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File: 1301585528754.png (48 KB, 280x280)
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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: OrxRokj.png (171 KB, 1090x969)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
I want to travel to Brazil, maybe live there for a short while, for the experience of it. But I don't have a Death Wish that Massive.

Call me a TourFag Pussy, but a country with More Homicides Per Year than Syria (60,000+) is not a Postcard Paradise by my standards.

Yes, I know you'll advise me to stay away from the bad Neighbourhoods, and to always be observant on the streets, to stay inside after 6 no matter what, but I'm looking for those Secret Hotspots, or Small Isolated Towns in Brazil where such a thing as Drugs and Sudden Assassinations don't exist.

I've seen way too many videos on the Internet where out of nowhere somebody pulls out a gun and kills somebody in the most unexpected places in Brazil.

And don't say the Tourists are The Safest people there, I know what a Mugging with Stab Wounds is and it's Better Safe than Sorry for this Fagola.

Somewhere where people can leave their front door open and where they don't need to build 3 Meter Electrical Gates to keep the Favela Apes out. Preferably with a Beach and No Guns or Drugs within 50 Miles.

And don't say South Brazil, I'm looking for somewhere with a Constantly Warm Climate of 20-30°C throughout the entire Year.

P.S. Is this Picture Outdated?
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You'd be surprised what some people would do for more money, especially drugs.

Brazil was just another disaster waiting to happen. Overpopulation and Increasing Income Inequality in the 90's resulted in THIS today.
So to sum this up: Tourists are not specifically targeted and in tourist locations crime is not an issue.

I and we all on /trv/ don't care about you and your hate for Brazil but please stop shitting up the board. Thanks.
Because unlike what 4chan may have told you, whiteness isn't the only indicator of peace.

To correct you, tourist are not specifically targeted in tourist / high class locations. But don't think you can travel safely here like you do in southeast Asia.
>quite white for a Latin American country
kek, good joke m8
that'd be Argentina as much as people meme about it

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese. What is available can generally be found in the following links
Note that most of these companies are owned by the same group so behave.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm a lolita myself and I'm afraid not many hang about in harajuku anymore, you get mobbed by tourists wanting photos. You might have a bit more luck seeing them around Shibuya and Akihabara.
Any good sports bar in Shinjuku? I am gonna be there next week and wanted to watch some world cup matches.
HUB is your best bet unironically.
Butagumi in Roppongi is pricy but damn good tonkatsu.

Delirium Cafe Reserve is a bar in Akasaka dedicated to Belgian craft beer, the owner is a pretty cool guy as well and as far as I can tell helps work the bar every evening.

In Omotesando, there's a restaurant called Bill's. Great breakfast place if you think ricotta pancakes sound delicious.

Pontocho alley near Gion is packed with bars and restaurants of all sizes. Follow your nose and you'll get some great food. I ate at both a tiny little hole in the wall yakitori place that was delicious, near the the north end of the alley. There is also a German-themed bar and separate restaurant closer to the south end that served some great German food.
Have any of you shipped a JR pass voucher to your hotel? I'm traveling to japan in four days and would rather not risk trying to get it shipped here and would rather avoid spending the extra 40$ to get it at the airport. I won't need the pass until a day or two after I get to tokyo anyway.
I am also technically staying at an apartment complex that is rented out (not airbnb/private residence) instead of a hotel, that's not going to restrict me from shipping things there, is it?

Why is cheap travel looked down on in the US so much?

I recently told my coworkers about how I travel and all of them got in a tizzy about it. I understand there are far better ways for me to travel but the amount I'd have to spend, I could easily do another weekend get away over just "having a better seat on the flight" or 'gets there faster'. I recently told my coworkers that I was going to the beach for July 4th weekend via greyhound, and staying in a airbnb hostel place near it. Got the whole weekend for about 150 bucks(travel included), bus is overnight 11-7am and return is 11pm-7am, with 18/night in a hostel. They asked "I hope you don't take frontier or spirit as well anon", when I told them i do they started laughing asking why I wasn't doing delta or southwest, even though the spirti/frontier shit is like 30-50 one way.

