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File: lol.webm (3.49 MB, 960x540)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB WEBM
>no longer wish to live in Canada
>currently graduating university with solid career lined up making low 6 figures

So uh... How exactly do I start a new life in another country? You can stay in Japan if you make enough money, but what exactly do you do for work? Or do people just find remote jobs paying USD while living abroad?

or is everyone doing this either living off career savings/crypto sell-off/being a broke ESL teacher?
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I work remotely for a company back in the US
bro i would say get in school, if you dont know that means you dont got skills.
The new city is same as your current city, do whatever the fuck you would normally do, take your emotional abuse coming in from tired sex tourists who are about to over dose in shittiest strip clubs and dont care = winning
PS. Alcohol is for losers, bar is a cope zone when youre not winning. If you avoid both youre hydrated and save $$ while theyre dehydrated, lose money, look like a fool and get arrested by cops at the end. Its a game honestly.
You should look into Canada’s equivalent of the foreign service. That’s a really good option if you can get in because you can both travel and have fun abroad while also establishing your career. The military is also obviously an option but I don’t know how that is in Canada. I don’t really blame you for giving up a six figure job to go somewhere else. I entered a six figure job when I graduated and quit because I just hated my life anyway and didn’t see a future that made it worth it. I don’t actually know what I would’ve done in retrospect because what I lacked and really needed was a sense of purpose for my life, something to do with it, and I don’t know how to acquire that other than time, experience, reading, and thinking. So other than “just be patient and think about this” there’s nothing I can say to convince you to stay. For what it’s worth, teaching English is a respectable career if you can escape ALT hell. Even better if you can get into a university or private school.

File: 1 u4Qip8qYInyGdzi60rmzMw.jpg (342 KB, 1400x1029)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Im trying to buy tickets for my boyfriend for his birthday. What seems like the better choice for entertainment/museums? New York or Chicago? I visited both places, though I liked New York more. We do currently live in America, he just never has been to those states, the last time I was visiting there was when I was a kid.
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Yeah and they all happen in a far off neighborhood that you will never see or go near. You’d know that if you had ever been but you prefer to talk out of your ass.
The Met is the greatest museum in the world.
File: ChicagoRiver.jpg (367 KB, 1200x675)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
I've lived in the Chicago area for my whole life, I will say that Chicago is simultaneously the best and worst city I've been to.
Everyone I know from here either wants to leave, has concrete plans to leave, or has already left.
Yet, there's still a reason why it's called the Second City, it isn't NYC, but that's the point.
We have our own food scene, culture, architecture, world-class sights, and an actually unique past and future.
Unlike NYC, I don't know what the future holds for Chicago, and I don't plan to be here if (when?) it gets bad, but I'm glad to have been here while things still have been good.
City life wears on you no matter what so of course people want to leave. But I’ve lived in a bunch of major cities and Chicago is by far the best of the bigger cities. The only cities remotely similar are New York and Philly and Chicago is much cleaner and roomier and cheaper than both and has just as much if not more to enjoy with fewer of the downsides.
NYC hands down. Entertainment is infinite, museums are very much world class. Chicago is great, but if he's never been to NYC, NYC.
Tips - be careful around west Midtown, mostly around Penn Station. Probably get an airbnb/hotel in west Brooklyn, Upper West Side, or anywhere south of like 28th St. These are the safest areas at night, in my opinion. Do not go past the north end of Central park, it is Harlem and it's not fun. Go to the shore of north Brooklyn for a romantic night. For stuff during the day, you have infinite options so I won't list them all. Lastly, go to Flushing if you've never seen a real Chinatown, it's pretty cool.

Ugliest cabin crew uniforms by far. Terrible color, unflattering silhouette, and the fabric looks like some cheap shiny plastic/polyester crap you find at a Chinese street market. Who the fucked approved this shit.
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sorry you got exposed so fast bro
>Who the fuck approved this shit

I have worked for the airline. They refuse to alter the uniform because internal reports say it keeps customers docile. Less anger over not receiving their desired service. And yes less harassment
I’ve never done it but I’ve seen 5/10 stewardesses give their numbers to male passengers who are almost definitely cheating on their wives
which airline

File: 1000s.jpg (144 KB, 1000x1000)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What are you driving off the lot with, anon?

