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File: 1400987322990.jpg (2.84 MB, 3842x2920)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
If you live in the US, this chart is your best place to start looking. International posters outside the US may have region specific options not shown here!
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Need a VIN checked? Search the catalog (https://boards.4chan.org/o/catalog) for an existing VIN check thread before making your own.

Chevy's Aussie cousin is far superior. You've never truely driven until you've driven a Commodore..
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Had a black VZ SS too, that was a heap of shit. Hadn't been very well looked after. I definitely think the vy-vz is the best handling model, and arguably the best looking.
Because they were shit, obviously
because FUCK australian motoring
They closed all the holden plants because sales are bad.

The new one is just an fwd opel insignia with no v8.
Can someone explain the sour attitude of Americans here? Too butthurt the commodore is superior to almost everything chevy has ever shit out?

File: ladder1.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Pic Related: Based Quint
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Phuc rcr nyuggah
File: firetruck.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
elsie go away
File: 63842357912.jpg (159 KB, 1280x720)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
File: bl.jpg (3.51 MB, 2568x1696)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG
I was an engineer at a firetruck factory, AMA.

KME is garbage tier and they just got bought out so I expect that to get worse. Pierce is good quality, but their HURR INNOVATIVE marketing campaign is bullshit. There was nothing innovative about the Dash CF, they brought back a cab layout that was decades old and then pretend they invented it.

You can kill one and only one manufacturer of your choice, forever.

Which one and why?
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It’s a group, you should pick one of their children.

I’d say Audi
>Ford is the only major US manufacturer who didn't get bailed out.

Not true they currently owe almost $12bn to the US tax payer. The last "loan" of $5.9bn came in June 2009, the same month GM filed for bankruptcy, the difference is GM paid that back.
wanting to kill porschoohjrkjtrooh
id leave porsche untouched, kill the rest
maybe seat and skoda can stay too
Because they are Honda vehicles.

They are sold as Honda in europe.

File: hg fam2 v122.jpg (3.76 MB, 7488x4824)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
Honda General
>one piece edition

Toyota Sister Thread

Honda Chassis Codes

Zee maps

Bump the thread if you see this at page 10.


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File: 932013_18307_566_crva1.jpg (357 KB, 900x590)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Friendly reminder: if you're playing infamous at this hour, you need to go to bed
But I'm almost finished, m8!

>Not sleeping when the sun rises
File: IMG_0196.jpg (632 KB, 1537x2049)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
didn't even come close to finishing when i thought I would, mostly because I wayy overslept and had to change out a flat tire on moms car. Then I had to drive through rush hour traffic to get my timing cover and chain. Got a lot of shit done though - got all the timing squared away, adjusted the valves, new gaskets in the valve cover, mounted the transmission, had my brother weld up that hole in the firewall (pic related) to get the header to clear. Then finally put it all back in the car, did all the wiring harness for the engine/transmission, hooked up the manifold, fuel line, a few coolant hoses, and some other shit. Just the radiator/front end, axles, header, linkeage, a bit of the wiring harness, and fluids left. Gonna take 3 or 4 hour nap and get back to it.
Wew you're grinding hard. Result is gonna be sweet.

File: dumb bitch.jpg (37 KB, 474x711)
37 KB
Your dream car just appeared on your driveway, but it's been engine swapped with the engine out of the first car you owned.

How fucked are you?
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This sounds like beginning of some Fort Minor track or something.
Can't argue with that lads, being born with fine tastes is trouble

lel, kind of does
File: 880.jpg (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
>Lexus LFA with Duratec 2.0 engine

t-thanks I guess
>Boss Mustang
>VW Passat

Pretty bad, but could be worse; now I just have to hunt down the right engine or get a new and improved one.
>muh fine tastes
Its boomer fucks with "fine tastes" that build horrid, shoddy McMansions that ruin the entire street

Post your finds.
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I can't tell if this is serious or not.
>that a slice of pizza in the car?
if anybody wants this lmk

File: 1237917779613a.jpg (52 KB, 465x498)
52 KB
>those lights
2002 Subaru imprezza wrx 4900ish

know u guys like tis car so putting it on here, just found it. posted 3 hrs ago at this moment. 5 AM wed

File: Acura NSX.jpg (178 KB, 1047x672)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
A place to ask all your short automotive related questions.

>ProTip - Google your question first. You are in more chances of getting a detailed answer to it.

Also, please go through the thread to find questions of which you know an answer to.

Previous Thread - >>18035164 → (bump limit reached)

Have A Great Day!
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yea, destroying an irreplaceable antique.
File: 20171018_023714.png (961 KB, 1080x1211)
961 KB
961 KB PNG
Any reason not to get it as a daily?
Has the 2.0T TSI motor, manual, 70k miles

I'm mainly concerned with how reliable and easy to work on it is. Ignition seems pretty accessible but idk about anything else. A high stress German 4 cylinder sounds like a recipe for disaster...
best Daily Driver for around $10K-ish or less?
qualifiers in order of importance; most important first:
>Fuel Efficient
>Has back seats
Preferences but not absolute necessities:
>Manual Trans
>Somewhat sporty
>Looks decent

>can be Diesel or Hybrid (in my shithole state Diesel is usually cheaper than gas)

I currently drive a 1999 Camry XLE V6
It's cozy, spacious, comfortable, and has the suspension of an 80s Cadillac

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
How to make noisy car less noisy? Is it just the engine? The exhaust?

