing site and only one girl talk to me than st…[View]
50414358i wanna fuck my therapist so badly: she's a petite qt3.14 azn and is so nice and so smart that …[View]
50418659Any tips on giving up on dating entirely? Its just that im losing interest in women, i dont want to …[View]
50418465I like being alone. I like quiet. I like peacefullness. I like alcohol. I like anime and video games…[View]
50418496I'm so tired of being sober. 36 days. I saw some anon post a pic of a large bottle of steel res…[View]
50416068Should feminine beta robots transition? I'm not even shilling it (inb4 reiko), I genuinely want…[View]
50416633If Google already knows what visual traffic-related items look like for its presumptive self-driving…[View]
50418630Talk about myself online. Can't even introduce myself IRL[View]
50411538can we have a /schizoid/ thread: any schizoidfags online right now?[View]
50418551/General Gen/: ITT we discuss the state of this board's generals. Which are best? Which are wor…[View]
50418592It just feels bad knowing that I will die as a Virgin and no Women ever will feel love of affection …[View]
50417637Heyyy..... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Yes Im 28, is there a problem with tha…[View]
50415846How do I stop having an extreme desire to please girls that are mean to me? >close to girl >sh…[View]
50418528Does snap sexing count as real sex?[View]
50418525Shit Smell: Hey robotos is who else likes to smell thier shit when they poo?[View]
50418165>be me >delivery job >carry people's furniture clothes and shit >go to one apartmen…[View]
50417139Moon jumps: HOLY FUCKING SHIT >be having cigarette outside earlier today >look at moon >tak…[View]
50416174What do you think somebody would think of you if they could see your entire r9k post history. Me per…[View]
50418431big balls small penor futa = best futa[View]
50418277If you were on your deathbed right now, what good memories do you have to recollect on? Is there any…[View]
50416946I Was Psychologically Abused by a Therapist My Whole Childhood: In fourth grade I was jumped by 50+ …[View]
50416014gaybot feels >Tfw my butthole looks like pic related[View]
50418093Tattoo and Family: >First tattoo courtesy of my parents when i was 16 was Giant set of demon wing…[View]
50417275Confess: Tell us anon, what are some things you've done in the past that keep you awake at nigh…[View]
50415255I'm about to turn 25 in a few months and I'm still a kissless virgin. I'm trying to k…[View]
50417304>it's another 'remembering walking in on your dad's dead body and carrying it and seein…[View]
50417549So what medication is r9k on? I quit my 50mg Milnacipran and 5mg Aripiprazole 3 weeks ago and I am d…[View]
50417155I will change tomorrow...[View]
50417629They are watching me through my own eye vision[View]
50418193Is it worth it to show people around you that you care about them?[View]
50417156I really like Jews: I really like Jews, but I can't exactly explain it. They have a certain ope…[View]
50415079/fresco/: Ive lost all of my Fresco pics. Anyone care to dump some?[View]
50409987/britfeel/: Moni is banished from this thread edition[View]
50417867is joe from 'you' an accurate depiction of a robot?[View]
50418073help: >want to be a priest >no education yet >hate where i live, refuse to serve here becau…[View]
50418109'Girls don't care about looks bro! The only reason you can't get laid is because you are a…[View]
50414575>No one can see us anon, did you want to makeout?[View]
50416771I don't have one single friend.[View]
50417542>loudly burped in a break room filled entirely with females, one of which is my workfu >didn…[View]
50418087Lovelylilith= marriage material/10 Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't T. Rich Asian fag[View]
50417587>It's a anon has a qt girlfriend with freckles only to wake up alone again dream. Why do you…[View]
50416282ABSOLUTE STATE OF BONGISTAN: This supposedly anti-porn measure in Britain is just the first step in …[View]
50416831Lets be real, fembots are a fucking joke, the most autistic women could get company, if you dont bel…[View]
50417478I spend too much time away from this place, it's lost my magic touch[View]
50415106>girl at my work i talk to literally every day all day agrees to go out on a date with me wow awe…[View]
50417933Has 'incel' become a mainstream insult? I was going through hackermoon articles, which are usually p…[View]
50417539Ok anons autistic competition thread. Good luck https://psychology-tools.com/autism-spectrum-quotien…[View]
50417673>Be born spic >All asian girls hate you Life sucks…[View]
50417858>tfw no coner bf[View]
50417771>made a cute asian girl smile today today is a good day[View]
50417810>really hate the way nuts taste >tell people I'm allergic to them to escape eating them w…[View]