>ew anon greyhound? you looking to get stabbed! why not get a flight
>Spirit, don't like weirdos do those flights? besides you can only carry on like a backpack
>you're taking a sleeper train? anon you make money use it.

anyone else get this shit?
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>a hot-shot who makes $20-$50 per hour
That's still greyhound bus tier lol

$400-600 hour is chartering personal plane tier
So basically 98% of population of USA are Greyhound bus tier?
Bus travel is a great /REAL TRAVELER/ experience in the U.S. I got to meet some really interesting people that I wouldn't have otherwise. One lady in the south was a meth addict, she pointed out all these places she knows as we drove by. I tried to give her a rousing speech on why drugs r bad.
Different time in Chicago to MSP, bus was delayed for 6 hours and I made friends with some autistic white dude and a cool black guy around my age. I played games on the autists phone and the black guy got really high and danced around everywhere while catcalling black chicks.
What's the point of this thread?
Hey normie, your stories have nothing to do with bus travel and everything to do with you being an extroverted person. I take the bus all the time and I like it but not because I'm meeting people. I listen to music and read and look at scenery. If you were on a plane you probably would be just as talkative to people. No offence, I just hate that you're misrepresenting bus travel because *you* are a certain type of person.

File: descarga.jpg (9 KB, 183x275)
9 KB
Well /trv/, i'm planning a trip to Madrid. I'm fantasizing about going to some bar/place/club where i can witness a "bailaora" doing some flamenco dance and have some drinks. Anyone knows a place like this?

File: IMG_0250.jpg (1.61 MB, 4032x3024)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
>I'm American
>Need to be by a beach(not neccessarily in the US)
>Living in a camper van
>Far enough away from the city to enjoy it and be secluded
>Close enough to where I dont have to drive an hour to get grocery's, and there are people I may meet who are doing the same thing
>Literal beach/van bum

Does this place exist? I want something like a small beach town where there are 21-30 year olds like myself who moved there to live by a beach and get away from chasing """the american dream""". I don't want the American dream anymore. I want to live my life how I want.

(Money isn't an issue. I can work from my cell phone)
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Puerto Rico.
>surrounded by ocean on all sides
>can live in an RV
>can choose how far you want to be from San Juan/Metropolitan area
>there are supermarkets everywhere
>can also live in more secluded south of island next to Ponce which is basically the capital of the south
>hot AF so beach weather all year round
You won't meet other people doing the RV life but you will for sure meet beach lovers. Ponce has a lot of students since it's got a few post grad universities. It's also got a few bonuses:
>Giant tropical rainforest
>cliff diving spot near the rainforest
>Atlantic Ocean in the north means ocean with waves for surfing
>Caribbean Sea in the south for clear blue waters and no waves
>Two bio-luminescent bays, one in the northeast and another in the southwest
>old san juan is nice AF and is at most a 2 hr drive from ponce (when accounting for traffic), if you have no traffic you can make it from san juan to salinas in about 50 mins.
I think they're still recovering from the Hurricane Fallout.

I heard the increase in Crime makes it look like another Venezuela.

Is this true, or are they just spat-less rumours?
Slab City, CA. Not too far from the ocean, a lake and other water sources close



Also, DownEast North Carolina Beaches, starting at about Atlantic Beach down through Wilmington area. Topsail beach would probably be prime for seclusion
Naples area in Florida?

File: jobs.png (698 KB, 765x767)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
I'm in kinda a rut right now 29 y/o with a polisci major and the current US market is fucking horrible due to current leader. I was thinking about a month in tokyo, 2 or so in kyoto and then just hitch hiking around. My budget is small and my parents are only willing to give me 500 a week to support me so dunno how easy it will me. I heard backpacking was super big in asia, as well as haggling. Also what is buying things like weed and what not over there? It's legal here so I could stock up and just live it up right? Do they care? i heard online "drugs are bad mmmkay" but not really believing that shit since weed isn't harmful.

