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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.

Uncut cocks are preferred :)
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in here
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File: 3154718twinks.jpg (73 KB, 720x540)
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File: 1422362011453.jpg (583 KB, 707x900)
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583 KB JPG
File: 1441325904468.jpg (475 KB, 760x1013)
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File: marc biazizzo2.jpg (69 KB, 667x1000)
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File: image.jpg (64 KB, 730x483)
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/hm/, what happened to this guy? He used to have a tumblr but it seems to have disappeared...
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yeah the captcha is making this a bitch so i'm just uploading them to imgur

what, no chubby thread? won't do.
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File: IMG_20150705_000137.jpg (101 KB, 640x1070)
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101 KB JPG
File: B4CW8gICAAA4HQk.gif (1.15 MB, 324x382)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
File: FB_IMG_1435733504052.jpg (101 KB, 750x1125)
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101 KB JPG

World Naked Bike Ride
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I love that he has a boner in public. Turns me on to think about him like that :)
My dream's prince is real.
File: CNV00041.jpg (530 KB, 1232x1840)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
File: CNV00013.jpg (757 KB, 1232x1840)
757 KB
757 KB JPG

File: train.man.jpg (84 KB, 469x750)
84 KB
Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Also Buses.

Men exposing themselves in transport.
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File: waitinghard.jpg (121 KB, 443x507)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
is this the dc metro
Im confused as in are these people genuinely racist or is this 4chan humor? Wtf
Hot hot hot hot sauce pls

This happened a couple of years ago, but i finally managed to type this greentext. Don't forget to share yours!

>be 16
>more or less 5'8 and 155 lbs
>early justin bieber hairstyle
>a sexually frustrated teen
>spending most of my time edging and discovering new fetishes
>pretty used to things like selfsuck and piss by 17
>not to mention anal masturbation
>discover craigslist and immediately post an ad
>lie about my age of course
>get tons of replies
>sort of self-conscious
>choose two guys, tell the rest I'm not interested
>1st one is an extremely hairy bear-type guy,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wasn't on Craiglist but Grindr. This is like earlier this day.

>This dude has been messaging me for quite some time, probably months to a year but never replied.
>Saw his pic, wasn't impressed so never bothered. He's like 5/10.
>Received text message from an unknown number, asks for his pic, says he has it on Grindr.
>Saw the pic that I kept ignoring.
>Wondered how he got my number, he probably catfished me with some other account.
>Really horny and his place is near so planned to meet up.
>Decided to meet up at a gas station.
>Called his phone and told me to keep walking till I saw a black car.
>tfw I had no idea he has a car. (I don't have my own anyways)
>Got inside his car, talked a bit.
>Told him I may not get a hard on (I'm pure top), still fondles my dick.
>He's really loaded, he lives in a gated community. (I live in a 3rd world country and living in that sort of place is a luxury)
>saw 4 car keys hanging on the wall.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anyone got stories with bondage? I am thinking of trying it sometime but I'm not really comfortable with a stranger tieing me up.
did some bondage stuff about 6 months ago. guy was into it more than me so never did it again

>see ad from guy on craigslist
>says he's a top. dom, verbal
>the old "mild to wild" line
>arrange to meet up
>do it
>yep, he's a top, verbal
>actually enjoyed myself
>meet with him three times, each time pretty good
>start feeling comfortable
>brings up bondage by looking at porn
>mfw all his porn is man-on-man bondage
>talks about us doing it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>On Grindr
>asian guy messages me
>exchange pics, still wants to do something
>He comes over
>awkwardly guide him to my room
>say Im nervous I've never done something like this before
>tells me to lay down and takes off my shorts
>starts jerking me off obviously checking my dick for anything
>puts dick in front of my face and asks me to suck it
>suck my very first dick its tiny so i easily fit it all in my mouth
>puts a condom on me and lubes up
>lowers himself on my dick can only get the head in
>grabs more lube and starts shoving my dick in
>finally in he moans like a bitch
>he cums pretty quick

