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/vp/ - Pokémon

Displaying 259 expired threads from the past 3 days

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55697834/tcg/ Trading Card Game General: Slow City Edition >I want to learn the game, where do I begin? D…[View]
55722068if ive never bought a switch pokemon game, is this worth 30$, DLC included? or should i pay full pri…[View]
55722184Why is it so cute?[View]
55725372I really like Shelly's old design. I wish they redesigned her, they still kept the long curly r…[View]
55714606What would a Puerto Rico region be like?[View]
55725899Sodorian Togekiss Leaked for Legends Z-A[View]
55723176pokemon: I can't say anything more sorry[View]
55720202Who was in the right here?[View]
55723458If you were a Pokémon in the Pokémon world, then would you want to be a Wild Pokémon or a Trained Po…[View]
55716620What are you playing and plans for the future?: I'm playing ultra sun right now. It's been…[View]
55724937Did anyone even use the Battle Tents?[View]
55724884>evolves at level 23 >learns spore at level 54 More like this?…[View]
55722746How do you continue to have fun with Pokemon?[View]
55723703From a pure gameplay, team building, & strategic perspective, Doubles is by far a better and mor…[View]
55723215There’s a lot of threads on favorite Pokèmon of each type: So for something different: what’s your f…[View]
55725192How would you fix gen 8s story?[View]
55701163Unrealistic how she can exist in the Pokemon World and somehow not a single male trainer came in the…[View]
55692732/ef/ - Eevee Friday: Basketful Edition Previous /ef/ thread: >>55659771[View]
55720522The Victorious Queens of Unova: The STRONGEST.[View]
55723365/vp/ plays Floral Tempus EX Multi-LP: LAST TIME: >we begin the game >villains quickly reveal t…[View]
55721359Male Cynthia and Dawn are so cute[View]
55724422I finally did it bros. I caught em all![View]
55722291Would he still be the most popular 'mon if the poll happened today?[View]
55710036>Samurott is a bad design because it's not some anthro furrybait you would see on deviantart…[View]
55725145even today, he remains unbeaten[View]
55722916L E A K: Hello. I am here to share some information I got. There is a 50/50 chance of what I am abou…[View]
55717219You're a main villain. What's your team and objective?[View]
55724955What is the most loser friendly mainline pokemon game? By loser I mean you have no possibility to tr…[View]
55713853/pgg/ Pokémon Go General: Almost Archived edition >April info https://pokemongohub.net/post/news…[View]
55725119What's /vp/ opinion on bug type gym leader Arty?[View]
55724764Are scenes like these really necessary?[View]
55685434Cynthia Thread: *sips coffee* I like her.[View]
55724322While in the ANime Leon was hyped up to be the strongest trainer in the world, his teams in both sho…[View]
55722361Why is he so based?[View]
55721145>Every pokemon is someone's favourite![View]
55719672What is the greatest QOL feature added in the history of Pokemon? I genuinely think it's making…[View]
55722062Why isn't it called metal[View]
55724713What is pokemon clover like? All I know is its a pokemon game created by 4chan users but that's…[View]
55718815>is the only fighting type kantomon to be in every mainline game since the dexcut Hitmons CONFIR…[View]
55722764Throh says Hi.[View]
55724491feel old yet, anon?: https://youtu.be/K_0C73etAmM[View]
55713901Make a wish!: Now's your chance /vp/! What do (You) wish for?[View]
55723595>cool transformation mechanic about going 'beyond your limits' through bonds of friendship >ne…[View]
55719938Does anyone have that Red vs Blue MS paint comic where someone goes back in time to drop copies of t…[View]
55722272Do you think that it could have made sense for fairy to resist dragon, instead of being totally immu…[View]
55718841Anime 'tism thread: This is the anime, not the games, so there are rules: >Between 15 and 2…[View]
55721874Can we talk about the elephant in the room?[View]
55724183The only God of Pokémon: Praise our Lord and Savior, Goomy.[View]
55724066Posting every day until Legends Z-A is confirmed to take place in the future The future is now thank…[View]
