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Hey voyagers,
/trv/ is a slow board, so don't expect immediate responses. CHECK THE CATALOG – you might find threads already discussing topics you're interested in.

Before asking for suggestions, tell /trv/ about your:
>Level of understanding of the local language(s)
This makes it easier to give quality advice. Of course, keep your posts travel related.

For all other matters:
General culture questions >>>/int/
Politics discussion >>>/pol/
Transportation discussion >>>/n/
Outdoors-related discussion >>>/out/

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Note: Discussions of prostitution or sex tourism are not permitted on /trv/.

How do you hide the fact that you're living overseas from your employer while working remotely?
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You sound like a needlenosed punk who deserves a good old fashioned beating handed down to him.
Shut up schizo
i havent used this board in months is TTT the new spinesnapper or something
Really depends who you work for, my company straight up doesn't care unless it's China or some shithole that would be a huge risk to visit. I just ask my boss "hey going to work while I travel anything you need from me? I'll work the norm 9-5". I may have to ping my friend on the network team here or there for something but it's rare. I think singapore was the only problem I had but just got a work around in place by remoting into my cloud VM
A poster here who made the term, it was something like "tight thai teens." He's a guy who posts about going to thailand for, well, I'll let you guess.

I am planning the following trip with a few friends this July, with days approximate:
> Helsinki 2 nights
> Talinn 3 nights
> Riga 2 nights
> Vilnius 3 nights
> Białystok 2 nights
> Kalinigrad 4 nights
> Gdansk 4 nights

We want to visit one of those unique Baltic beaches that stick out into the ocean such as Hel, which we will probably do on the Gdansk leg.

Any recommendations on what to do in the Baltics and Kalinigrad? Helsinki looks kind of boring, as does Riga. Talinn (picrel) looks interesting for its architecture alone.
Our hobbies are world war 2 history, rigorous mountain hikes, Soviet legacy, architecture, but also beaches, cool clubs/social experiences, and enjoying the summer vibe away from minorities and excessive tourists
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> nothing unique or special to see in baltics but memorials & military museums
>there has to be more to the region than that...
you literally asked for ww2 history and soviet legacy
rigorous mountain hikes? highest point above sea level in the entire baltics is about 200m mate.
yeah fair enough, cheers
File: file.png (1.49 MB, 1121x659)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Helsinki is kinda boring yeah so 2 nights is fine. If you want to see something other than the castle and the basic central city area I suggest going a bit further out from the centrum to see some of the older neighborhoods. Since you're going in the summer the Kumpula area has like 3 botanical gardens which are nice to see as well as some almost freakishly uncitylike old buildings which are cozy to see in the urban hellscape that is Helsinki. I'm a nature person so I like that kind of stuff. If you don't care about that then I say get in and get out quickly. There ain't much to see or do in Helsinki at the best of times.
Okay we decided to abandon Riga as it felt like everything there we can see in Estonia and Lithunia, we might stop there for the black balsam drink on our way to Vilnius.

Instead we'll spend 2 nights in Grodno, Belarus, taking advantage of the visa free zone near the border
File: 1702596515845693.jpg (13 KB, 480x480)
13 KB
I currently live in helsinki and previously I have lived in estonia and latvia, I can speak estonian and finnish pretty well and a little bit of russian.

Helsinki is very expensive, locals are boring and unsocial, reataurants mediocre at best and overall it's basically just a crappy version of stockholm where people are less civilized and it doesn't really feel like a cosmopolitan western european country but it's not rustic and traditional like eastern europe.
It's really soulless.
The nightlife is absolute dogshit.
Drugs are very expensive and low avg quality, same goes for beer

Finnish women are below avg looking and very promiscuous, prone to mental illness.
Men are either, soulless robots, wimps or rednecks

If you like hipsters go to kallio, lots of junkies there but they're harmless

If you like generic tourist traps full of chinks and instagrammers go to the central market, esplanadi and walk aroun in the area

Tourists usually end up in ullanlinna area and think helsinki is really amazing and beautiful but that's because it's the most expensive zip code in the country, it's not even impressive, it's basically just like any generic european upper middle class area

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Who is the most european american city and why is savannah georgia?
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well tell us smartass
Yes we do, Poles can't shut up about it how it's Warsaw.
Because they're all American post WWII.
>philly way better city than boston for tourism
Just the sheer amount of crime and homelessness in Philly is a major detractor. Boston feels way more dynamic and full of life, Philly is mostly dead even on weekends

File: pepeunamused.jpg (6 KB, 242x208)
6 KB
>it's great to travel to X, but it sucks to live in X

what the fuck does this mean? do the allures of X magically disappear when you move there?
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its burger wagie cope. They think because locals dont work like goycattle to boost kosher metrics like gee dee pee that they are all miserable
They're miserable for different reasons.
But this is about you as a foreigner having to cope with things like inconsistent public services, crime, the housing market, socializing, etc.
>you're stuck sleeping at work till 5am.

