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20389002Does soursop leaf tea actually work against cancer?[View]
20393202Any Germans here? What's a memorable restaurant meal you've had? I'll be traveling al…[View]
20392737ITT things that taste like other things: >tastes like pink starbursts…[View]
20390154Order4me: Albuquerque: What are some good restaurants to go to while in Albuquerque New Mexico anons…[View]
20392622>burns the roof of your mouth[View]
20390360How do you even come up with something like this?[View]
20388489Why is leftover pasta so much better tasting? Especially if it was buttered[View]
20390052How the fuck do people eat healthy? also cream soda is good I just got 4 liters of it along with som…[View]
20380414Lewd Food: Post inappropriate food.[View]
20392872Any Germans here? What's a memorable restaurant meal you've had? I'll be all over Ger…[View]
20389375The tomato sauce stuff gets all the glory. Let’s hear it for the Alfredo![View]
20391403Making chilli con carne[View]
20389997/wwwmb/ What’s Wrong With My Bread? General Edition: What’s Wrong With My Bread?[View]
20390503I'm gonna fucking starve: Send help, bros[View]
20387146Ever use Chef Boyardee as a dip? It's good![View]
20384075My first time cooking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How did I do, /ck/?[View]
20392046How the hell is this a good deal[View]
20390159I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back[View]
20391376>Says it tastes like raspberries >It doesn't…[View]
20390808there is no better place to cook than outside[View]
20392287How do you like your hummus? Plain? Splash of olive oil? Pine nuts?[View]
20392642Is cooked food for slaves?[View]
20391483I've talked the talk, but can I wok the wok?[View]
20392483I've never done anything in my life. Today I'm trying to cook mushrooms with broccoli and …[View]
20391485Is only second to cottage cheese. The best cheese in a universe where cottage cheese has never exist…[View]
20389538I'd like to thank obsessed salad anon for encouraging me to up my salad game. Pic related: endi…[View]
20387996Tastes like my fucking air fresheners[View]
20382560Doing a carnivore diet. Any tips, tricks?[View]
20389629Why is there a stigma around buying plain Cheetos? I'll buy an entire bag of picrel and I don…[View]
20389135How come zoomers don't like bone-in chicken?[View]
20392147what is your favourite loaf of bread? for me it is marble rye.[View]
20389216I made my first cake, what do you all think?: Today I made my first ever cake. I'm autistic and…[View]
20387576They are trying to take away our lunchables[View]
20392095>*cancer sprays your food in exchange of a poorly and uneven heating* Was it worth it? How did th…[View]
20388348>ruins your meal[View]
20379944What is the Five Dollar Shake of 2024?[View]
20391931imagine snacking this good[View]
20386589This is the perfect way to prepare coffee: Anything more elaborate than that is pure snobbery.…[View]
20392026Hmm. Which would you get with your coffee or tea?[View]
20385498>tfw i'll never have green ketchup ever again >oh boy! BLUE syrup! >it tastes like not…[View]
20379673Is it true that people from 1000 years ago ate better than people now? no factory processed foods, n…[View]
20392076Fried baked potato, red onion. Bell pepper, Two eggs[View]
20391635Other chefs like him? I mean people who make more high end stuff and require an equally higher set o…[View]
20375969Tfu mogs beef[View]
20391282Thoughts on starting your own bakery in a small town? What are the pros and cons? I'm thinking …[View]
20391812Whats some good winter soups[View]
20386732What's the worst smelling food fuckup you've ever had? Burned the living shit out of a blo…[View]
20387999Post your lunch[View]
20390609dinner is served.[View]
20391760need help plz: I've been awake for 16 hours right now and i have occasion with my family, i wan…[View]
20387818I love rootbeer floats. I get one every night from A&W before bed. I’m drinking one right now :)…[View]
20388111this is the cheapest easy way to get fed coffee at a gas station[View]
20389242baby 'cado on the 'log[View]
20391345If I'm buying my first breadmaker will I get completely fucked over if I buy the cheapest one a…[View]
20386890I'd like to increase my daily egg consumption but I don't really know many recipes beyond …[View]
20390466Rabbit Enchaladas: 1 large rabbit 1 pkg corn tortilla 1 medium onion 1 large jalapeño 1 large sweet…[View]
20381765/alc/ - Alcohol: Shit on other peoples tastes in alcohol especially if they buy mild over priced jap…[View]
20385574Is Skyy Vodka any good?: Pretty cheap at my local liquor store, and don't say it bad because le…[View]