55713687the only good console games are Stadium and Orre everything else is irrelevant[View]
55721941ENTER: KINOROTT[View]
55723582Quarantine Crystal sucks[View]
55718203>born in 98 >didn't really experience pokemania…[View]
55723452I never played a gen 1 game.[View]
55723749Well /vp let's see your favorites[View]
55722759I REALLY WANNA BE MAY!!!!: May is such a cutie pie and she has the best hair and eye color, I really…[View]
55723375Somebody should do a Low Optimization Tool Assisted Demonstration of Pokemon Sapphire or Emerald wit…[View]
55721332> lets stickytack a ponytail on jigglypuff and call it a new pokemon !!!! > not even just a ne…[View]
55718877why does gamefreak hate gen4 so much? it's either slow as fuck dpt or these soulless ports and …[View]
55719361What are some obscure facts that only you know?: Here's mine: If you swim to the right, there a…[View]
55722284It’s Lucariover….[View]
55722065You'll never have a pokemon adventure: even if you find the pokemon isekai, you'll never b…[View]
55720759/vp/ plays Floral Tempus EX Multi-LP: Come one come all, this here be CRINGEKINO >What is this? T…[View]
55723170In the timeline where Ohmura didn’t decide to go to the zoo…[View]
55657327Cut! Cuuuttt![View]
55718852>English dub is done in the US >Despite of that, the US is the last country to get the dubbed …[View]
55720017>tfw have to keep this thing as a baby till lvl 54 to get spore Wtf were they thinking? What othe…[View]
55722680let's stick a pair of eyes on a pokeball and call it a pokemon! pokemon was a mistake[View]
55718628how do you fix it? >hard mode: buff must be eating/swallowing related[View]
55719916am playing Emerald and I think I'm going to pick Mudkip the mud fish pokemon as my starter[View]
55721937Good Trainer IDs: I started a boring character-themed playthrough of X after the Network shutdown an…[View]
55720411There should be an option to personally slaughter your own Pokemon that fail to contribute to the te…[View]
55722677Hi, Anon, let's trade![View]
55715707Route thread: Y'know the drill, post cool routes. I like route 206 quite a lot. The cycling roa…[View]
55708217>noooo I need to grind up to be the same level as the champion you cant beat the game underlev- A…[View]
55657347They killed billions[View]
55718953Does anyone here know where I can buy a cosplay uniform of Dawn's Grand Festival Dress from the…[View]
55717805what pokemon would a mf who's given up on life like?[View]
55720390Ash's Pikachu should have evolved: Ash waited 20 years to go to Alola just to NOT EVOLVE HIS PI…[View]
55719572>failed shill character only popular in Japan[View]
55721865Which design approach do you prefer?[View]
55719617>MIGHTYena >90 base atk[View]
55721820Bring him back[View]
55715664Where was her Copperajah?[View]
55610322LYCANROC thread[View]
55709345Post Pokemon duos where one is massively inferior to the other[View]
55721962I'm looking for a fangame that let me date moemons, please help me find one[View]
55721918/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Lewd Cat Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UT…[View]
55717478None of these pokemon should exist. It ruins the immersion. Or at least for some of them their repre…[View]
55698698/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: HogeGOD Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC…[View]
55721733>That Wigglytuff isn't someone I'd want to meet in a dark alley!…[View]
55721665Fakemon General: I’m redoing my fan region based off of western Washington. Now, this will be unrela…[View]
55721533Requesting panels: Sup /vp/ I’m requesting manga panels for tattoo practice. Please share your favou…[View]
55719637VGChads, how we feeling about Regulation G? Is 1 restricted working or too centralized to dome legen…[View]
55721009Gamefreak should make a Pokemon game with every region in it.[View]
557203213 weeks...[View]
55648757/Ruse/day: Sunset edition: >current OP count: 97 >threads since counter: 100 Previous thread: …[View]
55708989What's the edgiest thing you'd tolerate in a Pokemon game?[View]
