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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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20428348Fried fish 'wich and a ice cold brewski down by the river...don't get much better than thi…[View]
20427633We don't have Raising Cane's in my country but it looks like my type of food. Have you tri…[View]
20426497Interesting. An American who's been to the UK found some bri ish products at an American grocer…[View]
20431630How do I make food[View]
20427167Why are there never threads about recipes/cook books on here? I've been teaching myself how to …[View]
20432271The greatest coffee ever, El Pico, has apparently been discontinued. I guess I'll just have to …[View]
20430385Comfy YouTube food channel. Fat boomer goes around to restaurants in the Louisville, Kentucky area. …[View]
20431198come home, white man: Your perfect chocolate awaits.[View]
20428941I shredded lettuce for tacos. Admire my skills.[View]
20430869>you cant cook eggs with stainless skill issue[View]
20429732pajeet biryani: I got basmati and jasmine rice and a rice cooker. How much of this spice do I add? T…[View]
20428101Apparently, it's alright to drink pasta water. I like efficiency, and I boil tap water every da…[View]
20432079Anyone make their own ice tea? I made it using pic related from lidl and its fucking ass even though…[View]
20424636>the only thing that's under 2000 calories that makes a man feel full…[View]
20431822I hate how hard it is to find legit spicy stuff in Australia: All grocery store hot sauce and pepper…[View]
20429279Moving out of my college apartment soon. Any recommendations on how to find recipes that use up the …[View]
20430273This shit makes cooking so easy. why didn't i cook with this earlier?[View]
20428092Is it worth giving away your data so companies can post record profits just you can get that 50 cent…[View]
20431585Thawed out some beef for meatloaf but I am lacking ingredients. Any creative ideas? Would like to a…[View]
20430905You guys want something?[View]
20429883Ever have these “cotton candy” grapes? Cuz holy shit[View]
20430730Can you recommend me some stir frying sauce recipe? I usually make it like this: garlic, chili, ging…[View]
20428893You're not some savage that just boils them alive right? there's no reason to torture an a…[View]
20431332Making a Peacezza[View]
20430023did you drink your milk today?[View]
20430298For me, it's the humble Butterbrot[View]
20430070do you like smile cookies?[View]
20430867Bob from Food Use: Food connoisseurs you follow. For me it's Bob from Food Use (formerly Food D…[View]
20429842Let me guess... you *want* more?[View]
20429566Looking for nougat: How the fuck do I get my hands on milky way/mars nougat ? I just want the nougat…[View]
20431473How do I fry bread in a pan without fucking it up? It always either gets burnt or soggy, I never get…[View]
20421697If you disagree, you're wrong.[View]
20427535Post foods youve never seen another human being consume[View]
20425615I legit think that drinking coffee is slowly turning me schizophrenic. I don't even like it tha…[View]
20431173My steak scrunches up in the pan. It goes from flat and large surface almost to a ball. What could c…[View]
20430328Recipes for these ingredients?: I have a limited list of groceries to operate on. Could I have some …[View]
20430673I make-a da carbonara-a No cream[View]
20430453Pasta Salad: I’ve been craving something disgustingly delicious post your favorite pasta salads…[View]
20430890Shopping list: Give a shopping list suggestions, budget 100-150 euros[View]
20431144come home, white man: Your perfect jalapeno-Philadelphia grillef cheese sandwich awaits.[View]
20429994STEAK: >USDA Prime New York strip >12oz.…[View]
20429229Thoughts on American Chinese food?[View]
20430880Should I get a crackpot or a dutch oven?[View]
20428864What am I in for?[View]
20430927these fries be straight bussin yo, no cap frfr[View]
20427513>My roommate is moving out to live with his gf >Helped him pack >Asked him if he want to t…[View]
20430984For me its super stack the best knock off snack product[View]
20430896chocolate cake: chocolate cake is most orgazmic and godlike things ever made / please give me pejora…[View]
