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File: download (9).jpg (291 KB, 1440x764)
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going to chicago for a work trip but will have some considerable amount of time to myself. Im not generally a traveler. Any advice?
Chicago zoo is free
i'll recommend you the same thing i recommend everyone else - architectural boat tour. not terribly expensive, fun and educational, and most likely there won't be too many minorities aboard the boat
South side has some cheap restaurants
Walk around the Riverwalk and the area just north of there and south of there until millennium Park ends. get a drink at the rooftop bar at Trump Tower. Ride around on the l train.

File: 1690219634474193.png (2.63 MB, 1460x740)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
In contrast to the other US cities thread, what are the best US cities that you travelled to?

Pic not related, I'm American but I've been to more cities outside of the US than in and I want to change that.
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File: 20231011_120450.jpg (1.94 MB, 2419x1814)
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1.94 MB JPG
>Durango Colorado
>Ouray Colorado
drove through them last fall. ouray was beautiful. I don't understand how anyone could live there though. it's so tiny.
Somehow I think it would’ve met this end in the enriched neighborhood of any city
For the national parks and ski slopes yes but the Mormons make the place weird. They make the whole of Utah weird. It would be paradise if they weren’t so damn weird honestly.
Did you live there as a grad student or faculty member? Life in a college town is much better as one of those than a staff member or someone not affiliated with the university over 25.
Pittsburgh is very underrated overall and D.C. is great to visit but iffy to live in. There’s just a weird vibe that people in D.C have and obviously a lot of the people are fake striver politico types or else young radical women. The city is actually filled with young women but they’re all progressive activists or immigration lawyers or whatever.

File: 3815313_orig.jpg (107 KB, 1000x667)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Here I am, in Vancouver, thinking that this is the best the West has to offer. And it actually fucking is. Is Asia the only hope for a good quality of life?
>UK is a shithole where you can't take a shower for more than 10 minutes
>France is SJW Congo 2.0.
>Germans are autistic assholes
>USA is a FFA shooter game in real life
>Australia is a totalitarian nightmare
I just want a place with culture, nice weather and nice people. No Western hellhole provides any of those things.
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Nobody talking about eastern europe?
I've heard good things about Poland.
>I don't think the CCP colony of Vancouver is the greatest thing in existence like all white Canadians do
>You must be from CHINA
Just admit that Asians are better at building countries. I asked for a country better than Canada in the West and no one can answer. It is because Canada is the pearl of the West, that all whites desire. It fucking sucks.
Washington, D.C. has some redeeming qualities. I lived there for a year and half and I liked it more than I hated it. But I hate most other places, including New York. Yeah, I really feel like basically any city in the West can be great IF you’re rich, but for a wagie (even a really highly compensated wagie) there are no truly good cities in the West. There are places which would be good for a time, or maybe at a certain time of the year, but they’re extremely expensive. I’m thinking here of cities like Edinburgh or Madrid. That’s it though. East Asian cities absolutely shit on Western cities in every regard.
This idea that Canada is the pearl of the West is funny. No Westerner thinks that. Not even one. We think Canada is awful. It’s only East Asians that think that Canada is so great. So even though you’re right that Asian cities are better than Western ones, one can only assume that you’re a Chinese immigrant in Canada and that’s why you think Canada is the jewel of the West.
What Western country is better? There is none. If you ask most people what country they would like to live in, the most common answer would be Canada.

File: freighter.jpg (181 KB, 736x1106)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Which of the flips or jeets do I have to bribe to hitch a ride on picrel? Travel time doesn't matter, comfort doesn't matter, amenities don't matter, I just want to get across an ocean without boarding an airplane.
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File: IMG_20150629_153528.jpg (1.45 MB, 4208x2368)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
What was it like?
peaceful, but isolated. internet access was restricted to ship operations (probobly better now with Starlink) so we were cut off from the world except for when we were at ports. it was kind of nice just going through old ebooks and tv show episodes i had downloaded but never watched. also read a couple of books from the ship's library and donated my own.