File: b.png (450 KB, 600x450)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
forced memes edition

>bean Questions & Answers
>bean Tips & Tricks
>bean Gear & Accessories
>bean Pics & Webms
>bean Dating Advice
>bean Chicken Strip Support Group

/dbt/ map: Meet & fuck.

Nobean? Start here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What do you guys think of a, 07 Suzuki SV-650 as my first personally owned bike? I found one for sale near me and I really like the way it looks. I've been riding my dad's Boulevard C50 around for about a year, and I feel like it would be the next step if I wanted to get into sports bikes.
If you want to get into sportbikes why not just get a sportbike? You should be able to handle either with your experience.
I'm scared, I'm prone to panic in some situations and I don't want to panic on a ground missile.

File: tg fam1 v32.jpg (3.46 MB, 8640x4104)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
Toyota General
>Moderate rain edition


>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu blogfagging
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu memes
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu discussion
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu pics

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's usually a normal thing. Old Hondas have that same quirk even with a brand new transmission.
My '93 Corolla does the same. I just put it in neutral and depress+press the clutch once before going into reverse, that does the trick.
How do you guys get such a huge image under 4 MB? None of the optimizers I use get anywhere near that close.
Open in paint and resize, if you are using a phone just use a lower resolution.
But this is 8640x4104

File: IMG_3521.jpg (75 KB, 1024x576)
75 KB
What do you guys think about the Toyota Carina, the 1994 version? I have an autistic friend who owns one and sees it as the pinnacle of technology, he keeps sending me pics of his car so frequently it worries me.
Well, It was a space shuttle of a car at one point...
It exists.

It's an old Toyota, it's not the pinnacle of technology.

File: my sanswich.jpg (417 KB, 1945x2000)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
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I consider myself a top tier memer, but even I don't get this.
I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it "the terminator". First I crouch down in the shower in the classic "naked terminator traveling through time" pose. With my eyes closed I crouch there for a minute, visualizing either Arnold or the guy from the second movie (not the chick in the third one because that one sucked) and I start to hum the terminator theme. Then I slowly rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me to proceed through my day as an emotionless, cyborg badass. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It ruins the fantasy. I think maybe I read too many comic books when I was a kid...
I have bad news OP, you might be gay. Fantasizing about naked hulking men in the shower is not normal for straight men. Also who the heck takes a shower in the morning. Everyone i know takes showers before bed. Are you european or some shit?
Switch OP with anon or heartbreaker i guess.

File: SS2.png (1.05 MB, 1329x880)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Looking to change the name of the game. Want to get a shortlist of potential titles and then will create a poll.

New thread (with progress update) is coming next weekend. The game is to be revealed to the public next week.

Pic related is the modification system I've been working on, feedback is appreciated.
71 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>for paintjob
Sorry, your game is long past fucked. Maybe learn to dev before you just start shitting out memes.
Get a real computer.
4/10 bait got me to reply
nice one!
Yes, a nice one.

File: car1.jpg (2.93 MB, 3264x2448)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
need help identifying this car, any help would be greatly appreciated.... forget about this pic and just look at it. the emblem seems unique... not sure if 3rd party or something.

thanks guys
File: car2.jpg (2.81 MB, 3264x2448)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Hyundai Genesis Coupe
thanks bud! heard any good things about these or no? it just caught my eye aesthetically...
They're fun.

The 3.8 r spec is fun with the manual.
File: 20170930_235259.jpg (973 KB, 2560x1440)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
My wife has an auto 3.8 track. It's alright. Think of it as a Korean v6 Mustang. Getting up to 50k miles with no problems. Interior in 13+ models is surprisingly decent save for questionable plastic on the interior door handle. They're fast in v6 form, don't get the 2.0t. Don't know why you would when the shits weigh 3500 lbs. I talk shit on it at every opportunity, but I find myself taking it to mountain roads frequently and beating on it. Once you get used to the girth, it's a decently handling car. I enjoy the steering input.

They can sound great with the right exhaust but sound like whiney shit layered over a muted rumble in stock form. I hate it so much in low RPM. Suspension setup in higher trims and rspec is adequate. Stock kumho tires are shit. It probably needs some bracing for serious driving because there is an assload of chassis flex.

It has direct injection, so enjoy your carbon build up or install a catch can. The manual transmission is mediocre and supposedly has questionable longevity compared to the auto which is why it's my wife's car. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to like it and regret not forcing her to learn manual harder.

Get it or don't. I'd cross shop the 370z.

>penis windows

File: 435435435.jpg (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
Any body else replace their shift knob to something else? Pic related is mine.
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File: 6o3oso.jpg (53 KB, 800x533)
53 KB
Type-R weighted knob copy turned on a lathe with 306.

It's too heavy, but I've grown to like it.

Not mine just reference pic.
Holy shit this is terrible.
Do you sit on that?
I replaced the aftermarket shift knob with the dinged up stock one the previous owner had in the glove box. Looks so much better.
Mine is yellow, 5sp.

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