20430127Really wishing I had some sushi right now.[View]
20428129i have 500g of leftover catappi. i want to make a one pan meal with it incorporating eggs, probably,…[View]
20422301How are you guys dealing with food inflation?[View]
20418578Passover Thread: Ok, fellow yids, passover starts next week. 7-8 days of lots of feasting and celebr…[View]
20428081Shits on Daebak, shits on Samyang: Spiciest instant noodles on the market.[View]
20428370Fuuuck, the eggs in my carbonara were scrambled again T_T How do I prevent it?[View]
20430402The pre-midnight snack. Cheesy garlic bread with butter, cheddar, parmesan, and herbs. Keep it or ne…[View]
20418733How do i cook food for this mammal[View]
20427731How does /ck/ use it?[View]
20430003>mogs buffalo chicken[View]
20430561Dinner is served :)[View]
20429692what does it taste like? i tried ordering it but when i went to the drive thru they said they don…[View]
20426795Give me the beginner's guide to easy, home beer making: I'm broke now-a-days, but i need t…[View]
20430617Sometimes, lack of spice can be the spice of life. Sometimes bland foods just hit the spot so well.[View]
20427931What am i supposed to do with it? 9999 calories per 100g, denser than a bitch, untoastable[View]
20427012sardines with hot tomato sauce plus what will give it a japanesy vibe?[View]
20429983Lunch: Grabbed these from the local shelter. Going to have the vege mee goreng for lunch, with some …[View]
20428830Potato do no care too hot. Potato do no care too cold. Potato no get much water? Please, it no need …[View]
20428749What should I do to eat those things safely?[View]
20430034I always fuck up my baos and the dough is either too thick or too flimsy, when I steam em, can you h…[View]
20430149I put this on everything[View]
20429991Your chicken will never be as good as mine.[View]
20429984Am I the only one who cooks steak ahead of time? I come from the supermarket with 5 steaks and I coo…[View]
20425871>makes your food taste like pennies this shit should have stayed in mexico…[View]
20422348how do i make this shit not taste like nothing[View]
20425470do you passively consume food or do you take a moment to write down your thoughts on what you'r…[View]
20429662Using both your hands to get food in your mouth is the tism. People look genuinely retarded with a k…[View]
20427257Camp cooking. No gay, useless hardware needed edition.[View]
20428981People only pretend to like it.[View]
20429912Do these actually make a difference when it comes to making milkshakes?[View]
20429960'bo's vs. 'mo's: let's settle this once and for all. who is better cook, le…[View]
20422101what's a good salmon dish that you can make in 30 minutes at most? this is only for myself too …[View]
20429149How do I get oven baked chicken breast to not smell like wet dog? I only notice it when I reheat it …[View]
20429658Exactly how dangerous are nonstick cookware?[View]
20426668>ate one of these lying in the back of my parent's fridge >apparently it was there for 3 …[View]
20429237I busted a lung and a vein in my eye by removing the cork from a bottle[View]
20426456MSG dangerous: Um, MSG girlies? You told me MSG was safe[View]
20428552Pardon me: Wouldn't you like to indulge in a grey poopon?[View]
20429630I might enjoy this guy's content but his voice and delivery are sooo annoying, I can't get…[View]
20428318Do people realize that when they eat chicken, they are actually eating DINOSAURS?? much smaller of c…[View]
20426597Silicone vs Steel straws: Which material is better and safer: silicone or steel? I personally use st…[View]
20423939What's the best frozen pizza brand?[View]
20429106DEENZ THREAD: Post your recipes, post your stash. Stop watching porn. General Deenz thread. Why is B…[View]
20426181>why yes I would like my wine to taste like olive brine and pepper yum yum…[View]
20425899>Flexes on every other fast food item currently available on the market How did KFC do it?…[View]
20426777>Cheaper than McDonald's >Cheaper than Wendy's >Cheaper than Subway >Cheaper t…[View]
20424057There’s nothing better than a good spitroasting. Slow and steady let’s you savour the meat from both…[View]
20427463/alc/ - Alcohol: Discuss your favourite alcohol in this thread and how you like to drink it as well …[View]
