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File: ragehak.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
>unemployed for 2 months and collecting neetbux
>applying for jobs but radio silence for most part
>start planning trip or a volunteer program
>receive very good job offer out of the blue
Fuck bros I dont know what to do. I was hoping to take advantage of my neetbux and travel for a bit but now this offer kind of throws my plans off. I was thinking maybe I could try to push the start date back but realistically I could push it only a month at best. Should I just say fuck it and reject the offer? I am 25 and I dont think I will receive a better offer than this in the current market esp with my skillsets
You should be working on building a career in your 20s. Worry about your midlife crisis once you hit your 30s with more money and experience under your belt.
That's a tough one OP. Traveling while you're young is the best but you don't want to neglect your career and still be a broke wageslave after age 30.

How much money have you got?

Why not travel for a month before you start your job? That's still a decent amount of time.
I have a good nest egg stored in my retirement accounts and savings. I am ideally trying to delay my start date at least a month, not sure the best way to go about it. This would be my second actual job and would be very good experience, after a year I will say fuck it and travel for longer
Take the job with the standard start date. You're risking losing this job as I'm sure a 25 year old doesn't have an irreplaceable skillset. Understand you're risking your nest egg in a spiraling economy. Quit next year and travel for longer.
>You should be working on building a career in your 20s.
fucking boomer thinks you can "build a career" these days.
This is not 1992, pops.

> Do not go anywhere in Latin America without pictures of your family, and when family is brought up (which it will be almost immediately in the conversation), use it as an opportunity to bring out the photographs.

Do you bring family photos with you on your travels? I would be beyond uncomfortable with this.
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Great advice, also if a cop pulls you over and wants some cash spit on their face to assert dominance and just drive away, they're not going to do anything in broad daylight
This why not cradle their balls and bark like a dog while you're at it
Damn, this board really is dead.
No, I know they will use them for ransom.

t. latin american.
To add to these brilliant insights, make sure never to allow a Latin American to see your money or credit card, as they will then rob you. You must obtain food and drink by importing it to your AirBnB directly. Do not wear shoes valued at over $5 outside your hotel room as this is pretty much an invitation to beheading and rape, in that order. Wear blackface at all times to avoid racial animosity: you must be black from head to toe. Shoe polish works well for this. To avoid revealing your lack of Spanish fluency, pretend to be mentally retarded and respond entirely in grunts, rather than in bad Spanish. Keep a bread knife in your waistband at all times to defend your t-shirt from cannibals.

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 206x245)
13 KB
You can make it here. Schools are all privately owned, you don't even need a tefl, just bullshit a resume and dress nice. Felon? Failure? It doesn't matter, you can start fresh here.
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Reading comprehension tells me you mean Thailand.

Read “the king never smiles” and “inside Thai society.” If you go to Thailand having read those books you’ll have an excellent frame of reference to absorb Thailand intelligently and conduct yourself optimally
>.....but I digress
I can still hear it in howards voice. I havent watched him for years.
Interesting I'll check into them. Thanks.
I'm just glad more people are discovering ol no joke and watching his vids
The folks at khmerr440 at the time and over the years have a real time thread about his videos. Definitely worth a read to see what people thought then and when it was happening
Khmerr440 was also given hardware routers and servers by gottfried svarlhom of tpb.

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In Palermo, I really like the arancine at Recupero and Bar Touring (Mondello beach). Stancampiano too has good ice cream. Zangaloro makes hamburgers and now has opened a poke place. Two places with a history are Antica Focacceria S. Francesco and Nino u' Ballerino (he's got a bar near the tribunal and a kiosk near Porta Nuova).
For actual restaurants, pick one of the many as you stroll through Via Maqueda in the historical city center or the town part of Mondello. I recently went to a down to earth place called Antica Gastronomia Palumbo, which had cheap prices and abundant portions of pasta, though it's a little more out of the way compared to the other spots. La Braciera in Villa Lampedusa has good pizzas and a nice location.
File: 20240418_114311.jpg (80 KB, 1080x606)
80 KB
Try cod puttanesca. Seafood is better in Sicily.
You're welcome. These are just places I know where I had a good time, but you can always look up others with their online reviews. Make sure to try the many local specialities.
For sure! Between different sites and word of mouth I'm building a list of possible places. But it's always interesting, imo, to take one persons recommendation vs. a aggregate site. Usually it works out, if not - oh well.

