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File: 1710630430446175.jpg (22 KB, 495x619)
22 KB
Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) lives in Japan with his Italian wife and their infant mixed race (Nordic/Mediterranean) infant son, Bjorn. However, he’s made a terrible mistake.

Japan is a unique culture. It is a racially homogenous ethnostate. Anyone who is not racially Japanese is considered a foreigner, and can NEVER be truly accepted. You see where I’m going here?

Despite being BORN IN JAPAN, the kid will always be viewed as an outsider. Even though he was born there, he will never be accepted, because he is not racially Japanese.
Imagine being a foreigner in your own country. What will be the psychological effects on the kid, as he realises that he will always be a Gaijan, even in the country where he was born and grows up in.
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File: a515121767.jpg (43 KB, 500x578)
43 KB
He'll become the next Jared Taylor, obviously. So by all accounts, he'll turn out well-adjusted and racially aware.

You're just a pussy. People had kids in the worst conditions everywhere. Just live anywhere you are allowed to homeschool.
Yes, because Japan is just like any other country.
That's not going to wreck the culture as much as every middle class person in the west wanting to move there because it's the one place left in the developed world where the cities still have functioning law enforcement and you can walk around alone without getting mugged (or sucker punched in the case of NYC). By the time Pewdiepie Jr. grows up, you probably won't even need to know Japanese to have a functional life in Japan because English will have the status Spanish currently has in California due to all the immigration from everywhere.
>Born into a rich wealthy family
>Getting to speak Swedish, Italian, Japanese and English
That kid is going to be the Count of Monte-Cristo.

File: india.jpg (53 KB, 540x360)
53 KB
Thinking about a 10-day trip to India. Am I guaranteed to be sidelined with some form of illness? I've read stories where people couldn't leave their hotel for days due to diarrhea, even when taking strict precautions.
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Don't eat the street food.
Don't eat any animal products.
Don't eat at 'restaurants'.
Don't eat any fresh produce from farmers markets.
Don't buy or eat any untinned food from the supernarket. Only buy the most expensive imported bottled water.
Don't dumpster dive, the rats will make you sorry.
Don't eat food anyone gives you, just smile back while rubbing your belly, this will let them know you've just eaten.
It's best to fast every second day anyway while touring in India to refuce your chances of getting sick by 50%
Why the fuck would someone travel to India and dumpster dive there, that's such a bizarre warning
This board is full of vagrant traveller wannabes.
India seems like a popular place on here :)
based on the 500 threads you make every day then sure

File: 172222-1024__32222.jpg (305 KB, 878x1280)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Hi, I'm planning on doing a roughly month long trip across the USA for my summer vacation. It's going to be a solo trip because I'm tired of waiting around for my poor/lazy friends who will ultimately cancel their plans. I'm going to start from Boston and I'm looking for help in 2 aspects.

1. Places to visit - I want to avoid cities as much as possible. Scenic and natural areas are my top priorities, such as Yellowstone, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon etc. Means of travel - Train/Car? Also I'm not too interested in loud parties and nightclubs but won't entirely discount them either.
2. Tips for solo travel - Never travelled solo before and never for this long. I'd like advice on staying, travelling, sightseeing etc balancing money whilst not compromising on safety.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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All the good nature shit is on the west side of the country. Joshua tree, death valley, grand canyon, etc. These places will be hot as hell in the summer, but are good for fat people since the hikes are usually no more than a couple hours long (you can make them longer but you'll be hot like I said).

You will absolutely need a car at some point, but I don't recommend driving from Boston to California. They are called fly-over states for a reason.

You are correct in your thinking that you should avoid big cities. New York and LA are worth a visit at least once in your life though. LA especially has good hikes like the hollywood sign, griffith park, etc. I hated Boston. Never been to Chicago but I've heard nice things. I'm sure it's just another big American city though.

Can't give you advice on camping other than it's usually a massive pain logistically. You not only needs lots of gear but you need to get the permits, find where to go, etc.

