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File: 1615146953741.png (1.62 MB, 1000x1000)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

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File: trv2.jpg (338 KB, 700x695)
338 KB
338 KB JPG

Note: Discussions of prostitution or sex tourism are not permitted on /trv/.

File deleted.
I'm FORCED to work as an overnight security guard for two years at a time before I can go overseas for my six months sabbaticals. How do I deal with the misery of being back in my home country?

Before you grumble, this IS LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY I can do this, NOTHING ELSE is possible. DON'T tell me to do something else. This is my life.
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Imagine hating black people while working a job that has a lot of them, while also smoking weed and enjoying hip-hop music. I want to recommend Thailand to every black person I see.
Listen guys, flattering and amusing as it is that people feel compelled to make threads about me, this is not my writing style and I don’t know how to generate AI images proficiently.

It’s either the cuckshed guy or some random grumbler, but im not making these threads. I draw attention to myself within other threads by lamenting but I’d never make a thread this obnoxious fwiw
But do you actually hate black people though?
Anyone who has to regularly interact with blacks will despise them. Blacks hate each other and kill each other in great numbers
Without the appropriate photographics included with this post I have no frame of reference to make a judgement on the text.

File: GOPR0023_1663705516909.jpg (1.95 MB, 4000x2268)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
What is the best country to go to for a good motorcycle trip on paved roads. I'm not looking to do a South America jungle single track offroad adventure. I'm also not looking to do a US style boring straight flat line highway tour. I want to go to a place with nice winding roads where I can enjoy natural landmarks. I don't even need to enjoy the whole country, if it has one single region that I can spend some time in enjoying that would be great!

I kind of think Mongolia would be fun but it's so big and flat, and I'm not sure to what degree it's paved. I'm afraid most of it would be on a highway in a straight line.
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>No South America
KYS zoomer old worlder. Stay on your shitty continent.

>UVH I hate flat sit that's why I want to go to fucking Mongolia!!!!
For what it's worth my favorite places I've motorcycled through were:
1. USA
2. China
3. Peru
4. Thailand
5. New Zealand

In that order... granted I'm not trans or anything like that
Go to France or Germany. Europe is the fucking best.
There are a lot of places along the west coast US, the southwest, and the Rockies you could ride into. For all the problems the US has, its nature is top tier.

You fell for the meme spread by bitter Eastern Euros.

As expected of a barely literate Brazilian preteen.

Not a bad list, but Chinese nature isn't for beginners. You really have to go out in the middle of nowhere to experience any real outdoors there.
Best place to motorcycle hands down is the USA. They have the infrastructure in place for traveling. The have plenty of state and national parks for camping. They have law enforcement that doesn’t shake you down for bribes. Good healthcare if you have an accident. And if you go missing they will make a genuine effort to find you with helicopters and search and rescue with dogs.

File: image0-5 (1).gif (903 KB, 873x1200)
903 KB
903 KB GIF
I just got back from Seattle and had my worst travel experience ever. What a miserable place. Dirty, ugly, and extremely dangerous. On my first day, I went to Pike Place and saw a crackhead taking a dump in the middle of the street. Drug users shouting and threatening people in broad daylight, and the population just walks around as if nothing is happening. I'm Brazilian and, despite agreeing that Brazil is a cursed country, I can assure you that a lot of what happens in Seattle doesn't even happen in Brazil.

Every business in the city was keen on displaying LGTV++++++ and BLM flags everywhere, and everything there seems to be wrong and bad. A $20 pizza costs literally double because of some stupid regulation to pay more to delivery drivers. Not only that, I also saw
a bunch of people eating French fries every single single morning (eating fried food in the morning should be a crime).

