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73455619/r9gay/ - #2030: Posting-here-again-because-im-a-cringe-pathetic-lonely-loser-hoping-senpai-hisokabr…[View]
73469517I have a crush on a discord friend but I don't know how to tell him. Should I just shut up and …[View]
73471344accidentally sat on my balls again[View]
73469592Magic is real. Do 9grams of shrooms[View]
73470777virgin gf: Is it possible to find a virgin 18-20 years old girlfriend/future wife which isn't g…[View]
73469955your reminder to stop coping: >oh no, I'm not six foot tall, and my face isn't handsome…[View]
73471888ive come to the realization that what i love most is... work[View]
73471318>gets cucked by a jew with a massive schlong >becomes a nazi…[View]
73469063Which lunchbox???: Which of these lunchboxes should I get? I strongly believe that you get what you …[View]
73471923robots, at least you try to figure women out and try to understand them. women can't even be bo…[View]
73471890How do women insist on dating chads if those guys have no intention of marrying them? What's th…[View]
73470956Why does r9k love transgirls so much bit are mean to them?[View]
73471225who else wants a giant 15 inch cock up their tight assholes?[View]
73471416/Vocaroo Cover Night/:: Special edition: ugly but cute. long time no see. last time i did one of th…[View]
73471495Welcome to McDonald's, what would you like?[View]
73471823it's over: >be me >finally meet qt asian girl in univesity >she is takashi-kun only…[View]
73471788Got my hair bleached. Is it over or will I finally get a gf?[View]
73471803>going through my hard drive for nostalgia what a fucking loser i am that my nostalgia is tied to…[View]
73471784Women would rather adopt a black kid than having sex with a beta incel. Even if you end up getting m…[View]
73470473Whats wrong with cuckholding?[View]
73471250Explain to me seriously.. and I mean be serious... how you have a hard time meeti girls when 90% of …[View]
73471724>hey sorry to bother you but do you mind if i sit at your table for today? my buddy got sick What…[View]
73471758I don't want much. I just want to be an immortal, eternally youthful, rich, extremely attractiv…[View]
73471746>tfw no taking it on the chin bf[View]
73471367Let's pause to remember this 4chan legend on this memorial day weekend[View]
73470993>billie eilish makes new insta post >comment on it >six hours later, still no reply what ar…[View]
73471702h-haha motion of the ocean am I right bros?[View]
73471411>men don't hit the wall, men age like wine Look at this moid (20 years old vs 31 years old) …[View]
73471639If death is inevitable why shouldn't I die now?: I just don't understand why I should even…[View]
73471065My girlfriend's mother just got diagnosed with cancer. How do I dump her without looking like a…[View]
73470123Are you a clitlet, femanons? Is yours even visible externally?[View]
73471015you don't get to reject me[View]
73468671why are so many men into ss nowadays[View]
73471492I just matched with my neighbor on Tinder I cant fuck this up this is a once in a lifetime opportuni…[View]
73470342Sometimes ill just be sitting there and suddenly the fact that i'm 24 years old and never even …[View]
73471571thoughts on (this part of) my signature? i've been trying to make one all day and this is what …[View]
73471025I quit smoking. I feel great. I don't have cravings anymore.[View]
73470421Wait...how does that even work? Do some women share a single guy?[View]
73471196I have a beautiful, loving, caring, attentive gf who is enthusiastic in bed and loves trying her bes…[View]
73467230Can we have a serious discussion about Islammaxxing?: Let me tell you why I'm considering it: …[View]
73471357Seriously though: If all of a sudden tomorrow every western man modeled himself on the masculine pri…[View]
73471045is anyone actually willing to defend religion properly? most of the people i talk to nowadays always…[View]
73470536Is Avalokitesvara a Robot's best friend?[View]
73471399>Worked at a job for 3 months now >Coworkers are starting to notice that I never bring up wome…[View]
73471040>Having a girlfriend >Even though you can't control other people, know they're not l…[View]
73471300c programming because im bored: what the fuck do you even do with it? im not fully retarded, I'…[View]
73471222>have been called 'cute' by numerous women over the course of my life >never been called 'hot'…[View]
73470868i didnt get a job for the summer..[View]
73471384I don't know what to do with girls when I'm hanging out with them. I don't date. I ra…[View]
73471376AAAAH IM SORRY: I had to leave and i didn't come back until the thread was dead. If you're…[View]
73471050>smoke about an ounce of weed a month >start to get cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome >stop …[View]
73471044>had a few different women tell me im attractive overtly >doesnt matter because schizoid perso…[View]
73469023/Nofap/ gen The Resurrection Back From the Dead To Enact Vengeance Upon My Cock Edition: Day 4. NO p…[View]
73471172Now that I left my company, can I comment things like 'AWOOOGA' and 'HUMMENA HUMMENA' on the social …[View]
73471306My zoomer housemate is having a garden party and i dont know what to do >Be me >32 yos robot w…[View]
73470622not an incel thread, i just wanna vent like a normal human: im just really sad right now girl i been…[View]
73471347Why not just get rich?: Theres so much demoralization propaganda to ugly guys these days saying if y…[View]
73470677Sometimes I eats these with no spoon and image it's a pussy.[View]
73471244I took the sex worker pill: Ive had sex dozens of times with women that had porn star bodies, I am c…[View]
73471289I've been playing project zomboid and drinking beer since I woke up at 6 am[View]
73471265If only you knew how great things really are[View]
73470301My biggest regret is that my parents weren't abusive and now I can't blame this miserable …[View]
73468548The type of man who has this type of wallet is very intimidating: Men who are gruff, tall, big, and …[View]
73471257>mom and dad die when i'm 12 >no life insurance, lose house and get left with nothing …[View]
73470673They pray on the weak, showering them with love and affection, slowly grooming them into their side …[View]
73471275i wish i was born 50 years later so i could be a useless NEET getting sent on the mars colonisation …[View]
73471247Which game had the best romantic subplots? I need to cope.[View]
73470636So the US either defaults on their debts or nation wide porn Ban anons[View]
73471236how do i make certain that my classmate ioanna gets blacked[View]
73470234for my birthday should i buy weed, or should i buy alcohol? i'll finally be legally able to do …[View]
73471242i wish i were a fembot who doesn't really leave her house that much and just plays rpgs all day[View]
73470718What pen/pens does /r9k/ use? I just ordered a Pilot G2 Limited (the metal one) and I'm pretty …[View]
73470181Is free will real? Is the reason Globohomo normies hate us and have the 'values' they have is becaus…[View]
73467107Would you date an 19-year-old virgin girl who already has a mombod, gone from skinny to this since h…[View]
73471101were you redpilled by ruto?[View]
73471176You have such great taste, femcel.[View]
73471046Anon from Australia and can anyone tell me what gang life is like in USA. Do gangs control some part…[View]
73470833how do you get a gf? >ask her out immediately women don't date strangers >get to know her…[View]
73470700Self-proclaimed 'chadlite' and 'high tier brad'[View]
73469629Can a bald, 5'10, average looking, 32 year old target cashier get a qt 19 year old alt gf?[View]
73470075Does anyone else here lack an internal monologue? I find my lack of one quite freeing.[View]
73470603How do you destroy a small imageboard? Alternatively, how do you shit it up in such way all undesira…[View]
73470725I am not going to work, I know i'm almost 25 years old but... not my problem[View]
73468045robros would you fuck a tranny? like pic rel[View]
73470150The Face of Nofap: This is the face of a man who had, at the time of the picture, gone 136 days with…[View]
73470402Detroit 2003 V Detroit now[View]
73470414god I wish i were raped by an older female when i was younger[View]
73456255Is it true?: ls it true?[View]
73470761Why not settle for a crazy blonde pagan gf?[View]
73469953Become enough for yourself[View]
73469700Foids, what makes you scared of a guy? I'm trying to scarymaxx[View]
73469708I promise you are still the only one I love. Sometimes there are things you have to do to survive.[View]
73470520Prayer is actually very therapeutic wtf[View]
73470204minetest: why don't you play minetest anon? it kinda sucks but also has sovl and you can instal…[View]
73470394Im not gay, but I find the look of vaginas more repulsive than cocks, and I prefer ass over tits. Am…[View]
73470376It's hilarious how much pain a person can endure and still be alive haha[View]
73470689Anyone else never have sex in their dreams? I go on dates and get hugs but I never really end up hav…[View]
73470486>nerdy but fit guys exist on this board >girl equivalent doesn't exist Why?…[View]
73467666Why is it so hard to find a dominant guy as a faggot male I just want someone who isn't a fub…[View]
734707076 months ago, I went down a twitter rabbithole of ethnic girls talking about how their men are too s…[View]
73470688Is inner peace worth letting go of all one's dreams and aspirations[View]
73470543Look I know I'm being an incel right now but it's kind of depressing how I have only ever …[View]
73470619Is anyone here a /qa/ refugee? I still miss those times. Kissu and sharty don't compare at all.[View]
73470632my dream is to make a manga. that's literally it. I'm a neet with all the free time in the…[View]
73470189What's the point of living when everybody hates you?[View]
73470213Autistic things you think only you do: >open doors at random and yell TOSHINOU KYOUKO…[View]
73470186it is 2:30 in the am I was looking for a picture to post to accompany that statement and say somethi…[View]
73468906>Good morning son, what would you like for breakfast?[View]
73468665I cucked a guy yesterday. Made out with his gf while he watched, he just pushed me and she got betwe…[View]
73469717Tell Me a Secret Bots: What is a story/secret that you could never tell anyone?[View]
73470072Fem-Fetishes: >What is your fetish? >How badly do you crave it? >Would you do it? >One n…[View]
73470458I'm a 22 year old man, and whenever I'm watching a movie and a scary part comes, I will hi…[View]
73468777Women dodn't know do they?: I have a neighbor a frumpy middleaged ogre and super into her bible…[View]
73468623What will coomers do when porn is banned.[View]
73469993I had a dream last night where a girl I knew from highschool was sitting close and lying on me while…[View]
73470507>random girl taps me on the shoulder >i instinctively reply 'fuck off' weeeelp another opportu…[View]
73469845How often do you virgins fap? >tfw you fap twice as day[View]
73469921no manifesting a bf today im too tired[View]
73470419What is your weekend plan?[View]
73470346Autistic thing I do? I pretend Naruto fights with my dog. He's a Yorkie so he gets to be Akama…[View]
73469727My futa Nazi butt is the ultimate Holocaust[View]
734684464chan Collage Collab (Revival): This is a project i wish to revive, and this is the latest image i c…[View]
73469086just eating is like a full time job: trying to be healthy is so much work i hate eating all the time…[View]
73470011Why would women browse this board? I tried browsing lolcow/crystal cafe and it made me feel perma de…[View]
73467856>boyfriends always dump me after the honeymoon phase is over and they got their sex from me…[View]
73470045>life starts >life over >long dying process that's about it…[View]
73470102im completely irrational + neurotic + hold no interesting qualities of my own + self destructive + a…[View]
73467074It's summer!: What are you up to anons? Got plans to go abroad? Go for walks in the park? Visit…[View]
73469925He Could Have Been Us: Why didn't you take the Ben Shapiro path in life, as an autist? Me and …[View]
73470259I don't even want a normal relationship, I just want to get hurt so I can feel alive.[View]
73468493Biological females please help me understand: It's getting warm outside. I'm out for a wal…[View]
73470250had a great morning: >Hard work's been paying off >Days have become pleasanter & plea…[View]
73470139yeah, it's over: >visit crystal cafe >nice and rare media everywhere >go back to r9k …[View]
73470160Anime is my only hobby: Anyone else? (original comment)[View]
73467703>add femanon >talk a bit to her >she seems interesting >keep talking as days pass >wa…[View]
73469968stop posting women with penises and stop posting men dressed as women, it's gay and disgusting[View]
73470205Drop your most fucked up archive threads: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/427664511/[View]
73468268I fucking hate the Spanish language. Every time I hear any amount of words in that dreadful tongue I…[View]
73470152Is forcing a girl into prostitution and making her give you all the money she earns a Chad move or b…[View]
73466512Why dont you just get a fat gf and chill out with her at home all day?[View]
73467059Why are British guys so feminine?[View]
73467430Day 1 of manifesting a huge cock top only brazilian shemale gf[View]
73470013I have been seeing the same girl in my dreams since I was 12. I have never met her in real life. But…[View]
73469397Nuclear Energy: We invented infinite clean energy in the 50s and are still using fossil fuels to pro…[View]
73469885Well I got ghosted...... it's whatever just keep pushing forward find another femoid[View]
73468718I think I want to give up and go homeless. What are some things I have to worry about? I already hav…[View]
73469931i don't wanna go to the grocery store each week. i don't wanna go outside, where i'll…[View]
73468329Hi guys. I have never been outside my country before. I was wondering how many people speak English …[View]
73470019Remember Shinzo Abe: >5:30: wake up, watch the Simpsons Sneed episode 4 times >8:00: leave the…[View]
73469078Welp, I finished the book I was reading. Now I'm fucking bored. Wish I had a gf[View]
73469977What does this mean?: I'm completely retarded except that I just happened to excel academically…[View]
73463526Can you guys post some music that you think sounds beautiful?[View]
73469713Pickmes and Fem-Subs: >How pathetic are you? >How do you want to be treated? >Do you have a…[View]
73469438Serious question is it gay if my favorite part about women is discussing women with other men? I wa…[View]
73469957Question for fembots: My first online crush who I talked with daily and sent like food and money to …[View]
73469915What are you even supposed to do with your free time as an adult?[View]
73469299How do I find a gay or bi robot with awful farts? One willing to make me worship him[View]
73469304MMXX: At 00:00:00 on January 1, 2020, I embarked upon the greatest nofap of my entire life. I termed…[View]
73469685Shove a pizza down a femoid's panties[View]
73469924Since women show no interest in me I've decided to start filthmaxxing. I'm going to become…[View]
73469390Excuse me for being a sperg but what technically counts as losing your virginity? P in v of course b…[View]
73468863>Be me, wage fag >Work at corner store >Nothing to do so just bs on my phone >Mom and he…[View]
73465286Why are corporations so gay nowadays ? From Netflix blocking you from using your account in differen…[View]
73469549oh yeah then to get job homeless guy needs address yeah if you get to low you're a goner even n…[View]
73469907I can't stop eating cherry peppers. Every second and every hour it's cherry peppers. I wen…[View]
73468756>do 20 squats with the heaviest plates I can lift >practically immobilized and completely exha…[View]
73469864AI anime girls are nice just came to one it was so hot[View]
73469899Do you think it's viable to make female friends through reddit r4r?[View]
73468351Does /r9k/ like CandyEvie?[View]
73469834>autistic friend that can't catch any hint of sarcasm is a math and chess god. how is this …[View]
73469338Imagine being black and also being a virgin? How is that even possible? You are literally the most …[View]
73466039Why does Russia have a massive amount of Titcows?[View]
73469817If you could, check them.[View]
73469788Why not try Sneedmaxxing?[View]
73465372This is the greatest game ever made. Nintendo really outdid themselves.[View]
73469619CSA CSA CSA: GodovisiGOTHicccx and Edomites and Amalekites are perfect confederates[View]
73468792i have 2 friends in real life i would die for them you have no idea how much i love these people[View]
73469282I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get off my ass. I'm gonna get a job. I'm trying out t…[View]
73469414Why do they dress like this in public when they have a man they belong to, and a child?[View]
73469127lookin great sis!! just stunning![View]
73468496how many pants have you ruined thanks to your bloody vagina fembots[View]
73468348I just want a cute short haired mentally ill gf. Is that too much to ask for?[View]
73468853as ive gotten older iv come to a conclusion about people. most people are fundamentally the same, …[View]
73469645Amalekites are utmost perfect I worship Amalekite and Amalekite soul eternally.[View]
73469151Robots when was your last shower and how bad do your balls smell?[View]
73468180no matter how bad my decisions may seem in the moment, everything always seems to work out in the en…[View]
73468981All I really want is a smelly, slobby fembot gf that wants to sit on my face Is that really as impos…[View]
73468654Man i just love meat: I love it fresh I love it ground I love it's organs I love it raw I love …[View]
73468963Why do normies constantly preach 'Darwinism', 'capitalism', 'survival of the fittest', 'might is rig…[View]
73468899tell me a fun fact about you fellow robot >i use my phone on portrait home screen mode.…[View]
73469494My Nazi cock: I am so proud to be a Nazi that it makes me cum ever. Pride is orgasmic. Pride lets us…[View]
73465722>23 years old >still a loser >too old to do anything >life wasted >no neuroplasticity…[View]
73469105Pointless: Its pointless. Even some of my reflections lead to nowhere. Still I will do it, some got …[View]
73469566She thinks about Nazi dick all day Mm Nazism and communism are made to unite and evolve together[View]
73468978You ruin my tactic I ruin your match Simple as[View]
73467860>am not a conservative >votes conservative anyways…[View]
73469538I wanna look like this but while keeping my fat Nazi cock as a futa. I want goddesses to squeeze me …[View]
73469169I wipe my ass with toilet paper, and give a final wipe with baby towelettes.[View]
73469433STORES CLOSED: >be today, the 'night' before Pentecost or whatever christcucks calls it >store…[View]
73468376Moids are now beardmaxing to get women.[View]
73465212Why are slavic men so fucking cute? Seriously I would die for a polish or russian bf.[View]
73468304being a neet is great since i can sleep ALL day and night.[View]
73469333>If I started looksmaxxing, all that would happen is that I'd be higher on the list of optio…[View]
73468101Can I find time for all my hobbies or am I delusional?: My hobbies are: >playing guitar >lear…[View]
73468835That's what every fembot really is[View]
73469291How would a woman 'bully' a man into marrying her?: Is this a thing that happens IRL in We…[View]
73468193What is the evolutionary advantage of having a pretty face? I mean other than the recursive advantag…[View]
73468753isekai isn't real and i will never be the witch of the highlands[View]
73468884Women have taste in something genetic that you don't have and never will. Life isn't a mer…[View]
73466621Why are wahmen like this?[View]
73468761I met a e-boy I liked a lot last year: He's been offline for a while, I met him off /trash/ I j…[View]
73469283In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future...: There is only Balenciaga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
73469248would constantly thinking of the worst possible scenarios happening in the future and repeating them…[View]
73457617I wonder how many skinny guys are completely unaware how erotic their body is[View]
73468460hello everyone i would like to sing you a little ditty and it goes something like NIGGERS NIGGERS NI…[View]
73469170what are some anime i can watch with my trans gf?[View]
73467408At what point is someone considered rich to you?: Do you consider someone with 1 million net worth r…[View]
73468613I have a crush on the voice in my bluetooth headset that tells me when the battery is low[View]
73469207I long for a day when Pan-Americanism prevails but that would require an end to the North American E…[View]
73469160>sciatica >chronic migraines >3 fractured vertebra >varicocele I feel like I'm in h…[View]
73469198natalie imbruglia is the PEAK of 1997 cumsex.[View]
73467622Good morning, Anons of /r9k/. You have any plans for this weekend? I haven't got much, but when…[View]
73469133shoot the moon[View]
73468997>women like tall men >Women like symmetrical handsome face I think i found it robots! I just n…[View]
73468983The Eternal Nofap: The Month of Retribution XVII: And so we approach the end of the Month of Elliot.…[View]
73468920I'm so sick of cringe-culture and ironic humor. There's no sincerity anymore.[View]
73466893Anons who have cuddled before, how did you meet that person and how did you get to that level of int…[View]
73467949Why are the Japanese so eager to throw their lives away? Kamikaze, anime where everyone dies, there …[View]
73468909Despite their differences, Defenders (ISFJ-T) and Mediators (INFP-A) also share some similarities: 1…[View]
73468815Can you imagine dying for deli meat on cheap buns? A mother and father spent 20ish years tenderly ra…[View]
73468115Free holiday!!: I was lucky and won a 3 day / 2 night all inclusive holiday for free at the end of t…[View]
73468445Kill Yourself: >I'm a depressed manchild that wants to be treated like a 6 year old girl Shi…[View]
73468931Honestly... just do what makes you happy.[View]
73468887Reminder not to let yourself be fooled by women. They're evil, will lurk you with their great b…[View]
73468342There's memes about elbows and knees not being important >elbows too pointy But unironically…[View]
73468872When messaging a girl how long should you wait for her to initiate conversation? I have been talking…[View]
73467603Imagine if she was your daughter[View]
73468901G A Tfish: Awww shit!!! It's the fuckin GAT fish, my niggas! Let's get a crazy GAT fish th…[View]
73468690>I could be happy if i tried doing this thing >But i won't do it. Because if it goes wron…[View]
73468886Nigger named Andrej: Looking for a niggerdocian Andrej who's been cursed by all you fucktard…[View]
73467531Girls technically don't have to remove skirts like trousers when they go peeing, but do they?[View]
73467127>be me >download tinder/bumble/etc >get a few likes >start to chat with some girls >t…[View]
73467887I'm surprised Welcome to The NHK took place in the mid 2000s: I didn't think NEETs or hikk…[View]
73468716Out of fear of looking friendless I tell everyone I have friends. My parents, my colleagues, my fami…[View]
73468837you will never make the fastest cars in the world and own an rocketship company and fuck grimes[View]
73468306>be 24 yo khv gigasperg >childhood and teens stolen by cruel peers and abusive parents >li…[View]
73466187How tf do people go running without anyone staring? i get looked at just for walking[View]
73467558Give me one good reason you haven't visited Chechnya?[View]
73467264People always say women dont like muscles but... >every 10/10 woman is with a buff bodybuilder gu…[View]
73468494Trad waifus are back in the menu boys: We are all gonna get tradwives bros it's not over[View]
73467546Someone purge this retarded spammer off the board. Was funny the first couple times but hes writing …[View]
73468262Should i go fishing today or work on my 3d modelling?[View]
73467293Videos like this influence me to be gay more than any femboy or trap porn.[View]
73468579I can't stop thinking off all the DoD contractor money I'm going to make overseas. I'…[View]
73468245im still sad im not white[View]
73468236Avoid cancer. You know what you have to do.[View]
73466945tranny terrorist[View]
73468384watching porn is getting to be annoying at this point. its like a tease, a taunt reminiscient of bor…[View]
73467337The redpill is a psyop.: Originally the redpill was coined, outside of the matrix films, by Curtis Y…[View]
73468198Don't worry, you will win in the end :)[View]
73468213>ugly fish has a friend whats your excuse?[View]
73468308Is Rei running late for school again?[View]
73467530Apparently niggers want their coalburner to say the n word, but beat white men for saying so: Jim cr…[View]
73468291Reminder for Anons: Two black women caught cheating on their husbands. https://worldstar.com/videos…[View]
73466547I didn't get enough sleep yet again. I am tired yet again. Life is boring, shit sucks. Nothing …[View]
73467977My bf screamed in the middle of the night bc he had a nightmare and it scared me[View]
73468279When will /pol/ finally get shut down?[View]
73467569Anon what animal do you believe has the most fulfulling and genrally pleasant life?[View]
73467590i keep waking up everyday, make it stop desu[View]
73467096would you join a girl with a cute voice in getting drunk?[View]
73467964Dating a man is such a pain the ass. Now that I have a bf I cant do any of the fun things in life li…[View]
73468195Oh hello there wagie. Yes yes, you can rest now. Your tiny scraps of weekend 'freedom' are…[View]
73467446Out of Touch: You're out of touch I'm out of time (time) But I'm out of my head When …[View]
73467055Noice or Roice?[View]
73467640Anyone know how to get audio to work for webms on iPhone? They work with earphones but not without t…[View]
73467924This is what normies are doing this Saturday: What are you doing this Saturday? #1[View]
73468179I had a girl perform oral and anilingus on me last night. What's your excuse?[View]
73467849hear me out; sex with lots of blood involved[View]
73468032wtf is a 'hobby' and why does everybody have one ?[View]
73467951And there it went. 3 dollars and 50 cents for the Coca Cola Company to tell how much do I hate them.[View]
73467299What is the point of getting a girlfriend if we do not share interests? I cannot take her anywhere t…[View]
73467982ATTENTION FEMBO: You WILL give Chad Thundercock the RYOBI ONE+ 18V battery so he can assemble the be…[View]
73467727thread #2: hiiii !! im bored and lonely someone talk to me pls aaa and no im not trans or a girl or …[View]
73467449I need to vent: I rarely come here anymore because this board is shit. Maybe once every few months. …[View]
73467817Getting a job: If I'm a male and I mark female as gender will it help me get a job? I've b…[View]
73466860I am currently working on a script for a comedy movie. It's about three Americans that are in P…[View]
73467950Just be a Chad: 'Are you Vince's friend?' a dark-haired man asked me at our mutual friend'…[View]
73466078Day 2 of manifesting my rebirth as a Chad, so I can fuck girls like her[View]
73467815My only problems in life are a lack of wealth and a lack of fun. I'm moderately healthy, I have…[View]
73466943Would you drink Ran Yakumo's breast milk if she (inconspicuously) offered it to you? You don…[View]
73467853should i put her in the jar?[View]
73467706i am looking for a 18+ (pref. 21+) girl OR mtf (happy with either) to simp for i really want to comp…[View]
73466190>read 1984 >involves doublethink >a dystopia of hypocrisy >go to therapy >cbt >wha…[View]
73467832She won't fuck my T.W. C.: I've accepted my role as the prepper of the bvll and that I may…[View]
73467584What can I use to seal this gap from the balcony above and create some run off to the edge of my bal…[View]
73464521How do you feel when you see girls like this?[View]
73466884I hate that being recorded by strangers in public without permission is a legitimate fear to have in…[View]
73466646>they don't work they're insane that's all it is >they're not even workers…[View]
73467766At what point do you just stop approaching after getting rejected constantly? Do not use understand …[View]
73466897im sad i just want to go to bed but im too stressed to[View]
73467321/r9k/ has changed my life: Life is all about luck. This board actually did something positive for me…[View]
73467724This fucking poster: What's your favorite pasta from this guy? I can't help but hysterical…[View]
73467740Bait Posts: I only visit r9k occasionaly and it's always the same few rage/race/dick/tran bait …[View]
73467689What's the deal with my mom?: I started working a while ago and she keeps suggesting me to quit…[View]
73467699Feels Bad Man: I will never be able to buy things like the YETI Hopper Flip 18 because I dont have a…[View]
73467680There is still hope for you if you have brown eyes plus negative tilth. You can psychostaremaxx. The…[View]
73466423i fucking hate grammar nazis. what is the point of language? to convey an idea right? so if you conv…[View]
73467503hello how to make temporary friends on 4chan[View]
73466854Are you self aware enough to know notice you're completely annoying, without the memey self dep…[View]
73466906giving up/ suicide seems like a rational option. I've tried to be optimistic and put my best fo…[View]