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: CQvH-HgWIAAzl9v.jpg (31 KB, 575x683)
31 KB
It's coming
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>Lounge about naked outside
>Oh no paparazzi saw me

I gave him too much credit. I actually thought he wouldn't really give a shit and just get on with his life

Maybe it's just his lawyers trying to jew out some cash to inflate their wallets though
Anybody have the matt smith pics?
its just who would have thought he had a decent dick.

no bulges anywhere and theres a lot to choose from.

i still think he got plowed by bbc.
>excellent, high-quality fake nudes

Now THIS I can fap to! Thank you based anon for contributing to the fappening 2.0
I think when people try to estimate his cock size they don't express or realize two things:

1. He is really short/small so in comparison to his body his dick may seem bigger when it could be average or even under avg.

2. There seems to be a split in people saying he's big/he's small. I think a lot of people saying he is small are just people that don't like him or had a preconceived notion. He is really polarizing and almost everyone used to hate him. But I also think that males who are growers think it will abgrow to get even bigger, and males who stay the same size think it's not going to get bigger. Nobody knows which he is until he releases a vid of him getting hard :)

File: image.jpg (367 KB, 1536x2048)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Starting a cock folder post your best cocks the meatier the better.
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perfect ratios wtf
who is this god
Name or something????? >>1237238
His name is Jay Jornter. He is the star in this video

File: 1330304654990.jpg (118 KB, 490x695)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
this thread is for anons with fantasies of being dominated, humiliated, forced, coerced, or just out and out raped by guys, often with a side of slapping, pinning down, and degrading language to go along with it.

Post fantasies, stories, pictures, videos, and the inevitable link to Minets Sauvages.

>for me, it all started when I moved into a house with this gorgeous housemate
>he was a competitive swimmer, so you can imagine the kind of body he had
>he liked to walk around in his boxers, the kind where you can see where the tip of his cock tents the fabric slightly, waggling back and forth as he walks
>one night have a dream where hes in his room wanking with the door cracked
>i peek in, he sees me
>enraged, he pushes the door open
>berating me, he says that he should have known better than to let some bislut whore move in with him
>he shoves me to the ground, wrenches my pants down to my knees, and jams his cock up my butt right there in the hallway
>he taunts me while he fucks me, saying things like 'this is what you faggots like isnt it'
>he cums inside me, slaps me in the face, and leaves me there on the floor, trembling and used

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: interesting.png (273 KB, 235x602)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
OP of >>1235898. How did the sub/dom side begin to factor into your relationship (IE how did you uncover/discuss it, and take it to where you are todau). Do you ever discuss the sex side and the relationship, or just internally make a decision to keep the bed fun in the bed? And of course the always curious "what do you guys do"?

I'm certain that when it comes to a relationship I can live without that for a guy I truly care about (Relationships are give and take after all).

But I also know that sexually the submissive side of me is a hefty turn-on, and it really does seem like a dream to be able to somehow share that sexual side with a (willing) partner.
When I was 11 years old I was at a point where I was become really sexually curious about men. One night my day and his friend came home drunk and his friend spent the night on the couch deep in sleep. I thought he was very hot. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. This was out of my character, I would've never done anything like this now or ever... But I was just so curious. The cock was uncut and very thick, I started to lick it a few times and then I zipped him back up because I was afraid he would wake up.... I wonder if he would've let me explore.
We started off as a hookup, so we already had kind of pre-defined roles. Then we just clicked and kinda fell into a relationship. Very early on, did experiment with switching it up, but neither of us was comfortable with it. Throughout it all, communication is key.Talking to your partner about your likes, dislikes, boundaries and fantasies shapes the relationship.

For us, it's complicated. We're into kink, and the kink scene, we have a kind of open relationship, we don't keep things strictly in the bedroom, but when it comes to serious 'real life' things, I don't think we're unequal in the decisions.

What'd we do? Like jobs?
File: roger.jpg (130 KB, 821x644)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>What'd we do? Like jobs?
Sexual Actions. This IS /hm/ after all.

