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56206002so apparently Iono from Gen9 is a ripoff of this character from Gale of Darkness.[View]
56203089Contrary to popular opinion, vaporeon is not the most breedable Pokémon, it is jolteon, and this is …[View]
56200112/vp/ plays Pokemon Desolation: Multi-LP: LAST TIME: >most of bread gets to cellia >leonymous f…[View]
56205373shhhhh... akari is sleeping[View]
56206406itt: blonde pokegirls[View]
56206217>only 1 in top 60 Did unovamons flop?[View]
56204104Part 3: What did each gen do best and worst? Last thread >>56199289 Image somewhat underrated.…[View]
56204426Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
56202276Quick question for all those like me who played R/B as a kid; Did you play on Gameboy Colour or the …[View]
56200976/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi. >Dawn Visual …[View]
56202116Based: >possibly best rival in the series >good expansion to Pokémon lore due to Arceus and th…[View]
56202761why couldn't they make HOME anything like this? i want to see my mons happy[View]
56203472Machop is a Sinnoh pokemon because the first pokemon game I played was pokemon Diamond and the first…[View]
56205681so trve[View]
56199041Anybody else hoping that their favorite Mega will get rebalanced? That extra +20 to Mega Gardevoir…[View]
56206068this is what archaludon looks like[View]
56203720>Disappointing to casualfags and compfags Joke of the decade lmao[View]
56204459I can't help it bros: I love Pokémon so much, in fact it's the only videogame series I can…[View]
56205418So AZ is able to make a machine that can bring things back to life that can also be an Ultimate Weap…[View]
56205781This guy is using an awesome old school set up and is currently leveling up his gen 1 mons. Fun as h…[View]
56205053Women should not be champions[View]
56204490Pika pi... Pika pi...[View]
56198924ITT pokemon loved only by straight people[View]
56189238Why did she fail? Leon and Geeta are jokes because they talk big game yet are huge jobbers while Dia…[View]
56203061How the fuck do we have over 1000 Pokémon yet not a single fucking housefly Pokémon yet? Of all the …[View]
56203025While there are many who shit on Gen 2 and Gold and Silver What would you say Gold and Silver did ri…[View]
56202846ITT: People only like it because they're horny.[View]
56205334White Opelucid has better music than Black Opelucid[View]
56204226Well, /v/?[View]
56200834Your response?[View]
56204942Official anime rankings: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-all-anime-series-including-mini-series…[View]
56202583Did you own either of these two books when you were young /vp/? Beacause I know I did and for years …[View]
56204691Decapitating Talonflame's head off with my bare teeth like Ozzy Osbourne in that 1982 concert. …[View]
56204734Give it U-turn.[View]
56203227What is next for Pokemon?[View]
56179282/shg/ - shiny hunt general: Post em if you got em, Talk about your current hunts and recent captures…[View]
56202224Pokemon Z-A: I posted before but people had some questions about what I said. I’ll be as clear as po…[View]
56204642I love electric types[View]
56204571What those /vp/ think of this cafe?: What I like about this cafe is that their are two Waitresses dr…[View]
56203058While there are many who shit on Gen 3 and Ruby and Sapphire What would you say Ruby and Sapphire di…[View]
56204285Being a Raikou fan feels okay.[View]
56202926what went wrong?[View]
56204060Being a Suicune fan feels good[View]
56203928Pokémon Legends Z-A Direct August 7th: Here’s the information I know: > Pokémon now have Z megas …[View]
56202891Stop being stupid[View]
56203954ITT Post the most white NPCs of Pokemon: I will start[View]
56202067Have you ever noticed their are no roads for cars to drive on in Sinnoh? How do people get to Canala…[View]
56204200>learns Flamethrower at Lv32 Why do we prefer Growlithe over him again? He doesn't even need…[View]
56204255How a fun casual future team around Miraidon looks like. Futuremons are cool because they are futuri…[View]
56203970>The rain clouds it carries let it fire thunderbolts at will She shouldn't to have Drizzle?…[View]
56202501What are your opinions on Absol?: I would be interested to see people's ratings. 10/10 for me…[View]
56194159Do you like regional forms, anon?[View]
562023943D Pokemon games will never look this good[View]
56202301Why did Mega Evolution succeed when every other gimmick flopped?[View]
56202792Remember when this lil nigga was 'leaked' and all the hype around Pikablu. They put him in Pikachu…[View]
56203021Whenever I feel like replaying Kanto, I remember that part[View]
