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File: 1301585528754.png (48 KB, 280x280)
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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
52 KB
For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: FB_IMG_1491496426730.jpg (135 KB, 720x960)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
People talk about quitting and traveling on this board all the time. But how many do it? Share your stories. I just saw this one on FB. Her in the pic:

I DID IT! This past Friday, I quit my (dreadful) corporate HR job.
Saturday, I moved out of my apartment.
Sunday, I (over)packed my backpack
Monday, I hopped on a flight to Mexico with a one-way ticket
I am currently on the beach drinking a Pina Colada and celebrating such a big life change! Totally crying all over my tacos right now.

I plan to backpack throughout Central America and make my way to South America - sharing those experiences(via photo, video, and writing) along the way.

I spent 2 years MISERABLE in a job that I started just out of college. I was grateful to be making money but I dreaded showing up to work everyday and doing the same exact thing over & over again...just like a robot. I was so miserable and my dissatisfaction spilt into other areas of my life as well. Along the way, I continued to travel as I could and blog after work. That was the ONLY thing I looked forward to - traveling and encouraging others to do the same. So, I saved up for the inevitable.

I was so conflicted about whether I should leave such a "good" and "normal" lifestyle behind for something so unconventional. "Maybe I'm just not grateful enough?", I thought. Then my right mind would kick in and tell me that there had to be another way. All of my friends felt the same way after graduating and joining the "real world" with our "big girl" jobs.

Nope. I couldn't do it. And I honestly feel like travel helped me take the leap. Travel has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, reminded me that everything will be okay in the end, and shown me that the world truly is our oyster.
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I wouldn't know, I don't work on the cruises or directly for the cruise companies. I work for companies that contract with cruises for excursion activities.

I did hear through some friends, though, that one of the lodges Princess Cruises operates up by Denali had like an 85% turnover rate by early August last summer.
> Go to Uni
> Work a job for 4 years
> do course work while working
> job runs into dead end, no new opportunities
> everything too expensive where I'm from (housing, for example)
> fuck this shit
> quit
> go travel for 6 months - blow 25 grand, still have investments and cash left
> trade for 2 months and study to complete my designation
> made pretty much all the money back i spent travelling

As long as you keep doing shit and not being NEET you'll be fine getting back into the real world.

I didn't go travel to run away from anything or for the find myself meme. I went to see cool and experience cool shit and have fun. Your perspective on things just changes naturally.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Jobs are like girlfriends, you just do 'em till you're tired of the bullshit then you move on to the next one.
>getting a masters in hospitality
you could just get the same credentials by working in the hospitality industry for the same amount of time and avoid being in a massive hole of debt. Most of the shit they will teach you in school for these types of jobs you will learn far easier on the job anyway. And if you end up not rising through the ranks then maybe education wasn't your problem. is that you were never meant for the job.
Op's post didn't exactly seem like she desired a lifetime of endless travel, but just a 6-1 year long break from the rat race. I think it would be great if everyone took a year off after school to explore the world, experience different cultures, see how others parts of the world do things, test their knowledge and life experience and apply that to whatever future they choose. Every vacation someone has they remember it and hopefully learned a few things about the place they visited. After a one year hiatus you will have a better image of what you want to do with the rest of your future as apposed to being stuck in the same repetitious cycle that a typical job might antiquate for yourself.

Sex tourism posts need to be banned, it ruins the board and the countries you visit. Honestly fuck any of you who do this shit, especially if you go to SEA.
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Stop LARPing retard

I have to say it is not nice to go to a country where everyone thinks you are a pervert westerner and that the people feel as if you are looking at them like hookers. It's fucked up. I thought it was overblown untilo Iwent to these places and saw a girl 21 years old with a white man clearly in his late 50's. He wouldn't dare that at home. Call me a moral fag, but that shit is wack.

Sex tourism is a mistake because it creates autistic hapas like OP.
File: 09b.jpg (29 KB, 600x482)
29 KB
Neck yourself faggot

>tfw I don't even need prostitutes because girls offer themselves for free

File: 20170202_141406.jpg (3.67 MB, 3264x2448)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB JPG
Hiya all,

I'm finishing uni next year and plan to take 6 months off to travel around starting mid February and have decided that I will start off in Asia somewhere (before moving off too USA/Europe for their summer).