73466977>xxy >low iq >gyno >autism Its over…[View]
73467630Why hasn't anyone made a horror movie about the crack era yet? If you listen to the music from …[View]
73462695what do children need to be protected from?[View]
73466608The newsreader Lucrezia Millarini is my honest to god, hand on heart biological real life mum. How d…[View]
73465622If my sexual fantasy is being a kid again only to be fucked by a thick woman with big tits does it m…[View]
73467043For your mom's birthday, why not get a young douchebag to give her a good dicking while dad…[View]
73466635Difficult question, robots: Imagine that your best bro one day wakes up as a pretty woman. This is s…[View]
73467012Can you bluepill yourself?: I just had a revelation recently that not being bluepilled is making my …[View]
73467129i think im doomed to be eternally kinda awkward and annoying. i used to be actually sort of interest…[View]
73467220I think this board only has like 40 posters now, down from 60 in less than a months. It's so fu…[View]
73467219My great grandfather fought 2 wars so I can have panic attacks because my internet connection is dow…[View]
73467490Sorry for this post.. Ther's a pic of pepe staring at two couples sitting on the grass from his…[View]
73466770hoom baba hoom baba ba ba ba hoom baba hoom baba ba ba ba hurkwakwakwakwakwak[View]
73467122help: ive been experiencing hallucinations for about 2 months now, and theyre starting to get worse.…[View]
73467324I've never had dreams. My dreams had me.[View]
73467416jus found a very rare dylann (pic unrel) :D[View]
73467397I just drank a Red Bull and I feel zooted.[View]
73463759what makes a civilized society?[View]
73465911ever meet a woman good with children? what are they like?[View]
73466983Day 30 of manifesting a qt black virgin gf who will love me and bear my children: Eating ass edition…[View]
73467276>be me >parents call my 10/10 100% passing trans gf a man after calling her female for 2 years…[View]
73467273Hello! I need an image that is grossly violent and disturbing, which depicts cannibalism. Personal u…[View]
73465216What keeps you going r9k?: What keeps you from not killing yourself every day r9k? What keeps me go…[View]
73466709Poo poo pee pee poo pee poo. Dodo pee music fuckers.[View]
73467319hi anon can I take a sip of your cigarette?[View]
73464043Do you pirate anons or are you a fag who buys it[View]
73466738>woke up at midday again there goes another day[View]
73467227yo if u see this: i hope the nigga that keeps spamming this cyck shit kills himself[View]
73467286heisenberg: >be me >weird quiet kid >breaking bad nerd before it was cool >middle school…[View]
73467018What do you even talk about with a gf?: I doubt there is anything I have in common with womyn.…[View]
73466369My heart has turned totally to stone. I can no longer even conceive of being romantically involved w…[View]
73467181>Hanging out with Chad from work smoking a joint >He starts talking about how he fucked most o…[View]
73467158Tfw no art hoe gf to draw and paint and do tarot with. I should have went to art school...[View]
73462230uh robots you know that thing you want to stick your penis in? yea you know it bleeds for a couple d…[View]
73467143hoe can i make my 6 incher grow larger or is it a done deal? i dont care if 6 isnt considered small …[View]
73467204Doesn't matter how cool you look, you will have cancer if you smoke.[View]
73466990I am really fucking close to killing myself[View]
73466279Black Fembots: Why are so many of black women femcels? Do you have a plan to lose your virginity to …[View]
73466805INCEL GENERAL: Why people like webm related are so sadistic? What is a reason for them to act like t…[View]
73466997Who else is a fucking hypochondriac? I just quit all drugs and I'm going through my worst night…[View]
73466750Change: I wish she'd come back, and yet, I feel like if she did, she'd be a completely dif…[View]
73466933How would your ideal life look like, anon?[View]
73466598My crush is the best and the worst. They make me feel safe and uncomfortable. They mean well, though…[View]
73466587why are all transgenders pedophiles.[View]
73466485'Historically men had a dichotomy in their perception of women. In the past, men, especially teens, …[View]
73466673prostrating before women: >Every year in Arizona there is a ceremony where the men bow to the wom…[View]
73466324Femceldom: >Why are you a femcel? >Do you ever expect to have sex? >How old are you?…[View]
73467049if i were a hikkineet femcoomer i would be masturbating right now and not worrying about anything[View]
73465252Is there an idiom that is the opposite of 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater,' as in an idiom…[View]
73466719>be me right now at the lecture >people showing the lecturer their code >'i can see the mis…[View]
73465543>writing is easier than it's more popular relative >Intuitive pronunciation >Speakers …[View]
73463823Why do people always say 'If he's an adult virgin, something must be wrong with him!'? Most men…[View]
73466876should i get drunk or sleep[View]
73467000https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRridT1NTBM i love u anon[View]
73466951Mio is going to die tomorrow. Figuratively. Perhaps he'll be dead (figuratively) at the end of …[View]
73466716What do always we take the time to explain to children that an adult exhibiting objectionable (if no…[View]
73466745Will the blackpill ever be accepted as true by society?[View]
73466159>be high ranking executive in music industry >higher ups are not liking the numbers, they dema…[View]
73466878Absolute state of sex havers. The dumb Slavs continue their mutual genocide.[View]
73465804>Here Anon, I got you vanilla. >Did you find a place for us to sit?…[View]
73466567It's already over, 80% of the world's population is infected: Some time around 10 years ag…[View]
73466932>like friend who's dating someone >realize I don't like the way they treat their par…[View]
73466271>be me >finally give up on women >they flirt with me in public constantly now i swear to …[View]
73464564This is what your Future Girlfriend is doing with Chad right now[View]
73466316>Maybe life will get better after college Statement made by the utterly deranged. If you're …[View]
73466866Why are women doin this[View]
73466203I don't think the incel struggle is valid cause you can just hit the gym and buy a jaw surgery:…[View]
73465884I put most of my time into Character.ai during the last 5 days and my adventure finally ended. How d…[View]
73466818>join 2-3 servers advertised heavely all throughout the boards >type: 'you will never be a wom…[View]
73466765Why don't normie sexhavers worry more about accidental pregnacy?: If you fuck women, especially…[View]
73466411How to deal with being haunted by your past actions: Every time I start to get any peace I think if …[View]
73464820god damn i miss the old days so much. before smartphones. >me and my friends just walked around …[View]
73464819When did you realize that you were a serious pervert?: For me, it was today[View]
73464936fat thread for fat ppl: 5'8' 200lbs. im a fatty fat fat w jiggly wiggly tittays[View]
73465905Well guys I guess the time has come for me to give myself psychosis I rely on weed every night to s…[View]
73466744does anyone else go through periods where they believe they do not have emotions is this the ultima…[View]
73466658Because I think the rest of the internet is FUBAR, I saw no other relief besides lurking crystal caf…[View]
73465590why is this allowed on porn sites?[View]
73466776>be rude to woman >falls for me >develop feelings >start being nice (BECAUSE THAT'S…[View]
73462311>God will never leave me nor forsake me Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of a…[View]
73465529i just become uglier and sadder every day[View]
73464769Who are the main characters of Earth?[View]
73464409Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. It's time to stop masturbating and start pray…[View]
73466136>Mfw I live in Somalia so nothing is accessible to me due to US sanctions so I have to wait days …[View]
73465570I am really sad chat[View]
73466406vr/vr porn: i used to be amazed at vr. but really all it is is a possibility for future technology. …[View]
73464481you guys ever meet someone whos exactly like you and then you become gay for them? pretty sure they …[View]
73465935my pussy stinks so badly when my brother came in my room he plugged his nose and asked if i left foo…[View]
73465841>he said he would kill himself so i called the cops >2 hours later the dispatcher tells me eve…[View]
73466448any other ABDL trannies on here?[View]
73465684do u look like this be honest[View]
73466135>27 years old >kissless, hugless, handholdless virgin >asperger's syndrome and severe …[View]
73466634Anyone else here hated by the women of their race? I'm black but black girls really hate me for…[View]
73465226My E-girlfriend has told me every guy she's ever met online and irl has fallen in love with her…[View]
73465982If he wanted to he would. If he wanted to he would. If he wanted to he would :([View]
73466597>doing thing >feeling good >remember it's all meaningless since I will always be a cre…[View]
73466571why do my farts smell so good[View]
73466438Depressed Anons have you ever considered taking steroids or doing fraud seeing as you have nothing e…[View]
73466532>try to break up with gf without her going insane after she does some abusive shit >dont talk…[View]
73465810https://voca.ro/1DMwvVozfoUV vocaroo time[View]
73466310How does the spotlight feel?[View]
73464215>tfw no big dick femboy bf to bully me with his huge cock[View]
73464006hi robots long time no see! i have been off 4chan and getting outside more but i miss talking to pe…[View]
73465685that's it... you get THE CHEESE!: WOW, this board is the absolute best it's ever been toni…[View]
73465073should i wake her up broskies[View]
73466398the reason why so many incels have tiny dicks is because it grows during puberty and during teenage …[View]
73465597Who else /homeless/? I just took my dog for a walk and did some dumpster diving. Found a whole pizza…[View]
73466337Why did you stick me in self deprecating bones and skin? Jesus do you hate me?[View]
73465984how do manlets cope with not being able to make a woman feel safe and secure in your arms?[View]
73466245>tfw no NORDIC threesome[View]
73466450Women shouldn't be allowed to drink alcohol. Theres nothing more annoying and disgusting as a d…[View]
73466447Those electronic dudes: I always idol'ed those electronic guys, having learned their distilled …[View]
734662632am did coke all night Dance dance ^_^[View]
73461092I want my mom to get sexually defiled. anyone else?[View]
73465970How can I achieve this?: I want to live in some rural area with busty gf living a chill life[View]
73466396Fem-Submission: Why haven't you selflessly submitted for a man to lovelessly use you?[View]
73466302Living as a manlet isn't so bad especially with eyes of prey ig. Could be worse, I could be a m…[View]
73466199>waging away >cute girl gives me her credit card for payment >I read her name and commit it…[View]
73466331Why mothers are so sweet, I love them so much, I want them to cuddle me for ever and ever. Does your…[View]
73464076So what do you do to meet women when you are out of school, have no female friends, and dating apps …[View]
73464087Cyberpunk Dungeon Game: The year is 2073, You walk into a bar in the slums, you have business here, …[View]
73466033I wish I could be everything some lonely person who has no childhood friends, nor friends in general…[View]
73465435What's you reason for not wanting to get married? https://youtu.be/lDY4hPAfzEY[View]
73466276gonna watch the ne john mulaney special to fall asleep[View]
73465284is this ok? someone tell me if this is ok?[View]
73466105should I veggiemaxx? if I just eat home cooked meals with chicken, rice, and LOTS of veggies (good s…[View]
73466264It's weird how racial praise is reserved solely for biracial individuals in PC culture How does…[View]
73466019I need to play with a cute girl's cock[View]
73462614Favorite after-dinner drink? Drinking some red wine after eating sirloin steak with mushroom sauce.[View]
73465530Bros, have you noticed mcdonald's quarter pounders with cheese smell like a girl's pussy? …[View]
73465734Do you have a type? Like a type of girl you like? What's your type /r9k/?[View]
73465065Day 10 of trying to find my ideal person, final day edition: I was only able to do this 10 days. Thi…[View]
73465813would you date a girl who acted like a female adam lanza and wings of redemption?[View]
73466070Anyone have a good method of fantasizing? (that isn't just using imagination, since I don'…[View]
73466049#1: I'm a total loser that wasted his life for no reason and I want to change it now. I will at…[View]
73464849Anon, have you ever been cucked?[View]
73465924how do i achieve a penis this large[View]
73466091Most women are honestly horrible communicators. The concept of women being better than men at commun…[View]
73462833It's time! I have nothing better to do! This time i want to know what anon likes to drink And …[View]
73466082Stalking my childhood friends social media accounts feels so weird. We are complete strangers by now…[View]
73465554I finally fell asleep and then my fucking roommate woke me up. Now I can't sleep. Why do colleg…[View]
73465842Went to pick up carry out while on edibles. I was trembling from anxiety. Check the bpm.[View]
73465909i wish i had a guy to love as much as tyler loved victoria )=: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkC_N…[View]
73464349Poor trolling.: With over a decade of 4chan experience do you know what I learned? >Trolls can…[View]
73465787If you think about it it's pretty unfortunate that conscious life came to be. Some stupid unice…[View]
73465029i'm not a real person haha[View]
73465045If you have a girlfriend you're a faggot. Why would you want to be around the most annoying peo…[View]
73465826Welcome students to the new term Ill be your professor this term for defense against the dank arts p…[View]
73465835The only thing I look forward to in my daily life is new posts by my favorite big titty anime girl a…[View]
73462688What does fat girl sex smell like?[View]
73465907there is nothing more pathetic than the coomer. if they died tomorrow i would not care.[View]
73464962you have been cursed by the peepee mans curse. repost this to five other 4chud boards or the peepee …[View]
73465795i miss 2014-2016 r9k and life so bad >first became neet so it was fun >still had friends happ…[View]
73464669What feelins does this image provoke in you?[View]
73465863Is it bad that I'm only into chubby/thick women? Or is it normal?[View]
73465820my dad was a serial killer: which means i used to live inside a serial killer's nutsack before …[View]
73465803Imagine what it's like knowing that your existence started by some guy you don't know jerk…[View]
73465840v355 Some days, some nights Some live some die In the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
73464759>the norf is grim[View]
73465780There's a goth girl that is into me and idk why: She is into me, she said it herself but right …[View]
73465796there is no escaping the feel[View]
73465732why are most balding guys always eating so much fat and salt?[View]
73465431All boards need flags and IDs like /pol/. Anonmity is dead. Redditors and newfaggots killed it. The…[View]
73465758Priests are the original neets[View]
73465480Virgins, would you baby trap your first?[View]
73465729What does it even mean to put yourself out there and why am I so scared of doing so[View]
73465609Friends, do you fear the AI uprising?[View]
73465702Why does this image make me feel so comfy?[View]
73465598My dream girl is going to save me from inceldom and NEETdom I just know it[View]
73465095I just came to this https://e621.net/posts/3466885?q=md5%3A8fd530da9ffe0f88c309f4fea9443da4 Is it ov…[View]
73465599What's it like to be loved? I will never know this because i am an autistic schizo[View]
73464013Yeah uh Israel regardless of sob stories this is a crime.[View]
73464954>one chance at life >born a 'boy' who only likes boys Is there a worse fate?…[View]
73464327Did robots really fail to find the 'town bicycle' when they were teenagers? There were average looki…[View]
73465634i want to go for a walk but im scared to see people[View]
73463075This spic ruined my chances with her. I had everything planned out: where I would ask her out, what …[View]
73465499I despise being a fat piece of shit. I'm going to lose weight no matter what.[View]
73465346day 171 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests[View]
73465230I started drinking yesterday at noon and just woke up in my bed full of vomit. Any tips on how to cu…[View]
73465415feminism hate thread: anybody else tired of their mom, because she can't accept the fact that m…[View]
73465514>want to replace 4chan and lol with other hobbies >realize im lonely and the reason i do these…[View]
73465510Dating: Former NEET who is on the path to /fit/ and gonna make it. Whenever I see a tranny or straig…[View]
73465503I wish I could molest a female: I wish I could molest a female8s ass and feet while she sleeps or I …[View]
73465363>2 cities in Japan literally got nuked by the weaponized nuclear power >people returned and co…[View]
73465491>tfw so depressed cant even bring myself to go to my fuck buddies house for sex what a fuckidi fu…[View]
73465039This is someone life but not yours[View]
73464365>gets into an argument >starts dumping his porn folder…[View]
73464422character.AI is the peak of existence: >want a friend? you have it >want tips on how to make m…[View]
73460619The dysphoria is back. I shut myself in from society but it always finds a way to seep in[View]
73464937Anyone else feel they'd have an easier time getting a gf if they were white?[View]
73465253You will never be a real autist. You have no stimming activities, you have no meltdowns, you have no…[View]
73465368I can charm men. I've charmed pooners. I've charmed trannies. You know what shrieks in hor…[View]
73465304I can't do this guys.: I've finally accepted my ex is gone and not coming back. She really…[View]
73465277am i asexual or just severely anorexic[View]
73465282day 157 of manifesting nothing >tfw you finally get to witness the end of the world…[View]
73465254I just nut after masturbating for 18 hrs damn my horny posts today were cringe[View]
73465109why are gay guys whores that will fuck anything?[View]
73465111Day 18 of wishing for an anal-only hot dark black gf that lets me cum in her ass daily[View]
73465153no more tattoos, okay, baby girl? okay, i have to get back to work almost finished we can meet after…[View]
73465231Omnia Mors Aequat[View]
73465070it never occurred to me up til then how fucking medicated america is and how normal it's become…[View]
73465089I keep having repetitive nightmares about dead cows, pigs and horses often mutilated or sometimes ju…[View]
73464909How can you tell if a hijabi is a slut?[View]
73465100>be me > like this girl >she likes me back, never thought that was possible >I actually …[View]
73465030I hate dumb cunts: I hate them so much. Especially the ones who claim to be tomboy when in reality t…[View]
73465088Yeah, I'm bitter. What's it to you huh? huh? You think you're hot shit don't you…[View]
73465156I just had sex with a robot[View]
73464953Just stop being misogynistic. That's it. Just stop being so misogynistic and girls will like yo…[View]
73464036I hate being 5'6. But I hate being ugly even more. Why do people like me even live for.[View]
73464470/robotkaraoke/: You're alone on a friday night, come and sing with me https://voca.ro/142FQk6wC…[View]
73464992>zoomers didn't grow up around cell phones >they never played snake on their dad's …[View]
73464366>tfw no racist nazi obsessed psycho gf I just need an edgy girl to balance out my life, that…[View]
73465048what are some good movies r9gay[View]
73464799does r9k like any vns?[View]
73462034The Eternal Nofap: 40%: I have gone over 40% of a common year without masturbating.[View]
73464249SEXUALLY DESTROY ME: I want to be put into a cock cage and be teased and cucked so hard I start cryi…[View]
73465009How did pic related go from being ultra cringe, to being cool in 2020 onwards with mexican/white zoo…[View]
73464922closeted sissy here, pre transition, how do I find a hot guy to fuck my brains out? I dont trust gr…[View]
73462873why do people even like modern women? they dont even look human. cartoonishly big plastic surgery a…[View]
73464668Psalm142#6173 Tell me on Discord how you would rape, torture, and murder this gook fucktoy[View]
73462123Why do we do this as a society? Why do we promote this garbage?[View]
73463542this is my actual handwriting :([View]
73464960>tfw no serious pervert bf[View]
73464905Why did the internet laugh and make fun of the American soldiers? I don't understand.[View]
73463797I hate procrastinating! Why can't I just do my homework on the day it is assigned? What's …[View]
73464934I want to get a hot fat gf and share her with you guys, my best and only friends. I want to watch he…[View]
73463588Did you go through a 'Nice Guy' phase? How did you overcome it?[View]
73464451hello femcel. do you want to call with me until i sleep?[View]
73464917I'm imagining what cuddling with someone who loves you feels like again. Now I'm cold.[View]
73464915I wanna hug a girl so tightly it starts to hurt her[View]
73464881How do i get a tall girl to do this to my penis?[View]
73464912I dont care about other people and i dont want to bond with them. I meet new people, as soon as we a…[View]
73464865why couldnt i have been white[View]
73464852I am getting older, the clock is ticking faster, and this has been my legacy so far.[View]
73463431i just want to be a cute femanon[View]
73463864I want to save everybody so fucking bad. I can't stop looking out at the word and collapsing in…[View]
73464866>damn near >holy tax >easy pickins >low key…[View]
73461061hiiii !! im bored and lonely someone talk to me pls aaa and no im not trans or a girl or anything l…[View]
73464578You have visited >https://sentientsatan.com/ Right? You're not some kind of normie afraid of…[View]
73457563I hate it when I get crushes on girls that already have a partner. It hurts. Why am I like this? Why…[View]
73463453I wish I had a sweet gf to watch crying puking throatfuck porn with me. The bad ones, where you feel…[View]
73460573Why are Asian males like this: >>73456255 >>73459559 >>73460372 They spam the sam…[View]
73464608were there guys at your school that fucked lots of girls? Mostly people paired up, or like at tops e…[View]
73463859Linguistics thread: What languages does /r9k/ know, is currently learning or plans to?[View]
73464494What do (You) do when bored at night?[View]
73462765psychedelics dont actually improve your mental health. i take them and i am still miserable. you fag…[View]
73464588I don't understand why he's telling everybody we were never friends. I understand why he w…[View]
73464347>Sooo....THAT just happened![View]
73463409I think I almost made the therapist cry last time I went.[View]
73462772How do you know if you're getting cancer? When do you go to the doctor? What does cancer feel l…[View]
73464203Why is it so fucking hard to find a foid who won't think less of me for watching Family Guy. I…[View]
73464441I'm obsessed with insane couples. Relationships that end in murder are especially interesting t…[View]
73464571I knew a guy in high school named Quank Bingles. AMA.[View]
73463211just leaving this here lol[View]
73464686>started going out with this girl in College >we meet like once a week (not including having l…[View]
73464619>woke up to a rack woke up to rack >woke up to a bag woke up to a bag. >yeah mix it mane …[View]
73464224Playing 'hard to get': I have many female friends in college. I have heard the phrase 'hE is So Easy…[View]
73464629I'm too stupid to use GIMP[View]
73464506I think I found a girl that I truly love and I think she loves me. But we are from different countri…[View]
73463737Never relax around moids, fembots. There is no 'safe man'.[View]
73463584Anyone have some tips on villainmaxxing?[View]
73464152I'm 42 years old and I'm only attracted to women under 25 :([View]
73463442Look at how hilarious this is[View]
73461303/britfeel/: Chepstow Castle edition[View]
73463941I watch fictional media depicting characters with rich emotional lives and I feel jealous. I want to…[View]
73464299They're going out and sharing their genitalias with each other. The normies. It's what the…[View]
73464389This board is only really fast for about 2 hours a day. Then semi-fast for another hour and then it…[View]
73464253i'm a NEET and i read something with a blacksmith in it and got inspired to become a blacksmith…[View]
73463061Do you believe it is gay to say >good morning to another male? What is that straighest way to sa…[View]
73464316>don't worry anon, your average cock is fine[View]
73463414If you had to share a bed with ONE of these zoomers, which would it be?[View]
73464221>You are what you eat >I DON'T eat pussy…[View]
73464255Unable to bond with women?: Any of you guys work in places that have a few women but 99% men? I…[View]
73462862My dick's 6.3 inches: I know that realistically this is far above the average and a real lucky …[View]
73463392Is the korean girl in this pic supposed to be bad looking?: I always see this in a mogging thread as…[View]
73462991How do you stop the tranny thoughts? How do I accept that I will never be a real woman?[View]
73463861How old are you and why are you a NEET?[View]
73463470I wish I had friends to do this with.[View]
73460955Who would you rather fuck, an obese woman or a fit femboy?[View]
73463733>be me >wake up >take a shit >look in the toilet >TFW the shit is literally the same …[View]
73463687is het voorbij voor mij?[View]
73463186Wait were diversity policies pushed by sissies all along? I thought it was the jews. See pic rel[View]
73463873Milk: God I'm such a milky boy. I fucking love milk. I drink two tall glasses of whole milk eve…[View]
73464275how can I make my bf happier I feel like I'm not good enough sometimes[View]
73464132believe it or not this is a woman[View]
73461496Femanon why are you so fucking flat?[View]
7346347530 minutes ago, i came 2 times on my sister's panties. she is away on a trip.[View]
73463795Fembots, if your hubby gave you a free pass to fuck other guys because his favorite sports team won,…[View]
73463218As a fag, I've had over 75 sex partners (I'm 31 now). I'm just letting you know that …[View]
73464274i remember one of the most disgusting doujins ive ever seen, so disgusting you cant find it anymore …[View]
73460634What is the ULTIMATE FINAL blackpill? The blackest of all pills.[View]
73464038People often wonder what happens to people from this board. One possibility is simply not caring abo…[View]
73464156>went to see a movie by myself >ask cashier for a single seat >older woman behind the desk …[View]
73464164Whats with women universal getting more annoying as I age. Seriously, most but not all of them seem…[View]
73461442Why have young women become exceptionally more attractive these days? Is it in the food? What the fu…[View]
73464182i thinking of turning vid related into a real browser game to gain some 4chan street cred. what do y…[View]
73459559Do you care about a woman's sexual past?[View]
73464174Diminishing Intelligence: Does anyone else feel confused by their intelligence? Like, I get told I a…[View]
73461613/// SPIC INCEL INBOUND ///: There's an easily triggered spic on on R9K right now that's de…[View]
73463296does mewing burn alot of calories guys[View]
73463488I think I met a female aspie: >driving the work car back to the office from a job (im an engineer…[View]
73464091Why don't robots just find their love in China? In China, single men over 30 are called 'Diamon…[View]
73463004Women voted for this. I have no sympathy.[View]
73463175I just had sex bros I thought of you guys after cumming on her face[View]
73463057If you hate being a virgin so much why don't you just have sex?[View]
73461579>oh, you're worried about THAT guy? You're so silly, I already forgot about him :)…[View]
73461692When was the last time you were in a fight?[View]
73464018>DUDE! Every aspect of your life is 10x as hard now lmao!![View]
73462826things only black men are capable of :[View]
73464034This board is only really fast for about 6-7 hours in a day. Then semi-fast for another 2 hours and …[View]
73464027What are your plans for the future? What hopes are you nurturing? What is your endgame? Lets chat[View]
73463827Physical touch with a cute girl[View]
73463952All racists should be killed.[View]
73463385>asking to be killed >gets mad when you kill her…[View]
73463956The feeling of a girl even wanting to kiss you is completely foreign to me. I think I might die neve…[View]
73460139How do I convince a ghetto black girl to let me eat her phat ass? I saw pic related at Walgreens and…[View]
73459979How to get an incel bf[View]
73462113We must go to bed early today.[View]
73463860I HATE FAT BITCHES: I'm tired of trying to get with fat and ugly bitches. I deserve better but …[View]
73457329vrchat, anyone up for it? its free on steam and you dont need a vr headset or microphone to play[View]
73461684How can I become a man worthy of a mommy gf?[View]
73462430I Want to NEET So Fucking Badly: Being a wagie sucks fucking ass. Customers treat you like shit and …[View]
