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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

Displaying 218 expired threads from the past 3 days

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20671273Hey we're makin' some rice balls in here! https://youtu.be/ZiRR-A4Fakg?si=X3uh2FB62whd52N5…[View]
20673903BBQ sauce on a steak: yes or no?[View]
20671807Anyone ever eaten Stilton[View]
20668271Grocery Store Deals: I want to start off by saying that I work from home and cook every day. I go to…[View]
20665508Finally, environmentally sustainable butter[View]
20669617Pastaology: Can any pastalogian enlighten me on how I decide which pasta goes with which kind of dis…[View]
20667685Leftovers: You *are* saving up your leftovers all week so that you don't have to cook on the we…[View]
20673557What's your favorite jarred pasta sauce? For me it's pic related and Truff arribbiatta[View]
20673283I am retarded and can't use my Ninja blender and food processor.: How can I do this better? All…[View]
20671485I burned 4.2k calories today. What should I eat?[View]
20673006you wish you are this good[View]
20671006im gonna cook this late tonight after i drink a bunch of vodka. what a good simple tasty way to prep…[View]
20663023/ck/ webm thread[View]
20672314is drinking water worth the hype? Everyone acts it's like the best thing ever but I am not sure…[View]
20671667imagine serving this monstrosity to a Michigan chef[View]
20669115Fried onion rings and roasted chicken for breakfast, life is good.[View]
20668387Do you actually save anything at Aldi?[View]
20673058The e-celeb influencer told me to simply mix oats and water to make low-calorie wraps So why does my…[View]
20673132ITT: Unexpectedly Kino Combinations: For me it's the Irish Breakfast. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
20673162What is arguably 'the finest beer'? Corona is actually pretty nice for a starter beer.[View]
20671026Why do Farmers’ Markets never have organic certification[View]
20672690This shit should be illegal[View]
20671597uhh, boston pizza bros?[View]
20672720Are beans good at lowering blood sugar?[View]
20672621What are these good to eat with? I like to soak them in lemon juice or hot sauce.[View]
20667988Ahh, now that’s a hearty lunch.[View]
20656073Poor man's meal: Potatoes Onions Hot dog Oil Salt Pepper I shall have it today[View]
20665634Condiment nation: I find that just about any three condiments mixed together makes a nice pasta sauc…[View]
20670422Schnitzel Thread: Let's discuss the greatest food to grace the world of man. Let's start o…[View]
20669979Any tea snobs on this board? I use bags but I'm curious about the real stuff, is it really such…[View]
20668020Office Lunch: What do you guys make yourselves for work? Dining out is expensive.[View]
20671533今晩、両親のために晩御飯を作った。鶏肉や野菜やポテトやたこ焼きも作った。彼らはおいしかったと言った。私の料理の能力が腕を上げた。 Today I made dinner for my family. …[View]
20669401Why is pizza so comfy? Also it's the only kind of food I treat as comfy one for some reason.[View]
20672135crab>lobster don't @ me[View]
20669390Are these fuckers really 3 dollars a pop now?[View]
20672698check out this nice Maccas meal: large fries, chicken nuggets and a McChicken burger. Got it from As…[View]
20671483Comfy meals dinner edition: Name one (1) dinner meal that's comfier than hamburger steaks with …[View]
20671443How hard is it to get an original mai tai?: Everywhere I go its >rum >pineapple juice >ora…[View]
20670173food you cooked: this was my breakfast after gym this morning. Simple, yet satisfying.[View]
20671626>buy a pack of cookies >self diagnosed ADD, ADHD and call of the void forces me to eat them in…[View]
20672057My man has a ton of mushrooms to cook tonight. Made polenta to go with them too![View]
20667050I’ll take it like this over some margarita pie all day every day.[View]
20669560Anyone Else Like The Taste of British Faggots?: Love me some faggots. Me mum would make them for us …[View]
20672297Moving to my own apartment soon. What cooking appliances should I buy? >bringing a hotplate from …[View]
20671142The Chad of not making your breath smell like Indian shit.[View]
20672093Heavy Metal levels in Chocolate: Where can I see more brands for this?[View]
20670969What is your favorite Korean food?[View]
20669650Yes I scoop the bread: It's that time again boys! Doing something a little different this time.…[View]
20671795When are they going to make a version with no or less pretzel sticks? it's like half the weight…[View]
20669541Family Dollar... home[View]
20670189>What if we take a nice copper heating element, surround it with a handsome and stylish housing, …[View]
