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Displaying 180 expired threads from the past 3 days

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27833315I know these are popular and a talking point. i've had mine for 15 months and 4500 miles. any q…[View]
27835090Blackpill me on the Rekord E. Would I be disappointed in comparison to a Benz 190/BMW 3 Series? In w…[View]
27830594I need a car for traveling between my properties in the US. It’s a 4 hour drive and I will have up t…[View]
27826537Comfy instrument dials thread[View]
27836115best LED bulb?: one of the bulbs went out on my old daily, i want to upgrade to LED because i’m tire…[View]
27829137Are you part of the car DIY 1%? Worth it to have your own lift?[View]
27836043crashy cars: anyone else played 'crashy cars' when they were a kid? >be me >4 years old, circa…[View]
27833785Life in plastic, it's fantastic![View]
27829694Top or bottom what would you pick: >whats the better option??.[View]
27830582Dodge Charger Enjoyers: Just got the newest Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Fucking lovin…[View]
27833540Corrosion/Rust: I live in Eastern Europe and I'm looking to buy my first car (used) and I have …[View]
27834357Is there any way to keep new cars in neutral and exit the vehicle without it going back into park au…[View]
27834906Why are late night gas station convenience stores so comfy?[View]
27833663Choose your poison, /o/: Choose wisely.[View]
27835620Kaido racer thread: opinions on this type of modification?[View]
27829945If you don't own one of these/have never driven one you don't have the right to call yours…[View]
27835685Wagons: Why do jeets love wagons? Where I live I see hordes of jeets driving these around. I'm…[View]
27828608>Buy a Volkswagen Golf TDI manual >been stealing diesel with a hand pump from semi trucks, box…[View]
27830043Is eur/o/pe hell?: >wait till age 25 to be allowed permission to apply for drivers permit >man…[View]
27835448Hey guys: I decided to finally get my drivers license. Is picrel a good first car or is it too big?…[View]
27833636why do american drivers barely compete in motorsports outside of the US anymore even within the US, …[View]
27832713Anyone explain why people are freaking out over this https://x.com/shitpostgate/status/181545260061…[View]
27825726If your car has fewer than 8 cylinders, just buy an EV at that point. It's like being a 'man' u…[View]
27833686i live in a somewhat small town and there aren't many dealerships or repair shops. what if i wa…[View]
27833789ITT: post car green flags >steering wheels is worn only on the 7-8 o clock positions aka the cru…[View]
27832439/dbt/ - daily baiKU thread: Kang edition! >Motorcycle tips and tricks >Motorcycle pics, webms…[View]
27833077Will I regret buying this one over a raptor in the long run?[View]
27832328>see some exotic hyper car >meh >see random minty 25 year old Econoline van or 90's se…[View]
27830335I just got given a free 96 Jeep Cherokee that's been sitting since 2004. (Picrel) Gimme tips on…[View]
27833339What's the point in cars with these giant superchargers and tons of power? You can't use …[View]
27834294>low IQ people are more prone to accidents What's your answer to this?…[View]
27824054V8 chally thread (No V6s allowed)[View]
27830982I want to V8 swap my shitbox. These are my options: >Toyota 1UZ-FE >GM Vortec 4800 (would need…[View]
27834300EV appliances are unsellable: Nobody wants EV appliances anymore what's happening sisters?!…[View]
27833139Why does this keep happening?[View]
27834184>nO oNe'S bUyInG eVs. Weird cause I saw 5 Mach-Es outside a random medical building this mo…[View]
27833796buh buh buh muh muh duh uh old skool cars were easy to work on: none of this turbo gobbledygooky fan…[View]
27831857These things have no right being as fun to drive as they are.[View]
27825530Does increasing the AC fan speed from 1 to 2, or even 3, increase fuel consumption? If the temperatu…[View]
27831584bros im 28y and I dont have driver license. I want to make one but im scared AF. driving seems real…[View]
27828007ITT dead car brands[View]
27830732One off/special production stuff: Post special limited production vehicles, one offs, etc from car m…[View]
27831971Hey br/o/s, looking at a ford foci and the rockers are rusty but not too bad. I don’t know what they…[View]
