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File deleted.
I'm FORCED to work as an overnight security guard for two years at a time before I can go overseas for my six months sabbaticals. How do I deal with the misery of being back in my home country?

Before you grumble, this IS LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY I can do this, NOTHING ELSE is possible. DON'T tell me to do something else. This is my life.
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Anyone who has to regularly interact with blacks will despise them. Blacks hate each other and kill each other in great numbers
Without the appropriate photographics included with this post I have no frame of reference to make a judgement on the text.
lol ai has gone too far
They’re not people, they’re violent and dangerous apes. Most are suffering some degree of PTSD from living in poverty and having to live around other blacks. If you lived around black people you would understand why they very frequently end up shooting eachother
This. There’s no way you will like when after you live around them and regularly encounter them. They kill eachother everyday over nothing. You’re rolling the dice everytime
>they're apes
Fair enough, but Southeast Asians are monkeys, so you're essentially trading one primate for another.

File: th-3736013738.jpg (28 KB, 474x266)
28 KB
>be me
>still going to school
>live shit life, boring and monotonous, day after day, depressed
>only few superficial friendships, little if any connection to family, dislike distanced and work- and efficiency-focused culture here in Germany
>thinking about moving to Finland
>"happiest country"
>EU member state
>welfare state
>nordic countries usually score best in pretty much every ranking
>chance to get away from it all, start anew there, independently
>have good education, can probably get somewhat well-paid job here to begin saving money
>probably financial backing from parents/grandparents' estate
>maybe sidejob for the time being

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This. If you suck at making friends Finland is going to be life on Hard Mode
You're right, it's unfortunately not required (at least if you're moving here just to be a waste of resources), but it should be. Not only here, but every country. Learning the local language is the bare minimum. If you cannot fulfill that bare minimum you should fuck off
>needing to submit a permit to change the fucking color of your walls
>proper construction regulations
So this is the power of the Eurocuck.
>in Finland the local government not only decides where shops are allowed, but also types of the shops
literally the same as the US, even in the spots where you are lucky to be able to open a business, if it's zoned for being a restaurant you have to open a restaurant. not to mention the parking minimums.
read stuff online. pick up coding. theres so much to do my dude

File: image0-5 (1).gif (903 KB, 873x1200)
903 KB
903 KB GIF
I just got back from Seattle and had my worst travel experience ever. What a miserable place. Dirty, ugly, and extremely dangerous. On my first day, I went to Pike Place and saw a crackhead taking a dump in the middle of the street. Drug users shouting and threatening people in broad daylight, and the population just walks around as if nothing is happening. I'm Brazilian and, despite agreeing that Brazil is a cursed country, I can assure you that a lot of what happens in Seattle doesn't even happen in Brazil.

Every business in the city was keen on displaying LGTV++++++ and BLM flags everywhere, and everything there seems to be wrong and bad. A $20 pizza costs literally double because of some stupid regulation to pay more to delivery drivers. Not only that, I also saw
a bunch of people eating French fries every single single morning (eating fried food in the morning should be a crime).

What really scared me was the number of leftist freaks roaming the streets. Combine that with black people, crackheads, and homeless people, and you have the worst city on the planet. I say with absolute certainty: I would have preferred to go sightseeing in Africa than in this sewer called Seattle. Such bad vibes.
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Chill, nigger. I'll give you a treat next time I visit Shitattle.
diaper don can fix it though
yeh it's bad
>Dirty, ugly, and extremely dangerous
have you ever been to an actual third world shithole?
what you said is true but im curious why anyone would willingly visit seattle. like even if the city was clean what actually is there to see? the space needle is a gimmick. pike market is ok but nothing you can't see in any other city


I just discovered these Andrew Tate travel vlogs and he describes the average traveler quite well.

Maybe in another life, Tate could have given us all these takes and been an active /trv/ user but instead, he chose another path more worthwhile.

But still, I get some serious Vagrant Holiday vibes from these videos.
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>But Jesus gave her no reply, not even a word.
I gave, like, at least 15 words.