Just look for cool airbnbs if you want the offgrid experience. Picrel is your average airbnb in twentynine palms, near joshua tree national park. $100 a night, dead silent, clear skies perfect for stargazing. No need to worry about camping.
if you haven't camped before now probably isn't the time to learn, especially in some of the national parks out west you could be camping in/near grizzly country

there are some good national parks in the east but for first time trip probably just hit the ones out west to simplify travel time and planning

you'll pretty much have to rent a car, maybe you could take a train to get out west if you're starting in boston but train travel here isn't anything like trains in eu/asia. but once you're in the west you'll have to drive to get between/around national parks
Mt Rushmore was a let down. didn't even get out of the car. however this was after spending a week camping in the Idaho mountains so my standards were a bit high at that time.
>but I don't recommend driving from Boston to California
seconding this, driven from Maryland to Idaho and back twice and the middle is very forgettable

If I were you I would drive through the Catskills in New York and drive through the Appalachians through Shenandoah and West Virginia, Kentucky until you get to St. Louis and follow what used to be the infamous Route 66 until you get to the Grand Canyon. And after that choose which national parks you wanna see because there's so many to choose from.
You could do Vegas Tahoe and yellowstone on one long road trip. It’s like 24 hours of driving through some of the most desolate parts of the country. If you have some budget travel phone you might not get any service. Even the better providers aren’t guaranteed to work out there. If the car breaks down you may literally need to flag someone down or walk. Not saying it’s not worth doing but just be prepared to be somewhat self sufficient and maybe learn some basic car repairs like fixing a flat

Tahoe in the summer is a complete shitshow though so make sure you don’t hit it during a weekend

Is it possible for an anglophone to find work in Montreal?

I don't have a lot of work experience, I'd like to go back to school. I studied in Montreal for about a year when I was younger and loved it. I want to return, but I only really have work experience in retail. Has anyone else lived there extensively? Is it possible for Anglos to make a living?
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yes get skills

No they are bigger Frenchfags than the French. You must be able to speak French.
I'm a francophone, and it really depends. I live in the very francophone suburbs, you'll need french if you ever go there, same with the east end (Even then, I know an anglo dude who lives in Rosemont and doesn't even speak french somehow). However, there's the west island and basically all of downtown. Tons of anglos there are living in a bubble. The area around McGill uni is literally called "Ghetto McGill" because it's a bubble of all the McGill students who don't have to learn a lick of the local language.

I don't know why people are so mad about learning the language. They say Canada is bilingual, but it's BS. You don't need to learn french in BC. Quebec is basically its own country already, and you should treat it as such. You would learn some basics of the language of any place you live, no?

I warn you though, it's going to be tough to make true friends here. It's a milder version of what you see in Scandinavia or Japan. People won't invite you to their family gathering or really be private with you, at least at first. People are nice on the outside, but they can talk mean to your back. These are some aspects of our culture I don't really like. We're cowardly and we have a village mentality. I certainly want to spend more time abroad when I graduate even though this is probably the part of Canada who actually has a future. The rest's economy is too dependent on natural resources, depressed small towns or bubble economies like Vancouver. Also, if the USA goes to shit,we'll be like Jordan dealing with the Middle East imploding. We'll be stable, but dependent on aid, swamped with refugees and with a ruined economy.

