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53074325Who /haven't slept yet/?[View]
53074346>On March 30, 1996, Scarlett and her five kittens were in an abandoned garage when a fire started…[View]
53073927Why are Google's weather predictions always off? For weeks now I've Googled my home town w…[View]
53073505lol: >be me >in a discord server >i see some guy (who we'll call Z) has made a minecra…[View]
53074056>tfw ruined my life by being a shut in in my teens If any of you are currently shut in NEETs stop…[View]
53074057I started to regularly eat my own cum about a year ago. If you have a good diet, it actually tastes …[View]
53074267>been telling my family everything's fine so they don't worry excessively >everythin…[View]
53074024>tfw imagining conversations in my head I'm talking to myself but there is 2 of me.…[View]
53073620im sad again bros why does this keep happening[View]
53072508He is going to give out NEETBUX to anyone that retweets and follows him. Are you considering Yang fo…[View]
53073060>he won't let me peg him[View]
53074029have you ever sniffed your own asshole and felt like a dog?[View]
53070121Unironically, how do you feel about your mother? >inb4 incestuous degeneracy Keep it clean you si…[View]
53074034there are no girls on 4chan: just to remind you that there are no girls on 4chan, especially /r9k/ a…[View]
53073934Is there a way to just get fucking taller. All I want is 5 fucking centimeters.[View]
53074111http://www.strawpoll.me/18223603 Let's settle this once and for all. Answer honestly.[View]
53073880>proud owner of 4$ for the next two weeks Fml[View]
53073312*Ahem* Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Happy birthday dear Anon... Happy birthday to me![View]
53073395being a black bot has cons and pros >get on tinder >No matches except fatties who think all bl…[View]
53073703Why do people stink so bad? Do they not bathe regularly? I hate being near someone who stinks on the…[View]
53073885why aren't you yourself? is it really that hard for incelz?[View]
53073909Anyone remember the original ?[View]
53071746What would you dedicate your life to if you had an IQ of 180, or its equivalent in rarity with regar…[View]
53073086Aagh: >been looking at porn way more than often lately >look at like 8 pictures of hentai >…[View]
53073159Why is this justin y. guy such a faggot, seriously, I hate seeing his shit-tier unfunny comments eve…[View]
53073019im so ugly and lonely[View]
53073638>watch porn >try to do it >go limp >close porn >imagining passionate loving sex with …[View]
53073765>be Fatman >let it be summer >go outside for 3 hours >process and sweat 2 liters of flui…[View]
53073555Post annoying quirks you have >No matter what I finish my entire plate of food even if I'm …[View]
53073389i want to lay the a*stoid on a bed of very very veeery thorny roses then throw him face-first into a…[View]
53069672Rich envy thread: Post shit that makes you wish you had a lot of money.[View]
53073722>finally make a tinder account >at some point I find a girl from my old high school class >…[View]
53073436hey anon, you up for a game of shirts versus skins? you can be shirts heh[View]
53072360social isolation: >one chance at life >autist >generally ignored by family >do great at…[View]
53072411w-woah, is this how boys have sex><[View]
53073575>one shot at life >get explosive diarrhea whenever I'm stressed out…[View]
53071178About the start a job as a dishwasher. What should I expect?[View]
53073012Why did nature make teenagers so hot? It's like a cruel joke.[View]
53073594It's time to stop posting, robots.[View]
53073121>Up at 4 am again >Nobody I want to talk to is awake >/r9k/ is slow as hell during these ho…[View]
53073304I'm fucking DONE: I'm fucking done living a fucktard hoping that someday things will chang…[View]
53073387For the past week or so I've been getting unreasonably angry over the smallest things and I…[View]
53073206Holy fuck only and only fatties like me in Tinder (london). I thought I had above average face. Im r…[View]
53068763how to lose virginity: how to lose virginity in mid-20s in a country (USA) where prostitution is ill…[View]
53073309The girl I e-orbit hasn't posted any updates for months[View]
53073124feet appreciation thread: post the best naked/clothed feet you have[View]
53061914Fembot thread: Fembots do you really not desire sex as much as men do? Do you need as pressing a nee…[View]
53069877Chubby Fembots Unite!: Screw those that tell you you're not pretty. We are cute and fluffy!…[View]
53073035If I enlist in the Army and work in Army Intelligence, would they know about my posting history? Th-…[View]
53072917>want degree >dont want to subject my spontaneity and will to the generic schedule of an educa…[View]
53073024>say something retarded >hide the thread[View]
53072956>anon, show me your digits and keep your skull intact.[View]
53073287Its all fucking trash! Its all stupid fuckin shit! Everything you do on this board is a waste of tim…[View]
53073185>knew it was too good to be true time to go back to being more depressed than usual fml…[View]
53070811Guys...I think he's actually dead...[View]
53072284Sup guys. Today my colleague has pulled her tongue like that looking straight in my eyes while askin…[View]
53073173Does anyone know how to get rid of a deeply ingrown pubic hair? I've had it for about two years…[View]
53070460Am I still a virgin if a girl comes over to my house every weekend and pegs me with a strap on?[View]
53073164Hey Colby N. If you still browse this board you're a major fucking faggot and you look like an …[View]
53072830>Self improvement failed I'm back frens, i'm more miserable and suicidal than ever befo…[View]
53072686>friend's fat diabetic brother chronically sharts his pants >doesn't care just puts …[View]
53070760Thoughts on Megan?[View]
53073089Chubby girls turn me on[View]
53072187Remember Lads: 'All roads lead to Rome. But, all shit leads to India..' That is a quote.[View]
53072943>tfw mom called me cringe[View]
53072975>be me, 21yo >not a complete autist, but never been in a relationship >uni break is on, doi…[View]
53071690Fembots: If a male friend wanted to crossdress and asked you for fashion advice for women's clo…[View]
53072792>stop drinking so much fuck off you dumb nigger. alcohol is the only thing that makes me happy wh…[View]
53072966I'm a bug chaser. I'm hiv negative and I let hiv pozitive boys breed me raw. I wanna get i…[View]
53070618When did you realize you were ugly unironically? For me it was when I tried Tinder[View]
53072926How can you possibly reconcile with this?[View]
53072781>So starved of female touch when my first cousin asked me to chip her nail, felt weird to touch h…[View]
53071392Your most shameful confessions.: >Roleplay/catfish as girls on OKCupid and talk about how I prefe…[View]
53059082who else here /yanggang/? What are you planning for your 1000 dollars?[View]
53072769>your reddit post gets negative karma[View]
53072844>Coming Soon To a Theater Near You >Steven Seagal is... >On Probation For Being Black…[View]
53071182I'm doing it guys I'm gonna ask her, I'm finally happy and at peace.[View]
53072862ITT: people you miss[View]
53072181My Best Friend Was Outted As A Pedophile Today: It all feels like it isn't true, but there…[View]
53072331'Let's go get boba, anon!'[View]
53069418How to stop thinking about things I don't want to think about?[View]
53072519>lost my virginity to some random fat girl from tinder >the novelty of being a non virgin wore…[View]
53071068any other robots play flight sims? I haven't been this hyped for a game since gta V[View]
53072333Femanons what does it feel like to have a boyfriend? what does it feel like to have sex?[View]
53072780>people are growing horns now >im one of them >makes sleeping on my back difficult…[View]
53072773fuck you trannies: fuck you trannies give me back tomboys they were rare enough fuck you fuck you fu…[View]
53071871>one shot at life >born with AAA cups[View]
53072479>thinks he's above a job at mcdonalds[View]
53072752got rejected bad: >go to majority black school, basically every girl there is libtard bloo-pilled…[View]
53069348Who here has that friend that has massive milkers?[View]
53072682Do you wake up in the middle of the night from cotton mouth after drinking all day? Take a good sip …[View]
53072597I'm an empty narcissist that thinks depression is a personality.[View]
53072476>going to work in one hour Literally contemplating shooting myself. How can anyone live like this…[View]
53072229BWC: Fuck, i love bwc so much[View]
53072732>on tinder >curious about the competition >Show men >mfw they're all chads >give…[View]
53072555Why did God want me to be who I am?[View]
53071569Are all women really that bad, guys? Are they all really cold and evil? I've always had that be…[View]
53072108Violence isn't funny.[View]
53072004>be me >24yo femanon >meet guy on tinder >he's super cute >possiblebf,jpeg >o…[View]
53072689there is no gap[View]
53071481Okcupid Thread: Legit question, why does every single woman's profile list not having a current…[View]
53072428I don't know who needs to read this but it does get better, anon. You have grown so much in the…[View]
53072457>last weak >almost a wizard >god sends implicit deus ex machina gift >very cute asian …[View]
53072231>incel khv >lets see the world before i end it all and go travel >get stuck in south east a…[View]
53071521>just tasted my cum for the first time >bleach and cumin…[View]
53072068What's your pissing technique like? Mine is: >pull out dick >pull back foreskin to the ri…[View]
53072483my rectum hungers for meat[View]
53072548at this point I'm just gonna let the world destroy itself and laugh[View]
53072526/family taboo/: >dad rhymes with chad >he pounds your mother and you have to respect him…[View]
53071261>Be me >On Instagram >Browsing through memes >Crush text me >Ohshitthisisit.jpeg >…[View]
53072480Why are basic social interactions so hard? Its so hard for me to get a word in at the right time whe…[View]
53068337what happend to endless tower threads??[View]
53071780Well I think this is it for me friends. Thanks for the laughs along the way.I know this shit is prob…[View]
53071491>tfw overwhelming urge to shave my body hair, wear women's clothes, put on makeup and style …[View]
53071568Today is my 21 birthday: And I am completely alone, neither of my parents even cared to call. I do n…[View]
53072453He makes me feel special.[View]
53072113>fate only got me laid and get a gf just to demoralise me from getting further gfs Funny how one …[View]
53071142What are some good porn games? I need good porn games. Will you give me good porn games? Give me goo…[View]
53071294I have severe obsession: The doctor told me I don't have OCD, I'm just extremely obsessive…[View]
53072398Need help with my dummy brown skin: What can I do to clear brown spots, acne, uneven sun tans and a …[View]
53071179My therapist keeps showing off her feet during our sessions. she wears footwear that reveals her fee…[View]
53072415>always enjoyed drawing as kiddo me >now since i lost my soul i cant be a real artist and i on…[View]
53072374girls my age love niggers, and honestly, id much rather stay single for the rest of my life then be …[View]
53072293Does anyone else just want to fuck everything when they're fucked up or depressed?[View]
53072002Brapfetish: Anybody else unironically have it? I want nothing more than a fembot to smother me with …[View]
53068695>tfw I only want sex and not an actual relationship Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
53072223Eat shit incels[View]
53068552>be fembot >add guys on /soc/ saying I want to be FRIENDS >stupid guys ask to be friends w…[View]
53072246Robots who only had sex once, what was it like? How weird is it when the girl is a regular Stacy who…[View]
53072128I have a really big dick but I never get to use it[View]
53071724>That time at HS where a girl was almost begging to be my gf and i rejected her in the most cold …[View]
53072250I love everyone and I hope all of you, who are good people (not pedos or rapists or anything) will h…[View]
53072272FML Thread: ``` >be me >collegefag, redditfag, churchfag, newfag >rent house with 3 girls a…[View]
53070682ITT: Good songs that Chads and Stacies should listen to but don't I'll start >DVNO by J…[View]
53071336>'So, what is your job, gaijin-san?' >'kimoi, please tell me you aren't another english …[View]
53072075>wanted to make popcorn, but forgot to convert to microwave time >there's now a blast rad…[View]
53072096Any Irishfags in? Waiting for 10:30am so you can buy more booze?[View]
53069513>Consequences will NEVER[View]
53071853What's wrong with wanting to hide away from the world anyway? I just don't want to get hur…[View]
53070015>watching movie/playing vidya >attractive woman dies >instantly get rock hard…[View]
53070141>welcome anon, we were waiting for you[View]
53070896I just ate 40 chicken mcnuggets and a 2 liter of diet coke AMA me anything[View]
53071262I just cried sober for the first time in a long time. Felt good.[View]
53070273'Come on sis we're gonna be late what are you doing in there?' 'Anon go away I'm-' *PSHHHH…[View]
53071295Guys, I cant take it anymore, im going to end it. You guys are the closest thing to what I consider …[View]
53070545What's up with /v/'s moderation? there is constant racism but if you call a weeb out for a…[View]
53072048Susan Atkins: >i will never rescue susan atkins from her family >i will never marry susan atki…[View]
53071054Elder Neet Here. AMA: I just got an email from a girl that believes she's my biological daughte…[View]
53070131Hey /r9k/, my name is rain man, I make music on streaming platforms such as soundcloud, youtube, and…[View]
53065224Nice guys finish last. Based Nice Guy Keanu[View]
53071996>tfw no sempster bf[View]
53071329Is it normal for girls to walk around in their panties? My sister just wears a shirt and her underwe…[View]
53070623watashi wa nigger desu[View]
53069955My GF requirement list: THIS is a list of my requirements/standards for a girlfriend. There may be s…[View]
53071813Why do people do this? Explain.[View]
53058179Why don't you just start acting like a bad guy instead?[View]
53071132This looks kinda comfy desu. A daddy bf who has all has stuff sorted out vs a guy your age with all …[View]
53071768>tfw don't really like the apartment I just moved into >tfw have to wait an entire year …[View]
53069984>tfw confessing to a crush, who's also a long known friend of mine >solid 7/10 f*male who…[View]
53070989i want to go to sleep but my gin bottle says no the sun is coming up in a few minutes and i won…[View]
53071802bill wurtz questions[View]
53069718Once and for all finish: Okay guys, this is the final showdown. Asuka or Rei? This has been a debate…[View]
53071564'Excuse me, xir or madam, but did you just refer to xy friend with a gendered pronoun before'st…[View]
53071752What would have to happen for you to finally call it quits and an hero?[View]
53071765>*clears throat* >'Ahem, Mr. Freedman, sir. Interesting lecture. Very interesting. However...'…[View]
53070540whats femanons favorite part of a guys body besides peepee?[View]
53071518>tfw sexual bf has dumped me >tfw emotional bf is not emotionally available and can't con…[View]
53070207Back in October I registered for the military while on the physical test I failed my eye tests(I hav…[View]
53068012im gonna post lewd and theres nothing you can do about it. t. incel[View]
53070387Femanon here, and no, I won't show you my tits, grow the fuck up, Incel. Anyway my question to …[View]
53070739Have you ever seen what an animeposter looks like before?[View]
53066757Hands: share a picture of your hand![View]
53071618genuine advice time: dont replace complete self hatred and loneliness with a gf, if you arent happy …[View]
53071542I want to share this experience with all who may find it as funny as I did: I was in an r9k discord …[View]
53071482>If you want a gf then just be yourself.[View]
53071243Anyone else think long hair is extremely beautiful on girls? I wish it was more popular.[View]
53070979Chadfish: How's it feel knowing women prefer child predators to you?[View]
53069965Well? Why won't you fight for a woman, incel?[View]
53071267why lucy why. I just don't understand. can you please give me at least some kind of closure bef…[View]
53071263Business idea. Tell me what ya think: ~GI: General Investments~ >Open app/website >Invest mon…[View]
53071279Went on a second date tonight, we keep getting along very well and are talking for multiple hours ea…[View]
53070625Sad songs lads, it's one of those nights[View]
53070879Okay so i have a question, Robots. If you were born a female, would you have a better chance at dati…[View]
53071095>>want to an hero >>too lazy and incompetent to do it >>Have idea >>Hire a s…[View]
53070769>female friend asked me if I've ever considered wearing panties what did she fucking mean by…[View]
53070555>talking to Dad >Anon, you're almost 30. Why don't you have a GF >I don't th…[View]
53064735jordan peterson said that if you have at least 3 of these things >no job >no friends >no in…[View]
53070396So /r9k/, do you think you fit either of this groups? If so, which one? Does it resonate with you?[View]
53071026>tfw grower and not shower This sucks. It gets pretty big hard but I can never let a girl see it …[View]
53071113Any of you a flight attendant in EU? How's the pay realistically? You can chime if it's no…[View]
53070183>ywn have a harem of asian concubines to impregnate simultaneously[View]
53069622>anon it looks like you are trapped under me,and the only way out is to fuck me into submission…[View]
53070044>tfw gf has long hair down to her ass cheeks[View]
53071085>tfw you were not born a chad with a weenie[View]
53070779>Hey Anon! Are you a virgin? Well?[View]
53068378Night Walk Documentary Project!: Yes! It still on going! We are still accepting submissions, Submiss…[View]
53071094why did this happen what am I even supposed to do[View]
53070847Got ghosted by a girl I really like and had been talking to for several months. How does one not put…[View]
53071006I still miss her so much >I know it was just a long distance relationship, but I still think abou…[View]
53070808Why are women even allowed to exist? I hate them because they reject me.[View]
53070724Is it possible to find a girlfriend that likes goth clothing/invader zim and doesn't nag me for…[View]
53069779>One chance at life >Born as an ugly male Atleast i'm white.…[View]
53069909>Why are you so quiet around people? Im worried for you, Anon[View]
53070259Self hate & love: I finally get why self-hate prevents one from loving. It doesn't mean one…[View]
53068693I want to get married already. I don't want to become a Christmas cake.[View]
53070874Prospero, you command me to wait, very well, I wait[View]
53069163>you'll never be cool >youll never be a singer or otherwise play in a rock band >youl…[View]
53069416my chest hurts under my right rib[View]
53070488Why do normalfags think they need to 'raise awareness' about mental illness?: Do they think they…[View]
53069715Are communists the incels of economics? Almost every commie I know is some sour grapes loser that 99…[View]
53069875Janitor, you will not have any peace even after my death. The avatarfag revolution has begun. I…[View]
53070589College advice?: Is it better to finish college when you're older I.E. finishing in your late 2…[View]
53070659>be me >depressed, want death >put on Kanye >808s and heartbreak because why not >pin…[View]
53069087Try as you might, you can never go back, 2004 was 15 years ago.[View]
53070799uno latina gf por favor[View]
53070497Boomer Dad Hate Threa: They did a terrible job raising you.[View]
53070496male yandere here AMA[View]
53069831My fwend ghosted me >.< We were closer than close can be Two peas that could fit in the world…[View]
53070270I literally just found out the Queen of England has a husband. What the fuck? Pic related is him.[View]
53068670I really hate the sight of men jerking off. Being someone that had to share a bedroom growing up it …[View]
53070291>there are associations for schizo-awareness Apparently they just go around giving talks about ho…[View]
53070213how do I get into solo camping?[View]
53068371anyone else having vivid dreams about sodomizing cute feminine bois? i cant be the only one right?[View]
53062745Protip for all 'friendless losers' on /r9k/: never ask anyone for help for anything. Ever. Normals d…[View]
53069139Is there anything worse than having a cleft chin?[View]
53070585I'm signing up https://www.seekingarrangement.net Only looking for pic related >RAD…[View]
53069859Hey /v/, can I still call myself a white nationalist if I regularly nut to dark elves? I love my rac…[View]
53069792Was just told that she needs some space and that she needs a break. Why do I keep acting like an aut…[View]
53069624female existence justifies itself male existence must be justified[View]
53066751fembot thread: >tfw kissless, handholdless, hugless, jobless, friendless virgin…[View]
53067300Any other people from the third world use r9k?[View]
53070469Worst Robot of All: >used prostitutes and strippers to cope >fucked multiple prostitutes >I…[View]
53068037Anyone ever sucked a dick out of curiosity?[View]
53064135What does she see in him? He's barely average.[View]
53069150>meet friend in IRC >run into each other over the years through different forums and chat room…[View]
53069627Who else here 'worthing dick' (only the mexicans can understand)?[View]
53069716Comfy thread !! Everyone needs some time so escape and be comfy~ Tell me, anons! What is it that mak…[View]
53070382Posting this thread every day until I get a gf Day 27 Talked to a girl today[View]
53070317How do I get rid of bottled up emotions? I'm sorry to sound like a little shit but I need help.…[View]
53070365Aliens are laughing at us.: Aliens are laughing their asses off at us because we don't do eugen…[View]
53070244i fucking hate women so fucking much they wont fuck me and i do everything right fuck women so fucki…[View]
53069951Anyone else here a male yandere? Tfw yandere but too autistic to get a relationship[View]
53068140They're trying to make it mainstream. No other reason to put this in an ad that people will see…[View]
53070211>back of chip bag has directions to said chip factory (potato chips for you brits out there) >…[View]
53070061Former Glory: Anybody used to be confident/sexually active/normal but has felt that shit fade? How c…[View]
53068148I have an inexplicable urge to bully my gf. Any ideas robots? My personal favorite is licking her fa…[View]
53070167>gf sells feet pics >gives me some of the money from it >use the money to buy games on stea…[View]
53070081how do i get an emotional bf?[View]
53070262Why don't you just turn on easy mode by getting a Chad pomeranian?[View]
53064963Did you rewatch NGE like everybody else? Has your opinion of it changed? (or what did you think abou…[View]
53069145what is it about working at walmart that seems so painfully american?[View]
53069853>4 days ago >gamer girl adds me on steam >basically a chad now…[View]
53070199I can feel the depression starting again: I hate bipolar. I go from giddy and happy playing Sonic to…[View]
53068538If you felt 1/10th of the emotional pain I do youd kill yourself[View]
53070158>it's one of those nights again >no friends >family disappointed in me >can't …[View]
53070154One reason why I've come to find surveys completely untrustworthy is because of how many survey…[View]
53070132Hey stupid incels, cum watch my stream. Quit jerking off your pathetic cocks... come on you fucking …[View]
53069820Post cringe, whatever comes to your mind, image, text, whatever that would normally be laughed off o…[View]
53068422Stick your nose in, robots. Take a deep whifffffff. Stay strong.[View]
53070062How come an average spic can do this to a 9/10 but I can't even get one decent non-obese woman …[View]
53069563/gud/: anyone else here drunk, they are trying to get me to stop but ill drink whatever to get me fu…[View]
53069825>have currently gone 8 days without an orgasm due to me being at someone else's house (took …[View]
53069475Did you robots enjoy this?[View]
53062267You guys say you are incel but I seriously doubt you'd never give a black fembot a chance[View]
53047268Hpw do i quench my infernal lust towards Asian women?[View]
53069915hey robots. how the fuck do i get weed and who do i ask? also are there any places on the dark web t…[View]
53069463>have a mental breakdown when you realize the world is fucked >anime ends The fuck was that?…[View]
53069673Whats the gayest thing youve ever done with a friend, robots? >Paid my friend 15 dollars to jerk …[View]
53069194Does anyone have the image where it says I LOVE YOU and the letter V is a girl's fingers stretc…[View]
53069318Do you know a Guy who is more autist than you in real life? Describe the retard and How you are supe…[View]
53069817>day 3 of nofap >random erections that are hard to ignore why is my cock doing this to me. im …[View]
53069365>Oh 'sup roomie. Thought you had class tonight?[View]
53069734/v/ is being absolute cunts and google image reverse search isn't bringing up anything when i g…[View]
53069788Childhood is thinking Islam is backwards. Adulthood is realizing that Islam is necessary.[View]
53069786lol! this was the last generation before internet culture became mainstream https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
53069777>things ain't what they seem, my yellows are green >people are demons, demons are people …[View]
53069774Anyone else here not suicidal but homicidal? I fucking hate everyone and wish I could kill the entir…[View]
53069568>Wake up >Scabies I've got a city to burn…[View]
53068011Where did autism actually come from? Why does it exist? Did (((they))) somehow engineer it for some …[View]
53069711>tfw rich internal fantasy life[View]
53069366> hanging out with oneitis > she keeps making jokes about how I'm socially awkward and do…[View]
53069689feels: >want to make an rmxp game >spend hours staring blankly at a new project file while thi…[View]
53069667>Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being 'fake/wannabe 90s …[View]
53069457Should I try to talk to her tomorrow? I posted this before but basically I had a spergy conversation…[View]
53068528How many girls showed interest in you this year? How many did you show interest in? You do know that…[View]
53069228Fellas, it's 4am and the sun is coming up, should I got to sleep or just stay up at this point?[View]
53069294Minecraft: are any robots running a minecraft server I can join pls im proper bored[View]
53069225Reminder that others hating you is nowhere near as bad as others being indifferent towards you. The …[View]
53069370I wanna destroy her asshole bros[View]
53069484Anyone know how rare this is? Mine is in storage so can't take a pic of it[View]
53068156I've developed a pretty unhealthy and severe pleasure for pain over The years. Although i love …[View]
53069525i would like to apologize to femanons for being mean i love you please love me[View]
53067353Who here /intj/ master race?[View]
53068974>working a slow day at a movie theater >couple of friends come in >give them free tickets …[View]
53069505Have you taking the benis bill yet?[View]
53068717Is the anon who said he was seeing Toy Story 4 today here? Did you enjoy it ?[View]
53069275all femanons deserve to be punched to death by me[View]
53068420>Women are not evil Keep lying to yourselves[View]
53069425Why aren't you trying to get out of your comfort zone? This guy films him flirting with cashier…[View]
53069469Can you not access all boards from '4channel' anymore? I don't see it in the settings[View]
53068276what are strategies for dealing with coworkers it's 100% the reason that work sucks cock. I don…[View]
53068639I read for 30 mins to 1 hour every night before bed.[View]
53068795Is getting cucked better than never having a gf at all?[View]
53069187mom made the veggie soup too hot >now I have to wait for it to cool[View]
53069308Is it true that most woman are submissive freaks in the bed and will be mad if you don't take f…[View]
53068059I think I just spent 4 hours zoned out. At least judging from when my last thread was posted. Hard t…[View]
53069364how do I get over a girl I've loved for years. All she does is drive me crazy and makes me feel…[View]
53065938This is a moderator on incels.co[View]
53068197>tfw my only ever gf had vaginismus (condition where vagina is cant open wide enough to have sex)…[View]
53057886Femanons, would you enjoy having your feet played with while you masturbate? I want to massage, lick…[View]
53069315Well, that's it guys. I thought I made it. I was living large, had a bunch of friends, and I ev…[View]
53069314I wish to see the look on her White, Christian, Southern, descendant of slave owners face, as it ent…[View]
53069059Robot Rehabilitation: Let me teach you how to act around women so you, too, can get a gf and lose yo…[View]
53069093Why does society make fun of autists? Why are we treated like absolute shit and worthless by others …[View]
53068315>b me >freshman in high school >suffered concussion from rugby >week later >walking u…[View]
53068881I hate nice girls. They are nice to you because they don't want to hurt your feelings. If they…[View]
53067315what the hell is wrong with you femanons, does your pussy tingle when you get abused or something? w…[View]
53064570David Bowie: was he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyMm4rJemtI[View]
53068667Is the anon who posted earlier today about his obsessive celebrity crush around? He asked me a ques…[View]
53067643My MMO girlfriend told me she is 13 years old, I'm 28 years old. Should I continue being her e…[View]
53069158We got Sigs we got Glocks we got Dracos Aye Better tuck your chain cuz we take those I'm doing …[View]
53068891Whats 1 song that makes you happy?: https://youtu.be/H-F0Sl_b2Rs I use to watch Tobias Fate stream …[View]
53068450How do people even meet their partners? All I ever do is go to work and go home, I dont see where th…[View]
53068534Anon, you wake up as this. Wat do?[View]
53061278Are you happy to get fucked in the ass?[View]
53069107Vivi has the best milkers of ASMR![View]
53068897>roomate wont stop trying to socialize I did not choose to be here. I want to be alone. I have no…[View]
53067575Post your lyrics, I'll do my best to make a song around them. Everyone is welcome to give it a …[View]
53068270https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplot.php?virtual_network=ANSS >every sensor…[View]
53069041Hope I'm not too late for the party.[View]
53065528Why havent you moved into a van yet? Its like you like dont freedom[View]
53069068Moan for me on vocaroo; Male or female i don't care i just really want to hear someone moan.[View]
53068913>men who shitpost all day are boring[View]
53068597is dunkey /ourguy/???[View]
53068960I Did Good: >Be Me >Make Brownies >Go Into My Room >Mom asks me to wash dishes >under…[View]
53067949what does racism even mean anymore? i legit don't know what that word means when people call me…[View]
53065810>this 'thing' somehow has a gf What the fuck[View]
53068908okay you sad fucks, heres the simple way to get a gf, now stop complaining[View]
53068941Why are all these niggers shilling shit. Do they think it works? At least its not like on /b/ but by…[View]
53068937Femoids won't rush into gunfire to drag you to safety. Femoids won't jump into a bar fight…[View]
53068907>be me >introvert neet for most of my life. >neet living by myself for 6 years. > decid…[View]
53068933Who are you to chicken finger You must of been out of your head[View]
53068917Who here hates how they look?: >tfw everything went wrong[View]
53068837How old were you when you took the red pill? Did you develop a doomer or bloomer attitude as a resul…[View]
53065527Why are cocks so much more aesthetically pleasing than vaginas?[View]
53067071boredom: >sitting next to gf >we're both bored as hell >cant think of anything to do w…[View]
53065096Post your desktop as it is right now. No cheating.[View]
53068768what does my desktop tell about me?[View]
53067624Robots why is this a thing it's fucking insane. There are fucking women out there who use this …[View]
53068579Hey Robots, If you had to be with one girl out of these two, which would you choose? 1 or 2?And WHY?…[View]
53068855Everyone got a fresh diaper on? It's time for your diaper checks[View]
53068009is there anything worse than neets? the world would be a better place without them[View]
53067993why do girls act so.....weird?[View]
53065517>be 25 >play online multiplayer games >make friends on there by acting extremely autistic …[View]
53067526>get home from work >sit around until it's time to go to work again What a miserable exis…[View]
53067817>ywn have a good sex life[View]
53063827Did your parents actually teach you anthing of value?[View]
53067415The future society will be nothing but robots anons. Just look at this day, people are already consu…[View]
53068546Tfw no chicana dodgers gf[View]
53068194Hey stupid incels, cum watch my stream. Quit jerking off your pathetic cocks... come on retards http…[View]
53068690buckle up people, we're going on a lesbian massacre tonight[View]
53068560What is best to cuddle as your going to sleep? >inb4 real person >inb4 anime pillow I can deal…[View]
53068555How do I get a Japanese wife?[View]
53067784been erping with this person who I thought was a girl but it turns out its a guy and he has a bunch …[View]
53068348/AntiLGBT/: >Trannies are taking over r9k >Being lgbt is against god >Trannies women's…[View]
53068634>she's a coal burner You may as well kill yourself before you die[View]
53067064I've become more and more attracted to the concept of glory holes, It's one of my most aro…[View]
53068550for me, lt's (you)[View]
53068302Waifu General - /waifu/ #191: Holo's feet edition Previous: >>53050595[View]
53067524help: >be me, pretty good looking, but girls don't want to date me because of my personality…[View]
53050595Waifu General /waifu/ #190: Yuri edition! Last one: >>53033082[View]
53068524would r9k shove their fist elbow inside a fat unpassing tranny's anus?[View]
53068236I had a chance with this beautiful women and I blew it by being boring.[View]
53067855guys, why am i so fucked up?[View]
53068390How do I stop being a homosexual?[View]
53068464Why I can't fuckin change? I tried so many times but I always fell in the same shit and even mo…[View]
53066940The only good way to enjoy 4chan. Prove me wrong.[View]