Any tips? I just need to recharge from the mundane of the USA to learn about myself and actually get something I enjoy not a 9-5 5 day a week job
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Damn that sucks if I leave from a place where it is legal and bring some 'personal items' it's fine then right?
-stop doing drugs you fucking degenerate
-get an easy night crew stocking job at a grocery store that pays $15/hr
-save up money for a year or so
-go to japan as an alt, enjoy living frugally and having lots of free time
15 an hour is barely livable. An apartment is like 1000 where I am and that would take a bit of my income to just live in and I don't want a roommate.
>I don't want a roommate
suck it up faggot
I live with 5 other people in a house and rent is only 300 a month
if you want to travel learn to live frugally and cut costs
try it and find out

Where the fuck do people get money to travel for a year lads?

People take gap years from uni or go travelling even though they got a salary of £24k. I don’t get it.
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This. Make habits of saving, and eliminate micro-transactions. Buying a coffee machine and paying my full term auto loan has probably saved me a couple hundred already.

My only problem is job-stability or resume gaps. I'd love to take 3-6 months to go travel more than my 12 day allotment, but I'd have to quit my job then begin a hunt when I return.
First of all 'gap year' is a totally foreign concept to North Americans as we're not degenerate losers like the Brits are. Second, they get all their monet from mommy and daddy.

I met a fat overweight feminist chick in China six months into her 'gap year' and her daily routine was wake up at noon, eat and lay around to 1800, go drinking til 2am, puke/fuck any guy, repeat.
>t. norman who can't live on a smaller budget for a bit to afford to travel
enjoy your painstakingly boring average life

This, most people just cant grasp the concept of saving. Most people where I work spend more money than I do just on weed, alcohol and cigarettes.

The get super bitter and jealous about how I can afford a trip to Japan or wherever despite us all earning the same paycheck each month.
>Don't use your creditcard use your debit card
>Not paying your credit card off and earning airlines miles


File: 347e265.jpg (456 KB, 1614x2048)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Hi /trv/.
How much is needed to retire in SE asian countries? South American countries? Any other low cost of living places I should be looking at?

Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Argentina...I'm open to anywhere. I'm about to graduate from a top 15 uni in the states and anticipate making 50-70k and receiving a ~1mm inheritance when my mother (59) passes. Ive been to European countries and plan on traveling to some of these places after I finish uni. Perhaps after a few years in the work force I will change my mind but I want to live somewhere in nature with moderate access to an urban environment, without *needing* to work regularly to support myself.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
What's the process of immigration/establishment of residency like? What do I need to know about moving? How much will I need to save to live comfortably for ~50 years? Comfortably meaning 1-2 bed apt/condo/house...I can figure out how much a vehicle costs, yearly travel stipend will cost, etc.

What is investing from abroad like? Can I maintain a portfolio with average returns in the same way I can in the US?

This is my first time thinking about this so any advice or guidance is appreciated. I haven't been on this board before so anything is helpful.
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from the sea countries, philipines followed by cambodia.
philipines pro: relatively cheap, english, christian
cons: corrupt as hell, low iq locals, visa

cambodia pro: cheap, visa
cons: corrupt as hell, low iq locals and dirty
What cities should I look at?
>low iq locals
can say that about pretty much any Southeast Asian, although they aren't actually that unintelligent. All countries score a mean IQ of 90-94
You need to talk to your accountant about that. I wouldn't trust advice that isn't tailored specifically to your portfolio.
It varies, but without going itno detail, of you are on the younger side look at Phillipines, Panama, and Belize. If 50 look at Thailand. All are relatively cheap, and easy, to retire to.

File: ortho.jpg (700 KB, 2048x1025)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
Which countries have the higher chances of making you fall il the first days?
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Depends on where you're from. I've gotten food poisoning everywhere from India to Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. But, much to my own surprise, I fared well in Tanzania, Egypt and Mexico.