Very generous indeed.
How many kids do you have?
File: 2023-04-04_04.17.12.jpg (111 KB, 466x375)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Around 8 billion.
File: 23-211935_Chrome.jpg (623 KB, 1080x1609)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
You wish, Christcuck.
File: 1716264831254688.gif (625 KB, 360x640)
625 KB
625 KB GIF
>But Jesus gave her no reply, not even a word.

is this a thing? I was thinking asia would be where its at, lots of rice and soup and vegetables.

also I've read a few times american food is so toxic that people feel different/better after eating somewhere else for a while. could this be legit or they just feel good because they're on vacation? sorry if this thread is better suited to /fit/
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>travelling to lose weight
more like hiking?
I walk 5-10mi every day and it’s never helped me lose even a single pound. Then I went to France, ate almost exactly the same, walked exactly the same and shed weight like crazy. I think one day people are going to have to wake up to the fact that the food in America is literally not good and causes obesity.
ITT: people who don't get the USA is shit for loosing weight

It's cheaper to eat out than it is to eat at home especially if you're a single male.

Spend 5 dollars to go get McDonalds buy one get one for a dollar.
Go to Burger place or wing stop or raising canes. Spend ~10-13 dollars for decent amounts of protein to make it through the day
use coupon deal to get subway foot long loaded with veggies 8 dollars if lucky.

You're looking at 25-30 dollars a day living just to eat right in the USA if you value your time and taste. HOWEVER, go to Japan spend <1000(or like 7 dollars) yen get yummy lawsons meal made fresh just a few hours ago without tons of preservatives, yakitori stick, snack, bottle of R1, and a LARGE bottle of green tea. All without fake sugars, corn syrup, carbohydrates, GMO shit, or whatever right there.
it's true, it's a combo for the US, but sedentary lifestyles are a huge issue, you are stuck in a shitty area with no healthy food options and you drive everywhere so it adds up and compounds. there are certainly fat people in NYC but WAY less than any area in texas etc.

File: caption.jpg (269 KB, 1200x675)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Booked a week long trip to PDC at an all inclusive for mid May. Anything to know about the area? Im a 23M who passes for Latino and went a few times with senpai but this is my first time solo
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Are there any fun spots in Tulum for nightlife that aren't just beachfront raves or full moon party spiritual nonsense? My wife and I will be there next week and she wants to go out and dance a bit but neither of us are looking for these kinda things that are advertised everywhere.
What is a better beach locale on the eastern shore of Mexico?
File: IMG_3880.jpg (140 KB, 2158x895)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
OP here. Kinda regretting the trip with me being the single guy at a mostly couples resort. Spent too much money for this trip so I might as well lean into the food/drink but all inclusives get boring quick
I dunno. There’s a town with lots of bars you can check out.
Ive actually been there before and thinking about going again in January.

I have $20k to last a year or more in South America starting June 1. I want to be a NEET for one year and live in airbnbs 1month at a time in some big cities. I like walking and exploring safe places alone you don't need a car or taxi. I'm thinking Buenos Aires or Rio,
Where would you go?
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stfu argie
grape status = sour
Rio is decently walkable but the danger is a pretty major factor you have to consider. Most places in the zona sul (copa, ipanema, leblon,) are touristy and decently safe, just practice common sense. I lived in Flamengo/Catete for 5 months and had no issues. I would recommend taking the metro for most things if you're going out of the zona sul, and its very cheap, clean and safe too.
I'm not Argentine. Buenos Aires is a shithole with nothing to do.
>dude there's like 400 theaters dude
Do you go to theatres often?
You will blow through that $20k in a few months living only at AirBnBs.

File: Xinnie the Pooh.jpg (105 KB, 750x744)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
opinions on ̶d̶u̶l̶i̶m̶b̶a̶i̶ ̶g̶u̶r̶u̶n̶ China?
.01% of Chinese are some of the coolest people and the other 99.99% are insufferable.