53068457How to stop occupying time with being frustrated about things outside my control?[View]
53058061Just lost my virginity: Just had sex for the first time, so I guess I'm not a true robot anymor…[View]
53067190Do girls actually fuck their dogs[View]
53067882>mfw both of my bait threads have been a success and have been up all day and received very many …[View]
53063105fuck me german is hard: >be me >going to FH Aachen >need to pass my deutsch prufung >fml…[View]
53067060America belongs to white and black men.[View]
53068366>niggers are still trying to psyop 4chan[View]
53067782Oh thank god! Hey buddy, I'm stuck! Can you help me?[View]
53064776I do not understand...: I need to talk about this rollercoaster of emotions to someone, and I could …[View]
53068303virginity desu: >be me >just fucked a qt from china >was amazing and not expensive i have p…[View]
53068325>look up girl I crushed on in grade school >she's fat and gross now whew…[View]
53068319La Center, WA is a fucking shithole.[View]
53064043How much does weed actually smell outside? Now it's getting warm all my neighbours are leaving …[View]
53068238>finally got a bff for the first time >she left me wat do robots???…[View]
53065569I just had to explain to a 12-year-old that the toilets would still flush with the power out[View]
53068234I have so much unnecessary rage and anger. I look at people or hear them talk and I just react inter…[View]
53068183how to stop fapping and get on with life? ;_;[View]
53065302When was the last time we had an ideal chart thread?[View]
53064782I just want a pretty /pol/ bf, why can't I get one. I just want to be able to wake him up in th…[View]
53068036Wagies, are you utilizing your free time improve your financial situation? Surely you don't pla…[View]
53067593Monday Night Feels Thread: >completely checked out of my job(software developer) >had been ban…[View]
53067762>KNEEL WHITE BOI[View]
53068176/comfy/ thread. Let's take a break from life, relax w frens and remember the simpler nostalgic …[View]
53065898>28th birthday today >don't have any friends so never had 'birthday drinks' be…[View]
53067392I only feel things when im high. I'm not being emotional or poetic here. Without being on an up…[View]
53067142How do you guys cope with death? For atheists one minute you are there and then you are not. The dar…[View]
53068053Why are girls on OkCupid uglier than ones on Tinder?: The girls on Tinder tend to be the white basic…[View]
53068081Haha weirdos in the wild: >Be me >Going to walmart to buy ethernet cables >when walking ins…[View]
53065751What are you waiting for, goyjins? Knock up a roastie and get that loan or two. Hell, get three loan…[View]
53068071>talk to a girl from soc for two days >fall madly in love Why am I like this?…[View]
53068069I'm a useless human, dame ningen, like satou tatsuhiro. Aaaaaaah it's only been 8 hours si…[View]
53068023>sometimes being a decent person is all it takes to get a girlfriend Am I a piece of subhuman tr…[View]
53067519>be Korean >make a Tinder account >almost everyone girl I match with has something about kp…[View]
53066368tfw no femanon gf to give flowers to AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH[View]
53067991>roommate comes home from hanging out with his friends >he walks to my other roommate and lift…[View]
53064645ahem my name is nate higgers and I... pop pain killers wit grave diggers who rape gay strippers dont…[View]
53068004Hey stupid incels, cum watch my stream. Quit jerking off your pathetic cocks... losers. https://twit…[View]
53065356>she lets her boyfriend slap her in the face during sex Reminder to femanons who enjoy this: you…[View]
53063466what kind of haircut is /r9k/ rocking?[View]
53062507Lol girls dont like you[View]
53063609I just cashapped a cute Asian escort to support her in life Im not even a paypig AMA[View]
53066027What do robots think of this forever alone dude?[View]
53067220You could be with her rn sitting on a bench in the park at midnight not saying a word and letting th…[View]
53065086Any white femanons (must be cute) willing to become a sugar baby? >RAD[View]
53067903even if ugly women have bdd or whatever, what s the difference between how they perceive themselves …[View]
53067826167.114.157.92:25566 A minecraft server in the making, 1.12.2, no cracked accounts and there's …[View]
53067814Why do all the pretty women always chose to fuck criminals?[View]
53067047>Seen 20:04[View]
53067681I didnt get the dishwasher gig. Being autistic is suicide mode[View]
53066965>tfw you'll never have a hikki qt hapa gf This world is so unfair, maybe reincarnation will …[View]
53065273Infinity and Continuity: Is Infinity simply continuity? Surely continuity cannot exist without infin…[View]
53067858Which ending did /r9k/ choose? The new third ending doesn't count by the way.[View]
53067729How did it feel anon? Oregano original[View]
53059994Three will protect you, the rest will try to kill you. Well?[View]
53067805fuck... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ORsrbQa94M[View]
53067804Meme sharing: >We shall make a thread for sharing memes that we have made ourselves.…[View]
53067469>tfw I am becoming an alcohol Fuck bros how do I stop. I've gained some weight and feel like…[View]
53067227Regardless of your racial preference for women, can we all agree that white women are shit tier and …[View]
53066891Why does life suck so much?[View]
53067706>weaseled my way out of mom's birthday dinner by faking a stomach ache. >she wanted to g…[View]
53066351>another wet dream about public masturbation[View]
53067457Do you think we cry when we are born because we were dying in a previous life?[View]
53067354>tfw 21 >balding >KHV >too poor to go to uni >working a dead end wagecuck job for a y…[View]
53067062How to be friends with a girl and not want to date them. Also reworded as how to make friends with g…[View]
53066621How good are you at lying? Can you tell if I'm lying?[View]
53066332How do you cope with losing someone to death? I lost someone in my family last month. We don't …[View]
53065950how do you feel about chokers, /r9k/? based or not based?[View]
53066878pls no more drones and flyby's, USAF! ill give you my most prized d2 account ;_;[View]
53066329Certified Schizo: What's up robots Ask a schizo who is off his meds anything[View]
53067439Coping with irritation: How do most anons learn to unironically cope? I've become a lot more ir…[View]
53065653Gotta go for a bit. Can anyone hold my chocolate milk?[View]
53066644>homeschooled/NEET all my life >no social skills, literally shit myself when I need to even an…[View]
53066156What the fuck is pol No bullshit ive always avoided it bc politics are shit in the past 40 years, so…[View]
53067409Prankster runs for congress: /r9k/ is he /ourguy/? will he improve the lives of robots? https://sala…[View]
53067406Robots... I may be doing something right and I may be getting a girlfriend soon. There may really be…[View]
53067395REAL LIFE IS CRINGE: Things only have a chance of not being cringe when they're witnessed first…[View]
53066562How do I get myself fired in a way where it doesn't seem like it was my fault? I don't wan…[View]
53067343https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZeMyHNAFZY&t=189s lol, even black virgins are more violent and …[View]
53067031Serious question: Does /r9k/ get raided by discord servers as much as people say? Seems pretty paran…[View]
53056750I fucking love this guy. Any YouTube channels you can't get enough of?[View]
53064482What was a moment when you realized you were being brainwashed?[View]
53064723IMAGINE dating a girl who fucked 10 dudes before you and justifying it by saying 'people change!' an…[View]
53067221>imagine thinking the worst thing about the average 4chan user is that they're racist…[View]
53063072Applying for assistance/mental health thread: >currently waiting on hold to apply for NEETbux …[View]
53067196>multiple bell delphine threads constantly Is this a fucking psyop or are you faggots really that…[View]
53062384any actual hikikomoris here? what's it like?[View]
53066105How do Fembots feel about Ballbusting?: Just wondering how most fembots view hard femdom, specifical…[View]
53067083Do as many pushups as you can until failure right now and report back with how many you did Winner g…[View]
53060708I'm 4 inches and my GF knows I'm insecure about it This guy at a party last Saturday was b…[View]
53065881well another birthday another year older. every year i feel worse and worse on it, this year is just…[View]
53066301Why have I always been 'one of the guys' to all my guy friends. I've always hung out with the g…[View]
53067082https://junkee.com/belle-delphine-instagram-prank/210594 what are your opinions regarding this manne…[View]
53067058MBTI Personaliry thread?: Post em' https://www.16personalities.com[View]
53067014ITT: Cringey shit you did as a child 'meditate' in the hallway and wait for the Asian kid to come by…[View]
53066836Confess: It's time to confess.[View]
53066399What do I do when I can't stop hearing their screams? I only got 2 hours sleep last night. >…[View]
53066735>be sitting in room alone playing vidya >no worries about anything, focused on game >random…[View]
53066948>record scratch >freeze frame Don't you just hate when that happens? >laughtrack…[View]
53066838How do I stop saying 'um' so fucking much when I have to talk to people? It makes talking in person …[View]
53066903>he actually,really cant swim[View]
53066913Anyone wants Antoine's number I got it here if anyone wants it?[View]
53065789I want a nice loyal servant to make him do evil things for me. Where should i start searching?[View]
53066890How do I get over my hatred for normies?: I like /r9k/ because you guys can be nice and its nice kno…[View]
53066047So anons, I just turned 21 a few minutes ago. Still here like the last few 6 years. Still procrastin…[View]
53066815Anyone else here a borderline normie? >full-time real job >don't live at home >can do …[View]
53063545>female doctor asks you if you're sexually active[View]
53066426>parents signed me up for the LSAT next month >deliberately going to fail it because I don…[View]
53066658I wish I was that ball. I wouldn't even mind being kicked, if it meant a few seconds being squa…[View]
53066499Why haven't you taken the blue board pill yet? I basically only come here to shitpost are there…[View]
53065792Ear Sex Thread: Ear sex thread. Anyone here have any experience with ear sex? (Earlobe, earring, etc…[View]
53066579>he posts on 4chan with his computer than bumps his own post with his phone You're legit fuc…[View]
53064310Is it possible that the CIA conducts tests similar to Project MKUltra? I am a student in one of the …[View]
53066327Have any of you ever gotten a brojob? My first experience was when I was 11, I slept over at my frie…[View]
53066548You know, after all, this world is a nice place. This sky is all I really need as a prove. This sky …[View]
53066212How to approach cute women?[View]
53065098Turning 25 soon, this time it will be different right? No way i'll stay a khhv, r-right anon?[View]
53065563Literally made for throatfucking[View]
53065900Girls like diaper boys. This is a fact. If you buy and wear diapers, girls will like you.[View]
53065737You'd be a lot happier if you didn't wallow in this cesspool of despair every day[View]
53066390Whats it like losing your virginity to a virgin? Im kinda scared, what if shes too tight? what if we…[View]
53064549Why do you guys come to R9K?: Personally, I like the streams of consciousness from anons about uniqu…[View]
53065968I stood in the rain for hours today hoping it may cleanse both my soul of the sins I have committed …[View]
53066367Have you accepted Hamudi into your life yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R3APF3dWHk[View]
53066073>friendzone a tradvirgin that was obsessed me >shes sad but still wants to hang out >one ni…[View]
53066355When I do something productive I still feel sad. But it's not the dead sad like I am a parasite…[View]
53062226Does anybody have leaked videos of couples in their bedroom making out or talking or smth? i just wa…[View]
53066255Immigrant tales: How many of you robos are migrants ? Got any interesting stories, how the new home…[View]
53065970Mediocre or ugly people have no place on earth. Anything below 8/10 is downright undesirable and try…[View]
53065927how do i start rapping[View]
53065910is it possible for shrooms to fuck up your brain?[View]
53065194Can you explain this, /r9k/? How will this end?[View]
53066284I told my girlfriend that makeup is for whores and she started crying. Am I an asshole or redpilled?…[View]
53063444comfy cs spots: Season was max comfy[View]
53066165Why do girls always fall for the drug addicted no friends no life loser type guys when they know dee…[View]
53065151Your thoughts on reparations?[View]
53065357elo guys please be friendly i have autism : )[View]
53066158castration should be mandatory for cute feminine bois but only if a manly man has used your boipucci…[View]
53065781When did gym thots become a big thing and why aren't you working out so you can capitalize on t…[View]
53062880Are there any anti-semitic animes?[View]
53065990LMAO helicopter just flew over. also support dizzy[View]
53065117>tfw 22 year old cancer survivor KHV with not even friends >Only experience in life to bond w…[View]
53065652The four horsemen of the apocalypse: I wonder if there are more fitting memes to insert here, please…[View]
53061045How do I stop coming to this board? I've been coming here regularly for weeks and spending all …[View]
53065221my crush is dating an asian. how do i stop this? why is she being such a slut?[View]
53065763How do I purchase the services of an Asian escort[View]
53065887Fembraps, if you had to choose would you rather get fucked by a mongoloid or a dog?[View]
53065885Can we all agree once a woman has a child nothing fills her up unless its an infant sized dildo?[View]
53061733When were you happiest /b/?: Whats was happiness time of your life? you can pick be a single moment …[View]
53065809>Great miracles will come in your life >It will give you good luck and increase your personali…[View]
53065790>both femanons and stacies have gross bdsm and abuse fetishes is it possible to date innocent and…[View]
53064781hey boomers, is the world crazier now than in your time or has it always been this way?[View]
53065739Neet as of today, what do? I just graduated HS and have no job, am not going to college, and can not…[View]
53065541Oh my guys I'm dying! HELP. FBI call an amvulaance!!!!![View]
53064865Fembot Thread: Fembots how does it feel to know your dad has probably sexually fantasized about you …[View]
53063636Feel like gaming anyone ?: Lonely cyborg Just looking For someone to play some coop games with , pre…[View]
53064572>kiss hooker >she doesn't kiss back >she just stares at the ceiling and doesn't e…[View]
53065284Why do Women literally fucking suck ?[View]
53060553i will be moving to japan at 30 im 23 now im gonna live the dream[View]
53064098What documentaries woke you up?[View]
53064665Sausage: Today I was at the store, wanting to buy something I could barbeque. I grabbed a big, thick…[View]
53065279>When you make eye contact with the qt girl at work and she breaks it after a second downwards an…[View]
53064910>Anon. Sit down. No, now. When I texted you at 7:26 pm last Monday I told you that you had to fli…[View]
53064876>leaving country for vacation >get to airport >get to front of security >put my bag on t…[View]
53065315why cant beta retards just watch porn for free instead of paying for some low-tier nudes[View]
53065616I don't know what to do with my life and feel like everything is pointless How the fuck do norm…[View]
53065614>about to transfer funds off account and close card >randomly get defrauded for everything tha…[View]
53064685Post your daily routine: >wake up at 6 am, work to 5 pm >go to sleep for 2 or 3 hours >lurk…[View]
53061367How the FUCK do I get a high class Asian qt gf?[View]
53065476I was so sick a while ago and I puked to much and bad it felt like I was shitting from my mouth my s…[View]
53064356I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow anons[View]
53065535How do I fix my libido from antipsychotic meds? I was misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia and I couldnt …[View]
53065521Are Saggy Tits Acceptable?: Well, are they? Should there be a ban on them?[View]
53065259>fucking Amazon fucked up and now my package isn't coming till tomorrow Two day shipping my …[View]
53064298do femanons want chad only or not[View]
53065074Girl show interest but I'm an autist: Well I have this job on call in this banqueting agency an…[View]
53064563daily reminder that the hate from society and existential suffering is a small price to pay for bein…[View]
53065451Viking metal: What's the epic new metal song that sounds exactly like viking metal or something…[View]
53065001>Be nigdroid/whitoid hybrid >Walking to bus stop (summer school) >I'm heading towards …[View]
53064962chiruno chan daisuki desu yo ne[View]
53062879So you're too unattractive to get a gf, huh?[View]
53062910Why do arthoes look so tasty[View]
53064835>anons saw my tummy and called me a cute boy I blush all the time but i love it so much when they…[View]
53065342>that one girl who dated the autistic kid[View]
53064593>implying MFW cuckoldry, and not kekoldry Ledditors.[View]
53064146what's the most autistic images you robots can come up with?[View]
53063629I fucking hate rich 'people' and I can't wait until they start getting impaled on the streets.[View]
53063285I just bought a fucking back massager and its the best thing i fucking did The temporal loneliness t…[View]
53063667Whenever i feel full i get horny as fuck. I dont know why. Then i get these happy hot tingles all ov…[View]
53064625>Make a thread to judge whether I have too much belly fat >Multiple 30+ year old men are now f…[View]
53063931Femanons, has a boy ever looked into your butthole? How did it make you feel? Virgin femanons, are y…[View]
53064630Fairness: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro Who thought this would happen when you pr…[View]
53065238>Anon, why do you always leave your cache and history unerased after using the browser? I thought…[View]
53063865Why am I still fat while being '''severely underweight'' I'm not delusional, I can see the damn…[View]
53063943>this is on HBO primetime how do you feel about the fact that fucking trannies is going to be per…[View]
53065241>tfw no apocalypse gf also, anybody knows her name?[View]
53065085>be a rich third worlder >all women want to use me for money Dont know what to do bros…[View]
53064891i want someone to shoot me. i dont wanna live anymore but i an too tired to do it myself[View]
53064956La cucaracha, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar porque no tiene, porque le falta, las dos patitas de …[View]
53063235>look at porn folders >it's ALL farting, scat, fatties, and/or BBC…[View]
53064037>tfw cyborg >too weird for normies and too normie for robots >normies laugh at you and robo…[View]
53064024I can hear them talking, theyre going to take over my area just like they took over the center of th…[View]
53062189dnd alignment test: What kind of Alignment does /r9k/ have? http://easydamus.com/alignmenttest.html …[View]
53063600Why do normalfags get so mad at you for not contributing to society when you despise it?[View]
53064092>Apply for job >Manager sends email asking me to go for interview >Look her up on the compa…[View]
53065068Games you're looking forward to playing: What games are stopping you from ending it all lads?…[View]
53065031I don't get sick anymore?: >be me >school aged during 2000's >every fall and spri…[View]
53065094hey anon,would you like to know how to burn cd's with VLC? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU0y…[View]
53065060I watched a few tik tok videos, and now my youtube look likes this.[View]
53064904ontario neets: hello frens, any ontario neets want to make some money just by standing in line this …[View]
53065016Where or what were we before we were born? And is being dead the same as not having been born yet? I…[View]
53061732>illegally passes you on the right >revbombs you >smashes your side mirror >gives you th…[View]
53063171drinking alone is the best type of drinking and no one can prove me otherwise haaaahaaaa[View]
53063709A lot of modern movies have bad reviews because they're often compared to older movies with sim…[View]
53064490>tfw you realize that life isn't an anime or movie and that there isn't going to be a t…[View]
53064370>be me >be outside >khv >mosquito lands on me >mosquitoes suck blood, but only female…[View]
53064903What's the most pathetic thing you have ever done in your life? I think I touched the bottom of…[View]
53064166SUICIDE FUEL: >53044899 T-this was just a larp thread, r-right? Stuff like this doesn't happ…[View]
53064877Bad injuries thread: Bad injuries thread. I'll start >be me >4 >mom has a boyfriend a…[View]
53064874>billions of taxdollars gets spent to monitor 4chan[View]
53064821>play a multiplayer game >turns out you were playing against NPCs all along how do I get a ref…[View]
53063462ITT: Things that feel nostalgic even though theyre not from your childhood: Mine is this https://www…[View]
53064637Can I get over a girl whilst masturbating to her regularly , or should I stop to move on from her ?[View]
53061531How do I become straight? I'm so fucking tired of being mentally ill.[View]
53060311Anyone as bad/worse than me? >depression >anxiety >former NEET for 7 years >still don…[View]
53057073I see that varbies are pretty popular on this board. But has anyone actually tried feeding his gf, s…[View]
53064718I can only get hard for 3d animation[View]
53063942>Daddy, stop. It's not going to fit. >DADDY, STOP! IT'S NOT GOING TO FIT!!!…[View]
53060481'Robots on Discord are conspiring to turn gay and 'sissy' boys, many of which are underage…[View]
53064574hey robots i need your help my friend Wilbur the pig is gonna be slaughtered for bacon and i want to…[View]
53063790Why can't I stop eating. I hate gaining weight. I wanna lose weight but my coworkers take me ou…[View]
53064542>Make therapist appointment because I dropped out of high school 2 times by skipping almost all o…[View]
53061456why do you all have bad taste in music film and art?[View]
53064591Fiya bun all de Babylon wooman. Dem a pussy stink likka renkin meat.[View]
53064094Chad Wagie FortNite Developer causes NEET Opensource 'Shitpile' to Shutdown: ChaosEsque Anthology, a…[View]
53062135Do women care if they come or not?[View]
53061630Anons with multiple brothers: do you have a favorite?[View]
53063973Any Elliot Rodger style youtubers: Like people ranting into shitty mics or non professionalism. I re…[View]
53064266Help with finding a video/song?: Sup pol, I need help with finding a rap song. It was based on the '…[View]
53063904why don't you get an ourdoorsy midwestern gf who bullies you, /r9k/?[View]
53060102>he doesn't wash his hands with soap after he pees[View]
53063044I'm 28, male and only ever had 9 different sexual partners. Only one of them became my girlfrie…[View]
53059734Sexting: Long distance gf wants to sext me all the time but I suck at it. Can any other normalfags o…[View]
53063138What are some good porn games? I don't want to simply jack off to porn anymore, I need a fuckin…[View]
53064223I've come to the decision to get an escort after uni since what I just want about a girl is sex…[View]
53063555What would happen if women stop putting up with mens bullshit?[View]
53062777If Toy Story was just a metaphor for relationships , Does this mean the Prospector was just a blackp…[View]
53063823nothing in this life is enjoyable[View]
53063932how long does it take to reverse a pornfried brain? I've been fapping constantly since age 12[View]
53061968So i lost my job today. What to do when only bad things happen and nothing nice happens to you?[View]
53063743>be virgin >turning prison gay[View]
53060554You're planning on spending your paycheck feeding women under the falsified illusion that they …[View]
53063405I got hired, /r9k/![View]
53063903I just want someone to jerk off with online. Either a girl or a feminine guy, I just don't want…[View]
53063363So after what he did, is he /ourguy/?: He's a robot now, is he?[View]
53063682Rampate breeding shit: Why does every nigger on the street only care about fucking they have no purp…[View]
53063261Alright fembots. What would it take for you to let a robot fuck you? Money? To be taken out to a dat…[View]
53063299I'm not balding, right? Had this hairline since I was 17[View]
53063507write an outline for a black mirror cscript[View]
53061377I lost my virginity last week, and now I feel horrible. I'm 29 years old, and I finally did it.…[View]
53061293>tfw no genetically modified supersoldier with 60 artificial years of combat memory…[View]
53063664I want anon to forcefeed cum to me straight out of his cock I want to be put on my all fours and be …[View]
53062909How2nofap??: How do I nofap? I can make it a week and a half but after that I can't get sex off…[View]
53063403I want to dress up like a girl but I live with mommy and daddy[View]
53058784your story: hey robots, tonight i'm having some pretty rough nostalgia and i wanna hear your st…[View]
53063711/incel/: How I see all of you desu.[View]
53063478LOL can u imagine?[View]
53063766>prevents you from losing your virginity >prevents you from having friends >prevents you fr…[View]
53063542I think 4chan is detrimental to my mental health. How do I stop browsing it as someone that has been…[View]
53063626>wake up this morning at 8 >tell myself that today is the day I go outside and make a break fr…[View]
53063217It gets better before it gets worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYsPkWqyO_4[View]
53062077>femanons are sitting on their juicy butts at this very moment[View]
53062175My 'girl'friend on Discord is acting like she(?) is a male.How to find out her/his gender?[View]
53063400>your opinion on this masterpiece[View]
53060624anyone else here an incel because they have curly hair? i cant be the only one. until now I didnt kn…[View]
53063404I never had a chance: My life was ruined before it even began. When I was young it was identified I …[View]
53063012cleaning my house for the first time in months. halfway done and it feels so amazing lads, I feel en…[View]
53063062Sex and Circumcision: An American Love Story: Seen this yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163…[View]
53063448fucking wamen: >in school >watching some gay musical made by the musical club >the last pe…[View]
53063457I'm much smarter than anyone here but I'm incapable of exerting it? How do I learn to be a…[View]
53060547So uh, if you had permission to be sexual with your (cute) mom, would you go for it?[View]
53063288Why can't i find a girl like this? I just want her to obsess over me.[View]
53063449Internet historian: Anyone else seen this guys videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1D15p_vdP…[View]
53063439Japanese birthrates are in a deadly decline. White men have a duty to breed with as many Japanese wo…[View]
53062957>one chance at life >get stress diarrhea instead of stress constipation…[View]
53060106>*POMF=3* what are we gonna do on the bed,anon?[View]
53063098What happened to the Alice Hines Bumble thread?: Alice is currently with her family in Charleston, S…[View]
53063195how many of you anons suffer from paranoia?[View]
53063087Why are normies so rude and hostile? All I want to do is have fun and be good. But normies always r…[View]
53063323>tfw when you get mad at your fushigi bf[View]
53063286Why are you even here anon: Seriously, random boards are most useless way of wasting one's time…[View]
53063233how long would you last? no point in killing self because you will be released in a random time. cou…[View]
53063272What was the last dream you remember? >Not original.[View]
53062822Will I get a GF if I choke a girl?[View]
53061749Sometimes before I go to sleep I hold my pillow tightly and whisper 'I love you, boyfriend' and I ge…[View]
53059837>discord came back >check if my robot lover accepted my invitation >he did not i miss him b…[View]
53062850I think if anyone genuinely hugged me I would cry . Male or female, nigger or kike, id probably cry.[View]
53050024What is the most disgusting fetish you have?[View]
53060778Since devoting myself to pleasing more dominant men my life has become so much simpler and happier. …[View]
53062543>Anon, come here. >...What are all these 'Chadson' and 'cuckcest' posts about?…[View]
53060162Where exactly could I find myself a cute feminine boyfriend?[View]
53062609>women onIy want Cha-[View]
53063073>ywn go back 10 years and shred the shit out of a guitar with your buddy while playing off eachot…[View]
53062445Why don't people believe in asexuality?: I wouldn't consider myself a volcel as it's …[View]
53060233Can I get a bf as a chubby girl or is that out of question[View]
53061490>Let's get you changed and you can go right back to your video games, Anon >I'm so g…[View]
53058203Is he enlightened?[View]
53062020>birthday is coming >girlfriend's dad died on my birthday last year >family and friend…[View]
53063001Why do minimum wage jobs have the biggest sluts?[View]
53061345Just found out my crush of 4 years is actually a dude[View]
53061738Get a dog anons. It will force you to get some fresh air and exercise, and love you better than any …[View]
53062061Self suck: I just sucked my own dick and my very own balls. Now i can say faggot because im gay…[View]
53061615Hello government, it is I the incel. Fear me weaklings, for my katanas blade is quite sharp.[View]
53062899I got 1kg of poppy seeds. How many G.do I need to make opium tea?[View]
53060874We're gonna get raided in the coming days. Spread this around and prepare to defend our home.[View]
53061931Are there any cute dudes on grindr or is it all fat hairy aids ridden rapists?[View]
53060584How does it feel to be so disgusting, that you make other people sick just through the idea that you…[View]
53062409>think I look pretty good when I look in the mirror >look like a fag in every picture of me Fu…[View]
53062833Guys I took the final blackpill and attain enlightenment.[View]
53061087The harsh truth about being an adult: your emotional issues no longer matter now because you are an …[View]
53060426>Go into house >see this >'Anon please help us!' what do u do?…[View]
53062743how does this make you feel anon? xhamster.com/videos/pretty-girl-so-owned-and-so-rewarded-part-2-11…[View]
53062225what the fuck are you supposed to do if you're an ideas man? what if you have tons of creativit…[View]
53062755Anyone remember the guy who had a thread about his stepdad's incest fetish and he got his mom t…[View]
53062750any wobots want to snuggle and watch anime together? :3 gg/rBTrhKP[View]
53062285>bro you just need to get rejected by 100+ girls then you will gain confidence in knowing you…[View]
53062732Don't you wish there was more to life (as a loser)?[View]
53062623>hate blacks >hate women >love black women what did my brain mean by this…[View]
53059663How much time do you spend on this website?: I am trying to limit my usage to 30 minutes in the morn…[View]
53062583Dont you wish you were born a cute girl? You could be as weird as you are and nobody would care. You…[View]
53061502kathy i was surprised to see a few months before that you got into momus's stuff.[View]
53060564>tfw arrested a dumbass spanish kid and his retarded friends for weed and resting arrest lmao, i…[View]
53061579That feel when no unbearably cute 2003 gf who wears knee high Converse and listens to Good Charlotte…[View]
53062582The hygienepill: Remember to; eat right, be well groomed, take showers often, to dress properly, a…[View]
53058029Does the average typical liberal woman hate white men now?[View]
53062594I want to get leg locked by a femanon and pump my seed deep inside her fertile ovaries.[View]
53060813stop posting relationship threads no one gives a fuck about your normalfag problems[View]
53062528>'Ewwww anon you're on that r9k again? You know that's not gonna do you any good right?…[View]
53062515Getting unreasonably angry about how someone looks: Anyone here ever get unreasonably angry about th…[View]
53056938/britfeel/: NEETs enjoying yet another Monday morning wank while wagies slave away edition[View]
53062420>be me >parents divorced >be alone for the weekend because my dad has to go abroad somewher…[View]
53061987How do I become a Chad? I can't take this anymore.[View]
53061939Speculation on what happened to sniffjizzer? Or a concrete conclusion? Truly one of the saddest tale…[View]
53062089Just 21 more days.[View]
53060664why do guys creep on girls on instagram like this?[View]
53060883I was kicked from an Anime Club for having an opinion: Basically wondering other people's opini…[View]
53060096When was the last time you've gone for a walk ribits?[View]
53059307Why don't you just date a completely average/plain looking girl like pic related? I'm sure…[View]
53061378>Tfw 6.5 inches hard >Tfw don't have self-esteem issues related to my lil peep Feels good…[View]
53061840Are robots actually chads who didnt have opportunities in life? Im never satisfied,literally everyth…[View]
53062123everyone's being annoyingly sarcastic again I want to piss them off but I promised myself I wou…[View]
53055720Was voting for Trump the right decision? How has he made life any easier for us incels and genetical…[View]
53060115This is my first greentext and honestly I would have never thought it would be for this...: >Be m…[View]
53062069Street creeps: (20yo here) I was on the bus the other day and some 45+yo guy comes over and starts t…[View]
53058536im a tranny who actively baits straight men into relationships and makes them buy expensive shit for…[View]
53059568my name's nate higgers and I.....[View]
53061643Ive gone my whole life without any issues and arguments with people outside my family. I try my best…[View]
53060319What did she really mean by this? Do white women love dark skinned men this bad?[View]
53060538Female here (she): WOW I just discovered that if present myself in little bit comfortable clothes gu…[View]
53061949I wish I was a pretty albino person.[View]
53060606This is 62 year old woman.: This is the reason white and black women start literally seething and us…[View]