50417795>close off all the heat registers in the basement >open the one in my room to full blast >f…[View]
50416643Anyone else here HATE women, yet love the foul stench of the female asshole? This is a huge problem …[View]
50409486hey femanons, do you get breast envy?[View]
50417711Doctor gave me this for anxiety. Before I take it I want to know if anyone here has used it, if it a…[View]
50414955>bf getting progressively busier as a wagey >spends all his time home playing games >never …[View]
50415028Anyone ever jerk off while driving? How dangerous is it?[View]
50417154Have you ever auditioned for a talent show?[View]
50416466Shaving my head was a mistake. My hair was the only thing that gave me comfort. It was my last joy i…[View]
50416565Post your brew[View]
50416695anyone have experience with pic related??[View]
50415033How can I stop this from happening[View]
50417236Anyone ever notice how most women have ugly faces? It feels like every woman I see has a butterface …[View]
50416245Why are women so fucking stupid? What's the point of eyebrows if they going to paint on top of …[View]
50416991Who else here is a massive homo in deep denial?[View]
50416701Why do normies insist on making appointments? What if I made an appointment but when the day comes I…[View]
50413993I am genuinely disappointed in Arma 3, but I can't place exactly what makes it worse than other…[View]
50415451Times that you accidentally fucked up: >Be me >4 hours ago >Teaching accounting to a 7/10 g…[View]
50417512let me give you guys advice in order to get your shit together for reference I used to be a lot like…[View]
50417186>maybe just take a moment to be really fucking profoundly sad[View]
50417367It should be illegal for virgin men over 18 to even think they're still eligible for sex ... An…[View]
50417347i hate when it's rainy but dont rain but im still happy, if in an hour or two the sun comeback …[View]
50413119Post characters who are literally you Oregano[View]
50417132This anime is fucking retarded. How am I suppose to relate to characters having casual sex with each…[View]
50417359>Be me >accept that I will be alone forever >make friends with qt 3.14 >starts flirting…[View]
50416698Why is every thread on the catalogue so boring? Why is everyone on this board so fucking retarded an…[View]
50417247Why do you normalniggers treat sex like a commodity[View]
50416125I'm tired of it, it's starting to hurt mentally. Masturbating fucking sucks I want to feel…[View]
50417274Is it possible to sleep for two hours and wake up without oversleeping? Should I try?[View]
50411863What's your race? Does the race realism discussion bother you?[View]
50415612Am I thick should I post more: My girlfriend makes me wear her panties robots am I thick, should I p…[View]
50417225Daily reminder that there is no such thing as a white incel. Only white volcels exist. You have no e…[View]
50416905Everyone on this board is bannable underage or normie PROOF: this board absolutely dies after midni…[View]
50415879I am incredibly lonely. You all are all I have.[View]
50417010Anyone else feel like they could've been a Chad had one or a few things in their life been bett…[View]
50416917Because...I'm Charmin clean! Uh-huh, my hiney's clean![View]
50415664>Don't Iook at me[View]
50416750Christmas is over I feel depressed again[View]
50416476Had a dream I had an autistic gf. Black hair, black eyes, pale skin. Sort of like agatha, but taller…[View]
50416406What is it like being smart in the real way? Like being able to do math effectively and just general…[View]
50417079Daily reminder: Do your squats fembots[View]
50416448Very much needed advice on a girl: Alright guys, I'm fucking panicking. I somehow managed to ge…[View]
50416330This is all I have right. 6 of these ice cold bottles How can I get fucked up on them? Drink reall…[View]
50414638I'm literal hours away from death fellow bots. Anything I should know?[View]
50416881>Marie Kondo's translator[View]
50416876Does some fembot here want to cuddle me? Im lonely..[View]
50416874With a twist of a key, fembot we out Finna show you what this shitposting living is all about I got …[View]
50406199Karen/imouto/oneesan discussion thread: Sunday weekly edition Previous https://pastebin.com/Vv5TVpRg[View]
50415077anyone here loisng interest in games? the only games I can bring myself to play these days are old g…[View]
50415587Kill yourself. Life is not that important.[View]
50416445>about to go to a hotel late at night to meet up with this foreign girl Best Case Scenario: See y…[View]
50414933>spring semester starts tomorrow What am I in for bros? What should I do?…[View]
50413883The absolute state of this fucking board (34848289297)[View]