If you don't travel regularly to third-world countries, I imagine anywhere with less-than-stringent sanitation codes could do you in. I used to get sick everywhere, but I've yet to get more than stomach rumbles in the past two years. However, from what I've been able to gather, gastrointestinal acculturation wears off quickly.

TBQH, unless you're taking a very short trip, I'd recommend just taking the plunge and eating whatever looks good, provided it's not soaked in dog shit.

For what it's worth: sometimes it's not poor preparation that does you in but simply a lack of exposure to local bacteria.

India holy shit
Countries with lower than normal hygiene standards, so basically any country that's not Anglo or Western European.
File: Bleu de Termignon.jpg (674 KB, 1632x1224)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
Reminder to eat moldy cheese to devellop a stronger stomach

I travelled east Asia for 8 months and was fine, after four days in India I had chronic shits and stomach pain that lasted almost two weeks.

File: 1518225523561.jpg (212 KB, 1066x1600)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Have you ever been outside Europe?

Cos I have and let me tell you, I knew what it meant to be European then. I went to Asia.

I met lots of Americans. A Peruvian. They were all insufferable. Asians themselves model their countries on America for some reason. All ugly sterile grids with tall glass rectangles. Korea is just USA 2.0. I also met some Brits, a Belgian guy, French guy, German guy, Norwegian girl. We just clicked instantly. There's just a shared European culture we take for granted that you don't notice until you hang around non-Europeans.

American college students are like literal children. They dress in tank tops, baseball caps, cargo shorts, and flipflops. One lad went clubbing dressed like that. They eat shit food, they ate at a Korean McDonalds more times than I cared to mention. They act like teenagers when confronted with alcohol and start playing stupid games like beerpong.

One day I was out with the Belgian lad and the Peruvian lad. The Peruvian lad was a fatass. He was "hungry" in late afternoon early evening. We suggested stopping for food on the way back since it was almost dinner time, but no he wanted to grab potato chips from a shop on the way home. He flat out refused to eat proper food so we gave up and he went off to stuff his face with crisps while me and the Belgian lad ate rice and chicken + shit at a little hole in the wall place.

I laughed with the Belgian lad about it, and he told me how earlier the Peruvian lad was telling him how he was trying to lose weight but always snacked all day and sometimes substituted entire proper meals for snacks and junk. He also took junk food to bed with him because he got "hungry". When the Belge said "guy that's unhealthy, don't do that" he replied "but I can't not eat when I'm hungry" and made up some bullshit excuse.

A bunch of tiny stuff like that that all adds up together, though the approach to drinking and food is definitely the biggest.
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literally 0% accurate, how about you check off the one you replied to?
You sound like quite the snob. I'll bet you're a blast to be around.
t. Mohammad
The area surrounding Cornell is suburbs, not an actual rural area
>American college students are like literal children. They dress in tank tops, baseball caps, cargo shorts, and flipflops. One lad went clubbing dressed like that. They eat shit food, they ate at a Korean McDonalds more times than I cared to mention. They act like teenagers when confronted with alcohol and start playing stupid games like beerpong.

are you sure they weren't Australians? Australians are worse by a long shot.

File: 1528454647465.jpg (125 KB, 1280x720)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Are we westerners actually retarded and goofy or do 3rd worlders just make me feel that way?

For instance a simple harmless smile is received with a blank fucking incredulous stare like I'm a fucking retard. It happens so often I'm beginning to think whatever we call as western customs is either childish or just straight up goofy.

Like I'm just questioning myself now - why do we smile at one another all the time in western countries? Is it an attention thing? A submissive thing? Even our cashiers give genuine smiles. Is it something to do with not wanting to burden eachother with a heavy face or..?

