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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 170 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10858432Good games for vacation, new consoles: hey /vr/. im getting ready to go on a two week vacation, one …[View]
10859857i wish faggot who did achievements like this someday gonna have a prostate cancer. this shit suppose…[View]
10858468What are some games that are ooze-core? >ooze-core. a game that comes from the age back when genr…[View]
10839020do you like standalone vpets?[View]
10853637>Homebrew starts making new Genesis PCBs and even made the Sega Neptune a real thing. >The PCB…[View]
10857350In Half-Life 2 Episode Two (2007), there is a level called ‘Freeman Pontifex’. Why are they calling…[View]
10854646ITT: “Ports” that are actually completely different games[View]
10852075I never understood the appeal of Lara Croft: Why did so many young men and boys go crazy for this bi…[View]
10857925The S controller hurts my knuckles after a while, what is the most comfortable xbox controller?[View]
10854787I like Postal 2's 'crude 3d Unreal engine representation of an urban environment'. I find it ch…[View]
10857285GameCube was Nintendo's last powerhouse game console. Say something nice about it.[View]
10857564>'Move Screen' option >no default setting or numbers to even indicate where the screen is besi…[View]
10858059I'm interested in playing Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 for the first time, but I'm somewhat …[View]
10856646Anyway, it's time for Mr. Nutz.[View]
10858510The eternal debate[View]
10857367Sega Saturn: Is there any point to this console if you don't enjoy shmups, racing games, fighti…[View]
10855843Are you really telling me the definitive way to play this game is a version with a bug where your ar…[View]
10850851/hbg/ - Homebrew & Romhacking General: Previous Thread: >>10814241 Gameplay and developmen…[View]
10855908How come we had so much kino Survival Horrors in the PS1 era and everything is dead now? I remember…[View]
10852839Is this a strategy game or an RPG?[View]
10853939Ratchet and Clank: PS2-Era: Thought I'd start a decent Ratchet and Clank thread, since there ar…[View]
10851802There's a subset of Nintendoids here who claims the claim the GC was better than the PS2 based …[View]
10855594Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn: I should have played this game sooner. It's really fun. Basically Res…[View]
10858305for me its toilet kids on the turbogrfx16[View]
10856254Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius for the PS2[View]
10855925Only home system port of this game. Guess it wasn't a big hit like the original.[View]
10856740Was Prince of Persia 2 a worthy successor to one of the most legendary games of all time, or an oppo…[View]
10855928Can you emulate PS1 pretty good on a $50 shit ass chromebook?[View]
10845136OG Xbox users. Your response to this?[View]
10855637What would be the perfect retro collection to you? For me it would be something like: >Digital Ec…[View]
10850274What’s is your favorite 64 GAME[View]
10857703https://youtu.be/TviqxNZFRzk?si=ShyEANAWjzRf8vli https://youtu.be/tP5xXdDeSlQ?si=xWE-J0rde_eEzqgj Th…[View]
10829707Goemon: Why did Goemon not pick up in the West? Was it just too Japanese? Played Goemon's Grea…[View]
10849456GET PSYCHED!: DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>10838525 Doom/Quake/Duke/Heretic…[View]
10854204Why was the first PlayStation so groundbreaking?[View]
10850468Anyone made a user-friendly spoon-feeding list of games that are actually worth your time so you don…[View]
10851526What's the worst home console port of a popular PC game from back in the day?[View]
10854925Is there any mobile port of a retro game worth playing?[View]
10856303>Xbox has amazing momentum in 2004 thanks to Halo 2 >cut it off at the legs and release the 36…[View]
10856887I came back to this game after nearly a decade, and it gets a lot better after 1-2 hours of playing …[View]
10850147how was a 7 year child in 1989 meant to get past this part?[View]
10856071What is the appeal of games that aren't easy? This isn't even just hard games, but also ga…[View]
10855832I don't like NES games. They're too difficult. Even Mario 3 is too difficult. There isn…[View]
10820146Will it ever be dethroned? Can it be? 98% of all mods made since the first release of GZDoom were ei…[View]
10819897/vroom/ is dead. Post your favorite racing games and stuff[View]
10856997>strider but good: how did segas cope when run saber released in 1993 and mogged their flagship a…[View]
10850545Yeah, I like this game.[View]
10849921JRPGs will never be this good again[View]
10854174Is picrel a good substitute for the original? My console is pretty far away from the couch and I don…[View]
10854606In Doom 64, one of the levels in Hell took place at night and had a night sky, filled with the same …[View]
10849851Realistically speaking, how feasible would this game be on the PlayStation? Would it have been more …[View]
10854805The XBOX immediately tells you you just bought the most powerful console of the generation.[View]
10855340Panshia Doraguun sure: I beat the final boss on hard, but using Pandora's Box to select the lev…[View]
10848563Does anyone think that sonic adventure 2 was the last great sonic game[View]
10842393idk compared to the NES the North American library for this thing is awfully underwhelming and has a…[View]
10856126Can we talk about how sturdy these fuckers were?[View]
