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what can you tell me about Columbia SC?
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If you're set on visiting for whatever reasons, here's some recommendations

-Steel Hands: Brewery that often has live music in their large outdoor area. Located in an industrial area on the outskirts.
-Savage Craft: Has a rooftop bar, outdoor area, and a downstairs, also has live music
-Bourbon: Restaurant/bar, by the name I assume you can realize they have a lot of whiskey. Located right by the capital building.
-The War Mouth: Restaurant/Bar with a lot of southern food
-Mr. Friendly's: Upscale southern food
-Backstreets Grill: Bar/Grill
>things to do
idk really, but
-Congaree National Park
-Riverbank Zoo
-Tour the capital building

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those seem like interesting places to go, but only if you already know some people I think

any suggestions on actually making friends? the apps are full of weird fucks and there aren't many sport clubs/courses I could find. also, no car, only bus or biking
You're moving there?

One of the main reasons its not good for young people. Pretty terrible place for someone under the age of 35 to meet new people.

I'd say go to bars such as Transmission and Art Bar, both are downtown and should be accessible to you by bus/biking.

What are you doing in Columbia? Working, studying? But there's definitely rec sports leagues.
I'm going to study and I in between the precise age range you said it was terrible

are those bars genuinely good for making friends? I am not looking for relationships or hook ups
Make friends with your classmates.
There should also be clubs/events for graduate students. I imagine you’re studying at USC
> are those bars genuinely good for making friends?
They’re your best bet

Is it possible for an anglophone to find work in Montreal?

I don't have a lot of work experience, I'd like to go back to school. I studied in Montreal for about a year when I was younger and loved it. I want to return, but I only really have work experience in retail. Has anyone else lived there extensively? Is it possible for Anglos to make a living?
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lmao youre fucked
I wouldn’t recommend it. I spoke French and moved there (this was in 2011 tho) and still couldn’t get a job anywhere. Ended up line cooking in a bistro for six months but it was very tough there

Texans aren't insecure insufferable cunts though. The ones in Quebec City are nice but those in Montreal are your average woke retards.


Oka beach is where the bottom of the barrel society goes. Avoid it.


That was in 2010, now concordia st is crackhead avenue and the hot student chicks got replaced with ugly ass chinks and indian international students. Crescent/Peel are nice.
Tough because of how busy it was?
fuck off we are full

File: IMG_0812.jpg (50 KB, 669x446)
50 KB
Good evening everyone, I’m going to NYC in under 48 hours for a graduation and semi vacation with my wife. I have no idea what’s there, what to do outside of food, and other obvious “things to see”

Does anyone have recommendations of things to see, do, experience that will be worth our time and money? I’m coming from Austin - I was hoping for some cool museums, mobster Italian places and maybe some off the beaten path.

File: th-3736013738.jpg (28 KB, 474x266)
28 KB
>be me
>still going to school
>live shit life, boring and monotonous, day after day, depressed
>only few superficial friendships, little if any connection to family, dislike distanced and work- and efficiency-focused culture here in Germany
>thinking about moving to Finland
>"happiest country"
>EU member state
>welfare state
>nordic countries usually score best in pretty much every ranking
>chance to get away from it all, start anew there, independently
>have good education, can probably get somewhat well-paid job here to begin saving money
>probably financial backing from parents/grandparents' estate
>maybe sidejob for the time being

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Just go to countryside, move into abandoned house, chop down the trees around for winter. If the owner some day shows up just go to next place.
that's exactly how the US is, you can't do shit with your land if it's zoned the wrong way and local ordinances don't allow what you want to do, can't even open a shop in your home.
in Finland the local government not only decides where shops are allowed, but also types of the shops
shop selling groceries are a special category
all this to maintain the local duopoly and prevent competition while claiming that Finland doesn't have any corruption
okay, this turned out longer than I expected it to be, but I will try to elaborate.

>live shit life, boring and monotonous, day after day, depressed
bro this is finland (x2)

I did that exact thing when I was 16 (moving to Finland because of bleak life), and moved out right after finishing school. I am Russian, so my experience may vary.

Yet, I know people who stayed in Finland. No social life. Fucked up universities. No job prospects. Even if you luck out and get a job at Nokia, you will be dealing with documentation that was written by a chinese dude who doesn't speak english. Good luck learning Finnish, or trying to make friends who are not immigrants.

>Is finnland really a country with a trust-based culture, greatly kind people, prosperity?
not if you're a foreigner
>does Finnland have the now so common problem of right wing extremism (Germany does)?