I just came back from my visit to Charleston SC and was blown away. 80% white, very nice and well mannered people, amazing Latin Mass at a Catholic Church, food has small portions but good, nice, beaches.
Do you guys think this is a good place to move to, I am a leaf from Cuckada.
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Care to share negatives?
File: tourism_economies.png (143 KB, 380x372)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Bumping this thread for advice. The hotels around the french quarter are pretty expensive, is Mount Pleasant a decent enough place to stay? Hotels there are literally half the price but obviously carry a longer "commute" to charleston
Niggers. The weather. Niggers. also Niggers. Im NTA, but I lived in North Augusta for about 4 years and I hated it. Yea the cities have sections with that southern psuedo classical architecture and 1800s americana feel to it but its often run down and derelict. Most southern cities are just fast food chains and walmart parking lots with vast swaths of swampland in between with abandoned infrastructure sprinkled in between
Savannah is nice. don't remember a whole lot due to it being a bachelor party

Hey guys, 23 y/o white male anon with no future ambitions in life who's been to around 15 countries. I want to ask what experience you guys have with TEFL websites or with Worldpackers, Workaway, or other volunteer travel websites? Wanting to do long-term travel and maybe it'll give me some direction.
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I see this same stupir fucking thread every few weeks, do not use this site and do not do these!!!!

They are all business owners and cheap people exploiting you for free labor while offering abysmal living conditions. They don't even keep their word or treat you well. You don't learn anything or gain any skills.
Northern Norway is great. Almost anywhere you go you will find beautiful or challenging nature outside the city/town to see and hike. The people are generally more down to earth and accomodating than the south. This even goes for the bigger (by norwegian standards) cities. It takes a bit longer to travel around between places, but the payoff is nice scenery on the way. Same goes for the western part of the country.
I did a similar thing (Not this site but another) and worked at a hostel in Argentina in the offseason with a friend.

>Hostel owner tells us come down we're good to stay for free if we work a bit
>Confirms it
>We show up
>Dude says "He went on a 3 month trek to Chile and didn't tell me"
>Says he'll make us pay
>I show him messages and he begrudgedly allows it
>Literally the only other people there are a spanish girl, a brazilian girl, a chef from Buenos Aires who got fired for smoking weed on the job who knows the owner and was staying for free while getting back on track who cooks for all us
>My friend and I literally do nothing because it's the offseason (autumn) and the guy and charge let's us hike instead of work as long as we clean the dishes
>Then one day he makes us watch "The Happening" and he cries like three different times and yells when the brazilian girl interrupts the movie.
>Eventually British dude shows up and we hike with him and have a good time

I did literally no work but I imagine that place is super busy and bustling during ski season and peak summer season.
Oh that sounds awesome. What website was it?
I think it was this one:

But it looked different when I used it since this was back in 2017. But I'm pretty sure that's the website.

Thinking of fucking off to El Salvador for a week in may or june.

How safe is it at the moment? What should I do for a week? Any comfy small towns and shit like that?
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Guatemala is an excellent choice. Guatemala City is kind of a dump, but when you head out towards Antigua Guatemala and then towards Panajachel/Lake Atitlan you'll have a great time.

go to Bitcoin Beach and eat Pupusas
Salvadoran here.

Watch your back. Don't believe the propaganda bullshit, crime still exists, only crime that has diminished is gang to gang raiding.

Only things worth doing in El Salvador is visiting natural parks, which now are getting de-natured and becoming tourist traps. Go to the Walter Deininger nature reserve, Bicentenario natural park, La Laguna Botanical garden, Cerro de Las Pavas in Cojutepeque. Visit Cihuatan archeological ruins.

Do NOT go to bitcoin bullshit, it's an overpriced tourist trap, the beach is absolute shit, specially stay away of Majahual, it's full of gang fucker types since it's free to go there. If you want to go to a beach go somewhere in Jiquilisco, Costa del Sol or something like that.

I haven't traveled to farther places. Small towns offer nothing and you may risk running into gang areas. Some of the farther places can be inaccessible, which I hope stay that way, and visiting would require further planning which is also not readily available.

I guess Santiago de Maria can be a good place, its on a plateau surrounded by volcanoes, with a volcanic pond nearby but it's kind of inaccesible.
>check out the chinese funded library
How about fuck you. Why the fuck would he go to a library in a third world shithole, specially if it's some chink power flex monument? You weren't blown away from your visit because you visited the crappy shit fed to tourists by moneygrabbers who hate their country.

File: slava rossii.jpg (288 KB, 640x960)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
im planning to visit russia
my problem is where can i stay in russia for cheap?
my budget is 1000 euro for 1 month including food and train tickets
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If only America had big, or perhaps Great, freshwater lakes of its own...
Where you can't? Rooms with shared bathrooms are ~free
Can Americans even safely visit Russia?
These are common in other Eastern European countries such as Poland
File: 1706959056480.jpg (89 KB, 842x848)
89 KB
another 61 billion for Ukraine just passed. a lot more russians are going to be looking like this faggot. such a shame. they could have just stayed in their country and avoided this disaster...

