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/o/ - Auto

Displaying 201 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
27428873People Don't Buy Electric Cars anymore and here’s why they’re wrong: >Certain harmful myths …[View]
27437493What happens if tyres are too thin for the wheel?: >245/45/17 is stock >234/45/17 is what car …[View]
27433958/dbt/ - [ Daily Bike Thread ]: fully embrace the truth of the single and go with a WR >Motorcycle…[View]
27436004My car does 0-60 in 12 seconds and it’s absolutely fine. You do NOT need anymore than this[View]
27432039Rare cars: Checker Model A, only one left in the world.[View]
2743692514 second hell: If the Rentastar V6 is so good, why can't they break into the 13s? https://www.…[View]
27434564project cars from people 20 years ago: found an old mag of Grassroots Motorsports in the mid 2000 ou…[View]
27431499>he doesn't have gloves in his glove compartment[View]
27432012Conventional vs Full Synthetic Question: If i have both conventional and full synthetic oil and are …[View]
27436597Can someone post more pics like this of over loaded suspensions? These are fascinating to me :/[View]
27433579Name a worse state to be a car owner: >shit pothole filled roads >tolls >shit weather >s…[View]
27425332My onitis just posted this What fucking car is this?[View]
27433402>sick of only doing 45 on my way to work every day >really want to drive my car fast >look …[View]
27436789We gaan[View]
27436505>>>/pol/459198201 Suspension coils on a Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Limited. How much do you hav…[View]
27420227>He doesn't own a jerry can how does it feel to be a slave?[View]
27427943For fucks sake, just let people merge. I don't get why people are so booty blasted at the thoug…[View]
27436608Now that EVs are dead in the US Market: What's going to happen to all these RC cars that are fu…[View]
27433272Layeth it down on me, how retarded would it be to finance an old, used car? Been desperate for anoth…[View]
27431517are manual transmissions more reliable than automatic trannies? i keep hearing this, but considering…[View]
274307552024 Tacoma rear springs look really big and noticeable, is it a good thing or is it because it was …[View]
27431711I'm looking for a new daily and so far I checked all the usual suspects like Honda, Toyota, Lex…[View]
27432050If /o/ was a car: This is so you anon![View]
27431862Learning to Drive Stick During a Test Drive kek: How do you learn to drive stick if you dont know an…[View]
27435898Which cars make you react like this?[View]
27436394>seller says >'CAR IS RUST FREE JUST NEEDS HEATER CORE' >look at the car >transmission …[View]
27433549>founded by kiichiro toyoda >called Toyota. This is like Henry Ford naming his company Fork…[View]
27429920>be too busy and tired from work so I go to the car wash >there are 2 lanes with kiosks where …[View]
27433504Just a reminder that the car you sold a few years ago is now part of a bridge somewhere. Sorry.[View]
27425294Targa top: Your car does have a removable roof/targa top, right?[View]
27435587So you're saying in the 80s a random japanese guy living in california and working as a janny c…[View]
27434634car design peaked in the 80s[View]
27428267>compact >reliable >can easily exceed 300k miles >easy enter and exit for passengers …[View]
27435293Are ram trucks any good?: Im considering a 1500 classic warlock in V6 as it’ll be my daily. Live in …[View]
27433683>bought a car in Dec, first car purchase >started browsing /o/ in late 2023 to ask questions …[View]
27434797'We already have Lamborghini at home': >Lamborghini at home:[View]
27435843QTDDTOT: I'll start: Jim and Bob each owned a car. Then they stole another one on March 3, two …[View]
27421601Your /o/ sin: Confess[View]
27435584Do you use a GPS tracker for your vehicle? If so, which one and do you like it?[View]
27435721What will the cybertruck be worth in 50 years? Millions? Good investment?[View]
27433001Elon Rust: Elon sisters... The Cybertrucks are rusting...[View]
27434582modern headlights suck: Hiding the turn signal in some weird inboard position between a bunch of chr…[View]
27424745/o/ humour thread[View]
27429699>comes with 229 ci engine How the fuck did they do work with this POS[View]
27433220>friend makes $200k >drives a grand cherokee…[View]
27433561Fisher Ocean named worst car in the world: https://youtu.be/6xWXRk3yaSw?si=Dis8NV1C_Ru8LDPO…[View]
27425202Why everyone is idolising the old NSX now?: I like the car don't get me wrong but why every fuc…[View]