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File: 1708196801040215.jpg (132 KB, 1200x675)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
What's your unpopular traveling related opinion?
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That's a very popular opinion in 4chan. Also, it has very little, if not nothing to do with travel.
Ah, I see. A couple of fair points, to be honest.
File: 1d1.jpg (56 KB, 1079x1058)
56 KB
That the mods persecution of coomers and coomer related discussion on a travel board of all places is unconscionable.
This honestly sounds like a great nugget of wisdom. Thanks.
I read that in Yakko's voice, goddammit.

File: IMG_6035.png (14 KB, 1280x640)
14 KB
how was your trip to slovenia?
I didn't go to Slovenia.
Slovenia was nice before tourists found out about it. Now it's ruined.
comfy, cute country. Ljubljana is ruined by tourists though.

File: 78957858795.jpg (38 KB, 640x908)
38 KB
i am going to land in paris without phone
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File: tomoko coffee.jpg (60 KB, 720x720)
60 KB
i am going to hang out at café
I visited Paris with no phone once. I spent the days mostly in the museums d'Orsay and Louvre. I considered spending the first night by the Quay d'Orsay but the fog coming off the water made me cold. I had no blanket or coat, it was November. I walked to the Champs du Mars and the rats made me afraid. I bought vodka from a brown man and found some thick bushes near the base of the Eiffel Tower. I slept good for a few hours. Two men laid down right next to me and started having sex by the light of the Tower. They said beautiful things to each other while they fucked. I found it pretty touching even as I swore loudly in French and lashed out at them with vicious kicks. They ignored me. It was 3am. I got up and sat under the hot air vent in an alley behind a bakery. In the morning I walked to a cafe in the 8th arrondissement and had 2 coffees and a croissant. While crossing the street I found a crocheted wool hat which may have saved my life in the freezing nights that followed. I spent the day in the Louvre. I thought about passing the next night in a park on Montmartre but instead I took a train to Orleans and spent a week walking along the river to Tours.
You're trying very hard to come off as ESL. I don't know why. But just know that I'm on to your stupid charade.
File: 80989689.jpg (167 KB, 543x659)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
holy shit this is inspiration
But how are you posting now?

File: IMG_7847.jpg (132 KB, 736x530)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Any of u been to Somalia ? Especially Mogadishu
I hate somalians
so no
How's Tinder in Mogadishu?
I've been to Somaliland. Would not go to Mogadishu
>I've been to Somaliland
Not op but thinking of going to Tigray and then on through Djibouti to Somaliland. Been to Ethiopia already.
How was it?
Did you manage to travel without guards?
Did you get out of Hargeisa?
Any info appreciated
Someone's likely getting raped, one way or the other.

File: florida man.jpg (80 KB, 1075x788)
80 KB
What is it actually like to live in Florida?

To put it short. I'm sick of cold winters. I want to live next to theme parks... (not a disney adult)
I've visited Orlando a few times, so I'm not just shooting in the dark, but I wonder from any locals, what do I not understand as just a tourist?
What is the deal with all of the development complexes and HOA's? how do you even know which ones are for old people? What area's do I avoid?
188 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What is so special and unique about Orlando
You don't know what "community" is until you've been to a Magic game. Culturally, it's one of the few places where "diversity" feels organic, unforced, and functional; Florida is like this in general for the most part. As for things to do, I have lived in the 407 my entire life, minus a few years here and there, and I still haven't run out of things to do within an hour of where I live. Climate is perfect (if 80/90 degree days bother you, you're fat; stop being fat) with god-tier natural beauty/experiences.

>Pittsburgh is an actual city, and a lot better to live in than Orlando
Yeah, if you like bitterly cold winters, having nothing to do, and having shady Northeastern neighbors. If I gotta some something nice about the Pitt... you're close to some really pretty woodlands, I guess?

Disney's problems are, in no particular order, that it's rested on it's laurels for far too long (thankfully, Epic Universe has put the fear of God into them, so things should improve here), they're out of touch with their core demographic (families with kids) and they've lost the script on their brand identity.

Also, Universal is MOGGING them right now; parks are better, special events are better, and CityWalk is so much better than Disney Springs it's kind of sad.

>Philly is much better than people think

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 12491.jpg (157 KB, 1000x667)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>I don't understand what anyone sees in this place.

Lol really? I'd say it's mainly the weather and perception of it as a beach paradise. I live in Pennsylvania, and even here (not that far up North) I'd say it's cold/gray for a solid 6 months. Half the year.

Imagining a sunny warm place, with lush green areas and beaches seems like another world.

I get that you live in a city though and cities come with their own bullshit, crime and overcrowding and filth.
Are there any white but affordable places in Florida? I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for a few years before moving for work, I want to move back to FL but somewhere not shit.
File: 82727w6w5.jpg (111 KB, 1000x1138)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I second this question
The worst part about Florida is the pay, tourists, and how spread out things can be sometimes.