50416055Generic Good Feels Thread: I'm pretty drunk right now. Feel good with me until I fall asleep. I…[View]
50416516Leftists see current standards of living and culture as unchanging; that what we have now is the bas…[View]
50415601> In middle school I was an absolute unit > was 315+ lbs and 6ft 6in by 9th grade > one nig…[View]
50413566Tell me something you've never told anyone else before.[View]
50416229This kills the white boi[View]
50415042>had another dream I got to kiss a girl Her lips were so soft. AAAAAAAAAAHHH.…[View]
50415372Any femanons got any advice for guys about dating I know this seems like fag shit but we all could u…[View]
50409299I've seen a couple people post their Minecraft servers here, so I thought I'd post mine he…[View]
50416303>asians arent white meme Nice cope shitskin subhuman[View]
50411791What is the most robot-tier porn category? Im a fan of [s]cuckoldry[/s] myself, please no bully[View]
50412184>22 year old virgin >about to buy a pocket pussy Is this the point of no return bros? It feels…[View]
50400467Can we have a fantasies thread? Lewd or not lewd is fine. I'll start. I want to be owned by a f…[View]
50415758So I got a question because I know half of you have the big gay or whatever and like transexual wome…[View]
50415471>be me >useless sack of shit >decide to turn life around >start going to the gym ever…[View]
50416294>Be woman >Get stocks worth 9billion[View]
50415701Anyone else a fucking freak: >be me >god king of shit genetics > pajeet dad >45 year ol…[View]
50414924What song should i be listening right before i kill myself?[View]
50408077draw yourself in mspaint. Others rate everyone else.[View]
50416251> Past a certain age, a man who can't get a girlfriend can be a bad thing what did he mean b…[View]
50415439Please help: I think I fucked up bad. I've been addicted to porn for the past 5 years now. It s…[View]
50415353Jobs: What do you guys do for a living? >age >salary >job title/status (if neet) >level…[View]
50415191i love this woman and her giant pussy[View]
50415460https: slash slash discord dot gg slash G59Gr join if you want new frens mangos[View]
50415454Do NEETs age slower? I'm 31, never had a job, NEET, this past Christmas extended family members…[View]
50415880why is life so hard for us anons?[View]
50416106Whats your dream cozy place robots? Mine would look something like this.[View]
50416102Anyone have this feel?: >Be me >Playing vidya with 3 random teammates >they all are super …[View]
50410849Why do you not like big butts anon?[View]
50415925actual good feels thread: >your cold butthole resting after a constipated hard fought shit, while…[View]
50414984I'm straight: >I'm straight >but i watched gay porn because i'm very picky in …[View]
50415558Fembots are Real: Why does /r9k/ insist fembots are not a real thing? We all experience like sadnes…[View]
50415990>uncle anon, why do you believe in objective morality when there is no evidence to suggest an axi…[View]
50415112When did you realize Will Ferrell was never funny? Exactly zero of his movies has stood the test of …[View]
50415911>tfw no seasteader bf[View]
50413423Alright boys, boomer dad is kicking me out: I told my parents I have no intention of getting a job u…[View]
50415495Women are so pathetic. I've been banging this girl for a few weeks now. I like having Sundays …[View]
50415850doesn't hemale make more sense than shemale?: the idea is that you're combining male/femal…[View]
50414758Can a manlet find love in this world: Can manlets find love in this world without being rich[View]
50415789>started drinking because it helps me talk to people >social anxiety and shyness became even w…[View]
50414770edge: >live in conservative suburban shithole in northern illinois >move 20 minutes south arou…[View]
50415815you know what your problem is? you're a downer, maybe if you smiled a little things would look …[View]
50413209I'm scared of losing her: I have a girlfriend who means everything to me. But she's worryi…[View]
50412022Femcel feels thread: >TFW you looksmax, stay loyal to him as he works 100-hour weeks, and support…[View]
50413580Anyone else here with an unironically small penis? What size and what did girls say about it? Mine i…[View]
50415204How hard can it be to fine ONE, just ONE girl who will like me? WHY IS IT SO HARD? I just want one g…[View]
50414787unethical stories thread: >be me >cousin lives with me for vacation >my friends and cuz are…[View]
50414762Where can I find a joost gf?[View]
50413625>meet femanon >talk frequently for a few months >she rarely messages me first >doesn…[View]
50414679Post men whom literally zero women would find attractive.[View]
50415700>have at least 5 cavities including where a filling came out >several cracked teeth from tooth…[View]
