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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 134 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10996574Gen III safespace: Gen III appears to the be the most hated of the three retro pokemon gens, even th…[View]
11027730>Do you know Rayman 2?[View]
11023873The great debate.[View]
11024104Flashcart wars (gba edition): Is EZ Flash just for poor people?[View]
11031450question to soccerfags: whats your criteria for deciding which retro fifa or pes are peak football s…[View]
11021326Do any arcades in North America have these deluxe rotating Sega cabinets? Or do I have to go to Japa…[View]
11033539Thoughts? Is it good like Onimusha?[View]
11015241Why are Japanese Sonic and Western Sonic so different?[View]
11033019You guys have any interesting or weird glitch experiences that aren't commonly known. Just had …[View]
11025446what was your favorite game released in 1996? I want to pretend it's that year[View]
11019347>boot it up >music is instantly ear grating nails on chalkboard >run into this weird eleph…[View]
11029470They weren't that bad[View]
11032978>stage 7 WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING???[View]
11028317Games that are only playable with the fast forward feature of emulators[View]
11017208How many hours total do you think you spent playing games in arcades during the /vr/ era?[View]
11027679NINJA GAIDEN: Holy shit it's playable on Xemu Any reason to play the original over Black?…[View]
11030072What are some good classic casino games?[View]
11027263DKC: Let's talk the Donkey Kong Country trilogy.[View]
11028770Why does no one talk about the fact that Ghosts n Goblins launched two months before Super Mario Bro…[View]
11026527This game got too much hate. Was gorgeous and fun even if it wasn't the deepest.[View]
11024530Video games for Improving Japanese: Easily emulatable consoles (Ps1, Super famicom etc) and more obs…[View]
11030350Is it good? Does it suck?[View]
11034814Sequel to the Legendary 1992 Sunsoft release, Gimmick!, has been announced!: It's being develop…[View]
11031073Cameraman Lakitu is literally the most dangerous enemy in SM64: Brilliant masterstroke of self aware…[View]
11029592Holy shit.[View]
11027319Why did Wonder Boy die and Mario live?[View]
11023603Vice City: Hi Anons. This is edited radio stations for VC. Have fun. https://mega.nz/folder/dHkxEDSB…[View]
10994661/vr/ ads[View]
11023965>that mission where Vader is your windman >that mission where you personally save the Emperor…[View]
11028403From breakthrough in the horror game genre to Resident Evil's derpy cousin in three steps. What…[View]
11029507Why even the most popular and best received Fatal Fury games could never reach the peak of The King …[View]
11030102Why is this piece of console hardware from the turn of the millennium still the best renderer for tr…[View]
11016338So is this the best rpg on GBA?[View]
11026012What year did PC gaming peak? I’m thinking either 1998 or 1999. Everything became a soulless cashgra…[View]
11030843Let's take up half a room with an electronic version of something you can play for free around …[View]
11031583I've got a FXPak Pro but no matter what, the special chip games (baring the Super FX games) don…[View]
11018185Final Fantasy 11 private servers: I've played a few different private servers for Final Fantasy…[View]
11026447Thoughts on Gun?[View]
11030825>enter cog gear level >you have hooks that are tied to each other >you need to stand on one…[View]
11030104Duke Nukem Forever 2001: What's the best way to experience it? Is the restoration mod censored?…[View]
11031150>The UlTIMATE Fighting Game![View]
11030356Why did you guys meme me into thinking that if Shadow Warriors 3 (aka 'Ninja Gaiden 3') had unlimite…[View]
11022356I just beat Earthbound for the first time. Never played the game before, decided to try it on my Odi…[View]
11015359How come a mediocre game get an amazing soundtrack?[View]
11017270Is it a good thing or a bad thing that they started building soundcards into the motherboards and el…[View]
11031118SA2 has a pretty fucking freaky story[View]
11029658What made 4th gen so pleasing to look at? Seems like the best-looking generation even to this day[View]
11025032Why the fuck didn't they just release it? It's not complex hardware. As far as I can tell,…[View]
10998089Why was every survival horror protagonist a hot woman?[View]
11030489PS1 Dithering: So I was playing RE2 on Beetle PSX at native res and default settings and noticed the…[View]
11027179Sonic 3: What does /vr/ think of Sonic the Hedgehog 3?[View]
11027838Do you like Cybernator/Assault Suits Valken? It always felt like it was based on some anime which di…[View]
11019103your thoughts on the upcoming remake? what'd you like to see changed or improved ?[View]
11027468Does Mister work with N64 yet?: Can I sell my N64? I need transfer pak implemenation too[View]
11030475Why aren't there modern arcades like this? What the fuck happened in the world in 1990 that eve…[View]
11030783The Sega Saturn: It didn’t fail cause it was bad, it failed because it was fuckin’ $399.99 in 1995 w…[View]
11028745This is Cumulus from Spyro 3. Say hi to Cumulus.[View]
11028916Why is everyone port begging for these instead of just playing the originals? There are ALREADY port…[View]
11025310Thoughts on vib ribbon?[View]
11010516N64 Expansion Pak: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
11029408I'm from the future, Capcom. It wasn't the SDD1, it was the SPC700 the whole time. N-Nani?…[View]
11022972/vr/ Plays Final Fantasy 6: So I've been meaning to do this for a little while, and the only th…[View]
11028809Games that want you to say things into a microphone: Has anyone here played any? -Are any of them gr…[View]
11029371Although consoles should go by their original names, we'd be missing out on this dope ass line.[View]