Who made the biggest impression on you?
the ships crew was mostly young Filipino sailors and crusty old Polish and Ukrainian officers, some ex-Soviet. my ship was usual in that we had a full load of 4 passengers; old guy from Florida writing his memoir, a retired couple from DC on an around the world tour and myself. the old guy was a bit eccentric and probobly gay and the DC folks were nice but came off as oblivious big government bureaucrats living off their pensions and have very little idea how people live outside the Beltway.

What were the things that you expected least?
as far out as we were there was always other ships traveling on the same route, you could usually see them on the horizon or on the radar screens in the bridge so we never felt like we were alone in the middle of the ocean. bridge was open all the time and the younger guys on night watch appreciated having some company, just make sure you keep out of the way when the officers are making port.

What stood out to you?
the crew was friendly to us but not overly optimistic about the industry as a whole. they were concerned about being replaced by ships with Chinese officers and African crews that worked for even less than Filipinos.

What were the scents and tastes? (Senses we can't get a duplicated version of via the internet.)
it was much needed fresh air and a "hardy sailors fair" food-wise. i just spent a year breathing poison in Central China and 2 weeks of open ocean really helps clear out your lungs. food was good but tends to drag towards the end when the run low on certain perishables.
Very interesting. I didn't know the routes were so busy.
>all meals included

I'm guessing these weren't gourmet meals though

What are you supposed to do if the Houthis attack you?
File: IMAG0287.jpg (650 KB, 2688x1520)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
it was a "hardy sailors fair", lots of potatoes, pasta, pork chops, eggs, brocolli, etc. ffruits like oranges and kiwis last forever in the ships fridge while Bananas and apples are the first to run out.

we had a set table in the officer's mess hall and we were expected to report in for all meals on time or they would call our cabin or search the ship to find us, only way they know if we fell overboard because they dont otherwise care what we are up to.

ship had signs for a safe room but we never used it, just follow the crew instructions if it happened. we were in the Bering Sea so Houthis and Somalis wernt that big of a deal at the time.

also this is what happens when the crane drops a shipping container, we were told it was full of socks so nothing was really damaged.

File: 5pcum9c1jnp21-2068715541.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Realistically, what country to visit to find the best wife material?
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If you want to be ruthlessly realistic you must face the fact that no woman will ever love you because women are incapable of loving a man. It's all about extracting resources from him.
Even in countries with trad gender roles you have to be careful because there are aspects of trad women that you as a American or otherwise modern westoid may not like. Trad women tend to be more materialistic and more emotionally high maintenance. Some of them lean really heavily into the expectation that the man needs to decide and pay for literally everything. A lot of them will stop giving a shit about their appearance after marriage, as in their mind that part of their life is over, notice how you don't see many MILFs in Europe.

What you really want are the "born again" american tradwives.
yes if you're a man you need to make important decisions, and if she is tradwife she shouldn't do much work, it doesn't mean she is extremely materialistic

>notice how you don't see many MILFs in Europe.
kek what? since when Europe is "traditional"?

>What you really want are the "born again" american tradwives.
yes those born again virgin roasties with double digit body count, they certainly will be loyal to you!
>if you found a perfect wife in just two weeks
Oh no, I didn't mean that kek.
I just meant that I've found girls that I can at least vibe with
That’s not realistic though. They will love you, just not in the way that you love them. It’s not as black and white for them as it is for us. Loving you and loving your resources are closer than you think for her. That’s the realistic point of view, and yes, I do think you should accept that.

Trad and dating outside of your culture and/or race are like oil and water. They just don’t go together. You will not get your Russian trad wife or Japanese trad wife because they Russia and Japanese trad wives are not marrying American men. This is why I think guys basically have 2 good options: 1) either find you’re conservative, religious, trad wannabe girl where you’re from, which is hard but not impossible
2) just accept the reality of the situation and understand that no matter where you go there will be pros and cons
Guys need to disabuse themselves of this 1950s pipe dream in my honest opinion. That’s just not the time you live in and you can either accept that and learn to navigate it as best you can, or you can be lonely forever. The choice is yours, but you can’t cling to perfect forever or else you’ll miss out on good enough.