Basically, I feel like i'm getting old (even though I'm not really as ill be 23, call it a quarter life crisis) so I want to do a big backpacking backpacking trip before I start working where i can hangout with other young backpackers, find some chill places, do some exploring, drink beer, do (soft) drugs & party every second night. Not interested at all in prostitutes, so don't take that into account.

I have two major options in Asia, I can either start in Thailand in February, work my way up then go through Laos then end up in China (with a NK side trip) for a month before flying back down and going to India. Alternatively I can start in India, do India & Nepal (& some Pakistan maybe) for 2 months then head over to SEA and do Thailand & Laos (with a little bit of China).

Basically the question is, where would be better to start off. I know the further into the year it gets, the less backpackers there are, So ideally i'd want to do the country that gets quieter first. I've backpacked in Eastern Europe during the winter and know how shit it is trying to find people to hang with in the off peak.

>going to asia in feb
>should i go to india or SEA first
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Did you travel SEA for fucking 9 months? What the hell did you do in so much time?
I took some short trips to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong and stayed a while in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and a little bit of Myanmar. Mostly I would just wake up shitpost and watch YouTube then go out to cowboy or Nana and drink/get a girl at night.
I don't think there's a right answer.

I've always been more inclined to India. Although I did spend ten days in Thailand, I'd never felt inclined to the place prior to visiting. A week and a half around Bangkok didn't do much to change my mind.

While I'm sure I'll see other parts of Southeast Asia in the future - I didn't even scratch the surface - the culture and foods of the region have never held a lot of appeal for me. The same goes for East Asia and went for Latin America, although I was very pleasantly surprised by my excursions to the latter.

Do whatever feels right to you.

If you don't like where you end up, transportation from one place to the next is quite cheap. In fact, it's not costly to fly from Thailand to India, either.

However, I will say what others have: India isn't quite as new-tourist friendly as Thailand and much of Southeast Asia. The infrastructure isn't as good, backpacker culture is only just starting to emerge in regards to hostels, and the locals, especially in rural areas, can be uncomfortably curious about foreigners.

Also, you can get laid in India via Tinder, but being white doesn't net you as many points as you'd expect. It's much harder than in SEA, because the girls willing to have sex with foreigners are usually well-off and well-educated and don't need you for your money (considering that poor Indian girls who have sex with foreigners would probably be murdered by the husband they got married to when they were 12 or their male relatives or their village panchayat or whoever else).
As someone who spent years living in both regions, the most succinct answer I can give is that India is more interesting, but SEA is more fun.
>India is more interesting, but SEA is more fun.

In what sense? That's a pretty broad statement.

File: images.png (6 KB, 222x228)
6 KB
What's the youngest that you've started solo travelling/backpacking

File: 1491491211328-1238021281.jpg (3.18 MB, 5216x2934)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
Somebody stiffed me at a store earlier by giving me a 200 Ugandan shilling coin instead of a 10p.

Got me thinking, I'd never get to spend this coin, because Uganda is an unsafe shit-hole. But is it really?
What countries have a bad rep for being dangerous, but aren't really too bad?
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>Kruger Park(Not now as it's dry as fuck)

It will be for some time to be honest. Climate change is fucking the whole region with droughts or floods. Nambia has both :^)
South African actively living in the township I grew up in.
Ask me the Anything

BTW I lived in cape town for a few months and had to work in the most dangerous and violent township
Northener here (specifically from Juarez), it's been a long, long while since I've seen a body covered by a plastic bag in a street. In fact, I think I only saw that shit once.

The crime issue was pretty bad and for a while going out at night, even in your car, was considered a bad idea, but since the cartels and the feds left things have gone back to (mostly) normal and the city is nowhere near as dangerous as it was before.

Most of the crimes were made in the shitty, far-off parts of the city (surponiente and suroriente I think). There is still some cartel prescence there and in Valle de Juarez, but nothing that really compromises the safety of anyone visiting (there's nothing to see over there so you really don't have a reason to get involved in anything shady).