What really scared me was the number of leftist freaks roaming the streets. Combine that with black people, crackheads, and homeless people, and you have the worst city on the planet. I say with absolute certainty: I would have preferred to go sightseeing in Africa than in this sewer called Seattle. Such bad vibes.
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Chill, nigger. I'll give you a treat next time I visit Shitattle.
diaper don can fix it though
yeh it's bad
>Dirty, ugly, and extremely dangerous
have you ever been to an actual third world shithole?
what you said is true but im curious why anyone would willingly visit seattle. like even if the city was clean what actually is there to see? the space needle is a gimmick. pike market is ok but nothing you can't see in any other city

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
/thg/ Thailand and Thailand accessories
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File: 1683547918818421.jpg (7 KB, 250x213)
7 KB
Green Lung.. Gotta visit the lung bro. And maybe Lumphini or Benchakitti. Beautiful greenery in the city.
Bench a kitty is way better than lumpy knee
Chuckled. Cute anon
>Oh. I'm in Hanoi. Haven't been to the south.
which neighborhood of hanoi do you like for living?
About to gear up for some hanoi time but then going to hop from town to town looking for bilingual provincial cuties. they're out there in places places people wouldn't even think
stop talking about jobs on my trv board scum

File: 1708196801040215.jpg (132 KB, 1200x675)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
What's your unpopular traveling related opinion?
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>You are legally not in the country until you go through immigration
Murder somebody while transiting in an airport, see if you are legally in the country. Let us know how that works out.
You are a basically immigrant now and forever a foreigner but depending on the country if you have kids with a local woman they might accept your children as natives.
And boy does the good stuff hit hard.
Debatably even at the very top of natural wonders for the small size in comparison to other nature driven tourist countries such as the Patagonia region
>bullshit detector
I hear you. I've only watched a couple of those kinds of videos, but I would bet anything that they only say positive things for their own ego, and insulting those countries (outside of the governments) would upset the general public.
>anon discovers what a city is

Nbs, I think it may have been my good upbringing or frequent visits to the local hippie commune but I cannot stand cities/dense population as a place of residence. Now that does not mean I despise cities in general, I actually really like the café culture in my city and some of the more developed historical sites are beautiful in their own right. I think cities are a remarkable feat and an important one at that but they aren’t for me

File: IMG_4795.jpg (59 KB, 739x415)
59 KB
Philippines National Railroad (PNR) Edition.

/PHG/ is for discussing the following:
-Bible/Prayer study with filipinas
-Transportation options
-Mega Malls
-Provincial Tourism
-Nightlife and hotspots

No schizo posting allowed!
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>stop larping
I worked in tech for a decade (still do, for now) and invested on the side. What makes you think this is a LARP? What would be in it for me, if that were the case?

Props on /trv/? That wouldn't even be a thing because people that try to say you're LARPing just hijack the entire conversation anyways. I'm trying to generate some genuine discussion here.

In blackpill terms, I'm ~130IQ careermaxxed, with a poor upbringing by my boomer-ish parents. Tons of guys in thailand fit or exceed my profile. that's why costs for tons of things are significantly above the 90s and early 2000s now. People are coming over to SEA and east asia with both savings and a decent income, rather than just a 6 month emergency fund and a dream of being an online marketer.

Anyone that knows Philippines knows that pic is the BGC cemetary near 25th/26th street.
I have a few spare night in Manila, staying in Makati, any non-normie tier recommendations?

Not my first time.
Nobody with money feels the need to flex anonymously on 4chan. Get help
Hey anon,

You seem chill. Want to meet the BGC Anons crew? You can come over I'm next to Burgos Circle as well. Drop a contact
No thanks. I’m leaving soon. I don’t associate with whites while I’m in SEA.

Kek Philadelphia thinks it's a big city
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Philadelphia my home <3

Fallen in love 4 times over here
Worked the best job Id ever had here
Have passed out in a bar's bathroom here
Been assaulted here
Got addicted to ketamine here
Picked up a cat from the streets here who became my best friend
Hung out in so many basements here

This is my home

I love being disgusting in philadelphia
>You will never eat a giant cheesesteak in the parking lot of an eagles game piss drunk
Phoenix is like a third world country but not even a soulful one like the capital of Yemen but like a second world version of that, like if you could magically advance it with 20 billion dollars without corruption it would be Phoenix.