20666720Visited my local 7eleven after 10pm today.[View]
20670600>recipe says not to 'overwork' dough or 'overmix' batter Seems kind of subjective.…[View]
20666391>regularly eat shrimp for the past two decades >eat shrimp again yesterday >feel like a hor…[View]
20670111anyone tried the kirkland nuggets? what's it like compare to bare?[View]
20660680What’s your chicken fry secret?[View]
20671676Are these any good?[View]
20670568Nobody East of the Mississippi knows what a tri-tip is.[View]
20670997What's the secret for a GREAT toast sandwich?[View]
20671314Food animated gif: You all need french culture! Have a cwoison with your coffee.[View]
20669291kosher salt: >is a complete meme you can get a way more even and precise application of salt usin…[View]
20654493The garbage disposal can have a small tangerine, as a treat.[View]
20670470try and guess what I'm about to cram[View]
20671121Day 1 on the quest to make a protein powder baked good without flour. Turned put terribly, still wa…[View]
20671152Made a quesadilla: First I put sliced mozzarella ball on corn tortilla[View]
20670995>season to taste Just tell me how much you pretentious dick![View]
20670791Beauty in food: Food should look good, don’t you think?[View]
20670391Are you a Silver Surfer or a Treacher Feature?[View]
20671064thoughts on bread makers?[View]
20669271Hi, I’m Guy Fieri, and we’re rolling out looking for America’s greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives…[View]
20665276How often do you eat ribs?[View]
20667004Is a soup a meal? like an Italian wedding?[View]
20669008Kitchen shoe thread: Kitchen workers of /ck/, What is your weapon of choice for your 10+ hour shifts…[View]
20670672What are your opinions on sesame oil?[View]
20669392Special...: >You think you're special...you do...[View]
20669327How to British people eat these shitty ass thick cut fries. It makes them so bland and boring. Even …[View]
20671119What do you have on your pancakes?: For me it's cloudberry jam and cream (or ice cream)[View]
20664887Mushrooms general. What do you even make with these?[View]
20667295A damn shame I'll probably never get to experience these: Tried every way to import a bulk, but…[View]
20670956my neutral pepper of choice? why for me, its the anaheim! poblanos and bell peppers simply __cannot_…[View]
20668752It's happening.[View]
20660779burger: tell me the BEST BURGER youve ever had. or at least a really good one[View]
20670806Hopdoddy Burger Bar: These are fucking good burgers. They range from $11–$17 for the burger, but you…[View]
206708291st rate pro-tip: not patting down the bacon before you eat it means you get to eat more bacon. You…[View]
20665410R8 my lasagna sauce[View]
20666087How common is it for Americans to eat pork rinds? Watching The Simpsons you'd think they'r…[View]
20669905Will I get sick if I eat 10 day old Chinese food leftovers?[View]
20666332I hate Mexican Food: I hate Mexican food. I lived in California for years, and never had the balls t…[View]
20670117Chef John's Tomato Sauce: Is this really worth paying 4x as much for?[View]
20670855I'm leaving work in 15 minutes, should I get a sundae on the way home? I haven't had somet…[View]
20668419Would you like an egg and grilled onions on your burger?[View]
20668519Lidl: the good and the bad: Pros >All the food is cheap and high quality >Decent toiletries, z…[View]
20666189What's your kryptonite?[View]
20670326lunch psa: its taiwanese snacks day at all 99 ranches. much many free samples and these are on big d…[View]
20668818>only ever use a splash of milk in my coffee when I make them at home on the weekend >still le…[View]
20669471Simply the best.[View]
20659760cheerwine: >best cherry soda on the market >only in the south >rarely purchasable on a whim…[View]
20670403White sauce >>> red sauce[View]
20670001The landlocked austrian chads sushi: And there is nothing you can do to change my mind, no worms (he…[View]
20670155All day/intricate baking: Feeling sad and need to distract myself with something all day. What do yo…[View]
20670446How Would You Improve This Recipe?: To begin, this recipe's ingredients are as follows: >1/2…[View]
20669607What do we think of Korean food?[View]
20647728What is your unpopular beer opinion?[View]
20668728What the actual fuck is wrong with Americans[View]
20668738Thoughts on Winn Dixie?[View]
20665930That's a fairly small amount of Culver's for an average-sized person, I'd say?[View]
20668991This shit was dead to me the moment I found out it’s not naturally carbonated. I’m a Perrier chad n…[View]