27428956>gf wants to finance a Tesla Model 3 Is it over?[View]
27434393Nothing quite summarizes the decline of American culture like the decline of the American car enthus…[View]
27392718/weekend wrenching/: What are y/o/u working on? 4-barrel? Your sweaty simrig? Installing a CAI on yo…[View]
27427486dam I missed it: guys I missed it :([View]
27428972what cars these type of people usually drive?: I would say 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. What do you t…[View]
274276704 years later: Is it still ugly?[View]
27433850How reliable is Lexus and do parts + repairs tend to be cheap?[View]
27430104at least someone, thank fucking god they're raping us with SUVs on every corner[View]
27432156Honestly, this car mogs every other car in existence, and I think I'm going to get it after the…[View]
27433805Illegal: Modified cars in Italy are illegal. https://youtu.be/nd6r9oJU8nw[View]
27432075Clean it up highway jannies.[View]
27431741Power or handling?[View]
27425513/tfg/ Truckerfag general: If I have to hear Watermelon Moonshine at Loves one more time I'm gon…[View]
27426290How come /o/ never talks about Mitsubishi?[View]
27433299How do I learn to drive?: >am noob >went to 1 hpde event where we went around a track just goi…[View]
27432103What ethnicity is Chris Harris? His wiki just says he's British but that's all.[View]
27434846Car Cringe Thread: Post car related cwinge. I'll start >on a walk a few days ago >hear ab…[View]
27428008Tesla removes boot just by driving off: https://youtube.com/shorts/Vr0-Y-a4GQs[View]
27433671What car is this?[View]
27431590BMW i8: The prices on these things are not too high and I always loved the look of them. My only con…[View]
27424233> be me, 27 > Live in Midwest > Been tossing around the idea of getting a new vehicle but k…[View]
274342261999 LEXUS GS: I replaced the fuel pump in my car and now it’s having trouble turning on. It took me…[View]
27434233Is this mold?: I noticed my carpets were wet so I proceeded to remove the carpet and when I lifted t…[View]
27428788Why do people say these are “modern luxury” again? Just took a Lyft in one. Cheap plastics and you c…[View]
27434167Truck Owners: I used to make fun of truck owners for putting their money into such a large truck ins…[View]
27433226classic car, stiff shift from neutral to drive: just looking for some feedback about an issue. It…[View]
27428653Why did Ford put the Mustang badge on this abortion?[View]
27430694Great car geniuses discussion: Picrel, discuss[View]
27428020ITT: Post your favorite tires: For me it's Pirelli's Diablo Rosso III[View]
27429933>Hello dealer? Yes I’d like to purchase a 500hp V12 Dodge Mustang Challenger Camaro with the Stev…[View]
27404125Post tiny, simple cars you like.[View]
27430515>this ad convinced millions of beta males to buy a square fagmobile[View]
27433729I saw one of these on the road (IN the US!?) How? You lied to me /o/[View]
27430740/dbt/ Daily Bike Thread: HELL YEAH A BROTHER TODAY Edition >HYB >BHY links >https://msf-usa…[View]
27431260>have sold 4 of my cars in my life >NEVER seen any of them again in the road after selling th…[View]
27431588autism: https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/d/warren-the-best-gmc-envoy-sle-sport/7718203712.html…[View]
27432640Is it ugly?: Maybe the M3 and M4 lowered my standards, but I quite like the M2's front. The rea…[View]
27433376>post I'm leaving state >list my car and bike for sale >all my 'friends' rush in and t…[View]
27420737aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh get out of the fucking left lane I gotta go fas-ACK[View]
27432872sick of seeing communist engineering idolised on this board: gears are for queers my next truck is g…[View]
27432834>Cheap >RWD >Sedan >Built worldwide >220HP >C5 Corvette parts fit it >Tons of a…[View]
27426056Mazda: >Made the RX-7, the best looking sports car ever >Made the MX-5, the best selling sport…[View]
27433594/o/ humor bread[View]
27432309I remember when this came out how /o/ praised it: What happened since then?[View]
27429735let me guess, you need more?[View]
27432051Thinking of picking up a first Gen Mitsubishi 3000gt. Any thoughts / comments on it?[View]
27431264I went to an autoshow in Toronto and the police had their own exhibition. They surrounded me and sai…[View]
27426140Cars for Gamers?[View]
27432618HERE IT COMES[View]
27419131/ovg/ - sneed for madnes edition: Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussing racin…[View]