Get fucked dorker. I remember how my dorker compatriat had to turn in at 10pm to start his shift. I’ll take what little schadenfreude I can in life if I can’t have my dream of living overseas
File: 1704648882540144.jpg (131 KB, 700x700)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Yes, save this one and use it next time.
You're welcome.
>Cost of Living
>Lack of jobs
Take your pick.

File: literallyme.jpg_large.jpg (247 KB, 1730x1000)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Just got laid off from my job. Should I just say fuck it and spend 6 months travelling? How would I confront questions from HR roasties and boomers about muh resume gap question? Does anyone have experience applying to jobs from abroad and doing interviews? Is this a stupid idea to do in your 20s? I have no major expenses at the moment, and feel completely lost.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on your job market.
I have 4 gaps that are at least 1 year long and can still find a job in a few hours as a fucking bookseller, it's just because my country has sub 2% unemployment.
Even if it was a problem I wouldn't care and still travel though, I don't care about minmaxing my income or resume.

Only risk for you is to get addicted, do it regularly and become out of touch with the 9-5 lifestyle you're supposed to accept without question.
>How would I confront questions from HR roasties and boomers about muh resume gap question?
You were working, but you can't give them any more details because you signed an NDA.
Same position. Once that severance pay hits my account I'm going to have a serious look at my overall situation. I also have zero money worries. I could last years.
>Without knowing your exp, field, or foreign languages no one here can answer that.
I didn't mean applying for jobs within a country, I meant applying for jobs in my area while traveling
>applying for jobs in my area while traveling
Literally me. Thought about being in Thailand in the middle of the night taking SWE interviews as needed. Could be an adventure.

In fucking August I'll be visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I'll be honest I am not looking forward to this for the simple fact that I have a very low tolerance for high temperatures despite living in the Mediterranean and my stomach is very sensitive, most likely I'll get food poisoning. The reason I am going there is because it's my girlfriend dream to go there, so I see it mostly as a sacrifice rather than pleasure but maybe I'll change my mind once I get there.
So what's your opinion regarding travelling in that area in summer? Is the heat really as brutal as I read? And what about endemic diseases like Dengue?
I don't know bros honestly I am not really looking forward to this but at the same time I heard many positive things.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure what you mean by devloped. But for example I went rock climbing in Laos and was warned that there wasn't any medical care besides basic crude clinics. We were advised to keep our passports on our person so we could be carried over the border to Thailand for emergency care in the event of an accident.

You were probably in Thakkek/Khammuane so yeah it would be easier to go across the border then to go to Vientiane further away, which does have at least three or four major hospitals. Vientiane, Savannakhet, Pakxe, Luang Prabang all have hospitals. Even Phonsavan on the Plain of Jars has a large hospital.
Just left Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam after 6 months, the heat and humidity is unbearable, 95 degrees now in phnom pehn and it was much much worse in the summer and fall . You walk outside and it's like entering sauna just this blast of superheated moist air and you start sweating immediately, you need to drink a gallon of water every day but you won't need to piss, I felt cool like 1 morning out of 6 months, now add on UV index of 11 the sun burning a hole in your skin, traffic, pollution, smells and noise like you wouldn't believe the food is cheap but you literally do not want to eat it piles of meat and poultry swarming with flies just laying on the filthy sidewalk, pots of soup that look like dirty dishwater people so poor You know they use gutter oil then you sit and eat your gutter oil rotted meat noodles in a giant grease pit sitting basically
on the ground on a tiny plastic kids sized seat smelling last years grease as flies land on you and sweat drips from your face you will want McDonald's or pizza for every meal. I could go on but you best be prepared to suffer. Locals were nice except for the constant scamming
File: IMG_20240216_192336.jpg (2.48 MB, 3264x2448)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
The heat is on this time of year in Southeast Asia, that's for sure. Even down here in southern Malaysia, where the equatorial climate is usually mild, temps are forecast to reach 35 C / 95 F under full sun in the coming days. Dewpoint stays around 24 C / 75 F, which means a heat index of 42 C / 107 F.
Phnom Penh is one of the poorest Southeast Asian cities, so it's expected that the food on offer would be very low-class. Whatever gutter oil is...they buy cheap yellow cooking oil in bottles just like anyone else does. And the smell of the reeking wastewater coming up from the sewers is irrelevant to the food. If you have a sensitive patrician nose, you'll have a tough time ignoring the smell, but most people manage to overlook it.
Walking long distances under the blazing sun is foolishness, though it can be done to force your body to adapt to the heat. If you stay in the shade and avoid exertion, you shouldn't be sweating very much. The most sensible choice, of course, is to return to your room, shower and turn on the A/C after getting sweaty. After a while, one becomes very indolent in the tropics.
Less so the heat than it is the humidity. But yes, will be hot as balls.