20389058NOOOOO WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS /ck/?!!!!?! MY BURGER ;~; my favorite burger gone ;~;[View]
20389454How do you eat it, /ck/? Personally I like it in soup. Did you know it’s slightly poisonous but not …[View]
20388598Thoughts on fusion cuisine?[View]
20388523Birthday meal with my best friend.[View]
20390408>leaves behind sand and dirt in your path people pay extra for a color?…[View]
20389918What is the best dipping sauce for chicken tendies?[View]
20390491Let me guess: You need more[View]
20387083Terrible Ice Cream flavors[View]
203913051975: JELLIED EELS and SMOKED HADDOCK: https://youtu.be/QaS0EIqESc4[View]
20390183why is green pesto so unpopular compared to cream or tomato sauce[View]
20386155Would you eat this?[View]
20391157I found a chinese restaurant that makes chongqing noodles. I never had them before but I heard about…[View]
20380200Chick Fil A is now the third biggest fast food in the US. Why are they so successful in the US but b…[View]
20388748>delivery instructions: tell them clearly to leave it outside without ringing in three languages …[View]
20389949Every time I make lasagna I have to look up the temperature for baking lasagna because I always forg…[View]
20390641These are fucking fantastic[View]
20383037What's the fattest thing you've ever done? Be honest.[View]
20390168Ground beef about to spoil I was going to make burgers but I didn't make it to the store today…[View]
20389759Post-Workout Meal: I see all this talk about deenz but let's not forget about canned tuna >S…[View]
20389470aaaaand I'm done brewing my own tea[View]
20390422Ask a girl who went to Panera anything.[View]
20390603>Oh anon you love tea? Yeah me too, I'm a huge tea aficionado! Love some fruit tea! Mhmm let…[View]
20388083>he puts pickled fish sauce on his steak…[View]
20386808People shit on bong food all the time, yet it seems that the UK (and London in particular) has been …[View]
20386985i wanna know what these are...they feel like model magic. but thats too high a price.[View]
20388998Is consuming bacon healthy?[View]
20388482Where my /pancake/bros at?[View]
20389230What are the best job positions to work in a restaurant?[View]
20388398Spaghetti: I would like to know all of your tips and tricks regarding this excellent dish. Thank you…[View]
20386678Anon who salt cured pork loin a while ago, I followed your recipe and now it's time.[View]
20389290Snack time!!!! Posting one of the most underrated combos .. ever!![View]
20389170Local chains: In this thread we post local restaurant/fast food chains. I present Yocco's hot d…[View]
20383870Rate my pasta carbonara[View]
20388494Why does the water from the can smell so foul?[View]
20390080Chips thread: These are the best chips I’ve ever had. What’re your favorite chips?[View]
20388870Fuck yeah they brought in pulled pork at the office again. Which sauce would you use, the KC-style o…[View]
20386942Its 2024 and there's no evidence that:: -Hormones in beef are harmful -Anti-biotics in chicken …[View]
20387311>salt >pepper >sunny-side up yep, it's egg eating time…[View]
20389534Don't know if this is the right place to ask questions about such a topic, but I was thinking a…[View]
20389961Panera copycat recipes?: Any current or ex-Panera employees wanna share the recipes for their kitche…[View]
20389897recipe: the blood of my enemies: 1 oz Clement Rhum Agricole 1 oz Aperol 3/4 oz Blood Orange Juice 1/…[View]
20389294I am most probably growing mentally insane everyday by the sheer amount of schizo dietary advice I g…[View]
20388510There's no functional difference between 90% of them. Who would even need more than 5 different…[View]
20388668What should I cook with these potatoes?[View]
20388369Do you hate your job? Here is how you can make your workday even worse. Microwave for 10 minutes, f…[View]
20388107What fast food joint has the best chicken sandwich, and why is it Chick-fil-A?[View]
20388649Baked beans and whiskey?: Ever since I saw the scene in Star Trek V where McCoy serves up baked bean…[View]
20388536My oil-based pepper sauce fermented... It was garden red peppers, ev olive oil, garlic cloves and dr…[View]
20386171Best pizza topping?: Can't beat the egg.[View]
20387230how old were you when you realised the pizza table WASN'T for cutting the pizza?[View]
20387296Did I just get mcscammed at McDonald's? Ordered a milkshake.... Why they fuck is their this lit…[View]
20389607for me, it's Ellios. the best pizza pie[View]
20387661Is this what they mean by eating good in the neighborhood?[View]
20389588Salicylates: My boomer uncle has decided he's allergic to salicylates (or something like that).…[View]
20386248If your chicken sandwich doesn't have pickles on it, frankly, I don't want it.[View]