File: 1712033608441492.jpg (6 KB, 250x242)
6 KB
Some time in September-October. I want to keep costs down as much as reasonably possible.
Not too interested in SEA - a ticket costs $1200 and the flight is over 24 hours from where I live (midwest).
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how is this as a place to live? is it better than living in omaha? does it get a lot of pollution from the power plant (coal)?
Taxes are much lower in Iowa and there are far fewer minorities and uppity liberals than Omaha. Omaha is just across the bridge so anything you want there is 5-10 minutes away.
There are a lot more white druggies in Counciltucky though. Houses are more affordable than Omaha (not counting the nog area of North Omaha).
>saying dollarydoos
>not being Australian
Just go to south America or the Caribbean mate
>a few thousand dollary
literally any thirdie, a lot of poorer firsties as well easily
Puerto Rico, Colombia, maybe even Brazil

File: IMG_0002.jpg (12 KB, 236x198)
12 KB
>ITT we describe "countries" we've been in dreams and other anons tell us which irl place matches the closest. I'll start with the dream I had this morning
>I went to "Peru"
>It was a LatAm country but forested with evergreen trees and streams of water, old run down neoclassical architecture and modern skyscrapers in disrepair but decent by thirdie standards with lots of wide open streets and unused real estate

Dream number 2
>Islamic Arid African nation
>run by military junta
>lots of gold statues and colorful 1 story buildings sprawling as far as the eye can see
>had to be escorted by hijabi tour guide
>was permitted to drink a single beer as a degenerate westerner
>Everything looked like Astana but with red soil everywhere

Dream 3
>"europe" but nothing but a sleigh styled open air tram running through endless bridge loop of giant masonry buildings of baroque clockwork architecture at night with a full moon the size of half the sky

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: IMG_0003.jpg (10 KB, 316x316)
10 KB
Dreams 5 & 6
>America but a very strange version. Dream 1 was a midwestern metropolis against the great lakes but not chicago. The giant shipping center was a ice encrusted megapolis that makes the mall of america look tiny

>the perfect ideal american town that can only be found by hitching a freight train and getting off in a random empty corn field at which point the invisible town will reveal itself to you. Everything was like the town from It but with a open air mall but there were no people anywhere and everything was like a giant dollhouse

File: 0_5.jpg (36 KB, 400x300)
36 KB
Anybody know anything about chartering a boat?

I'm taking my wife to New Zealand, he sister is coming with. I thought it would be really cool to charter a boat overnight to get up the coast. But I could settle for a day trip if it's cost prohibitive.

Google is telling me anywhere from $1,000-$1,000,000, so no idea where to start.

Anybody have experience with this kind of shit?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
google can tell anything but you chose up to 1 million a day as your price range to impress 2 girls, lets be real youre not gonna burn that much for a fucking boat ride. Its just a floating thing on water and then you either look at the sea or go around, get hungry and go back. They dont wanna be there for weeks. So what actually happens is youre getting dragged to a shopping mall with two girls. Guess what happens when she says hey chaaaad get me this trinket from scam mall or ill go tweet johny on is he free. You have to get it.Dont budget the boat that high, you got other expenses.
Lol my price range is like $1,000 max. I just took a boat ride in Hawaii as a kid and now it brings back those feels every time I travel to a new place. Getting drunk on the ocean watching sea turtles and shit is my jam. I worked on a fishing boat in Scandinavia for a year, I just like boats. I took my wife on one when we were in Thailand, then again in Hawaii. Was a blast.

Also my wife grew up on welfare and thinks anything is impressive. She flinches if ketchup goes up $0.15. As for my sister in law, I'm covering her ticket because she was nice enough to pay for the VRBO.

I just want to get inebriated and look at pretty ocean things. Overnight, preferably. Having trouble finding anything.
If it helps, she's a waifu pillow I enchanted with wizard magic I bought on Alibaba. Can't walk on her own, but has some basic sentience.
bump for interest in sailing to Bouvet by myself
This is the type of thing travel agencies do these days. You will save yourself a massive headache and time wasted by going through a local travel agency and telling them what you want. You will pay a bit more but you're saving time energy and being scammed.

File: IMG_1098.jpg (41 KB, 1100x734)
41 KB
I finally got bitten by those mfs at the hostel, and it was a nightmare. Thankfully, I received a full refund, and they closed the room with four beds, don't know how long they will though. Have you ever had a bed bug experience?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's exactly like the episode from Suits, season 1. Once you have it, it's basically over for you. Trash every clothes and towels and move out, seal your belongings in plastic bags, and don't open them for 15 months. I understand some anons' methods work but this is the only certain way

avoid hostels or hotels (or airbnbs) that have wooden bunks or furniture. the bugs like to hide there. look at pictures before you book. metal is good, plastic is good. wood and upholstery is not good. the more furniture, the more chances you have of bugs.

keep your luggage and belongings inside a large garbage at all times, sealed and ideally off the floor and away from cabinets and the such.