File: Willis_Tower_From_Lake.jpg (379 KB, 1200x1774)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
I'm going to Chicago in about two months, staying for a week

What is there to do other than the pizza and visiting this thing?
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You can't bike in the winter

Update after trip: >>2613292

Had fun, lucked out with the weather (40-55 degrees the whole time) did the following:
> The bean
Obligatory, but it does look cool and the views from millennial park are impressive.
> Hancock tower skydeck
This was cool. Had a bar up there. Did the tilt which was neat. Nothing crazy, but I'd have regretted not doing it for only another $9 or whatever. Looking out over the lake actually looks cooler than back at the city.
> River boat architecture tour
This is a must-do and was one of the cooler parts of the trip. Did the 90 minute one worried it would be too long and get boring, it didn't.
> Zoo
Full size zoo and it's free, you just walk right in. It's also right by the water and near the hancock tower. So I walked around the beach after.
> The mag
If I were into shopping, this would be much cooler. But it was still a cool area, lots of shops, restaurants.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>This is a must-do and was one of the cooler parts of the trip. Did the 90 minute one worried it would be too long and get boring, it didn't.
Who did you book it with and any tips on booking? I looked online and it seems like there were a few groups offering tours
Get a part time job as a barback and you will immediately make a circle of friends
Midwest isn't very good to visit

File: CEBYLThVAAAqXh7.jpg (33 KB, 1024x576)
33 KB
Do you look up the traffic laws and stuff before renting a car/moped in a foreign country or do you just hit the road and hope it works out?
After almost being killed for not knowing what priorité à droite is, I’ll spend a few minutes reading some Driving in X for Foreigners blog post in a new place
File: 1708405788301692.jpg (198 KB, 980x1280)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Nope although I won't drive in places they drive in the incorrect side of the road(UK, Ireland,Japan)
Just gotta remember to drive to the right and not veer back over to the left
People ignore stop signs and traffic laws in most of the world. Better to just go with the flow and drive like the other drivers do. Police may target you, but that's part of driving in a foreign country.

File: 55346633432.jpg (8 KB, 231x218)
8 KB
Travel has only reaffirmed my belief that the United States is the best country in existence. Every other country is noticeably inferior. And no, I'm not joking.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
USA a great (perhaps best) place to live and work but not a good place to travel. I became more patriotic and grateful to be American after traveling in Europe and Asia.
File: IMG_20240130_130015_HDR.jpg (4.48 MB, 3264x2448)
4.48 MB
4.48 MB JPG
In terms of easy access to millions of acres of diverse natural beauty, no other nation on earth comes close to the USA. Same goes for the rural road network; road-tripping around America is a sheer delight, especially in the warmer months.
However, it is laughable to suggest that American cities are the best in the world. Asian cities mog American cities in most aspects; superior variety of lodging, superior variety of dining, much more energy on the streets, better climate, superior public transit, far lower crime, and all this for a much lower price than you pay in America's inflationary growth bubbles. Environmental carelessness in Asia is the main downside to urban life here. Traffic congestion can be far worse in Asia than in America, but many American cities are extremely congested as well.
Malaysia is well-run; most people live comfortably here. Food is amazingly cheap for what you get. Most people live in kampungs (suburban neighborhoods), drive nice cars, and eat out regularly. Foreigners here complain that they can't buy up property and start businesses, because the Malays come first under the constitution. Tough shit. Take your Jewbucks elsewhere, richfag.
In what way is Paraguay better? It's relatively safe, yes, but Paraguay is a landlocked ugly flatland country. Hardly appealing unless you want to get a spread of your own and live in peace.
File: 1687614530513890.png (40 KB, 232x358)
40 KB
>best country
>I'm not joking
lmao even
good joke, OP
No one has ever suggested that american cities are the best in the world
American society isn't the best in the world either. Other countries have much higher levels of trust, less strife, less crime, less mental illness, more stable family structures. People make less money than they do in America, for sure, but because everyone in a family shares the burden, they still live a happy and prosperous life. Arguably more prosperous than the typical wagie in America who spends his entire paycheck every month and has all sorts of relationship issues with the people around him. Nobody here is telling people to stop going shopping or to stop going out to eat, as if only rich people who don't work deserve to enjoy such privileges.