20663462I am about to kill myself. I love poached eggs but I cannot make them to save my life. Even if the c…[View]
20665186Anyone else on Keto?: Been on keto for about 2 months with 24 pounds weight loss, was wondering if a…[View]
20666013You need to make sure that you have enough hotdogs.[View]
20668602Am I a genius?[View]
20669098Question for those who've worked in kitchens. My new roommate's a line cook at a local res…[View]
20669596>Be me >Work at small BBQ joint in my town >top-tier shit >get free BBQ on my lunch brea…[View]
20663722>spatchcocked and grilled VS >stuffed with aromatics and roasted Which one speaks to your soul…[View]
20667848Why is it okay to drink six beers in two hours but if i drink six sodas in the same period of time t…[View]
20668432so Ontario fags where are you getting liquor from since LCBO fags are on strike? idk why they draw t…[View]
20669881I love bone broth so much it's unreal. I just scoop up a cup of this jelly goodness, heat it up…[View]
20660106Happy Purchase: I got an Oxo nonstick pan from Costco and the non stick coating has stood up pretty …[View]
20669197Which one are you going for on the side of your chicken salad on toasted wheat?[View]
20668099Anyone had the Burger King Melt? Is it better than the Whopper?[View]
20666299Thoughts on Aldi?[View]
20666010Meal Prep: Meal Prep What some good meal prep? Bonus points for microwave to serve later in the week…[View]
20667490why the fuck did anyone tell me this was good you can't even taste the pretzel, they're ju…[View]
20669552hey bro you want some ice with that coke i got you covered[View]
20668806>every single top-rated beer is an imperial stout or some other soupy monstrosity are the neckbea…[View]
20665283>*tries to digest you*[View]
20665713You do throw away food when it's past the date, right?[View]
20666491Are there any good pre-made pate brands in the US? I want to try it but I don't want to be spoi…[View]
20669533Cookin up a custard danish with some pralines ice cream[View]
20666433Have we reached peak decadence?[View]
20667671Got some venison, first time eating it, can I just season it and put it in a hot pan with oil like y…[View]
20669129Do you enjoy fish pasta?[View]
20667657>Go ahead and drink some coffee, but oh >Make sure you add plenty of cream and sugar >... …[View]
20668220Oh yes we did[View]
20669196Americanized Chinese Food: This is the pinnacle of mutt strength. We take in all the best parts of t…[View]
20666658how do you feel about people who buy precut vegetables? i do because my kitchen is tiny and i don…[View]
20668959You can't beat a proper Scotch Egg, and that's a FACT.[View]
20666138pizza, burgers and chips/fries, beers, air travel ONE HAS TO GO which one will it be[View]
20664794Rate my roommate's pantry[View]
20667198>20kg of ghee >(use sparingly)[View]
20669000Oh, this? Just my matcha. Ceremonial grade, too. I got into drinking the stuff last year and I'…[View]
20653956Filet O Fish: This is a slept on burger when it's fresh Literally goated[View]
20668837yasssssssssssssssssssss, omfg, YASSS[View]
20667612is there anything better than soy?[View]
20661433What some good melt combos?: fuckin love reubens, but are there any alternatives equally as good?…[View]
20668698>here's that beverage you ordered bro[View]
20668294Are you ready for the wave of British fast food in the USA?[View]
20668113What are we eating in this heat?[View]
20659409why is american '''cheese''' so inconsistent? often it's plastic jello slop like kraft singles,…[View]
20666217>Use McDonald’s app to redeem free McChicken >added 2 pickles as I’ve done plenty times before…[View]
20666576I made a spicebag[View]
20664985A plate of pie, mash and jellied eels[View]
20668244Is this going to have an impact on the fast food industry since so many of their customers are now l…[View]
20666259Cookin up a roast beef, egg, tomato sandwich on lightly toasted ciabatta.[View]
20668241What do you get from that 'Italian' section that has premade crusts, pizza sauce, shelf-stable peppe…[View]
20664038immersion blender or magic bullet: hi, i need to blend stuff and i live in small apartment with limi…[View]
20667062cockroach of the sea[View]
20667966The rat has been cooked.[View]
20667981PISTACHIO: I have to pay like 100 bux a kilo if I buy it at the store, meanwhile this costs a quarte…[View]
20665836Barley malt extract as a sugar replacement: How much of this stuff do I have to use to taste it in m…[View]
20668182>You know what this meal needs? 300% of my daily sodium intake[View]
20666822Is this the pinnacle of food innovation?[View]