File: Flag_of_California.svg.png (85 KB, 1024x683)
85 KB
My country (Quebec) is a decent place to live, but a lot of the time, I can't stand the cultural mindset of a lot of my people, a village mindset. Canada's economy is also going down the drain, worst of the G7 in the long run, even worse than the UK or Italy. Some of our best leaders have been worldly people who travelled around and then made this country better when they came back.

Montreal's a nice city, but I'd like to work elsewhere when I graduate. I posted the flag of California, but I'm really thinking about any american city where I don't need to drive, or a few places in Europe.
Anywhere in France or french Belgium would probably work for me.
Spain: Depends, I know a fair bit of spanish, I can read and watch TV but my conversational skills declined, I should have laerned portuguese instead.
Brazil would be a place for me, although in terms of economic opportunities...Same thing with Iran and the geopolitical situation.
London Bristol and Manchester seem like the best places in the UK and I could get the Youth Employment Scheme, I'm already looking for housing prices.
Istanbul, Italy and Croatia could be options if I'm willing to learn another language.

My main issue is employement, especially if it concerns the US. I have to get an intership or get hired by a firm to get the visa to stay for a while, and they're very strict on foreign workers unlike here, same with Europe.

Any tips to get hired by a foreign company? I'm finishing my degree in political science and have language skills. I have experience in tourism and research. But somehow, I don't find much work, all the while one of my closest friends is going to do an intership with the government in New Delhi. I'm pretty jealous of her, she travels a lot, and I have, mainly in the US (I have a relative there) and I feel like I'm squandering opportunities.
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Depends if you consider a bike + bus viable. I lived in Phoenix for 8 years simply had a e-bike and would use the bus on/off during summer depending on the weather. Completely doable if you aren't appose to living near your job. Many jobs here are still hybrid and companies will actually offer for tax breaks people to not drive.
Don't bother moving to America if you don't want to drive a car. Also don't move here because we're full. Seriously if you value high taxes free healthcare, cusses, and cops with a monopoly on violence then just go to europe.
>I can't stand the cultural mindset of a lot of my people, a village mindset
Totally get what you mean, I’m so fucking sick of the villager mindset of here. I dread visiting my extended family. They’re like 14th century serfs who know nothing outside their village. I think this is the problem with French Canadians, we want to know nothing of the outside world in the slightest. It’s a good and bad thing.
I always see move to a good country in Europe but WHAT European country is actually GOOD to live in?

>Cold, unfriendly, woke, depressing
UK, France, Germany, Holland
>They see Canada as a major quality of life improvement, so it would be a downgrade going there.
Eastern Europe
>Have fun making 2k/yr (and now open borders so no longer possible to larp as based)
Southern Europe
>Employment lmfao what's that
I actually live in Philadelphia and have lived here for about 5 years. Philadelphia has some big pros but a lot of cons. If you want the big walkable city thing at a cheaper price, you’re better off in Chicago if I’m being totally objective.

Honestly, just go to New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, Texas, or California. They’re the only places that are showing any signs of life, and have young people doing things, making money all that good stuff. If you don’t believe me, look up the median ages, population loss statistics, social mobility of these other places. You won’t even have to get past seeing that the median ages are late 40s and 50s to see that I’m right about this. If you have a real penchant for nature or the American West or something, Utah, Colorado, places like that are obviously options but the city life is not as vital as in the places I mentioned. I really wouldn’t even bother looking anywhere else. Go wherever you think you can make money, man. If you can make some wealth in this country, and let’s be honest, what other reason would there be for you to be here, then you can just recon various parts of the U.S. when you’re ready to plan roots and choose then. But in the meantime, go where the vitality is and where the money is flowing and that’s really only like 5 or 6 places.

File: USA giant.jpg (3.74 MB, 4837x3240)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
Is this a safe country to travel to? How are tourists treated by the American people? What states do you recommend avoiding if any?
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Anon doesn't need a gun if anything it could and would complicate things.