Also, thoughts on Turo? Gonna be in Detroit and Turo is much cheaper but I've never done it so I dont understand the process. If I pickup at the airport I just leave it at the airport, right?
yeah you select the pickup/drop off location when booking, if you pickup from the airport then you will also drop it off there. I like turo a lot more then any of the traditional car rental services, i find its cheaper and you can get a nicer car
Yeah I started pricing stuff out and Enterprise seemed to be over $70/day no matter what. And it's Detroit so I don't want anything too nice... but I want more than just an econo hatchback.

I will maybe try Turo in my hometown for a day just to see how it works so I am prepared for the trip. I'm anxious about the process not being smooth while I'm out of state.

Okinawa edition

ー How do I travel by public transportation? ー
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Jorudan or Navitime app for intercity travel

ー Dude, what should I see in ________? ー
>Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
*You should probably check on google if a place is still in business before you plan a whole trip around it*

ーJR Passー
JR Rail Pass is it worth it? Since JR has adjusted the prices for the pass, not really anymore, unless you want to travel by train very extensively. You can plug in your itinerary in the links below and compare prices to the JR Pass.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They're just Jewing you anon. Next time pull out pictures of the babies their soldiers turned into fleshlights and ask why they still honor those criminals?
Set a reminder on your phone every 6 months saying only "Return, White Man".
File: Rei on Call.jpg (114 KB, 981x794)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
oh word, thanks for this anon, jp fashion was missing in /fa/ so I couldn't find a good starting point to check
About individual reuse stores
>2nd street
These are everywhere and will vary in stock depending on the area. You can sometimes find good deals and they carry a mix of thrift store stuff and higher end items, with rural or suburban areas focusing on the former and central urban ones focusing on the latter.
Easily my favourite reuse shop chain with excellent stock, good prices, nice stores and good music. Prices are usually cheaper instore than online by anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. They'll usually ask you to put a google review on their store if you buy something but I usually just say OK then leave without doing it
Usually good stock but can be narrow in variety and often overpriced.
Good like kindal with a focus on domestic products. Only 2 stores iirc but well worth visiting.

There are also many independent stores that usually deal thrift items imported from the US. The best advice I can give is don't target specific things, just go to an area and wander into various stores that look like they interest you.

/fa/ has been terrible for actual fashion discussion since 2013. You do occasionally get good threads but it's 99% garbage
I assume you were the one who started this thread?
Also wow, looking at the archives and it's sad the last /jdg/ thread was around 2017.

File: file.png (411 KB, 901x536)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
Is $2000 CAD a good price for a round trip from Toronto to Tokyo? Booking like 5 months in advance.
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price was 1200cdn a month ago. prices jumped just as gov budget was released and """summer gas"" came back. bought tix for 1900 just recently kickin myself as i shouldve locked in a few weeks prior. will kys myself if they drop again.
Which search sites are still usable post covid?
The ones I used to use are dead
Actually funny enough you can again. Search for ANA flights using United (or ANA itself if you can navigate their website stuck in 2000). Once you find a savor fare flight on United or ANA, you can call Aeroplan and book it. You just can’t use the website anymore because of Chinese Churners
File: file.png (7 KB, 346x171)
7 KB
Should i buy now or wait for it to drop again??!
can you refund for like $50 and rebuy the tickets now to get a lower price?
No. It's a really bad price. I use to pay only around 1000 - 1100 before pandemic every year.

Because globalhomo economics and inflation is rampant. I suggest waiting until price drops around 1400 - 1700. Set up price alerts so you can get an email/text

File: IMG_1856.png (40 KB, 493x669)
40 KB
Anyone have experience with working holiday orgs like work away and wwoof? It sounds kind of gay but I want to stay in other countries for extended periods of time on a low budget. Idgaf about tourist stuff I just want to learn the language.