50414243Share the sexual arrangement you need in order to be happy: I want to worship a MILF pussy. I want h…[View]
50414360What drugs are there that actually make you feel good?: Alcohol - tastes bad and gives you horrible …[View]
50415659What's wrong with me r9k?: I cannot seem to make relationships with anyone even online I cannot…[View]
50415608As a dude who actually does work out and looks good unlike pic related, what do most females tangibl…[View]
50413618>tfw no gf who produces so much breast milk that you have to milk her daily otherwise her breasts…[View]
50415153My entire life has been hell. I am super poor living with my drunk Dad. My fucking drug addicted mot…[View]
50413340>have gf >have sex regularly >it takes me an incredible amount of time and effort to cum …[View]
50414474Just saying, I wouldnt mind being a robots internet girl (male) friend.[View]
50414343>How does it feel getting NO pussy? Pretty bad >How does it feel getting no hand holds? [inten…[View]
50414505Where were you 5 years ago, robots? Were you in a better position or worse? Happier or sadder?[View]
50415501big kathy. hope you have nice dreams and lots of fun tomorrow[View]
50415271I have such a great life. Why do I always want to die? It's so easy to be cynical. I don't…[View]
50414313How old are you maturity wise? My mom thinks I'm 14-15 and as much as I want to deny it I think…[View]
50413937Are there any interesting hobbies/niches?: I'm looking for something to replace my interest in …[View]
50415222Why am i like this?: Be me >cant stand boomer music >cant stand zoomer music Why live?…[View]
50413544>be me >my name is greg >I'm here for you…[View]
50415320>feels moon man[View]
50408187When did you become racist and generally toxic?[View]
50414939God I want a yandere so badly, I'd do anything for one, drop my friends, family and city for he…[View]
50415005What's the best to stop having a crush on someone? I'm developing a crush again and want t…[View]
50414414HOLY FUCK this channel is cancer.: It has to be bots right? How can someone sit & watch this shi…[View]
50415350>just find out my favorite space rock hippie band were actually overtly national socialists hippi…[View]
50415030BEGGAR GENERAL: Any rich anons want to give a nibba down on his luck some moneyz on venmo[View]
50413546Why does she have no feet pics[View]
50415110can some1 just b my frend please i am sad[View]
50413638God, I'm becoming such a degenerate. I'm unironically jacking off to people tied up in the…[View]
50414992My boyfriend's RTX 2060 came in today, but he is still at work and won't be home for 6 hou…[View]
50415224I'm just a huge fucking bottom, just cause I'm athletic and tall everyone expects me to be…[View]
50414111Found out recently that the dude i like has a girl already. With this knowledge, one of my online gu…[View]
50414685Are you employed fem-anon?[View]
50414122It's night give me you saddest story: What was your saddest story anon?[View]
50413930How come school doesn't teach you how good sucking dick is? Why don't teachers teach about…[View]
50412650He killed 17 people and is still alive[View]
50414688Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How shitty can life get?[View]
50414201If the quality of your life over the years was on a life chart anon, how do you think it'd look…[View]
50414375songs for feels: What songs make you feel the most? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYCiYTQxmyM…[View]
50413843Just here to brag: Instead of wallowing in my saddess like you fags lol, I got /fit/ and lost my vir…[View]
50414389I feel like I am a child. I have noticed that others don't fully treat me like I am an adult. I…[View]
50413703Does anybody else here like to indulge in the pleasures of the female asshole?[View]
50410353>no friends >virgin >socially inept/autistic >social outcast >dont hate women >don…[View]
50411848Damn is 5'8 really that short? I'm 5'9.5 so basically the same as Cruise and I never …[View]
50410751Tell me the reason why you have no friends and I will give you advice[View]
50414998>this is gay in 2019 it's not fair[View]
50414905Near Death Experience: I got in a near fatal car accident last night robots. My car is completely to…[View]
50413773>it starts again tomorrow >it continues for the next 50 years I can't fucking do this for…[View]
50414146Who else wants to fuck the shit out of her?[View]
50414682I used to suck titties, back when I was breastfed as a baby. I don't have any recollection of i…[View]
50414738starting community college at 22 tomorrow. i fucking hate my life.[View]
50414936susie: >get girlfriend >become obsessed with susie from dead by daylight >want gf to be sus…[View]
50414785If I were to clone myself and make out with them, is that considered incest?[View]