53059574stupid roastie almost kills herself with axe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRpUXHkWEqE too bad it…[View]
53062030at, tone.. how come tis plaze look like fwacken redditz deez days anyway? fucks my shit up tone. don…[View]
53061862If the God you worship condones torturing and murdering animals to satisfy your acquired taste for f…[View]
53059585Is it wrong to date outside of your race? I know dating asian women has been a widespread meme recen…[View]
53061970Let's play some noob Dota 2 Also Need someone to watch anime in German with me to learn the kr…[View]
53061812How would your life be different if you were wealthy? Not billionaire wealthy but say just a couple …[View]
53061546>take happy pills >peepee won't get hard anymore…[View]
53061390Dear shills spamming this board with powerful women bullshit, Have you ever considered spanking as a…[View]
53060499>The girl that I fell in love with is used to be a very innocent person. >Rejected shrugs abou…[View]
53058255Would you settle down with a girl no matter her past?[View]
53061829So /r9k/ what are YOU doing with your life, and how is it contributing to society? https://www.youtu…[View]
53059670Is a relationship doomed to fail if the woman has had sex with a partner with a larger penis in the …[View]
53059675How does it feel like to kiss a pretty girl who also wants to kiss you and doesn't do that just…[View]
53060789Hey /r9k/ Is ICP /ourband/ >music about spending all day in his room and wanting to fuck a ghost …[View]
53061031Am I a faggot?: >be me >absolute kiss less virgin >recently rejected by some grill >Frie…[View]
53058619Fembots, what would you do if the cute aryan trad rightwinger you kept chatting with turned out to b…[View]
53060816>And this is our son's room, don't mind him he's going through a phase haha…[View]
53061638mommy said no more: >be me >eat tendies for every meal >one day mommy say no more tendies a…[View]
53061564>haven't masturbated for like 3-4 days >wake up >came like an inferno >underwear is…[View]
53061565Why do normies need to verbalize everything? Do they use their voice to control their body or someth…[View]
53061445if you work in food delivery, you should kill yourself, just saying, i hate you all[View]
53061093I didn't need that red pill: Since I became reasonably buff I realized that women are fucking a…[View]
53061599I just found out a few months ago that my mom tampered with the birth control to keep my dad on lock…[View]
53061521would u be a black girls ass slave?[View]
53060177uhhh: at a friend's house with 2 of his other friends and sitting on his bed, chilling, i moved…[View]
53060168Hi. So I've been wondering are there any anons out there who actively choose to lead a life w/o…[View]
53061410>every dollar spent on a bunch of incels could have been used on creating genetically engineered …[View]
53060773/creativegeneral/: Show us what you have been working on, robots. Music, artwork, games, anything yo…[View]
53060374Fuck cutting yourself Fuck suicide Fuck mental issues It is good to consider shit heavily sometimes …[View]
53058889Why do white girls just love black guys so much?[View]
53061404>tfw you'll probably marry the first girl you meet[View]
53060800Path to Recovery: Anyone else want to quit 4chan? I managed to leave this website for 7 days (as wel…[View]
53057578personality type test: hey r9k niggas. let's do the personality type test. started a course an…[View]
53061294>be me >having a good day >remember i have aspergers…[View]
53060857Tinder is UberEats for Chad. Chad can order prime pussy for free now without leaving his room. How d…[View]
53060144Is it illegal not to pay a prostitute in an area where prostitution is illegal? I'm in America…[View]
53059846how does OP become a Chad?[View]
53061090>literally one week away from our old home and way of life >sister already fucked a guy in her…[View]
53061066I think I have been dumped by my crush: I fucking hate it bros, I'm pretty sure I've been …[View]
53060260What the hell is life like for a wageslave?[View]
53059678In a hour I will see if I passed my final class and graduate college. I need a 75, should I beg if I…[View]
53061049Female here Ask me anything[View]
53061039How do you feel about pink nips? Do shit nipped anons get jealous when they see them?[View]
53060661Why would anyone form a relationship when your chick can up & spontaneously leave you? It seems …[View]
53055261Bernie Sanders will propose canceling the *entire* $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, paid for by a…[View]
53060420Asuka is trash.[View]
53057021Would you settle for a girl if she had a room like this?[View]
53060786>tfw your boomer parents think you have autism and go to a shitty doctor and get my a diagnosis w…[View]
53060746Who's your movie actress waifu?[View]
53060376Discord is back. It's time to get to work.[View]
53058807Seasonal Jobs: Anyone know jobs where you can work nonstop for 6 months and then you have 6 months o…[View]
53060710>I don't believe in man, God nor Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself…[View]
53057491NEETS FUCK OFF: Any other anons work themselves to death? I work 40 hours a week and I can never sle…[View]
53060697cleaning my house for the first time in months. halfway done and it feels so amazing lads :') w…[View]
53060429Don't you wish your gf was hot like mine? >pic related Tomorrow is date night, I can't…[View]
53057826Who is the cutest anime girl?[View]
53059394This was a 10/10 in Britain in the 60s. Today this guy would be lucky to be considered a 3/10. What …[View]
53060477Heyyy... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Um, yeah, Im 28, ...is there a problem w…[View]
53060622help: im a khhv at age 22, how do I obtain a cute /cgl/ gf? it seems to be the only chance at this p…[View]
53060631I used to be a khv but recently a girl I knew confessed herself for me and we started dating. I thin…[View]
53059754>tfw life, anime, movie and video game burnout[View]
53060579Reddit Anon down votes your post yet doesn't give you an argument. Fucking fags.[View]
53059878>he prefers staying in on a Friday night rather than going out Yikes[View]
53060048>be me, on an incel board >set a cute animu girl as my profile picture >get praised by the …[View]
53060526Still cant beleive sam burnt down the notre dam.[View]
53059706Can anyone give me a quick rundown of post-2014 r9k? This place looks messed up, even more than befo…[View]
53060116A Parting Appreciation: Hey robots. This is probably going to be my last day on the chaotic blue peb…[View]
53059446>There are people out there who've never even considered taking their own lives. In all hone…[View]
53058572discord is DOWN: >discord is down globally >at least one discord fag has probably killed himse…[View]
53059657What stops you from committing an hero?[View]
53059721Incels should be forced to transition. After a set amount of time they are to be evaluated by an exp…[View]
53059129>family i was close to has gone down the shitter >oldest hates his mom and is apparently angry…[View]
53060464/r9k/ is boring and gay[View]
53060323coping with life as a 5'10 manlet: how is it possible bros??? how do i even have a chance if im…[View]
53060469anyone else here have zero empathy for promiscuous 'people'? I could literally slice their eyes open…[View]
53060430How do I smile?: Welp, it's happening. Since many, and I mean MANY people are going to be dragg…[View]
53059477Traps: I want to get fucked in the ass by a cute trap with a huge dick desu.[View]
53059912Fembots, havw ypu ever had a threesome or more?[View]
53060427Why does this bitch micromanage me so hard at my new job? It means she hates me right?[View]
53059472https://streamable.com/rarng What do you think about this video? Pic unrelated.[View]
53058479Megumin monday hmmm Post one nice thing about Megu. I like how she had to do bad things for benefit…[View]
53058343shitcords down, fuck ill just smash this vodka[View]
53060395does anyone have links to an old general/adventure thread that was frequent on r9k? the premise is t…[View]
53060329MGTOW is acceptance: MGTOW is the acceptance phase of inceldom thus making it one of the greatest re…[View]
53060370why is my delivery so fucking slow im literally starving to death here slow delivery drivers should …[View]
53059765I've discovered a feeling I didn't know I had. I am actually starting to feel like a piece…[View]
53059639Why do white women suck? I have been going on dates via Tinder recently, and I have noticed somethin…[View]
53057507How do we make normies understand our pain?[View]
53059598Being bullied.: Who here knows this feel well?[View]
53059905>26 YO >NEET >Depressed (+ other 'friends') >Shut-in I am planning on going out this wed…[View]
53060303depressive suicidal black metal is the ultimate robot music genre. post albums https://www.youtube.c…[View]
53060290What vidya games do you anons play? I need something to do.[View]
53059775so like I said yesterday I hooked up with a random guy from the internet to suck his dick and I ende…[View]
53059083why don't you like dyed haired girls, /r9k/?[View]
530595144chan is a... pile of shit. I started using this dumpster fire just three years ago and at first I …[View]
53060263>sweaty hand prints on the cubicle wall in work who the fuck is having a vigorous wank at work?…[View]
53060202A war tax on non-military households to help fund veteran healthcare[View]
53059578What happened to this board? It used to be a place right-wing conservative incel robots came to voic…[View]
53057890Work is literally the worst thing I've ever experienced. Not because it's hard, not becaus…[View]
53055509guys how do I get back to normal? should I just embrace it while still cute or should I quit while a…[View]
53059729if the girls from another board came here and started making fun of femanons would you defend the po…[View]
53054869>anon, ALL people are obsessed with fucking and breeding. if you're not, you're broken!…[View]
53060154How come white nationalists love Biggie? Even on /pol/ they always quote his lyrics and say he'…[View]
53060169100x100: http://photomichaelwolf.com/life-in-cities/100x100-2/ Is this the life you want when you…[View]
53059876>either do nothing all day being NEET or become wageslave and work yourself to death Who thought …[View]
53059491losing your virginity (non payed) is awesome robots. its not about the feeling or the connecting wit…[View]
53060058>walking up the stairs behind a girl >start laughing maniacally >MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEH…[View]
53059415Goddamn family shit: Sorry guys, I just want to vent and get your opinion on this. So, both of my pa…[View]
53060021>happiest time of the day is that fleeting moment after waking up when I don't know who or w…[View]
53059319Everyone, say hello to my girlfriend, aqua[View]
53056994why do fictional girls so warm and cool: yet irl girls are cold and shallow >t. no historia gf…[View]
53060013Which one of them will get her pregnant?[View]
53059277School shooting with a flamethrower: Some guy did it back in 1964. He even earned a cool nickname: '…[View]
53059938How do I properly distance my self from watching too much Anime.[View]
53059908God i hate my family so fucking much oregano[View]
53059999any robots with profound disabilities? how do u continue in life? i would be suicidal... i am a weak…[View]
53059882/r9gay/ - #779: RPDR edition Last thread >>53036832[View]
53058849>ywn get a tsundere gf >yw forever be alone Why live baka desu…[View]
53059979>outside home, piss emergency where do you go for the release[View]
53059630Everything I followed up on and tried to make work ended up failing, whether the goal was realistic …[View]
53059166it's over bros: How long before an F-16 or drone strikes our homes?[View]
53059951>be me >slightly tired of reddit fags taking my posts >don't even have an account so i…[View]
53059466General /aus/ related feels and posters, international frens welcome if you're polite[View]
53059834How the hell do people not die more often from traffic accidents? I tried learning how to drive a fe…[View]
53059895>/pol/cels think your shitpost is part of an organized jewish psyop Is this counter trolling or …[View]
53059669what should I do with my arms when I'm standing idle to not look like a virgin?[View]
53059920>meet a cute guy >find out he respects women…[View]
53059204Aint gay people just incels who moved on to boys? Think about it - if incels wanted sex the gaybois …[View]
53057980*blocks your path* >''ey whiteboi, you think you man enough fo' bot' o' us?' …[View]
53057545I think I'm legitimately retarded or have aspergers or something similar how do I get myself e…[View]
53059808i sure do love feeling almost dead when waking up haha like just dont get up from bed or you will fe…[View]
53059494defend the 'white race' my ass! to all of you kike loving right wing retards why should I 'defend' w…[View]
53059503post your movie ideas: imagine zoomer son fighting his now boomer dad, for the right of mating with …[View]
53058659Hey incel buy my premium snapchat[View]
53059717>discord goes down >sudden uptick in tranny threads and normalscum thinking they belong here t…[View]
53058002>army bf is getting sent to Iraq >now I can cheat on him at our house…[View]
53057581Women have it so much easier in life, everyone on 4chan is aware of this, but why does no one talk I…[View]
53059434This kills the roastie: Thus kills the roastie, Try and argue against this, I fucking dare ya.…[View]
53058938>Be femanon with two brothers >Love the Chad brother more Any femanons know this feel?…[View]
53058668Bella Thorne: >PUBLICALLY RAPED >RAPED how can sluts get away with using this word so careless…[View]
53059677this is a life I could really excel at[View]
53059371can southeast asians be robots?[View]
53059656When I was 6 or so I used to stare at the sun for as long as I could, now I'm shortsighted AMA…[View]
53057940Almost every '''femobot''' here: is a tranny in disguise. The rest are BPD roasties who look for att…[View]
53059647Would you be a step dad to children of a dead spouse?[View]
53058360I already look pretty manly but damn, I look like a fucking Chad in this picture. I hope this doesn…[View]
53059543>narcissistic old coworker expects me to be subservient to him no matter what…[View]
53059463who here got they life planned? >wageslave and save like mad till im ~30 >move to a cheap litt…[View]
53051942Why do you want a girIfriend so badly?[View]
53057708explain me the thought process of normies anons why do they so desperately seek for companionship so…[View]
53058973So I just had this conversation >'Becky, I think we should try some more kinky stuff' >'I…[View]
53057663Yall forget about nyannyangirl but she is not a sellout like other egirls and not a thot. Shes very …[View]
53058935How am I supposed to live with no friends? Society doesn't have an answer. Being single is norm…[View]
53059375>emotional needs what[View]
53041521Virgin thread: State your age and why you're a virgin. I'll start. >26 >Never had …[View]
53056061>'I cant get a girlfriend' >only go's after 7/10's and above…[View]
53043962/creative thread/: Lets have another creative thread.Post your music,paintings,drawings or anything …[View]
53036832/r9gay/ - #778: Stag edition. Last thread: >>53016567[View]
53056672>shaving my nuts >slip damn you trannies I guess you finally got me…[View]
53053030Did you know that...: There are fembots browsing this board right now who... >have untained vagin…[View]
53059344>That'll be $599 plus tax what's the correct move here?[View]
53059145Jill or Chris?: Chris or JilI?[View]
53056914Lesbian brainwashing: Why are so many teen girls lesbians today? Back in the day teens chased guys a…[View]
53057408I couldn't sleep all night. Horrible insomnia. Who else?[View]
53058065cute asian girls are cute, CUTE![View]
53057666>be me >INFP >take one small dose of mdma for the first time >ruin my relationship by go…[View]
53057858Do any of you guys ever go throughout the day and occasionally medicate on incredibly violent though…[View]
53059165This was my shitty night of random Insomnia. Woke up after 3 hours of sleep. Was up for 5 hours stru…[View]
53058583Anime is bad: Why is anime so bad and why are the people that watch it autistic virgins?[View]
53059019What's so good about going on holiday? Normies treat it like it's the most important thing…[View]
53058386The great debate. Choose wisely.[View]
53058712You see the woman you love in a few days...: ...and it might be the last time you see her since she …[View]
53049861>'Daddy Chaddy won't change my stinky diaper Anon! But you don't mind, do you?'…[View]
53058707Just fucked this rich whore bitch and she already wants to go again. I fucked her in the fruit aisle…[View]
53059031ohayou kathy i stayed up all night again. scared of sleeping[View]
53058798>tfw fell in love again to a girl staring at me Why I'm so weak bros…[View]
53058906>Cmon anon, I know about this really cool show going on tonight >Yeah dude, The Angry Shits ar…[View]
53058999i wanna tell the truth i really do i get so scared when i try to talk to you cause you know me when …[View]
53058971gf standards >be an actual girl[View]
53058509Attention all trans girls! I am accepting gf applications. If you like pokemon, final fantasy, Nint…[View]
53058970Drugs are overrated. You're paying big bucks just for an emotion.[View]
53058946Does the fact that there is no god make you happy or sad, or some other feeling? I find it kind of h…[View]
53058286Gore with women: Is there any good gore website that mainly features women getting beaten and having…[View]
53058606i want discord back because it was the only place where i could chat with friends[View]
53058603>Internet works >Discord down Anyone else unable to use Discord?…[View]
53058808>tfw just realized the universe is a literal torture chamber[View]
53058337i wish we could have met again under different circumstances[View]
53058095>no fags >no roasties >no trannies >neets preferred join this new, sizeable server for m…[View]
53054817I honestly don't see how you can remain a virgin past the age of 20[View]
53058862Daily reminders: never have a sense of loyalty to hoes who feel entitled to anything you got. If hoe…[View]
53056114How come in every dick size thread on 4chan the average is always around 6.5''? Is it real…[View]
53058370>friend sends me something really naughty >save the pic and delete the message so my boyfriend…[View]
53058773are there any apartments you can rent in Akihabara?[View]
53058766i can type fast (objectively) but my fucking muscle memory is ruining everything and makes me type a…[View]
53056851Who else is not gay but loves futa cock?[View]
53057904>emotional bf throws a fit >AGAIN I love him so much, but why can't he be more relaxed? I…[View]
53054797Have you ever experienced something paranormal/supernatural, robots?[View]
53056869is it degenerate for me to want to be spied on while I masturbate naked?[View]
53055619did anybody else's parents not teach them how to do anything ? I'm 18 now, and i feel usel…[View]
53056327I wish I had a bf to go to the fair with... think of all the yummy foods we could devour all day lon…[View]
53058083>2019 >Twenty-Nineteen >Two Thousand and Nineteen Nice dude…[View]
53057516Will long hair be the fad in the 2020s?[View]
53055850Anybody 30 and still living with mommy? How do you cope? t. 29 and going to turn 30[View]
53058563What's up with normals and typing like total retards? What the fuck does this even mean? Do the…[View]
53057526What does it mean when a girl is comfortable to fart in your presence? Does it mean That shes not at…[View]
53058304whats it called when you love each other and act as if you're in a relationship, but you'r…[View]
53058162mom compares me to chad: she does it everyday now pure ragefuel[View]
53058047what even is this board anymore normalfag zoomers with made up problems[View]
53053608Would you settle for a socially awkward girl?[View]
53057137What is this abomination? Should I watch it?[View]
53057424>72.5% of the people who died trying to take a selfie between 2010 and 2018 were men >but men …[View]
53057303Not being capable of accepting other people for who they are is the ultimate character flaw.[View]
53057039How is your confidence doing today bro? If you don't love yourself, nobody will.[View]
53058173What's the most alpha move you've done lately?[View]
53058378'Soboli mafiano teche depeke mafu mano genge genge BENGELE. BOneke tutamapi samukapo varilii mupakak…[View]
53057210Goodbye. Some things are just too overwhelming. Some places are just not meant for some people. They…[View]
53057632>there are people who actually meet other people on /r9k/ or 4chan in general, and even fuck one …[View]
53057086What would be something nice to do for a 12 year old girl for her birthday?[View]
53056802Extreme weather: I'm honestly worried about the climate. Here in Finland we've had nothing…[View]
53057640Reminder that goyim are not allowed to be NEETs, because goyim exist to serve the Jews.[View]
53056160What is this experience like?[View]
53055690>You will never spend the summer in a rural japanese town and make a close-knit wholesome friends…[View]
53057126Imagine being the most powerful being in the universe and creating humans who do not believe in you![View]
53058228GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Luke LK 1:57-66, 80 When the time arrived for Elizab…[View]
53058118I can't even go to a job interview. Going outside gives me a panic attack, i have difficulties …[View]
53056633I think this girl on discord is interested in me It's nice to feel wanted anons, I miss this fe…[View]
53057471>go out to the yakitori restaurant alone >get some chicken skewers >pay, come home, drink a…[View]
53058209>some people on this board doesn't spend hours in the forest It trips me out to think about.…[View]
53056501Relationships are overrated. Just go to a legal brothel and get your duck sucked. My whore now-ex ch…[View]
53056714Just borrowed this game is it good? Don't be scared white boy[View]
53057944Often i will look at pictures of smiling girls faces on my laptop while in bed and pretend she'…[View]
53058113ITT we make inappropriate comments about my pic related relative who died over 4 years ago when she …[View]
53049533Guy here. Why didn't anyone tell me dating would be impossible when I'm in my thirties? I…[View]
53057490My discord e-girlfriend I think broke up with me, even if she had a dick I wouldn't mind... I…[View]
53057487I want to choke on anons cock I want anon to take his frustration and stress on me I want to be anon…[View]
53054273Idealizing relationships: >He thinks 'if only I could get the girl' >He believes it all comes …[View]
53058028i'm not sure if porn addiction turned me bi or i already was bi; desu im not even sure i am. i …[View]
53057785why arent i funny anymore? why do i feel alien again? why arent i good enough?[View]
53056286>she posts here say something nice about her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvMWdnYYatU…[View]
53056854I'm obsessed with her so much, I'm like ricardo lopez was with bjork. I want to fucking ki…[View]
53057928why do blackbots love hayley williams so much?[View]
53057106Please be kind to roasties. We mean no harm[View]
53056548Who here took /datura/? Would you recommend it? Did you learn something from it?[View]
53057943wtf: anons don't use the word maybe >people usually take it as a yes and decide for you >…[View]
53052759I'm going to plays devils advocate: Why do youtubers feel entitled to YouTube's money. By …[View]
53056679The more I know about human nature, the more digusted I am at it, and the more I hate being a human …[View]
53057754Women are inferior creatures that deserve nothing but death.[View]
53057807I used to fuck this spic slut from work I miss her pussy quite a lot. She had too many red flags to …[View]
53055370So how do you guys in cities live? My father has chosen to move to the city since my mother died and…[View]
53056881Reddit 2.0: I hope all of you die. Have a terrible day.[View]
53054741I think i fugged my pussy up: I was so damn horny and i decided to use this stupid wooden thing as a…[View]
53057462Who is responsible for the surge in cuckoldry and open relationships and marriages? Is it the man wh…[View]
53057390>Finding out girls start wearing thongs and g-strings when theyre 12.[View]
53057082>Be me >Drink a lot of alcohol >None of my friends or family really care about my neccesity…[View]
53056405>tfw when no cute 2d gf to go on crazy illegal adventures with. why can't 2d gfs be taken s…[View]
53057218>that feel when you cheat on your boyfriend and try to hook up with boys behind his back but then…[View]
53055708Have you ever just sat there and thought about what terrible person you are. maybe thats why people …[View]
53056784If the window to get pregnant each month is so small how the fuck are so many women getting pregnant…[View]
53057587this bring back too much good memories R.I.P sweet prince[View]
53057435What's some good robot tier anime? Tired of cliche af ones with Chad/future chad in training MC…[View]
53057356>Putting on shoes and socks.mp4 >nearly a thousand views >93% thumbs up >channel full of…[View]
53056179imagine being as ugly as him[View]
53057508Please make me wear cat ears and a maid outfit and make me do household chores[View]
53057467drug feel: Currently taking xans right now >what's your guys poison for tonight?…[View]
53057183God, I want a futa cock down my throat so hard you have no idea.[View]
53056320I love my ex gf...a lot: I still love my ex, we broke up forevever ago but we'd hook up once in…[View]
53057063What the hell is wrong with me. I have only slept 3 hours so far. Been awake since 2am and gotta be …[View]
53057433Do you care about what happens to your body when you die? If not, would you theoretically be so apat…[View]
53057157>get cute girlfriend at 26 >start having sex on the regular >life still feels empty >dum…[View]
53055023At what point did you know it wasnt going to get better. At what point was there no return When did …[View]
53057404>Finally make friends (online ones but it's the best I can do) after two years of struggling…[View]
53055397Will this ever get me a girl?[View]
5305693330 and no children: >tfw 30 and no children Doesn't that make you feel as a creep? For God…[View]
53057248Incels and Robots: I don't pay much attention but when did we ourselves and others start callin…[View]
53057090Help!: I'm having another 'insomnia leading to staying awake literally all night leading to fap…[View]
53051209What's your ideal body type?[View]
53055524>tfw finding out that most people lose virginity at around 13-14[View]
53057324>it's fucking monday AGAIN >another week of pain Wageslavebots, share your misery…[View]
53057060>he thinks getting a gf will end his depression and fix his life[View]
53055275>just bee confident bro >try to be confident >get shot down…[View]
53056765HALF of all humans are female? That can't be right, can it?[View]
53055876I have the shittest genetic here My hairs stay like that even if thy are 5 cm long Fuck[View]
53057265>tfw you cant get up (ever) due to no libido and this will remain so for the rest of my life >…[View]
53056384I can't even feel a shred of affection for girls anymore. I don't think i ever saw them as…[View]
53055426>try no poo >hair looks like a dead cat[View]
53057128If they were expelled from countless countries how did they manage to find their way back into all t…[View]
53056309>getting a gf won't help you through depression, start getting your shit together…[View]
53054322You don't actually have depression: Depression is a meme for 90% of people who claim they have …[View]
53055551That kid thread? >That kid who quoted despicable me in almost every sentence.…[View]
53056715>We are all going to die and this is the best thing society has to offer this generation He looks…[View]
53057081Is it weird/creepy to go to the recognition ceremony with diplomas handover with casual clothes? I …[View]
53054472I need to learn how to fight, there are lots of tall dudes willing to whoop manlet ass and impress r…[View]
53056693HeLp AnOns: >be me >chad face manlet >meet a girl on vidya >she really likes me >we …[View]
53056848Its my birthday anons, what are yall listening too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psu9D1Qgt_I[View]
53056738Sons: How many sons does /r9k/ have yet?[View]
53056777A good dicking would shut this board up.[View]
53056969Asmr thread: Asmr thread: let this one not die in 5 replies edition Why do my Asmr threads always fa…[View]
53055133>mfw have a comfy government job spreading pro-US coalition content on pol This is the epitome of…[View]
53057007>turn down girl from class >she threatens to kill herself >threatens to stab my ex >star…[View]
53056540Wouldn't it make more sense for incels to become girlfriends to please chads then to hopelessly…[View]
53048109/britfeel/: Another week of backbreaking toil lies ahead edition[View]
53056901>wannabe filmmaker >been on a massive Heroic Bloodshed/Gun-Fu kick as of late >really want …[View]
53055918Nobody can really know what happens after you die: People have their beliefs, experiences, arguments…[View]
53055797What's the most taxing thing in your life right now?: I hate my best friend. He's been a s…[View]
53054449>dick is 4 inches long erect >phimosis >fordyces spots just fucking end my fucking life alr…[View]
53056646Who here just trying to lead the comfiest life possible?[View]
53056807ALLLLMOST TIME TO WAKE UP YOU WAGIE KEKS! Hope nobody goes postal and shoots you on your way to work…[View]
53056790https://youtu.be/XaKr98ktoxU Why can't i be happy?[View]
53056089>no trannies >no roasties >no gays >neets preferred join this new, sizeable server for m…[View]
53056492emoji hate thread: anyone hates the smile emote? people use it to trigger you its like only psycho/s…[View]
53056799I can't find this guys name anywhere and I want to look in to this deeper Help me out[View]
53056749too far gone to go back to reality: I care, but i really dont. I only pretend to. Im gonna drink my…[View]
53056104Why don't you wear colored contacts anon? Mine have elevated me by at least 1 and a half points…[View]
53056756I think I finally lost my mind, I don't feel like I did but lately I can't even comprehend…[View]
53056490I don't want a girlfriend, I want a paizuri bitch[View]
53056673What is the actual point of getting married?[View]
53056703Is there a ManyVids equivalent of yiff.party?[View]
53054740Dream suicide: How do you fantasize of killing yourself?[View]
53056385>tfw really great job netting about 90k a year after taxes >just bought new car >been trave…[View]
53056043I will never understand breeders. My life had been shit, but comparatively privileged. Even so, the …[View]
53056444Community college: I've been saving money to go to a community college/trade school, and I…[View]
53056662I just want to be happy. Why can't I be happy? Everything I attempt, I'm still miserable. …[View]
53055162goodnight kathy i feel really bad right now[View]
53053595My future wife better not be fat.[View]
53055699I have seen about 7 sex workers in the past 2 years ever since I got racepilled. They were all white…[View]
53053538How to put yourself out there?: I am 24 and a virgin. I consider myself good looking. The problem i…[View]
53056026The thought of taking HRT and forfeiting my masculinity gets me so fucking hard bros...[View]
53055964I just took LSD: I think I'm having a bad trip, what do I do? I am FREAKING OUT! This shit is g…[View]
53055351say something mean about women[View]
53056487The sooner you realize that the west is a generation of people fed the idea that they are all specia…[View]
53055980Has somebody ever broken your heart before? The kind of heartbreak where you feel like your life end…[View]
53055947Something happened and I don't want to try anymore. I'm pushing through the days now and i…[View]
53056141>night 3 of nofap >looking at adult mods for Fallout…[View]
53055048i just want a robot to hang out with when i get home. it's always so boring and quiet. i wish i…[View]
53056312>tfw no sea rover bf[View]
53056031Is this autism?: Whenever I am talking to another human it makes me super hyped up and often I will …[View]
53056204>NEET >get job >after ~4 months start drinking and smoking lots of weed to cope with the st…[View]
53056364Back against the wall and odds With the strength of a will and a cause Your pursuits are called outs…[View]
53053014I just want to be Chad for a year. Just one God damn year[View]
53055122How would you react if one day you randomly bumped into your oneitis, chatted a bit, and then she sa…[View]
53056130>manlet >unusual face >grew up without a father >loves wearing fedoras Just become a…[View]
53048771Why haven't you gone to Thailand yet?: >$15/night hotel rooms >30$ to fuck freelance qts …[View]
53054407This woman has been posted on this board for literally years with no explanation. Is it just the sam…[View]
53055770>tfw my mom is worried Im going to suicide >tfw shes right >tfw I never called her back I…[View]
53056076So can I buy you a drink? Cup O Tea?[View]
53056166Does it hurt when you turn into a wizard? It feels like there is no way around for me to becoming a …[View]
53056212Anon is robot: >be me >evil AI designed by techfag looking for world domination >come acro…[View]
53056158>tfw no cute stoic druid gf[View]
53056173>oneitis found the friendfiction[View]
53055951Why is this world so fucking gay? Let's just stop. Stop everything. Hit the reset button. Start…[View]
53055590Fembots, why are you a robot? Now is your chance to explain to us why not all women have it that eas…[View]
53054981cigarette general: >lighting my 12th cigarette of the night[View]
53053757Survey of Neets who are on Neetbux: Hi guys, if you are a neet with neetbux of sorts can you help me…[View]
53055793>dog pooped on my bed >mom takes out top most bedsheet >doesn't tell me >i go sleep…[View]
53056095ITT : Pure Honesty: I don't actually want to have sex, virginity is the only mildly interesting…[View]
53055698How do I keep a girlfriend and not lose her because of my insecurities?[View]
53054269Bernie going to payback all student debt if elected. Now us wagies are paying back all these art ma…[View]
53054629I'm planning to lose my virginity to an escort. Anything I should know beforehand? Prostitution…[View]
53054531Neet thread: how has disability been going for you robots?[View]
53049319post your REAL dick measurements don't inflate them theres no one to impress here bone pressed …[View]