27832374What’s your favorite car you rode in or drove: I rode in a 250 GTO once and I am convinced that car …[View]
27828510I can see a future where certain cities as well as those big apartment complexes with their own lots…[View]
27831997Need Help!: Long story short > 19, father is giving me away his car > Passat B6 2008 > nice…[View]
27826180Life is too short to drive shitboxes[View]
27829192Lexus TX: How is this a v4 full sized SUV? Is that enough to lug around that behemoth?[View]
27831320Chevy customers[View]
27830540how do I remove this wheel hub? Do I need a special tool or something[View]
27833332AUDI A7 VS A8: Which one should I buy? I’m 19, making 65k a year with 20k saved up and zero expenses…[View]
27832004New Chargers Look Boring: Does anyone else think the new body style on the Dodge Charger is boring? …[View]
27829243V8 engine swap in a 3rd gen?: My shitbox is approaching 300k miles, transmission is starting to stic…[View]
27833154How about a McLaren F…2?[View]
27833823If you don't own one of these/have never driven one you don't have the right to call yours…[View]
27831865TRUCK AND SUV HATE THREAD: >driven by short men >usually also right wing >destroy climate/…[View]
27830711Are these gud cars?[View]
27825612Hold up.../o/ told me solid state batteries were NEVER coming and were always 5 years away? Will the…[View]
27833042>ex texted me about her check engine light[View]
27831771Looking to buy a car for my family with to young kids (under 3) and a large dog. Would need to fit d…[View]
27832625LEXUS LS430: What's the highest mileage you would purchase a 2000s LS with and how much would y…[View]
27829874I am ANGERY! RARR! >8E[View]
27831411Is it time to sell my beloved NA? I've had it for over a decade but I've started a family …[View]
27831794What the dichotomy of crossovers and SUVs meant for offroad or not? Like a CX-5 is a crossover Theor…[View]
27827667Did it really kill Paul Walker?[View]
27830240For those not worried about sports performance as they never track their cars or speed on the highwa…[View]
27831583Has there ever been a V6 that actually sounds good and isn't a racing engine?[View]
27833305recumbent motorcycles: Will he ever get it done? Why haven't recumbent bikes taken any sort of …[View]
27833212>I need something for a short work commute, grocery run and the occasional trip to my parents who…[View]
27826077You can only pick two[View]
27832009>full synthetic oil[View]
27832147Let's settle this once and for all. OEM (with plate holder) or plateless bumper?[View]
27831206Tractors: Tractors are vital component for every state's national economy and agriculture. Here…[View]
27809805So I got an old Opel Astra G 1.6 cc T98 2001 with a Z16SE motor (130k km) which is prone to shut off…[View]
27822189Why would anyone buy an Audi over a BMW? They both compete in the German luxury/performance category…[View]
27828658Have to drive 14 hours straight on barely any sleep: any advice to get through it? thanks[View]
27832989I need to buy a new car: Looking at either a Corolla hybrid or rav4 hybrid. I have a long biweekly c…[View]
27829667Want to buy a used truck. I'm thinking F-150 or Ram, but I'm open to anything that can com…[View]
27832154halp: 09 Corolla. Door buttons are sinking in. How to fix?[View]
27832688these actually look pretty cool irl: shame about the demographics baggage, they seem like good enoug…[View]
27831149Is Android Head Unit worth it?: The original head unit (RNS 510) of my Passat B7 just died and won…[View]
27832837Volvo owners: Explain yourselves >https://www.volvogroup.com/en/news-and-media/news/2021/jun/lgbt…[View]
27826101>tfw wrenchlet[View]
27832802I just got ripped off by my mechanic yet again. I will never ask for an inspection again. This mothe…[View]
27831569Lithium batteries: To the anons who have installed lithium car batteries on their car? Is the price …[View]
27830059I need help identifying what hitch would go in this receiver, it's exactly 1.5'' insi…[View]
27827212How is it that these 3 countries basically dominate the entire passenger car industry? Japan and Ger…[View]
27818527>buys dead Cybertruck >jumps it >servicing mode on the touchscreen says what's wrong …[View]
27831652>God is an American[View]