File: A3M-Risk-Map-2024-1.jpg (1.54 MB, 3901x2423)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
Did you already book your next travel and are you fucked?

Red countries are war zone level.
I guess i'll go to yellow this year, which is fine.

Did you meet any people during your travels who were not dependent on grocery stores to get food? If so, where was that? Is anyone growing rice?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
when i was a kid we were basically self sufficient, at least in basic vegetables. my dad grew loads of things in our back garden. but then our house was almost 100 years old, built in a time when there were a lot fewer people around and there was more space.
a lot of modern houses barely have more than a postage stamp sized back yard and the front is mainly used for parking cars so yeah it has fallen out of favour a bit because it is a lot easier to just go to the supermarket especially since the uk climate doesn't support growing anything exotic and zoomers do love their avocado toast
it is still quite common in more rural areas. in towns and cities there is usually an allotment system where people can apply for a small plot of land owned by the local council that they can use for growing their own stuff. it can get quite competitive and there is often a long waiting list to get an allotment. france and germany also have allotment systems.
i got small plot of land mentioned by you and i plan i having quail, garlic, sunflower and pumpkin there
Grocery stores? LMAO, I haven't shopped at a grocery store in months here in Southeast Asia. Only in cuckland are cucks reliant on megacorporate chain stores to put food on their table. Corporate dependence is muh murican freedom, it's a fucking joke.
The rest of the world has public markets where people buy fresh produce, grains, meats, spices from local sellers. They make a living by cooking up food for me. Goytreats like sodas and chips are sold at the local shop if you want some.
It's ridiculous how stringent and restrictive the laws are when it comes to selling food in America. Then we wonder why food prices are so sky-high. It's deliberate.
>The rest of the world has public markets where people buy fresh produce, grains, meats, spices from local sellers.
...like a farmers market here in the US? Your hate boner made you stupid as fuck.
File: IMG_20230708_100755.jpg (3.33 MB, 3264x2448)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
No, much more than a farmer's market. American farmer's markets are so much more limited in their offerings. Yeah, you can buy your week's produce like picrel, but you can't live off what you buy at a farmer's market, even in the peak of growing season.

File: SF homes.jpg (289 KB, 1202x800)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Based on what 4chan said I thought SF would be as bad as Sao Paulo in terms of drug addicts being everywhere. Because of how horrible my expectations wore I feel like I have reverse Paris syndrome where I'm elated to see how clean and nice everything is in most parts of the city.

Rome/Paris/London/etc. seemed much more dirty and filled with beggars than the vast majority of SF. The tenderloin and the spillage will have a bunch of homeless but so much of the city is idyllic and wonderful I never felt unsafe. You can walk around the city all day and only see a handful of homeless depending on where you are.

Unlike a lot of US cities the beautiful homes of the 1800s-1900s are in great condition. And there's not a "Victorian District" the entire city is filled with beautiful Victorian/Queen Anne style homes. I didn't realize how beautiful the homes are throughout the whole city.

SF is on par with some of the best cities to visit in the world. It's not just good for an American city, it's good for a world city. I seriously thought I'd be dodging shit and needles the whole time but most neighborhoods were totally clean and orderly and there were families going for walks. Every neighborhood feels like a small town with a "main street" and some quaint residential areas surrounding the main street it makes every neighborhood feel cozy and quaint.

Not to mention there's so many good trips you can take from SF - national parks, scenic drives, etc. it's a great base or stop over on a highway 1 road trip or national park trip.

I feel lied to.