20425762What's your favorite slop food? I bulk ordered these online because they stopped selling them i…[View]
20428541Redpill me on these: I got like 5 of these for free. I tried one and it's actually quite enjoya…[View]
20427790An everything bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese. You don't want to toast the bagel. That r…[View]
20427017My Dessert is Vanilla and Chocolate cupcake[View]
20417418Is it just me or have food fads completely disappeared? Why is this? Is it because everything, liter…[View]
20429044You don’t ACTUALLY intend on making beer can chicken. Right?[View]
20426846Whats the difference? Less spice?[View]
204270581 year anniversary cake: My wife and I just demolished our topper for our 1 year anniversary. It was…[View]
20429053Legendary foods: To understand the recently revealed legend behind a humble local beer, go watch the…[View]
20422891I went to Mc Donalds for the first time in years and my meal was fucking 18 dollars. That's wha…[View]
20424797God it’s so fucking nice when the fruit cup is better than just some canned shit[View]
20425584Is einkorn flower actually good or just over priced meme shit[View]
20423213Imagine eating this good[View]
20426404What would you have as your last meal/death row meal? Would it be something simple or extravagant? I…[View]
20428917Lamb chops: I got a couple loun cuts, what spices do I put on them?[View]
20422329this blew my mind[View]
20428790What am i in for?[View]
204252034chan sandwich: I made this sandwich and arranged it like this Truly a 4chan sandwich[View]
20426002>look up Ethiopian food recipe >this is the first step ...Isn't it bad to wash chicken, b…[View]
20425497Potato: To peel or not to peel?[View]
20427639fell asleep while making food and now the stainless steel pot is burnt to shit.[View]
20408924What is the weirdest thing you ate as a kid?[View]
20423447fat things you do: i eat an entire share bag of lightly salted tortilla chips and a pot of houmous f…[View]
20427668hamburg steak at FAMIRES(family restaurant)[View]
20427602If I put milk and coffee grounds in the slow cooker overnight, will I have a batch of lattes in the …[View]
20414009did I make carbonara?[View]
20421548What are you getting?[View]
20426649Polenta: Any polenta enjoyers here? I've been getting into Italian foods recently and just happ…[View]
20426927Deep cut top snacks[View]
20424603Hes making cat food now.[View]
20428506>truffles >yuzu >caviar >scallops It seems like basically every fine dining restaurant …[View]
20428546My gf made us pork and beans it was nice >Fajita marinated pork from Aldi >Chilli beans in sau…[View]
20427394Anyone mungpilled? What am I in for?[View]
20422142I can't believe I've been sleeping on noosa: It was BOGO at Publix last night; I tried it …[View]
20415560Yeah, that's right.: I put BOTH on my eggs. Kneel.[View]
20424412Lunch: What's on the menu anons?[View]
20426435>there are a ton of slide threads today Idgi, what prompts a wave like that on a board like this?…[View]
20423562This is what I eat for lunch everyday. How long will I live?[View]
20427909Nothing beats a hot curry sauce dip for your chipperinos[View]
20425993Le Arnold Palmer is the best and most refreshing drink in the history of drink, no contest.[View]
20428288it makes a good appetizer but it sucks on sandwiches too chewy[View]
20426157Surf and Turf: Does this combo make any sense? Is it just about an ostentatious display of wealth? I…[View]
20427387Have some money set aside for dinner tomorrow is this a good order?[View]
20428024Bacon in hamburgers is pointless[View]
20427872is it supposed to be eaten raw? is it supposed to taste so bland or is my bar too high? i tried fry…[View]
20428110Strawberries in England: Just got my second punnet of the strawberry season. First was from Kent and…[View]
20428164tuna: i have finally gotten my hands on tuna. never tried it before and will probably have it again …[View]
20420353Treating someone to breakfast tomorrow, is Ihop the better play or is Dennys? Pros and cons of each?[View]
20425467Are bio(type 0) organic supermarket eggs safe to eat raw?: Pic related. I'm more concerned abou…[View]
20427702Quick's pistolay: Is good[View]
20427311the $30 deep fryer I bought won't turn on and I lost the receipt[View]