File: groped.webm (964 KB, 720x1280)
964 KB
My company will send me on a short term expat assignment and i can pick the place.

I mostly care about having fun and meeting likeminded people.

Housing will be covered by my employer so one less thing to worry about.

I am single, white and in my early 30's

You are a migrant, nothing more.
Sgd and aud are always about parity, same as cad.
In aus:
Packet of 25 sticks ciggies 70 dollars
Pint beer in pub 12 to 15 dollars
Main meal at local crappy resto 20 to 40 dollars
Singapore beer is expensive too though when i was there. Both shit holes, extremely hard to save money
Sydney is better for lqtbp+ people, if
> meeting likeminded people.
was a hint.
Melbourne is good for meeting sudanese gangsters and wogs
I personally would prefer Singapore. I think it would be a more interesting experience.

File: IMG_9038.jpg (336 KB, 1008x1792)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
anything interesting to do in Bologna or should I move somewhere else?
The same as in any central Italian city: Museums, churches, and good food. If those aren't your thing, you might be in the wrong country.
take a wife, start a family
Eat some bologna
haha bologne

File: IMG_1787.jpg (61 KB, 1600x960)
61 KB
>six nights in Tokyo
>six nights in Kyoto

My first time ever visiting Japan. Is this a good itinerary? I don’t want to rush myself during my trip and enjoy both cities at a comfortable pace.
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File: 20240406_125145.jpg (1.2 MB, 3000x4000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
kek, I got back a couple of days ago from that trip and just saw your reply, the time/money isn't a problem but yeah that's Korea summed up perfectly. Insecure is the EXACT one word I have been using to describe that place.. What the fuck is up with all the little twink faggots half your size wanting to shoulder check instead of give a couple of inches to walk past? Why do they need to feel the need to act the big man in every situation because they're hot shit now from maxing out a credit card on plastic surgery and gucci shoes? I was really done with them after the first week. It really is the saddest most pathetic bunch of people I have ever seen and I wont bother going back
No its not Kyoto is insuferably more crowded with chinks that anywhere else in Japan and most of the things worth seeing can be seen elsewhere. 6 days in Kyoto is far too long for someone with this kind of trip especially if they wont be coming back anytime soon
>insuferably more crowded with chinks
disagree, I ran into WAY more chinks at dotonbori alone than I ever did in Kyoto
Yea Ill give you that dotonburi ruined osaka for me, I got sick with some mystery chink bioweappn after going there, its packed like a sardine can with asian mystery meat.

But thats just part of osaka while most of kyoto is like that
That looks comfy af

File: images (8).jpg (24 KB, 231x218)
24 KB
What to do in Indonesia?
Where would you go and what would you do if you were there for a few weeks?
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File: IMG_1769.jpg (762 KB, 2160x1440)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
Lan in Jakarta, look around the city, enjoy the nightlife etc. Take train to Bandung and see nearby volcano then move on to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. Go from there to nearby city of Yogyakarta a historic capital with lots of local culture, spend a few days there before checking out some of the remote beaches and fishing villages on the south coast of Java. Beautiful beaches, friendly locals and hardly any western tourists, unlike Bali. Then I would make my way to Surabaya and check out that area for a few days before travelling by boat and land to Bali. After Bali I would check out the neighbouring island of Lombok which is less touristy but has lots of natural beauty (picrel). Then II would go back to Bali and get a cheap flight with Citilink to Dili, East Timor. It's only a two hour flight and usually quite cheap. That way you can say you have been to this small SEA country that not many people know about and check out some of the beaches and places there. It's not very developed though and there's not a great deal to do so probably 1 or 2 nights max is enough. Then just take the return flight to Denpasar and fly towards home from there, if you are flying into Jakarta then you can fly to Jakarta via Denpasar.
You guys have really good local restaurant recs? Budget is about 235k IDR per pax - I doubt any recs are even going to be that expensive, but I don't want a sit-down restaurant that is TOO fancy, just somewhere I can take my friend that is going to seriously impress him that I know about it. I want to find something that's local, maybe a Mom and Pop shop, but has food leagues above what you'd normally find as a tourist.
Everyone in this thread,
without any coercion, really sold the fuck out of Jakarta. Might have to go.
How does Jakarta compare to Thailand in terms of “cultural nonchalance”? Can I just bumble around solo and not be harassed accosted or pestered beyond the occasional hawker?

I want to plan a trip to Britanny & Normandy and camp around megalithic structure like Dolmens and Minirs. Is there any good spots to do this where I won’t be bothered? I would like to explore around too, but I need to experience a night or two doing this.

I haven't been to the Carnac but the Bretons told me it really isn't that impressive - there's a story recently that the government approved moving one of the stones to make room for a hardware store. There are less dense formations everywhere else that aren't really impressive.