27432821> I got a Peugeot 107 from a junk yard and looks in good condition. I was wondering if I can get …[View]
27431809is it okay to look only at the backup camera screen when backing out or do they have blind spots?[View]
27430700Should I wash my cars subframe? I just noticed it’s very dirty and full of mud. Is it ok to leave it…[View]
27427045Picrel, you own a brz and are 10k deep in mods[View]
27419966Why are some dudes not wearing seatbelts anymore? Like half of the dudes I know don't wear seat…[View]
27426484Nobody actually likes performance wagons right? its a meme isn’t it? Every wagon in existence looks …[View]
27431658I know I'm a pussy but are there any budget convertibles that won't kill me if a truck hit…[View]
27432783I wanna drive a gas-guzzling redneckmaxxed 1981 Ford F150 but Germanys stupid Environment laws stop …[View]
27426888Let me guess; you (((need))) more?[View]
27428527Nissan Juke: So whats the concensus on this car? seems very fuel inefficient... The 4 way parking ca…[View]
27431349Make Buick Great Again[View]
27431781Why does torque matter when you can put giga granny gear on a car ?[View]
27432593it's joever[View]
27430241I got a new steering wheel: I like it. >say something nice:[View]
27431175>Howa bigru do you wan the grillu? >예[View]
27429160>Smokey might have lived in the grey area of the rule book, but he always maintained that he foll…[View]
27420274Have Korean cars actually become cool or is that just a meme a few cartubers are pushing?[View]
27430503Why do American car owners have such inferiority complexes?: Every single post they make includes se…[View]
27432452How often should you bring your car to cash wash? Is rain and snow enough?[View]
27432681Best car ads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtLRCqgQilk[View]
27431594> WARNING: Lug nuts/bolts must be checked and retorqued immediately after the first 25 miles of u…[View]
27432595Why car does he drive?[View]
27420645The world is healing[View]
27430493>brand new stainless steel cybertrucks are already rusting Holy kek[View]
27427344im in the market for a new-ish car. probably 2018+ is 'japanese reliability' a real thing?[View]
27431883>has designed >shitboxes >super cars >buses >motorcycles >guns >cameras >tra…[View]
27430142What does /o/ think about Total Oils?: Are they just as good as Castrol, Mobil 1, and Shell?[View]
27421556Citroen Cactus: So i've finally gathered around 10000 euros for a used car. Im thinking between…[View]
27430082Tell me again why people think this is somehow ugly?: Whilst at the same time buying Kias and Hyunda…[View]
27430613>his 'sports' car doesn't have the tachometer in the middle of the gauge cluster…[View]
27428066What the fuck?: Challys have VCM? What the fuck? What's the fucking point? Why would a Chally o…[View]
27430977Why has stratified charge mode development been abandoned on DI engines?: Surely it would have extra…[View]
27427866Why don't they make beautiful cars anymore?: I spoke with my engineer friend who works at a maj…[View]
27432185You haven't truly lived until you're out camping in the most remote of remote, need to get…[View]
27431106Why was motor oil in glass bottles never really a big thing? I'm sure it happened somewhere alo…[View]
27432013How can I tell if my car has a computer that stores activity data in it? Ie - car was going x speed …[View]
27429426Can I install a dead pedal in my Ram 1500? Everywhere I look it's for Jeeps only.[View]
27428888Your thoughts?[View]
27420868Good choice or nay?: Picrel is my make-it car. A full-size SUV that is comfortable to sit inside. GM…[View]
27422580>in 5 years the only thing separating cars will be the software experience >apple swoops in an…[View]
27424997What’s your go to for tires? Was considering just spending $200 on a used set but i dunno Pic relat…[View]
27431192>Gets you pulled over[View]
27429762ITT: Kino Car Body Designs[View]
27422846Tangential topic, but what do you use for car fragrance? Good old hanging freshener or something els…[View]
27427633A final answer to the $30k sport sedan question: Test drove the GTI, Elantra N, and Civic si. am a F…[View]
27431203The magnet fell off. How fucked am I?[View]
27426689I actually think this is one of the best looking Mercs ever made. It's a complete shame the in…[View]
27429025I'm trying to replace the clutch pack on my bike. What do I need to remove this doohicky? I alr…[View]
