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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.

Do not post any 'rate me' or any other self shots here. If you want to post pictures of yourself, please use /soc/ - Cams & Meetups.

super hot bisexual guy
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how fake... you wouldn't box with earrings in.
it was a photoshoot
aaah i see. it's not that his bf is ugly, it's that he's black

The tighter, the better. No cheap Halloween costumes.
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One of these is not like the others
Here. They're from two different videos
Thanks anon
File: cache_9221544.jpg (120 KB, 501x768)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: cache_9221543.jpg (130 KB, 501x768)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

File: ram.jpg (87 KB, 640x742)
87 KB
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They're trying to say that sixty year old women should be hotter than twenty-something professional fitness models or else they're cringe.

Kind of a dumb message, but no one ever claimed Nazis were intelligent.

post boys that look girly but not fully girl like traps
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any androgynous brown/black guys? especially andro black guys, they're like unicorns.

we don't take threats kindly around here.
File: 1608144850271.gif (1019 KB, 500x281)
1019 KB
1019 KB GIF

I'm confused.

What makes you think he's androgynous? Do you know what the word means?

Hint: it doesn't just mean young athlete.

File: IMG_20210331_035757.jpg (381 KB, 1080x1859)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
i wanna see pictures in that pose
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File: 81440_llcrop.jpg (313 KB, 845x1008)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
File: 20210409_113721~2.jpg (361 KB, 1653x2259)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
If you went on a diet you'd actually have a decent body.

File: IMAG0377 - Copy.jpg (1.01 MB, 1952x3264)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Thick cockheads, any type. Oversized, mushroom, just a good solid ridge around the tip

Few of me, not the fastest but I feel significantly fatter than the rest of my dick
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Hell yes you do!!!!
File: image.jpg (2.46 MB, 4032x3024)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
Does mine count?
Looks like the head is average proportions, but it's a nice dick regardless!

File: BigBeefyBear1_4.webm (2.89 MB, 169x300)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM

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queerbaiting aside, defineatietely a hot man
File: EydSOsnXAAcfr88.jpg (424 KB, 1369x1369)
424 KB
424 KB JPG

File: plitt.jpg (30 KB, 506x760)
30 KB

File: 297329.jpg (390 KB, 1620x1080)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
This thread is for images of black and brown bottoms enjoying white cock.

>Previous thread: archiveofsins.com/hm/thread/2184988
>All our past threads: archiveofsins.com/hm/search/subject/bleached
>Discord: discord.com/invite/bJGWBJj
>Skype: join.skype.com/i5kNq7KJOomG
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Indy And Tony Michaels:
Why do black people suck such good dick? I ain't never gotten head off of a white person, male or female like I have from a black bottom. It's like they want to steal your soul like a succubus and I love it.
Same. I think it's because they have big juicy lips.
File: DYhL_e0VMAAHelf.jpg (40 KB, 525x700)
40 KB

Previous: >>2182738
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File: gaijin.webm (2.92 MB, 1080x960)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
have you seen any of this guy's OF content yet?
sadly no
jesus those pits
Why must hot guys always ruin themselves with these dumb tattoos

File: ps9r5i847sp61.jpg (45 KB, 669x766)
45 KB
Nice crotches in everyday clothes...not singlets, speedos, jocks, and such.
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File: 1610401210223.jpg (279 KB, 1321x1600)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
File: JeansBulge2.jpg (71 KB, 225x563)
71 KB
Who is this?

File: rulian.jpg (164 KB, 476x688)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
friendship is important in a guy's life
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>I really think he has some interest in you. That is why he hangs out a lot with you knowing you are gay and allowing you to see him naked.
Or maybe he just considers him a good friend and doesn't care that he is gay? You faggots are disgusting and creepy as fuck.
actually its the way i take his friendship, i mean... its how friendship works
of course, u can crush or like to look at some of ur friends, but its not a bad evil thing to do
bump the hot bro
This is pretty accurate advice. I fell super hard for a co-worker at my last job. We hung out outside of work all the time. I wanted to suck his cock so bad but I was too timid and he never caught on, and I started getting jealous and possessive.
He was a great guy.
Shit sucks, don't let it happen to you.

File: 1563966966397.jpg (333 KB, 1440x1914)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Previous >>2186698
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i want to suck your cock so bad im cut too i crave to please my cut bros because i know how to make you feel good and thats what i want
i will suck you good boi
anyone here got cut as an adult? Ive been trying to get it done myself but have not been able to man up enough

Old thread: >>2190969

To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Roman Wright
File: 1615699167585.webm (2.74 MB, 720x1280)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB WEBM
I need source
Who are these two?
Bottom is Levi Michaels, top is Gabriel Clark

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