55 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

3rd worlder here. Smiling is deeply associated with scammers and tricksters down here, it's inevitable that when gringos do it we find it either obnoxious or foolish. Next time you're in the 3rd world greet someone by complaining about something. Just go up to a stranger and complain about your back hurting or missing a train or something. You'll be greeted with a laugh and more complaining in return. Complaining is the glue that holds the 3rd world together.
Just don't actively draw attention to yourself. It's not fucking difficult.
Pretty much this. Every time I've seen a tourist from Europe or America so smiley and trying to be friendly I just laugh thinking how they probably get lost and end up in a dangerous zone at late night
It helps if you're attractive. 99% of the time that I smile at chicks I get smiles back in 3rd world countries
If you want to go to a third world country where people smile at you go to Sub-Saharan Africa.


File: 152799023729.png (1.79 MB, 2045x1709)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Would you go? Under what circumstances and what would you bring with you?

Hey /trv/,

I'm thinking of doing this trip: Iquitos (Peru) to Manaus (Brazil) on a kayak. I've already got the kayak, but the rest is to figure out.

My question: what about safety in this region? Specifically, Brazil. Seeing as it is close to (and accross) the border, I'm a bit worried there may be some drug-trafficking gangs not very happy about someone slowly drifting down "their" feif

Brazilian here.


That stretch of the Amazon river up to Manaus is called Rio Solimões here in Brazil. The High Solimões, from Tabatinga to Tefé, is a no man's land. Drug trafficking routes and makeshift ports are constantly changing, pirates lurk about in the tributaries to pillage civilian boats and drug shipments alike, low-life youth gangs are a fast growing cancer in the small settlements you'll find along the way. These people aren't shy either. The drug traffickers are constantly clashing with our federal police and military, the pirates have been known to seize even gas tankers and the low-life addicts will kill you for crack rock money.

Mind you, the stretches from Tefé to Coari and Coari to Manaus aren't that safe either. There couldn't be a worse time to plan this trip: Brazil is still neck deep in the worst depression in our recorded history, unemployment is rampant (especially in the North and Northeast), criminality / homicide rates are as high as they have ever been, several states are bankrupt, police are underfunded and undermanned, crime syndicates are expanding their operations throughout the country and clashing with each other, youngs males are increasingly pulled either to crime or to crack cocaine, the middle class is emigrating in high numbers.

The safest part of your itinerary would actually be the border at Tabatinga and Benjamin Constant. Our military and federal police heavily patrol the region, they even have a permanent base in the river. What drug traffickers do is they build small airstrips in the middle of the jungle near deserted streams past the usual patrol routes and then they fly over the shipments from Colombia. That's why the High Solimões is so dangerous.


The townspeople warned her not to go on by herself and instead wait to board some boat that was restocking the town. She didn't hear them tho.
Id say that safety in this region, speacially for a foreigner on a kayak is very low. Yes, its one of a dozen international drug smuggling routes.

See a similar story here https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/20/leader-of-gang-suspected-of-murdering-british-kayaker-in-brazil-is-killed

Sure it can be done whithout any harm. But its indeed risk and you should be aware before putting yourself in that situation
actually is the same story as the one linked here >>1420945

I feel like >>1420945
is exaggerating (natural for a local) but still it's probably not safe enough to do.
Oh well. Gonna look into the Peru stretch from higher up maybe. Any opinions on that?

File: potala-full-view.jpg (159 KB, 1000x667)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
So Ive decided to make another China General thread so that I could keep the topic on going.
Like always though feel free to discuss about things to do in China, such as like:
>Living in China
>Hotels Check-in
>Best Landscapes\Tours

And also please take the time to check out the old thread as well while it's still active on the board right here. >>1398366
245 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's pretty odd though, to tell y'all the truth right there now.
File: FB_IMG_1527113564994.jpg (53 KB, 959x960)
53 KB
Hey look, isn't this evil Cuddles from Happy Tree Friends now?
How big is the Shanghai Pudong International Airport? Do any of you guy's even know the answer to this question right here?
It's the size of Frankfurt's airport, because it's an exact copy.

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