20423801pizzeria insider info: does anyone here work in a pizzeria? what's it like? i've gotten pr…[View]
20427118Wtf is their problem?[View]
20424837Little old me eating like royalty :)[View]
20425945pork dishes: post your favorite pork dish, especially if it's grilled. It's time we make a…[View]
20427405The pre-midnight snack. Pineapple curry on rice, pineapple bacon pizza, and grapefruit cola. Keep it…[View]
20427433Major invention: I was at a bar earlier and asked for a beer, said surprise me. Bartender came back …[View]
20426422I am going to put myself out there and post things I've cooked. Critique what you don't li…[View]
20424490We have to go back.[View]
20426310Now there's a dinner.[View]
20423333Crack Eggs: Brown sugar, butter and soy sauce scrambled eggs. Anybody else do this?[View]
20426227Jack In The Box Is Dead: The Munchie meal is now officially the same value as any other combo meal, …[View]
20425866Does anyone else squeeze all the juice out before eating a meal? This is a sincere question. I make …[View]
20425477Traditional carbonara: Hello everyone. Rate my traditional home cooked carbonara[View]
20425122Are the Japanese ultra expensive fruits actually tasty? This is Ruby Roman which broke the record by…[View]
20427413A big bowl full of these fresh out of the microwave is all you need[View]
20426769My dinner is Hot Dog and Burger[View]
20427001If you add sugar or anything else to freshly sliced strawberries you are a fucking pig. Addicted to …[View]
20426402Red Wine Versus Dark Beer for Making Beef Stew: I'm thinking about cooking beef stew again and …[View]
20422255I've been getting into baking deserts a bit, but I keep on hearing about the wonders of sourdou…[View]
20425277Sandwiches! We got big goddamn sandwiches[View]
20421779new york city food: i live in new york city, where should i eat?[View]
20427087Ask a girl who can make pizza all by herself (with the help of Lunchables)[View]
20395627Amateur Cooking: a thread for sharing humble creations you've cooked or baked while not trying …[View]
20424168easily most underrated fruit[View]
20426873Tomato soup recipes: Post your favorites as well as general tips for making a good tomato soup. I am…[View]
20422512>eat arabic takeout >absolutely annihilate my digestive system for the next 24hrs what the fuc…[View]
20426837I don’t have food in the mornings.: I don’t like the idea of breakfast. Wake up from sleep with inst…[View]
20424555has anyone ever solved the problem of having to eat your lunch sandwiches cold? it's fucking gr…[View]
20425410How important is presentation? And do you care about it when it comes to homemade stuff?[View]
20406091Informational /ck/ooking GIFs/images: This isn't your regular /ck/ gif thread. Here we post rec…[View]
20425321When will it stop?[View]
20414034mexican is the most overrated garbageslop cuisine on the planet[View]
20423134Sandwiches are a highly efficient and versatile food format that offers several advantages over othe…[View]
20426617imagine eating this good[View]
20426452White Wine Vinegar: Should only be used for finishing. Incorporating it during cooking is a pleb mov…[View]
20424763mmm, love me some chicago style pizzer![View]
20424479Home made pizza: I added extra mayonaise but it seems sufficent[View]
20426015What does your detox diet look like?: Yes I'm eating the lemon whole[View]
20423839What did you coo/ck/ today?: Me, Spaghetti alla napoletana con salsiccia e parmigiano. It was very n…[View]
20425734What some good pesto variants? I've tried basil and coriander both ended up being excellent.[View]
20425347Got Some Ketchup Packets For FREE: I got some ketchup packets from this large trailer thing that was…[View]
20425863Aware me on cube steak[View]
20423361Phwoar. Love a scotch egg me[View]
20424683jealous?: Crimson seedless (:[View]
20416915This is fucking fantastic. I get this once a week now.[View]
20424336They're still good but they're definitely shrinkin bros[View]
20424231Does anyone else enjoy 7-11 pizza? the cheese is my favorite.[View]
20425831Hell: Today at 3PM I became hungry and desperate. I looked at the pantry. I ignored the plain bread …[View]
20425557Lunch... Is served.[View]
20420305>There are people on this board that don't own a butter dish.[View]