There's not that much to do over here but if you have the means to go to both here and El Paso I think it's a worthwhile experience. Just follow the usual safety precautions and don't enter poorly-lit neighborhoods and you should be fine. I might be biased but the people here are usually friendly and the people in tourist spots usually know some English. You'll be able to tell when someone isn't from here or ELP because they'll have that typical "big city" mindset (shoving crowds aside, not acknowledging others, no small talk, etc.), but they're not necessarily awful people.
I would no doubt stay away from north Saint Louis City, Missouri.

Sup /trv/, do any of you guys travel for the snow? Favourite destinations? I've only really done Australia and Japan, and Canada when I was little. Keen to see what others recommend.
Also interested, hopefully someone can drop some knowledge here. How hard is it to do a working holiday type deal in either Japan or Canada ?
Easy in Canada... Everyone who works at ski hills are locals or foreigners. But I think it's a lottery system and some countries get more visas than others. Blue mountain if you're in ontario, Tremblant if you're in Quebec, and pretty much anywhere in Alberta or bc will be decent (obviously whistler for the true wild experience)
>red mountain BC Canada
>Breckenridge CO + the others, Vail, beaver creek, Keystone
>Silver Mountain, Idaho
>Bannoe, Russia
>Abzakovo, Russia

Then all the normal places around me.....

I really liked all for different reasons, Colorado was very high, huge rail parks. Russia, not as developed as Usa, but fun for newbies. Favorite is Silver Mountain though, i guess its just all around what i prefer

I want to try south america next
As I live in Switzerland I don't really have to travel much to go snowboarding, but I went to France and Austria once. What I definitely want to try is the powder in Japan.

File: rent-a-car-1.jpg (172 KB, 1000x800)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Hiya /trv/

Going to Denver in July and need to rent a car, never rented one before. Cant really find any good guidelines as far as if theres a good time in advance to rent or what a decent price is.

Its for a Fri - Sun, and i found one for about $200. I can use my own insurance. Whats a good price for a weekend rental in July?

File: USA-Flag-4.jpg (65 KB, 1440x900)
65 KB
what is up my dudes, i'm going to the USA for 3 months this summer to teach kids how to skateboard at a summer camp in ny... afterwards I plan on travelling the country to catch my flight back from san francisco.... any tips, pointers or recommendations for my journey/time there? i'm planning to hit up philly, new orleans, the grand canyon and l.a on my way to s.f... any other cities i should hit up? i was debating atlanta, miami, and vegas but i ain't sure about those
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File: IMG_20170405_204437_943.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1944)
1 MB
Make them a skateboard out of PVC pipe. Or make some wheels out of wood
File: IMG_20170407_184304_363.jpg (996 KB, 1944x2592)
996 KB
996 KB JPG
If I had a copper pipe skateboard Id take busses. Be sure to wear a helmet and wrist gaurds. Maybe you can use your skateboard as a weapon in case if dogs. Can tourists Go to the shooting range. Eat burgers and pizza but also local specialties. Learn boxing or martial art. Show the kids how to luge or do powerslides
File: Seattle.jpg (1.97 MB, 4286x2846)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG

Oh I see. Then you are familiar, I feel much better.

I have found it difficult to do anything in a week. Its not to be dismissed, it has good value, its just hard to squeeze it into the idea of a vacation. More like a refreshing extended weekend. You simply spend too much time on the move for any experience to stick. This is just my opinion.

And let it be repeated that you dont have to splurge every day to enjoy time away. I always budget 4 times what I actually end up spending in per diems.

I assume you are doing a sort of circuit, ?

Meeting new people to any ends will be hard in a week with so much wandering.

How soon is this? Do you think you would benefit from more planning or is this about spontaneity? Spontaneity is nice but its sort of its own master. You cant expect as much value geographically if you are going to improvise a lot.

I would go two weeks cheap, divide it by two, no more than three stops and favor one heavily over the other two. Pick the one you think you'd like the most, give it three days, spend a week chilling in your favorite and then wind down in some less serious stop on the way home. Breathe the air, snap some pics, walk the streets, get the cheap grub and take a night out here and there where you arent getting charged sucker prices at some tourist trap.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How soon is this?
Probably 2-3 months from now, I still need to save up money. I'd love to just do it out of the blue, but fincancial concerns hold me back.

>I would go two weeks...
Thanks for giving me a clue on how to plan it. I've somewhat laid out a plan but is still open to changes in the future
More! More dramatic!