56203860Can it run Doom?[View]
56203289bug/dragonbros... when will our turn come?[View]
56201022Play reborn[View]
56203809For me, it's Kyogre.[View]
56200829What's with all the stealth bara threads popping up a lot lately?[View]
56202994While there are many who shit on Gen 5 and Black and White What would you say Black and White did ri…[View]
56200435Favorite fandom theory: It doesn't have to be coherent or serious, just something you find funn…[View]
56201902There is not a single person on the planet who's favorite pocket monster is Deoxys[View]
56203485Imagine the fluff[View]
56196222>genwunners don't even like their remake but somehow they still got TWO of them…[View]
56198120>almost all pokégirls are gay >pokéboys are usually designed for gay guys >hetero pokéboys …[View]
56203107Which one of you faggots baited Twitter? They just come in here incognito mode and find the first “l…[View]
56200121Found the starters: Not a leak, just a deduction. Watch and be amazed by the final evolution of patt…[View]
56190637Pokewomen thread: Underrated Edition: Post hags, cakes whatever.[View]
56200585/rheg/ - ROM Hacking and Essentials General: Pic unrelated edition Notable Games: >pastebin.com/H…[View]
56195154Why do campaignshitters obsess so much over typing and the type chart and have such a poor understan…[View]
56203147Do these count as theme park mons? Considering they are not necesarily inspired by spanish culture?[View]
56189067One of the best things from SV: >3 different story paths >Allows the game to cover all 18 type…[View]
56201670At what point will we hit peak powercreep?[View]
56201524>Conceptually: Mega Evolution > Dynamaxing > Terastalization > Z-Moves >Gameplay: Ter…[View]
56202014vgh true so true[View]
56199241>Largest grossing franchise in existence. >Sw/Sh S/V phoned in. >Trees. When are they going…[View]
56145534we need more fossilmons[View]
56202552>not a single relevant NPC in GSC uses Tyranitar >Not even the DARK E4 member from that region…[View]
56202993Hmm yep it's kino time[View]
56199381Gen 1 >Ghost trainer is an old hag with a cane >Grass trainer is a modest-looking girl >Fig…[View]
56201728Ash and Misty are wild western now.[View]
56202788Do you trade pokemon between your playthroughs? For instance I had a post-game savefile in Red so I…[View]
56202416>Gen 8 haters that bought it anyways >Gen 8 enjoyers that bought it anyways >newcomers who …[View]
56202030>evolves the earliest in a game with a fucked level curve >has Ice Punch in GSC and Ice Fang i…[View]
56200015Well....: is he right?[View]
56201755Friendly reminder Azurill, Marill and Azumarill aren't pikaclones.[View]
56201606Pokémon Cafe meal[View]
56201784Dating Simulator: Will this be the closest we'll ever get to dating our pokemon?[View]
56202557Pokemon Reminiscencia: This game serendipitously fell into my feed and went from what I thought was …[View]
56201492Galar should have had a Ground type gym leader. It is a crime that GF never delivered on the 18 gyms…[View]
56202153>electric type named Sparky >fire type named Blaze >water type named Bubbles >dark type …[View]
56066131'Hey, pervert! Why are you staring at muh belly?'[View]
56200300Level curve[View]
56202081Do we still love Klefki?[View]
56134146Wonderbread-coded characters[View]
56193255Another Crystal playthrough?: '.................................... Zzz... Hm? Wha? You woke me up! …[View]
56202079Is it wrong that I want a remake?[View]
56197488New forms for ZA: The starters are Snivy, Torchic and Totodile, three starters that were not availab…[View]
56198698For me Its johto women[View]
56198348He is right?: At first glance it sounds good but not even half of the 150 have viable availability. …[View]
56201251Which Pokémon generation has the best music overall?: Including battle music, location music, encoun…[View]
56199376This Spheal just killed a Penny thread! >≥56196534[View]
56159767Is Hop considered a handsome dude?[View]
56200490Why are characters from the older generations much more appealing?[View]
56199160Why is it that a Dodrio can learn Fly but a Gliscor can't?[View]
56201077Based thread[View]
56191207Why wasn't this gym leader as popular as Iono or just popular in general? She looks prettier an…[View]
56201706He will always be the G.O.A.T stay mad /vp/[View]
56200950What's your favorite Ghost type?[View]
56199289What did each gen do better then the last? Continuation of >>56196425 Btw please don't ya…[View]
56201531said the guy who imprisons unchosen starter pokemon in his lab[View]
56197814What mons would make for good Smash movesets?[View]
56198613>This is the ACE >It comes out LAST so that you know it's the ACE Blud, I've fought …[View]
