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File: 453253453253232.jpg (208 KB, 1080x1236)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Do most of you just travel for business or are there some passport bros here aswell? I just don't understand what type of job you could have to maintain this type of lifestyle.

So my main question is, what job do you guys have?
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I make near six figs, full remote, and "unlimited PTO" which I've tested with up to six weeks off a year. No social life or any expensive hobbies so that's savings that goes into travel. I used to live in a MCOL city before COVID made it a HCOL city, so my mortgage payment is less than someone renting an apartment now.
My plan is to save ~300k into a brokerage account for dividends which will average 1000-1500$ a month and use it to semi-retire in SEA. Can part time English teach while living a comfy life/learning new skills knowing bills are taken care of.
Is this an actual plan or am I being naive to the taxes and shit that come with it?
I grew up poor as fuck and learned how to make a dollar last. Now, that I have a $100k+ job (SVU) I just save up and live humbly. My hobbies are all set (3d printer Fuels my warhammer addiction) and other then the gym and gaming, I don't buy dumb shit like 80k truck or a house 200k over my budget. I also hunt for good deals on airbnb, transportation, ect. I don't need someone to fluff my pillows and shit when I travel. I need a place to sleep where I can wake up with both kidneys intact and im good.
what has been your favourite/most memorable destination?
It's a lot cheaper than it seems when you're not doing it.

Engineer - Supply chain. Mostly remote.

Do all purchases through my travel credit cards for almost free flights. Countries I visit are a lot cheaper than the US.

It's not that travel is free, but it isn't awfully expensive. Just scary the first time if you're introverted and stuff.

(Also, in the US I live with my parents, so my default cost of living is basically zero)

File: comfy2.jpg (285 KB, 1280x903)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Made a few mil off crypto recently and left my dead end job. Mid-20's, little family to speak of, and only a few friends dispersed across various U.S. cities. World is my oyster, but the prospect of absolute freedom is daunting.

Was thinking of heading to Latin America because it seems more open to foreigners integrating and living there semi long-term (compared to SEA/Asia).

Trying to avoid running into a bunch of America boomers (like Costa Rica) or 'passport bros' in DR/Colombia. But still want somewhere comfy to NEET, lift weights, learn the local language etc. Thinking maybe Brazil? Portuguese means higher barrier to entry, plus it's further from U.S./Canada. Any other ideas? Where would you go /trv/?
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He works 11 months of the year as a mall cop and comes on here to seethe at anybody that could live the degen life he wants in Thailand
>he thinks im only traveling for one month
Lol the misperceptions are honestly flattering.
That fact that your still counting at 220 I can tell your just a dork faggot yourself, that's why you know so much about them
and they were all paid for
Actually only 170 were :)). I used to be a stud (still am just a bit weathered) :))

File: 1710744114490080.jpg (277 KB, 1538x980)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
What are the worst cities in the USA that you traveled to?
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st louis
I had fun there, it was a total shithole but had it just together enough to be passable. I feel like >>2644590 is the same way. I love old cities.
Reno is a soulless NPC filter. You got filtered, you have no soul

Stockton is hell on earth

Why did you get Asian food in Montana? But yeah Montana people are a horrible combination of pretentious agro and low IQ

Seattle used to be beautiful but they let it go to shit for feel good politics

NO Is rough but so damn fun
EveryUS city. That's why everyone on 4chan shit talks cities
Because they're mostly from America and have no idea what a good one could be

File: file.png (275 KB, 1007x843)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
what the fuck
you can drive from europe to the sahara in 2 days
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>Crazy to think how much worse things have gotten for africa since decolonization.
Lmao what a burger take.
That and Saudi Arabia pays so much money to host it that literally no one can outbid them.
>trying to argue Africa is a better place now than it was when it was ruled by white people just to be obstinate against "Americans" in his mind
Burger doesn't necessarily mean "American", it's a state of mind that has long transcended borders. Literally anyone can be a burger.
You have to actually try hard to get kidnapped in Algeria, considering you'd forcibly be assigned a police escort or a guide if you venture anywhere south.

