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Displaying 218 expired threads from the past 3 days

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27568196Keep or sell: 1997 gmc 1500 5 speed manual V8 5.7 99,459 miles I got it fir a very reasonable pri…[View]
27568678I identify as a muscle car![View]
27569184Exhaust options, 2014 Mustang GT: Apologies for stock image, I am paranoid. ANYWAYS I'm looking…[View]
27564735What happened to sporty pickup trucks like SVT 150 or Ram SRT10?: All I see are massive ugly blocks …[View]
27568610Is it just me or is automotive youtube in a rut? There isn't a whole lot that's worth watc…[View]
27546343Car Dashboards: Post car interiors, dashboards, instrument clusters and switchgear you like. Also …[View]
27569234>think about buying a used truck >crew cab, mid trim, 4x4, v6 or v8 engine are my only require…[View]
27565738Why arent sc i6 more common? >tonnes of tourqe >no need for ic or it >easy to install and t…[View]
27567287>going to pick up my date in this car tomorrow how doomed am I, /o/?[View]
27569310Car washing under rain seems like a great hack. Why dont I ever see anyone doing it?[View]
27566731Have you ever seen a REAL Toyota Landcruiser? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JMLvngGYh4…[View]
27568946is there any point in having 2 subwoofers vs only 1 if you have a mono amp and will wire them togeth…[View]
27563366>but but I NEED a TRUGG to tow my boat 2 times a year!: to tow, all you need are big engine and g…[View]
27569115>mogs your hollywood car slop[View]
27568706Which of these miniature Japanese shitboxes should I import into my country? I'm Canadian so we…[View]
27568947I don't care that they are death traps, I want a Evo ute[View]
27568604Why can't we have cool shit like this? A vehicle capable of doing youtube camping shit while al…[View]
27569005Korrr look at this top kant boys a facken bonza beat of an au best bloody ford falcon ever made mate[View]
27564218Hi o, I'll post some photos I took of cars that grabbed my attention, for more or less autistic…[View]
27565289What the fuck is their problem?[View]
27565853Is it okay to buy chink Tires for my truck if it never snows and rarely rains where I live? Also my…[View]
27566403Moving to high crime area: Moving to Bay Area soon, I own a 6MT 392 Challenger >high crime area, …[View]
275636142025 4channer: Forbes accidentally released their 2025 4runner review early then took it down >tu…[View]
27565983Kia drivers are the absolute worst lane hoggers in existence: Every time I see a Kia, it’s sat in th…[View]
27563330Why does every house I pass with an EV in the driveway ALSO have a gay pride flag out front?[View]
27560409Why are Americans so obsessed with 4.10 gears? Anything slightly performance related 'HURR FOUR TENS…[View]
27561819Do you draft behind trucks to save fuel?[View]
27566351/dbt/ - daily bike thread: honda vfr bakuon edition! >Motorcycle tips and tricks >Motorcycle p…[View]
27566946why does everyone talk about the 911 GT3 RS? The GT2 is faster and better[View]
27566160Face it. Most of you don't need anything more than this.[View]
27568468does it matter which way my subwoofers are facing in my suv? My subs fit way better with them facing…[View]
27568533C30 Dually. Hit or Shit?: Any C30 Dually owners offer some insight? Could pick one up near me for a …[View]
27567776Camper build: I think I am done with my camper van build. Thanks to /o/ I ended up getting a pretty …[View]
275568201973 Dodge Charger: Is this the only 'obtainable' classic Dodge Charger? Prices of 1968-19…[View]
27557216How long until boomers die?: Prewar car prices are too high[View]
27567108Portland Drivers: Is there a place with worse drivers than this town? The speed limits are appalling…[View]
27565186Literally what is the purpose of this sticker? Do they seriously think someone, who was otherwise go…[View]
27567897>unscrews your schrader valve and puts the cap back on[View]
27567178Indian Scout 60 as a first motorcycle?: I found a used one in fairly new condition for 6k and am cur…[View]
27568228>people look at me weird for drifting through corners and doing burnouts its my car niggers idc i…[View]
27565391why is this not the spritual successor of the ae86?[View]
27567694are wider tires really needed? it seems like you get diminishing returns pretty quickly[View]
27564354Can't get this mf bolt off. Any suggestions? Negative terminal attached to the engine block. Mf…[View]
27566722May your celebrations be filled with joy and countless blessings. Eid Mubarak.[View]
27560613Is 'German engineering' a meme?[View]
27567962Why are only the turbo i6 and evs getting sexy designs[View]
27567864BMW but cool: Post a BMW that is cool.[View]
27567499Racing Stripes: Are racing stripes on muscle cars tryhard or tasteful?[View]