There's a single tall structure in Dol-de-Bretagne around some emptyish fields with St. Malo and Mont St Michel nearby. For a formation of smaller rocks that is more secluded, there's Camaret-sur-Mer with a nice marina and some historical forts/bunkers nearby.

I'd reccomend the Cairn de Barnenez (yeah, not the same) near Morlaix; it has a ok view of the Morlaix bay but theres some refugee panels that ruin the message. If you are public transportation, email the tourism office with your time to double check if you need to reserve a shuttle/bus van and remember that the drop off/return stop are NOT the same place.

File: 1635967362407.png (52 KB, 686x525)
52 KB
Best place to travel for cheap and quality cosmetic surgery?

Backstory: Been a NEET fuckup for most of my life. Recently got my shit together at the ripe age of 25 and have 10k in the bank.

Unfortunately, due to my shitty life decisions I got a LOT of physical flaws.
>I lost 'bout 150 lbs and have loose skin out the ass.
>Tons of stretch marks, I'm talking deep purple shit from my arms, torso, stomach, legs, and back
>chronic back pain from a herniated disc after i autistically pushed myself too hard in my self IMPROOOVEMENT phase
>crooked yellow teeth, haven't seen the dentist in 15 years because muh anxiety
>patchy baldness due to drug use
>literally look like a methhead

I've decided I need to fix this or I'll die a KHV. I need a total makeover in a way I can afford. What are my options /trv/?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Good luck anon. I got a hair transplant. I support and encourage all ‘plantbros
>trying to pass as something you aren't, for attention from people who would usually never look twice at you
>have to take hormones daily to pass, your body starts falling apart if you don't
>extremely sensitive about it, with cultlike support groups
>popular in hollywood and promoted by jews
You're young enough to bounce back from all that. Fix your teeth, get your back looked at. Leave your skin and hair alone and try to live healthyz they will sort themselves out somewhat.

Drug releated alopecia usually isn't permanent damage. Just give it time to heal.
This. I talked with a Turk about it. He told me that all rich euros and Americans go to turkey for hair transplants but all Turks go to Iran for hair transplants. Apparently it's cheap as fuck and they do a very good job too.
Of course with Israel acting like the niggers they are I wouldn't go now but once things calm down I would recommend checking it out for a hair transplant.
File: 1711995536210294.webm (719 KB, 480x852)
719 KB
If it's any thing to do with your face I recommend Korea. Those niggas got that shit locked down. I had some moles removed there and it cost me like 20 bucks. In Canada they wanted to charge me 200 (fucking lol is this country pathetic). I've done some other youthful procedures too. My gf got a botox for like 100 dollars (it included some other things though). Dental costs are 1/3 of what they are in the US. Obviously Vietnam and Thailand are even cheaper but you pay in quality. Thailand dentist's are quite subpar.
Pic related to trigger the jeetjanny.

Did you go and what did you think?
31 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. The British are very rude and passive-aggressive. Canadians are the closest cultural analogue except Canadians inherited the smiley fake nice culture from Americans. British in 2024 is generally synonymous with trashy, rude, entitled, hooligans etc.
I lived in central London for quite a while, spent a lot of time in Kensington and Camden. Also spent literal months as a tourist in London back in my party days. Also travelled the world extensively and have a property just outside of London.

Also lived in Amsterdam, Vienna and Barcelona where I currently live.

London is a horrible, horrible city that I vowed never to re-visit. It’s become a city of shit, hollowed out people from rich to poor. It has no soul. No essence. It’s a commercialised glorified airport, rammed full of the world’s worst people.

As a tourist, I get the novelty, actually. In reality, it’s not a nice place to live at all and spending significant amounts of time there really displays that to me.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother. There are far nicer, more interesting places where you can spend your time.
These houses look luxurious compared to where I live.
I enjoyed it. Went in early April. I found the Tube really easy to navigate. Really easy to get to wherever you wanted to go quickly. it's definitely a walking city. Wear comfy shoes with good support. Also, all the tourist things for a first timer are very crowded. Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Elizabeth Tower, Westminster in general is mostly foreigners. Lots of French and Dutch I noticed. Everything else is just regular London. Oh...Camden Market is overrun with tourists. Forgot that part. I recommend wandering off the beaten path and exploring. London is fairly safe, and most people are so busy with their own lives that they don't give a shit about what you're up to.
I’ve been to London many times, and unapologetically love the place, warts and all. It’s self-obsessed and money-obsessed in ways that are kind of depressing, and there is a strange blend of shiny and new and far more decrepit than you would expect from such a rich/expensive city. But it’s got some of everything, and is a great place to eat, look at old things, and listen to music.

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