10851147Atari Cover Art Thread: Despite opinions changing on the 2600 over the years, one thing remains cons…[View]
10849491Super Mario World: Is this the best retro Mario game?[View]
10846620Castlevania Chronicles: is original mode good or should i just play the nes version with enhancement…[View]
10852897why do nintendo fanboys worship miyamoto but never give any credit to tezuka? he was the 2nd most im…[View]
10844649Can someone recommend me more Japanese developed mid budget kino with super cool aesthetics and real…[View]
10852642TTYD is overrated garbage: This shit was always trash, and I hope the remake fails, especially consi…[View]
10852817/ssg/ Sega Saturn General: Let’s try to have a thread about actually playing Saturn games. What have…[View]
10855048I just loved the huge variety of games being released during the 16-bit era.[View]
10852709I cannot describe the amount of nostalgia I'm experiencing navigating through this website: tha…[View]
10853324I remember picking up this gem at a Scholastic Book fair in my elementary school. It's one of t…[View]
10855743Mystery Dungeon: Tried this out, never played a Mystery Dungeon game before. Holy shit, this is supe…[View]
10846872i am going to have FUN with chinese bootleg famiclone games wish me luck[View]
10856508What video games do you think would improve the overall general skill of a player across a variety o…[View]
10853196Why does nobody make God games anymore?[View]
10856130Why did Banjo-Tooie introduce a new move solely for the purpose of Kazooie smothering things underne…[View]
10838372Who here is old enough and bri'ish enough to have played games on Teletext? As an American I wa…[View]
10850335King Koopa.[View]
10856343homeworld thread: I finally got this old faggot game working. Heres a complete guide for any fellow …[View]
10850157Nobody expected anything good out of a game with this title and this thing doesn't disappoint. …[View]
10855092It's Dragon Quest in space. It's a first party game too and would you believe nobody has e…[View]
10853218Beatmania: Never really considered this series to be /vr/.. maybe November 2nd, 2000 is farther in t…[View]
10846408Killer Instinct (SNES): Even though we didn't get the Ultra 64 as advertised, the Super NES ver…[View]
10848168I'm finding it really hard to get into SNES JRPGs. I'm fine with platformers and other gen…[View]
10853194Console repairs and mods: I'm trying to replace a failing laser in a PS2 slim. I've plugge…[View]
10852203I always thought there had to be a way to cuck him as Adult Link.[View]
10851009This ruined Ultima for console kiddies forever.: It's disgraceful.[View]
10852854Do people exaggerate this version's control issues? I admit that I've only played both Sat…[View]
10850180Do you play ps2 and 6th gen games at native or increased resolution?[View]
10849818Super Mario Land: Can we finally admit this game sucks? I love the NES trilogy and I wanted to love …[View]
10852750How would you improve every weapon from the NES Mega Man games?: I just got done playing MM5 again f…[View]
10851118ITT games only you played[View]
10847528ITT: forgotten vidya tech[View]
10853161Has a game ever made you feel stupid because you didn't know what to do?[View]
10854260With all of the autistic Sonic rom hacks out there, I'm surprised that nobody has ever brought …[View]
10846064What a fun video game.[View]
10854116The way it's meant to be played. (on an Nvidia graphics chip)[View]
10853490Well, did he?[View]
10852557the greatest mega drive game[View]
10853451You know how there are some games that you admit are objectively polished and yet feel bland and com…[View]
10854976Acclaim logo aside, this was developed by Sunsoft. Problem is it's SNES era Sunsoft which lost …[View]
10849674This is why the PS2 was the best selling console of all time.[View]
10855130Civilization 3 compare best strategy & play style for Hittites Russia Ottomans Germans Incas Ind…[View]
10837026I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of bugs in the duckstation emulator since the project i…[View]
10855113Couple of rare finds Progenitor is made by Koei but there's not a ton of info online. I wonder…[View]
10853549You'll see all your favorite soccer stars like Ariaga, Ariaga II, Bariaga, Arguila, and Pizzoza…[View]
10852258Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll: Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll.[View]
10852004Was he right? https://www.gamespot.com/articles/iwata-customers-do-not-want-online-games/1100-610210…[View]
10854292What caused the arcade style of 1980 era videogames to dissapear after the NES?[View]
10847628Gamecube: It's time to commemorate nintendo's gay little lunchbox of a console, often misu…[View]
10854596What's Timmy gon du[View]
10848229How much hard drive space would you need to have a full no-intro rom/iso set of every big console up…[View]
10854521I put this together for my fellow (retro) video game music enjoyers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
10851986Donkey Kong Country: is she the perfect ride-or-die girlfriend? diddy was like 'my uncle got kidnapp…[View]
10849254Anime > CGI Search your heart you know it's true. What are some games with great animated op…[View]
10851864Could it have saved the N64 racing library?[View]
10849421How do I get gud at fighting games? I was recently playing KOF 2000 and I realized I suck. I routine…[View]
10853315Hey, Sega! Make a new Arkista's Ring game. Your parent company owns the rights to it.[View]