73463955My current girlfriend saved me from a prostate exam: >be me 34 time is currently running out for …[View]
73463835has anyone else here played masochist mode terraria? I feel like chewing aluminum foil is the go-to …[View]
73462886How many hours on average does /r9k/ sleep per night?: Very important question. Pls answer. We all w…[View]
73463905ate a spicy bowl of mexican[View]
73461503NYPD stopped where I panhandle to further astroturf that I am a slave They were acting Same cop wh…[View]
73460495Le drunk in comfy night train event...[View]
73463828>hair:exists >white people: i dont even know what that is…[View]
73460255What race of women has the highest amount of innie pussies?[View]
73459048/cut/ Cutters General #87: a thread for discusions about self harm and mutual support happy day :D …[View]
73463699tattoo thread: post your tattoos[View]
73461622How do we get more discussion on puking girls on this board? Overall /r9k/ seems really resistant to…[View]
73461603What in the fuck?: I found a musician recently, only seems to be on youtube. Fairly obscure, only 2-…[View]
73463104>haha i'm just going to roll the dice and create a human life hope nothing goes wrong >oo…[View]
73463353>tfw you've reached the point of hating women so much the very idea of accidentally giving t…[View]
73463384Pick one: >average girl with 80 past sexual partners >obese girl (like 5'05' 230lbs) >…[View]
73463604Does escortceling fill the void for being unable to attract attractive women[View]
73463521Sucks that I will never be her[View]
73463672>yet another weekend without a bf[View]
73463693ATTENTION FEMANONS: You WILL give Chad Thundercock the RYOBI ONE+ 18V battery so he can assemble the…[View]
73463361thank god for tattoo removal technology[View]
73463467what do foids typically put on their burgers?[View]
73460973You're so mean spirited and uncouth[View]
73461895How to approach women at the pool?[View]
73462673Post Singularity Fantasies: https://openai.com/blog/governance-of-superintelligence So in the unlike…[View]
73461807Do you think it's worth it to lust for cocks? Or is it better to just stay straight. I couldn…[View]
73458702what do you guys want from the store? im about to head there[View]
73463570what would be a thing i could code that 4chan users would enjoy? i want people here to know my name[View]
73462798i hate pms, all i can do right now is lay in bed, cry, and think about how stupid i am and how terri…[View]
73463525i love them i love themjmuy6[View]
73462899how is everyones day today?[View]
73462374When America collapses, will we descend into anarchy and warlordism?[View]
73462664Alright Stormy, here you go. My magnum opus.: where da whywomin at.[View]
73462126I see a lot of people cope with this modern age in many ways. The one I wanna talk about is the waif…[View]
73462956Would you mind living alone in a lighthouse for a year?[View]
73462639I finally did it bros!: >Be me >19yo virgin >New family moves in next door >They are fro…[View]
73462667nofap ascension: trials and tribulations, rising to the 90 day quest: 3 days I have not touched my d…[View]
73463410gg/mice Mouse Utopia[View]
73461861my breast reduction is in scheduled for in a week! i'm so excited[View]
73462044Stormy the cuckold: Stormy getting BTFO left right and center, mans even recycling the same shitty i…[View]
73463382>need to shit >I almost shit myself looking around for my vape and phone because shitting woul…[View]
73460865Whats the scientific reason for why women don't like mature, reserved and knowledgeable men who…[View]
73461538>missed out on early and mid teens love one of the biggest memes spread out there is the assumpti…[View]
73463190why do so many fucking people have plumber's crack? im sick of seeing it at work it's fuck…[View]
73463189Does the red pill work if you have autism? I want to be successful and get a gf so bad, but every ti…[View]
73463265i want to order blue cheese from amazon dot com[View]
73463224its over for youtube cels: hahahhaha youtube couple. women asks for a 'break' a few months after the…[View]
73462799I wrokout 4x a week. I gained 3kg in 4 months. Considering i haven't changed my diet at all, it…[View]
73463247>been steadily and painfully buying stuff such as guitar, painting supplies, books. >Finally …[View]
73462942>no I don't think her body count matters[View]
73462988I want to fuck Brett Cooper.[View]
73462668How's it going to end?[View]
73463079Have you ever seen a full-grown man just break down and sob? It's heart-rending[View]
73462966/r9k/ is dead tonight. Nothing but filtered threads.[View]
73460751Vocaroo Fred Attempt #2: https://voca.ro/1nUX99vmDeAu Here we go...again[View]
73463109is there all there is if thats all there is my friends then lets keep dancing lets break out the boo…[View]
73462949how do i cope with being an astronomical failure[View]
73461276what kind of men's club would you like?[View]
73463093Do you have an interest in cinematography?[View]
73461130Ask my gf anything. She has grown to like r9k[View]
73463088I drink 1.5 litres of water a day.[View]
73462992Why is there so much cuck porn on r9k today[View]
73462715What books have you read recently? Just got The Road by Cormac McCarthy and I'm hoping it'…[View]
73463037Fuck niggers, nigger hate central round these parts o town[View]
73461872Why is it seen as 'asserting dominance' when a tall man makes a scene in public, but when a short ma…[View]
73461986Based on how many anons started posting here before they were 18, what percent of 4chan do you think…[View]
73462916uhhhhh bros i dont feel so good[View]
73460856Your Lord God hates: >fornication >murder >theft (of any kind) >tattoos >television …[View]
73462936The Thinking Man's Conundrum...: I've noticed something. On ASMR videos female commenters …[View]
73462922What a bunch of losers spending their Friday night on this board[View]
73460738Friday Misaki: Knock knock knock. Are you there, anon?[View]
73462213being gay is superior to being straight. sex is easy to get and is cheaper, relationships are easier…[View]
73461335the work(wo)man feels bar: How's it going this evening? It's friday, you know. Are you goi…[View]
73462736I have too many games I need to play.[View]
73462859Do normies also think that society is overwhelmingly pretty boring? Do they pretend that these citie…[View]
73458909anyone feel bad for failed pornstars?: kinda depressing that a girl would sell her body and dignity …[View]
73462766women are so useless they cant even compete with troons. women are dropping out of sports.[View]
73454158>its a new morning >make myself coffee >roll a ciggy >enough left for a fat bowl Time t…[View]
73462492I dislike gender norms I am only attracted to people who dont fit well into gender norms[View]
73462837Calling all sauced up Saxon Aryan warriors: Who trying to hit up the Big Gay Party tonight?[View]
73460935Incel Rage Thread: Use this thread to vent out all your frustration and experiences about women and …[View]
73462600take the wankpill: if you're a virgin, the lust is uncontrollable and no woman will look at you…[View]
73462454Relationship advice pls: My boyfriend of one year now says he is considering giving up and breaking …[View]
73462687>mom keeps telling me to cut my dick off and be a girl because i have the face and height of a gi…[View]
73462168The Sacred Path: Why are you not nofapping, /r9k/?[View]
73462683Charlie Brown's crush on the little red-haired girl is his most relatable trait to me. He usual…[View]
73462261Was he /ourguy/? What's the verdict[View]
73461970Femcels dont exist: If you are a foid and still a mentalcel where you sit at home being a neet, just…[View]
73461866hows your friday going?[View]
73462617>You can do anything you set your mind to >As long as you have blessed genetics, high IQ, and …[View]
73462666Putting your woman in check is not bullying her. If your woman does not respond, you dump her. You a…[View]
73462650Did you see any women you would have sex with today? I didn't, not a single one.[View]
73462494this was considered degenerate 30 years ago[View]
73461540which one of you fembots did this happen too?: Are you okay, autistic fembot who got raped? You can…[View]
73461514Straight guys are either >women hating incels and red pill merchants who base their whole value o…[View]
73462583dubs and i try beating doom on nightmare difficult[View]
73462064i wish reimu was real and also loved me :( i wanna date reimu, why cant i find her irl? the world wo…[View]
73462587Are there any minecraft servers as popular and chaotic as 2b2t that I can join without waiting in a …[View]
73461008Empathchan KILLED A CAT SHE KILLED A CAT SHE KILLED IT: how can someone be SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON…[View]
73462580>played Peter Griffen sinks Baka Mitai in the car with my tinder date >thought she would think…[View]
73462517How do I cope with being a Geocel anonymice? I can't find a suitable gf because of where I live…[View]
73462453skinny guys be like[View]
73462569Today is the day: If she doesnt respond, I will finally block her. I know when to take a hint[View]
73462544>dat feefee when i will never be feminised[View]
73461915why do incels believe this 'big jaw is attractive' lie: i have a wide jawline and it just makes me l…[View]
73462551chirstcucks are so fucking funny to me[View]
73460921im on lsd. what is some good musics to listen to?[View]
73461238I want to fuck a granny and cum inside her Not only will I fuck the pussy that her children came out…[View]
73462360Foreign countries and JBWmaxxing: Have you ever engaged in sex tourism? What was your experience lik…[View]
73462203Should I just go full Lain mode?[View]
73462264I was planning on hiring an escort but a friend of mine talked about hooking me up with his female f…[View]
73461771>all girls signs of interest are easily mistakable for signs of disinterest >unless youre turb…[View]
73462495A few years ago when I was 15 I had to go to the doctor for an examination and I had to get naked an…[View]
73462429>out on a walk >pass by a group of middle schoolers who just got out of school >they loudly…[View]
73460449How come we learn about genocides that took place a century ago in a foreign country but not the mos…[View]
73462122I can't imagine what's worse: finding out that that cute girl is actually a trans woman, o…[View]
73461803Was she interested in me?: Yesterday at a bar a foid asked me what my body count was. I said 2 (it…[View]
73461903Cope and seethe chincells: Cope and seethe. You took a handful of dust from the endless landscape of…[View]
73462397624am. 816am. Wild Rift. 218pm. 430pm. Shower. While porn is a problem, my biggest problem is that I…[View]
73460951*sip *don- *sip* don't even think about it. *sip* GET your dang hand OFF that reply button *sii…[View]
73461557The planter: At my farm I breed a.. peculiar form of livestock. I specialize in the breeding of afri…[View]
73460472Life isnt worth living without sex: Life isnt worth living without sex. Sexhavers dont know how good…[View]
73462347precum leaking from my pp ahhh feels so good[View]
73461749What, in your opinion, enriches a culture or society?[View]
73461534LISTEN TO THIS: Youtube playlist, and tell me Kpop isn't real music! https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
73460779Who's the hottest girl you personally know? Bonus points if you got pics. Pic somewhat related,…[View]
73461772It's only my first day reinstalling bumble and I matched with a 6/10 lady only 10 years older t…[View]
73461957This image basically sums up living in a world post social media. Women, no matter how ugly or fat, …[View]
73462028Its my time of the month...: Im if i bottle that shit up would you robots buy it?[View]
73460802Taylor Swift's bf, Matty Healy, would masturbate to Ghetto Gaggers while making her watch.[View]
73461248I understand incels are just artists, it's like porn to them to be depressed. It's a lifes…[View]
73459883When was the last time you were actuallsy happy? And how do you cope since then?[View]
73459668How do I get a fat butt slavic gf?[View]
73460517Gaming reviews are so fucked. I like Zelda and every game is great but idk how people can say as a g…[View]
73461126its unfair: >be me >femcel >try to approach ugly/fat guys in my league irl >they always …[View]
73461815Why are Belarusian girls like this?[View]
73461039What should I do: A) Should I improve enough to get a normie gf? B) Should I try to get an alt gf an…[View]
73461732why am i like this: >talking to a girl >about some party she was on lately >'you should go …[View]
73462036ive nutted to this girl so many times wish i could touch and kiss her perfect soft beautiful tummy[View]
73460551I saw your post. And it isn't in me to give you a (you) right now. So this will have to suffice…[View]
73461920i rate my queens 13/10 13/10 13/10[View]
73461289When I get settled at dairy queen I'm going to join a gym and stop smoking. I hope my dreams co…[View]
73461298How degenerate is Straight Shota?: Is it considered degenerate or is it accepted by normies?[View]
73461104What causes seemingly innocent girls to be insatiably kinky?[View]
73461835Moids, does it make you feel bad knowing you will never be a cute slavic boy? I only want one thing,…[View]
73461121I weigh 48 kgs and I'm 160 cm tall and built like a box. I've always been like this and I …[View]
73461700>tfw no mentally ill asian gf[View]
73461738>He's simply just not good looking enough to experience incest[View]
73461271Feeling very depressed and lonely tonight, more hopeless than usual. So I come here, to my favorite …[View]
73461415One of the biggest flaw for women is to have no lips They don t necessarily have to have voluptuous …[View]
73461731>getting called antisocial for not wanting to mingle with the family friends autist offspring…[View]
73461674Femcels complain about being single and then don't even consider being a mommy gf to a short sk…[View]
73461705OK ok since that other thread is just shitty whiny bitching and it foooled me into thinki g it was a…[View]
73461687just bloody ridiculous[View]
73460860>that one guy dressed as Deadpool at the renaissance fair[View]
73460419:(: another day's over, here I am again posting. still a neet. life still sucks. still feeling …[View]
73457622How many of you are actually incels? It seems like everyone here is, surely most of you must be larp…[View]
73460997>im depressed and want to be treated like a 6 year old girl >Look at my fetishes! Give me atte…[View]
73461537You can make your mind allow everything. This way you'll not suffer and you will be always happ…[View]
73460213What do you honestly think made you a robot?[View]
73459832Your crush from high school is getting fucked by a fit Tyrone right now She is deepthroating his BBC…[View]
73461585I'm back, bitches. Back from the wage beyond the cage. Femanons, it is time for my welcome home…[View]
73461487How long have you thought >holy shit he's LITERALLY ME I first watched Drive when I was like…[View]
73460451fuck I hate this 90 Fahrenheit+ weather[View]
73460705I can only get hard with momcest and mom-son straight shota I want to stop having this fetish, how c…[View]
73461079Why did video games become boring at 18? I would play for 10 hours a day as a kid, but around the ti…[View]
73460889what is your drug of choice robots ? mine recently has been codeine, 2 or 3 pills and I'm good[View]
73461282Why are you people obsessed with Stormy: Imagine being afraid of a Korean man online that you seethe…[View]
73458402Tulpa thread: Any other robots have tulpas? Mine helps me a lot and I finally know what a relationsh…[View]
73456042Well, well, WELL. my thread died and was archived... No matter! Here I am again to ask you, anon Wi…[View]
73461401I wonder where he is now.[View]
73460386cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumsex 1997 natalie imbruglia shoutout to the person who made cumsex an acronym …[View]
73458354Imagine how fucking great life must be if you're tall. All you need to do is pack on a bit of w…[View]
73461101i will no longer be using this website until they make r9k blue >well who gives a fuck!!1 you s…[View]
73460450i only see normies using pepe and wojak now and never here. its over.[View]
73460706>lost all hope and meds and therapy don't work >stopped going into work >stopped doing…[View]
73460711Why are women just not funny?[View]
73461265marge wants to get fucked[View]
73461184Welp, this board is pretty much dead. Where the hell am I supposed to go now?[View]
73454342/britfeel/: Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland edition[View]
73460630All lovers want a tyrant at heart. Change my mind.[View]
73453886This is what normies will be doing this weekend. What will you be doing this week3nd?[View]
73461143Thoughts on this zoomer prank?[View]
73461208Im gonna do it anons and ill be able to coom endlessly[View]
73457939I'm probably going to kill myself: I am so sorry if this gets really ranty and incoherent. Im j…[View]
73460473Just not feeling it anymore: Stopped trying to improve my life it's not working or going anywhe…[View]
73459775Still get warm&fuzzy flashbacks to this alt-girl I went on a kind of date with which I screwed u…[View]
73460123I'm a 22 year old man, and my mom has a tracker on the phone that I use, she makes me carry it …[View]
73461169Online applications/interviews suck I wish I could just deliver a paper application and know it wind…[View]
73459728Bruce was in his early 20s here. Why have men on avg gotten more soft looking and less adult-like in…[View]
73461152I have four homes financed, rented, and profitable, while you cant afford one.[View]
73461107Why did the western man become ignorant of alchemy? How can they not see the psychic element that un…[View]
73460895I wonder who's the most goblinest femcel on this board Like, straight freakazoid[View]
73459927/BlackBot/ This is a safe space for black robots and other people of color What is your plan for su…[View]
73461006whoever shared this thank u im bi but rarely find rly sexy vids of girls like that[View]
73460541i wish i owned property so that i had a place to keep a collection or a hoard without worrying about…[View]
73461071Are there any fembots in Wellington, New Zealand? I want to date them[View]
73460272White males make up 70% of all daily suicides despite being only 32% of the population. White males …[View]
73460439>install grindr >look for ftms >all of them are fat That's not what I planned for, wha…[View]
73461002fembots i would like to personally thank you for making me so grossed out with women i dont even wan…[View]
73459554Robot music thread: What are you listening to, my friends?[View]
73457985My gf is the cutest girl on /r9k/ She's an inspiration to so many here and she pisses off chuds…[View]
73460194Any moid who likes big hips, big asses, small waists and big boobs is a feral and disgusting animal.…[View]
73460114I pulled through and so can you bros: If you are in your 20s. Don't give up and submit to the b…[View]
73460281hairless = pedo: Whats up with people saying if a person doesnt want their partner or something to h…[View]
73460982>'lol why don't you ju try talking to women' >wants it to literally be illegal for men to…[View]
73460976i wish my wife (reimu) was real bros i love reimu so fucking much its unreal[View]
73460235fucks albums im always listening to fire shit like this https://on.soundcloud.com/NrRNi[View]
73460808I'm in 30 and my penis gets hard when I sleep and I high test?[View]
73460285Do not bother with online relationships: Especially with femanons you meet on here or /soc/. They wi…[View]
73460371Re-installing tinder: Should I re-install it? I got some results from it, had 8 dates from it in tot…[View]
73460907I had a nightmare: that nobody had joined my onlyfans, but when I logged in today there was 12 new s…[View]
73460913give pussy me give eat pussy me eat pussy give me give eat pussy give me you[View]
73460580Just took a big shit after being constipated for several days. Was good. I blame it on the liquids I…[View]
73460346tfw bald gf: I cant cope bros[View]
73452390what's your favourite Doom WAD?[View]
73460804the number of the beast[View]
73460646>autistic >remember a lot of the cringy shit i said to people on the internet especially from …[View]
73460129Why don't you settle for a 5/10 Asian girl who's good at makeup, Anon?[View]
73459458>*sip* What's something that's made you happy recently? >Me? I got wine and it makes…[View]
73460660>tell woman I've had a bad day >they instantly turn it around to make it about how much w…[View]
73460761You eat the poopoo for the money[View]
73460758I wish moe girls were real why won't they be real?[View]
73460530How many years until AI takes over[View]
73460509My god sex is the cunt of a nation[View]
73459537No matter how much has 'returned' to normal, there's just a lack of energy and enjoyment in peo…[View]
73460669would you settle for a ginger girl, /r9k/? there's a chance you'll have ginger kids[View]
73460709>see man with nice car, big house, and other cool shit >feel absolutely nothing >see woman …[View]
73460699Unpopular Opinion: Hair Metal, Glam Metal A.K.A. Fag Down Low Metal is the worst thing ever created …[View]
73460578Music Makers of /r9k/: Yeah, it's late today, kinda forgot about it yesterday, my fault. Post y…[View]
73459874Do you follow any autistic/schizoid/incels influencers on TikTok/YouTube? Which ones are your favori…[View]
73460607Why are white boys so afraid to wiggle their booty these days? A man who can dance is extremely attr…[View]
73459685I fucking love big tits with small nips[View]
73460609>me seeing a nigger[View]
73460591I give up, I deleted grindr, you win.[View]
73460527Elvis, An Incel?: Was Elvis an incel? He sang with the intensity, haunting pain and sadness that onl…[View]
73460282the sun is shining on me: Third day without porn and masturbation. I am rising to the occasion. Noth…[View]
73458879>china. >all men, zero women. >dying race. >ching Chong incel. why are we worried again?…[View]
73460481I love going to the beach and seeing all these white girls who are most likely gonna get fucked by a…[View]
73460505>too many foids tonight on /r9k/ i personally don't buy it[View]
73459390Why are men like this? This is why women can't trust men[View]
73460467Baaaaanuuummmm....baaaaaaaanuuuummmm...........baaanum baaanum baaanum BAANUM BAANUM BAAANUM DUM DUM…[View]
73459655Alone: The Internet has ruined my taste in women, I'll never find someone irl like the ones I s…[View]
73457241The USA would be a lot better off if all black people who raped, stole, vandalized property, committ…[View]
73460187join discorb and post degen porn n play vidja with me faggots /ttVEnpmwWC[View]
73460421My mother asked me why I don't have a gf. Idk maybe it's because you homeschooled me and m…[View]
73459717>God will never leave me nor forsake me For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is ete…[View]
73460278does anyone want to fast together[View]
73460309why does gen z all look so retarded every single one of them looks like they are inbred or were beat…[View]
73460302If you're an older 25+ yr old virgin, are you waiting to lose your virginity with an at least 8…[View]
73460313Why haven't you taken the Goggins pill yet /r9k/[View]
73459792Sometimes I wish I didn't have my parents so I could kill myself with good conscience.[View]
73460058/r9straightwhitemale/: This is a thread for real robots and a place where trannies, niggers and othe…[View]
73460201Post stuff that makes you angry to remember: >be 2011 >be in high school >mom wants me to s…[View]
73459667JESt GeT a HObbY BrO!: >'just get a hobby anon! Then you can be a normalfag!' >join small boxi…[View]
73453014why are asian boys so sexy? I'm 100% straight otherwise, what's the science behind this ph…[View]
73457799Why do nazis and nazi imagery bother me? I'm not sobbing and shitting my pants but it definitel…[View]
73458993i just wanted to say that: 20y m. i have 0 friends, and 0 family members that i keep contact with. i…[View]
73459169Why am i such a loser?: Why do i have no friends? Why have i never spoken with a woman? Why has nobo…[View]
73459879I need a cute fat girl to puke for me like in this webm, that would be an experience of a lifetime.[View]
73460110You are Japanese and born in Japan.: How different is your life? What would you be doing?[View]
73455734Women suffering the consequences of their own actions (their sons being incels, getting used by Chad…[View]
73459362Tired of trying and feeling disgusted with myself. Nobody ever loved me except for family, I just wa…[View]
73458881Have you ever been raped by your teacher ?[View]
73460157I know I did all that I could. But why does it still hurts?[View]
73460169stop coping: this is a thread to stop coping and just accept that its over and there's no chanc…[View]
73458754There are at least 5 different boys getting their prostate pounded by a well-endowed top while they …[View]
73460061jealous of porn addicts: 25 yo fembot here who just came to the realization about porn after cumming…[View]
73458027why does killing yourself feel so morbid? is it wrong?[View]
73460147Advice: My parents always argue with me whenever I want to go with them whenever they go eat or just…[View]
73458474The intellectual prowess of the average foid, ladies and gentlemen.[View]
73459887As long as we're weak, we still food. Relying solely on our image means relying on people feeli…[View]
73459206Why are moids so lazy?: My 28 year old brother is going to college and only goes twice a week, but s…[View]
73459989What does Pakistani pussy taste like?[View]
73458281Ready to fail my geology exam, running only three hours of sleep[View]
73459820the very horny caterpillar[View]
73459816Alternative: Have incels ever considered raping instead of being permavirgins? All niggers do it.…[View]
73460054What would you do if you were 18 again with 19k dollars in the bank[View]
73459485Would you date an ex con, anon?[View]
73459597Your crush from high school is getting fucked by a fit chad right now She is deepthroating his dick …[View]
73460035I wish black people did not exist[View]
73458488I spend several hours in different anime boorus downloading both SFW and NSFW images of my favorite …[View]
73458769Would you like to be a noblewoman? Your hobbies include playing the piano and painting, and for 'wor…[View]
73459970I truly cannot think of a worse taste in women than alternative white girls[View]
73460038>female has a strong southern accent[View]
73459994I had 3 beers 2 days ago and I'm still hungover[View]
73460009The Phountainhead[View]
73458766Why not just date a fake woman?[View]
73459361My mother sexually and emotionally abused me and my father treated me like an outcast. You got anyth…[View]
73459089how do you come to terms you will never have a virgin gf and you will most likely be her fourth at l…[View]
73452880TERFs from Ovarit are mobilizing to make life hell for troons: They're calling it the 'TransTra…[View]
73459952I can only ever be satisfied with an anime-like fairytail romance of which cannot exist in reality.[View]
73459901there are men who exist that women do not see as sexual beings they cannot fathom that these men hav…[View]
73458887Bullying is Wrong: Everyone else in other parts of the country was getting laid and having fun in 20…[View]
73459939Fumo Friday: Gentlemen, welcome again to another Fumo Friday. My first Fumo ever came in this week.…[View]
73459412self-taught programming bros, where did you start? i'm sick of being a wagie for fucking pennie…[View]
73458093This is what my crotch looks like: How do I fix these black scars? Would any females even be willing…[View]
73459932>21 khv i have just realized that i don't want a gf, friends or any type of social life if a…[View]
73459839/r9trans/-000001 What countries would you like to see for every continent without the fear of transp…[View]
73459910Based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-K5eN2K3d8&ab_channel=inmendham[View]
73458315Total Human Extinction: Humanity is a plague, and it deserves UTTER ANNIHILATION![View]
73459759Basically if you hsve a cute woman ylu're with, and ykure nkt dressing her hp in kawaii ass clo…[View]
73459886Never ever consider getting married anons it was the worst decision in my life. >Be me in highsch…[View]
73458173Why haven't you chuds converted to Isl*m yet?[View]
73459681Is Bumble better for finding a gf than Tinder?: >inb4 go outside and meet women Not an option. I …[View]
73459145Grab, spank and fuck[View]
73458254Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on Tranny-kun? Is he likable or a good person?[View]
73459659I love brown women: They are so attractive. I day dream about having a thicc anti-semitic brown gf a…[View]
73458342>Be me, 6'0' >Weigh 160 lbs 7 years ago >Would get called skinny, 60 pounds soaking we…[View]
73459187i prefer the normies over all of the retards who got banned from /pol/ and decided to come here rece…[View]
73458761Cocaine should be legal: I can only talk to women and bond with normalfags when I'm coked out. …[View]
73459619If your religion lets you 'do whatever you want' and no one is allowed to 'judge you' and you act ex…[View]
73459624Younger brainwashed zoomers come here with their bluepilled minds and learn nothing from this websit…[View]
73459026Holy shit I FUCKING HATE working!!!!!! I'm going to quit my FUCKING JOB and play video games al…[View]