27828345Whats the usecase?: In every way a car is better[View]
27828456Stay in the car: Stay in the car[View]
27832510Where can I get instructions for taking my ford fusion bumper off without it being from some vapid s…[View]
27829681Mazda Automatic Transmission: Scotty said it’s among the worst AT‘s on the market. Is that true?…[View]
27830837Why are american made vehicles such shit quality? I thought americans prided themselves on their man…[View]
27829086My car doesn't have push button start.[View]
27829983Cadillac Escalade EXT: Is it possible to drive one of these without looking like a nigger? I just wa…[View]
27831572I think we should crush Japanese and European cars and use the scrap to rehabilitate old American ca…[View]
27830871Are there any aftermarket or ones I can rip off from another car that I can use for my 2014 highland…[View]
27825966>smoke in car, smell stays for years >put ar freshener in car, smell goes away in days Why can…[View]
27830997> be me > driving down main road > old man blows stop sign > stop > he doesn't e…[View]
27831655Car show babes and car model thread[View]
27831162VIN CHECK THREAD: WMWRE33546TL23070 2006 Mini cooper S. Lots of stuff replaced on it, maintained wel…[View]
27828780Are hybrid better than ICE?[View]
27832169E46 330Ci M54 advice: >e46 330ci what am i in for if i buy this car? not a total wrenchlet and ha…[View]
27830825I only do my shopping and groceries at Shell Select(TM) convenience stores: Now that is what I call …[View]
27827263Redpill me on Shell/Castrol coolant: Is there a reason why they aren't very common, considering…[View]
27829593If you're going 60 mph and a fly is flying inside your car, is the fly flying at 60 mph?[View]
27828717What car is this?: I've seen this car yesterday, but I have no idea what it is. I've seen …[View]
27832031I just changed brake pads and discs on my twingo and I've noticed my dampers and springs are st…[View]
27827222Looking to buy a W220 S55 AMG. In May it had a bunch of work done on the supercharger. Does this loo…[View]
27826511I want to gift my gf a (used) car. It should be small and cute (her most important demand), low-cost…[View]
27829395/dbt/ - daily bike thread: zx4 touring edition >Motorcycle tips and tricks >Motorcycle pics, w…[View]
27829750Rate my daily shitbox.[View]
27831004Germany Car Industry: >Save my manufacturing industry Is it over for them? They tried to market t…[View]
27831948Is there a good place to get owner's manual PDFs? I need one for a 87 Dodge Ram D150. Or any fi…[View]
27828383Not really a car guy, but can someone explain why Subarus are linked with lesbians?[View]
27831851Opinions on these guys?[View]
27828461post it[View]
27826943Tried to save money on car repair, tried to DIY, get punished: >tfw decided to do my own wrenchin…[View]
27831811Miata when tall?: I’m 6’3 with long legs and want to buy a Miata, which generation would be best, ho…[View]
27830621Is there any reason why g wagons are so expensive other than Jews? Tbh I’d rather get an r8[View]
27827378Had to rent a car out recently on an out of state trip. It was a brand new MY24 vehicle, and I'…[View]
27821919why did these disappear? i just learned about the alltrack but they only existed from 2017 - 2019 in…[View]
27827709Why aren't all sedans liftbacks? Crossover cancer would be cured immediately once normies reali…[View]
27828217> Be me > Crown vic owner, I complain: No AC > Call shop, ask to have AC recharged > Mec…[View]
27830819>suddenly for no apparent reason at all[View]
27831478Where can I get a big set of snap ring pliers for these? The normal reversable ones don't close…[View]
27830304My mom got mad at me for telling her I'm buying a used car. She thinks that's for poor pe…[View]
27831288It's pretty nice: https://youtu.be/olcjaZYaUvY?si=-6E9zGsfxictW43r I clicked on the video not l…[View]
27823860Car enthusiasts like ICE because of the noise: Why is this the end all be all of arguments for/again…[View]
27831234What's a reliable vehicle from 2020 onwards that has good mileage, no more than 30k and is an S…[View]
27828681BMW 320Si: >Homologation car >Affordable >Good looks >Low maintenance >Handles like a…[View]
27819038it's /o/ver[View]
27830634>22 >got license 8 months ago >0 accident >0 ticket >auto insurance $300/month I ca…[View]