27567792Are trucks really better at towing? How come I see corvettes towing boats when trucks seem to strugg…[View]
27566751>The Milano showcases Alfa's new design language LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO R.I.P.…[View]
27567742Is this a good deal? I know nothing about cars.[View]
27567109My shitbox Miata broke down a few weeks ago and I'm tired of riding a bicycle 3 miles to work. …[View]
27566093what's their fucking problem[View]
27563044Save for a car lift, or does a pit and a jack suffice for an ambitious wrenchlet?[View]
27563160Cheap Fun Car Destruction makes me Sad: With the warmer weather and open roads, a lot of project car…[View]
27559197Lexus LS: Why did Lexus kill the GS and not the LS? I had to double check their website to make sur…[View]
27547753Fuck You I Like It: The Thread: Post yours[View]
27564499id on these wheels?[View]
27564861Is A 91 3.0 4runner worth it?: 160k no issues , clean body with back spare tire mount for 3k. Have h…[View]
27563959>I want a car that seats 7. >I want it to be fuel efficient. >I want to also be able to hol…[View]
27566824Anybody else notice the light blue/teal/turquoise color trend with new cars? Kinda like it desu[View]
27551900/SQTDDTOT/: /QTDDTOT/ Stupid Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread 98 octane edition[View]
27560482how do people drive muttslop SUVs like ford broncos and jeep gladiators with a straight face? the st…[View]
27558887is VW POLO 2013 the best car ever made?[View]
27557718/o/ humor thread: /o/ humor thread Post em[View]
27564907Is AAA a scam? I've had it for 5 years and haven't had to get the car towed once. That…[View]
27564029Who the fuck designed these Teslas: >sitting in the back of Uber >Only 6'1' >Doing lik…[View]
27547746I'm jelly that we North Americans don't get sexy wagons.[View]
27565678If you had super speed or flight or teleportation, would you still drive? And if so, what kind of ca…[View]
27565407long live the 5th Gen.[View]
27563335Xiaomi SU7 Thoughts on it? If reviews are good from customers I'm thinking of buying it, the on…[View]
27566365How to get a LICENSE PLATE: >buy a used car from FB (2005 miata NB) >go to DMV to get a plate …[View]
27563256Good morning, gentleman. I am not an /o/ lurker, but I have a serious question. Please have mercy on…[View]
27564095/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: 2000s Edition! >Scooters aren't motorcycles. >no conditioned a…[View]
27565996Hunphf! Schplop![View]
27564024Could I do this myself?: Hey, y'all. I fucked up the bumper on a 2016 Camry and I'm wonder…[View]
27564000>/o/ meetup[View]
27566051Let me guess, you need more out of your american supercar?[View]
27561880Is the Toyota 4Runner a real off road vehicle like the wrangler and bronco or is it just a cuckUV[View]
27562374are first gen avalons rare? i pretty much never see them anywhere, and if i do, half or more of the …[View]
27555865What truck should I buy: I take my dogs hunting and the SUV is getting a little tired and cramped. I…[View]
27563378Why is lexus like this?: >71100€ >sport trim >max speed: 180km/h (111 mph) >0-100: 8.9s …[View]
27564152DEATH TRAP: Are all kei cars basically tempting fate?[View]
27565854avgas in a 2 stroke[View]
27565777So I have recently moved for work to Appalachia and currently Im looking for a new car to buy. It se…[View]
27560260At 55kWh, a Tesla Model 3 RWD battery costs $3000. At this rate of decline, by the end of the decade…[View]
27564882Flip or keep gmc 1500 obs: >I am the luckiest bastard of today. I just bought a white regular cab…[View]
27562564What are these 5 full-size SUVs ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDkPjz_k8w4 At 0:09, he says that…[View]
27565668sonic tools: anybody have experience with sonic tools? how do they stack up against american tools? …[View]
27565174The King of /o/: How do I have to look, act, and drive to become the king of /o/? Most importantly w…[View]
27562587New Charger: https://youtu.be/uGAZkn11hcw >6000 lbs >Video game CGI trailer >Electric fag s…[View]
27562316Not my problem.[View]
27565158What da heill[View]
27564021Your 2025 Toyota MR2[View]
27565150anyone here ever forged a title? have any of you ever got in *real* trouble for it? or did the mvd s…[View]
27565280You now remember the Chrysler LeBaron.[View]
27547245Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma: Hello /o/ I want to buy a medium sized truck for but I’m having a h…[View]
27564810I want to drive a motorcycle[View]
27565218>toot toot[View]
27562141I had a dream about a buick lesabre[View]
27562385Fear me and my 2000 rpm redline machine.[View]
27564798>not having driving plus+ premium x package[View]
27563372Check 'em[View]
27563170Is this a problem or not?[View]
27563204What is this?: Was driving around in a parking lot in a 2017, 5.0 mustang. Heard a pop and a metal o…[View]