File: 1398298.jpg (228 KB, 1280x960)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
I'm writing to you from Wuwei, a forsaken city in China where misery reigns supreme. Life here is nothing short of a waking nightmare—a relentless onslaught of poverty, oppression, and despair.
Imagine streets lined with dilapidated buildings, their crumbling facades bearing witness to the decay that consumes us. Every corner harbors the stench of hopelessness, a suffocating reminder of our dire circumstances. And amidst this desolation, the insect-like behavior of the population thrives, each individual consumed by their own struggle for survival, oblivious to the suffering of others.
The government's iron grip tightens with each passing day, snuffing out any semblance of freedom or hope. We're treated like mere pawns in a twisted game of power, our voices silenced, our dreams crushed underfoot.
But I refuse to surrender to this fate. I refuse to accept that this is all life has to offer. I yearn for escape, for a chance at a better tomorrow. My eyes are set on America or Canada, where I believe I can find the freedom and opportunities that elude me here.
If you have any shred of knowledge or advice on how to break free from this hellish existence and make my way to America or Canada, please, I implore you, share it with me. Your words could be the beacon of hope that guides me out of the darkness.
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>I hate seeing Vancouver overrun by Chinks
Youre obviously not from Vancouver you retarded faggot. There are way less East Asians here than five years ago it's not even funny. Whole city is one giant fucking New Delhi now.
He doesn't deep throat Jewish cock so yeah he's a chad. Not a hard thing to do but our leaders are addicted to Israeli cum for some weird reason.
yeah, but he's chinese. that's even worse. the entire history of the nation is getting relentlessly cucked lol. chinese males are probably the least desirable partner for any female race. seriously, nothing chad about having the smallest pee pees on the planet
Damn. I guess that's why blacks are such chads then compared to white and Asian dicklets right?
File: chengdu.png (1011 KB, 1146x633)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
I wish I was Chinese. I hate being in Canada. Chinese have a nice country to move to, with sci-fi cities and nice people. Canada is the best the west has to offer, and the cities are filled with junkies and poverty. Shills can't stand the idea that Chinese are leaving Vancouver, because Vancouver is the highlight of the West and the best it has to offer socially and culturally.

File: file.png (821 KB, 1120x426)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
I am traveling to Italy for two weeks for work in June but my flight arrives in Paris a week early. So I have a week in Europe with no real concrete idea of where to go. The Carcasonne thread seems interesting. I was thinking Greece or Austria. My parents are moving back to France in a few years and Ill probably follow them so this isnt a once in a lifetime trip to Europe or anything. I just want to have a nice one week vacation where I dont see any mudslimes niggers or jews. Any recommendations?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what part of italy do you go?
travel the alps between france and italy, the ski resorts in the summer

or the alps between austria and italy
Im working near vesuvius for a few weeks. Since im flying into paris alps between france and italy seem like a good choice. Are there any cozy luxury trains that go down italy, Im a big train nerd
Well if you're a train nerd look up the glacier express, so the trip pretty much writes it self.
Also italy has some kind of actual "first class" in it's trains that is rather cheap and top tier comfy, can't comment on the routes haven't done much of train rides outside northern italy.
Also it should be really comfy to slow train from Nice all the way up to Genoa.
>cozy luxury trains that go down italy
orient express? paris to milan to venice
Id do it if I had someone to share the trip with. Idk those kind of things make me realize Im an incel.
I didnt know they had bullet trains going all the way down italy thats cool, although its much cheaper to fly to naples and take transit after.

File: IMG_0911.jpg (29 KB, 640x456)
29 KB
I’m going to Edinburgh towards the end of may.

This will be my first solo trip on a plane.

I have 3 days. What should I do?
Rope. Neck. Put'em together.
Don't pay to go up Edinburgh Castle. Go to Holyrood Park and hike up Arthur's Seat. Its an extinct volcano with the best views of the city and docklands. Check the castle out from High Street but don't get suckered into overpriced pubs and dogshit merchandise sold by chinks and jeets.
Get some good seafood, a pint and a cheeky dram of scotch in Leith. Most authentic part of Edinburgh away from all the tourist shit.
Go see a footy match if tickets are available. Scottish footy is pure soul and an amazing experience even if its amateur shit most of the time. Hibernian are closer to the city core, Heart of Midlothian is a bit further away. Closer to the airport.
Also if you want to bars or clubs go to the spots near University of Edinburgh. Tons of fit birds who love hooking up with out of towners as long as you're not subhuman.
Have a good time OP! It's definitely a top 5 city in the British Isles, maybe even the best!