56201403Are you ready for their return next year? Does Volcanion get a Mega?[View]
56190375Cross Gen Evo Tiers: Let's see em[View]
56199113Should he have dragon dance?[View]
56197506Look at all these cartoon animal jobmons[View]
56198966Why isn't this pokemon in pokemon black 2?[View]
56201030What type did you think the turtle would be?[View]
56194872Got it. Now how to level it up quickly to make Whitney's Miltank eat shit?[View]
56201018I need a Ghost/Normal regional variant of Mimikyu that's with an Eevee costume. It's abili…[View]
56200383Post a pokemom design you want: I start: Bipedal Elephant[View]
56186892/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi. >Dawn Visual …[View]
56199843>get in faggot >we're going to fix the franchise…[View]
56199495How do we increase her popularity ?[View]
56200659'Those' moments >battle against a friend from school >turns off his DS after I knock out one o…[View]
56200814[sad news] Pokemon Bank servers will be shutting down soon: This means you will no longer be able to…[View]
56199724do you prefer the classic day care method of breeding or do you like the new picnic method?[View]
56200696Sneasler is literally me![View]
56200508What makes a legendary 'legendary' in canon?: I still don't really get what makes a legendary i…[View]
56200225>That random asian kid at your school who told everybody about pikablu[View]
56128872Husbando General: >Discuss husbando >Worship husbando >Bully husbando >Post art, headcan…[View]
56199646I miss Pokémon Colosseum.[View]
56199872There should be more girls in shorts in future pokemon games.[View]
56199784>It started to rain! >Hippopotas's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm! Fuck your water an…[View]
56200202>been fighting every trainer with an Amulet Coin equipped because I want a lot of Earthquake TMs …[View]
56199933Everyone agreed that P:l:a is isakei game and Akari = Dawn, Rei = Lucas, etc................ But for…[View]
56195652/vp/ plays Pokemon Desolation: Multi LP: LAST TIME: >orevald ends up in a strange place of fog an…[View]
56170424Cynthia/Shirona(シロナ) Thread: The Queen of /vp/[View]
56197076cringe thread[View]
56198570Just give Meteor Beam[View]
56199949oh no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooo[View]
56196537Why isn't she popular?[View]
56199863Do you plan your team ahead of time or free all it: Age old question Do you plan ahead with your tea…[View]
56199685What Pokémon can you see being found in a Washington-based region?[View]
56194437Officially the most iconic Champion team?: Miku and TPC seem to think so.[View]
56198673>Steals your waifu[View]
56199823>nidogirl before nidoboy >volbeat before illumise The pokedex causes me great anxiety.…[View]
56199410>Give us an Emperor Penguin Pokémon >It's cool as fuck What did they mean by this?…[View]
56199564Is there a bigger gimmick pokemon than Aegislash? >best type combo >can be either a physical …[View]
56196466Fuck your Pokemon. Have sex with them.[View]
56192175Pokémon should be more like Xenoblade[View]
56198875How do you pick up this pokemon?[View]
56199725The prof is bad: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/animalcrossing/images/c/cc/Elvis_NH.png/revision/…[View]
56193210Gen4 had so much sovl it’s unreal[View]
56199554Misty thread[View]
56189503What Pokémon game/gen has your favorite aesthetic/feel?[View]
56194413Geographically how would you improve Kanto? What would you change?[View]
56198793ITT: Post a Pokemon that you think should have had a different/additional typing and what that typin…[View]
56198889What was meant by this?[View]
56193740Eon Ticket: Do you still have your eon ticket you /vp/ chuds?[View]
56199301Post your fav legendary trio[View]
56198346Ice cream > Masaladas > Curry > Macaroons >>> Sandwiches Sorry but it's true.[View]
56199250How to play pokemon: Sorry to kill a thread for this but I played fire red 3 years ago and really lo…[View]
56196804The interview question that filtered r/veepee[View]
56193398BDSPiss: What went so horribly wrong[View]
56194230New leaks for the future of the franchise. Source: investor meeting. >Gen 10 is going to be the l…[View]
56193430>has zero personality >barely developed as a character >is a retarded hypocrite >is comp…[View]
56197298What the fuck went wrong with BDSP[View]
56198906what were they thinking?[View]
56195228Where would GF pick for Gen 10’s region basis? Imagine if they pick Tohoku since it would nice if th…[View]
56169540Misty Monday, Hot as the Sun Edition: It's Monday, which means it's time for more Misty!…[View]
56187219/tog/ - Trainer OCs General: Discuss Trainer OCs and further your designs/writing behind them throug…[View]