27564963>*Teleports in front of you*[View]
27561438br/o/s, our response?[View]
27564910CarMedic: Anyone here work for or know how CarMedics operate? I have a general idea, but wanted to s…[View]
27564426Legs hurt and feel uncomfortable while driving. Pretty sure it’s from bad seating posture but idk ho…[View]
27563104Turbocharged motorcycle carburetors: blow through or draw through?: EFI-fags need not apply. Looking…[View]
27562343The year is 1990, you need a hot hatch. What do you choose?[View]
27560961Anyone tried to monetize driving? I'm thinking about offering rides to NYC (I'm upstate) o…[View]
27556290If you were in this situation, what would you have done differently?[View]
27557877Is this the closest thing we have to a modern FD?: >Double wishbones on all 4 corners >250 hor…[View]
27561340Why do americans call pickup cars 'trucks'?: This is not pickup hate thread. In fact I lik…[View]
27562373Laugh at auscucks thread: How bad are automotive laws in your country? https://www.drive.com.au/news…[View]
27563263Honestly? Meh. The huge blacked out wheel arches on the TRD Pro look atrocious and the front of the …[View]
27564020does tuning cause problems with parts life, reliability, fuel economy, etc? if so, is it possible to…[View]
27564100A triumph of leaf engineering: Unrivaled[View]
27564164any vinbros around?[View]
27561633>seats 6 >fuel efficient >4wd I miss these 80s/90s ricewagons so much and there's noth…[View]
27562569I'm giving up and buying a white, base model, MG4. Discuss[View]
27564098Painting a dirt bike: I'm bored and got some leftover rustolem flat green from painting my rifl…[View]
27562347If someone were hypothetically in the market for a g wagon, why would someone choose a newer shitty …[View]
27559671>be v6 mustang >cost 10k less than gt >get supercharger installed for 10k >make 50hp mor…[View]
27564083Ack C K[View]
27562421Should I Buy This: For $1.5k? Blown head gasket and smokes when running apparently. I already have a…[View]
27561726Necessary experiences as a car enthusiast: After having had a good amount of cars under my belt, I…[View]
27562338/dbt/ The Daily Motorcycle Thread: Spring has Arrived Edition >Motorcycles. >Scooters aren…[View]
27560804Remember /o/, Front Plates are for Cuck States![View]
27563881Cars only a select group of people drive: What's a car you only ever see a select group of peop…[View]
27551576ITT kino Aesthetics[View]
27563257Petrol @ 1.91€ per liter? Not my problem.[View]
27561471Is E46 subframe cracking a meme?: This is unironically my dream car but the apparent problem is maki…[View]
27563490What's better, a Ford Expedition or a Chevy Tahoe? Reliability is what im mainly interested in[View]
27563800I started my shitbox today for the first time after ~4 months. It started fine but then stalled afte…[View]
27562199Gmt400 vs gmt800: >Will they even go down in price?? How do they compare to orher generations. 1…[View]
27557766>cruise control set to a cozy 90mph >pic rel blocks your path so, what is your course of actio…[View]
27563002I'm doing a survey for Americans. 'Slipping clutch' or 'Clutch slippage'. Explain what this m…[View]
27555802Is this boomer right with his assumptions on why Harley Davidson is closing factories?[View]
27563651The whole lineup will be lamb trucks now kthx[View]
27562606Every man should own at least one new car in his lifetime. Its like having a virgin girl, you just h…[View]
27562800What are your tricks for making a dealer/mechanic diagnose your car for free or for a small fee and …[View]
27561897Are bonded titles worth it? …I want to save an old El Camino …but the the seller does not have the t…[View]
27562076Which one of you tried to import a C63 wagon into Chiraq? https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a6043142…[View]
27562918I drive a cube: 364 days per year. It's cheap on fuel and would be easy to repair but it never …[View]
27557572Zoomer with a Buick: 19 years old and daily drive a old Buick LeSabre from 1996. Ask me anything…[View]
27559339ITT: Cars with identifiable driver behavior: >going too slow[View]
27562762What's the max. weight of a car you can drive with a non-commercial US car license? In Europe, …[View]
27558237Man I love cars.[View]
27562862Im thinking of getting this Suzuki GSX 750f. Its either between this (which I like bc its got power …[View]
27562835Bike Carb Replacement for Coprolla: My Coprolla has an old ass mechanical distributor and an origina…[View]
27561879The Toyota Chaser. Where did we all go wrong?[View]
27547781Why do cars have to look so 'edgy' nowadays? While automakers describe the design as 'aggressive,' …[View]
27556744Hazard lights in the rain: Been seeing this more and more, especially this year's spring storms…[View]
27559816I hate cars: Anyone else?[View]
27561370Royal Enfield factory tour.: British heritage[View]