27431401> ad says >rust free vehicle, just needs heater core >go look at it >hole in one rocker,…[View]
27429582what are these tinted license plate covers for? You can still see the plate number so whats the poin…[View]
27429905Why do people do drifting circles shit?[View]
27430020What were they thinking?[View]
27429708Drug fueled road trip across the states: Anybody wanna get fucked up and do a fear and loathing cros…[View]
27422284Does anyone have any recommendations for brake line flare tools that can easily work with stainless …[View]
27431069Name the model. I am driving a 1.4L 5 speed manual 2006 Opel Astra in Ireland at 60km/h in 3rd gear.[View]
27429179How do you go from this…[View]
27429817How have they not been cancelled yet for their logo?: And how have they dodged it?[View]
27429659What's the closest a poorfag zoomer eastern euro can get to rally racing realistically[View]
27425953New Jeep Wagoneer is Engineering Nightmare: So I was watching mystery meat toyota man's car rev…[View]
27427053fat fuck here will i look silly if i buy a tiny fuel efficient city car? Is my only choice a gas guz…[View]
27428883you dont need over 300hp in a daily. you can haul 10-15k+ lbs with a gasser truck with 300hp you can…[View]
27429891How do people even get into accidents in car parks?: How is it possible? You are rarely going above …[View]
27425091My car has 300hp. It goes 0-60 in 5.7 seconds.[View]
27430599My wife's bull just bought me a new car[View]
27430777Gaining entry to an 08 Corsa/Opel: I need to get into my old Corsa It's been sitting on the dri…[View]
27430813is it kino?[View]
27428010New Consumer Reports brand survey just dropped.[View]
27427892My car cost $40,000 new.[View]
27429234Mystery seats: I bought out an upholstery shop about a month ago. I found these seats burred in the …[View]
27429623Are these giveaways a scam? Instagram keeps shilling me them (I'm watching Miata reels)[View]
27426979/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Suzuki Edition >talk about motorcycles and motorcycle accessories link…[View]
27430549spongy brakes on an old EF: Good evening, I'm obviously an unexperienced hobby mechanic doing a…[View]
27430326Why did cars have sovl until the 2000s?[View]
27425245Cars that only autistic people drive: Hard mode - Has to include both the first owner, and the susbe…[View]
27430521hey you tolkfkjsfkn anyway, fuck i'm exhausted. what do you think of this bad boy? do you even…[View]
27430299>be a motorcycle enthusiast & want to own one >just buy a used bike for under 2000-3000$ a…[View]
27430167All EV Grand Prix Japan: EV racing has been a thing in Japan for half a decade now. With one clear w…[View]
27426561Chevrolet General /CG/: Post ya Chevys here my Yellows,Blacks, Whites, and Browns![View]
27428473What will West Yorkshire Police drive now?[View]
27429822does anyone have a mega or dropbox for a hayne's repair manual for 1990s toyota 4runners?[View]
27429913This is one of the most beautiful cars of the current decade.[View]
27421013Breaking news: Cybertruck rusting already because of no clear coat.[View]
27429895>have had a 370hp estate and now a nice 3 litre diesel saloon since >still miss my fiesta st w…[View]
27429222Redpill me on the WK2. I'm looking to get something more practical than my V6 Chally.[View]
27429399If youre not old enough to remember night time speed limits then you shouldn't be allowed to po…[View]
27422289Corvettes: Are corvettes the peak enthusiast vehicle? >Cheap enough to be affordable for the midd…[View]
27428731>can't own peak wagon because tasteless pricks in my country prefer to get sent to grave in …[View]
27428996Was this actually a good car? Or was it all Hollywood hype?[View]
27426681Wow I didn't know Mercedes was this cool!: For 45k you can get an EVO/STI KILLER FOR A BASE MOD…[View]
27427171Modern Car Aesthetics: Why are modern cars designed to be so...Bulgywulgy?[View]
27428041>bring an i4 M50 to have some codes check out by the local BMW dealership after being unwrecked …[View]
27426750Does this bother you?[View]
27425875Well Well Well Well Well Well Well Well WELL: Looks like the jig is up. You chuds had your fun. You …[View]
27429625Canada: ITT we: >Canada[View]
27424126I'm Tired, Bros...[View]
27428716why shouldnt i get a chrysler 300[View]
27423110FIAT is the greatest car manufacturer, and you can't deny it Viva Fabbrica Italiana Automobili …[View]
27412067Was Rover ever good or are the Brits just lying?[View]

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