56199047Catch your makunoshita Catch your makunoshita[View]
56190935Favorite Pokemon Thread: Can we please get some traction this time? https://pk-diagram.pages.dev/…[View]
56194082>tfw your favorite mon sucks competitively[View]
56198675What would living with a pokemon day to day be like?[View]
56197749Pic related is a new Pokémon in Gen 10. Your reaction?[View]
56197671As much as I like these games I absolutely despise the fact that they do everything to waste your ti…[View]
56198433Gen 5 started the trend of constant interrumptions to the player with N[View]
56196240ITT: good animations that don't waste your time like the shitty gamecube games[View]
56198654Using the nomenclature 'flying' instead of 'wind' was a mistake because 'flying' denotes that the sp…[View]
56193260Which one took Gary's virginity?[View]
56194327This was the most worthless thing they could have possibly added to the pokedex.[View]
56197172I don't feel so good Kyogre bros...[View]
56197832Not a leaker just a gut feeling >Butterfree >Rhyperior >Froslass >Kalos starters …[View]
56198039>here's your grass type gym leader bro[View]
56198268When are we going to get another polar bear Pokemon? This thing is a fucking ugly disgrace.[View]
56197971Do you think Gold spent the rest of his life telling anyone who would listen that he not only met Re…[View]
56189113Will they ever top this fight?: >based off cynthia's team >epic music that isn't hig…[View]
56169212/zzz/ - Pokémon Sleep General: Anniversary Edition! What is Pokémon Sleep? Pokémon Sleep is a sleep …[View]
56196886>improved party wide exp share >postgame battle facility >cute girls that aren't uggo …[View]
56197595Z-A: >1026 - Solperior >1027 - Vercineroar >1028 - Empolar >1029 - Ledorion >1030 -…[View]
56196908Thoughts on Drayton?[View]
56196743These two cuties are the best of friends.[View]
56192628What kind of people have dark as their favorite type?[View]
56197587I dunno guys Hisuian Avalugg is kinda ugly... I think vanilla Avalugg is way cuter. Have you ever be…[View]
56196534What is the purpose of wearing a see-through skirt?[View]
56196945Why the fuck am i laughing so fucking hard for this kek Is my sense of humor really that fucking goo…[View]
56197213Give levitate[View]
56196325We were robbed.[View]
56197372Since they're retconning movepools now they should take iron head away from this thing and give…[View]
56197558Dead Pokémon Thread: Post Dead Pokémon[View]
56188562How do I get rid of my hate for nu-Pokemon? I hate it so much, I hate it to my core[View]
56195946https://youtu.be/q5qXHPMYe90?t=110 Goddamn I forgot how awful this song is[View]
56197166>is spelled 'Caterpie' >meant to be read as 'Caterpee' and not 'Caterpai'…[View]
56195691Next Pokémon Presents in less than 3 weeks: -Next Pokémon Presents on August 8th -New trailer and re…[View]
56196071What is your favorite generation and why? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? P…[View]
56192037Why was the Pokemon gen 5 anime shit? I've never watched it so I don't know if it's t…[View]
56196425What does Gen 5 do best that no other generation has been able to top yet? In my opinion, it's …[View]
56193888It's Japanese name has the wind kanji in it: It's whole theming is based on wind and fligh…[View]
56196754I'm going to regret this, am I?[View]
56195708We need this to be the new Legendary in PLZA so we can finally have a solution to /vp/[View]
56195689Hi! I'm a burglar trainer and I have a perfect plan to get RICH! >capture Suicune >remove…[View]
56197056Hire fans[View]
56196213baby Cynthia and baby Steven[View]
56196140Death: Pokédeath. If the pokémon center called your pokégear to tell you your Route 1 cartoon animal…[View]
56196451>1000+ Pokemon >None of them are a Sphinx What is Game Freak doing?!…[View]
56161891AI Pokemon Thread /NAPT/ Thread 58: Cheek Squish Edition: This thread a successor of Novel AI reques…[View]
56195901As a Pokémon Merch collector, I want these (and the Milotic statue in that one Pokémon Center). Anyo…[View]
56196379Trainer Headcanon thread: Post your trainer headcanon. Main characters, Gym Leaders, Captains, Elite…[View]
56195476Fighting/Grass Fighting/Steel Fighting/Rock[View]
56195596What those /vp/ think of the Ash vs Elesa battle?[View]
56195879I think one of the biggest reasons gen 1 & 2 are the best is their immersion, for example the le…[View]
56143272Kieran thread - /Kiki/ love is forever: Post Kiki. Appreciate Kiki. Love Kiki. Previous thread: >…[View]
56180169/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Non-stop eating Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:5…[View]