20666538Prime Vs. Gatorade: Gatorade >barely any flavor >80 calories >355 ml per bottle >45 mg o…[View]
20666031You are now thirsty and want a glass of ice cold water.[View]
20667599fish: How do I up my fish game? I usually just pan fry salmon or bake white fish. Where do you find…[View]
20667904pray for me yall[View]
20667831golden syrup: bongbros, what's this stuff used for again? i saw it and picked it up because i r…[View]
20658305ITT: Weird flavors you found by accident: Bonus if its something you made by accident For me its Lem…[View]
20657867>Doc said I need to eat more veggies >Look up for more veggie based recipes >YOU NEED VEGA…[View]
20662638Would you rather have boiled or baked hot dogs?[View]
20667041whats your leftovers anon: mines just some biryani[View]
20663930sunny d: am i the only one that thinks sunny d is amazing? is it wrong that i genuinely love sunny d…[View]
20660340>be me, 30 y.o. vegetarian >never had a Big Mac, and never will >when people find out they …[View]
20666345What flavor did you get today, anon?[View]
20667375>French Fries is just potato Falafel At last I truly see[View]
20667205sweet potatoe general: for all your sweet potato bullshit I am thinking about including more of it, …[View]
20666587Restaurant Suppliers?: who knows a restaurant supplier who sells single items (not bulk)? i want som…[View]
20666589Fancier chicken noodle soup: Someone at work got me sick and I prefer canned chicken noodle to any i…[View]
20667770Coffee Flavors: How is it that all the coffee places get their distinct flavor? Every place from Dut…[View]
20667075>he uses margarine[View]
20665368imagine eating this gouda[View]
20667122Energy Drinks: I'm finally in a country with a decent selection of Energy drinks that aren…[View]
20665648US FOODS CHEF'STORE: This is a thank you to the anon that reccomended US FOODS CHEF'STORE.…[View]
20631554Nostalgia/discontinued foods thread? This one lives in my memories like nothing else. The succulent …[View]
20667474im going to make a burrito bowl for dinner tonight. what should i put in it?[View]
20667280Americans fear the red hotdog[View]
20667463Do Germans really?[View]
20666567>want to practice cooking more difficult/gourmet meals >groceries are too expensive…[View]
20667603Japanese cunny thread: How do I replicate this exact flavor and texture *without* the hydrogenated o…[View]
20665085Rate my Cassoulet[View]
20665859I saw a billboard saying this is Finland’s best kept secret. Well Is it?[View]
20661485Feeling cute, might eat this canelé later.[View]
20665057I make big batches of apple butter: When apples are cheap Here are the different uses I tried for it…[View]
20664485what goes inside your ravioli?[View]
20667275So I got some bratwursts and sauerkraut and I want to make a traditional German dinner with it. Can …[View]
20667251Japanese food and sol[View]
20662631Lets talk seasoning: Lawry’s turns an average burger into a great burger. Old Bay seasoning is great…[View]
20665217Fridge is stocked with the essentials. What do you consider essentials for your fridge?[View]
20633310I know this board would sure benefit from one, too https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2024/06/27/travel/restaur…[View]
20664633rate it!: i made my mom this salmon rice bowl i used soy sauce, red pepper paste, seaweed salt, litt…[View]
20665034lamb is literally the GOAT of plant based meat[View]
20667057>*does nothing*[View]
20667189>World's first michelin star taco is a thin sliced beef seasoned with only salt and lime …[View]
20664371I'm an orientalist and I want to start making oriental food, any suggestions for where to begin…[View]
20665719Most overrated shit ever: After weeks if just eating turkey, chicken, and pork for my protein j want…[View]
20666350That's some good scran[View]
20655149Finding the best chowder in Brevard County, FL: Alright, I know this place is kind of a bumfuckistan…[View]
20666761The American who thought to pair Jalapeno with Cheddar as a flavor needs their ass ate, no cap. This…[View]
20664988For me it’s the A&W bacon and egger.[View]
20666807/ck/, what really grinds your gears? For me it's food without microwave instructions.[View]
20664878which do you pick, from the holy trinity[View]
20664628Took another step towards culinary independence, this time with a truly home cooked meal. Porkchops…[View]
20665323>Food is literally still mooing Why do people eat raw beef?[View]
20666765I just came up with Pineapple 2. It's like Pineapple 1 but there's no skin, it's slig…[View]
20656300What is so bad about Cheesecake Factory?[View]

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