27828673Shit driver retaliation thread: ITT we discuss options and ideas to dish the pain on assclowns ruini…[View]
27829608review those fucks, its worth it: >buy shitbox for a lot cheaper than other ones, even with its i…[View]
27830276>Thought I dodged a bullet by not getting an older model scion with the 2AZ-FE engine because the…[View]
27828316last good shitbox: kneel.[View]
27821439Fuckng california drivers: It never ceases to amaze me how criminally retarded California drivers ar…[View]
27828840Rare malibu interior: What think of, /o/?[View]
27824652i hid some of my piss and blood in the car i sold hehe[View]
27824771What is the most DEI automaker?[View]
27829336Why are American cars so bad?: >Cars can easily be stolen merely with screwdrivers and usb cables…[View]
27827635If Japanese cars are so high quality then why are their cabins so fucking loud? Really makes you th…[View]
27830682Sedan of choice: Honda Accord SUV of choice: Honda Pilot Pickup of choice: Honda Ridgeline Simple as[View]
27829181As a child i used to see these seat covers pretty much on every car. Nowadays they seem to be extinc…[View]
27829365dumped allready im buying a motorbike and becoming an organ donor[View]
27829233You can get an M3 Competition with 15k miles used at around $75,000 or less. This seems like a prett…[View]
27827282I really need help: I have a 2001 Mazda millenia the tensioner pulley is broken. I've looked ev…[View]
27828704I want to daily a carbureted car (electric choke). I live in a cold shithole. What am I in for?[View]
27827338So what happens after the warranty ends and your engine blows up at 30,001 miles?[View]
27829264AU Falcon or Crown Vic?[View]
27829830Air filters are important: My neighbor is the Mexican Joe Biden. I was helping him rebuild his R22 e…[View]
27830172SSC Tutara: What do we think? Is it peak ICE Hypercar? We know it can out-turn the Rimac Nevera, but…[View]
27826779Late 90s/Early 00s Pontiac Firebird: Every 12 year old boy thought this was the coolest car ever bac…[View]
27826642Holy Fuck: This guy is a total chad, makes any other car youtuber look like a pathetic sissy + makes…[View]
27822324Unknown cars: Post unknown/obsure cars.[View]
27827377You lived long enough to see Americans build Chinese brand cars: What a fucking time to be alive htt…[View]
27828846>buy 'white' touchup paint >fucking thing is actually green…[View]
27828042Fuel injectors keep clogging: The fuck is this stuff in my petrol tank, it goes right through the fi…[View]
27828971/tg/ - tesla general: jon jones edition[View]
27823577lol my coworker is trading his Lexus LS for Tesla Y: He said the transmission is clicking when he sh…[View]
27829511I'm seriously considering swapping my ML55 AMG for a post-facelift 2009 Mazda RX-8 because I re…[View]
27824792Race weekend at The Ridge, gonna blogpost about it as requested. If anyone else has cool photos from…[View]
27825316How do you wrap a car yourself?[View]
27823862are EVs naturally aspirated ?[View]
27819277This is going to sound stupid but why don't we see cars in the following configuration, particu…[View]
27829330I fucking hate registration. There’s no point at all except for the government to take a little extr…[View]
27826493Is this tint job acceptable? It's on the windshield on the passenger side[View]
27819930How would you handle a situation of having a highly sought after classic car worth several hundred t…[View]
27825672not to be an alarmist, but working in automotive i wouldn't buy a car made in this period[View]
27826575>40k for a new brz[View]
27811616Why shouldn't I get a ford maverick? -My wife and I carpool about 100km a day to work so we nee…[View]
27826208>oh my moloch europoors pay so much for gas haha it's so cheap here in muttmerica >meanwh…[View]
27817242Tire thread: what brand/type you taking?[View]
27826936Well-kept Shitboxes: This may be the most concours ready Saturn top currently exist https://youtu.be…[View]
27828115Just filled slightly over half my capacity. Christler is king.[View]
27828212Convince why I should purchase this over an M4[View]
27828005/dbt/ - daily bike thread: stroek edition >Motorcycle tips and tricks >Motorcycle pics, webmsa…[View]

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