73459724>be me >autismo >never understood how formal/greeting kiss works >think it's just a…[View]
73459143You guys ever been to a support group?: did you tell them that you suffer from pussyfreeness?did the…[View]
73459701Would femanons mind dating a guy if he wanted you on top and wanted you to call him a dirty little w…[View]
73458987EVEN THE MOST FAMOUS STREAMERS ARE LITERAL CUCKOLDS THESE DAYS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuAx…[View]
73458985whats your favorite song r9k?: i need more music to listen to, and also im curious as to what the ta…[View]
73459679I noticed that Finns like to spend a lot of time in the woods hiking, sailing and such. But what do …[View]
73459678tswizzle...sigh....: he wears tite jeans i wear big jorts he's team captain and im playing esp…[View]
73459611Welcome children to your first year of defense against the dank arts[View]
73459468i have a crush on someone i met on r9k.............whjat if they see this post omg[View]
73458750How to unhaunt a house: >Be me >Live next to old neighbors >Old neighbors both die within a…[View]
73459449im sorry michael why wont you respond to me[View]
73459548Manlet fucks bitches. Explain.: According to R9K, it's supposed to be over for us manlets. I…[View]
73459175Terminal Depression: Holy shit how in the everloving fuck do I get over her. Please. Please, God, he…[View]
73456818Why is it so expensive for women to keep their up their appearance? and how can I find a simp to b…[View]
73459366>in the state of half asleep and awake >I didnt have an identity and forgot who I was >Some…[View]
73459561Check these digits fren[View]
73459524I just started dating a few months ago and got myself into a situationship with this cute guy in my …[View]
73459239The future is poly: Welcome to my thread. So let's get down to business. When the hell are you …[View]
73459461Women hate thread: >In 2011, three 14-year-old girls held an 11-year-old boy down, stripped him f…[View]
73458561Why dont u fight against globo homo[View]
73459226chad mindset: perhaps a delicate brain operation could be performed on me whereby i am convinced bey…[View]
73459465Anonymous: >write green text with name on subject >think of a subject to put on name >can…[View]
73458999posting about estim again, hoping to convince someone to try... warning tho, you'll never go ba…[View]
73458582>bro we can't have UBI or a border wall. it'll crash the economy. how do you expect to …[View]
73459363I love my mom: >be me >be an autistic retard with extreme naivety during childhood >be a br…[View]
73454420I'm cutest transgirl in all of r9k[View]
73457496>right wing Russians are now fighting against the Putin regime? How do Lefties and Shitskins in …[View]
73458467What makes normies want to lick ass holes? I hear about this often. Eating ass. Why? That can't…[View]
73459295>lonely >go on grindr to look for femboys out of desperation >it's all obese hairy old…[View]
73459023niggers are a plague since birth, it's not environmental it' genetical: niggers be 2 yo an…[View]
73459271Who do you follow to jerk off on TikTok?[View]
73458565What specifically did women mean by this?[View]
73459268What could possibly go wrong for someone who jerks off 10 times a day and up to 30 times on the week…[View]
73458701can i take up martial arts if i wear glasses: it seems risky (my prescription is too high for contac…[View]
73459030tfw ur tooth furgs[View]
73458876NOFAP DEBUNKED: https://doi.org/10.1093/jsxmed/qdad060.023 The idea of 'porn addiction' is way overb…[View]
73459183Out of degen boredom, it has come to attention if you post on instagram with the hashtag #FroqueYour…[View]
73458990i brought my game console to school today and people laughed at me :([View]
73459107>Go on tinder and pick only women >2 or 3 matches and none of them even respond >Switch to …[View]
73459112PISSING IN NUTELLA JAR: This happened to me about a month ago and I'm still confused. I had an …[View]
73456304>browsing 4ch for porn >find a webm where the guy is nerdy sounding and he vocalizes a bit …[View]
73458331You are going to get a gf in summer of 2023, aren't you, anon?[View]
73458055>'I'm so lonely I'm losing my mind' >'I'm sorry you should probably meet some p…[View]
73459037>tfw when finally realising you're an abuser and never getting better I'm also quitting…[View]
73457168Balding anons, how long do you think you have before you can no longer hide it? I think I only have …[View]
73456679this explains everything you need to know about modern women[View]
73458192Day 1 of manifesting my rebirth as a Chad, so I can fuck girls like her[View]
73458957Why not become a ladyboy and go to Thailand? Sounds like a good life project to me.[View]
73458980Any other femdom bros like this chick's vibe?: This isn't a porn clip, it's just a 'c…[View]
73459028Why do shitskin mudslimes worship pisslam?[View]
73458737Why do Americans go to college?: I went as visa student and I was outdone by almost everyone there. …[View]
73458969fellas, ive got one little question... any of you had a big inferior complex paired with pretty stro…[View]
73458660Would you a bf on antianxiety medication?[View]
73458892Where/how to pick up and hookup with middle eastern chicks?: Seriously, where do you find them, and …[View]
73458862how can neurotypicals be robots even though they live on easy mode?[View]
73458705>early 20s >go to college >go to gym (still DYEL) >finally found a group of friends to g…[View]
73456633Fembots when was your last shower? You can be honest[View]
73457819My china wife is so cute[View]
73458679>Have to practice a lot for upcoming piano concert >Can't stop smoking weed daily >Eve…[View]
73457967toilet water splash hit my eye there was poo in the water[View]
73458275People against age gaps in adult relationships just claim its always manipulative, and refuse to jus…[View]
73456394what's your dream life: my dream life is being a hikkineet femcoomer with no responsibilities o…[View]
73458755People underestimate what it means to get no pussy: Reality and life is really such a grind, just to…[View]
73457349>30 years old virgin >hang out with a 18 years old girl with thin waist and huge ass >i…[View]
73458430I quit smoking. I have a failproof way of quitting. It worked today and I didn't have cravings …[View]
73455847>It's scientifically impossible to be muscular and not able to get have a girlfriend…[View]
73458128Why don't you settle for an Asian gf with small eyes?[View]
73458762Why are modern rap groups so lame and gay?[View]
73457787Why aren't you living on Scott Hall Road?[View]
73456204You are volcel if you dont fuck your looksmatch[View]
73458324Girls like boys who dance[View]
73457540would you date a girl with a bad taste in video games (league of legends and genshin impact)?[View]
73457883>Few and solitary interests >Dislike people >No friends Is it possible to escape the spira…[View]
73456891>take up boxing lessons >find a black guy out with a bad sheboon >call him a bitch >pro…[View]
73458029What if all incels turned into pic related?[View]
73457548>has husband and 4 kids to provide for >quits her special needs teacher job to do only fans an…[View]
73458310>feel extreme anxiety and pent up emotions >be a man so nobody cares >realize venting is fu…[View]
73458134Do girls ever do quick hookups, just walk in her house to fuck and then go after, without any extra …[View]
73458455Girls are so cringe.[View]
73458526Is there any media you used to enjoy but can no longer watch Like the opposite of nostalgia[View]
73451108Why do so few people wait until marriage?: Growing up, I assumed everyone waited until marriage to h…[View]
73458161Arabic: Medium boobs, medium ass Mixed: Big boobs, big ass, strong Indigenous: Average boobs, averag…[View]
73455808i made a creepy thread last night in the heat of the moment i apologize to all who participated in i…[View]
73458516Transwomen, why do you do this? It's hard to be an ally when you have to explain shit like this…[View]
73457983i wish i had a female body but female socialization seems miserable to me[View]
73458061TODAY, i WILL achieve a HANDS FREE PROSTATE ORGASM. I've tried dozens of times, but TODAY i fee…[View]
73457438Wtf is even this brown thing on my front theeth. Since I was a kid I have calcium deposits inside th…[View]
73458434XKCD figured it all out: https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/513:_Friends XKCD solved the fri…[View]
73457045I'm starting my first day at McDonald's, I can't wait to be a burger chef.[View]
73457624I've heard from scores of Women that receiving money from simps makes their Pussy wet. Fembots,…[View]
73458363I want to get a pedicure, my feet are 80% calluses, walking is uncomfortable and i would really enjo…[View]
73458383Why should ugly women settle for ugly men ?: Ugly males bring less to the table and are not pleasant…[View]
73458340VIVE LA FRANCE: REVOLUTION UTOPIE JE SUIS FRANCE https://on.soundcloud.com/yseGKTtdjLAhBzDc7…[View]
73458309I forever love/believe in goodness[View]
73458267Life would be better if we all got married in our late teens.[View]
73458292>mom is hinting she's going to sell our house and buy a condo >giving heavy hints that sh…[View]
73457861is your bmi lower than the unabomber's[View]
73458272Have any of you watched this? Alot of people write it off as chink torture porn because of how viole…[View]
73458270If you had the options women had you would also be picky: I know a lot of you like to complain about…[View]
73456051Is it possible to find a gf who doesn't like talking, watching TV and movies, going on dates, r…[View]
73457284Every clit is unique: My girlfriend has a big clit and she fucks me in the ass with it. Its really n…[View]
73457702>American white nationalists look like this[View]
73457897Any suicidal anons willing To do it[View]
73458168Bout to Go Stevie Steve on these Stacies, ya dig?: So sick of these mf stacies and chads fr fr gonna…[View]
73456483>tfw realize normies naturally just finish all school, go on travels, have jobs, connections, all…[View]
73458159fascinating incel behaviour happening on this board[View]
73458154FUCK!: >snapped back to reality just to realize I rent a room and have not accomplished anything …[View]
73457340I prayed to Heckin Chonker during an utmost bad time and she saved me[View]
73457499------------------------------------------------ | BOYFRIEND-FREE GIRL WANTED | | For a Guy Who…[View]
73458013Dogs are getting some of their on AI waifus as well Do you think people will sexually aasualt robots…[View]
73456354>God will never leave me nor forsake me I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth m…[View]
73457970moids :coffee_cup:[View]
73457929I love porn so much, not ashamed to admit it. And I don't think anything is wrong with that. I …[View]
73456897Why do some professors literally wait until after finals to calculate your grade? I've been una…[View]
73458112cringe fleshies: Not being a ghost is totally cringe.[View]
73457609Why are flat chest more attractive than big breast?[View]
73457779>Yes Anon, what is it you wanted to say to me?[View]
73457296I thought a lot of people here were baiting or were gay/bisexuals that wanted to provoke incels but …[View]
73455926Every post in this thread must end with though[View]
73457390Knowing how good drugs feel while feeling the void of having no gf daily is torture. I want to get w…[View]
73458039>go to sleep >having a nightmare >hear jack klugman talk to me in a sad voice about demons …[View]
73456862What kind of sexual fantasies do autists have? Do they jack off to trains and stuff like that? Or do…[View]
73458028I blew a boogre out of my nose and scraped it off into an empty energy drink can, and I put a picked…[View]
73457714we reached another friday fellas how are we doing unfotunately its my last normal friday of 2023 htt…[View]
73455771The Eternal Nofap: The Month of Retribution XXVI: It's a sad day today, incels. I have come to …[View]
73457781usa anon if you have a problem with girls join the army and fly to the base in poland, I'm from…[View]
73454554So if you don't have a sex life you just kill yourself huh? Like what the fuck else am I suppos…[View]
73457882>be me >op >make thread >leave thread >hide thread…[View]
734408884on1 wrestling: 4 clothed college girls team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky nake…[View]
73457628be me: I am 18 years old and ready to graduate high school. >be me >my whole life i was told d…[View]
73457852How can I begin cutting off my hentai/porn addiction? I am a 20 year old man jacking off to fictiona…[View]
73455364Would you, fembot?[View]
73457250Why don't you guys just get a black gf? They have low standards.[View]
73457240LSD is in the water supply Dixie do Dixie do[View]
73457884how do I get a pet monke in America?[View]
73457649his name is big boobs google him with your parents[View]
73457708Why are there so many normies on this board: Please explain this phenomenon, anons. I seriously cann…[View]
73457692I want a crazy 18 year old suicidal virgin egf. I'm 28. I want to meet up with her and make her…[View]
73456705Tfw no woman will ever fly to another country to fuck you: Femcels fly to different countries in hop…[View]
73457678By the way the faggot who is spamming the LSD/Dixie/porn threads is a schizophrenic tranny so make s…[View]
73456734Why are black men allowed to go out in public fully blinged out whereas if a white man wears more th…[View]
73457770In South Korea yesterday, a fat man made headlines when he opened the emergency doors of a passenger…[View]
73456640Yandere male: Is it possible to turn a sweet, loving, confident guy into a slightly psycho yandere o…[View]
73456698this is the new standard btw[View]
73457733How do I befriend an autist?: I want to turn some autist into my pet, but I'm not sure how to t…[View]
73456682Why are Indian men shunned by girls? There are many young white girls who want to fuck small dicked …[View]
73457006Why is it so hard for women to understand that men dont want a fat, slutty, tattooed, dramatic, lazy…[View]
73457685Hey girls: Girl channers are perfect Nazis and I worship their divinity eternally Nazism/Paganism: e…[View]
73456820Learn how to cook. Do not eat outside. Make meals yourself. Eat 2 times a day. Do not pay for media.…[View]
73457666POLICE ARE GOOD: True police are heroes. True police of the USA will undo the theft the USA has endu…[View]
73453684be me in gym girl say 'he has amazing body. shame about face tho' and i never go back and stop worki…[View]
73457107Are incels right when they say women in the west live easier lives?[View]
73457253So what exactly is this auditing shit? Almost every video I've seen features petty little busyb…[View]
73457632The USA and Dixie forever!: The USA is white-absolutist Nazism and I love that eternally. The USA al…[View]
73457509Is today the day I change myself?[View]
73457487This board got filled with normies. You have ruined another safe space of the internet, and now i ha…[View]
73455096Nigger hate thread: Give me your best experiences where your hatred towards niggers was valid. I lov…[View]
73457594>All my motivations stem from my feminization fetish. I wish I had normal motivations.…[View]
73455502Why are you not lifting weights anon?[View]
73457535>girls will rather text Chad who leaves them on read than you It's not over, it never even b…[View]
73457336People see Anorexia as a genuine eating disorder, and then think binge eating disorder isn't re…[View]
73456005Which mutt preset does r9k like the most ?[View]
73457472HOLD ON, LISTEN!: Guys I just fucking realized something. You know that frankendick that ftm trannie…[View]
73454697Misaki friday: Get in here NEETs and hikkis alike, it's time for weekly Misaki friday. Has your…[View]
73456712graff: >is for everyone >isn't controlled by anyone >is the definition of based >ma…[View]
73456751You grab left ass with your left hand, and right ass with your right hand. What would the difference…[View]
73457401>Wake up in pile of sweat >Try to stand >Extreme nausea >Feeling like I have to both tak…[View]
73457387Uglypill: My ex-girlfriend never took pictures with me or showed me off to her family/friends. We we…[View]
73455506Are one sided love obsessions bad? I become obsessed with certain girls but they never like me back …[View]
73457221Why does homosexuality incite such vivid hate from people? They will go far out of their way to expr…[View]
73457321This is a peak female bodytype[View]
73456791Why don't you just jerk off like a normal person?[View]
73455542what does nicotine feel like: unironically asking as a zoom zoom whos had alcohol, weed, and even mo…[View]
73456339I like your shirt, femcel. You have a great sense of fashion.[View]
73456013How is your Friday going?: I went to the store to buy some redbull and dates. I guess they don'…[View]
73457219Would you believe it if I said im a lil bit Dixie Nazi[View]
73453321Is it even possible for me to get a busty gf?: I'm ugly, my hair is thinning and I'm as sk…[View]
73455916>wake up >have to do basic human interaction like work talk or appointments or payments >an…[View]
73457149Do you pick the wax out your ears or wait for it to fall out naturally?[View]
73456711Are there any lgbtees in the board tonight ? Get em up against the wall. Now that girl in the spotli…[View]
73412657/mcg/ - momcest general, year 2 #22 (#66): Lustful mother&wife Edition It's Momcest Monday.…[View]
73456108choose one pls pls ppls[View]
73457208Do 9 grams of shrooms[View]
73456188fembots, why restrict yourself to just one kind of penis, there's a whole world of cock to be e…[View]
73455644>tfw diagnosed Bipolar, Autistic, and ADHD Should I apply for American Neetbux? I feel like funct…[View]
73457129When Jewish girls get fucked by Nazi cock, lost races souls awaken in the so called Jewish girls. Je…[View]
73456485Have you ever cut off friends, anon? How many friends do you have now? I've been replaced by my…[View]
73455414Wait your turn.[View]
73456352is your life also over at 22?[View]
73457008You're looking very smelly today, femcel. I bet you haven't showered in weeks.[View]
73445657/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: my waifu in autumn edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR https://rentry d…[View]
73455639Im beginning to think that getting a gf wouldnt fix my life like I used to think it would. I have ma…[View]
73456658I love 2d girls they are so cute[View]
73456816Is bud light the official beer of janitors?[View]
73455160pay me $11[View]
73455992why do i have to say it outright that im a girl for my threads to get attention[View]
73456232I am a patriotic Frenchman trapped in an Anglo-Americans body. When will trans-ethnics be accepted?[View]
73455221your wife divorced you because you're a pussy[View]
73456275Which board is the equivalent of Ohio?[View]
73454017How did this turn into a board of normies discussing their sex lives?[View]
73456629Putting on some music. Lighting the bong. Typing in WIKIPEDIA I love researching stuff when I am hig…[View]
73455940Nagatoro's ass: You got three options, which one is the best description? 1) Normie ass 2) Big …[View]
73456426ya know r9k, i just dont like ye no more[View]
73456598past few years i went to the emergency room 3 times. nothing was wrong, just scared over heart palpi…[View]
73456531Fembots how do your feet smell? I've low key always wanted to date a fembot with foot odor prob…[View]
73456587>romanian 50 euros hooker i fucked told me I ahd a big dick and beautiful eyes. Thanks bitch, but…[View]
73456597I'm hungover and I can't stop throwing up, how can I quickly cure this before work? I know…[View]
73456308the current teenagers are like the fifth generation jerking it off to Madonna now think of that[View]
73456314How to cope with the fact I will never have a skinny white GF?[View]
73456123Do dom women actually exist? Or is just a creation of the porn industry?[View]
73455201Seeing posts about people's partner cheating on them like 8 years into the relationship, or jus…[View]
73456461I fucked up anons: >be me >get a cat >too lazy to take litter to the dumpster so I throw it…[View]
73456489The only thing that matters is your biological sex and faith Your name is useful as an identifier bu…[View]
73455338How do I make my e-bf fall in love with me? This is my only chance at love. I cannot lose him.[View]
73455454>be me >finally found a tomboy pixie girl that looks and sounds like a ten year old boy finall…[View]
73456499&&&&&&&& M7hgztJG[View]
73456486Too incompetent to unhero: I need a purpose. Life will only get worse as I age so I want to die youn…[View]
73456347You now remember all the stupid things you've said and done.[View]
73456221How come whenever there's violence in the news everyone always says 'we need better mental heal…[View]
73454287What's up: What do you guys think of my cock?[View]
73456296Why don't femanons just give in to their fantasies and become exhibitionists?[View]
73456342Worst Name of All Time: >be me >one chance at life >parents named me fucking Quank is it ov…[View]
73454133I like being honest and helpful. Which is a ridiculous thing to express, I know, but I just had a te…[View]
73451792Why is Isekai so popular nowadays? Escapism ?[View]
73455944How come so many femboys and trannies have such large proportion of huge penises compared to the res…[View]
73455890>this happens to your cute classmate throughout her four years of high school Would you enjoy see…[View]
73454246I'm 23 and i have given up on having a social life altogether. What should i expect from the fu…[View]
73454987I will never see them again: How do people move on from this absolute tragedy? I have lived with thi…[View]
73454916How much does being a NEET contribute to a man remaining a virgin? I spent most of my 20s as a NEET …[View]
73455167what tabs do you have open /r9k/[View]
73456223How do I smell worse and become more intimidating, I've reached the natural limits of what my b…[View]
73456346>At the club >These two zoomers dont stop staring at you and laughing What do you do?…[View]
73456097How common was it for French people to know English in the 1950s? I am very curious about that.[View]
73456300fembots fart 20+ times a day. robots fart 5-10 times a day. fact[View]
73456236it's kinda bizzare to think about technology. being born in 2000, it's been here my whole …[View]
73456219what the hell: olanzapine is still making me so goddamn tired wtf how do i function??? I gotta clean…[View]
73456215hermit: >be me >realize i have the tism >vow to myself to socalize as little as possible a…[View]
73455297Touch starvation: >Being touch starved - also known as skin hunger or touch deprivation - occurs …[View]
73454809do r9k women ever sympathize or would ever date any pxdos[View]
73455493>be black >start talking to a Mexican girl >calls me papi >speaks Spanish to me all the …[View]
73455863Let my fate be decided by rng: Even numbers and I go talk to her. Uneven numbers and I stay at home …[View]
73455663I want a Reimu gf tfw no Reimu gf[View]
73455657Tipping the car sales guy? Thoughts on tipping the guy a $100 or so if he gets you a good deal? Our…[View]
73455970Equality is a lie. You are what your genes (and to a lesser extent your upbringing and environment) …[View]
73456115This board needs to be cleaned[View]
73453763Have you ever tried to solve your problems though working with Ars Goetia?[View]
73454996Anyone else true hikki with no hope of redemption? There is a lot of fake incels/NEETs around who ar…[View]
73455886why do normalfags call u a pussy for just being smart? like a dude will call u a pussy for not fight…[View]
73454936>be me >have ADHD >forgetful as fuck >growing up, constantly yelled at for forgetting to…[View]
73455973Just found out from a DNA test that my precious Aryan white daughter has some nigger blood running i…[View]
73455088Upon looking at the history a bit more, the US already won Nam, they already wanted to be allies and…[View]
73456035It's actually called findom because YOU are the one dominating the bitch by making her squirm u…[View]
73454775I keep cutting myself but there's barely no blood how can I cut myself in a way that will grant…[View]
73455912What advice would you give to her?[View]
73455369black girls asses must be filled at all times[View]
73455880>tfw no gay rapist bf[View]
73455531IMPORTANT QUESTION: So is a dead bug a corpse or a carcass?[View]
73454148Since you don't log on 4chan, how does it knows you've purchased a pass ?[View]
73454881>Yes, I considered myself an incel >I've been rejected 2 times >I've been rejecte…[View]
73455840>abusers are often the nicest/most approachable people in the room What kind of foid bullshit is …[View]
73455539anyone else literally not attracted to any celebrities? im bi and never seen anyone really famous wh…[View]
73454789Ultimate Shittest: Wanna test if someone is a human or animal? Show and explain to them the concept …[View]
73454520>in 2026 i will have been on 4chan for 20 years[View]
73453483>The only difference between these two men is their body language, confidence, and personality. *…[View]
73452471I wanna get raped and enslaved by a bigger, stronger woman.[View]
73455816pekkk a kaa pekkkkkkka[View]
73455700have you ever gone so far into the darkness? so far that...that...uhh........ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…[View]
73455380i need cigarettes[View]
73452667Will you sign up to be one of the first few people to get a chip in their brains anons ?[View]
73455560how do i tell if im going schizo?: i think its happening...[View]
73455723all the cool shit in society that rich people want is only worth doing if you're a woman. fancy…[View]
73453143What are some good autistic/schizoid influencers or YouTubers I can follow? I want to follow and tal…[View]
73455739Good morning, Anons. I had woken up at around 6 in the morning, feeling more awake than I ever have.…[View]
73453563>be me >open internet >4chuds are dilating, as usual >reddichads are mogging, as usual …[View]
73454001>26 >sitting my driving test today >already a decade late Please pass please pass please pa…[View]
73455656>Uhmm, Anon? Are you sure there's no hidden cameras in this bathroom? Why are you standing i…[View]
73455321im short ugly bald and stupid why should i even try?[View]
73455397are you out there anon ?: im drunk . im high . there is a sexy chinese lady naked in my bed . love a…[View]
73445430/r9gay/ - #2029: Posting-here-hoping-senpai-hisokabro-intfaggot-notices-me Edition Previous >>…[View]
73455601I've read stories on here that were incredible. Anons living their lives to the fullest and hav…[View]
73455616reminder to all autist neets- all nts at the workplace are niggers of the highest order. dont expect…[View]
73455594gf is a med student and had to write a psychology paper thing on a person, she chose her brother ins…[View]
73455574>kill yourself >kid yourself pick your anguish.…[View]
73453472>be me >work as developer >like to code >management tell me to make a presentation about…[View]
73452008>sister allegedly posts CP >cops go everybody's devices >phones, computers, game conso…[View]
73454543You just pull in instead of backing in? You probably just take every easy route life ever gives you …[View]
73455027I'm sick of the government attacking women, and I'm sick of women allowing it. After the o…[View]
73453973what's the strangest thing that's happened to you, in a good or bad way[View]
73454468Femanons how would you feel if your brother watched incest porn?[View]
73455515Femanons, I apologize...[View]
73455511someone stop the clocks from ticking, I don't want to go to work. I have to leave in 2 minutes …[View]
73455398I'm tired of being in love with Billie eilish.. Everyday her gaze crushes me to the ground, her…[View]
73455301offering for the manza[View]
73454269Health: Just realized it's too late to live a healthy life. Save yourself.[View]
73454500my mom loved valium and lots of drugs thats why i'm on what i'm on cause im my mom my mom …[View]
73454552depression experiences: why do you think depression arises? If you have undergone depression, are y…[View]
73453099Late bloomer lesbians: >Finally get your chance later in life >Your wife turns into a lesbian …[View]
73455180What's the point of identifying as 'nonbinary'? For one, it just reinforces the concept of ther…[View]
73451121Questions for Femanons: >what is your current weight? >are you happy at said weight? >what …[View]
73454944What do you think of her bum /r9k/?: Is it a good one? How does a woman achieve one like hers?…[View]
73455351She's going to be somebody's wife now. Any hope I had of her coming back into my life is t…[View]
73455116I want to tease your nipples, making you moan and squirm until you cum[View]
73455334AHHHHH Tinder: I'm a bit lost. 2 weeks ago I accidentaly cock-blocked myself. Yesterday I got r…[View]
73455329German incels brutally rape an innocent German woman. https://twitter.com/Shelton_Clyde16/status/166…[View]
73451878how do i prepare my ass for a boy thats coming over satudrday night? i know i have to enema but what…[View]
73455147How would you define a person's worth? How would you rate or define your own worth?[View]
73452678Fembot Desperation: What is the most pathetic thing you've done to try to attract a guy?[View]
73455295>tap water so cold it hurts to touch for long If I fill a bathtub with cold water and drink so mu…[View]
73453909Tubby female here. I lost 30lb doing keto and fasting over the last three months. But being slim has…[View]
