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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
52 KB
For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: charismaman.png (159 KB, 234x377)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Do you feel like Charisma man when locals want to take photos with you?

I thought I'd enjoy it but just ended up feeling like a prop after the third time or so.
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File: and her name was amber.jpg (75 KB, 1280x544)
75 KB
>return home
>nobody likes me, and I'm awkward as fuck around women from my country
>didn't even leave the EU

I feel like I could cut it abroad but can't here.
>visit disney park near tokyo
>spend all day there
>start to get dark
>watch the final theatrical water show before closing
>huge crowd
>me and friend decide to bail early so that we won't have to deal with everyone else boarding the trains at the same time
>start jogging toward the train
>suddenly someone yelling
>never mind, keep running
>more yelling
>suddenly six teenage girls run up from behind and stop us, clearly catching their breaths
>want to take pictures

felt like a celebrity desu
You are obviously doing something wrong.
Where do you live? If you are in bangkok try to use thai friendly, they are thousand of average thai girls with average jobs alone working in the city that want to do something during weekends.
>Maybe I should just kill myself
Don't. Keep lerning thai. BUT go to a gym too. They are not expensive in bangkok. At least get /fit/.
If being /fit/ and thai friendly dont work for you. Yes, give up anon and just go to Patayya and buy one of those rice farmes selling her body.
Look up eye smile.
Practice that, it works.
Take care

File: IMG_7429-copy.jpg (293 KB, 1280x739)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Thailand general.
So sick of seeing 3-5 threads on this because the last general thread got deleted.

ITT; Ask questions, share stories, locations and tips.

>Unpopular opinion, I thought pattaya was shit and walking street was over rated, soi cowboy and nana plaza are way better, debate me.
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File: skyfall.jpg (114 KB, 1024x576)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
You should call this thread just sexpat general.

Pattaya still have its magic. But walking street? just go there to have the first beers of the night, listen to live music and, if you are with a friend who is his first time in thailand, to take him to a agogobar half an hour to just have fun and see his face when you enter the place.

Soi6 in pattaya was my favorite street in Thailand. More than 100 girls working in a 200m street. The problem is that they are too pushy for lady drinks and sex, you cant drink a few beers and relax there especially if you are young and white. They all just want to fuck you in the room upstairs. I was even jealous of the old sexpats drinking alone in a corner.

Agogo bars are a waste of money. They are fun, but my most expensive night in thailand was in the skyfall agogo in pattaya. I mean, the place was fucking glorious but Lady drinks + barfine + 'dancer' to my hotel room = it was the same money to take two girls from a bargirl.

Didnt like Soi Cowboy, but I liked Nana Plaza. I honestly miss one of the girls in front of the nana plaza sign. She literally jumped on me when i was walking. She was too fucking sweet and happy with me in the room to be a prostitute. I was confused as hell.

I honestly understand the people who lost their mind and savings there. You must be carefull and always go in cold mind mode.
They are only good if you're a creepy 50 year old fat dude that doesn't get any from his wife anymore and you fetishize young women so you get all your satisfaction from the idea of fucking young girls instead of the actual sexual act itself.

Asians are bad in bed everywhere. Fat british women were the best lays I've ever had though, ugly but your dick will be happy.
this anon knows his shit
If you dont like skinny rice farmers you shouldnt go to thailand, but I found a few that knew how to take you to heaven, some of them were just terrible yes.
Fat british women are funny at the beginning but they are disgusting and insufferable after a few drinks.
My ex was 5/10 but she gave the best head
Too bad I was greedy and cheated but that was years ago

File: download.png (2 KB, 318x159)
2 KB
whats it like to live in the philippines?

what can you do as an expat there?

My gf is filipina and wants to move back... I am open to it but I'm not sure what it would be like. I have been to Thailand, Vietnam and Japan... I am assuming it would be a lot like Thailand/Vietnam (not culturally, but in terms of shit never working right, bad wifi etc.) but want to hear from someone working there. We would be living in Cebu
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Think of it as one big Brazilian Favela.

The biggest benefit you get is that the Internet is not censored or regulated unlike those other countries.

Only 6 basic Rules:
1. Don't go down south.
2. Don't involve yourself in any, and I mean any drugs without a death wish.
3. Use common sense when walking outside (basically, don't show off how rich you are).
4. Never go alone between 7 PM and 6 AM.
5. Watch out for scammers.
6. Follow of the above, or else.