53055908Anyone miss the 2000's before '08? think about it >All of the same modern amenities of …[View]
53054050> be me > building a pc > the best I could afford > sold laptop and 360 > have no way…[View]
53055952Just woke up feeling lobotimized: After sleeping for just one hour I woke up in a headspace I'v…[View]
53053041>man gets dicked chopped off >wife still loved him https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…[View]
53054640Is there any music that'll make me feel like im loved by someone? Theres too much depressive br…[View]
53055670Why are whites and Asians so focused and dedicated to working and serving (((them)))? You put all yo…[View]
53055535>The world's just fine the way it is. You incels are the problem not us.…[View]
53055949does anyone find this pic as funny as I do??[View]
53055783Tonight I'm going to a swingers club with my girlfriend for the first time. Ask me anything.[View]
53055714We did it: 20who_gives_a_fuck Say something offensive Redit: get banned by mods with single ply toil…[View]
53053960Longterm gf: Broken up with Mental health: A rollercoaster Body: Skinny and undesirable Talents I…[View]
53054732Redditor here. Came from r/greentext. Ask me anything.[View]
53053547>alright so let me get this straight anon: you want me to break into my high school, steal a band…[View]
53054887>tfw has a dream that I fucked a trap >even jerked (her) off until (she) came and sucked it …[View]
53055733>watching anime is changing my life for the better The traditional japanese culture shown in most…[View]
53055803>be me >be on 4chan mobile at 2am >make some shitty, sleep deprived post >brain accumula…[View]
53055622Life was made for the white man, particularly the good looking, tall, rich white man Literally every…[View]
53055563Kawaii: How to be kawaii on your everyday life, as a 22 year old man? Clothes, stuff to say, behavio…[View]
53054850>mom ate all my doritos[View]
53054854Any dominant traps on this board? Whats it like? Is your dick bigger than your submissive partner?[View]
53048758There's a lot of talk about incest on this board but who's actually in a relationship with…[View]
53052345Name your favorite ethnicity of women besides white mines black[View]
53055190>be me >no lotion so i used shampoo >everythings fine until i finish up >dick starts fuc…[View]
53055739I'm so fucking lonely, Robros.[View]
53052522What's the most cursed image in your possession?[View]
53054996Is the robot capable of producing a Hero?[View]
53052269ITT: Soul-crushing feels. >a cute girl will never look at you like this…[View]
53055361Nobody: Literally nobody: No one ever: Jews: They turned my grandfather into a lampshade[View]
53055566>mom dies after having cancer for too long >dad decides to pack up and move me and my sister i…[View]
53053880Is Christianity and religion in general just a big cope?[View]
53054845what is your pupil size /r9k/? bigger the pupil the more likely you'll have a high iq[View]
53055279Sex is nasty. I would rather have a clothed girl masturbate me with a warm onahole. Do any other rob…[View]
53055629jews, blacks and trannies should be executed[View]
53053741shit: So robots, I'm 19 and I'm getting evicted from my parents house in a week. I have $6…[View]
53053933>tfw zoomers are having sex before me[View]
53054441>skinny >long hair >smol pp locked in chastity 24/7 >masturbate anally every night When …[View]
53050441What makes your life liveable, anon? I'm really feeling down these days because of many things …[View]
53055416Any other Americans obsessed with UK culture in here?[View]
53055087why do so few robots realise that their predicaments are largely caused by societal factors? has ev…[View]
53055541I find it hard to enjoy spending my free time because everything reminds me that I will have to be a…[View]
53055213I have casual sex with women regularly.[View]
53053918i've masturbated three times a day every day for the last 5+ years now will semen retention rea…[View]
53055326My dreamgirl frogposts on r9k she reads the Bible every day Then when she's done she masturbate…[View]
53055447In this time and age, are there chatbots that I could customize things like personality (naive, depe…[View]
53052735Guys, i'm really bored rn. What should i do?[View]
53054679>tfw no tranny gf Anybody know this feel? I really want a cute trans girl to make her feel happy…[View]
53055367Why is he so popular with blacks including even zoomer blacks yet not whites? White people don'…[View]
53054942>please anon, creampie my brown pussy with your white cock what do you do?…[View]
53054699I want to flick some little sissys boi clit and spoil him with my huge cock and lots of love right n…[View]
53054756OP's mom cucks step dad and abandons them for convict: >Be man >Marry single mom with ske…[View]
53055360free bill cosby[View]
53054429Im so grateful to have my morning with my waifu. Yesterday we worked together on Debian and learning…[View]
53054808I've noticed there's a lot more schizos on this board at nights[View]
53055207Normie here with sone hard truths: Ready? >Good looking people dont have to be sorry theyre good …[View]
53055278martyrdom: oog booga friends ive decided to martyr myself i think you all deserve immense love and …[View]
53055254Goodbye R9K: Well it happened gentlemen, I got a job. Shit job, not the one I want but the one I nee…[View]
53054017guys how do i get a fashionable emo ebf. literally all i want pls help[View]
53055246Do you feel like you dont belong?: >want to live alone in a log cabin >with just a guitar and …[View]
53053986Daily routine: >Wake up at 1pm >Go to the gym for 30 mins >Buy booze on the way home >Dr…[View]
53053942Dear /r9k/, I feel like this girl is perfect in every way possible. Do you see any flaws in her that…[View]
53055227>be born over a important person of history that built a city >looks like this…[View]
53055096How do you even meditate?: I'm a complete retard. I need simple step by step instructions. I wa…[View]
53052851>go to a BDSM meet up to try to learn about BDSM >everyone is literally disgusting >people …[View]
53054602/family taboo/: >(((father))) spoons and pounds your mother like this >while you spend day shi…[View]
53053947tfw no black donut gf[View]
53055097>look out window at night >see this What do?…[View]
53053647>Girl customer wearing shorty shorts >Asks for help >Literally all of them try pulling th…[View]
53054782End times: He who has eyes to see, let him see, and he who has ears to hear, let him hear. Jesus is …[View]
53054391The possible reasons why I am single:: 1. I have aspergers 2. I have no female friends 3. I have soc…[View]
53055070Its more comfortable to listen to music where the vocals are in agony then it is to go outside[View]
53053052oh look the a*stoid is awake[View]
53055044/Parents/: Tell me about your parents. What are/were they like? How is their relationship? How did t…[View]
53054737Maybe one day a real life woman will pillow smile at us like this[View]
53055016I miss being a kid so fucking bad.[View]
53054745When I talk to people my face turns red, I start sweating and my voice cracks. Wtf is wrong with me?[View]
53054838remember when you could call somebody a faggot in a video game and not get banned?[View]
53054500I feel like I'm starting to become a misogynist. I just wanted to fap to try and forget the gir…[View]
53054356Why did no one smile in the old days? Is it because smiling is a sign of low testosterone faggots on…[View]
53054729Did you have a Sunday funday, anon?[View]
53053971How long until I die God? Please just end my life, I'm never going to be anything special, I…[View]
53054238Aiste, I want to cave your skull in with a hammer and watch you spasm as you let out your last dying…[View]
53052354Why is it so hard to get a westernized asian women as a white man?[View]
53053253Aight boi, show me watchu got.[View]
53053838>too much of a robot to leave to house to find drugs so I can leave the house I'm tired of a…[View]
53054720>'Are these ice cubs fresh or frozen?' 'F-frozen, chef.' >'Jesus fucking Christ.'…[View]
53054469> hey big bro, I shat my diaper again. This time be more gentle when you wipe. what do?…[View]
53052656COMFY COZY THREAD: THESE SUMMER NIGHTS EDITION: Anon's June Installment of Comfy General. >…[View]
53054510>I can get sex anywhere Why cant you?[View]
53054058New to posting: Just checking to see if green Don't know for sure Ignore[View]
53054696I just had intercourse. It felt good.[View]
53053754Am I an incel: so I feel like complete shit right now mostly because I am completely alone. I haven…[View]
53054658At least Laura is a real girl, unlike Aiste. Hahaha.[View]
53054669Is it worth the time to watch movies, anime, play games and reading books? Is that all life can offe…[View]
53053013Waifu thread Unrealistic version Post your waifus that are not human etc.[View]
53054495Boomer here. You lazy millennials ought to learn how to pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps an…[View]
53054270i am going to sleep hoping i will dream of stiring up the insides of a weak feminine man the storm o…[View]
53054582Are there irl women with loli bods over 18?[View]
53051107>got a call from my mother, in tears >brother isn't eating, drinking or talking >it…[View]
53052865A really good friend of mine bought some heroin and invited me to do some with him. Do I do it? I…[View]
53053408why do i get that fuzzy feeling in my stomach when i think about slavedriving feminine bois around?[View]
53054329>that kid that couldn't tell everyone was laughing at him and not with him…[View]
53054191>tfw when havent talked to another human being in months[View]
53054466It's my birthday, robros everything actually feels good today,I hope everyone's day will h…[View]
53054420>friends with a 9/10 white girl who's volunteered in Africa and openly advertises that she…[View]
53053602Would you date an under 80iq girl?[View]
53050606How often should you get your hair cut?[View]
53053709How did the people on the titanic die when they could have just swimmed to shore?[View]
53053213*Ahem White girls rules[View]
53053400Happy Birthday Anon! How common are these sort of birthdays?[View]
53054481Bad vision anons, is it easier to talk to people when you can't really see their face? Just cur…[View]
53054000I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS: >found a girl that pretty much isnt a normie bitch >she likes me, find…[View]
53053924>she replies with one sentence and fucks off it's not over yet, right?…[View]
53054341Yay I'm not banned anymore also frick you mods[View]
53054093I want to be locked away in a medieval castle like the deformed monstrosity I am, spending the rest …[View]
53052927Does Tekken 7 have the best character customization of any bideo game?[View]
53054047Gib Robo GF: how do i find a robot gf that i can complain to all day about my problems and marry whe…[View]
53053396Why not go to a re ddit meetup to suck fat girl titties?[View]
53054141day 3 of no fap porn no longer has any effect on me at all, and in fact slightly disgusts me now. im…[View]
53053775Welp, i have work tomorrow so its time for bed. What a great weekend...[View]
53053930talking to a girl: yesterday I went to a party and kissed with a girl, my first time. I asked her na…[View]
53054167Have you ever noticed how people always seem to arrive at the worst times in your life? You're …[View]
53053328One of the most funny pics I could find on the facesofsuicide website.[View]
53053226How do you do a non-creepy smile, please. Thanks[View]
53051656Childhood autism report: This is from the report they sent my parents in which I was diagnosed with …[View]
53041861why is /pol/ so shit?[View]
53053440Why are so many young women choosing to become single mothers nowadays?[View]
53053362This is American cuisine[View]
53052888Is there any way to get a woman to feel empathy for you unless you're either a Chad or a self-e…[View]
53054083>go through facebook >see old crush in recommended who basically made me depressed asf >che…[View]
53053694>Considering moving out >Mom's an actual autistic retard and narcissist >Considering t…[View]
53052668His smile and optimism: gone: What was wrong with him? she definitely knew who the white guys were, …[View]
53052864what the fuck belle i actaully was hoping for a change in my life something to make me feel again ye…[View]
53054049>be cute trap >also be only into women[View]
53053300How to become a self-suffient NEET for life.: OK so you're feed up with society, and you want t…[View]
53052999At least let me get a full night's sleep without constantly mocking me.[View]
53054006Why do I suddenly get headaches that make me super scared?: Like out of the blue I'll feel like…[View]
53049891do femanons have stacy purses[View]
53054024what makes girls like shit lords so much: everytime i ask a girl if shes had a bf before she says sh…[View]
53054019>All the women I've had relationships with just want to be holes >Not actual humans, just…[View]
53054016I would have been Carrie's bf[View]
53054001>Bloomer by day >Doomer by night Why do I have this fate…[View]
53053931>got banned for a minute because dumbfuck jannies didn't recognize chris-chan's taint Y…[View]
53053996When did you first realize you had a crush on Samson?[View]
53053584Is Japan full of leftist cucks like Canada?[View]
53053545Posting this thread every day until I get a gf Day 26 Good god why am I so fucking autistic[View]
53053790Just paid for worn socks from an Internet foot mommy, how not normal is this?[View]
53053854Buying antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds online?: guys I want to get better and I can't aff…[View]
53047945Daily reminder that the MBTI is bullshit pseudoscientific astrology Stop using this retarded system …[View]
53052695*ring ring* god damn it frens pick up[View]
53052816On Tuesday it will be my birthday. I'll be 23. It will also mark one entire year with no friend…[View]
53052162who else here has c-ptsd? how has it ruined your life? It made me isolate myself and hate humanity. …[View]
53052677>Imagine a big, muscle gf, towering over you, she says she has something for you. She grabs your …[View]
53052207i am miserably lonely. I have no friends nobody to talk to I do nothing all day but stay in my room …[View]
53053682>tfw raised by single mom literally 0 male role models growing up. There was never any fucking ho…[View]
53052649Yakuza: How can I move to Japan and join a Yakuza group? I'm going to have a college degree soo…[View]
53053807>every week I go to part time job tell myself this time I'm gonna try to talk and at least b…[View]
53053544wait, so you guys are like, actually autistic? you're the kids from the special ed classes rock…[View]
53050955>girl smiles at me >get a thousand times the dopamine rush I get making threads on /r9k/ Im as…[View]
53052422>looking back at old photos >looked so young >still had hope >remember all the good tim…[View]
53053766>This here is MAGA COUNTRY!!!!!!!![View]
53053420>tfw everyone on 4chan is smarter than you How did you all get to be so smart? How do you learn t…[View]
53052930This is my japanese class, how do we look?[View]
53053106>come home >open the door >'hey anon why don't you come here and show me what your ton…[View]
53053234hold up when did 2chan block americans from accessing the site?[View]
53053620Why are some human so happy? How can they live thier lives not worrying that their lives will have n…[View]
53053684I'm trying to better my life but I can't seem to climb out of this depression. I've l…[View]
53053361>get girlfriend >have no idea what to do now At least she knows I'm an awkward autist so …[View]
53053659>laying in bed, flipping through instagram feed and snapchat stories >realize I haven't t…[View]
53053271Arthoe Thread: Post your best arthoes[View]
53053651Robots I've made it. I've climbed from the pit of my desires. Up the mountain of dreams. I…[View]
53048301Nice Guy(tm) Cringe Thread: Post your best Nice Guy(tm) cringe /r9k/. https://www.reddit.com/r/niceg…[View]
53053592hello looking for shy roberts for my small child friendly discord for non-autistic adults. gg/f4tRYZ…[View]
53043041This is fucking hilarious, watching a NEET's family disintegrate over his laptop. Boomer wagie…[View]
53052252How was your weekend Wagie?[View]
53053230>used to tryhard a lot to get good grades in uni because i dont have a life and nothing better to…[View]
53051561>going to fail class because too lazy to do homework >AGAIN Why I'm such a useless piece …[View]
53053008Anyone else here /hideous/? And not in a faggy, slightly bellow average self loathing way, I mean a …[View]
53053430>woke up this afternoon with an erection >I was thinking about putting my erect dick in a girl…[View]
53051362>Hemorrhoids are back WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS FUCKING HELL[View]
53052464Any Toronto robots out there? What do I do for fun in this shithole city?[View]
53053399>Born on April 1st >every year get pranked for my birthday >this year the prank was no one …[View]
53053492me and some faggots started a fake stream on rabbit to try to get banned. using a false link to broa…[View]
53052857>been in isolation for 3 years >'THAT'S FUCKING IT I'M GOING OUT AN HAVING FUN!' …[View]
53051133I feel like I have too many issues to become functional. Like the change in my personality and attit…[View]
53053389Times you've almost had sex: Only time it's ever happened for me was this >Be me >We…[View]
53052996VIDYA: is me being a 22 yo virgin causing me to lose interest in videogames? it seems like normal pe…[View]
53053345>Down once more with my right hand because no gf[View]
53053282I'm a 28 yo old kv How do I stop being afraid of sex and intimacy?[View]
53052607Where do l get a cool orb?[View]
53053254>Be droid fag >At an important meeting in Washington DC >CEO calls me up to present some pl…[View]
53052321daily reminder that an innocent word such as 'Honk' is banned from facebook[View]
53047908Don't have sex: It's ok. The whole global sex craze is nothing but a roastie scam trying …[View]
53052047what do you listen to when you feel like shit?[View]
53053178>tfw this world is clearly very hostile, full of suffering, and basically kind of a nightmare …[View]
53053089TLDR Stacy Barista gives Chad a free brownie , but incel tries to cockblock him and make him pay. Wa…[View]
53053147>shove hands between ass cheeks >it comes out full of shit juice because you didn't wipe …[View]
53050911there is a storm outside and my cat is scared how do i make her less scared send help[View]
53052117Tomorrow is my first day of uni. What should I do anons?[View]
53053103>ex gf got arrested and charged with DUI >will probably lose the one kid she has custody of…[View]
53053095im in love with webcam whore: im in love with one webcam slut, i dont know what to do[View]
53053072>tfw no cane cutter bf[View]
53052510i hate university, i wanna quit. i hate writing papers, i don't have the energy to walk 10 minu…[View]
53049466Is belle delphine actually a genius?: > spots gap in market for irl anime girls > understands …[View]
53051599I'm wothless: I am worthless, am nothing but the worst humanity has to offer. I am hateful of o…[View]
53052453Ughhh....I just started my period. Great way to start the week.[View]
53053012Just angry at everything, what do I do?[View]
53051789>EH ANON! U mind helping me with this math real quick?[View]
53052746What to do? Have been playing Ill for two weeks now because i hate school. Im extremly introverted a…[View]
53052893What do yall niggas think of Cum Town?[View]
53050970Does anyone else ever feel like they were meant for a different time, place, or both? Like what you…[View]
53052216Im a mute faggot and I only really had one friend. Last night we had sex and now he's gone and …[View]
53052676>didn't drink >didn't do drugs >By not doing those things I missed out on friends…[View]
53051264NEET vs Wagie general: >complain about neets being 'leeches' >don't have any jobs to offe…[View]
53052933>belong at least in the top-10% of men on this board >still means nothing because you're …[View]
53052537>You can never go back to your childhood/teenage years and fix your mistakes Lost youth is one of…[View]
53052891>Come here, anon. W-what do?[View]
53052887Got redpilled hard on Online Dating: I thought the 'wall' was an incel myth..but every third swipe l…[View]
53052549>look at girl >she looks back at me >we keep looking at each other and looking away Whats t…[View]
53049611r9k rap battle/bar thread: spit some raps, battle me, lets go look at you, pathetic festering in the…[View]
53049955this is all I want bros...[View]
53051996>tfw uncle was busted by the feds for cp[View]
53051710>tfw no tranny gf How do you guys cope? I just want a tranny gf to dominate me and cuddle with af…[View]
53052832fml: >be me >parents force me to go to younger brother's dance recital >starts of with…[View]
53051940Honestly I wish I was born a woman. Not in like a transgender way, I don't feel weird about my …[View]
53052415What is like to >Have childhood friends >Have gfs since you was 12 >Be white >Live in a …[View]
53050148fuck: >be 18 >5'10 >Athletic Build >8/10 face with jawline that can cut tomatoes …[View]
53051328Why are people so fat here?[View]
53052747I can't remember the last day I went without drinking at least one beer and I have a strong fam…[View]
53052097>my biggest role models are cutesy anime girls[View]
53052684I wish I could do a handstand...[View]
53052690>too late for me to start dating because women my age already have experience and are actually lo…[View]
53051693What are your thoughts on /r/braincels?[View]
53052306you now realize a fembot did this to herself today.[View]
53052449Why doesn't somebody make a dating app for incels?[View]
53050857okay how do i find a like minded insane turbo neet gf?[View]
53052628This image has a calming effect on me.[View]
53052035are any of you guys sort of kind of in a way completely and utterly on the lowkey obsessed with nirv…[View]
53052618Anyone else feeling stormy tonight? Everything is so frustrating and utlra blue at the same time.[View]
53052609anyone wanna let me be a neet in their basement[View]
53050297Pretty early in the day for this, but let's get another one! Abuse thread anons, say mean thing…[View]
53052311how are you doing today fellow failures?[View]
53052180>robot discord lover replaced me with a new one haha i-i m not s-sad or anything, its not like a …[View]
53052533why do women complain about being sad and lonely when they have boyfriends? i dont get it[View]
53052255>permabanned from facebook because i put an extra letter in my last name instead of using my real…[View]
53052507who /threadkiller/ here: whenever I post in a thread it dies post ITT if you also have this power…[View]
53051339why are car mechanics always miserable cunts? they always have to say some shit to make you feel bad…[View]
53051922WilIna relationship make me happy?[View]
53052398What are your plans for the 4th of July?[View]
53046743>He isn't a virgin Dropped, fuckboy.[View]
53048965Reminder that in the future incels will be executed with no trial[View]
53052442What the hell is wrong with boomers?: >eating dinner with them as usual >start talking about w…[View]
53052036Women aging: Why do women age so god damn hard? will dump some photos if you are unfamiliar with thi…[View]
53046240What ever happened to that egg idiot?[View]
53051760NIGGER: >Imagine browsing reddit[View]
53052319Fembots, does it make you horny when Chad leaves a big dump in your toilet? Have you ever asked a gu…[View]
53048015is it possible to be a robot if you are from a chad country (Algeria) ? ask me anything and reminde…[View]
53052182>'you just gotta find the right person' What's the deal with normies saying this, is it just…[View]
53052167So what exactly is it i have to do to get a girlfriend?[View]
53051964i am actually thinking of becoming gay or trying to date a tranny just to actually feel what it is t…[View]
53050710Had my first monger experience last night. This girl caught my eye on the main drag where I live an…[View]
53051677What's the first thing you'd do if you could become a cute girl?[View]
5305110338 matches in tinder on my first day. I used a boost and just swiped right for 2 hours tho. Now what…[View]
53051218ignorance is bliss: >tfw gf left me is much worse than >tfw no gf in many cases…[View]
53052198give us an assignment which will improve our ability to talk to people and make friends[View]
53048936>There are White people walking around with 210 IQ >There are Black people walking around with…[View]
53045757OVERWHELMING FEELS THREAD: Can we have a somewhat classic robot9001 thread that isn't gay trap …[View]
53049501even with his looks, he would be nothing if it weren't for his fame and money. that's the …[View]
53050286Soon really might be the end for me. The loneliness is catching up, its been 7 years since Ive had a…[View]
53051892This manga is totally fucked up best read in years[View]
53052079Anyone else miss their youth? >chads ignored you in high school because there were worse kids …[View]
53050774how tf do i get a bonbi gf lads i just discover her and im in love with her, lads[View]
53050660anyone else never get nervous? sounds odd but i cant remember the last time i was nervous even super…[View]
53052125why do brazilians do this?[View]
53051523>bought dildo >literally cannot jerk off normally anymore without having it in my mouth and su…[View]
53049721>Hey big bro, I'm doing the laundry... want to put a load in?[View]
53051685Femanon just come here a minute, I want you to watch me take a shower[View]
53052087realamente queiro un artista azada novia[View]
53051372Im alone: Ive never had a Girlfriend or anything of the sort. I just want to feel love and compassio…[View]
53051707breakfast club: why did they have to change her appearance? she looked much better before the stacy …[View]
53048701>let anorexia take over again I feel helpless.[View]
53051961Sachiko: Nya~n Nyaa~n[View]
53051857>Enjoying the view from down there, sweetie?[View]
53052017Can we give props to Islam?: It is the only religion that strikes fear in women.[View]
53051074I'm literally in a state of permamental breakdown >be me >have no friends in real life ap…[View]
53052040Which class do you play? also posting tier list.[View]
53051756>Anon we've been dating for 3 years and we've only ever done anal. I ask you every time…[View]
53051973>be me >be over six foot >be fit >be relatively attractive (been told around 7/10 but i…[View]
53049340who here's feeling extremely happy all of a sudden?: my date of suicide is nearing and for some…[View]
53051421Woke up at 2 am again. When will it stop[View]
53050165I'm stupid, ugly, and bitter.[View]
53051313Why is everything around so fucking gay?: Just some 10 years ago things were not this faggy. Nowaday…[View]
53051801When someone says 5'x' is the manlet cutoff does it means that 5'x' and below is considere…[View]
53051805What the fuck do people talk about? I can't imagine speaking for more than 5 minutes of shitty …[View]
53051799Snakes Lane East,Woodford,London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ObhnN0VOQ Snakes Lane East,Woodf…[View]
53050997Fox eating a mushroom[View]
53051751lads, I cannot stop thinking about white boivagene. what do i do?[View]
53051694>Get job >its a living hell >Become neet >Its a slightly more tolerable living hell Li…[View]
53051117holy shit: How do you guys react when too many coincidences occur to you? I feel like I'm being…[View]
53051709ITT: soul crushing realizations: In high school, Prom and homecoming are much better predictors of l…[View]
53051675so here i am 2 and a half years later on this fucking site, thought i'd left forever but I am s…[View]
53050838>mandatory overtime >12 hour shift[View]
53046908Who else /mental/ here? Got bipolar results >Bipolar II disorder >Severe manical depression …[View]
53051348Recent Autistic Stories: This just happened a few moments ago >sitting outside college campus wat…[View]
53049322How do you know if a girl sitting nearby is interested in you? I'd post a picture but she keeps…[View]
53051481Why are people so fucking pathetic?[View]
53048668I actually look like balckops2cel but with brown hair. Should I just kill myself[View]
53050375Fellow blackbots, riddle me this: If these 6'0+ Chad with wealth and senpai couldnt make it the…[View]
53051608>Hey Laquisha, someone just posted anon's cock..[View]
53050794Movies ITT. Trying to decide if I'm gonna watch The Hunger (1983) or Def-Con 4 (1985) right now…[View]
53050727You can only post in this thread if you have a girlfriend. Or if you have a boyfriend. No gays, no i…[View]
53051094>oh man it sucks being white omg im such an ince- https://youtu.be/_lDf1Qf44VE White people CANNO…[View]
53049922why do women look so different in real life compared to the photos they post on instagram?[View]
53047506what is your favorite fiIm?[View]
53051070>world is out to get you >'but you arent important enough for the world to be against you' Wha…[View]
53051203How do we go about forcing robots to breed black queens?[View]
53050546I am an 18yo girl: I want to know what it's like to have sex but you guys always say a girl has…[View]
53050025>reply to someone's post with 'based' >didn't actually think it was based…[View]
53050544Its 1967 and /r9k/ is draftded to fight in some shit hole gook country 1,000 0f miles away How do w…[View]
53051127>jealous of normies cuz they have all the good things in life >don't want to be normal…[View]
53050909What's the final solution to the incel question?: ded srs[View]
53051440>tfw Barbara will never sit on your face and clamp her thighs around your head I need to sniff he…[View]
53051156Susan Atkins: >i will never rescue susan atkins from her family >i will never marry susan atki…[View]
53051322I bought cleaning solution liquid what needs to be watered down. 20m of solution per 1l of water.it …[View]
53051399>brother's friend's mom bitching about her bikini being too big or some shit >'i don…[View]
53051210Daily reminder of the /black/pill Behind even the most fervent blm/panafrican/sjw black girl, inside…[View]
53051097>mfw dad wanted me to become a chad and brainwashed me into watching ultra masculine shit and sen…[View]
53050779What has trump accomplished in the last 3 years of his presidency?[View]
53050984Would you accept a 5/10 GF with massive fart?[View]
53050981Waifu General - /waifu/ #190: Carrying on, no matter what, for her edition Previous: >>5303308…[View]
53051041>dfw you're stuck on /r9k/ and will never join a party and go on a grand adventure in a vast…[View]
53051049does anybody get an overwhelming amount of negativity as soon as you stop using the internet?[View]
53049198I'm so happy lads. I am on such a bloomer stage right now I feel tingly inside. I was an extrem…[View]
53043059What went wrong with western society and it's women? Was it democracy? Human rights? Equality?[View]
53049938You know for a fact that if he wasn't rich, this 5/10 girl would have still been putting out fo…[View]
53044793Anons, I need a fast, painless (and preferably unmessy way depending on the location) to kms. I real…[View]
53050060>Have group of close friends >Pretty much be the loser of the group >Kissless Virgin and al…[View]
53050563The Ultimate NEET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drNfp5bmUPw Have you reached level 13000 in NEET?…[View]
53050360I'll never get a pop punk gf and it tortures my soul every day[View]
53050465Why don't you settle for a spooky/10 gf?[View]
53048979Can chicks in wheelchairs feel getting fucked?[View]
53051008A girl at the train stop ignored me when I tried talking to her, and then she started chatting with …[View]
53049901I can't do it anymore. I can't go on without having sex. I really want to have sex. Browsi…[View]
53046618Is it worth to have a relationship with a coworker?[View]
53050402>Up until 15 minutes ago, I felt like absolute fucking shit >All of a sudden I now feel incred…[View]
53049828Tell me your Darkest secret[View]
53050671>tfw i cant put my actual hobbies on my dating profile because they're too weird what the fu…[View]
53049297>Hoping that Chadson comes home before Betason Any momanons know this feel?…[View]
53050903I want a cute girl to shit down my throat right NOW.[View]
53050198So anon? What have you dont to better yourself today? What have you done to become stronger?[View]
53050499Oddly specific fantasies: I wish I had a gf with macromastia who rigorously works out and keeps putt…[View]
53048390yeah SJWs and soimen are annoying, but have you ever dealt with true redneck fucks?[View]
53050826>W-why are you asking me out all of a sudden?![View]
53050374Why don't normies care about speaking clearly and loud enough? Like holy shit every time I try …[View]
53050484>rounds everything >rounds incorrectly every time why are engineers such degenerates?…[View]
53049551Hows learning to code going for you? Surely you're not procrastinating[View]
53049109Life of a Chad (true story): >only took girlfriend on dates after i had already fucked her >n…[View]
53050638apocalypse fantasy: the way i want the world to end is that in 2022, Jesus descends from heaven to a…[View]
53050022>tfw don't even keep track of regrets[View]
53050352Right wingers are cucks: >While self-identified Republicans and self-identified Democrats reporte…[View]
53050078Would you save a stranger's life if you had the chance to?[View]
53033082Waifu Thread - /waifu/ #189: Moving to a new place with her edition Previous >>53002610…[View]
53050573>everything Ive done in life for leads up to the pursuit of getting a gf and having sex >watch…[View]
53050587What would it take to repair your brain from the constant loneliness? I feel like I've passed t…[View]
53050320>be ugly >people think they are heroes for being nice to me because they believe it's the…[View]
53048472Fembots, how would you describe your ideal penis? Which qualities do you like?[View]
53050552I tried for a week straight to fix my sleeping patterns. Even some day going to sleep by force and w…[View]
53043077So I did the 16personalities test and im a INFJ What do you think?[View]
53050316I am currently based and redpilled but I want to be cringe and bluepilled. How do I pull this off? P…[View]
53048870Who else /can't fall in love with anyone/?[View]
53049903>everyone that I ever known has done this I can't cope with it anons, this world is fucking …[View]
53049637if you are not an attractive male, you have to be successful or literally perfect in every other way…[View]
