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/hm/ - Handsome Men

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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.

Do not post any 'rate me' or any other self shots here. If you want to post pictures of yourself, please use /soc/ - Cams & Meetups.

Guys in brand name socks like nike, adidas, champion etc. are so hot for some reason
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File: 5d7d5c1c54d41.jpg (441 KB, 1280x1689)
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441 KB JPG
File: 5d7d5c7797d2c.jpg (140 KB, 1024x576)
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File: 5d8d53a9306a2.png (923 KB, 749x1099)
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923 KB PNG
File: 5d7a4880354ae.jpg (246 KB, 1242x1242)
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File: 5d8d5383f16e7.jpg (166 KB, 1280x857)
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166 KB JPG

File: tiedcumshot1.webm (2.94 MB, 720x1150)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

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Fit_derek on chaturbate.

Reward my sauce bcuz they’re vids are mostly deleted now
This pic is the craziest illusion it looks like his ass is right under the cock
anyone know who this is please?
Anyone recognize this?
Good taste. Someone find this shit please

File: mechanic.gif (2.99 MB, 600x338)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
let's see them big hogs bouncing around. post gifs/webms of guys walking around with boners and other big cocks in motion.
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OMG!! He is a perfect male specimen. Source?
jaymes marcus
braydan ifould
leox or something leo

Let's show some love for them.
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File: 678249h.jpg (63 KB, 433x598)
63 KB
Nate is such a sexy little slut. I bet his BJ's feel incredible.
File: handlebar-mustache-11.jpg (37 KB, 500x750)
37 KB
Show some Andy Reid some love
Literally the mustache daddy in the nfl world

Anybody knows who this guy is?
I've seen at least two facebook profiles which I assume are fake.

I've tried reverse searching the images, but I can't seem to find the real insta or twitter account.
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he's definitely twink cute af and from pic backgrounds seems to have med-euro or mena ethnicity

File: 1463467853.jpg (347 KB, 1620x2048)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
how the fuck does the most common fetish have barely any content? post stories about times you smelled some rank ass feet or socks. possibly non sexual scenarios, I mean anything that isn't a boring hookup. solo stories like smelling used footwear without the owner count too.
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sweaty furry muscle n foot print
hot af
File: nyicua1e2k5ennderx.jpg (200 KB, 906x1255)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
File: z0rk392.jpg (328 KB, 1280x1707)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
who's this cutie?
Last one to the right, that print. Geezesus.

File: 20220407_111940.jpg (544 KB, 1076x1076)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
I'd kill to bang Rob Smith
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pictures: most alpha rightoid
STFU libtard Troon faggot
Worship MAGA Chad Dick
seek help before it's too late
why i got a boner

File: SoP - Yuri and Vasya.png (1.99 MB, 2560x1440)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Highest Density of Fanservice: Ze Kubiki, his /fit/ vids from when he was in his smol and thicc 30s prime plus extras from Servant of the People:

Homoerotic May-December Subtext: The relationship with the most chemistry in Servant of the People is between Silverfox Yuriy Ivanovich Chuiko and doe-eyed highschool teacher Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko.
Servant of the People 1 to 4
Cлyгa Hapoдa - вce cepии пoдpяд, 1-4 cepии кoмeдийнoгo cepиaлa
Jun 2, 2016
Cлyгa нapoдa 1:30:43
818K subscribers
- As I have a makeover kink this is something I rewatch over and over, everybody is manhandling smolensky like he's a little doll.

Cute Twink Era: In his 20s he was a petite twink with a pretty face...this is seen in various KVN skits where unfortunately the video quality is poor, and more clearly in Police Academy, the outtakes are here:
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File: sofa3.gif (4.33 MB, 480x360)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB GIF
That blonde hair not the only thing getting messed up the minute he gets Stepan backstage.
>Mika's grip closes around it, not forcefully. One hand smooths up Vasya's ankle; the other tugs off Vasya's shoe and drops it onto the rug. Mika's thumb traces a flexing tendon through the thin, warm material of the dress sock, before removing this article too.

If you really loved us you would've made it longer ;)
How many must have seen that look
I can't see him as a top, ever.
I don't think anyone sees him as a top.

File: 3324850_11_p.jpg (49 KB, 576x768)
49 KB
My eyes ache to see a big white cock
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funny how only bwc threads are filled with people shouting photoshop left and right and never bbc or asian threads
No doubt that’s a really big white cock! Would love to see more
File: IMG_E1094.jpg (239 KB, 1170x1155)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
do i make the cut? only heard good things
back the fuck away from the camera, god damn it, I can't really see your dick for all its worth if you're smothering the lens with it.
more, i'd let that use my throat like a fleshlight

File: 1643737816281.png (178 KB, 360x450)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
for the white guys who like to use asians as fuck toys
and the asians who loves to serve white men
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yeah cant wait to worship white cock
uh hey should probably clarify I'm not like actually simple minded I'm just kinda shit at talking but if you're still interested I'm keen
Any white dom wants to chat?
want to race play with someone and use me like a toy

File: IMG_20220403_184247.jpg (2.18 MB, 2976x3434)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Photo naked please
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File: 1640842092923.jpg (1005 KB, 3024x4032)
1005 KB
1005 KB JPG
thankyou :)

File: 1646279517750.jpg (199 KB, 960x1792)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Post more sexy hot guys that uploaded their pics gifs vids on /fit/ and /soc/.

Prev thread hit bump limit
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File: 1653162836429.jpg (471 KB, 1206x2208)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
/fit/ cbt
/fit/ cbt
/fit/ cbt
grinning gluteus max bro
/fit/ cbt gigachad tatted bro

File: 1642114684016.jpg (198 KB, 1320x774)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Stories Thread. Post hookups/Grindr stories or any experiences you've had that are notable.
Try to stick to Greentext
233 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tell us more about your first anal orgasm.
And more about kinky stuff :)

Don’t host. Maybe find a gloryhole?
is it common to get ghosted after the first encounter or am I just really bad at sex. its happening with every single guy I hook up with. I dont post misleading photos so what you see is what you get, that makes me think i just suck at bottoming, but topping is not my cup of tea so just gotta improve on that somehow. any tips
Relative to my experience that's pretty weird. After my first couple of experiences, where I was probably still too nervous, I've had multiple bouts with most guys I've slept with.

I'm mostly a bottom too, but I can't really say there's something in particular that one can do better. People seem to really like that I'm a pleaser, though, so maybe that's an angle to work.

File: 1648930946324.jpg (406 KB, 1000x1778)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Post your favorite Big Black Cocks! <3
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Oh that one should've been in the Balls thread
How many spectrums are you on? I mean diagnosed ones.
bump for nigger dick
What I’d do to stuff those in my fucking mouth.
HELL YES!! I liked that big dick from the first pic you posted. Kik?

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