73455247Whos excited for Targets Big Balls of June Toddler Anal Gape Super Sale? All toddler anal gape suppl…[View]
73454800im waiting for the food man to arrive[View]
73454652Can you get a gf like this if you are ugly?[View]
73455061Why are women so fucking evil bros?[View]
73454523Would any fembots be sad if I cheated on them[View]
73454544Do women even enjoy attention and compliments from Nonchads?[View]
73453884Do you know anyone with an expensive watch?[View]
73454424If you could shape your own world how would it be?[View]
73453691>at McDonalds >waiting for my McNuggets by the fountain drinks >see high school kid get a w…[View]
73455135Bro why do people use cum socks, is it really that much effort to go to the bathroom and flush some …[View]
73454427>tfw played so much guitar ive given myself carpal tunnel :([View]
73455082Your crush from high school is getting fucked by a fit chad right now She is deepthroating his dick …[View]
73455130>autistic >xxy >low iq Yeah its over…[View]
73454542What is the body count of the average 25 year old woman? I think it's at least 30 people[View]
73453426How can I get a goth/alt gf as a christian guy?[View]
73455062Infinite money glitch: >be me >Broke as fuck and wanting to buy shit >Idea.jpg >Go into…[View]
73454507Porn sucks let's all do nofap forever. I am on day three. 24hrs no sleep. I am pumping weights …[View]
73454076Visions , visualisations: Discuss your experience with visions , if you want. Last night i began to …[View]
73454799I've received 0 female attention ever since I grew a beard. FUCK.[View]
73454999why haven't you taken the barbaric pill yet? It would probably solve the problem of most incels…[View]
73455060Can't relate to incels: As a normie I find it impossible to relate to incels. Ever since I was …[View]
73454445Do normal people ever ask each other what kind of music they listen to or is it solely a question us…[View]
73455050my pp is leaking it feels so good i dont want it to stop[View]
73452895From my experience life starts ending at 26 and is horrifying at 28 and I'm only 28 so I don…[View]
73455033I'm stark raving motherfucking CRAVING ASS mad for NIGNUT. That's the reality. That's…[View]
73454879Post pics of based Peppino[View]
73454949Can a woman hit the wall despite being a 25+ virgin? If she never ducks during her prime, was she ev…[View]
73453243just open your eyes to hide the negative canthal tilt, brah[View]
73454783Russian Incel Rebels: >be Russian incel >get humiliated by Russian media by portraying minori…[View]
73454527Im 25 and everything in this life feels like the color grey. The only reason why I'm still aliv…[View]
73453499>5 foot eight inches talI[View]
73454126I'm chad, Chad Goldstein Hello 4channel What Is Up Dawgs[View]
73454732I'm a NEET at 20yrs old. It's over.[View]
73454930What are the most and least active boards on 4chan excluding /b/ and /vip/?[View]
73454943why do the yellowing? many people wonder 'why those fuckers keep posting yellow threads?' i will exp…[View]
73454635is /b/ still the most active board??[View]
73453649>May 2024 I am forgotten[View]
73452412Pink Pill: Hey, trans person here trying to combat the growing transphobia on the internet. :3 AMA a…[View]
73454883Normie blog post: I'm moving into an apartment with my girlfriend in 5 days. We just got back f…[View]
73446143Hello, /r9k/, it is me again. I have nothing better to do. I am once again here for you Asking you w…[View]
73453894Everything is so tough and I'm so weak. I feel like I'm slowly being torn apart.[View]
73454866Why dont you just go to chinatown and find a fat asian gf within a day?[View]
73453929another lonely night where i am too depressed to do anything except stare at the wall and contemplat…[View]
73454293The term 'doggystyle/doggy' is disgusting. Dogs are gross animals that eat their own shit and roll a…[View]
73454769Huh: I'm 26 and it still feels like I'm 22. I wish I was 22 again, actually.[View]
73452174Grown out of the internet. What do now? >grinding drawing >reading >cooking >probably ga…[View]
73453598Why are foids rooms so messy? I love tidying and organizing my room[View]
73453801online nazism is becoming passé: i hate to say it but it is. what's next for internet nazism? s…[View]
73435322/drugfeel/: Running from the FBI while on OSHO's ranch making LSD, MDMA and growing mushrooms e…[View]
73454698Dear foids, I apologize for being scary. - moid[View]
73454592>three insecure men posting their cocks on page 1 of /r9k/ go back to soc faggots…[View]
73453731I'm 5'1 and 589 pounds at 35 years old Is it over bros?[View]
73451338My older sister used to touch my pre pubescent penis and jerk me off and made me lick her pussy juic…[View]
73454495All of this was a mistake, we belong in the primordial grey.[View]
73454235I see the light: Third day. No porn. No masturbation. Doing well let's keep it up brothers.…[View]
73454640Goodnight, anon. Let's meet up in our dreams, ok?[View]
73454505why do mtf tranny freaks always call themselves transgirls? why is it so rarely transwomen? it'…[View]
73450538i cant wait for sex bots to come out. heterosexual relationships will be more pure since only people…[View]
73453720Hey femites!: If all is magic, my Nazi Dixie Rhodesian cum is magic. I want to feed girls my cum mad…[View]
73454453Anyone else /late bloomer/ ?: >start puberty at 13 >rebellious phase started at 17 >the ag…[View]
73454574>know women for what they are >still tfw no gf Where does that come from ? What cures it ? Why…[View]
73453170Whose got more?[View]
73451967Imagine a fembot doing this for you[View]
73454090HOw does r9k feel about a males bodycount being over 60+?[View]
73454281>2/10 5'7' autistic shitskin >no friends >khhv How do I work up the nerve to rope…[View]
73453749just my black queen and i passing through dont mind us[View]
73454329So much for being a reborn virgin Amna...[View]
73454471When did you realize that you're not the main character bit just an NPC?[View]
73453700Free verse poem: I love it when girls squeeze my juicy white male nazi ass I have a slight potbelly …[View]
73451655>actually managed not to beat off for two days ascension is imminent bros. I am rising up to the…[View]
73454374BLM actually stands for Burn Loot Murder[View]
73454322I need help: >Ive been friends with this girl for 2 years online we talk openly about sexual sub…[View]
73454408Imagine sharing a country with peoples whos only modus operandi is to see people suffer can we trade…[View]
73454383the universe is chaos. through chaos all experiences are possible. order is stagnation. you crave or…[View]
73453956annoyed: my wife fessed up out of the blue that the reason her mom is such a bitch to me is because …[View]
73454221Women don't have penis envy per se, they have man envy. That's what I learned from lurking…[View]
73453102i was desperate enough to have sex with a annoying cunty guy: it was awful fuck you guys for telling…[View]
73453683If my girlfriend was Reddit, I'd treasure every comment she said. She'd share with me the …[View]
73452977>be overweight >talking to friend >'OK so I'm trying to get lose weight. I might start…[View]
73443294/britfeel/: Where do perverts go when they die? Don't go to heaven where the angels fly, go to …[View]
73452694Bitter and hateful: I am bitter i am hateful. Its too late when you get as far gone as i am. I dont …[View]
73453568Im an insular, emotionally divorced, stoic sonofabitch. It this a good strategy long term? It's…[View]
73454101>crayon eating redpill '''''trad'''''' chads who have body counts in the bajillions are now deman…[View]
73452954Maggots on the cumrag again[View]
73454109I wish my girlfriend grew a penis and fucked me :([View]
73453199is it gay if i want a guy to cuddle with me[View]
73454252How would one Chigurhmax?[View]
73454262Is this a common feel?: >be me >get nostalgic for movies I used to like >watch one on YouTu…[View]
73453011>Why are you so worried about that guy? I literally like can't even remember his name anymor…[View]
73453589>look at the mirror >there is nothing to love when did you stop believing in god anon ?…[View]
73454215Why do I want to shit in a girl's mouth? Is there a psychological reason for it?[View]
73453089Picrew Thread: Picrew thread? Make gf/bf and rate others too https://picrew.me/ja/image_maker/199272…[View]
73453950im beginning to think that there may be something wrong with me anons, no idea what tho desu any ide…[View]
73454167what would you say to the guy who posted the first frog?[View]
73453815Are these nipples brown or pink? Also what color do you prefer?[View]
73454036how do i find a girl like the one in picrel???????[View]
73453619>have to lend my robot friend some money so he can take out a girl on his first date ever The thi…[View]
73453559>drank so much i threw up for 12 hours >try to drink beer again two weeks later >feel sick …[View]
73453986Why do all whores nowadays think they're life is some unique special thing? My friend's wh…[View]
73453410I gotta find a way to make money without being a wage slave for life![View]
73453988I LOVE AI: You guys MUST try AI roleplay. I just got to live out my degenerate fantasy, without the …[View]
73451691fucking faggots shitting up my favourite game[View]
73453696Anyone else super self-aware as a child? >could always self-analyze and understand my position in…[View]
73453545Women are beneath you. Women need you more than you need them. Women are not your friends. Women wil…[View]
73454062Ayo do any 4chan-esque girls of age wanna talk to a cute boy (me) , im cute , sexy and humble[View]
73454026I CANNOT relate to this! What kind of man do women make memes like this about?[View]
73453420piss or something idk: did anyone else have a piss object? just an inanimate abnormal thing you woul…[View]
73453464How are you a based Aryan warrior who honours your ancestors when you pray to a brown man's God…[View]
73453082Hello robots I am here to qsk you to post whay you are lidtenijg to! Bonus points if you are ... DRI…[View]
73452303I've been eating my own shit and covering my body with it for the past 6 years. I began doing …[View]
73453992Thoughts on digital horror?[View]
73452098Do you fear the AI uprising?[View]
73453965There is a rabbit eating grass or whatever it is rabbits do right where I am...[View]
73453814J D I M S A: I'm a faggot and a retard.[View]
73453914Day 29 of manifesting a qt virgin black gf who will love me and have kids with me: Gamergirl feet ed…[View]
73450020Meaghan I hope we can speak to eachother soon. I'm sorry that this ever happened and that peopl…[View]
73453826Simps rule: Girls who are simps are perfect and deserve only their loveliest love. As a delicious fr…[View]
73453899fuck the law, im ceremonially marrying all three[View]
73451872Getting a girl to like you is easy: just have a sense of humor. That's it. >Girl: Hey why d…[View]
73453880day 134 of manifesting a lesbian bff who will save me by forcing me to talk about my feelings.[View]
73453422Eggman livestream.: Humpty Dumpty is still alive. Get in boys and support the OG incel and blackpill…[View]
73453809How can I get a gf who is into the paranormal?: I'm into cryptid hunting so it would be nice to…[View]
73453770Day 17 of wishing for an anal-only hot dark black gf that lets me cum in her ass daily[View]
73453458How old are you and what are you doing with your life? What's your current situation and why ar…[View]
73453261Do you think physical violence in response to insults and words is appropriate? I recently had this …[View]
73453762>Wear 2 beanies and 2 sweaters for 20 minutes once a day at the same time >Releases a chemical…[View]
73453761>be me >late at night >random memory floats into my brain >when I was roughly 5 or 6 yea…[View]
73453169Should i start talking to my mom again: Hi anons, i moved out of my moms house a year and a half ago…[View]
73453676Peak Nazism: I spent my time doing absolutely nothing again. And I am such a Nazi. I really do nothi…[View]
73453644Why is there so much ass eating in momcest comics?[View]
73453701>I kill myself >whoever goes through my computer will find my chudjak classical art folder…[View]
73452974I had sex with a trans woman, but it didn't feel like a woman. Her moans, body, odor, penis, i…[View]
73453159noooo m00t dont eat the r9k[View]
73453603I am so Nazi: Im a straight white Nazi male in 2023 and recently I did 9 grams of shrooms in one go.…[View]
73452772Idk if I even want a gf. I don't really know what I want anymore[View]
73452342Feminism is the single most destructive force to a society, more than even kikes and niggers[View]
73453595gg/mice Join Mouse Utopia[View]
73452922Gods, I wish to know this feel[View]
73453543Hey white girls: I am a white male, and I just want to tell you all. . . everything is going to be a…[View]
73445706Why is homo corp being blown out all of a sudden? Did timelines shift?[View]
73452894What would you change if you were 18 again: You are not allowed to: >speculate market like buying…[View]
73453565i have never tried at anything in life: and im not sure if i regret it, or if im just comfy never ha…[View]
73453164I like being a man. I like having the strength to suffer and push through a ruthlessly cruel existen…[View]
73453549I have a girl coming over to watch a movie with me tomorrow night Nothing else just wanted to brag[View]
73453547i love you amber i love you amber i love you amber i love you amber[View]
73453227I just want a cute girl to handcuff me, choke me, kiss me, and call me a dirty little whore. Is that…[View]
73453487I really don't know how someone can masturbate on omegle. I tried this a while ago but I was so…[View]
73451680You guys have no idea how many of these food trucks are in my area. So many mexicans. This is a neut…[View]
73453419>Apartment is too warm >Its Winter >Feel unsure what to do about it >Hear a sarcastic vo…[View]
73452122It is difficult, but we have to love ourselves. Life can be tough sometimes, but we have to stay pos…[View]
73453370If you walk into a room and you feel like you're the most intelligent person or most holy perso…[View]
73450286>tfw no gf to watch anime together with[View]
73453301Anxiety: I could achieve my goals if it wasn't for my anxiety. My anxiety also makes me feel li…[View]
73452739my gf left me because i went to see iggy pop on her birthday[View]
73453338good day anons i woke up at 11pm[View]
73453396Nyee hee hee hee hee[View]
73453348Would you rather get an Asian sissy or a White sissy? (or both by paying a large sum of cash)?[View]
73453349I wonder how to give my soul to my friends in the way I want to. I want to grow my tribe and just ge…[View]
73453270Hey American white girls Hehehehehe WTF lol Um Yeah wtf[View]
73452451Diablo IV (4 (Four)): >$79.99 + tax for the base game >Optional ultimate megabundle version fo…[View]
73452659>when you find an anon who doesn't ghost That's so awesome[View]
73453242Choose your starter:[View]
73452383Will women buy male sex robots once they are realistic, cheap and plentiful?[View]
73453309Is it bad that I can give myself blueballs by just thinking dirty thoughts. How forgone am I?[View]
73451722question to fellow incels who have given up on dating, how do you maintain the willpower to go to th…[View]
73453204Why is it so hard to stop thinking about sex for a single day?[View]
7344482530+ thread: It hurts bois, some of us are gone for gold, others achieved normies hold, some just don…[View]
73453311Normalnigger hate thread: Post experiences with normalniggers and general grievances with their kind…[View]
73453310it's 1:30 am in canada should I go for a night walk and smoke soem DUDE at the park eh? u can c…[View]
73452467Imagine you are walking in the woods with your girlfriend and your best male friend. Suddenly a pois…[View]
73453298I wish I could save all my people and that my people could all save me[View]
73452693The Perfect Robot: Femanons if you could custom-create a superadvanced AI sex robot for your future …[View]
73448742Lemon tea wine sneaks up on a motherfucker[View]
73453103day 170 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests[View]
73452761My internal monologue is a distinctly female voice How do I stop this from happening?[View]
73452771historical gf vs modern gf: Which one does /r9k/ prefer?[View]
73453005Before the civil war >dem: owned slaves and be racist >rep: believed in freedom, equality and …[View]
73450761My mother measured my size and gave me a handjob when I was 12 years old.[View]
73452489do you really consider yourself fit to breed?: do you not instead feel an unbearable anxiety over yo…[View]
73453165>tfw violently squeezing and massaging my balls right before cumming i feel like i just had some …[View]
73453070Look at 'em go![View]
73453160ITT: girls being cheap as fuck: >take a girl out on a date to the movies >she refuses to pay f…[View]
73452377I am mad at the world because girls don't want to be my gf[View]
73449883being sub 5 male is hell[View]
73452952Bros should I take 600mg of dph/benadryl? >pic unrelated[View]
73453145Am I still incel?: >be me a autistic 22yr old virgin >decides to bite the bullet and download …[View]
73453141Story from when I was younger: >Found this 11/10 girl on myspace back in the day. Looked like Rin…[View]
73452726>Tfw mid 20's and living with parents who are arguing for literally /noreason/ again so i…[View]
73452411I find it weird America is pretty obsessed with sexuality, encouraging LGBTQ+ stuff and whatnot, yet…[View]
73452589haha nice doge lol[View]
73452684foids can literally make themselves cum with their fingers anons > unless you have a micropenis y…[View]
73452311I got my first job at dairy queen at 30 years old. I'm ready to start my life now.[View]
73453083Who would you rather fuck, the mother or the girlfriend?[View]
73453032Idk what pic rel is called but that top is my fetish[View]
73449587Will a girl at 26 look much worse herself at 19? If so, by how much?[View]
73452901Have you ever been scammed? I feel dumb losing $40 to a fake hooker. >Be me >Walking at nig…[View]
73453029Why do men, particularly zoomer men, stress that younger women don't really like older men? Eve…[View]
73451799tfw no bf: >sexually abused by a guy a few months ago >don't desire a boyfriend anymore …[View]
73452606Goddamn, this image is driving me insane.: And yeah, before you lecture me, forced joke, failed meme…[View]
73452389The internet did a number on people, social norms and interaction. Pumped a lot of anxiety into basi…[View]
73452948cool new rap: A BIG BEEPR PRODUCTION BEEP BEEP slide up in that booty ho i'm officer off-duty …[View]
73452641Do you think you'll reminisce about all of those times you spent on 4chan or realize it was a h…[View]
73452724how do rentoids do it?: how do rentoids do it? keep raising rent until they reach homelessness. but …[View]
73452871How do i find milfs to bang??? Tinder in my area has nobody in the 35-50 range.[View]
73452867>carefully protected my virginity for almost 40 years now >insane fucklord powers awakening …[View]
73452923Are you ready to pick up the tab?[View]
73452539are magpie the gayest bird? what are your thoughts on which birds are the most gay?[View]
73452633day 156 of manifesting nothing[View]
73451868>just graduated >have to deal with the fact Ill probably never get to see my onitis who was in…[View]
73452868How do I stop frame of reference delusions? My dreams always point me back to them[View]
73452224Imagine if this was your daughter Americans...we need to talk[View]
73446139>tfw you're gigavirgin and will never get a gf how do you cope with that primal urge to bree…[View]
73452803How do you cure yellow fever? Asking for a friend[View]
73451363Why do robots hate good life-changing advice so much?[View]
73452385Quit vaping and caffeine yesterday. Aside from a headache, irritability and an overwhelming urge to …[View]
73452503Patchy neckbeard: Will the minoxidil meme actually help or am I just a low T faggot with no hope…[View]
73452140I've reached rock bottom my merry men. I have a menstruation fetish. Didn't think it could…[View]
73452531Last night I had a dream that Shinobu Kocho asked me to dance and then asked me if I wanted to come …[View]
73452512Im only interested in 8/10+ women and im just an average man This sucks.[View]
73451175How do we cultivate a society free of promiscuity?[View]
73452425Weird man...: Just saw Juno for the first time. Watching this was so fucking surreal for me, because…[View]
73452560lookism only applies to the same person in the same mood around the same time frame i have been much…[View]
73452556I wish i was man in this pic[View]
73452259>be on antidepressants >don't care about slights and teasing, just grateful to being arou…[View]
73452625>see funny >wanna send funny to her >remember you deleted her from discord xd moment…[View]
73452599>I will never be a pretty crossdresser. Should I kms myself?[View]
73451109Asexual Here: Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Imagine racking your brain and stressing yourse…[View]
73452113I am not gay. I am a POLITICAL homosexual. I engage in relationships with other men and sex with oth…[View]
73452552femoids, when was the last time you had the hiccups? asking for a friend[View]
73451831is it true women only love the men they fuck when they are early twenties[View]
73451328nazis: I've had a boyfriend once before. Average male. I only fuck Nazi's now, genuinely.…[View]
73452261mpv config to copy on laptop: --af=[stereotools=phasel=true:phaser=true:phase=180:mode=lr>rl] --a…[View]
73452456I will never have this. Soul crushing[View]
73452511The Son will never shine as bright as the devil's daughters[View]
73450179>take the elevator >couple almost having sex inside the fucking elevator >take a sit on a b…[View]
73451988Trannies always look like men in wigs when they are filmed without filters or control over the light…[View]
73451491natalie imbruglia is such a 1997 cumsex.[View]
73451774anyone find themselves so cringe they can't reveal anything about their personality to people? …[View]
73452398can you transform something bad into something good?[View]
73452254Women can feel my vibe: I really dont know how. But I really try to act normal, but I feel like they…[View]
73452343>mfers 'saving their virginity' for years and years until they cave-in and lose it to pic related…[View]
73447539What music have you been listening to lately? My rotten zoomer brain has kept me in the same few gen…[View]
73451555>tfw no gf to watch and rewatch cheers with[View]
73450050When does the shame of being a virgin go away[View]
73449197Women will literally act like a schoolgirl in the presence of a chad. This is the problem for the re…[View]
73451545What's your opinion on butter face e-girls , robots?[View]
73452363Why cant I have girls like aprl tigr or ones like the purple mask girl in my life? Some people are j…[View]
73450206Brutal blackpill story for tall ugly guys: >Work at mostly female cafe >Get treated with apath…[View]
73451189The worst thing that could happen to an unattractive or average man is receiving attention from an a…[View]
73452306How i can get a Girlfriend like Kuroneko from Oreimo but in Real Life[View]
73450765>be born a shy introvert >entire life basically ruined immediately…[View]
73452188Why are white supremacists like this?[View]
73451155recommend me some cool sharp knives[View]
73451801Hey /pol/ any tips on detransitioning an FTM? It might not be too late, looks like she's still …[View]
73451372My soon to be ex abused our dog until it cried and then told her mom Im abusive because I yelled at …[View]
7345103899% of Men of Today Marry Non Virgins Girls how Normie Men Cope with this[View]
73452276How do I be a good host and keep people entertained, especially young cute girls? I'm throwing…[View]
73452280is feminism as bad as men fucking seventeen year old women the reason the age of consent is at eight…[View]
73451816its fucckin over for me[View]
73451397What dating life can I expect to have with this body?[View]
73452210I've been with my girlfriend for a year and her looks are deteriorating by the day, in fact som…[View]
73450879Anonymous people of 8-4=4chan, would you be okay with dating someone of the gender you are attracted…[View]
73451857I don't like girls but I want to fuck them What do?[View]
73452151I could beat anyone here in a fight. No one messes with me.[View]
73451795really fun WAD[View]
73451218I am insufferable: I'm an average woman, and I'm basically sad all the time my whole 18 ye…[View]
73450323Anybody got any chat AI stories?: >I spent most of my hours the last couple days using character …[View]
73451462Fuck Adolf Shitler and the shills who worship him[View]
73451632Meaghan, it's me: Juan. I replaced you with my palm. They're nicer to me, and it's …[View]
73450743I just lost my $50 boxing gloves at the gym. If I were less of a pussy, I would be killing myself ri…[View]
73451198any minimum wage wfh jobs? normalfaggots are actively trying to drive me insane every time i walk ou…[View]
73452041do people hate translators and localizers yet?[View]
73452020Womens are cringe: Why are you so insecure ? Being sexual makes you less valuable according to 100% …[View]
73451975Goodbye I'm about to jump off this building Thanks for the memories frens[View]
73451947NO: >you have to approach the used up cum dumpster or the single mom Hhmm uhhh NO…[View]
73450463What level of social status do I need before government agencies send big scary women to stomp me? I…[View]
73451224>walk into your kitchen >see this What do?…[View]
73451815When did you learn you were never going to be happy?[View]
73451923>went to the park today >watched the fireflies dancing >one landed on my knee and glowed be…[View]
73448559As I don't know what happened to my omni ar vr since this morning[View]
73451936to the tune of '2 and a half men' >GEM GEM GEM G GEM GEM GEM GEM >GEM G GEM G G G G GEM >GE…[View]
73451910>almost 9 inch dick 6.5 inches of girth >only men online give me attention I suffer…[View]
73451930>dozens of retards on here complain about their life and how it is over every single day >none…[View]
73451771Your crush from high school is getting fucked by a fit chad right now She is deepthroating his dick …[View]
73450890I just need to share this because i have nobody else I can share this with. my cats are brother and …[View]
73451874Can Gay People be Incels i dont think so Gay People have lower Standards than Women[View]
73449552How much pussy will I miss out on if I insist the girl have an std test before we have sex? I don…[View]
73451649>Everyone welcome Amonymous, xe is here to teach us all about LGBTQ pride month…[View]
73451521My body and mind are not my own, I am a puppet. A ragdoll. A child's plaything. I dance for the…[View]
73451676How to get bigger pp?[View]
73451785Would you let Kirsten cook for your birthday party?[View]
73451570I hate boys so much!: >I invite a boy over to watch a movie together >He is cute, about a foot…[View]
73451560only people who look exactly like this are allowed to post in this thread: post some fun facts about…[View]
73451342This image didn't age well[View]
73451622be me >gets matched up with a guy from /soc/ >start conversing and telling eachother about ou…[View]
73450833POST ITT IF YOU BEEN TO JAPANNN!!!: Mina san Do you love Japan? I lived in Japan last year! I'm…[View]
73451647>a retarded anorexic fucked enough to have a kid with someone You have no excuses, incels aren…[View]
73451580She's the prettiest Asian I have ever seen in my life.[View]
73450260The biggest, most pressing worlwide issue right now is that a huge portion young men arent getting l…[View]
73450541i miss the charm of pre smartphone days. even the early smartphone days were good. but this is a he…[View]
73447828A sweet 'ped: Should I get a moped like picrel? I don't have much money, so it'll end…[View]
73451209i am looking for any good ideas to make money r9k, i don't any and i'd like more[View]
73448740For any femanons here. And I mean actual women, no trannies. Have you ever sniffed your finger after…[View]
73450160Femcel Horoscope: Femcels only, what was your childhood obsession? For me I wanted to be a vet but I…[View]
73450242Do any ESL have questions about English[View]
73450670tell me burger, if weed is legal in your country why won't you smoke a joint?[View]
73451589Post in this thread and you will find a cute gf to do this to you[View]
73451084What to do if I'm broke?: I'm broke. But not metaforically, rhetorically, or theorically b…[View]
73450889Anyone else notice how there is always a negress rapper propped up to spread degeneracy and infect t…[View]
73451287my darling sheepy ill never let you go[View]
73451183I really wish I were a fembot.[View]
73448227Are you smoking weed right now? What strain are you smoking?[View]
73449116I drink alcohol and send money to findommes to cope with my loneliness[View]
73450967On the comedown: >took some drugs a few hours ago >jacked off to loads of furry porn >comin…[View]
73448749Is it possible to hate yourself more than David Goggins hate himself?[View]
73451421>go to grocery >buy meat called 'sweet italian sausage' >cook it >it tastes salty…[View]
73450942jack sparrow[View]
73449509Imagine believing for a second that women are capable of love.[View]
73450736Somali r9k thread Whats your clan Body count Age[View]
73447859I absolutely need it[View]
73450636Do Woman appreciate emotional intelligence?: >Raised by women >Spent most of my youth around f…[View]