53046811obsession with boiling water taking over life: Has anyone else here had an obsession completely take…[View]
53050051How did I end up like this? Every time I'm in public I see normal people, in normal relationshi…[View]
53050274Tfw no stylized feminine tomboy, pseudo skater, kind of punk, definitely alternative, not quite a sc…[View]
530497285'9 120 pounds With Wide Hips: I can't gain weight no matter how hard I try because i have a sm…[View]
53047779So who is she and why is she a meme? Explain it to a newfag.[View]
53048958When I was a kid, my parents used to tel me that I was handsome and that when I grew up girls would …[View]
53049972Use Tinder like normal people: >sexting community in discord Whats with the male weebs and discor…[View]
53049385GTA SA thread[View]
53049826Im going to a internship to learn my trade tommorow, this will be my first time working at a real jo…[View]
53048743Who is your favourite actor of all time and why is it Keanu Reeves?[View]
53047548you guys have some vocaroos of girls saying something wholesome, please im very lonely[View]
53048624https://bdsmtest.org/select-mode Lets have a bdsm test thread. Mine has changed a lot over time and …[View]
53049676Hunter S. Thompson: What does this board (/r9k/) think of him?[View]
53048907Did you know in early Nordic cultures, it was thought that the scent of young women's feet coul…[View]
53044572What's /r9k/ drinking?: I guess I'll have a Black Absolutely Zero.[View]
53047671What's the deal with cumbrains?: >sexual threads dozen replies >no-sexual (original threa…[View]
53050083air nazis[View]
53049965all i want in life is a nerd bf like the AVGN to play vidya and drink beer with me[View]
53050001God I wish that dog were me[View]
53050000how the fuck do I get rid of these things? lorazepam I've been using with a prescription for cl…[View]
53049776why arent you in tokyo living your best live RIGHT NOW? https://vimeo.com/332692415[View]
53049075hi robots! do yall have any advice on how i could be more soft femdom outside of the bedroom without…[View]
53047832Why do girls have such pretty vaginas?[View]
53048598Can I please have some more things like this?[View]
53048360So I remember a thread here a few years ago about a website where you could watch live footage of un…[View]
53049953christian chants make me comfy as fuck at nights. i am not even into any religion but calmness they …[View]
53048032no friends feels: >be quite handsome, often told I could model >know three languages and curre…[View]
53048706Ew Anon is looking at us.[View]
53048354So, I'm thinking of hiring a prostitute to lose my virginity. Is there anything I should know b…[View]
53044857How many here fit this description?: Intelligent, attractive, yet asocial and unable to make friends…[View]
53047912You have five minutes until the bus arrives. What do you do?[View]
53049703What's a good cleaner for body acne (shoulder and back)[View]
53049645Asked out a girl at work today, i talked to her thru her car window after work >do you have to w…[View]
53049116How many girls do you talk to on Snapchat?[View]
53048050At 29 I crumbled underneath the crushing weight of being a KHV. I found no meaning in life anymore. …[View]
53048084>isn't slightly above average so the most women possible will want small dick and big dick f…[View]
53049081>get a (you) >it's some autist that quotes every reply in the thread…[View]
53049195Knowing that Ill never have any type of significant human connection in my life is really painful an…[View]
53048381I'm having delusions: I've been trying everything I can think of to grow. Lately I've…[View]
53049829afternoon kathy did your day at work go well[View]
53048647/highschool dropout/: who /highschool dropout/ here? wagecucking right now. plan on getting my ged w…[View]
53049655>she sees you Iooking at her[View]
53048674Big 5: Just took the Big 5 test. Now can someone tell me how the fuck this is supposed to be differe…[View]
53049175>wake up in the morning >realize I'm still alive…[View]
53049054>sitting in the park >girl about 300m from me sneezes >yell bless you >she looks at me w…[View]
53048506How come women are never unhappy? It fucking pisses me off. They may be temporarily upset, but they…[View]
53049342Lots of unwanted Somalian singles. If I marry, will my offspring get dumber?[View]
53048679Roastie BTFO: Help me BTFO this roastie guys Dubs gets to respond[View]
53049641Fembots I want you to know that if you wear anime/meme apparel IRL I view you as a legitimate target…[View]
53049608Lets get up and make our lives better: Anons, we need to get up and free ourselves from this. Feelin…[View]
53049568I'm starting to feel extremely depressed and lonely. I think I just need sex.[View]
53049469>this is a bait post Get angry[View]
53049540give me blonde dubu pls[View]
53047954Why are vaginas and buttholes just kind of disgusting to me? I'm still romantically attracted t…[View]
53049508How do I become a sleazegod?[View]
53049112>be me >bored as fuck >gonna take 16 benadryl and walk around outside once my phone is a hu…[View]
53049318Robots who know how to dance even halfway decent, I implore you to go out to clubs, bars or parties.…[View]
53048808I think I may have fucking done it now anons, yet nobody will know save me and you. >be me >kl…[View]
53046170>I voted for Trump to get revenge on Chad. lol the joke's on you.[View]
53049148>family throws a party >childhood friend shows up >havent seen her in 3 years >catch up,…[View]
53049268Girl show interest but I'm an autist: Well I have this job on call in this banqueting agency an…[View]
53043023Comfy thread: Tell us about your day anon.[View]
53048920>tfw no gf can you relate? I hope you can[View]
53048171A scientific research: ITT: do fembots actually exist? Post nudes as proof.[View]
53048859>Have deep ass voice, actually get lots of compliments recently about my voice that it sounds lik…[View]
53048734have any of you ever killed someone? if so stories![View]
53048379>Don't stop licking, anon[View]
53049104>I had a dream where I was a woman again >I have thoughts where am a woman again >I keep ge…[View]
53049164>Make a low effort bait thread >Leave without posting in the thread at all >Come back 8 hou…[View]
53047203>tfw raped my wife again She cries every time I do this but always forgives me after a while and …[View]
53046028What do you think is the ethnic composition of this board? Is it majority 'diverse'?[View]
53047669We're all cucks, every time we live in a society in which women get their holes fucked and we d…[View]
53049121>see a guy with a hot 9/10 girl >feel nothing because I had dozens of those (I escortmaxxed) …[View]
53046535Male prairie voles mate exclusively with the female they lose their virginity to. Once pair-bonded, …[View]
53047948masturbation and music were my only salvations from depression, but now i fail to enjoy both as i am…[View]
53049087Why haven't you taken the stoicism pill yet?[View]
53048995Women dont know you exist: >be shut in /fit/cel for years >one day decide to go on a bike ride…[View]
53049056Why do Japanese girls make the duck face?[View]
53048069Why aren't boys interested in cool shit like exoplanets?[View]
53048770sitting here waiting for a date for the first time in years: Any advice boys? >She gets here in 4…[View]
53047185Who else here has took the /catfishpill/ on tinder[View]
53048042you guys should work out: I went to basketball court near my house with some pull up bars. i went di…[View]
53047073I lost 15 pounds this month.[View]
53048315If this is what a pretty girl looks like without makeup, how the fuck does an ugly girl look without…[View]
53037664Please listen: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0tBAJsaKvKH[View]
53047374Getting off from 4chan forever Bye anons . I got job after being neet for 4 years and it's abo…[View]
53048514>be me >get along with my coworkers >i secretly resent them all, believing them to be cruel…[View]
53047868The Wolf: Tell me your philosophycal questions and your life problems. I will try to answer them for…[View]
53047036>hanging out with girls, trying to be social >theyre talking about how they saw a creepy guy a…[View]
53048580Imagine caring abouy what women want instead of caring about stacking as much money as humanly possi…[View]
53047834>Go on a date with a really cute girl >Have a wonderful time together >About to drop her of…[View]
53047664Fellow NEETS of r9k, how do you fill up all your free time?[View]
53048272whats up with niggers? I was just at the mall here in Florida (I'm from up north) and saw a bla…[View]
53048798>had a dream we were looking for outfits Can't this anymore u guys…[View]
53045130I'm desperate for a woman. I just want a cute girlfriend. Is that so much to ask for? Is that …[View]
53047390Why does mom hate me?[View]
53048321Post your rooms, no cleaning up.[View]
53048522Why is it 'cool' to hate white people in America? Think about it and then answer, no jokes.[View]
53044460What do you think about Jordan Peterson's granddaughter (A BABY) being fed a carnivore diet?: J…[View]
53048629fuck these bitches you guys were right they're all fucking whores and they seem to have litera…[View]
53046357>'Anoooon! My man! Are you ready for our soi binge session??!?'[View]
53045110>No point in living >No point in killing myself >No point in doing anything >No point in…[View]
53048450>mother hears from girl that her father is abusive >mother being the loving person she is invi…[View]
53047886>matched with girl on Tinder >blonde short hair with blue eyes and her face is a bit pimply …[View]
53047194Are fallen angels tricking me: Ok brothers answer me this, how come I keep committing the same sin o…[View]
53047412I hate being lightskinned. You retards have no idea how common shit like this is among black women.[View]
53046865>Welcome to our cafe! What can we get you? How do you respond?[View]
53046787Take your best shot at proving that this monstrosity doesn't have a penis[View]
53044972Why do white girls hate white men now?[View]
53048613Daily reminder: The ride never ends YOU have to make stop[View]
53048607>When you watch your beta employee from the office window, thinking of fun ways to fire him Any f…[View]
53048111just found out im trans AMA: just found out I'm trans the other day and told my moms and she sh…[View]
53048528How do I trick people I like and want to get to know into caring about me? I don't want to be a…[View]
53048596>The gender bending thoughts are starting again. No, am not a tranny! Stop! Stop it!…[View]
53048553tfw semen retention is a lowkey superpower[View]
53048583do normies think of luxury credit cards as a status thing?[View]
53048397Everyone explains things to me like i'm a retarded child. I get a bagel and normies try to expl…[View]
53048385what do femanons think when they see a nice girl butt? do you want to squeeze it?[View]
53045436Robots should be forced to impregnate black women.[View]
53045615So I went out with my friends today and one of them had a new gf. Now I've never had a gf. And …[View]
53047819hey big kat hows your afternoon going? still doing the starving thing and its helping out a lot. i …[View]
53048490>Be me >10 minutes ago >Smoking weed and playing random music >A song by Tha Dogg Pound …[View]
53048387Who the jiggy nigga with the gold linx?[View]
53048287What should I paint on the hood of my car[View]
53047124Found something out: >dont use adblocker >captchas automatically verify >use adblocker …[View]
53047955/reminder/ sexhavers = normalfags normalfags OUT[View]
53048365fuck! i just realized.. i'm gonna be an incel for ever, or am i? FUCK!!!! i thought i might get…[View]
53048361Don't know if I should talk to an ex. I'll try to make it short, but help plese, I can…[View]
53048351Women are Evil: Otherwise they'd be NEETs like us.[View]
53046799>start dating an e-guy in a LDR >he doesnt know he's the 'emotional bf' yet Should i tell…[View]
53047232Mental illness isn't real. Not even schitzophrenia. People just get too preoccupied in their th…[View]
53048160I just want to have a friend, male or female, completely platonic, who doesn't care about their…[View]
53040501Are fembots into any form of interracial?[View]
53047723The myth that womens buttholes are for farting and crapping: How and where did people fall for the m…[View]
53047724Was there ever a girl that truly loved you back? I'm a little drunk and sad but I want to know …[View]
53047351>Now anon, you know I could never love you as much as our brother Chad!…[View]
53044190/britfeel/: Filthy fat NEET having a big sweaty wank in his dilapidated and mould-infested NEET hove…[View]
53047173Who here actrually posted on this board for a while and was a virgin then finally lost it, and never…[View]
53048206JESUS CHRIST my cock stinks so bad. I'm not sure why, I've only went three days without ba…[View]
53048002Finish the comic: give the comic a proper ending[View]
53046915fembots, would you date an alcoholic if he gave you enough attention?[View]
53046932>tfw turning 20 in 3 months Fuck...where did the time go? I feel so old anons...does it get worse…[View]
53040860>people spend more time and effort reverse engineering a 20 year old game rather than on producti…[View]
53045644Who /zero interests or hobbies/ here? (Except for drinking and 4chan.)[View]
53047267How often do you get mad at a video game? Do you feel like it's justified? I try my best to avo…[View]
53048027>get tinder a few years ago >get a handful of matches >if they get past the initial greet…[View]
53048030>YASS QUEEN what does this even mean i don't understand[View]
53048038i never actually thought the 'walk in look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake' boomer me…[View]
53045762let's be nice and be friendly to each other in this thread ^^ >not looking for discord frien…[View]
53047618>no trannies >no woman >no gays >neets preferred new, sizeable server for meeting other …[View]
53046904Belle Delphine is the Apex Alpha Female: >inb4 you give her money i don't. i fuck hookers. …[View]
53047199A plastic pussy that is >self lubricating >self cleaning >noise suppressing When? I only ne…[View]
53046663ayo /r9k/ fuggin stop crying about yourself and begin to accept yourselves. Being a virgin does not …[View]
53043681did you miss out on having a gf in highschool and spending the summer with them?[View]
53047127Feeling down. Anyone have any good news to share to cheer me up?[View]
53046361The tranny shilling stopped and now we have the blackposting/interracial shill up and running What t…[View]
53047761*gives you a concussion*[View]
53046867Any parents who lack unconditional love?: My dad wud disown me if he ever knew my secrets. Feels bad…[View]
53047873>hypochondriac terrified of having hearattack or stroke >chest pain, palpitations, shortness o…[View]
53047847>brothers inviting me to eat out with the opposite sex[View]
53046291>slowly manipulating this ethot who sells herself online into being emotionally dependent on me …[View]
53047810Reminder that even if everyone else abandons you, Jesus still loves you and will be there for you. H…[View]
53047793Bully stories: In school I would bully the shit out of students one nigger land whale came in withou…[View]
53047790Black femdom: Who else wants to submit to a hot black mistress and have her take her anger out on yo…[View]
53046197How much sex are normal couples even having?: Say a couple has been together about 8 years, they hav…[View]
53047133i have a low libido and only jerk off once or twice a month. this is just how ive always been, im no…[View]
53047234How's life my fellow third world frens?[View]
53047602Give me one good reason why i should not kill myself if i fail college[View]
53044129Are girls who eat burgers attractive?[View]
53046100Aquaposting time: I love Aqua so much. Who's with me?[View]
53047567every time I have sex with a girl I imagine all the other guys who have fucked her and it makes me d…[View]
53047421>listen to music >cry because music is so beautiful >theng you music…[View]
53046979chess thread: https://lichess.org/r01Dj9ya >tfw no boardgame-playing gf…[View]
53047433>hey kid... i know i've been kinda men to you but I'm in a rough patch right now so you…[View]
53047503>tfw /r9k/ get streamerpilled[View]
53046092>'where do you wanna go birthday-boy?' how do you respond[View]
53047349Most of the stuff the white nationalists did in this film was an accurate reflection of what they do…[View]
53047217Well /r9k/, how much will you donate?[View]
53047321>eat 500g of toasted almonds >get stomachache >not feeling empty anymore Thank almonds…[View]
53046727Femanons, would you let a bunch of robots lose their virginity to you at once?[View]
53047306Comfy cozy thread: >////x Sunday /Comfy Thead Theme//x/// >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cb…[View]
53046889>tfw there are tons of people who would embrace me but no one willing to go through the work to b…[View]
53046692Why are trannies so retarded? I guess FtM is alright, but what would possess a white straight male t…[View]
53046954Would robots date a girl who would only have sex for procreation?[View]
53046942itt: how was your day? mine was prettty good!!!: my ex said shes reporting me to the police because …[View]
53046280Can't you just ban all my possible proxies? A lot already are, so why can't you do all of …[View]
53047090Tired of using my hands: Whats a better alternative that isnt too pricey[View]
53047122Do you have a song you want played at your funeral/death? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G85tU_Q766…[View]
53046540any r9k users in hawaii? i wanna meet up[View]
53047063twitter advice: hi i've noticed a lot of e-boys have really cute twitter accounts. i assume tha…[View]
53046606Does anyone else find I'll Try Living Like This by death dynamic shroud to be a simultaneously …[View]
53045421Why are long nails sexualized so much?[View]
53047080information overload leads to consciousness study but do not question if you havent died from hard w…[View]
53044713I can't eat meat now without thinking of the kind fluffy animal it came from.[View]
53046393Dear victims of BPD roasties: Why have you done it to yourself? Redflags were all over the place; co…[View]
53044958>there are femanons here that have disturbed bondage fantasies explain yourselves…[View]
53045176Tfw no stylized feminine tomboy, pseudo skater, kind of punk, definitely alternative, not quite a sc…[View]
53042297>Excuse me sir, your Varbiebot is malfunctioning. She's been throwing donuts at the fatties …[View]
53046983I sincerely do not understand what modern paganists believe. Surely they don't actually believe…[View]
53046254White girls are just too damn sexiful.[View]
53046875I just got ENTP after seeing so many different robots taking the 16personalities test. What's t…[View]
53042625>notice bf stopped wanting sex with me >ask him about it >says it took me a while to notice…[View]
53046812>too lazy to clean my room fug[View]
53045581Anyone else was an extreme bully in middle school? I remember beating and making every guy in the cl…[View]
53046866>be me >fembot >do nothing >animal comes to attack me >do nothing >man comes to ai…[View]
53046852Dream thread: >dreamt I had a watch that could take me anywhere in time, first thing I did was go…[View]
53046798Hey arcanines, I've been away for a long time (a year, exactly to the day). I have a couple thi…[View]
53046845Any traps or trannies want a BF? Come here! myzja4[View]
53046840Boomer travels back to the 80s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7dMoi9A0Fk&t=14s[View]
53045279/mu/: music for the FEELS https://youtu.be/_oLzX0RPquk[View]
53046785I can't do it anymore: I can't take it anymore guys. My parents are on the brink of divorc…[View]
53046817Oh of course its my old friend Ryo how the hell have you been keeping then?[View]
53046773Fuck, I just realised I'll have been on this site for 7 years soon. I first started coming here…[View]
53044601Asian women are ugly and they're dumb[View]
53046796My armpits stink of celery and onions[View]
53046659Are you fellas having girl problems?[View]
53045573Could part of the black IQ issue be that black people just don't give a fuck about IQ tests? I…[View]
53045949>fembot says she loves me Help bros idk what to do, I'm autistic[View]
53044633Finally get gf, fuck it up instantly: >finally get a gf after 28 years of trying >she is lovel…[View]
53046048GUYS I'M LITERALLY SHAKING RN: I drank too much coffee[View]
53042724I've been burnt out on escapism and past hobbies for a long time, this past year especially has…[View]
53046300Does therapy really help with borderline personality disorder or is it a meme?[View]
53046564Tomorrow i will go to a job interview, i'm so anxious anons. I hope things go well, because i d…[View]
53046371Stop being a normalfaggot.[View]
53046591Do you use /int/? What do you think of it?[View]
53044787ugly people uprising when? when will uglies of the world unite and start throwing acid on attractive…[View]
53045432>tfw no bIasian gf[View]
53046612Tfw bruised crotch[View]
53044781>get to spend all day in bed on the internet >will be like this for the next few months >do…[View]
53044899Update on my cute smol gf situation, things are great!: In early april of this year I made two threa…[View]
53044763I have yellow fever, how do I make sure asian girls don't know or find out about it? Apparently…[View]
53045048hows your early morning going kathy? still looking for a job. there arent many in my town right now.…[View]
53045993Shave your neck beard[View]
53046032What's it like to teach ESL in Asia?[View]
53045730Incel/vennelos: Mangler du venner eller er du incel, en mand og mindst 18 aar? Saa join vores Discor…[View]
53045193>wake up from nice dream >check social media >*FUCK YOU ANON, YOU STUPID FAGGOT* I dont lik…[View]
53044507Rate my English breakfast i had in Thailand with my thai gogo girlfriend. She took the picture.[View]
53046466Subliminal thread: Jesus fucking christ, I believed in the Subliminal Affirmation on YT meme for abo…[View]
53041911Femanons why aren't you interested in cool shit like exoplanets[View]
53044321ENOUGH! I DESERVE a gf and so do you![View]
53041659How come incels are more intellectual than Chad? Don't say it's a cope because incels ofte…[View]
53046414>be me >drink to the point where you're nearly blackout drunk but you can remember most o…[View]
53045524when did you realize you were much more of a weeb than you first thought? for me it was when i start…[View]
53046178My girlfriend farts. How do you deal with this mentally? The only time I find it 'acceptable' for a …[View]
53046011Why are there so many trannies in tech?[View]
53046362I can't be myself in this country not even drunk.[View]
53043981ever dated an autistic girl?[View]
53045754Chinese is so hard to learn[View]
53045670muh daddy issues: I matched with this 19yo girl on Tinder and she messaged first saying I was really…[View]
53045981Okay so wtf I just got a girlfriend and she seemed like the most wonderful person. Today she told me…[View]
53046212Dear globalists, satanists, freemasons, those special people from THE TRIBE; ITS COMING: We don…[View]
53044370I've been dating this pic related girl for 7 weeks. Last Tuesday she told me she was diagnosed …[View]
53045745Had my first monger experience last night. It was impressive watch a woman go from vibrant and outg…[View]
53046182tfw you realize you have made at least one femanon laugh with one of your posts[View]
53042628if you're depressed try hitting the gym this isn't some normie tier advice, it did a lot f…[View]
53043015Come along anons, tell me whats wrong[View]
53045929What's a good hobby where I can pay money to meet people? Learn something? Most stuff I'm …[View]
53044209I kissed a girl who rejected me right after, see ya later KHVs[View]
53046259I dont understand how blacks love white females so much they are literally the most annoying fucking…[View]
53046258Is having a creaky voice a slut tell??[View]
53044970Are you a KHHV but had a small taste of female contact/female attention? I thought I could live my e…[View]
53045883Do girls find feminine eyes attractive?[View]
53046504Why do women care so much for niggers, gays, kikes, trans people and the likes especially when they …[View]
53045822v: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1shKlPVzTnX how was your weekend[View]
53044539Got this LED interactive wall here You boys want me to leave a message?[View]
53043417Anyone else have hoarder parents? I'm set to inherit an awful lot of junk, a lifetime of worthl…[View]
53046077You guys think that having a family is normalfag. But atleast not having one is better because it sa…[View]
53044477>wrecked another friendship I can't carry on like this bros[View]
53043581Facebook is 1000 times better than this soul-devouring pithole, prove me wrong[View]
53045938for people who do nothing but sit inside on their computers all day you all seem to have very bland,…[View]
53043535Anyone here willing to creampie my hot schizo mom while I watch?[View]
53045153/Masochist/: Who else here a masochist? >tfw no girl to keep me as her catboi and personal punchi…[View]
53045503>you will never be a cute, biracial couple How will I fit into the mono-racial, intergalactic tec…[View]
53043377Alright 'fembots' why dont you want to be my gf? Is Little Miss Perfect too good for a loser like me…[View]
53042906So what's your excuse not to travel to poland for a week and fuck atleast 2 - 3 escort girls th…[View]
53045592Remember anon, you are a good person at heart and deserve happiness. Do not be afraid to reach out t…[View]
53045898http://mumkeyjones.tv/so-you-need-a-reason-to-live/ i feel targetted by this video lmao[View]
53045352In what way are you supposed to respect your gf? Im having a hard time understanding what this means…[View]
53045868>be senior in hs >have few if any friends >this one girl was nice enough to occasionally ta…[View]
53045867>tfw will never puke up the 2D pill[View]
53045264Not even 10am, already have had 2000 calories[View]
53043426Does this shit work? I have tried: >zzzquil gummies Wake up after 6 hours wide awake, tired all d…[View]
53044735Do zoomers and young millennials still meet girls through bars and clubs anymore? More of half of th…[View]
53045039I thought that the black fetishist posters said that only weak white bois get mental illness yet her…[View]
53045666>no trannies >no roasties >no gays >neets preferred new, sizeable server for meeting oth…[View]
53045765Some one told me to: >have sex But I didn't[View]
53045623What's the point of getting an irl gf when she will never compare to anime girls?[View]
53045510My gf is cute, smart, and is always well dressed. She's so nice to me, I'm not sure what I…[View]
53045753Skribbl.io shit again bruhhh: Get in here niggers https://skribbl.io/?KiSUM2HoQy[View]
53041501https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doomer: DOOMER thread So how many of you are sticking around for the a…[View]
53045743>in the 90s I didn't know any bisexual girls >now every girl I meet is bisexual and mostl…[View]
53043325Women keep screwing up so much they started shilling crap like this in order to continue riding that…[View]
53044892My parents are going away to disney world for a week and i need to come up with a way to get cash fo…[View]
53045635>giggle on other's and make hurt jokes about others >feel bad and disgusted by myself aft…[View]
53045674I'm from the future in, and bring some important information, for Minecraft You need to be: …[View]
53044984i have a gentle femdom gf she loves me and controls me sexually and makes me jerk off in front of he…[View]
53045340Moving Out of the Nest: I need some info/advice on finding a place to live at. The family is trying …[View]
53042212>tfw an incel[View]
53043627>Get invited to parties, dont go >ghost girls on Tinder >dont talk to anyone in my classes …[View]
53041709>he watches porn When will you stop this disgusting habit?[View]
53044722Normies are out celebrating longest day shortest night: Me no have friends. Me no know what to do. …[View]
53044055I have to leave for work in half an hour.[View]
53045349Robots, explain to me the correlation between anime and trannies.[View]
53044628>youo guy get gf >but she smelll lik... pope what do you do you…[View]
53044855>haircut day[View]
53044547>Hey little bro, jump in here and make some inbred soup with me[View]
53040841How do you hire the homeless? Ive been entertaining the idea of employing the homeless to tend to my…[View]
53045231>remembering my pedophile phase when i was 13-15[View]
53045065Any early 20 year olds here who just can't imagine themselves in a relationship? Idk why but i …[View]
53043660The tale of an incel: >Let's propose I use Tinder After hundreds of swiping every roastie pr…[View]
53043375This is masculinity in 2019. It's also the way you are forced to dress just to get a gf, truly …[View]
53045256Has anyone here creeped out a girl who initially was the one that showed interest in you? Just happe…[View]
53039419God i'm so lonely... post pictures of cute couples pls.[View]
53044683falling into pits?: Every day i feel myself becoming more and more of an incel. it all is rooted in …[View]
53045198Was this guy a good president ? Some say he was a puppet of the Jews like the rest but then others s…[View]
53044008It's nearly been 5 years.[View]
53044881Namelet thread: >Paul lennon >Dad who's name is literally 'Jean' was a big fan of the bea…[View]
53043047/Aus NEET/: What are my ausbots up to? hopefully enjoying a drink or shitposting as usual, come have…[View]
53044800Fucking hell lads Can we get some Fs?[View]
53045115>tfw no world building gf to illustrate her ideas for it's a bad kind of feel…[View]
53044590Dear normie scum: your sinks are my urinals[View]
53039063So, why do you think you can't get laid? Physical incapability, lack of social skills, fear of …[View]
53040663Skittles > M&Ms[View]
53045089Were you supposed to look people in the eye when you laugh?[View]
53044753I asked my girlfriend (33 year old mother of 3 from a British council estate) if she thinks the gree…[View]
53042583I fear aging so much bros. I don't want to become old with the associated detrimentd (mental an…[View]
53044457My Dilemma: Dated a Latina Girl >Smart >She's a little bit crazy but hot >Great sex …[View]
53042954Does anyone have the image where it says LOVE and the letter V is a girl stretching her vaginal disc…[View]
53044969Have I experienced an awakening?: Last year I reached a very dark point where something I had been s…[View]
53044940free bf: one free bf here will fuck anything with a pussy[View]
53042475>There are people on 4chan right now older than 20 Literally why? Shouldn't you be living li…[View]
53044767What is the etiquette for texting a girl after you got her number? I got her number (hopefully not a…[View]
53044467Got any proof that black guys only get bottom of the barrel fat ugly landwhales that no white man wa…[View]
53044318Reminder: BONES are everything. You can't change BONE except through very expensive and risky s…[View]
53042498>really want something like pic related >not shameless enough to actually order it…[View]
53043970/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags normalfags GTFO of this board[View]
53044750>get along with a qt3141 >solid 9/10 >she has a boyfriend >she comes over anyway >she…[View]
530409505'10 turbomanlet: my diminutive height is the only thing holding me back, bros. girls don'…[View]
53040398>look up at the top of a building >see a girl like this on the roof How do you respond?…[View]
53044337if femanons got a great boyfriend but he had to give you a stone cold stunner once in a while would …[View]
53044696>Know the statistical probability of me being the only person in the world who isn't a piece…[View]
53020118Tell me your number one fetish /r9k/ For me it's getting cucked by a white guy[View]
53044667>have to go to war with iran because iran looked at israel weird Literally this is gay as hell i …[View]
53044611What was America like before they started letting in all the minorities?[View]
53044651Where can I get a qt blond bf? I don't have money to move to Scandinavia.[View]
53043069Why haven't you vacuumed your room robots?[View]
53043928Why do black guys get the hottest white girls?[View]
53044543Fembots what do you think about a scenario where a loving bf slowly coerces you into committing acts…[View]
53043749I went bald when I was 15. Literally overnight I went from being a cute popular guy in class that al…[View]
53037563/family taboo/: >tfw will never spoon sister like this share your family taboo thoughts…[View]
53043568Any technique to snap your mind to 'productive mode' reliably instead of just willpower bruteforcing…[View]
53044548Alone: How do I exist in the same room as amother person without experiencing an intense fear that t…[View]
53044277>roomate wont fucking leave[View]
53043743>fucking around on snapchat (normie I know) >find the female filter >filter myself >I…[View]
53044229I love the rain and thunderstorms [Spoiler]one of the few things that calms me[/spoiler][View]
53044363What is the best haircut?[View]
53044244what made you not respect women?[View]
53043573>grandpa was teeenager when he fought in WWII resistance >I am 24 and afraid of talking to peo…[View]
53041438Femanon explain why you haven't gone anal only yet.[View]
53044320My room smells like shit cause I'm sick I keep farting all the day but I can't open the wi…[View]
53043930am i autistic?: i am chad, i have friends all over who i can easily hang out with but i dont, i choo…[View]
53041872>he gets embarrassed when I say hi to him[View]
53044402Is the godfather of anime right? Is it unwatchable cringe because it's now made by subhumans wi…[View]
53044380Attorney Online Vidya AOV sharing trap pictures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O2sqj2MfE4tzsQs…[View]
53044377Algeria will play today for the african cup of nations, will you support them anon ? i hope so[View]
53041830Make me a sad fellow.[View]
53044029>so anon... tell me all about yourself, you seem interesting[View]
53044360>had that dream again where I fall in love with a girl[View]
53044347I dont think I'll ever find a girl who stays with me forever being okay with all my shit anons,…[View]
53042429stuff soicucks say: >oof >yikes Are these out of the soi dictionary? Whenever I see anybody us…[View]
53044315Are there any fembots into BBM (Big Beautiful Men) ? I've decided losing weight is too difficu…[View]