55718662if singles battles and rom hacks are so easy why havent you beaten emerald kaizo yet? if you have po…[View]
55717321I don't care about Pokemon anymore >but you just- I haven't posted on here in more than…[View]
55717370Does any other hack come close?: Or mainline game, for that matter? I'm seriously impressed at …[View]
55714017Elephant starter when?[View]
55718449dear /vp/, who are the based and cringe posters?[View]
55665074Meowscarada Thread: Everybodys fav cat[View]
55707547They never topped this: It's ironic that despite the focus of newer games on 'story', they neve…[View]
55715248Give her dragon dance.[View]
55717607This will be the rarest pokemon in the series, soon.[View]
55689645/pmdg/: Grovyle edition: Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Previous threa…[View]
55712283/vp/ plays whatever: LAST TIME: >the sagas of ashime's trAsh and bunken's rejuvenation …[View]
55660487/nuz/ - Nuzlocke and Challenge Run General: Guaranteed Shiny edition >What are you running? >H…[View]
55709687Hey /vp/ what do you think about my XY trainer? i even made a tiny backstory for her if you want to …[View]
55719245Worst Pokemon fan theories?: >Blue’s Raticate died >Ash is forever 10 years old because he saw…[View]
55718968Wishlist for future gens: Why have they never made it a thing in any (as far I know) mainline game t…[View]
55712479What do you say, Anon? Would you show this old lady how much you've learned?[View]
55719644ITT: Fuck you, I like them[View]
55718398>Santa Claus exists in the Pokemon world[View]
55719353Why do people care trainers more than pokemons[View]
55695968/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more poi…[View]
55717701Yet another shitty game: Yet another shitty mobile Game with Pokemon. Guess somebody will get sued s…[View]
55717966What does /vp/ think of Pokemon Ranger?: Feeling strangely nostalgic for it and want to play again. …[View]
55713606Evolution of character design: Does anyone have more of these images that directly show you the prog…[View]
55719241Replaying SWSH with non fully evolved team is fun, it's actually hard and I was forced to build…[View]
55717345me and the dream team[View]
55718604So last night I have thoughts of a new starter trio despite me not wanting to given the amount of ti…[View]
55718290>wah wah everything passed gen whatever is numons If your favorite mon isn't one of the orig…[View]
55716775>Full Heal doesn't heal you >Potion doesn't cure anything…[View]
55713602Johto and Kanto are actually the same region as they share the same pokemon league.[View]
55718424>regional pseudo legendary is available after the 8th badge/the league[View]
55713319ITT: features game freak regrets[View]
55715281Watching this bullshit with the hubby and it’s actually great. Every episode is like a fight with an…[View]
55717795>We hate middle evos because they are like human teenagers!! Name a more NPC opinion…[View]
55716834>grass type >not plant type[View]
55716895Why isn't she more popular even though she has overt sex appeal?[View]
55716378Holy BASED![View]
55708246Now that Gamefreak is handing out abilities to formerly Levitate-only mons, what alternate abilities…[View]
55715865A time where we had a lot of fun with those two boys and their fun adventures, stuffing their bellie…[View]
55718262Depressed and nothing to do: Should i watch jrose[View]
55718491Is there any way to bring back gen 1 wrap/trapping moves mechanics in some capacity without it being…[View]
55718422If Pokemon were a newly discovered species in the first gen then why are there fossils of Pokemon fr…[View]
55715208Did anyone else have this book as a kid?[View]
55718555What are some other examples of changed shinies?[View]
55718549Pokemon doing a giveaway of cardboard boxes: https://www.pokemon.jp/info/tsubuyaki/detail/20349.html…[View]
55718533>he wasn't kidnapped by a pokemon when he was child lame childhood…[View]
55718062Question: What kind of team if best for farming exp if my opponents team is made out (all lv 100) ra…[View]
55716773https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8customgame-2099959421 GOD FUCKING DAMN IT ALL I AM TRYING TO …[View]