File: ragehak.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
>unemployed for 2 months and collecting neetbux
>applying for jobs but radio silence for most part
>start planning trip or a volunteer program
>receive very good job offer out of the blue
Fuck bros I dont know what to do. I was hoping to take advantage of my neetbux and travel for a bit but now this offer kind of throws my plans off. I was thinking maybe I could try to push the start date back but realistically I could push it only a month at best. Should I just say fuck it and reject the offer? I am 25 and I dont think I will receive a better offer than this in the current market esp with my skillsets
You should be working on building a career in your 20s. Worry about your midlife crisis once you hit your 30s with more money and experience under your belt.
That's a tough one OP. Traveling while you're young is the best but you don't want to neglect your career and still be a broke wageslave after age 30.

How much money have you got?

Why not travel for a month before you start your job? That's still a decent amount of time.
I have a good nest egg stored in my retirement accounts and savings. I am ideally trying to delay my start date at least a month, not sure the best way to go about it. This would be my second actual job and would be very good experience, after a year I will say fuck it and travel for longer
Take the job with the standard start date. You're risking losing this job as I'm sure a 25 year old doesn't have an irreplaceable skillset. Understand you're risking your nest egg in a spiraling economy. Quit next year and travel for longer.
>You should be working on building a career in your 20s.
fucking boomer thinks you can "build a career" these days.
This is not 1992, pops.

> Do not go anywhere in Latin America without pictures of your family, and when family is brought up (which it will be almost immediately in the conversation), use it as an opportunity to bring out the photographs.

Do you bring family photos with you on your travels? I would be beyond uncomfortable with this.
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Great advice, also if a cop pulls you over and wants some cash spit on their face to assert dominance and just drive away, they're not going to do anything in broad daylight
This why not cradle their balls and bark like a dog while you're at it
Damn, this board really is dead.
No, I know they will use them for ransom.

t. latin american.
To add to these brilliant insights, make sure never to allow a Latin American to see your money or credit card, as they will then rob you. You must obtain food and drink by importing it to your AirBnB directly. Do not wear shoes valued at over $5 outside your hotel room as this is pretty much an invitation to beheading and rape, in that order. Wear blackface at all times to avoid racial animosity: you must be black from head to toe. Shoe polish works well for this. To avoid revealing your lack of Spanish fluency, pretend to be mentally retarded and respond entirely in grunts, rather than in bad Spanish. Keep a bread knife in your waistband at all times to defend your t-shirt from cannibals.

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 206x245)
13 KB
You can make it here. Schools are all privately owned, you don't even need a tefl, just bullshit a resume and dress nice. Felon? Failure? It doesn't matter, you can start fresh here.
58 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Reading comprehension tells me you mean Thailand.

Read “the king never smiles” and “inside Thai society.” If you go to Thailand having read those books you’ll have an excellent frame of reference to absorb Thailand intelligently and conduct yourself optimally
>.....but I digress
I can still hear it in howards voice. I havent watched him for years.
Interesting I'll check into them. Thanks.
I'm just glad more people are discovering ol no joke and watching his vids
The folks at khmerr440 at the time and over the years have a real time thread about his videos. Definitely worth a read to see what people thought then and when it was happening
Khmerr440 was also given hardware routers and servers by gottfried svarlhom of tpb.

File: dakar senegal.png (239 KB, 1024x1024)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What should I know if I have ~3 nights here - dangers, scams and overlooked stuff? I'm brown and speak some French.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>What should I know if I have ~3 nights here - dangers, scams and overlooked stuff? I'm brown and speak some French.
I have two close friends who’ve spent fairly extensive time in Dakar (one was working there, and one got sent to an intensive French course there before starting a job elsewhere in Africa). Both of them liked the place quite a bit, but each had an amusing story to share.

The first guy (the one working there) was really excited to be in a Francophone African country, because he spoke and wanted to be immersed in French. He quickly discovered that outside of a few government and media functions, almost nobody spoke French on a day-to-day basis. He wound up learning Wolof.