>we don't keep things strictly in the bedroom, but when it comes to serious 'real life' things, I don't think we're unequal in the decisions.
Mind if you can elaborate on the "not keeping it strictly in the bedroom"? Not normally this nosy but with this I'm just curious about how this all works beyond meeting for sex if it's a surviving relationship.

Starting as a hookup definitely helps with the explaining of the kink thing. I hooked up with a guy that clicked into a friendship (and almost a relationship but that's another story) and having ran through the "What are you into" gauntlet helped with knowing we both liked a few kinks from the get-go, so that was useful. But none of those kinks really had a sub/dom dynamic so there was nothing like that messing with it. And again, I'm less worried about the dynamic in a friendship vs. a relationship.
File: underdesk.jpg (211 KB, 1000x938)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Ive always wanted to suck off a guy whilst hidden under a table, just like in the pic. Even better if we're in public, where people can see him but not me.

File: fuzzy.jpg (87 KB, 500x669)
87 KB
A larger percentage of threads /hm/ are always about the "meatiest", "thickest", "biggest", dicks. I would say that the gay community as a whole has a large obsession with dick size, and I even extend that to strait males too. Porn has a multitude of psychological affects on those who look at it. And porn typically uses models who are quite above average when it comes to endowment. With Justin Bieber's recent dick pics leaking, so many people are discussing how big his dick is. This is just as demeaning as talking about how large a women's breasts are.

Anyway, my point is that society as a whole has been dick obsessed for a long time. In the gay community this is amplified for obvious reasons. Recently, bigger = better, but not all of us can be bigger. So /hm/, how does this topic affect your confidence/psychology/emotions?

Post pics of any sized dick!
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File: kinsey-michaeldimotta.png (842 KB, 1272x821)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
>The disturbing part is that there are so many "straight" guys into dick

It's not disturbing. Guys have dicks, why wouldn't they be into them? If you have been jacking off your whole life you aren't that scared of your dick, so why should you be scared of somebody else's?
I think everybody is bisexual, just different levels. I have had sex with women, but I definitely prefer sex with men. I think a lot of straight men just want to experiment and try sex with a man, so they can be sure they are straight. I had sex with several women before I was sure I preferred men.

for me face is the most important and the first thing i look at. i don't care what the size of the dick is as long as he has a dick. but i don't know if i'm in the minority or in the majority.
I think wanting things to be bigger (dicks for gays, tits for straights) is innate. The more pronounced the sexual organ the defines your sex, the more pronounced your "being" that sex is.

It's natural to be MORE attracted to the thing that looks MORE like the thing you are attracted to.

It might not be fair to those of us who lost the genetic lottery (which according to some recent studies is the vast majority of us) but that's how it is.

tl;dr it's just sexual dimorphism
"i think everyone is a little bisexual" - bisexuals
OP here, wow this thread got far.

>>1237227 No, you're missing the point. I'm saying we embrace all dick sizes and stop categorizing our ourselves by it.

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his ass looks fucking delicious
File: gu9oihvt7.jpg (408 KB, 723x723)
408 KB
408 KB JPG

File: 1435349292747.jpg (75 KB, 335x450)
75 KB
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File: qL0yoco.png (667 KB, 338x726)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
he's a porn star now. currently 19. might be working as a stripper in montreal between shoots.
pic unrelated.
File: 1440114244354.jpg (476 KB, 1920x1078)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
They grow up so fast.
Link to his porn?
What's his name?
His drill will drill you into the heavens.

Tell us all your incest stories, if you have any
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So last weekend was my cousin bachelor party in a beach house, and everything went great, everyone drunk, in the pool, when i went into a room to use the restroom, my cousin who is my age (21), was passed out in the bed!, i had always have a crush on him idk why, and i started sucking him off, then stop for a little, and he got hard, and STARTED MASTURBATING HIMSELF!, I was terryfied that he had busted me, but then he pulled his shorts and boxers down, and passed out, i went to the restroom and came back and he started madturbating again, and passed out again. Have video of this!!!
Post it then, lad
Yeah do it, not like you'd make that up for...anonymous cred?
That's super cute anon. I'm jelly
Sent to my kik wanna see it.

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