File: volcan acatengo.jpg (49 KB, 722x483)
49 KB
I could theoretically tack some days on but I want to save for more trips later in the year.

Day 1: fly in to Guatemala City and go to antigua
Day 2: Antigua
Day 3: Start Acatenango overnight at base camp
Day 4: Summit Acatenango and return to antigua and chill rest of day
Day 5: go to lake atiticalan
day 6: chill at lake
Day 8: go to Guatemala City in morning and fly to flores/see tikal
Day 9: tikal
day 10: fly back

Is it worth it to add the extra day? Or is this all hopelessly cramped? I feel pretty good about the first 5 days since a day and a half exploring the city proper of antigua is enough (is this assumption correct?) and the volcano hike will be great. I wonder if I'm spending enough time in lake atiticalan/tikal tho. I read 2 days in tikal is enough, though you could do more. So my question is: is two days at lake atiticalan enough? I'd mostly want to hop on taxi boats and explore the villages and maybe do a hike one morning/sunset.
And if I were to add an extra day where should I add it? Tikal? the lake? Antigua?

How are you traveling? The towns may look close together on a map but it can take 10 hours just to get to the next town if you are doing overland.
I've never been but Guatemala is on my todo list. This looks pretty similar to what my plan was.

Only thing is Tikal. It's a long ass drive there and an expensive ass flight back to America. I think it's more of a thing to do when you visit Belize.
Busses/private transfer for everything except to flores/tikal which will be a plane

My plan is to get up early and drive to Guatemala City from the lake and fly to flores, do tikal, then fly back to the US via Guatemala City. If I had more time I'd exit through Belize.

File: Catalonia.jpg (37 KB, 976x549)
37 KB
What are some nice places to visit?

File: pacific beach.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Going to be in Pacific Beach, San Diego next weekend for a wedding. What things are worth checking out while there?
You could go anywhere in the whole world, from the amazining oasis of Peru's atacama to the highlands of chad to the deep jungles of the congo to misty shard mountains of China... and you pick San Diego

/trv/ is dead... American cities aren't "travel" it's disney world, same for European and Australian and New Zealand cities.

This isn't a travel thread. You aren't traveling. You're consuming.

Never been to PA, have no interest in civil war shit or trains. I will not go to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. I've already got a few botanical gardens picked out and I know I'm spending at least one night in Scranton. Recommendations for things like museums, nature preserves, and antique/vintage stores would be appreciated. Also some places to eat. Have a few days to kill so don't mind going out of the way so long as it's worth it.
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What the fug
78 is a much better drive than 80 through PA, at least until the Harrisburg area for sure. There are some okay state parks near Pocono Raceway and a place to rent guns, but there are at least two places you can do that on 78 too. The only thing that 80 has over 78 is the Delaware Water Gap.
Knoebel’s was fun to take the kids 20 years ago. I wouldn’t go now. Same problem as the rest of Eastern PA now.

There are many pretty waterfalls and covered bridges.

Doolittle Station is a restaurant, brewery + inn made out of old train cars. Has a museum too.

Also the Choke & Puke Diner which is actually pretty good lol
there's nothing on i80, everything is on the us22/PRR or us30/turnpike corridors.
plenty of trees though: pine creek gorge, kinzua bridge, any of the state forests and parks and game lands

File: IMG_4768.jpg (3.36 MB, 3024x4032)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
I went to Korea for a few weeks this winter and I really liked it... has anyone traveled/lived there for an extended period of time? How was it for you? Tips, advice, stories, etc?