20425234>the least healthiest breed of potato >takes the longest to bake/boil >skin tastes gross …[View]
20425828My diet is mostly tuna. Is this a good item? https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Vegetable-Squeezer-Mas…[View]
20424486the globalization of pizza was a mistake. Post pizzas that failed humanity and the Italians. Pic rel…[View]
20424522you're a child if you're still hung up on whether pineapple belongs on pizza debate. watch…[View]
20425928you saved all your pirate ships, right anon?[View]
20425741How is it so fucking good?[View]
20423012Nothing like a good cup of genuine homemade chili.[View]
20422802How did cereal of all things end up so fucking expensive? Hell most breakfast foods are inflated.. e…[View]
20424500Why are black currant things basically impossible to get in the US? Like black currant pastilles are…[View]
20423423Jack's Original Thin Cheese Pizza Review: Howdy Pizza Jacks and Pizza Jills, it's time for…[View]
20416952Monster thread: What’s your favorite?[View]
20424710Why are pitas such a PITA sometimes?[View]
20421531simple as[View]
20425207Is fast food really better than eating at home? I used to only cook at home but I keep seeing thread…[View]
20423800>Steak & Lobster at Outback now cheaper than a Burger & Fries at Five Guys Bacon Cheesebu…[View]
20422156Strawberried porridge meal! How indulgent![View]
20424293Gutter oil: Is it easy to make gutter oill? Can you make it clean enough? How does it effect the tas…[View]
20425117why is everybody sleeping on curry pizza?[View]
20422657What broke meals has your family eaten when money was tight?[View]
20393835/alc/ - Alcohol: Discuss your favourite alcohol in this thread and the way you like to drink it be i…[View]
20425307ITT foods that are liars. pic related. Its not sour and it has never been sour[View]
20422997You jelly?[View]
20424921Rate my sandwich[View]
20424065Any ideas for stuff I can put in canned chili to liven it up? I'm retarded and don't know …[View]
20424258How would you make use of so much cheap cranberry sauce and pumpkin filling?[View]
20419892>head to favorite bar & grill >looking forward to pleasant evening of food and sipping …[View]
20424341What drink do you order in a pub/restaurante, /ck/?[View]
20419050do you ever take inspiration from the slop that is fast food, /ck/?[View]
20424833Im going animal based with fruit but no vegetables (except for potato), and im not cutting out grain…[View]
20424389is there a worse feeling than looking forward to a meal all day and then finding out a family member…[View]
20424216SHRINKFLATION: What are some lesser known instances of shrinkflation you've noticed? I noticed …[View]
20418452come home white man: You dont need more[View]
20421597i dont need it... i dont need it... i dont need it...[View]
20423378le cast iron maymay: How do you cook with this shit? With other pans, you adjust the stove and you c…[View]
20424011Did you know that the original version of instant cake mix only required adding water, but house wiv…[View]
20423446but if you guy a chicken breasts at the supermarket then add thein gredients it ends up costing as m…[View]
20421930I finally tried it. It's as shit as everyone said it was. Don't buy it.[View]
20418595Could I live exclusively on 8 cans of beer a day\? It's calories, after all.[View]
20421765Original is best: You really don't need anything else. You can add as many toppings as you want…[View]
20418801Just had these for the first time, they're spicy as fuck and I could barely finish them (and th…[View]
20424614I can't break out of the paradigm I just make my own seasoning sauce, dump it on vegetables and…[View]
20423698bit controversial maybe but I think these might be the best sour patch kids[View]
20422402Why is chicken breast such a gamble every time? I buy two packs from the same place, put them into t…[View]
20424354This is from my local footy team food stall. Would you eat it /ck/ ?[View]
20414153>burns your hand[View]
20420706Just tried olive oil for the first time, and it's middling as fuck. Why do Italians masturbate …[View]
20423415Need some new ground beef recipes: I typically eat 1lb of ground beef every night but I'm getti…[View]
20422361renDANG: Dang this shit is good. Never had it before but I followed this cute Thai mommy's reci…[View]