He has bigger issues to solve like actually having a car that can make all 48 states without him wanting to kill himself after 2 weeks on the road.
>muh hekkin used camper :D
Yeah good luck with that in this market
40 of the 50 US states have bears, anon. You must want to see that Euro get charged and mauled.
I have hunted and camped all my life and I see bears 9 out of 10 trips. And I thank God I have my 10mm.

Yeah and I doubt anon is going to do anything too much /out/ camping, I'd be suprised if he isn't just 'camping' at Love's truck stops for the nights.

Also bear spray is effective and won't raise questions when cops ask what the fuck you're doing sleeping in X and if you have any weapons.
Tourists aren't really targeted in USA. Petty crime is low in USA compared to Europe (for tourists at least). Every European tourist destination has armies of thieves and scammers, this is much less common in USA.

Violent crime is certainly higher in the USA, but its largely localized to ghettos, vast majority of violent crime is domestic violence, personal disputes and gang activity. The odds a tourist is a victim of violent crime is very low, muggings aren't common. Avoiding states isn't really necessary, its more about avoiding neighborhoods.
Lmao you know it’s not a crime to possess a weapon and you are not obligated to tell the pigs shit. You really are a liberal cuck faggot.

Is it possible for an anglophone to find work in Montreal?

I don't have a lot of work experience, I'd like to go back to school. I studied in Montreal for about a year when I was younger and loved it. I want to return, but I only really have work experience in retail. Has anyone else lived there extensively? Is it possible for Anglos to make a living?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm a francophone, and it really depends. I live in the very francophone suburbs, you'll need french if you ever go there, same with the east end (Even then, I know an anglo dude who lives in Rosemont and doesn't even speak french somehow). However, there's the west island and basically all of downtown. Tons of anglos there are living in a bubble. The area around McGill uni is literally called "Ghetto McGill" because it's a bubble of all the McGill students who don't have to learn a lick of the local language.

I don't know why people are so mad about learning the language. They say Canada is bilingual, but it's BS. You don't need to learn french in BC. Quebec is basically its own country already, and you should treat it as such. You would learn some basics of the language of any place you live, no?

I warn you though, it's going to be tough to make true friends here. It's a milder version of what you see in Scandinavia or Japan. People won't invite you to their family gathering or really be private with you, at least at first. People are nice on the outside, but they can talk mean to your back. These are some aspects of our culture I don't really like. We're cowardly and we have a village mentality. I certainly want to spend more time abroad when I graduate even though this is probably the part of Canada who actually has a future. The rest's economy is too dependent on natural resources, depressed small towns or bubble economies like Vancouver. Also, if the USA goes to shit,we'll be like Jordan dealing with the Middle East imploding. We'll be stable, but dependent on aid, swamped with refugees and with a ruined economy.
Yes my wife is anglo and she has an english job. All her friends work in english too. Depends on your industry really.
Currently industry-less. What do

File: sad iketani.png (440 KB, 720x551)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
I'm in a hostel right now. I'll be traveling until the 6th. my mom just called me to tell me that my grandma had died.
no fucking clue why she thought I needed to know right now.
fucking silently crying like a bitch in my little cubbie hole.
how am I supposed to enjoy shit tomorrow?
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>calling the US embassy in a panic because you've gotta get back to work in 3 days and Alcoholics Anonymous cancelled your flight
the absolute state of wagecucks
Honestly this is one of my biggest fears of traveling: having a loved one die while you are abroad and having to cancel your fun to go to a shitty funeral. And yes, I said funerals suck and I hate them. If I died, I wouldn't want people canceling their plans to come mourn me. I'm dead. I want them to live their lives. Maybe it's because I'm American and taking work off for vacation is a big deal.
I'm sorry for your loss. Next time tho don't ask retards on 4chan for advice for something serious like this, try to return home sooner to support your family, do something to honour your grandmother in the meantime, go visit a church or temple or whatever
I had a long-time (years) girlfriend break up while me while I was in Asia. I still had a good trip, but it messed me up so much at the time I couldn't preform with a cute Chinese girl I ended up getting close to in the hostel. I still think back on that and get embarrassed; if it was today I would have beat the breaks off her. But instead I was just a cry baby bitch.
File: koth kaworu.jpg (158 KB, 1920x816)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>She's self-centered like that.
not anymore.