10851698Just finished this. It was breddy gud. What did you lads think? And did any of you play the prequel …[View]
10854125I'm trying to play Prehistoric Isle II on the Neo Geo with FinalBurn and all the sprites are tr…[View]
10853463This thing's pretty sexy.[View]
10852958This genius create the 3 greatest T-RPG of all time: Fire Emblem 4 Fire Emblem thracia Berwick sag…[View]
10834142I tried to make a thread on /v/ about this but dumb moderation shit just autosaged it and I got reco…[View]
10850028Mario, Sonic...: Prepare for war... BLINX IS HERE!!![View]
10853152Forget about the water! Send help![View]
10851925The world's first post-collectathon.[View]
10850174castlevania chronicles stuck: no matter which option i pick it checks memory card slot 1 and returns…[View]
10852482Why didn't the PC version of Dynasty Warriors 5 get a English translation?[View]
10849850New Horizons thread: >New Horizons thread https://youtu.be/GLNgehghku4?si=22effb0rldEhbK9Y…[View]
10850172>the Commodore 64 had a 1000 shmups and Uridium is the best of them all. >never mentioned ever…[View]
10840160Did we ever agree what the best party was?[View]
1083683230+ In-Person Social Retro Gaming: How do you pull it off? How often do you play? Where? What's…[View]
10852469why was there such a technological gap between SMB1 and 3? did nintendo not know how to program on t…[View]
10853098Is crazy to think how fast polygonal graphics evolved in such a short amount of time, one year or tw…[View]
10850292Wait is Wario Land actually the first collectathon?[View]
10851136I like this game but when it runs like butt, it runs like serious ass! A shame it always happens whe…[View]
10852309Anyway, it's time for Judge Dredd.[View]
10852590This Battle Beast, a hidden gem of the MS-DOS. What did you think of it? I always wanted it to be it…[View]
10848536Bullets Dodged: Post bad games you wanted when you were a kid but never got[View]
10852172What is the best version of Othello/Reversi board game on retro video game consoles?[View]
10849627Gungage: Thanks for the rec. Really fun arcade/scoring oriented PSX action game by Konami from 1999.…[View]
10851948Prototype, document from 5th gen: did you have any prototype photos or documents concerning the 5th …[View]
10846846Ape Escape 2: Just finished playing this for the first time and I gotta tell you, I liked it as much…[View]
10852807Is this a shooter or an rpg?: It says RPG on the cover so…[View]
10849673Well /vr/, how hardcore are you? Reminder: beat means cleared on one credit single segment, obviousl…[View]
10851869I can't believe it's not Japanese: Japanese games that were made or had the involvement of…[View]
10848204What's a third-party controller you have fond memories of?[View]
10852716/pd/ - Panzer Dragoon series discussion thread #3: I beat the final boss on hard, but using Pandora…[View]
10850019this man is a retro programming legend and /vr/ doesnt even know who he is. prove me wrong: name one…[View]
10835649I have one question for you. What is the best and comfiest RTS for MS-DOS?[View]
10852141The greatest game ever...: Behold... The greatest game ever. >The original 48k cassette contains …[View]
10850416Why does nobody talk about this game?[View]
10850628Who's the Japanese fuckhead who designed AND patented this piece of fucking shit hallway monito…[View]
10849002Why is Shadow considered the worst thing to happen to Sonic?[View]
10844746/hhg/ Handheld General: >Links Retro sizer https://retrosizer.com/ Retro handhelds spreadsheet ht…[View]
10852285How many of you have played this game? I never saw anybody mentioning this game.[View]
10847040>base the Genesis on the System 16 >console does reasonably well >make the Model 2 prohibit…[View]
10850749>some people think this is an rpg.[View]
10851754Klonoa: Me and my dad spent hours trying to beat this. I always got stuck on the level with the thre…[View]
10851623What is the worst retro game you have ever PLAYED? (self-explanatory) What is the worst retro game y…[View]
10852106I found this forum thread with a bunch of installers for OG Xbox games: https://digiex.net/threads/x…[View]
10848134What are the best RPGs on the ps2?[View]
10848852Unfinished Business: >That game you couldn't beat as a kid you replayed it as an adult and f…[View]
10841317ITT games that use native OS controls[View]
10849769Phantasy Star Online: how long is it gonna take me to hit max level in this game offline?[View]
10850013As a kid I thought this game was called Blast Corpse. I assumed it was very violent and my parents w…[View]
10851032As Street Fighter is still a popular series, occasionally when new characters come out I find myself…[View]
10851994Has anyone done the hardware mod for the OSSC 1.6? Is it very difficult?[View]
10849846Sega Saturn is one of my favorite systems and if you don't like it... that's completely ok…[View]
10847441Best of Best: I just found this game on MAME called Best of Best, old fighting game apparently from …[View]
10851034absolute classic. probably unknown to this board because i doubt an emulator can duplicate cd captur…[View]
10849841just got one of these. what are the very best games for this?[View]
10839238What are your thoughts '1 credit clearing' games? Do you think that you can give an opinion of a gam…[View]
10841176how is this game so beautiful: came out in 2001, and on my ps2 hooked up to my old tv it looks stunn…[View]
10851742Post single player games that never get boring, no matter how many times you play them[View]

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