File: 1686702960096.png (211 KB, 616x789)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
When will you be doing the needful and redeeming Russia, fellow Indianbros? I am looking at ticket now.
To go to Russia or India? One I'd likely be killed in and the other is India, so I'm not sure which is worse.

File: 1696799434110361.jpg (166 KB, 960x960)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Central Asia where the women do livestock work, Mexico might be an option.

I am in Chiang Mai Thailand for a month, what should I do here?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Hapa (half white, half chinese) american
rent a scooter. ride out to tiger village. you like tennis? check out the stadium complex.
walk around and street interview roasties using a tiny mic on a stick.
Eat noodles, especially Khao soi, which is better than its Burmese ancestor (kaukswe).
They say Chang Mai is great for taking in the cultural aspects of Thailand. Visit the temples, hike the mountain trails, hunt elephants.

File: OKC.png (4.98 MB, 2121x1414)
4.98 MB
4.98 MB PNG
I'm thinking of moving from Tucson, AZ to Oklahoma City, OK. Will it be an upgrade? I work from home, 27 year old, with a gf.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where's ideal for you? But with similar cost of living
Any northeast city with good culture/neighborhoods. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Buffalo. All have FAR more attractions, are less car dependent, and are cheaper than both Tuscon and OKC.

Downside is the weather. But that's the price you pay for standard of living.
>Downside is the weather.

NTA but I can't see that as a small thing. Like to take Buffalo as an example...cool, it's less car dependent and there's good neighborhoods, but do you really want to be out walking around when it's like 10 degrees out and snowing?

There's gotta be a happy medium out there somewhere. Like a place with nice weather but still affordable cost of living.
you adjust. the weather keeps away cali/texas/fl ppl, and DNs, and keeps rent low. you want a two bedroom nice safe apt for 895 monthly next to the subway (my place rn)? arctic blast ice cold is the price you pay. besides the weather my quality of life is extremely high. average well maintained 2.5 bed 1.5 bath house with yard in a nice school district here is is 235k. unbeatable in tuscon or okc, and its not a car hell hole or soulless
If you are moving to the OKC area I suggest Norman. OKC is turning ghetto where you only want to live in the nice places and even they’re not that great. Especially if you work from home I would not even consider OKC. Some people like Edmond but it’s not my favorite. A car is mandatory but I don’t understand why people consider that a deal breaker, I’m not a child, I’m going to have a car. Norman is much safer and it’s 15 minutes or so from Downtown OKC.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
/thg/ Thailand and Thailand accessories
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you so negative?
Because it's true faggot. Or you can pay someone to show you around. After all tourism is one the largest industries in Thailand.
>friendship isn't real
Not for you incel
lmao I was there for 3 weeks and dated a Thai girl who showed me around. I can speak Thai and you can't. Go pay for sex coomer. Or learn Thai but you won't because you're a dumb huwhite.
Nah, I'll just a get a Thai sidekick who will translate for me, buy things at the Thai price, and hype me up to his sister. Shits easy with such a friendly people.

File: 1709550792510444.png (1.43 MB, 1253x706)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
I can't think of anything more useless than wanting to go abroad. Since I was a little kid it never made sense to me. Humans are isolationist on principle so it seems like a contradiction to want to encroach upon another tribe's turf in the first place. Even then, it's so much easier and far more fulfilling to just use the Internet to learn about a foreign place instead of spending all the money to physically go there, and inevitably waste more time walking around than having an interesting experience. I hear all the time about how you'll meet unforgettable people, immerse yourself in their culture, yadda yadda, but there's no way this is true. You're still an outsider to the locals, and you still don't know anything about their customs, their language, their landmarks, their food, their government... It just feels so stupid to me.

Maybe I'm the asshole here but I wish we could just appreciate other countries from afar and not infringe upon them. I don't care if it's for school, or business, or sex, it just seems weird. I read up on what an embassy was the other day and it made me genuinely mad, that there are these little pockets all over the world where a foreigner can go and be patronized instead of having to even pretend like they care about the natives. How is that not at least a little fucked up?

Anyways, TL;DR is that I think traveling is inefficient and stupid, maybe even disrespectful, and that you'd be far better off watching travelogues on YouTube or searching for local websites. The context doesn't matter, the whole concept is off to me.
47 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, traveling made me racist
This had the potential be great, the artist ruined it by not putting much effort into it. The bart Simpson Top threw things off, everyone is smiling like they are all enjoying the city together, no negative affects shown like dirty streets, clogged up health care system.

This could have been an impactful revelation that even the average joe would instantly get
I hate the us and travel abroad because its easier then uprooting my entire life and immigrating somewhere else
Running away from what? We're all just slowly dying. While I'm here in going to economically exploit people.

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