File: Cadillac Deville.jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
What's the most you can handle driving in a day? I'm thinking of driving from Kansas City, MO to Buffalo, NY in one day which is about 14-15 hours of pure driving time + breaks to refuel the car, get food, etc. I'm not sure whether I'm deranged to try doing this and should just stay somewhere else for the night or whether this is a good idea. I think the most time I've spent on the road in a day before is 9 hours.

Pic unrelated: I would be driving a Honda Civic rather than a big ass Cadillac.
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Last year I drove an 08 civic from close to Buffalo (Hamilton) to Utah. I left at 6 am and probably was in Kansas city before midnight. I ended up doing 21 hours that day and than pulled over at a rest stop for a couple hours. I made it to my first camp sure in Colorado at 6pm next day. I drank a lot of those PK things you can get at the dollar stores.down there. I'm doing another one to Wyoming in about a month and I got some LSD to try microdose driving.
I’ve driven nearly, but not quite, that long in a single sitting at least a couple of times; I’ve moved cross-country by car twice. The stretch I recall most clearly was between Madison, Wisconsin and Cheyenne, Wyoming, which took more than twelve but fewer than fifteen
hours door-to-door, including a couple of stops to use toilets and/or get gas, and pump myself full of too much caffeine, but no long rest or meal breaks. When I was younger I had a weirdly masochistic, arguably maybe slightly self-destructive, attitude towards road trips undertaken out of necessity rather than for fun; although I didn’t fixate on being as fast as possible (although I will absent-mindedly catch myself going much too fast on sparsely populated highways once in a while, I don’t like to speed excessively in the presence of any other traffic; tailgaters and gratuitous lane weavers hell-bent on passing everyone they possibly can wherever they can are dangerous, dumb cunts), I liked to get them over with, and often didn’t eat at all over the course of a day of driving. It’s not smart, as I much later understood that low blood sugar will eventually fuck up my judgement and reaction time, as well as just making me foggy-headed in general and more prone to fatigue. In retrospect, duhh.

So I guess I can honestly report that “around 14 hours” is the most I CAN drive in a go, I don’t *like* doing it, and don’t recommend it if it’s avoidable. Nowadays I would sooner drive no longer than eight or nine hours at once at the absolute outside, and can admit to being tired enough that I would rather be done for the day after as little as six or seven.
>What's the most you can handle driving in a day?
30 minutes
I hate driving so much bros
Alone, i can do 20 hours.

With a bitch, i can do 2 hours top.
I learned this the hard way, doing a road trip with an ex gf.
Jesus Christ you’re literally 17

>CTRL+ F: africa
>zero results

just a few years ago it seemed like africa was becoming cool but that seems to have dissipated. what is the reason for this? the resurgence of jihadism? the chronic eternal poverty? the threat of war doesn't seem to deter you guys from wanting to visit taiwan or SEA. so what happened to africa? i'm planning a world tour and wondering if I should just skip africa altogether.
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>Very distressing
what's the problem? just give her $20 "taxi money" in the morning, way cheaper than hooker in Thailand or date in the west