20374911restingbros... have we been lied all this time? (it's a video from the guy who co-wrote Moderni…[View]
20370416/tea/ surprise gift edition: This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions…[View]
20385971Now that we have finally calmed down and the dust has settled: what was he thinking?[View]
20389281Fish Tacos: What's your goto fish taco recipe? Recently took over a restaurant and reinventing …[View]
20385117how /diy/ are you? most of the fun in cooking for me is building up the ingredients from scratch, ev…[View]
20389423this is certainly one of the foods[View]
20388373You gotta be kidding me. I made the sauce like this: >100 gram clarified butter >fry chunks of…[View]
20384647What is your favorite type of savory hand pie?[View]
20388232Someone explain this shit to me, I don't understand it at all.[View]
20388368So what's the /ck/ opinion on pescatarian[View]
20385462Grossest shit youve seen in a kitchen? >roach eggpods INSIDE a prep table…[View]
20387741Original Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza Review: Hi pizza boys and pizza girls! Pizza-chan here with a new…[View]
20387857Baked beans, mayo and hot sauce. Served al fresco, of course.[View]
20387484>Eat food that's good for me >Feel good >Eat food that's bad for me >Feel bad …[View]
20384667Is Phosphoric acid actually that bad?[View]
20388771Why don't they sell whole cakes with multiple flavours?[View]
2038904410 pound can of kalamata olives 10 POUND CAN OF KALAMATA OLIVES[View]
20386708Yerba Mate: What am I in for?[View]
20388938Post messy foods[View]
20388761Few things are more beautiful than a perfectly poached egg.[View]
20387105Want a bussin' dog, /ck/?[View]
20388428>bought a baguette while it was still warm >forgot to get butter >baguette is now room temp…[View]
20388362Burger King new whopper: i say we vote food theory's new whopper idea to the top (incase you du…[View]
20386404we do things a little differently here in Wisconsin[View]
20387118girl dinner[View]
20385386>left: bland and original >right: fake and delicious…[View]
20384473Why aren't there any good store-bought ones I can just put in the air fryer?[View]
20377022What is the best fry condiment?[View]
20385819>tastes better than ANY land meat, even the most expensive beef do you ever feel bad for people w…[View]
20382772>viral '''recipe'''[View]
20385962Good morning! Let's get the day started with some bacon.[View]
20380052WeBm Thread[View]
20384525Post food scams: >a cuban sandwich is just a normal sandwich To me this is the top one. It's…[View]
20378304Nothing hits the spot quite like the fresh reasonably priced fries at McDonalds.[View]
20388347Life Hack! microwave your frozen pizza!: check out this life hack if you ain't got time to put …[View]
20388339The local market chain has their own brand of havarti cheese. It was always really high quality and …[View]
20386019Ahh now that’s a breakfast.[View]
20371603office lunch from last month (€5)[View]
20383518Y'all ever eat a chicken wing, but the chicken had a broken or a deformed wing and u feel kinda…[View]
203777133 Hamms will fill him! 3 Hamms will thrill him! I should give him, 3 Hamms![View]
20388313>fridge empty >freezer empty >cupboard empty >this starts looking pretty good…[View]
20385964Curing expired fish: I’m salt curing some arctic char trying to go for 3 days Shitload of salt, som…[View]
20388266Borscht Masala Soup: I love making soup and experimenting and i just made this and its now one of my…[View]
20385985This is a few years old but my algorithm keeps showing me British people sweating eating American st…[View]
20386087Sharing some food from my home state with New England coworkers today. Hope they enjoy![View]
20384194the savage sized slim jim is the perfect size[View]
20384133Popcorn Seasoning: >bounces off the popcorn kernels and collects in the bottom of the bowl every …[View]
20387312>spicy yangnyeom chicken sandwich >fruit cup >coffee, black, hot Oh yeah, it's a konbi…[View]
20387708this is how i cook my steak. i'll take it out when it's getting crispy and eat it with ket…[View]
20387978Holy Mackerel!: Impulse purchase…how should I eat it?[View]
20374563What was your favorite childhood meal your parent served?[View]
20387678Olive Garden: What is your opinion of Olive Garden?[View]
20382379The post-dinner snack. Pinwheel sandwiches made with fresh tortillas, hummus, capers, sweet pickles,…[View]
20372611Japanese instant noodles are much better. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with Ko…[View]
20386067Are grills worth it ? Does the meat taste better? Is this $45 charcoal too cheap and not worth the e…[View]