That said, most people do KNOW French, so it will be still be useful.

The other friend just had a slightly unusual nightlife story that I wouldn’t consider a scam, but others might. He went home with a girl he met in a bar, only to find out the next morning that she was expecting to be paid. So he paid up, a little sheepishly, and then went downstairs with her, where her mother cooked and served breakfast.

So I suppose the lesson there is that you might want to confirm expectations of any especially friendly local people you might meet.

Neither found the city especially threatening. Obviously exercise common sense, don’t flash valuables in dark alleys, etc., but it doesn’t appear to be an especially dangerous place.
Not Dakar, but I spent a few days driving through Senegal (from Mauritania to Guinea) with stops in St. Louis and several small rural towns earlier this year.

In places that foreigners visit, expect to have people walking around aggressively trying to sell you "art" and "souvenirs" at stupid prices. If there are other foreigners around and you've got time to waste, it can be fun to string them along. Just ask how much something costs, and then say that you're not interested. They'll start trying to throw in other things and then start dropping the price. Keep telling them you're not interested. Eventually they'll get down to like 10% of the original price and start talking about how they have a family to support. Accuse them of trying to cheat you-- "Ten minutes ago, you said the price was 100 euros, and now it's 10! You tried to cheat me!" Tell them that you don't believe they have a family, but, if they do, they should find another job, because they're shit at selling souvenirs. Ask if they'll include a night with their sister in the deal. Basically, the game is to see how abusive you can be and how much of their time you can waste before they move on.

Another fun way to deal with aggressive peddlers is to just as aggressively to sell them stupid shit at stupid prices-- i.e. try to sell them a pen or a book of matches for 100 euros. They move on pretty quickly if you do this. I considered pulling out my knife and offering to sell that while waving it around, but I decided this would attract the wrong kind of attention.

Aside from that, don't expect small sellers to have change if you do want to buy something. When you do get change in a shop or restaurant, expect it to be short.

Outside of the big city, if you're driving a car, expect kids with hands out asking for "cadeau" to materialize out of nowhere anywhere you stop. Also, if you visit some kind of natural site (park, waterfall, etc.), expect pressure to hire a local "guide".
>Kek you'll be seen as a local.
>they'll just assume you're merely a poor nobody
lol, no. That's not how it works. The locals can tell whether you're one of them or not.

So tourist scams are a thing but it is not really dangerous. Bring small, exact change of west african francs... for everything? I assuming things like chains or hotels will accept credit card or am i wrong?
>I assuming things like chains or hotels will accept credit card or am i wrong?
Lots of places take cards. Smaller places no, but plenty of places no problem.

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In Palermo, I really like the arancine at Recupero and Bar Touring (Mondello beach). Stancampiano too has good ice cream. Zangaloro makes hamburgers and now has opened a poke place. Two places with a history are Antica Focacceria S. Francesco and Nino u' Ballerino (he's got a bar near the tribunal and a kiosk near Porta Nuova).
For actual restaurants, pick one of the many as you stroll through Via Maqueda in the historical city center or the town part of Mondello. I recently went to a down to earth place called Antica Gastronomia Palumbo, which had cheap prices and abundant portions of pasta, though it's a little more out of the way compared to the other spots. La Braciera in Villa Lampedusa has good pizzas and a nice location.
File: 20240418_114311.jpg (80 KB, 1080x606)
80 KB
Try cod puttanesca. Seafood is better in Sicily.
You're welcome. These are just places I know where I had a good time, but you can always look up others with their online reviews. Make sure to try the many local specialities.
For sure! Between different sites and word of mouth I'm building a list of possible places. But it's always interesting, imo, to take one persons recommendation vs. a aggregate site. Usually it works out, if not - oh well.

This place is amazing. I just started making my way south from Hanoi.