56193287Why'd they flop?[View]
56195928>releasing 2024 >It's not July Is it delayed ?…[View]
56195769So that was a fucking lie[View]
56193784What do you think of the Pokégirl height chart?[View]
56196075Buy my penholder, or your body would end up like this bamboo stalk[View]
56194817>the belt isn't part of its body >it's literally an accessory that Machoke can take …[View]
56175358>good animations are...le bad![View]
56195644Did they deserve a happy ending?[View]
56195014The Switch may have weak hardware compared to the PS4 and Xbox One but this is just an insult. Game …[View]
56195429Childhood is picking the fire starter because FIRE COOL Adolescence is picking the fire starter beca…[View]
56197249Would Pokemon use saunas?[View]
56195831>Cater pie[View]
56192961Based: >abilities >natures >better IV mechanic >Battle Frontier >May >one of the …[View]
56193564pokemon radical red: is radical red still a relevant rom hack? if so, what are your preferred settin…[View]
56194654'ate special attackers Simple as[View]
56190693What Pokémon egg would make the best omelette?[View]
56194101we were robbed[View]
56193266This thing would be OP if it had levitate. But it those levitate so why doesn't it?[View]
56191144/vp/ plays Pokemon Desolation: Multi LP: LAST TIME: >Schizokino >Enter the Meliaverse >Me a…[View]
56195110Burning fire-type SOUL vs soggy fat water-type SOULLESS[View]
56194588POKEDOKO EPISODE 119: Pokédoko is a weekly Pokémon variety show starring Abareru-kun, Ryogo Matsumar…[View]
56146156/vp/ixelmon: Welcome to /vp/ixelmon! Froge Edition >Server IP In the last OP image >Modpack ht…[View]
56164151Post Marley: Today was almost a bad day, but God is watching us.[View]
56195179Who was in the wrong here?[View]
56189665For me its Pokemon Colosseum May[View]
56195053Stupid lazy uninspired jobmon.[View]
56194797New details for Legends Z-A: Around 12 new mega evolutions in this game. Charizard gets a mega Z for…[View]
56194552Why in the name of fuck were they thinking making Seviper a mixed attacker? Get 50 of those points …[View]
56190217>all the gen 4 pokemon evolutions for past gen pokemon are shi-[View]
56193638>Jessie didn’t get a single swimsuit scene in the Sun and Moon anime Why? It’s such a perfect opp…[View]
56194074Pokemon Black: burgh.[View]
56191721What’s the consensus on him?[View]
56193094This is my son When he grows up he wants to be a Psychic/Fairy special attacker I love my son so I…[View]
56191857I never game USUM a play did it reveal who the Masked Royal was in the extra content?[View]
56185214Let's populate a region, one person per post. I'm the hiker with 4 pokemon with sturdy and…[View]
56193727>Oh your Blaziken hit a random cat in the fucking face? >Well now your weird chicken monster t…[View]
56194488I like when Pokémon actually feel like wild monsters/animals and not characters[View]
56194757Post Gijinkas: Specifically the good ones.[View]
56191705Where do the Frontier Brains, and other facility bosses (i.e. Subway Bosses, Chatelaines etc.) scale…[View]
56150835Area Appreciation Thread: I really enjoy this part in Platinum where you venture through Route 210 a…[View]
56187860/ff/ - Fox friday: a day for she (and other foxes)[View]
56193106No one remembers the Mewtwo with hair.[View]
56188523>What Pokémon are unavailable in both SwSh and SV? Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pi…[View]
56190353How old is she? And why she dresses like a slut?[View]
56193574Did Pokemon peak here?[View]
56192383>once gen 11 comes out, we'll have more 3D games than 2D ones[View]
56193683FUCK THIS SHIT I QUIT You win.[View]
56192716Which starter Pokémon did you choose when you were a kid? I always liked Squirtle best.[View]
56193932How do I contact the /vp/ schizo known as magneto?[View]
56187924/vp/'s Favourite Pokemon: A Scyther thread for Scyther enjoyers![View]
56193856Still the best Mewtwo sprite[View]
56192750Why is Red walking away like he just violated and raped this poor girl?[View]
56193768Legends ZA Story Details: (1/2) Here's what you can expect in the first hour of the game. >…[View]
56191926Recently started playing Diamond and am I the only one who doesn't pick up Pokemon from other g…[View]
56192918Question thread: How about a thread for questions and topics that don't deserve their own threa…[View]
56189080Gen 5 started the trend of the highest trainers only having 4 pokemon[View]
56192732Gen 10 Starters Leaked?: I Needs Gen 10 Starters is Grass Croc, Fire Turtle and Water Cat & Fina…[View]
56184883Pokémon Legends: Z-A: >protagonist and his/her rival, Francis or Beatrice joins project lumiose t…[View]

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