I've been steadily learning more about its language and more highbrow culture (not the kpop stuff), and it's made me even more interested. I'm a 28 year old grad student who just got his masters and is starting a PhD, and if that doesn't work out, I was seriously thinking of applying for South Korea's English teaching program or something and going to a rural area for a few years before figuring out what to do next.
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Clearly, you’ve never spent any time in an American city or had to deal with it’s taller pests.
Koreans are the pricks of Asia. Fuck em.
Kek are a you a little white boi who is mad because korean women don't want you, like in your shitty wmaf fantasies?
no I'm azn sorry race card can't be pulled here. Go into a Korean shop when they open as a first customer of the day, walk around, then leave and see how they act towards you.
A walking piece of plastic isn't a woman

File: IMG_2317.jpg (37 KB, 639x480)
37 KB
>read all the hostel stories on trv
>book a bed in a dorm
>there are 3 people in the room
>one sleeping other two is preparing for going outside
>they quickly leave the room after saying hello to me
>go to common area
>a few people staring at their phone and two of them playing pool together
>sit somewhere with a beer
>nothing happens
Because most the time that's what hostels are /trv/ exaggerates worse than Karens

What happened
>american says hello and wants to strike up a conversation
How it's described per trv
>this loud obnoxious american was screaming so loud asking people questions and creeping everyone out

>someone couldn't get comfortable in the cheap bunk near me
>they were masterbating or having sex all night!

>some guys woke up early to leave and go out around 7-730
>before even the sun was rightfully up some blokes managed to be loud and wake everyone up!

>I left some socks out and it either got cleaned up on accident or something

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>want to book hostel but don't want to sleep with a bunch of randos who will snore
>private bed at hostel is 9x the price of a 4 bedroom dorm
How and why the fuck?

Is it underrated or actually just boring?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Everyone I've ever met who went there fucking loved it.
I didn't love it, but I was only in Ljublana for a few days and it was freezing cold at the time
File: 1697160433295157.jpg (2.78 MB, 5312x2988)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
Lakes and rivers are great, mountains are very nice, cities are nice and diversity-free.
>boat down the Soča river in summer
>ski in Maribor in winter
>capital in summer
It's not cheap by CE/EE standards, but not Switzerland-tier either. Definitely underrated. Would I go back? More likely than no. I'd skip Slovakia for it, no doubt.
cheaper than switzerland or austria for alpine style holidays. Other balkan people make fun of them, calling them gay sissies. Idk why.
File: 20230515_152240.jpg (4.07 MB, 4000x2252)
4.07 MB
4.07 MB JPG
I went there last year and absolutely loved it. Here's a small breakdown of every place I visited but take note that I visited during springtime:
Charming small city with great locals. Great place to eat pizza for some reason. Underrated part of town is by the river Gradascica where plenty of restaurants are lined up.
>Postojna & Predjama
Postojna is unironically the most touristy place in Slovenia imo but well worth it. The train ride and exploring the cave system was really kino. Predjama is boring in the inside unless you're into history stuff.
Definitely don't recommend it as a day trip. Stay here for a few nights as a base for exploring the nearby mountains. Jog around the lake. Hike to one of the viewpoints of Lake Bled to appreciate the scenery. Not filled with tourists surprisingly. The town kinda feels empty.
The highlight of my trip was definitely picrel. I hiked to one of the nearby mountains from Bled and saw an endless field of daffodils. Just pure bliss, no people around. Just nature in its full beauty.
So yeah, visit it before it becomes the next big hotpots for cancerous travel vloggers. Think of it as Switzerland but no gondolas or trains to get to those scenic viewpoints, which keeps the leisure tourists at bay.
How are the women?

File: IMG_0713.jpg (32 KB, 1200x600)
32 KB
For cheap cigarettes? Unusually good (or just unusual) cigarettes? For places with a relaxed attitude towards smoking cigarettes?

China is an obvious choice; they still smoke more than most countries, and regard indoor smoking bans (which are in force, at least on paper, in most cities) more as suggestions, frequently ignoring them. And they have both cheap and premium cigarettes, the former of which are extremely cheap, the latter of which can be startlingly expensive, but really excellent.

Elsewhere in Asia, the Vietnamese remain passionate smokers, and make a wide range of often very good, usually inexpensive, cigarettes. Indoor smoking is more effectively and thoroughly restricted there than it is in China, but there are comfortable open-air smoking areas in front of virtually any venue.