I still like it here but its boring. Philly has soul its like a first world version of Berlin or something.
>It's true...all of it
Should be a peanutchew or tasty Kake instead of a cow tail thot
Yes Phoenix and Arizona sucks. Don't move here

>here’s your 18% tip for handing me a drink
Is there anything fun to do here that doesn’t cost a fortune or that is even free for that matter? I’m sick of paying to do literally anything here.
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Fuck ya my guy! May I suggest taking advantage of the lonely, elderly Chinese women as well? They maybe be 50, but they have bodies of 25yo, and their personalities are very special - I won't elaborate on it, you can experience for yourself.
File: hastings.png (1.08 MB, 947x712)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
lmfao every one hates Canada except white people. The white people in Canada are all dying of fentanyl overdoses. (Good riddance)
I want to ask all drug addict Canadians, why are all the Indians and Chinese walking around in suits while the retard whites have sex changes and work construction?
Nobody cares you ignorant retard
I'm White and I despise this dump
thank god these white degenerates cannot afford to be passport bros
white canadians are incapable of polite conversations. they pass insults and passive aggressiveness as banter. fuck white canadians.

File: 1706877025438499.jpg (33 KB, 720x720)
33 KB
How do people justify flying business or first class? How are people able to spend like +$10k on a flight? Wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual trip? Rich people really live in a totally different world man...
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Industrial/commercial properties and crypto.
How did you get started with this being poor in your twenties? any roadmap?
File: manon_fiorot.jpg (208 KB, 639x735)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
ah, nice one fren. livin the good life. congrats
it sounds like he got lucky or skillful in crypto and invested profits wisely.
File: IMG_2612.jpg (288 KB, 2048x1428)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
If I’m going to be on a 20+ hour flight, I want to be comfortable and that ain’t happening in economy class with the nigger cattle. The real question is why do poors think they have the right to travel? We rich people should raise your rent and not give any raises if you poors suddenly have enough disposable income to travel further than your relatives weddings and funerals.

File: 1420770135837.jpg (19 KB, 360x476)
19 KB
What are some jobs/careers that got a good work/life balance for travel? I heard Trucking is good and Maritime got like 28 days on 28 days off and months on months offs if your in a ship at sea but what else got something like several days and several days off and maybe weeks on and weeks off?

The typical 9-5 schedule with 2 days off that I'm working doesn't leave much room for long road trips let alone international travel. Pretty much exhausted all interesting places to visit nearby that I can swing in 2 days.
teaching english is your best bet. if you have at least a BA and take a month to get a CELTA, you can make a good amount of money and take plenty of time off to travel
Tech jobs

Im going to Italy, starting with Rome than use the train system(trenitalia) to enjoy different cities, im doing an italy sweep trying to have the ultimate Italian experience, is 10-12 days enough? any suggestions on
>where i should go and do.
I can speak Italian so small villages wont be an issue. thought about using a fairy to reach sicily.
>any activities for a single man
like going to restaurants alone isnt my thing, most of my food would be breakfast at a cafe or some fruit from a grocery store. ( i did this during my spain and france visits)
>is tinder good in italy?
used it both in spain and france, was successful in both, but im a little older, i believe thats a big factor on getting matches.
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1677044320123051.jpg (95 KB, 1024x1017)
95 KB
They have these special zones called "ZTLs" that are like historical driving tours. Basically that means it's the section of town that the local government has set up for tourists to get the best drive tour.
>Im going to rome
Ill save you the trouble and give you am authentic roman experience, ahem....
"wattur wattur watturrr durka durka water!"
"is bracelet. euros. YOU NO LIKE BLACK PEOPLE?!!??"
"wattur watturrrr watturrrrr watturrrrrr"
*american accent* "ohhhh woooowwwww look, pasta!"
Italy is filled with west african nog migrants now, not even worth going in 2024
There's no city in the world more beautiful than Florence is, so you definitely should head up there too. Just be advised that there's way too many tourists.

File: nmiac3fvdb621.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
>Last Thread: >>2648804

>"remember, we parked the car under rollercoaster C" edition.