i've been to dozens of countries including many shitholes and managed to avoid bringing home any bugs by being careful.
Keep your belongings in the bathtub/shower, they hate tiled and non porous surfaces, and bag up your sleeping clothes. When you come home throw your luggage in the dryer for 30 mins and the used clothing in another dryer for 40-60 mins (then wash hot, dry for 60)

DE is the old meta, look up Cimexa on Amazon and use it with a dusting bulb so you're not getting it everywhere. A light dusting is what you need, they avoid heavy dustings. DE kills in 72 hours vs Cimexa (Silica Aerogel Dust) in 24 hours. If you want a insecticide Crossfire is really good too.

And you can get them from planes, common areas at work, public transit, even neighbors if you live in a apartment. The only thing that works other than heat is aprehend treatment (fungal) and that's not as common. Most exterminators are fucking lazy and they pick up insecticide resistance rather quick.

I unironically had this. I thought I somehow picked up scabies since I do a lot of urbex/demo for work. Turns out it was the Downy Scent Boosters my gf was using making me itchy and giving me dermatitis (had lines and stuff on my hands). I did the permetherin lotion anyways with her but once she stopped using the scent boosters it went away.
I've never seen one in my entire life
Same and I've been traveling and living in shitholes for about half my adult life. Maybe I just don't taste good to them.

I've encountered fleas though. Holy shit what a nightmare.

File: brandenburger_tor.jpg (103 KB, 800x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm going to Berlin for the first time this month. Any tips or recommendations?

I'm already pretty set on visiting historical sites and the museum island but I'm clueless when it comes to restaurants, bars, cafes and the public transport. Would also like to know the best student type sports bars. Also, is it safe enough to walk around at night?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Canal boat tours. Potsdam. A shit load of museums. So much history.
Berlin is cheap when it comes to dining out, compared to other major cities in Europe.
Tip one is pretty good, but i stayed in arguably the most unsafe district, Wedding, and it was still fairly safe compared to Paris.
If you plan to go to clubs, prepare to gaymaxx, preferably have a male friend and hold hands when arriving at the line.
There's a few underground tours you can take (WW2 air raid bunker, Berlin Wall tunnels) but I did the nuclear bunker which was really cool. We met at the ticket booth and walked through the street to an unassuming door on a bridge that went down to it. Something different
Thank you all for the recommendations. Any bars/restaurants specifically you rate highly?
Yeah Potsdam looks really nice, I'm going to visit Sansoucci 100%. If the weather stays good I'll go to the lakes and chill out there.
>Any tips or recommendations?
don't go

File: IMG_6264.jpg (185 KB, 720x754)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
What are good destinations for medical tourism? In Asia I see mainly Thailand, India, and Malaysia mentioned as having good quality of care with good prices and occasionally Taiwan. Any experiences with these or others? Seeing India surprised me, but it is talked about pretty highly from what searching I’ve done.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Turkey and costa rica. i wouldnt fuck with mexico, they dont even have potable water dor fucks sake. some places in europe but depends what youre in for. maybe korea for plastic surgery.

unfortunately its cheaper but not necessarily cheap. youre still paying thousands.
be aware that the quality of medical care in malaysia is hugely variable
stay away from clinics where the medical staff were just trained locally or where the staff is just malays. also steer clear of any government run place.
look out for private places where the staff is mainly chinese and qualified abroad or did their specialist training in the uk/usa/europe/australia. as a foreigner those are the places you are most likely to use anyway. i recommend sunway medical centre in subang jaya
be aware that good quality treatment is correspondingly expensive
also be aware that every doctor you see will have lied, cheated and possibly bribed their way to get to their position
Has anyone done a BBL in Thailand? I'm guessing LATAM is best for that but they're sketchy. On the other hand it seems to me that the Asians don't have the expertise in butt enlargements. Not sure if I want to pay 200K in the US. Turkey seems sketchy too.
unironically Russia. cheap cost of living but first world technology

Where you going this summer?
Family is going to Gatlinburg comin' up.
Post best RV locations, trips, etc.
Everyone here is poor and can't even?
the only people i ever see driving RVs are boomers
>yep im going to pay $80,000-100,000+ just to save $100 on hotel rooms for the month!
western US hands down, not summer though

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