Worth my time or poorly disguised slavery?
its almost exclusively the most retarded lefty communists imaginable, so you need to be one of those people or be okay with them

otherwise it probably won't be tolerable

File: castrate.png (654 KB, 885x761)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Burger wants to visit Cuba, is it reasonable or am I retarded? Also, only basic Spanish knowledge - can I cheese my way through a two week visit with Google Translate?
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>Does Cuba have a decent internet connection yet
lol, no. its slow, very expensive, only available in a handful of hotspots in the blazing sun, and most sites are blocked. nothing works there...NOTHING.
How mad will the Commies be if I try to hand out Spanish versions of Mises Human Action
>Why can't they invest in some decent internet?
It's called "authoritarianism"
You'll probably get arrested and shot
China, Russia, Britain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Dubai have great internet though. Even Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have good internet despite being authoritarian.

File: 1654612989264.png (318 KB, 600x603)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
I've decided that the most reliable way to tell who is an NPC is to look at who closes the shutters/curtains on planes and buses. Anyone with a soul leaves these open.
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>no big spiders
>Bali, Taiwan, Thailand
OP is always a faggot, but today he's a cool faggot, like Freddie Mercury.
File: 1624335754809.jpg (614 KB, 750x649)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
I like how many NPCs are just shamelessly outing themselves ITT. Also this thread needs more frogs.
Outrageously based
File: 1622443074685.jpg (15 KB, 405x371)
15 KB
Pepe thread? Pepe thread.

I'm planning to relocate from Bongistan to Germany in the next couple of years, but I'm struggling to pick a city. Why? Because the national autism culture of ze Germans is very comfortable and welcoming to me, the quality of food and life in general seems better, and the UK needs to be nuked off the face of the earth.

My situation:

>already have remote job with German employer who can provide my visa
>speak fluent German
>64k GBP salary (but I will get paid in yuro should I move)
>50k in savings
>don't want to live in a region with a visible neo nazi problem
>also don't want to get bent over and assfucked for rent

The cities I like the most from previous travel are Cologne, Dresden and Leipzig, Berlin is okay and I have some friends there but I hear the rent market is nightmarish. What's a humble teutaboo to do?

Also, do people buy houses in Germany? I hear it's a rent culture, but I really need to invest some of that 50k somewhere and I'm absolutely not buying property on this shithole island.
47 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>For anyone German anons here, what are some German stuff I should do in Germany?
What's that? Like everywhere there is a German buildings, German food (way better in south than north), German culture (pretty much European), German History (maybe widest range from greatness to dystopia poss.), Lot of parties, events, concerts markets museums, theaters trails shipping aso. , Depends on you.
>2) Fly to Amsterdam, then ride a train to Cologne
IMO Best choice, Bonus If you can can stay 1-2 days in AMS.
3) Fly to Cologne best for Business only
>goes to tourist hotspots
>"wow the food sucks here!"
yeah no shit retard. They don't expect tourists to ever come back.
just do the second one and stay in Amsterdam as long as you possibly can
Do NOT move to Germany.

File: The East TN Map.jpg (295 KB, 1041x546)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Anon from the West Grand Division of Tennessee, and currently at a small lodge in Pigeon Forge (with family).
I have the problem of trying to find something to do that isn't just a drain on the wallet for the next 4 days. We were planning on going hiking but it seems like it is gonna be rained out pretty hard. I've been here before plenty and would like to see/know some stuff that is uncommon but still fun.
(I personally was wanting to go to an art or model railroad museum but it seems like they are either too far away or more-so a glorified store front)