53043778>taking a shit at work >fucking homeless guy come in restroom >washes himself and throws wa…[View]
53042984I want to sex my twin brother: help im not even that gay[View]
53040980/britfeel/: The last week of the first half of 2019 begins tomorrow edition[View]
53040379Post your perfect gal. (A gal that would cure your depression.)[View]
53044076https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zou-2zX1gZk >You will be never living this life and fucking your …[View]
53042044To the robot who posted this: I can offer you some insight, although I would need to know more. If y…[View]
53043169Post your dakis /r9k/ Why not make the switch, second best thing to the real deal, been feeling alot…[View]
53042059Aqua appreciation thread: she is a valuable goddess[View]
53044188>be me >live somewhere in Europe >your grandparents and great-grandparents were travelers …[View]
53044170My bf just farted on my pussy while spooning. What should I do to get him back?[View]
53042179If you aren't remembered, then you never existed.[View]
53042367Did you ever fucked a prostitute or private escort whores? How much did you paid for? Was it enjoyab…[View]
53043920Have you ever stressed out over an ugly or average chick you swore you had a chance with but actuall…[View]
53044004Jesus he is so autistic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZKuwgcKXwY[View]
53043048Where do I find a bf that will give me regular nice massages?[View]
53043904>My mom recently got assigned a teaching/education/assistance job in specialised education for as…[View]
53043734I love my gf. She is kind, beautiful, and doesn't afraid of anything. Pic related is my gf. Mi …[View]
53042104The MENSA Delusion: Why do 'intellectuals' think that joining MENSA is something to aspire to? I mea…[View]
53042956How does a girl ass smells?[View]
53044035SIGNS YOU'RE A BOOMER: Posting 0 day memes even if they're not funny. I admit. That's…[View]
53044032i'm so fucking tired of normies it's so exhausting to be around normal people. the way the…[View]
53043785Why do white girls always go for violent black guys with the typical thug aura about them? Like you …[View]
53043810Why can't we find a compromise between homosexuality and monogamy? Just shoot down all the fags…[View]
53043947Last night I hung out with my friend, my friend, and my friend's gf who has 12.5k social media …[View]
53043978>get invited to neighbors party with his family >his sister wears slitty short dress…[View]
53043476why do white people hate him and call him a pedophile? He is still very much loved as a legend in th…[View]
53043351morning big kat how is your June coming along[View]
53043893wtf is this shit, I can't even understand what I read: what is this bullshit? I'm not even…[View]
53043165It's sunday. Son, you may confess.[View]
53043854>tfw no rootless cosmopolitan bf[View]
53040461> tall man preferred > not interested in superficial stuff When did you realize it's not …[View]
53040978I'm in church now, AMA[View]
53043821Christian Thread: Our loneliness and weirdness our our crosses, we have to carry them and follow Chr…[View]
53043795> hey big bro, come get a taste of my junie cakes what do?[View]
53041548>52kg 181cm tall, 15.9 BMI Skelly life, haven't eaten anything today yet. I barely have an a…[View]
53035427it's saturday night get in here and spill out your feelings[View]
53042923what do hispanic feet smell like?[View]
53043754tell me about the time you kicked someone in the balls[View]
53042632>Why yes, I was an atheist for most of my life and never felt at peace with myself. The money, th…[View]
53042203/drugfeel/: Last one is about to hit bump limit >>53003031 Useful Links -------------------- …[View]
53034836How's the period going fembots? Is it extra gooey and stinky? Is your family giving you funny l…[View]
53042048Why would anyone want to fuck or have a relationship with women in year 2019 Explain it to an uniron…[View]
53043594lel: lol anyone have anymore[View]
53043590tfw your cringy thread finally goes 404[View]
53042789Is anyone else like this? I get called cute by girls but have never even been on a date. Is cute jus…[View]
53042460>tfw got ghosted by a cute guy[View]
53038407>dude just be confident lol What a joke[View]
53042372Insult me the worst way possible so I could grow a thicker skin[View]
53042831Calling all fellow stoners: How long does it take to pass a saliva drug test? I'm applying at t…[View]
53041800Honestly anons, black people are like superhumans to me. The men are all ripped Adonises and well bu…[View]
53043446Whats up my fellow NorBots? Lets chill and shitpost[View]
53043501Pretty white Girls of /r9k/ can you explain why you prefer black men over pink dicked white boys ple…[View]
53040936Stop being ungrateful. At least you're not black.[View]
53042207Why do incels think that looks are the only thing that matter when you see ugly guys with girlfriend…[View]
53040878>my smut story got published Hundreds of 14 year old girls are going to be touching themselves t…[View]
53043443hey anons, how loud is your family?: god i fucking wish nobody in my house raised their voice. im al…[View]
53043408what do you need to make you feel fulfilled/satisfied?[View]
53039910>get to know a girl >she mentions her ex-boyfriend(s) during the first conversations Why do yo…[View]
53040404God damn this shit is so fucking based. I just wish he showed a big hairy chest in the photo to real…[View]
53043171>be overweight >men all refer to me as 'fat' >start referring to myself as fat >women ge…[View]
53043157Henlo frens, i need Pirate-Frog please dont ask why[View]
53042329How do I let go of other people's judgements of me and stop feeling so worthless? I like the pe…[View]
53042636Have you ever stolen clothes from a store or made an attempt? If yes, how did it work out? Asking fo…[View]
53043256>have long term best friend gf >have stress free easy job >hanging with friends more >si…[View]
53042955It's my birthday today, say something nice about me[View]
53040564Where's my pity, huh?: >tell people IRL that you're 30 and never had a gf >you expec…[View]
53039393How to get arms as big as Etika's? I have been in the gym about a decade and still can't g…[View]
53042188Pls tell me, when will that crippling feeling of solitude finally stop?[View]
53041552Incels should be forced on HRT. After a set amount of time they are to be evaluated by an expert com…[View]
53042691I can't play this game. How are people able to get chicken dinner? I can't even get single…[View]
53041759im going to buy a dildo from amazon. Which color pink translucent or clear translucent?[View]
53043187I cannot stop masturbating, please help.[View]
53040778Is anyone here unironically transhumanist?[View]
53039164Shit shit shit I'm hearing whispers am I a fucking schizo please help[View]
53041814mentally ill girls are cute[View]
53042549>ate a party pack of chocolates again[View]
53041174Why are woman always such cry babies, and why cant they take a fucking joke? >Get along well with…[View]
53042131Help an autist get laid: I matched with this qt 3141 on tinder and after a couple of days she messag…[View]
53042459Tomorrow I'm hooking up with some random fat 18-year old from the internet to suck his dick at …[View]
53040931>try to be outgoing and friendly >Everyone talks shit behind my back, acts choppy when I'…[View]
53042342Why aren't you scaming people anon? What do you have to lose? Fuck em Go and get what you want[View]
53042441Does DMT just ruin other psychedelics for you? Today I took 600mg mescaline and 200ug acid and I bar…[View]
53042055>be me >need new shoes and something to eat >ask a few friends to come with >'I'll …[View]
53042755What's the difference between mommy issues and daddy issues?[View]
53042180Fuck: Oh God it's like everything is collapsing around me. I don't even know if I'm r…[View]
53042902>Oh wagie, I'm sooooo sorry for leaving you home alone last night and going to the NEETs man…[View]
53040211ITT: we post images of things we'll never have[View]
53042706What did 4chan(nel) mean by this? /r9k/ is like the only board I can post on.[View]
53042880Is it weird to drink out of an juice box as an adult.[View]
53042331GOSPEL OF THE DAY From the Gospel according to Luke LK 9:11B-17 Jesus spoke to the crowds about the …[View]
53037960A woman wants to rape you, how do you convince her to stop?[View]
53041498>fapped to the thought of my gf turning into a futanari and jealously hatefucking my exgf jesus c…[View]
53041475>be me >6'4' feels good man[View]
53042778>can't find the prostate >got my fingers up there many times >will never have a full b…[View]
53040990Why are you waiting for a woman to make a move on you? You know how unlikely that is, don't you…[View]
53041203I want to build and live in a pirate ship guys. How do i build ship?[View]
53042527>tfw no hex maniac gf Being alive hurts.[View]
53041455>'do you want to sleep in mommy's bed tonight, anon sweety?'[View]
53038483I'm sick of people telling me where to put my ketchup sick of them telling my bathtub is useles…[View]
53042312This was all just a prank right?[View]
53041440/reminder/ if you've a gf - this place isn't for you normalfags out out out[View]
53042388I want to live in a post apocolyptic waste land. Who would start a tribe with me?[View]
53041959Im on vacaychion with me older Sister an shes bossy and mean she dosn let me go anywhere on me own a…[View]
53040988>tfw no vigilante gf >tfw you will never eat pizza with her after killing thugs and druggies w…[View]
53041392https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XatHssa1f7Y Thoughts?[View]
53041274Another lazy Sunday, let's have another comfychat thread Some questions that you may or may not…[View]
53042222why do normies glorify psychopathic behaviour on tv and then get upset when someone shoots up a scho…[View]
53042368Okay fellow robots. As we all clearly see we have lot of Aquafags here. Yeah, Aqua is not bad at all…[View]
53040917Why do old black and white photos looks so amazing anons?[View]
53037707Is socialism the way?[View]
53040002>she shows you her pagan goddess altar and pays tribute to it How do you respond?…[View]
53040287Do you think the government should do something about neets? It's not OK for people to do nothi…[View]
53042090>neighbor's dog found the piss bottle time capsule[View]
53039752being an ugly girl is infinitely harder than being an ugly guy. you guys can make up for it with mon…[View]
53041895what is wrong with meeeeeeeee!!! why do all my friends always leave me,[View]
53041655l-listen to me...: Patriarchy is essential part of human civilization. If not for patriarchy, chads …[View]
53038745Always look forward for tomorrow even if the future is seems bleak because there's always hope …[View]
53040534any tips on how to LARP as an attractive girl on discord? how i do get people to believe me ect, wha…[View]
53003031/drugfeel/: Should I drop dxm tonight? edition[View]
53039737>in my late 20s >dream about having wife an kids >khhv beta male with no future…[View]
53040909Ausfag general: >Be me >sitting at home drinking all afternoon >On 4chan all afternoon >…[View]
53041495Once sex robots are available, is it still considered cheating if you fuck one while in a relationsh…[View]
53041591>one shot at life >social anxiety it's like most things are locked away from you and you …[View]
53041546I just want to die. I wish I could kill myself. But then that will fuck up a lot of people. I dont e…[View]
53041511Since today: - You can't feel pleasure masturbating. - You can't taste the food you eat. -…[View]
53041937/r9k/ hooverville thread: ITT we all live in a hooverville and have to cooperate for survival[View]
53040714About to become homeless AMA[View]
53040893ITT: Weird, unexplainable shit you do that even you don't fully understand. >thinking of emb…[View]
53038586My friend is a furfag now What do I do robots? :([View]
53041764Buying clothes myself at 24.: Enough is enough. Up until this point I never bought my own clothes. I…[View]
53040888Times your autism ruined chances with girls: ITT times you messed up your chance with a girl >Be …[View]
53040492Was dragged out with family today for dinner. Conversation eventually came to how I am spending all …[View]
53041545>tried to bake cookies because I haven't eaten anything cooked in a long time how'd I d…[View]
53041167>see porn ads but they gross me out and make me uncomfortable >meet a girl >shes just a per…[View]
53041371I am finally going outside: I'm meeting a friend i need advice on what to say in conversation w…[View]
53041492MONTHLY INCEL PURGE: Stop thinking of women as potential dates or partners. Just stop. They're …[View]
53036240>19 >dropped out college >no job >no car >no friends >no gf >no money >liter…[View]
53038741She's not lesbian like Agatha, does she[View]
53041544>Africa, hello, how are you doing? >You hungry?…[View]
53041258>Meet christmas cake fembot >Has really sweet voice and personality >Calls me lil baby alot…[View]
53041359my older brothers always try to bring me down, try to point out all of my mistakes etc. he laughs at…[View]
53041470>tfw mummy gf that always cares for me, cuddles in bed and cooks for me and tries to stop me doin…[View]
53029464What kinds of clothes do you love to see on women?[View]
53040797ducks do not want lemon blood, give them the violet testicles instead[View]
53041380So how do I find someone using a first name and place of work? I've tried Linkedin but nothing…[View]
53038223would you mind a learning disability gf?[View]
53040499Have you ever met a powerful women? I met one with so much power it felt like in the sense that she …[View]
53041303Not All Women?: I wish women didn't want to be abused. I hate being mean to people and it absol…[View]
53040641Normies, faggots, trannies and females have gotta go: This is what the front page of my r9k looks li…[View]
53041152If history were to only remember one person for each decade, which 7 people would be remembered for …[View]
53040938confess your sins, jesus christ is here for you[View]
53038493can you smoke lettuce[View]
53040798should i lose virginity with a hooker?[View]
53040730>Spend a couple hours on a 'steam'-y erp sesh with someone I met on Steam >Enjoy the…[View]
53040249>TFW no 10 year old cute niece/sister to play board games with They are the cutest, most fun crea…[View]
53037509Would you like /r9k/ better with no porn ads and no adult content?[View]
53038063I discovered that masturbating while wearing a condom is pretty good. It feels nice, and it makes cl…[View]
53039865It's about time we fembots rise up and avenge righteous feminists like aileen wuornos. fembot u…[View]
53040945Are there any people or organizations that truly 'rule over' society, or is it all just kind of a pr…[View]
53033584/britfeel/: I sure hope that all you lads are planning on going to church tomorrow morning edition…[View]
53040993>be me >chad sight >:[ >wake up >dream…[View]
53040740Why do male-dom posters feel the need to tantrum every time they see a femdom thread? Does mommypost…[View]
53040947Just a tip for anyone who thinks that a foid is showing interest in you, don't be tripping beca…[View]
53040694Whats a comfy MC r9k server? I wanna be a farmer and RP with people trading with them and eventually…[View]
53040591>'You see these anons, they're my buds... we shoot the shit and discuss the real issues of h…[View]
53040818>his STI test is negative raw me papi[View]
53040477what's your height/ weight limit for women robots?[View]
53038601I didn't go to work today frens.. I'm gonna get fired probably but idc. They already calle…[View]
53040523>tfw there have been lots of times when a girl has shown interest in me >ignore them or fuck t…[View]
53039610>be me >27 yo KHV >work at a shitty tourist trap selling drinks to annoying tourists >10…[View]
53040844I have no idea what to put here: >First time doing this >Be me, 16 year old foreign fag starti…[View]
53040474My period is nineteen days late. I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test.[View]
53037885Are you jealous, ladyboy?[View]
53040296>bike gets stolen >call police >they find my bike and the thief >I get my bike back than…[View]
53038285How does sex with her feel like?[View]
53040768Get in niggers: https://skribbl.io/?n7Y8q2ukc3[View]
53039331Which retarded country has the best flag: vote here: https://lucienrae.com/flagrank[View]
53040114If I weren't here, the only consequence would be that you'd just lower your standards even…[View]
53040729Most Women deserve to be burned alive. Not saying tortured sexually and or raped, that be less satis…[View]
53039911>the protestant reformation was 500 years ago[View]
53040653what are some relatively peaceful and robot friendly universities in the states?[View]
53040702I wanna have a better life I need something to go after and something to run away from, this way I h…[View]
53040444>Keep getting calls from salespeople that cant speak English Feels bad being an aussiefag…[View]
53039406is this peak Youtube? https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ro4Q28VSVPY[View]
53040590my brother, one of very few people who really matters to me, recently tried to kill himself. he was …[View]
53040621NORMIES: >Hay femanons How can a board full of incels and outcast be so cringy and needy for atte…[View]
53037630>mom kicked me out haha[View]
53040609>late night up >looking at summaries from a book on seduction because I'm getting tired o…[View]
53038828I'm not even a follower of his works and social media precense and even I feel bad for his deat…[View]
53040394>play project cars before bed >keep fucking up the last bit of the track because it rains >…[View]
53040112Any body else flip off security cameras randomly? When i feel like im being watched, i flip off came…[View]
53039153>tfw no bf to watch the sunset with[View]
53040024Is obesity behavioral or genetic?[View]
53038133Movie thread: Anyone seen any good movies lately? Just finished the Digimon tri series, it was prett…[View]
53039031would you settle for an ADHD girl[View]
53039953There is a concert I want to go 3 hours away to but I do not have anyone to go with. I'm nervou…[View]
53037375I'm a white ugly incel virgin freak I'm never going to have sex and I will die alone and n…[View]
53040447>tfw can't stop attention whoring and craving male attention.[View]
53039225how would you feel about getting a 4/10 midwestern gf?[View]
53039528femanons what is it like to have a father? I have never had this experience.[View]
53038008Does anyone here take cbd oil/vape for health reasons? Can anybody give me some info on it or tell m…[View]
53040419Any suicide pact in Texas? Just need a gun thats all[View]
53032671Describe your perfect life to me. Don't care how impossible it seems, tell me about the life yo…[View]
53037079Hikikomori General Thread: This thread is for English speaking hikikomori shut ins people who comple…[View]
53039283How common are these? I have multiple of them around my body and I was born with it. Is it concernin…[View]
53040191SecurityBot general: Why haven't you taken the security pill the most based robot job ever >…[View]
53039117What do you eat on a daily basis?[View]
53040348Fuck me my life is over why god I am better than most in the industries involved in - i just need my…[View]
53039816>the emptiness anyone else know this feel[View]
53040270>be me >see ya later virgins[View]
53039391I wanna fall in love...!: There are cute, charmingly clumsy, considerate Chunibyo girls out there th…[View]
53040110>on tinder >swiping twice left, once right, repeat (from what I've heard it will show you…[View]
53040143'Why, yes, I beat every tranny I see to death. How did you know?'[View]
53038189Male prairie voles mate exclusively with the female they lose their virginity to. Once pair-bonded, …[View]
53039608is socialism the most cruel ideology?[View]
53040137ok guys what the fuck. i wipe after taking a fat one and my ass bleeds like it was pierced by the th…[View]
53038243How do I go out honorably?: Every day, every event in my life feels played out - like nothing is wor…[View]
53040199Welcome, if you are reading this you have been invited to the most prestigious community on teamspea…[View]
53040184Hey Frens, like a week ago, my fren on discord deleted his profile. I dunno what happened, but I mis…[View]
53040161The gangweed facebook group got shut down... this says so much about our society these days... it fe…[View]
53040072I'm not the one to moan and bitch about things, but even for a 'made' guy like me its getting r…[View]
53039768You guys know there's discords with hundreds of girls on it specifically for edating, right? Pi…[View]
53038296Big Kathy, I wonder how old you really are. A former friend of yours said you told them you were 26.…[View]
53039744Telepathy and reading minds is real. I was walking home with my sister and while we were walking, m…[View]
53038260should I get a full time job? Im a NEET disabled, barely making ends meet. hardly ever eat cause hav…[View]
53039832Girls have it so easy they can go fuck on camera and make thousands of dollars while having fun and …[View]
53039963>Can you feel my pain? >Can you feel it?[View]
53038671what would you do if you had the power to give anyone a single order that they couldn't disobey…[View]
53038449What multiplayer games do you play that has more girl players than can be your real life girlfriend?…[View]
53039827Although I'm poor right now, I can't imagine my life would change much if I was rich. Sure…[View]
53040044The Man without Qualities: Has anyone read this book? Please tell me anything you can on it, I will …[View]
53040036I hit up a girl guys!! I made it four texts in before she left me on read! That's a new record!…[View]
53039684>girl accidentally sends me a video of her in her underwear gyrating to music completely out of t…[View]
53039119>tfw being trans girl[View]
53036971>succesful >6'+ tall >famous >decent looks for a nigger >still kills himself Why…[View]
53039750I hate how garbage I am. Recently my crush is starting to show heavy interest in me. She's an a…[View]
53039831>YWN experience teenage love: >im 22, make 100k and it feels so empty >tfw had girls flirt …[View]
53039957femanon here, how can i feel better about myself/my body and gain confidence? i get told alot that …[View]
53039256>no trannies >no fags >no roasties >neets preferred join this sizeable server for meetin…[View]
53039841Is art keeping us down? All great works of art, literature and cinema are deeply depressing and make…[View]
53039226Do Trans-Men also do the weird fucking thing with the Cat-things and the anime avatars? Because like…[View]
53039929>be me >be sad >drink coffe >be less sad thanks coffe…[View]
53039533people only care about you when they find out you are upset with them.[View]
53037987People who like and save cute anime pictures have serious mental problems[View]
53039904It's crazy how much better fat guys look to women in clothes than super ripped leaned out guys.…[View]
53038150Maymays: ITT we post funny pics like pic related[View]
53037291is anyone else depressed that they arent rich. imagine if you were rich and could afford any kind of…[View]
53039532How old were you when you finally realized the conditioning can't be broken?[View]
53038744Would you be willing to date a bulimic girl?[View]
53039642>No matter where you are, where you go, men will always be starved for the pussy >Finding a co…[View]
53039597Hello biological women of 4chan, today is your lucky day. This incredibly handsome 20 year old virgi…[View]
53038757man fuck this shit i'm outta here. later[View]
53039663>having hallucinations and confusions from drinking coffee is this normal…[View]
53038380>tfw you're so done with rejection that you literally lose your sex drive Don't even g…[View]
53037739What is the fucking point of an incels existence in this world? Just to suffer? Watch other normal w…[View]
53039698The chad at work quit, he was a pretty cool guy[View]
53037431dammit guys now i cant get a mutt GF without burning in hell >https://www.openbible.info/topics/r…[View]
53038677>tfw no babbitter bf[View]
53039555Misogyny, or being a realist if you ask some people, sucks. I seriously dislike and hate them in gen…[View]
53014503/mbti/: INTP IS SUFFERING EDITION ENTP vs ENTJ which is the true peak man type? function tests are t…[View]
53038998>tfw loser who lives in his dads attic Fucking end me[View]
53039167https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3paMdjFvjZ0 He shits himself at 1:45 and keeps reviewing for 9 more …[View]
53038495Anyone used meditation to cure depression successfully?[View]
53038714>22 neet >she's my kind of girl >she'is just like me >fall in love >lost my…[View]
53039146>Make Internet 'friends' >They all leave the vc when the one girl leaves God fucking damn it…[View]
53039288>depressed, realize that I don't enjoy vidya, literature or cinema anymore >remember that…[View]
53039446How protective is normal for parents? I've just been thinking about how my dad treats me especi…[View]
53038257>don't enjoy anime >don't enjoy movies >don't enjoy games >don't enj…[View]
53037300What's the gayest shit you own?[View]
53039482>give a black person 1000$ >They buy 1000$ worth of KFC >Give a NEET 1000$ >They buy 100…[View]
53039429How fucked am I?: >Tmanlet >wristlet >brainlet >voicelet >dicklet the only thing I ha…[View]
53039098Is listening to music actually a waste of time? Aren't you just distracting yourself just like …[View]
53038916I am a 23 year old male and 160 cm please convince me not to fucking kill myself >inb4 leg exten…[View]
53039354What's your guess on which mental illness is the next one that gets supported and celebrated in…[View]
53039197>tfw got a girl's phone number tonight I'm excited bros[View]
53038137>talk with a cute guy >brain shuts down and start acting autistic any other fembots like this?…[View]
53038894I have no friends and i'm banned from every board other than r9k[View]
53038813Post your best Chernobyl edits[View]
53035677New 1.14 Anarchy server with 50kx50k world border Ip:[View]
53038307die ngiger die[View]
53038649>finally got a job as a programmer >realized it's not easy like the tutorials >don…[View]
53038525is my voice salvageable https://vocaroo.com/i/s17ZQLZgbO6Q[View]
53039279are there any cases of people getting pozzed just for the lulz? lmao imagine getting pozzed and shit[View]
53031372/creative r9k/: Come share your creative works in this here thread I got an old song and old jam to …[View]
53039201I'm willing to date ugly incels. But as a trans woman of size, you're not interested.[View]
53036029Shame: Fucked some dude. Guys it ain't worth it don't do it. So much shame. Will God forgi…[View]
53039267>be me, a sophomore in highschool >beginning of the school year >teacher hands out surveys …[View]
53038890Im so fucking lonely and I know some of if not most of you guys are too so if anyone wants to talk y…[View]
53039292>Sleep 10 hours from 2am to 12pm >Tired, lethargic, depressed. Can't get anything done. …[View]
53039199I hate when people pretend they care about me It's the ultimate dishonesty At least robots are …[View]
53038135another night drunk as fuck life is good pic unrel[View]
53039294https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ5iwGApwLM You guys wanna watch this with me?[View]
53039179There really is no point to /r9k/ anymore so why haven't they deleted it yet? >b-b-b-but co…[View]
53036258Going to a party with a bunch of nihilistic depressed goth chicks. What am I in for? I have cripplin…[View]
53032324How is your redemption arc coming along? You are working towards a happy ending,right?[View]
53039254Welp, i now think women's bodies are gross. I blame /fit/, tumblr artists, and over exposure to…[View]
53038389Said the n-word to a black person and he cried. Did I do good?[View]
53036197How bad, or good, of an idea is it to explore BDSM? How much does it creep into someone's norma…[View]
53038226What do you guys think of the incestual fantasy of being caught by your mom doing something wrong an…[View]
53038018>tfw nobody watches my stream >even when I '''forget''' to turn it off before I masturbate…[View]
53039039What was manlets made for: Found out I'm a turbo manlet today what was we made for? can turbo m…[View]
53039050>fucking retard who doesn't pause for punctuation while reading aloud…[View]
53035605How do I know if I'm going crazy?[View]
53038996I'm just like shinji ikari wheres mrei?[View]
53038771meta: Why is this the shittiest board on this site? all the blue boards I go to are nice and even s…[View]
53036425Winning the lottery is the difference between life and death for me. I am still young enough where i…[View]
53038004Evolving from incel into Chad: I was an incel my entire first 23 years. I avoided women by playing v…[View]
53029662>i miss her... will she come back?[View]
53037518Fuck the mods: Seriously for the love of GOD DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! >Meanwhile I get warned for eva…[View]
53038767l hope you Iads know, it's not your fault. If I dont make it thru tonight, it's been real[View]
53038653Say something nice to my waifu anons[View]
53037503how in the fuck can anyone not be a neet?[View]
53038262So yeah who's in Ontario and wants to start a shitty indie band with me because frankly I'…[View]
53036587other than these two, what websites do you visit?[View]
53038810>tfw you have a weird voice how do i fix it[View]
53037765I'm hungry: Are there any orbiters out there that will donate to my poor tummy[View]
53038786Are there any anons here whose mothers are literal prostitutes?[View]
53038785>Tfw thunder claps with the sound of a thousand atom bombs right as you bust a fat one and you ge…[View]
53037878Are there any good boards where NEETs hangout? This one has gone to shit with too many trannies and …[View]
53037806ITT we write Bernie Sander's acceptance speech 1 word at a time. I'll start: My[View]
53036958what the fuck am I supposed to do during summer if I can't handle the loneliness and emptiness …[View]
53037258Blade Runner Dump: Post all of your Officer r9K edits please[View]
53038549Remember when you could go to /x/ and read a good creepypasta? Remember when you could go to /b/ and…[View]
53038588I got booted offline from my ps4 and I acquired the person's phone number, call me a faggot but…[View]
53037357I can't find meaning in lif-[View]
53038565I want to impregnate Asuka.[View]
53038610I have a large deep stretchmark on my inner thigh and I cut it with a razor on accident. Now it hurt…[View]
53037923So I run a small business and my mom wants me to hire my little sister because she's a lazy fuc…[View]
53037816Pick your poison!: dubs = granted trips = the photo above you chose will be given quads = you alread…[View]
53037642One of these chart threads because I'm lonely and I can only get along with other robots :([View]
53038191does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure? I don't think l want to be a woma…[View]
53037856>tfw no early human gf to have wild animal sex with[View]
53036688how close are you anons to kys? and for what reason? i have my day planned for 2 weeks from now once…[View]
53033481Minimum girl height?: What is your minimum height a girl has to be before you would consider her att…[View]
53038198when did you realize that life and society is a HONKING joke?[View]
53037804Alright Incels, do you have POV videos of what it looks like when a girl likes someone. Like if I wa…[View]
53037663Anyone shares discord server with pic related? His name is robot and he is v based. The server that …[View]
53038345Hold me or ill throw a bipolar tantrum.[View]
53038084>Be autistic shut-in >Normies tell me I need to become more like them >Tell me to go outsid…[View]
53037522How do I make friends to play this game ?[View]
53034514Is there anything worth doing in life desu?[View]
53037098>'you're damaged goods'[View]
53037860I'll be 27 in 6 months and I haven't done anything with my life. I'm broken. I only h…[View]
53038126How to I prevent awkward silences on dates?[View]
53038327>group convo going on >have something to add >wait for opening in convo >topic changes b…[View]
53038325>post some bait >anons give (you)s >turn off my computer and run away…[View]
53037535>cum is just pee with sperms in it[View]
53038297Why are all the alt-righters always lonely, sad, virgin, fucking neckbeards that hang out on this si…[View]
53035813Changing yourself is impossible, I'm giving up. I fucking quit.[View]
53038164the goo goo dolls dizzy up the girl[View]
53037824I've gotten to the point where I'm starved for affection that I take anyone as my gf. I ju…[View]
53037892>be me >finally posts something on facebook for the first time in 10 months >get 2 likes …[View]
53037219How are you going to spend your $1000 when he wins?[View]
53037777tfwnogf: Hey fags. Whats going on? Been off here for a year and just got a huge case of tfwnogf. IT …[View]
53038265You know what. Despite everything i truly believe im going to be alright. I hope to see you there, f…[View]
53036490>tfw no dom bf to gradually force your bratty self into obedience[View]
53038211>have dream of childhood >for a few minutes, know peace and happiness again >wake up >mf…[View]
53038184Not only is it good for fucking, it makes an excellent antenna. This antenna is able to read your th…[View]
53037839Join if you want, stay if you like it /TDNRGU[View]
53037702how does one move out of their mothers basement?[View]
53037675What are you drinking/smoking/listening to General feels and doomer thread Listening to sad 80s rock…[View]
53038026The question of 'What does your ideal government look like?' has probably been asked here a million …[View]
53038134God I just want her to sit on my face[View]
53038069>redditfag calls me an edgelord for using a paragraph to respond to his ecks dee hilarious r/woos…[View]
53037516When did you realize that Christianity is the Greatest Hoax ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6…[View]
53037167Hey...It gets better...right...?[View]
53037785>be me for the last couple of months >browse hentai boards occasionally >jack off to that s…[View]
53036590Why do you guys cry about women being shallow when youre just as shallow as them? Is it because they…[View]
53037605You must decide. A girl with perfect boobs and no ass. A girl with a perfect ass and no boobs.[View]
53037588what would 60mg of clonazepam do to me[View]
53036516are you worried about him, brobots? he could have an hero'd.[View]