55710836Glaceon should get Snow Warning[View]
55715166Since 3DS online got shut down, I want to inform everyone that an alternative exists so you can stil…[View]
55718184Should the next Pokemon game have a Gym Leader gauntlet mode, basically a Boss Rush Mode, where you …[View]
55718160Are there any other grass/fire type mons?[View]
55710131https://youtu.be/rfVxdWHWiJo >Mega Evolutions are le bad!!! he fell for it…[View]
55656875/shg/ - Shiny hunt general: Post em if you got em, Talk about your current hunts and recent captures…[View]
55715540>We're never going back to the CoroCoro leaks era It hurts...[View]
55716793Jumpluff reminds you to stay hydrated![View]
55717887Pokemon fans be like:: >'Digimon suxxx, they are overdesigned and look like too human!!' >then…[View]
55710985/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi. >Dawn Visual …[View]
55717920Dailly reminder that dragon type will always be cooler than those tranny fairies >d-dragoncels se…[View]
55715696What the fuck is this supposed to be? Like what is it based on? > Is iThe Fairy type is the only …[View]
55717768my dragonair is level 47, i want it to get to 55 in HGSS. according to my calculations you'd ne…[View]
55717415Fug Ramen: Would you eat noodles bathed in Rayquaza’s saliva off it’s Hot Wheels track body? Potent…[View]
55710114Nice fakemons: This guy really knows how Pokémon design work because some of these designs look legi…[View]
55713043Gen 2 level curve: Can someone explain to my why people think gen 2 has a bad level curve? I know th…[View]
55715863Help with TCG: Hey guys I’m always looking at bulk lots of Pokémon cards on eBay but think I found a…[View]
55717323Had to do 20+ remote raids,but got it: Hardest I've grinded for a shiny. Shout out Australia…[View]
55714306Are you Linoone or Furret team?[View]
55711415Changes: Types >Ice type should resist Water, Bug, and Flying >Rock should resist Ground inste…[View]
55717592It Appears My Superiority Has Led to Some Controversy[View]
55717576Where to buy Substitute plush: Where the fuck do you buy a Substitute doll from without getting scam…[View]
55716999I'm really looking forward to this. Should I bother playing the current mobile TCG game? Do you…[View]
55715501Carmine thread: Carmine could be a very strong trainer if she felt like it[View]
55715099I'm going to japan but I'm too old to be into Pokémon, so I intend to pretend I'm buy…[View]
55711291What went so right? https://youtube.com/watch?v=pEwe3eL92ck[View]
55717330ITT: redditmons[View]
55712137>doubles legendary rain team and pre nerf soul dew latios name a stronger NPC in pokemon. pro ti…[View]
55717064The Ultimate Pokemon[View]
55714391Chargestone cave is one off my favourite dungeons in pokemon games. I just love the setting off it b…[View]
55717210>is the only starter line without two types besides gen 2 starters What secondary type should he …[View]
55717152When was the last time pokemon was good asking for a friend[View]
55685480/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
557145012024... i am... forgotten...[View]
55656985be nice to my dog he is artistic[View]
55713675I have cracked the code for the perfect Pokemon game. You can thank me in this thread.[View]
55713765I wish mareeps were real :,([View]
55708112Comfy General: We haven't had one in a while >Who's your favorite Pokemon? >How…[View]
55709778Is Lacey really 'the cutest'?[View]
55715024>Champion Cynthia used Max Revive![View]
55711940>'Quality of life' is when you don't have to put effort into the game other examples of this…[View]
55714044What type of bullying happens here that lead to team Star being founded? This doesn't seem like…[View]
55711658Yeah....i dont need no faggy fire type, but thanks[View]
55714641God I wish that was me.[View]
55713288Someone save Liko![View]
55713374how do you fix her? >hard mode: it must be sun related[View]
55711725how do you pronounce Arceus and Rayquaza?[View]
55711498Name a worse move: How the fuck am I supposed to know when the ai is gonna swap his pokemon[View]
55716089Casey Q&A: Ask Casey anything[View]
55713258The best move in Pokemon is Earthquake. While some moves like Stealth Rock dominated certain PvP for…[View]