50413670if you have/had a gf fuck off[View]
504123431. Eat any bag fries 2. Eat 2 more fries 3. Until there's 1/6 of the burger left, repeatedly: 3…[View]
50414464ITT: faggots you'd ghost in real life: Retards that can't go a day without talking about m…[View]
50408818I'm a random person living in Turkey. Please ask me questions and I'll answer them kindly.[View]
50413921I wish I was an alien watching humans instead of a human being watched by aliens.[View]
50414789I wanna be a tree and watch the world move and change and store all these memories within me like an…[View]
50413639What do people do with girlfriends, besides the sex? Where do they go? What does it mean to 'have a …[View]
50412868Living off the land: Has anybody here ever tried it ? Did it work out ? Was it better than wageslavi…[View]
50414658*stops car* 'Hey, Anon! Looks good!'[View]
50414570Now, was it SAVED? Or not? Like CHINESE, or JAPANESE.[View]
50414246You guys are my friends Did you know that[View]
50414254>dinner rush >counter and drive thru packed >calm and collected >co-workers panicking …[View]
50413407>tfw no homo erectus floresiensis bf[View]
50414618>meet girl >seems normal >give her a lift home >tells me to take her to a bar at 5 am …[View]
50414553For Me, It's Trout Mask Replica[View]
50414401I've only have used /o/, this is my first time on the other boards. How do I fix this?[View]
50414424Have you ever given a boy a stiffy?[View]
50413283Is being rich really peaches and cream? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9vVSXBW_xw[View]
50411378Do you hate your mothers equally as all women, or do you engage in mental gymnastics to justify your…[View]
50414245my cousins already have children, and I feel like having one but I am robot.[View]
50414430Hey guys, whats the best way to be friends with benefits with a guy? (also a guy btw)[View]
50413397Sexy Times?: What two countries would you like to see have sexy sex? Pic related is my vote because …[View]
50414391Drawn Out by Joe Lansdale[View]
50414012>relationship with parents growing more distant to the point if we were not related we would prob…[View]
50414380>don't get an internship or apply for studying abroad but it's okay because the extra c…[View]
50414370Is it saved or not? IS IT SAVED OR NOT[View]
50411171>tfw to intelligent to get a job >tfw to intelligent to not be fat >tfw to intelligent to h…[View]
50414363play with me https://skribbl.io/?uyH8305hu9 right now pic unrelated[View]
50412426Yo let's just migrate to a dead board, particularly /x/. We'd fit right in with those bask…[View]
50413987How do I come back[View]
50414352>been eye humping this roasti at uni lately >follow her home and break in >rape her >aft…[View]
50413800hi: How's your day been, anons?[View]
50414285big sister kat.. enjoy your night. i hope we can be friends again one day and i can get more closure…[View]
50414309I just don't want to be a disappointment to my dad. I just want to know what he wants me to do …[View]
50414209Why is normies so damn cIever?[View]
50414228Sabretooths in the front room, mammoths in the back, Neanderthals in the alley with a baseball bat,…[View]
50407045Did you go to your prom anon? why or why not? do you regret it?[View]
50413823Im so tired of being alone. New semester starts Wednesday, and I doubt there will be girls in any of…[View]
50411795I fucking hate Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is the worst website in existence. It's full of n…[View]
50410140we are all sharing a drink we call loneliness, but it's better than drinking alone.[View]
50413790>be 19 yr old KHV >Hate college >dont have a job >no gf >realize that it is all downh…[View]
50414134Would you join? If so, how would you enforce combine law?[View]
50414076i've scoured all over, gamers- read lots of different articles, and databases. Is the helium ba…[View]
50412257Nate Higgers: >be me >be named Nate Higgers >people hate me 'hey don't you hate nate h…[View]
50414049'Thus it has been comprehensively proven that W is soulless and has neither self nor individuality, …[View]
50413372What percentage of college freshman girls are virgins? What percentage of high school senior girls a…[View]
50411898do femanons have ho heels?[View]
50411190I used to think /pol/tards with their big aryan tummies are the most pathetic and laughable thing on…[View]
50413947>face looks good at every angle except for straight on[View]
50411806Femanons, why are you so easy to abuse? Don't you have self respect? Young women hold a lot of…[View]
50413941Did I say like? I meant... not like![View]
50410584Pic Compilation: Send the most obscure, no-context, and strange images you have saved on your comput…[View]