I walked short distances at night in well lit areas and it was fine, you need to be on guard, don't be drunk etc.
lack of mid range food and accommodation is a problem but women compensate that
>I walked short distances at night in well lit areas and it was fine, you need to be on guard, don't be drunk etc.
>lack of mid range food and accommodation is a problem but women compensate that
Everyone told me not to so I didn't cause I didn't need to. Like motorbike taxis after a couple of beers anyway.
Be careful of the nothing happened to me so it's safe mindset. I worked in Phuket for 6 months and thought it was super safe. Literally the last weekend my gf was robbed on the back of my motorbike (bag snatch) 2 DAYS in a row, one colleague/friend was raped, and her friend was stopped with her Thai bf walking on the beach at night by a Thai gang and they beat him with metal bars as she watched. He has permanent brain damage.
I always felt safe in Phnom Penh too, would take loads of valium and ride around the city at 2 am until someone threw a brick at me while I was riding my motorbike
That’s fucked up man
Why would I know how African food tastes you fuckin jollofa dingo I’ve never BEEN THERE
Thank you for these posts. Novel information and bizarre images
>what is the reason for this?
It's unreasonably expensive, value for money is awful.

File: 1578314737818.jpg (141 KB, 1024x828)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>at a bar in Thailand
>Americans sitting next to me
>they start discussing the "tipping culture" in Thailand
>Mutt #1 says he always tips 20 baht minimum, up to 20% for good service
>other says 25%

Holy fuck Americans. Can you not go anywhere without ruining literally everything?
152 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do euros do anything besides seethe about America?
The seethe is just papered over envy.

The fact that I can saunter into a bar in Thailand with my big girthy American salary, earned by sitting on my fucking ass as a security guard, while these little spindly eurofags have to sweat and scowl over some engineering horseshit for LESS than me is the price reason for their IMPOTENT grumbling over a pittance of a tip; mere Monopoly money for you and me, but a fucking insurmountable financial conundrum for the pitiful eurocommie who’s history and national were raped and brought under submission by the faceless bureaucrats of the IMF and UN.

The polite and gentle European nature is no mass for the machinations and chaos of the American experiment and it’s dangerous casinos of financial access.

I DARE ANY European to raise his little pipsqueak voice in this thread again
File: pepe.jpg (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB
It is true that Americans make more.

But you'll also lose your entire savings at the first sight of a medical emergency, and you have to live in America.

The only advantage Americans have is to make money then get the fuck out of their shitty country. Also I'm Norwegian and I make more than you
Why does the entire world believe the USA healthcare propaganda? Almost all of us have affordable, excellent insurance and we have world class healthcare available coast to coast. The only people without insurance are the very poor, who can go to any emergency room or free clinic and get free treatment

Only mexicans do that. Do you best to avoid shitty mexican people. They are the worst people in the new "America". mexicans and inner city blacks should be avoided.

I want to plan a trip to Britanny & Normandy and camp around megalithic structure like Dolmens and Minirs. Is there any good spots to do this where I won’t be bothered? I would like to explore around too, but I need to experience a night or two doing this.

I haven't been to the Carnac but the Bretons told me it really isn't that impressive - there's a story recently that the government approved moving one of the stones to make room for a hardware store. There are less dense formations everywhere else that aren't really impressive.

There's a single tall structure in Dol-de-Bretagne around some emptyish fields with St. Malo and Mont St Michel nearby. For a formation of smaller rocks that is more secluded, there's Camaret-sur-Mer with a nice marina and some historical forts/bunkers nearby.

I'd reccomend the Cairn de Barnenez (yeah, not the same) near Morlaix; it has a ok view of the Morlaix bay but theres some refugee panels that ruin the message. If you are public transportation, email the tourism office with your time to double check if you need to reserve a shuttle/bus van and remember that the drop off/return stop are NOT the same place.
>Cairn de Barnenez
Thank you, I’ll give it a look. How does camping in France go? I read that open air camping it isn’t allowed. Not sure how true is this or if it’s one of these things where they’ll just give it a pass and look the other way if you cause no problems.
File: IMG20220529185605.jpg (3.37 MB, 4160x3120)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
I'm not the first guy but I went camping from Granville up to Mont Saint-Michel and was able to find some nice and quiet spots without being bothered. As long as you're respectful and gone early in the morning, nobody should bat an eye. In my experience, people there are pretty lay back. Once, I asked a lady if I could put my tent in her garden because I was out of options and she easily agreed. I think you'll be fine.
Thanks, this is really reassuring. I’ll keep this into consideration when I go. My buddy went up there and said there people are friendly. I’m sure it’ll go well then, I was a bit hesitant because I heard outdoor camping might be a problem. I’ll do as you say then.