20416366Are cooking youtubers worth watching, or is it better to learn skills from books and recipes?[View]
20420576i know nothing about cooking and kitchenware, what kind of frying pan should i be using if i've…[View]
20413737Do you smoke after cooking and eating a satisfying meal?[View]
20419313I've tried every brand of frozen pizza and I have to say Screamin' Sicilian is the best[View]
20423868Côte de Boeuf: Lidl had them for cheap. How do I cook it?[View]
20421628Beef Jerky: Do you buy them or do you make them yourself? How often do you eat them, and if you make…[View]
20420461How to steak: Making steak is easy. I'm here to show everyone how easy it is. Step one: get ste…[View]
20418368/SMOG/ smoking general: Smoking a pork butt this morning. What have you smoked lately.[View]
20421137Ranking Cuisine by Country: Alright cu/ck/s it’s time to establish which country can cook the best a…[View]
20420395How would you have saved it?[View]
20419805What's happening at the waffle love today?[View]
20418140I haven't had iced cream in over 10 years. What am I in for bros?[View]
20423937Apparently a nigga can eat while asleep How do nigga do that? Nigga Keep out the fridge fool Go bac…[View]
20417825What does the red heifer taste like?[View]
20417578bushmeat: >record scratch >freeze frame >yep, that's me. you're probably wonderin…[View]
20422998Doordash fees: >same delivery order >left is Doordash with a 15% off 'deal' and without tip si…[View]
20423111we do things a little differently here in wisconsin[View]
20423175Sugar free candy is literally better tasting than corn syrup slop. You can eat a full bag of candy a…[View]
20421131For me, it's the humble Cake Shake.[View]
20421295Hey, /ck/, where are you from and how your nation's cuisine is superior to others? What you wis…[View]
20423107>jacked up prices even higher >literally everyone complains about skimpy portions and shitty s…[View]
20420939Thin & Crispy Crust Spinach Alfredo Pizza: Hey there pizza popeyes and pizza olive oils (get it?…[View]
20423307dont blame me my girlfriend had a craving[View]
20418266If soylent were Japanese, 4chan would not shut up about what a cool and advanced food it is.[View]
20406550/SFG/ - Suicide Food General: Post food you eat when you are depressed and can't be bothered co…[View]
20422856Making fried cornbread /Hoe cakes for the first time Delicious. Tastes like light, fluffy cornbread[View]
20422257This is better than regular bacon[View]
20421070What can you make with these?[View]
20422215>British cuisine is ba-[View]
20423239Do you like my meat[View]
20422880sandwiches are a superior food technology >easier to clean up >portable >eat and chew all i…[View]
20421513What is your go-to 'za 'chup?[View]
20422955What’s the verdict? Is it in line with the quality of the other chicken sandwiches on the menu?[View]
20421353/SS/ - Supermarket Sunday: >consume at the store edition Ever tried an in house diner or cafe at…[View]
20422246new to whisky, does sherry just mean it smells like fruit and peat means it smells like smoke?[View]
20421633Sup /ck/ Theres a thread on /sci/ about eating brains because presumably it has the nutritional qual…[View]
20423101Sichuan Pepper: Do they sell this at most Asian grocery stores or will I have to buy online?[View]
20422176The Absolute State of British Cuisine in 2024: Since we haven't come up with anything original …[View]
20420797Weird ricer cooker paper: I read the entire instruction manual for my zorojushi ricer cooker and now…[View]
20421562I am eating GOOD tonight, bros.[View]
20419632What's the cheapest device to make meat paste with?: Obviously not at the cost of your health o…[View]
20422371jealous?: [SPOILER]I didnt make them btw[/spoiler][View]
20422862>introverted, dont talk to anyone for weeks >load up 4 vodka tonics with my dinner and become …[View]
20420860I love cheap frozen pizza with a passion[View]
20422999Potato au gua’ and my famous beef strokanoff. Getting ready for my interview at a local fine dining …[View]
20420126Is it supper or dinner?[View]
20420765Did your mom or another loved one make special food just for you?: My mom would make me Texas sheet …[View]

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