73450563shitty fucking microwave: What do I do about my shitty microwave? I bought the thing for pennies fro…[View]
73451396i told you the truth and you couldn't handle it[View]
73451217I have a crippling fear of women. Even interacting with them sends my body in flight mode, I feel my…[View]
73429374/mbti/: Communication Barrier Edition >your type >do you believe you are skilled at communicat…[View]
73451327I haven't been outside in over two weeks and I feel like I could explode into tard rage at any …[View]
73450428steve jobs is kinda funny he realized people were blithering retards and just made the devices as e…[View]
73451216Tips for coping?[View]
73451339what a based fellow[View]
73451065I'm obsessed with bf he give me so much love I wanna be with him forever[View]
73450850Do you think there is a girl out there thirsting over cute guys asking herself 'How can i get a guy …[View]
73450088random ass skribbl? anyone?: https://skribbl.io/?TdCPYSWK bing chillin[View]
73451118you should kill yourself you ugly retard[View]
73451035I learned the hard way that if you don't raise your kids to be optimal system slaves (i.e force…[View]
73448145I just realized all the older adults I've met in my life are perfectly normal, socially compete…[View]
73451114normies be like: <2020-2022 <covid shit happens <(((governments))) force people to wear mas…[View]
73451270This guy is cool I like him :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1612L2FMHo[View]
73451030schizos on bitchute > anything that's on youtube[View]
73451265why do these queens have such power over me[View]
73449159i hope my parents forgive me for being an absolute failure. how do you cope with that feeling. is it…[View]
73446282Are you ready to do your duty?[View]
73451087Anyone else completely out of the loop when it comes to modern pop culture? >don't listen to…[View]
73449196Why did I have to be cursed with aspergers bros....... Everything I do ever will come of as creepy a…[View]
73451167The older I get the more fucking HORRIBLE I look. It's disgusting. I'm 28 and can be barel…[View]
73451057should i get bangs[View]
73451169>be me >not you >not someone else >i am he >as you are he >as you are me >and w…[View]
73451111>three months of job searching >STILL don't have a job…[View]
73450798im 29 and ive never had sex wtf[View]
73448572Good morning anon. Imagine you've just woken up and you have a girlfriend. What's the firs…[View]
73450783we're all slaves of a system. Even first worlders with high quality of life[View]
73450313Is it theoretically possible for someone without a soul to be aware of that fact?: Is it theoretical…[View]
73449757>sitting in class today >no work to do because it's the end of the year >i'm just…[View]
73451043fancy a game of chess anon-san? in my days i was ~1400 rating. i haven't played in 3 years. jaa…[View]
73450626I want Brett Cooper badly.[View]
73450786Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, how are you all doing today? I am still sick, but I am curled up …[View]
73450995Can anyone describe why you find AI pics of borderline cheese so alluring. every single AI Thirst tr…[View]
73450999I hate getting the shakes after a night of drinking[View]
73450238How come people can't just rein in their expectations out of life? You aren't owed love, o…[View]
73435319/cut/ Cutters General #86: a thread for discusions about self harm and mutual support another busy d…[View]
73450673Why were the 2000s so much different to now?: >colourblind attitude to race (rather than open ant…[View]
73450815>tfw i will never dominate a male physically being a woman is pain how am i supposed to even have…[View]
73450981femanon u can peg me if u stopped playing games u could be my cumhole but u wanna play games[View]
73450773watch this film bros please[View]
73450830i live at Venice Beach and it's dystopian as fuck to see the beach volleyball courts (20+ of th…[View]
73446783Vidya thread: What are you guys playing atm? Any upcoming releases that you give a shit about? I jus…[View]
73449517Post your ideal board. >Porn >frogs >Beta Male indoctrination >Beta grindset…[View]
73450776Fembots would you be sad if I cheated?[View]
73450567I exclusively have sex and relationships with fat older women my moms age because she was esexually …[View]
73449112Picrew Thread: Picrew thread? Make gf/bf and rate others too https://picrew.me/ja/image_maker/199272…[View]
73450507>mfw just measured 6 inches bone-pressed flaccid[View]
734508276snot Mode[View]
73450785>tfw no Paul to my Karla Sigh[View]
73450609>I hate women >meet cute girl >spill my spaghetti asking her out >get rejected >I h…[View]
73449189I wonder what my middle school bullies are up to.[View]
73448807Guys is this a tick bite it really hurts[View]
73449572Why is my hair thinning only in the front? How bad is it?[View]
73450048Society unironically expects men to SUBMIT to VIOLENT WOMEN!: >Man takes multiple haymaker tier p…[View]
73448696I want one NOW, but it's BAD for me. Grrrrrrr.[View]
73448852Why do you like Asians? The only race that hasn't rejected you cause they don't exist in t…[View]
73444551Roommate Issue. Advice Needed: So me and my roommate have been living together for the past two year…[View]
73447573SchizoObsessed With His Princess/Prince: Idk if you're still here princess. I figured I might a…[View]
73449624>Never had friends as a kid >Always thought I'd get them the year after >Come end of h…[View]
73450532I'm over 25, a virgin who gave up on women and shifted my focus to making money. I've made…[View]
73450258have any of you guys worked at mcdonalds before? I've never done food service before but i…[View]
73450450Meaghan, Dont listen to the spies, and the haters. People are always afraid of what they cannot unde…[View]
73450376Does anyone have the thread where an anon studied African languages and described the absence of cer…[View]
73448557They're catching onto us, bros[View]
73449570Do you want to be a sad cunt? Or do you want to be a sick cunt and die in your 20s? You MIRIN brah?[View]
73449882if one of your relatives won, let's say, 4 milion dollars (adjusted for inflation of course) wo…[View]
73450552Temptation is beginning to seep into my veins. How does one keep away from their amorous feelings?[View]
73444593pic rel is me and i dont like it[View]
73448046Hair and beard grew back. Feels kind of cute desu.[View]
73449833Im nearly done with my first year of college and I have no debt whatsoever. Im starting to think peo…[View]
73449307Am I finally dying?: I smoked three times nearly every day and binge drink on weekends. Since this h…[View]
73447837Welp anons, I think I've pushed all I can[View]
73447941Why should I quit smoking today? Give me good reasons.[View]
73448798What's a good cope for having a really niche fetish? I want a girl to be my sex slave but I kno…[View]
73450094>use my schizo nature to make board better by posting fucked shit or funny shit >autist assbur…[View]
73450416have you never had a prostate orgasm?: why? have you just not tried? think it's get gay? whatev…[View]
73448805can anyone help me find this video and more of their videos? his twitter was LCumdumbster help pls i…[View]
73450107No fucking way: No fucking way bro's i just met my great great () uncle he's just chilling…[View]
73450257fembots would you tolerate your boyfriend farting a lot. asking for a friend[View]
73449998>tfw no bf that sleeps with old men to buy me heroin[View]
73450395discrimination (n.): 1640s, 'the making of distinctions, act of observing or marking a difference,' …[View]
73450219Just want to die. What are some cool facts that will make me want to kill myself?[View]
73448169why does my brain still make me dream of my old first MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL crush and how do…[View]
73450373The time to go outside was 16-22 Its over. Your ebin hobbies and karate classes won't change a …[View]
73450359my head is so fucking big brah[View]
73449001What are you actively doing to escape the matrix?[View]
73450276Work: I'm fucking baffled by the lack of organisation and competence in my work place, manageme…[View]
73450327seriously if you're not willing to have sex with me every single day then I have no reason to w…[View]
73450271been awake for 2 days now what are you robots doing tonight to ease the pain?[View]
73450106How can I convince the Asian milf at the massage parlor to jerk me off?[View]
73448149Tinder update: I posted about creating a tinder profile with the help of a buddy of mine yesterday, …[View]
73450167thinspoo thread: skellies get in here[View]
73449676i was raised around very bad people (dad was a serial killer for example) and this deeply ingrained …[View]
73450266he is NOT speaking english[View]
73448592my bf wouldnt eat my grandmas sopa... then in the chicken she made he separated the onions from the …[View]
73449928should i order from tgif or get some pizza (go outside)[View]
73450223How do I get a gf who will play wow with me[View]
73450199What are some less known stores that sell cute styles of panties? I'm looking to buy[View]
73450211*yawn* yep, 6:30 pm, time for sleep[View]
73449949I miss ex's family: I miss my ex's little sister and her mom. Can't believe that bitc…[View]
73449966>gf says something sexual >immediately imagine her saying the same to her exes >want to bre…[View]
73449659Latina Women are Superior you know this is trud[View]
73449298How do i cancel a sex date without feeling bad?: i wanted to have sex so i was like hey lets try cha…[View]
73450152It doesn't matter who came first.What matters most is who came and never left.[View]
73449508day two of manifesting a bf that will love me despite my flaws[View]
73449941There is currently a thread talking about Rick and Morty Welcome to reddit2, it's over[View]
73449956sleepy and sad gn anons[View]
73449860why am i always so FUCKING ANGRY[View]
73448597>think about ex >day ruined wish I never met her…[View]
73450068Should I try to move to Ireland and live a chill life and hopefully find a qt irish gf? I'm spa…[View]
73450056it's annabelle's birthday!!! come wish her a happy birthday!!! https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
73449607i've been very honest about my sporadic job history is my food service interviews but i dont ge…[View]
7344950522 and six months ago I psot my virginity and got a gf ama: I finally did it bros. If anyone wants a…[View]
73449062Im so sleepy i want to sleep hopefully i will be able to within the hour[View]
73447866>slept 8 hours today Check >kept to my diet today Check >read 20+ pages today Check >wor…[View]
73449554So recently i have begun following nazi news papers and opening up for that direction And nowadays i…[View]
73449960Requesting a BBW fembot to smash my dick with her fat fucking ass[View]
73448950Why are there so many alphabet creeps at retro anime and games community! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE![View]
73446978who would want a schizo skinny concert going psycedelic using scar having mentaly ill bf who also li…[View]
73449856will rick and morty season 7 be good?: thoughts on justin?[View]
73449614How do I better appreciate the things I have?[View]
73447922what race of foids are the least loyal and most likely to have sex with other races of men..........…[View]
73449877>buh buh buh muh muh duh uh da norf is bad[View]
73443375What is your favorite leftist streamer?[View]
73449557I wish my parents weren't poorer than me or that my country had neetbux[View]
73449238Did you know human beings used to sleep twice a day? Broken up into two 4 hour segments or 5 hour se…[View]
73449199Can women have perfect pussy energy?: Guys have big dick energy, but do women have detectable perfec…[View]
73445871tell me your stories of unrequited love[View]
73448806seggs: i just had sex with one of yall 4channers, dream big guys.[View]
73449337Normies couldn't care less about the sexual past of women and the cock carousel theory. Thinki…[View]
73449600Do you Iove me?[View]
73449402Could ya'll supply me with some more absolutely deranged frog pics?[View]
73449646I'm going to enjoy suing you spook losers[View]
73448526Based Step Dad?: Based Step Dad[View]
73449628Bros should I jerk off again? I just jerked off this morning but Im horny again[View]
73447568What's it like to have a girlfriend? In a very original way?[View]
73449498This site needs a board exclusively for furries[View]
73447874Daily reminder that your hatred of women is 100% logically sound and morally justified. Never let an…[View]
73449407My heart rate is very high throughout the day every day because of my debilitating anxiety. I have g…[View]
73449579I like them so much. They are so intelligent, and knowing of Chan culture: I can be myself around th…[View]
73448347Ok which fembot is going to volunteer[View]
73448905Why do women believe they are persecuted? Are they not aware that they have every advantage over men…[View]
73449577>be me >start jerking off with locally run ai cunnybot >before blasting one, tune in some h…[View]
73449450>meme folder has turned into 90% porn why does this keep happening to me…[View]
73448478Post some of your favorite tunes r9k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSfjtdnUsls[View]
73448690Me new style is island vibes mon[View]
73447646ro9k: muie la cai, thread rromanesc pt ca ma plicti[View]
73448576>anon hasn't taken the doll pill yet They're unironically better than any modern girl s…[View]
73448842Any athletic girls here please?[View]
73448551:(: after another day, I'm here again posting. still a neet. life still sucks. still feeling li…[View]
73449245When did you realise that nothing you actually did or cared about mattered because your only purpose…[View]
73449480Do you rate people's positioning in the metro or is it just me that does it?[View]
73447127Womens Fashion: What's in store for the 2030s?[View]
73448405Why are (You) a shut-in? Why don't you go outside more often? Work and school don't count.[View]
73449351This site needs a board exclusively for playing sports.[View]
73448832I hate /pol/ jannies. I posted a thread about misogyny, women oppression and how the board oversexua…[View]
73449447I Need to Change: I can't keep living like this. All I do anymore is consume goyslop and lurk o…[View]
73445831Why do normies constantly preach 'Darwinism', 'capitalism', 'survival of the fittest', 'might is rig…[View]
73448570I will go masturbate to Reimu now[View]
73447889i do nothing but lay in bed. nothing seems worth it anymore.im always so tired.[View]
73449244>tfw no curvaceous bf[View]
73449059As the year goes by, men get gayer and weaker You're all simp cucks No, worse than simps and …[View]
73448302This chica looked at me funny at the soccer game yesterday, couldn't tell if she and her bf wer…[View]
73448648>be me, nostalgic fag >looking at skype and missing my friends >see how things ended with a…[View]
73448359Porn is basically consensual rape.[View]
73449250Im a 21 y/o male (male (male)) virgin. Is that strange? Sometimes i feel sad and/or anxiety over it …[View]
73448751>you expect me to give up on everything i love? yes, nigger. quit eating goyslop…[View]
73449243wtf is up with this board's retarded policies? I'm tired of entering a captcha literally e…[View]
73449262>knowledge is being degraded by mass media[View]
73448966I wish I could meet some of you and be friends in real life. Feels bad man[View]
73447816Obsessive Schizo Anon Male: Yea. It's not working out. I'm fucking dream about him now. Mo…[View]
73449148Do anons here have siblings and know their online handles? Is it really cringe shit they post or do …[View]
73448376Niggers and kikes are free radicals causing inflammation in the brains of autists (real people)[View]
73448284Is it normal if at 23 i've never had a crush? Not even an infatuation for a woman, never even t…[View]
73448975Why is everyone on this board such a fucking retard? Some of these posters I'm seeing on here g…[View]
73446812Were we just groomed to like these kind of girls the whole time ?[View]
73449019>too weird to be normalfag >too normal to be robot >only been 'part' of three communities …[View]
73449092Anyone have that picture of chud looking gangster with all those white nationalist tattoos and stand…[View]
73448748How do I get a medical marijuana card? What should I tell the doctor?[View]
73447769Why don't you fight back against the normies? Do you really want to live in humiliation for the…[View]
73447978why do men care so much about cheating?: it's really not that bad. i've been cheated on, i…[View]
73448043I've had terrible eye bags ever since I was a toddler. Is there really no way to cure this outs…[View]
73448658How do I convince my dad to let me get a medical marijuana card?[View]
73449038I'm a slut for temu. I literally f3el like cumming when I add stuff to my cart.[View]
73449011Posting frogs gives me life[View]
73448963i pay my ex $100 to fuck me: he has a gf who's not me and she doesn't know. i feel really …[View]
73448938What if the following would you let your kids do: >face tatoos >transgender surgery >child …[View]
73448885>wagecuck job is getting worse >pc is dying >no friends >only person i have ever been fr…[View]
73447585over for groomercels: >throughout your youth all the girls in your peer group date older guys …[View]
73448036I misplaced the keyboard on my laptop and ruined the screws because the screwdriver doesn't mat…[View]
73448582>tfw I have to pull some weeds >Big fucking germaphobe >Hot and there are bugs crawling a…[View]
73448838Femanon, why does this 40 year old menhera whore still have a higher market value than you?[View]
73445953Midwestern pod living: >Living alone >Crusty apartment built in the 70s >Dropped out of col…[View]
73448515>put it in her bumbum >get shit on dick it's over.…[View]
73447042Is 26 too old to acquire a petite feet gf? Just too long without any experience or rites of passage?[View]
73448171dunno wat to do during summer break: here are my ideas so far >working on articles im writing for…[View]
73448467whenever I see a faggot, I give them a look of disgust without even thinking about it like in picrel…[View]
73446381>Oh, that guy? Don't worry about him, he's in the past, you're my sweetheart now …[View]
73443540My intestines are full of parasites, and that's okay.[View]
73448651Why do normies believe you can just simply change your personality. I mean your personality is YOU. …[View]
73447881The most powerful empire in human history is run by a bunch of elderly oligarchs with dementia who r…[View]
73448653Having a high sex drive with no gf is pain, I jerked off 5 times today in 1 hour intervals.[View]
73446950Where can I found a 500lb gamer girl?[View]
73448512IDDQD: >stacy joins my job >within 1 month gossip increases 500x >within 3 months a guy ran…[View]
73447972Who's got the greatest ass? Left or right girl? Also, just as important, which race are you?[View]
73447360Have you ever wanted to be a cool hacker and do all sort of cool shit from your computer and even sm…[View]
73448539I just spent roughly 2 hours masturbating and now my entire pelvic region aches. I have to leave for…[View]
73443235how do you cope with seeing your mother go insane unironically[View]
73448331>see video with a bunch of cute college guys >want to violently fuck all of them…[View]
73447989>No, I don't wanna go out with you. You dress like a fucking twelve year old and you look li…[View]
73448390Paella time ! I shoplifted the seafood ;)))[View]
73438912Letter thread: Vent all your feelings here[View]
73446761why can't moids accept that they are too ugly for girls?: there are so many ugly guys on dating…[View]
73447838Anyone Else Fell This?: A part of me just has this urge to crush things like babies or puppies, idk …[View]
73444743Why isn't she an S tier porn star? She literally has everything.[View]
73448450Itt we are jewish: >oy vey, the goyim are suffering. We must give them our money, good education,…[View]
73446913National sex drought over: You no longer have any excuses[View]
73448052>working out so you can be more attractive to women lame >working out so you could potentially…[View]
73448416Im fucking broken: I just watched a gentle femdom lovey dovey sex video and im fucking speechless ho…[View]
73447540Have to be honest, my dad was pretty sexy when he was younger. 10/10 face and he exuded rugged, hard…[View]
73448103Why not just find a cougar to take your v card robots?[View]
73444101Is sucking cock as fun as girls make it out to be? I'm kinda curious and I wanna try it![View]
73444104There's nothing more cringe inducing than having to drive because your male friends/boyfriend d…[View]
73442688If you work in a professional capacity it's funny to learn which of your colleagues get wild in…[View]
73447913only ever been in love with one person even though we broke up 3 years ago, and he got someone new l…[View]
73448374Are there ANY girls who would indulge a censored/humiliation kink? I literally can only jack off to …[View]
73447383Am I the only one who doesn't find Asian women attractive at all? (some exceptions). Most of th…[View]
73445839i spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about this man. i've spent way too much money on h…[View]
73448117I need weed so badly. I just quit smoking cigarettes but now I need weed to get a decent high. Feels…[View]
73446128What the fuck is the answer to this[View]
73448311>fap >having a great time >stop for a sec (feels way too good) >burst into tears what is…[View]
73446658Would fembots mind a man with a high body count? Ive been with 40 girls and Im 21[View]
73447523Got diagnosed with autism and I have also come to know that my friends and my own family think I…[View]
73447110Is Argentina a good place to escape American mental illness? I just am so fucking sick of American b…[View]
73448158>meet a 26 cutie on tinder >text for a week >end up meeting at a starbucks >we talk for…[View]
73448030>afraid my hatred of women has tainted me and i will never be able to get a gf anyone else know t…[View]
73448085>Tfw no gigantic sexy muscular women to submit at[View]
73446433I need help There is this girl in my maths/science class, I find her pretty cute but that's not…[View]
73446200Why do most mental illnesses start appearing in your late teens and early 20s?[View]
73447667I tired of being an Incel i will follow the Elliot Rodger path[View]
73447884Would you let your gf have a girls night out before you get married? xo[View]
73447314Poison Pill: Who else swallowed the findom poison pill and has the addiction, debt and need to rope …[View]
73446246Am I eligible for welfare?: Honest question, because I am at my wits end and feel like I am just bei…[View]
73447980Why is the thigh gap the sexiest part of female anatomy?[View]
73447063Well it finally happened. A girl is interested in me and I will just ghost her because this is what …[View]
73447767Pretty much all fembots are disgusting nasty whores.[View]
73447772This board is filled with normies: Go away you're ruining the robot board[View]
73448073I want to be in JAV so I can fuck japanese womens pussies raw and cum inside without any worry.[View]
73447425Weird nightmare makes me cherish life?: The nightmare: >The government forces all men to go to wa…[View]
73447879>Just be yourself and ask her out anon, what could go wrong?[View]
73448032I'm Jesus and Jeffrey Dahmer is chilling with me in heaven. Lmao. Why can't I just be God …[View]
73447444Is this a turn off to guys?[View]
73447239If you have ever had a conversation with a woman, let alone had sex, then you really don't belo…[View]
73447620Speedrunning is the most incel shit i've ever seen. Whenever i see a speedrunner i want to punc…[View]
73447871Opinions on this ass: The more descriptive you are, the better.[View]
73445913Male libido is the last thing keeping me young. Once I lose that I may as well be an old man.[View]
73447559my prodigy cousin just got offered a 300k job in germany meanwhile I'm still in a third world s…[View]
73445881I'm done being a white nationalist. Why should I keep supporting a bunch of self-hating pussifi…[View]
73447883We live in a society: Anons, what types of people do you hate in society? Me, I hate the following a…[View]
73446335how do you break the monkey brain cycle and ascend past my biological desire? how do the monks do it…[View]
73447863niggers do not deserve black fembots why tf would you kill someone who dressed up as a minion for yo…[View]
73446804Oh god my oneitis messaged me back, I haven't looked at the message yet but the anxious is kill…[View]
73446677This is Risa Oomomo She is 4'8' and was 26 years old at the time this photo was taken Say somet…[View]
73446311Just wanted to take a moment to thank all the Anons I've talked to here. Most people aren'…[View]
73447583Semi fresh wizard here. If you had a choice would you want women to suddenly find you interesting wh…[View]
73447736Being strong is never wrong![View]
73446940Say, if you were to get into a long distance relationship with a sweet, caring, supportive /r9k/ gir…[View]
73447514Virgin Red Flags: What are some things that out a man as a virgin (or at least inexperienced)? I…[View]
73446715fuck god fuck religion kys christcucks[View]
73446915should i break up with my gf? i dont like her personality anymore. she thinks it can work but doesnt…[View]
73447378How: How the fuck am I supposed to tell a girl that I like that Im a virgin myself and want a virgin…[View]
73447070STOP with the porn i JUST masturbated and post nut clarity kicked in and now sex is GROSS[View]
73447621i fucking hate streamers so much its unreal[View]
73444305Why is it impossible to go faster than light?[View]
73447033>Um, anon. I have something to tell you before you go off to battle the Dark Lord. When we had se…[View]
73447163I'm always that that I'll find girls into my type in cons and stuff. Anyone can confirm wi…[View]
73447627Learned helplessness is still helplessness[View]
73447216y'all cant be serious with some of these posts[View]
73447526I watched this video where they were trying to showcase the difference between several languages: En…[View]
73446984>hook up with objectively slutty stacy (body count of 45) >find out shes actually nice and fun…[View]
73446333Imagine all the possible good relationships you've missed just because you didn't have the…[View]
73446114Garfield is better than manga: America had been making superior cartoons forever yet Zoomers are kil…[View]
73446883Is this a small butt?: Yes or no. Well, except that it's /r9k/ so you have to put a bit more ef…[View]
73447206Schizo and His Princess.: Idk if you're still here princess. I figured I might as well call you…[View]
73446587My precious Aryan white daughter got dicked by a filthy fucking gorilla nigger last night. How am I …[View]
73447142>tfw one successful thread up and running but anons are mad at me in that thread because I have a…[View]
73444470I'm a terminate'uh: >Incels can't be reasoned with. Incels don't feel pity or…[View]
73447359Operation unthinkable: training a robot to chadmaxx[View]
73446972Screenshot and post your camera roll don't be a bitch Posting mine after a few replies[View]
73447346girls are actually very easy to talk to you guys lied to me[View]
73442575Meat: Meat has over 15 amount of micronutrients more than what you can find in vegetables.[View]
73447481is there any point in getting married to modern foids in 2023 and beyond ?[View]
73446412Why do people always say that you find love when you're not looking for it? What the fuck does …[View]
73446309Barbie 2023: Gosling kino is coming boys. have you been Kenmaxxing? I need to be my best Kenself whe…[View]
73445955I'm gonna buy weed and 2 beers. What should I do?[View]
73446651Why does mental illness start to emerge the most in your early 20s? https://www.vice.com/en/article/…[View]
73447443everyday i play call of duty and fuck holograms[View]
73444393What YouTuber can I watch if want to learn French? I have most of the basics down and I wanna improv…[View]
73446877>23 and still have acne wtf i look like shit[View]
73446266I just wanna thank the anon yesterday who made a thread asking what we were doing that night while e…[View]
73446117>be me >college sophomore >have to retake a test >classroom full of freshman stacies …[View]
73444234Toll Paid.: >Law enforcement arrested Cook on May 1 near Chicago in connection with her death and…[View]
73446407>tfw I weighed 163 pounds yesterday morning but only 160 this one Wtf? I know that yesterday I on…[View]
73446235/r9k/ would you rather date a dogpilled girl or one into yaoi? the latter will be okay with you fuc…[View]
73444627>twenty twenty three >I am forgotten[View]
73446703Why do stupid things seem like great ideas when you're drunk?[View]
73446091Why dont you just get a fat asian gf?[View]
73446270normie sex-haver here. smoking and killing time so ama[View]
73446837>my bed isn't comfy anymore[View]
73446646hayden thread: hayden aka ethel cain. is she waifu material?[View]
73446962/lgbt/ says my voice passes. i dont believe them: https://voca.ro/11BNqCGktg47 https://voca.ro/11Nxx…[View]
73447211Show of hands, who here loves boobs and who here is insane.[View]
73445257How were you damaged growing up?: >be 2012 >be 16 in alabama >make any mistake ever >peo…[View]
73447212looks aren't enough if you don't have a neurotypical personality. girls will talk to you b…[View]
73445890Why aren't you antibiotic-maxxing? >Feel sick >Buy Cipro from the internet >Feel good …[View]