50412478>'all alone again this evening again, anon? what a loser eww' How do you respond?…[View]
50413791frens, I have accomplished my goals already for the year (was just to get a new car. I'm employ…[View]
50413892>Substance abuse and depression runs in the family >Faily gets mad at when depressed and addic…[View]
50413456'I want a supermodel virgin gf that is cool with me saying 'nigger' all the time. Literally this fuc…[View]
50413859So why exactly haven't you moved to (2^3)chan? Is there any reason why you prefer 4chan?[View]
50413832Something weird happened: I have a transformation fetish and fantasized about an imaginary woman get…[View]
50413269I need the fallout 4 dlc[View]
50413709For those 24 and older who have not yet had the privilege of being in a relationship, where does it …[View]
50413022I actually feel crazy enough to do this. If you're there Laura I'll talk or something.[View]
50413223Kill me: First time so fuck off >be me >soundcloud rapper >dont tell my friends about it …[View]
50413406living in the country is the worst thing that can possibly happen. its not like normal life where it…[View]
50413382>only get motivated to clean my room or fix my life at 11pm[View]
50413646>girl used to regularly stroke my hair and say how nice it was, went on for most of high school …[View]
50412692> hey kid, haven't you be wallowing in self pity long enough? it's time to wake up. wh…[View]
50413314Talk about annoying things that happens to you: >Recently be really fucking hungry for meat >B…[View]
50411025Would my psychiatrist prescribe me drugs to chemically castrate me if I ask?[View]
50399296why am I so attracted to these type of girls?[View]
50413633Does anyone else find anime and VNs to be extremely depressing? I hate being pulled back into realit…[View]
50413460want to get a haircut (Short and Backsides 50s style) and buy a suit with some ties to wear regularl…[View]
50413403/Comfeels/ SkyKing edition: Post some comfy pictures and music in here! Get away from the cynicism, …[View]
50408316Imagine having a son and then he do this[View]
50412874Would you live in china for a million dollars?[View]
50412795>tfw exclusively jerk off to female reactions is this normal?[View]
50413211Masturbation Rights Activism: Hey, No Faps, I have a question for y'all: Why do you let other p…[View]
50413404>tfw no gf feels good to be free[View]
50412609>tfw mom starts talking about how disgusting and evil faggots are in front of me How am I ever su…[View]
50413044Is having long hair and a beard chad If you have a good face and nice hair?[View]
50413366Is it just me or has /r9k/ been really slow in the past week?[View]
50412438I havent had my own computer since 2014 and have borrowed others and been a degenerate phone poster …[View]
50407162I am 35, is it ok for me to have sex with teenagers from seeking arrangement that I pay?[View]
50407543Would you be girl's designated pussy eater, /r9k/?: Let's say a hot girl is willing to hav…[View]
50413401>Have dream >Some girl is trying to fuck me >Repeatedly block her advances thinking of my 2…[View]
50413399>starting my third semester of college tomorrow >know it's just going to be a waste of ti…[View]
50413058/uni/: I might ruined my life and threw away everything.[View]
50412107As far as I know there's 3 types of big toes. >mushroom >thumb >lightbulb what do you …[View]
50413383>girl I like just unfollowed me on instagram >quitting instagram forever >if this appears o…[View]
50413373Fuck all of the punk-ass whitebois who will read this. A thread died for this and fuck you.[View]
50411447This was top trending on pornhub in america.[View]
50413365Peer-pressure: >be me >4 days ago >be on bus >kid sits next to me >has a vape >say…[View]
50412383Sex doll is such a lewd term for something so beautiful. They should be called companion dolls or si…[View]
50413350Hey robots I fucked up oh god >want to take 2 breathmints >take weed mints (costed like 45 do…[View]
50411588Femcels, why not just get a makeover?[View]
50411577why?: >be me >collage have this rule about the hair but i don give a fuck >my heir is long …[View]
50412832I'm fucked up in the head. I just want to get high everyday and get as fucked up as possible. I…[View]
50412659>tfw living in a bathroom >only making money flipping shit from goodwill on ebay Unironically …[View]
50411930That kid: Can we have a good old 'that kid' thread? >that kid who was caught watching disney hent…[View]
50413293every female relationship i had ended on me getted cheated on.I am not incel i believe since i have …[View]
50411319Do Asian women like to do raceplay?: Been dating this Asian girl for a few months, she always wants …[View]
50413272>that feel when no brap gf why this[View]

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