55715947What would her team be[View]
55701772/ss/ - Serena Sunday: It's the best day of the week! Post all of your Serenas and Y-chans here!…[View]
55712981>third legendary pokemon with three battle forms and two 'not-even-real-pokemon' forms made up of…[View]
55715478Someone posted this thread >>/fit/73989028 on /fit/ so it sparked my curiosity Who here train…[View]
55698261Korrina is so adorable! Why isn't she more popular?[View]
55712038why does smogon ban double team for being 'uncompetitive' meanwhile this paraflinch faggot is allowe…[View]
55715097I refuse to believe these are actual humans xerosic in particular looks like he could fit with the u…[View]
55715145They should have used Casey in the Johto League. Shame we never saw her much[View]
55711609Now that the dust has settled what WAS the Pokémon War[View]
55713992Why did Oleana go insane when you battle her before battling Rose? I've never understood this a…[View]
55712087A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of…[View]
55669854Crossgen Evos Wishlists: I'd kill to have these 1%ers evolve. I'd even settle with a pre-e…[View]
55713481>my hubby only watches the show >guy friend only plays the TCG >best friend only cares ab…[View]
55705939Discuss/share your favorite ROM hacks: Hi /vp/. Let's talk about classic ROM hacks, à la Ruby D…[View]
55714243Pokemon is impossible to play without speedup: That’s just the truth. For a game that consists mostl…[View]
55714415> give Espathra Speed Boost instead of Opportunist > use Mamoswine instead of Avalugg…[View]
557086273DS last hours: Why don't any of you want to fight? Some of you literally say 'let's battl…[View]
55713165This fat fuck is a liar[View]
55713286why: why[View]
55714170This doesn't look like a pokemon character. This looks like a toy from a fisherprice playset.[View]
55713706Why he still sleeps with his mom ?[View]
55713845Who is your favourite stat trainer? Cherry, Mila, Riley, Marnie or Buckley? If I had to pick, I woul…[View]
55714186You now remember that time when Team Rocket suddenly became a serious threat in the anime.[View]
55713367just why?[View]
55711189Poliwrath is the best Pokemon. He's the only Pokemon that has looked great in EVERY game he…[View]
55713326Cringe Thread: Post cringe[View]
55711318Why do we all get mad about 'Turnermons' again? He never even designed that many and most of the one…[View]
55713984how did pokémon get away with naming a major character 'N-word Harmonia Gropius'[View]
55709327>boys got bullied because they didn't fit in >girls got bullied because 'waaah I'm t…[View]
55713456>fairy type[View]
55710987Well, it's dead[View]
55711999do you think Professor Oak's Nidorino knew a move Red didn't know how to teach Nidorinos i…[View]
55711706>Cyrus would have been able to build his ideal world if he had used Zek, as opposed to the largel…[View]
55711356So, um, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
55710109New Starters wishlist: We are about 10 months away from the starters being revealed for Gen 10 next …[View]
55710445Why is it so ugly[View]
55712746>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >aaaaaaaaaaaaaa >aaaaaaaa…[View]
55708953Acerola: What did she mean by this?[View]
55712855Will this new game be his redepmtion arc[View]
55707719>N’s Legendary Dragon is 2 levels higher to be faster and scripted to use Fusion Bolt/Flare so th…[View]
55709937Silver if he was the Champion.[View]
55712786It Appears My Superiority Has Led to Some Controversy[View]
55711379Here's your fatchu bro.[View]
55712967Mudkip at a hot spring[View]
55708613ITT: Flawless designs[View]
55709369Let me guess, you need more?[View]
55711632What happened? Every other game they've released has genuinely good qualities even amid the bad…[View]
55705885What did she mean by this?[View]
55702105/pgg/ - Pokemon Go General: DRAGON PSEUDO edition >April info https://pokemongohub.net/post/news/…[View]
55707136Pokemon used to be good until this piece of shit happened and turned the series into furbait trash …[View]

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