Anyone with experience got any routes to recommend?
40 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wanted to do a similar thing but didnt have a license or insurance so I ended up hiring a guy in Dalat and we rode on a motorcycle all the way to Hue. It was like 4-5 days and he would constantly stop at cool local spots and he would take me to great restaurants. It would have been cool to drive myself but this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
Visit My An district in Da Nang, you'll meet some nice people, also a lot of drunken English teachers smoking bongs at 3pm in pubs :)
I'd love to to do a full trip from North to South, it's a great country for moto-trips, only ever did day excursions out of the city. Thing that always amazed me was how you could break down and in a few minutes someone would be offering to help and suddenly you're in neutral while they are pushing you along from their bike to the nearest mechanic 3kms away. Vietnamese people are cool as fuck.
File: phong-nha.png (1.21 MB, 1176x644)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>my new Bike (better condition
lmao check the actual engine man, they are usually fake Chinese imports put on a half decent frame
but, if it works it works so who cares
forgot to add pic rel
You spent 5 days as pillion grinding against a dude lmao jesus thats gay
??? It was 4 nights not 5 days. We only cuddled at night in the hotels

I just came back from my visit to Charleston SC and was blown away. 80% white, very nice and well mannered people, amazing Latin Mass at a Catholic Church, food has small portions but good, nice, beaches.
Do you guys think this is a good place to move to, I am a leaf from Cuckada.
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Care to share negatives?
File: tourism_economies.png (143 KB, 380x372)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Bumping this thread for advice. The hotels around the french quarter are pretty expensive, is Mount Pleasant a decent enough place to stay? Hotels there are literally half the price but obviously carry a longer "commute" to charleston
Niggers. The weather. Niggers. also Niggers. Im NTA, but I lived in North Augusta for about 4 years and I hated it. Yea the cities have sections with that southern psuedo classical architecture and 1800s americana feel to it but its often run down and derelict. Most southern cities are just fast food chains and walmart parking lots with vast swaths of swampland in between with abandoned infrastructure sprinkled in between
Savannah is nice. don't remember a whole lot due to it being a bachelor party

Hey guys, 23 y/o white male anon with no future ambitions in life who's been to around 15 countries. I want to ask what experience you guys have with TEFL websites or with Worldpackers, Workaway, or other volunteer travel websites? Wanting to do long-term travel and maybe it'll give me some direction.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I see this same stupir fucking thread every few weeks, do not use this site and do not do these!!!!

They are all business owners and cheap people exploiting you for free labor while offering abysmal living conditions. They don't even keep their word or treat you well. You don't learn anything or gain any skills.
Northern Norway is great. Almost anywhere you go you will find beautiful or challenging nature outside the city/town to see and hike. The people are generally more down to earth and accomodating than the south. This even goes for the bigger (by norwegian standards) cities. It takes a bit longer to travel around between places, but the payoff is nice scenery on the way. Same goes for the western part of the country.
I did a similar thing (Not this site but another) and worked at a hostel in Argentina in the offseason with a friend.

>Hostel owner tells us come down we're good to stay for free if we work a bit
>Confirms it
>We show up
>Dude says "He went on a 3 month trek to Chile and didn't tell me"
>Says he'll make us pay
>I show him messages and he begrudgedly allows it
>Literally the only other people there are a spanish girl, a brazilian girl, a chef from Buenos Aires who got fired for smoking weed on the job who knows the owner and was staying for free while getting back on track who cooks for all us
>My friend and I literally do nothing because it's the offseason (autumn) and the guy and charge let's us hike instead of work as long as we clean the dishes
>Then one day he makes us watch "The Happening" and he cries like three different times and yells when the brazilian girl interrupts the movie.
>Eventually British dude shows up and we hike with him and have a good time

I did literally no work but I imagine that place is super busy and bustling during ski season and peak summer season.
Oh that sounds awesome. What website was it?
I think it was this one:

But it looked different when I used it since this was back in 2017. But I'm pretty sure that's the website.

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