(Use this as East TN general if yall want)
could you head to Knoxville and do some bar hopping, or is it too far?
Knoxville is a bit too far and my younger brother would be left out, I could get to Townsend or Sevierville though (I have no idea what is in Pittman Center though)
We're thinking maybe an escape room, but usually escape room groups are like 5 or 6 people from what I've seen and it's only three of us.
Mt. Leconte is a great hike. Honestly those areas are such tourist traps. The aquarium is ok I guess.
Thank you anon, my family was able to go the Ford show today which was pretty nice. Still got suckered into spending money but I found some tools for cheap (that I could use for diorama-ing)
Update: It went very well and we stopped by McKay's in Nashville on the way back to home

File: euro tour.png (1.47 MB, 1598x1468)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Planning something like picrel with frens. I'm a big historyfag, so I need anons help with writing down an itinerary. I don't want to go to Little Africa in Paris and leave without seeing the history.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Basically why everyone is travelling to Asia for cheap safe fun.
File: 1699475367139165.png (61 KB, 1080x272)
61 KB
>Eastern Europe boring.
Where did you go?
I mostly know eastern history. Western cucks don't concern me but I'm willing to learn for this trip
What is a "fun" Eastern country? Pooland? No forests, no nature, the same shitty city over and over. Maybe if you're black, their women are the world's biggest coalburners.

File: 1702803386869054.png (760 KB, 1280x720)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
How does one know if they are banned from entering a country or something?

My mates and I are looking to go to Japan come this summer to some warm beaches but we have one of our friends who caused issue last time. Problem is he had a slight bump in with the law there, basically wandered into one of those police boxes drunk and tried to hire a taxi on the phone they had. Got a big guy yelling at him in the office as I was catching up to him to walk back to our hostel. He's now scared they got his face and prints off the phone and will arrest him at the border because of issue people like Johnny Somolia and other youtubers giving foreigners a negative light. I think he's lost it a bit from the online stuff.

I've told him that they police probably get idiots doing that all the time and it wouldn't even be worth the paper work to even file something so small. I don't even think customs even would look at some small infraction since I've heard other people spending the night in a drunk tank but going back to Japan without issue. Right?

Any advice we really need a 4th person to help keep the costs down for an airbnb. Has anyone been in a situation like this?
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>t. Brit
Seriously, Brits are absolutely disgusting. I grew up in Britain and my white friends' houses would smell of raw pork all the time, their body odour is absolutely gross when they get even slightly sweaty. Also they wear shoes inside the house, don't shit for days at a time sometimes, and are way more prone to getting cancer and shit like that. Plus all my Brit friends were just academically and generally retarded in a way that wasn't even endearing, like they had no desire to expand their knowledge or excel. And the funny thing is that I know a few of them probably went on to be users of this site who constantly moan about Chinese or Indian people stealing their jobs. The truth is not that all whites are bad because Mediterranean people and a few other European nationalities (e.g., Greeks) are pretty nice people, but Brits and Ameriturds are absolute scum and I feel shame when I have to share any given vicinity with them while in Japan.
Escorted straight from plane into Japanese prison, 23 days of solitary and questioning, if he doesn't crack that might be the end of it
Happened to me after I had sushi during my layover and accidentally mixed wasabi into the onions sauce
>first country ever visited was Japan outside Canada
>always thought that us americans were the worst possible tourists and there was just no debate
>go to Japan try to be on good behavior thinking I am doing everything wrong because dumb amerikun
>drunk ass brits at 3PM in the kitchen/common area
>stumbling brits all over the place I go to get a drink+food(yes was the hub and shut up it was the closest thing after a long ass flight)
>use shit as their playground without any care for the cars in the streets, walk signs, signs saying NO CAMERA, or shit
>question who the fuck was behind all those 'mutts are worst tourist posts!'

Unless I'm mistaken cops have to formally arrest/charge/convict to have any kind of entry ban in place. Probably should avoid that Koban for a good while but I'm 99% certain anons have done even far dumber worse shit black out drunk and managed to come back in.