20384478Attention /ck/, I need urgently to purchase some food-grade glycine for my large scale commercial fo…[View]
20387684Tendie technology has come far[View]
20386559Is there still a risk of botulism if I can my vegetables in half distilled white vinegar/half water …[View]
20387375eggs are going back up in price 3.99 for 12 jumbo at Stewarts i'm financially ruined[View]
20386417Rice in soup.: I love cooking rice in soups. I don’t meant adding rice to soup. I mean using a soup …[View]
20385276Anybody else thinks of wine and beer as a food that is meant for energy and not for recreational con…[View]
20386896Who calls nearly a third of a bottle, a 'bottle'? Deceptive pieces of shit, do they think I am retar…[View]
20377948What food would you have in your apocalypse bunker?[View]
20384268Let's Make Stew: Wife's bull was over Friday, cooked him a roast. As you might imagine, he…[View]
20378697I feel sorry for anyone who didn't experience the world during the 90s and 2000s, I pity you.[View]
20387315Anyone tried this recipe or something similar before? Someone told me Instant Pot chicken was very j…[View]
20387436the European mind simply cannot comprehend this[View]
20386110>food related things that really annoy you for me it's people using too much seasoning / spi…[View]
20381914What’s your order?[View]
20381933If Red Kidney Beans are the greatest thing to exist, then why are their dried out counterparts abysm…[View]
20381524Could you eat an entire head of iceberg lettuce in one sitting? No prep, just going at it like an ap…[View]
20384601>goes rotten 2 days after buying[View]
20386261Raw liver: How would you prepare raw calf liver? I've given up o cooked, even soaked in milk th…[View]
20380573Why are germans such autistic fucks with excessive wrapping?[View]
20386615Anybody have any recipes for things they think are possibly their own? What are they lol I like micr…[View]
20387152Canadians have Pita Pit. As a American, I envy u niggas. There is one the city over, but that shit i…[View]
20382940Chicken Wings Genocide: Will be genociding chicken wings tomorrow[View]
20387134Do you butter your burger breads?[View]
20385612Digiorno Supreme Hand-Tossed Style Crust Pizza Review: Hi pizza boys and pizza girls! Today I'm…[View]
20386901What type of insane lunatic prefers over hard?[View]
20386247Those with spotless BOHs, how the fuck do you find time to clean?[View]
203806382024 National Griddle Week: How are you celebrating this year? :-0[View]
20386777Cuisinart or Kitchenaid: Cuisinart mixer is less than half the price of a Kitchenaid one in my count…[View]
20380357Veg food: What are your favorite vegetarian and vegan dishes? And when I say vegan I don't mean…[View]
20382958kitchen utensils that immediately scream 'the person who is using this is a cooklet'[View]
20386954would you eat this?[View]
20378878does /ck/ like pickles?: well? for me its spicy pickles. ive been buying this Suckerpunch brand and …[View]
20383135Fictional food you want to eat: What fictional food would you want to try? Why would you want it? Ma…[View]
20383131My niggas, LOCK IN what we eatin?[View]
20382084What's something I can drink that will make me need to pee less?[View]
20385903>is disgusting in your path[View]
20384208Rate My Dinner: I'm unironically eating this right now.[View]
20377285Cooking is not an art its a science discuss[View]
20385757Vietnamese cuisine is strictly better than the Thai cuisine.[View]
20386410chorizo: I tried to cook some chorizo and grease was splattering everywhere, all over my stove and c…[View]
20384489All hail the king.[View]
20378283Maybe we should actually ban tiktok[View]
20381543>just make your own bread bro, its easy dood fuck off[View]
20386142Some medium rare fried baloney flowers for late breakfast. A Tucumcari staple. What did you have for…[View]
20386500Do you want onion and chive, everything, or original cheese?[View]
20384773Hype for the new street corn shrimp coming to Red Lobster later this month[View]
20384861Europoors will never get to experience Bilbo's Breakfast Feast[View]
20386158>the most low-mid food ever >wheat bread (but mixed) >doesnt taste quite terrible, but stil…[View]
20385075Egg fried rice: Onion Green onion (spring onion?) Lil ginger[View]
20386146My local Little Caesars is charging THIRTEEN fucking dollars for a hot'n'ready[View]
20385091>BTFOs Michelin star restaurants for 1% of the price. How do they do it?…[View]
20384620Kroger Private Selection. The king of sliced bread. KNEEL.[View]
20384034How long has this fucking thing been back out? I just learned it's back?[View]
20380427What is your favorite part of the chicken and why?: What is your favorite part of the chicken and wh…[View]