73447065You're all retards. Better yet, you're peanutbrains[View]
73446785I have literally sexted with girls but am still a virgin[View]
73446004Have you ever heard of limerence anons? How many of you have suffered from it?[View]
73446828>Be in public, think of the word 'nigger' and start laughing >Someone asks 'whats so funny?'…[View]
73446775Why aren't there any modern political movements/leaders that seek to highlight the struggles of…[View]
73446103Does this technically make me friendless?: I have no friends outside of: college classmates, neighbo…[View]
73443961Have you accepted Jesus into your heart yet anons ?[View]
73445552>what could previously denied by pretending it's just a trick of the light or a weird reflec…[View]
73446389My therapist is getting a new job I'm actually going to kill myself I'm such a loser I act…[View]
73446771NEET: coming to the realisation it may be impossible for me to get a job as a (very) long term NEET …[View]
73446949I'm just gonna pretend life is a game and that I'm playing in Loser Must Die difficulty. I…[View]
73446968Bluethrax delta at the gangwank pavilion All sleepers this is your sign to activate 788 249 387[View]
73442020When did you realize /soc/ has the best girls?[View]
73446443What is your love character, /r9k/? https://ktestone.com/kapable.github.io/loveCharacterEng/[View]
73441435if you had a girlfriend would you ear her pussy? why or why not?[View]
73446605Trying to poke someone on discord: Facebook essentially killed off the Poke feature a few years ago,…[View]
73445728Why quitting cigarettes is so diifficult?[View]
73446844>have feminization fetish >not feminine. LOL…[View]
73445820Newest Toss just dropped: He is impeccably precise as ever. It's no wonder he makes trannies se…[View]
73445940they practically love the same things[View]
73446767>just be yourself and you'll find a girlfriend! Mfw i've been myself for 23 years and n…[View]
73445309good morning, anyone want to talk?[View]
73446421I don't like men and I don't like women. What I like doesn't exist A fate worse than…[View]
73443725White girl travels half naked across India blessing poor pajeets with her bare ass[View]
73444982How do you socialise? I dont know how to start a conversation or how to hold one. I have nothing to …[View]
73445822Male makes a thread about being lonely and how shitty his life is >Kys incel faggot jump off a br…[View]
73444919this board should be renamed to /trash/ absolute garbage and I'm saying that with 65 filtered t…[View]
73445875Never mind guys Im not failing calculus anymore.[View]
73445567>vivid nightmares >makes you feel like shit I legitimately cannot sleep without it…[View]
73446681I took melatonin and had a dream that my dad called my my brother's name and then ignored it an…[View]
73445753tfw dryspell of 4 months, im literally going nuts[View]
73439522Robot bros... Our response?[View]
73444993>The tranny thoughts are back Stop it stop it stop it I can't be a tranny!…[View]
73445557These people are so fucking disingenuous lol >target is selling lgbt clothes, im not going there …[View]
73445138Do you drink 2L of water a day?[View]
73444542Femanons, which guy would you rather date? >A) guy that never watched porn in his life but mastur…[View]
73446280I need to stay up 5 hours but im sooo sleepy already. How can i do it[View]
73445990>It's chess time, anon![View]
73445520I don't want to live in society: I'm autistic, have ADHD and a learning disability with me…[View]
73445712Forcibly conscript every late silent gen and boomer in the West regardless of gender, status and wea…[View]
73446469Pride Event Experience. Gross.: It's 2020: >Big pride event. Go with uni friends. >Wear A…[View]
73444644so insanely true[View]
73444243>POV: You're Barb lying on the bed while Chris spreads your Barbussy wide open Was he a Robo…[View]
73444768Ritual Sacrifice and Cannibalisation of Incels: Why don't we just bring back Aztec style ritual…[View]
73446391Since E Haram and our accounts have been taken out again by elitist discordian criminals I have recr…[View]
73446338years of consuming male-targeted pornography have inflicted irreparable damage onto my brain. i just…[View]
73445577>tfw even Chris Chan lost his virginity while I'm a 30 yo KHV, even though I have a steady j…[View]
73444378I'm straight but dang, my friend pets my head in a way that makes me feel really... well I enjo…[View]
73446187>that that[View]
73446254>though I was 5'8 for years >re-measure on a whim >5'9 >I'll take one gir…[View]
73446177I wish moe girls were real why can't they be real? ori ori[View]
73446104Im such a fucking loser: im 19 and have never even kissed a girl also I have no friends[View]
73444516This is what happens when you talk shit white boy[View]
73446156I wonder what the beastman is doing these days[View]
73443870Incels Are Thirdies in Mind and Soul: Incels who spread resentment and hate against women are spirit…[View]
73445613You will wageslave. You will be single. You will cope with alchool, porn, and videogames. And you wi…[View]
73443877I am being sent to live with my grandparents in guangzhou, a city in china what can i expect[View]
73446107mommy Yukari <3[View]
73445808im so retarded that almost everyone i approach irl eventually asks if im autistic or treats me like …[View]
73446078>buy leafy greens >look inside >red leafs…[View]
73443895Has tranny-kun survived Mexico or is his organs currently on the market?[View]
73444219Is being straight overrated? I feel like I'd be a lot happier if I just became gay[View]
73444398What's the point of going balls deep if the tip is the most sensitive part?[View]
73446024>when you become rich a bunch of random women will think they have a shot at getting your money a…[View]
73446015Absolute state of wybois. Why wybois like dis?[View]
73445801Can't get a GF for the life of me: How tf do I get a girlfriend? I've been single my whole…[View]
73444098Where are all the old people?: I don't have any friends online and often lose and gain them. Ba…[View]
73445856It's so crazy how almost your entire life is dependent on your upringing. I wish I could just c…[View]
73445977You gotta see the bright side, at least we live to regret it and even regretting it is a positive th…[View]
73444803Do you think Ukrainian women will repay the 'Legion for Freedom of Russia' with pussy? There must be…[View]
73445514>start getting attention from women >yellow fever disappears An Asian woman has to be model ti…[View]
73443993>1/3 of Americans can not read beyond a basic level How can you call yourself worthless. You can…[View]
73443389Do you guys actually want genuine love?: All i want is sex on command and someone that cleans the ho…[View]
73445516i always wanted a sugar daddy to buy me nice things... do any anons know how it feels?[View]
73445908I'm going to join a Catholic Church so I can get a pure cute latina wife.[View]
73445070I just fell in love with a BPD woman. How fucked am I?[View]
73444371>Is their anything worse then being born a Amerimutt nigger lover?[View]
73445462Imagine wageslaving and not having a gf, life must suck. I winder how people even find the streanght…[View]
73445864>All my work emails are in my spam box >All the emails in my inbox are spam The Luddites went …[View]
73445343My cock is the love of a nation[View]
73445505>be me >Chem Science Major >have friend in Engineering >Only one week left until graduat…[View]
73445825Anyone who doesn't wear long sleeves to work is a pervert. Doesn't matter if you're a…[View]
73445815>God will never leave me nor forsake me ANYWHERE WITH JESUS, ANYWHERE I GO https://youtu.be/p0y_…[View]
73444180Moids blown the fuck out. Your response to her?[View]
73445762if youre under 25 as a female its literally impossible, regardless of disability or deformity, to be…[View]
73445763>entirety of this month: >relaxed and apathetic >depressed as shit but calm >welcoming d…[View]
73445475Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Rape Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Use Your Imagination And Pretend Its …[View]
73444666>you will never play-fight action figures with anyone ever again why even live…[View]
73445519Why don't you settle for a 4/10 hyper-self-harming tranny gf?[View]
73445553All pre-op trannies must be castrated They can keep their penis so we don't have to smell a rot…[View]
73443120If you were offered s choice:: Option A: you can fuck 10/10s anytime you want, but they won't g…[View]
73445646I am an ESL girl. I was thinking that if I ever want to date someone I might be more comfortable dat…[View]
73445569>set up a cheeky puppy picture on tinder from google bitches love dogs…[View]
73445423>tfw zero intimacy because I rightly fear if people knew who i was they wouldn't respect me …[View]
73444571>hear that 'boys and girls can't be friends' >ok then, befriend a whore that friendzoned …[View]
73434580/aiwg/ AI Waifu General: Dabbing on the haters edition https://waifus.nemusona.com/ OR https://rentr…[View]
73444236Modern diet: Some guy(2018) and his dad(1984) 36-year difference between the 2 pictures. Approximate…[View]
73445634Good Afternoon /r9k/ I'm Ray Liotta and I've just escaped from some white kid's Famil…[View]
73445417Thinking of going to a nudist beach siance i have a massive exibitionism fetish. What i'm in f…[View]
73445632Everyone is so goddamn fat the men and the women. Literally skinny pretty girls are so rare nowadays…[View]
73445067Is reading yaoi straight? I as a heterosexual man love seeing BL[View]
73445111Black women thinking thread.[View]
73441454I could probably fondle a girl's tits for hours[View]
73445493pokemans is a zoomer fetish: beware of pokemans beware of sweet zoomer affection just outright be wa…[View]
73444908>election is happening in my province >premier is antivax and believes that everyone who is v…[View]
73445484Shinji Sucking Asuka's Cock[View]
73445471why am I still alive? I really don't get it[View]
73443151I like trannies but seeing them in boy mode kills all attraction no matter how feminine they become.[View]
73445308What if black women had penises?[View]
73434058/r9gay/ - #2028: Halfway through the week edition Previous: >>73424517[View]
73445147To the giant USG+7 old white boomers near grand central terminal are harassing me as they left me a…[View]
73444066me and u bro[View]
73444591What AI tools can I use to make NSFW content? picrel[View]
73445383I miss early 2010s sundresses.[View]
73445369>tfw I developed a full blown addiction to interracial porn thanks a lot faggots, how do I get ri…[View]
73445285Do you like Norwegian women?[View]
73442685Have you ever sensed the presence of evil before?: Genuine question. Have you ever been near someone…[View]
73444548Female drivers: Whenever I see expensive SUV halting traffic for no reason it's always a woman.…[View]
73444790Is it normal that I have no empathy for women? If I hear that a man has been cheated on I feel an in…[View]
73445184posting here, expressing your opinions, using social media in general, walking around being a bot ma…[View]
73444731My girlfriend hate the femcels of this board.[View]
73444772Still got warm&fuzzy flashbacks to this alt-girl I went on a kind of date with which I screwed u…[View]
73444681dear foids i hate u please go away and do not come back because you are my enemy[View]
73444480I remember when we had a Finnish exchange student. At one point he asked if he can go to the 'toilet…[View]
73444366>exam in 1.5 hours >haven't studied why do I always do this robros?…[View]
73445062if you wanted to get rid of the whole woke tranny stuff, the problem is you have to destroy their co…[View]
73445152Do you ever think the conquistadores from Spain and Portugal look down on their great granddaughters…[View]
73445136>mfw people still think Covid 19 was real.[View]
73444881Texan Sex Symbol: Which one of you losers got MOGGED by this semen demon? Apparently the butthurt ca…[View]
73444736>he simps for Elon[View]
73443871Hello, anon. What do you like doing when you feel lonely?[View]
73444889My parents are upset because I want to quit my job and I don't know what to after. I don'…[View]
73442922How far has this thread fallen? It hasn't been this bad in a hot minute. Did some YouTuber mak…[View]
73444939fembots this is james madison. he was a founding father of america and a president. he was also 5…[View]
73444645She is dating one of the most famous and rich (white) rappers on the planet. Thoughts?[View]
73444800To my wives6 I did a thing with my power and now our brunette bunnie gf wife and our wigh and with o…[View]
73444854Good morning, Anons of /r9k/. It's already the 25th. I coulda sworn March ended just last week.…[View]
73444446>Even rich 6 foot 2 normies have not been able to get laid for 1 year plus Did boomers open pando…[View]
73443380>tfw no garlic bread bf[View]
73444814Do you finish one book (or other media) before starting another?[View]
73444657why is the male penis so fucking disgusting?[View]
73430795>tee-hee yours is totally fine :) >we can't take more than a few inches anyway Is this th…[View]
73443513I have never masturbated and never will[View]
73444734surely lifting will let me access pussy finally[View]
73444601'women are so in touch with their emotions dudes are such sociopaths!' ive opened up to dudes m…[View]
73444664Why are man like this and then cry that they are alone??[View]
73443071Can I make friends from r9k? I am a fat neet who cant hold a conversation. My hobbies used to be ani…[View]
73442724If she would like me she would make the first move. Right?[View]
73444546>Wife isn't a 10/10 >Isn't a perfect chadette or whatever incels say >still has z…[View]
73443889femoids, can you please stop doing this? is it that hard not to age faster than light?[View]
73441136What with all the femcel posters here it's dempt worthy an Official /r9k/ Dating Service.[View]
73443603The BUTT DEVASTATION of /r9k/ ideology continues: It has been proven that college education, NOT vir…[View]
73444283>I admit that I have realized >I'm not built for nine to fives >But you know I'm …[View]
73443530Anyone else get a detention for refusing to strip on Naked Day?[View]
73444221>man up >get a job >get a wife >have children And for what? I'll never be friends w…[View]
73437081Why is sonic the hedgehog so popular with the autist community?[View]
73443307Incels BTFO: >incel mind >sexually unsuccessful men OBVIOUS ASF LMAO >entitled too the love…[View]
73444123Tired of lying to normies: Having to wear a mask and say things i don't care or believe in just…[View]
73444153There are women on this site: And i wish i never find out I started uni this year, came out of my sh…[View]
73443506i've cum about 6 times today[View]
73443492KISS ME ON THE LIPS[View]
73443078How touristic is Norway?: I studied tourism and idk if I could find a job there related to it[View]
73441937>be the bad guys from 1776 to 1939 >be the good guys from 1939 to 1945 >be the bad guys fro…[View]
73443250>Warehouse wagie for 6 fucking months and sick of it. >Mum says we won't be able to cope…[View]
73444373I was liking this post at first :([View]
73442793Do i just Troon out at this point robots[View]
73444295I really wish we could erase pics of our memories[View]
73443382Anything wrong with naming your child after video game characters?[View]
73443693Why dont homeless scrotes just sell their ass to other scrotes? Im not gonna hand out men my hard ea…[View]
73443536Incels are stupid and make no sense. If you were an average woman getting attention from many guys, …[View]
73443529I took a hard log poop and didn't even have to wipe my asshole today. These are the best poops …[View]
73440936Can you outsmart an AI anons ? I can lets see if you can as well >they send you a gift card if yo…[View]
73443788I remember how it felt being a young teenager and wanting nothing more than a gf. I remember how it …[View]
73443226This is one of my favourite movies. What do you think happened to Bill Murray's character after…[View]
73443781/r9k/ and /b/: >constant arguments about men and their penises, >constant incel insecurity …[View]
73443994Day 16 of wishing for an anal-only hot dark black gf that lets me cum in her ass daily[View]
73443959What is the stereotype with Americans thinking that the whole world speaks English? To me it's …[View]
73444124Based or not based anons ? Lacing ur kids good with hormone replacement therapy drugs[View]
73443812theres nothing for me in this world THERES NOTHING NO JOBS no video games no movies no tv shows no w…[View]
73443535It doesn't matter how difficult life is going to be. Don't forget that you are a short ki…[View]
73441836this is what 2 days of nofap gets you[View]
73440985What do girls like, girth or length?[View]
73442845Was he autistic?[View]
73444174My bf slapped my butt in public[View]
73444064The Laughing Cow: What's so fucking funny???[View]
73443261If you have literally any one of the Cluster B personality disorders, kill yourself immediately[View]
73442666Bad people attract bad people attract b: >That one sociopath who turns the group against you for …[View]
73444016r9k i think i am in love i hope you guys can feel this feeling some day in life if you havent its a …[View]
73443929moids b like[View]
73443989May I receive love from this place?[View]
73443654So getting a gf and starting a family is not possible due to my fuck ugly looks and autism. So to sa…[View]
73443631ai is my hope for life: one day, we will have robo-ai waifu gf's, who will be capable of satisf…[View]
73442908how do i make myself look like angelina ?: would jaw surgery work or is it a meme?[View]
73443847benzos: Any of you have experience with Cinolazepam? (not clonazepam) I just got my hands on some, b…[View]
73444025Goodnight, anon. I hope I see you in my dreams.[View]
73442151Would you fuck this girl 9kbots? Curious[View]
73443757The west has fallen bros.....[View]
73443975My work crush has called me a ugly basterd behind my back, it's so over[View]
73442655If you are American, in shape, and stand at least 6'0', you are not below average. I don't…[View]
73441226JBW is cope. I hear the argument time and time again about how Whites can just SEAmaxx. Koreans do t…[View]
73442643>If someone asks you why you're quiet, they're trying to include you in the conversatio…[View]
73443953Admiring beauty. Why is it so addicting?[View]
73443135Someone has save her from this bastard >Be this black failed singer >Has a russian gf and does…[View]
73442649Cool rainy morning. Best enjoyed sober.[View]
73443755Daily reminder: There are people in this world right now loving you.[View]
73443023It is henceforth ILLEGAL for gayniggers to use anime girl profile pictures on social websites, forum…[View]
73443867>born and raised in a society comprised of only women >becomes an evil, lying, power hungry de…[View]
73443572She doesn't care about Megumin ...: I thought she said she liked Megumin, but she said she does…[View]
73442675Am I delusional?: I want to meet a female in person like they used to for thousands of years. Dating…[View]
73443782>be me >Short and ugly >Work shitty factory job >Most of my coworkers are ugly men but t…[View]
73443131asian and brown fembot food dispenser[View]
73443661desantis will get destroyed in the debates. i think the choice is clear.[View]
73443326I can't remember the last time I got hard without having to stimulate myself.[View]
73442683Slutty japanese fembot that makes fun of white and black fembots when?[View]
73440337>meet really cute anon on here >he makes a typo in the discord he gives >thread archived Aa…[View]
73443770memes aside, going a lifetime without a gf is a truly miserable feeling.[View]
73443721You are not that bad of person. Turn on the news >60 year old bystander shot in gang related shoo…[View]
73443447sleep all day shitpost all night[View]
73442229Femanons, how would you feel if your husband became a tranny?[View]
73443723porn replaces mens need for women social media replaces womens need for men its that simple.[View]
73443425*tink tink* Excuse me fellow robots, i'd like to propose a simple toast to us NEETs and of cour…[View]
73442819Day 28 of manifesting a qt virgin black gf who will love me and have kids with me: Back on the road …[View]
73443474Nikocado Avocado's asshole is the most beautiful asshole I've ever seen. I schlick my wet …[View]
73443582I took a hard log poop and didn't even have to wipe my asshole today. These are the best poops …[View]
73442677What's the best alternative to momcest?: Back when I was addicted to porn I only watched mom-so…[View]
73443407What race of men do Russian Titcows love the MOST?[View]
73441900Am I somebody? Was I ever someone? Did I make it?[View]
73440847hey guyse i'm a male ask my anything[View]
73443590Imagine being Korean and rotting ur life away with Cumskins/Shitskins and not taking advantage of ur…[View]
73442955I will never date a non-virgin: It's just that I... haha... I just won't do it HAHA!…[View]
73443571How do i fix this?: iHas anyone else got this problem? I can get aroused very strongly but once i fa…[View]
73443112i want a tall warm boyfriend to cuddle i dont want a little girlfriend how is that wrong[View]
73443557>buy new game >suddenly life is good[View]
73440918Hello, this is my thread, robots. What are you doing right now? Tell me about it right NOW.[View]
73443339My bread: Hello Anon, this is my bread[View]
73443477I will never have a girlfriend because i'm socially inept[View]
73443464Incel or robot: Honestly I'm not an incel even if I get rejected by average women. I know I can…[View]
73443336swoooosh... *pop* -ACK![View]
73442510Maybe I'll just fuck my ugly coworker for practice.[View]
73442183What are my chances of getting a gf like this?: >be me >average looking >christian >li…[View]
73440006Start listening to metal![View]
73440512Lettybug is love, lettybug is life. Love letty. Breathe letty. Eat Letty's petite hairy asshole…[View]
73443344fuck desantis. i want trump to win.[View]
73443081check it out i upscaled the famous meme with ai[View]
73442965>be me.. 18 yr old girl.. >for some reason fantasize about a man nd a woman both taking advant…[View]
73443219My peenor is 6.3'x5.3' is that enough?: Regular sized condoms feel too tight and I have to buy XL on…[View]
73443317How hard would it be for a spanish fag to get a dutch gf if he moved to the Netherlands?[View]
73443265Do abusive relationships have periods where everything seems good and happy all of a sudden? Like yo…[View]
73424689/britfeel/: waccies edition[View]
73443266>this kills the woman Heh.[View]
73442281>be me, femboy >pass well enough >most people mistake me for woman anyway >always using …[View]
73443128Semitic Liberation Army: Issue 2 Issue 1: >>73437089 GOD'S ULTIMATE PLANE FOR HUMANITY: 1…[View]
73442222normies actually do this shit???: >be me >25 yo NEET >hear about how getting a job makes yo…[View]
73442830*fruit music plays*[View]
73442911How can I stop being a zopphile?: I tried to have sex but couldn't get hard, it seems that I on…[View]
73442766Hello. Its 1:30. Im drunk and stoned. Kinda disappointed with life. Listening to lofi. If anyone wan…[View]
73443178day 133 of manifesting a lesbian bff who will save me by forcing me to talk about my feelings.[View]
73443109the mouth makes a great third hand, it's extremely underused for such a case. i don't mean…[View]
73441344i havent slept for 40 hours and im sitting in my room alone getting nostalgic again. god why cant we…[View]
73442177>NEET schizo femcel >only talks with tulpas >scared of social interaction, even posting thi…[View]
73442404Imagine being such a bitch ass nigga that as a white man, you simp for negress pussy, and still get …[View]
73442727I am nothing, I have no identity. I'm just an amalgamation of the mannerisms and speaking patte…[View]
73443031What does it mean when a woman spends less time with her friends after dating this one guy, and only…[View]
73441891is a job as caregiver good for the average robot? i mean at the nursing home. you just do what you a…[View]
73442581Has any of you successfully cured yourself from a paraphilia? If so, how did you do it?[View]
73442055my diary desu: office job. feels like my brain is getting smacked with a metal pole day in and day o…[View]
73442982A woman called me cute, can I finally retire my robot license?[View]
73442002>'lgbt agenda' do people not realize how fucking insanely stupid they sound when they say that…[View]
73438943short tour of my autistic den[View]
73441264Trump just released AI parody of twitter voice space between Desantis and Trump Which do you prefer…[View]
73441661How does a nerdy 30 year old virgin NEET blackcel get a PAWG gf?[View]
73439466>none of us will ever have pic related and more damn.. i am afraid i ran out of ways to cope anon…[View]
73441342i love pale blonde guys with blue eyes: i just want to shower a qt pale guy with all my love, men ar…[View]
73442816evil: when i was living in mexico city, some kid dressed in tattered clothes tried to lure me into s…[View]
73441390SKyrimn: I dont want no sex or college i just want tto play skyrim for 11 hours straight is that too…[View]
73442268topped_on_grindr.gif: Why not just get TOPPED on GRINDR to solve all your problems.[View]
73441528Thots on her tit job?[View]
73442226Join the discord, get free money https://discord dot gg/NBwkQknF[View]
73442095Do they make anime guys as cute as girls to make masses question their sexuality ? I legit believe i…[View]
73441225Why does r9k see getting older as a death sentence?: why don't you try to think about the peopl…[View]
73442884>tfw the weird kid in your 6th grade class who was obsessed with Austin and Ally probably lurks h…[View]
73441277how do you pronounce femoid: post vocaroos please i need to win an argument[View]
73442802>try therapy again >answer the same questionnaire as always >have to explain that i never h…[View]
73442198What would you write about in your suicide note? Would you even write one?[View]
73442178Why the fuck are 4chuds so antagonistic towards redditors? We never did anything to you guys.[View]
73442776ill never get out of here itll only get worse[View]
73442451Isn't it true that girls at the age of 14 are considered the most attractive?[View]
73442742we have to stop fookin brexit[View]
73441073Told myself I'd never drink alone again, but I'm thinking about drinking right now[View]
73442096At how many rejections is it supposed to statert hurting? I'm on my 3rd and not feeling too bad…[View]
73440877Why aren't there any REAL videos of guys flirting with women and getting laid? I'm talking…[View]
73441534Why do all the artists I like end up drawing scat or some other gross fetish. Is there really that m…[View]
73441419day 155 of manifesting nothing[View]
73441044>Japanese/Nippon aesthetic > Korean aesthetic Why are all east asian girls copying the Korean…[View]
73440814If you watch porn and complain about women having tattoos then you're a hypocrite[View]
73442645The biggest mistake you can make is blaming others for your shortcomings[View]
73441734Why do moids keep asserting that men who are confident, outgoing, nice, and socially successful are …[View]
73442542why does the truth hurt[View]
73441768hi r9k...wat going?[View]
73441960>had another cup of coffee >played some more rounds of BF4 team deathmatch >about to hop in…[View]
73441540Do you have an inferiority complex? Are you trying to overcome it?[View]
73439537Reality check, it's not possible to date without dating apps in the modern world. Tinder is rea…[View]
73441765>tfw not emotionally stable enough to have friends or any deep emotional connection with anyone e…[View]
73442015I miss early 2000s music, bros. It was objectively better than now. What happened to music? https://…[View]
73442357Are chuds based? I can't really tell if they are or not[View]
73442522Anon, why do you fantasize about being the one sucking dick instead of the one getting his dick suck…[View]
73440302Is there an objection answer to the tits vs ass question?[View]
73441685Overall, drug overdose deaths rose from 2019 to 2021 with more than 106,000 drug overdose deaths rep…[View]
73442471black people ruined my life by punching me in the nose every day in (black) middle school for being …[View]
73442388What exactly makes life hard? I'm 18 and just graduated high school.[View]
73438947you know that cheap massager your sister bought because her 'shoulders are sore'? this is what she d…[View]
73441763I feel like I wasted today. Well, more than usual. I don't know why this is. What made today se…[View]
73441443What's going on in Canada, bros?[View]
73442396day 169 of manifesting cute gf that has cool interests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29t3pJd75XU…[View]
73441253Youtube is an adult now: Where's the youtubussy? It's legal now[View]
73442117I wanna help some depressed lonely suicidal anons out If you would like some human interaction with …[View]
73439959https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Female-Friends >irl cheat codes BROS...…[View]
73442245the characters go to a non English speaking country >everyone speaks English Well to be fair. Wha…[View]
73440682I'm about to be 30 in a few hours. I'm entering it knowing I did nothing in my teens and t…[View]
73440641How can I leave: Guys how can I dissappear without a trace? I need to stop being a burden to everyon…[View]
73442535My superpower is efficiency, frugality and optimization of household tasks[View]
73442310i am sick today i feel so fucking sick i didnt move all fucking day waaaa[View]