File: Tocoa.jpg (328 KB, 2048x1536)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I was in Cuba and met these guys on the malecón in havana and we started talking. They invited me to an underground poker room I thought it was a bit risky but thought why not? I love to gamble and I've been up to crazier shit abroad before.

So I went to gamble and there was a waitress there and she was really sexy. She started flirting with me and then touching me so I went home with her and it turns out she was embassy personnel from Russia. I was in a ton of shit, if I say why it'd be bad op-sec but I had to gtfo. So I got smuggled to cienfuegos and then put on a cargo boat to Honduras. I was hiding in Tocoa for like 6 months until I was able to access some lawyers and money to get me home. My dad was able to wire some money since my account was frozen.

I was a desperate man.
I don't get it. Why were you in trouble?
Do you honestly think OP's schizo rambling is even true?
Man, your story's a real trip! Seems we've both danced on the edge a bit.

I made a killing off a hair transplant racket, then, feeling invincible, I took all that cash to Monte Carlo. Thought I’d up the ante. Well, I played chemin de fer with the big shots until my luck ran dry and my pockets were nearly empty. Spent my last few francs on a lady of questionable virtue. I ended up ‘borrowing’ her passport and wig, making a slick getaway on the next midnight flight.

Landed on my feet in Adelaide. I opened up a temp agency hiring aboriginals to work the opal mines. Promised them the world, gave them dust, and took a slice so thick it’d make a banker blush. Kept that up until the heat got a bit too much.

Now here I am in Sri Lanka, sitting back, thinking this might be the end of the road for my scheming days. But old habits, you know? The thrill of the next con, the next escape—it’s intoxicating. I mean, what can I say? I’m Mr. Bad Example. I like to have a good time, and I don't care who gets hurt.
One time I matched with a Japanese girl on a dating app while I was in Paris and this girl suggested we meet up for coffee but first she wanted to know if I was real which I thought was ironic because I was 99% sure that SHE was not real and it was just a romance scam but I went along with it and sent her the name of the hotel I was staying at and sure enough she showed up so we walked a few blocks to a cafe and got to chatting and well long story short she started going on about how she needed money for school and how her parents couldn't send her money because they lost their jobs so I thought ah here is the scam but then she got really flirty with me and suggested she would do a favor for me before I did one for her and I caught the drift so we went back to my hotel and told her I needed to use the bathroom before we got to business so I did and then when I walked out of the bathroom she was already naked and laying on the bed but here's where it gets really crazy she had the biggest fucking bush I've ever seen in my life I took one look at it and said nah bitch you got me fucked up I ain't going anywhere near that shit but before I could ask her to put her clothes back on her pubes rapidly started growing until they lashed out at me and entangled my wrists and ankles and then in a deep satanic voice she demanded I pay her 1000 euros so she could buy a return ticket to Japan or bad things would happen so moral of the story is don't go to the land of the rising sun without a pair of hair clippers in your back pocket.

File: china.jpg (21 KB, 612x459)
21 KB
My expectations were low, but holy crap.

As a foreigners, I literally can't do anything here. Can't buy a sim card, can't open any useful aps, can't buy train tickets online... can't even pay for a KFC burger at the Hangzhou airport because I couldn't pay with Wechat pay! holy shiet bros. Why is China so hostile to foreigners right now?
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honestly based
travelers and foreigners always ruin the shit for natives
>slow board but fast damage control
Fucking hell I wish I had spoken to you sooner, I spent hours trying to book a taxi for an airport drop off and nobody would help me, then I had to pay someone 200 RMB to do it for me in the end, otherwise I'd have been stuck in Chongqing
Relatable, if it makes you feel any better... I KNEW about alipay and didi and still fucked it because Chengdu airport had about 270 pick up points and as soon as I left the airport my wifi cut out and couldn't track where they were stopping off.
Hahaha fuck

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