27559985What do you guys think of the Viper SRT-10?[View]
27560364The chariot of the White man.[View]
27561119advice on choosing which one better: been looking to change my shitty old opel astra 2008 to a newer…[View]
27553099You know how EVs are so efficient because regen braking refills their battery, and their brake pads …[View]
27558589how much of a stupid mistake would it be to buy this in 2024? they are probably nightmare to maintai…[View]
27560895Praise machine spirits: ITT: we praise the machine spirits >be me >picrel daily >head gaske…[View]
27556247>I will win because my speed is superior[View]
27560892Only car brand driven by either complete retards or pure geniuses.[View]
27560472Post cars that would encourage lactating woman to breastfeed you[View]
27561144Still the greatest /o/-movie to this date.[View]
27558261What the actual fuck.[View]
27562516Can you outrun a heli?[View]
27561722People for some reason: >Oh you drive a lifted pickup truck? >Ha! I am now thinking about your…[View]
27561437Favorite Parking Spots: I like to park at the edges of hills and cliffs[View]
27561507$3,000 2006 Buick Lacrosse that's a bit over my budget but has 114,000 miles and is in better c…[View]
27560597>That'll be 60.000€ please[View]
27556832How come no one ever talks about Buick?[View]
27562331tesladeaths: how reddit can you get? meticulously cataloging every death in a car brand is the dumbe…[View]
27558013Easiest EU country drivers licence: I live in the Netherlands and the driving test is horrible and l…[View]
27557013If crossovers/SUVs are so good at offroading how come it's always hatchbacks that win Rally cha…[View]
27562351Is it likely that an auto repair shop will report your vehicle to the police if you bring it to them…[View]
27557138Are rear wheel drive cars good first cars? Taking my road test on Monday and not sure what to get wh…[View]
27560708>thing :I >thing japan 8O[View]
27553875>kills you How is this still legal? Eurobuses aren't like this[View]
27561925How does an amerifag get a 15 year imported car from Canada? Get duel citizen ship?[View]
27561991Craigslist Finds Thread: https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ctd/d/camby-1978-cadillac-seville-1of-6…[View]
27560440Will physical buttons ever come back? They're so much better than fake buttons.[View]
27561853I KNOW WHAT I GOT: The lowest priced Type 57 on the planet. And yes restoring it to concours quality…[View]
27561901What kind of car is this?: If anyone can help me find out what make and model this is, that would be…[View]
27560523what the fuck is this LMAO, i just saw it in real life[View]
27555479What does the scholars of /o/ think about this guy? I'm not American and when I think of an Ame…[View]
27555517Manual depreciation: How long do I have to wait to get one of these in a manual. Will have around 50…[View]
27561362title transfer issues: Hello /o/ I just tried to get a title transferred into my name after recently…[View]
27553797what did hoovie do now[View]
27561375>tfw drove through the total eclipse Kino experience[View]
27559943/dbt/ Nightly dbt Thread: weak end to the weekend Edition >Motorcycles. >Scooters aren't …[View]
27558606Jeep grand Cherokee: Someone talk me out of it please... I know Jeep is trash but their cars are so …[View]
27560540Will installing a shortshifter increase synchro wear?[View]
27561597Check Gas Cap: Check Gas Cap message came on, eventually check engine light... I replaced purge val…[View]
27558759>decide to check out american street racing videos >its all people in 900+ hp cars with cringe…[View]
27557498Give me 3 (three) good reasons why I shouldn't just buy a Manual 3-door Jimny in this green col…[View]
27558988how the fuck do people fit in these seats >inb4 american[View]
27561330W211 facelift vs. prefacelift: after doing research i still can’t tell which of the two is more reli…[View]
27559962I have 15k USD in my bank account, I'm a 26 yo POS loser college dropout working a crappy job, …[View]
27561501I so want one just to piss off trugg fags: Ut seriously the new tacoma is pretty rad.[View]
27561387memory holed vehicles: cars you used to see everywhere but are now mostly gone >the reason this i…[View]
27557603I (21 male) got pulled over for the first time. Apparently my high beams were on, but I would bet m…[View]
27561412There's an $8000 Acura RDX in my area with like 120k miles on it. It looks fine but what's…[View]
27561298Once common cars you never see anymore: I hardly ever see Dodge Magnums in the wild, 10-15 years ago…[View]
27558640does my memcal look fucked? This one off Google. looks like some corrosion to me. IDK what do you gu…[View]
27561206When buying my tools, I made a mistake and bought the jack tool on the right (pic related). So when …[View]

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