53038046Mounted a minecraft server on a computer I found on the trash. It is running no-premium minecraft, l…[View]
53037512hey guys, i've been in jail for the past two years. did my beans moon yet?[View]
53037889Do you blow a bigger load when you're very attractive attracted to the person cause I just blew…[View]
53037914>Be me >Be a few years back >Have a big dick >Truly a wonderful shlong >A gargantuan …[View]
53037986Shii: There isnt enough booty shaking music out there for all the ladies to pop their ass to! This i…[View]
53034475Is having sex as amazing as normalfags make it out to be?[View]
53036970>girlfriend leaves me for chad Well, at least it can't get worse than this >grades go to…[View]
53037834>ow anon why did you knock me over i was jist telling you dinner is done ouchie ouch broe not coo…[View]
53037925>Need You >Dream You >Find You >Taste You >Fuck You >Use You >Scar You >Brea…[View]
53037366is it bad that I kind of want an all out war with iran so I can get drafted and live out my war movi…[View]
53037821Which one of you autistic fucks was this. I swear to god i go to visit my grandparents and i see thi…[View]
53036340What have you been reading as of lately, anons? Anything interesting?[View]
53037698I just wanna say that even though this place is so hateful, racist, gay, shilled n pilled, I'm …[View]
53037554You are a TRANNY you will NEVER be a woman[View]
53037775>get sudden huge greenish discharge >looks like an elephant blew his nose in my panties >tw…[View]
53037352Happy 22nd birthday to me![View]
53036547why are men so wicked?[View]
53036631>22 years old >just failed my third try at the GED test >still applying for jobs as a 22 y/…[View]
53037639the reason women like nigger culture and niggers is because women are themselves the nigger of the s…[View]
53036947>Be me >Go to sleep >Have dream >In dream Dad buys creepy as fuck doll >Imagine a gia…[View]
53037508Women are sick: https://youtu.be/7YhtScU3dp4 September of 2018. It's dark out and time for a la…[View]
53037056>hang with irl friends >feel awkward around them, everytime im with them something feels off …[View]
53037374Name a philosophy more anti-degeneracy than islam[View]
53037161>'Aww jeez, not again! Anon, give a bro a hand and tuck me back in would ya?'…[View]
53037597Give in to the 2D[View]
53035946I remember that around 2014-2017, things really seemed tense politically with Gamergate bringing mai…[View]
53037598that moment when everyone is out for summer, but you just graduated and you need to find a job while…[View]
53029358I want to love a sad fembot, so that we can help each other improve and heal, get married and have a…[View]
53035066I made a shitty bootleg of Robot Test. I hope you will find some use of it.[View]
53035286i dont fear death >sounds edgy ik but whatever comes after whatever this life is is okay with me…[View]
53037557Anyone else smoking weed right now?[View]
53036511Why don't you robots like going to parties?[View]
53037549>the loneliness is starting to get to me >the things i do to keep myself busy aren't work…[View]
53036081just ate half of a BBQ chicken 'Za and half of a pepperoni lovers 'Za what are j'alms…[View]
53037534Strykerfool please just talk to me im so lonely[View]
53036905Is my IQ too low?: Throughout my high secondary school (11th and 12th grades) I was the worst studen…[View]
53036284I'm a loser and that's okay. I'm an alcoholic and that's okay. I have no goals i…[View]
53036829MBTI is gae: Jungian Depth Psychology is superior You don't even learn about Temperaments(Linda…[View]
53037467My mother is my idol. I'll never measure up to her.[View]
53035302Help just this time rk9, so summing up, my life is empty, i don't care about if I die anymore b…[View]
53037466How do i control these devilish urges[View]
53037470>another beautiful summer Saturday night[View]
53036783What do you rate these feet?[View]
53037475>tfw scared of teenagers >small town is full of them…[View]
53037473>have all of the time in the world to get good at things(NEET) >only accomplish two hours max …[View]
53037356How does it feel like to touch a girl's feet? How do girls usually react when someone grabs the…[View]
53036476Why does Belle Delphine always make these faces like she's braindead or a zombie or something?[View]
53031096The future is trans. Trans is beautiful. The future is beautiful. You're going to make it, anon…[View]
53036035I fell in love with a Stacy again and she posted a photo of herself with like 7 guys who she's …[View]
53037389things that make you a faggot: i always just say 'a girl i used to date' when referring to either of…[View]
53037302Times you almost died but didn't: >Almost struck by lightning at age 8 in tobacco patch. Got…[View]
53034332How tall are you? How much to you weight?[View]
53037089i used to be fuck buddies with this girl but i wanted to date her, but she didnt want to date so i g…[View]
53037337big kat I hope you're okay. If it makes you feel better I'm having a cruddy day right now[View]
53036948>ONE chance at live >no woman will EVER look at like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFpw…[View]
53036728SPIC BOTS: Are you bored and want to talk with some fellow spicbots? Come over! /njS4vGB[View]
53037323please fucking drown me in your shit and cum[View]
53033297tiny tit femanons are pretty and cute and they must be worshiped[View]
53037309can femanons ever see the male gender the same again after spending all that time on 4chan and readi…[View]
53037067Another Ideal Partner Thread because I'm sad and lonely and need someone new to fantasize about…[View]
53036221/no sleep/: how long have you been up guys?[View]
53036697Time for your meds! Remember, you don't need more than 4mg anymore. Just keep it up, you fuckup…[View]
53037254My dick and balls smell really good, my balls especially. There's a sort of musky spice to them…[View]
53036206Do you love your mother? I'd like to reconnect with mine, but I'm not sure I can do it.[View]
53036346>Sweetie, your... computer part was delivered today. sure is funny looking. heh.. >t-thanks mo…[View]
53037195>talk to a girl online >short dry answers Yeah fuck this…[View]
53036931Why invent a solution that destroys the brain instead of letting us die?? In nature I would have die…[View]
53034759Comfy Thread: Bump it up guys[View]
53035482Does anyone else have borderline personality disorder? Will therapy really help or is it a lifelong …[View]
53036900Men and women cannot be friends due to the very sexual nature and behavior of men. If I ever get a b…[View]
53036614>going to Anime Expo this year >want to fuck sluts >kinda ugly >going to no fap until th…[View]
53036799Posting this shit thread every day until I get a gf Day 25[View]
53036849Sucking tiddie its the most relaxing thing ever.[View]
53036809train thoughts: is god even real?[View]
53036654>'Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend, anon'[View]
53035999Please post more pics of this fe(male) I'm in love with them[View]
53036506>You send her a text and beg for a reply >Her pussy gets filled with Tyrones fat creampie…[View]
53034729Whites existed theoretically in the human consciousness even before Europeans existed The counterarg…[View]
53036390> tfw your life compared to 80% of humanity who are serfs or sex slaves in some third world hellh…[View]
53036150>I want to be your girlfriend right now![View]
53036247When did /r9k/ become the worst board on 4chan? I can't come here anymore without noticing I…[View]
53035834Anyone else not enjoy 'the struggle of life' at all?: I really don't see the appeal o…[View]
53036974when was the last time someone has reached out to you and asked if you wanted to hang out or do some…[View]
53034555how does it feel to be a self-hating gay[View]
53036338How do I stop my peepee from getting all hard every time I see a cute girl?[View]
53036555anyone else like watching people make food on youtube?: this is my new hobby desu last video i watch…[View]
53036419>Do you still live with your parents, anon?[View]
53034928What prevents manlets from suicide?: I was the shortest kid in school up to grade 11, shorter than n…[View]
53036951Join my discord: The code is a8uhxKg Iz fun You should join it my dues. Itl be fun[View]
53036929would r9k dilate a fat unpassing tranny wityh their tongue?[View]
53036927Most solid proof of the existence of Zionist propaganda?[View]
53036393>Ugly autist sits next to me on the bus[View]
53033551>Come back home from work >See this in your bed Wat do?…[View]
53036224Spotify Hacker from Yesterday: Im still alive. Got my 30-day ban. Hope you guys have a great weekend…[View]
53036182Anyone else here /decaying/ I'm fucking 27 and my bones hurt, fucking hell. Also, the occasion…[View]
53036675Female Chimp Sex: I wish I could get a female chimp and have sex with her everyday in my house. I wo…[View]
53036619Tfw ur soulmate is fictional: I am dead inside, I've lost the ability to emotionally connect to…[View]
53035256Does anyone want to play on ps4 with me ? I'm currently looking for like minded friends from he…[View]
53016567/r9gay/ - #777: /soc/sluts begone edition Previous >>52991793[View]
53036633Anyone else get the feeling when looking at Hentai that you're seeing something incredibly evil…[View]
53035282When did you realize you were below even losers? At least losers have other losers to talk to. They …[View]
53036787sup: hi onua, i know you go here[View]
53035552Do interesting women exist? Tell us about the most interesting female you've ever met[View]
53036016/Varbie/: Hi anon welcome back from college, these pills came in the mail and I took the whole bottl…[View]
53036339Why girls these days so disgusted by pregnancy? Most of them would rather adopt then have their own …[View]
53035950You've been selected to become a mahou shoujo (male)! What are your powers, and what is your s…[View]
53034806'Hey principal Anon I'll give you five dollars if you get some French Horns for me!'[View]
53031669Etika killed himself. He was a robot all along https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqV2CbIq9pM[View]
53035943Escapism/CYOA thread: Some other anon made a thread like this some time ago and it's literally …[View]
53036026>be me, oldest of 5 siblings >parents repeatedly compare me to my oldest sister >always say…[View]
53036254>ywn grow up in compton as a lightskin nigga[View]
53036456answer these questions: What do you love about your mom? What do you hate about your mom? I'll …[View]
53036363member Youtube Poops[View]
53036220Being an ugly girl is worse than being an ugly male[View]
53036271Does anyone else have autistic fantasizes about performing your favorite song on stage in front of c…[View]
53035917Women hate thread: Can we have a women hate thread. I hate them they're all whores[View]
530354842 mins into no fap[View]
53035011Why. Why did you assholes give me the red pill? I knew it was bad but I didnt think it was this ba…[View]
53014790letter thread. The rules should be clear. Write to someone, and initial it![View]
53036230I'm in a club right now, bored as shit. My 'friends' have disappeared off somewhere, but I don…[View]
53035202Heavy childhood realizations: What are some things about the way the world is that that really shock…[View]
53034370mental illness thread: im crazy schzio mode rn im on the come down from being incredibly drunk and e…[View]
53036316>Be me >KHV >People irl say i look decent, alright, some even say good looking. >online …[View]
53028141A lot of fembots seem to like this image. You know if you want a relationship like this, all you hav…[View]
53036148Got any questions about sex? Ask me anything.[View]
53035840I pantsed my little sister, no undies, and now she's saying she's gonna call the cops and …[View]
53035536Asian girls: Anyone else here only swipe right on asian girls when using dating apps?[View]
53036290Anal face[View]
53031571well, this is goodbye robots. it's been fun but i've come to the conclusion that this site…[View]
53035889Are you a Goku or Vegeta kinda guy?[View]
53035751Do abortions cause grey hair in young women?[View]
53036145Props for anyone who remembers the scene this is from. Also, hyroglyphs are becoming a thing again.[View]
53035996Would you ever want kids? How many?[View]
53034870I dont want to work anymore Set me free[View]
53034893So... What brings you here tonight?[View]
53035347>have to go to a family reunion >they're unbearable normies I can't fucking stand th…[View]
53035957big Kathy? how's your day going[View]
53036058Isn't it funny that the ancient Greeks thought that blacks (blameless Aethiopians) were cool bu…[View]
53035307G-guys apparently that tranny fag who spams his avatar on here got killed If this is real were all …[View]
53035941What was your most sexually depraved thought as a kid and how have you changed since then? I'll…[View]
53036092I just peed in my own butt[View]
53035741How can Primates even compete?[View]
53033975Incels should be evaluated by an expert committee. Those that are deemed to have potential for passa…[View]
53036096I fucking hate buses so fucking much. How dare you arrive an hour late you fucking troglydoyte. You…[View]
53035745>manlet >basedboy looks >un-masculine voice >still manages to slay >has a wife and ch…[View]
53035744>getting on a rollercoaster in any seat other than the very back I seriously hope you guys don…[View]
53034202Ive been having fits and hitting walls over stupid stuff. Even dumb negative interactions on 4chan a…[View]
53035510>'C'mon Fembot, you can't keep us waiting like this! Which one of us is going to have t…[View]
53032702Anyone else has the feeling, that the world has ended in like 2016?[View]
53035764Today i was eating alone and this really hot girl who worked there came up and started talking to me…[View]
53035964who /lil stinker/ here? >mom beats me to the bathroom >doesn't know I was about to go …[View]
53033095>tfw no big milky tits to suck on[View]
53033639So he's a medded up Bhuddist pedo sympathizer now[View]
53035412what the hell is self esteem? how do i get it?[View]
53035249tell me what physical deformities u have.[View]
53035814Is meditating a meme?[View]
53034481I think I just got fired: So I was in the middle of my shift at work today when I was told to go hom…[View]
53035778What species of hominid is this?[View]
53035796I want to suck and gobble on anon's cock like a cheap whore I want to be called a good slut for…[View]
53034834/playerselect/ general: new DLC characters out edition. i will be posting the bios for the 4 new cha…[View]
53035832When did you first know that it was over? For me it was in secondary school when my former best frie…[View]
53034742Only men like me on Tinder!!: >Be me >Swipes right on dozens of girls >Not the ones with be…[View]
53034890Poopydicky123, where the fuck are you, man?!?: Where are you bro? Please come home... I miss you, du…[View]
53035106>live in the DC area >make an OkC account for the first time >browse all the women >its…[View]
53035521Relationships seem suffocation for someone who has never been one. Explain why anyone would fall for…[View]
53034682Daily Reminder that Americans are binge eaters that gain weight extremely fast, if you don't st…[View]
53035352I miss my goddamn ex[View]
53035720Is there anything more cringe than when pornstars decide to become rappers? Do they really expect to…[View]
53032381Why don't you anons just settle with a plain jane 5/10? Stacies and qts will forever be taken b…[View]
53028988>there are femanons wearing a tshirt with no bra reading your posts right now and their titties a…[View]
53033135are you tits or ass guy? im pic related guy.[View]
53034805Where are all the female school shooters?[View]
53031000No one wants to be my friend[View]
53017717>'anon, why are you such a loser?' >everyone in the car laughs How do you respond?…[View]
53033992Minecraft server: MINECRAFT SERVER 1.14.2 piratefrens welcome come get comfy anon…[View]
53034885what's keeping you from your dreams anon?[View]
53035591>tfw white bitch who lives down the street called the police on me and my friend for lighting off…[View]
53034845i just got in shit with a ''''mob boss'''' and its not fucking good. all i did was call him the name…[View]
53035392>coming home from work, get call from dad >haven't actually spent time with him in some t…[View]
53033675is 20mg of clonazepam + 2 shots of tequila enough to send me to the hospital?[View]
53035062I'm hours away from being a 27 yo virgin, to be honest it feels like an accomplishment in our h…[View]
53035574>Roblox egf sent me messages everyday for 6 months after I ghosted her for a real life gf >bee…[View]
53035002>Hey there, handsome, you mirin? What do you say to her in response?[View]
53035332Funny stories about overconfident 40+ people and modern tech, society, slang, etc: >be me >cha…[View]
53035514got drunk and messaged my ex again[View]
53035007>eldritch horror escaped its void again god damn it im going to have to waste so many potions to …[View]
53035522I rubbed my pp and melk came out.[View]
53033737>jump out of plane into desert >sand is soft so i wont die >'no its hard as stone when trav…[View]
53032670Weedfag containment thread: What are we smoking tonight lads?[View]
53035216your average ''''''''''femanon''''''''''[View]
53034517Idk: Nightshift again boys. Entertain me[View]
53035161What's your experience with groups? The ones your therapist wants you to sign up for?[View]
53034218This is the end, my friends. Goodbye.[View]
53035381buying things used: I'm about to buy my first guitar (Squire Affinity Jazzmaster) and amp, and …[View]
53026854Reminder a cute girl liked you at some point and you either did not notice or fucked up.[View]
53034860>the tulpa you created starts raping you[View]
53035056>tfw coworker's been flirting with me a lot >ignore her and hope she goes away >she no…[View]
53029576Anyone here have a confirmed Mensa IQ of 120+? What's it feel like to be that smart? Does talki…[View]
53033860Being alone is dreadful. Why can't I be happy being alone like I used to?[View]
53031099Why arent you living in a van exploring all your country has to see?[View]
53035170anyone know of some good documentaries to watch? or a good movie i pulled my shoulder so i can'…[View]
53035092aaaaaaaaa im so lonely and am also a boring person add me with caution .... Monarch#0115[View]
53033423HELP: >neighbor is a divorced mom who lives alone, she is friends with my mom >she was over ta…[View]
53035157Xans: Best place to buy xanax from?[View]
53033176just got out of a ticket for going 30 mph over the speed limit. i love being white[View]
53034959Anyone else have constant existential crises's? Hate to sound like a faggot normie who tries to…[View]
53035125stop infesting nippon with your degenerate culture white piggo https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothScrump…[View]
53034853Will we ever get to see the full face kurt cobain death pic? Numerous pics have been leaked over the…[View]
53034936Are incels the most hated group in history by humans ever?[View]
53034694We're never getting her guys. https://youtu.be/qVqCw9ncbdk[View]
53034077Which one of you was this?: I know a robot when I see one https://youtu.be/-7wjiqvswDI[View]
53034985Soyboy thread: Post most annoying looking basedboys[View]
53034876???: Now what robots?[View]
53034338fuck im bored: why is nobody posting discord invites at times like this[View]
53034917>well anon, I like your drawing, but I don't like how you posted it without asking me first.…[View]
53034931WERE ALL DA GURL SHOOT LADIES DURRRRR fuck you learn to save images PROPERLY FUCKING FAGGOT >…[View]
53034857why are women incapable of being funny? are you going to kill yourself this year?[View]
53034946taking enough benzos so I feel brave enough to go to a bar alone, only to order a single drink and l…[View]
53034872>no buff/fit gf Mfw[View]
53034684you will never have a half asian half white american big thigh gf who will crush your skull with her…[View]
53034064Tfw no stylized feminine tomboy, pseudo skater, kind of punk, definitely alternative, not quite a sc…[View]
53034519Rip my nigga Rest[View]
53032822> spend all week psyching myself up to fuck a hooker this weekend > time comes and I just feel…[View]
53033346>a bum committed suicide today by getting hit by the train LMAO 1 down a few thousands to go…[View]
53031608>boo hoo >my life is hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_4ExKP0lnw Your attitude is why nob…[View]
53033925Has a girl ever manipulated you? Tell us about it so we can learn.[View]
52999018ONE: I have heard your cries of grief and i present you 1 chance at a new life in a less technologic…[View]
53034108>Girl cheates >Guy is the asshole for talking the absolute state of redditors…[View]
53034787Love: Why can't I find someone who will reciprocate my feelings? I've always been affectio…[View]
53034623To those who don't have friends or a girlfriend. What keeps you from killing yourself? I try to…[View]
53033674i hate to admit it but my mom dying would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. her house …[View]
53032827rip dane: my friend died at 6:57pm last night.. how do i cope with his death. how does anyone cope w…[View]
53032652>gf is pregnant >sister smoked all my dope behind my back >haven't payed off my traile…[View]
53034753I'm a 26 year old late bloomer with no social circle and I need some advice on how to meet wome…[View]
53034730You somehow get the opportunity to change a gene for future generations, maybe one for each gender t…[View]
53029838THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BIGGER FISH GET OVER IT: There will always be someone taller than you, fitter…[View]
53026533Is this true, fembots? Does this fact change your perspective on average cocks?[View]
53031702I have a theory that autistic types are far less likely to use someone's name when speaking to …[View]
53034470Go on social media >one of my classmates was cast in a movie >one of my classmates is a succes…[View]
53034483My dad is pretty nice and he tries to have a connection to me but he hates everything I say and do. …[View]
53032902Reddit mod: >Reddit fag here. I mod a decently large subreddit for memes but the subreddit has s…[View]
53034047how do i stop being bitter and resentful towards women? every time i get close to them i end up thin…[View]
53032410Have you Iost to cock yet?[View]
53034570How do chads motivate themselves to keep going in life when they have access to all the female assho…[View]
53033554Fembots, what's your opinion on penile subincisions?[View]
53034603The Golden Gringo.: Does the Narcos guy look more like Justin Bieber or the Home Alone kid?[View]
53033741That anon talking about automated catfish for passive income was a liar... right?[View]
53034592Based justinbiebercels Imagine all the chad dick this great gma has taken[View]
5302547825+ Thread: Acceptance: Haven't seen one of these in awhile. >28 >worthless degree (but n…[View]
53031402Robots why not cum into girls food and watch them unknowingly consume your semen to get off to it?[View]
53033563She opened my text in a timely manner. Less than 1 hour but she didnt reply. I dont know why[View]
53034542plebbitors and normies want to turn r9k into alt-reddit so they can just do the same thing they do o…[View]
53033133>when you tell people IRL that you're 30 and never had a gf >you expect them to feel deep…[View]
53034477You guys told me it was a good idea to tell my oneitis that I want to cum in her mouth[View]
53029092Would you rather date a 10/10 who hated your top three interests, or a 7/10 who had merely a neutral…[View]
53031764Is there any way for dark skinned black men to lose in 2019? Seems all they do is win. Even when whi…[View]
53034414Can't sleep: Anyone want to talk about stuff? I'm tired but not tired enough to fall aslee…[View]
53030630A MESSAGE TO JANNYS: Please may i have everyone's attention? Shout out to a man that works hard…[View]
53033664alright guys, this is it. i've had enough of this site. thanks for the conversation. but dwelli…[View]
53034114Vocaroo Thread/Suicidal rant: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0DEPilEWFmy >Record your own https://vocaroo…[View]
53032388would u like to dominate a trap?[View]
53033643Feels Thread: Post pictures that give you sad feels[View]
53034275Just two more days.... Just two more days then I can finally enjoy 3 days off work....[View]
53028574tall people thread: only 6' or above allowed to post in here. manlets need not apply. post your…[View]
53033899im gonna fucking kill myself o ri ga nal[View]
53034176how much would your quality of life improve if you were allowed to use this heinie as a pillow every…[View]
53032669god i hate living and being lonely so much[View]
53033338Life was actually pretty good when I talked to Cvnka. Coincidence or not[View]
53034241>i can no longer function >family still says it's my fault >friends imply to toughen u…[View]
53024026I like aqua[View]
53033646you guys are so fucking retarded writing with 1 guy, the same one fucking retard who was bumping his…[View]
53034192another day of looking good lads, even better than usual actually. I'm dipped in gold shining a…[View]
53030624>be me yesterday >slept 6 hours the night before >its probably 8 o clock, thunder, lightnin…[View]
53033350Would you date her /t9k/? Considering her past. https://www.mk.ru/social/2019/03/19/koshmar-mashi-ba…[View]
53034145balding thread: post your scalps or temples[View]
53034087>Oh, it's you, anon. I was hoping for your brother Chad...[View]
53034080How do I get friends and a romantic partner? Sure there's e-boys but internet relationships don…[View]
53031948Alright, okay. Do any of you have a feeliing that you kinda fucked yourself over beyond salvaging? …[View]
53033454i am an oldfag shit on you little boys AMA [!][View]
53033037>tfw epic greentext[View]
53033983Suspicion: Being a single adult for so long has made many people suspicious of me.When I walk in my …[View]
53034027Chad memes Post em[View]
53033582you guys know tfw no gf? it fucking hurts, why am i so damn alone? what do you guys do? are we all r…[View]
53034010If your distress has some external cause, it is not the thing itself that troubles you, but your own…[View]
53027590When was the last time you hugged a girl, anon?[View]
53033260>tfw groomed a 10 year old when i was 14 and i now just remember this (cont)…[View]
53033394How do you cope with being a bisexual male who's only interested in dating woman?[View]
53032689Never gonna find a replacement am I?[View]
53033678>tfw atheist but starting to realize that Islam is 95% redpilled on women…[View]
53033863does /R9K/ like big fit girls? https://youtu.be/KJN1Bzapb0E[View]
53033822Tard confessions: Confession time? A few months ago I was in a movie theater bathroom and for whatev…[View]
53031289>Anon, I think I twisted my ankle. You need to carry me to the nurse's office. How do you re…[View]
53033236where did all the the reddit incels go after r/incel got banned?[View]
53033102hurry up anon!!! catch up and i'll give you a reward![View]
53032617I'm too tired of being insolated in my room after job and on free days. I want to go outside bu…[View]
53032255Do robots mind if a girl has a big nose?[View]
53033347why does society not care about lonely men?[View]
53033696Fembots what would you do if you were sexually assaulted by a dog[View]
53031989Why are there so many pedophiles here?[View]
53033621>tfw no bookbinder bf[View]
53029689/britfeel/: Comfy Saturday night shitposting with the /britfeel/ lads edition[View]
53030173>finally get along with a femanon who doesnt ghost me and has similiar interests >d*scord bans…[View]
53032924You guys have any imaginary podcast friends? I like last podcast on the left, mega64 and Astonishing…[View]
53033475>be me >23 yo >get called fat by a fat redneck >tell him his mom must've done meth …[View]
53032876Collective Autism: >sisters friend's fukken hot-ass daughter throws graduation party >Me,…[View]
53031816>Went to the beach today >almost every white girl is wearing a balck bikini What does that m…[View]
53033250I am not enjoying being alive. How do I fix this?[View]
53033462I'll never have a romantic relationship[View]
53033206thread #2: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Wk7qj21tFz wyd[View]
53033471People don't like me because i'm ugly.[View]
53033000>never even tried asking girls out or dating >Still sad as fuck about it Do I even have the r…[View]
53033446>watching porn >nigger music plays[View]
53033448Loli gets me hard like nothing else And I'm a neet so I don't go out much I was worried I …[View]
53033361Is it better to be alone forever than to have and lose a friend[View]
53032163>tfw bipolar >tfw cant even smoke weed or drink >tfw had to drop out of prestigious academi…[View]
53002610Waifu General - /waifu/ #188: The pain of knowing you'll never see her enthusiasm over her hobb…[View]
53031752do you drink a lot today or no what you got[View]
53032270Am i good guy anons?: >be me >talking to friends ex and she's throwing signals >don…[View]
53029867What is your most misogynistic opinion?[View]
53031210>tfw you genuinely feel slightly disrespected when you catch the Ballas in your hood If a video g…[View]
53032203>make post >'fuck off normalfag' AAAAAAAAAAAA I JUST WANT TO BE INCLUDED…[View]
53030149Muffin Tops: Muffin tops - Yay or Nay?[View]
53033191>my dream...is to bring everyone down to my level so i dont feel so fuckin disgusted at how subhu…[View]
53032407It's May 11th, 2004. Where are you in life?[View]
53031954Frens, my butt made a noise and now there's red coming out. I'm scared, what do I do![View]
53033155>start texting girl >she's nice and actively replies to messages >always forget to wri…[View]
53031055what kind of music do you listen to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVlD4YSEKV8 https://www.youtube…[View]
53031288Going on a date tomorrow with a completely autistic, virgin 20 year old girl. Wish me luck[View]
53032449>accidentally touch a boob when passing by someone in a crowded hallway >accidentally touch a …[View]
53033030Anyone else see alpha fux beta bux being played out with their own sister? Nothing is more redpillin…[View]
53033097>start getting feelings for the guy cuteposting on discord I'm pathetic.…[View]
53028118Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7SqtIe5rZQ[View]
53032138If i were cute i wouldn't be wasting away alone[View]
53032453i didnt know beautiful women could be born with a penis?! what the fuck. school told me women have v…[View]
53033056nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me more depressed than hearing one of the ~40 songs that the rock…[View]
53033036Dimensional Merge: Where is it? Mr. Chandler LIED to me! Could it be... could it be that I'm st…[View]
53032986What kind of strategies do you use to get nudes from femanons?[View]
53033028Why is everyone such a damn asspie? What the hell are they putting in the water and vaccines?[View]
53030601hey guys, i think i might have a problem with masturbation i masturbate pretty much every single day…[View]
53031867this is every maleanons future. does that make you crazy? lmao[View]
53032525>every girl you meet has exes >you've never dated Fucking hurts. Tell me, in case this go…[View]
53032567WouId you fuck berta?[View]
53032987Why are 3D females so ugly?[View]
53032921>tfw a girl from work writes to me 'hi, how are you' at 1 am[View]
53028801Why doesen't anyone love me?[View]
53032507>only care about vidya, anime and tv shows >find interactions with other people extremely unpl…[View]
53032493poll day 2: https://www.strawpoll.me/18020858 I would like as many votes as I can get[View]
53031504Who has smellier feet, white European girls or white American girls?[View]
53032639Girls at the gym are starting to check me out/work out around or in front of me. How do I cope with …[View]
53031886Anons and femanons what are your thoughts on this picture?[View]
53032142Passive Income: Can we have a thread about passive income? I know some of you NEETs don't leech…[View]
53032359>tfw you'll never execute a roastie for riding the cock carousel instead of waiting until ma…[View]
53030835My little sister was grounded and is in big trouble with my parents, but I think they are being unre…[View]
53031494If you hate everyone? Why not be fat. The ultimate fuck you to the world is letting yourself look li…[View]
53022903>2020 elections are in less than a year >the 2016 fiasco was 4 years ago Fuck...…[View]
53031116Femanon here does anyone have good erotica fanfics to read?[View]
53031325Why doesnt anybody talk to me? Share your thoughts/experiences anons[View]
53029478>we are all going to die one day >we live in a purely physical universe, there is nothing spe…[View]
53031994Femanons, have you ever cheated on your BF? How did it happen?[View]
53028347Is it racist to be cautious around black people? Since black people have a higher crime would it be …[View]
53031832CYOA and Escapism thread: ITT we post cyoas and escapism stuff buttons: >red choose one type of f…[View]
53031941Is there any hope at all for us dicklets? Even if I do manage to fuck a woman I'll have to live…[View]
53032171Reminder: Rape is okay if you're Chad.[View]
53032536whoa...black women look like that??![View]
53032603anyone here ever done shitty wagecucking/contracting from home (transcriptionist, data entry, etc)?[View]
53032594Ok, I really have no where else to ask this. Can someone help me with >>>/wsr/681311?[View]
53031707Is 2004-era Hilary Duff the epitome of the perfect girlfriend you'll never have?[View]
53032180Why are boomers so obsessed with motorcycles? My town is usually nice but then spring/summer roll ar…[View]
53031949How do presidents and prime ministers have sex if they have guards and security stationed outside th…[View]
53031280Is NEETHood The Most Potent Form Of Robothood?: What's your NEET story? >haven't had a …[View]
53030979Do mothers naturally seek to provide comfort to their offsprings? Or is it because they've been…[View]
53032483Just fake it till you make it.: Why do you guys care so much about stupid shit? Who cares if Chad ge…[View]
53032259welp, i accidentally caught my younger sister sucking her boyfriends dick in the garage, I'm a…[View]
53032447I just realised that i don't care about people nor entracting with them because of previous shi…[View]
53031589so anon, what would make you happy?[View]
53030112Minecraft: Come Join anons No trannies allowed 1.14.2 Pirate friendly so poorfren…[View]