Korea makes a lot of unusual-looking and tasting smokes; I haven’t been in some years at this point, but I think I saw the widest range of flavored cigarettes I’ve ever seen on sale in Seoul if you like novelty. I tried something coffee-flavored, and something weirdly fruity; apple, maybe? They weren’t especially good, but they were amusing. Indoor smoking is mostly banned but there are designated smoking rooms and areas in many places.

The Turks still smoke a lot, even indoors sometimes, although I think it’s officially prohibited. Their good cigarettes are very good, their cheapest very badly manufactured but interesting—I tried the unfiltered version of something called TEKEL, which I believe is just the acronym for the national tobacco and salt monopoly, and the tobacco kept falling out but the flavor was striking and to me very pleasant. And they’ve obviously also got a local shisha tradition (narghile) if you like that kind of thing.

And also, smoking sucks, smells bad, and will literally kill you after making you impotent. Obviously, and obviously you know that. I smoked like a chimney for years and spent most of them regretting it.
I'd try the Arab world. They all chain smoke and usually seem to barely have an excise tax.

File: 1632700476820.jpg (214 KB, 1439x988)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Super travelers of /trv/ (those who spend around half or more of the year travelling), what has it done to change your perspective? Do you feel like you belong more to the world than a given country, do you think higher/lesser of people you meet, has it helped you find meaning, etc?

I've considered taking a travel sabbatical for a few months and wanted to know what I'm in for mentally.
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The few digital nomads I've met who do the stereotypical SE + NE Asia route have been insufferable.
The worst one I met was in Poland. He was staying in a dorm and used the "Im from nowhere" line then when I asked where he grew up he said "the US." The worst thing about it was he was using this weird fake accent to play up that he'd been digital nomading for seven years or so and that's how worldly he was.
>Losing your virginity in the car you are living in, for example
>Losing your virginity when you're 30 and trying to do your best Into The Wild worship lifestyle
Checks out
yeah here's what happened: the list of places you can't go is vanishingly small and only getting smaller. gone are the days where going to albania, bolivia, greenland, pakistan, mozambique etc. was such a monumental task and achievement. even places like antarctica, uzbekistan, bhutan, saudi arabia are opening up.

you just ain't fooling anyone anymore, least of all yourself. just getting on a jet and going somewhere to go on holiday or be a digital nomad is pretty fucking easy, particularly if you have a passport from EU, USA, canada, australia, NZ etc and speak english

so now its about WHAT you do. bush pilot in namibia? field researcher in antarctica? nurse or doctor volunteering in the amazon? its impressive stuff, and that's what drives your own personal validation AND the validation you'll get from others. its why >>2644981 is so annoying. there's no actual accomplishment in there.

Tell me more. I want to go to thailand too long term. Stuck in a shit hole at the moment with money. How did you manage visas for so long?

File: Al Ula Saudi tomb.jpg (128 KB, 1268x853)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Greetings Fellow /trv/lers:

I am in a haitus from traveling that will last into the Fall, and feeling gloomy. Brighten my day, if you would, with travel porn pics from your travels. I'll post some of mine.
77 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: House-Hunting-in-Hungary.jpg (340 KB, 1920x1080)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
File: IMG_20130417_130944.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Reddish Knob on the border of Virginia and West Virginia
File: IMG_0249.jpg (1.1 MB, 2016x1512)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
A temple in Osaka
Korean vendor selling fermented shit
scene from hotel window

File: IMG_5831.jpg (774 KB, 708x1272)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
how did you like poland?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>2646816 Was 100% accurate. Why did it get deleted? What manner of Reddit-tier faggots are the jannies on this board?
Is a solo trip doable here? I’m a /k/ommando and wanna see their military museums
it's the Japan of Europe in terms of soul, except Poles don't have the habit of periodically destroying their property and building something different in its place
I don't get what this picture is trying to convey. Poland was delightful though.
Not even close. The Japan of Europe is definitely Finland.

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