>inb4 people spam pics of the tenderloin
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I had the same experience, they're just completely desensitized to crime and depravity in SF. Anything kind of event that could cause negative feelings like shame or disgust people just pretend like it isn't happening. Total bug city. What bothers me is the hypocrisy ... they act with this moral superiority but they allow the most heinous acts of violence, ugliness and madness to pervade every corner of their city.

Back on topic though SF is also extremely expensive to travel and stay in but I feel it's not really worth the money. I'm starting to realize I'm not much of a city guy after typing all this out. It's much better use of time to just go to Redwoods or John Muir.
I was born and raised in the Bay Area but recently moved up to San Francisco and am currently living in the Mission District, which kind of reminds me of Brooklyn given its hipster/art scene. SF has tons of natural charm - the city itself is stunning. It's hard to deny this when visiting North Beach, the Marina, or walking in the Presidio or Embarcadero area. I'd say we have one of the better food scenes in the US as well. Poor governance coinciding with a massive tech boom exacerbated a lot of the city's issues, but it's honestly still a great place to live.

The most significant drawback has to be the lack of attractive females.
File: 1706357827691038.jpg (59 KB, 456x619)
59 KB
SF gets a bad rap but it DOES have the big homeless/druggee ghetto factor to it. Fortuantely this can be entirely circumvented by avoiding market street, the BART mission stops, and the tenderloin, all of which are conveniently in a single street/area

I still love visiting every time I drive down 80 and I love me jints
I was in Marin County just across the bridge from SF 4 years ago. The car break in problem is insane. You can't park on a crowded street in the middle of the day without having your window smashed. The convenience stores and gas stations were all going out of business from the theft. And you will absolutely see homeless people around the city. And yes, the women are not very attractive in general.

But.....The food is good. There is a ton of amazing shit to do right outside the city if you're into hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and stuff like that. The scenery is absolutely amazing. It really is a gorgeous city.
I am not a polfag but this has to be a California tourism shill. When I went back in 2017 the issue was pretty bad, with homeless no matter where you go, aggressive panhandling, vagrants, etc. I can't imagine the situation has gotten any better

Have you ever cried while travelling? I've been crying nonstop for the last week. I eat about 500 calories a day and only go outside for Ubereats. Sometimes I have an intense tension headache and other times it's clear.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was roped into SEA shitholes and wasted a whole summer at one. After that I said for now on I'm only doing history travel in civilized nations but mostly I stick to my own comfy culture
sundress thots destroying lavender fields in the south of france for a kewl insta selfie will blackpill you on eurotravel as fast as yoga thots doing eat pray love in ubud will blackpill you on SEA travel

t. annoying luv 2 travel smoothbrain

what's "an actual reason" other than self-justifying circular logic?

history travel is where you go looking for it, there's plenty to find even in SEA shitholes, but most of it is ruins or historic sites. manila used to be instagram-tier colonial architecture everywhere until it was obliterated in ww2
It’s hard to say where I am. I’m definitely not wowed by my state much, except for the sunsets maybe, but I’ve also lived here (Florida) my whole life. I’m tired of how flat, hot, and humid everything is. I think I could really do with some traveling but I always feel either too broke or too busy to get something together. One day the grind will be worth it but fuck I already feel old enough as it is because of the way I’m chasing my dream.
I think traveling needs a purpose, you should have a specific reason for going some place, a hobby, interest, job related, etc. This is why people feel hollow after they go somewhere just to check off a place on a list they have. I realized this, now I will only travel if I have a specific reason to go somewhere.
>Have you ever cried while travelling?
No, because I'm male.

File: download (45).jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
I just spend the last 20 minutes typing a greentext only for the field to be denied. I got a hair transplant in Turkey and every woman working there strongly hinted to me that they wanted to marry me. Most of them seemed to be trafficked from Arab spring countries or even South America. Crazy experience, I felt I could help all of them but I must keep true to my bloodline. The hottest one seems disappointed at my Airbnb choice and immediately drops marriage interest but is still friendly. Crazy world the compassionate white man lives in.
Bros as someone who has travelled for most of their 20s, I can tell you that it's not worth taking the redpill. Go marry a middle American pawg and be racist retards. The alternative route is full of the most suffering imaginable.
with the Turkish economy in the shitter, female greed flares up at the sight of a foreigner.
This was before Covid. Probably much worse now. Unfortunate.
Are Turkish hair transplants as good as everyone says? Any horror stories? What's the typical cost? What kind of maintenance do you have to do on it, or is it one-and-done?
>Any horror stories?

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