Johnny Somoli was arrested like other YT idiots because they straight up documented EVERYTHING and continued to do it rather than a one and done incident.
File: 1713410725881660.jpg (65 KB, 770x702)
65 KB
>The Japanese government isn’t an omniscient super being
It's not hekkin CSI miami levels of tech?!?!?

You're telling a cop wouldn't follow up on some drunk idiot wouldn't get their prints taken to the lab and then to the police chief to sign off on for forwarding to border security to look out for some guy who might never return to the country on the whim they did a nono like what OP's friend did?

J-japan has truly fallen the last samurai weeps... OWARI DA!!!!!
if you want to be schizo then stay home. nobody gives a fuck about some random drunk guy, especially the lazy Japanese police.

File: LeaveTown.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
Hello everyone I'm 18 years old about to graduate end of May. Been living in my home town all my life, went to oklahoma once as a kid, but that doesn't count.
I've never been anywhere, don't have my passport and see all my friends going on trips in the summer, springbreak, after high school etc. Makes me depressed. I just want to leave and do something exciting for cheap, especially since I still need money for college.
Any travel advice is appreciated.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
actually good idea i never realized how cheap flights to Hawaii were so I definitely might consider.
Hawaii is simultaneously cheaper than most people think, but still more expensive than you'd like once you get there. There is a tourist zone in Hawaii called Waikiki, you might have heard of it, thats where the boomer money is, and as expensive as it gets. i'd be wary there but still, if you're there for cheaps, there's still Hawaiian food in gas stations believe it or not like 7/11 has musubi and moco locos, food trucks, and a bunch of cheap island food everywhere

beaches free, lots of hiking and walking trails. if you can find a buddy and rent a car, that'll really open up the island like the North Shore otherwise you can use a bus (bus goes all around the island) which is fine but takes longer. you can check out volcano craters, reefs, all kinds of cool stuff, just watch videos. plus you meet all kinds of people especially at a hostel, seasoned expert travellers or young bucks like yourself like other 18 year olds and early 20s just checking it out

good travelling kid
Waikiki has a lot of cheap Jap shit. You can get good (actual Japanese style not americanized) food at little hole in the wall places and you can get a tall can of beer from an ABC store for a couple bucks.
Hotels and hotel restaurants tend to be a lot though.
idk where in the US you are but most major cities will have at least one European city you can fly to cheaply, usually London. Once you're in Europe it can be very cheap to move around.
having a quick look at google flights
NYC --> London $140
Miami --> London $150
Dallas --> London $180
Chicago --> London $190
San Francisco --> Dublin or Barcelona $200

if money is a concern, i'd get one of these to London and then head to Eastern Europe where it's cheaper.
flights London to Europe are dirt cheap
Good idea might have to get my passport and try this might be worth the wait

File: IMG_6678.jpg (27 KB, 739x415)
27 KB
How do you guys carry your passport when you travel?

I usually keep it in my front pants pocket when I’m in the airport along with any other important IDs, permits, boarding passes, etc. for easy access, but recently I had an incident where I was in a rush to catch a bus and dropped a very important ID card at some point between passport control and customs and would’ve been fucked had an airport security guard not tracked me down to return it. This made me think that it’s time to get a passport holder.

My only concern is that holders are rather bulky and an obvious target for pickpockets when outside the airport. I had a pretty scary incident once when I was stopped by local police in a foreign country when I wasn’t carrying my passport and I almost ended up going to jail, so since then I always make sure it’s on me when I’m outside the hotel.

What about you anons, any suggestions?
31 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, I obviously do it when travelling internationally too since my only photo ID is a passport.
Congrats, that's retarded as hell if you have the ability to get any other form of ID but you do (you) anon.
File: file.jpg (238 KB, 1161x1000)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I put it in my man purse
What other photo ID is there? PASS cards barely work in the UK, let alone internationally. I don't own a car and don't plan to, so why would I get my drivers license?
>PASS cards barely work
Anon, if they aren't letting you into the club because they don't like your PASS it's (YOU) are the problem not your card.

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