Once you follow all of that, you'll get treated to a pretty easy and cheap standard of living. Your girlfriend might know how to get along with people over there better than I do, so just listen to her.
>4. Never go alone between 7 PM and 6 AM.
I did this in manila and angeles city plenty of times. Never had a problem.
Those cities are safe if you keep close to the city center. Anywhere further is a huge risk.
cool, thanks man.

what kind of work is available for expats in the Philippines, and is it easy to find work?
The IT and Gambling Industries are starting to boom. Anything further than that is agriculture.

Anyways, the country has always been known for Hardware and Chip Manufacturing.

But I'm sure any specialties you might have will be accepted over there.

It's not like the country doesn't have anything open on the tray.

File: IMG_0545.jpg (28 KB, 275x183)
28 KB
What are the best European cities to travel if you're a drug addict (opiates)?
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Seem's like it is for now yes.
Thank's bro.

yeah no problem there.
Is the military easy to get into or will I be tested before getting in now?
fucking brainlets

File: 20180820_113116.jpg (602 KB, 798x1028)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
Hello /trv/

So me and my gf wanted to do a balkans trip. We figured let's just roll and do this, so we're leaving late september with our trusty scenic. Our start is Lithuania, then we go through Poland, Hungary, Serbia, etc, I drew a probable route in the attached jpeg. We got about a month, we'll sleep in tent, car, air bnb's and couchsurfing. We also like cooking outdoors and we have a grill and a cooler. We're not party people, tho we enjoy alcohol a lot, we want to enjoy cities and do some nature sightseeing, eat local food/meet locals. No drugs.
Any tips? Places to go? Places to avoid?
Excluding gas we have about a 4000 eu budged, if we cook for ourselves I believe we can stretch it easily.
More info - we're both 24, have student ids even tho we finished uni already (oops), speak english and russian.
Also a meet up is possible if anyone is up for that.
Thanks guys.
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Sure : anonfromplovdiv at abv dot bg

Sofia is just like a random big city, its not that bad, just kinda bland and boring>>1455393
Polish fag here.I will propably be hitchhiking again in balkans this year so we can meet at whatever place we will be at the moment
Sofia doesn't suck, it's just your same-old eastern European capital. Felt it was a bit similar to Bucharest. I'd advise to just take a free walking tour or smth, maybe visit a few of the hot spots then go somewhere nicer like Rila or, indeed, Plovdiv.
It's all good and hospitable, just stay away from the gypsies and Syrians (at least the primitive leech majority).

How does one run with bulls? Could someone give insight on how to sign up and participate?
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This is such a stupid thing to do that even I have to try it once
Godspeed anon
Dont do it in Pamplona, thats like wanting a great steak and going to MacDonalds.
1 Go to any of the hundred spanish towns that do runnings in the summer
2 Try not to be drunk
3 Run
Pro tip: Dont try to run more than 50 meters or you are gonna get gored
Which towns have the best balance between having a decent crowd running but not too many drunk englishmen? I don't want to die because of some drunk lad but I also don't want to be the retard running in front of the bulls alone.
SanFermin is a fucking scam. 15 years ago was a perfect 'party' but nowadays is too famous. Drunktards everywhere (most of them not natives), hotels scamming tourists, everything is overpriced, piss smell everywhere and too much people.
If you are in spain and want too see this shitfest, is ok for a couple of days. But comming here just for the bull running is a waste.

File: download (1).jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
>live in vietnam

how do you talk to vietnamese women??
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lol this wasn't me. true i guess i just have to stop being a pussy
Start lifting
Well, sorry. Your girls just want to go with us to have fun not with poor locals.
i'm white lmao, i just live here
Lol, go back to your own country

File: cost.jpg (351 KB, 1000x773)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Just moved out of my hometown in Southern California, renting in Oregon now. It's been a couple months but all I can feel right now is homesick. I left California for multiple reasons, but I miss the warm beaches. Are there any nice beach towns to live in other than in California? I was looking at a few real nice looking ones in Florida, but that state also has a reputation...

Don't know what to do, I'm not planted and stuck where I am so I could leave and travel more if I want to. I just feel like going back to CA for some reason but I didn't like it there. Maybe this belongs in /adv/ or something, I don't know.

but yeah everyone wants to be on the beach so it attracts either high costs, wack people or both

Hey /trv/ do me a favour and recommend me some gear.

I am going to Cambodia next year for 6 months of walking through the country and trying to avoid trains and even buses.

I need good shoes. Some guys recommended me Merrell Moab, but there are some reviews claiming they are shite and too hot anyway for travel in South East Asia.