File: IMG_5549.jpg (3.84 MB, 3456x2304)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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kek, I saw one like that yesterday.
I'm going to try catch as many live acts as possible since jazz is close to non-existent in my country.

ill check out your recommendation.blue note is a given too
Osaka Tobita Shinchi. Some will let you in if they start saying "Hello" to you or some sort of English. However, those that doesn't say it or show no interest in you, expect to be rejected by the girl and the store, specially if you are dark skinned.
I have three weeks to travel anywhere I want in Japan. Any recommendations?
Anyone hitchhike in Japan before?

File: tara-37.jpg (244 KB, 1024x683)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Is there anything in Northern Alberta or Northern Saskatchewan worth seeing? I'm moving up to Northern BC for work this summer, and will have 4 day long weekends. I'd like to see more of my eastern neighbor provinces. Preferably the north, but anything within a 12 hour drive of Fort Saint John would be nice.
Jasper, ab
I've spent nearly every summer of my life in the Rockies. I'd like to see some other places. Preferably less touristy.

File: krakow.jpg (83 KB, 1280x600)
83 KB
Planning to go to Krakow in about a month, anyone got any tips?
How much should I budget a day to live comfortably on top of accommodation (I'll be staying in 10 euro hostels)
Any weird shit I should keep an eye out for?
Any specific tourist traps I should make sure to avoid?

Since this is pretty specific I'll make this a Poland general
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Which parks are the best to for an afternoon nap?
Wilanow is pretty cool, but it's a bit far from the city center. The Chopin one is also quite nice and fuckhuge
Ba, what I see?
>In my home town
But here we talk about major cities, not your zadupie
File: IMG_20160716_180734.jpg (1.27 MB, 3120x4160)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
breddy decent but not really amazing, it's the quality I'd imagine you'd get at a diner in murrica or something

pic related, it also included a pretty decent soup

I also had a pretty decent 'gourmet' hamburger in krakow which was more expensive in my memory, but was also about 6 dollars according to my bank statement.
where are these firing ranges?

File: Uk7a0fu.jpg (33 KB, 323x396)
33 KB
Ask questions that dont deserve their own thread

Any recommendations for shite to check out in Hannover. Is the nightlife any good ?
271 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
European going to America:

Me and my gf are going to MA to visit some of her family. (she's half American)
after that, she's leaving back to Europe and I'm traveling further to NYC to meet up with mates.

What's the best option to get to NYC from Boston, Amtrak of just a plane flight?
I don't mind travel time (obviously), just asking quality wise.
>(she's half American)
No. Stop that. American is not an ethnicity, it's a nationality.
Getting on a plane for the first time in like 20 years. Am I allowed to bring my electric toothbrush on a plane, carry on or otherwise? I hate using regular toothbrushes and I'm going to be in Boston for like 2 weeks and that's a long time to have a dirty mouth
The biggest concern about carry-on electronics is that the battery might explode.

That's why they typically ban anything with a high mAh rating.

But most airlines allow you to bring smartphones and laptops, which are much more powerful than toothbrushes.

Check with your airline and airports first.
how do you pick which cheap hostel you book online?

File: tzatziki.jpg (58 KB, 550x367)
58 KB
Athens thread!
Any recommendations about Athens and the area?
This can include sights, museum, travel routes, bars, restaurants or any special place you can recommend
If you're into rock bars I'd recommend 45 Μοίρες near Gazi.
For a kick-ass gyro - Thanasis near Monastiraki.
For something sweet - Krinos near the Central Market.
For air conditioning the hot weather and a nice museum - the Archaeology Museum.
Stay two days, see the sights, and leave to the islands as soon as possible.

File: 1-disneyland_castle.jpg (198 KB, 1000x450)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Can we have fun in Disneyland with my gf? I do not know anything about there but I think it is a bit childish. What do you think?
You and your bull? Sure gangbang her with a couple of strangers before or after the lead poisoning
Go to Disney world instead
I know of a club in Orlando so good it will leave you feeling massacred
One's never too old for Didney Lawn

That said I think you will enjoy Disney World better. Not only is it bigger but some parks offer stuff for adults as well (EPCOT's World Showcase comes to mind).

Everything is fucking expensive there, though. Don't buy merch inside the parks unless you're absolutely sure it's exclusive and you can't get it anywhere else.
haha xd

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