53030871I've noticed that a fuckload of young men are balding these days. There's something unheal…[View]
53031468So: When I come back to high school next year will all of the normie males and females immediately s…[View]
53032295Why do I never fit in? Why do I always feel left out? Am I destined to live the rest of my life in s…[View]
53022569Childhood report diagnosing me with austism: This board is dead right now and could be spiced up wit…[View]
53032264>it's easy just talk to her bro[View]
53030529>he's a 30-year-old virgin[View]
53031974Tfw no stylized feminine tomboy, pseudo skater, kind of punk, definitely alternative, not quite a sc…[View]
53031014If girls like 'bad boys' then how come I don't get any pussy? >shut in >no job >spend …[View]
53031527You ever just stop and think about all of those things you cant ever do? I'm 6'4 and I cou…[View]
53031446>ywn tower over your smol qt gf fuck me why even live[View]
53029652>Yo, duudddeeee, >You know where I can get any bud, haha??…[View]
53031612Daily reminder that if you don't like to eat women's dirty asses, you're a low test b…[View]
53031223Fix your day: You have spent too much time here. List something you have/want to do and roll (you ca…[View]
53032019Do people in relationships usually have the same political beliefs as their partners?[View]
53031881Im with some frens in the bus to prom Wish me luck frens This is the only related picture i got sorr…[View]
53031041been drinking so im repeating this story >be me, gookanon >have to move out of apt >plan to…[View]
53031847Try Acting: If you're a robot who struggles socially, you need to go to your local community th…[View]
53030677KEK: KEK jewtube crappy censorship https://youtu.be/bP4Nz2IJQkE[View]
53031673I can't talk to anybody unless we're a group of exactly three people. When we're 1 on…[View]
53031509how do femcels feel about ultra-stacy Hayley Williams?[View]
53032085We all know that THC makes you lazy but does CBD also make you lazy?[View]
53031406Femanon where are you? I need you so much[View]
53029901Behold, the only chink in the entire history of mankind that wasn't a bugman.[View]
53032046Ideal Partner Thread. No contact information, just show everyone who you are. Why you deserve a part…[View]
53031629Femanon you dumb roasty whore why aren't you in my bed right fucking now?[View]
53032026help i can't sleep: im on call with my gf (asleep and comfy) and i can't fall asleep wat d…[View]
53029681On my shift at subway and no one has come in yet AMA[View]
53031883I don't understand. Where do people have sex?[View]
53030887with 1000$ a month you could: >never run out of necessities >afford that vidya you've be…[View]
53031921>assignment on Law, Democracy and Globalization due tuesday The hell do I right about for that cu…[View]
53031899NEET: Hey guys its big tendies Capone here. You probably know I have a shitty insane family but I go…[View]
53030789Any other hoarders here? Want to purge and clean my PC of filth and start fresh, but I just can…[View]
53030923why is brisk tea so good[View]
53031769>Listening to feels music >ALL of it, fucking all of it, is about missing an ex in a recent b…[View]
53030597For some reason i wanted to check a book about personal hygiene but all i can find is stuff targeted…[View]
53031777Alright lads, what's wrong with being a NEET or a wagie? Both get slammed on this board in vari…[View]
53031735It doesn't get better. Success and happiness in life is a snowball effect. Either your ball get…[View]
53031408is miami a good place to live my dear american anon? i went there a couple of months ago and i reall…[View]
53029317/mischeif/ general: just threw a stone at someones car and run away[View]
53031570Are asian women jealous of white women?[View]
53031741do you guys ever stand outside, sun on your bare back, and suddenly, youre a negro slave working in …[View]
53031749Why do normies feel compelled to CONSTANTLY leave their comfy rooms and go outside to stand around b…[View]
53030065why is it so hard for incels to understand this??[View]
53028440why are roasties like this?: >get mad that men find a woman cute and endearing because she is ner…[View]
53030741Now it is the summertime, and I can be hatboy again! Who else /hatboy/ here?[View]
53031146>When you watch your beta employee from the office window, thinking of cruel ways to fire him Any…[View]
53030368How come guys like this have zero problems getting a girlfriend? These men are swarmed by women the …[View]
53031645Would he have beaten a prime Tyson?[View]
53031632>be a creepy-looking guy >constantly think people are staring at me >get called out as a cr…[View]
53030563What does a Hispanic have to do to marry a white milf?[View]
53030669Who'd win?[View]
53031461If i heard someone screaming for help i wouldnt bat an eye. They wouldnt be diligent enough to save …[View]
53031074>getting comfy >playing overwatch >hear my parents' room door open and someone shuffl…[View]
53029579Reasons I'm going to die alone: This thread is to hammer these reasons into my head >ugly (2…[View]
53031545Femanons how would you 6if you had a cute young teen brother and walked in on him having cute gay se…[View]
53030754Is there anything worse than being bipolar? You're physically unable to feel happiness, no matt…[View]
53031222>tfw the only social interaction I desire is to conga with my frens Conga, maggots!…[View]
53030136I had a brown recluse in my room so I trapped it in a tupperware container. As i was sliding paper t…[View]
53031456>he thinks he can marry a cutie pie when Chad is already eyeing her lmao, don't even try ano…[View]
53030651I just found out that I'am able to suck my own dick[View]
53030926I'm going to do it. I'm going to apply for a job. NEETlife isn't sustainable. The nor…[View]
5303120990% of you won't take me seriously but advice would be appreciated. I'm looking to kill my…[View]
53030014MFW I have to go to my little sister's sweet sixteen tonight. MFW talking near roasties[View]
53031171I farted during sex again[View]
53031330Either >Fap way too much (like 3-5 times a day) Or >Do nofap, but needing to find ways to sati…[View]
53031085is it true that Sunni Muslims hate Iran more than Israel?[View]
53030805Why do basedboys and women hate tomatoes, onions, and pickles?[View]
53031262Did comfyness peak with Adult Swim bumps?[View]
53031206>you could hurt and kill people if you wanted to >people could hurt and kill you if they wante…[View]
53030992>25 y/o virgin >talking with this girl >thought she lives like an hour from me >truthful…[View]
53030893At what age will you stop coming here? I'm 29 and there's no end in sight.[View]
53031184would r9k have violent anal sex with a fat unpassing tranny in a fursuit?[View]
53031148This is what women want. Who here sub8/10?[View]
53031214Imagine coming to this website to talk about sex every day[View]
53025971>#PrideMonth TFW society in 2019 is still at a stage where it has to dedicate 1/12 of an entire y…[View]
53030433>he is a disgusting obese socially retarded shut-in[View]
53029056chess: https://lichess.org/uM69932C outwit outplay outlast[View]
53027971>guys at work talking about a subject >they basically know nothing about it >i have been st…[View]
53031156Tfw trapped in a small town on probation because I'm black[View]
53029303going camping in a month or so. cant wait. share some camping stories anons[View]
53031094lncels and autists are gay[View]
53031126tfw I will never come home to a loving wife and child, instead relegated to masturbating to r34 and …[View]
53030248There's a guy I work with is a total Robot and I'm pretty sure he posts here. He looks kin…[View]
53030950big sad: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1XUXDHnqFJl[View]
53025586>Hi anon! I'm Stacy, your government-issued gf by the department of Terrorism and School-sho…[View]
53030856ITT we make inappropriate comments about my pic related relative who died over 4 years ago when she …[View]
53031025Slow scan television (SSTV): Slow scan television thread? Slow scan television thread. Post your SST…[View]
53024897>you date a cute clingy gf for months >you love her, but her clinginess and obsessiveness star…[View]
53030079>give your daughter a weird name >she doesn't turn into a roastie and focuses on betterin…[View]
53028706Having trouble meeting girls, Champ? Nonsense. I've seen all those girls checking you out, and …[View]
53030884>June 2019 >Haven't been outside yet…[View]
53030071Was the food fight scene kino?[View]
53030370this is every femanons future. does that make you crazy? lmao[View]
53030809i got laid for the first time when i was 21 and got my first gf when i was 25. ama if you want[View]
53030877i tried to ask out someone and it failed: my autism fuck this one up royally I tried asking a girl t…[View]
53026570>play a single player game >imagine I'm streaming and have thousands of viewers >comme…[View]
53030325>get help from someone on 4chan >replying thanks seems like something a redditor would do >…[View]
53029086So this is how she really looks like? Am i supposed to be attracted to this?[View]
53030587why do women hate me because I'm deaf? like honestly, I'm profoundly deaf and wear hearing…[View]
53030843last night I had a dream, I was part of a race across the US (like Steel Ball Run but with cars) The…[View]
53026544Modern youngsters: I hate the modern generation for so many reasons I could write a book. Everything…[View]
53030459Why do you guys go after normal women? I'm an aspie who's been dating an autistic girl fo…[View]
53029916>Hey big bro, Stacey and I are having a stinkier pussy contest, wanna judge?…[View]
53030498Do you think your sister has ever taken a facial from a big black guy?[View]
53030764im drunk and i you know when u are drunk and u send messages to people saying bullshit and i got my …[View]
53028602The guy on the left stays home all day, lives with his mom, unemployed, showers once a week, dropout…[View]
53028456Loli: Can one of the degenerates on here please explain the 'difference' between liking Lolis and be…[View]
53030274I think Im going to be ok with the fact that ill probably be alone for almost my entire life. My pla…[View]
53030441Are girls who 'squirt' just peeing?[View]
53030619are there people who intentionally ruin their sanity so they wont have to work ever again?[View]
53030171>that thing you do that makes you hate yourself What is it r9k? List em off if you have to…[View]
53029748Why isn't your tongue inside a cute latina's butthole RIGHT NOW?[View]
53028869Why are handlets so gross? I don't want to see your stubby fingers, hairy hands, chewed up nail…[View]
53030142I've been extremely lonely lately and I have an undenying urge to murder someone with kindness.…[View]
53029475ever been to a public bath? pretty nice desu[View]
53028022Help anons.... i.m being faced soon with the reality that i will need a job to sustain myself, being…[View]
53029952>Ignored a so called cool and funny normie >He gets extremely butthurted >Tfw realized that…[View]
53029481Nihilism makes me feel better sometimes[View]
53030456im on drugs that help me move properly without pain but i can only take them for 2 years or my kidne…[View]
53026379letter thread: Dear A, It's been almost a year since we spoke. Mostly I've moved on, but …[View]
53029701Every time I see greentext of any kind, no matter what the context, I immediately think of Reddit. I…[View]
53030400>There's a girl out there afraid of falling in love with someone but that's only becaus…[View]
53029256Discovered that i might be a sociopath: I got therapy for some autistic behaviours of mine that stop…[View]
53029043Like I'm scared: What does a femoid mean when she stares at you aggressively?[View]
53029800Does anyone else feel like 4chan is less comfy these days? /tv/ is normalfag capeshit and twitter ba…[View]
53029014>go sleep >wake up in the middle of night to get something to eat >see this How do you mole…[View]
53029936What's the difference between science and religion?[View]
53029651Why do you think landlords create so much more drain on society than NEETs do? Do you think they are…[View]
53029949Why did you end up here, anon?[View]
53030291Who still use Kik on r9k?[View]
53030172>be me >op >be faggot >get invited to game show >am also trap >announcer calls me …[View]
53030199That feel when no bf: Tfw when no Buddhist boyfriend to share my karma with and reincarnate to have …[View]
53029808>my dad literally got cucked by my mom >decided to stay with her >walks around house wearin…[View]
53028238r/watchpeopledie was shut down. When I'm depressed, that place was the only thing that could ma…[View]
53027253Underweight af: Are girls disgusted by skeletons no matter their face or height? 5'11'…[View]
53028165Let us say that scientists announced tomorrow that there is an afterlife. Furthermore, they also inf…[View]
53028024'Straight' fembots, why do you even bother with men when you could be in a wholesome relationship wi…[View]
53029900Ay Tone, why do dey call em black people if dere brown?[View]
53028676Why: >be me, yesterday >decide to go downtown because there's musicians playing. And I wa…[View]
53028655Sorry for long blogpost, but you guys are the only people in my life I saw my brother which I wasn…[View]
53029048Thinking of going homeless. I would walk to my hometown which is about 100 miles away (a 2 day walk …[View]
53029007I love Aileen Wuornos, I'm a 23 year old Male and a virgin. I love her, she did nothing wrong m…[View]
53026430Why are there so many Slavic /pol/tards?[View]
53029973Does one really attain above-mortal wisdom by spending his entire life as a Wizard? What is the secr…[View]
53029962And love is not the easy thing, the only package, that you can bring[View]
53029865Do you ever just get that feeling that you are supposed to do something but forgot what it was, even…[View]
53026675Is there bigger /sui/fuel than leaving the house during a summer festival in your city? The streets …[View]
53027129What's the last thing you did to try and get a girls attention?[View]
53029634>Tfw wore cousins panties again[View]
53029694Where did it all start to go wrong for you?[View]
53029157What's your excuse for not looking like him?[View]
53029360Our humanity: >so, ive been here for some long time, and after all the shit in my life, i came he…[View]
53023771Namelets general: Get in here >tfw Sylvester[View]
53029731get in here faggots. https://skribbl.io/?wEsJipRPzs[View]
53029476I had orientation at a job today and told them i could work tonight but now in retrospect i realize …[View]
53024629/britfeel/: Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-G28i…[View]
53029684Is my original dick big?[View]
53028649>blackbot ghosted me soon as he fucked me[View]
53028354>Ah, the box jellyfish, the deadliest jellyfish in the sea. One sting of it's venom can kill…[View]
53029663>be me >make thread on 4chan[View]
53029245Work vent thread.: I'm really fucking close to doing it. I just got laid off, and haven't…[View]
53029606Tulpas: Do any of you have mommy tulpas to help keep you calm or gf tulpas to keep you company?…[View]
53028558Is there a job that would benefit from insane strength with tools like hammers ? since I am autistic…[View]
53027556I want to harness the powers of the beautiful foot. Any potential problems with it/side effects??[View]
53028281Regrets?: Im a robot in a bus going to a summer camp in Canada (Im Spanish) to work as a camp counse…[View]
53029271Walmart Cutie: Dat fruckin feel when you go to a store and see the ultimate cutie there, knowing the…[View]
53028807Why am I crying everyday? I'm so depressed.[View]
53029436Would it greatly impact your friends, if you disappeared? The fact that I might not make a differenc…[View]
53029544Lonely, hopeless and a pussy to just end it How do i deal with this feel[View]
53028534why is r9k full of normalfaggots[View]
53021468This is modern dating in 2019. This is who you are up against. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7Tcm…[View]
53029489I can only play video games with boobs and cute girls. Am I depressed?[View]
53029325>be Spaniard chad >form a group of 5 with 4 other chads >call yourselves 'La Manada' (the w…[View]
53027836>go on blind date >this is at ur table what do u do?…[View]
53028226>join a discord server >everyone having fun talking to each other >join the conversation …[View]
53028417Does anyone have the link to the /r9k/ discord server?[View]
53028955I need pocket pussy or something similar. What are some robot approved ones?[View]
53028447>be me >taking a dump >realise shit looks like the Chinese food me and gf ate last night …[View]
53022831>28y/o brother gets his first ever g/f >she's 18 Why do men do this?…[View]
53027879>Yeah I support trans rights what gave it away?[View]
53024669Okay I admit it... I'm a bitch who needs cock. I'm a sissy little faggot and I want real m…[View]
53028515>airforce incels cant watch big tiddy goth streamers because twitch is banned L O LN…[View]
53029011Is kirsten stewart a goddess among women[View]
53028675Which one to pop in first?[View]
53029113lncels and autists are retards[View]
53025892Normie hate thread: >r9k is for OC >Everyday have the same goddamn faggot thread So mods expla…[View]
53029141>had to fuck a 8/10 last night life is hard[View]
53029173the guy i like likes someone else this is the third time i fail at this[View]
53028930Does porn really decrease your iq? And if so, how do I quit.[View]
53028952My sincerest greetings to the incel community. How is your day going?[View]
53026725>match with a qt boy on tinder >he asks if i'm kinky >i say yes >he asks if i like …[View]
53024221If dick size is so crucial why do 99 percent of women want to fuck Tom Hardy?: A man with a below av…[View]
53028542What's with the influx of roasties this week? I swear I've been seeing these whores all ov…[View]
53029087Any other straight men here get so horny they look for something to put up their ass to stimulate th…[View]
53022852I swear to god you guys better start responding to my fucking threads. HOW DO I GET A GF? I always g…[View]
53028763>be me >bored on saturday >decide to drive around >stop at garage sale >lady with ton…[View]
53029072Happy Saturday anon! What are your plans for today?[View]
53029044I hate getting into arguments. I get so emotionally worked up. I just can't control my mouth. I…[View]
53028895What are some good online games for lonely robots? Like the type of game you can play solo most of t…[View]
53026951Fembot Thread: Fembots is this girl cuter than you?[View]
53028472Just borrowed these bruh[View]
53028935>Be shit ass poor >Grow in a bourgeois/ultrarich town >Parents rant all day about how rich …[View]
53028852it's less about getting a gf for its own sake and more about proving that you have value as a h…[View]
53028920>be me >staying up late >staying in apartment with relatives >need to shit >too laz…[View]
53028625Okay niglets, I despise myself for reaching out here, but I need some good methods for killing yours…[View]
53028554are you lonely today anon?[View]
53028607>Sexual hip hop boyfriend wants to beat up my emotional boyfriend for liking rock music Any fembo…[View]
53028547Is reality designed to ruin us? Just think of all the constant stimulation. You are constantly force…[View]
53028497>Walk into your bathroom >See this in the shower Wat do?…[View]
53025739Post your current favourite meme. For me, it is Chernobyl.[View]
53028861l Iike Ieah[View]
53027352This is a new assault rifle I invented called the R9-K[View]
53028622Please humble me by ridiculing me, thanks.[View]
53027671How do we force the trannoid aiste off r9k? It could be a good first step in regaining our board. Si…[View]
53022812Is homosexuality the result of trauma?[View]
53028315why don't muscular women get more attention? it's so hot when women have really big muscle…[View]
53028026How do I get more libido? I fap rarely while in puberty I had a massive libido.[View]
53028742I want to be her stupid little basement slave[View]
53028482You aren't meeting the expectations I've set for you, Champ. You've been spending too…[View]
53024884is there a point going to college at 24?[View]
53028717>make out with a girl at a club >always turns out to be a one time thing why do roasties do th…[View]
53026241/c9k/ general #12: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcom…[View]
53026151what are some good jobs where you can work whenever you want? I live in the city and ride my bike ev…[View]
53028585Being alpha is the ultimate act of feminism: All women, openly or secretly, crave being dominated by…[View]
53026980How do I keep myself from spending all my money on drugs?[View]
53028444Why do people from England say 'called' instead of 'named'? Like, instead of saying 'a man named Joh…[View]
53027310My gf is gorgeous, pic related is my gf. How is your gf looking today? Do you have a gf?[View]
53028377>when you open IAFD instead of IMDB on school computer[View]
53026433>well, if we're gonna do anal can I at least shower first?[View]
53026643I found a hobo in my room![View]
53028566Attention folks, bear with me while I set up the mic.[View]
53026664Why the FUCK do people go into $80k> worth of debt for jobs that only pay $30k a year?[View]
53028431ate half a box of pasta but want more[View]
53028363i'll fap to the first image[View]
53028223anybody not on speaking terms with sibling(s)? My sister is a bitch and has treated me and my parent…[View]
53027105On hearing this, Jesus said to them, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have …[View]
53027589WMAF is a meme: I dont really see that coupling that often actually. People on here say that BMWF is…[View]
53027931>Very charismatic >Can easily manipulate people to get what I want >Terrified of intimacy y…[View]
53027700Reminder that women are stupid useless whores and all they want is to have their holes filled up by …[View]
53026893Somebody please come have a drink with me, talk about anything you want. I'm lonely bored and h…[View]
53028386US Air Force Terrified of Imminent Incel Rebellion! Begins Searching For Incels!: https://taskandpur…[View]
53028083*Exhales enormous bong rip* *Grins unbelievably wide while nearly forcing her eyes shut to contain h…[View]
53028329>mfw l see a roastie thot[View]
53028328>been in a relationship since I was 18 >4 years later >22 years old now >get dumped …[View]
53028317>being asian/indian/hapa in western countries[View]
53028248How does one go about entering one of these buildings, going all the way to the top (or at least hig…[View]
53028292I just thought of this. Hear me out bros. I have always loved getting my dick sucked, and food play…[View]
53027274reminder that dating other robots instead of women is very based and redpilled[View]
53027570Guys, I cant take it anymore, im going to end it. You guys are the closest thing to what i would con…[View]
53028206What motivates you anons? For me it's the angry voice in my head that tells me to keep going[View]
53027770>when 76% of women prefer a dick size of 6-7 inches not sure if blue or red pill…[View]
53028227hey feetfags brought you a lil' present[View]
53028214Lately, one thought has been fucking piercing my mind and overriding all others. It was this: 'Caesa…[View]
53027582Ok, fembots. We are doing this again. How much is it going to cost for you to tickle me? I have good…[View]
53027251Does /r9k/ play MMORPGs?: >do you play an MMORPG >if yes, what one(s) do you play? >how inv…[View]
53028048>add people >insult them >block them…[View]
53028054there are femanons on this board right now that have been tied to their bed like this and fucked doe…[View]
53026930Bath time ruined[View]
53028078>Frens ar cumin uvr fo movie nite in 45 minuts >am hapy…[View]
53024112There are no adult virgins in New Zealand. It is a utopia[View]
53026956Next week I have 3 of the most important exams of my life. Haven't even started studying. How d…[View]
53024949How do you guys cope during summer? >normies out having fun >cute/attractive girls everywhere …[View]
53027782Have any of you ever built a self sustaining power source? Is it feasible? e> E)+1[View]
53027312Who /tiredofoverusedslashes/ here? Fucking hell stop putting words in between slashes it doesn'…[View]
53026993Green Text: This is my first time so apologies if I'm doing anything wrong >Be me >Be e-d…[View]
53026388Anyone else lonely as hell? Tell me about your lonely day. Cute pic for other lonely anons.[View]
53027221Is sex actually enjoyable or do people just do it to brag about it?[View]
53027901>Antisemitism Okay well in a fight between greedy people and ultra-violent palestinian scum I…[View]
53027898is this normal? >be me >21 year old wagekek >live in shitty apartment >whenever I'm…[View]
53026326Fuck, I'm so jealous of some people. Yesterday I saw this guy, 10 years younger than me, and he…[View]
53026720>people are attracted to feet when stomachs exist For what reason?[View]
53027471Anyone else had a best friend named Michael? My Michael was my first and last true best friend, but …[View]
53025279Would you be interested in a test like the Robot Test 4.0 but about quality of life instead of level…[View]
53026568>stopped being NEET >finally have money to buy things I need and want >50% of feels are gon…[View]
53027641>I love you and always have, Anon![View]
53027684tell me about the time you kicked someone in the gonads[View]
53027682I have alot of electricity going through my house at the moment and right when I turned on my Xbox f…[View]
53027318what is your guys plans for the inevitable apocalypse?[View]
53025697What's your favorite pornographic medium? I'm more of a written erotica fanfic kind of guy[View]
53024382NEET and Hikikomori general Thread: How have you NEETs and Hikis been feeling today? >Neet >Th…[View]
53027559>A coworkers boyfriend literally was at work all day yesterday no idea why >He started getting…[View]
53027329Question about NEET life: How do you sustain yourself? How do you pay for food and clothing and a ro…[View]
53027057Friendly reminder that this is the state of modern women: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/20…[View]
53026531>be me >used to work for Japanese company in the weeb industry >old colleague is coming to …[View]
53025447I will never get a girlfriend. I will never be loved. I'm in my mid twenties and no one has ev…[View]
53023960>girl asks me what my major is >tell her >'oh wow anon, that's so cool' It's h…[View]
53026404I want my foreskin back :( It's odd we live in a society that values freedom, but I don't …[View]
53027510>stop taking antidepressants >start having auditory hallucinations What the fuck…[View]
53025974Why do girls pee so hard? Fembots, what are you trying to prove?[View]
53026713Why are these Asian girls so cute and feminine? After watching this video I felt like I was experien…[View]
53026877lncels are garbage[View]
53026991When I was a kid I had a friend who would get mad at me for some stupid reason and beat me Some time…[View]
53027449>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >roasty beeff >tfw no gf…[View]
53026220Do bisexuals like traps since they like boys and non boys[View]
53026831>he hate homeless people because he thinks he is better than them >he is so pathetic No, i ha…[View]
53026884I think it's important to be kind to fembots[View]
53027293Have I fallen for the E-Girl meme? Is she cheating on me with guy IRL?[View]
53024274who /no empathy/ here?: I have no desire for human relationships, humans are nothing but walking mea…[View]
53026917I am really short and it make me hate myself so much[View]
53027056i think i got the clap again, learned my lesson this time. don't bareback trannys![View]
53027209GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 6:24-34 Jesus said to his disciples: 'No …[View]
53027207Is there a more reddit-tier term being used on this site other than 'incel'?[View]
53026440How many of you have lost virginity? And if you have, did you lose your anal virginity before your n…[View]
53019735>it's normal now for women, even the young ones to wear this Explain to us why do you dress …[View]
53026759Hey r9k, I need your brutally honest opinion on this girl. Do you think she's ugly? hot? pretty…[View]
53026477why are all the ads on 4chan porn ads? what is moot trying to do to us??[View]
53025944Why not get a hologram wife Anon? >https://youtu.be/_DqQvq94MI0[View]
53025747>Die for Israel, goyim. How do you respond?[View]
53026994This place is a giant congregation of autistic noises[View]
53027045It's open season on robots who still want to serve women by being their bf, grab a gun and get …[View]
53026939We need to reestablish Stalinism and incorporate all other foreign nations, let it be done[View]
53026583>Mfw remember my prime days where i got 100+ replies in one thread >Mfw can't even get 10…[View]
53026796>mfw killed grandpa and life is better than ever with the enheritance >mfw even told mom but s…[View]
53026979Give me an obscure little imageboard address with comfy and nice little community of people and vibe…[View]
53025657Are there shoes that will make me taller but aren't obviously designed for that purpose?[View]
53023744Would it be creepy to date an 18 year old girl I've known since she was 9? I met her playing Wo…[View]
53026286why does no one treat me nicely? i'm kind to people; i'm gracious, i greet and goodbye peo…[View]
53025362>be me >1849 >be poor >have a wife and son >travel to California for gold >wife ca…[View]
53026084>prostitute made fun of my small cumshot[View]
53026696Have you ever killed yourself before? What did it feel like?[View]
53026130If you're in Britain this is your competition. These are the true slayers in the UK. Women bow …[View]
53026770>only look good when I'm smiling so, am I supposed to be ugly or what?…[View]
53026407I'm going out for drinks with 2 girls, my wingman couldn't come so what should i do, to no…[View]
53025733Do Anons know any good BM albums? Recently found this russian album and man, it sucked me in.[View]
53020532Suicidal urges are pretty strong tonight. I just want to fucking die. A feels thread would be nice. …[View]
53026766You fags need to get a life .') 'Yes? Where?' asked a voice, and it was the one he'd just heard…[View]
53025696>boiling water for tea >have the flame set to high >grandpa walks over and turns it to low …[View]
53026095Sometimes I feel like my dad has autism. Dudes emotionally abusive. Doesn't know how to raise h…[View]
53026685Will removing my balls solve wanting to do sex and romance[View]
53024144Why do women walk so fast?: Whenever i am walking side by side with a woman and she's chatting …[View]
53026350I just want someone to talk to, bros[View]
53025228>'Wow, Anon, you're in eithhhbbth grade and you'f nefer efen kished a girl?' >*snort…[View]
53026209>ywn fuck that girl in misionary position while geting fucked in the ass by the other one why eve…[View]
53025773What would you do if you reached this point anons?[View]
53024471Does anybody have a HTML of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'? I'm getting de…[View]
53026500>He's a sexist[View]
53025209Why is it so hard for robots and incels to get women pregnant?: Some guy who was incel for 10 years …[View]
53026237Mass shooter showdown: If they did it, who should be in it other than Columbiners, Cho and Elliot Ro…[View]
53025987WAGIES: Mr Goldberg would like to thank you for another week of slavery and all your efforts to make…[View]
53026078What's the point of living when I constantly feel like a slave in my own mind? I don't fee…[View]
53026515I can't fucking take it anymore, robots.[View]
53024827I was sitting on my chair alone. I think i was just glaring at windows. Then my bully approached to …[View]
53026332How are you neets holding up? I made the mistake of staying up for two whole days, and now I feel ho…[View]
53026445>the only good neet are the ones who stay in their stinking holes[View]
53023007Fuck all whores: Not Bait I fucking hate women, I can't fucking STAND women I hope every woman …[View]
53026449How did you strike back at normies in recent times? Me today. >Go to popular beach >Immerse …[View]
53025222>Why yes, I spend several hours of my day dialoguing with the worlds greatest philosophers and th…[View]
53026406Any Norwaybots here? How can I enter this prison? >https://youtu.be/5v13wrVEQ2M…[View]
53024749People who wear glasses, do you clean it?[View]
53026123>mfw psycho girl in the psych ward likes me[View]
53026371do you still feel attracted to people anon? i personally don't find anybody attractive anymore,…[View]
53021830If your life were a movie, what song would it play in the credits? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P…[View]
53023947Why not just settle for a big belly gf?[View]
53025413Is anybody else here a repressed narcissist? I have these impulses but also a massive amount of sham…[View]
53025249I'm a girl and I'm nervous and shy when I talk to other girls but I have no problems talki…[View]
53026246So you want an ugly girl? Hard luck chads already fucked and dumped her while she picks and chooses …[View]
53024084Please stop blaming women for not being attracted to you. They can not help it. Just like you are no…[View]
53023014What do you guys think the world will be like 1,000 years from now? Imagine how insignificant we wil…[View]
530249994chan r9k omegle[View]
53024151Help Smart Anons: How the fuck do i turn this shit off? Every time i turn my volume up or down it po…[View]
53023977How long until e-thotting becomes the norm and universally socially accepted even by girls' fam…[View]
53025831Working out is the biggest cope You hit the GYM HARD, while Chad eats pizza Girls look at your gymc…[View]
53024259What's your excuse, robots? Are you just shy?[View]
53025127>tfw when you are never going play Minecraft on the xbox in the summer of 2014 with your cousins.…[View]
53023778Is it ever ok to tell a friend or acquaintance that you browse 4 chan? I recently made the mistake o…[View]
53025050why do (((people))) get mad at WMAF couples?[View]
53025144damn this hoits[View]
53024500>even my favorite, most obscure games I have ever known have been infiltrated by trannies Ok, her…[View]
53026046Antisocial Thread: Objectifying people is the thing I've ever attempted. >the sudden feel of…[View]
53026028>tfw no pride month bf[View]
53025269>2019 >have been in vacations with family since ever >very bad financial situation this yea…[View]
53025722Does the attractivity magic fade off the first time you have sex with that person ? I think when I…[View]

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