What do you think, are they pleb-tier? What would you recommend instead?

Thanks my doods.
37 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>6 months walking through Cambodia
Congratulations sir, I award you /trv/'s 2018 Real Traveler award.

I'm joking but also thoroughly impressed. Why do this?
just rock some chucks senpai
thats what i do
are chuck taylors supportive enough for walking a lot, anon-chan?
everywhere I go I feel like its a mad dash across a place, on trains and buses. I would prefer to take my time and properly trek a place, liek Forrest fucking Gump.
the vents and goretex version are the same in appearance. One uses suede and another a more synthetic material. They both look like pic related. Any recommendations?

File: newmeme.jpg (76 KB, 464x640)
76 KB
Wheres the cheapest carribean vacation deals
cheapest is cuba or dominican
but there's a reason they're cheap...
1) Create a new charity
2) Pack your bags and wait
3) Hurricane hits Haiti
4) Solicit donations
5) Get paid (to go to the Caribbean)

File: trv travel map template.png (525 KB, 4972x2517)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
I've been annoyed by our Real Traveler's Map™, where you can fill in administrative divisions of countries you have visited, for quite some time. Parts of it has been outdated or simply wrong, and coastal subdivisions have been a pain in the ass to fill out. Now, combining my 8986 hours in MS Paint and my 25 years of autism, I have combed through the entire map and updated it completely.

First of all, I've made it much easier to fill out. I've drawn lines and connected every pixel to another. Every subdivision can now be filled with a single click of the paintbucket. This is especially apparent when it comes to places like Northern Canada, Southern Chile, Greenland, Norway etc. Second, I've revamped more or less every island terriotry, which previously were often just black dots in the ocean and impossible to even fill out. If they were large enough, I included every subdivision, while if they were too small and/or had too many subdivisions (it's usually both, the Maldives for example have over 200 administrative divisions...), I've grouped them according to island groups instead. E.g. the Marshall Islands is divided in two (the Ratak and Ralik chains), instead of 24 municipalities. This also applies to the Cook Islands, Nauru, Kiribati, Palau, etc. I've also removed all those red lines denoting disputed territories, and adjusted the borders to reflect their more de facto nature, which is more convenient from a traveler's perspective.

I've also added more coloring options, light and dark red for homeland and its visited subdivisions, and light and dark green for visited countries/subdivisions. This is to make it easier to spot if you've visited a small province in a big country (Like Doha, Moscow, Bangkok, etc). I also added yellow for coloring in places you're going to visit next. If you guys want to use these colors is entirely up to you though.

I hope you appreciate what I did and use this new map. Feel free to change it however you like.

Also map thread.
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>what you gonna do senpai?
If I see you irl I'll bully you
File: 1510738091675.gif (182 KB, 384x408)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
Why tf did you go to Iran btw?
Well, why not?
It was a last minute for me actually, but it was my best trip ever.
I really want to go there again.
>a dutchie being rude

Like fucking clockwork. Looking forward to see your country sink, fucking cunt.

File: transfagarasan romania.jpg (1.65 MB, 2016x1134)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
this is the transfagarasan in romania (my home country).
love from romania
the transalpina is better
Is that a gypsy camp to the right?
Serious question. Not a polfag.
gypsies are afraid of mountains

What are some scams that you discovered in your travels that surprised you? Bonus points for countries that are supposed to be "developed" but have Nigeria-tier scams going on.

In Italy when you go fill up your car and employee offers to assist you, if you don't turn him down and do it yourself they will add 0.3/L to the price of the fuel.
38 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good list of scams all around the world
Never put my wallet in my back pocket anymore
Some Sri Lankans fools tries to trick me to go to a plantation and I almost got into a fight with their tout gangs
Anyway since I work in hotels I know a lot about card scams,thank god hotel nowadays usually can access guest floors by card
I was once given a bracelet by nignog in Portugal. After that he asked for money. I said I don't have any so he took the bracelet he gave me and gave me a cheaper one for free and walked away
Where did this happen? I'm Portuguese and haven't seen them around yet but I'm not exactly their target audience.
File: IMG_6539.jpg (620 KB, 667x1000)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
there's a really popular viewpoint over Alfama where a lot of tourists and them congregate

Snapped this shot of one of them
that's the states as well, they offer local of foreign conversion too

Hey Y'all. I'm going to be in the incredible shrinking city of America, Chicago, for the next 3 weeks. I've already been to all the museums, the sears tower, and navy pier before. Any thing else I should see?
all the industrial decay

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