>What is this thread? Why are there two generals?
/rcg/ was initially created as a way for the roller coaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things roller coasters and theme parks. While roller coasters are the main focus of these threads (and the title of the general) there is also discussion on other theme parks, their rides, as well as the parks themselves and trip planning too. That's where /tpg/ comes in.
>Can I talk about Disney/Universal parks in this thread?
Absolutely! Disney discussion of all sorts including rides/resorts/dining/trip planning is OK.

Thread Tip Pro: When in line for a coaster with a bunch of normies, feel free to autistically infodump to them every single iota of information you know about the ride you are about to go on: opening date, manufacturer, # of inversions, stats etc.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
149 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
What parks have the best top 3 in the world? Hard mode: No Cedar Point
I went to Busch Gardens and had a good time even though I got sick from the rides. How do you not get sick? The last several times I've gone to a theme park I've felt bad at the end of the day. Like I get a headache and my stomach doesn't feel good. I like the rides when I'm on them.

I guess I don't live a very active life. Would getting more exercise help? My mom used to be able to do coasters and she just can't now. I'm scared I inherited it from her. My dad is 61 and he's a big fat guy, and he has way more stamina than me. He went back and rode Griffon three times. I think the heat is part of what makes me sick, but it wasn't even that hot that day. It was like 78 degrees or something.
Eat a moderately sized breakfast before you get to the park. Make your own if you can, fast food is loaded with sodium which can make you feel worse if you're out in the sun.

The only thing you should drink for the day is water and lots of it. You have to stay ahead of dehydration and heat exhaustion, by the time you start to feel bad it's too late. Avoid sodas and energy drinks entirely, maybe have a Powerade/Gatorade after a while, but don't drink them exclusively.

Avoid spin & puke rides as those are the ones that will take you out of commission the fastest. If there's one you have to hit, hit it early, maybe first thing while your energy level is high. I don't get on those anymore.

Avoid greasy/salty foods if you can, unfortunately a lot of park food and fast food falls into this category. Consider leaving the park for a meal if you're not pushed for time, this will give you a little while to sit in the a/c and be off your feet. Also consider bringing a picnic lunch.

Take some pain reliever with you wrapped in Saran Wrap, then take one dose when you arrive and have another in your pocket for later (take with water ofc). Avoid aspirin though, it has a tendency to cause an upset stomach.

If you go a lot, you'll build up your tolerance for rides again. Only really an option if you live nearby and have a season pass, though.
I've decided I'll never go on a tiltawhirl again. I do drink soda at the parks, I guess I should avoid that. I think honestly it's the rattling of the coasters that does it to me. I feel worse after every ride. It starts off slow but it catches up to me throughout the day.
Most parks out there also let you bring your own refillable water bottle as long as it's clear, empty when you enter, and not made out of glass.

File: cat meditating.png (1.18 MB, 1024x1024)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
As practical advice and warning for your fellow travelers, what bad tourist behavior have you seen, or even accidentally done?

One i learnt the hard way, people don't find it amusing or cute if you use their secret word for you on yourself: Rosbif in France, Farang in Thailand, it doesn't come across as self deprecating, it comes across as mockery and assumes they'd use that word.

Also do not try and catch a banknote blowing away in the wind with your foot in Thailand, it's massively disrespectful to the royal family.
32 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I never see any tourists where I travel
>So many missed opportunities to collect photos of teenage girls.
Your old age will be filled with regret.
You are remarkably easy to troll.
What about when you look in the mirror to shave?

The money is good through a shabbos banking contact.

File: Battelfield_Verdun.jpg (2.07 MB, 2048x1536)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Sup /trv/

I'm going on a little tour fairly soon, trying to cover the most significant WW1 battlefields between France and Belgium. Stating in Ypres, going through Arras into Amiens, then to Verdun and Mons.

If anyone has done a similar trip I would appreciate tips / detours / non-obvious places to visit, etc.
I did a similar tour a few years ago hitting up Ypres and Verdun. From what I can remember there isn't much in Ypres from the war but it is a very nice town, the Citadel in Verdun is neat but you really want to go out to Douaumont to see the fort there and the Ossuary.

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