11022290This game is too easy: Why is it impossible to play this game without finding a new way to completel…[View]
11018680Most underrated console of all time and its not even close note: Underrated =/= perfect[View]
11024426Oh no, the wizard has transformed Arthur into a weak, soft, helpless girl! How terrible![View]
11029416For me, it was Glover[View]
11028425Make a Megaman game with your fav theme boss stages.[View]
11028148How come Sony didn't use these for game and possibly even save storage?[View]
11007846What was your first emulator?: Mine was KEGA Fusion.[View]
11029127t b h i only play games made after the genesis[View]
11029021MGS3: Why would a blond girl work for China?[View]
11027252How the fuck was this 'game of the year' in 2000?[View]
11029056>get random cheap ass shovelware for christmas >meh might as well play it >it's pure k…[View]
11029620Where's the port?[View]
11026151Is disc rot real? There are multiple cases on the internet of MGS Twin Snakes having the discs deter…[View]
11026316Retro Detective Game Mystery: I came across a detective game that is 40 years old that has an unsolv…[View]
11009939Post clones that are better than the games that they copied from.[View]
11027684Seek and Destroy: Has anybody else played this? It's a quirky Japanese kusoge on the PS2 with a…[View]
11010773License retro games thread: Starting off with one of the obvious ones.[View]
11028390IYOOOOO *beng-beng*: Post fun games with a good balance of stylized/authentic Japanese setting, spec…[View]
11002970As an American the ZX Spectrum has always seemed like a strange, unexplored and alien world of games…[View]
11028812How we feeling Riven bros? Looking forward to the remake?[View]
10999706>gamecube constantly made fun of for being a failure like the Saturn, Dreamcast, Jaguar, 3DO, etc…[View]
11026849What a fucking nagger.[View]
11010941About to play Saturn for the first time after years of ignoring for being an inferior to the PS1. An…[View]
11028558Is there a correct way to play this? It's never been re-released and doesn't run on any co…[View]
11027895Other than Marvel vs Capcom 2, what other games had references/were influenced by Castaneda's T…[View]
10990930Recently downloaded a bunch of roms to play and made a thread about it. >>10950743. The thread…[View]
10991579Old Mech Games: Playing pic related for the first time in a long long while. Man this game is still …[View]
11021389I got this game on a whim because it was 1$ on steam and I gotta say, it's much, much, MUCH bet…[View]
11026104>only 5 games for why?[View]
10989921/CRT/ General - WinDAS edition: Previous thread: >>10937914[View]
11020603Castlevania: Bloodlines: I have been playing this game for the first time, and I really dig it mostl…[View]
11026836Which Satellaview games did you beat[View]
11022182Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition[View]
11007808Name a better retro collection. I'll wait.[View]
11024748you now remember mario.exe[View]
11017967What does /vr/ think of Sword of Mana for the GBA?[View]
11027818The Great Debate: Which do you prefer?[View]
11025870you gotta problem with this?[View]
11017349ANOTHER DAY IN EGYPT: DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>11003579 Doom/Quake/Duke…[View]
11019840Does /vr/ play any shmups? Working on any clears atm?[View]
11024425ebay horror[View]
11022690Do any remakes outright replace the originals for you where there is no point going back? Pic relate…[View]
11021221Is there really no other reason to get one of these besides Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and a bunch …[View]
11027341Policenauts: Which is the definitive version of Policenauts? Translation or not doesn't matter …[View]
10989734/vroom/ - ЯR: Retro Racing: Welcome to THE GARAGE, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss t…[View]
11003008Is Sonic 2 too long for a game that was intended to be beaten in one sitting(no save system and all)…[View]
11013557>search 'adventure island' on the internet >90% of discussion is about how bullshit 1 is >1…[View]
11025846name your favourite zone out of all classic sonic titles (1, 2, 3&knux, chaotix, cd)[View]
11024810Burnt discs running on PHAT PS2?: Hey, I am looking for a way to get burnt games running on my PAL S…[View]
11027315>racing game >a lot of tracks That tracks…[View]
11015019Rockets and missiles: Are you frugal with them? Games usually give you ammo expecting you to use the…[View]
11026084Odd world thread: Just got into these games. Played Strangers Wrath, loved it. Probably one of my fa…[View]
11024875Is RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 actually the best in the series, or am I purely blinded by nostalgia?[View]
11025535what the literal fuck was this horse shit?[View]
11006691post places you would sleep in in games[View]
11023317This version of Chrone Trigger was good and i never played the SNES version all JRPG games should be…[View]
10994563Final Fantasy V: Finished FFV the other day. Used the English patch of the original SFC rom since I …[View]
11002896Why did it fail to kill Halo?[View]
11017348/vr/ct - Pickle Park Edition: Previous: >>10976356 Awesome Downloads: >OpenRCT2 - Currently…[View]
11023579I hope you remember the greatest robot game on PlayStation II[View]
11024302Was this the best deal in retro PC gaming?[View]
11024869Red or Blue?[View]
11020286Post /vr/ images or music tracks that embody a combination of any of the following terms >mysteri…[View]
11022862I haven't finished it yet but have been playing Daikatana for the first time after avoiding it …[View]
11023369Is there any other console that can compete for the hearts of arcade fans? Honestly peak 2D gaming, …[View]
11023180>how it feels to play with rewind[View]

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