20377852Venison Corn Dog. Whole Wheat/Cornmeal Batter w/ Ovine Milk & Quail Egg: Smoked Venison Sausage …[View]
20368632autism gang LOCK IN what we eating[View]
20384328Do you think canned clams would taste good as a substitute for snails in an Escargot dish?[View]
20385544What is your go to 3am fat snack?: Tostito's queso is the nectar of the Gods. My fellow fat fuc…[View]
20378425Taco Bell's chicken fucking sucks, they need to get rid of this crap. Also it all too expensive…[View]
20383470Post foods that 0 people on earth eat[View]
20384569Tonight for me it's smoked ham hocks.: I will save the bones for ramen broth.[View]
20384169>barely seasoned raw pork on bread the absolute state of british cuisine.…[View]
20385741You must choose one[View]
20379629Is breakfast pointless? .[View]
20381029Great value sardines,the best[View]
20376471When was the last time you had a really good sandwich?[View]
20384293>makes your meatloaf taste way better Why did I never know about this until today?…[View]
20367886I tell you, there's no pizza like college town pizza.[View]
20383358Ok Michiganders I tried your precious Hungry Howie's and it was bland dogshit. What else ya got…[View]
20385609made waffles this morning using only the best Krusteaz[View]
20384565*fwsssssh*: >*instantly summons you're cat*[View]
20380318What to look for in a quality cooktop?[View]
20376745For me, it's the RAGÚ® Garden Combination tomato sauce to help satisfy my pasta eating needs[View]
20378314What would a Sad Meal contain?[View]
20384399borscht night, mothafuckas[View]
20385552Breakfast:: Bacon n eggs[View]
20375751Favorite Pasta Dishes: Show me your favorite pasta dishes! For me it’s Braised Beef Ravioli with Chi…[View]
20385236>family deorganizes your kitchen drawer[View]
20385679What's your go to for meal prep /ck/? For me, it's chillies and stir fries.[View]
20379492Diabetics be like[View]
20379686you liek?[View]
20385069My friend found out he was celiac and sent me a photo of his new diet.[View]
20382960Good bread is the key to an amazing sandwich.[View]
20382769Why don’t you try joining the Masterchef competition?[View]
20383986I made Mackin cheese[View]
20385223Do I refrigerate?: I made a fruit tart, no cream/custard. Eggless base. Do I refrigerate it or leave…[View]
20384686Any Ohiofags here ever try Rax? I heard it was big in the 80s but imploded and now there are only a …[View]
20380306Just had birra tacos with my gf for the first time and I don’t care what race you are this shit righ…[View]
20381740garlic knots!!! shit dick pussy ass garlic knots!! they're so good. shit dick. good. shit dick …[View]
20381058Anybody like canned fish?[View]
20384102Mmm. Which would you want[View]
20380431There simply isn't a better 'dog[View]
20384271A little TEXAS BBQ for Lunch: This was $15.99, came with 2 full plates. Plate 1[View]
20382625For me its Alphonso, the King of Mangoes[View]
20384033There are too many teas to choose.: Is there some kind of tea that has change your life? Something t…[View]
20378060Let me guess, you need more.[View]
20384734What’d you make for the eclipse, bros? Totality was a trip. Spring is here, and I’m flush with ramps[View]
20366730/sqt/ - Stupid Questions General: Can I pre-peel my oranges and keep them in the fridge and store th…[View]
20380120It is the Sabbath: Confess your Food & Cooking sins.[View]
20364568What are some good additions to bread dough? I usually add basil or oregano but I wanna try somethin…[View]
20384136emergency pork chop thread: /ck/ plz I need your help quick I have to make dinner in less than 30 m…[View]
20374040HUMMUS: tricks toppings and additions: looking for more ideas to jazz up the hummus itself or toppin…[View]
20380516Why is it that food in vast quantities is unappetizing?[View]
20383619Saved this from a thread about saag a couple weeks ago, currently making this recipe. Does this look…[View]
20382374what cheap beer are you drinking?[View]
20368791Why do boomers like this type of restaurant so much.[View]
20369495What major chain makes decent fried chicken with bone in these days?[View]
20381664Ive been experimenting with cooking ever since gf left. I’m used to microwave food so i think i did …[View]
20363895>North Americans that live outside of big cities will never know the simple pleasures of leisurel…[View]
20379991Kinnow thread: Mandarin season is nearly over and I have not seen a single kinnow for the third year…[View]
20380461made Tonkatsu. didn't have any rice, so used cheesy chips. it was lush.[View]
20377845Can you use chili crisp in soup?: Any tips for using it in soup, especially ramen or udon soup?…[View]

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