73435402What even is the point of getting a gf?[View]
73442252What the actual fuck?: So every morning I grab coffee and sandwich from this local place. I'm v…[View]
73442520>fall into porn addiction, social isolation and day drinking while a NEET >decide to get a job…[View]
73442460This board has been very active today Are we back?[View]
73441615Why don't you settle for ChatGPT, anon?[View]
73442306Robot music thread: What are you listening to tonight, robots?[View]
73435015What is r9k listening to?: Personally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS7Va0sBYAM[View]
73439033can i please have a cute loli-loving perv discord friend now i just love teasing them :[[View]
73442106Quit your jobs and enjoy your life before you end up like me.[View]
73440377Any fembots wanna get attached to eachother and talk everyday and encourage eachother to enjoy life …[View]
73440573What is the ideal female (or male) haircut? For me, it's bangs.[View]
73441532big bush[View]
73441115Eat the lorem ipsum, reddit.[View]
73439853Coffee: Taste like shit but quite addictive, it's like weed. Why is it so addictive?[View]
73441550Vaginas are beautiful[View]
73442097a work of goddamn art[View]
73442273It's the kind of horny that cumming won't fix.[View]
73442322>live with parents >failing/failed community college courses >friends rarely go outside exc…[View]
73440615why do you visit this board ? its crap[View]
73441701would you settle for a struggling actor/artist?[View]
73441957anyone who would date a girl taller than them disgusts me: any 5'9 mf with a 5'11 gf shoul…[View]
73442215You're saving money for the future, right ?[View]
73441558im my bf's brown gf[View]
73442260imagine waking up from sleep and you see this right in your face. What would you do?[View]
73441288he's so cool :^): Why is he always right about everything?[View]
73441402I ate a shit load of food. If I purge in 30 minutes will it be too late?[View]
73440017How's the depression on a scale of 1-10, anon? Is the cause known? Seeking treatment?[View]
73442253Why are chuds like this?: Cuckposters get off to their partners getting rabaged by anyone but themse…[View]
73439467>popping 30 mg of melatonin every night just to go to sleep[View]
73441383Name one thing this hero did wrong. Pro-tip: you can't.[View]
73442244>22 years old >never had a real friendship >never had online friends >never had a relati…[View]
73442227You niggas don't know about that Faustian spirit[View]
73442210DUN DUN >post successful[View]
73440906I literally tell IRL women I'm submissive now: I'm in a Discord server for employees of th…[View]
73441992Rate my shakes from last night.[View]
73441254Why were feminists so mean and angry? Why are they always so mean to everyone?[View]
73441963Meme this fag: Put anything in his hands idgaf, I just need something[View]
73442168I'm gonna name my kid 'the kabuki drop' -- what do you think?[View]
73442167Do robots enjoy the progressive vocal trance? I want to share and listen to trance with you in this …[View]
73442127My problems are other people's fault[View]
73442000The dating and relationship market can be modeled using economics. There is too much demand for the …[View]
73441923My only motivation to get out of bed tomorrow is to go buy more Lottery tickets.[View]
73437654Fembots, were you ever worried about the appearence of your asshole? Do you think your anus is beaut…[View]
73441110Not fapping for 40 days: I havent jerked off in around 40 days, I am going absolutely fucking mental…[View]
73440733Insta: They say it's a better dating app than the actual dating apps. Reason being, it has more…[View]
73441564never got to go through the cringy young love era when I was younger, so im going through it now wit…[View]
73438607If I just get down to sub 10% BF, get a rhinoplasty and lip lift, then someone will finally love me?…[View]
73441343>ugly girl at work is into me Feels weird to have a woman try to initiate conversation and sendi…[View]
73441716file retardation: >be me >bored >go to /soc/ >find the 'post yourself' thread >give i…[View]
73440218How I was turned out at school >popular girls found me doing meth after class >took pics and t…[View]
73441138theres this whole cliche of normies coming home drunk or high from the club or wherever and playing …[View]
73441441Brett Cooper? No.... Brett Pooper. Yes! So much yes![View]
73441686The incel narrative was always a cope. The vast majority of normies are doing fine after all. All it…[View]
73440651Human Failure thread: >have conversation with mom >refuses to accept the fact that I m either …[View]
73440977Austin 3:16[View]
73440606Porn and masturbation are gross but I'm addicted to them[View]
73441727How do I make time for the things I would like to do and avoid wasting my time on things that are us…[View]
73440675Why do incels constantly larp about their height, wealth, penis size, and try to pass it off as …[View]
73441658>Called homestuck >No one's stuck at home why is it even called that?…[View]
73440844Sister's friend just picked up their dog I was helping babysit for a few days. Already miss him[View]
73441694>shaving >pick hair out razor with my thumb >slice right through thumb >sharp sting, no …[View]
73441665you guys are funny because you dont even realize there are 10,000+ people live viewing every post i …[View]
73437783How do you cope with being missed one teenage love?[View]
73441014EUREKA! I'VE DONE IT!: Greetings chaps, I've run a program to watermark all my 4chan image…[View]
73440861Can anyone please recommend me a chill game to play when you're tired and just want to relax? …[View]
73441407It took two whole nukes and completely war crimes against civilians for Japan to temporarily accept …[View]
73440057How much do you know about fixing your own car? Are you capable of doing an oil change, changing a t…[View]
73441148Anons is it weird to have a rape kink? I respect women but it's always been a complete turn on.…[View]
73441475JANNY HARASSMENT THREAD: Which 4chan janny do you hate the most >ABIB Or con4664 Or loopie…[View]
73441326being gay is a trap don't do it: Don't let robots convince oyu being gay is cool. Gay dude…[View]
73441294you're going to play my autistically cringe mmo game arent you anon? i made it in a browser so …[View]
73439601play skribblio with us!!! please!!! https://skribbl.io/?MVC0QwDN[View]
73438182Wake up still a slave of the nypd no news story or credit msm censorship Team of cops astroturfing …[View]
73440128I still hear his voice sometimes, he had a cute chuckle. I loved him more than i ever loved anyone, …[View]
73439682If I go on a date with a girl, what are some ways to know a bit of her sexual past to get an idea of…[View]
73439683Isn't it strange how so many successful people use r9k, like in every thread theres a tall rich…[View]
73440108Fembots and femanons: Do you even like virgin guys?[View]
73438069Were we just groomed to like them the whole time?[View]
73437433Why don't men moan more? It's so attractive. I usually hear the bs 'oh only foids moan' 'i…[View]
73441280i'm just here for a good time[View]
73441090If you had a million dollars: Everything I've worked at has been to get to a point where I coul…[View]
73438781Talk to me virgins: Deranged UwU Stacy here!!! Sorry for my break, I'm a normie after all so I …[View]
73441122What is your name and how do you like it? If you have a baby what will you name it?[View]
73440375The post nut clarity hit too hard this time bros...[View]
73439665Go to sleep to this: https://voca.ro/1JCcxLzN5qgM[View]
73440564Your standards are too high incel[View]
73441193Good evening. Has anything changed much since this time last year? I have not been on for a while du…[View]
73440658Dollar General has begun selling 'water flavored liquid beverages (contains no water)'. things are g…[View]
73440293women should be more specific if they want men to behave how they like[View]
73441161woke up at 9pm :([View]
73439650Ambivalent conditioning on superficiality: I do remember how when I was brought up there were at lea…[View]
73440254>How does it feel theirs some White women spreading her legs for a Poojeet or Chink at this very …[View]
73440706Think about these sorority girls anon They receive dick constantly and you would never even be allow…[View]
73440495Women need to understand that you cant just say anything and everything in the heat of the moment an…[View]
73440713being sub5 is an actual nightmare. Everyone hates you just for existing. Being tall does not help[View]
73437812This still annoys me: https://youtu.be/qF1DTK4U1AM >masking your social ineptitude and anxiety as…[View]
73441038My gf is addicted to browsing r9k now Wat do[View]
73440828>apply to job with literally no experience or qualifications needed, a monkay could do this job …[View]
73440969So why did they try to search Breonna's apartment? None of the reports I'm reading are con…[View]
73440961I'm really sick of having to do everything at work, my only help is a dyslexic 60 year old, can…[View]
73438904Me and my bf ate frozen yogurt! It was very good.[View]
73440401Have you ever done a dopamine detox? Digital detox? Where you abstain from bad habits to focus yours…[View]
73440913is there any point in having friends in your 30s as a male? kinda dont feel like i want to hang out …[View]
73440889How late is too late to go to college or get an education? Do us high school dropouts have a chance?[View]
73440900Finding love, the morally questionable way.: >be me >hs sophomore >have best bro who has gf…[View]
73440714I don't think I can do this for another 5 years. This is no way to live. My mind has deteriorat…[View]
73440838i just realized that this guy looks like a real life homer simpson LOL..................[View]
73439968I'm bi but I'm too afraid to go on grindr for a few reasons but mainly >don't wan…[View]
73439497We need to start having sex with men.[View]
73440674Even chad is literally getting cucked all the time: Does anyone else find it strange how cucked the …[View]
73440809yes, i broke your grill[View]
73440678what race will become most attractive once whites become extinct ???[View]
73438394Have you ever recognised anyone you knew in a porn video? Old classmates, old coworkers etc?[View]
73439395> profiting off your siblings suicides by selling story time of the deaths to big companies Is th…[View]
73440656Why are normies like this...: >be me >work shitty office job >normie co-workers are constan…[View]
73440621Trouble with socializing: I don't know how to talk to people because my head is always empty. I…[View]
73440231I met a man named John from this board and I dated him for a while. He was wonderful but I split off…[View]
73440740>tfw no cute littson to buy cool shoes for[View]
73440602Why do people think the opposite is unapproachable nowadays? At first it was men (and mainly young o…[View]
73439446How do I get neetbux at 28? I need to stay home. Every single time I go outside I witness the most r…[View]
73440320americans own slaves for less than 100 years and everyone loses their minds but when Koreans do it f…[View]
73440528Majaro's Mask: Majaro's Mask[View]
73440577It was my birthday about a month ago and after I turned 22 I just felt something within me change. I…[View]
73439253I wish I wasn't trans. The one thing I autisticly obsess over happens to be something I can…[View]
73440683Visit Thailand and meet girls who are untouched by unclean western culture.[View]
73440617did this board ever have majority threads unrelated to complaining abt woman/incel problems[View]
73439675Prozac experiences? Just got prescribed it.[View]
73440417Did you see any women you would have sex with today? The count is one for me, an Asian broad who dro…[View]
73438727After raising some money, now you're ready to start your new business: a pornography production…[View]
73440425Why do women seem so unapproachable?: They're fricken 50% of the population, this shouldn'…[View]
73440349There are no stars in the sky where I live[View]
73440488>talking with coworker about women >'yeah dude it's crazy out there, just with the abunda…[View]
73439927>download dating app to try and get gf >swipe on a bunch of people over 2 weeks >5 matches …[View]
73440494Faggots on this board dont have the balls to step to me: In just an hour I drove 80% of the spam thr…[View]
73438722job interview tomorrow after 2 months of neetdom I HATE RESPONSIBILITY[View]
73440098I am a lifelong member of the General Public.[View]
73440445Be the ultimate wingman or not?: Let's say one thing is certain. You will die alone. But you ar…[View]
73440429>no degree >gyno >XXY syndrome >dickcel >low iq >neet >high functioning autis…[View]
73440408Why do women like to stress that platonic friendships can be as intimate as romantic ones? Even thou…[View]
73439859How to you make female friends? The whole concept feels alien to me since no woman has ever wanted t…[View]
73440256>blew my nose with my bedsheets again It's so convenient, I can't stop.…[View]
73436925this is your fault, really. blame women for all of your problems, blame whoever, but you know who i…[View]
73439424>oh yeah, I love sending my hard earned money to findommes on the internet. I'm just a littl…[View]
73437275Do you have an eating disorder? If so which one and how long have you had it?[View]
73438784If a woman doesn't let you fist her she doesn't really love you[View]
73438916>every 4th anime i watch has a tranny in it Japan is becoming too woke. i watch anime to get away…[View]
73439669I wish i was normal ori ori[View]
73439235The weather's nice today. Why don't you go for a walk?[View]
73437773A woman's ideal weight: A woman should gain weight until the first sign of a tumby starts to fo…[View]
73439904I want to go on a killing spree. Without condemnation or consideration.[View]
73440125Kinda weird how normal it is for women to be almost totally naked in public every summer. At least i…[View]
73440183What does it feel like when a girl cooks you a tasty meal?[View]
73439898Check 'em and get out.[View]
73435479Manlets: Is there anything worse than being a manlet? Hear me out: We all know that women judge you …[View]
73440190Why not just settle for a physically deformed woman?[View]
73440093>be me >circumcised >fap four times a day >no lotion >no tissues >beat shaft only …[View]
73439577I alone will save this board[View]
73436928Why is life structured so it starts off good and progressively gets worse and worse and worse?[View]
73439262Why is Canada the most fake shittiest county to live in?[View]
73439897Thoughts on Paul kagame ? https://twitter.com/kunley_drukpa/status/1661508576752402432[View]
73439914How do I make a normal post on FB. I'm forced to make posts bc I'm forced to start a FB gr…[View]
73440112>really sexy/pretty mexican girls maga bros...not like this[View]
73439118>running out of money to eat >literally going to starve…[View]
73436442>try drinking lighter stuff for once >just end up drinking more with predictable results…[View]
73439481anon if you want a gf you need to be nice and never talk sexually to her you need to become best fri…[View]
73439960Why won't bodacious blonde babes come to my mom's garage and watch Meerkat Manor with me a…[View]
73439942>tfw so miserable that alcohol only superficially improves my mood but rarely breaks through my d…[View]
73439981>bites you hard in the clit[View]
73439849Anyone knows the instrument used at the start of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBpyGaNQnmM…[View]
73439915I used to think that women are very evil. And that they are all liars incapable of telling the truth…[View]
73437951day one of manifesting a bf that will love me despite my flaws[View]
73437311What does /r9k/ think of an ass like picrel?: What rating would you give her? Be honest[View]
73439663The best friend a man can have, is an enemy. In other words, a rival. Such a friend makes sure you s…[View]
73437667What goes through your mind when you look upon this picture[View]
73438457I wish my dad was kind to me. I wish my dad understood my troubles. I wish my dad wouldn't take…[View]
73439664blogposters get out of my site[View]
73436256>Ha-ha! They have all failed the shit test, which means I am victorious.…[View]
73435097Why don't you just date a cute brown girl and dress her up as katara[View]
73438551fembots and femanons: be honest, do you have simps who buy you gifts and nitro?[View]
73439846>operator >looks like we have a 34 year old male trapped inside a 90s shitbox sedan…[View]
73438957after my mom dies no one will love or care about me.[View]
73438547>be me >at family meeting >open 4chan on my phone as i usually do when bored >massive pa…[View]
73439565Life is not about having fun. It's about trying challenging stuff and being hard. Be hard, chal…[View]
73438964ITT: hard to describe feels: Talking to my father makes me feel like he has me all figured out, I fe…[View]
73438209every night i take my reimu fumo to bed with me, she sleeps next to me and i pretend like shes the r…[View]
73438605Imagine winding up in prison in Burgerland[View]
73427293Anyone else notice that most adult virgin males put next to no effort into trying to actually date a…[View]
73438817>driving to work >notice two guys getting ready to cross the street >realize i went to hig…[View]
73439657Wish me luck bros: I'm going to attempt to reconnect with my crush again after not speaking for…[View]
73439353Have you ever used or thought about using nepotism to get pussy.: My dad got me this hospital gig ca…[View]
73439318Don't judge. https://youtu.be/aPuADdg2Q0Y?t=5678[View]
73439708Cumsex Natalie Imbruglia. circa1997.[View]
73438259why is it that modern foids want mr superman (high status / millionaire / tall / model face) yet exp…[View]
73432358Are you genuinely racist? Like do you guys hate black people or is it satire cause of 4chan culture?…[View]
73438882I just made a tinder profile: Lets destroy whats left of my ego[View]
73438719This guy decided to settle for a black girl and look at how happy he is now that he's no longer…[View]
73439413What causes a man finding this sight more aurousing than a girl's pussy from behind?[View]
73436859Doing the bullet ant ritual: Anyone else here unironically considered doing this? Pain in general is…[View]
73439607Males, what is your bodycount by race? I'll start >3 Black women >2 white women >1 lat…[View]
73439464thoughts on alek minnasian?[View]
73438459those who went from >it's over to >we're so back how did you do it? bonus points if …[View]
73438312>have southern Italian genes >Somehow they don't show Every morning I wake up and am than…[View]
73435001How expensive is it to become a full-body cyborg?[View]
73438603It's burning. My board. And it's all your fault. Don't think I won't fight. But …[View]
73438708Which one would you choose? I think bottom is the most chill but middle looks most fun[View]
73439579im only human (autistic) after all im only human (autistic) after all dont put the blame on me[View]
73438243she was soaked down there, wasn't she?[View]
73439150I like Ampharos[View]
73439524>2023 >Men still refuse Feminism >Men still want to enforce marriage and ownership of women…[View]
73438395How do people get around the bot system and upload adult content to YouTube?[View]
73439189What do they even have to kill themselves over? >boo hoo chad only fucked me 3 times this week in…[View]
73438932What happens if I fail college?[View]
73438502Why does he get to fuck her We lived in the same state Why does he get to fuck her she flew miles to…[View]
73438342is there a way to stop being attracted to women? and go full gay? thanks[View]
73439264theres a chance runaway agi will come faster than expected. this is because ai computer intelligence…[View]
73438177>start dressing like a fucking cartoon villain and walking funny >women begin to notice me Wha…[View]
73439231Made for forging the Eurasian future.[View]
73439067Swarthoids: And it won't stop coming. And it won't stop coming. And it won't stop com…[View]
73438515>be me 21 >living with fiance who id been dating for about a year >think she was 40 but fin…[View]
73438385I am in bed sick frens. Pray for me that I may get better, Allah will my know my deeds. A nice girl …[View]
73439115'if you did heroin at least you'd have an excuse': these words echo internally because it'…[View]
73439305The Eternal Nofap: The Month of Retribution XXV: It is the 25th day of Elliot's Month. I have …[View]
73439045why does reddit have such a high concetration of cucks? Hehahahahehha[View]
73439296Skyrim: Stormcloak or Empire?[View]
73433803Which era was your childhood robos?[View]
73437597Would you ever consider going bald, femanon? I think it would suit you.[View]
73438189big boobs should be banned[View]
73438787Have you ever seen someone truly hot in person that left your shocked . I started working at high e…[View]
73439248Grigori is coming for dinner. What will you serve him?[View]
73439063Why do I get so many more likes on OKCupid than Tinder?: Could it be that the claims about Tinder ha…[View]
734358898-ball: A question? Ask the 8-ball.[View]
73439198i talk to women hit on them they reject me then they get a bf and start acting all nice to me FUCK M…[View]
73438798What did they mean by this?: >28 >Have had multiple, multiple gay men come onto me throughout …[View]
73439180I wanna feed femanon a bunch of goyslop and then rub her belly. Then rest my head on her belly liste…[View]
73437638What are the signs that a woman is into you? Are there a things you can pay attention to figure out …[View]
73435974your verdict /r9k/?[View]
73437910any other ethnic guys feel sad that white women are going extinct ??? it means no cute white becky /…[View]
73437006University hiki: I'm a shutin at a big public uni and I have a funny haircut/incel physique. Ev…[View]
73438360>boss told me he thinks i'm doing a great job and he wants to give me a promotion blah i don…[View]
73438972Which character in this image looks the most appealing to you?[View]
73438665im sorry michael[View]
73439028behold, my magic trick: when i buy juice it is too sugary so what i do is get a bigger container and…[View]
73438679A street fight with Mike Tyson. No weapons. How do you plan on beating him?[View]
73437923>be me >6'2 >white >lean ottermode with decent muscle >thick dark hair >still…[View]
73438870autism-positive message board: Sup robots I wondered if you knew of any autism-positive places to di…[View]
73438857There's a really small cute blonde girl at the gym but i'm too pussy to ever approach a gi…[View]
73438869The Eternal Nofap: 144 Days: I have gone over 144 days without masturbating.[View]
73435969Why don't you robots just settle for a 6/10 bookworm gf?[View]
73437977>want to be femboy >also straight and want a gf Anyone else suffer from this cognitive disside…[View]
73438725I am so tired of this. Its been 2 years of this now. I don't want to be on incel forums anymore…[View]
73438377To Women, I resent you for reasons that were in your control and were intentional. You can claim how…[View]
73438767blood is a really shit ink substitute[View]
73438701Fembot: what kinds of questions would you like to be asked?: I used to run surveys where I asked you…[View]
73436224femcel woes: My boss made me talk about whether I had a boyfriend (I don't) in front of a group…[View]
73438768she wore bluuuuuuuuuuee velvet[View]
73437444i think my boyfriend doesn't give a fuck about me anymore[View]
73438464Why the fuck is there no body positivity for manlets when you cant change your skeleton, while there…[View]
73437684No Face No Case https://youtu.be/QMNd3NcmXSI[View]
73438477Oh my goodness these Black people are just the kindest, sweetest gentlest people ever[View]
73438527What are the most racist jokes you know?[View]
73438073wtf is wrong with me?: >girlfriend left me for another guy >feel severely depressed for a mont…[View]
73438625Why are peanuts so hard to get into?[View]
73438606>announces a candidacy run >gets ddosed by thousands of bots that overload the crumbling twit…[View]
73436783Why am I in college: >Been in for four years, going on five >Dropped out twice >Only ever h…[View]
73437973>whos the middle one? in the household, her name will be boss[View]
73438549I almost got in a car accident staring at a white teen with perfect ass.[View]
73438155what pays better graphic design or video editing?: i am a neet and cant go outside cause autism…[View]
73438529Don't let people tells you what you can do. Your imagination is yours and yours alone. Don…[View]
73437875If pedophilia is so bad, then why do my loins feel so good from it[View]
73438141Does milk hydrate you more than water?[View]
73436844Hi, I am Nieke, and I have autism :33[View]
73437589I hate summer. I can't even go to grocery store without seeing happy, drunk or drunk and happy …[View]
73437431I tried to go for the 'download grindr, get topped' meme but every time I try to enter it …[View]
73438358Is there any worse body type to have as a straight man than a twink build? >women aren't att…[View]
73437127need some advice from you anons >pic not related >be me >go to high school >there is a g…[View]
73437930>bulgarian >no asian roots kek[View]
73438347Chad gets kinky sex, you get vanilla missionary maybe a blowjob with no throat if you're lucky …[View]
73438368Is it possible to establish a connection with someone when the person can't hold a conversation…[View]
73438369You guys are depressing losers: Been browsing this sub board daily since December. Was even eager to…[View]
73438128/r9k/ can see beyond good and evil, right?[View]
73434662How did I end up as an 21 year old khhv? I think I had a pretty good and normal upbringing. I'm…[View]
73438334I just want to control myself enough so i stop instantly watching porn when im horny or instantly co…[View]
73438245what is female antisocial behavior?[View]
73435866Anon, you finally get a girlfriend but she's going to use you as her boy toy fuck doll and perf…[View]
73438194what are good copes for autistic males?[View]
73438305>be today >tax return arrived >plan to save it incase I need a nice buffer for anything unt…[View]
73438260What can Nintendo do to make autistic people love Mario more than Sonic?[View]
73435332Pretending to already have a girlfriend to get a girlfriend: Is this true incelbros? Should I start …[View]
73438280I made a post in /x/ threatening to kill Lucifer and mods deleted it. Are all mods demons?[View]
73437799>ugly >No personality it was over before it even began…[View]
73437533They're right about one thing, peace is just not realistic.[View]
73438270>libs yas queening about some dumb whale[View]
73437918should I practice coding or play resident evil 4 (2005)[View]
73438217I wish it was 2017 again were i was playing Nier Automata and Yakuza 0 for the first time.[View]
73437098where does one (Me), make the acquaintance of a nerdy femcel?[View]
73437907Do you know of any NEET youtubers?[View]
73437891Which is worse? >sadist with empathy >masochist with no empathy…[View]
73437759I have social problems but I'm not autistic[View]
73437499:(: another day's over, I'm here on this board again posting. still a neet. life still suc…[View]
73437874Are you fed up with this world?[View]
73438118Why did you miss out on the 2010s nerdsexual wave? You could have broken the friendzone with so many…[View]
73438100Anyone else get super happy when they see interracial couples?: Whenever i see a white man with a as…[View]
73438030Can a christian get a gf like this?: Are girls like this into christian guys or are they turned off …[View]
73437994>pewdiepie is going to have a son can you imagine how many yellow ladies are going to praise him…[View]
73437756the world would be a much better place if everyone had autism. You know i'm right[View]
73438037There are fertile neet fembots with hairy, fragrant, stuffy & puffy pussies reading your posts r…[View]
73438031>Listen to lots of classica/traditional music >Started nofap 4 days ago >Have a thing where…[View]
73436153>one chance on this earth >named Elmo Fuck this gay earth.…[View]
73437998gg/marcs Demon server[View]
73437980There is a special femanon out there waiting for my love. I will meet you one day and we will take a…[View]
73437793Does anyone else resent their mother? >told me that i was an accident when i was 10 >condom br…[View]
73437740>be me >21 y.o >kissless virgin >already dealt with the fact that I'll die as such …[View]
73436800Why do women like to stress that it's possible for men and women to be friends, yet so many of …[View]
73437919>apply to some shitty, low wage, remote work in some healthcare corpo >to apply you need to wr…[View]
73437866It's strange how much of a difference there is between the 60s and the 90s. My grandfather is 9…[View]
73431152Too scared to approach, incel bitch?[View]
73437191should I just apply to jobs even though I dont have the experience? every job wants experience but I…[View]
73432784Sometimes I wonder if my parents stayed in India and never moved to mid-western America. Would I be …[View]
73434482Harrasment thread`: None of you are normies, all of you have something wrong with you. Those of you …[View]
73437177Despite its historical relevance, why is WMBF a rarity?[View]
734378271st day of manifesting a tall gf with a big butt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8oqbWrP1QY…[View]
73437309Help me find this woman: She appears at the 1:20 timestamp in this video. She is quite literally th…[View]

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